University of Maine - Prism Yearbook (Orono, ME)

 - Class of 1942

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University of Maine - Prism Yearbook (Orono, ME) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 416 of the 1942 volume:

9 F' ki g 41 if S 29 7 me ,V Z I ,E 3 ,f 9, ,ga wg W f Y 'A .nfl 'L Q P M 4' MW 4, Ii QW 1 V 2 fs OXA H5939 - ' 19-Y ggf iffff 4 2 f"1"' , and drink we 'Vout ff Ki r k! pf Zi, 4445 , . f ,S , 93 NXQMXG N59 ' AZEZZEE v '1'31 X0 "Pr , r N EDITOR, ROBERT ELWELL BUSINESS MANAGER, GERARD GOULETTE I? PUBLISI-IED"BY 1 s turf' 'W .., ,, fd? Liv 17:13 JIFS 2'-AS! . i- Xu? Jia! gn. .L 5 'gr' ,I I y ,. V.. 2 .- 1 F -nf" lg 'JJ f 1 ff", W v 1 f HU W' ,ul-f' T 4-- u ff 131 ,gh L ,z Q' .-' -J' . --'N . we dwg '. il L , 1 I' T V, ,g,.4- rr.:..4.1v+,Q.-J,...,.Y.:,-: 7174-WV Y-WY e. . ,V-- .. , W H : 4 , ,, F.. .V .....,.-, , ,.. .M 5.-LA , ,... ,,,..,-., .., .. .. M. -.,, . ,-, L X- V-A :4,...,.V ,....7' X A Y--it ,I ,VNW'.g!ffg,,,.-. .-Y-ww -V-W V--- -nik-.YW V-4 vw" J! a""'-' " ,. ..L+- ,, rv. I A-jigr . A-Q.-V51-,g , .4 ,,. .,.1 . 'VV' U3 :K-' ,. ,Af ,.1.,,1 -1 ,f- - ' KK .,g,:gf' 1 lt? A fig, , ,Lx m ,. .., , 1 -15 1-' lI,1:.4 If," 'ilu I -. feb Lu N '1 H Emu!! N fl? - .1 I an Ei 1J.'-hmg1f"' 3 "L, I 'ix 'if'-.lf'f1' Huv I '- 71-'LL , --1 'tgjrvi :fy -,- W. cv I-4 'Ja-: K ' 'i4'f..n'?X" X W ' a- T51 , 1,a+-f'.,,g- 211555 pk . -Wm--qelvj. 'vt-f..,,,,gr ,E , 14.1 W."-1f""!Ii .wif J- ""'1f - :mf FPA' C - -'y.'w,? -JL-Wg-'rx H-""-F .fm '--Qui?-f '3 117-, L 7T.'f5fA1',Pgin-.-f, 7--2 '?qgf. L '+-i?Q,fib-qi..-, , K . 7 . H - X 'I' xg-'ifmlyptbmgki any-M, fl all .lv.l'1,h'kV Thmjdlf -'J- - --- V -- - :-1r-rf'f":'n- :.-:, 'mg'-'-,Qi 'jg-:'Y..'-9 .f,f4.'f53H 'WW f"" -'l'.- ' if? I rfzv--1--eff-17:+-,A-:NA w LigHaig:Jn.i4IiKi1.I5I,A,E.1i? ,GX -11: .-5, n1v:Q::LfNI-Qt 'Ir Y,-: . Y, , gj1fF,?.:,1vflgm -Q1-,glial-.V., 'Y ,jg WEQ-mi!fv.EJ-7 :ISM 1, A 1sl,1xJ.r .IJ E., :mlfly-,j.ijL':1'fIuIfh.:Q11,.jL"'iL'I,5fn',g3 , -.xw r F . - ,.' YT ,- -,lx I .F-:,, . .'L.'q! ggL:fiH,J rd-'j,1:Lf,,f!lj'flT1ggIwi:-e,iN If i.,j-y,1:D1:!f5',X4W Ql'g'jL ,,r-,1g'Ew'k-13' .M'z',y','v-'.' g U1-,. r' " ' L-J. 1- ' lg gm.-ef: ff", "1 - -fi " 'T'-,-' , UF V1 H "JU U fCLASS -J ,l.f ea : -me - ., .. .ui- . ln this forty-seventh volume 2151 1 1 U 7-.- Ve . .Q -fy i 'xx x M xi S , X W views another school year. The Class of '42 at the University of Maine has compiled this annual Prism which it hopes may per- manently reflect Maine student spirit of 1941 and express solue thing of 'undergraduate life as it exists today. it the Prism again portrays college life at Maine. "The Placey . . . 'The People" ..."The Events" A different year- - - A diiferent Prism. This 1942 edition with its many innovations accurately and completely as possible re- v -f Eg UNH MQW 1 1 I U I LH ,J V , g - 4 fffrfff 4 fy f rf ,f ,Af ,f,fi'?'1 ,,i,,if.fjf, ,K 3, jf - 1 f 4 ff! If f . ,, l lr! M! ff' 1 X ,. J V 1 f If ,ff yy' 1 ! 1 -.,.. . Y Y i- -1, . -1 - , ,f r l !,"Z ff" rg , Y , f ,ff ,-1'-' ' ' 11 x fzff A -, If f" , 6,-f"' , l 1 . I M! 'L ,N RN xx' 'N ,RMK , NX S-. xxx n -X b D' Elm WAWRWH Q ami W-EGFR' 'WWWW' MWWW WH 'WQWR was asm? kgiwiwimimmmmn mm? fb QD? LYL k 'ir TRW 'UAE YLAC UNTENT - - THE PLA CE Campus Views 'K' TH E PE U PL E Administrative Ojicials Faculty Cl F 8: S ' ' Organizations 'k TH E E VE N TS Athletics Social DEDICATION THE UNIVERSITY OF MAINE FACULTY HAS HAD MANY DISTINGUISHED MEMBERS SINCE ITS EARLY BEGINNING. VVE, THE CLASS OE IO42, ARE VERY PROUD TO DEDICATE THIS PRISM TO UNE OE M,AINE'S MUST DISTINGUISHED FACULTY MEMBERS IN ITS ENTIRE 75 YEAR HISTORY...A MAN WHOSE NAME WILL FOREVER REMAIN A PART OF THE TRADITION OF THIS UNIVERSITY. PROFESSOR HUDDILSTON, MAINE STUDENTS SALUTE YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR MANY YEARS OF DEVOTIONAL SERVICE TO OUR INSTITUTION. J' H IL I Lf H U? ill' NI 523 'TV E I IOHN HOMER HUDDILSTON, PROFESSOR OF ANCIIQNT Cxv1L1z,xT1oN AND L1zc'ruRER ON ART HIS'1'ORY , ,- - ,. , .. - J' an gf ' J mf fr f - . .2 .2 . gm . . -. .ui 1. 71 'H 5 yqwgiifs 4,5 A H 2 1 M M , K- 2 1 X, ,, ,U K .vzaiswi ,W My 5.3.2 BME. .A In Swag , .W 2 K 2' " " . V 4.1 .-1,1552 ii. -' 2".:g512w5"' JE 952'g'E2?2QQW 3 r R ' B 53 .mp .. if . 2 2 2 2 24 2' 2- Q95 hw 22? 2:g.,..,.f.fV,.,Z :iz 22 - 1. - , 2 22 Y rm 2 - 2 2 2- Q F1 -awe ' B . 22 .L T.2.....'22:2f2.2l'2:2w.....3.2 :2:2 2 E . ,mgfi ?3g',.g,ri?gs,22i2+2 FSE.. M Qligfiwiflgif " zz . Q 1 , .. dw em-M Q T ,. . 21,55 - 2 2 .sa .. gs -gf vm-Q g 2 222215 93 , M 1511235 Q 5 Q 2 X Q ee g H H 22 22 w W - 2 - Q , M, --es- 4, - . , gf , if , I Y ff, . F 2 f, Y., ,Hr A V3 . ,, ,.,,,.,.,.,,-:,-V, H., .,:- -,,:,-...H -5,5-2-H -- .,., wig 2 -2 " WS EYE W W' 1 5255.2-., . in .. W 2 if Kilim ww :-:f3ggs:s:.. w E W M 1 1,5 2 2 ' H 22 ' ? I E Q H J -. 3 ,gg-. - 2- Y 4,-5 X .2 2 .- . 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M If fgixiz, h V .asf-,M in Mm. 4 MM Mmgkiwmi , fn,-QM M xii, MMV , -, M MEMS MMMMM MMM- M MMMMH A a L - -1 'F MSS-CTMWJZ fQSMi.Qf.x,,-M Mil .M M ' WV ' f 32 A 'M M Q Qu M' M Agp. - FT 3 fa ' AM 4 'F Lf 4fMWW 7 f1fimE"5i5 .93 MMM' . - MJF 555 MMr.::"'Eg5 M , A 3 L : . .Magg x , H N A 11411 T Nw '1 -r V K M 'inf P, 'T' 'X 'x 31 L H H H A Pm Y 'Kr H 1,-, " 1 N135 ,s- 'v Y, 4. J rf' f -ESI ,-2 'ab X. Q, S U E H 455 i V W in? -M ff 3 W ,. -' M Vi' M: Q5 .W a, ,-1 sf- 5 1 N '-s -'F A xy f---W' P 1-1 -1.3.54 wmv' if-'5fWa. Wg f 'wf1fs wM 7 M " V, f . Akasa Ja ask 'H-4,-jim-vw ,C-L' ' The democratic spirit of "THE PEOPLE" at Maine is expressed 'tllrougli a cordial "Hello'on the Maine campus. ln the following pages will he found "The People" who maintain and foster this traditional spirit. They are the llniversity. 2. THE LJDEQHQLE1 mn mf ?7,wam ss 2: Q an X ha is a L K. B -9 nu S fn E. ms ms v mms x. V yy mix X W3 M, ,SNK .Jil W, Hg NM F am an ,XL nz--na ua W w Q. we wg 1 ,Z W M mm lgfw gym: -.13 r as 2 f PRESIDENT HAUCIQ The success of an educa- tional institution is based upon the strength of its leaders. Headed by President Arthur A. Hauck, the llni- versity of Maine has become a most important factor in the educational system of our state. ff' isa E? v 91 n 9 . I a m ms H my fig W' K 23 Hmm mn up a a K ss mn ss :num was w ss ws? seams Q wk E fm Q swan amass n mam ss an nm EQ ss an an mg B a ss ss a ss a a mn Em mums Hmmm sagem ss mms swam Q B B mm an ss an Q H 2 swans Q 'Hs an an nw 'E an an I lm Qs Ewa E B nm nn w ss E ss E ss E mass? assigns E asm ag w n n wi .J MH MEMURIAM The death of Dean Emeritus blames S. Stevens of tl1e Col- lege of Arts and Sciences came at the age ol' seventy-Eve on March 24, 194.0 in VVinte1' Park, Florida. Dean Stevens comnpletecl up to the time of his retirement ill 1932, at total olf forty-two years ol service, one of the longest periods ol' any faculty niember. To a large extent, the success- ful clevelopment of the College ol Arts and Sciences, an impor- tant part of the University toclay, is the result of his vision and ellort. It stands as proof of his success i11 zlclministration. D M A I If N 1 Q: 12 A VT . C n ' A U T L ' T ' Y 0 N F V Y i I I ! 'rn ,W ,H A5 Em mga,-v QA am, as Ask W. ss .Pk X near ,A ig, ' x w w - Hmm. 5: wmm ,nf Www mix. X5-5 - , nAiwEWF""' DMI 1 TRATI LE UFFICI I. The Administrative OfH- cials at Maine are always working for the best inter- ests of the University. To keep the wheels turning is no easy task. YV e owe these efiieient and able persons so important in Maine's prog- ress, a real tribute for their untiring services. JAMES A GANNFTT I 4 rv i h xxx . fy. V5 LAMERT S CORBETT EDITH G. WILSON Dum or Mix DEAN or WOMEN HLNRX L DOILNJ LOUIS T. IBBOTSON BUSIXISS Mmxmx: LIBRARIAN FRLDERICK S XOUXGS BU 11 Im mam nw' fwsmam PID UF TRU TEE' 111111 BSE Q RW. DAVIS, NUTTER, PIERCE, HOUGHTON. I-IAUCK, CHASE, YVASHBURN, BROXVN SANGER PACKARD MEMBERS EDWARD E. CHASE, President THOMAS E. Houc:H'rON, Clerk BIQRTRAM E. PACKARD, ex officio FRANK P. YVASI-IBURN EUGENE B, SANGER R,kX'NIOND W. DAVIS VVILLIAM S. NUTIER HAROLD M. PIERCE 1X4AYBELLE H. BROWN Expiration of lC1 ITI PORTLAND FORT FAIRFIELD AUGUSTA PERRY BANGOR GUILFORD SANFORD BANGOR W ATERVILLE 1943 1941 1946 1947 1942 1943 1942 1947 GRADUATE TUDY In 194.0 there were forty students who received Master's degrees from the University of Maine. There are seventy- three students now enrolled in graduate work. A major purpose of the Summer Session is to ofler the teachers of the state a better program of instruction. Over two-thirds of the enrollment last year were teachers. The extensive social and recreational program during this six- Rov M. Pli'I'I:IRSON week period is very popular. Professor Roy M. Peterson is Director of the Summci Session and Dean of Graduate Study. HEALTH I 'ER ICE The Health Department offers certain services, includ- ing medical examinations, clinic, inhrmaries, and isolation to all students. The staff is composed of the University doctor and two nurses. Offices and rooms are located in Fernald Hall. MILITARY X ss COLONEL R0l!IEli'I' K. A1.CO'l'I' A two-year course in basic military training is required of every physically ht male student. Undergraduates in the College of Technology are assigned to Coast Artillery Units, while those in other colleges are trained in the Infantry Corps. During this two-year period, the cadet is subject not only to classroom work in Military Science and Tactics, but is regularly drilled. Upon completion of this basic training, the cadet may apply for enrollment in the advanced military units. There are sixty appointed to these positions each year. Upperclass students are reimbursed for their services while in advanced courses of the R.O.T.C. The Civil Aeronautics Administration now offers flight training to those students who are eligible and desire to take this course while at the University. All applicants are pledged to further training in the service of the United States Army or Navy. PL UEMECNT l.lllPiEfiU The University Placement Bureau was organized in the spring of 1935 lfor the primary purpose of assisting senior students in their search for employment in business and industry. Formed as a cooperative activity by the University and t11e General Alumni Association, the Placement Bureau has also included in its work placement ol' alumni, direction of tl1e National Youth Administration program on the cam- pus, and employment of underclass 1ne11 and women in summer e111ployn1ent. DUB. A flTUP1flfE XV11.1.1,t A1 C. Wla1.1.s i,.Lll-, At t'UClffTlUC A Organized in 1875, only three years after the graduation ol the first class, the General Alumni Association seeks to Dormitories at the University of Maine accommodate approximately 600 students. Largest and newest of these buildings is Estabrooke Hall, named in honor of Kate C. Estabrooke, a former superintendent of the Hrst w0men's dormitory. It houses 160 women students. Six other build- ings serve to accommodate freshman and sopholnore stu- dents. Oak Hall, erected in 1937, is tl1e newest men's dormi- tory. X'Vil1iam C. X'Vells, '31, is University steward, assisted by Mary F. Cooper, '4o. plomote tl1e wellfare of tl1e University in every way possible and to lfoster a feeling ol' ltl'lCY1ClSlll1J between graduates and former students. These objectives are carried out through a broad program which includes s11cl1 activities as the promo- tion of Alumni Homecoming, Alumni Day at Commence- n1ent, Class Reunions, Local Associations, Placement Bureau Qin cooperation witl1 the Universityj, the publishing of a magazine nine times during the college year and maintain- ing addresses lfor over 11,000 alumni and l'ormer students whose names are in the active files. Charles E. Crossland is Alumni Secretary. CHARLES CROSSLANIJ Ei: 2 W . QLD- ...z iii T. 1 Q 5... V. , yr, H ' S' ,QJM NE EH :Legal fiinfag F u3jQ,Q avg? igaigg 'V 35 L2 9' 1 WE Q Q COLLEGE UE ART A D CIE GE E 'DEAN EDVVARD QI. ALLEN The College of Arts and Sciences comprises a faculty of sixty- ' ' F66 students. It oflfers a varied curriculum in four and 21 total of v the classic studies. " " I 'R aiming? 'Qggwwwwsw R B'EE? was gg 32 13 . 5? EEN? ,r 5 ... X Ffa - -az:-, : '- H E H 's er W Rza 2 Zz 5 5 B H :I vim Q m - x ass: Q, 1 COLLEGE UE AGRICULTURE DEAN ARTHUR L. DEERING The College of Agriculture, under Dean A. L, Deering, offers a broad scientific and technical curriculum in this field. The closely associated Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station carry on varied, important educational and research activities. L5 E Q? 1 :.: . Wt: ii? 'ylf ':iQ'f',Q Q25 JQIQ A Q 4- 1 , il ' a :K .:. .:. Z w Y gs I Lx as E E ug H .Ln ST' .,,, - W' a We . :J 1 fs 1 'Q -ig: .:. Ee. QT' f , I Rf !:.:::.: Y.:. ' I Q ESQ YH Q- ,W my - 4 x Ez , .gi , Q17 A f ss n 9 ff: Q a Q. ,Q H 3 ii W if di? in . En ga mf nf'E,:2m,4 S W 'R LE? 53622 Q 3554131 '4 sgf' COLLEGE UF TECH ULUGY ss A 5 3 5 DEAN PA UL CLOKE 1 , of Technology, consisting of 645 students and The Col ege A a facully of 52 members, ranks favorably with leading engineering ' ' E erinlent Station schools of the country. The Technology xp established in 1915 carries on research in various Helds. EDUCATION FAc:UI,.TY 1. Joi-iN R. CRAWFORD. Associate Professor of Education 2, Am H. Ciifmnmmms, Professor of Educzuion 3. ERNEST D. AIACKMAN, Associate Professor of Education 1. l'MfsoN SMITH, Professor of Educulion CHUUL UF EDU C TIU DEAN OLIN S. LUTES The School of Education was established in 1930 and is rapidly taking itsplace among the other colleges of the Univer- sity. Its main purpose is to train teachers and school adminis lI'3.t0l'S. STANLEY M. WALLACE PHY PIC. L EDUCATIU Every physically fit able student at the University is compelled to take physical education classes twice a week during his or her freshman and sophomore years unless the student is a member of a regular athletic sport squad. Professor Stanley M. Wallace is Head of the Department of Physical Education. HELEN A. LENGYEL MEN's GYM CLASS It is the purpose of the VVomen's Division of Physical Education to develop good physical condition among college women based upon the needs of the individual. Opportunities are provided for wholesome recreation through interclass activities in hockey, basketball, arch- ery, tennis, and other sports. Associate Professor Helen A. Lengyel is in charge of Women's sports, C L A S S E S '- w P w I-IANGI. G CLASSES . . . 5 . nv N WM 1, 4 ..L, M HHN. 5 N-.Vw M pgs .. ,A xwww- 5: 5' ii N .xx-1 FFT M. W ,Q ,f.p,v7 , 1.1, QXLLJQ. w5:mM,.,m1 S3 sm E Q A wma W3 ,X E. mr xm ., . S, WBT H' yd .f .,, .. .ws mf 1 x ,J-sw N R Q W 55 74 wgw W. A ' -x' -my is -- -sf -xx x au W K. ,Wi .,g. .., ,X.,. 'H ,4 5 1 S -an T . S .M fs New .gs- M Mm w,,..M.,..1 E 5 ,i na A' 'iz Alba :? Ei .U M ,L v.. Tu? L yy A mu I ' E X m- iss .w...E 1 , Y, 'Az-.Agn :Q ,MAJ Nm m- -xm -X. gm - be L ,,, mt SL -ms-H SENIOR CLASS UFFICERS ARROR ROGER A. STEARNS PRESIDENT ASl'lWVOR'I'II BLAISDELL S'l'Ii.-KRNS CHARLES J. ARBOR VICE PRESIDENT BARBARA R. ASHVVORTH SECRETARY KENNETH VV. BLAISDELL TREASURER 41 SENHUH SMULMLS Second Rmv-Tracy, NVhittcu. Stearns, Kelley, lfhrlcnbach First Row-llzlrris. Arbor, Berry. Blaisdell AM IWl?a H NE WUMlE N First Row-Jcwctt, Hansen Second Row-Bnfme, NVarml, Baics, Grumnuns, NKVCIFITIWOOKI, Comstock 415 I v llNlVEllSI'l'Y W Z3 MMNE no ' ALBERI' H. ADAMS Pulp and Paper Canton Dean's List lb, 4ag Student Senate 45 Alpha Chi Sigma? 2, 35 Cross Country Manager 1g Baseball CHARLES E. ADAMS, JR., EAE Mechanical Engineering Madison Scabbard and Blade 4: M.O.C. Zg M.C.A. 1, 23 Band 1g A.S.M.E. 45 Winter Sports 2, 3, 45 Intra- mural Athletics 2, 3, 4. KEMPTON C. ADAMS, ATS! Agricultural Economics Easton J. V. Football 2, 35 Intramural Athletics. WILSON M. ALFORD, KE Civil Engineering XN7ll'ltlS01', Conn. Dean's List lb, Za, 3a, Sb, 4ag Philip R. Hawthorne Scholarsliip 3, 43 Tau Beta Pi 3, 45 A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4, Secretary, Executive Comrnitteeg Masque, Assoc. Member 2, 3, 4g Prism 3, Associate Eclitorg Intra- mural Athletics 3. DOROTHY I. ALLEN History Bucksport ELVVOOD A. ALLEN Education Livermore Falls Education Clnh 3, 4g Transfer from vVZ1Sllillgt0l'l State Normal School. SIDNEY M. ALPERT History BZIUEUT Political Science Clnh 3g International Relations Club 3g Transfer from Bowdoin. FRANK E. ANDERSON, BGTI Education Richmond Education Cluh 3, 43 Transfer from Farmington Normal School. ROY L. ANDERSON, .ll'l' Dairy Technology Nm'-'iwft De:1n's List Za 2b -ln' Al :ha Zeta, lloud Scholar- . v y I ship 1, Agricultural Club 1, 2. 3. CHARLES J. ARBOR, KE Economics Rumford Sophomore Owls, Maine Day C'onunittee 15 Pale Blue Key 2, 3, 4, Vice llresident 4, El Circuln Espanol 1, 2, Senior Skulls, Students' Arts Club 1, 25 Athletic Board 2, 33 "M" Club 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 35 llasehall 1, 23 Class President 1, 2, Vice President 4, Chairman of Executive Committee 3. BARBARA R. ASIIWORTH, AOII English Orono Dezm's List Za, Zb, Sa, 311, 4ag Sophomore Eagles. Secretary-Treasurer, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel fi: Contributor's Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary, Masque 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 Students' Arts Club 1, 2, Radio Guild 3, Panliellenic Council 35 Y.NV.C.A. 1, 2, 3: Prism 3, E1 Circulo Espanol 45 M.O.C. 1: A.lVl.VV. Pageant 1, Cheer Leader l. 2, 3, Class Secretary 2, 3. DAVID ASTOR, 'l'Efl' Speech Portland Pale Blue Key 1, 2, 3, Campus 1, 2, 3. 4, Sports Editor 35 Lc Cercle Francais 2, 35 Students' Arts Club 3, 45 Maine Day Committee 2. 33 Masque, Assoc. Member 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 25 Track lg University Sports Announcer 2, 3. 4. HENRIETTA I. AUSTIN, llll-I' Education Fort Kent Education Club 3, 45 Y.VV.C.A. 3, 45 Transfer frnnx Madawaska Training School. VVILLTAM K. TSATZTCL BOUIHY North Tonawandzl, N. Y. DCH1'l,S List la. Za, Zh, 311, Sbg Der Deutsche Vcrem 3. ALBERT D. HACKER Dfliry 'feclwology Brooklyn, N. Y. De:in's List 321, 3b, flag Agricultural Club 3g Trans- fer from 'Kansas State Colleqe and New York State Institute of Applied Agriculture. CHARLES L. BAKER Mechanical Engineering Bucksport X S M E. 3. -if Q' 3 lllllllllll l'l'Y 0F Mill E 1 llllll'EllSl'lll Wll ii llllllll ' ff- . . . 'Hr' A 48 I-IARTLEY L. BANTON, ATQ Mechanical Engineering Newport Dean's List 3a, 3115 Scabbard and Blade 45 Banrl 1, 25 Masque l. 2, 35 A.S.M.E, 3, 4, President 45 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA BARRETT Home Economics Orono Home Economics Club 1, 2, 35 M.O.C. 1, 25 Y.VV.C.A. 2, 3. HENRY H. BARTLEY, ATP Agronomy Orono Dean's List 3l15 Scabbard and Blade 35 Flying Club 45 J. V. Football 2. MARY L. BATES, X9 Home Economics Bath All-Maine Women 45 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 35 Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 3. 4, Cabinet 3, Treasurer 35 Girls' Rifle Team 25 Varsity Show 15 A.M.VV. Pageant 25 Hockey, Assistant Manager 3, Man- ager 45 "M" Club 4. KENNETH D. BELL Mechanical Engineering Orono Deans List Ia, 2a, 2b, 3b5 4215 Tau Beta Pi 3, 45 A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, 45 "M" Club 25 Football 15 Basketball, Assistant Manager 25 Baseball, Assistant Manager 1. ROGER O. BENJAMIN Pulp and Paper New York, N. Y. Dean's List 3a5 Scabbard and Blade 45 Student Senate 45 Transfer from Cornell University. ROCKVVOOD N. BERRY, SAE Horticulture Livermore Falls Dean's List la, lb, Za, Zb, 311, Sb, 4a5 Charles Hood Scholarship 25 Agricultural Club Scholarship 35 Junior Danforth Award 35 Alpha Zeta 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 45 Scabbarcl and Blade 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Senior Skulls: Phi Kappa Phi 45 Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3, President 45 F.F.A. 3, 45 Masque, Assoc. Member 1, 25 Intercollegiate Apple Judging 15 Band 1. 25 Freshman Cross Coun- try 15 Vocations lVeek, Committee 4. VVALTER E. BERRY Education Machiasport Transfer from VVashington State Normal School. lil? .pai i 1 'i A ii -?'fU+- ",-fEi"51 "lei-gi 'lS-g.Q,-f!g-Eii.-"T- Q31-Y f'-L54 f 4: 'T - ff-LF A , I " ' -E xif V-TV an., BEATRICE A. BESSE Education Brooks Dean's List Sa, 3b, 4ag Kappa Delta Pi 45 Educa- tion Club 3, 4, Publicity Manager 45 Masque 3, 43 Contributors' Club 4, Transfer from Farmington MARY E. BOONE, AAA Normal School. RAY I. BEVERAGE Mechanical Engineering North Haven PAUL C. BILLINGS, ATU Chemical Engineering Stonington Dean's List Zb, 3b, 421. DONALD BLAISDELL, IDRS Electrical Engineering Reading, Mass. 3, 43 Band 1, 2, Intramural Athletics KENNETH W. BLAISDELL, 'PHE Economics Ellsworth Sophomore Owls, Senior Skullsg Pale Blue Key 3, 43 El Circulo Espanol 23 "M" Club 2, 3, 44 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Class Treasurer 3, 4. AVERY L. BOND, KPHK Mechanical Engineering Jelferson A.S.M.E. 3, 4. WILLIAM R, BOOTH, AFP Home Economics Presque Isle Dean's List la, lb, Za, Zh, 3a, Sh, 4ag Omicron Nu 43 All-Maine W'omen 3, 4, M,O,C. 2, Home Economics Cluh 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, President 4, Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 4, President 45 Masque, Assoc. Member 1, 2, 3, VV.A.A. Council 4g Prism 3: A.M.VV. Pageant 1, 2, 3. Anim il Ifushanrlry Cumberland Center Dearl's List Za, Zh, 3:13 Alpha Zeta 45 Payson Scholarship 3, Student Senate 4: Interfraternity Council 45 Agricultural Club 2, 3, 4, Men's Glee Club 2, 3, 45 M.C.A. 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2. 3, 43 Track 2, Apple Judging Team 3, Intercollegiate Student glrristian Movement 2, 3, 4, Transfer from Bow- om. llNll!EllSl'l'il' W 13 lflllw f.v.,f-.-" L ' I A 4 F llllllltltgllll Ml' Q lfllllllb tit , -. " e-"- ' ' "- .... r r' ' ru., .I . lf' "fri f ' X 'ffi'd"' .,"1 'l Sidi X' F. '- q 'H -.- A -U' .fs..,-.. -plz-.e:nle5QQp,.,, I-29-11 ,U - ' ,-'-mae.--lniah Q-u1.n?xdjQL2' 1 --s.--lu 1 EQ Qff ml b, fn -4- " Mu, H. LOUIS BOYLE, IR., LPFA Electrical Engineering Bangor A.I.E.E. 3, 4g Student Senate 3. JEAN E. BOYLE Drama Madison Dean's List Zbg Intercollegiate Poetry Contest 2, 35 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 33 Masque 1, 2, 3, 43 Contributors' Club 3, 43 Radio Guild 3, 4g Stu- dents' Arts Club 3, 4. l KATHLEEN M. BOYLE - -A English Madison Contributors' Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 43 Masque 3, 45 Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 2, XV.S.G.A. 15 Students' Arts Club 4. HORACE G. BRACY, AXA Business Administration Ogunquit M.O.C. 2g El Circulo Espanol 35 Golf Team 2, 3, 43 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4, Transfer from Uni- versity of California. DOROTHY M. BRADBURY, X9 Education Fort Kent Education Club 35 Y.W.C.A. 33 Transfer from Madawaska Training School. RICHARD A. BRAMHALL, BBT! Mechanical Engineering Quincy, Mass. NVILLIAM S. BRAWN ' 4 Education Islesboro Education Club 45 Dean's List 4ag Masque 4: In- tramural Debate 45 Transfer from Auburn Maine School of Commerce. JUNE H. BRIDGES Zoology Calais Der Deutsche Vcrein 2. 3. 45 Zoology Club 3, Students' Arts Club Z, 35 Modern Dance Club 49 A.M.VV. Pageant 2, 3. 50 FREDERICK O. BRIGGS, KE Education Augusta Education Club 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Varsity 49 "M," Club 43 Transfer from Aroostook State Nor- mal School. RUTH C. BRIGGS, Illiflf English Augusta Women's Forum 4g Y.VV,C.A. 33 Students' Arts Club 45 Chorus 43 Masque 4, Transfer from Brad- ford junior College. SIDNEY S. BRODY, TIM' Mechanical Engineering East Dedham, Mass. A.S.M.E. 3, 45 "M" Club 43 Football 1, 2, 3, Bas- ketball 15 Baseball lg Track 2. BROOKS BROWN, JR., AXA Speech Augusta Scabhard and Blade 43 New York Alumni Scholar- ship 2, Debating Society 1, 2, 3. 4, Business Man- ager 3, President 43 Political Science Club 3, 43 International Relations Club 35 M.C.A. Cabinet 25 Interfraternity Council 4: Student Senate 4, Secretaryg Football 15 Manager of Baseball 1, 2. 33 Class Vice President 2g Chairman of Executive Committee lg Junior Prom Committee 3. CARL R. BROWN Electrical Engineering Levant Dean's List la, lb. 2a, Zb, 3a, 3b, -lag Tau Beta Pi 3. 43 University Scholarship 3, 45 A.l'.E.E. 3, 4. Secretary 3, Chairman 49 M.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4. LEROY C. BROVVN, AFP Dairy Technology YVilton Dcan's List 4:45 Charles Hood Scholarship 45 Federal Farm Bureau Scholarship Z3 Charles Pay- son Scholarship 4g Agricultural Club 3, 45 F.F.A. 23 4-I-I Club, Assistant Manager of Baseball 2. MIRIAM A. BROVVN Home Economies Norway Home Economics Club 3, 4g Chorus 33 Orchestra 33 Glee Club 4: V.Nl'.C,A. 1, 43 Women's Embassy Committee: Vocations VVeek Committee. PRISCILLA E. BROWN, 'DM Home Economics Milford Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Ott-Camnus XNIOITIEI1, 1, Z, 3. 4, Ecxrgellkgonoinics Club 33 A.M.VV. Pageant 25 Bas- 'et a . .-teak, E"s-.KA tt., - X. ....,.',p . A ji? 1, llNlllllltt3l'llll itll 15 ll.flllNE llllllfllltml Ml' Zi llllllll H 'D 1 l p D , y, I ' u. fa. ARNOLD B. BROXVNELL, LIPTA Forestry Cape Elizabeth M.C.A. 1, 2, 35 Forestry Club 1, 2, 35 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. ALFRED G. BRUNDAGE, fbHK Agricultural Economics Danbury, Conn. Dean's List Zbg Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 23 M.C.A. Cabinet 33 In- door Track 1. R. VVILBUR BUCK, JR., ATP Agronomy Monticello Dean's List Zb, 3a, 4ag Class of 1911 Scholarship 3, Alpha Zeta 43 Ag1'ic1.1ltu1'al Club 1, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK E. BURDEN, KDHK Government Presque Isle Debate Key, Debate Team 3, 4g Radio Guild 33 Political Science Club 3, 45 Le Cercle Francais 23 Panel Discussion Committee 4. MARY F. BURKE, A011 Nursing Bangor Stigdents' Arts Club 1, 2, M.O.C. lg Y.VV.C.A. 1, ,3. LAXVRENCE E. BURNEY, AXA Forestry South Portland Forestry Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. HOWARD L. BURPEE, AFP Horticulture Orono Dean's List Zag Intramural Athletics. BLENDIN L. BURTON Engineering Physics B2U1g0Y Dean's List la, Zh, 311. 3b, 4a3 Tau Beta Pi.4g VVestern Pennsylvania Alumni Scholarship, Physics Club 3, 4, Treasurer, Der Deutsche Verein 3, 4. DALE I. BUTTERWORTH, EX Animal Husbandry Franklin, Mass. Scabbard and Blade 43 Pale Blue Key 43 "MU Club 2, 3, 43 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Indoor and Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3, Intramural Athletics 1. CALISTA L. BUZZELL, AOII Drama Milford Dean's List 3b. 4:15 Elizabeth Abbott Balentiue Scholarship 35 Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, Students' Arts Club 1, 25 Campus 1, WVomen's Forum 2, 3, A.M.W. Pageant 1, 25 Contributors' Club 3, 4, President 45 Prism 33 Masque 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID L. BYER Electrical Engineering Bangor Dean's List 3a, 4a, Radio Club 3, 43 A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. JOHN F. BYRNE, KE Mechanical Engineering Marlboro, Mass. Scabbard and Blade 3, 43 Track lg Intramural Athletics 2. ANNA R. CAHILL, fbM Business Administration 8: Economics Bangor Studcnts' Arts Club l, 2, 35 OH'-Campus NVomen 1, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. BYRON XV. CANDAGE Civil Engineering Seal Harbor A,S.C.E. 3, Council Board 4, Orchestra 45 Y.M. C.A. 43 M.O.C. 4. ROBERT CARLISLE, fbl'A Economics Bangor Scababrd and Blade, Band, Intramural Athletics, Student Senate, Interfraternlty Council, Freshs man Banquet Committee: Sophomore Eqcecutive Committee, Junior Week Committee, Chairman. GEORGE R. CARR Mathematics Plattslmurg, N. Y. Vert Scholarship 1, Z, 3, 43 Sigma Delta Zeta 3, 4. UNIVER ITY 0F MAI E Ulllllllll ITY UF MAI E ELTON S. CARTER, KPHK Speech and Psychology Mapleton Dean's List .Zag Sigma Mu Sigma 45 Varsity De- bating Team 2, 3, Radio Guild 35 El Circulo panol 1, 2, 33 Cross Country, Assistant Manager 1, 2: Track, Assistant Manager 1, 2. C. ERNESTINE CARVER, AAA Home Economics Vinalhaven Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Masque, Assoc. Member 2, 3, 4, Y.lfV.C.A. 2, 3, M.O.C. 2, 3, A.M.VV, Pageant 15 Freshman Board 1, Radio Guild 3, 43 VVomen's Forum 4, Assistant Hockey Manager 3. MARY E. CATIR Education Portland Education Club 45 Glee Club 43 Transfer from NVestlJrook Junior College. EVERETT B. CHAMRERLAIN, ATU Forestry Belgrade Lakes Dean's List Zb, Sag Xi Sigma Pi 3, 4. President 4g Forestry Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 35 Band 1, 23 M.O.C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pack and Pine 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 4g 'Track 13 Rifle Team 2, 3, 4. M. JOAN CHAPMAN, KIDM Home Economics Orouo Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glce Club 4, M.O.C. 4g Home Economics Club 1, 2, 4. MILDRED L. CHAPMAN, fI'M Home Economics Orono Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 4, Glee Club 4, M.O.C. 4g Home Economics Club 1, 2, 4. FAULKNER E. CHASE, B611 Economics B1'Yfmf Pmld Masque 4, Students' Arts Club 1. 39 Chorus 2. 33 Football lg Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Ath- letics 1, 4, Track 2. GORDON E. CHASE, B9l'l Business Administration BTYHUT Pfmfl Dean's List lib: Students' Arts Club 1. 2: M.C.A. 13 Football 15 Manager Indoor Track 1, Baseball 13 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. C ,- - .. 1 , .. .... 5, L L , , RICHARD H. CHASE, Bon C 'C Civil Engineering Sharon, Mass. Dean's List la, 2a5 M.0.C. 35 A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4, Executive Committee 35 Masque, Assoc. Member 2, 35 Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Football 2, 35 Intra- mural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD R. CHASE Pulp and Paper Portland Deanys List la, lb, Za, Zb, 311, 3b, 4:15 Tau Beta Pi 3, 45 I-lovcy Memorial Scholarship 311, 3b, 4:15 Tennis Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 1. OLIVE M. CHICK Education Limington Transfer from Gorham Normal School5 Deun's List 411. LESTER D. CHIPMAN Electrical Engineering Mechzmic Falls Deanls List la, lb, Za, Zb, 3a, 3b, 4a5 Tau Beta Pi 3, 45 Bertha Joy Thompson Awnrrl 2: Univer- sity Scholarship 35 Radio Club 3, 45 A.I.E.E. 3, ALICE E. CHRISTIE, XYZ History Grand Lake Stream Modern Dance Club 3, 45 Students, Arts Club 1, 25 Panhellenic Council 4, Treasurerg Y.W'.C.A. 3. ARNOLD H. CLARK, KDFA Engineering Physics Liberty Physics Club 2, 3, 4. J'Ol-IN C. CLEMENT, 'I1l'A Economies Belfast El Circulo Espanol 35 Students' Arts Club 15 Outdoor Track, Assistant Manager 15 Intramural Athletics. BURTON M. COLBATH Agronomy Westfield llNllEllSl'l'l Ulf'-13 lvlAlRlE UNIVER ITY 0F MAI ll JOHN S. COLBY, EX History and Government South Paris Masque 1, 2, 3, 4, Students' Arts Club 13 Le Cercle Francais 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, M.C.A. Cabinet, Chairman Embassy Committee 3, 4: Football 1, Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. CHESTER A. COLLEY, 'PRE Business Administration Newton Center, Mass. Forestry Club lg El Circulo Espanol 29 Pale Blue Key 3, 4. CORINNE L. COMSTOCK, AAA History Millinocket Dean's List la, lb, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4ag Tutorial Honors lb, Neai Mathetaig Secondary School Contest Scholarship 1, Chi Omega Sociology Prize 2, Kidder Scholarship 43 Phi Kappa Phi 45 All- Maine Women 33 Students' Arts Club 1, 2, Y.VV. C.A. 1, 2, Masque, Assoc. Member, Political Sci- ence Club 39 Secretary 3, Campus Reporter 35 Panhellenic Council 3, Secretary, Basketball 25 Volleyball 25 Hockey 4. JAMES S. CONDON Mechanical Engineering South Brooksville Dean's List 1b. Zb, 3a, 3b, 4ag Hovey Memorial Scholarship 33 Charles H. Payson Scholarship 35 Tau Beta Pi 4, A.S.M.E. 3, 45 Band 1, 23 Cross Country 1. M. BLANCHE CONLAN Mathematics Biddeford El Circulo Espanol 1, 2, 43 Campus 3, 4, Y.NV.C.A. 1, Students' Arts Club 13 Sigma Delta Zeta 3. 4, Secretary-Treasurer 49 "MU Club 3, 43 A.M.W. Pageant 1, 3, Hockey 1, 2, 41 All-Maine 4, Basket' ball 1, 2, 4, Volleyball 1, 2. LAURENCE A. COOPER, JR., AXA Chemical Engineering Auburn Dean's List la, lb, Alpha Chi Sigma 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4, Secondary School Scholarship 1g Photography Club 1, 3, 4, M.O.C. 2, M.C.A. 1, 2, 35 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. H. PAUL COTE, SX Economics Lewiston Le Cercle Francais 1, Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. GEORGE B. COTTON, 1l'l'A Chemical Engineering Auburn Deans' List la, lb, Zbg Alpha Chi Sigma 2, 3, 4, President: Tau Beta Pi 3. 4, Vice President, Physics Club Z, 3, M.C.A. 1, 25 Intramural Ath- letics 1, 2, 3, 4. ei'fn.s.1'Q13h?'- ...- 1 Q, 1 FREDERICK VV COVVAN, AX1 Forestry Portland Dean's List Zia, Xi Sigma Pi 4, Forestry Club 1 2 ' Editor-in-Chief "Maine Fores " , 3, 4, , ter 33 Masique, Assoc. Member 1, 2, M.O.C. 1, 2, Fencing 1, 2, 3, Outdoor Track Manager 1, 2, 35 Winter Sports 2, 3, 43 Cross Country Track 1, 2. LAURA U. CRAFT, KIHM Home Economics Bath Dean's List Za, 321g VV.S.G.A. 3, Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 33 M.O.C. 3, 49 Prism Board 3. QUENTON K. CRANDALL, flfllli Speech Presque Isle Le Cercle Francais 19 Students' Arts Club 13 Debate Society 2, 33 Maine Radio Guild 3, M.C.A. 1, 2, 3. I. BURLEIGH CRANE, EX Mechanical Engineering VVhiting Scabbarcl and Blade, A.S.M.E.g Track lg Tntrae mural Athletics. MARGARET E. CROMWELL Romance Languages Bangor Deanls List Za, Zb, 311, 3bg Le Cercle Francais 4g El Clrculo Espanol 3. ISAB ELLA CROSBY, AAA English Dexter Deanls List Za, Zbg Modern Dance Club 3, 45 Masque, Assoc. Member 2, 3, 49 M.O.C. 1, 2, 3, 45 Pack and Pine 3, 43 Students' Arts Club 15 Y.VV. C.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Cabinet 4, A.M.W. Pageant 1, 2, 3, El Circnlo Espanol 2g Political Science Club 3, 4, Secretary 45 Womens' Forum 4. FREDERICK M. CROUSE, fllllli Dairy Husbandry Kcnts Hill Dean's List la, lb, Za, 2b. Sa, 3b, 4ag Alpha Zeta 2, 3, 43 Vice President 49 Bowker Scholarship 1, 2, Hood Scholarship 3, 45 Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 2, 3, M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cattle Judging Team 12, Q3 Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Intramural Ath- etics. SARA L. CULBERSON Home Economics Easton Home Econ mi I 1 2 3 4' Y.W .A ocsCub,1,, .C.l, M.O.C. 19 Hockey lg Basketball 15 Volleyball 1, Z. 57 lQNlllHMl'llll Mlll fb lllllb SUI:-:rlVL ll UNIVEHS TY llifk WM NE A 4 - " 4'i?lT51E"i'iili'Il'l ROBERT A. CUMMINGS, EN Mathematics 1 VVo0dstock Sigma Delta Zeta 3, 4. PAULINE F. CUSHING French Portland Le Cercle Francais 35 Glee Club 3, Transfer from VVcstbrook Junior College. STEVVART NV. DALRYMPLE, AXA Mechanical Engineering Newton Center, Mass. LINWOOD M. DAY English Westbrook El Circulo Espanol 1, 2, Students' Arts Club 2, 45 Maine Radio Guild, Campus Staff, Star Reporter 25 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. JOHN B. DEARBORN, fl'l"A Mechanical Engineering Ansonia, Conn. 3, 43 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. RUSS P. DEARBORN, B911 Mechanical Engineering Melrose, Mass. Masqueg VVrestling. RAYMOND F. DELANO, AFP Poultry Husbandry East Corinth 4-H Club 1, 2, 3: Agricultural Club 33 F.F.A. 2, 3g Intramural Athletics 1, 2. VVILLIAM H. DEMANT, fIf1'A Forestry 'East Orange, N. J. Forestry Club 1, 23 M.O.C. 1, 2, 3g M.C.A. 1, 2: Masque 43 Men's Rifle Team 1, 23 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. 58 DONALD B. DEVOE, 9X Physics Bangor Dean's List la, lb, Za, 219, 321, 313, 4a3 Tutorial Honors 1b, Za, Zh, Sa, 3lJQ Phi Beta Kappa Schol- arshipg Phi Kappa Phi 43 Band 1, 2, 3. 4, Director 43 Physics Club 2, 3, 4. FRANKLIN D. DEXTER, llfI'A Engineering Physics Martinsville, N. I. Pale Blue Key 33 Physics Club 2, 33 Masque, Assoc. Member 23 "M" Club 2, 33 Indoor Track 1, 2, 33 Outdoor Track 1, 2, 33 Intramural Ath- Ietics 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH S. DINSMORE. JR., GX Mathematics Bangor Dean's List la, 1b, 2b. 3:13 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Major 3, 43 Le Ccrcle Francais 23 Sigma Delta Zeta 43 Cross Country 13 Track 1. ROBERT DIPERSIO M2tl1Cll1HtiC5 Meriden, Conn. Dean's List 2a, Zb, 3a, 3lJ, 4a3 Transfer from NVcst Virginia University. CAMILLA DOAK, AAA Home Economics Belfast A.M.W. Pageant 23 NVomen's Forum 3. -l, Co-Social Chairman 43 Prism Board 33 Y.NV.C.A. 1, 2, 33 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 33 Maine Radio Guild 43 VV.S.G.A. 2, 43 Basketball 1, Z3 Volleyball 1, 2, Assistant Manager 23 Chairman of Sophomore Hop Committee 2. FRANCIS H. DOLE Chemistry Hermann Alpha Chi Sigma, Treasurer 43 Intramural Bas- ketball. MERTDETH P. DONDIS, 'l'l11fI' Business Administration Rockland Political Science Club 33 Student Senate 33 In- tramural Athletics 1, 2. EARL G. DOUGLAS, EN Mechanical Engineering Hull. Mass. A.S.M.E. 43 Assistant Football Manager 1, 2. l l 1 WED' ll IVER ITY L 0F MAI E 59 ESTHER H. DRUMMOND, AAA Englislr Arrowsic Dean's List 4ag Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4, M.O.C. 1, 23 W.S.G.A. 4, Student Senate 45 A.M.VV. Pageant 1, 2, Maine Day Z, 35 junior Week Com- mittee, Freshman Banquet lg Modern Dance Club 3, Prism Board 3, Y.NV.C.A. 1, 25 Won1en's Forum 4: Le Cercle Francais 1, 2. RICHARD V. DUFFEY, AXA Forestry East Orange, N. I. Xi Sigma Pi 45 Forestry Club 1, 2, 3g M.O.C. 1, 23 Indoor Track Ig Winter Sports 2, 3, 4. PAUL R. DUMAS, ATA FOYESUY Rumforrl Forestry Club 1, 2, 33 Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Assistant Tennis Manager 1, Z5 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. , CLEMENT S. DUNNING X Dairy Husbandry Brunswick ' ' GEORGE DUPLISSA, JR. Business Administration Old Town Le Cercle Francais 1g International Relations Club 3, 4g Political Science Club 3, 4. JOHN R. DYER, ATG Mechanical Engineering Augusta A.S.M.E. 3, 4. WESLEY J. DYER, AFP Poultry Husbandry Norway M.C.A. 2, 39 Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN EARNSHAW, EN Electrical Engineering Fall River, Mass. Dean's List lag A.I.E.E. 2, 35 Intramural Ath- letics 1, 2, 3, Skeet Club 2. UNIVERSITY IIII MAI ll 60 tr -1'J," '. ' " 1 '. :lug-.u args: 1 .. - -inwnM:y.iQ- "--44-.-.1If"rl Lie I 1-3-mu' 1-n --1-..-,xr-:'::.-',: L- T. Ziyi . " 'ii ri' ' f n' , r:- vL1,7,,i I, J -.,3 , Ta1f '. --:E f 5 i w, -, a'.w1nfrmtfi.r fr' - 1 L3 . , i . f n-1 r - A-Q., - f. n- , r-"- "M f i" '-v'--- " "'f' QKSTZY r , 1' RAYMOND H. EDGECOMB Chemical Engineering Sebago Lake Dean's List lb, 2b, Zia, Sb, 4:15 Alpha Chi Sigma 35 Tau Beta Pi 45 Basketball 1. JOHN J. EDMUNDS, 'DI-IK Electrical Engineering Mars Hill Dean's List 1a5 Maine Radio Guild 2, 35 A.I.E.E. 35 Wrestling 1. HOVVARD L. EHRLENBACH, -MIK Forestry North Tonawzmda, N. Y. Deanls List Zb, 3:15 Xi Sigma Pi, 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer 45 Senior Skulls 45 Pale Blue Key 1 3, 4, Secretary 45 Forestry Club 1, 35 Business 1 Manager of "The Forester" 35 Captain of Library Drive 35 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 45 Track Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Relay Team 2, 35 "M" Club 2. 3, 4. GEORGE H, ELLIS Economics Orono Dean's List la, lb, Za, Zb, 321, 3b, 4:15 Tutorial Honors lb, Za, 2b. Sa, Sb, 411, 4b5 Peace Sneal-:ine Contest 25 Oak Prize Speaking Award, First 33 Debating Society 1, 2, 3, 4, President 35 Masque, Assoc. Member 1, 2, 35 International Relations Club 3, 45 Students' Arts Club 3, 4, President 45 Political Science Club 35 Tennis 15 Manager of Men's Rifle Team 3. CLARENCE E. EMERY, JR., ATP Agronomy VVcstbrook Dean's List Za, Zb, Sb, 4a5 M.O.C. 15 M.