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im I OLIVE BRADBURY THE UNIVERSITY OF MAINE IS IMIEFAIUNG lowor.i ' .ovv And All " lluf eUiUnen Io4fal Stand - a UNIVEI ' iSITY «l MAINE In this (liticth xoluinc of the PRISM, on behall of the Class of 1 944, we ha c souj ht to provide a per- manent record of a memorable vear. Looking hack, we find that just half- way al()n,i; the road the PRISM has taken, the Class ol ) ) 1 eason to remember and record the inijjact of world tij:)hea al tipon the haj)pv. care- free campns life -hich so many other annual xoluuu s l).i e pictured. Never- llieless. the light that is this Unixer- sity still e erlastingly shines and glows, transmitting and directing its beams ilnnngli the greater jirism that is the ( and achie ements ol its sons and daughlt ' rs. in pt ' aic- and DEDICATION • • • To the University of Maine, the year 1942-43 has been a year of changes and sacrifices on all sides. Curriculum plans have been accelerated, social activities have been moderated, and the entire col- lege life has been altered to comply with the war effort. Through it all the ailministraiion and faculty have worked tirelessly to give the students the best possible in defense courses, dormitory food, and especially encouragement in these trying times. The students have cooperated with excellent spirit, studying harder, work- ing longer hours, and curtailing outside activities, realizing the important part which they, as college students, are now challenged to play. Many of the boys have had to ka e the UniNersiiy al- together to ollei lluir li cs to the armed services. It is ti) all ilusc. siudints and adminis- tration alike, that the Junior Class wishes to dedicate the 1944 Pvisiit. On your shoulders rests the workl ' s hitiire. Through your work towards the attain- ment of democracy and a permanent peace, vou have won our deepest re- spect ami atlmiraiion. lUi: liNiOR Cl. ss •• • • • 1 - ' I : Mcuf Peace uuiUUi Uuf hx nxie elcj — The following scenes will, we hope, as years go by, bring back many fond memories of your college years. Years hence, undoubtedly many of these build- ings will have been destroyed, and other larger, more beautiful ones will have taken their places; but these old build- ings that we see now will familiar to us. The old librarv. Iniih generosity of .Xndrcw C. has been a vcll-known 1; University. , even then be in !()()( • ' y the nnegit is md rk of I lie L I II n A H Y f rw. ■ s !: m.: THt NFU MHH AU When finislied the new Library will relieve one of the most critical needs of ihe University. Thanks to the successful Library Fund Campaign and gifts of alunnii. the new Librarv is now comiilet- ((I on iIk (Aterioi. and ready within for ihi luial stages ol ((instruction after the war. when ii will stand as a memorial to lovalty and to laiih in the fiiiine of the Iniveisitx. OAK HALL Oak Hall, erected in 1937 on the loca- tion of the old " Oak Hall, " is used as a Freshman dormitory. SflMSSIEl r.M;il......k Hall. n.iiiK Clark i;sial)n. .ki-. l)ii use as ail uiipcr-ilaNN womt ilid Kaic II i(||() for ilormiiory. ESTAHIUmi.K H l I Fernald Hall, built in 1870, is the old- est building on the campus. It is now Ix-st known as the " Book Store " where one and all meet for " cokes. " FERNALD HALL W I I ; I I HALL Wingaic. the Home of Civil Engineer- ing, was Ijuilt in 1892. This year, on February i(jih, a fire giiiied it roni- pletely. silencing ilic (Ihiss IVll uhiih was in the tower. Slcvciis Hall, uilli ihc Iwn viiij;s as it now stands, was cuniplutcd in uj3;j, as a building devoted to Arts and Sci- ences and Education. Wiiislou- is iiM.I l) llic C.illcur Ap;ii iilimf ami I lie I-.Miiisinii Si r i It was l)uili in njoij. U INSI (l H M L STILLWATER This scene is from Hannibal Hamlin Hall looking louaul the Stilhvalcr River as vc leave the main part at the campus and head north. « ' .. ' I ' ' ' mMft 1 lull, now. and Iokac r ilic lUii; l ilii- Unilcd Stales of Aiiuiua will lly over our caiiipus ai tlic Uiiivirsiiy ol Maiiii ' . (II II i;i III ' , Bottom row— 1st Lt. L. Kellev, 1st Lt. C. Payson, Major H. Ingraham, Cul F. Fuller, Capt 1st Lt. S. Tracy, Jr.. 2nd Lt. L. Connevey. Standing— S Sgt. F. Brouillard. Pvt. A. Carleton. S Sgt. R. Haraboskv, Pvt P. DeRose, Sgt St. Sauveur. Corp. H. Mcintosh, Corp. F. Sweeney. S Sgt. J, Rinkau s, Corp. H. Eme MILITARY ■•■ ' iff. This year CdIoihI Fuller was piolcsst)!- of Military .Scitiue and Tatties, and he, with the assistance ot Major Ingraham ol the Coast . rtillery and Captain Pur- cell of the newly formed Signal Corps unit, gave the students their basic in- struction which has been responsible for the high calibre of many of our present day officers. During this required two- year ])eriod, students learn, by actual practice with legulation ecjui])nient, and study theory in the classroom. I ' pon completion of this basic course, a stiuk iiL showing leadership and abilitx ma be selected for ad anced traiiiiiii;. il he so desires. Those selected betniiK suuUm officers and assist in the drilling; ol the basic students, thus preparing; ilunisches to become better officers. SCAIilVAlii) AM) BLADE Aitivi. iiicmbci ol ilu- Scil)!); Blade society are chosen linm duim.iiuI ill}; (adet officers in ad an(r l RO I.C (raining. riu- tliapter at Mainr. I). C;()iui an N|)(Mis )rs (he oiitsiaiKlint; lorinal danci ol Ilu- (ar. Ilu- MiliiaiA I ' .all. 1 OKllCKRS Cal lnn, Ri li:ii.l M. I ' uric ■n-U l.irittrninil U. (.ram l,,..iiai.l. |r. Sc(()ii(l Llriilrrnnil David R. Harding lirsl Srviirnnl Simuur A. CHaverie Bagley . Hartley . Bralty. Jr . Brewer :. Brown . BumI? . Cabot . Clavcrie Colcoril. Jr , ' . Cullen . Etzell :. Fogler Goodcliild I. Goodwin ' . llardinR •. HardinB . HerlmUhei Holtcr Hufnaxel V. lohns. J K. Johns..,, R. Nutltr J. O ' Brien M. fcrkham R. fierce J. Radlcy C. Richardson E. Robinson W. Schofield R. Sinkinson f ' ; S uh-e» D. .Sncll W. Sullivan I ' . Sweetser ] . 0. T. G. BAND rhc Univirsitv ol Maine R.O.T.C MEMBER.S jaiul. under the student leadership o AmUit,,,,. 1). Mcuhaut. R. Russell Bodwell. plays tor all niilitarx jccasions, various assemblies, and loot jail and basketball games. lioducll. R. UiiclKinan, R. Hiadlcv. R. Bridges, W. Mdltr. R. -Miller, G, Morris, A. McKay, K. Bowen, E, Ordway, R. Bonney, H. Partridge, C. BOWDOIN GAME f:artcr. W. (Urns. R. Page. C. I ' laisted. T. CcrniicT. , .. I ' clletier, G. Dcacc.n. W. RaTusddl. H. Ellsworth, E. Ri:.;l, . W. WB[ Eickett. R. Rims, B. (.oodell. R. Rid k. (.odfrev. R. Siiiilli. R. u ' " ' ' .. - ' (.oldsmith. M. ,Stai.k|x)lc. 1 ' . Hardy, W. Suntcvam. V r ' . m Haggett, R. St. Clair, B. 1 ' ' M Higgins. M. Stephens, F. ¥%S ' - « Hill. N. Hill., j. Scheiichzcr, E Thcriault. B. M iy iMiuaii. C. 1 llisoii, C. lord, R, Toole. J. Trecartin, L. Weeks, R. BlUf 4b59 1 a Barge. K. Wiglev, R. Hh Bk dBHlH Lor.l, H. Wood. C. BiH H Mills, R. Wnuv ' . i. I lu I iiiviisitv ..I M.tiiu Rill. Ii.iin. U Maj-.i l..isk. ...n.i.Uiol a (i Miccrssfnl season, takin ; liiM plan- in ilu- Fiisl Strvicr Coniinaiul Maidi. In 111. ' William Randolph Hcarsi Tropin Maidi. ilu oilui ( v Kn lancl Oliani- pionsliip Maldi. Mainr Irain o. i phuiil Mcontl and l ani No. _■ jiLkiiI foniili. I.iadin} his icam. Dodnf was awardid individual h ois in hoih New England man holds ihc all-iinif Main, iv.oi.l srruiivc lens, lia in ,; shoi 17 ll tiic prone position. INC. Ll.NL LETTER WINNERS FOR 1942-43 Baglcv H;ilc Chadwick IMaisio.1 DoilRC (I cam Captain) Barinl v iManai cr) MM KRAI. W Albert Graliai.i H.iimin..ii I llii.h Pcadicv Ri.kci UIFLE TEAM Top row— Col. Fuller, Plaisled, Chadwick, Albert, Wannemai Maj. Lask (Coach) r...ttM„, ri.w-fllricll. ( r;ili,-,m. Pcaclu-v. nurnctt, Co11)v. Pin.lle Kingsbury, Doorc (Team Capt, ARMV, GO AHKAI). PLKASE 1(:t )r march GOOD WORK. INI ' ANTRV MAINE PARAni " . RES (M I I ASH n. n. T. (; I ' RF i| V R (s FOR THE BOY MAP ArAKING PHVSICAU.V ITT STUDENTS The war is felt b) and every one is doinif speeding victory so University of Maine activities and interests. r w K V t ell di I n ikii I students, .iiiil ( irli s tir her piirt tio .ird at II III e iiiiiri ' tlii ill ri ' siimi ' its ri ' iiiiliir MKN DRAI rsMKN llONDS FOR VICTORY IT RI COMMANDO ADMINISTRATION V vl " ADMINISTK VTHJN BUlLniNB HTHIIR . H AllCh I ' ULSIIILM (IF lINUmSIT PERCY F. CRANE DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS FREDERICK S. YOUNGS TREASURER CHARLES E. CROSSLAND ALUMNI SECRETARY pUr ' •• ' RKilSTRAR 1R 1 . I ' ll KC ACCOIMAM IMIII IP J. BROCKWAY PLACEMENT DIRECTOR 29 HOUSE DIRKOTORS LIVING AT MAINE In general it may l)e said thai thi ' Lhii- versity went on as usual during this year with our country at war. Dances were held, the bookstore was still patroni ed for the traditional " loke. " ciglu o ' clock classes were siill cut. and aihkiiis wire still played. However, in vealii , mam changes have taken place. One ol ihe most important indications ol a war is Manx men were called inlo ihe Army by their draft boards and many more went when the E. R. C. was called. Still others went with the .Air Force, and even now was lo le Ik taken. It ads ol all Ih e ( wc )f re is so im- he second allowed to ■s 1 )r he good ol all. This is a iiiilcMonc in liic nilis ol ilu- I ' liiMisiiN. 1)111 ii is iioi ama in 4. loi this tai is lull ol siraimi- iia|)|Hiiiiii; E in with all tlusc changes and in ccrtaimics. the I ' lxsidcnt. the Dean ( Men. and the Dean of Wonien have done iheii best lor the students. Maine is still a I ' liixeisiiv uheie one (an acquire further knowledge il he so desires. Even in these days determinants are still taught in Freshman algibra. P ' e(|uals a constant, and biiUHiiiious lab is siill dirtv on the hands. DK.AN K. (;. WIt.SON DFAN Ol WOMEN )KTf;RMlN. NTS CHEMICALS Ill 1.S71, three years alter the collts e ojjened, an Electi e Ciirriciihnii was iS()7, when the Slate Ciol- le, e was reorganized as the LIniversity of Maine, it be- came known as the College ol Arts and Sciences. Upon (onipletion of the recpiired (iiniuihini in this college, a suuleiii receives a degree (.1 Bachelor of Arts. )1:.AN MORKl) ARTS AND SCIENCE Front r 3W— Selwonc , Dev row-Hardv Third r ow— Brvaii, T.MCas Fourth row— Whnn ev, W Fifth rn w-Tretkel iichmoiiJ. Sprague. Dean R. Morrow. Dickinson. Flynn. Runion. :oberts. Fischer. Chadbourne, Jordan, Turner, Ashby, Peterson, P ith. Ellis Glanville. Levmson. Drummond. Scamman, Kales , Hawthorne, Oleson, Bennett, Crofutt, Stewart, Lamoreau, Quin; Ills omeK s Mnrphv, Learnard, -Seabnrv. Bailey, Speicher. Kle n f V -r ■ ' " • i: .» av Third row— Pedlow. Ashman. W Fourth row — Brewer, Dow, Dors Fifth row Loring. Dirks, Rilev , Chapman, Curtii DEAN DK.KRINT. Ill l (K• ihf L ' niversitx of .Maine ■a established as the State College of . sri- (iilt.iie and the Mechanic Arts. Slowh the agrici.l- tmal (uniriilnm developed into the College ol . grieul uire as it is today. One ol the most important fea- tures of the College of Ag- rieidture is the mainte- nance of the Extension .Ser- vice. This department is of ever increasing value to the .State, cspeciallv so in times like these when efficient running of fanns is impor- tant to the war effort. AUhlCllLTllHE p . " ' t uiit luw-VVilb n. Creauici, Lucas, Ijiay, Dean Cluki-, VValsuii, Brautlecht, riagcman. Scaiiin cond row— Bliss. Banks. Bogan, McNary, Ryckman, Stuart. Sweetser. Brann, Wilson, Osgood, Lyon Martin, Lekberg lird row-Snarrow, Sawver, Rich, Donglass, Crabtrce, Harris. Trefetlicn, LeCain, Caulfiild. Taylor, I lie College of Tech- il(ii; ai I he University of aine is one of the leading jhnological schools in the [St. Since its fouiKling the college, it soon took e lead amon- I he de- rliiKiits ol .Maine .State .Ikge, and dining the cheniisiry. mechanical, itrical, chemical, and il engineering, engineer- j)h si(s, and l)ul|) and TECHNOLOGY (ill Aim ATE SI III IV I lirnui;h(.r.i lM.ii.SlU(l ilu- rni rsii ..lliiN a iliaiui- lor siiuliiiis ii» (oii- (tiiliali- i n the s|K ilK liuld i l imiTcNt. and tonsctimnt- K nixaiii a MaMiis Dcruc in liiluT Alls or Science, lo the giathiaie Miideiit the I ' liiversitv oliiis coiiiNes in all (iepartnunis. EDUCATION 1)i;a i ' i ikkso I)e (lo|)Kl as an onli iowili ol il Collei e »1 Alls and Sciences, liie Scl ol Educaiion was established in i();v Iksides providing a means where a dent ma ohtain his secondarx sc I Slate teat hint; (crtiluate. ihe school c iini(!i work to aid leaduis in s(i i(i the r.diuatioiial Kxleiision Sei i(i ' and the Siininier Sessions. .Mong with these duties the School ol Ediuation main- tains an Educational Film I.ibrarv. Irom whiih (drcalional lihns are rinted onl to |)ul)ii( sdiooN iluongiiout the Stale. CLASSES SENIORS We have ikivv reached ihe goal at which we aimed as freshmen in the fall of 1939, only to realize keenly that this four-year journey is just a preliminary test, ' e have played hard and worked hard, and received our share of college lame, in classroom and on athletic field. We lia e relaxed— though not often enough to bring swift disaster. And as we have coped with examinations and set jrecords for successors to ri al, we have grown a little older and soberer, acquired a sense of balance, of perspec- tive, of judgment (hat should stand us in good stead in ihai longer and more rugged test wliith is upon us as we be- come aiunmi and lace- llie world, ll is linue clcNcloping liie l)est thai is in us lor the benefit of that larger world. CLASS OFFICERS C. RL GOC)DC:HtLD, JO SOLIE, ED ROBINSON. ICKV CR. NE ;r?SS SI.UIIS I 111 iiunibers of the Senior Skull or- !;,nii ;iii(ni arc selected on the I)asis of li;ira( ler, |K)|)iilarity, scholar.shi|). and | aiii(i|)aiion. Each year, nine new Skulls lor (he coiniiij- ear are lapped liu- Skulls prescribe the rides for in- ()iuiii r freshinen. and. as leaders of the Scuim Class, aim to luainiain friendly 111, II inns among classes and fraternities. I)( .111 l.amert S. Corbctt is an honorary skull and is LkuIiv ad isir of the sroup. ALL MAINE WOMEN Membership in ihe All-Maine Women is one of ihe highest non-sc holasiic hon- ors obtainable to women at the L ' ni er- sity of Maine. Those women who re- ceive this honor are those people who have contributed most to the Uni ersity and who ha e shown consistent qualities of leadership during their college careers. Ihe tapping of the . 11-Maine Women takes place at the annual Spring Hamiuet to which represciuaiJMs horn each sent. One of the ma organi aiion is ili Pageant presinled lunctions of this annual ( lass Dav { ' .oTmiieiuemeilt. HERSCHEL G. ABBOTT, Xi Sigma Pi 4; Forestry Chi CHARLES B. ADAMS, MA GEORGE F. ADAMS. AT!) Vgniuitmal Economics West Sumner Kr ciiUnral Club 4; P.P. A, }■ M.C.A. JOSEPH ADLER, Jr.. 2N Business Administration Sanfonl M.C.A. 1. 2, 3. 4; Band 1. 2, 3; Students ' Arts Club 1, 2; Le Cercle Prancais 1, 2; Chorus 1; Basketball 1. 2; Tennis 1. 2; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2. BRUNO E. AHO rv Husbandry Union eball 1, 2; J.V. Football 2. 3; Glee Club la; Caliin BERNARD ALBAIR, ATA RACHEL ALDEN English Dover-Poxcroft Y W C A. 3. 4; Der Deutsche Verein 2. 3. 4; Students ' rts Club 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Dean ' s List 2b. 3a, 3b, 4a. C. DONALD ALLEN, rA Business Administration New Rochelle, N. V. Chorus 1, 2; M.C.A. 1. 2; Students ' Arts Club 1; Fresh- JAMES R. AMBROSE, S. E WESLEY D. ANDERSON, ■IdlK Mechanical Engineering Mars Hil Athletics; A.S.M.E. CLASS OF 194. ' . KRAXKI.IX J. AISTIN Mechanical EnginceriiiK Farmington Football 1. . ' . i: C.A.A. . ' : A.S.M F. J. MAYXARD AISTIX. rMA ' -il KitKinccritiR Bclh« S.C.E. 3. 4; M.C.A. J, 4; Dean ' s List 21 . Ja. 31.. a. OTIS Z. BACOX CA.A.: I.S.O. 2. i. Boxing 1: Cabin Club 1. 2. 3: EDWARD F. BAC.LEY M.C.A. 1, 4; 411 Club 3. 4; F.F.A. 3. 4; Cabi CHARLES E. BARTLEY, -tK-Z Engineering Physics Greenville Cross Country 1; Skiing 1; Basketball 2, 3: Golf 2: Intramural Football 2. 3. 4; Tau Beta Pi 4: Scabbard and Blade 3. 4: Phvsics Club 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a. ' JAMES H. B. TF.S Education Education Club; International Relations Club fer from Farmington Normal School. BARBARA BEAN. AOH s Newport Neai Mathetai 1; Choir 2; Women ' s Forum 3: Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Prism 3; Maine Radio Guild 3: Glee Club 1. 2. 3; Students ' Arts Club 2; Le Cercle Francais 2; Home Eco- nomics Club 3. 4; Knitting 3; Hockey 2. 3. 4; Basketball 2. 3; Vollevball 2. 3; International Relations Club 4: Dean ' s List lb. 3a, 4a. GEORGE D. BEARCE. Jr.. Beil Club 3. 4. President 4: Prism. Assistant Editor 3; M.C.A. I. 3. 4. Subscription Drive Committee 4; Students Arts Club 1; Freshman Newspaper 1; Tutorial Honors lb; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a. ROBERT H. BEEDY Agricultural Club 4; F.F.. . 4; Dean ' s List 2h, 4a. DOROTHY BELL Dean ' s List 2a CLASS OF I ' M-. ELLIS L BELL Animal Husbandr ARTHUR W. BEVERAGE, 2K Civil Engineering North Haven M.C.A. I, 2. 3. 4; Men ' s Cabinet 3. 4; A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Paper 1, 2; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. WARREN H. BICKFORD LS.O. 2, 3; M.O.C. CLIFFORD W. BIRCH, lechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. 3, 4; Dean ' s List 2b. RUTH V. BLANCHARD Education Portland May Pageant 1, 2; Outing Club 1. 2, 3: Secretarial Club 1, 2, 3; M.O.C. 4; Education Club 4; Transfer from VVestbrook Junior College. MILLARD O. BOSS, AXA Dover-Fo.xcroft MURRAY BOWDEN European History South Penobscot Le Cercle Francais 1, 2. CARLTON M. BRACKETT, ATfi CECIL R. BRADSTREET, ATP ll Husbandry Albion eball 1-, Cabin Club 1, 2. 3, 4; M.C.A. 1. WALTER H. BRADY, fl-rA Engineering Physics Dorchester, Mas Physics Club 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 3; " M " Club 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3; Indoor Track 2; Outdoor Track CLASS OF 194-J RICHARD nRAfiDON, KI • Wcjtbrook Ilaii.l 1; Pruclcr J, ■»; Dcm ' s List lli. .la. 3 , . . .11). nF. KKI.Y A, IIRAWX. AOU Z...ilo|ty Brunswick Maine Masmic 3, 4; Executive Cuinmittcc 4; VVoiTieii ' s Forum 2. 4; Hockey I, 2; Baskclball 2; Students ' Arts Club 1. 2. J: Le Cercle Francais 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 3. 4; Prism 3; Dean ' s List 4a. ERMA L. BRAWN South Lincoln JENNIE M. BRIDGES Romance Languages Calais Chorus I: Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Prism 3; Der Deutsche Verein 2. 3. 4, SecreLlry 3. 4; El Circulo Espanol 4; Le Circle Fr.nncais 4; Modern D.lncc Club 2. 3; All-Maine Wonicn ' s P.iRcant 1. 2, 3; Honorary Lieutenant Colonel 3. DONALD V. BROWN, : M.O.C. 1. Treasurer 4 MCA. 1, 2 Fairfield al . thletic Council 2, 3, 4, r Carnival Committee 2. 3; FRANCIS A. BROWN itant Basketball Manager 1. 2; Varsity Basketball er 3; Tau Beta Pi 3, 4. Secretary 4; Scabbard and fc-!-. Tennis Team Manager 1. 2. 3. 4; Tennis 4; Rifle Tcan .lanager 1. 2, 3; Sigma Delta Zeta 1, 2. 3. 4; Le Cercl. ' rancais I: Maine Masque 1: I.S.O. I. 2. 3. 4. Secretan MADELYN E. BUCK Education Harrison Education Club 4; Transfer from Gorham Normal School; Dean ' s List 4a. GRACE C. BIRNELL Cumberland Center Off-Campus Women I. 2. 3, 4: Contributor ' s Club 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Ne W.A.A. 1. 2. 3: Graton Es . ' a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a. WALDO H. BIRNHAM. ri Electrical Engineering M.C.A. I. 2. 3, 4; Glee Cluh 1. 2. 3. 4; Main CLAS.S OF l )4:5 DAVID S. CALDWELL Forestry South Bylield, Mass. Indoor Track 2, 3; Outdoor Track 1, 2. 3; Cross Coun- try 1. ARTHUR F. CARLSON, OX Electrical Engineering Rockland Maine Masque 1, 2; Prism Board o; Maine Radio Guild 2, 3, 4; M.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4; M.O.C. 1, 2; Varsity Show 2; A.LE.E. 3, 4; LR.E. 3. 4; Radio Club 2, 3, 4; Tau Beta Pi 4; Dean ' s List la, lb. GILBERT M. CARLSON, .I ' KS I-,,r. ,l,y Milton, Mass. r, Country 1; Track 1. 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Forestry h:I, 1, 2. 3. 4, Secretary-Treasurer 1, Vice President 2; Athletics 1, 2. 3, 4. RITA M. CASSIDY, XQ English Bangor Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; M.O.C. 1; Com- mencement Pageant 2; Defense Committee 3: Modern Dance Club 3, 4, President 4; Prism 3; W.A.A. 4. lOHN H. CHADWICK -lorticnltnrc Honlton Intramural Athletics 1. 2. 3. 4; Agricultural Club 1. 3, 4; M.C.A. 1, 3. LEWIS r. CHADWICK Theatre Brewer S. HOBART CHANDLER, 2N Mechanical Engineering Caribou A..S.M.E. 3, 4; M.C.A. 4 MARY L. CHAPMAN, xa Home Economics Portland Women ' s Forum 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 2; Prism 3; Maine Radio Guild 3; M.O.C. 1; Home Economics Club 1, 3; Defense Council 3; Elementary Nursing 2; Nutrition Aide 3: International Relations Club 3, 4; Dean ' s List 2b, 3b, 4a. ROBERT L. CHAPMAN, H- Engineering Physics Portland Ci-Mss Ciuntrv 1; Ski 1. 2; I nt, .,nun;,l AtllKtics 1, ' , ,;, 1, I ' M -■riii.n, l;,.ii.rn 1 ' n " . ' . 1 |l ' i.u ■• rnnd H, " , :::,.,V ' :, ;, " k,,.i w ' .mV;; : . 1., .- :-■ L: ' i. MARGARET E. CHURCH, .XSJ Home Economics Gardiner ( ,1,,.., , : w A ;. , --.i.i,MM II. • L; . l,,i,,,.M 1 ;. , , ' ' 1 II, IMM M 11. ' " .-,. 1 •■ . ' ' . Ml m ' mi . 3; ' ' ' sophornor ' e ' " EagleV, ' se ' cret,ary " 2V Who ' s Who 4; Dean ' s List 4a. CLASS OF I94;J MAkTllA I. CII.I.KV M.itliclai 1: Glccr Chil. 2. i. 4; Slii. Orclirsira 1; Modern Dance Cluli J; In u CUiI . Treasurer 4; Maine Campus VIRGINIA I). CI.AKK SUMNER A. CLAVERIE. ::. - Hairy Husbandry West Roxbury. Mass. FRANK A. CI.IFFOKD ;K01 GE E. CLIFFORD. OX gincering Boothbay Harbor THOMAS L. CLIFFORD. |.Mi ALICIA COFFIN, AOn History Bangor Maine Campus 2. 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 4: Prism 3; Le Cercle Francais 1; Orchestra L 2. 3. 4; Off-Campus Women 1, 2; Defense CoordinalinK Council 3; Maine Radio Guild 3, 4; W.S.G.A. 4; Women ' s Leadership Conference 4; Junior Prom Committee 3; Student Senate 4. BARBARA COLE Sociology Bryant Pond Dean ' s List la. 2a. 2b. 3a. 4a: Chorus 1; Y.W.C.A. L . ' . 3. 4: M.C.A. Cabinet 2. 3; Glee Club 2. 4; 4-H Club 1. 2; El Circulo Espanol I: Sigma Mu Sigma 3. 4: I.R.E. 3; Chi Omega Sociology Prize 2: James Norris Hart Schol- WINONA COLE Home Economii RICHARD WESLEY COLLINS. MA Chemical Engineering Farniingti Band 1. 2. . ' : I.ihr.-irian 2: Prism 3. Assistant Athlcl Fditor: Trnni. 1: MCA. 4 CLASS OF )4: VIRGIXIA COXANT M.C.A. 2, 3, Secretary 1, 4; Off. , _, , Dean ' s List 4a; 4-H Club : 3; Social Committee 4; Le Cercle Women 1. HARRY COPE Chemical Engineering Portland Dean ' s List la, lb. 2a, 2b, 3a. 3b, 4a; Secondary School Scholarship; Class of 1909 Fund Scholarship 3; Tau Beta Pi 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Independent Students ' Organization 3, 4; Chairman of Religious Com- :AY E. CORLIS CHESTER D. CRAM, HK M.C.A. 3; Studen Club 3; Maine Radio Guild Arts Club 3; Debate Club 3; TALBOT HARLOW CRANE, KS Economics Orono Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 4a; Maine Campus 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor 3, Contributing Editor 4; M Club 2, 3, 4; Prism Sports Editor 3; M.C.A. 1. 4; Band 1. 2; Pale Blue Key 3, 4; EI Circulo Espanol 1, 2; Indoor Track 1. 2. 3, 4; Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3; President of Class 4; Freshman Banquet Committee 1; Library Campaign 1; Senior Skulls 4; Student Senate, Vice President 4; Men ' s Senate and Interfraternity Council, Vice President 4; U.S.O. Committee 4; War Bond and Stamp Committee 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. HOWARD ALVAH CROSBY. OX Electrical Engineering Dean ' s List 2b. ELINOR CROWELL, XQ ' re-Medical South Portland Students ' Arts Club 2, 3; W.S.G.A. 3; Women ' s Forum . 4; Hockey 3. 4; Volleyball 3, 4; Prism 3; Commence- nent Pageant 2; Der Deutsche Verein 3, 4; Transfer rom Westbrook Tunior College; Dean ' s List 2a, 2b, 4a. JOHN P. CULLINAN, •tHK ory and Government Norway line Radio Guild 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2; M.C.A. 1, 2. Treasurer 3. Vice President 4: Band 1, 2; Students ' Club 1; Le Cercle Francais 1; Debate Club J ' ' President 4: T.V. Football Club 3. 4, Vice " President 4; al List la, lb. 2b, 3a. DANA R. CUXXIXGHAM. AE Mechanical Engineering Old Town A.S.M.E. 3; Advanced R.O.T.C. 3. 4; Dean ' s List 3b, 4a. PHYLLIS L. DANFORTH, Home Economics Women ' s Forum 2. 3; Y.W.C.A. I. 2. 3; Prist Economics Club 1; Hockev 1; Dean ' s List 4a. CLASS OF 1948 GRANT DAVIS, IKS Football 1. Home Economics Club 1; Glee Club 1, 2. 3; Choir 3; Y.VV.C.A. 1. 2, 3. 4. Cabinci 3, 4; Assistant Social Chair- man, Summer 4; Dean ' s List la, lb, 3b, 4b. HELEN M. DEERING Hour- Economics C W.S.G.A. 3; W.A.A. 3 4. Treasurer 4; M Club Secretary-Treasurer 4; Sophomore Eagles; Home nomics Club 1. 2. 3. 4, Vice President 2, Preside Hockey 1. 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3, All-Maine Res Volleyball 1. 2. 3; All Maine Women 4; Dean ' s Lii 3b, 4a. EDMIND M. DEETER, Jr. s Administration Camp Hill, Pen Glee Club; M.C.A.; Dean ' s List 4a. I ROYAL J. DEIXEL. TfM ' Business Administration Portland M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 1, 2; Dean ' s List lb, 2a. MARK C. DEVEREUX, KS .Vninial Husbandry Castinc Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Club, Senior Representative; Phi Kappa Phi; J.V. Football 2. 3; Charles H. Hood Scholarship; Leon Stephen Merrill Scholarship; Dean ' s List la, lb. 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a. M.O.C. 1; Cheerleader 3; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2; Maine Mas Associate Member 3; Women ' s Forum 3; Prism 3; ( mencement Pageant 2. ROBERT T. DODGE, SAE Mechanical Engineering Football 1; Track 1, 2, 3. 4 I, 2. 3. 4; Tennis 1; MCA M.E. 3. 4: Advanced Mi!- ' Bangor M Club 2. 3. 4; Rifle Team Intr.iim.ral Alhlclirs; AS. MERRILL L. DONAHUE. K: ANCES M. DONOVAN, AAA W.S.G.A. 1. 2, 3. 4. Treasui President 4; President, Sophi Arts Club 1, 2; All-Maine Won 1, 2. 3, 4; Sigma Mu Sigma 3. 2, Vice Preside Eagle Pris Students ' 3; Y.W.C.A. Day Committee •e 2, 3; Student 2. 3, 4, Vice President 4; M Club 1, 2, 3, 4, ve Committee 4; Maine Seal Award 3; Women ' s Championship 3: Hockey 1. 2, 3, 4, All-Maine , 3: Basketball I. 2. All-Maine Team 1, 2; Vol- 1. 2. 3; Dean ' s List 2h. 3a. 3h, 4a. CLASS OF l )4:{ MARION R. DORMAX, HB Club 2. 3; M.C.A. 2, JAMES E. DOW Education East Machia; Farniington Xormal School 1. 2, 3: Student Senate 2, 3 lirror Board 1. 2. Editor 3; Yearbook Staff 1. 2. 3 ' . A. Cabinet 1. 2; Sports 1, 2. 3: C.S.P.A. Delegate 2 ho ' s Who 2; Education Club 4; Dean ' s List 4a. IX FR. NCES DREW, I M Mathematics Sedgwick Sigma Mu Sigma 3. 4; Modern Dance Club 3. 4. Secre- tary-Treasurer 4: Rifle Club 1. 2. Manager 2; Hockev 1. 2. 3. 4. All-Maine Reserve 2; Volleyball 1. 2. 3; Assist- ant Winter Sports Manager 2; Winter Sports Manager 3; W.A.A. Council 3; " M " Club 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 4; M.C.A. 1; M.O.C. 1; W.S.G.A. 2; Le Cercle Francais 1; Associate Member Maine Masque 3; All-Maine Worn- en ' s Pageant 2. 3; W.A.A. Spring Banquet Chairman 3; Dean ' s List 2b. 3b. EDWARD G. DUCKWORTH Geology and Geography Xorth Attleboro. El Circulo Espanol; I.S.O.; International Rel WILLA A. DUDLEY, XP. I, 2, 3. 4: Y.W.C.A. I. 2, 3, 4; Pack and Pine 3, 4; Home Ecoi mencement Pageant 2. 3; Mode T 3, 4; Women ' s Forum rism 3: M.O.C. 1, 3, 4; nics Club 1. 3. 4: Com- Dance Club 3; Dean ' s THOMAS W. EASTOX incais 1; Sigma Mu Sigma DEAX W. EBBETT, HK Agronomy Presqu e Isle F.F.. . 1. 2. 3, 4, President 2; Agricultural Club I, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Zeta 2, 3. 4, Chronicler 3, President 4; Bowker Scholarship 1, 2; Northern Aroostook .Mumni Scholar- ship 3, 4: Agricultural Club Scholarship 4; Dean ' s List ALBERT X. EDELSTEIX, TE Poultry Husbandry Sanford Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1; Baseball 2, 3: Track 2; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4; EI Circulo Espanol 1; Pale Blue Key 4; " M " Club 2. 3, 4: M.C.A.; Dean ' s List 3b, LEWIS K. ELLIS P Football 1; .I.V. Football 2, 3, WILLIAM X, ELLIS Country 1; Ma ng Phy GLASS OF 1943 FRANK L. KMKRSON, IK:: KnginccrinK I ' liysics r.u. 11,11 I ' l; IMlysicj Chill 2, i. 4; Dran ' s l.i LKWIS (;. KMKKY. INK l,.ii.inical KiiijincrrinK Weslbrook 11..11.I I: M.C.A. I. 2. i: Inlranmral S|.ort» 4; A.S.M.K. JOHN ENMAX, Jr.. rx GcoRraphy ami Geology York Bead Maine Campus 1, 2; M.C.A. 3: Students ' Arts Clul 1. 