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Text from Pages 1 - 186 of the 1945 volume:

W: i0- % Fx JCibris . ,C ' % - PRISM v.;.; -- mir (•■f-v yj- ; ' ;v;; ' ■ " this ycai lllul ihf L!ni cisit siiident cnrollnicnt alioiii one-third ol noniial. but Ihf XSri ' LInil siatioiiccl lure has swelled the total campus population to nearly its usual strength. l)es])ite many ob ioiis handitajjs which ha e been gen- ;.,. erated b the war, we have been able to ofler this -, ist V ' ohune of the Prism as . ' ' ' ■:Vvj,.our contribution to a wartime University ■ " i .r : ; program— both as the record of college yV j|,,_ ' , ■ ' . ■.,ju ?; . -j ' 4i-: .jj and as a presentation of the i -i) ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' l.Vv . " . ' C i life of ci ilians and soldiers ■.: rfc ' ' l.okAiNK Davis ! ,.; ? , ■, .Ethtnr-in-chief Barbara Ann Higgins ff. ' i •■; •: ;_ I Ji| i ness S j a n age i ' " ' ii ,wiijti DEDICATION 111 incon- ' • ' VirV; • " - . ' ' ;f|; r ;; J i spirit of Maine— that vibrant ■ ' ■. ' •■ ' ;;; ' ' .{qj-ce ,; to us devotion to ' ■ y eiaS jTjatesj ' loyalty to ideals and service of oin- in ath- ic and : other ar the some . " ' •t , ' Aii v p:, ' - • ' ,••:- -t v Vxv. ■; .:.; fc . ' ' . ' ' v ' . V ' ti ' l ' ' h University and others on the ' ' " t ' ( -- P- ' ' - ' vVr ' " ■ ' - % :-. I ' -.Nfe ' i. battlefronts of the world. But the Maine ■ -■ ' • ' ' ■■ ' - ■■■■ ' ' •r ' j.?:- ' ' ; - ' -: ' -; ■. ... , ,, . J i-rt-t ' ' V.,».f ' ' • ■■■ ' •.■•- . -If ' V; iraciuions oi . iainc wc Know uui not cfiWrJ ' ; ;• ' ' .• •■■•• ; ' ii- A ' fei. " ' ' S or fail in their task, for thc are hrcd ' " vW! fe;v ; ' ;: ' :V y. ' V--? ' ' ' V; ' -! ' -; 4iVi.j bv the iMKiuent liable spirit of Maine— i ' IfJr.v .C a s],irii uhir ' - - ' " . ' W ' S - ' , ' ••• " •. •ii? ' »l ' ' ' . 1., . ' i , .1 • ; ' . ■ ' ■ ■• . es on wherever Maine nien and may be— in the jungles of New , on the beaches at Guadalcanal, the fields before Rome. • ' Ve salute those who have made the Supreme .Sacrifice saying " Speed— fight on, fare e er there as here " : and those who continue to mainiain the tradiiions ol .Maine we know will not 1 is eternal. Thk JtMOR ClA.SS WW ' ■ %i:i$ i i. •:}i?v 1 : ' % %• FLAG -Jt} i ! t mmm m II l)ail llu ' sMis ;iii(l sliijic wiivi jiiiiikI- Is oscr ilif (ain| iis. Hcrt- cacli fvi ' iiing soldicis ol llic AS I 1 ' liold iliiir im|iics- j61 ir--- :i- Cainijus evergreens near the |)resident ' s house lend beauty and charm lo ihe Maine campus in winter. WINTER SCENE Tlic Cianu-gic ML-niorial Liljian Imus- C ' s a (ollcciion n{ over K) ' , ) ( liooks and |iain| lil( ' is. i» v in ils - ' ih vcar plans arc Ix ' in made lu (onxcri iis uses i a siudcni union alui ilic war. «i » ' --• ' v TIic oklcsi sinKlurc at ilic IniMrsity is celebrated lor ils bookstore— gatliering place of civilians and soldiers alike. Many a lifelong liiendsln|) lias had its beginnings here. FERNALD HALL OAK HALL riiis yi ' iir liiids I lie iicwcsi Ijoys ' jlorni lioiisiiiK .i)l(li(is ol ilic AS I I ' iiiiii. I ' lu- (loiiii is iiiiw (illcd lo (;i|)a(ii :ili(r ilic liic wliicli ra L ' (l N ' oiili I l.iiiiiil);il Maiiiliii 1 1. ill 1)11 l-°( ' l)riiai i. ' {ili. k lioiiR ' 1)1 , i;riciilliii( ' and I ' orc-stry iias l)c ' cn sciviiif; the lliii irsii lor more lliaii 30 vears. It is also iKadtiuai u-rs lor the statewide activity ol the Extension Ser i(e. WINSLOW HALL .4 ' .. t r ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION- ARIIII ' R A. HATCK I ' RKSIDl-.N 1 Ol I l I KM I I am glad lo cMcikI nitcliiins and i ood i lKs ii all wlio lead lliis niij iililioii of llic Pristii. lis |)iil)li(aii()ii in iliis cMiiiiid and ii in|; rar irllrds rtai cii ' dil upon the iminhfis ol ilu- Jimior Class. Wc air urairlnl lo ilii- hard workiiii; and capahlc sialF for i;i iiij; us so line a rttonl ol siudcni and I ' uiMTsiiv adivitics duiiu}; auothci war v. . I he slor ol M)|;( || is lar dillciiiil lliaii lllc (ilass of i()|r, I ' lnisioncd on ihal lull (lav in n.)|i, when f, ' {i ' Ircsliiucn wt-ii ' Wfhonud lo the (:ani| us. Now dassniaus and fellow sirdi ' ius an - widcl scpaiaicd. sodal and aihlciii a ii iii s (iinailcd. (unidila and sdu-duk-s niodiiicd, and soldic-rs wiUoimd as siudciiis. Hni iliis Mail k is noi jnsi a |)orcia al ol (halites and a liiisnii( nis. . l)o t ' all ii is a iicord ol suultni lovaliv and good s| orisinaiishi| . and ol willing and dcNolcd sfixitc lo (oiinirv. riun-loic. it seniis i-ntiirly hiiiiin loi ilu- Class ol i(||-, lo dcdicaic iis I ' liMii lo ihf " Spirit ol Maine. " (Z zzzrz: - x - j Mr. Laniert S. Clorbcti. Doaii ol Miii, has held his prcseni [)() iii()ii nion ' ilian thirty years, while .Miss Kdiih Wilson, Dean of Women, has been at Maim- since 1931. Hoih ha i ' nnikred laiililiil and efficient seisite and their doors aie e ti open to the stiideni in neeil of hel| or advice. ' I ' he House Directors are Mrs. Haves at Colvin. .Mrs. McGinlev at Baleiitine, Miss Oliver at The Elms, and Miss Pierce and Miss I5rio;o;s at Estabrooke. Ai Phi (.amma Delta (;oo|)erati e Bo s ' Doir.i. the House Mother is Mrs. McOolluni. The Dean of Men is in chaige of the Freshman Dormitories and aids the fra- lernities in their activities. The Dean of Women carries on analogous work on belialf of the women students. Both are active in the program of social activities. Their work, along with that of the house directors, is an important cog in the smooth functioning of the University. DEAN L. S. CORBETT DE.W OI- .MEN DE.AN E. C. WIL.SON DEAN OF WOMEN HOUSE DIRECTORS MISS BRIGGS, MRS. MCGINLEV. MRS. HAVFS. MISS IMIRCI-. MISS Ol.l KR Mill III i ml mil my 1 M j fl i I I A uJ Ifl J iH r ' IhbK ai Cn i . w ' hk:W •i ' 45 CHARLES E. CROSSLAND AI.IMM ST rRrTAR I ' KKDi KICK s. ()1 (,s TREASURER Aliiiimi Hall has Ijlcii a Ijcchivc o[ ac- ii ii iliis year. The offices of the Treas- iiiti. the Rcj istrar. and ilir Oiiccior of Atlmissions, (Icspiic rcilutcil |)ci " sonnfl, liavc bv working ovcriinie handled all tile niuliifarioiis duties di ' volvinf; ii|)on ilit-m by ihc twolold Universiiy setup in which both civilian and soldier stu- dents have been a pan. Mr. C;harles E. Crossland. the Alumni Secretary, took on. in addition to his regular position, that of Business Mana- ger when Mr. Henry Doten entered the .■ rniy. Mr. Frederick Youngs, the Treas- urer, and Mr. Irving Pierce, the Clhief . uditor, are fretiiieiuly seen hurrxing about laden down with massive accoimi books. In the Registrars office Mr. fames . . Gar.nelt, who has l)een in L ' ni- ersitv service since ujoS, and his stalf have been functioning at top speed to have . rnn ranks readv at dead-lines, besides taking care ol the nearly 730 rcgidar stiulents. Next door. .Mr. Percy ( ' raiu ' . l)iri-(t( r of Admissions, upon whom a laige i)ari cd all the . rmv i ' lo- gram administrative work has fallen, lias shoi:ldered the extra burden elfi i livt-lv . Kiom his Mcoiul floor olhie I ' risidiiit llaiuk guides the broad outlines of the PERCY F. CRANE DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS University policy. Ilic ])ast ytai has been a trying one for him with all the problems created by the coming and going of the Army unit, but despite all this his friendly " Hello " is none the less cheerv as he begins work on plans for the jjost war era at Maine. And over in Fernald, across the street from the l)us Alumni Office, Mr. Philip (. Hrockwav. Placement Director, has been conducting interviews between the seniors and rejircsentativcs of war indus- tries. The Alumni office has set uj) extensive fdes wherein the addresses of all . liuiini and siudcnis in the service are kept up to date. Through this office the Campus is mailed weekly to the undergraduates in all branches of the armed ser ices, and main of them res|}ond frecjucnth wiiii letters. The Ahimuus is still pul)lisliL(l each month and a special overseas cdiiion has been jjrepared for transshi])nuiii to all those outside the United States. The difficidties have been numerous, but by tenacity, loyalty, and plenty of hard work the administrative staffs have ke|)t their work u|} to the usual high standards, and in so doing have made a really usefid contribution to the war effort. 1R 1N(; I ' IKRCl. ACXOL ' NTANT rHU.ii ' |. br()c:kwav PLACEMENT DIRECTOR JAMES A. GANNETT REGISTRAR 45 PRISM Arts and Sciences Although classes arc much smaller than usual, the college is malniaiiiing a full curriculum and also has participated in the A.S.T. program. Sc eral new courses have been addetl which arc suited par- ticularly to the needs of students who arc going into the various Ijrandas of the service. Early in the year Dr. Morrow- was forced hv a serious ' illness to lav aside his duties. Alter a gallant struggle (Icaih (anie on .March ' ,1. i liie news a wave ol sorrow swept over the C!anipus as facidtv and students aliki ' nmuined I he passing ol the lirilliant and heloved Dean. Dr. I ' elersoii has been . cting Dean for the vear. 1)1 V MOKKOVV Front row— Devoc, Smith, Kiml).in. Speicher, ncnnt-tt, Ellis, Acting Dean Peterson, Lcvinson. Drummond, Dickinson, S|ir.iguc, Kirshin ... „ , o ,, ■ .Second row— Runion, Arnold, Uuzzell, Arlio, Cooper, Ashby, Brautlcclit. Scamman, Roberts, Stuart, yuinsey Third row— Wince, Bryan, Glanvillc, Richardson, Coffin, Klein, Fuller, Flynn, Lucas, Pelletier, Starr, Finirth riiw— VVfstlirnok, Simmons, (iorilon, I.anu.ri-.iu. Olcson, Murphy. Seahury, Carpenter, Crofult, Jordan, Crosby, Bricker K J W r n ft 1: J ' , ' iW r V y V Agriciiltiire Enrollnunt in At;ri( uluiir is sdiirwIuu lfs than oiic-lhird oi iioniial. and niosl (»f the stutlcnts arc in Home luononiics. Sonic I ' aculiv members have gone lo ihc Armv and Xa wliile others have been nansfcrri ' d lor the dnratioii lo the Ex- |K ' rimeni Station where liiev are enganed in governmental research. |)arti(uhirl in (he field of nutrition. In Si])ieml)cr Mrs. .Speicher and Miss Ciough were add- ed to the teaching stall. Three ol the college laciiliv members iiad A.,S.r. classes, and (luis .Agriculture joined with Technology antl .Arts in rounding out tile government ' s training schedides. . I ' ost War Planning Committee has been formed and is actively engaged in prejiaring special courses lor the return- ing eterans. DEAN DEERINC Front row — Waring, Cairns, Smyth, Steinmetz. Dean Deering. .Merchant. Hill. Denicritt Second row — Sweetman, Chucka, Smith. W ' itter. Jones. Hitchner. Lil)by. Greene Third row— Pedlow, .-Xshman, White. Neshitt. Fetch, Snyder, Baker. Hall Fourth row — Brewer, Dow, Dorsey. Chapman, Curtis. Crowther, Snieszko, Raleigh Fifth row— Loring, Dirks, Riley, Swift, Hyland, Gardner, Ogden, Steinbauer T ■ •i: O - r t ft!4f4k ' 45 PRISM ' Technolo OF.AN CI.OKE The College of Technology, under the guiding hand of Dean Cloke, this year swung its ])n)grain into line for the Annv .S| cciali i(l Training I ' rograni which consisted largely of both elementary and acUanced courses in the technological fields. Particular stress was placed on electrical and (i il engineering courses and se eral more insiriiciors were added to the lacultv ol these departments. They mon than offset the large number of regular iacidty members who have enicred the service where their technical training is ])i() iii r invaluable, especially in such di isii)ns as Chemical Warfare, Engineers, and Signal (lorps. Al ihe (one hisioii ol ilu winur term the .X.S.r. program was discontinued, and it was necessary to cmtail activities accordingly. However, the seventeen- vear-old Reservists who remained have taken up some of the slack. Evin v iih civilian enrollment sharplv reduced the college has also been able to provide a large ninnber of vitallv needed engineers for the war j lants ol the nation. lech first instituted its varied training activities at the outbreak of the war. and the college has done a iruh iiKii;iiili( (III job. Fron: row— Mciinrtl. Wilson. I r.iy. It,irri ws. t c;in Clokc. Kv.-ins, DoukKisk. Kent. M.-irlin .Second row— Sp-irr()w. LcC.iin. Ilill, I. yon. Hr.iutlrcht. Creamer. l ' r.iKeni.-in, Jenkinit. OhkooiI. Rich Third row— VViUon. I). M., VVilsun. N, K., T.iylor. I.ektterK. .leniiess. Scainnuin. ( ' .inlfielii. M.-inkn. Trefellicn Fourth row- It I ' lr-.n . Cralitree, Cielhro, I.ililn-v, Sawyer, K ikiii.iii Nimth l.ncan. McNeary. Sttiart r O _!. .ffflf _P ■. " , V - v Groduate Stiidi| Achanrcd work in spcciali ctl fu-lcls is carrii ' d on nndtT the (lircction of Dean Peterson. ' arious members of the rcgii- h»r fatuities cooperate by offering courses for graiiiiate credit whicii lead to M.A. and M.S. degrees. The student must also j)repare a thesis which will co er some pliase of his chosen subject and which will add something new to the field. In pursuit of an .M.S. the student often attempts intricate research in the laboratory, while the M.. . candidate busies himself ferreting out original source material and consulting documen- tary material. Ediicot lOH DEAN I ' ETER.SON The |)rogram of the Sdiool of Educa- tion is being maintained very effectively, and much excellent work has been done in |)rr)viding teachers who are now Ijadly needed in our high and normal schools. In addition, the Education Extension Service and the correspondence courses are being continued. The department is st ill under the able guidance of Dean Smith. Mr. C rawford, .Associate Profes- sor of Education, is now on leave of absence, having received a commission in the Navy. The local schools coo|jcr- ate with the University in allowing the students to practice teaching. Critic teachers act as supervisors, and are in- cluded on the faculty of the School of Education. EDUCATION FACl LTY Front row — J.iclciiian, Smith. Miller Second row — Oeerinff. ReynolHr;. Croxford DEAN SMITH CLASSES ' 45 PRISM ' eniors Four ycai have jjassctl iiuitkh since you first came on this campus as Fresh- men. Tlirough these years, you have lia l happiness and grie ances: work and play: Ijut through it all, you have become men and women, much better ecpiipped to face the ordeals and trials of life. Vou have seen oiir work through, and now, as seniors, stand at the front door readv for the grantl and glorious lile that awaits you. It may seem dark at times: but vou have what it takes; so step firm- ly, and good lutkl This year on campus, there have been very few men siudeius; therefore manv of the men ' s oigani aiions have been dis- continued for the duration; bui ilie women ha e striven even harder than e ei ' lo keep all organi aiioiis lundion- ing. The . 11-Maine Vomen, .Stiident Govermiieni. Maine (Christian .Vssocia- CLA.SS Ol I IChRS SAM COLLINS, ril) I ' lllLI M ' S. M K HIlIlNf.s. ISIMIK KVMlVI 21 tion. and the Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion, under the leadership of senior women. ha e done their utmost and de- serve a great hand of praise for wonder- fid work. .As Seniors, vou have seen manv chang- es since you hist entered the University. m started your freshman year without the overshadowing menace of war. . s sophomores, vou saw war declared and took it in your stride. There were a few changes, men Ix ' gan to leave and gas rationing cranijx ' d vour stvle: but you didn ' t rcallv feel the pinch. IDuring your junior vear the war seemed closer as social activities were cut down and the male population really began to di- minish. ov - as .Seniors you have seen the . rmv come and go, a three-term year inaugurated, and your class graduate at intervals instead of as a unit. .At their annual banquet given in the spring of each year, the . 11-Maine Women lap those members of the Junior and .Senior classes who have met the soci- eiv ' s requirement of character, resjxjnsi- bilitv. contributions to campus activities, and outstanding leadership. Member- ship to thi s societv is a goal toward which all .Maine coeds strive, since it is the highest non-scholastic honor given to women at the University. Last spring at the . 11-Mainc Women ' s bantjuet there were three seniors. .Mary Hempstead. Priscilla Loring. and Lois . nn Savage, and eight juniors, Mary Bil- lings. Olive Bradburv. Helen Clifford. Priscilla Hopkins. Joan Manwell. Esther Randall. Frances Sheehy, and Ruth Tro- land. selected as . 11-Maine Women to ' carry on the work of the organization for the following year. Esther Randall was elected president for this vear ' s group. Due to graduation occurring at the end of each term, other girls have been lapped as thev will not be here for the spring banquet. Margaret Chase and Natalie Curtis Files were tapped before the December graduation. .ALL-MAINE WOMEN Front row — ManwelL Troland. Hopkins Second row— Randall, Billings, Clifford, Bradbury HELEN AUDREY ALEXANDKK Nur iiiK Saco Slu.lints ' Arls Club 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2. 4; Krrnch Club 1; M.O.C. 1; MCA. I. 2. 3, 4; Dean ' s hist 4a: Associate editor of Prism 3. RENA MIRIAM ASHMAN. . (HI Romance LaiiKuaxcs Chelsea ..r o?- - ' ■■ " ' " • ' •• ' I; Orchestra I. 2; Team Sports I: W.hlj.. . 4; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b, 3a. 3b. 4a- Le Cercle I-raiii;ais 3; .M.l.A. 3. 4; El Circulo Esnanol 3: House President 4. .MARTHA FRANCES ALI.KN. AAA Home Economics Auburn Dean ' s List lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b: Omicron Nu 4; Pan- hcllcnic Council 3: W.A.A. 1. 2. 3: Hockey 1. 2; Basket- ball 1. 2; Volleyball 1. 2: M.C.A. 1, 2, 3: Home Economics Hub I. 2. 3; A. P. Tea Co. Scholarship 3; Pi Beta Phi Alumni Club Scholarsbiji 4. nUI.IO JOHN HAKHKKO PreMedical Bangor Dcutscher Verein 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 4: Campus 4: Choir 4: M.( .A. 3. 4; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a; Phi Beta Kappa 3. 4; Phi Kappa Phi; Charles II. Payson .Scholarship 3; Kiilder .Scholarship 4; la.iics Stacv Ste- vens Scholarship 4: Valeiliclorian. KITH E. ALLEN. . i! Home Economics Mechanic Falls Home Economics Club 2, 3. 4; M.CA. 3. 4; Transfer from Simmons College. SYLVIA JANET BELDEX Zoology Prentiss M.CA. I 2. 3. 4: Cabinet 2. 3; Debate Club 2; peittscher Verein 2. 3. 4; .Mas |ue 2; Sigma .Mu Sigma 3. •4. President 4; Charles H. Paysiin .Scholarship 1, 2. 4- Bertha Joy Thompson Scholarship 3; Ci.iiiinenceinent Pageant 2. WINFIEI.I) T. .M.I.EN. -MIK Engineering Physics Sanford Dean ' s List lb. 3h; StiiiU-nt .Senate 4: Intramural .-Vlh Ictics I. 2. 3; Head 4. PAl ' I.INE KITH BEKCE Home Economics Washburn I n ' ' ii ' ' , ' - ' •. ' ' : ' , ' ' ; " " •. Ki-i ' nomics Club 1. 2, 3; Basket ball 1: Hockey 1; Volleyball 1; Masgiie 4; Prism 3, Home Economics A IS ANDEK.SON New|Mirl Home Economics Club I. 2. 3; M.CA . ' ■ OH t .in.i.o. Women I. RdHERT BEVERAi;E Chemical Engineering Oakland Dran ' i List . ' b; lla»eli. ll 1; Intramural .Athletics 2. Class of 1944 2(i MARY ELEANOR BICKFORD Home Kcononiics Bangor Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1 ; Home Economics C uh 1 ; Commence men t Pageant 1 ; Masque 2, 3; OflT-Caniiius W ' umen 2, J. FLORENCE GERTRUDE BOYLE English Bangor M.O.C. 2. 3: Modern Dance Chil. 2. 3; Masque 2. 3. 4; Dean ' s List 3b, 4a. MARY NILES BILLINGS Hume Economics Stoniiigton Dean ' s List lb. 2a, 3a, 3b, 4a: Omicron N« 4; Sopho- more Eagles 2; M.C.A. I. 2. 3, Cabinet I, 2; Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2. 3; W.S.G.A. 3, President 4; Student Senate 3. 4. ' ice President 4; All-Maine Women 3; Class Treasurer 4; Prism 3. MARY ELIZABETH BRACKETT, XU English Portland Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b; Prism, Assistant Editor; Campus 1. 2. 3; Commencement Pageant 1, 2; Women ' s Forum 1, 2, 3. Vice President 3; W.S.G.A. 3a; Sophomore Eagles 2. AXXETTA LILLIAN BISHOP Education Caribou M.C.A. 4; Glee Club 4; Transfer from Aroostook State Normal School. OLIVE FRANCES BRADBURY. X " Home Economics Hollis Center Home Economics Club 1, 3, 4; M.C.A. 1, 2. 3; Women ' s Forum 2; Danforth Fellowship 3; All-Maine Women 3. 4; Panhellenic Council 4; Masque 1. 2. RUTH M. BLAISDELL. Aon Psychology Ellsworth Sophomore Eagles 2; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Students ' Arts Club 1. 2; M.C.A. 1. 2. 3. Cabinet 1. 2; Women ' s Forum 1; Hockey Manager 4; W.A.A. Council 4; Prism 3; Sigma Mu Stgma 4. EMMA RAE BROISMAN Sociology Portland Sigma Mu Sigma 4; Masque 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1; Square Dance Clul. 3: Hillel Club I. 2. 3. 4. HERMAN W. BONNEY Engineering Portland Dean ' s List la; Masque 1. 2, 3; Band 1. 2. 3; Orchestra 2. 3; M.C.A. Chapel Choir 2, 3. RAYMOND BROISMAN Chemistry I.S.O. Class of 1944 27 Portland WILLIAM P. ItROXSDON, AXA Dairy Technology Ncwlon Center, Mass. Footl all 1. 2. 4; Track I. . ' ; Ski Team I; Hood Fund Scholarship • - • ,., Club 1. , - " ■• " • ■• •■•• ■» I, •. , ' ni a E.IIII J, iiuuu rUIKI scholarship 2, i. 4; Intramural Sports 2, J, 4; Phi Kappa [■hi 4; Dean ' s List 1. 2. 3. 4; Men ' s Senate 4: Agricultural CORNELIIS IIl- TI GTON BUSHNELL, Jr.. ex Mechanical Engineering Whitcfield Hasehall Manager 1. 4; Football 4; A.S.M.E. } 4- In traniural Athletics 2, 3, 4; .M.C.A. 1. HELE.V IRENE BROWN English Augusta Education Club }; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b, 3a, Jb, 4a; Transfer Ironi Farniington Normal. MAKJORIE l.OriSE lU ' TLER Knglish Union M.C.. . 1, 4; Transfer from Gorham Normal School. HUGH MALCOLM liROWNLKE, .|.K .Mechanical Engineering SJ .„ FootlMll I; Haskctball I; Track 1, 3; Executive Com- mittee 1, 2; S( |.h„m.,re Owls 2; Vice President of Class J; I roctor 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. LOUIS CAMBRIDGE. HB " ' " °: Presque Isle M.C.A. 3; Education Club 3; Square Dance Club 3- Pimf, rb.h t ' . ° " - % " ' l ' " Vomen 3; International Rela tions Club 3; Transfer from Aroostook Normal School 1 AN II, lilllAH .Xgronomy I.illlelon L. SUMNER ( IIA1.. 1K.KS. 2:AK Mechanical Engineering llangor Hand I, 2; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, HERNA .MAV IICRNETT, XO Home Economio Brownville naskelball 1, 2, 3. All .Maine Team 2. 3; Hockey I 2 . ' . 4; Home Economics Club 2, 3; Radio Guilil 3: MCA 1. 2, i; Orcheitra I; Students ' .Xrls Club I; " .M " Club 3,4- olleyl.all 1, 2, 3, 4; Masque 1, 4: Wnmen ' s Forum; Prism 3. MARGARET I.ORET ( IIASE Civil Engineering Auburn Orchestra 1, 2, J, 4; Hand 3; Math Club I, 2, 3; Xeai Mathelai I; Tau Beta I ' i; Mu All ha Epsiloii; All .Maine Women; M.C.A. I, 4; W.S.G.A. 41); llean ' . I.i.t I. 2:i. .1 4; Civil Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Class of 1944 28 AI.VKNA JINE CHICK K.lucation Steep Falls Campus 4: Dean ' s List 4a. 41); Transfer from Farming- ton Normal School, ELIZABETH MAK CLOCGH Education Auburn Masque 4: Normal School Scholarship 3; University Scholarship 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Transfer from Farmington Normal School. ELWOOD IRVIN CLAPP, Jr.. rA Chemical Engineering Newton Highlands. Mass. Band 1. 2; Orchestra 1; Dean ' s List la. lb. .MARGUERITE A. COFFIN. HB ' t ' Psychology Bangor Women ' s Rifle Team 1: Glee Club 1, 2; M.O.C. 1, 2; M.C..- . 1. 2. 4; El Circulo Espanol 1; Band 3; Basketball 1; Prism 3; Sigma Mu Sigma 4. ELSIE P. CLARK. AAA Home Economics North New Portland Home Economics Club 1. 2; M.C.A. 1, 2. SA.MUEL WILSON COLLINS, Jr.. ATA Government Caribou Campus 1, 2. 3. 4, News Editor 1. 2, 3. Associate Editor 3. Editor 3. 4; Dean ' s List la. lb, 2a. 2b. 3a. .lb. 4a; Men ' s Senate 3. 