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 45 Agricultural Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, ELIZABETH M. EMERY, AOTI Home Economics Bucksport Dean's List 4a5 All-Maine NVomen5 Modern Dance Club 3, 45 Womens' Forum 2, 3, 45 Le Cercle Francais 1, 35 Panhellenic Council 4: Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2, 3, 45 junior Proni Committee 3. ,TOANNA H, EVANS Home Economics VViscasset Dean's List 3a5 Danforth Fellowship 35 Masque 45 M.O.C. 2, 3, 4, Pack and Pine 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 45 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Y.VV.C.A. 1, 3, 45 Prism 35 Basketball 15 Volleyball 1, 25 Hockey 1, 2. THOMAS L. FAIRCHILD, -PKE arm Management Jay Agricultural Club 1, 3, 45 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, , 4. Gi lllllllllgllll Wll 10111111111 s :S ., HD - - J"-.. 3. ' , 'Q W. ,,-, -'-,fr :H-:,"' ev- Pf- ,1--:""'r P 'L .4..l ' ' 'n r- ' FLORENCE I. FARNHAM, X9 Home Economics Lynn, Mass. Dean's List Sag Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Y.W,C.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 M.O.C. 1, 2, 3, A.M.VV. Pageant 2, Prism Board 3. VVILLARD E. FENDERSON, ATA Zoology Calais Pale Blue Key 2, 3, 45 Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 3, Proctor 3, 45 Basketball 1' Baseball 1, Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. 1 , ALMA M. FIFIELD History and Government Brewer Dean's List la, 1b, Za, 2b, Ja, 3b, 421, Tutorial Honors Za, Zh, 3a, Sb, 42.5 Off-Caxnnus VVomen 4, President 43 XY.S.G.A. 4, Student Senate 4, De- bate Club 1, Z, 3, 4, NVomen's Manager 3, 4. GEORGE N. FISHER Mechanical Engineering VVakeField, Mass. . Dearfs List 411. JOHN A. FRIDAY, HGH Forestry Schenectady. N. Y. Forestry Club 2, 3, 43 Masque, Assoc. Member 2, 33 Intramural Athletics 2, 33 NVinler Sports Team Z, 3: Transfer from Green Mountain Junior College. ALBERT H. FROST, -l-MA Business Administration Dexte Le Cercle Francais 2, Students, Arts Club 3 Masque, Assoc. Member 1, Track 1, Intramural Athletics. HOWARD R. FROST, fb1'A Pre'Medical Westfield, Mass. M.O.C. lg M.C.A,g Biology Club 2, Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. KEITH N. GALLAGHER, ATA Agricultural Engineering Limeston: Deanls List Zh, Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Foot ball Manager 1. llllllltlmllllll Ml' 55 lllllllllm 1 ELIZABETH GAMMONS, AAA Music East Greenwich, R, I. Dean's List 4215 Sophomore Eagles5 All-Maine VVomen5 W.A.A. Council 3, 4, President 45 Stu- dents' Arts Club 1, 25 Y,W.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 45 M.O.C. 3, 45 Masque, Assoc. Member, Z, 3, 45 "M" Club 3, 45 A.M.W. Pageant 1, 2, 35 Commencement Ball Committee 45 Prism 35 Hockey Z, 35 Basket- ball 1, 2, 35 Volleyball 1, 2, 35 Modern Dance Club 3, 4, President 35 Junior Week Committee. CHARLES S. GARDNER, lil-ill Forestry Orono Winter Sports Team 35 Pale Blue Key 45 Foot- bull 1, 3, 4. HORACE L. GARDNER. flfltltl Mechanical Engineering Freeport, L. I., N. Y. Intramural Athletics Z, 35 Cross Country 15 Track 1, 3. MOFFAT A. GARDNER Education Portland RUTH I. GARRISON, AAA French Madison Dean's List la, lb, Za, Zh, Sa, 3b5 Tutorial Honors lb, 2b. 3a5 Secondary School Scholarship 15 Uni- versity Sclrolarship 3, 45 Neai Mathetai 15 Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3, 45 Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 35 Masque 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 15 A.M.NV. Pageant 1, 2. TSABELLE B. GARVIN Home Economics Alfred Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Y.WV.C.A. 2, 35 Rifle Club 2, 35 Hockey 1, 2. 35 All-Maine Reserve Basketball 25 Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4, All-Maine 25 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. CLARENCE K. GENGE, EX Mechzinical Engineering Arlington, Mass. Boston Alumni SCl10lZll'Sl'llllQ A.S.M.'E. 15 Football 3, Boxing 2. ARNOLD R. GILMAN Animal Husbandry Forest Hills, L. I. Dean's List Za, 2b, fia, Sb, 4215 Agricultural Club 2, 3, 45 lntramurzil Athletics 3, 45'lndoor Track 45 Transfer from New York University. lllllllllll ITY UF Mill ll H. BUEL GODWIN ROBERT B. GOODWIN ref. ---4 f. . . ,-.,., , . ,-:..,---I-,F 1' -L., ,,, -.,,qi,v,.1 llllllllldllll L3 lllllllll f ' me 5" F1 ,"' rm ff . l - ia.. -- nrt' 1:14-3- 'isrki -, 64 GEORGE D. GILMAN, ATA Forestry North Abington, Mass. Forestry Club 2, 35 Tennis 1. BEATRICE H. GLEASON, X9 English South Portland Dean's List 4:13 Sophomore Eagles, Freshman Pa- per 15 Students' Arts Club 1, 43 VV.S.G.A. 23 W.A.A, Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice Presi- dent 3g "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, A.M.VV. Pageant 25 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Nlaine 1, Z, 35 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Executive Committee 2, 3. Drama Orono El Circulo Espanol 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, Presi- dent 3, 45 Maine Radio Guild 2, 3, 43 Campus 1, 2, 3, 4, Contributing Editor Z, 3, 43 Students' Arts Cluh 2, 3, 4, Author of Varsity Show 2. 4, Prism 3: Masque Z, 3, 4. Program Editor 3, 4, Contributors' Club 43 M.C.A. 2, 3, Editor of Summer Session Maine Notes 2, 3, 4. DONALD W. GOODCHILD, fI'liE Chemical Engineering Saco Scahhard and Blade 3, 45 Student Senate 43 Inter- fraternity Council 43 M.C.A., Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. SIDNEY J. GOODRTCH, AXA Mechanical Engineering Gorham A.S.M.E. 1, Masque 23 Prism 35 Glee Club 1. MIRIAM GOODVVIN Drama and Education North Anson Masque 45 Radio Guild 4, Education Club 4 Vocations Week Committee 43 Transfer fron Leland Powers School of Theatre. Electrical Engineering Brewer Dean's List 211, Zbg Ohio Alumni Association Scholarship 45 M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President of Men's Cabinet 3, 4, Masque, Assoc. Member, 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate Club 1, 2. PHILLIP Goos Mathematics Bangoi Deans' List lag Campus 1. WALTER NV. GOSLINE, ATA Business Administration Gardiner I.M.A.A. 35 Le Cercle Francais 35 Football 15 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH P. GRANT, XQ Home Economics Portland Dean's List la. lb, Za, Zh, 33, Sb, 435 Omicrun Nu 4, Secretary5 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice President 25 Y.XV.C.A. l, 25 M.O.C. 2, 45 Prism 3. GEORGE C. GRANT, KE Psychology NVaterville Sigma Mu Sigma 45 Sophomore Owls5 El Cireulo Espanol 2, 3, 45 "M" Club 2, 3, 45 Football 1. 2. 3, 45 Maine Day Committee 15 Sophomore Hop Committee Z5 Chairman of Executive Committee -1. MARGARET A, GRAY History Sandy Point Transfer from XVestbroolc junior College. DAVID S. GREENLAXV, EX Chemical Engineering Norway Deatfs List la, lh, Za, 2b, 3lJ, 4:15 Alpha Chi Sig- ma 2. 3, 4, Vice President 3, -15 Tau Beta Pi 3, 4, President 45 Pale Blue Key 2, 35 Prism, Circu- lating Manager 35 M.C.A. 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Interfraternity Council 45 Student Senate 4, Vice Presidentg Vocations Committee 45 Safety Com- mittee 45 Tennis l, 25 Intramural Athletics. DONALD O. G R EENLANV Iathematics Jay DAVID C. GREENWOOD, EN Mechanical ,Engineering Gardner, Mass. Intramural Representative 35 Winter Sports 1, 2, 3. LLOYD NV. GRlFFlN nglish Bramlforrl, Mass. Dean's List la, lb, 2a, Zh, Ka, Sb, flag Tutorial Honors Za, Zh, 321, 3b5 Senior Honors -tag Phi apps. Phi 45 University Selirmlarsliih 2, 35 M.C.A. g Students' Arts Club 45 Political Science Club 4. lllllllllll ITY 0F MAI ll C. PHILIP HAGENSON Chenucal Engineering Bangor JAMES H. HALEY Education and History WhitncYVlllC Education Cluhg Intramural Athleticsg Transfer from Vtfasliington State Normal School. ALBERT E. HALL. JR. Wildlife Conservation Merchantville, N, J, Dean s List 3:15 Philadelphia Alurnni Scholarship .1 Chorus 1, 25 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 4. CHARLES A. HALL. SAE Zoology Castine Dean's List Ia, lh, 2a, Zb, 321, 3b, 4:13 Phi Beta Kappa 3, 4g Phi Kappa Phi 49 Merritt Caldwell Fernalcl Scholarship 33 M.O.C. 1, 2, 3, 4g Pack and Pine 2, 3, 43 Football lg lntramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. JAMES O. HAMTLTON, flfM.l 'lifeclianical Engineering VVaterhoro Prize of the Class of 1873 29 Cross Country 13 Intramural Athletics 2. HAROLD I. HANIM, KDPA Business Administration Bangor Band 1. ALMA M. I-IANSEN English South Portland ans List la, 1lJ, Za, Zh, 311, 3b, 4:15 Tutorial Honors lla, Za, Zh, Sa, 3113 Neal 'Mathetaig Secon- dary School Scholarship 1, 2, Charles J. Payson Schol irship 4, WC7ll1Cll,S Student Government! Scholaisliip 35 Sophomore Eagles, All-Maine NVomen, Presimlentg Freshman Paper, Associate utor Campus 1. 2, 3, Society Editor 2, 35 XV S C' A. 1. 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4g XV.A.A. Council 35 Students' Arts Club lg Prism 3, Con- tributors' Cluh 3, 43 A.M.XV. Pageant 23 "M" Club g Hockey l, Z, 3, 43 All-Maine Hockev Team 23 Ilasketlmll 1. Z, 3, 4, All-Mzxinc Basket- lJ1ll Z 3, Captain 33 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Captain 2, Nlanager 3. ' FRED C, HANSON, IDPA Mechanical Engineering Bangor Dean's List 4ag A.S.M.E. 3, 49 Band 1, 2. LAURENCE J. HARLOW, ATA Chemical Engineering' Barre Plains, Mass. Masque 2, 3, 43 Manager Freshman Football. JAMES W. HARRIS, 'DMA Business Acllninistration Rumford Scabbard and Blade 3, 43 Sophomore Owls, Presi- dentg Senior Skulls, President, Pale Blue Key 3, 4g Le Cerclc Francais 29 Baseball lg Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 43 "M" Club 3, 43 Class Treasurer 2, Class President 3. JAMES H. HARTWELL Civil Engineering Trenton, N. J. STUART P. HASKELL Education Lee Education Club, Transfer from lNashington State Normal School. 'DONALD G. HATCHARD. ATR Electrical Engineering Tenatly, N. J. A.l.E.E. 3, 4, Boxing. FOSTER L. HIGGINS, IR., -IDKE Education Bangor Dean's List Zh, 4:15 M.O.C. lg Masque 1, Z, 3, 45 Band 1, 24 'Freshman Paper, Business Manager, Rifle Cluli 1, 2, Track Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Fencing 2. RALPH M. HIGGTNS, 111152 Education 133111301- Dean's List Zh, 4:15 M.O.C. 1g Masque 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 23 Freshman Paper. Snnrts Editor, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, Fencing 2, 4, Track Team 1, 2, 3, 4. ALBERTE. HILL Education VVg11-1-Q11 Kappa Qelta Pi 3, 45 President, University Scholarship, Mcn's Glee Club 3, 4, Education Club 2, 3, 4. Treasurcrg Transfer from Eastern State Normal School. UNIVER ITY UF MAI E l l l.. llllllEltSl'l'l W LE llllllllll ROBERT F, HILLER, AXA Forestry Foxboro, Mass. Foigestry Cluh 33 Cross Country lg Indoor Track , . THELMA L. HILLSON Education Old Orchard Beach Education Clubg Transfer from Aulzurn Maine School of Commerce. JOHN M. HOCTOR, EN History Old Orchard Beach Education Club 3, 43 Masque 33 Maine Radio gtsildll 43 Transfer from Madawaska Training moo . KENNETH NV. HODGDON Wildlife Conservation Anson Dean's List 2b3 Somerset County Alumni As- sociation Scholarship 3g Forestry Club 33 Student Senate 43 Band 13 Intramural Athletics 4. MIRIAM E. HOLDEN, HBKIH Home Economics Portland El Circulo Espanol 43 Radio Cluh 3, 43 Transfer from Farmington State Normal School. ALLAN B. HOLMES, EX Economics Guilford Band 23 "M" Club 23 Baseball 1, 33 Intramural Athletics 3. DONALD B. HOLYOKE, EN Agronomy Brewer Dean's List Zh, Sa, 3b3 Alpha Zeta 4: Joseph Rider Farrington Scholarship 2, 3, 43 Scnbbard and Blade 43 F.F.A. 33 Football 2, 3, 4. VVALTER A. HOOK, EX Civil Engineering Portland -A.S.C.E. 33 M,C.A. 23 Tennis lg Track lg Intra- mural Athletics 4. . :Ei ELIZABETH M. HOPKINS, AAA Zoology Lexington, Mass. D62l.I1,S List lag Tutorial Honors lb, El Circulo Espanol 19 Y.W.C.A. 1, .lg Students' Arts Club 1, 4. EMILY M. HOPKINS, X9 English NVaterville "'N Dean's List 4:15 Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 4, Campus 1, 2, 43 Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, 33 Prism 3, VVomen's Athletic Editor, M.0.C. 3, 4, A,M.'W. Pageant 2, 33 Chorus 15 Masque 1, 2, 3, 4, Students' Arts Club 2g VV.A.A. Council 4, Publicity Chair- man. RICHARD S. HOPKINS Mechanical Engineering Bucksport A.S.M.E. 4. FRANCES T. HORNE Psychology Portland Dean's List flag Chi Omega Sociology 'Prizeg Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 43 Students' Arts Club 43 Transfer from Xllestbrook Junior College. CHARLES L. HOVVE. AFP Animal Husbandry Kingficld Agricultural Club 35 Intramural Athletics 2. ROBERT F. HOWE, fl'l'A Agronomy Framingliani, Mass. M.C.A. 1: M.O.C. 1, 23 El Circulo Espanol 1, Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, Tennis Club 1, 2. VIRGINIA M. HOWVE W Drama Union Dennis List la, lbg Payson Scholarship 2, Masque 2, 3, 4. CECIL E. HONVES, IIIHK ' Poultry Husbandry Patten Dean's List Za, 2b, 321, 3b, 4ag Alpha Zeta 2, 3, 4. l llERSlTll Ml' 5.3 MAINE lllllllEllSl'l'Y W Z3 ll'l1llllE A ogg., 'sg f --- 4- -.uma 1- '. A 1.-. .-- ., f ex 1, I. my ' 'll ,, 'zu 'M A l.'wf'H it ' ' l mr' 14533 'gif' 70 JOHN F. HOYT, fl'IIK Civil Engineering Easton A.S.C.E. 3, 43 Wrestling 23 Boxing 3. ANGUS E. HUMPHRIES, KDMA Forestry Perry Sophomore Owlsg Scabbard and Blade 3, 43 For- estry ClL1lJQ "Forester" Advertising Managerg Baseball 1, 23 Cross Country 13 Basketball 13 Intramural Athletics. NORMAN E. HUNT, AFP Agricultural Economics Clinton 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Agricultural Club 13 J. V. Football 2. JAMES L. HUTCHEON, ATS2 Agronomy Presque Isle Dean's List 2b3 Masque 2, Assoc. Member. MARTHA E. HUTCHINS Zoology Kingfielil Dearfs List la, lb, 23, 2b, 4ag Tutorial Honors lbg Neai Matlietai, President 23 University Scholar- ship 2, 33 Y.XV.C.A. 1, 23 M.0.C. 23 VV.A.A. Coun- cil 3, 43 Debating 33 YV.S.G.A. 13 Hockey 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 1, 23 "M" Club 33 Manager Vlfinter Sports 3. EARLE L. INGALLS, SAE Agricultural Economics Portland Forestry Club 13 Cross Country 13 Indoor Track 13 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHERINE V. INGALLS, AAA Education Ellsworth Y.VV.C.A. 3, 4, Membersliin Chairman 43 Modern Dance Club 43 Education Club 3, 43 Rifle Club 43 A.M.W. Pageant 33 XvUl'FlE1'l,S Leaclershin Con- geiiencieg Transfer from Farmington State Normal c loo . JOSEPH M. INGHAM, BQII Journalism Concord, N, H. Dcanis List illlj Prism, Photograpliy Editor. 3: Masque, Vice President 33 Campus, News Editor 33 Boxing 13 Football 1, 2. ROBERT M. IRVINE, KIPFA Forestry Frriminglmm, Mass. Scabbard and Blade 3, 45 lVI:isque 2, 3, 45 Forestry Club 1, 25 M.O.C. 1, 2: Football 1, 2, 3g Track 15 Iutriunural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT A. JACKSON Business Administration New Bedford, Mass. Dean's List 3st, 3113 Transfer from Drake Univer- sity. STEPHEN H. JACKSON Forestry Union. N. J. De:m's List Zb, 351, 4:13 Xi Sigma Pi Forestry Club 2, 3, 45 Transfer from Rutgers University. DUNCAN H. JEWELL, ATS! Agricultural Economics Orolm Scabbard and Blade 3, 45 Agricultural Club 2, 3, 49 C.A.A. 4, Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. GEORGE H. JEVVETT, II, 1l'I'A Agricultural Economics Bucksport Agricultural Club 1, 2, 49 M.O.C. 43 Iutrruuural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA C. JEXVETT, ITB-I' Home Economics VVestport Dearfs List 311, 4213 All-Maine Women, Treasurer: Home Economics Club 1. 25 VV.S.G.A. 1. 2: Pan, hellenic Council 3, 4, Secretary 43 Chorus 13 Sophomore Hop Committee 25 Junior Prom Com- mittee 3. GLENNA M. JOHNSON Home Economics Sullivan Dcan's List Za, 3lJg 4-H Club 1, Z, 3, Treasurer 23 Home Economics Club 3. 43 Varsity Show 15 A.M.XV. Pageant 15 Y.XV.C.A. 2, Hockey lg Bus- kctlmll 33 Volleylmll 3. VERNON E. JOHNSON Forestry Milford Dean's List 4:l. 71 UNIVERSITY 0F MAI ll TUE rs - MARGARET L JONES, A011 Home Economics Orono Dean's List lb, Zb, Sa, 3b, 4a, Mei r1ll Palmer lllll llERSl'l'l' W 13 lllllllll 72 Appointment 3a, Home Economics 1, 2, 3, 4, Y VV C A 1, 2, 3 ALBERT E. JUDKINS, AFP Poultry Husbandry Upton Agricultural Club 1, 2, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 33 Aviation Club 43 C.A,A. 3, Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 4. ARTHUR L. KELLEY, EN Education St. Francis Transfer from Madawaska Training School. LAWRENCE B. KELLEY, 'PMA Pulp and Paper Bellows Falls, Vt. Senior Skulls, Secretary and Treasurerg Scabbard and Blade 3, 45 Maine Day Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Chairman 43 Masque, Assoc. Member 1: Men's Glee Club 1, 23 Student Senate, Presi- dent 4g Interfraternity Council, President 43 I.A.A., Treasurer 3, Prism 3, Business Manager, Football 1g Indoor Track 1, 2, Intramural Athl- letics 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Class Executive Committee 1, Sophomore Hop Committee, Chair- man, Graduating Class Marshal 2, 3, Commence- ment VVeek Committee 4. CLAIR A. KENNEDY Pre-Medical Brooksville Dean's List la, 1b, Za, 2b, 3a, Sb, 421. FRANK XV. KETCHUM, GDHK Agronomy Houlton Deanls List Zb, 3b, 4:13 Agricultural Club 3, Masque, Assoc. Member 3, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4. ELSIE L. KIERSTEAD Education Blue Hill Education Club 4, Transfer from Washington State Normal School. JOSEPH L. KILAS, AXA Pulp and Paper Rllmffml Dean's List Zh, Masque, Assoc. Member 35 M.O.C. Z. EVERETT A. KIMBALL, ATA Economics Brewer De:1n's List 313, E1 Circulo Espanol 1, 2, 3, M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT C. KINGHORN, 'PMA Forestry Fitchburg, Mass. Scabbard and Blade 3, 45 Carrol C. Jones Schol- arship lg Forestry Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Pale Blue Key 3, 45 J. V. Football 2, 35 Varsity Football 45 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. VV. CAMERON KINGSBURY, KE Wildlife Conservation Booneville, N. Y. Forestry Club 1, 25 Band 1. PHYLLIS L. KNAPP, 'DM Home Economics Brntllcy Dearfs List 2b, 4:15 Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. 1, Chorus 1. MAXINE S. KNTGHTS, 11'M Home Economics Brewer Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 43 M.O.C. 1, 2, Y.WV.C.A. 1, 2, Ofi'-Campus NVomen 1, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD L. KOZICKY, flfl-IK VVilcllifc Conservation Ezttoutown, N. 1. Dean's List la, 221, 211, 321, 313, 4ag University Schul- arship 43 Phi Kappa Phi 43 Forestry Club 13 M.O.C. 1, 25 M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4, Pale Blue Key 45 Football 1, 2, Wrestling 1, 2, 3. 4. RUTH B. LANDON Home Economics Kennebunkport Deaxfs List lb, 211, 3n, 3113 York County Alumni Scholarshipg Bertlra Joy Thompson Sclxolzirsliipg I-logics Economics Club, Y.NV.C.A. 13 4,1-1 Club 1. , . DANIEL LAPI-IAM .oology VVcst Concord, Mass. I.C.A. 43 Debating Society 35 Students' Arts Club , 4, Biology Club 3, Football 3: Boxing 43 Trams- er from Cambridge School of Liberal Arts. lllllllllllt ITY 011 MAI ll lllllllEliSl'lll WF 43 MMNE 'r f-W-'wr--' ij, H , "TF" H ' . ,,.,- :"'.'i Q r i- ' L C 'L "Ili - .gf12Q,s.--- 4- 1' .. 'l4fl:'i'i.i:E' 5' ,, .Lg ROBERT D. LARSSON, fini: Mathematics Gloucester, Mass. Dean's List Za, 2b, 3:-1, 3b5 James Hart Scholarshipg Sigma Delta Zeta 2, 3, 4, President 45 Education Club 25 Manager Indoor Track 1, 25 Boxing 2, 3, 4. CHARLES F. LEINING, BAE History and Government Mount Vernon, N. Y. International Relations Club 35 Masque, Assoc. Member 1, 2. 35 Campus 2, 3, News Editor 35 Baseball 15 Football 2, 3. CLIFFORD VV. LIBBY, ATA Forestry Portland ,Dean's List 2115 Forestry Club 3, 43 Cross Coun- try 15 Traclc 1, 35 Intramural Athletics 2. FREDERICK A. LIBBY, GX Drama Orono Masque 2, 3, Assistant Technical Director 35 Football 2: Transfer from Masachusetts Institute of Technology. RUTH H. LINNELL English Pembroke Dean's List lb, Za, Zb, Sa, 3b, 4a5 Tutorial Honors Zb, 3a, 3h5 Major Honors 4a, 4b5 'Bertha Joy Thompson Scholarship 25 Payson Scholarship 1, 45 Griliin VVriting Prize 15 EI Circulo Espanol 15 Y.W.C.A. 1, 25 Contributors' Club 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 45 Modern Dance Club 35 A.M.VV. Pageant 3. MANUEL V. LOCSIN Pulp and Paper Victorias, P. I Dean's List 2b5 Transfer from Masaschusetts In stitutc of Teclrnology. MANSFIELD G. LONDON, AFP Agronomy Hodgdon Deans' List Za, Zbg Alpha Zeta 43 Agricultural Club 2, 3, 45 M.C.A. 35 Boxing 15 Intramural Athletics 3, 4. ELEANOR C. LOOK, X9 Speech Rocklanf Prism 3'5 Maine Campus 1, 2, 3, 45 Students' Art. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Radio Guil 3, 45 Maine Campus Broadcast 3, 4. 74 -q V ,., , W 71- ,."- " A Us 1 V. 0 TT lu - 3-'r . AJB Q1,-g fvi , 'I-,iw f'-.nrt , .- T -' Y'-1 1-W' Sl - 'I if 'f r T' "f E, ' 3-5"'5'-fifirgule - ,Ahh J -J- NV .- 'I ,dl my 5 NH., A71-H .,, .,,-Ijljd-2 .M ..i .--- -'15 ALEXANDER D. LOUDON Psychology Bruwuville Sigma Mu Sigma 35 Transfer from Bangor Theo- logical Seminary. ROBERT N. LUNDBERG, -lillli Pre-Medical Gloucester, Mass. Dean's List Eb, 4:15 M.O.C. 15 Students' Arts Club 15 M.C.A. 15 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4, , ELIZABETH M. MCALARY, A0ll Home Economics Rockland Home Economics Club 1, 2, 35 ljrism 35 Le Ccrcle Francais 45 Y.VV.C.A. 45 Masque 45 Commence- ment Ball Committee 45 Rille Club 3, 45 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3. JOAN MCALLISTER Bacteriology Gorham Dean's List 3.2, 4:15 Y.NV.C.A. 1, 35 Der Deutsche Verein 3, 4, Secretary 45 Glee Club 2. DON L. MCCRUM, ilvllli Agricultural Economics Mars Hill Dean's List 4:15 Agricultural Club 15 lutramural Athletics 2, 3. ROBERT S. MCDONALD, GX Engineering Physics llortlzinrl Deau's List ln, lb, Za, Zb, Sa, Sb. -4:15 Tutorial Honors 3a5 Tau Beta Pi 3. 45 Phi Kappa Phi 45 Boardman Sclmlarsliip 35 Physics Club 2, 3, 45 Der Deutsche Vercin 2, 3: Baud 1, 25 Masque, Assoc, Member Z5 Pale Blue 'Key 35 Student Assembly Committee 45 T.A.A. 35 Student Senate 45 lnterfraternity Council 45 lntrziniural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN E. McDONOUGH Zoology Portland Students' Arts Club 1, 45 Y.W,C.A. 15 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 2, 3, 4. EDITH B. MCINTIRIC. llliflf English Dixliehl Dezm's List Zh, 3b, 4:15 Y.W,C.A. 15 Students' Arts Club Z5 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3. 4. Vice Presi- dent 45 A.M.VV. Pageant 35 Glee Club 4. Ullllltllll Ml Q lllllll llll llllllllll W QS lllllw FMR JL I-'ll"""S s iwfofr I., 'T W- -i Sl " E:-Tpili 'f 'EIT Q ' f'Tf?g,"-"""" lv-f Y 1, F' " QU' 'Gut 1,3 ,A .-. - QE-A - .1 -HL. fwf, .-my ,-.c y .Q --.. 1 gi- -fffjj-5, .:' ':f7H'iuL',H"' W' -' ,.--infer L. "'- " GORDON B. McKAY, EN Mechanical Engineering Old Town Dean's List 2a, Zb, 3a, 3b, 4:13 Tau Beta Pi 4. WALTER N. MacGREGOR, 1IfMA Electrical Engineering Eastport A.l'.E.E. 3. BETTY C. MACK, AOH History Bangor Dean's List lb, Sa, 4213 Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 45 El Circulo Espanol 15 International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 45 A.M.YV. Pageant 13 Students' Arts Club 1, 3, 43 Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 45 XVon1en's Forum Z, 3, 43 Attended Institute de Touraine, Universite de Poitiers, Tours France Sa. A ALFRED A. MANN, fini: Chemical Engineering Raymond Deans' List la, 1h, Za, Zh, Sa, 3b, 4ag Tau Beta Pi 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 43 Phi Kappa Phi 45 Band 1, 2, "M" Club 45 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Intramural Athletics 2, 3. NORMAN E. MARRINER, fI1KE Mathematics Camrlen Sigma Delta Zeta 3, 43 Le Cercle Francais 25 Football It Basketball lg Football 25 Intramural Athleticsg Executive Committee 1. JAMES R. MARSHALL Electrical Engineering Farmington A.I.E.E.3 Student Technician, University Broad- casts 4, Transfer from Colby College. MARGUERITE H. MARTIN Education Brunswick Transfer from Posse School of Physical Education. EVERETT L. MEADER Education Ellsworth Education Club 43 Transfer from Wasliington State Normal School. l l 76 HAROLD S. MILLAY, KPMA Electrical Engineering Bowcloinlmm A.I.E.E. Z, 35 Football 15 Baseball 1, 23 Intra- mural Athletics 2, 3. MARION F. MILLER, HB-l' Home Economics Thomaston Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Pliotograpliy Club 4. SADIE R. MITCHELL Home Economics Old Town SHIRLEY M. MITCHELL, X52 Home Economics Fairfield Dean's List 3:19 Junior-Senior Banquet Committee 35 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 33 Girls' RiHe Team Z, 35 Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 33 VVmncn's Forum 1, Z, 3, 43 Masque, Assoc. Member 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1. 2, 4, Hockey 1, 3, Assistant Manager 33 "MH Club 2, 3, 43 A.M.W. Pageant 3. ROBERT I. MORRIS Zoology Bangor Dean's List la, lb, 211, Zb, 3lJg Tutorial Honors 2lJg Campus Reporter 1. M. ELIZABETH MOSHER, 'IDM Home Economics Bangor Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 43 M.O.C. 2, 3, 43 Y.NV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Panhellenic Council 3. 4. PAUL N. MOSHER Dairy Husbzmdry Dryden Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, 4-H Club 1, 2, 33 Foot- ball 3. VIRGINIA MOULTON, A011 Psychology Bangor Dean's List 221, Zh, 4:15 Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 45 Panlrellemc Council 3, 4, President 43 Class Execs ut1ve Committee 3: Transfer from Connecticut College for VVomen. UNIVER ITY 0F MAI E ll lllllll ITY 0F MAI ll GEORGE L. MURRAY, ATS2 Education Newport Student Senate 43 Football 13 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Inter-Fraternity Council 4, Intramural Athletics 45 Education Club 3, 4. EDVVIN L. MUTTY Business Administrzition Bangor Le Cercle Francais 3. LAVVRENCE J. MUZROLL, KE Mathematics Rumford Sigma. Delta Zeta 45 Basketball 15 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. CLYDE E. MYERS, AXA Music Ol-Ono FREDERICK M. NEVVCOMB, KE Agronomy Searboro Agricultural Club, Football 1, 2g Basketball 19 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. CARI. A. NEWHALL, KB Civil Engineering Peabody, Mass Dean's List Zh, 4:13 A.S.C.E. 23 "M" Club 2 Interfraternity Council 13 Student Senate 1, Cros. Country, Manager 1. MALCOLM G. NICHOLS, IIHFA Forestry Stillwater Scabbarzl and Blade. MARGARET I. NICHOLS Romance Languages Stillwate Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Chziirmai 39 El Circulo Espanol 2, 3, Off-Campus Woiiie 2, 3, 4, Executive Comnutteeg Archery 1, 2. ARCHIE W. NICKERSON History Belfast Transfer from Eastern State Normal Sclrool. RICHARD T. NUNAN, fl-KE Economics Monliegan lslancl El .Circulo Espanol 15 Transfer from Northeastern University. GEORGE L. NYSTROM, BSII Pulp and Paper Plainville, Conn. Dezxn's List 4:15 M.O.C. 1, 25 "M" Club 45 Student Senate 45 Interfraternity Council 45 Cross Coun- try 15 Assistant Basketball Manager 15 Nllrestling 2, 35 Assistant Tennis Manager 2, Manager 35 Intrzunuratl Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. STEVVART F. OAKES, EN Ieclrranical Engineering Rzmgeley .S.M.E. 45 Track lg Tiasketball 2. JOHN K. O'DONOGHUE Mfeclianical Engineering Lowell, Mass. Deaifs List 221, Zh, flag Tau Beta Pi 3, 45 A.S.lN'l.E. 35 Transfer from Lowell 'Textile Institute. EDWARD E. OPPENHEIM, Tlifl' listory and Governinent Runiford ea.n's List lb, 2:15 Tnternntionnl Relations Club 5 Political Science Club 35 Debating Society , 2, 35 Track 1. BARBARA A. ORFF, X52 Home Economics Rockland Dean's List 4:15 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Y.YV.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 4, Cabinet 2, 45 Masque 2, 3. 45 Prism 35 VVomen's Leadership Conference 3, 4, Publicity Chairmzm 4. BURT S. OSGOOD, JR., 'DFA usiness Administration Orono .e Cercle Frzuicais 2, 35 Students' Arts Club 1. , 35 Masqtie, Assoc. Member 2, 35 lntrznnural Athletics. llllllllllll ITY 0F MAI E llll lllllllll' W -5.3 lllllllll MBHIE-vm' Wig Ii- fig 5 .3 J I I RUTH G. PACKARD, Illlfb Romance Languages Orono Deau's List la, Za, Zb, 3a, 3li, Tutorial Honors lb, 2a, Zb, 3ag Southern California Alumni Award 23 Debating Society 1, 2, Secretary 25 El Circulo Espanol 2, 3, 4, Y.XN'.C.A. 1, 2. CHARLES B. PARSONS, ATS! Pale Blue Key 35 Basketball lg Intramural Ath letics 1, 2, 3, 4. NVILLIAM F. PARSONS, EX Engineering Physics Skowhegan Dean's List la, lb, Za, 2bg Tau Beta Pi 3, 4, Recorcling'Secretaryg Physics Club 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary. , JAMES S. PAUL Chemical Engineering Fort Fairtiel ROGER F. PAUL, AXA Forestry York Beach Forestry Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer 2, Vicc President 3, M.C.A. 1, 2, 33 Prism 3, Baseball 1g Football 1, Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. CARLTON B. PAYSON, K2 Agronomy Unicx Dean's List 2b: Scahbard and Blade 4, Agricul tural Club 3, 43 Intramural Athletics I, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH F, PEASLEE, AAA Home Economics Concord, N. H. Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Home Economics Club l, 2, 3, 4, M.O.C. 1, 2, 35 Rifle Club 45 Glee Club 15 Masque, Assoc. Member, I-'anhellenic Council 4, Prism 3, Assistant Editor, A.M.W. Pageant 2, 39 Volleyball 1, 2, 3. HARRY C. PEAVEY, JR., EAE Mechanical Engineering Fort Devens, Mass Scabbard and Blade 3, 4, RiHe Team 3, 4, Tenni. Team 2. 80 Agricultural Economics Presque Isle: JEAN M. PEIRCE Home Economics Bangor Y.NV.C.A. 1, 2, Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4g VVomen's Forum 4. JOHN D. PENNELL, JR. liernical Engineering' Portland ean's List la, lb, Zb, 321, Sb, 4:15 Tau Beta Pi 3, 4, au Beta Pi Slide Rule Award, Alpha Chi Sigma -Iaudboolc Award, Class of 1905 Scholarship, hicago Alumni Scholarship. CHARLENE M. PERKINS, XQ Sociology Madison Dean's List Za, Zb, 3a, 3bg Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 4, Vice President 4, Campus 2, 3, 4, Masque, Assoc. Member 2, 3, 45 Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 4, Panel Discussion Committee, Students' Arts Club 1, gg Igrism 33 Rifle Club 43 M.O.C. 2, Volleyball 2, , . HOVVARD R. PERKINS hemical Engineering Orono .S.C.E. 3, M.C.A. 35 Track 1, Football 2. CLIFFORD G. PERRY Mechanical Engineering Bowcloinharn ZOE deB. PETTENGILL ducation Augusta ean's List 4:13 Education Club 43 M.C.A. 43 'omenls Forum 45 Transfer from Braclforcl Junior allege and Lesley Teacher Training. CONSTANCE F. PHILBROOK, AOII Home Economics Shelburne, N. H. Sophoinore Eagles, Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 M.O.C. 1, Radio Guild 35 Cheerleader 1, 2, Prism 3, Masque 3, 4, Rille Team 3, 43 Varsity Show 1: VVomen's Forum, A.M.W. Pageant 3, "M" Club 3, 43 Connnencement Committee 45 Hockey 1, 29 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 3. MARGARET E. PHILBROOK, XYZ istory Tenafly, N. I. earfs List 1a, lb, 2a, Zb, Sa, 3l1, 4:19 Phi Kappa hi 45 International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, Sec- tary 4, Der Deutsche Verein 3, 45 T'l1otograpl1y lub 2, 3: Hockey 3, 4, Basketball 3, Volleyball 5 A.M.W. Pageant 1, 2, 3. lllllllllll l'l'Y 0F MAI ll llNlllEllSI'llY Ml' 15 llllllE RICHARD H PIERCE, EAE History Leominster, Mass. Scabbard and Blade 3, 4, President 45 Pale Blue Key 45 International Relations Club 35 Freshman Paper, Editor-in-Chief5 Student Senate 45 Inter- fraternity Council 45 I.A.A. 45 Maine Day Coin- mittee 1, 2, 35 Tennis Club 3, 4, President 45 Tennis 1, Z, 3, 4, Honorary Captain 15 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Executive Committee 2135 Commencement Committee 45 Treasurer of ass 1. lie . ..iz ' lla..1E,EHf?7QSl35Sf25 i"- ' llj t""5l F' . , , ,A iii, ' 'V .i'lfi','Q"Jl-V1 " ii, 4 -X :N i PRISCILLA PINEO, X52 Nursing Milo Students' Arts Club 15 Y.WV.C.A. 15 Hockey 1, Z, 3, Captain 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Volleyball 1, 2, 3. ERNESTINE K. PINKHAM Romance Languages Portland Deari's List 1a, 1lJ, Za, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a5 Tutorial Honors lb, Za, Zh, 321, 3b5 Neai Mathetai5 Phi Kappa Phi 45 University Scholarship 3, 45 Stu- dents' Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 45 El Circulo Espanol 3, 45 Modern Dance Club 3, 45 Y.W.C.A. 1, 35 A.M.W. Pageant 2, 3. ALLAN E. PIPER, AFP Botany Troy Waldo County Alumni Scholarship 25 M.C.A. 1 M.O.C. 3, 45 4-I-I Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Agricultural Clul 1, 2, 3, 45 Prism 3, Assistant Editor, Senior Ad riser 45 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. YVONNE A. POMEROY Romance Languages Hampden Highlands Le Cercle Francais 3, 45 El Circulo Espanol 3, 4. VIRGIL S. PRATT VVildlife Conservation Stillwate Dean's List Ia, lb, Za, Zh, Sa, Sb, 4a5 Phi Kapp Phi 45 University Scholarship 25 Charles Payso Award 3. CLARALYN O. PREBLE Sociology Enlield Dean's List la, lb, Za, 2b5 Tutorial Honors 3:15 Sigma Mu Sigma 35 Le Cercle Francais 1, 25 Contributors' Club 35 Student Senate 35 Masque, Assoc. Member 3. CLAYTON H. PREBLE, SAE Electrical Engineering Adnliso Dean's List 2a5 A.I.E.E. 3, 45 Basketball 15 Intr' mural Athletics 2, 3, 4. u uw.-1 ' 5 ,.. i-'lr ifmj? Q- 'xi' - " ' ff Y- ' f F' 1 r . ' - , -' 1 -. . . " K CI '. 21 -'-Mi? 'l:7,1,.',: re 'frfifig LI- Y 5 535 . 1 '7 ' iii' 5251? fvi'-'QA' f ,.. ' is .E ':.3'L'c- fgifivit fr! 4' ' F ' ill' WINSTON E. PULLEN, EN Agricultural Economics Monson Dean's List la, lb, Za, 2b, 3a, 3b, -lag Piscataquis County Alumni Scholarship 39 Leon Stephen Mer- rill Scholarship 43 Alpha Zeta 3, 4, Treasurer 4g Plri Kappa Phi 4, F.F.A. 3, 4. ' JOYCE RAMSAY, AAA Education Fort Kent Education Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Y.W.C.A. 3, 4, Membership Committee 45 Basketball 33 Transfer from Madawaska Training School. RICHARD T. RAMSDELL, AFP Forestry Lubec Forestry Club 1, 2, 3, 4, M.O.C. 35 Track 1, 24 Cross Country 3. EMILY A. RAND, QIHM Mathematics Bangor Dean's List 4:15 W.S.G.A. 25 Student Senate 23 Students' Arts Club lg OFF-Campus VVomen 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Secretary 45 Sigma Delta Zeta 4, Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH H. REED, XO Home Economics Madawaska Chi Omega Scholarship, Home Economics Club 1, Z, 3, Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet Member, Masque, Assoc. Member 3, 4. WALTER S. REED, JR., ATA overnment Bootbbzly Harbor e Cercle Francais 3, Debating Society 35 Stu- lents' Arts- Club 3g Political Science Club 3, asketball Manager 1, 2. ELIZABETH S. REID, AOII Psychology Bangor Dcan's List Shy- Sigma Mu Sigma 45 M.O.C. 23 Y.VV.C.A. 35 Women's Forum 35 Students' Arts Club 2, 35 Masque 3, 4. JAMES R. REILLY, EN Vilrllife Conservation Tottenville, S. I., N. Y. and 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2, Track 5 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. UlWEliS TY Wil' 15 MAINE llllll RSITY 0143111 NE HAROLD F RHFINLANDER, ATQ Pre-Medical VVashburn Dean'st List Za, Zh, 3a, 3b, 4ag Northern Aroostook Alumni Scholarship 33 Sigma Mu Sigma 3. 43 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 45 Transfer from Madawaska Training School. OSCAR VV. RIDDLE, EAE Mechanical Engineering Rangeley Scahbard and Blade 3, 43 A.S.M.E. 3, 4, Treasurer 3, gilyging Club 43 Cross Country 15 Winter Sports WILLIAM I. RIDDLE, EAR Chemical Engineering Bridgton M.O.C. 3, 4, Pack and Pine 4g Winter Sports 2, 3, 4. PAULINE F. RILEY, A011 Sociology Biddeford Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, XVomen's Forum 1, 2, 3, 4 El Circulo Espanol 2, Students' Arts Club 1, 2 3, 43 A.M.W. Pageant 15 Varsity Show 15 Main Radio Guild 35 Masque, Assoc. Member, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2. GEORGE C. RISMAN Zoology Boston, Mass. Dean's List 1a, 1h, Za, Zh, Sa, Sbg Tutorial Honors lh, Za, Zb, 3a, 3h: Boston Alumni Scholarship 33 Masque 1, 2, 3, President 33 Students' Arts Club 23 Biology Club 3, President: Prism 35 Cheerleader 1, 23 Intramural Athletics 1, Z. HARRY Q. ROACH, EN Agricultural Economics Smyrna Mill De:m's List la, lhg Agricultural Clubg 4-H Club F.F.A.g Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. FRANK O. ROBERTSON, JR., ATS? Pre-Medical Bethel VVooclman Scholarship 35 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3. KENNETH N. ROBERTSON, 'MIK Mechanical Engineering Aubur Dean's List la. Zh, 4ag Sophomore Owlsg A.S.M. 3, 4g Foothall 1, 2, 3: Indoor and Outdoor Trac 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Banquet Committee. ' - , ,. 1... ,., ,-: iz-Zaihl ir., fr an-Ili: ,Eg -I 44' I , H 1 f.,. 'IN I ww' 'Y-I 1 4: ,li I ,ti nf, Hifi-5-...S - , . . "-e.,,,,,.1 . l'..- r' J, x .k HV., -4: 2,-EE ri- , ,. ., .. ,- skirti- Y-ill" .,., VERNON G. ROGERS Business Administration Bangor Tennis 35 Transfer from Boston University. MARGARET R. ROMERO Psychology BH11801' Dea.n's List la, lb, Za, 213, Sa, 3b, 4:15 Neai Mathe- taig Phi Kappa Phi 4, Spanish Club Prize 13 Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Sigma Mu Sigma Award 2, Off-Campus Women 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 35 Y.NV.C.A. 1, Z, 3. ELIZABETH G. ROVVE Home Economics Milo Dean's List 213, Sb, 4ag Piscataquis County Alumni Scholarship 43 Payson Scholarship 3, Home Eco- nomics Club 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. HILDA B. ROVVE, A011 Psychology BHHKOY Dean's List 311, Sophomore Englesg Sigma Mu Sigma 43 Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Secretary 4, Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 25 M.O.C. 1, Womerfs Forum 3, 4, A.M.W. Pagezint 1, Z, Varsity Show 1g Sophomore Hop Committee. SYLVIA A. RUBIN English Bangor Deun's List lb, Zb, 421, Le Ccrcle Francais 3. LEONA M. RUNION Speech Orono Deans' List 111, lb, Za, 2b, 311, 311, 4:15 Tutorial Honors lb, Za, 211, Neai Mathetai 1, University Sclwlarship 2, Der Deutsche Verein 25 Debate Club 1, 3, 4, Secretary 1, 4, Radio Guild 3, 45 Y.W'.C.A. 1, 2, Cabinet 2, Off-Campus Women 1, Z, 43 Treasurer 4. NORRIS A. SAVAGE, B911 Education Bar Harbor Mzisque, Assoc. Member 3' Political Science Club 3, Education Club 3, 4, Vice President 4: Intra- mural Athletic Association 45 Transfer from Farmington Normal School. FRANCES L. SAWYER. A011 Home Economics NVntervil1e Home Economics Club 1, 3: Y.NV.C.A. 1, 23 Masque 1, 2. 