2; Cross Country 1; Freshman Track Manager 1, As sislant Track Manager 2; Dean ' s List la. Ih, 2a. GORDOX I. ERIKSOX, IieiT l.EO H. ESTABROOK .Agricultural Economics East Corinth Agricultural Club 3, 4; Alpha Zcta 3, 4: " M " Club 2, 3. 4: Cross Country 1, 2, 3. 4; Indoor Track I. 2, 3: Out- BERXARD A. ETZEF.. ' I-KS Horticulture Frccport Agricultural Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Alpha Zcta 3. 4; Intra- mural Athletics 1. 2, 3. 4; Dean ' s List la. 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a. EDWARD F. ETZEL. .ATC . 2. 3; Intramural Athletics 1. 2. 3, idem 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. JOHX S. EVERETT, Jr., . TC lusincss Administration Hallowell C. D. Graton Prize 3: Le Ccrcle Francais 1. 2; Inter- lalional Relations Club 3. 4; Assistant Football Man- ger 1; Class Xominating Committee 4; Dean ' s List lb. EINO W. F. GERLl ' XD. IMA .Mechanical Engineering Quincy, Mas; Basketball I: Tennis 1; A.S.M.E. HARRY FILES. ATO Business Administration Trism 3; Glee Club 1. 2; M.C.A. 1. 2, 3. 4. HLASS OF MM:; FREDA N. FLANDERS W_ E„gli JOSEPH FLANAGAN HENRY H. FOGLER, SX il Engineering Hastings-on-Huds- 3eta Pi 4; Alpha Chi Sigma 2, 3, 4; Seal 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball. Assist 2; Interfraternity Council 4; Student ore Hop Committee; Junior Prom Commit VIRGLXIA E. FOSS, ' I ' M e Economics Hampde .me Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Off-Campus Wome 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1. WARREN L. FOSS ;ngineering Physics Farmingtor Pliysics Club 4; 4-H Club 1. 2. 3: C.A.A. 2. 3. CAROLYN L. FOSTER Home Economics Club I, 2. 3. 4; Olif-Cami HARRIET E. FURBISH, Xil English South Berwicl Maine Campus 1; Y.W.C.A. 3; Prism 3; Students ' Art Club 2. 3; Le Cercle Francais 1, 2. CHARLES E. GARDNER, AXA Business Administration M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; M.O.C. 1. 2; Intranuu-; MAURICE L. GENEVA, AXA Engineering Soi CHARLOTTE M. GIFFORD, t.M Mathematics Bans Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Panbellenic Council 1. 3; Le Cer. Francais 1; Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 4, Vice President 4; S ma Delta Zeta 2, 3, 4; Off-Campus Women 1, 2, 4; Edu. tion Club 4; Dean ' s List 3a, 3b. CLASS OF 1943 CLARENCE R. OILMAN, lAE l ' i.rc! lry Portland l " nrc»trv Chill I. 2. 3. 4; Cro»» Couiilry 1; Dn ball 1, 2: J.V. Football 3; Winter Sjiorls 1. 2. STANLKV F. OILMAN, lAK Mechanical KnRinecring JAMES GIKDWOOD II business Administration Hancock Contributors ' Club 2. 3. 4; Student Senate 4; Interfra- ernity Council 4: M.C.A. Cabinet 4; U.S.O. Committee 1; Transfer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. JANE L. GIVEN nic Economics Bowdoinh W.C.A. I, 2. 3; Home Economics Club 1. 2, 3. 4. VKLF.TON GOODCHTLD. ' l-Kl .. Varsitv Football 2, 3, 4; Ir letics 2, 3, 4; " M " Club 3. 4; Class Vice President 4: Interfratcrnity Council 4; Student Senate 4. ERNEST A. GOODING. Jr. Sociology M.C.. . 3. 4; Transfer from Bangor Thcologii WILLIAM T. GOODING. Jr.IX nRinicring Portland il Athletics I. 2. 3. 4; Prism 3: Dean ' s List 4a. CELIA GOOS Dean ' s List la. lb, 2a, 2b, 4a. REBECCA M. GOULD, SO Home Economics Milo W.A.A. 3; 3; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; I Ionic Eco. nomics Club 3. 4; Assistant Hockey Manager 3; W.A.A. Health Program Representative 3. MARY E. GRADV, Iin Mathelai; Omicron Nu 3, 4; Sigma onic Economics Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Y.W.i r Coordinating Council 3: Dean ' s Lis CL.ASS OF 1 14:; DONALD C. GEAFFAM, 2AE Psychology Bangor Orchestra 1, 2. 3; Associate Member, Maine Masque 1, 2; El Circulo Espanol 1. 2; Mu Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 4. President 4. iEXTAillX F. GRAHAM Sophomore Owls; Senior Skulls; Pale Blue Key Sch( arship 1; M.C.A. 1. 2; Track 1, 2, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2. LOUISE H. GRINDLE KEITH L. GROVER. ' I ' MA ■orestry East Stoneha Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Forestry Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Seni ;kulls; Dean ' s List 3. WILLIAM K. HADLOCK, ■tFi Mechanical Engineering Quincy. Mass " M " Club 2. 3, 4; Indoor Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Outdoo Track 1. 2; Pale Blue Key 2, 3; Intramural Athletic 1. 2. 3. 4. EDWARD G. HAMBLEX. AFP PHILLIP L. HAMM , . _ 4; " M " Club; Pale Kev; Cross Country 1, 2, 3. 4. Captain 4; Indoor 1, 2, 3, 4; Outdoor Track 1. 2, 3; Penobscot County ni Association Scholarship; Philadelphia Alumni arship; William Emery Parker Scholarship; Dean ' ; ALEXAXDER HARDIE, Jr. lorticulture Ben Avon Height M.C.A. ; Glee Club 1, 2; Agricultural Club 1. : DAVID R. HARDIXG, Kl Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Indoor Track 1. 3; Outdoor Track 3; " M " Club 3. 4; Pale Blue Key 3, 4; Intramural thietic Association 3. 4. Secretary 4; Class Treasurer 2; xecutive Committee 3; Scabbard and Blade 3. 4. Treas- WTLLIAM R. HARDIN ' G. Kl ;hanical Engineering Bernard ootball I; Indoor Track 1, 2, 3. 4; Outdoor Track 1, 2. f.v. Football 2; Varsity Football 3; " M " Club 3. 4; ..M.E. 3; Scabbard and Blade 3. 4; J.V. Football GLASS OF 1943 PRISCILLA L. HARDY Music Education Bangor Glee Club J; Orcheslra 3, 4; Tran»(cr from Norlhcrn Conservatory of Music; Dean ' s List Ja, Jb, 4a, HELEN M. HAICK. KS Social Studies Turlock, Calif. V.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3; M.O.C. 3; Ilockejr 3, 4; Basketball 3; Volleyball 3; Modern Dance Club 4; Education Club 3. 4. Vice President 4; Transfer from University of Minne sota; Dean ' s List 3b, 4a. KINGSLEY W. HAWTHORNE Psychology North Ar Transfer from Bangor Theological Seminary ; De KOUKKT H. IIAV. AXA Mechanical EiiKinccring Portia .IV. Football i: Varsity Football 4; A.S.M.E. 3. 4. s. mak(;arkt heaton ;ngUsh Portland Le Cerclc Francais 1; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. . 2, 3, 4: Neai Mathctai; Dean ' s Lis b. 4a, 4b. lb, 2a, 2b, DAVID G. HEMPSTEAD, eX Mechanical Engineering Rockland Maine Masque 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Newspaper 1: Varsity Show 2: Maine Radio Guild 2, 3; M.C.A. 3, 4; A.S.M.E. 3. 4; Debate Club 2; International Relations Club 4; Chess Club 3; Editor-in-chief Prism 3; Dean ' s List 3a, 4a. MARY V. HEMPSTEAD. AOn Home Economics Rockland Maine Masque L 2. 3. 4; Women ' s Forum 1. 2. 3: Hockey 1; Prism 3; Treasurer. Panhcllcnic Council .]: Maine Radio Guild 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1. 2. 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Women s Coordinating Council for Defense 3. IVA V. HENRY English Thomaston Y.W.C.A. I: W.A.A. 1. 2. 3, 4, Preside nt 4; " M " Club 2. 3, 4: Students ' Arts Club 1. 2. 3: Le Cercle Francais I; Hockey I. 2. 3, 4, All-Maine 2. 3, 4; Basketball I. 2; All Maine Reserve I: Volleyball L 2; Maine Seal 3: Elizabeth Abbott Balentine Scholarship 2; Dean ' s List 3b. FRED HEKBOI-ZHEIMER. Jr . IX Pulp and Paper Technology Wakefield, Mass. Intramural Athletics I. 2. 3. 4; Track 2; Band I. 3; Alpha Chi Sigma 2, 3, 4; Scabbard and Blade 4: Dean ' s List lb. 4a. ERNEST J. HINE, lAE Mechanical Engineering Palmer. Mass Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; Glee Club; Baskelb.ill I; In au Beta I ' l ; A. j.-M.!-.. ; Ole luiral Sports; Dean ' s List CLASS OF H)4: ' , DOROTHY L. HODGKINS [ome Economics Northeast Harbor Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2; Choir 3; Rifle Team 1, 2; lasketball 2. 3; Volleyball 2; Archery 2; Home Econom- •s Club 3; Prism 3; Square Dance Club 3; W.S.G.A. 4; louse President 4; M.O.C. 4; Dean ' s List lb, 2a, 3b, 4a. FRANK C. HOLDEN, SN Mechanical Engineering M JOHN L. HOLTER, rA eral Engineering Chattanooga, Tenn. ifle Team 1; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; M.C.A. 1; Raid Warden 3: Proctor 3; Football 1; J.V. Football PAUL W. HOREYSECK. K2 Chemical Engineering M.C.A. 1; Tau Beta Pi 4: Boxing 3; Int LOUISE B. HOYT. 1 I. 3. 4; Prism 3; Ma ROBERT N. HUBBARD, ATfi JOHN HUNT, K EUGENE HUSSEY, MA Animal Husbandry Kezar Falls Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Treasurer 4; Intramural Athletic Association 3, 4, Vice President 4: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Senior Skulls; Who ' s Who 4; Intra- mural Athletics I, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Ball Committee 3, 4, Chairman 4; " M " Club; Pale Blue Key; Charles H. Hood Scholarship. LEWIS HUTCHINSON, GX Dairy Husbandry Cumberland Mi Agricultural Club 1, 2. 3, 4; M.C.A. 1; Band 1, 2; I tramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. 4. ROBERT D. INGALLS, SAE CLASS OF 1943 ClIARLKS P. INMAN. IIOII liiir Maaiitir 2: naskclliall I: Kl Circulo Esnanol 1; .1 I. . ' . .1. 4: Intraniural Athletics I, 2. J, 4; Scal bar l Illailc i. 4. nO.NALD W. IXNES. iT F.A.A. . ' . 3. Prcsid WINSTON B. IRELAND Fort FairficUl Agricultural Club; Dean ' s Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3. 4. President 4; Alpha Zeta 3. 4. Scribe 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a. 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b. AR L ND V. lALKERT. Civil Engineering WILLIAM S. JAMESON •oultry Husbandry Dean ' s List 4a. ROIIERT DUNLAP JENKINS. SX Chemical Engineering Orono Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b. 3a, 3b, 4a: Tau Beta Pi Slide Rule .Award 2; Maine Secondary School Scholarship I: Class of 1905 Scholarship 2; Harold Sherman Board- man Scholarship 4; " M " Club; Cross Country I: Indoor Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3. 4: Tau Beta Pi 3. 4: Alpha Chi Sigma 2. 3, 4, Pr,- i.|e„t 4: M.O.C. 1. 2. 3. 4; Pack and Pine 2. 3, 4; HELENA MARIE JENSEN, nitl. f Economics Scarboro V MCA. I. 2. 3. 4; " M " Club 3, 4; M.O.C. I: Orches aine M -- . . _ . . 2. 3. 4; Volleyball jrSTIN OLEY JOHN.SON. Jr .Mechanical En List 2b, 3a. 3h. 4a; AS. ME. 3. 4; Tau Beta Pi PHILIP E. JOHNSON. . . . CLASS OF l )4:; RALPH A. JOHNSON, Jr., ATQ Mechanical Engineering Lo RITA E. JOHNSON, AAA Home Economics RICHARD F. JONES, AFP Animal Husbandry U Rifle Team 2, 3; Band 1, 2. KENNETH J. KAY, HK Mechanical Engineering Bri A.S.M.E.; M.C.A.; Band 1. 2; Intram PHILIP E. KEENE. AFP ■ nimal Husbandry Appleton Agricultural Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1; Cabin Club ; 4-H Club 1, 2. 3, 4. IRVING J. KEITER, TE Business Administration Chelsea, Mass. Students ' Arts Club I, 2, 3; Le Cercle Francais 1; Track 1; M.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Prism 3; Dean ' s List 3b, 4a. ASENITH H. KELLEY, 4-M Pre-Medical Waterville W.S.G.A. 2; Chorus 2; Women ' s Forum 1; Y.W.C.A. RORERT F. KENISTON, AXA RALPH A. KLUCKEN M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 4; A.S.M.E. 3, 4; I.S.O. 3. Treasurer 3, President 4. CLASS UF 194:3 BETTY L. KNIGHT. -MC c Economics Unity cru!. I; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Home Economics Clul Dean ' s List 2a, 4a. ELMER R. KNOWLES. noil Mathematics an.l Science Wilton J.V. Football 3; Intramural Athletics 3, 4; Transfer from Farmington Normal School. HAROLD J. LaCROIX. ATA Economics Petersburg. Va. M.C.A.; Arts Club; El Circulo Espanol; International Relations Club; Intramural Athletics; Aquinas Club. LeROY A. LADNER. Jr.. ' l rA Business Administration Students ' Arts Club. ELINOR F. LANGDON Home Economics M.C.A. 1. 2. 3, 4; Choir 3; Glee Club 4; Orchc Home Economics Club 3; Prism 3. EARL B. LANGLEY, •MIK .-Kgronomy Mars Hill .M.C.A. 1: Cabin Club 1, 2; Agricultural Club I. 2 3. 4. Treasurer 3, Vice President 4: Alpha Zcta 2. 3. 4. Scribe 3. Censor 4: Phi Kappa Phi 4; Danforth Fellowship; FF.A. 2. 3; Dean ' s List la. lb, 2a. 2b, 3a. 3b, 4a. BARnARA V. LEADBE. TER. Xf! Zoology Jefferson Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Students ' Arts Club 2, 3: Modern Dance Club 2, 3. 4; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b. GERMAINE, LcCLERC. . F, Education Lcwistoii Education Club 3, 4, Secretary 4; M.O.C. 3, 4: Pack and Pine 4; International Relations Club 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; Hockey 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Transfer from Farmington State Normal School. RUTH L. LEMOINE, OB Education Bath Riding Club 2. 3; Masque and Candle 2. 3; Outing Club 1. 2; Secretarial Science Club 1, 2, 3; Press Club, Secretary 2; Education Club 4; M.O.C. 4; Aquinas Club 4: Transfer from Weslbrook Junior College. CATHERINE B. LEONARD. AAA Sociology Westfield, N. J. Hockey; B.isketb.MI ; Swimming; Riding Club; El Cir culo Espanol 3: Y.W.C.A. 3; Elementary Nursing 3: Transfer from Penn Hall Junior College. CLASS OF l )4:; FREDERICK A. LEONARD Baseball 1; Maine Day Committee 2; M.C.A. 1. 2. 3, M.O.C. 1, 2. 3, 4; Forestry Club 1. 2, 3. 4. Vice Preside 3; Editor-in-Chief Maine Forester 3; Assistant Instruct Military Department 3; Scabbard and Blade 3. 4, Vi DOXALD V. LIBBV. AT!) ' ulp and Paper Technology Pack and Pine 2, 3, 4; Prism 3; M.O.C. 1, WILLIAM A. LINDSAY. . X.i Glee Club 1. 2; Physics Club 3, CKCILE E. LITTLEFIELD Pine 4; Der Deu Arts Cl uli 3: M.O.C. 3. 4; Pac idle Verein 4. FLETCHER J. LONG, AX. lanager 1; Maine Masque 1; Ba JAY M. LORD, MA leering Baseball Manager 1. loss Country Manager iiv 4; C.A.A. 2; Flviiu PRISCILLA LORI LOUIS P. LORUSSO Cnvernnient and Sociology Walpole, Ma El Circulo Espanol; Le Cercle Francais; Internatioi Relations Club; Campus, Advertising Manager; Ma Masque; Student Library Fund Driv " • -■ Dean ' s Lis MARY A. LOVELY, BB 2. 3, 4; Y-.W.C.A. Women 1, 2, 3. 4, ' 1; Mu Alpha Epsil 1, 2; Glee Club 3. 4; Orchestra 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; Off-Campus ?asurer 3; Commencement Pageant Vice President 4; Uni e Masque. Associa Membe CLASS OF 194:3 58 JEANNE K. LOWELL, XB Turtlan " Sigma 4; M.O.( ROIIEKT C. LYCKTTK, IKl innical EllKinccrinii Uakiimnl, Pen r.A. 1; M.O.C. I; A.S.M.E. 2. i. 4; LM.M.A. 2. i. iikni •(. i K( i.v M. McCarthy, aoii HuMiKss A.lministralion Walcrvillc Siitnia Mu Sigma 4; Women ' s Forum 3, 4; Rifle Team 1. 2. }; Basketball 1. 3. 4; Prism 3; Cheer Leader 2. 3; Slmlents- Arts Club 1; YAV.C.A. 1, 3. 4. Membership Den Res 3. . L RY E. McCarthy HUGH F. McCLOSKEY, ATA Uusiness Administration Bangor ERNEST T. McGLAUFLIN Farm Management Presque RITH McKAY. RB Pre Medical Old Town Orchestra 1, 2. 3. 4. Manager 3: Glee Club 3; Maine Masque; Mu Alpha Epsilon. President 3. 4; Chairman, Music Night Committee 3; Basketball 1. 2; Archery In- tercollegiate Tournament; I ' niversity Trio 2, 3, 4: Uni- versity Quartet 2, 3; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Maine Radio Guild 2, }; Commencement Pageant 1, 2; Dean ' s List 2a. HARRIETTE R. McKEEN Education Brow Education Club 3; Gl Transfer from Farmingti Brownville Junctii Club 3; Ambulance Corps Normal School. RICHARD D. McKEEX. A. A lanical Engineering Ilangor ll.all 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; " M " Club 2. 3. 4; imural Athletics 3, 4; Caucus Delegate 4; .VS.M.E. Chairman 4. VICTORIA E. MacKENZIE. Xfl Home Economics East Millinockei Home Economics Club L 2. 3, 4; M.O.C. 3, 4; Y.W C A. . ' : Omicrnn Nu . ' . 4. President 4; Dean ' s List lb. 2a. CLASS OF H)4:5 WAYNE T. McLAUGLIN DOROTHY E. MacLEOD, AOn Romance Languages Bar Har Le Cercle Francais; Students ' Arts Club; Der Deuts Verein; Y.W.C.A.; Sophomore Eagles; All-Maine Worn Panhellenic Council 4; W.S.G.A. J; Assembly Commii 4; Prism 3; Dean ' s List 3b. JEAN C. MACK English Maine Masque: Women ' s Forum 1, ; Hockey 1; Students ' Arts Club 1, 2, cais 1, 3; Home Economics Club 2. IRWIN W. MAKER Club 1, 2. 3, 4. ; Club 1, 2. 3; Track RICHARD E. MARTINEZ nistration Albany, N. Y. 2; I.S.O. 3, 4; Students ' ; Cross Country 1, 2. 3, 4; GEORGE E. MAXIM Education Monmouth Kappa Delta Phi; Choir 1, 2; Science Club, President 2; Outing Club 1, 2; Plavs and Plavers 1, 2; Chairman, Self-Help Committee 2; Education Club 3, 4; Transfer from Farmington State Normal School. HAROLD E. MONGOVAN. Jr., ATA DOROTHY B. MORAN, English Portland Students ' Arts Club 1, 2, 3; Associate Member, Maine Masque 1, 2, 3, 4; M.O.C. 4; Women ' s Forum 1, 3; Y ' .W. C.A. 1, 3; Prism 3; Commencement Pageant 2. ROBERT L. MOREY, Jr., . XA Mechanical Engineering Swampscott, Mass. Football 1, 2; A.S.M.E. 3, 4. CAMILLE E. MORNEAULT Agricultural Club 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a. CLASS OF 1943 60 ( IIAKI.OTTK C. MORRISON. AOIl Forum J; Mniiic Masiiuc CARLKTON L. MORSK, Jr., MIK Mechanical EnirincrrinR Wcllolcy inil , Nf.isg M.C.A. I, 2; Pole Blue Key 3. 4; A.S.M.E. }. A; Intr.i MARGARET T. MOSCOXE. ■I ' M amies E,ist Millinockct A; Y.W.C.A, 3; Glee XORMAX V. MOSHER. STl ministration Belfast Band 1; M.C.A. 3; M.O.C. 1. 3. 3, 4. Treasurer 4. Pack and Pine 3, 4; Dean ARTHUR B. MOUUTOX Electrical Engineering JAMES A. MOILTON Animal Husbandry Alpha Zeta 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Dean ' s Lis 2b, 3a 3b, 4a. ROGER D, MOL-I-TOX Engin York Village Treasurer 4: Scabbard and Blade 3. 4; Maine Masque 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Student Senate 3, 4; I.R.E. 4; M.O.C. 2, 4; M.C.A. 4: University Scholarship 2; Western Pennsyl- vania Scholarship 2; Travelli Scholarship 3, 4; Dean ' s List lb, 2a, 2b. MARY E. MOYNIHAX, M.O.C. 1. 2, 3. 4. Pack and Pine 3, 4; W.S.G.A. 1; Women ' s Forum 1. 2, 3; Hockey 1, 3; Volleyball 1; Com- mencement Pageant 2; Students ' Arts Club 1. 3; Prism 3; Dean ' s List 3b. HELEN R. MILLEX. AAA English Houlton Panhellenic Council 3. 4; W.S.G.A. 3; Student Senate 3; Women ' s Forum 2, 3. 4; Chorus 1; Y.W.C.A. I. 3. 4; All-Maine Women 4; Commencement Pageant 2, 3; U.S.O. Committee 3; Prism 3; Students ' Arts Club I, 3. FRANCIS L. MIRPHY. ATA CLASS OF l )4:; FRANXES V. NELSON Stude Cla Activity Club; Bowling Club; Sodality; College Paper 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; Photography Club 2; Le Cercle Francais 1, 2; Education Club 4; M.6.C. 4; M.C.A. Embassy Committee 4; Aquinas Club Secretary and Treasurer 3, 4. ROBERT L. NEWDICK, AXA Prism 3; Dean ' s List 4a. - CHAE RLOTTE E. NICKERSON, 1 M GEORGE A. NORTON. AX.s ANDREW A. NOWAK Zoology Maine Masque 1. 2, 3, 4; Der Deutsche Varsitv Show 2; Students ' Arts Club 1 Historian Maine Masque 2. 3; Annual Ge Play 2, 3, 4. Bangor 2, 3, 4; JOHN A. O ' BRIEN. SAE Radio Club 1, 2; I.R.E. 2, 4; Tau Beta Pi 3, 4, Vice President 4; Scabbard and Blade 3. 4; Aquinas Club; M.O.C. 4; M.C.A. 4; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b. WILBERT E. O ' NEIL .Tournalism Dresden Mills Maine Campus 2. 3, News Editor 3, Editor 4; Maine Radio Guild 2. 3; M.C.A. 3; I.S.O. 3; Freshman News- paper 1; El Circulo Espanol 1. 2. nOROTIIV A. OULLETTE. AAA . Contributing Editor ilents ' Arts Club 1; sident 3, President 4; ng Council 3; Co MARTHA PAGE nomics Bath V. 1, 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. Council 3; Hockey 2; I 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Archerv 2; " M " ' rism 3; Glee Club 1. 2; Choir 3; Home Eco- ub 1, 3; M.O.C. 4; Square Dance Club 4; Omi- I; Dean ' s List lb. 2a. 3a. 3b. 4a. EDYTHE PALMER Sociology Portland Transfer from Westbrook Junior College; Y.W.C.A. 2. 3; International Relations Club 2, 3; Students ' Arts Club 3; Modern Dance Club 3; Dean ' s List 4a. CLASS OF 1943 RUTir I. PALMER. Mill- Kttilcaliuit K.-i!tt Ilangor Transfer from Gorhftm Stale Normal School; Intramural STiort« I, 2. J; Dramatic Club 1. 2, J, Prciidcni 2; Debate Club 1: Glee Hub I. 2. }; Outinx Club 1. . ' ; Library Club I. 2; Yearbook 2; School Paper 1, 2. CHARLES II. PARKER. eX Government Chorus 1; Baseball 1; J.V. Football 3. MARY PARKIIIRST. . !1 Y.W.C.A. 1. 2, 3. 4; Lc Cercle Francais 1. 2; Off Cam- i« Women I. 2. 3. 4; Commencement Pageant 1. 2. 3; .1 .,l,rn P.i.uv Club 2: Prism 3: Dean ' s List 2b. .MARGARET PARKS Current Problems Club 1; International Affairs Club 2; Quill Annals 1. 2, Assistant Editor 2; Christian Union 1. 2; Athletic Associ.ition 1, 2; Transfer from Bradford Junior College: Y.VV.C.A. 3. 4; Students ' Arts Club 3. JE. XN ' E L. PATTEN Government Hampden Highlands W.S.G.A. 1: Women ' s Forum 1. 2. 3: Y.W.C.A. I; VY.A.A. 3. 4; Volleyball I; Sophomore Eagles 2: Students- Arts Club 1. 3; Commencement Pageant 2; Modem Dance Club 3. 4; Executive Committee 2, 3; Chorus 1; Prism, Assistant Editor 3. GEORGE .M. PEASE Dean ' s List 4a. MALCOLM C. PECKHAM. lAE .Vgricultural Economics Taunton. Mass. Agricultural Club 2. 3. 4; " M " Club 3. 4: Tennis 1, 2, 3. 4; Member New England Conference Championship Team 2, 3: Alpha Zeta; Scabbard and Blade i. 4; Alpha CHARLOTTE S. PIERCE Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. I. 2. .K E. PENDLETON. Jr.. ATA FRANCESCA M. PERAZZI. M W.S.G A. 3; Y.W.r.A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Prism 3: Glee Club CLASS OF l«)4:; 63 MARLOWE S. PERKINS, ATA Business Administration Ogunquit T.V. Football 3; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Intra- mural Athletics 2. 3, 4; Maine Masque 2, 3, 4; El Cir- culo Espanol 2; M.C.A, 2; Interfraternity Council 4; Men ' s Student Senate 4; Assembly Committee 4; Trans- fer from Portland Junior College. STUART H. PERKINS. ATA Animal Hlisbandry Dean ' s List 2b. LEONARD M. PETTERSON. ATQ Deep River. Conn. CHARLES L. PFEIFFER. rA Forestry South Natick, Mass. Maine Masque 1. 2; Assistant Manager, Cross Coun- try 2; Forestry Club 1, 2. 3; M.C.A. 1; M.O.C. 1; Varsity - - • -- • - • - ' 3: Chairman. Freshman Student Library Fund RICHARD M. PIERCE. ATfi Caribou Chih 1. 2, }. Sec EDWARD H. PIPER, ATA Agricultural Economics Baseball 1; Portland Junior News 1; Agricultural Club 2. 3, 4; Prism 3; Alpha Zeta 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Transfer from Portland Junior College; Dean ' s List la. lb, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a. PHILIP H. PLAISTED Oakland Cabin Club 2. 3; Band 1. 2, 3; Dean ' s List la. lb. HULDA F. POND. M Home Economics Club 3; Off-Campus Women 1, 2, 3, JOHN N. POWERS, ex ncering Cabin Club 3, 4; A.I..M.E. 3, 4. Electrical Engineering BERTIS L. PRATT, 4 MA History and Government Caribc Sophomore Owls; Senior Skulls, President; Athlet Association Board, President 4; Head Proctor 4; Baske ball 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. Class Vice President 2, President 3; Pale Blue Key 3, " M " Club 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Student Senate 4; Intcrfrate nity Council 4. CLASS OF 194.3 64 HETTY C. TRICE Medical Wnnhburn Iran ' s l.itt la. lb, 2a. 2li, .la. .lb, 4a: Tiilorial llonom 2a. 2b, in. Jb. 4n : I ' mvcrsily Scholarship 2, J, ••; inc Caii.pu!. 2. J; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. i. Cabinet 1: Dcr .iichr Vcrcii, 2, .i. ■ : Stiphoninrc Eaglc!. 2; All-Maine nicr. .1. -1. rre»i lrnl 4: I ' rriiiilcnl of Neai Mathetai; »m }-. V.S.i;.A. .1. 4: .Secrclarv i; Student Senate .1. 4; Kappa I ' hi 4; Thi Beta Kappa 1. 4. .NKAI. C. I ' lT.NAM. .nimal lltisliandry M.C.A. 1; AKricilllllr.ll Club 1; C.i 1. 2. 3. Junior eek Comrr .t. 4; Sophomore Owls JOHN ROBERT RADLEY. ' hM.i Chemical Engineering Old Orch.nrd Reach Intramural Athletics 3. 4; Cross Country 1; Indoor Tr.ick 1. 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 1. 2. 3, 4; Co-Capiain Track 1. 3; Scabbard and Bl.ide 3. 4; Cabin Club 2, 3. 4; Sophomore Owls 2; " M " Club 2. 3. 4; M.C.A. 2, 3. ARTHUR PAI.MKR RAFFOH Alpha Zcta 2. 3. 4; Phi K.ippa Phi 4; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a; Agricultural Club 1. 2. 3. 4; F.F.. . Psychology Sigma Mu Sigma 4; 2. 4. Cabinet 3; Prism 3. 4; Surgical Drcssin VV.A.A. Pageant 3. 3; C.illcgc. JANE RAND. HB Cumberland Ceti , 4; Maine Masque 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 2. 2: Modern Dance Club Circulo Espanol 2. 3; from Portland Junior (ESTOX B. RAND. Glee Club 2: M.C.A. 1. Cercle Francais I; Fresbn Club 3. 4; Treasurer 4. EARLE A. RANKIN Theatre Melrose. Mass. •Maine Masque Theatre I. 2. 3, 4; Business Manager 2; Theatre Manager 3: Member of Executive Committee 2. 3. 4; Dean ' s List 4a. Radio Club 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1; Freshman Paper 1. BION E. REYNOLDS, -MIA Civil Engineering Winlhrop A.S.C.E. 2. 3. 4; M.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Freshman Track 1; MO.C. 1. CLASS OF I ' M EDGAR B. REYNOLDS. Agricultural Econonii. Business Adn EUGENE E. REYNOLDS CAROLYN RHOADS. AAi English Portland M.O.C. 3. 4; Students ' Arts Club 3: Tennis 3; Trans- fer from Westbrook Junior College. DAVID E. RICH. Jr.. IN ' Mechanical Engineeri.ig Bath Intramural Athletics 1. 2. 3. 4; A.S.M.E. 3. -I; M.C.A. 4. REGINALD THOMAS ROBERTS Mechanical Engineering EDWARD A. ROBINSON. BGH stry Bronxville. N. Y. otball 1. 3. 3, 4; " M " Club 2, 3, 4; Scabbard and e 3. 4; Senior Skulls 4; Treasurer of Class 4. EDWARD M. ROBINSON LAWRENCE H. ROLLINS. ATQ ;iectrical Engineering Haynesville M.C.A. 3; A.I.E.E. 3. 4; Football 1: J.V. Football 2. IDA S. ROLNICK Dean ' s List lb. CLASS OF l«)4:5 MAKIK Ji)Si:iMllNK KOIKKK, AOII Kutiiancc LaitKuaicrit Winlhrop W.S.C.A. Ij W.A.A. 2. i. 4, Secretary 2; Baikclball MiinaKcr A; Soplinniorc F.aglra 2; Le Cercle Krancaii 1, 2. 4. Srcrclary 2, 4; Maine Day Corninitlcc 1: Library Kiind Caminillee 1; M.C.A. 2. 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 4; Chairman Freshman Banquet Cummiltce 1; Kl Circiila OLIVE ROWKLL. XO 4: Y.W.C.A. JAMKS WILLIAM RUSSKLL Forestry Cray Dean ' s List la, lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b; Forestry Club . 2. }. 4; Cabin Club L 2. 3. 4; Cross Country 1: Intramural Athletics 3; Xi Sigma Pi 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4. Campus Women 1, ;AKt;KNT AlK.M ; Y.W.C.A. . ' , 3; Off ;AV. (1F.. IIR+ President of Sorority 3. Y.W.C.A. I. 3. 4; M.O.C. 1 4; Member of Executive Coi 3a. 3b, 4a. CARL LESLIE SAWYER. AJP .Vgrniioniy Newport Agricultural Club I. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 2. 3; Basketball 1: M.O.C. 3: Cabin Club 1. 2. 3; F.F.A. 3, 4. IIV.MAN WINC; SCHNEIDKK. TK ' I ' Zool.iRy Matlapan. M.iss. .Maine Masque I, 2 3, 4; Dcr Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4: Indoor Track Manager L 2. 3: Business Manager of Varsity Show 2; Students " Arts Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 2. 3. 4; Freshman Paper: Varsity Indoor Track Manager; •M " Club: Intramural Athletics 1. 2. 3. 4; Men ' s Em- bassy 3; Tutorial Honors lb. 2a. 2b. 3a, 3b: Chicago . ' Mumni Award 2: Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a. 4b; Phi Kappa Phi 4. WENTWORTM HENRY SCHOFIELD. Jr.. r.VE Mechanical Engineering West Medford. Mass. MCA. I. 3. 4; Freshman Paper; A.S.M.E. 3. 4; Vice Chairman 4; Tau Beta Pi 3, 4. President 4; Scnhbard and Blade 3. 4; Treasurer of Fraternity; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a. ROBERT F. SCOTT Wil.llife Conserva Rifle Team I. 2. 3; Forestry Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Glee Club : M.O.C. 1: Band 1. JOHN SELMER LARSEN. Jr.. . .Mechanical Engin Marblehead. Ma Track 2. 3; Buxing 1. CLASS OF n)4:; HENRY MOORE SHEPARD, ATfi Forestry Alford Cross Country 1; Boxing 1; Forestry Club 1. 2; Maine Flying Club 3; ' C.P.T.C. 2; Intramural Athletics 1. 2, 3. 4. RICHARD SIXKIXSON, IX CLIFFORD H. SINNETT. BQU Track 1; M.O.C. 3; St Arts Club 1; Transfer SAMUEL P. SMILEY, ex Animal Husbandry Winslow Forestry Club 1; Agricultural Club 2; I.M.M.A. Rep- resentative 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Dean ' s List 2a, 2b. BERNARD RAYMOND SMITH. . XA :s M Itural Club 1; M.C.A. 3; Baseball 1; In GORDON BEARCE SMITH. B6n Mathematics and Science Skowhegan Student Senate 4; Interfraternity Council 4; Interna- tional Relations Club 4: Men ' s Senate 4; Transfer from Farmington Normal School; Student Government 2; Dra- matics 1. 2; President of Class 1, 2. PAUL SMITH iglish Bangor I ' lii Bet.-l Kaiipa . ' . 4; Phi KapiM Phi 4; Secondary ROIIF.RT HOWES SODERBERG, ' I ' MA JOANNE MARIE SOLIE, AOll Home Econ DLxfic Maine Masque 1. 2, 3. 4; Y.VV.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 3, President 4; Rifle Team 1, 2; Prism 3; Coordinat- ing Council 3; All-Maine Women; Class Secretary 4; Junior Prom Committee 3; Sophomore Hop Committee 2; Commencement Pageant 2; Women ' s Forum 2, 3; Var- sity Show 2. ULASS OF I94:J WAI.TKK MITCIIKLI. STAril, iN IIARIIARA STKARXS. Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Education Club 3; M.C.A. 3, 4: ' of Communil]r Service t; President of Balen- ine Mall 4; W.S.G.A. 4; Transfer from Lesley Kinder :artcn Training School. Fort Fairficlil JOHN CHARLES STEWART. -I-KS Brookline. ' . 