4, President 4; Student Senate. President 4; Interfraternitv Covmcil. President 4; International Rela- tions Club 3; ' M.C.A. 1. 3. 4; Nice President of Class 4; Proctor 4. WARREN GUY CLEMENT. ' I ' K: Electrical Engineering Dean ' s List la, 2a. Falmouth JOYCE MARION COOK Bacteriology Portland M.C.A. 1. 2; 4.H Club 1. 2, 3; Math Club 2, 3; Dean ' s List 2b, 3b, 4a; . rchery Manager 3. HELEN LOUISE CLIFFORD, XH English South Paris Women ' s Forum 3. 4; M.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; W.A.A. Council 1. 2. 3, 4. President 4; Volleyball Manager 2; Campus 1. ' t 4 Women ' s Sports Editor 3, Contributing Editor 4; iiocke ' v 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Wiiiter Sports Manager 3; " M " Club 2. 3. 4; All-Maine Women 3. 4; University Seal 3. 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2; Contributors ' Club 2. 3. 4. PATRICIA EVELYN COOPER Home Economics Auburn Dean ' s List lb. 3a; Chorus 1; Glee Club 2. 3. 4; Masque; Choir 3. 4; M.O.C. 3: Home Economics Club 1. 2. 3. 29 I DOUGLAS KKIMIAKU COWAN. . XA Mechanical Engineering Portland Cross Country 1, 2; Track I. 2; Football •»; Winter Sports 1, 2. 3, 4; M.C.A. 1, 2. Ki.HRinjK IHRTOX DAVIS History and (iovcrnnient Calais MAKV N AIALIE COYNE " •- " K ' ' " ' ' Bangor Off-Campus Women 1. 2. 3. 4; M.O.C. 2; Spanish Club 1; Commencement Pageant I. RICHARD IRVING DAVIS. AXA Electrical Engineering Auburn Maine Radio Society 1. 2; Maine Radio Guild I 2- A.I.t.t. 3. 4; M.C.A. 1, 2. 3. 4; Prism 3; Masque 2. O 11 Knglish NATALIE LOUISE CURTIS. AOn Portland Dean ' s List lb; Campus. .Society Editor I. 2. 3; Masuu 2. 3; Glee Club 1; W.S.G.A. 3; M.C.A. 1. 2, 3. GKOKCK W. DKAN. Ml Electrical Engineering Derby (JWENDOLVN E. CUSHINC. AOII ' ■■ff ' " - ' ' l ' ,.rlLi..d .Masijue 1. 2. 3. 4. Executive President 4; W.S (i.A. I. 2, 4; .Sophomore E.-igles; French CInb I. 2. 3: Dean ' s List lb. 2a. 2b. 3a; Prism. Activities Editor; Eli alielb Abbott Dalentine Scholarship 3; University Scholarship 4; Senior Resident 4. .Mll.DKKD DESMOND Home Economics Patten Home Economic! Club 1, 2. 3; 4 II Club 2; .M.C.A. .1, MARSHALL IIK.NJA.MIN D.UiAN. ' IK:!; .Mechanical Engineering V„rk Village Tau Ileta Pi 3, 4; A..S..M.E. 3, 4; hilramural .Sn„ri,; Dean % List 2a. 2b. 3a, 3b, 4a. HOWARD EDWARD DIMITRE. ATI) Mechanical Engine ' ring C.ilai Maaeball I, 4; llaskelball I; Inlraniural Spurts 1. 2. .t. 4. Class of 1944 30 AGXES REBECCA DOLE History and Government Hermon Off-Campus Women I. 2. 3, 4: Commencement Pageant 1. J; Bertha Joy Thompson Scholarship 2, 3; Dean ' s List 2h, 3a, a. FLORICE WHITNEY DIXHAM Portland Deutschcr Verein 2, 3. 4; Hockey 1, 2; M.O.C. 1. 2. 3; International Relations Club 2, President 3, 4; M.C.A. 2 3; Masque 1. 2, 3, 4; Vollevball 1, 2; Women ' s Forum 1, 2, 3. BARBARA DOORE Chemistry South Paris Deutscher Verein 1. 2. 3. 4. President ' A; Class Secre- tary 1 ; Students ' Arts Club 2. RUTH VIRGINIA DIRAN. +M Business Administration Hermon Off-Campus Women I. 2. 3; Orchestra 1. 2, 4; Glee Club 4; Modern Dance Club 4; Dean ' s List 3a; Commence- ment Pageant 1. 2; M.C.A. 1, 2. 3. 4. FRANCES ELAINE DORR History Johnson City. N. V. M.C.A. 1, 3; Cheer Leader 1. 2; Women ' s Forum 1. 2. 3; Hockey 1, 2; International Relations Club 3; Com- mencement Pageant 2; Volleyball 1; Masque 4. JEAN ELIZABETH EARXSHAW, AAA .Mathematics Fall River, Mass. M.C.. . 1. 2. 3; Modern Dance Club 2; Masque 3. MARION MYRTLE DOW Home Economics Limington Glee Club 1; Home Economics Club 3. 4: W.S.G.A. 4a. PRISCILLA RICE E. TON Home Economics Melrose. Mass. Home Economics Club 3; Basketball 1, 2; Volleyball 1, 2; Hockey 1. 2. 3, 4; M.C.A. 1, 2. 3. 4; " M " Club 3, 4. DEBORAH L DRINKWATER, M Home Economics Brewer Off-Campus Women 1. 2. 3; M.C.A. 1. 2. 3: .M.O.C. 2. ALBERT D. EHREXFRIED, K1 Engineering Physics Lewiston Orchestra 1, 2. 3; Maine Bears 1, 2, 3, 4; Masque; Campus, Music Editor 4; Ski Team 2, 3; Tennis Team 1, 4. 31 ELIZABETH FRANCA EMERV. XO Psycliology Fairfitid M.isqut I: M.C.A. 1, 2. }; W.A.A. Council 3; Wonion ' s {•orum 1, 2, 3; Sludrnls ' Ans Club 1; Comnicncenicnl I ' afieant 1; EI Circulo Espanol 2; Sigma Mu Sigma 4 Chemistry I.S.O. HERBERT FREEDMAX Portland WESTON Sf.MNER EVANS. Jr.. . X. Civil Engineering Orono Track 1; M.C.A. Cabinet -t; Band 1. 2; Radio Guild 2; Prism 3; Campus 3; Tau Beta Pi 3. 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4- Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a: Civil Club 2. 3. 4. President 4; Who ' s Who in American L ' nivcrsilies and Colleges 3. CORNELR ' S WEBSTER FROST, Jr.. lAF. Agricultural Economics Belfast Ski Team; M.O.C.; M.C.A.; " .M " Club. LOIS ALADA lAKRELL. . ! Zoology Gardiner M.C.A. 3; Glee Club 3; Transfer from Bradford Junior College. Kl( IIAKI) IIKNKV FILLER, +Kr Business Administration Portland Football 1; Track 1. 2; " M " Club 3. 4; Men ' s Senate 4. English .M.VKV E.MII.V IIKI.DEK. . lHI Orpno CLARE KENDALL FILTOX. ::x Mechanical Engineering Bath Dean ' s List 2b. 3a. 4a. 4b: Glee Club 2. 3. 4: Choir 3 4- M.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Intramural Athletics 1. 2. 3: A.S..VLE 3. 4; .M.O.C. 3: Track 3; Charles II. Payson Scliolarihip 1; Fencing 1 WILLIAM M. FORI). Jr.. . X. .Me.hamcal Engineering Nurwell. .Ma». Iniranuiral Sport»; M.C.A. I. 2; A.S.M.E. 3, 4; Pri»m J: I an Beta Pi. FRANCES GIRARI) " " • " • ' l ' nnon ' ict l ' .,rila id M.O.C. I; llomr Kconomici Club 3; Prism 3- .M C i 4; Ma»(|Ue 4. • . ■ Class of 1944 32 DORIS ELEANOR GOOCH SocioloRv Brunswick .Students " Arts Club 1; French Club 1; Contributors ' Club 3. 4. RrTHANN HALL Zoology Orono Commencement Pageant 1; M.O.C. 2; Archery 3; Off- Campus Women 1, 2, 3, 4. English MCA. ball I. 2 Forum 1 VIRGINIA KOLFK GOODRICH. AAA Norwich, Conn. 1 2 3. •»; Hockey 1. 2, 3. 4; Masque 2; Baskel- 3; Volleyball 1, 2. 3; " M " Club 3, 4; Women ' s 2, 3. CLARA JAXE HARLEY, HB Theatre Augusta Masque 2. 3. 4. Ticket Manager 3, 4; El Circulo Espafiol 2 3: M.C.A. 3. 4; Prism 3; Students ' .Arts Club 2; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b; Sigma .Mu Sigma 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Transfer from Averctt College. X.VTALIE GOODSPEED. AJiA Sociology -Augusta M.C.A. 1. 2, 3; International Relations Club 3; Modern Dance Club 2, 3; .Masque 3; El Circulo Espanol 1. FRANCES ARLEXE HIGGIXS. AOU History and Government Waterville Dean ' s List 3b; Campus. Fashion Editor 3. .Associate Editor 4; Contributors ' Club 3, President 4; W..A.A. 2, 3. 4; Tennis Manager 3; Seal .Award 3; " M " Club 2, 3; M.C.A. 2. 3, 4; .M.O.C I: Masque I; Women ' s Forum 3; Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3. 4; Volleyball 1. 2; Badminton 1, 2, 3; .Archery 1, 2; Stu- dents ' .Arts Club 2; El Circulo Espaiiol 3; Prism 3, .As- sistant Editor. JL ' LUS J.A.MES GOOS .Mechanical Engineering Bangor Dean ' s List la. lb. 2b; Rifle Club; M.O.C; Basket, ball 1; Track 2; M.C.A.; A.S..M.E. 3. HAR EV Illl.LSOX. TE Chemistry Orono FRED HAROLD HALE, Jr.. A.TA .Mechanical Engineering South Portland .A.S.M.E.; Pale Blue Key 3; Prism 3; Band I, 2; Intra- mural Sports. ARABELLE BAXTOX HODGES, HB Zoology Summit, X. J. .M.C.A. 1. 2. 3, 4; Rifle Team I; Masque 1; Dean ' s List 2b, 3a. 3b, 4a; House President 4; W.S.G.A. 4; Students ' .Arts Club 1. 2. Class of 1944 33 KSTHER CrSHING HOLDF.X, AOH ISyiiioliigy Portland I ' anhrllcnic Council 4; M.C.A. 1, 2, J. 4; Masque I; Modern Dnnrr ( " Inh . ; Spanish Club 3. 4; Sifcnia Mil Sir- ma 4. SILAS HL ' LSE. III. ATO Chemical EngincerinK Tenarty. N. J. Ilasketball Manaxer 1; Orchestra 1. 2, 3; Intramural Athletics 2, 3. AILEEN BERYL HOLMAN Education Mexico (;Ue Cluh 3; Kducaticm Club 3; Choir 3; M.C.A. 4; ' rr;tnstiT troiii F.-irininKton Normal School. II.VITIE ELIZABETH IXGRAHAM. nil Home Economics Thorndike Home Economics Cluh 1. 2. 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3b. HAKUARA W l.W; llOrKINS. XD Enulish Bath Campus 1. 2; M.C.A. 1. 2; Contributors ' Club 2. 3, 4. KICIIAKL) ULRUESS IN.VES. .iTi EnKinecrinit I ' hysics South Portland Dean ' s List la. lb, 3a; Tau Beta Pi 3. 4; Camera Club I, 2, 3. I ' RISt Il.l.A . NN HOPKINS, . n Zoology Waterville .Ma iue 1. 2. 3; I ' hecr Leader 1. 2. 3; Campus 2. 3; Panhellenic Council 3. Presiilent 4; M.C.A. 1. 3. 4; Stu- dents ' Arts Club I; All-.Maine Women 4; Women s l-o- rum I; Commencement Pageant I; Hockey 1; Ilasketball 1; W.S.C.V. 4; Senior Resilient 4; Student Senate 4; Prism 3. JOYCE Rl ' THERKORD IVENEY, .iA Home Economics Easlport Hockey 1. 2. 3; Ilasketball 1. 2. 3; Volleyball 1, 2. }. " M " Club 3, 4; Home Ecnnon ' ics Club 1. 2 3. 4: M t A 1. 2. 3. 4; W.S.Ci.A. 2; Neai Mathetai; Omicron Nu: Phi Kappa Phi 4; Honorary Lieutenant Colonel 3; IJein ' l.iil la. lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a; Sllutalorian ; l-ernald Scholarship; Kidder Scholarship. FRANCES I.OIISE HOrc.HTOS. .i.i.i Home Economics Fort Fairfield Cheer Leader 1. 2. 3. 4: M.C.A. 1. . ' . 3. 4; Hone Eci liomlrs Club I. 2. 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3; " .M " Club; W.S.Ci.A. 3. 4; llaskelball 1. 2. 3: II,.. l.i, 1. J. ,1. 4; V.llrvball I. 2. 3; W A.A. Council 4. KENNITII Mil KM.V.N JOHNSON. Jr., SX Civil Engineering Norwich, Conn. Cross Country 1; Irnck I. 2; M.C.A. I, 2, 3; A.S.l ' .E. J; Intramural Siuirls I. 2. 3. Class of 1944 .ii MARTK KNICHT jONKS. niM i loine Economics Freedom Ilotiic Kcniiomics C ' luh 1, 2. 3, -1; DeJin ' s List . a. Jb; M.CA. A. ARNOLD KALKICII KIMMALL. AXA Mechanical Engineering HriarclitT Manor, N. V. Glee Club 1, 2; A.S.M.E. 3. 4; M.CA. 1. 2; Dean ' s List 3a; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. KEXXETH CLARK .TORDAX. OX Kngineering Physics Waltham Dean ' s List 3a. 4a, 4h; Scahbiud ami lilade 3; Iluvey Memorial Scholarship 3; I ' hvsios Club; Intramural IJas- ketball 1. 2. 3. JACOCELINK IDADA KIMIiALL. Xil Home Economics Freeport Home Economics Club 1, 3; M.CA. 1. 2. 3. STAXLEV CLAIR Jl ' XKIXS Agronomy Ox Bow Sears Roebuck Scholarship I. M. JEAN KTMHALL English Warren OlT-Campus Women 2; 3; Chorus 1; Glee Club 3; M.CA. 3; Commencement Pageant L 2; Contributors ' Club 3; Masque 2. EDITH KAGAX Psychology Hiliel Club; Sigma Mu Sigma. Bangor CARROLL LVNDALL KNAPr. jr. . T12 Chemistry Kingtu-bi Secondary School Scholarship 1; Bertha Joy Thompson Scholarship 3; Tau Beta Pi 3, 4; University Scholarshiji 4; Der Deutsche Verein 4; Dean ' s List la. lb, 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a. DORIS KILIUR.V. AAA Home Economics Cape Elizabeth .M.CA. 3; Dean ' s Li -it 3a ; Transter from Skidmore College. ALLAN KN OX. . X. Chemical Engineering .Augusta Dean ' s List la; Intranuiral Sports 2, 3; .M.C. . 1. 2. 3; -Masque. 35 MAKIOX AMKl.IA KOKDA Kti){li. li Portland Orchestra 2: M.C.A. 2: Masque 2; Glee Club 1; Mu Al| lia Epsilun; Class Oije. SAI.I.V HI.AISDELI, I.OCKETT PreMrdical Winterport Der Deutsche Verein 2. i. 4; M.C.A. 1, 2. 3. 4; Masgue .1. 4; Dean ' s List la, 111, 3b; Neai Malhetai; Modern Dance Club 2. KLEA.NOK I1ARHARA KREH, Xfi Knglish Union, N. J. M.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Arts Club I, 2; Spanish Club I. 2, 3; Modern Dance Club 2; Women ' s Forum I. 2. 3, 4; Prism. HAROD LOUN, TK Mechanical Engineering Lewiston A.S.M.E. PAL ' L FREDERICK KRUSE. Jr., BOn Chemistry Bangor Intramural Sports 3; Physics Club 2; .M.C.A. 3; Trans- fer friini Bowdoin College. MAkCAKK.T KI.IZAHKTIl McCl ' RDY Knglish Lubcc French Club 1; M.C.A. 2. 3, 4: Transfer from St. Joseph ' s College. in. IK KDNA I.KDIKN, IM I ' syclK.logy nine Hill M.C.A. 1, 4; El Circulu Espafiol 2; Sigma Mu Sigma 3, ; Dean ' s I ist la, lb, 2a, 2li. 3b; I ' nnhellenic Council 3. ELI.E.N KATIIKKI.NK MacDO.NAI.D. Illl ' l Sociology ' asftalboro .M.C.A. I, 2, .1. 4; Choru 1; Radio liuild 2. WAI.DO Mi( I.IKK l.lltBEY Klectricul Engineering Bangor Hand 2, Drum Major 2; A.I.E.E. 3, 4; IRE 4, V IN ETTA E.STEI.I.E MacDONAI II Hiiitory and liovernment Hirwcr N ' eni Mathetai: OIT-Campun W ' oiren 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' Lint la, lb, 2a, 2b, ia, 3b, 4a; French Club I; Conimeiu-e- meiit Pageant I, 2; Phi Kniipa Phi 4; Hertha Joy Thomp- aon Schojamhip; Charlen Woodman .Scliolarshi;i ; I ' niver- iiity of Maine Scbolarthip. Class of 1944 36 ALICE LEE McHUGH, HB Education Presque Isle M.C.A. 4; Chorus 4; Dean ' s List 4a: Transfer from Aroostook State Normal School. STERLING A. MAHANEY, MJ Agricultural Economics Mars Hill Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1. VIRGINIA STOCKMAN McINTIRE. .iAA English Portland M.O.C. 3; Dean ' s List 2: Transfer from Westbrook Junior College. JO. N V. MANWELL, AAA Home Economics Winthrop W.S.G.A 3; OfT-Campus Women I, 2, 3, President 3; All-Maine Women 4; Glee Club 2; Chorus 1: Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1; M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN .McKINNEY Theatre Kennebunkport Glee Club 1, 2; M.C.A. 1, 2; Masque 1. 2. 3. 4. MARV L. MILLER Home Economics Fairfield, Conn. M.C.. . 1. 2; Home Economics Club 1. 2; Spanish Club 3: International Relations Club 3. WILLIS MERTON McLAlGHLIN Psychologj- East Corinth Graduate of Aroostook Normal School ; Graduate of Bingor Theological Seminary: Pastorates: Peiobscot. .Me.. ' 39: East Corinth and Corinth. •39- ' 42: -A.S.N.S. Win- ter Carnival Team " 36, ' i7. WILLIAM HENRY MORONG, Jr., ::x Mechanical Engineering Madison Band I: Glee Cluh 3, 4; Choir 3. 4: M.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Dean ' s List lb, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b: A.S.M.E. 3, 4, Presi- dent 4: Tau Beta Pi 3, 4. Pre- Medical PHYLLIS .MacNEIL, AAA Swampscott, Mass. W.A..- . Council 2. 3, 4, President 3b; _n ' s F - , -. . , , Hocke M.C.A. 2: ......... ...uiiv,, _. , -,, ■1C9II1CIII jii p iM.v..rt. : Woircn ' s Forum 1, 2, 3: Deutscher Verein 1, 2, 3, 4: ,,. ' ii,.ii 1 ui uiii I, i, o, i.ft-uiscncr erein i, j, j, : Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3: Vollevball 1. 2, 3: ■■,M " Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Prism, .Sports Editor 3: Commence- ment Pageant I. RICHARD ARTHl ' R MORRILL Civil Engineering West Farmington Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball: " M " Club: Civil Club. Class of 1944 JAMKS FK. XC1S MOLLTON. iN Chemical Enginrcriiii! KaiiKclty Ocan° l.i»t I: liiirainural Sports 2. I ' ALLINK F. I ' KNDLKTON F.ducalion Islcsboro t;ici- Cluti 4: Basketball 4; M.C.A. A; Transfer from riiirhain Normal School. CLAUDIA SCAMMON NIBKCK. llll Home Economics Orono M.O.C. 1; M.C.A. 1. 2. 3; Off-Campus Women 2. 3; ll .n:c Economics Cliil) 2, 3; Masque 2, 3; Campus 1; Prism 3. DAVID BARNES PENNELL Chemical Engineering Tennis 1, 2. Portland CliAKLK.s CAkKt)l.I. NORTON, STS Mechanical Engineering Eastport Baseball 2. 3. 4; Football 3; Basketball 4; A.S.M.E.: Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. EDWARD IIOAC. r ' lllI.I.IPS, ATO Mechanical Engineeriitg Portland Track 1, 2, 3; Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3. 4; Class Presi dent 4. RICHARD ROCKWDOD I ' AI MKR. Jr.. -l-Ki: .Mechanical Engineering Lisbon Falls M.C.A. I, 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4: " M " Club; Cross Country I: Track 1. 2; Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3. 4; A.S.M.E. 3. 4; Men ' s Senate 4, President; Student Sen- ate. President 4; Football Manager 4; Interfraternily C ' juiicil 4. MrcillENK RlIM I ' llll.l.lPS English East Holden .M.C.A. 1. 2. 3; C.mtributors ' Club 3. 4; Hertha Joy ' I ' ltompsoii Schfdarship 2. 4; Cniversity Scliolarsbip 3. HARLAN I.l ' CIEN PEASE » heniical Engineering H-tr Mills Drill ' s List 2, 3. 4; Hovey Memorial Sdudarslnji 3; Wi-slern Pennsylvania Altunni Association Scholarship 3; I ' au Beto Pi. CHARLES PIUACKS Chemistry Rumford Class of 1944 is KSTIIKK MARGUERITE TIKE liiiinc Kcononiics Watcrford M.C.A. 1. 2. . , 4. ral int ' t J, 4: Hotm- Economics Club 1, J, ,i. 4: l).ans I.isl .!li, 4;i ; 4 H Civil) 1, . ' ; Masi|llt- 4. EVA FRANCES I ' RESSEV, -I ' M Home Economics Bangor M.C.A. 1. 2, 3; Home Economics Cliil) 1. 2. . : Oli Campus Women 1, 2. 3, 4. PETER SYLVESTER PIKELIS. IN Civil Engineering Millinocket Civil Club .!, 4: M.C.A. 1. 2. i; Foolhall 1; Intramural Sports 2. 3. El.lZAMETH LOKAINE PRICE Sociology Portland ELIZABETH ANN PIPER Psychology Damariscotta Spanish Club 2; Sigma Mu Sigma 4. JUNE WHITNEY PULSIFER English Skowhegan Masque 1; Orchestra 1; Dean ' s List 2a. 2b. 3a. MADELEINE FROST PLUMER. RB Economics and Business Administration Portland M.C.A. 4; Dean ' s List 3; Masque 4; Transfer from Westbrook Junior College. THOMAS II. KAFFERTY Mechanical Engineering OI l T WILLIA.M O.StiOOD POOR Electrical Engineering M.C.A. 2. 3; A.I.E.E. 2. 3. 4. Belfast ESTHER HAND.M.L, . (1II Home Economics Lewiston W.A.A. Council 2, 3. 4; " M " Club I, 2, 3, 4; Home Eeo- nnmiis Club 1, 3. 4; .Sojihomore Eagles; Hockev I. 2 3 4: rasketball . 2. 3. 4; N ' olleyball 1. 2, 3, 4; Class Exccu live Comniillee 2; Class Secretary 4; .MIMaine Won en 4: Onii.r.m No 4; M.C.A. 4; .Senior Resident 4; W.S.C.A. 4 Closs of 1944 39 DOLLY LA.MOREAl ' RETCD, AJA Home Economics Easton Home Economics Clul) J; MX. A, 3 N ' rai Mathctai; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a. 2b; Women ' s Forum; W.S.ti.A. MARCIA RL ' BINOFF English Auburn Dean ' s List 2a, 2b. Jb. 4n : Der Deutsche ' erein 3. 4; Sigma Mu Sigma 4; llillcl Club I, 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1; K.-isketball 1. JILIA ROBBINS, XI! Hume Economics Dover- Foxcroft Neai Mathetai; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b: Home Eco- iHimics Club 1. 2. 3; Tennis 1, 2; M.O.C. 3: International Relations Club 3; Sigma Mu Sigma 3. CARRIE ADELAIDE RCSSELL, M Theatre Rangeley Masine I. 2, 3. 4. DOROTHV GRACE ROLLINS Education Farniington GIcc Club 4: MasiiUf 4; Mu Alpha Epsilon 4; Campus 4. SALLY JEAN RYAN Zoology Minncola, L. L, N. Y. Sophomore Eagles; W.A.. . Council 1; Cheer Leader 1. 3; Arts Club 1; Women ' s Forum 1; Hockey 1. 2. 3. EI.IZAIIETII WIIIPI ' LE ROWE. IlIM ' Thiaire Newport (lli - Club 1. 2; Choir I, 2; Archery Manager I; Mas |Ue 3, 4; M.C.A. 4; Transfer from Westbrook Junior College. MYRLE ALHERTA SAWYER Home Economics Saco •M.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Scholarsliip 4n, 4b; Hume Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ARLENE ROSE ROYAL Education Hmlgdon t ' hirle» Dnvi l nn .Scholarahin 4; Kiippa Delta I ' i 3; II iKketball I, 2, 4; Tennis 2; .Vlaiijue 4; Dean ' s List U. lb. 2a. 2b; M.C.A. 4; Transfer from Rirker Junior College. IRENE JAMES SIIEPARD ■f •nch Woodland (iler Club I. 2, 4; Choir 4; Maii|ue 1. 2, 3. 4; Mu Alpha Epsilon 4; .M.C.A. I, 2. 3, 4; Modern Dan e Club 3; Dean ' . Lilt 4i, 4h. Class of 1944 40 EARI.AXn KINC.SLEY SLEIGHT. 2. Chemical Engineering Lubec Dcan " s List la. 2a. 21); Tau Beta Pi 3. 4; Men ' s Senate . ' . 4. WALTER EUGENE SPEARIN. IX Chemical Engineering Benton Station Masque 1 ; Dean ' s List 1. CAROLYN DUNHAM SMITH Education Woodstock Kapp;« Delta Pi 3. 4; M.C.A. 3. 4. President 4a; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b, 3a. 4a: Transfer from Farmington Nor- mal School; Phi Mu Omega 1. 2; Mirror Staff 2. ROBERT E. C. SPEED. GX Business .Administration French Club. Millinocket SYLVIA CELIA SMITH Music Bangor Glee Club 3. 4; Chapel Choir 3. 4; Mu .-Mpha Epsilon, President 4. SIBYL ETHEL STEVENS Foreign Languages Auburn Orchestra 3. 4; Charles Woodman Scholarship 3; Dean ' s List 3a, 4a, 41); KSppa Delta Pi 4. VIRGINIA FERN SMITH Sociology Anson M.C.A. 1. 2; Le Cercle Francais 1; 4H Club 1; Chi Omega Sociology Prize 2; Somerset County . lumni Scholarship 2. CECELIA GENEVIEVE SULLIVAN Mathematics South Brewer Orchestra 1. 2, 3. 4; Dean ' s List 2b, 3b. 4a; Spanish Club 1; M.O.C. 2; Off-Campus Women 1. 2. 3. 4; " M " Club 2. 3. 4; Hockey 2. 3; Modern Dance Club 2, 3; Com- mencement Pageant 1, 2; Volleyball 2; Basketball 2, 3. LAYTON EUGENE SPAULDING Mechanical Engineering Waterville Intramural Sports 1; Baseball 1. JOHN EDWARD SUMIXSBY. SAE Engineering Physics Northeast Harbor Basketball 1. 2; Tennis I, 4; Cross Country 1; Phi Kappa Phi 4; University of Maine Scholarship 3; " Tau Beta Pi 3. 4. President 4; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a. Class of 1944 41 KLlZAItKTH CRANE TAYLOR Business Administration New Haven, Conn. Masniu- 4; M.C.A. 4; Newman Club 2, 3; Campus 2. J. 4; Debate 1; Transfer from Cullegc (if New Rocbelle. RITH ELKANOR TROLAND, AOII History an l Government Maiden. Mass. Dean ' s List la, .la. 4a; Tutorial Honors 2a; Masque 1 2; Contriliutors ' Club 2. 3; Sopbcunore Kagles; Httckev 1 2, 3, 4; ' olle.vball 1. 2. 3, 4; Hasketball I, 2. 3. 4; All Maine Hockey 2; " .M " Club 2. 3, 4; .Seal . ward 3 V.A.. . Council 3; .Modern Dance Club 3; .M.C.A. I. 2. 3 Tresidenl 4; Class Executive Conunittee 3; Campus. Con tributing Editor. 2. 3; Radio Guild 2. 3; SiKina -Mu Sifcma 3. 4; .Ml. .Maine Women 4; Women ' s Forum 1. HARRY SANBORN THOMAS. Jr., UHll Engineering I ' hysics Wilton .M.C.A. I. 2. 3. 4; Band I, 2; Cross Country 1; Tau Beta Pi 3, 4; I ' hi Kappa Pbi 4; Harold Sberburne Koardnian Scholarship 4; .Masque 1. 2; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a, 2b, 4a; Mu . lpha Epsilon 2; Dance Band 1, 2, 3. 4. JOHN DONALD T.SCHAMl.KK. H Chemical Engineering .Augusta .Masque I, 2; M.C.A. 1; Baseball 4; Dean ' s List la. 4a. ARLETTA NELLIE THORPE, AAA Psychology Christmas Cove M.C.A. 1. 2. 3; Students ' Arts Club 1; Sigma Mu Sigma 4; Panhellenic Council 4. LOIS .MARION S Al.KER Home Economics Dean ' s List 3a. 4a; Hockey 1; Basketball 1; Volleyball 1; Masque 2; M.C.A. 3; Prism 3. THOMAS R. Tll.l.SON. l K Mechanical Engitieering Dexter M.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Inlramural Sports; A.S..M,E. 3. 4; Band 1. IIARHAKA MAKIK WALLACE Education South F ' orlland M.l ' .A. 4; Cilec Club 4; Tran«Ur from the I ' orlLind School of Kine and Applied .Art. .MARY ESTHER TREAT. .M ll Psychology Winterporl Transfer from Wc ' »tbriMik Ju:iior ( ' (dlriir IDA MAY WATERMAN Psycllolugy Old Town .M.C.A. I, 2, .1. 4; OIT Ciinipu. W..i: rn I. 2. . ' . 4; Sljllia Mu Sigma 4. Class of 1944 r h 42 V- DOROTHEA ISABF.I.LE WILBrR. nB Kilucatiotl Saco XI.C.A. 4; r.lfc Hub 4; Transft-r from Wcsttirook Junior College. HILDA KITH VOUXG Sociology North Brooksvillc XI.C.A. 1. 2; French Club I. 2; Arts Club 1, 2; Educa- tion Club }; Sigma Mu Sigma 4; Dean ' s List 4a. EVA L. WOODBREY Business Administration Sebago Lake .M.O.C. 2; Women ' s Forum 2, 3; Masque 2, 3, 4; Campus 2: XI.C.A. 2. 4; Prism 3: Deutschcr Verein 3. 