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 - Class of 1952

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Text from Pages 1 - 280 of the 1952 volume:

r H, 4 1 1-, N 1 if , I K x ' -' f .,g. f iff y. :r Ja, it 24 X ', . xi- fl! 5 V, Q .6 N. 5, 1 K . 1 , K, 1-n'n........ fl 1: fi Q. fn lv ,ll 1 ,'4 . . Q I M .-.ff 155 .lf ,ffl ' is ,5 ,1! 29 -2 55 ".-if, 1 Af, 2 B44 1 9 k .A , fn .fi P Eg" 4, rv hfiv 1 e o .All w w., b Rik! ,, sw f A 4 'ry ,gl f- N4 .', A '61 r 1 ' 4 1- 'Q K " . :lm K- 0 0 . gk , ,- .4 Q , ' X I IPI , . .X I v I V IH , 5 ,,,a,, . P . N my 1 . . ' A ,v 'F ' 3.9 - v , , ., , A "W" 'L , c N I . "' full A S 2 ,fax- S 5 g y' V: C a A. ' 5 . I. r aff,- Y5 I .yo u 'X i 1 fvffyfs " .X ,ini -4 .yjjgn O - M " .2 V W ,:' fn' gl A ' I TCH ,X W. 2312, ' +.. 1 . gift "T-T14 1 V", v4 xr ,"..-nxt 3 AM 'W' - ',"'5,-F' v Q t A A rg' '- .. 'e Q w- ff - f I ' . ' ' ' ' J , . 'wr . wf' 4 -, .' .. ' 4 .A I ,,. . if ' 4 -.g,.", -aa . . if , L 4 N . +, I x - 1 ,,,.,..g .gf I JZ 14' ' -L :- 'fdg ' ', 'A ' , W '..rt' v -.iz - 1. fi fl., 'f , Q 'AL' 1w v 5 -, h .- . A ,A Q, 151' V' V 4 A ,fr . A 1 'MF , X . , W Q 4 V 1 , N. . n '5 1 1 rmabgai 5.1 ' 'lf!'i'L'Pi'l'i"5?1f1,-.4111 . 'A 1""'z-:':'sl', el: 1 1 1 -- - . 1 Q 1-1-1417111.19 -1 51,5-gy.-, ,, , 1 1 11 V11 V1 171 A1517 ' I 1 1:11..jy7,H:j'T,i,1:qs,lL?.i..gi2:llfLi1X:f:1':'gnf1.,:,'L7lL1. .A 0 K Q 1 ....-. . f-f 1'-v - . " " ' " "' 1f'11'f'1111-7-1171-1-,1-.1.1l111'-1--11111-1.1.1.-.1-1-1-1' 1 1 1 1 1 111 f 'Xt 5 1 " "' , P 3 1- f A gf ua, A Y I f sv E X. J ff 61 f -of ? I Z ' 1 11 . . 1 1. 11 111.,1eieg.:...l Mimi' N - V' 111111 .tx 4 . R -Ri-an-M-'4-Z, 19 ,YK xx Q ' www-'A-.fhlw fxf 1' Lv ' AL L K ly! 4 w,"N' ir" W! T K WL ,Xf,XfL.Xx' I-VN L r A. 1 QW Jw X V' u"QX' w L 4 ' ' W K- w 1 W L Lx ff I ' 'MIL f 1 , f 1, 1 Ln fm++rOf' N I ,X E 419915 1, ' 41.-1 'W' 4 H 1 -4-uk ' N .,-nf.. - . 11 . Q. .4 rr. w-14 5. ,. ,n-4. .L Minh ,tu ' 'Un '55.J.' 'H' 4 w 4.1 .4 -.4 5: U , , . k NM , NN 3' ' "In . ,pa 1 tr . . , 3 A ' ' 21. 1 l Ll' ""'5 Y 'J R4 .lu-5. wrgnlnfh H- V 5 ... H .mg ww ,I i,,,,,:.:. ,:,,.:.4.- lf, -,...:...:',J- M IW, ,.:1,.,.4.,..3,w,,:4,...M,-,v,,, :,,::L..:L:L:..iZHH,i,,:,,,.L.:.,.,5:L.L3gg:g:z,:f:L.L...L 4 , ml 5 ,Q ,- :5r,5fYIf1f'j'H1.1'5ff.U ' -151551. .fi :'- x'?,.?5'2i'u'?"ZE:5'f?7'2':"Z3231ii:rif:Q:'iiszsssafsefsaisfffezsi'iffsfffffmm,fr I N,..,4:::..a:.....n..A ., f.,... .A 4 4 W 4 4 1 4 4 4 vzaq 4 4 N 44 :4 i 1 4 1 4 4 Y 4 4 4 4 4 4 i, 4: N. N fi 5 W Q4 E u 1, 1 4 11 14 4 4 ,, V 54 44 I4 44 M Q4 +4 ii 4 4 41 M 44 M I N1 U wi N, W. iS 4 4 4 44 N E 1? 44 4 44 M is 44 M K4 44 V Y, ii H 4. Q 4 4 4 , . 4 4 'E 4: 4 14 4 M 14 4 4 4 , fl 1, 43 H iN H 4 wi 4 ml ll! 11' 1141 7f"'Y""W"""""' 75. "" 'Z-,J in ..f- A"'1v-'3' 1 i 1 s to Charles A. lliclsinson ...Professor Emeritus of Psychology, we dedicate this volume. Dr. Dickinson, a native of New Zealand, came to the United States in 1907 to attend Springfield College. In Boston he later became Director of the Ruggles Street Neighborhood House, and opened the first large super- vised playgrounds in that area. In 1913 he went to Rockford, Illinois, where he was Secretary of the Boys Club Association. At Rockford he was director of organizations concerned with public wel- fare, community service, and scoutmasters' activities. He also organized a Young People's Exposition Association, which eventually included some ten thousand members, becoming an annual event of great interest and value for its participants. This constituted one of the very first attempts in the country to place strong emphasis on the value of stimulating programs for that age group. During this period he was appointed to initiate and plan activities for boys throughout Illinois. ' Upon completion of graduate study in 1926, he came to the University of Maine as Head of the Department of Psychology. His particular field of interest here has been in mental health. Dr. Dickinson has been especially in- tent on trying to persuade the people of Maine to recog- nize and appreciate the existing organizations which contribute to mental hygiene, and on encouraging further enlightened endeavor in this area. At the present time Dr. Dickinson is taking an active part in the establish- ment of the new National Mental Health Association, an extension of his long record of service. On his retirement from the University at the end of the 1950 spring semester, Dr. Dickinson was honored by a surprise testimonial dinner attended by many former colleagues and students. In 1950 the Charles Alexius Dickinson Scholarship Fund was established in his honor. As a further tribute to Dr. Dickinson, a beloved teacher and a Wholesome person- ality, we make this dedication. 5 B.A., Springfield College, 1910 M.A., Clark University, 1922 Ph.D., Clark University, 1925 Honorary Research Fellow at Cornell University American Psychological Association Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Phi Kappa Phi Maine Public Health Association Secretary: Maine Teachers Mental Hygiene Association Chairman: Mental Hygiene Division of the Maine Public Health Association Chairman: Coe Research Fund Committee T0 the Reader A year book, like the Prism, is uniquely a reminder of what a cooperative enterprise a university is. Portrayal of our many and varied activities emphasizes how much teamwork is involved in our campus life-how much we all owe to each other. Consider, for example, how through the years the work of devoted men and Women-trustees, teachers, students, and alumni-has gone into the building of the University of Maine and its curricula. Con- sider, too, how in the classroom each one of us is the beneficiary of the work of uncounted pioneers of inquiry who have been blaz- ing trails through the centuries. An awareness of our obligation to one another, and of our in- debtedness to others who have gone before, is a fundamental of American life. When we think of the legacy that has come to us. we can surely take new hope against the future. Surely we can join hands with other men of good will to solve the problems ofiour generation. With every good Wish, f ARTHUR A. H.4x1't:K. l'Rl-islm-:xr UN1vi-Lksrrx' or M.-nxt-1 6 Table of Contents Administration and Faculty Page Nine llrganilations Page Twenty-seven Fraternities and Sororities Page Fifty-live Athletics Page Une Hundred and Five Seniors Page llne Hundred and Twenty-seven Juniors Page Une Hundred and Eighty-three Freshmen and Sophomores Page Two Hundred and Nineteen lnformals and Advertising Page Two Hundred and Thirty-five 7 , From the "Maine Campus" . . state grants 3200000 to university . . . comptroller is appointed here . . . u.n. leader is assembly speaker . . . cubist etchings now showing . . . senate discusses good will g underwriters frosh handbook . . . union construction to start in June . . . teachers meet for conference . . . first university open house since war . . . prexy's maine day greetings . . . cows, bookworms unionized . . . to show history films in oakes room . . . campbell will succeed cloke . . . autopsy on the union drive . . . staub replaces fuller as rotc head . . . more students take insurance . . . tribute to loring paid by group . . . libby named to loringls post . . . senate ok's crusade for signatures . . . rotc enrolls record number . . . dorm no. 3 elects officers . . . editors and lawmakers visit campus . . . north hall project brings infirmary, clinic together . . . bricker named sub-chairman . . . prexy wins pull . . no drips at alumni hall . . . summers succeeds staub in military . . . brockway's oflice finds jobs open . . . bob worrick finds e new home at dow Held . . . reserve books go out at night . . . crossland seeks permit to build union building. . .registrar reports twelve precent drop in enrollment . . . cd program takes shape on campus . . . hauck names brush to advisory board . . 8 Q-. X N X N 1 'X ,-,, . 1 2- Q V , , ..,, , X vw ,, fl ,"' , . , . I .V-"yr ' ' ,.f" ,,f ' . Q , X x 7 Oi -,f-- . . , K .. .. 0 'A' 0 N as ll I Q.. - Lf tg ' ' Q I O Q ' a l . Q. X X A , X . 3 - x H v Q . x , K , ' 1 . ' ' . N E ' x x . X 5 R fx . x X X 2 X - K 1 1 Q X 3 'Y X X 4 lx N . .Y Xx X X. x ' 1 R A x N Q .K X ,, , ,K . xx 1, ,-, 5 A. 1 xl X w X'k 'L K ,N Nl fl 1. 4 4 -Q fgu V ,J ,. f. ff.---M11-wifi ' ILM, M 1 kj, Q J.r.,1..J V-1-1 AA.1-"--"mfg r' 3' 'L ' A Ju , ,. - ,, S , 4 W 5 gm 46 1 , 5 QQ if I Q4 4 W W0 Q! QQ W W 4 ' Q a A J H454 5 'nrln 1 : if J H: H5 zfa.-1' 952341519551 Iii-'lH'd":xhx'Si..n.i'.: z za S Er r 1 rn .z 4-Jmirzufzs:'i15.i1'1i'fi:'1r5JI21"5' 4524 .xiii WT' " Q Y ,,.A.-uv, .. . Y ' . nu N P U' H4 n 0 "V ' , .tn- ., , , H ,, 1 1 , uv ' was Q 5 ann: . .. . - V . v sf Hg HI.-nf fn ,nn uv J' 5 N 4 l A ' . '13 1, ,, . 2' ,1 ,funn-nu: 5 un- ' avi A H., 5 f 1 J ,, u -,--- ' " lun .f fr-"il 7112 53---1 "qi 'I'3u-u-'05 '!"': ' luur' P3 ' ' .if '1 lgair' "Ji: '2..!f ...f - A - ' ,.... .'-v---1- , 3.30-'g':.,,nlf"1gg1',.. -nah-4l':',,!.4.4l rn -we ' 4.3, 1 1 ' I ra. nuh 5 2. 4 .. . n u .9 V .- ---' ' . .gggz ny: yy V q.n,:-fvgggizl 3' gf . F. .nu 'g'j:,,,' 1 ng' ' n g ...T sggu .!".,. n. -. - A V - - -4-- li it as l N iz, - -':i:'iLii1L .Hit ii!!! if ' H ' " " "" " " ' i .,.,.n nr. . . .4 A ' ' 4 'R-i'Xlll.:ll3""lli+1ii1lll,a': .al llehr l' -1 U-U' 'xl ' rm U Davis, WVl1itney, Shaw, Collins, XVilliams, O'Connell, Preti, Gilfdllcfy I-31111 Board of Trustees Samuel W. Collins Raymond W. Davis Albert K. Gardner Harland A. Ladd John M. O'Gonnell Frank P. Preti Harold Shaw Edward A. Whitney George S. Williams Caribou Guilford Orono Augusta Bangor Portland San ford Augusta Augusta ... 1 I Ht I L Term Term expires expires Term expires Ex ollieio 'lleriii expires 'lierm expires 'lieriii expires 'liCl'lll expires 'l'erm expires 1 i i 1 Amg - , f I ' Qf l l l f l w V x i K I Lk. 1. K I. U - qi "' 1 , I' A ,1 " 1 , iq.Q . gi f. qq ' . hq A . 1 i 4 ff ww 'fwf'mm1z+ww ff"f1szfrf3zezfz+2s1'feff2Q- --zaasfszsessss 1' L , ,.R- - , -R . '- ,, .. . " an ' " 'Q " ' .flflfiflf g1-.,. ty- If--3g',.7Qw - - -H I 1 I ' ' " 4. u- 4 ' Y w fi nf' 1 rv P ' S593 3 L 5 '4 'Jar Mm' A l .vu L. .1 A v W , ritz 1 wwn llvllolv 1. YV -T T 1 I CHARLES E. CROSSLAND I Director of Student and Publzc Relations 1 R PLRCY F. CRANE Director of Admissions ALUMNI HALL s 1 t JAMES A. GAN NETT Registrar f ELTON E. WIEMAN Dean of Men T e llniversit FREDERICK S. Youxcs T7'UOSlI7'6I' Y 1 I A 1 ' ' l 1 i . 1 Emm G. WILSON 1sREsC0.l,,l. H. Vow Dean of Wfomcn Conljzlmllvr 5 , 19 i P ' "P 1 Fi .1 aw. ' u . .N m,,.,.. , . L , ,Y xl V1 'J J ' '5'liY'i!'7U'lLlL x HHH ra 4 -q ul . ..... ru .U I VL llms uw X. ku Nu I7f'f'r!f'Y U! I'uI1.'ili!x' 6 wl- ? 'il 2 ,lfmx ff' 5' X' 1 V clk' PIENRY L. Do'r15N 1'1f'fff"1'f' N""""f""Y- 1fll.Si7Il'.Y.Y Manager nrru! .llunzni'iulim1 NEW LIBRARY IRVING PIERCIQ Accountant 'WNHMW PHILIP J. BROCKXVAY Director of Placement Bureau 11" , , T. I oTsoN Wn.l,l,xxr C. XX I-:.1.l,s. Lovliibmljjn .Uanagrfr of Dorm 1 In V165 13 AI. CARROLL DEMPSEY Su.perintendcnt of Buildings and G-rounds x R PRRCY A. LEDDY University Physician ?!"7'T F' DEANS The , de variety of subjects in The University offers each student a VV1 order to give him a vocation as well as a cultural background. The Col- h Colle e of lege of Arts and Sciences, the College of Technology, t e g Agriculture, the School o ' d P am -all offer the student that Wh f Education, and the Graduate Stu y rogr ich he desires for his future. I Ernvxun X. Iimxu ffflllillllll' Study Sketching class at Came ' gze Hall .'1gru'uI!uraI rmrzmuirs slmlrnu A lesson in cattle ' ' H judging ITr1rl:1l1gg,.f,1, Af,,,.,,, ,Hm.him.H Hmmm l-I ,J I lik R I mural RING Sflmol 0 Izlumlzmz Collzqz' of Aqrzrullure QI If , ,V ,f Wy! 5 f- -uw-1 ff 'L'f'?U1 U' +1 H141 A ' IW z. ' f21 '11ff'++'V CHARLES H. 1NIERCHANiI' Agric ultural Economzcs YVALLACE H. ELLIOTT Agricultura l Educatzon FRANK XV. PIZIKERT . Agricultural Engzneefln ELNIIZR R. HI'1'c:uxl'R HIIffl'l'ilJ1Ug'Y and Iiiorlu nmlrx FI-IRIJIXAXIJ H. Sli-1lXXll' ll Iintmpx' mul Enlonmlngy I,Yl.1-2 CI.AIlfxx1-'ss Cllfnziral 1fr1gir11'z'ri11g IAIINIY B. Rumi: x lfronumirx amz' Sm+in1.,.q jfmx R. CR UYlfORlm lzzlzlmflmz limi-isl' 15, -I xuau yy Lrlurvztmn r'- I nl llvpurlllwlll Rum NI X. Nt n-I-In lwlllullluyi Hx -, 4 Q Ixfflumll'm5:urrr1ng 77- 1 X1 mul Xl. I 1 MIR lvzzglulz lxxns H. XYXRIXKL Hnr1ir'ul1u1'r W xx xr juxlux jnurn11li,sm SI'1ll'FURll H. Ku XlIl.Kl.l. .Xlfzflzrrnnlin um! .lxlrnnnnxv ROx.u.n B. Ll-ivlxsox Pl: ilosoplzy Cllsxkrixczri E. Bl-:N N li'I'l' Physics j. RORHRT SNIYTH Poullry I-luslmnrlry Rumkl' I. .NNIIMAN l"m'r's1 ry lixmxxkn I-'. DOW Ilislory' and Gow'rnm1'nl Inlflsrz A. S'l'lfml,xN llnmr l'fcOnomics I PIARRY D. YVATSON AIl'Cl1fl7IlCl1l E71f7l71L'L'7'i71 D XVILMARTII H. STARR Moclcrn I.ll7IgIlf1g6S and Classics Lrzwls H. NIVIEN Music ALBERT D. GLANVILLE Psychology XVOFFORD G. GARDNER S pccclz ROBERT B. SPEICHER Zoology Front row: Lydon Holimann Elliott Sullivan Second row Rice Tlloilipsoii French VVl1itc OAK.xNnll,xNNln,u,lI,mn.1N llAl.I.S Front row: Noonan, Noyres, Eilgecomb, Butler, Tremblay, Robbins Second row: Levcsquc. Ixorda, Phelps, Gascoigne NORTH Domls o Front row: Hague, Catheron, Wallace, Gammon, Milbank, Seward Second row: Branscombe, Sawyer, Ruby,'LittleHeld, Beanies, Brown, Heine Third row: Roberts, Yeaton, Dow, Leclalr, Dickey, Duplisea, Deininger, Ashley 19 I5.aLr.x'r1xl-4 HALL CORBETT HALL F t row: Hand, Peterson, Kelley Seggnd row: Allen, Cahoon, Smith WEST HAI.L-WEST Front row: Bartlett, Levine, O'Brien Second row: Tracy, Woodman, Rich, Young, Kidder S0UrH ESTABROOKE HALL Front row: Draper, Looke, Norton Sec - 'f '., ' . ond row. Amergmn, Mclntnc., P1 att, Jackson, Brown WEST HALT,-EAST Stevens, VVilliams, Mcfzxrtlmy. Storey DUNN H.ALL l'l:lll, llilflllull, Hirst l"nirlrv 20 'S M L1 l.,,,,,,t ,-,,-,gg XN1s11:-, l,lXlI'12-T VL, Szviarz D QU-,,,,,1 rm-.-3 l'rL-lflv.-. lfffwleyv,-"fi, Hannistcr, I-'lm-d O,-ui .nn HAxxlB.aL HAMLIN Hxus lf:-4:1 1 on Img x, liz:-?'rx, 1 . , I .l - .. l .- h-ny'- 5xv1. -xx XXNN. ,Htl..-..A.,.l.....C.c bl' Nm: rn I-is r ummm? ll mu. 5 ' ,, X- X . K V LY .msg LLLS l 'L w 4' 'o ,fi i'i DY F f V ,g :vii hkffiqlii Sai it S riff ..1JX.,' t... -J.4......tx.b-1.4 7 g, xg-.. ..,'.--. xl T he Dormitory Councils aim to promote close relations between the students in their respective dorms, thus providing a group smaller and more united than the University as a whole. THE ELMS Front row: Irish, Bridges, Josslyn. Polackwich, Gooeh I A Second row: Levasseur, Clark, Bouchard, Stearns. Dionne, Stillmgs NORTH DORMS Front row: Rines, Wight, Rioux, Pert, Chandler, Hosmer Second row: Berube, Mogilevsky, Smith, Bartlett, Marcoux Maine women study and relax in the comfortable lounge of Balentine Hall. 21 These automatic washers and dryers make laundering easy at Dunn Hall. COLVIN HALL Front row: Kilpatrick, Stratton, Littlefield Second row: Welton, Mayne, Coyne, Troubh ,H , L En, A ,jUL,..f4fseusn1 " 4'f5f'1" I ' dl?f'li3?ffl5k25'::f1lf"ig5f55'i5lL5f5'zsZ5Zli::..2.-2I'-4l'f1:.55..k::::41:-Inf,-'ish . uriw- Q-I-ww. W- A 0 - q , - Y . 4 ,, ,. ... .J gg ,,31,,.:s-- v gg 5,,,,,, ,,..,. . ' v -A ',, - qeeurz zf n, f L ' ' V V u V N, I , A J,-,' ,Adi .,..., lm - ,, ,,,,. 3-1.-vw ,gg ,, I.:--,.-. -.4 1.45,-v l , ,,,... w M, ,, , f .44 Q - - -F . . ' Q I .L , f..u..q.: 'gf z:.lnZ,5s:l-fl-a.3z:,5,la,I.,I:ul,:.luiliar'-lI:wI...ll..,:.:,. ?:5l.:mq5E55ig5g..I. qgiggggg, E5L..51..5:53:gg,,gf,gg.,...4 I -I Q, 3 , . ' .. ,,r..t.. N . of . , r..,- - " ' -4' -'A-ff--E' " . t , in A , . V, ..AAf.,. , Q ml' Ships a Q rf WT ,--e- c,...mmww f1nvI2'RNMENT ASSOCIATION PIMP 1 4 I i ' gzqma I Front row: Grover, Pettingill, Frye, Yates, Snyder. Mclntire Second row: Livingston, Williams, Look, Atwood, Desjarclms, Fricml, Ik-ukli-:'. XX':4xs-nz, Stn.: if Third row: Preble, Noyes, Boyce, Josslyn, Levine. Stone MEN7S SENATE THETZQII I'mv:lli':1:11w1n:n11, l".'lk- I'-HI--1, I-'ni-ll. .X VUWI H mes Flu' Ili- l ' -- lllllv. Nl MII x N1 lfuurtli A - ' 'm'.l"' Hull- Nlvl'l1- A ' "- --w11....e Xin' low' l.llcuu-ux, 1-xngmml Shox' lfwiilzill. llvuxmul, Il.-INN X, Q - ' lx - " -1-1 L s. A l .fa'Q' TT'i'z14T2 Siluncllcnnt flelitnwnmrnuniuefuut The XVomen's Student Organization Associa- tion Council members represent all women stu- dents of the University. The purpose of the lV.S.G.A. is to encourage active cooperation among the women of the University in self-gov- ernment and to promote high standards of hon- or and integrity in all matters of personal con- duct. Two of the permanent functions of the Coun- cil are the planning of assemblies for women students and the presentation of the VV.S.G.A.- Faculty Tea, which is given each fall. The Mens Senate is composed of fifty male students annually elected by the various dormi- tories and fraternities. A coordinating body for all men's student organizations and the Univer- sity administration, the Senate strives to pro- mote general cooperation and unified college spirit, to foster beneficial student activities and University ideals, and to work for the better- ment olf educational standards. During the past year, the Men's Senate has done many services which added to the welfare of the University. The General Student Senate's membership includes four ofhcers, the presidents of the W.S.Cl.A., Panhellenic Council, Off-Campus VVomen's Organization, Men's Student Senate, lnterfraternity Council, Off-Campus Men's Or- ganization and eleven students elected from various areas of the campus. The Senate repre- sents the student body as a Whole, attempts to coordinate student activities, supervises student conduct, and serves as a link between students and the administration. It is the highest legisla- tive body in the student governmental structure at the University. GENERAL SENATE Front row: Dean vyilson, Yates, Macfarlan, Demeritt, Sargent, Foley, Dean Wieman Second rzwz Dineen, Tarpy, Stevens, Nichols, Lydon, Hirst Third row: Ramsdell, Whiting, Clark 23 I su-.t.s:,. . , . " ' 1 i i in i s 15 ai " St uff 'iiiw id' ihiisf iiif z9aasas1st4.a-3zgm 1 ,.,,, f- c " ' .. ,. . ' :gg ' ' '4' a pu 2"" UT" urs: I "na on :VFX ' : hu rn 3 4 ff, I 1 J' i 1 3 IHS' iiilaigiiiihnitii t?e!iiilxEliiiifi'?5In3II-T5713lih-!e::.:?35fi3r -fiwif-3.e:ai:ul:.ll53 -1 H. 0. T. C. The Department of Military Science and Tactics offers young men at the University of Maine a four-year course leading to a commis- sion in the Reserve and perhaps in the Regular Army. Today, the training program is essential in preparing college students for the responsible duties of leadership as Well as making easier the adjustment to military life. The first two years or the Basic Course is com- pulsory for all non-veteran students. Entrance into the Advanced Course requires passage of a physical examination, better than average scho- lastic standing, and approval by the R.O.T.C. staff. An essential aspect of the Advanced Military Course is the six week summer camp that all candidates for a commission must attend. The summer camp provides regular army experi- ence on the Held. With a rigorous six weeks of training, the candidate for a commission is bet- ter able to appreciate the duties and responsi- bilities of ofiicer life in the Army. Cor. Lrisuri j. S'r.-tw. .llililary Sriwnn' and Tnflirs Each spring, the entire military unit at the University is inspected by a Board of Review. A parade and review takes place at Alumni Field before the entire student body. For the past few years, the University unit has received a rating of excellence as a result of this review. We are honored that our R.O.T.C. has main- tained this rating. . "'i"'i"r'-------X-Q fl-'1'IK.l.2'..n,.:- f fu -5 ""'-H 41' ' ' l'1'0n'f POW! Clarke l'urkCy Qunnnc XV 'Ti A---M 7 " .T",g..'f' 3. IT 4 . ...,. Second row: Carter, Klein ,R lv lm' ifmllo' Slilull, Unger, I .ml r oc bers, Junta, l'lyml, Russell, Puniihs ll-lliiitsullixim 'I -15 Wmu Ph I Q I l '7 I U I : ut - X - nits. , tluuvx. Axlqilh 1 1 x l X X 1 ,sq R ii.-R1,5Kpx+.. .xg an awk. akfx 'V xiyri '-- V 1 X. - " -w ' ' 'f .gt 'r A L Y f l'Rl-ISENT. A RMS! -1 re- fmt ' 14 ,,,- ,,, ,,,,., -,,-a Q4 ,. ...., ., ,, . -.J,,L-. .J The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an organization the purpose of which is to maintain and raise military standards in Ameri- can higher education. Members in the Univer- sity group are chosen from among those en- rolled in the R.O.T.C. Advanced Course. All new members are elected. In December, the Scabbard and Blade pre- sented the annual Military Ball. At the Ball, Colonel Leslie Staub presented to Miss Ruth Ellingwood the honorary commission of Lieu- tenant-colonel. As in the past, the ball was one of our outstanding social events. r w Front row: Hawes, Butler, St. Onge. Hayden, Swanson, Peabody, Feeney, Gilmour, Gendron Second row: Martin, Marsden, Gould, Lomac, Barrows, Karayianis, Caryl, Reny, Roberge Third row: Dubois, Robertson, Tevanian, Stillings, Flagg, Kenny, Hague, Morneault, Libby 25 Frnim the "Maine Campus" . . . glee club will broadcast over new england network sunday . . . moc will make ski trip to millinocket . . . band to present shows in capital and at portland . . . maine debaters meet california by tape record. . . square dances for all on tuesday . . . rnasque to star rookies in play . . . inter-faith council announces details for set-up of student religious association . . . pine needle plans april talent show . . . mann, hulley to run campus . . .radio guild will feature two script show . . . mu alpha auditions . . . sigma mu sig initiates, elects . . . A seven named to newman society . . . mca drive is in progress . . . pine needle to contain serious matter . . . mrs. maine V club elects . . . press club plans campus survey . . . deutscher verein to hear senior back from germany . . . u of in civil engineers speak at asce meeting . . . communist issue debated monday night . . . Xi sigma pi initiates . . . first nighters split opinion on masque's hellman drama . . . duke directs sra hour . . . internationals pick ofiicers . . . cercle hears recital . . . b.b.c. vs. u.s.,radio topic of guild program . . tau beta pi initiates fifteen . . . american tel. and tel. oflicial to give talk in women's gym . . . m.e.'s will sponsor talk by sea diver . . . young republicans dine . . 26 '1 X .N I, X x V Q x x, ' Y '-s ,I-xx X , , N x h V,-1' 1 X Q , V ,. A X 'Zh Cf X .- fx fxxxkx A f' 1 . Iv f , X , X . lx nl ,X x wx X N x 1 xx' If XX? XF" 1,771 NXRX- -X xl 'V X , , N , 1 , . 4 XX V' Q! V, XX k . 4 V J 1 ff Xxx ' 1 . '-1 xx If ! 67, XX , '-if , ' 3 ' NJ '.,.f' , , - , -J f 1 -,Q-jx J! fly ,.,---""l' K f- ' w rl I' ,-""""d ' 'x--"fn" 'ffx R V Q-,A R QX 3 1 x A u X X X X X s Q Xxx g Xi ,Hx xl X. X Y X wx xx X, X X . s N v g'7f71,,q -fgmmm it-Fw 1JLuJUlr,uL1,Qv Jdd ' 1 ' I 1 Q H 2 . xiii 11' 'K , . ' 1 Y ,l 1 R I : X xx X . Li L 'x '. A, lk H X . . fx -K X 53 F X Vx x A X K , A fa 1 'O X Ya EX 23 yr 0 X ' X 1 X Y 'is , X v' NX , 5. Tk ag f u M X e A 3x A vin f V A., W . A ., , ,.. , ,..., - ::.:..., :,...m , , ,, -.1 -g, f--nf-r" "'L'..h-2.2!-113' " .,,..1.,.V-nv--"""' ,,,,..nn-51" Hunan nun I1 U Q V - , :F ,,,,, F., ,:...- - ,,.,.,x..f-11-" I,..n u,1.-u----n -'.,5,.,ny:-- 'Hu .....--A-:vnu . . ,,,,...4 .gnu ,nn nn i , J . .A,.M,' A3 m..3.,.:. -:eg-ming.,Exif-Xisin373,,3g3,,g,gg5:.:55'!:53i:gg:izlpffinfaggggggggjggqztiinzafgg1i,1,ZLI.:::E:::fgggg::g52I2Z,3t.l.U...-.5...,......, 5 'Ins' 'F' 37" ll' hy H 4 '3 4u.l5gf13:!252IL.'I'.XTY4sguJw,qg,g1:Z..g5.,..fu . nu,-nv? !.,...1 01- --ff-H . ,,, fi nv ,swiss F 1 t2l5F,'1:E'E'.:. . ' 'l53iIt!il5lillE'r!gll.:11 .:'.n.:!EL+4t?'fl:::.::a:nIi:o.s...-'-fl-!i--F- l l EDITORIAL STAFF l l Front row: ' Dion Matson French Newell 4 Fort Second row: Gross Flint Crockett Cope M 1. 'BK 1 l Y . xgf Pl ,M uf 1 1- 1 l I l ' w ' l l xtffff, 424342 s "4 ffm! Aw 1 2' Ylfl. , SPORTS STAFF PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF -or , ,.,- -' e:::s:s:.".:LZ2.1n rn .Nunn I . BOUCI, Vvlgllt, DOW, Kn11ClSCI1 lfurl, Ripley, l't1'u:2cl1, l'irrcr, l'l-:rx kf-wir SUBSCRIPTION STAFF F . Front row: McConkey Royte Bowker Easton Pfeil Second row Schultz Hurley Gregory lx QS - t ' I -:1:::1: ... . I ' The 1952 Prism Board Editor-in-Chief ................ ..,....... G ilbert French Business Manager .........s..... ............. H arry Easton Assistant Editor ..........s,....... ........,,, W illiam Matson Photographic Editor ....,......... ..........,.....,..... E den Fort Stag Photographer ............t.............,......,.......,.,...........,... John Longley Associate Editors: Gerald Cope QAdministration and Fac- ultyjg Theodore Gross Qflrganizationsjg Dorothy Hub- bard QFraternities and Sororitiesjg Richard Dow QAth- leticsjg Margaret Flint QWomen's Sportsjg Patricia Huddleston QSenior Classjg Dalton Newell Qunior Classy, Frances Dion fFreshman and Sophomore Classesj. Art Stag: Thelma Arsenault, William Curry, Richard Selleck. Q Editorial Assistants: Vernon Bond, Conrad Bosworth, Charles Harmon, Richard Hatch, Lionel Kelley, David Knudsen, Claire Malcolm, Alan Pease, Paul Peterson, Dorothy Tarbox, Carl Wight. Photographic Stag: Dolores Amergian, Patricia Coyne, Marilyn Kilpatrick, Edgar Lord, Judith Ripley. Subscription Managers ,...,..,.., Arthur Bowker, Alfred Pfeil Subscription Stag: Dolores Amergian, David Collins, William Curry, Mary Garris, Adelaide Grant, Augustus Gregory, Roscoe Halliday, Ronald Herzberg, Patrick Hurley, Gregory Macfarlan, Alan Pease, Paul Royte, Arnold Schultz. ' Advertising .Manager ..,.......................,................. Bruce McLennan Advertising Stag: Donald Spear, Ruth Moulton, Beverly Chadeayne, Mary Ellen Chalmers, Mary-Jane McLean, jean Ames. P 29 0 The Mame Campus Front row: Sprague, Bgrmws. Matson, Hoyt, Mersky. LVJUIJICT Second row: McEwen, Schurmzm. Mann, I'IUllEfV, TUCIKCF. Xvilson, Rrgberiggn Third roxG: Nutt, Stratton. Robbins, Folsgngv Curtis, Dion Press l'luh lsifsl UNA '- . lm-kk-1' 1 Q ., , E limqhms' Illini. .un su.. Xlrunx. SQ-L-nnxl xnxyg 1.-Kxl,,.m ll Phd, K Xl I . ,mt 1 A Nu.. turn, Front row: lngrullzini. Dion. NYl1itc, Frye, Pratt. Morse. Horrin Second row: P. llaskcll. Floyd. Stevens, D. Haskell, lineclzind. Clloinicre, Newdick Third row: Doiron, Littlefield, Burbank, Cltfnleayne. Brown, Al ndkins ,,T,,f ,T 3 :V 1., ,T -4 f,,y,j,f,., ,Q-w-iq, 154 ' , T" f . 1 ' ' . 1 i , , :'E ,L u -.,l A,-ft.. U1 ,ft ,u..,at,... First row: Frye, Look, Kimball, Colby, Messner, Weymouth, Burbank Second row: Stobey, Conners, Chadbourne, Silver, McGlauflin, Winter, Hobbs Third row: Pert, Floyd, Spicker, Zabriskie, Schwab, Taylor, Gibbon A "4 7 Y '---1 f r ,Y M, .-- 1' . -' ., W N f N, 1 ' fm ..m' 'xvrr 'ff 'fri F t .l, 1 .4 -4,fl.1..lL.t-g1...l LJ .... 's.,lI,., wmllilai. First row: Maguire, Edfors, Given Second row: McKaig, Burbank, Hart, Hood K I l i 2 Q 1 H Efaxieamsegg Surivlg l'11ft,lr'-'.-.'1 5-1:11211 Vv1.2T17s'. 1'-1,"', Puff-5' Hn'-11.-11.12, N'H1s':.'- "5'f'i"7- 53-1710 g,.,,,,.,1' 5. F11 if--, l:f'.l"', l5'.:f?!:11.L . Tfhzj-rf, Xxrl'-72 '?., .2.3' 171211: l.:111.?w:! ,Q 4 1 'N s 1 4 J 1 l r E WW' l is i--Q UI'lIl'l' nl lhv Tvmplv Vx!-1 1 u Y "1.aTf, l'1:'Z:-, H 1:1:f:r ll-1:,5?.!j-, 1. .y hzz' f" i Fm.:-f 'V .A fir-'r11, i'vcn.r11, fr 51" .rZ', l'r'! 11,1142 .x f'..n:'f'w. xla7',f:f S-I :Hx If I? ' x. l',5"'f3 x Q 1 lx:- x -- X vz. lI.-- a 3.121.'3..21HfTl1-12I.lE4W 1"'f'!'YHXTUIEITUA-JL' I-1' .,'..' ,,, .,1l.- X133-'ww--' ---"" ' 1 . ,.... .. lf i LJ.4.I X ' - r- N.v...,,.l,,-- Front mw: lluff, llull. hlusslyn, llutlcr 3lUl'L'Sl1CIlll. Clark Sccuml row: Blorris. lfclfurs, liccllc. llulwlmurd. Pcttingill, -lulmsun .f- A . .x,. .4 ' 5 aa 'ef1"vf-af .fi iw 1, ,.....q-..-.,,.. ...JVAA U .,A...4.JJ Daley. Bailey, Haskell, Davis Tl 7 7 ll fr-3 if 113 Ffh fs -:f -ff- A Llllllliil-Sli l..l Ll U 111.1 'C 41.4 LD' Front row: Dion, Prolman, Silvers, Kaprow Troubh, Cope g l Second row: Gross, Singer, Zaitlm, Dion Matson First row: Bean P dl , en eton, Hanson, M H S 1 . armon, C. Harmon, Mitchell econd row. Hatch, Engllsh, Keene, VVIXSOH Agricultural Uluh First row: , , ey, Estes, Howes Second row: Guptill, Hask ll I' , l ll, Llttlefield, Smith, Bailey? wma Thompson Keene Smil EVE lEk'iitH'1: Il! WEE 52 'Nil Q I - ga 543555555 : gygggagzgegfggqagggg51,551-":n:::'Sgt' 1- 'vcurrms 1 ewman Club First row: llicljccj-'. lf"I-ANI' .511-U'-ff Second row: Xlnlkvxr. Rulq. +1 iv- 'J ft 4.l.J..l....lx'A1s..J.., '.l'.-.4 Front row: Nnchum. Perkins, Grover Second row: Thurston. Roan ff 9 fs: - ., , N-li ILL "Yg,fQ,3gsg1ffs, ,N 4 First row: Nelson, Osgood, LaBonte, McCowan, Taylor, Gosse Second row: Beyer, Macomber, Roberts, Turner, Sawyer, Thurston vfnff- -' 'f'-to - M, , ,,,.. -, ',.., -L Q.--.Ls 4..J f..1 ,J .yn First row: Stevens, Small, Littlefield, L. Potter, Fogg, Bryant, Foster Second row: A. Potter, Starbird, Manches ter, M. Keene, Smith, Dean, Gammon Third row: Lord, Ellsworth, VV. Keene, Vanman, Perry Future Farmers of meriea First row: Bea11ey,i3Uf1Cl', Smith, Babson' Beane, Elliott NDIS . Second row: Hariveyf Gavettl Lmlegeld' Cyr, Hoyt, Stevens, Starblrci Third row: Trimm, Russell, Kimball' Estes, White Forestry Club Firsttrow: Beyer, Perhzun, Brubake r, Govc, Kilbreth, Mitchell, VVebher Second row: Erickson, Toth, Dalrymple Thor S l nas, chlaack, Vanidestine, Smitli Thirfl row: Mount, Burner, Ludwig Seaward, VV1lIson, Saboites, Srmideven . .uv -- 3 U-J. ,... np:-jj uh. ..,..:.1.:.LHZ1i111Z151l7-7 :1:tl1r1'!-17.-1-'Y"i'-W f ' " First row: Paton, Thomas, Parsons, Rich, XVatson, Kelley, Iohonnett, Hobbs Second row: Poor, Bishop, Turner, Brown, McCarthy, Vaughan, Leonard, Mawhinney, Allen, Tripp Third row: Stevens, XYyman, Lermond, Parrella, Perkins, Carter. Bessey, Reed, VVilliams Fourth row: Chapman, Bohlin, Howe, Robbins, Pillsbury, Leighton, XVoodman, Ames , W B O We, , Lir--,rf r arrurfwv-1 f'V'1'? ' " "1 fi ,-,1-li ,wlw ea ,-. eq, .Jt.t...,f ,-.J-..fxi,'..l-l..JJ,,1i1..e..f1J -.J,-i--ta,.J., First row: Frye, Johnson, Drysdale, M. Harmon, Preble, C. Harmon, McKeil, Stillings Second row: Nickerson, Smart, Grant, VVelton, Harvey, Cunningham, Bean, Bagley, Thurston, Pendleton Third row: Swanholm, McIntire, VVyman, Spears, Smalley, NVhite, Andrews, Grover, Bull s Fourth row: Willett, Noyes, Griney, Hughey, Reifel, Mitchell, Kelley, Chadeayne, Urdane, Andrews Fifth row: Nason, Noyes, O'Brion, Phillips, Perkins, Knowles, Murray, Simpson, Howard 37 er eutsche Verein Front row: Klein, Nichols, Chick, Nachum Second row: Mann, Ayers, Lewis, Miles Third row: Dion, Harriman, Gilchrist El l'ir1'ulu Espanol I.-irq rm-,Vg Viirl.-,:,1,v::1u. Herman , , , ' l.:iriqur,-ur, 'l'-iixrxxlloltc. fzxnmngnam gtL.,,,,,l rm-,-3 l-Qfgf,1,fi:x.u, 4.uxl::.1:11r, Hill, ,XnuIq'fsuZE, Xxilillil. l.Jz'-"4" 1' l'vrrIv Francais NI :Nu li.-ifr NA 5:'1s. , llllffill l'.-11: 4 "U If-' 5 '-1111:-ffni., H. 'I' 'i"'--l4'i- lll' lx' xxii-', IMA!-.fmt WA U.. ,MN L ' 5 '. U..L'r lhvn.. I'iUf'N YJ-N XX.."..1 li.-w..11 ill J ' I FJ Q ix .1 T1VT.l.-:Jie HW W V, Jw fy rs! W ,-V Vi W ,W Q, , ,,,. . ,A a a,',..L,.l.,',..i l-'dd., 1,.ldf...-.1+,-, KL: flu' First row: Tnrpy. Atwood. Golnlmzui, Peuflleton, Haley. Sopclmk Second row: Pray. Desjardins. Kimball, Mason, liilfors, Lang. Friend 3553636 Hrarnmler First row: Betterley, Nadeau, Fairley, Shute, Webber, Pert Second row: Wilson, Meade, Daily, Haley, Ellis, Leveille Third rowt, Chase, Cyr, Zink, Crawford, Beal, Jenkins -V-lt LY- D fl f- r Fu 'I--1 VL 1-1 Jul V reno-, flilugoooipuig follow Front row: Virtue, Friend, Couture, Hobbs Second row: Downy, Gass, Horton, Wilson L51 ll V -L-mfr if l ml if-'31 l laililllil Phi Mappa l"runt row: llff-1'f71. l"51l7'l"E - 35"-A 77- CWS. York A n 1 gm-,,,,,l rm-.': lJr:.uglu.12, l",x:':v:r, Lxlllly, Muxtrzilzi'-, l'1nl:l::1xz. Q I'hi1.,1 rm.,-5 -Ium--, l5rff.'.:,, f,:1rl,f,,:1:31g:,u, l' 4-rrlx. f"ll'F l hysical Education Majors l'IuI1 Front row: Leard, Leighton, Amergian, :xl1llJl'USU, Stearns, Clark, Conti Seoond row: Dyer, lVIOY8Sl1C3.fl, Hashey, Zaitlin, llctcnlf. fllI'llllll'Y'N Ki l lm Um Tlurd row' Gillette Hoffmnm R . , .1-:, 0:1113 . , . ,I atte, Robinson. lngrnlmm, llurrick, Hur:--sz Fourth row: Johnson, Jose, Ellmgwood. R4-rrv 1 4 V u ' V 4 , W ,,,, , ., ,W 4. 4 O fl li i HE is W 15' if H154 EliEl'1::l?l'1E :121:ui:f! 5i5'EEE5l'l'V'3'H3"' "' f"""" "' ' ' N' .ez . . .u:5,.1.. .l--,Ev-M:u-Mix:-r:.2""::z:':: "Wx" .-. .Y l'u'st row: lfostcr. llilwlmus. Clark, XY:1tso11, Zzxlcmzm. -lzxckmzm uoml vow: Supple, lfulws, Nason, Cr:1xx't'onl Pio N1 f , "Twp-' vu ,-V to If First row: Nason, Bayer, Butler, Smyth, Boothby, Cobb, VVebber, Richardson Second row: Leidy, Swett, Reed, Tandy, Peckham, Norton, Hill Third row: Bunker, Bodey, Hohmann, Pruett, Longley, Htoo, Noyes, Young Fourth row: Humphrey, Duplisea, Bragclon, Ashley 41 Y -HnPv'HE, pnuiuli' v ' I W nr Ammwmw Sammy 0 Uwnnical Engineers ,-. W... .,m.L., LLLALCIIIUS, Meme, Sullivan. Mcl'll1n-, .Ky-1' Second row: Pushaw, Arlmg, Frye, Rolunscm. 'I':u'r. Mctlxrm-5, IZ...Z1-5 Thxrd row: L'Heureux, XVynnc', XX cbbcr. I'ml1L-nw Sigma Pi Sigma P x v x i ' 4 V 1 I 3 , 55 IH .1 , li- .M N --. uunlul, lluf-. fw .XIMHL WWF. Hxu. 11 F ,,.. .. Nw. L,Illlbl0l1SCll, Q-oulml, 1x'1Ml,mm0HlIB...lFllnu, N-Imu. ggmmllvu Nm! 11 1 ourth row: Young, 1-Im-,-is, Cmckcu W0 I. mlumgt.,-i Unk' M -I ' . , ' 1 Ul ' ' Mlm' xx Ml-'msg lxshhfx.1iu,1l1,ilT'lx3ux.-lun, lxxvluhi I .12 fr E 1 2i!IE5I2S" uw 'ii 'Siiii2':':':11 'i"V1" 'V' ' . A -, . A17 Ai 61624 S Q rinn-nnvwn:fnuxmnvrfwvvnnwfnwfwuvvv'fun vfv vfwww-H First row: Dunlap, Mayor, Smyth, Ladd, Yeaton. Tarr. Crosby Seeond row: Quimby, McTa.ggart, Phelps, Ferler, Beaulieu, Pinlcham Third row: Beverage, Deering. Young, Caci, lineeland, Pomeroy, Leighton, Trenholm i'j1-wfwg'-Q3 wwf. -,rang Tiidflif mgiijgrl lZlofi:'f1iif1i.','Lr1af1- f',1.J3m,.l1E1aa,i Llliptetirlstg, out -LJ.:af.4,i .e,ua'lJaulllEr.,u,m Front row: Alenskis, Steward, Ellis, Hohmann, Oak, Guest, Seward Second row: Bailey, Belleqarde, Haradan, Whitney, Lee, Bullard, Nason, Brown Third row: Wells, Rand, Turner, Mills, MacDonald, Douglass, Danforth Fourth row: Damon, Wade, Dickson, LaFlamme, Langfoid, Hamlin, Drotter, Reade, Gross 43 fl 'ifffiq fl 'alibi it i lllxmerienm llnstlimiie nl Eleeitrlml Eng ineers First row: Quimby, Hale, Tancly,Tl1Cri3111t, Peterson . . Second row: Lane, Ames, Knudsen, Cluft, Sawin Flmerfisazann Socfslety est llflerlnanunlranl llEHEQQllllBl'l'I'S First row: Jacques, Steele Watson B d , , rag on, Leadbetter, Prngemnn, Lange, Whitt- Second row: Gendron, Osgood, Titcomb, Rawson, Vasquez, Reny, Cunncrs, Plnisu--l. lh-nch, Urrqt-zu: Third row: Ward, Tozier, Chapman, Knight, Jalbert, Mayne, Fcnsey, Morgan, hlulumwn Fourth row: Lombard, Ouellette, Lorenz B " ' - en, ernard, Wing. lxnmxlami, Culrlr, ,l, llarrull, llmygplgrt-5 . S. Carroll, Noyes, Laskey Fifth row: Libbey, Heffernan, Swett, Coffin, Cnnrlwin Q,.1.A.. uw- '- I l I R J l I l l l l A l 1 1 w I. 'ilZiTll'lf"lll '53 P51211 . 5 f,l'l 1:'Px':ggg1gg519EESEEEEEES591525 25ESE1ES!EE55Si1fa:sqegrggsg'zgzgrzsiiiiifilieiwaeesv:1 f11'1ff':::"-'as-':::: L K- .W ., Ip-hi, M CTT"'T"1. l inf 'N ,le be lj, animal., ,reall e "lg'i,, l - 1 , '--'-,i.. 4, ... , Front row: li. Curtis, T. Curtis, Noyes, Marlin, Draper Second row: Day, Wing, Mclfwen, l'inlcham, Amann, Lovejoy Tliirrl row: Allen, Halway, Leroux, 'Bryant M orsc First row: Xvood. Steele, Tobiassen, Danforth, Larson, Douglass, Slaney, Spear Second row: Blanchard, Hyde, Moyes, Fielder, Peckham, Baker, Pinkham, VVagner, Porter Third row: XVilson, Christensen, Gile, Michaud, Erickson. Ames, Lloyd, Marpie, Bradford Fourth row: B. Butler, O'Shea, Plummer, McLeary, Chick, Faster, Jackson, Turner, Stewart, Maling, I. Butler, Miller 45 I I 1 1' 'i'f"q N2 Gfriizlsf fl' EWUEFMHEMMRHEEJMMD ,,,.. ..,.. . .....,,. . Lvumuu, oertlc, Lass1I:1. Iiarsukw. .-Xlfllu VUIH' X V, ,,,,...,-..u, t ,- Second r I B ' ., . 4 : Q. ,'iL'kl"'-NHL I -, . .- "Ram-:' lil K ow eckler, Mllcher, Schurmann, Murphy, I-Ibmll. Lmllu. I1 u PMEMQMMHUWM ws. I4-ig r I nryzml, l'n-VV5 Ni Non B I 'C.ix,i..'.-.t.