University of Maine - Prism Yearbook (Orono, ME)

 - Class of 1950

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University of Maine - Prism Yearbook (Orono, ME) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 446 of the 1950 volume:

I s 4.91 00 M L X QQ if mmm 11? ff I ' , 5 is -if 2 va fi Y , Z ,, f,f LYNWOUD P. HILL JUHN H. STIMPSUN Editor-in-Chief Business Manager T 91TY O gin ff N as f 4 Jw g Q? A x-.1145 fini - , .g ff "' ff o oo THE PRISM J . iiwfggz cifzfzm io THE UNIVERSITY OF MAINE BAND m V'WWW9W1E3W'VNM5W'5WNWW MwmWWMK'M 9'A'IW'I' 5'WWi - 3' . . I V 'J vQ"fM'HJ5Ff L' -':,f,fW31?+a5fzif' ' L'-, , , f ff r:,....,. Wx iv, , ww- 55,3,f,nf" ,, 4 , ig 57155 fir' 1 ii -gd -I f? ' V- QSM-E-ffm f ff: Ter? 1 15-'5 - 5214 !j1 'X ...+ff"7'Jz' V 'L Nwwfifwfl 7 ,W A S 11 .Af 125' X' K .,g-fiewxfiil A-"' ', ' "' ., ' .alLTA5q,.J ZF , Mm ' A as f 1 I -1 1 . S' ..'E3?1i' me ft -' -fr..-.Y .A 0 -.1 Lf: .Li 11.2-'f.. .J '- F-rnizi' -,,p,..fy51f9 . . ffl-TP' ' ' FE '-I-TSHJP5' ii'ffa' '-s9M,g ,,4qa5ga: V .1 T2-, L. as .1---W - - -'1' ' .lfiii-'ii-l'7" T X: ,auf iq?-Z, 75.13-Lift' Q. 17. J ,- Jw- f3L'f0H"?'g4: Q1-1' I Q 1: 1-gr'.7f:"'1f:ff -' v-4:-1.f,'2""'.L A:--v.f.ffvQ ",-1.94 5- Yiuii if N' I'.'L1F's.Jw .:f:,f,6.:1g..-- 5 -..,I .N-LL A, ' 12,425 -- -Ziff Egg. +...L.,- -J:"hf.r.-:U , 'lf -, -.,.s,.4f.,,,. " .,--vt'-Q.: .-.1f',T"', ' -,Y Ng" 52-sb.-. rf: frgf, ' -y-ki?-'-' 1 .1 '--W-rsifcffs' ' X .,:'ja.::. ' . A 'i3i3JfYI3l?x.??g:iS' bfi- 401.571-2 ,LA . -g k -' A 4' . '?L.":'IL'1.'J: -4- J" . ..f ..-'55 , .-' '2'lJ4v,f'7!' . -P-'f--.'?9w r - ' if dc: HQ.. ,. "Tj"'?Ff-- sf-z-'f 'T ,4m,g1:m if-fjwflil i'L',-,,.:,w-T,- fi- "r"' ff-. 4' 'far-P1 ff rm- . gf.4,'v-'7f?r ... ,, W . 1 f- -. qv QP .- .-X -f, 91,1 1-. -V .. ...., , P-. . .A.,r.'-A ,F , -'ILL-:Z V' flfjf.--v , .- 34 W n " 'Y--,Zi-' .753 gtpbl-' 5.4 " e,Z.,.,L. H- 1.372 '-f ..,.:1 .1af,,- .- . -f--'H-r,'-rg. -. ,.. .J . nf'-4 J' " 2? 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IEW CONTENTS IQO CAMPUS VIEWS FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION STUDENTS FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS AROUND THE CAMPUS ADVERTISING XM-we i n ,xc x"' , yt 2'-. ,-if " 13:43 . 4 , AAV, ,3- ...K 1 s YQ. W, V-ml KE .if .-, L QR? 'J4.M,,.,7g5Mwtg+:-Qlla. 1, 5,6 ...V . lx. -A ii-2557 X ' rave. ' V' 7 - , xg . VA Mh32Qgg2LQl?I:Y H, If wlw w,-gy N-Q IEfZzngL,gjN :Vgw f' . A-mf . .45-Awlfg f I -Y K1 'Qiff4il H51i1?f2f'1- " NXQXN. ,555 fffifff... '- .. f 3 -3715-Q71 if' , ' - i , X A-,fwwx.., 4f"m..,.j -l'1"-- 2 . A u 'Tk .Lim-M' , -., z "' its-733 ' -w 1 ' 7 A. WVM WA' """'-,fW'JM' " 5 4 S YN ' f- 1t:1Qmg,?::wfL::: ffm-V 2 s I s RA ii , . 7xml',,g H-153 Zi-QW' 4:fQf43,.iTx.'Qw,Xigg-Q5 X., .. W B W' -x 1 'lid IL? 9 xi 2 x NE' L E- wwf'-QMQM -r. - 4 Q 4' W. c, .5113 I H55 1 f !i'1.f'2u'ffR:sI LM, 9 'Y-1--f:f:11':':x.w . Q Q13 Q' V . Q1533311-35,1521 ? ' I-'yas X. Q, -V., f' - 'Q . 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F '- N 55- 1- 212' .sgr '. . , 1-w, - -- - . 4.x .I , -'EI-1 .4f:,.. - " "' M- ' Ilia S' A " ' QI--' A' 4- Y- ' P -- vf. --' v' QR Ii .wh ' 'K""',' ' fi W- i E W ,V "'-- ' ,, ,I-.1 :"- --vu-4, Q .,,AI-Mfg: ...I f .' - y I, L if f-' K-' ,.I I . '.-- 'i,I.I, 5. Mila" . I . ' - wg- - :..-V L -f f..-F. . - ' -5 ,. --ix -ffl?-' 2. -fi' ,J ,-lp Aim' :gnu RQ-Al : I -' '..- "' ,. Nj' ' " -x " vs. I I ,- ' A E I s- 1 I 1 x , 'Z and I I TR T10 This is the fifteenth PRISM that has been published since I became President of the University of Maine. M7hen the Class of 1936 issued its year-book there were 1400 students. The editors then wrote hopefully about the future of the University, its academic progress, and the addition of physical facilities, particu- larly a new library. No one at that time foresaw how great would be the impact of world crises upon the life of the University. Depression, war, inflation, and post-war reconversion brought their problems in turn. Many plans had to be deferred, and exigencies of the pres- ent demanded a great deal of time and effort. But we may look back upon the past decade and a half with satisfaction and pride. We remember the willing service of stu- dents, alumni, and faculty to their country, the sustained loyalty of students, alumni, faculty, and Trusteesg the interest and sup- port of the Legislature and citizens of Maine. The values for which the University stands have been maintained in times of stress and change. It is a pleasure to extend cordial greetings to the members of the present student body. You have done well your part in upholding the traditions and standing of the University. You have proved worthy of your heritage. In behalf of the University, and personally, I extend sincere good wishes. PQEQIZCE President, University of Maine 18 PRESIDENT ARTHUR A. HALICI4 19 Sitting: Mr. Samuel W. Collins, President Arthur A. Hauck, Mr. George S. Vlfilliams, Mr. Charles E. Crossland, Mr. Albert K. Gardner, Mr. Harlan A. Ladd, Mr. Frederick S. Youngs Standing: Mr. Edward A. Whitney, Mr. Frank P. Preti. Raymond W. Davis Frank P. Preti Edward A. VVhitney Albert K. Gardner George S. Vfilliams John M, O'Connell, Jr. Samuel W. Collins Harlan A. Ladd Charles E. Crossland 20 Term Expires Term Expires Term Expires Term Expires Term Expires Term Expires Term Expires Ex officio 1949 1950 1950 1953 1954 1955 1955 Secretary to the Board Miss Edith Grace Wilson is the con- genial Dean of 1Vomen at the University. Southern California is her Alma Mater, for she received both her B.A. and MA. degrees in 1923 and 1928. Miss X'Vilson was appointed Dean of XVomen of the University of Maine in 1931. She has also served as an Instructor in Sociology. Her interest in University women has won her the position of State Chairman of the American Association of Univer- sity 1'Vomen. ELTON E. WIEMAN DEAN OF MEN EDITH G. VVILSON DEAN OF YVONXEN Mr. Elton Ewart Xfllieman is the man who knows the men at the University of Maine. He has served as Dean of Men since 1946, and also as the Director of Physical Education. Dean XVieman is a product of the Uni- versity of Michigan where he graduated in 1921, and since has become a Professor of Physical Education. "Tad," as he is known by his close friends, is highly respected in the inner circle of football throughout America. tlministrative , .. . .. . . W. . W.-- i . The Administrative Officers are the backbone of the University since its successful operation de- pends upon their decisions. CHARLES E. CROSSLAND JAMES A. GANNETT Director of Student Registrar and Public Relations PERCY F. CRANE LOUIS T. IBBOTSON Director of Admissions Librarian -N..-F.. FREDERICK S. YOUNGS HENRY L. DOTEN WILLIAM C. WELLS Treasurer Business Manager and Purchasing Agent Manager of D0fm1t0f1ES 22 lllficials ew ' A ' , 5' , A V . --.. bi 2 W A A s C Q Y L,-' ' - ' A Y O R it H yas' ,L h L fi S V ' , xx V, . .PHIPIP J- BROCKWAY HOWARD A. KEY0 JOHN C. s1-:ALEY, Jr. Dlfectol of Placement Bureau Director of Publicity and Executive Secretary, General Alumni Editor of University Publications Association IRVING PIERCE J, CARROLL DEMPSEY Accountant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 1 ROBERT C. WORRICK RAYMOND P. THOMAS BYRON V. VVHITNEY, M.D. Assistant to they Dean of Men Housing Manager Director of Health Service 23 Agriculture for conserva tion and better farm pro duction. l DEAN ARTHUR L. DEERING First row: Nason, Merchant, Ashman, Griffee, Dean Deering, Lord, Steinmetz, Lathrop, Stedman Second row: Hitchner, Folsom, Dickey, Libby, Smyth, Loring, Elliott, Dolloff, Dow, Waring, Tobey 24 ., 'T ff? ,. .. ,. f 1 . 1 'P l 1 ,.,,, M. , , :fa 7' A 5 4 V .f fl' ML , 1. -2 N- rg 4 xl .Q t A 1 ,, 1, J x f A rounded education pro- duces a Liberal mam. DEAN JOSEPH M. MURRAY First row: Speicher, Stewart, Starr, Dean Murray, Turner, Trefethen, Gardner, Glzmville Second row: Bennett, Kimball, Douglass, Kirshen, Hartgen, Niven, Jordan, Dow 25 H EF' '!:x.:a!! 'I' L.,,i' Uri? fo M iss? fnelmai DEAN MARK R. SHIBLES The Molders of Youth First row: Foster, Jackman, Dean Shibles, Smith, Crawford Second row: Rankin, Supple, Hall, King 26 The World depends on Engineers. Feegiegge ae? EeeSae2s2Esaggy DEAN PAUL CLOKE First row: Jenness, Bennett, Dean Cloke, Watson, Creamer Second row: Evans, Kent, Douglass 2 I W YY f' 'lk E3 . L .,. ,. .i .. .., n., .. -L, 'A , ,. ,Q . R. .,. DEAN EDYVARD N. BRUSH Knowledge is the light of the World. First row: Hitchner, Shibles, Dean Brush, Thode, Glanville Second row: Crawford, Steinmetz, Speicher 28 Every man a potential of- ficer for self defense. COL. FRANCIS R. FULLER First row: Lt. Spencer, Major Smith, Major Clarke, Col. Fuller, Lt. Col. Glassen, Major Healy, Major Unger Second row: Sgt. lfcl. Klein, Sgt. lfcl. Rlloads, Sgt. Flynn, M!Sgt. Russell, Sgt. lfcl. jones, Sgt. Cheverie, M!Sgt. Abraham 29 J,-ffi -2 uit: V111-,',. ,,f-Q:1'ix3'5f5'fA 2 , fr-:iff-w - -T3 "' gli-lf?" ""'gw.a A J fyJ,""'1'1T'f51--ff .1913-f' fl-Q '25?Z6'?L?'l""' -"' ' ' . rvltff- " I 'aff-,wtf ,, Q! Kuff'-iiAf1" J" "5 , f --ap! ,. - qfrnwfvsff ,-4.4 '1- -vf-1-i-gsw ,'??: -'f-45'-Q -Tf:?7r'f2-7" 6:2155 T -' A , ., 1--ff-. ' -.4 ',g ,.,,. ,-":"7w,L,4 x ' .-fpraie-:.4c'-F -' ff!" 1 Wifgwzj-,pxgf ful. 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Presque Isle Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering X . 2 James F. Aikins Henri J- Albert North Windham V311 Buren Mathematics Chemistry V George E. Ainsworth Louis A. Albert f-IPKZI Auburn Van Buren Chemical Engineering French Robert T. Adams Harry Allen Orono Hopedale, Mass. Forestry Pre-Medical 34 Charlotte A. Alex Skowhegan Government Betty L. Allan AOH South ' Portland Business Administration Robert B. Ames fin A Dover-Foxcroft Electrical Engineering Parham L. Amsden Belfast History Kenneth V. Anderson WIFE Vinalhaven History and Government Cl SS UF IQ49 5 I l Daniel K. Andrews Dorothy M' Anseu AXA West Rockport X9, Dexter Poultry Husbandry Soclology Aryx . g f "Mi - K ' I A Langdon F. Andrews, Jr. L. Muriel Applebee AFP North Fryeburg AAA Enfield Agricultural Education English Richard A. Andrews Albert A. Arcand Princeton TKE Sanford Agricultural Economics Business Administration David 0. Anderton James W. Ashby IIIKE Melrose Mass. AFP Fort Fairfield Business Administration Agronomy 35 oooo N Eglfa i ,X ii' 4 'A fe L oft? ,. ,Q 11. l 3 Q 3 jk 5 J it Sl 'F . N S Q5 x , ' 'ff .fr Raymond R. Archambault Springvale Romance Languages Philip L. Archibald CIPHK Monticello Forestry Samuel Aron TEfb Brooklyn, N. Y. Electrical Engineering . Dorothy A. Averill 4PM Medical Technology Bangor Lois Avery AZ Gardiner English B. Roland Babcock Mathematics Bangor IUR John W. Ballou Ralph E. Barnett 1l2I'A Bangor flJMA Augusta Government Civil Engineering Richard L. Banton Emerson P. Barrett ATQ Newport Bangor Business Administration Economics John L. Barnes Ralph G. Barrett Brownville Junction Brunswick Electrical Engineering Animal Husbandry Bruno H. Baldacci Elmer C. Bartley Claremont, N. H. BX Plainville, Conn. Pulp and Paper Mechanical Engineering 36 William R. Barrett Rumford Business Administration William D. Barron EN Penns Grove, N. I. Wildlife Conservation Morton C. Bartlett 4I'HK Presque Isle Chemical Engineering Richard F. Bate EAE Livermore Falls Business Administration QSSLQZ., Gerald M. Bates, Jr. SAE Portland Mechanical Engineering Thomas Beadle, Jr. Beverly Farms, Mass. Education Cl SS James A. Beaudry 'IPHK Portland Physical Education Helen M. Beckler KIIM Auburn Liberal Arts Sz Nursing UF H149 Susan L. Beisel AOH Fairfield, Conn. Psychology Harry A. Bell South Waterford Animal Husbandry ' L A W ' ' 3, ' "','fiy,5'I511,.,, f3fgf?Qj515Tl5Z.i,?l "Mr i'ffi.z'-'.'f " ' 'A ' Sfxr, 'f5 ,E1w?4iLi,-Hi.: tl iligfsfis ' yi , rs '-ss f' -A g,,l,-:j.p.5,1,1-, bg. 3. , A' 7:1 - 1,1 . - 'Davie . w,.....,t- y gr w,..K.4- a. I f ,' , .-4' 5 ' 1 ,Z ,tg fr+?ffi2-1222! A wif" -s."'4f?v'w'4"' -'J '55-0' A ev Us Arthur L. Benoit DDE Central Falls R. I. , Forestry Sylvia A. Benson Lewiston Zoology Benny I. Bernard EX Mexico Agricultural Economics Arline G Begert Lewlston Fducation Beverly E Bean s .--. LL ' ga Kathryn L Bennett AAA Buckfleld Home Economics Seldon E Bernstein Auburn Bangor , , English Zoology 7 Sumner Bernstein TECID Mattapan, Mass. Business Administration V rr ' he ,. . as X i 5 s 3 s - I 1 i z Ronald W. Berry New Gloucester History and Government Sidney W. Bessey 'DHK Buckiield Animal Husbandry IDB William R. Beyenberg Marion H. Bigney Tenagy, N. J. HBQIW Greenville Civil Engineering Home Economics Barbara A. Bickford Roy A. Bither, Jr. Camden GX Milford English Philip R. Bickford ATA Nashua, N. H. Mechanical Engineering Harry F. Bethards Mount Ayr, Iowa Business Administration Psychology Angus C. Black, Jr. AFP Brattleboro, Vt. Wildlife Conservation Parker N. Blaney ATA Kittery Mechanical Engineering Donald T. Black B911 Waban, Mass. Agricultural Engineering . Roland C. Blake Howland Horticulture Roy C. Blake, Jr. Brooklyn, N. Y. Zoology Cl SS UF 1949 1 1 4 Robert G. Bleakney, Jr. 'MCE Needham, Mass. History and Government Joseph F. Brackett ATA Melrose, Mass. Civil Engineering Robert P. Bouchard ATA Caribou Business Administration Edwin K. Boggs, Jr. AXA Warren Business Administration Tudor W. Bradley, jr. Taunton, Mass. Business Administration Arthur M. Boynton Palermo Electrical Engineering E l x 1 Leslie M. Botka EAE Livermore Falls i Mechanical Engineering 2 5 n E - , - , , V n ' L i o I Constance A. 'Boynton Bernard B. Braen ' I I Augusta TEKIU Dorchester, Mass. , f if Romance Languages Psychology L LAL 1one . ouc ard Austin W. Bridges 1 A Brewer ZAE Bangor 4 Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering 39 Carl H. Brennan, Ir. Bangor Pre-Medical William J. Brennan Bangor Theatre Robert L. Brewster IPHK South Portland Civil Engineering .. .... , , A -'il?filii19-2 , 539 ' A i A 2 iii? 5 , X' -1 : so H ',,,5, .Q 1219521 . , ,,A.A. -,,-,, i I ' ff ' E - ffffii f . 'A A .finfwfiei--1fff,.' . 5 . Clayton E. Briggs Brunswick Theatre William E. Brock Orono Mechanical Engineering John W. Brookings ll"l'A Bangor Pre-Dental r 1 J Charles W. Brown George W. Browne AXA Hingham, Mass. EX Rye, N. Y. Forestry Business Administration Philip L' Brown Malcolm V. Buchanan Bangor Milford Forestry Business Administration K i -2 Qfzfigiii I .1 1 e . " aiw5,'.5I?iZN . -' -1 ' -L g , N :.,. QM Wallace E. Brown Robert J. Buck LIPKE Belmont, Mass. 4bl'A Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. History and Government Forestry Carleton M. Brown Robert B. Cahoon Woodland East Dedham, Mass. Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 40 John D. Buckley KE Rockport, Mass. Civil Engineering Allan W. Burgess Kennebunk Forestry Arthur S. Buswell ATA Lakewood, N. J. Horticulture Robert J. Campana AXA Brookline, Mass. Engineering Physics Ivory A. Canty Bangor Geology Robert S. Capers, Jr. TMA Wellesley, Mass. Business Administration Cl SS UF 1949 John R. Carson Paul S. Carter CIYMA Bangor Etna Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering I A ,.., .,,, . i lyl . , .ig I W , , 1 f, -1 ijfijy I . ofa I f Marion H. Carter Theron H. Carter AOH Au usta AXA Berlin, Conn. g English Engineering Physics - Nancy L. Carter George L. Casey AAA Glenbrooke, Conn. Orono S0Ci0l0gy Agricultural Economics Helen I. Carlin Philip S. Catir Enfield EAE Portland History Business Administration 41 ,W off... jagggffggg C H? ..,. ' ,251 P' L7 Q 112. Sis 5:5 W Donald T. Caswell Bangor History lH.h15..w , V. X -,,: Robert B. Caswell Bangor Business Administration James P. Cating Wildlife Conservation s Orono George E. Chadbourne, Ir. Bath Mechanical Engineering Clair H. Chamberlain Madison English 5 Paul F. Chantal Marvin L. Chitty Stillwater Forestry Leroy W. Chase N9-HCY C- Chillk Bangor Limington Engineering Physics Medical T0ChH010EY Clarke I. Church EQDE Amesbury, Mass. Forestry G. Cheney x ' hl If AS and Frank c Child H t ' ls my ZX Barrington, R. I. Botany . 1 A Elizabeth G. Clark A New York, N. Y. X9 Ware, M355- Government HiSf01'Y ww ff. mf. .M -1 '-'- I I , , .5 I V I , . IAL. 1 C T W Michael A. cnemeski George R. cnimck i '- ' ' K' Bangor EX Farmington 7 ' Business Administration Mechanical Engineering K fl. W A ...1 - is A 'E W 2 ' -r -. l E 1 e.'e i r ' f 1 William P. Charron William A. Clark 'er' i 1 , K K Brunswick Bath 5, E. , L if Ml- t - ---- -- K 5 A Animal Husbandry Civil Engineering I fs-fir? my A 42 i" V 5 : : il Q f Q-QQ . 1 ESX , 1. ' J 1 Clifton S. Clarke fbKE Westbrook Business Administration Robert F. Clawson IPHK Tacoma, Wash. Forestry Jerome J. Clifford Houlton Business Administration Cl SS Ronald W. Clifford South Paris Public Management Rodney W. Clukey Brewer Electrical Engineering I I Earl E. Coates Thomaston Education Lee H. Clifford Hamden, Conn. Civil Engineering UF 1949 w Joseph H. Cobb EX Orono Journalism Kenneth L. Cobb Lee Psychology , . 'ee f R 5 Merrill E. Cobb EN Lee Education Lester M. Cohen TEQ1 Biddeford Business Administration Robert F. Cochran Dixfield lflect'i:zil Engineering Judith W. Como HB41 Bangor English Jason Cohen TECIH Mattapan, Mass. Mechanical Engineering 9 J 4 , N ' : . . -f",,,,tr..i .. Jw. -me-rr -i 4 1 . , rr ,. lx T V . Eugene Cole, Jr. Saco Civil Engineering ew Paul W. Coleman KE Bangor Electrical Engineering 'wif Mfr Martha P. Coles AOIT Mt. Holly, N. J. Home Economics James E. Conners Old Town Education John D. Conners IUR Robert E. Cool fI'HK Lynn, Mass. Business Administration fi , -1 i 'xl 12' f ' John E. Cooper A Old Town Long Branch, N. I. Journalism Chemical Engineering a s'..i.e. Q A ' : of - wg . , ,si '17 'i Us Theodore W. Constantine Joseph C. Cooper Livermore Falls Bangor Mechanical Engineering Sociology Donald F. Collins Thomas J. Coughlin ATA Caribou GX VValpo1e, Mass, Business Administration Mechanical Engineering 44 sQQ.ff2e5Zf.Mf Q 5 Ni-seear yssems eg , .11 "- - - f Z R 7,2 1 ' Alfred L. Cormier Bangor Mechanical Engineering X.i. is . e . Wilfred A. Cote, Jr. fbMA Orono Forestry Bernard K. Cough Bar Harbor Business Administration Edward R. Cowles Auburn Electrical Engineering Albert P. Cox Brooks Zoology Gene S. Cranch New Rochelle, N. Y. Liberal Arts 8z Nursing Cl SS UF 1949 Shirley E- Cfalle Laurence E. Crofutt Waterville Orono Music Zoology w Willem J' Creighton Thelma E. Crossland ZX Lynn, Mass. Aon Orono Mechanical Engineering Home Economics 1 , 1 Frank W. Crimp, Jr. Charles L. Crowley, Jr. EX Milton, Mass. EN Whitneyville Engineering Physics Zoology Janice M. Crane Mary Jean Cunningham X9 Orono AZ Old Town Speech Home Economics 45 ! i I E r I ? E l Raymond M. Cudahy ATS! Lynbrooke, N. Y. History Charles J. Cummings ov LaGrange Agricultural Engineering i if l ig? el,'o - li , l if Arthur F. Cunningham ATSZ Bangor Business Administration Mary E. Curtis HBCII Orono Psychology IDR dscar W. Davis BGH Bucksport Music Norman W. Curtis L i i L. i I Barbara M. Davidson on S J Da g e xo Randoi h Fort Kent S , 1 P Engineering Physics oem ogy Richard R. Davis Psychology Portland fbI'A Topsham Engineering Physics Iggeph W, Dale Afl10ld A. Davis 0,-Ono CIDHK East Corinth x Chemistry Agricultural Education e E slls a ssvl l lslv Joseph G. cyr n Old Town .V,k K . Edward J. Daunis Harcourt W. Davis, Jr. AXA Auburn ATA West Newton, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Jeanne Day English Castine Fernand F. Daigle Vance E. Dearborn Fort Kent Farmington Engineering Physics Civil Engineering 46 . Q he e X . .4 W Joseph N. G. Dechene Auburn Chemical Engineering William N. Deehan GX Portland Economics Lois A. Deering Home Economics Oron O Cl SS 1Si.25Y?sis?as EZ f X Q f V' mil John J. DesRoches TKE Mexico Engineering Physics X .WSW my 4- f :r LP!-3'f?s?'lb .5 :rf -:-f:::4:. :: 2325533535 f ' ' v :x5,'ffll'1 swesfz' , ., . l inee E lii it ri' ' 3' Ln E wk Q56 .. Q H? Herbert R. Dickey, Jr. Hampden Highlands Forestry Madeline A. Dickey Belfast History Richard J. Denison North Bridgton Business Administration UF 1949 i -lg , f - . 'Fifth . g f,' .I , ' .. . .sf',g if'f-'I 5 1 2.5 .1 . ti S ' nlf. ' Lawrence P. Dolan Brownville Psychology LeRoy S. Diefenbach EAE Glen Rock, N. J. Pulp and Paper l Henry J. Dombkowski KE Brooklyn, N. Y. Forestry Edward s. Dingiey 5 Bucksport Education j .. ' 35, . l if John G. Donovan AXA Lewiston Mechanical Engineering Mary V. Dirks A011 Orono Sociology Shirley M. Doten 'IDM Orono Education L" '- an l Vincent L. Dowling Jacksonville Electrical Engineering A Zigi W, .f-'11-we ',-- ' ir f I . Tv l"5'f. ik 'k-' '- .ffliicriissxfiif 4 , fh" Philip L. Downie AFP Fort Fairfield Agronomy Carolyn P. Doyle Caribou Home Economics A David J. Dube Greenville Junction Chemical Engineering . - r . W r 1 s- 4 1 .L ,. 4: . W J ff' i . Hi? , . I F . l . - fer... ff- ' A Am. ' .: i .1 Kenneth W. Dudley Auburn Electrical Engineering Franklin P. Dufour KIPMA Old Town History and Government Norma J. Drummond AAA Speech Arrowsic fi?22f5Effi'f',f ' ' 'ik --.... i -1.5 5 A if 1 . ..,, 5.5 5' . l Lawrence R. Dunn V GX Denmark K ' Theatre , 'Sys V 1 1- ik..-P. . Q, .. i 2 .W " Q g 'WM 55 ifx J .ff 1 , g .. Q.. , Eff . f ?5aiA:Q? x?l?'gw if Aw 4 . f x Ralph M.. Dunbar Ellsworth Civil Engineering A EM E I F 'S . 1 -1 -- r . I George A. Dunham Brewer Electrical Engineering gk LK ltlgsmfeiifh ,. Nr or .west l 'N gi gm , . M -e-" I 12 2 'e" - 'e . :E-Q-'f'ii'f' Sig? - A r Hx i 5:-A TF' 5 Eugene R. Dunn South Weymouth, Mass. Civil Engineering Philip C. Dyer ECIPE Cumberland Mills Business Administration 48 Paul V. Dunn Belgrade Dairy Husbandry Robert C. Dutton 1lv1'A Auburn Mechanical Engineering Raymond J. Dyer Portland Chemical Engineering Theodore G. Dyer DDE Lawrence, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Ernest C. Eaton AXA West Buxton Mechanical Engineering Cl SS Robert H. Eddy fIFl'A Orono Zoology John F. Eichorn, Jr. EAE Wellesley Hills, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Charles E. Ellis Orono Mathematics Richard F. Eaton Bangor Civil Engineering UF I949 Morton Ettinger TECP Chelsea, Mass. Business Administration P255 . Q2 5 w i? -- Evelyn E. Ellsworth . - AZ East Wdfon A of 'igezliliwi ' 115-:.: .1 . Mises N- ' -ag,'srg'f.w-ea Elmer B. Erwin QHK East Rochester, N. Y. Forestry Valerie I. Esty AAA Cumberland Mills Home Economics Clarence E. Faulkner ZAE Brewer Wildlife Conservation Winthrop H. Fairbank EN Sudbury, Mass. Engineering Physics Richard T. Fairlield TKE Cape Elizabeth Business Administration o ' 7 , :xg 1"-5221 , ' if if . -' as ff: ' . iz Q f Mx r Mary L. Fenlason Fairfield German John D. Files Gorham Agricultural Engineering 'lo ' James H. Firmin ATA Metropolis, Ill. English Richard M. Fish KS Jonesboro Business Administration Merrill M. Fiske Bangor Civil Engineering . ' . e 'f xgfg.ijjE 5 . ,. W A K 5,1 , Y ' ' 1 - - A .,.. g ,LEI K -fri. F F55 'Q , i k . .jeg esglgx, Alfred D. Flagg Yonkers, N. Y. Business Administration Harry S. Fish Jonesport Business Administration 5 UH Joseph P. Flaherty Portland Speech i f , gi i nf -:P-E 11, , ., Q E Q31 M5555 ' xi... 'M ' 1 5 Q Wai? Wi X Ns .v x We Ks JH emu SW rss w Syl.. t 552: N il. 5,5 if 1gU,iga2',1c 33 .V -iiifwiqgiff :fix Eggers! .ERE .., 355551.21 .si sf ?2?ff. .':"iRi?f '. ,. .ggi smg .. .T 'l' ' To i' E 1 6 35 K vi i " .1 -I. it ' Thomas S. Flanagan Bangor Economics Harley L. Flaws Portland Education William F. Flynt BQH Augusta Civil Engineering Aphrodite E. Floros Bangor Education Joseph H. Floyd Bellerose, L. I., N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Ralph E. Flynn EX Providence, R. I. Psychology :ml .SE ... E511-: K' . ,.,: V .,.. M s . , Kenneth B. Fobes Portland Education . Forrest F. Fogg Saugus, Mass. Wildlife Conservation Bruce D. Folsom AXA Springvale Engineering Physics Cl SS HF H149 Robert M. Folsom Frank L. Foster, Jr. Orono Bangor Engineering Physics Economics Q Paul G. Ford Nancy Foster Bangor Portland German Education ' ,. Francesjane Foster Thomas L. Fowke South Portland Skowhegan Zgglngy Electrical Engineering John H. Folsom Donald C. Fuller AXA Springvale Eas Business Administration Agronomy l 5 l ton Arthur G. Fox, Jr. QIHKE Lovell, Mass. Agricultural Engineering .. I , .ef f Q . af' ' Y mr. fc is E- -a M y . is E' J H I Robert K. Franz Farmington Wildlife Conservation Grover D. Fraser Brunswick Mechanical Engineering . ' i ,, l i- 1 . e - . S9311 f ., E. ' ' 2 ' L A "" Y I - tug. : -,.aS':f5.' 5- ,,.--., my lf' f ef as , f I Rosemarie J. Gagnon AZ Van Buren French Joan Gallo Millinocket Liberal Arts 81 Nursing Margaret Gardiner Chemistry Gardiner IUR Charles L. Garnnkie Robert S- Gilchrist TEfIP Mattapan, Mass. Ed , Omno Mechanical Engineering ucatmn , fifgisagfgffgfsgr-'fue Q.-'Q . ' iz -- M -6 ' . E--1. ' ,I ..'figr.j..: ' ' ' ' -' - :f g1ftQHgl'r4 1 sv. K 3 . ,K S 1 i'-, - we i - A ' . - , , , 1w,f2sa2,g5e . ,. g r N? - ' . V , . X A If f 317, i',' V i 1: ., X , .. Moses L- Garland James A. Gillchrest, Jr. 1 omas on Bangor 4 HK Th r Education Education Harold W. Gausman Harold F. Gilman Orono Old Town Agronomy Business Administration Clayton A. Gardner Sidney Goldman Orono TEKIP Gloucester, Mass. Education ' Business Administration 52 Charles L. Glover GFA Dover-Foxcroft History and Government Frederick I. Glover Old Town Business Administration Harold B. Goldberg Portland Electrical Engineering Merton K. Goodall, Jr. B9ll Hyannis, Mass. Civil Engineering Richard A. Goodell Bangor Poultry Husbandry Elizabeth T. Goodrich A011 Auburn Home Economics Cl SS HF 1949 James W. Goodwin QIPMA Agricultural Economics Robert W. Goodwin Foster I. Gordon QIPMA Medway Agronomy Norway l Frank F. Gorham Monticello Houlton Zoology Business Administration S : fi '-'h K ,21- SS5 : ':'.! 1. , ' isilfx - ere ' , Q Adelle Goos Priscilla R. Graham Bangor Bangor ZUOIOSY Liberal Arts 81 Nursing Harlan F. Goodwin Leon E. Gray KE Bangor Newport Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering 53 Reta L. Graham Old Town Speech Harold C. Grant, Jr. Bangor Business Administration r "--""-f'-:if-ffl5:-:-ZI9i5Ef3',.i: ' ' ., ,Q , A? 5' ,fwfr ann rs-is N 'Nr im 'Q . -2 e 'S' Ps Q, R , it it e John O. Gray EX Nfwagen Electrical Engineering Theodore G. Gridley EX Upper Montclair, N. J. English Douglas L. Griiiin David T. Hall KE Madison Economics Rumford Business Administration Francis D. Gross John A. Hall EAE Orono Electrical Engineering English Melrose, Mass. Robert A. Hall EAE Castine VVildlife Conservation Frederick M. Haggett South Portland Dairy Technology IDR Charles E. Hamann Amherst, Ohio Civil Engineering K KKAV 5,.r?,i,.r,, i,,., Z W oo.V , .f I , l S 1 5' l Joseph A. Hamblen, Jr. KPMA Gorham Animal Husbandry David M. Hamlin Milo General Engineering Margaret Hanks GPM Augusta English Paul I. Hamm Bangor Mechanical Engineering Barbara E. Haney AAA Portland English Richard G. Haney ATA Portland Chemistry n g...A...g...., Jayne K. Hanson XQ Lexington, Mass. English Robert A. Hanson Paterson, N. J. Electrical Engineering V '1 2 E i f 1 Edward J. Happ TKE Franklin Square, L. I., N. Y. General Engineering Cl UF 1949 1 1 N E5 1 William L. Han-is III ,gl .N . KE Portland ' Civil Engineering 4 .. ' ,F ' H . . B , : 'MHZ V M r . 'ai - fr jean L. Harding Benjamin D. Harrington K AOH Melrose, Mass. EX Amherst, Mass. i Sociology Government I 3 M L l Paul T. Hart EN Togus Albert M. Harjula Thomastnn George R. Harris AXA Woburn, Mass. Education Electrical Engineering 1 l i I S , ,. ...J Betty L. Harriman William D. Harris AZ Bangor ATP Canaan Home Economics Civil Engineering Robert C. Haraden Jane W. Hastings Bar Harbor HBQIP Fryeburg Civil Engineering Home Economics 55 Chemical Engineering Barbara R. Hastings Bethel Botany Daniel E. Hatch SAE Bath Electrical Engineering Hugh N. Hatch TKE Belfast Business Administration Mary E. Hatt AAA Brewer Home Economics IUR Cynthia I- Hayden Charles A Helfen Raymond Woodland Ef1gliSl1 Business Administration Malcolm S. Hayden Elizabeth B. Hempstead Cambridge, Mass. A0l'l Rockland Education Sociology Ralph H. Hazelton John W. Henderson EN East Peru ECPE Eatonton, Ga. Business Administration Geology Harry S. Hawkes Clyde A. Hichborn 41HK Island Falls Medford Center Zoology Education 56 T , -rfufffs3cV?i'k37L'971ffiSi?'l"ff 14.1 f 1 ff' flf?''W'27?efRFsiiais?1slsneiifi V, 5 W ,,,U,bmXX5Arg7irggzf 442514,-., .msg I-Q wks, 1 X f 1 Y ., .Wwe ...mW.r,,,.i,3f,m,,, .,,1W,r,,k,5,gg ,S,s,gr,,w.Q , ' 1 e 5 A I gg igegg--l, 1 ,- r Frederick H. Hermann BSU Melrose, Mass. Business Administration Ioan A. Heselton XQ Sociology Gardiner Winfred F. Hibbard, Jr. Forestry Bridgton George F. Higgins QPHK Zoology Presque Isle Leon F. Higgins II 1l1l'A Orono Mechanical Engineering . -f-,rzlf Vgxl . f g L V, ka Lguggiam Oscar B. Hill II Zoology Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Cl SS UF 1949 Gerald W. Hilton Waldoboro Mechanical Engineering Louise C. Hilton Norridgewock Home Economics Jack M. Hiltz s wif James A. Hinds Winthrop Public Management Walter C. Hinds, Ir. EAE Pejepscot Engineering Physics Barbara E. Hines 'PHE Calais A0l'I Rumford Chemical Engineering Speech Grace B. Hillman Wendall R. Hollett Dixtield KE Malden, Mass. Psychology Mechanical Engineering Donald E. Hobbs ZX Portland Public Management Robert I. Hackenhull Fort Fairfield Mechanical Engineering William F. Hodgins Houlton Business Administration is H . , I A -igiiezfiiff 1255.2-: ,.:E: , A1i'5"?..E,.iil 255535 i5'l1'fl't?'1'm ' 1413 L-55? if .. ilsisfliiil 2432 aff" ' - .. f wi ei iles J in s Erie. :if Qiiizre is is SS lt xl X Em x lv ,S ,gage any s 2 , Sf Q 5' K . J S F X .f Q 1 23.55 m 3.:a..wj2 . 2?!.w.. X.a9s.5s...Jm. x-',Ygffjg3 E lglvnivfxzsz ': f-wx '-' ...SK K 29325 sexe 5 f, f 4 l 2 .ef Q . if .. eg' 1 lg? . w H .Q .1 Q a,3.gfeg2 X in l L ii .1 ik? , k S Y.. . 1' S Sitinsw teh' git. KE .4 yeas. i n f sl 1' . X . M . . gm 7 gp, Dana K. Holmes Bangor Wildlife Conservation Charles E. Horner Wellesley Hills, Mass. Forestry l 1 William R. Horner Wellesley Hills, Mass. Psychology Ill Jacqueline Howell Margaret E. Hurd llB1i1 Southwest Harbor AZ Oakland English Sociology . 4 4 I l I ! l i Melvin E. Hutchinson, Jr. Richmond Business Administration Roswell E. Hubbard, Jr. Waterford Chemical Engineering Richard F. Huff TKE West Scarboro Bacteriology John F. Howe EN Bath Business Administration John A. Hussey IDFA Bangor Economics ' v iefiiilii? VT ' V 351 F VFW 1 w.--vw ziggy -un:-oi: semi 1:5 rr cgi p..ff5.fc-is f. :: ..:, N, ., .A Erwin F. Hutchins Brunswick Electrical Engineering Charles H. Jack, J r. GX Nutley, N. J. Education Earl F. Ingalls Cape Elizabeth Agricultural Engineering Ralph S. Ingraham QPFA Augusta Education Mary L. Jackins ITBKIF Houlton Sociology f f:y1zf1e.:v. 1 sw 1 gi .. -'f- xx if s on f tl K i r I Barbara L. Jacobs Auburn Home Economics Cl SS UF 1949 3 1 Evan R. Johnson Lawrence S. Jenness O1-0110 AXA Portland Speech Music Howard S. Jones North Weymouth, Mass. Education , ..-E - fx . ,ff-s., ,. i , l A ,gy il Ralph T. Jones, Jr. Bangor Bacteriology wiuiam P. Jinks J OSBPI1 M- J 011115011 Bangor EKPE Yarmouth General Agriculture Business Administration . Nh . sy Beulah C. Jacobs Nu- - ' Mt. Carmel, Conn. Education , .,, .....,,. -..H .1 W V 3 nw f Arolyn R. Johnson Elizabeth A. Johnston AZ Portland Bangor Sociology Music H - 4 , Richard E. Jacobs Nancy Jordan Mi. Carmel, Conn. xo cape Cottage K 'gi tw iki -' Bacteriology Business Administration 59 Samuel E. Jones ATS2 Union, N. J. Education Norman L. Jose Milo Civil Engineering Malcolm J. Josephs TEfb Newton Center, Mass. Business Administration 1 William E. Kane Brewer Economics Alfred J. Keith CMU Bangor Business Administration Edward H. Keith CPFA Bangor History and Government Marion L. Keith AZ Hampden Highlands Music Arthur Kaplan TELIH Peabody, Mass. Psychology IUH Kathleen R. Kennedy A0l'l Bucksport Speech John L. Kelley QJKE Lewiston Mechanical Engineering i ,l 1? I f Emma E. Kilburn - Q 2 AAA Cape Elizabeth Business Administration Q N 1 r 1 Herman E. Kendall TKE South Portland Civil Engineering i E Y I A Richard S. Kimball ii Machias Education William A. Kendall ' i 5 SAE Fitchburg, Mass. 2- I 1 " - ' Agronomy fx fl, A t 1 1 I 52'lf'ii 'L . , ' 5 - I L' W g 'A s,s- , me o lcznj ll - get ? Donald C. Kinney 'e" EX Dover-Foxcroft f . Qi" H Business Administration " ' Althea R. Kirk 'DM Ashland Sociology Charles W. Kittridge Dexter Agricultural Engineering Milton W. Kline TINY Swampscott, Mass. Chemistry Cl SS UF 1949 William W. Lamprell EX Kittery Point Agricultural Economics Fred B. Knight William T. Kopp Waterville Cambridge, Mass. A Forestry Forestry ' V- Q 5 Q2 A as , f .I ,. . Cecil O. Lancaster KE Bangor Agricultural Economics Marilyn R. Kobrin Gordon R. Kuhn Lynn, Masg, EN YOI1kCl'S, Y. Sociology Civil Engineering Robert H. Land Portland Engineering Physics Miriam Kochakian Howard K. Lambert - M , Madison TKE Lewiston K A - ' A , l English Mechanical Engineering A' wi- 1 1 : 1 if 52? .. WE: if Ethel A- Knapp Hilton D- L9-ne F Home Economics Forestry 5 U fi' in ' 61 Gerda W. Langbehn KPM Bath Liberal Arts 81 Nursing John D. LaPoint Bangor Public Management Joseph C. LaPointe Bangor Electrical Engineering Oliver S. LaRouche Milo Electrical Engineering Charles C. Leach EAE West Palm Beach, Fla. Electrical Engineering .53 ,.i:' c Z5f1?' , . - A H- il' sf., V . -. --'- ' ,. . .,,, f James A. Leach EAE West Palm Beach, Fla. Business Administration Lee W. LaPrise ATU Great Barrington, Mass. Business Administration IDR Ella D. Lehrman Portland English Harold C. Leighton West Springfield, Mass. Forestry ef . W... , r L ..., . -I - re l . EW.. ff - Carl Lerman TEIII Portland Mechanical Engineering Frederic C. Libby fI1I'A Bangor Engineering Physics 62 Mary E. Lesinski QM Easthampton, Mass. Liberal Arts 8: Nursing George A. Lewia West Kennebunk Business Administration Cecil M. Lewis Carmel English i '. '..f.,.. , Jane L. Libby , Vinalhaven Home Economics AAA asssgs 55557 T V ' K' A'kk l, ' .V -:wx ., - ,.,. , vis g i ' ' it ,, E? ,. writ' : I 11' 15' ' ' ' A .. Richard L. Libby Freeport Mechanical Engineering Wilbur L. Libby Vanceboru VVild1ife Conservation Cl SS UF H349 Joanne Lindgren Lewis E. Littlefield AZ Malden, Mass. Auburn Home Economics Horticulture Karl R, Lindquist Lorraine A. Littleield Nantucket Island, Mass. X9 OFOTIO Business Administration HOIUC ECOUOIUHIS Lawrence W. Litchiield Louis C, Lituri :AE Pvrtland ATQ Waltham, Mass. Engilleefillg Physics Civil Engineering Willis E. Libby, Jr. Lionel E. Lord BSH Freeport Oakfield Mechanical Engineering Education 63 Virginia N. Lizotte Orono Home Economics Louis G. Loeber, Jr. ZAE White Plains, N. Y. Business Administration Herbert C. Lord, Jr. TKE Ellsworth Mathematics 1 4 A Albert H. Lorentzen Hebron Engineering Physics Walter G. Lovely Fort Fairfield Agricultural Engineering Richard F. Lucas AFP Hartland Agronomy IIIH G90l'ge W- Lllfka Donald S. McCobb Bangor QK2 Auburn lLlCCfl'1C211 Eflgmeeflng Mechanical Engineering Barbara M. McAloon Ralph E. Mccydrdy B2-1'1g0f Calais PSYCh0l0gY Forestry John W. McCarthy Ray T. McDonald, Jr. Bangor BQII Bridgton Economics Forestry Charles I-I. Lufkin Beverly G. McGary ATQ Bucksport QM Farmington History and Government Home Economics 64 Thomas H. MacDonald KE Education Madison Barbara A. McFarland Home Economics Portland Vernon E. McFarland Bangor Electrical Engineering Carlton D. McGary Farmington Business Administration WQLT: ff:-1?-15-ii ' I f E- 2211-51 .. f . fl . rg F 'rw Lx 2 2 if 5? f if s 12 A M1 as gg-5 ki, New 1' 'F W gviflii , 7 Q .Z gy T i I egg Y Q, if 3? i ff' are 1 ,ig if 'M rf ii .., s f !i'Tl'7? Carroll R. McGary Farmington Education Owen B. MacKe11ar, Jr. Orono Education Cl SS UF 1949 ' ::- Q V, a' ,. g , gf ' Donald R. MacLeod --lffg' : SAE Kenyon, R. I. W wi ' Mechanical Engineering 'NJ f iii' , ,, f 5. if - ?vq2::irffS7a W K' I Y' ' -f:.:tL:Q25eZ-.1 fails? 7 , Alexander W. MacKenzie Robert S. MacLauchlan KE Winchester, Mass. AFP Dennysville Civil Engineering Agronomy Alberton L. McLain Ramona K. McLaughlin Brewer Medway Vl'ildlife Conservation Spanish I V ,.VhV. George A. MacLauch1an William D. MacLean Dennysville Bangor Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Helen L. McKenna George E. Madore Old Orchard Great Works Psychology Psychology 65 James A. McMahan Economics Belfast Flora N. Maddocks Home Economics Millinocket Richard I. Maguire IUH TKE Portland Mechanical Engineering William S' Mann Prentiss B. Markle GIDFA Roselle, N. J. ATA Omno Business Administration' Mechanical Engineering John A. Malcomson 'DFA South Swansea, Mass. Mechanical Engineering French Ruth M. Malia South Portland Robert R. Marcoius Irving G- Marsden K2 Portland EX Lawrence, Mass. Music Forestry Hamid D- Maiden Bernard L. Marsh Albion Old Town Business Administration Civil Engineering William B. Mann Marjorie M. Martin BAE Portland X9 Marblehead, Mass. Electrical Engineering Psychology 66 Hartley E. Marsh Gorham Poultry Husbandry Paul Marshall B911 Milford Forestry Robert W. Marshall EN Old Town Physical Education Cl SS UF 1949 William P. Mason Francis I. Michaud Saco Engineering Physics West Enfield Education Eugenia Melzar Richard M. Meserve KPM Wilmington, Mass. QHR , , ,Auburn Chemistry Mechanical Engineering Richard T. Mathews Augusta Chemical Engineering Roland M. Mayberry John P. Merrill Albert A- Meyer A1-Q Skowhegan TKE College Point, N. Y. Business Administration General Engineering Dairy Technology Stillwater Neal W. Merrill Homer C. Michalaros QHK Gray ATA Portland Mechanical Engineering Business Administration S. Nicholson Mayo, Jr. Dorothy L. Mitchell Richmond, Va. Bangor Journalism Mathematics 67 Edmund Mikalonis AXA Lewiston Economics E... . .,., .- v-.--. , ,Tk Y... ,,.,, ..i...a.jfgy-Y-,. l M Bi-' ii- , , 5155-I TL s 3 2,85 'kslfselwiss-s,aW w..w,',s Stanley J. Miller Auburn General Engineering Gloria M. Mockler AZ Caribou Education James W. Molllson Belfast Chemical Engineering Lawrence W. Moores, Ir. Victor A- M01'f0l1S011 Old Town Ridlonville History and Government Mechanical Engineering Randolph E. Moores Howard E- Mosley Bangor EX S0lJtlPl P0l'tl31ld Civil Engineering Agricultural Economics ' 'Y 'aff'- W . Philip H. Mooers AFP Caribou Agricultural Education 13-ksg:11,1:fr X sf-1 V - , 'Q-wgqismlzwrg . .... .V Q ..,e h,-, . me . , - -iw in A A iii Roland S. Morrison Elbert G. Moulton, Ir. V K j Brewer Brooks .V g . iff Education History and Government A 1 1 ' 'ii t'.i ' f iiiif rr, E.. r Ralph A. Moore Walter C. Murray -:-f--::f 1 OX Ellswoffh Old Town 4 Forestry Zoology 68 Harold L. Moulton AXA Springvale Civil Engineering Earlon I. Mullen Bangor Business Administration Philip J. Murdock, Jr. BBT! Springfield Mechanical Engineering William H. Murray Agronomy Anthony B. Nardone KE Newton Highlands, Mass. Civil Engineering , ,ii wi,-g. im"iE2': 1ilwf Qiifsiiefni 1: 5 1 M '-'- H " X Cl SS UF I949 Orono A-.,i 'Y' l .1 5' .Qi ' T , N Q 1 123. as 5, it Q 2 Z 3 2 Q A iq S f 'Ei Roger L- I- Nelson Lewis P. Newton VVestbrook Auburn Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering A - W .ui A 5 ,lwegfsgfaiyl 7553 i5'357ii3l5?,f?Yfi . I . . AXA I am Newgick George P' Nichols ' i ugusta Auburn il..ii .7 552 'f A . . . . i Public Management Civil Engineering .. ,,i., ,. fi2'ff?a?5Ssz?2Q1u 1 : v ' .' , v 5 ,gs i 1 ,"e Ls, ' " J' 5 ' Yf'25:lff - if-Y 1 . , K -V59 Charles L. Nelson - KFHK Greenville i A 'W Forestry . ., . Judith H- N6Wf0n John D. Nicholson TIBIIY Auburn B9l'l East Millinocket Spanish Foresrrv Jean I Nelson Elmer R Oakes g New Gloucester 'PMA Waterville 1 Home Economies Business Administration , . 1 A Lois A. Nicholson AOU Malden, Mass. Sociology Gloria L. Geology Noyes Caribou i.11sQix5zisgsaefg , z ,. -5--e'2f?:aefs,p -,N -i -.-,. f 1.52-ffl -, W -- fsgizzg if . i.. ,. i:'.:. .. A .,i f one time SE .1 Leroy C. Noyes GX Farmington Electrical Engineering : f -K Gerald F. Obermeyer Rio, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering , . i John J. O'Connor Augusta Business Administration Elmer J. Orcutt EX Mount Desert Forestry 3 if P 53111 9?-1 'I sf , - . gilwisfzf :J fi T4 .elrfifrt . . . wr ,her .,,,. - 7 - k-ii' 'T 'i J' 'i i 'X' A ' r IRQQZSYW 7 ' , ,SZEHII ' iqtaff Joseph F. Ouellette Oscar G. Paradis St. Francis KPHK Biddeford English Business Administration Gerard D. Paradis Ernest T. Parizo Fort Kent GX VVaterville Electrical Engineering Dairy Husbandry r Joseph E R Paradis Clarence W Parker, Jr ATA Biddeford Levant Business Administration Mechanical Engineering Louis 0. Ouelette Peter S. Paterson Biddeford EAE Saco Business Administration Mechanical Engineering 70 Philip S. Parker Addison VVildlife Conservation Norman I-I. Parrott South Portland Business Administration Charles S. Partridge BAE Norway History 1 1 2 E 1 Roger E. Peah ody Education ..5i2 ..... M a a n eeeee le, .ee . eege,ge,4euW ee, -ez lefleefeegleg, 551557 ' ae. gewiesrfeisl lefeigsiilrzz s6?eEir?Vff9l 9515353555 reiigefleyigg :a v zggkgyi rarefgie Seesr?la?5fg??lg?g Siaeeseeerw - -:..-- an yegfemezley Safes: lege -P -, :-eww - F, l, Portland . , H 's:E ::. : :: :: ' were else gtg w e F ewer me , , .. lee,.,,i.maegw Ylimswizszmzsw - rieeerf-Q-wee w...,,e33Bgg35g - le..el,lmm ,, 1eDt3,,ee ,5gg9gQ,g.M,g.g . 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Carl Perry flfMA Stonington, Conn. Forestry Marie M. Perry Bangor Psychology Robert A. Perry EN Danvers, Mass. History and Government Carl J. Peterson ATA Calais Mechanical Engineering G. Conrad Peterson Lewiston Engineering Physics Vincent F. Petrie Portland Mechanical Engineering Calvin S. Phillips AXA Farmington Falls lllll Edward F. Phillips BHII Portland Economics Clarence D. Pierce Bucksport Civil Engineering Y s 4 I I i r i Victor H. Pooler, Ir. KPKE Brewer Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Forest G. Peterson Paul A. Praderio ATA Calais ZCIPE Clinton, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering 72 Charles R. Porper Gloucester, Mass Mechanical Engineering Roger W. Potter ATU New Canaan, Conn Forestry Edwin F. Poynter, Jr. KIHHK Melrose, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Evelyn L. Pratt Malden, Mass. Home Economics wx cl? ., , :,. g . W , A .,: Q. S. j.. V A f A-'Q iff Charles R. Preble DDE Bar Harbor Zoology Charlotte E. 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Caroline L. Rancourt Home Economics Leroy C. Randall Animal Husbandry Solon Milo Alice M. Raymond CPM Jackson Heights, D' ' L. In N- Y. BSII Fitchburg, Mass. Forestry James P Rice Jr. Zoology ..,.....J l L Edward J. Richter Merchantville, N. I. Forestry Vaughn H. Ricker Milo Forestry Carleton B. Ring ATA Richmond Animal Husbandry Charles E. Read Colleen Richardson Old Town 41M Plymouth Civil Engineering Education Pollie L. Rawlinson Theodore C. Rlng XQ Portland Bangor English Civil Engineering 74 4 WS "" 'E ii . V .ILV Martin C. Rissel Rutherford, N. J. Civil Engineering f- f . rf -. . . i 'SX 2 lf, Q s 3 Q 2 9 f. . , Q ,. . . .. 5 gi? z W r M 5 W.. 1 F N .r in Y so ., f 'fs ,ls E .xr l 4 L ,c ' :fi .r Eugene M. Roach Smyrna Mills Agricultural Economics Carol J. Robbins 1PM East Winthrop Bacteriology Cl SS UF 1949 l I w i Frederick J. Rosebush . I E - Bucksport I Chemical Engineering Duncan M. Robinson Bangor Gerald A. Rogovin TEQIJ Newton Center, Mass. Education Journalism James W. M. Rowse, Jr. Cape Elizabeth Sociology Murray L. Rollins AXA Hallowell Chemical Engineering Sumner M. Robinson TEGP Roxbury, Mass. Zoology Gerald E. Rudman TE'-I' Bangor Economics Harold E. Rogers William S. Rollins, Jr. uguk ' fIPHK Gardiner Augusta " 'I V 4 Sociology Mechanical Engineering -. I f 'I 5 John A. Roberts Arthur M. Sadler ' '1 - ff" Bangor Brewer , Business Administration Dairy Husbandry ' ' ' 1 is 75 X. ag 1 X s Q H X X ls W , a...,...... , , .