3, Historian 3. Vice President 4, A.M.W. Pageant 2, Varsity Show 1, Prism 3. Ullllmlllllf ll ii llllllll UNIVERS TY M QS MMNE . at MERLIN T. SCANLIN, AFP Agricultural Economics Weston Masque 15 Campus Ig M.O.C. lg Intramural Ath- letics 33 Intramural Ball Chairman 3. JACOB SEROTA, TEfb Forestry Portland Dean's List 2b, 3ag Xi Sigma Pi 25 Pale Blue Key 25 Pale Blue Key Award 1, Football 4g Track 4, Intramural Basketball 2. EDGAR F. SEWELL Chemistry Bangor Transfer from Northeastern University. CHARLES H. SHACKELFORD, EN Bacteriologff Wenham, Mass. Dean's List .lag Forestry Club 13 Intramural Atlr- letics 1, 2, 3. PHILIP T. SHACKELFORD, EN Business Administration Wenham, Mass. Dean's List lag Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 43 Transfer from Boston University. FRANK P. SHEARER, KE VVildlife Conservation Pennington, N. I. Dean's List lb, 3ag Forestty Club 1, 2g Baseball 1, 39 Football 25 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. LEROY G. SHEPARD, 1bKE Mechanical Engineering Deer Isle A.S.M.E. 3, 4g Band 1, 23 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. ELOISE P. SIMPSON Mathematics Attleboro, Mass. Students' Arts Club 13 El Circulo Espanol 2, 4, Sigma Delta Zeta 3, 4g Y.VV.C.A. 1, 3. PETER I. SKOUFIS History and Government Bangor Dean's List Zh, 4ag Campus 1, 2, 3, 4, Circulation Mgr. 1, Advertising Mgr. 2, Business Mgr. 3, 4, gntirnatiolial Relations Club 3, Political Science Ll 3. MADELINE M. SMART, AOII Home Economics Houlton Le Cercle Francais 3, Y.W'.C.A. 1, 2, 3g X'Vomen's Forum 3, Home Economics Club 1, Varsity Show lg A.M.VV. Pageant 1, 2, Masque 4, Prism 3. PHYLLIS L. SMART Education Maxtield Deanls List Za, Zb, Sa, 3lJ, lla: Phi Kappa Phi 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4, President 43 Normal School Scholarship 35 Charles Davidson Scholarship 45 Education Club 3, 4, President: Contributors' Club 45 Masque, Assoc. Member -lg Transfer from Eastern State Normal School. CHARLES B. SMITH, JR., AIT' Poultry Husbandry Orono F.F.A. 3, Agricultural Club 1, 2, 35 Debating Society 19 M.C.A. 23 Men's Rille Team Z, 33 Boiling 1, 2, 3, Track 1, Intramural Athletics 1, , .. J. ALICE SMITH, IDM Home Economics Parsonstield Dean's List Zh, Sa, 317, -lag Omicron Nu 4, Maine Farm Bureau Fund Scholarship 3, 4-I-I Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 3, Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Masque, Assoc. Member, VV.S.G,A. 23 Archery 1, 2, 3, Manager 3, VV.A.A. Council 39 Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. OVVEN H. SMITH, 'PNK Agronomy Presque lsle Dean's List Zh, Sa, 311, 4a, Alpha Zeta 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4g Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, liI.C.A. 1, 2, 35 Masque, Assoc. Member 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT B. SMITH Business Administration South Portland THOMAS I. SMITH, JR., ATA Chemical Engineering Vllcst Haven, Conn. Masque 2, 3. 4, Ticket Manager 2, 3, Business Manager 3, 4, Indoor Track 25 Intramural Atliv letlcs 1, 2, 3, 4. 'lbs m f A UNIVERSITY llll Mill lfxgniii' lllllll'EllSl'l W A3 llllllE 3 Will idk M Q -f"f'l' ' ff f' i. IA T-Y 2, F, :Til iz'- ELAYNE M. SNOVV, X9 Music Caribou Women's Glee Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Assistant Director 45 Orchestra 3, 43 Maine Radio Guild 3, 45 Masque 4, Education Club 3, 45 Y.VV.C.A. 4, Women's Rifle Club 3, Music Night Committee 4, Women's Forum 4, Transfer from Aroostook State Normal School. THEODORE SOB EL, TE4' Pulp and Paper New York, N. Y. JOHN W. SOMES, EN Business Administration Mt, Desert DONALD R. SPRAGUE Education Danforth Education Club 43 Transfer from Aroostook State Normal School. GRANT D. STAPLES, IDKE Chemical Engineering XVh'iteiield A.S.C.E. 3, 4, Treasurer 4. ORMOND A. STAPLES, EN Forestry Camden Dean's List 2b. 3a, 3b, 4:15 Xi Sigma Pi 3, 4: Forestry Club 2, 3. C. VIRGIL STARBIRD, SAE Mechanical Engineering Strong Masque 1, 2, 3, 4, M.O.C. 1, 25 A.S.M.E. 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, Indoor Track 1. ROGER A. STEARNS, KMIA Agricultural Economics South Paris Dean's List Sb, Sophomore Owls, Senior Skulls, Scabbard and Blade 3, 4, Secretary 4, Pale Blue Key 2, 3, 4g "M" Club 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 23 All- Maine Football 2, 3, 4, Vice President of Class 3g Class President 4. Agronomy Smyrna Mills Agriculture Club 4. NVILLIAM A. ST. GERMATN, SAE Mechanical Engineering Greenville Q ALICE G. STILLINGS, X52 History and Government South Portland it - Fikl:liIQEl5Ll,i .-r.- -..:, 1,1 NM CLIFFORD A. STIEVICNS, 1I'Mr3 ' Forestry Lincoln Scabbard and Blade 45 Forestry Club 1, 2, 3243 I. V. Football 25 Boxing 1, Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN R. STEVENS International Relations Club 45 Students' Arts Club 4, Rifle Club 3, Y.W.C.A. 3, 4g Transfer from Westbrook Junior College. WALTER L. ST1SULlS, KE Civil Engineering Mexico Owl SCl10lZl1'Slll1'l 15 Sophomore Owls, Secretary and Treasurerg A.S.C.E., Executive Committee 13 Masque, Assoc. Memberg Football 1. MITCHELL B. ST. LAWRENCE, AT!! gricultural Economics Orono gricultural Club 2, 3, 45 C.A.A. 47 ,ll V. Football 5 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. ALLAN P. STORER. ATA BaClf?!'l0l0gy Freedom lgleigjuti 15 Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, 4-H WALTER P. STRANG, SAE Vildlife Conservation Madison e,fi11'S List lll, 28, Zll, 3a, 4:13 Forestry Cl l. 1, 2' Prism 39 Band 19 VVinter Sports 1, 2, 3, 4? lnt,-af nural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. 89 llllll'WtSl'lllll llll ik llllllllE llllllllllgllll MV 15 lllllllll ,J :TW ,fir E - i f liff f i g 'zi l w f s ' alll- 3n?ifi 'g.l...f3 KARL W. STRITTER, BQII Horticulture Nahant, Mass. Dezm's List lb, 3bg Agricultural Club 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 29 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLTON P. STUBBS Mechanical Engineering Bucksport RICHARD P. SULLIVAN, ATQ Mechanical Engineering Portland Dezufs List Sb, 4:13 Scabbartl and Blade 45 Track EAZASZ Boxing 1, 2, 3, Intramural Athletics, SHERLEY M. SVVEET, AXA History and Gcveiznment Bar Harbo I Masque, Assoc. Member 2, Campus 1, 2, New. Editor 2. ROBERT B. TACKABERRY, JR. Engineering Physics Old Town Photography Club 35 Physics Club 2, 34 Track 1. JAMES E. TALBOT, ATQ Forestry Wfoodlnn Forestry Club 1, 2, 39 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. ALLAN B. TARBELL, B911 Business Administration Smyrna Mills Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 33 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. DANIEL J. TARDONI Chemical Engineering Sayre, P. Alpha Clli Sigma, J. V. Football 2g Golf Team l. ESTHER L. THOMPSON French Biddeford Dean's List lb, 3b, 4zLg Le Cerclc Francais 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 4g Masque 3, 43 Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 3. H. EVERETT THOMPSON, JR., 1bMA airy Technology Leominster, Mass. ean's List 4a. ADA M. TOWLE, HIM' Education Newlield 0l:f4CEl1llllUS Women 35 Y.W.C.A. 3, 45 Education Club 3, 49 Transfer from Bangor Maine School of Commerce. MYRON J. TOWLE, 'MIK gricultural Economics Fort Fairfield ean's List 3lJg Alpha Zeta 3, 4g Agricultural lub 3, 43 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 43 Tr:lns'Fcr rom Ricker Junior College. PAUL A. TOWNSEND, GX Mathematics Blue Hill Sigma Delta Zeta 35 Masque, Assoc. Meinbcrg Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK F. TRACY, SAE echanical Engineering Northeast Harbor .S.M.E SAMUEL E. TRACY, JR., SAE Speech Northeast Ilnrbor Sophomore Owlsg Senior Skulls: Scababrcl and Tilazlc 3, 43 Pale Blue Key: Le Cercle Frxincaisg gffzgque, Assoc. Memberg Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, .io 2, 3. ALLEN A. TRASK, EX hemical Engineering Melrose, Mass. oston Alumni Schnlarsh-ip 27 Band 1, 2g M.O.C. 15 nskctball 15 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. ii nr ry. fx ll IVER ITY 0F MAI E ,rms ,.. , ., UNIVER ITY UF MAI ll HARRY E. TRASK, JR. Education East VVilton Dearfs List 4ag Transfer from Farmington State Normal School. BENJAMIN S. TROOP, f1fHK Forestry West Hartford, Conn Dean's List Za, 2b. 3a, 3b, 4215 Xi Sigma Pi 3, 4 Vice President 43 Forestry Club 4. M. ELIZABETH TROTT History Bath Dean's List la, lb, 2a. Zb, 3a, 3hg Tutorial Honors 1b,.2a, Zb, 3a, 3b, 4:15 Neai Mathetai 1, Phi Kappa Phi 4g University of Maine Scholarship 1, 2, 35 Cam-pus 3, Masque, Assoc. Member 1, 2, 3, 45 Radio Guild 3, 43 Students' Arts Club 1g Inter- national Rclntions Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4, Modern Dance Club 3, 43 A.M.NV. Pageant 1, 2, 3, JOHN P. TROWBRIDGE, AXA Civil Engineering Pomfret Center, Conn A.S.C.E. 3, 4, M.O.C. 1, 23 Track Manager 1. CHRISTINE E. TUFTS Sociology Kinglield Dean's List 4ag Y.W.C.A. 1, 3, Students' Arts Clull. RUTH L. TUTTLE Art Portlan Transfer from Westbrook Junior College am Portland School of Fine and Applied Art. JAMES K. TWEEDIE, SAE Business Administration Lznnoine JOHN D. UTTERBACK, KIPTA General Engineering Bangs ,Tolm M. Oak Speaking Award third 33 Masqu 1, 2, 3, 43 Prism 33 M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Commenc ment Rall Committee 43 Track 1, 2, Intramur Athletics 3, 4. ANNA E. VERRILL, XYZ ' L RAYMOND A VALLIPRP, ATA History South Berwick Dean's List la, 1lJ, 221, Zb, 3a, 3h, 4:15 Tutorial Honors 1b, Za, 2b, 3a,! 3b5 Major Honors 1a5 Phi Kappa Phi 45 Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 45 El Circulo Espanol 15 Contributors' Club 3, 45 Students' grts Club 15 International Relations Club 3, 45 ,2l.IllDllS 3, 4. IHorne Economics XVestbrook Dean's List la, lb, Za, 3a, 3b, 4a5 Oniicron Nu5 .S.G.A. 2, 35 Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 35 M.O.C. 1, 35 asketball 1, 25 Volleyball 1, 25 Hockey 45 Class ecretary 1, 3 ALEXANDER VVALKER, JR., KE Forestry Rochester, Intramural Athletics 2, 3. NEAL H. VVALKER, APP gronomy Vifiscasset ean's List la, 1b, Za, 2b5 Alpha Zeta Z, .35 'Sce- ndary School Scholarship 15 Hood Scholarship 25 hiladelphia Alumni Scholarship 35 Debating 1, 25 RiHe Team 25 Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Prism , Editorsin-Chief5 Cross Country 15 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. N. Y. CATHERINE M. WARD, AAA AGNES A. WALSH, AAA Romance Languages South Portland Deau's List 3b5 Sophomore Eaglesg Freshman Paper5 Students' Arts Club 15 Le Cercle Francais 35 El Circulo Espanol 3, 4, Vice President 45 A.M.W. Pageant 2, 35 Prism 35 Debate Society 2, 3, 45 Maine Day Committee 2, 35 XV.A.A. Coun- cil, Treasurer 45 "M" Club 2, 3, 45 All'Maine Reserve Hockey Team 3, 45 All-Maine Reserve Basketball Team 2, 35 Executive Committee 2. omance Languages South Portland ean's List 3a, Sb, 4115 Tutorial Honors 45 Uni' ersity Scholarship 45 Kidder Scholarship 45 Alle ' ainc Women 3, 45 Phi Kappa Phi 45 Campus , 45 Contributing Editor 3, Associate Editor 45 e Cercle Francais 3, 4. President 45 El Circulo -spanol 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 International elations Club 3, 45 Prism 35 A.M.VV. Pageant 35 V1S.G.A. 35 Transfer from VVestlJrook Junior 0 ege. JUNE A. WEBSTER L DAVID W. VVARREN, JR., 'I'l'A Romance Languages lslesboro Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3, 45 El Circulo Espanol 3. 4, Vice Presidentg Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 45 Boxing 1, 2, 3, 4. ome Economics Bangor ean's List la, 221.5 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 45 .W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 35 M.O.C. 45 VVon1en's lee Club 45 Off-Campus Women 1, 2, 3, 4, Execu- ive Committee. Ql- 93 llllll'EitS 'lil W Zfilwlllt UN lllltSl'l'l 011.3 lllllllE sniff- A If 'A SHIRLEY G VVEBSTER Mechanical Engineering Lincoln Dean's List Za, Zbg Charles Payson Scholarship 3, A.S.M.E. 3, Secretary 4. DORA B. WEST, AAA Psychology Lexington, Mass. Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 4, Sophomore Eaglesg Y.VV. C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, Students' Arts Club 1, 2, VV.A.A. Council 3, 43 W.S.G.A. 3, 43 "M" Club 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball Z, 3, Hockey 2, 3, 45 All-Maine Reserve Hockey Team 3, All- Maine Hockey Team 45 Captain of Hockey 3, 4. DONALD W. VVESTON, 'PMA Mechanical Engineering Madison Dean's List Sb, A.S.M.E. 4. F. GXVENDOLYN WEYMOUTI-I, AAA Psychology Howlan Sigma Mu Sigma 4, Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 4 M.O.C. 1, 2, 3, Flying Club 4, Secretary 43 Campu. 1, 2, 3,.4, Assistant News Editor 4, Y.VV.C.A 2, 3, Prism 3, Orchestra, A.M.VV. Pageant 2. FRANCIS A. XVHEELER, ATQ Mechanical Engineering Auburn Deans' List lb, Za, Zb, 3a, 4ag Tau Beta Pi 4, Cataloger 43 A.S.M.E. 3, 45 M.O.C. 1, 23 M.C.A. 1, 25 Fencing 13 Track 1. CHARLOTTE Z. VVHITE, H1341 English Bowdoinha Dean's List la, lb, Za, Zb, 3n, 3b, 4ag Tutorin Honors lb, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4ag Travel Scholarship 4 Neai Mathetai 1, Phi Kappa Phi 4, Y.W.C.A. 1 Students' Arts Club 1, Prism 3, VV.S,G.A. 4. RUTH E. WHITE, AAA English Bangor Dean's List 1a, lb, Za, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4:19 Tutorial Honors lb, 3bg Secondary School Scholarship 1, 2, 35 Senior English Essay Contest 43 Contributors' Club 3, 4, M.O.C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pack and Pine 3, 4: Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 3. 4, Cabinet 3, 43 Masque 2, 3, 4, Maine Radio Guild 3, 4, Students' Arts Club 1, 2, El Circulo Espanol 2, Editor of Campus Literary Supplement 4, A.M.VV. Pageant 2, VVomen's Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Manager 4. MARJORIE M. WI-IITEHOUSE Romance Languages August Dean's List la, lb, Za, Zb, Sa, 3b, 4ag Tutori Honors lb, Za, Zb, 3a, 3bg Secondary School Scho arship 15 Charles H. Payson Scholarship 35 Iam S. Stevens Scholarship 4, Neai Mathetai 1: Pl Beta Kappa 3, 4: Phi Kappa Phi 43 Le Cercl Francais 1, 25 Freshman Paper 15 A.M.W. Pagea 1, 2, 33 Hockey lp Modern Dance Club 3, 4. 94 FORREST G. VVHITMAN, BN Forestry East Auburn Pale Blue Key 3, 43 VVinter Sports 2. 3, 45 lntra' mural Athletics 2, 3, 4, BYRON V. XVI-UTNEY, 'PMA Oglggy NVinn ean's List Zbg Der Deutsche Verein, Vice Presi- ent 3, Biology Club, Masque 2, 3. M. HARVARD NVHITTEN, 1l'IIli Agronomy Fort Kent Dean's List 3ag Alpha Zeta 3, 4, Scabbarcl and Blade 3, 4, Sophomore Owls, Senior Skulls, Agri- cultural Club 1, 2, 3, 4, M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 "M" Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Executive Committee 45 'Interfraternity Council 3, 45 Student Senate 3, GORIAIAM H. VVTLBUR Iechanical Engineering Dexter .S.M.E. 3, 4. DOROTHY A. VVILLARD, llB1l' Education Winterport Transfer from Aroostook State Normal Sclrool. ROBERT T. WILLETS, KE orestry Roslyn, L. T., N. Y. ean's List lb, 2lJ, 3a, 311, 4a, Xi Sigma Pi 43 orestry Club 1, Z, 35 Prism 33 Campus 3, 4, ports Editor 4, Football 1, J. V. Football 2, 3, rack 315 Intramural Athletics 43 Campus Broad- sts . ROSLYN B. VVILLEY, AFP Agronomy Patten Agricultural Club 1, 2, 33 I. V. Football 2, 3. FRANK R. WILLIAMS, KIHFA conomics Mechanic Falls Iasque, Assoc. Member 3, M.C.A. 43 Chorus 3, 4, .O.C. 4, Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4. lllllll ITY 0F MAI ll l F' 1 4 I "S,"- UNIVERSITY 0ll MAI E ' 96 JAMES O. VVILLIAMS Chemical Engineering Ogunquit Dearfs List la, 1b, 2a, Zb, 3a, Sb, 4a9 Hovey Memorial Scholarship 2, 39 York Alumni Scholar- ship 39 Tau Beta Pi 39 Intramural Athletics Z, 3, 4. ADAM VV. WILSON, IIHIIE Agricultural Economics Portlan Agricultural Club 29 Track 25 VVrestling 1. DOROTHY H. WING, XS! Home Economics Bath Dean's List 13, lb, Za, Zb, Sa, 311, 4a9 Omicron Nu 3, 4, President 49 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 49 M.O.C. 19 Y.VV.C.A. 1, 4. CECIL S. NVOODBREY, 'MIK Engineering Physics Sebago Lak Dean's List 1b. Za, 4a9 M.C1A. 1, 2, 39 Physio Club 2, 3. 49 Baseball lg Fencing 1, 2, 39 lntra mural Athletics 1, 3, 4. T. RUSSELL NVOOLLEY, JR., BAE Speech Briclgton Masque Key9 Debate Key and ,Tewelg Masque 3. 49 Member Debate Club 3, 4, Vice President 49 Maine Radio Guild 3, 49 I. V. Football 3: Intramural Athletics 1, 29 flohn M, Oak Speaking Award, First 49 University Broadcast Announcer 3, 4. HELEN B. WORMWOOD, AOTI History Cumberland Foresid Dean's List la, lb, 4219 Sophomore Eaglesg NV. G.A. 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Vice President 39 St dents' Arts Club 1, 2. 39 "M" Club 39 M.O.C. V.W.C.A. 1, 2, 39 Student Senate 2, 39 Che Leader 1, 2, 39 Won1en's Forum 33 Varsity Sho 39 Prism 39 Hockey 1, 2, 39 Basketball 1, 2, Al Maine 29 Volleyball 1, 2. SAMUEL J. WRIGHT Animal Husbandry Clinton RICHARD A. YORKE Education Killgfiil Education Club 19 Transfer from Farmington Sta Normal School. BARBARA A. YOUNG, AAA Mathematics Calais Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 45 Y.VV.C.A. 1, 33 Sigma Delta Zeta 3, 49 A.M.W. Pageant 13 E1 Circulo Espanol. ANGELO S.. ZIENO orestry Norwich, N. Y. ean's List lb, 2b, 3a, 3bg Xi Sigma Pi 3, 4: orestry Club 2, 3, 43 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 35 ootball 1, J. V. Football 2, 3. MORRIS ZITANER Zoology South Brewer Dearfs List 32.5 Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 35 Biology Club 2, 35 Band 1, 2, Intramural Ath- leticsg Boxing 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3. UNIVER ITY 0F MAI E -swf-1-.-M 1 at-5 5 M ' Mfr.-My su- :. wmv HW ,F ms.,---Q 53, xr ,LZ l,,l', N -lg: SNES!! M' . -X 5415 . v . M - : f 5 N . - 1-Ht W i ,I -xi U at Editorial Staff: Levene, Kilpatrick, VVeymoutl1, White, Elwell, Berry, Phillips, Phelan, Kingsley BOB ELW ELL EDITOR THE H342 EDITORIAL STAFF ROBERT' ELWVELL. . . B,uumlt,t GOXVITN. . IJONALD KlL1'A'l'RICli. . . EDWARD GEARY .... NIARCARET PIIILLIPS ISRYAN1' BEAN ..... JEANNE'l4'liE BERRY. . Puttuf Puskcn ..,., Editor-in-Chief . .. Assistant Editor . . . , ,. Assistant Editor . Men's Sports Editor . . . . ,XVUIHCITS Sports Editor . ...... Fraternity Editor . . . . . . . Sorority Editor ,. Photography Editor ASSOCIATE EDITORS Cortna Kingsley Victor Levene 1 Paul Phelan t H ,-W: 2 w R su. Helen Alexander Frances Andrews Macleliene Banton Clinton Barrio Frances Bickford Barbara Thompson Helen Weymouth Arlene YVclJster Mary IVhite MEMBERS Frank Brewster Lorraine Dirnitrc Barbara Emmons Violet Hamilton Marion Hines Lois Long Barbara Perry Barbara Savage Calvin Sewafl Priscilla Thurlow PUBLI HEU BOY THE JU. iIOPt CLASS 3 I 2, i vw i X r Q Business Staff: Adnsk PP1I'lVl BOARD BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager GERARD Goui.E'1"rE . . , ......, . . . . FRED K1aI,so . ...... ...... A -Icn's Circulation SNILIHZIQCI' ELEANOR YVARD ,.., , . . .XVomcn's Circulation Manager CIRCULATION ASSISTANTS Miriam Adusko Miles Mzink Maria Phillips MEMBERS l Earle Adams A Muriel Cleverly f Ruth Eastman Barbara johnson AT THE UNIVERSITY UF MAINE 0, Johnson, Phillips, Mank, YVarcl, Goulette, Kelso, Cleverly, Ada IHS JERRY GOULETTE BUSINESS NIANAGIZR JAHMUH CLASS UEHUHJIS .M-N,:...+n ,mff ,, 'M 1- . di' :sau -X' I D,,. . ,, KILPATRICK SAVAGE BARROWS LEGER EDXVARD P. BARROWS PRESIDENT DONALD M. KILPATRICK VICE PRESIDENT BARBARA SAVAGE IOO SECRETARY EUGENE LEGER TREASURER MAI SUSAN D. ABBOTT Uniong Home Economics: DC2lIl'S List za, 2113 Home Economics Club 3. EARL C. ADAMS PO1'llZll1Ll1 Fre11cl1g Le Ccrcle Frzmcnis 2, 32 El Circulo Espanol 2, 32 Chorus 1, 21 Prism 3. MIRIAM R. ADASKO Gloucester, Mass., History and fl0VCYl1l'llClllQ Le Cercle Fl'll.llC1llS 21 Students' Arts Club 32 Rille Team 31 XVo111e11's Forum 2, 31 Prism 3: A.M.NV. Pageant IQ 111ter11z1tio11:11 Relations Club 32 Y.W.C.A. 1. 2, 3: Hockey Team 1, 2, 32 Basketball 1, 21 Volleyball 1. 21 "M" Club 2, 3. josmfu J. ALBERT Bangorg Eco11o111icsg Le Cercle F1'a11cais lj Football 1: -I.V. Football 22 Iutrrunural Athletics 2. HELEN A. ALEXANDER - Sacoz Nursing: Y.XV.C.A. 1, 2, 31 M,O.C. 1: Students' Arts Club 1. 2. 32 Chorus 22 Le Cercle Fraricais ll Prism 3. A DA F. ALP ERT liangorg Ho111e Economicsg 'l1l'2ll1SfCl' from Massucliusetts College of Pharmacy. ADA F. ALPERT HELEN A. ALEXANDER 101 SUSAN D. ABBOTT EARL C. ADAMS MIRIAM R. A DASKO JOSEPH QI. ALB ERT 11 ann tw ,lv ar 1 mfs , ms.masn::- I Wmxgffisvcr-11s 512121215-1 if X 371 1 FRANCIS S. ANDREVVS FRANCES C. ANDREWS JOHN R. ANDERSON ELIZAB ETH C. ANSELL EDWARD P. ARBO WALTER H. ARMITAGE 'A' i' 'A' JOHN R. ANDERSON Phi Gamma Deltag Livermore Falls, Mechanical El'Igll1CC1'lllg1 Dcan's List gag Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3: M.C.A. 1. FRANCES C. ANDREWVS Pi Beta Phi, Falmouth, Home Economics: Orchestra 1, 2: Campus 1, 2, 3, Subscription Manager 1, 21 Home Economics Club 1, 2. 3: Prism 32 University Quartet 1, 2, 31 University Trio 3: Masque 3: Y.lV.C.A. 1. FRANCIS S. ANDREWS Sigma Chi, Norway, Governtncntg Dean's List lil. 1b, 2b. gag M.C.A. 1, 2, 31 Men's Glee Club 1, 2. 35 Debate Club 1, 2, 3: Le Cercle Francais lj Band 1, 21 Maine Radio Guild 2, 3: Masque, Assoc. Member 1, 2, 31 Students' Arts Club 1. ELIZABETH C. ANSELL Dextcrg Nursing. EDXVARD P. AR BO Theta Chi, Brownville junction, Business Administration, -I.V. Football 2, 3, Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. XVALTER H. ARMITAGE Kappa Sigma: Methuen, Mass.: Mecl1:111ical Engineering, A.S.M.E. 31 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 31 Intramural Athletic Board 1. CLASS UF 1942 MAI SHIRLEY G. ASH MAN Chelsea: Romance Languages: Dean's List lil, 1l1, 211, 2l1, ga: Tutorial Honors 1b, 221, 2b, 3:15 Neai Mathetai 2, President, Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3: El Circulo Espanol 2, 3: "M" Club 2, 3: W.A.A. 3: Soccer Manager 3: Hockey 1, 2, 3, All-Maine Hockey 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: V0uCYb2'u 1' 2' SHIRLEY G. ASHMAN FLORENCE C. ATYVOOD Alpha Omicron Pig Brunswick: Home Economies: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3: HCJIIIC Economics Club 3: M.0.C. 1, 3: Prism 3: Hockey 2. ARTHUR G. AXTELL Phi Eta Kappa: Saugerties, New York: Wild Life Conservation: Forestry Club 1: M.C.A. 3: Basketball 1: I11tra1n11ral Athletics 1, 2, 31 Indoor Track 3. GERALD w. BACHMAN FLORENCE C' ATWOOD Lambda Cl1i Alpha: Augusta: Chemical Engineering: Alpha Chi Sigma 2, 3: M.C.A. 1, 2: M.0.C. 1. 2: Glee Cl11h 1, 2: Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. HENRY F. ISACON Oakland: Civil Engineering: DCHll'S List 211. MADELI EN E L. BANTON Delta Delta Delta: Newport: Home Economics: Hoxiorary Lieutenant Colonel 3: Y.W.C.A. 1. 2: Prism 3: Ho111e Economies Club 3: A.M.W. Pageant 1, 2. ARTHUR G. AXTELL MADELTENE L, BANTUN HENRY F. BACON GERALD W. BACHMAN 103 EDVVARD P. BARROVVS lbw JOHN C. BARROWS ALICE J. BARTLETT BRYANT C. BEAN ELIZABETH J. BARKER CLINTON L. BARDO i' if -A' CLINTON L. BARDO Lambda Chi Alphag Providence, R. 1.5 Forestryg Forestry Club 1, 2. 3, President 32 M.O.C. 2, 32 M.C.A. 1, 2: Prism 3: IIIll'21lTllIl'Ill Atl1- letics 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH BARK ER Alpha Omicron Pig Bangor: English: Dea11's List 211, 2b, 3:15 Sigma Mu Sigma 32 Sigma Mu Sigma Award 22 Southern California Alun1- ni Scholarship 2Q Modern Dance Club 2. 3, President 32 Students' Arts Club 31 XV.A.A. 31 A.M.lV. Pageant 1, 2. EDXVARD P . BARROXV S Beta Theta Pig Newportg Business ACllllllllSll'2'lll0DQ Sophomore Owls5 Scabbard a11d Blade 31 El Circulo Espanol 1. 21 Orchestra ll "M" Club 2, 31 Athletic Board 1, 2. 35 M.C.A. 1, 21 Masque, Assoc. Mem' ber 1: Football 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 11 Basketball IQ Baseball IQ Class President 1, 2, 3. JOHN C. BARROYVS Beta Theta Pig Gle11 Ridge, N. J.: Chemical Engineeringg Rifle Team 1. ALICE BARTLETT Or0n05 Nursingg DCRIIYS List 1l1, 2a, 2b, 3:15 Oll-Campus XVOITICII 1, 2, 32 Le Cercle Francais 22 Zoology Club 2. BRYANT C. BEAN Lambda Chi Alpha5 XVoodstock5 Drama5 M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent 35 Debating Society 1, 2, 31 Le Cercle Francais 1, 21 Students' Arts Club 1, 2Q Prism 31 Band 1, 2, 31 Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Sec- retary 32 Masque, Assoc. Member 1, 2, 35 Track Manager 1. CLASS UF 1942 104 MAI CLIFFORD M. BEATON Theta Chig Brownvillc Junction: Chemical Engineeriiigg Alpha Chi Sigma 2, 32 Illl.l'Flll1lll'2ll Athletics 1, 2, 32 Assistant Manager Cross Country 1, 2. DONALD E. BEATON Delta Tau Deltag Bangorg History and Govcrnnientg Dcan's List 221, 2b, 3215 International Relations Club gg Der Deutsche Verein 2. 3. ROBERT BEATON Sigma Nug Stoughton, Mass.: Wvilcllife Conservationg Dean's List Ib, 2b9 Cross Country 1. YVILLIAM R. BECKMANN Sigma Alpha Epsilong Brooklyn, N. Y.: Wildlife Conservation: Dean's List 111, 1b, 2a, zb, 3115 M.O.C. lj Basketlmall 1, 33 Intrainural Ath- letics 1, 2, 3. PAUL M. BEEGEL Theta Chig Bangorg Pre-Mcclicalg Der Deutsche Vercin 2, 31 Fencing Club 1. MARTHA C. BELKNAP Phi M115 D2ll1l2ll'lSCOll2I1 Business AC'il11llllSll'2lflCJllQ Glee Club 3: Y.XV.C.A. gg Basketball 22 Transfer from Smith College. . E A ss MARTHA C. BELKNAP PAUL M. BEEGEL 105 CLIFFORD M. REATON DONALD E. BEATON ROB ERT J. B EATON WILLIAM R. BECKMAN is a QE 'Qi n if n ga Ei JEANETTE E- BERRY SHIRLEY B. BERG CHARLES S. BENJAMIN, JR. FRANCES E. BICKFORD ARTHUR B IGELSON PERCY G. BILLTNGS, JR. 'k 'k 'A' CHARLES S. BENJAMIN, JR. Sigma Chi, Etna, N. Y.g Business Administrutiong Henry L. Griflin Prize English Composition 11 C.A.A. 2. 32 M.0.C. 1, 22 Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 31 Flying Club 3, Vice President 3. SHIRLEY B. BERG Bangor, Sociologyg A.M.W. Pageant 1, 21 Le Cercle Francais 1, El Circulo Espanol 2Q Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. JEANETTE E. BERRY Delta Delta Delta: Houlton: Psychology: Students' Arts Club 2, Y.W.C.A. 2, gg Prism 3. FRANCES E. BICKFORD ,-,- -3 31 Delta Delta Deltag Madison: Home Economics: M.O.C. IQ Y.YV.C.A. 1, 2, Cabinet 22 A.M.W. Pageant I. 2: Prism 33 Assistant Hockey Manager 3. ARTHUR BIGELSON Tau Epsilon Phig Bangor: Electrical Engineering: A.I.E.E. 22 Ten- lllS 1. PERCY G. BILLINGS, JR. Bangor: Agricultural Engineering. CLASS 013194 106 2 I GORDON H. EITHER Kappa Sigma: Houltou: E1l11calio11: IIllI'1ll1llIl'1ll Athletics 3Q Trans- fer from Rickcr Junior College. CLIFFORD A. BLAKE Phi Mu Delta: Cornish: Ag1'ic11lt111':1l ECOIIOIIHCSQ fxgl'lCllllllI'Zll Club 1: Basketball 2, 3: Baseball 2: lllll'1lllllll'1ll Athletics 2. 3. C. JOSEPHINE BLAKE Phi Mug LaGrange: Home Economics: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, Cabinet 3: M.0.C. 2, 3, Pack and Pine 3: Home Economics Club 2, 3: l'a11hcl' leuic Council 3: Masque, Assoc. Member 2, 3: A.M.W. Pllgliillll 1, 2: Hockey 2: Basketball 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2. BERTRAND E. BLANCHARD Phi Eta Kappa: Dove1'-Foxcroftg Ag1'icull111'z1l Ec0110111i1ts: Dcan's List 2b: Scabbarcl and Blade 3: Agl'lClllllll'Zll Club 2. GORDON C. BLANCHARD Lambda Chi Alpha: Swn111pscot1, Mass.: Meclianical E11gi11ec1'i11g: The Prize ofthe Class of 1873 2: M.O.C. 1, 2, 3, Pack and Pine 1, 2, 3. KENNETH S. BLANCHARD Phi Eta Kappa: Blancl1a1'd: Civil El1gll'lCCl'lIlg1 A.S.C.E. 3: C.A.A. 35 Track 1. 2, 3: I11t1'amu1'al Athletics 1, 2, 3. GORDON H. BITH ER CLIFFORD A. BLAKE C. JOSEPI-UNE BLAKE .1 is ,W " M "MH "H 2 :IT 5- .' : :- n g iglgwf ,I :.,......-.-1: 115.31113 sift. , :s2f.: .::::. -2- ...,. :- 14.1 11 fl ' '- 2 s-:PE m i KENNETH S. BLANCHARD GORDON C. BLANCHARD BERTRAND E. BLANCHARD 107 ms may my RALPH L. BOMMATTEI HAROLD V. BLOOD RUSSELL P. BLANCHARD ALTON G. BONNEY, JR. JOHN A. BOVVER DURANT BOXVERS 1' i' i' RUSSELL P. BLANCHARD Phi Eta Kappa: Mars Hillg Agricultural Economicsg Basketball 11 Il1Ll'1llHlIl'2ll Athletics 1, 2, 3. HAROLD V, BLOOD Sigma Alpha Epsilong Dover-Foxcroftg Education: Masque 31 Educa- tion Club 3Q Transfer from Farmington State Normal School. RALPH L. BOMMATTEI Norway, Education: Transfer from University of Buffalo. ALTON G. BONNEY, JR. Portlandg Engineering Physics: Dean's List ia, zbg Masque 1, 2, 3: Mcn's Glee Club 1, 2, 31 M.C.A. Cabinet 1, 22 M.O.C. 1, 22 NIIllli1gCl of Cross Country 15 Manager of Track 1. JOHN A. BOSVER Delta Tau Delta: Auburn: Mechanical Engineeringg Dean's List 1a, 1b, 3:13 Sophomore Owls, "M" Club 3Q Yvinter Sports 1, 2, 32 Base- ball 1, 22 Cross Country 1. DURANT BOWERS Bangor: Electrical Engineering, CLASS 0131942 108 MAIL ROBERT V. BOXVSER Phi Kappa Sigma: Reading, Mass.: Electrical E11gi11eeri11gg Radio Club IQ Wrestling IQ Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. ROBERT V.BOW6ER ARTHUR,BOYD Phi Nlll Delta, Milford, Agl'lClllllll'Zll Economics, DCilll'S List 2b: Scabbard and Blade 31 Int1'z1111ur11l Athletics 3. DORIS M. BRADEEN Dover-Foxcroft: Home Economics, Y.XV.C.A. 1. 32 Hockey 1. 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3. DOROTHY S. BRENVER Alpha Omicron Pig Bar Harborg Home Economies, Y.W,C.A. 1, 22 Home Economics Club 32 Rifle Team 31 lVo111en's Forum ARTHUR BOYD FRANK E. BREVVSTER Phi Eta Kappa: South Portland, Chemical Engineeringg Dean's List 121, 1b, 211, 211, 321: Tau Beta Pi 3: Alpha Chi Sigma 2 31 SCCOIICILITQ' School Scholarship IQ Prism 3: Cross Country 1: Track 1, 2, 3: Alpha Chi Sigma Handbook. ROBERT M. BRINK Cape Elizabeth: Electrical Engineering: Dean's List nb. za: Radio Club 2, 3: Track 1. ' DORE M.BRADEEN K mx: gsm nm is -Q 11 L Wie ROBERT M. BRINK FRANK E. BREVVSTER DOROTHY s. BREWER 109 M. mag was wx Q2 ali S 1 St 2 ii? MARJORY E- BROWN HARVEY W. BRONVN DONALD v. BROWN WALTER E. BRONVN, JR. ROBERT I. BROWNE TRESTON O. BUBAR s ss' i i' it DONALD V. BROYVN Sigma Nu, Fairfieldg Chemical Iinginceringg M.O,C. 1, 2, 31 l.A.A. 3: Intramural Athletics 2, 3. HARVEY W. BROXVN Mt. Desert, History and Government. MARJORY E. ISROYVN Purchase, N. Y., Education. YVALTER E. BROVVN, JR. Phi Gamma Delta: Bucksport: Civil Engineering: A.S.C.E. 1: C.A.A. 33 Football 1, 22 Manager of Baseball 1, 23 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. ROBERT I. BROVVNE Bethel, Agricultural Economics. TRESTON O. B U BAR Alpha Gamma Rho, Littleton: Agronomy, 4-H Club 1, 2, 32 Agri- cultural Club 1, 2, 3. CLASS 0151942 IIO MAI FRANCIS YV. BURGER Beta Theta Pig Lynn, Massa Chemical Engineering: Scahbard and Blade 32 I.M.A.A. 2, 3. Secretary 3: Manager of Football IQ Assistant Manager of Football 22 Co-Manager of Football 31 Intramural Ath- letics 1, 2, 3. JOHN E. BURKE Bangorg Mechanical Engineering. SARA H E. B URLEI GH Delta Delta Dcltag Augustag Nursing: Sophomore Eaglesg Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3: Students' Arts Club 31 Assistant Hockey Manager gg Fresh- man Banquet Committee. JOHN M. BURNETT Delta Tau Delta: Skowhegang Civil Engineeringg A.S.C.E. 3. REUBEN S. BURNHAM Kappa Sigma: Sacog Mechanical Engineering. W'ENDELL T. BUTLER Sigma Alpha Epsilong Springvaleg Chemical Engineering: Dean's List ia, 221, 2b, 321: Band 1, 2, 3. FRANCIS VV, BURGER JOHN E. BURKE SARAH E. BURLEIGH 11 xr as N WENDELL T. BUTLER REUBEN S. BURNHAM JOHN M. BURNETT I LELAND F. CARTER GENEVIEVE E. CARTER VVILFRED I. BUTTERFIELD, JR 'A' 'A' ir ERNEST D. Cl-IADBOURNE JOHN E. CHANDLER WILLIAM M. CI-IRISTENSEN, IR. NVILFRED I. BUTTERFIELD, JR. Phi Mu Delta: Bangor: Pre-Medical: Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3. GENEVIEVE E. CARTER Lamoine: Home Economics: Rifle Club 1: 4.-H Club 1, 2, 3: Y.W.C.A. 2, Cabinet 2: Home Economics Club 3: Prism 3. LELAND F. CARTER Sigma Nu: Freeport: Civil Engineering. ERNEST D. CHADBOURNE Alpha Tau Omega: East Baldwin: Agricultural Economics: Foot- ball lj J.V. Football 2. JOHN E. CHANDLER Monmouth: Business Administration: Dean's List 1a: M.O.C. 2, 3: Le Cercle Francais 2: 4-H Club 1, 2, 3: Fencing 1, 2, 3: Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. NVILLIAM M. CHRISTENSEN, JR. Lambda Chi Alpha: Auburn: Mechanical Engineering: M.O.C. 1, 2: M.C.A. 1, 2: A.S.M.E. 3: YVinter Sports 1: RiBr: Team 1: Intramural Athletics 1, 2. CLASS 0131942 112 MAI R JAMES E. CHURCH, JR. Delta Tau Deltag Gardiner: Pre-Dentalg M.O.C. 1: Students' Arts Club 1, 2Q Biology Club 1, 22 Band 1, 21 Mzlnager Baseball lj Assist- ant Manager Baseball 2. JAMES E. CHURCH, IR ROBERT E. CHUTE INOIWVIIYQ Mechanical Engineeringg Dean's List 251, 2i7, gag Charles H. Payson Scholzlrship 2Q A.S.M.E. 3. ALTON WV. CLARK Phi Eta Kappag Kcnnebunkg M:1thernz1tics: Sigma Delta Zeta 31 Tennis IQ Truck lj Cross Country IQ Intrarnural Athletics 1, 2, 3. CARL O. CLARK Alpha Gamma Rhog Freedom: Agronomyg Masque 2: .1-H Club IQ Agricultural Club 1. ROBERT E. CHUTE XVILLIAM B. CLARK Sigma Alpha Epsilong Lewiston: Electrical Enginccringg Fencing 1, 2: A.I.E.E. 3. MURIEL B. CLEVERLY Chi Omegng Hull, Mass.: Historyg Derufs List 111. lb. 211. 2b: Tutorial Honors 1b, fza, zb, gag International Relations Club 3: Prism 31 Hockey 1. ALTON W. CLARK I 1 l MURIEL B. CLEVERLY WILLIAM B. CLARK CARL 0, CLARK IIS RUDOLPH F. CONTI BERNARD E. COLPITTS ,TOZEF B, COHEN FLORENCE E. COUSINS MOWARD L. COUSINS, JR. MARY A. COWIN JOZEF B. COHEN Roxbury, Mass., Psychology, Dean's List gag Sigma Mu Sigma 3: Campus lj Indoor Track, Manager IQ Outdoor Track, Manager lj Music Box Staff 2, 3. BERNARD E. COLPITTS Alpha Tau Omega: Sacog Mechanical Engineeringg Sophomore Owls, Scabbard and Blade 3g Football 1, 2: Track 1, 22 Intramural Ath- letics 2, 3. RUDOLPH F. CONTI Kappa Sigma, Arlington, Mass., Business Administration, M.C.A. IQ Men's Glee Club IQ Scabbard and Blade 31 I.A.A. 35 Cross Country I1 Track 1, 2: Baseball 15 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. FLORENCE E. COUSINS Alpha Omicron Pig Old Town, English and Sociologyg Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, Secretary 31 M.O.C. 1, 2Q Le Cerclc Francais 1. HOWVARD L. COUSINS, JR. Phi Eta Kappa, Fort Kent: Educationg Education Cl11b 3: Trick Rifle Squad 32 Transfer from Madawaska Training School. MARY A. COWV IN Oronog Home Economicsg Alpha Omicron Pi Alumnae Prize 1: Off- Campus Xvomen 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 1, 2: M.O.C. 2, 35 Pack and Pine 32 W.A.A. 31 Hockey 1, 2, 3, All-Maine Team 31 Basketball 21 Volley ball 22 A.M.W. Pageant 1. 2. CLASS UF 1942 114 MAI RICHARD C. CRANCH Phi Kappa Sigma: New Rochelle, N. Y.g Forestry, Dean's List ia, 1b, 211, gag Xi Sigma Pi SQ Scabbard and Blade 32 Forestry Club 35 M.O.C. 1, 2: Campus 1, 2, 3, Managing Editor 35 Football Manager 1, 21 Football Co-Manager 35 Rifle Team 1, 21 Intramural Athletics 2, 3. GUY CROCKER Stillwater: Chemical Engineering, Dean's List lil, 1b, 2a, 2bg Alpha Chi Sigma 3. LLOYD B. CROSSLAND Mexico, General Engineeringg Dean's List la, lb, 2a, 2b: Charles H. Pavson Scholarship 15 University Scl1olarsl1ip 2j A.l.E.E. 3. NATHANIEL CROXVLEY Phi Mu Delta: Dover-Foxcroftg Business Administration: El Circulo Espanol 1, 2, 35 Pale Blue Key 32 "M" Club 2, 32 Football 1, 33 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain Qijg Baseball 1, 2, Captain 1, GEORGE B. CUNNINGHAM Alpha Tau Omega, Old Towng Drama: Masque 1. 2, 3: Press Rep. 3: Le Cercle Francais 15 M.O.C. ll Students' Arts Club IQ Radio Guild 31 Football 1. JOHN 1. CURLEY, JR. Kappa Sigmag Rumfordg Business Administration, Football IQ Intra- mural Athletics 1, 2, 3. RICHARD C. CRAN CH GUY J, CROCK1-:R LLOYD B. CROSSLAND JOHN I. CURLEY, JR. GEORGE B. CUNNINGI-IAM NATHANIEL J, CROWLEY 115 J. VVILFRED CYR GEORGE B. CUSHMAN BOYD A. CURTIS RALPH O. DALE ' ROBERT A. DALRYMPLE, JR. EDWARD VV. DANGLER 'k 'A' 'A' BOYD A. CURTIS Band 1, 25 F.F.A. 3. GEORGE B. CUSHMAN Bryant Pondg Dairy Technology. j. XVILFRED CYR Lilleg Agronomyg Transfer from Assumption College. RALPH O. DALE Phi Gamma Delta: Bath, Physics: Physics Club 1, 2, SQ M.O.C. IQ M.C.A. lj Masque, Assoc. Member lj Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3: Fencing 11 Assistant Manager of Basketball 1. ROBERT A. DALRYMPLE, JR. Phi Gamma Delta, Framingham, Mass.g Business and Economics: l.A.A. lj Football 1, 2, 3. EDXVARD YV. DANGLER Alpha Tau Omegag Brooklyn, N. Y.: Wildlife Conservation: Dean's List ia, 211, 211: Forestry Club 1, 22 Baseball 1, 2. CLASS 0131942 IIG Alpha Gamma Rho, Easton, Agronomy, Agricultural Club 1, 2, 31 MAI CARL F. DAVIS Theta Chi: Milo, Mathematicsg Dean's List la, 1b, 221, 2b, 3:13 Le Cercle Francais IQ Sigma Delta Zeta 2, 3: Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 32 Chorus xg Band 1, 25 Radio Guild 2, 32 Manager Indoor Track 15 Manager Cross Country 1, 2, 3. CARROL D. DAVIS Phi Mu Deltag 'Solong Electrical Engineering: Scabbard and Blade 33 A.I.E.E. 3, Secretary 32 Baseball 1, 2, 3. CHARLES R. DAVIS Old Town: Mechanical Engineering: Transfer from United States Naval Academy. DONALD H. DAVIS Phi Kappa Sigma: Duxbury, Mass., Chemical Engineering: Alpha Chi Sigma 2, 33 Campus 2, 3Q Football Manager 1. ERNA E. DAVIS Chi Omega, Bucksportg Home Economics, Dearfs List 2b5 YVomen's Forum 2, 3, Vice President 31 Home Economics Club 2, 3: Transfer from Xvellesley College. ROBERT T. DAVIS Old Town, Journalism: Contributors' Club 2, 3: Masque I, 2, 3. Press Rep. 3. 1 l ROBERT T. DAVIS ERNA E. DAVIS 117 1' R Nvwgi- 4 -.f-1 -s,x3Qf-2.525-E-I E -was - I .. wx W. ss ilgw Mig R " W 132 few' afwkmim 3 -,WWMM I-2 5 - . 25352: .. ff? H ' ig 2 31 jf, .F -,gf F ' ' J,.T,3?5?l - 2. . ' 'W ' gc. .. . ..., , . Q.. I fzfjzi- - A.. 2 lxQli2fQgf .1-iliiiliii... .llliwrv , 3" . f .V 742 :. Y Q 'Q ",,.f,.'.,.,.2Qf.:'.'f-. ' .3'3.Il1L...'. .... I- 3.3 ,' I A r' ' ll " f Gaz' CARL F. DAVIS ' CARROL D. DAVIS CHARLES R. DAVIS DONALD I-I. DAVIS ROBERT H. DAY RICHARD B. DAY MCCLURE DAY 'k 'A' 'A' MCCLURE DAY Delta Tau Delta: Damariscottag Animal Husbariclryg Dean's List 2a, 2b5 Alpha Zeta 2, 31 Scabbard and Blade 31 Pale Blue Key 2, 3: Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3: Manager Baseball lj Rifle Team 1. 2. 31 Intramural Athletics 2, 3. RICHARD B. DAY Delta Tau Delta Damariscottag Animal Husbandryg Dean's List 2b3 RICHARD J. MBARROS Alpha Zeta 31 Scabbard and Blade 32 Pale Blue Key 2, 31 Student ROBERT B. DEERING NICHOLAS DEN ESUK Senate 55 Interfraternity Council 3: Agricultural Club 1, 2, 31 Man- ager Baseball 11 Rifle Team 2, 31 Intramural Athletics. ROBERT H. DAY Bryant Pondg Dairy Husbandry: Band 2, 3. RICHARD deBARROS New York, N. Y.: Botany and Entomologyg Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3: Biology Club 2, 35 Rille Team 2. ROBERT B. DEERING Phi Kappa Sigma, Oronog Horticulture: Dean's List gag M.O.C. IQ Chorus 12 Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3. NICHOLAS DENESUK Sigma Nu: Peabody, Mass.: Forestryg Dean's List 1b. 2a. zb, gag Xi Sigma Pi 35 Scabbard and Blade 3: M.O.C. 1, 2, 3Q Pack and Pine 2, 31 Forestry Club 1, 2, 3: Rille Team 2, 3. CLASS 0131942 118 MAI E ELEANOR B. DENNIS Passadumkeagg Historyg lJean's List zag Bertha Joy Thompson Schol- arship SQ International Relations Club 3. GERADUS C. dcROTH Montour Falls, N. Y.g Entomology M.O.C. 3: Boxing IQ Fencing 3. HOWARD C. DCSHON Phi Eta Kappa: Machiasg Electrical Engineering: A.I.E.E. 32 Radio Club 3: Band 1, 21 Orchestra 21 Campus 2: Tennis Club 1, 2, 32 Tennis 1, 33 Intrzlmural Athletics 1, 2, 3. THOMAS D. DICKENS Camden: Wildlife Conservation, Intramiiral Athletics 1, 2, 3. JOHN M. D1L1.oN Sigma Chi: Naugatuck. Conn.: Business Administration: Connecti- cut Alumni Scholarship 1: Scabbard and Blade 3: Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 31 Contributors' Club 3: Biology Club, Secretary IQ C.A.A. 31 Rifle Team 1. M. LORRAINE DIMITRE Calais: Business ACllDllIlSll'Hll0l11 Le Cercle Francais 21 El Circulo Espanol 2: Students' Arts Clllll 31 Y.XV.C.A. IQ Prism 3: M.O.C. lj Hockey 1, 3: All-Maine Team 32 Basketball 1, 2, 32 Volleyball 1, 2: lV.A.A. Council ll "M" Club 3Q A.M.lV. Pageant 1. , . 3. ef. S w ' ss ss M. LORRAINE DTMITRIE JOHN M. DILLON 'lil ELEANOR B. DENNIS ' 1 I . . i ,, , 5' ' . ,til X H 4 -:- 55 5 . I V . V m n 3 " ., ' 3 K s 2 sl E , ,, - WB ,Ss , , .,,,. Q 1 ' 7 . ifzzx- -- t , gap., uxmis, .- ,, - vw. 'ai im' X, 1 1 Q ' 1 is Y f ..,. iff Y I . X .:u?f n -0 I It :Hu pg.. Q , , we . .,.. W. 3 ..." ...... . WW ..-..... ,XM . use .. 11 g , ' ..: ' lie . 5 . j 'misss we . awww, xg, WM -E ' - H ' 'Tffz 'nw TEE' S3 was B- wail amd' I 12. V ' 3. I p. I ' A ' if .. 5' GERADUS C. cleROTH l HOWARD C. DeSI-ION THOMAS D. DICKENS JORDAN DOB ROW' DAVID T. DODGE .V X: lm . K E I : : K .. is 1. :fx H24 ! ti- 4.1 3 ARTHUR S. DOLE, JR. RICHARD D. DOLE ELINOR L. DIXON JOI-IN P, DIMMER if 'k 'A' JOHN P. DIMMER Kappa Sigma, Portland, Civil Engineeringg Deans List 1bg A.S.C.E. 3: Campus 2, 3: Pale Blue Key 32 IllIl'2lllllll'Z1l Athletics 1, 2. 