-Noll.. HIliN:Cl', IIT-,,15.w Aluym' Htmlmn ' ,.,...., wa. , eau, nclrxs, zxrrxs. upp- ,'l' -'11 . g ' l Fourth row: Pendleton, Humphrey, Mann, Lomzzc, Sntyrlif l'4lp:::::'l 1?flIix'x.ltl,Ylll'lHit? L - . Q I N E 116 w V w , nv -V 4 f J 'v Q vw 75' Eislbgkgg lj' V Z! ' a - fi 'E 5f'f?'EQ75E?5?5555I537' ' HQ az laws, L S12 3 . . . - -fx '-Hr :A vw :""YL'l' 'F' . :"':us:' 'H54i:'f::'::'- 'M ai' " "" 1 - 'fm .s1,ws.1em 2111222221 ' lf' 2915-"H "' ' Front row: Moreshead, Fish, Stevens, Bailey, Cole, Dresser, Bezini, l'endfet'w'1, VVillia:tts'J:1 Second row: Harvey, Lambert, Babson, Gallagher, Bridge, Ashby, Pinkhanl, Stikuiis Third row: Robinson, Daley, Bull, Harmon, Curtis. Beyer, johnson Fourth row: Herrick, Turner, Stender, Porter, Bradbury 'D Tl9l'B'3 rm :PN H-x ell F -ffl' 1' e-e.v- lx 5143- 1 - A fw B 'Fl -rein -r B B fr- "--- rx iulrl "HU" ' 1' 'VTUS ffwiifill iff 1 rr New r lm 'fm f ,vw1'--1 1 w 4.1. ' ,.....:i,x4J" -4,.4LJ.A-... his SQA .,z.iA4.i-,.N..l,,.4',.LL A-.'...J,. -.--,-iikp..-Lp -,i,,,...- First row: Vllaring, Wood, Ladd, WVhite, Agpalo, Lyons, McKaig Second row: Cosgrove, Tarpy, Lumsden, Piscopo, Sproul, O'Neil, Morency , Third row: Hodgkins. Horton, Gass, Wfebster, Levasseur, Purcell, Dianne Fourth row: Evans, Hobson, Welsh, Harris, Frechette, Wfoodbury, St. Onge, Buck, Vliing, Rocheleau, Lzilonde 47 ll lglllill lurps Anlatgur Hamlin ssuciatiun I U-,1 pf.-.1 Vugf-:'. if-l:uL.c. 'I'r',1xv1p1'qllU, fjlxmpllg.. l0.EJf11w. ,l'fI4"-. ffqflsm svn-.,ygfl rua-.'i l.iIll1'1H1-Y-I. 5!i!:-un, I,qigh!0n' li-mgkw. 'I':n.flj., li:-frm lggiywl 1-.,'.-.3 Mm lilfmnlfi, Hai:-. Cwlrrtlfg, lg,,11.i-4,-z., XYYQ1-f-ll-1' Mu Mgebua Einsihnll First row: Sleeper, Sclwuod, Nivsn, Slmw, Cnling Second row: Beach, Fnrrzm, llarmnn, Wzmlkvr, l'cn-llvx.-11 ll--1-Maw I-,Au Third row: Haynes, Cogswcll, Norton. Su-in, I-'rim-ml, XVII! Ill Fourth row: Dyment, Gorlsoc. Ames, Ruluurgc 1171... I S irout row: Sturillcy. Gooelspccil, llxirris, Ross, Dow. Rickcr. NYriglit ccoml row: lical, Lcriliy, M-zliziig, Smart, Metcalf, Davis, lfilgcrly Third row: li, Tliclmrge. llaguv, A. The- lwargc, liirkwoml, Bailey, llcmlcrsoii. NYing . ,-, Vf' 'Q igf' -' f 1' , ff 'I 1 gi. A J il Y. V, - A,. A ., N-.1 .V ,, .Of .1 H, First row: George, Edgerly, Bull, Selwood, O'Neil, Murray, Tygert Second row: Collins, Ruby, Erickson, Beeckel, Hendrickson, Wlieeler Third row: White. Tillou, Wark, Daw, Wilkinson, Bailey, Ayotte Fourth row: Pendleton, Gascoigne, Roberge, Leroux 49 Th Tlf Glue Club Fl1'St row: Feeley, Hunter, Ealgerly, Bull, Sn-lwmnl, lk-nux--vw Nix ' ,.,, m..x,x...x..:,q-1 X- cond row: George, Ruby, Wilkinson, .lose-, ,l- fxA4 lun, l-'in-llvn, Xllnlhz, lxgl . ird row: Erickson, Fernalml, XYilcy, XY:1rk, lh-uckcl llvmlrukx ..n1, llnzlvx, llzff U urth row: Caliamlro, Kruse, lVl1itv, NY. White, 'l'illon, I-ini.-lm ,-11, mu, Kzviiw I. X 1' X th row: Pendleton, Dow, Dmlet, Collins, linin- fm H rgm' l'lllIllk'lx, lim: all 11-., ' -1 .-fe gvf, "' ui lim: fi Mi'lT'iTlIFl ' ,I -Li U-end, ',,Jil2.Ldi,ef First row: Stillings, Carlin, Andrews, Galinas, Plissey, Desjardins, Danes, McCann, Dinsmore Second row: Edfors, Pray, Mitchell, Cunningham, Friend, King, Cobb, Perley, Oak, Bishop, Heal Third row: Bailey, White, VVebster, Trask, Moore, Howe, Jones, Stein, Anderson Fourth row: Lincoln, Bouchard, Fort, VVood, Treworgy, Mitchell, Michaud, Hendrick, Kelley, Cefalo VanDenKerckhoven, Chase Fifth row: Blanchard, Hart, Hubbard, Bannister, Prentiss, Smart, Pendleton, Nickerson, Johnson 51 Wig! is-La x I 1 llrchestra First row: Dolloflf, Gcrrish, Harris, Cnyting, limxm-ll. Siuxpx--mm, M Second row: Harmon, Kimball, Struut, Loi-iusmu Third row: Harris, Grumlcy, IIL-ul, Um Fourth row: Cransberg, Downin ,,. 1-v f-- Y - , ..,,., , -4: yu -vvvw " ' " ' ' " " igs uw :cg " . ,1 , 1 . --fx 'ii Ami'g'1:1!!I:E12!!Q2i:3iiEE5f!:':!Zltrritit -dvnmQqQQqQ1.qhmunuMUM9NEHnhhKsdAJnnnnuqhlnnuinrwi N . Kinmtil, '. li. Nur!-rn. liingdv -, '. K .w'l.l1! la U.4kr1..n.., kin' 1 UIN 1.nlx,lM... g. liinm-y, lim-tclwll, Smith, 11.111 52 1. lliui. N N 1 12'-'-'i :AW UP i' s X 7 3 'fl' 5 9 W-rn 0,4110 . 1 lf ,-f ' liiii , A , , . l-L11 First row: Berry, Jackson, Cox, Dyinent, Harris, Christensen, Farrar, Shaw, Nickerson, Clark, Craig, Ayer, Cogswell, Khoury, Doten. Monk, Chipman Second row: VVillian1s, Akeley, Jose, Booker, Stone, Roberts, Harmon, Strout, Kimball, XVhite, Hodgkins, Plumley, Hopkinson Third row: Cooper, Pomeroy, Allen, Smith, Godsoe, Thomas, Ladd, Ramsay, Joy, Beach, Cram, Lord, Halliday, lVoodsum, Hawes, XVhite Fourth row: Totman, Hazelwood, Ames, Burt, Hillman, Chellis, Marcou, Farrow, Chase, Fogg, Oakman, Gotlib, Rowe, Ellsworth, Beach, Sweetser ' Wishart Fifth row: Haynes, Caliandro, Shaw, Standeven, Hewins, Plumer, Chapman, Iewett, Stephens, Chesebrough, Koniinsky, Burnarcl From the "Maine Campus" . . . nine frats vie for grid honors . . . rodent runs riotg crime doesn't pay . . . sorority dance to swell march of dimes campaign . . . frats near end of pigskin battle . . . houseparty weekend scheduled for december l-2 . . . phi gam, phi eta battle sunday in semifinals . . . pan-hel council meets . . . maine ready for annual homecoming . . . ifc makes changes in quota system: more non- residents . . . phi eta retains football crown in title battle . . . hell Week began today . . . all point system is clarified as fraternities vie for title . . . phi mu celebrates 39th anniversary . . homans heads kappa sig. . . meade represents ifc at national meeting. . . frats start rushing freshmen today . . . fraternities get seventy pledges . . . delta zeta to hold fair . . . alpha omicron pi will sponsor student-faculty party . . . wlbz to present ' fraternity features tomorrow night . . . s.a.e. house observes 50th anniversary . . . pledging continues . . . pledge totals rise sharply . . . here is the :inal installment of list ol' fraternity pledges . . . sorority pledging takes sharp drop . . department of correction . . . delta zeta fetes ten at banquet . . . phi gam meets dorm champ for campus cup . . . studious alpha gammas score again . . . phi gam downs grads 51--13 for campus crown . . 541- 1 w x, A, .. x ,-f xv .fi 'U 5 M 5 fu .Yu N ---'N -f w ff f M3130 ujf ,U LlLfTlfQrflUiQEl , f!!fLf.,'fw1Ni-:-:1'- 1, Y 7HS,V1k-K JY , K. V,',.,. QW, i ,,,,,!,,,7 X lpha Gamma Rho President Earl ESYCS Vice President Thomas Harmon Secretary Mfinston Mfhite Treasurer Charles Varnum Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1908, when two local fraternities from Ohio State Uni- versity and the University of Illinois combined to form the national agricultural, fraternity which today is the foremost social fraternity of the profession. Psi chapter at Maine was founded in 1924. I ' Last year was an outstanding academic year for Psi Chapter. It Won the Sigma Chi Founda- W, ' I tion bcholzirship Cup both selneslers. This tu 1-i4'Z" -1. .' ' - S 'Nkl1llLtl to thc ll.llL'lllllY with the highest Cfllllbll ' ' . - ' ' lcd point .uuage lor the semester. S04-i' . - . . ' . . .md "ll, UQNS lm the yezn' included the c ' A . , - ju. 5511113 lfllllhlls, xXUCHll'llUlDlK'l'S llzlll. P111 l T l0lllLlhlClL. .mil numerous vu' mlzniccs. h ' ' PIC! 5 C :Xlpllll C311 fJllll'Cl"S 'l'-5' ' U. num lxho lXL'glUlllll Cha , llmllk Sfhool was held in .-Xpril 'at lsi Chapter, ,X i present fmm ' -. I hit U l'l'lJlQ1'.- - i . ,I I l 'I S lflnwllllul were llCllllSYlYLllllll. N 1 pproxiinanely ninety men wut chusells '. . . . N - , ' RUN ll.nnpshn'e. f.UIlllL'l'llClll. and New York, lllC lil'g1 .. ' . i' 0 ' A ' in mxinq I ' x MN Q, Wills IN lmlnn nu I l -- verll' - ' .. s Q ' Ullk l lllll Klux ul l3l'CWCl'. who been the house mo lllll Im' the pgm three will ther chanplers. The SIWIC Ima First row: G. Gallagher, Sevey, Crafts, Harmon. Mrs. Hinckley, Estes, Varnam, Ridley, Hodgkins Second row: Ashby, Hovey, Haskell, Blood. Bridge, Smith, Cram, J. Keene, Pickard Third row: Smiley, Corey, Rogers, Durost. Beaney, Gallagher, Allard, Dow, Guptill Fourth row: Johnson, Peabbles, Hatch, Morris, Beal, J. Keene, Dunn, Bouchard Fifth row: Xliaterman, Potter, Jordan, VV. Keene, Findlen Clinton Adell Joe Bailey john Babson Howard Barnforcl Donald Bromley Herbert Crafts Charles Dunn Robert Ashby Clayton Blood Donald Bouchard Robert Brown MEMBERS 1951 Herbert Bridge J. Patrick Gallagher Earl Estes Melvin Hovey , John Findlen Lawrence Potter Gerald Gallagher La Roy Sevey u 1, , N ",, ,xr or Thomas Harmon it ip ,Maurice Keen Richard Hatch X, XYTQD Earle Moore Glendon jordan f"Xi:, Albert Smith I W ,V ui: Pledge Carl Guptill Dean Hodgkins 57 john Smiley Charles Varnum lVinston White Thurston Townsend David' Wentworth Edgar johnson John Keen Allen Ridley Donald Wfaterman First row: Cormier, Russell, Field, Mrs. XYhitney, Hodgkins, tioodricli, ll: tn: t ul n x Angus, Norton i , . A 1 It ,- -, N Second row: Bouchard, Kirkwood. KIIOWHOU, CUIIHOVS- 5U5'C1'f'k- lllglwl' ll"l"u' l""l' Third 1-OW: Tuttle, Gfeenouglq, Hayden, Rowe. Bonrget, O'Neil, Lassila. Knight. XYin:t-r, ttftzl. l .1-lu 1-t-:I Fourth row: Gower, Moody, Bates, D1-olet, I-Yllcll, MCIHIHSII. Lincoln. l'5I'1'fU"- l X " 'liii' l Fifth rdislllzltlllardell, Brockway, Holden, Philhriclc. Folsom, llnttt-rtlt-ld, Milt--n Nl tif X ' dr, Vrlv Lord Paul Angus Frederick Bigney Arthur Boulter Hawley Brannan Thomas Conners Robert Cormier George Brockway Graydon Erickson Ralph Applegate Norman Bourget David Butterheld Gene Drolct David Field MEMBERS Graduate Students Louis Oddi NVilliam Cummings George Hayden V XVendell Hodgkins Lynne Holden Clifliord Kirkwood Richard Knowlton Robert Greenough Richard Leclair Clyde lltlllglllw 1951 . l.t'o l.t't'lt'l't' lflarold Nl:n'dt'n p Y Yanrt' Norton. ll, Donald l't'lil 1 N Will'n ' ' A ff V I: n llnlhrnk .lohn Rider. T25 . H fl i I i 'AIR sw-ll ' ::lf:Ell'l't'lllt' l 31' -I:-diggs G ftJtoV Bernard Bouch::rd Glenn Folsom john Gower Richard Knight Kenneth Lincoln Donald Lord lalph l'ist'opo Plorlgvs blohn l,x nrh ylilllhhli l,Ql5gilL. lleorgt' Nlaxo Rltllllttl Alt In lY:!l'I't'l1 Nluudx lnxll 58 I-- wlrll Suu IIIIINIUII l tlnnond ln Ri Yrlnon I ll t'l.ln1 Valk I-null XX nnltl In llllxll Ru Nl Ull lnlln Niall I' unl U Xml Rnllvvll tlsluvt tl1.nldl't'at ll.ux nl XX t' Nl - -.- , ,, Alpha Tau llmega President Mfendell Hodgkins Vice President Lauriston Taylor Secretary Hawley Brannan Treasurer Richard Russell Alpha Tau Omega is an international fra- ternity founded in 1865 at Virginia Military Institute. Its founders were three Confederate soldiers whose prime objective was to restore the Union, to unite fraternally the young men of the South with those of the North, and to foster a brotherhood dedicated to the task of achieving and cherishing permanent peace. Maine Beta Upsilon, founded in 1891, is now one of 107 active chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The present ATO house has just been re- decorated, a project completed during the fall semester. Several parties-the Military Brawl, the mid- winter and fall house parties, and the Daisy Mae Party-were greatly enjoyed by the mem- bers of the fraternity and their guests. The Daisy Mae Party, Which is now an annual event, is becoming a standard ATO party throughout the country. The fraternity is fortunate in having for the fifth successive year Mrs. Whitney as house mother. "Ma" Whitney, along with her posi- tion as chaperon, is an active member of the ATO Wives Club, an organization of Wives of married members. Beta Theta Pi President Wfilliarn Kennison Vice President Frede1'iCk RMON Secretary HHITY Easton Treasurer Kenneth Castner Beta Theta Pi was founded in 18 39 at Miaml University in Oxford, Ohio. The Beta Eta chapter, first fraternity on the Maine campus, was founded in 1879. There are now ninety-six active chapters throughout the United States and Canada. - Last year was a successful year for Beta Eta. Scholastically the house ranked third among the fraternities on campus. Also, Beta Eta finished high in the inter-lrateruitv athletic pl'OgI'3ll1: plus having many men representing the chap- ter on the varsity teams. Extensive construction on the house was ll.l2'lClC during' the suuuuer. Both inside and out- side ole the house have been painted. a project which has done much to improve the appeal'- ?ll1t'C ol Beta. A new room which is adjacent to blilfillllltillyocmmill ivlll be paneletl in pine. and is to F j- 45:1 lCtlCllllUll room. thcl wereumet with greatqsuccess. It 1 'Lili being l1lQi1llQl1lCti bv lall and Sliflllg' House Parties. X K i I3CfaliT4.lfl5l12i:h' 'fill sennester hntls the brothers of -hfllll uorktnq to make this veal' as successlul as the last. 1 1 Joseph Biron Frederick Eaton Richard Gordon Richard Hamlin Kenneth Castner john Coombs Sterling Crowe Claire Beames john Briggs Arthur Chute john Colter Donald Kelley First row: Swan, Castner, Leighton, Hamlin, Kennison. Eaton, Easton, Shipley, Biron Second row: Hodgkins, McGowan, Morrison, Stevens, Beanies, Colter, Perkins, Reiche Third row: Joyce, C. Tripp, Falt, Briggs, Smith, Thorne. VanWart, Twaddel, Murtha, Dan Fourth row: Xvhite, Kelley, Plumly, Crowe, Chute, Perry Augustus Moody Ralph Jewett Xvilliam Kennison Alvah Leighton Raymond Downs Harry Easton Donald Hodgkins Sanford Kelly Douglas Kneeland Gerald Morrill Bingham Murray Alanson Noble lt A S. alll? .. MEMBERS Graduate Students Howard Reiche 1951 Horace McGowan Charles Perkins in WW,-f,:?Richarcl Roberts Fl Ralph Hinds Vindent Morrison 1 ,' z sl 5 5 X' xx ff TTS, 7 0 th Mur a Pledges William Perry Charles Plumly Lee Smith Donald Stevens Daniel Stinecipher 61 Eugene Scheucher Iohn Shipley 'Col b Swan Y Clinton Tripp Robert Saisi Iohn VanWart Herbert Mfilkinson Iames Thorne Vaughn Twaddel Robert Mfhite Thomas Mfoolverton First row: Roberts, Schoch, McColl, Mrs. Cowan, Hickson, Pearig St, Ungv. ll--ran Second row: Bragoli. Weldon, Jones, Ward, Merrill. Davis, Lullins. l':ick:i:'il. llinnin-. l.ZlC'lIZZl'L' Third row: Berry, Grant, Perkins, Hurley. Martin. I'Iarra1lon Oilt-Il Rim l"iiw-:'-.i- Fourth row: Mezoian, Chellis, Corbin, Hamilton. lose. Plaisvtcil liiliiisi-ii li--ilv Atiwu- Nlurb ll lu Thomas Chellis Joseph Corbin Herbert Davis, Charles Grant Richard Haney David Brackett Henry Berry Francis Boyle john Bragoli Philip Cameron Patrick Dionne George Dodge Fifth row: Parsons, Brackett, Young, Martin, Lane. St. Blairic..Nhctlfiiiznliil, A i l A K l M R MEMBERS 1951 Robert Harradon ,joseph McColl Ill Nh-:lin l'cxl,im joseph Hickson Donald Nlcum SHHIU Ruhr William Lane I Allan l'lais1t-tl 1. ' is gi 'ffhi' Maxim - NWWQINWIQS Odell X:'lni1lclluSl Azliirt Il 0 ' 2 ' - . ,. ., ' ' ' mel l 'mn 42" "1-In mn statin all wx: l. 73 ' David Coll' . W' R ,, HN PIOIJII Stull Unvltlnll ll! I 7 David Fox t 4 , h h Herbert Hardy ga ml 'Hill' i-I" RtllDl'll l'.uk.i Patrick Hurley o hh: -.gunliliv lhainlnitlgc I nw s Ernest Johnson 'IW .k. A 'lllfilmhl XWW-'ll VF- Nl 'Ill Malcolm Jones 'QIEIITEIH mulill. R- B-HU V-Nil ' 'U -ll'lUl'lIl I' nh- Mining 62 Delta Tau Delta Pl'U.S'l'dC?7Ili Charles Hickson Vice President John Martin Secretary Galen Peary T1'eas1.11'e1' Donald Horan Delta Tau Delta is a national social fraternity which was founded at Bethany College, Vir- gi11ia, in 1859. There are now 80 active chap- ters in the United States. The local chapter, Gamma Nu, was established in 1908 here at the University of Maine. I Delta Tau Delta has the newest house on ca111pus, tl1e present one having been construct- ed in 1942 after the old one was demolished by fire. Delta Tau enjoyed another successful year on campus with a balanced program of studies, athletics, and entertainment. Some of the mem- orable social events were the annual 49'er Party, the Mother's Day Banquet, the spring and fall house parties, and the Pledge Banquet. Last spring the house gave a banquet in hon- or of the presence of H. W. Brenton, National President of Delta Tau Delta. Also attending were President and Mrs. Arthur Hauck, Dean and Mrs. Wieman, and chapter advisor William Schrumpf. Again the fraternity is fortunate in having Mrs. Lester Cowan as house mother. Kappa igma President Harry Angelides Vice President Peter Arsenault Secretary Richard Reilly Treasurer Alexander Agostinelli Kappa Sigma fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia in 1 869. Today there are 122 active chapters throughout the country. The fraternity year 1949-50 was to Psi Chap- ter a year of accomplishment and achievement. Athletieally, Kappa Sigma contributed to var- sity sports such outstanding performers as Russ Noyes, Gordon Pendleton, and Pete Pocius. And at graduation Edward McDermott re- y,,,.,E V, . fi, , s V tfg f '- ' V! e Tyr 1' I , 3' X" ' ' 5 C I xhr, .x 1' 1' ,ff-X - J' ' . ".. , an 3 .1,, is f 7 'Iv A1 -Z :IJ 'fs :i,j,g2'fib .Aggie ,gg!f5i:,,jJ fq. if - 'hwy 3' I," ll' Q iii' .r 4,M.45,.1T:', Ig H it I4 X. H, 1, zi74t..51I,-fr' eg,'.xC5,gg if A rf, I.. v. i , Q ' . gy, - nf.--A . : ALA -,IA , IJ-A Asif-N, M ,Sv Ev! ,K -i,.,i21,A .J .K W 1.4 ll 0!""y" tr ttlltl il,ulu?1L1'11', !'H,1,mu1ggsmu1o171 M, hm X ceived the coveted l'Vashington Alumni Associa- t1o11 YVatch Award, which is awarded to the out- standing male n1en1ber of the graduating class. Another item worthy of n1e11tion was the 1'6- cent TC-CSK2lbllSlllllCl'lK of the publication of tl1e chapter newspaper "Psi-Lights." 3 ln the spring, under the direction of Diek IXCQHY, the house was renovated. a project 111 whitth all brothers took a part. 5 Since last january, Kappa Sigma has carried opla social program which included its annual Clllclillqxllftifliio .mid NIR-hi Ol Magic Pmi"CS' . 1 D lC soc 1al seasons were the lall a11d Wlflflg house parties. forllgisrliifiilmiiliiVwflkPleased lo welcoxne baeli Home M sl M you . hs. Lharles l'-lannllon as ot 1e1. I I ll H I .ii-i:n-1x1fm-1wu-- ,.. nn mn-- -.+,'3v!v!e:f,v, !'.'.! ,?,r.t.f 1.111 ga, Q f -2 1 2 .. 17-7 Y- ,E Y 3, , A g g1.7 ., ..,... . ,. h I ll I- s F ia- 55 re- he ck in ed nal es. ntl ck as First row: Vaughan, Ottmann, .Holway, Lindquist, Homans, Nelson, Butts, Rocheleau, Agostinelli Seeond row: Conrad, Kelly, Victor, Cousins, McNcilly, Reilly, Trafton, Pendleton Third row: Roy, Butler, Canacarls, Macfarlan, Leggett, Christie, McGuire, VanTassel Alexander Agostinelli Harry Angelides Peter Arsenault Paul Clark, jr. Frederick Fitanides Charles Burgess, Jr. john Christie Ralph Ham Cecil Butler Philip Butterfield, Jr John Butterfield Merrill Butts Fernand Bolduc MEMBERS XVillard Kelly Leslie Leggett 1951 Gerald Morse Aaron Nelson, Jr. John McAloon 4-ings-Russell Noyes Matthew McNeilly, Jr. William Ottmann au- 'cfasafr-21,3 ,,.....a mmi...- . xr'-Trwmir' ." ii' f'19525ffi,5' A N 4' , ij jf Robert Helier n Kelly Harrison Homans fb V41,7g'fef' W'lliam Macfarlan 1, ,f-L, t , 4 .xt V! l ,I 71, ,gif ,J it es-cs ,ff fx? NW' flcyx 'fgllla 'fffgff Winfred Brown John McGee joseph Conrad Sterling Holway William Lindquist ' John McGuire Norman Roy 65 Raymond Mason, Jr. Richard Reilly William Rocheleau, Lionel Roy Richard Vaughan Milton Victor Gordon Pendleton Peter Pocius Gordon Thorburn Blaine Trafton Robert VanTassel Paul Poulin John Canacaris I ll fx LT -L r il ir Y i 3:87573 , 'N ' I , A 4 l l li I. i i i 1 l i i i i i l i i I Roger Bowker Clarence Bunker Clifford Card C. Stuart Carroll Albert Bishop Harold Buck Stuart Cooper Irving Della Torre Donald Feeley Ronald Bishop Joh n Brewer Duncan Cameron Daniel Davis paf 1 Q Fil-St I-OW: Dimit,-ey Peterggn, Cobb, Carroll, Mrs. Sprague. l':u's'+n. llriiilr-rs-ni. Card. llivl 717 Second rowt JO1'dan, Bunker, HarriS, Lord. Cal11eron.w llrewur. Xlarlin. lfrench. lx. l.x Third row: Newdick, Lombard, Demeritt, L. liaincs, fffflllt, MCgUlFU'Y'- uillf' lj- IWW?-i Fourth row: Sprague, Leach, Thompson, Judkins. Davis. O. Smith. Huck, ll. 1: 1: 1-N. 1 Fifth row: Martin, A. Bishop, Kace, Akeley, Thorne. Torre. Peseliel Beryl Leach MEMBERS Graduate Students Prank Sonlls -lug- C14-ij-v li l.l..r. 1951 Irwin Carson HCl'lwCl'l Crillin KL'llIll'lll l,l'NkllL'l Lalilcnce CON? lcflcll Hmvris Xllllllllll l'l'll'lNllll Dwight Demeritt 1 Oliver xIIll'lkSUll xx illi ,ln I hlllll!lxQ John Glew mi Winfield l,L'l'lilll5 ,'4,g1x. 2- '15 1 Ii 21'jx,.. A QQTCLSQH' ' "Tu ff li -rr-f X'S?4,f3,a Hairy Henderson 'f.fY'U ,x rir Nlcxllisler Uh - 5 ' 1 ,, r , Nm LM t n umm laul Iudkins N 1. -1 LJ' 6.4, I , . - Franli K. . il"'i-me fr C M-mm 'l1'N"'W-lullf' I ACC Vewiif ff-'zlfl Nllmlock th nn Ill I hon nv Edgar Lord w. ,bf ff gi, li. I ,, V , M-'fQr5Q1b,w, ELM lWn.n.1 nan -ri S Q.-Lb:-,M if-' Rim ll llml XX vlulvrl til? glkxrpq i ' 3 ,xr .elllrecl Ram, lr, Pledges Lawrence Dimilre -- - . H21l'0lCl 122111133 Liiilul Xllmllt lx Xullull Lllffjllllffl Eulncs on .lulllilhll lxls ll Ilml ll In-rlt-1 .. , N lll"llll Xlwri Philip l'reneh f' ' ' 'll K nn.-ll Xltvlrx ' ll!! ' 555' 73 115.52 -55 - QFEZEEFEYVPL 55155515533 i"5'i?5?5?52325QEEEE5'!:x:1g'g1:gggq3gg:g.gagmgfg-,,m-A lllfillllll Xenilnlt lili 1 PM .V , I. "" Lambda Chi Alpha l I rg Q .4 ' 1 President Irwin Qarson Vice P1'eside11t C. Stewart Carroll Scctetmy Harry Henderson Ttrerzszzrei' Laurence Cobb Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston University in 1909. The chapter at Maine re- ceived its charter in 1913. Last year the fraternity was happy to have Hans Baer, a German student who came here from Etlingen, Baden. He was a former organic chemistry major at the University of Karlsruhe. Inthe way of sports, Lambda Chi had its best luck in bowling, winning the cup at the end of the season. During the year the house had several suc- cessful and unusual parties. The first, a Prison Party, was conducted accordingly. Another was the Gay Nineties Party at which the living room was set up as a beer hall with a bar et al. One of the outstanding events of the year was the winning of the first annual float contest which was held on Maine Day. The float was a huge stein, the words of the Stein Song painted upon it, and Elaine Lockhart and Mary-Jane MacLean contained within it. The spring house party at the end of the so- cial year was highlighted by the crowning of Elaine Lockhart as Sweetheart of Lambda Chi. Phi Eta Kappa President Jasper Bull Vice President Ralph Clark Secretary George Paradis Treasurer Arthur Dentremont Phi Eta Kappa is the only local fraternity on campus. Since its founding in 1906, Phi Eta has maintained a high position among fraterni- ties here at the University of Maine. It was re- cently listed in Beard's statistical report on fra- ternity standings as the second strongest local in the country. The most outstanding accomplishment of the P9,3,,.,,,4 f f' H '-Qi, -,,,.--W" My-4 , . ....---"'s',,-..,M ..-ff--:T.g-f i -s iZ,,:L-,:f' M -A NB! year was the addition to the trophy room of the all-point intramural sports trophy. In taking this trophy Phi Eta annexed five other champi- onships: football, boxing. wrestling, tennis, and softball. In addition to these highlights, Phi Eta Kappa retained the Charles Rice Trophy and SWG Close competition in basketball and volleyball. T he house also produced a number Of varsity men, three of them being major sports Captains. ' ' Ol.5lE122iliEguc?ll the foeial evepts were the mem- Pm-ty H ruulfiifllgppts llrawl. the- tall Indian Thte If X K Spring lformal. A rouse was glad to welcome back as house moth ' -- h -. s . Q If C1 Mis. .Xnms Look. who has been with us or three years- First row: Condon, Casey, Paradis, Bull, Mrs. Cook, Clark, Dentremont, Mahaney, Thurlow Second row: Osborn, Yerxa, VVarrcn, Whytock, Reinick, Beckwith, Doble, Beane, Hersey, Brown, Gagnon Third row: Tarr, XVathen, Beal, Haines, Hardy, Stitts, Ugone, Barbour, R. Lanioreau, Buck, Stevens Fourth row: Stanchfield, Cole, Beaulieu, Totman, Porter, Gildant, Hamlin, Guiou, Lovely, Foss, Caliandro Fifth row: Harmon, Perry, Touchette, Casey, Daigle, P, Lamoreau, Beppler, Laskey, Yakemore YVilliam Annis Burt Brown Chester Buck jasper Bull John Casey Richard Chase Albert Barbour Calvin Beal VVinston Beane Delbert Beckwith Malcolm Doble David Beppler Bruno Caliandro Charles Casey john Daigle MEMBERS 1951 Ralph Clark Hubert Hersey Olin Condon Harold Higgins Myron Dean Edward Lent Arthur Dentremont y.Qgm,,jE1arry Mahaney Philip Gildart John Henchey Vance Foss Paul Guiou Albert Haines David Hardy James David Richard Hamlin Paul Kimball Eugene Lovely .Qi-A ESEQ 9llCfClilTord Manchester CMA l erbert Ni htin ale Lamoreau olm Osborn 'QQTQ7 f, ,,, , QEIW' id Remick nf, f X , ' I QpL.4,4 f af-if " ' :f 'f ' fl? of ,,, , , . ,QW ,yfdfT1bbetts YQ gxicggefsh wan Pledges Edward Perry Lawrence Stanchfield Robert Stevens Robert Totman 69 George Paradis Richard Porter Harley Remick Charles Shields James Silsby Harold Thurlow Dana Warren George Wathen Robert Whytock Maynard Yakemore Gerald Yerxa Donald Stitts Robert Touchette James Ugone 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 " 1 1. 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 '9 ffllff iq!!! :mg vu First row: Cross, Sturgeon, Leet, Mrs. Butts, Vliebber, Wathen. Chadbournc. Cuinmings. Russell Second row: Whitlock, Bowler, Norwood, Simmons. Squires. Hill, Mclxenney. P. l-oley, Nt-alley Third row: Logan, Bird, Sullivan, C. DeBiase, Hanley. Lowery, Bartlett, X lguc. MacI.eod - Fourth row: Hawley, Bradford, DeLois, Patten. Gibson. Bonney. Allen. Thoina. Conley. kllllllllliillillll Fifth row: Sackley, McCusker, Sylvester, Napolitano, Gorman, ll. Foley, Goff, D. Dt-Ili John Chadbourne Philip Coulombe Norman Cummings Robert Anderson Merrill Bartlett VVilliam Bird john Bowler Richard Allen Milton Bradford Charles Conley Charles Deliiase Dominic DeBiase P. Marlin Foley v 7 -1' 1 1.. - .... 1.--1 james DeLois Richard Gardner john Hawley Hugo Cross Eugene Cunningham Howard Foley Donald McCusker- MEMBERS lohn Leet Floyd Milbank Adelhert Norwood james MacLeod 'lliain Russell " 'th Simmons Q VA ick Clark .jk : ' . K.. john Gibbson Alan Hackett Edward Hackett Gerald johnson William Hill n .1..lsl:E-- E'izunariffflfl2242EiE?!f:::Eizzzanmicu::::n:g::Qi5525,Q1 in1sem.:::::1v:1:5.,,5,,,,,,,.,,,,:,,,,,.. Edwin I o--'in x l mt c-1ll'llUll l.owcrx' Williznn Nczillex C.corgQ NIL-K0um.x .Mnory llllllllll Hifi' Iohn Squires Rox xYL'llllL'l' .Klan Wing l-Iugcnc Sllll'gL'Ull l holnas Yiola lolm lx-LllllL'll fikilligl' SXIXCNICI' Hans lhomgi I-vralil X igni- Xlilligun lxllllllllkls Roger Sullixan widely renowned and ever-popular Fiji Island Party, the "Figi Castle" was the center of many dances and parties. Once again Phi Gamma Delta came close to the top in intramural athletics, ranking third among all fraternities on campus. The intra- mural track and winter sports trophies were added to the walls of the house library. The house was well represented in campus organizations and activities. At this time, the half-Way mark of a century, we survey the future with great anticipation for the coming fifty years with the hope of surpass- ing the achievements of the half-century just past. Phi Gamma Delta President Roy Ylfebber Secretary john Leet Treasurer Kenneth Simmons Omega Mu chapter of Phi Gamma Delta cele- brated its Golden Anniversary on the Maine campus with a great list of achievements for the past years. The year 1950 will stand out as the half way mark of a century full of activities, ath- letics, and achievements. In a social year that was highlighted by the Phi Kappa Sigma President Frederick Soucy Vice President Thomas Littlefield Secretary Philip Ames Treasurer Stanley Ellsworth This year commemorates the 50th anniver- sary of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. At pres- ent, Phi Kap has 42 active chapters throughout the nation. Alpha Delta Chapter here at the University of Maine was founded in 1898. This year Phi Kap was fortunate in being able to send four delegates to its national cen- tennial convention in Philadelphia. Many 1 1 8111? iillhlht Qu- Q fn-nity--1231: ,I 74. th ,,'+m.h Q - - .- N . issues were discussed there which will undoubt- 6dly be of great value to our chapter here at Maine. Within the last year typical house spirit has been portrayed in the various house and grounds projects. A new lawn and sidewalk has added much to the outside appearance of the HIOUSC, which is the oldest one on campus. Q In the spring of logo Phi Kappa Sigma lifxiillgalgilgtllgowitsflpntrigbution to the annual Vgmtion in the gin. ' .rough defeated. the pllftlfl- g campaign was tune well spent for all the members. Millilga 1?C1Nl'21 uisllortunate this year in having . CUC C-alma back lor her second year as .rouse mother. ' First row: Pooler, Weden, Cole, True, Galizia, Blethen, Sturdley, Curry, Eastman Second row: Thorne, Gowen, Heyne, Ames, Soucy, Connolly, Ellsworth, Hodges Third row: Trauzball, Cruikshank, Fuller, Swenson, Brown, Littlefield, Dow, Gagne, Christianson Fourth row: Butler, Anderson, Pinkham, Smith, Berry, Ramsay, Remick, LaRochelle, Beach Fifth row: Hess, Miller, White, Chatto, Brown Philip Ames james Brown Stanley Christianson Robert Eastman David Ehrenfried Robert Berry Robert Blethen Alton Cole David Anderson Gerald Beach Alton Brown George Butler Stanley Ellsworth john Gagne Theodore Graham Alan Hodges Leonard Keenan Richard Connolly Robert Chatto Harold Footman john Curry Howard Doucette Marvin Dow Richard Hess MEMBERS 1951 Theodore Littlefield Walter Pooler Ronald Pooler David Ramsey john Shirley hd - ?r'e Gowen N .W 'Ya-Qi' am Heyne C535-,iiqx erick Littlefield ,fp ,lsilrslhr Q 9595313 'af 4 L33 D All :--14 tl 4 ' 6 Pledges Donald LaRochelle Richard Miller Richard Phelon Edward Pinkham 73' Charles Small Frederick Soucy Allan Thorne Kenneth True Alan Pease Clifford Swenson Richard Weden Paul Remick, Jr. Allan Smith William YVhite L L r Q AVA fb- 'b -...- , . . .. , . . - W -.n ' - L. ' ,. . ..... ' n:. ..L: 5 .....a rl 1:12.12 . .I.i..z ... ' 'if I 'viii ' It l I I I I A I I I I I I I ,I I I I I I I First row: Haines, A. Gouin, B. Dineen, Skillin, Mrs. Yale, Lord. J- ,DlY1'3'l"l-,,BflV'lf""I' Nflif Second row: Dow, S. Card, Harvey, Tucker, Churchill, Partridge. Corvxllc. .-X. Lai-rl. ll. Rielmrfls--H. Third row: Kelsey, Vanites, Cambell, P. Richardson, XVOFUIIIIII. Orr, Alex. BlillerUl'rueIt Q Fourth row: Hobson, Noonan, D. Gouin, Caminiti, Perry, Smith. llomlge. Foote. Nielson. l-.-ye, Bean, Trainer Fifth row: Daigle, VVills, Cooper, Blanchard, Lee, XYhited. Saunders, l':1r:uly. lliclcrlml. John Barnard John Caminiti Bert Campbell Seymour Card Brian Dineen Lester Bickford Donald Gouin john Harvey joseph Alex Ellis Bean Donald Blanchard Harry Brennan Chester Cambell Albert Card Linwood Carville John Dineen Martin Dow Leon Haines Reginald Hall Gerald Hodge Sewall Hobson MEMBERS Donald Kelser Philip Lord I William Louhier jzuncs Mcllonuld x rs. e. i Iam llall Kenneth Nlillu Iuscpll l,l'llL'll blur Hlmuml m cs Ygluilu .fa , M1952 """"""'e"'r"-"'v . . . 'N Q."-.. ,..J0l311 5klHlll llvnrx xlnllllvxl Ii-Vliqilzllcl Smith john Wills Bernard Parady 1.3 Eehkimmn fl-mkm. .I f rin I f,,fX"Iflbdges'A'fn Ira Tmffqei Robert Churchill Pio 15- 5- - ' MMM i,.,,E,7?,f1'V1ll: 1 ll: ' -- . - , . Douglas Cooper Mq:71iicln'in1 lllit. INN TMI! rllilhmllwn Robert of I1 . , ' , . UWIH 5-HHH W Chnuilcg F2335 :,.llllClll'-L' Nll'f.l'lllll yll,lu,lm elwiu John Gerry IESIHXSIISUH lt'lilLllltl' l.l.llllt Arthur Gouin Rohm., 8:1111 lulenrx Xiomllnv 5' 5' 2' ' WE ii'Ei53ii"i'1'!l !Il1"'1Y1l7Wi53i!'f'!!l1!"5'17F7'75W: 'i' 11 lxcllll XX or lm.m 7-1 Phi Mu Delta President Philip Lord Vice President V John Skillin Sec'1'elm'y Brian Dineen T1'easu1'e1" James McDonald Phi Mu Delta Fraternity was founded in 1899 at Connecticut Wesleyan University. Since last January, the house has undergone many changes. Three Phi Mu Delta members took paint and brush in hand this past summer and proceeded to give the house a new look. The effects were gratifying to all as they re- turned after their summer away from campus. The house is now boarding its second foreign student. The first one was Steffen Middleboe of Denmark, who was taken into the house two years ago and soon became a permanent mem- ber. This year the foreign student is Victor Sertic, a native of Vienna, Austria. He is study- ing science and economics at the University and finds himself very much interested in the American way of life. Socially, scholastically, and athletically Phi Mu Delta had a successful year. Some members achieved special scholastic and athletic recog- nition. Fall and spring house parties highlight- ed the social events of the year. We welcomed back again this year as our house mother Mrs. Yale, who has been with us for four years. igma Alpha Epsilon President james Conlel' Vice President Lawrence Kenny Secretary Charles Sawyer Treasurer Arthur Tevaman Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the first national frater- nity to originate in the South, was founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. Qnfl of the largest and strongest National Fraternities, SAE is famous for its annual leadership sChOOl 2111431 National Shrine, the Levere Memorial Temple at Evanston, Illinois. R l if s IHill-iCi43i:?iY'?li'5!'i,?l?,YlTliJ'vll"' -' .tm ... .L , . Mrs. McCollum is with the chapter again 215 house mother for her 27th year. Features of the social activities were the fall and spring house parties in November and May respectively. Another event deserving of men- tion was the benefit Christmas party for the underprivileged children in the Old Town area. One of the major events during the past year was the Province Convention held here HI Orono. Delegates from all New England Chap- ters gathered for two days to hold business meet- ings and discussions. A banquet and dance were held at the Penobscot Valley Country Club- 'The climax of the year for S.-X12 was the win- lilllg of the lnterfraternity Sing for the follflll time in the past six years. First row: Bryand, Simmons, A. Tevanian, Conley, Mrs. McCollum, Kenney, Sawyer, Estabrooke, Napolitano Second row: Partridge, Largay, Hiller, Ward, Searles, Knight, Dennis, McKay, Froberger Third row: Bradley, Emmons, Gorman, Haskell, McGlincy, Cyr, Tocci, Breen, Cox Fourth Srow: Donovan, Atkinson, Chase, J. Tevanian, Goodnow, Heck, Siletti, McGown, Taylor, Flaig, . pear Fifth row: Bowker, Coleman, Hocking, Wilson, Wakely, Hall, VVilson, Hale, Hewins, Dominico MEMBERS Donald Barbour Glenn Chute john Conley Richard Dennison Lawrence Fennel Paul Flaig Arthur Bowker, jr. james Bradley james Conley Philip Dennis Robert Donovan Robert Adams Theodore Atkinson Richard Breen Edward Bryand Robert Chase Richard Coleman Frederick Hale Lawrence Hersom Robert Hiller Lawrence Kenny Raymond McKay Graduate Student Charles Partridge 1951 Richard Largay Gilbert LeClair Anthony Napolitano 5,3 , Martin Needham fr- lffdllrfflarold Plummer , 'W f Lyn- X - " fc: '- f 1"-I f' 'I-'.f?'Utg -' 'X if-x t' T A X .' we-, ,D w , 11 A ,,,.g it 'jsp ff-w 1 6 N' f L ,L f "Ln . if ' 5j4-1:9 1:47 w ,ost ,, 1 -V Tf'?7,'-' ' f If 4 ry H 31 fflnf 12 Gxs 1 iff. m 'oy cu! Lark .f 16" Robert Estabrook '5,,:'fflk if F j,jfijfiSNafl eg'Hewins Richard Froberger john Godsoe Vincent Heck Raymond Cox Richard Crowley Jean Paul Cyr john Dominico Stephen Emmons Charles Goodnow affL '1fiei-life?-ilgici 36 Knight 'js g rjtxl- ,X WM 1 l 'i' Lydfm Qiggy ,yfraIilbyil',,NfcGlincey , ' ll 1' I lily' 'J17F,:-rfwQfira,'m"'r" 1s..,,,,-'gf away' Pledges V Roland Gorman Philip Hale Philip Hall Philip Haskell Arnold Hocking Donald McGown 77 Charles Sawyer Richard Stover Richard Swanson Arthur Tevanian Norman Wakely Robert Park Charles Simmons Donald Spear Leon Taylor Merrill VVils0n Richard Searles Charles Siletti John Tevanian Theodore Tocci joseph Mlard James Mlilson .,. . V - " "' - "H . . - .. ' .. zu ... 4 - um.:1L..,..