- ,n,..E.2:Ea'E'::e -. fa -H'--""S.'a..::. .J-gif .5-nv... - ' -, Q-afaysf se ize: K Lease ifsaasf ' Zgakls F-ii . ,fm.5.kS5 f K: me .3 1 gl... L. ..,.. .1 H ,. . ,. Alfred L. Saindon, Jr. Bar Mills Pulp and Paper Roger H. Sargent Ellsworth Civil Engineering g :gif P. Willard E. Savage Brewer Agricultural Economics ".'S:?:::i.?H lil? --:i1S5fiigj .'-5231, 1, 'Y I -zfflgrajig .emi if 1. . ' ' -warn Q. fra... . ,. 1 is is ' .eiliisi ' Lw asf e V ' . .S .. V . W1 -arf? HM IUH Margaret W. Savignano John F' Scamman XS? 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Island Falls New Gloucester General Engineering S9Ci0l0gY Jane A. Sibley 1l'M Wellesley Hills, Mass. Home Economics Samuel S. Silsby KIPKE Bangor Zoology Germaine B. Simanonok l'lBfIP Madison Modern Languages Wesley R. Sherwood Alan Shulman Newton Centre, Mass. TE? Chelsea, Mass. Business Administration Economics James M. Shepard Marilyn I. Slmonds AT!! Alford, Mass. ' Lewiston Vllildlife Conservation Psychology 77 Samuel Simonds TECI' Business Administration Calvin W. Simpson Business Administration Frederick C. Simpson Portland Wray D. Simpson TKE Pittsfield, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Old Orchard Beach William N. Skidds Calais Bacteriology ATA Eastport Mechanical Engineering S E sianey w. skimngton , ag: . 1A Dover-Foxcroft History and Government . William I-I.SimpS01l. Z glxlzffg . A- Millinocket V Civil Engineering. IUH V L Simon Sklar Old Town History and Government Lois A. Small HBKIB Orono Sociology lil f ,gf 1 ' i x .Q pl A x R ' if le, rm: 1 ng. fag we .gi -1 I.. .3 ia. W S V.. Fr r .2 ra -Q' W M Qfugf fi? T M 5. fa 3 E ,. r, . ,. .. . fe .ff - r af 'ir lb- William S. Skoliield Brunswick Mechanical Engineering Donald G. Smaha KE Portland Business Administration Dana A. Smith Hollis Center Mechanical Engineering Richard H. Small South Portland Physical Education Carlton L. Smith APP Holden, Mass Forestry Jeannette Smith Bangor History Lawrence C. Smith Turner Center Education Nancy D. Smith South Paris Engineering Physics Cl SS Owen H. Smith BX Scarboro Electrical Engineering W rams M, , . 553425, rms E as U' .. as WH ie '15 femme ,M le Q r: .mf 4 mg 1 Q., mat 35" A, ji 1-5: 3 I 4 if v-'ef N 5 , Q' v - ee 5 ,, 1 Mg w ,,.,, L is N ii legit, K.. his HRW' 1 f fir. ,aff 5'3" ' 'Q 1 W- P will me xiii R W ww Q 9 "M-Mfg, .gm ww vs W W. '2 2 we 3+ mga an ti if wsriswfzzlf- .Ba M L. MH. ll.. E . .Qi iii, ill? W riff ., 'EW 4.922525 K w g.. 35fgZf5?.slafi4? ' ' W ,LMliigiyfifffslw mme , - : ' ni gg a, . Richard M. Smith CPFA Augusta Sociology Sherrold L. Smith Bar Harbor General Agriculture Norman E. Smith, Jr. QDHK South Portland Civil Engineering UF 1949 Warren G. Smith BAE Orono Mechanical Engineering Owen W. Southard LIPMA Presque Education Isle Stuart W. Smythe B611 Bangor Sociology Sheldon Sokol Mattapan, Mass. Zoology Ronald T. Speers EX Kennebunkport Wildlife Conservation Donald H. Spear EX South Portland Mechanical Engineering Norman W. Spear Education Saco 6' D . w I l, 2, ' rf. wiafiiialgiz:...:-.itizimliiiiz l w .W iwfx, ,Q fc .Q -7 rl .4 r..f:fg5g,?, M545 :nwgt '- '-g,.,,E'g,: .Wg Q .1 3,4 lei 26 gwfigifi- , ..,. '3,."2lt:2lf 0 -"S?1gHz.K,vf! " 1 U' z 'flziifiiffi' 5 L.. -SK db: well o '- u .. : , "Tiff: 'i2f'v4?.eEzil5ii.f if 'g ,F "' 1. . , ,V,2- . . . ,,l-y 5 Mr. - 5-ME"ff-4 ' "l,':f?-Q22 Za?3a'fffY - ,,,f.f..gwMQ , ,, wi Engineering Physics Howard E. Spencer, Jr. KE North Leeds VVildlife Conservation , . i Donald M. Spiller EX Mechanic Falls Agricultural Economics Ill 5 l Don C. Stanton Sherman, N. Y. Wildlife Conservation Alton L. Sproul, Jr. B911 Hallowell Electrical- Engineering J ohn L. Stanley KIJKE Indian Orchard, Mass. Psychology Jeannette Staples Bangor History Marion L. Stanley Bar Harbor Albert W. Starbird Solon Chemistry Mechanical Engineering Richard C. Spiller Kenneth F. Stetson IDHK XNestbrook Winthro Business Administration Engineering Physics 80 William A. Starbird Old Town Zoology George L. Staten Flushing, L. I., N. Y. French Murray E. Stebbins K2 Biddeford Forestry , . 1 y y ' - . l,i'Ef151 S -'ffl .'i'l. tti' 5 aegis Z ' E t'tJ P ,-:Zi , iii iiillifkl . i Robert M. Stetson Cl SS UF 1949 Engineering Physics Ralph A. Stevens III Arthur H. Stone Long Lake, N. Y. VVild1ife Conservation Ronald E. Stewart KIJHK Madawaska Public Management EN Fitchburg, Mass. Civil Engineering William S. Stickel ATA Belmont, Mass. Chemical Engineering Anna M. St. Onge Bangor Romance Languages John W. Steves BSU South Portland Electrical Engineering Calvin L. Stinson Howard H. Storer Birch Harbor Brunswlck we - 1ff2sf:sf1fi1aff:f,-Q . . . . . . . . Stills' gigfggs 1.1515 Business Administration Busmess Admlmstratlon 1 1 1640 mms' H '- 537-19 - : R ' Forest J. Stewart samuei snack X K SX Linneus TEL? Brookline, Mass. -wa, . . . . . . . '-P'-"ffl3't""'l1-'12 Mechanical Engineering Business Administration 81 5 5 ',,a e ajax Q1 . as - , . . , . 1 .sfsgx it V 8, sa P Y' 74 Y wifi A tti I ,vti if Ralph A. Stoughton Forestry Fryeburg Lorraine E. Stratton Cumberland Center Home Economics Ronald R. Zoology Striar Bangor Edward F. Sullivan, Jr. Ba Agronomy ngor Paul R. Sullivan KE Biddeford Business Administration 'N V' an 5 ui' Robert A Sylvain 1 ii'.fi?f- -t . fi ' f , ,. I- if - sxsiifgigjgagiff' . ' t 57 - . T' : ,.+fQfI,"'x5,E?-W Saco Mechanical Engineering IDP. Maurice A. Sylvester Carroll E. Taylor Bangor EAE Auburn Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Bernard L. Theriault EN Millinocket Mechanical Engineering Ernest R. Therrien Sanford Economics 'arg .V . ..... i g -fifag....W..:::ggnmp,e1-fre S . . .M f f -we-are --f, , .... ,mu g , Y i za sau : - Richard W. Tainter Phyllis E. Tebbets BX Auburn Locke Mills + X Pulp and Paper Business Administration - John D. Talbot Robert S. Temple Bangor VVoburn, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Daniel E. Sylvester Albert H. Thomas Saco EN Lincoln Forestry Business Administration 82 T a, x Q Li wax es A. ' in :E in 5' . S. .SN-'lfs' . K my? 1 ms ' K'-1 I .M ,Q 4 Robert F. Thibeault Saco Business Administration i Xxxx TKE Earl P. Thomas North Leeds Mechanical Engineering AAA Priscilla J. Thomas Wilton Home Economics A N My X spew www naw Ea My 5523. f Q33 wb 9 QQ? N 6 B911 Robert T Thomas Portland N 5. e . - . "iw A , - i . - Mechanical Engineering Cl SS UF I949 r Roger F. Thurrell fI1l'A East Wolfeboro, N. H. Chemical Engineering Beatrice E. Thornton Portland Engineering Physics , iiaast P . i "" ' . two..-sesom A W, ,... , WX. , . Frederick Thurlow Samuel I-I. Timberlake onli Lee Turner Physical Education FOTBSUY E William T. Thurlow Robert P. Titcomb ATS! Fryeburg Houlton Education Civil Engineering Barbara A. Thompson T. Pamelra Townsend AAA Concord, N. H, Patten Home Economics Zoology 83 Eunice W. Todd Psychology Madison Eleanor E. Torrey Psychology Bangor Beatrice E. Towne Zoology Dover-Foxcroft Orman A. Tozier Solon Mechanical Engineering Harry T. Treworgy 'FFA Milo Business Administration Earl W. Tribou Gloucester, Mass. Chemistry IDR Joseph A. Tyler George A. Vardamis West Lubec Bangor Wildlife Conservation History and Government Stanley W. Tyler Kenneth F. Vennett AFP East Orange, N. I. EN Bath Forestry Education ..,, . 5 .15 X William E. VanVoorhis Walter J. Verrill Saugerties, N. Y. Wayne Pulp and Paper Civil Engineering Paul D. Turner, Jr. Edwin S. Walden QIDKE Malden, Mass. QPKE Greenville Mechanical Engineering Business Administration 84 Joan E. Violette Cooperstown, N. Y. English Doris H. Vollmer Farmington Education .--s 7 -er' A l :E " "e' W if Joseph I. Volpe Quincy, Mass. Chemical Engineering Ralph W. Walker ATQ Presque Isle Psychology William C. Walker Bucksport Mathematics I ' , nf: . w ' - r::.'5.r::f.:sv:-,:- we - 2. f -1.:-...:-,M-w--. -: em wg ' f:e."',:P:::"':." 7-TEH? WE. L,i'7'55?Q viii-fm' W ,A .,. , be ' ' 1 ' :-' .a mi r itz" - , . ' n 1 1" . e F535 1 ., ,, -W- I i':"iifi'-'E-:is ffgifzfif ' "" , ' . K 735 4 my , l ... , 9 .ar 414525, 1 Q. I Verna M. Wallace Robert R. Wardwell Bath West Winterport Home Economics Education Evelyn M. Waltz William L. Warren Passadumkeag EN Bangor Home Economics Engineering Physics , l l l fi -I H 5 'r 'W eg w H ' f 1 John R. Weatherbee Hampden Highlands Poultry Husbandry Edwin W. Webber Auburn History and Government Eldridge P. Wallace Oakland Agricultural Engineering Lorraine V. Ward Robert D. Waterman AZ Unity ATP Sabattus Business Administration Animal Husbandry Henry W. Wallace Robert P. Webber Freeport, L. I., N. Y. QDFA Hallowell Electrical Engineering Government 85 Madelyn M. Webber Augusta French A 1 William R. Webster IUH Bruce I-I. Wheeler Kittery Point Bangor Civil Engineering Engineering Physics John W. Wentworth William N. Weston Augusta, Madison Electrical Engineering Agricultural Engineering Milton D. Weeks v Frederick A. Wheeler Farmington St. Stephen, N. B., Can. Mechanical Engineering Dairy Technology Earle Wescott Robert E. Whalen Bucksport AXA Dexter Mechanical Engineering Zoology 2-,,sa-..fggsqsisrwsegieifftgfgyrs.,:.,H.g gg. lr,-1+ef.eQ1f-W, 4 szzfisgeg he gg-1,1 xfzffzifi,-g 1f.f.1-.xezifmf ,. . .s ..,..,.., . ..,A., .5 ,f-f- -ww, f- ..., Emmalin C. Welch ' f K - af l.,,-mis-Q 1 -s,g11gz,: szfefasiz Millard H. Whitaker Home Economics Rumford Skim new Win : p ' - c . ., 1. ' - - ' :14f+i?S.-Q-f fikiifig-vii1: i ' Arthur Weston, Jr. Carl R. Wheaton ATU Crescent Lake BGH Bar Harbor Education Engineering Physics William A. Wells Donald S. 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'ii ' Fi Efa22i5if..e-5-fail' 'H :-' .-P " '15 " ii: :f 'fQ" ' : 1 Es 'FW' . Q Cl. SS Clifton L. Whitten : Sedgwick Electrical Engineering i21sfs:?t,1gQgj55f'ig5,'-Pxlazimjg 1 " " f'3i,.,1m1a-i f'21,.4xila5fv-'S xVsV' :w:sez':s: ar , 1siggvp,.l3t1s:i'f5'l-H Weinw we - , 1sls2ggggs?e?sff -Siiiwfil SA sf?-S".4sa1s gwlitiii' SS .. rergazxzrsgsbiw rm . x :fs .yfsifw 5 zsfsfgzsggiwifrg , r.,,. W ,.., X, . ,W,.,,,mv tufts-..r.s,.21 ,Q -,,., s1.1rs.3rw,sis 173 2v"ss2'fs 1..E:. fsmqqlifiiisf A f- m2555235 fifirl 151' 55557755555 ,gQqi9ff5iiLi'A1Li5QLI,rzi ' l25'?ig77S551ii'w 'f12gfv'g'1i.e:ns A 4 1g5gggsgTs1.:1 . sw3g1s2gg?ge-z?Te? 'l -si ,f:n::,:s-W :sgns.2,M,g,siff K -' ssiezsi?-sis f .. VVV.: Q h . . 4 ,Wsa,.t,S S ' is -f .ga 4-.vf:.'b w7s.2 L .' I- -- -- ::::.:: : .vLs2S!5IL11s5 IJ' ":'5::"..:' 1" Qi , - 5 siill YS 5 .fi .54 s,mw, t,,,. s DS s , rm.. .,.., . Q , A. , V, .eww gfwz.: We - 1 q1s:pP2eH?s7'mg-,fiiix L5 U11 1 TI . - f1fsesgf3s3trs..3. S 33 P He S an ,Q :as gs? SX f S Q W S 9 91 w is 2 msn sea , at S A t ff We -4 in 3 3 Q. 952' 5 A S' 3 X aw SM j ,af l S E S X 9- x ess, 1 Q 95 S s ,G 2 3 E S 2 as 6 2 3225 iz .se ,K w or it E W Q W gf P. Q X 5,3 Q gs s ,, . Hmm X S irsg n assess S2 2 X " n S S N2 6 S Q N 2 s 6 'K f X 9 5 s X 2 S rf, ,., , , ,.er. ,rng 1 Leonard D. Whittier Passadumkeag English Wesley L. Wight Bradley Mechanical Engineering Robert L. Whitney KE Cambridge Business Administration UF l949 Roland L. Wigley YIJHK Pennington, N. J. Wildlife Conservation Lynn B. Wilkes Newton Center, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Charles W. Williams GX Surry Civil Engineering Warren C., Wilson Glen Falls, N. Dairy Technology 87 Douglas J. Williamson fbl'A Medford, Mass. Civil Engineering Jan Willoch EX Bestum,- Norway Chemical Engineering Russell L. Wilson Bangor Chemical Engineering 1 Carlton P. Wing ATQ Flagstaff Civil Engineering Robert D. Winship ' Clinton, Mass. Journalism Clifford M. Winter, Jr. Enfield Zoology Fix'i.':f:'i.51-1255555 ' 15 if " V aiiiiiifgikiaixgfiag i - g i ' ' ffgf 'o ' i'-'iiffiifyff iii ' 1 . ,f .g,g. H. . .5 f.gQi.t..q..L.1.L5 M.. .Eli-2, -- i?r ' zQl? - , o f'T5rYiiil' 1F'? T'5ffi':"? . f ' V - -"' ' . IDR Charles W. Wood, Jr. Wallace L. Woodcock Houlton Bangor . Civil Engineering English L -...... Robert F. Wood Thelma M. W00dl1ead BSU Old Town Bucksport History History and Government or ' - tag ixsx ,, Mm, .if . wi' 5 3 is. Z ..., Edward F. Woodbrey Patricia L. Woodward CDMA Sebago Lake ITBKII Beverly, Mass. Physical Education English Stuart E. Withers Lester H. Yoffe Solon TEKIH Chelsea, Mass. Civil Engineering Economics 88 Colene E. Wright Limestone Sociology Henry G. Wyman Brewer Education Oscar L. Wyman AXA Orono Agronomy CLASS UF 1949 Beatrice Young Samuel P. Zimmerman Portland Presque Isle Business Administration Engineering Physics H0113 G. Yuen Walter J. Zinchuk Hong Kong, China South Windl1am Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering I - , Mary L. Zelenkewich John P. Zollo North Vassalboro KE Danvers, Mass. Physical Education Mechanical Engineering Robert A. Zellner Kenneth F. Zwicker EX Caldwell, N. J. Brownville W Forestry Journalism 89 E IUR UT PICTURED CONSTANCE E. ADAMS Medical Technology Bangor ROGER S. ANDREVVS Economics Augusta JOHN A. BAILEY Education South Portland GORDON D. BEATTIE Education Old Town CHARLES R. BECKER Economics Wellesley, Mass. BJOBERT F. BEGLEY Business Administration Bangor PERCY G. BILLINGS, Jr. Agricultural Engineering Bangor FREDERICK M. BOUTILIER Agrongmy Houlton VVARREN W. BOWDEN Chemistry South Penobscot NEAL E. BRENNAN Mechanical Engineering Bangor KEITH F. BRIDGHAM Education Brewer WALLACE F. BUGBEE Chemistry Dexter THOMAS G. BURDIN Education Turner JAMES E. CANNING, Jr. Mechanical Engineering Bangor PARKS F. CARLE I Engineering Physics Princeton JOSEPH J. CERVONE Business Administration Medford, Mass. ANDREW J. CHASE Chemical Engineering Orono NOEL E. CRAUN, Jr. Forestry Springfield Gardens, L. I., N. Y. DONALD E. DAHILL History and Government Bayside, L. I., N. Y. JAMES L. DesROCHES Economics Old Town ROBERT L. DIONE Education South Portland BERNARD W. DUBAY Education Portland TACQUES R. DuPONT History and Government Old Orchard Beach W. MERRITT EMERSON, Jr. Psychology Bangor GLADDEN F. EVANS, Jr. Education Orono HAROLD E. FARMER Education Old Orchard Beach JAMES S. FLETCHER Vl'ildlife Conservation Orono ARTHUR L. GEARY Chemical Engineering Lewiston EDWIN S. GERRY FOYCSUY Augusta GLENDON E. GERRY Modern Languages Augusta . WILLIAM C. GIBSON Physics Old Town NORMAN A. GRAY Mechanical Engineering Hallowell FREDERICK E. HACKETT Education Caribou LAWRENCE C. HADLEY Wildlife Conservation RICHARD D. Business Administration PAUL S. Poultry Husbandry DONALD I. Mechanical Engineering Bar Harbor HASKELL Wellesley Hills, Mass. HATT Brewer HODGES Turner HOWARD O. HOUGH Electrical Engineering Orono D l WINFIELD S. HOWE Wildlife Conservation Old Town ROY C. HUFF Education Old Town I SHELDON A. INGALLS Education Salisbury Cove WILLIAM IRWIN Mechanical Engineering Welchville GEORGE S. KEAST Philosophy Bangor JOHN F. KEENAN Business Administration South Portland JOSEPH M. KLENK Mathematics Meriden, Conn. RAYMOND T. LAVALLEE Modern Languages Old Town JOHN C. MCLEOD Education Woodland ASA R. MACE, Jr. General Agriculture Aurora LEO R. MAGUIRE Civil Engineering Lynn, Mass. CHARLES L. MASON Business Administration Bangor FRANCIS R. MATLEY Geology Orono JEAN D. MILLER English Portland JOHN R. MOOERS Economics Houlton HOWARD T. MOULTON Forestry Medford, Mass. JANE O. MOULTON Education Rangeley WILLIAM C. PARK Business Administration Brewer DONALD C. PATTERSON Education South Portland ARTHUR W. REYNOLDS English Northeast Harbor GEROLD A. RIDEOUT Agr. Economics and Farm Mgt. Fort Fairfield ROBERT W. SAWYER Mechanical Engineering Milbridge ROBERT A. SNELLING English Deer Isle BENEDICT R. STEARNS Animal Husbandry Oakland BARRY E. STEELE Government Bangor ROBET E. SULLIVAN . Business Administration. Silver Spring, Md WAYNE L. THURSTON Psychology Bangor JOSEPH R, UZMANN Zoology Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. LAURENCE G. VanPEURSEM Education Bangor CLAYTON E. VAN TASSEL Education Ellsworth NORMAN C. WALKER Business Administration Brooklyn, N. Y. SHELTON S. WHITE General Engineering Livermore Falls COLE W. WILDE Wildlife Conservation Silver Creek, N. Y. REGINALD II. WILLIAMS Education South Portland RICHARD F. VVILLIS Dairy Technology Bangor CIASS UFFICIEH Hopkins, McBrady, Holland, McDermott President-JAMES A. MCBRADY Vice President-EDWARD MCDERMOTT Secretary-RUTH HOLLAND TYCHSUTCT-AI.TON M. HOPKINS 91 J ll I ERNEST F. ABBOTT Business Admin. Livermore Falls Der Deutsche Verein. KENNETH H. ABBOTT Engineering Physics Rumford Physics Club JAMES C. ADAMS, Jr. EAE Business Admin. Hingham, Mass. Football 21'B3.Seb3ll 13 Track 1, 25 Intramural Boxing 29 MCA 1, 2. MARVIN C, ADAMS EN Pre-Medical Orono Band. RANDOLPH S. ADAMS EN Physical Education Lincoln Freshman Football, Co-Capt.g Bas- kethallg Trackg Varsity Football Z, 35 Education Club, Intramural As- sociation. Sec. RICHARD S. ADAMS Animal Husbandry Auburn Bandg Agricultural Club. WILLIAM J. ADAMS Forestry Framingham, Mass. CLINTON G. ADELL AFP Agricultural Econ. Readfield Depot Agricultural Club 1, 2, 35 Freshman Baseballg Cross Countyg Outdoor Track Team. STANWOOD A. ADLEY Pre-Medical St. John, N. B., Can. Masqueg Cabaret 2, Der Deutsche Vereing MCA 2, Dean's List 1, 25 Chapel Choir. LEONARD F. AHERN French Portland Dean's List la, 3a. FE RNAND ALBERT Modern Languages Bangor KENNETH ALBERT Agronomy Ororro PAUL E. ALBERT Agricultural Econ. Madawaska Newman Club 1, 2, 33 Dairy Judg- ing Team l. GERALD S. ALDEN Business Administration Orono HARRY C. ALDRICH, Jr. 24:12 English Lubec Cl SS 01319 0 HERBERT E. ALDRICH Mechanical Eng. Vllaterville E .13 fy, e ' rwfzi L.: 11 'fi fi? ' Q -v .' krkr dz.. 5 ? - ' -': : EDWARD L. ALEXANDER Chemistry Topsham American Chemistry Soc.g Bridge Clubg Scabbard and Blade. DAVID C. ALLEN Mechanical Eng. Lewiston Winter Sports 1, 2g Baseball, Asst. Mgr. 1, 29 American Society of Me- chanical Engineers. J. VYALTER ALLEN EN Mechanical Eng. Mount Desert Tennisg Intramural Basketball. RICHARD R. ALLEN Psychology Jay 93 J ll I ELMER H. ALLEY Horticulture Sebago Lake Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, MCA 2. EDWARD B. AMES B911 Business Admin. Millinocket LESLIE D. AMES Mechanical Eng. Camden LUTHER N. AMOS, Jr. Civil Eng. Harrisburg, Pa. Band 1, 2, 3. CHARLES E. ANDERSON Electrical Eng. Orono UH ix . Q9 ,151 1 it s . . 1 . E- V- Qifjjffi b "vm .pl .' '.--. . . '-255,152-,fgiigza . '.,. fiefriii' . . . , . aff -- wx - Mazza. girly, gg V iiifvgfgs s, Wfffiiffsi? ' . ' . fig' 5.2 , .4fsi?fw: i f U..s-fwsfrufsrf. we 1 mffgg.1:.g,, -M -J-L, ww... .., ,:f2ix1fs2.12iff1'-1 ' Q I i ' gif- ' . ggi, . . DONALD D. ANDERSON Chemical Eng. Livermore Falls Duplicate Bridge Club, American Chemical Society. EDWARD D. ANDERSON. Agronomy Mars Hill Agricultural Club 1, 2, 35 MCA 2,3. GORDON R. ANDERSON Education Orono OSCAR E. ANDERSON Chemical Eng. Livermore Falls MOC 2, Bridge Club 1, 2, 39 ACS 39 Dean's List lb, 2. ROBERT W. ANDERSON Education Lewiston Student Senate lg Union Building Campaign, Publicity Chairman 1, District Chairman 25 Dance Com- mittees 1. ALBERT L. ANDREWS AFP Agronomy North Fryeburg MCA 1, 23 MOC 2, 33 Agricultural Club 1, 2, 35 Freshman Club 15 World Student Service Fund Z. FREDERICK P. ANDREWS GX Business Administration Bath HARRY E. ARADER, Jr. EN Forestry Collingswood, N. J. CLAUDE K. ARCHER Civil Engineering Liberty Student Chapter A.S.C.E. ROBERT L. ARNOLD Speech Bangor Cl SS 01519 0 i y i . A Af f i n e" . g K 1' A A . l - . ' ia" , V , RICHARD W. ARSENAULT Forestry Portland WALTER I. ARSENEAU, Jr. Business Admin. Jonesport BEVERLY A. ARTUS IIBKII Home Economics Milo Home Economics Clubg Orchestra 2, 35 Sorority Secretary. BERNARD H. AUSTIN ZX Agronomy Vassalboro Agricultural Clubg MCA3 Dean's List Ia, b, Za, b. ROBERT C. AUSTIN Mechanical Eng. Fairfield R ' ..' pf ,.-..1 M,,W.,,.,......1 . . .. e 1. 91 sw Image-a MQ. fi S. .,. ai ,,.1........ fWlei'i:ei23Q3?sf2i3zSszsz.1 ,.,,. .,.,.,. .. Q iii-721353 1252325-1g11gfL5Q'11i .. .1 .. .--.1.:......-.-..-1- s1iag,ge3s52,,g.s..Q??3.e. " 6 s1fa3gss.e2i?e ' 5553.51 52335221 M. .. . 1 ifiiliiikfi' ws ' ?i?a .:2:.j51-Ns' 3225+ -1 sae. we ,W xiii: 1521 57 SEgif'1'L1'11 - ' ,.m1.s- . me 1.51 1 refs: 1..-.11e....e..sw fy. gg gy s 3 .H Q . me at WE , f .ms . H 'WW .1 95? .X X s ,, 1..1.1. . .9 f wt, if E K :FTF i gi.. . .. S , 6. H 2 , f 4: HZ.. 31- st 'E rt are liz. ifmiwllig ' ' 5321.2-2.19-.slleswfsls sg: 'A .issfixls s.5se??i5Z51??sE?i2? i5 fvzsz.s.,fi -. -M '?'aE355lS5E.?5E?iL5s, ' .r.a1.... W fe-w-we-W Ii? V. :ffl . my ways f 2 151.1 . 5 m....s1 .. .. mm..1..1..1.s . a1.2.s.e 2 are-sfgs .s a Q ma1.Q1..f+'w- 'S L . B . . W.,.,. S. .. N . 1..1.:..1..1. ef.-..--.Q ..- .M M.. ,,., I WEE? ?..?m3iZFa M1 pr, aa.. .K :ms.s1 Q?i?"f 555.5235 mm., ., ..,..., I . ..s v :I 5535223113 3,35 1.. .2Y:C,2LF1.'z .1.. ..,, 1 .1 ..1..-1:5-... ' 1 151: 5:5 3.1 755557: EfZ1 E1iiff2 .2iSfQile gg .2 Q S . 2 . . i , 5...-N-is Q. QE... Q . a mtg? aww Ei 3 522. gems., I Q fir ...Sf 'Q 5, se if 2 , ' . 3 Kei' 5 .a we ,, Q ,E ., . .T 5 ,Q 4 42 .. my W..- , . 5.11 .ee sm , ... .., if 1 ES. as ,cm ts. arifaggigf.,2Q?..12.,gEf2..1es.f,5f,..,.1,.1,?H.,5.y1,..,..,.SS,..,,,.f,., 2lfEEas'ws?2a5a2za5ls. 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" Q:'.1Yg91.:'se2-'J fe -f--" . .. 1 . .. .11. 1 ..1. -..,,, 1. . 1 .1... .. fef.s.svg1e51f" -aa. . .1f.1i.ef.g lar:t11s?1tiL?1f A ,' .tl .fpsgwisr.sztlstfelslutl "s2zs2.1f.-H . ' 2' 2612142 1 411- 1. - , 1-ifi.11.1f.1i.1Fi , ,ja -:.2Ei: .:11,::lI 'err , xl." ' - , -...1.. . ,.., 11. . 'W f .12 :L J IUR ROBERT F. AVERY Business Admin. Skowhegan Bandg Tennisg Bridge Club. WILLARD L. AYERS, jr. Agronomy Augusta Agricultural Club. JAMES R. BABB Forestry South Portland Forestry Club 1, 2, 33 Maine Outing Club 3. HOWARD F. BABBIDGE Civil Eng. Cumberland Center RICHARD G. BACHELDER BQII Civil Eng. Hallowell ,.,. . 1--I 55.1.1 . 'ii 55451 5 f. -I El., 1.k.L 5 f 1. . ' Al l i "i i ai liiiffff 39, ' in 'ff Eff. 4 11,.11 ,V 3 V A g- - .Vw ' '31 f - 1: 1 18.2, "S3g?Z'f.sxrifgt.-i. . 1 2. 1: .1 . .1 .1 Eg537,,.,,. .-.1....1-.21 - ....1-w,,f.x,.1..1vg..Q... V 1... -1 nrg1.f.s..: . 1 .-13: 2 mifilililiv fi1lffliMl3 1 , H '1.. 21 1i -fgffglif A CARL BACHE-WIIG Pulp 8: Paper Farmingdale JOHN BACHE-WIIG, Jr. Entomology Farmingdale Varsity Band 1, 2, 35 "North Star" Contributing Ed. Zg North Dorm Week'end Comm. 1, 25 Campus 33 Intramural Volleyball 1, Handball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 35 Proctor 2g MOC 1, 2, 35 MCA 1, 2, 33 Bridge Club 13 Forestry Club 1g Freshman Club 15 North Dorm Council 2, 3, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3, Rifle Club 3, Publicity Mgr. GUY L. BACON, jr. EN Psychology Strafford, N. H. HENRY R. BADGER Mechanical Eng. A.S.M.E.g Dean's List 2b. Rangeley ALDEN B. BAILEY Electrical Eng. Annex Glee Club, Radio Clubg Am. Institute of Elec. Eng. 35 Institute of Radio Eng. 3g General Senate 35 Dean's List Za, Sa. Woolwich JOHN D. BAILEY Electrical Eng. Gardiner ROBERT Y. BAILLARGEON History and Govt. Lewiston Intramural Basketball Leazueg MOC 25 MCA 2, 3g Newman Club 2, 3. FRANK E. BALDWIN Dairy Technology Mattawamkeag Agricultural Club: Dean's List la, bg Za, b. DONALD W. BALLARD Animal Husbandry Augusta Dean's List 1, 2. LESLIE W. BANKS Mechanical Eng. Bangor Cl SS Ill: I950 .. .4 97 JOHN E. BARBER Zoology Portland ALB ERT BARDSLEY, Jr. Poultry Husbandry Searsmont Agricultural Clubg Dean's List Za, 2b. DONALD M. BARNES History and Govt. Belfast GEORGE W. BARNES Civil Eng. Harpswell IVIILTON R. BARNES Education Mars Hill eff ffl 'f,, 1' fag2x,Zgf5:5. ffliil - 1. "iq: . ie . a3sfr1r . . Y QQ :wiv- 4591 iSi1C?ff?fif .1 ,I NORMAN S. BARNES Mech. Eng. North Adams, Mass. A.S.M.E. CHARLES R. BARR B611 Engineering Physics Fairfield Cross Country 1, 25 Skiing 1, 25 MCA Cabinet 2, 33 Pale Blue Key 23 Sophomore Owls. DONALD P. BARRON KE Bus. Admin. 8: Pre-Law Portland Football 1, 2, 33 Class Exec. Comm. 25 Masque: Dean's List lag "M" glulgg Sophomore Owls, Newman u . ALFRED G. BARRY, Jr. 9X Mech. Eng. Freeport, L. I., N. Y. Intramural Basketball 15 Baseball 5, Z, 35 Football 3, Fraternity Treas. FRANK W. BARTLETT, Jr. Education Bangor MALCOLM J. BARTLETT ATA Civil Eng. Ashland A.S.C.E. SANFORD S. BARTLETT, Jr. General Agriculture Jefferson Agricultural Club 2, 3. RICHARD L. BARTON GX Pre-Law Westbrook Freshman Track Mgr. ELBERT G. BATES, Ir. Biochemistry Strong MCA 2, 33 Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3. MARGARET A. BATSON Home Economics Addison House Council 2g Volleyball 1, 2, Square Dance Club 3g MOC 13 MCA 1, Z, 3g Home Ee Club 3, Ann Stod- der Scholarship 2. Cl SS EVERETT L. BAXTER Psychology Eastport EDWARD C. BAYLIS ATA Business Admin. Lewiston 1 BLAINE L. BEAL QHK A i .I ,- Chemical Eng. i f . I . . ,L Garden City, L. I., N. Y. A In y I ' ' Interfraternity Councilg Indoor ' "ig .'. A- K . Track 1, 23 Dean's List la, 1b, 2b. fkrk ' ' s's' ' ':i" xii ROBERT L. BEALS 'PMA Pre-Medical Skowhegan President Freshman Classg Men's Student Senate 15 Athletic Board 25 Pale Blue Key, Pres. 3, Fresh- man Club, Pres.g MCA Cabinet 2, 33 Sophomore Owls, Numeralsg Ma- jor ..M.n ERNEST F. BEAN Agricultural Educ. Buckfield Freshman Football. 99 01319 0 FRANCIS H. BEAN Business Admin. Bryant Pond Debating Club 1, Z, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, MCA 1, 2, 33 Chapel Choir 35 Debating CKeyJ. SAMUEL L. BEAN Chemical Eng. Auburn Photography Club lg Hillel, Ameri- can Chemical Soc.g Dean's List la, 1 . CHARLES A. BEATTIE GX Physical Education Sanford Intramural Sportsg Golf 1, 2g Men's Senate. ROLAND G. BEAUCAGE Chemical Eng. Auburn JEROME F. BEGERT ATA Philosophy Lewiston Basketball 3 Philosophy Club. We .-12:7 . me 152 49. lift-52.9321 .. . ., . ,... . Maisie ??xQf?55liJ 4. ., ... . Z,Ei53??V lTt?.1'. ' is 25235511 ' ' ffililiiflf :iw-' .. iii sf? 11-" iliS'? as 'S v bi . it it . ie? P is S 2 'Q S 1 . 5 " 1, J I0 DARRYL V. BEISEL Forestry Lehighton, Pa. Varsity Football, IntramuralWrest- ling, Forestry Club, Football letter. ALSTON R, BELL AXA Agricultural Education Houlton MARISE D. BELL German Bangor Freshman Club, Hillel 1, 2, 3, Off- Campus Women 1, Z5 MCA l, 2, 33 Education Club 3, Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, Treas. 33 Dean's List Za, 2b. ROLAND BELLEGARDE Civil Eng. Lewiston Newman Club 2, 3, MCA 35 A.S.C.E. 3. FREDERICK W. BELYEA Chemical Eng. Caribou HAZ EN N. BELYEA General Agriculture Ashland BERNARD J. BENN EN Electrical Eng. llodgdon JOHN R. BENNETT AFP Forestry Collingswood, N. I. Asst. Cross Country Mgr. lg For- estry Club l, Z. WALTER S. BENZIE Physical Educ. Pittsburgh, Pa. Education Club. LEWIS C. BERCE Agronomy Houlton Agricultural Club l, 2, 35 MCA 2, 3, Dean's List lb, Za, 2b. HOWARD BERG TEQID Pre-Dental Bangor Band 1, Z, 35 Orchestra 13 Intra- mural Sports 35 Hillel 1, Z, 33 MCA 1, 2, 3g Cross Country Mgr. 1. BERNARD D. BERKOWITZ Electrical Eng. Roxbury, Mass. A.I.E.E.g I.R.E.g Stamp Clubg Dean's List la, bg Za, b. EUGENE F. BERNARD Business Admin. Mexico Newman Clubg Minor "M" in Win- ter Sports. JEROME R. BERNIER Electrical Eng. VVaterville Newman Club 23 MOC 3g MCA 35 Dormitory Council 35 Dean's List 1, 23 A.I.E.E. 3. ROBERT L, BERNSTEIN Economics Bangor Cl SS 01319 0 NANCY BEVERAGE English Cedar Grove HARRY E. BICKFORD, Ir. Chemical Eng. Augusta Rifle Club 1g Band 1, 2, 3. ELVVOOD B. BIGELOW, Ir. Journalism Portland Campusg Freshman Club. Qeampsgqg " lk, ef 51' IZLMER R. BIGGERS, Jr. QDHK Education Thomaston a - M ' 344' sf' , bl 35-" 111 fWsvE-fl N V 5 5153212 .1 ' W E . .Lg -11.215 Q1 1"..:a' 3243555355 ':1'f:- fi, 5' Y 5.51-iii. ' ff- gtg f.. 1 2:55 -'iff . 1931 'WW SMU Wm.. , -f Lsinrgyzgefgqgfgggx 2 . -ff-I g5.g.11.1 n " 'P 31.29.251 it A P' fa Wi 2 ,J 1- ff feta: 21 f1. '3MMMQrxm::1Q. 1 1 XVEYMAN H, BILLINGS Mechanical Eng. East Franklin 101 .Ill llllll GERALD G. BILODEAU Mathematics Waterville Sigma Delta Zetag Chess Club, JOSEPH E. R. BILODEAU Chemical Eng. VVaterville LEOPOLD A. BINETTE Business Admin. Biddeford New man Club, VAUGHN E. BISHOP Education Presque Isle Dormitory Council 35 Intramural Athletic Assn. 35 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 35 MCA 2. 35 Education Club 3. VVALTER R. BISSET Wildlife Conservation Blue Hill 14.4 SF F :fir ft: Hgglw 41, ,1 w- X, v W5 524- I fgjqg. , wa fi - fr use is Pt 12,135 if New wr' ti2ei1is2Qisffgs1f:l1:gggefz.a:sagf.stevetime'bwf-Siga . .45 , : wiv" 'K-wmsf' - 7 M533 A V 95 1-" ' ' ' ifsrmsilllifi fs":5zrfv',e2 Hawk me get e..-S,3uW.s.s- .W ,.wi.fw 222255: fftegisfi-fu za k'lY51'12fHt ff:-' AA N4 gait' . , 2 ' -1-:::f: :T 1-1. -,um 'FTS 1, H i fa game. ,,we7,.fgm,,-.ew .sw K 5 ' , .1 'tiny f - giSW41g7A?'7'al.il59T q fe 9 ' alia? - 4. 7 .v wig: 1 2 1 Ss- Hafpf:.Q1fg:m Y' Ali.. i . ' 4 In A --"M w fiif'iMF,i1-W gin 4 W .,1JS, , .siaiigag.5Q,.liW2Q3i3Q wax K fem? JOAN H. BITHER AOH Psychology Brockton, Mass. MCA 1, 2, 35 Student Union Drive 1: Religious Embassy Comm. 23 Glee Club 1, Z3 Chapel Choir 1, 25 Vocal Ensemble 34 Sigma Mu Sigma 33 Philosophy Club 25 Modern Dance 25 Dean's List la, b, Za, bg Sigma Mu Sigma Awardg Neai Matlletai. WENDELL B. BITHER Civil Eng. Houlton ARTHUR A. BLACK, Jr. CIPKE Business Admin. Portland GEORGE M. BLAISDELL, Jr. EN Forestry Rumford Football 3, Awarded Mg Forestry Club. MERLE F. BLAISDELL Arts York Village ROGER F. BLAKE English Brownfield RICHARD A. BLEAKNEY CISKE Mechanical Eng. Needham, Mass. JV Football 1, 2, 35 "M" Club 1, 2, 35 Pale Blue Key 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3. NICHOLAS A. BLEAU Education CHARLES E. BLINN Electrical Eng. A.I.E.E. IRVING G. BLOCK Electrical Eng. MCA 1, 2, 35 Hillel 1, List la, b, Za. Brunswick Bangor Portland 2, 35 Dean's Cl SS .gil fb M5 W-f fi-YT?:rawNK.fqw'HgF5f1f ?s,sQ:f25'E'21Uf-P158Mm NM imgqxfzffiexiitwffii' I1 -f .ru .s.1,..,f' W , ' 11 iliiiiias y A f. ,X K aww... H. . -1. .. - . 3 , Uilgf l .:-2 , .. ..:.::.f1 .if..x.- ?f421:.?5r.fQfeh lf? -"W 'tgh-..x 1: : "3 ,M7155-.1-,'fiE"5Q.if:'5E5?ii9z " " ?E.l?FQsL? 'I ' ff Y a t . . W rf 2 2 ' 3 W S xl N" 3 a s 1 3, 'M' F' Zia X sf wlw an 4 X. " S X J W K., H Us B. 1 Wy . 1 ing! X f?,,,.,,fqm I S S 3 S Y X Y 9 Yi I - 3 X 3 Q ,tbl ri 15 SK sa 2 S 5 YK S5 X 57 DVD' , wg 5 ,Q Q ,in sf in in fpigsglgeeisfs f N 'lfznigs N Xi , M .mr my Q... . em: .. iw? Erleg?zi?5fgfsQfgQ.f,QSi .Q A sfilsliagiiilsxwlifrjf G F m f2,fJ' f?ki1s7 Vl,ffi354lE?5f?i5fii?ll'li is riieiiim. rbi? L ,.',' 103 01319 0 WILLIAM E. BODWELL QPKZ Business Admin. Portland Band 1, Z, 3, Mgr. 2, Pres. 3, Lead- er 3g Baseball Mgr. lg Orchestra 2, 3, Business Mgr. 35 ROTCg MCA, Mu Alpha Epsilon. J. PARKER BOGUE, Ir. HiSf01'y Bethesda, Md. ZICAQ Philosophy Club, Dean's List J. EDWARD J. BORGES AXA Economics Newton, Mass. Dean's List la. BERNARD J. BOUCHARD ATQ Agronomy Fort Kent Newman Club, Agricultural Club. RICHARD P. BOUCHARD GX Business Admin. East Millinocket Masque l, 2, 35 Baseball lg Frater- nity Vice Pres.g Glee Club 1: MCA 2, 33 Newman Club 2. 35 MOC 3. gi? fmt.. ' wmisiew fA7, ..,x... - y, IH 1 ' Lil? 1 1"2i'fi531 ': -M211 fgcvgs ...,s:f.f.s -isfifisf .f I .In , EDMUND G. BOUCHER Chemistry Chebeague Island ARTHUR E. BOULTER ATS! Mechanical Eng. Bangor J.V. Football lg Men's Senate 15 Intramural Sports 2, 35 MCA. TRUMAN E. BOUTAR Business Admin. Portland Stamp Club, President. OSCAR D. BOUTILIER Chemical Eng. Smyrna Mills MOC 2, 35 Order of the Temple. ROLAND W. BOUTIN Economics Lewiston MCAQ Newman Club. UR 8 J WN f f -' 5 i5'sii??i25 . ff' '.--asfQ..Q11f.fw.11i.,.g2sQa ,, . . uma ?3f,5s?i2tisk4s'27 'K S Plsfisffili Sirk ' f 5' ' . 2 , -'17 lsxszezwzwfs- A "K- ::. K . A -:aww 'Aiaryr fer. , - 2- , g:g,,f,-:"ag'55j,. K sjiaszswif w- .a'.f5i.. : ." EDWARD F. BOWDEN EN Physical Educ. Southwest Harbor ROBERT M. BOWERS Mechanical Eng. Waterville EVERETT F. BOWIE Mechanical Eng. Augusta GEORGE H. BOYD SX Animal Husbandry Cornish Agricultural Club 2. LAWRENCE B. BOYD Civil Eng. North Edgecomb MARILYN J. BOYER Spanish Kittery Point FRANCIS L. BOYLE, Ir. Economics Portland Gem-ral Student Senate. ALBERT R. BOYNTON Agricultural Eng. North VVhitefield MERTON F. BRACKETT d'MA Civil Eng. Limington LESLIE F. BRADFORD Business Admin. Old Town Cl SS UF I9 WESLEY E. BRADFORD Dairy Husbandry Hebron MCA 1, 2, 35 Agricultural Club 2, 35 Dezm's List la. THOMAS W. BRADLEY Agricultural Economics Mercer GEORGE H. BRAGDON BSU History and Govt, Berwick GLORIA N. BRANGWYNNE Sociology Bradley MCA 1, 2, 35 Radio Guild 35 Basket- lmall 1, 35 Spanish Club 35 Dearfs List Za, Zlig Off-Campus VVomen l, 2, 3. FREDERICK L. BRANSCOMBE Physical Education Portland Baseballg Education Clubg Kappa Delta Pi. 105 ROBERT D. BRENNAN Business Admin. Bangor JEAN L. BREVVER History Boothbay MCA 1, 2, 33 MOC 23 Square Dance Club 2g Debate Council Z, 35 Educa- tion Club 3g Maine Masque 23 VV.A.A. 1, 25 Wesley Foundation 2. GERALD B. BREVVSTER Civil Eng. Dexter EDVVARD F. BRIDGES Pre-Medical Mars Hill Asst. Mgr. Baseball lg Intramural Athletics 1. 2, 33 MCAQ Dean's List Z3 Der Deutsche Verein. ALLISON I. BRIGGS Civil Eng. Lincoln Dean's List la, Za, 2b. Il R l DOROTHY L. BRIGGS Physical Education Waterville Hockey Team 35 Volleyball 3g Bas- ketball 3g Softball 33 Band 35 MOC 35 Tumbling Clubg Canterbury Clubg Officials' Clubg Phys. Educ. Clubg W.A.A. 32' Transfer from Farming- ton State'Teachers' College. RICHARD O. BRIGGS Horticulture Bucksport Farmers' Fairg Men's Senateg OCUMMOQ Agricultural Club. ROBERT H. BRIGGS B911 Business Admin. Augusta Treas. of Fraternity Z5 Dean's List 1, 2. FREDERICK O. BRITTAIN Zoology Walpole FRANCES M. BROCHU French South Brewer Newman Clubg MCAg French Club. BARBARA W. BROOKINGS A011 Home Economics Bangor Glee Club 1, 23 Home Economics Club. DONALD E. BROOKS Electrical Eng. Bethel Band: A.I.E,E.3 MCA. TAUNO O. BROOKS Agricultural Eng. Thomaston A S.A,l'f.g Agricultural Clubg Dean's List la. CHARLES H. BROOMHALL EN Agronomy Rumford MMU Clubg Agricultural Clubg Pale Blue Key. GEORGE P. BROUNTAS ATS! Business Admin. Bangor Young Republican Clubg Political Breakfast Clubg Politics Club, Vice Pres. 33 Debate Club, Sec.-Treas. 2, 3, Business Mgr. 3. Cl SS 01319 0 BURTIS B ROVVN, Jr. 'T . lf. cxkh Anmgg A P- "1 W Civil Eng. Yarmouth 1 FLOYD E. BROVVN Civil Eng. Bangor l JAMES L. BROWN Mechanical Eng. Houlton LEON F. BROWN fI1I'A Business Admin. Augusta ROGER H. BROVVN ELIIE Civil Eng. Portland 107 Jll IUR si Q' ag WARREN 1. BROWN Agronomy Newport Agricultural Club. J EAN E. BRYANT Sociology Portland Square Dance Club 2, 35 MCA 1, 2, 35 MOC Z5 VVesley Foundation Zg Maine Masque 25 WAA 1, 23 Fresh- man Club, 300 Club 2, 35 Spanish Club Z, 3. VVENDALL G. BUBAR Dairy Husbandry St. Albans RICHARD VV. BUBIER Mechanical Eng. Auburn CHARLES W. BUCK Dairy Husbandry Norway Agricultural Club 1, 2, 33 Sears- Rcebuck Scholarship 1, 2. lf: .1 .aus A- i ,f.4+5g5H,i3f,1, . .. ,L lf? ' i 255525: 'Q ..f4gfwji'r:f 2 saw. iflizfifki . ' 3:31. . l08 ELEANOR R. BUCK Romance Languages Norway Freshman Club, Glee Clubg French Club, House Council Z. HOLLIE A. BUCKLIN, Ir. 9X Q, Psychology South Portland ANDREVV R. BUNKER CPFA Business Admin. Mechanic Falls EDWARD J. BUNKER Electrical Eng. Franklin Photnrzraoliy Club 13 MCA 2, 35 MOC 35 Men's Senate 33 Deanls List Ia, lb, Zag A.I.E,E. 3. ANN BURBANK AOH Home Economics Needham, Mass. MCA, Social Cl13l!'lT'Zl.1'l 33 House Of- ficer, Treas. ?a3 Class Council 23 Sigma Mu Sigma. EVA M. BURGESS X9 Sociology UI1i01'1 Freshman Club, Basketball 1, 2, 33 Commencement Pageant 23 MCA 1, 2, 35 Chapel Choir 3, MOC lg Prism Subscriptions, W.A.A. Cabi- net 3, N.S.A. Comm., Sec. JEAN L. BURNELL English Cumberland Center Square Dance, French Club, MCA, Anne E. Stodder Scholarship, Dean's List. CHARLES E. BURNS Bus. Admin. Hampden Highlands Intramural Sports. BARBARA J. BURROVVES AAA Romance Languages Bangor Orchestra 1, Z, 3, MCA 2, 3, 300 Club 3, VVomen's Forum 35 House Treas. 2, House Vice Pres. 3. ROBERT F. BURT Zoology South Portland Cl SS 0F19 0 JOANN A. BURTON Psychology Gorham MCA 1. 2, 3, MOC 1, 25 Freshman Club, Radio Guild 3. JAMES A. BUSBY SX Mathematics Portland Intramural Sports, Newman Club, MCA, Dean's List 1, 2. 'fr-were -'-- .1 . , 1ss1:'w1fe1111 1f , WM, . W1 .,.. 1..,.o el 11, 4' ?gm -- eS:e5sEfiS?f'1fffw1 '1511 z1s2i.1'1i1 ' 111 11fZe?Q -- I-" " l"4'i?if119 if'1si1f2gf1g 1: 7.H'Zs5i5Z:1 H'H,,",,3p 'A ' T255 EfE:'1:?LEs'LS 1,35 '35 fI1i?I1f1fh7f3 WW ff-'Nam .ra ,L W 1 . ,"1"'f. , :ff1z:sgim?szsf151 12, 4112- 1,,s1m5,1,5mm .-11, , 1 :g71g1, wfiffiefj-?"2'HY iii - rp. 3.5 "fe 1. ' ' , , szfgsfir 'iilffff 2.655-51 .. ' n 4- . .' .- ww 1, 14.11-ve'?5f?e.'Qli?i A'1- 375-1i?i:i':i" fs' :me 1:-5555 ' eh. ,r . ,','jjggQ.f.f. 'fi1Qtf11ff1iQz:f 1 1 5.51 f1r1i1,1: 1 ,'1i141:TTsagg13 511 5015" 559,97 , 5- '1 I? .5 . C '7' -1a5.25?gF:' C w'v'f' -1 , ae eafoza Q5 ARNOLD I. BUSCHENA, Jr. Forestry Winthrop, Mass. Dean's List 1, 2. CLARENCE E. BUTLER Mathematics Rockland DOROTHEA BUTLER AOII Home Economics Verona, N. J. Masque 1, 2, 3, Membership Sec. 2, 3, General Senate Sec. 2, W.S.G.A. 3, Treas,g MOC 1, 2, 35 MCA 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 3, Embassy Co-chairman 35 Freshman Club, Home Economics Club 1, Z, 3, Sophomore Eagles 29 M.S.A. Comm. 2, Neai Mathetai, Pres. Z, Sigma Mu Sigmag Dean's List la, Za. Y.. J IUH HENRY E. BUTTERS Poultry Husbandry East Corinth DAVID P. BYERS Horticulture Yonkers, N. Y. ROBERT B. BYERS Chemical Eng. Bangor l JOAN P. BYRON Medical Technology Bangor ROBERT H. CALDWELL Mechanical Eng. Bangor 110 CEDRIC F. CALL Education Eaot Corinth JOHN D. CAMBRIDGE Mechanical Eng. Portland MCAQ MOC Ski Teamg Intramural Basketball and Baseballg A.S.M.E.g Dean's List. LLOYD F. CAPEN History Deer Isle Philosophy Club, Pres.g Men's Sen- ateg German Clubg Dean's List la, lb, Za, Zb, THEODORE CARAS English Westbrook Glee Club 1, 33 Varsity Singers 3g Chanel Choirg MCAg Dean's List 1, 2. DONALD L. CARD Education Bangor CHARLES F. CARLISLE 'PFA Business Admin. Bangor JOHN L. CARLTON Horticulture Havertown, Pa. GLADYS C. CARR X52 Theatre Buffalo, N. Y. Masque 2, 3, Sec. 35 Campus, Society Ed. 35' MCA 1, 2. 35 Freshman Club5 Freshman Handbookg W,A.A. 1, 2, 3, Council 1, 35 Basketball 1, Z, 35 Hockey 1, 2: Commencement Pag- eant 15 Modern Dance Club 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. I Cl SS UF I9 0 5. 1, xggeggs . LORADO C. CARTER Electrical Eng. Surry STEPHEN C. CASAKOS History and Govt. Athens, Greece DAVID C. CATES ATU Agricultural Econ, East Vassalboro Football 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 35 Intra- mural Athletic Association Council 35 "M" Club, Vice Pres.5 Agricul- tural Club. WILLIAM F. CARRIGAN, Jr.. . jf , EDWIN J, GATES, Jr, Business Admin. Lewiston Forestry East Machias HENRY S. CARSON Wildlife Conservation Ashland AQ . 111 ALLISON G. CATHERON II TKE Forestry Newton Center, Mass. Rifle Teamg 5' Forestry Club, Vice Pres.5 Outing Club5 Pack and Pineg Fraternity Custodian of Property, Sergeant-at-Arms. 5 nw aw.. '-liliiifl ' ':l?s.r-s ,, . M ?l75ES3'?2-1 'trsfiwgar ?ki.,g5,g11 -i.fff'i1f7 2, .,.f W, .,.,,.,.,,. ww -P' T, .5 'Exam 2249 H 11 .mf . . V- ..- .-..,. ...., t . 3.1.5211 -M 1. 1.,M1s., .axis . -w..1.21aiffax1. 1qgQ:,3,ey.w.,:..f- f fit 1, ..,. ,..,.....:.?w.:.-',."5a xl. , S H 5.1 4' 5 P as A 1-fig: 1. QW ,,, .,,-.5 W9 4 is, A rm 0 aw, 3 s I 'gage was rg M 3, K -Ae .ar :fr aa Q Q .. Z' -,af 2 ,X 'S Q W K 332. 2 or t E Q sm: at .fiszgewf 3:15 .,.. . iif1ff15f'!?I'i ., . fiffll' , Qi? . ., sim 1:11515 'f ff. 'K' 5 H H 5: .. 11. '54 .5 -. if5R43.I.5Q:5 '- --01 I ' . :' " r. , is ' .' hifi: 'lf'9fA?f,5Yf ' :'i: i A ii, H1555 'f , x i:-1 wwfam. V.-wifi. "" -1 - 5 ' -' 21351542511 ' f'v.1v-limi .. W snseifii . rfij 5, , Zsfsfef 'f11':,' - - - . " ,fiifsfif , K . ' sv Q, .,., , ,L ll ,. , .,.... ,,... , 1P1ffinfz.:f:sisiis?:Q:Ls-tisawewsfvffz+1Ifgf-2f1f'..1'ewea Q S .,,.. . ., sw. .55 5 l . -- 73 'Kirin 322 are I-K X 'X 1 spur 9,1 ,asf is Q- my if ic ,ir .7 e 5 te fa ,Y ji an lm? fg5i'a3lQff 563.1 y T 2 a is 92 2802 Q5 .Sf 1 Q 55? 1 be ,f a ar + rs S, ,N fsfficfx, ,I ' K' o7 1r,"g127?is - .s S. ' 4 'Lg . a is-Qs . A Q. Za? Xsfxiggg R as . A A .. ei .k-k gay, .J .. K E.E?k!'i 11 'HG '- wwe we , . LJ. .::, 1 . RQ sts-'12 L.: 5: . fu.:-M. ,Ma-. K gasp 11 . A ww- NG- rf V 'issislfiswgg- l .. tu. L.,. M.. , ,. : Q . X' as ,, if W 'GMI I fe ra M. as Sli gif ts ,Lx .ta i s . ' twig agar. 'VtssifF't2 V. W 1 .. EA. if? M fan .. ,Eiga I4 Naam .5 . 41. "EH JU S - FQ .i,. 1 ' sts. 1 I fred JU IDR JOHN B. CERVONE 1i1I'A Physical Educ. Medford, Mass. Varsity Basketball 1g LV. Base- ball 1. CHARLES A. CHADVVICK Public Management Calais EDWIN B. CHAMPION Chemical Eng. Presque Isle CHARLES J. CHANDLER Animal Husbandry Bangor DAVID A, CHAPMAN Mechanical Eng, Portland .- - A HAROLD 12. CHAPMAN ATQ Engineering Physics East Corinth , HAROLD L. CHAPMAN KACIH Education Newbury Transfer from Farmington State Teachers College, JOHN B. CHAPTER Music Bangor ARTHUR W. CHARLES Education Orono EDWARD E. CHASE, Ir. ATU Forestry Cape Elizabeth PAUL E. CHASSE Education St. Agatha KENNETH A. CHATTO fIDKE Electrical Eng. Rockland PAULYN M. CHENEY AOH Home Economics Ashland VVILLIAXI R. CHESLEY BGII Bus. Admin. Wethersfield, Conn. HARLAN J. CHOATE Economics Augusta, Scahbard and Blade 35 Newman Club 2. Cl SS UF I9 0 JAMES H. CHRISTIE, Ir. Agricultural Economics Newport Freshman Trackg Dean's List Zb. l. ROBERT M. CHUTE Zoology Naples VITO CICCOTELLI ZCIPE Civil Eng. Lebanon North Dorm Councilg Men's Senateg NlCAg Newman Clubg Dean's List: Captain C.A. Res. ICNO A. CIMILLUCA Zoology Plandome, N. Y. HAROLD E. CLARK Electrical Eng. Perry 113 5.7:- , Hfw-ah ,11Qgg+w --,.--,,--5' g.g,.xe.,..f., . 5 . gf, wzsfv A - A A Y'f2'f?gf .. M. K .gr g m.: R , ' g2'ifpg32,ge 5t " 21 is-'iswsg is i- , fi 51-Is1?5y ?5?5 .- was -me-Q ...J lf - .11 'i'.VlYEfE?Z:fz,z.s's..wfi:i2rQ2i' ' ,SZW ggi fggagiaga. I . . P mar ' . . V hi" ' ' ' 'Tiff' N aaa ' I 111 1 - ' l . . A .li fsrw,5gfawlwiswf,. -H -me Nm-WSIS... w r..wff',. iEE2ije?'i?3i?gLz,zi:iif -- - ffmmwwg.. N. ,, A ,U it " .. ..-.. .M-i..-M. . iw .V v-- H A iw, was .. ., . -- :s,f.1:..i,,x .. . AQ.. :- XS mf g A as ii I . 3' Q igfrfig fvf Q fWn?s?Zf5i'f'4'5K5iff5E'i ' , k ,sq 6' pi i .ie , i 4 C c...,. .Ms 5 . al QE Mi, .,.,,. is X S we zsegff-svasimaaf.sf..gggasf', . -,sen-+ -up A E 4' 3 ff3?i"1 ,455 .Q Q 'TQ' ii. :'f':'1f:5SEi:imLi' SWE., , ek " : :'1 -"sri , Z - vf.1" ?- iz 4 . ... rig if 'ff.fsif?fQ?i Z. J Ill HOYT E. CLARK Mechanical Eng. Northeast Harbor LEWIS E. CLARK Agricultural Economics VVilton Agricultural Club 1, 2, 35 MOC 25 MCA 35 Dean's List Zb. PAUL H, CLARK, Jr. Arts Portland STEPHEN S, CLARK Psychology Winterport MILLARD A. CLEMENT Mechanical Eng. Orland Track 1. F ' fl, 1 W wg, 1 :wi :5:.n5.., , -Q 1, - 3 -iiifgl , aP'CefWw?.fS x l wfw -. f zfaw-51:1 . ' g?5,3l,f..-fibrils:-Q.. V ' iw.-7. . ...max A ..rfs..wna2ag.1 gn, as -Y '- nj . .QQ.fQ J Ei: 5 - Tas? " R 215 .1 in if .fj if' Quill Sfz iff- ' I in Q -yi S Hr SEK ...ig K ways' is 1. K 'Q '. ,sw ,.a ff 5g,5w.,.f.,, A ' .. 'KG' ::ifQI?:5'fx5li? SS 5'5T5iS?'5 ' lg wffzafxw s, f 114 PAULINE M. CLEMENT Nursing Bangor Glee Clubg MCA. EARLE R. CLIFFORD, Ir. GMA Engineering Physics South Paris FRANK L. CLIFFORD Business Admin. Melrose, Mass. VALMORE A. CLIFFORD Mechanical Eng. Old Town DONALD R. CLOUGH KIDHK Agricultural Engineering Kittery Agricultural Engineering Clubg A.S.A.E. LAWRENCE J. CLOUTIER Economics Augusta Dea11's List 1a. ROBERT K. COBB Physical Education Lee JOSEPH A. COCHRAN, jr. Business Admin. South Portland LOIS M. COFFIN HBKII Business Admin, Bangor Freshman Clubg MCA 1, 2, 35 Dorm Volleyball 2, 35 NVomen's Forum 3. Cl SS 01319 0 MELVIN L. COHEN Civil Eng. Rumford A.S.C.E. Q . iifsmz ' 5 1 ,nyi s, ,.V.l gg., 4- gui' . 5 . ,.,, . ,Q 'Q fi ? 1' .. .. O, 4' 4111654 K' K' iff'- J were Z, Las: 1 LEE A. COLBATH Mechanical Eng. Howland A.S.M. E. ROB ERT COLBY Arts Boothbay Harbor RONALD B. COLE KE General Eng. Portland Deaifs List la. fa2a Qgf,,g,g 3 oi A SHERMAN L. LE mm GERALD COHEN TE-iw . Q g g i f. M h . IE CO W P . Pre-Medical Chelsea Mass 4? ec mc? ng' est M35 , ' ' ' Z' ,,f Q 7.', 3 Dean's List 1, Zg University Tui- Manager Of MOSS Country. . M- tion Scholarship 25 Charles Irwin Travelli Fund 3. 'B A'21' -A A f F - ' fm. 'MHS E . . lg fig? iff- . .. 