4; Charles VVoodnian Scholarship 3: Dean ' s List lb. 3a. 3h, 4a, 4b; " Transfer from ' estbronk Junior College. Seniors Not Pictiiredl CHARLOTTE BOWMAN FLYNN Home Economics Orono ALICE HEALD Nursing Old Town EDWARD JOSEPH HOI-LAND, Jr. Chemical Engineering Bangor HUGH TERENCE HOLLAND Chemistry Bangor JOHN FREDERICK KANE Xlechanical Engineering Norwood. Xfass. RICHARD NELSON PRATT Mechanical Engineering West Springfield XIass. BARBARA BURDEN SCRIBNER. AOII English Bangor NATALIE .MARION STEVENS Nursing Bangor llOLLIS CLINTON TEDFORD. Jr. Civil Engineering Orono 43 MID TER GRADUATION- e Martha Frances Alkii William Prcniicc lironsdon John Harold Chadwick Joyce Marion Cook Deborah Isabcllc Drinkwater Prisfilla Rice Eaton Eli al)cili Enury Files Maynard Wliitncy Files (Carolyn Louise Foster Frances Eoiiise Hon liton Hattie Elizabeth Ingrahani F Jovce Rulluiiord heney Maiie Knight [ones |oan Winilred Mam ell Maiv I.a l Lirn Miller Phyllis Soide Pratt Dwight Holdcn Sawin. |r. Miriam Amelia Sweet Florence Mary Treworgy (Iharlotte leresa Willeit Mildred Ethelvn Woosier Colleqe of Arts and Sciences llcliii Aiulrev AkxaiuKi Ciiiilio |i)lin Barbero S l ia |a!ut Iklden Anliiir .Mired (Jiettlii Louisa May Cox Natalie Louise Curtis Agnes Rebecca Dole Harbara Doore FiaiKcs Elaine Dorr Annie (.loiia Dowling I ' loiicc Whiiiuv Diiiiliam Augusta Mora losicr I ' lank l.andgrane (iolbiatison RuihAtni Hall (ilara |ane Harle (ieorge ' ant ' Henrv Myra Jean Kimball Marion Amelia Koida Sall Hlaisdell Lo(kett Ellen Katlierine MacDonald X ' inetta Estelle MacDonald Phyllis Ma( eil Frank John Macri Jane Ran l William I.awreiKc Redmond AiHie Itarbaia Ring Mai( ia Rid)ini ll Slanlcv llilltl Ruiiiiian Clarrie Adelaide ' Russdl Sall [can R vaii Irene James Slu ' | ard Cecelia (ienevie e Sidlivan Janice Helen Wilkius l ' . a l.eona WDodbrev Hilda Ruth (iung 44 lOB Dorotliy Baron Elizabeth Xc vell Bcigluiid Marguerite- Mary Boyce Helen Irene Brown Louise Greenlaw Cambridge Alvena June Chick Elizabeth Ma CUough Lawrence Webber Da ies Margaret Mary Gallagher Dorothy Ida Giistin Elmer Richard Kiiowles Harriette Ryder McKecn X ' esta Isabclle MacLcan Mildred George Matte on Horace John Morse John Alan Richards Carrie Henrietta Rowe Carolyn Dunham Smith Sibyl Ethel Stevens Alfreda Wheeler York College of Techiiologj| Winfield Tennant Allen Robert Mellen Beverage Herman Wilford Bonney Raymond Broisman Hugh Malcolm Brownlee Cornelius Huntington Bushnell, Jr. Linwo(xl Sumner Chalmers Margaret Loret Chase Elwood Ir ing Clapp, Jr. Warren Guy Clement Douglas Rcinhard Cowan Marshall Benjamin Dagan Howard Edward Dimitre Albert Dawber Ehrenfried Weston Sumner Evans. Jr. William Blanchard Ford, Jr. Herbert Freedman Clare Kendall Fulton Julius James Goos Fred Harold Hale Harvey David Hillson Silas Hulse. Ill Everett Palmer Ingalls. Jr. Richard Burgess Innes Kenneth Clark Jordan John Frederick Kane Arnold Raleigh Kimball Carroll Lvndall Knapp, Jr. aldo McClure Libbey Harold Lown Robert Charles Lycette James Eugene Mahar William Hcnrv Morong, Jr. Richard Arthur Morrill James Francis Moulion Harlan Lucien Pease David Barnes Pennell Edward Hoag Phillips William Osgood Poor Richard Nelson Pratt Thomas Hilary Rafferty Erland Kingslcy Sleigh Layton Eugene Spaidding Walter Eugene Spearin John Edward Suminsby Harry Sanborn Thomas, Jr. Thf)mas Rufus Tillson 45 ' 45 PRIS (Juniors As Illinois. M- liaM- l)(.c()im- (niiiplcii ' h accliiiiaicd lo (olltf t- lilc. Now, our Fri ' sliman vcar. (lining wliicli Wf were gelling atljusU-il to llic C ainpiis. sc-cnis very rL-nioic. And gone. loo. are our Sophomore (lavs when we made ihe in- coming l- ' rosh loe ihe mark as we liad once done ourselves. The lime is not very far distant when we will l)e taking on the duties of ilie nohle Senior. Hut now. we are juniors and proud to be so called: for this year we ha e the pleasant task of editing our Prism. Willi the remitted situation that e - iskd, ve were dubious at the outsii CLASS OIIKIFRS LORAINE DAVIS, BOB CRAVES, ISABEL ANSELL, Cl ' RT MCCLELLAN 46 Sl ' K KIN(. )I Oil) TIMKS wIk ' IIut ii would IjL- possiljlc- II) prim a vcarl)()()k at all. But it was tclt that ii ever a Prism was ncedtd, it was at this critical time when it would serve as a permanent record ol a year sins-idarly uni(|iie in the history ol the L!ni ersity. Thus it was that a determined little groiij) under the able counsel ol Mr. Pierce took up the task late in the tall ol 1943. The difficulties to be overcome could not be underestimated. But in spite of the paper shortage, the lack ol camera films, and the dearth of activities to feature, the job was undirtakeii with the full a])])ro al of the LJniversily and the student body. Fast moving events have tnade this year far tf)o short. Our classmates are in e ery corner of the world fighting tor their country. .Most of the lioys in our class will not be here when June, it)), " ), comes around. Some have t)cen on the accelerated jjrogrant and will complete tlu ' ir work sooner, and those who haxe left lor the ser i(e will finish at some im- foretold date: yet, among ourselves, we are all members of thi ' Junior Class. Besides lollowing (lose liii ' activities of those in the service, a (aielul watch is being ke[)i on our classmates here at Maine, especialh those who will be taken into honorary societies. AllMaine Women and other related organizations. Foremost among the casualties ol a college at war ha e been two of the big- gest social events of the vear— the Mili- tarv Ball, at whith the Honorarx l.icii- teiiaiit Colonel is selected, and the Junior from, which is ordiuarih held in the late spring. Because of the war. many of our Irieiuls are no longer here: and our lite at Maine has be( 11 changed to (it into a swiltlv mo ing world: but no matter where we are, we, as members ol the class of 1945, will carry on that fine old Maine tradition of high standards predi- cated upon high ideals. " DOIBI-E, double TOtL AND TROIBI.E 47 I HARIIARA (.()(JI)II.I. AKKIKV. Aoll Kiiglisli l ' u-s(|iir Isk- now KI) 1)1.1. ANO U. R1I.KI I. ilX ARiiiiilluMl Kiigiiiccriiig Jefferson M RV ISAUKI. ANSKl.l.. Xt! Dcxler Conimenccntctit Pageant 1; Masque 2, 3; Soiiolog) Orchestra 1. . _ Modern Dance Club 2; Sigina Mu Sigma i: Secretary of Class }; Dean ' s List 2a. 2li; Assistant Kditor of I ' rism i. ARI.KNK Kll AlU IH UFAIMONT Home Economics Lewiston FU)Rt. C:K |1 M I IF. ARMSIRONC .Sociology Bangor MCA. 1. 2, i: VV.. .A. 1. 2, i: Ardicrv Club 2. J; i; Hockey 2, J; nasketl all 2. J: Hadniintun Championship 1. 2; .Archery 1. 2. Chanipionsnip 2; I ' rism i; Off Campus Women I. 2, J, President .1; Manager of Archery i; " .M " Club 2. J: El Circulo Espanol 2; Class Executive Committee. I ' sycliology DoRi.s . iaf: iua.i.. Aon Hopcdalc, MaM. Dean ' s I-ist lb; Hockey 1; Women ' s Forum Presiilent .1; Sophomc»re Eagles; Debate Society I. 2. . . President 3; Prism 3; l,e Cercle Francais 2; .V1.C.. . 1. 2, 3; John Oak Prize; W,S.Ci.. .. Secretarv 3; Student Senate 3; El Cir- culo Espaiiol 2; Radio Cuibl I. 2; .M.O.C. 1, 2; Chapel Choir I; .VOII Alumnae Prize. ll Rll R lOllsl I in R ION. X!! Home F.tonomits Oioiui .M.C.A. 1. 2; Masque 1; Campus I, 3; Neai Mathelai; Sigma .Mu Sigma 3; Off-Cauntus Women 2; Panhellenic Open House Committee 2, Chairman 3. WII.I.IAM JOSKl ' ll UK KIORI). -MIK Kngineering Physics . oi i.i M.C.A. 1. 2. .1; Hand I; t ' ross Country 1; Winter Sports 1; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2b, ia; Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3; Proctor 3. NAFMAMKI. IRl F II R I IIOLOM AF.I Mri li;iiii(;il K.ngliieeriiig W ' ahaii. MaM. Maique 1. 2, 3; M.C.A. L 3; liatkelball Manager I, J; Rifle team 1; ASM K. 3 IIIOMAS SlODKARlt HOIRKI i. Civil Knginrcriiig Rosliiulale. Mass. M.C.A. 1, 2; Cross Country 1; Track 1. •.■. I cil.r t „ . I: Civil Club I. 1, Pretideni 2. Class of 1945 48 CM ARM S IU)l RC;OVNF. A iuiilluial lioiiomiis and Fort Kent Farm ManaK ' ' i " t ' " l UII 1.1 AM KDMl ND BROOKS, Ki Civil FaiifiiR ' cring Riiinford Kootliall 1; A.S.C.K. i; M.C.A. 2; Intramural AUilt-lics 1. 2. i: UascljaM 2. RF.BECCA McINTVRE UOWDEN, nB Business Administration Blue Hill Deai-. ' s List la. 2a. 2h; M.C.A. 1. .V H. R()l.l) LEONARD BROWN, ATA I ' rc-Mediial Robbinston i T THELMA I ' RI.SCILLA BRADFORD Classics Charleston M.C.A. 1, 2, .!; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b; French Club 2; Sigma Mu Sigma 3; Bertha Joy Thompson Scholarship MARGARET A, BROWN, XO Home Economics Norway M.C.A. 1, 2. 3; Freshman Cabinet; V.. .A. 1, 2. 3; Home Economics Club 2, 3, President 3; Modern Dance Club 2, 3, xr- ! v ETHEL N BRADSTREET Home Economics Albion M.( ' .. . I, 2, .1; Home Kconomics Club 2, 3; Basketball 1.3; Campus 3a. BEVERLY BRUCE BURNH.WI, JAE Mechanical F.nj intering Old Town M.C.A. 3; A.S.M.E, 3. WALLER CAIMN BROOKS. KZ I ' rcMcdital Riniiford liaseball 3; I ' ayson .Scholarship 1; Men ' s Scnat.- 3b; Kxeculive Conimiitee 3c; .M.C.. . I, 2; Intramural Sports; Proctor .k-; Interfraternity Council 3b, 3c. MAIK.F H CILLE CAMPBELL i ( liolo v CUe Club 1. Calais 49 DOROTHY ELEANOR CAREV. Xf! English I ' onlaiid M.C.A. 3; Masque 3; Transfer from Wcstbrook Junior College; Dean ' s List 3a. l ' RISC;il.I,A El.I.K.N COCHRANE Home Economics lltnvick M.C.A. 1. 3; Home Economics Club. LX ' CONSTANCE I OlISI, CARI I R IllfP Home Economics K isi liluc Hill M.C.A. 1, 2. 3; Modern Dance Club I. 2; Panhellenic Council 2, 3; Archery 1; Dean ' s List la. HENRY BOGARDIS COLE Engineering Physics Wilton Dean ' s List la, lb. 2b: M.C.A. 1. 2. 3, Treasurer 3; .M.O.C. 1, 2, 3; Physics Club. SET C. ROLY CHAPLIN. IIB Home Ecoiiomiis Sebago M.C.A. 1. Z: Mas(|ue 1: Modern Dance Club 3; Radio liuihl 2; Home Economics Club 2; Commencement Pag- eant 1. 1.1.I . 1U. 1 11 1.1.I(,H1() tOl.LlS. JiAA Home Economics Newbiiiyport. Mass. M.C.A. 1; W.A.A. 1; Masque 3; W.S.C.A. 3; Junior Ex- ecutive Committee 3. |()Sl I ' lllM 1. ( 1 Kk. X!. ' Psvcliology lirownville Junction M.C.A. 1; W.A.A. 1. 2; Clee Club 1; Sriphnmore Eagles; •M " Club. I DWARI) UARRKN CONNERS. . T!} 1 ' ( I.nj inccring OKI I nun .V1.C.. . J; A.S..M.E 3; Executive Commillee 3. 1K(,IM A lU RR I I. . mil. Englisli Lincoln Dean ' k l-isl la, 2b; Sigma Mu Sigma; Women ' s Eurtim . ' . 3; tilee Club 2; Chorus 2; M.O.C. 2; M.C.A. 1. 3; De- Icnse Council, I ' llll 11 ' ( Ol ' l . TE Engineeiing Physlcx Poillanil . i.C A. 1. 2, 3; Freshman Euotball Manager I: ' I ' .iu lleta I ' i 3; Deans l.isi la, lb, 2a, 2 , 3h. Class of 1945 50 . rARII.VN ADA COV Home Economics Milo MCA. 1. 3; Choir 1; Campus 1. 2, }; Prism 3. LORAIN E MARTHA DAVIS. AOn History and Goicrnmcni Rumfoid W.S.G.A. 1. 2. 3; Campus 2. 3; Businr is M I ' s Forum 3 K.nglish MARY JEAN CR, VFORI) Houlton BARBARA ANN DENNETT English Hollis Center M.C.A. 3; Masque 3. BIRLEIGH STETSON CROCKETT Animal Husbandn, West Sumner Cross Countrv I; Indoor Track 1; F.F.A. 1. 2; Agricul- tural Club 1. 2; 4-H Club 1. 2. JEAN HLTCHINSON DEVOE English Bangor Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Sigma Mu Sigma; Mu Alpha Epsilon; M.C.A. 2; Off-Campus Women; Dean ' s List la, lb. 2a. 2b. DOROTHY EDITH CURRIER. AAA Home Economics Auburn Home Economics Club 2. 3; Modern Dance Club 2. 3; W.A.A. 2; M.C.A. I. 2. 3. JOHN (.ARI.ANI) 1)IC;KER.S0N, Jr.. AT!. Chemical Engineering Biildeford I ' rism 3; .M.C.A. 1. 2. 3: M.O.C. 1; Masque 1. 1; Ritle Team 1. 2 Basketball Manager 1; Intramural Sports L - ' • Student Senate; Airerican Chemical Society. ELE.KNOR MINI (LRRILR. nU Home Economics Flagstaff Ilasketball 1; Volleyball 1; M.C.A. 1. 2. 3; Omicron Nu 3; Home Economics Club 1, 3. PALI INK 1)11)1 EV. 9. Home Economics M.ipliion Class of 1945 51 A. U)l ISK EASIMAN. IIH lloiiie Economics Bangor M.C.A. 1. 2. i: Railio Giiilil 1: Paulullcnic Council 2. 3; Camiius }; Home Kconomics Club 1. 2. .1; Archery Club 1, 2. i: Home Kc. Alumni News Letter Editor J. THELMA LOUISE FOLSOM Home Economics Cambridge M.C.A. 1. 2. 3: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2, i; Chairman of De|iuiation» 2. i: Home Economics Club 2: Sigma Mu . " ignia; Berth.i Joy Thompson Scholarship 2; Charles F. Wootlman Scholarship 3; Dean ' s List 2a, 2b. k MARIIANN I ' EARl. E.VI ON Eiliicaiion Old Town Tr.msfer from Caslinc Normal School; Chorus 3. RUTH I ' Al l.INE lORIUS I ' hcatre Brighton Masiiuc 1. 2. 3, Ticket Manager 2. 3: Neai Mathetai; Sigma Mu Sigma 3; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b. DORLS EVELYN IMlK ' i. XS. I lome Economics Orono Sophomore Eagles; .Neai Mathetai 1; Class Secretary 2; . lc«lern Dance Club 2. 3: Off-Campus Women 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. Freshman Cabinet. I ' resi lent; M.C.. . 1. 2; Campus; Maine Secondary School Scholarship 1 ;_ Sub- scription Manager of the Prism; W.S.G.A. 3; Chairman of the Assembly C ' mmiiltee. ( IIVRIIS KIRKI ' .M RKK lOSIKR. 4.1A Mechanical Engineering Ellsworlh Interfraternity Council 3; Men ' s Student Senate 3. Vice I ' lesident 3; I ' niversity Assembly Committee 3; M-C..X. I. 2. 3; A.S.M.E. 3. I ' KISION SI MNIR FRIU K. TE ' l- Engineering I ' onland MCA. 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 1; lntraninr:il Sporls .!; A.S.M E. 3; Football 3. JEAN M. (IILBERI Kii llsh Li eiim ie .llls Women ' s Forum 2, 3; Cilee Club 1. 2: Choir 1, 2; Square Dance Club 2; Spanish Club 2; M.C.A. 1, 3. E.SI IIKR I I 1 IU 111 II .(.. XSl tlotne Etoiioinits I homasloii .M.C.A. 3; Square Dance Club 3; Transfer from Iowa Sl.m-; Tlir.ilre Wi.ikshcip I. 2: Il.iiiir Econoniiis Cl ili 1. 2. ROllLRl . 1.1. ANDI R (.RWlN. IIIK I ' ll- Metiical I ' reHiiie Isle M.C.A. I: Hand 1; Intramural Sports I. 2. ' i i ,.. President 3; Dean ' s List U. lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. Class of 1945 52 IIKI.KN CRAY liistory and Government Stoninglon M.C.A. 2. .1; Glee Club 2, 3; Chapel " Thoir 1. 2. 3; Stu- dents ' Arts Club 1. MKRRILL Tl RNER HAM. Ntcchanical Engineering OX Augiisla R.O.T.r. Band 1; Freshman Basketball Manager 1; Radii) tfuild 2; Intramural Athletic Association 2; Pale Blue Key Representative 2; Football 3; Interfraternity Council .1; Men ' s Student Senate 3; A.S.M.E. 3; Intra- mural Athletics 1. 2. 3; M.C.A. 1, 2. OPAL COX GRAY Home Economics Off-Campus Women 1, 2; Dean ' s List la. Brooks GEORGE EDWARD HANSEN. BGH Mechanical Engineering Worcester, Mass. PRI.SCILI.A GENE GRAY. M Sociolog Bangor .M.C.A. 1. 2. 3; OiTCampus Women 2. 3. RITH MARG. RET HANSEN. X " Zoolog .■ ubnrn Campus 1, 2. 3, Advertising Manager 2b. Business Manager 3: M.C.A. 1, 3. Cabinet 3; W.A.A. Council 2. 3; Winter Sports Manager 3; Winter Carnival Chairman 3: Pictorial Editor of Prism 3: Charles Woodman Scholar- ship; Charles Payson Scholarship; Sigma Mu Sigma. EILEEN GREENWOOD Mechanical Engineering Farmingion Charles F. Woodman Scholarship 2; Bertha Joy Thomp- son Scholarship 3; Dean ' s List 2a, 2b. 3a; Off-Campus Vomen I. 2; Executive Committee 2; A.S.M.E. 3. WADSWORTH HOWLAND HARDY. 4.IIK Chemical Engineering North Berwick MARIE LOriSE HAINES. |.M l sxchol()g Waterville tflee Club 1; Campus 1, 3, Assistant Editor 3; V.S.G.. . 2: Modern Dance Club 2; Masque 2, 3; M.C.. . 1. 2. 3; Women ' s Korum 3; Panhellenic Council 3; Dean ' s List 2a, 3a; W.S.G.-A. Scholarship 3; Sigma Mu Sigma 3. VIRGINIA HAR E . .iJi Home Economics Ellsworth MCA. 1, 2, 3. (•; asque MCA. I, 2, 3. Cabinet 2; C.Iee Club 1. 2, 3; Choir 1, 2; Woir.t-n ' s Forum 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2; Masque 2, 3 Class of 1945 53 MALCOLM I ' ARKHR HKRRICK. IN Klcctriail Eiiginctriiig Blue Hill Dean ' s List II), Jl ; A.I.K.K.; Men ' s Stiijenl Srn:ttr. CI.AVION WILBER HUlDKN, AXA Klectrical Engineering Jacknuin A.I.K.K.; Hand 1; M.C.A. I. 2; Dean ' s List lb. MIRIKI, ARI KNE HEWETT, IIB Home Economics Noiili New I ' onlantl M.C.A. 1, 2. MADELINE L. Hl ' RD Business .Xdminisiialion Rockland M.C.A. I; Clee Cliil) 1. 2; Square Dance Club 2; Itaskel- ball 1; Arts Club 1. B. R1S.VR. . N.N lilGGI.NS. AOII lloiiH- Economics Longmcadow. Mass. .Seal Matbetai 1; Home Economics Club 2; S|ianisl) Club 2; Women ' s Korum .(; .Sigma Mu Sigma . ' ; .M.C.A. 1, 2. .1; .Masque I. 2. i; Dean ' s List la, lb. 2a. 2b. 3a; Cam- pus 1, 2, 3, Subscription Manager 1. Circulation .Manager 2, i; Class Executive Committee i; Editorin Chief of the I ' rism. . 1AR Il.l . 15E1H Ml R1.1.V. Xi! Sociology Skowhcgiin Dean ' s List 2b: Women ' s Forum 2; .M.l.A. 1, 2, 3; Stu ilents ' Arts Club 1; Spanish Club 1; I ' rism 3. RIIII RIf IINRDSON 1I!G(;I S. AOII 1 hc.iiii ll.ii ILnlioi (lass .Secret. ir I; Snpboniore Eagles 2; Contributitig Kilitor of the Campus 1, 2. 3: Tennis Manager 3; ' .A..- . Council 3, ' Radio (luild 2; Nfasque I. 2, 3; Women ' s Forum .1; Dean ' s List 2b, 3a, .lb. I MR A IIAKI R I (:KMAN English Calais Dean ' a List lb, 2a, 2li, Ja; Chorus 1; Clee Club 2. 3, I ' re9i lenl 2; .M.C.A. 1. 2, 3, Cabinet 2; Mu Al| ha Kptilon 2, 3; Sigma Mu Sigma 3; I ' nivrrsity Scholarship 2: Sig- ma Mu Sigma Award 2. ELI.N ' OR LOUISE HODGKINS (Hildgy Portland .M.C.A. 1. 3; Canmut 2, Iluniness Manager 3; Dean ' s List la, 2a, 3ti, 3a: Dcr Drut»che ' crein 3, President 3; I ' risnt; Commencement Pageant 1. JENNIE MESER I |(ill S() History U.iiigin .M.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Ofl-Camput Women I, 2. Class of 1945 S4 GRF.VDON ALLEN KAV. 4.11K Chemical Engineering Bridgeport, Conn. WrcsIlinK 1. 2: ContrihutinR Photographer on the Prism: Iiitraniural Sports 1, 2; M.C.A. 1. MARY LINNELL LESLIE English Pembroke Mas |ue 1; Spanish Club 2; Campus 1. 2; M.C.A. 1, 2; Women ' s Student Government Scholarship 2; James Nor- ris Hart Scholarship i; Glee Club 1; Dean ' s I-ist lb, 2a, 2b, 3:i. (.KRAI. DINE FLORENCE KEENAN, HB Ilusincss .Vdniinistratioii Mars Hill .Aquinas Club 1, 2. EMILY LOUISE LITTLEFIELD, M Home Economics Brewer M.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Masque 2. 3; Oflf-Campus Women 1, 3; Home Economics Club 2, 3. EDW.VRD HOWARD KENT Horticulture Bangor LYLE EDWIN LITTLEFIELD Horticulture Monroe Agricultural Club 1, 2; Dean ' s List 2b, 3a; M.C.A. 2. ROBERT Will IWI KRAISE. .iTA English Slatcn Island. N. Y. M.C.A. 1: Chapel Choir 1; Intramural .Sports 1. 2; Cam- pus 2. 3. Sports Kditor 3; Cross Country 1; Tennis 1: Forestry Club 1, 2; Intramural Athletic Association 2. RO.MAINE FAVE LITTLEFIELD. f.M Geology Hampden Highlands M.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Panhellenic Council 2. 3; Dean ' s List lb. 2b, 3a. LILLIAN LOl ISE I.EWI.S. ni! t Home Economics .Springfield Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b; Great .Atlantic and Pacifu- Tea Company Scholarship; Charles Pavson Scholarship; " M " Club 1.2. 3; Home Economics Club 2. 3; 4-H Club 1, 2; Choir I. 3; .Modern Dance Club 2; Square Danrc Club 3; .M.C.A. I. 2; Hockey I. 2. 3, All. Maine Team I; Basketball 1, 2, 3, All-Maine Team 1; Badminton I. 2; Volleyball I. 2, 3; Commencement Pageant 1. RICHARD CARTER LORD Chemical Engineering Mu Alpha Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Band 1. Old Town 2; M.C.A. . ' . 03 RUISLRI Ml I C.I 11,1.1. l.l N.N. AT Mcchuiiical Engineering Milltown I AMIS (I RIIS .McCLELLAN Mil liiinital Eiiginecring Wells ROIU.RI JOSEPH 1,1 RVEV ( Ir ' hiIciI Kiigiiiccriiig Sdicncdach . . . V. Tau HcLi l i. 1,1 EI,I,. M.W .McCLLRE I ' s yihology Dovcr-Foxcroft Dean ' s List la. lb; Ncai Mathctai; Basketball 1. 2. }; Volleyball 1, 2. .(; Hockey 2; Sigma Delta Zeta I. 2; .M.C.. . 1, 2; 411 Club 1, 2; Sigma Mu Sigma }. I R(. RI.I IinUV 1.1 IKA liuiiic Ecuiioinits Bangor Masque 1; M.O.C. 1; .VI.C.. . 1. 2. 3; I-remh Club 1. . C)RM l IIIIA MacKEWEV. Xf I ' sychologv Duxbiiiy. tilt-e Club 1; M.C..A. 2, i; Commenceiretit Tageant 1; .VIamjuc .1; Hockey }. Ri ssEi I, I ' liii II ' 1 () . ox liigiiicciiiig I ' liyslis Augusta I ' bysics Club 2; Tau Ileta I ' i .!; MCA. 1; Dean ' s list la. Jb, .la, ALICE MAR(. R1 I M WEV Iliimc Etuniimics Ellswoilli M.C ' .A. 1. 2. J: Hockey 1; I! iskcllLiM .1; Hnmr Econom- ics Club 1, 2, 3. (.IRAI.DINE lURNlCl M.i. Ill RME, AAA IN (li ilogy Augusta Ml, .A. I; S|iaiiish Club 1; So|ilu.morr Kaglen 2: Neai .Malhelai, I ' resiilenl; So| boinore Hop Comniittre 2; I ' an- lulleiiic Council .1; W.S.C.A. .1; Sinma .Mu Siiima 3; llean ' « List la. lb. J.,. Jl,; Sr.on.l.,i School SchuUr. • Im|. 1. I IIU Ki I II M M (. I ' sM lioliig) Dill Uli Class of 1945 jti JhNMi: Kl.I .ABKlH MANSON. XQ M.iihcmatici Center Harbor, N. H. M.C.A. 1. 3; W.A.A. 1. 2. 3; Basketball 1. 2; Volleyball 1. 2; Hockey J; " M " Club; M.O.C. 1. 2; Pack and Pine: Arts Club I. ADA CATHERINE MINOll . HB English Phippsbiirg Center Spanish Club 1; Hockey 1. 2. 3; Basketball I. . ' ; MCA. 2; M.O.C. 1. 2; Contributors ' Club i. HARBARA LORRAINE MAYNARD, AAA Homo Economics Millinockct M.l ' .A. 1. 2. J; Home Economics Club 3; Clee Club 1. 2; . Iasijue 1; Women ' s Forum 2. 3. ARTHIR MOODY Ci il Engineering Valdoboro EDIl H LOUSE MERRILL. AOn History Old Town M.C.A. 1. 2. 3, Freshman Cabinet 1; Off-Campus Women 1; Women ' s Forum 3; Campus 3; Prism 3. PRISCILLA MARGARET MOORE Home Economics Bangor Home Economics Club 1. 2, 3; M.C.A. 1, 2; Off-Campus Women 3. GEORGE HENRY MILL. Y, MA Mechanical Engineering Bowdoinham It. ' iseball M.-inager 1; Informal Baseball 3; Informal l-ontball i; .M.C.A. 1. 2, 3. ELEANOR CAROLYN .MLNDIE l ' s cholog) Calais Transfer from Colby; Dean ' s List 1, 2; Der Deutsche Verein . ' ; M.C.A. 3; Contributors ' Club 3. DOROIHY ROBERTSON MILLER Riiniaiue l inguages South Portland History THERN. HCII.I.E MYERS West Sumner Glee Club I. 2. 3: Masque 3; Volleyball 1, 2; Soccer 1. 2; Softball 1, 2; ISasketball 1, 2; University Scholarship 3; Dean ' s List I, 2; Transfer from Farmington Normal. Class of 1945 57 JOSEPH H. NADEAl. Jr.. | IIK Elcctriral EiiRinccring Fort Kent Sports 2. 3; Itascball 3; Football 3; Men ' s Stu ieiit Senate 3; -A.I.E.E.: Intcrfratcrnity Council. I 111! I EVE I ' EACOCK M.itlu-iiiati( .Vtiliurii Scconilary ScIuh)! Schdlarship I, 2, 3; SiKma Delta Zcta 1. 2; Dean ' s List la. II). 2a. 2b. 3a; Hockey 1, 2. 3: Haskctbail I. 2; Volleyball I. 2. . I ADII.I.NK I ' lnLLlS . E ER.S, XS2 Home Economics Norway M.C.A. 1. 2. 3; Modern Dance Club 2. 3; Choir 1: Home Economics Club 2. 3; Prism 3; W.A.A. 1. 2; Women ' s Embassy 2. LEONA BERNESE PETERSON ltii.siiies.s . dminislratioii Orono M.C.A. 1, 2, 3; French Club 1. 2; Off-Campus Women I. 2. MIRIAM SHEIIA O ' UEIRNE ' i li()l ij; Old 1 ouii M.C.A. 1. 2; Off-lampus Women 1. 2. 3; Spanish Club 1. Ml RIEI. VIOLET PETERSON, XJ ■StKiolo jy- Calais .M.CA. 1. 2. 3; Spanish Club 2; Hockey 1; Prism 3; .Masi|ue 3. Assistant to the Director 3. HELEN JOSI llllM () I I () Rom.iiuc LaiiKiianes DcMci W II 1 1 l 111M Rl(.ll , ji.. x. E Chcmital KiiKiiuciiii); . iil iirii Kreshtnan Trai-k .M.-in.-iKer 1; Mas(|Ue 1. J. 3; Itaiiil I. J; .Mu .Mpha Epsiliin. MORION CLARENCE PA I I IN, iX l ' ii;;ini ' ' iiii); Physics Ham|Kk-ii Mi);lilati(ls .M ( ' . . I. 2. 3; Intramural Spuria 2; ()r ' li ilra I IUKN UI) IIIKstllll KO l NO . TK Meihaiiital Eii|{inceiiii); Porllanil Stiiilent Senate J; Interfratrrnity Council 3; Intranuiral Ke|ire enlative 3; I ' ppen ' lao Comniitlee 3; Executive ' hairnian of llillel Cluli 2, 3; Dran ' i l.i.l . ' ji ; Intranuiral Sl ort» 1. 2; Tennin I; llnxing I; FiKitbnll 3; .VS.M.E. 3; M.C.A. I, 2, 3; Preftiilent i»f Fraternity. Class of 1945 58 BARBARA I ' MMLIS ROZELLE Home Economics Bradford Dean ' s List la. lb, 2a. 2b; University Scholarship 2; Tranelli Scholarship 3; Daskctball 1: Hockey 1; M.C.A. I: -l-H Club 1. 2; Home Kconomics Club 2, 3; Sigma Mu Sigma 3; .N " eai Mathrtai 1. CAROLYN A. SMALL English Steep Falls Hockey I, 3; M.C.A. 1; Sigma Mu Sigma 3; Dean ' s List 2a, 2b; Prism 3. rilll.ll ' RISSAKOFF. TE ooloKV SkoHlicgan Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b; M.C.A. 1, 2. 3; Campus 3; .Men ' s Sports Editor of the Prism 3; Intramural Sports 2; Frtnch Club 2. BARBARA LI CILLE S.MILEY, AOn Home Economics WatcrvilJe Hockey 1, 2; Basketball 1; W.A.A. Council 2; Com- mencement Pageant 1; C.lee Club 1: M.C.A. I, 2, Cabinet 1; Home Economics Club 2; C.impus 2; Prism 3. PRISCU.LA SHAW, HB Home Economics Norwav Dean ' s List 2a; M.C.A. 1, 2, 3. Freshman Cabinet; Choir 1; Home Economics Club 1, 2; Women ' s Forum 2; Prism 3. PRISCILLA MARCIA SMITH Zoology Portlanil M.C.A. I, 3; Masque 1; Campus 1, 3; Off-Canipus Women I, 2. JOAN H, SHEA Home Economics Bangor J. ROBERT SMYTH. TA .