1 : Sophomore Ow ROGER D. STEWART Education Bar Harbor Education Club 3. 4; Transfer from Farmington Normal School: Treasurer of Freshman Class; Vice President of Science Club: Kappa Delta Phi; Outing Club; Play and Board; Men ' s Athletic Associ: WENDELL HAYWARD STICKNEY Mechanical EnKineering Brownville M.C.A. 3. 4; Chairman of Deputations 4; Men ' s Cabi- riub 2. 3. 4; President of Glee Club 4; A.S.M.E. 3. 4; Chess Club 3; Fiscal RICHARD EARLE STRATTON, IN ' ivil Engineering Reading. Mass. Football 1. 2. 3. 4; A.S.C.E. 3, 4; Glee Club 3b. WARREN GREENLEAF STROl ' T. m Zoology M.C.A. 1. 3: Band 1. WALTER SULLIVAN. ATll .Mechanical Engineering Ca ' pe Elizabeth Dean ' s List lb. 2a. 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a; Tau Beta Pi; Scab bard and Blade: Trick Drill Squad: A.S.M.E.; Maine Klving Club; Scabbard and Blade Scholariihip 2. CLASH OF l«)4 STANLEY S. SUPOVITZ, TE Lewisto o; Intramural Athletics 1, 2. 3. 4; Student; ELEANOR JOSEPHINE S V ANSON. M ;acteriolog.v M.O.C.; Off-Campus Women; Y.W.C.A.; MCA. idk MARY L. TARR. IIB I ' sychology Baltimore. Md. Dean ' s List 2a. 2b. 3a. 31); Tutorial Honors 2b. 3a. 3b; Sigma Mu Sigma 3. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Students ' Arts Club 1. 2; Glee Club 2; Le Cercle Francais 2; El Circulo Espanol 3; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Maine Masque 1, 2, 3. 4; Commencement Pageant 2; Modern Dance Club 2. 3; Prism 3; Motor Corps 3. DONALD V. TAVERNER. 3. E History Augusta Scabbard and Blade 3. 4; Assistant Track Manager 1, 2; Varsity Track Manager 3; Rifle Team 1; Maine Radio Guild ' l, 2. 3. 4; M.C.A. 1, 3, 4; El Circulo Espanol 1. 2; " M " Club 3, 4; Campus Mayor 2, 3. 4; Hart Scholar- ship 1. 4; Woodman Scholarship 2. 3; Glee Club 2; Cabin Club 1, 2. CLAIRE TEBBETS English Chorus 1; Y.W.C.. . 3; Tennis 1: Arche Sports 1; Prism 3; Glee Club 2. 3; M.C.A. : 2; Students ' Arts Club 3: Le Cercle Franc culo Espanol 3. 4; M.O.C. 4. JANICE MELENDY THOMAS History and American Literature Montpe 2; Transfer frc BERNEICE THOMPSON. BB lome Economics V Dean ' s List lb. 2a. 2b, 3a, 3b. 4a; Home Eco EDWARD PAYSON TITCOMB. RflH Agricultural Ch 4; F.F.A. 3. 4 ; M.C.A. 4. EVELYN GEORGIANNA TONDREAU :an ' s List 3b, 4a; Sophomore Eagles 2; W.A.A. 3. President 3; Class Leader 4; Prism 3; Le Cert icais 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice President 2. President 4; ulo Espanol 4; Debate Club 3; Radio Club 4; " . 2. 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 1; Hockey 1, 2, 3. 4; All-Mai !rve 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 1. 2. mencement Pageant 2; Freshman Banquet Commilti GORDON KENNETH TOOLEY, ' MIA Football 1; SopI 3; A.S.C.E. 2. 3; M.O.C. CLASS OF I94:j llAKkV KI.MKR TOIKTILI.OTTE. Jr. Mrcllanical Kngiiiicrinii Olil Tovn lUskrtball 1; Track I. EMI) P. TOZIKR Innie Economics Solon Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 3; Home Economics Club. WILMA LaFOREST TRUE iology and Psychology Hop. ' l C.A. 3, 4; Education Club 3. 4; M.O.C. 3; Transi. . Til Gorham Normal School RACHEL IVA TWITCHELL HAZEL VAXTASSF.LL. IIRI Glee Club L 2. 3. 4: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Le Cercle Franc.Tis; OfFCampus Women. WILLARD P. VARXEY FREDERICK MARSHALL VILE.S. .XTfl Engineering Physics Skovvheg.i Dean ' s List 3a; Physics Club 2, 3, 4. WALLACE FLAC.G WARREX. nen Poultry Husbandry N ' ewporl .Agricultural Club; Intramural Athletics. CARISLE VIVES WATSON. Jr.. SX I. .hanical Engineering Cape Cottai Kitle Team 2; Glee Club 1. 2; M.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Intr CLASS OF MM. ' , GEORGE ALBERT WATSON, i;X M.C.A. 2, 3; Pale Bli BEVERLY DONALD WEATHERBY, 2X ROBERT HARRY WEISMAN Chemistry Portland Varsity Track 2. 3; Freshman Track 1; Sophomore Owls 2; Maine Masque 1; Le Cercle Francais 1. CLIFFORD HARRY WEST, Jr., .l rA Business Administration Arts Club 1; El Circulo Espanol 1, 2, 3, 4; l dent; Aviation Club 2, 3, Treasurer, President leader 1. 2, 3, 4; Head Cheerleader. DONALD BATTYE WHEELER, . . .1 3; M.C.A. 1, 3, M.O.C. 1, 2: LOIS E. WHITE, nB 2, 3, 4; All-Ma 2, 3; Basketba 2. 3, 4; All-Maine Res conomics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer 2; Sopbf lore Eagles 2; " M " Club 2. 3. 4. President 4; Studen overnment Council 2, 3, 4; Sorority Vice President J lean ' s List 2a, 2b. 3a, 3b; All-Maine Women 4; Omicru NELLIE MARIE WHITNEY, nB English East Corinth Sororitv Censor 1; Activities Chairman 2; Assistant TreasureV 3; Treasurer 3, 4; University of Maine Or- chestra 1. 2, 3, 4; Arts Club 3; Defense Courses; Standard Course in First Aid 2: Advanced Course in First Aid 3; Instructor in First Aid 3; Nutrition Aide Course 3; Maine Campus 2; Dean ' s List lb, 2b; M.C.A. 3. M. JUNE WILLIAMS Hodgdn b 3. 4; Orchestr College. JOHN MERRILL WILSON rcstrv Lynn, Mass. Forestry Club 1, 2, 3, 4; M.C.A. 1, 4; Football Manager M.O.C " . 1; Intramural Athletics. RUTH WILSON, AAA Home Economics Madiso Maine Masque 2; Y.W.C.A.; RiBe Team 2; Dean ' s Lii CLASS OF 194:] Kt) VAR» WnoDWAKI Mrcliantcal KiiKinccriiiK IIAKKY MACOMIIKK WOOSTKK. ROE !T C. WOKKK K. ARriculliiral Kconomics Wclksliy. Mass. AKricllllur.ll Club 4; Alpha Zcta 4; Scabbard and lllailc i, 4; Forestry Club 1. 2; M.O.C. 1; Student Senate 4; Interfraternity Council A: M.C.A. 1, 2. 3. 4. President 4; Knibassy Committee J; Dean ' s List la, lb. 2a; Outdoor Track Manager 1. RICHARD HOWARD VOn.DE.V. ' I ' M Civil F.ngineirinn Nccdham. Mass. Maine .Masque 1; " .M " Club 3. 4; Country 1; Track 1, 2. 3; Pale Blue Key 3. 4; Tau Beta Pi 3. 4; A.S.C.E. 2. 3. 4, President 4; Senior Skulls 4, Secretary 4; Dean ' s List la. lb, 2a, 2b. 3a. 3b. 4a; Class Treasurer ' : Kxccutive Committee 2. KEITH EDMUND YOU. G. K2 Portland Forestry Club; M.C.A. ; Interfraternity Relations Com- ntramural Athle CLASS OF l«)4:{ SENIORS NOT PICTllREU ADA F. ALPERT Bangor WESTON B. HASKELL, Jr., Ben VVellesIey Hills, Mass. ARLEXE E. BABCOCK JOHX LEWIS, .Tr., -n Sknwhegan ALICE J. BARTLETT MARGARET D. MARSTON MARY ELLEN COOPER Bangor BUEL D. DEAN Pittsfield, Mass. ELIZABETH B. MORGAN Bangor SARAH E. BURLEIGH BERYL R. PHILBRICK Lewiston BOYD A. CURTIS, AFP Easton ELIZABETH J. RYAN Flushing, N. Y. ANNIE G. DOWLI LEWIS B. SCOTT RUTH E. EASTMAN DAVID P. STRIAR Bangor L . IES E. TALBOT. ATfl Woodland BARBARA M. GOWEN JANICE H. WILKINS East Walpole, Mass. MinV INTEh (ihAIIUATION on I ' l i.b . I.HUK, L ' L ' . mm; Col I 1 (.1 Ol (.UI( 1 1 II K 1 I.MIKII 1 W ill Klin |;i( )l)Sfn W illia in Slu iiiKiii jaiiRson KriKM riiin sion . l((,laiilli CliaiK )iu ' c: 111 Monisoii (.(..i-c Iranklin .lanis Ada I ' iaiia Al|)cri C.aiilDii Mamiif Bracktlt lUsioii Owm Biibar Ha il V.U.mnr Davis Coi I 1(1 Ol kis 1) Sen Ncis (..Ol-,- Donham lUaKc. jr. W illi.nn Al.Aan.Ki liiuKa Mnira Cliaiulkr Bowdcii Rohuii l.iiuolii Niudiik Richard Alion Bragdon Albert Frccniaii I ' aikci K.linimd Mather Deeter, Jr. Eugene Earl Reviiolds John Steven Everett. Jr. Ida Sonya Rolnick janics Girdwood Hyiuaii Wing Schneider Ernest Alfred Gooding, Jr. Waneii Clnenlcal Snout Ascniili Hairielte Kellev Donald I ' .aitxe W lurler Sfiiiooi. oi Ei)r( AiioN Arlene Evangeline Baljcock Eeslie IVmhioke Marsion Biiford Leach Grant Roger Dalion Stewart Nora Elizabeth Jackson Rita Frances Torrey William Bradl)nr C;iaik Maiiin Moriiimi Scl j..hii Lewis. Ji. Davi.i I ' hilii. Sniar tldoii Ralph C:laik 11. Dk.riis Meiuin Al.l.nii NLiision (B.S.. NLiine. iijio) (B.S.. Maine, kc cj) JUNIORS As Juniors, we have been enjoying perhaps our happiest college year. We have not borne the worries and responsi- bilities of the noble Seniors, and we have cast ofl the self-sufficiency of Sophomores lording it over inconsec]uential Fresh- men. Gone are Freshman Rules and " Hell Week. " In the far distance is the problem of " the job. " This Junior year is all too short. True, we ha c had the pleasant duty of compiling and editing this PRISM, but in the main we have collected honors with easy grace. The University honor- CL. .SS OFFICERS r.KOW Mil. l l N( I s SUKIH , BILL BROWN IoIk hnin til,- luriini Class. In ill. .vc- niiiu 111. |uMi..r is ili. ..uisKiii.linn M) i;il (Mill ol iIr- So l;ir. |)irliaj)s i- iiavi s|)(ikt ii iiiuili as all ollui jimini- (lasses lia c s|)( k(Ti. iiilo i.s|„,iisil,iliii.s. A (lilkT- .111 i,s|„,iisil,iiii .alls us iiiiiiK-.iiatfiy- lli. ' Iii;lil I.. I a u..ikl in wliiih college iars air oiiK one ol many pritclcss iicTi- lan.s ol ( i ili aiion. WlurtNtr wc are. .- I.a . I), hill.! us as an intefi;ial pan of Main, iia.liiinn ilie spirii and ihe good- iii ..I I III- ( i. ss or i ,| |. IRAKI I.liniNA.M COI.ONKI. CANDIDAIES deseniii.4 iiieiiilurs. S.ahhai.i an.! Ilia. I,- iniliat.s valianiK . uanl..! liu- .anipus ann..n. 111. |uii.,,i . iiis ,„,n„l..l llie five exquisite candidates l.)i tin- Honorary Lieutenant-Colonelcy ol the R.O.T.C. The sciiolarly fraternitics- l|)ha Zeta, Tan Beta Pi. Phi Ikia Kap- pa—chose those of us who had striven diligently and with cons|)ifuoiis success. Finally, we reveled in the annual [miior Week, with its much appreciated Junior Holiday and impressive Junior Week .Assembly. On that day the Senior Skulls, rulers of cain|)us tradition, lap liic Skulls- THE CLASS OF AVIS ANDERSON Home Econom ics Ncup in Home M.C.A. Econom cs Club 1, 2. i: Oli-Cannius, WOUK-I ' • REX A ASHMAN . Aori nice Eaiisuagc Neai Mathetai 1; Circulo Espanol 2; • Dean ' s Lis W.C.A. 3. 1, 2a, 2b; E ) VAR[ ) GERALD A IKINSON i;N C vil Engince. iiig 15. Ih Kifle of Sig, Team 1, la Nu 2 2; Glee Club 2 President, Sig A.S.C.E. , iia Nu 3. ; Mars lal RAYMOND H. A IWOOD, K2 Chemical Engineeri Ig Rumfc Cro ss Country 1, 2 Winter S oris 2. HOLVOKE P. VD. MS. i.K: se. Mass. 3; Agri. RODNEY HIGGINS ALLAN A.niiciiltuial Enginceiint; Soiilli Portl; Agricultural Club. MARTHA FRANCES ALLEN. AAA Home Economics . iibiiiii Dean ' s List lb, 2a, 2b; M.C.A. 1. 1- W.A.A. 1. 2; Panhellenic Council 2. RUTH ALLEN. Xfi Home Economics McclKiiii. Falls Home Economics Club 2, 3; Y. W.C.A. 3; Transfer WINFIELD 1. . LLEN. i.nK Engnicding I ' hxsits R.VYMOND AMSDEN. AFP lairv Hiisbanilav Detic Track; Glee Cluli; Agricultural Club; Dean ' s Li AU cuy..- FOI ' iTY Four. M ARoi I) 1 R 1 i: IliisiiK-ss Atliiiinisii.iiion ll.illi I ' ciinis: liilramural Fuuiliull. Iliiskctli.ill. Sufibnll; rt. Club; French Club. GKORGE F. HAGI.KV Klctliiol EiiKiiiccriii); On llj ;lil;iiuls. M:i I ' lilp ami Paper Translrr from Worcester Polytechnic in Intramural S|M rts 2. i; Dean ' s List 2h; M.C.A. 3. EIGENE LEROV U II KA .M i lliisincss Adntiiiislmlioii I, Deans II). I Rl l)I.RI( k liAIRl) |i . AT Wildlifr ( ..nsiiA.iiidii Him;.;.)! Junior Varsity Football; Frosh Basketball. GU UO J. BARBERO Prc-Mctlical Baiisor Deans la. lb. 2a. 2b: Dcutscher Vercin 2. V.ce R1I III I jrlk-l SVIA lA |. BELDEN Bertha Joy Thompson Schola JOHN (;. in.NNi- I N.J. f RUSSELL S. BODWELL. K2 Civil Engineering Portland Campus, Assistant Circulation Manager 1, Adver- tising Manager 2, Business Manager 3; Band 1, 2, 3, Student Director 3; Civil Club 2, 3; M.O.C. 1; Intra- mural Athletics 1. 2. 3. LYNDON HERRKK BONO. ATA Wildlife Conservation Bangor Dean ' s List 2a; Band 1. 2; Forestry Club 1, 2. HERMAN W B()NNK Engineering I ' onl.ind -ean ' s List la; Masque 1. 2. 3; Band 1, 2, 3; O.-chestra 2, 3; M.C.A. Chapel Choir 2, 3. FLORENCE GERTRUDE BOYLE English Bangor Maine Masque 2. 3; Modern Dance Club 2; M.O.C. 2, 3; French Club 1; Off-Campus Women 1; Students ' Arts Club 1; Square Dance Club 3. I Hh ULASS m PAl ' LINE BERCE Home Economics Washbnrn ELIZABETH X. BERGLUND English Belfast Orchestra 3; Transfer from Farminglon Normal ROBERT BE ERAGE Chemical Engineering Oakland Dean ' s List 2b; Baseball 1; Intramural Atliletics 2. M.ARY ELEANOR BICKFORD Home Economics Orchestra 1. 2, 3; Chorus ARY N. billing; Bango Ec Club 1; All- Dean ' s List lb, 2a; Sophomore Eagle 2; Student Government, Secretary 3; Y.-W ' .C.A. 1. 2. 3, Cabinet 1, 2; Home Economics Club 2. 3; All-Maine Women ' s RU LH M. BLAISDELL. AGO Sophomore Eagle 2; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Student; Uts Club 1, 2; Maine Day Committee 1; Y.W.C.A. , 3. Cabinet 1, 2; Women ' s Forum 1; Women ' s En lassy Committee 1; Assistant Hockey Manager 3. FOI ' iTY Four l R I I 1 IU 1 11 UK ( Kl 1 I. X!. ii ii ruiiLiiui I t t la. lb, U. . ' ) : IVism. As i tant Kditor: 1. lb. 2a. Jb. iu: Sophomore EokIc 2: ' . crnmrnl .»a : All-Mainr Vomrn " « Paucint IK MH ' .l K Xl Home Kiiiiuiinus CLYDE L. BRALEY. Jr., K2 Mtihaniral Engiiiccring . iil)iini Kmill.all 1; .■V,«.l .Milit.iry; Intramural Sports. AI.IiERT UREUKR. Jr.. Ki: :.;rinilliii;il Ecoiioiiiirs I ' n-sin Airricultural Club 1. 2. 3. LE-SLIE CLARENCE URI KR isoll Electrical Engineering U.n Marl) Prism, Itusiness Manager S; Scabl.ard nn.l IRVING SEYMOUR BRODER. TE Business .Adininislmtion B.-ingor Frosh Basketball: Frosh Tennis: Varsitv Tennis 2; Intramural Sports 1. :: Tmiils Ctiil) 3; Spanish Club 1. 2; Students ' Arts r - ' - ■ r, ■, i |,, ,3 n,. 2a. 2b. M I K 1 I ' .KOIsMAN iiolii.; I ' orll.ind F!.iskctl,all I: Associate Member Maine|Ue 2. 3: Badminton Tournament 1: Souare Dance Club Hillel Organ rnament 1 : Souare Dance 1, 2. 3, Social Chairman RAYMOND BROISMAN Ull I I l I ' . BR()NMK)N. AXA .iirv Terhiiology Newton Center. M.nss. Football 1. 2: Track 1. 2; Intramural Sports 2. 3: . ricuhural Club 1; M.C.A. 2. 3; Charles Hood Fund chnlarship 1. 2. Will 1 I S KKOWN. AT! .Speech Maine R.ndio Guild 2. 3. President; Maine Mas lue 1. 2. 3, Vice Presi.lent 2: Manager of Football 1. 2. 3: Prism 3: Class Treasurer 3; Scabbard and Blade: President of Alpha Tau Omega 3. lU ' RN M lURNK I I X! Home Econumics Bunvmilk- Jimtlion Basketball 1. 2. 3; All-Maine Team 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2. i; All-Maine Reserve Team 3; Home Ec Club 2. 3; Radio Guild 3; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3; Orchestra 1; Stu- dents ' Arts Club 1: " M " Club 3; Vollcvball 1, 2, 3; Masque 1: Prism 3; Women ' s Forum. RICHARD I. lU RRILL. K2 ail linoineciino Dcxt. CORNELl Mechanical Engii lUSHNEI.L. HX Whitcrit MKIA l 1. RT HER. J.. IA Animal Husbandrv Welkslcv Hills, Ma M.O.C. THE CLASS OF HUGH MALCOLM BROWNLEE, K2 .Mechanic al Engineering Saco Frosh Track ; Frosh Football ; Assistant Coach Frosh Football 2. 3; Executive Committee 1. 2; Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3; Sophomore Owl 2; Class Vice President IVAN B. BUBAR. AFP .Vnionomv Littlcion 4-H Club 1, 2. 3; Agricullural Club 1, 3. ROBERI DINCAX BICHAXAN. BOH ,ooI(,i;n Caribou Band 1. 2. 3. Student Director 3: M.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Mu Alpha Epsilon. LEO BRADLEY BUNKER, Jr. Mathematics Franklii Transfer from Castine State Normal School. Gle Club 3; Chapel Choir 3. RUTH ADELAIOE BUNKER, Xfi ■■4 Calais -1, n,:l, I, 2. 3; Campus 1; Basketball 1, 2. 3, In:;; Ib.ckev 1. :. 3. AUM.iine Team 3; (. .!; -ollevball .Manager 3; Women ' s ;; W (A. 2. 3; .M.O.C. 1; Arts Club 1; " M " . .i; Pnsm Staff 3. .SUMNER BURGE.S,S Forcsttv Sangciville Chorus I. 2; Baseball 1; Scabbard and Blade. FOhTY Four Ml RIKl. in 11 1 RS, .|.,M K.(( iiiiiiii K i-lfi ITIIl.ll ' nUICH 1 C.MUVI . .HA iii(;il Kn);iiu ' i-riiiK Wiiuhcslci. M:i Counlry 1; Spriim Track 1; Olcc Clllb 1. I (K ISK C WIURIDCK. HIM. M.C.A. .!; K.liu-at.ui. Clul., A.lvisury liuar.l i: Sijuarc Dance riuli }■. Glee Club }; OflCampus WomiMi 3: Iniernaiional Relations Club 3; Transfer trom Aroostook State Nornial School. ARLINE C. CARTER. AAA Psychology Wcslliiook Modern Dance Club 2. 3; Social Chairman Balcn tine Hall 2; Glee Club I, 2. M WWtl.l. li. C.ARl 1:R. ATS! •iilp and Taper Wcsihrook Frosh Football I; Intramural Football 2. 3; Track 3. RICHARD V. CHAinvU K. rA Farm ManaKcniciil I ' o L. SUMNER CHALMERS. 2AE ileal Engineering Bangor 1. 2; Intramural Sports 2. 3; Orchestra 1. CHARLES V. CHAPMAN. ATK Civil Engineering Angus nand 1. 2; Track 2; Civil ?:nKincering Society. MARC. RI I I ORI I ( II S Orchestra 1. 2. 3: Math Club 1. 2. .1. President 3: ivil Club 3: Xcai .Mathetai 1; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2; Deans .ist la. lb. 2a. ARIIII R AllRKI) (III.CCHI. ATI! AI XORl) V. CL.EMEN 2. 3; Spring Track- 1, 2. 3; In 3; Forestry Club; M.C-A.; Ho Pale Blue Key. HELEN L. CLIFFORD. XQ Eiisrlish South Paris W.A.A. Coun- Women ' s Forum 3; Y.W.C.A, cil 1, 2. 3; Winter Sports Manager 2; Publicity Cha man 3; Executive Health Program Commi ' Campus 1. 2, 3, Cub Reporter 1. Reporter 2, V Sports Editor 3; Hockey 1, 2. 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; 3; Ho " M " Club Club ELTZ. BETH CLOIGH sfer from Farniington No M. RGUERITE A. COFFIN. riB Women ' s Rifle Team 1, 2; M.C.A. 1, 2; Class Campus Women 1. 2; Si Glee Club 1. 2. iasketball. I! Tea lish Club 1. THE CLASS Of PHILIP D. CHENEY. 2N Chemical Engineering Ashland Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b; Chorus 1; Glee Club 2, 3; VILLL M CHESWORTH. Ki: ual Engiiiccriiig Milton. Mas lan Track Manager. ELWARD I. CLAPP. Jr.. |.rA Chemical Engineering Newton Highlands. Mass. Dean ' s List la, lb; Band 1. 2; Orchestra 1. ELSIE P. CLARK. AAA Home Economics North New Portland Home Economics Club 1, 2; JI.C.A. 1. 2. MARY FOOLER CLAVERIE. AOn Home Economics Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Dean ' s List la, lb. 2a. 2b; Home Economics Club 3; M.C.A. ; W.S.G.A. 1, Treasurer 2; Prism 3; Sopho- E.agle WARREN GLY CLEMENT. KS Electrical Engineering Falmouth Dean ' s List la, 2a. J FOhTY FOUh R ()1 I) ( )l UAI II KiliKulioii E;iNt Milliiiniki-( Maine Masmic 2. J. Trai ,ffr rr,.,„ . r..,„i....k Sl:itc N.rmal School. JOSIAII H) KII ( III ( OKU |i AX A ri il KiiKini-tiinn .S.mlli ri.ill.iml Orair. 1.1,1 1.1. . ' a. Jb. j.t; Hand 1. 2; Track 1; l-riMn. K.lllor in Cliicl ' . i; Scal l ar l and Blade 3: I ' .i; Philip K. lialhornc Scholarship 2. 1; Civil Huh .1; Tail llcl.i I ' i S; Camera Cluh I. 2. J. Ull II M IIFNR ' i ( () IU) hMJi CiMi Kiijjiiii-trin}, ' Ncivpoil M.O.C. 1. 2. 3: I ' ack and I ' inc 3; Sophomore Owls; Cross Country 1, 3; Indoor Track 1; Outdoor Track 1: " M " Club. JOVf:E M. COOK Biochoiiiisirv I ' oilhiiul l ' . rRIC:i. EVELYN COOPER Home Eronotnics .Aiibiirr Dean ' s List Ih; Chorus 1: Glee Cluh 2. .!: .Masque .Associate Member; Chapel Choir i; M.O.C. 3; Hom. Economics Cluh. ROBER I C. CO ELL. k: DOl (.1 S RJIMl R|) ( l) AN. . . . Mc ' tliiinical £ii);iiicciinK PoilLiml Cross Country 1. 2; Track 1, 2; Sk ! 1. 2; .V.S.M.K. I.Ol ISA M. COX .OOIORV Deans List 2a: De NAIALIE COYNE iiijlish B;iiiKOi OfTCampus Women I, 2. .i; All-.Maine Women ' s nueanl 1; Spanish Club la, lb; M.O.C. 2. WILLIAM JOSEPH CI LLEN. Kl Civil Engineering Atihiirn Freshman Cross County: Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3; Vice President A.S.C.E. 3. N ilr THE CLASS OF BENJAMIN A. CURTIS. MA uial Economics Presque Isle ill 1; Basketball 1. 2, 3, Captain 1; Sophomore NATALIE L. CURTIS. AOn English Portland Campus, Society Editor 1, 2. 3; Publicity Committee of Women ' s Forum 2. 3; Masque 2. 3; Dean ' s List lb; Glee Club 1; W.S.G.A. 3; Y.W.C.A., Publicity Com- mittee 1, 2, 3. GWENDOLYN E. GUSHING. AOn h Portland ary 3; Student-Faculty Adv tary 3; Prism; French Club 1, 2, 3; W.S.G.A. Schola ship 1; Elizabeth Abbott Balentine Scholarship 2. ROBERT FR, NCIS CUSHMAN, AX. igineering Physics South Porll Rifle Team; Dean ' s List lb. MARSHALL BENJAMIN D. GAN. s.K2 clKMiical Engineering York Aillago " lean ' s List 2a. 2b; Tan Beta Pi. HOWARD (IRI Classics M.C.A DAMON. HX Buckhi Dl DLEY E. D.W IS. !.] i; Electrica 1 Eng neering Di Nbl rv Mass. Athletics Football Manager 1; Campu ager 2; A.I.E.E. 3, Secretary 1, 2, 3; M.C.A. 3; Prism 3. 1, 3; tSrJl, RICHARD I. I )A IS. AXA Elect rical Engineering GEORGE W. DEAN. ATA Electrical Engineering Derln Assistant Track Manager 1 D.VYSON DANIEL DeCOlRC V. Maine Masque 1, 2, 3; Intramural Athletics 2. Bcxing Instructor 2. 3; Dean ' s List 2b; El Circu Espanol 1, 2, President 3; Students ' Arts Club Advanced Military 3. FOhTY Four Mil l kH |ll-. . ION|l omc Kcoiioiiiioi I ' allcn Home Kconon.ic!! Cliil. 1. 2. ■. 4 II flul) . ' ; MCA. ,1. II«)R ( I M.UI II . Al HOWARh E. niMII RK. ATf! Mtrhanitnl EiiRiiicfring Cliila I; Basel..-)!! 1. RKIIKC C: A 1K)I I JOHN JOSEPH nONOHlE. 2X l ' r? lcilical I ' aterson, N. J. A!!Xew England Frosli Swimming Team 1; Fresll- man Lacrosse Team 1; Fencing Instructor 2; Instruc- tor of Advanced P.T. 3; Transfer from Springfield College. HARIVXRA nOORE ()R I l!R() DOORK. lAK Eiuoiiii lo;; .Sdulli Paris .Maine .M.-««.|Uc 1. 2. .!; 1 1 ii.i Johnson C ' .iiy. N. V. V.W.C.A. 1. J; Oiccr Leader 1. Z; Women ' s Forum . - ' . 3; Hockey 1, 2; International Relations Club 3: • mnicncement Pageant 2; Volleyball 1. H AROI.I) RAVMOXn DOW .pvi i-ss . iliniiiistialioii I In THE CLASS OF F.BORAH I. DRINKWATER, M .conomics Brewer iipi.s Women 1. 2. 3; M.C.A. 1. 2. 3; M.O.C. 2. LORIC.E WHITNEY DUNHAM ical Portland Der Deutsche Verein 2. 3; Field Hockey 1, 2; M.O.C. 1. 2, 3: International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, President; El Circulo Espanol 3; Y.W.C.A. 2, 3; Maine Masque 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 1. 2; Students ' Arts Club 2; Women ' s Forum 1, 2. RL: IH VIRGINIA DIRAN. M Business Administration Bangor lien 1. 2. 3; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. ri, ). KASl MAN. 1 MK Dean ' s List la, lb. 2a. 2b; Agricultural Club 1. 2. er; Alpha Zeta 3; Sears Roebuck Scholarship 2; University Scholarship 3; Intramural Athletics. Risen. LA EATON ALBERT D. EHRENFRIED. k:: Kiigineering Physics Lewi: Ski Team; Tennis Team; Orchestra; Dance Bai VA) RI) M.nri I FK Fl I IS -AE Economics ■olk Bc-;icli Intramural Representative; El Circulu Espanol 1, 2. 3; J.V. Football 2; M.C.A. ; Students ' Arts Club 1. ELIZABETH F. EMERY, Xfi Psychology Fairfield Maine Masque 1; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3; Women ' s Em- bassy 2; W.A.A. Council 3; Assistant Manager Hockey; Nutrition 2; Women ' s Forum 1, 2. 3; Stu- dents ' Arts Club 1; Commencement P.igeant 1; El Circulo Espanol 2. KATHRVN ETTER Home Economics Orono W A NE SI IRI.INC. EVANS, AXA Honiiuhin Agricultun M.O.C. 3; M.C.A. 2. FOHTY FOlll Wl SIUN Si MNKR l-. ANs. Ji.. AX.V ( i il Eiiginccriii); Orono ncan ' » Lilt la. lb, 2s. 2b: Hand 1: M.O.C. 1. 2. J: and I ' inc J; Track 1; I-risin Start . : Tan ll.t.i l-i: Maine Railio C.nihl 2. ROM 1 1 I ' lilp and Pap -r EinVARD JOHN FALARIlFAr. ATO (.ovcrnmciii Riimford t " ro« ' Counlrv 1. 2; Indoor Tr.ick 1. 2: Oatdoor Track 1, 2; M.C.A. 1. 2; Maine Masque 1. 2. }; Band 1. 2; International Relations Club; Intramural Ath- letics 1. 2, 3; El Circulo Espanol. FRANCIS H. FARNIM. i:x Mechanical Engineering M.C.A. 1; Aviation Club 1. MARV llELDtR. AOn YAV.C.A. 1. 2. j; President. Freshman Cabinet 1; Cabinet 2. 3; Co-editor Freshman Mandbook 1; Fresh- man Banquet Committee 1; Charles Payson Scholar- ship 1; Bertha Joy Thompson Scholarship 2; Dean ' s List la. 2b; Off-Campus Women 1, 2; Home Economics Club I; Cheer Leader 1. 2. 3; Commencement Pageant 1. 2; Modern Dance Club 2. 3; Maine Masque 1. 2. 3; Sophomore Hop Committee 2; Sigma Mu Sigma 3; Archery I. |()S I ' ll 11 N 1)1 IN. AlP Agiict llin:il !.( Miomics iiul Farm Man:igcnicnt Fo I Fairfidd Dea. •s List 2b; Agriculti ral Club 4 H Club. Presi- dent 3 KSTHER FI GO Home Fxonom cs T .M.C.A. 3: Square Dance Club 3: Transfer from Inwa State; Theatre Workshop 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1. 2. WILLIAM B. FORI). Jr.. A. . liiiiical Englneciing Nomcll. Mass. i.M.K. 3; Intramural Athletics. AlOr-STA FLORA FOSTER. HB I ' re-Metlical Ells CLARK K. 11 1.1 ON. i:. .Meeluu.ical Engineering Balli Dean ' s List 2b; Glee Club 2, S; Chapel Choir S; M C A 1. 2, 3; Intramural Athletics 1. 2. 1; A.S.M.E. 3: M.O.C. 3; Fencing 1; Charles H. Payson Scholar- ship 1; Track 3. CF.RALD R(«C()K (, R IN ■t ' lIK .Mechanical Engineering Spun Band 1; A.S.M.E. 3; Intranuiral Athletics. FRANCIES GIRARD Home Economics Portlai M.O.C. 1; M.C.A. 3; Home Kcononiics Club CARL WILIU R Electrical Engineering )EN. jr., Bon Hami THE CLASS OF ROBERI ERNE.ST FOVE. ATA Wildlife C.onser ation Gardiner Dean ' s List 2a. 21. ; Advanced Military. HERBERT FRKEHMAX MILES C. FREEMAN . ninKd Hnsbandry Portland MCA.; Secretary Men ' s Cabinet; Chairman House Committee; Men ' s ' Glee Club; Chapel Choir; Cabin Club. . LTON R. l-RO.S r Hislor and C.overnmeni York illage C:()RNELU S WEIVSIER FROSl . Jr.. i:AE , griciiltnral Economics B;ino()r Ski Team; .M.O.C; M.C.A. ; " M " Club. RICHARD H. FILLER. K2 Business Administration Portlaml Freshman Football 1; Freshman Indoor Track 1; 90 FOI ' iTY FOUh RWK I WlU.K ' DORIS I (.«)( ( II S«HioU)n Hnins Studcls- Art CUil. . ' ; l.c C.relc Krancai» 1; i IrilitilorH ' Chil) .1; Aasistaiil Hockey Manager 3. K1( II. AA ..i«uli. C( VIR(.1 I KOI I I KnKlisl. V.W.r.A. 1. . ' . ,!; W.M.Riis loniin I. J. .1: Mas.i . ' ; " M " Club J; Hocki-y 1. . ' . i; lla k ■tl.ali 1. J. nllcyball 1, 2. 3. DONALD GOODWIN 1(1 GovciiiincMil |t I.ll S JWIKS (.OOS Mcrhnniail Engiiiceiing Bangor Dean-s List la. lb. 2b: Rifle CUib; M.O.C: Fresh- man Basketball 1; Track 2; .M.C.A.; AS.M.K. ,1. LAWRENCE ALLI (.RAH AM AXA I ' lilp and I ' apn Sotiih Hailliy. Ma Tennis 1; Glee Club 1. 2: Freshman Cabinet Intramural Athletics 1, 2. 3. y l.F.SI ER Fl I.I.KR C;R0SS. .(.Ki: (.i il Eiii;iMccrin,E; Camden OSCAR RKHARD HAIINEL, Jr.. AXA Horiiculliiic Lcwiston Intramural Athletics; Agricultural Club 1; M.C.A. I ' HII.Il ' I . HAINES, +I1K A ' jrridilttiral Eronoiiiiis Foil Fairficlil FRED H. HALE. AXA . lLchanical Engineering Sonth Portland A.S.M.E.: Pale Blue Kev J; Band 1. 2; Juni..r Co Editor Prism 3. RtJBKR I I H R1 ( V. STA 1 ra|jLT liaiic IMiiii CLARA JANE HARLEY, nB Theatre Augusta Maine Masque 2, 3, Ticket Manager 3; EI Circulo Espanol 2. 3; M.C.A. 3; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b; Students ' Arts Club 2: Transfer from Averett Col- lege. WILLIAM LAIRD HARRIS, 3til. K2 . Sfiicultural Engineeilns; Suiilli I ' mil I ' Al ' L Dl DLEV HARIHORN ical Engineering ' cst Penibrokt THE CLASS OF RICHARD AUGUSTUS HALE, and, AFP Forestry Lisbon Falls Forestry Club 1, 2. 3. President 3; M.O.C. 1, 2, 3; Pack and Pine 3; Xi Sigma Pi 2. 3; Maine Forester 1. 2; Advertising Manager 2; Rifle 1, 2, 3; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b. RU IHAW HALL Zoolog Oiono Off-Campus Women 1, 2, 3; M.O.C. 2; . rcliery Club ROBERT D. H. M. i;x EDWARD B. HAMBLEE r, Jr.. :SAE Electrical Engineering Bath Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3; Intramural Representa- tive 1; Indoor Track 1. 2; Outdoor Track 1. 2, 3; Radio Club 1, 2, 3; Sophomore Owl 2; A.I.E.E. 3; MALCOLM D. HARDY H. VINAL HARDY Engineering Hope Athletics 1, 2. 3; 4-II Club. FOhTY FOUh JAMtS I 11. AM) llVskhtl.. AXA I ' liicslry lliiigliam. Mass. Maine Ma»ii " c ' . - ' . • ' .: Mc ' » , ' ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ' " ' ' ' • -■.. • SccrcUry-Trcasi ' ' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' Prctitlrnt J; Mi i; Dean ' s List JAMES E. HASriNC.S. +rA EcoiHHiiirs liaiiRoi Dean ' s List la, lb: I.S.O.: El Circulo Kspannl mw R|) R II WK? Rl( II KI W Kl Rc.uliiif;. M.i ity Council 3: Int FRANtKS A. HU.Cil.NS. AOn EiiKlish Walcrville W.A.A. Council 2, 3: Assistant Winter Sports Mana- ger 2; TennisBadniinlon Manager 3; " M " Club 2, 3; YAV.C.A. 2. 3; M.O.C. 1; Maine Masque 1; Womens Forum 3; Red Cross iMotor Corps 2, 3; First Aid 1, 2; First Aid Council 2: Hockcv 1. 2, 3; All-Maine Re- serve 1; Basketball 1. 2. 3; Badminton I. 2. 3; Tennis 1. 2. 3; Volleyball 1, 2: Archery 1, 2; Students ' Arts Club 2: Contributors ' Club 3; El Circulo Espanol 3; Campus 3. JOHN A. HILL. Jr.. Ki: Mechaniail Engineering Naiii Ski Team 1. 2; Intramural . thlftics. W n ARABELLE BANTON HODGES, HB .oology- Stimmlt. N. J. BENJAMIN F. HOIK.ES. Jr.. +Ki: lanlcal Engineering Reading. Mass. DONALD I. HODOF.S. ATA (al Engineering ROliKk I 1. HOCn KR. E Ifclrital I ' .iigincciing Goiliam Advanced Military; jM.C.A. 3; A.I.E.E.. Treasurer liARBARA HOPKINS, Xfi Kn.nlish B;il V. V,( A. 1, 2: Campus 1. 2. 3; Coutrihutors ' Cli: I ' RIStll.l.A ANN HOPKINS. XH oology Waterville Cheer Leader 1, 2, 3; Campus 2, 3; Panhellenic Council. Treasurer 3; Y.W.C.A. 1, 3; Women ' s Em- hassy Committee 3; Students ' Arts Club 1; Women ' s I ' orum 1; W.A.A. Health Committee 3; Women ' s Leadership Conference Committee 3; Commencement I ' ageant 1; Hockey 1; Basketball 1. RALPH HAMILTON. HOPKINSON, J.MA Mechanical Engineering I ' oi ilanil Band 1, 2; Cross Country 1. A THE CLASS OF HARRY D. HODSON hanical Engineeiing Camden A.S.M.E. 3. ESTHER C;i ' SHINC; HOLDEN. Aon Psychology Portland MALCOLM HOLDEN, I.rA Mechanical Engineering West Hanford. Conn. Baseball 1; Sophomore Owl 2. HENRV HOLLAND. TE Romance Languages Calais Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3; El Circulo Espanol 2, 3; Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3; M.C.A. 2. 