115 Ill IUH GEORGE E. COLEMAN Eng. Physics So. Weymouth, Mass. MILTON H. COLEMAN Mechanical Eng. Milton, Mass. MOC 29 MCA 2, 35 Canterbury 2, 39 Order of Temple 33 A.S.M.E. 3. LAWRENCE E. COLLIER Physics Lincoln EUGENE F. COLLIND Mechanical Eng. Belfast Glee Clubg A.S.M.E. JOHN K. COLLINS BAE Mechanical Eng. Reading, Mass. "MH Club 1, 2, 35 Executive Comm. Men's Senateg MCA 1, 23 Newman Club 1, 2, 35 Football 13 Indoor Track 1, 2, 35 Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3g Intramural Football 3g lntramural Track 2, 3. Lwfwffssvsvpett new lw'fH23S?Zfz:iLHsi -' A K. i sa. .H WSE K . J reg. I . Lffeifeifii A 1512251 13 Sim' it ' erleee i ' c ..... - ' lwkjyq ' vyk 37:75 116 THOMAS H. COLLINS EAE Mathematics Portland JOHN B. COLTON Business Admin. Portland RALPH I. COLWELL Education Eastport Men's Senate. WADE A. COMBER Business Admin. Caratunk ANTHONY C. COMEAU Electrical Eng. Brownville A.I.E.E. Cl SS UF I9 l I i I NEAL P. COMEAU l REGENA F. CONROY Chemistry Bangor Education Pittsfield l , W 1 f.,-,,. ALLISON J. COMSTOCK ff y RHARLES T' COOK OATQ C sociology Millinocket rj ' gummy , . mm 5S:i1.lV 1. bl: Footballg Mayors Campaign 2. 3 qi F JOSEPH P. CONNARY QMA RALPH M' COOK' Jr' GX . . Pulp 81 Paper Dalton, Mass. Business Admin. Portland P Cheerleader 35 Intramural Sports rector' 2, 33 MCAQ Transfer from Univer- sity of Massachusetts. .ffffifi """"' f"""f'W" ' M "AA '1 HERBERT J. CONNELL E. XVILLIAM I. COOK, Jr. EX W gg' ,' H Chemical Eng. Cape Elizabeth . ' Business Admin. Lewiston ,fy 1- aw-V . . 1.. , il e ii i ' " V flffif zo, . Sei o E. LUCILLE CONNORS Home Economics Lincolnville JOSEPH P. CORBIN Transfer from Columbia Universityg Chemical Eng. Verona, N. J. --':1 , A Home Economics Club 2, 35 Orches- tra 35 Dean's List Sa. 2 H Ilyll I Q 1 5 Q C l 1 t...-.H..-.Jll. 117 Ill IDR JOHN R. COSSEBOOM Electrical Eng. South Brewer KENNETH S. COSSEBOOM, Jr. Electrical Eng. Brewer - 1. F' JOAN F. COTE Home Economics Bradley Home Economics Club: MCAg MOCQ Pine Needle Staff, Exchange Edi- tor. JOHN M. COYNE, Ir. Business Admin. Bangor KENNETH G. CRABTREE Forestry Orono MARITA R. CRABTREE Romance Languages Union Basketball 1, 29 French Club Z, 35 MOC 1, 25 MCA 1, 2, 39 Freshman Flubg House Pres. 15 W.S.G.A. lg Anne Stodder Scholarship 2, 3g Dean's List Za, 2b, 33. JAMES E' COUGHLIN Presque Isle Zoology Bangor 3 Scabbard and Blade. Q g..e. QQ., I .W -f. JAMES V. COYNE, Ir. Public Management Bangor 118 MILTON E. CRAIG, Jr. i Mechanical Eng. Coaldale, Pa. Photography Club 1, Sec.: Temple Club 2, 35 MCA 2, 33 OCUMMO 3. ARTHUR H, CRATTY AXA Agricultural Economics Stillwater ROBERT N. CRATTY AXA Agricultural Economics Patten Alpha Zetag Agricultural Club 1, 2, 39 Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company Scholarship. LORENZO C. CREAMER Bacteriology Sorrento PHILO B. CRESSEY, Jr. Mechanical Eng. Gorham Intramural Sports 1, 25 A.S.M.E. ANTHONY B. CRISTO Business Admin. Gloucester, Mass. Dean's List lb, Za, Zh, 321. Cl SS UF I9 BRISTOL B. CROCKER Mechanical Eng. Foxboro, Mass. MCA: MOCQ A.S.M.E.g Dean's List la, Za. CARLA J. CROOKER English Cumberland Mills Glee Club 1, 25 Pine Needle Office 5 MCA 1, 2, 3. STANLEY W. CROSS Mechanical Eng. Rumford ELTON M. CROSSLAND Business Administration Orono LEWIS A. CROWELL BGH Economics Bangor 119 J ll I HELEN M. CUMMING AZ Home Economics Houlton Masqueg Chapel Choirg Glee Club. MURRAY K. CUNNINGHAM Sociology Milford ROBERT L. CUNNINGHAM fIPI'A Chemical Eng. Marblehead, Mass. STANLEY R. CURRIE Business Admin, Auburn BEVERLY R. CURRIER AAA Home Economics Auburn Orchestrag MCAQ Home Economics Club: Bandg Tumbling Clubg M.A.E. UR E. ,., fbi sl? :Fix ull' Wa V - ,. a '3 . .' f'fsw.ii.41, 5? V - 1 MERVIN W. CURTIS Chemical Eng. Ridlonville Duplicate Bridge Club. DONALD J. CUSHING Electrical Eng. Portland Deau's List la. LEON C. CUSHING Agricultural Economics Biddeford FREDERICK C. CUSHMAN Zoology East Corinth IRVING L. CUSHMAN Animal Husbandry Bryant Pond Agriculture Clubg Deanls List 2b. ALAN W. CUTHBERTSON AXA Mechanical Eng. Melrose, Mass. DAVID L. CUTLER Business Admin. Old Town SYLVIO CYR Wildlife Conservation Fort Kent MCA 1, 2, 35 Dean's List 25 New- man Club 1, 2, 3. ROBERT E. DAGDIGIAN GX English Reading, Mass. Pale Blue Key, Intramural Athletic Assn.g Der Deutsche Verein. CARL A. DAHLBERG, Ir. Engineering Physics Bangor Cl SS rs ! l i 4 1 1 L , r W V W g . ffl ,yr M.g,,.u . er 121 01319 0 ADRIAN P. DAIGLE Agronomy Fort Kent JOHN VV. DAIGLE Education Bangor RICHARD D. DANE ? Mechanical Eng. Skowhegan SYLVIA M. DARTNELL X9 Sociology Brewer MCA 1, Z, 35 Freshman Club 15 300 Club, Chairman 2, Cabinet 35 MOC 13 House Treasurer 23 Leadership Council Comm. 35 VV,A.A. 1, Z, Council 25 Hockey 1, 25 Basketball 1. 2g Tennis 1. 23 Officials Club 23 Sophomore Eaglesg Panhellenic Council. JANIES E. DAVEE KPHK Mechanical Eng. Tenaily, N. J. J.V. Football 1, 29 Indoor Track 1, .25 Outdoor Track 1g Intramural Athleticsg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Treas. 33 Varsity Singers 1, 2, 3, Pres. and Mgr. 3g Chapel Choirg Prism, MOC lg MCA 1, 2, 35 Pale Blue Keyg Sophomore Owlsg Freshman Club, liljeifs Senateg Dean's List la, Za, 2 . 'W-M. QM Www, 3 ...iii Kd' we COLBY A, DAVIS Agricultural Economics Hebron DANA VV. DAVIS 4I2KE Eng. Physics Scituate, Mass. DONALD H, DAVIS Eng. Physics Montreal, Quebec Masqueg MCAQ MOCQ Physics Club 2, 35 Dean's List la.. HERBERT R, DAVIS Mechanical Eng. Levant EARL DAWLEY Electrical Eng. ' Dayton IVIen's Senateg Dean's List. CHARLES E. DAY Business Admin. Auburn KEITH L. DAY YIPHK Civil Eng. Washburn FREDERICK C. DEAN Wildlife Conservation Putney, Vt. Square Dance Clubg Forestry Club lg MOC 35 Dean's List 1, 2. FRANCIS T. DECOTEAU 2111111 Mechanical Eng. Saco Newman Clubg MCAg Interfrater' nity Council. JOSEPH A. DEE Mechanical Eng. Norridgewock A.S,M.E. CLASS UF I9 0 v 4 v STUART E. DeROCHE EN 1 DONALD A- DEI'-RING, Jr- Wildlife Conservation Lincoln Agficlllfufal EC0l10miC5 SC21fb0f0 Freshman and ,l.V. Footballg lntra- E Agricultural Club 1, 2. mural Basketball. ' 1-we LEWIS B. DELAVVARE LOUIS H- DESROSIERS 9... ' Engineering Physics Gardiner French Biddefoffl Q K- V Physics Club. 2- gg Q., 2 5 . , 3 ELMER DSWITT l ' Fl . JAMES E. DEMETRIOU Nm C'em'Stfy Tampaf. 3 , , Photography Club, Tre-as. 13 Budge Business Admin. Portland Hub Z' 55 A'C'S. 2, 35 Deanvs List 1. RICHARD P. DEMPSEY 311 11!1fAL QA' DCWITT B ' Business Admin. Augusta i f UC3t1011 fewer l " 3 A ANN VV, DIBBLEE HBCP JOHY Vx. DFYISON 'WIA Physical Education Portland A .A 4 A ' . Hocke 35 Basketball 2, 35 Volley- Poultry Husbandry Harrison ball Zgllgadmimon 2: Square Dance Intrzmwural VVrcstlingg Touch Foot- ballg Basketballg Agricultural Clubg Alpha Zi-tag Forestry Club 1. Club 2, 3, Sec. 3g MCA 2, 35 MOC 35 Officials Club 2, 3, Chairman 35 Physical Education Club 2, 3, Vice Pres. 35 VY.A.A. Council 39 DC311,S List Za. JU lllll RICHARD E. DILLON Journalism Winterport ANTHONY J. DiMARCO General Eng. Philadelphia, Pa. Debatingg Newman Club. FRANK P. DINGLEY Social Studies Farmington Transfer from Farmington State Teachers College. ARLENE A. DOANE Theater Passadumkeag Maine Masque. BENJAMIN Agricultural Agricultural Deaifs List C. DOBLE Education Milo Clubg MOCg MCAg 2. PAUL I. DOBOSZ Pre-Medical Livermore Falls Photography Club 23 MOC Ig MCA 13 Dean's List 1, 2. JAMES W. DOLAN Mechanical Eng. Bangor LEO W. DONAHUE Psychology Bangor WILLIAM L. DOUGHERTY Business Admin. Brewer ERIC R. DOUGHTY Agricultural Engineering Topsham Order of the Temple. CLYDE J. DOUGLAS Animal Husbandry Old Town HOWARD L. DOW, Ir. Forestry Orono RUSSELL E. DOW EN Forestry Dover-Foxcroft Track, Indoor and Outdoor 1, 2, 34 "M" Club. JOHN N. DOWNING Civil Eng. Presque Isle CHARLES W. DRAKE, Ir. Engineering Physics Portland Dean's List la, lb, Zbg MOC 23 New- man Club 2, 3g Physics Club 2, 35 B.U.M.S. 1. Cl SS UF 1950 LINWOOD E. DRAPER K2 Business Admin. Upper Gloucester Intramural Sports. CONSTANCE E. DREW AAA Brewer Home Economics Off-Campus Women 1, 2, 35 Home Economies Club 2. ROBERT L. DREW Mechanical Eng. Plymouth, Mass. WALTER L. DRISCOLL. Jr. History and Govt. Medford, Mass. Newman Club 2, 35 MOC 2g Men's Senate. WILLIAM H. DRISKO Forestry Columbia Falls 125 'W 'iw Elw- 1 J Illlll ALFRED J. DUMAIS Theatre Lewiston JOHN L. DUMAS ATA Business Admin. Rumford Scahbard and Bladeg Newman Club. JOHN R. DUNN Forestry Gardiner LEO F. DUNN, Ir. History and Govt. Augusta EVERETT DUNTON Civil Eng. Gardiner A.S.C.E. 1 l I 126 GEORGE L. DUSTY TKE Mechanical Eng. Oxford, Mass. MOCQ Newman Clubg Scabbard and Blade, National Honor Society. ROBERT L. DWELLEY History and Govt. Brunswick Dean's List lbg Masque 2, 35 MOC Z: Newman Club 2, 39 MCA 2, 35 Le Ccrcle Francais 3, G. CLIFTON EAMES Business Admin. Bangor Dean's List 1, 2a. C. BREVVSTER EARLE IIPHK Zoology Lisbon Falls Masque. ROBERT EASTMAN, Ir. I Electrical Eng. Auburn MCAg MOCQ Deanls List lb. ROBERT M. EATON Civil Eng. Melrose, Mass. DAVID E. EDDY Chemical Eng. Birmingham, Mich. Chemical Engineering Club 35 Dean's List lg Cross Country 2. RICHARD F. EDES Business Admin. Portland Masque, Council 25 Union Building Driveg Canterbury Clubg Men's Senate 2g Relief Drive 25 Dorm Council 33 MCA 2, 3, Chairman Membership Drive, Cabinet 35 Em- bassy Week Zg Glee Club lg Capt. IV. Tennis Team Z5 MOC 25 Dean's List la. IVAN C. EDGERLY Horticulture Princeton Agricultural Clubg Intramural Bas- ketlxall. HARLAN L. EDWARDS Forestry Oxford r l Cl ss 0F19 0 WALTER E. ELA Electrical Eng. North Anson A.I.E.E.g Dean's List la, Qbg Sec- ondary Schools Scholarship. JOHN S ELDRIDGE ATS! Public Mgt. Kennebunkport ARTHUR J. ELIAN Forestry Mexico D.F., Mexico ROBERT H. ELLIOTT ATA Forestry Oxford PAUL N ELLIS ZQIPE Physical Education Rangeley 127 J ll I HARRIET M. ELWELL English Brooks MCA 13 House Social Chairman 15 Prism 3g French Club 35 Spanish Club 2, 35 Dean's List 25 Bertha Ioy Thompson Scholarship 33 Class of 1909 Scholarship 2. HENRY A. EMERY, Jr. fum Mathematics Portland Football 1, 2, 3g Skiing 1, Z, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 "M" Clubg MOCg MCA. NEVVELL VV. EMERY, Jr. EN Chemical Eng. Orono Asst. Football Mgr. 1, 2g Football Mgr. 3g Men's Senate lg OCUMMO lg MCA 1, Z, 3. ALBERT E. ERICKSON, Jr. Electrical Eng. Presque Isle Transfer from Ricker Ir. College. KENNETH R. ERICKSON Chemical Eng. South Portland UH ,,, ,...,.. ,: -,:-,n .. rw jgvyf .3 . 1 .. ..r. .. sm ,Q is H . .gage , QQZSTSQ ffQ?TIQz'i5 Tl- " ' A . : Ei ' - F: ::.:iaf: egyzlfmfri 5- . 4 ii :-Q , 'lil ' ., kgmswgwszaai na., . :s y - - ff,z"iE95Tgf"77-15-QLEQTLV - 'tiff ' -515. ' ff' i :-1f:sf.- 7' A - 2if22S1ss?f. - ., 322223 ..,... . .,e, ...S -, . a r ,Q Q 2 if an . V Slevin. U aw.--1ci55..5:.g. . 1 f1..-- as sy .af -' ., .... .. . gnu' N. f 128 HOVVARD B. ERLICK TE!!! Mechanical Eng. Portland CARL H. ESTES AFP Agronomy Smyrna Mills Farmers' Fairg Agricultural Club, Seng Alpha Zeta. PENN S. EUSTIS Education Orono KEITH T. FARNHAM Pre-Medical Dexter WILLIAM T. FARNSWORTH TMA Mechanical Eng. Millinocket Basketball 1, 25 Varsity 35 Intra- mural Sportsg MOCQ MCA. NORRIS L. FARRINGTON Business Admin. Lisbon Falls Political Breakfast Club. GERARD A. FAUCHER TKE Engineering Physics Lewiston Tennis Teamg Newman Clubg Physics Club. WILLIAM E. FEENEY Business Admin. South Portland MARTIN VV. FEHLAU Economics Lewiston N.S.A. Committee. YNGURD M. FEHLAU Economics Lewiston N. S.A. Committee. Cl SS 4 ,:'g.l"F-'fm - """'R 2 1 .im Q 3 5 nl EK J 4 K yy J ... iff , , ,,.. ..,. Marx, . , 3545 , -...Y-S ,. V ,, ' 1' '.-4... f' :fm A ag,2lfifr?1g,- . i . , 5 f fb gs if , 5:2 113, " .. l 4'-. 4-v. v , ,- A Est., mv. .I 'Qin f . . M., mi W t K"' o wi. . .s 'fl I fad 3 'uf: ff'5f:-. iw?-ill.,-21 .9-mfs 'M . . 01:19 0 CARLL N. FENDERSON VVildlife Conservation Sanford De-an's List 1, 2. MAURICE L. FENDERSON Mechanical Eng. Highpine JOHNSON C. FENWICK Electrical Eng. Appleton WILLIAM L. FINDLEN AFP General Agriculture Fort Fairfield Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, Social Chairman 35 MOC Z5 MCA 15 New- man Club 2, 3. CHARLES D. FINK Psychology South Berwick 1 . I '1 l Q 1 4 -1 , -g fl l 1 I , 2 H. f ...l 129 l mf, 2 ,IS ff? . 05' J ll I RAYMOND K. FINLEY KZ Business Admin. Skowhegan ROBERT P. FINNEY Mechanical Eng. Vllestbrook Order of Templeg A.S.M.E. GEORGE C. FISHER, Jr. Economics Bar Harbor PHILIP Q, FLAGG Zoology Eastport MCA. DANIEL T, FLAHERTY Economics Portland Football 33 MCAQ Newman Club. UR ls P1 E il 1 f' vi b 4 Et a V ---' .W-t., A15-f, .- 3953:-.:' :mi If .1 1311535.92 , .15 -af. K . , , Q A I o f i f ."-. 2 A 130 KENNETH R. FLEMING EAE Business Admin. Cape Elizabeth ROBERT P. FLETCHER Psychology Milo ROBERT A. FOGG Civil Eng. Portland JOHN P. FOGLER EX Animal Husbandry Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. MARTHA FOGLER AOII Home Economics Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Pristng Social Chairman Home Eco- nomics Club: MCAQ State Home Economics Club, Pres. Cl SS UF I9 0 .1- If-rl 5 A NORRIS M. FOLLETT, Jr. ox jg . jfj Agr. Eng. Naugatuck, Conn. ' V Fomlmll 2, 35 MCA. -' ' I g ERIC FOOTE Business Admin. Old Town EDWIN VV. FORSYTH Forestry Addison Cross Country 1, 25 Track lg "M" Club. KEITH M. FORTIER Mechanical Eng. Houlton Intramural Basketball 23 Dezm's List l, Z5 Transfer from Ricker Jr. College. GEORGE A. FOSTER Business Admin. South Portland 9 gm .559 .ffstji gf, 1.1 . 'rv f.g:,1..f,,e,1g 515345 mf! as .... -SA lifbffisli 75351 A 1 RICHARD S. FOSTER CIPKE General Eng. South Portland . Men's Senate lg Cheerleading 23 Dean's List 1, 2. A. LEON FOURNIER Mechanical Eng. Watertown, Mass. Hand l, 2, 35 Dorm Council 3. JOHN P. FOURNIER ' , Forestry Sanford A .1 Q Forestry Club, Sec.-Treas. l. H , ' it ' ff ' iii ' srr. szfgsrwsffwsrigig 2.51 , ROBERT C. FOURNIER Electrical Eng. Livermore Falls MCA l, 2, 3. ROGER V. FOURNIER Electrical Eng. Madawaska Newman Clubg MCA. -5 I 258 E ' 515551 . s J U I KEITH H. FOWLES EQPE English Springfield North Dorm Council Social Comm. 1, 25 Cheerleader Sub. 15 Freshman Club 15 MCA 1, Z, 35 300 Club 35 Radio Guild 35 Menis Senate 1, 25 Der Deutsche Verein Z, 35 Sec.- Treas. of Fraternity Pledges. ROBERT L. FREEMAN Engineering Physics York Village Maine Forum 15 Math. Club 2, 35 Physics Club 2, 3, Treas. 2, 35 Radio Club 15 Chess Club 25 Assoc. Mem- ber American Institute of Physics5 Deanis List 1, 2b. ESTHER FREESE 1'lBfb Sociology Bangor W.A.A. Council 2, 35 House Council 25 Hockey 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Volleyball 1. 2, 35 W.S.G.A. 35 MCA, "M" Club 35 Dean's List la, Za. JACQUELINE FRENCH Medical Technology Portland l'rism5 Der Deutsche Vereing MCA. BETTY FRIEDLER AOII Physical Education Lewiston Hockey 1, 2, 3, All-Maine Reserve, All-Maine Z5 Basketball 1, 2, All- Maine Reserve 25 Volleyball 1, Z5 Badminton 1, 25 Tennis 1, 2, 35 Tumbling Club 1, 2, 35 "M" Club 35 University Seal 25 Officials' Club 2: W.A.A. 1, Sec. Z, Vice Pres 35 House Sec. 15 Prism 35 Hillel 2, 35 Interfaith Council 2, 33 Sophomore Eagles 2. UH 132 1 H ' if -4 . 7 gh 1 1 its ' 5 vt I R E 4 . fi ,,.., . N iiii WILLIAM A. FROST ATA Pre-Medical Portland Intramural Athletics5 Dean's List 1b. REID T. FUHRMANN Electrical Eng. Lexington, Mass. BOYD C. FULLER EX Poultry Husbandry Albion Agricultural Club 1, 2, 35 Dean's List 25 Wrestling. MILTON B. FULLER Psychology Plympton, Mass. RICHARD E. FULLER Agronomy Albion Agricultural Club 25 Dean's List la, 2. j. PATRICK GALLAGHER AFP Agronomy Fort Fairfield RONALD E. GALLANT Modern Languages Portland A. DAVID GAMBER 'DMA Mechanical Eng. Bangor Men's Senateg Prism Board 33 Pine Needle Business Mgr, 35 Dean's List 2. PHILLIP M. GARDNER Forestry ' Biddeford Chorus 1, 2g Catholic Choir 1, 2, .lg Forestry Rifle Team Z3 North Dorm Council Sec. 1, Z5 North Dorm Week End Comm.g "North Starn Ed. 2, Proctor 35 Forestry 1, 2, 35 Newman Club 25 Outing Club 1. RAYMOND E. GARDNER, Ir. TKE Agr. Eng. Dudley Hill, Mass. Math Clubg Agricultural Clubg A.S.A.E.g A.l.E.E.g Scabbard and Blade. Cl SS ' ' Ml i 1 , V Z : ,AL K , i W 3 Qu ' 3 ' r. - ff 'iit E' ' 133 UF I9 0 RICHARD H. GARDNER 'PFA Mechanical Eng. Rockland, Mass. GERALD L. GATCOMB Chemistry Vanceboro ROBERT VV. GATCOMBE General Eng. Owlls Head MCA. XYAYNE A. GAVICI. Agricultural Eng. Sanford LAXYRENCE E. GAY Business Admin. Milbridge JU lllll VYARREN R. GAY Electrical Eng. Augusta A.I.E.E. JOHN E. GEE AFP Agronomy Palmyra Agricultural Clubg Junior Rep. to A.S.P, Clubg Sec. of Fraternityg Alpha Zeta. EVERETT E. GERRISI-I Botany Auburn Track. ROBERT A. GIVEN Mechanical Eng. Brunswick A.S.M.E. ,lOl-IN GIBBON Electrical Eng. Plainfield, N. J. MARGARET M. GIBSON Business Admin. Old Town DALE ll. GIFFORD VVilcllife Conservation Bangor IULI EN L. GIGUERE Modern Languages Lewiston ALVIN E. GILBERT General Agriculture Danville Agricultural Club 5 MOC. HAROLD B. GILBERT Public Management Canton LEO P. GILBERT Pre-Medical Ridlonvillc Masque 1, 2, 35 MCAQ Newman Club 2, 3g Dorm. Council 2, 35 MOC 1. MARY E. GILDERSLEEVE Sociology Newcastle Radio Guildg Political Clubg MCAg MOC. RICHARD E. GILL History Portland Newman Clubg Deanls List Zh. Cl SS E 3 ....v:. K 5 THEODORE T. GINGROW . N A Business Admin. Randolph 5 - V S A ...L -. .s W HAROLD L. GETCHELL A A Horticulture Brewer , VVILLIAM T. GLEA SON Physical Education Union BERTRAM H. GODDARD Education East Millinocket CHARLES W. GODDARD fIvHK Physical Educ. East Millinocket Varsity Basketball 1, 25 J.V. Base- ball lg MCAg "M" Club. DONALD A. GODDARD . Civil Eng. Portland A.S.C.E.g MCA. RICHARD H. GODFREY QIDMA Mechanical Eng. Old Town 'L . -if i rt l 2 l c 2 A f ' -it 1 l we 15 'f.:Qm+vg::v..gL ' 1 v Q If fasiaiwggw , . 7Lf7i5'EfLii5i.,4 fl 3335? , -. , .SV ..,. S ,.. .. ,S K .55 ,I N.. . Vf ' .4 , . EEF " Q QY W1 mf img? x ' I ' -' . iff .f 75' A A rr i A H 7791 f s 4 Q QM 4 it ' 'J ,. if f f. A gywa f X R 5524 vig? Ke? fcfw Agni ,. . .A if 5 Q Ill I0 RICHARD J. GOFF SAE Business Admin. Westbrook Men's Senateg Union Bldg. Fund. PRISCILLA GOGGIN AAA Music Bethel Mu Alpha Epsilong MOC 1, 29 MCA 1, 2, 3: House Councilg Mu Alpha Epsilon Scholarship 2. EDWARD B GOLDBERG Business Admin, Waterv11le ARNOLD G, GOLDING Forestry Danforth Forestry Club. EUGENE A. GONYA, Jr. Electrical Eng. Millinocket GEORGE J. GONYAR DIPE History 8: Govt, Orono Masque 1, 2, 3, Council 3, Ticket Mgr. 35 Radio Guild 1, 2, 3, Treas. 33 Mr. University 35 Newman Clubg MCA. CLAYTON E. GOODELL ' Electrical Eng. Ilamprlen SUMNER GORDON 'l'EllP Mechanical Eng. Portland JOHN F. GORHAM Eng. Physics Medford, Mass. BERNARD N. GOTLIB Pre-Medical Bangor Cross Country Mgr.g Orchestrag Band, Clarinet sect. leaderg Dean's List 1, 2. ANNE B. GOULD Biological Chemistry 01.1 Town JOHN A. GRAFFAM Animal Husbandry Whitefield MCA 25 Order of the Temple 2, 35 Agricultural Club 1, 2, 33 Dean's List 1, 25 Alpha Zeta 3g Hood Scholarship 2, 3. DONALD M. GRANT Agriculture Addison X Agricultural Club 1, 35 MCA 25 General Student Senate 35 Travel- ers' Club 35 4-H Club 3. GEORGE H. GRANT Engineering Lexington, Mass. HAROLD E. GRANT Mechanical Eng. Portland Moc 2, MCA 35 A.s.M.E. Cl SS 01319 0 DEWEY C. GRAY, Jr. Civil Eng, Gardiner Men's Senate 1, Zg MCAg A.S.C.E.g Ski Clubg Freshman Football Mgr. FREDA E. GRAY Music VVest Sullivan Glee Club 35 Women's Forum 33 Ed- ucation Club 3. GEORGE R. GRAY Economics fI1HK Westbrook JOHN VV. GRAY Psychology Orono PARKER W. GRAY Chemical Eng. Damariscotta Am. Chemical Society: Chemical Eng. Club, Treas.g Dean's List 1, 2. 137 1 W1 7 2 gfvrjgew- f Qggzfsigiiizii " . sits i' ifjigjgg Q 1 'Y ff ww ., - I T' 'l 1 G ' Q ' 5,1 5 G . QI ,3 42 ., w m gj H r JU IUH CARLTON E. GREEN History 81 Govt. Linwood, Pa. DONALD E. GREEN Mechanical Eng. Waterville Men's Student Senate 33 OCUMMO 35 MCA 2, 3. EDMUND A. GREEN Education Augusta RICHARD H. GREEN Horticulture Spencer, Mass. Forestry Club 1, 25 Forestry Rifle Club lg Cross Country 1, 25 Indoor Track 1, 2. RIVA C. GREENBLATT English Bath Transfer from Gorham State Teach- ers Collegeg Hillel 33 Radio Guild 33 Maine Normal School Scholar- ship 3. I aeaawdwtteanw iti annum? 'where ww f1-1 I f:- ' ':"':F zi' i i I -ff A f M, 2,95 91,25 815939 L f 5 ea' We 1 Live 0 .. I. ,gf V Q I Fw , vi ,X n. if . ,, ., se . ff., M Qi 5 . S- 1 s 419' " i' .V yffuaiirasfmft 5 M , 4+ M ff ,. Z., oiejgsf' ' Y , Q . ,cc.. ,,. s fi' if '57 ' wifi- . Sz. 142' . ,T -. g,.Qg3s..r,if,Q,,3zt3,1, gf-if , as ,MSI ,if xv A ,. -' 55.511331 5-HgZ'1?e1L-'fin 2fQif:gg1Eg1'f2iff5i5fx -I A if 1 ,, , , ,,. ,. .fgaef A V' ' ' .2 JOHN E. GR EENLAW Mechanical Eng. Norway ROBERT L. GREENLEAF History 8: Govt. Bethel Men's Student Senate: OCUMMOg gfning Republicans Clubg Education u . DAVID F. GRIFFIN Civil Eng. Livermore Falls LEONARD R. GRIMES Civil Eng. Belmont, Mass. Newman Clubg Chairman, Student Division Newman Club Chapel Fundg Dean's List 1, 2. ROLAND H.GRoDER Agricultural Economics Ororlo CONRAD A. GRONDIN Business Admin. Biddeford Scabbard and Blade. ELROY H. Gnoss, Jr. Poultry Husbandry XYaldob0ro GEORGE W. GROSS, Ir. Business Admin. Stonington Radio Guild. RAYMOND E. GROSS Business Admin. Camden EDWIN R. GROVE ATA Forestry West Orange, N. J. Cl SS 2 ., E 139 UF 190 FRANKLIN L. GROVES Agricultural 5 Eng. Yarmouth A.S.A.E. WALLACE S. GROVES Agricultural Economics Freeport BETTE-JANE GRUHN X9 Business Admin. Augusta IRVING E. GRUNES Electrical Eng. Portland MCAg Freshman Clubg Hillel 1, 29 Intramural Sports 1, 2. Q LOUIS P. GUILMETTE GX Business Admin. Lewiston MOCg Newman Clubg Menls Senate 25 International Relations Clubg Political Club. x 4, . . u 3 as i ,. AA. I 1 Ki? Q 'fi I . If 241215 'US' ' ' -7 'fiiifr . rf C' W . JU IUH PAUL L. GUILMETTE 9X Arts Lewiston DAVID F. HALE ZX General Eng. Lisbon Falls FREDERICK H. HALE ZAE Business Admin. Akron, Ohio HAROLD D. HALEY EQPE History 81 Govt. Kittery rdf-4 EFS: U,'4 .QQAW Q? 3-'fm 533' .-gs rain P 52 P' VIP MP4 Saw YW' fix-wivffxifiws-rf-4" ' I Q if fsf212:ie':-' 'al S, M W :- :er -fl V' ' - 2 i1g!.f:'f H . f -zies? SEQ? ,395 ""E:F: f .. ' F SHS" g. , 'vii' Q5 , - Irs.-rea. ' -7 ff f wp I an 1 , I , . ,. M 3 k I ,LM r 'f ff' f .. 2 5321 E: , -. -,ft ,-,QE 32 fee' . -. : H' I , W " 1 ,Q MC' , jg, 1 I I . is I ' I 'fi' if ,. i E f L. 5 s A Q i . r s A ' 1 fx- Q V 3- ,I ' I - -S "wig ' J , . .mr . ' -. w.gqs1-:flea " z.i.Z..,..wef I A fi g . , x?,.. .935 , Pm, LL 7 S .MY L , A WM.. .. KENNETH H. HAMILTON Mechanical Eng. Chebeague Island LOUISE HAMLIN QM Home Economics Milo MCA: Home Economics Club. JOSEPH R. HAMMOND Education Bangor RICHARD N. HAMMOND EX Business Admin. Gardiner Intramural Sportsg MCA. VVARREN E. HAMMOND SX Engineering Physics Sanford Freshman Ski Teamg MOC 2, 33 Physics Club Z, 33 Intramural Ath- leticsg Dean's List 1, 2. VVILLIS T. HAMMOND Geology Bangor ELMER R. HAMMONS Business Admin. Brewer OCUMMO. HOYT P. HAMOR Civil Eng. Bar Harbor ROBERT D. HANNIGAN EX Business Admin. Auburn D. ELINOR HANSEN X52 Business Admin. Auburn MCA, Cabinet 23 Freshman Club, Adviser 25 MOCQ 300 Clubg Sopho- more Eaglesg House Council 2, 33 Prism Assoc. Ed. 35 Panhellenic Booklet, Ed. 23 Campus Ig Pine Needle, Asst. Business Mgr. 25 Stu- dent Union Fund Drive 15 W.A.A., Council Z, Social Chairmang Asst. VVinter Sports Mgr. Cl SS UF 1950 HAROLD W. HANSON AFP Agronomy Presque Isle Plale Blue Keyg Basketball Numer' E1 S. ROBERT A. HANSON Agricultural Eng. East Lebanon SELDEN H. HARLOW TFA Civil Eng- Smithfield Football 15 Baseball 13 Intramural Basketball. JAMES P. HARMON Agricultural Eng. Caribou Newman Clubg A.S.A.E. HERBERT A. HARRIMAN Engineering Physics Wiscasset Physics Club 2, 3, Program Comm. 35 Mathematics Club 3, Program Comm. 35 Dorm Council 2. 3, Pres. 35 MCA 2, 35 Class of 1905 Scholar- ship lg Student Associate Member American Institute of Physicsg Dean's List 1, 2. 141 , 'l I X ,..,,. . ,..VV . f ? 'f Jlll VVALTER L. HARRIMAN Electrical Eng. South Portland ALFRED L. HARRINGTON ATA Economics Convent Station, N. J. ABRAM W. HARRIS III EX Psychology Manset Masque. EDVVARD J. HARRIS Mechanical Eng. South Orrington JAMES W. HARRIS Mechanical Eng. Old Town UR Xmas 'nag HH f it V v- ,,,- 1. 7' lf:-SW ' lf' , :I I . 'Y EUGENE P. HART 'PFA Agronomy Augusta HALVER A. HART, Jr. ZAE Business Admin. South Hope Baseball 1, 35 Intramural Softball 2. MARY L. HASKELL English Brewer Anne Stodder Scholarship 25 Uni- versity Scholarship 3g Dean's List. CHARLES S. HATCH Engineering Physics Yarmouth Intramural Softball 23 Physics Club 2, 35 Dean's List lb, Zb. JOHN VV. HATCH KPKE History Orono WILLIAM P. HATCH Public Management Orono KEITH A. HAVEY Wildlife Conservation W. Sullivan EDWARD R. HAWKES Civil Eng. York Village FRANCIS B. HAWKES AFP Animal Husbandry Dighton, Mass. Tennis 19 Agricultural Club 2, 3. HOWARD T. HAWKES EX Civil Eng. Gorham Ski Team 3. Cl SS 01319 0 WILLARD M. HAW KES Mechanical Eng. Orono ff fffggqq ff f f -I-42I2fT?3f5ic5TbEi57-5 545 I ...f, f-..f....,f . vt- ' 'aiu r in .. ' . , v .1 Q 1 THOMAS W. HAYES, Jr. Business Admin. Lewiston FRANKLYN C. HAYFORD Zoology Saco Der Deutsche Vereing Dorm Coun- cilg Dean's List la. JERRY G. HAYNES EX Civil Eng. Ellsworth Masqueg Tennis 15 Frosh Trackg MCA 1, 2, 35 Band 2, 39 Band Cus- todian 3g Intramural Basketball and Baseball 1, 25 "M" Clubg Varsity Indoor Track Z, 35 Varsity Outdoor Track 2, 35 Mu Alpha Epsilon. DAVID VV. HAYS Business Admin. Poland Spring ffaiiff ,:...kl,i ww f . A ti! r'i5f2EfiSQifii 'Y ., 14215 1 A ' "'?13Z ffwz. .wwkgx FREDERICK O. HEALD Mechanical Eng. Lincolnville MCA 2, 3. KATHLEEN M, HEALD Psychology Camden MCA 1, 2, 3, MOC 3, "M" Club, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, Volleyball 1, Z, Women Vets, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3, Chorus 1, Z, 3, Softball 2, 300 Club, Education Club 3, Sigma Mu Sigma, Dean's List lb, 2. VIRGINIA A. HEALY Xi! Home Economics Lubec Newman Club 1, 2, 3, Social Chair- man 3, MCA 1, 2, Volleyball 2, 3, House Officer 2, Prism, Freshman Subscription Mgr. 3, Dean's List lb. RICHARD I. C. HEDE Engineering Physics Stockholm HENRY M. HEEL Sociology South VVindham MOC, MCA, Chorus, Education Club, Chapel Choir. JOYCE M. HENDERSON AAA Home Economics Houlton Tumbling Club, MCA, Home Eco- nomics Club. THEODORE L. HERRICK Agronomy Stillwater ERNEST R. HESS, Jr. Chem. Eng., Pulp 8: Paper Surry RICHARD D. HEWES B911 Business Admin. Saco DONALD S. HIGGINS, Jr. fIUl"A Psychology Bangor German Club. FRANK T. HIGGINS CIJMA Civil Eng. Orono Men's Senate lg MCA 1, 2, 33 A.S.C.E. 35 Intramural Basketball 1. 3. THOMAS C. HIGGINS, Jr. EN History 8z Govt. Bar Harbor CARL D. HILL GX Physical Education VVaterbo1'o MCAQ Intramural Sports. JOHN L. HILL Chemistry Sangerville LYNWOOD P. HILL TKE Economics Saco Prisrn Editor 3. Cl SS 'qi'f'f'UKx1 'ff 'ilfis-wm.w.:ii' SR- m,M"i 'rgsseggfitfff if' ' Hia S .-' . ai. .., W , ata, jj 4. ,gr- m.f2y:s,W . -I . ,iilrw W Li 52223959 ,. sw 11 .1 .6 .mf Irwf, zffewxgviev ,Q71fv1:Q . .. if-MM sigma Q ..-, J.. Figs. . n as-mga is ' I 4.1 f ,,. Miyagi, A .fy..A,-fgsizifgiawaswqf 1 ' 'tllkifnti . .,.. , "i w'lSFi43i?eif'.11l.5Ll. "lf , m VW EE ua Lim hiv SP 1 Q. , L S. Q f gf J. ' " L M' Q 1 B .fx 22522211 6' K M iw ir .':.,.:i,,". -:Z J ff K' f mi fe L' i5',MLr.i wif. if -' w 1-SZ' I - '-gg. f kfigl ,wi"ffww ' bEge'fuQsfv4Qs1 w.,.fi.f f Q 4 + V ' .Q 1 1. --. .. FY -Ear mf' .. :'.- -' saw.: 1 L H' ""' w'Qtls' ' 1' atr.geg.sifg4Y .. wf ylieixge " ' , .2f,2:.'.-w iikg ,, ig .1 -- .f-231-: wzggig ,ss Maw yTJft'F1fy!'fJ4z'11Nfggci.g:2!f'U3?fC'?1 2525555135-W". .im-A. 's sxszafifms la miewt2.w..+v im iz -mf,fwf,f.g .qmr-q i -f Amfzags,.tw.f5j,fEfi Lima 2951 .nf 11 I 3gjiEsgi5?iZ5i?Zf9i5'fZiiQW ' 'z?fY'.3? J' ' 'H W miulefsbifkifiiz' 1 74 -. " X-'Ei 1 - ,.,.L .c. V., - 1:21 511.3-' 'giff?:?g5!u5.s'!i!f 145 UF I9 0 CLIFFORD HILLIER Education Bangor BERNARD L. HILTON Dairy Husbandry Orono JIEN NIE A. HILTON Education Norridgewock JANE E. HINKLEY Sociology Bangor BETTY J. HINDS Business Admin. Presque Isle Jll llllil RICHARD G. HINDS General Agriculture Bangor ALFRED K. HOBBS BGII Chemical Eng. New Rochelle, N. Y. M.A.P.g American Chemical Soci- ety. HOWARD S. HODGDON Education South Windham LAURENCE W. HODGKINS Horticulture Ellsworth KENNETH Y. HODSDON Fvrestry Dixheld Forestry Club. ALLEN L. HOLD Agricultural Economics Princeton KENNETH L. HOLDEN Business Admin. Bridgton RUTH HOLLAND AOII Sociology Vllashington, D. C. Prism, Class Ed. 35 MCA 1, 2, 35 MOC 13 House Council 15 Class Sec. 1, 33 Modern Dance Club 2, 3, Sec. 3g Goodwill Chest 2. CHARLES F. HOLT Agricultural Econ. Robbinston ALTON M. HOPKINS KIPMA Business Admin. Augusta Men's Senateg Basketball 1, Var- sity 2, 35 "M" Clubg Der Deutsche Vereing Class Treas. 33 Intramural Sports. BRYANT L. HOPKINS, Jr. Mechanical Eng. Waterville Bandg Dorm Council: A.S.M.E.g Dean's List la. WILLIAM R. HOPKINS ATA English North Haven Student Senate, Pres. 1 CAnnexJg Union Bldg. Fund Comm. 15 Men's Senate, Vice Pres. lg General Sen- ate, Vice Pres. 3. BETTY N. HOPKINSON Home Economics Limestone Glee Club 1, 2, 35 MCA. HAROLD H. HOPKINSON. Jr. Mechanical Eng. Fort Fairfield A.S.M.E. 33 Awarded Prize of the Class of 1873. STEPHEN S. HOPKINSON Arts Portland Cl SS UF I9 .,,a..,,q,.,l ,K 2 L -A ...- . mp ,siefgzw .. 4 1. Lx,-ggaisiazsex ,. LK? ..,..,. la. ,,, ,.L,,...3..1fQf . ,H vggwlwy ggw,11:1r-w - -- rm? 2, mam.. A 1 5 -I fwaws gwwi.,,g.g,,m. ' :Elf My f is L: 43fvgfQigfQf' ,R 'i Wi R, K S 1'QQ5QlsTf'fg2 ix, wszlezzmx mil 'E ':: : 'fifia .ir trev- li359ili?5 ' "T . , '11, -I -4 . ""' :'-v-Urs", :i'fEzae5fiif , feibiixil2lQffifz'?f?Z57s5S5?i? lgfaffcfxfl NL- f-f 11, 5 2 ' Qin-iifiif H . 'liisyifx K FL .,.. A firms , 12:22. , ., f 4 , . Y: - ,f1a2iss1e4'f 51? n",gfi3.Q3efe?af.g. if myXw1,afsmffQ,1.2 iii 3 .gw5f3sL.g5lg, 594532 47. U' -f 152.1 Q5 'iff Q , ,. use 1 -' A EMANUEL L. HORN . Mechanical Eng. Bangor JOHN S. HOSKIN Business- Admin. Houlton HAROLD W. HOWARD TKE History 81 Govt. Madison Proctor. CHARLES F. HOWE Mechanical Eng. Bangor ARTHUR J. HUBBARD 9X Mechanical Eng. Belfast Ill IUH LEWIS G. HUGHES Economics North VVindham l RAYMOND C. HUMES CIDHK Geology Augusta Track 1, 2, 3. BURLEIGH L. HUMPHREY General Engineering Stillwater 1. eezsez'-fl:-Kewl Xsgiiktrwf W-s1r::.gji.j'u: .fuagjgrg ' Vliisspif, .2 O ' A jg WILLIAM G. HURD QE: Engineering Physics Oakland HERBERT J. HURME :QE Agricultural Eng. West Rockport MCA 1, 2, 35 MOC 35 Agricultural Clubg A.S.A.E. 2, 3. EMILY L. HUSE Home Economics Bangor MCAQ OFf-Campus Women. MARILYN F. HUSE Home Economics Bangor MCAg OPE-Campus Women. RICHARD L. HUSSEY Dairy Technology Stillwater WALDON F. HUSTON Mechanical Eng. Portland A.S,M.E.g MOCQ Dean's List 1, 2. DEANIE L. HUTCHINS EX Pre-Medical Kingfield Intramural Athleticsg MCAQ Dean's List 1, Za. GLENNA D. HUTCHINS Home Economics Orono J. BERKLEY HUTCHINS EN Mech. Eng. No. New Portland ROBERT J. HYLANDER Gen. Agriculture So. Brooksville Forestry Club 13 Agricultural Club Zg Indoor and Outdoor Track Nue merals 1, Z5 Dean's List 1b. RAYMOND J. INGALLS Mechanical Eng. Orono OCUMMOg Men's Senate. l LLOYD A. IRELAND Agricultural Eng. Richmond A.S.A.E.g Order of the Temple. Cl. SS 01319 0 FREDERIC E. IRISH, Jr. 'f -as :waw.aea4see:-,1:-.M:a,.,:f.g.,,.:.. -a ' ' 4.M2ff'15g5af. X --X59 V -:fn w ..,.. , fs .13 ww in -1 15 Q' ' ' :.. 25525975 f 2252521555 :lfl1f32fE ' " .52 J '7 ew is f' is 2555352 Q 1 ,frewsgyf .f.,..l . ..... . lf.. ff:zl:'.gL2rg.l.e.a'wfzarziiwil U3 V7 P1 7 2 O Fl E. E Sr 91 E 5 F 2. zu 'J rf F 9 o L-1 2 Z E 73 Il. UQ m 5' rn :. F' 3 '4 ,4 5 p-1 o P1 .- m 1 M ,, . UQ ' '-4 -4 . -.4 as if as 3, O D. O Q .-4 71 on rf 71 M U7 'P U7 Cn o 9 5 9 O 9. A 5. A Z ,- af 'H 'Q 'U O 5, 5 .. P1 E C H, Q o 9, P1 U1 N E :1 :s Y' Ir- :1 D. Egiiljgi.-V 2 .. ..,,, Hockey 2, 35 Basketball 25 Tum- bling 2, 3g Volleyball 1, 25 M-Club, Sec.-Treas. 35 Dean's List. mksiigfgliiii isl?zJ3 fl Al H ll .5 nm., Q fd 16255522 Q m H H 9 Q W M, wjgggeum 'H 'Q We N ,En if S . Ziff , M ' ' W 'ez' i'..?:.5 fs. as 'A ff ,Q wi ' .V -N .1 J... W '.f,..+.,, , 52, ar lr g, er ' N. - azz? ,yr is 3, View K e.,.f2,,?y ww Q P' Q... ware. .f it 'tffgeg' M A 4' M -and vw fr .X 'ct' N. .,..... . ......, ., ..,,..,. . ..... . .mgvs?if ' 1 fvt'21:fv1.?ug.fzf'fr :.iia7f1q?g1?aii '-.,V - . 1,1 - . 557.1 I I -7 . ' .3 ,f 5:-3 7ifif1?15'- ff .Q 'lat ' DANA H- JACOBS or ' Public Management Bangor gggg -' - A r ' E333g?':f'f,. A In I K " - 3, My I " , f firiif' ' Sims' . A 1 ' 1 17 . . -r e 1.12.-'s i ghs ,',.' .. .fi " 1 ' . .. , , . .Y 4 .... .ig rm s . riff 'Z 149 Ill IUH JAMES P. JALBERT QPHK Electrical Eng. Fort Kent DAVIS E. JAMESON Mechanical Eng. Bangor HOWARD L. JENKINS SAE Mechanical Eng. Methuen, Mass. IVAN C. JENKINS Civil Eng. Ilatll MCAg MOC. EDVVARD R. JENNISON Theatre Bangor . W H elwzs' mf- SQ PM :wi 4, - ' 3' ' 1 H.. 25.35. . -. - .i- -'fwofgggeg ,325 Qgwawiaessel U S ,gs-K-ef msgs, if .. T ., 'H if fi M gl g TZ S 150' ERNEST R. JOHNSON English Portland Newman Club. EVERETT F. JOHNSON Business Admin. Portland FREDERICK R. JOHNSON Civil Eng. Bangor MAHLON L. JOHNSON Civil Eng. Saco PAULINE L. JOHNSON Medical Technology Bangor RICHARD A. JOHNSON Electrical Eng. South Bridgton ROBERT D. JOHNSON EAE Civil Eng. Millinocket SHIRLEY D. JOHNSON IIBKIP Physical Education Portland Hockey 1, Z, 3, All-Maine Reserve 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Volleyball 2, 35 Softballg Women's Rifle Team 2, 35 MOC 1, 2, 35 Pack and Pine 35 Prism 35 Campus 39 Varsity Cheer- leader 1, Z, 35 W.A.A. Council 35 Archery Mgr. 35 MCA 1, 2, 35 Stu- dent Union Drive 15 Class Exec. Comm. 35 M-Club 2, 35 Physical Educ. Club 3, Program Chairmang Square Dance Club 2. 35 Tumbling Club Z, 35 Officials' Club 2, 35 Cana terbury Club 1, Z, 35 Modern Dance Club 3. WILLIAM R. JOHNSON EAE Animal Husbandry Coopers Mills MERLE S. JOHNSTON AXA Agricultural Econ. Ft. Fairfield Agricultural Club 1, 2, 35 MCA. Cl SS 151 RICHARD JOHNSTON Mechanical Eng. Clinton THORNTON E. JOHNSTON KPHK Education Milford "M" Club, Cross Country, Major "MU 15 Track, Major "M" 2. ALFRED L. JONES History Liberty DONALD D. JONES Chemical Eng. Bangor HARRY JONES, Jr. KE Business Admin. Auburn M '53 as :ni LJ, QU? l :Qu- Ill IUH MARGUERITE JONES Music Fryeburg Glee Club 1, 2, 3. MARILYN E. JONES Business Admin. Stamford, Conn. Cheerleader lg Sportsg MCAQ MOCQ Glee Clubg Freshman Clubg Dean's List 2b. BEVERLY JORDAN Spanish Cape Elizabeth House Council 23 Neai Mathetaig Dean's List 1, 2b. JAMES L. JORDAN English Rockland RICHARD A. JORDAN Mechanical Eng. Augusta Men's Senate 25 Dorm Council 39 Intramural Athletic Assn. 3g Intra- mural Basketball 2g Intramural Football 33 Dean's List lc, 2. ww my Q 'J Q fl' was sf J ,i wg arm 533 "1 , ii?112ai25212QQZEQQZQQQEZQZZWQQH 55559555 H ' - :va . .. ,ffzw ., ., 1-ml . ...rqgyfir A f ' jieiv-qg7fgssfa..,,.... ...z.:.f15f,gz2:f,ss- 2. rw. .f .Aj a g ' fs. sf. 'ff.i'f',g.. " iimglg 3ffgJgi?f,f.j, . LE ,Semi ' "' M222 .aw . ""TT2 : ' NI. ,sin--Figs:-2 .i - f 4,71,.M:,i5sgg5-,Zp,fcw1'.."l -- " -- gf! f Q ifsfffv mf' Tie hy " 'Mg 93 K? li .is'ws.n85. .:2"211fm:, iw'-: :me-ff.-ff-f-f -1 V 694 MM: ij x tw wifi .swf 48" 255311 . Wi? firms T., ,nl in A P1 I 192 SYLVIA K. JORDAN English Osborn MCA 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 33 MOCQ IRC 2, 39 Glee Clubg House Coun- cil 1, 25 Dean's List 1, 2. WILLIAM B. JORDAN, Jr. History Cape Elizabeth ALLAN F. JOSE Business Admin. Milo Dean's List 1, 2. NORWOOD F. JOY Electrical Eng. Westbrook MCA 2, 3g A.I.E.E.g Dean's List 1. WINFRED B. JOY, Jr. Romance Lang. Northeast Harbor ROY E. JOYCE Sociology Orono BETH L. JUDKINS English Houlton Rifle Club 2, 3g MOC 25 MCA 2, 33 RMTg Transfer from Farmington State Teachers College. STANLEY W. JUDKINS Civil Engineering Belgrade THEODORE R. JULIA Animal Husbandry VVaterville HARRY D. KANE Civil Eng. Brooklin Cl UF I9 0 LAWRENCE J. KANGAS Mechanical Eng. Thomaston LORRAINE I. KARAM Education Bangor MCAg Off-Campus Women. r LLOYD A. KARKOS History 8: Govt. Old Town CHESTER F. KEENE Mechanical Eng. Old Town PAUL E. KEENE Business Admin. Clinton 153 Ill lllll JOHN NV. KEENEY Chemical Eng. Malverne, N. Y. PAUL F. KELLEHER Business Admin. Old Orchard J.V. Football 1, 2, 35 French Club, Newman Clubg Philosophy Clubg Dean's List 1, Za. RICHARD C. KELLEY ATA Business Admin. Melrose, Mass. Masque lg Track 23 Dean's List la, 2. DONALD R. KELLY K2 Physical Education W'aterville Basketball 1, Z, Sophomore Owls, Newman Club 1, 2, 3, "M" Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3, Fraternity House Treas. CHARLES W. KELSON, Jr. BX Business Admin. Westbrook RICHARD G. KELSON 9X Business Admin. Westbrook MURIEL B. KENDERDINE Music Livermore Falls Masque, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Secon- dary School Scholarship 1, Anne Stodder Scholarship 25 Maria Ap- pleton Scholarship 3g Mu Alpha Ep- silon Award Sg Dean's List 2. RAYMOND A. KENNEALLY EQIQE Business Admin. Biddeford Dormitory Council 25 Glee Club 1, 3, Newman Club 2, 3. A. VIRGINIA KENNEDY AOII Sociology Bucksport Cheerleader lg House Council 1, 2, 3, Social Chairman lb, 2, Vice Pres. 3, MCA 1, 2, 3, W.S.G.A. 25 I.R.C. 23 Panhellenic Council 3, Secretary 3, Prism 35 Dean's List lb, 2, Sig- ma Mu Sigma 3. CHESTER N. KENNEDY ZXIJE History 8: Govt. Bangor DONALD O. KENNEDY Civil Eng. Livermore Falls WILLIAM B. KENNISON B911 Mechanical Eng. Augusta RAYMOND F. KEOUGH Zoology Portland GILBERT C. KERSHAW Business Admin. Sanford Scabbard and Bladeg MCA. GORDON E. KERSHAW Business Admin. Sanford Cl SS i 4 1 ,, 155 01319 0 JOHN L. KETNER, Ir. Civil Eng. Northport A.S.C.E.g The Sergeant Walter M. Wales Fund Scholarship 1, 2, 3. EARL I. KIELY Business Admin. Saco Newman Club 1, 2, 33 MCA 1, 25 MOC 1, 2. ROBERT C. KILPATRICK 42-HK .Agricultural Econ. Presque Isle Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3. WILFRED M. KIMBALL Civil Eng. Brewer DONALD J. KING English Bangor Bandg Campusg Newman Clubg Press Club. Jll IIIR MARY A. KING Liberal Arts 8: Nursing Wayne MCA: MOCQ Transfer from Uni- versity of New Brunswick. CHANDRAKANT S. KIRLOSKAR. Mechanical Eng. Poona, India Chess Clubg Dean's List la, Za FRANK A. KITTREDGE, Jr. Engineering Physics So. Portland Physics Club 35 Dean's List 1. PAUL A. KLINE Economics Mahanoy City, Pa. FRANZ A. KNEIDL Mechanical Eng. Bangor Bridge Clubg A.S.M.E.g Society of Automotive Engineers. HERSCHEL O. KNIGHT Mechanical Eng. Rumford Point Dean's List Za. OTHO F. KNOWLES, Jr. Zoology VVilton DONALD E. KNOWLTON AFP General Agriculture Monmouth Proctor 13 Agricultural Club 1, Z, 3, Vice Pres. 15 MOC 1, 29 MCA 1, 25 Football 1, 3, Numerals. DONALD C. KOMINSKY TECIJ Business Admin. Bangor LEO L. KORAN Business Admin. Houlton VVALTER KOZINESKI Electrical Eng. Portland JOHN KOZLOFF Electrical Eng. Saco Dean's List 1ag A.I.E.E. CONSTANTINE W, KYROS IIDKE Mechanical Eng. So. Portland Men's Student Senate: A.S.M.E. BARBARA A. LaBONTY IIBKI1 French Fort Kent Radio Guildg Education Clubg MCA. BETTY J. LADD X52 Government Hallowell Campus 39 House Council 1, 35 MOC 1, 25 MCA 1, 2, 35 Basketball Ig Der Deutsche Vereing Alpha Omicron Pi Alumni Award. Cl SS 01519 0 RAYMOND J. LaFLAMME Business Admin. Old Town LIONEL I. LaFRANCE Mechanical Eng. Westbrook Newman Clubg MCAg A.S.M.E.g American Veterans, Comm. JOHN R. LAGASSEY Economics Millinocket Newman Clubg MCA. ELINOR G. LAMB French South China MCAQ Basketball 23 French Club 33 Anne E. Stoclder Scholarship 35 Transfer from Penn College. DON D. W. LAMBERT. Ir. Mechanical Eng. Bangor Society of Automotive Engineersg A.S.M.E., Sec. 157 ww were ?iE?5i'fWTi.?fi5ufr1:e'ifI1,:egswZ1f1r ..ff,a., 1. fig. ' ' J ll I LEO D. LAMOND Forestry Perry FRANKLIN VV. LANDERS Civil Eng. Augusta JOHN M. LANE, Jr. Agricultural Eng. Bangor LOUIS J. LANE TEQIJ Economics Mattapan, Mass. MELVIN A. LANE Music Lincoln VIVIAN L. LaPIERRE Languages Van Buren Newman Clubg French Clubg Bas- ketballg MOCQ MCA. WALTER G. LaPOINTE Modern Languages Orrington Newman Clubg Le Cercle Francais. DONALD R. LARRAB EE Forestry South Vlfindham NVILLIAM M. LARRABEE ATA Business Admin. Augusta Men's Senateg Intramural Athletics: Scahhard and Bladeg Dean's List lb, 2. ANTON W. LARSON Mechanical Eng. Dexter ERNEST L. LARSON EX Mechanical Eng. Yarmouth LESLIE W. LARSON Mechanical Eng. Fort Kent Dean's List 2b. MARCEL E. LATOUCHE Electrical Eng. Lisbon I-IDVVIN R. LAURITZEN Business Admin. Portland MCA. NIELVIN S. LAVINE History 81 Govt. Brighton Cl. SS we gags' fa -1. . - ' 'is V'a' f 1... f,ggc g.,r ,'V - Fi we 2 4 . fails . T f QL-1, fil'iQn3ifi2i 1 'lidfc'-.2"K33s"? 6351?- 1 F I9 0 JAMES T. LAW Business Admin. KE Rumford Newman Clubg Dorm Council, Sec.- Treas. 33 Dean's List 1, 2. STEPHEN I. LAW Civil Eng. Dover-Foxcroft RICHARD G. LAWSON fIDl'A Mech. Eng. Framingham, Mass. Football 1, Z3 Intramural Assn. BERYL L. LEACH Physical Educ. Basketball l, 2. RALPH M. LEACH Business Admin. AXA Blue Hill Bangor Ill IDR ALFRED G. LEAVITT French Old Town WALTER J. LeBEL Mechanical Eng. Westbrook A.S.M.E.g MCA. JOSEPH R. LeBLANC Civil Eng. Sheridan Newman Clubg A.S.C.E.g USA Of- ficers Reserve Corps. VINCENT I. LeBLANC Civil Eng. Lewiston Newman Club. ARTHUR L. LeBRUN Business Admin. Bangor CARROLL I. LEEN ZX Business Admin. Portland Intramural Sports: MCAQ Newman Club. ROBERT V. LEGER Engineering Physics Sanford ROBERT J. LEIPER QPMA Business Admin. No. Attleboro, Mass. CHARLOTTE M. LENENTINE History i Monticello MCA 1, 2, 33 House Pres. lag House Council la, 35 W.S.G.A. lag I.R.C. Zag Education Club 35 Arts and Crafts 3g Neai Mathetaig Deanfs List 1, Z5 University Scholarship 15 Rising Lake Morrow Scholarship 2. EDWARD W. LENT 1iJHK Civil Eng. Patten , ROBERT I. LENT IIPHK Engineering Physics Patten CLARENCE LEONARD, Jr. Education Union JOSEPH D. LEONARD Government Brunswick North Dorm Council 25 Football 1g MOC 23 Catholic Choir 25 German Club 2, 3. PARKER F. LEONARD EN Business Admin. Brewer JAMES L. LEOTSAKOS Electrical Eng. Lewiston Cl SS UF I9 0 ROBERT N. LePAGE OX Pre-Dental Lewiston ILON J, LESNIEWSKI Arts Portland RICHARD R. LEVEILLE Chemistry Bangor JOSEPH M. A. LEVESQUE Business Admin. Lzwiston DONALD R, LEWIS EAE Business Admin. Portland 161 ,QW - V' '5' , .. ' . 79' W' flkf l ' ..,,,555,g3-f5'- W ...P ,A . M X 'Se' A . 5' M13 35321 f , efnwfr r' Wa s, 'S uw, 'T'1 : .--- -,su W 3' if .. S- 4" '- .::: .,.g. fi 'H i f ' e4?f3:a3 .. if Y 7, A 1. f 2 f , Q Q S dw EBM i 3 ' A m .wma N i f 4 H i -1' ' ' Qffiliii. ..ffgwcf.m , . F1 E :g.'mf6gA,.f2,fm,grQ.-Ap. x23m,5gpgqg..,, M2 We-zasrzdftviz-P-Aff V -2--'Naam-Va fn U mee, im... Algmg... '3PafL?"'5.r'sx.:?'ff-?'f2's5S'2'?+2Wsvo2 5-.fgguz mx fzsffaiq. :wFf,2y..a. 5-.- AM M ..... . K-we my-mpgf.wef fe...a 9 ffM. W...-.'5f1szagzlsszfi- . P f .mQ'l..q2a,5.g,.f.wi. Q.-A fo ,gum H... me Mg ,.,..W.w V wks., .3..eQ,a,,,..'..f,. gm-g.,.m..pv.4sg?Zf' Hgfs.gw2aaeg,f:f.:e:sp waefarsm: 21, Q- 1525.5 . sgggiffi :ww,,...f. ma , , ,., E ' fig " wi?sfiifWE2 ? 2:1 HX .1 ...nm , .. . 5f..:.g..w-ff-- Q, fe.. . ,, 1eQ,2,ge.....f: ' V- 1., .Sh ii? fs ' '15 .: ' g 'IQFQ jfs -5535. sr 11 fgfwzs -V . 1iQ1f1'.:,fi. l i?ir-'EH' 1 , igifei.-2 ff. 1 , Lififiigfffe' E-1.ff..:.,g.-I .,,.:.., ,Z as ' yfzlss. :arty KE???i2f? ' ' " J ll l EMILIEN J. IJHEUREUX EQDE Chemical Eng. Springvale Newman Club Z, 35 American Chem- ical Society 3. RODOLPHE D. IJHEUREUX Economics Sanford Masqueg Newman Clubg MCA. JOSEPH A. LIBBEY Mechanical Eng. Bangor Orchestra 2, 3. CHARLES C. LIBBY History 81 Govt. Rockland Transfer from University of Mi- amig Banclg Masqueg MCAQ Gen- eral Senate. DOUGLAS F. LIBBY IIPKE Engineering Physics l'an1den Dean's List 2b. UH f wwff.-V-fwsif-ffli:YS7.f?..: ,Q wgwzmifmgi,-1 2 mai.. V.,.,. .,,.....,.,... . X . wr E. . ,.,. , -sfwf-ez-35.1 .mn ,,-fx ini E ml? ffrfw .vga My Him 2 57316 'fwfsigal FI 155552 jx . ufzeF1SH1,5r.ez:e.s.3ggga -14.'e.ffzg,.a5-xa:g2sQ123,13, .. it ix -...mlm .lg.,,,.,, zlfwlf. asm., .l if Z'5P'S'Pfff' xf1is,i'ii4vzjf2grg5E fe?ln?R5?f?SEj -, . 