■ nimal Husbandry Orono Tennis 1; M.C.A. 1; Agricultural Club 1, 2; Campus 1; Intramural Athletics 2; M.O.C. 2; Hood Scholarship 3; Dean ' s List 2b. 1). IRSULA SHELDON Zoolog) ' .Augusta Transfer from Colby; Der Deutsche Vcrein 3; Dean ' s List la. lb, 2a, 2b. CLIFFORD D. SOUCV .Agronomy Grand Isle .Agricultural Club. Closs of 1945 59 FRANK W. SPF.NCF.R. Jr.. TA Mi ' duiiiical Kn);incciiiig Oidiio Masijuc I: Fencing 2; Intramu ral Athletics. MARJORIF SI Rl FC;H Kiiglish Sanford Masiue 2; Radio Guild 2. 3; Choir 2; Spanish Club 2: Glee Club 2; Dean ' s List 2a. 2b. . : Chorus ; Internation- al Relations Club 3. HELEN KAIHERINE ST.XCV. X!. ' Home Fxoiicimics Shirley Dean ' s List la. 2a, 21). . ' a; Hockey 1. 2. 3; Basketball 1. 2; Volleyball 1, 2; Commencement Pageant 1; Mndern Dance Club 2, 3; Square Dance Club 2; W.S.G.A. 3; .MCA. 1. 2. 3; Home Kconomics Club 1, 2. 3; Women ' s Forum 3; W.A.A. Council 2. 3. PAULINE MARY STl ART Sociology Old Town M.C.A. 1, 2. 3; OffCamims Women I. 2: University .Scholarship 3; M. S. Applelon Fund .Scholarship 3; Chi Omeua .Sociology Prize 3; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a, 2b; Neai Mathetai 1: Sigma Mu Sigma 3. GORDON SAR(.ENT STAM.KV. . XA Engineering Physics W.iicrvillf Transfer from Colby. ETHEL ANN T.VRR. OB Psychology Ballimore, Md. M.C .A. 1. 2, 3; .Mas |ue 2; Choir I; W.S.G.A. 3: M.O.C 1, 2. Rllll IVR I I K SI EARNS. X!! lliHiic l.i iiiiinii(s Sdiiili P. iris W.A.A. Council 3; Ilasketball 1. 2. 3: Volleyball 1, 2. 3: Hockey I, 2, 3, . ' Ml .Maine Hockey 2; Volleyball Mana gcr 3; " .M " Club 2. 3; Home Kconomics Club 1. 2. 3: 4 11 rliib I. 2; Square Dance Club 3; Farm Bureau Scholar- ship 2; Conwncncrmeiil PaK) ' .-int 1. LNNARI) WIIIIWI IIUIMPSON, AXA Chciniral Engineering {;herr field Dean ' s List 2a. 3a; M.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Intranniral Sports 2, 3. IR .I I M RUF SIIU VKI AAA Fllgli ll WiiKiMllr M.C.A. I, 2; Archeiy 1. {iRACF II 1 Mil 111 W 1 I WOK I II (lieiiiistry Oninn Choir I; .M.C.A. 1, 2. 3: Deutscher Vrrein . ' . 3: Siymn Delta Zeta 1, 2; Secondary School Scholarnhip 1. 2. 3: Uran ' a List U. Ih, 2a, 21i, it. Class of 1945 GO I ' HVl.l.IS .M R(. RI I WHITi:. IIB lloinc Kionomus Augusta Iliuki-v I. . ' . i. AIIMaini- Team 2; Haskctliall 1. 2, i; NDlli-vliall 1. 2. . ' ; Orclicstra 2; Chorus 3; Home Econom- its Clul) 1. 2, i. rrcsiilent 2; Sigma Mu Sigma 3; Dean ' s List II). 2a. 2b. MROINIA ROBINSON WING (iHinistiy North Anson Masque 2, .1, Ticket Manager 3; M.C.A. 1. 2. 3. LAWRENCE WING {:i il Kngincciing Flagstaff WINIFRED LOUISE COLSON Education Stockton Springs RA A ER COOK. STS I ' rcMciliial Eastport ROBERT GOODALE (■,i il EiigiiK ' ciing China MARGARET GR.AVES. AAA Home Economics I ' resque Isle Al.BINA SC. RCI INGALLS Education Bradford NORMA 1 RMIMA QUINN Busincs.s .Vchninistration Bangor BENJAMIN SEGAL Engineering I ' hysics Ranger 61 ' 45 PRISM ' Juniors in Seruice It ;iN mil M) long ago. in fact, only two and a hall years, thai wc, as Frcsh- imii. tame heiv to MaiiK-. We were Mniiit; ami sjKliljDiini! in this new lile that we were taking on, and anii(i|)aied [our glorious years ol college. Little atlentif)n did wc happy-go-lucky Fresh- men jjay to what was going on outside ol our beautilul campus until Decem- her 7. i )ii. Suddenly we all came lo life, and belore we knew it our friends were leaving us, some joining the Army, others the N ' avy, and many the Marines. In two and a half years so much has happened, and our once centrally lo- cated group is now in every brand) of the service, in every corner of the world. Bob Wood and Bill I.amprell are in Italy dri ing ambiilaiuc-s. Fred Doescher and Richaid liwiii in Englantl. Ellnier Erwin in till- Pacific, and Bob Hanson in Aus- tialia, to mention onlv a few. 1 hen. tor), there are many lellows who ha e Icii . lairu ' to keep the home front going by running the farms. We are pioiid of you boys, each one! ' ou can be sure that tlu- l ' ni ersit has not loigoiien its lonner students and is energetically promoting plans to a.ssist the veterans who will be returning to complete their courses. It is felt that the University plans may be coordinated with certain governmental aid schemes now being formulated. Encouragement has been lent to these efforts by the con- liiHied imerest shown by students in the service, a few of whom can usually be found visiting on tampiis everv week. They are glad to be back, and we are " lad lo lia c llicm. Ml Mown s — wow ! 62 To Those Who Hare Gone There is a deep empty space back here for you fellows. We miss you, but we know you are serving your country and doing your utmost to keep the things for which our way of life and campus stand. In all this there is a sad note. Three of our classmates have passed on. .Aviation Cadet Erwin .Austin from Mon- roe. Nfaine, was killed in a plane crash in the Gidf of St. Lawrence, on Novem- ber 2, 1942. Lt. Benjamin F. White. U. ,S. . nny. of Matlisoii. .Maine, was killed Nfarch 22, 1943. in the service of his country. Pvt. Frank " Parnev " Koris of Rum- ford. .Maine, was killed in action Xo eni- ber 30, 1943, in Italy. Nothing can ever fill this gaj). but with courage and trust we will all go on figliiing for what we know is right. Those of us who are here at Maine will do our best to keep Maine as you knew it. fellows— worth fighting for and coming back to! EIMT. PH ON A NE V .ARMY No driMiis they wished, whose thoughts were tied To girls and jobs and mother. Who rose and drilled and killed and died Because they saw no other. Who died without the hero ' s throl). .And if they trembled, hid it. Who did not fancy much their jol) But thought it best, and did it. Lt. .Michael Thwaites, R.N. ' .R " The Jer is Bay " published by G. P. Putnam ' s Sons .AviATio.v C.-vnKT Erwin .Aisti.v Lt. Bknjamin F. ■HITE P T. Frank Koris ' 45 PRISM Junior Service Men W ILLIAM E, ABBOTT 3 C SEAMAN MARSHALL BABB RALPH BEAN U. S. Maritime Commission A.O.M. V. S. Navy U. S. Army A C ROBERT ANDERSON C.LV BAII.EV U. S. Army V. S. Army CONRAD BEAULIEU RUSSELL BRADLEY NEAL E. BRENXAND V. S. Army U. S. Army U. S. Army PERLEY BETTS PVT. ROBERT A. BRAUTLECHT U. S. Army (overseas) ROBERT BREWSTER JOHN BUCKLEY A S DANA BUNKER U. S. Army Air Corps U. S. Army U. S. Army Air Corj.s PVT. ANDREW BRITT ENSIGN GEORGE BUKER U. S. Marine Corps Navy Air Corps PFC. WILLIAM BUNNELL A C ALLEN BURGESS LT. ROBERT CAHOON U. S. Marine Corps U. S, Army Air Corps U. S. Marine Corps PFC. LEOPOLD M. BURAK LLOYD BURNETT U. S. Army (overseas) U. S. Army EDWARD CANNING LEROV ( AKTKK CHARLES Cl.AKK U. S. Army hnportanl farm wnrk V, S. Army PFC. IIAKKV CAKLKTON JOSKI ' ll CII.M ' I.IN U. S. Army U. S. Army 01 iMj ' 45 PRIS Junior Senjice Men MALCOLM COLBY L . S. Army Air Corps GROVER CONDON L S. Army DONALD CROSSLAND V. S. Army A C VIRtilL COLE V. S. Army ROHERT CRABTREE I . S. Army Air Corps HARRISON CROVVELL U. S. Army CLIFFORD DAVIS U. S. Naval Reserves 1ST LT. DANA DINGLEY V. S. Army (overseas) DONALD DANFORTH l . S. Army Air-C ' orps A.S. RICHARD DES.IARDIN r. S. Navy A C EDWARD DINGLEY U. S. Army LT. l-KKD DiRICO I ' . S. Army JAMES DONOVAN U. S. Army KOliEKT DLNSMOKE v. S. Army FREDERICK DOESCHER U. S. Army (overseas) MAURICE DILI.EA U. S. Army ARNOLD EARLE I ' . S. Army RALPH EMERSON I ' . S. Naval Reserves ENSIGN JOHN H. Dl ' NROE U. S. Naval Bumlicr I ' ilut EARL ELLSWORTH r. S. Army Air Corps ROBERT EMERSON L ' . S. Army Air ( ' i rps EARL E ANS V. S. Army lI ' L. LINCOLN FISH. Jr. r. S. Army jennk:ss el ' gly I ' . S. Army PFC. GEORGE FAl ' LKNER W S. Army ( () ' 45 PRIS nuice ivien A C KLMEK FOLSOM A C LEWIS V. tJAMMKI.l.. Jr. A S CHARLES GILMAN. Jr. I ' . S. Army Air Corps U. S. Navy Air Corps U. S. Army Air Corps CHARLES FURBISH CA.MILLE GARDINER U. S. Army U. S. Army PVT. SIDNEY B. GILMAN A C RALPH GOULD PVT. ELBRIDGE GREELEY V. S. Army (overseas) V. S. Army Air Corps U. S. Army BARKLEY GOODRICH LEWIS GRASS L . S. Army Important farm work DONALD GRINDLE HAROLD HATCH WII.LIA.M HILL U. S. Army Air Corps U. S. Army U. S. Navy S 2 C ROBERT HALL GLENN HEATH V. S. Navy U. S. Army Air Ciirps ROBERT HILL FRANCIS HOWE PVT. LAWRENCE S. JENNESS r. S. Army L ' . S. Marine Corps V. S. Army Air Cit|.« DONALD HOBBS SOT. Rl( HARD IRWIN r. S. Army V. S. Army Air C irp» (En(lanil) KAVMOND JONES WENDELL JOHNSON I ' VT. Jt)ILN KELLEY U. S. Army I ' . S. Naval Reserves V. S. Army A C ALLEN JOHNSON PVT. GEOKliE KEI.I.EV l " . S. Army Air Corps U. S. Army (overseas) (IS ' 45 PRIS Junior Seruice Men I ' KC. MAKTIN KKI.LEY IT, S, Army NKAL K. KNIDSKN U. S. Marine Corps WILLIAM LAMPRELL U. S. Field Service in Italy A C ELMEK KNOWLES L . S. Army Air Corps EKANK KORIS Killed in action JOSEPH LECLAIR U. S. Army Cri.. ALVIN LITTLEFIELD U. S. Army LAWRENCE LYFORI) L . S. Army PFC. MEKTON LIBBY C S. Army Air Corps A C WALTER LOW U. S. Army Air Corps I ' HILII ' MacliOWN V. S. Army A C ORLAND F. McLAlOHLI.N r. S, Army Air Corps JOHN MAKKIOT V. S. Naval Reservcn DELBEKT McCRlM Important farm work JOHN J. MAllANV Important farm work KICIIAKI) MASON l . S. Army Air Corps ROBERT MERCHANT I ' . S. Army A C ROBERT MILLER C S. Army Air Corps IlONAI.l) MEAD U. S. Army EDMONl) MIKALONIS V. S. Army NKILS 1 ' . MILLS U. S. Marine Corps ROBERT MOLLTON V. S. Navy S. KENNETH N Al lil.l K U. S, Army KAYMONIJ T. MILLS V. S. Naval Reserves STANLEY MIRKAY I ' . S. Army ' 45 PRIS Junior Service Men JOHN D. NKHOLSON Naval Aviation Cadet IIKNKY I ' ACKAKD U. S. Army ROGER PENDLETON U. S. Army ROGER OAKES U. S. Army ROBERT PATTEN V. S. Naval Reserves ALTON PERRY Important farm work MALCOLM PIERSON V. S. Army CHARLES PORPER 17. S. Army LT. WARREN K. PIERCE V. S. Army Air Corps ASHLEY POMEROY l . S. Army SGT. SHELDON I ' KIEST U. S. Army PKC. ALAN RHODES U. S. Army A C C. ROHINSON U. S. rmy Air Corps CI ' l.. MOLLIS KA.MSDEl.L, Jr. U. S. Army CARLETON H. RINli V. S. Army RALPH E, ROBIN.SON V. S. Army A S 1)E ERE W. RYCKMAN r. S. Navy ENSIGN GEORGE SHEPARI) V. S. Navy FRANK J. ROGAN, Jr. V, S. Army A C ARNO SIIEPARDSOX V. S. Army Air Corps ROIIERT N. SMITH V. S. Army PKC. SHELDON SMITH U. S. Army tiARRETT l . SI ' IEKS, Jr. V. S. Army OWEN 11. SMITH r. S. Army W.VKKKN (i SMITH 72 ' 45 PRISM- Jimior Scnuice Men JAMES B. SPRAGIE. Jr. V. S. Army PVT. BENEDICT STEARNS U. S. Army CADET FRED THOMAS U. S. Army A C PHILIP STACKPOLE V. S. Army Air Corps PEC. EDWIN .M. TIIAVER U. S. Army Air Corps A C STANLEY THO.MAS U. S. Army Air Corps WILLIAM THURI.OW Coast Guard A C ALLEN TORRV L ' . S. Army Air Corps ROBKRT TIIREI.KAI.L L ' . S. Marine Corps •EC. ARTHl ' R TinnKTTS U. S. Army Air Corps DONALD TORRY U. S. Army 3 C ELDON TIKNKK U. S. Navy A C DONALD F. VALDES I ' . S. Army Air Corps PETER TSACALOTOS U. S Army A,C ROBERT TIRNER I . S. Army Air Corps ROBERT VARNUM V. S. Army SC.T. GEORf.E WALSH I ' . S. Army CECIL WILLIAMS f ; , v l.. .r. PVT. OTTO WAl.l.l.MilDKI) . I . S. . riiiv DANA WHITMAN l " . S Arniv PI ' C. FRANK WOOD V. S. Army PVT. WINSI.OW WIIKK U. S. Army II V RON VOlNd Important farm work ROBERT WOOD American KichI Service in Italy Pit. KKNl II M)RK I ' . S. Ariii. 71 i .4fk i L ' 45 PRISM ' Junior Seruice Men ROUKRT COURI U. S. Marine Corps CPL. DONALD KNOTT U. S. Army Air Corps CLYDE L. WHF.KLER U. S. Army Air Corps PVT. THOMAS YOL ' NG, Jr. I ' . S. Army PFC. ROBERT H. HANSOX V. S. Army (Australia) CADET FRED THOMAS U. S. Army ARTHUR BUSWELL U. S. Army EARL W. VICKERY (and wife) U. S. Army EDMOND TITCOMB V. S. Nnval Reserves A C J. K. McINTOSH I ' . S. Army Air Corps A C KinVAKI) HALL I ' . S. Army Air Corps A C H. HRLW MOOERS V. S. Army Air Corps I ' VT. ItRlCE BILLINGS V. S. Army WALTER BRODIS l_ ' . S. Army JOSKIMI ZOOK U. S. Navy DONALD ALDKS U. S. Army Air Ciirps KALIII (iori.D U. S. Army Air Corps JOHN HAWKS I ' . S. Army CLIFFORD lATCII U. S. Army KIIWIN ERWIN I . S. Marine Ctirps FRANK KORIS Killeil in action MARK AND RED II. S. Army BILL AND MOB r. S. FieUI Service DAVID CI.AKK l . S. Army 76 ' 45 PRIS Soph omores IIk ' situation is now in liaiul aiul gone arc ihc (la s ol hciiig a green Kiosli. The Soplioinons lui c icadjiisicd will, in spite ol the odds l)iinj against ilieni. All over our campus vou can see Sopho- mores s|»rint;iui; up as leaders. Ihe Sophomores had onl one year ol rrni college life. Ihe task falls to this class, now that ihev ha e readjusted themselves to being lofty upperi lassmen. to face a college education in wartime. From this class nuist he picked the lead- ers to guide college lile during the next lew years. CI ASS oil icms SI lll IIKK 1)1 l |s. Ill in I ' lKklNS SI N1)IN(;— DON SIIIUIINS. llWk ll (. l 78 W ' oukl ()ii liavf sffii ihis piciiirc la i year " - Every clas has been greailv dc- plcifd of its nian])() ci " . The girls are, however, doiiif a great jol) ami more studying. Basketball, skiing, and skating now rate high on the recreation list to say nothing of the good old bidl session and bridge game. The shortage of men students was felt last year and no Sophomore Owls were chosen. The Freshman boys ha e en- joyed complete free lom this vear. and the weekly entertainment by misbehav- ing Frosh has been missed, but I doubt il the Frosh ha c been disaj)pointed. THE L. ST RESORT EAGLES Soph omore lag] es Each spring, at the Freshman-Sopho- more bantjiiet, ten girls are chosen from the Freshman who are to guide the following vear ' s Freshman wf)men. The girls aie selected by the Eagles of the preceding year on the basis of leadership, s|K rtsmanship. and character. riie Eagles, headed b Elizabeth Jame- son, were handicapped this year by the late arri al of the traditional Frosh crew- hat. I his niatle it ditiicidt to distinguish the Frosh from upperclassmen and thus enff)rcing Freshman rides was a greater task, . nother obstacle to overcome was the fact that some Freshman girls had enjoyed complete freedom during the summer term and found it hard to realize that they were still considered Freshmen. In spite of all the difficulties, the Eagles have been able to gi e tfie Frosh the guidance needed. Front row — Potter. Stevens Second row — Chute. Jameson Third row — Sleinmetz, Spangler 79 Class of 1946 1 AMOl R .- .•■ I.ltlI.I.K K. COTK Urunswick mak(;ahk.t k. cousins K.1SI Millinockct MARION ( ROCKKR poxiKjru. Mass. JOHN n. CROCKKTT Rocklanil Ill ' RTON V. CROSSLAND Mexico JOHN (. DARRAH Orono JKANNK DKI.ANO Wcllcslry. Mass. MARYROSK A. DKI.ANO Buck sport MARIIARA R. DICKKY Jtclfast DONALD I. DODGK Fori Fairfield IIARIIARA I ' . Al.l.KN Brewer BETTY J. ALLEN Ol.l Town MARliAKKT K. AMHKOSE ItaiiKor RAI.I ' II A. BADl ' .ER Wilton LOIS I. ll.MRI) Hanlanil JIDITII M. BANTON Brewer MARY K. BARNES Fort Fairfield I ' lKRRE M. BEAl ' FRAND ' alciifia, enc7tlela HELEN I. BOl l.TER BanKor MILDRED A. BYRONAS Lewiston MILTON M. CAMERON Wilson ' s Mills JANICE K. C.XMl ' HKLL Bradford EDWARD F. CASASSA Vorlland CAROLYN A. CA ETT Marbleliead. Mass. ROSANNA N. CHITK Osterville, Mass. JAMES F. CLAFEIK I ' itlsfield, Mass. CAROLYN E. COMINS Wilion CONSTANCE E. COOPER Biickfield JEAN A. DONAHIE Vanccboro KOHKRTA M. DOW AiiRiista ELEANOR M. DOWNS Augusta Rl ' TH M. Dl ' DLEY Mapleton TIIERESE I. DIMAIS Lewiston MADELINE J. ELLINOWOOD Madison EDITH C. FAIKl.h Bangor BERTHA I. FARRIS Lewiston WILLIAM E FELLOWS Bangor KITH B. FU KETT Portland EDWARD II. IIRCCE Rutherford. N. J. I ' llYI.I.IS E. CORNEAL rassailiunkeag JIDITII II. FIELDER Orono 80 DANIEL J. FKAZIF.R Hampden MAKV J. IIOVT Kast Hr»Iden MARY N. LIIUIV South Portland KI.IZAHETH K. FrRBISH Cumberland Mills MARY A. IllRBARD Wati-rf.ird YIRGIMA I ' . i.innY Portland RiniARD A. GIESBERG Brookline, Mass. ARLIXE M. HIXBERT Patten CHARLES R. LOMliARII. Jr. Portland ;OA. E. CREENWOOD Farmington KI-lZAIiETll K. .l. MKSOX Waldoboro GLORIA n. LOMBARD Guilford CAROL J. GRIFFEE Orono BETTY P. JENKIXS Fort Fairfield ECGEXE E. LONG I ' lirtlanil HEXRY B. HAG.MAX Portland NICHOLAS H. JOIIXS Portland LAUREL F. LOrXDER X ' anceboro SHIRLEY E. HAIXES Fort Fairfield liKAIiKOKI) T. JOYCE Portland CHARLKXE LOWE East L ' nn, Mass. ROSEMOXD HAMMOXD Auburn ANNA M. KEENE Bingham ROSALINE H. McALOOX Bangor ROGER V. H. NX E.MANX Bangor JOAX KI.MBALL Freeport MARJORIE A. McCUBREY Portland SHIRLEY E, HATHAWAY Bangor ELOISE J. LAW Rockland ROY C. McGEE Medford. Mass. MOXSOX H. HAYES Portland ESTHER E. LIBBY Gorhani GAYLE L. McLACGHLIX Milo MAXINE R. HEDRICH Presque Isle PAULINE H. HEXXEBERRY Bangor HELEX F. HERRICK South Brewer GEORGE F. HER.SOM Bath THE RETREAT XOR.MA C. HERZIXG Fort Lee, X. J. XEAL R. HILL Waterboro PHYLLIS M. HOWARD Suulh Windham XOR.MA F. HOYLE Old Town 81 Class of 1946 TWO, TWO DIVINK READ I ' ARMKNTER Suncook. N. H. IIAKOLD {• I ' ARADY (Ircat Works AK.MAXD K. PAQUETTE Manchester, N. H. .MILDRED A. I ' AGE Bangor STORER S. PARSONS I rr«;«iue Isle liEATKICE E. PATTEN Marblclieail. Mass. .MYRON F. PEABODY Springfield. Mass. SALLY A. McNEALUS South Portland ROBERT S. MALrOMSON West Acton, Mass. MARY VESTA MARSTON Milltown EARL M. MARTINOI.I Granby, Conn. KATIIRYN V. MERCHANT Wahan, Mass. EVELYN H. MKRKILI. Old Town GORDON L. MILLKK Portland ■MARY MILLER Wj MMl „ri, ARLENE !••. .MILLKIT Calais DOROTHEA MILLKIT South I ' orllaiiil JANICE L, MINOri ' Peak ' s Island FRANCES B. MOORE Bangor RICHARD K. MORAN Brewer I ' AIL J. NADEAU Fort Kent GORDON T. NIGHTINGALE, Jr. Charlton Depot, Mass. ROHERT E. NORDSTROM New Haven, Conn. HAZEL .M. NLTT West Roekport M. uril. OIIKIEN Brunswick MARY E. O ' CONNOR llaoKor GENK IK K .M ll 1 IK ]tncksport NORWOOD W. OLM.STED CharlcRton ELLA A. PAGE Lincoln LOUISE E. PERKINS Augusta LOIS A. PERRY Houlton THOMAS A. PI.AISTED Oakland HENRY PLATE Ridgefield. N. J. JOAN POTTER Needhani. Mass. BARBARA J. POWERS Medwa.v GERALDINE N. RAWCLIFFE Hampden Highlands KENNETH E. REED. Jr. Millinocket WINIFRED R RICHARDSON Denmark STARR R ROBERTS Orono FRANCIS I. ROBINSON Sherman St.ition RIVES H. MITCHELL. Jr. Bangor ROBERT II. I ' ARMKNTER Portland JEANNE RO.SS Marblehead. MaH. K2 FRAN ' CES G. SAYWOOD Fanwood, N. J. PATRICIA H. STICKNEY Portland JOSEPH WALDSTEIN Brookline, Mass. ELIZABETH tJ. SEWALL Old Town FRANKLIN TALBOT Portland DOROTHY E. WARD Scarsport EVELYN M. SHAW Lewtston JEAN M. THOMPSON Biddeford SANFORD M. WEINBERGER Bangor ERNEST A. SHERMAN Lancaster, N. H. JEANXETTK M. THOMPSON Brewer NANCY B. WHITE Portland EDWARD L. SMILEY Skowhegan SHIRLEY A. TITCOMB Houlton PHILIP C. WHITNEY Winchendon. Mass. MARY E. SMITH Presque Isle MARY ELLEN SMITH Indian Lake, N. Y. PHYLLIS M. SMITH Monmouth RICHARD E. SMITH Orono MARY E. SOULE Smyrna Mills MARY F. SPANGLER Wintcrport MARILYN D. TOBIE Lisbon Falls VIRGINIA H. TUFTS Lewiston OLIVE M. LPTON Pownal ANGIE C. VERENIS Norway MARY H. WAHL Woodland MURIEL E. WHITTEMORE Milo LLCY . 1. WILLIAMS South Brewer HILDA E. WI.NG Stillwater JOYCE N. WRIGHT Caribou MARY A. YOUNG Houltcn PAULINE M. SPEAR Rockland JO. NNE M. SPRINGER Bangor JEANNE L. STAPLES Lynn, Mass. DONALD C. STEBBINS Milton, Mass. HARRIET A. STEINMETZ Orono J KAN H. STEVENS Portland HOT DAWGl JOAN STEVENS Presque Isle DORIS E. STICKNEY Bath 83 ' 45 PRIS Freshmen The Ficslimaii Class has Ix ' cn broken uj) ihis year. Some enrolled in the sum- mer session ri hi after high sch(x l gradu- ation: and as the Prism is now being made up. are legally .So|jliomores. . d- jusiing to wartime college life is a big step, but these Freshmen have done it. Thev ha e missed out on many of the ga er e ents of yesteryear. Init have set- tled down for the harder work of college anil lo e it— more power to the Fresii- nien! This class holds many |)oteniialities. Contrary to tradition, a Freslmian girl. Harljara Bond, was crowned C arnival Oiieen. The Frosii ha e also taken a great interest in the Masijue. the Cam- l iis. and sliiiii ' ill maii other tampus acii ities. HOUSE Ol I l( I KS Front row — Ambrose. Sibley, Bond. Barnes Second row — Ntills, Packard, Ciishing 81 SONS AND DAUGHTERS, SLMNJER TIRM Front row R. A. Pike, Sawyer, Marltle, R. Pike Second row — Ballou, Lutts. U ' inslow, Hall, Packard Third row — Hatch, Dyer, Crockett, Bates Freshmen entered Maine both in the Slimmer term and also at the fall term. During the summer the boys were housed in Balcniine Hall, and the Frosh girls had tile ])ri ilegc of li ing in Estabrooke Hall, but thev all moved to the Fresh- man dorms at the beginning of the fall term. Due to an overflow of Freshman girls, .ATO was opened but after the December graduation, these girls moved into the acancies in the upperclass dorms. SONS A.M) f)ArCHlERS, FALI, TER.M Front row — Needham. E, U ' hite. Faulkner. Spaulding. ' aughan. Bowers. Hughey Second row — Helyca. Mac.Nair, Phillilis, Littlefield. Brown. Simpson. Kicker Third row — Conners, Buker. Davis. Perkins. Weick. Kdminster. F. White Fourth row — Moore, Porter, Gleason. Pilot, Haskell. Dana. Collins 85 Class of 1947 CI.ASSKS } — OF COURSE ! Ik WIN W . A II RAM SON Mexico J KAN S. ACKLEY Smyrna RICHARD II. ACKLKY Fairfit ' l.l IIAKKY AI.I.EN llopohilr. Mast. AI.YtE K. AMItORN I.incolnville JOAN M. AMUROSE IlanKor ROHERT II. AMES D »vcr-Foxcrofl MARGARET I.. ASKER Wcstbrouk ANDREA M. liAll.KY AuKUsta GEORGE E. HAKER N ' ork N ' illaKc JOHN W. MAI.I.Or BaiiKor GERALD C. HANGS Itangor (JAIL E. HANTON Islam) Falls MAY ANN liAKl.OW Palermo EDNA F. IIAR.MII ' I Nortli Rt-ailiMK. Mass. JANE K. HARNES Soiilli INirllatid IIARIIARA I.. IlENEDKT Bar Harbor SELDON E. BERNSTEIN Bangor ANNA MAY BERRY Wiscassct FAYE M. BERRY Machias I ' ATKICIA liVRRY I ' rcsquc Isle KIRT E. A. BIEHL Baltimore, Md. EDWARD B. BILLINGS Stonington BARBARA O. BLAISDELL Orono ELMER A. BLOMERTH Newcastle RITII E. BOERKER Kingston, N. Y. BARBARA F. BOND RicliniotuI STELLA J. BORKOWSKI Stillwater JO ANN J. BOICHARD Carilioil DOKOlin . lull It ' s I ' l.rlLiinl JINE E. Al ' STIN UoverFoxcrofl GERALD S . BATES J ' urtlaiul IMIYLLIS M. BOITILIKR Old Orcharil BERNARD K HABCOCK BanK ' T RENA BELL BaiiRur I ' Al LINK R. IIOWDEN I ' riiobscot I.OIISA .M. BACON Naples HELEN V. BEI.YEA South Burllanil rAI. IN W BOWEN Auburn 8r MAKII.VN K. HOWKKS ' a m lIth UOKOTHV , I. IlKr.N ' S Bangor ROliKKT I ' . CIIANDI.KK Dexttr KI.IZAHKTIl HOVCR Springfiflti M. I.. liUKKR rittsficid KDHKKT K, (IIAIM.IN Hillsiilc AI.HKRT R. nOYNTON N.irlli Whil.fiild KI.TIIKA M. UTRCKSS Linit ' stririf NANCY P. CHASE Augusta MARY M. BOYNTOX Millinockct MARY I.. BURPEE Orono PATRICIA CHASE Dover- Foxcrof t MERTON F. BRACKETT Ltmington SYLVIA M. BRADFORD Wilton PETER J. BRADSHAW Bangor JOHN " H. BRAGG Longmeadow. Mass. GWENDOLYN BRAMSON Lcwiston ROBERT D. BRENNAN Bangor WILLIAM J. BRENNAN Bangor BERT L. CAMPBELL South Portland CONSTANCE C. CAMPBELL Auburn IRENE M. CAMPBELL Gouldsboro CHARLES L. CARPENTER Bangor SHIRLEY R. CASTNER Bangor HERBERT R. CHAMPION Anson WILFRED C. CHESEBROUGH Stonington, Conn. DRLCILLA CHIPMAN Pittsfield NORA E. CHIP.MAN Poland .Spring CLARKE .1. Cm-RCH Ameshurv, Mass. JAMES L. CLIFKORD Corinna CYNTHIA A. CLARK Auburn KATHLEEN Y. BRIDGES Calais KEITH F. BRIDGHAM Brewer JAMES D. BROMLEY Belmont. Mass. CA.Vll.l.A H. BROWN Skuwhegan ELIZABETH M. HKOWN Brooks JACOCELINE K. BROWN . ugusta JANICE BROWN Natick, Mass. RALPH L. BROWN. Jr ' esl Jonesporl KHAKI — WHACKI 87 Class of 1947 BAKHAkA L CROW KLL Ludlow, Mass. MAklK E. CROWLEV KaniEor ARTIIIR K (fNXINGHAM Bangor MIRRY K. rrXNINCHAM Mill ' ..r l 1 H V W I S N h k JOHN J. CLRRAX Milo ClIAkl-ES S. CUSHIXO. Jr. Portland IIK.SRV X. CLTLER I ' l.rlland JANKT A. ( l.ARK Newcastle RAYMOND A. ( I.AKK Millinockf t ELIZABETH CLEMENT Portland ARLENE .M. CLEVEN Portland ALDERTA E. CLOSSOX Ellsworth COXSTAXCE .M. OI. E.MAX BanKor ( ATHERIXE A. COI.I.ETT itangor nOkOTHV I.. COl.LETTE M;io1mi. N V IJUNAI.IJ F. OLl.lN.S Car thou HARHAkA E. CONNERS Old Titwn ROBERT E. COOL Lynn, Mass. CRAIE I. COSTELLO Millinockct ALICE V. COrSINS Colunihta Falls COXSTAXCE R. COYNE Bangor HAkllARA t kAHTkEE Orono .lAME.S E. CkEIliHTON East .Milton, .Mass. •ETEk N. CRO( KEIT W ' l-st Roxhury, Mass, I ' KLSCILI.A V. ( RO.SBY Dexter JAMES A. DANA Thoniaston AkLENE DAVIS Old Orchard Beach CAROL E. DAVIS Ellsworth CONSTANCE E. DAVIS Bangor DANA VV. DAVIS Duxhury, Mass. DOROTHY L. DAVIS Westlirook PATRICIA A. DAVIS Derry illagr, X. II. JOIIX II. DAY Bangor SAIL H. DELL Chelsea, Mast. ELAINE A DIOXNE Skowhegan DOROTHY J. COMMERFORD llrllasl ANNA M. CROl ' SE Dexter SHIRLEY A. DOBOS LivertiHtrr FjiIIh HELEN .M. (OM.SKKK .Millinocket IVAN II CROl ' SE Durham, X. II, IIKORCE A. DOE Bingham 88 JACOl ' ELIXE F. DOLE Brewer DORIS J. KORAN Saco MARY C. FROST Worcester, Mass. I ' AII. J. DOVVE Weeks Mills IIKLKN KORTINES Saiiford KKII) T. irilKMANN Lexington, Mass. Rl ' BV I. IHNHAM . tnherst MARY FOS.S Melrose, Mass. DONALD r. 1 ri.LEK Easton ROBERT E. DINNELLS Sanforil EVELYN E. FOSTER Bangor JOANNE K. FINGER Bangor BETTY JANE DIRGIX Bingham HENRY .M. FOURNIER Liverniore Falls RICHARD II. GARDNER Rockland. .Mass. EVERETT O. DYER Framioghani, Mass. WINIFRED FOWLE Reading, Mass. EFFIE V. GARLAND Old Town CLARICE A. EASLER Crouscville MIRIAM A. EASTON Bridgton ROBERT .M. EATON Melrose, Mass. WINONA G. ED.MINSTER Norway PHYLLIS L. ELDRIDGE Soulh Portland GRO ER D. ERASER Brunswick WILMA R. FREEM. N Milbridge GLADYS FRIEDLER Lewiston PETER C. FRIEND Newport FRANCIS U. C5AY Peak ' s Island WILLIAM H. GIBSON Rumford JOHN F. GLEASON South Portland HAROLD B. t;OLDBERG Portland ROBERT E. EPSTEIN Portland JEAN O. ESTEY Franklin MARY L. ETZEL Freeport JOYCE E. FAl ' LKNER Ellsworth DONALD R. FAVLE Old Town RICHARD .M. FISH loneshoro EVELYN D. FOGG Norridgewock ROBERT .M. FOLSOM Orono AN ' iKOI) ' GOT A Bl ' TT : 89 Class of 1947 RICH I Oil- lllK t:()B — JK.WXK S, HKAKTZ Itangor KLI .AIIKTH P. IIEBEL Brewer ARNOLD HKDLINI) lU-linntit, Mass, ELSIK J. HKXDRICKSOX Sea Cliff. N. Y. MAKIiAKA I,. IIICGIXS North Kllsworth ELIZABETH H. HIGGINS Bangor OMAR N. HIGGIXS Dexter BERNARD .M. GOODMAN Portland DOROTHY A. (;OODNO V Rocklaiiil MARGIERITE R. GOOGINS Westbrook MARIE I ' . (JRANT CultiiTihia Falls EVANGELINE R. (;RAY Corinna MEKLE II. I.RINDI.E. Jr. Ellsworth BEVERLY K. (IKOVER Caniilrii ROBERT K. GRl ' MLEV Mtllinockct rilll.l.l.