3; Students ' Arts Club 1, 2; Sigma Mu Sigma 3; Dean ' s List 2a, 2b. 3a; Intramural Athletics; Track Manager 1. AILEEX 15. HOLMAX R W. HONF.VMAN. ATA i; Ph sics Risctsidc. R. FOI ' iTY H)U IR N(;l-N I. IH)l (.11 I ON. JA Miimc Kioniimks Foil FaiiiicUl V.W.C.A. 1. 2. }; Ma Day JEAN GEORGE HI FN (. II,. -MA Pulp and Paper »iuks| I minor Track 1; Outdoor Track 1; Ilaskettiall M r.. . 1. . ' , i; Scabbard and i. SI1.. S Hll-SE III ATn ill Eiiuiiifoiiii}; r iball Manager 1: Orclus Vtl.lciics . ' . }. r., 1. Class President 1. 2. i; Football 1, 2. 3; Frcsbman Track 1. Captain 1; Varsity Track 2. 3; Pale Blue Key 3. Vice President: Prism 3: Advanced Military; Scabbard and Blade 3; Sophomore Owl 2; Student F.VEREIT PALMER 1N(;AI.I.S. Jr.. BBR (lu ' iuical Eiiginecrino Wcslbrook ll.ind 1. 2: Track 1; Tennis 1. 2. .! : T. ..„{.. Clnl, 1. . ' HVFTIE EL1 .. 1 ' .I I II IN(.R Ml Wl lliimv Economics Home Economics Club 1. 2, 3. RK II VRl) HI R(.lss INMS. ATA EiigiiiL-ciiii); Physics South Portland Camera Club 1. 2, 3; Dean ' s List la, 2a; Tau Beta Pi 3. JOV IVFNE . AAA Club: Neai Mathctai; Y.W.C.A. .SFEPHEN I.. JACOBS, SAE orc-slrv Hingham. Mass. M.-ns ( lee Club ManaRir; Indoor Track Man.igcr; . Mry Club. C.llARl.KS LINCOLN JLULI 1. i:X l ' iij4int ' erin); Physics Brookliiic. . Hand 1; Intramural Football. PRISCU.LA JONES Bangor KENNETH CLARK JORDAN, ox Engineering Physics V,i1 STANLEY C. JUNKINS Ai ' ionomv Ox lU w EDITH KAGAN Psychology Bangor THE CLASS OF UILLARD T. JOHNS, Jr.. K2 Wildlife Conservation Maplewood, N. J. Scabbard and Blade; Maine Campus, Sports Editor 3; Forestry Club, Secretary and Treasurer 3; Fresh- KENNEIH SHER L N JOHNSON. Jr.. 2X Civil Engineering Norwich, Conn. Freshman Cross Country ; Freshman Indoor Track ; Freshman Outdoor Track; M.C.A. 1, 2, 3. M. R10N KILGORE JOHNSON. XO ,(iol(i,t;v Runiford V.W.C.A. 1. JOHN HAROLD JOHN.S lONE, i;N Ednc;ition Bangor FREDERKIK S. JONES. BOn Mechanical Engineering Old Greenwich, Conn. Dean ' s List la. 21); Track 1. 2; Tau Beta Pi 3. LUELLA LOUISE JONES . gricnltnral Foods Presque Isle Dean ' s List lb; M.C.A. 2; M.O.C. 2. 3; Home Eco- nomics Club 3; Square Dance Chib. Secretary and Treasurer 3; Modern Dance Club 3. FOhTY FOUl (IIIIORI) HARMON KKIRSII I . OX AKiioilliiiiil K.dMioiiiiis Maplflon Tli,t.. (hi l,il.rari:.n; Frc l.niaii Croi, Cuiilry; MCA.: DcanN Li;.! . ' !.; llowkcr Sihol.irshii.. KDWARn KKM. vj; DORIS KII IM R CARLEION EVERETT KILPATRICK. lAE C ' .heiniail Engineering Portland Tennis: Prism. Freshman .nnil Sophomore Editor. . R. l)I.l) K. kl.Mli.M I.. . XA I ' liniiical Engineering BriuiclilT Manor. . V. al Athletics 1. jACfJlELlM- kIMlVM.I,. Xt Home Fxonoinics I ' lccpon Home Economics Clul. 1, 3; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. i. l. [1 KIMI ' . 1 I Englisli ;irren Off-Campus Women 2. 3: Chorus 1; Glee Club 3: E. RI. R KINC.SIU R Mechanical EiiKiiieciiiiH ( lA !) l I k PP. AT! MARIE LIRA KMGH I . I1R.|. Home Economics Fi Home Economics Club 1. 2. 3. WALDO McClARE MBBEV Icclriail Enginecrini; A.I.E.E. 3: BaiKl, Dnlni Maj.n _ ' , MKIAIN K l n ' , . Ki; iMigiiKiiiii W ' c-stbvoiik (.I.()R(.E . E()B() .0. :;x H AROM) EOWN. TE Mechanical Eii " incTiin " THE CLASS OF ALLAN KNOX. AXA Chemical Engineering Aiigusi Dean ' s List la; Intramural Sports 2, 3; M.C.A. 2. 3; Masque, Associate Member. ELEANOR BARBARA KRE}L X ; English Union, N. J. Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Arts Chili 1, 2; Spanish Club 1. 2, Secretary 3; Modern Dance Club 2; Women ' s Forum 1, 2, 3; Prism 3. PAUL FREDERICK KRUSE, Jr., Ben DOLLY LAMOREAU. AAA Home Economics Ea Women ' s Fo t;EOR(.E ROBERT LEAVII 1. 2N thanical Engineering Rangor ifle Team 2; Cross Country 1: A.S.M.E. 3; M.C.A. JULIE EDNA l.EDIEX. M Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a; Y.W.C.A. 1; Spanish Club President of Phi Mu Sororitv 3; Sigma .Mu Sigma Women ' s Defense Council 2. R)r.TY FOUP. H l)() II VRMON II I IIIR AXA Mtthaniiul Kn);initrinK Harlfoicl. C;oiui. JOSEPH I IK. II M ( IUl ATA lisiorv Cidvcriimtiit A n.inj I. J; Winier Siwris 1; Campus SlatT 1. M ARCARll MiCl RDV. XS English Lubcc YAV.C.A. 2. J!: Transfer from St. Joseph ' s Colkue. El-I-t.N K.. M.uDONAl 1 . IIIM. .Sociolo); assalboro Chorus 1: Ra.lio Guild; YAV.C.A. 1, . ' . i. VINETTA ESTELLE MacDONALD Hislon-Goveinmeiit EtIdington Neai Mathctai; Off-Campus Women ' s Organizatio ( I ARI ( 1 K. l President of Class 2; Dean ' s Lis lore Owl: Scabbard and Blade: Mi ttee: Football 1. 2. }; Basketball 1; Deulscher IRE. ATfi Portland 2b: Day IR(.l EvKlivh Transfer from Wcstbrouk Juni. AAA OKlaiid ROIIIRI I l.uKI IK. ATn HisloiA Oinnn Fnothall 1. .1; Sophomore Owl. Al HREV A. M.I r(,HI IN. 11K . i;ii(iilliiral Economics n cr I5r . Kricullural Club 1. 2. .1; 4 H Club. THE CLASS OF GEORGE ED ARD AfcLEAN. 2N Engineering Physics Bangor Physic? Club; Scabbard and Blade. I ' HVLIIS MkXEII., AAA I ' rc-Mcdical .Swam])s«)it, Mass. Ibickev 1. 2, i. Captain 1; All-Maine Reserve Team J; l ' .:isketball 1, 2, 3; VV.A.A. Council, Class Leader J. .;; .Mi-Maine Women ' s Pageant 1; Der Deutsche L-rtin 2. i: Students ' Arts Club 1, 2; Prism 3; Volley- ALVIN S. McNEILLY, K2 I a! Engineering Brookline. Mas i.lII 1, 2, 3; Football 3; Basketball 3; Intr Sports 1, 2, 3; " M " Club 2. 3; Scabbard ai Sophomore Owl; M.C.A. 2, 3; Boxing 2; Pa PETER B. MACOMBER, ATA ' re-Medical Bri Dean ' s List 2a, 3a. FRANK ]. MACRI ::al Ponlaiul I. 2; LS.O. 2. 3; Track 1; Frcncli Club 1; SIKRI.ING A. M. H, E , ifMA gMuiltin;il Economics Mars Hill JOAX MANWEI.I,. AAA Home Economics Teaching Winthrop Off-Campus Women ' s Organization 1, 2, 3. Secre- tary 2, President 3; Chorus 1; Glee Club 2; Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2, 3; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3; 4-H Club 1. CHARLES ALTON ALXRKEE, ATA Pnlp and Paper Calai Baseball 1. 2; Basketball 1; Tutraiiuiral Sports. WEBBER j. L .SON iich Club 1; Maine Masque 1, 2. 3, Busines ger 2; Cabin Club 1, 2, 3; Proctor 3; Charle m Scholarship 1; Plummer Memorial Scholar JOHN M. THE V.S, AXA FOIITY FOUn A l£. Ml RIKI. K. MKDINA. AA ,k|...,, OM MKR ION S A); Kionoiiiits R I iri I 1 R iilK-UI. Conn. 1. 1: S,.. nisl, I ' HIUP I)eI.AM) MILLER. 4.rA C ' .licinical Engineering Portland Dean ' s List la. lb, 2a; Class Executive Committee 1: Basketball 1; Tennis 1. 2. .!; Tall Beta Pi Slide Rule Award 2; Scabbard and Blade .!: Ini . |u.rts 1. 2. .1; Tau Beta Pi .1. K Rll R Ml I ( III I I Kiisl Millinn.k Maine Masijue 1. 2. 3. II() I S lllARN MORI R n . Jr.. TA iiiL ' L-ring Physics rinlilniig. M.i i . luinas Club. President 2. i. VILLL M HENRY MORONG. Jr.. 2N Mechanical Engineering Madison RIC II RI) R I III R loRRI l-.nKiiHirin " W ( si - . EVERETT MORRLSOX. ATfi Mechanical Engineering Sanforcl THE GLASS OF C.EORGE H. OUEAR, 2X C;ivil Engineering Calais JOSEPH R. ONEII,, Ji.. rA Chemical Engineering 1 RICHARD M. rACRARD. i;AE nient and Ea.noniiis lia DONALD EDWIN PAGE. K2 Psychology Orono Dean ' s List 2a, 2b; Sigma Mu Sig.]ia; Sigma Mu Sigma Scholarship 3a: Ho ARTHUR U. MOl ' LTON HI. : Meclianical Engineering C.r.T. Secondary; Camera Club; A.S.II. JAMES F. MOrLTON. 2N Ensineerins; Ran elev ALBERT K. MIRCH. i 5lA Agricultural Engineering South Casco Scabbard and Blade; Baseball; Football. Intramural F. RAV NEAL. K2 Poultry Husbandry Portia Football 1. 2. .i; Pale Blue Key 3; Wrestling 1. 2 CH.VRLES C. NOR 1 OX. ATA .Mechanical Engineering Quoddy ' illage Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. ROBERT V. N I ITER. 4.rA Horticulture Sanfoit ball 1, 2. .i. Capt. 1. 2; Basketball 1. 2, 3; Base . 2; Sophomore Owl; Class Treasurer 2; M.C.A. ar.l and Blade; Secretary of Phi Gamma Delta 102 FOhTY FOUh KOIUK I IIOMI R I ' (.l 1 i: Mr.h.ini(.il F.iiKinici iii.; Ilii ks| . i( RICH ARO ROCKWOOI) I ' AI.MKR. Ji.. .|.Kv Mcili.iiiiial KM);iiicoriiig UsImmi F.iIIs Ircj loiinirv 1; Indoor Track I. . ' : H.ucl..ill 1. . ' : THONfAS PARMENTER. 2X ( licniical Engineering Pordnnd IVaii ' s List la; Iniloor Track 1; Outdoor Track I; M ( A. 1, 2. }. IRANCKS I. IT . PARSONS 2; EfTcsscncss (Yearbook) Staff 1, 2; Pledge Plaver jnd Players: M.O.C. : Girls ' Glee Club; Mixed Glc. Club; Sguarc Dance Club. HARLAN LI C.IEX PEASF. Enginccrins Bar Mills I)A II) BARNES PENNEI I. Clicniiial F ' .iiginceriiig Portland ROBERT C. PETTERSON Cheini.stry Bangor EDWARD H. PHILLIPS. . Tf ital Engineering Porllatitl (.HENl kl III I ' l 111 LIPS E;ist Holclcn r» ' Club; Ncai Matlu- ai; M.r.A. ESTHER PIKE otnv Econom cs Watcrforcl .M.C.A. I 2. }. Vice 2. 3. Cabin President 3 ii Economics 2. Club R AM ' H c;. rowii.i, („itb: -Mediial ■eshman Fcintliall; Var ein; Dean ' s List lb. 2b. DONALD FRANKLYN PRESNELL, K2 Business .Administration Portland E. ERA CE,S PRESSEY. J.M Home Economics Bangor Home Economics Club 1. 2; OtT Campus Women 1. 2, 3; M.C.. . 1. 2, 3. FLEETWOOD PRIDE, Jr.. eX Electrical Engineering Football 1, 2; Wrestling 1, 2. 3. Coacb 3. THE CLASS OF PETER SYLVESTER PIKELIS. 2N Civil Engineering Millinocket Freshman Footliall; Intramural; Civil Club 3; M.C.A. 1, 2, 3. DOROTHY PRISCILLA PILLSIU RY Xnrsinu Limin ELIZABETH ANN PIPER Daniariscotla JOHN PISCOPO MADELEINE IROS I PLIMER Economics Portland Transfer Student from VVestbrook .Tunior College. WILLIAM O. POOR Electrical Engineering Belfast 104 FOhTY FOUl ji NK Will I ri i sii kr KmrIMi SktmlicK:!!! M.KKC MaM|iir 1: Oiilir (r:i I: I)i ' ;in ' H Lot 2a. :l . . ». NORMAN A IM INAM. +K:: KimliitxiJiiu Rtadii II RR II ()1 INN |i . INK Ki.K.iKciinK " C;.,|K- List 1.1. 11.; Adv.lnced Milit.irx FRED .VLDEN RACK I .Mi-chaniral Engineering A.S.M.E.; Band 1. 2: .MA 1 I ll() | s II RAM 1 R I k ' (li;iMi(al Engiiicciiiig ESTHER RANDALL. AOll Home Economics Lewiston VV.A.A. Council, Secretary 2. Vice President 3; " M " Club 1. 2. 3; Sophomore Eagle; Home Economics Club 1. 3; Hockey I, 2. 3; Basketball 1. 2. 3; All- Maine Basketball Team 2; Volleyball 1, 2. 3; Class Executive Committee 2. WILLIAM I. RFimONn I ' uMoli..,! I!;insor WALIER M. REED. Jr.. .frJIK ' 4ii(iilliinil Economics Fort Fairficltl ELTON ' M. RICH ami Government Detroit Dopnlatii.n :. .i; M.iinr CARROLL li. Rl( II RI»()N. +1|K i;riciilliiral Economics Rome Dean ' s List 2b: Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Club Secretary; Baseball 1; Intramural . thletic5. THE CLASS OF AXXE RING Lockes Mills rsity Show 1; Dean ' s List 3a; Arts Club 1. 2; Masque 1; YAV.C.A. 1. 2. .!; Chor Sigma i; Freshman Cabinet 1; Women ' s Foru JULIA ROBBINS, Xfi Home Economics Dover-Foxcroft Neai Mathetai; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a, 2b; Home Ec Club 1, 2. 3, Vice President 2; Tennis Tournament 1. 2; M.O.C. 3; International Relations Club 3; Sigma RAY DeWl I T ROLEV, Jr.. .J-MA MiTlumical Engiiu-crini; Xcuton. Mas GEORGE LE ROY ROTHERMEL. Bon I ' lilp and Paper Kcniluoith, 1 Transfer from Northweste IRENE ROWE. 4 ' Sl Bangor ,; Dean ' s List la, lb, 2a; Y -W.C.A. hil. 2; All-Maine Womens ' Pageant; mil Scholarship 2; Maria S. Appleton CHARLES CEC IL R() VLE III. i;x Indoor Track 1. 2. 3; Outdoor Track 1, 2. 3; Intra- ARLEXE R. ROYAL Edncation Hodgd Transfer from Rickcr .lunior College. Houlton. . IARCIA RLBIXOFF English Dean ' s List ; Spanish Club 3. C. ADELAIDE RLSSELL. $M Rangelc) ' .SALLY JEAX RV. X Zool»g Long Island Sophomore Kagle; W.A.A. Council 1; Chee; 1. 3; Executive Committee 1; Arts Club 1; W Forum 1; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Embassy Com Y. Leader 106 FOhTY FOUh I I ' llKI lliisiiR ' » Acliiiiiijsin lAMORI). lAK II) Itiiiiiswick An, Ilr m ' s I.i,t: 1) K.ll I II s l |i 1 !■ A liullllll.ll K...IU.1UKS W.UciIc.mI Scars KocliiK-k Scli..liirr.lii|.; Iiuluur Track 1. i. i: ■I H I hil. 1. . ' . .!; AKriciiltiiral Club 1. 2; Intramural Kooilmll: Intraiiiiiral naskctliall; Intramural Track: Intramural Siiflliall: Winter Sports I. ( 1 l |)| l H M.O.C. I; M.r.A. 1. . ' . i: OtT Campus V,.ir 11. .mc Kc Club . ' . i: Maine Masque 2. 3: la Prism 3: Pi Beta Phi Social Exchange Chair NVIHAMK.I. U. SI KUxliiral KimiiKciin; 1R NC.1..S ANN ,S1H.1:.U . AOll Kn!»lish Auburn Class secretary 2, 3; Sophomore Eagle. President: W.S.C.A. 1. 2, 3, Vice President 3; Student Senate 3: Aquinas Club 2, 3: Contributors ' Club 3: El Circulo Espanol. 2: Maine Masque 1; Radio Guild 1, 2; ' " I: Women ' s Leadership Conference, i-chairman. 3; Dean ' s List 2a, 2b; Ja IRENE JAMES SHEPARD French Glee Club; Masque; YAV.C.A KDW ARl) U. SIMS, k: EARLAND K. Sl.EK.H I . vx (iR ' niicil Eiij iiiecriiig Deans List la, 2a, 2b; Tau Beta Pi 3. El.KWOR I s l l I K()IA N 1)1 M1 I 1 Al.I.KX H. S01X)M0 . TE Zoology Lowell. M:i-s. M.C.A.; Der Deutsche Verein; I.M.A.A.; Football PHYLLIS ELLEN SOI I.E. Illi Home Economics C.lia Home Economics Club 1. 2. 3; 4-H Club 1. LAVTON E. .SPALLDING jchanical Engineering Waleixille WALTER SPEARIX. 2X Chemical Engineering Benton Slalion Dean ' s List la; Maine Masque 1. THE CLASS OF FLOYD FLYNT SMITH, AXA Mechanical Engineering Angu MAHLOX I). ;h-jmical Engineering Dean ' s List la, Ih, ROBERT DOLE SMITH, i:x Hnsincss . ciministralion Springli STANLEY li. SMITH Poultry Husbandry Turner Cent Transfer from Bates. Dean ' s List lb. 2a, 2 M,C.A. Panel Discussion Committee 1; Agricultuv Club 3. SYLVIA C. SMITH Bangor -.msfer from .luilliard School ,.f Music, IRC.IXIA SMITH SaciologN Y.W,C..- " 2. 3; Chi Alumni Schola 108 FOHTY FOUl ROItKKI 1 ( M ' l I 1 . ox A.liinniMi.iiioii MilliiKHkn Cliilv I ' liii II ' I) srii 1 1 R C-i il l-.ii ;iiiic ' nii}; I RANK K SOI IRKS. K : A:;iKiil( Ko.nomits Molfoiil. Mass. KihiiImII 1. 2. o: Class Treasurer 1: Soiihomore Owls. President; Scahhard and Blade: " M " Club; Sopho- more Marshal: Class Executive Committee: Maine Day Committee; Sophomore Owl Scholarship. JOHN F. STEINMEI . MA Chcmislrv Oroiio SIBYL ETHEL STEVENS Foreign Ijngiiagcs . iibiii CHARLES E. SUCKNEV. |i.. MA Mcchaniral Engineering Portland Football 1; Basketball Manager 1. 2; C.A.A. Flying HO r AS STOTI.KR. ATI! Glial Barringloii. Ma MARJORIE STRnCH English Sanforil Maine Masque ; Radio C.uild 2. .!; Spanish Club 2; Choir 2; Glee Club 2; Dean ' s List 2a. 2b. CECILLV G. SILLIVAN cmalics Souih Brewer n ' s List 2b; Orchestra I, 2. 3; Spanish Club 1; ■ . ' : Off-Campus Women 1. 2. 3; " M " Club 2: ll...kc . ' . .!; .Modern Dance Club 2. 3; Pageant ; ISasketball 2; Volleyball 2. H VRK S. 1 HOMAS. jr., Ben Eiisi;iiieerin} Physics Farmington Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2h; Freshman Cross Coun- try; M.A.P.; Masque 1. 2; M.C.A. 1, 2. 3: Tau Beta Pi " 3; Intramural Simrts; Band 1. 2; Mu Alpha Epsi- (■K()R(,K IHOMI ' SON. Jr.. 4.Ki: .Vs ionoiiiy Bi; eiiy, Mass. Dean ' s List 2a, 2b; Alpha Zeta 3; Football Mana- ger 1; Baseball Manager 1, 2; Agricultural Club 1, 2. 3; Prism 3; Intramural Sports. . RI.Er I. IHORl ' F. AAA RO(.ER Win I AM IIHRIOW DaiiA HiislKiiuhv Lee THE CLASS OF JOHN E. SUMINSBY, 2AE Eiii iiieering Physics Northeast Harbor T;iu Beta Pi; Dean ' s List la. lb. 2a. 2b; Basketball I; Cross Country 1; Tennis 1; Basketball 2; Physics MIRIAM SWEET Home Economics East Holden I ' HII.II ' S. SWEEISER. i:x inu Ciimbcilaiid Center 1. 2. 3; .M.C.A.; Intramural; Track 2. 3; an.l Blade. CERAI.I) M. TABENKFX Business Adminisii.uiou B;nigor M.C.A.; I.S.O. JOHN FHERIAI LT. 2AE Cisil Engineering Old T( Civil Club 3. 1 II) I IIOMA.S. Boll l).iii lUislundn Poitland Proctor 3; Agricultural Club 2, FOKTY FOUn 1 IKIM AN K. I III M 1 AK Mrili.Miiiul KiiKiiiffiiiit; PiMci II.1111I I; S|...rl5. Rll()|) V. 101 lORI), Alill M.iinr .MiiMi.ic 1. . ' . .1. J; Pi isin. Junior Claj» Cociliior i: Women ' s Forum I. J. i: . .C.. . I. . . i; Home Economics Tluli I: Arts Club 2; Dcin » List la, Ja; Radio Uiild 1. 2: .M.O.C. i. R I Kl l . A( FLORENCE rRK (JRC.V. IIH Home Economics Blue Hill Maiden. Mass. Rl I II I ROI l English Dean ' s LisI la; Tutorial Honors lb; Maine Masque I. 2. 3: Conlributors " Club 2. 3, Secretary 3; Sopho- more K.iKle. Secretary-Treasurer 2; Hockey 1. 2. 3; Basketball 1. 2. 3; Volleyball 1. 2. 3; .Ml.Mainc Hoc- key 2; " M " Club 2. 3; Assistant Winter Sports Manaiter 2; Modern Dance Club: YAV.C.A. 1. 2. 3; Cabinet 3; Women ' s Forum 1: Contributing Editor. .Maine Campus 2. 3; Radio Guild 2. 3; SiRm.i Mil Sit- 3. WARREN TIRMR EtUicalion Glee Club. Uj Qu IDA MAY WAIERM.XN l ' s (liol i}; Old Town VW.C.A.; M.C.A.; Off Campus Women ' s Organi- |. CiORDON EB.STER. 2N V Needham. Mass. . 2: M.C.A 2. 3; Freshman Cabinet; Cm .1 Band 2; DcaM ' s I.isI la, lb C;!.ARKK M. UI-.R I HUM noil Psychology Nctdham. Nfass. 2. 3: Interfraternity Relations Commit- crein 2. 3; M.C.A. 1, 2. 3; Interfraternily Re tee 2; .Men ' s Embassy 3; Der Deuls Band 1, 2; Intramural Sports 1, 2. 3. MARJORIF. WILSON ;ixil Engineering Belfast V.W.C.A. 2, 3; C. E. Club 2. 3; Math Club 3. EVA WOODBREV Business Administration Seljago Lake Y.W.C.A 2; Women ' s Forum 3; Masque 2. 3; M.O.C. 2; Commencement Pageant 2; Arts Club 2; Der Deutsche Verein 3. Transfer from Westbrook Junior College. MILDRED E. WOOSTER, Aon Home Economics Old Town Debate CUib 1, 2. Wc HILDA R. YOrXG Sociology N(ntli Brooksville French Club 1; Arts Club 1, 2; Education Club 3: THE CLASS OF LEON GEORGE WHITE, Jr., MA Mechanical Engineering Bangor WII.LARD HALL WHITNEY JOHN F. WHITTEN, I.HK Agricultural Economics Fort Kent Intramural Basketball 1; Varsity Baseball 2; Bas- ketball 2; I.M.A.A. 1; Men ' s Student Senate; Inter- fratcrnitv Council; " M " Club; Scabbard and Blade; .XgricuUural Club; Athletic Association. HALL N. WIGHT, 2AE Ci il Engineering ALidisoii Intramural Sports; Civil Club. CHARLOI IE WILI.ETT Home Econ Home Eco„ Club; Off-Campus V( v.. SHERM.VN WILLIAMSON. Jr.. i;AE Chemical Engineering Portland .IIIMOKS NOT IMCTUnEI) ll.Ut. luiu- Bi.mii Education AuguM.. ( h.nliN ri.iiui C.Kickcr. OX Engineering Physics C:enlcr ille. .Mass. Alhiii n;iy Crcxkcu, eX Business Administration . uhmn M.ii h.ill Winloii Cutler Engineering Physics Bang... (hour AlUn D.Mlin.i; Electrical Engineering Oilc.Mis. Mass. Ailliiii AUsaiulii I);nis Wildlife C. nscr ation loust Hills West. N. ■» Elhriclgc B.irtoi. Davis, yis lliMon .111,1 (...v.innui.t C;alais Paul Gordon Fleming. Al ' -i D.iin ll.ish..M,h (ianliner Robcrl I ilTanv Grotcftiul. i:N W ' iMhfc ( iis ' i alion Englewood, . J James Elmer Haggctt M.ilheni.itics Nciruay . ll i(m Seth H:.%m:in. l.M Faun Mana!, ' (incnt liuKikK.M. Mass. (..-orge Vane Hei.rv HisioiN and Covcnuncnt OlOM.. K.lwanl losq.h H,.ll,n»l. jr. Chemical Engineering lt.n.;.;or I.eMii M.iiili lliiul. ox Electrical Engineering Bi.ldcluui Barbara Alice Jones Home Economics Mechanic Falls John Frederick Kane Engineering Physics Brewer Arthur Kendall Kittredge Mechanical Engineering McKinlcv Marion Amelia Korda English Portland Lawrence Envin McCarv Farm Management O.ikluld Vesta Isatx;! MacLean Education KA m , u James Eugene Mahar. 4..M Eniiinecring Ni.iu..o,l. Mass. I.eo I ' aul I ' clrin I ' chiiailoii Bi.ldefoHl James {.ilmorc Rciil Chan iM IV Bangor Stanley Hillel Rudman (.o riiin iu Bangor Mollis Clinton Tedford. Jr. C;ivil Engineering Orono John Donald Tschamler. OX Chemical Engineering Augusta I ' hilip Beaimiont Turner. eX Biological Chemistry MaplcloM (..rl . lUn UillMir Mechanical Engineering Port JetAis. .V. SOPHOMORES Now in the full swing of college life, and no longer just green freshmen, the Sophomores are beginning to take their places as leaders on campus. In studies and sports alike they are proving their worth. They have shown themselves ir a])i in all fields of college life from the craz) antics of " Hell AVeek " to the serious responsibilities which they as- sume as Sophomore 0 vls and Eagles. Their stabilizing effect is a necessary element today, and in them we recognize not onlv ] otential college leaders, but ihe people- hum vliom will come the leaders ot the luture. CL. SS OIFICKRS r Ilo o ■A . noRis imfri ' . e ari iiis (iriii irwk koris urn 114 OWLS I lif Owls ;nv (host II on ilu s;iinc basis s I la- Sophomore Eaf ks and aic usually i|)|)c(l (luriiif; the lasi hastball j;amc of u yiar. Ii is ihc fuiution of this or- iini ation to cnfoicc ihr fushmaii rules liich are laid down under the {guidance I the Senior Skulls. Meetings arc held every riuiisdav, to liith certain Freshmen aie called for lore lorcefid inier|)retatioii of the rides, t this time, if the olfenders are still nt reconciled to law and order, they arc n ited to entertain the University at the nil)all tallies and on the campus. EAfiLES The Sophomoie Eagles aie tapped from the Freshman class the pieceding spring at the annual Freshman-Sopho- more Banquet. They are chosen for their character, po|)ularitv. and pnmiisc of leadership. The Eagles attempt to aid tin- Frish- men in getting actjuaiiued and in mak- ing adjustments to college life. It has been the custom of the past few ears for the Eagles to rettirn to the campus for Freshman Week in order to help the Fieshmen gel ac(iuainted with the campus. CLASS OF 1945 BARBARA L. ATHERTON ALBERT R. BARMB Orono North Reading, Ma WILLIAM E. ABBOTT CARLETON W. AYLWARD iEULAH E. BACHELDER RALPH L. BEAN Norway Auburn MARY I. ANSELL FLORENCE J. ARMSTRONG GUV R. BAILEY Lubec PHILIP W. BAIRD Hartland HOWARD C BARBER Prnvi.ienc e, R. I. SHERWIN 1 . BARDSLEY Leominste r, Mass. ROGER P. BEAN 116 MAKIK T. IIKNNKTT KOIIKRT W. l.KRNARD Kalontown. N, J. BULL SESSION ix-M i i i i ia ■KRLKY F. HKTTJ II.I.IA.M .1. UK KKOKIJ KEIiKCCA M. HOWOEX TIIKLMA I ' . URADI-ORD Cliarlcston RISSEL V. nRADI.KV Ticonderoga, N. Y. ETH ELYX I) R A OST R V. FT ANDREW B. BR ITT. Jr CARLETOX E. BROCK Saco ROBERT O. BROKAW Plainficld, N. J. WALTER C. BROOKS Rumlord ROBERT A. BRAITLECIIT NICHOLAS I . BROINTAS Orono Bangor XEAL E. BREXXAX BETTY BROWX Bangor Robbinston CLASS OF 1945 ' " " . " ° " HAROLD L. BROWN LLOYD J. BURNETT Bangor MARGARET A. BROWN GURDON S. BUCK Naples JOSEPH W. BUTLER JOSEPH B. CHAPLIN Bangor DANA E. BUNKEI MADGE L. CA rPBELL JAMES E. CANNING Bangor THE DAY AFTER DA ID T. CLAKK Kennebunkport JOSEPHINE I. CLARK RODKRICK P. CRANDALL - ' - MOLLIS K. CONDON JOHN L. CREED ' ■ ' — Prescivu- Isle Portland LDWARIJ W. CONNERS. Ir. lURLEUlH S. CROCKET.- Old Tuwn W«t Sumner MALCOLM O. COLBY Banitnr RAY A. COOK Eastport JOHN L. CROCKETT West Roxbury. Mass. HENRY n. rOLK l-lilLIP E. COPE DONALD E. CROSSLAND Wilton Porlland Orono MKtill. K COI.K Mel way OPAL M. COX Brooks WILLLAM B. CROSSLEY Middlcboro. Mass. CLASS OF 194 5 JEAN H. DEVOE Bangor ORMAN B. DOORE South Paris HARRISON P. CROWELL PATRICIA E. deWEVER MARION M. DOW Skowhegan Farming.on Limington CHARLES J. CUMMINGS LaGrange DORIS A. DEXTER Lewiston PAULINE V. DUDLEY Mapleton DOROTHY E. CURRIER EARLE W. DICKINSON RAYMOND S. DUFF Aulmrn Richmond Houlton RICHARD CUTTS ROBERT F. DINSMORE Kittery Point Cape Elizabeth 1 LEO P. DAIGLE MICHAEL J. DiRENZO Presqiie Isle Aulmrn i DONALD W. DAXFORTH TOHN F. DOESCHER Brewer Houlton J RICHARD H. DAXFORTH TAMES F. DONOVAN Gardiner Houlton CHARGE -4 ■ m mmammm m H 1 Ft fmm 1 I 11 Wm 1 1 MAURICE B. DULLEA Norway Lake -51 1 ARNOLD B. EARLE Lisbon Falls , i A i JEAN E. EARNSHAW Fall River, Mass. 120 ADDIK I.. K.VSTMAN KM. I ' ll K. KMKRSON I ROM CLASSES ■:STO. S. EKLICK EAKL R. EVANS Rl-TII P. FORIU-S Elmluirst. N. V. liriRhton t;EOR(JE A. FAU LKNER. Jr. KENNETH A. FOSS Ellsworth Mann.oiith ETHEL M. FENDERSON CHARLES K. FOSTER Calais Ellsworth LINCOLN T. FISH, Jr. STANLEY K. FOSTER Jonisport Bucksport CHARLES A. FLANAGAN CALVIN FRIAR Bangor Fall River. Mass. ELEANOR L. FLINT CHARLES E. FLRBISH FlaitstalT Topsham ELMER 1.. FOI.SOM LEWIS W. C.AM.MELL. J r....i.r;.u.,. Attlcboro. Mass. illKL.MA L. FOLSOM GF-ORGE GARLAND Caml.ri,lgc Tacoma. Wash. CLASS OF 1945 " a . LI " " " " " I ' RISCILLA C. CRAY ARTHUR L. GEARY DONALD H. GRINDLE MARIE L. HAINES SIDNEY G. GILMAN RICHARD A. GOODHLL Bangor MARGARET A. GRAVES Presque Isle HELEN V. GRAY MinXIGHT r.T. .:rrill t. ham Augusta .II.I.IA.M D. HARRIS SkLwhcKaii tRi;iMA HARM HARBARA A. IIIGGINS LcinRiiicadow. Mass. KtTII R. IIICCIXS kOHI-.KT W. 1111. 1. Bangor KWIS J. HORZEMPA Wimhroi. FRANCES E. HOWE GLASS OF 19 i GLADYS M. JOHNSON Portland GEORGE F. KELLEY South Portland MARY E. HURLEY Skowhegan JENNY M. JOHNSON Bangor MARTIN A. KELLEY Bangor MARSDEN C. HUTCHINS Orono WENDELL P. JOHNSON Portland NEAL B. KELLEY Limestone PRUDENCE HUTCHINS Cape Porpoise GEORGE A. JONES Damariscotta JOHN H. KENOYER Winsorville RICHARD P. IRWIX Houlton RAYMOND D. JONES Bangor KATHERINE E. JACKMAN GREYDON A. KAY Calais Bridgeport. Conn. ALAN S. JOHNSON lERALDINE F. KEENAN Mars Hill EDITH H. KIMBALL DON.M.D L. KNOTT E. KNOWLES ASK J KO JOSKI ' H R. LKlLAIR AuKusta FRANCIS G. LKI.AND Melrose. Mass. I%li% RlSSKI.l. R. LIIIBV IARV M. LINNKLL AI.MN V. LITTLEFIELD ROBERT S. LUDWIG Chelmsford, Mass. CMILV L. I.ITTl.EI-IED ROIiERT L. U IAN I.. LEWIS I.YI.E E. LITTLEFIELD LAWRENCE W. LVFORD )MAINE K. LITTLEFIKI.I) IL-iinptlen MlKltlands RCSSELL i: LVOX MERTOX E. LIBBY ;aLLV K. LOCKE! Wintcritort JOHN W. McALLlSTEf 125 CLASS OF 1945 FREDERICK S. McINTIRE MILDRED B. MARR GERALDINE B. MacBURXIE JOHN K. MacINTOSH Augusta Pawtuckct. R. I. JOHN C. MARRIOTT lAMES C. McCLELLAX. Jr JEAN McKINNEY Kennebunkport iERNARD L. MARSH ROBERT G. MARTIN JANET A. McFARLAND Salsbury Cove STEPHEN R. MACPHERSON RICHARD F. MASON BARBARA L. MAYNAKD 126 AMKS I.. MKKIIAX llingh. ' im. Mass. KOIIKRT V. MKRCllANT EDMIXD MIKALOMS DOldl.AS S. MILLKR JAMKS A. MOOXEY WollastrlTl. M.-lss. Ifangor KOUKKT M. Mll.LKU ItARIiARA MOORE South i ' orllaiul Hrockton. Mass. NKII. n. MILLS MARGARET E. MOORE WaUloboro Hartland RAYMOND T. MTLLS, Jr. PRISCILLA M. MOORE Aiil.urn Dovcr-Foxcroft UORMIDAS A. MIXINNI GEORGE F. MORRILL Biddcford West Farniington ADA C. MIXOTT ALVIX . MORRIS PhippsliurK llangor ARTIIIR D. MOODY XORMAX V. MOILTOX al.l..1...r., Springvak HAROLD 11. MOOERS ROBERT M, MOILTOX H,.nK..r Bangor CLASS OF 1945 MADELINE P. NEVERS HENRY E. PACKARD LUCIA M. PACKARD Augusta ELEANOR C. MUNDIE EDMUND K. NOCK Marblehead. Mass. ROnERT H. PAGE STANLEY A. MURRAY ELMER R. OAKES JOSEPH NADEAU, Jr Fort Kent WARREN C. NAUGLER RAYMOND E. NEAL, Jr Marblehead. Mass. MIRIAM S. O-BEIRNE Old Town IZABETH M. O ' LEARY HELEN J. OTTO ROBERT A. OUELLETTE ROMEO G. PARADl CHARLES S. PARTRIDGE LIFFORD S. PATCH MOKTON C I ' AITKX lUmi " U-n M. ,-1.I,...U JOHN V. PEJ ' PARD Belmont, Mass. WILKKKD I.. I ' KRKY EI.EAXOR .M. PREBL " " ' " ItanRor MIKIKI. -. PKTTF.RSOX Calais EI.IZARETII L. PRIC Hath (HAKLKS PIDACKS Kuniford XORMA E. OUINN liangor WAKRKN F. PIERCE 1 ' orllan.J IIIMSERT O. RAXl EK Fairfield MArcOI.M II PIERSOX A LAX L. RIIODE.S Portland CllARLKS K. I ' OKl ' EK Gloucester. M.-iss. WILLIAM VV. RICE .Monlclair, X. J. LEO W. PRATT. Jr. Saco DAVID RICIIARD.S Wavland. Mass. RICHARD N. PRATT WiM Springficl.l. .M.!-.- . WILLIAM II. Rii;nv . ul.uri. CLASS OF 1945 BARBARA B. SCRIBNER B.