5."':.Q.:: ' H W W 4 Hi f H1 e K Eivfgfir ,F fr 2 3 Q Q l ' l U -. -w.S"4f? 'S 24 Pf.i..x....1fi, W Riff' 41551255 m.,.1 i .gin ...X Si, f ...Q 2 f.w.f Y X W 'S X2 1 , .A Xl 1 ' 5 f I 4 1 E .., Q 2 S. 3 S 162 EDITH C. LIBBY English Portland EDWARD F. LIBBY ZX Business Admin, Portland French Club: MCA. JAMES N. LIBBY ATA Business Admin. South Portland Ski Teamg Intramural Athletics. JGANNE LIBBY AOII Home Economics Bar Harbor House Council 2, 3, Sec. and Social Chairmang Home Economics Club 1, 2, Project Chairmang MCA l, 2, 3. ARTHUR G. LILIENTHAL Mech. Eng. New York City, N. Y. A.S.M.E.g Dean's List. JOHN F. LINCOLN Mechanical Eng. Brunswick ROBERT A. LINCOLN BGII Mechanical Eng. Brunswick Track 15 M.A.P. 23 B.S.P. 2, 35 Flying Club 1. WILLIAM A. LINTON ATSZ Geology Summit, N. I. J.V. Football 1, 2g Intramural Sports, Fraternity Pres. 35 Intra- mural Athletic Assn. Z3 Interfrater- nity Council 3, Pale Blue Key. LOUISE I. LITCHFIELD IIBKIP Physical Educ. Cape Elizabeth MCA 1, 35 Freshman Club, Sec.g W.A.A. Council 1, 2, M-Club 35 W.A.A. Jr. Council 23 Hockey, Bad- minton and Basketball 1, 2, 3, All- Maine Reserve 1, 25 Officials Club 39 Physical Education Club 2, 3g Sophomore Eagles. GEORGE W. LITTLEFIELD Agricultural Economics Albion Agricultural Club. Cl SS 01319 0 .fr 5 Wa i rw 'wa' -' A W' in 2 ,, . ,lytt A 3 iz.-L . .,.. 5 K . a ff - , I . 1 5' . . .A . " eE?P1.?iKl?i I 'li SEM' ' 251' ' if fi:if?H?."fl' ' -'iiiffffl I 'uf .' :lin .V xiii? Hilo .T V i ' ' segy.?2.:h.x.fT 5 ' flfifiieg , ' , ?,.9'Z'::i? ' .FEI .3 53215 fp , eg.. ., A 1:- 'df sw HAROLD W. LITTLEFIELD Business Admin. Bangor THEODORE R. LITTLEFIELD GIJKE Mechanical Eng. Brewer VIRGINIA C. LITTLEFIELD CPM Business Admin. Brewer Modern Dance Club 2, 35 Masque, Panhellenic Council. LORENZO E. LITTLEHALE Business Admin. Auburn ELAINE A. LOCKHART AAA Theatre Belmont, Mass. Masque 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Freshman Club, Modern Dance Club 2. 3g Pageant 13 Square Dance Club lg MCA 1, 2, 33 "Miss Maine" CUniversityD 19473 Class Sec. 25 Honorary Lt. Colonel 33 Dean's List lb, 2. Jll IDR RICHARD S. LOCKHART BSU Business Admin. Belmont, Mass. OMA J. LOMBARD . EN Mechanical Eng. Guilford I.M.A.A 15 Asst. Tennis Mgr. 35 Deanys List 2. ROLAND C. LONGTIN Education Lewiston Glee Clubg Education Clubg MCA: Newman Clubg Intramural Sportsg Member of Collegians Bandg Dean's List Zc. .V ,. -f. ...,. .W,,,. ad' A .ii. Q slsn , JEAN P. LORANGER Forestry Biddeford DOROTHY Q. LORD QM Home Economics Orono Orchestrag Home Economics Clubg MCA. PRISCILLA L. LORD AAA Home Economics Ellsworth Dorm Basketballg Home Economics Clubg Square Dance Clubg MCA3 Chorusg Neai Mathetaig I.R.C. RAYMOND Y. LORD, Jr. Zoology Old Town REGINALD G. LORD QFMA Physical Education Brunswick Football 1, 2, 3, Varsity 2, 35 Bas- ketball 2, 33 Baseball Z5 Track Z5 MOC 2, 3g Education Club 35 MCA 2, 35 Proctorg Intramural Athletic Councilg "M" Club. ROB ERT C. LOTHROP Mathematics Wilton UONAL D H. LOUNSBURY Mechanical Eng. Portland Order of the Templeg Glee Clubg Junior A,S.M.E. ROB ERT M. LOW Civil Eng. Stillwater ERNEST A. LOWELL EN Physical Education Lincoln Masqueg Education Clubg Intra- mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 3, Softball 1, 2, 3. PHILIP H. LOWELL SX Business Admin. VVestbr0ok ROBERT A. LOWELL Electrical Eng. Phippsburg VAUGHN A. LOWELL Economics Lincoln Cl SS F190 , NDA J ff , L . ws ,H mg 'grin X QQ :gigs M... J A . of I. 3 5 f it if mu.. gm we W if .5 . ...Q Q3 mi, gfssf -uf ,w gg? i 'I X syn W-.Jw 2, 5,2 MK., Q. ,,, , .,., ? +12sx Pf.+ ' i ts 1 - 5 -- wgazffslt-f . , I g sexi., .,,,1,ffg.s:::.w:.".1 - " " . FRANCES R. LUBOVITZ English Portland Transfer from Westbrook Jr. Col- legeg Radio Guildg Hillelg MCAg MOCQ Dean's List I, 2. STEPHEN J. LUCAS lfeclianical Eng. Philadelphia, Pa. ALFRED F. LUCCI Economics Millinocket Newman Clubg MOC. HARLAN V. LUC E Chemistry Readtield WILLIAM L. LUCE, Ir. Business Admin. Portland '25 iff new ' ' igiiiii 72?zff9ms2azwifff'fv f qgqm sxsiffisizfe, . . 1,1 A .. v1:2sZ::i311,:-- - .. .n.f:i'sS2'w.zw1Qgs I JU I0 3 'if 535559-" ' I A .... I ..,. I ' JOSEPH M. LUPSHA MDE , , Forestry Bellaire, N. Y. , ' FRANCIS P' LYNCH Newman Clubg Forestry Clubg . AHS Thomasfon Moc. E . f e 1 -'x1' i JEFFREY N. MARTIN History 8z Govt. Lewiston ANNA H- LURVEY Intramural Sportsg Dorm Council Spanish On-ington 35 Intramural Debate Tournament Women's Rifle Club 1, Women's Veterans Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3. CHARLES E. LUSTH Economics South Portland RICHARD M. LYCETTE Bacteriology Houlton Agricultural Club 2, 35 Band 1, 23 MOC 13 MCA 1, 2, 3. J. PALMER LIBBY English Bangor Masque 1, 2, 35 Prism 33 Deputa- tions 23 El Circulo Espanol 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 2g Education Club 3. . ', l .-W.,. f . , lg Student Union Driveg MCA: Newman Clubg French Club 23 Freshman Club. BERYL A. LYON Sociology Lee Basketball 1, 23 Badminton Tourna- ment l, 25 Volleyball 1, 2g House Social Comm. Z5 I.R.C. 23 MCA 1, 2, 3, Tri-Hill Leadership 2, 33 XV.A.A. Council 3. ,TAN ET E. MCALOON Sociology Bangor JAMES A. MCBRADY QDMA Business Admin. Portland "M" Clubg Newman Clubg MOCQ Football 1, 2, 35 General Senateg Intramurals 1, Class President 3. FREDERICK C. MCCANN Economics Houltou YVONNE M. McCARTHY English Augusta HOVVARD R. MCCARTNEY Civil Eng. Bangor SAMUEL B. MCCLAIN History 81 Govt. Old Town HUGH K. MCCORKLE Business Admin. Falmouth Fire Warden 3. Cl SS HF I9 0 FRANCIS E. McCORMACK ATS! Pre-Medical Milo Masque 1, 29 MOC 23 MCA 23 Bas- ketball 1, 25 Intramural Sports, Newman Club 2. DANA B. McCRUM AXA Agricultural Econ. Mars Hill 1 PHILIP G. MCCULLOUGH Chemical Eng. Worcester, Mass. ARTHUR P. MCDERMOTT ATI! Mechanical Eng. Portland Boxing, A.S.M.E.g Dean's List 1, 2. EDWARD J. MCDERMOTT KE Physical Educ. Fairhaven, Mass, Football 1, 2. 35 Proctor 25 Sopho- more Owls, Pres. Zg Newman Club, Sec., Pres., "MH Club 1, 2, 35 Class Treas. 2g Class Vice Pres. 3. 167 . . . I If-New EEWEJEI W ,il wg, Sze I -E' W, 16 5595142 we f ls- an NEW? iQmv.fz:,s Q5 Liar as new swam VH Millar? lei. ligguefgfsffiiiimamw. la: hi fi - , ' 7 .sa wx ' :fm sakgm ,' .Q.f.sBn11.g.gggsf f. ' Q as if J ll I CHARLES P. McDONALD KE Business Admin. Saco ELSIE M. MacDONALD Home Economics Milford lid' i'f'fT Q ' w e., --2.3: fi -4377 .. i i? . :if JOHN s. MacDONALD EN l In K Business Admin. Rumforcl I . - l' , ri ,ii l H 3 ROBERT H. MacDONALD l 2. 2' Civil Eng. Portland L K V Order of the Templeg Dean's List 2, i , R fig I . 3 lf A VAUGHN H, MacDONALD General Agriculture Milford MCA. Q . at - . Q. I h . .jg is cliff? s ,, A 1 . V. A ' zmli T ji ' ' A A - . 55 ' ' .wiv it gf. W ie , i -2 UR YERNE L. MCDONALD, jr. MEX Education Merrill Transfer from Husson Business College. MARGARET M. MCDONNELL AAA Home Economics Portland Interfaith Councilg MOCQ MCAQ Newman Clubg Education Clubg House Council. NTEAL D, McDOWELL Dairy Technology Bangor l W, l x CLARENCE J. MCELMAN ATG l " 'Fifi Civil Eng. W. Barrington, R. I. Alf? A Pale Blue Key, Treasurer. Q . 3i'z'ii5iiiii i . JOHN H. A. M:-MIFARLANE ATU Engineering Physics Rumford JANE E. MCGLAUFLIN Medical Technology Bangor MCA l, 2, 33 Union Building Fund lg Off-Campus VVomen, Treas. 3. RICHARD I. McGLAUFLIN Horticulture Brewer H. VVAKEFIELD MCGORRILL Business Administration Orono DONALD W. MCINTOSH Engineering Physics Portland Physics Club 2, 35 MCA 2, 35 MOC Z, 35 Photo Club lg Dean's List 1. HAROLD N. MCINTOSH Animal Husb. Enterprise, Ala. Agricultural Clubg MCA. Cl SS 0F19 0 COLLIN M. McKENNA Business Admin. Brewer Q STUART VV, MacKINNON Forestry Yarmouth Forestry Clubg Class Vice Pres. 1. RICHARD D. MQKUSICK Agricultural Eng. Dexter FRANCIS C. MCLAVGHLIN Meclizmical Eng. Brunswick COLIN D. MacLEAN Forestry Canton, N. Y. 169 Ill IIIP1 GERALD L. MacLEAN TKE Eng. Physics Brownville Jct. Physics Club. MALCOLM D. McLEAN TKE Forestry Rumford Forestry Club. MATTHEW S. McNEILLY, jr. KE Agricultural Eng, Brookline, Mass. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 39 J. V. Baseball lg J.V. Football 23 MCA, Rep. 13 House Olicer. ELAINE L. MacNICHOL Home Economics Orono JAMES E. MCNIFF ATA Business Admin. Natick, Mass. Maine "Annex" Staffg Intramural Athletic Assn. 35 Newman Club 35 Dean's List lb, Zag Scabbard and Blade 3. GORDON XV. MCPHAIL Civil Eng. Stillwater WILLIAM F. MCPHEE, Ir. Business Admin. Bangor SANDRA MacPHERSON Sociology Orono Masque. NORMAN J. MACKINNON AXA Psychology Westbrook ROBERT MALONEY Civil Eng. South Portland CLIFFORD A. MANCHESTER 'PMA Civil Eng. Northeast Harbor Campusg Track Mgr.g "M" Club. HAIG MANOOGIAN Economics Portland PETER A. MANTIS Business Admin. Biddeford Football, Frosh and J.V.g Interdorni Council, Senator. LESTER MARCUS Zoology North Windham Der Deutsche Vereing Dean's List lb. ELIZABETH L. MARDEN Mathematics Albion W.S.G.A. 13 House Pres. 1, Treas. lg Square Dance 2, 3g MCA 1, 25 MOC 39 Volleyball 1, 25 Basketball 23 Asst. Hockey Mgr.g W.A.A. Coun- cil 3g Education Club 33 Class of 1911 Scholarship 35 Dean's List 2. Cl SS 01319 0 KENNETH A. MARDEN 411152 Business Admin. Tenafly, N. J. IV. Football 1, 2, 33 Men's Senateg Intramural Boxing 1, 2, 35 Student Union Driveg MOC lg Pale Blue Key 1, 2, 33 MCA 1, 2, 35 Scabbard and Blade 3. RAMONA R. MARPLE Home Economics Liberty Glee Club 1, 2g MCA 1, 2g Dean's List 2b. DOUGLAS L. MARSTON Zoology Stillwater RICHARD H. MARSTON 'IIIMA Agricultural Eng. East VVaterford A.S.A.E,g MOC. 'xv' 3 I ww ROBERT E. MARSTON Electrical Eng. Auburn a .4 it il! 5, 33. Ill IUR ERNEST W. MARTIKAINEN QFMA Physical Education Harrison Football 1g Baseball 1, 25 Numeralsg Pale Blue Keyg MCA. REINO J. MARTIKAINEN I Civil Eng. Harrison l A.S.C.E.g Deanls List 2b. 3 l l JOHN R. MARTIN ATA Mechanical Eng. Biddeford Newman Clubg A.S.M.E.g Scabbard and Blade. 1 LEO F, MARTIN, Jr. Business Admin. Old Town MARVIN R, MARTIN Education Augusta, Kansas 172 NORMAN A. MARTIN ATA Business Admin. Biddeford Masque 1, 2, SQ Campus 1, 23 New- man Club 1, 25 MCA. JOHN R. MARTINEAU Journalism Portland Masque 1, 2, 35 Intramural Debat- ing 25 Campus 35 Prism 39 Inter- dorm Council 35 MOC 35 Newman Club 2, 35 Dean's List la. JULIUS V. MARZUL Civil Eng. Westbrook JACOB W. MASON Business Admin. South Portland Transfer from Portland Junior Col- lege. KENNETH D. MASSE QIPHK Forestry East Vassalboro HARRY M. MASTERS Forestry Round Pond Forestry Club. GERALD E. MAYBERRY ATS? Civil Eng. Portland ERVIN MAYNARD Civil Eng. Dexter JOHN MAZEIKO Civil Eng. Arrowsic A.S.C.E. BYRON H. MEADER, Jr. Education Ellsworth Cl SS 0F19 0 CLAYTON D. MEEHAN Physical Education Portland Newman Club. WILLIAM L. MEEHAN Business Admin. Bangor MARY L. MEEHAN 4PM Sociology Bangor Hockey lg Basketball 13 Off-Cam- pus Womeng MCAQ Modern Dance Club, Pageant 1, 2. THOMAS C. MENNEALY Mechanical Eng. Lewiston EARL C. MERCER Zoology Dover-Foxcroft 173 A f , 1. I of . . a.. H - if .ff , ' ,?"1'f':i: f - ,, -- V v .w:v-- V fill y .Qs4ff. yfg:ff1s V iew Y ' Ill lllll I . RAYMOND J. MERCER EN Chemical Eng. Bangor A.S.C.E. RUSSELL S. MERCER KE Mechanical Eng. Bucksport f,W..Ta....,...--W ,. W. VfQ.L 1 R,'.' l CSSCE Q "kI' 7 - 3. i 'fi'.e?fQii GIFFORD c. MERCHANT Forestry Winter Harbor i K Trackg Forestry Clubg Numerals. -,-. l OLAF L. MERCIER TKE History 8: Govt. Madison Ski Clubg Glee Club: Men's Stu- dent Senateg Brunswick "Annex"g Newman Club. BUEL L. MERRILL Mechanical Eng. Gardiner EDGAR J. MERRILL Sociology Old Town HERBERT S. MERRILL Electrical Eng. Westbrook Radio Clubg I.R.E., Treas.g Dorm Council. ALBERT R. MESERVE Engineering Physics Portland Physics Clubg Tau Beta Pi. ELFORD H. MESSER Mechanical Eng. South Portland FRANCIS X. MICHAUD Civil Eng. Auburn KENNETH P. MILLER 'PMA Mechanical Eng. Portland Football 1, Z3 Baseball 1, 2. VVILLIAM R. MILLER Pre-Dental Waldoboro MARGARET M. MILLINGTON Business Admin. South Portland Hockey 1, Z, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Asst. Business Mgr.g Modern Dance Club 2, 33 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 33 Freshman Club3 Sophomore Eaglesg Neai Mathetaig Dean's List 1, 23 Delta Delta Delta Scholarship. MARILYN MILLS IIBKIP Home Economics St. Albans MCA 1, Z, 33 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 33 Campus 2. LEONARD E. MINSKY TE4, Business Admin. Bangor Intramural Debating Contestg Bandg Hillel, Pres., U. of M. State Boardg Fraternity Social Chairman, Sigma Mu Sigmag Dean's List lb, 2. Cl SS 175 0F19 0 DONALD A. MITCHELL Mechanical Eng. Haynesville MCA3 Dorm Council 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 A.S.M.E.3 Dean's List 2b. STEPHEN J. MITCHELL Agricultural Eng. Dover-Foxcroft PHILLIP MOLLICONE Civil Eng. Livermore Falls A.S.C.E. MARGARET M. MOLLISON Economics Belfast Debate Club 2, 33 Hockey Club 1, Z, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 33 Modern Dance Club 2, 33 M-Club 2, 33 Women's Forum 2, 3, Pres. 33 House Council 33 W.A.A. Council 33 MCA 1, 2, 33 N.S.A. Comm. 33 Dean's List 2b. AUGUSTUS D. MOODY B611 Public Management Old Town J I0 DAVID J, MOONEY Business Admin, Bangor EARLE P. MOORE ATP Forestry Warren RONALD L MOORF Mechanical Eng. Milford CAROLYN L. MOORES AAA Home Economics Gorham MCA 1, 2, 35 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3g Radio Guild 33 Dean's List 1, 2. I-IAZEN A. MOORES fbHK Physical Education Bangor Intramural Sports. WALTER A. MOORES Education Lincoln JEANNETTE M. MORGRAGE Education Augusta JAMES L. MORIARTY Government Bangor STERLING C. MORRIS Public Management Bangor ELWYN R. MORROW Agronomy Sanford Agricultural Club. ROBERT W. MORROW Dairy Technology Orono DOUGLAS M. MORTON KIIHK Chemistry Presque Isle GEORGE O. MORTON Chemistry Rockland American Chemical Society 2, 3. PHILIP L. MORTON TKE Physical Education East Union ALBERT E, MOSHER, Jr. Agronomy Gorham Intramural Sportsg MCA5 Glee Club 1, Z, 35 Agricultural Club 2, 35 MOC 1, 25 Sears Roebuck Scholarship 1. Cl SS UF I9 LEAH MOULTON English Sebago Lake Basketball 2, 35 MCA 1. LORA MOULTON AOII Mathematics Sebago Lake Basketball 1, 2, 35 Volleyball 1, 25 Hockey 1, Z5 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 MCA 1, 2, 35 Freshman Club5 VX.A.A. 35 Alumni of 1917 Scholar- s lp. JOHN R. MURCH Zoology Stillwater ROLAND G. MURDOCK Mechanical Eng. So. Monmouth Masque 1, 25 Cross Country 25 Track 1, 2, 35 "M" Club. FREDERICK W. MURKLAND, Jr. Education Bangor 177 Jll IUR DONALD R. MURPHY Bus. Admin. Auburndale, Mass. JOHN K. MURPHY GPFA Journalism Augusta GRACE MURRAY AOII Home Economics Orono Hockey lg Basketball 1, 23 House Council Z5 W.S.G.A., Chairmang MCA 1, 2, 35 Home Economics Club 1. JOSEPH M. MURRAY, Jr. ATS! Arts Orono NORMAN H. MURRAY General Agriculture Bangor Track Mgr.g Agricultural Club. SYLVESTER N. NAAS Economics Sherman Station JOSEPH A. L. NADEAU, Jr. Business Admin. Old Town ROGER C. NADEAU Business Admin. Biddeford Masqueg Newman Clubg Philosophy Clubg French Club. PRISCILLA J. NASON AAA Business Admin. Bangor Woinen's Forum 2, 35 I.R.C. 35 Erflshman Clubg 300 Club 35 Volley- a 2. TOBY F. NASON History Boston, Mass. BRIAN S. NEAL AXA Business Admin. Millinocket FORREST B. NELSON Forestry Bangor RICHARD C. NELSON Civil Eng. So. Weymouth, Mass. Band 1, Z, 33 MOC 13 Orchestra 1, 2. 35 MCA lg Mu Alpha Epsilon, Treas.g A.S.C.E. DAVID T. NEWTON KIPKE Mechanical Eng. Auburn Ski Team 1, 2, 3. DAVID L. NICHOLS German Jackman Cla .SS Q . .... m r lz. Q, E?sn tiewwsii F25 iilgswhrz - rx miwffr ..7-arise . w',l , ll wee'-as .s.,,e aswvseiw :- .1 .5 1 ci W has rm" P21 I w':fc?1.fYi1,1f,i ' ' 'kv , ' -f. 179 0F19 0 Engineering Physics Brewer JOSEPH E. NICKLESS Physical Education Augusta Baseballg "M" Club. ROBERT A. NICKLESS CIPMA Electrical Eng. Augusta ROBERT C. NILES ZAE Mechanical Eng. Bath A.S.M.E. WILLARD NISBET, Jr. 'DMA Business Admin. Portland Campus, Business Mgr. 35 Masque lg Maine "Annex," Managing Ed. 13 Prism 35 MOCg MCAQ Student Union Bldg. Fund Campaign Comm.g Board of Student Publication. J ll I LEROY O. NISBETT Civil Eng. Bangor Bridge Club, Scabbard and Bladeg MCA. RAFAEL E. NISKANEN Forestry South Paris ELIZABETH NOEL Home Economics Orono CHAPMAN C. NORTON Education Hempstead, N. Y. WALTER M. NORTON Civil Eng. Brunswick l 180 ADELBERT T. NORWOOD 4lT'A Mechanical Eng. Warren Baseball, Varsity lg MCO 1, 29 MCA 1, 2, 35 Basketball, J.V. lg Intramural Sports 25 Basketball, Varsity 33 Sophomore Owls. ALBERT E. NOY ES Chemical Eng. Urrmo FRANCIS J. NOYES, Ir. Economics Hopedale, Mass. Freshman Clubg Newman Club 1, Z, 35 MCA 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 25 qatholic Choir 1, Z, 35 Dean's List 21. MARILYN R. NOYES Botany Bethel Dean's List 2. RALPH G. NOYES Chemical Eng. Portland RONALD C. NOYES Mechanical Eng. Orono KENNETH E. NYBOE Mechanical Eng. Stillwater GEORGE M. OBERG Business Admin. Bridgton EUGENE C. O'BRIEN Physical Education Bangor Snanish Club 3g Newman Club 3g "M" Club Z, 33 Cross Country 2, 3g Indoor Track 1, 2, 33 Outdoor Track. JAMES J. O'CONNOR Business Admin. Augusta Cl SS 0F19 0 LOUIS F. ODDI ATU History 81 Govt. Portland Student Union Fundg Track lg Football lg Numeralsg Letter. DONALD T. ODONE Pre-Medical Bogota, N. J. WALTER R. O'KEEFE, Jr. Chemical Eng. Portland JAMES A. OLIVER 1I11'A Electrical Eng. Oakland ROBERT I. OLMSTEAD Electrical Eng. Charleston 181 Ill IUH STEPHEN ORACH Forestry Lansford, Pa. Indoor Track 25 Outdoor Track 1, 23 Forestry Clubg Forestry Rifle Club, Sec.g Radio Club lg "M" Clubg Dean's List lb, 2b. ROBERT S. ORDWAY Business Admin. Yarmouth Orchestra 25 Band 2, 33 Dean's List la, 2. DONALD V. ORMSBY Mechanical Eng. Brunswick A.S,M.E.g Dean's List. HAROLD C. ORMSBY, Jr. Electrical Eng. Brunswick A.I.E.E. CHARLES R. OSGOOD Mechanical Eng. Mattawamkeag VH .5 I-OWELL H- OSGOOD ni i ' E - G ' 11 ' -was Ihysical ducation reenvi e --iff 15313 f' ' TLP? . - 1igQg.ff.y 5 'jf Varsity Baseballg Varsity Basket- 'Q ball- WILLIAM H. OTIS 9X History 8: Govt. Sanford JAMES M. O'TOOLE KZ Education Portland MICHAEL F. OlTOOLE History Portland Newman Clubg Glee Club 13 Inter- faith Councilg Brunswick "Annex"g Intramural Football, Basketball. ARTHUR J. OUELLETTE Mechanical Eng. Berwick Newman Club. 182 DONALD A. OUELLETTE Business Admin. Brunswick Newman Club 2, 35 MCA 3g French Club 2, 3, Vice Pres.g Proctor: Spanish Club 35 Dean's List 1. LAVVRENCE A. OUELLETTE History Sz Govt. Chisholm WILLIAM B. OUTHOUSE Eng. Physics York Village EARL S. PACKARD ' Chemistry Falmouth Photography Club, Vice Pres. lg Prismg Photographer for "Annex" lg Mgr. Football Teamg American Chemical Society. -as Cl SS UF I9 0 ' se4.,esff-ami1:,,.tiara :- :ff.w... ..., 1- ..,. -.1seas.-ff:-'vaazassit si it ref fi -' Q. A b e2?saE2?f?33ia2i " MARION A. PACKARD, Jr. H -V . igfirifliyig, -.. ' 'V 8.11 Civil Eng. Portland 1 ' Yuri ,M .iw . . - 11 ' '4.' ' f . ,. z.-if WMI 5 North Dorm Council, Treas. 2. , - K' , L " wfiliifigiiflkfiliiihfils - , r AW. ' Fr Lf':.wa . .z3fi,Q,.3ri1,.,,ggg,h, , tfeirelgifflggstligiil - plz Y 183 RICHARD D. PACKARD Chemical Eng. Livermore Falls Transfer from Norwich Universityg Dean's List 2bg Varsity Cross Countryg "M" Clubg Intramural Athleticsg Debate Councilg Intra- mural Debate Councilg Radio Clubg MOCg MCAQ Junior Rep. for Estab- lishment of Student Chap. A,S.C.E. ROBERTA J. PACKARD Mathematics Dover-Foxcroft Hockey 3g Volleyball 25 Badminton Z5 Softballg Transfer from Farm- ington State Teachers Collegeg Tumbling Club, Publicity Chair- mang Mathematics Clubg French Clubg MOC 25 MCA 2. OSMOND F. PALMER Engineering Physics Rockland Masque 1g Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Physics Club 35 Dean's List 1, 2. PAUL J. PALM ER Speech Bangor ALESSANDRO D. PANARESE 1i1HK Physical Education Portland Footballg Numeralsg Pale Blue Key. J ll I ANTONIOS PAPADOPOULOS Chemical Eng. Athens, Greece Men's Senate 25 MCA Cabinet 33 Good Will Chest Comm. 33 Dean's List 1, 2. JOHN R. PARKER fI1I'A Pre-Medical Danforth Der Deutsche Vereing Dean's List lb. STEPHEN E. PARKER, Ir. Psychology South Portland Radio Club 13 Track lg J.V. Foot- ball 35 Newman Club 2, 3. VVILLIAM L. PARKER Education Machias CAROLINE C. PARKHURST XQ Home Economics Old Town MCA 1, 2, 39 Square Dance Club 1g Dorm Basketball 2. NORMA F. PARLIN History 8: Govt. Portland MCAQ MOC. DONALD W. PARSONS Pre-Dental Portland Stamp Club, Secretary. 1 JERRY C. PARTRIDGE BAE Business Admin. Norway Football 15 Dean's List lb, Za. FRANKLIN D. PAYSON Mechanical Eng. West Southport PAUL M. PAYSON ATS! Theatre Island Falls Masqueg Radio Guildg Varsity Singers 1, 2, 35 Glce Club 1, 2, 33 MOC 15 Mu Alpha Epsilon 35 Mu Alpha Epsilon Award 2. ROBERT S. PEACOCK TKE Education Lubec Debatingg Social Chairman of Fra- ternity. BEVERLY L. PEARSON English Hartford, Conn. W.A.A. 1, 23 French Club 2, 3, So- cial Chairmang MCA 1, 2, 39 MOC 25 Education Club 3. DONALD W. PEASE Mechanical Eng. York Village HAROLD M. PEASLEY B911 Business Admin. Bath "M" Clubg Class Pres. 1, 29 SophoA more Owlsg Golf 15 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Athletic Board. H. VVILLIAM PEAVEY Psychology Sebago Lake Cl SS 01319 0 1-.:.s,., - gQwL:':zw. .Vt -vt".-.f:' 'Sf FRANCIS I. PELLETIER Agricultural Economics Milford SHERMAN L. PELTON Mechanical Eng. Portland s f 15. fs' i i sg-sw mwfigggfrf gills? ..-... ,,.. .12 M... 542421-s'1 vzaisarsmgi- ,,.3.3.i,m,-L , 1-'f 'V ' we-zLessi!Y'::, Sis, flfxw 1-' .w . .. 'AWA LW 'F . f VlF'f3L i3f'1.WIr'?- - 'QQ525i?:f2..Qirs5 xiii 552 1 x J, 13.1. X, 1.1 2 I. 'Wa-Ki. 591523 ROGER S. PENNEY Mechanical Eng. Bradley ROGER B. PERCIVAL Business Admin. Pittsfield Masque 15 Tennis 13 MCA 2, 3. FRANK E. PERKINS Forestry Stillwater 185 . .. ,uw Jll lllll HERBERT W. PERKINS AXA Business Admin. Jackson Heights, N. Y. JOHN A. PERKINS History 8z Govt. Orono OCUMMO, Men's Student Govern- ment. MERLIN G. PERKINS ATA Business Admin. Ogunquit Cross Country 1, 25 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, MCA 1, 23 Pale Blue Key. PAUL C. PERKINS Forestry Bangor THEODORE A. PERKINS Agricultural Economics Levant WARREN T. PERKINS Electrical Eng. Newburg, Mass. JANET J. PETTEE X9 English Hallowell MCA 1, 2, 31 Freshman Club, Hand- book 1, Cabinet 33 Campus 1, 2, 33 House Council 15 Commencement Pageant 1g Chorus 1, 2, 3, Social Chairman 3g Hockey 1, 25 Basket- ball 1, Z, 33 Volleyball 1, 23 Leader- ship Conference Comm.g Masque 33 Prism, Dean's List Za. ANDREW S. PHILLIPS, Jr. Business Admin. Portland Masque, Treas. 1, Student Union Building Drive 1, 23 MCA 2, 3. GERALD C. PICKARD Al'P Animal Husbandry Hermon Agricultural Club, Dean's List 2. DAVID R. PIERCE ZFDE Electrical Eng. Swansea, Mass. Fraternity Vice Pres. 3: Football 1, MOC 1, Z, 3: MCA 1, 2, 35 Outing Club, Vice Pres. 2, Treas. 39 Pack and Pine 1, 2, 33 Numerals lg Masque 1. DEAN S. PIERCE Mechanical Eng. Old Town MCAg MOCQ Young Republicans Club, Pres.g A.S.M.E.g Society of Automotive Engineers. EVERETT C. PILLSBURY Business Admin. Rangeley CLARENCE J. PINETTE History 8: Govt. Fort Kent LAWRENCE D. PINKHAM History 81 Govt. Bangor ROBERT A. PINKHAM, Jr. Mechanical Eng. Farmington A.S.M.E. Cl SS f - - Qsgwiaafsff Y: . I famed.-sggei. :7gsziHe?22" 5' A ' 'Y' ' " f 2QssiHSlTaliv121:'1' .,.. ., K ...,., V132 - 1 -I f?3'L!i1" , . ' efwgvsill 11 .-f.z,z?:i?. " " ..:r.ES' 1 f ' iszs' V . -fist Nzvf. " - 1 . , . Siff: exif-E53 ..,. ,, ., ., 1 'f sf, -f 1151 'f3,a22i1i'f. 1 11 iu.:s 5fg,2?2iir?a 187 0F19 0 ROGER S. PINKHAM Engineering Physics Bath Mathematics Clubg Chess Clubg Bausch and Lamb Awardg Daven- port Fundg Dean's List 1, Z. CLIFTON A. PIPER Mechanical Eng. Cape Elizabeth RALPH A. PISCOPO ATS! Business Admin. Portland Football. Freshman 1, J.V. 23 Box- ing Coach 1, 2, 3g Pale Blue Key. PAULA PLAISTED Liberal Arts 81 Nursing Princeton MCAg Chapel Choir 1, 25 Glee Club 23 Off-Campus Women 1. CARLTON M. PLUMMER Poultry Husbandry Orono Farmers' Fair 3g Dean's List 2. Jfeiil-. 3 W f .r ex . wz..s.wwsvw.'e -, fo -w' N 1:l:.g,f.gwQfigfg.g .. f ,1,1v-mfefsk JU IDR NVAYNE L. PLUMMER Geology Bangor Orchestrag Glee Club. CONSTANTINE J. POLI Business Admin. Biddeford ANGELO L. POLITO K2 Mathematics Portland Newman Clubg Intramural Foot- ballg Dean's List 2. JEAN V. POLLEYS AZ History Sz Govt. Woodland MCA 1, 2, 33 Freshman Clubg MOC 1, 2g Hockey 35 Women's Forum 2, 3, Sec. 33 Class Day Pageant 13 Dean's List 2b. sz fl S 1 A ..,.. W 1 M Q, D l f 1 . ,F ,. l .- ' .'., ' K' ' , 1 11.6. -+ 152555 K I I e fYeT21J. 'ii A my r S 3 ar , Lt i ef. 1 s :E 933531551-?gziss1-.,f i ,. fi lifillf Vg . ,.,: , Q Wg.. ., W 133 t Yi' '91, 'ffgQ97f9?3Tf,'7f-L A 75 Q 1 Sita- ' G 1 .. i i L ,, it ,,,.- .-effffl' . 3 w'1Y1fYEi5?-V il7Vf'V ' f?b,s.1sQ K CARROLL J. POLYOT gg . 4 f2i?i?4i3.f"f'il?5i A 1555. -:WET . I-' fm . V.1.l...iA.E:.Lf., ,ggi .zfgjtiisf Psychology Bangor .IRI ., K " 2-'ffjlj V li "'t'-'vig ' 'I J ,,'- + '... ,, ' - ,. 1 f ..: M,-ggi . W , .as:ga:'i,seg..3:?:g.:- J.:- .sse J - , Xufwfr 83125 .tra w...,f,.a , 188 FERNAND L. PONTBRIAND Business Admin. Auburn Masque 1, 2, 35 MCA 1, 2, 35 New- man Club 1, 2, 3. BERNARD H. POOLER Agriculture Washburn WALTER J. POOLER QPKE Arts Brewer LELAND M. PORTER AXA Chemistry Presque Isle Freshman Mgr. Ski Teamg Chorus 1, 2, 3g MCA. THURSTON A. PORTER History 8z Govt. Hopedale, Mass. FRANK J. POTENZO EX Economics Portland Varsity Tennis 39 Newman Club, Minor "M.', CLARK POTTER KPHK Public Mgt. N 2CtlII2llI1, Mass. LAWRENCE E. POULIN KAHD History Skowhegan Transfer from Farmington State Teachers College. ROBERT M. POULIN THE Chemistry Skowhegan Scabbard and Blade. A NORMAN A. POWELL Education Carmel Campusg French Clubg MCA 1. Cl SS i ! 5 f -fA-'A wwf ,V I ,, . Lili B 5' , .,,. .. . 1 .l.W. . f ' f i ,al . is Z sim 5,f.,a,-few . V e 189 01319 ll LOUISE I, POWERS X9 Medical Tech. South Portland MCA 1, Z, 3, Cabinet 1, 2, 33 Fresh- man Clubg 300 Club 2, 3g W.S.G.A. 1, 23 Sophomore Eaglesg House Council 1, 25 House Pres. 15 Prism 35 Student Union Building Fund Comm. 1, 25 Der Deutsche Verein. FLORIECE M. PRATT 8 Physical Education Strong MCA 1, Z, 3g Square Dance Club 1, 23 Basketball 1, 25 Hockey 1, 2, 33 M-Club 2, 35 Volleyball 1, 2g VS'omen's Veterans Club 1, Z, 3. JOYCE E. PRAY Sociology South Berwick Transfer from Westbrook Junior College. RICHARD B. PREBLE KIJFA Bus. Admin. Newton Ctr., Mass. Varsity Baseball 1, 25 "M" Clubg MCA, Class Treasurer 1. ROBERT B. PREBLE 'PFA Theatre Newton Ctr., Mass. MCA 1, 2, Council 23 Track 1, 2g Masque 1, 2, 3, Council 2, 35 Fresh- man Club Adviser 2. J ll I BRYCE C. PRIEST Horticulture Lowell "Maine Annex" Stal? 13 Farmers' Fair Comm. 2, 35 Agricultural Club. ELBERT M, PRINCE Chemical Eng. Detroit A.S.C.E.g MCA. HAROLD E. PURINTON Business Admin. Brunswick Football 1g Proctor 33 MCA 2, 3: MOC 3. ROGER A. RACE Forestry Guilford DAVID H. RAMSAY TKE Business Admin. Melrose, Mass. I.V. Basketball, Intramural Sports. UH 5' V Pk, ' E . A . A r 4 X fx I ,z -5 fgazf' . puwgr . :airfti A fxzilbcsitp .tp cf if .M f . B ERNARD C. RAMSDELL Mechanical Eng. Rockland LEROY F. RAND ALP Forestry New Gloucester Varsity Rifle Team 1, 2, 33 MCA 1, 2, 3, Forestry Club 1, 2, 3. OLIVER M. RANDALL Mechanical Eng. Auburn Cross Country 15 Outing Club 15 Dean's List 25 A.S.M.E. 3. ROSAI RE RATTE Education Lewiston Newman Clubg Education Club: Glee Clubg MCA, Intramural Sports. DONALD E. RAVVSON Civil Eng. Cape Elizabeth Baseball Mgr. 1, 25 A.S.C.E,g Dean's List 1, 2b. FERRIS S. RAY ATA Pre-Medical Eastport General Student Senate 23 Proctor 35 Dean's List. LESLIE S. RAY, Jr. AXA Business Admin. Topsfield, Mass. Campus 33 Band 25 Scabbard and Blade. JOHN M. REARDON AFP Poultry Husbandry Calais CARL H. REED Poultry Husbandry Millinocket Agricultural Club. CARROLL E. REED Business Admin. Randolph Band 2, 35 Intramural Athletic As- sociation 3g Student Union Drive 2. Cl SS 0F19 0 CHARLES C. REGENBRECHT Chemical Eng. Lmden, N. I. JOSEPH T. REILLY KE Public Mgt. Lexington, Mass. Intrarnural Sportsg Interfraternity Councilg Fraternity Vice Pres. RICHARD Y. REILLY K2 Mechanical Eng. New Harbor "M" Clubg Pale Blue Key. V HARLEY B. REMICK QDHK Mechamcnl Eng. Ixittery ROBERT B. RHOADS Agricultural Eng. Portland A.S.A.E. 191 J IUH 5 W C l RICHARD 1. RICH QHK i O , Agricultural Eng. Charleston A.S.A.E., vice President. I A I 1 E-fzfikk I K I Q r or RALPH L. RICHARDS KACIP Education Princeton Education Clubg Intramural Ath- letic Assn. BARBARA A. RICHARDSON IIBKIJ Home Economics Norway Sorority Vice Pres. 33 Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 25 Sophomore Eaglesg Dean's List 1, Zag General Senate, Treas. 3. .1 CLIFFORD H. RICHARDSON, Jr. 7 ' I Civil Eng. Bar Harbor !, .R'.. ' f ' f MAITLAND E. RICHARDSON KIDHK Agricultural Economics Rome CHARLES C. RICHMOND ATA Business Admin. Calais FREDERICK A. RICHTER Chemical Eng. Richmond ROBERT A. RICHTER DDE Civil Eng. New Britain, Conn. MOCQ A.S.C.E.g Dean's List. ALBERT S. RILEY History South Portland Bandg Education Clubg MCAQ MOC. VVILLARD E. RILEY Agricultural Economics Orono Cl SS'egfeff'wrHas1 If,,1, 1 , 1911.31 91.2.5754 X Hgjgdyfig g4'ifEi5f'1E,K 1505-' 'E,,I-'ggilnl-' ,:.:.5' f - , , . .. . :Elf ,'4ria?2' i L,,1 WAWA . .. . .,,, ,,i -.f1.f,', , 1, Qigffwf-W M' film- ' of gg... . eggs' f of ,.g5g5g.a-1.--i W. 7 if -.Qi ' 19532545 193 01319 0 STANLEY G. ROBERTS, Ir. ATA Business Admin. Manhasset, N. Y. ORVILLE W. ROB ERTSON Business Admin. Danforth JAMES A. ROBINSON AFP Agronomy Ashland Agriculture Club, Pres. CAnnexJ 1, Sec. Z, Vice Pres. 35 Alpha Zeta. RICHARD P. ROBINSON Civil Eng. Boothbay Harbor RICHARD T. ROBINSON 'PMA Agronomy Lubec Varsity Football 29 Agricultural Club 23 Football 1. rnn e -T A .A f l A 1 51.3, g an q i if A Xfire .. Qi 1 5 l 5 .Ill IDP. WILLIS M. ROBINSON Electrical Eng. Lewiston JOSEPH T. RODERICK, Jr. Mechanical Eng. Doverelfoxcroft FERDINAND R. ROMANO KE Physical Education Portland Baseball g Football, Basketball 3 MCA: Pale Blue Key. ROBERT C. ROSENBERG Mechanical Eng, Oruno HERBERT J. ROSENTHAL Business Admin. Waterville 'gifs -1 F I .... i 5 H, 3 . V. .V jg ""n ' g i-' I .ell .W S ig ..,, 1 Q . il' at W may EUGENE ROWE Mechanical Eng. Old Town GUY E. ROWE, Jr. Chemical Eng. Norway Football, Freshman Club, Vice l'res.g Chemical Eng. Club. PASQUALE L. ROZZI EN Business Admin. Portland Freshman Clubg Business Mgr. of -Frosh Frags lg Vice Pres. of Class lg Newman Club 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 23 "Newman Tydingsl' 2, 35 MCA 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 29 Catholic Choir 1, 2, 39 Proctor 33 Spanish Club 3, IRC 3. ROBERT A. RUSHWORTH Mechanical Eng. Orono CHARLES W. RUSSELL Engineering Physics Bangor MARILYN E. RUSSELL Home Economics Washburn Campus 35 Home Economics Club 35 Education Club 35 MCA 3. JOHN A. RYDER Pre-Medical Lincoln Prismg MCAg Dean's List Ia, CHA RLES V. SALISBURY Horticulture Bar Harbor GEORGE F. SALMI Business Admin. Waldoboro ROBERT S. SALTZMAN Engineering Physics Bangor Physics Club 2, 35 Proctor 15 Union Bldg. Fund Capt. 1, Z5 Football 13 Basketball Mgr. lg MCA 2, 3g Hillel 2, 3. Cl SS 0F19 0 GLADYS B SAMPSON Business Admin Augusta VVomen Veterans Club 1, 2, 35 Vet- erans' Comm. 35 Dean's List la, lb. ISABELLE S. SAMPSON IIB-Iv French Dexter Newman Clubg French Club. W' ALTER SA RVAS Chemical Eng. Saco HENRY W. SAUNDERS UI OX Mechanical Eng. VVestbrook A.S.M.E.g Scabbard :mil Blade. RICHARD F. SAUNDERS AFP Agricultural Economics Monmouth Intramural Softball and Footballg Aqricultural Clubg Men's Senateg MCAQ Frat. Reporterg Dean's List lb, Zb. JUNI RICHARD L. SAVAGE 9X Civil Eng. South Portland Men's Senate 29 Band 2, 3, Newman Club 3. RILLA J. SAVAGE French Foil Kent JOSEPH E. SAVOY Civil Eng, Bangor RICHARD C, SAVVTELLE Electrical Engineering Saco WILLIAM F. SAWYER Mechanical Engineering Milbridge A.S.M.E. IRA VV, SCANLIN Animal Husbandry Bangor HERBERT K. SCHNEIDER Geology Augusta Geology Clubg MCA 23 Dean's List lb, 2b. RICHARD P. SCHONLAND, Jr. TKE Business Admin. Portland Prism 35 MCA 1, 2, 35 Radio Guild 25 Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 33 Band 1, 2, 3, Drill Master 33 Freshman Club, "Maine Handbook" lg MOC 2, 35 Masque 2. 3, Council 35 Education Club 3, Kappa Phi Kappa. FRANCES A. SCLAIR English Bangor ROBERT A. SCOTT Dairy Technology Freeport H. P. Hood and Sons Scholarship, Alpha Zeta. WENDELL O. SCOTT Civil Eng. Vllilton CHARLES H. SCRIBNER Mechanical Eng. Bangor Newman Club. HERBERT C. SCRIBNER Chemical Eng. Stillwater ROLAND H. SCRIBNER Physical Education Bangor KENNETH W. SEAMAN Mech. Eng. Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. Me-n's Student Senate lg Scabhard and Blade 2, 3, Treas. 3g A.S.M.E. Cl SS UF I9 0 RICHARD B. SEARS V " Y ' Geology Portland N V' lllf? A if MARILYN M. SEAVEY xo R g Sociology Auburn t ' MCA 1, 25 W.A.A. Council 1, 33 A 'w 1" Asst. Hockey Mgr.g Sigma Mu Sig- 'K Q Q mag Deanls List 23 Philadelphia A Q Alumni Assn. Scholarship 1. A 1 -- V V 'lf ,, ik. RICHARD A. SEIGARS ATQ Business Admin. Clinton MARK W. SEWALL ATS? General Eng. Boothbay Harbor PAUL N. SFERES KE . , V Business Admin. South Windham fi Lf.f mimi- A s .a,,.i,. .yum .. lf? A W I lie 197 Q' W'f'f?s'2c4f f.Q . :Q.,g.vmfggg.t, " .Kim w G gfrw - .A ,. ,f4f,m.wQ, . Q " 1 Ill Ill GILBERT A. SHANNON Education Bangor IRENE D. SHANNON Liberal Arts 8: Nursing Wytopitlock LLOYD P. SHAPLEIGH English Bangor Pine Needle Art Editor 25 Philoso- phy Clubg Honorable Mention Ham- let One Act Play Contest 2g Student Asst. Art Dept. 3. ELIZABETH N. SHAW Home Economics Caribou Home Economics Club 2, 35 MCA 1, 2, 33 House Council, Vice Pres. 3g Neai Mathetaig Dean's Listg Anne E. Stodder Scholarship 23 Univ. Scholarship 3. VAUGHAN S. SHAW LPHK Agronomy Limestone Agricultural Clubg Canterbury Clubg MOC. JOHN R. SHEA Chemistry Rumford MARK R. SHEDD 1IwI'A History 8: Govt. Bangor Sophomore Owlsg Student Senate 19 Dea.n's List 1, Zbg Union Building Fund 1, Z. PAUL G. SHEEHY Business Admin. Auburn Newman Clubg MCAg Basketball Mgr. 1. WALTER A. SHERMAN Business Admin. Bucksport Forestry Club 1. MILTON E. SILVERMAN Civil Eng. Portland JOSEPH E. SIMANONOK ATA Mechanical Eng. Saco EDVVARD R. SIMMONS Mechanical Eng. Sargentville JOHN W. SIMMONS Electrical Eng. Sargentville DAVID SIMPSON, Jr. Business Admin. Lewiston Prism 25 Proctor 1. DONALD C. SIMPSON ATA Business Admin. Eastport Cl SS UF I9 0 PAUL D. SIMPSON BOII Business Admin. Augusta NORTON SINERT Business Admin. Rumford ABEL R. SIROIS Civil Eng. Skowhegan LLOYD A. SKIFFINGTON English Dover-Foxcroft CHARLES K. SLEIGHT Forestry Lubec 199 Ill I0 BOBBY G. SLOSSER HOWARD E. SMALL Electrical Eng. Stillwater RUTH L. SMALL Business Administration Orono Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Masque 2, 3, Council 33 Modern Dance Club 1, Z. 35 Commencement Pageant 1, 2, 3. JOHN A. SMILEY ATP Animal Husbandry Winslow Agricultural Club 1, 2, 39 MCA 2, 33 Asst. Mgr. Farmers' Fair 35 WGAN Scholarship 1. BETTY A. SMITH Physical Education Orland W.A.A.g W.S.G.A., Vice Pres.g Tum- bling Club, Pres.g Modern Dance Clubg Physical Education Club, Sec.g M-Clubg All-Maine Basket- ball Teamg W.S..G.A. Scholarship. EDWIN B. SMITH Engineering Physics Kennebunk Amateur Radio Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 39 Institute of Radio Engineers 35 Physics Club 2, 3: MOC Z9 MCA 2, 3g Deanls List 1, 2. EDWIN F. SMITH Business Admin. Carmel FLOYD T. SMITH Civil Eng. Stockton Springs Order of the Temple. FRANK J. SMITH, Jr. ox Business Admin. Portland Baseballg Proctorg Newman Clubg MOC. GEORGE L. SMITH Languages Norwalk, Conn. HARLAN R. SMITH KDMA Physical Educ, Bar Harbor Football, Varsity 2, 35 Football lg Intramural Basketball g House Committee, JUNE F. SMITH IIBKIP Home Economics Presque Isle Home Economics Clubg Glee Club lg Church Choir. MORRIS I, SMITH Electrical Eng. Portland NICHOLAS J. SMITH History Newton Ctr., Mass. Masqueg International Relations Clubg Education Clubg Stamp Clubg Philosophy Club. PAUL E. SMITH Public Mgt. Dixmont Cl SS 01319 0 ROBERT E. SMITH Business Admin. Milford, Conn. ROBERT P. SNOWMAN Journalism Caribou HOLLIS N. SOULE EN Mechanical Eng. Charleston JOSEPH R. SOYCHAK ATSZ Business Admin. Lisbon Falls ELDREDGE E. SPARROW EX Civil Eng. So. Orleans, Mass. 201 J ll l AUBREY L. SPAULDING Electrical Eng. Dover-Foxcroft ROBERT S. SPEAR Business Admin. Cape Elizabeth Forestry Club 1, 2g MCA 1, 2, 3. ROBERT P. SPELLACY Forestry Putnam, Conn. Forestry Club. BEVERLY J. SPENCER IIBCD Psychology Westbrook Cheerleader 1, 35 Modern Dance 2, 33 Square Dance Club 13 Frosh Frags 13 Campus 15 Commencement Pageant 1: W.S.G.A. 2: Panhellenic Council, Treas. 35 MOC 25 House Council lg Freshman Club Council 1. PHILLIP F. SPENCER EN Physical Educ. No. New Portland Intramural Football 1, 2, 35 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 33 Softball 1, 2, 3g Handball 1. 2. 33 Bowling 1, 2, 3, Education Clubg MOC. RICHARD A. SPENCER EN Business Admin. Leeds J.V. Football 35 Sophomore Owls. RICHARD W. SPRAGUE Chemical Eng. Dark Harbor Glee Club 1, 2, American Chemical Society. FREDERICK VV. SPROUL Dairy Husbandry South Bristol Agricultural Club 2, 35 MCA 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM S. STACEY History Calais Education Club, International Re- lations Club. DORIS S. STACK Sociology Lewiston Commencement Pageant, Freshman Clubg W.A.A. lg MCA 1, 2, 33 Hillel 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3. DOUGLAS A. STAFFORD Zoology Pittsfield RICHARD A. STANDLEY, Ir. Electrical Eng. Portland Masque 1, 25 MCA 1, 25 Orchestra 2, 35 MOC 19 North Dorm Council 35 Campus 29 Veterans' Comm. 2. JESSE C. STANLEY Pre-Medical Old Town DerbDeutsche Vereing Dean's List I, 2 . RALPH C. STARK Education Bangor EARL E. STATLER Forestry Brooklyn, N. Y. Cl SS 0F19 0 ' 'f" . .,., , . ...,... .. ' --7.2: : as :swf 9, -1 5vgMs,f,,- .AW Es aft? ' - T3 V1 S S 3? we Maia 4 w Yi t . swf 4 w W K :Ng - it 1. , irtr , 1 , - ' f7 4ffWfl'51ET?" , , 1 ' gpifrgfgizggeasf' , .. . Ufzwxsr z., 7sezn,s2s,mwf ,. , .. ' ' ' .... ,. ,L 1 1- P - 511122. ..w:wsd?fl,4i , I 4 -2322? -' fivfz , f ' 203 BARBARA STEARNS Home Economics Center Lovell Bbadminton 23 MCA 33 Dean's List 2 . ROBERT D. STEARNS Psychology Center Lovell ARCHIE C. STEEN Mechanical Eng. Patten Intramural Basketball 1, 35 Glee Club 1, 3. VYALLACE R. STERLING Mechanical Eng. Portland Glee Clubg Varsity Singers. WILLIAM E. STETSON Engineering Physics Portland 1 1 'irc - as W Nw 1 if .lt time Ill I0 EMMETT R. STEVENS EAE Education Stillwater ROBERT S. STEVENS EAE Education Portland Football 1. BARBARA L. STEWART X52 Theatre Rumford Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Square Dance Club 15 Modern Dance 2, 33 Campus 15 Commencement Pageant 1, Ra- dio Guild 2, 33 Basketball 1, 25 Volleyball 15 Tumbling Club, MCA 1. Z, 33 Newman Club 1, 2, 33 Fresh- man Clubg House Council 1. GWICNDOLYN J. STEVVART Arts Caribou VIRGINIA STICKNEY X52 Business Admin, Portland Goodwill Chest Drive, Campus 33 Square Dance Club, Sec.g House Treas. 1, Volleyballg Basketballg MCA, Prism, VV.A.A., Publicity, Hockey Mgr,g Tumbling Club, Chapel Choir 5 Embassy Week. , was HA 'f S firm if was , Lwisasawf 'ffwfrsglikgtf ,V A,,, 1 , Jim. ' a 1. , . S ff mlm KARL H. STILES if Mechanical Eng. Bath V - V M. N is fi.- ,:s,.sf,, , 5nf,,y, ',g ..',1wf. .f z. ff1wf ff,,..,f . iv W' at :V .. . W 1 i , ...J if , 1, ,KV if ay fire,-.Q 3 fl Z .ff w V.. ,jf " Gigi 9 if M K I 5 y 1 , , ii A .ff 2.V f ic ' A, wr Wise .K i' fr.: 3, ' ia f V :,,.X.w.,. i-.. , - o P' " ss JOHN H. STIMPSON Business Admin. Cape Cottage MOC 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 13 Pack and Pine 1, 2, 3, Pres. Z, 3, Campus 3, Asst. Business Mgr., Prism 3, Bus- iness Mgr. ALAN D. ST. JAMES Journalism Millinocket Campus, Press Club. ERLING F. STOCKMAN ZIAE Economics Great Neck, L. I., N. Y. Campus Cartoonistg Fraternity So- cial Comm. ICDGAR A. STODDARD, Ir. Chemical Eng. Portland American Chemical Soc., A.I.C.E. ROBERT L. STODDARD Business Administration Orono WARREN A. STODDARD Public Mgt. Portland Golf lj Young Republicans Clubg Outing Club Zg MCA 23 Dean's List 1, 2b. GEORGE G. STOEBER AXA Physical Education Biddeford CHARLES L. STOKES Electrical Eng. Bangor ROBERT P. STONE AFP Poufltry Husbandry Milford Agricultural Club 2, 35 MCA 23 Newman Club 33 J.V. Football 1, 2. 3. Cl SS i i x l ga f . ,ga.,A,, . .5 .-W, .1 x.,-I.: s if f 5, - -tg. W 1 , . s f +1 "7TT?fj if f l - :-f f s i . L K - .751 fl. A , l l i 4 205 CA RLETON R. STORER Civil Eng. Yarmouth CAROLINE STRONG HB4- Physical Education Vassalboro All-Maine Hockey Team 1, 2, 35 All-Maine Basketball Team 25 Uni- versity Seal 3g Square Dance Club 2, 3, Treas. 33 W.A.A. Council 2, 3g Volleyball Mgr. 3, Asst. 25 Tum- bling Club 3g Physical Education Club 35 Officials Club 2, 33 M-Club 2, 33 MCA 1, 2. FRANK E. STROUT Business Admin. Bucksport RICHARD G, STROUT AFP Poultry Husbandry Auburn MCAg Agricultural Club. OTIS A. ST. THOMAS Education Howland 1 ' Mills:"ff1f'-A-als: - f' W f.::HaS?15-fl:-.' ' , A way viiigwfisfi -w ":1f-siege zswlwg, Q , 4' 1 W '-f : ' , , K . ' . , i - f r . re -1- ft, 4 wafer Ill I0 EDWARD J. STULPIN Forestry Middleborc, Mass. Forestry Club. RICHARD V. STURTEVANT Mechanical Eng. Needham, Mass. JOANNE F. SULLIVAN Speech Orono Basketball 1, 2, 35 Newman Club 2, 35 OE-Campus VVomen's Club 1, 25 Tumbling Club 2. KENN ETH T. SULLIVAN Nlevllallival Eng. Stillwater ROBERT F. SULLIVAN GX Psychology Morristown, N. J. Tennis Team 2, 33 Skiing, Track, MOCQ Newman Club. RONALD E, SUSEE Social Studies Vanceboro JAMES P. SUTHERLAND, Jr. Mechanical Eng. Bath Boxing 2, 3: MCA 1, 2, 3g Glee Club 1: A.S.M.E. HERMAN S. SWARTZ TEKIH Psychology Roxbury, Mass. Chess Club. HOYT C. SWEET General Agriculture Bar llarbor JOHN A. swEET Business Admin. Belmont, Mass. THOMAS C. SVVEETSER Jr Agronomy Yarmouth Agricultural Club 1 2 3 Procto 35 MCA. EARL L. SWETT Mechanical Eng. LEE W. SWETT Electrical Eng. Glee Club 13 Ski I.R.C.g A.I.E.E.g Deans List 1 2 RICHARD F. TAF'l Agricultural Eng. mut Handy A.S.A.E. JOHN TAGLIENTI Ir Physical Educ. Llvermore Talib JU IUH PHILIP H. TARR Business Admin. Auburn JAMES R. TAYLOR 11PI'A History 8: Govt. Brewer JOSEPH B. TAYLOR Civil Eng. Bangor WILL! A M ll. TAYLOR Forestry Guilford ROY B. THAYER, Ir. Psychology Augusta MCAQ Skiing 1. 5Qg?'fisv.i uf 7 fp. '51 55 'f Dr f Qs- 5? as as yr diggers- ., E at x Sh 208 CLAYTON W. THERIAULT Education Howland GERALD E. THERIAULT Engineering Physics Springvale Dean's List 1, Zag Band 2, 35 Dorm Council Za. HENRY L. THIBODEAU GX Forestry Howland ROB ERT A. THOITS Mechanical Eng. Portland EDWIN K. THOMAS EN Electrical Eng. Lincoln JOHN H. THOMAS Mechanical Eng. Camden Chorus 1, 2, 3, JEANNE THOMPSON Home Economics Auburn Tumbling Club 2, 35 Home Econom- ics Club 35 Cheerleader 15 MCA 1, 2, 35 Freshman Club 15 Volleyball 2, 3, LAWRENCE M. THOMPSON ATA Chemical Eng. Milo MCA 2, 35 Dorm Council 23 House Proctor 3, Social Chairman 23 World Student Service Fund Drive Z. MARY L. THOMPSON Business Admin. Portland Dorm Vice Pres. 15 MCA5 Dean's List Zag Women Veterans Club, Treas.5 Newman Club5 Off-Campus Women. RALPH W, THOMPSON BOH Electrical Eng. Milton, Mass. MOC 13 MCA 1, Z5 Baseball 15 Football 1, 25 A.I.E.E. 35 I.R.E. 35 De:1n's List 2, 3. Cl SS e1y'T'w fr' 3 f, ,gang 1.5mwew1e.v ,f f ya., ., smmf, . ff A-f-,mes Y ay, vmfasaf is .M at i , ,.,1w. ',1 aelialgft gaaskgffigffiuiigmli M., l 2555 in mga i,f5,fsfv,,.g:, 'cw s --ffmfa f MM 2 .Qui f, .tfzgvgv me .4213 f- f ' Ak., 5-.r 1522? ff. . wi PU' U filiw SY 5325: .1: :"f:: -' ,:f59Z?'i? 25, if im 2- X w iixifgii Mr X yi' sig 91 QS? Hg magma fi 3 5 Q f Q me xv . Q .Q 5. 3. 