- M. HAMMOND I ' ortlan.l CLARENCE V. HARRINGTON Dtxter THO.MAS A. HARRINGTON Worcester, Mass. CHARLE.S E. HARRIS Etna .MARY 1). IIASKLTINE I ' iltsfiehl HILDA C. HASKELL Dexter Kli II.M(I) I). HASKELL Wcllesley Hills, .Mass. WALTER H. IIAT( II OUI Town WILLIAM T. HINCKLEY Bangor WALTER C. HINDS. Jr. Pejepscot .MARY E. HITCHINGS Calais JANET I. HOBBS Portland HAR EY L. HOLIIRIKJK Yarmouth DA II) I). HOLMES Topsham RALPH .M. IKK KE Winn BARBARA R. HOWI.ETT Presque Isle A IS !■;. HllillKV East WjilcrlMtrti JOHN A. HALL Orono WILLIAM P. HAYES Brewer JOAN S. IHNTINGTON Bath ARTIHH W HAMLIN I ' mty KITH A. IIAYNES South Wnlerford PATRICIA J. IIIITO Orno.. ElXIlE E. IIA.M.MONI) KarniinKton MARIE D IIEAI.D Old Town DEAXE E. I (;R. IIAM l.illlclon IM) KKANCKS K. IRVING Bi l leforil LKOXAKD U. Kt)UllliKlX Lowell, Mass. I.Ol ' IS ;. I.OK.UKk, Jr. Wliiti- I ' hiiiis. N. Y. IIOWAKU It. JA( KSON, Jr. Jamaica IMain, Mass. THOMAS C. I.ANK K.nls Hill JANE K. LONGI ' KI.l.OW Kast Machias KOSTKR JACOBS llinghnin, Mass. KTIK M. I.AIKKNCE l.fwiston CAROLYN J. Ll-( K Rcadfitlil LKLAND i;. JINKS Orono MARION I. LAYMAN Shirley Mills CARLTON C. I.UTTS. Jr. Salem, Mass. CKCILV M. JOHNSON Liverniorc Falls PRISCILLA A. I.KF.MAN Ilangor LLOYD A. .McAlLKY Fairfield GLENNA F. JOHNSON Uridgton F.LIZAMKTH J. LKH.VIAN Dayton, Ohio ORA L. MacDONALD East Eddington CLYDE R. JONES Bangor RICHARD V . LE.VLAY Har Harbor ROBERT S. MacDONALD Nirrth Hergen, N. J. FAYE J, JONES Bangor MARK H. LEVINE Portland VERNON E. McFARLAND Ellsworth LALA L. JONES Auburn JEAN A. LIBBY Hurnham MARGARET F. McGUIRE Caribou RACHEL V. JONES Auburn MARIAN L. LITTLEFIELD Augusta ALBERT G. McKEAN Bingham PHYLLIS A. JONES South Portland LACRETTE I. KELLEY Limestone BEVERLY J. KEMP Auburn SALLY F. KIMBALL Wiscassct MARV A. KING Gaspe Harbour, Quebec, Canada VIRGINIA G. KING iiaspe Harbour. Ouebec, Canada HILDA L. KINGSBCRY Bangor CONAN H. KORNETSKY Portland AND FRE.SH TOO 91 Class of 1947 mis Ml SI Bl M MOIHIR ROY W. MOORE. Jr. Walrrvillc RANDOLril E. HOORES Ilangor JAXK E. MORRISON Xiililcford CATHERINE II. MOSES Gorham EI.HERT C. MOILTOX. Jr. Brooks ANDREA M. MIRI ' HY New York, N. Y. THO.MAS .V MIRRAV Ham|i lcn Highlaiuls INEZ MacKINNON Brewer GEOKC.E MARSANSKIS Mexico JEANNETTE I.. NADEAU Brewer MARIANA V. McI.AlGHLIN r..rll.niul JOYCE M. .MARSH Bangor MELVIN L. NASECK Lynn. Mass. ( HARl.ES C. McI.EAN Portland DELOl ' RDE M. MARTIN Eagle Lake DOROTHY J. NEEDIIAM Old Town IIARIIARA C. .McNAIR Hiitillon LOIS E, MARTIN Calais GEORGE A. NICHOLAS Portland HARIiARA E. .MeNEIL Pittsficid FRANK K. .MARTIN Salem, Mass. KREDERICK H. NIEDENSTEIX New Y..rk. N. Y. KDIIKKT P. .McREAVY Jonesport EARL I-. MACE Ehc.t JANICE . . .M.WWKI.L ll. ' irlx.r PHYLLIS .MA.WVELL MnrM. ' lle.-iil, .Mass. EKKIE M. NITTKR Corinna i;il HERT L. OCONNEl.L Bangor JOSEPHINE N. MACKI Portland IRMA S. MII.I.KK Lewiston BEVERLY PACKARD ll.-itli WILI.IA.M II. .MANN PorlLind IIAKII.VRA I. MILLS ItaiiKor DONALD 1-. PAl KARI) South Pariv WILLIAM S. MANN Ro.elle, N. J. KATHRVN J. MILLS .Miinlici ' llo KH)RKNCK I.. PALMER Sahatllls MARV K. .MA RULE Skowliegan FRANK A. .MOOR I Old T.iwn l-LORENCE V. PARKIN Portland 92 GEORGIA F. PARSONS Auburn PAl ' LA PLAISTED Princeton ORVILI.E T. RANGER KairlKl.l WINIFRED M. PAILIN Bangor YVETTE B. ri-ENT Gartii-Ui Heights. Ohio ELIZABETH M. RAY Ellsworth CECIL A. PAVEY Forest Hills. N. Y. MlRIKl. E. I ' OLLEV PortKind RALSTON B. READ, Jr. Rcluihoth. Mass. ARTHLR C. PAYNE Rockland IIARHAKA A. I ' OMKKOT GardiiuT HOl ' K E. RKDM.XN Bangor RALPH H. PEAVEY Bangor BARBARA POOLE Bethel NOREEN E. REKD Rumford PHYLLIS C. PENDLETON Caribou GLENDON R. PORTER So uth Portland ELEANOR M. RENTON O ' .il Orchard Beach SVL lA E. PENDLETON Carmcl BARBARA J. POTTS South Portland CEC1LI. REYONLDS Pres ue Isle ELEANOR .M. PERKINS Saco SHIRLEY P. POWERS Medway JEAN M. RICHIE Trent in. N. J. .MCRIEL M. PERKINS Calais ANNABELLE G. PRATT Vanceboro LOIS E. KICKER Portland CARL J. PETERSON Calais DOROTHY V. PETERSON Pawtucket, R. I. FOREST G. PETERSON Calais HERBERT F. PETERSON X ' inalhavcn SARALYN K. PHILLIPS Portland WILLARD E. PIERCE, Jr. Bangor MARIAN PIKE tiardincr MORRIS G. PILOT Bangor BEVERLY PITMAN Reading. Mass. ELIZABETH RAND Cumberland Center ESTHER L. RING Richirond THl- NIGHTLY WORKOIT 93 Class of 1947 A 1 I I -kol NDUl) LDICAIION SHIRLEY A. SIBLEY West Springfield. Mass. RAMONA B. SIMPSON Sanford GERALDINE F. SMALL Guilford LAWRENCE C. SMITH Turner Center LEONARD . SMITH Bangor RICHARD C. SOUTHARD Hampden Highlands ELIZABETH R. SPAIN New Limerick THEODORE C. RING South Brewer MARTIN r. RISSEL Rutherford, N. J. ELAINE M. RISTEEN Thomaston JOHN A. ROBERTS Wi?ithrop JOHN E. ROBINSON Portland JAMES A. KOIJDEN Skowhegan BEATRICE II. ROSS l.ewiitton JAMES W. ROWSE, Jr. Cape Eliiaheth DOROTHY V. SALO L ' nion ELEANOR G. SARGENT P.itlcn LOWELL SAV. GE Bangor ELLA G. SAWYER Portland FLORENCE E. SAWYER Portland MARY L. SAWYER Saco MIKI.Wl 1 . .SCA.M.MDN Aulturn GALEN B. SHELDON AuRii ita MARGARET K. SPAILDING Hampden Highlands ROBERT S. SI ' EAR Cape Elizabeth EDSON H. STACY Douglas Hill HAZEL P. STARRETT Friendship CHARLES R. STEVENS Calais GKKAI.DINE C. STIPHENS Derl.y JAMES P. STRICKLAND Augusta EDITH J. STROIT Itnngnr GLADYS V. STROIT Milhridge BERTHA M. RISSELL C ' urinna WESLEY R. SHERWOOD Newlon Centre, .Mass. SAMTEI. W, STl ' ART Bridgtiin PAl ' LINE L. RISSELL Bar Harbor El ' GENE E. SHIPLEY Augusta BARBARA E. SILLUAN Wtscan»et RITH SAILOR Orono ALAN .sill l.M. . Chelsea, Maxn. BARBARA S. SfPOVITZ Lewislun WAKRKN I ' . Sri ' OVITZ I-cwisldil llAUHAKA I,. WKICK J ' rcsijuc Isle MAKliAUA I.. WILLIAMS Smith I ' lirlLiiKl AM KM A L. SWA IX Kast Andover JOHN W. WKXTWOKTII Orono DOrcLAS J. WILLIAMSON Mcdford, Mass. MARION P. SWETT Island Falls OSCAR S. WIIALEN Eastport FKRN r. V. WriHAM Jtangfir AKLKNK I!. TANKLE Lewistoii BEUTIIA M. WHITE (Irani] I.akt- Strcaii VIVIAN I. WOODARD Ilatiii (!t-ii I ' ATRICIA E. TAVLOR t;«illord DA ID O. WHITE Jonesport IIAKIIAKA A. WOOUFIN Marhlclu-ad, Mass. ROGER V. THUKRELL East Wolfcboro. N. II. ELIZAMETH L. WHITE Reading. Mass. ANNE B. WOODS Ellsworth ISABELLE E. TREFETHEN South Portland EVELYN M. WHITE West Bath HARRIET E. WOODSUM Old Town ROBERT B. TRIMBLE L.vnii, Mass. FRANCES P. WHITE Edmunston, N. B., Canada ELIZABETH .M. WYMAN Stillwater ANNE L. TRINDY Presquc Isle LAUREL A. WHITNEY Lincoln Center MAVIS E. YORK Medway ALERIE .M. A. VARANECKIS Lcwiston MABEL E. WILKINSON Casco RONALD ZIMMERMAN Springfield, Mass. BARBARA ALGHAN Belfast BOYS WILL BE BOYS GEORGE .1. WALLINGFORD, Jr. Auburn HOPE D. WARD Greenville Junction PATRICIA WARREN Jackson Heights. I.. I., N. Y. WILLIA.M L. WARREN Bangor GCILFORD J. WATSON Millinocket GAY WEAVER Augusta LOIS A. WEBBER Richmond 95 p ' = " ? ?s " ' ' ■, ' Pm - -J W r Y: , - . -• ■ " . M J " ■■ . ■ : ' : .. MILITARY ' 45 THE ARMY COMES AliiT last Mar ' s f radiiaiion. ilu iiiuU rclassiiirii scaiiiriil to iluir aiioiis liniiu s; sdine lo lake a t .vo-wt-ck xatation heloie sianiiis the arcclcratfil Mmiim-r program ami olhcrs lo cnjov a sliort rest before eii};a)j;iiij; in essential war work. When the stii- (leiiis K ' liinied on |iine 7. thev loiiiul a sniooihlv liindioning A.S.I ' .l . unit alreadv hoii ' -ed in Oak and Hannihal Flainlin Malls. These nun had marched onto the (iainpiis only a lew davs helore to take an intensive course in nunuKtiis tediniial suhjects. . s the smninii ad an(ed more men mo e l in iiiiiil the unit reached a top strength ol a|i| ro imatel 1100. I he l ' iii ersitv turned over the dorms t 1 the . rm , and the liaterniiv honses were (oml)ined under a cooperative |)oolin plan. The Beta House was (oineried into an inlirinary, while its neighbors, Theia (Jii. Sinma ii. and North Hall became dorms. The Slimmer saw swift and unpicdic table d; elopm(nis as the unit grew in si e. Late in . iigiist Delta I an Delta, which had conlimied t i opeiate as a separate 01 gani alioii loi iipperdass civilians, was ordcic-d vacated on eighteen hoiiis notice, so thai addilloiial soldiers mi lil be inslalled. [M 1 1 Ir- lllll l ])i( laculai . and al llic saim- time niosl tragic. i XTit oi the Aiiiiy ' s sta on tilt ' Oamjjiis was the vurU nioinini; Hash (ire, on Fel)iuary i; , at Hannilial Hamlin Hall which c )m|)lctcly cIcstroMd the North Section and rcsiihcd in dcaiii lot two ol the soldier-sliidfiUs and scmic iiijurx lor another. .Starting somewhere on the lower floors, the blaze roared u|) the stairwavs in the thiriy-threc year old red-hrick sirucinre leasing the lire esca])es at the rear as the only exit. Discipline was excellent. howe er. and cool courageous work on the part ol many ol the men was instrumental in holding the casualties to a minimum and in conlming the lire to one section. Xot long alter this tiagedv, came the news that the basics would be called to acti e combat diitx. while those ol the achanced group would mo c ' to another location to con- tinue theii studies. Without clelav the first group kit lor rcnnessee, and soon after the ci ilian stuckiits returned Ironi their sjiring sacalion. the advanced body also departed. In the s|)irit of a ctianging world, the Campus has had its share of sudden and star- tling developments this past year. AND GOES 1)9 ' 45 PRIS Since iis i)]Hiiiiif May 25, if).) . ilic Anin Spec iaii cd Irainiiif; Unit 1145 lias liad a wide and arit(l liisioiy as a itMili )1 ilic iiii|)i(.(idiiiU ' {l iiiii-nx ' lation- ships hfiwcfii mililaiv and (ollfgiaic atfairs. I ' lii- u-nn " . iniy l.ik ' " has always siood lor mar( liint;. hikes. I)anlis, iiianrii- A. S. T. U. cis, and hard living. " College life, " on the other hand, has always stood for proms, studies, fraitrniiies. anil dates. Now the two have been combined. Ihc lestdt? ell. let ' s take a look at an aver- age day. This average da starts ai tkoo in the dim, dim morning, and at (5: 10 there is the good okl standby— re eillc-. I ' niil 8 o ' clock, when classes begin, chow (breakfast 10 nii) and sweeping and mo] ]Mng the rooms and halls take up the men ' s time. From 8:00 to 11:50, and from 1:30 to 5:20, the soldier-students attend lectures, recitations, laboratories, military training classes, and gym. At r,:3o there conies another custom of the service— retreat. The ceremony of lower- ing the Hag is militarily observed, and the dav is ended. The siiidenis have stiuly- hours liom 7:; o I ' .M. inilil 10:30 P.M. (luring wliiili time homework is done. lesis an- (rammid lor. and main arduous cerebrations are accomjilishcd. Lights blink oul ai 11:00. ami ihe wearv sol- 1 1 1; Al)Ql ) ARTERS Ol-I- IC;KRS Ll. C. li. I ' ayson. Col. B. Slatlnni, It. J. Sliirgis C:OMI ' ANY CO.MMANUl-.RS AM) i-XKCt ' TlVt: 1)1 I U:i-.RS Ll. K. W. W.llsll. ( apl. r. A. .Shrlfirlil. Capt. R. W. Cillctlc. Jr., I-t. S. K. Trarv. I.I S Mill.r li .1. D. Becker Kill dicrs relax into sleep. The week ends Saturday afternoon at 3:30 when classes halt for a breather. Classes start again Monday morning at 8:00, but the .Army students have to report back .Sunday night at 7:30 for study-hours to prepare the next day ' s homework. One nice aspect of the program is the seven-day furlough that the trainees get every three months at the end of the term. The . .S.T. Program came into exist- ence in 1942 when the . miy found that extensive drafting of college men had seriously cut into its supyilv of tech- nicallv iraineil men and soecialists in the fields of engineering, psychology, medicine, and others demanding a high degree of skill and intelligence. The Army needed mathematicians, physicists, chemists, and college trained men, and it wasn ' t getting them any longer from the draft; so it solved its problem by establishing the Army Specialized Train- ing Program. The main motivation behind the program is the need for tech- nically trained men. These men are needed in all of the armed services to perform duties essential to the successful prosecution of the war. Soldier-students who complete their training are sent where er there is a call for trained men. The . nny . ir Force takes graduates from the Engineering, Psychology, and Foreign . rea and Language Study cours- es. Some men are taken for personnel and reclassification work. The Medical Corps gets its dental technicians and doc- tors from the . .S.T.P. Some of the graduates go to O.C.S., and some of them go to the troops, to be used as best be- comes their abilities. The Unit at the U. of M., however, is an Engineering Unit, and most of the men go to the Engineer Corps, or wherever engineers are wanted. A.S.T.P. B.XND Front row — Taylor, Parker. Meyers. Darky, Finn, Bonshock, .Ault. Behonnek Second row — Epstein. Evans, Bauer. Greer. Paterson, Solow. Bergman Third row — Devoe. Director. Kane, Ledgerwood. Shwartz. Grabenstein. Mryczko, Taylor, Leszczynski. Teller, Student Director Fourth row — Ramsey. Huntington. KaufTman, Gooden. Lathem, Baker Fifth row — Stuehrk, Limes, Peterson, Gladstone, Collins. Burk -. ni .j rnnirt 1(1! ' 45 PRIS The Basic Program is composed of courses in riiysics, Mathematics, Chemistry, English, Geog- raphy, .S|)ecch, and Military Training. A lecture |)eri()( l explains and denionstraies new material lo I lie men, recitation periods discuss the mate- lial, and lahoraioiii-s gi e the soldiers a chance Id put the theories ol the classroom to work. In tin- Advanced Courses, nian highly technical sidjjects in jtreparaiion tor various fields are given. E erytliing Injm Smveying to Stress Analysis is studied by the Advanced Men. The eniire program is (oncenirated. intense, and thorough in its coverage oi the work. In the sports section of the program, the . .S.T. nun liavi ' Physical Training for one hoin- each (la . . n obstacle course has been set U|j in the indoor field of the gym, and this helps to keep I he soldiers in shape. Wrestling, boxing, and even judo are taught along with the dillerent miiliods of self-defense. A series of exercises in I he " PT " classes keep the men in trim for the lime when they retin-n to the troops. .Although barred from participation in intercollegiate sports, the men have organized teams for all the major spoils. These teams have vied with each iiiiei lor the i)attalion championships of (he vari- ous sports. Hut all ol the soldier ' s life isn ' t work. The main huior responsibk ' lor the fun and good limes of the soldiers is the (oids. The nun stationed here 102 at tliis Unit may well give thanks for tlic pjcncr- osity and hospiialilv of the girls and their dormi- tories. A sliori lime after the Unit had hi ' en started, A.S. 1 . men were allowed to contribuie articles to the Cnriipus. Now there is an .A.S. ' l ' .l ' . page written and itlited l) and loi ihe soldiers. ' Ihc .Maine Mas(|ne Iheater opened its doors to the soldiers, let them into its sociitv, made lliini members ol its Executive C )mmiiiee. |)ui on shows for them, and in turn let iliem put on siiows. The sliows ha c ' done wonders in kee])ing lip liieii morale. Mam dances for the men have been sponsored bv the Uni ersity. On one occa- sion, to return the laxors, the Unit sponsored a dance lor the University community. These dances aided the men in getting acc[iiainted vith the girls on cain|)us and ga e them an op])or- tiinity to relax alter a strenuous week of siudies. Tile M.C.. . assisted I he men in every way pos- sible. Religions conferences were held regularly which helped the soldiers iron out iheir religious diffictilties. Mr. O ' Coinior, Secretary of the jM.C.. ., has taken the place of the . rmy chaplain as far as the men are concerned. And, in short, the soldiers were welcomed, made to feel at home, and became an integral part of the Uni- versity. This then, is the A..S.T. Unit 145. It works hard, has fun, and lives both a military and a collegiate life. 103 ' 45 PRISM R. T. C. riic shorlagc ol luan-ijowci ' lias serious- ly curiailed the acii iiies of many an organi aiion. One of the hardest hit grou| s lias been the Reserve Officers Trainiiif C )r|)s. In former years there were ballalioii drills, inaiieiivers. and employment of the operational methixls used by the Signal C orjis, Cloast Artillery Corps, and the Infantry Corps. .Scabbard and Blade, a society r m[K)Ncd of the outstanding cadet officers, would put on its Military Ball, one of the year ' s finest social events. The dance was attended by one and all to see the presentation of the Honorary Lieutenant Colonel. The R.O.T.C. band jjlaved for the sports events, military gatherings, and assemblies. The Rifle Team participated in various shooting matches and con- tests. Now, however, the main activities are for the Coast .Artillery and Infantry. There is close-order drill and practice on the rifle range with .aa ' s. The men in the A.S.T.R.P. take the military classes of the Corps and wear the R.O.T.C. uni- form as well. These men have helped to swell the enrollment of the R.O.T.C. During ilu- suiiiiiier term there were R.O.T.C; on-it:KRs CAPI. M. T. SCMI ' KRRMAN, MAJ. H. S. INr.RMIAM. (AIM. T. |. I ' t R(H I Mil about I IT, men who were organi ed in one company. Practice in various kinds of military activity was carrieii on by means of what might be called " ground rules. " by which it was possible to simu- late a much larger organization. The high point of the sinmner was the review held in honor ot Col. Ben Siatford. When the fall term began, enough men were on hantl to organi e a small-si ed battalion composed of two companies- one of University freshmen and the other of .■ .,S.T.R ' s. The thirtv-onc sophomores acted as cadet officers. At this time the Monday afternoon drills found nearly 300 men in the field. This number fell away rapidly as the year advanced, and by spring the group was greatly reduced. . good idea of the extent of the withdrawals can be seen in the second platoon of Company " B " which was practically eliminated— out of an original fifty-six only eight were left, and this outfit came to be humorously known as the " Beaver Patrol. " Despite many handicajjs the rifle team functioned until the beginning of the spring term when it was found imprac- tical to continue. Lt. Kelly hrst took charge, but shortly afterward turned over the coaching to Cadets Roger Han- nemann and Myron Peabody. Later their duties devohed upon Lt. Walsh and Capt. Scherrmann. A good deal of work was done in preparation for matches, but only one was fired because of the difficulty in arranging proper schedules. Late in October eighty-nine R.O.T.C. men returned to the Uni ersity after taking basic training at Cantp- Wheeler, Fort Eusiis. Fort McClellan. or C amp Upton. They had received their first year of Advanced Military here last year and left for actixc service in June. They were awaiting orders for Officer Caiuli- date School and had special det.ails to do while here. Bv January ist, all but a few were gone, most of them being shipped to Fort Benning, Fort Knox, and Camp Davis. PRESENT ARMS ! PASS IN REVIF.W 105 m ) ACTIVITIES Front row— Millay. Hanson, Hrooks Second row — Nadcau, CoMins, Talmcr, Foster Thin! row — HnKin an, HcH, Davis, Perkins. Konianow General Senate Its functions curtailed by the low men ' s eiirollnienl, the University of Maine General Student Senate confined its ac- tivites for the year 1943-44 largely 10 the field of jjlanning. The Senate is com|)()sed of ilu ' iiicin- bcrs of the Men ' s Senate |)lus eleven rep- resentatives from the Women ' s Smdent Cio enunent Association Gouiuil. Speed- up graduations during the year brought an unusual iinnover in personnel. Ridi- ard Palmer served as presidiui during iIk tail term; Sam Collins was secretary (or the fall term and president in the winter and spring terms; M;n Hillings was i(e pifsideiii duiing ilic (usi two (|u;uieis, and her su((issor as W ' .SXi.A. presiileni. (iwendolvn Cushing. assumed the i(c |)residen(y in the s|)iiug itiui. The lac idly adviser to the group ihiougli- out the year was Dean I.. S. Oorbeli, Dean of Men. In carrying out its duti es as governing body for all the University students, the Senate first had the res|)onsibility of supervising class elections. Conditions necessitated the institution of a new sys- iiin of elections. ' Ihereaftir. ommiltccs of the Senate were concerned chiefly with group discussion and plaiuiing. In November I ' nsideni . rthur . . Hau(k calletl together all seniors on the Senate 10 serve as a group lor the post- war plaiuiing and general (onsidiiatioii ol I ' liiversitv siudeni allairs. This com- miiicc WDiked oil l liie|)iints for renovat- ing; I he old librarv loi use as a posl-war siiiiKiii union luiildiiig. (iraduations reihiicd tills group, ami I ' lesidenl Maiuk asked I lie ninainiiig iiuiiibels and some addition. il .ippointees to draw up j)laiis and r( ' ( nniu ' ii laiioiis ioi student gov- einmeiil and adivilies alter ihe war. I0« Men ' s Senote 1 he |jiir|)().st ' of tln ' Men ' s Senate is to preside over the cam- pus activities ol tlie men stu- dents. Due to the iaet tiiat niaiiv Maine smdenis are sei int; in tlie armed lortes, litis hnv- niakins; hodv lias seen less activi- l this eai ' than il has in ihe past. One imi)onant siij) taken by the .Senate has been the till- ing oiii ol Insimian l■u ilins by the IraterniiN iepresentati es. The entile boih went on lecord as op|)osetl to Ireshman ndes lor the duration. Dtning the lall the .Senate promoted inter-house sjjorts. This year, lor the In si time, two Ireshmen served on the cotincil. Facidtv adviser lor the .Senate is Dean Corbett. i ' Vont row — Millay, Palmer, Gibson, Bronstlon, S. Collins, Nadeau Second row— Hansen, Ijrooks, Hagman, Ronianow, D. Collins. FusttT. Ham S, G, A, Front row — Cashing. Lowe. Collis, McNeil Second row — Bell, I)a ' is, Billings, Perkins Third row — Tarr, MacBurnie, Hopkins, Stacy, Lihby, Bond The Women ' s Studeiu Gov- ernment Council is made up of representatives of sorority, off- campus, and dormiiorv students. This organization encourages tlie democracy of self-govern- ment and cooperation among the women students. It also ])romotes high standards in all jjirsonal conduct. The council sponsors I he defense stamp drive in the dormitories and arranges women ' s assembly | rograms. Mary Billings served as presi- dent during the summer, fall, and winter terms, and Ciwendo- lyn Gushing was elected lo suc- ceed her for the spring term. Dean Edith Ci. Wilson is the faculty adviser. 