3: Maine Day Committee 1. ELINOR L. DIXON Portland: English: Dean's List 2b, ga: W.S.G.A. gg Y.lV.C.A. IQ Stu- dents' Arts Club 1, 3: Le Cercle Francais 2. JORDAN DOBROW Tau Epsilon Phig Brookline, Mass.g Business Administration: Dean's List 121, 1b, za, 2b, 3113 Tutorial Honors lb, 211, 2b: Le Cercle Fran- cais 1j'St11de11ts' Arts Club 3Q Cross Country Baseball ll Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. DAVID T. DODGE Alpha Gamma Rho: Bangorg Animal Husbax IQ Boxing IQ Manager idryg Agricultural Club 1, 2, 31 M.C.A. 1, 22 Pale Blue Key 32 Indoor Track 1, 21 Outdoor Track 1, 21 J.V. Football 3: Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. ARTHUR S. DOLE, JR. Hermong Zoologyg Dean's List aa, 2b, gag De r Deutsche Verein 3. RICHARD D. DOLE Sebago Lake, Mechanical Engineeringg M.C.A. 1, 2, 31 Basketball IQ Baseball 1: Intramural Athletics 2, 3. CLASS UF 1942 O DONALD 13. DORR Phi Kappa Sigmag Mexico: Vlfildlife Conscrvationg M.O.C. 11 Fores- try Club 11 Manager Football 1. CLARENCE P. DOW Charlestong Forestry: Forestry Club 2: Rifle Team 2. LESLIE A. DOW' Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Stillwaterg Chemical Engineering: Baseball, Manager 2. LEVI S. DOW Phi Eta Kappa: Fort Kentg Wildlife Conservationg M.C.A. 1, 32 Forestry Club 11 Basketball 12 Intramural Athletics 2, 3. LAURENCE M. DOYVNES Phi M11 Delta: Bangorg Mechanical Engineering: Basketball 1, 21 Baseball 1, 2. CARL P. DUNCAN Pl1i Eta Kappa: Presque Isleg Speeclig Dean's List ta, 1b, 2:13 Tutorial Honors 1b, 221, 2b, 321: Radio Club 2, 32 Debate Club 1. DONALD E. DORR CLARENCE P. DOW LESLIE A. DOW CARL P. DUNCAN LAURENCE M. DOWNES LEVI S. DOW 121 RUTH E. EASTMAN SAMUEL DYER, JR- ROBERT H. DYER M23 . BYRON A. EATON PAUL EHRENFRIED JOHN XV. ELDRIDGE i i 'A' ROBERT H. DYER Turner: YVi1dlifc Conservation: Transfer from Portland Junior College. SAMUEL DYER, JR. Lambda Chi Alpha: Framingham, Mass.: Mechanical Engineering: Scabbard and Blade 3: M.C.A. 1: M.O.C. 1, 2: I.A.A. 33 A.S.M.E. 3: Intramural Ball Committee 3: Football 1, 2, 3: Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3: Class Treasurer 2. RUTH E. EASTMAN Augusta: Nursing: Y.W.C.A. 1: Le Cercle Francais 1, 2: Prism 32 Hockey 1, 2, 5: Basketball 1, 2: Volleyball 1. BYRON A. EATON Stonington: Education: Education Club: Transfer from Eastern State Normal School. A PAUL EHRENFRIED Phi Kappa Sigma: Lewiston: journalism and Economics: Orchestra 1, 2: Band 1, 2: Campus 1, 2, 3, News Editor 3: Masque 3. JOHN YV. ELDRIDGE Phi Gamma Delta: Orrington: Chemical Engineering: Intramural Athletics. CLASS 0131942 MAIL I ROBERT A. ELWVELL Sigma Alpha Epsilong Gorham, Agricultural Economics: IV. H. Bowker Scholarship 1, 21 john M. Oak Speaking Award, Second 23 Prism, Editor-in-Chief 3: Masque Assoc. Member 2, 31 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, National President 1, National Board of Trustees 2, 32 Campus 1, 2, Star Reporter 2j M.C.A. II Band 1, 23 Agricultural Club 1, 2, gg Radio Guild 1, 2, 3, Executive Board 3. LAIVRENCE XV. EMERY Sigma Chi, East Machiasg Business Administrationg Dean's List gag Scabbard and Blade 3Q Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, Treasurer 2: Stu- dents' Arts Club lj Football lj Track lj Intramural Athletics 2. BARBARA VV. EMMONS Delta Delta Delta, Worcester, Mass.: Psychology, Students' Arts Club 1, SQ Y.SV.C.A. 1, 22 Le Cercle Francais 21 Rifle Club 1, 21 M.O.C. lj Biology Club IQ Prism 31 Panhellenic Council 3. WILLIAM H. EVANS Kappa Sigma: Manhasset, L. I., N. Y.: Mechanical Engineering. BARBARA M. FARNHAM Bangor: Sociology: Dcan's List 2ag Debate Club IQ Y.W.C.A. 1. 2, 3. Vice President 2, 3. CAROL L. FASSETT Pi Beta Phi, Sidneyg English, Transfer from Cambridge School of Liberal Arts. ROBERT A. ELVVELL LAWRENCE VV. EMERY BARBARA w. EMMONS ey 2' QQ . ,L . 4 ' 355 1 1 in 9 K 25,4 .1 fig R - K Q CAROL L. FASSETT BARBARA M. FARNHAM WILLIAM H. EVANS 123 RICHARD N. FIELDING KENNETH A. FIELD ROBERT M. FEINBERG HERBERT FINDLEN JOHN E. FINK JOHN D. FITZPATRICK i' 'A' 'k ROBERT M. FEINBERG Tau Epsilon Phi, Chelsea, Mass.: Business Administration, El Circulo Espanol 1, 21 Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 3: Boxing 1, 2, 3. KENNETH A. FIELD Hampden, Mechanical Engineering. RICHARD N. FIELDING Kappa Sigma: Malden, Mass., Business Administration, Cross Coun- try lj Track 1: Wrestling IQ Intramural Athletics. HERBERT FINDLEN Alpha Gamma Rho, Fort Fairfield, Agronomy, Dean's List 1a, lb, 2a, 2b, 3:13 Hood Scholarship 22 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 22 Agricultural Club 2, 3, Vice President 31 Assistant Basketball Man- ager IQ Chorus 11 Men's Glee Club 1, 2. JOHN E. FINK Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Brooklyn, N. Y., Yvildlife Conservation, Scab- bard and Blade 31 M.O.C. 1: Forestry Club I1 Track 12 Baseball IQ Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 31 Class Executive Committee 3. JOHN D. FITZPATRICK Sigma Alpha Epsilong M:1rblel1ead, Massa Business Administration, M.O.C. 1, 2, 3, President 3, Pack and Pine 2, 3. CLASS UF 1942 124 MAI i PATRICK M. FORD Sigma Chi: Hollywood, Calif.: Journalism. PATRICK M. FORD ROBERT F. FORTIER Oronog Drama and Englishg Masque, 1, 2, 3. ORSAN J. FOSTER Baringg Mechanical Engineering: Dcan's List ga. VVALLACE R. FRANCIS Sigma Alpha Epsilong Darien, Conn., Mechanical Engineering: Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 31 M.C.A. Cabinet 2, gg A.S.M.E. 31 Tennis 2, 3. ROBERT F. FORTIER STANLEY P. FREEDMAN Porllandg Chemistry: M.C.A. 1, 2, 31 Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Busi- ness Manager 3, Assistant Business Manager I1 Manager of Baseball lj Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. JOHN S. FRENCH Delta Tau Delta, Pleasantville, N. Y.: Englishg Der Deutsche Verein 1. 2, 31 Students' Arts Club ig Cross Country 1. ' ORSAN I. FOSTER JOHN S. FRENCH STANLEY P. FREEDMAN WALLACE R, FRANCIS 125 i l ROBERT J- FRENCH MAYNARD G. FRENCH MARJORIE V. FRENCH HENRY GABE FRANCIS L. GALLANT HENRY F. GANNON i' 'k 'A' MARJORIE V. FRENCH Alpha Omicron Pig Nvinthropg Home Economics, Dean's List 2ag Y.YV.C.A. IQ Basketball 1, 21 Hockey 2. MAYNARD G. FRENCH Lambda Chi Alphag Livermore Fallsg Drama: Masque 1, 2, 3, Execu tive President 32 Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 3: M.C.A. 1, 2. ROBERT J. FRENCH Sigma Chig Guilfordg Business Administration: De:111's List 1a, 1b gag Sophomore Owls, President 2Q Baseball 1, 21 Basketball 1, 2, 3: Football 2, 3: Class Vice President 2. HENRY GABE YVorcester, Mass.g Mechanical Engineering: Dean's List ia, 1b, 211, 2b gag Scabbard and Blade 31 Football 1, 22 Boxing 1, 2. FRANCIS L. GALLANT Bangorg Mechanical Engineeringg Aviation Club 31 C.A.A. 3. HENRY F. CANNON Kappa Sigma: New Rocl1elle, N. Y., Forestry: Forestry Clubg lntra mural Athletics 1, 2. CLASS 0131942 126 . , . HAROLD GARFINKLE Tau Epsilon Phig Boston, lx'lllSS.j Pre-Medicalg Campus 21 Men's Glee Club 2Q M.O.C. 1, 2, 33 M.C.A. 1, 2, 33 Cross Country 1, 22 Track 1, 22 IIlfI'Z11'l'1lll'2'll Athletics 2. HAROLD GARFINKLE WILLIAM j. GARSOE Kappa Sigmag Portla11d3 Poultry Husbandry: Scabbttril and Blade 32 Agricultural Club 2, 31 Football 1, 23 Winter Sports 1, 2, 33 Intra- lllllflll Athletics 1, 2, 3. RAYMOND F. GAY, JR. Lambda Chi Alphag Stony Creek, Conn.: Mechanical Engineeringg Scabbard and Blade 31 A.S.M.E. 31 M.O.C. 1. 21 M.C.A. 1, 23 Rifle Team 1, 22 Football 1. 2. ffl I11t1'an1t11'z1l Athletics 2, 3. EDWARD CEARY WVILIAIAM J. GARSOE Delta Tau Deltag Lewistong Frenchg Dean's List ta, lb, za, 2b, 3211 Tutorial Honors tb, 2a, 2b, 311, 3b3 Le Cercle Francais 1, 21 4-H Club IQ Students' Arts Club IQ Prism, Sports Ellllfbfl Cross Country IQ Track lj Il1II'2lIIlllI'1ll Athletics 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM E. GIFFORD Bangorg Mathematicsg Le Cercle Fraticais 22 Flying Club 32 Rifle Cl11b 2. EUGENE C. GILBERT, AIR. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Winterportg Civil El1glllCCl'lllg1 Aviation Club, P1'esicle11t 31 A.S.C.1i. 32 Campus 1, 21 M.O.C. 31 C.A.A. 2. 3. RAYMOND F. GAY, JR. l EUGENE C. GILBERT, IR. WILLIAM E. GIFFORD EDWARD J. GEARY 127 SAUL GINSBURG MANUEL A. GILMAN DOROTHY I. GILMAN ELEANOR L, GLEASON ELENE M. GLEASON r 21.22 1 : 2 s as '- SZ: 2515- he fff.b'i'5'-N F z e: D' zu 9 . ' KM ., ,,, f af ,gif r. wp 5 12. . g, 15-5- ' figs. -, z- - D 1,1 523552 :gg 6 his - gt: X: 1, .1 '-' 3.5,-g if 4 , t .W 5 ., J... ' 2 A 1 5:5 fm , 2- Q Q Q Q Hs-ink ...' 'S . si 5, s V ass 2 N 1 Pi ggy - A fi Q W 2 g ,, :,. H , 1 -I ,...... ,Q I -as Q M . Q 2: - li? 5911 li Q L55-'i,,. i .fffifi wg. ' W H Elissa my fi 4 pf, 25,1 ' llel'?gl?s33,!1.wIfi. t, -, 1, :Hy .ff y' . " 3 , W - f'g11:v, ' :Q 1:,,.'4t' ' 4- , ' .4 r j . 'Jae iv I 5 . H 'Q 213 2265- s .. . A ' ..: rw . .. U s ,, gqnv f - - 1 H W few? fe, sv VICTOR GLIDER if 'A' 'k 1' DOROTHY J. GILMAN Porterg Home Economicsg Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3Q Chorus ll Y.YV.C.A. IQ 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3. MANUEL A. GILMAN Forest Hills, N. Y.: Poultry Husbandryg DC21l1yS List 2bg Agricultural Club 22 Cross Country lj Track IQ I11t1'z111111rz1l Athletics 1, 2. SAUL GINSBURG Tau Epsilon Phig Portland, General Engiueeringg Assistant Nlllll- agcr Baseball 13 A.I.E.E. 3. ELEANOR L. GLEASON Uniong Home Economics, Modern Dance Club 3. ELENE M. GLEASON Chi Omega, Brewery Home Economics, Y.YV.C.A. 1, 2, 35 Off-Campus Mfomen 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3Q Masque 31 Volleyball 1, 2. VICTOR GLIDER Hartford, Conn.: Forestry, Dcan's List 1b, 2n. 2b. 3111 Forestry Club 1, 2. CLASS 0131942 128 MAI' JOHN W. GLOVER, JR. Sigma Chig Orono: Electrical Engineering: Radio Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3. JOHN VV. GLOVER, JR. EDWARD L. GOLDBERG Lynn. Mass.: Zoology, French Club lj Arts Club 2. 3: Handball 2. 3. ALVIN R. GOLDSMITH Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Skowhegang Music, M.O.C. 1, 2. 32 NICIIVS Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Accompanist 2, 3: M.C.A. Cabinet 1, 2, 3: Band 11 Masque 3: Frcslimau Paper 1. E. JEAN GOODWVI N Delta Delta Delta: Cariboug Home Economics, DEHll'S List 3:19 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 2, P1'esicle11t 3: Y.W.C.A. 1, 3. - ,, ., , 4-nv. .. .. .1',,.:',f.' A. -I -U Chairman I'resl1m.111 X , Oicliestra 1, L 1111c1-.115 F110 3, Cimpus 0 EDWARD L' GOLDBERG JOHN c. GORMAN Sigma Chi: lvellesley, Mass.: Economics: Sophomore Owls: Avia' tion Club gg Class Executive Committee 1: Football 1. 2, 3: Outdoor Track 1, 21 Indoor Track 1, 2. 3. GERARD A. GOULETTE Alpha Tau Omega, Dexlcrg Romance Languages: De:111's List ia, 1b. sa. szb, gag Plumiiicr Memorial Scholarship 1, 22 Scabbard and Blade, Prism, Business Maliagel' SQ Le Cercle F1'a11cz1is 1, 2. 35 El Circulo Espanol 3: Sigma .Delta Zeta 1, 2. 32 Debating Society 1: Slllf.lCl1l,S Arts Club lj Political Science 32 Cross Country 12 Intramural Ath- letics 3. ALVIN R. GOLDSMITI-I GERARD A. GOULETTE JOHN C. GORMAN E. JEAN GOODNVIN 129 fm LAURIE J. GREENLEAF VIRGINIA M. GREELEY BARBARA M. GOWEN DONALD G. GRIFFEE RUDOLPH E. HAFFNER ELDEN D. HALL, JR. 'A' 'A' t BARBARA M. GOYVEN Alpha Omicron Pig Sacog Nursing, Le Cercle Francais ll Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 32 VVOITICIPS Forum 2, 3, Program Cl1airma11 35 Students' Arts Club gg Prism, Assistant Editor 3. VIRGINIA M. GREELEY Chi Omega: Arlington, Mass.g Students' Arts Club gg Transfer from Cambridge School of Liberal Arts. LAURIE j. GREENLEAF Phi Gamma Delta: Auburn, Mechanical Engineering: Football 1, 2. DONALD G. GRIFFEE Sigma Chi: Oronog Mechanical Enginecringg DCHIIYS List 2a, gag Golf 2, 32 Intraimlral Athletics 1, 21 Pale Blue Key 3. RU DOLPH E. HAFFNER Portland: Zoologyg Dean's List ia, 1h, 211: University Scholarship 21 Charles H. Payson Scholarship ll Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 31 Rifle Team 2, 31 M.C.A. Cabinet 1, 2, 33 Forestry Cluhg M.O.C.g Orchestra lj Chorus IQ Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, President 31 Track Man- ager 1. ELDEN D. HALL, JR. Beta Theta Pig Fariningtong Civil Engineering: A.S.C.E. 3: Masque SQ Track 2: Intramural Athletics 2. CLASS UF l942 130 MAI VIOLET M. HAMILTON Alpha Omicron Pig Pittsfield: Romance Languagesg Le Cercle Fran- cais 1, 2, 31 Y.XV.C.A. 1, 2, gg Students' Arts Club gg El Circulo Espanol 2, 3: Prism 32 Masque Assoc. Member IQ Drum Majorette 2, 3. VIOLET M. HAMILTON RALPH W. HANEY Bzmgorg Electrical Engineering: A.I.E.E. 51 C.A.A. 3. FRANK B. HANSON Rumforclg Eclucationg Dean's List 311: Education Club 31 Orchestra 3: Masque 35 Men's Glee Club 31 Contributors' Club 3: Co4Author of "Cabb:1ges and Kings" 32 'l'l'2lllSfCl' from Farmington NCll'lH1ll School. MALCOLM 12. HARDY RALPH W- HANEY Lzunbda Chi Alpha, Newton, M11ss.3 Forestry: Dez1n's List Ill, 2b, gag Forestry Club 1, 2, 31 French Club 2. 3: Agricultural Club 11 M.O.C. lj Masque, Assoc. Member 1: lVlCll,S Glee Club I1 Editor "Maine Forester" 31 Cross Country 1. EDGAR B. HARRINGTON Phi Eta Kappng Patten: Agl'lClllllll'2ll Economics: Football ll J.V. Football 22 Intramural Athletics 2. 3. GWENDOLYN E. HASKELL Lincoln: Englishg Denn's List 211, 2b. FRANK B. HANSON GWENDOLYN E. HASKELL EDGAR B. HARRINGTON MALCOLM E. HARDY l3l a is if my v-5 5 -1.4 M , E ,i.,N,..mH 1..- ROY J. HATT FLORENCE A. HATHAWAY VIRGINIA K. HASTINGS I-I. VIRGINIA HAY ES ROBERT M, HEALY EDVVARD A. HENDERSON 'I' 'k ir VIRGINIA K. HASTINGS Phi Mug Brmgorg Home Economics: Y.IV.C.A. 1. 2. 3: Off-Campus IV0111e11 1, 2, 31 Executive Council 21 Ho111e Economics Club 3. FLORENCE A. I-IATHAIVAY Bangorg Frenchg DC21ll,S List lil, 221, 2b, 3:13 Secondary School Schol- arship 11 Le Cercle Fruncziis 1, 23 Won1e11's Glee Club 3: Y.XV.C.A. Rox' J. HATT Theta Chip Brewery History and Governmentg Le Cercle Frzuxcais 1, 21 Inte1'11z1tio1111l Relations Club 2. 3: P0liLical Science Club 2, gg Intramural Athletics. H. VIRGINIA HAYES Pl1i Mug Bangorg Home Economics, Y.YV.C.A. 1, 2, 31 Off-Campus Women 1, 2, 31 Home Economucs Club 3. ROBERT M. HEALY Beta Theta Pi: Augusta: Sociology: Le Cercle Francais IQ Baseball 1, 25 Track 12 Intramural Athletics. EDXVARD A. HENDERSON ' Sigma N113 Hodgdong Civil Engineeringg Dean's List zbg Philip R. Hathorne Scholarship 21 Civil Club 32 Transfer from Ricker Junior College. CLASS UF 1942 132 I E SHERWOOD W. HENDERSON Anson: Mechanical Engineering. WILLIAM G. HEPBURN, JR. Lambda Chi Alpha, South Portland, Mechanical Engineering: M.0.C. 2, 32 M.C.A. 2, 3: A.S.M.E. 3: Intranuu'aI Athletics. CARLTON S. HERRICK, JR. Delta Tau Delta: South Brewerg Zoology, DCZIIIIS List ia, zh. 211, 2b, 3:13 Tutorial Honors lb, 211, 2b, gag Debating Society 1: Fencing I3 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3. RICHARD W. HERSEY Sigma Nug Portland, Economics. IRWIN R. HIGGINS Phi Eta Kappag Mapletong Biochemistry: Dean's List ia, 211, 2b, ga. Alpha Zeta 21 Agricultural Club 25 Cross Country 33 Track 1, 2. QIOSEPH S. HIGGINS Phi Kappa Signing Dennysvilleg Poultry Husbauclry: Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3. I JOSEPH S, HIGGINS IRWIN R. HIGGINS 133 SHERWOOD VV. HENDERSON WILLIAM G. HEPBURN, IR. CARLTON S. HERRICK, IR. RICHARD VV. HERSEY WINFIELD C. HODGKINS, IR BARBARA B. HOGAN E. FRANCES HOLMES ROBERT G. HOLMES EARL L. HODGKINS MARION R. HINES -lr -k 'lr MARION R. HINES Delta Delta Deltag Middletown, Conn.: Pre-Medical, DGHIIYS List la, 1b, :zbg Conn. Valley Alumni Association Scholarship IQ Y.XV.C.A. lj Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 33 Biology Club 1, 25 "M" Club 2, 33 Le Cercle Francais 12 Prism 31 Basketball 1, 2, 3j Hockey 1, 2, 3Q Volley- ball 1, 21 Assistant Manager 22 A.M.W. Pageant 1. EARL L. HODGKINS Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Northeast Harbor, Civil Engineeringg Seab- bard and Blade 31 A.S.C.E. 31 Basketball 1, 21 Baseball 1. WVINFIELD C. I-IODGKINS. JR. Theta Chi, Bar Harborg Chemical Engineeringg Dean's List 121, lb, 2a, 2bg Alpha Chi Sigma 2, 31 Cross Country 1. BARBARA B. HOGAN Bathg Historyg Campus 21 Transfer from VVestb1'ook junior College. E. FRANCES HOLMES Limingtong Home Economics: Home Economics Club 1. ROBERT G. HOLMES Sigma Chi, Guilford: Electrical Engineering: Dean's List 1ag A.I.E.E. 1: Basketball 11 Baseball 2. CLASS 0131942 134 MAI' NATALIE R. HOOD New Gloucester: English: Y.IV.C.A. 1, 2: Contributors' Club 3: Chorus 2. NATALIE R. HOOD HARRY S. HOPKINS North Brooksville: Agricultural Engineering: Basketball lj Intru- mural Athletics 1, 2, 3. DAVID B. HOPKINSON Phi Mu Delta: Portland: Mechanical Engineering: Scabbzird and Blade 3: Band lj A.S.M.E. 3: Fencing 1: Baseball 1. JAMES B. HORTON Brewer: Chemical Engineering: Dean's List lb, 221, 2b, ga: Alpha Chi Sigma. HARRY S. HOPKINS JOHN IV. HOUGHTON Phi Eta Kappa: Fort Fairfield: Agricultural Economics: Dean's List 2b, 3a: Sophomore Owls: Agricultural Cluh 1, 2, 3: Football 1: Baseball 1: Intramural Athletics 1, 2. 3. JOHN HOUSTON Sigma Chi: Guilford: English: Band 1, 2: M.C.A. 1, 2, 3: Intramural Athletics 2, 3. DAVID B. HOPKINSON l 1 JOHN HOUSTON JOHN W. HOUGHTON JAMES B. HORTON 135 MARK W- INGRAHAM' JR- JAMES W. INGALLS, JR. ALLAN M. Howe WILLIAM L. IRVINE BARBARA E. JOHNSON DONALD K. JOHNSON i' i' 'k ALLAN M. HOWE Phi Mu Deltag Cooper3 Civil Engineering: A.S.C.E. 3. JAMES XV. INGALLS, JR. Northiield, Vt.: Wildlife Conservation3 DCZll1,S List 321. MARK VV. INGRAHAM, JR. Phi Kappa Sigmag Rockportg Civil Engineeringg Sophomore Owls 22 Pale Blue Key: Maine Masque Assoc. Member IQ "M" Clubg A.S.C.E.3 Track 1, 22 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Captain 1. WILLIAM L. IRVINE Phi Gamma Delta3 Framingham, Mass.: Business Administrationg El Circnlo Espanol 31 Sophomore Hop Committee3 Freshman Ban- quet Committeeg "M" Club 2, 32 Intramural Athletics 2, SQ Football 1, 2, 3. BARBARA E. JOHNSON Lincolnvilleg Sociology3 4-H Club 1, 2, 31 Glee Club 31 Le Cercle Francais lj Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 31 Basketball 1, 2, 31 Volleyball 1, 2. DONALD K. JOHNSON Lambda Chi Alphal Augustag Mechanical Engineering: Scabbard and Blade 31 M.O.C. 1, 22 Men's Glee Club 2, 31 Football 11 Intra- n1ural Athletics 1, 2, 3. CLASS 0131942 136 MAI HERBERT H. JOHNSON Phi Eta Kappag Onawag Forestryg Dean's List 2ag Pale Blue Key 3: Sophomore Owls Scholarship 22 Charles Emery Parker Scholarship 31 "M" Club 2, 35 Forestry Club 33 Football 1, 31 Track 1, 2, 31 Intra- mural Athletics 1, 2, 3. RUSSELL G. JOHNSON Alpha Tau Omegag Sanford: Mechanical Enginecringg Basketball 1, 21 Volleyball 1, 2, 31 Intramural Athletics 1, 2. 3. CLARENCE YV. JONES Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Rumfordg Electrical Engineeringg Dean's List 11 1b 28 2b a Univetsit Scholazshi 2 T11v1illiSchol'usl1i9 3: 'Y 'p3'21 .-11 Tau Beta P1 55 Sknng. HAROLD I. KAPLAN Nahant, Mass.: Mechanical Engineering. JOSEPH KARCZMARCZYK Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Ludlow, Mass., Zoology, M.O.C. 32 Biology Club 25 Band 1, 25 Intramural Athletics. DORIS E. KARST Ellsworth: Educationg Dean's List ga. V I W l f l ' 1 l J 2 1 'ft wh. fs Eli? JOSEPH KARCZMARCZYK 137 DORIS E. KARST HERB ERT H. JOHNSON RUSSELL G. JOHNSON CLARENCE W. JONES HAROLD I. KAPLAN ss mn ss 1 was 1 - a a Y. FREDERICK I- KEL50 ROBERT E. KELLY W. STANLEY KEENE CHARLES T. KENISTON Qld 5 5 '- asa, JAMES F. KENNEY, EDVVARD S. KIERSTEAD + y 1 we W. STANLEY KEENE Farmington, Educationg Dean's List 311: Education Club 32 Intra- mural Athletics 32 Transfer from Farmington Normal School. ROBERT E. KELLY Phi Mu Deltag Lisbon Falls, Electrical Engineering, Dean's List za, 2b3 Radio Club 1, 2, 3, President 2, gg A.l.E.E. 31 IllU'8lTlLl1'2ll Ath- letics 2, 3. FREDERICK KELSO Portland, Chemical Engineeringg De:u1's List la, 221, 2b, 321, Tau Beta Pi 3: University Scholarship 21 Prism 31 Cross Country 2, gg Indoor Track 1, 2, 3. CHARLES T. KENISTON Sigma Alpha Epsilong Bridgtong Engineering Physics: Dean's List la, lb, 2a, 2b, gag Secondary School Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 41 Class of 1905 Scholarship 22 Tau Beta Pi Slide Rule Award 21 Tau Beta Pi 31 Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Librarian 3. JAMES F. KEN NEY Delta Tau Deltag Howland, Prc-Medical, Biology Club 1, 22 Basket- ball ig Track IQ J.V. Football 3: Il1l.l'Zll'lllll'Zll Athletics. EDWARD S. KIERSTEAD Sigma Chi, Bucksportg English and Art History: Orchestra 1. 2, 32 Band 1, 22 Musical Director of "Cabbagcs and Kings" 31 Masque Assoc. Member 2, 3. CLASS 0151942 138 MI-ll DONALD M. KILPATRICK, JR. Phi Eta Kappag Presque lsleg Agricultural Economicsg Dean's List 111, 1b, 221, 2b, 3113 Alpha Zeta 2, 3, Sergeant at Armsg Bowker Scholar- ship 1, 23 Hood's Scholarship 22 Danforth Scholarship lj Sophomore Owls, Secretary and Treasurerg Scabbard and Blade 3Q Agricultural Club 1, 2, 3, Executive Council 2, 31 Prism 3, Assistant Editor3 Foot- ball 1, 2Q Basketball lj Baseball 1, 21 Intraniural Athletics 2. 3: Class Vice President 3. CHARLES N. KIMBALL Bridgewater: Agricultural Economics and Fnrni Managementg Trans- fer frorn Ricker Junior College. GERALD YV. KIMBALL Bangorg Agricultural Economics. H. THELMA KING Sacog Home ECOIIOIINCSQ Dean's List 3:13 Bertha Joy Thompson Scholarship lj York County Alumni Association Scholarship 21 Hon1e Economics Club 1, 2, 31 4-H Club 1, 2, 32 Rifle Club 31 Chorus 1. JANE KING Alpha Omicron Pig Medford, Mass.3 Home Economics3 x'VOIllCII'5 Forum 31 YMf.C.A. 1, 22 Home Economics Club 31 Rifle Team 3. Pl-IYLLIS M. KING Harpswell Centerg Mathematics: Sigma Delta Zeta 2, 3: Secondary School Contest Scholarship IQ Le Cercle Francais 1, 2: Oil'-Campus Hfomen lj Y.XV.C.A. 1, 21 Archery 2. PI-IYLLIS M. KING JANE KING 139 DONALD M. KILPATRICK, JR CHARLES N. KIMBALL GERALD VV. KIMBALL H. TI-IELMA KING FREDERICK C- KOIALOVITCH AUDREY M. KOEI-ILER CORTNA M. KINGSLEY LILLIAN M. KOPELOW VINCENT J. LaFLAMME HARTWELL C. LANCASTER 'I' i' 'A' CORTNA M. KINGSLEY Delta Delta Delta: Strong: English: Dea11's List 1a, 3a: Tutorial Honors lb: Neai Mathetai 1: Students' Arts Club 2, 3: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3: Prism 3: M.O.C. 1. AUDREY M. KOEHLER Pi Beta Phi: Orono: Home Economics: DCHIIYS List 2b, ga: Home Economics Club 1, 3: Off-Campus Hlomen 2, 3: Le Cercle Francais 1: Archery 2. FREDERICK C. KOIALOVITCH Alpha Tau Omega: Waterville: Mechanical Engineering: Dean's List 2b: Scabbard and Blade 3: A.S.M.E. 3: Football lj J.V. Football 2. LI LLIAN M. KOP ELOW' Bangor: Mathematics: Sigma Delta Zeta 2, 3: Y.XV.C.A. 3: Le Cercle Francais 1, 2: A.M.W. Pageant 1, 2. VINCENT LaFLAMME Great YVorks: Education: Dean's List ga: Normal School Scholarship: Radio Guild 3: Masque 3: Transfer from Eastern State Normal School. HARTYVELL C. LANCASTER Phi Mu Delta: Old Town: Business Administration: El Circulo Espanol 1: M.C.A. Cabinet 1, 2: Band 1, 2: Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3: Basketball 3. CLASS 0131942 140 MAI E 1 OTIS C. LAXVRY Beta Theta Pig Fairlieldg Mechanical Engineering, De:1n's List 3:13 A.S.M.E. 3: Basketball 12 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. OTIS C. LAWRY BOOTH G. LEAVI TT Sigma Alpha Epsilong Madison, Chemical Engineeringg Scabbard and Blade 3: Alpha Chi Sigma 3. LAURENCE G. LEAVITT Alpha Tau Omega: Oronog Chemical Engineering: Alpha Chi Sigma 2, 31 Scabbard and Blade 31 M.O.C. 1, 2, 3: Pack and Pine 2, 3: Intramural Athletics 2. EUGENE LEGER I Kappa Sigma: Newton Center, Mass.g Mechanical Engiueeririgg Soph- oo G omore Owls 2j Scabbard and Blade 32 Class Treasurer 3Q Pale Blue B TH ' LEAVITT Key 32 "'M" Club 2, 32 Sophomore Hop Committee 22 Basketball 1, 2, 3. VICTOR E. LEVENE Tau Epsilon Phig Chelsea, Massg Horticulture: Agriculutral Club 1, 2, 33 International Relations Club 32 Masque, Assoc. Member: Apple Judging Team 21 Prism 32 Track IQ Illll'2lll'llll'2ll Athletics 1, 3. BEULAH T. LEXVIS Delta Della Delta: Newportg Home Eeonomitzsg Home Economics Club 1, 2, 31 Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 3: M.O.C. lj A.M.N'V. Pageant 1. LAURENCE G. LEAVITT BEULAI-I T. LEWIS VICTOR E, LEVENE EUGENE LEGER 141 PHILLIP J. LIBBV MARION J. LIBBY LELIA M, LIBBY GEORGE P. LIMBERIS SALLY NV. LINNELL VVALDEMAR V. LTTTLEFIELD 'A' i' 'A' LELIA M. LIBBY Falmouth: Zoology: Education Club 3: Transfer from Gorham Normal School. MARION LIBBY Alpha Omicron Pi: Milford: Home Economics: Y.YV.C.A. 2, 3: OIT-Campus Women 1, 2, 3: Home Economics Club 3: A.M.W. 1, 2: Tennis 1. PHILLIP LIBBY Delta Tau Della: Freedom: Civil Engineering: Football 1, 2: Intra- mural Athletics 2, 3: A.S.C.E 3. GEORGE P. LIMBERIS Bangor: Economics and History: Basketball 1. SALLY W. LINNELL Pembroke: English: Contribmors' Club 3: Y.VV.C.A. 2: El Circulo Espanol 1, 2. YVALDEMAR V. LITTLEFIELD Phi Kappa Sigma: Brewer: Mechanical Engineering: Band 1, 2: CLASS UF 'I942 142 MAI VIRGINIA R. LO M BARD Medclybempsg Cllemistryz Dearfs List lil. 1b. 2b, 311: Be1'1l1z1 joy i Thompson Scllolzlrship 21 Neni M:1tl1et:1i 1: Der DCIIISCIIC Vercin 2, 32 Y.W.C.A. 1. VIRGINIA R. LOMBARD LOIS LONG Pi Beta Phi, Melrose, Mass.: Home ECOIIOIIUCSQ M.O.C. 1. 2. 3: Y.XV.C.A. 1, 2: Home Eco11o111ics Club 1, 2, 3: I'I'lSlll 81 I-lockey 1, 2, 32 Basketball 1. CHARLES B. LORI NG Yz1r1no111l1: Clicmicul li11gi11ee1'ing3 Alplm Cl1i Sigma 3: l5:1seb:1ll Manager 1. ' RUTH E. LORING LOTS LONG Orono: Home Economics: 1,CZlll,S List 211, 2bg Home Econoinics Club 31 Orchestral 1, 21 Y.XV.C.A. 1, 2, 3Q Cl1:1i1'111z1n of Resource Com- mittee, Olf-Cz1111p11s Xvoinen 1, 2. , VAUGHN T. LOVLEY Mapletong Agronomy: Ag1'ic11ltural Clllll 1, 2. 3Q S111cle111 Senate 3: Men's Rifle Tcrnn lj F.F.A. 2. 3: 4-H Cl11b 1, 2, BERNARD LOWN T1111 Epsilon Phi: Lewiston, Zoology, 1JC1llliS List 111, 1b. 211, 2b, 321: Der Deutsche Verein 1, 21 Students' Arts Cl11b 1: rlqfillfii M:111:1ge1' 1. CHARLES B. LORING I i BERNARD LOWN VAUGHN T. LOVLEY RUTH E. LORING 143 ww' MARY E. McCONNELL RADFORD VV. LUTHER MARION C. LUNDGREN RICHARD B. MCGRAW DONALD H. McKAY DAVID H. MCKENNEY i' 'A' i' MARION C. LUNDGREN New Sweden: Matheinntics: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: Sigma Delta Zeta 3: A.M.W. Pageant 2. RADFORD W'. LUTHER I-Izirtford, Conn.: Mechanical Engineering: Dez1n's List 221, 2b: Connecticut Alumni Scholarship 22 Football lj j. V. Football 2, 3: "M" Club 3: Outdoor Track 1, 22 Indoor Truck 1, 2. MARY E. MCCONN ELL Portage: Home Economics: Dean's List 2b, 321: Home Economics Club 3: 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2: Rifle Team 1: Archery 2. RICHARD B. MCGRAXV Theta Chi: Portland: Business Adniinistration: Le Cercle Francais 3: Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. DONALD H. MCKAY Sigma Nu: Old Town: Mechzinical Engineering: Scnbbard and Blade 3. DAVID H. MYJKENNEY Theta Chi: Jay: Physics: Demfs List 1b. 221, 2b, ga. CLASS 0151942 144 MAI' ROBERT B. MCLEARY, JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Farmington: Educationg Education Club 35 Intramu1'al Representative EQ Football 3: Track 3Q Intramural Ath- letics 2, 31 Transfer from Farmington Slate Normal School. LEO M. M:1cLEOD Bangor, Psychology, Sociologyg Maine Radio Guild 2, 32 Le Cercle Francais 1, 2. HAYWOOD B. MACOMBER, JR. Lambda Chi Alpha, Needham. Mass., Mechanical Engineering, Transfer from N0lilllCi1SICl'll. MILES B. MANK 2nd Beta Theta Pig Augustag Govermnent and Business Administration: Scabbard and Blade 31 Debating Society 1, 2, 3, Manager SQ Students' Arts Clnh 1, 2: Men's Embassy Committee 3: Prism 32 Masque, Assoc. Member: Football 1, 22 Intramural Athletics 1, 2. DONALD E. MARRINER Kappa Sigma, Rockland: Chemical Engineering: I3C2lll'S List lb: Intramurrnl Athletics 1, 2, 32 Tennis 1. LYLE L. MARTIN St. Albansg Civil Engineering, james Hart Scholarship 2: A.S.C.E. 2. LYLE l.. MARTIN DONALD E. MARRINER 145 cv ROBERT B. McLEARY, JR. LEO M. MaeLEOD HAYWOOD B. MACOMBER, JR N 1 MILES B. MANK 2nd HELEN VV. MEHANN JOHN VV. MEDINA JOHN H. MAYO HOWARD W. MERRILL HUG EN E G. MERTENS PI-IILMORE W. MESERVE i' i' i JOHN H. MAYO Sigma Chip Cumberland Centerg Farm Managementg Football 1: Baseball 12 Track IQ Intramural Athletics 2, 3. JOHN TV. MEDINA Phi Kappa Sigruag Yvaltham, Mass., Mechanical Engineering: A.S.M.E. 31 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. HELEN YV. MEHANN Bangorg Home Economics: YM7.C.A. 1. 2, 32 Off-Campus Women 1, 2, 3: A.M.W. Pageant 1, 22 Girls' Glee Club 32 Basketball 1, 2, Assistant Manager 32 Volleyball 1, 22 Hockey 2, 3. HOWARD YV. MERRILL Sigma Nu: Old Town, Mechanical Engineering: Dean's List 221, 311. EUGENE G. MERTENS Sigma Alpha Epsilong Yonkers, N. Y.: Business Administration: Students' Arts Club 32 Der Deutsche Verein 2, 32 Intramural Ath- letics 1, 2, 3Q Tennis 3. PHILMORE YV. MESERVE Phi Eta Kappa, Mechanic Fallsg Forestry: Sophomore Owls, Secre- laryg Pale Blue Key 3, Treasurer 3: Forestry Club 31 "M" Club 2, 32 Cross Country 1, 2, Honorary Captain 12 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. C L A S S U F fl 9 4 2 146 MAI 1 MARGUERITE S. MESSER Chi Omega, Mfaban, Mass.: Psychology: Students' Arts Club 1, 2: Y.NV.C.A. 1, 2Q M.C.A. lj Education Club 31 Modern Dance Club 31 Masque 3. MARGUERITE S. MESSER EDWARD R. MILLAR Leonia, N. J., Mechanical Engineering, GLORIA M. MINIUTTI Pi Beta Phi: North Berwick, Sociology: Dean's List lil, tb: Tutorial Honors tb, Sophomore Eagles: Neai Mathetai, Secretary, Y.W.C.A. lj M.O.C. 11 Panhellenic Council 1, 32 IV.A.A. Class Leader 2: W.S.G.A. 3, Secretary 35 Student Senate gg Hockey 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2: Bas- ketball 1, 2. EDWARD R. MILLAR VICTOR P. MINIUTTI Alpha Tau Omega: North Berwick: Forestry, Dean's List 211, 2b, gag Football 11 Boxing 1. FREDERICK A. MITCHELL Kingheldg Electrical Engineering: Dean's List tb, 2ag Charles F. Woodman Scholarship 21 Bertha joy Thompson Scholarship 31 Radio Club 2: A.I.E.E. 3. FREDERICK B. MITCHELL I Bangorg Education. GLORIA M. MINIUTTI FREDERICK B. MITCHELL FREDERICK A. MITCHELL VICTOR P, MINIUTT1 147 SUMMER D' MORRIS THOMAS F. MOORE HOPE MOODY JAMES L. MORRISON Wu 2- ry MARGARET MOULTON PARKER N. MOULTON, JR. i' 'k i' HOPE MOODY Lincolng Home Economics: DCHI1,S List 211, 2b, gag Omicron Nu Scholarship 2b3 Home Economics Club gg Archery 1, 2. THOMAS F. MOORE Phi Kappa Sigma: Biddeford: Business Admi11istratiO11g Le Cercle Francais lj Tennis Club 2, gg Band 1, 2, 32 Orchestra 2: Indoor Track 12 Tennis 1, 2, 32 Assistant Manager 21 Il1ll'fiIIlllI'Zll Athletics. SUMNER D. MORRIS Guilfordg Pulp and Paper. JAMES L. MORRISON Lambda Chi Alpha: lllorcester, Mass.: Chemistry: Orchestra IQ Baud lj Intramural Athletics: Transfer from Clark University. MARGARET MOULTON Alpha Omicron Pig Bangor: French. PARKER N. MOULTON, JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: VVZITCIIZIITI, Mass.: Government and journal- ismg Scabbard and Blade 3Q Masque, Assoc. Member IQ Le Cercle Francais 1, 21 International Relations Cl11h 2: Cross Country IQ Track 1, 2. CLASS 0131942 148 .MAI JOSEPH N. MULLEN, JR. ' Phi Gamma Delta: Houlton: History: M.0.C. I: M.C.A. 1: Debating Society 1. JOSEPH N. MULLEN, JR HEN RY T. MURDOCK Phi Eta Kappa: Kennehunk: Electrical Engineering: Radio Club 3: A.I.E.E. 3: Track Manager lj Intramural Athletics 2. 3. GEORGE V. MURP HY Kappa Sigma: Bar Harbor: Electrical Engineering: Dean's List 2h: Philip R. Hathorne Scholarship 2: A.I.E.E. 3. Treasurer. CLARENCE S. NICHOLS HENRY T MURDOCK Lambda Chi Alpha: Augusta: Civil Engineering: A.S.C.E. 3: Intra- mural Athletics 2. EVELYN M. NICHOLSON South Portlaml: Sociology: SIUOCIIISY Arts Clnh 3: El Cireulo Espanol 3: M.O.CZ. 3: Transfer from 'Westbrook junior College. LLOYD G. NILES Kappa Sigma: Houlton: Business Administration: Intrzunural Ath- letics: Transfer from Ricker junior College. GEORGE V. MURPHY i ,r I LLOYD G. NILES EVELYN M. NICHOLSON CLARENCE s. NICHOLS 149 ra G ffm H sg Z H 5 W Q S QW Es B - .25 B gin mm!! ss -as Hssgxmmmmm m ss ,. na ss mama B. H m.:m H . me E H. E U r i JANE A' PAGE EINAR A. OLSEN DANA H. NYE RUTH PEABODY ALVAH L. PERRY BARBARA L. PERRY i' 'Ir DANA H. NYE Alpha Tau Omegag Waterbury, Conn.: Bu Intramural Athletics 1, 2. EINAR A. OLSEN Kappa Sigma: Gloucester, Mass.: Forestry: F i' siness Adminislraliolli orestry Club I: 'l'l:lck 1, 2, 32 Football 1, 2, 31 Intramural Wrestling 1. JANE A. PAGE Newcastle: Psychologyg Masque 21 Students' Arts Club 1. RUTH F. PEABODY Delta Delta Delta: Houltong Zoologyg M.O.C. ALVAH L. PERRY Sher111:1n Millsg Agricultural Economics. lj Y.VU.C.A. 3. I BARBARA L. PERRY Delta Delta Deltag Houltong English: M.0.C. 1: Y.W.C.A. ig I.e Cercle Francais gg Chorus 32 Prism 3. CLASS UF 150 1942 MAI I A FREDERICK M. PERRY Rockland: General Engineering: Dean's List 1a, 1b, ga: Knox County Alumni Scholarship lj Radio Club 1. FREDERICK M. PERRY WILLIAM L. PERRY Sigma Nu: Falmouth: English: Dean's List 321: Students' Arts Club 1, 2, 3: El Circulo Espanol 2, 3: Le Ccrcle Francais 3: International Relations Club 3: Political Science Club 3: Radio Guild 3: Boxing 1, 2, 3. FRANK H. PETERSON Kappa Sigma: Vinalhaven: Mechanical Engineering: IlII.f2lI'I'llll'2l1 Athletics 3. PAUL H. PHELAN Delta Tau Delta: Calais: journalism: English Honors lj Prize Speak- ing Contest 2: Prism 3: M.C.A. 1: Band 1, 2: Orchestra 1: Freshman Swing Band: Illf.I'Z1IIIlll'Zll Athletics 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM L. PERRY NANCY C. PHILBROOK Alpha Oniicron Pi: Shelburne, N. I-I.: Home Economics: Sopl1o1nore Eagles: M.O.C. 1, 2: Y.W.C.A. 1. 2, 3: W.A.A. 3: Manager of Tennis 3: Hockey 1, 2: Basketball 1. MARGARET G. PHILLIPS Chi Omega: Ellsworth: Home Economics: D3an's List 1a: Hancock County Scholarship 1: Neai Mathelai 1: Sophomore Eagles, Presi- dent: WV.S.G.A. 1, 2, Treasurer 2: I-lockcy 1, 2, 3, Captain lj Basket- ball 1, 2, 3: Class Secretary 2: Freslnnan Committee 1: Maine Day Committee 1: Student Senate 1. FRANK H. PETERSON t . W " ' 7 . '.fn"'S'rtza' ' -- ' .U .F?'a.mmtQmm L21 .. E I- ' 'Wfvrw 5 "5 ' 4 524 Ma 1 " " fi -' 'A - ' iii? ' , 5 S f E25 - Q. , , , k ,.,,.. .,. ,, , , MARGARET G. PHILLIPS NANCY C. PHILBROOK PAUL I-I. PHELAN 151 MARTHA E. PIERCE PHILIP N. PIERCE LINVVOOD H. PINANSKY M. CECILE PINETTE .- .Z ,-1- STANLEY G. PHILLIPS MARIA C. PHILLIPS 'I' if t MARIA C. PHILLIPS Portland: Education: Normal School Scholarship: Education Cl11b 3: lV0lllC'lI'S Glee Club 3: Aviation Clllb 3: Prism 3: 'Tl'2ll'lSfCI' from Gorham Normal School. STANLEY G. PHILLIPS Alpha Tau Omega: Melrose: Civil Engineering: "M" Club 2, 3: Pale Blue Key 3: I.A.A. 3. Vice President: A.S.C.E. 3, Vice President: Track 1, 2, 3: IllIl'ilI1'1l,ll'2il Athletics 1, 2, 3. MARTHA E. PIERCE Guilford: English: Payson Scholarship 1: Le Cercle Francais 1, 2. 3: Basketball 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2: Hockey 2. PHILIP N. PIERCE Alpha Tau Omega: Gardiner: Journalism: Prism 3, Photography Editor: Radio Guild 2, 3: Campus, Contributing Editor 2, 3: Masque 2, 3, Publicity Director: Radio Executive Committee 3: El Circulo Espanol: Intramural Athletics 2, 3. LINIVOOD H. PINANSKY Tau Epsilon Phi: Portland: Economics: El Circulo Espanol 1: Tennis Club 1, 2. Vice President 3: Basketball 1, 2: Tennis 1, 2: Tennis DOIIIJICS Championship 2: Transfer from Portland junior College. M. CECILE PINETTE Guilford: Economics: Le Cercle Francais 1, 2: Hockey 1, 2: Basket- ball 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2. CLASS 0131942 152 MAI GEORGE F. PIPER Alpha Tau Omega, Biddeford, Mechanical Engineering. GEORGE F. PIPER ARNOLD YV. PITMAN Alpha Gamma Rho, Appletong Horticultureg Agricult,tu'al Club 1, 2, 31 4-I-I Club 1, 2, 3: Apple judging Team 2: Cross Country IQ ' Intramural Athletics 2. 3. EDGAR T. PITTS Stoningtong Mathematics: IJCQIIYS List la. tb, 211. 2b. Sill Tutorial Honors 1, 31 Charles Payson Scholarship: Chicago Alumni Scholar- ship, Hancock County Scholarship: Chstrlcs F. XVOoclman Scholar- shipg Sigma Delta Zeta 2, 3, Vice President 3: Students' Arts Club 1. THOMAS E. POLLOCK. JR. Kappa Sigma: Somerville. Mass.g Business Atlministrationg Class Executive Committee 33 Football 1, 3. ARNOLD VV. PITMAN FRANK E. POTTER Alpha Gamma Rhog Sabattusg Dairy Technology: Dean's List tb, za. 2b, gag Alpha Zeta 2, 31 Hood Scltolarsltip 31 Agricultural Club 1. 2, 3, Treasurer 31 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3: Football 1. 2. 3: Int1'an1ural Athletics 1, 2, 3. DARRELL B. PRATT Sigma Nu: Millinocketg Bacteriology: Dean's List ia. tb, 2a, ga: Alpha Zeta 31 Band 11 Golf 2. EDGAR T. PITTS DARRELL B. PRATT FRANK E. POTTER THOMAS E. POLLOCK, JR 153 i , AARON H' PUTNAM ALLEN H. PULSIFER WINTHROP 13. PRATT GORDON E. RAMSDELL RAYMOND E. RAMSEY DOROTHY E. RANDALL ir i' 'A' KN-'INTHROI' B. PRATT Arlington, Mass.: Engineering Physics: Dean's List 1a, lb, 2a, 2b, 311: Physics Clubg Football Manager 1. ALLEN H. PULSIFER Lambda Chi Alpha: Poland: Economics: Glee Club 22 M.O.C. 2: El Circulo Espanol 3: M.C.A. 2: Track IQ Intramural Athletics. AARON H. PUTNAM Kappa Sigma: Houltong Mechanical Engineering: Intramural Atl1- letics 1, 2, 3. GORDON E. RAMSDELL Alpha Gamma Rho: Ellsworth: Dairy Husbandry: Dean's List, 28 ga: Charles Hood Scholarship lj Agricultural Club 3: 4-H Club 3 RAYMOND E. RAMSEY Phi Mu Delta: Bath: Mechanical Engineering: Radio Club 1 A.S.M.E.: Intramural Athletics 1, 2. DOROTHY RANDALL Oakland: Nursing: Sigma Mu Sigma 3: YJ-V.C.A. 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2 Women's Rifle Club 3. CLASS 0131942 154 MAIL YVARREN B. RANDALL Phi Kappa Sigma: Lcwistong journalisrng IJCRIIIVS List, 2:13 Secondary School Contest Scholarship IQ Campus, Star Reporter 1, Managing Editor 2, Editor-in-Chief 3: Track Manager 1. VVARREN B. RANDALL AUSTIN E. RANKIN, JR. f Camdeng Engineering Physics: DC1lll,S List lil, 1hg Glee Club 1. 2, 3. JAM ES A. REED Phi Mu Deltag Boothbayg Mechanical Engineering: Dez1n's List 121, ibg Lincoln County Al111nni Scl1oIa1'sl'1ipg lI1ll'2lll'llll'Zll Athletics 1. 2. 3. JOHN I-I. REED Phi Eta Kappa: Fort Fairfield: AgfilIlllllll'1ll Economics: IJCZIIES List 1b. 211, 2bg Carrol C. jones Scholarship 21 Agl'iClllllll'2ll Club 1. 2. 3: F.F.A. 1, 2, 32 M.C.A. 1, 21 Fencing 1, 2. AUSTIN E. RANKIN, JR LEE XV. RICHARDS Delta Tau Deltag Augusta: Zoology: DC2lll,S List 1I1. 2111 Der Deutsche Vereing Students' Arts Club: lntrainural Athletics 1. 2, 3. GEORGE A. RIESE Kappa Sigma: Arlington, N1ZlSS.Q Mechanical Engineering. JAMES A. REED GEORGE A. RIESE LEE NV. RICHARDS JOHN H. REED 155 J. HERBERT ROBERTS GEORGE D. ROBEN NELLO F, RIPANTI EDWARD N. ROB ERTSON FRANK C. ROBERTSON JOHN W. ROME t i i NELLO F. RIPANTI Hopedale, Massa Chemical Engineeringg Alpha Chi Sigma 3: Foot- ball lj J. V. Football 3. , GEORGE D. ROBEN Kappa Sigmag Houltong Chemical Engineering: DCilll'S List IZIQ Cross Country 1. J. HERBERT ROBERTS Belfast: Business Administrationg M.C.A. IQ Dean's List 3113 Speaking Contest, zndg Intrarn111'al Athletics 1, 22 Baseball 1. EDWARD N. ROBERTSON Alpha Tau Omegag Bethelg Civil Engineeringg Sophomore Owlsg Civil Engineering Clubg Baseball 1. FRANK C. ROBERTSON Phi GZIIHITILI Delta: Leominster, Mass.: Forestry: Tennis Team ig Students' Arts Club lj M.0.C. 22 C.A.A. 31 Transfer from University of Pennsylvania. JOHN W. ROB111 Bela Theta Pig Augustag Dranm: Masque 2, 3. Presiclent 31 Fencing 2: lvrestling 2. CLASS 0131942 156 MAI PRESTON E. ROBINSON Phi Mu Delta: Baugorg Civil Engineering: Civil Club 3, Seerelziry 3. PRESTON E, ROBINSON ARLENE R. RODMAN Bangorg Frenchg DC2'lIl,S List 321: Le Cercle Frzlncnis 1, 2, SQ Students' Arts Club 31 El Circulo Espanol 31 Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3. ANN ROLLINS Ellsworth: French: Students' Arts Club 11 Le Cerclc Fruncztis 1, 2. 