3 s 5iXrNflr'u5 5 if 2 35,4 ,S fl X t P 5 S 3555, 2 . , ... , 5 - U . .1 ,.wW.,s1 -.,5,":3ff,Eif.fE-.' f" V ' I 'is 18 Lili V "4 efgif:EliyP5?'sl if n is 1 .'f.". lwfxfw UF I9 0 ROBERT L. THORPE Electrical Eng. Auburn A.I.E.E. 35 Dean's List 1, 2. ELWIN VV. THURLOVV Electrical Eng. Auburn HAROLD L. THURLOW QPHK Public Management Lee KENNETH M. TIBBETTS Dairy Husbandry Pittsfield Agricultural Club. EMERY A. TILLSON ' Mechanical Eng, Auburn 535515 W W f, 'W--fppfelw U - M1515-Kei rzgfzsffif ...i,fz1e,'e+f-sf' ,,, ye' i . f , Q 5 4, s 3 l 4 l 1 S Z s K 1 sn ' 35 rl my s , -,TL ' ie gm ' 9 . sw as S iq it L 3' 4 9 ll' W xx ,r H we 1 , x Ji r r - 1 if ' A 11 .9 3 YS. H , LI' :fi 5 S . U, 9' Sr, ' -5 Ill lllll ROBERT M. TILLSON Mechanical Eng. Dexter JOHN W. TILTON EAE Mechanical Eng. Newton, Mass. Band 1, 2, 3. FRANK H. TINGLEY Mechanical Eng. Island Falls A.S.M.E. RALPH M. TITCOMB EQPE Agricultural Eng. Houlton Dorm Council 1, 25 A.S.A.E. RAYMOND E. TITCOMB -i2HK Economics Farmington JOHN R. TOLMAN Animal Husbandry New Sharon MICHAEL C. TOTH Mechanical Eng. Madison A.S.M.E. CARROLL B, TOTMAN Business Admin. Gardiner Band 1, 2, 3. VAUGHN S. TOTMAN fIPHK Engineering Physics Houlton Track 1, Z, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Orches- tra 23 "M" Club 1, 2, 33 Physics Club 39 MCA. PAUL F. TOURTILLOTTE English Bath HARRY W. TRASK Agronomy Easton Agricultural Club: Alpha Zeta. JOHN W. TREAT, Ir. Mechanical Eng. Bangor EDWARD I. TREMBLAY Electrical Eng. Dixiield Newman Club 2, 35 A.I.E.E.g Dean's List lb, 2. BEVERLY V. TRENHOLM Zoology Lubec CHARLES E. TREWORGY Business Admin. Milo Glee Club 1, 2. Cl SS UF I9 PAUL F. TREWORGY CIPFA Business Admin. Milo Campus. PHILIP E. TRIBOU Dairy Technology Augusta Agricultural Club 2, 33 MCA Z, 3. MARLAND E. TRIPP Animal Husbandry Canton RANDOLPH R. TRIPP DDE Electrical Eng. Skowhegan HENRY D. TROTT Forestry Fryeburg 211 in . l .5 ',xL A 'r v '31 'w 5, twin 3 . ,. . , 3352. .. T' ya .al gf' 4 .I .S gr V Q64 431 .53 Jaw Ill IUH WILLIAM W. TRUE Engineering Physics Hope Physics Club 2, 3, Vice Pres. 33 Math. Club 3g Dean's List lb, 2. ARISTEDES L. TSOMIDES KE Business Admin. Saco Mayor of Brunswick Annex lg Maine Bears Dance Band 39 Men's Student Senate. ALLISON E. TUCKER QIPMA Civil Eng. Norway HENRY N. TUKEY, Jff Business Admin. Portland EDGAR G. TURMELLE BGII Physical Education Sanford Football 1, Varsity 35 Track lg Baseball lg "M" Club 33 MCA 1,2g Intramural Athletic Council 2. CLIFTON R. TURNER Animal Husbandry Bangor IULIAN W. TURNER GX Pre-Law Ashland Transfer from Bates Collegeg Masqueg Intramural Footballg Bandg MOCQ MCA. RICHARD M. TURNER Mechanical Eng. Waterville MCA 1, 2, 3. SIDNEY H. TURNER 9X Agricultural Economics Mapleton JAMES H. N. TUTTLE Zoology Northeast Harbor l ROBERT C. UMBERGER Forestry Bangor NICHOLAS V. VAFIADES AT!! Mechanical Eng. Bangor LLOYD H. VARNEY Economics Waterville Agricultural Club 1, 2, 33 Class Sec, 1 CAnnexD. ROBERT W. VARNEY Mechanical Eng. Winslow A.S.M.E. MORTON B. VAUGHN Mechanical Eng. Belfast Cl SS 01319 0 RUDOLPH L. VIOLETTE Civil Eng. Lisbon Center A.S.C.E.g MCAQ Newman Club. MAYNARD NVADDINGTON Mechanical Eng. Rumford A.S.M.E. ALAN C. VVAGNER Civil Eng. VVoburn, Mass. A.S.C.E. HOVVARD E. WAGONER AXA Forestry Scotch Plains, N. J. Forestry Club. ALBERT E. WAITT EKPE Bus. Admin. Cumberland Mills General Student Senate 2g Band 1, 2, 39 MCA 1, 2, 39 Proctor 3. 213 an -V gf: 1 . - is rl 2 1 Q ws xi" , 3, - sf 1 'iff 5 l M Eg lk Mi? S 32 151 ' 4 A . - , . jg. 43 ' Q 5 X -I 1. flfftvwrw-1 -, -- ,.s,..- W . ,,-f, W1 ff:-'Q-f, . f ,Q .Q . KE mi F ""'2Z 1 on y 5 , ,. Q f 5' 5 , , .,:: . ,X . l I I Ill IDR BAXTER C. WALKER ATP Forestry Peru Forestry Club, Treas. 3. COLBY G. WALKER Mathematics Canton Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Education Club. CARROLL N. WALLACE Education Milhridge JOHN A. WALLACE Mech. Eng. East Boston, Mass. Cross Country 2, 35 Indoor Track 2: Outdoor Trackg MCA 2, 33 "M" Club 3. MERLIN J. WALLACE Business Admin. Calais ,. V . o,.o M.. .,,l U. ,X af yu six '5 , .,., ,.o. ., .M Y X VX ei1?kPage2s:?e,4 all vm new wrt., .E 7':WYli3i'Ee'?3S??i zu 'rinsing'-4: W c- .4 Q jgvfsssxstgeg r LW: il-1 -5 fx fwis'?ai'k , -, .MW - 1 If ,V - fsrzgsggsszgs ' i, , 55 xxgif if r ,W SW, 21 M N t 'Y' ,-s--,.. . . , r at IN55 41 ,ku THOMAS D. WALSH EX Sociology AUEUSH Intramural Sportsg Newman Clubg MCA. RUSSELL O. WALTERS Mechanical Eng. Readiield Intramural Boxing, Basketball 5 A.S.M.E.g Charles F. Woodman Fund Scholarship 1, 2. PATRICIA N. XVARD Home Economics Limestone Drum Majoretteg Bandg Home Eco- nomics Cluhg MCAQ Arts 81 Crafts, Dean's List Za. RALPH H. VVARD, Jr. Business Admin. Quincy, Mass. DONALD J. WARING Public Mgt. Methuen, Mass. Debate Council, Vice Pres.g Dean's List. KENDALL WARNER VVild1ife Conservation Freeport FRANCIS O. WARREN Agricultural Eng. Lisbon Falls MCA 1, 2, 33 A.S.A.E. 1, 2. 35 Agri- cultural Club 1, 2. RICHARD G. WARREN Mechanical Eng. Bangor RICHARD D. WATSON K2 Mechanical Eng. Orono Football 2, 3g Basketball 2g Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 33 Freshman Club lg MCA 1. 2, 3g Pale Blue Key 2, 3: A.S.M.E. 3. CARLETON L. WEBB Education Milford Cl SS 01319 0 RALPH L. WEBB Electrical Eng. Fort Fairfield may El .,ISsNw+ 5555, .. -:Wu r ei K3 Sh f ef 1 f a:-l.,1.,,.-',a. .,-'. My MERLE T. WEBBER Mechanical Eng. Kittery ROBERT C. WEBSTER Zoology Orono SCOTT M. WEBSTER EN Psychology Portland DONALD B. WEEKS Agricultural Economics Stillwater 215 Ill lllll WILBUR C. VVEEKS Forestry Bucksport Forestry Club. JAMES E. WELCH Bacteriology South Portland PATRICK H. VVELCH Poultry Husbandry Westbrook ROBERT D. VVELCH Zoology South Paris VINAL J. WELCH Civil Eng. Mattawamkeag JAMES C. VVENTWORTH Poultry Husbandry Hope Glee Clubg Agricultural Clubg Cat- tle Judging Champion 25 Maine Farm Bureau Fund Scholarship 3. JAMES A. WEST Agronomy Wells Intramural Basketballg Farmers' Fair Essay Contestg Dean's Listg Slgars, Roebuck Foundation Scholar- s xp. NEIL D. VVEST E'-bE Business Admin. Saco ROLAND J. VVEST Mechanical Eng. Snyder, N. Y. WILLIAM A. WESTWATER KE Pre-Medical Orono LAURISTON A. WEYMOUTH Civil Eng. Clinton RICHARD J. VVEYMOUTH CIYKE Pre-Medical Orono OSCAR S. WHALEN EQIIE Civil Eng. Eastport MCAg MOCQ A.S.C.E. RICHARD B. VVHALEN Electrical Eng. Pittsfield RALPH C. WHARFF, Jr. Business Admin. Winterport Cl SS 1 217 0F19 0 RICHARD E. WHEELER History Sz Govt. Falmouth Glee Club 2, 33 Varsity Singers 3. MARY N. VVHITCOMB AOII Home Economics Bar Harbor Glee Club 1, 2, 35 MCA 1, 2, 35 Sophomore Hop Comm. 25 Home Eco- nomics Club, Social Chairman 1, 25 Sophomore Eagles, Pres.g House Vice Pres. DAVID O. WHITE Mechanical Eng. Ionesport I'AL'L R. VVHITE ATA Mechanical Eng. Presque Isle Tau Beta Pi. PHILIP R. WHITE, Jr. KDKE Mechanical Eng. Reading, Mass. wr-Cf" av 'irtk d H595 wg eww 333351529 by aiflfaziig 'mg 2- Hx EN Wa? W sw I 3 Lx is 5 -if-fx ' " ' ff I L as C Nazi 522 iig z fzyxgaagggg ::.- gz. -::.::. . ,. . .. .-Y.: .-:E . Q,,1m:. : sr wsgawsiif EG M Emwl smeifaig sisgsgsi gf? ':flSI?:i5S"'1 ' E5iflz:'5i'5-?l2'sr'I -' -iliicfbffliffa Qgwsw-:sw . izge-iZ"i5E!f451:Y SK NYTAQS-G Q-'JfE,iii5?i'?'.Ts it . . t awsf'1..1fzs5.gg5g, -.:fi-- :L 1 1,53 ig fs g W .5 HEA1'4sAsf1,A9a4 me W i iixgwiigaa ' , A A , gfgpmslff . 5 vffssffffm kieliiii, . Nf?:?E?E5E3z'?5 5 fl! 1 I ll I ROBERT A. WHITE EAE Civil Eng. Portland VVALTER T. WHITE Mechanical Eng. Hope THEODORE S. WHITEHOUSE B911 Eng. Physics Boalsburg, Pa. Physics Clubg Tau Beta Pi. RICHARD WHITEHURST Electrical Eng. Portland A.I.E.E. IIII IVAN W. WHITNEY Arts Ellsworth LOIS A. WHITNEY Mathematics Skowhegall Sports Letterg Band Letters. , WAYNE W. WHITNEY JOHN M. VVHITMORE Agricultural Economics Lee Agricultural Club. 'fl . gf? 2:1 -"..-, 5 .te . ANDREW B. WIDDOES Ben L , 35. Business Admin. Augusta 5 - iixf H by 1 Q, BEATRICE R. WILBUR Home Economics Dexter Mathematics Bucksport Glee Club 1, 23 Home Economics Basketball 13 Baseball 1. Club 3g MCA 1, Z, 33 Freshman Club. 218 CHARLES L. WILCOX CPMA Physical Education Brewer Baseball. HAROLD G. WILLEY Psychology Orono FREDERICK D. WILLIAMS Education Milford IOHN R. VVILLIAMS Chemistry Camden MCA 2, 35 MOC Z, 3g Physics Club Zg American Chemistry Society 35 Dean's List 1. NILES C. VVILLIAMS Forestry Waite 5-5 .lfeevlt 8 "'5f5F5s. '. 5 QQIQT. ,- A,.5,. : I ' T5'LKf. ' 55tf9il. , QAQWW. 411s 4 xgw?52Q1f2:2'1izwT3i?? ' ' "4 'f A - 5 E tags 5 Y s E I , ,Q ? . W Y R X 4 at W lr f as W 'iff' I 3 z,, kc, Q 7? 5 lg? 1 525 Ts x. Y' 2 ff L af L t V .,r1fQ1f'1,vwq. f . 1... Myst.:-If us' rl. sm: aw K nw' A -, , , f f 219 UF I9 0 WILLIAM T. WILLWERTH History 8: Govt. South Portland Newman Club. GILBERT L. WILSON, Jr. Electrical Eng. Freeport Dean's List. JOYCE I. WILSON AAA English Presque Isle Education Club 35 Arts and Crafts 2, 35 Neai Mathetaig Women's For- um 3g MCA 1, 2, 35 Dean's List 1, 2. JOHN D. WINCHESTER GX Economics Melrose, Mass. ALAN F. WING GPFA Civil Eng. Bangor F 'i.?:.i' ' lag- 'fqiiii sQ',gg,Q2n5.5 Z- 1- rm 2 '5 af?a?f9ggg35Iw,fs3geQQ1 55sr.1gFssi3saeQ 255521 1322225352 .Ei 7 .' 'I iw fries lv if 9515555 f - X g 27 511 iaffifinis if Q 'fi wi , W ., 152 Q in :xii X E , Q 9, my f 'fi .... A f.-new R W i,.3i':2'w ,jiri B - ri? as -1- .fisigexslil ffnmsitas Xa, 9, my . ., mesa, w,.,,sai fe 5 reign :venereal - mm.. 1. f5,f.f..,,s :fins 1-:vast . .- K ,... .. , . ,. -1.1azisi'2z . , . , , sf:-" - , . 1:35 1, ,.51.:'5:2L'f, V . ' kiwi" . , . ,. f M., -.w - ,.,. lm ii 553555 FV 5? 231- ",- .QiwffLiTi,Tg255P7i5 ' 1:-E' i4gl'3fV-lifisii 51" .zff vzfig? .g22?'H'3i 'il ' , fu ,. 751, wgyym-jg i?i?i,ilf , , I 'ff' E+ 5 ' Er ' .Ill I0 SHIRLEY L. NVING Psychology Winslow Orchestra 2, 3, Librarian 35 House Council 39 Intramural Volleyball 25 MCA 1, 2, 3. STANTON R. WINSLOW Business Admin. Hartford, Conn. JOHN G. WISHART Mechanical Eng. Bath Banclg A.S.M.E. HARLAN J. WITHAM Business Admin. Lewiston Masque 1, 2, 3, Pres. at Annex 15 Glee Club 1, Maine Forum, Vice Pres, 1g Men's Senate 1, 29 MCA 39 Union Building 1, 2. LANGDON W. VVOOD English Castine Glee Club lg Education Club, MCA, Dean's List 1, ' srl 's11'fS55i551f, ' 4 . .12 Ysgsssifs - saw. -U1 12- 11 ,- , Qfsfili M 7 rr , A 1 -w..::,.f m y - . . H131 f1?E55?::-I H , EEG". as M, 12 f ng, f- fs-sw. -we gfsaw ge 5 . li H .K sn.. . .. . , . ,..,.,.s,., . new 1-lXQs ti55E wa. as is , ffgtw . M. , , - f -siE?iiQ::,,r41Qjl5, 'Y 'ah' is Si ,MW .... . ,,. 3, ,. I 98,2525 1 'lil ax " in asa, QL, MM 1 a ,ff +,. gi 8151? gf .War Xl ,r nf l Q 54 X A QL W hx is a ul if ,H mi if as 81 5 sky' ax as is 2 1 A2 am ,4 QL? 3:55523 ak, aww-ife .5 rt- 'K 1 .Kia Y' Z. 1, Q .Wi amssrgwgtl, a 5. M T r 'i 1 l Wflf 'Z :i7fl2X'ff2iiKs'wf !,l:.' X31rc 2512 "1 'g -rifle-,w1,.gq,.3 feng Q , f VVENDELL L. WOOD Business Admin. Houlton Transfer from Ricker Junior Col- lege. RAYMOND G. WOODMAN, Jr. Geology Auburn Band, Geology Clubg Stamp Clubg MCA, MOC. A JACK T. WOODWORTH Physical Educ. Methuen, Mass. Varsity Foot Race, Varsity Basket- ball. ALAN R. WORKS Electrical Eng. Rumford Masque 15 Band 1, 2g Amateur Ra- dio Club, Pres. 2, Sec.-Treas. 3, NORMAN W. WORTHING, Jr. Civil Eng. Auburn RICHARD F. WREN Mechanical Eng. Bangor BARBARA J. WRIGHT Education Caribou JOHN T. YOUNG KE History Millinocket ROBERT N. ZABE AXA Chemistry Eastport Intramural Sportsg Chemical Engi- neers Clubg Proctor. RICHARD E. ZALLEN TEKIJ Business Admin. Auburn French Club 2. Cl. SS 0F19 0 LILA T. ZIMMERMAN Psychology Presque Isle Radio Guildg Chapel Choirg Hillel Choirg MCAQ Hillelg Glee Club. MYRON ZIMMERMAN Mechanical Eng. Guilford A.S.M.E. AVIS V. ZIPPEL Speech Presque Isle Transfer from Aroostook State Nor- mal Schoolg Intramural Debating3g MOC 2, 35 MCA 25 Education Club 35 Canterbury Clubg Radio Guild 3. JAY G. BENTON Mechanical Eng. Winthrop ALBERT F. BRADY EAR Economics Bath Glee Clubg House Social Committee. 221 Ill IUR GEORGE D. AIKEN VVildlife Conservation Brewer WALTER T. ANDERSON Business Administration Brewer ROBERT L. ANDREWS Chemical Engineering Portland JOHN B. BANTON Pulp and Paper Brewer HERMAN J. BAYER Pulp and Paper Bucksport PHILLIP P. BENNETT General Agriculture West Scarboro EDVVARD A. BIKULCIUS Mechanical Engineering Lewiston LEONARD L. BISHOP, Jr. Public Management Orono JOHN S. BOYNTON Forestry Yarmouth ALLEN R. BRACKETT Mechanical Engineering Casco HERBERT L. BRIDGES Government Hampden Highlands FRANK W. BROWN, Jr. Business Administration Mars Hill ROBERT F. BROWN, Jr. Engineering Physics Bangor JAMES R. BUCK Horticulture Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. WALTER R. BUCKLEY VVildlife Conservation Gouldsboro HENRY S. BUDDEN Mechanical Engineering Greenville SHIRLEY M. BUGBEE Economics Dexter LEOPOLD M. BURAK Economics Orono JANICE P. BUTTERFIELD English Augusta ELIZABETH B. CALKINS Home Economics Fairfield ROBERT A. CAMPBELL Business Administration Rumbrod, R. I. JOAN A. CAREY French Brooklyn, N. Y. FRANCIS C. CARMICHAEL Mechanical Engineering Portland CRAWFORD VV. CARTER, Jr. Education Etna COLBY H. CHANDLER Engineering Physics Farmington LEIGHTON S. CHENEY Psychology Portland FREDERICK W. POWERS, Jr. Engineering Physics Portland Dean's List Zb. BERNARD K. ROSENSTEIN Chemical Eng. Peabody, Mass. Chemical Engineering Club, Hillel. Juniors Not Pictured .I JOHN A. CHEVRIER- DONALD E. EAMES History and Government Eastport History and Government Skowhegan DONALD E. CHICK JOHN R. ELWELL Public Management Sanford Mechanical Engineering East Sullivan FREDERICK A. CHURCH, Jr. KELSIE L. FISH, Jr. Civil Engineering Bangor Mechanical Engineering North Wayne ARTHUR L. CLARK JOHN E. FLYNN Education Orono Business Administration Norway DAVID T. CLARK PETER F. FOLEY Public Management Kennebunkport Forestry Portland RICHARD B. CLARK NORMAN T. FOSS Horticulture Kennebunkport Engineering Physics Farmington ROBERT V. CLARK ISABELLE V. FULLER Electrical Engineering Orono Education Auburn JOHN H. CONROY SAMUEL E. FULLER Business Administration Bangor Forestry Long Pond HOMER D. COOMBS FREDRIC H. GIQDDINGS Chemical Engineering Bangor Pulp and Paper Orono EDWIN A. CORMIER. CHARLES B. GILMAN, Jr. Geology Bangor Mechanical Engineering Waterville PHILIP A. COULOMBE SIDNEY G. GILMAN Business Administration Augusta Chemical Engineering Waterville HAROLD F. CRANDALL GUY L. GOODWIN Biological Chemistry Caribou Electrical Engineering Fort Fairfield EVERETT W. CROCKETT NEWTON GRAHAM Business Administration Bangor Business Admin. West Roxbury, Mass. JOHN W. CURRAN CLYDE P. GRANT Zoology Orono Engineering Physics Jonesport DANIEL P. W. CURRIE EDITH H. GRANT Mechanical Engineering Guilford Home Economics Portland CHARLES E. CURTIS ELVET V. GRAY Engineering Physics Kingfield Education Farmington JOHN E. CYR DANIEL E. GRIFFIN Mechanical Engineering Old Town Education East Machias ROBERT E. DAIGLE LEO J. GUIMOND Education Bangor Business Administration Bangor ALANSON M. DARRELL, NORRIS B. HAMLIN Psychology Bangor Electrical Engineering Farmington CARY P. DAVIS CLYDE A. HAYWARD Business Administration Stillwater Agronomy Orono PETER DEL MONACO HAROLD R. HICKSON Civil Engineering Calais Chemical Engineering Bangor ROBERT F. DENNIS EDMUND W. HOCTOR Civil Engineering Rumford Mechanical Engineering Old Orchard DONALD F. DION MARSHALL HOFFMAN Electrical Engineering Portland Business Admin. Swampscott, Mass. MILES E. DODGE THEODORE C. HOLMES Forestry Orono History and Government Eastport JOHN F. DOW EDWARD G. HOUGH Mechanical Engineering Belfast Business Administration Brewer ROBERT R. DUNCAN, Jr. OSCAR J. HUBBARD Business Admin. Cambridge, Mass. English Ogunquit 222 Cl SS 01319 0 HUGH W. HUNTER Zoology Palmer, Mass. ORREN R. HURD Chemical Engineering Fayette HARRY K. HUSSEY Electrical Engineering Bangor JAMES W. HUSSEY Education Presque Isle MATTHEW E. INFIORATI Mechanical Engineering Bangor HERBERT S. INGRAHAM, Jr. Electrical Engineering Orono HOWARD A. JENSEN Electrical Engineering Bangor JOHN H. KATSIKAS Electrical Engineering Stillwater MAURICE L. KELLY, Jr. French Bangor WILLARD R. KELLY Mecliaiiical Engineering Milford NICHOLAS N. KESARIS Business Administration Lewiston CHARLES H. KING Zoology Brewer DOUGLAS T. KING Mechanical Engineering Orono PETER A. LACASSE Business Administration Bangor ELLIOTT E. LAMB Physics Orono HERMAN C. LAMOREAU Agricultural Education Mapleton ROSCOE W. LIBBY Civil Engineering BENJAMIN W, LITTLEFIELD Vanceboro Education Farmington CONRAD E. LONG Horticulture Fort Kent CHARLES A. LORANGER Mathematics Old Orchard Beach JACK I. LORD Business Administration Bangor PAUL R. LYNCH Agricultural Education Caribou TERRENCE C. McALOON Business Administration Bangor DAVID MCCLURE Business Administration Bangor RALPH L. MacKENZIE Engineering Physics East Millinocket OLIN F. MCLAUGHLIN Agr. Econ. Sz Farm Mgt. Island Falls ROLAND MacLEOD Business Administration Saco JAMES E. McMANUS Zoology Bangor INGRID Z. MANN Education Hancock Point NEIL F. MATHESON Civil Engineering Bangor WILLIAM C. MINCHER English Bangor VICTOR P. MINIUTTI Chemical Engineering Old Town JANICE L. MINOTT English Portland ROBERT D. MORAN Public Management Brewer RICHARD H. MURRAY Boothbay Harbor RODNEY B. MURRAY Boothbay Harbor WARREN C. NAUGLER Chemical Engineering Forestry Forestry South Brewer Juniors Not Pictured JERRY S. NICKERSON Mechanical Engineering Orono RAY C. NODDIN Electrical Engineering Cherryfield CARROLL P. PAGE Zoology Orland SAMUEL B. PAGE English Dexter ANTHONY V. PALMA Biological Chemistry Dixfield JOHN W. PARSONS Forestry Wethersfield, Conn. LEWIS D. PAYSON Mechanical Engineering Southport EDWARD C. PENNIMAN Forestry Riverside, R. I. ROBERT H. PERKINS Education Belfast JOHN J. PESCH Zoology Bangor HERBERT O. PETERSON Mechanical Eng. Lexington, Mass. FREEMAN A. PHILLIPS Chemical Engineering Waterville EDMUND F. PIELA Education Manchester, Conn. ALMOND S. PIERPONT Forestry Rockland FREDERICK C. PITMAN Chemistry Woolwich WILLIAM R. POWERS Chemical Engineering Springfield, Mass. WALDON Q. PRIDE Wildlife Conservation Abbot MARTELLE C. QUINT Business Administration Pittsfield ROBERT R. RENDALL Forestry Augusta HOWARD W. REYNOLDS History and Government Winthrop ROBERT P. RICHARDS Agr. Econ. 8: Farm Mgt. Farmington CHARLES W. ROGERS, Jr. Business Administration Old Town RICHARD C. ROGERS Education Methuen, Mass. WILLIAM S. ROGERS Business Administration Brewer ROBERT S. RUPP VVildlife Conservation Springvale ROBERT C. R.USSELL History and Government Bangor PAUL C. SACKLEY Mechanical Engineering Portland GEORGE W. SAMPSON Electrical Engineering Dexter JEANNETTE SHAW Home Economics Caribou CHARLES B. SIBLEY Forestry Stillwater DAVID P. SIMONTON Mechanical Engineering Portland DAVID S. SMILEY Chemical Engineering Skowhegan EARLE F. SMITH ' Mechanical Engineering Bangor RAY E. SMITH Chemical Engineering Orono JAMES T. SNIDER Chemical Engineering Bangor EDGAR A. SOUCY Electrical Engineering Lynn, Mass. 223 ELLSWORTH G. SPENCER Dairy Technology Anson RICHARD S. SPRAGUE English Bangor GEORGE A. STEVENSON Education Greensboro, Md. JOHN E. STONE Education Rockport, Mass. JAMES P. STRICKLAND Mechanical Engineering Augusta THOMAS M. TEAGUE General Agriculture Fairfield RICHARD T. THAXTER Electrical Engineering Bangor BERNARD C. THOMPSON Agr. Econ. Sz Farm Mgt. Limestone ROBERT C. THORNDIKE Business Administration Portland HAROLD R. THURSTON, Jr. Animal Husbandry North Fryeburg RICHARD B. TODD Animal Husbandry Orono ROBERT G. TRAHAN Bacteriology VVaterville THOMAS D. TRAINER Zoology Bangor STANFORD I. TRASK Civil Engineering Dryden CHARLOTTE H. TREWORGY Education St. Petersburg, Fla. HERBERT E. TRIEHY Zoology Belfast HARRY A. VARDAMIS Mechanical Engineering Bangor CHARLES M. WADSWORTH Business Administration Bangor WILLIAM R. WALKER Business Administration Brunswick FRANCIS M. WALL Business Administration Lewiston WILLIAM B. WASHBURN History and Government Augusta JAMES A. WATSON Civil Engineering Orono GEORGE WEINSTEIN Mechanical Engineering Biddeford JOHN C. WELCH Forestry East Millinocket PATRICIA E. VVHALEN English Bangor JAMES R. WHEELER Journalism Cape Elizabeth ROBERT S. WHITE, Jr. Horticulture Madawaska DANA T. WHITMAN, Jr. Public Management Bangor RICHARD B. WHITNEY Forestry Thomaston WILLIAM F, WHITNEY Mechanical Engineering Portland WILLIAM R. WIGGI,N Electrical Engineering Belmont, Mass. FRED W. WOOD Government North Berwick HARRY WOODHEAD Civil Engineering Springvale CHEN T. YEN Electrical Engineering Szechuen, China STANLEY YONKAUSKI Public Management East Millinocket HAROLD A. YOUNG Mechanical Engineering Orono 0 P H 0 M 0 R E cu-iss umcms Simmons, Meade, Marsden, Elliott Pf6SiCiCHI-RUSSELL E. MEADE Vice President-PATRICIA M. SIMMONS Secretary-M ARY E. M ARSDEN Treasurer-JAMES E. ELLIOTT 224 FP. E H M A N cu-xss UFFICERS PI'SSid61'1't-EDGAR M. BAILEY, JR. Vice President-EDGAR F. LORD SCCYCKHTY-JEANNE FRYE Treasurer-MARY L. SNYDER The Brunswick Campus is an example of the service the Uni- versity, the Maine Legislature, and the people of the State of Maine have given to many of the students who are at this Univer- sity. Without the consent of the people, the farsightedness of the Legislature, and the untiring efforts of President Hauck, many of us would never have had the opportunity to continue our educa- tion. Under Mr. Crouse, the Brunswick Campus has enjoyed three successful years of operation. The students who started out there realize the remarkable job that was done in obtaining satisfactory instructors, and adequate equipment for our Iirst year of college work. The Brunswick Campus should be, in everybody's mind, an outstanding example of what the State of Maine has done for its citizens. THE EDITORS. X MAINE O THE BRUNSI'fiCKcA1I4pU5 r1uNbWlCN NIIINICIPAI AIRPORT BRUNSWICK FLYING I SERVICE l -W fzQgi.i1f1. - , -, , S7 sw JASPER F. CROUSE Director, The Brunswick Campus A FINAL MESSAGE The Brunswick Campus as a physical plant began existence in October, 1946. During the three years of its operation over twenty-four hundred men came here to share with fellow students and faculty in work and play, concentration and relaxation Participation in extra-curricular ac- tivities furnished an opportunity to learn the value of cooperation. Life in the dormitories taught the lesson of give and take and tested the Hbre of charac- ter possessed by each. Members of the Student Senate had a chance to know the administrative picture at Iirst hand. All these experiences combined to give the more important meaning to the Brunswick Campus. Their value will not end with the closing of the Maine Annex but will contribute toward richer living in the remaining college years and throughout life. -Jasper F. Crouse ADMINISTR TIO JONATHAN W. FRENCH, Ir. Dean of Men HARRY W GORDON Assistant to the Treasurer HELEN P. BUNKER Assistant to the Registrar CARLTON L. LINSCOTT Assistant to the Housing Manager EDWARD McFARLAND, M. D. Physician, Health Service FRANCIS S. McCUIRE Assistant to the Business Manager KATHERINE W. TRICKEY Assistant to the Librarian W J Front row: Raymond, Graham, Martin, Libby, French, Crouse, Hanson, Barden, Thomdike, Andrews. Second row: Rodgers, Hamm, Race, White, Pendleton, Riley, Carre, Trickey, Mullaney, Doe. Third row: Sawyer, Tice, Louder, Curtis, Davis, Rees, Tonon, Little, Giveen. ' VERY . I it Q: . , I I at ,. In Li . -J . . if AGRICULTURE Mr. Mario A. Tonon PHYSICS Mr. Robert I. Ashman' Mr. Moody F. Trevett Mr. Cecil E. Howes BOTANY Mr. Benjamin F. Graham CHEMISTRY Dr. Willard Martin' Mr. Paul R. Doe Mr. Harold W. Louder Mr. Albert K. Sawyer ENGINEERING DRAWING Mr. Charles A. Johnson' Mr. Everett H. Nason Mr. Victor H. Paquet ENGLISH Miss Nancy Libby' Mr. Roy C. Lacy Mr. Donald E. McGraves Miss Emily Pendleton Miss Barbara Stanhope Miss Ruth E. White LANGUAGES Mr. Jonathan VV. French, 112' Mrs. Marie Carre Mrs. Elizabeth D. Riley Mr. Norman K. Tronerud MATHEMATICS Dr. Samuel L. Thorndikei' Mr. Samuel M. Giveen Mr. Phillip L. Hamm Mr. Edward A. Race Dr. Frederick B. Oleson Mr. Kenneth W. Davidson Mr. Clifford C. Little Mr. Herbert A. Melhorn SOCIAL SCIENCE Mr. Edgar B. McKay" Mr. Neal W. Allen Mr. David Macomber SPEECH Mrs. Beatrice A. Hanson MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS M, William L. whim, Capt. Stephen E. Andrew Capt. John T. Mullaney 1st!Sgt. Jesse A. Rodgers SfSgt. Earl B. Eastwood PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Robert E. Raymond' Mr. Staton R. Curtis Mr. Ernest L. Davis S, ll' 5 S ZOOLOGY Dr. Albert A. Barden' Mr. james R. Rees Mr. Bernard Sass Mr. Kenneth R. Tice "iDepartment head ID .. l , Front row: Gorman, VVathen, Hamilton, Spear, Pease, YVnrthylake, Gerrish. Second row: Fox, Esposito, Bowker. Hill, Easton, Banks, MacFnrInn, XVeden. tudent Senate The above group, the Student Senate, was elected to perform the function of speaking with the administration as a collective voice of the students, of spon- soring valuable activities, and of rnain- taining University of Maine ideals. Its officers were Donald Spear, president, Richard Hamilton, vice president, and Alan Pease, secretary-treasurer. Procto-rs The Director and the Dean of Men of the Brunswick Campus appointed proctors for their qualities of maturity, firmness, and tact to preserve an or- derly, happy student body in the dormi- tories. With an objective of forestalling infractions of the rules rather than re- porting them once they occurred, the proctors did an admirable job. Front row: Richards, XVheeler, Aucoin, French, Mitchell, Strickland, Beames. Second row: Currie, Henry, Dennis, Glauner, Webber, Nye, Heyne. Kirk, Matson, Hersey, Berkowitz, Fox. Here at the Brunswick Campus, THE MAINE ANNEX published news of each of this yearis noteworthy events. This weekly newspaper not only pro- vided its diligent staif with useful journalistic experience but also gave the members of the student body an in- formative, accurate, and enjoyable rec- ord of their college life. Sitting: Panagakos. The Maine Annex THE STAFF: Editor-in-Chief ....,...,..,..... George Hersey Managing Editor .....,...... William Matson News Editoi ',........, .,..,., L eon Berkowitz Sports Editoi '..,.. ........,. ..,,,,... D a vid Fox Advertising Manager .,...t,.., WVilliam Kirk Circulation Manager .... Dwight Holmes Business Manager ......,,.,,. Leonard Silver Photographers LeRoy Dyment, Richard Emery News and Feature Staff Eric Lundin, Richard Ayotte, An- drew Hemond, Harry Henderson, Peter Panagakos, Theodore Cross, Anthony Mezoian, Raymond Fisher, Remigio Agpalo, Raymond Raffer- zeder Sports Staff Robert Harmon, John Pochebit Faculty Advisor ,........,.,,. Charles Johnson Standing: Mezoian, Lundin, Fisher, Hemond, Rafferzeder, Waks, Harmon, Agpalo, Pochebit, Ayotte. The Maine Masque THE CAST OF "GHOST TRAIN,': Richard Winthrop .....4,........,.. Bennie Pike Elsie Winthrop. Saul Hodgkin .......... .......,.Anne Long Owen Pollard Charles Murdock ..,. .,.,... L eonard Silver Peggy Murdock ..,....,.,..,... Shirley Coding Miss Bourne ..... Barbara Ames Teddie Deakin ....,.4.,,.,..... Donald Spear Julia Price .,,.,. Herbert Price .i.... Virginia McFadden Peter Mount I-ohn Sterling ....... .....,., R ichard Ayotte Jackson ,,.....,.., ...i.......,.A R obert Leonard Stage Manager ......... Director ...... , ...... . if .Raymond Crockett William L. Whiting Spear, Long, Pike, Pollard, Silver, Ames. Like its Orono counterpart, the Maine Masque,s aim was to produce plays to give its actors a broader scope of thea- tre experience and the entire campus Worthy entertainment. "Ghost Train," a hilarious comedy, was the Masqueis memorable first pre- sentation. Spear, Long, Mount, Pike, Pollard, Ames, McFadden, Silver, Coding. Political Forum The Political Forum was formed with the aid of social science instructors to acquaint students better with the whole field of politics. The meetings, which brought to the Brunswick Campus speakers on the international and do- mestic scene, Were open to the entire student body. Club officers were Kenneth Waks, president, Alan Pease, vice president, and Thomas Watkinson, secretary. Pease, Wake, Watkinson. Better Halves Club With the intent of including in the campus family the wives of students at the Maine Annex and making available to them the various facilities of the Uni- versity, Miss Nancy Libby, faculty ad- visor of the Better Halves Club, reorgan- ized it early in the fall semester. The women met on the first Tuesday of each month in the Student Union. Among their activities Were a basketball team and a rifle team. Some members took parts in the plays given by the Maine Masque. Officers of the organization Were Margaret Hanson, president, Jean Wade, vice president, Marilyn Lee, corresponding secretary, and Shirley Coding, recording secretary and treas- urer. Front row: McFadden, Shute, Wade, Coding, Hanson, Lee, Eawes, Williams, Perkins. h Second Row: Miss Libby, Durost, Bodurtha, Erickson, Ames, Lloyd, Grover, Esposito, Pmkham, Garrett Long. Booker Knight, Dr. Barden, Harmon, Hazelwood, Hall. Bridge Club Every VVednesday evening the mem- bers of this club met in the Commuters, Lounge of the Administration Building to play bridge. Although a few of the members were beginners, most had had some experience with the game. With the helpful counseling of its advisor, Dr. Albert Barden, the group achieved its dual purpose of improving its bridge and playing against outside competition. Student Social Committee The Student Social Committee, draw- ing its members from the many Maine Annex organizations, first met in the middle of November. Its function was to plan for all non-athletic activities of the campus which were not sponsored by the clubs. An active body from the start, it made plans at its initial meet- ing to present the Christmas Ball on December tenth. Encouraged by the great success of the Christmas Ball, the committee planned to present several more big dances later in the school year. Staton Curtis was the commi-tteeis ad- visor. Harry Richardson was its chair- man. Front row: Mezoian, Taylor, Richardson, Hersey, Kilgore. Second row: Russo, Stephens, Collins, Snow, WVilson, Conrad. Radio Club The Radio Club was organized to promote amateur radio and at the same time aid the Naval Reserve in complet- ing its communications network. Using equipment left by the Navy at Bruns- wick, men in the club established radio Contact with stations in the United States and Canada. Some club mem- bers who already had their "ham', licenses helped others to fulfill examina- tion requirements. Ashley, Preble, VVare, Harris, Hall, Pelletier Photography Club The purpose of the Photography Club was to create more interest in the field of amateur photography. The club met Monday evenings in the Administration Building. Its members heard lectures on portrait work, saw special topic movies from Hollywood, went on field trips,,.and made a school calendar. This club had the use of a darkroom well- outfitted with professional apparatus. Front row: Beekman, Downing, McDonough, Burdzel, Harmon. Second row: Dyinent, Day, Lambert, Cutter, jackson. 'Third row: Garris, Smith, Hopkins. Fourth row: Emery, Jenkins, Feck, Robinson. cg? 73-'IE -S5'.,gf wig? Rfgmzvk Front row: Mr. Tice, Hagan, Wilson. Second row: NVoodman, Collins, Henderson, Lundin. S. C. A. The Student Christian Association was designed to provide the many faiths represented at the Maine Annex with a common bond of religious fellowship and to stimulate thinking on the appli- cation of religious principles to the problems of everyday life. Throughout the year, the group presented Sunday evening vesper services at the chapel. R. O. T. C. Club The R. O. T. C. Club, open to non- veteran freshmen taking the basic mili- tary course, operated as an activity com- mittee for the Whole corps. Their im portant plans for 1949 included present- ing motion pictures and sponsoring the long awaited Military Ball. Harold Gerrish Was the president of the club, Albert Smith, vice president, Samuel Allen, secretary, and Merrill Bartlett, treasurer. Front row: Hill, Snow, Bartlett, Gerrish, Allen, Beanies, Papouschek. Second row' Fo-ter B t Eastoi K1 Rl C t M ll . s , ur, 1, .ce, uiy, ap . u aney. Third row: Kilgore, Logan, Dinsmore, Beal, McLennan, Fox. Sitting: joy, Business Managerg French, Editorg Bowker, Activities Editor. Standing: Dyment, Photographerg Downey, Editor. Veterans Club The Veterans Club included all former servicemen at the Annex. At their semi-monthly meetings in the Stu- dent Union, members Were kept in di- rect contact with veterans, affairs. Guest speakers talked on the many aspects of veterans, benefits, especially the G. I. educational program. Prism Staff In the very short time given the Prism Staff at the Maine Annex to do its Work, its members tried to present in words and photographs a true picture of col- lege life there. If they have had any success, it was due to the splendid co- operation of the many people at Bruns- wick and Orono with Whom they Worked. Mezoian, Secretaryg Libby, Presidentg Isabel, Vice Presidentg McGlauHin, Treasurer. Front row: Panagakos, Bradford, Saisi. Second row: McGlincy, McAllen, Rolston, Anagnostis. Athletic Chairman The Athletic Chairmen were elected by their respective dormitory wings to organize and co-ordinate the activities of the intramural sport program at the Brunswick Campus. Working with the Physical Education Department, they gave all students a chance to participate in such sports as bowling, basketball, and softball. RiHe Club The Rifle Club, formed under the auspices of the R. O. T. C., began its season outscoring Rhode Island State freshmen by 103 points. Well trained by their coach, Sergeant Eastwood, the marksmen showed talent of which the University of Maine can be proud. Front row: Capt. Andrews, Chapman, Crosby, Banks, Butler, Downing, McBride. Second row: VVise, Gilmore, Hutchins, Watson, Cutter, Jenkins. Third row: Magalis, Musteikis, Wilner, Cooper. Glee Club The Glee Club, a one-credit course in group singing, provided the Brunswick Campus with Hne entertainment and its young artists with an opportunity for furthering their talent. Every Thursday in the Student Union, members of the Clee Club, directed by Mr. Doe, re- hearsed to sing at assemblies and con- certs. Band The Maine Annex Band offered all student musicians interested in band music a year of Work in the field. Under its able director, Victor H. Paquet, the band played at assemblies, plays, games, and R. O. T. C. inspections. Many mem- bers of this organization are looking forward to joining varsity bands at Orono. Front row: Madeiros fMgr.j, Johnson, Pocius CCapt.J, Parks, Castner, Burk, Smith, Swenson, Easton, Heck, Vllhytock, Richardson, Rockwell QlvIgr.j. Second row: Coach Curtis, Tnrclif, Dennis, McLaughlin, Hare, Pendleton, Powell, llc-wins, Hobson, Kirby, Clark, Coach Raymond. Thlrd row: Tibbctts, Hodgkms, Erlckson, Dagdigian, Hamm, Richardson, Heffler, Christie, Sturgeon, VValker, LaShapelle. FOOTB lnsofar as football at the Maine Annex was intended to develop good material for the varsity teams at Orono, the 1948 season can be said to have been successful. The team soon at- tained spirit and cooperation, While its men showed their ability and aggres- siveness. LL Annex Annex Annex Annex Annex SCORES Brewster Academy 0 Bridghton Academy 13 Maritime Academy 13 Maine Vfs 0 Coburn 12 Front row: XVilson, Hatch, Henderson, Merry, Brackett, Brown, Dow CCa t.J p . Second row: Coach Hamm, Rolston, Torrey, Cahouet, Cable, Feasey, Savage fMgr.J CROSS COUNTRY The Maine Annex Cross Country Team had an outstanding year. Besides attaining the laudable record at the right, the team placed third in New England competition. In the National IC4A Meet, the first man from New England to cross the Hnish line of the three-mile course was our own Richard Dow. Men attending New England Meet: Savage, Wilson, Feas Ralston. SCORES Annex 20 MCI Annex 18 Hartland Academy Annex 20 Brunswick High Annex 20 MCI Annex 28 Maine Sophomores ey, Brackett, Hamm, Dow, Brown, NVathen T Nr T? aff Front row: Medciros QMgr.l, Donovan, Bradley, Foley, Easton, Bonney, Conley, Ham, Buck CMgr.l. Second row: Hodgkins, MacVane, XVilkinson, Beckwith, Kelley, Hewins, Christie, Coach Raymond. BASKETBALL After training long hours in the fundamentals of the game, the 1948- 1949 Maine Annex Basketball Team played with speed, coordination, and seeming tirelessness. Many individuals showed that they were capable of playing superior bas- ketball. Chief among these were Brad- ley and Eaton as centers, Hewins and MacVane as guards, and Donovan, Ham, and Christie as forwards. Judg- ing by their performance this year, we can expect these men to form the back bone of future Varsity teams. SCORES Annex 54 Maine Iayvees 62 Annex 73 Maine Academy 61 Annex 68 Bowdoin Iayvees 56 Annex 64 Hebron Academy 62 Annex 60 Bates Frosh 54 Annex 54 Colby F rosh 84 Annex 45 Portland Junior 72 Annex 63 M. C. I. 60 is ww U r gl 1,55 , lly' f . 7' ' '- 1' Sm ug 5 . .V sw . gg fi -. A sf Q -f' Pretty, Fullhouse Boys, Everyday Stuff Readmg, Drama Q 13' if ,. xx, riff W 4 - f ,,,wm2g111.f, X , X w 1 ? -f 1' S3155 ii:- ' Y ,wg me Wggffa 357:14 v..'29ff'ii3"?'?? ,,-is-:.w5f"'.:'5.5-Q41- .2"Yi7-""-"--' ' 5.-,H "E-.Ep-1. VJ, ivy- ,L 7-Ziff-ga --:'1f1Fi.5f'7fS1!5'.g J ...yn ,. -nf-Fzaws.. -.- I . -if A .+- . :iff .fufffl-'f'f74"' 3955-7" fn '1:3',.5f1?'K53I"'t.' 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Hfijiwl-Lift' A 'ijtiiygd 1 - .vnu , :'f.e+.+f: 23? fflelag- - ,gfr...- 1 -421 ff? fkgqfjffggfgi- 54.1129-f' 'ees?"1'.'ffF?f.'f'7"': "-f:'.1ef11..'v3'2wv' ifflqgfff vw- QL, nv -f-,.. --.-IV -2. -.. , . ..-fi-r--f - 13.".?vf,-f-f".?If,'5,,."z-L22 1- "1-'fd-41 ' uf: 223.1 r LQQQFQEQ a i"-tx.."- ' ' ' " " . "- q,.,,L.---" ,I , ' . , -' Tfsiildfo' '.'.P':,' 'f fam- : F 1:--,Q .M-' 1 f 555-,,1.-.' : j 1,-.A , '-5. 2 . 1- r -.-'lr' LH." -S i 1 x4:vf'l9,'b-,Q va' 'ISL' Q ! f f. if Q E ' 1775. 1:-ivvwqj Q O RORITIE President. ,,.,..,,.. ......... , ..,.,,..,,.,... C arl Estes Vice President ...........,.... G. Melvin Hovey ag I . I H 0 Secretary ........,......... j. Patrick Gallagher Treasurer ,..,......, .........,... T homas Teague Psi Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho was accepted into the national order on February 20, 1924. Psi Chapter has forty-one active members, thirty of which live in the house. Activities which stand out at Alpha Gamma Rho are the Spring and Fall house parties and the annual "Wood Choppers Ballf, Alpha Gamma Rho, national fra- ternity, was founded in 1904 at Colum- bus, Ohio. It is strictly an Agricultural Fraternity, initiating men only in the College of Agriculture. Mrs. Hinckley is the house mother at A. C. R. She lives in Brewer and keeps the house under control over the Week- ends. Front row fleft to rightjz Hanson, Downie, Gee, VVaterman, Mrs. Morrow, C. Estes, Strout, E. Estes, Potter. Second row: Saunders, Rand, Hilton, A. Andrews, Hawkes, Robinson, I. Findlen. Q Third row: Tyler, Smith, Rockwell, Walker, Bennett, Moore, Mooers, Adell, Stone. Fourth row: G. Gallagher, Hovey, W. Findlen, P. Gallagher, Bamford, Vamam, Ashby, Teague, L. Andrews Clyde Adams Langdon Andrews james Ashby Clinton Adell Albert Andrews Iohn Bennett Carl Estes William Findlen John Babson Howard Bamford Angus Black Philip Downie William Harris I. P. Gallagher John Gee Harold Hanson Blaine Hawkes Bernard Hilton Donald Knowlton Earl Estes Iohn Findlen MEMBERS 1949 1950 1951 Richard Lucas Robert MacLauchlan Philip Mooers Earle Moore Gerald Pickard Leroy Rand James Robinson Edwin Rockwell Richard Saunders Gerald Gallagher Melvin Hovey Stanley Tyler Robert Waterman Carlton Smith Robert Stone Richard Strout Thomas Teague Baxter Walker Lawrence Potter Charles Varnarn Front row: Schmidlin. Bouchard, Cook, Lituri, Bowen, Linton, Mrs. VVhitney, Mr. Sezak, Sprague, Jones McElman, Brown, Cunningham, Piscopo. Second row: Winter, Vaiiades, Potter, LaPrise, Oddi, Banton, C. Mason, R. Mason, Cates, Payson, Murray Wark, Ryder, Chase, Hayward, Boulter, Norton, Hodgkins. Third row: Marden, Hayden, Tozer, Eldridge, Bigney, Seigars, Soychak, Connors, Chapman, Angus, Clark Shepard. Fourth row: Cummings, LeClair, MacFarlane, Kirkwood, Philbrick, Smiley, Merrill, Thurlow, Wilson Hackett, Shemuan. MEMBERS 1949 Richard Banton Elmer Bowen John Chapman Raymond Cudahy Arthur Cunningham Frederick Hackett Lawrence Hadley Samuel Jones Bernard Bouchard George Brountas David Cates Harold Chapman Edward Chase Arthur Clark Thomas Connors Charles Cook Clyde Douglas Paul Angus Frederick Bigney Arthur Boulter YVilliam Cummings Winslow Hayden John Barber Hawley Brannon Robert Cormier Lee LaP1'ise Louis Lituri Charles Lufkin Charles Mason Richard Mason John Merrill Roger Potter John Schmidlin James Shepard 1950 John Eldridge Clydd Hayward XVilliam Linton John MacFarlane Gerald Mayberry Frank McCormack Clarence McElman Joseph Murray lVarren Naugler 1951 XVendall Hodgkins CliHiord Kirkwood Harold Marden Vance Norton NVilliam Philbrick Pledges Lynne Holden Richard Knowlton John Milton Fred Sherman Richard Sprague William Thurlow Earle Vickery Ralph Walker Arthur Weston Wendell Wilson Carlton VVing Louis Oddi Paul Payson Ralph Piscopo Rohert Richards Richard Seigars Mark Sewall David Smiley Joseph Soychak Nicholas Vafiades John Ryder Vernon Tozer Craig Wark Emil Winter Lauriston Taylor Richard Tuttle President ....,,..,..... , ........ William Linton Vice President ..,,............ Richard S rague a I I al Secretary ....,.,.,...,..,.........,..... Samuelpjones Treasurer .,.,...... .......,..,,. E lmer Bowen The Maine Beta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega, founded April 10, 1891, the third oldest fraternity on the university campus, is one of 108 inter- national chapters. Members included Owls Jay Winter, Fred Bigney, and Dick LeClair, and Skulls John Schmidlin and Artie Clark. Mrs. VVhitney, our house mother, chaperoned our house parties, annual Military Brawl, and Daisy Mae Party, which left happy memories. Beta Theta P' Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1839. Beta Eta Chapter was established in 1878, the first such organization to ap- pear on the Maine campus. There are now 92 active chapters located in the U. S. and Canada. President ......... . ,...... Richard Hewes Vice President ...... ......,.. R obert Lincoln Secretary ........ ,..,.... W illiam Kennison Treasurer ......,..,,...., Theodore Whitehouse This year Beta Eta Chapter has had 21 very successful season in campus ac- tivities. It has ranked fourth scholas- ticallyg has been high in in+tramural sportsg 'has had men on every varsity teamg and has met with great success in all its social functio-ns. First row: Andrew Widdoes, Richard Bachelder, John Nicholson, Oscar Davis, Robert YVhite, George Second row: Howard Jones, Leo Maguire, Philip Murdock, Paul Simpson, Robert Dennis, Robert Briggs, Edward Phillips, Frederick Hermann, Ray MacDonald, Norman Walker, Richard Haskell, Norman LeRoy Peasley. Gray, Robert Goodwin, Donald Black. Third row: Alton Sproul, Eugene Shipley, Harrison Starbird, Robert Thomas, Richard Gordon, James Rice, Lewis Crowell, Everett Keach, Edgar Turmelle, Charles Perkins, Theodore Whitehouse, Robert Nickless, William Kennison, Richard Hewes, Robert Lincoln, William Chesley, Ralph Jewett, Frederick Eaton, Fourth row: Alfred Hobbs, Ralph Thompson, Walter Tweedie, John Shipley, Richard Lockhart, Edward Ames. MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENTS-Albert Galbraith, Frederick Jones, Dean Cushing 1949 Donald Black Oscar Davis William Flynt Merton Goodall Robert Goodwin Norman Gray Richard Haskell Edward Ames Richard Bachelder Charles Barr George Bragdon Robert Briggs Frederick Eaton Richard Gordon Joseph Biron John Coombs Sterling Crowe Frederick Hermann Howard Jones Willis Libby Ray McDonald Leo Maguire Paul Marshall John Mooers William chesley Lewis Crowell Robert Dennis Richard Hewes Alfred Hobbs VVilliam Kennison Ralph Jewett Everett Keach Raymond Downs Richard Hamlin Alvah Leighton Philip Murdock John Nicholson Edward Phillips James Rice Eugene Scheuchzer Eugene Shipley Stuart Smythe 1950 Robert Lincoln Richard Lockhart Augustus Moody Robert Nickless Harold Peasley Paul Simpson 1951 Leroy Peasley Charles Perkins Pledges Horace McGowan Erroll Murphy Philip Reed Alton Sproul Harrison Starbird John Steves Robert Thomas Carl Wheaton Robert Wood Ralph Thompson Edgar Turmelle Robert White Theodore Whiteh Andrew Widdoes John Shipley Wfalter Tweedie Charles Simpson Colby Swan Clinton Tripp 01156 Front row Cleft to rightlz N. Martin, K. Ray, Blaney, Davis, Firmin, Haney, Mrs. Cowan, R. P. Bouchard Geary, Stickel, Pearry, Elliot, Coiiin. Second row: F. Simpson, D. Simpson, Dumas, Walker, Richmond, Bickford, Demetriou, Roberts, Perkins Larrabe, Groves, Kelley. Third row: R. I. A. Bouchard, Corbin, Bartlett, Libby, Webber, Ring, White, R. O. Martin, Mikaloms Merril, J. R. Martin, Harrington. Fourth row: Baylis, Collins, Frost, Begert, Paradis. Philip Bickford Parker Blaney Robert Bouchard Joseph Brackett Arthur Buswell Philip Collin, Ir. Malcolm Bartlett Edward Baylis Gerome Begert Joseph Corbin Iames Demetriou John Dumas Robert Elliot William Frost Richard Haney Ralph Colwell Edwin Crowes Rodney Martin Joseph McCall GRADUATE STUDENT- Roland Bouchard Charles MEMBERS 1949 Daryl Pelletier Donald Collins Harcourt Davis, Ir. James Firmin Arthur Geary Homer Michalaros Ralph Paradis 1950 Alfred Harrington William Hopkins Richard Kelly Wfilliam Larrabee james Libby John Martin Norman Martin Iames McNiif Merlin Perkins 1951 Hickson l95Z Scott Weldon Pledges Donald Merril Romeo Mikalonis Galen Peary Carl Peterson Forest Peterson Kenneth Ray Carleton Ring Fred Simpson William Stickel Ferris Ray Clarke Richmond Paul Sackley Edward Simanonok Donald Simpson Lawrence Thompson Merle Webber Paul White Fred Shock Alan Plaisted Stanley Roberts VValter St. Onge William VValker President ...................,.... Robert Bouchard Vice President .....,.....,........ Richard Haney e al 6 a Secretary ..................... Harcourt Davis Ir Treasurer .,..,,..,. .....,..,...... A rthur Geary Delta Tau Delta is a national fra- ternity which was founded in 1859 at Bethany College, Virginia. The fra- ternity grew rapidly, and it now con- tains 80 active chapters and 78 alumni chapters. Gamma Nu, the local chapter, was established in 1908. The fraternity has renovations, including a new tile floor, were made in the game ro-om. The ex- terior of the house has also been painted. We were again fortunate in having for the second year the services of Mrs. Lester Cowan for our house mother. the newest and one of the largest houses on campus. The present capacity is 42 resident members and 18 non-resident. During the course of the year many improvements were made on the house. Last fall the main living room was completely refurnished, and this spring Kappa Sigma Jack Zollo and "Rabbitv Dombkowski were selected to play in the annual North-South game. Bu-tch Noyes main- tained one of the fourteen highest punt- ing averages in the country. President ,..,,......,.............,.. Donald . Barron Vice President ,,..,.. ....,... R ichard Reilly Secretary ............. ...,,...,,, R onald Cole Treasurer .......... ,...,...... P aul Sferes Kappa Sigma fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia in 1869. It has 117 active chapters. The local chapter, Psi, was founded in 1886. We are currently leading in the com- petition for the c'All-Pointv Trophy. First row: Knowles, Savignano, Westwater, Polito, Sferes, Perry, J. Reilly, Mrs. Hamilton, Stebbins, Domb- kowski, Kelly, Agostinelli, Romano, Morse. Second row: Mackenzie, McDermott, Marcous, Noyes, Hollett, Steele, McDonald, Watson, H. Fish, R Reilly, O'Toole, Feeney, Hall, Cole, Lancaster, Peterson, Mercer. Third row: Zollo, Law, Tsomides, Smaha, Draper, Vaughn. Roy, Duddy, Finley, Clark, R. Fish, Nelson, King Fourth row: Harris, Young, Barron, MacDonald, McNei11y, L. Fish, McAloon, Jones, Sullivan. MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENT-Lincoln Ted Fish, Ir. 1949 john Buckley Henry Dombkowski llarry Fish David Hall William Harris, 3rd Martin Kelley Donald Barron Paul Clark Ronald Cole Earl Draper Edward Feeney Raymond Finley Richard Fish llarry Jones Robert Kelley James Law Alexander Agostinelli Francis King Leslie Leggett Peter Arsenault Charlie Burgess Kenneth Cosseboom Warren Knowles Thomas MacDonald Alexander MacKenzie Paul Mitchell Anthony Nardone 1950 Charles MacDonald Edward McDermott Matthew McNeilly, Ir. Russell Mercer james O'Toole Malcolm Perry Angelo Polito joseph Reilly 1951 Tucker McAloon Ceddy Morse Aaron Nelson Pledges Edmund Green Harrison Homans Richard Kelley Herbert Peterson Alfred Savignano Murray Stebbins Paul Sullivan Robert VVhitney john Zollo, jr. Richard Reilly Raymond Rideout Ferdinand Romano Paul Sferes Donald Smaha Barry Steele Artie Tsomides Richard Watson NVilliam Westwater V john Young Russell Noyes Lionel Roy Richard Vaughan Terry McAloon Mike Trendholm Milton Victor Front row: Campana, Hallsey, J. Folsom, Schaadt, Rollins, Newdick, Phillips, Mrs. Sprague, Boggs, Carter, Brown, Wagoner, Parrott, Zabe. Second row: Eaton, Glew, Mackinnon, Andrews, Leach, Wyman, Trask, Daunis, Howard Moulton, Mika- lonis, Ramsdell, Demeritt, K. Jackson, Piela, Roberts, Gray, Martinoli. Third row: McCrum, Johnston, Carson, A. Cratty, R. Cratty, Dyer, Pierce, Harris, Mosher, Cuthbertson, Stoeber, Borges, Porter, B. Folsom. Fourth row: Peachey, Ray, Stevenson, Bell, Bronsdon, Donovan, Griiiin, Perkins, Sawyer. Daniel Andrews Edwin Boggs Howard Bronsdon Charles Brown Robert Campana Theron Carter Edward Daunis Alston Bell Edward Borges Arthur Cratty Robert Cratty Alan Cuthbertson Elvet Gray MEMBERS John Donovan Everett Dyer Ernest Eaton Bruce Folsom John Folsom George Harris Harry Hallsey Kenneth Jackson Merle Johnston Beryl Leach Norman Mackinnon Dana McCrum 1949 1950 Evan Johnson Earl Martinoli Edmund Mikalonis Harold Moulton Howard Moulton VVilliam Newdick Albert Mosher Norman Parrot Herbert Perkins Edmund Piela Leland Porter Leslie Ray Irwin Carson Dwight Demeritt Merle Blaisdell Clifford Card Stuart Carroll 1951 John Clew Herbert Griliin Pledges Laurence Cobb Edgar Lord Oliver Jackson John Pierce Kenneth Peschel Anthony Peterson Dominic Poli Sidney Peachey Calvin Phillips Robert Ramsdell Murray Rollins Wilfred Sawyer James Schaadt Oscar Wyman Furber Roberts Stanford Trask Howard VVagoner Robert Whalen Robert Zabe Q President ,..,,,.................,.... Calvin Phillips Vice President .......,.,........,.,,. Edwin Bo s al I I a 1 a Secretary ..,,.................... William New c Treasurer ..,..... ....,........ ' I' heron Carter Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity orig- inated at Boston University on Novem- ber 2, 1909. Ours is the largest fraternity in the mother at Lambda Chi for 24 years. Outstanding members this year were Bruce Folsom as president of MCA, Bob Campana as the president of Glee Club, and many others. United States with 130 active chapters, Beta Zeta on the campus of Maine. This year found us with a new house mother, Mrs. Leon Sprague, who re- places Mrs. May MacConough, house hi ta Kappa long remembered by the men who were here. Many of the members represented the University on varsity and jayvee ath- letic teams. Another successful year was enjoyed in intramural athletics with the house retaining the track trophy, and the Charles Rice trophy after a very close meet at the Field House. Phi Eta was also very active President ,....,........,,, ........., B rewster Earle Vice President ...,... ..,...... E dwin Poynter Secretary .........,,. .,...... I ames Beaudry Treasurer ,......,.. .,......., R ichard Spiller Phi Eta Kappa fraternity enjoyed an- other successful year on the Maine campus with a balanced program of classes, business, athletics, and enter- bainment. A few of the memorable social events were the annual Indian party, the Homecoming b-anquet, Spring and Fall house parties, and the many Vic dances. The whole year will be in all other intramural events and was always in the upper brackets of com- petition. A number of the house members gained scholastic honors and Deanis list honors. Once again we were given the pleas- ure of having Mrs. Cook for our house mother. Front row Cleft to rightj: Mahaney, Webber, Gagnon, Clawson, V. Shaw, G. Paradis, Stewart, H. Thurlow, Moores, Davee. Second row: Smith, Bartlett, Merrill, G. Higgins, Spiller, Poynter, Mrs. Cook, Earl, Beaudry, O. Paradis, Meserve, Shattuck. Third row: Archibald, Rodgers, Humes, Biggers, Gray, Gilchrest, Lynch, Goddard, Nelson, F. Thurlow, Masse, Morton, E. Lent, Titcomb, Richardson, F. Brown, Silsby. Fourth row: Bessey, Hawkes, Annis, R. Lent, Kilpatrick, Plate, Remick, Totman, Beal, Bull, Rich, Chase, Panarese, Day, Clough, YVoodhead, VVelch, Brewster. Fifth row: Cool, Erwin, Johnson, Foss, Ialbert, Potter, 'Wall, H. Higgins, B. Brown, B. Shaw, Dentremont. MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENTS Richard Ciuhts Elmo Hall Henry Plate 1949 Philip Archibald Morton Bartlett Frank 'Brown james Beaudry Sidney Beszsey Robert Brewster David Clark Robert Clawson Blaine Beal Elmer Biggers Richard C ark Donald Clougah james Davee C. Brewster Earl Cfharles Goddard William Annis Burt Brown Iasper Bull Hollis Condon Robert Cool Elmer Erwin Arnold Davis Richard Ga non . 1 g James Gilchrest Harry Hawkes George Higgins George Gray Raymond Humes james -lalbert Thomas Johnson Robert Kilpatrick Edward Lent Robert Lent Donald Clough Richard Chase Keith Day ' ' HT A1 hhur Dentremo Neal Merrill Richard Meserve Charles Nelson V Oscar Paradis 1950 1951 Edwin Poynter Harold Rogers joseph Shattuck Bernard Shaw Paul Lynch Kenneth Masse Hazen Moores Douglas Morton Alessandro Panar Clark Potter Herbert Rafford Vance Foss Harold Higgins Lzury Mahaney Oscar Paradis CSG Norman Smith Richard Spiller Ronald Stewart Frederick Thurlow Edwin Webber john Welch Roland Wigley Harry Woodhead Harley Remick Richard Rich Maitland Richardson Vaughan Shaw Harold Thurlow Raymond Titcomb Vaughan Totrnan James Silsb joseph Wall, Robert Whited Front row fleft to rightj: Taylor, Cummings, Oliver, Harlow, J. Buck, Bunker, Webber, Chadbourne, Mace Second row: Murphy, Hussey, E. Keith, Lawson, Gardner, Ballou, Mrs. Maud Butts, Malcomson, Joe Cer- vone, Hunter, Brookings. Third row: Goodie, Carlisle, Cunningham, Richard Preble, Norwood, Wing, Brown, R. Buck, Thurrell, Curtis, Ames, Squires, Leet. Fourth row: Coulombe, Eddy, Mann, Hanson, S. Gilman, VVilliamson, A. Keith, Robert Preble, P. Treworgy Ingraham, Hawley, Delois. MEMBERS 1949 , Robert Ames John Ballou John Brookings Robert Buck Donald Card Joseph Cervone Norman Curtis Robert Dutton Leon Brown James Richard Buck Andrew Bunker Charles Carlisle John Cervone Phillip Coulombe Robert Cunningham John Flynn John Chadbourne Norman Cummings James Delois William Bird Howard Caldwell Garth Folsom Charles Glover Robert Hanson Leon Higgins John Hussey Ralph Ingraham Alfred Keith Edward Keith Frederick Libby 1950 Charles Gilman Sidney Gilman Selden Harlow Donald Higgins Hugh Hunter Richard Lawson Roland MacLeod John Murphy Adelbert Norwood 1951 Frank Goodie John Hawley John Leet Pledges Richard Foster James MacLeod John Malcomson William Mann Richard Smith Robinson Speirs Roger Thurrell Harry Treworgy Robert Webber Douglass Williamson James Oliver John Parker Richard Preble Robert Preble Mark Shedd James Robert Taylor Paul Treworgy Alan 'Wing Frank Mace John Squires Roy Webber Floyd Millbank Roger Sullivan Stuart West 0 President .......,................,........ john Ballou Vice President ................ john Malcomson 1 U H I I e ad Secretary .,.....,..,.. ....,... R ichard Gardner Historian ........,...., ............., E dward Keith The National Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was founded at Washing- ton and Jefferson College on April 22, 1848. Today 79 active chapters and The Chapter House, which is located at the extreme southern end of campus, is being run at full capacity with 41 residents. . ',iYf,g4.-:- ' , V 46,000 members make us the national fraternity. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Omega Mu Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, founded in 1899. 0 0 President .,.....,..,,.., .,........,.. -I ohn Bibber Vice President ........,....... Donald MoCobb 1 ad H 1 I I Secretary ,...,,,.... ......... David Newton Treasurer .......,... .,,...... P hillip White Mrs. Bonenfant has been house mother for the past ten years. Phi Kaps are represented in ath- letics, most of the scholastic societies and other organizations on campus. Phi Kappa Sigma was founded in 1850 at the University of Pennsylvania. The organization has grown to 42 chap- ters with Alpha Delta on this campus. Our snow sculpture was proclaimed second on campus at Winfter Carnival. Denny also made the front cover of the Phi Kap News Letter, our national magazine. Front row tleft to rightj: Chatto, Ellsworth, Small, Thorne, Eastman, Keenan, W. Pooler, R, Pooler, Beau dry, Christianson. Second row: Ainsworth, Black, Bodwell, Tumer, Mrs. Bonenfant, R. G. Bleakney, V. Pooler, Kyros, Put nam, Ramsay. Thirchroiw: White, Anderton, Soucy, Davis, Libby, R. A. Bleakney, Marden, Foster, Hatch, Newton, York Y o Les. Fourth row: Cushma fried, McCobb. John Bibber Cedric Cushing George Ainsworth David Anderton Robert Bleakney Wallace Brown Walter Anderson Arthur Black Richard Bleakney William Bodwell Paul Beaudry Stanley Christianson Robert Eastman David Ehrenfried Philip Ames James Brown n, Stanley, Clarke, Hiltz, Littlefield, Gilmour, Brown, Bibber, WValden, Fox, Ehren- MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENTS John Kelley Robert Anderson Robert Smith Beniamin Hodges 1949 Clifton Clarke James Fletcher Arthur Fox Jack Hiltz Kenneth Chatto Leon Cushing Dana Davis Richard Foster Stanley Ellsworth D. James Gilmour Theodore Graham Allan Hodges 1950 1951 Donald McCobb Victor Pooler Bruce Putnam Samuel Silsby John Hatch Constantine Kyros Douglas Libby Theodore Littlefield Leonard Keenan Ronald Pooler Walter Pooler Allan Thorne Donald York Pledges Richard Connelly Marvin Dow James DeAngelo Rodney Footman John Stanley Paul Turner Edwin Walden VVilliam VVhiting Kenneth Marden David Newton Richard Weymouth Philip White William Wiggin David Ramsay Charles Small George Soucie Fredric Soucy John Gagne Fredrick Littlefield 1949 Front row Cleft to rightbz Gamber, A D., Connary, Card, Dineen, J., Pruett, Graham, Nickless, Capers Caminiti, Tucker, A., Lord, R. . . Second row: McBrady, Hays, Bamard, Nisbet, Gordon, Eames, Mrs. Yale, Beals, Denison, Martikamen W db E D' B oo rey ., ineen, . Third row: Cdle, Leiper, Dow, Strickland, Woodbrey, V., Rendall, Kelsey, Parkhurst, Hopkins, Hussey Tucker, B., Stacy, Johnston, Clifford, E., Marston, Lord, P., Rowe. Fourth row: Miller, Brackett, Smith, Sampson, Pearson, Southard, Goodwin, Famsworth, Currie, Chemeski VVeston, Emery, Manchester, Hamblen, Trainor, Perry, and Bamett. MEMBERS 1948-Stacy, Wayne Oliver s v Barnett, Ralph Elbridge Capers, Robert Samuel Carson, John Richard Cherneski, Micheal Anthony Beals, Robert Leonard Brackett, Merton Franklin Connary, Joseph Powers Clifford, Earle Robinson Clifford, Valmore Arthur Cole, Sherman Lorenzo Denison, John William Dineen, John Kelly Eames, Donald Eugene Emery, Henry Alfred Eustis, Penn Stanly Farnsworth, William Thomas Barnard. John Marshall Hopkins Caminiti, John Edward Card, Clyde Seymore Currie, James Andrew Cote, Willfred Arthur Dufour, Franklin Paul Goodwin, James Webster Gordon, Foster Irvin Pearson, Linwood Farnum 1950 Gamber, Alfred David Godfrey, Richard Holden Graham, Newton Hays, David Ware Higgins, Frank Ware Hopkins, Alton Merrill Hussey, James Wesley Leiper, Robert John Lord, Reginald George Manchester, Clifford Andrew Marston, Richard Herbert Martikainen, Ernest William 1951 Dow, Martin William Dineen, Brian James Hall, Reginald Eugene Johnston, Edward Franklin Kelsey, Donald Lionel Perry, George Carl Southard, Owen Winfield White, Donald Stuart Woodbrey, Edward Freeman McBrady, James Auiustus Miller, Kenneth Par er Nickless, Joseph Edward Nisbet, Willard Rendall, Robert Rufus Robinson, Richard Towes Rowe, Guy Edmund Sampson, George Willard Smith, Harlan Roger Strickland, James Price Trainor, Thomas Dermott Tucker, Allison Eugene Lord, Philip Waddley Pruett, Joseph Albert Tucker, Benjamin Woodbrey, Victor Alexander Q President ............,,..,,. William Farnsworth Vice President ...,..........,. Victor Woodbre 1 e a Secretary ........,...... , .,..,......., Harlan Smit Treasurer ........... ......... S herman Cole Nu Epsilon Chapter of Phi Mu Delta national fraternity was founded at Maine March 3, 1923, and is one of eight chapters. and intramural sports and social func- tions. The annual shipwreck-gambling party and house parties highlighted the fra- terniIty,s social season. Mrs. Oceania "Man Yale has com- pleted her third year as house mother and hostess. We passed another successful year, contributing much to university varsity 0 0 President .............,..,.,.,....... Thomas Collins Vice President .....,... , ..,.,,, ..,,, P aul Flaig 1 ar Secretary ...., ., ..,... ...,,..... 1 Richard G0 r Treasurer .......,. ....,.,. D onald Lewis mother, F ounder's Day Banquet, and the Province Convention in Boston. The house has been active in intra- mural football, basketball, softball, box- ing, track and golf. Among the highlights of the Maine Alpha Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon for the year was the banquet celebrat- ing "Mother Macs, 25th year as house Alumni relations have been improved with the initial moves to form a Bangor association underway. Front row Cleft to rightj: Stackpole, Lewis, Fleming, Hatch, Bate, Mrs. Edith McCollum, Leach, Partridge Adams, Taylor, Tilton, Niles. Second iowa Hammond, Wescott, Goff, Stevens, Mann, Dieffenbach, Prince, Brady, Partridge, Smith, Catir Bic 'or . Third row: Mudge, Kenny, Botka, Plummer, Stockmann, Hall, Collins, Johnson, Rogers, Litchfield, Barbour R H t. Fourthaiowz Sawyer, Bates, Young, Jenkins, Stover, Stevens, Hinds, Hall. Hale, Faulkner. Fifth row: Chute, Leach, Hiller, Paterson, Boudreau, Bridges, Collins, Kendall, Flaig. MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert Dinsmore Philip Stackpole 1949 Richard Bate John Hall Donald MacLeod Gerald Bates, Jr. Leslie Botka Henry Boudreau Austin Bridges, Jr. Philip Catir LeRoy Dieifenbach John Eichorn, Jr. Clarence Faulkner James Adams Glenn Chute John Collins Thomas Collins Lawrence Fennel, Jr. Kenneth Fleming Richard Goff Donald Barbour Ross Bickford Daniel Brady Paul Flaig John Conley, Jr. John Godsoe Robert Hall Daniel Hatch YValter Hinds William Kendall Charles Leach James Leach Lawrence Litchfield Louis Loeber, Jr. 1950 Frederick Hale Joseph Hammond Halver Hart, Jr. Lawrence Jenkins, Jr. Robert Johnson William Johnson Donald Lewis 1951 Robert Hiller Lawrence Kenny Corwin Mudge Pledges Lawrence Hersom Richard Largay VVilliam Mann Charles Partridge Peter Paterson Robert Prince William Rogers VVarren Smith Carroll Taylor Earle Wescott Robert Niles Jerry Partridge Emmett Stevens Robert Stevens Erling Stockmann John Tilton Robert VVhite Harold Plummer Charles Sawyer Richard Stover Richard Young Richard Swanson Norman Wakely Ronald Speers Front row Kleft to rightjz Barney, Austin, Mahoney, Robertson, Dannenburg, W. Fogler. Second row: G. Zellner, Hannigan, Marsden, Chittick, Creighton, Miss Speirs, Cridley, Quinn, VValsh, Harrington, Uzmann, Parsons. Third row: Fuller, Mason, Harris, Hutchins, Willoch, Foster, Hawkes, Crimp, Spear, Spiller, Browne, McGlauHin, Kinney, Libby. Fourth row: Potenzo, Speers, Larson, Hale, Elian, Haynes, Leen, Cook, Meade, Bernard, Hammond, R. Zellner, Flynn, Adams. Fifth row: Lamprell, Hibbard, Sweetser, Nickerson, Dwelley, Child, I. Fogler, Orcutt, Hobbs, Butler, Douglass, Brown, Sparrow, Mosley. lVlElVlBEPxS 1949 Iohn Adams, Ir. Ralph Flynn William Lamprell George Browne Theodore Gridley Howard Mosley, Ir. Frank Child, III Benjamin Harrington Elmer Orcutt Joseph Cobb Donald Hobbs Iohn Quinn XVilliam Creighton Donald Kinney Donald Spear Bernard Austin G. Raymond Chittick WVilliam Cook, Ir. Arthur Elian John Fogler Ricard Barney Philip Brown Frank Butler Robert Dannenburg Robert Davidson Randall Foster 1950 David Hale Robert Hannigan Winfred Hibbard, Ir. Ernest Larson Edward Libby 1951 Raymond Douglass William Fogler Ralph Mahoney Alvin Mason Donald McGlauilin Pledges Stephen Hopkinson Irving Marsden jerry Nickerson John Parsons Frank Potenzo Eldredge Sparrow Russell Meade 1Villiam Robertson Richard Sweetser Gordon Zellner james Prentiss Earl Williams Donald Spiller Ian Willoch Robert Zellner President Dean Hutchins M II Sigma Chi fraternity was founded on Iune 25, 1855, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. At present there are 113 active chapters and over 66,000 under- graduate members. Sigma Chi is Well balanced. The social calendar is highlighted by the tradi- tional Sweetheart Dance held every year during Spring house parties. Secretary Ieriy Nickerson Y leasurer ...,......, ..,....... X 17111121111 Cook, 11. Miss Maud Spiers of Bangor has been house mother for the past two years. Socially, scholastically and athletically SIGMA N Our men were active in Varsity foot- ball, track, and the ski team. Parties at the house have been suc- cessful with the Annual Bowery Ball last fall. President ..,.,.............,...,.....,..,... Neil Soule Vice President ...,.,......,........ Bernard Benn ,Thomas Hgggins, Ir. Treasurer ,..,...... ...,....,...... J . XVa ter Allen Secretary .,........ Sigma Nu fraternity was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1858. It has grown to 105 chapters. The local chapter of Delta Nu was established in 1913. The new game room in the cellar will be completed by the end of this spring semester and should offer many good times in the coming years. Si Front row: Rogers, Stevens, Lombard, VVehster, Lcider, Sonle, Bowden, Loranger, Anderson. Second row: Hazelton, Broomhall, Howe, Perry, Crowley, Hart, Fairbanks, Duncan, Allen, Theriault. Third row: R. Adams, A. Thomas, Cheney, Higgins, Barron, E. Thomas, Benn, Arader, Dc-Roche, R. Spencer, Sullivan, MacLeod. Fourth row: Bacon, Blaisdell, Payson, Tamm, Noyes, Hutchins, Phillips, P. Spencer, Dow, Lowell, Emery Macdonald, Norm John William D. Barron Wlilliam Cheney Charles Crowley, jr. VVinthrop Fairbanlc Paul Hart Marvin Adams Randolph Adams Harry Arader Guy Bacon Bernard Benn Edward Bowden George Blaisdell Charles Broomhall Stuart DeRoche MEMBERS 1949 Ralph Hazelton Cordon Kuhn Lewis Payson Robert Perry Ralph Stevens Robert Sullivan 1950 Russell Dow Robert Duncan, Ir. John Howe Thomas Higgins, Ir. Parker Leonard John Lombard Charles Loranger Raymond Mercer Bernard Theriault Albert Thomas Alfred Tinney Kenneth Vennett Xllilliam VVarren John MacDonald Freeman Phillips, jr. Richard Rogers H. Neil Soule Richard Spencer Philip Spencer Richard Tamm Edwin Thomas Scot VVebster 1951 an Anderson VVilliam Leider XVilliam MacLeod Pledges Leathers Paul Lindgren Albert Noyes Francis Murphy ,132 ir.. sf f?".f,. First row Cleft to rightj: Cicotelli, Kenneally, Decoteau, West, Whalen, Anderson, Klenk, Haley, Pierce Addor, Aldrich, Tillou. Second row: Hale, Ellis, Manzer, Benoit, L'Heureux, White, Henderson, Dyer, Titcomb, Waitt, Whalen Gillis, Gonyar. Third row: Slaney, Norton, Tripp, Seeley, Humie, Preble, Brennan, Allen, Kennedy, Karkos, Lupsha. Back row: Fowles, Brown, Johnson, Richter, Dennison, Praderio, Dyer, Fletcher. Roger Addor Kenneth Anderson Harry Allen Arthur Benoit Harry Aldrich Roger Brown Vito Ciccotelli Francis Decoteau Paul Ellis Robert Fletcher Keith Fowles Bernard Dennison Roy Gillis Richard Gumprecht Richa1'd Hale Herbert Kenworthy Jack Chaplin Ronald Gendron Richard Heffernan MEMBERS 1949 Carl Brennan Philip Dyer Theodore Dyer John Henderson 1950 George Gonyar Harold Haley Lloyd Karkos Raymond Kcnneally Chester Kennedy Emilicn L'l'lcureux Joseph Lupslm David Pierce 1951 Herbert Hurme Edwin Manzer Stanley Norton Pledges Robert Judkins James Knox John Moore Joseph Johnson Joseph Klenk Paul Praderio Charles Preble Robert Richter Ralph Titcomb Randolph Tripp Albert XVaitt Neil VVest Oscar VVh:1lcn Thomas XVhite Durward Seeley Howard Slaney Frank Tillou George VVhalen Benjamin Blanchard Richard Hutchins Rudolphe L'Heureu'c Francis Nugent O 0 0 President ...................,,,.,,,., Robert Richter Vice President ,.........,, Raymond Kenneall 1 I I 1 1 I Secretary ..........., .............,, H arry Aldrich Treasurer .,,...,,. .,.,... F rancis Decoteau Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity was founded at Richmond College, Rich- mond, Virginia, in 1901. The fraternity is one of the 10 largest national fra- -, 1 ternities in the country, consisting of 91 1 . active chapters. p Maine Alpha Chapter of S1gIIl'21 Phi ef f. X 5 . , fi g X. Epsilon fraternrty was chartered May rx 1 T . All 30, 1948, on the Maine campus. A group of 21 men formerly banded to- gether under the name of Theta Rho Club formed the nucleus of the 85th chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. THETA CHI Mrs. Mina Staples, our house mother, has been hostess for the many house parties which have converted our home into pirate ships, desert islands, and haunted houses. f- H: ' 's . . lint 8- K ,Y Jae? :gal 'pl sf . "h . M , f l ,J '5 . ' ' ' P , 4 f Q President ..,.,...........,....... Robert Dagdigian Vice President .,,,......,..,,.. Robert Sullivan Secretary .....,..,.... ......... A rthur Maasbyll Treasurer .......... ...,.,.,. L ouis Guilmette Gamma Chapter of Theta Chi was es- tablished at the University of Maine on May 20, 1907, the third chapter of the 90 active chapters to be installed. We Want you to know us and We Want to know you, so drop in any time. Front row Cleft to rightjz Breton, Cook, Lord, B. Beattie, Follett, L. Guilmette, C. Beattie, Noyes. Second row: Russell, Barton, Ramsay, Barry, Jack, Mrs. Mina Staples, Bouchard, D. Kelson, Dagdlglan Williams. Third row: C. Kelson, Boyd, P. Guilmette, Dunn, Saunders, Savage, Lowell, Smith, Lamoreau, Hill, Deehan Busby, Bartley, Hammond, Bucklin. Fourth row: Otis, Turner, Maasbyll, Walls, Carmicheal, Robinson, Sullivan, Turner, VVinchester, Thibodeau Smith, Robinson, Becker, Coughlin, Lt-Page. Elmer C. Bartle Charles R. Becllger Roy A. Bither, Ir. Riohard P. Bouchard Thomas -I. Coughlin Frederick P. Andrews Alfred G. Barry, jr. Richard L. Barton Charles A. Beattie George H. Bo d Hollie A. Buclilin james A. 'Busby Francis C. Carmichae Leighton S. Cheney Donald E. Chick Charles E. Curtis Bryce Beattie Robert 1. Breton Louis P. Guilmette ll. . M11 . l MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENTS George E. Clifford 1949 VVillia1n N. Deehan Lawrence R. Dunn Leroy C. Noyes Ernest T. Parito 1950' Robert E. Dagdivian Alanso M. Darrell Noiris M. Follett, jr. VVarren E. Hammond Carl D. Hill Arthur I. Hubbard Charles H. jack, jr. Charles W. Kelson, jr. Richard G. Kelson Herman C. Lamoreau 1951 Paul L. Guilmette Pledges Robert F. Lord Arthur R. Ma-asbylll Fred E. Robinson Earl H. Ranisa Owen H. Smith, Forest I. Stewart Richard W. Tainter Charles W. VVilliams Robert N. LePa e Phillip H. Lowell Ralph A. Moore William H. Otis Henry YV. Saunders Riohard L. Savage Frank J. Smith, gr. Henry L. Thibo eau julian W. Turner Sidney H. Tumer Iohn D. Winohesmter VVilliam G. Russell Robert F. Sullivan Charles W. Walls, jr First row Cleft to rightjz YV. Ramsay, Simpson, Kendall, Arcand, Stone, Meyer, Howard, Powers, Catherou Maguire. Second row: Dixon, Thomas, Smith, Gardner, Pinkham, M. Labun, Poulin, Alieff, Hill, Walker, Hatch, Dusty Third row: Peacock, DesRoches, Lambert, Happ, Couture, M. McLean, Mercier, Goodwin, Lord, VVh1te Tozier, Barrett. Fourth row: Faucher, Spear, Gosse, G. McLean, D. Ramsay, Morton, Fairfield, Moyes, G. Labun. MEMBERS 1949 Albert A. Arcand james L. DesRoches Hugh N. Hatoh VVilliam R. Barrett Allison G. Catheron, II -Iohn H. Conroy George L. Dusty Richard T. Fairfield Gerard A. Fauoher Raymond E. Gardner, jr. XVarren B. Alieff Raymond Couture Lloyd L. Dickson George Labun Robert Freeman Blair Libby Herbert C. Lord, jr. Richard I. Maguire Albert A. Meyer William G. Ramsay 1950 Guy L. Goodwin Edward I. Happ Lynwood P. Hill Harold XV. Howard Herman E. Kendall Howard K. Lambert Gerald L. MacLean 1951 Michael Labun Philip L. Morton joseph Moyes Richard C. Piinkham Pledges Winiield Tilton Michael Toth Richard Noyes Wray D. Simpson John E. Stone Earl P. Thomas Malcolm D. McLean Olaf L. Mercier Robert S. Peacock Robert M. Poulin VVillia1n R. Powers David H. Ramsay Earle F. Smith Keith E. Tozier Robert O. VVhite XVilliam A. Walker john Shea Raymond Trabold President .... Edward Happ Vice President L nwood Hill Tau Kappa Epsilon aag:i.i I fiiffi dlfa5eafd On December 12, 1948, the local fra- ternity Chi Rho Sigma became the Beta Upsilon chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon. This national fraternity was established on January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University. The affiliation Was due largely to the efforts 0 Past President Albert Meyer and the other officers of Chi Rho Sigma. Dreams and plans for a house are be- ing formulated by the chapter, and it is hoped that before many years go by a T K E house will become a part of the University. ...George Labun The Tekes bowling team finished the first semester in a tie with Ph-i Eta, but an exciting roll-off gave Teke its first trophy. Hal Howard also carried off the trophy for individual honors. The Artists Colony Ball, which was instituted last spring, is expected to be- come an annual affair for Tau Kappa Epsilon. Preszdent erome X4 ltus Vue Preszdent H man Gluck Si i my ,'l ,....A. 11.1 ..., l..,i.i.i -,-A'4' .i.i,i4wgpiiga?a ghiggr 1 Last Winter Tau Ep, which has been Without a house since the war, pur- chased a home north of campus, which will be ready for occupancy in the fall. 1 7 reasurer Irving Remar Founded at Columbia in 1910, as a professional fraternity, Tau Epsilon Phiis 32 chapters are now social groups. Tau Zeta chapter was established at Maine in 1921. This year the chapter Won the Sigma Chi Foundation Scholarship Cup for the fourth consecutive year. Members have been active in organizations and sports. Front row Qleft to rightj: Erlick, Gluck, Sinert, Bemstein, Rudman, Rogovin, Kline, Strock, Yoffe, Shulman Gorden. Second row: Shapiro, Berg, Remax, L. Cohen, C. Berman, J. Berman, Lerman, Kaminsky, Kaplan, G Cohen, Braen. Third row: Aron, Povich, Mersky, I. Cohen, Zallen, Garfinkle, Abrams, Lait, P. Schwartz, Goldman. Fourth row: Lane, Goos, Matus, Singer, Ettinger, M. Schwartz, Goldsmith, Minsky, Simonds. Not pictured: Robinson, Josephs. Marnel Abrams Samuel Aron Sumner Bernstein Bernard Braen Jason Cohen Lester Cohen Morton Ettinger Charles Garlinkle Gerald Cohen Howard Erlick Howard Berg Cecil Martin Berm jack Berman Hyman Gluck Maurice Cohen Charles Fink 21 I1 MEMBERS 1949 Sidney Goldman Milton Goldsmith Malcolm Josephs Donald Kaminsky Arthur Kaplan Milton Kline C-arl Lerman Sumner Robinson 1950 Sumner Gorden Louis Lane Richard Zallen 1951 Malcom Goos Robert L. Lait Jerome S. Matus Alvan Mersky Pledges Irving Zaloman Lester Marcus Albert Morris Gerald Rogovin Gerald Rudman Melvin Schwartz Sidney Shapiro Alan Shulman Samuel Simonds Samuel Strock Lester Yofle Leonard Minsky Norton Sinert Donald Povich Irving Remax Peter Schwartz Richard A. Singer Milton Silverman Gerald Tabor INTERFRATERN ITY CGU NCIL The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of the seventeen fra- ternities at the Maine campus. It is composed of one representative from each of the fraternities With Bus Sproul of Beta Theta Pi the President and Mr. VVorrick of the Dean of Men's oflice the adviser to the group. The purpose of the council is to set down the rules for pledging and rush- ing for the fraternities, to interpret those rules, and to decide on the action to be taken on violations of the rules. Once a month the Council meets with President Sproul to discuss matters af- fecting the fraternities and to find some Way to solve the problems of the houses. Each year a member is sent to the Regional and National Interfraternity Council meetings in order to exchange ideas and find out what other college fraternities are doing. First row: Descoteaux, Eames, Creighton, Sproul, Ballou, Bouchard, Linton, Meyer. D Second row: Newdick, Leach, Hart, Lamoreaux, Estes, Beals, Bleakney, Rudman, Reilly. PANI-IELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council at the Uni- versity of Maine campus is under the guidance of Dean Edith Wilson. The Council is composed of two members, the president and one delegate, from each of the six sororities. The Council meets each Week with President Gloria Dow leading the dis- cussion on sorority rushing, Panhellenic rules and general topics concerning in- ter-sorority spirit and cooperation. Each year a general meeting for all freshmen and transfer women is held to explain the meaning of sorority, its ac- tivities, rushing, and national scope of sororities. The sorority year is brought to a climax in the spring with the Panhel- lenic Ball. At this time the sorority presidents and Panrhellienic president are announced. First row: Murray, Melzer, Smith, Spencer, Dow, Kennedy, Coftin, Dean XVilson. Second row: Dartnell, Pressey, Littlnfield, Dirks, johnson, Carter. Pfesident Vlary Dirlts Woe President Lois 'Nhcholson ALPHA 0 ICRC PI Wr a i ymag M44 and raising money to support a lunch program in France. Beyond the weekly meetings, AOPi,s enjoyed a Christmas party, a formal 7 reasurer ..,,........,... Elizabeth Hempstead Gamma Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi began its 40th year on the Maine campus with an immediate start on its philanitrophies, including the collection of clothing for needy Kentucky families honoring new members, and a spring ou-ting. AOPi ends the year by acting as hostess at the national convention held in Massachusetts. Fnst row: Frye, Malloy, Holland, Hines, Coles, Crossland, Dirks, Nicholson, Hempstead, Harding, Gilder- sleeve, Drysdale, Hendricks. Second row: Given, V. Kennedy, Snyder, L. Moulton, Cheeney, Hopkins, Craig, Carter, Goodrich, Edfors Smart, Libby, Murray, Mehaney, Biesel. Thud row: Shima, Allan, Knight, Chalmers, WVe1ch, Simmons, Scammon, R. Moulton, I. Knowles, Curtis, Friedler, Melhorne, MacMahon, Fogler. Fourth row: Dion, Small, Yates, Whitcomb, N. Knowles, Burbank, Smith, K. Kennedy, Black. Betty Allen Susan Beisel Marion Carter Martha Coles Ioan Bither Barbara Brookings Ann Burbank Dorothea Butler Judith Black Dorothy Curtis Vera Edfors Mary Ellen Chalmers .Ioan Craig Frances Dion Ruth Drysdale Jeanne Frye Mary Gildersleeve Roberta Hendrick MEMBERS 1949 Thelma Crossland Mary Dirks Elizabeth Goodrich -lean Harding Betty Hempstead 1950 Pauline Cheney Martha Fogler Betty Friedler Ruth Holland 1951 Martha Given Margaret Knight Patricia Simmons Pledges Ioan Hopkins janet Knowles Nancy Knowles Eleanor Mahaney Marjorie Malloy Dorrine McMahon Barbara Hines Kay Kennedy Lois Nicholson Emiline Welch Virgina Kennedy jo Libby Grace Murray Mary VVhitcomb Gwen Small Valerie Smith Mary Dean Yates Anne Mehlhorn Lora Moulton Ruth Moulton Butler Ethel Mae Scammon Eleanor Shima Frances Smart Mary Snyder Carolyn Cole -loan Pray Fust row: McGouldrick, I. Stratton. Second row: Sutton, Pettee, C. Harmon, Grover. Third row: Iordan, Smaha, Cook, Floyd. Fourth row: Seavy, Cole, Mayo. Elizabeth Clark Barbara Davidson Jayne Hanson Eva Burgess Carol Carr Sylvia Dartnell D. Elinor Hansen Heselton, Martin, Clark, Healy, Pressey, Rawlinson, Powers, Hanson, Murphy, Carr, Berry, Hinds, McCann, Littlefield, Marsden, Gruhns, M. Harmon, Stewart, Dartnell, Mooers, Haskell, Parkhurst, Stickney, Lapworth, Davidson, M. Murray, Pray, Burgess, E. Murray, VVl1iting, Hansen, Cunningham, E. Heselton, Stone, MEMBERS 1949 loan Heselton Nancy Jordan Lorraine Littlefield Marjorie Martin 1950 Virginia Healy Betty Titeomb Hinds Betty jane Ladd Carolyn Colwell Parkhurst janet Pefttee 1951 Mary Marsden Charlotte Pressey Pauline Rawlinson Margaret Watson Savignano Louise Powers Marilyn Seavey Virginia Stiekney Barbara Stewart Ioan Cunningham Barbara Grover Elaine Haskell Betty Haselton Constance Berrly Constance Coo Marguerite Floyd Betty Jane Gruhns .Ioan Mayo -loyce Ann McGouldrick Eleanor Murray Pledges Carolyn Harmon Marilyn Harmon Janet Lapworth Dorothy McCann Emily Sinaha Ethel Stone Ellen Stratton Nancy Whiting Norma Mooers Patricia Murphy Margaret Murray Helen Sutton President .,........., ..,.... C harlotte Pressey ' Vice President ...,.,.,....,... Pauline Pawlinson Secretary ,.........,. .,...... V irginia Heal Treasurer ...,...... ..,.. Elizabeth Clarll January We sponsored the March of Dimes stag dance. The year also found the Chi Oys hold- ing a semi-formal at the Kappa Sigma The Chi Omega accent this year has been on philanthropy. During the Yuletide season gifts were collected and sent to the Sea Coast Mission. In house, honoring the alumnae on Founderas Day, and having a Farewell to Seniors banquet. Delta Delta Delta During the year, the Tridelts inau- gurated the policy of exchanging din- ners with the Delta Tau members, to promote better relations between fra- ternities and sororities. President ..,.,,.,..,..,. ...........,, N ancy Carter Vice President ...,.,...,...., Muriel Applebee Secretary ..,..,,,...,.,....... Norma Drummond Treasurer ............ ......... , .,,Emma Kilburn Delta Delta Delta's successful year was indicated by the results of their annual fashion show which enabled them to award a scholarship to a de- serving student. The sorority spirit is emphasized with Delta Week. lfirst row: Bouchard, Leanard, Pelletier, McDonnell, Applebee, Carter, Drummond, Kilbum, Moores, Hawlq T. Lord. Stcond row: Burrowes, Flannigau, Coney, xvligllf, Franklin, D. Hubbard, Stowell, Brown, Hart, DeCormier Pendleton, Grey. Third row: White, Currier, Lockheart, Littlefield, MacNair, Carlin, Catir, Libby, Coggin, Thomas, Hender son, Stewart, Bennett, P. Lord, WVilson. . Fourth row: Bryant, N. Hubbard, Hilton, Estes, Haney, Mollison, Drew, Curtis, Hoyt, Nason, Bannister Dennett, Stein. Muriel Abblcbee Kathryn Bennett Helen Carlin Nancy Carter Beverly Currier Constance Drew Priscilla Coggin -loyce Henderson Ianct Bannister Duveen Bryant Ruth Curtis Marilyn Dennett Sarah Bouchard Patricia Brown Eleanor Coney Barbara De Cormier Kathleen Flanagan MEMBERS 1949 Norma Drummond Valerie Esty Barbara Haney Emma Kilburn 1950 Elaine Lockhart Priscilla Lord Margaret McDonnell Margaret Mollison 1951 Wirmifred Hilton Marilyn Hoit Nancy Hub ard Pledges Gloria Franklin Freda Gray Barbara Hart Carolyn Howley Dorothy Hubbard lane Libby Gloria Pellitier Priscilla Thomas Barbara Thompson Carolyn Moores Priscilla Nason Gwendolyn Stewart Joyce Wilson Elizabeth Littlefield Gennette McNair Bernadette Stein Mary WVhite Voncille Leonard Thelma Lord Helen Pendleton Sall Stofwell Barbara VVright First row Cleft to rightjz Cumming, Smith, Plaisted, Shaw, Bean, Polleys, Mockler, Mower, Ramsdell, Keith jordan, Desjardins. Second row: Snow, Haley, Gumprecht, Chadeayne, Hillman, Parlin, Gray, Curry, King, Fowler, Malcolm Tupper, Leonard. Thnd row: Harriman, Pnlsifer, XVard, Hurd, Gagnon, johnson, Cunningham, Avery, Lindgren, Ellsworth Noyes. Lois Avery .lean Cunningham Evelyn Ellsworth Rose-Marie Gagnon Betty Harriman Helen Cumming Marie Bean Lorraine Curry Beverly Chadeayne Maxine Gray Irene Anderson Ruth Burrill Ieanette Haley Norma MEMBERS 1949 Margaret Hurd Roberta johnson Marian Keith Joanne Lindgren 1950 Parlin Paula Plaisited 1951 Rosalie Snow Marguerite Deslardins XVinifred Rains dell 1 9 5 2 Charlotte Hillman -Ioanne King Lois Leonard Pledges Elizabeth Luce -lacueline Macfarlane Rita Morancy Gloria Mockler Gloria Noyes Mary-Abbie Pulsifer Jeanette Shaw Lorraine VVard jean Polleys Shirley Smith Eleanor Mower Claire Malcolm Gloria Tapper Bettyann Richardson Dorothy Tarbox Rosemary VVhite Delta Zeta President .,...,...,. .,.,... R oberta johnson Vice President ....,,..,,.... jean Cunningham Secretary .,.,.... ,........ B 'Iargaret Hurd Treasurer ..,.... ,,..... R ose Marie Gonyar Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Delta Zeta had an active year socially, be- ginning With F ounder's Day in October when a dessert and coffee was given for members and alumnae, and ending in June with the Senior Pansy Picnic. Delta Ze-tals philanwthropies were con- tinued with the addition of a battery fund established for further aid to the children Wearing hearing aids which Delta Zeta had previously given to them. J PHI MU held forums on scholarship, activities, and other campus problems. Phi Muis social calendar included a Christmas supper, the annual banquet President .....,....,.,, ....... E ugenia Melzau' Vice President ....... ,,,....., L ouise Hamlin Secretary .,,..,....... ....,., A lice Raymond Treasurer ,... ..... .,....... D o ro thy Lord Pi Chapter, Phi Mu, began this year With the formal initiation of the girls pledged last spring. In addition to reg- ular business meetings the chapter also and spring formal, the pledges, party for the actives, an outing at Cold Stream Pond, and the Commencement tea given in 'honor of the seniors and their mothers. First row fleft to riglitj: Hawkes, Richardson, C. Bcckler, Hamlin, Lord, Melzar, A. Raymond, XVisweIl P. Robbins, Chipman, Preble. Second row: Nickerson, Lincoln, Lesinski, H. Beckler, Lynn, Plumly, Richmond, Cook, Rowell, Doten L Robbins, F. Russell, I. Russell. Third row: Cunningham, Burrill, Baker, Hanks, Berube, Kirk, M. Raymond, Blaisdell, Mehann, Morgrage Cole, Sibley. Fourth row: San Antonio, I. Littlefield, Conley, VVyman, V. Littlefield, Langbehn. Dorothy Averill Helen Beckler Shirley Doten Margaret Hanks Phyllis Burrill Louise Hamlin Carolyn Beckler Florence Berube Joyce Chipman jean D. Conley Ioan San Antonio Mary Baker Dania Blaisdell loan Cole MEMBERS 1949 Althea Kirk Mary Lesinski Eugenia Melzar 1950 Virginia Littlefield 1951 Mary Linn Ioanne Littlefield Virginia Nickerson Iudith Plumly Marilyn Raymond Pledges . Katherine Cook Ervine Cunningham Gerda Longbehn Constance Lincoln Ieanette Morgrage Alice Raymond Colleen Richardson Carol Robbins -lane Anne Sibley Dorothy Lord Mary Mehann Paulina Robbins Carol n Rowell Isabell Russell Marilyn Wyman Ann Preble Yvonne Richmond Frances Russell joan Wiswell First row: Osgood, Cline, Simononok, Iackins, Richardson, I. Coffin, Artus, Small, Curtis, Hobbs, Townsend Second row: Wylde, H. McKeil, A.CMiKeil, XVhittier, Bonheimer, St. Lawrence, McIntyre, Turner, Bigney l S l P L' ' 1' ton Lear, McCart ry, init 1, ray, oo', lV1Il,,S . Third row: Frecse, Labonty, Fisher, Hastings, XVOOC-1NV2l1'd, Litchfield, O'Reilly, Sewall, Cutts, Hatt, Spencer Mills. Fourth row: Sampson, L. Coffin, Strong, Dibblce. Howell, Newton, Tarr, Johnson, Carillo. Iudith Coffin Mary Curtis Iane Hastings Mary Hatt Bevery Artus Lois Coitin Ann Dibblee Gloria Fisher Mary Carillo Ann Cutts Hope Bigney -Ioyce Pray Yvonne McCarthy Iune Smith Hilda Livingston MEMBERS 1949 Iacueline Howell Mary jackins Judith Newton 1950 Esther Freese Shirley johnson Barbara La Bonty Louise Litchfield Marilyn Mills 1951 Olive Cline Margaret Hobbs Theresa Ollleilly Pledges Ann McKiel Mary Jean Mclntyre Barbara Turner Barbara Bornheiiner Marjorie VVylde Edna Lear Lois Ann Small Germaine Simainonok Painelia Townsend Patricia Woodward Barbara Richardson Isabelle Sampson Beverly Spencer Caroline Strong Phyllis Osgood Margaret Sewall Harriet McKiel Rosamond Cook Marijane Chase Sydney Whittier Carol St. Lawrence President .....,...... ......,.. ..... I u dith CoHin Vice President .......,... Barbara Rich lrdson Secretary ............. ............... B ex erly Artus Trzfasurer ..,..... .........., N hry IlCkll1S Maine Alpha is one of 93 chapters of Pi Beta Phi, the Hrst national fraternity for women. The summer of 1948 brought Pi Phi,s thirty-sixth biennial convention at French Lick, Indiana. Fund. This dance, a yearly institution, is intended as a financial aid to a Worthy cause shared by the Whole campus. Maine Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi, sponsored the Pi Phi Ski Clog Dance, for the benefit of the Union Building 1 'L 4 , HJ-'it x.:f1:J.:'.. , J- '4 -' 'iEi19,,'Jw5E?25'T f li: f"3f?fif7"4"3 535' , :liiegpi 4, -- ,Q-rg ,,v,,:'x fi., tv ,V .,. ,C ff- . .