- Ll ' -.hhni '.:,.L!t...3:...n n :1..L.....: balm-u nu' um: ' - ' "' wir. ,A - -mx I 2 ff I W W I W W W I WW W W , W W W L W W ,W W W W I , W W V, , D First row: Prentiss, Robertson, McGlauflin, lVight,. Meade, Mclxenney.1Swcctier.llllt1Qer: lx-cnc3 W Second row: Mahoney, Granger, Hale, Hawkes, Elltngwood, Mason. AthtrttWn.Q -011157. Al, sp Tx . W Third row: Shute, Dow, Hopkinson, WVeatherlJee, Anderson, Maxwell, Davnlson. mug ass, lblllkf. h H'll . W W Fourth iiyavsiqzscliqostei, Donnell, Foglef, D2-ViS, BOSWOHWI- FOff9S1C1'- COW. SPCHF- DHHYOYYW1- W4W'W"'U"- WWH?"'L'f- W ' K'lb - .. . W Fifth rovW1: uielhurman, Brown, Shumway, Fogler. Marsden, Ricllon, Zellner, Nlnllxatns. Burns, IL-lan W W W I W W W W W , W' W W W 3 W MEMBERS W 5 W W W 1951 W Frank Butler William Fogler Alvin Mason Williznn Rolmcrtsnn ' W 1 R1chz1rd Danforth Randall Foster Russell Nlezltlc Ricllzml SXYCCISCI' W Robert Davidson Kenneth Hill ' Donald Nlcfllznnllin liurl Nl'illi:nns W Raymond' Douglass Stephen Hopkinson Clmarles Nlclicnncx' tltmlon fL'llllL'l' W W Mfilliam Feeney George Labozzo QI? Wnmcg Wlwmiss A , W W. W Wish W ' - - W QW W Cfiwwyr-S, W W Bradtord Brown lhomas Fogler Y. ,. Aj-:'-1l1- wt-ntl .Wnhnsnn Rullt-W1 Ritlltm W W xvllhed Cobb Jf1mCSIi01"'e5WCl' A Q ' ' Ra ph Nlztlloncy Ritluml Nfllllllllllll W W Clayton Davis 11. Perkins Gould W' ,IWW M.-Pa ll Mglmlt-,W LXwW.,,W. ghuu. L W Richard Dow Robert Haynes 'M 7 ".,-WWNWWW yy. f I 1' W W W W Chester Duhamel ,MDW NEW A 'W cQlW"WWlT.5Wk'WW W WW ' 1, l.:n'l NN :glut W 'f-M W, W W X W , -' W gy-QQcNl,e25,f .lxncw W , Mil-Sllgftlt I W W W W WW Pleflgvs W 1 W W W ROIDCTK AIICWCTSOH Conrad Bosworth WW . .- W .. . WW WW R2ltl11OljCW fxtherton lTl.edCl.' Sli' KMJHBLI Hldtlllllkl XIJXNK W W WU 'WWW' lxllltl llzllt' H. - - ' ROWJCVY BYUNS l'Villi:nn Donnell Dennis llwwl W W Rui' 5WWW'WmW"W W 'W Robert Brown Rc I C 't lill' ' ' t W wx liWW"xW"l'W'l"i U WDW" W P7 1 IIIQXXOOCI 'l.llllL'S lullnnn ta-ungv NM-.nllrmlm I W W W 78 W W W W W l W ii I FH: :F 'HW' Wa 'V fi r'7g:'l52lli7l7551ffJ5:1132 Elilfiiiflililfnuf W-ng7g1W:':,3:7::3'g:l.f W I if Sigma Chi P7Y?SidC'I1i Russell Meade Vlilfc' President Carl W'ight Sm:retm'y James Prentiss T1'ca.s111'c1' Richard Sweetser Sigma Chi is a national fraternity with one hundred and twenty active undergraduate chapters. In 1902 Rho Rho Chapter was found- ed at the University of Maine. Last fall Mrs. Pray was heartily welcomed into the group as house mother. Mother Pray formerly of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. Through the Bowdoin Plan the Chapter has made it possible for two foreign students to at- tend the University of Maine. Last year Mogens Knochel from Denmark lived with Sigma Chi, and this year the house is sponsoring Verner- Deitrich Tismer from Germany. The Sig's Wives Club now meets weekly at the house and they have been a great asset with their work on party decorations and programs. Chapter social affairs have been numerous and varied, one of which was Sigma Chi's open house, the Circus Party. The social year was highlighted by the Sweetheart Formal during the Spring Houseparty week end at which Mrs. Virginia Duhamel was elected Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. lgma u President Norman Anderson Vice President Karl BurtO1'1 Secretary RaYm0nd Hackett Trcastwer N01'man Moulton 1 I i i q F54 ,f..-QL.,----1rv-f--f- " -Q-R Y-V, 4 , 1 I Sigma Nu Fraternity, which was foundedhgg Virginia Military Institute in 1868, HOQIN t T over 105 active chapters. The Delta Nu C fjlp ed here at the 'University of Maine Was establ1shC in 1913. , h ast This year as has been our custom in t e p We have with us a foreign student, Ernest Vald- saar. He is a displaced Estonian Student who 1 l , Y , u 1 arrived in November from Germany where he had been living in the American Zone. . Academically, Delta Nu chapter has received recognition from the National Fraternity for ranking tenth in scholarship among some 108 active chapters throughout the country. Another achievement of last year was the completion of the new game roo1n in the cellar, which has already proven itself to be a most wel- come addition to the house. Social functions in the house included tht? Hobo Hop, lfall house parties. numerous VIC dances, Sunday night movies. and the annual Christmas Party. Ol' the major social events WHS the Spring House Party which was highlighted by the crowning of the XVhile Rose Queen. First row: Hastings, Beekman, Johnston, Burton, Sparrow, Anderson, Moulton, Jackson, Tague Second row: Stevens, McMahon, Archer, Mokarzel, I. Smith, Carlson, G. Smith, Hamilton, Thomas Third row: Gregory, Littlefield, McNally, Bunter, Lindsay, Wood, Ruff, Ford, VVhited Fourth row: Lennan, Hackett, Huson, Packard, Loranger, Valdsaar, Bailey Norman Anderson Edwin Carlson Paul Archer Forrest Bailey Frank Beekman Karl Burton Richard Ayotte John Beeckel XVilliam Bunter John Clement Robert Ford MEMBERS Graduate Student Hugh W. Hastings 1951 Raymond Hackett Paul Lindgren William Leader U0 illiam McLeod fl ' A . all ffzs M" Augustus Gregor ffrii ackson Perley Hamilto K , f ' cLennan Gordon Johnst 'ff g, ,t a l McTague K c lr K y F i v es Melvin Gould , P3 bert McMahon Harold Hanson osby Packard Fletcher Lindsay Keith Ruff Robert Loranger Irving Smith 81 Kenneth Rogers Norman Moulton Frank Nickerson Rufus Stevens Kenneth Thomas William Whited Jarvis Littlefield Joseph Mokarzel Richard 'Wood as -..N 1 .-A A H . ,- . ' -f - 4-.mmws-. '-' um - 5 ' ni: 5' . "". f " -5' 'ff--2-'K' First row: Brenner, Gould, G. Whalen, Slaney, Moore, Seely, Manzer, Hale, Hutchins . Second row: Matthews, Foster, L'Heureux, White, O. Whalen, Haley, Gendron. Hutchinson, Regan Third row: Mitchell, Worthylake, Nugent, Kelley, Gammon, Pert. Gillis, Lord, Rennllard. D Fourth row: Gumprecht, Grover, McTaggart, Sawin, Holmes, Pfeil, Bakenian, Blanchard, Haley. Halliday, Webber, Hathaway . . Fifth row: Brown, Keith, McGibney, Tillou, Schutt, Cable, Phair, Korda, Merrill. Bishop Benjamin Blanchard Roger Brown Jack Chaplin Edgar Gammon A Ronald Gendron Harold Gillis George Bryant Frank Foster Francis Haley Bertram Berube Carl Brenner Lehan Edwards james Gordon Roger Gould Harold Gumprecht Richard Hale Richard Heffernon Richard Hutchins MEMBERS 1951 Edwin Manzer Clayton Matthews .Iohn Moore E I Stanley Norton mi ien L'Heureux ancis Nuffent l I B Bic!! . ,,,,, ,. '3 Pl . ' t Dwight Holmes mid Regan Edward Merrill i 4 , ,C Suwin 'ffl H39 , I' ' ez Roscoe Halliday i cum, Mlarren Hathaway Thor Kordil Frederick Hutchinson Alan Keith 1 " " 5 W' E i'1'1"'!U"l II'1'1'1'l ' 3 ill! "!!l1!"!'1I7"lll-H 2 L A Don l.ord Ralph lxll'Clllllk'f' 8" llurwood Sccly Howard Slancy Frank Tillou George XYhalen Oscar XVhalcn llv1llIL'l' XYhilc Paul 'lilmlmt-its Sumner Wilcx llaxid Nlcrrill George Rumillard Ronald Stllllll Donald Yan lluscn lillcslcr xh'UlilllXllllsl 'igma Phi Epsilon l'1'1'si1Im1l John Moore Vim l'ru.s'17f11'11l Howard Slaney SI?f'I'1?llIl'y Edwin Manzer T1'm1.s111'c1' Durwood Seely Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College. Richmond, Virginia, in 1901. Maine Alpha Chapter, installed on May go, 1948, is tl1e 85th of 102 active chapters. The fall schedule was started in the true Sig Ep tradition by a serenade to thegirls' dormi- tories in celebration of the total eclipse of the IHOOI1. The social calendar of the past spr1ng6fV?1S well Hlled with such colorful events as the Slg Ep Showboat" minstrel show and dance, which over 100 couples attended. . This event was followed by the sprmg 1101156 party week end, opening with the annual fOrIT1H1 Sweetheart Ball at the Penobscot Country Club. The social year closed on May goth with the yearly Founder's Day celebration. I . u Throughout the year, Sig Ep participated 111 all of the intramural sports events, F116 Iflielf' fraternity Sing, and other campus-wide activi- ties. . . . 1 Sig Ep is now fortunate 1n haylllg avallab 6 the necessary funds, land, and building Plans 10 start the construction of a new 1 1 building conditions become stablllled- house as SOOH HS 0, .,, 1... 1 A f?i3.. f,.fixif'5 1 ' ,ff 'if VZ' ' 1 " f ' ff? 2 1 ,az 1' 5-1 - 1"-'WL-'i'::l:1 iff: .r -' 1 1 1 11, 1: 11 111 1 l 1 11 I il 11 1, , 11, 1 I 1' 1 11 fi 1 , I I i 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 11 ll ll ,1 111 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 '11 .11 ll o ' Tau Epsilon Phi President Iwing Remar Vice President DOHHM Povich Secretary Cecil Berman Treasurer Maurice Cohen Tau Epsilon Phi was founded at Columbla University in 1910. The Tau Zeta Chapter WHS established at Maine on May 29, 1929- D The fraternity obtained a new house in the fall of 1949. It is a small White house located at the North end of campus. The acqu'1s1t1011 of the house may be considered of the major BVCHIS of the year for the fraternity. Athletically, Tau Ep won the intramural handball competition last year and also entered the finals in basketball. Tau Zeta's social calendar was crowded with many different functions-a Hades I-lop, a Ba- bies' Party, an Exam Party, a Jinx Party, and an Open House for the entire campus community. Also, many vic dances were held throughout the year. And scholastically, Tau Ep placed a very close second in the intrafraternity scholarship C011- KCSI. The year has been a full one socially, athleti- cally, and scholastically. The members are con- stantly at work improving the new house and another. year will hnd it with added changes 01' renovations. ! v ,IL . re.- . f 'HW gl in 1 Ks, . Y' Ubi l-'ff 'UC' lcil' kill: 1 gif ., .lr C. Martin Berman Maurice Cohen Hyman Gluck Malcolm Goos Gerald Cope Theodore Gross Sidney Fogel Philip Gotlib james Kriger lfirst row: Kominsky: Cohen, Povich, Remar, C. Berman, I. Zalcman, Morris beeond row: Silva, Ixriger, Gross. Fogel, N. Prolman, Matus, Cope Third row: Litman. Shulman, XVilner, Segal. Gotlib, Posner, Shaftes, Plavin, Matson M EM BERS Graduate Student Howard Berg 1951 Gerald Kominsky -x Alvan Mersky Robert Lait r Albert Morris Jerome Matus -,ug-Q Qlgbgnalcl Povich Wm Q .2 i i fffas-is s 7 'EE 361. l XVilliam Matson A Shlllman kxkk Robert Litman Martin Plavin Qu--1953"' 'faulty X" C L-I V l ichael Posner Norman Prolman 85 Irving Remar Richard Singer Irving Zalcman Leonard Silver Richard Wilner Leon Segal Ronald Shafter l Ini . - w wlg, III I I . .. , . .f-. . , ,ua ff ,. .. . . . , 1 Q- ' '-in.: .v ,s 1 , Z,, .-.nn f- Y .. Q .t .. ...nw t , N1 nnrntgu.. 1-h1z.!.1'il..nh u .j,....2Z1.2i.II1nn-rr ......!-1.1,LFE:z:i5:i!l1R'.......1Z-4':-'22--.ure!tfL7I.2I.7.n3i33i-E'...f!t!i5t1ia.fIf.5..lnfifr--uv-N as 1 I l E l, l 4 il l l l ,l :r l ll lk tl il I l lr l , it rj 1. it it lr l I I i ll rl ilwiiiilifet , First row: Simpson, Alieff, Seward, Trabold, M. Labun, Richardson, G. Labun, Libby. Pinkham Second row: Hamilton, Couture, Hall, Marchi, Garris, Anderson, Tilton, McLean, Goodwin Third row: Tozier, Hathaway, Tremblay, Noyes, Elias, LaFlamme, Boyle, Sedgebey, Babb Fourth row: Gardner, Stevens, Hutchinson, Martin, Quirion, T. Dickson, L. Dickson, Lachance. Thebarge, Ehrlich Fifth row: Grover, Magri, Sinclair, Gove, Pouliot, Cahoon, Gould, Hirst Warren Alieff Allison Catheron Raymond Couture Lloyd Dickson john Elias , Robert Hutchinson George Labun james Boyle Roy Gove Walter Anderson Richard Babb Sumner Cahoon Thomas Dickson Robert Ehrlich Michael Labun Blair Libby Bruno Macri Frederick Marchi James McLean Philip Morton Arthur Hathaway Richard Garris Clifton Goodwin Thurman Gould Elwyn Grover john Hall MEMBERS 1951 iii? K517' 1 Joseph Noyes Richard Noyes Richard Pinkham Ronald Ponliot .Ierome Quirion Donald Richardson 1 LaFlam1ne 'V r 86 EA Kenneth Hainilton Donald Higgins William Hirst Leo LaChancc Ephraim Martin Richard Sedgeley Relson Seward Emile Thebarge Winfield Tilton Keith Tozier Ravmond 'lirabold Robert XN'hite Richard Stexens Francis 'iil'L'llllll2lY Robert Poulin Harrison Richardson l'i0WLll'kl Sinlpson l.awrent'e Sinclair , wr! ma men who joined the fraternity last fall. Plans for building a house are under way, but because of present conditions, construction will be postponed indefinitely. The second annual Artist's Brawl, held at Carnegie Lounge in April, was a great success, with many members of other campus fraterni- ties attending. Each TEKE did an original painting for the party. The Carnation Ball held at the Penobscot Valley Country Club early in May was attended by several University dignitaries including President and Mrs. Hauck and Dean and Mrs. Wieman. During the spring semester of 1950 the fra- ternity resided on the second floor of New Dorm No. 3. At present they are living on the thlfd Hoor of Dunn Hall. Tau Kappa Epsilon President Michael Labun Vice President Raymond Trabold Secretary Donald Richardson Treasurer George Labun Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity was founded at Ill111ois Wesleyan University in 1899. In De- cember, 1948, Beta Upsilon chapter here at Maine became the 68th of the present 8 3 under- graduate chapters. The event of the year took place at a spring rally, when the chapter was presented a lot of la11d across from the North Dorm area. This prOp6rty was a gift from former Sigma Phi Sig- JI -. WT, ,Z .Gauge - .. . -... - ..... ,-- ..:. I .' . 1311. '1'355'i 5 I 1. . . :ML ......--I-vw" ag:':2:'..4I.--x1!i!1'.I!i1..... f':rf1'.'. .., - 1- '- ' ' 4- ' -Y g 1, r i.a.cnb-anew-'laid' -11-'1 "' HI Ii I HII1 III :III 1- II! III 'II II IW: III I I. .II II III, QIII III III III.: VIII III III III I-II :I vi Im: XIIXIL ,II II II PQI . I, I I. II II I I, , .,!. III 'I II, III II II. II IVE III III? II. I1' I. IIII IIIII IIN: IIIII III: I II: I LMI' III I 'I III IIII I. ,I y. 'I I . I I I I I I I I! II I I. I . 5' XI I , I. I II I I XI .III I. If -PI if I, I y. Ii I I I Theta Chi President John Skolfield Secretary George Reed Treasurer - Raymond Duran Theta Chi Fraternityvwas founded Aprll 10, 1 8 56, at Norwich University in Vermont. Gam- ma Chapter, established at Mamie in 1907, WHS the third to be organized by the fraternity. Theta Chi now has one hundred chapters. . A significant social affair was the presentation at Gamma House of "How Deep are the Roots, the first Maine Masque theatre-in-the-round I I I I Vwvff' , .y ss I production. Also during the social year a host of visitors attended an exhibition of watercolor impressions from the collection of Vincent Hartgen, head of the University Art Depart- ment. Renovations and a complete job of interior decorating on the first Iloor of the house added much to its appearance. This project was un- dertaken during the summer months. Theta Chi finished among the leaders in the intramural athletic point race. Also. several members received varsity letters in University sports. Mrs. Nina Staples was with the fraternity HS house mother for her third year. 1 II, l"'e' ' "-' lr luck l:Y'l'l"!l llxrll ikoltit-ld Nlrs Staples Feenev. Galeucia Duran, Gallagher v 1 Q " 'H-'Mi Wriullt, llnrvl-ll. l.Ill':UllIllIllll,' Lyncli, llregoire, Laurence, Bellegarde, Robinson, Richardson . !'C"f.'. . I l ..., ll .-fm. ' - ' ll, llurlrm-irc, l'. tluilmcllt-, Nlelfarlanml, Xlountford. Dandeneau, VVhittemore, Stillings, Hunter, UTI lf ' w" llv"'--n. lillgvrly. Saunders, Tliilmeault. Gill. Bailey, Peters, Chamard, Erskins, Thompson, '...x Roger Bailey Bryce Beattie Iohn Bodey Robert Breton Hollie Bucklin Raymond Duran john Feeny Roland Chama rd lohn Cella Thomas Gill Robert Barton Glenn I-ldgerly Lloyd Erskine w l t' 4 Richard Bosse Charles Bellegarde Donald Gallagher Chester Calucia Louis Cuilmette Paul Cuilmette Everett Hooper Robert Gregoire William Hall Charles Harmon loli n johnson Nled Nlahar licnneth McFarland .la NIENIBERS Graduate Students Michael Lamoreau Robert LePage H. Clifford Lamoreau A i 'Marcel Laurence 'Robert Libby Robert Lord George Reed if 2. af. . ,gh ,X ll R 1252 Edlvard Harvell V 'Milton Hunter Chairles Knowles il Roland Peters Mloodbury Saunders mes Thibeault V Fred Robinson William Russell Alohn Skolfield Donald Smyth Charles Walls Robert York Robert LaFoun tain Andrew Rodgers Donald Thompson Donald Whittemore Lawrence Wright I I, I 1 131,124.03 Jie :sr ALL. 4 :Fin U5-f .LAI I fu' 3' Ltr' , . . ..... .fm -- l -I l I ' . - ' . ' ' I uf -v--www 1' ..-.....S--4- , , , . .. .. L, I.. , S.. - - ,,,,, S nf- .mu ,,,,, ..-.- :N ,. ...... - .g,,,,,,,....... L - . v' "1 4 rn fn- f' . .11-uh"' 'ul H ,ur rind" nun- I 4 "' 4 3 'LJ ' S S ulvnrnn - T 7 .7 5 s 4,3 'LL .. - ' e 225' Anson! ev 9 "' ...I 1.-v-J UJQA... .. ,M -- - A , serie. V First row: Remar, Worrick, Estes, Meade, VVinter, Trabold Second row: Moore, Hickson, Bull, Conley, SOUCY Third row: Carson, Kennison, Lord lnterfraternit Council EARL ESTES, Alpha Gamma Rho EMIL WINTER, Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM KENNISON, Beta Theta Pi CHARLES HICKSON, Delta Tau Delta HARRISON HOMANS, Kappa Sigma IRWIN CARSON, Lambda Chi Alpha JASPER BULL, Phi Eta Kappa ROY WEBBER, Phi Gamma Delta FREDERICK SOUCY, Phi Kappa Sigma PHILIP LORD, Phi Mu Della JAMES CONLEY, Sigma Alpha lipsilorz RllSSEI.I. AIEADE, SIBVIIIII Chi 3 N NORBI.-KN ANDERSON, Signzfz .Yu JOHN MOORE, Signm Phi l'fp,w'lm1 IRVINIL R1-1x1,xR. Tau 15 mflun Phe' I I l'1:XYMUNll'llR.-Xl3Ul.l1, Tau lxkzppa lfp-fl JOHN SliUl.l-'ll-'.l.lJ, '1'hf'm Chi 90 .M .,, ., ,. all 'I . 1.2 Ii I s I I 4 1 wi I , I i I t , L , I gl I , I iv P l I 1 I t A i A , I l 1 Q I I I Z li 5 F 4, P 1 1' l l I I 1 gi 1 i 5 1 I 3 I ll f 5 l lt l I lfirst row: Mayo, DCCiOfll1lCf, Lincoln, Ralnsdell, Mclntire, O'Reilly 51-cunsl row: llnrmon, bcmnxnun, Mower, Smith, Stein, Russell Panhellenic Council VALERIE SMITH, Alpha Omicron Pi ETHEL lllAE SCAMMON, Alpha Omieifon Pi JOANNE AIAYO, Chi Omega RIARILYN HARNION, Chi Omega BERNARDETTE STEIN, Delta Delta Delta BARBARA DECORMIER, Delta Delta Delta ELEANOR MOWER, Delta Zeta VVINIERED RAMSDELL, Delta Zeta ELIZABETH RUSSELL, Phi M u CONSTANCE LINCOLN, Phi M It THERESA O,REILLY, Pi Beta Phi JEAN MCINTIRE, Pi Beta Phi 91 li? 145 l I Q I 1 4 l - ,l if II 1 l l l I l I 1 I I I 'I Il V, ll l, l VI V I 5 If , V, , I I' l I l- . II li I ! E I. I R! 5 Alpha llmicrnn Pi President Valerie Smith Vice President Mary Dean Yates Secretary Dorrine McMahon Treasurer Anne Mehlhorn The Gamma chapter of Alpha Qmicron P1 has been functioning on the Maine Campus since 1908. 1 . The chapter sent a box of clothing to thff needy families in Kentucky as has been the .tra- dition. In addition, last year they sent stockings filled with Christmas presents for those families. Last year AOP-i held a Christmas party for i J I ' U , ., .. 3 - .9 v nw. H., , the new pledgesg also there was a house party early in the fall at Camp Jordan. The annual banquet honoring the new initiates and alum- nae was held in the spring at the Penobscot Valley Country Club. Bette Kilpatrick of the alumnae oflice has served as advisor to the chapter. contributing much to the group. Active in other extracurricular activities on campus are: Mary Dean Yates. President of W.S.C.A.g Mary Snyder and Jeanne Frye Wl1O are also ollicers of lfV.S.C.A.: Margaret Knight, senior resident in the freshman dorm: and Su- san Chase, Barbara lackson. Gertrude XVVIHHIL , J Margaret Thomas. and Eleanor Thomas. boph- omore Eagles. Fir-t r-iw: .lnlins--n, .Xmcrgian, Snyder. Yates. Smith, Mcllahon, Malloy. A. Mehlhorn, Kilpatrick Sec--:nl ri-iv: 'l'r--uhh, Grant, Sxwinholin. Scammon, Zehner. Smart, Edfors, Toare, Knowles, R. Moulton, Frye Thiril r--xv: Chase. lliun. Lckousi, Coyne. jackson, XYyman. Drysclale, Knight, Dinsmore F-'mirth ri-w: llu-l-llcstnn. Daley, Blnhaney, Thomas. N. Moulton, H. Mehlhorn, Oliver, Hendrick, Given Fifth row: Ilickvy, ll-rwatt, Hopkins, Parker, Chalmers Vera Edfors Margaret Knight Aphrodite Lekousi Dolores Amergian Mary Ellen Chalmers Frances Dion Ruth Drysclale Susan Chase Emma Given Patricia Coyne Joanne Daley jean Hopkins Dorrine McMahon Marjorie Malloy Jeanne Frye Adelaide Grant 'Q Roberta Hendrick Barbara jackson Nancy johnson Margaret Howatt Helena Mehlhorn MEMBERS 1951 Anne Mehlhorn Gwendolyn Small ,X 1952 QM5n'ilyn Kilpatrick F J i. i yyNa'1i Igaiaowles A , QiElea1roii1fi' ahaney ii ,fl , - 521' 'LJ 1 iieflt J' 2 ,Qfjfiiilicia Huddleston U", NV aret Thomas Pledges Janet Oliver Melissa Parker Eleanor Shima Valerie Smith Mary Dean Yates Ruth Moulton Ethel Mae Scammon Frances Smart Mary Snyder Gertrude Xvyman Eleanor Zehner Doris Toabe Charlotte Troubh 3 i ' U-1 1 iqfffv if 5 R airs i nfu.J'va'1e3'-1 .lidflzslilgenle "mr: .Jn ar- t . 'fini 1 WHS' 5 i t M nn W' ,. - . . 0 - Y . . . Q . - V ' - . . - Uv- -W' ,.,:n.-, 1 v ' ,g " ' 1 ,V ff- - ' ' ' ' 6 1 ' ' ' 'Wa 4 H .b- -.-1 -1 '2.,Z" ...Liu ' "' " f.....4.!f. .fern :-ax gl, nf... -f- "".... .,pgg:::,.!:.::z,,, 3. 'I' , 4 .., 5" ' "' '04-..'.-....':'t2'Z' "-1 : -:::::f..."!St3.Z. -im farm IT!! I -..M r- I First row: Dolloff, Draper, Berry, P. Murray, Mayo, Sutton, Miller, Rideout, Tufts - Second row: VVelton, Hunter, Ladd, Pray, Murphy, Cunningham, XVh1te, E. Murray. Ellingwood. McGouldriek Third row: Leonard, Ripley, Harvey. Maxim, Floyd, Sargent, McCann, Kidder, Casey Fourth row: M. Harmon, Bouchard, Keenan, Stevens, Iohonnett, E. Stone, Monk, Bunker, Jose. Moreshead. Pratt, C. Harmon Fifth row: Whiting. Nutt, Newhook, Norris, Mclnnis, Turner, D. Stone. Kelley. Riutta. Layton Joan Cunningham Barbara Grover Elaine Haskell Betty Ladd Constance Berry Ruth Ellingwood Marguerite Floyd Carolyn Harmon Beverly Bouchard jean Dolloll Diane Draper Lorraine Harvey Mary Ann Bunker Doris Casey Mary Johonnet Norma Jose A! I u I in van U Ll Joyce McGou1drick MEMBERS 1951 Patricia Murphy Joanne Mayo joan Pray Eleanor Murray Ethel Stone aqfQ39f1ZEf!?2ggQFH Marilyn Harmon V remix r'.'l,'f'f'liiN f . , , l 1 . I r1,'t1r,t,x ry Wrgalet Murray Elizabeth Le1glito11"'avlIrlA! li"i,.Ji'f"t1.,iliMQTfllZl Pratt Dorothy McCann ,ff N Ripley i fiiikl fix' 5 'TTT 'air li ' 'fi ,PT 'lxsMxL'1J.E.. lg Zjixtvxr ileillz i ' 'i Lois Hunter Nancy Kelley Lida Maxim Dawn Miller Patricia Keenan Arlene Kidder Dorothy Leonard -.,f.f Dm lf., H' we Jf""" - Ir:-tf'2gf,fflVIerldeth Monk 'Meir Eleanor Newhook Bertha Norris joan Nutt Pledges plane Mclnnis Charlotte Moresheatl Norma Srnaha 9-I Ellen Stratton Mary Belle Tufts Marjorie Walker Nancy Whiting l.illian Sargent Helen Sutton Loretta White Nanci' Rideout l.ois XYt'lton liini Riutta lane Sttweus Dorothy Stone l'atrit'ia 'turner X.. X5 I Chi llmega PlY?SI'f107I.l Joanne Mayo Vin' President Barbara Grover S1'f'nf1n1'y Margaret Murray Tvwzstzrei' Helen Sutton Chi Omega was founded on April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas. The national fra- ternity now has 108 active chapters in the United States. Chi Omega sponsors the March of Dimes dance each year. Also, gifts are collected and sent to the Seacoast Mission at Christmas time. The Chi Omega Sociology Prize given by the chapter is awarded at the Scholarship Recogni- tion Day assembly. 1 Chi Omega alumnae attended the Christmas party and the spring supper held last year. Also was the annual banquet, which was followed in the spring by a picnic held in honor of the seniors. Of the major social events of the year WHS E116 annual semi-formal dance which was held at Kappa Sigma. Active in other organizations on campus 211'C3 Barbara Grover, Mary Belle Tufts, and 102111116 Mayo, All-Maine YVomer15 Joan Nuff and Nancy Kelley, Sophomore EaglCSi9 Mari' Belle Tufts, President of W.A.A.5 MHTIHYU Harmon, President of the Home Economics Club, and Margaret Murray, Lillian Sargent, and Nanci' Whiting, active on the General Senatfl- Delta Delta Delta President Bernardette Stein Vice President Janet Bannister gecygta,-y Eleanor Coney Treasurer Ruth Curtis Delta Delta Delta was founded in -1888, at Boston University, and now has Q7 active chap- ters in the United States and Canada. The lOC2l1 chapter, Alpha Kappa, was established on cam- pus February 17, 1917. u u Last year a concert was given at C8I'1'lCg1C Hall to which all campus Women were invited. Also to be mentioned is the annual Scholarship . f Q . X , X V, t V7.3 ie ' ' X , 1 1 1 ' . v2M1g'gfiW7' gf t - 1 A Fashion Show, the proceeds of which are used for a 8100 scholarship given to a deserving girl on campus. Other events were the annual Pine Party, and the Formal Dance which is held at Delta Tau Delta and is in honor of the pledges. The fes- tivities of the national Delta lfVeek were ob- served, including the Pansy Breakfast and the annual formal banquet held in Bangor. Among the members who are active in other organizations on campus are: Harriet Bamford, Jean Hoyt, Sarah Pray, and Deborah Hfilliams. members of Neai Mathetaix Dorothy Leonard. Mary Ann Littlefield, Barbara Mason, and Bev- erly Pettingill, Sophomore Eagles: and Bernar- dette Stein, member of Mu Alpha Epsilon and an All Maine lfVoman. lfir-t r--wi lin-wn, Mary 4XYliitc, furtij, Bannister. Stein. Dennett, Bryant, Hubbard, Hoyt bt-coiul row: Martha XX lnte, Dwvcr, X onng, Yachon, Levine. Pettengill, Colby, Dunham, Robbins, King 'lihir-l r.-tt: l't-n-lletnn, Iinyct-,I DeCorniier, Norton, Bouchard, Stewart, V. Leonard, D. Leonard ll-wurtii row: 'XY:itwii, XX'illianis, Fort. Mason, Pray, Hart, Crockett, Gerrish, Thomas, Parsons, Levasseur l'iitlt rm: X-rung, ltailey, Oak. Paton. lYard, Littlefield. Noyes, Carlin IVIEMBERS 1951 lanet Bannister Duyeen Bryant Marx jane Crockett Ruth Curtis Ruth Bailey Sarah Bouchard Janice Boyce Patricia Brown Harriet Baniford Constance Colby Mary Gerrish jean Hoyt Rosemary Carlin Cynthia Dunham ,lean Dwyer Nlarilyn Dennett Marilyn Hoyt Thelma Lord Eleanor Coney Barbara DeCormier ' ' Claire Levasseur Winnifred Perkins Bernardette Stein 1952 1:--iifg,Barliara Hart i'D:3?Doi'Qtl1y' Hubbard gVoncille Leonard Exlen Fort Q A y ,V 1 1953 fl., , N gy ig? Patricia King " fllligftbara Mason Dorothy Leonard lt1g,,j:J' -Q iine NOYCS . ,H Mary Ann Littlefield CVCHY Petflnsl Pledges Frances Levine Patricia Pars0I1S Margaret Paton Marjorie Robbins Joanne Thomas Martha White 97 Gwendolyn Stewart Hilda Y'Vard Ruth Mfatson Mary 'White Virginia Norton Mary Helen Oak Helen Pendleton Joan Vachon Sarah Pray Marilyn Spear Deborah YVilliams lean Young Marion Young ,.r,nvc-H.-.wg L... fn-y."-LP' " 'LIZ'-J.-an-"""f'ZL:.'R-:wr-an---'-" ,', . u-...... .7 . , gn- vnu... 4 .. -. U. ,u..-,-v-- Egan.:z....--fm.r.:i:..':..-,neg-4:'.:..':r,:..:... ..- Q - - . -af--'----::gg::::'z::.ya-- ":.1':LZL:.1Qi-3l'G- -- -,, ,,,,,,g.,.......-.-...... . ....,.-- ., a .wr-511222 '.Q . -- ,,,.,....... :,,,, ... .,..,,f, -.. ....... ...U . H...- .unwi- . ,,.,..4-,...-.-.... l First row: Desjardins, Burrill, Malcolm, Haley, Mower, Bean, Atwood, Leonard, Snow Second row: Morancy, Howard, Merrill, McLean, Hillman, Chellis, Poor, Folsom, Maguire, Shaw Third row: Nason, Sullivan, Webster, Trask, McGraw, Luce, Porter, Girard, Macfarlane Fourth row: Wallace, Smith, Bates, Reifel, Anderson, Gray, Chadeayne, York Fifth row: Thorne, Wilson, Chapman, Tarbox Phyllis Atwood Marie Bean Lorraine Curry Ruth Burrill Beverly Chadeayne Barbara Chellis Glenice Bates Barbara Girard Joan Folsom Phyllis Anderson Mary Jean Chapman Shirley Howard Mary-jane McLean Marguerite Desardins Jeannette Haley M. Elizabeth Luce May Belle Cobb Maxine Gray Charlotte Hillman -1 Barbara Lovejoy Lorraine McGraw Dorothy Merrill Patricia Nason Pamela Poor MEMBERS 1951 Jacqueline Macfarlane Eleanor Mower lVinifred Ramsclcll 1 2 Koa King S -'onard ' ire Ialcolm P . 2 Z Q Q Q' i a' nlaguirc If 1 ie Thorne kUP?tP0' Pledges 98 Rita Porter .loan Ricfcl lalcillc Shaw lilll2ll1Clll Ricliartlson Rosalie Snow Mary Thurston Rita Nl0l'1lllL'X l'alrir-ia Smith llorolhx 'lialrlwox Xlarjoric Trask l'llXlliS 1Yt'lmSlt'l' l"lilllllil'S York Nlxlrx Sullnxgun lillllltlll NY.1ll.1w l':ll1'it'i11 xxillxull Pl Delta Zeta President Eleanor Mower V zce President Jeannette Haley Secretary Marie Bean Treasurer Claire Malcolm Delta Zeta was founded on October 24, 1902, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. There are now 72 active chapters in the United States. Alpha Upsilon here at Maine was founded in 1924. Following tradition, on October 24, Found- er's Day was commemorated by a tea given by 3 4 4 the chapter. Another event of the year was the annual formal dance held at Theta Chl. IH June the annual Pansy Picnic honoring theuount- going seniors was held at Stillwater P1C111C grounds. , , Nationally, Delta Zeta provides hearing ardS for children, sends clothing, medicalnsuppltf-ZS and other materials to foreign countries in 1fS "Adventurer in Foreign Friendships' PTOJCCP It also supplies layettes to children of Norwayi the layettes being distributed through pCTS0Ua Supervision of Crown Princess Martha of Nor- way, who is a Delta Zeta member- Also, Delta Zeta has two loan funds and 0116 scholarship fund which are used for students OH C2lITlpllS. E ! ,,4..,,,,,. ..... H:5,g,:.......-,---uv-1I'-,g'5!:T2'--its-Lulu: ,',"'.'.-F-7-3 - ' ' ,'fT, J- --- ""' ' 'Q'-I.'.'.. - 1 1 L. . 1-"'r'f1l'. .1.-.1-'71'j,.2f1f1117l1.T.1.1-fu-'1""'L .1- ..-. . - - - - -""" ".. -4---1' "' "' ' '4 - . - 4 ' ivteag-J- 4.5-nr.A:,,,,,:,,,,. .,,..., 4, ---1-1-vw-.H -- 1- "'-- -0- - 1,3 1 Ph u 5 President Elizabeth Russell Secretary Paulina Robbins A . . '1 Treasurei' oan lfViswel1 Phi Mu sorority was founded March 4 185 I 1 if 4. 'yll I .1 I ol in 3 milf 4 . fi ly J an fi f , 2, Z' in Macon, Georgia. Pi Chapter at Maine was . established in November, 191 1. Each year the group celebrates its founding with a banquet- ceremonyg and this year the Bangor-Orono ' Alumnae Chapter held a party in celebration - of Pi Chapter's 39th birthday. 1 Another of the annual spring functions is the if 5,1 N 1 la i I' y . ' 1 l V I l. . 1 . 1' A . if L, 5 t ' ' "" f '1 Jkt, , 2 f fl Wei' Z' f ' ,f WV K Wi .- - f 1 wi fn. af wg, y - 1 . 4-yf1 1 P it 1 11 acaaaaf.-aaaaf f sfsw. 1 . 1 .1 4 P' E. l l l 1 1 1 spring formal which is held at the Phi Mu Delta house. And as the school year draws to a close Phi Mu has one last get-together, which is a picnic, held in 1950 at Castine. In May we had a Phi Mu Bazaar at which we served tea and sold handmade articles that came from all parts of the United States. In October, 1950, we held a Welcoine Tea for all the foreign students on campus. And in December Phi Mu assisted by Phi Mu Delta fraternity held a Christmas Party for the Children's Home in Bangor-a party Complete with Santa Claus. ice cream and pres- ents for all. At graduation time a Mother-D1u0'hter T621 ' o is held, and each senior Phi Mu girl presents her mother with a special Phi Mu Mothers pin. First r-vw: Foley, l.a4lml, llrentiss. Robbins, Russell, Chipman. Arseneault, Towne, Ames Scrum! row: Drake, Danes. Uakman, Burbank, San Antonio, Venner, McCormick, Preble, Harriman Tlnr-l r--w: llracl-clcy. Nlillv.-tt. Tripp, llalcy. Bryant, Taylor, Hanna, Chick, Palmer 1"-wn:'tli row: XYynenn, Lincoln, Keacli. Raymonrl, Rossi, Boomer, Grinn, Mincher Caroline Beckler Isabelle Btnbanke Joyce Chipman Joan Ames Sally Arseneault Jean Boomer Joan Bryant Sarah Brackley Janet Hanna Christine Danes Virginia Foley Kathleen Haley Mary Linn Joanne Littlehelcl Virginia Nickerson Beth Chick . Norma Drake X Sally Keach ' - , E J--. -SCEUR5 J' Patricia MCQ0,-mick 'emfmf1Carol Pientlssi Priscilla Kincaid Barbara Ladd Gertrude Harpimggg O MEMBERS 1951 1952 Q,l-if Judith Plumly Marilyn Raymond Paulina Robbins , ,E 1 Constankce Lincoln T' -iaylary Mifrphy ffl, Y f inf' B ,'.' -'sn' ' A . J 2253? ' C .,' . r riiergliiilate Pledges 101 Mary Mincher Gloria Palmer Elizabeth Russell Joan Wiswell Beverly White 'A Ann Preble Joanne SanAntonio Barbara Venner Faith Taylor Marilyn Towne Charlotte Tripp Martha Wyman l xl li is .x,'f?E'.,...-.. ...- -.-,.a.. ,,,JV. - i , D f , , , . , ,,,,. .. .,. . ..,.,-.-- --+-N 1 ,...,f.-...i.l.. - ---' ' ...:...fs. ---sf 1- - -U-. A -- - -'-,pn-u1u. . .. .. .. - - , E.. - , , - .. ..-...,. - ,.......,.,..m+-- -.1....... ...,..-- . - - , .. ....r, .iz-::3,,1,,...,. -:M--rg, ,,,,.......-.J.-nix- '.fu,,,,,,..... 1.4.-5-33 ..,.f..n.-.-.-fu 2' an -.a......a.4..-f-nfizgnunh, :-:' I .,...nq,-uns-........... - ,,.....a,.44....... 4,. .,- ! '1u5.'::::::i:::..q,ff1u:.':.'i:'..": .za-1-W---zr,':::..::7r-Hmfffme:::::.:. . - - - --H"':::::::::..::...:.,.. :fzy-'f'-.5 : . . - '.:t:::.:....r........,..,.......-Q -+- W l 1 1 V l I 1 1 4 P 1 P l I 1 1 L 4 ililliht. Filrst row: Mclntire, Economy, Pierce, Cockburn, O'Reilly, Cutts, Moreshead,.Ames. M. Noyes Second row: Brown, Tarr, Cogswell, Richardson, Wylde, Simpson, Davis, Vllilliams, Toabe H Third row: Slosser, Hovey. Bell, Gagnon, Nickerson, Snow, Strong, A. Mcliiel, Boutilier, XX ight Fourth row: Litwinowich, Bayer, Burns, Palmer, Tasker, VVillett, P. Noyes, Vaughan, Abbott. Knowlton, Land, Fair Fifth row: Goodspeed, H. McKiel, Booth, Brown, Cohen, Zaitlin, Conti, Strickland. Johnson, Libby, Bornheimer Phyllis Boutelier Rita Conti Ann Cutts Ellen Economy Barbara Bornheimer Marilyn Cockburn Janice Cogswell Dorothy Booth Louise Goodspeed Jeanette Hovey Janet Abbott Sarah Ames Marjorie Bayer Dolores Bell Barbara Brown Shirley Lang Hilda Livingston Anne McKie1 MEMBERS 1951 Theresa O'Reilly Cynthia Pierce Peggy Sewall 19 2 Frances Litwinowitch H31-Viet Mdgicl Jean MCIUUTC I ' da lNIOresheaCl fl ll at - lean Libbl' can Palmer M3fY.F- NOYCS 1,15 Sylvia Richarclson PIWHIS NOYQS Carolyn Simpson 12 Pledges Virginia Brown Pali-icigl pm, 2112 Burns Jane Knowlton St C1 Cohell Ruth Johnson Pauline Davis 102 llila Strickland Gloria Slosser Nlllllllk' Tarr Era Might Elizabeth Kaitlin Cllli0lN'll Xickcrsoii Carol SI. l.awrc11ce Nlarjoric Xhhlc lftlilh Snow llclcn Strong Roberta Gagnon Suzanne 'laslwi' l-fslllcl' liisalw Xllll'llNll N aughan l' l'Llllk't'S XX illvll lliom' Xxilllillllls i Pi Beta Phi Prcszfclent Theresa O'Reilly Hee President Marilyn Cockburn Secretary Cynthia Pierce Trerzsfzlrer Ann Cutts Pi Beta Pl1i sorority, founded in 1867 at Mon- 111outl1 College, Monmouth, Illinois, was es- tablished at the University of Maine in 1920. Today, Maine Alpha is one of Q7 chapters wl1icl1 make up the national fraternity. The Settlement School is Pi Phi's philan- - : thropic project which was organized in 1910 as a memorial to their founders. The purpose Of this school was to provide educational Hfld fl' nancial aid to tl1e oppressed people l1Vmg ln the Smoky Mountain region of Gatlinburg, T615- nessee. Although it was begun on a small scale with only one teacher and thirteen studentskt 6 school has grown to an enrollment of more t an four hundred, witl1 a staff of sncteen teachers. A full twelve year course including fOUf Yeals of high school is now offered. n In Each year, the Pi Phi's here at Maine SPZHSOE their annual Ski Tog dance, the Procee SE which provide a scholarship for some Wort y student of the University. V1 Q? 103 l -il'-TliiilFU57:7T:5l'11".ll'gi- 3 '14, rg-4:::.-,'-EiQ',LlQ1?E?fiiliiiiff? ,gjlj If 'gffli-fifrr' ' hz izzixx' ' z A W1 fi Hi ii f ,N 1 U .sw 1 ri 1,- iii 1 tri i W gig ' ,1 fill.: jill: 'lil lf-l filllff From the "Maine Campus" ll l l . . ski team to compete in weekend rumford carnival . . . track squad opens saturday . . . old town stops frosh . . . five lst I rankinmen close careers . . . nelson to open spring football on , i , 1 4 W i , '-4 li yy i ly i march 13 . . . skiers retain isu standing . . . baseball squad iii if lil' 1 . . ' tl? continues. drills for seven-game southern trip . . . wallace new ,f g HW' W E president of varsity m club . . . dean wieman explains maine ll' ' 1 li 5 sports policy . . . maine track team closes season unbeaten . . . S z lude cuts bear baseball squad to 22 players . . . maine physical wg y education boys having success in job hunting. . . linksmen r 5 i win state crown as bowdoin loses . . . freshman thinclads vii' 111 romp . . . ludesmen belt new hampshire to cop crown . . . sezak .lp KM, wil g pleased with frosh gridmen . . . bear jayvees lose to potent -.111 . . . . . A middies . . . frosh dalers set bangor high . . . injured bears travel to ly connecticut for rugged tilt . . . vic woodbrey has tuberculosisg will out for remainder of year . . . bears trounce connecticut 16-7 . . . i,.i i - students rally for bates game . . . maine plays host to colby in homecoming battle . . . wally gets award at state i lily convention . . . polar bear meets black bear for state title it showdown . harriers annex state crown g dow breaks fifth I s s i P r ,I y record . . . 