32 Y.W'.C.A. 1, 3. BERNARD P. ROME Tau Epsilon Phig Brookline, Mass.g History and Govemmentg Dea11's List lil, lb, 221, 2b, 3115 Tutorial Honors lb, 221, zb, 311. ARLENE R. RODMAN DONALD P. ROSS Kappa Sigma: Oronog Civil Engineeringg Scubbzird :111cl Blade gg Civil Club 2, SQ Football IQ Intrztmurzil Athletics 1, 2, 3. RITA E. ROSS Portlandg Sociologyg Students' Arts Club 31 Inte1'n11tio11:1I Relations Club 3: Transfer from Westbrook Junior College. ANN ROLLINS RITA E. ROSS DONALD P, ROSS BERNARD P. ROME 157 LORRAINE A. ROWELL ROBERT F. ROY EDWARD F. RUDDOCK CORNELL C. RUSHWORTH wigs' y M 3.111 1 2,-1:52. , sf Ugg an M m I-IARLAN O. ROWE A. VIRGINIA ROURKE i -A' ,k A.. VIRGINIA ROURKE YVinthrop3 English: Students' Arts Club I, 2, 32 Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3: Masque 31 Orchestra lj Chorus 2. HARLAN O. ROXVE Alpha Gamma Rho: Lovell: Poultry Husbandryg Class of 1909 Scholarship: 4,-H Club 1, 2. SQ F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. LORRAINE A. ROWELL ' Sacog Nursing: Dean's List 3:13 Students' Arts Club IQ Le Cercle Francais 21 Modern Dance Club 3: A.M.W. Pageant 1, 2. ROBERT F. ROY Sigma Chig Norwayg Chemical Engineering: Scabbard and Blade 3: Masque, Assoc. Member IQ Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 32 XVinter Sports 1, 2, 31 Football 3. EDWARD F. RUDDOCK Kittery: Mechanical Engineering. CORNELL C. RUSHYVORTI-I Madison: Chemical Engineering: Dean's List 2211 Football 2. CLASS 0131942 158 MAI BETTY RYAN Delta Delta Deltag YVoolwichg Nursingg Dean's List gag Sophomore Eaglesg W.S.G.A. 25 A.M.W. Pageant 1, 25 Basketball 1, 22 Volleyball 22 Assistant Hockey Manager 3. BETTY J. RYAN PATRICIA M. RYAN Phi Mug Bangorg Psychologyg Dean's List ia. ib, gag Neai Matlietai lj Sigma Mu Sigma 39 Ol'f-Campus lvomen 1, 2, 3: M.C.A. 3. BERT S. SANBORN Sigma Nu, Uxbridge, Mass.g Forestryg Forestry Club 1, 2, 31 M.O.C. 2, 32 Boxing 1. BARBARA SAVAGE Alpha Omicron Pig Bangorg Drama and Englishg Sophomore Eagles, Q Secretary-Treasurer: Elizabeth Abbott Balentine Scholarship 32 Prism PAQ RICIA M' RYAN 31 Masque 2, 3: Modern Dance Club 2, 33 Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, Secretary 2: M.O.C. 35 W.S.G.A. 3, Vice President 32 Student Senate 31 Class Secretary 3, A.M.W. Pageant 1, 23 Intrainural Carnival Queen 2: Maine Day Committee 1. A ELIZABETH R. SCAMMON Pi Beta Phi: Owls Head: Home Economics, Dean's List 2113 Home Economics Club 2, 32 Y.XV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 3. XVILLIAM SCHAIBLE Theta Chi: East Norlllport, L. I., N. Y.: Chemical Engineering: Dean's List 2ag Intramiiral Athletics 1, 3. BERT S. SANBORN WILLIAM J. SCHAIBLE ELIZABETH R. SCAMMON BARBARA SAVAGE '59 l 1 FRANCIS V. SCI-IMIDT CALVIN B. SEVVA LL KENNETH L. SHARP RICHARD M. SINCLAIR NANCY M. SCHILLIG EDWARD A. SCI-IERTZER i' i' Q EDWVARD A. SCH ERTZER Tau Epsilon Phig Somerville, Mass.: Business Administration: De- bating Club IQ Le Cerclc Francais 12 Campus IQ International Rela- tions Club 32 Students' Arts Club 31 Indoor Track 1, Manager. NANCY M. SCHILLIG Bangorg Home Economicsg Y.X'V.C.A. lj OIT-Campus XVomen 3. FRANCIS V. SCHMIDT Sigma Chig Paterson, N. J.: Wildlife Conservationg Baseball lj Basketball lj Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. CALVIN B. SEWALL Wilton: Economics: Dean's List 1a, lb, gag Tutorial Honors 2a: Secondary School Contest Scholarship 1, 2, 3: Students' Arts Club lj Prism 31 Intramural Athletics 1, 3. KENNETH L. SHARP Linncusg Eclucationg Transfer from Ricker Junior College. RICHARD M. SINCLAIR Sigma Chip Holyoke, Mass.: Pulp and Paper Technology: IllEl'2lIT1lll'ZIl Athletics 1, 2, gg Track 1. GLASS UF 1942 160 NIAI THOMAS T. SLEEP ER Lambda Chi Alpha: Swampscott, Mass.: Mechanical Engineering: M.O.C. 1, 2. 3: Pack and Pine 2. 3: Track 1, 21 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. THOMAS T. SLEEPER GEORGE C. SLOCUINI Phi Eta Kappa: XVorccster, Mass.: Dairy Technology. PARKER IV. SMALL Phi Mu Delta: South Portland: Agricultural Economics: Sophomore Owls: Pale Blue Key 3: "M" Club 2, 81 Agricultural Club 1. 21 Football 1. 2, 3: Basketball 1. 2, 3, CO-Captain 1: Baseball 1, 22 Class Vice President I. ROBERT E. SMALL GEORGE C. SLOCUM Sigma Chi: York Village: Electrical Engineering: Dean's List la. 1b, 221. 2hg Scahbarcl and Blade 3: Pale Blue Key 31 A.l.E.E. 3: Men's Glee Club 32 Football u: Basketball 1: Intramural Athletics 2. 3. ELMER V. SMITH Sigma Chi: Newport: Mechanical Engineering: Dcan's List la, lb, 2a: Scabbarcl and Blade 3. GEORGE H. SIN'lI'I'I-I Kappa Sigma: XValtham. Mass.: Mechanical Engineering: Scabbartl and Blatlc 3: Football 1: -I. V. Football 2, 3. PARKER W. SIVIALL GEORGE H. SMITH ELMER V. SMITH ROBERT E. SMALL 16: HENRY A. SNELL HARLAN S. SPEAR JASPER A. SPEAR BEVERLY W. SPENCER JAMES J. SMITH JAMES F. SMITH i' it 'A' JAMES F. SMITH Sigma Nu, Richmond, Va., Civil Engineering: DCHll'S List 1b, 211, 2b: A.S.C.E. 33 Skeet Club 21 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. JAMES J. SMITH South Portland, Forestry. HENRY A. SNELL Alpha Gamma Rhog Buxton, HO1'tlClI1ILll'Cj DCllll,S List la: Agri- Cllllllflll Club 1, 21 M.C.A. 1, 21 Boxing 1. HARLAN S. SPEAR lVz11'reng 'Wildlife Conservation. JASPER A. SPEAR Warren, Historyg Manager Basketball 3. BEVERLY YV. SPENCER Old Town: History and Governmentg Dean's List 2bg Debate Club 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2. CLASS 0F19-42 162 MAI JACOB I. STAHL Tau Epsilon Phig Peabody, Mass., Economics, Le Cercle Francais 2, 31 Students' Arts Club lj "M" Club 32 Student Senate 32 Inter- fraternity Council 3g Assembly Committee 31 I.A.A. 32 Football 1, 2. 31 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3: Sophomore Executive Committee. JACOB I. STAHL VIRGINIA C. STEVENS Old Towng Home Economicsg OIEACampus XVo111e11 1, 2, 33 M.O.C. 2: WVon1e11's Rifle Team 2: A.M.W. Pageant 2. LOREN F. STEYVART Alpha Tau Omega: Augustag Chemical Engineeri11gg Scabbard and Blade gg M.O.C. 1, 2, 32 Pack and Pineg Indoor Track Manager 1, 2. 3. VIRGINIA C. STEVENS BETH STONE Detroit, Frenchg Le Cercle Francais 5. LOIS STONE Pi Beta Pig Clinton, M:1ss.3 Sociologyg Modern Dance Club gg YNY. C A 1 2 Cabinet Students' A1 ls Club 1 0 ' A.NI.lV. ILIVTCQIIIK .,..,,3, . 31 - .' ,-.3, 1 .D 1, 2Q Masque 3. THEODORE M. STONE Milfordg Horticulture. LOREN F. STENVART fi THEODORE M. STONE LOIS STONE BETH STONE 163 NVILLIAM B. TALBOT JOHN J. SUSLAVICH ROOSEVELT T. SUS1 EDWARD R. TANNER CHARLES I. TAYLOR MARK A. TAYLOR 'k 'k 'I ROOSEVELT T. SUS! Alpha Tau Omega: PittsF1elclg Business Aclministrationg Debate Clubg Track 1. 2, 31 I11t1'amural Athletics. JOHN 1. sUsLAv1cH Phi Gamma Deltag Mechanical Engineering: Football IQ Intramural Athletics 1, 2. 3. YVILLIAM B. TALBOT Kappa Sigma: East Machias: History and Economicsg Scabbard and Blade 32 Students' Arts Club IQ Band 1, 2: Chorus 1, 21 M.C.A. 1: Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. EDXVARD R. TANNER Sigma Chig Jenkinton, Pe1m.g Economics and GON'6l'l1l1lCI1l1 Dean's List ia, tb, 221, 2bg Tutorial Honors tb, 25.1, 211, ga: Scahbard and Blade 35 Debating Society IQ Basketball IQ Baseball ll Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. CHARLES J. TAYLOR Bangorg Business Adininistrationg Dean's List 221: Baseball 1, 2. MARK A. TAYLOR Newportg Mechanical Engineeringg A.S.M.E. 32 Band 1, 21 Trans- fer from General Electric Engineering School. CLASS 0131942 164 AIN ELLA E. TEAGUE Chi Omegag Turnerg Home Economicsg Dean's List 211, eb, 3:15 Home Economics Club 2, 3. ELLA E. TEAGUE ARTHUR L. TEALL Phi Gamma Deltag Glenridge, N. 1.5 Electrical Engineeringg Masque 22 M.C.A. 1Q Basketball 12 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. MARY R. THERIAULT Old Towng Home Economicsg A.M.W'. Pageant 22 IVomen's Rifle Team 21 Hockey 22 Transfer from Chestnut Hill College. ELIZABETH B. THOMAS ARTHUR L- TEAM- Houltong Englishg Glee Club 3g Maine Radio Guild 32 Transfer from Rickcr Junior College. RAYMOND P. THOMAS Old Towng Mechanical Engineering. BARBARA M. THOMPSON Pi Beta Phig Brownfieldg Englishg Campus 2, 31 EI Circulo Espanol 22 Prism 32 Transfer from Packer Collegiate Institute. - - MARY R. THERIAULT I BARBARA M. THOMPSON RAYMOND P. THOMAS ELIZABETH B. THOMAS 165 A YEITH M. T MPSO X H0 N GORDON J. THOMPSON ELMER P, THOMPSON, JR. C. HELEN THORNDI KE CH ERRIE M. THORNE JOHN E. THORNE ELMER P. THOMPSON, JR. Klappa Signing Brownfield: Meclianiczal Enginccringg C.A.A. 3: Ten- lllS 1, 2. GORDON J. THOMPSON Rockland, Mechanical Engineering, Baseball IQ Boxing 1. KEITH M. THOMPSON Phi Eta Kappa: Limestone: Agl'lClllLllT2ll Economicsg Dean's List ga: Agricultural Club 21 Baseball IQ Baskerball 2, 3: II'lU'1lll'llII'Hl Anh- lctics 1, 2, 3. C. HELEN THORNDIKE Pi Beta Phi, Bridgtong Home Economics: Clee Club 3. CHERRIE M. THORNE Pi Beta Phig St. Albansg Home Economics: 1JCilll,S Lisl ia, 221. zb, 38 Neai Mnlhetai ll Home Economics Club 1, 2. 3, Secretary and Treas urer 22 Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 31 .1-H Club 1, 2, 3. JOHN E. THORNE lsluucl Falls: Mathematics: Transfer from Ricker Junior College. CLASS UF 1942 166 MAI SETH W. THORNTON Belfast: Chemistry: Band 1. SETH W. THORNTON PRISCILLA E. THURLOXV Pi Beta Phi: Bucklieldg Home Economics: Dean's List 2b. ga: Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3: Campus 2: Y.W.C.A. 1: Prism 3: Radio Committee 2. RUTH A. TONVNE Dover-Foxcroft: Pre-Medical: Dean's List 2112 Masque 2, 3. Ticket Manager 135. JOHN P' TRACY PRISCILLA E. THURLOXV Delta Tau Delta: Lexington, Mass.: Business Administration: Le Cercle Francais 1, 21 Masque 2, 3, Ticket Manager 135. l SPAULDING M. TUKEY Kappa Sigma: Cape Elizabeth: Chemistry: Intramural Athletics 2, 3. CHARLES N. VICKERY Pittsfield: History: Dean's List 2a, 2b, ga: Le Cerclc Francais 2: Masque, Assoc. Member 2: Transfer from Chailcy junior College. RUTH A. TOWNE 1 CHARLES N. VICKERY SPAULDING M. TUKEY Joi-IN P. TRACY 167 HAROLD E. VVARREN RICHARD L. WARREN RICHARD R. XVASHBURN GEORGE VV. VVATERMAN DOROTHY L. VVARREN ELEANOR L- WARD , 'A' t if ELEANOR L. VVARD Chi Omcgag Lunenburg, Mass., Englislig Deans List ia. 1b. za. 2b. 331 Tutorial Honors 221, 2b, 3:15 Worcester County Alumni Scholar- ship 11 University Scholarship 3Q Neai Mathetai 12 Sophomore Eaglesg "M" Club 2, 32 lV.S.G.A. 2j Le Cercle Francais 1: Prism 33 lV.A.A. Council 2, 31 Hockey 1, 2, 31 All-Maine Hockey IQ Basket- ball 1, 2. DOROTHY L. YVARREN Alpha Omicron Pig Lubecg Euglishg Sophomore Eagles: M.O.C. IQ Y.W'.C.A. 1, 2, 33 Students' Arts Club 1. 21 Sophoinore Hop Com- mittee, junior Yveek Committee. HAROLD E. YVARREN Phi Kappa Signing Lisbon Falls, Chemical Engineeringg Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. RICHARD L. YVARREN Lambda Chi Alpha: Portlandg Electrical Engineeringg Fencing 1, 2, 31 Manager of Football 1. RICHARD R. YVASHBURN Monnioutlig Agricultural Economicsg Dean's List ibg Agricultural Club 1, 2, 32 M.O.C. 1. 21 Men's Rifle Team lj Intramural Athletics l, 2. GEORGE XV. XVATERMAN Lambda Chi VAlpl1a3 New Gloucester: Mechanical Eligineeringg M.O.C. 2, 31 lVI.C.A. 2, 31 Men's Glee Club 2: A.S.M.E. 31 Pale Blue Key Society 31 Intramurzil Athletics 1, 2. 3. CLASS UF 1942 168 MAI JOHN T. XVATSON Bangorg Physics: Demfs List 321. JOHN T. NVATSON ROBERT YVATSON Alpha Tatu Omegag Fzirmingtong Business Adininistrntiong Football 13 Tennis 1, 2. BEVERLY D. XVEATHERBY Sigma Nu: Grand Lake Streznng Forestry: Trzinsfcr Iroin Rickci' junior College. GEORGE F. XVEBBER Pittsfield: Mechanical Engineering: A.S.M.E. 3. ROBERT J. WATSON ARLENE J. XVEBSTER Delta Delta Deltag Auburndzile, Mass.: Home Iiconomicsg Home Economics Club 2, 3: Y.XV.C.A. 11 "M" Club 2, 31 W.A.A. Council 3: Prism 35 Assistant Winter Sports lvlziiiager 2. Mnnzngei' 32 A.M.M'. Pageant IQ Hockey 1, 2, 3, All-Maine Team 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2. CHARLES F. XVELCH Pittsfieldg Mechrmiczil Engineeringg Tennis 2. BEVERLY D. VVEATHERBY ,l CHARLES F. WELCH ARLENE J. WEBSTER GEORGE F. WEBBER 169 VIRGINIA WESTON DONALD E. WESTON FRANK L. WELLCOME, JR. HELEN M. WEYMOUTH NATHANIEL H. VVHEELER MARY LOUISE WHITE 'I' iv ,k FRANK L. YVELLCOME, JR. Kappa Sigma: l'Vestbrook: Engineering Physics: Deans List 1a, 1b: Scabbarcl and Blade 3: Physics Club 2, 3: iVICll'S Glee Club 1, 2, 3, President 3: Chorus 1: Masque, Assoc. lvlember 2. DONALD E. WESTON Phi Kappa Sigma: Portlancl: Electrical Engineering: Campus 2, 3. . Circulation Manager 2. 3: Masque, Assoc. Member 2: Orchestra 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2: Me11's Glee Club 1, 2: Dcputations: Men's Cabinet of M.C.A. VIRGINIA WESTON Dover-Foxcroft: French: lJC2lll'S List ga. HELEN M. WEY MOUTH Chi Omega: Dexter: Home Economics: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3: Le Cercle Francais 1: Home Economics Club 3: lVome11's Rifle Team 3: Women's Forum 3: Masque 2: Prism 3: Volleyball 1, 2: Hockey 2: Basketball 2. NATHANIEL H. XVHEELER lVaterville: Mechanical Engineering. MARY LOUISE XVHITE Alpha Omicron Pi: Orono: Home Economics: Y.YV.C.A. 1, 2, 3: Campus 1, 2, 3, Star Reporter 3: Le Cercle Francais 1: Off-Campus Women 1, 2: A.M.XV. Pageant 1, 2: Maine Day Committee 3: Prism 3, News Editor. CLASS UF 194 170 2 MAI MILDRED C. WHITE Costigzmg Zoology: DC2lIl'S List ilu: Alpha 0lIllCl'0l1 Pi Prize 1. MILDRED C. WHITE ROGER E. XVHITE South Portland: Eiigineering Physics: DCLIIES List 111. 1l1, 2b. 311: Physics Club 3, 4: IlllI'IllIllll'1ll Athletics 1, 2. HARRIS G. WVHITED ' Phi Eta Kappa: Briclgewurer: Agronoiny: Agriculuirzil Club 2, 3: II1lI'Zlll'llll'ill Sports 1, 2. 3. RICHARD IV. YVHITNEY Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Murhleliezitl, Mass.: P1'e-Metlicnl: Der Deutsche VCl'Cll1 2: Students' Arts Cluh 2: I11t1':1111111'ul Athletics 2. ROGER E. VVI-IITE JACK B. WIEDMER Theta Chi: Glen Head, Long lslancl, N. Y.: NICCIIZIIIICZII Engineering: A.s.M.E. 3. ' KENT M. XVICHT Madison: Bacteriology: DC2ll1'S List 121, 2h, ga: Agricullurzil Club 1, 2, 3: Campus 3: Bzintl 1, 2: Orchcstrzi 3: Boxing 2. HARRIS G. NVHITED KENT M. WIGHT JACK B. WIEDMER RICHARD W. WHITNEY 171 MORRIS R- WING RAYMOND E. VVILSON FRED M. WILLETTS NORMAN A. WVTNG PAUL L. NVINSLOVV GORDON H. WINTERS 'k i' i FRED M. WILLETTS Oronog Dairy Technologyg Dean's List 2b3 Agricultural Club 1. RAYMOND E. YVILSON Sigma Alpha Epsilong Maclisong Chemical Engineering: Alpha Chi Sigma 2, 35 M.O.C. 31 Tennis 1, 23 lfIlLI'2lIlllll'Z1l Athletics 1, 2. 3. MORRIS R. YVING Binghamg Forestryg Dean's List la, lb, za, 2b, 3211 Bertha Joy Thomp- son Scholarship 3. NORMAN A. WING Alpha Gamma Rhog hI0l'll'l10llIl'lQ Animal HllSlJHl1Cll'y'Q Agricultural Club 2, 32 M.O.C. 11 Boxing 21 Illlilflllllllill Athletics 1, 21 Mlrestling 2. PAUL L. YVINSLOYV Norriclgewockg Civil Engiiiecringg Masque, Assoc. Member ll 4-H Club 1, 2, 5: A.S.C.E. 3. GORDON H. YVINTERS Kappa Sigmag Mlatei-ville3 Civil E11ginceri11g3 Dean's List lb, 221, 2b, 3a3 Philip R. Hathorne Scholzxrship 21 Scabbard and Blade 31 A.S.C.E. 2, 31 Band 1, 2, 3Q M.C.A. IQ Track IQ Baseball 1. 2, 32 Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. CLASS 0131942 172 I EDXVARD H. XVOOD Sigma Alpha Epsilon Berwick: Forestryg Freslnnun Fo1'111n3 Boxing 1, 2j IllIl'2ll'I1ll1'Zll Athletics 1, 2, 3. RALPH E. XVOODBURY Sigma Cl1i3 1,0l'llllI'lll1 Cl1cn1ic:1l Engineering3 Aviation Club 3j C.A.A. 2Q Winter Sports 1, 2. HOMER C. WOODWARD Alpha Tau Omega: Newport: Agl'lCllllllf1ll Economics. JANICE D. YVOODKVARD Minotg Home Economicsg DC2llliS List 221. 3:13 Home Economics Club 3: Basketball 1, 2. 31 Volleyball 1, 2, 31 Hockey 2, 3. ARTHUR R. XVORSTER Sig'mz1 N113 Madisong Mechuniczil Engineering: De:1n's List 111, 1b. 211. 2b, 3:13 lfiiiversily Scl10Iz11'sl1ip 3. MARY A. YOUNG XVllllCl'POl'lj English: DC2lI1'S List 1b3 "M" Club gl Hockey 1. 2. 31 Basketball 1, 2, 31 Volleyball 1, 2. 3. EDWARD H. WOOD RALPH E. WOODBURY H OM ER C. VVOODWARD MARY A. YOUNG ARTHUR R. NVORSTER JANICE D. XVOODVVARD '73 ArLl1ur C. Crapo Ernest T, Delano Richard O. Franz Frank M. Loliley Robert M. MacGregor Crosby G. Patterson Francis Ralzell james L. Russell Martin M. Selmer David P, Slriar Forrest YV. Trulancl Ellis R. Vauliocsen XValter E. YVynian Juniors Nut Pictured Electrical Engineering Education Entomology Business !lCllIlll1lSl1'llllOll Business Administration Orono Bangor Tllornwood, N. Y. Bangor Plallslnlrg. New York English Bangor Philosophy Deer Isle Zoology Bangor Pulp and Paper New York, Y. Mechanical Engineering Bangor Eduearion Soulh Porlland History and Government Delmar. N. Y. Sociology Brewer 1 74 In nleniory of Gerald Edward Elliott, ol' Fort Fairfield Maine, a member ol' the Class of 1942, who cliccl july 5 1940 as a result of illness. '75 AVING succeeded in passing through their . freshman year at the University of Maine, sophomores are still not at liberty to declare total exemption from subjugation to others. Instead, the sophomore year brings on the harrowing' ordeal of fraternity initiation, and the drudgery of Usoph- omore duties." During the initiation period, or Hell Week, oc- currences in order with that pictured on the oppo- site page are common. Here a sophomore performs, as part of his initiation, the task of providing free shines for the populace of Bangor while under the watchful eyes of his fraternity brothers. It is fun for all, but pity the sophomores next year! 176 SUPHUMUHLES SUPHUMURE CLASS OFFICERS H - PRA'r'r XVARD C'uu1u,u LOVVELL E. YV ARD PRESIDENT BERTIS L. PRATT, JR. VICE PRESIDENT , A: Huwls FRANK w. HAINES, JR. TREASLIRER MARGARET E. CHURCH SECRETARY LUPH MDR UWLS Third Row-W'eisman, Nickerson Second Row-Creamer, Stewart, Pratt, Frost, Harvey, Tooley First Row-Dingley, Goodchild, Haines, Quint, VVard, Shepard SUPH NiUPiE EAGLES Second Row-L. Wihite, Xvilcox. Deering First Row-Price. Rourke, Donovan, Patten, MacLeod HERSCHEL G. ABBOTT Forestry Bryant Pond HUGH XV. ABBOTT Horticulture YYest Paris CHARLES I3. ADAMS Meclianiczil Engineering Kittery CLAUDE H. ADAMS Arts I-Ioulton GEORGE F. ADAMS Agricultural Education XN'est Sumner JOSEPH ADLER, JR. Arts Sanford BRUNO E. AHO Poultry Huslnanflry Union BERNARD E. ALBAIR Chezniczil Engineering Caribou DOROTHY E. ALBERT Home Economics Bangor RACH EL ALDEN A115 Dover-Fuxcroft VVILLIAM P. ALEXANDER Electrical Engineering Lihue, Kauai. T. H. RODNEY I-I. ALLAN Agricultural Engineering South Portland CHARLES D ALLEN Arts Cape Cottage JAMES R. AMBROSE Chemistry Bangor NVESLEY D. ANDERSON Mechanical Engineering Mars Hill STOUGHTON ATXVOOD Engineering Physics Swnmpscott, Mass. FRANKLIN J. AESTIN Mechanical Engineering Farmington JOHN M. AUSTIN Civil Engineering Bethel OTIS Z. BACON Mechanical Engineering, Oaklancl RICHARD G. BADER Botany Flushing, L. I., N, Y. EDNYARD F. BAGLEY Poultry Huslmntlry Albion THOMAS M. BAISLEY Forestry Yonkers. N. Y. PAUL V. BARTLETT ,Ill Biological Chemistry Orono CHARLES E. BARTLE Engineering Physics Greenville Y CLAYTON E. BARTLEY Agronomy Orono BARBARA BEAN Arts Newport ELIZABETH T. BEAR Home Economics CE Bucksport GEORGE D. BEARCE, JR Arts Bucksport HARRY BECKMAN Pulp and Paper Stewart Manor. N. Y. ROBERT H. BEEDY I-Iorticul ture Turner DOROTHY E. BELL Home Economics Orono ELLIS I. BELL Animal Huslizlnclry Dennysville P. EUGENIA BERRY Arts Portland ARTHUR XV. BEVERAGE Civil Engineering North Haven XYARREN H. BICKFORD Chemical Engineering Ogunquit CLIFFORD XV. BTRC Arlington, Mass. Il' H. Mechanical Engineering II. I". IHTTNER 'iltllife Conscrvzitiem iylesvillc, R. I. QLES N. IELANCHARD 'ti nnklyn, N. Y. IE J. BOLSTRIDGE iry Iluslxzxnflry xrinna ARD O. BOSS echanical Engineering ver-Foxcrnft PH S. BOULOS echanical Engineering irtland PH XV. BOURQUE euhanical Engineering mrtlzxncl RAY C. BOW' DEN 'ts utli Penobscot .TON M. IERACKETT ricultural Ecunomics 'wport L R. BRADSTREET iimzll Iluslxunxlry binn ER Il. BRADY gineering Physics irchester, Mass. ARD A. BRAGDON ts mherland Mills RLY A. BRAWN ts unswick L. BRAXYN ts ith Lincoln IE M. BRIDGES ts lnis CIS A. BROXVN lp and Paper ofllzmd EI. E. B ROYVN ts owlwgan ARD M. DRUNK iry Irlnslmnflry nington G. BRYANT me Ecmnnnix's lfleforcl PIIYLLIS Ill. BRYANT Arts Alzuli son OLIVER E. I1l'Vlil.EY, JR. Civil Enginur-ring Pittsliclml HOLLIS T. HURGESS Poultry Hnslxzmslry Yitiallmvuiz GRAVE E. llL'RNEI.I. Arts Cninln-rlrlntl Center XVALDO H. I-!L'RXHAM Electrical Enginer-ring East Erlgccmnli GILBERT C. BURNS. JR. Pulp :intl Paper Ncwtnn Centre, Mass. EILE EN L. 'HL'TLER Arts lhmver-Ifuxcruft DAVID S, CAI.DVVEl.I., JR. Ifnrc-stry South liytielll, Mass. BARBARA I.. CAME Arts Iizir Ilnrlmr ARTHVR F. CARLSON Electrical Engimi-uri11g Ilclfast GILBERT M. CARLSON Fnrrslry Miltrin, Mass. G. MILTON CARTER Arts Carilinn RITA BI. CASSI DY Arts Ilzingor JOHN II. CHADNYICK Horticulture I lnultnn L EVVIS I'. Cl I A DNYICK Arts Brewer SIDNEY II. CHANDLER. IR llsclizmical Enginrcring Czn-ilmu MARY I.. CHAPMAN llfnnu l'It-mmniics I"4,rtl:lnll ROBERT I.. CHAPMAN' Engincvring Vliysics I'rvrll:1nml S. MARGARET IIEATON Arts Portlzmd DAVID G. IIEMPSTEAD Mechanical Engineering Ihickspmt MARY Y. IIEMPSTEAD Ilonie l'1cuin.n11ics Bucksport IVA Y. HENRY Arts Tlionmston FRED HERBOLZIIEIMER, l'ulp and Pziper Reading, Mass. MILTON IIERMAN Arts ML Vernon, N. Y. GERARD A. HERZBERG Animal Husbandry New York, N. Y. ERNEST J. HINE Mechanical Engincn-ring Palmer, Mass. DOROTHY L. HODGKINS Home Ecunoinics Northeast Ilnrlmr EYERETT M. HOFFMAN Arts Chelsea. Mass. FRANK C. HOLDEN Mechanical Engineering Millinockct EDXYARD J. HOLLAND Chemical Engineering Bangor JOHN L. HOLTER Chemical Engineering Newtonrille, Mass. PAUL VV. IIOREYSECK Clieniiczil Engineering Rockland REX A. IIORROCKS Mecliaiiical Engineering Vliilton LOUISE B. I IOYT Home Econoniics Fort Fairfield ROBERT N. HUBBARD Meclizxnical Engineering Pittsfield JOHN ll. HUNT Wildlife C'o11servziti1m Fairfield EDITH J. IIUNTLEY Arts Old Town LESTER M. I-IIIRD Electrical Enginurring Biddcfnril EUGENE R. HUSSEY Aniinnl lluslmanmlry Kezzn' Falls GERALD G. HIITCIIINS Mechanical Enginr-erin Millinucket LEXYIS HYTCHINSON Dairy lluslxzindry Cumlnerlnnrl Mills EVERETT P, INGALLS. J Chemical Engineering XYestl1r00k ROBERT D. INGALLS Clieiniczil i':!1gilll'L4l'll'lg Bar Hurlmr CHARLES P. INMAN Arts Oronu DONALD XY. INNES Civil Engineering South Portland VYINSTON T4. IRELAND Agrmnnvniy Fort Fairfield HENRY A. JACKSON Chemical Engine-vring Rockville Centre. N. LYMAN NV. IACOBSEN Ilnrticulturc Bar Harbor ARIVIAND VV. LIALIIERT Civil Engineering Spencer, Mass. XVILLIAM S. .IAMESON Poultry II'l.1Sl7illlllI'f' Vl'almlulxoro DONALD R. IARDINE Cliuinicnl Engineering Illmlison JANIES A. A. JEFFERY Forestry Nnrtli Yassallmro ROBERT D. IENKINS Clivniicnl Engineering Orcnm HELENA M, JENSEN Ilfwniu Economics Scarlmro ELEANOR M. JOHNSON Home Economics Sanford JUSTIN O. JOHNSON, JR. Mechanical Engineering VVaterville PHILIP E. JOHNSON Mechanical Engineering Spencer, Mass. RALPH A. JOHNSON Mechanical Engineering Lowell, Mass. RITA E. JOHNSTON Home Economics Bangor RICHARD F. JONES Agronomy Unity ROBERT VV. KAELIN Wildlife Conservation Palisade, N. J. MOLLY KAGAN Arts Bangor KENNETH J. KAY Mechanical Engineering Bridgeport, Conn. GERALD L. KEENAN Arts Mars Hill PHILIP KEENE Animal Husbandry Appleton IRVING J. KEITER Arts Chelsea, Mass. ASENITH H. KELLEY Arts Waterville JOHN D. KELLEY Arts South Portland ROBERT F. KENISTON M echanical Engi ncering West Paris RICHARD E. KENNEDY Agricultural Economics Monmouth KEITH VV. KINNEY Agricultural Economics Bradford Center ARTHUR K. KITTREDGE Mechanical Engineering McKinley RONALD KLEIN Arts Eagle Lake RALPH A. KLUCKEN Mechanical Engineering East Stoneham BETTY L. KNIGHT Home Economics Unity DAVID H. KNOVVLTON Chemistry Beverly, Mass. HAROLD J. LaCROIX Arts Fort XVilliams ROY A. LADNER, JR. Arts Bangor WILLIAM G. LALIBERTE Arts Brewer ELINOR F. LANGDON Home Economics Kittery ROLAND P. LANGE Chemical Engineering Tlre Forks EARL B. LANGLEY Agronomy Mars Hill JOHN S. LARSEN Mechanical Engineering Marblehead, Mass. BARBARA V. LEADBEATER Arts North Vllhitelield RICHARD W. LEES Chemical Engineering Hamden, Conn. FREDERIC A. LEONARD Bacteriology Bangor HENRY G. LEONARD, JR. Forestry lVestBelcl, N. J. I-IORACE VV. LEXVIS Forestry Bangor DONALD NV. LTBBY Pulp and Paper Orono VVILLIAM A. LINDSAY Arts Arlington, Mass. F. JACKSON LONG Horticulture South Portland JAY M. LORD Nlechanical Engineering Iiezar Falls PRISCILLA LORING Arts Freeport LOUIS P. LORUSSO Arts East Walpole, Mass. MARY A, LOVELY Arts Old Town OLIN S. LUTES, JR. Engineering Physics Orono ROBERT C. LYCETTE Mechanical Engineering Oakmont, Penna. NORMAN R. LYON Mechanical Engineering Pittsfield MARCIA M. MCCARTHY Arts XNVZItCK'VillE MARY E. McCARTHY Arts Bangor HUGH F. McCLOSKEY Arts Bangor ERNEST T. MCGLAUFLIN Agricultural Economics Presque Isle RUTH McKAY Arts Old Town RICHARD D. MCKEEN Mechanical Engineering Bangor ALEXANDER W. MacKEN Chemical Engineering Winchester, Mass. VICTORIA E. MacKENZlE Home Economics East Millinocket VVAYNE T. MCLAUGHLIN Civil Engineering Medway DOROTHY E. M'acLEOD Arts Bar Harbor ZIE JEAN C. MACK Home Economics Bangor IRWIN W, MAKER Forestry Mattawarnkeag RICHARD H. MANHIRE Arts Hallowell ROBERT L. MANTER Horticulture Brunswick WILBUR J. MARDEN Forestry Monroe CHARLES A. MARKEE Pulp and Paper Calais RICHARD E. MARTINEZ Arts Albany, N. Y. JAMES E, G. MERCHANT Arts Newtonville, Mass. ROBERT R. MILLAR Mechanical Engineering Leonia, N. J. HAROLD E. MONGOVAN Pulp and Paper Bangor JANET G. MONOHON Arts Brewer DWIGHT C. MOODY Agricultural Economics Lincoln FRANCIS C. MOONEY Arts Bangor DOROTHY B. MORAN Arts Portland ROBERT L. MOREY, JR. Mechanical Engineering Swampscott, Mass. CAMILLE E. MORNEAULT Agronomy Lille CHARLOTTE A. MORRISON Home Economics Bar Harbor XVILLIAM J. MORRISON Chemical Engineering Cape Cottage 1 BERNARD A. ETZEI, Ilorticulture Freeport EDXYARD F. ETZEL Forestry East Haven, Corin. JOHN EYERETT, JR. Arts Hallowell EINO XY. FAGERLYND Chemical Engineering Quincy. Mass. EDWARD J. FALARDEAU Agricultural Economics Rumford ARTHUR B. FARRIS, JR. Forestry Union ALBION VV. FI-ZNDERSON Arts Sanford AVERY M. FIDES Arts Bowduinhznn GEORGIE FIDES Arts Iluwiluinham IIARRY XY. FILES. JR. Arts Peaks Island JOHN R. FINCH Agronomy Newark. N. Y, JOSEPH F. FLANAGAN X , . I. Chemin: l T'.llgllIECl mg llangor FR EDA N. FLANDERS Arts Ilzingor VVILLIAM R. 'FLORA Arts Caribou HENRY H. FOGLER Chemical Engineering llzistings-im-Huilson, N. YIRLDINIA E. FOSS llmni' Ecouuinics llampilen XYARREN L. FOSS Mechanical l':l'lgiI1t'El'lllg Fnrnringtun CAROLYN L. FOSTER llrmxe Ecmiinnics Cuopers Mills WALTER ll. FOSTER. ,l R Pmiltry lTllSll8l'lLll'j' Mass. NARA FROST Arts York Village STANLEY XV. FROST Forestry Norway HARRIETT E. FIQRB ISH Arts South Berwick C. EDMOND GARDNER Mechanical Enginc-erin NYakefieId. Mass. RODOLPHE A. GAULIN Arts Iiirldefrmrrl MAURICE L. GENEVA Chemical Engineering South Portland CHARLOTTE M. GIFFOR Arts lizxugnr RAYMOND L. GILL Agricultural Economics Frankfort CLARENCE R. GILMAN Forestry Binglram STANLEY F. GILMAN Mechanical Englneerin Pnrtlanil FRANCES A. GIRARD Home TECOIIUITITCS Portlanil JAMES GIRDVVOOII Arts Castine JANE I.. GIVEN llrnne Economics Iinwcloinlmm LINDLEY XY. GODSON Forestry Lung Island JOSEPH GOLDHERG Arts lkingnr JOSET' H E. GOLDSMITII Aft-4 Olil Tuwu HELEN C. GOLDSTONE Arts Presque Isle E E. GOOCH ts r Harbor S C. GOODCHILD ts Co IAM T. GOODING, IR. einical Engineering rtlziud GOODMAN ts rtford, Conn. X GOOS me Economics ugor IAM B. GORHAM imal Huslxzmrlry ver-Foxcroft CCA M. GOULD me Economics Io R J. deM. GOUTIERE s 'WET E. GRADY me Economics tport LD C. GRAFFAM s xgor E. GRAHAM s wer fN M. GRENCT S kskill, N. Y. E I-I. GRINDLE S igor . L. GROVER cslry t Stoncham RD XV. GUPTILL 'llanical Engineering xgor AM K. HADLOCK 'lianical Engineering ncy. Mass. ' P. HAGUE mul Huslmlnlry lmm Q W. HAINES, JR. S lI5tZ1 TITUS HALE Agricultural Economics Portland, Conn. EDWARD G. HAMBLEN Forestry lYinthrop CLINTON M. HAMILTON Mechanical Engineering South Harpswell PHILLIP L. HAMM Education Charleston OWEN L. HANCOCK Forestry Casco JOSEPH I-I. HANSON Arts Millinocket ALEXANDER HARDIE, ,TR Horticuliure X Bellevue, Pcnna. DAVID R. HARDING Forestry Bernard XVILLTAM R. HARDING Mechanical Engineering Bernard RICHARD F. HARLOXV Agricultural Economics Hyde Park, Mass. ROBERT J. HARLOVV Pulp and Paper Barrc Plains, Mass. DONALD C. HARPER Forestry Rochester, N. Y. ROBERT E. HARRISON Electrical Engineering XYzi1crvillc RALPH R. HARTLEY Agronomy Brirlgcwzlter ERNEST E. HASKELL. IR. Mccllanical Engineering Nnrlh Anson FLETCHER A. HATCH, IR. Civil Engineering XVest Newton, M'z1ss. ROBERT B. HAY Meclizlnical Engineering Pf11'tl!ll'lCl ALICE E. HEALD Arts Old Tu w 11 MARGARET E. CHURCH Honie Economies Gardiner PHILIP C. CHCTE VVil1llife Conservation Naples MARTHA I. CILLEY Arts Belfast GLADYS B. CLARK Home Economics Sanford VIRGINIA D. CLARK Arts Oronu SCMNER A. CLAVERIE Dairy Husbandry VVest Roxbury, Mass. ROBERT L. CLAYTON Arts Ashland BASIL C. CLEMENTS Poultry Husbandry IYintc-rport FRANK A. CLIFFORD Mechanical Engineering Dexter G. EDVVIX CLIFFORD Mechanical Engineering Boothbay Harbnr THOMAS L. CLIFFORD Poultry Husbandry South Paris CHARLES E. COFFIN Electrical Engineering Bncksport IIAZEN B. COFFIN Meclmnieal Engineering Bangor Nl. ALICIA COFFIN Arts Bangor RICHARD ll, COFFIN Electrical Engineering Bangor EUXICE Il. COHEN Home Eeunninics Bangor BARBARA COLE Arts Bryant Pond HAROLD L. COLE Electrical Engineering Sacn IYINONA A. COLE Home Economics Bangor RICHARD NY. COLLINS Chemical Engineering Farmington CALVIN II. CONANT. JR, Arts Auburn VIRGINIA CONANT Arts Monroe WENDELL H. COOK Animal Husbandry Phillips MELVIN H. COONS Pulp and Paper XYuodlzind ROY E. CORLISS Agronomy Sherman Mills WILLIAM Il. COSTELLG Electrical Engineering South Portland FREDERICK H. COUSIN Mechanical Engineerin East Blue I'Iill CHESTER D. CRAM, JR. Arts Sanford TALBOT H. CRANE Arts Orono HOXYARD A. CROSBY Electrical Engineering Bangor CARLTON E. CROSSLA. Arts Orono MARY M. CROSS-MAN Arts Dover-Foxcroft ELINOR CROW' ELI, Arts Sonlli I'rirllanil JOHN I'. CCLLINAN Arts Norway DAXA R. CUXNINGIIA5 Meclizinienl Engineerinu Olil Tnwn CEDRIC R, CLSIIMAN Chciniezil Engineering Ijurtlzinfl LIS L. DANFORTH imc Economics sworth RT L. DANIELS emical Engineering lmont, Blass. TER A. 'DARLING ctrical Engineering leans, Mass. T F, DAVIS exnical Engineering ckland L E. DAVIS me Economics Orchard Beach N M. DEERING me Economics UO ARD E. DETVVYLER tany and Entomology nkers, N. Y. ' C. DEVEREUX imzil I'Iusl.1an1lry rth Castine GE N. DEXTER vil Engineering rchester, Mass, G. DICKERSON, JR. cmical Engineering lcleford C. DINGLEY imnl Husbandry 'mington H. DIXON me Economics stbrook RT T. DODGE chzmical Engineering gor IAM L. DODGE mical Engineering ngor ILL L. DONAHUE emistry lfast CES M. DONOVAN ts nlton ON R. DORMAN ts iland ENCE L. DORR imal Husbandry rrington WILLIAM M. DONV Arts Portland FRANC ES D REVV Arts Sedgwick EDVVARD G. DUCKWORTH Arts North Attlchoro, Mass. DANA F. DUDLEY Agronomy Maplcton XVILLA A. DUDLEY Home Economics Mzipleton CHARLES E. DUNN Dairy Irlusbzindry XVallingford, Conn. HELEN II. DYER Home Economics Bangor THOMAS VV. EASTON Arts Bridgton DEAN NV. EBBETT Agronomy Presque Islc ALB E RT N. ED ELSTEIN Arts Sanford LEXVIS K. ELLIS Forestry Ilrewer WILLIAM N. ELLIS Engineering Physics Rungeley FRANK I.. EMERSON Engineering Physics Hampden HAROLD L. EMERSON Arts Island Falls LEIVIS G. EMERY Mechanical Engineering Xliestbrocmk JOHN A. ENMAN, JR. Arts New York. N. Y. GOR DON I. ERIKSON Arts XVOrCester, Nfass. LEO H. ESTABROOK Agricultural Economics East Corinth CARLTON L. MORSE Mechanical Engineering Newton Centre, Mass. JEAN A. MORSE Arts Bangor HILTON R. MORTLAND Forestry Searsport MARGARET T. MOSCONE Home Economics East Millinocket NORMAN W. MOSHER Pulp and Paper Belfast ARTHUR B. MOULTON Electrical Engineering York Village JAMES A. MOULTON Animal Husbandry Hiram ROGER D, MOULTON Electrical Engineering York Village MARY E. MOYNIHAN Arts Madison FRANK A. MUDGETT, JR. Mechanical Engineering Eliot HELEN R. MULLEN Arts Houlton ROBERT L. NEWDICK Chemical Engineering Augusta CHARLOTTE E. NICKERSON Home Economics Brewer CLIFTON S. NICKERSON Forestry Bath GEORGE A. NORTON Mechanical Engineering Northampton, Mass. AN DRENV A. NOVAK Arts Bangor EMILY M. OAKES Arts Freeport JOHN A. O'BRIEN Electrical Engineering Lewiston WILBERT E. O'NElL Arts Dresden Mills GERALD C. OSGOOD Agricultural Economics Bradford DOROTHY A. OUELLETTE Arts Madison MARTHA PAGE Home Economics Bath PHILIP S. PAGE Arts Orono EDYTHE F. PALMER Arts Portland CHARLES H. PARKER Arts Addison CLARENCE XV. PARKER Mechanical Engineering Sebec Station MARY PARKHURST Arts Old Town CHARLES L. PARKIN Arts Bangor .IEANNE L. PATTEN Arts Hampden Highlands MARGARET E. PEARSON Arts Kennehunkport GEORGE M. PEASE Civil Engineering Bar Mills MALCOLM C. PECKHAM Agricultural Economics Taunton, Mass. CHARLOTTE S. PEIRCE Home Economics Bangor FRANK E. PENDLETON, JR. Chemical Engineering Caribou DAVID B. PENNELL Arts Portland FRANCESCA M. PERAZZI Arts Hallowell MARLOXVE S. PERKINS Arts Ogunquit NILES L. PERKINS, JR. Mechanical Engineering Togus STUART H. PERKINS Animal Husbandry Kennebunk M. HARRIET PERRO Home Economics Old Town LEONARD J. PERRY. JR, Chemistry Bangor LEONARD M. PETTERSON Arts Deep River, Conn. CHARLES L. PFEIFFER Forestry South Natick, Mass. CHARLES B. PHILBRICK Animal Husbandry Corinna RICHARD M. PIERCE Forestry Gardiner EDWARD H. PIPER Agricultural Economics Caribou PHILIP H. PLAISTED Botany Oakland HULA F. POND Home Economics Hampden MA RY A. POOLER Arts WVatervi l le EDGAR BI. POTTER A115 Kittery JOHN N. POVVERS Electrical Engineering Medway BERTIS L. PRATT. JR. Arts Caribou B ETTY C. PRICE Arts VVashburn NEAL C. PUTNAM Animal Husbandry Monroe LLOYD F. QUINT Arts Portland JOHN R. RADLEY Chemical Engineering Old Orchard Beach THOMAS H. RAFFERTY Mechanical Engineering Old Town ARTHUR P. RAFFORD Agronomy Ashland JANE RAND Arts Cumberland Center PRESTON B. RAND Arts Bangor EARLE A, RANKIN Arts Melrose, Mass. JOHN E. RANKS Electrical Engineering South Portland PROCTOR VV. RANSDEN Forestry Lowell, Mass. ERLE B, RENWICK, JR. General Engineering Kents Hill BION E. REYNOLDS Civil Engineering IVinthrop EDGAR B. REYNOLDS Agricultural Economics South Portland EUGENE E. REYNOLDS Arts Lubcc DAVID E. RICH, JR. Mechanical Engineering Bath LEIGHTON R. RICHARDSON Mechanical Engineering Saco ELMER VV. RIDEOUT, JR. Arts Niagara Falls, N. Y. ROBERT G. ROACH Engineering Physics Orono STEPHEN L. ROBBINS Forestry Kittery EY A. RO B E RTS 5 mis LD M. ROBINSON ten Islziml, N. Y. RD A. ROBINSON rstry nxvi .IN lion Ile, N. Y. C. ROGERS ENCE I-I, ROLLINS 'tricnl Engineering nesvillc ROLNICK S gor L. RO ST R ON rhani ,cry cal Engineering I. ROURKE throp YE ROXVELL lnaston RU urn BINOFF C. RUNELS I En ell, VV. stry gint-bring Mass. RUSSELL ARGENT e Ecmmlnics n . SA V A G E Q Iicnmlxnics ligiic lrl. Mass. .. SAXVY ER -.nmny pOl'f ES W. 9-AXYYER. JR. Invest Il:n'Iu.u' IN. SCHNEIDER mzipan. Mass. 'VORTI-I Il. SCIIOFIELD mnicnl Engineering lansl XYARREN F. SCIIUERFEI. AIt'L'IlItIIlt'Zll Engineering XYc:st Ruxlnury, Mass. ROBERT F. SCOTT XYIIIIIIIQ' l.'m1sc1'vz1limi Iinlton, fllluss. RICIIARIJ II. SIIAIY Aninml llllSIYZlIItl1'j' S:1nfnriI FREDERICK .l. SIIIil.'ARD Mc-uIiu11iL'uI Engineering West Newton, Mass. IIENRY M. SIIEPARD Forestry Alfurd, Mass. LEE SIMONS Arts Chestnut Iiill. Mass. RICIIARD SINKINSON Arts Ssiylcsvillv, R. I. CLIFFORD H. SINN ETT Arts I'urtlan1I SAMUEL P. SMILEY Aniinzil Ilnslmnmlry XV:1tcrviIIc ARTHUR XV. SMITH Civil Engincuring Riclinmnil. Va. IZERNARD R. SMITH Agricultural Ecrmuxnics Mars IIIII PAIII. SMITH Arts Ilztngur STANLEY B. SMITH I'nultry Iluslinnrlry Turner Center DANIEL T. SNELL Clicmicnl Engineering Buxton ROI! ERT H. SOI'JliRI2ERG Civil l'Inginccr'i11g Ilrirtfnril. Conn. ,IOANNE M. SOLIE Ilcnnc Ecnnnnnics Dixllclrl MA RY SPRINLIE R Hmnc- Iicnnmnics Portland CARROLL A. STAIRS Agricultural Econmnics Orcnm BRET M. STANDISH Arts Baldwin, N. Y. XVALTER M. STAUB Pulp and Paper Valleyncld, Que., Canada GERALD C. STEVENS Agronomy Fort Fairfield JOSEPH B. STEVENS Animal leluslmndry Vassalboro NATALI E M. STEVENS Arts Bangor JOHN C. STENVART Engineering Physics Brookline, Mass. l L I XVENDELL H. STICKNEY Mechanical Engineering Brownville RICHARD E. STRATTON Civil Engineering Reading, Mass. MARJORIE E. STRITCH Arts Sanford XVA RREN G. ST ROUT Arts Dexter DAVID VV. STURGIS, JR. Mechanical Engineering Gorham XVALTER L. SULLIVAN Mechanical Engineering Portland VICTOR C. SUNESON Forestry Hartford, Conn. STANLEY S. SUPOVITZ Arts Lewiston ELEANOR I. SWANSON Arts Brewer PHILIP H. TALBOT, IR. Arts Portland MARY L. TARR Arts Baltimore, Fld. DONALD V. TAVERNER Arts Augusta CLAI RE M. TEBBETS Arts Lockes Mills JANICE M. THOMAS Arts Bangor BERNEICE E. THOMPSON Home Economics YVest Enfield EVERETT B. TI-IURLONV Dairy Husbandry Lee A. VERNON TITCOMB Agricultural Engineering Houlton EDVVARD P. TITCOMB Agronom y Monticello EVELYN G. O. TONDREAU Arts Brunswick GORDON K. TOOLEY Civil Engineering Greenwich, Conn. CHARLOTTE M. TORREY Arts Bangor HARRY E. TOURTILLOTTE Mechzinicnl Engineering Olcl Town ENID F. TOZIER Iluine Economics Solon PARKER S. TREFETHEN Ufildlifc Conservation XN'ilton RACHEL I. TWITCHELL Iloine licunomics Bryant Pond HAZ EL M. Y.