-iiigor BENJAMIN SEGAL Bangor ■RISCILLA SHAW GEORGE A. ROGERS BARNARD H. ROMANOW KENNETH G. RUSSEI.t. Basking Ridge, N. .1. SQUARE MEALS JOAN H. SHEA DOROTHY V. SHELDON iu:ki II. SMAi CAKOLVX A. SMALL Steep Kails ■KISCILLA M. SMITH RKN ' C. SMITH JAMKS B. Sl ' RACl ' ' -. J, MARGARET E. STACKPOLE Augusta PHILIP V. STACKPOI.E IIKI.EX K. STACY Shirk-y Mills NORMAN E SMITH U RKTT D SPEIRS, Jr. OWEN II SMITH 131 CLASS OF 1945 VrRGINIA M. STEWART BERTRAM E. THORNE ELDON B. TURNER ARTHUR J. TIBBETTS ROBERT W. TURNER ELIZABETH C. TAYLOR EDWARD B. TITCOMB ELLVVOOD A. TITCOMB SOUND OI F •:rt ' ARNUM vENNFTH F ENNETT RI I W ICktRY CLEMENT OSE orw II v.M.i.i r,i-ORD Allljurn C.KOKl.K A WAI.Sl IlKNJAMIX I. WAKNKR Wcymoulh, M.iss. KARI.K WKSCOTT CLYDE L. WHEELER l-armincton IIVLLL ; M. WHITE UANA T. WHITMAN LAWRENCE A. WING Flagstaff VIRC.INIA R. WING FRANK n. WOOD Bangor WINSLOW A. WORK Hang.T WILLIAM 11. WASHULRX KENT H. YORK Mcdwav lARD I). WATERMAN •REEMAN W. WHITNEY ■RON A. YOrNG •ETER J. WEDGE Itrcwrr JOHN E. WILBUR Cape Cottage DONALD M. YOLXG South Walpole, Mass. ;A( E E WENTWORTH R0(;ER L. WILLIAMS THOMAS J. YOING FRESHMEN The Freshman Class reached an all- time record at the University of Maine this year with an enrollment of 632 stu- dents. Although nian of these, espe- cially men students, ha e had to leave already, there still remains a strong rep- resentation for the Class of ' 46 in scholar- ship, athletics, and other prominent campus activities. Freshman Week, the period of orien- tation lor the newcomers at the begin- ning of the college year, went on as usual, with the Sophomore Owls and Eagles siiperxisiug aiti ' ilies. CLASS 01 FICERS ' MI (OIIMW |) 1 nt IM ISV 14 KBAR iniU. II MIK C,()Oin I liiTsl uilh uliidi llu 1- k i- life is imcxccllcd I and their s| ihiiuii lacL- cc my oihcr da ml tlctcrininatif)!! is wtlioiiK- sis n of h()|)c ami faith for the coininj; vears. SENIOR RESIDEN IS Price. Cluircl. PROCTORS -Allen. Anderson, rcckham, Fourth row— Graham, PresncII, Geneva. Thomas SONS AM) DAlT.IITrRS CLASS OF 1946 FREDERICK G. AXTELL Spencer, Mass. RALPH D. ABERCROMBIE, Jr. BEVERLY J. AR.MITAGE East Orange, X. J. CLYDE S. ADAMS MARGARET E. AMBROSE SHIRLEY E. ARMSTRONG Bangor MILTON " S. . DELMAN Mars Hill PHILIP n. ALBAI RUSSELL H. BAKER Attleboro, Mass. SIDNEY R. BAMFORD Bangor LOLIS A. ALBER ' l RICHARD L. BANTOX iRBARA P. ALI.E: RRV E. ANGELIDE! FAIR FROSH CLARE.XCE F. BEAN PIERRE M. BEAUFRAXD W ll.l.IAM K. IIKOKMAN Slrwirt Manor. N. Y. SIMON HKRENSON LAIKKAT O. HF.RNARD ETllKI. K. BICKFORD Monroe RAI.rH F. lil.AKE AISTIN W, BRIDGES. .Ir lil.cksport THOMAS S. BOERKE Roslindale. Mass. DORIS L. URIERTON ROLAND J. BOrCIIARD JOHN V. BROOKINGS THOMAS G. BL ' RDIN, Jr Turner IEI.EN I. BOLLTER CAROI-YN F. BROWN Kendiiskcag ARTIIL-R R. BIRGESS lol.oro MAI.rOI.M E. BROWN ERNE. T A. BIRKE JOSEPH A. BOYER. Jr Gloucester. Mass. IMIILII ' R. BROWN ROBERT M. lURRII-L ALICE M. BRADFORD Arg.vle CHARLES T. BRUCE IIain|..Un WII.LIA.M J. BRADLEY. Jr LELAND S. BICK. Jr Harrison jENEVA v. BITLER EDWARD A. BRAGDON, Jr York Village ROBERT C. BITKLEY H„«l.-.n.l ROBERT E. BITLER Bar Harbor iRL II. BRENXAN. Jr Bangor WALTER R. BITKLEY MILDRED A. BYRONAS CLASS OF 1946 EDWARD F. CASSASSA LAWRENXE J. CAIIILL, Jr Bangor DONALD S. CASTERLIXE Maywood, . J, SIHRLEY A, CHAVES ' HILir S. CATII JAMCE R. CAMPBELL Bangor DAXA V. CHILDS JOHN R. CAMPBELL Boonton, N. J. CLAUDE S. CHITTICK Franklin, Mass. LESTER E. CHADBOURNE, Egyiit. Mass. ROSAXN ' A N. CHUTE iEORGE L. CHALMERS Bangor :lair l. cl . chette JOHX R. CARSON Bangor JAMES F. CLAFFIE CURT PLATT RICHARD T. CLEAVER JOHN H. CLE.MENT DONALD T. CLOKE lEXRV B. COBB 138 KKNNKTii I. conn MKRRii.i. E. conn Ltc PAUI. W. COLEMAN BanRor EDWARD Nr. COMMERFORD RAYMOND K. CON ' LEY Springfield. Mass. THOMAS E. COULTON, Jr Great Xeck. X. Y. JACKSON II. CROW I FRANCIS H. COOK llartland EDWARD J. COOKSOX Biddefortl EDWARD R. COWLES i ' llYLLIS E. CURNEAL Passaduinkeag RITH E. COOMBS RODERICK J. CYR Skowhcgan DOIGLAS K. COOPER XOEL E. CRAUN. Jr Fort Lee. X. J. ALFRED L. CORMIER Bangor VXTIIOXY B. CRTSTO Gloucester. Mass. FRAXK W. DANFORTH, Jr Bath KENXETH S. COSSEBOOM. Jr JOHN C. DARRAH Orono I.rCILLE E. COTE CLASS OF 1946 LAWRENXE C. DAY AXXETTE I. DESCHESNE Biddeford ROBERTA M. DOW Augusta GENE E. DESCOTEAU Chicago. 111. SARBARA R. DICKEY Belfast LeROY S. DIEFFEXBACH Glen Rock. X. .T. BERXARD W. DUBAY MARYROSE A. DELAXO Bucksport ROBERT V. DIEFFEXBACH Glen Rock. X. J. RUTH M. DUDLEY DOXALD I. DODGE Fort Fairfield ESTHER M. DUFFY MALCOLM K. DEMPSEY JOHX C. DOHERTY THERESE I. DUMAIS RICHARD J. DEXI.SOX LAWRKXCE r. DOLAX DAVID V. DUBLISEA Eastport RICHARD W. DEXXISOX RICHARD O. DURA MARJORIE M. DYER ROBERT H. EDDY IVAX C. EDGERLY " K[CII. KP C. KMMONS IIKl.KN K KNM. ' KDITH C. I-AIKI.KV Bangor BERTHA 1. 1-AKRI CLARENCE E. FAII.KXER ROBERT N. FICKETT Fitchliurg. Mass. RITH B. FICKETT rillLll ' U. FLAGG Eastport JOHN P. FONTAINE GORMAN T. FOSS FarmingloM ARTIHR G. FOX ROBERT K. FRANZ Mass. iII.I.IAM J. FREnEKIC SAMCEL E. Fll,LER Long Pond ELIZABETH R. FCRBISIt BERNARD GAFr Bangor EUGENE C. GAMBLE Bangor CHARLES L. GARFINKLE JOHN M. GEAGHAN CHARLES A. GLEASON, Jr Greenville Junclion HI DLASS OF 1946 HARLAN F. GOODWIN Bangor SAMUEL C. GREENLAW CHARLES L. GLOVER Dover-Foxcroft JANICE R. GORDON Brooklyn. N. Y. FREDERICK I. GLOVER Orono NORMAND D. GOTT Bangor RICHARD H. GODFREY Old Town NELLIE 1. GRAHAM Calais GRACE E. GODLEY Tenafly, N. J. RICHARD L. GRAHA Bangor MERLE F. GOFF Westbrook JOHN 0. GRAY Newagen SIDNEY GOLDMAN Gloucester, Mass. EARL L. GRAY Connna MILTON 11. GOLDSMITH Old Town ROIiKRT L. GRAY Bar Harbor NATIIALIF S. GOLDSMITH Old Town ILLI. . I 11. GRAY FRANCES V. GOODNOW Wintcrport JOHN E. GREENLAW Norway y JOAN E. GREENWOOD Farmington GEORGE C. GRIFFING Topsham CHARLES F. GUILD RICHARD M. HAGGETT North Edgeconib MARTIN HAGOPIAN FREDRICK H. HALE 142 Wll.I.AKD II UAKI KKKDRICK K IIARKISON WashinKlon. D. C. r. ll. T HART ItaiiRor DANIEL E. HATCH ROBERT L. HATCH Old Town MAXINK R. HEDRICH Presque Isle NETTIE E. HILI.MAN Kcnduskeag SMIRLIE C. HATHAWAY FREDERICK H. HERMANN, Jr. Melrose, Mass. lACK M. HILTZ Calais PAIL S. HATT Brewer HELEN F. HERRICK South Brewer CALVIN L. HINKLEY Augusta MONSON H. HAYES P..rtla...l GEORGE F. HERSOM Bath DONALD E. IIOBBS Portland WILLIAM W. HAYNES South Waterford NORMA C. HERZING Fort Lee. N. J. JOHN P. HOLLAND Bangor ROBERT C. HAZELWOOD Scarsdale. X. Y. ROBERT J. HETHERMAN WENDELL R. HOLLETT Wakefield. Mass. JEAN M. HEALD Milo LKANDER M. HIGGINS Augusta WILLIAM L. HOPKINS Rockland CLAYTON E. HEATH Norway BERTON F. HILL, Jr. Cranston. R. I. WILI.IA.M R. HORNER Wellesle.v Hills. Mass. ALBERT E. H EATON Springfield. Mass. LEON F. HIGGINS Bangor PHYLLIS M. HOWES South Windham DONALD A. HEATON Springfield, Mass. HEAL R. HILL Waterboro NORMA F. IIOYLE Orono CLASS OF 1946 ' ' ' 11] ' ' ' ' ELIZABETH F. JAMESO BRADFORD T. JOYCE MARY E. JARDINE HARRY KAGAN Bangor EDWARD H. HUDSON Augusta MILO Y HUGHES JOHN H. KATSIKAS ■LAYTOX E. JOHNSON FRANCES E. JOHNSON JOHN A. HUSSEY FREELAND JONES HARRY R. REISER SHELDON C. HUTCHINSON HOWARD S. JONES ARBARA HYDE NATALIE H. JONES St. John. N. B.. Canada RALPH G. KENISTON KEXXKTIl r. I.AIIARGE BuckMHirOi ■.KKARO R I.AnnE All|! l»U MORTdN A. I.AMll ROItKKT II. LAND I [.TON I). LANE ILLIAM C. LANC.LEY Mars Hill JOIIX P. LaPOfNT XAIDE M. l.aPOI.NT ' Itangor VNTON V, LARSON WALLACE J. LEAHEV DOROTHY E. LITTLEFIELD York Village NORMAN L. LARSON r.kli Falls. X. J. RAYMOXD K. LECLAIR HARLES R. LOMBARD, I ' .irtlanJ XORMAX P. LaVOIE CHARLES LErCHTON Edgarlown. Mass. GLORIA B. LOMBARD Guilford ELOISE .1 LAW HAROLD C. LEIGHTOX Wcsl Springfield. Mass. EIGEXE A. LOXG LEA K. LAWRENCE ritlsfield HERMAN K. LEVESQUE Van Buren ESTHER E. LIBBY Gorham CHARLENE LOWE East Lynn. Mass. 145 GLASS OF U)4() - V- ' -J West Medford, Ma i EN f AM IN D. LUNl KEITH M. McKAY Carilmu RODNEY N. McKUSICK Dexter GAYLE L. McLaughlin MARY- ' VESTA MARSTON ROSALIE H. McALOON Bangor MARJORIE A. McCUBREY JOHN C. MacLEOD Kellyland :HARLES L. MASON Augusta MARION F. McCURDY RICHARD T. MATHEWS Augusta :ARL W. MacPHEE WILLIAM P. MASON PAUL T. McCUSKER ASA R. MACE, Jr JEAN S. MATHEWSON ANITA G. M ALONE Ashland KATHRYN V. MERCHANT Newtonville. Mass. EVELYN B. MERRILL t Sv • ' " •• ' " JUill JOHN P. MERRILL Skowhegan CHRISTINE C. MICHAUD Guilford GORDON L. MILLER IRMA S. MILLER Lewistou MARY MILLER ARLENE F. MILLETT Calais KIVKS II. MITCIIKI.L. Jr CllARLKS D. MOEN Dovcr-Foxcroft IIORACK T. MOODY Turner TRANi KS H. MOORK DONALD J. NKl-SOX ZKLMA G. MOR. ' ROC.ER L. J. NELSON Wcsthrook JOHN J. O ' CONNOR HERBERT D. MORDECAI Newion Ccnirc, Mass. V1LLL M A. NEWDICI- AuRVista . L RV E. OHONNOR Eiangor C.ENEVIEVE M. OLIVEl Bucksport BARBARA MORSE NORWOOD W. OLMSTEAD HOWARD .?. Ml I.LI ROBERT L OLMSTEAD PHILIP J. MLRDOCK. Jr ANTHONY B. XARDONE Ncwion Highlands Mas- MIRRAY L. OrPENHEIM BanRor ROBERT S. ORDWAV HAZEL M. NIT Wc5l RocklK.r iRAEL ORETSKY Porllan.l 147 CLASS OF 1946 GORDON R. PELLEY Skowhegan LOUISE E. PERKINS Augusta ELLA A. PAGE STORER S. PARSONS LOIS A. PERRY PETER S. PATERSON MILDRED A. PAGE Bangor DONALD E. PETERSON Belleville, N. J. MARION C. PALMER LEWIS D. PAYSON •:rnest t. parizo v ' CENT F. PETRI E CLEON E. PINKHAM ROBERT A. PIPER Wilkinsburg. Pa. FREDERICK C. PITMAN lENRY PLATE Ritlgefield, N. J. ■.KI.O I.. rOLITO LEOTA V. roi.K Bangor THEODORE P. POPE North Quincy, Mass. VORMAX A. POWELL Carmcl STARR R. ROBERTS Oakfield GERALDINE N. RAWCLIFl-E Hampden Highlands KEITII H. ROHEKTSO.N Pr.s,|u - Isle DONALD PRATT Boothbay Harbor lENRV ( . REARI30X Align 5ta ELLEN V. REDMOND ILXROLD E. ROGERS MIKRAV L. ROLLINS FREDERICK J. ROSEBISII VAICIIN II. RICKER CLASS OF 1946 HEXRY C. SCAMMON, FRED M. SHERMAN Island Falls YVONNE J. ROSSMAN Portland [AMES G. SCHAADT Wellesley Hills. Ma ALLEN II. ROWE. Jr JOHN R. SCHMIDLI Alden. N. V. TOHN R. SHURTLEFF Jackman Station SUMNER H. SCH. FMASTE1 BERTHA E. SIMPSON JOHN J. SABATTUS ROBERT T. SCOTT Augusta HILMER Q. SJOSTEDT Stockholm GEORGE A. SALMON ELIZABETH G. SEWALL Old Town EDWARD L. SMILEY PHILIP A. SANDERS MARY E. SMITH LEON SHALEK MORRIS J. SMITH FRANCES G. SAVWARD Fanwo.Kl. N. J. E -ELYN M. SHAW PHYLLIS M. SMITH ■RE.SHM N W ' l RICHARD E. SMITH Skowhegan MERTON L. SOULE MARY F. SPANGLER AI.HKKT W. STARBIRD -ii ' - -.EORGE L. STATF.N MAKVIX H. STKVENS RALPH A. STK i:. S, Fitcliburg, Mass. MTRRAY E. STEBBIXS BiJdelord JOHN " W. STEVES South Portland •RAXKLIN TAI.HOT HERBERT P. STEEVES Bath :arroll e. tavi.or EIARRIET A. 5TEIN.METZ RONALD E. V. STEVVARl BERNARD L. TUERIALLT Milli.i.K-kct DORIS E. STKKXEY Bath -BERT II. THOMAS ■HARLES E. ST. THOMAS Quincy. Mass. XORMAX S. THOMAS. Jr JEAX H. STEVEXS Portland JEAX M. TlinMI ' St MAIRICE A. SYLVESTER P..rtland ROBERT D. THRESHER SayUsvillc. R. I. CLASS OF 1946 RAYMOND H. TRUI AngT.ista ILLIAM E. Van OORHIS iEDERICK THURLOW MALCOLM H. TUCK WALTER J. -ERRILL WAVXE L. THURSTON ROBERT M. VICKERY WILLIAM R. TOLFORD RICHARD M. TURNER JOSEPH WALDSTEIN Brookline, Mass. lOHN W. TOOLE OLU ' E M. UPTON DOROTHY E. WARD LLOYD B. TRECARTI JOHN R. WEATHERBEE Hampden Highlands MILTON D. WEEKS RUDOLPH D. WEEKS SANFORD M. WEINBERGER SHIRLEY H. WELSH Bangor M AKV A WKST Prcsquc Isle VHTHIR WKSTON. .Ir DONALD S, WHITE Bangor LELAND M. WHITE THEODORE A. WOOD WENDELL K. WILSON Glens Falls. . Y. ALLACE A. WOODCOCK PAIL J. WHITE. Jr. Larchmont. X. V. CHARLOTTE .M. WING Levant DEANE M. WOODWARD Rumiord ROBERT L. WHITE Brewer HILDA E. WING Stillwater CLIFFORD A. WORTHING North East Carry I ' ll I LIP C. WHITNEY Winchendon. Mass. ELLEN WINSHIP Worcester. Mass. JOYCE N. WRIGHT Carihou RICHARD B WHITNEY Thomast.m FAYE J. WINTER Augusta LESTER H. YOFFE Chelsea. Mass. .MIRIEL E. WHITTEMORE .Milo STl ' ART E. WITHERS Solon LINCOLN A. VOCNG N..rth AttUboro. Mass. ROLAND L. WIC.LEY GEKTRIDE R. WOOD .MARY A. YOING Pcnn.ngton. N. J. Bangor I|..ult,.M ROBERT E. WILKINSON l.ewislon CHARLES W. WOOD. Jr. Houlton HONG G. VCEN Lewision DAVID 0. WILLEY South Portland .MORTON S. WOOD Frceport JOHN P. ZOLLO. Jr. Danvers. Mass. ACTIVITIES CAMPUS SFNATl GENERAL STUDENT SENATE Tlu- Student Senate is composed of metnheis ol the Men ' - Student Senate and (he Women ' s Stiii ent Goxernmeni Association. It serves as a coordinating unit between the University administra- tion and the student bodv. thus embody- ini; tile great American principle of ilemociacx and selt-go ermiient lor which we are lighting- today. The Senate sujiervises class elections, election ot the athletic board, the elec- tion of senior parts, and investigates any ciiiestion concerning the student body. This eai the excellent cooperation be- tween the ' Women ' s Student Govern- ment and the Men ' s Student Senate was climaxed by a banquet at which the members of both organizations and their lacultx advisers were present. Dean L. S. Corlutt is the faculty adviser of the Stu- dent Senate. riu |.m|M.M l ilu W.,nun SiiuU ill (•( ( I iiiiK 111 is III ( ' iuniil;igi ' ailixc to |i( i.iiiiin .tiiKHij; iIr- uciimii ol ilic I iii (isil ill Mlfj oMTiiiiKiil ;iii(l 111 | n in..U ' lii; li l lioiioi and iiiui;iii ill all iiiaiKiN ol iKisoiial n)ii- (IlKI. iluCnmuil iMiKuk- iipul i,|„ MMta ii is III iiiin-Miiiii ii , iill-iaiiipiis, snroiitv. ami liiiiiniloix !;riiiijis. It scincs lo cxu- luU ' ilu |)iii|MiM and ideals of dcnio- iiaiii ! ' i) iriiiiuiii hy aliil aticntion lo I ill ' iKfds and (ksircs ol iis iiRinbeis. In onlcr to do its pan lor iiaiiona! Hii Whilh Ilu 111 lion ol Ilu (; W. S. G. A. First row— Cliurch. Price, Billings. Donovan. Shcetiy. D.lvi Second row— Manwell. Lamoreau. Coffin, Potter. Gushing Third row— White. I.oiiEee. Brackelt. Medina. Stenrn-:. First row— H. Ste Second row — Ame Third row— Duck ' metz, Littlefield, Dudley, J. Steinmetz, J Moynihan, Cooper. Tondreau, LeClerc, irth. Condon, Moulton, Lutts, Evans, Ha ;, Mosher, Clay, Manson, J Butters, Ellingwood, Ra.i llingford MAINE OUTINO CLUB The Pa k and Pine is he governing l»Kh . 1 li c Mail e Oil ling CI lb. Eligi- biliiv lor cntiai (e inlo his group i,s PACK AND PINE Fitbt low -L. tlefield. Dudley, Mo niha n, S ackpole. " " ' ■ " " ' ' v m- " ' t ,nm. 1- l.-n Mnv ' • ' K, " -»— , •nM based upon outstanding service, leader- ship, and interest. This group plans the schedule of activities and works for the adxaniciiKni and bcUenncnt of their club. Aii siuclents or facult nuiiihcis wlio (ksin- Id go on hikes, ski nips, nv luiiu- ing and lishing trips niav make use ol the Maine Ouiing (lub. which organizes and pronioles tlust- and similar activities. Ckneral meetings are held monthly in Coburn Hall. Usually the entertain- nuni consists of outstanding speakers on oiiidoor life, movies, and group singing. in the winter months this club maiii- lains a ski school and ski hut vhich are available to the members. At ihc annual W ' inier Carnival, this hiu is a meeting placf of l)oth participants and for hot (oikt- and refreshments served by the meiiil)crs of the club. 158 OI riCKRs Fuudrni |,.lui Su imiu I in- Pirsidcnt I ' ,.. I, |rnki SfOTlnry Wili.i Dinll Ttfosuyrr Noun Mnsh REHEARSAL MAINE MASQUE The Maine Masque is ihe |)la produc- ing organization at the University of Maine, and has maintained a high stan- chird of excellence since ils lounding thirty-seven years ago. At |nesent ii has the largest membership ol any sttidenl orgaiii atioii on campus. Under the able direction ol Herschel L. Bricker, the Masque has gixni loj) performances. In recent years his pkll- did Shakespearean productions ha e won special acclaim. His careful choice and excellent direction of the plays has 1k1]x(1 to de elop a discriminating aiidi- iiuc on the campus. Mr. Norman Menncs, the technical director for 1941-42, established a reputation with his beautiful and well- constructed sets. This year, two Mascpie members, Lewis Chadwick and Earle ROMFO AND JULIET THE :man i n c mi k.inkin. sii ' |)| i ' (l in as siiulini (((hiiiial din (tors and |)i() rd lluiiisil is able wnikiis ill tlu ' Kinsinuiion ol ila- scis lor lioili .hsriiir iiinl Old and TlnnuUr Rmk. In March. i()ja. another Shakcs|Karc- an drama. Roniro and Juliet, was prc- siiiti-d. .Mihousi;h iho plav itself caniioi he eoiiipared with Hiimlrt. tiie cast iist II ;a e ec|iially as line and iinderstandint; a portrayal of this play as was i iveii the s reat Hnmli ' t. This can be attrihuied lo the fine directine; of Mr. Bricker antl ilu inspiration which he fi es his workers. rile last |)lav of the h).|i-42 season, Tlir Man Wli,, Ctnnr to Dinner, was. as Director Hritker said. " . s near perfect in liming, rhuhm. and iinilication as am ol the .Masque pla s have been. " lis sniooih-riiniiiiif dialogue of sophistical d (omedv pro c-d lo be er lid entertaining in the haiiiis dors, led In Mavnard Ficndi. ih. M; usual four because of the accelerated progiam. They were: Arsenic and Old Ijne. .T combinalion of murder and amusciiunl, wilii lsai)ei ms,II and I ' .div Clough as iwosuccl. -i l.)iian old maids (aimi admiiiisii ring poison lo unsus- p.-ding grniidiun; Thnnder Rn,h. a ii tiiiieh ps (hological })lay, with Bill Brown as a successful young writer who is using a lighthouse as his horv ' lower; and Claudni. anollur modern comedv. with Ruth lliggiiisand l)a son DeC.our- ( , a oung nianied couple wiio cxpeii- iiue humor and pathos ami lind rial happiness for having done so. rillMll R RC) t I t f .f I. f t t K r, Young, Holman, K. Jackman, L. Jackman, Leadbeater, Cooper, Packard, I, Cray, Dickey, Lombard, Clay, Gilbert, Parsons, MacKinney, Ames , Kennison, Lord, Bennett, Trecartin, Morong, Noyes, Boerke, Clawson, Fulton, Tohnson, Murray, Harrison MUSIC .1 Womc on ol Ml op|.o 11(1 ti •Ills mlcrtsu Diniiii ihi ' ])ast c;ir iIk- (oiiihiiucl assemblies and pusciiud ihe annual laiion Aviih the orchestra. A Christmas Carol Si r ice was given at All Soul ' s Cluiith in Bangor, and was re])eate(l at Dow Field. The C:ha])el Choir was organized in (he lall ol Kjj- ' under the sponsorship ol ihe M.C.A. to pro ide music lor the Simda morning sei iies in the Litllc Ihealre. ll is maile up ol Clee Club and is under llie diiecliou ol Mr. James (.onion Selwood. rile l ' iii ersity Orchestra, under the diixdiou of A. Stanley Cayting, is made up ol siudents who have shown an in- sliumentid aplilude and inleiest in mu- 162 lK,l i»w-IiukiurU. Junes. Sullivan, Wllitncy. Luvub . McKay, MorK-an, W lUia.u . Uaraj Second row— White, Fielder, Stevens, Marston, Nult, Stackpole, J. Stevens, S. Stevens, Kcene, Hillm Berglund, Chase, Page, Haines. Hoyle, Devoe, Ellingwood Third row— Hulse, Chalmers. Buck. Miller. Peterson. Trccartin. LaBarge. Richter. Trcworgy. Clo Xcwdick. Cormier. .McKay. Slurtevant. Bonney sic. The organization nucts two hours lakes pan in ilu- ; miual Musii i a wick, antl atadiinit dcdit is n(ti iil Coiunl. llic ChriMi lias (_s|)cis, ami l) liiosf will) |)aMi( ip.iu . 1 1r on luMia l M■lnl li H| IM l. ilu I ni (rvil . First row— Holman, Allen, Young, Fairley, Cooper, Leadbea ter. K. Jackman. L. Jackma n, Packard, Sayward. Second row— Lovelv. M.Smith. West. Hedrick. Dowling. Hurd. Ames. I angdon. Harvey, Cilley. Lombard. Shaw Third row— Jones. Si.rinKir, C..tfin. Cilliirt, (l.iv. i.t.v M.Khthn. lUvcrage. S. Smith, Comins, Jenkins WILL O NEIL CAMPUS The Maim ' Campus, under the editor- ship of Will O ' Neil and Will Johns, has siri en this ear to reflect student opinion on arioiis subjects and to help tle elop opinions on specific issues. The Campus is based largely on the interest ot the students and the Uni ersity as a whole. This vear there ha e been se eral outstanding k-ature writers contributing rcgulary to the Campus. Much credit should be given these faithful people. Helen Clifford handles ably the Women ' s s|)orts news: Frances Nelson reviews (horoughly but briefly the latest books; Frances Higgins brings the fashion orld 1.. the campus each ' week: and fmallv Will Johns inlerprets ihe men ' s sports events in a commendable wax. Will O ' Neil and Will Johns have each done an excellent job as editor-in-chief ol the .Maiiir Campus. Each has worked long and hard to make the Campus the Bodwell, Johns, Cur , O ' Xeil, Quelle iiiilsiaiidini; pajKi il i known in lie. Ilu ' l)u inl s Niall Ua donr ;i milii;il lr jnli il.i Mai. 1 liiN !•.. . ! work is ihu- f... Ilu ninM pan t Knss H.xhv.ll and Ra Ull 1 R|) 1 |()ll s |i Rl sM I 1 s llODW H 1 l.lili.r in t:liicf lluMiiiss ManaKcr IDIIORIAI. 1U) R1) Sam (ollins lVi naUl Crovslaml Elliolt Hale Kraiues Hijyjiiis RolK-rl I ' crrv. Martha Cillc X.iialic Curtis WcMon Evans Associate Editor Makeup Editor .Sports Editor Fashions Editor V News Editors Sorietv EdiK.r lMiot israphei (OV IRIIU riNG EDITORS-Bcttv Bracket Rulli I loland. Frances Nelson. .Micia Coffin. SIAR RKl ' ORTERS-Hclen Clifford. I ' ai REPORTERS-.Mhcrt Bamiby. Thcrcsc Dumais. Lorraine Davis. Beverly .Armitagc. (IB REPOR lERS-Elizateth Sewall. Charlcnc l.oue. BarlKira Allen. Betty Taylor. Mary Jane SI-ORIS W Rll ERS-Nomian Foss. Bert Hill, lo„( lli:,.!;ins. Will Moulton. BLSINE.S.S ST.AFF ssistant Business Manager Ravmond D.Jones dvcrtising Manager Ruth Hansen ilverlislng . ssistants Dana Whitman. Havdcn Clement. CJiarles . . Flanagan Circul; Ciici.U Suhscr Siihscr lion Manager Barbara . . Higgins lion Assistants Robert . ndcrson. Elinor Hoclgkins. Marion Crocker. Elizabeth Furbish. Cirl McPhcc plions Manager Marilvn Cov plions .Assistant Mary i.inncll MR. O CONNOR Over eight hundred men and women lis year have voluntarily joined the Maine Christian Association, the non- denominational student religious organ- ization, at the Uni ersity. Through their fniancial su]jport and that of the administration, faculty, alumni, church boards, and friends, the M.C.A. main- tains a broad social and religious pro- gram on campus. .Vlfilialed with the .Student Christian Moxemenl in New England and the National Councils of the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A., the M.C.A. is also an active member of the V ' orld ' s Student Christian Federation. The M.C.A. has freshmar class caliintis loi men and MM " MAINE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION MEN S CABINET Second row-Au tfiiil-tcid OCo f t t f ciiil)assic ' s. Itll ) vshi|) j;n)ii|)s. ts|)tis, coiiimiinitv Miviiv. a lriiiuUlii|) ami marriage iiistituic. social and opcnliousc programs, siudcnt-laciilty suppers, and oiher vital C hrisiian activities. Head- c|iiaricrs are located in the historic . I.C;.. . Building, a student (ciitir lor recreation, reading, cliil) meetings, antl counseling. Women ' s cabinet officers for the ear are Joanne .Solie ' .j; . president: . licia Cloffin ' i;{. vice |)resi{lent; Madeline Ncv- ers ' (-,. secretarx: and Marv I.o ely " 43, treasurer. .Mens caiiinet officers are Robert Wor- rick ' .{;}. president: ' endell Siickney ' yi;, ice president: . rthur Ik erage ' .j;?. sec- retarv: and Donald Ciossland i " ,. trea- surer. Presidents of the Ireshman cabinets are Harriet Steiiuiiet and Arihin Kmeiv. 167 PRISM The 1944 Prism, t ' dited and coin|)ikil by the members of the Junior class, pre- sents a record of events at the University during the years of 1942-43. Vv are indil )led 1.1 . h. Re Holds, of the English dc] ailment. and Mr. Pierce, lacuhv adviser. lor iheii suggestions and guiilancc. STAFF Faculty Adviser Irving Pierce Editor-in-Chief Josiah Colcord Assistant Editors Mar Elizabeth Bracket! Richard Innes Business Manager Leslie Brewer Assistant Business Managers Mary Cla eric William Bnnvn Senior Class Edito lames H.iskcll Junior Class Edito r Rhoda lolfonl Freshman-Sophomore Editor Caiictoi. Kilii.itri.k .Activities Editor Gwin.lnhii ( II. hill- Fraternities Allir.l lliililnnv.ii Sororities 1iKIk.1 WcK.sici Mens Sports Gcoii c llu.nipson Women ' s Sports Phyllis MacXeil Photography Editci r AVeslon Evans, Jr. .Assistant Richard Davis AS.SI.8TANTS ]o]m Bennett Prise Ha Hopkins l,,u Billings Everett Ingalls. Jr. Kiiili Blaisdell Wilb rd Tohns Ford Barbara Kreh Doris Gooch Harr Ouinn Clara Jane Harlcv Fred R.uklille Frances Higgins ' Clau lia S,.,mni .n Benjamin Hodges MarN Esther Treat E a oodbi e IVAIIIO lUIILI |,o pus ilill " III Mills |.;isl it li;is Ihiii llu ' M;iiiU ' Riidio (.iiiid f l)ii ;ul(asl rai li M•l■k iiuhiilin; williiii iliat program all the campus rcaiiiics | i ssii)ii-. riiis WAV. hiiwiMr. iiiukr llic R.i.lio Diixdoi. ii is piiiiino inrili loin (lisiiiui programs lacli niontli: tiic liisi sitk ol iIk- iiionili— ilu ' " Faciilix Forimr which. ihii ut;h iduiiiI tabic disciissioiis l) ihc laiiihx tncmhcis. prciciits various ic«s on (innnt national proi)lcins; ilic second week— a split piograin. that is, one hall of the broadcast is made up of an original radio skit and the second half is a speech correction iJiogram. W ' l lali these broadcasts " This Is Main,- ami ••Ihe Speech Clinic ol ihe Air-; llu- third leauiie-a -Music Ironi Maine ' program, turned o er entireh to one of the imisical organisations on the campus: and the fourth week— " The .Student For- sou ND uni ol llu An ■ n l is c-i S the iirsi progr im L- C( pi iliat i lacuhv iiicml) •rs t Ik- siudenis jiarticipants. -HiKKins. Chaplin. Tavtrner. Brown. Graham, Tondreau, Gould, Carlson 1 kiKv McKeen Tragen 1 rut 1 rl (,arvin Piriiu H Is n M r iig Fnieiv H. . s. (;. E. The Civil Clulx oldest ck-part- muntal on this campus, is affili- ated with the American Society of Civil Engineers. Many of New England ' s foremost engi- neers are invited to speak at the meetings wliich tend to further interest in practical engineering principles and practices. A. S. M. t. The American Society of Me- (haiiical Engineers was organ- i t(l in order to more closely unite those people interested in Mechanical Engineering. The student branch at the University of Maine holds monthly meetings at which out- standing men are in ited lo speak and discuss proijkins of interest to the students. A. I. F. F. The Electrical Cliii) is a stu- deni JManrh oi I he American Instiiiiie ol Elecirital Engineers. lis piiiuipal pinjjose is to aid in 1( ( lopment of the latent abili- iks ot the students, present stu- dent papers, and obtain promi- nent electrical engineers for dis- cussion on nc v fields of research. 170 FOhFSTin shij. lIU ' 1-c.UMl .1 w M c:iiii) is ()|Kii to si rolled in ilu- Korcstrv life CloiisiiAatioii I 111 ill 111. I. I is liu ' Aim ol iIh (IiiI lo nlUi i. liiose inirusud Ml., I in ;s, s|Rakirs. ami .iu ral iiiu i tainimni in that ndil. Two of the most iin|)oriaii aetivitics of the club arc the rill team and the publishing of Tli Mainr Foirsler. HOME ECONOMICS The objectives of the Home Economics Club are to increase interest in the field of home eco- nomics, to undertake hel])fiil and interesting projects, to in- still (lualities of leadership in liu girls, and lo provide sound, um fid experience. Membership in this organization is open to all women students registeiid in ilu home economics depai iiiKiit. .AOKICIILTUHE The objects of this club are to further the interests of the Col- lege of Agriculture, to advance student interest, and to |)roniote closer rclaiionshijjs between siu- lents and faculty. Every male student enrolled in the College of .Agriculture is eligible for inembcrship and to alliiid ilu- bimonlhlv iiHelin ' ' s. l-irst r() %s-Dr. C.iirns. llu-sry Sccontl row— .Moulton. IVcIch.Tni. Buck, Crucl clt Third row— I ' ipcr, Kastman. Di-vcreiix. Worrick, Thonips WOMEN ' S Fni lIM The Women ' s Forum is sponsored by the speech department to stimulate dis- cussion on timely topics among women students and to encourage liberal thought. Any woman student of the University is eligible for membership. CONTRIBUTORS ' CLUR The Contributors ' Club is the literary organization of the University and is composed of students and faculty mem- bers interested in creative writing. Dr. Milton Ellis is the faculty adviser. First row-Higgins, CHITord, Heaton, Bi.rnetl. Trolaml, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OLIIR The aim of this club is to provide an organi ation for those who wish to meet and discuss international relations prob- lems and to bring to the campus authori- taii e speakers in this field. Dean Rising U. Mciirow is faculty adviser. First row-Ev. Gascoigne Dunham. Bearce, Dorr ;, Robbins, Cittey, Goodspced, DEUATE CLIIR riie Debate Club, under the direction of Dr. H. L. Runion, held radio dis- cussion groups, its annual tournament, and the Model Congress. The club took its annual trips to the various colleges and had a very successful season. si(;m iih ] 7 i Sinina Dili.i i.i. 111. M.iih. in.iii. (:lnl . indtKl.s Malluin.iius iii;i| is an. llu ' iikiiiIkis . I dial .Icpai liiunl. I Ik aim .)l liiis i ii;aiii ali( ii is i.i in. nas( student apliliidi ' in llu ' l iluoiili (ul and applied niatlu-niatics. FDUCAIKIN rhe E.huaii-.n Club was oi-ani . ,1 piiruiplis and in nhiiai an.! I.) ilcatc Iriendship anion- ill ulin iiiuiul to teaili. Ml nihiisliip limited to cdiitaiioii inajois. •s( row— Dow. YounR. Illanchard, LcClcrc, Lcnioii Pllilbrick. Halmen -,..,. I row-Bates, Brown, Hauck. Canil ri(lK -. LE CEhCLE FKAINCAIS Lc Ccrclc Francais was ifoigani ed ' 937 l y I " " - igneias. It is c()ni]}()sed students having an interest in Fieii language and culture. The clul) has li; an active social program. ])r s(iiiii l- ' rench mo ies and imisii. ■si row-l.ihl v. Gushing, Bi-ll. Briilgcs. T..i.. Rourke :ond row— Haines, Hoyle, Moor.:, Redmond. Fcndcrson, Perry, Smith IIEU DEUTSCHE VEhlEN The C.ennan Clul) was lounded ii)(i|. and its jjuipost- is to |)ii)moif leiest in (.eniian language and iiillii Kacli vear the lul) |)resenis a Cluisin play which is oi)en to tlu puMii. 