6-6 deadlock . . . riflemen prepping for 9-team match . . . gl - bates downs maine in state series opener . . . pale blue l 1 shooters have good record . . lil M T ip, y iii! I 'O' l V ' ' N , l I A 'l I li r . I . 1 ' i z i f l ij V i 1 if i 3 xl lk? .i ll i f . EQ 104 l i ly 1 .fix X , X X Mr rw Ara 1VLv it ta' r 'LT ',"'I'f'.Llt- 'Hi' Tr: 1' ,Q ' i"1"a3'L' ' " ' is gi' ' ' ' Ib " ' " ' ' ' " "V "-' - ' N A '-" - -- y -. - ' - ' "' - "H ' 'U -f f ? "?7 -? '1 -- 134 1 7 533 22522231-T351-'-1551??lifi2.'l"f?fv"6L59159113.14 1ffifv1'?l13.+"IfP ?l2HfZ!"1QL 2I'?iii'i -'1251m3i?ii1+3iI+ ai as L 12 1 - A 1 - ,M Y, ,HMA ,,,,,,,,,,,-,1J-Viz?-, ,Z - f - - Y W i. 1"1 EH 1, I .11 .1 'il if I 111 1 1 151 1 1,1 1'1u W1 111 1 'N WY. 1111 wl 11 11 '1 11 1 1. HMI ll 1,1 '11 '1 1, 1 1, 131 1N,'1 111 '1 13 l,1i 11' N111 ,N 1211 W' 111 Mi 11111 13' 11 11"1 11s1' 1,111 X 1 M V1 ,. ,421 .N 1,11 Epi! 111 11 ff 0 111 . 11 1 1 ,jx 1 1 1 11 ,B 11 .11 1 1 1 1 1'1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 JXTHLETIC BOARD First row: Dow, W3tSO1l, Patch, Curtis, jordan h Second row: Folsom, Card, Crossland, XViema1x, Ellmott. CZlIi16l'XX'00il rl-'HIiODORE S. CURTIS FM111111 111,,,,,,gl,,- of Afhlctics lilxrox li. XVI-'IMAX I7m'1'lm' 111 .Hlllrlu 106 1 , E 3 X 1 1 r p U kiing - . '-1 E ' k- , B d, B 0 nhall CCapt.J, Hatch, Barr . v SleieinildoiiovvPiCLi1iltaiZSlCCiJi1icliI,i,VViiii1'Fe1'?OlITirclfrlgxilvrelleyrlgiexvton, Hawkes, Allen, Cummings. NY ark McGill Carnival Middlebury Carnival State Intercollegiate Meet Dartmouth Winter Carnival Colby Winter Carnival The Maine Ski Team has just completed one of its more successful seasons. The team has kept its membership in the senior division of the Intercollegiate Ski Union. The ISU consists of the highest scoring ten teams in the Eastern United States and Canada. Bill Cummings broke the Middlebury downhill trail record and won both the Dartmouth college jumping contest and the Class "B" jumping contest at the Rum- ford Carnival. He scored fourth at the United States Eastern Amateur jumping contest and earned his Class Dick Dwelley, the only six event man on the team, Won the State Intercollegiate Maine -4th out of 7 Maine 6th out of ll Maine lst out of 3 Maine 6th out of lO Maine lst out of 4 jump, cross-country, and combined cham- pionships and scored second in the Middle- bury cross-country. john MacDonald scored fourth at the class National Combined champion- ship. Captain Charles Broomhall has the State Intercollegiate jumping. cross-coun- try, and combined events. and the Lake Placid jumping championship. Other standouts for Maine were Ted Hawkes and Dick Hatch. Coach Curtis has a record ol' winning every state championship except one dur- ing the past twenty-seven year period. while remaining consistently in the top ten col- leges ol' ltastern United States and Canada. 108 i l 3 I " l unim- , i 4 I "U l ' 'in I N I 41.1 J as L .iq f -" l I. I5-v-ff. X1 liNl'll lli1i'rl1'ir1I lwilwni, xNvL'ZllilCI'iJCC, Dolan, VViggin 1 - 1-lnnlzx ii I-nlii, Nlvu-nx, l'vrr5'. lli-pplvr, Lincoln, Donnell. Knuclsen CVIgr,j 1 ' l':--cu, llffrfll lliitliwln-lil Wight Xlvillizinis. t ll NllXl XX Nl'NlNl XRY Nliin XILI llgingi ill Ulil lwwll Ifwlin llgipl Niinlll i'Hl'liilllKi llwinzg lligginx Rriclxlziml Maine Maine Maine Maine Maine 4 Havnes Wallace Alims Pitlme Packard 1 HIM: 1. H- l, 'l'-it nzin. Veal. Qlalliert. Crit-S, , . Z . fi , 2 ' T, ' l1i..i.1-,n. Nil-l.e,4l,i lil-eker. Mancliester, Tripp, Leighton, Hersey. Osborn, Parbsons fgfgp. 1 .rw I in ..v ' ivvlit. Ilavneb. Watlien. Milbank, Hutchins, B.yant, Leclair I l .. I . . . - I lliilli i4'l'iliin lliiliiillillflgtiil lMgr.j. Kimball, Harnclen. Smith. Green, McAuslan, Pruett, , nm' 'L .". Liam 70 mg GM 3 second place one mile relay team Hrst place Rifle F' : W bb , Butler . Sehintndoi-bw: siraieilon, Downing, Booker, COOPQY, Hufchms Third row: Bamford, Catheron, Conley, McBride, VValsh, Bond TEAM MEMBERS Vernon Bond Stuart Cooper VVilliarn Derby Howard Baniford Leroy Rand John MacBride Brad Butler Leonard Hutchins Charles Varnum Gordon Mfebber Richard Connelly Stanley Jones Maine's rifle team had a very successful season as is shown by the following high- lights of the year. Maine second out of 46 in lst .-Xriny Area. Maine four points behind winner of the match Fordham ineet. Maine sixth out of 23 teams in lst Ariny Intercollegiate Matches. 4 Maine tied for lst place in New lingland Rifle League. Maine men who placed within the lirsl ten in New England were Vernon l.. Bond. Capt. Leroy F. Rand, and John Macllridc. ll0 48' Q gi IIHHHS. I Ilnswurtli. Br-iwn, Bunker. Sturtevant, Charles, Emery CC0 hp VARSITY SUMMARY Maine li Boston University 4 Maine ll Rhode Island 1 Nlaine -l Connecticut 6 Maine 6 Bates 3 Nlaine 8 Colby 1 N I aine 8 M, Bowdoin M, XI'IlI'lC placed fourth in Yankee Conference. XI une placed I5 in New England Intercollegiate competition S ' Qin team competitionj. XITIIIC won the State erles FRESHMAN SUM MARY Rockland High School 3 Ifrosh 3 F rosh 4 VV'aterville High School IM, FRESI-IMAN TEAM MEMBERS V-XRSI I X VICAM MEMBERS Andy Bunker C iptaln lfValt I-Iewins Bob McMahon Capt-am Don Bron n Connie Bosworth Bob Anderson OC Cordon Artie Charles Laffv Staoohoold Sumnei Cahoon Charles Emery, Coach lll fx. X. -.,.---- - . .-- - 'I .vw - A ,, , .. : , " ..:,: ',:.':' . ,, 'giklxllll 1355555 ilgxlzlgpi' In 9 5 fig . EL: iL37.!iH:'IiZ12EI:E3UuIu-135141r15nmi3rsr11--UNA!!- H, . , . ,. 'ill nw 11? Tennis l,l FRESHMAN TENNIS I ' A I tif Conch, Dr. NV. G. Small Captain, Melvin Holmes l .M "Ll Me. 7 Ricker Junior 2 5 I, Q 1 SUMMARY wif, li In fu: . F1 l Il. fl' ln l I lg ll V i ,N l 5 j. P. l 1 Q l ll Ml - H 7 V First row: Drolet, Holmes CCapt.l. Small CCoaclIJ. Buschner lx !! Second row: Pearson, Pendleton, Adams, Applegate W I A' lwili Milf.: 'MW lilly ,gs Mui' VARSITY riff VARSITY TENNIS 4 G 7 I """' Coach, Dr. WT. G. Small Cajatain, Frank Potenzo Manager, John Lombard li SUMMARY j, I SPRING TRIP Me. 2 Va. Polytech 7 I Ng Me. 4 G. Mfash. U. 5 if I T Me IS Me A Me I Me I I Me Me Me I R V. 'I l AI l 1 I I I 1 4 American U. 5 2 VMI 7 6 Macon 2 REGULAR SEASON 5 N. Hampshire 4 6 Connecticut 3 7 Bates 2 7 Colby 2 4 Bowdoin 5 LETTER M EN Robert Avery Bill Bird Ben Blanchard Dick Edes Paul Peterson Frank Potenzo Robert Thoits First row' Files Qu,-,H I ' Y . A ' ' -- A - Qlomlil, l'l '15 ' . -. Second row: l'ctvI'soII, lllziiit-imm' 'IHTIMQ' R:T:,'l"A - XXRNIIX YXRSI IN Nl'XlXl XRX Xltxi lj Xlaslungttm In Ml-I 9 litllllllg Q M,-5 S Siillltix I ug- Qi Xtillnlk X X5 S I I ' I ' - I Sh.. 2 Norfolk Uk' fi I- al fic1.f4,, 6. i , 5' I I ' . I0 Linh- but-tk U Mg fm lYt'Nlt'!'tl Xl I 2 lintululll Mg, -I Colin Mc Mg, fi liullllt't'lit'tll I Mg, 3 CUIIIIKTIIIIII ti Mc, li Rllmlt' lslglllil 'i Me. l Collis Q , . . I, Me, 11 N. llaunpshm' - Me. I0 Bates fi MC. S llnwtlnilt fi Me. l Bates n Me. I2 Xortlu-:xslt-rii 9 Me. 3 Colin ll MC. -l Bowdoin S Me. ll N. I-lzunpshirv 2 l"Rl'lSHMAX Sl'NlNl.XRY Me. 6 MCI 3 Me. I5 Rickcr Inniur -I Me. I9 Higgins 3 Me. 4 Coburn fi Me. 2 Me. Nlaritirnt- -l Ifirst row: Romano Osgood Clark Martikainen G ' ' - . ' ' ' .' , CCapt.D Wilson Nickl D I ' 5- 4 l ': I. lf C I D ray . i 1 CSS, 011g 215, Davidson it mr gxgth IIIQIIKI oac IJ, ebois, Breton, Charmard, Whitmore, Dow, Woodbury, Bradley, Wight, In his freshman year as varsity coach of the University of Maine varsity baseball squad, Coach Milo "Mike" Lude directed the Blue to a hne I2 and 9 record, the best in recent years for the Black Bears. , Thanks to the cooperation of the University, alumni, the athletic department, and Mikes hard work, a seven game southern trip was arranged. Here the team compiled a 4 and 3 record, while readying for Yankee Conf. and Maine State Series competition. Under the leadership of captain George Gray, the Bears captured the Yankee Conference crown and came within four outs of whacking Bowdoin for the State Series Title in Brunswick. uccessful season can be attributed to o eration, physical condition and a In the words of Mike, "the s the fine spirit, determination, co p driving desire to win." Coach Hal VVesterman's p ' to the strong Maritime Academy outfit. In owerful frosh team banged out four straight wins before bowing I I - the shortened freshman season, however, several potential varsity glov- Crs were uncovered, Among them pitchers Gordon Cram, Jack Butter- ' ohn Ma uire, and outfield- field. inhelders Ellis Bean, Waldo G21gH0Uf I 3 er Al Hackett. 113 FROSH I First row: Wallace, Quinn, Mallery, VViggin, Garneau, Hill, Foss, Ralph, Burke, Duggin, Noviek Second row: Cushman, York, Fletcher, Rule, Leach, Lieberman, Beal, Furlong, Johansson, Benoit, Littl fi ld e e , Third row: Decoteau. Sparrow, Bancroft, Butler, Holway,.Smith, Clark, Frangxe, Ryan, Gray Fourth row: Sezak CCoachJ, Collomy, Perry, Barakat, Gritman, Zoides, Pike. Bickford, Holland, LaFountain, Trask CAsst: Coachj COACHES Varsity: Dave Nelson, Milo Lude, Harold VVesterman, and John Cuddeback Freshmen: Sam Sezak, Ralph Ham, Alan VVing, Stan Trask Maine Maine Maine Maine Maine Maine Maine CAPTAINS Varsity: Russ Noyes Honorary Junior Varsity: Ellis Bean Honorary Freshman: Dave Vlfiggin SUMMARY VARSITY JUNIOR V,1xRs1'rY 13 Rl1OClC lsland 0 Maine Maine Maritime 20 15 Vermont 7 Maine Coburn 6 0 New Hampshire l9 16 Connecticut 7 FRESH M EN 19 Bates 6 imma M C 1 6 26 Colby 7 Maine Higgins 0 BOWClOiH 6 Maine Briclgton 0 llll X Fuutlmll p 15. .11 Qian . e e R' 415 if 51 J 5 1 -N' - X. f 5 , 1' - ' :Q L : u'1'4' '. llf .ug l'-w1wM!. lfxmmxwmx. thx, Iihrliulm, Mcijuire 5 5 - A XY 1: X ' ' : K 1 f N 1011, Nxllunm, I,L-up-11, Hn-mm, Nuyes. Ilcrsom. I.zn'g:1y, Coulombe, Marden 1' 1- , ' A 2' .- Vg , X' - p I " 'Q '. N- xf z N, XXM--1-1-my Nlwrw. l'. Iiultcrliulel, Fugh-r. Tilfhetts. Iiaston, Burton, Hamilton, Sturgeon, XX -, 31 1- - x E' Wx, Nm 1, XX.1H.uv l'lnI'.lIHl'I'P - N1 Lx ' ' X 1 3 1. XX'.m-:::z.m, llmlge. Rinllzmls-m, Timm-lwurn, Ilcwins, B1'een.J'. Butterfneld, Alex .Hfxinr fm Ihr zrnx lu I7 tn11r'l1rluz1'r1 in H16 Bates game ." ,4 M, ' ' , Au 4 . . f 225,41 'ff fl' ? 1 I If ' 1 fi ,W Q f ,WW 4 wfffiff Yxlll' 1Z11I1's WIIIIIU . ..11 IQ'6 i'II'fUI'j' for JI111111' D II11 A111 I'lIlIlI,I.SfIII! fknllllll ...11111 only 1l1'f1'111 j,'l,,,,1,1 1,f,, - ' Among N. l31111'1I11i11 1i111's . . .11 6-6 lllf ll 4111 I I1 II III 1 ,III11 H11' "4lIlIt'.. 11l111111111111 s..1 1 XV' es, Cross Cnuntr FROSII X ,Xlxbl IX Sl XINIXRX L , I . . I Nlgnne In lilies .143 I Nlaiinc IT New Ilrunswnk -I5 Nllllllt' I5 tfollmy .17 Blaine 21 New llannpshirc HIS Nlnine 252 Springlicltl 23 S tix ri-i N I I-it-i 1' Blaine 25 Collar 55 llgncs 59 Nlaine tied lor Yankee tfonlci ence Crown with Vermont Ilrtl at N lf I C .X .X l5tl1z1t l C .X .X .PX RX VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Lt3T't'xiR Nliix Dick DOW Robert Eastman Bill Hirst Ed Perry Ted Hersey Mac Osborne Dick Knowlton Charles Harmon, Mgr. --uw.,,,.-QHM VARSITY 'L Eirst row: Hzillee, Haskell, Mills, Farrington, MacLean, Folsom, Rossi 'fcoml row: Hflfmon IMgf-5, Hyde CASSI- Mgrj, Doten, Phillarick, Akeley CAsst. Mgizj, I.awrence, Jenkins CCoachJ First row: Smith, Hirst, Dow, Osborn, Eastman ' Second row: Harmon CMgr.j, Knowlton, Hersey, Perry, Beppler, Jenkins CCoachj Coach Chester A. Jenkins' cross-country team compiled the best record this year that it has for eleven years. The Maine harriers lost but one dual meet, Won the state title, tied for the Y. C. crown, took third in the New Englands and were 15th in a Held of 39 colleges at the National meet. Dick Dow, the captain-elect for 1951, was undefeated until the New Englands. He broke course records in all but one dual meet. In the state championship race at Augusta he set a new state meet record. Richard Dow, Cflflfllin, Varsilx' cross country ,sv 7. w 114 tilt sill ,git ,lit wif, SJ mf lit? 1512 it ist? sill: iilf ill till! 21. A tl ry! ,, ,,,v,, -, . .- ,,..,, ., , ,,.- .. , ,,,,.. . ,- '...,., ,,-..-.:'.. ,.... ,.. i.l'niL3-it flint? ii ' ' I u 7 ' ngitztqh. 'E' ,Irina an .!:mt':'g?h2!:::7' Wziiiiifii' ii'E2g.1:'...'5.2!!2Ei.l35fnifveivlneizxrees.fren 9 M 3- 1 .0 , ...H Ji? re .. Q.SQtm:x:...t...1ISni3uL s:-.,.,.... JL.. :Hi- 1 1 I if 1 '1 1 1 ji 114 11 llm V1 'VIH ll 11 ,lx l 11, iw fl I1 wil ll! ,111 1121 151 I nl if ,ff 11,1 ,jg flg ' 211' 1 1' 1ll 1 Fl ll 'll ,l1 IE 1 15 ll .1 11 N1 li ee e Ii First row: Mahaney, Iewett, Homans, Dentremont, Christie, Hackett, Paradis, Sinclair l 'I Second row: Kelley CMgr.D, Saunders, Bradley, I. Kelly, Folsom, Churchill, Carville, Lovely, Trafton, y Brennan il il 11 ll 'l 1 I1 ,li H 1111 fl L . 1 - if' 3 li l1 , N in ll1 1 fit T1 1 E1 l, I Maine 53 11 ixiaine 46 1 11 IWQIIHC 47 Q111 Maine 49 ll 52 Maine Maine 59 M Maine 62 1,11 1 Maine 57 1' Maine 69 1 . 1 1 ,l Vl l Htl HI lg M1 7 1 1!g V IW ll! lp I E 1 1,1 l l 11 l i 5 1 l 1 1 I 1 M 1 -1 A VARSITY SUMMARY Bates Bowdoin Vermont Colby Connecticut Rhode Island Bates Colby Northeastern Maine Maine Maine Maine Maine Maine Maine Maine Maine New Hampshire 51 Bowdoin 57 Bates 52 Northeastern 65 Connecticut 83 Colby lOl Rhode Island 71 New Hampshire 53 Bowdoin 60 -kp- liusl 1-llm 1 If 1111 ff! mflw lxlflffrl WQH1111' vff will I ,, 11 1111 Yam' HllIIlf?.Sfll?'l' 'Q111111' Il flu' lfflflfll' 151111111 glllllf' fs 1 1 1 '-v 1 1,1 Qi .Y 1 1 Vw. ,,-,. A -1-, . - --- 'r fro 4 .4 v A 1.0.1 . .r n . 1-' - 1 "5' 1f5i!13::1. 7114 W' U' "' "" 1 L 11'-F1 - ...-1,. ......, -- :. gn 'W z" "' fy Ham 112 .9 .Qf'1 3"'..IZ 1.55.55 .QQ .1 'iii-mi" 12:55:22: 513 11555355 .s?I':!.."'.::.':si..:::t1k2?' mEx:::::.:1i..m:::...Lt,Wt1Smiumhs 'fv rf1i 1 1 1111 1 111 1 11 11 SEAL AWARD WINNERS 111 111 1 1 1 1 111 X 1 z 11' X vs 1 1 '11 , 2 11 11. '111 111 - '1 1 1' f L1 1 . 41, ' 1:1 ' 1 11 Af, 11 X. A, 1, 1 1 1 Q 1 1,1 "1 , 1 1 11 1 '11-js' 1 1' ,Jw V pf, , 1. -,Ny ' ' V' my '- 1 1 1 I 13. 4 ' 1 X . .- 1, 1 .X 1 N 1 X -X 1, '-.z f - '-f ,g,f' 1 1 "ffm f "1-4. ' '."' 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HIITIIILIIIK AICVZLTIIIQ Stzfnrrw 11,1111-1,11 Yixllfitt Cflflli Thurnflil-:4 ALL-MAINE HOCKEY 5 l 123 Hoelie In the hockey tournament, this year was a bad one for the upperclassmen as the freshmen stole the honors. The powerful freshman team had the high score pointwise and tied with the sophomores for the number of games Won. The members of the Student Officials Club deserve credit for ref- ereeing the tournament. The annual hockey banquet, held in December, had a new touch this year. Ina VanHee, an exchange stu- dent from the Netherlands, spoke on sports in Europe. JUNIOR TEAM SENIOR TEAM First row: Littlefield. Mcliiel, Tufts Second row: Thorndike, Chipman irst row: Morcshead, Blauchmcl, Pratt, llglgllcvl Swicklmul Second row: fXlllCl'gl1lll. Sit-:u'ns, Berry, ll-brick: linnwlt-5 lciglmm 121 Sovimxiom-' 'l'l-'Nl FRESHBIAN TEABI First row: Booth. Humlclleston. Mit-chell, Noble, Dresser, Strong Second wiv: Libby. Palmer, Skolhelcl, Hunter, jackson, VzmHee. Stearns, Clark, Riutta F" t row: Poor, Carter, 1Ug1'1fl1211U, CT'-PO, Brown, Tumfl' Sgcimrl row: lobnson, Howe, Stevens, McCarthy, Kiclclei, Phillips 125 sl From the "Maine Campus" . . senior job clinic starts for coeds . . . beaux arts ball slated to be unique affair . . . new pan-hel prexy at friday formal . . . student union leaders named . . . debaters elect foley A president for next year . . . floyd milbank breaks three shot put records . . . darktown seven plays on wlbz . . . new rotc plan for senior meng 'can't be drafted' . . . award banquet tonight for winter ' teams . . . draft status of students spelled out . . . senior confabs to start october 24, says brockway . . . fulbright plan offers graduate study abroad . . . general senate to consider student government conference . . . pidacks is world cross country threat . . . eleven seniors end home play here saturday . . . senior job clinics getting under way, new series planned . . . frye is fourth mr. university . . . seniors chosen to discuss jobs . . . A committees named to plan winter carnival . . . alpine holiday is carnival theme . . . officers of senior class chosen in light voting. . . hauck confers bachelors' and masters' degrees on 162 students at ninety-first commencement. . .june enlistment offers a way to avoid draft call . . . eight seniors leave to teach home ec .... " 126 1 X X X ,ff ,v..1 -f ,W , 4 -.-..f, ,.,-,...-- --- --- . -U. '- --.W ' . A ' ' " "' "N " in-1-V-.'.-H 'iizflfifil gfswif1flii:QIthi:':'1?43131ZEI?fE3-?3iI!ZiZ1I z?1' Hf5 I.l?H4:'iflt4?2'? 41' 1 , ee, 115. ' ,us I lf 'H M4 ww AM ug ,MH il: ""1"'-"" Iii M12 I! H 1 .,i 51' nit R 555 flfl I1 W, '1 A E31 1 ' 1 a w p , r, V 713 , 'ill ' wa fifi 'QL if M I if , fi V Tie iy QQ? v, 'H N Wllw 'M , 3 'Nfl-I 9 R5 i M . Tufts. Glew, Card, Dineeu ii. W 13 :M i I 11, ,V HR R QM 4 V N v' R il w , .Nw N R . My Class 0fflCEl'S N w X Wg? uw M, ? U JOHN GLEW, President R R M R M CLIFFORD CARD, Vice President 2 2 MARY BELLE TUFTS, Secretary fi ' JOHN DINEEN, Treasurev E 9 I V IR W, 1 V M f 9 ' V 128 i 1 1, P i All Maine Women Front row : Stein Clark Grover Josselyn Tufts Second row Linn Boutelier Mayo Yates Ramsdell Sennn' Skulls Frrmt row: Demeritt Dinccn Elliott Gammon Second row: Dentremont W'al lace Card 1, 1 if .ig-.,.,-.,.--5.3451 1. . i ,1':11K.1.,. -tv I ' M- ihuln me s vi th-i u 1 , ' . i luv " ' ' " 1 ' ,,-.-. . n' A . I..--leg!-if1'1l:nl I' , I I I' '.1..,,,...... i 1, ' ', ,i vi' ' 4 ' ' ' ' I as we 3 f f 5 X 1 K ' X i X 3 X S X 7 f 4 X 'X 'fr 5 x ' A NN f ffx 6 , 5 f' Zf Q A 4 X X X , W ,' Is' W I f X X X A K f f X 7 ft, I 1 X Q any Alexander Agostinelli KE Rumford Mechanical Engineering Hn 1 2 ' Sidney F. Andrews West Rockport Business Administration ii' 'X if A A .- M if QQSW- QQ73 ,sv af? I wx,,2EsEsa:.w x s , f Xu- . me ., , , ,i , Mb 2 Charles Alenskis Rumford Civil Engineering A ' A ... "m ' t V as . . 1 55-xg f P322 3 ig? y QQ: H ,, f fwwe 5 " E .:EQgf5:: X LM Eileen T. Ambrose Bangor Education E, Gerald E. Ames Union Geology Allegra M. Anderson South Portland Psychology ggfizffw gr YW I-In f .. A. ..,,,:,..+.. -ft' I7 f 1, sy 2 3.-:5s5s5sg.s::' if X X f X W 44 Q f W r. X N rs y vig! 5 M f X ..1..' - 2 f . .,,..,, 1 i.: gli X W a N ft 4 f 1, is X A i ff ff it N fe r Harry E. Angelides KE Lewiston Education Gil, - ., Sf 'Y 14-. N N its Wa, , S. .,, , . 45' A d f? fn ' '7 4 ! f NW f XJ ,f Warren B. TKE Forestry fx V -fin. , y Alieff Ashland .. fa if .s sag: ,I -IW z ' William H. Ambrose Bangor Business Administration Phiiip J. fmt: Electrical Eng ,VV Ames Bath ineering , sf ' mf x JN-L , fa' f W' a 'vi If ' . 1, ' fe i,.ii f 515.143 I' X X 5 'c s NAV, 5' Economics NAV A Portland Donald J. Anderson .env haha--. Q Q t 3 S W f N to M g 2? X Q , Q.. , William H. 1111-I K West Annis Rockport Q 'Dolores H. Amergian Portland Education Alfred R. Arling Farm Management C1 130 ieniical Engineering Middleton, Mass. 2 as Vernon G. Ames Bangor Mechanical Engineering its Norman A. Anderson EX Old Orchard Beach Business Administration 1 Hoi I 1 I I I . I I I I I I I Francis W. Bailey X . ff. A -f if m y fi .5 5 ,ff s. Livermore Falls Business Administration JaCl1l16lyn J. Baker ' Augusta Home Economics I Peter G. Arsenault KE Rumford Civil Engineering A , .. " ' Z' W' ' f .R j g, , f .ws 2 ,M W George H. Ayers Camden James E. Ayer Bangor Pulp and Paper Zoology ' All i s ' H V' I fra. , , Z ff r W ' V r S W w h 1: 'f 1 ,WW ..'A ,. . , .Q Manley H. Bailey, jr. APP VVaterville General Agriculture X 4 ,MQ X mo If fi' f' 7424. W ..,.. . .Q s Wi f f 'I W! f . AP., if 4 . Lawrence A. Baker Millinocket Business Administration 45" 1 f f - goof r A Lf! ! 4 . 1 ' ' f . 77 J f . ka., I X' Howard A. Bamford Janet N. Bannister AFP Livermore Falls AAA Rockville Ctr., N. Y. Animal Husbandry Home EconOmiCS Phyllis A. Atwood Brunswick Psychology John L. Babson, Jr. AFP Brewer Electrical Engineering f f .. 2 " A" .1 'll .,, ' in f':: A I ,,,, A Roger C. Bailey 9X Portland History A31 , Erna L. Bamford Livermore Falls Home Economics W7 P X ox J . 2 Q I .... as ' 'fx Q elf I .I I ,.,. . 4' ' , X 2 X ,A k l 1 .I i s I , ,I fa m. I Donald F. Barbour EAE Cape Elizabeth Business Administration I I 2 I I i r 1 I Calvin C. Avery Ellsworth Mathematics John M. Barnard 'PMA Gardiner Zoology I , i ' i 5 n .,.,,, , V , ...Sig .N ,.AA::. , My sf X 3 3 sci'-jf, X 11 :S A. Q 1' asf .X emu , qsg 1 ' I ' ,:: , .v: " ' v i v , 1 , " 1' 7i'iuiT'T'.' H ' i i i I'i'mi!iiEiE 'f53'ii73iiiii575mifi'i1i1.!" " 31757171 -' ' ' ii 1 ""' 4 ---v ........, I a ., r s I f 1 1 f p I i . ff fy f X I f f f f . ', X Q f 5 f 5 f ff 1 James G. Barrows South Brewer Journalism Forrest E. Bartlett Lincolnville Beach Education 5 , L, Elwood M. Beach Portland General Engineering Jack Berman 'I'Efl, Lewiston Civil Engineering 2 Caroline P. Beckler IDM LaTurque, Que., Can. French William E. Bennett Bath Dairy Technology an 1Z1'fn,.., A, .,..,z'W, i' 1 ,f 1 , 4 f 4 4' , , B, X ' i 4 W Z X Q, 4 fl Z f A 2 . Z . 452' 4 f 1 f E pix A - , Joseph A. R. Bernard Auburn Mechanical Engineering X s ff , Bryce E. Bayer Portland Engineering Physics Y l i Marie E. Bean Mount Vernon Home Economics Lil? :Vg i l , f 1, f f 1 f Z ff f f , K f 6 f 1 f or f f , 1 1 if at M, f Z ff 2. fl "'. Z + 1 f Wi x ff X X GX Physi . g . Bryce Beattie Sanford cal Education Charles J. Bellegarde Frank H' Bennett GX Lewiston Orono Civil Engineering an il , I n Anne P. Berman Portland Psychology N 5 , x K . r - R I, X Q X x s X r X Cecil M. Berman TFqv Auburn Romance Languages ' ' l ,I .ax-1'x:'xli'f!x3Vm A X ' .... Carl J. Bernier George A. Bessey I - I QFOIIO Guilford Electrical Engineering English 132 Economics Q :Va ' , C Richard L. Blaisdell Auburn Civil Engineering Y' 1 John W. Bodey GX Bristol, England Public Administration Walter A. Borkowski Stillwater Education XX X X: H J XXX we ,X were X 1 r X X X XJ XX X X 1 XX X QS X M X X XX X' 1. Joseph R. Bowden YS ,, X E I N A ,Q R x 5 X X X f. . X- writ k Xin X' X I X X .X X XS , X Q XV Chemistry X 'g Ge0fge R. Besson Farmington fl' ff A ,- . S sw X f XX X fy, ff XX if 3 f f Frederick H. Bigney ATU Greenville Forestry ww ' tslf J I X i 'f ' , xr - f 6 af f Benjamin S. Blanchard, Jr. George H, Blanchard EflDE Hagerstown, Md. Rumfm-C1 Civil Engineering Horticulture Vernon L. Bond KIPFA Stratford, Conn. Wfildlife Conservation N5 W1 E 2 rf S A X v 4. ' .-,, fir fa. ,. fx X7 n X I Y QQ W 4 7' X Z , 4 f , S, fx. ' XVQW Z ex ' 4 'Q Q X rf xWX f 4 a Robert C. Boston Education MMXXX, . x,.. 5','i.f.,A9lg 5 , ., L' f-X f X , i X 41 Xjn f Wells 2 ff . X f N X S Z ff WX Q XX X X .f X f ag 4 X f X f ff f S 2 Robert C. Boothby Livermore Falls General Engineering El rn Q. 3 E. 'fi 0 V- Fi. G' P1 9 5 2' fn U5 G fp '1 ev- -1 W :Q "" Q- r-4- B r-+1 CD UQ O H '-1 9- Q, X X XV' e X N56 , f X f X ,' i A exft- .1 J KW. s f Q f gif Roger C. Bowker Robert F. Bradford Castine AXA Portland Hebron M chanical Engineering Business Administration FOFCSYFY C 133 1 i , , 1 I ga, -.Wgmwf ' ' 'I fd: ,I Q I , . , f A .rfrwwn l .:. K QW! I 1 I , . M 1 f XM X x Z f X rf' Z , az ' W Z - 4 7 7 A MEM ! X1 fl' 7 , 4 Joseph Biron, Jr. B911 Fryeburg Mechanical Engineering X an N X , ...X f X X X Af X X X XXX! XM fWR X5 3 cr if ' X A S M? , ,mba ,V X A X , , ,X ff X rf .u f 5 W -...r gr X44 , X Xfe' stl at , - X Xss ff, .Y ' N Elwood L. Bragdon Orono Mechanical Engineering .4 .,.. A , 3 jg.. ig.. . If W f g ,. - W ., . ,1V,, ,,,,,. X X X. f Robert D. Brennan Robert J. Breton Westbrook W . ' gffw stag, Q fur, .,1 fa A VCA., H.. ' Herbert A. Bridge AFP Cambridge M... ,-.I . -if 4 i w i 1 Y Q ,:q.-tix-izlutv y A L. 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Bryant AXA Jonesport AAA Bath Education English Muriel Ai Buckley Howland Hist. 8: Govt. Q pfw-,..,. I " 'wi . , f' , h Y. , I gr V,,,f, ,X X X . l I A is V- . Xfz y 7 Lester E- Bunker, Jr. Robert E. Bunker Salisbury Cove Bangor L00l0gy Agricultural Eng. 134 Q. .N x Q is , - f X X A Q. .... ,. is essex Q- X X X- X Xix K X' Q r' F Jasper D. Bull fI'HK Presque Isle Farm Management C l X 1 Clim .XXA History fw . ve ss Robert D. Byrne Ellsworth Engineering Physics Clifford A. Card AXA History Portland Rt .. N X R .X .: S xx Y X X 'N Y sb 5 .ss Curtis Burrell Portland Education unc. is i f V' f M X NNN R8Ymond J. Bushey Frank A. Butler Ashland Verona, N. J, ECOUOIHICS Chemical Engineering l A . 1 s . A A 1, so ' . John E. Caminiti flfMA Portland Education -,.,' ,sl ' P2437 I if W x X A Q " s if 1 1 xx , f f fx f XX X f f 7 f 5 QJZJQZ, '5 'ba 5 . Clyde S. Card KIHMA South Paris Animal Husbandry ,,,zial""f"" A if 14 .X 1 V . 7 V is , ,1 . S 1 i f. f' ,W ,V . -gg 1 ff 1 . , ,,,.... J . S 0' W .2 . Amom E, Carmichael Cecil S. Carroll Presque Isle AXA Millmocket Mechanical Ellgifleefiflg l35 Civil Engineering f 1 . e , ., Qs f X Ml Z . . 1 fat Y 1 Z v 4, f ' w f ' g' F A Donald A. Burrell Bangor Business Administration Richard P. Butler Augusta Horticulture Marcel C. Carbonneau Lewiston Hist. gf Govt. Edward S. Carlson Cinston, R. I. Forestry , W -+L' 'aQ3i:, so W . -X XS W ,rw U' , X W X X X N X f , , , ,, . 1 ,fx ,: 'S f ' ow' ,X ,f ,, '.1. Irwin C. Carson, Jr, AXA Fort Fairfield Civil Engineering ,A .X 5, ff .fi-s 'V ' f f 6 1 , , , 29 f 4 3 7 .ar f S 1.5 X f if S X . 44, ,Z f-.1 f "YW . Z f' nf f yf fi X if X , ,W , Ji. Richard E. Burton Zoology Portland z l f s l A so f Q SX MX 5 XX Wa 'f X f X f " Q gs X Z i 9' X 6 'Q N . S. f if bg 5 if X 2 X 1, X ' V- I Ryu. 1 10.9 ' ,,,,,. Q5 Mildred E. Home Economi f 1 i Carver Old Town CS l 1 John H. Casey 11,1-IK E. Millinocket Mechanical Engineering i I ! ,Wg i , .N Joyce A. Chipman fl'M Poland Springs Business Administration f - "fora-.5 4' .- V ,. f, 'Hi 1 if X ,z 1' . I X John J. Cella GX Sanford Education 5 Leo A. Chadbourne Harmony Dairy Husbandry U' in ' Sl W7 , Q .35 ii X f ' f X 2 5 f , Z f , 7,11 George T. Chase Pawling, N. Y. Geology f x X Wf I , ,ff X if X if xi I 1 A Q in 7 f 4 . W , , i f . , 'W , H, 775 : I ' W,-:f f 1 '1 ,w mv s , wx 5 f , as 1 " 4, i Thomas D. Chellis ATA Portland Business Administration X f f if sa fgpjv I, ' ,I X df ff :iz ifllgf, ' 2, x Michael B. Chonko Bangor Civil Engineering t V sxgiliflx 1, , M, A - Y f ,Q A L, gs , A I ,jf .. gf .N A I fi 2 John E. Chadbourne q,1'A Saco Economics .xt .... X W M 'iv .f X A av o X ,. 1 .W 4 ,ef f 4 ff flf . , .jeff f L Malcolm K. Chadbourne Limerick English ff Q " .' . f lx X Za K 2 ,N 3 5 7 43,1 L I, 'i ' 'iw t. , , ,V V L . 4 ....i1"' f if W A A Richard O. Chase Bucksport Business Administration 1 f Y Q I 2 ' t f +. I f X K ' , to . X 4' 1 Frederick P. Chick Orono Mechanical Engineering Robert L. Christensen Roxbury, Mass. Chemical Engineering 136 - ,fx .K , ' 1 ss , . ,, .- . QW ff 3' f ig f, , ., 4 .., f f if 14 f fi fig X 5 gk 4 J " ff if f X fy , W4 .5 . . , X ., Jack M. Chaplin East Sebago Business Administration William A. Chase I Kennebunk Government '-,sql s I ss , x . QS. as - in sr. -s 1' i rg .. .K Stanley R. Christensen South Portland History Walter G. Chick Roslindale, Mass. Mntliematics Jedi Agfmlomy I I 5 I I I I I N - I I I 1 I L fs ia' X Fl,-s Aged if Xi Arnold W. Cliff Mars Hill Electrical Engineering .a-vin 3-- E Q i I 1- if 'A . 1 Philip G. Coburn Corinna Dairy Husbandry Jed A. Coggins Agronomy Lubec I f .af 1 f6 is 7 ff f f, Z M M H, ,WL ,275 , 'Z ' f f eff" VX 7 E: 7 f "XZ We i I v Charles E. Collins Dairy Husbandry Derby . r,.. ,fge A Bertha A. Clark Lincoln English U' Olive E. Cline Spruce Head Home Economics X ,.- j f f r X -2 HR ,ff f .I S - "" , K If W.. I ,, iii, ' f James A. Coellner Orono Electrical Engineering Maurice S. Cohen THQ, Skowhegan Business Administration Florence A. Combes Crescent Lake Civil Engineering 137 2 I I 1 Q, .fm ' - , :g v 1 Fas 6 ' ' ' x " f 4 I , 1 mf, QU., 7 L i " I Q' Z , ,W-1,-f,:.:.:.' ' riff' " 7-' ," Asif- f, , S1213 I .-,.-2125.8 J f ' I ,i X - X704 ' 7 fi XX 51 I "' , ,,,, ,, ...a m : Gene ,, - -' S if X 1 R 4 1 j X Q 1 Q f f ? ,Q tif X ,J f I. I rf"l I I . I o I Raiph M, Clark wiuiam A. Clark I 'PHX Fort Fairfield Perry Economics English Q I .'. .H il N i " QHMQJ' ' f,1f,,x , .. Q4 v,,,.- ,.,. g ., '51, 31, ffffi, ' P7 W , We 1 5 5 V' ,. s fd , X Q f 9 f X 4 7 X Ye 3 1 V f f f . gtg X V fl I 4 s Y .5 .. wf if fr., i f 6 E lf? g X V7 K ff 1 if , . Z!! I s .. I I if ' f I . I e Z I .rsh , . , 3 Laurence S. Cobb I AXA Portland Mechanical Engineering - 1, Zi.. , X 'V X l 1 My I W f 7 Q 5 f ff 3 Z is if , . I xxx ' 1 K 2 J f , ff iss Q., , 'f Edgar D. Coflin Verona, N. J. 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Gordon, Jr. TE'l' BZIUEOY Old Town Business Administration Psychology 146 . f " x 1 I 4 7 A 4 . ,ki W, S17 4 ,W ,uf 3 Psychology Allen S. Glidden Ocean Park we x S ',,. W ,,,, I 'L e Q Lincoln L. Gordon Education "' .. -f ' e mx s 4 M 2 4 -4 6 . G l i 2:Q:.'dI-J gf X Vernon A. Goff Hollis Center Civil Engineering Stillwater l l J Alden S. Gooch Zoology Bangor I Y l Busin 11" i l l 1 J I li 5 .fe 'se ,xgfw ,New X r X. S X XS E W X N is we .Q . mike my '5' 'RQe..N'.f 1 'K ' 4 . K George C. Gould Augusta Dairy Husbandry Theodore W. Graham KIIKE Brewer Business Administration I . rf f . ig. v 7. . gg ,ff ' f w , "f . Paul F. Greene Bangor Business Administration tw, 7 lk Y , ,ff 1 ,jjggss , Z ig , Wf if X Z 'f 1 f f W Z 42? f X is f I 7 iff Z 1 f 1 f 1 kx X X fl in S we Herbert T. Griffin Mechanical Engineering .iii . h Ms g E, . 0 X 4 1 T 4 Y XX? 41 fi c' X , il if f Y i' . 2 27' F . ,Q . Richard E. Gordon B911 Westbrook Mechanical Engineering it X-N. ii ' 4' :ogg so ff, 1, yr Q! ist : xx f , as ' 1 1 . , ii iygfzi Z- Gordon Gould Hinckley History Charles S. Grant ATA Kittery Chemical Engineering George C. Gormley Orono Civil Engineering Robert K. G ould Bangor Engineering Physics ,yfwl .5 ' k ,.7 isig ps I 1 f ,f 5. ,A l 7,5 , X we A N-fn L f X A5 fy .. . .X Z N X E4 f f af ' Y-, f f V Y .. I ff Q I X 1 f Ya 1 X .sf I ,tm Elwood M. Gray Hartland Hist. Sz Govt. i l,,f , wi , E, .-.....,?, W ,rf . es 9 5.1 'ff S- A f .. l s W ., f , 'LI ff" f X. 2 5 Z X ff if ff. ff 7 2 it i John S. Greenleaf Bethel Animal Husbandry Barbara L. - Grover Augusta AXA N. Attleboro, Mass. X9 I Home Economics W..r.!Z,..l .1 ,,,.,A SS H ff, . ..-- 4 into ASW 2 'R ' XL ff ,f ' , U X 11 , ,f H fm :www 5-.:f',X,:ff X , if I will Q sy ,I- s r.,, 1 X W f. 9 jf 'M Us 1 f 1 W! ' X ff I' George W. 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Haley AZ Portland Psychology 2. 2 :,,,, , , X,Q, Q" N X na. ,, fl + -NZ! l-awz:9gTfz,Tf'rfSg,-V V 4 X Q fl 1 as f , Q 0,25 why 7 f I ' Si 3 ' ,i Richard G. Hamlin Oronu Education f 'iff , ,W ff f' f, Harold C. Harmon Orono General Agriculture f flee .,,.. 'ff 3 , ., Z1 Lucille E. Harris Francis S. Harvey Millinocket Kenduslceag French Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Reginald E. Hall CDMA South Portland Business Administration Richard A. Hamer Winterport General Agriculture ,f ew , ix 1' M X 1 is wfffw - 7 4 y I ' f Robert E. Harradon ATA Portland Psychology H Elaine Haskell X9 Dexter Home Economics 148 1 f x f Mm 4 49'r""'w an v , I 5 'yrr fi ff, 3 7 ' Y f If Q f f i George C. Hamlin South Waterford Civil Engineering Wi' 5 K, w Gerald E. Haraden EKIPE Bar Harbor Civil Engineering 'Til' xx E Q K S ,fi .tr if H +A N ff sz x. Eff? . A X' 71211. ggi.. . Q s , X - N sf .N Andrew M. Havey Orono Business Administration xxx Q ., XX il A X I Lester E. Harris J, Millinocket ATA Engineering Physics Busi 2 l .XS X Richard P. Heffernan EKPE Biddeford Mechanical Engineering i f I Searle E. Hendrickson Palmerton, Penn. Economics Joseph C. Hickson ATA' Bangor Business Administration as x in . .E f , . ,VV,V! V 1. I , 'W , r x , fl V -- hr L . ff ' if .',"ii'ii E Wiki? as ' giws x A l V Donald O. Hawes George W. Hayden Harvey M. Heel VVatertown, Mass. ATQ Auburn South Windham Civil Engineering Business Administration Education w. X 7 iz if If Y X 1 ,, , hx X R , x X ! 'ff f X William J. Heine A John E. Henchey Waterville QDHK Bangor Chemical Engineering Government Q L" M '47 -., f:ff , f f 1 , E f f W S Q is Xf w f Z 1 W .r X 2 yr I Sv' QQ of f H I ? . . Hubert C. Hersey L awrence R. Hersom KIIHK Pittsfield EAE Gardiner Physics Education f X :K f , L as-Q-YI ,N 2 K. S 4 or H fl ,f Q Q K, A , Kenneth L. Hill . Marjorie J- Hill EX 1 Bath Deer Isle Government Government ' f .ms , S X ns Q l . xnxx f , X We Robert B Hiller Norman W. Hirsch Alan B. Hodges Dawn M. Hodgkins VAF, Rochester Orono CDKE Reading, Mass. Caribou , . . . . , , " ' ' ' ' Civil Engineerin Hgme EC no 105 A Animal Husbandry Civil Engineering S o m 149 .-,-. -if ..4-i..-44-- -n- -:-::' 'a' ""3--5 1'z1:' .-1-...... .1-' ,,. :,.r W. '..... ..,.. no 0 I v V ' k '. 1 .llulryvi IH, ' ...,L-...H I it , .TQTLiLii34o1"'1' I ' Q," 'lv slap: 'Q , .nv Ol N li' V' ' lu n 1 ll' , i 1 I Harrison W Hodgkins ci. Wo' 'iz ,. Walter E Hohmann Lynne A. Holden V ' tn Xkw ,Six E f me swf ', x f of X, 1 i I I gi? fe fa ,. l 5 S i X25 f gk r S f i E N ja is Rx f , ig 25, X . . TQ Bar Harbor Government Raymond C. Humphrey Orono Mechanical Engineering Mars Hill Civil Engineering I 'W -'Z A 5 g f 55 3 ' 3- 2 S Q' 7 li V f 'J Earle I. Honey, Jr. Bangor Education A Shirley A. Howard North Monmouth Home Economics 5 va f M, 2, a 4 t lg Z Z f XZ 9 X qu 'x Philip A. 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Portland Civil Engineering Psychology 1 -ev' f if 2 fa f , gy XX Stephan J. Mitchell James J. Mooney Dover-Foxcroft Hamllden Agricultural Eng. lgusinggg Administration v4fl,'xV'i fe f - s ,r Y ' 5 ' if if . y William B. Moore Millard G. Moors- F 1 .Y xitlcry Q Old Town on esli 5 Chemistry 160 rl! Patri XY! Engl i sh I 1 I I I 4 1 1 P I I Eleanor E. Mower AZ Sociology .Wi ,,., A , X ' Patricia J. Murphy len X9 Gardiner on English l r A i X as sm X 2 f NX 'Q' , .ffjfj-3 2' .- iw y ' Cyrus L. Morgan Old Town Business Administration . , I X 1 X ' 5' 5 is Q, 4 . 4 1 is ' N f R 1 1 7 H rr Si i Kathryn L. Morris George W. Morse F011 Fillffleld Clinton Home Economics Civil Engineering s M. N if , fj fi Zi fi ' , f . X Joseph W. Moyes TKE Auburn Bangor I I Business Administration s 1 W B A ff 1 sm 53 ..,, :O NOX J r .Wi A M ' ii I Albert E. Morris TEfP Guilford Business Administration f N 1 y M 0, I 34 ff , , ,-' QW ,!' . N ":s2f::i- W .. ,f1 "':.-2:3 n 4 9 L 6, WV mm. 9 ff, 3 5 Gerald E. 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Pruett KIDMA Kittery Chemical Engineering 'X f ' X ' . 51 V ,,..,, , i ,Na '- ss: , N5 J ...- If Q 'iil fflii C "i' f Y .jo yi W Robert J. Pushaw Union Chemical Engineering Winifred M. Ramsdell AZ Columbia Falls Home Economics an ' f f il g ' , f 5 ,V 5 W . 2 f K ya' f W 2 X f !f6f x X ,ff 'img j" '- .1 Roger Randall Island Falls Civil Engineering i ff 'U . W NS me V ', X' WZZMZV ? W . X I X W Za 7 X George P. Reed GX Portland General Engineering fi Alice L. Purdue Dartmouth, MHSS. Psychology I . i -, Helen T. Quinn Bangor Education 'K fi 1 "" if 4 , if 2 nie , N i ,, I A .2 1 Fife Edward P. Ranaghan Portland Hist. Q Govt. Rena J. Ratte VVaterville Education ,ki QM 'ia ,f V xg' Q Irving J. Remax- TEfl' Biddeford Business Administration 166 'wwf' 2- , , fi , Y A fi Jerome R. Quirion TKE Waterville Business Administration gy. I .r t Y, 4,l be 1 .. . . . David W. Rand Lewiston Civil Engineering . C' 1 ' QM 5 w w f l Edward M. Reny NV:1tcrvillc Mccliniiicnl F! 5. I Marilyn M. 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Ricker Orono Mechanical Engineering .,,, 7 , ,, f X 4 4 5 f f Wi- V.. AV' ,Mi 'i' so jz 1' . . WX . sf , Gerald L. Robbins E. Vassalboro Mechanical Engineering X ,XX A f A X Q 1 .,e:. e ff, cs . R N ff , ,X ' Q! f , X., X Ei 02 Q S x P x , x Dodd E. Roberts Daniel O. Ribbons N. Vassalboro Education ...gc ,,,. ,..,.,,,,, , . El- ., Q R Lew" Qgi wi A ' fx Eg. , Howard A. Roberts South Berwick Dexter English Forestry l . 