-XNTASSELL Arts Iloulton LEONARD E. VARNAM 1'm1l1'ry I'Insl.inndry Limingtnn W1 LLA R D P. VARNEY Chemistry Bangor MARJOR l E R. VERRI LL Arts xVlIli.l5I'lI0l't FREDERICK M. VILES Engineering Physics Skowliegan EDWIN WALDEN Agricultural Engineering Greenville BETTE J. VVALKER Iloinu Ecuncnnics Presque Isle GERALD M. VYARD Dairy Ilusliandry Thorndike LOVVELL VVARD Civil Engineering Brighton VVALLACE F. XYARREN Aninml Iluslmmlry Newport CARLISLE V. XYATSON. JR. Electrical Engineering Cape Cottage Park GEORGE A. XVATSON Civil Engineering VVilton JOHN P. WEBSTER Arts Bangor GEORGE R. VVEIDMAN Forestry Providence, R. I. , JR. MILTON VVEINSTEIN CLIFFORD H. VVEST, JR. Arts Arts Bangor Bangor ROBERT H. XYEISMAN DONALD B, VVHEELER Arts Arts Portland Dnnvcrs, Mass. XVALTER R. XVELCH DAVID VV. YYHITE, JR. Wlildlife Cfmsurvzitiun Chemistry Runiford Tonslinm LOIS E. WHITE Home Economics Augusta NELLIE M. WHITNEY Arts East Corinth OSCAR M. WILBUR, IR Chemical Engineering Cape Cottage F. R ITA WILCOX Arts Portland SETI-I B. XVILLETS Mechanical Engineering Roslyn, L. I., N. Y. M. JUNE XVILLIAMS Home Economics Horlgrlon JOHN M. NVILSON Forestry Lynn, Blass. KERMIT B. VVILSON Mechanical Engineering South Paris RUTH A. XVILSON Home Economics Madison HUIKERT E. XX'l'I'I-IAM Mechanical Engineering Ornno EDVVA RD XVOO DVVARD Mechanical .Engineering Prcwicleiice, R. I. HARRY M. VVOOSTER Civil Engineering Olcl Town ROBERT C. XVORRICK Forestry Vkiellesley, Mass. MARY E. VVORTHEN RICHARD I-I, YOULDEN Civil Engineering Neeclham, Mass. JOSEPH A. YOUNG Arts Forestry Bangor Corea H. NANCY NVRIGI-IT KEITH E. YOUNG Arts Forestry VVellesley, Mass. Portland KENNETH F. XVRIGHT NORMAN B. YOUNG Arts Electrical Engineering 'Westbrook Hancock ICTURED on the opposite page is a freshman who had the doubtful pleasure of personally making the acquaintance of the Sophomore Owls. For his infraction of some Freshman Rule he pays the penalty of rendering several vocal solos at a time and place where all may hear. FBESHMEN IFPIESHMENA MASS UFHUEBS HU'I'CI-IINSON .DOORE SQUIRES BUCK ALFRED HUTCI-IINSON PRESIDENT ROBERT J. BUCK VICE PRESIDENT FRANK E. SQUIRES TREASURER BARBARA DOORE SECRETARY .E ,i Y ,. , ,. ,, xr ,I .Ili AN nUGHTEH PRUCTUHd Y.:-Y 0 fp. off ww- qv - Third Row-Houghton. Arbor, VVarren, Th-ompson, Koialovitch, Fenderson Second Row-Mnrriner. Stewart, Alford, Robertson, Kilpatrick, Davis, Murphy First Row-Irvine, Grant, Hznrris, Dean Corbett, Stisulis, Stearns DONALD XV. ABBOTT VVest Newton, Mass. CAROLINN ADAMS Farmington FLOYD J. ADAMS Dryden HOLYOKE I'. ADAMS Melrose, Mass. ALBERTIE M. ALLEN New Portland MARTHA F. ALLEN Auburn WINFIELD T. ALLEN Sanford RAYMOND E. AMSDEN Detroit AVIS E. ANDERSON Newport CHARLES R. ANGEL XYatcrville RENA M. ASHMAN Augusta EDXVA RD G. ATKINSON Bath ROBERT G. ATKINSON Fort Fairfield RAYMOND I-I. ATVVOOD Romford HAROLD S. AVERY, JR. Bath NORMA L. BABSON Blue Hill GEORGE F. BAGLEY Orono EUGENE L. BAILEY Lubec FRANK H. BAILEY Augusta FREDERICK T. BAIRD, JR. . Bangor ARABELLE G. BANTON Summit, N. J. GEORGE XV. BANTON Island Falls GIULIO J. BARBERO Bangor JANE S. BARKER Farmington ROY XV. BARSTOVV, JR. Brewer CHRISTINE E. BARTLET'I' Portland I-IOXYARD D. BARTLETT Damariscotta Mills ELMER C. BARTLEY Orono ROB ERT S. BATCHELDER Kezar Falls BURT E. BATES Hodgdon DONALD XV. BEAN Charleston SYLVIA J. BELDEN Prcntiss JOHN C. BENNETT Natick, Mass. FRANCES E. BENSON Manset PAULINE R. B ERCE llltsliburn ROBERT M. B EVERAGE Oakland DIARY E. BICKFORD Bangor MARY N. BILLINGS Stonington RUTH M. BLAISDELL Ellsworth DONALD C. BLAKE Bangor RUSSELL S. BODNVELL Portland LYNDON H. BOND Bangor HERMAN XV. BONNEY Portland FRANK G. BOVVKER Bradley ROBERT P. BOXYLEY Vfcst Appleton FLORENCE G. BOYLE Bangor MANLEY R. BRACKETT Limington MARY E. BRACKETT Portland BURKE BRADBURY, JR. Stratford, Conn. OLIVE F. BRADBURY Hollis Center CLYDE L. BRALEY, JR. Auburn ALBERT C. BREXVER, IR Presque Isle LESLIE C. IZRENYER Ilar Ilalrlmr I RY I XG S. II RODE R Bangor EMMA R. I3 ROISM AN l'ortlanlI RAYMOND BRO I SBIAN PflI'!lill'lLl. XVILLIA M P. Ii RONSDON Newton, Mass. WILLIAM E. BROOKS Rumford DAVI D A. B RONYN VN'nlInston, M ass. EUNIVE M. BROXYN LzxGr:u1ge FRANK XV. TIRONYN, JR. Mars Hill MARIE IIROXVN Ilzlngor XVILLIA M S. ll ROXVN Portlaml II L'GI I M. IIROWNLEE Snco F RA NCES M. I3 RUCE H zx mpflen ROIIERT XY. I,IRL'XDAGE Danlmry. Conn. DONA I. D If. Il RYA N Oronn ROIIERT D. IIUCIIANAN f'nrilxon ROBERT J. BUCK Ilcmpstead, L. I., N. Y, Rl.'TH A. IIUNK ER Vzllnis SUMNER L. BIJRGESS Sangcrville LUCY D, HL'RI.ElGII South Berwick IIERNA M. BURN!-I'I"l' Ilruwnville Junction MA RGA R ET F. IIU R RILL Bzuigor RICHARIJ III. IIURRILI. Dvxicr MARJORIE L. BUTLER Union MELVIN M. I3L'TI.ER VVelleslvy Hills, Mass ML'RIl'Il. E. RUTTERS East Corinth ROBERT S. IIYAM Lowell, Illass. CHARLES S. BYRNE Ellsworth I'HIL'I I' D. CABOT NYinchcstcr, Mass. DAVID L. CAI-IOON Fairlmven, Mass. CHARLES M. CARRIER, JR. Millinocket MAXXVELL B. CARTER, JR. South Chelmsforcl, Mass. RICHARD Y. CHADXYICK Portlamd LINWOOD S. CHALM ERS Bangor CHARLES V. CHAPMAN. JR. Augusta MA RGA R ET L. CHASE Auburn ARTHIIR A. CHECCIII Calais PHILIP D. CH ENEY Ashlnnrl WILLIAM G. CI-IENEY Ashlzmrl WILLIAM CHESVVORTH, JR East Milton, Mass. ELWOOD I. CLAPP, JR. Newton Highlands, Mass. IJAV ID T. CLAR K liennelzunlzport ELSIE P. CLARK North New Portlaurl ROIIERT V. CLARK Fort Kent WARREN G. CLEMENT Portland ALVORD W. CLEMENTS .Bangor HELEN L. CLIFFORD South' Paris Ii ENNETH L. CLOSSON Ellsworth MARGUERITE A. COFFIN Bangor JOSIAH E, COLCORD, JR. South Portland EDITH A. COLLINS XYolIast0n, Mass. VAUG HN VV. COMSTOCK Millinoclcct NVILLIAII II. CONDON Newport JOHN D. CONNERS Old Town ARTHUR B. COOK, JR. Saco I JOYCE M. COOK Purtlzuul PERCY H. COOMBS Boothbay I'Izu'l.ror PATRICIA E. COOPER .'AllhL1l'l1 MAIDA K. COSSEBOOM Brewer VVILLIAM M. COTT, JR. South Portlrmrl JOSEPH D. COURTNEY Boston. Mass. A RLINE Il. COUSINS XVestb1'ook ROR ERT C. COV ELL Monmouth DOUGLAS R. COIVAN Portland PAULINE F. COIVIN Orono LOUISA M. COX Orono MARY N. COYNE Bangor CHARLES F. CROCKER Centerville, Mass. ALAN D. CROCKETT Addison ALBERT D. CROCKETT, JR. Auburn XVILLIAM J. CULLEN Auburn BENJAMIN A. CURTIS Caribou NATALIE I.. CURTIS Portlnml GXVENDOLVN E. CYSHING Portland ROBERT F. CUSHBIAN South Portland JEAN CIITLER Ilortlnnd M A RSIIALL VV. CUTTIQ I I3 zi n gn 1' MARSHALL B. DAGAA York Village ELLEN XY. DAGGETT Blilo IAIOXVARD C. DAMON Buckiclcl NORMA L. DANIELS Caribou ARTHUR A. DAVIS New York, N. Y. DUDLEY E. DAVIS Duxbury. Mass. ELBRIDGE B. DAVIS Calais HARRISON E. DAVIS Liberty RICHARD I. DAVIS Auburn RUTH C. DAVIS Olll'u WAYNE L. DAV IS Medway PHILIP F. DAY Ororlo GEORGE A. DEAN Derby MILDRED DESIXIOND Patten IIORACE DcIV1TT Sllerman Mills IAIERIBERT R. DICKEY, ,I Hxinipclcn Higlxlnmls JAMES E. DiFALCO Ilaverhill, Mass. HOXVARD E. DIMITRE Culziis RICHARD XV. DODGE Ilrunswiclc AGNES R. DOLE Bangor BARBARA DOORE Lynnlield Center, Mus:- AN B. DOORE ynnield Center, Mass. CES E. DORR lmson City, N. Y. OLD R. DOVV oulton RAH I. DRINRNVATER fewer H V. DURAN :mgor FON E. DYER, JR. amdeu L J. EASTMAN 'nyrna Mills CILLA R. EATON elrose, Mass. ERT D. EHRENFRIEIJ ewistou RAY ELASHOWICH oxbury, Mass. ARD M. ELLIS urk Beach E S. ELLIS rewer ABETH F. EMERY lriielcl 'IRYN E. ETTER r Harbor NE S. EVANS ono ON S. EVANS, JR. 'ono -'KN EVDO ooklyn, N. Y. ICIS H. FARNUM, JR. lgusta AB ETH M. FARRIS nlon I XV. FEELEY ew Harbor DORE F. FETTINGER aplewood, N. J. Y E. FI ELDER F0110 PI-I P. FINDLEN rt Fairfield THOMAS E. FINNIGAN New Haven, Conn. .LUCILLE P. FITCH Wlaterville PAUL G. FLEMING Gardiner JESSE W. FOGG Hulls Cove MARY A. FOGLER I-'lastings-on-Hudson, N. ROSE I. FOLSOM Dover-Foxcroft VVILLIAM B. FORD, JR. Norwell, Mass. Y JOHN M. FORRESTER, JR. Orndell, N. J. VIRGINIA E. FOSS Dover-Foxcroft AUGUSTA F. FOSTER Ellsworth ROBERT E. FOYE Gnrcliner HERBERT FREEDMAN Portland MILES C. FREEMAN Portland NYILLIAM A. FREESE East Corinth EDMUND B. FRENCH I'IZ1Illl'lClCI'l I-Iighlmuls ALTON R. FROST York Village CORNELIUS NV. FROST, JR Bangor GEORGE V, FULLER, JR. Albany, N. Y. RICHARD H. FULLER Portland CLARE K. FULTON Bath ALFRED D. GAMBER Pelhzun, N. Y. GERALD R. GARVIN ' Springville DORIS E. GEDNEY Bangor FRANK P. GILLEY Southwest Harbor ARTHUR L. GILPATRICK XYh'iting TI IOMAS E. GLEASON Iiamgur CARI. XV. GLIDDEN. JR. Iiangnr DORIS E. GOOCI I Ili-unswick YI RGIN IA R. GOOD RICH Norwich. Conn. DONALD L. GOODVVIN Iirewer JUL IUS J. GOOS Bangor LAXYRENCE A. GRAHAM South Iladley, Mass. SIDNEY K. GRAVES Presque Isle ARTHUR R. GREENLEAF, Boothbay Ilarhoi' LESTER F. GROSS Camden MILTON M. GROSS Bangor ROBERT T. GROTEFEND XVest Englewood, N. J. GEORGE P. GUNN Bangor EDWARD I. HACKETT Caribou OSCAR R. IIAHNEL, JR. Lewiston PIIILII' I.. IIAINES Enrt Fairfield FRED I-I. HALE Snuth Purtlaurl RICHARD A. HALE. Znd. Lisbon Falls R UTII ANN HALL Orono ROBERT D, I-IAM Springfield EDVVARD H. HAMBLETT, JR. Bath PAUL I. I-IAMM Ilangnr BEULAI-I M. HANSON Lee H ERI! ERT V. HARDY I'Inpc MALCOLM D. HARDY Iizuigm' WILLIAM L. HARRIS. 31 Ilortlnml PAIYI. D. HARTIIORN West I'UIllIH'UICC LO UIS J. HA RY CIHIICIC n JAMES L. HASRELI. Hinglmm, Mass. JAMES E. HASTINGS Bangor EDWARD R. HAYES Lewiston ALBION S. IIAYMAN Brockton RICHARD XY. HENDERS Reading, Mass. ROBERT F. HENDERSOI Reading, Mass. JAMES F. HENNEB ERR Amesbury, Mass. GEORGE V. HENRY Orono FRANCIS I'. HESCOCIQ Gardiner FRANCES A. HIGGINS XVatc1'viIle PIIILII' XV. HIGGINS Bangor RICHARD Ii. HIGGINS Ellsworth QIOIIN A. HILL. JR. Natick, Mass. ARTHUR SI. IIILLNIAN Renduskcag HARVEY D. Ii ILLSON Oroxw GEORGE l. I-IODGDON, I East Iloothhay IAMIN F. HODGES, JR. ending, INIZISS. 'XLD I. I-IODG ES IITPICI' RY D. IIODSON mmclen IER C. HOLDEN xrtland FOLM P. HOLDEN est I-Iartfnrd. Mass. Y HOLLAND Iais AI T. HOLLAND xngor Y XY. HONEYMAN. verside, R. I. IN M. I-IOOPER est Peabody, Mass. RT M. HOOVER rham A RA XV. HOPKINS th - ILLA A. HOPKINS aterville II H. HOPKI NSON rtlzmd S J. HORZEMPA 'nthrop CES L. HOUGHTON rt Fairfield IAM T. HOUL I IIAN ngor C. HOXVARD ngor DH E. I-IOY erman BIIIIS G. IIUFNAGEL Iclwin, L. I., N. Y. ' HLTLSE, III naliy, N. J. ED HUTCHINSON nvers, Mass. IE E. INGRAHAM orndike -XRD B. INNES ith Portland 3rd CAROL J. IRYINE Iframinghzun, IVIIISS. J OYCE R. IX' EN EY Easlport I.Al,'RA II. J ACK M AN K alms STEPIIEN L. JACOBS Iiingluun. Mass. IRICNE C, JAIIIES VVULNIIJIIIII C I-I A RI, ES L. J EXX' ETT Ikmukline. Mass. WILLARD T. JOIINS. J R. Ma11I41'wu01I. J. KENNETH S. JOHNSON, JR. I'ruvicIuncc. R, I. XYENDELL I', JOHNSON Lung Islanfl JOI-IN H. JOI-INSTONIZ Bangor BARBARA A. JONES Summer FREDERICK S. JONES. JR. Swzlmpscott, Mass. LUELLA L. JONES Presque Isle R'Ii"IlIAR'D II. JONES Venxic KENNETH C. JORDAN Ellsworth' STANLEY C. JVNKINS Oxhuw EDITH KAGAN 'llalmgm' JOIIN F. KANE Iircwer ROBERT KATES Ruxlnury. Mass. A RLIH NY. KEDDR EL Patten CI.IlfFORD II. KEIRSTEAD Mzmluletml AUSTIN R. KEITH Ihumgm' EDVVA RD II. K ENT IIIIIIHUI' ...Q .. IW MF? 'M .. ae F.. QI: .iigwji S E. W ., ,, H ' 'iff Q2 I I F. We THEODORE A. KERR VVaterville FREDERICK NV. KEYLOR Bangor MARION G. KILGORE Rumford CARLETON E. KILPATRIICR Portland ARNOLD R. KIMBALL Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. JACQUELINE I. KIMBALL Freeport ELIZABETH T. KING Long Beach, L. I., N. Y. EMILE J. KING Orono JOSEPH H. KING Gardner, Mass. EARL R. KINGSBURY Bangor EDXYARD L. KISZONAK Lisbon Falls FREDERIC VV. KLEIN Newton Center, Mass. CHARLES E. KLOSS Bucksport CARROLL L. KNAPP, JR. Kingfield MARIE L. KNIGHT Freedom ALLAN KNOX Augusta ELEANOR B. KREH Union, N. J. DOLLY J. LAMOREAU Easton BENJAMIN T. LARRABEE, JR. Berl in, N. H. ALBERT M1 LARSEN, JR. North Attleboro, Mass. JOHN M. LAVVRENCE, JR. Solon GEORGE R. LEAVITT Bangor MAVIS C. LEAVITT Turner JACK R. LEBOVITZ Portland JULIE E. LEDIEN Blue Hill ELEANOR H. LEH Topsham FRANCIS G. LELAND, J Melrose, Mass. PRISCILLA A. LEONA Cape Elizabeth JACK H. LEPOFF Portland ARNOLD S. LEVENSON Dorchester, Mass. GEORGE H. LEXVIS Bar Harbor THOMAS WV. LEYDON, l.Vaban, Mass. XVALDO M. LIB I5 EY Bangor MELVIN E. LIBBY Cumberland Mills RICHARD B. LIDSTON VVest Hartford, Conn. GEORGE V. LOBOZZO Auburn REBECCA A. LOMBAR Springfield GEORGE E. LOUGEE Bangor HAROLD LOXVN Lewiston HELEN P. LURVEY South Brewer ELDON H. LUTHER Hartford, Conn, JOSEPH L. McCOBB Auburn ELLEN K. MacDONALD Vassalboro VINETTA E. MacDONA Eddington PHILIP T. MMGOXVN Bucklielcl CLARENCE E. MCINTIR Portlancl 'RT MMKENZ I E mm EY A, MQLAUGIILIN and Falls LYN ,I. McL.'XI'GH LIN Adxvzxy E. M cLA UGII LI N owhcgan G E E. MCLEAN ngor IETH P. MncLEOD 1th Brewer LIS M:1cNEIL fanmscrxlt, Mass. I S. MQNEILLY ookline, Mass. '11 J. MA-CRI rtlzmml IS C. MADIGAN ulton LING A. MAHAN EY 't Kent S E. MAIIAR Irwoorl, Mass. XY. MANWELL lnthrnp DELL S. MARSTON KIIIIIIHIC, Mass. I1 E R I. MASON xtcx' II. MATHEXVS gusln EL E, MEDINA Lltham. Mass. 'ON S. M ELOON zur Falls L ES R. MERRILL .ulison S II. MERRILL st Sumner LEY If. NI ESERVE I1l1CIJlllIIi17fH'II I L. M'IALI.IfR irflelrl, Cunn. 'P D. MILLER rtlrmd P BARILX RA R. MITCH ELI. liar IIIIFIJOI' IIA ROI. IJ II. MOO ERS Bamzor IOI-IN E. MORGAN East Millinockct WILLIAM II. MORONG. IR Mzulison RICIIA RD A. MOR RILL XYest Fnrmi ngton EVER ETT O. MORRISON Snnfrml A RTI I Il R II. BI OULTON Purtl :md .IAMES F. MOULTON Rnngelcy XYII'.I.lAM II. MOUNTAIN Dexter VINCENT J, MULROY I'm'llzmd ALBERT K. MURCH South Casco JOSEPH H. NADEAU Fort Kent FRANK R. NEAL I"'m'tIaml ELIZABETH A. NELSON St, Albans VIRGINIA P. NOYES 1":Illen IYARREN YV. NIITE, JR. New Ileflforrl, Mass. ROBERT IV. NLITTER Sanfnrxl GEORGE II. OBE.-XR NI,-xx' York, N. Y. ,IOSICPII R. CTNEIL I'urll:mzI RICHARD M. PACKARD Ilnlh RICHARD R. PALMER, JR. l'.islm11 Falls I'I'III.I'.I I' PARKER Aclmlison ROBERT E. PARKER Peru, N. Y. ww: ZS I -Q ,L , nq 74. ,IAN E I. PARKS Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. THOMAS E. FARM ENTER Portland LINWOOD F. PEARSON Corinna IIARLAN L. PEASE Ilan- Mills RALPH A. PERRY Bangor MATTIE I. PETERS Dennysville RUIIERT C. PETTERSON Bangor ROBERT E. PII ELPS Reacllielnl 'SO EDXYARD ll. PHILLIPS Melrose, Mass. lIL'GI-IENE R. PHILLIPS East Holden ELSI E M. PIERCE Danmriscottn JAM ES E. PIERCE Olrl Town ESTHER M. PIKE IYatcrforcl PETER S. PIKELIS Millinockel DOROTI-'IX' P. PILLSBURY Limington ELIZAIIETII A. PIPER Danmriscotta PHILIP ,l. PLUMMER Haxngux' XVILLIAKI O. POOR Belfast RALPH C. POXVELL Orono THOMAS F. V. POXYERS Lewiston DONALD F. PRESNELL Portlzlnd EVA F. PRESSEY Bzxngm' FLEETNYOOD PRI DE, JR Abbot Village AVRIL L. PULLXIAN B El n gm' ll ERIIERT G. I'l'LSIFER Clinton NORMAN A. PUTNAM Reznling. Mass. HARRY Ii. QUINN. IR, Ft. lYillian1 Mcliinlcy, Rizel. P. I. FRED A. RACKLIFFE Ilclfznst ESTIIE R RANDALL Lewiston NVILFRED L. RAYNOR xYElI'XYICk, N. Y. XVI LLIAM L. R EDMOXD Hangul' XYALTER M. REED Fort Fnirlielcl F5 G. REID 1gor RT F. REYNOLDS lgfll' T. REYNOLDS tI1 Portland I M. 'RICH rsfield II D. RICH, JR. tland L IZ. RICHARDSON land LD P. RICHARDSON ban. Mass. B. RING :Res Mills H. ROBBINS Jer-Foxcroft .TINE E. ROBINSON ford I. ROLEY, JR. .vton Centre, Mass. AN XY. ROLLINS xnington II L. ROVVE 1 go 1' LES C. ROIYLEY nnii, N. I. IA RUB INOFF mru .EY II. RUDMAN Igor E A. RUSSELL ngelcy I I. RYAN nlwiclr SUS SANFORD nswick L. SAVAG E wer HT II. SAXYIN, IR. 'rison Y E. SAVVYER enville C. SCI-IOPPE 'num , JR. IIARIIAR.-X B. SCRI IINER Bangor I.AIYREXL'E R. SEIJLIELEY Onlclznncl MARJORIE E. SEELY 1':xttcn NATIIANIIEL XY. SEXYALI. I.ivcrn1m'c Falls XYII.I.l.-XXI D. SEVVALI. Ilnth RL,"I'lI SIIAPERO .IjIIIIR'UI' IYILLIAM A. SIIAUGIINESSY Dungmn' FRANCES A. SIIEEIIY Lewiston LILLIAN L. SILVER BA1ng'0r JEAN O. SIMPSON Eastport RICHARD VV. SIMPSON Dixnxont EDWARD IV. SIMS Moosup, Conn. GE RTREDE SKLA R Old Tnwu EA RLAND K. SLEIGHT Luhec ELEANOR L. SMALL Dexter IIA RLAN F. SMALL Nl ilhriclge FLOY D F. SMITH Augusta GEORGE M. SMITH Ellsworth MAI-I LON D. SMITH Yarmouth ROBERT A. SMITH Ilrnnforcl, Conn. ROI! ERT D. SMITH Snringiield SHERROLD L. SMITH Snlislmry Cove VI R GI NIA F. SMITH Anson H H . SYLVIA L. SNOW Blue Hill ALLEN H. SOLOMON Lowell, Mass. PI-IYLLIS E. SOULE Charleston LAYTON E. SPAULDING XVaterville VVALTER E. SPEARIN Benton Station SHIRLEY SPECTOR Portland ROBERT E. SPEED Millinocket FRANK XV. SPENCER, JR. Orono PHILLIP D. SPILLER XVestl1rook FRANK E. SQUIRES Medford, Mass. GORDON R. STAFF Richmond Hill, N. Y. JOHN L. s'r.xN1.Ev, JR. Mmfmge JAMES E, STANTON, III South Dartmouth, Mass. JOIIN NV. STEARNS Newtnnville, Mass. JOHN F. STEINMETZ Orono EV E R ETT R. STEVENS Fryclnlrg SUMNER VV. STEVENS Newton, Blass. CHARLES E. STICKNEY. Portland CLAYTON S. STIMPSON Stockton Springs J CHARLES P. STOCRING, JR. XVilliamstown, Mass. DONALD L. STONE Detroit DANIEL P. STORER Orono PHILIP VV. STORER Newtonville, Mass. THOMAS F. STOTLER Great Barrington, Mass CECILIA G. SULLIVAN South Brewer JOHN E. SUMINSBY Northeast Harbor JOSEPH S. SUTTON VVest Roxbury, Mass. MIRIAM A. SNVEET East Holden PHILIP S. SNVEETSER Cumberland Center GERALD M. TAB ENKEN Bangor RICHARD VV. TAINTER Auburn THOMAS J. TALBOT XVoodland HENRY J. TAYLOR - Bangor IIOLLIS C. TEDFORD, JR. Island Falls JOHN C. TEW. JR. xvcstfaela, N. J. JOHN P. THERIAI'l.T Old Town I-l ECTOR A. THIBAULT Slcowhcgan DAVID THOMAS Portland HARRY S. Tl'lONlAS, JR. FZll'll'lll'lgfOl'l GEORGE THOMPSON, JR Beverly, Blass. ARLETTA N. TI-IORPE Christmas Cove ROGER XV. THURLOXV Lee XVTLBUR E. TIBBETTS Hallowell THOMAS R. TILLSON Dexter ELBRIDGE C. TITCOINIB Portland RHODA VV. TOLFORD Portland FLORENCE M. TREXVORGY Blue Hill RUTH E. TROLAND Malden, IVIHSS. BARBARA E. TRUE Denmark JOHN D. TSCHAMLER Augusta PHILIP B. TURNER Mapleton JOSEPH A. TYLER YVest Lubec GEORGE B. VVALKER Newton Centre, Mass. LOIS M. XVALKER Skowllegan NORMAN XVALKER Vllest Ken nebunk RALPH XV. XVALKER Presque Isle GEORGE J. XYALL, JR. Vl'est Roxbury, Mass. FRANCIS I. XVALLACE Hopcdale, Mass. JAMES F. YVARD Houlton FREDERICK J. NVASHBURN, JR. Mo n inou th DOROTHY P. XYATERIIOUSE lienncbunkport IDA M. XVATERBIAN Old Town XYILLIAM E. YVATERS Englewood, N. J. GEORGE XV. XVEBBER, JR. Auburn ROBERT P. XYEBBER Hallowell JOHN G. XVEBSTER XVest Cornwall, Conn. PAUL R. NVELCH Bangor CLARKE H. VVERTHEIM Needham, Mass. JOHN P. NVESCOTT Patten EARL A. XYHITE Old Town LEON G. NVI-IITE, JR. Bangor EVERETT F. WHITNEY Lincoln Center FLORICE E. XYHITNEY Portland HARRISON B. VVHITNEY Portland JUNE E. VVHITNEY Skowhegan XVILLARD H. XYHITNEY Bangor JOHN F. VVHITTEN Fort Kent HALL N. XVIGHT Madison CHARLOTTE T. NVILLETT Orono MABEL E. XYILLIAMS Boothbay Harbor EARL S. XVILLIAMSON, JR. Bethel EDXVARD G, XVILLIAMSON Rockland ALBERT H. VVILSON Portland II.-XRJORIE E. YVILSON Belfast DAVID B. IYINCHESTER Allston, Mass. HERBERT E. VYING Kingfield PRISCILLA D. XVITHAM Salisbury Cove MILDRED E. XVOOSTER Old Town HILDA R. YOUNG North Brooksville ROBERT M. ZINK INilmington, Del. MA mph 'L MQW iw' Yr .1 'xiii' -' H3 rl 3 :"' 'f V I-mm' ,lvl j g fl 5 SSH' ff-AI x -,Q , ' 2 fy , . v, ' ' 'uf '11, 'F . Sf l fgjzg :Q ifxx 9' 'R A U "F, ri 3,1 - ,n A Y x 45?-?zN,f f"':Q'tiV 0 ,Qi ,le rl My.:--'a""' V -w1,g,f.3. 'U' 5 W-,-,,,. . 1-vu f' N, i ' A7 E, 4 . r I .1 w a iw vs w me y N H , may M ss sms sw ww Gsm Us ' mm H H N, SENSE 'SS135 mm! wie Us s an ss mn sms Q-w aww mn a , ' ru 'WL all sul up .ss awww Q Y a swam- u ' ,- ,W mmm w sf m Second Row-Gill, Curtis, Burgess, Potter, Hunt, Dodge, Rowe, Cook, Kinney, Hamblen, Clements, Findlen First Row-Emery, Ranisdell, Dyer, Buck, Booth, London, Piper, Iudlcins Roy Anderson Henry Bartley XVilliam Booth R. lVilbur Buck Raymond Delano Ca rl Clark Boyd Curtis Hollis Burgess Basil Clements ALPHA Clement Dunning Hlesley Dyer Clarence Emery Henry Hartwell David Dodge Wendell Cook J-llVlNlA RHU 1941 Norman Hunt Albert Judkins Mansfield London Allan Piper 1942 Herbert Findlen 1943 Raymond Gill Richard Ramsdell Merlin Scanlin Charles Smith Hlalter Thomas, J Neal XValker Frank Potter Harlan Rowe Edward Hamblen Keith Kinney l'. OFFICERS President l'Villia1n R. Bootl Vice President Frank E. Potte .Secretary Herbert Findlel Treasurer Clarence E. Emery, Ji National, 31 Active Chapters Founded 1908, Ohio State Univ. Psi Chapter est. in 1924 l Card sharks at work Row-G. Keinpton Adams artley Banton ul Billings 'erett Chamberlain ederick Burpee nest Chadbonrne rnard Colpitts orge Cunningham arry Beclcnian rlton Brackett ilbert Burns lIfVlIlS Cowie Files Stux 'ut F Robertson, Lyon. Viles, Burns, Beckman, Roll, Cowie, Rollins, Flora, Etzel, Strout xrne Wye l1'1ntm1 rett, Runels, R. A. Johnson, Hubbard, Ranks ALPHA T U OMEGA john Dyer Donald Hatchard james Hutcl1eo11 Edward Dangler Edwin Emery Gerard Coulette Russell johnson Edward Etzel john Everett Harry Files XVillian1 Flora hi? Dickerson Robert Hubbard OFFICERS resident Stanley G. Phillips ice Presiclevzt Richard Pierce cretary Ralph johnson 'rensurcr F. OiNeil Robertson ational, 96 Active Chapters unded 1865, Virginia Military Inst. eta Epsilon Chapter est. in 1891 Drinking in the C21 IDP ll S 1941 Duncan Jewell George Murray Charles Parsons Harold Rheinlander F. O'Neil Robertson Mitchell St. Lawrence 1942 Frederick Koialovitch Laurence Leavitt Stanley Pl1illips Philip Pierce Victor Miniutti George Piper Edward Robertson 1943 Ralpl1 Johnson Ralph Runels Donald Libby lvarren Schuerfeld Leonard Petterson Richard Shaw Richard Pierce Henry Shepard john Ranks lVarren Strout nn. St. Lawrence, Piper, Koialoviteh, Burpee, R. G. Johnson. P, Pierce, VVnotI 1 . 1 , V - V l Q O. Robertson. Mrs. Sturtevant, Murray. Parsons, Hutcheon, Talbot, Ernst Richard Sullivan James Talbot Francis Wlheeler Roosevelt Susi Loren Stewart Robert lvatson Homer 1VO0ClWZll'Cl Walter Sullivan Vernon Titcoinb Frederick Viles Lowell Mfard Hubert Xvitham gossip 1 l Fourth Row-Sinnett, Manter, Graham, Jacobsen, Foster, Robinson, WVright, Inman, Carter, Ingalls, Erickson Third Row-Hall, Savage. J. Barrows, Anderson, Robie, E. Barrows, Mank, Friday, Burger, Healy Second Row-F. Chase, Bramliall, Dearborn, Stritter, Nystrom, Gardner, R. Chase, Tarbell, G. Chase, Ingham First Row-Bearce, Haines, Buckley, VVarren Frank Anderson Garfield Arthur Russell Belknap Edward Barrows john Barrows George Bearce Oliver Buckley George Carter BETA THEIR lil Richard Bramhall Faulkner Chase Gordon Chase Francis Burger john Friday Gordon Erickson Ralph Graham Frank Haines 1941 Richard Chase Russ Dearborn 1 942 Elden Hall 1943 Everett Ingalls Charles Inman Charles Gardner joseph Ingham George Nystrom Robert Healy Otis Lawry Lyman Jacobsen Robert Man ter Norris Savage Karl Stritter Allan Tarbell Miles Mank john Robie Edward Robinson Wallace Nvarren Kenneth Xvright OFFICERS President George Nysti or Vice President Charles Gai dn Secretary Miles Man T1'er1su1'er Otis Lam National, go Active Chapters Founded 1839, Miami University Beta Eta Chapter est. in 1879 A little game of Beta bridge Fourth Row-Tracy, R. Harlow, P. Libby, Burnett, Reynolds, McClosky, Herrick French Third Row-Beaton, Gilman. Dumas, Gosline. Reed, Van Hoesen, Storer, Geary. Church Second Row-Gallagher, Smith, Fenderson, Bower, R. Day, M. Day, Valliere, Kimball First Row-Conant, Knowlton, Pendleton, Markee, Rostron, Mongovan DELTA TAL! DEL trro A 1941 Paul Dumas Willard Fenderson Keith Gallagher john Bower john Burnett LI. Elwood Church Calvin Conant Robert Harlow Donald Innes George Gilman Walter Gosline Lil ll I'CllCC H11 l'lOlV McClure Day Richard Day John French David Knowlton Harold La Croix Clifford Libby Thomas Smith 1942 Edward Geary Carleton Herrick 1943 Charles Markee Harold Mongovan Allan Storer Raymond Valliere lVaIte1' Reed Gerald Kimball john Tracy Ellis VanHoesen Frank Pendleton james Rostron 1 OFFICERS P1 eszclent Richard B. Day Vice President John A. Bower Secretary A McClure Day Trans-urer Edward Geary National, 75 Active Chapters Founded 1859, Bethamy College Gamma Nu Chapter est. in 1908 Hunting for the Hfth ace Fourth Row-Marriner, J. Smith, Morrison, Crossland, Harlow, lValker, Leger, Burnham, Evans, Stairs, Dimmer, Putnam, Fielclin Crane Third Row-YVinters, Murphy, Payson, Riese, Tukey, Foster, Roben, Conti, Olsen, Muzroll, Curley, Peterson, G. Smith, Talbot, NVellcome, Garsoe Second RowfMacGillivray, Knight, Stisulis, Grant. Newhall. Mrs. Vifebster, Newcomb, Alford, Shearer, R. VVillets, Byrne First Row-Donahue, VV. Harding, Birch, Horeyseck, Snell, MacKenzie, Boudreau, D. Harding, Bragdon, S. VVillets QliAljlJA SIGMA Clifford Birch Paul Horevseck Wilson Alford john Byrne George Grant Hfalter Armitage Philip Baker Reuben Burnham Rudolph Conti john Dimmer Cameron Kingsbury john MacGillivray YVillian1 Evans Richard Fielding William Garsoc Eugene Leger Carlton Crossland Mark Devereux Lawrence Muzroll Frederick Newcomb 1942 Donald Marriner Einar Olsen Frank Peterson Aaron Putnam 1943 David Harding William Harding Carl Newhall Carlton Payson George Riese George Roben George Smith WVillia1n Talbot Richarcl Harlow Frank Shearer Alexander Wvalkei Robert WVillets Elmer Thompson Spaulding Tukey Frank lVellcome Gordon Yvinters William Morrison Daniel Snell Richard Bragdon Talbot Crane Seth Willets Merrill Donahue Alexander 'MacKenzie OFFICERS President Gordon YN Vice President George Riesc Secretary Rudolph Conti T1'easu1'er George Sniitli National, 1 1 1 Active Chapters Founded 1869, University of Virginia Psi Chapter est. i11 1886 This is just like home Fourth Row-Norton, Lindsay, Geneva, Smith, lieniston, XrVl1CCl6l', Hay. Jolmson, Morey, Costello, Newdiek, Gorharn, Long Third Row-Gay, I'It!llljUl'll, Baeltnmn, Pulsifer. Bartlo, Morrison. French, Nichols, Dyer, Bean, G. Blanchard, VVa.1'ren, Sleeper, X1V1fCll'l'l 11 Second Row-Bracy, Paul. Burney, Sweet, Dalrymple, Mrs. MacDonougl1, Brown, Cowan, Trowbridge, Cooper, Dufiey, Gnorlrwh First Row--C. Bl:1ncha1'd, Larsen, Gardner, Lees, Boss Horace Bracy Lawrence Burney Brooks Brown Bach ma n AMl3Ut alll ALPI-lA Laurence Cooper Frederick Cowan Stewart Dalrymple William Christensen Bardo Samuel Dyer Bean Mayn:11'd French Blanchard Blanchard Robert Hay Boss Philip johnson Gardner Robert Keniston iam Gorham OFFICERS President Clinton Bartlo Vice President Maynard French Secretary G. YV alter X'V2ltC1'll12lll T1'cas1m'cr Thomas Sleeper National, IOS Active Chapters Founded 1909, Boston University Beta Chapter est. in 1913 3 Hunting for the lost chord 1941 Richard Du ffy Sid ney Goodrich 1942 Raymond Gay William Hepburn Donald Johnson 194-3 john Larsen Richard Lees Xvlllilllll Lindsay' joseph Kilas Clyde Myers Roger Paul Hevwoocl Macomber james Morrison Clarence Nichols F. jackson Long Robert Morey Robert Newdick Stephen Powell Shirley Sweet john Trowbridge Allen Pulsifer Thonms Sleeper Richard XVarren George XVa term a n George Norton Bernard Smith Donald Wheeler ....,l ws V. -V c ,F -va K in i 5315 ew.: si. . sm, ,, Fifth Row-Whited, B. Blanchard, Emery, Ebbett, Raliford, Haskell, Kinney, Osgood, R. Millar, Karlin, Dudley, Emerson, Fourth Row-Harrington, Houghton, Meserve, R. Blanchard, E. Millar, K. Blanchard, Clark. Kay, DeShon, Slocum Third Row-Cullinan, Brewster, Dow, Axtell, Thompson, Johnson, I. Smith, lfVoodbrey, McCrum, Horn, Murdock Second Row-Brundage, Troop, Robertson, Lundberg, Whitten, Mrs. Blanchard, O, Smith, Crouse, Towle, Kozicky, Hoyt First Row-Cram. Hartley, Stevens, Morse, Fides, Harrison PHI ET HAP A Alfred Brundage Elton Carter Burton Colbath Kentwood Crandall Arthur Axtell Bertrand Blanchard Kenneth Blanchard Russell Blanchard Frank Brewster Chester Cram, jr. john Cullinan Dana Dudley Dean Ebbett Harold Emerson Frederick Crouse john Edmunds Howard Ehrlenbach Howard Cousins Alton Clark Arthur Crapo Howard DeShon Lewis Emery Avery Fides Robert Harrison Ralph Hartley Ernest Haskell 1941 john Hoyt Frank Ketchum Edward Kozicky 1942 Levi Dow Carl Duncan Edgar Harrington Gilman Horn 1943 Robert Kaelin Kenneth Kay Harold Kinney Dwight Moody Robert Lundberg Don McCrnm Kenneth Robertson Owen Smith john Houghton Herbert Johnson Donald Kilpatrick Philmore Meserve Carlton Morse Gerald Osgood Clarence Parker Charles Philbrick Myron Towle Benjamin Troop M. Harvard Mfhitten Cecil lvoodbrey Edward Millar Henry Murdock john Reed Keith Thompson Harris Hlhited Arthur Ratford George Slocum Gerald Stevens joseph Young Norman Young OFFICERS P-resident M. Harvard V711 Vice President Owen H. S Secretary Robert Lunc Treasurer Benjamin T Founded 1906, University of Maine Cramming the Shot Moody, I Fourth Row-Greenleaf, Boyle, Dale, W. Irvine, Harper, Suslavitch. Holter, Pfeiffer, Mullen, Brown Third Row-Dalrymple, VVarren, Clement, Mitchell, Frost, Boulos, Cotton, Hanson, Teall, Clark. Anderson. Robertson Second Row-Dexter, Osgood, Demrtnt, R. Irvine, Utterback, Mrs. Vickers, Carlisle, Brownell, NVillian1s, Jewett, Howe, Dearborn First Row-Shepard, Baisley, Allen, Burnham, Nickerson, Hadlock, Hatch H. Louis Boyle Arnold Brownell Robert Carlisle Arnold Clark john Clement John Anderson joseph Boulos Ralph Dale C. Donald Allen Thomas Baisley XVa1ter Brady PHl G!1lNllVlZl DEL George Cotton John Dearborn William Demant Franklin Dexter Robert Dal ryinple James Girdwood Wlaldo Burnham John Finch William Hadlock 1941 Howard Frost Harold Hamm Fred Hanson Robert Howe 1942 john Eldridge Laurie Greenleaf 1943 Fletcher Hatch john Holter Robert Irvine George Jewett Malcolm Nichols Burt Osgood joseph Mullen john Suslavitch Clifton Nickerson Charles Pfeiffer 15 OFFICERS President Robert Carlisle Secretary Howard Frost Treasurer John Utterback National, 74 Active Chapters Founded 1848, 'Wash Ek Jett. College Omega Mu Chapter est. in 1899 The mad maestro loosens up Frank Robertson john Utterback David XVarren Frank Hlilliams Arthur Teall William Irvine Frederick Shepard john lvebster Clifford Hfest Fifth Row-Bartley, Jameson. Hunt, Carlson Fonrtlr Row-Moore. C. Goodehilcl, Lycette. Young, Kelley, Franz. Chase, Medina, WVeston, Ehrenfried I ghird llgow-Shepard, ,Bowseig Dorr, VVarrcn, Randall, Ifittlefield, Ingraham, Higgins, 'Hale, D. Davis. Marr! ner econt. lovs Mann, Ix. Bhuhdell, Colley, Johnson, lairchlld, Mis. Bonnefant, D. Goodchild, Jackson, D. Blaisdell, Staples, Maasen First Row-G. Davis, Stewart, NValden, Etzel Donald Blaisdell Kenneth Blaisdell Chester Colley Robert Bowser Richard Cranch Donald Davis Robert Deering Charles Bartley Gilbert Carlson Harold Cole PHI KAPPA SIGM Thomas Fairchild Donald Goodchild Floyd jackson Donald Dorr Paul Ehrenfried Richard Franz Grant Davis Bernard Elzel james Goodchild 194-1 Alfred Mann Ralph Higgins 1942 Titus Hale Joseph Higgins Mark Ingraham 1943 John Hunt lviilifllll jameson Foster Higgins Lc-:Roy Shepard Norman lXlarriner Grant Staples Adam Hlilson YValdemar Littlefield John Medina Thomas Moore Hiarren Randall Harold Warren Donald Hleston Joh n Kel ley John Stewart Robert Lycelte Edwin XV:tldcn Keith Young OFFICERS Prcsiclenl LeRoy G. Shepard Vice Pl'C.YZ'dl"71i Kenneth Blaisdell Secreimy Donald Uleston Trezzsmer lfllaldemar Littleheld National, 40 Active Chapters Founded 1850, University of Penn. Alpha Delta Chapter est. in 1898 2 Tearing up the 12th Street Rug N - ek? 2 2 Q 1 i Sotierberg, VVorrick Downes, Hussey . Stevens, Huniphries, Rarvsey, Davis v, Mrs. lung, Greeulaw, Ixtnghoru. Harris, Carter, A. Frost Harold Thompson Donald Weston Byron lfVl1it11ey james Reed Preston Robinson Parker Small George XV6ldIll11ll Edward XVoodward Robert Hforrick Cliiford Yates Richard Youltlen Clifford 1941 Frost James Hamilton Lawrence Kelley Harold Millay Gardner james Harris Robert Kingltorn Roger Stearns Greenlztw Angus Humphries Walter h'IZl.CCil'CgOl' Clifford Stevens 1942 Blake Merrill Carter David Hopkinson Hartwell Lant'aster Boyd Carrol Davis Allan Howe Robert McGregor Browne Laurence Downes Robert Kelley Raymond Ramsey Butterlield 194-3 Adams Eino Fagerltlnd II. Arthur jelfery John Radley Maynard Austin Stanley Frost H. Grant Leonard Bion Reynolds Chadwick Keith Grover Horace Lewis Elmer Rideout Clilford Owen Hancock Jay Lord Robert Soderberg Collins Eugene Hussey Bertis Pratt Gordon Tooley Dingley OFFICERS Lawrence Kelley 'ice President' David Hopkinson ec1'etnry Horace Gardner '1'e11s'111'1fr Donald Greenlaw lational, 13 Active Chapters ounded 1899, Ylfeslevan University lu Chapter. est. in 1923 A 2otl1 Century Beethoven loosening up .,l...o..u -you 1-.,--..-, -.....,-,, -,......,,.,., ..- .... ,.,,, ,... S. Tracy ,..a. .... ,, C. -.......,, ..,, First Row-Peckham, Dodge, XVilbur, Ellis, Russell, R. Ingalls, VVelch Charles Adams Rockwood Berry Charles Hall Earle Ingalls William Beckmann Harold Blood Xvlllllllll Clark Richard Coffin Leslie Dow Dana Cunningham Robert Dodge il?'Sl UN Slblllvlk A.llllrlA Charles Leining Harry Peavey Richard Pierce Clayto11 Preble Robert Elwell john Fink john Fi1zPatrick lN'allace Francis Xvllllfllll Ellis Stanley Gilman 1941 Oscar Riddle William Riddle Haven Sawyer 1942 Eugene Gilbert Alvin Goldsmith Ronald Hawkes Earl Hodgkins 1943 Robert Ingalls Hlilliam St. Germain C. Virgil Starbird IVal ter Strang Clarence jones Joseph Karczmarczyk Booth Leavitt Robert McLeary Malcolm Peckham XValter 'Welch Frederick Tracy Samuel Tracy James Tweedie T. Russell Woolley Eugene Mertens Parker Moulton Richard Whitney Raymond Wilson Edward IVood Oscar YVi1bur Harry Xvooster OFFICERS President Charles Ha Vice President Earle lngall Secretary Frederick Tiac Treasurer Earl Hodgkin National, 1 15 Active Chapters Founded 1856, University of Alabama Maine Alpha Chapter est. in 1901 just a quiet evening at home fourth Row-Quint, Atwood, Jenkins, Sinkinson, Claverie, Merchant, Ford, Vlfilson, Fogler Fhird Row-R. Holmes, Andrews. Schmidt, French, Tanner, Small, Mayo, Houston, Gorman, Roy, Sinclair, Kierstead, Smith 'econd Row-Benjamin, Dillon, A. Holmes, Hook, Colby, Mrs. Goldsmith, Greenlaw, Butterworth, Crane, Woodbury ?irst Row-Chute, Gooding, Herbolzheimer, Wfatson ale Bn tterworth ohn Colby irancis Andrews harles Benjamin ohn Dillon awrence Emery loughton Atwood 'hilip Chute umner Clavcrie OFFICE resident Vice President ecrelmy reasurer J. Burleigh Crane Robert French john Glover John Gorman Donald Griffee Henry Fogler Patrick Ford William Gooding RS Francis Schmidt Henry Fogler Robert Holmes Robert Roy ational, 98 Active Chapters iouncled 1855, Miami University lho Rho Chapter, est. in 1902 l 'Bout time for that Hfth ace W S MA 1941 David Greenlaw 1942 Robert Holmes ' john Houston Edward Kierstead 194-3 Fred Hcrbolzheimer Robert jenkins HI Alla n Holmes John Mayo Robert Roy Francis Schmidt Richard Sinclair Frederick Leonard james iNlCl'Cll11l1l Lloyd Quint W. Allen Hook XVilliam Parsons Robert Small Elmer Smith Edward Tanner Ralph Yvoodbury Richard Sinkinson George Ylfatson Kermit NVilson Fourth Row-Merrill, Third Row-Holyoke, First Row-Standish, Robert Cummings Earle Douglas john Earnshaw, Jr. David Greenwood Donald Brown Leland Carter Herschel Abbott Arthur Beverage Pratt, Hersey, Jackson, Emnan, XVatson, Beverage, Stratton, Robbins Pullen, Staples, Sanborn. Carter, NVeatl1e1'by. Brown, Hutchinson, Denesuk, Kelly. Reilly, Oakes, Earnshaw Second Row-Roach, VVhit1nan, Thorne, Cummings. Sonics, J. Smiih, C. Shackelford, P. Shackelford, Greenwood, Douglas Holden, Rich, Sawyer, A. Smith, Bader, Adler john Hoctor Arth u r Kelley Gordon McKay Edward Henderson Richard Hersey Frank Holden H. Alden jackson SEMA NU 1941 Stewart Oakes james Reilly Harry Roach 1 942 Howard Merrill 1943 Charles Sawyer Charles Shackelford Philip Shackelford Ormand Staples john Somes Raymond Thorn Forrest Whitman Darrell Pratt James Smith Beverly Xvea therby Hlalter Staub Richard Stratton Arthur Smith OFFICERS President John Somes. Vice President James Smith Secrretary Leland Carter T1'ensz11'er Darrell Pratti National, 98 Active Chapters Founded 1869, Virginia Military Inst. Delta Nu Chapter est. in 1913 Intellectual recreation . RRPSA- .C Third Row-Hoffman, Goldsmith, Supovitz, Pinansky, Schneider Second Row-Ginsburg, Klein, Freedman, Herman, Simons, Edelstein, Brody, Keiter First Row-Dondis, Shapiro, Feinberg, Dobrow, Stahl, Garfiukle, Rome, Astor, Sobel TAM HMSHMDN Pill 1941 David Astor Meredith Dondis Theodore Sobel 1942 jordan Dobrow Harold Gurnnkle Bernard Rome Jacob Stahl Robert Feinberg 1943 Irving Keiter Stanley Supovitz OFFICERS resident Jacob Stahl Vice President Meredith Dondis ecretary Bernard Rome T'rensu1'e1' Robert Feinberg Tational, 31 Active Chapters ounded 1909, Columbia University au Zeta Chapter est. in 1929 Tossing I1 little verbal phosphate Fourth Row-Rosie, Laliberte, Jardine, Clifford, Smiley, Crosby, Godson Third Row-Hurd, Arbo, Mclienney, Schaible, VViedmer, Beegel, Hutchinson Second Row-Beaton, Hodgkins, Dinsxnore, McDonald, Mrs. Greaney, Townsend, Cote, Davis, 1IcGr1w First Row-Potter, Dunn, Chapman, Hempstead, Ransden, Hamilton Paul Cote Donald Devoe Edward Arbo Clifford Beaton Paul Beegel. jr. Robert Chapman Edward Clifford Howard Crosby Charles Dunn THEIR CH 1941 joseph Dinsmore Frederick Libby 1942 Carl Davis Richard McGraw Mfinheld Hodgkins, jr. David McKenney 1943 Clinton Hamilton Lewis Hutchinson David Hempstead Donald Jardine Lester Hurd Ernest McGlauflin Braintrusts on the war path Robert McDonald Paul Townsend lvilliam Schaible jack XViedmer Edgar Potter Proctor Ransden Robert Rosie Samuel Smiley OFFICERS President RODCII McDonal Vice President Paul Townsenc Secretary YV infield Hodgkms, I1 Treasurer Dax 1d M ckenney, National, 50 Active Chapteis Founded 1856, Norwich Univeisity Gamma Chapter est. in 1907 Fourth Row-Libby, Jones, Atwood, Savage, Brewer, King. Moulton Third Row-Reed, Buzzell, Hempstead, Cousins, Vifhite, Morrison, Mack, Vilormwoocl, Bean, Brawn Second Row-Ashworth, Vilarren, Moulton, N. Philbrook, C. Philbruok, Sawyer, McAlary First Row-Rowe, Mack, Riley, Barker, Coffin, Smart Barbara Ashworth Calista Buzzell Elizabeth Emery Margaret Jones Florence Atwood Betty Barker Dorothy Brewer Florence Cousins Barbara Bean Beverly Brawn Zltlllllli llillfllhllllllhli ill Betty Mack Betty McAlary Virginia Moulton Barbara Gowen Violet Han1ilton Jane King Alicia Collin Mary Hempstead OFFICERS 131632616115 Elizabeth Emery Vzce P1 esiden t Barbara Ashworth Semetazy Betty McAlary T1 easm er Dorothy Wlarren Nauonal, 43 Active Chapters Founded 1897, Barnard College Gamma Chapter est. in 1912 1941 Constance Philbrook Elizabeth Reid Pauline Riley 1942 Marion Libby lvlargaret Moulton Nancy Philbrook 1943 jean Mack Dorothy MacLeod P LEDGES Hilda Rowe Frances Sawyer Madeline Smart Helen Xvormwood Barbara Savage Dorothy YVarren Mary Louise Mlhite Marcia McCarthy Charlotte Morrison Third Row-Furhish. Crossman.. Davis, Dudley, Perkins. Grant, Chapman Q Q Second Row-Leadbeater, Hopkins. Cleverly, Mitchell, Gleason, lveyniouth, Stillings, Reed, XVing First Row-Orii, Messer, Philhrook, Bates, Church, Look, Christie, Farnham Mary Bates Alice Christie Florence Farnham Beatrice Gleason Muriel Cleverly Mary Chapman Margaret Church tflilli llllvllllililfilt Betty Grant Emily Hopkins Eleanor Look Erna Davis Mary Crossman Willa Dudley PLEDGES Shirley Mitchell Barbara Orff Charlene Perkins 1942 Margaret Messer 1943 Freda Flanders Harriet Furbish Margaret Philhrook Ruth Reed Alice Stillings Dorothy lving Helen Weymou th Barbara Leadheater Mary Parkh urst OFFICERS President Maiy Bates Vice President Margaret Philbi ook Secretary M argai et Chtu ch Treasure r M argai et M essei National, 95 Active Chapters Founded 1895, University of Arkansas Xi Beta Chapter est. in 1922 Third Row-Young, Hines, Springer, Bryant, Donovan, XVeymouth, Danforth, Mullen, Patten, Boone Second Row-Goodwin, Bickford, Perry, Johnson, Vlialsh, Clark, Hopkins, Berry, NVebster, Ramsay First Row-Pooler, Drummond, YVest, Peaslee, Kingsley, 1Vhite, Crosby, Comstock Mary Boone Ernestine Carver Corinne Comstock Isabella Crosby Camilla Doak Jeannette Berry Frances Bickforcl Sarah Burleigh Hope Bryant Gladys Clark Phyllis Danforth Gwendolyn H'eymouth 1941 Esther Drummond Katherine Ingalls Dora lVest Elizabeth Gammons Elizabeth Peaslee Ruth Garrison Joyce Ramsay Ruth White Elizabeth Hopkins Agnes Hlalsh Barham Young 194-2 Barbara Emmons Jean Goodwin Marion Hines Frances Donovan Eleanor Johnson OFFICERS ieszdmzt Elizabeth Peaslee me P1 csidezzt Dort XVest emflfny Cortna Kingsley lCfIS'Il'I6'l' Ruth VVhite al1Ol'l21l, 87 Active Chapters oundecl 1888, Boston University Alpha Kappa Chapter est. in IQI7 Cortna Kingsley Beulah Lewis Ruth Peabody 1 943 Ri ta J oh ns ton Helen Mullen PLEDGES Barbara Perry Arlene XVebster jean Patten Anita Pooler Mary Springer Third Row-Belknap, Kelley, Monohon, Hayes Second Row-Chapman, Ryan, Knight, Gifford, Knapp, Brown First Row-Chapman, Craft, Cahill, Mosher, Smith, Blake, Rand, Drew Priscilla Brown Anna Cahill joan Chapman Martha Belknap Frances Drew Charlotte Gifford . Hi Nlll 1941 Miltlred Chapman Phyllis Knapp Emily Rand Laura Craft Mary Mosher Alice Smith 1942 Josephine Blake Patricia Ryan 1943 Virginia Hayes Asenith Kelly Betty Knight janet Monohon PLEDGES OFFICERS President Mary Mosher Vice President Alice Smith Sem'etm'y Laura Craf t Treasurer Anna Cahill National, 61 Active Chapters Founded 1852, Vlesleyan College Pi Chapter est. in 1912 9 Fourth Row-Davis. Amlrews, Rand. Savage. Fassett, Briggs, Koehler, Long Third Row-Hoyt, Sezunmon. Meliny, Ficles, B. M. Thompson, B. F. Yfl'lOll1llSOll. Melntire, Thorne, lox Llv Dorman Second Row-XVoml. Grady, llawlcins. Minintti. Holden, Xllhite, Jewett, Thorndike First Row-XYl1ite, Vllhitney. Miller, Foster, Jensen Ruth Briggs .