109 HONORARIES Phi Beta Ka ppa Front row— Ashby, Oliver, Ellis, Steinmetz. Evans. Rrautlecht Second row— Maclntirc. Evans. Brown, Suminshy. Harlcy. Thomas, Ivcney, Barbero Phi Kappo Phi I ' lii Ka| |)a I ' lii is iini(|iR ' as an lioiior socictv l)c-(aiisf il iccog- ni cs scli()larslii|) in all fields of knowk ' df i ' . Ii is, liuTi-lnri ' . tiic most inclusi f ol I he honor so- cielics, adniiiiin . as il tlocs. higti-ianking studcnis ol all de- partments of the University. I ' hi Ka|)| a I ' hi sircsscs lii};li ai- lainnicnl based on ( harat ter. Mcinlxrs ili( u-d in anv year nia nol iNdcd oni- icnili ol the student body. There are at presc-ni lili rliaplers ol this honor soiielv lo- cated in all parts ol the (oniiiry. 1 1 has been particularly | roini- neiu at Maine, because it was founded here iti iKciy. J ' he or- )(ani ation (undutts annually a national (oinpeiiiion open to seniors in all (hapters to seli ' it the ieci|)ients ol several fellow shiiis. I ' his honorary society was lonnded in ijyf) at ' illiain aiul Mai (iollege in iiginia. It was the (irst Greek letter fratcr- niiv. and as time went on it changed in hitiction to become a |)urelv honorary group. Tcnlay I lure are 132 active chapters in tile Liberal .-Vris colleges of the United States. Members arc ( lioscn for outstanding scholar- shi|) as well as for character, breadth ol interest and future promise. Membership is for life, and the I ' hi Beta Kappa roll con- tains a long list of distinguished men and women. riie chapter at the University ol .Maine was established in i92. ' i. New members are elected each spring, and a banquet is held at which these members are initi- ated. The organization also co- operates with the other hon- orary societies in plainiing Schol- arship Recognition Has. Etiis. Turner. li.trhern, Oliver. --Xshby no Tau Beta Pi I ail Ikia ri is a national honor society for engineering students who attain sufficiently high scholastic standing and who |K)ssess other quali- ties which will assure their success in the engi- neering field. lau Beta Pi was founded in 1887 to honor those who have high standing in this field and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. The chapter at .Maine was established in 1911. Seated — Prof. Evans Standing — Evans, Suminsby. Ford Necii Mathetai To be eligible for membership to .Neai .Mathe- tai. a girl has to meet two (qualifications: that she be a member of the Freshman class, and that she be among the ten highest ranking women of the class. This is the only organization which basL-s membership on scholarshij) alone. The ten new members are announceil at the annual spring Freshman-.Sophomore banquet. This honfir society has been functioning for nineteen cars. Seated— Campbell. Minott, .Mien Standing — Greenwood Omicron Nu Omicron u is a national honor society for Home Economics students which was established in iyi2. The chajjier at the University was founded in 1931. Its threefold purpose is to encourage leadership, scholarship, and interest in the field of Home Economics. Eligibility for membership is limited to members of the Jun- if)r and Senior classes who have a Dean ' s list a erage. The new members are elected and initi- aled in the spring. Seated — .Mien, Iveny. Randall Standine — Hillings 111 ' 45 PRISM Sigma Mu Sicjina Si ina Mil Sif ma is a local liKiiorarv Iratciiiiiy of j)sychol- ogy, made u of siiidcnis intt-r- fsic-d in |)s (holoirv and having a high N(hulasti landing in ihc a(l aiurd courses. Each year the Signia Mil Sigma Award is given III a liigli ranking sDjihoniore or iiiiiii)i in |) vchology. Front row — Anscll, Pi|»rr. H. IligginSt Broisman, Small Second row — R. HiKK n5. Bchlcii, Alhcrton, Folsom, l lanvillc. McClurc, Hainrs, Stuart. Ilarli-y. .Maclturnu Third row — White, Clay. Kozellr. Young, Treat, Hansen, Emery, Forbus Mu Alpha Epsilon Mil . l|)ha I ' .psilon is an lion- orary niiisic socielv loiindi ' d on tliis campus in ii)|-- I liis stxi- iiv sponsors musical vespers at Christmas and Easter, and .Music Niglit. New meml)ers are an- iiouiui ' d on Miisii Night, aiul an award is |)resenied to an out- standing senior for his musical ((iiitril)iiiions. Front row — Slicpard, Smith, Fielder, Jack-, Rollins Seconal row — Miller, Oiase. Jenkins, Korda, Hiinney ■F " ' ' J m T (inp(i Drlld Pi Mu (luijitti III k,ip|i.i Delia I ' i ai tin University was loiinded in nyyj. . Ii-ml)ership is ojii-n to jiiniiiis and seniors ol high scholarship l.tkiii;; tiic ediKation iiiiisi-s. Kai h iai it spiuisois a |iiiigrain lor ediuation siu ill Ills ini hides let lines ,ind ilisi nssiiins oj ediit .it piuli leiiis. Smith. Ilriiwtt, Ktiyal, Draii Smith ML ' I, M. C. A. The Maine Christian Association is an organization open to all students % hicii serves the religious needs of the campus. Formerly composed of separate organiza- tions for men and women, the Associa- tion this year was combined into a single unit. With this new setup, five com- missions were established. Thev are: Interpretation of the Christian Faith, World Relatcdncss. Christian Commu- nity Responsibility, Personnel, and So- cial. Charles O ' Connor and Margaret Ostrander serve as General and .Associate .Secretaries. One outstanding function of the M.C.A. is the Suiidav morning worship service conducteil each week in the Little Theater by visiting speakers. Other activities have included the .An- nual Religious Embassy, deputations, social service work in the coinmunity, social affairs, and interfaith and other MISS OSIRANOKR AM) MR. OCIONNOR discussion groups. While on the campus, the .V.S.T.U. took an active part in all M.C.A. activities. In addition to regular particijiation in the M.C.. ., the freshmen have a sepa- rate organization ol their own, the Freshman Club. THE CABINET Front row — Hagman. TrolanJ, Randall. Pike. Pvt. Moffitt Second row — Steinmetz. Eastman. Korda Third row — Cole, Collins, Pfc. Crossland. Dickerson 113 THE THEATER asque •H .Shakcs|)carc-. hoogy-woogy. Gig-walk- ers— standing room onl . kliaki-clad aiuli- cnrcs— half hour riluar als— song and dan(f iinilini ' in the gvni. Noil Cowaid jn ihf siagf. and ( hojiin at the piano— glainom- girls and downs— and hack stage, G.l. ' s ill shin sltx es, girls in dini- garees and Rigl) swinging Iro ni ilu- rait CIS. 1 he Maine- Masc|ne Ilicaicr this vear was imi(|iic ' in inan wavs. i)nt it was the same Mas(|iu ' in spirit that produced Hiiriilrl, Oin Tinrii. and Cabbages and Kings. Ihere was the- same enthusiasm, hard work and lini. The season ol iih -i dosed in the spring with a very successful prrxluction of Claudia. Leading roles were played by Ruth Higgins and Oavson DeCourcv. Mascjue activities were resinned with the opening of the summer term and the staging of Oiil ij llir Frying Pan. This farce-comed) included veteran girls and freshman boys. In the meantime the iiewK arrived .V.-S. ' ! ' . men were showing an interesi in theater. L ' nder the direc- tion ol I ' m. " Doc " Kcssler. a (i.I. show eniiilc ' d Tlir .irrnx Comes Id Maine was |)rocluced. and the ability and talent of these men became an established fact. Soon alter this the soldiers were incor- porated into the Mascpie. the Executive Board was enlarged to meet the needs of the larger organization, and plans were begun lor another show. This hrst soldier-civilian jitoduc lion was Thumbs l ' j . stiictlv varieiv and strictly original. 1 his ended the summer term: and a new cha|jter in . lascjue achievement. EXEC.l ' TIVE COMMIITEE F ' ronl rnw— H.irlholoniaci. B, llJKgins, RiRlty Second rnw — .Vnsfll. VVintc. C ' li.sliitiK, . tr. jlrickrr. Ii.irlcy. Kowc. Knrlms Tllird row— I ' vl. Koljinson. Hcmniv. r i K. Iiik■l ■lll . I ' vl. Moffill lit For a short lime in the fall Jim Haskell ami Davsoii DeCoiirty were siaiioiied at the L ' liiver- sity and were able to contribute substantially to the success of another original show. Corn A ' Pop[ iu ' . This was jusi what the name im- plies, high-lighted by a melodrama and fun for cvervboih. New to MaM(ue atti iiies were the short week- ly shows which were sta rted in the fall and con- tinued throughout the year. The entertainments proved so popular that the number of perfor- mances was increased to three to accommodate the audience. Outsiaiiding among them were the one-act plays. Warrior ' s Husbntid, Fumed Oak, The Valiant, and Mail Call, and the freshman girls ' variety show. The Maine Masque has had two presidents this year, I ' vt. Bob Kirthoff and Pvt. Frank Leig- ner. Other officers have included Gwen Gushing, Herman Bonnev. Pvt. John Henderson, Ruth Higgins, Roger Hannemann, Betty Glough, Mu- riel Peterson, and Bill Rigby. Most active among the soldiers were Joe Thibeault. Phil Robinson, Don Smith, Fred Wentworth, . rchie Greer, . 1 W ' ahlgren. Deiniy Evans, George Latham. Jolin- nv Henderson, and Bob Smith. Outstanding for his Mascjue work this year and e erv year is Pro- fessor Herschel Bricker under whose guidance the Maine Mastpie has become a popular and vital organi aiion. 115 MUSIC The I ' niveisiiv Orclicsira. witli alxml fortv pitccs. one of tlic laigCNi in New England, has carried on ils acliviiics this year in s])iu- ol tlie war. The nienihcrs played at tlie Stall ' Teacliers ' Convention in Bangor, at an assembly, and in com- hinaiion with the Cilee C;iiih at Mu- sic Night, and Christinas and Easier Vespers. The only c|iialifi(ation netessarv for incnihership is the ability to |)lay an instrument and to read iniisii easily; il tlic course is taken for credit, the student nnisl be auditioned, and on admission mtist attend all rehearsals and show no- ticeable improvement. The officers elected this ear were: president, jean Stevens; manager, Judith Fielder; assistant manager, Marian l.ittleheld; librarians. Ella Page and Phyllis Pendleton; publicity chairman, Phyllis Pciidiclon. In Dedniber. [aiu t Hobbs took Marian Korda ' s ])lacc as concert mistress. There has been a student orchestra since before 11)00. but not until lyif) was tile music department established and the orchestra made a jjart of it. Profes- sor Sprague. then Director of Music, took over the orchestra, but interest was lost for a time. In 1928 Galen Veayo and Harold Dole, studeiiis. organized the group again, and in 11J3.1, at the recjuest of the members, orchestra became a cred- it course. Mr. C ' .avting bc-gan conducting the group in 1910 wiien the lacidty was expanded, and has continued his work with the orchestra ever since. I ' he Chapel Choir, directed i)y Mr. .Selwood. has carried on its usual activity of pro icling music for the Sunday morn- ing services at the Little Theater. . t other musical affairs the choir has coiii- biiucl with the I ' niversitv Glee CHubs. 1 he C;hoir has been lortunate in liaving a number of talented .■ ..S.T. men among its iiuini)ers. Front row— WaMiiiKfcrO, M;irtin, tlulsc, Itonncy, C ' liesclirouRh. Lutts, Sliautct incs y Second row— I ' encilcton, Haseltine. Stevens, Hoyle, C ' liasc. Mr. Caytinfi, Itoiiltcr. Duran, Vatifthan. Crousc. ]Iasl c ' ll Third row— Itaird. Trefctlicn, Estey, Ross, Hottbs, Clement, Campbell, Jones, Fietder. Dow. Crowell, Knrda, Sidlivan Konrlli row— Kelly. I.itllcficld, Page. Boucliard, I ' rrble. Asker, Bailey. Keene. Ciosson. Howard, Marston. Ilorgess I If) The rc ' tiiMiinir siiiclcnis last fall lounil ilicir Cilec Chib soincwliat changed by ihc a|)|)carance of a new men ' s Glee Chib in tl»e unilbrm of tlic Army Specialized Training program. With the aid f)f the A.S.T s the Glee Club has been able to put on sonic very successful concerts this vear. The chief concerts were given for the First Symphony Concert at the Ban- gor City Hall and for the entertainment of the armed forces at the Bangor U.S.O. Part of the program was broadcast with several solos given by both A.S.T. ' s and students. The Glee Club also sang for the annual Christmas Vespers, the Ar- mistice Day .Assembly, the Thanksgiving E e Program, and for the Baccalaineate Exercises. " riie Glee Clul). under the direction of James Gordon Selwood for the past three years, has been an organization which the students turn to for opportunities to en- joy singing and to increase their recog- nition of finer music. M.AINE BEARS The University dance orchestra, the Maine Bears, kept dancers at Orono and Bangor hap]jy during the fall and winter terms, first under the direction of . 1 Ehrenfried, eteran bass strummer, and then with I ' vl. Billie Taylor as leader. This organization has contributed its tal- ents to the Bangor U.S.O. and to the Saturday night all-inii ersity dances. Front row— White, P. Pendleton, Crocker, Mr. Selwood, Friedler, Spaulding, S. Pendleton, Fickett Second row — Shepard, McNeil, Davis, Cooper, Jacknian. Hedrich, Swett. Bishop, Smith, Jenkins Third row— Alexander, Law. Campbell. Wilbur, Crawford. McLaughlin, Hendrickson, Clement, Myers. Collette, Duran, Benedict Fourth row — Lombard, Gray, Eaton, Baird 117 PUBLICATIONS Prism MR. F ' llRCI-. Tlic i().|5 Prism, cdiietl l)y iiK-int)crs of till- Itmior C;lass, prL-sents a record ol ihe tvciiis ai iIk ' University diirinjj; tlic year. Under ilie al)le guidance of Mr. Pierce, wc were al)le u see our way clear to |)ul)lisli a yearbook in spile ol llie odds against iis. Our diief difTiruliy was the |)iil liration ol an inieresiini; book. i en lhoii i;h we wi ' re allowed onh do " , ol I lie nuinbi ' r ol cuts in last year ' s book. Alter piiiiini; oiu ' heads logether. we were able lo eomjjile a book sonieuiiai smaller. Inn (jiiiie similar lo last year ' s. Changes on cam|jus made it necessary lor lis to add new sections to take care of the .Armv ami our dassmatis who were unaljle to be here. SIAFl- Facullv Adviser Hdiloriii-C ' liicf A islanl Kditor Business M;nKij;er Assisiani lUisiiiess .Managci-s Cilass Editor Aflivitics E lilor Armv Kdilor Men ' s SjMuls Kdiloi Assisiani Spoils Kililor Women ' s Spoils Editor l ' liolO ' ;iapliv Editor l.iiciarv Editor Ining Pierce Barbara HiKgins Isabel Ansell Loiaiiie Davis Doris Emery Elinor HcHl({lvins Ruth Hansen Doris Hell I ' M. ( ladden Eians I ' hilip Rnssakoll Robert Kratise 1 loieiue .XrinstioiiK Riitli Higgiiis El bridge Daxis Assisrw I ' s Barbara . kele MaiiJMi Con Robert (;ra es Norma Her ing Iiaiues lliggins ll.iive llolbrcKik Marx llnile dreMlon Kav (lilt Mt( lellan Edilb Merrill Madeline Ne ers O ' Connoi Millie! Peterson I ' listilla Shaw- Carol n Small liarlMia Smile I ' KIS.M llo.NKI) Front row— Knicry. It. ' tnsfii. I,. D.ivis. H. iliKK " s, . nscll. BrII. R. lliggins Second row — HodRkins, K. Il.ivis. I ' vt, ' ;. . riiiKtr " nK IIH Comp MS SAM C.OI.I.INS RT I H H WSKN KditoiiiiC.liicf liusincss MaiKiKcr EDI rORIAL liOARD Frances HigK ' " loan Greenwood { h;irliiic I.owc Bol) Kraiise Associate F.iliior News F.ditiir Makeup Kilimr Spi ns Kdilor -Riilli Hingins, CON rRlBlTlNG E1)H ORS- Ell)ri ljje Davis. Holland. . ,SSISI. M KDII ORS-liarhara .Mien. Norma Her in . |ean Caawford. Marie Haines. .SIAFF IKMHKRS-l.( niiiu- l)a is. Mar Jane Ho t. Mar Kli ahetli Marhlc. . rlene C.lexen, ' alerie Parkin. .Muriel l ' olle . I ' hilip Russa- koff, Frances .Savward. Beltv Lehman. Doris Foran. Lala Jones. Warren . nderson. Kalh- Iccn Bridges. Mariana Mcl.aiiu;hlin. C.ecilia Re nolds. RKI ' )RrER,S-Glad s Fric llcr. I.ois Webber, ' alaric Warren. BU.SINE.SS ST. FF Barbara Hi ;};ins Canulaiioii antl . ss ' l Business Manaf;er Mar E. O ' C.oinior . d crtisinj; Manasiei F ' lizabelb Furbish .Subscriptions Manaj cr ASSISIAN I MANAGERS-Jtannc- Siajiles Doris Fjiier . Jean Ihompson. .STAFF . SSI.S I . N I S-Hclcii Herrick. Nancy Ghase. Joan Poller, [can Ross. (.a Weaver. Faye Jones. ' irKinia Mcrchanl. Evelyn Vouni ' . Ruth Fickelt. Luc Williams. Jo . nn Bou- chard. Edith Merrill. .Mildied Bvronis. Nancv While. Fra ier. .SAM COLLI N.S This ycar ' .s Maine Campus, with .Sam ColliiLs a.s editor, ha.s succeeded in cover- ing the many aspects of the changing University scene. With the coming ol the A.S.T.P., the Campus set aside an . rmy j)agc under the editorship of Pvt. Dave Jacol)s. Tlie Campus is sent every week to underclassmen in the armed ser- vices. Tiie business staff, headed by Ruth Hansen, has done its part. Both stalls working together ha e made I his a successful vear. Front row — R. Jones. Rouse. D. Collins, Krause, Pictrykowski, Crossland Second row — Davis, R. Higgins, Greenwood, B. Higgins. S. Collins, Hansen. F. Hi ggins. Clifford. .Mien, Fiirliish Third row — I olIe.v. Friedler. Lehman, Emery, Fickctt, Thomji.son. Ricker. Crawford. M.irtile. Haines. Parkin. Hcrzing. Benedict. F. Jones u III) DISCUSSION GROUPS Women ' s Forum The Vomcn■s Forum, uiuli-r I lie adviscrship of Dr. Howard Runion. is niatic up of wontcn siuik-nis wlio arc interested in diAcIopinj; (jualiiies for leadi-r- sliip and discussing current world problems. Eligil)ilii is based on interest and illint;iuss i pariitipaie. Kront row— Young, Ittll. K. Iligiiins, Clay, Akclcy Second row— B. ttigfEuifi. L. Davis, Shaw. Small, Jameson. Libhy Third row— Delano. Dumais. Haines. Clifford. Ward. D. Davis. Perry Debate Clut The Debate Club has man- ageil to remain active, in spiie ul waniine restrictions. IJates and Clark I ' niversity debaters (aiiie here and several inira- iiimal deliaies were also heltl. I he oiiistandin}; esent of ihe eai is tile Rhodi- Islaiiil Nation- al (Congress, to vhi(li the ihil) sends loin delegates. Dr. Runion is the ad iser ol the club. Dumais. Hell, Davis Contributors Club rile Contributors " Club is a liteiaiA or);ani atioii composed 1)1 stiidiiits who show maiked inleiisl and talent in the held cil iieati e wiitiiij;. Dr. Milton I ' ilis i the JaiiillN advisei. The Hioup meets twi(e a iiKiiith to disoiss liieiaiA material rnnt rttw—lliipktiM. (ftKK-h, HlKsin rroiul row— Clifford, Mundie. .Minnll. Davis. Troland IL ' O _?? TECH " A. S. C. E. The Society of Undcrgracluatc Engineers was organized here in 1894. Since ihat lime, it has been called the " Junior Civil Society. " the " Civil Clid), ' and in 1928 was admit letl to the American Socielv of Ci il En- gineers. All siiidcnis in C;i il Engineering are eligible lor membership. Front row — (Thasc. Evans. Prof. Evans Second row — Cameron. Martin. Morrill, Long. Beaufrand A. S. M. E. The . merican Societ of .Me- chanical Engineers was organ- ized at the University in 1913. The object of the society is to more closely unite those people interested in mechanical engi- neering by holding discussions on problems of interest at their monthly meetings. Front row— Norton. Watson, Greenwood, Prageman. Eriick Second row— Romanow, Morong. Millay A. I. E. E. The Electrical Club is a stu- dent branch of the .American Institute of Electrical Engineers. This student branch is a valu- able aid in de eloping the latent abilities of students. . t its monthly meetings, discussions are held on any new research done in the field. Front row — Barrows. Wilson Second row — ilolden. Poor, Herriclc. Davis 121 Dcr Deutsche Verein I)cr Deutsche Verein was loiindcd in 1904, as a means of pioiiiotin student interest in (.ennan language and culture. In the past vears, this club jiusented C hristinas plays which were open to the public. The German Clul) is inider the verv capable direction of Dr. Klein. Front row — Freedman, Hillson. Bart cro, Kruse Second row — Mundic, Herzing, HodKlcios, Wcntworlh, Shrldon Third row — Dr. Klein, RubinofT. Doorc, Holland, L ockeit. Knapp Ofl Campus ' I ' lic ()ir-C)am|)Us Women were )ri;aiii c(l in ii); tj ' " t ' " ' recjuest 1)1 manv women livini; in Orono and snrroundinji; towns. This organi aiion aims to |)roinote iiueiest in extracurricular activi- ties and to broaden opportuni- ties lor social contacts. Front row — Hathaway. Armstrong. Mrs. Jack man Second row — Jones, lloyle, Conners, Ward. Gray Third row— Strout, .Mien, Caniphelt, I age, Iturkowski, Stcinniclz, KawclifT, Wood- siitn, .N ' eedhain Square Dance The .S(|uare Dance CUiib was loruu-d last viar. Retpiiriinents liir nunilu ' isliip arc aiuiidaiKc at three oiii ol loin monthly meetings and the liaining ol calls lor lour dances. I his club. iMidii livs Riigiis ' guidance, is anoilu ' i means ol taming .A.. . ciedits. From row— Sleinnieti. Fuller, Kindtall Secunil row— llillihard, I ' erry, Cnniphrll, , tearnii Thinl row— O ' llrien, Ko|er», Marth 122 Home Economics The Home Economics CAuh fiinciions for tlic purpose of in- creasing studeni interest in the field of home economics. It un- dertakes helpful and interesting jjrojects. Membership is open to all students registered in the de- partment of home economics. Front row — White. Tutts. Spear, Xevers, ' eranis. White. Trefethcn, Barmby Second row — Stacy. Friedlcr. Jenkins, As- ker. Brown. Ktmball. Nutter, Currier, Heartz, Eastman. Law- Third row — Hubbard. S tearns, Comins, Stevens. Hifcgins. Thompson. Dudley, Pike. Hendrick. Ross. Morrison. Davis, Haskell. Boynton. Pitman, Spaulding, Hughey HiUel Club The Hillcl Club is a branch of the national organization. B ' nai B ' rith. and is under the advisership of Dr. H. O. H. Le- ine of the Bangor Community Center. This chib functicjns both as a social and a religious organization. Seated — . riod, Broisman. Elvin Standing — Ttllem Modem Dance The purpose of the Modern Dance Club is to provide enjoy- ment, as well as to develop the natural talent for that art which these students have already shown. Selection is made on the basis of ability, thus limiting the size of the club. Miss Eileen Cassith is the faculty adviser. Front row— Brown. Xevers, . therton. Ellingwood Second row— Carter. Stac.v. Emery. Chaplin Third row— Currier, Haines. Wright 123 • . ' A i I FRATERNITIES ■r A V:- JaS NJW. K ; :-. r - - " fei.. ; - i , PHI GAM R.ilpli I1;hIk i, HIK NalluiiiicI U:irllii l( in;ii-i William lirooks, Ki: llanilil liiiiwii. Ji ' I ' A I.. Sumiii ' i CImIiikts. I ' AE ;mc ' M ClfiiKMU. itKi; R:i (: i(ik. AT COMMH lEE Edwaid H. Pliillips Charles K. l- ' osici ' . Jr. Ray A. Cook Ricliard Palmer [osrph Xadcaii James CrciKhioii. BHII Marshall DaKan. K2 ElhriilKC Davis, TA [ohn I)i(kcisc ii. AT!! Howard Dimilrc. ATQ AIIkmi Khri ' iifricil. t Ki; Willi. IMIS IcllllWS. cl f) Charles Fcislci. |i.. t S (.. Webster I-rosr. iAK Robert CFravcs. -m K Hciir Hanman. lAK Wailsuorth Hai l . MIK (ieorge Hansen. HOII Cicorge F. Herscm. IN Nicholas H. Johns. AT.i Kenneth Johnson, v.X (iievdon A. Kav, M| K Robeil W . ki,nise. WS I ' .ml kinse, ItOll ( ' harles Lombard. (t lll Robert l.iMUi. STS Robert l,ur e , i;AE Sierling Mahanev, .MA l.imes lahar. | . IA Presidnil Treasurer Robert Malioinsoti. 