-j.?.:A5 . .J-',::1?'Zi15,3 -5-7..vfL,5-7:,g.,f . 4.23-'LN' 5: i' 1- 1:25 ff-fafzf' .--:sax-7 T?34i?' 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F -"' 4 LK- :-,Ha--u-1f,,,:-p. F- 4'-wr: . -- Y ' .- F' . g:"'1,.,:?-gf:TJt?v,"fi'. ,':':g .QL A'A:!"i'fT.1t,-F -- k 1, wg. , Jqfsw' , g 6 -,..x-,- Y. -M .-.- -. l.. nw.: gg? -1, V Q, al zQ5fg93'f5S:,12-32241-3 .QQ Q, Lis? ,f -.2 ,, fu- Q-: . If j-5" .-,- F- -. ' Q, Hr -1 - xg' Lf.,-2'-xp-' mQf35.',,.ly345L"x ,A.-- Q , gf5fgs ':Jw 13-g::5??5:3a.,.fQ-,- 11: '5 -. ,ev u -'-- ' - .,'v,. 1 ',, -w 'W ---fiw -3-+4-fr'-B'fe.4:C,3+--ff - - .-'i32gfssw2: -.. f . 5- ' 72 -his-1-'-, "- ---ff-A 13' yy- I' -3?2522'Q-if-'Q-nf' '-sv -fffieifsl'-J ilfl--3 " ' v. 'W " 'f-,1.F"9"-W' fi 'Xl'-F' -' J..-A -:!'5-330251 S'Es1'i'qf,1 QL -f-EW L- - f"f'-A'-x,Ep.1'-51-rg .gf X - ETF 5' -1-1 -gy-2.--1: s ..L- -. --.-,J Q, 9 -- Q-law .ya-f,g.,,, X x ,Q,3:Q:3-'H:P7gi?-.iffrg-'.': if ,a35?'1--,if-ig,2+fg7" X 'X ' :F .,,..f-ff--,i"-' ,rq., - f' :sl 3,1 -ig' , j., 'If V xx XX 'rA':T15" ' V-'-'L '16 , -Lu.-,. , -gg 'G V .-.,,g.4r.,- ,gg J- ' .fg-IJ' " T S E J ME 'S ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION The Department of Physical Educa- tion and Athletics consists of three di- visions, the Division of Physical Educa- tion for Men, Physical Education for VVo1nen, and the Division of Intercol- legiate Athletics. The Director of Phys- ical Education and Athletics is responsi- ble to the President, for the administra- tion, coordination and supervision of every phase of the program. DEAN WIEMNAN Divisional Head of Physical Educa- tion for Men is Professor Stanley Wal- lace With Professor Harold Woodbury as his assistant. Divisional Head for Women is Professor Lengyel. In over- all charge of Professional Training Work is Dr. Home Rankin of the School of Education. Policies for the control of intercol- legiate athletics are established by an Athletic Board subject to the approval of the President and the Trustees. TED CURTIS First row: Jenkins, Curtis, Lengyel, XViemnn, Cassidy, YVallace, Allen. Second row: Shelton, YVo0dbury, Rankin, Sezak, Shaw, Kcnyon. ATHLETIC BOARD This Board is comprised of three fac- ulty members appointed by the Presi- dent of the University, three Alumni elected annually by the General Alumni Association, two Seniors, one Junior, and one Sophomore elected annually by the male student body, one annually appointed member of the Board of Trustees and the Director, ex-otlicio. All actions of this Board are subject to approval by the President and the Trustees. PROFESSOR WALLACE DR. RANKIN PROFESSOR WOODBURY MARIORIE, VVALLY AND HAL The Faculty Manager of Athletics, Ted Curtis, is responsible to the Direc- tor, acts as secretary to the Athletic WOOD AND VINNY Board and is generally responsible for athletic management. All coaches are members of the faculty of instruction. WALLY AT WORK awk wifi' , W ...--...suv W--'Swamp' 'U' f E Qi?-GCN" fx, gn 1-mr, ,f '- , m X""'f5"--'-f'r.-w "' mtv ng, . - ix ,, wwf ,,, f 4 , ,M .A K 333. is VARSITY BASEBALL 6 QEXQ Colby 1 Rhode Island 5 Connecticut 3 Connecticut 3 Northeastern 2 Bowdoin 5 I Rhode Island 4 5 0 Bates 2 5 4 Bates 6 ll 2 New Hampshire 2 7 I Colby 6 4 4 New Hampshire 7 First row: Mitchell, McKenzie, Braley, Parrott, Martikainen, Chemeski. Second row: Emery, Osgood, Vlfalker, Dieffenbach, Archibald, Nickless. Third row: Lord, Woodbrey, Beals, Flaherty, Leach, Fournier. Fourth row: Coach Sezak, Coombs, Hatch, Kennedy, Mgr. Oakes, Coach Kenyon. STBATIICY COACH KENYON NUNIERALS D. Allen B. Benn L. Butler V. Cliitord H Emery I. Flaherty W. Fournier G 'Gray D Hatch D Kennedy B. Leach 1. LeClerc First row: Mgr. Oakes, Miller, Flaherty, Clifford, Martikainen, Benn, Foumier, Le-'Clerc. S 'nd Roberts, Kenned ', Smith, Leach, Botka, Lynch, Hatch. SCO TOW . 5 Third row: Coach Sezak, Mgr. Allen, Lord, Emery, Mgr. Thomas, Mgr. Rawson. J V BASEBALL Maine Opponent Maine Opponent 12 Higgins 3 1 Annex 7 11 Coburn 6 1 Ricker 3 3 Annex 5 14 Maine Maritime 4 4 Husson 5 l A li 'A 1 J., R. F. A. F.. K. N D D H N F. j. NUMEBALS Lord Lynch McKenzie Martikainen Miller Parrott Ramsoy Bawson QMgr.j Roberts Shaw Smith Thomas F. Thurlow OUTDOOR Maine Opponent 87 Boston College 48 5114 New Hampshire 8326 48 Bowdoin 61 3rd Yankee Conference MARSANKIS INDOOR Maine Opponent 75 New Hampshire 51 69 Springfield 57 87 Northeastern 39 86 Boston Univ. 40 NUMERAL MEN M. Barlett A. Black R. Bleakney G. Browne D. Hale CMgr.J W. Ilannnond R. Humes R. Hylander D. Knudsen F. Landers M. Lane I. Leach R. Lord J. MacDonald L, Moores N. Murray fMgr.l D. Rooke fMgr.j J. Strickland R. Sweetser CMgr.D C. Taylor V. Totman C. Tripp M XVebber wf White qMgr.p M. Weeks CMgr.Q OOAOH JENKINS EMERSON Lg Qi Wm Q jj? 553355 wif? IAYVEE Maine 4 Maine Annex 6 Hatch Prep 8 Ricker 8 Maine Annex First row: Nichols, Edes, Coach Small, Blackstone, Hackett. Second row: Nisbet, Avery, Shaw, Chesley. NUMERAL MEN VARSITY T. Allen ,MUN Maine Qppontent ix. Averyx C' ' 1 U. S. Naval Academy 8 OPPOU'-mt J. Begin 7 Randolph Macon 2 5 D' Blackstone 3 Washington 61 Lee 6 3 W' Chesley 3 Boston University 6 1 R' Edes 1 Rhode Island 8 R. Nisbet 1 R Suuivm 1 Connecticut 8 C' Shaw 4 Bates 5 L. Whittier QMgr.D 1 Bowdoin 7 First row: Kaplan, Faucher, Small, Potenzo, Hackett, Nickols, Thoits. Second row: J. Allen, MacDonald, Sullivan, Coach Small, H. Allen, Southard, Hermann. in af? ' x 'M in QW Q 'xx 'v- Coach Emery, Cordon, MacKe11ar, Lindgren, McPhee, Hammond, Charles. JAYVEES Opp. Maine Colby IZV2 GV2 Conn. 4V2 LLM NUMERAL KIEN A. Childs P. Lindgren J. Gordon XV. McPhee I. Hammond E. O,Bricn K. Rogers Coach Emery, Wil VARSITY GOLF Opp. Bowdoin 6 Bates SV2 B. U. 1 Conn. V2 R. T. 516 son, Hammond, Bunker, Bickford, Maine 3 lb S 892 S1 ,Q smith, wiuis, M Q cNabb . GENE MCNABB . f " ,iff fb .K iz if 51. 5? Q? , :iz S 55 X E 5 First row: Tamm, Smith, Emery, White, Coulombe, Lord, McBrady, Beals, Hewes, Loranger, Clark. Second row: Trainer Wallace, Wing, Barron, McDermott, Reilly, Schmidlin, Sproul, Dombkowski, Zollo, Salisbury, Cates, Adams, Turmelle, Coach Allen. Third row: Mgr. Emery, Morse, Duddy, Pruett, Royal, Card, Trask, Dennis, Blaisdell, Fecteau, Roy, Leg- gett, Beisel, Noyes, Asst. Coach Snively. VARSITY FOUTB LL Under the guidance of K'Eck', Allen and "XVhoops', Snively, the Maine foot- ball team carried out what was consid- ered an impossible feat and retained the State Championship Crown in a three way tie. The season was unpre- dictable with Maine up and down throughout the year, losing to a me- diocre Bates squad, 3l-0, but coming back to top a very good Bowdoin ag- gregation, 7-5. A few veterans were sprinkled through the squad, but it was primarily a building year for Maine. ECR Al LEN MANAGER EMERY "WHOOPSv SNIVELY FOUR WINS -- THREE LOSSES Rhode Island 7 Northeastern 6 Maine 13 Maine 19 "Sparked by 'Rabbiti Dombkowski, the Bears scored once each in the sec- "Maine was in good physical shape ond and third periods to take the sea- for this One," Sonis lid lifterf, -Maine Campus -Maine Campus New Hampshire 27 Maine 6 "Maine was unable to break the jinx of the past few New Hampshire strug- glesf' Bangor Daiy News Maine 6 UConns 34 "Maine,s only score came in the open- ing period when Charley Loranger gathered in the kickoff on the Hve, ran wide to his right, picked up good inter- ference and raced down the sidelines without being touchedf' -Maine Campus Bates Demoralizes' Mules Fall Under, Maine 31-0 Maine Wins 21-0 Rudely upset in a one-sided victoryf, KRUSS Noyes Punted beautifully all day to keep Colby deep in their own --Maine Campus territoryf, -Maine Campus Maine By One Point, 7-6 "State series in a three way tie, 9,700 spectators go Wild. It was a game hard fought by both sides and could have gone either Way. Justice triumphed? UVVHAT A TEAMH -- A SPECTATOR. 15" mwsm.wnlw :wulxmmaasmrm1mg4uafmxmunmwmxxne!s.xemmt1.smwi N ,KV 1 an 'ani B in nl an 'gn Front row fleft to rightjz Coach Kenyon, Squires, Burgess, Victor, Marden, Mahoney, Boston, Kennedy, VVhite, Hackett, Coach Innes. Second row: Asst. Mgr. Gray, Gendron, Thomas, Arader, Hallsey, Spencer, Soucie, Dow, Lent, McDonald, Reade, Perkins, and Barber. Third row: Adams, McNeilly, Watson, Foster, Hinds, Buck, Parker, Odell, Byers, E. Mikalonis, R. Mikalonis, Fred Soucy, and Trainer W'oodbury, Back rival: Bleakney, Gilbert, Hayden, Knuclsen, Largy, Coos. Stone, W'aterman, Kelleher, Gray, Pie-la, and F a erty. .IU IOR VARSITY - FRESHMAN First row Cleft to rightj: D. Smith, A. Smith, Fnotman, Lord, Hyde, LeClair, lX'1oCleod, and Bird. Middle row: Trenholm, Crawford, Hardy, Humans, Parady, Pelletier, Martin, and Coach "Sam" Sezak. Back row: Trainer "Hal', XVo0dl7ury, Foley, Maluiney, Dc-lla'l'nrre, Rowe, Prue, and Beal. lr 4..- an n ki 1 HELEN YOUNG AND TED CURTIS VARSITY AND JAYVEE CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY Opp. U. of New Brunswick 40 Springfield 19 U. of New Hampshire 26 Yankee Conference NEICAAA ICAAAA 57 Maine 19 44 229 Third Ninth 58 JAYVEES Opp. Maine Maine Central Institute 28 27 Ashland 34 24 Old Town 27 23 Ilartland 48 25 Bangor 54 25 Lee Academy 24 Brunswick Annex 28 27 lp .,f,-, Q 8,2 , W 'W xv iff. A Zigi' I. Y is X L . ,,.,,.. BASKETBALL VARSITY AND IAYVEE The Maine basketball team is one that should be complimented on its amazing improvement the last several games of the season. It came through with one of the most astounding brands of ball displayed by a Maine team in some time. Iront row: Osgood, McCormack, Farnsworth, Hopkins, C Goddard B Goddard Peasley Kelsey, Thurlow, and Feeney. Second row: Coach Kenyon, Lord, Iewett, Leach, Dentremont McDonald Woodbrev Davls Leet and Coach Sezak. Buck row: Trainer YVallace, Royal, Mgr. Kelly, Mgr. Kominsky Mgr Gross, Small, and Soucy in Q fn Q54 Ms A 'SE' inf. ,5 23,5 , we sgggisl ,I A 315 Q19 Mui, ,V -fa? , ., i 22 V- ,s , , ,1:iEZl1f?ie,. , .Fw L,.,1,A-.M-g'.f-,,,qm,f,f.W.,.Lmfzwm. --'f .M FWTirzm,Qv'1fMW5fag:1..'filfw-Km: ,kwrvgmkj ww f 2 TW ' if ' ' i 13724Zvkfiii17ifQlfii5ggii!9k5gf f 2,-rf52w:EA12gf4msi ',f,,1:,i1..eE1q gm Aw: lf' . t2PcfwQ.,f.w:.wf13Memwg W imzfw J'-:4f,Pi"?35 ,EM - , :ffmm,,mi:wg'fm3?2aqfg3w,mis?-'A f :,Q'kig5,fsr k3,e5'FPF? t 1 V ' f " F" QQTQSL ' Qgsgifrfi"i1l?!e31' 'H 57522 Q.zf,gugizwftgzxagglfgfuggv L g f, ?i?f2I9QYf15!ariwtg?s2XifY27QSazhaf " f'i'f?Tg, - ' gig-'eigsisgiw A 2 jQ,g2ffrigfsq23e7 Hfilfm 'V , ww U fikffgfzgrg 7515155 ' " 2. 7 5 V xgggfili. X Ah W. W Mm, .,,, . 1-Qfzewsgf .1 ,,.s2f?M' ffl- , . '.n!F2:f1 W QMWMQ2 fw -mv LMQWW Awww W ,, LM L,w,Mw 7 -A . gg ' .1 7,8355 , .. . ., ,,,gg,w f gm, ,mm W f fl' LQ., 52: 1 at Y, af ,S ,A Wim Bates Colby Bowdoin Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut Northeastern Colby Bowdoin ACTION AGAINST RHODE ISLAND SUMMARY Opp. Maine Opp. Maine 59 60 Bates 72 52 60 48 Connecticut 55 29 55 39 New Hampshire 52 51 52 49 Bowdoin 37 69 98 48 Bates 29 60 63 43 Northeastern 36 45 64 56 Rhode Island 33 30 60 49 New Hampshire 47 39 42 Colby 64 54 Zffzey V, faked 5500 .ff Front row: Back row: MANAGER GROSS Blake, Black, Cook. Tufts, Hobbs, Bannister, Iolmson, Spencer, Stewart Front row: Chapman, Cummings, Newton, Broomhall, McDonald, Barr Back row: Ted Cmtis, Hawkes, Dwelley, Allen, Vlark. INTER PORT The Ski Team, under the direction of Coach Ted Curtis, completed a very successful year. At Dartmouth the team placed Hfth, with Cummings taking Hrst place in the jump. They also placed fifth at McGill University meet in Canada. At Rumford the boys placed first and second in downhill races, sixth and eleventh in cross country, and Cum- mings placed third in jumping. DICK DNVELLEY In the State meet, Maine swept four of the six events to retain the crown. The success of the year was marked by the Maine skiers being selected as the number 5 team out of a field of 76 in the Intercollegiate Ski Union. CHARLIE BROOMHALL ' ,.f, 'fQf1 First row: Jordan, Higgins, Dombkowski, Creighton, Adams, Read, and Bishop. Second row: Downey, Chantal, Keith, Louis, Clark, Lord, and McNiff. Back row: Richards, Wallace, Crossland, Woodbury, Kennedy, Cates, and Davis. INTRAMURAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION One of the growing phases of ath- tion providing for intramural competi- letics at the University is that pertain- ing to intramural activity. Programs have been set up under the jurisdiction of the Department of Physical Educa- tion in football, basketball, track, and tennis. The student organization sup- porting this program is the IMAA. FOOTBALL - PHI KAPPA SIGMA First row: V. Pooler, W. Pooler, Wiggin, Putnam, Ellsworth. Second row: Bleakney, Davis, Hatch, Gilmour, Kelley, Ramsay. First row: Sferes, Morse, Romano, Stebbins. Second row: VVatson, O'Tou1e, Roy, Fish, Vaughn, Leggett. BASKETBALL -KAPPA SIGMA W...., M. I LETS M-A-1-N-E so C H E E A D E R B-E-A-R-S HAH! HAH. CHEERLEADERS, left to right: Blake, Kennedy, Johnson, Moore, Bannister, Niece, Spencer, Stewart, Hobbs, Lockhart, Baker, Tufts, Black, Cook. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL Adams Sproul Barron Tamm Beals Trask Beisel Turmelle Blaisdell Waterman Card White WB 31' Zollo Coulombe Dennis CROSS COUNTRY Dombkowski Hamden Buddy Eiga?-fy Emily Packgd . mer Fecteau y Reed, Fogler I. Sffllfll Gardner Tripp Hewes VVallace Leggett BASEBALL Lofangef E. Beals Lord Braley MCBY9-dY Cherneski McDermott Coombs Morse Mitchell Noyes Nickless Pruett Oakes Reilly gsefgodb k 16 en ac Eoyal R. Preble S b E. Woodbury a 1S ury Sehmidlin ASIEQCK Small B. Beal H. Smith Bleakney B TRACK Brown Emerson Goreon Hale J. Hammond W. Hammond Harnden Haynes Higgens Humes Hylander Ialbert Johnson Knowlton Landers Manchester Marsankis McLeod Milbank Murray Orach Packard Pruett J. Silsby R. Smith Totman Tripp Vennett VVallace TENNIS Allen Hermann Kaplan TENNIS MacDonald Nickols Potenzo Southard VanPeurseln GOLF Bickford E. Brown Bunker R. Smith Webber Wilson WINTR SPORTS Barr Chapman Cummings Dwelley Hawkes MeCobb Newton BASKETBALL Farnsworth Feeney B. Goddard C. Goddard Hopkins Irewett McCormack Kelsey Osgood Peasley Thurlow 25 YEARS SERVICE E MISS HELEN LENGYEL Miss Lengyel, head of the Wornenis Physical Edu- cation Department, is completing her 25th year at the University of Maine. When she first came to Maine, she was the only womenis Physical Education instructor. She has been directly responsible for building up the Women,s Department of Physical Education, which of- fers a recognized major in Physical Education as well as a Wide service program. SEAL AWARD The University of Maine Seal is the highest award given to Women athletes on the -campus. The Winning of the Seal re- quires the accumulation of at least 1,125 WAA credits, which indicates an active athletic par- ticipation, as well as qualifica- tions in spirit, service, and scholarship. Every girl must be voted upon by a committee com- posed of the WAA executive board, the head of the Depart- ment, and by the WAA council. Seal wearers during 1948-1949 were: Evelyn Ellsworth Betty F riedler Caroline Strong WOMEN'S ATHLETICS STRONG, FRIEDLER, ELLSWORTH First row flett to rightjz Shaw, Iohnson, Simanonak, Crossland, Friedler, Rowell, Moulton. Second row: Zaitlin, Conti. Richardson, Thomas, Curtis, Hastings, Carr, Chipman. Third row: Bull, Dibblee, Marsden, Marden, Robbins, Strong, Zelenkewich, Burgess. VAA COUNCIL The council consists of an executive staff, class leaders, managers, and the presidents of the various dance clubs. The Penny Carnival, Freshman Picnic, interdorm and intramural programs are sponsored by WAA council. UNIOR CO CIL The Junior Council was initiated in answer to the need for closer contact between the dormitories and intramural sports. The members were chosen from each dorm and the off-campus group. First row: Shelton, Clark, Robbins, Friedler, Blanchard. Second row: Berry, Mitchell, Anderson, Briggs, Cunningham. First row: Friedler, Pratt, Simanonak, Drummond, Richardson, Jackson, Heald, Ellsworth. Second row: Smith, Mitchell, Crossland, Mollison, johnson, Strong, Zelenkewich, Litchfield. " " CL B UARE DANCE The Women's "MU Club as sponsors B of co-recreation had a successful pro- ,w.m +11m..,,1m,,+ nm ..,,..,. v,m,...1m11 With a heartv "swing vour D211'lIHC1',, 51 LIJ11 Ll..l1 K.lL,l5'l1LILIL Lilly J' L1Cl1. Q Y llllby Lltlll, ' "' ' '- badminton, ping pong and shufiieboard the Square dance Club swung through were enjoyed by the Students El Very successful season. Meetings were held every Tuesday night at the Wom- enis Gym. First row: Johnson, Strong, Bull, Dibblee, Turner. Second row: Burnell, Hoffman, Phillips, Gyger, Todd, Cliipman. Third row: Lincoln, Curtis, Campbell, Durgin, Noyes. First row: Hobbs, Ratte, Richardson, Dibblee, Russell, Kobrin. Second row: Friedler, Zelenkewich, Strong, Ellsworth, Gyger. SENIOR HOCKEY Although the Seniors came out zero in the Winning column, the remarkable playing of the individual team members was demonstrated by the naming of 4 Seniors to the All-Maine Team. First row: Jackson, Briggs, Packard. ALL-MAINE HOCKEY The All-Maine Hockey is an honor- ary varsity team composed of the eleven most outstanding players from the four classes. This is the highest recognition given in hockey. Left to right: Shores, Moulton, Simanonak, Kobrin, Ellsworth, Zelenkewich, Crossland. Second row: Friedler, Dibblee, Strong, johnson, Millison. 1 - JUNIOR HOCKEY The Junior team came out With 4 wins and 2. losses, putting them in iirst place. Throughout all their games they showed unusually good team Work as well as individual ability. an-so-mm, .- - First row: Desjardins, Wiswell, Ratte, Chipman, Osgood, Curtis, Conti, Zaitlin. Second row: Harriman, Ambrose, Quinn, Marsden, Hatch, Clark, Richardson, LittleHeld, Thorndyke, Tav- lor, Pray, Shelton. SOPHO ORE HOCKEY The Sophomores had a very success- ful season, tying the Juniors for first place in the tournament. The Sopho- rnores were the victors in the all im- portant Hat Game. THE HATS STAY ON First row: Cunningham, Blanchard, Pratt. Second row: McIntyre, Ellingwood, Steams, Berry, Snyder, Gyger. FRE HMAN HOCKEY The Freshman started out very suc- cessfully on their Way toward building an excellent team in the next few years. Two of their members were named All- Maine team. l + First row: Briggs, Sullivan, Dibblee. Zelenkewich, Ellsworth, Thomas. Second row: Zelenkewich, Johnson, Strong. ALL - MAINE BASKETBALL The honorary All-Maine Basketball team is chosen by the director of ath- letics, class leaders, captains and head managers. SENIOR BASKETBALL The Seniors came out second in the White League. Although a small team, they showed excellent team work. JUNIOR BASKETBALL The junior class was divided into two teams, both of which placed Hrst in their respective leagues. First row: Dibblee, Marden, Thompson, Sullivan, Strong. Second row: Smith, Briggs, Friedler, Burgess, Mollison, Moulton, johnson, Wright. SOPHUNIORE BASKETBALL The 8 Sophomore teams piled up a record of eight wins this season. They showed outstanding individual ability and close teamwork. Three Sophomores were named to the All-Maine Reserve Basketball team. First row: Conti, Hobbs, Tufts, Chipman, Ratte, McKie1, Curtis, Desiardin. Second row: Pendleton, Zaitlin, Wiswell, Clark, Burbank, Robbins, Edfors, Laverty, Stinson, Littlefield. I Front: Blanchard, Pratt, Noyes. First row: McKicl, Lapworth, Knowles, Vachon, Bagley, Gyger, Hoffmann, Sargent, Boyce, Snyder. Second row: Brody, Ellingwood, Preble, Drysdale, Greene, Frye, Berry, Russell, Murray, Stearns. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL So many Freshmen turned out for basketball they had to be divided into three teams. Their enthusiasm and all- round good spirit made their contests enjoyable to watch. First row Qleft to rightlz Pendleton, Lamb, Clark, Stearns, Ratte, McKiel, Pratt. Second row: Andrews, Strong, Zelenkewich, Marden, Johnson, Dibblee, Thompson. DORM CHAMPIO , BASKETBALL For the second consecutive year the Elms have taken the dorm champion- ship. Each Elmis team won in their re- spective league and declined to play off a final game. MODERN DANCE i CLUB Those girls Who have taken one se- mester of Modern Dance with honor grade are eligible for membership in the club. New members are voted upon by present membership. Miss Cassidy is adviser of the group. TUMBLING CLUB The Tumbling Club provides an op- portunity for those girls especially inter- ested in this phase of gymnastics to de- velop their skills. Membership is open to all who are interested in attending the weekly practice. l x ,1- i f ,sf -- VJ' " vw '- .1 ' -'J . 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" ',' W' v-'- ',,0s 'v ,fy 5' P"Qy?'?-"" I I 5 7, -1f'77l,.9,-s-"'u-1'-'f 'f:1'7'.,1 " I I ef-f,f2'.5f5.F' E , JL Exif . " --Fig Q I ff-",-gf' 1524 - 5 ',:f'jL:ff,5.j .- -., , fgyfggl K.-1' l ,,,': .pm -, .gixfhb i l 'r.,,.2l E 4,14-',-,jizz L - T ! N A 5,,':'h " Q'--,.,f.... g,p.,5'f ' Q f f '- f--3,-3 " .' ' 2 i I if-571 9. 5-Z'-3 , r 1 ., .6' , 'fu' .. Q, J. I I V745-T-:va wa" 5 ,AQ Front row Qleft to rightbz Decoteau, Miller, Ackley, Folsom, Cowles, Hamlin, Wentworth, Goodwin, Daigle. Second row: Dudley, Whitehouse, Whiting, Hubbard, Kline, Carter, Peachy, Folsom. Third row: Dechene, Land, Geary, Dutton, Libby, VVhite, Libby, Goldberg, Bowden. Fourth row: Sawyer, Rissel, Dearbom, Scammon, Noyes, Crimp, Meserve, Noddin. Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi is a national honorary professional fraternity for outstanding engineering students who show high qualities of scholarship, leadership, initiative, and character. It was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 and the Maine Alpha Chapter was established in 1911. The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor on their college by scholarship and character, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the en- gineering colleges of America. , David F. Akeley Edward L. Alexander Oscar E. Anderson Blaine L Beal Weyrnan H. Billings Lionel S. Bouchard Edmund G. Boucher YVarren VV. Bowden Carleton M. Brown Robert F. Brown, Jr. Theron H. Carter Colby H. Chandler Sherman L. Cole Milton H. Coleman Herbert J. Connell, Jr Edward R. Cowles Vance E. Dearborn Joseph H. Floyd Bruce D. Folsom Grover D. Fraser Arthur L. Geary Harold B. Goldberg Guy L. Goodwin Irving E. Grunes David M. Hamlin VVarren E. Hammond Herbert A. Harriman VValter L. Harriman George R. Harris Richard I. C. Hede Waldon F. Huston Frederick E. Irish, Jr. Ivan C. Jenkins John H. Katsikas Milton W. Kline Gordon R. Kuhn Robert H. Land Anton VV. Larson Frederic C. Libby Willis E. Libby, Jr. Arthur G. Lilienthal Donald H. Lounsbury Gerald L. MacLean VVilliam B. Mann Prentiss B. Markle Albert Pm. Meserve Stanley J. Miller Randolph E. Moores Anthony B. Nardone Ray C. Noddin Leroy C. Noyes Donald V. Ormsby Osmond F. Palmer Antonios Papadopoulos Sidney R. Peachey Leland M. Porter Martin F. Rissel Bernard K. Rosenstein Robert S. Saltzman Richard L. Savage William F. Sawyer John F. Scamman Mark VV. Sewall Wray D. Simpson Forest J. Stewart Edwin B. Smith Edgar A. Soucy Robinson Speirs William E. Stetson Maurice A. Sylvester John W. Tilton William VV. True John W. Wentworth Paul B. VVhite Theodore S. Whitehouse Norman I. Whiting Jan VVilloch Joseph N. G. Dechene Francis T. Decoteau Charles XV. Drake, Jr. Kenneth XV. Dudley First row: Folsom, Wallace, Dirks, Lizotte, Ellsworth, Welch Land Second row: Wentworth, Carter, Dudley, Kline, Beale, Lord, Folsom Third row: Firman, Cox, Marden, Sawyer, Notell, Crofutt. Phi Kappa Phi The nucleus of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was a local society formed at the University of Maine in 1897. This, through the efforts of the presidents of the University of Maine, the Pennsylvania State College, and the University of Tennessee, was broadened into a national society. Students out- standing in scholarship, Without dis- crimination to sex or course of study, are eligible to membership. The perma- nent membership of the local chapter consists, necessarily, of faculty members and others resident in the community. First rov, Ellswoxtl Heald, Brennen, Lord, Seavey. Second row Marin Shores, Zelenkewich, Mador, Kaplan, XVebster, Kenncd Cobnn Pressey Sigma Mu Sigma Sigma Mu Sigma was organized in 1927 at the University of Maine. It is a local Psychology fraternity whose pur- pose is to promote the knowledge and application of psychology. Members are elected on the basis of a real interest in the Held and high gen- eral scholastic standing. Bi-monthly meetings are scheduled at which there are speakers or discussions on topics re- lated to psychology. Funds are raised for a scholarship to be awarded yearly to an outstanding student in psychology. Sigma Mu Sigma also contributes to a sinking fund to promote this scholarship. Seated: Ratte, Smaha, Plumly. Standing: Bingham, Hubbard, Hilton, Edfors. Kappa Delta P1 Neal Mathetal The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to Neai Mathetai is an organization promote high intellectual and scholastic composed of the ten top-ranking fresh- standards and to encourage outstanding man girls in the class. Each year the contributions to education. The Gamma new members are chosen at the Eagle Omicron chapter was established in banquet in the spring. 1932 at the University of Maine. Fobes, Beadle, Zelenkewich, Peabody. First row: Mr. Byers, Homer, Tyler, Knight, Cote, Church, Mr. Baker. Second row: Clawsan, Leighton, Moulton, Buck, Archibald, Orcutt. Xi Sigma Pi Xi Sigma Pi, the honorary forestry fraternity, began at the University ot Washington in 1908. The Gamma Chapter at the University of Maine was established in 1917. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate scholarship and arouse inter- est in the field of forestry. Alpha Zeta Alpha Zeta is the National Agricul- tural Honor Society. During the past year, Alpha Zeta, cooperating with the placement bureau, organized a program to help Seniors in Agriculture End the jobs for which they are best suited. First row: Cratty, Spiller, Weston, Gordon, Robinson, Fuller, Andrews. Second row: Cratty, Cummings, Gee, Estes, Sawyer, Blake. Third row: Barrett, Trask, Sadler, Bell, Bragg, Gralfam, Causman. First row: Alden, Johnson, Berkowitz, LaPoiut, Gray, Merrill, Tribou, Perkins. Second row: McLean, Lutka, Mann, Smith, YVentworth, YVork, Clukey. AAE The student branch of the ASAE was organized at the University in 1946. It is the object of the branch to promote directly and indirectly the interests of the students in agricultural engineering, particularly as these interests relate to their professional advancement and to the parent society. IRE The student branch of the Institute of Radio Engineers was organized at Maine in 1948 to present electrical en- gineering students interested in com- munications an opportunity to become acquainted with the profession. The or- ganization holds periodic joint meetings With the American Institute of Electri- cal Engineers to hear lectures and dis- cuss topics pertaining to electrical en- gineering. First row: Mr. Rich, YVallace, Cummings, Fox, Rhodes, Pendleton, Black. Second row: Warren, Taft, Ireland, Ramsey, Wlhitney, Hume, Files, Gardner. Third row: Kittridge, Harmon, Boynton, Titcomb, Marston, Weston, Hanson. President, Roger Rackliifg Vice President, Victor Poolerg Secretary, Don Lambertg Treas urer, john Drew, Adviser, Irving Prageman. SCE The Student Affiliates of the Amer- ican Chemical Society, newly organized last year, have continued their activity this year with bi-monthly meetings. The purpose of this society is to pro- mote the interest in chemistry on campus and to foster professional pride among chemistry and chemical en- gineering majors. ASME l The student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was organized at Maine in 1913 to bring to- gether students interested in mechan- ical engineering. The organization meets periodically to discuss develop- ments in the field and to hear lectures on topics of general interest. President, Earl Triboug Secretary, Marion Stanley, Treasurer, john Cooper, Adviser, Irwin Douglass. President, Claud LaPointeg Vice President, George Lutkag Secretary, Richard Perkins, Treasurer, YVi1liam Mann, Adviser, Philip Seal. IEE The Electrical Engineering Club at the University of Maine is a student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, the national or ganization representing the Electrica Engineering profession. Membership is open to any student registered or interested in Electrical Engineering. First row: Jones, Barrett, Stickels, Seaman. Albert, Poulin, Petrie, Standley, Nisbett. Second row: Dumas, Chatto, jose, Ray, Kenney, Rogers, Hochenhull, Gerry, Pendleton, Robinson. Third row: Dersty, Choate, NVinter, Howl, Coughlin, Littlefield, Albert, Martin, Crofutt, McNitt, Hood. Fourth row: Larrabbee, Hart, Alexander, Haggett, Grant, Marden, Adone, Saunders. Scabbard and Blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade was founded forty-four years ago at the University of Wisconsin by Eve cadet officers. The total membership of this society approximates 30,000. The purpose of Scabbard and Blade is primarily to uphold and defend American traditions and elevate the standards of military education in the colleges and universities of our coun- tryg to unify their military departments, lass-B to preserve and foster the essential qualities of good and eflicient officers and to advocate friendship and good fellowship among cadet oflicers. Membership is attained by election only, and is classified in four divisions active, alumni, associate, and honorary Active members arc chosen from out- standing cadet oiiicers in senior B. O T. C. units. .5-R iff' "'S"4Y"""S'xERHw w skid., TIE'-bs v.....s,. - First row: Cunningham, Simononak, Nicholson, Crane, Hanson, Ansel, Hines. Second row: Carter, Dirks, Crossland, Kennedy. All flaine Women Senior Skulls "All Maine XVo1nenv was founded in The Senior Sculls Society is the high- l925. It is the highest honorary, non- est non-scholastic honor society at the scholastic society for women. The mein- University of Maine. bers are chosen from the three upper The purpose of the organization is to classes on the basis of character, Maine foster and instill the true Maine spirit spirit, dignity, honor, and Willingness to throughout the campus. accept responsibility. Front row flcft to rightlz Zollo, Clark, Schrnidlin, Barnett. Back row: Emerson. Folsom, Davis, Spiller, Dombkowski, Vennett, Sproul. W Q-155i-ga 'Q :QR bggu . -vm z Q K .a:4-....w4 i'i' K First row: Smaha, Clark, Simmons, Osgood, Zaitlin. Su-ond row: Hubbard, Iosslyn, Marsden, Moore, Bembe, Grover, Bannister. Sophomore Eagles The purpose of the Sophomore Eagles is to promote a friendly relation- ship between the freshman and sopho- more women, and to instruct the new women in the customs and traditions of the University. Their chief function is the enforcement of the freshman rules. Sophomore Owls The Sophomore Owl Society was founded at the University of Maine in 1909. The purpose of this society is to promote a friendly feeling between the two lower classes, as well as to enforce strict obedience on the part of the fresh- men men to freshman rules. The new Eagles are selected at a banquet in the spring by the outgoing Eagles. Members are chosen on the basis of high moral standing, leadership, spirit of cooperation, creditable scholar- ship, and participation in eXtra-curricu- lar activities. Sitting-Winter, Bigney, Barbour. Standing--Plaisted, Cummings. hr Idriam Zgnnrh The 1950 Prism staff started out in the fall of 1948 with great optimism and im- mediately began dealing with the prob- lems of publishing the University year- bo-ok. The staff worked hard to End differ- ent ideas in layouts for the various sec- tions and compiling material for the successful completion of the 1950 Prism. Mrs. Ella Cobb was our secretary this year, and she proved very capable in scheduling appointments for portrait sittings and constructing a dummy for the junior section. The business staff, under John Stimp- son, did a splendid job in the subscrip- tion drive and in soliciting ads for the financial support of the yearbook. At Brunswick the staff, under Gilbert French, got to Work early in the year and completed the Brunswick section in a very short time. The staff has also got to thank The Ccznipus for the information it provided us with on past events. First row flcfl to rightl: Hansen, Simpson, Hill, Schnnland, Holland. Second row: Elwell, Carr, Pcttee, Freidler, johnson, Burgess, Burton, Kennedy, Powers Third row: Pray, Shea, Kennedy, Nesbit, Davce, Rc-mar, Smith. ' STAFF Adozser... ...,......,...., ., ..... .Mr. Irving Pierce Editor-in-Chief .....,.. .,..,....,,..... L ynwoiod Hill Associate Editors ...,..,,.......,.. Richard Schonland Elinor Hanson Ruth Holland Activities Editor ........ .,..... D avid Camber Informal Editor ...,.,.................. Virginia Kennedy Menfs Sports Editor ,,... ...Chester Kennedy Wornen's Sports Editor ....,,...,....,. Betty Friedler Fraternity Editor ,...,... . Sorority Editor ..,,...,,.,... Organizations Editor ,.,.. Business Manager ......,. Subscription Manager ...,..., Advertising Manager .,... C over ..........,..,.,,.....,..,...... ,........14ames Davee Jan Pettee ..........Carol Carr ..,.,..john Stimpson .,.......Will Nesbitt ...,........john Shea ,.....,.Palmer Libby THINKING IT OVER IRVING PIERCE, ADVISER ELLA COBB, SECRETARY MU ALPHA EPSILON First row: Nicholson, Coggin, Hayden, E. Johnson, Johnson, Moulton, Keith, Currier. Second row: Campana, Newdick, Payson, Haynes, Ainsworth, Bodwell. Mu Alpha Epsilon, the honorary music society, was founded at the Maine campus in 1942, through the efforts of both student and faculty interest, to further musical activities at the Univer- sity and to recognize in a fitting and practical manner students of high musical promise and achievement. Every year the society sponsors the Christmas vesper concert, the annual Music Night program, and the late :spring outdoor pop concert. Membership in the society is limited to twenty, and each member is required to have completed four semesters of applied music or to have been active in the Band, Orchestra or Glee Club for two years. , Each year the society presents a scholarship to a deserving man and Woman student, and to present an award on Music Night to the senior con- tributing most to the advancement of music on this campus. V First row: Nason, Edfors, St. Onge, Brody, VVy1nan. The Pine Needle The Pine Needle is the school's oquarterly humorous magazine, devoted to a variety of purposes. Not the least of these is providing a vehicle for aspiring young artists and jour- nalists to present their talents to a wider than classroom audi- ence. Second row: Meade, Sullick, Folsom, Kominsky, Fogler. 'PLN WUI ,.1..A fW,...,...--,. 111C lV1d1l1C K.JZll11PU5 The Maine Campus, the weekly newspaper at the University, under the leadership of Editor Bill Brennan and Business Manager VVill Nisbet, had a very successful year. Professor VVayne Jordan and Mr. Irv- ing Pierce, Faculty Advisors, worked hard to help the Editorial and Business Staffs make their paper more like a live college newspaper. The Campus in past years has had diiiiculty in finding large enough quar- ters to do satisfactory work. This year new and better facilities were provided in the East Annex. It is expected that even more adequate space will be pro- vided next year in Fernald Hall. First row: Shalck, Snowman, Nisbet, Brennan, Mayo, Cobb, St. Onge, Zwicker. , Second row: Conners, Pettee, Johnson, Knowles, Wyman, Mockler, Carr, Chipman, -Beckler, Stimpson. Third row: YVhittaker, Manchester, Hamlin, Robbins, Rogovin, Bigelow, Tillem, Ray, King. nf The Band The University of Maine Band started this year with a number of new members and most of the regulars join- ing in to organize a 75-piece band, the largest on the campus since the war. There has been real spirit and enthusi- asm all year. In the fall the band ap- peared at the football games in new blue, grey, and White uniforms, made possible by the Bookstore. It has played for athletic events, rallies, as- semblies, Music Night, and had its sec- ond annual concert on April Sth. The band is now one of the important and Front to rear fleft to rightjz Robert Stevens, Albert Smith, Philip Ames, Hubert VVoodsum, Donald Hawes, Harry Bickford, Carroll Totman, Virginia YVhit6, Richard Nelson, and Evan johnson, Bryant Hop- kins, Sam Harris, Harold Moulton, David Anderton, Carroll Reed, julian Turner, Gerald Theriault, Elton Crossland, Stanley Christianson, Herbert Grilfen, Luther Amos, Herbert Ingraham, jerry Haynes, and Donald Stanton. iiiztnh necessary organizations on campus. When stirring music is needed to add color to an event the band is always ready to play. Director, Mr. Francis Shaw, Student Harold Harmon, Secretary and Treas urer, Rosemary White, Drill Instructor Richard Schonland. Charlotte Hillman, Barbara Chellis, Lewis Littlefield, Richard Sweetser, john NVishart, Jane Walker, Charles Libby, Stanley Ellsworth, Elwood Beach, and Richard Schonlandg john Tilton, Rosemary XVhite, Carlene Dunn, Jacqueline Kimball, Harold Harmon, Arthur Black, jaye McKenney, Ruth Curtis, John Farrar, and Beverly Currier, Caroline Cobb, Leon Fournier, Donald Chesebrough, Mr. Shaw, WVilliam Clark, David Simonton, Stephen Hopkinson, and VVi11iam Bodwell. Leader, Harold Moulton, President, William Bodwellg Business Manager, 7 l First row: Hopkins, Plaistcd, Cummings, Heald, Lapworth, Blanchard, Downes, Bannister, Johnson, Clem- ent, Whitcomb. Second row: Desjardins, Hubbard, Jones, Holly, Keith, Forte, Venner, Small, Stein, Lincoln, Fairley. Third row: Hart, Pendleton, Millington, Coggin, Bennett, Crane, Malia, Hubbard, Dennett, Jones. Fourth row: Cutts, Prey, Hendricks, Bouchard, Robbins, WVhite, Cobb, Mayo. Glee Club The University of Maine Glee Club is the combination of tW0 groups for- merly called the Womenis and Men's Glee Clubs. The ,one hundred members were chosen by competitive audition. The Clee Club presented concerts in Bucksport, Dexter and Bangor, and participated in such campus activities as Christmas Vespers, Music Night, Pop Concert, Memorial Day exercises, and assemblies. Front row fleft to rightj: Kong-Ming Hsi, XVheeler, Keannelly, Campana, Preble, Caras, Walker, Sherman, Christensen. Second row: Byenbery, Joyce, Palmer, Bean, Brady, Payson, Gascoigne, Knox. Third row: Bouchard, Davee, VVhite, Mosher, Gillchrest, Kimball, Starbird, Newdick, Bailey. Fourth row: Demetriou, Rendall, Tillou, Cool, Bull, Thomas, Work. First row: Violette, Morin, Cyr, Murtaugh, Bushey, Murphy, Beaudry. Second row: Brochu, Stein, McDermott, Fr. LeTourneau, Fr. Sheehy, Pooler, St. Onge, Carbonneau, Mc- McManus. Third row: Johnson, Perry, Harmon, LaPointe, Michaud, Lapierre, Cote, L'Heureux, Raymond. Fourth row: Bernard, Bellgrade, Foley, Powers, Pooler, Rohcrge, Rioux. ' Newman Club The University of Maine chapter of the Newman Club Federation was or- ganized in 1946 and became affiliated with the national federation in 1947. Membership in the club is open to all students of the Roman Catholic faith. HILLEL The Hillel Foundation is a national collegiate society whose purpose is to foster the religious, cultural, and social activities among students of the Hebrew faith. Front row: Zaitlin, Ettinger, Minsky, Rabbi Elefant, Sokol, Livingston. Second row: Miller, Stack, Abrams, Rosenstein, Rakoff, Lubovitz. Martin, Hepple, Curtis. FACULTY ADVISORS MOC The Maine Outing Club, in its twenty-eighth year of activity, has been one of the most active organizations on the campus and has a membership of over four hundred students. The major project this year has been the construc- tion of the skating cabin. This cabin has been constructed entirely by stu- dent volunteer labor. The second most important activity has been the ski-tow which is operated as a service to the students on the ski slope across the river from the campus. During the winter carnival, the club held a "Snow Ball" in the VVomen's Gymnasium, which was highly successful. The normal quota of hikes, trips, and overnight camping trips have been carried out, and the or- ganization plans to take its annual climb up Mt. Katahdin at the end of the year. PACK AND PINE First row fleft to rightlz Hastings, Smith, Pierce, Stimpson, Smith, Iohnson, Curtis. Second row: Elliott, Cooper, Fairfield, Carter. THE SKATING CABIN THE SKI SLOPE Betty E. Dunton, Ofliice Re-ceptinnistg Charles E. OlConnor, Executive Secre- taryg Ruth VVadleigh, Assistant Secretary. aine Christian Association The Maine Christian Association is The program is under the guidance the center of voluntary religious activ- of Ruth E. Wadleigh and Charles E. ity on the University of Maine campus. OiConnor, secretaries. Through the cabinet and many commit- President, Bruce Folsorng Vice Presi- tees, the M. C. A. carries on an exten- dent, Betty Henipsteadg Secretary, Mar- sive religious and social program. tha Colesg Treasurer, Charles Barr. First row: Beals, Coles, Folsom, Hempstead, Barr. Second row: Jordon, Kochakian, Ansell, Carter, Butler, Powers, Pettee, Sibley. Third row: Giddings, Edes, Peabody, Wentworth, Johnson. 1 A First row: Newdick, Wheeler, Campania, Kimball, Cool, Lerman, Caras, Pendleton. Second row: Christensen, Gascuine, Payson, Daigle, XVhite, Gilchrist, Davee, Mr. Selwood. Varsity Singers The Varsity Singers were organized in 1948 as an extra-curricula activity. Members are chosen from the personnel of the Menis Glee Club by audition. During the year 1948-1949 concerts were given in Dexter, Preque Isle, Waterville, Warren, and Bangor. They also have been programmed as assist- ing artists on Glee Club programs. Orchestra The University of Maine Orchestra, under the leadership of its capable con- ductor, Mr. Stanley Cayting, has pro- vided a source of entertainment to the student body as Well as providing a chance for the development of musical talent. First row: Conroy, Knowles, Norton, Libby, Haskell, YVilson, Downey, Harmon, Conti, Mr. Cayting. Second row: Black, Standley, Johnson, R. White, Pike, Wallace, Hodgkins, Artus, Wing, Plummer, Harmon. Third row: Nelson, Hawes, Downs, Burrowes, V. White, Kimball, Dunn, Currier, Bodwell, E. johnson. 