-Kiln Hawkins Nlirizun Holden Carol Fzlsselt Andrey Koehler Main' Elizzlhetll Grady Helena Jensen Pl BETA PHI Virginia Jewell Edith lllclntire Lois Long Gloria Miniuui Mary Lovely Ruth Nlelizly OFFICERS President Gloria Miniulti Vice P'l'ffSlCI6'I1t Lois Savage S6C"l'El!ITjl Helen Thorndike T'rensu1'cr Berneiee Thompson National, 83 Active Chapters Founded 1867, Monmouth College Maine Alpha Chapter est. in 1917 '7 1941 Marion Miller Clizlrlolle lllhile 1942 lilizzlhelh SCZIIHIHUII ll1ll'll1ll'1l Thompson 1943 Lois S11 vnge lierneiee Thompson PLEDCES Dorothy XN'ill:1rd Am y XVoods Helen 'l"ho1'ncliT:e Cherrie Thorne Hazel 1l2lll'l1llSSCll Lois XVhile HUNUP1 SOCIETIES F the several honorary organizations at the University of Maine, Phi Kappa Phi is the only order whose membership includes eligible outstanding students from all of the colleges. Other honoraries are departmental and recognize only those students in some particular field. Membership standards are high in all of the University's honorary organizations. To receive recognition by any one of these groups is considered a great honor indeed and it is justly a source of pride for the individual so rewarded. ALPHA CHI SIGMA PHI KAPPA PHI ALPHA ZETA SCABBARD AND BLADE KAPPA DELTA PI SIGMA MU SIGMA NEAI MATHETAI TAU BETA Pl OMICRON NU XI SIGMA PI PHI BETA KAPPA U R G A N I Z A T I U N S MJ if X N, X A , X 'X X' W ' W X Q ' ,Xwfw A ,XQXQwXwq if X X X N 1 5 - X3 5' X X XX X XM M 'N JM Zz X, kg .. N M XWXQXM my K, 5 f,'X,Xk,j,gXxsV,"fswm XXf,k'wfw'1X, X X W X X , Y , I . - f,. 7,1 ,AX -4 -L N, Q Aff Lew: 'ffiswn - ,y . .M aw A 1 fy, X'- ,r , V AXXVQ wwf M ,A Q .W X ,. ,.,. K Wg, :Wm LX' 5-mwfwfiv M X , v U--' X H -,X my A MX W-3'?f5fA v' ' - -- , M , X F lm, day WXXXXQMEM ,E f 'x ' fx ' X X -X X X X X fx' ij ' X - W , w W K ' 3 X . XJXX ' W W A UQ Xr ff M X X , ,, X X W " "x X, K M X -7 ' " aff W, XX . " 'DL , X X M WN - it , ,W XM .XM I H I' f G ,A '-1 :Q 359554 I X-'lm " M 'Daw aww, Xf -f 12 XX ,. X X, ,Q X, 'W' ,ff THQ ,i f ,X ' X' 1 yi 'Hn ' K X Sw' ' -Xw Q f X iXz.f'23TX1X M Y, ' igggfg X- V 6 ' 1 .X A" Z 1 'vi TNT ' .bm ,W g M, ,X I X ,X 2 m3 5 ,vim J: m M gtggw' - wr fmt, iii . 4, WRX .4 W N z X JJWX- W X X W ,.vXh,E31 wwf X X XXXXXW M 'V-I ,X 'Soi . ,jg - sf, 'f- L1 X X V' WSLFQZXQMXX: ,X.X,X.,,X'Xxs, :XX ,S rg y1WXXLW'XT kiz?w'iw' , 1EX'iLJ21,'5i:S7i12W51?z.:Qf My 5 XM, XXWX-4 X .F M asf X - -X1 K M, ,X., . PM LPH CI-II 'IGIVIA CHEMISTRY Second Row-Ripanti, Horton, Loring, Leavitt First Row-Crocker, Brewster, Cooper, Beaton, Hodgkins LPHA CHI SIGMA, professional chemi- cal fraternity, l1as at the present time, a total of 61 chapters throughout the United States. The Xi chapter has been located at tl1e University of Maine since 1911. Its purpose is to promote the advancement of the science of chemistry and to bring about fraternal relations among its members. Its membership is limited to those students wl1o intend to make cl1e111istry tl1eir life work, a11d who are majoring in the Helds of Chem- istry, Chemical Engineering, or Biochemistry. Election to membership is based upo11 scholar- ship, character, and personality. Every year, Alpha Chi Sigma cooperates with the Chemistry department of the University of Maine to award a handbook to the sopho- more Chemistry or Chemical Engineering ma- jor wl1o has 11l3.ClC tl1e highest grade in fresh- man chemistry the previous year. I11 addition to the monthly business meetings, it sponsors smokers and motion pictures. Albert Adams Gerald Bachman Clifford Beaton Frank Brewster Laurence Cooper OFFICERS Presiclent George Cotton Vice President David Greenlaw Recording Secretary Daniel Tardoni Corre.spo11.ding Secretary Laurence Cooper Treasurer Francis Dole MEMBERS George Cotton Guy Crocker Donald Davis Francis Dole Raymond Edgecomb David Grecnlaw Ivinlield Hodgkins James Horton Laurence Leavitt Charles Loring 230 Norman Peacock Nello Ripanti Edgar Sewell Daniel Tardoni Raymond Hlilson ALPHA. ZET F HE fraternity, Alpha Zeta, is an active honor society at the University of Maine. The more important activities include schol- arship recognition through the Alpha Zeta Scholarship Plaque and a scholarship to the senior member contributing the 1ll0St to the society. A Certihcate of Merit is presented to the outstanding 4-H Club member in the state. AGHICULTUIIE Membership is restricted to the upper two- fifths of the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes on the bases of leadership and interest in furthering the work of agriculture. There is a total of eighteen meetings every year at which there are discussions on agricul- tural problems and occasional speeches given by alumni and faculty members. OFFICERS President Owen Smith V ice President Fred Crouse Secretary Rockwood Berry Treasurer Mfinston Pullen Clzronicler Neal VValker Sergeant at Arms Donald Kilpatrick MEMBERS Roy Anderson Dean Ebbcrt Mansfield London Gordon Ramsdell Rockwood Berry lrwin Higgins Lionel Perry Charles Shackelford xvlllllllll Booth joseph Higgins Frank Potter Irving Smith Raymond Buck Donald Holyoke Darrell Pratt Owen Smith Fred Crouse Cecil Howes Xvinston Pullen Myron Towle McClure Day Donald Kilpatrick Arthur Ralford Neal X'Valker Richard Da y Earl La nglcy M, H. Hlhitten Second Row-Towle, London, R. Day. Higgins, I. Smith, Booth, Kilpatrick, Perry First Row-Pratt, Potter, Pullen, O. Smith, Berry, VVhitten, Howes 231 IQAPP to BELT 1 PI EDUCATIUN Dean Lutcs. Young, Besse, Lewis, Hill APPA DELTA PI, the international hon- or society in education, was founded at the University of Illinois in 1911. Its purpose is to encourage high intellectual and scholas- tic standards among students in Education. The Gamma Omicron Chapter was estab- lished at the University of,Maine in 1932. Membership requirements are based upon high scholastic standards. The purpose ol the society is to encourage its members toward higher devotion to social service during the preparation for teaching and to recognize outstanding achievements in Education. OFFICERS President Phyllis Smart Vice President Hugh E. Young Sec'refm'y-T1'er1s111'e1' Albert Hill Clmpter C01l7I!'liI0'l' Dean O. S. Lutes FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Edith Vlilson Ava H. Cliudlroumc 1 MEMBERS lleutrice Bcsse Lnurice Lewis Albert Hill Hugh Young 232 NEAI Nl F F THET I EAI MATI-IETAI, founded sixteen years ago by'Dr. H. Huddilston and Dean Caroline Colvin, is the only organization on the campus that bases its membership strictly on scholarship. The ten freshman women ob- FHESHMEN WOM EN taining the highest scholastic standing at the end of their fall semester automatically become members. "Neai Mathetain is a Greek phrase meaning "young scholar." OFFICERS President Secretary Elizabeth Price Martha Cilley MEMBERS Barbara Bean Phyllis Bryant Grace Burnett Martha Cillcy Barbara Cole Freda Flanders Mary Grady Margaret G. Heator Elizabeth Price Rita F. NVi1cox ' . Taft 1 il ' , ,: ,. . nl' 'L 7 ws - ' T f ...fx N 5 , X. ss A ' , si urea ' 1 I 5 is - i "1 L :- i K s 'V i s war Nz! HN iv Second Row-Bryant, Grady, Bean First Row-NYilcox, Price, Cillcy, B. Cole 2 33 OMIORON NU HOME ECONOMICS Second Row-Boone, Smith First Row--Grant, VVi11g, Clark MICRON NU is the national honor soci- ety which recognizes leadership and fu- ture development in the field of Home Eco- nomics. The Alpha Beta Chapter at Maine chooses its members from Junior and Senior classes. The Chapter promotes high scholarship by sending a letter of congratulation to each freshman honor students in Home Economics. A student delegate is sent to the biennial national convention. The society also co- operates in sponsoring "Open House." OFFICERS President Dorothy NV ing Secretary Elizabeth Grant Treasures' Eva Clark Faculty Adviser Marion D. Sweetman MEMBERS Mary Boone Eva Clark Elizabeth Grant Margaret jones Ruth Landon Ruth Loring Hope Moody J. Alice Smith Cheri-ie Thorne Dorothy Wing 234 PHI BETA IQAPIJA HI BETA KAPPA, the oldest Greek letter honor society in the United States, was founded at X'Villian1s and Mary College in 1776. The Maine Chapter was established in 1923. The purpose of the society is to recog- nize outstanding scholarship in the College ARTS ANU SUIENC ES of Arts and Sciences. Membership is also based on good character, breadth of interests, and future promise. The activities of the society are chiefiy re- stricted to an annual banquet held at C0111- ITICIICCIHCIUL CTIHC. OFFICERS President Professor A. YV. Sprague Vice P-resident Dr. Percie Turner Secretmy-T1'easu1'e1' Marion Buzzell MEMBERS Charles Hall Marjorie XVhitehouse Hall, Buzzell, Sprague, WVhitehouse 235 PHI PHAPI' I PHI ALL-COLLEGE HI KAPPA PHI, national honor society, originated at the University of Maine in 1897. Today it has at least one fraternity in every state in the Union. Membership is open to the upper IOIZ3 of seniors from all departments of the Univer- Th-ird Row-Devoe, Pullen Second Row-l"ratt, Berry. Grifin, McDonald, lioziclcy, Hall First Row-Pinklmm, Trott, Philbrook, Vllard, Horne sity on the basis of high scholarship and ex- cellent character. To be a nieinber of the society is considered the highest scholastic honor one can obtain at Maine. Annually many scholarships are presented to students at their banquet late in the spring. OFFICERS President Prof. Xflleston S. Evans Vice President Prof. Ferdinand H. Steininetz Secrelnry Prof. Edward Brush Treasurer Prof. George F. Dow AIOZITHIIZ Corresponclcfizt Prof. Marguerite R. Musgrave MEMBERS Rockwood Berry Edward Kozicky Virgil Pratt Corinne Comstock Robert lNIcDonald Mlinston Pullen Donald Devoe Lloyd Griffin Charles Hall Frances Horne Alfred Mann Margaret Philbrook Ernestine Pinkham Margaret Romero Phyllis Sinart M. Elizabeth Trott 236 Raymond Vullicre Neal XValkcr Catherine lVard Charlotte lllhite Marjorie XVhitehouse SCAiB,lii-llill ANU HE national society of Scabbard and Blade was formed thirty-seven years ago at the University of lilfisconsin. The purpose of this organization is to raise tl1e standard of military training in American Colleges and Universities, to unite in closer relationship their military departments, to encourage and foster the essential qualities of good and elii- cient officers, and to promote intimacy and good fellowship among the cadet officers. Membership in D Company Second Regi- lVllLlTAl'tY ment at the University of Maine is by election only, and is divided into active, alumni, associ- ate, and honorary members. The active mem- bers are chosen from the outstanding cadet officers in junior R.O.T.C. units. During the year, Scabbard and Blade spon- sors the Military Ball, takes part in activities conducted by the University and at the end of the year terminates its season with a ban- quet and an informal dance. OFFICERS Captain First Lieutenant F irst Sergeant Richard Pierce Samuel Tracy Roger Stearns Second Lieutenant Rockwood Berry MEMBERS Adams Banton Barrows Bartley Benjamin nod Berry Blanchard Blanchard Boyd Brown, Jr. Burger Bu tterworlh Byrne Carlisle l Coflin lard Colpitts Rudolph Conti Richard Cranch james Crane Robert Dalrymple Carl Davis McClure Day Richard Day Nicholas Denesuk John Dillon john Dimmer Samuel Dyer, jr. Lawrence Emery john Fink john Fitzl'atrick lVallace Francis Henry Gabe VVilliam Garsoe Raymond Gay Donald Goodchild Gerard Goulette James Harris Earl Hodgkins Donald Holyoke David Hopkinson Angus Humphries Robert Irvine Duncan Jewell Donald johnson Lawrence Kelley Donald Kilpatrick Robert Kinghorn Frederick Koialovitch Booth Leavitt Laurence Leavitt Eugene Leger Donald McKay Miles Mank Donald Marriner Victor Miniutti Parker Moulton Edward Mutty Malcolm Nichols Carleton Payson Harry Peavey Richard Pierce Thomas Pollock Oscar Riddle George Riese Donald Ross Robert Roy - Robert Small E. Vincent Smith George Smith Roger Stearns Loren Stewart Clifford Stevens Richard Sullivan William Talbot Edward Tanner Samuel Tracy Frank YVellcome M. Harvard Whitten Gordon VVinters Third Row-Gay, Colpitts, Mank, Banton, Sullivan, Smith, Hopkinson, Small, Roy, M. Day, Tanner, Emery, Hodgkins, Johnson, Francis, Stewart, Nichols, Wellcome Second Row-Leavitt, Harris, Kilpatrick, Blanchard, Stevens, Peavey, Crane, Irvine, Butterworth, Ross, Leger, Conti, Fink, McKay, Dyer, Boyd, Koialovitch, Davis, Humphries, Jewell, Brown First Row-Marriner, Burger, Payson, Holyoke, Kelly, Stearns. Tracy, Col. Alcott, Col. Haw, Lieut. Hodges, Lieut. Healy, Pierce, Berry, Kinghorn, VVhitten IUMA NIU IGNIA PSYCHOLOGY Second Row-Randall, West, I-Iopl-zins. VVeyn1outh, Reid, Rowe, Moulton, Barker First Row-Dr. Glanville, Dr. Brush, Perkins, Hill, Ryan, Mr. Gebhard, Mr. VVilliains IGMA MU SIGMA was founded at the ed annually to an outstanding psychology University of Maine in 1927, student. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote Twice a month meetings are held to discuss interest in psychology. A scholarship is award- topics of a psychological interest. OFFICERS President Albert Hill Vice President Charlene Perkins Sec'retm'y-T-reasurei' Margaret Romero Social Chriirmzzn Patricia Ryan Faculty Adviser A. D. Glanville MEMBERS Bette Barker Frances Horne Dorothy Randall Patricia Ryan Elton Carter Marguerite Kyer Bette Reid Raymond Valliere joseph Cohen George Grant Albert Hill Emily Hopkins Dr Dr Dr Dr , and and Mrs. C. A. Dickinson . and Mrs. E. N. Brush . and Mrs. A. D. Glanville . and Mrs. S. B. Ivilliams Harold Rheinlander Margaret Romero Hilda Rowe Alexander Loudon Virginia Moulton Claralyn Preble HONORARY MEMBERS ' Mr. IV. Gebhard Miss Margaret Nesbitt Mrs. Crapo Dr. R. B. Levinson 238 Dora West Gwendolyn Vfeymonth Marion XVhite TAU BETA Pl HE honorary engineering fraternity, Tau Beta Pi, was founded at Lehigh Univer- sity in 1885 and now has sixty-eight chapters including the Maine Chapter. Membership in the organization is based on scholarship, interest, character, and activity. The members are chosen from the upper EN GINEEHING Every year the society awards a slide rule to the highest ranking freshman in the College of Technology and a handbook to the fresh- man obtaining the highest rank in chemistry. The annual "Tech Smoker" helps to estab- lish the engineers as a unit. Engineering topics are discussed at the bi-monthly meetings. fourth of their class. Wilson Alford Kenneth Bell Frank Brewster Carl Brown Blendin Burton lvendell Butler Richard Chase Lester Chipman Robert Chute OFFICERS President David Greenlaw Vice President George Cotton Secretary William Parsons Treasuvm' Robert McDonald MEMBERS James Condon George Cotton Guy Crocker Lloyd Crossland Raymond Edgecomb Henry Gabe David Greenlaw Edward Henderson Mlinfield Hodgkins James Horton Clarence jones Frederick Kelso Charles Keniston Alfred Mann Robert McDonald Gordon McKay john 0'Donoghue William Parsons John Pennell Winthrop Pratt Grant Staples Francis Wheeler Roger lvhite James Mfilliams Arthur Xvorstcr Tlrirzl ROXV-0.D0ll0gl1llC. Condon, Brown. Keniston. Jones Second Row-Edgecomb, Bell, Mcliay. Kelso, Chase, Brewster, Burton, Clripman First Row--Williams, Mann, Greenlaw, Cotton, McDonald, Pennell 239 Xl 1 IUMA PI FUHESTIHY ' ww.,-Q, Second Row-Jackson, Duffey, Cowan, Staples, Willets, Ehrlenhach, Denesuk, Zieno, Crunch First Row-Troop, Baker, Chapman, Ashman, Demeritt, Chamberlain I SIGMA PI, the honorary forestry fra- ternity, began at the University of X'Vasl1- ington in 1908. The Gamma Chapter at the University of Maine was established in 1917. Members are elected on the bases of interest in forestry and high scholastic achievements. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate scholarship as well as arouse interest in the field of forestry. Meetings are held between students and faculty in order to discuss news of concern to foresters. This year the highest ranking Junior major- ing in Forestry will be awarded a hand com- pass with his name engraved upon it. OFFICERS President Everett Chamberlain Vice President Benjamin Troop SCCTKIILl'3l-T?'6IIS'1l1'U'l' Howard Ehrlenbach MEMBERS Everett Chamberlain Nicholas Denesul: Frederick Cowan Richard Dulfey Richard Crunch Howard Ehrlenhzxch FACULTY Professor Baker Professor Chapnizui Professor Ashman jacob Scrota Ormond Staples Benjamin Troop Robert XVillets Angelo Zieno MEMBERS Professor Dcmeritl Professor Aldous 240 fCTIWITlE STUDENT SENATE XV. S. G. A. NIENYS STUDENT SENATE AND INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL PANHELLENIC COUNCIL PRISM CAMPUS NIASQUE MAINE RADIO GUILII M. O. C. IVIENYS M CLUB YVONIENYS M CLUB PALE BLUE KEY NIENYS RII-'LE TEAM X'VONIEN,S RIFLE TEAM NIAINE FLYING CLUB BAND ORCHESTRA CHORUS M. C. A. Y. W. C. A. MEN'S GLEE CLUB l VVO1WEN,S GLEE CLUB DEBATING SOCIETY CONTRIBUTORS' CLUB WVOMEN's FORUM OFF-CANIPUS WOMEN A. S. C. E. A. S. M. E. A. I. E. E. RADIO CLUB SIGMA DLZI.TA ZETA :AGRICULTURAL CLUB HONIE ECONOMICS CLUB F. F. A. 4-H CLUB FORESTRY CLUB EDUCATION CLUB STUDENTS' ARTS CLUB INTERNATIONAL RELATIO POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB DER DEUTSCI-IE X7EREIN EL CIRCULO ESPANOL LE CERCLE FRANCAIS NS CLUB TUBE. ST E STATE S Third Row-Murray, VVhitten, Stahl, Somes Q' Sleconcl Row-Day, McDonald, Johnson, Donovan, Miniutti. Benjamin, Nystrom T'lfSt Row-Comstock, Savage, Hansen, Brown, Kelley, Fiheld, Drunnnond, XVormwootl HE Student Senate is composed of mem- bers of the Men's Student Senate and the l'Vomen's Student Government Association. It serves as a coordinating unit between the Uni- versity administration and the student body. It is, in effect, the student body's voice in Uni- versity administration. The Senate has the power to exact student- governing legislation. Through this legislation it attempts to foster and direct student senti- ment in the direction of general cooperation, promotion of benehcial student activities, de- velopment of college spirit, and the upholding of University ideals. The Senate holds meetings on call, it super- vises class elections, election of the athletic board, and the election of senior partsg in addition it has many temporary activities. Dean L. S. Corbett is the faculty adviser of the organization. OFFICERS President Vice President S1't'rein 'ry Lawrence Kelley David Greenlaw Brooks Brown, -Ir. MEMBERS Albert Adams Roger Benjamin William Booth Brooks Brown, jr. Robert Carlisle Corinne Comstock Pauline Cushing Richard Day Elinor Dixon Frances Donovan Esther Drummond Alma Fifteld Donald Goodchild David Greenlaw Alma Hansen james Harris Kenneth Hodgdon Eleanor johnson Lawrence Kelley Vaughn Lovley Robert McDonald Gloria Miniutti George Murray Carl Newhall. jr. 242 George Nystrom lVarren Randall Oscar Riddle Barbara Savage jacob Stahl John Sonics Harvard XVII i t ten Helen lVormwood ..G.A. Second Row-Yves-at, Dixon, Wormwoocl, Fifield, Johnson. Doore, VVhite, Flanders First Row-Drummond, Comstock, Miniutti, Hansen, Donovan, Savage, Kelley HE purpose of the YVomen's Student Gov- ernment Association is to encourage ac- tive cooperation among the women of the University in self government and to promote high standards of honor and integrity in all matters of personal conduct. The Council of the W7.S.G.A. represents all non-sorority, off-campus, sorority, and dormi- tory women. It serves to execute the purposes and ideals of the association by alert attention to the needs and desires of its members. One annual function of the Council is a Student-Faculty Tea. This year the tea was presented in collaboration with Estabrooke Hall as an Open House for the new dormi- tory. The arrangement of Assembly programs for women students serves as another perma- nent function of the Council. Corinne Comstock Pauline Cushing Elinor Dixon Frances Donovan Barbara Doorc OFFICERS President Alma Hansen Vice President Barbara Savage S'ecrelnry Gloria Miniutti Treasurer Frances Donovan MEMBERS Esther Drummond Alma Fitield Parker Fitch Freda Flanders Mary Fogler 2 Alma Hansen Eleanor johnson Asenith Kelley Gloria Miniutli Ruth Recd Barbara Savage Dora XVest Charlotte NVhile Lois lVhite Helen lVormwood lVlEN'S STUDE. T ENATE 'tn Second Row-Benjamin, Murray, McDonald, Stahl First Row-VVl1itten, Day, Brown, Kelley, Sornes, Nystrom HE Men's Student Senate is composed of the president of each social fraternity, a representative of the proctors, a representative from the Campus, and three non-fraternity representatives. The Interfraternity Council is made up of the fraternity representatives to the Men's Stu- dent Senate and is a committee of the Student Senate. The council has full power to regu- late interfraternity matters that are not han- dled by the University. Rules and regulations for rushing and pledging are among the most important matters coming under the juris- diction of the council. Dean L. S. Corbett is the faculty adviser for both the M en's Student Senate and the Council. OFFICERS President Vice President .S'ccretrm'y Lawrence Kelley David Greenlaw Brooks Brown, MEMBERS 'flionald Goodchild "fDavid Greenlaw Kenneth I-Iodgdon +l,awrence Kelley Vaughn Lovley Albert Adams Roger Benjamin 4WVilliam Booth tY1Brooks Brown. i'Robert Carlisle :"Richard Day "tRobe1't McDonald ffleorge Murray 'John Somes it-Iacob Stahl i'fCarl A. Ncwhall. Jr. WM. Harvard XVhitten "fGcorge Nystrom WOscar Riddle 4' Interfraternity Council 244 PA HELLE IC CUU CIL . . ..,, , ., . .,..A . N., ,,. . , . , Second Row-Emmons. Bates First Row-Peasleu, Miniutti, V. Moulton, Jewett, Blake HIS organization is a national organiza- tion started under the name of Inter- sorority Conference in the year 1902. Each campus that has two or more national sorori- ties must have a Panhellenic Council. The purpose of the organization is to con- trol the matters concerning the Hve campus sororities, which includes rushing and bidding rules, and general sorority problems. The Council is composed of ten members, two delegates from each sorority. The presi- dent of each sorority automatically becomes one of the delegates while the other delegate is chosen from the sorority at large. The Panhellenic Council entertains national sorority representatives. It also gives teas in the fall for freshmen and transfer students. In the spring it sponsors a banquet for all sorority women, and last year it gave a spring formal,.which will be held again this year. The faculty adviser is Dean Edith G. XVil- son. OFFICERS P-resi den t Secretrrry T7'6f!S1l7'61' Virginia Moulton Virginia .Iewett Alice Christie MEMBERS Mary Bates Josephine Blake Alice Christie Barbara Emmons Virginia jewctl 245 Gloria Miniutti Virginia Moulton Elizabeth Mosher Elizabeth Peaslee Nancy Philbrook IRVI NG PIERCE Facurfrx' ADVISER 1942 PRI Nl HE Prism is edited with one main objective in view: To present an accurate record of student activities and happenings at the Univer- sity of Maine for any one year. To do this in as unpredjudiced a manner as possibleg reflecting every phase of college life on the "Maine Cam- pus" has been the desire and the aim of the 1942 Prism Board. YVe hope that the innovations in- troduced by our Board may serve to set a higher standard for Annuals to come. I Wish to thank the entire Prism Board for the excellent spirit and cooperation received through- out this year in preparing this Annual, and es- pecially express the sincere thanks of our whole group to Mr. Irving Pierce for his many sugges- tions and helpful guidance in the preparation of this Prism. EDITORS DONALD IQILPATRICK BARBARA Gownx Bnxuxxr BEAN Assistant Assistant Fraternities ,Q- -1 zz W gsm sms MARGARET PHILLIPS EDWARD Gmrw JEANNm'rE BERRY XVomen's Sports Men's Sports Sororities l Wllgllfl Working on lhe 1942 PRISM .. . With its theme-"The Place," "The People," "The Eventsng featuring informality and new ar- rangeinentsg and designed to have an appeal to Editor-in-Chief explains :1 planned lay-out. l Levene, Elwcll, Xvhite every student-we present to you YOUR PRISM Signed, ROBERT A. ELXVELL Editor-in-Chief When Ediiors gel together . .. Cowen, Kilpatrick, Berry THE MAINE CAMPUS T 2' was s 2 if K - 2 Z aaff 3 5 W Randall, VVillets, VVard, VVeymouth. Elirenfried HIS year's work on the Campus, under the editorship of 'Warren B. Randall, was characterized by an attempt to create certain journalistic standards by which the course of the paper might be guided in the future. WARREN B. RANDALL EDI'l'OR-IN-CHIEF 2 The make-up was streamlined, modern type for the headlines was purchased, and the general technical appearance and composition of the paper was improved. The staff was successful in maintaining for the paper the "First Class Honor Rating," awarded by the Associated Collegiate Press. The Hrst class rating, which signifies excellence among college newspapers of its class, has been received by the Campus only once before. The new staff, elected in April, 1941, is proceeding along the lines developed during the present year. 48 THE MAINE UI-XMPU Hopkins. Davis, Weston, Skouhs, Johnstone WARREN B. RANDALL .,,,,.....,.,..,............ Editor-in-Chief PETER J. SKOUFIS ..,....,....,....,....,,.,.. .... B usiness Manager EDITORIAL BOARD Richard Cranch .....................,..,....................... Managing Editor Paul Ehrenfried ....,..,...............,.......,...........,........,... News Editor Catharine Ward ..,...........,,,... ..................... A ssociate Editor Robert WVillets ............,..,..,,...,...,...,..,...,....,.......,,... Sports Editor Gwendolyn VVeymouth ..,................. Assistant News Editor CONTRIBUTING EDITORS-Corinne Comstock, Buel Godwin. Philip Pierce, Raymond Valliere, Anna Verrill. STAR REPORTERS-lohn Dimmer, XVilbert O'Neil, Charlene Per- kins, Mary Louise white. REPORTERS-Austin Keith, jack Lepoii, Dorothy Ouellette, Philip A Pierce, Thomas Powers, Paul Smith, Jack Tew, Barbara Thompson, Kent XfVigl1t. CUB REPORTERS-Helen Clillord, Alicia Catlin, Talbot Crane, Natalie Curtis, Barbara Hopkins, Leigh McCohb, Joseph Sutton. Orman B. Doore ,,,......... Cartoonist Joseph Ingham .....,.. Photographer Raymond Vallierez .......... .Student Opinion Surveys lntervie-wer Eleanor Look. Philip Pierce ,.,. .,..Radio Guild Representatives BUSINESS STAFF Advertising Manager. .,..,... . .,.. .. ........,..,,......, Louis P. Lorusso Advertising Assistant .,...........................,...... John Johnstone Advertising Assistant ...,,...,..,.... Mary Elizabeth Brackett Subscription Manager .....,. ..................... B arbara Hopkins Circulation Manager ....,...... . ......,...,.......... Donald VVeston Circulation Assistant ........ .,.. ,.... D i idley Davis 249 PETER J. SKOUFIS BUSINESS MANAGER Third Row-Hamilton, Bonney. Elwell, Ingham, Levene, Boss, lngrahnm, Ranks, Gleason Second Row-K. Boyle, Howe. P. Hopkins, Holden, Reid. Buzzell. Savage, Blake. nl. Boyle First Row-E. Hopkins, Rowe, Smith, Godwin, French, Sawyer, Hempstead, Fielder THE .llfllltllllh Flflf5lBl,lllE 'HE Maine Masque Theatre, the ofhcial play-producing organization for the Uni- versity, is thirty-Hve years old. lt has more active undergraduate student members than almost any other organization on the campus, and its program, under the direction of Her- schel L. Bricker, has been outstanding in vari- ety and merit. The season opened with the Masque's Hrst musical comedy venture, Of Cftblmges and Kings, a new script by Beatrice Besse and Frank Hanson, students at the University. Seldom has any non-professional theatre group given a new play such an elaborate showing. Mfilliam I-I. Y'Vetherbee, technical director, set a new high for scene designing on the Masque stage. Philip Barry's Hotel Unizferse was the Exec- utive Committee's choice for the second pro- duction. An editorial published in the Bangor Daily News has this to say about it: "XfVhen the Maine Masque theatre chooses such a play for the second presentation of its season, there is hope for the youth of today's colleges. In the words of Stephen, the leading character in Hotel Universe, 'XfVhen they ask for the answer, they begin to be something' "Hotel Universe is a diflicult play to do and that it comes through so movingly, is a matter for rejoicing in the calibre of the dramatic work at the University of Maine .... " The M asque's third production was the long awaited full-length version of Hamlet, and was even more successful than its IHOSI en- thusiastic supporters expected. The cast, head- ed by Earle Rankin as Hamlet, was made up entirely of veteran actors. Professor XValter Whitney, who reviewed the play for the Cam- pus said, "l have spent what felt like longer evenings watching much shorter plays. Visu- ally the play was delightful .... " From Profes- sor YfVhitney this is high praise. The acting was excellent and the scenery well managed. Hamlet will go down in Masque history as one of its most successful productions. This year, in order to further theatre in Maine, plans were made for a Maine Masque Theatre Festival. The Theatre acted as host to the high school and community theatre directors, and Mr. Barrett H. Clark, Executive 250 Director of the Dramatists' Play Service and an international authority on plays, was the chief speaker. A mnnber of other distinguished guest speakers were on the program, and in Barbara Ashworth Stoughton Atwood Hartley Banton Bryant Bean Beatrice Besse Alton Bonney jean Boyle Kathleen Boyle Calista Buzzell john Colby XVilson Alford Francis Andrews David Astor Edward Barrows George Bearce. Jr. Rockwood Berry Josephine Blake Mary Boone Joseph Boulos Waldo Burnham Arthur Carlson Ernestine Carver Lewis Chadwick Eva Clark Gladys Clark Corinne Comstock Frederick Cowan addition the high schools of East Milhnocket, Lewiston, and Brunswick presented tlnee one act plays as a play clinic experiment MEMBERS George Cunningham Robert Davis Russ Dearborn Patil Ehrenfried Robert Fortier Maynard French Ruth Garrison Buel Godwin Emily Hopkins Virginia Howe Robert Irvine Frederick Libby Andrew Nowak Barbara Orff Earle Rankin john Ranks Betty Reid George Risman John Robie Barbara Savage ASSOCIATE MEMBERS john Dickerson, Jr. Xvilliam Dow George Ellis Robert Elwell Albion Fenderson Albert Frost Betty Gammons Rodolphe Gaulin Robert Goodwin Frank Haines Titus Hale Violet Hamilton Owen Hancock Malcolm Hardy Robert Harrison Mary Hempstead Mark Ingraham Isa bella Crosby Franklin Dexter Donald Innes Ralph Johnson OFFICERS President John Robie Executive President Maynard French V ice Presicleiit Frances Sawyer Secretary Barbara Ashworth Business 1l'fIl7IflgC'l'S Thomas Smith Earle Rankin Ticket .Managers John Tracy Ruth Towne H istorimz Andrew Nowak Press Philip Pierce Program Ed i l 01' Robert Davis George Cunningham Buel Godwin 251 Lawrence Kelley Frank Ketchum Edward Kierstead joseph Kilas Charles Leining Victor Levene Jackson Long Louis Lorusso Miles Mank Shirley Mitchell Dorothy Moran Parker Moulton Elizabeth Peaslee Charlene Perkins Charles Pfeiffer Stephen Powell Clarolyn Preble Ruth Reed Pauline Riley Frances Sawyer Thomas Smith, C. Virgil Starbird Ruth Towne Dudley Utterback Ruth XVhite Byron lVhitney Seth YVilletts Russell l'Voolley Robert Roy Allen Savage Hyman Schneider Phyllis Smart Owen Smith Joanne Solie lValter Stisulis Sherley Sweet Molly Tarr Paul Townsend Samuel Tracy, jr. Beth Trott Charles Vickery Frank Ivellcome Donald Xlleston Frank Hlilliams Patil YVinslow Richard Youlclen DIRECTOR HERSCHEL BRICKER M W 1915? H 5 is W -E 5 ww Qtcond Row Plwcll L1Flamme Kelso Pterce Penn Broun F1rst Row Thomas Tlheld Mr Dusenbury Trott 13111111115 llfllllll Ullllgll HE purpose of the Mame R21CllO Glllld lb to offer to all students an opportumty to take part 1n the Unnelslty I'3.CllO broadcasts 111 the 1ole of announcel, actor, d1recto1, Wr1t er, or producer A real mterest 111 the work and ab1l1ty to pass the VOICC aud1t1on are the only necessary qLlIll1flCZ1UOl1S fO1 becomlng a membex of thls o1gan1Lat1on The Malne Radto Gtnld was orgarnzed 1n the fall semester of Septen1be1, 1939 Thele are HpP1OX1IT13.ICly sntty actlve members Although there are no oflicels elected, there IS an execu tue lJO2l1Cl of Hve members which IS appolnted to superylse and plan lOl b1oadcasts UIIIVSISIIY ol Malne on tl1c Alr 1S spon sored eve1y Sunday evemng The Home Eco nonncs PI'Og1al11 called "Foods and F21Sl1lOI1Su 15 broadcast every XfVednesday afternoon All programs ale under the superv1s1on of Delwm B Dusenbuly, Radlo P1Og1211T1 DIICCIOI, and the faculty 1'8.Cl1O CO1T11111ttCC, Charles E Closs land, chaxrman EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Quenton Clandall Carl Davxs YV1ll1an1 Dow Robert Elwell Ruth l'Vl11tC 252 Fourth Row-Fettinger, ljlltlllllll, Hale, Foster Third Row-Karczmarezyk, Gilley, Wheeler, Barrlo, Brown. Boclxvell. johns Second Row-Crosby, XVl1ite, Zink, Denesuk, Leavitt. lilIll1Cl'l21l'Cl, Sleeper, XYhitney First Row-Long, Evans, Hall, Riddle, Cowin, Blake M. NY students or faculty members who de- sire to go on hikes, ski trips, or hunting and fishing trips may make use of the Maine Outing Club, which organizes and promotes these and similar activities. Beginning skiers may attend the ski school that the club spon- sors. The group meets several times during the l. U discussed by speakers, or shown in movies. The most ambitious project is the annual three-day trip to Mount Katahdin in june fol- lowing Commencement. Interested, energetic members of the club make up its governing body, Pack and Pine. This group plans the schedule of activities and conducts the snow sculpturing contest at yeai At these meetings, outdoor subjects are Florence Atwood George Aubert ' Clinton Bardo Warren Bickford Donald Brown Ruth Bunker Everett Chandler joan Chapman Mildred Chapman Philip Chute Marguerite Collin Richard Colhn the annual winter carnival. MEMBERS Henry Condon Laura Craft Sara Culberson Iirna Davis jerry de Roth Warren Feelcy Theodore Fettinger Elizabeth Gammons Elizabeth Grant Richard Hale Frances Higgins Emily Hopkins Robert jenkins Mlill Johns Rita Johnston Robert Kaelin Fred Klein Stanley Meserve Leigh McCobb Roger Moulton Norman Mosher Frank M udgett PACK AND 1' l NE Mlilliam Riddle Bert Sanborn Barbara Savage john Steinnietz Charles Stocking Harry Thomas William Watters june Webster Donald Wheeler Florice XVhitney Raymond iVilson Robert Zink OFFICERS President John I1tfPat11cL Vice Pwsiflerzl Everett Chamberlain Scfrrctnry oanna Ex ans T1'cns11rer Chailes Hall 14' ,ww .X f - s :WL Rb - rar-ng, 'li' A-X' V. A M 5 W Xl J v rw V x N Q ,ia '-li M E! H21 ,U -gf-Q ww V, rm, 1 sf .QQ ME 't' "M" CLUB HE "M" Club is an organization made up of all those men who have earned their varsity "M" and, in addition, several hon- orary members chosen from the coaching stall and alumni. The Club was organized in 1932. Although as an undergraduate body the club is largely inactive, it serves to encourage athletics among undergraduates, and to serve as a bond be- At each Homecoming, a meeting is held to welcome former club members, and to award certificates. At this meeting, alumni addresses and motion pictures of athletic events for the past year are featured. Among the honorary members are Rudy Vallee, Frank Kanaly, Vlfilliam Kenyon, Fred Brice, and Stanley l'Vallace. All officers are graduate members. Theodore Curtis is fac- tween lettermen of various sports. Charles Adams Clarence Adams Edward Barrows Russell Belknap Kenneth Bell Kenneth Blaisdell Clifford Blake John Bower Horace Bracy Walter Brady Mfilliani Brawn Frederick Briggs Dale Butterworth Francis Burger Richard Chase Richard Cranch J. Burleigh Crane Nathaniel Crowley Robert Dalrymple Robert Davis Franklin Dexter Laurence Downes Paul Dumas Albert Edelstein Howard Ehrlenbach Leo Estabrook Arthur Farris Robert French Stanley Frost Charles Gardner lvilliam Garsoe lVillian1 Gilman George Grant David Greenwood Donald Griflec XVilliam Hadlock William Hamilton james Hartwell ulty adviser. MEMBERS james Harris Donald Holyoke Allan Holmes Eugene Hussey Mark Ingraham William Irvine Floyd Jackson Herbert johnson Stanley Johnson Robert Kinghorn Eugene Leger Radford Luther Alfred Mann Richard Martinez Richard McKeen Philmore Meserve Dwight Moody George Murray Clifton Nickerson George Nystrom Harry Peavey Stanley Phillips Richard Pierce Thomas Pollock Frank Potter Bertis Pratt Lloyd Quint John Radley john Reitz Harold Rheinlander Oscar Riddle William Riddle Kenneth Robertson James L. Russell Jacob Serota Parker Small Charles Smith George Smith GRADUATE OFFICERS President Joseph Hamlin Vice President Alfred Lingley Secretary-Ti'eas1m'e1' Theodore Curtis Third Row-Stahl, Griffee, Ward . I l Second Row-Meserve, Small, Ingraham, Johnson, Leger, Irvine, I?l'lllllIJS, Moody First Row-Blaisdell, Tracy, Whitten, Ehrlenbach, Grant, Bell, Briggs, Stearns james Smith Robert Smith Harlan Spear Jacob Stahl YValter Strang Roger Stearns Loren Stewart Raymond Thomas Samuel Tracy Lowell lNard Robert lveisman Forrest Whitman Harvard WVhitten Oscar Mfilbur Robert W'illets Roslyn Hfilley Ralph VVoodbury Richard Youlden Angelo Zieno l DUMB C' "M" CLUB HE "M" Club was recently organized to strengthen the bond between the gradu- ate and undergraduate "M" Club members and to foster a friendly relationship among all unclerclass members. This club represents the l'VO111C11,S Athletic Department in all the activi- ties in which it participates. As the "MH Club grows, it hopes to expand its scope and pro- vide a broader program of activities. Girls who have Won their letters automati- cally become members of the club. The execu- tive board is elected from the seal wearers. OFFICERS President Alma Hansen Vice President Barbara Savage Secretary Gloria Miniutti Treasurer' Frances Donovan MEMBERS Miriam Adasko Elizabeth Gammons Martha Hutchins Elinor Ward Shirley Ashman Isabelle Garvin Helen Mehann Arlene VVebster Mary Bates Beatrice Gleason Gloria Miniutti Dora West Corinne Comstock Alma Hansen Shirley Mitchell Virginia lveston Blanche Conlan lna Henry Constance Philbrook Lois Hlhite Lorraine Dimitre Marion Hines Agnes Xvalsh Helen Xvormwood Frances Donovan Mary Young Tliircl Row-Henry, Aclasko, Vllhite, Hines, Mitchell, Donovan, VVard, Garvin, Hutchins, Comstock, VVebster Second Row-VVest. Hansen, Gleason, WValsh. XVorn1wood, Gzinnnons First Row-Miniutti, Dixnitre, VVL-ston, Conlan, Aslnnan 257 PALE BLUE KEY Second Row-Colley, Small, Ingraham, Johnson, Leger, Kozicky. Griffee, Dimnter First Row-Blaisdell, NVhitten, Meserve, Ehrlenbach, Stearns, Tracy, Phillips I-IE Pale Blue Key Society was founded in 1932 to take the place of the Track Club. Its purpose is to welcome, aid and to entertain members of visiting athletic teams and, by doing this, perpetuate the good will of the University. The Society concentrates its efforts on high school and prep school teams. As teams ar- rive they are met by representatives of the soci- ety who orient them to their surroundings, aid in directing them to their lodgings, and, in general, assist them in every way possible during their visit. In addition to these duties, the Society annually sponsors the Pale Blue Cabaret, a dance styled to correspond to a