4, 1. ,v rzizititiio' U 172!!1!.l...:r x I I Fred E. Robinson GX Guilford Farm Management William Robertson EX Hyannis, Mass. Journalism Kinley E. Roby Lovell English ,- . N-H490 xrazw , AAAAAA ,i s s o f 14 sf ffx f X f N jf s fy v N 4 f .W X W X a! X' ' x SX? f f Kenneth L. Rogers EN Methuen, Mass. Mechanical Engineering V if ' . V 'l" ' R 1 ff W X 54 f l an .ml X , M sy 'Z f 7 M if f 7 Q 4 X 'fn Ovilla F. Rossignol Madawaska Agricultural Eng. , ' TW' W elf ! W fa 4 . John W, Royal Richard A. Royal Bangor Ellsworth Mathematics Civil Engineering .51 . 'ei 5 fjbrl r . 1 ,Sw ptr, 1' ' l . iv 1 Laurence E. R0bi11S011 Gardiner Chemical Engineering I l e A I f X l , 0, i s g . Wx 4 y , 1 ff Q f Z, f an ff 1 4 I X S f s . A7 R. X 7 7 K ss Z Q l A "::l f f ,,.,. i f ok 2 V' if William Rocheleau, Jr. KE Lewiston Hist. 8: Govt. . .,,, WE, .V - -, , Y f f ,- f A 'U f fi fa if ig? A1 f J Normand R. Rollins Buckfield Mechanical Engineering .. KM rr , R f i 'I ,fn Paul E. Rourke Vllinthrop History f ii"Yi l -5 f fl .wf2ifV 7 , , 'M Earl O. Ruhlin lillllglll' Mechanical Engineering 168 A Hist. 8: Govt. L 1 l William C. Rochon Union F55 X4 1 l Isabelle E. Russell 'l'lll x lfllglisly lxzlngvlt-y Joan L. Rossi 1l'M Sociology :l Gardiner Raymond F. Roux Limerick Brut' B- General Engineering ER. Tircrirg l I l l J jl W , 5 Charles N. Sawyer SAE Portland General Engineering 1. I l i .yr F , Clark E. Scammon 1 Old Town 1 Mathematics I I ' 311102 B. Schwab l , Kittery Engineering Physics l I li 1 Z 'x l P s.--., .-' 7 " I ,Q .1 , 0 ,y , - , ,f" "i X f ZW ..' Q X 47 . cf f I i Richard D. Sedgeley 'IKE Lewiston Business Administrati0H A F2 . f I-. 4. William G. Russell 9X Waterville Agricultural Eng, 1, ,,y ,ri r , :VV .2 In , ay K Harvey E. Sawyer Portland Civil Engineering , 9 fig ,ff , Ja . ,I Y Eugene E. Scheuchzer Portland Agricultural Eng. Rosemary H. Schwab Kittery Education ff CHQ Q ,ay Durward W. Seely vq,E Patten Business Administration 169 John C. Ryder ATS! Bangor Mechanical Engineering V M "E: A , ' flmfsk -.fs-,1.'f:, ., ' W , ,f ,aw o Q W . M f ag Q SM , be 4 Z' f B i Richard L. Sawyer Auburn Forestry Frederick T. Schoch ATA Fry eburg Zoology 5 ' M M .V 'flfx , Q - 17 r. fag 7, , X William L. Scott Lewiston Business Administration Zelma Seplin Bangor Zoology IA, yn ! lui, 'VAL K A ij, , -tl , , V Y , , . .1 f , K We ,aww f ..,. - if , Erwin M. Sawtelle Shirley Mechanical Engineering .W . if I M , Nair e LaRoy L. Sevey Dexter Animal Husbandry Peggy A. Sewall 1'IBfIJ i Gardiner Home Economics ff? , 1' ,pf . Vw , WJ. Q f V gf , 1292 . W 1 ix '44 , Qld' ., A nf, V 7 W f ' M722 fl f , f . .7 , Richard A. Singer TEKII Lewiston Economics F' Kelson C. Seward TKE Auburn Civil Engineering .. , A A -5.16" S? 'i-2255: ' --V' , ' ,gf U l.::' . , f. .A , is V M X , X '. f f.,7 ' X4 ,, 'Nz ' .gi ,f X S , 1 .J Bradley T. Shaw Portland Business Administration Clair E. Shirley Old Town Speech . pai' I SEQ ' 7 'I -- ,. if .fn- eff. 2 i ' Samuel E. Sides Sherman Mills Agricultural Eng. fi ,4 A , - , Fi . ' A ,, V .X .. wma. Zz., i , rf' TW! f 2 .ff-' "1 f ff John T. Skolfield, Jr. GX Gardiner Government he f-if . if 24 VW .--1 , , A .wtf '41 -1 1 J ff - 'f .123 7' 1 Q Albert J. Shaw Lewiston Business Administration if .M ,.,, f , 3 M... , E su 0 7 W 7 QQ , .. 7 f , 'WZ f ' X X X 46? Z'- Charles W. Shields CIDHK Oakfield Farm Management A ,,, ' X A f 3 ff f mf v ' x John E. Shirley CPKE Woodland Hist. K Govt. ,k5,,V 'Of N6 N1 U l 4?i' 3' 1 lv . James A. Silsby 'PHK Bangor Zoology N 'Ga im fr wi . ex ss , , 1 Howard R. Slaney, Jr. EIDE Old Orchard Bench Civil Engineering 170 :ua-'FTA in " I -f .. 92 'Lei ' A i W A K John R. Shipley B911 Augusta Government V! A I ft, .- .W L , Robert H. Slate Electrical Enginvcri l . .fl 4 James E. Short Calais Business Administration l' G rn y ug Kenneth A. Simpson Psychology Millinocket 4 xml!!-'.: iii? lizgd. l l l 1 l Gwendolyn M. Small AOII Machias Home Economics Y' ',: Barbara A. Smith Bangor Education li Irving F. smith P Gorham I Oullfy Husbandry if f. l yy i l y .ff X l i Donald M. Smyth j GX Orono Chemistry u -at x. .X xi .... A . Charles H. Small KPK3 Thomaston History l I na t . Nathan R. Small Lewiston Zoology 'I Viv., fa' ' 3 ',,. , 17 .f-I , A ? Dwight B. H. Smith, Jr. Lewiston Forestry f Yi f fa Richard S. Smith East Corinth Sociology Louise E. SHOW Douglass Hill Education 171 Dana W. Small Bowdoinham Animal Husbandry John A. Smiley AFP VVinslow Animal Husbandry V .N f f fi ,. a .... A- ' f 'f zff jx g 5, t R Gordon W. Smith Harrison Mechanical Engineering Valerie B. Smith AOH Cutler Business Administration Rosalie M. Snow AZ Bangor Speech i E l. .. , 'MSM' Donald E. Small Derry, N. I-I Mechanical Engineering I' ' ss S: at A 5 : ZR ii f Frederick F. Soucy 'PIKE Saco Education R ,fin-sw ' 1 Wg' .s Clyde M. Spaulding NVaterville Animal Husbandry 5. ,, Ruey W. Stevens Education Eustis -w" !m""!Q WAX . X ff K X 5 f ,. fel? i 75 Sn' , 7 5 i ' 51 M: Af, f 7, 1 S W X X Q W S5 S ENR f i' I ' f f William J. Spear, Jr. Orono Farm Management f 1.1 , 7 L.. . l N W y X f M X X X, N x f f y ,X fwfr , Q -if ,K 2' X Z igx Cyn X f W , ff y4 , f X Q Douglas A. Starbird Pearl River, N. Y. Wildlife Conservation , 'ff I 5, is ,Ma - Mg f ff xi'- ' 'wtf N S Q. -2 V - i'Q5WF ,,,, . , V .. Eggs... i s , f f I 5 4 George Stephens, Jr. Orono Civil Engineering . I Z ly I Z f '?,ygf at QMQQQWQ .a2aasc My f z - Q Richard M. Stevens TKE Rockland Zoology 1 my, 'W 4mVWQWf ff 1 f FX W 2 I f A A ' 3 s X ' Z f fy -2:1 . 7 ,Z a Ross St. Germain, Jr. Bangor Psychology , . yiisisf Vwfkgf ? f ? ser 'Wm , fm 1 . f if f v 2 ft QQN f , X X Z M QW . .i,.. My X f . Jw! fsigwgv Robert A. Spencer Lewiston Civil Engineering Carl J. Stenholm Bernardette F. Stein Y AAA Lisbon Falls Hempstead, IN. Y. Music Mechanical Engineering f ' "1 Pl is X f T . fy' ' . if is as - .... . . gs s - 1 Francis R. Stevens Gardiner Rierccf Animal HuSbandfY Business Administration Harold D. Stevens ., , , . A gag . i , . Robert L. Stevens Roger L. Stevens . Fort Fairfield East Corinth Dllitl J, 5 Agricultural Eng. Dairy Husbandry XML A47-Elica iw I , 8' i. ' M y,f? 3 A M Milton E. Stimpson i Stockton Springs Poultry Husbandry Eva G. Stinson HB-lj nil-cn llnrlwor Business Adminislrxxtiou U2 th Sally L. Stockton South Portland Education A . G .if ic . . 5 2 Q Charles H. St. Onge Walter J. St. Onge, Jr. Torrington. Conn. ATA T0ffiUgt0l1, Conn. Xleelmuicnl Engineering l'liSI. K Govt. Stillwater j 'X-9? f . 'J ' Q Q 5 1 Ellen E. Stratton Thomas J- Shout X9 Brewer Home Economics Agricultural Eng. l Daniel J- Sullivan George F. Sullivan I Bangor NI - Orono ' Administration - athemancs Business l I l ' . B rnice L. Suttvn Kenneth T. Sullivan e Bangor Lewiston H E nomics , . - ,- oinc C0 Mechanical lzngineei mg 173 WW' if l f 1. Z 2 I 5 f ,J Charles H. Stone, Jr. Cornish Dairy Husbandry f V7 I .6 . X 4 far , ,, A Richard A. Stover EAE Bar Harbor Mechanical Engineering K f 3 i S ,5.w,.:..,, . '--' A 'M I iii Neal H. Stults Bangor Business Administration f , y X f f X . F 4 X if J f ,Q 7 . N 4 ,,,,, 45 , J ,o S1 X ff x James V. Sullivan Orono Education ff... g X fs". gi . ..,, xx tis .X . x Colby C. Swan BSU Bedford Hills, N. Y. Business Administration Ethel M. Stone X9 Gardiner French , . ..i..,. 7. 3 fi ' iw e . X 4 4' X 4 .X .rg f 9' X K X s .N ff . X ... X. , ,.., - ,..,,,,, is QQ Q. if , A 'ESQ .i Richard C. Swanson BAE Belfast Mechanical Engineering .r if A V "'1'11i:i u runnin uf '11, H Richard W. Sweetser EX Cumberland Center General Agriculture . t 'rw ' X In vm lvl ' , fl 0 W 6 X f f ff , X f tw X f Z tl I WNW 5 , f i William R.lThompson AXA Livermore Falls Zoology .I . Alton P. Swett W. Boothbay Harbor Mechanical Engineering .,... 2 , 0 . ,. ,, X. X 3 , f f M , N M , , g W A Pic -tt'- 'LJ - 34.3. 45. Z - N " 'aff wb - ,. Robert D. Tarpy Biddeford Hist. 8: Govt. Arthur H. Tevanian Portland dministration EAE Business A A L .Zane f f f f f ,ff . W! ,I 4 N Emile J. Thebarge TKE Anson Business Administration Q, fi, f J 4 f I e T M I Ashley C. Thorndike Hampden Highlands Electrical Engineering Peter C. Tandy Hampden Highlands Electrical Engineering Natalie E. Tarr 1'IBflJ Baltimore, Md. Home Economics John Tevanian Portland Business Administration 1 "', . 1' . . . . fel .3 s gh V S . ' Lucian J. Theriault Soldier Pond Electrical Engineering Allan M. Thorne KIIKE St. Albans Farm Management 174 1. f ,f f 4, f 2 ' 6.4 2 f Ex f' 1 A if ye f 'E fa Lauriston S. Taylor, Jr. 3 G-sd A l ,R 1 . i John R. Thayer ATS! Bethesda, Md. Forestry X Speech iii ' E -. " s-. j ' I... 1 ' Fi , -I 1 ii P i v Harmon F. Thurston Forcslry Ruinford lkiim South NYindham N 4 . 5 ' , 24 . , ! X i v ,tx x . Walter A. Thompson Ofllwnd Limestone TW0.YK. Agronomy :lf - I f Jean C. Tourtillotte , Q. .. ' I f ' ' 4' Winield S. Tilton, jr. TKE Pittsfield Civil Engineering Dover-Foxcroft Romance Languages Ormona M. Trask A T Biddeford W0-Year Agriculture Frederick N. Trimm Fort Fairfield Farm Management i Patricia A. Thurston North Fryeburg Home Economics l I Francis R. Titcomb Houlton Mechanical Engineering 1 A ff. 5 Keith E. Tozier TKE Solon Mechanical Engineering 1 C it Zz Beverly V. Trenholm Lubec Education l i 1-,, ' ,-yV4'i,'99?1, fl 41 r ei , f A , we M s f j 23 X 2 Z 4 kr W f jg ,X f f I Q 1 I Clinton E. Tripp BQH Fryeburg Forestry 175 X' -.--' , as e. E Earl M. Tibbetts Frank M. Tillou, Jr. Morrill 24113 South Portland Hist. 8: Govt. Engineering Physics Nest' - li I X, 3 ..,. V ii' ,Q s Ji Arthur S. Tobiassen Portland Agricultural Eng. A F A Raymond L. Trabold TKE No. Agawam, Mass. History yr W f. 5 4? X ,gf X f is , 4 ygip Q ., Yr, Jrfs 5. x X is rf f X 4 fi f A ,.,. , l3.yZ,,5!.e,s -, 4. ,. i EW ' 1 12 3 3:- ' . Herbert E. Triehy Belfast Zoology I rt" ,. ,f V .I lf, 6 1.5 H' l ' - ..... , .. L, t x .X Orvme K. Tripp Kenneth 0. True Poland fI'K2 Mercer Forestry ' Forestry X, I , L , ,,, vb , ., s .nn-.N v L, . ' K, ', ,U v' , ,Hin umm Q , vl ' 5 ',1...lil..i!11 " ' " ' i :" Z' L,, . .... , Mfg 2 1 . ggi ' , Richard D. True Old Town Education 7 4 Z I I, . " , , ' ef Charles L. Varnum AFP Steep Falls Poultry Husbandry . W.. .S 'N 5. Wig A V' L g, nu. was Robert D. Tucker Melrose, Mass. General Engineering f vfii- YJ Z. I , X vw F X if fx Q S B , W 22 Q f a X, N. Harland A. Turner Vassalboro Sociology M ,Q g M .,,, ., ff.: X s 1 ,l , ,, 1 f k X f x! 1, , f r Z X Q X ff Xfwf Q fax A!! Q ,.,.. , it f fi , ,. ,Q ZiQ -s f K Q42 . W ' Eugene N. Tussing f av Orono Agronomy X K A C lm f of 541 ,... '. 2 Q, , , A K 1 Robert L. Upton Milbridge Sociology ' Robert H. Varney Orono Civil Engineering Mary B. Tufts XQ Waterville Education E ggs? .I ,f 7 'sg .iff fi' ,Z X X ,X Mark W. Turner Buckfield Civil Engineering I wg: H - 2: 6+ 2 .-.. , ji: ' x V1 , . , .BJ " ' I, ' ,X 1 Richmond A. Tuttle ATQ S. Deerfield, Mass. Forestry J' "' V I M-, l ,..e'2 7 -II James Vanites 'FMA Biddeford Business Administration i 3 flu r SN If . Ns. 1-iuybf' i X. . .SPI 'Q Dish' 6 Richard L. Vasquez Orono Mechanical Engineering 176 fi -1 ,,, , ff , way' ,M 3 , , 4 f, . A... 3 Stuart M. Turner Buckfield Forestry Y 151 s Dumont M. Twombly Brooks Business Administration ' X.-. 5 ...,.-v-4 5 sf, Richard J. Vaughan hx Lcxillllton. Mass. Speech ' .1 5 . . Sophie A. Vardamis I-list. X Govt. Bangor Russell General Ag Edgar A. Waldron English Russeu o. waiter Readliel d General Agriculture Ringwood, N. mf. Richard S. Wade Gardiner Civil Engineering J. , . ,wg ,. ,,, . , W H, 42 f f' 9 W' ' f ' -"ff, .. , . i Philip R. Ward Ilist. 81 Govt- Lewiston 1 Milton P. victor ' K2 Saco I-list. ik Govt. :YJ-Q... if Q . 'hw lv' SI 3 S 3' . v xfx Walter J. Wadsworth Camden Mechanical Engineering .- -5 V X ...,,, ,ff -1 S Jane A. Walker Bucksport Zoology f ul I X s ' A f 'xl x , 1, n x ii H - "iv i ' x ' e . .sf . ' ' 3 x, V A . George H. Ward, If- Dennysville Mechanical Engineering 1 J - !' F WwL..s1 w f A .gem , h-.i 1 - 3 f,q.tfp-M ne, ,j - Q ' z , L Q, . ' -- Walter B. Ward, Il'- Arlington, MHSS- Business Administration 177 f 4 1, f , 'W 4. f X . Q. , Z4 ' ffl! ,' I' I ' , , Daniel N. Vivona Old Town Chemistry CA. 8L SJ 1 . f. ..,. . AM. f I f al' ' 'Y f f f f f X 7 X Q X , .2 ' '-as ' ff 2 . 4 as 't I ' 2 .af z Norman 0. Wakely EAE Topsham Education John A. Wallace East Boston, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Hilda L. Ward AAA Waterville Psychology 'A-div. ' 6 James E. Wardwell Dark Harbor Business Administration 9' if gli' ,.., 25 ,4 X i NH .f 1' N, A A .t az? 1 ' ii William T. Vosburg Schenectady, N. Y Sociology 14.-s N' .2 X , Z Donald C. Wark, Jr. Lexington, Mass. Mechanical Engineering v rm 1 . he . I z I-1 . Q- 11 'I ,t ,A . . .0 Q W x DX f lg , S f , 4 W7 f so v I S i , Russell Sociology D. Wass, I r. Belmont, Mass. Nancy X9 Education E. Whiting Cape Elizabeth l 4 George Weinstein Biddeford Mechanical Engineering Philip D. Wells Auburn Civil Engineering ,ffr I Beverly M. White KIM Bangor Education Rosemary L. White AZ Bangor Medical Technology ,,, 1 .f. f R, " A 3 .P ' ,f ' Q if if 4, ff ,.., f '-.dv X . .2 r y Fred W. Whitney Harrison Education ' 1 jsfifi. Maxine M. Wells Bangor Romance Languages - 55,43 N ' 253 zifffl x 1 , v ia U uid! ny ff f s- an Se 4 ff, f at vi Qi, , W1 ,QA- ff I W f ff X W X ? ff of N! ff of Z Z f 4 r f W 4 ng v ' wr fx ff 4 Q Q' 4 'Q 4 5: ? A 'A iifgg K A Albert E. Weymouth Belfast Education . James C. White Ashland, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Walter T. White Hope Mechanical Engineering 1 1, E ...... V, 3 fi 4, 1 ' , Harold E. Whitney Salisbury, Vt. Forestry 178 X A , Q f f" W M 7541 4 ul 1 f xy I 1 .2 George N. Whalen ZQE Eastport Hist. 8z Govt. ..., I' ,,.. , Mary G. White AAA Reading, Mass. Home Economics i 1 1 4:S'f,f' f ' , , Q ,fi 4 - . -.." ii William F. Whitney P0l'llilllil lx'lCCll1llllC1ll Engineering .f ,E . A . or ,H ., . .J Winston H. White Fort Fairfield Agronomy Edt' v Emil E. Winter, Jr. Donald 0. Wilson Topsham Mechanical Engineering ATSZ Kingfield Business Administration l ...W ,V f fi! f 1 ,fy X V73 t Q12 i Caswell W. Wood Education Old Town s . Clarence E. Woodbury, Jr. History Waldoboro ni 1 R X ' 'W Q Q i f si is Y xx Earl T. Williams EX Sanford Business Administration Q , Leon A. Wilson Jonesport Education Joan S. Wiswell South Portland Home Economics W' if . ,hx 5 I,V-A. 5 5 . n I X .i 3 I 4 1 9, wb s V " 1 ' 119.1 -'- X Pi .. K, 55:-:'. . ,. , . + George E. Wood Bangor Mathematics 'I ,V Q , :f ' f -. . ...,..,,, ' -n a. Q zz ,f fifvg, ,.,. 'K l Hubert C. Woodsum Mechanic Falls Physics 179 Albert C. Willis Eliot Forestry 5z,,v.v A..-.,,-iff" , fs 1 I ,5 51 , f' 1 .... gf -xi , by if f Lloyd E. Wing Gray Mechanical Engineering Leroy A. Witham West Scarboro Civil Engineering .2f'4w f l fav- 'W '- f it 1 f 2 , '49 M . Victor A. Woodbrey KDMA Sebago Lake Education ' "" K f :,..,. ...b 3 ' S ,li e ' .3 James L. Worthley Strong Dairy Husbandry .Q ,, X ' Zh ,f f Edgar C. Wilmot Oakneld Civil Engineering Charles C. Wright South Portland Civil Engineering 1. v ...J--ihiuguf gi 311, ,', 1 5 1 t ' ' f Liv!" 4- ' Q , as Z AMW, W s so 1 XX W X 5 ' f X 1 N '7 ...a X ff, gl ' V, .JV -- Lf B E Hx. 2 f Robert W. Wright Bangor Forestry Joseph W. Zabriskie Newburyport, Mass. Psychology Frank M. Adams Bowdoinham Education Clinton G. Adell AFP Readtield Depot Farm Management Fletcher M. Alley Beals Education 4 John H. Angis Old Orchard Beach English Paul G. Angus ATS! Newton, Mass. Dairy Technology Joseph W. Arsenault Winslow Business Administration Lloyd L. Arsenault Bangor Electrical Engineering Carl Bache-Wiig Farmingdale Education William H. Banks Bangor Business Administration Leslie W. Banks Old Town Mechanical Engineering John B. Banton Orono Public Administration Neil D. Barnaby Bingham Education Kshiroda K. Baruwa Baunati, Assam, India Public Administration Maurice W. Beals Blaine Education Roland G. Beaucage Auburn Chemical Engineering Mary D. V. Yates AOH Washington, D. C. Romance Languages Elizabeth Zaitlin . rf .f X We f Ag? f sf! f" W - J X 4 ya A 5 , f Zag W sf 2 f 'A 0 A - 7 f f , ps Oliver Yeaton Belgrade Chemistry ,asv f . ff -' A I ,. ,ff I N If ' . Lys 5 ,fy f' :J -.faq-4 ,K f ,,.. s A ' ' 45 47 'S , ,et"" tdfw' . .4 , Z? I .,,, 'Jai' .. r A e A Irving Zalcman TEfIP Portland Education eninrs Not Pi Saco Education Robert L. Bernstein Bangor Sociology Ethel C. Bickford Hancock Zoology Walter R. Bisset Blue Hill Wildlife Conservation Averill L. Black fIrI'A North Amity Education Arthur E. Boulter Bangor Mechanical Engineering Roland W. Boutin Lewiston Economics Joseph R. Bowden Castine Mechanical Engineering Earl D. Bragdon Parkman Arts Frederick O. Brittain lfValpole Zoology Hawley F. Brannan Rockland Hist. 8: Govt. Frederick L. Bransconde Portland Education Albert N. Brown Brunswick History Ernest D. Brown Augusta General Agriculture James L. Brown fI'KE Bangor Mechanical Engineering Roger H. Brown Portland Civil Engineering Harry T. Bryant Old Town Agriculture Charles W. Buck Norway Dairy Husbandry Hollie A. Bucklin South Portland Psychology William. D. Burke Wallingford, Pa. Chemical Engineering Bert L. Campbell South Portland Civil Engineering John S. Canacaris Bath Psychology James P. Carey Orono Education Vaughn D. Carey Stillwater Mechanical Engineering Arthur W. Carlson Harrison Electrical Engineering David G. Carnevale Bangor Hist. 8: Govt. John C. Carroll Brewer Mechanical Engineering Henry S. Carson Ashland Forestry Allison G. Catheron Eastport Forestry Glenn E. Chute Harrison Business Administration Paul H. Clark, Jr. Portland Business Administration 180 fi was - at X 4 ,smkx Xi X A X as X X , as X X X Xi S a Ni X f dk. 1 x R XX Psxxfb NNI A Xt X XX Robert D. Young Thomaston Business Administration X X f f f . ,gg -. 122 fix 'f A " 4 i ig fig. f , fa . X xg Y f , f of X' . - if 1, , , g ki I f Al .. George G. Zellner Caldwell, N. J. Business Administration ctured Priscilla A. Clark Fairfield Education Millard A. Clement Orland Mechanical Engineering Robert Colby Boothbay Harbor Education Wilfred I. Colson, Jr. Old Town Forestry John B. Colton Portland Business Administration Wade A. Comber Caratunk Business Administration Anthony C. Comeau Brownville Geology Philip A. Coulombe Augusta Business Administration Milton E. Craig Coaldale, Pa. Mechanical Engineering John R. Crosby Mexico Economics Charles E. Curtis Kingfleld Engineering Physics Mervin W. Curtis Orono Civil Engineering Donald J. Cushing Stillwater Electrical Engineering Raymond E. Cushing Bllcksport ltnginccring Phygigg Sylvio Cyr Fort Kent Geology ,: , , ,.f ,MI ff V' ff af It A if Robert E. Young Camden Mechanical Engineering Kenneth H. Hamilton TKE Chebeague Island Hist. 8: Govt. Galena Ferne Davenport Limestone Education ' Herbert M. Davis Belmont, Mass. Business Administration Herbert R. Davis Levant Mechanical Engineering Frank W. Deininger Brunswick Engineering Physics James L. Delois Millinocket Physical Education Donald F. Dion Portland Electrical Engineering Robert H. Dodd Bangor Psychology Eric R. Doughty Topsham Agricultural Engineering Walter L. Driscoll, Jr. Medford, Mass. History Robert M. Eaton Melrose, Mass. Forestry Harold R. Elderkin Dexter Mechanical Engineering Richard O. Emmons Bethel Mechanical Engineering William M. Fairley Millinocket Geology Lawrence Fennel, Jr. South l'urtl:xnd Mechanical Engineering Johnson C. Fenwick lh'cu'cr Business Adxninistrutiou Edward W. Flint Orono Civil Engineering Halton W. Foster Orono Animal Iliisliamlry Robert W. Fuller Portland Forestry Richard H. Gardner Rockland Mechanical Engineering Raymond Gardner Monmouth Electrical Engineering Jacqueline French Bangor Medical Technology Warren R. Gay Augusta Electrical Engineering James F. Geaghan Bangor English Michael Georgacarokos Biddeford Education John Gibbon Ocean Point Electrical Engineering Dale B. Giford Bangor Wildlife Conservation Arnold G. Golding Danforth Wildlife Conservation George H. Grant Lexington, Mass. Engineering Physics Donald E. Green Waterville Mechanical Engineering Edwin R. Grove, Jr. ATA Bangor Forestry Louis P. Guilmette Lewiston Business Administration Paul L. Guilmette Lewiston Psychology Richard A. Gumprecht Bangor Zoology Richard G. Haney Portland Chemical Engineering June Rita Harvey Millinocket Education John D. Hawley 'PFA Orono Business Administration Frederick 0. Heald Milo Mechanical Engineering Eastman F. Heywood Portland Farm Management Harold R. Hickson Bangor Public Administration Donald S. Higgins, Jr. Bangor Business Administration Harold B. Higgins East Holden Animal Husbandry Stephen S. Hopldnson Portland Business Administration Harry R. Hulley Bangor Economics Ralph J. J ewett BGH Orono Education Gerald B. Johnson Milltown Business Administration Bradford W. Johnstone, Jr. Orono Dairy Husbandry wmara R. Keny NVaterville Mechanical Engineering Donald O. Kennedy Livermore Falls Civil Engineering George T. Knight Portland Forestry Walter Kozineski Portland Electrical Engineering John Kozloff Saco Electrical Engineering George A. LaBronte Waterville Forestry Betty J. Ladd Hallowell Government Franklin W. Landers Augusta Civil Engineering Roland P. Lange The Forks Mechanical Engineering Richard P. Lawler Houlton Engineering Physics Edward H. Lawson Stillwater English William J. Leader, Jr. EN Rumford Business Administration Sharland L. Leavitt Bangor History ' John B. Leet QDFA Millinocket Hist. 8: Govt. James L. Leotaskos Lewiston Government Ilon J. Lesniewski Portland Forestry Richard R. Leveille Bangor Geologv Emilien J. L'Hereux Springvale Chemical Engineering Theodore R. Littleield Brewer Mechanical Engineering George V. Lobozzo Auburn Civil Engineering William A. Loubier TMA Waterville Journalism Robert M. Low Stillwater Agricultural Engineering Vaughn A. Lowell, Jr. Lincoln Farm Management Francis P. Lynch Thomaston English Arthur R. McAlister Portland Animal Husbandry John M. McClure Orono Public Administration Robert H. McDonald Portland Civil Engineering Jane E. McGlaughlin' Bangor Medical Technology George A. McLauchlan Stillwater Agriculture Matthew S. McNeil1y, Jr. Brookline, Mass. Agricultural Engineering David R. Macken Pittsfield Journalism Ralph P. Mahoney Portland Zoology Victor Mandoff, Jr. Wellesley, Mass. Chemistry Roland D. Mann Hancock Point Journalism Ralph C. Marden Albion Electrical Engineering Henry M. Martell Millinocket Zoology George E. Martin Eagle Lake Education John R. Martin Biddeford Mechanical Engineering Neil F. Matheson Bangor Civil Engineering William W. Melcher Bingham Forestry Alvan Mersky Portland Journalism Kenneth P. Miller fIJMA Portland Mechanical Engineering Earle P. Moore Warren General Agriculture Pierre J. Morin Orono Hist. 8: Govt. Philip L. Morton East Union Education Rudolph P. Nadeau Skowhegan Geology Leroy O. Nisbett Bangor Education Chester E. Norris Winterport Business Administration Adelbert T. Norwood Warren Education Ronald C. Noyes Orono Education Albert E. Noyes Orono Education Kenneth E. Nyboe Stillwater Mechanical Engineering Charles S. Perkins BGH Westbrook Dairy Husbandry Herbert W. Perkins Old Town Economics Merlin G. Perkins Ogunquit Business Administration Robert H. Perkins Bangor Education Winnifred H. Perkins Old Town Home Economics Lester J. Porter Skowhegan Agricultural Engineering James L. Powell Vanceboro Education Louise I. Powers South Portland Medical Technology 181 Clifford A. Priest Bradford, Mass. Mechanical Engineering David S. Ramsay 'PKZ Augusta General Agriculture Richard Y. Reilly New Harbor Mechanical Engineering Priscilla J. Roberts Brownville Jct. Home Economics Richard Tait St. Louis, Mo. Government Stanley G. Roberts, Jr. Manhasset, N. Y. Business Administration Oliver W. Robertson Waldoboro Journalism Eugene Rowe West Minot Mechanical Engineering Lionel E. Roy KE Brunswick Education Lloyd G. Rozelle Bradford Animal Husbandry Robert A. Rushworth Orono Mechanical Engineering Paul C. Sackley Orono Mechanical Engineering Charles Sawyer Waterville History Louis J. Sciacca Bangor Speech Charles H. Scribner Bangor Mechanical Engineering George B. Sherman Boothbay Harbor Theater Robert H. Simonton Ellsworth Philosophy Abel R. Sirois Stillwater Civil Engineering Gloria F. Slosser Bangor Home Economics Lawrence P. Smith Orono Education Ray E. Smith Orono Public Administration Joseph R. Soychak Lisbon Falls Business Administration Richard W. Sprague Dark Harbor Journalism John C. Squires CPFA Lowell, Mass. Civil Engineering Archie C. Steen Patten Mechanical Engineering Everett R. Stevens Orono Civil Engineering Madelyn L. Stevens Brunswick Education Gwendolyn J. Stewart Caribou Sociology Hoyt C. Sweet Orono Agriculture Martin S. Swensen North Brooksville Education Philip H. Talbot, Jr. Gorham Education Eugene C. Theriault Millinocket Business Administration Harold Thurlow Lee Government Mary P. Thurston Monroe Home Economics Robert L. Towle Bangor Psychology Vernon W. Tozer ATX2 Orono Psychology James H. Tuttle Northeast Harbor Zoology Robert C. Umberger Bangor Forestry Leon H. Van Aken Hampden Highlands Mechanical Engineering Clayton A. Veno Brewer Education Jeannette C. Vosburgh Houlton Sociology Alan C. Wagner VVoburn, Mass. Civil Engineering Marjorie M. Walker Orono Home Economics Raymond H. Wallace Portland Education Charles W. Walls Newton Highlands, Mass. Forestry Ruth C. Watson AAA Wellesley, Mass. Education Thelma M. Watson Bangor Education Merle T. Webber Old Town Mechanical Engineering Roy P. Webber Portland Public Administration Robert D. Welch South Paris Chemistry Roland J. West Old Town Mechanical Engineering George N. Weston Damariscotta Mills Mathematics Oscar S. Whalen Eastport Education Robert 0. White Lisbon Falls Civil Engineering William 0. White Orono Edu-cation Ivan W. Whitney Ellsworth Business Administration Lawrence Whitney Farmington Civil Engineering Robert P. Wilson Houlton Journalism Robert P. Wing Houlton Journalism John G. Wishart Bath Mechanical Engineering From the "Maine Campus" . . much student interest shown in proposed radio station . . spring rushing by fraternities starts today . . . general senate constitution to be revised.. .class of '52 to present semi-formal hop . . . class of '52 will confer with brass . . . glee club's big production gets large ovation . . . '52 prism needs editor, manager . . . glee club repeats 'down in the valley' by popular demand . . . Wight tops pale blue batters . . . hersey new prexy of pi kappa delta . . . prism shots for class of '52 to begin oct. 2 . . . elect officers in girls' dorms for new year . . . draft eligibles should request postponement . . new leaders elected by general senate . . . dow shines in cross country. . .hillson achievement award to greg V macfarlan for his fine work as committee head of the crusade for freedom' drive. . .hal reeves orchestra to play at calico ball on nov. 18 . . . art bowker named to '52 prism staff . . pendleton leads grid scorers. . . agpalo scores high in west - point panel on orient problems . . . collins to head embassy week .... " 182 'x X XX .f x ,l - ufz H'-3 ,X .X ' fSK -, x X X ....., lg ,' 54 xl-yn if - - J ., -J,-.J.l1,f,. 1,1 . ,,.!..!1 JJ, ,1,,1 1 Y' -f , ff, ,tw TQ ' ,Jf-1 7- HV., luvfp 1 l ' IW, wk' JJ A K' 1 ww ' 1 Wu. V 'v r 1- 4 .- 1 - - - ' , - ,, . . ., ,., . .- .. . , f. - - L . . '--- - ' 1 . w..,. ..:f3L:'2'It.2 ..a"- H.--', ' ' '.' -2' ' 'H " reall y ? 'L' H I I 1 w 1 Mclntire, Henderson, Knowles, Dow, Pratt, Schurman, VVight, Foley Class Ufficers RICHARD Dow, President CARL WIGHT, Vice President JEANETTE PRATT, Secretary HARRY EASTON, Treasure: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Harry Henderson Howard Foley Jean lvlclntire Nancy Knowles Waltero Schunnan I8-1 --A: --vg--qzjzlzzxzrlzi 522:51-:f:5E.J.::+ ..-.-.,,. U. ,.,,..-1,:.L,:El.,', , ,U , , , A, ' V ' 'I - . .... .. ..., ,. I, ',,f ,f f ..-.. ,w....,,,. , ar 3 A r . ., Q' .:.. lF4:,?, ,,,n,.,,l: d:u..'.,,!,,7I:- IH.. Mmm v q L, 'VJ !L,E,irL,gkL:1' . - 2 J' 4' 7 1 ' .L.a.'..g.,., . -.-L. . . .. ,f fi' "" ' ' 1 1 ' ,4..:..,..:::, ...r:.:.rr:1::t:512kc:c!trffzfgflgiiggi-gg' yvg, A T, ,., , M looking north along the Mall from the library' 185 , L I I I pushy- in ini 1 I - , - rim- ,v , gif .. -Q -fie,,T'f:rzgv,,,iiL4,.!.v,lZZif ri rr g 5 in QE e l We 5 k 3.4! Y , .-Tlil-V,..f . . 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Hai-tfortl, Conn. llfllli East Cm-imh ' lllllls Covp Geology F01'CSt1'y Poultry l'luslmnd1'y fXgl'lClllllll'1ll lirlncalion Albert H. Ashley East Machias Engineering Physics William H. Banks Bangor Business Administration Rco A, Beaulieu NI:xtt:xwn1nkca1R' l'filln':1lim1 : S .4 ' Ri Poult I ' Wi Mathei f -1 ,gan - 4, sh f 3 e R 5, 2 ! 1 l Wil Educati Alber Hlflili Ellsinse: Richard Mfflt: 'C Ps, i SSH I C xx l rs Q r X y xt f ,rs-.-,x .1 ,R - -vis. X 1 Richard L. Adams DiXfl0l1l Pllilippines Remigio E. Agpalo Poultry Husbandry Government Phyllis I. Anderson 'William T. Ames Brewer Rockland Mathematics Romance Languages Willis E. Austin Gorham EN Kittery Education French Richard W. Ayotte ,Albert W. Barbour Merrill D. Bartlett QHK Presque Isle 4lfI'A Belgrade Lakes Engineering Physics Government Robert Becker Richard W. Beaumont York Village Portland 5 . Mechanical Engineering Chemical Engineering xii i.Sf'fZ .Bm M .r x It Q 'oee o .. A - ' A A V L f' 1 . g, r C. 5 l ig, F I -Y ly Q.. C" 1 1. V Denton C. Aldrow NYest Valley, N. Y. lYildlife Conservation Walter A. Anderson TKE Kingston, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Jean C. Bagley Albion Home Economics David E. Bates Newtonville, Mass. Arts 81 Sciences Delbert C. Beckwith rplflli Fort Fairfield Agricultural Economics 187 Charles K. Allen, Ir. Sedgwick Education Earl C. Andrews, West Paris Business Administration Edgar M. Bailey Bangor Civil Engineering Calvin H. Beal KIPHK Troy, N. Y. Chemical Engineering Franklin Beekman EN Ocean Park Pre-Medical Samuel D. Allen Brunswick Poultry Husbandry l Paul D. Archer EN Amherst, Mass. Economics Forrest E. Bailey, Jr. EN Brownville Jet. Psychology Frank S. Beal Phillips Forestry James A. Bement Greenville Mechanical Engineering l Jonathan G. Benedict Leon J. Berkowitz EX Orono Portland Public Management English lr: H, lil ei E? . . l l li l. il Pl' il' rl tl 1 By l 5? 7? Alma D. Black Qi Surry . xg ,...g..-..,.,... .........J...- .. .. -. - V M---A Ruth D. Bernstein Bangor English Elizabeth A. Blackwood W. Pembroke Horticulture English fi EW If sl ,l il B4 is l 5, il Ei l Jean Boomer CPM Southwest Harbor Sociology il sl Pl fn 'r Ei . . 'N f.f4fLvf"7'L99 r .4214 Us fx l f il qw 0 J is fl X -H ffdf I-H--'M-reg of yi! 'XX 'Ai lxxrij XX BE'-lit-Ffh ji n 'X J, .,,,.,,X . .. fi Jixflg f' ' .V .fji AFX 1 188 Constance S. Berry XS? Waterville Physical Education Raymond C. Blaisdell Bangor Electrical Engineering Barbara E. Bornheimer H345 Scarborough Music David D. Brackett ATA Melrose. Mass. Business Administration Robert W. Berry LIDKZ Augusta Business Administration Donald K. Blanchard Whitman, Mass. Business Administration Conrad B. Bosworth EX Portland Engineering Physics Milton L. Bradford, Jr. MIA Augusta Business Administration Ruth A. Bridges Gorham Zoology ! Be Sdvl-I Agric Io: Physi l S AAA Home E Civil AT' N 'M ' i , U3-5:3124-qfmfx l i ' 5 'iii U1 V I . 1 na um 1 lb 1 1 I I 1 A Bertram W. Berube :QE Yan Buren Agricultural Economics 1 . Joan L. Blanchard Cumberland Center Physical Education Sarah J. Bouchard AAA Madawaska Home Economics' Edward K. Bragg Cumberland Center Civil Engineering George R. Brockway ATU Southbridge, Mass. Agricultural Economics 1 1 Lois P. Beverage Education Lulmec Robert W. Blethen 'PHE Portsmouth, N. H. Pre-Dental Arthur M. Bowker SAE Bath Business Administration l James E. Bradley SAE Gloucester, Mass. Economics "" R A i f all Y Wiz ,f .7 J ff. I ',, .vi fy -2774 7 james D. Bromley AFP Belmont, Mass. Agronomy Ross P. Bickford SAE South Portland Business Administration r Paul R. Bodurtha Worcester, Mass. VVildlife Conservation John C. Bowler CIPFA Bangor Business Administration Frederick T. Brennan Bangor Zoology Arthur D. Bl'0Wn Dixtield Physics 189 William T. Bird fI,l'A Winchester, Mass. Physical Education Osmond C. Bonsey Surry Government Janice M. Boyce AAA Cape Elizabeth Sociology Harry S. Brennan 41M Augusta Sociology Bradford B. Brown EX Vassalboro Animal Husbandry Albert D. Bishop AXA Presque Isle Business Administration Robert C. Booker Portland Mathematics James I. Boyle TKE Rumford Mathematics l Carl F. Brenner, Jr. DIPE Washington, N. I. History Frances E. Brown Belfast Psychology , , . . 1 tp...-me .W 'rains-up g-pb - 1-, gn- -rg" ' 121i-5-34111 xnpsqfm ig Hi ' ipmmm Ifqliifi '-Pj ' iiitiziv' 1 ' ""- 'ff " 2 L4-1 I 1'-"' ' ' 1' , , .pn ,-v":.'. 1 MTN' 1 ' 1-Q wird' I ..l N 'nw I - "' . . . ' ' 4 - 1. 1 -- ' ' ' 19-...EZ-.'.'5Z:2':.. 5 .milzfz-'I . ' - -. H. ..'- .- - 1 . '......i .1 W1 V' ' 11 1 " 1 Patricia AAA Sociology X A. Brown Auburn N ff' X51 V- is I: 7 X Robert E. Brown Harmony Agricultural Economics Virginia L. Brown Brooks English 4 Q 'Wig ,545 S N25 wr 'f r pc f r V' ' fl W nies- Z SS X 5 X J N Q . W g GX' Y XJ? QWXX , f Z X ,f , 4. X X f, H A X X . Y X it f Q5 'Q f 7 X .Jw X ' + f 3 X X X fl ff'XYf"'7 ' 5NSf7"'55 William F. Buck Clinton, Mass. Forestry ,.. .--. 1 ' 1-2 ' ' , si Y ' , .,:A. 1 ., ff 1 swf N07 .i ,--- 1 1 f 7 f xXx 1 if ff' mx KQX ' X 'r E V l X Z I 4 ,QQ ' x K , X ,gr 13 , W f ,yy MW ! f ymf 5 .. jg 7 f 1 .W fi ez ' ?e 7 'L' ,Q 1 1 V W if Bradford F. Butler South Portland Business Administration Kenneth W. Castner B911 Portland Economics Barbara A. Chellis AZ Belfast Psychology mf ' " g..j5,.2'yf" .6 i t wwf' 5 " Nwf, 2 a , Wesley A. Bullard Sanford Civil Engineering liiiggxli Q .f - , 1 :v - . Z i , .S If f ,V A N 2.1.2 .K . 1fg3m.,,. 'YZF' T1 ftwgfig. . 3: 1 .f ,w w ,:,., Pisq- W ffm. - rnfxwg,-.f M40 ,f .M-.-ass , . fm:.1gv+wzsg54w Q. H , fr 1 xv , f- 42 ffiog.-1f1ZPW"i at ?zff:1r.'ffs:ei5.f Merrill G. Butts KE Ellsworth Electrical Engineering , f . aiziafw I A E' 1 :4 2 if 2 'ff ', f "" 1 aw N. ' f t X 1. ,, , X . . Beverly A. Chadeayne AZ I'IZll'IllKlCIl Highlands Home Economics Donald Chesebrough Stonington, Conn. Education Ch KE arles L. Burgess, Jr. Bath Education ff' ' 1 -, Q iw-if " ' if-rv' I Q ,.2f,5-. J us gr. .5 ., sw., .1 , .. .gf f f ' .. ,.,. A .a 3 r s M , , , , .. .f,,., """ 1 , . -ixswse ,f'--If .,..- fwitwisv J, 5... 5 g, I , QAM Laurence B. Cable II Medford, Mass. Government Mary-Ellen Chalmers A OI I B n n go r Home Economics Beth E. Chick Berwick Home Economics 190 Phyllis J. Bruce Millinocket Speech :757"'w ' Jbvffgffff if 7 ' " " ti iff-f, ' ' 'wif' , ., Q 4251 Steven A. Burnard Portland Electrical Engineering .. . 1 wa ?.'::a1.gX , , ' , WT ' s , A -' ' "sf : .. wi QQ., ,,.f.j X 5 -:. Q '- X ,-- 4 , ess ' 4, Q- . . Ai X. ,. f We . X M V ,K 'X W E ri N Allan Calor, Ir. Jonesport Geology , 1... sie X Roland J. Chamard 9X XYcstbrook Physical Education Hubert D. Chin Lewiston ... . . . Civil l'.ng1nr'crlng Edward T. Bryand ZAE Waterville Electrical Engineering Arthur M. Burner Cornwall VVildlife Conservation Philip J. Cameron ATA Fairfield History 8: Government ..-....-mm,-,-.,. .... . Y F . Ben R. Chapman Portland Mechanical Engineering N ,E Victor 0. Christensen Yarxnoutli Engineering Physics Geo ZQPE Businef Barb: Mathem Roben History Rober Mil' Mechanic: i R: Ju., . . I lhltiqal I r i 'f li fa .1 5 is s I . 1 I 4 I i 1 x 4 9 V S 1 X K l George E. Bryant :QE Bath Business Administration Barbara M. Burrage Camden Mathematics Robert W. Cameron Orono History Robert B. Chatto 'PKE Rockland Mechanical Engineering John W. Christie K2 Ellsworth Falls Physical Education f e"eee - eeee C s ,..a , -syssax s .rt X -s , X . pf- S ., X s o Q-. ,Qs s , i .' g2,l3Ngg E , ., ,,.. X of ' X ' H, x i N is X 1 X s C -se' Q1 s. 1, .xx Ns- - . -- .ox N T Q X ist! Q X f s SX K 5 X 5 is Q Q s 'N ,xg HX X N R X Q Q ' Xi X Xs wx .Z X X x X X it X K gs Nx X x, s N s X X . ' szmsp o V. . , b 1- f U,-.-.,.QsN..Y V- ,V gi' - 1 - . f ' 1" i ts.. 1. A Theo A- Bryant Gordon A.' Buchanan Newport Old Town Horticulture Business Administration 'i E . 