4 1! K , . l)eue M M)il . • MJi Ro Moore. . T " .! lames I ' . N ' adeaii. ■| ||K Joseph N.ideaii, mK Robert N ' oidstroni, i: (harles CI. Norton. ATA Richard Palmer. ♦Ki! Aiinand Pacjneite Stoiei I ' .irsons. ATS! l-.duaid H. I ' hillips. ATSl Heniv Plate. Jr.. 4 IIK Kenneth Reed. i;N Kiiiest Sherman Don.dd Siebbins. ilAE HaiiA I homas. HHII law lence Wing. . T!! Krrmt rtiw— Malcomson. Lurvt-y, Tillsim, t ' lialmcrs, Slelibins. HailKcrr, Dickcrson Second row — Bartholuinac-i, Hcrsoni. I ' almcr, Phillips. Fdstcr. Conk. Liinn. Julius. Mmokic Third row — Nordstrom, Kraiisc, krrd, Itrown, Johnson, Khrcnfri cd. llansen, Pike. Davis, Bickford. Paquctle Fourth row Diinitrc-. D.iKrn, Mrnik H.(i;ni.i!i, (:[.i c.., I.. ml»ard, Hardy, Kay JL ' li Many ol llic Maine men lia c Icll school lo fiutT I he arniccl forces; many A.S. r. nun came and look over the Iraterniiv, houses. The result: the re- maining fraternity men and some non- fraternity men look up residence in the l hi Ciamma Delta house on College Avenue. Friday night vie dances at the house have helped to keep alive some ol the old Maine spirit. In addition to this some of the fraternity groups have continued to hold informal frat meet- ings. The house itself was rented from the University and run by the boys on a co- operative basis. The veteran clief par excellence, who has to his credit twenty- four years of service to Phi Gannna Delia house, has remained. Mrs. Edith Mac- Ciollum. known to everyone as " Mrs. Mac, " came in December as chaperon. House ad istr is C harles E. O ' Connor, . ssistant Dean ot Men. House officers for the fall term were Ted Phillips, presi- dent, and Pat Foster, treasiner: for the winter lerm Bob Graves, president, and Pat Foster, treasurer; loi liie s|)ring lerni George Hansen, president, and Elijridge Davis, treasurer. Members of the house committee are Roy Cook, Joe Nadeaii, Lawrence Wing, and Dick Palmer. The fifteen fraternities which have chapters at the University of Maine and from whose ranks tiie i resent inhabi- tants of the Fiji castle have come are: .Alpha Gamma Rho, .Alpha Tau Omega, Beta I heta Pi, Delta Tau Delta, Kajjpa .Sigma, Lambda Chi .Alpha, Phi Eta Kap- ])a. Phi Ganmia Delta, Phi Kappa .Sigma, Phi Mu Delta, Sigma .Alpha Epsilon, Sig- ma Chi, Sigma Nu, Fan Epsilon Phi, and Theta Chi. There is a constant tmnover anil change of boys who live at Phi Gam: bo s going into the armed service and boys coming back from the services. ' Fhe fact remains that the living togethei in harmony of a large group of boys coming fioni diflerent traicrniiies, coni]jetiii e in a sense, shows the excellent spirit ol coiiperation that picxails on the .Maine campus. BRIDGE ? JOE COI-LEGE 127 ' 45 PRISM DKAN KDiril C:. WILSON Pan Hellenic In 1902 the I ' anlitllcnic Council was iiaiionallv or aiii ed lUKlcr the nanu- ol InliT-soioi in (ioiik-reiuf. It is aciivc on canij)usfs thai have- iiiort than two na- tional soioiiiii ' s. On this cani|)iis. Pan- iKJiinic CoiiiKil is iiixlir ihc miidaiue of Dean Edith (.. Wilson. It is coin- |)osi(l of ten ini-inl)iis: each ol the fiM.- sororities is re])itscntcd bv two dele- gates, rile president ol each soroiit is atiioniaiit ally a nieniber of the coun- cil. It handles such niaiieis as nishiii) ; and bidding rules and general sorority |)rol Ienis. Oirutrs this vear have been: president, I ' risiiila H(»|)kins: secretary. Gcraldine . Ia( liiirnie; treasurer. I.oiiise Eastman. This (ail liie I ' anliellenic C.omuil N|)onson(l the Open-House program for Iri ' shman and transfer students, and has also organized several I ' anhellenic get- togethers. i ' Anhelllnk: council I ' Vonl row— I.ittlcficUl, Carter, Itt)I(icn, nr,i il ury, Thorpe, Ht iikins ScconrI r.iw Iliinr . K.lstm.Tn, .Vlaclttirnic, Stevens I ' JK OFFICERS President Vice Presidrnl Secretary Treasurer Esther Holcicii Esther Rmiilall Mary Esther ' Ireat Barbara Sniilev Gainina Chapter. 1912 Nalioiuil Sororitv. founded 1897 Barnard College Alpha Omicron Pi PLEDGES Front row— Pitman. Higgins. Jameson, Faulkner Second row— Parkin, Ambrose, Eldridge, Chase Rena Ashman Ruth RIaisdclI Ntarv Fielder Barbara .Akeley Doris Bell Jiulith Fielder Marx Libby Joan . mbrose .N ' ancy Chase Rosanna Chute Frances Higgins Ruth Higgips Loraine Da%is Janice Minott Phyllis Eldridge Joyce Faulkner 1944 Esther Holden Esther Randall 1945 Barbara Higgins 1946 Marv Spangler Pledges Elizabeth Higgins M. Elizabeth Jameson Barbara Scribner Marv Esther Treat Ruth Troland Edith Merrill Barbara Smiley Joan Springer Jean Stevens Valerie Parkin Bevcrlv I ' ittman Front row — M. Fielder. Minott. R. Higgins. Scribner. R. Higgins. F. Higgins Second row — Bell. .-Xshinan. Randall, Hobien. Smiley. Stevens Third row — Davis. J. Fielder. Merrill. Troland, Spangler. Libby. Springer. . keIey 129 ' 45 PRIS OFFICERS I ' residrnt I ' icf President Secretary Treasurer Olive Bratlbiin ' Mar) ' E. Brackctt Isabel Ansel I Virginia Libby PLEDGES Front row — . f cr .. HridRfS. Stt ' vcns. Reynolds Second row — M. I ' ftfrson. Warren, Kinili. ' iM, I ' olts Third rtiw— Mills. Koran. ' cri-nis, 1). Peterson, Marble Woodfin, SpautditiK. Crosby i Beta Chapter, 1922 National Sorority, founded 1895 I ' liiveisity of .Arkansas ytj . cti e Chapters Chi Omega 1944 Rtith Allen . Iary E. Brackctt Olive Bradbury Bcrna Biiiiicli Helen Clilloul isahel Anscll lostpliiiu- Claik Itarhara Atherton I ' a till lie Dudley .Marg-aret Brown Doris Emery Rol erta Dow alieth Fiiibish Kai ' ileen Bridges Dorothy Carey I ' lisiilla Crosby Helen Herrick Ma IV 1 1 11 1 dial (I Doris I ' Sallv KiMili.ill Mar Marble I ' .ii ahelli KiiKiv l.ois Fa mil 1945 Riilli Hansen M:ir llinlev Noiiiia laiKcMiu 1946 |oan Kimball l ' led(te» k.ilhiMi Mills DdKilIn I ' eleisoii Bail ara I ' olts llail aia Il(i|ikiiis I ' riscilla Hopkins Jennie Manson Madeline Ne ers Miiiiel Peterson N ' irgiiiia l.ibln Jacqueline Kimball Barbara Kreh Julia Robbins Helen Stacy Ruth Stearns Marv O ' Connor Harriet Sleiiunet Cecilia Revnolds . ii);ie ' erenis M.iiHaiei Spaiildinj; alerie Warren Joan Stevens Barbara W ' omllin Front row — Iturncti, J. I. Kimball, I. KinibaU, Furbish. .MacKeilncy. Allen Second row— P. Ilopkins, Ansell, Clifford, Hradbliry, D. Knicry, Libby, H. Ho| kins, Herrick Third row— Dow, Atherton, E. Emery, Kreh. Stacy. Manson, Steinmetz. Hurley, Stearns, Brown. Hubbard i-f i f» I I t t I. -id OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Arietta Thorpe Margaret Graves Virginia GtxKlrich Jean Earnsliaw Alpha Kappa Chapter. 1917 National Sorority, founded 1888 Boston Liiiversitv Delta Delta Delta pledc;k.s Front row — Weaver, Phillips. Littlefield Second row— Bond. Ward. Potter. Closson, Belyea Third row— Weick. Funger. Byronas. Jenkins Martha Allen Elsie Clark. Kli7al)eth Collis llorothv Ctirrier Jeanne Delano Marjorie MfCubrcs Helen Belvea Rarhara Bond Mildred B ronas Virginia Gtxidrich Frances Houghton Jean Earnshaw Natalie Goortspeed Ix)iiise Perkins Jeanne Ross .Mberta Closson Joanne Funger Eliubeth Jenkins 1944 J() ce heney Ooris Kilbiirn 1945 Margaret Graves irginia Harvev 1946 Evelvn Shaw Pauline Spear Pledges Marion l.ittlcfield Cecil I ' a ev Phvllis MacNeil )oan Manwell Geraldine MacBurnie Barbara Mavnard Virginia Mclntire . rletta Thorpe irginia Stewart Jeanne Staples [ean Thompson Saralvn Phillips Joan Potter Marihn Tobic Jovce Wright Katherine Ward Gav Weaver Barliara Weick Front row — Kilhurn. McXeil. Ross. Mavnard. Tottie. Delano Second row — ( " lark. Mclntire. .Mien. Houghton. Thorpe. Goodrich. Iveny, Earnshaw Third row— Har ey. Mcl ' ulirey. tiraves. Wright. .Manwell. MacBurnie. Shaw, Thompson, Goodspeed. St,it ' lc- . St ' (urrit-r. Stewart, Collis 131 ' 45 PRISM PLEDGES Front row — Trefethcn, Crocker Second row — Crowley, Merzing. Sibley, Polley Third row— Small, I ' agtr. Crabtrce, Hruns. MacKinnon. PIcnt, Thompson • OFFICERS I ' riiidriil Maiic Haines J ' lrc President Anna Ki-c-iie Secretary Julie Lctlion Treasurer Emilv Ixiuise I.iltlcficld l i C:ha|)lcr. 1912 Naiional Soioriiy. founded 1852 olc an College ()i Active Chapters I)cl ( iah Dniikwalcr liillc I.cdini Ruth Duraii 1944 Frances Presscv Adelaide Russell I ' riscilla Grav Marie Haines 1945 F.milv Louise I.illlclieUl Roniaiiie l.illlelield 194 i Rarhara Allen Shirlie Hathaway Charlene l.owe Genevieve Oliver Jeannelte I hoinpson Maiidii Cnuker Norma Hcr inj; Gavle Mail.iuKhlin F.ll a Page Muriel Whiileniore Carol (.rillec iiii:i Kcciic Frames Moore Mildred Page Pledges Dorolln Bruus Marie Croulev Inez MatKii ' iioii Muiiel l ' olle Gcraldine Small Harhara Caahtrec Mary Kl el velte I ' ltiil Shirlex Sibley Isahelle I refethen Front row— I-owc. Russill. I.cclicii. Ilaincs, K. I.illlifii-lil. R. I.iltlrfirlil, Olivrr Second row— M " ' irr. II:itliawa.v, Prrsscy. Mcl.aiiKlili " . Krrni-. I ' aRC, Whiltcmorr. Ciriffrf. Cray. Allen V2 OFFICERS Presidftil Vice President Secrelni ' x Treasurer ConsiatK ' c Cartel Arahcllc Hodj cs ' ii ;iiiia Clay Rchccca Bowilcn Maine Alpha Chapter. 1917 National Sororitv. founded 1867 Moniiioiiih College Pi Beta Phi PLEDGES Front row — Ambrose, Richardson, White, Keenan, Hoyle Second row — McHugh, Barmby, Edminster, Foster, Chaplin, Conrers Third row — Wilbur. Davis. Hewitt. Currier, Johnson. Bailey, Millett. Pendleton, Rowe 1944 Mainiierlle CofTni .Vrabelle Hodges Claudia Nibeck 1945 Rcliecta Bowdcii ir};inia Clay Lillian Lewis Madeline I ' luinmer Prisrilla Sliau ' Constance Carter Carolvn Com Ins Louise Eastman Ada Minott 1946 Afargaret Cotisins Norma Hovlc Pledges Starr Roberts Ethel Ann Tarr I ' hvllis Vhit = Frances Robinson Margaret .Ambrose Barbaia Conncis Evclvn Foster Cecilv Johnson Winifred Richarilson . ndrea Bailey Eleanor Cairrier Oorothv Cioodnow Geialdine Keenan Elizabeth Rowe Gail Banlon Constance Da is .Mice McHugh Doiolhea M ' llelt Elizabeth While Edna Barmby Winona Edminster Muriel Hcwett I ' hyllis Pendleton Dorothea Wilbcr Caiol n Chaplin Front row— Harlcy. Minott, Bowden, Carter. Hodges, Clay, Eastman, Rrbinson Second row — Cot n, White, Ingrahani, Cousins, Shaw, Comins, Fiumirer. Cambridge. .Tores. Ta-r. MacDonald. Roberts, Lewis 133 ' " , - ATHLETICS •K ' ■«• ' MEN ' S ATHLETICS ' This past year ai Maine has witnessed countless changes in its sixirts pictures. A great many of our undergrachiate stars left the school to enter the services. For- mal teams were composed of men who often had little time to spare from their accelerated studies; transportation diffi- culties made it hanl to plan long trips, but a general resume of sports activities might say that the name of the Univer- sity has been maintained, and the Pale Blue ' s reputation enhanced even during the war years. ' l :d Clurtis, faculty mana- ger of athletics, did a fine job in arrang- ing contests for the Maine teams. The coaches, leiikins, Kenyon. .Sczak, and .Starr, did excellently with their avail- able material: Jenkins, Kenyon. and Se- ak are now assisting (he physical train- ing deijartmeni with ilie " f T " program. Intramural athle tics were an army rec- reation, and in season, the AS. I " . I ' liit here had volleyball, soflball. looiball. and basketball teams-all this taking place during the soldiers ' free lime. Maine is com inning through the war ff PT 99 with the fact being kept in mind that .Maine men in every conceivable por- tion of the world await with interest news of their home team and its activi- ties. Under the very able guidance of Hal WcKulbury and Professor Stanley Wallace- ' Woody " and " Wallv ' -physi- cal education at the Universitv ol Maine during the past year took a decidedly more serious and iniensi e turn. " P I ' — as it is popularK known-pla ed an even more important role in university life. The recentlv installed policv of holding classes three times a week was continued. The only exception to this was in the case of those freshmen and sophomore students who were taking the basic R.O. I.e. course. One military drill period was the equivalent of a " Vl " period. Ill the past vears one ol the greatest interests of the male students at Maine has been the watching ol. and participa- CACHES KKNVON. JENKINS. C:l RTIS. SK AK 1S6 tioii ill. iiuraimiial sports. Tlic liiciully rivalry amongst Iraterniiy, dormiiory, and olT-rani|)iis teams was one of the important Icatiires of university liie. All the schedules were made out and all ilie details handled through the physical education office. But intramural activity tliis year was practically at a standstill except among the soldiers. The more serious business of getting into good physical condiiion took precedence over all else. .As to the training program itself, cal- isthenics was the most important part and received the most stress. In the fall a good deal of " touch " football w ' as played— along with relay races and many " laps " around the baseball field. When winter came the emphasis was placed on basketball. .An innovation was added when it was announced that skiing and skating would be given " PT " credit. Many students took advantage of the handball courts anil the boxing, wres- tling, and weight rooms. Relay races continued and the indoor track came P.T. DEPART .MLNT Front row — D- ' wd, Wallace Second row — Kenyon. Jenkins. Woodbury, Curtis, Sezak into use. .Softball took over in the spring. 1 his year, to give things a real war- time touch, a tricky obstacle course was set up in the field house. Besides acting as a real coiiilitioner. this pre]jared many a man for the rigorous routine to be undergone in basic military training. Much maligned " PT " was, in truth, appreciated by all. IT S THE MONKEY IN US LIFE S LITTLE OBSTACLES 137 ' 45 PRIS Despite outward appearances, looiball at tlie University of Maine in the iall of ' 943 ' ' " ' decided success. There were numerous disappointinenis. but these were ver niucli oversliadowed b ilu- over-all achievements. Alihoiii h the team was not al)le to f aiii an victories (111 the f;ii(lii()!i ilscli. a ureal iiiDial triumph was storetl in liie lad that the school was able to panic ipaie in the pastime at all. The first practice of liu ' season was held late in .Sei)ieinbei ' . On thai dav .}3 men re|jorted lo r.ill Kriivoii. bead coach. When Keinon became ill later. Sam .Se ak look over and did the job although unclei no lew handicaps. The largest of these was llial. clue lo crowded schedules, main men coiilcl work out only two or three ' limes a week. On iDp of iliis was ihe fad thai. alihoui;li ilu tmnoiii was ilie largest in main vears, there were l ' l ' boys who had never played football. Big " Red " Morrill, star tackle, was the lone member wiih am previous varsity experience. Hill Uronsdon and Football C ' .eorge Hansen, also tackles, had been on the junior varsity lor two years, while Hal Parady, a back, had seen action with ilu- lieshmeii. The remainder of the group had plaved varving amounts of highschool football. .Maine used fresh- men lor the liiM time since the first World War. IJut the true benefit from I he season was derived from the spirit and enthusiasm shown. Oniv one outside game was plaved. . s I he sciiiad itself c)| erated on a strictly informal basis it was hoped that some of the annual state series battles might be held on ihe same terms, but this was not to be. The one- outside contest was against .Vndover Academy at Orono. The I ' ale nine was defeated 20 to 6 as lack of ilic alorcmeiitioiuil experience and a siipeiior olleilse told the tale. . side- Irom this ilure were also the annual lilue-White struggle, and a to it dead- lock between the fiosh and ihe upper- classmen on the team. Front row— Thurrcll. l.ntiK. I ai|uettc, Sawin, I .iratly, Ca| t. Morrill, Mansen, Mahar, N ' orton, Strickland, .Vlurray Second row — t ' alnicr (.VlKr.), Jacobs (Asst. Mgr.). Hallnit (Asst. Mgr.), Williamson. Ciardncr. Rahcock. Millar, Crockett, Fi h, Konianow. .Mann. I.own. Kf rnctsky, llnm. Coach Sozak, Ctlrlis CFac. Mgr.) Third row— Bushncll, Ocll, Korohkin, Kriick, .-Vnu ' S, I icrcc. Hinds. Culler, Hale, Shipley. Natlcau Lis I ' )ts|)itc ' ilif lark of manpower the Uni- M ' lsiiy ol Maiiii ' prodiurd a laiilv dcdit- al)k ' l)askc-tl)all team in n . I lir s(|ua(l. plaving an a ciagf ol one name a week and lisiing a shorter seliechde than usual, adiieM ' d a leioi ' d ol loin i lories and six dekais in ten contests. Tlu ' slati ' opened with the annual New KTis hmd tri|) as the Hears fared C ' oiniec lii iit. Rhode IslantI, and Xortheastern on ronscciitivc nights. I he inexperienced Hhie was set back thrice by 50-22. ()i-r,2, and , " ) )-57 scores. Storcr Parsons of Pres{|ne Isle ])tii on a great performance in Boston with -j- points against North- eastern. The home season opened tlii ' next week with a ■,(i-i(i triumph oxer How- doin. S( en da s later Maine reversed iisell and lost to the same team 44-43. riu n (loiuurtic lit rame to Orono and kli with a 73-itS ictor . The Bears tame back and stopped Colbv " ,3-2r). The following week the club got re enge on Xoi ' theaslei n to the tune of 37-45. On 01 I nit; HOARDS Washington ' s Birilulav Rhode Island ' s Calverley celebrated by getting 45 points and establishing a new national seasonal sc ' oring record as his team slaughtered Maine 115-37. ' " ' ' ' t ' finale the Blue again whipped Colby ( ' 1-51 as Cajjtain Charlie Norton of East| ort got the high- est total in twenty-two years of University basketball— 44 points. Front row— .Acldcy. Cook. .McClellan, Nit-densteiii. Cii ' t. Norton. P.irsons. Johns. Kangcr Second row— Uromlcy ( Mgr.). (llt-ason, Parad.v. MacDoTiald. Coach .Sezak. Jinks. Fuller, Stuart. Bartholoinaei (Mgr.) ]y.) ' 45 PRIS Track BOH DOIX.K. CHAMPION H AMMKR lllROUl R The varsity outfit lioastcd several real stars who gained national repute diirinf the indoor schedide, including Bol) Dodge, Joe " Retl " Leclair. and Phil Hannu. Red Leclair is the New England college tilleholder in ilu hurdles. Ai the N.E.I.C.A.A.A. meet held in Boston. Red took a first in the 120 yard high huidies. and piaied third in the nao yard low hindles. At the ICMA meet held in New ' ork, Leclair was i)eaten h a ste|), by Todd nl irgiiiia. who holds the in- door and the outdoor IC ' .IA records for the event. I ' hil Hanim look first ]jlace ill I lie New Englands, and second in the Nationals in the two mile run. Boh Dodge, .Maine ' s outstanding weight man, took first place in the New Englands. heaving the i() pound hammer 153 feet .}3 indies; he |)laced fourth in thetliscus throw at the same meet. At the IC4. meet. Boh placed second in the hammer throw to Harvard ' s Fisher whose dis- tance was but 314 inches better tlian liobs. During the outdoor season ilie .Maine Xarsiiy won llie State .Meet by a land- slide, scoring more tliaii three times the (oinbined scores of its opponents. Maine took i;5 ol the i " , first jilaces and matle clean sweeps ol several of the events. Oolbv aiul Bowiloin together garnered 32 points, while Bates did not participate VARSllN Front row — An tirosc, Jciikiii». Dnd- i-. .S.iwin. Strwri. Hrady. ll:4n»ni Second row — IVrry. Chapman. IMlilli i!i. Mclntirc. Ilnlchinsnn, Condon Ttiird row— Coach Jenkins, Harlicr. Sjostt-iU. WallitiKfonl, Itutlcr, I cclair, Jotinson I 1(1 in ihi ' animal c i-ni. In a dual contest, the I ' alc Hlnc smioiIril-iI Boston (College with t) Insts in i.-,; our team took all ilic places in the two mile nni. anil Hoi) Dod e took firsts in the it) jxunul shot and in the iti poinul hammer. In the main r )m|)etiiion of its season, tile Maine arsiiy relax team, consisting of Dick Voiddcn, Johnny Stewart, John Raillev. and Elmer Folsom, met a highly rated team in the Boston Athletic As- sociation nuei, and unexpectedly upset their opponents. Brown. 1) hall a lap in a 3:31 mile. In the N. E.I. C. A. .A. .A. meet we placed third with Hannn. Leclair, and Dodge each earning a first place. This same trio represented Maine in the IC4A nationals, and by virtue of the fact that each of these men whom Coacli Jenkins sent copped a second place, the Pale Blue was rated fifth at the meet. The frosh team had a good season with a well-balanced outfit. Several creditable performances were turned in RFLAY TEAM Coach Jenkins. Stew.irt. Hutchinson, Leclair, Radley, Vouhien b Richter in the pole aiilt. by Smith in the hurdles, and by . bercrf)mbie in the dashes. The team jiarticipated in sever- al dual meets and played host to a large niniiber of secondary school teams in the regular meet held during May. The Pale Blue was defeated by Hebron and b a Decring-South Portland combina- tion in dual meets. .Xbercrombie was the standout of the .seasons— indoor and out. TROSH Front row — Chalmers, .Abercrombie, Richter. Bowen, Murdock, Smith Second row — Coach Jenkins. Leclair (Mgr.). McGfe (Mgr.), Elliott, Boerke. McPhce, I ' ierson (Mgr.) 1)1 ' 45 PRISM ' Golf UAI 1 RKl.l), STATE INTERCiOI.I.KXilAlK CHAMPION Aside Iroiii sL ci;il iiiK- iiidix idiial pti- foimances, the Univcrsii) ol Maim- f oll team did not enjoy a really successful season. The reason for this, liowever, was due lo the fact that tlie fidl squad en};ageil in only three matches. Two were jilayed on the annual New England irip wluii the linksmen faced Boston rni eisii and Harvard. The I ' ale Blue dro|)|)ed both these meetings by the same score— 7 to 2. Some consolation was feathered from the fact that Reed, num- ber one man, was victorious in all of his matches. He and Roley. second rank- ing |)layer. teamed up to take both ol the doubles contests. Roley also panicipatetl in the .State Intercollegiate championship with the rest of the group. Ill Walter Reed of Fort Fairfield Maine presented one of the top-llight golfers of New England. Besides being the leailer of the varsity aggregation, he successfidly defended two state titles which he copped in 1942. . gain winning the Stale Intercollegiate title, he also look the State junior chantpionshij). The lall lankv star experienced link- ditfuultv in eiihei ' competition. MORSK, ROlRKt, : rl. RIM). KNOWIls, R()ll . l (. IIS ii y 112 Tennis The University of Maine var- sily tennis team of i ).i3 secured an even splii in ilie four matches played. The Pale BUie coiin- men also Avon the m thical state ( ham|)ionshi|) last uar altlioiigh this didn ' t carry as much mean- ing; as in pievions vears. Maine took the title by defeating Bates (3-2) who had stopped Bowdoin at an earlier date. The schedide opened Aviih the New England trip and a (j-u trouncing at the hands of Harvard. Next day Coach Starr ' s squad had a com- plete reversal of form as they overpowered Boston University 8-1. The first competition on re- tiu-ning to the state was the meeting with Bates at Lewiston. The finale was a thriller against the University of Connecticut at Orono. The U. of Conn. won. i ' fi i " f _ " ' jr_ YJ FROSH Cuticli Starr. Beaufrand, .Stel bins. .Miller. Becknian. Weston. Gibson. Colcord (Mgr.) i)ut the ouicoine was uiulecidecl until the last match. Featured on the Black Bear stjuad were Ben Pratt and . Ial Petkhani. a strong d()ul)les combination. Maine ' s frosh team engaged in an abbreviated but successful season. The scjuad played only two matches and won both of them. The vear- lings eked out a 3-2 victory over Hebron. This was not decided until the final doubles match won bv Stebbins and Beckman. The Black Bear cubs closed their season by trouncing Wassookeag 6-0. VARSITV PR.vrr, SMITH. mii-Ufr. peckhant. kii.i ' atric:k. hash (;s. c:()I-Cord (mgr.) 143 ' 45 PRISM The Irosli baseball icam enjoyed an excellent season, playing six games and winning fixe. The season was featured 1) good pitching and powerlid iiitting. Evidences ol power ai the plate are ob- vious from some of tlie rimawav games the I ' aii ' Bliii ' iariiiigs won. Keiits Hill xvai lakiii 1) ilu ' oMi ululming store ol I ' o-t. with Maine ((illi ling i() safeties. Ciobiirn (llassical Institute was shut Kill ii-o. and Dexter, in two games, fell In maigins ol r,-o and ii-i . Brewer alone stopped the Frosh in a light 7-() game, but Brewer was really outclassed in hitting, fielding, and pitching. Bunch- ing their hits gave them the decision. During the season. Tuck and Votis were the ouisiandiiig pitchers, and Hal Parady did the heavy hitting. The varsity club ended its .schedule with four wins and eight losses. The Pale Blue played four doubleheaders during the season, two at home and two away from home. .Maine dro|)ped three heart -breakers to Bowdcjin, Rhode Is- land, and Colby by one run each. In Baseball almost e er one ol the eight games lost, Maine ' s hitting was far su[)crior to that of the opposition, but infield errors often pro ed to be coslh. and sometimes laial. Ill a twin hill with Rhode Island, the Pale Blue cDumiiited fdteeii errors, but in s|)ite of this R. 1. had to hustle and do some liisiN hilling to win the games. During the season manv fine exhibi- tions of hitting power and | itching abili- tv were demonstrated. Windy Work. Bob Niitier. and John Whitteii were the heavv stickers for the outfit. During the season Wliillcn hil iwo lioiiie runs, and |)itcher dordon loolev hit more doubles ihan any other man on the scpiad al- though he played onU (i e full games. The c)utstanding stall ol hurlers included Tooley, ,M .McN ' eilly. and Dick Palmer. In the first game of a doubleheader with Northeastern, Tooley struck out seven men and allowed but one hil in the eight-inning contest; he also collected a VARSITY Front row — Thompson (Mgr.), Wliiltrii. Xiitlcr, Mc.W-illy, M.Trkcc, Mrrchanl, While, Toolcv, Norton, Coacli Km yon Second rtjw — Perkins, Mcloon, Speirs. I ' .