1 Klein is facultv adviser. MOIJEhN DANCE The Modern Dance Club is made up .skirls who have had two semesters o£ odcrn dance and wish to continue cir Much. Muih of the success of the 111) is tiediicd to Miss Eileen Cassidy, cully leader. -St row— Gascoigue, Drew, Cassidv, Ansell Atherlon :on(I rnw-Carter, Troland, Fielder, Shepherd, Hauck HILLEL CLlin liu Hillei Oi-ani aliciu i-, a branch ol liic naiionai ort ani alion IVnai B ' rilh and is under I he advisership of Dr. H. (). H. Le inc irom the Rangor Com- iiuniiiN C:enier. I ' liis is a social and re- NEWMAN CLUB The Xe vnian Cllub, formed last year, is a member ol the National Federation of Newman Clubs, composed of Catholic s roups in secular colleges. The main purpose of the club is to better the spir- it ual, intellectual, and social ideals among the Catholic students of the Uni- versity. 4 H CLUB The ogetlu H Ciul) was iormed to bring tiiDsr students who ha e at some time been members of a 4-H Club and who are interested in the work done l these organizations. The only re- liiiieniem is ])H ious membership in a .1 H Club. St row Bubar, Findle Bucic, Etigley. Bates ■nnd row — Cooper. Bradi Dudley, Nutt, Beveras Con Budge, Llrgess, Moody, Fos HONOIUnihS At (111 ' riii irsit (il Maim- tlKie arc MMial liiiiiuiaiv sociclirs whidi give ii(() ;niii()n i an iiiulcii iailiiatf lor cx- alUn.r in h - lu 1.1. PHI r.AiM ' A mi Phi Kappa I ' hi is llu- hi-luM a.a.Kin h,,n,.r lliat is auanlnl in MiuUnis a( ll I iii crsii ol Maim-. Mi ' iiihcisliip open lo ilic Seniors in the n| |Kr icii |ii cent ol ilieir class Ironi all ilepaituun ihr r ioiial Main ul has K-vn at live if (l7. w lun ' it was ♦ i iliiiM y - in _ -,.=== 1 t " - r- . First r DW— Prof. Evans, Dr. Bra utlecht ) m K 0-Bri an. Schofield. Jenkins, Car son, )1 iLJk Moult on. Brown Second row— Am brose, Gi man, Su minsby ■H ■■ Mine, Emerson Bartley Clifford, Geneva Sr - ' H Third r ow— Cope se, Fogler Johnson Holden, Evans 1 4 n n Pea . Horeyse ck TAll BETA PI The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to mark in a fitting manner those who have con- ferred honor on their college by scholar- ship and character, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering col- leges of America. To become members, students must be 1 the upper fourth of their class and )ssc - the c[ualities of character and iitiati e necessary to a successful cngi- Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest Greek letter honor society in the United States and is now the most distinctive honor that a student in the College of . ris and Sciences can hope lo achieve while in college. Its members are chosen, not only for outstanding scholarship, but also for character, breadth of interest, and future promise. PHI HETA IiAPPA -Dobr. =11, Tur Ashman Second row — Rome, Geary, Andrews Goulette, Vickery, Smith Third row— Klein. Miles, Wence, E Lamson, Comegys, Wilson, Whitne First row— Piper. Eastman, LanKley, Adams, Hiis»ey SccontI row— Jones, Pcckham, Dcvcrcii ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zcta. lionorary aj!;iiciiltmal lia itrnity. serves as a stiulent council to the Dean of the C ollege of Agriculture, dis- cussing agricultural problems and criti- cising courses offered by the college. I ' d become membels. sliidc possess (|iialiti(s ,.l (harader ship. Xi .Sigma Pi is a national forestry fra- ternity which pays tribute to outstanding forestrx students. Ihe Irateinitv tends togi e to the stu- dents a scholastic aim. It is an honor given to the forestry student who has creditable scholarship, a personality to succeed in that field, and who will be a credit to the Lnixersitx. XI SKVMA IM First row— Gifford, Graffam, Dr. GI Drew, Tarr Second row — Lowell, Donovan, Tr( Rand, Rolnick, Ring mm Mil SIGMA Sigma Mu Sigma is the local honorary fraternity of psychology. To qualify for membership, a student must ha e inter- est in |)s (h()l!)s and aehie e a liit;h scholastic standing in the advanced cour- ses. The organization has bimonthly meetings at ivhich it enjoys lectiu ' es and deiiKinstiatioiis on p.svchological topics. Mu , lpha Epsilon is an honorary nuisical society founded in 1942. The society was established locally through the efforts of students and faculty in- terested in music. The purposes of the society are to sponsor musical vespers and Music Night, to organize small musi- cal ensembles, and to keep a permanent card lile of all student musicians. Mil ALPHA EPSILON OiMIDUON Ml Omicron Nu is a national honoraiv Hon society for Home Economics stiukiiis to limii promote leaclcrshi[) and cIevcIoj)nunt in Sini this field. The objective of the Maim a cr; chapter is to encourage scholarsiiip in Hihirship is jiniior and dean ' s list Xeai Matlutai was founded i- years ajjo and is the oidy organi a canipus iliat bases its membership on scholarship. Each spring l-ieslniKinSophoniori ' i)an(|uet the ten higiiest ranking Fieslnnan women are announced, and these women become members of the societv. NEAl MATHETAI M.icBurnic. Enicrj S.-i-i)nd row— Fort us Sliiarl. Atherlon Rozcllc. XlcClurc. FRATERNITIES First row- Johnson. Crane, Pierce, U prrick. Fog er Second row-Whitten. Pratt, Ininan. Smith. Moulto Third row— Gilman. Henderson. Perkins, Jones ft National, 32 Active Chapters Founded 1908, Ohio State University Psi Chapter established in 1924 r- X- iji ' fffrs ALPHA OAMMA RHO Alpha Can this fall with in school. 1 lost seven nu several oilin home to help Jio opened its house lirieen memb ers back the summer we had he armed forces, and ivs had remained at the labor problem on their family farms. Thus the enrollment of the house fell to the lowest point it has reached since 1924, when the house was founded. Of all the fraternities on the campus, Alpha Gamma Rho has un- deniably been the hardest hit by the war. In January, the loss of our five E.R.C. men forced us to release our cook, who had been with the house for twenty years. Since then, some of the boys have iieen getting their own meals at the house and the rest have been boarding at Phi Mu Delta, which graciously accepted lluni. 01 I he eight men remaining in the house, loin- are advanced R.O.T.C. stu- tleius and two are Marine Reservists. It looks as if all of the fellows in Alpha Cam ill lie tilling their part in active service h ni l lull. " Ijiok out, Tojol " We hopt ' lo ha e a good nucleus re- uiiii alui ihi ' war and that this group will be able Ui bring the fraternity back lo iis pre-war le el in a short time. Ol 1 1(1 RS President Richard I iihs I ice Presideut Horace DiW ' iu Secrelary Boyd Cm lis Trrasiitc) Josc|)li liiidh ii Trcsion Bubar Bovd Cunis 1943 Edwnrd Hnmbkn Ri.ha.d jciics I ' hilip Kcene Carl Sawyer R.iMiK.rul Amsdcn I„hn IVniHU 19« Ilc.racc- DcWiu Rul | isi|)h Fiiullcii William Harris Harland Hilchings Ntil Mills OlK. Wallin.nford Pledges l)a id Haley Hcrinaii I.cvcsque Norwood Olmsted National, 94 Active Chapters Founded 1865, Virginia Militay Inst. Beta Upsilon Chapter established in 1891 d!S ALPHA TAU OMEGA The Beta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Tan Omega started the fall semester with fifty-three men, forty-five ol whom were living in the house. 1 here were fifteen seniors, tomteen inniors, and iwentv- ' I) ' HOt ' RS (?) four sophomores. Five men played on the varsity football st|uad. The remain- ing fellows formed an intranunal team which was riinner-np in the competition. Oin- intraminal track team earned hon- ors by winning both the Intramural Frack Trophy and the Charles Rice Trophy. With the accelerated program a reality and obviously here to stay for the dura- tion of the war, five of the seniors in the C:hapter, by attending classes last sum- mer, graduated at the mid-winter com- mencement exercises held January 22, ,91, The Cliapler has leli llie (all to arms as ha e all kiIkis on llie (ainpus. Ai the beginning ol the second semester, less than thirty men were living in the house. Beta U])silon continues, however, lo hope iliai lireumstances may be such ihal iheie ' be an opportimity to mainiain iis liaurnii) relationships on the cam])us as long as possible. 184 I ' usulritt III. Ill l lire Frrsidi nl R.l ll I ' x Srrrrlinv Clui.l s {; i:.|.in Ttfiisini-y c;; nnll kn.i MIMIU KS (.eor c Adams Carlton Uiatkett Kdward El el John Everett, Jr. Harr% liks. [r. Robert Hubliard Ralph lohnson Donald ' I.ibby 1943 Richard Pierre |ohii Ranks laui.iMC Rollins lk„n SlKp.„d Warren Siroiit Walter Sidlivan lames Talbot licckrirk ilcs William Broun Maxwell Carter Charles Chapman Arthur Chcrchi Howaixl Dimitre Edward Falardeau Paul Flemins 1944 .Silas Hulse. Ill Carroll Knapp, ]r. Robert .MarKen ie 1945 Clarence Mclntire Everett Morrison Edward Phillips Ihomas Sioll.T Ralph Bean Nicholas Broiintas Alan Burgess Joseph Butler. Jr. Robert Chase Edward Connors. Jr. Robert Cnibtrce Robert Emerson L. Baiklev Goodrich Ralph Goul.l Edward Mall Wendell Johnson Robert I.iiiiwiK Richard Mason Ra mcmd Mills Hormidas Mininni Waiien .Naiii-ler Allen lorrev Robert arninn Earle ickerv Lawrence Wins Donald VonnK Elmer Bowen C:laiide Chittick Uiurcnce Hadlev Edward Hudson Ravmond LeClaii John Merrill Pledges Sioic-i Paisdiis Scuall Kd«;ud Smilev Aillun Weslon Wendell Wilson First row- .Mason. Crahtrce. Ludwig, lUirRcss. Bean. Yo Second row — Chapman. Shepard. Ranks, Sullivan. Rollii Strout. Adams. Peterson. Talbot. Hrackett Third row— Falardeau. Viles. Carter. Brown. Leclair. Goodrich, Philips. Knapp. Hall, Dimitre, Checchi l . Gould. Ilultz. Stotie National, 90 Active Chapters Founded 1839, Miami University Beta Eta Chapter established in 1879 BETA THETA PI In keeping with the old tradition of the Beta House, the Betas opened their social season with their annual " Snuffy Smith " Party, a gala event as in years past, and a great time was had by all. Several enjoyable vie parties were held at the house following exciting football or basketball games during the fall and winter. In intramiual competition, Beta has been successfid despite the loss of several potential intramural stars to the armed services. In the Northern League, Beta was runner-up to the champions in vol- leyball. In basketball, Beta divided its victories and defeats equally. Two Betas, George Bearce and Lyman Jacobsen, were graduated from the Uni- ersity at the end of the fall semester. Both boys carried with them diplomas inscribed. " Vith Highest Distinction. " rhis chapter of Beta Theta Pi is also doing its share to aid in the united war tffoit. Since June of last year, twelve Bcia undergraduates have left school to join the armed forces, while here at home seventy per cent of the Betas are members of re,serve units, and one hun- dred per cent are buying war stamps each week. Prtsidrnt 1 I ' .ilnui In. .ilU, jr. ist lice Prfsidtnl 1 mUiiik JniRs. ji. 2iid rice Prrsidtnt 1 ml Rackliflc Secirlnn ' Ciioij c Rotlicrmcl. jr. Treasmti Leslie Brewer George Bcarce Giirilon Erikson Bia.lfoiii ll.iskill Charles Inman insioii Ireland I.Mii m Jaiobscn 1943 Elmer Knowles Edward Robinsd C.liironI Simu-lt Leslie Breuer Rohnt Bmhanan AUord Clciiunts C;.iil C.liddni Everett Ingnlls Frederick Jones Earl Kingsbury 1944 Paul Knise Fred Racklirte George Rothcrmel David Thomas Harry Thomas Clark Wcrtheim Berkley Cart George Han |ohn Ilcwcs Charles Jclli ' llavid Richards Eugene Schcuch, William Beckman Edward Builcr James Creigluon Rav l. I hcodorc I ' ope First row— Ireland. Jacobsen. Sinnett, Bcarce. Haskell. Smith. Ingalls. Warren. Robinson. Inman. Erikson Second row— Buchanan, Kruse. Brewer, Rackliffe. Wertheim, D. Thomas, Kingsbury. II. Thomas, Knowles, Rothermcl, Clements Third row— Nicholson. I.iri ' hnHf. SchTOtrir. Hnnscn. L.Twrv. TeMi5on. Glidden, Hewes, Tilcomb, Richards Xalional, 74 Active Chapters Founded 1859, Bethany College Gamma Nu Chapter established in 19008 DELTA TALI DELTA Delta Tau Delta has had an acii e fraternal year, figuring prominently in Intranuiral athletics, initiating twenty- seven dnring the year, and liolding sever- al notable social events. Forty-five Delts, including twenty-eight sophomores, entered the Shelter in the fall and diain.o the second semester Delta Tail had the largest group on campus. Under the coaching of Franny Murphy the Delt intramural football team swept through the season undefeated, trimming ATO to win the championship trophy. Prexy " Perk " Perkins and lanky Charlie Norton were big factors in the Delt vic- tories. Delts also ruled the basketball scene. Defeating SAE 28 to 12 in the Northern League playoffs, the Murphy- nun wint on to down Phi Gam 36 to 35 and earn ihcir secontl Intramural trophy of the year, . nother trophy held this year, for accomplishment in a different field, was the Senior Skulls Scholarship Cup, awarded to the fraternity which has the highest academic average. The fall informal was held on Hal- lowe ' en week-end with music by W ' atie A kins. A sleigh ride. New Year ' s Party, I lie annual ' 49er Party, numerous vie jiartics, the fall initiation banquet, and iIk ' s])iiiig pledge ban(|iKt were other Frtiulfiil I ' iie Presidtnl Secretary Treasurer IK 1 Rs Mailuwc IVik.iiN Harold Mongovaii Norman Moslur EdwanI Pipir MtMHLRS 1943 AlLair Harold I.acroi Ha 1 old Mongol an Kmerson I ' endIeK C iUiii CoiiaiU I ' etcr Macomber Norman Moslicr Marlowe Perkins ElbritlRe Davis Francis McCloskcv Francis Murpin Falward Piper Donald Innt-s 1944 Daniel Storer LMulon Bond Donald Hwlgcs Richard Inncs Leigh McCobb Rohcrt Fove Harrv Honevman C;harlcs Markec Thomas Mcriarty RoIrti Harlow 1945 Charles Norton Marshall Rahli Sam Collins Ri)bert Kranse Carleton Ring t;onrad lUauliiu Ra C;ook Rnsscll I.ibin Ralph Robinson Ridiard BI.HMii Roderick Crandall Robert Liinn Frank Rog;in Robert I5i(.k.i v Clifford Davis Robert Merchant Cllement ose Harold Blown Ralph Emerson Sianl.x Miirrax E.lward Wa.lswor Arihur Busucll Arihur Geary RciMc I ' aia-lis George Wabh Hcnrv Cole George Jones l»le lg.-. Joseph Wedge P. Harold Alhair Harcouri Davis Nicholas Johns John Macintosh Ralph Blake Harrison Dow Ben I.unt John Sabatttis Roland Bonrhard Richard Hasgeti Keith McKay Jack Stewart. Jr. Robinson, Gcarv. Mi-rchant. Davis. Brokaw. Lunn. Brc V— Harlow, Market. Honcyman. Murphy. LaCroix. McCloskcy. Moshcr. Pendleton, Perkins, Monifovan, Piper, Albair, Fove. Macon ber. McCobb. Innes Third row— Bloom, Buswell. Cole, Moriarty, Crandall, Krause, Macintosh, Libby, Wadsworth, Collins. Logan. Storer, Emerson, Cook, Smith, Norton Xl I ► i 1 ' r n i pr 1 t National, 114 Active Chapters Founded 1869, University of Virginia Psi Chapter established in 1886 HAPI ' A SKVWA In a year of fraternity life over- shadowed by war, Psi Chapter of Kappa Sigma, with fifty-five men, gained recog- nition as the largest house on the cam- pus. Losses to the armed services to- talled twenly-eighl members this year. Coach Bill Kenyon ' s gridiron squad was bolstered by twelve Kappa Sigs. Fish won his letter in cross country. W. Harding coached Maine ' s jayvee gridiron elc en. Atwood led the varsity ski team, while Koris, Pcppard, and Smaha were members of the Pale Blue ' s basketball varsity. The Harding brothers and Crane were varsity trackmen. Crane, a Senior Skidl, was elected president of his class. Koris became trea- surer of the sophomore class. Johns, alter serving a year as sports editor of the Maine CampiiSj was elevated to Editor- in-Chief in March. D. Harding served as treasuier ol liie liuramural Associa- tion. C:rane was i(e president of the Interfraternily Council. Horeyseck is a member of Tau Beta Pi. Ten Kappa Sigs are members of Scabbard and Blade. At ihe annual house ekciion, Creed was nanud jMesiiknl; Xeal. ice presi- dent; Sims, secretary; and Libby, trea- I ' icr Prrsidrul SrirrliD-y Trrasinrr John ClRTtl Frank Nial Eilwaid Sims M.lxiu lihhv U. K. llHM.ks Kiih.iid lUinill Villi;iiii C:hfs vorl Shcnvin IViitlsloy Roger Bean C« ' ii ' le(( n Brock V. C. Brooks John Buckley Robert Cahooii Howard Daniier Earle Dickinson Paul Coleman Ciharlcs Dyer Harlan Gomlwin M KM HERS 1943 Mill ill Doii.iluu- l)a i ! llaidiii: William Hauliiij. 19ti John Caeol William Cullcu l)a s. n ncCourc William Harris Hill Will Johns Melvin Lihby Francis Lcland 1945 (..mvKC Faulkner Lincoln Fish Frank Haselline Martin Kellev Frank Koris ' Warren Kiiowks .Sle e Ma i lRis ii James Meehan Robert Moullon Robert Ouelelte Robert Page William l eppar( Charles Porper I. CO Prati Pledges Alvin McNeilly Frank Xeal Edward Sims Frank Stpiires Wi Ri( Richard Ross Carl Shellra Albert Smaha Howard Spencer James Spi Ro-e Will First Knowles, Dickinson, Shcltra, Brock, Bean, Willi: Oucio MacPlicr Bardsley, Ross. Pcppard, Korii Second row— Horcyscck, Chesworth, Libbv, Harris, Sims. Donahue, W. Harding, Snell, Crane, Mrs. Hamilton, D. Harding. DcCourcy. B. Brooks, Bralcy, Hill, Mc.Xcilly, Burrill. Neal Third row— W. Brooks. Page, Moulton, Haseltine, Porper, Fish, Spencer, Rice, Faulkner, Alwood. Squ Creed, Johns, Meehan, Pratt. Itucklcy, Smaha, Cullen ' t-v iNalional, 108 Aciivc Chapters Founded 1909, Boston University Beta Chapter established in 1913 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA This lall the Beta Zeta Chapter of Laniljihi Chi Alpha started the semester with a hdl house ol lortx-six members and pledges. Oiiriiin the semester, four- teen kit to join ihe armed services, and at the end of that semester four of the senior members graduated. Due 10 the luicertainty of the times, Mrs. Mac, our house mother for the last sixteen years, was forced to leave to find a more secure position. Our new house mother, Mrs. Graves of Brown ille Jiinc- tion, has already become very well liked by all the members of the house and all those alumni who have met her. In intramural sports the teams have shown that they can hold up their end ol an contest. Mthough the ])Iedses pledges T ' .s. upperclassmen touch h)Otball game, the two teams combined into one that won second jjlace in this league. The volleyball team walked through the Central League Inu was o ercome by Phi Mu Delta in the finals. The bowl- ing team has not yet relinquished the lead it took at the very beginning of the competition. Ol I 1(1 RS I ' irsitltiU [.lines ilaskcll I ' iif Ptesidiiil W illiaiii Hroiisdon Sfcrclary Klilon laillur ryciisiinr Vivd Ilali- MEMllKRS 194.3 Milhiul Koss Philip Johnson Ri.hard M(Kctn John Sclmcr Larseii C harlcs Gardner William Lindsay Robert Moiev. )r. Bernard Smith Maurice Geneva Fletcher Long Robert Newtlick Donald Wheeler Roljtrt Hay Robert Keniston Gc-orge Norton 1944 William Bronsdon Wayne Evans I red Hale. Jr. Allan Knox Josiah Colcord, Jr. Weston E ans, Jr. lames Haskell Eldon Luther Douglas Co»van William Ford. Jr. Edward Hayes John Mathews Robert Cusliman Liiwrencc Graham Arnold Kimball Floyd Smith Richard Davis Oscar Hahnel, Jr. 1945 Charles Stocking Ihomas . llen Roval Gra es Richard McFarland Bernard Rines Albert Bartlett Robert Hill Edmund Mikalonis Stanley Thomas Charles Brown Chnton Holden Robert .Miller ' ennaid Thompson Arnold Coffey Walter Lou- Al.iTi Rhodes EUlon 1 urner Eiirl Evans Pledges Roberl lunur Frciicrick Antell Sidney Pcachev Robert Ramsdell James Schaatlt Samuel Fuller Richard Pratt Oevcie Ryckmaii G. William Stone Read Parmcnter First row — Thomas, Thompson. Luther, Holden Second row — Keniston, Geneva, Lindsay, Long, Xewdick, Larscn, Morey, Mrs. Graves, Johnson, .Nd Hay, McKeen, Boss, Gardner, Wheeler Third row— Mathews, Hale, F. Smith. Colcord. Stocking. Cushman, Ford. Kimball, Graham, Cowan, Bronsdon, W. Evans, Haskell, Davis, Bail, B. Smith, Hayes, Hahnel, Knox Fourth row— .McFarland. Low. Evans. Coffey, Miller, Hill, Mikalonis. Ryckman, Rines. Rhodes, Gr E. Turner, E. Evans. Allen. R. Turner, Bartlett. Brown Local fraternity, founded igo6 Universitv of Maine HI ETA HAPI ' A During the past year. Phi Eta Kappa experienced many changes in appear- ance, personnel, and organization. Per- haps the most noticeable of these changes was tlie repainting of the exterior of the house, which completed the two-year remodeling project begun when the in- terior was completely redecorated and refurnished last year. Mrs. Mildred Watt of Presque Isle Iras been appointed to fill the position of house mother left acant by the resignation of " Ma " Blan- chard last May. Mrs. Watt ' s success as house mother is readily acknowledged by those who have visited Phi Eta Kappa this year. Of the forty pledges who completely (illed the fraternity ' s rushing cjuota last year, thirty-four returned to school this fall. Since that time, twenty-one sopho- mores and one upperclassman have left to participate actively in the national war effort. As in past years, Phi Eta Kappa is represented in nearly every sport and campus organization, including several of the Honorary Fraternities. 1 he social activities of the year have been highlighted by three house parties, the Spring House Party last May being a l)ig success. 194 Prfsidfiit rice President Secret a }y Treasurer jnlm Wllildll jolm Cullinaii C.LT.M Garvin Cnicsur Cram. Jr. MIAIIU-RS 19l.{ tlicsicr Cram. |r. Lewis Emery KcMi.clh Kay Carlton Morse, |r. John Cullinaii I.eo Esta brook Earl Uinglcy Arthur Ralloitl IHan Ehbctt I ' hillip Hamm 1944 Gerald Stevens Winficld .Mien Philip Haines Walter Reed. [r. Laylon .Spaulding Paul Eastman .Aubrey McLaughli 1 Carroll Ridiaidsoii John Whitlen (k-raUl Garvin 1943 I ' hilip Archibald I.eo Daiglc Grc tlon Kav Charles I ' idacks William IJickford Elmer Davis. Jr. Ncal KcUcv ' Richaid Sjoslcdt Robert Brewster John Docschcr Dclbcrl l((rmi. Il.isdul Si.iiiM William liunnell . rnold Earle Fredrick M.Iiuiic i, nil, 111 Siiinh. Ir. l.erov Carter Elmer Erwin Norman Moulion RcIrmi Niiiuli David Clark Elmer Folsom Joseph .N.Klcau. Jr. Russell .Sn.ill. Mollis Condon Robert Graves Charles Nelson L;iurcnce Towle Burleigh Crockett Wadsworth Hardy Alton Perry Freeman Whitney Richard Cults Pledges Byron oung Ralph Badj cr Charles Cunningha m Edwin Povntcr Robert .Sawyer Donald Blackstone Burton Murdock Robert Pieti Ronald Stewart Rul)crt Clawson Henrv Plate Harold Rogers Frederick rhurlo ' First row— K. K.iy. Kbhett. Emery. Garvin. Cullinaii. Mrs. Watt. Wliittcn. Sti-vcns. Morse. Maine Second row— Towle. N. Smith. H. Smith. Davis. Rafford. Richardson. Reed. Eastman. Allen. McLaughlin Third row— Carter. Perry. Kellcy. Bunnell. R. Smith, Condon, G. Kay, Nadeau. Pidacks, Whitney. Smith •- Graves, Nelson. McCrum, Folsom, Hardy, Sjostedt. Bickford, National, 75 Active Chapters Founded 1848, Wash. Jeff. College Omega Mu Chapter established in iSgg I ' HI OAMMA DELTA Phi Gamma Delta began the college year with thirty-nine men. Since that time it lias lost seven men to the fight- ing lortcs. MIXED COMP.ANY The house has participated in all the intrainural sports with good results. Bas- ketball was our most successful sport. The Chapter team won its way to the finals and was defeated there by only a single point. The final score was 36 to 3.5- In the social field we have done cjuite well. There have been vie parties at the house almost every week-end. Both our Fall House Party and our Mid-winter Party were very successful affairs and vere enjo ed by e er)one vho attended them. During Rush ' eek, a Fiji Island Party was held, the house having been decorated to resemble what a Polynesian jxiradise is supposed to look like. At Cluistmas. Phi Gam held its annual part for the iui derpri ilcged children of Orono. Mrs. Hewitt, oin- new liouse mother, has become ery popidar during the vear. 196 Pifsidfiil Trftisurrr Scot tat Cones. Srii Historian OllK.KRS Riihaiil Chaduirk Cluiilcs IMtilkr Roliert XulltT lean Unlnafrel Wal.l.) IJimiliam ' 0i m] %. y y w ' ; (harli-s Allen Waldo Ktiriiham Kugciic Bailey Philip Calx)t Richard Chadwick F.lwofKl c;u.i p (.iiv Bailey Bruce Billings Dana Bunker ( ' harlcs Caniack Joseph C:haplin Malcolm Brown Joseph Ccrvone Harold Dow- Malcolm Holdcn James Hastings James Donovan Charles Foster Calvin Friar Charles Furbish George Garland Frank Danforth. Jr. Ijwrence Dav Robert Dutton IFM1U R 1944 Jean Hufnagel Alfred Hutchinson I ' hilip Miller 1943 Herbert Gent Sidney Gilman Shenvood Gordon Robert Hanson Francis Howe Pledges Charles Glover Hugh Hunter John Hussey Joseph O ' Neil Robert Nutter Charles Sticknev Lawrence Lyford Arthur Rourkc Garrett Speirs Edmund Tilcoml) Winslow Work Alfred Keith Donald MtCusker John U ' halen First row— Gilman, Caniack. Gordon. Howe Second row — Billings. Gent. Ladner Dean. Hadlock. Cabot Third row — Holden. Titcomb. Chapli Clapp, Miller. Huich Rourke. H.-isting. West. H . E. Itailey, Furbish, Pfeiffer. Burnham, Girdwnod. . HiifnaKcl. O-.Veil. Slickncy. i- National, 39 Active Chapters Founded 1850, University of Penn. Alpha Delta Chapter established in li PHI KAPPA SKiMA The doors of Phi Ka|)pa Sigma swung ojK-n in thi ' la!l ol ii))2 to gi c entrance to io t -t V( Hnii. I ' lesitleiit [ohn Lewis, thinned In a siniiiiier ' s hibor at a leading distiller . wekonied the fifteen sopho- ' ji mores. Treasurer Norman Putman as- sured himself that he was still possessor of the combination to the safe, and Carl Goodchild ga e and often repeated his explanation of wliv he was not playing football. The group had ambitious social inten- tions and " Commando " Clement was set to work oiling the bearings of the vie in anticipation of the vie parties to come. Social events were forgotten when a thorough and impressive " Hell Week " descended upon the sophomores. One of the highlights was the discovery that ' aughn Sturtevant was in a dive— into the Stillwater River. From a more serious standpoint, it can be said that the past year ' s many abrupt changes have caused more diversified and serious bull sessions. If these and the longer hours spent in study are any in- dication, this year ' s members of Phi Ka]jpa Sigma will be heard from in to- morrow ' s VorId of Affairs. Ol 11(1 RS I ' rrsidrnl IUtikikI l.i il lice Prrsidttil ]. („iil i,.ii ( .,,(,(1( Inld Secretary lloUoki Ad. mis . ii;Miu;Rs 191.-{ Charles Haillcv C.illxrt Carlson Harold Cole Cedric Ciisliman (■rant Davis Frank lancrson Bernard Etzel J. Carleton Goodi Benjamin Graham 1 iius Hale lild Willi.Mu Jameson loliii Kelley 1944 Robert l.vcelle John .Stewart Keith Vonng llohokc A.lams Russell Uculuill Albert Brewer Hugh Brounlee Warren Clement Rohm (. ) ell Marshall Da an Dudley Davis Albert Ehrenfricd Ridiard Fiilkr Lester Cross Benjamin Hodges Richard Palmer 1945 n.iii.dci I ' liMu-ii N(.iman I ' lmiam John Tew Camp Thomas George Thompsoi Robert Anderson Harrison Crouell Donald Danforlh Richard Da cv Earl Ellsworth Donal.l HowaKl Alan fohnson Km 1 iltlclk-ld. J |ohn Xlarrio ' l " Donal.l Mead r. Doii-las Miller Statdev I ' almcr .iM-lni .Stiirlevan 1 au.v.ue Uheele Kciil ink Robert RIcakncv Clifton Clarke ' Kenneth Cobb Jackson Crowell Robert Fickctt Arthur Fox. Jr. Ple,lge. William (.ihson Jack H,l,. Constantine Kyros Donald Peterson Morton Soulc Honenfant. Gooilchild. First row— Graham, Covell, Emeri Second row— Kellcy, Young, Carl G. Davis. Stewart Third row— Dagan, Ehrenfried. Gross. Fuller, Brownlce. Bodwell. D. Davis. R. Palmer, Putnam. .Adai Fourth row— Slurlevanl. .Marriot. Johnson, Howard. Ellsworth, York. Thompson. Clement. Brewer Fifth row— Anderson. Palmer. Mead. Danforth, McLaughlin, Miller, Crowell, Wheeler, Littlefield if- . Natii)nal, 14 Active Chapters Founded 1899, Wesleyan University Nil Chapter established in 1923 PHI MU DELTA Although Avar plavs havor iih col- leges and IraUTniiii ' s. Phi Mu Dilia has carried on ihis wai in nion- or Uss ol a normal niannei ' . HoweNtr, sixU ' cn I ' lii Mu Dehs j..ined or Avere (ailed into the ililleienl branches oi service and, to- gether with the alumni now on active (hu , are seeing action from Iceland to A combination ol good tortune and hard work l rought the Chapter the In- tranunal pla(|ue in xolleyball. and car- ried iis basket hall leam into the finals in thai lournameni. Throughout the year, ihe piiiuipal indoor recreation of the house has been the bridge games which last far into the night. Crutches have become a familiar sight around the house since Pale Blue guard Keith Gro- er bioke his leg in the Connecticut game. The house is properly jiroud to be lepresented by four men in the first edi- tion of " Who ' s Who Among American College .Students. " Although the University gives no rec- ognition for victory in such competition, we applaud our not less than ten very happ brothers who have bestowed their pins upon their One-and-Only ' s. Ptrsidrnt RoIhii {,. ..i I ' ice Preside lit l.oil (.. WliiK. Secretary Ri.luml W. Cc.l Treasurer Alluii k. Mil C ' .liaiks K. AiLiins John M. Austin John H. C ' .haihvick Thomas 1.. Cliiroril Richard W. Collins Melvin M. Builer ■. Hcnn ' Conilon Benjamin A. Curtis Maurice B. Di RolK-rt B. Has Morton Libhv Charles Bruce Arthur Burgess John Carson 1-ui.. U. l.i-ohiiul kcilh L. GioNcr Eugene R. Hussey H. Grant Leonard, Jr. Jay M. Lord John R. Radliv Bioii RcvnoUls Ri-Sinald 1. Roljcrls 1944 Jar E. Mahar Merlon S. Mcloon AlhcM K. Mnrch 1945 James C. Md.ellan. Jr. H. Anhi Gcorijc H. Millar Uillard K. Mouli Pledges Wilfred Cote Robert Leiper Oaniel Era ier. Jr. Clarl MacPhee Robert Hatch Horace Moodv Robert H. Sodcrl)erg ( ordon K. Ttxiley Edwaril Woodward Robert C. Worrick Richard H. Youldcn Ra I). Rokv | I.ei.ii (,. While. Jr E. Roger Oakes a nc ). Slacv Donald M. Valdes Harold I ' arady David I ' arkhurst I ' eler Richter First row— Adams. Ch.i.lwick. Lord. I ' ratt. VouMen. Whit Reynolds, McLaUKHItn Second row— Oakes. Murch. Fagcrlund, Leonard, Woodw .Mrs. King, Worrick, Collins, Tooley. Soderber rd. Austin. Hopkinson, Mcloon, Mahar. Grove National, 113 Active Chapters Founded 1856, University of Alabama Alpha Chapter established in 1901 SIfiMA ALPHA El ' SILON Mrs. Edith McColluin, wtll known on the iini crsit campus as ' Minher Mac, " was welcomed Ijack this year lor her nine- teenth season by a toll house of Maine Alphas of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Due to war-born exigencies, several of the cus- tomary SAE functions had to be can- celled this year, including the annual faculty banquet. Vith the coming of the second semes- ter, some of the brothers began to be called for duty in the armed services or in specialized fields. Those already called are Joe Mahaney, Charlie Part- ridge, Mai Colby, John Theriault, and Bob Hall. " Obie " Doore ' s departure made us all realize how much a part of the house and of the campus he had been. His loss is deeply felt here at SAE, but we are piDiul to be his brothers and arc waiting expectantly for ncivs of his success at his new work. The future is unpredictable. The JMothers are becoming more separated almost daily, but our spirit is as strong as e er. E en in the e ent that frater- nii life is discontinued for the dmation ol the war, some way will be made for the li aternal spirit to be carried on to future SAE ' s. OI l-ICI RS rnsidfiil Wdiiuoiih s, li(.