9 First row: johnson, Butler, Fuller, LaPoint, Bodey, Farnum, Carter. Second row: McCann, Butler, Bailey, Potter, Turner, johnson, Anderson, Sibley. KOINONIA Koinoniais aim is to stimulate interest and lively discussion on social, religious, and economic problems. Its name is de- rived from the Creek word for fellow- ship, as one of its purposes is to promote fellowship and group spirit within the organization. The Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club at the Univer- sity of Maine was founded in 1947 and is a member of the national organiza- tion and the New England Council of Canterbury Clubs. The club meets weekly and membership is open to all Episcopal students. First row: Gross, johnson, Schonland, Xllynnm, Coleman, Beckler. Second row: Packard, Haddard, Kunnemund, Gove, Edes, Fairley, Burrows. .1 f First row: Moreshead, Frye, Preble, Floyd, Murray. Second row: Tumer, Snyder, Norton, Fowler. Freshman Club T uestors Club The Freshman Club is sponsored by The name "QueStors,' itself sums up the Maine Christian Association and is au that the Club Stands for. The mem- open to all freshmen registered at the University. The club is also represented on the M. C. A. cabinet. As in the past, the Freshman Club bers are seekers of spiritual and intel- lectual growth and satisfaction through religious knowledge and human rela- will sponsor Student-Faculty parties for tions- Reprewntafives Of many faiths everyone on campus. and sects are called in as speakers. E K Y First row: Andrews, Dr. McGorrill, Johnson, Lord, Lord, Estes, Doyle. Second row: Dombkowski, Smith, Pulsifer, Shaw, Luce, Jordan, Lord. Third row: Simpson, Crossland, Andrews, XVl1itney. General Student Senate The General Student Senate is com- posed of the 'four-officers, thecpresidents of the WSGA, Menis Student Senate, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, OH-Campus, Womenis Organi- zation, and Oil-Campus Menis Organi- zation and eleven Ward members elected from different areas of the campus. It is concerned with matters relating to the entire student body and acts as a coordinator of student activities and as a liaison between the students and the administration. ,The Senate also appoints student committees to carry on drives and other activities. Some of its accomplishments for the year 1948-49 under the leader- ship of Ralph Barnett are: Maine Day was declared President Hauck Day in honor of his fifteen years of outstanding service to the University, the percent- age of voters in the fall elections was markedly increased as a result of pic- ture-of-the-candidates posters and other improvements in election procedure, plans for a bigger and better Winter Carnival were launched, plans were initiated for providing the students with accident and health insurance on an op- tional basis, a plan by which student organizations may finance the room and board for foreign students with the ad- ministration providing tuition Was in- troduced on the campus, and a Class OH-icers Constitution was drawn up. l Front row tleft to rightjz Coles, St. Onge, Ansell, Elliott, Bnmett, Hubbard, Richardson, Kennedy, Crane. Second row: Bailey, Grant, Thobarge, Libby, Meade, Marden, Murray, McBrady, Vennett, Bailey. Members not in p.ct.1re: john Bache-NViig, jr., James Beaudry, Nancy Carter, Robert Fletcher, Norris B. Hamlin. Charles W. Lewis. Gloria D. Pelletier. Charles R. Preble, Alton L. Sproul, Richard Whalen. First row: Keith, Nicholson, Crane, Butler, Kennedy, Iosslyn, Murray, Vollmer. Second row: Rawlinson, Ellsworth, Beckler, Heselton, XValden, Smith, Freese, Shores, YVebber. Third row: Grover, Yates, Frye, Carter, Norton, Thomas, St. Onge, XVing, Kochakian. Q Women S Student fx' A- ,A .... .M A.. uuvci uiiiciit The YVomen's Student Government Association is a council representing all dormitories, sororities, non-sorority women, and off-campus Women of the University. Its purpose is to encourage active cooperation among the Women of the University in self-government and to promote the highest possible stand- ards of personal conduct. Menis Senate The Menis Student Senate is the gov- erning body for menis activities on campus. Representatives are elected from various housing units throughout campus, and this year the group is con- siderably larger than normal because of increased enrollment. The Senate has reorganized pre-war activities and has taken on new respon- sibilities this year. A new constitution has been drawn up and accepted, set- ting forth added principles. I V First row: Graifam, Daigle, Newdick, ,Vennett, Fletcher, Stenholm, Ingalls. Second row: Whiting, Davee, Comeau, Ingalls,.Kline, Shaw, Crofutt. Third row: Ciccotelli, Tillson, Bunker, Hopkins, Smith, Lord, Perkins. First row: Barnett, Ireland, Ienness, Graffam, Ingalls, Dutton. Second row: Boutilier, Masters, Hamlin, Witham, Coleman, Kunneniund. Order of the Temple Kappa Phi Kappa The Maine Chapter of the Order of Kappa Phi Kappa, Professional Edu- the Temple Was feestablished tW0 Years cation Fraternity, was founded at Dart- ago after being inactive for several mouth College, April 22, 1942. years. It is an organization for Univer- sity students who are members of the Gamma Chapter, inactive during the Masonic Order' war has been activated under the able 7 The group was originally established direction of Professor Ioseph Hau- by Richard Howell in 1920 and was ac- tive until a few years before the war. First row: St. Thomas, McClain, Farmer, Woodcock, Bartlett, Hillier, R. Daigle, Garland, I. Daigle. Second row: Anderson, Bames, Chasse, Call, Hodgdon, Powell, Smith, Cobb, Robinson. Third row: Greenleaf, McDonald, Theriault, jones, Folsom, Kimball, Walker, Hayden, Richards. Fourth row: Carter, Flaws, WVood, Schonland, Harjula, Coates, Longtin, Baillargeon. First row: Crofutt, Blake, Murray, Demerritt, Comeau. Second row: Ingalls, Daigle, Smith, Lord. GCUMM Ocummo was established in order to realize a closer relationship between men living off campus and campus life. All men living off campus are eligible to be members. Through Ocummo the problems which confront off-campus men are brought to focus and action taken through the men elected to the student governing bodies. In addition, the club represents the off-campus men in intramural sports and activities. Busi- ness and social meetings are held throughout the year. Off Campus Women The purpose of the Off Campus Womenis Organization is to broaden the acquaintance between off-campus wom- en and those living on the campus and to promote the participation of off- i an . Q o 1. campus women in extra-curricular ac- tivities and other social activities. Membership is open to all women students not living on campus. 'W' ' 1 First row fleft to rightlz Laliberte, Brangwynne, White, Attner, Mower, St. Onge, Miss Billings, McGlauilin, McNicho1s, Smart. Second row: Canty, Treadwell, Leonard, Coney, Burrill, Chadeayne, Chalmers, Smith, Ellingwood, White, Richardson, Staples, Foster, Burrill. Third row: Balstridge, Vardamis, Nash, Haggerty, Montgomery, Hopkins, Mooers, Grant, Russell, Curtis, Smith, Littlefield, Curtis. PROCTOR ln addition to their regular duties, many of the men on campus serve as proctors in the menis dormitories. The dormitories are split into four groups with Millard VVhittaker as head proctor of North Dormitories, Ralph Barnett as head proctor of Corbett and Dunn Halls, Donald Spiller as head proctor of Oak and Hannibal Halls, and Edward Cowles as head proctor of New Dorm No. 3. The proctors are representatives of the Dean of Men, Housing Manager, and Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. It is their duty to maintain a reasonable standard of conduct and a reasonable quietness during study hours in the dormitories. The proctors must also supervise the distribution and col- lection of laundry for the men in the dorms. In addition. the proctors must also report damages which occur in their building. The proctor system gives many men financial aid, but it also gives the Uni- versity an effective way of maintaining the efficiency of its dormitories on campus. Proctors are selected upon a basis of scholarship, industry, and character. The men are chosen from a large group of applicants in the spring of each year and are notified by the Dean of Menis oflice when they have received their as- signment. The proctors have great responsibility in supervising the dormitories and have done the job very successfully in the past year. First row: Shea, Folsom, Spiller, Purington, Whittaker, Cowles, Bamett, Waitt, Foss, Elliott, Barr. Second row: Foster, LaPoint, Zabe, Hiltz, Smith, Mollison, Thompson, Gorham, Hamlin, Sweetser, Capon, Rozzi. Third row: Edgecomb, Taylor, Howard, Happ, Stone, Kimball, Storer, Charron, Ouellette, Lord, Ray, Ouellette. Fourth row: Moulton, Dyer, Stricland, Clark, Marden, Addor, Wing, Connary, Stimpson, Dobosz, Zellner. Dormitory Councils The menis dormitories each year elect a number of men to form a group which will be active in promoting social activities and recreational facilities for the men living in the dormitories. At present there are councils serving the men in North Dormitories, Dunn and Corbett Halls, Oak and Hannibal Halls, and New Dormitory No. 3. The North Dormitory Council has been active in maintaining Building No. 15, which houses their recreation room and also the North Dorm canteen. The Dunn and Corbett Council has been influential in having Bendix Wash- ing machines installed in the dormi- tories. They have also had ping-pong tables installed in the basement of the dormitories. The councils have served Well as a board for collecting and discussing the ideas of the men in the dormitories. It is through their efforts that the dormitories are becoming a better place to live. The councils pictured are from New Dorm No. 3 and Corbett and Dunn Halls. First row: Chantal, Singer, Hopkins. Second row: Potter, Mana, Heine. First low: Mitchell, St. Onge, Harriman, Gilbert. Second row: Nass, Roberge, Bishop, Bernier, Fournier. Tlnrd row: Martineau, Lynch, Dicky, Hayford. Senior Residents The freshmen Women are introduced to college life by the Senior Residents. These Women are chosen from the stu- dent body on the basis of scholarship, character, and ability to lead. The residents are the direct Contact between the freshmen women and the Dean of VVomen,s oiiice. In such a ca- 1 pacity, the girls must act as advisers to all the freshmen in East and VVest halls. First row: Shores, Thomas. Second row: Kochakian, Vollmer, Nicholson. House Presidents The House Presidents are the official representatives of their dormitories on the WSGA who help to remedy any difficulties peculiar to the girls' dormi- tory life. First row: Wing, Rawlinson, Ellsworth, Heselton. Second row: Norton, Webber, Carter, Fyre. Pale Blue Key The Pale Blue Key was formed six- ternity and others are given honorary teen years ago to succeed the track Pale Blue Key acts club. It is composed of numeralmen in men's athletics. One member is elected from each fra- ing athletic teams. memberships. The as an entertaining committee for visit- First row: Pooler, Dineen, Broomhall, Curtis, Beals, Iones, Bamard, White. Second row: Stone, Hansen, V. VVoodbury, Reilly, Wyman, Marden, Schmidlin, Follet, Brown, Tamm, Davee, Bowden. Le Cercle Francais Le Gercle Francais, the French Club, is com- posed of students interested in the French lan- guage and French culture. Since its reorganiza- tion in 1937 under Dr. Vigneras, it has been ac- tive in presenting social and musical programs, .French language movies, and lectures. Miss Lilian Avila is faculty adviser to this active group, which in addition to the above activities, sponsors one of the stag dances each year. First row: Elwell, Economu, Malia, Boynton, Albert, Lapierre. Second row: Day, Albert, Roherge, Peabody, Archanbeault, Viollette. Uer Deutsche' Verein Der Deutsche Verein Was organized at the University in 1904. Students having a high scholastic average in German are admitted to membership. The club, under the capable di- rection of Dr. John Klein, aims to promote in- terest in the German language and culture. The meetings, held once a month, are high- lighted With a fall and spring picnic at La- moine. A regular feature of the club is a Christ- mas play in German for the University body. First row: Langben, Staten, Ford. Second row: Adley, Brennen, Beals. First row: Knapp, Violette, Archambeault, Burrowes, Elwell. Second row: Brangvvynne, Rozzi, Economu, Mr. Gross, Peabody, Micliaud, Lapierre El Circulo Espanol El Circulo Espanol vvas formed to promote an interest in the Spanish language and in the cus- toms and people of Spanish-speaking countries in South America. Membership is open to all students interested in Spanish, and meetings are held twice monthly. This year's activities, among other things, included many Spanish films and talks by speakers with first-hand infor- mation about life in the Spanish-speaking coun- tries. First row: L. Andrews, MacLaughlin, Ingalls, Boutilier, Mr. Elliott. Second row: Bartlett, Bean, A. Andrews, Dunn, Fuller, Mooers, Kimball. Future Farmers of America The F. F. A. is intended primarily for those students in the College of Agri- culture who plan to qualify for a cer- tificate to teach vocational agriculture in secondary schools. The Maine Chapter of F. F. A. assists the State Vocational Agricultural De- partment in carrying on contests held each year for state F. F. A. groups. The chief aim of the chapter is to in- struct members on becoming advisers of local F. F. A. groups. Agricultural Club The purpose of the Agriculture Club is to promote good will and cooperation among the students of the College of Agriculture, and to stimulate interest in agriculture as a vocation. The Club sends a stock judging team to the Eastern States Exposition at Springfield, Massachusetts, each year, and competes with other New England colleges in a fruit judging contest. An outstanding Senior is chosen an- nually to receive a scholarship awarded for prominent service to the club. President, Donald Spillerg Vice President, james Robinson, Secretary, Carl Estes, Treasurer, Arthur Cratty. Front row Cleft to rightj: Packard, Mitchell, Hart, Lord, Ebbeson, Gardner. Plumley. Second row: Goodwin, Drapdan, Harriman, Knowland, Freenum, Babcock, Gatcomb. lk A 11 iviafli The Math Club held semi-monthly meetings throughout the year. Speak- ers Who find mathematics useful in their work presented topics of interest. Meetings closed with refreshments and informal discussions of interesting mathematical problems and solutions. Chemical Engineers Club The Chemical Engineers Club is a new club on campus which was formed early in the Fall of 1948. Under the leadership of George Ainsworth the club participated in chemistryis depart- ment open house activities. The club is expected in the near fu- ture to b-ecome affiliated with the Amer- ican Institute of Chemical Engineers as a student chapter. First row: Artell, Packard, Gray, Peachey, Ainsworth, Mollison, Tainter, Beal, Connell. Second row: Dyer, Peasley, Chase, Saindonk, Hart, Hubbard, Newton. Third row: Bartlett, Zabe, Sarvas, Emery, Tallini, Cook, Beau, Decheue. Fourth row: Anderson, Stoddard, Eddy, Addor, Prince, Sprague, Cooper. First row: Stackpole, Mr. Trefethem, Canty, Henderson, Donahue, Noyes, Plummer, Mr. Goldthwaite, Matley. Second row: Hammond, Robbins, VVoodman, Perkins, McGuire, Dwelley, Schneider. Rock and Hammer The club's purpose is to promote a closer association both socially and pro- fessionally of students at the University who have a special interest in geology. The club sponsors and organizes lec- tures, presentations of papers, field trips and cooperative field trips. Physics Club The Physics Club was reactivated two years ago after three years absence from the campus due to the war. The objectives of the club are to maintain a better understanding between students of physics and the faculty and to give understanding of some of the problems to be faced by physicists. First row: Reed, Freeman, Duplessis, Otis, F. Daigle, True, Mr. Coffin, Palmer, Thornton. Second row: Delaware, Whitehouse, Libby, Carter, Hede, Scammon, Merserve, Zimmerman, Folsom, Land, Daigle. Third row: Cushing, Edgecomb, Craig, Harriman, Davis, Libby, Albert, Gould, DesRoche, Faucher, Abbott. Fourth row: Crockett, Hatch, Soule, Stetson, McIntosh, D. Davis, Lorentzen, Clarence, Harris, Smith. A Front row: Jack, Vollmer, Ellsworth, Smith. Second row: Bishop, Heel, Harjula, Smith, I-Iadula. Education Club The purpose of the Education Club is to introduce the student of education to professional organization and to create for him association with others interested in teaching. The club spon- sors the "Great F ilms" series. Forestry Club l The Forestry Club is a club for all forestry students and those interested in wildlife. At the monthly meetings subjects of interest are provided by speakers and movies. The club sponsors a yearbook. First row: Black, Alieif, Walker, Adams, Catheron, Brown, Arsenault. Second row: McLean, Merchant, Young, Dennison, Taylor, Wagoner, Buck. Third row: Babbs, Byer, McLean, Foster, Orach, Stulpin, Blaisdell. Seated: Gerrisli, Sampson, joy, Heald. Standing: Cumming, Pratt, Gallo, Thorndike. Women Veterans' Club- The VVomen Veterans, Club is mainly a social organization for the purpose of promoting a closer association of Wom- men veteran students. Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is a de- partmental club, whose purposes are to increase professional interest and loy- alty, and to promote friendship between students and the faculty and among the students too. Some of the major activities this year include the sending of 250 Christmas presents to children in Europe . First row fleft to rightj: Russell, Rancourt, XVallace, Littleiield, Sibley, Deering, Hatt, Pulsifer, Small, Poliquin. Second row: Frye, Noyes, Jenkins, Klein, VVilber, Morris, Howard, Sewall, Stole, McKiel, Thompson, Den- nctt, Pendleton, YVhite, Lord, Gumpreclit. Third row: Eurdang, Connors, Preble, Wiswell, Libby, Knapp, Batson, Artus, Knowles, Fling, Thomas, Murray, Crossland, Lord, Ramsdell. Radio Club The Radio Club is a campus society 1 composed of those actively interested in the operation and construction of amateur radio equipment. Under the call WIYA the society operates trans- mitters in all amateur bands. Front row: Works, Volpe, Smith, Iohnson. Second row: Coombs, Merrill, Tribou, Lombard Radio Guild The University of Maine Radio Guild University campus and features the l cc . . v presents a Weekly fifteen-minute broad- theme Umverslty Town- t Any student enrolled at the Univer- sity of Maine is eligible for participa- vice. The program originates on the tion. cast over station WLBZ as a public ser- First row: Drummond, Graham, Gonya, Williamson, Litchfield, Hanks, Lubovitz. Second row: Iudkins, McGlauflin, Thayer, Daigle, Folsom, Ford, Bodey, Schonland, Look. First row: Kunnermund, Collins, Boutar, Page. Second row: VVarren, Gove, Briggs, Berkowitz. Stamp Club The Stamp Club, the campus phila- telic society, has enjoyed a successful year. Open to both faculty and stu- dents, the club holds auctions, has lec- tures from various parts of the state, and listens to talks by members. Bridge Club The Bridge Club, with headquarters in the M. C. A., has brought all the ardent bridge fans and kibitzers on campus together. An evening of bridge with the club can be very informative and enjoyable. First row: O. Anderson, D. Anderson, Mr. Galiff, Stetson, Lamb, Curtis, Nesbitt, Pittman. Second row: DeWitt, Jewel, Alexander, Richter, Avery, Oak. First row: Smith, Keach, Vollmer, XVaring, Ienness, Brountas, Mr. Gardner. Second row: Lynn, Millison, Demerritt, Bean, McGlaughlin, Vardamis. I-xo.-1104-Q FIIIIN Dunno rwlmk LlL1LJClLLf Kjlbllj Stimulating interest in student debat- ing at Maine is the purpose of the U11i- versity of Maine Debating Society. An annual intramural debating tournament provides excellent prospects for the in- tercollegiate debates Which take place every year. Under the direction of Professor Gardner, the Maine debvaters have proved themselves very capable against other college debating teams. 1 I. LOD KJILLU The Press Club, which has been on campus since early 1947, was organized for students who possess a Working in- terest in journalism. It is hoped that the club Will develop a greater interest among the students for the journalism profession. The club has acted as luncheon host for many assembly speakers. First row: St. Onge, Wyman, Colb, Zwicker, Bigelow Second row: Moulton, St. James, Paradis, Mayo, Sklar Kind Seated: Brountas, Carter, Collins, Amsden. Standing: Mollison, Farrington, Potter, Vardamis. Political Breakfast Club Political Breakfast Club membership is by invitation only, keeping member- ship dovvn to a group interested in politics on the local, state, and national level, as well as discussing pertinent world events. Women's Forum Women,s Forum meets in the Presi- dent's Room of North Estabrooke every second Thursday for a discussion pe- riod. From time to time there are guest speakers. Membership is open to all women students. K I i Ip. 'Eb- Back row: Haney, Look, Nason, Mitchell, Carter. Front row Cleft to rightjz Carter, Polleys, Mollison, Estes, Newton. Front row Qleft to rightjz Farrington, Carter, Vardamus, Brountas, Bames. Second row: Hughes, Potter, Cliiford, Amsden. Politics Club The International The Ilniversity of 'Maineis political Relations organization devotes itself to the pre- senting of well-known political Hgures The International Relations Club was and the discussion of timely subjects. Guest speakers this year included Sena- tor Brewster, Rep. Frank Fellows, and James Ewing. better understanding of world affairs. founded in 1934. Its purpose is to pro- mote an international viewpoint and a Seated: Floras, Nicholson, Collins, Raymond, Iordan. Top row: Famsworth, Carter, Haney, Estey, Carter, Smith. l II'lI MAXIINI MKAJFIQ IJ IE The Maine Masque Theatre has ad- vanced theatre interest and participa- tion on the campus this year. There is opportunity for experience in all phases of drama production for both men and women. Director Herschel L. Bricker has brought four successful productions to the well-worn boards of the Little Theatre stage-the outstanding one be- ing "Macbeth,,' the first Shakespearean play to be produced here since 1942. "Arms and the Man," a stylized produc- tion, "The Winslow Boyf, a current English hit, and "john Loves Mary," a rollicking comedy, rounded out an ex- tremely successful year. President, John W. Ball-ou, Vice President, Marnel Abrams, Secretary, Carol Carr, Treasurer, Chester Ken- nedy. First row: Butler, Kennedy, Abrams, Ballou, Mr. Bricker, Carr. Second row: Small, Briggs, Marsden, Payson, Dumais, Schonlancl, Small. Third row: Edes, Dunn, Littlefield, Gonvar, Brennan. BULLS-EYE The Maine R. O. T. C. Rifle Team, with Major Smith as coach, placed sec- ond in the intercollegiate rifle team matches. In recognition of this honor Rifle Team the team was presented with a 'Nillianc Randolph Hearst plaque. William Derby, Leroy Rand, Brad- ford Butler, Joseph Bernstein and Ver non Bond received individual medals. I 1. Buckley, Leidy, Wight, Small, Rand. 2. Vamam, Derby, Connolly, Welch, Catheron, Bond. 3. Sgt. Gorum, Major Smith. -- at . . ' 1: L 3-4? VET'-1F3"?-5' :UJZGSP ' ,S-'fb' 01' .455 j"'Ab'Af,2f' yfiisyif? ' ' 1. ,ata Pg A: -'Q--Fifi" f- Jffqzn -'Z' -'ff 2-54'-1'.g,.?'. 1+ '5f'pi4ef'f-Yvifjf-5'7 , --. :Q 4. . ,- - ,- ' ' 'e 4 fE"ff1iQ"' 171' FQ-2' ,Qt ': -' ffm-'I' j'?f:"?.- - :4-'E Qrffigaf- .z1.:f" :,.r"j+ ?n,,:.,+f':1-lzfg-. E: -:"5'fi':' -435,1 rw -g:,:d5"',52f "Q", .h:a"?'2g:' 1 Q1 3:35-.g1gQ444Qilj 'F'.'7IJ??"3! . 4 ,jiirl-' Af? ' -' + it . if-4 . ?"!5f'Q 5535? Y? -iiivqi-'lYf',f5f:f5+ 4f':.3f-f1,.,.'T2?ax , -1:51 'V-!:l"'?.Q+f:,1,.y 26:42 . 4-f'gf:'f:f',fQLwf+ -'N Mx fJff":Leg"i?,v1f1 .,, ,., w ,, 1, I, 1,-ln' 7z7Qu'..'. . .."5.,-,5Y3,,g,j..,,'3-:Q1,':,': . 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L-W'-Sf' :-'- - --fff,-J f fvf -221' -:wr-39.1 RCP-" L" ,iz-if x-'f 'fi"'-"151-3-i?-.-?'- ,wr'4'5"7'ff 1' if-di 'w'f'i"n'1 ,.- Y- 4 W.. . - , ,- eff- wg, ,t v-'J'i,,.J1.u. gfwfv 47?-wiigf,-"1-' ff? ,H iff -'f'a,15fi"2 if 311.15-4'-1"'i"f"fsfh'2,fN5" fi,,fJ1 ,Dinar-E,5',.t.L',f 1-fq,v:,L:fy,, 11,11 !:',f5?3l,314.l--Nl,?:,:pL2 -A ,., P- ' ,,.-5 -A 4 v , fr- Any- 4.-:.,, , - ...ig .ry .f-,+V .1 33.7 -p-714' J., -'q,.f, -.TIN - WJ1- .. Lia' ,Ji'i.- ,.-. PPL 1 , 1.'T'i'f-1, '-fq..-75'LrE."9,g4N'f -, -HW 'S' , c::'4': -tJb"".. ,-1 - -.-Nf .,-.--Pd.. - t. -f A ff ' .fv i7"'f:'Y' - - .- lf -V . My . :.',f..., 'sg' YJ'-V+ f,lN9""'z"b?:k"'1.-?,,..v,-IH.: xl' ,.-ff F R. 2- 57:1 xyg,.,,-Lfqg. 2 f- Q,-1 .v4gpf-"ff.- --:fr J. 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'17-gm, Y " -,WIP R gd' THE AMPUS N TER CARNIVAL CORBETT HALL'S Snuify and Loweezy Smith won the cup SECOND PLACE PHI KAPPA SICMA'S Denny Dimwit , 1 THIRD PLACE SIGMA AL-PHA EPSILON'S Smoky Stover QUEEN CHNDIDHTES 1-J Mavq MarsJen Jan Bamnlsier Sue Q Cuvvlev J J iq NOW SCULPTURE NORTH ESTABROOKES POPEYE DELTA TAU DELTA'S ALLEY OOP SIGMA CHFS ORPHAN ANNIE BETA THETA PFS HOOTIN HOLLER THETA CHFS ELEPHANT BOY LAMBDA CHFS SCHMOO ATO'S MISS LACE DUNN HALLJS JOE PALOOKA SOUTH ESTABROOKES LITTLE KING BALENTINEIS THUMPER PHI ETA'S SUPERMAN ALPHA GAMMA RHOIS HUMPHREY THE ELM,S MUTT AND JEFF -an ' -W --'- -nr'-H - AMw--H-M-'--- --tw--.--ww-Q Mmm-'W W,wwwMv,,,,mu.myg,,wp,.-,.Mm,,,- IN TRAMURAL BALL MARY MARSDEN Queen for a Week Pxexy Escorts the Queen to Crowning. I TRAMURAL EVE T The ski events were won by the Phi Eta Kappa in the menas division, While the off-campus women swept the field in the Womenis events. 'A' In hockey the home team de- feated the Annex, 12-8. Good goalies, huh? MAYOR' CAMPAIG Gives Us His Platform WERE RUNNINGQ YOU VOTE K n Marclen, Les Ray, Hal Jack, Charlie Cook, Vaughn Franchetti, Dick Huff. "The Little Man" Franchetti tells Keaney about his basketball team. Keaney listens 'A' Diamond Ken Marclen thought We delved in vice. ak Hal "BackD Jack thought smooth talk would help. 'A' Charlie Cook tried, but never found a Hre. 'M-1. Franc-hetti made a last-ditch attempt BUT Dick Huff Won by a landslide and was acclaimed Mayor on A X KE X,5gQ?'X' a rainy, rainy Maine Day. 'nf fam f 43' e MAIN E DAY Rain Rain Rain The rains came without even taking into account that it was Maine Day in Orono. The weather just wouldn't bow to Prexy Hauck's proclamation of no classes, lots of fun, and a little work. Everybody was at the library to see Prexy acclaim Dick Huff as Mayor of the Campus for the ensuing year, and then everyone disappeared to work on their assigned project. QPots, cards, bed, bull sessions., A few braved the rains with Prexy and worked on the annual landscaping, but most everybody put his energy into sweeping, mopping, dusting, and windowing the buildings on campus. Dick Huff and the Mrs. Maine candidates carried on the white glove inspection, and Prexy with his crew built the walk across the northeast corner of the lawn, using the path worn by the wonder- ful students of Maine as a guide line. Through the courtesy of the Book Store-thank you, Mr. Bruce--everyone got free coffee and doughnuts. After an afternoon of wholesome relaxation, the students and faculty, with families and friends, eagerly streamed into Memorial Gym to see the annual student and faculty skits. The faculty performed in 10 A. V., or Ten Years After Vet- erans. Prexy and his board showed the difficulties which the Uni- versity would be in after all the dear G. lfs had departed from our fair campus. The most memorable event was Prexy leading his orchestra while showing off his music department to a pros- pective student. The student skit was something based on Beowulf or some such thing like that. The only thing I remember about our own skit was that it proved to be long and dull. Everybody worked hard to put the skit on and had a swell time contributing to the festivities of another memorable Maine Day. MR . MAINE Sponsored by the "Pine Needle" These women vied for the title of Mrs. Maine. Mrs. Maurice Russell was Victor. MRS. MAURICE RUSSELL THE CANDIDATES Mrs. Robert Sawyer, Mrs. Stuart Smythe, Mrs. Maurice Russell, Mrs. VVi11iam Whiting, Mrs. Aldore Lajnie. m s L x ,mx 5 S Q 1 V -sa -Lg, . Q WS? my , 1 ,M X Q Jw, . 'fi W A was ,Q , -5 355 ,ww xii f 7 Q, gk? , Y M f f 7 Y .a ff Q57 ' ---" 4 V f-Ma,-,V 2555 QE. , 523,15 in 'zmginx 2 ,fv ,gain wg , M WQQFQQWQQQ zflfgfi , I ' 4 ff ov M mzncamz if PIII Eflf k mm Fmsamf fu - '.:' K ? "WELCOME BACK" was the password for the Week- end. 1,500 Alumni came back to see what the campus was like and if the old friends had changed. Everyone had a wonderful time. All the students dove into the festivities by decorating the campus. Sigma Alpha Epsilon won in the menls division and West Hall Walked OH with the wom- enis honors WONDERFUL WEATHER FOR SPECTATORS AT THE WHAT A DAY! ALMOST TOO HOT FOR PLAYERS Everybody was happy as Maine trampled over the Colby Mule 21-0. Watch out, Bowdoin. In the rush Cchuckle chuckle the wronv icture a ears below , J ., P pp - Who'd ever believe this was Maine and Colby? , m ' , fe ,Q , 1 1-G S M ,gi FIELD 41 ii S, 1 1 Q ' V . V , .. , . ..1 Y. - ::.---s?:::,:,-.. xl .,- - :. -:.f,:-,M M, f , : A .isa .Vfdm- -- V V! L2s ,V ..: : A V: pg an 24 iawgknig ff 1 , V..V. Q , 5 Mmm., .,,,, If .WXQMW ...P , ,A ,AQWW ,L A .M A ' 54, A , - - .... , .... - -- -- -- ,.. , .... ,,.., . . ,,.,,.. , . , . . - 'HV , 1 ' ' 4 ,fuzz new . MA Ws:,,A V V41 iw ' " .em 'src AQJMV,-M: W,.v,..v Lil EM' QFVIMMLQ 1 1 f ' asf A was fWff:V-Q V -A A H 1 A V ' ,Ji a-T1 4 . WV ." + ,x - 1 ,'- V 5 K, VV V ig. mi? -mag rag s' -isa " VZ Fla " V +,.fj5Y-ihaigikr 5 xfjli-Q3 ,-af if JV.-,V , JH. V 1 ' -.V x ,lgfmi egg' ,,r, .- ., V wg 'Biff' -' Q2-fe V-1 ' eff- 4 w5M?:Vfqw1VVfwvf' K1 " M Cz 1, M T ' I ., L, Q, V -,sgffgfgjggi- 1,1 ,i wggiwl yi V . X! PEW:-' -' - w 2 I , . ., ,. ,Zh K K 1, VA V:-,Q-VK QEiT?55 5??iS?i5'1:'i.Z sQE 5E2sfi 'V H 54 192 vm' 1. "M g 2 Q , zaV.i,,Vj- -- H-if V ' W K I gy: .. ,, ,V-A ,55:3ef . -wif 'Me' rg' 3 V: :,gEQ, ' ' M Y-'V9?'?5?i A' ' 'L 'af -- ? ., V" ' V, ,gi2f?7. WZ? 1. , -,ff-V-,,VLV-,Vf::1mg,EV, . L, :Vw ,fn V fgf-ffg5rgg:VgfVrg, ff,- W- M -7 V-Q,VVwVVVlfV -V , V gm- h ,V ,f Hi' -1 fi-f,1g9f11" 'kms-WV-L. -' V - ' V -e1-in-W--'sm1-fspsssievw t :VV Hifi 1bfil2,H,,2 1, Q , , VWVXQ Wim A '- Q . ' ff V: f L. J..-Qi, , Xu f' 11' , V , - , awk, , V .U VW, A.-A.. ,, V , ', 'fjif ' wsV,ww '- ' 'Ffa ' 224 Y I ,QM-V r 2 iff 5' L. 4- 2. 41. ' ' W' V' V -1' v- V .3 - A ' ,.L is ug.-:E 5 ws? 13.3 -4:3 'rg ' qi KLI U xx , is . 7. f I -,g Ji -., , we ,gm .M is Nd' FW s - . ,A., M ..cV yy ,5-..-. - 'A X, -.g s ,, ' , . -..W V . ', f" 75' if Sir f 'fi Vf 5.:r.f?4EVf M - k W in f t . K 3 3 'wi , 'viii L n ' - X VA - .. , . ,. . V .., ,, . M ,Q-M. .L . ,. A 8' '. ' W - f 1, s.. - i. ,. , s. , , I .. , K V V I -VH M A , MN, KV-Ve, ga 5 Y 9jf,,,3 V Ziiigluigif su V z2,4 gV J, 1?-V 5 Q h Q, W . M. , ,Vhwvw .V 5 X 1 K V '. n TQ, -' ey A , ' .- bs, g ggg V V , Wiz .,., f ks. 1 aw, E , J sk . - . , , L1M:,,ii7:g?f X I av. yr Gu, WE YL H' ,, H? gtg ,Q . IV. -use 9 ' T' 1 W V ,- '1' ,+ ,V-5' 3 A H' -- .. - ' 3 , J- fa-. WF: fs - , M - h 'Q V., V N Vu WH- ffmapns ' 'M V we 15 3' P3 drew W m - A luis? v-', - .fwwfw , Wf-f M -. V,1 Q sir QW 'E+ 5? vw es- .w,5,.-qbkf., ,N X--'15 I. .W Q--, H. ,L , , ,- 4 , Vf A QVVS -V,,,..M V ? , V M V.,V,. ine, sf W 1 5. EGL-mmf ,V A, V M. R Xa L ,A , A, iss LL.L ,. . N my M The Band, resplendent in its new uniforms, showed the students, alumm and v1s1tors what they could do on the Held, too. .41 . A Ba.....m "m '-"N-""'A ww THE CALICO BALL THE QUEEN JANE HASTINGS WE ALL TRIED Io Iosslyn, Ev St on, Pam Shattuck, Connie Green, Dorene McMahon, J Ha tugs, Betty Leard, Mary Marsden. 'if THE MAN.,. GER WORKED HARD The Queen really does like milk producers. 'Ir I bet those boys didnit eat pie again for years. 'k Yes, at Maine, on Farmer's Fair Day, even the girls can utilize the correct grip. 2'-3 Qi . 1' fi 1 e ,X A 43 5 4 ff 'N f' 'A I. IX 1 , 3' ,,, Q M ,g , 5551255 A , 2 ,, W - f- L. ,Q ,Q e Fi I K . I L, n X 2 59 E K . g M f f ag Q A ' '." f Za, - ff? f ' ' k . '3 :? ':3" '. ,,, ff' 7 NE' f i Q , .6 ww 5' ' x S ff ex ":.- V 5 ' iff il E' grr ,ig , 2 ii 2 f 5 K ik fl N51 F . ,. x , 1 E . :J fl N , Q mf ' - , ,, , ,MQ X - 1 K yi E K '59 Q f ,M - B P if ,Af x if E 4 ,aww x qqw M, . ,, W. f K z .--.M 3, 5, 2 .L . .,., ,X LAK f- f 4 ,Mu f x ' 59 x 5' s Qi A ik gtg J '55 Eiwfggg 5 ffmj T Asif? 6 . fi . 'I .,,. V , 1' ' ' 555 ":'Qf:f,:, . --fin? . V 15? 2 . . A L, ..1..x A W ' . ig, s " , u assi , ,E ' ,L 3, ' Q X . . V Q AA 3 . S V , 5 ,fvl i V,:wA.W,M , W M ' VY' ' :yi aI"'ss1IF' 1 k gl Mfmmwxl L.4zvrHBSP"Z'V " ' , ,fjf MILITARY BALL RETIRING LT. COLONEL MURIEL APPLEBEE A- if -A' Parade of Honor SUCCEEDING LT. COLONEL ELAINE LOCKHART Captain Louis A. Albert Escorts Honorary Lt. Colonel Elaine Lockhart. South Apartments Last, but not least, are the many married students Who at- tend the University. I Wonder if Daddy really does do the cooking? A baby in the house can make parents so proud and happy. I hope daughter realizes that Pop will be driving her to the Lnnln- in n fan, va.-..-0 Uuuxxa Lu cl Luvv -yuouo. l V 4 ,Mink 'Q' Q Ei 1 Q f' -1 Ht 'f.,gQ 57 1.44 K dwiie A e 3 rl 2 if 9 3 ii Q Q 22 E E E ET S' 2 if 5 3 5 'fm ,Ks 9 as wr Q Q . xg, H C s -A M X . Zi.. 2, A, t1 iggsf? 21 Y S 'f K L t f.:?sQg:,5 ff si 111 fb ,J . , 5,35 Q--' 5gi,,:11,x. A X Q ii 5 1 R Q ,4 ?i Q 1 3 .za M y fi 3 9 I 5 E 1 9 S : -1 in 4 3 K 'S I nf 15 S A P l I I X 3 2 1 5 5 i S f K i Q E , . .,Ng.m.m.1 ,lf 2321 .gkwsx , A- gr: may 'N 5 if .Q ' ,-, .sry X mx vw .- Q. Nw Y v 1 'T1 is J 1. uf F H5 ..T...... ..... v.......,,-,-at .V . ...,....-.N W--H..-.---1 .W--H, -A Wm, .. A : mmm-wwmwmwgwk-if 0-Mp. fu-www. .U . , G 5 Q S 3 This yearis Prism has probably established a rec- ord for longevity of publication. My only hope is that your enjoyment of this Prism Will more than compensate your patient Wait- ing. LYNWOOD P. HILL, Editor, 1950 Prism. OUR THANKS TO ik The Modern Studios of Old Town for the many nights they spent in taking photographs for us, and the days they worked endlessly to give us the fine qual- ity portraits in the Junior section. if The Benham-Pierce Studios for the fine job they did in supplying photo- graphs for the colored pages of our book. S if Ted Newhall for his usual dependability in supplying many needed photo- graphs to complete the "Around the Campusn Section particularly, and nearly every other section of the Prism. if The Portland Press-Herald for the pictures of the Bowdoin-Maine game. 'k Mr. Ralph I. Doane of the Folsom Engraving Company for his invaluable assistance in producing this yearis Prism. He is always ready and willing to help on any problem no matter how large or small. 'Ir Mr. William C. Sims in Springfield, Ohio, for his help in finding a suitable cover for our publication. if Dillinghamis of Bangor for binding this yearis Prism for us. 'k Mr. Roy Libby and the employees of the University Press for their help and advice in printing the book. i, L. H . Thompson of Brewer for stepping in to help us out of our difliculty of finishing the printing of the 1950 Prism. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS 'lr Atwood Motor Co. . Babb, C. H. 61 Co. . Bangor Baking Co. . Bangor Furniture Co. . Bangor OHice Supply Co. . Benham-Pierce . . . Besse System, The . Bragg, N. H. 81 Son . Brass Rail Restaurant . Brockway Flower Shoppe Brown 8z White Paper Co. Bryant, W. C. 81 Son Caldwell Sweet Co. . Chapin, Arthur Co. . Coffin, M. L. Co. . Craig the Tailor . Crowell 8z Lancaster . Cunningham, T. W., Inc. . Delano Mill Co. . . Dillingham's .... Dunning, R. B. 81 Co. . . Eastern Trust and Banking Co. Folsom Engraving Co. . . Footmaifs Dairy . . . French, M. L. 51 Son . . Goldsmith, A. . . Hasey,s Maine Stages, Inc. Henley-Kimball Co. . . Hopkins, A. R. Corp. Home Plate . . . Merchants National Bank . Merrill Trust Co. . . Milliken Tomlinson Co. . Moon and Smith . Modern Studio, The . Murphy Motors . Naugler, R. W. Inc. . . Nichols Drug Store . . . Old Town Furniture .... Park,s Hardware and Variety Store . Patis ....... Penobscot Transportation Co., The . Pratt. Donald ik Co. . . . Rice, C. H. 81 Co. . Robinson and Kenney Sargent, Herbie . . Savage, C. H. 81 Co. . Sears, Roebuck Sr Co. Sklar, Ben . . . University Store Co. . . . Utterback Corp. Virgie's ..... Westinghouse Electric Supply Co. . 421 431 422 433 429 429 436 423 430 422 422 433 422 422 428 432 423 43 1 429 432 437 427 435 438 423 433 433 432 433 422 423 425 434 430 43 1 436 429 430 423 434 422 423 426 422 432 427 433 430 426 433 422 431 423 428 Compliments of THE BRASS RAIL RESTAURANT 202 Exchange Street Bangor, Maine CORSAGES CUT FLOWERS BROCKWAY FLOWER SHOPPE 'fArt in Flowersi' 15 Central St. Bangor, Me. C. H. BABB SZ COINIPANY 106 Exchange Street Bangor, Maine OIL FURNACES AIR CONDITIONING PLUMBING HEATING Compliments of CALDWELL SWEET COMPANY Bangoris Leading Druggists since 1875 26 Main Street Bangor, Maine W. C. BRYANT 81 SON, IHC. Diamond Merchants and Iewelers Wedding Announcements 46 Main Street Card and Society Engraving BEIHSOI, Maine A. R. HOPKINS CORPORATION 194 Broad Street Bangor, Maine VVholesale and Retail Dealers in Grain and Flour We recommend and sell WIRTHMORE POULTRY FEED DONALD PRATT CO. Dia1nond Merchants and jewelers 18 Hammond St. Bangor, Maine Compliments OLD TOWN FURNITURE 168 N. Main St. Tel. 2188 422 'WVELCOBIE BACKU XVl1ere do you meet your friends? - AT - PAT,S Your college education isn't complete Without a course at Pat's People say - - - You can End it at PARK,S HARDWARE 81 VARIETY 31-37 Mill Street Orono UALITY CLOTHING VIRGIES Q SHOES - HATS ORONO, MAINE NICHOLS, DRUG STORE Established 1894 COSKlETlCS PHOTO SUPPLIES PRESCRIPTIONS Compliments of HOME PLATE RESTAURANT Io Morris ,35 Lou Harris ,40 CRAIG, THE TAILOR cleaning, pressing, dyeing altering, Waterproofing on campus every day Dial 656 Orono Compliments of THE BESSE SYSTEM "Women,s Fine Apparelv Main Street Bangor, Maine Compliments of FOOTMANS DAIRY BREWER MAINE 423 C mpliments of The UNIVERSITY STORE COMPANY 424 EXPERIENCE There is no satisfactory substitute for ex perience with a background of 99 years in the banking business, the Merchants National Bank is especially Well qualified to serve you in all your banking require- ments. We supply to our customers every advan- tage and convenience that a bank can safely give. ir MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF BANGOR Founded 1850 MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP 425 BUY FROM RETAIL STOCKS BUY FROM OUR CATALOGS By doing all your shopping on one trip to Sears, you can save tirne and energy In addition, you get Sears, Worthwhile savings! And every article you purchase is backed by Sears, famous guarantee, "Satisfaction or Your Money Backf, A SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Square, Bangor Phone 8271 GOBY BUS DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION The PENOBSOOT TRANSPORTATION CO. BANGOR, MAINE 426 l COMPLIMENTS OF ROBINSON 81 KENNEY Industrial and Domestic Fuel Oil "Exclusive Furnishers of U. of M. Fuel Oili' Tel. S778 Bangor, Maine R. B. DUNNING 85 CO. 1835 - 1949 Headquarters for QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL 54-68 Broad Street Phone 6461 BANGOR, MAINE 427 X x N X f 1 X 0 f X jj0,l7l!',!l'77l'01,lD 5 - ul A A IW iZflfl1,y0"' M 175 B WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY road Street Bangor, M Compliments of MOTHER HUBBARD FLOUR Arthur Chapin Co. Bangor, Maine Distributo 428 BANGOR CFFICE SUPPLY, INC. 18 Post Oflzice Square Tel. 8331 Royal Portable Typewriters Art Metal Desks, Filing Cabinets, etc. A complete line of oflice equipment and students' supplies Compliments of T. W. Cunningham, lnc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Compliments of MURPHY MOTORS CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH - C.M.C. TRUCKS S19 Center St. Old Town, Me. Bangor Furniture Co. "Guild Store for State of Mainev Complete House Furnishings 84-88 Hammond Street Bangor, Maine 429 C. H. SAVAGE CO. 83 Broad St. Bangor, Maine VVHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE IRON AND STEEL HEAVY HARDWARE Replacement Parts and Equipment Galvanized and Black Sheets - Reinforcing Steel N. H. BRAGG 8z SONS BANGOR, MAINE Milliken Tomlinson Co. VVholesale Grocers Portland, Maine Branches Bangor Lewiston Presque Isle SUPERBA BRAND Food Products SERVICE INCLUDES An Institution Department Completely stocked with FINEST FOOD PRODUCTS Importers of Coi3fees-Teas- Molasses Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Dept. We maintain our own Trucking Service covering the entire State of Maine R. W. Naugler, Inc Ready-Mixed Concrete Bangor, Me. Reg Naugler ,36 Atwood Motor Company Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Service 244 Main Street Bangor 7000 Crowell and Lancaster ARCHITECTS Six S-tate St. - Bangor, Maine Members C. Parker Crowell '98 American Institute Walter S. Lancaster of Architects Designers of new dormitory construction Compliments of Moon 81 Smith F RIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATION SALES SERVICE 335 Main Street, Bangor, Maine Tel. 7683 Compliments of Utterback Corporation luggage and fine leather goods gifts and novelties 44 Broad St. Bangor, Maine 431 RICE'S F rank fu rts 66 Years of Quality DELANO MILL COMPANY Manufacturers of Building Finish for Colleges, Schools, Churches, Institutions 75 St. James St. Portland 4, Maine Hase'y's Maine Stages, Inc. 490 Broadway, Bangor, Maine Cornnion Carrier Passenger Transportation at its Best We now have buses available for Charter M. L. Coffin Co. "VVe Service All VVe Sellv INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FAIBBANKS-MORSE Farm Machinery Water Systems Dairy Equipment Lighting Plants Home Appliances Power Lawn Mowers Bottled Gas 725 Broadwa Bangor, Maine y? C 432 Compliments of H. E. Sargent, Inc. Contractors Stillwater, Maine F OR GOOD SPORT AND DRESS CLOTHES see BEN SKLAR OLD TOWN, MAINE M. L. FRENCH 81 SON 196 Exchange Street Bangor, Maine THE HENLEY - KHWBALL CO. HUDSON MOTOR CARS Cor. May 61 Summer Sts. Bangor, Maine ARROXV SHIRTS - TIES - UNDERWEAR - SPORTSWEAR A. I. GOLDSMITH YOUR ARROW DEALER IN OLD TOVVN FOR OVER 20 YEARS BROWN AND WHITE PAPER CO. Manufacturers' Agents and Jobbers Paper, Bags, Twine, Specialties 99 Broad Street Bangor, Maine ENRICHED DIOTHEITS BREAD Bangor Baking Company Bangor, Maine 100 Center Street Tel. 7351 433 Serving Commercial Banking Eastern Trusts and Estates - Maine New depositors are always welcome in this bank. Young people just starting their business careers will Hnd us interested and helpful in their progress. A Checking Account marks one as business- Iike in the handling of his personal finances and may be an important factor in establish- ing his credit and standing. ir THE MERRILL TRUST COMPANY MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 434 EASTERN TRUST AND BANKING COMPANY 2 State Street Bangor With Z200,000.00 Capital 31,202,000 Surplus and Undivided Proits Earned Offers to its Patrons Every Form of Banking Service COMMERCIAL TRUST - BOND - FOREIGN EXCHANGE - SAVINGS SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS OFFICERS XVilliam P. Newman, President Harry A. Littlefield, Vice President and Treasurer Karl R. Philbrick, Secretary and Trust Ofiicer George A. Vose, Assistant Treasurer Milton S. Jellison, Assistant Trust OH'ice1 BOARD OF TRUSTEES William P. Newman Harold M. Pierce Cornelius Russell, Stephen Wheatland Edward P. Murray George T. Carlisle Raymond W. Davis H. Parker Frost Harry A. Littlefield BRANCHES OLD TOVVN MACHIAS S 435 MODERN STUDIO Photographer to the 1950 Prism 'A' 8 NO. MAIN ST. OLD TOWN, ME BENHANI - PIERCE Photographer to the 199 Exchange Street 1950 PRISM Bangor, Maine 436 Book Binding Pamphlet Binding Cerlox Plastic Binding Dictaphone Electronic Dictating Equipment DILLINGHAM'S binders of THE MAINE PRISM 29 Franklin Street Bangor, Maine Tel. 2-1519 437 Engravers for THE 1950 PRISM MANY UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE YEARBOOKS M EN X50 G9 GOOD WW STABILITY Q U A L I T Y SPECIALIZATION 1 - D - E - A - s RESU LTS 'A' F o1.soM ENGRAVING Co. 212 SUMMER STREET BOSTON, MASS. 438 L. H. THOMPSON PRINTER BREWER. MAINE UNIVERSITY PRESS University QI Maine Caummpus ORONO, MAINE

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