'ffiff ' f l- 'A ' X gs P f gs , 3 Ffa. s -4. C T 1 I 'Q 1 f f' ai i . Ruth A. Burrill Donald E. Burt James W. Buchanan, Jr. Guilford Forestry Karl R. Burton X fx. AZ Portland Portland EN Hamden, Conn. Romance Languages Mechanical Engineering Sociology 1 3 x-,..f,...+.+-.i Helen L. Canty Maynard A. Carroll Bangor Augusta Home Economics English ,if li U Q' U j X W -. f' N li x xv . ,.-gf!! 1 ,,,4-12231-' X 3 Q Qi! ' George W. Chebba . 4,25-Z X fl Bangor Z , V ' Business Administration A 'fn Harold W. Buck AXA Millinocket Engineering Physics i f x N: 1?! --------r'-"".ZZI11TI1TiIZ'.....-'MJU3? 'ii' +9 T" """' ' T-3 .fd-Q7 ,Talks fiffx gif.....:z:...3:t:.....::::::::...I.2,..--A--ILT?-T-355511: :'ll'uH-wi-AMN i ,ll 3 YAY i ,wha Tlii:T:::gAw::r:W.ALwgiii-1,,.:l,..t:::1i1iLIfZl1"-11'7l1' 1 I I ! Q i iifiu'-'M "' """"d"'-'EM i i W Wd-.ww--TZAULTV-:i:::.:,,,...j gli 7,3 ,Lat 'XL-,Qi ,LL i.l.lsaL,Jf F W ,, ,Tir .. -,......--. --.,.,,...- 191 it51513iiiiiiiiiifiiiiiIiii3iitliilii-S334132522533512Iiliiiitit'fltifiifiifiiiitiiilltliiiitiiiif tit-1f5J1ieH1I+I?i'l+i+1+ti1"'-'. vifttliffiilipiilfiflufifu11i?iTiTi7ii ' R "NA --- 1 X fw ,z Alkxzft "" Q .aff Sis N :X- - t ,wh V f 4. N, ff? ' ,44r,.',.b ,, , . ,X , . tf tg :V ' f " Egfr fi 2 f ' ff 1 e ra . 3 I 4 X xsxg 1 -- SQQ Vernon K. Cleaves Easton Agricultural Economics Alton B. Cole QHKZ History Old Orchard James E. Conley EAE Cape Elizabeth Electrical Engineering Marybelle Cobb AZ Calais Home Economics Richard H. Cole Bryant Pond Agriculture Virginia Conley Monmouth English Patricia A. Coyne Portland English Arnold R. Cutting Kezar Falls Civil Engineering 1, f. bd M fgjf, If Q, f ff' ' M ff X le Q 0 1 ff 52 if N W f f Q f Q f 4, 4 f W7 , K5 X E M. W, 2 , If f N! W , f . C 5 Q wx, X t i D ff fbi! f' n f f . I. .X kx.g Y , W, , A ' ' f Yff H. Herbert L. Crafts Forestry Sangerville Henry J. Cyr Keegan Agricultural Engineering Wilfred M. Cobb EX Portland Engineering Physics David A. Collins ATA Caribou French Richard A. Connolly QKZ South Portland Forestry v Douglas J. Crawford Orono Geology Robert A. Daigle 'PMA Madawaska Civil Engineering 192 Marilyn Cockburn HBO Skowhegan Home Economics John S. Colter B911 Marblehead, Mass. Chemistry Joseph R. Conrad KE Kennebunk Zoology Jerome B. Creeden Lewiston Mathematics Robert V. Damon Clmrlotlc Civil Engineering Janice M. Cogswell HBCP Fort Fairfield Home Economics L Alfred .P. Condon, Jr. Bath Mathematics Stuart R. Cooper AXA Auburn Chemical Engineering Ray V. Crockett Hampden, Va. Forestry Leo F. Dandeneall, Il'- GX Westbrook Zoology a if J P n x i U F 1 -.--A as... --- avr' nf-1-'44 ..,. ....-nn-.. I I in 'e J l l i K w w A 'E Y I X v 1 li. L, 5 I 1 V -r L - ,123-H U ff 'mf U fllif Q s o i i - l is W j 1-JE WRX'-sw g?3':::4::L:-:T-fb-lil H i 'YW W V X 5 5 g if f , I ,, ,V,,,3L,,Mm HE' Xl!!-it A -Y.L.ffj .LL il F-i'gf:::1....g:z.::sA-T-.-af f""'4"': 1' iii ' ui1':-'A 372 .ul Jil .Il ll ll if V. , ii AQ wi ,w V v , X ' ' 'L ui fi' FN 'fi J M HK . V 5 f' J, I 1 x I-xi W A 5. fig x Ogfl-f I' U L -,, in ,N Q Xtxjl EJ N 1, ,ix 1 , 'xy' .,.L X-.J . K 1 All 1 f f N l i it All i if Exiixlfixfl P ..e For rw ff i rm off at x ,V Q N! ,LV Q 51 to B A 5, ff-. Frances Dion AOII Brunswick ll English 1: A 4 ,I l ,X gr E J in Peter W. Douglas Richard B. Dow L Bar Harbor Friendship Electrical Engineering Economics I, if J li it 9 I? lf' E. ll! ly li A li I M Donald D. Durost Jean E. Dwyrer A Marcel M. Dyer 'H Stillwater AAA Pine Point LaGrange Agricultural Economics French Government Norman D. Erickson Antonio Esposito Robert E. Estabrook V Phillip W. Estes Worcester, Mass. Portland EAE Portland Palmym Wildlife Conservation Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Dairy I-Iusbmldl-V 194 Irving E. De1laTorre AXA Portland Business Administration John U. Dircksen Machias Business Administration Arthur E. Downey South Portland Business Administration LeRoy W. Dyment South Portland Business Administration Gordon H. Falt, Jr. B911 Northeast Harb0r Mechanical Engineering Philip H. Dennis E.-XE Portland History S Government Malcolm A. Doble Milo Education Arthur F. Downing Portland Business Administration Harry M. Easton BGII Winchester, Mass. Business Administration Wesley Farnum Auburn Psychology Grace E. Dennison West Lubec Medical Technology George B. Dodge ATA Belmont, Mass. Business Administration Norma K. Drake CPM Caribou Physical Education Ruth M. Ellingwood XYZ Bangor Physical Education Raymond D. Feasey Rochester, N. Y. Mech:mic:1l Engineering Richard R. Desjardins Kittery Mechanical Engineering John J. Domenico EAE Winthrop, Mass. English Sz Education Ruth M. Drysdale AOH Saco Home Economics William I. Ellsworth Englewood, N. J. Engineering Physics Donald A. Feeley AXA Houlton Pre-Medical 195 Dana H. Dickey Easton Engineering Physics John F. Donahue, Jr. Uncasville, Conn. Chemical Engineering Chester K. Duhamel ZX Orono Civil Engineering Delbert L. Emery Kittery Point Electrical Engineering Stanley M. Ferguson North Anson Education Robert C. Dinsmore Lisbon Falls Mechanical Engineering Robert B. Donovan E. Braintree, Mass. Business Administration Charles H. Dunn AFP E. Brownfield Animal Husbandry Albert E. Erickson, Jr. Presque Isle Education Bert M. Fernald West Poland General Agriculture L I ....:,7,-wi. 1 1::i1:1aa.z.i.s. , ll fl, M 1 l l ll 1. l' lr ' "', ' s f. ' ff . ' 'f f A ' jf qs, ,,,, 2'Q ' .... i i ' ' A Mary-Helen Fernald Allen H. 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Harmon AFP Perham Agriculture David Haskell TKE Auburn Speech 81 English Maxine G. Gray AZ Machias Home Economics Albert B. Haines GPHK Presque Isle Engineering Physics Richard A. Hamlin CIDHK Greenville Government William C. Harriman Norway Poultry Husbandry Richard M. Hatch ATP Auburn Poultry Husbandry 198 Robert Greenough ATQ Cooperstown, N. Y. Civil Engineering Francis L. Haley ZQE Kittery Geology Paul E. Hand Fort Fairfield Agricultural Economics Richard S. Harrington South Portland History K Government Arthur C. Hathaway 'PKR Greenville Business Atlininistrntion Robert P. Gregoire GX Sanford Mechanical Engineering John W. Hall TKE Freedom History 81 Government 3 1 l Edward L. Hanley 4'l'A C Portland Civil Engineering Robert G. Harris South Portland Engineering Physics Robert N. Haynes XX Ellsworth Civil Engineering Augustus C. Gregory EN Bucksport Forestry Philip A. Hall BAE Portland Civil Engineering David C. Hardy 'IPHK Hope Agricultural Engineering Barbara M. Hart AAA Bath English 8z Education Allen E. Gross Bar Harbor Civil Engineering William A. Hall 9X Yarmouth History Sz Government Charles C. Harmon, Jr. 9X Old Orchard Business Administration Harold A. Harvey Orono Agricultural Education Theodore L. Gross TEIP Brooklyn, N. Y. English Roscoe E. Halliday, Jr. .v I' I T 9 ia' I 'I Robert M. Grover Paul J. Guiou Augusta fbHK Fort Fairfield Mechanical Engineering Economics l if If ist in i John C. Hazelwood Baring General Agriculture L..2 ' --4 0- Ralph C. Ham l I A 2 1 -4 x V ECPE Augusta KE South Berwick 3 Business Administration History 8: Government 5 5 A! , ,X ll lil E Marilyn A. Harmon 5 XQ Perham Home Economics gf I C fi ,- A 1 I X 2 l lvl X l . 5 ,:' . x f ' KK E ?'4:Y ii Xi. jgyvl K f .V , . Hr ill ., X X Q' K' X " X pl F , 1 If sg L arf! , if A 'Y ,A fr P I ,,,...,,-.,- ..-WY ....l. .4,4::r:.:..L......::1:--:..--7: V,4:T:::t7:::::.:i.': X ,Yu W ---W A MW ,N,,WM,m,m 4 f 4 I A 1 Q l I . 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Hobbs Portland Business Administration Sterling Holway KZ Augusta Civil Engineering Patrick J. Hurley ATA Augusta Business Administration Marilyn Johnson South Portlzxnml llumc liconomies 200 l evra George W. Hersey EAE Bar Harbor Psychology Barbara L. Hobbs Bangor English Harrison Humans KE Bangor Business Administration Leonard W. Hutchins Fort Fnirlield Physical Education Prescott K. Johnson :X llclfusl l'hysic:1l l-lluczltinn Richard S. Hewes Bangor Pre-Medical Sewall M. Hobson 'PMA Portland History 8: Government Donald F. Horan ATA Rockville Ctr., N. Y. Business Administration John V. Hyde Old Town Mathematics Gordon H. Johnston IIN Rye. N. Y. Nlcrlizxxlicnl l'fi1gil1ccril1S I P l A -L! is J. l .Ll Ps For X A lx if ! s AT. lin -vi-'58 .I 'al 3 :if 1 Walter C. Hewins Winthrop, Mass. Physical Education Lh-i-------A--.- ..i:Qg::g,-- , - ff- -f--- W W ,. P"-' rr --V -- W .c-,,,,,, Daniel A. Hodgkins xx Beverly A. Hoffman Jefferson . Lewiston Agricultural Engineering Physical Education Dorothy L. Hubbard AAA Millinocket Psychology Alvin E. Ingalls In Surry Forestry Malcolm E. Jones ATA Athens Business Administration Edward R. Huff Kennebunk Mechanical Engineering Willis F. Jackson EN Staten Island, N. Y. Engineering Physics Glendon B. Jordan AFP Cape Elizabeth Agronomy - . ..,.,. . A ' 1 I , i X il l 7 V51 V, l"-"3 Y A e llfl'-l liW?l7i' -r'-'---'---- ---- -f---f---ff---A---1 r , t 5 , I .gf 'Xxx , , F l- , , ' N X J ' 1 ' 2 Q, P---1'--'-.W 'vw-WY Mu Tl" JT.,-1 'Y' if I , ,.., L. HW- Is - -1 ,fir .iff ,an 'X X H ,-:rl J WA NL' i J!,,, 3 X glfxx R L! NN l 'Z J" X, w , Y J WI 'R , ' v , l ff! ,jj ' f ' f kii' fps 'Y 'A 'K' 5-Q if f w 'X L! , ,VA . X 'Q-.L,A i fy Z Ji QNX Nl lux I xf ,.jY.,vw 1 .Q ,f -r 1 W1 X X, V, H A fr K 9- Jff1Yf",f' r , xxx, c if ,I X , jf i RH, vi fe J J kj ies, J ' Y. 1 L ' ex...v-,A . f ff N'j""! 5 xl A . V , . ' 1 NJA! X.. A eef. W , H ii M . , li li I H 1 Julien B. Humphrey l Augusta 1. Mechanical Engineering , 1 l li H ll ll l vw Lloyd H. Jenkins Louis S. Jennings, Jr. fl Fairfield Brewer ll Geology Zoology l , . A Harold L, Jordan Bernard W. Joy Paul A. Judkins, Jr. Greenville Ict. West Sullivan AXA Dixfield History Ek Government Business Administration History K Government 201 or in V i f I 'W' f'- 1"-' - 7'-r ff.-N -' --r"A -r----2' t.,.,.,,,, "'...-Y - 'Y ' ' 11 1 aT! 3 I X 54 1 2 WN il in fl Ll A-MW-"M me ' 5 i Xl Xml LA-fi EEN HW-W..-.---,-., - -- ---- - ' A el:-' V -M----fl' 1 2 Q r Q 1 1 l- rel Q. 5 5 13 5 Vw rw e l lfflffl KYLE!!--L-'L i,Q,,,g,,,,-4g,A .,,Y , ,,,,,,.,.,.g,,,.,....-,?-. 1 fel:---4----.-5,5 3' 9'-'f '- fi I i, 5, ig 3 , 1 . if . 2 fl Wil ' l l 1 If XQYQQ A Q :f J X K Y. x ffl. 1' R f I wx f ll UE 3 ff , E3 A' '4 fi, J A" Kfil 1 F I 1 sf , I k li lx iff, 1 1-T' 7 fi. e l , E' f i" ' K' 'Lionel D. Kelley Camden Civil Engineering 5 K . Z, i in l is Q Dallas R. Knight Richard A. Knight I N. Weymouth, Mass. BAE South Portland l Mechanical Engineering Engineering Physics ! 3 r - A I I2 AZ QI i S is L -l Robert A. LaFountain GX Springfield, Vt. Government ll Lois J. Leonard Voncille V. Leonard AZ Bangor AAA Old Orchard Home Economics Home Economics Ray E. Lamoreau fl'HK Easton Agricultural Engineering Cynthia A. Lever Sanford Home Economics 202 Gerard F. Laurin Forestry Old Town Ellen B. Levinson Economics Orono Frank CP. Kace AXA Bedford, Mass. Agronomy Paul R. Kelley KPHK A Fort Kent Agronomy Robert H. Knight South Portland Electrical Engineering Roger S. Leach Blue Hill Agronomy Constance S. Lincoln KDM Portland Psychology .fn C 4 l i I 1 e if lc 61 r X, 1 n I. 1, 4 I, I. 2 if 13 R, ,H If .. .1 V l V .li 'x Ni., R f 5 Q i ? . S n., ge' B6 Ch SX Elf Me V 'J . Q Ph' 31-7jI,t.'..'.'-':'.r:':1:3'7 'T " 1."L'11'.1,-'Z' " M1 1 1 . an ll iv'---i -1'- , ,., r.. '-' vi ' "". n' 4 :...l1.'. 1 5-1-1.191-f"vfgf43o14faffix:1'-iiiylini1fiiiffirxlfliyiiuf73f2fq'4", 4 I 0 4 N' ,U ,1 . V . l "' "' I' "" "' 7 V' 4l,' 'li 'fl,l1' 'ii'l.1 iiiiin n li ir-yi 1115, ,v Iv 'V l, x' ,J s l Rhoda Kaprow Bangor Sociology Sanford E. Kelley B911 Jonesport Chemical Engineering Charles T. Knowles SX Kittery Electrical Engineering Maurice Keene 1 1 , r William P. Keene Hebron Belfast Animal Husbandry Marilyn E. Kilpatrick Portland Sociology Donald E. Knowles Bangor Zoology Gilbert C. LeClair Bangor Mechanical Engineering William G. Lindquist K2 Lewiston Physical Education Henry N. LeClair Orono Forestry Frederick C. Littlefield QKE Brewer Physical Education Dairy Husbandry John Kindbom Portland Electrical Engineering Nancy Knowles AOH Portland Home Economics Edwin C. Lee Augusta Chemical Engineering Ruth W. Littlefield Springvale Home Economics 203 t f""ssQ"'il 5 "'i 'W',"'7f W WWW ,, , X -.!,.if.r, Y Ll XSS'-, vi, Z: YW f' L ' 5:55331 N-222225 .X ig "'- . . . 3- . ', fw . at , Allan H. Keith John W. Keller EIIPE Farmington Orono Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Joseph N. Kirk Bar Harbor Chemical Engineering Joanne B. King AZ Orono Home Economics Lucien Laferriere John R. LaF1amme Plaisted TKE Sanford Agronomy Civil Engineering Elizabeth Leighton Raymond C. Lemaire South Portland Lewiston Physical Education History Sz Government Frances Litwinowich Saniuel D. Lloyd I'IBfIf Biddeford Houlton Education Agricultural Economics F1 I I I. l 1 Richard D. Locke Donald B. Lockhart Edwin G. Logan Edgar F- Lord frlugene H- LUVCIY Augusta Monroe Eastport AXA Orono flfHlx. Fort .Fairfield Animal Husbandry General Agriculture Business Administration Agronomy PhYS1C-11 EdUC21t10n 1? E. ,Ek lil 5 , W iv ki ,. I ,ly John D. MacDonald V William G. Macfarlan James M- Mad-eod Affhlll' H- MCAliSfer iw ATA Middleboro, Mass. KZ Stockton Springs KPFA Bangor AXA Portland Business Administration History 81 Government Economics Animal Husbandry ni pr ,,i: Y ll ' 2" Lloyd F. McG11ncey Mary J. Mclntire George F. McKenney EAE l Pittsburgh, Pa. H1341 Dixfield Bangor Economics Home Economics Poultry Husbandry li l i -I --mfs if ,Lf ag. fs-as W5 1 2 , l Qi Qx JJ ffl X YQ f-.w,nwAA-am I ,I i Qi ,f K- ,W xgfy Ne.- Q1 Qjgwijf -'f'ee 71 4- X I If ,, lfXfXx W! 1' , VML 4 If Eleanor A. Mahaney Claire D. Malcolm i 1 in Y AON Snco AZ Gardiner , A VV L-JL, Home Economics English 1 "2 ,,,,.. --X ,C f H n 3 ' f - lg M-' xg 2 il ,L l 5 Till? A"' , 'A , f T74 A M' -"3 'A ' 'M U 'K' NWN! Will -'Ls LJ VM LJ- ly. B vt ls gl I., 204 Ephraim Martin III Tlili Belmont. Mass. -5 Physical Education F01 G dblf Bus Qs" For QPF? Q 4 Y.. Q 1 ra . Richard M. Ludwig Gardiner Chemical Engineering John K. McBride Gloucester, Mass. Forestry . .WE ' 2 George F. McKenney QUFA Kennebunkport Business Administration Wesley L. Marple , Liberty Forestry Ralph A. Martin Olamon Electrical Engineering James Lumsden II Falmouth Foreside Education Dorothy E. McCann XQ Portland French Harriet E. McKiel HBO Albion Home Economics Robert E. Marriott Groton, Mass. Thomas J. Lydon EAE South Portland History K Government Laurence D. McCrum Portland Zoology Mary J. McLean Millinocket Home Economics Paul F. Marsden EX Danvers, Mass. Chemical Engineering Zoology V fi, ' .f gi? Wi f 1 ' 'X X wif 72 ,t X v a . K , 5. i X' I A A ' f 'SSI-,fi 'Z 7 7,1 C L wyfzf i A H l . f .5 ,. L - V 1 - William L. Matson DOTUS Mayfle 1 TEQJ Portland Kmgfle d journalism Soclology 205 9 f aaaa ,, F7552 . .....,.,. W f .,., , fe- .N 1 gf" , -Qwzj, ' mf ,A F f f W X . Z ff Mfg I' , X 4 XMW 4 a X f' f f , X N X f 1 4' S 1 S 0 X v. ff ' - - - 'Eff . f 'NU' ' 'x s X vs 2 Q .1 Z Y, 0 A jg? Q f E s My M,g3.. V, 1 M X' "N-F 74 4 1' John F. Lynch ATQ Zoology Bangor Thomas F. McDonough Mechanical Portland Engineering Bruce H. McLennan EN West Hartford, Conn. Forestry .,.., W Eiii , 4, 2g:..Qf X -f 7 f . V fsQs.g.:,,f,ff,..t , .ss ss Q' james P. Marsh Old Town Civil Engineering George L. Mayne Kingheld Mechanical Engineering Martin K. Lyons, Jr. Calais Business Administration Bryce W. McEwen Bowdoinham Agronomy Thomas H. McTague EN Calais Pre-Dental g l Donald L. Martin AXA Fort Fairfield History 8: Government Robert W. Medeiros Kennett Square, Pa. Chemistry 1 . . . . 1 02Fifi?iiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiilitif5Tifi7P?3'3'lE1?ii3ii Stiiiti?ii3ii??5Tifi?i?1Tif4T1I'2t! lfltltititl' 45, 174 it +14iQliii'f1i3i:i1izi'iziz'- o r 5 -v -.. My f- - -. .4.a.:.....a.-.2 - l David Merrill Cumberland Center Mechanical Engineering Charles D. Morgan, Jr. Millinocket Mechanical Engineering A Y: 1 . ., ,, 1 X ,, ,A 53 Q ,fwgl ., Q , vi 2 4-:..f. e P5r . 2? if , .,',, f .59 J, ,, , ' iflnigbp f ' Z 1 Law .zff u rf . of s ri ' R ' " Av:-2.::,.4f1'4 , ,r,i.j W-Ii, 9 Robert W. Murdock Bangor Mechanical Engineering Kenneth E. Naugler Brewer Chemical Engineering Virginia M. Norton AAA Portland English ' Dorothy A. Merrill Andover Psychology Patrick R. Morneault Lille Sociology Mary E. Murphy Presque Isle Education Clarence A. Neal Howland Modern Languages 4 N.- , p Mary Helen Oak Whiting, Incl. Home Economics 'A 'Vra ' ,.rr ,V,, , Q i f i Ai! iff' ,QL ' , V rx f Z1 W X f I f W. ' ' . . ff, few ' 1, , Wa .. ,,,.. :,- V ,, ' ,fi f , fw.xg:f" ' W ff ' , Jack A. Merry TKE Rockville Ctr., N. Y. Civil Engineering Monroe O. Morris Manchester, Conn. Pulp 81 Paper V'v4.3Iv ffKffsNSs KUV fn i izfwjf' , .,j,' -a.-fig . " 'wfgl f .ff isa - V f ggi, 1 I.. .-2 :' - ,Cf 1 5 . ia fiff' ff ' f f , .If f ' , Y? Q wc x . E 'ri QS i ZW ,V hy' E j si -' Q 1 .... . K l :iii ij. ,ea 1 5 -iii ' ,am-,-fv.13g ?L'f 7' on 'ificifw-'Z AW' , ' N w? .N - A gf' i' Philip H. Murphy Jefferson Mechanical Engineering Lennart N. Nelson Maplewood Forestry Q Q .QR Robert K. O'Connor Bucksport Physical Education 206 Anthony P. Mezoian ATA Portland English Vincent A. Morrison, Ir. BSU Rumford Mathematics 'E Margaret Murphy X9 Hampden Highlands Home Economics Dalton B. Newell, Jr. Old Orchard Foreign Service K .. E .L ,. HAIR o .ws - ' r Q Q Q' X 'v - . -X '03 'SX' Paul L. O'Neil :VPU Newton. Mass. Engineering Physics Montague G. Miller Newton, Conn. Mechanical Engineering Thomas W. Moulen Old Orchard Civil Engineering l Edmund J. Musteikis Portland Zoology Carolyn N. Nickerson IIBKP YVaterville Education Roger T. O'Neil lliddeford Business Adnxinistrntion if ,f-, , , 25 L' J EN Edt Q 'w Xl X Y . 2 . EN Ma' Eler l Q ' LA 4. 5, S555 iff ... ., s. s l EX Geo' .551 -X-M1 -XVI: -4: .- , I- , V ' ' ,' .h...4-'. ... ',r..4.L fx'12:1E'i:':nif...a. L 1----I-j-v-44 -"f-i'.x'la"xiz-....n H ...a.5.s...--no -'-----zma--- fin--fi-'-Q'-'-'-.1-f-H'-'-- "fr - -. .- 7 - -V . - .r if w 3 ,-,ug p-in --Q-nu - rv , ,,, . ..... . 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Moreshead Bangor AZ Old Town HBKP Gardiner Civil Engineering Home Economics Physical Education l w I Peter R. Mount Edward J. Mountford K Bridgeport, Conn. GX Portland Forestry Education , XS K Patricia A. Nash Bangor ' Medical Technology 207 ,W Q 90,919 cial .Ill IDP. - fp KW? X ,1 if 5 rise: f ""' . ip., .f ,, ., f f .Xstff QA - rs? -XXSS X 1' K M M ,+ X sf X X f J X 0, 4 X X I , ff N f 1 X X 1 f f Q 7 f X f XZ uf I, FN f ,f jg Y f , s f f ,s X, I A Malcolm E. Osborn fIPHK Lincoln History 8z Government f x 5' .,,..XXXff- jfhswss Q1 , .4111 Xfwfx' S SKVQZ 'V 1 -W X X 'Agia - 0 'N' 1 'fl' .Q '- 1: - .. iwss-NXNM , '--www .r . W if, .. XX .XT XM t f f . gywcz X W XZ s sf X A fin iwff " C Z X! XXX I X N x x f 'A Z W v ,f X x 4 f , ., ,,,, M, 5 yx ,f M ,, X x f i ZX X! 4 Q ff V? W X A K f ff E f af ,Syn f 'Q zf QL!! Crosby F. Packard EN Unity General Agriculture Amory M. Patten KIJFA Springfield Mechanical Engineering Spanish Arthur E. Perry Bangor Sociology James L. 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Snyder AOH Orono Sociology Robert E. Steele Foxboro, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Roberta J. Storey Bangor Speech George E. Sylvester Ashland Agricultural Engineering Laurence E. Smart, Jr. Lincoln Agricultural Engineering Charles O. Spear EX South Portland Mechanical Engineering Rufus S. Stevens III EN Wilmington, Mass. Economics H Leta P. Strickland Benton Engl ish Edward F. Talbot Bangor Mechanical Engineering 213 Albert M. Smith AFP Bucksport Animal Husbandry Donald E. Smith 'FMA Bar Harbor Horticulture Donald A. Spear .SAE Bath History Sz Government Joanne C. Spicker Newton Center Theatre Earl R. Stewart Madison Civil Engineering 2 't"mf,Y 52653 M . Z 1 fa f ks., I -X 3 ra? ' A l li ff-1, YQ 'J - ' ii- ff fe -sf .1 W Q f- t ' Roger A. Sullivan KIJFA W.Springheld,Mass. Chemical Engineering Dorothy E. Tarbox AZ W. Gouldsboro History 8z Government Richard W. Stillings Berwick History 8z Government Helen A. Sutton XQ Stillwater Home Economics Leon R. Taylor EAE Auburn Civil Engineering zu v i"'-v'1':"x:i 1- -'ff' 4 Russell A. Taylor Gardiner Electrical Engineering Roy Trafton Springvale Mechanical Engineering Joan N. Vachon AAA Ferry Beach, Saco Psychology Marian R. Waterman Auburn Education Scott B. Weldon ATA Orono Mechanieznl Engineering Russell F. Taylor Houlton Mechanical Engineering Francis V. Tremblay, Jr. TKE Rumford History l James VanValkenburgh Bridgeport, Conn. Horticulture George A. Wathen KPHK Easton History Preston F. Welsh, Jr. Q Boothlmuy Government wxennefn s. Thomas EN Calais Business Administration George D. True Springfield General Agriculture John H. VanWart BGIVI VV. Hartford, Conn. Histtory Ck Government William N. Watrous Lewiston Physics David F. Wentworth AFP Q De x l cr lforestry 21-1- Doris E. Thorndike Mill inocket Sociology Louis W. Trumpfeller Houlton Electrical Engineering Barbara A. Venner 'Ml Thonmston Spanish Herbert E. Wave Farminglrm Forestry LOWWI J. Wheeler l'l'l'Slllll' lslr Education Clement P. Theme AXA Island Mathematics .g Clifford W. Chemical Engineering -' Robert I-:. vemn ' Bergeniield, N. I. Psychology Richard A. WOW!! .xx.x .-'krlingtolh Mfg Mcelmnicnl Enginfenng Norman A. Wllelfrn Sr. Stephen. 5- lxp r-li-ll-vm' !" B C l :T 'lil B1 l g GQ l i, 3 4 X, M Thin V llld 1 i l l r LUPPU' ' Mathias fering i d,N..l. E: w w l, I Q. bber i - Mass. eering 'gr l 3 ri? David R. Tibbetts KDHK Pittsfield lNildlife Management Vaughn Twaddel B911 Portland Commercial Education Joseph G. Vigue fIJI'A Jackman Business Administration Wayne D. Webber Belfast Geology Loretta I. White X9 Pittsfield Mathematics t M -l 1 li N, , l 2 ll v Paul E. Tibbetts Robert E. Totman Thurston B. Townsend Blaine E. Trafton -1l'E Old Orchard fIfI-IK Gardiner AFP Patten Bath Hlstory 8: Government Business Administration Agronomy Physical Education l 5 I 4 il il gm 1 s lf' l 4? Mary I. Uebrick George R. Upham Selma Urdang ' Woodland Lisbon Falls St. Stephen, N. B. L Physical Education A Engineering Physics Home Economics I S W, 'r' 'F 3 l Doris M. Waring Dana E. Warren Brewer CDI-IK Portland Romance Languages Journalism P. Q VV .nv V f . Ml, ' ' - L1 Richard A. Weden 1 'Q P f Q lil CIDHK VVel1esley, Mass. N ' X, Education f ' .Vl i , -F . xl "' V lx .-.V V , ,fm ' I! -' 4 U ly , , P55 ll QQ is ITT , ".,,.-,,sZ "il i i l ix ill l I l 4 -S 'xii lll'l!'1ll1l r' gf g My Ll! -oytvi X.:1..N ' ' 1 ls..,f-' 'iiiihfiisiiiarx ri fl-?1'i?i'?757fi!i?i?iff ?i?l?l1L'tlTLf2' 755 ifi?RZ757lll?lf57'l' 'i iiiiflii l fiiri1:?lrm1LT4TH '6+i4i WM P I " ' ' V Anna M. Whited Bridgewater Home Economics i N John B. Wilder Presque Isle Pre-Medical 'Av' . v ...ri , we "-. W, f' 'f' V M Il M V, X if ' W fwi N , . x' .., - A John H. Willis KIIMA W. Roxbury, Mass. Mechanical Engineering I 1 Merrill D. Wilson ZAE Providence, R. l. Physical Education I I 1 Y Henry L. Whited GYMA Houlton Mechanical Engineering Sumner K. Wiley EQJE Chevy Chase, Md. Mechanical Engineering Richard S. Wilner TEKID Auburn Business Administration ,, ff if . diff? fir 4 f M, f . 3 R .. ' , A , .ll f zu' ff .rf Q is . wie, 1 ' ff Hg, si Q' ,, X: X :g.:g,,g.,4 . 'vii-14. 4 . 'cfwfiibr . sr senjmx ' Ntofi-f ', I.: Q , ? ,f A . 1. iz Mr. 4. ' Q . .. ... ,Wi , . fy? W, I . rykefff f ...f . 1 , Q aw X 1 Q fi is Qi. M 3. J ,Q 55 :QE . 4 4 A 5, VIZ 1 f 1 , fs , s ff 3 .f . as y . 1 M Richard J. Wilson Orono Speech Maynard A. Yakemore 'MIK C':unlJriclgc Mechanical linginccring f 1 , if? 5 74 13 winiam E. Whited EN Houlton Civil Engineering Herbert A. Wilkinson BSU Brad ley Geology John E. Wilson Billlgf-I' Geology Chester A. Worthylake X- . -"MU Augusta Chemical linginecring fi fl .v V' . A ii . i ii' 9 1 I V 3 I, I Q Q p F-lf" ' i An ,' 4 , Frederick W. York 'rlrl-:H c:4.,..,im,,. Business .'Xmllniuislr:llim1 216 Robert D. Whytock Carlton E. Wight q,HK Ridlonville EX Bath Education English ee l E Gordon R. Willey David Williams, jr, South Portland 01-om Mathematics Chemical Engineering Kenneth L. Wilson John P. Wilson l'rm-islcncc, R. l. FYCCPOU llistnry N llmm-rruz'cnl Electrical Engineering l i I Marjorie E. Wylde um- sll.-fm-....k.-.131ml-w Ya""""'h Alfred H. WWW' lfnglish Cln-mica! Engincerinl Arden S. Young llxxmlrn l'.llRllll'l'l ing l'h5 gi,-, x 9 5. "- Q 5 tht Bath I , li 3 Jr. li. Orono ing I 4 in as i011 :eport . ing f . Q me mouth ing Q ? af ii if I Wayne R. Allen delhi N. Sedgwick General Agriculture Robert J. si Anderson, Jr. '-DFA Cape Elizabeth Zoology - Baxter H. Bates Bangor Business Administration John J. Bickford Portland Electrical Engineering Lester C. Bickford 'PMA Lewiston Mechanical Engineering U John J. Boardway . Bangor Psychology ,Z Joy A. Bott Brunswick Education Harry E. Bradbury Pittsfield Agronomy Winfred Brown ' Augusta Education Lawrence L. Carville Lisbon Falls Horticulture A Stephen C. Casakos Athens, Greece History 8: Government William C. Clark Lincoln Business Administration I Gilbert F. Cole East Dover Commercial Education Donald D. Collins Farmington VVildlife Conservation Wilbur A. Cooper Richmond Education Allan R. Corey Cumberland Center Animal Husbandry Robert E. Cormier Bar Harbor Economics Dorothy M. Curtis Bangor Liberal Arts 81 Nursing Laurance E. Dow V Belfast Public Management Marvin B. Dow Oakfield Government Harland L. Dunham N. Orrington Education Donald R. Erickson Cape Elizabeth Civil Engineering Graydon A. Erickson ATQ Ashburnham, Mass. Physical Education Robert E. Fales Fairfield Forestry ' i Juniors Not Pictured Richard H. Fallon Bangor Civil Engineering Clinton N. Fecteau, Jr. Saco Business Administration Elton 0. Feeney Orono Government Fred A. Fitanides Saco Education Vance E. Foss 'MIK Charleston Agronomy Galen F. Goulette Dexter Pre-Medical John .P. Gower AT9 Bar Harbor History Donald L. Green 'PFA Farmington Physical Education John S. Greenleaf 1 Bethel Animal Husbandry Elroy Gross Waldoboro Mechanical Engineering Millicent A. Guptill Dexter Liberal Arts Sz Nursing George E. Guy Fort Kent Government William M. Hanson Orono Electrical Engineering George H. Hayes Brewer Civil Engineering Richard J. Hayes Lewiston Wildlife Conservation Charles C. Hayward Orono Agronomy Robert H. Hefler K2 Annapolis, Md. Physical Education Harry E. Henderson, Jr. AXA Augusta History 31 Government Wallace E. Hewett Dover-Foxcroft Chemical Engineering Derrill E. Hibbard Madison Mechanical Engineering Gustin E. Hinds Orono Geology Albert R. Hobbs Portland Business Administration 'Daniel A. Hopkins Jefferson Agricultural Engineering Philip A. Hoyt Easton Farm Management John E. Hylan Patchogue, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Charles M. Jackson VVaterville Dairy Technology Aaron C. Johnson Stetson Dairy Husbandry Phillip B. Jones Hampden History Lawrence F. Kenney Madison History 8: Government Charles H. King Bangor English Gerald C. King Bradley Mechanical Engineering Clifford T. Kirkwood Kingfield Business Administration , Thor M. Korda EKIPE Falmouth Foresidc Pre-Medical Cleve R. Leckey Mexico Zoology Richard R. LeClair Augusta Public Management Paul R. Leger Gilboa, N. Y. Forestry Richard H. Legere Sanford Mechanical Engineering Robert F. Leonard Brunswick Sociology Robert M. LePage GX Lewiston Education ' Ernest Libby V Carmel Education Carolyn E. Lindquist Rockland English Conrad E. Long ' . Fort Kent Geology Charlene E. Look Machiasport Sociology Harold W. Lothrop Oakland Business Administration Robert H. McEvoy Needham, Mass. Economics Don H. McKeen Belfast French Frank L. McNally . Island Falls Psychology James J. Mahaney Bangor Physical Education 217 William M. Maling Bangor Agronomy Edwin B. Marden Millinocket Mechanical' Engineering Alton R. Martin Old Town General Agriculture George A. Mayo ATQ Milo Business Administration Galen L. Mitchell Patten Electrical Engineering Leo J. Morency Old Town Government John Murdoch South Portland General Engineering Anthony B. Napolitano EAE Portland Economics Q Alden F. Nickerson Bangor General Agriculture William K. Ottmann Augusta Economics A Sydney J. Page Orono Business Administration Robert G. Park EAE Sabattus Physical Education Frank E. Perkins Stillwater Education Byron J. Perry Veazie History Gilbert H. Powell Danforth Science Richard L. Powell Vanceboro Education Allan R. Preble ATQ - Waterville Bio-Science Edward E. 'Prest Orono Animal Husbandry John J. Quinlan South Windham Journalism - Arthur W. Reynolds Portland Forestry Harrison L. Richardson Kittery History 81 Government Victor C. Roberts Island Falls Agricultural Economics Edmund M. Robinson Old Town Civil Engineering John D. Robinson Howland Education Leo J. Rossignol Waterville Commercial Education Lloyd A. Rowe ATS? Brewer Public Management V William F. Ryder Bangor Mechanical Engineering Carol J. St. Lawrence UBKD Orono Pre-Medical Mortimer E. Schiff TEQI, Newton, Mass. English Eleanor T. Shima AOH Oahu, Hawaii Sociology Robert N. Stuart Houlton Electrical Engineering Edith E. Thompson Taunton, Mass. English Gordon Thorburn Woburn, Mass. Mathematics Stanley L. Townsend, Jr. West Buxton Civil Engineering Byron M. Tripp Bangor Education ' Benjamin Tucker, Jr. Norway Journalism Robert VanTassel K2 Ellsworth History William H. VanWart, Jr. W. Hartford, Conn. Education Richard L. Vasquez Orono Mechanical Engineering Thomas A. Viola QIPFA Bangor Psychology William T. Vosburgh Schenectady, N, Y. Sociology Joseph E. Wall CDI-IK Sxvampscott, Mass. Business Administration John M. Wathen, Jr. QIBPA Watertown, Mass. Mechanical Engineering John J. Whitney Ellsworth Falls Personnel Management Harold 0. Whittum - Brewer Electrical Engineering Thomas N. Woolverton BSU Woodstock, N. B. Economics Donald S. Wyand Yorktown Hts., N. Y. Bacteriology Gerald A. Yerxa Bridgewater Agriculture Earle E. Young, Jr. ATA Haddonfield, N. J. Psychology From the "Maine Campus" . . students like leisurely style of registration . . . freshmen to speak . . . frosh court squad to play old t0W11 OH saturday . . . frosh play pjc saturday . . . frosh oppose mci . . . sophs to present semi-formal hop . . . frosh women to occupy dorm 3 . . . frosh to be honored . . . dean to hold frosh meeting. ' freshman track team will open against mci . . . rotc inspection slated for may 18 . . . two frosh, two sophomores gird for mayoralty battle without benefit of female co-runners . . . freshman banquet to be held may 6g dance to follow . . . frosh are host to high schools . . . frosh golfers wanted . . . "duke" polls more votes than opposition's totaly students set record . . . frosh baseballers go after third win against hci team . . . freshman thinclads take on deering in saturday meet . . . frosh trackmen to meet higgins . . . sam sezak pleased with frosh gridmen . . . eagles, owls plan dance . . . bear jayvees lose 'to potent middies . . . frosh dalers set for bangor high . . . rotc students not exempt . . . dorm no. 3 elect officers . . . freshman harriers tackle hartland . . . jayvees, frosh clash oct. 30 . . . freshman thinclads take on invading old town harriers . . . frosh squad meets bridgton . . . maine readies for homecoming as frosh ready for beanie tilt . . . frosh victors in double header . . . frosh runners place 5th in ne . . . rotc deferments close february 19 . . . frats rushing freshmen today . . 218 fl 1' 'I ,X A " X X xx.,-'Q I I N, , A X " . ' ff X4 , 'fag ,ff A if Z -QR, X Y, x .v f XJ XP' X nj ' RE 7 Y ' .,,, J ,MTX r x x .A , , , mv, , -Xin wx. t W A BXKMXJ MXVXXXY X -:X :nw -'Tir-X-TTXTXXX Y XXXXQJQJ Ra ,A ,,,,..TvfNXX XXnXXX,wxm 7 K4-A,v?5,vkX3Lj , n-IX saw XX: XX X" XX" ' mf-ff-jj"'f"N X XX, X LU! X fd W Aff. -1 'K X Q X, XE X X-- 1+ XT XX X Q' 1 Y u - 'ZX rf 1 :X X X ,X X5 HX X X fx- WX XXL-J if X' a -X G Xl,X',YX-,XV-Jx,.X-,XbiuX""'L x,.,,,f' X 5 XL 1 X, LJ xii-y' 1-4 X ' LLL ' 1 I .L-ffm C. X X XX XXX v AQ X X X X . 'X X, Af- ls l XX XX X X X X X XX X X X X XX X I X XX XX XX N I X X XX X XX X X X X S XX X X ?FmsEXnmmuu HLUDQXEQS ....,.--ati Class llffieers I,LoYn l,,xI-'ot:x'1'.'xlx, President Br1'i"rY Bkooks, Vice President ARM-Lxri KIDDI-IR, Secretary Doius C.-xsev. Treasurer Kidder 1 Lalfountain 552255 CZou.i:c:r: or .'xGRlCl.'LTlfRE Merle V. Adams, East Wiltori Joseph H. Albee, Booth bay Paul Nl. .PXlberl. l-inn'slom' 'lohn XY. Aldrey. Venezuela Katherine P. Allen, Lincoln Sarah C. Ames, .llillinoclcwt Oscar R. .'Xtkinson. Bucklitld Stewart B. Atkinson, Jr., Darien, Connecticut Roger P. Auclair, Orono hlznnes C. Anlt. lfnynr Forest E. Ayer, Ashland Allen D. Bancroft, West Hartford, Connecticut Charles R. Barnes, Old Town Theo- dore I. Bartkus, Concord, Massachusetts Freeman Bartlett, Naples Roland C. Bartlett. xlshland Clay G. Beal, Greene Mildred G. Bean, Mount Vernon George R. Benoit. lirunxzrick Norma A. Bessey, Buckneld Horner R. Bishop, Meriden, Connecticut -leanette C. Bishop. firaur Donald L. Black. China Thomas Blau, Jr., Rockville Center, New York Doris E. Bolrlin, Sato Leslie li. limnlxhv, 1.i:'crrn0rf' Falls Seth H. Bradstreet, Jr., Albion David T. Brink, Lake Katrina, Xen- l'orl: lohn li. liloslikevitcll. Bristol, Connecticut Barbara A. Brown, Augusta Guy .-X. Brown. Bangor xYL'lllXl'Ul'lll li. Bllfllllillll.1.iHl'0l7lI'iNf Williain S. Cameron, Thonzjyson, Connecticut Robert S. Carroll, .S'outlm-rs! Ilarlmr Eleanor l. Carter. Woolwich John T' Cfffsfvikt Glen Rfffflfi NW' .If'l'SI'j' Earl .'X. Llliznnln-rlaain. lfalmoutlz. .llassaclmsrtts Galen F. Chambers, Gorham Mary Chapman. Bangor l'atric'ia .X. Cilialnnzm ltzumzvirlc Nlangaret E. Charlton, Gloversville, New York Barbara H. Chase. Cun1ln'rI,,,,,1 C,.,,,,., Rtlun. D it-hid, H,,,,,,,,,,H1, Nathaniel A. Churchill, l'VIISl1C1t7'tl Edward M. Clark. South llrrzzw' Kit-.ll-.W U Z-'Uk' l,w,,,.li. Gcmld A. Clark, Caribou james P. Cobb, East Sllllltlfl' Frederick LI. Cloddin--lon all' -l1',.. i. S - - Geor eF. Cook r. Fluslzivfr I ff ' -t r ., . A- - .. P ' - " ' "ml 'UH' 'Nm 'kno . g 'J ' Ib' J' I" New Emi' Lflllfllfl ff. Uni-"li, ll inslou- Xllr -l C' C' ml nnln- Bruns- wick Lawrence R. Couturier, Thm-ndike Slanlcx, In CUC tg,,,,,,, PWHH li gli. Q L ,ii I lgnmq.. ville Robert M. Cushman, Nashua, New Hanzpslzire 1 l'lYL'l'g'll yy D. 1. 1 If A RMIT N 'Nth' J al E. Daniels, Hoitlton -lames H. Davenport, fllbanv. New York RAI, lllullll' P "" KH" elf'-"Y In Derby Robert O. Dettlollf, Kittery Rom,-I GD' Dickinmn Gwmliilllllll i Vinh' l".mHl.'iH .lk-lin lluuil Mas.s'aclr11setts David F. Dineen, Gardiner lliomas l., llll,,,,,,lll ill' ill. . l.llglll'l'l lx. lln-hl, ll mt lmx HID- bar, North Sullivan Harry A. Ellis, 1ftlllg'l'If'Y Ricliard S 132,-lil l' -I Alun- .Hmmm ,WMM . . 'Iam' M. Dun- Massaclittsetts Carol A. Farrow, Waterville' Daniel I' liolsoh lxlll M Nm, ilulwil G' liliuikmn' lmmiiqli long, Vineland, New jersey Richard C. Cardint-1.'U1Hi.,nL1 t,,llgllilIH"' 'X'-U' ,Mk '1"i"i"'t h"' Rockland Leland H. Cile, .illfred XVZIVIIC l,, CHL Hairy: mn".,,-, fn nt tiliall-ll., ll. I-lllonl. as C. Given, lirttnswick Walter S. Clendenniil f". Howl! 