(ul.l I ' itf President CUiiciui ' (iilinaii Srcreliity j ' ' ' " Sumiiishv Tretisinrr Robert I ' agc James Ambrose William Clark Dana Cunningham Robert Dodge Harold Aver) ' l.inwood Chalmers Orman Doore Edward Ellis C. Webster Frost Maurice A er) ' Robert Bearor Russell Bradley Beverly Burnham Maliolm Ciolby Richard Desjardin Ralph Bartlcll. Jr. Philip Catir (.eorge Chalmers MEMBERS 1943 William Ellis C:iarencc Oilman Slanlcv (;ilman Donald (iialiam Einest Robert |olin O 1944 Edward Hamblett Robert Hoover Stephen Jacobs Carleton Kilpatri Richarc Robert Harrv f k Alpbeu Robert Hi: Robert Hall lohn Mahanev John McAllister Qui William Ri ' -l (, corse Ro:.;ei Pledges ichard Cleaver Hcnrv Hagman ichard Dennison William Kendall eRov nieirenbach Robert Keniston MaU Wen bn IV( worth Sdiolicld DOIK Han Id 1 averncr V Woosler Mahlon Smith John Sinninsby John Thcriault Thomas ' lilKon K. SlKiinaii Williams I ' etcr Isacalolos Earle Vcscott |ohn Wilbur Frank Wood Richard Wood " " " " • ' • ' ' " ' " " « R(. li Ridi Don: e McKusick rd Smith l I Stc-bbins First row— Jacobs. Ambrose. W. Ellis. O ' Brien. Hine. Dodge. S. Gil Clark. Graffam. C. Gilman. Mahancy Second row— Williamson. H. Avery. Frost. Kilpatrick. Hoover. Smith. Sanford, Qi Page. Suminsby. Dnorc. E. Ellis Third row— Dcsjardins. Wescott. Tsacalotos. M. Coby. Xock. Wilbur. Wood. Rogers. Rigb: Hall. McAllister. McColIum. Ingalls. Schoffield, timers, Hamblett. smore. Partridge. -•i- • " ■•«§ - ? National, loi Acti c Chapters Foiindfd 1855, Miami University Rho Rho Chapter established in 1902 SIGMA CHI Up., ' e lot ikcii urn to school in the fall, 1 Sigma Chis had been armed services, leaving li e in the house. Later, iiuil the fighting forces. Iiiuni of the social pro- gram, costs in operating the house were held lo a minimum. This wartime adap- tation has proved highly successful. Mrs. William Campbell came to us in Novem- ber to serve as house mother and has pro ed to be capable and popular. Scholastically and athletically the Sigs have done well. The house is represent- ed in ])rac tic ally every organization on campus, antl a team from the Chapter was entered in every intramural event. One hundred per cent enrollment was icali ed in both the War Stamp and Red OiMsiaiidiug in the abbre iated social (alendar were the Christmas Vic Party, sponsored by the Chapter ' s sophomores, and the party given in January for seven- teen ' A. CS from the Bangor Filter Center. We are fortunate in having obtained |ikdges who will be instrumental in strengthening the Chapter again after the war. rn-.tul.-Ni l ' liili|i Swictsci Vice Pnsidiiil 1I..U.IH1 IJaihn, Jr Secrettny Rolnri I ' iitiii Trnisiirrr (hOIHI- I. oI )() M 1 I1-,I RS Sumner C.lavcrie lUiiiv Fcs-lcr U illinm Gooding Frwl Hcrholzhiimcr Robert Jenkins 19L5 Ircdiric Leonard Lloyd Quint Preston Rand Richard Sjnkiiison (;eoige Watson John Donoluic Francis Farnum Thcmlorc Fctiingcr C. Lincoln Jewett Kenneth Johnson 1944 George Lobo zo Thomas I ' armenter Charles Rowley Gordon Staff Philip Sweelsrr llowai.1 UarLcr ll.inv Caikl..n lol.i, Ccxkin William ( r .ssk Ri.harcl Danf.irlli Michael DiRen o 1.. Waldo Gammell. J Klliott Hale Robert Ham 1943 Glenn Heath William Lamprcll Robert Nelson Henry Packard Morton Pallri. Robert Patten Henjamin Warner Robert ood Ralph AlRixrombic. J William Rradltv Robcn Elliott r. 1 heodore (iridUv Krnest Larson Richard Lutis PIcdKos David Matiler Robert I ' arnui.ter M ron Pcaboih Joseph I mann Ru.lolpb Weeks First row-Donahue, Watson. Quint. Hirbolzhcin ier. Mrs. Campbell. Claveri Jenkins Stconil row— Danfnrth. Parmcnier. Sweelser. Loliozzo. Rowley. Jewclt. Staff. F Tlnrd row- Heath. Packard. Patten. Goodell. Barber. Wood. Gammell, Lampi Crossley. Patten. Ham. DiRenzo. Hale O r rr «n9o ini t % j " 1 National, 98 Active Chapters Founded 1869, Virginia Military Inst. Delta Nil Chapter established in 1913 SKiMANU were thirl nuiiihers li in ; in the house, but diuini; ihe year ci. j;ht ol these were called to the colors. Two members have moved into the house since that time, making a total of twenty-four resident members as this is being written. Shortly after the beginning of the fall term, it was announced that Sigma Nu rated higher, scholastically, than any other fraternity on the campus. During " Hell Week, " the Sophomores gathered 1,500 pounds of scrap in the attic and cellar of the house. This not oulv helped the war effort, but also siaiUil the construction of a game room in the basement. As a result of many hours of work by Dick Stratton, Mac Herrick, Bill Morong, and Hubert Ran- ger. ;ve now have a cement-floored game room in the basement. One of the highlights of the year was the visit, last December, of Major (now Lieutenant Colonel) Frank P. Bostrom, ; 9. Major Bostrom, a veteran of Pearl Harbor and of a full year ' s fighting in (lie Far Eastern war theatre, spoke at a Mudent assembly and then had dinner at the house. OllICl RS I ' risidrtit i:.iil;nul Ski{;lii Vice Prtsidctil M.ilinliii Hcrritk Secretary W.ilui .S|)carin Treasurer CailisU Waisoii MEMBERS 1943 Joseph Adicr Aitluir Beverage DoiiaUl Brown S. Hobart Chandic I-raiik Holclei. David Rich r Donald Robinson Waller Slaiib 1944 Richaid Straiten C;arlislc Watson Beverly W ' ealherby Kiluard Atkinson Howard Bartlett Philip Chenev Clare Fidlon Roheil C;roIefeiul John Johnstone George Lcavitt Georsje Mrl.ean William Moron- Arthur Moulton James Moulton Gcoige Obear I ' eler I ' ikelis 1943 Earland Sleight Robert Smith Walter Spearin Mollis ' ledford J. Gordon Webster Carletoii A lward Ben Bates Dana Brown Robert Derbyshire MaUnhn llnii.k Wa.rell Piel.e Kenruth Wrn.elt Ihomas Bocrke Robert Bucklcv Robert Butler Merrill Cobh John Gray George G rifling. II George Hcrsoni Pledges Rolx-rt Nordstrom George Parker Robert I ' erry Hubert Ranger Bernard Iheriaiilt Albert Thomas First row-A. Moulton. Morong. Aylward. Vennctt. Dcrl» sli Second row— Robinson. Stratton, Chandler, D. V. Brown. Rich, Weatherby Third row— Webster, J. Moulton. Cheney, Fulton, Sleight, Barllclt, Atkinson, Watson, McLean, D. Spearin. Pikelis. Johnstone National, 25 Active Chapters Founded igog, Columbia University Tau Zeta Chapter established in 1929 TAU EPSILON I ' HI With a new coat of paint on its house and new coats ol tan on the brothers, Tail Zeta ChajMcr of Tan Epsilon Phi relinned to the iini ersit (ani])iis this fall lor an all-oul ellorl 10 make this ear Tau Zeta ' s best ever. While, as in all houses on campus, the services have taken many TEP men and have enrolled others in their reserves, it is felt that by its continuous hard work, added to the success of its rushing season, Tau Ep has succeeded in making this one of its best years yet. While none of our intramural teams ha e taken first places, we feel we need not be disappointed about our record in those events, ha ing upset our oppo- nents in many of the games. We have many men of commendable •scholastic accomplishments. One of these is Hyman Schneider, who gradu- ated in January with High Distinction, anil was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. In round out its full social program, TEP has held a gala New Year ' s Eve par- ty, farewell dances, a huge rushing dance, and many informal vie dances of origi- nal motifs. Ol I U I Rs ClnitKillor Mien .Solomon licf Chnmrlln, hxing Hrodcr Scribe lU maid Roiiiannw Treosiirer I ' liilii) RiisNakoll y...., F ing Brcxlcr Irviiii; Keiler HtniA Holland 1943 .Sianlc Siipo 1944 Allen Solomon MvMian Schncidi I ' rc-sion Eli ilk Iknianl Roman Philip Rus.sakolf Simon Bcrcnson l.fstcr Cohen [o-cph Dondis Eugene l.onn Herbert Mordecai Israel Ostrow Alljeil I ' ovich Eli SniUer Richard Riihcnstein Stanford Weinberger Morris Smith Lester YolTe iaKon, Komanow. crncK, i oiKer, £.aeisiein. u National, 68 Active Chapters Founded 1856, Norwich University Gamma Chapter established in 107 THETA CHI loUll.l tl 10 school last fall ■ incinhers had been Ai inc ' d Services. To compensate tor this, Samuel Smith, a graduate student in Chemical Engineer- ing, was waiting on our doorstep. Sam ii-EMrxT 01 was a member of Beta Kappa national fraternity, which was incorporated into Theta Chi last summer. We also had the honor to initiate Professor Bliss, another Beta Kappa. As this is being written, the constella- tion of our service flag contains sixty-five blue stars and has prospects of further groAvth. One room in the house was emjjtied once b the Army, got a new oc- luuani. and then lost him to the Air ; has restricted oia- social iHogram. but numerous vie parties ha e been enjoyed. Our Barn Dance brought the surprise of seeing what a mess just one bale of hay can make. The chapter was presented the na- tional fraternity award for the chapter showing the most o erall improvement in the coiu-se of a school year. i ' ingpong and pool contests have been both waged, as statistics on the death rate of ping-pong balls clearly show. 210 ( )l 1 l( 1 Rs I ' rfsidrnt Ridiaid lltiukrsoii I ' ice Prt ' sidiiil I.cstir Hiinl Sfcrettny ClilToril KiciMiatl Trrtisurer Charles Crocker MLMliKRS 1943 Arthur Ciirlson Rol)crl Chapman G. Edwin Clifford Howard Crosby David Hempstead Lewis Hulchinson Ernest McGlauflin 1944 Charles I ' arker Samuel Smiley Cornelius lUishncll. Jr Ciharlcs Crocker . ll)crt Crockett Howard Damon Richard Hendersoi Lewis Horzeinpa l.esler Hiird Kenneth Jordan Clifford Kierstead Fleetwood Pride. Jr. 1945 Robert Speed John Tschamie Philip Turner Albert Barmbv An.lrew Britt. Jr. C.urdon Buck Meirill Ham William Hill Russell L .n Sheldon Smith Donald lorrev John Crockett Richard Emmons Neal Hill Grcsorv Kennison Rov MacGcc Pledges Kermit Neal Roger Sarfient Franklin lallxi First row— Ham, Buck, Turner. Chapman, Crockett. Smiley Second row — Hutchinson, Hurd. Mrs. Grcaney. Henderson, Tschamlcr, Kierstead. Britt Third row-Lyon. Speed. S. Smith. Hempstead, W. E. Hill. Carlson, O. Smith, Torrey.,iT.y. Pushnell PANHELLENIC The Panhelknic Council is a national organization started in the year 1902 untler the name of Intcrsorority Confcr- eiue. The council is present on cam- puses that ha e more than two national sororities. Matters taken up bv the oigani ation pertain to such matters as rushing and bidiling rides and general problems per- taining to fi e sororities represented on this campus. Each sororitN sends two members as delegates in the council, which is com- posed of ten members. The president of the sorority is automatically made a member, while the second person is se- lected from the sorority at large. In the fall, teas for freshmen and trans- fer students are given, and in the spring a large banquet for all sorority vomen is sponsored. Besides these activities the Panhcllenic Council entertains visiting national sorority represeiuati es. Prrsidrnl Doioilu Marl ..od Vice Pifsiiliiil Mania McC;; nln Srnrlmy Aluia ( Olhl) Tn;is,iyr, Mar (la trii (iamina C " .lia])tir, i 1)12 Nalional Soroiiiy. loiimUil i8.,7 Hanianl C.oUcf e ( rk First row — West, Smiley, dishing, Davis, Jones Second row— .Minott, Stevens, Simngler. Kanil.ill, Spi Fielder ALPHA OMinilON IM Harh.ira Bian RiMiiv Brawn Aliiia CoHiii Ruth Blais.ldl Natalie Cuilis Marv Clavcrie Doris Bell Rarliara Hissir Rarl aia Akclt GwciidolMi C.I I.tHiainc Daxi Barbara Gowaii Mar Hempstead lean Mack 1943 Horothy MacLeod Marcia McCarthy Charlotte Mori loaiiiic Solie Marie Roiiike Rhoda lolford Mildred Wooste Edith Merrill Nancy Gascoignc Joan Springer Jean Stevens Elizabeth West First row-Marr. B. Higgins, R. Higgins, Bell, Merrill Second row Fielder, Holden, Claverie, Coffin, MacLeod. McCarthy, Curtis, Hempstead Third row— Woosler, Telford, Morrison, Solie, Higgins, Troland, Rourke, Bean, Brawn, Blaisdell, r»oo ■ O ' o o OFFICERS Prcsidi ' iit Freda Flanders ] ' i(f Pnsidcut Olive Taverner Si-in-lrnx Rebecca Gould Tn-ii.unri Mary Chapman Xi Beta Chapter, 1922 National Sorority, founded University o£ Arkansas cjf) Active Chapters CHI UIVlEfiA Mary Will.) nudli Margaret Cliuuh rud.i M.m. Eleanor Ciourll ILmi.-ii Fu Man E. Br.uki Olive Hradbinv Ik-iiia Bill lieu Margaret lii. Roberta Doiv Esther Flagg 1943 Reliecca Gould Barliara Leadbeati ean Lo vell Victoria MacKenzie Mary Parkhurst Olive Taverner Jacqueline Ki Barbara Kiili lulia Robbins Ol 1 l( 1 Rs l ' „si,t,nl llrKii Mnll.n Ik,- rrrsidrnt M.ii ln Sturlinx | ,in !• ,ii ll,l Trnisur,-, |..Mr hnux l|)ha Kappa (iliapur. iijiy National Soroiiix, IdiiiuIkI iSHH BoviDii riii (ivii iv- ' ite i feU 1 r f } I ' crkins. Killii DELTA DELTA DELTA Sallv Burleigh I ' hvllis Danforth Doris Dixon Frances Iloiiovan Manila Allen Arlcne Carter irsinia Goo.l abcih CoUis Dorothy C.nrrier Patricia DeWcaver Beverh Arr Jean Delan. Marie Dulfv Thcrcsc Dii Klcanor Joh Rita Johnson Kathcrine Leon Dorotliv Moran I lances Houghu. |o ce Ivency ' Jean Patten Carolyn Rhodes Barbara Stearns Ruth Wilson Barbara Maynard Margaret Stackpole Virginia Stewart Jeanne Staples Jean Thompson First row— Oucllctte. McNeil. Johnston. Harvey. Allen Second row — Stewart. Collis. Earnshaw. Mullen, Moynihan, Iveney, Moran, Rhodes Third row— Laniorcau, Wilson, Patten, Goodspeed, McBurnic, Stackpole, Manwcll, Donovan, Danfortll, Leon.ird. finndrich. Medina. Hnuithtnn, Thorpe Sj f OCiCX OFFICERS idoit Prrsidnd Julie Lcdicn Charlotte Nickerson Margaret Moscone Francesca Perazzi Pi Chapter, 1912 National Sorority, fouiuled 1852 VVesleyan College 61 Active Chapters PHI Mil Frances Drew Virginia Foss Charlotte Gifforci 1943 Margaret Moscone Francesca Pel .Charlotte Nickerson HuWa Pond Eleanor Swar Ruth nuraih ' )ulie LcdienA I Tf ' --. 1945 Marie Haines " Lou L,iiilelicl( Barbara Allen Carol Gritfec Shirlev Hathav Heages ' Gayle McLaughlin Frances Moore Frances Parsons Muriel Whittemore -Drew, R. Littlefield ! — Perazzi. Nickerson, Ledien, Foss, Moscone, Pond -l-:elley. Grey. Gifford, Kniglit, Swanson, E. Littlefield, Haines, Drinkwater, Pressey, Dura iif ' p ' v H ' i ' ' ' i M i HlH iti % i Ol IK I RS I ' lisidcut Lois Sa ;ifi;r ;,,• I ' irsidrnt . r;il)illc Hollas Srcretafj Xii iiiia Cilav Treasurer Nellie ' liitiu Maine Alpha Ciiapid. kji; National Sororitv. toiinilnl iSOj Moiimouih Cloikge PLEDGES First row-OBricn. Ho Ic Second row — InRrahain, Carter, TreworRy. Soule. KniRht Third row— Eastman, t ' oniin.s. Haye . Lcmoine. IMummer H;i cl Davis Marian Duniiaii Kli al.cih Gra.iv Helena Jciiscti Marguerite Coffin Augtista Foster Jane Harley Dorothy Ames Rebecca Boutle I-oiiisc Caniliridge QirolMi Comins Marv I.ovel Ruth McKa Jane Rand Arbcllc HcKlges Hattic Iiigiaham liETA I ' HI 1943 Lois Savage Marv Tarr Bernirc Thompson ght Donald 191;; Constance Carter (.ni . I Virginia C.lav An Ii Hazel VanTassel Lois White Nellie Whilnev Claudia Scammon Phyllis Sotilc Florence Treworgy Priscilla Shaw Phyllis White ledges Elaine Haves Ruth Lemoine Norma Hovle Martha OBrien First row-Jensen. MacDonald. Colfin. V. White. Harlev Second row— VanTassell. Whitney. Hodges. Savage, Clay. Rand, Tarr. Foster Third row— L. White. Scammon, McKay, Lovely, Minott, Dorman. C.radv. Eastman. Bowdcn. Tho Shaw. Ames ATHLETICS ) r.iH I? F-il fW TlinPHY lUUJM i IB P-- ,VKVV- . ' MEN ' S ATHLETICS In the second lull year of wartime athletics since the University of Maine ' s founding. Faculty Manager Ted Curtis and the members of the Men ' s Athletic Association iiplu ' ld Maine athletic policv in a maimer tliat diew jnaise hom all New England. Standing almost alone in the national sport-light. Maine maintained a first- year ineligibility policy, scheduled full |)r :grams for every freshman and varsity sport, and sponsored one of the best iiuranuiial sports programs in New- Eng- land. BFTWFIN THF H AIAFS Diahiiii; and ics(.r i- Mains (liaiis;is Maiiu ' s popular and siuccssliil s;] id kept iIk ' Hla(k Bear atlikus aiul coadi- iron (oadi ol the ii).)! season. C.corm ing stalFs in almost coiitiiuial Ijewilder- " I-.ek " Allen, lurntd over tlie leins ol ilu nuiu. vet .Maine teams set more records Hlaik Hear pigskin jiarade last lall n than lhe did in 15,11 and iJ. uilh iIk . a . First row— Sprague. Prcsnell. Mclntirc. VVliitlen. Hutchinson. McNi-illy. Fuller. Scconil row— Lord. Quint. Hussey. Pratt. Youlden. D. HardinR ,V, NSON, ,XC.H l-l- ' ' Eaih iliis wiiiui (Ikiii»c-s eie con- linucd in MaiiK ' s coachiuK staffs as Coach Kcnyon was unable lo guide the varsity Black Bear basketeers due to ill- ness. Former ireshnian cage coadi, Sam Sezak. was moxed up lo lili {]iv atau( . George H. (irowil K r. uuix rsiu insiriu- tor and lormer Cloniell hoop star, took charue ol the Bear Cub cagesters. CO-CAPT. RAV NEAL AI.L-MAINl Gt!ARD In September Dr. George V. Small Kli lor active duty with the Arniv. and liis uiuiis coaching chores were taken o ei bv I ' rolessor Wilmarth H. Starr. Ahhough ii look a war to ele ate Bill is.en on lo head lootball coach at Maine, I ' ale Blue tans discovered that the man who has been hailed as the " greatest looiball scout " in New England was also capai)Ie ol tinning oiu good 222 football uaiii ol lii ouii. Ably assisiccl l) Sam Sc ak, Maine ' s s iiiliron guide led ilie Black Bears into Stale Series sui- prises that were the talk ul the I ' iue Ifee State. With 1) lelleniuii and l- i iiunii)ers ol the ui|i hishiiKm and |a (( s(|iia(K leliiiiniin loi [He season |)ra(li(e lali- in S( |ii( mix I. (iia lies keinoii and Se ak (,iii id! on I in viri|)ed turf tactics inaiif ii- laitd l) !•.( k Allen. Clonditioning, fim- daMuniaK. and basic formalions were MUNM(I ill (laiK double-sessions prececl- iiii; ilii- opinini; j anie of the icjia season. On October Inst the Black Bears look tin nail soiilh kadin.n to the den of I.oii I iiili Ciiiniihia I, inns in , s Nmk. MAIM. .• COHMlllA 11 Willi Ml Anuiican Paul CoMrnaii un- r.l M. ■jhi vards. piulud lo i ' lone lidow ns. and sel u 2 ino.v. Goveriiali |HiM.nall seorcd Colum- bia ' s fnsi KMididown on tjie third ])la ol ihc M.nn.l .|naii(i. (uhninalin- a drive ulndi had slarud in llu- hiM canto from ilic Lion ' s .jtiyard stripe. (.ci i I iiali. t ' errarini. Kaspa ak. and ])(1 1( I llu- l.ions iurlluT ahead in ihe Al III M; First row— Sguircs, Burrill. Geneva. Harding. Prcsnell. Mclntirc, . cil. -N Grover. Kobinson, Morrill. Ijraullecht Second row— Graham. Pratt. Goodchild. t-obozzo. . ii«tin, Swrrt ' Jrr. MnrKr Gent. Koris. Sniaha. Torrcv Third ri..w-R..lev, Mininni. Goodcll. .Moulton. D.i.i - lUlnker. .Stratton. Uardsley r. Hutchinson. Edelstci . rnhnnn. H:iv. Mrrlia f El!i;!!!!!l!:IE!!ll||||liJ»i»i!l!Ji!ll!ill;»l» —. iiMk :iiii uiii tiiiui " iiiiniii ii|f " !!! 1!!!!! !!■■!! 1!!!!! r M ' -Z_ - ■ ' ' li.. .-I .. -a 7 1 . -.-?E«iMsjMS jtrjta 111 III mill .?.J1LS HflfR J , 9 . .j- x - ' - s? 4 ' « r Sr || » — -1 - -a.-ii WORK l.YIORD IILIC; ll.NSON EDELSTEIN A ALL-MAINE BACK ALL-MAINE BACK Mclntire were beginning to go places for kicking of Al Hutchinson highlighted Maine as the game ended. the Pale Blue otTensi c measures. iMAlXE 7 NEW HAMPSHIRE 20 MAINE 7 CONNECTICUT 26 A (omjjletely air-minded University of New Ham|3shire eleven scored a mild up- set o er the Pale Blue gridsters. Before the game was barely foiu " mimues okl. the Wildcats had registentl ilieir in si tally. Miiiiu ' (|ui klv lied IJie (ounl when a 42-yaHl pass honi Al Huuiiinson lound a receiver in Don Presneli who lell ) er for the score. Hutch ' s coiuersion ga c ' the Bears the lead. The Wildcats came back scrapping in the second half, scoring twice within h e minutes on the passing and rtmning of Fitanides. The ball loiing ability of Bob Nuiier. swivel-hipped hallback. and the long The Nulmcggers blocked and passed iheir way lo triumph in Maine ' s first home gami ' ol the ii)j2 season. . crowd of 4.0D0, including hundreds of soldiers who were guests of the Maine Athletic Association, saw the powerful UConns lallv lour limes as a result ol aerials and in ihe piotess uiuover some ol the iK-rtesi i)lockiiig sten on . lunuii Field in seasons. Early in the second period the UConns combined a fast charging, hard blocking line vith the speed of Ray Scussel, Bill Mohr. and Joe Perko for their (irst score. Connectictit scored again in ilie third frame as Len . rnsten eonneiied with Scussel on an aerial. Earh in ilii ' foiuth PRAtrriCE MAKES PERFECT Lj, !.3 |)la ihv saim- | la ilickrd a,i;.nii Im ,m DllUT SlOlf. Maim- llaNhrd its oiilv Misiaiiifd ol- Itiisf lair in llir loiiilli jjiiiocl as jjasscs Imni HuKliiiisnn 1.) H.)l) Niitur aiul l)i(k r.miill ) i )(lii(c(l a score. Hindi also l)i()U} ht tii(.- .Maine partisans to iluir kxt with a bla ing .i yarcl run lioni sirinmiam ' late in the fourth period. l l l B.VTES 7 Knoikcd Iroiii iiillai in post li (.olimi- l)ia. New Hainpsluiv, and Coiuu c li( ul and deserted l) manv ol their laii- weather friends, the .Maine Bears spotted the undefeated Garnets a second period touchdown and then stormed back in tlu fourth Stan a to Avin the ball game. Faced by a fast charging line and an equally hard hitting backfield spearluad ed by Bud Lyford and Windy Work, the Black liears pounded the Bobcats to l,i( (CS in the scion 1 hall, Sla ling ils IMI l(ll own (h i e late in the tliiic pen od, M niu .hoM loin the Ciarnet .(( to, ay- (III 1 i I IL ' plavs. I.vh .rd ; nd W wi pik h boic ih Work pluiim ol ilu- Mail 111; nv.r li in " Ilk the aid Mlipe. IIlIK liiiM.ii iiiisse 1 his ll loi ill ,i ih 1 h (1 nd i ' ale nip. 1 illsiill , H.ini, I ' .liu- .hi i ' lul Ni 111(1 llle Bob j;ii(isurs u Imm Iluir ihc Inmlh lUi (cinil)iii cats n pen (1 M ed, led h1. Hi k luiinii g to : dxance the pig- kin ill oB ates ter itory. . |)ass inte ception l) Bo )cai Arnie Ca ■d briefly ha lied the M lilU iiiaixh . but n the first play . 1 ;ilia ic o ered a Bales Iniiiblc on the I lui ■; ). Slopped lor llinc- pla s on the ' ml liiu-. 111. Bears linallv sent Al liliinsoii back lo Ilu- ill-Nard stripe •le he drop kicked I lu- winning poinis. GAIN ON STEADY GAIN a " - J .5 MOULTON MAINE 2y COLBY (i The experienced White Mules, de- fending state champions, came to Oiono confident of kicking the upstart Bears back into the series basement. Instead, they absorbed a sound licking and en- trained for home as completely beaten as was Bates. Colby came onto the field fighting in the first half, drawing Bear blood on a 76-yard advance to pay-dirt in the first period. Phil Caminiti and Ray ' erren- gia led the Mule attack. Apparently little impressed, the Bears struck back in the second period with a quick score. .Starting from the Colby 4S. Windy ' Work and Bob Nutter galloped for Mule goal-ground. Nutter scoring on an ii-vard sweep aroimd Colbv ' s right end. Hutchinson acciuateU drop-kicktil the extra point to put the Bears ahead to stav. MAINE 6 B0 VD01N 12 With the state series title at stake, Bow- doin ' s alert and finely coached gridiron eleven won its first unshared champion- ship since 1937. Pla ed in matchless veaiher before 8.-)()o fans ai Whittier Field. Brunswick, the game was close from start to finish. Looking like the usual Valsh-coached ele ens, the Polar Bears twice threatened in the first half, missing a score the first time vluii the big Maine line held for downs on the i-yard stripe, and again losing possession of the pigskin after smashing to the Maine 14 late in the sec- ond jjeriod. But the thiixl period vas oiilv .(7 see- )nds )ld beloR the Walshmen had a Cl)re. Maint Alter C ark Young recovered a n the Pale Blue 17, Bob Elliot su.ppi roundetl d. and t Maine ' s left end, was hen lateraled to Walt TE. RING . L( v ' t; WITH THE CHEERINC; MAINE S GOING TO CONQUER TOD.W 111 kl K Donaluie who sped for the cud zone and ihc score, nonaliiics coincision atteni|)t was wide of the goal posts. Fi c miiuites later, Bowiloiii scored again on exactly tiic same i)la . Kllioi and Donahue teaming up for ilie mcoikI touchdown. Donaluie missed tiie place- ment. . bantloning ihiir liiiiioiis T-forma- tion late in the foiirtii ([iiarier, the Blue and White gridsters worked the ball to the Bowdoin 9 by using running plays from a single wing. From there, Vork passed to Garry Spein; in the left Hat where .Speirs screened Bowdoins Bill Beckler from the ball, caught it on tlu- Polar Bear one, and twisted over for the score. Hutchinson ' s drop kick lor the extra point was wide. .NCJlllING C:. N STOP IS I ROM SC;ORING .SUMM.ARY 1942 Oppoi Columbia at New York New Hampshire at Diirha Connecticut at Orono Bates at Orono Colby at Orono Bowdoin at Brunswick LETTERMEN Ray Ncal Robert Nutter Slicrwin Bardslcy Dana Bunker Richard Burrill ll)ert Edclstcin Robert Emerson Maurice Geneva (iarlcton Goodchild Sherwood Gordon Benjamin Gniham Keith Gro cr David Harding Robert Hay Alfred Hutchinson Frank Koris Honorary CoCaptai Lawrence Lvford Clarence Mclniire James Mcehan Hormidas Mininni Richard Morrill Robert Moulton Donald Prcsnell Edward Robinson Albert Smaha James Sprague Frank Squires Richard Sirjilon ■inslow Work ir « CONDITIONING JUNIOR VARSITY Junior ' ar.sity Football is maintained at the University to give men with little playing experience, yet love for the game, a chance to compete. Each year Jayvec men who show promise are jjromotetl to the varsity. Coach Briggs guided the team lor the beginning of the season, but when he was called into the service. Bill Harding, In their fust gritliron battle with their oiuiger lirothers, the jawees were soundly beaten by a powerlul ireshman elc en. To start the scoring Nardone blocked Al Littlefield ' s kick for a safety. Later in the same period, Nardone inter- cepted a |. ' . lateral and in t vo plavs the Frosh scoreil. In the third period, Hagopian of the Frosh chalked up an- other score, as did Hollet in the fmal sian a. .Savignano place-kicked the e - na point. The Avhole Frosh line stood out Avhile McNeilly and Liitlefield starred lor the Jay ees. The only other game played by the [imior ' arsit was with the Dtnv Field liomljeis. J he J. ' . ' s saw action in the luM ami third frames while the Frosh liaiiled ii out dining the second and li)unh periods. The Bombers made one lalh on each team. However, the Junior ' arsity put up the best fight, and once had the scr ice team on their own ten- yard strijie before being held for do vns. SUMM.ARY 1942 Opponents Maine Freshmen Dow Field C.