-»lnier. l.yiorii. Murch. I ' rcsnell,, Work I II single ami a double in two olh- cial trips to the plate. In the nightcap McNeilly striitk out five men. issued no jiasscs in eight innings, and held North- eastern while Maine won 4-1. Maines most unpleasant dia- mond memory for 1943 was a twin bill with New Hampshire plaveil here. Karelis. veteran N. H. hurler, pulled the iron- man stunt bv pitching both ends of the (loubleheader. and hold- ing . faine to a total of seven hits, while his teammates supported him to the tune of 13-1 and 5-0. During the summer semester the L ' niversitx supported an in- formal baseball " squad consisting almost entirely of inexperienced men and including a number of freshmen. .Since most of the other nearby colleges were not fielding clubs at this time, the informal team confined its play I. FORM. L SIMMER TEAM Front row— Bushnell (Mgr. ). Nadeau. Dimitre. Morrill. Badger, Palmer, Beverage, Bridgham. Coach Kenyon Second row — Gardner, Millay, Parsons, Stuart, Marsanskis, Tschamler, Brooks, Mahar, Billings to semi-pro outfits— except for one game with the Dow Field Bombers. Dick Palmer, who had plaved with the arsity during its regular spring season, was Coach Kenyon ' s only veteran. In spite of their lack of experience, the team dis- jjlayed spirit and aggressiveness as they won four of the five games they played. The outstanding game was the one in which Dick Palmer struck out 19 of the Dow Field Bombers. FROSH Front row — Parady, Parsons, YofFe, Cervone, .Antell. Chalmers, Notis, Hollelt, .Adclman. Poyrtcr Second row — Coach Sezak, Stone, Tuck, Danforth. Dieffenbach, Garvin, Peterson, MacPhee ' -- - -1-- ; J " ' X .,1 . V- w fe i ' -X- r 145 WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS ' DiRKC.TOR or I ' insicAi. i;i)i ION iok womkn MISS lll-.l.l-.N A. I.KN(;VK1. AVSISI AM l-ROIFSSOR OK PHVSICAl. KDDCATION MISS M R10 I. R(K:I RS iNsiRi ' croR oi- i ' 1ivsic:ai. Kort.AiioN MISS M. KII.KKN C:ASSII)V HG Till " cliiiia of llu ' vcai ' s alhkti i ' c ' iUs is ilic prcsciiiaiioii of llic UiiiMisiiv of Maine Sial to the girls wlio haw laincd iliis (i lii.nh lioiior. SiiKc " ihc hitf iiiiHtitii-lwiiitics wluii iiiicr- roiirgiaU ' sports for .u, ' ' ' " ttasi ' d. the Seal lias hci ' ii ihc aim of all sports lo iiii !;ii is. Kroiii the hinimiing ol colkj c. t;iils paiiitipatc in hockty. haski ' ihall. arclu ' rv. hadininion or any of the lUMUcroiis attivitii ' s and lournaincnts. In this Ava points are act imudatcd and rewards f i en. Xiiinerals retpiire 125 points; the " M. " jjyr,; the Chevron, 750; and the Seal, 1.125. ' t • ' definitely seen that the few girls who attain this highest honor must be exrcllent and outstanding in- dividuals. Other than true ability and sports- manship, the -Seal winners must ]X)ssess .Spirit. Ser ice, and Sc holarshij). The girls who at pres- ent have the honor of wearing the Maine Seal are: Frances Higgins, Ruth Troland, Ruth Ikmk- er. Margaret Stack pole. Pin His McNeil. Helen Clifford, Esther Randall. Helen Clifford Frances Higgins Phyllis McNeil Esther Randall Ruth Troland 147 ' 45 PRISM ' TARGKT lOR 1()I)A Every girl in iIk- I ' liiMisiiN i rii|iiin(l iK-foif ffiadiiaiion to lia c iwo years of |)ar(icipatin in physical education. The program offered during these two years is varied enough so tliai eacli girl may take pan in thai i ])e of arii itv whidi she jjrefers. W. A.A. Council For those girls who desire to partici- pate luiilier ilian ilie reqiiirecl two years, optional iiistnictioii is offered. In recog- nition ol this participation in Women ' s ihletic Association sjjorts program, iimnerals. letters. (he rons. seals, and individual sports trophies are awarded at the annual spring V.A.. . baiujuet. To administer this program tluTe lias grown up the ' .. ., . Ciouncil consisting of four executive officers, class leaders and managtrs of the various sjJorts. This year Helen C lillord has been |)resident. One of the most popular special ac- tivities offered in this general |jr )gram of the ' .. .. . is arcfiery. It offers a chance at an inscribed trophy which is present- ed to the victor of an annual tourna- ment. Competition is stiH. and the more skilleil have a chance of being rated with W.A.A. COUNCIL F ' ront row— Kinil aI1. Maiisoii, Clifford. K. liifiKins. Si).inKler. .VnimtronK Scc jn(l row— Stvanis. Janicsnn. It. Iliiiuitis. Stat-y. Kaii lall, K. Iliggins, tLinsen, Iturnelt 148 «M " Club leading archers through the Naiioiial Archery tournament. During the long winter months, the ijaihiiinton racijuets and sluitilecocks make their appearance and the annual tomnamcnt which offers such keen com- petition to all is held. It is little wonder that any victor holds with great esteem the trophv received for her achie ement. For those students who crave the great outdoors, much in the liiR ol vvinier sports is offered: skating, skiing, snow- shoeing, tobogganing, or just a chance to frolic in the snow. . nd during the height of the season the . nnual Winter Carnival is held. This event has always proved such a success that it is looked forward to with great antici|)ation i y all. The " . I " C;hdj. made ujj of students who have earned their " M " through par- EASV!- UKLL. vol I RV 11 1 tici])ati()n in the ' .A.. . |jrograni and the accimiulation of 375 ])oinis. holds interest for those interested in athletics. Each lall and spring new members are added to the cluij. The officers of this club arL ' Frances Higgins, president, and Esther Randall, secretarv-treasurer. M CLUB Front row — Burnett, Clifford. Higgins. Randall. Troland. Jameson. Goodrich Second row— Chute. Lewis. Stearns. Ianson. ( " lark. cCIure. Stacy. White. Armstrong I4!l HOCKEY Seniors 111 spile of exircinc weather ( oiidiiiiiiis, the Senior hockey leaiii iiianaf ed (o |)hi three of tlieir six sdiethiled loiirnaiueni games, winning one, losing one, and i ing the last game. Clifford, Hurncll, lliggins, Randall Juniors 1 lie Junior hockes team played four ol their six games. The lirsi two games with the Sen- iors and Kreslmieii proved iin- sncdsshil i)ut ill ilu- luxi two iiii liigh scored ,i-;{ and i-i. i ' rurit row — Small, Lewis, Stearns, .Armstrung Se ' onil row — .MacKcnney, Minolt, Slacv. White Sophomores 1 lie Sophomores plaved onlv one of their six games with the Seniors winning. The traditional " liai-gaiiii ' ■ had lo he disregartl- 1(1 this year, much to the sor- row of the strong Sophomore uaiii. Kront row— I-it l y, Fiirliish, Chute, I ' roclccr, Staples Second row— Spangler, Wright, Jameson, Lombard Freshmen The l- ' reshmen had an excep- tional iiiinout ol plaxeis this ear. The | la cd onl two of their six games, hoih with the |uniois, wiiniing one and los- ing one. Kr »nt row— l ave.v, I ' hilltps. liarmhy, tones Scco mI row— Maxwell, llouchard, Siiutilding. Davis, Siwver, l ' ' tigg ' riiird i»iw Tarkin, Chipmnn, Chase, . sKer, W.irren, Kimliall, Marble. ' ailghan, ltoynl4in, ilond 1 . " )() Tliis vcar, wlicn threatened witli llie fact tliat we niif hi not be able to have our regular men ' s varsity liasketball games, the Women ' s Athletic Association decided to fill in the Friday evenings of th e winter with an informal inter- dorm basketball tournament. What a huge success it was! The teams were lined up aniong each of the dorms and the ()ff-C;ani|nis Women, with Balcniine lorniing two teams, the lialentine Dorm and the Prct els. Keen competition was shown among all teams as they stro e for the championship under the competent leadership oi their team captains. The top honors of the season were carried away by the Elms team which was victorious in all six games played, with the lialentine I ' ret els following a close second with five wins to their credit. . the end of the successful infor- mal inier-dorm tournament inunediate |)reparations were made by the manager. I ' hyl W ' liiie. lor the aimual inter-class basketball louniameni. The usual spirit and enthusiasm was shown as the season opened February twelfth with the [unior-.Scnior game, the Juniors tf)pping the .Seniors ; 9-.5}(). The next game the Frosh look the .Seniors 39-30. The (mal outcome of the tournament showed the Freshmen the victors with four wins— a record to live up to through- out the rest of their college years! The Seniors placed second with three wins to their credit, followed by the [uniors and .Sophomores with two and one wins respectively. The highlight of the basketball season was the chf)osing of the All-Maine Basketball Team made up of the year ' s outstanding players from all four classes. The honors this year went to: Esther Randall, Rutli Stearns, Evelyn Foster, forwards; Esther Libby, Shirley Titcomb, and Helen Ciliflord. guards. ELMS BASKETB. I.L TEAM Front row — Lewis. .Stt-arns, I iltby Second row— NtcXi-il, Titcomb. Davis. Raird I ' KRIECTINC; THEIR 1 ECHNiylE 151 w r I The Armiji Comes To Maine . . . " Ilic ariin toiiits lo Maiiii ' and ilif campus goes G.I. Sol- diers iiiartliing to classes . . . bu- gle calls . . . awakening ai iy.y i the tune ol " Wlien the war is over " . .. military convoys aroinul the (ampus . . . standing room oii! in the Bookstore . . . slide rules . . . gig walkers . . . army pay day . . . Anli-su ' ooudtrd Club . . . Pat ' s . . . Private " .Snalu " . . . .Sai- inxlay at ' 5:30... thow line... date bureaus . . . upperclassmen feeling like freshmen again . . . Private [iinioi- Cirade . . .Aiiin exams ... I ' isiol Packin ' . Iam ma . . . " Oh, in ac hiii ' l)a( k " . . . get accjuainted daiues . . . Luci- fer. ..ihc uiidclcalcd (!aissoM ol . ii ill I laiuiiba! ...(. ' •. I. haircnits . . . Miss 1 1 |f, . . . origi- nal shows at the .Mascjue . . . hynni sings on the library steps . . . swinmiiiig a 1 Pus haw . . . (amphres . . . stag lines . . . The Maine ' Hello . . . soiiihem drawls . . . ta|)s . . . " I ' xc got six-pciue " . . . The Orow . . . mail (all . . . singing in the rain . . . . . . C:i)aii!;(s ii)i(k ])laii- in dormi- tory lilt-, loo, bill wc losi none of the so-called " (ollegc ainios- |)liere. " C;iianges. yes. but we still had jjielinis ... bridge .. . midni hi snacks . . . leather cuts .... room inspection . . . anniver- saries . . . phone calls .... fininy |)apers . . . letters . . . solitaire . . . bull sessions... furloughs . . coin|)rehensives. . . dinner guests ... V-Mail . .. Will it be the Wacs, Waves, or Marines? . . . panda bears . . . fraternity pins . . air raids . . . finals . . . corsages . . " Mares Eat Oais " . . . Phi Gam, the Maine (iliib I louse ... oak |)oisoning . . . la y alici noons . . . routine I clcgianis . . . engage- ments . . . niaylloueriiig . . " hope " (hcsis .... o|)en house .... baii- (|ueis .... (oke panics. . . . horse- back riding .... Su|)ernian and Hob I lope . . . . sliliK linuis . . . . laie permissions . . . ( !h i isi ma s Ciarols . . . field irij)s . . . Memorable Week-end . . . W iiiur (:;iiiii al ... a wttk- tnd lull ol iiiciiioric ' s thai will live with lis lorcver. Mciiioriis of the snovvstorm, skiing, skigh litling. the coronation. .Ml da (lowds ihrongccl the Bookstore, voting lor the queen, wanning up with cofk-e and dashing out into the storm for anoilui meet. Al night we jammed ourselves into sleighs and the (am|)i!s echoed with songs. Hack ai ihc gym we checked our ski jjoois at the door and tripped (he liglii lantastif muil the big iiiouuni ol the coronation arrived. I ' nder an arch ol crossed skis, ihe can- didates were usiuicd lo ihe throne where I ' rexie Hauck in- tioduccd the Oucen. lint IkIoic the week-cnc! was over MKinories lond and ha|)py were lo be mixed with these. Memories of a sky full of cinders, the hoarse shouts of men. sirens, the trash of falling walls and a red glare in tlic sky. And the next morning, a sad- dined cam|)us-two liieuds and comrades gom . It was a week-end of joys and sorrows, the two extremes of huinaii experience. . . .In sjjiic ol many curt ailments, tlic (lul)s and orj ani aiions at Maine continue with as nuirh interest and enthusiasm as nsnal . . . Tan Beta Pi honors woman cni incer . . . dormiiory hooihs at llic Iniinals lake llic ) mc ol Irat booths . . . iho Mas(|iie |)re- scnis shori ini|)rom|)iii shows al- ter dinner . . . Sunday morninf ser ices in the Little Theater . . . the Presidents IJall . . . eonniiun- ily concerts ... M.C.A. confer- ence ... Music Nif;hi and ilu Emergency War Reliel .... iIk siam|) drive .... The freshman CInl). . .. las(|uc |)la writing con- test . .knitting sweaters lor (ireek War Reliel . . .sorority rushing . . the health |)rogiam .... st|uare danc ing . . . tennis lournanienis . . . Cleanup Day . . . Fat ully skils . . . teas . . . . K;. Kmhassv . . . soli-ball and Frank, ilu ' cDp, um- |)iring . . . lootball games . . . Red Cross Circus ... Penny C arnival . . . A.ST section ol the Cuni ius. AdDcrtisements I ' ACE Ran| oi Rakiii); C o. 17 liaii oi Furniture- Co. 167 Haii);»r Gas Co 169 HaiiKor House. The 174 Bangor .Nursery Flower Sh i|) 174 Bangor Office Supply Co. 167 Bangor RcHiling , • .Sheet Metal Co 171 Bragg. .N. H. )t .Sons 169 Brockuay F ' lowcr Shoppe 171 Brown , : White Paper Co. 169 BcllcMie Hotel 173 Biirnham Drug 175 Chapin. Arthur Co 171 Crowell It Lancaster 174 I ' il-iii ' s 169 Dillingham ' s 172 Duniharlon U ' ooliii Mills 1-0 K.islcm Trust Co 177 Ficiuli. I. I,. Sons Hanwill Coal Co Ha ncs , ; Chalmers Co " 75 ' 70 ' 75 llcnli ' V-Kimball Co. 168 Hopkins. .A. R. 167 Howard -Wesson Co. 176 Jones Seafood Market 169 Maine 0)al .Sales Co. 173 Nfcrrill Irnsl Co. 171 Millikcn TomlinsoM Co. 168 .Modern Stiulio 178 MorsL- It Co. 167 Park ' s Variety Store 17.-, Penohsrot Exchange Hold 170 Pine Tree Reslauranl r Bi.i-s Rail ' 75 Rice. C. H. Co. ifx, Rogers ' Store Inc. 171 .Savage. C. H. Co. ili7 Simmons it Hammond Mfg. Co. 108 Spruce ' s 175 Strand Theatre. Old Town 168 Sutton Farms iI ' h| University Store Co. itir, Virgie ' s. Orono 17.! Vc-slinghoiise FUeclric Siipplv Co. iliTi ' 75 Hi I Qo4npii4ne Ui, ol U Wmm STORE fOJIPAW If). " WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY WETMOIIE SAVAfiili: IMVISIOX 175 Broad Street Bangor, Maine iitii Bangor Furniture Co " Guild Store for State of Maine " Complete Hocse Furnishings K|-8S H VMMOMl SiRKKT B . iR. Mmsi C. H. SAVAGE CO. 83 Broad Si reel Ba K " - M line h()lksai.e Frlit and Produce ' Distributors of Canada Dry Beverages " EVERVIHIXG FOR THE BUILDING " MORSE COMPANY Valley Ave. Bangor, Me. Bangor Off ice Supply Co. !■• .1- HKRi.m i« I ' . 0. Sen laic lel «3.S ' Portable and rebuilt t y]}ewriters Glial • Cushions: Desks: Filing Cabinets: Folders. etc. A conip Ittc line of office e( Iiiipnient and students ' suppl ies A. R. HOPKI.XS 4ntPOIIATIO 191 Krtia 1 Slicct B.iMKDi. Maine Wiioi.KsAi.t VM Rf 1 fi. Dkai.krs in Grain and Floir c rc r nimcn l aTuI stll WIR I HMORF I ' flll I R I I IDS l(i7 HUDSON WHITE TRUCKS DISTRIBITORS SINCE 1911 Personally Endorsed Used Ciars The Henley — -Kimball Co. SALES Bangor SERVICE ICE CREAM Compliments of SIMMONS HAMMOND MFG. CO. Division of General Ice Cream Corporation I ' icr iiiul Sixlli Sliccis H n(.i k Im i Milliken Tomlinson Co. WhoI.I-.SAI.K CiROCKRS I ' onlaiul. Maine Branches at ISany;i i t.cwislon I ' lescjue Isle KIImvomIi SUPERBA lik AM) Food Products SKRVICK INCLUDES An Insiitiition Department (.oni| l( ' l( ' l iiick( ' l uiili (III ' n.NKSr FOOD I ' RODl ' Crs linpotiiis ol (ioljees— Teas- Molasses Ku;isters ol Collec litsii I ' luiisaiul ' eniial)l( Dcpi. r ni.iinraiii oin own I lutkin St ' r j (- iiuctiit ilic cnlin- Sr.iii- nt l.iinc Coniplinirfils of Strand Theatre Ol I) I OWN C:() (.R 1 11 I IONS to III! CLASS 01 I ' M I lf)8 IRON AM) SI EEL HEAVY HARDWARE REPLACEMENT PARTS and EQUIPMENT GAI.VANIZl:l) AM) lU.ACK SMIL; I S— RKINIORCINC STF.liL BANGOR, MAINE Compliiiiciits of U ii doiK ' with Hill!, it can be cIdiic wiih (ins D A K I N S Golf, Hunting, Tennis, Fishing, Camping. Pliotography Equipment SHFI ' HlRl), 17 Mgr. Bangor Store Mark Hlrd. ' 26 Mgr. Waterville Store D A K I N S SUTTON FARMS UROWIV WHITE PAPBR CO. Mdiiufartinrrs ' Agents and Jobbers Paim R, Hags, Twine, .Specialties nil Kio:i(l Strtcl IVin- ' di ' . Mitino JONES ' SEAFOOD MARKET, Inc. li( I ' iikciiM " S(|uarc liannoi. Maim- Bangois Leading Seafood Market for 8g Years " Where your C.rnndniotlier bought her Seajood " 169 Hartwell M Co.. Inc. WHOLESALE DIS 1 RIIU lORS ANTUR ACITF AM) lUTl ' MIXOrS COAL LEHIGH X ' ALLEV AX ' l HR C;iTE Dial 7396 BANfiOR. Mk, Cm xs. H. . N n.l.. I ' ics. , • AkI. Aihhson (.mmw. Si-i . .v I itMs. Dumbarton Woolen Mills MANllI ' A :ri Rl Rs Ol- DRESS GOODS. GLO Kl (.s, |) MEN ' S SUITLNGS M l 1)1 1 ICl;. 1)1X11 R Mil I. NO. I, 1)1 XII R. Ml . Mil 1 NO. 1 ' . SWI.I R II I 1 . Ml . DEXTER. MK. Let Us Show Y ' aii ]]i S;ili f inj ' a Good Hotel Cmii U I he ri);l)l (Oiiihin ilinii iif idiiiIoii. ion vciiicDic. line fixxl .iiid iliiiik anil };niiiinr l) s|)ilalll llJM ' iiiailc llic I ' ciuibsiol caslnn Maine ' s |iu ' f( ' ii(xt luilcl. PENOBSCOT nXCHANGF HOTEL llwi.llK. ll 170 ROGERS ' STORE INC. 11 Mummond St. Bvnc.or, Maink 21 Patterns in Sihcrwarc including Toll, Gorhain, Rtcd and Barton. International Silver CORSAGES (11 H.OWIR BROtKWAY FLOWER SHOPPE 1 ' ) Centra ■Ai St. t in Flowers " Bancor. M i t Compliments of MOTHER HUBBARD FLOUR Arthur Chapin Co. Bangor. Maine DiSTRlBlTORS THE MERRILL TRUST COMPANY Complete Banking Facilities in Every Department of Modern Banking- including Checking, Savings, Loans, Trust, Custody, Safety-Deposit. Twehc offices convenientlv located in Eastern .Maine Communities. our account is invited and inquiries solicited. BANGOR, MAINE Memljer Fttleral Reserve B.inking Svsiem and Federal De|x»sit Insurance Corporation BOOK BINDING OFFICE SUPPLIES DICTAPHONE DILLINGHAM ' S Binders of The Mdine Prism 29 Franklin Street Bangor, Maine Tel. 2-1519 I7L ' JMaine Qo Sales Qo. Meilclo lIKiimiiious Sfoam Coalsi Via Railroad Cars or Trucks DISTRIBUTORS Fairbanks Morse Automatic Stokers Plain: Biicksport Office: Eastern Trust Bldg. Bangor BOSTON HEADQUARTERS for the University of Maine • Hotel Hiellevuc on Beacon Hill opposite the State House • ALAN A. SWITZER ' Risident JManager 173 n angor Nursery F loner Shop KHX) Suilc Si reel Tc-1. r.i|( c| ll.iininoiul Sircc ' l Ifl. 1)1 " MOTIIKirS KIIEAII B, Viiaini«d BANGOR BAKING COMPANY M» (cnlrr Siuci BANGOR. MAINE REMEMHKR THE BANGOR HOUSE W ' luii iiiakin} hold ifscixaiioiis lor | arciiis or liiiiids. llu- Imt- fcMxl and pleasant acconnnodaiions ihcy liiul ijun will ;nail increase ihcir cnjoymcni ol ilic isit. BANGOR ROOFING SHEET METAL CO. si,atf-tilk-(X)ppi:r-ir(). Tar and CiRAVF.i, Roofing Auioinobik ' Radiator Rcjiairing; New Radiators 2 1 Hallow Slice! II SI.I)K. l MSI VIRGIE ' S or Aim (1 Ol IIIM. -SIIOI s MAIS OkONO. M l l Crovvcll Lancaftcr, Archircfts DVSI.OK. M IM C. r.iiln Ciiiufll. ■ |S. A.l.A. W.ilrn s l.iiii.iMci. A.l. !)(sii;iicrs ol Fsiahrookc llall 171 The Hayncs Chalmers Co. ll»r«l vairo Iron LUMBERMEN ' S AND MILL SUPI ' LIES Dynaiiiitf, I ' owckr, Sporiinj; Cioods iii;i r, (ii s(.i SiHMi 15 (.( R, Maim- SFRCJCE ' S On the Campis Wluic (|U alitv remains the same, and Foniicr St iHkiits arc Ahvays Velconic BUniNHAM DRUG Prescriptions Oi.ii Town. M.mnf PARK ' S IIARIkWAIIE VARIETV Hc(id(iu(irtcrs far Your Xccds From a Paper of Pins to a Heating Plant for Voiu Home Plumbing S: Hkating ;! -:t7 Mill Street Oidiio, Maine Te Harass ail The Students ' Eating Place AIR CONniTIONF.n SOUND CONDITIONED 202 Exchange Street Banf or, Maine Compliiiiciits of PLNE TREE RESTAURANT, INC. I I I Main St. 15 N(. )R. M mm .Mil ,11 R rXlKOR.MS and E(.Hip. n-. I M L. FRENCH SON CO. Ii Nr.OR. I I 1 175 WheiT Yom ' WSBKirCovm HOWArD -WESSON COMPANY D STREET, WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS. 44P0R AfeidA CHfianJi JdoAKfeU GoUe cfe Cn iCA eM I7(i EASTERN TRUST AND BANKING COMPANY li STATE ST. BANGOR With S20o,ooo.oo Capital and §1,034,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits Earned Offers to its Patrons Even- Form of Bn ikiiig Sewice COMMERCIAL TRUST-BOXD-FOREIGX EXCHANGE-SAVINGS SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS OFFICERS VILLI. ' M P. NEWMAN. Piesident HARRV A. LITTLEFIELD, ' ice President and Treasurer KARL R. PHILBRICK. Setretary and Trust Officer CLYDE A. MALLE r 1 . Assistant Trust Officer THOMAS W . KELLY, Jr., Auditor BOARD OF TRUSTEES GEORGE T. C;ARLLSLE WILLLXM P. NEWMAN RAYMOND U. DAVIS HAROLD M. PIERCE HARR A. LII ILEFIELD CORNELIl S J. Rl SSELL, Sr. STEPHEN WHE.VI LAND bra c;hes old i own - - _ _ machias 177 IVU) I) EI N STUDIO (ILII TtlWN MAINE to. " Ike. 19 5 pMlm ITS UNlVERSfTY OF MAINE PRESS ORONO. MAINE ' ' y.C f ' mt .;o.i- - ■iT i

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