'il ,Ml - Limit- li' Emil' 'XHUHI' ,lawn il hom' N X ,HH l"i"il c'- fiUUlllllt'. flurry.: l'gNll l'.. Goss' 'Mo G .Cf'm'?il NV' Gram, Rcfldlllgs Alassachusetts XfVillian1 D. Gritman, Poughkeepsie, New York 1 t JLLOU u Q35 C, est Offlllg-6, JVUZU -IC1-S637 Cllarles Gllise, IfVgSfZU00d, Ale-w -167-5-ey Patricia Hamb- C - - if-P, 1 HSSIIC Illsetts John A. Hamilton, Hallowell Louise V. Harrington, Portland Xarilliam G. HHICII, f1IllHH'II James K. Hathaway, Island Falls Elliott W. Hawkes, Manchester Kenneth E. Hen- igl'liIii A.fj1lll1EHH'11HI- Ronald Herzberg, Nlount Vernon,New York Merle A. Hibbard, Bridgton Paul Igwcelglslllliloligvt Fgoszoro, Massachusetts Robert Hill, Fort Fairheld Louis O. Hilton, Greenville . . g - 7 Si OH and Eleanor Hook,.Cape Elizabeth James H. Horslall, Little Falls, New jersey Lconald ll ' H01 ton, Wen Hm'tf0l'd, C0nnectzcut Catherine P. Howe, Augusta Charles T. Hoyt, Easton .lohn E- HUl1f6l', B6l1VI011t, lVIassachusetts Lewis M. Hurxthal, West Newton, Massachusetts Gorham XV. Hu53eYf PVUSQNC' Isle Mary H. Johonnett, Portland Wlilliam L. Iohnson, Cornish Richard P. Iones, Cam-budge' Masmclmsetls Grass l- Kelley, .l0Hesp0rt Donald F.xKerr, Milford, Massachusetts Priscilla J. Kll1C2'l1Cl, Brunswick Lowell R. Knight, Union Esther E. Laliberte, Stillwater Joan E. Leach, Sanford Roland M. Leach, East Wilton George R. Leadbetter, Livermore Falls Elizabeth A. Leighton, Waterville Dorothy M. Leonard, Old Town Robert P. Leroux, jamaica, New York Horace B. Lippincott, Columbus, New jersey Elwood R. Littlefield, Stillwater Richard Longstaff, Houlton john HE. Ludwig, Little Falls, New jersey Margot E. McCarthy, Naples Charles A. McC1uskey, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York John E. McDonald, Eastport Edward E. McGibbon, Glen Rock, New jersey Neil Ml. McGowen, Kezar Falls Alexander McGregor, Jr., Haverhill, Massachusetts Jane F. Mclnnis, Auburndale, Massachusetts Marvin YV. McKay, Brewer Stephen E. McPherson, Easton Robert VV. Madore, Portland Murray R. Mahany, Easton Graydon M. Mahoney, Caribou Roger L. Mallar, Waterville Thomas O. Mallery, Sherborn, Alassachusetts Muriel E. Marcou, Livermore Falls Julia M. Mawhinney, Machias George W. May, Uloodbridge, New jersey Joseph S. Melching, Baltimore, Maryland Lewis E. Michaud, Fort Kent Richard H. Mills, Etna Donald A. Mitchell, Old Town Marjorie A. Moore, Orono Elwood A. Neal, Jr., Gorham Richard A. Neal, Sanford Olga O'Brien, West Baldwin Wilmot F. Oliver, Hartland Vernal S. Packard, Jr., Litchheld Gloria A. Palmer, Stillwater Gloria A. Parrella, Mexico Patricia A. Parsons, Damariscotta Mlilliam A. Paterson, Rumford Margaret B. Paton, H ingham, Massachusetts Peter A. Pattee, Garden City, New York Ronald A. Pearl, Manchester, Connecticut Mary A. Pelletier, Old Town Wlilliam S. Perham, New Haven, Connecticut Janice L. Perkins, South Brewer Margaret L. Perkins, Augusta James L. Perry, Bangor John R. Peters, Stillwater Gary E. Phair, Limestone Judith A. Phillips, Dover-Foxcroft Richard Pierce, Waterville Barbara Pillsbury, North Kennebunkport Ed- ward F. Plossay, North Monmouth JoAnn A. Polackwich, Saco Pamelia Poor, Augusta Ralph WY Pote, Medford, Massachusetts Harry E. Potter, Waterville Dudley P. Pratt, Bronx, New York Donald C. Pulsifer, Brunswick Albert H. Ralph, Port jefferson Station, New York Alfred F. Ram, Bogota. New jer- sey John E. Randall, Standish Virginia B. Reed, Mapleton Penelope Rich, Scituate, Massachusetts Marjorie L. Robbins, East Vassalboro W'alter W. Rule, Haverford, Pennsylvania Patrick P. Ryan, Jr., Trenton, New jersey Charles Saboites, Walpole, Massachusetts Arthur B. Schefiler, Montclair, New jersey Norman F. Schlaack, Jr., Elberon, New jersey Carl A. Seaward, Dorchester, Massachusetts Roger H. Seeley, Fort Fairheld Dwight A. Sewell, Washburn Mlilliam K. Sewell, East Lebanon Richard R. Shirnp, Woodbury, New jersey Brian K. Simm, Melrose, Massachusetts Alan B. Sleeper, Sherman Mills Raymond R. Smith, Limerick Robert S. Smith, Guilford Theodore R. Sparrow, Gardiner Ernest Standeven, East Aurora, New York Richard R. Staples, South Braintree, Massachusetts Roger E. Staples, Lee Robert W. Stender, Easthampton, Massachusetts Jane VV. Stevens, Hallowell Dorothy A. Stone, Fort Fairfield Charles S. Strernlau, W'est Hartford, Connecticut Beverly R. Strout, Portland Gertrude P. Sullivan, Orono Charlene V. Swan, Hampden Highlands Carl S. Thomas, Lexington, Massachusetts Jacqueline A. Thomas, Manchester, New Hampshire Sheridan Thorup, Jr., Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Frederick G. Tolman, Portland Robert Toth, Bridgeport, Connecticut Oscar Trask, Easton Char- lotte M. Tripp, Dover-Foxcroft Margaret L. True, New Gloucester James H. Tucker, East Lynn, Massa- ehuggftg Patricia A, Turner, Augusta John S. Tygert, Montclair, New jersey Elaine R. Upton, Pownal William F, Vanidestine, Bangor Marylin G. Vaughan, Dixheld Lawrence C. Mlare, Hampden Highlands R b t T Watral Ramsey New jersey Hazel K W'atson Skowheffan Howard Ni VVaterhouse, Bethel 0 61' - i T 1 Q A . ' ' ' ' r o Robert L, Weatherbee, Bangor Edwin F. Wheeler, Monument Beach, Massachusetts Guy E. Wheelock, 221 A U :--- u -I:-'ft-'1L"i'w.. l FR HME Freshman Handbook lfrffzrl raw: l"'41l?-UTD Knccland M .srlin lxnvley Vfright Secozavl row l'or1er l':4l:m-r XX mic lxaizj. Greenville junction Frederick XfVhitcomb, Jr., Old Town l-larry I". XX'l1ilm'x. llantwn Philip L. Wig- gin, Westbrook Dione K. Wlilliams, Dover-Foxrrofl Patricia l.. Wilson. liangor iblcndon .-X. Winton, Livermore Falls Jack S. IfVood, St. Albans, Vermont Marjorie bl. Woorlmzrn. linlrlr-foul Martha Wy- man, Bangor Harry O. Yates, III, MC?l'L'lIIl7Il1lllll', Xen' ,lr'r.w'r .lann-N A. Young. l.r'Ii'lixIuH tion 1 ua or .XR1s.xxn5cisxcr,s Janet E- Abbott, Rye, New York George C..tx11Qrr,1511.wfn-11, mul A11 .xmmtmt-. 1:.m,:..f RiCl13l'll j. .xn- derson, Portland Ronald C. Anderson, Waslzlmrn Louis Y. .hl'llll, jr., Cfannlrn Rohr-rt W. .'XlSCll8llll. Portland Maurice E.Aspina11, Limerick john D. Atwood. Pint' Point Rirlizml XY. hllll. llovm' .-XIIIIC Austin, Portland Marguerite L. Ayer, Batlz Kenneth R. .Xiu-s. Pfnllanfl Xgngilir' R. Bgarnkail. Il'aIfn'ille' Charles A. Barrett, Jr., Bedford, lVIassar'l1ns1'lls Marlhzl li. Barron, l'1ilI.rlfn1gl1. 1','wp.g .,vH,g Ruth E, Bart- lett, Naples Margery A. Bayer, Portland Mary E, Baylir-s, Il'1'1nlnam-1, illarm. f'1n.o'rf.t tllmrlvs Cl. Beau- doin, Biddeford Richard Becker, Lewiston Derwoorl CZ. Bt-mis. lost-1.11 lit-mgml, Bangor Lionel Berube, Lewiston Ruth H. Beyer, Op-Uno Philip Nl. Ilitklonl. lima 1. I, y4,1,.,,i,. M. gil-k- terman, New York, New York Merson C. Billings, 1irool:sz'illr K,.Hm.,h U. l5,,,.h,,,.,. 1:,....lqlmf, ,lla.s.mrln1. sells Edward Bogdanovich, IJ7'0'UIClc'lIf'I', Rlzorlr' Island Br-njannin X. li-mel man. I1 .. lcrIX'?If"H1' Nliclmel M. Boyd, Freeport Thomas E. Bracken, Ix'1'l1m-hy ciilllllfll XI. lhxullnni, 1:,j,.,.f UNM I lg,-mllbpxl, Bzddeford Earl D. Bragdon, Parkrnan 191-ul 'lj lg,-L-,lim 1',',,,,,lH.,!Hl. Hi P Ill H I i I, MLM Hmlltmm Karl M. Brooks, Tlzomaston Dirk NV. Brown, Sonllz llnfn' 1.',.,.,l,.,.il. N I. Ii i ll. W I ,H iH Brown, Lovell Nancy H. Buchan, Nolrlzflroro Bzn'lJ1ll':l K. Burk X all I i mmm. Milsiii - nfl- AI bor Harold H. Burbank, Banfror R01 -- - .,,.... , C ' 'H "Mill NJN X' lmllklil' Im' lm , P' . P'-ll Ct- Blll5LNN. lmantgor .Xnnv l- Hmm mn fl vt lltnrr .Haml- cknsetts Bernard L. Cutler, Iflmlrfrozllf' rlll10lll2lS XX'.CI:1lrlt-1-n-mul HMI., , . . ' 'I' I A ' Rm. ert Carbonneau, Lewiston David A. fanny. llalloawll C.I:rl'r-lure I" lil l limi BIB ldllllxivlmilgln 't 'ln Enneld Raymond E. Carlson, Old Orrlzarzl liwarlz Cllralrlr-N Q' ri. in HHH' H 1' NN umm 'Q"',','f Portland Doris I. CasCY, lflfllII'l1If.S'lI'l', 1ll11ssar'l1nswlls ll2ll'l'lll lil' lmmili 'I PM lliilimii Xl' UBI ik Harbor Merle B. Chadhourne, Brarlforrl Xllllllllll' AX Phi ll ,Xi lfmllillq' l""-Q" Xunlnrna lirlalo. lot Oakland Edward H. Chilnian, Nffwr-a.sllw Rzlllrh Nil I-it liimliill' X' "' l"' it Iohn X. lilumllel. Ralph H. Clark, Sllll.S'llll'l'3l Cow' Bruce I' Cir lllc Ill 11,H.,MH' will I' l'iwl!""' lllh "" ll- l l-"ln 'l'l'lgl'm f lwllivr I wlnu. ll .:.'.i.U XLHL H, liolwll- 000 --- Lpwlswll Emerson D- COHJY, Sanford Randall C. Cole, Old Orchard Beach Rolon T. Collins B' h 7 J J , J A , ing 61771, Roland E. Collomy, West Scarboro George O. Comer, Bangor Margaret A. Cook, Presque Isle Lois J C00liS0l1, CIHPTFICVI Efiflff A- COOPCIH Blwlijield Walker D. Cooper, .Brunswick Maurice C. Cou hlin, . . , , , - . g O"l'l'l"d Salah M- Clfllg, Mzllinocket Dean Crocker, Brewster, Massachusetts Robert S. Croissant Sf"'l'5P0"t I sldllel' C1'011SbC1'g, Portland Fern E. Crossland, .Mexico Vaughn B. Curtis, Gardiner Dawi sou R' CHUIHC- Old Tow" Alfred R- CVT, Auburn Joanne Daley, Gardiner Christine M. Danes, Port- lflflfl AHHSIZISIZI A. Davis, Bangor John N. Davis, Winchester, Massachusetts Robert L. Davis, Bangor Robert Decoteau, Haverhill, Massachusetts Bernard L. Deshaies, Livermore Falls Robert W. Deshaies, Livermore Falls Harris A. Devone, Malden, Massachusetts Paul R. Dinsmore, Bangor Verna S. Dionne, Sk0wl'CS'f"' F1'a11CCS E. Donovan, South Weymouth,Massachusetts Alpheus B. Dorr, Milbridge How- ard T. Doucette, Orono Ronald H. Dow, Perham Herman D. Downs, Sanford Eunice A. Doyen, Bruns- wzck Cynthia Dunham, East Millinocket Orman B. Dunham, Dixheld Robert L. Dunham, Portland Donald Duplissis, Old Town Henry Ml. Dyer, Bar Harbor Lawrence G. Eaton, Jr., Vanceboro Ray 5- EdWa1'dS, Stockton Springs John Ellsworth, Jr., Newton Highlands, Massachusetts Storer W. Emmett, Old Town John F. Emmons, Needham, Massachusetts John E. Ertha, Bangor Thelma M. Evans, Oro- 710 Pf1U'iCi3 M- Fair, CTfl11f01'd, New jersey Thomas F. Fallon, Augusta Richard A. Farnham, Orono George E. Farnsworth Millinocket Robert L. Farrington, Old Orchard Beach Harold A. Fernald, Jr., Ha- verhill, Nfassachusetts XfVilliam P. Feyler, Portland Darwin H. Field, Worcester, Massachusetts Maureen Y. Fish, Belfast John F. Fleming, Bangor Virginia M. Foley, Scarboro Francis S. Foss, Charleston VVilliam M. Foss, Jr., Delmar, New York Charles H. Fox, Bellville, New jersey Cornelius L. Fox, Jr., Ban- gor Helen R. Fox, Bangor George W. Furbush, Stoughton, Massachusetts Robert W. Ganem, Lowell, Massachusetts Lucien R. Garneau, Rumford Marie R. Garrison, Easton Dewaine M. Gedney, Bangor Charlotte P. Gelinas, Lewiston Clifton E. George, Haverhill, Massachusetts Harold M. Gerrish, Jr., Rock- land Joan Gillette, Mamaroneck, New York Elaine W. Gilpatrick, Richmond Joan E. Given, Old Town Joyce A. Goodridge, Canaan Marshall L. Goodwin, Biddeford John E. Gordon, Portland Nancy P. Gould, Bangor Robert P. Gould, Ellsworth Forrest H. Grant, Bangor Manlon W. Gray, Jr., Hartland Jean E. Grindle, Bucksport Janice' M. Griswold, llfaljaole, Massachusetts John T. Hackett, Derby Mlilliam D. Hackett, Bangor Kathleen J. Haley, Brunswick Anne Hall, Alfred Harold G. Hall, Jr., Yonkers, New York Jack E. Hall, Bar Harbor James W. Hall, Westbrook Jerome P. Hallee, Pittsfield Alfred W. Halliday, Waterville John C. Handy, Bangor Earle P. Hanna, M attapoisett, Massa- chusetts Alden G. Hannum, Putney, Vermont Edward W. Hansen, Portland Brian A. Hanson, St. Al- bans Sylvia-Lee Harris, Mount Desert t Harmon D. Harvey, Guilford Virginia Harvey, Camden Rich- ard F. Harwood, Belmont, Massachusetts Shirley E. Hawley, Searsport Sally N. Hayden, South Windham Beverly D. Heal, East Millinocket Richard W. Heller, Annapolis, Maryland Sally A. Herrick, Brooksville Donald S. Hesketh, Providence, Rhode Island Charles K. Hewins, Jr., Augusta John E. Hewtt, Brownville junction Adam Hikel, Waterville George G. Hill, Rockwood Richard A. Hill, South Portland Robert D. Hill, Bucksport Ernest A. Hilton, New York, New York Daniel R. Hoctor, Old Orchard Beach James R. Holland, Washington, D. C. Elizabeth M. Hopkins, Waterville Jean B. Hopkins, Bangor Ralph D. Howard, Ridlonville Margaret A. Howatt, Bangor Charles D. Hoyt, South Portland Mar- garet E, Hgyt, Biddeford Harold B. Hyde, Lewiston Jane D. Ingraham, Augusta James F. lngraham, Jr. Augusta Faye A. Irish, Island Falls Robert E. Irish, Portland George L. Jacobs, Dzxheld Robert C, Jameson Banggr Brenda Jennings, Livermore Falls Donald R. A. Johansson, West Newton, Massachu- setts Nancy C. Johnson, Weeks Mills Philip W. Johnson, Jr., Portland Raymond P. Johnson, Leomin- ,grey Massachusetts Ruth A. Johnson, Andover, Massachusetts Ruth Johnson, Augusta Sylvia John- Son, poytland Norman D, Jose, lflfaterville Mary L. Judge, Biddeford Joseph Kazlauskas, Charleston Patrieia L Keenan Searsport Elizabeth A. Keith, Farmington Pauline I. Keith, Winthrop Mlilliam B. Keswick Watertown lllassachusetts Mary P. Ketchen, Great Works Arlene F. Kidder, Portland Abbie M Kingsbury Bangor Gerald B. Kinney, Bangor Kirby C. Kirkland, Brewer .Asher S. Kneeland, Jr., ' ' ' ' k M d' Vanceboro Jennie M. Knowlton, Howland Laura Knowlton, Greenville Audrey A. Korits y, a z- XV' 1 B Krue er Jr lflfestboro Massachusetts Barbara Ladd, York Beach Valmore L. LaFon- s f ow . ' , -r 1 I I , riilne Jr, lgjufly Atflebori, Massachusetts Elizabeth L. LaFurley, Ellsworth Elliott W. Lambert, Dexter 223 l Neai Mathetai Front row: lfielrl XYilli3n:s Pray Ilalnfoffl Second row: Grunxbley DeRoche Black Howard Hoyt Leon E. Lambert, Ridgewood, New jersey Robert E. Lztport. I.t"HllIl-Il.8ll'7', .Hassarlzzzsvlls Stanley Lavery, Somerville, Nlassaeltnsetts Donald C. Lavoie, L1'z'ern1ore lfalls Cllillortl .'X. l.CZli'll. Cape Rosivr Maurice R. LeBrun, Sanford Adam NV. Leighton, Porllancl -Iuditlt E. Leighton, Bangor .Xllred I. Lum, Portland Paul T. Leonard, Union Joan I. Letourneau, Biclcleforzl Dorothy bl. Bangor Frzmces M. Le- vine, Chestnut Hills, Massaelzzzsetts Jean C. Libby, Rozvaylon. flown-1'li1z1! Ricltznrd li. Libby. South Port- land Mark S. Lieberman, Bangor Jane S. Littlelielcl, Calais 'lzunes R. l.osley. Bangor lane A. Longley, Baltimore, Maryland Russell Lovaas, l.ll"I'l'll1UH'l'l1lllS l.xnn .X. l.ox'c. Yorzlu-rs. .Year York Nel- son E. Luce, Waterville Claire Lynch, l.ewislon .Iolm W. Nlcilatnn. Bangor ,lost-pil E. xlCCZll'Illf'. Ban- gor Rodney F. McConkey, Westluroolc Norma AI. Nlrflorntick. Riflnnonfl -Ioltn ID. Nlcllonald. Houllon Leonard NICGIHIIIS, .Sanford -Iohn E. McKay, Bangor lilt-:mor l.. Nlclielltley, I-'on I-'airlirltl XYilliam I. .MCKCHZlC, Bangor Mary C. hgaelixnnon. Carillon Roland lf. Nlc l.:tiu. lit-llasl hlztntcs C. Nlclaltlghlin. Kingheld Carlton N. MacLean, fl.S'l1l!I7IIl Etlwztrtl 'lf Xltblztlttts, Bangor LU, lf. Ml-Xt-gl, I-'off lfairfrld Thomas F. Mahaney, Bangor Carolyn l. Mzthztny, lfaxlon .Xllllt'ill' Cl. Nlaum. Milfonl."lum'Hs Alex Manzo, rlilzllznoeltel Paul E. Marcoux,,tj,,-,',,,, Ridmm 5' MMI. bludmm I.-him. ln xlm-gin, Zfzlizll tk! lzlifyllftt ltffslf' llfflff' tzttrttm-tt tg. stat-tm, 1.1.n,.1 lfalls xr. mtttieu. T - I L U 21 - Ll. 10111. lilllnslulelf llilllt' N.t'.t'ztll. lfatzltzillmglorl XX'illiglm ll, Xlt-xt-r, lilo:'1'm'illf. Aew lorlf Beverly E. Mllehen, Newton Center,.llassa1'l1melts tum- XI Xlil . I-, .. .. X 1 ,hi lvl xml. er lfValdol1oro Mary E Mileher liaygfm- XI. .. - I 1 .D l M' l "1" A 1 I ' Q N l ' , ' ' A A My I. Nlttrltt-ll, ll xr' -ull' X ' V - ..' -i - mn David M. Molko, Portland Tliomas I". Monagltztn, li'llIlll1t'l' 1:-girl: 41- 'Xl luhxlui 'xi Nlsfllllztllylizim Ellsworth Charlotte A. lvloreshead, Portland Cl ' V1 -e Xl X . l I .i mum' ' If U ' 'nl ' i l 9 lf' VI - B ' 'ml ur --l"'Q1lH- Ulfl lozwz Ronald X. Xloriu. .'iNllIll'N . y sto l orneault, Lille Beverly I.. Morse, Soallf 1lam,-.,,.,- Hmm ,H H , vim' 4 I , A I . I I I- b . . v. lzegan Robert VV. Mullen, Olrl Orelfarzl Beaelf X'zlt1t,h.m I Xl In IM X I "lull I - Xl"ll"'- ' Y lr., Greenville Lois E. Nason, lfli'i.s'1'11.s'.sel William l3hYe'tlil.'. ll' mum-M lI?Il:'H'm All lillnmml ni Muilll G. Nilson, Hallowell I-Iannalt E. Not-mn 1g,,Nm,l,I l' .I tx, sfttreto Ifltlltlt Xtaltnt, lv.-rfltzml Nu Merle L. NoYes, Locke Mills Lester R. Oakes ll'1"1ilf'2-in .1 Mllilu H I i Xin it ll' lim! H "li"","- 'll'mm hulfm Millinoelfel Robert L. Oppenlteim Banffor l'tnt fr, Ahlattu-t I.. Ultxt-1, U.,..,,, you Xl. ll'bl2ll'il.I'.ll5' . ' h - ti - v '- Melissa A. l1gtrker,Porl Wasl1i21Q'lon,New l'orl' lttlt N Kill Oi mu' lunnhmi R-"Nil 1-. Ulu-llrtte. l,f'?4"-"0" , 1 ' 1 ' tts , t . - . -' . llrroji Llmer R. Pelletier, lforl Ken! 11-ll,-gd., X 3, ki. I Mun' I """l !""'i felt-lllw R. l'uLlmm. UU' . . . tt ins, It1f.'.'m1l llraaltfth X, il. ,Mfg Hvlm, gg. l'el'lt'3'. 221 Bangor Ronald C. Derry, Portland Edwin H Pert Bath Lawrence F Pcters Jr Kftte, Paul ne 3 Q, , S I Y.. - , ' ' . . ' , ., 'y Y PCIUSOU UNH' P11115 John E. Phelps, Readheld Alan W'. Philbrick, Rangeley Clyde L Pierpont Thom- aston Edith G. Pierpont, Waldoboro Thomas Pike, North Bridgton Thomas A. Pinkham, Ill, West .' H, l ' - - - . Roxbml' lIm'md'u56H5 C311 E- PIPES, Houlton Sterling M. Pomeroy, Brunswick MaryH Porter West Peru Richard A. Potter, Lincoln Donald H. Poulin, Biddeford Everett Pouliot, Bath i Fern, Pra B . x - I , 3' lm' Oston' I Iasmchusdts Stanley L- Pratt, Augusta Charles S. Pray, Jr., South Berwick Evelyn C. Pulsi- fell P0lVfl0P1d James YV. Quinn, Bangor Robert M. Quinn, Bangor Nelson N. Ranco, Orono Mar- garet A' Raymond' Caribou James H- Redman, Kittery Hale C. Reed, West Hartford, Connecticut 10311 M- Reed, VV?-Vt Ha"kI07'd, Connecticut Donna E. Richardson, Bangor George A. Ricker, Turner Donald N' Rideout' Portland Andrew VV- Rimes, Bath John B. Ristuccia, West Newton, Massachusetts Margaret A. .ROb1HSOD, Gardiner Phyllis A. Robinson, Gardiner Norbert N. Rose, Brunswick Richard P. Ross, Parts .Shirley A. Rubin, Swampscott, Massachusetts Wayne B. Ruff, Rumford Stephen C. Ry- der, East Greenwich, Rhode Island Priscilla A. Saliem, Bangor Virginia C. Sargent, Stillwater Robert H. Savage, M ilo Warren L. Schildberg, Rangeley Arnold W. Schultz, Chelsea, Massachusetts Paul S. Sennett, Palermo Isabel L. Shaw, South Brewer Farlyn G. Shirley, Montclair, New jersey Barbara P. Short, Scituate, llfassachusetts David S. Silsby, Hampden Highlands Russell T. Simpson, Hampden Highlands Lorraine Skolheld, Parker Head Norma Smaha, Portland Lewis P. Small, Litchfield Mary L. Small, Brunswick Sally Small, Lewiston Allan L. Smallidge, Winter Harbor David E. Smith, Houlton Frank VV. Smith, Old Town Rachel C. Smith, Biddeford Robert H. Smith Bar Mills Frederick A. Spencer, Bucksport W Mary J. Sprague, Machias Charles O. Squires, Presque Isle Rodney C. Stacey, Kezar Falls Harry P. Stearns, South Paris Winifred D. Stecher, Easton, Pennsylvania Georgianna L. Stetson, Newcastle Howard A. Stevens, Old Town Paul Stikans, Westfield Norris W. Stilphen, Sanford Ida M. Stinson, Prospect Harbor William E. Stone, Barrington, Rhode Island Adolph A. Storey, Bangor Bruce G. Stratton, Rockland Barbara A. Sucy, Great Works Harold M. Sullivan, Orono Mary L. Sullivan, W' est Springfield, Massachusetts Henri A. Tartre, Augusta Shirley E. Thayer, Hampden Highlands Armond A. Thebarge, Madison Ernest A. Thebarge, Anson Edmund S. Thomas, Livermore Falls Eleanor L. Thomas, Mars Hill Harold W. Thomas, Portland John N. Thomas, Old Town Barbara A. Thompson, Presque Isle Doris A. Toabe, M arshfield, Massachusetts Esther R. Toabe, Marshheld, Massachusetts Joyce A. Tracy, Ellsworth Arthur D. Traub, Brookline, Massachusetts Doro- thy A. Trenholm, Lubec Lois E. Treworgy, Milo Philip M. Turner, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts De- mosthenes G. Vamvakias, South Portland Alfred Veilleux, Bangor Rodney E. Verrill, Carmel Vin- cent Viola, Jr., Bangor Nancy C. Vozella, W interport Patricia Wallace, Bangor Robert L. Wallace, Orono Donn S. Walters, Readfield William E. Mlebb, Bangor Gordon S. Weinstein, Portland Ger- ald R. Wescott, Newburgh, New York Jerome W. Wetmore, W estford, Massachusetts Roger D. White, Brewer Howard P. VVhittum, Oxford Joan C. Whyte, Monmouth Davis E. Wiggin, Oakland Bar- bara A. Wigger, Fayson Lakes, New jersey Stewart A. Wight, Belfast Jean Williams, East Orange, New jersey Kenneth A. YVilliams, Brooklin Georgia A. Williamson, Rockport Mary L. Wood, North Ber- wick' Ruth E. Wood, Fairfield Edward E. York, Brewer Jean M. Young, Portland Sidney O. Young, Jr., East Machias Vklilliam P. Zoidis, Bangor COLLEGE or TECHNOLOGY Robert F. Adams, Malden, Massachusetts Donald D. Anderson, Saco Leon E. Baker, Waterville Ken- neth C. Balsor, Bangor Richard G. Barakat, Vlfaterville Kenneth Barnard, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Earl L. Bartlett, Bangor William F. Bellefontaine, Hampden Highlands Erving H. Bickford, Lisbon Falls Al- len Bingham, Portland Kenneth M. Blaisdell, York Village Carl F. Bridges, Gorham Thomas M. Bri ham Ngwfgn Highlands Massachusetts Darrell H. Brooks, Orono Benjamin M. Brown, Lovell Ed- wafd V.,Br0Wn Caldiygll Nkw jersey Mlilliam K. Brown, South Brewer Mlallace D. Burne, Portland Sid R B tl , S'lverS'Jrinff Maryland Benjamin A. Caci, Everett, Massachusetts John E. Callinan, ney u er, i 1 D , Banggy Morton L, Caplan, New York, New York Alan B. Chapman, Bangor Frank E. Chase, Milli- fi f R 1 h H Chase Ashland EdwardJ Cianchette, Pittsheld Llewellyn E. Clark, Cumberland llrljhlse Neiillgl Clarke Brewer Edward S. Coffin, Freeport Elliott MI. Copeland, Thomaston Paul I. Coughlin, Akoywood, Mgggaglmsetts Adrien F. Couture, Saco Leslie R. Craig, Jr., Freeport Earle D. 225 FRE HM N , . , f -1 Donald E. Curran, Millinocket Car. Cram' Ifvatewme David Cunmnglmm' Iiochestelijvuljdl A. DalCY, Augusta ,l0hn Ml. Dean, lr., E vat roll F. Cyr, Van. Buren Roland P. Daigli,dLJXm6glSgin Bmzks George H. DCSROIJCIJS, Biddeford John Nom Aitlebom' Massachusetts Regma D gi ' 1 Winthro19 Herbert R. Doten, Orono . . H r E. Diamonc , ' . A. DeMl1lde, Lynnheld Center, Nlcassachuxsgttisiarle EEGBJJOH Peter Economos, Sam yyllham S. Emery, Port- Clyde L. Drew, Jr., Houlton eorge . , ld Cumberland Mills Richard Finnick, land John A. Ericsson, Westjield, New jersey Robert A. Ferna , D Q Belmont Massachusetts Jerald L. Fletcher, Brewer Mlalter Ml. Flint, West Baldwin Robert Fogel. ' . .- -I ohn C. Foster, Brewer F d. Auburn Charles W. Ford, Ashvzlle Philip Ml. Foss, JT-s Dfllllml' l Q , ff erick G. Frangie, Springheld, Massachusetts Eben Ml. Freeman, P0t'llfl7ld. ?C0"gC,I'- Ciifdmf Hlfd-9011, Massa- chusetts James .W Gardner Jr Kennebunk Davld Ml. Gates, Melrose, it Iassac msc s Jo in George, taaarervizzff Jack B. Getchell, Belfast Mark w. Getchetl, Oatflaflfl .IOSCIH1 H- Gllbcfll G"f'f"'f"llff 111116- tion Robert C. Goodell, Bangor Charles H. Goodwill, Cumberland Cgmel' Hcfbcfl I - GFHY, Hallowell Richard G. Gray South Brewer Robert F. Grover, Boothbay Harbor M'illiam F. Halmel, Lewiston Thomas Haley, Biddeford Merwyn B. Hall, Livermore Falls Preston Ml. Hall, lllarren, Ohio Carl Ml. Hanson, Vanceboro Chester Harris, Jr., Eastport James Ml. Hartzell, lzssex, Connecticut Earle L. Harvey, Wilton Colwyn F. Haskell, Norway Kenneth R. Hill, South Portland Mlilltanl C. Holway, Augusta Edwin I. Hood, Rangeley Mlilliam Hosmer, Foxboro, Massachusetts Harold Hugo, Portland Charles E. Johnston, Houlton George A. Joseph, Waterville Raymond Kelley, New Canaan, Connecticut Robert E. Kingsbury, Jr., Bath Bernard Ml. Kinney, Sebec Station Richard M. Klain. Xonvay Roland J. Kneeland, lfVest Bethel Carl M. Kruse, South Orange, New jersey Stanley L. Lawrence, North Adams, Massachusetts Thomas W. Lawrence, Jr., Hampden Highlands Merwyn E. Libby, Fort Fairfield Rich- ard S. Libby, Bar Harbor Edward W. Lyon, Presque Isle James C. lNIcBride, Gloucester, Massachusetts Ronald E. McGarry, Bangor Charles D. McLelland, B raintree, M assachzzset ts Horace A. MacMahan, Jr., Treoett John B. Mastrobattista, Farmington, Connecticut Donald R. Mavor, Madawaska James G. Mendros, Saco James A. Mininni, Biddeford Francis E. Monahan. Oakland Thaddee F. Moreau, Lewiston Melvin W. Morgan, Hampden Douglas K. Morton, Runzford Abbott XV. Mosher, Gorham Rodney F- MOUUOH, Biddeford Ricllarfl K. Munger, Dover-Foxcroft Donald 0. Nelson. Winterport John B. Nordstrom, New Haven, Connecticut Albert Paine, Bangor Clnistopltet' D. Parker, Orono Norman A. Payne, Hallowell Raymond D. Pesola, Ashby, .llassacltusetts Dean 'l'. Pillsbury, Stoughton, Massachusetts Robert D. Plissey, Washburn John Ml. Porter, Orono Oakley K. Porter, New Britain, Connecticut James C. Rand, Farmington Mellen A. Randall, Dexter Roy R. Raymond. Topsham Frank Roberts, Brewer Richard Rollins, Turner Paul N. Rossi. Gardiner Otis F. Russell, Jr., W'ashlJ.urn Vaughn N. Russell, LaGrange Elwin E. Sanborn. West Baldwin Frank G. Schaible, Moun- tain View, New jersey George Ml. Shaw, Malden, Massacltusetts Mlayne O. Shirlev, Burlcsport Carl T. SilsbY, Hampden Highlands Richard A. Simmons, Portland Ernest M'. Stnztllidlfe. .X'orlhc'ast Harbor Richard G. Smiley, Worcester, Massachusetts Gerald E. Smith, I-Iarrison Ronald, H Smith Gorllalll Mlalter F. Soule, Charleston Millard C. Spencer, Bangor Julian H. Stanwood Millzridge' Bruce G. SI- Leger, VVmfl1t'57P Donald M- SYOVCT, Bar Harbor Mlilliam H. Strossntan, Hampden Highlands Rob- ert E. Suminsby, A orthelas-g Harbor Peter M. Sutphen, East O,-,,,,ql,' Nm, ,l,m,Y -xbmlmlgl -I-aiber. Ismcl Earlel igrnl Jr., 1JVinthroj9 George R. Thibodeau, Wintcrport Austin UC. Thotnpson. Kinglicld Balllltttle Wtitlzivool mzgohl 1l.2dTard L' Touchelle, Rttntford .-Xlan P. 'l'rat'x'. ll't'st Gouldslmro Robert ' 1 I V I P L I 4. ' I' . r I , - un VJf651jb7'00k Climo lil My Ylomljltr Bmolhs .l"Y H- Y teeland. Jr.. 1-fast Orrington Robert E. Wat- ild Mlass Fasllrort lilarsltallulf, Mimi' Leeds V CAVVCI' ll. M'ashbnrn. ll'atrrtozt'n. .lll!S.Wll'llll5l'HX GCI'- Ml - 'l .. ,ld A I Cujmnt .ll-r lvfflllelnmlc Mattrict- B. M't-istnatn. Portland Cvrus N. entwort 1, tttshc John H. Mleston, Last Corinth Robe,-I L, xvhil l H , uf Whit, ney, Wilton Kenneth R. Mliles, Saugus, llfIllSSIlC.'ll'IlSt'llS Rohan M--:lil Lllunglllall I Lmlzlmu Xvil 1' 3, I, VVVA '11, A . . -. - T . ,- 1 Cll. ,rt-at ous Benign' h. l ' Irlams Jr a cruz c rthut Mlltlnngton, II, I.t1,,,,.1H,5.I,,,.' MHWHQIIIIMJU XM'-im' X Y U P Hind Tol- Ord R- Young, WU5lbl'00l1 Mlalter R. Ziemann Hanllrdcn Hi hl l i I J u mmh' In I ' g' ants 226 IIllIIll!IllIllIIIIllIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIIllIllIIIllIllllIIIIIIllIlIlllllllllIllIllIIIIIllIIIll'IIIIlIIIIIIIIllIllllllIIllIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIlIIIIlIIIIIIll'IllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII -JI- lr.. 'hu 'No ner. .L K. gel. Cd- esa- gc. ru'- .FII lab!! larl L. HY. :nd 1111 mtl HIS. ch- rlls 'r.. G. au. am Oli -no on. in. 'I Ill T.. zn- T. for tm G. mb rel 'Id ert ai- cr- N. it- 'il- ol- UPHUMURE COLLEGE or AGRICULTURE Harrison. George H. Allen, Ellsworth Richard C. Allen, Norwood, lllassaclzusetts Rupert P. Amann, Newton Center, Massachusetts Robert H. Anderson, Cumber- land Center Beverly Andrews, North Fryeburg Elizabeth Andrews, Augusta Robert D. Ashby, Fort Fl1lil'j?6ld XfVilliam YV. Ashby, Fort Fairheld Lawrence R. Bailey, Orono Glenice I. Bates, Houlton Dolores A. Bell, Houlton. Daniel R. Bennett, Wilson's Mills David C. Beppler, Montclair, New jersey Albert H. Bishop, Meriden, Connecticut Ronald E. Bishop, Stockton Springs Clayton M. Blood, Thorn- dike Donald M. Bouchard, Millinocket Marie A. Boynton, Solon Sarah E. Brackley, Kingfield Paul E. Bradstreet, Portland George S. Briggs, Jr., Revere, Massachusetts Charles Bringe, Rockaway Beach, New York Richard N. Brown, Plaisted Robert L. Brown, Brooks Richard G. Brubaker, Maplewood, New jersey Joan Bryant, Bangor William A. Bunter, jackson Heights, New York Wentworth E. Burn- ham, Lincolnville Carl YV. Buschner, Teaneck, New jersey David Butterfield, Middletown Springs, Ver- mont Eleanor M. Byron, Bangor Duncan M. Cameron, Derry, New Hampshire Forrest E. Carmichael, Brownville Paul E. Choiniere, St. johnsbury, Vermont Bruce L. Clifford, Hamden, Connecticut David A. Cole, Bangor Harold T. Coss, Plainfield, New jersey Gordon VV. Cram, West Baldwin David T. Crosman, Richmond Hill, New York Richard E. Cutting, St. johnsbury, Vermont John R. Daigle, Presque Isle Randall R. David, Hoboken, New jersey Thomas L. Dickson, Jr., Ridlonville Jean B. Dolloff, Orono Charles B. Donahue, Jr., Calais William R. Donnell, Bath Carol Z. Douglass, East Dixfield Gilman Dube, Fort Kent Joseph E. Dumont, Fairfield Arthur L. Dutton, Jr., Oakfield Leonard N. Eames, Brunswick Paul I. Ellsmore, Corinna Robert S. Everhart, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Thayden M. Farrington, Dryden Thomas P. Fickus, Kingston, New York Mary L. Field, jefferson Claire M. Filliet- 132, Lgwigton Robert P, Ford, Staten Islanal, New York William E. Fowler, Ellsworth Gerald S. French, Hampden Highlands Melvin S. Fuller, Livermore Falls Marcia S. Gass, Bangor Vernon M. Gerrish, Rockland Wallace I. Getchell, Limestone Willis A. Getchell, Newport Charles W. Goodnow, Winches- ter, 1VIassachusetts Clayton G. Grant, Brewer Vllaltffr GTHHI, Bll1lg0'f Winfield E- Grant, Portland Carole A. Griney, Gardiner Margaret A. Grover, P01'lldnd Victor L- GTOVCF, M6lIJl6w00d, New Jersey Phillip YV. Hale, Kennebunk Rowena E. Hammond, Farmington Robert Hampson, Pleasantville, New jersey Margaret E. Hanson, Presque Isle Lorraine Harvey, Fort Fairfield Ora Haskell, Portland Roy T. Haskell, Needham, Massachusetts YVarren A. Hathaway, Monmouth Dennis A. Hawkes, Segreganset, Massachusetts Yllilliam Ml. Haynes, South Waterford Richard W. Hess, Augusta Craig R. Hibben, Illont- clair, New jersey Marilyn L. Hill, Fort Fairheld Thomas YV. Hilyard, Eastport Dean B. HOdgKiT1S, Caribou Donald L. Horne, Skowhegan Florence I. Hughey, East Waterboro James H. Hunter, Still- water Frederick E. Hutchinson, Dover-Foxcroft john M. Jewett, Laconia, New Hampshire , John S. Johnson, Jr., New B,-umzufcfo New jgfrgey Nancy johnson, jefferson Philip E. Johnson, South Penob- scot peter NI. Joseph, Vllatgroille George C. Karalekas, Boston, Massachusetts. John W'. Keene, Belfast , ll Lewiston Robert M. Kello , Millington, New jersey James John YV. Kelley, Hallowell Nancy Ke ey, gg D S. Kilburn, Buckfield Vaughn A. Lacombe, South Portland Paul D. Lamoreau, Presque Isle Robert B. Lon Pres ue Isle Carlton M. Lowery, Montjcgllo Gainor H. McGorr1ll, Orono Gaylon H. McGowan, g, q . . Jr., Fanwood, New jersey Loraine E. McGraw, Hampden Frank Mack, Bangor Lida Maxim, Lew- 551071 B1 nn D Merrill Poland Sprinff Archie S Milliken, Center Lovell jane E. Mitchell, Dover- Cleon H. Adams, Jr., Dixheld Joel G. Allard, Foxcroft ylidmund lvloreshead, Gardiner Nancy C. Moulton, Auburn Patricia A. Nason, Oakland Alanson B. Noble, South Paris -lane E. Noyes, Berwick Mary F. Noyes, Norway Phyllis A. Noyes, Oro- no Robert G, Osborne, South Deerheld, Massachusetts Crosby F. Packard, Unity Vllallace W. Paquette, Faimeld Bruce E' parkhursrj Bangor Arthur D. Partridge, Douglaston, New York Corinne L. Peary, Strong Vviffiam E. penoyarj Newburgh, New York Richard F. Phelon, Newton I-Iighlands, Massachusetts Richard L, Phillips, Lee Merton E. Poore, Orono Medary A. Prentiss, Jr., Farmington Larry E. Rack- l'flf E 'W L, R 'f l, lfValtham Riiittaitstlillai-1-en.IOanCecil eRoberts, Wakeheld, Massachusetts Hadley B. Roberts, Cranford, New Jer-fer Massachusetts Robert P. Rich, Scituate, Massachusetts E1n1 E. 227 aa" nphnmnre a Class lllfieers lir It .i ri t XMILLIAM I-I1RsT, President r.l i V RAY COX, Vice President l r 1 , DIANE DRAPER, Secretary gi l' DONALD STEVENS, Treasurer I ' r ,,i i l S i 1 Stevens E , Hirst Draper , Cox F 1 UPHUMUBE tl ' Richard K. Robinson, Abington, Massachusetts Rudolph M. Rogers, Brozunheld Joan Russell, Winslow t ti Hans Schirrmann, Gravenwiesbaeh., Germany Forest R. Sheldon, Portland Peter Slunnway. Lynnfield ll Center, lVIassachusetts Carolyn H. Simpson, Centerville, Massafhzisells I-larry L. Simpson. Bar Harbor Mary L. Skelton, Lewiston David R. Smith, Easton Frank G. Smith. Brirlglon Robert 'lf Smith. Rod:- , land Philip Ml. Solenberger, Winchester, Vlilglilllill Marilyn E. Spear. Rorlcland Robert XY. Stevens. . l Portland Shirley I. Stillings, North Berwick Signe M. Swanholm, Thomaslon Robert I-. 'I'horpe. Thorn- lf! if gi dike Charles L. Toothaker, Phillips ltVilliam E. Townsend. Island lfalls Philip I. Turner. For! Fair- rt 5 ' 5 , held Douglas A. Vollmer, Larchniont, New York Alan M. XX'alden. Ridgwzvooil. X1-xt' lmzw-v Donald Nl. : Vtlaterman, Sabattiis Gordon S. lfllebber, Sanford john IE. XYeleh. 1'r1'sam' lslf' Lois I.'lYelton. Bre'u'vr l l QQ Richard Mlhatley, Dunellen, New jersey Richard H. XVheeler. ll?-slfirlfl. Xen' ,lrr'.sf'x' llartlia A. White. Reading, Massachusetts Roman A. YVhite, Augusta lvlllllllll L. White. Tojrsliam lX'illiant G. lYhit- lock, Calais Merlon E. Wliggin, Clinton Nelson C. lVight. Belfast l-'rztnces .-X. lX'illett. lfas! Cvfllllll Jonathan V. Williamson, North Bridgton Robert P. XVillson. Orono l-Ildwin A. lYixson. ll'a!m1'illc' 1 l Keith L. Wortrnan, Easton Gertrude XV fman, O ' El P. Zinchuk, South Windham ' r i y rono eanor A. Zellner. Imxirzglmr. .llassar lztisrtts Peter L i Coin-itzri or .ARTS Axn Sclkxcrs A Claire M. Adams, Kennebunk Robert C. Adams, Hingham, .llassarlmselts Shernrtn ll' 'Kduns Glllidlllfli it Losiph C. Alex, Skowhegan Dorothy B. Allen, Sedgwick Barbara M. Anderson. Riillonrillf' David W. p nc eison, cwiston Raymon N. Atherton, Orono Theodore Atkinson. .X',.n,1,,,,.Yl,m.,. A,UmH.1,,m.m ,r Richard D. Babb, Bowdoinharn Harriett L. Bantlord, Milo Ralph I. Barron lr Hilo XYoodronll'e L. Bartley' .lrv Gliewwllle BTYCC G- B211'l0l1, Waterville Robert li. llllljlllll llrwtiliniirl' lhritl Nl ll'ttcltel- 71 lfB. " ll '. "U . r- K ' ' " i . 'i C Cl' lmgm , Ra P 1 C Banu, Ashland Gilald Bidlll. Portland lzllis N. Bean. South Paris l'lt'lll'l' WY. Beck, Jr., Gray John N. Beeckel, l'VO0CllflIflI.HlH',rX'l'Zl'.1t'7',x'1'Y lam. Q- HUM., . H- I lf lu. . I Bclll-. fontaine, Hampden Highlands Albert D. Bernstein liizrzam- i l.,h,,H.Y X in .Hifi gm trait". I lm ' S . . errx, , . z- . ' . . rss: 4' ' s-gtts George Mt, Betterley, Bangor Roger L. Bickloi-rl. Hoallon 1 Xnn., 1 ' VI. .k Qf"f'l'l"',, Ui ,gland . Loren E. Blaisdell, Bangor lfllilliam E. Blaisdell, Blat' Hill g , , ' . i " X 'H ' H' www' ' ii 'N 4 I Bolduc Bath Orvis YV Bonney If 4,,g,m.H D I t ltpltan X. Rogue. Caja' .Yrtldnlc l-et'ngnul .' 1 1 t - - ,, -, 1 orot ' .-X. ll . . K, , , . 6 1, Briznswiclc Jean C. Boucher, Jr., Orono Norman C. llinir.,-L., lllzllil vuumul. lwuilx ,Ai Bmuhiml, , . Richard P' Breen, L,.ZUm,,,, David B. Bl.CZQCl,' Bwww Ili- U. .i igalsla Xl :nrt-n NN. ln-ghlex. Umm , ' 'ml I- llflilgv. lloothltar llarlrm' Rlllll ul- 228 I B"lr':.C 'l it . .. 