-,pt, m-Coadi Hardm, Pige 1 row-Brautlechf ElU«orth Camac Perpard Putna Gilmin Bernart er aides Faulkner ChapUn Littleheld ,79 1.21 rv FIUISH RKITIVALL , 2A i: 29 ,0 74 3 « « M 30 SB -B 26 39 31 18 i3 " 3» 37 35 2e 3 63 10 41 •I v CROSS COUNTRY As usual, Coach Jenkins rounded into shape a good cross country team, even without the help of Moody and Stanley, who were lost to the armed services. Taking on Colby at Orono in the first dual meet, Maine emerged the victor, as Phil Hamm won the event, setting a new course record of 21.57% seconds. In the second dual meet, Connecticut came to Orono and went home badly beaten, as Elmer Folsom won a fine race, closely followed by Hamm, Martinez, and Estabrook, all of the Black Bears. Journeying to Augusta for the Annual State Meet, the Pale Blue Harriers placed a good second to Colby, as Hamm was ilic first Maine man to finish over a slow. nuuUh trail in lounh position. Marti- nez, Cu,H luv. lolvMii. aiul Km aim. ok Imislud Nt ' xtiiili. ( ' i ;luh. .mil ninth, in iliai dkUi ' . In ihr .ll.( . . ,. luld in lioMon. l.inif Imivjuil ill liimih [K.siiion. as ll.iiiini .i(.v (l ilu liiK hiM lor onr uani in lilili i.l.Kt. I lie loll.nviii. u((k ill u Noik at Ilu- I.e. I . (luounur. the . 1. ook MACIl l. ,SL . I. I. RV i.,,L ' • L ■r ()|.,,..ncn. C.oll.% ;it Oiono ;((. .Maine te, w Eiifti -- CoiiiKclitiit ill Oniiii) 1(1 ,; t £ s 3r V Sunt- Mfcl al AiisiiMii 211(1 sip N.E.I.C.. .. . at Bosliin 111 ' mE, I.e. A. A. A. . at Nov V..rk LEIIERMl 7II1 ■h lb Virgil Coll- Kltmi 1 ..1 Hcniv Coiulon IMulip Mainni V M,s, uv, , Leo F_sta!.ii«.k Ri.lKit llaiisoii I.iiuoln Fish Mailiii e .SIM. I. RV i( r- lUnjamii. Uh -cs. Inr, l s Maine IM iil M.iiiiin. lion. Capl. 1 (iiii A . 3 ' With a sinallir Mjuatl than iisi Frosh Hill and Dakis won halt al. Ilie )f tin ir lee (.i(lclil M ( 1 3 " 28 25 meets, all of which were al Oioni Dempscy and Ted Wood were oi .. Mai tstand- Icain 15 Monsoii Haiiland 3fi ■1 ' ing as they were alwa s u with il CIS. The P ' rosh did not conipcK ton this season, hut Denipsev am tra elled to New York to get a le lead- in Bos- Woo.l second (arihoii 15 Ba.if-cr 3., mmi:r. i.. ien .Vlains. Bocrke. Chalmers. C.ol.l). F.arlc. Elliott. Kmciv. Ciarlinklc. Hcrm: ■17 23 Denipsev. nn. Ken- and seventh respeetivelv in tin- freshman race. i.c:.,. over. Lawlor. Leach. Slanivood. Taylor. Trii Mai Denipsev. lion. Ricker. ■. Hzman C;ap(. Rogers. .Sjostcdt. Wenslcy . Wood. iMCKEICN, HUSSE ' , PRATT, COACIH SE AK VARSITY BASKETBALL In his first attempt at coaching varsitv basketball at the Uni eisit , Coach Sezak ' s bo s hung up a remarkable hoop record. Playing in the State Series and the e v England College Conference where the competition is always keen, the Black Bears took a second and third respectively. Starting the campaign away from home. Maine got off on the wrong foot In fust being downed by the classy Rhode Island Rams. In the second game, the Connecticut Nutmeggers won in spite of th ■ 1 ne ph V of Hus - Pratt and Work. A ei t h )m these tw. ( efeats the Black Be; rs cai le into thei )wn at the expeu sc ortheastern t win easily. Coming ba ck all er acali()n AS ith re- newed ig )r. tl e 1 al • Blue sc t a new high scoring record in their fust State Series encounter with Bowdoin. .As an added attraction, the Se akmcn took on the Dow Field BomJKrs. and led all tlie wa to A in. Gene Hussey returned to the line-up tor the Connecticut game, to set the Pale Blue on the victory trail again. Willi Ben Curtis setting the pace in ilie fol- lowing game, Maine had little iroidjle in outscoring New Hampshire-, fn ilieir State Series lussk M; .lished off Colby by the difference of a field goal. Maine made it two wins over the Huskies as they scored handily. In the last home lit, Hussev, Pr, iSiso m fl rij ' (1 look a liallliii . couldii ' l (|iiilc ( V( .Uaim. Rhode Isl kad whidi ihc He (onu-. Ilu I ' ale Blue ended a ; )()( Ma oll l) dro|)|,iiio; ilu- (inal name to iIk Wildeals. For ihe Neasoii Hlls e led ihe team scoring 153 |)oints, followed by Pratt Koris. antl Curtis. Windy Work, a siai guard, and Gene Husscy. our high scor ing center, were All-Maine selections. SIMM K 1 M- ' - ' J13 Opponents Mail RIkkIc Island :il Kinsstoii 7 . fi ( onnccticiil at Siorrs -2 iKy orlhcaslciii al Boston 11 ' " ' ■) lioudoin at Orono =9 80 li.iics al Orono 17 .-. » Dow Field al Orono 37 r. " lioudoin at Orono 2O -)! .ll)v at Orono 5« .|8 Bates at Lewiston 52 -. ' ( ..nnecticiit al Orono 3« •1 " c-iv Hampshire at Orono 3S 51 ( ..1I)V at Vater illc 3-. 87 Vorihcasicni at Orono 3« 56 Rlio lc Island at Orono r H Cm .u Hampshire at Dnrhan 13 3 ' i,l 1 1 IRMI lUii CuMis Mike DiRen o (.tne Ffnssev •, nm■ Koris Di.k M.Keen Bert I ' nitt Don I ' resnell I.lovd Qnint Bill Redmond WiniK Work FROSH BASKETBALL SUMMARY 1942-1943 Opponents Biewei Old Town Stearns Maine School of Commerce U. S. Maritime Academy Ricker Maine M- ' ine C 47 Hissins 49 H " " ' " 30 Kcnts Hill GET THAT BALL Opponents Maine IMNF rpns I ' fw ' X First row-Whit... HaK.i|.,,in, D.lntV S.-Lninl rnw--(naJi (-rnvulirr. II, ,1.1 -._,.-,— f r « ' • a n .1 H -Ui lM ' " ffl fflCr Crwjfrl -Tl Ot TWARl) BOUND WINTEU SI ' OIITS In an attenipi to dclcnil ilu- S I ' iilf. luld in conjunction wiili ilu I- cm Intercollegiate Ski Union (.liain|i ship at Lewiston, Maine was imimi( is against the competition of Bau , M.I X ' ennont, and Worcester Polytethnii lilute. Bates won the meet, while ( ; (.intis ' bovs pressed ihem ail the va ,.,iii|Hlr(l in u.l Ihc SrniMi Division I.S.r. held al Daitiuoiith. The niosL unl- sianding |jerlorniance by the Maine team was the success of the jinnping team, iua.ird l)v Dana Hunker who scored liiowed 1) learn ni;i (.i «f1l 4t$ n lATHER AND SON VARSITY TRACK Maine ' s well-balanced indoor track team won three of four meets durint; the H)42 season. In the first meet ai Orono. the Maine Black Bears defeated New Hampshire W ' ildcats. takinsa, eight firsts as Hacllock broke meet rec- ords in the 70 xard low hindles and the 60 ard lii. h hurdles. Running against C;oll) . the I ' alc Blue took thir- teen firsts, broke fi e meet records, and swe])t the mile, pole vaidt, and 600 yard run. At Lewiston, Maine outscored Bates as Herb Johnson set a ne v meet and ne ' college record in the discus with a heave of 152 ' 5j " . Coming back to Orono. Maine lost its last meet of the indoor season to a strong North- eastern aggregation by 1 points. Rad- ley made a new meet record in the 300 ard run of 32.4 seconds which tied the college record. SL ' MM.ARY 1942-1943 Opponents Maine e v Hampshire at Orono 463,4 70J ; C0II1V at Orono 28 98 Bates at Lewiston 49 68 Northeastern at Orono -,91 57? Herb John.son and Fred Kelso, Hon. Co-Captains. Outiloors. the trackmen won both their dual meets but lost the State Meet at .Augusta to BoA doin, by one point. Do vn at Boston College, the A COiNSISTENT WINNER Maine Ikars pinned a decisive defeat on I lie High Flying Eagles, scoring heavily in e eiy e ent. Again, taking on New Hampshire, the Pale Blue garnered eight lusts and made a clean sweep in the ion. L ' L ' o. and 440 yard dashes to win, hands down. .At .Augusta in the annual State Meet. Maine was a strong second, win- ning at least two jjlates in seven ol the events. PALE IJLIIE KEY I Ik I ' ;iK- lihu K( was oigani etl for till |)iii|)()sc ol welioiiiiiig isiiing atli- leiic teams and assisting iliem in any way [)ossiI)!e. Tlie society sponsors the Pale Blue Key (;ai)aret and also gives a schol- athlite each year. IMM ARV 19.J2 Oppoiicnls Maine Hoston College al Boston New Hampshire at Oiono Slate Meet at Biunswiik ?»— P- LEIIERMEX W.ilter Biailv |).i i(l ClaUtwell Al ord Clcmenls I .illjot Crane R(il)crt Dodge I e Eslabrook Richard Fuller William Hadlrxk ll.i Wil l-Tcd kllsO Roll. II Md-cary Ridi.iiil Martinez Dwiglit Moody Warren Niitc Stanley Phillips John Radlcy Sleeper art Herbert Johnson Donald Taverner. Mgr. Ji hn Radlcy and Herb Johnson, Hon. Co-Capts. M 237 FIU)SH THACH Indoors ihe Fiosh track .squad dclcatcd all ol iluir oj |)onents by large scores. In the first ol the meets, all of which vere in oin- held house, the Frosh walked oil vilh ten lusts against the coiiihined teams ol Soiuh Portland and Bangor High. Next came Bridgton with the Pale Blue Cubs again taking ten firsts. Taking on Colby, the freshmen swept lour events, with Mininni setting a new Frosh record in the 28 pound hammer, ith a heave of 46 feet 5 inches. Bates be- came the next ictim, and a week later the York County Champions were de- leated. Likewise, the yearlings kept a clean slate outdoors. Opposing Deering and Bangor together in the first meet, Leclair took three firsts and tied for a fourth to lead the Frosh to triumph. Continuing in good form, the Rumford, Lewiston, Foxcroft aggregation was soundly beaten. SUMMARY, OUTDOORS. 1942 Opponents Maine Deering-Bangor 27 95 Rumford-Leuiston-Foxcioft 15 102 Bangor-Higgins-Mattanawcook- Old Town-Orono-Skowhegan 305 State Medley Relay Vinners at Brunswick NUMERALMEN 86 3 Mininni. Oakes. l ' epi)anl. I ' ciiv, I ' liiper. Rigin Skillington, Smilli, Thomas, Vennett, ' icker Wood. Howard Barber. Hon. Capt. n DIIIF Dtiriii ilic ii)|:. ' oll caM)ii. the M;iinr Irani csiahlisluil a line iccoid. In tluii Inst niatrh. the Pale Blue was on llii ' ll l end of a close score with Howdoiii. In the second encoiintei, the Black Bears injoycd an afternoon of " birdies " and " pars " Aviih Boston College piosidini; the opposition. Meeting a powerfid Harvard team, it just wasn ' t in the books for the Bears lo win. The Maine team, hitting its stride the next week, sent home a strong Colbx outfit badly beaten. Continuing theii good play. Maine chalked up anotlur on the right side of the ledger at the exjienst of Bates. In the State Intercollegiate Golf Meet at Augusta. Reed and Griffee represented the U. of M. as our two top men. After a slow start. Rccd emerged tn ictor . bringing honor to both hiiiisill and ilu- Lni ersii . LETTERMEX M.ijor -M ■ Waller Rccd— State Intercollegiate Champ Minor •M " Joseph Alljcrt Donald Griffee Jack Forrester George Giinn Darrell Pratt Waller Reed. Hon. Capt. Ri LI). srAii; i. ti:rc:olll(.iaik champion SI MMARV Opimncus Ma,M. licmdoin 5 ., Boston College 3 6 Harvard S ' , y, Coll.v iy, ' ,y Kates 1 g Slate Intercollegiate Meet at .Aiigiitsa Walter Rccil, winnei Gunn. Forrester. Pratt. .Mbcrt VAnSITY TENNIS 1 he Maine arsit Tennis Team ol iijli; under (lie .nuiilance ol Coaeh Small won the New England College Confer- -Pratt, Fr; Mgr. Br eiue Cihanipionship lor the second snc- cessi e year. At Durham, Maine de- feated New Hampshire as Pratt and Francis won the deciding doubles match. Continuing their trip, the Pale Blue made a clean sweep at the expense of Boston Unixersity. By virtue of their vic- ior o er Connecticut, the Black Bear (ourtsters were crowned conference ihamps. At the State Tournament in Bruns- wick. Pratt and Peckham teamed up to win the State Intercollegiate doubles title, defeating Meitens and Francis, also of Maine, in the Inials. SUMMARY 1942 tipponcius Maine lUnvdoiii at Oiono 5 1 New Hampshire at Durham 4 5 Bo.ston University at Boston o g Connecticut at Storrs 3 G C;oll)V at Orono 2 7 LETTERMEN Malcolm C. Peckham ■ [- Wallace R. Francis Eugene G. Mertens Philip D. Miller Carlton E. Kil]Datrick Mertens, Mgr. Moore mm W I wInE MAINE •fe!«i»iC-v im f f f jt j Third row-A. = L Mt;:. l:i:au. r.i:=. FUnSH TENNIS I lie FicNliinan I tniiis 1 cam l last • |)iing played an abbreviated jjiograin as nianv of the teams scheduled were unable to obtain tianspoitaiion in Oioiio. due to wartime liiiiitaiinns. However, the earlings were iiiuleleated and. with the experience gained in both piactiie and the games plaved. should Ih oI urt at hil|) to the arsil ihis s|)i t ' j.. In the (irst match a ucllbahiiued Hebron outfit was defeated as the 1-iosli wDii bv a close margin. Xext came an inexperienced Ricker team whom the Ciubs easily defeated. On a rainy after- noon with Vassookeag just the singles were being played when the match was called with Maine leading. AIM ARV Mjyj Hc ' liron Ricker U.issooken); i:. ..ii. Vhh. B.irml)y. Cira j.-,. M r. .Muu:c NUMER. LMEN IJialcr. Coffey, Crossliind. Fish. Garland. Kraiise. Marino. Marriol. rainier. I ' omcio . Snivth. VAIASITY liASEIJALL SUMMARY 1942 Opponcii Colby at Waterville 7 Bates at Lewiston 7 Bowdoin at Brunswick 5 New Hampshire at Durham 5 (two seven-inning games) 6 Rhode Island at Kingston 1 Connecticut at Storrs 6 First row— Mgr. Lord, Kilpatrick, I Second row— Dangler. McNeiUy. M; Third row-Gilman, Hamblen, Morr (two seven-nil itcs at Oroiii) ilbv at Oron( Rhode Island at Orono Boivdoin at Orono Northeastern at Orono (two seven-inning games) Clifford Blake, Hon. Capt. Toolev, Crowley, 1 3rown. Spencer. M Palmer. Wlntc, ' , P " ' - kllf ' " ' ■HAIJ w.3 IV£• ' -0§S: :; ::if ' fm M HE : ' pilfE: ' l AIVi-i -. . n " ' .yi Pmm 1 cs a m 4 tM g m a 111 fpq a hhOSH lUStBALL C;oach Sczak and his Frosh ball tiain cnjovt ' cl a successful season last spring on the (liamf)ncl, as thtv lost only tlicii final game, and iliai 1) ihv iianow margin of one niii. l-oi ilu- railiiij;s. Ciordon showed up well behind the plate. Merchant pitched well, and W ' oik, Speirs. and Couri hit for extra bases. w — Couri, Anderson, Gordon. Arcliibald, Kelley, Donovan, Sniaha, Work, Torrcy, To row— Coacli Sczalv. Smitli. (, . Tli..mi)son, Brewster, Hasty, Wcscott, Ross SIMM AR I ' ll- RlMMtnul at ()1(M». HiK-ins at Otoiio Cobiirii :.t Oioiio (two scvcniniiiiig gxiines) Rickcr at Oroiio M.C.I. at Oioiio James Donovan and Viii l Hon. Co-Capts. Woik I •If % 11 l.t ' ' ' ' ■ J liisii «-!• t,ki llcn Brnwn Lj Lette Harding. Krause, Bleaknev Seidid inu-Richards Himes Mr Woodbury. Tsacalotos. Leclair. Ostrow. Abf Thud row— Smith Prof Wallace Pell % Parsons. Smilev, Solomon. Prof. Kent. INTUAMUIUL SPOUTS Eadi WAV ilic Lliiivcrsiiy ol Maine ])i)iisi)is a ( iinipktc pros rani ol intra- sport. as the niiniber of men thai pn.pcrlv liandk-.l on the vaisitN is linntcd. MoreoNXT. it keeps dents in good physical condition as gi ing them the opportunity the various participating organ in (lean haid competition. All ol ilu- iiaiiis ha i ' a rtprisciitativ to tin- Iimaimiial Aihkiic Assoc iaiioi whidi holds imrtiiins lo draw u| lult and regulations and to promoir inn tinued interest in its purpose, l- ' aiidi advisers are Professors Kent, Wallace and W ' oodbiny. while this years tapaljl president. Bob Lycette, led the nieetin - . i this point in tiie race for honors, Delia I an Delia has won llu- louch loolhall and haskclball lilies, ulnlc l|ilia ! ,iu Onu a inl.d llir URvl and iIkh went on lo win the C;harles Rite Track Caip. Innamuial volleyball honors went lo I ' hi . Iu Delia. with wreslliiit;, boxini;. soli hall, and tennis champs lor this car as et uii- detennined. cumulated eleven hundred and t vcnty-five points. The 1944 PRISM takes pride in present- ing the following four girls who have been given the privilege of wearing the University Seal: Frances Donovan Iva Henry Esther Randall Lois White IVA HENRY FRANCES DONOVAN SEAL AWAR[)S :,OIS WHITE ESTHER RANDALL To be a winner of the Univer- sity Seal is the highest honor a girl can achieve at Maine. Each girl who strives to attain this a vard develops not only her ath- letic ability, but also her quali- ties of leadership and her condi- tion of physical fitness. This award is limited to those girls who. ihiough constant participa- tion in major sports, have ac- WOMEN ' S SI ' OhTS ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF PHYSICAL EDI CATION INSTRl CTOR Ol PHYSICAL EDUCATION MISS MARION E. ROGERS Miss M. IllFFN CASSIDY I 247 W. A. A, VV.A.A. OFFICERS President Iva Henry Vice President Esther Randall Secretary Josephine Clark Treasurer Helen Deering -Ouellette Spangler. Deering. Henry, n. Clark Tondreau — MacNeil, Patten, Stackpole, Rourke, •M " CLUB OFFICERS President Lois White Secretdvy-rredsurer Helen Deering p. White. Ste ' mmVi i. I (; H W Viai an.uiul skill ;nul rii|oM,unl i be liad l) tin i.;uii i|.;inls in . vih lor il may hi- uiki ii in ilu vnniiisi during tlu- winui nionihs. :i n on aihlclic held wlun il is UMini. I makes it one ilir niuM |)()]nd;n minor s|)(iiis lor i;iiK. Oni ol tlu- |)r llu ' less skilled :uv inlii-n. uni an. and iIua. mo. hi sh.ioiino. I he ui al lIu annual W.A.A. lia IIOIM s ()I A Bl I.l. S-K ' S F ALL -MAINE HOCKEY TEAM J. Patten ' 43. Manager; F. Donovan ' -43; M. Stackpole ' 45; R. Stearns ' 45; P. MacNeil ' 44; C. Sull I. Henry ' 43; M. McCarthy ' 43; P. White ' 45; R. Bunker ' 44; R. Johnstone ' 43; R. Chute ' 4 FIELD HOChEY Tlic lionorary All-Maine Hockey Team chosen at the end of the hockey sea- son, is made up of the leading players from each of the four class teams. The girls are selected for individual playing, technique, and cooperation with the other members of their team at all times. MISS ROGERS SlIl ' ERVLSES A TACKLE The reward for these girls is one hundred and twenty-fi e points toward their high- est ambition, the wearing ol the Uni- versity Seal. This year the All-Maine team is com- posed of four Seniors, three Juniors, three Sophomores, and one Freshman. THE JUNIORS FIGHT FOR 2 POINTS 250 Ilu.k.x Mi.kv. slii.i j;u;m(Is, an.l l)iii;lil ' ' toloml iimi.s: I Ikm- ;m ' ilic ditoia- liniiN nil llu ' 411 K .Itlllclii lu ' ld hoiii I S,|.Uinl..l lo .. ( 1 I, ill. I-Ksll ( I willi ])iiil tii()ii ' ;li l(» make up |i i ii. I lie iipjx ' K laNMiicii. 1(11). unii oiil ill asl iiimiluiA l..,niii|ulc I..1 lluii (l.iss llu arc Miu will lia . ilu inauiial an.l spilil louiii llK-,liaiii|,inMslu,, (liisvrai. Iluii. loo, lluii- is ihr So|)lioiiioii- Irish- mail Hal (.anir uliiiii. il won l) ihc l-rosh. iiuans -llais ' lor ilu- km ol llu- M ' ai. Il .lidni lia|i|.iii this scar, hul liial (Iocs iini iiuaii il (ani. so he .)n ■ ' oiir niianl IK l car. Sophoiiions. I laiiih il ihc (lass ol kji; is aiuihiiin N like ihai ol ' [Ii, ihc ci)iii|)ciii ion ill in | ilccd l)c great. Il is no wdiidci iliai ,, held hockcv is ihc lavoriic wiih -iris who like siicnnoiis i crcisc. o;f n SENIOR TEAM-First row-McCarlhy, Johnstone, While. Tondreau, Jensen Second row — Deering, Dean, LeCIerc, Donovan, Hauck, Henry JIXIOR TE. M-First row-MacXeil, Wooster. ford. Sullivan, Burnett Second row— Randall, Higgins, Goodrich. Ryan. SOPHO.MORE TEAM-Firsi row-Clark, Stearn White, Lewis. Stacy Second row— Dexter, Stackpole, Minolt, McClurt Peacock, Armstrong FRESHMA.V TEAM-Firsl row-M. Lihby. Perkins. Chute. Nutt. Kimball. Lougec. Spangler Second row— Halsey. RawclifTe, Jameson, Lombard, E. Lihby. O ' Brien Third row-Baird. Hubbard. Ross Jfta no K. Bunker •« ckpole ' 45; B. Burnett ' 44; E. Lihbj BASKETBALL The climax of the winter basketball season is always marked by the choosing of the All-Maine Basketball Team. This honorary varsity consists of versatile players who have exhibited skill on the basketball court as well as a good sports- manlike attitude in playing. This year there were one senior, three juniors, one sojjhomore, and two freshmen who re- ceived this honor. They were: Ruth Bunker, Burna Burnett, Elizabeth Jame- son, Esther Libby, Margaret Stackpole, Florence Treworgy. ■ ■ ■ IF ' i V 1 1 ■ 1 l l ■ IH i " -:: 1 1 1( 11 Uith III. lillUls si(U: li I Ik- ij.iiiic is nn. This is tlie wav il l);iNki il);ill m;im)Ii begins— with a ban All the niiluisiasis are ready Ini iiisi.ii ;i(iic ii. aiul ilie aim of three (hivs A i i i iu|ii .i I hat team which has Ixiii i lorioiis for thill- roiiseiiitive vears— il liain reniiseiuative of the el ' .III- llu- liieiulh ali ■n el;: llial makes haskilhall Muh an inlelestini; s|)ori. lor vliat greater honor loiilil there be tlian to sink tlie winning basket in the game that ileeideil the class cham- pionship for your team— yoiu ' class. It is the basketball season that attracts not only the girls vho have pro eil iluir prowess by playing hockey, but also manv others who ha c remaineil in ihe backgrounil awaiting the time when they toiilil shoot again with that deaiUy ac- curacy that wins games. This iiiajor s|)ort docs much to develop the grace and timing of the girls and will always be " lops ' in |)o|)idarii . SENIOR TEAM— First row— Dcering. Je Second row — Drew. Rourkc, Tondrcau jr.NIOR TE. M-First row-Burnctl, Trolaiid, Bunker. Wooster Second row— Goodrich, TreworRy, Clifford. MacNeil SOPHOMORE TEAM-First row-Wing, Slackpole Stacey. Stearns. Louis. White Second row— Armstrong. Peacock, Dexter, Clark, McClure, Manson, Packard FRESHMA.N TEAM-First row-Nutt, Hulbert. Jameson, Ilalsey, RawclifTe, Chute Second row — O ' Brien, Dickey, Steinmetz, Lombard, Johnson, Fielder Third row— Goldsmith, Powers. Soule. Baird, Say- wood, Oliver ar ra»vi » R Jr-m : 9i. rfrJfW INDIAN CEREMONIAL DANCE COMMENCEMENT PACEANT Presented annually by the All-Maine Vomen, the Commencement Pageant last year was entitled Trends in Ameri- can Dancing and was directed by Miss M. Eileen Cassidy. Because of the accel- erated program at the University, it was found necessary to have simplicity the " keynote " of this pageant. In this pag- eant six dances which were typical of cer- tain trends in American dancing were olkred. The dances were as follows: 1492, Indian Ceremonial Dance; 1776, The Spirit of ' 76; 1849, Cowboy Varsovi- anna; 1863, " Emancipation " ; 1879, The Sliakers; 1942, America Rises; all of which were very well executed and in- teresting. 254 UAIIMINTON n.i.Imiiiic.n (ills ill iIk ' inurval Ik- iwtvn ImikiA ami l)askiil)all. and iliirin.; this linu- ilir •jvmnasiiim is white wiili llviiiS sIiimlioKks which arc l) .iiii; hii to and lio. Iksiilcs tile regular classes lull! I Ik II. I here arc designated times lun tlic g iii is opin to aii ()nc inter- ested in |ila ing ijadminton. |)r ) ided site is n... st.pposed in a sciiediiled class at that hour. Dming the latter part of the i)adiiiiii ton season, a loiirnanient is held in which even the inexperienced beginner may (oinpeie and perhaps win. However this year the trophy was awarded to Floi eiue . rinstrong. with honorable men- tion going to riinncr-iip ' i ian Halsey, who. e cn though she was a freshman, plavetl a wonderful game. INFORMALS SI ' ORTS, RALLIES nn riKi AM) SI ' ECTATOnS THE YEAR ' S DANCES A N U I ' A I ' . T I E S SUMMER CAMP y A T VI A I N E THE FIRE! u I ' . riuiFS " REMEMBER? ' h - L E S F E M M E S WHEN THE DAY ' S W W h IS HON F_ LOOK AT THESE, HAVE SOME FUN ADVERTISEMENTS IJangui Baking tu. 278 Bangor FLirniture Co. 2«3 Bangor Gas Co. 279 Bangor House, The 278 Bangor Nursery Flower Shop 278 Bangor Office Supply Co 283 Bangor Roofing Sheet Metal Co. 278 Bass, G. H. Co 281 Bragg, N. H. Sons 271) Brown White Paper Co 271) Bellevue Hotel 277 Biirnham Drug 285 Chapin, Arthur Co 281 Crowell Lancaster 278 Dakin ' s 279 Dillingham ' s 282 Eastern Trust Co ■ ' ■ 274 French, M. L. Son 285 General Ice Cream Co 284 Hartwell Coal Co 280 Haynes Chalmers Co 285 Henley-Kimball Co 284 Hopkins, A. R. 283 Howard-Wesson Co 286 Jones ' Seafood Market 279 Leen. S. J. Co. 284 Lyons Iron Works 280 Maine Coal Sales Co 277 Merrill Trust Co 273 Milliken Tomlinson Co 284 Modern Studio 287 Morse it Co 283 Park ' s ' Variety Store 285 Penny ' s Food Shop 281 Penobscot Exchange Hotel 280 Penobscot Transportation Co 273 Rice, C. H. Co ' 279 Savage, C. H. Co 283 Spruce ' s Log Lodge 285 Strand Theater, Orono 284 Sutton Farms 279 University Store Co 275 Viles, Blaine S 277 Virgie ' s. Orono 278 Ye Brass Rail 285 Wclmore Savage Co 276 W ' llEiN POSSIBLE RIDE BETWEEN 10 A.M. AND i P.M. We ' ll- NoriA iIkii vun ' if crf)Wflc(l anil have to siand during till ' iiisli liouis -hilt loilay ' s conditions affect c er one. Peo|)le niiisl saxc gas and tires and workers iiuisi arrive at jobs on time. If |)os ii)!e. ride between loioo a.m. and jicxi p.m. for non es eIllial iravel. PENOBSCOT TRANSPORTATION CO. THE MERRILL TRUST COMPANY ' t.()m|)lne li.iiikiiii; laiililiis in l. DejiailiiKMI ol Modern Banking— including C:iucking. .Sa ings. Loans. Iriist. Cusiodv. Safetv-Deposii. 1 Ml e ulhies i()n ii)ieiill loialed in I ' !asu i n .Maine Cioniininiilies. Voiir account is in itcd and ini|iiiri(s sDJiiiied. BANGOR, MAINE 1 ll tIUR FH KR L RKSKRSE BWKIM. SYSTEM MiMiiiR nmRxi. nuosir i si ramie i;ori-oratio EASTERN TRUST AND BANKING COMPANY 2 STATE ST. BANGOR With $200,000.00 Capital and $1,034,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits Earned Offers to its Patrons Ei ery Form of Banking Service COMMERCIAL TRUST-BOND-FOREIGN EXCHANGE-SAVINGS SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS OFFICERS WILLIAM P. NEWMAN, President HARRY A. LITTLEFIELD, Vice President and Treasurer KARL R. PHILBRICK, Secretary and Trust Officer CLYDE A. MALLETT, Assistant Trust Officer THOMAS W. KELLY. Jr., Auditor BOARD OF TRUSTEES GEORGE T. CARLISLE WILLIAM P. NEWMAN RAYMOND W. DAVIS HAROLD M. PIERCE HARRY A. LITTLEFIELD CORNELIUS J. RUSSELL, Sr. STEPHEN WHEATLAND BRANCHES OLD TOWN _ _ - _ MACHIAS 274 u mim STOKE ( ' oiii ' iw 275 WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY WETMORE SAVAGE DIVISION 175 Broad Street Bangor, Maine JSiaiue Qoal Sales Qj. loililo IKiliiiiiiiKMis .Sl« iiiii 4 4»alN Via Railroad Oars or Trucks DIMRIIil rORS I-aiilianks M.nsr Aiiioinaiic Siokiis BOSTON HEADQUARTliR for the University of Maine • Hotel nielleiii(Lj on Beacon Hill opposite the State House ALAN A. SWITZER ' Blaine S. Vilcs Mcuiie ' Tnnherlduds August a Maine IBangor Nursery Floiver Shop ooo State Street Tel. 6144 Hammond Street Tel. 3410 MOTHER ' S BREAD B, ' itanii (.(l BANGOR BAKING COMPANY BANGOR, MAINE 100 Center Str REMEMBER THE BANGOR HOUSE When making hotel reset ati()iis lor food and pleasant accomiiiodatioirs increase their enjoMnenl o( ihe isii parents or Iriends. The fine hey find there will greatly BANGOR ROOFING SHEET METAL CO. SLATE-TILF.-C.OPPER-IRON Tar and Gravel Roofing Automobile Radiator Repairing New Radiators 224 Harlow Street I5 Nr.oR. Mmnt VIRGIE ' S ,)I ' AI rr ' i CLOTHING— SHOES— HATS Crowell Lancaster, Architects IVwr.oR. Maim C. Parker Croucll, 98, A.I.A. Walter S. Lancaster. . .. Desiuneis of Esl:ii)io.)ke Hall R() WD M 1 I I III N II l li l REFLACHMENT PARTS and KULTFMHNT . II. IIIIAMii A SO. S iMMiOK las m m h wiih Inil. ii can (ioiio Willi Cos Colt. Hunting, Tennis. Fishing, Camping, Photngraphv Equij)nient K SHfl ' HlRD. 17 M RK HlRU. ali -y M ' r. Bangor Stoii- lj.i ■ Uali-iAillc Slcu, SUTTON FARMS IlltOWX . f. ;; ;. WHITE V APKII 10. j ::,r ,M, |!,,..,.l MM, I K. 1 M.v luiM.Sn, 1 l Ml l ' ..,M-,.l Mill. JONES ' SEAFOOD MARKET, Inc. 19 Pickering S(|uarc Rancor. Ma Bangor ' s Leading Seafood Maikct lor Si| cars Whrrr nur C.unulmnt hr, hnu: ht hr, S, „,,„„ •■ 279 Hartwell M Co., Ino. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS ANTHRACITE AND BITU ■OUS COAL LEHIGH ALLEY ANTHRACITE Dial 7396 Bangor, Me. N rr 117 , ;; ) ' ,,„ ] ' ,nil If LYONS IRON WORKS, Inc. STEEL STRUCTURES DESIGNED AND FABRICATED ARCHITECTURAL AND ORNAMENTAL IRON Office and Works MANCHESIER NE V HAMPSHIRE ' -- Lrt Cs Shnw Ynu How Satislviii a Cood H..ul Can Be jK n vcnience. line food and drink and genuine hospitality have made the Pcnolistot eastern Maine ' s preferred hotel. PENOBSCOT A EXCHANGE HOTEL A m -L ' - ' ' - " Unm.iik. Ii , lie lle ci uh to. GIgA o 19 3 rE»KVS FOOII SHOP 1 1 Miiin SI.. Orono. . le. Thv Ounlil Sloif (.n,„|. MOTHER HUBBARD FLOUR Arthur Chapin Co. IN I ' l ( 1 OR W R B. SS OL TDOOR lOOTWl AR is MADL lOR M R ICE G. H. BASS Wii ION. Mmn ■; CO. BOOK BINDING OFFICE SUPPLIES DICTAPHONE DILLINGHAM ' S Binders of The Maine Prism 29 Franklin Street Bangor, Maine Tel. 2-1519 " Hafigor Furniture Co. •■(.nil.l Si.. ■ I..1 Si.ii. (il M.iiiu llVN.CR lMN. i . II. .sAVA4;i : ro. 83 BuMll S U 1 li.innoi. Maine Wii 01 1 N l 1 Iki i 1 M) I ' koDI CK Disnil ulorsnl (.ina,!;. Dm il.MTM. o 1 1 k 1 111 (. 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ORONO Stanley J. Leen Co. .•!l7-:il ' ) ' ' ' • ' ill l " ' l IUn(.,m . M im GENERAL MILL SUPPLIES Fi iciRic Motors Saks aiul Service The Hayncs (Ssl Chalmers Co. llar«l var« A Iron l.lMI ' .l R ll s AM) Mill, si I ' l ' IIKS l) namiir. I ' o vdir. S|.ollin.i; (. »,(ls i„.( Kxriivsr.i SiRii ' Uvs...,- Mmx, sriirri : •.s lAHi I.OIM K .1 L til, D " , ut. A I. ., ' ;,; ,, We Solicit oir Patronage 128 CollcRc Avenue IM ICMIAM UIWU (111. l.mN I UM i AitK-s iiAitnwAiii-: v.%itii-:Ti ll,a,l,ii„n ,;s ,y un ,,,h Fiom i PaiiLi ol I ' iiis U) a Heating Plant loi Von Pi I MBiNc; Heating FI.. lie :i ' -37 Mill Sircct )lOI1. , MaitK- Ye Harass " Hail The Students ' Eating Place AIR CONDITIOM I) s( M |) ( )N 202 Exchange Street Mil II K I Ml ()K h •oriPMIX I M. 1. FHHNCII SON CO. jji L Z j j j j AeuA ZwflcunJX JUa ufe t QolU Cje. Z4uyuG4Aen4, iWODEKN ST II II I U OLD TOWN MAINE 287

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