1 . , Ili 59" r 0' "H" .lffilll li- B1 lggh, flugusta Herbert C. Brown, Dryden Marilyn B. Brown, Harmony Robert lr. Brown. Portland Robert. S. Brown, Southport Cecil D. Butler, Midge,-ville George R. Butler, Bfffffffffiff .lolm 13- BUiiC1'HCiCi, Steuben Charles M. Byron, Jr., Concord, Massachusetts Bruno L. Cali- andro, Portland KVilliam F. Callinan, Bangor Chester F. Cambell, Staten Island, New York John Can- HYHI1- Pfnflffild -Xlberr L. Card, South Paris Austin c. carter, Bi--ewei Linwood L. carviiie, York Viz- Iage Charles M. Casey, East Millinocket Nancy A. Chandler, Bangor Susan L. Chase, Bangor Philip M- Cheuafdi B'ddf'l0Vd C211'Oiyl1 M. Chisholm, Rockland Robert W. Churchill, Kezar Falls Edward H. Clancy, Bflrlgor Fred E. Clark, Jr., Saco Sharon L. Clark, Winslow ' Joan E. Clarke, Stillwater John P. Clement, Orland Charles F. Coffin, Jr., Ashland Constance A. Colby, Newcastle Jean S. Colby, South PUW5 Hf'31'bei'i M- C0l1fl0l1, Ncwport Helen E. Connon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Joan E. Cole, Ban- gor Douglas C. Cooper, Orono William H. Cousins, Portland Cynthia Cowan, Portland Raymond A. Cox, Blll1g0T Roland Coyne, Bangor Nancy M. Cousins, Fort Kent Marjorie M. Cross, Brunswick Richard L. Crowley, Biddeford Pool Edgar R. Crozier, Jr., Stonington Raymond A. Cummings, Lewiston Ralph C. Cunningham, Jr., Ashland John W. Curry, South Portland Charles R. Cushing, Bangor Dan- iel P. Davis, Saco Louise E. Davis, Farmington Vincent R. DeCourcy, Bangor Lawrence R. DeLois, Illillinocket Philip H. Dennis, Portland Paula F. DeRoche, Saco Dominic DiBiase, Portland Mary M. Dickey, Brooks Lenore M. Dinsmore, Rumford Jacob B. Dion, Lewiston Patrick H. Dionne, Skow- hegan Horace C. Disston, Yarmouth Joyce I. Dobson, Pittsfield Gerald Doiron, Brunswick Frederick T. Dolan, Bangor Diane Draper, Cornish Maxine E. Dresser, Andover Gene Drolet, Haver- hill, zllassachusetts Barbara F. Downs, Bangor Lewis R. Dubois, Grand Isle Roy F. Dunphy, North New Portland Joan M. Dunton, South Portland Anne M. Dutille, Waterville Emily Dyer, Cape Elizabeth Harold N. Eames, Brunswick Lehan A. Edwards, Monmouth Robert M. Ehrlich, Anson Franklyn K. Ellingwood, Bangor Robert B. Ellingwood, Madison Stephen H. Emmons, Kennebunk Lloyd C. Erskine, Gardiner Charles C. Fenno, Bethesda, Maryland Robert W. Fifield, Bangor Pierre C. Fisher, Great Neck, L. I., New York Roger W. Fisher, Littleton, New Hampshire Sidney Fogel, Port- land Carolyn E. Fogg, South Portland Glenn R. Folsom, Rockland Joan A. Folsom, Augusta George J. Fortier, Ellsworth Maurice G. Fournier, Chisholm Edwin B. Frost, III, Portland Roberta A. Gagnon, South Berwick Wlaldo Gagnon, Jr., Bangor Mary C. Gerrish, Augusta David R. Getchell, Bangor Shirley E. Ginn, Bangor Barbara A. Girard, Auburn Emma L. Given, Brunswick Carole E. Goldsmith, Old Town Richard N. Goodin, Old Town Earl H. Goodspeed, West Farmington Louise F. Good- speed, Portland Priscilla B. Gorden, Augusta Philip Gotlib, Bangor Melville A. Gould, Jr., Old Town Richard F. Gross Bucks ort Ann Grumle , Millinocket Albert F- H21CkCff, DWIPN Edward W- H3Ck'3it , P Y r ' Jr., Milo Agnes M. Haggerty, Houlton Margaret Hall, Rumford Robert Hamilton, Bangor Janet E. Hanna Ellsworth Gerald S. Harmon, Brid ton Gertrude E. Harriman, Wi-9CflSS6f David C- Harring- , S ton, Portland Frank P. Harrison, Bucksport Edward P- HHTVCH, Bedfvrdi New York James W- HNVCY1 Saco Nanc A. Harris Canaan Patricia R. Hashey, Orono Phiiip A- H21SkCii, Bath LYHHC E- H21fCh, Orono Irvgn L Haynios Woodland Janet D, Head, Bangor Uuno Hertell, West Paris Donald P. Hi ins Guilford William B, Hill, Jr., Bangor Ralph W. Hinds, Jr., Cranston, Rhode Island William gg D. Hirst, Wellesley Hills, Ilfassachusetts Gerald F. Hodge, Bangor David H. Hodgkins, Delmar, New York Donald E Hod king P01-gland Mary I. Hood, Milo Elinor Horton, Farmington Jeannette A. Hovey, Houlton Mfdo1or1oM Howard Madison Jean R. Hoyt, Portland Patricia A. Huddleston, Portland Da -d S. H r , Alattawamkgag Lois Hunter, Gorham Karl Hurd, Rockland Joan B. Huston, Polillmd uglio F. Ingfaham, Orono Barbara L. Jackson, Brunswick Joyce A. Jackson, Pittsfield Wal- tor F. John Bangor Ernest W, Johnson, Bucksport Harriet E. Johnson, South Portland Helen M..John- son, Banggh' Clinton A. Jordan, Brewer Harry T. Jose, Augusta Sally A. Keach, South Orrzngton John P,Ke11y Wfifgryille K Elizabeth A. Ketchen, Great Works .Ernest K.. Khoury, Jr., Bangor Jane E. Kimball Hmilpdeno Highlands Franeis G, King, Bangor Patricia M. King, Brewer . Douglas E. Knee- land Soinerville Massachusetts James S. Kriger, Portlfmfi L60 E- Lachancei Brunswick D Robeff A' La' Fonniain SP1-ingneld, Vermont John B. Langlais, Van Buren Donald LaRochelle, Lewiston Jean Laviguour B,-rmswirjr Constance Lawley, Quincy, Massachusetts 'Avis F. Leahy, Portland Emiyk . Leathers, bcmgmf Marjorie A. Leeman, Woolwroh Xkfilliam N. Leighton, Limestone Tanya e as, 229 Sogihninnre llwls FTUDI Tow: Rbj' Hdgerly Thorne Murtha TOCCI Cahoun XYl1ccler Second row Murray Stevens I'I'1lSUm Ilan l-ces Kneeland Third row: Foote Coleman lirolet Iieppler Calirindro Varville Auburn Dorothy A. Leonard, Bangor Melvin E. Levensailor. Ba11gor George A. liakakos, Cana Anne P. Libby, South Portland Jean F. Libby, F7'UC'Cl'07I1 Robert I-l. l.i1inan. 1'or1la11d hlznwis D. Liltlt held, Holliston, Mctssccclrtlsetts Mary A. Littleheld, fl 111211171 Donald R. Lonibzrrd. Carilron Roberl E Loranger, Old Orchard Beach Don B. Lord, North Labec B:n'bzn':i .X. l.ox'ejoy. liangor -john W. Lusth South Portland Paul R. Lynch, Biddeford Patricia .-X. McCormick. I-'az'1'fa'I11 Carl W. Nlcllerniott. Ban gor Kenneth H. McFarland, Portland Richard McGee. 1Jl'UI'I-lll'IIl'l'. Rlaale Island .lohn Ii. Nlefluilt Old Town Robert P-MCL21Ugl1liH,f11lgIlSi1l Mavorite E. NlcI.ellan. ll'o1a11ar1d .lQll'llllL'llllL' A. NICN1 mara, Bangor Robert B. Mcffaggart, Mercer John K. Maguire. slr.. l'o1rlla11fl Nlairx li. Alllgllll'L'. l.e':i-1x ton Edward O. Maher, Sanford Richard D. Mainente, 1.l'Il'Ii.YfUH .lost-'ali Nlzrjors, fffulln Robert Malcolm, Gardiner Ephraim Martin, III, Belmont, .lIa.s.rar'l111.w'tI.w Yzuiglni R, Alai-lin, Sf-a11s!r11r1 lill bara I. Mason, Augusta Raymond L. Mason, Ra11dolj1l1. .lIa.v.wa'l1zu,-yfy, films Xlgiiodones, Poitlam Bradford B. Maxwell, Iflfestwood, llffassacllusetls Dawn CI. Miller. .lI11f'l11'a.ij1or1 Belly Nlillell, l'a11n'l1o1o Kathleen A. Mitchell, Unity Ruth E. Mitchell, Dark Harbor Meredith .X. Monk. I.1':'r1111o,,- I-'ally Call ton P. Morin, Ashland Irene M. Morin, Bidclefowl Gerald S. Morrill, liulflf-to1'11 liinghgon l". Nlurrzix Bar Harbor . Richard B. Myer,.Ba11gor Charles S. Neil. Htlllglll' IA-mlnll ll. Xuvml H,.,j,,.1 Ri,-1 ard L. Newdick, Augusta Marion E. Newhook, Poland Sj11'1'11g Iver CI. Nielson. Caja- 1-f!1'g,f1,,-111 loxee Noble, South Parts Bertha P. Norris, Winlerjrort Ioan R. Nllll. l'ilit't'tltlllI Nellie Nl Illltlllllll iCor111!l1 Charles F. O'Neill,' VVater11zlIe Robert A. Orr, Porllanfl Robert li. 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' . .y. h A. Richardson, Yarrnouth Wlesley M. Richardson S? II -1 ' I TH lim wil' UM' l ,M ' . l Robbins K1'ller1 Barb'1r'1 E Ro' l Y . L. 'I I foil. Nlllllil' M- Rlflwlll- lfhiffff-I ll4""N"' ll ., -3 . . . ac1,r111,v111111lI1II.v lflnlip CZ. llolieilx' ll... l,m,A-Um! Nummn R. Rl, 230 Blllll-W"Clf i Keith YV- Ruff. R1Wlf0l'd Joseph G. Saunders, Ellsworth Woodbury D. Saunders, Westbrook Xvllllillll H. Savage, P,-gsqw ISIC yvilliam K Savary Jr Ash! d M . E S hi N w l - , . an ortimer . c 1 ewton Massachu- setts Nancy A. Schott, Lewiston R' 1 - i , I IC 13151 W- Sfiarles, Bangor Leon Segal, Bangor Ronald Shafter R0fl'l""'l Howard SUHPSOU, Sfml0l'd LHWf6I1Ce E Sinclair, Southwest Harbor Ethel E. Sma t L' coln Gordon NV, Slllltll, B-,-ownville junction Lee Smith, Walpole, Massachusetts Edith CrSnOkZ- DUUSIUS Hill Malcolm R- SPGUS, Pvrflfmd ,l0HI111e C. Spicker, Newton Center, Massachusetts Lawrence D. Stanchheld, Mzlo Isabelle E. Stearns, South Paris Norman A. Ste. Marie, Biddeford Barbara J SlCPl1Cl15, Kl'P"lC'l91lN'1lf 'R21YlU0HCl D- Stepllens, If-, Brighton, Massachusetts Donald M. Stevens, West Enfield Earle D. Stevens, Greenville Robert L. Stevens, Hamburg, New York Harold L. Stewart, Houlton Eu- g6116 C- SFOVCIU JI'-, BO0ilIl2ay Harbor Charles D. Stritch, Sanford Helen Strong, Augusta Eugene F. reeport Donald L. Swicker, Chester, Massachusetts Rich- ard YV. Talbot, Portland Suzanne Tasker, South Portland Faith Taylor, Cataumet, Massachusetts Theo- dore G. Thaxter, 010110 13-11165 H- Thibealllt, Saco Hans M. Thoma, Fitchburg, Massachusetts Joanne L. Thon1as, Houlton Margaret E. Thomas, Brewer Thomas M. Thomas, Westport, Connecticut Don- ald Thonipson, Portland James S. Thorne, Madison Joanne C. Thorne, Island Falls William Thyng, Augusta Nadine Tidd, Monticello Theodore C. Tocci, Watertown, Massachusetts Marilyn E. Towne, Bath Dorothy B. Tracy, Northeast Harbor William T. Trainer, Bangor Marjorie W. Trask, North Belgrade Duane A.Trefethen, Wilton Kenneth R. Trenholm, Bangor Charlotte R. Troubh, Portland Ann C. Twombly, Westbrook James D. Ugone, Fort Fairfield Lois A. VanDenKerckhoven, Bethel Donald VanDusen, Raymond Norman K. Varnum, Calais Richard G. Vose, Harrington Preston H. lfllalters, Readheld Kenneth B. Ward, Trenton, New jersey Phyllis A. Webster, Kittery Point Robert P. YVheeler, Jr., Auburn Eugene R. White, Bangor Robert H. White, jonesport John Whit- ney, Jr., Ellsworth Falls Donald E. Whittemore, Waterville Deborah Williams, Reading, Massachusetts Sturgeon, Portland George E. Sullivan, Jr., F James E. XfVilson, Belfast Herbert E. Wing, Kingfield Richard C.'Wood, West Hartford, Connecticut Henry K. YVoodbrey, Sebago Lake Roberta M. Woodbury, South Portland Lawrence A. Wright, Stratton Paul R. Mlyman, Eastport Frances W. York, Bangor COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY Carroll R, Akeley, Presque Isle Ralph W. Applegate, Trenton, New jersey Vance M. Bakeman, South Brooksville Adelbert P. Beedy, West Farmington George R. Berry, Bucksport Clyde M. Bickford, gusta Francis VV. Boyle, Bangor Henri E. Breton, Livermore Falls Ernest B. Brigham, Newton High- lands, Massachusetts R Alton E. Brown, Reading, Massachusetts Herbert W. Brown, Albion James T. Brown, Rumfoq-d Robert E, Bruns, Long Island Clayton M. Burnell, Hiram Harrison M. Burns, Rum- foyd Point Sumner R, Cahoon, Jr., Riverside, Connecticut William T. Chaisson, Auburndale, Massachu- Sens Robert C. Chase, Hackensack, Algw jersey Anthony Chiaravelotti, Lewiston Arthur R. Chute, Alewton Highlands, jyfassaghuggfts Joseph A. Cloutier, Lewiston Harvey F. Cole, Ellsworth Richard A. Coleman Auburn John S. Colter, Marblehead, Massachusetts Edward Connor, Il, Mamaroneck, New yo,-k ,Charles D QOX Bangor Laurence M. Crosby, Reading, Massachusetts John G. Curtis, Jr., Bridg- ton AlbericJ Ciyr Caribou Jean P. A. Cyr, Saco Charles DeBiase, Mechanic Falls Lawrence R. Dimitre, Calais Mlilliam A. Dinsmore,Jr.,AUg1-Um Glenn E- Edgeflf lf-f Halwwell Warfen D' Eld' ridge Banogq' Randall W Ellis Brewer Walter A. Ellis, Fairfield Lloyd E. Emery, Kittery Point , D - 7 . . Richard M Emer Ellsworth David B. Field, Sanford Thomas R. Finnegan, Belfast Daniel F.. Flana- gan Bangor Clgarles M Foote Jr. Rockland Glenn R. Foye, Bar Mills Philip D. French, Winthrop , R. G J P rtland Chfton R. Goodw1n, Anson James G. Gordon, Alfred A' Gagnon' Tollihm Joh? A Clary. 0 . ld ., W t Jones' ort Bruno M. . . , l C, , r., Norway Thurman W Gou , lf 65 Ignmzilgtonlbilllsj tArth1?1lWNn Cmglrloxier, Yarmouth James L. Hackett, Portland David L. Hale, M071- renc1, Jr., ran :for Y h I mouth Harold W Hansgn, Bradford Herbert F. Hardy, Jr., Aurolra Howard H. Hede, Stock om A ld . C 6 Walterj Howard, Ridlonville Robert E. Hunter, Lewiston Donald L. Hrno Tbllglloiklngi If EFSSFM Hutchinson 07.0710 Harold B. Hutchinson, Buckfield Cedric E. Joyce, us on own - ' C , d K H Portland Richard H Knight Winchester Massachusetts Cleon V Kunz Oamden M1ipnHlR gang 330710 Ronald E Leathers South Brewer ean P LeGloahec Rockland M11 rono 1 on ton D Le1ghtOn Guilfor d Ehrhard H Lenz Tlaljaam D F Mexico Donald E Lincoln Brunswick 23 ' 5 . 2 ' f' . . 7 - - . J ' ' J ' ,D . o J ' 4 . , . - . , ,v - 'J - 1 1 l t ,l ,it M 'l 1 l nl l ! . F l ll J: ll 4 it l l E l I t L l E l l el ,. l l C 1 1 t t it ,i gl All l I l n ll Front row: t sll.l2fS Pettengill Leonard Chase Second row: Littlefield Jackson Mason Zehner Hunter Mitchell Third row: Kelley Booth Pray Troubh NK'yman Thomas l fart? I 'B 1 t . Ao f -5 a . y 'ri M' "ra 'P 1' rx H trjxxy' lv ' it , 4 X' ,l . - , my 'K M 7777-I l 'll ll ia,-Q N 'Qi ' -L Q,-, 11i , Kenneth L. Lincoln, Arlington, Massachusetts Fletcher XV. Lindsay, l.l7Il'Ul7l Thomas E. Lindsley. Bing- ham Richard L. Linnell, Portland Eldred B. Littleheld. Calais Neil O. Littlefield. Calais George A. Long, Bangor David C. Lovejoy, Atlanta, Georgia Orin H. Lowe. liasl .-1 alnun Richard NI. Ludwig. Gardiner Donald F. McCusker, South Portland Clyde O. Maellonald. ll'alerl1oro 'Iohn Xl. MacDon- ough, South Brewer Ernest G. McDufHe, Portland Ralph E. Nleflilmey. Pillsjielfl Donald XY. NIcGown, Ellsworth Raymond R. McHenry, North Anson Richard H. Nlelntosh. lfoflclanfl Robert lf. NICXIZI- hon, Miltori, Massachusetts Hollis H. Madden, Graenhelfl Louis R. Nlalo, 1.eze1'.wlor1 XYalter hl3X'llCW. Old Town George L. Mayne, Kinghclcl Henry T. Merrill. Poland .S'pr1'ng -Iohn XY. Nlersereau. Presque Isle Richard A. Miller, Springvale Theodore M. Miller. hlr.. I-'ainzlnglon Warren l.. Nloodx, ll'aldo- boro Harry M. Murphy, Jr., Brewer James D. Murtha. -Illllflllllll .Xrthur N. Nieol. ltiflflf-foul I .Xmlrew A. Norton, Brunswick Reginald K. Nye, Gardiner Walter I.. Oakes. lr.. Ulrl 'l'o:en lS:iinln'itlt,-L- 51. Pm- SOHS, SUNNY B67'1UiC'li AITIOTY M- PHUCU, Sj2VI'lIgh1'lfl, illassaelizzsetls' lhineain S. Pearson. llnljrole. l.llas.w1f'l111- sctts Richard R. Pease, Rockland lftlalter E. Pease, Bar .llllls Norman W. Pelletier, ,vlnlmrn Carl D. Perkins, Buclcsport Edward L. Perry, Bangor XVilliznn H. l,L'l'l'X" Ill- gj,,,,,,',. .illmmh,m.Hk, Rnlnmi I J - f - - 1 1 ' ' - . - . ' . . - leger? l?Zl65g0"t M7 Hina? L- IIUUHIPS' .ll-t -3011111 Pwrllaml Prank la. Pickering, liner Isle Carleton la. umel, or an ence Quimby, Ctzrnlzerlanfl Mills Szilvztdor C. fllllllldlllll. .llexito Citi: .llexiro galil Rgmflcklaljrlifllljllus IW Geollgc A. Rcmillmld' B1Add".l.""'l lllllllltllltl lf. Robbins. ll'esll'l'Vc'II1fHIl eorge .. ac ey, . s on, assac msetls .TXllan Sawyer, -lr.. Kezar lfalls Willizim ll. Slum. ltangoy tiharles F. Sllettl, Lzsbon Thomas Skomro, l'VIllllll'0f1 -Xllanl S ' 1 s . - - '. - . . . . ., . - I A 1 U- lull 1. I annmqlon Rnhgtrd R.Sin1ll1.lmnqor Vvllllalh B. Smith, Brookwzllc,Pennsylwmza Carry R Spencer Yorllr lm in I X - ll 1. ,lx Massachusetts Daniel C. Stinecipher, Iiiflrleford lywitl 1, Slim U 'lu ilu ' ' Mlm U' H 1 , ,. . . K ' 4- - son, ' , V T - g . .Stzllwater Wlilburt Sullivan, lr., Belfast Fred P. Tarr. Baltimore llarrl III I mn U. lx'.lll,lI,l. iNl1?,l,lllllIt, Isle Robert V. Touchette, Rnnzford Nathaniel Tyler III lI',-t'l,i,, XY -1 I M uh lil ..l mum L . ,Jimi it Portland Robert M. Warcl, Scarboro Richard L. i.ymS0n" Ismylmny 1 .untill 'WT IQ ,I -Hmlllu' Nu infill William L. Weller, Jr., Orono Christopher Nl, yvhyu. Smmnl H M h .t milk! N . XX eathet ht c. mnht at 6 .t,. 1I.tMll l1I1.t'1'll.t' lig'l'I1Qll'ql XX'illig1n15, Pnrllllllll 232 x' I1 " X umm Ag ,,.. an :mourn ns...n.s., A ,, ,mr Y U4 1 ' .1 Y. U ' H' "v "' 'GLU Ju 'L "4"1l' T '. 1' 1 ' A ' : . ,- . Y"'7,.'x".a......i34..... . . .,.. ,. .,- H V V '- 1ui?LiliazLlL:L.L3L:4.,i:.:r,ai '4r'1a'.. '. 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From the "Maine Campus" . . yearly penny carnival will be tomorrow . . . 4 day i embassy week opens with assembly . . . famed pianist newman will give concert . . . bricker directs western g 'lilacs' wows, confuses . . . tri delt's annual fashion show emphasizes spring femininity. . . award banquet tonight for winter teams . . . pine needle plans april talent show . . . april concert scheduled by university band. . .maine radio station set for may 17 . . . 'two blind mice' proves to be eye opener for first nighters . . . sae takes honors in annual songfest . . . band, glee club to add color to tuesday service . . . glee club repeats "down in the valley" by popular demand . . . 'deep are the roots' is to be masque invitation production . . . dark town seven play on wlbz . . . don cossack group sings here oct. 5 . . . senate names officers, committees . . . hal reeves' orchestra to play at calico ball on november 18 . . . masque's 'silver whistle' up to past standardsg bill white carries show as oliver erwenter , . . maine ready for annual homecoming . . . yell-leaders and football team make students look twice . . . wagnerian tenor melchior will appear here dec. 5 . . . annual yuletide vespers are scheduled for sundayg to feature ll0 voices . . . military set will acclaim new colonel . . . nancy kelley is elected the winter carnival queeng easton gets girls' vote . . .inter- national club members will present saturday show . . 234 Q52 U53 CLEYE4? A r Y. K 6 'N--wT'KN.X'w', MH ,I- 'BUNIXARTS F C K, Xi I fr I Q ' 9 ' Q , yt .- W: ..:,' :7 vig "7KT-13" x 4 lteslf, 5 i 4 Q v A at " . '1.Q1 if I " tri 1 .. .X .-qi, X ,.aw-qw, ' .-2 5. me-- .fa Q .,,1,. mx. !.a.l.1 55.4.11 Hifrff l.4 :P ,. L44 . inf. .. ,., '.':.If i. .r t. MM 5 I Hz ill: 3515 ni. .li wwf' WF, 5'fZ2 "fn i l . ill: 1... -x 1. . ap , ..1x,. mn. ,:!,v.f .pli- 1.4 .VU 11 .. N., l., . L, , ,umm sfuaw Hif- .ifl-' pm- Ihll .I X"UT'. YSXITI. ilzififi 1' 1.3 Mi?- 1-I.: fffffe I Mx W ., Jill? v XL: Lu- 3 SIL on I TIL Tal .Lu 01.1 ..4L.x in ' ,- - --v - pw A v- L. vfw- . - . V-.5 ,ll -.I .. w ' ,ng ,..' - M " - , , .- . -..... N... . 1 .-, - .. 1 A V I janitor SC'7'ZJil7I3 . . .spirit . . . ehimps . . .and the inevitable. lyk more pie eating. . . jmtrzto jzirking . . . looking . . . milking. , , 1,1 Hnl!l"llI JI Calico Ball dancing.. ..msl1r1ying'...w1s11r11'i1:v'. ..un1l r ' :- ' :':: ' - S N lllflflXf,I1f f 9 l ', M MQ , 1,57 Colonel josslyn . . .111 ilu' liflililnrv Ball . . . :um ,,,,f,-,.,.d1 2358 '11 ll'X'...lfnln111 E' s V ',- y . .SX Y 1 .ll 'Q.l l J Q KAN V1.8 r 5 XL A SQQQ N. 1 -uw , v ,gf 1 ' J -wa 1 v ,.: KE y' 1 A. .445 ' X N za? r,L 9. w2!P l '6' L U, , 12. QW K5 721 7 f 5 r "WI A S ., if-,,.,,,gu W V if I , X535 ! if z 'ef w..,,,,,, A ,ww-,W-w TL71'-' ' L Air 'OTSCKQACM INN' I Tl" ' 'l6i5lOillClVl9ll AA ' 'Fl' ' 'IILIAILSAJUMQ ' ' guy, U.: A ,gbyf 2 Snow sculptures. The motif . . .was Walt Disney? . . . Wznter I'I'0nderlf111d. 1 4 EL 5 , recurring themes. And, of course . . . the engineering . . .failed at points. t , , W1 r r vi wi 11 1,' ,,' wf , k + 1 , 1: 1: ti M K 1, Winter syorts. M I - .' , . - - . it f ll 6 117161 female. Spring training. Out fron! llgdlll I v .fb V, 1 4 . w t rff -1 . HH f If -nf' "M"' ' -H f X A e- - X CCL .S uH UU! yOU Illlll 1121, H I I i X H H Hmm' Sulun :IN t r t t 2 240 4 rj-K - . -V-T - Y, -N .YN ' 31" . .lo , ,,. - .1 l' ' 1 by .hi , , M nf.. Q h Q , -9' .n -KSN 'F' NV. -Q x Q - Q' ,3' ' ,wg .Uv if. V, , -' 'f -. ' v:mLi.f7. K 'A' . -X .A Almost everjv housing unit g ASQ? 1 Q. y.. .N , an E k X .X zfmro- sur . tried. .f-'fn-. nl-- R X A careful examination revealed . . . a number of . . . IWEQE Lu 1 WW A .eu-0 , A ii, .. , I . . , fa ,MQW ,V Q X But everyone concerned . . .seemed to think . . . it was well worth . . . the effort. u Vzsz tors and riends. "Good!" l igllln' M.C.A. conference. Chapel Service' . I f fiat- In dedication. Goodby I I'l6ll0! 1 :lr Julunulo. ' 6. 241 , , W. Z. ......v. 1: ,ff -ww .-q-.-we f 1---1'-frf:'1:::.':-x"". ....-'..,:r:z1iIS-H511 v1r!"""'?T'F'f'J"-A 1- - -5 'B ' - V mag V,Y,, , ,N ,Mm , .-.. . .. 1 - l , . " .,,.4- ., 1 N.. .,..- -1 ' 'ro' I num " 'fa' -Q' on uuurvf -'-2""' "A:.I:".:.. Q. - - - ' ' L. .H , 3 ., , , w V 1 31 X ,, , 1, ! 1 X , ,J w,w Jr? . . ' ' D 11 Cl b ' ' Plenty for all! ' Bezng constructzzfe. C0g1mt"7g- 6 H U Pmllf- ,Nr Whafs hajlpening? Let's face it.. . A jmusc. Morning prayer. WU? -Q., i Ma "Sure, we're comfortable." "Wa must be tolerant." g,,,-ga VIN.,- N, 'Z V I w , 1 I CM f... 'ii' , Av, A T! a yw h , A-f'.,,m .XXX Q an g, 5. 5. I I . HI fl. . A I I ,,.,n ' ix lnzry 101137 wmks ls wld Ollf 111144. 11U,t.,H.mHlt,- i N . ll N ,lill- ,S :W 0.19 11 - - yi a 4 ' "Cond old mnmzluin rlwn' . . Elpmlm- and Af-k 1 . , - ' - - 9 TV01kzng their way. Fm de semestgy' 1 qllplza Cams. The apple and "Dizzy," Kappa Sigma. Recreation. I W i i i i Servitude. 'fSpli11ter village" boys. l Everybody ea ls. Las socuis. 1 l I Fnll formal. 6 Light and dark. S.A.E. party. Stillwater bridg S , 243 l 1 1 'LJ -,f--w,.f-- Q f im v f - vvf' 'mm-mu F 1 15 vs 2 fn! umgnsnsrxm. Q mmums.. MlEii.QllttU iliieiiew by Winsiow lilctorraer 'll Courtesy Addison Gallery of American Art This painting, done by Homer in 1886, is now par! of the nr! Col- lection at Phillips Andover Academy, at Andover, Mzzssnffllzsffiis. r . , . A , -7 . , . , . , , , ' L i . fain .sltzdwils look nl Ilomm .s vrizzslmfzzl zlflizng. ll alas dom' in 1867, when Homme' was clemflopuzg Ins elrlzzrlg lz'1'l1n1q111'. 2-111 Last year the University of Maine received from an anonymous donor a signed original of "Eight Bells" by Winslow Homer. This rare work is one of the few from Hom- er's etching plate to be signed by the artist himself. Winslow Homer is considered by critics to be one of Maine's greatest artists and one of America's fore- most painters. Homer spent the latter part of his life at Prout's Neck where he painted impressions of the Maine coast, many of which subsequently found their way into the most important art collections in the country. VVorking in a style completely his own, Homer gained a reputation for being the first American real- ist and impressionist. He painted with directness and honesty. His influence on other artists still exists, four decades after his death. Homer is generally said to be the father of American water-color techniques. The acquisition of "Eight Bellsi' represents another addition to the rapidly growing art collection of the University ol' Nlaine. Thus far. the University has obtained orer one hundred original paintings. most of them during the past four years. The majority ol' the works have been gifts ol' artists. Others were acquired as gifts from anony- mous donors. and from organiza- tions interested in furthering art interest. :X few have been pur- chased by the University. Some ol' these original paintings are on loan to various groups at the University. but most ol' them are housed in the art gallery in Carne- gie Hall where from time to ti1llC they are used lor exhibitions. I O ur l0 lst Year Where Will You Ba n lc? O Sooner or later most of the University of Maine graduates living 111 central, northern and eastern Maine will start a bank account. XV here will you bank? The Merchants National Bank of Bangor offers an ideal solution because A -It is a safe and sound bank, with ample resourcesg -A bank equipped for modern banking service g -With over 100 years of banking experience. Whether yours will be a checking account or a savings account- rnaintained in person or by mail-rest assured your funds will be in safe hands here, fully protected yet instantly available. Any of the services featured by this bank are available to our customers. MERCHANTS ' NATIONAL BANK OF BANGOR MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. 2115 Serving g Morne l C mmercial Banking Trusts and Estat New depositors ore olwolys wel- come in this bcink. Young people just storting their business coreers will find us interested ond helpful in their progress. A Checking Account morks one os businesslike in the hcrndling of his personol finomces ond moy be on importont foctor in establishing his credit ond stonding. At ony of our thirteen offices in ecrstern Moline the crdvontorges of or modern checking service care ovoliloble. Your occount is invited THE MERRILL TRUST COMPANY MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDFRAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 2416 New Brunsuirk bound. Before lhe parade. , 1 -VU" UH' f'1"fI!"-'- Della Tall llubliciftv. Snow laden campus "Let' " ' - s go. ,ff wfmff 11 "Plenty of room."' A. O.Pi outing. 1' . I 1 l I W t' '15 , Quiet eveninff. l Befafi 1950 ggulplurg, The C1ihl6l6S. D0me-9 ZCZ 37 C' 45, fx, ,M wwe , Maw, 'Ml If We M .I n The extrovert. More publicity. t ,, rz - Fence sitter. Camlln and a y 247 t I I L ,, , 1 1 9. - n - 4 TY -.- ... . sn- ,, nn :nun 2 Y' 31:-ut'1.!.,- L, :vegan .. -11.11. L. H. Thompson Printer Producer of both Letterpress and Ojset Printing BREWER BIAINE Dial 2-0968 Bangor Reasonable Prices and the Best of Service and XVorkmanship for Over 40 Years 111 ., . V lcum llf lm!! nl mhnzg my j1,,,,,,-.y1,,w,,,rI,,4,I,,,,1,U EASTERN TRUST 5200000.00 Capital AND ..s.s...slIfi.NK'NG COMPANY BANGOR 31,4-5f5,539.12s Surplus and Undivided Profits Earned OFFICERS wII.I.I.-xxt P. Nswst.-IN, 11,-C,idC,,, HARRY A- LITTLEFIELD, Vice Pres. and Treas. KARL R. PHILBRICK, Sec. and Trust Officer LINWOOD M. COFFIN, Asst. Trsas. GEORGE A. VOSE, Asst. Trezls. MILTON S. JELLISON, Asst. Trust Officer JAMES R. RUHLIN, Auditor BOARD OF TRUSTEES GEORGE' T. CARLISLE IVILLIAM P. NEWMAN RAN NIOND IV. DAVIS HAROLD M PIERCE lil-ARRY .AALITTLEFIELD CORNELIUS RUSSELL, Sr. OLD TOWN BRANCH MACHIAS BRANCH H.-nun' W. l'ok'rI:R, Manager W. M. HILL, Manager CORRESPONDENTS Central Hanover Bank and Trust The National Shawmut Bank of Boston, Company, New York City. Boston, Mass. X The Second National Bank of Boston. Ilanufacturers Trust Company, New York City. First National Bank of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa. lghe F1rsiINat1onal Bank Of Boston, Philadelphia National Bank, Ostont 1 ass' Philadelphia, Pa. STATEMENT OF CONDITION OF EASTERN TRUST AND BANKING COMPANY, OF BANGOR, MAINE at the Close of Business December 30, 1950 RESOURCES LIABILITIES C2 ' l St k .,.............. 200,000.00 Cash on Hand ......... .... S 681,195-10 9:5335 Esfned .A,v.--'.-A.-. 200,000.00 Cglgh on Ijcpogil . UIICIIXIICICCI Profits Eaffledooo . . .... 715, ' ll. Govt- Bonds --.--.---- -I 6f384,421'33 Reserves Earned . .. 541,539.13 l,256,539.13 State and Municipal Bonds ...,. 934,336-31 Reserve for Taxes, Ins. r Other Stocks and Bonds. . . 789,802-80 Anirgxgggl fb? ' 110'2'J9'63 F' I V Loans and Discounts .... . . . 6,593,547-33 Bond Premiums ........... 189,687-03 , 8 49 Deposits . . ................ l5,477,l82.95 Real Estate Owned ""' A 398,29 ' Dividend Checks Outstanding . 24-00 Furniture and Fixtures , . 45,851-73 '5reasurer'sDCheckst Outstanding ,. nearnec Iscoun .......... - I - Accrued Interest Earned.. 502'0-52 Accrued Interest for O i X l 23 643 13 Savings Accounts .......... 22,500-00 tier:-sses ....,...... - - -...l.- S17,560,932.l0 l517,560f9g?'gg 'I' t I tlncnts ill 027 207.89 TTUSI Delmftmem ' ' ' "" 119272 ' ru: Ives - . ,... f 1 1-1- 8 I S28 '88 139 99 S28,588,139.99 ., ,D , - 249 Snow 8g Neolley Co. Manufacturers of "OUR BEST" Line of Lumbering Tools and Wholesalers of Mill and Lumbering Supplies and Hardware Specialties 84-90 Exchange St. BANGOR, MAINE THE SHAMROCK "The lblace where college men go for real relaxation" We serve your favorite draft and bottled beer and ale STEP DOWN TO THE SHAMROCK KEYLOR Typewriter Exchange SERV SA'JicE 47 P k s SUPPLIES ar lreel' RENTALS PORTABLES Exclusive Dealer of ROYAL-Worlcl's No. 1 Typewriter ' A. J. GOLDSMITH OLD TOWN Serving university students with smart men's and young men's clothing for over L10 years 250 K i l 5 I 5 T F...- I, l l T 1 S R. B. DUNNING 8. CQ 1835 ----- 1951 Headquarters for QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL 54 68 B ad Street Ph ne 6461 BANGOR, MAINE EASTERN MAINE -a place where recreational and scenic areas are within commuting distances of Better Living of fine Electric Service. BANGOR HYDRCD-ELECTRIC CO BANGOR, MAINE I I 251 li-ith.: kv! -' I'?:"""' N?lf1?i7i!1EEI13?3EEEiiiififiiltitmtvli13154Ti'Hiififiiltiiii!4iii1i1-z11ti1:.1t'm an fymj t tiztwmzswbi 6 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' A ? 4 ' 1 t W K Compliments of COMPLIMENTS Donclld PFGH CO. 1. Mofher Hubbard Flour Town Diamond Met-qhantt 1 t and fg Arfh ur Chou pin Co. Fu rnifu re ,m,m t BANGOR' MAINE 168 North Main street 18 Hammond Street Y DISTRIBUTORS Tel. 2188 BANGOR, MAINE rt u tt 1,--' . .-V , I um ?- - JF' On the steps of Dunn. Pain in the neck. Cmwg,-5afi0,,, Human p5.m,,,id ' E 42: , , ' -1--nuns X fn K! X My . X4 .1 ft 'fr 3, Before clisasler. Still life. 7-111' 0111 T,,u,H lmmivn I,,,l,,Ii-m,m,. is i! t 252 W .Q T1ll'3l,.:' '31, " 'gg-g 1' .gnu Q . T, E ,, , W - ' '- ' -E T 4 . 1 11- 1 v- T V + YI ii,-I I .I.,,'fg,'i .4f'.:I::'. if. .lxlllih .1 I-up fig-L - :taunt ,....,..5 -. ..s.,sn,-mx. m n 1 Q w v 'Jnwft 4 1tfT,'2:iln:1v.0,:::!1',a:1H?i:ii'Ii:2:IE'L3',ElQix!?!'!l:: :l:.::,tZ::!,l 5 HZ,-o:5'n.fh tqstpng . bnz Y I C V Y I V I 5 1 ' ' 111 I-lvl: lint... 1' 1 wiv' V HJ.. '1'4!lm1'5'1y4g'l.hgH 4 1 1 l , z Bolton Smort Co., Harmon Piono Co. Inc' I! N6 Ewlmngt. Sl. Wholesale Purveyors of Choice mxcaoa. xmnxtz For BEEF, LAMB, VEAL, PORK, Panos POULTRY, BUTTER, E ' ' 0 . i Fnendly, Relnoble CHEESE, EGGS S f Organs " FROSTED FOOD Service - Records 19-25 South Market Street BOSTON, MASS. Phone Lafayette 3-1900 N 5 i I I V I I , i , . i . A They never tire. Skit' l Smiles. Pllblif "l'l'ff"""l'e' L4 9 J 1 L N W 5 w F W 1 x More people. T People. Y I 5 I End Ol S0mething. In termlssmn' l 253 1. '5 f , : - , Qn vnv.-.. , , -..,. Nun ' - "" " 4 l r I JOHN PAUL CO. Clothes for Men 55 Pickering Square BANGOR, MAINE Short or Tall... Big or Small . .. john Paul fits 'em all Masque plrzycfrs II'iIIiam I-Ieync and Lynne Halclz. Bongor Typewriter Co. M- L French 85011 37 Pqrk Sfreef Men's Qualify Clofhes ' Bangor, Moline l9ii Exclumgc Slrccl B.-xxcok. M.-xlxxi 25 BOOK BINDING PAMPHLET BINDING CERLOY PLASTIC BINDING DILLINGHAM'S Binders of The Maine Prism Dicfaphone Dicfafing Equipmeni Sales Service 29 Franklin Sfreei Bangor, Maine Tel. 2-1519 255 BEL AIR Tlllllll Phoiographers for fhe 1952 Prism 23 Hammond Sfreef Bangor, Maine :Q ' Kwai 1 .-11 W , Evening in. Beta laborers. Mrs. Yale of Phi Mu Delta, Sark time. Look here." "find iUTll1U7'l7lUPL'- . ." Poliriizg lllc ann, 256 Muir' gf'l'Y if' if A ,. ,,.. .wmwizmw W I f N99 L, ,Q Niki! fi N , "It was like this . . ." Colo l C tl '- ne a lawn' Lazy Sunday- Mrs. Staples of Theta Chi 1- Cfmfad Mads' It Could happen to YOU- Maine clay project. Ellzott calculates. Congratulations to the University of Maine's 57th Publication The "Prism" J. L. Paine Sc Son Fruit 8g Produce Wholesalers Quality and Service Guaranteed EAST CORINTH, MAINE Tel- 19 M fl. i 257 of 1 Compliments of The UNIVERSITY STCRE CGMPANY 258 X I 'M 'HH a :isis 4,a..:H.1iu mt nu uirmzx 5-vu: HW f 7 I .1 z ,Q 1 41 135 H, 1' !fi?Q:f'z1?'t2?if1, hw mm +37g+11qg'-f41H-"311- '3'1fl1'1fi'lil2g't1HFQI1 ,xg 5 I 1.3 W ' ,L 1 . 'F Wffiffinff11'1si1.ff2wmzm.f1 r SH " I 1 I leant 11 QJI1 uX - A 'RT ' ' IPI Mini- sl" ' .'. . '.'. -1- , -4 - - - ' 3' "' ' " "' " '. 'il ' '-4.-4 1--1 f-- -1- . ---'- V '-'f--- 'vp Q' - f - - . ,- -.1 -.W v---M.- w- ,, , ,, V- X' N...:.....,, ... .... 1 A Q v Y. v ' , ,, 3. . . E ,.. . - P ' - , , ,Q H 91 , 3 . , 9 V , -Irv 1-1-1111',1'7g17""'3'f1"-V' in - --H Y,-,-, , .7,,,,, . , .. nnfvf . .qw MVN OU 3' ,U -.,..,-..Qg+w.'-4 IA yu! runny -r if-1244 ' 4 ,, ,.y I , Q -1 11 4 Rl A' .4 il au mgnvw' vvgggw v' '-vw ' ' ' "" 4""'1"" "'7 "T 'F TW' ' 4-1v1'l7' 1I li A 1' PI 31u'r11 ,:.1. fx .4 H" 11111241 711- 1954-1b.15:Q'.1zuJL.iff532359ii1??fIS1E'25fAi1:..,ffi , . , . , ,,,Lv,,, , 1 - Getting hot. A problem. I 1 W , - .... . BOUT 071 Cl HZIIICH. Tex's Annex antics. Comracles. I yu: W L I if 1 f if Sig Ep men make plans. THE BALTIMORE We Specialize in Italian Spaghetti-Pizza- Ravioli also Steaks and Chops 15 l'Nmx ST.. B.-xxcok Tel. 9074 Vasco Bob Balclacci. Props. Complimenfs of THE IIRASS RAIL Bfzizgofs Finest Rcfslnzzmrzt 202 Exchange Street llxxczok. Nluxii CORSAC-Es CUT 1fLow12Rs BROCKWAY FLOWER SHOPPE "Art in Flowers" 15 C1zN'mAL STRIQET IM N C LGR' 3 I M X E People sony - - - You ccm find if ol Po1rk's Hourdwo re 84 Vo riely 31-37 MII,I, S'1'lu2uT ORUNU 260 " ' " ' ' -.x W.'.Lx' nz 1 lil 4 L H1 A 9 c:1,1-1.xN1Nc pm, 1 Dial 656 BBDYVN AND wllrm PAPER C0 99 Broad Strock BANGOR MAINE SEARS ROEBUCK cmd CO P. O. Square, W. C. Bryon'r81Son Inc. Diamond .Uerclmrzls and jewelers for three generations XVEDDING ANNoUNc:15MuNTs CARD ik SOCIETY ENGR,-XVING 46 XIAIN BANGOR, NIE. Tcl. 2-1767 I 1 CROWELL AND LANCASTER Architects Six State St. - BANGOR, MAINE C. Parker Crowell '98 Members. VVa1ter S. Lancaster AmCY1Caf1 Iflstltute of Architects W. T. GRANT CGMPANY 4-Stores-in-T ' A Variety Store ' A Fashion Store ' A Dry Goods Store ' A Home Furnishings and Hardware Store 6 CENTRAL STREET BANGOR B ld ' . - . UC W5 Snoozers. Iwllow c'a'1cbrant 262 Complimenfs of CI Friend C. H. Sclvcige Co. 83 BROAD STREET E BANGQR, MAINE Wholesale Fruif and Produce 263 Mrs. Galizia of Phi Kappa Mgffw- - r 1 v I L P S x J l i M 7 i I H li Qi I, I Y E S 4 i . 1. 1, 4 4 I 1 N k r v 'F 3 i E5 W N, W. J 5 gn A u .8 - V -. V, M.. P -, 3' ,.'1li:'1:" .:1'J"' 1'-.-. I 2 1 , V :,N-.-l7:4.U..:.,- ' .7 71.5, .,-...., in . A A L55 'lp L zgihiidSvil'iiu+l'j5gfgi5,543-uigglgggf,-,,.,y,'g3,5z'.'ra" i'1ux1,:rp'.xwa-. -n -w-1-3. .-w - '.-.- .,. V Y MH.- ' "" ' ' ' ,''-if--ll'14'll'i 1-'X-In P " 'nl Vlllm ' .3 l:l't'!"'l "UPU gl7l'J" "'ls'i J X 4 J. 1 Q :nh n u N if v V ,. -',,..', ',,,.,g,,l.,.,g .',,,1.upl.ia i 151' 'Iii slum 1 1,11 1 ll " ' " u ll" " l " ' l l! 1f 'lf1'H l 'fl' 1"' lUH.h'i""4.S 'fffl' 1-'VZ 'J .135 . iff . I'i'I"Y, ' 'I iii COM PLI M ENTS OF ROBINSON 84 KENNEY Industrial 81 Domestic Fuel Oil "Exclusive Flll'lliSl1C1'S of U. of M. Fuel Oil" Tcl. S778 BANGOR, MAINE ,rlu . . Torchlight parade. :Tease for mayo Full? Dzm vzew. Cultivation. Lambda Chi Alpha' 265 joe College. mymuxszmia-+ umm Lvgmmumru- . - , .5 ' 1 Q - ' - -1 ' ' " M ENG 0,50 041' 44 1 4 Q' 0 3 P 7 I '7- 'Ts- 'YGOOD INV Znqacweaa ,M THE 1952 PRISM and MANY UNIVERSITY and COLLEGE YEARBOOKS STABILITY QUALITY SPECIALIZATION I IDEAS RESULTS FOLSOM ENGRAVIN G CO. ' 212 SUMMER ST. A BOSTON, MASS. .X ij A A Maine beauty-Lila Zimmerman. Best wishes from Standard Electric Co. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS APPLIANCES LIGHTING FIXTURES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 23-25 Palm Street BANGOR, MAINE Viner's Music Co. Maine's Most Complete MUSIC STORE 51 Pickering Square BANGOR, NIAINE Dial 2-3378 Compliments of Caldwell Sweet Company BangOr's Leading Druggists since 1875 26 Main Street BANGOR MAINE A. R. Hopkins Corporation 194 Broad Street BANGOR, MAINE IVhOlesa1e and Retail Dealers in Grain and Flour We recommend and sell WIRTHMORE POULTRY FEED 267 1 1 1 1 ' . C. H. BABB 8. COMPANY 106 Exchange St. Bangor, Maine Oil Furnaces Plumbing Air Conditioning Heating BANGOR OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. 18 Post Office Square TCI- 8331 Royal Portable Typewriters Art Metal Desks, Filing Cabinets, etc. A complete line of oflice equipment and students' supplies ,- 'B W ZW f Best Wishes from A Friend . 'Q V. . i - f Bonfire after the rally. 1' ' 268 z f 2 1' -. . 1 el I 'l l 1 .T:7, 1 ufqwrz all 1, l 1 Steel Heavy Hardware N. H. BRAGG as sans Stickney - Babcock l Bangor, Maine Welding Supplies Pots and Equipment Uoal Uompany ll 5-10 5-10 TREWO RGY'S "Your Variefy Sfore" 44 Main Street ORONO, NIAINE i V s 269 At the Rhode Island game' l . , l . 1 lar 1 l l I I f ,. . - I 1 ' I . 1, -mmmzivnlzel1126Z9"i2fQ44, I'1ll1.'3f.iz1.Jm. f' ..lf7 'Z?I'Ifi" i1i2 'f' 1. fi ni V li f t 1 - .:s:.:tt1 .iIi2t.':.3 .az ' -1, Y mx . .. 14 N 5' - lv QUALITY CLOTHING VI R G I E ' 5 SIZSOiifMi?Z?fS The Glee Club sings on the Monsanlo program, "Songs from New England Colleges." "Your local dealer is the backbone ol the country" THE HAYNES AND CHALMERS CO. Light and Heavy Hardware 174-182 Exchange Street B.-xNc:oR, Bl.-HNF 270 1 ,Q . f ' 1 I 4 :- ,Ln bf 4 xl, 5 I, A ff 35 P if . f - . .4. Q . Aw 1 ' g I A ' ' 0 , w iff , I n . 1 K I 1 5 v v , . 5' Q 1 . ? -I ' n ' - l ul, . I I 'Q . I . , I ' 4 ., . t ' a O 0 . . . 1 I it o ' . O Q Q 1 '.' ,553 if f ,W SE 1 . 'HQ'-uf, K 1 Q " Q 44 .gif ' .iv ' Q Tw? I . 5511" , , 9 I A ,-Jw. 5 . 53. A Q 'V . 1 Q 1 4' . u NlVEnsx'rY or muuz Pnsss - Q1 v 0 .i x . . w 1 , 1 r 1, ff uv' ,vig . 1 ap .L ug' ,,: -4. n if '1 Q" .L dw- , nl Ja' 1 M. 1 1 1 T221 4 - mv , V, y .4 , ' .ffl3?f:3 ',' 1. ..1 rf QT. If :J 'A 1 -,C -if QQ. ,-Vx r,.',- l.,1! 'M L., n, '- I .4 1. " ',vf 9 z.-14 xl! . .t ij,-1 ' s .-Yr, Q,y,,!, 1 1 x ..-X v,, I 'T ,A 3 Q, .,1, . ,-9 A-Ik .., 'ff dj.:r" '17 wif 'bf-4 ' 'L 4, W , ,qi ,. -ff,'?'1f-7 - . ' L-4' -my 'L 'r ,fax ' I 3 ,Dfw , , ik, AH, rv.:-.. I ,.,-WAg:J-: 4 rg, ,1- :UAL-' 1 4 "' iii , ,1 yn,-.-A ' 2 t?i3i?'9f' ,r -'fiTagg,ff'ff ' ,-if Q4 , W- " MM? "4" .. 1 . 3 f ' ' in 5 'Gr ' 'r -S..-r '--"Ji J ' ix 'swf' " ., Q? gifs :mf 'af -Qi, M ,hp -, '42 ,IM ,, ?f123?'zi , ',,:,:g, ,1 , 1. ' r,-V Halt, . I-L' .4 ..,..,,,x - f,.,r.,g5i ,Z V. 8, yur? I K - 'VV ' A rf '- - f,f,, ' 'Nik , ,sf A .1 'fa '5 'mm v V 1 K 33 ' 1 1 I J' ff' 2 if K ,' ' -,Q rf? +55 5' - '- I-. A-1 -., , ,, - 12.1-" Q j 'fx 91, f 33. 5 5437 A 71' , 4 -31- . 'fi v .- 622: , 5517? I 4' '15, .. r if 1 Q . : if '. - Q . .w1g4,,, iii' if-1 1 - 232' , is I - "1-QHw3f'l-ck, ,, yay? ,vf g,' Aw I pffiffzfk 9 ,Jay-sux. Q.,-M-'fit' T ffftf. X.-. , 4-, .-rf., Y - ff,?g.1f W ,,": Tw 32 .!,,.,, g. ' v'2 2 A, .. . s"'I""g' - 5 X fi ' ,'f'Qk'2'ag . SL'-A 11-'igh ' N:'T Ti, N' L-gig. f kVf:'.?f. 5,47-.X 4 1 U- .ft .., Q R' v :N f-S Aw --L .rf tr N, is 'xt - , , X., x sf' xt? , Q . N an, X I . ' x v 4 . 1 I 1 x v v 4 i v f x .0 1 l I 1 , . m v 1 U a , f v 1 , fi . f I x 4 v. V .f , ,lrflf ,. ' f C 5 f i. an 'e w 1 1 1 ff vc ', L f ., 9 1 at 1 ur A M... , q lc Tv.: Lf 'Tl 1 'zsiis215111351ui1iHl12ililzli+i1i4i+1:324.ziiligzalidhihzliizizzflsiiffl.,min 35543. , ..+i?i?2f2M1

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