night club. The proceeds from this dance are used to form at least one annual fifty-dollar scholarship for some needy and worthy fresh- man athlete. The Pale Blue Key Society derives its mem- bers from two sources: namely, two honorary members elected from each major sport, and one from each minor sport, and one member from each fraternity, appointed by the frater- nity president. The faculty advisers are Theodore Curtis and Chester Jenkins. OFFICERS President Roger Stearns Vice President Charles Arbor Secretary Howard Ehrlenbach Treasurev' Philmore Meserve Charles Arbor Edward Barrows Kenneth Blaisdell John Bower Dale Butterworth Nathaniel Crowley HONORARY MEMBERS McClure Day Howard Ehrlenbach Wvilliam Gilman Donald Griffee James Harris Mark lngraham Herbert Johnson Robert Kinghorn Eugenie Leger Philmore Meserve Stanley Phillips Richard Pierce 258 Jacob Serota Roger Stearns Samuel Tracy Forrest Whitman Harvard lvhitten ME E' RIFLE TEAM Second Row-Capt. Peavey, Plaisted, Cushman, Dodge, Sonics, Hale, Lieut. Lask First Row-Kerr, Lepoff, Bryan, Atkinson, Dow, Bagley HE Men's Rifle Team engages in postal matches with different colleges and uni- versities throughout the country. The Rille Team is recognized as a major sport and the UME V' HE Women's Rifle Team consists of all the girls who are interested in shooting and target practice. The purpose of the organ- ization is to furnish an opportunity for target practice and rifle matches. Postal matches are shot with about twenty colleges throughout Hve highest scorers receive letters. The purpose of the rifle team is to encourage better manksmanship among those who are interested. RIFLE TEAM the country. The Women's Athletic Department awards letters to the five highest scorers. The team is under the direction of the military depart- ment, and the faculty adviser is Lieut. Arthur Hodges. Second Row-Lieut. Hodges, VVilson, Banton, Hanson, McCarthy First Row -Cofiin, Adasko MAINE FLYI G CLUB Second Row-jBlanchard, Bartley, Gifford, Claverie, Gorman, Gallant First Row-Riddle, Phillips, Gilbert, Xlieymouth, Pierce HE Maine Flying Club was organized in the fall semester of 1940 under the lead- ership of Eugene Gilbert. Its purpose is to furnish instruction to those wishing to learn to fly, and to offer flying hours at a rate lower than is usually available. Membership is open to both faculty and students with or without flying experience. Meetings are held in the M.C.A. building every week. Plans have been made for the club to affiliate with the National Intercollegi- ate Flying Club through which it will be able to compete in air meets. Faculty advisers are Professors Harry D. Vfatson and Reginald Coggeshall. Stoughton Atwood Henry Bartley Charles Benjamin Edward Buckley Sumner Claverie Raymond Delano Dana Dingley OFFICERS President Eugene Gilbert Vice President Charles Benjamin Secretary Gwen VVeymouth Treasurei' Clifford W' est Francis Gallant YVilliam Gifford Eugene Gilbert John Gorman Peter Goutiere Robert Hubbard Duncan Jewell MEMBERS Albert Judkins Keith Kinney William Laliberte Donald MacKay Maria Phillips Richard Pierce Oscar Riddle 260 Robert Roy Vincent Smith Mitchell St. Lawrence Clifford Ivest Gwen Yveymouth Ralph VVoodbury Samuel Wright AN Third Row-Clapp, Ranks, Pierce, Hutchinson, Wheeler, Reid, Robbins, VVehber, Hodges, Cullinan, Reilly, Racklifle. McCobb, Bonney, Adams, Rollins, Bond Second Row-Innes, Butler, Jewett, Elashowich, Morong, Vilebster, Lougee, Holland, Chalmers, Butterfield, - Buchanan, Norton, Hainblett, Tillson, Hale, Holland, Ingalls, Fenderson, Inman, Collins First Row-Bodwell. Smiley, Clrecchi, Garvin, Colcord. Pendleton, Tainter, Lewis, Fvans, Devoe, Cook, Hardy, Kloss, Haines, Kay, Beverage, Cullen, Hutchinson, Graves, Thomas HE University of Maine Band, with a 1J2lSt record, including active service on the Mexican border and again in France during the first World XV ar, has admirably kept up its famed tradition. As a part of the R.O.T.C. the band plays at all the football and basektball games and at various military functions including Saturday morning drills and hnal inspection in the spring. Second Lieutenant Edward Brarmann, the instructor, was the first to devise the letter formations used at the football games. Arlene Wlebster, Violet Hamilton, and Walter Sulli- van are the Honorary Drum Majors and all three gave excellent performances at the foot- ball games this year. Donald Devoe was the Director of the band this year with M7 alter Sullivan as Drum Major. Under the direction of Professor Sprague the band prepares concert numbers for Founder's Day and Commencement Day programs. In- structor Brarmann has also added swing to the band's repetoire. MEMBERS Claude Adams joseph Adler Frank Bailey Bryant Bean Arthur Beverage Russell Bodwell Lyndon Bond Herman Bonney Robert Brundage Robert Buchanan VVendell Butler YVilfred Butterfield Milton Carter Linwood Chalmers Charles Chapman Arthur Checchi Elwood Clapp Josiah Colcord Richard Collins VVende1l Cook Yvilliam Cullen John Cullinan Donald Devoe Murray Elashowich Weston Evans Albion Fenderson Gerald Garvin Sidney Graves Edward' Hackett Fred Hale Malcolm Hardy Richard Higgins Benjamin Hodges Edward Holland Hugh Holland Ralph Hopkinson 26 1 Alfred Hutchinson Lewis Hutchinson Everett Ingalls Charles Inman Donald Innes Charles jewett John Johnstone Kenneth Kay Robert Keniston Charles Kloss George Lewis George Lougee John Mathews joseph McCobb Thomas Moore Yllilliam Morong George Norton Emerson Pendleton James Pierce Philip Plaisted Fred Rackliffe john Ranks james Reid James Reilly Stephen Robbins Norman Rollins Samuel Smiley Richard Tainter Harry Thomas Thomas Tillson Robert Mfebber John Webster Clarke Mfcrtheim Donald Hlheeler Hall Wight Fifth Row-Jensen, Hanson, Keylor, Lovely, Cofhn, Elasliowich, Mr. Cayting Fourth Rowe-Kierstead, Devoe, Chamberlain, GraHam, N. VVh'itney, Loring Third Row-Clapp. Noyes. F. Vlfhitney, Ashman Second Row-Myers, Ingalls, Reilly, Ehrenfried, Hulse, B. NVhituey, Small, Barker First Row-Wood, McKay, Oakes, Greeley, Jones, Chase, VVilliams UPICHE TB I HE orchestra is composed of University students who have shown an assurance of instrumental aptitude and a keen interest in music. Several of the members of the orchestra appear at many of the campus events as solo- ists and in other musical organizations. At the Weekly two-hour rehearsals, the students study standard orchestral repetoire. This en- ables students to continue their Work in music, and to study under competent direction. The orchestra has developed from a student activity to become an ensemble course with academic credit. The number of members in- creases each year. Since last year the enroll- ment of members has increased from twenty- two to forty-three students. This year Mr. A. Stanley Cayting, director of the Northern Conservatory of Music, was made the faculty conductor and instructor. Under his leadership the orchestra performs at the Music Night Concert and at many cam- pus activities, assemblies, vesper services, con- certs, and other events. Amy Wood fconcert mistressj Frances Andrews Rena Ashman Shirley Ashman jane Barker Mary Bickford Harold Blood Sumner Chalmers Everett Chamberlain Margaret Chase MEMBERS Elwood Clapp Alicia Coffin Carlton Crossland Donald Devoe Ruth Duran Albert Ehrenfried Murray Elashowich Donald Graffam Mary Greeley Albert Hall Frank Hanson Silas Hulse III Katherine Ingalls Helena Jensen Edward Kirstead Fred Keylor Elinor Langdon Ruth Loring Mary Lovely Ruth McKay Clyde Myers Virginia Noyes 262 Emily Oakes James Reilly Harlan Small Cecilia Sullivan Gwendolyn Weymouth Byron Whitney june IVhitney Nellie WVhitney Kent Wight Margaret Williams CHUHLL 4 it sz. l, . l- K K- Third Row-Kent, Higgins, Closson, Kerr, Allen, Stanley, Grotefend, Cutliffe Second Row-Selwood, Colley, P. Cheney, W. Cheney, Burgess, Randall, Allen, Spector, Manwell, Cooper First Row-Davis, Curtis, Cousins, Clark, Goodrich, Perry, Clrurch, James, Brown HE University of Maine chorus is a credit course, meeting bi-weekly. In the Hrst semester the chorus was under the direction of Miss Anna Strickland, of the Northern Con- servatory of Music and applied music faculty of the University. She directed the chorus in a program at the Bangor city hall, Wednesday evening, December 1 1, which celebrated the centennial of the birth of Tschaikowsky. In order to devote her time exclusively to vocal instruction, Miss Strickland was replaced at the opening of the spring semester by James Selwood. For two years he was conductor of the Manhattan Chorus and is now a member of the Northern Conservatory of Music. For the past eight years he has been affiliated with choral and church groups. He has been associ- ated with Xvinthrop Ames in his Gilbert and Sullivan revivals, with Shubert productions, and the St. Louis Opera Company. On Friday evening, March 14, in the Me- morial Gymnasium Mr. Selwood directed the chorus' part in the Defense Program. Martha Allen Miriam Brown Sumner Burgess Philip Cheney Mlilliam Cheney Margaret Church Gladys Clark Kenneth Closson Chester Colley Patricia Cooper Arlene Cousins MEMBERS Natalie Curtis Ray Cutliffe Hazel Davis Virginia Goodrich Edward Kent 263 Theodore Kerr joan Manwell Barbara Perry Esther Randall Bernice Small Shirley Spector Second Row-Thomas, Gilley, Stevens, Goldsmith, Elrtshowich First Row-Doore, Bean, Booth, Haffner, Day HE Maine Christian Association is the religious organization at the University, and is made possible by contributions and support ol the students, faculty, administra- tion, alu1nni, and cooperating church boards. It is part of a nation-wide and world-wide effort to bring students to a better understand- MR. ALBION BEVERAGE ing of themselves and each other through the application of Christian living. The religious activities are centered around Vesper services held every Sunday afternoon. The association sponsors the Men's Embassy, a group of fifteen men from New England who come to the University and talk with the men at the fraternity houses and dormitories. Dcputation teams under the direction of Mr. Beverage, general secretary for the associ- ation, are sent to all parts of the state. The teams conduct services in churches in the towns that they visit. The association also sponsors the Men's and X'VO1l1C11,S Glee Clubs, the Freshman Cabinet, the visit of the Harvard Glee Club, and the Panel Discussion. This is done in cooperation with various other campus groups. OFFICERS Presiclevzt Robert Goodwin Vice President Bryant Bean Secretary john Yllebster Treasuret' Francis Andrews 264 xii J. W. ll. Qt. Second Row-Stone. Rowell, Ingalls, Perkins, NVhite, Lo'i'1q, T-Ie-'-psteud First Row-Blake, Scammon, Farnham, Boone, Peaslee. Cole, Look HE VVomen's Division of the Maine Chris- tian Association is afliliated with the Na- tional Student Council of the Y.W.C.A. Mem- bership in this organization is open to all women students. The club program is carried out by fourteen committees, all of which are open to interested members. The committee chairmen and or- ganization olficers constitute the NVOIHCIFS Cab- inet. This group, in cooperation with the Men's Cabinet, plans the major activities of the Christian Association. This year the Y.VV.C.A. sponsored the first XfVomen's Embassy. For this embassy six women leaders from New England visited the campus and consulted with interested students. The other activities of the association in- clude children's play groups in Orono, knit- ting for child refugees, dormitory Hreside meet- OFFICERS Presidcmt Mary Boone Vice Presiclenl Barbara Farnham Secretary Florence Cousins T1'efrsurer Elizabeth Peaslee 265 ings, and membership teas. The cabinet meets twice a month, and joint monthly suppers are held with the Men's Cab- inet. Miss Wfhittet is the Y.VV.C.A. Secretary. i MISS JEAN XVI-l'IT'1'E'l' Third Row-Findlen, Witham, Freedman, Marston, Feeley, Stickney, Luther, Keniston Second Row-Hanson, Haffner, Townsend, Darling, Cabot, Kimball, Francis, VVcllcome, Iacobs First Row-Mr. Beverage, Haskell, Bean, Johnson, Rankin, Hardie, Booth, Freeman, Goldsmith, Butler ME. GLEE CLUB HE Men's Glee Club was organized in the fall of 1938 by Al Beverage, the secre- tary of the M.C.A., to provide an opportunity for students to get together and sing the world's finest music. The only qualification was then, as it is now, merely the love of sing- ing and the ability to carry a part against another. The hrst season, with eighteen members, saw us participate in the glee club festival held at Waterville with the Glee Clubs of Colby and Bates, the Bangor Male Chorus, and the Portland Men's Singing Club. Last year, with increased membership, we gave a total of twenty-four concerts which in- cluded a three-day trip to Calais, Eastport, and Machias. This year, with a membership of forty, we have about thirty-live concerts scheduled, in- cluding a three-day trip to Portland in addi- tion to our swing downeast. VV e are very grateful to Mr. Reginald Cogge- shall who, as our faculty adviser, has assisted us in many ways since our organization. OFFICERS President Frank L. Wellcome, Jr. Secretary Carl Davis Business Manager Stanley Freedman Librarimi. Charles Keniston Francis Andrews Bryant Bean Alton Bonney, jr. Herman Bonney Mfilliam Booth Philip Cabot Gilbert Carlson john Cullinan Chester Darling MEMBERS Carl Davis J. lVarren Feeley Herbert Findlen XVallace Francis Stanley Freedman Miles Freeman Lawrence Graham Rudolph Haffner Elden Hall Accompanist Conductor Accordions Alexander Hardie, jr. james Haskell Albert Hill Stephen Jacobs Robert jenkins Donald johnson Charles Keniston Arnold Kimball lVilliam Lindsay Alvin Goldsmith Albion Beverage lvaldo Burnham Hlendell Stickney Eldon Luther George Obear Richard Palmer, jr Austin Rankin Wendell Stickney Donald Taverner Paul Townsend George NVatson Frank lVellcome, jr B UME GLEF, CLUB Th-ird Row-Mehann, I. Chapinan, M. Chapman, Coffin Second Row-Rowell, Cilley, Cassidy, Lundgrcn, Pillsbury, Hathaway, Farnham, Tarr, Thorndike, Grindle First Row-Johnson, Belknap, Leadbeater, Cole, Phillips, Drew, Catir, Moore, Webster HE Women's Glee Club is sponsored by the Maine Christian Association for the purpose of providing an opportunity for ser- vice in the field of music to all of the women students who are interested in participating in actual choral and concert work. The thirty-Eve members now participating is ample proof of the interest which the Glee Club has aroused, and the future appears to be very promising. Any one of the women students who have the interest and an average ability in this Held are welcomed into the mem- bership of the organization. This year the schedule has included Glee Club concerts in Bangor, Brownville, Brown- ville Junction, Houlton, Caribou, and Presque Isle, and joint concerts with the men in Brew- er, Southwest Harbor, Bangor, Christmas Ves- pers, Easter Vespers, Music Night, and a half hour radio broadcast over station WLBZ. Albion Beverage is conductor. Barbara Bean Martha Belknap June Bridges Miriam Brown Phyllis Bryant Barbara Came MEMBERS Rita Cassidy Mary Catir Martha Cilley Joan Chapman Mildred Chapman Marguerite Coffin 267 Barbara Cole Hazel Davis Frances Drew Barbara Farnham Louise Grindle Florence Hathaway Margaret Heaton Dorothy Hodgkins Barbara Johnson Asenith Kelley Marion Kilgore Barbara Leadbeater Maria Phillips UEBATING t'UClETY :.-,,M: " rf ers. '-fa.. N Second Row-Ilearce, Oppenheim, Bean, WVing, Spencer First Row-Dr. Runion, Day, Runion. Brown, Filield, Brawn, Ellis NDER the supervision of Dr. Howard L. Runion debating has had an important part in campus activities. The society started the fall season by sponsoring the Intramural Debate Tournament. University debate keys were awarded to the winning team. Two 1l1Cl1,S teams made an extensive trip through Rhode Island, New York, Pennsyl- vania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Canada. The women's trip to New York City in- cluded debates with Rhode Island College of Education, College of the City of New York, University of Newark, and Boston University. Debates on the campus were held with YV es- leyan University, University of New Hamp- shire, Rhode Island College of Education, Bowdoin, Boston University, American Inter- national College, Dartmouth, Middlebury, and Providence College. OFFICERS President Brooks Brown, Jr. Secretary Leona Runion lwH7l.Hg67'S Alma Fifield Miles Mank MEMBERS Francis Andrews Robert Atkinson Bryant Bean George Bearce William Brawn Brooks Brown, Jr. Fred Burden Howard Cousins john Cullinan George Darveau Elbridge Davis Philip Day George Ellis Alma Filield George Fuller Joseph Goldberg David Hempstead Martha Hutchins George Limberis Kenneth MacLeod Miles Mank Edward Oppenheim 268 Albert Reynolds Elton Rich Stanley Rudman Leona Runion Beverly Spencer Neal Walker John Mlebster Herbert Hling CU CTBIBLITUB " CLUB Second Row-J. Boyle, Hanson, Smith, S. Linnell, Girdwood. K. Boyle - First Row-R. Linnell, Loring, Dr. Ellis, Buzzell, Godwin, XYhite, Smart HE Contributors' Club was organized to encourage creative writing among the University students. Membership in the club is based on ability in any Held of creative writ- ing. The club holds bi-monthly meetings at which the members read their own works in- cluding short stories, plays, essays and poems. After these readings the association holds a period of constructive criticism by the mem- bers. Formerly the club has invited nationally known literary figures to the campus as guest speakers. This year the organization has fea- tured several lesser known literary personages from this section of the state to speak at the club meetings and conduct discussions with the club members. Ruth l'Vhite, a member of the organization, edited this year's literary supplement of the Campus. Some of the material in this publi- cation was written by club members. Dr. Milton Ellis is the faculty adviser for the Contributors' Club. Dr. Stanley Ashby Miss Marion Buzzell Barbara Ashworth Beatrice Besse Kathleen Boyle . jean Boyle Calista Buzzell Robert Davis OFFICERS President Calista Buzzell Vice President Ruth Linnell Secretary Kathleen Boyle T1'ens'm'er Owenita Sanderlin FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs. Mary Crandon Dr. Cecil Reynolds Dr. Milton Ellis John Dillon james Girdwood Buel Godwin Alma Hansen Frank Hanson Natalie Hood MEMBERS Ruth Linnell Sally Linnell Priscilla Loring Claralyn Preble Owenita Sanderlin 269 Dr. Lloyd Flewelling Dr. Albert WVhitney Eluora Savage Raymond Valliere Ruth lVhite Phyllis Smart Paul Smith Rita Xvilcox UMEB ' FUHLIM Third Row-Briggs. Reid, Dudley Holden Second Row-Drummond, McAlary, Rowe, Gleason, Kreh, MacNeil, Hopkins, Vtleymouth First Row-Ryan, Sawyer, VVormwood, Doak, Adasko, Ouellette HE Wo1nen's Forum is sponsored by the speech department to stimulate discus- sion on timely topics among women students and to encourage liberal thought. Any woman student of the University is eligible for mem- teas at which speakers are present. Following a short talk the speaker conducts a discussion and answers questions over the subject. Mr. Dusenbury is the Forum's faculty adviser. The organization is characterized by its in- formality which is conducive to the expres- sion of unprejudiced views. OFFICERS bership. The Forum holds a series of semi-monthly President Vice President Secretary Social Clmirmnn Erna Davis Jeanne Patten Mary Hempstead Frances Sawyer Program. C 11 airmcm Doro thy Ouelette MEMBERS Miriam Adasko Mary Bates Elizabeth Bearce Eugenia Berry Mary Billings Ruth Blaisdell Mary Boone Elizabeth Brackett Dorothy Brewer Beverly Brawn Lucy Burleigh Barbara Came Mary Carlisle Ernestine Carver Natalie Curtis Norma Daniels Erna Davis Camilla Doak Barbara Dorr Frances Dorr Esther Drummond Elizabeth Emery Doris Gooch Virginia Goodrich jean Goodwin Virginia Greeley lylary Hempstead Rebecca Hill Hattie Ingraliam Virginia 'Iewett Miriam Kilgore 'lane King Barbara Kreh Dolly Lamoreau Priscilla Leonard Elinor Look Phyllis MacNeil Betty Mack Marguerite Messer Shirley Mitchell Virginia Moulton Mary Moynihan Helen Mullin Evelyn Nicholson Emily Oakes Dorothy Ouellette lane Page Jeanne Patten Margaret Philbrook Margaret Phillips Betty Reid 270 Pauline Riley Hilda Rowe Sally Ryan Frances Sawyer Frances Sheehy Madeline Smart Joanne Solie Ruth Troland Anna Verrill Betty 'Walker Eleanor XVard Dora Xllest Helen YN-'eymouth Nellie YVhitney Helen XVormwood Nancy Mlright OFF C lVll'll COME C Third Row-Grindlc. Melxann, Libby, Theriault, Lovely. Manwell, Bell, Etter, Cousins Second Row-Coffin. lllebster. Fielder. Ryan, VVood, Nichols, Heald, Bruce First Row-Perrow, Nllillett, Burrill, Koehler, Runion, Gleason, Fifield, Mrs. Jackman, Rand I-IE Oil-Campus VVomen's Organization was organized in 1939 to provide for so- cial functions lor the girls not living in dormi- tories, to broaden the opportunities of social contact, and to widen the circle ol friendship of these girls. Every Woman student living off- campus automatically becomes a member of this organization. The club holds monthly meetings and in addition sponsors an etiquette course for all University women in cooperation witl1 the faculty wives. The activities of the organiza- tion also include parties, dances, musical pro- grams and speakers. Mrs. Ernest Jackman is the faculty adviser. The organization is conducted by the offi- cers and the executive council on which pro- portional representation is granted by the division into districts in which the off-campus women live. Alma Fiheld, president of the club, represents the off-campus women on the W'omen's Student Government Council and on the Student Senate. OFFICERS President Alma Filield Vice Preszfdent Elene Gleason T'rens1m'er Leona Runion Secretary Emily Rand Social Clvairnznrz Audrey Koehler Representatives Bangor-Brewer Orono Old Town 271 Helen Mehann Maida Cosseboom Catherine Etter Pauline Cowin Mildred lflfooster Jane Nichols E 1 1 M Q was 3' E... Fourth Row-Chase, Siisulis, Libby, lngrahain, Burnett, Carter, Hodgkins, Nliinslow, Shiite, Hoyt Third Row-Rykman, Hagenson. Hartwell, Trowbridge, Howe, Hook, Alford, Candage, Perkins Qeconcl Row-Prof. livans, Gilbert, Smith, Ross, Robinson, Blanchard, Martin. Hall. Henderson lfirst Row-llendrieksou. Prof. Leavitt. Staples, Newhall, Prof. Lyon, Taylor, Grady lil. ll. il. 'I-IE Civil Club, oldest departmental or- ganization on campus, was founded in 1905 and limited to juniors in civil engineer- ing. In 1912, the club becaine aihliated with the American Society of Civil Engineers as a student chapter, and its membership extended to students in the three upper classes. At the present time, the Maine chapter is one of the lnindred-twenty such organizations in the country. The club's objective is lur- thering ol interest in the study and application of practical engineering principles and prac- tices. L4 Meetings are held monthly and are informal in nature, centering about a talk by some pro- fessional engineer or by one of the professors. The lectures are followed by discussion periods. Among the several visiting speakers heard this year were: A. H. lVl1ite who gave a talk on "Hints from 4,0 Years of Engineering" and F. J. Farnsworth who gave an illustrated talk on "City Management." An illustrated talk on "Cross Connections" was delivered by James E. Hale. OFFICERS Pl'If.S'I.C1CIlt Vice Pl'f?SfflC"l1t SCC'l'!flltT37 Treasurer Carl Newhall Stanley Phillips Preston Robinson Grant Staples lllilson Alford Henry Bacon Kenneth Blanchard Xlfalter Brown john Burnett Byron Candage Franklin Carter Richard Chase john Dimmer Eugene Gilbert MEMBERS Philip I-Iagenson Elden Hall john Harris james Hartwell Edward Henderson Earl Hodgkins XValter Hook John Hoyt Allen Howe Mark lngrahani Philip Libby Lyle Martin Carl Newhall Clarence Nichols james Paul Howard Perkins Stanley 'Phillips John Reitz Edward Robertson Preston Robinson Donald Ross Harry Shute James Smith XValter Stisulis Grant Staples ,Ioh n 'Trowbridge Paul lVinslow Gordon XVinters Thirtl Row-Gallant, Vlfiednier, Koiztlovitch, Waterman Second Row-Adams, Wfheelcr, Goodrich, Dyer, Chute. Robertson. Oakes First Row-lvebster, Bell, Prof. Watson. Prof. Prageman, Banton. Armitage ..Nl.E. HE student branch of the American Soci- ety of Mechanical Engineers was organ- ized to establish a closer relationship between the student and his chosen profession. Any junior or senior in the department of Mechan- ical Engineering is eligible for membership, and all members are permitted to attend any of the national meetings. The club holds about eight meetings a year at which they show technical motion pictures pertaining to the profession and that are ol interest to the members. The organization also sponsors speakers who are technical men and sends some of its members on trips to factories and mills. Professor Irving H. Prageman is the faculty adviser for the club. OFFICERS Clmirman Hartley L. Banton Trenstlret' Oscar YV. Riddle Secretary Shirley G. l'Vebster MEMBERS Charles Adams Walter Armitage Charles Baker Hartley Banton Kenneth Bell Ray Beverage Avery Bond Richard Bramhall Sidney Brody john Byrne lVilliam Christensen. Robert Chute James Condon AI. Burleigh Crane Stewart Dalrymple john Dearborn Russ Dearborn john Dyer Samuel Dyer, George Fisher Henry Gabe Francis Gallant Raymond Gay Sidney Goodrich r. james Hamilton ll Fred Hanson VVillia1n Hepburn, Richard Hopkins David Hopkinson Harold Kaplan Frederick Koialovitch Otis Lawry Waldemar Littleheld John Medina Howard Merrill Stewart Oakes john O'Donoghue Clillord Perry Oscar Riddle Kenneth Robertson LeRoy Shepard C. Virgil Starbird Charlton Stubbs Mark Taylor Frederick Tracy G. lllalter Waterm George l'Vebber Shirley lVebster Charles lVelch Donald Hfeston Francis Hfheeler Nathaniel Xlfheeler Jack YViedman Gorham lVilbnr El Third Row-Mitchell, Crossland. Kelley fa-., , .. 'Fm Second Row-Ginsburg, Millzty, Marshall, Preble, Small, Edmunds, DeShon, Clark First Row-Hill, Barrows, Brown. Davis, Murphy, Wlilson, Bliss A. I. HE Electrical Club at the University of Maine is a student branch of the Ameri- can Institute of Electrical Engineers, the na- tional organization representing the Electrical Engineering profession. Membership as a student member is open to any person registered as a student, graduate, or undergraduate in Electrical Engineeringg but any student interested in Electrical Engi- neering, although not registered in that course, may become a member of the Electrical Club. The principal purpose of the Student Branch is to function as an organization for aiding in the development of the latent abili- ties of students, primarily by holding monthly meetings at which they can present papers, listening to prominent Electrical Engineers, and engaging in discussion on any new re- search work in various fields. This is an aid E .E to enable young engineers to adjust themselves more promptly to the circumstances which follow their graduation. Moving pictures deal- ing with new methods of production of elec- trical equipment are frequently obtained from various electrical companies and shown at the meetings. Among the several visiting speakers heard this year were: Lloyd Burr, Assistant Electrical Superintendent at the Maine Seaboard Paper Company of Bucksportg Harold VV. Coffin, Electrical Engineer at the Bangor Hydro Elec- tric Company in Bangorg and Clarence Han- sell, Research Engineer in Charge of Trans- mitter Development for RCA Communications Inc., at Rocky Point, Long Island. The general objective of the organization is to promote the interests of the students in Electrical Engineering. OFFICERS Chairman Carl R. Brown T1'easurc1' George V. Murphy Secretary Carrol D. Davis Bwmclz Counsellor Prof. Arthur Hill MEMBERS Arthur Bigelson Donald Blaisdell Hurry Boyle Carl Brown David Byer XVilliz1m Clark Lloyd Crossland Carrol Davis Howard DeShon john Edmunds Saul Ginsburg Ralph Haney Donald Hntchard Robert Holmes Robert Kelley Harold Millay Frederick Mitchell Henry Murdock George Murphy -I. Robert Marshall Clayton Preble Robert Small 274 P1 UIU CLUB ss swan as sms ,..wnN.K.. -QZKHADI are-W s snags Second Row--Titcomb, Hamblett, Brink, Ranks, Thomas First Row-Jones, Bliss, Kelley, Alexander HE aim of the University of Maine Radio OFFICERS Society is to foster and promote the art of Pljesidem - Robert E- Kelley radio operating and experimentation. VICE Pliesldmlt Pmf' VV' -l' Creamer Secretary John WV. Glover, Jr. T7'6ll.Y1I1'67' Prof. YV. H. Bliss 'IUMA DELTA ZET IGMA DELTA ZETA, the Mathematics OFFICERS Club, includes lVIathematics majors and Pr-fsidcwt R0lJC1'f D- LHTSSOH the members of that department. The aim of Vice Pmsidem Edgar T' Pitts this organization is to increase student apti- Semletmiy-Treasurer Blanche M'COn1an Faculty Advisers Dr. Noah Bryan tude in the fields of theoretical and applied mathematics. M E Robert Cummings joseph Dinsmore Murray Elasowich Gerard Goulette Donald Bryan George Carr Robert Case Margaret Chase Alfred Clark MBERS Donald Phyllis Lillian Robert Mrs. Jeanette Ela Virginia Tuttle Grcenlaw Marion Lundgren King Edgar Pitts Kopelow Emily Rand Larsson Eloise Simpson Second Row-Simpson, Bryan.. Goulette, King First Row-Rand, Larsson, Pitts, Prof. Bryan, Conlan nissan :fans WEEE sms AGRICULTURAL CLUB Fourth Row-McLaughlin, Elwell, Eastman, Thomas, Buzzell, Thompson Third Row-Mitchell, Ebbett, Gay, Ireland, Bubar, Forrester, Higgins, Philbrick, Pratt Second Row-Gallagher, Day, Reid, Stevens, Cook, Levene, Dewitt, Emery First Row-Mr. Elliott, London, Potter, I. Smith, Booth, O. Smith, Kilpatrick, NVhitten, Mr. Hill HE purpose of the Agricultural Club is to promote good will and cooperation among the students of the College of Agricul- ture, and to stimulate interest in agriculture as a vocation. Various activities are sponsored by the club which provide opportunities to develop lead- ership. A stock-judging team is sent yearly to the Eastern States Exposition at Springfield, Massachusetts, and each year a fruit-judging team competes with other New England col- leges. A scholarship is given annually to an outstanding Senior who has been prominent in club work. The club also sponsors a Har- vest Hop each year. Meetings are held monthly, at which promi- nent speakers and appropriate movies are fea- tured. Membership is open to agricultural students and to members of the Agricultural Experiment Station staff. Professor R. Smyth is faculty adviser of the organization. OFFICERS President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Rockwood Berry Herbert Findlen Frank Potter Neal Walker 276 Susan Abbott HU E ECUCCCUMICS CLUB Third Row-Boone, Pike, Anderson, Manwell, Knight, Allen, Ingraham, Kimball Second Row-lNing, VVeymouth, Orff, Long, Thompson, Brown, Bradbury, Cooper, NVebster First Row-lveney, VVhite, Deering, Goodwin, Miss Bergman, Thorne, Thurlow, Banton HE objectives of the Home Economics club are to increase interest in the field of home economics, to undertake helpful and interesting projects, to instill qualities of lead- ership in the girls, and to provide sound, use- ful experience. Membership in this organiza- tion is open to all women students registered in the home economics department. The club usually sponsors a scholarship for a student in the department, but this year they decided to use their funds for other purposes. Other activities of the club include participa- tion in Open House activities during the spring, and publishing a bi-monthly news- letter and a department news bulletin for the alumnae of the department. At its meetings the organization features guest speakers and social programs. Miss Bernice Borgman is the faculty adviser. OFFICERS President Jean Goodwin Vice P-resident Helen Deering Secretary-Treasurer Lois XfVhite Social Clmirmrm Florence Farnham Adviser Miss Bernice Borgman MEMBERS Carolinn Adams Martha Allen Avis Anderson Florence Atwood Pauline Berce Mary Bickford Josephine Blake Mary Boone Olive Bradbury Miriam Brown Muriel Butters Genevieve Carter Ernestine Carver Joan Chapman Mildred Chapman Elsie Clark Helen Clifford Patricia Cooper Laura Craft Sally Culbertson Erna Davis Helen Deering Mildred Desmond Florence Farnham Mary Fielder lsabelle Garvin Dorothy Gilman Jane Given Virginia Goodrich Jean Goodwin M. Elizabeth Grady Betty Grant Virginia Hastings Virginia Hayes Frances Houghton Louise I-Ioyt Hattie Ingraham Joyce Iveney Helena Jensen Glenna Johnson Barbara Jones Thelma King 277 Jacqueline Kimball Marie Knight Audrey Koehler Marion Libby Ruth Loring Joan Manwell Mary Miller Hope Moody Margaret Moscone Elizabeth Peaslee Esther Pike Frances Pressey Esther Randall Julia Robbins Elizabeth Rowe Mary Sargent Lee Scammon Ruth Shapero Phyllis Soule Miriam Sweet Florence Treworgy Bernice Thompson Cherrie Thorne Bette YValker Arlene WVebster Lois White Charlotte Willett Dorothy Wing Janice Woodward Mildred Xvooster F. F. A. Second Row-Elwell, Smith. London, Dewitt First Row-Mr. Hill, Reed, Ireland, Ebhett. Mr. Elliott T isn't necessary to have been an F.F.A. member before coming to college to be eligible to join the campus or Collegiate'F.F.A. Chapter as all students in the College of Agri- culture who intend to qualify for a certificate to teach vocational agriculture in the secon- dary schools may be elected to membership. Previous F.F.A. membership entitles one to all privileges of the campus organization simp- ly by payment of dues. Chief aims of the chapter are to assist future agricultural teachers in becoming efficient leaders and advisers of local F.F.A. groups. Members are encouraged with agricultural in- terests and promotion of college activities is included in its annual program. The Maine Chapter assists with the State Vocational Agricultural Contests held on cam- pus every June and cooperates with the State F.F.A. Association through representation at its Annual Convention, participation in radio programs, sending speakers to chapter ban- quets, and visiting chapters in all parts of the state. OFFICERS President Dean Ebbett Vice President Wfinston Ireland Secretary john Reed Trefzsurer Herbert Findlen 278 4 - H CLUB Third Row-Kinney, Sawin, Iurlkins .,. ,W 1- Wetwfatsszs -,wrt ,wi -X L-fvfism . . . , -xii Second Row-Ramsdell. McConnell, Manwell, Carter, Pillsbury, Pike, Johnson, Elwell First Row-Lovejoy, Smith, Young, Potter, Gilman, Conant, Beverage I-IE University 4-I-I Club was founded in 1924 by Lester H. Shibles and a group of University students. The club was formed to bring together those students who have at some time been members of a 4-I-I Club and who are interested in the work done by these organizations. The only requirement for join- ing the club is previous membership in a 4-H Club. Meetings are held on the average of once a month. Occasionally there are guest speakers, usually from the faculty. The other meetings are business and social affairs. The faculty advisers for the club are Mr. Kenneth Lovejoy and Miss Pauline Budge. The 4-H Club has become increasingly ac- tive in the past four or hve years. OFFICERS President Frank Potter Vice President Kenneth Jordan Secretary Dorothy Gilman Treaszmvfv' Basil Clements 'Adviser Kenneth Lovejoy 27 PURE TRY CLUB K ,fa 1 Sa-1 3 . l l i. l l I I s f z Fourth Row-Marston, Hale, Stearns Third Row-Tew, Winchester, Sutton, Grotefend, VVaters. Jacobs Second Row-Smith, Mulroy, Buck, Bond, Etzcl, Hardy, Young First Row-Abbott, Carlson, Bardo, Pierce, Prof. Demcritt, Lougee HF. Forestry Club is open to those who differ from, their counterparts in the class- are taking forestry and wildlife conserva- room. tion. Professor Ashman is the faculty adviser. Members of the club have also published At its monthly meetings, lecturers, motion pic- the "Maine Forester" each spring since 1925. tures, or both, show the members different as- This magazine contains articles written by stu- -..H -r. pects of the work that they are preparing for. In this way, students can get clearer ideas of how actual forestry practices depend on, or dents, and by professional foresters, as well as information concerning activities in the win- ter and summer camps. OFFICERS President Vice President Clinton Bardo Gilbert Carlson Secretary-TreasuTer Richard M. Pierce MEMBERS Herschel Abbott Frederick Baird Clinton Bardo Linden Bond R. jacques Buck Gilbert Carlson Al Clements Arthur Davis Nick Denesuk Edward Etzel Ted Fettinger Robert Foye Stanley Frost George Gilman Victor Glidden Robert Grotefend Keith Grover R. A. Hale Malcolm Hardy Donald Harper James Haskell Stephen jackson Stephen Jacobs Arthur jeffrey Will Johns Herbert johnson Henry Leonard Horace Lewis Tom Leydon Richard Lidstone George Lougee lrwin Maker lvendy Marston Filmore Meserve Vincent Mnlroy Linwood Peterson Richard Pierce jamse Russell Robert Smith john Stearns 280 Charles Stocking Thomas Stotler Victor Suneson joe Sutton jack Tew Ben Troop Xvilliam Waters Walter Welch David YVinchester Robert VVorrick Keith Young joseph Young Robert Zink EDUC TIU CLUB 4' Third Row-Lewis, Anderson, Allan, Brawn 2 , l .zum Second Row-Hanson, Briggs, Yorke, L:iFlannne, Keene, Sprague First Row-Haskell, Catir, Phillips, Savage, Dean Lutes. Goodwin, Hillson, Meader HE Education Club was organized in 1937 to give enlightenment concerning prin- ciples and practices in education and to de- velop friendship among those who intend to make teaching their profession. Membership is restricted to education majors with at least three semester hours in education and junior or senior standing. The club holds monthly meetings at which speakers present problems directly connected with the Held of education, or of dehnite importance to future educators. The last meeting of the year is a banquet for the mem- bers. Dean Olin Lutes of the School of Education is the faculty adviser. Elwood Allen Henrietta Austin Dorothy Bradbury Mlilliain Brawn Frederick Briggs Mary Catir Howard Cousins, Jr. OFFICERS President Phyllis Smart Vice President Norris Savage Secretzzry Joyce Ramsay Trensurei' Albert Hill MEMBERS Ernest Delano Stuart Haskell james Haley Richard Healy Thelma Hillson Doris Karsl F AC ULTY Dean Lu tes Professor Crawford 281 VV. Stanley Keene Elsie Kierslead Vincent L1lFlIlll1ll1E Lilia Libby Everett Meacler Marguerite Messer MEMBERS Professor Chad bon rne Professor Jackman Zoe Pettengill Maria Phillips Donald Sprague Clayton Storer Ada Towle Richard Yorke Edwin Young t TUUE iT'S ABT CLUB Fourth Row-Ryan, Hopkins, Grilrin, Sanford, Godwin, Holland. Avery, Vl'ing, McNeil Third Row-Stillings, VVard. Gleason. Kreh, Briggs, Holden, VVorn1wuod, Rlaisdell, Henry, Furbish Second Row-Rodman. Adaslm, Young. Leh, Kingsley, limnmns, Drawn, Tarr, l'ooler, Greely, Boyle First Row-Schneider, Martinez. Hamilton, Reid, Ellis, Rowe, Drummond, Perry, Goulette HE Students' Arts Club was reorganized this year. Its new purposes are: to provide better student-faculty relations, to bring to- gether and entertain Arts students, to provide and maintain a student emergency loan fund, and to establish a Students' Arts Scholarship fund. The only qualihcation for membership is registration in the College of Arts and Sci- ences. The club holds monthly meetings and enter- tainments at which there are faculty guests. Entertainment is in the form of humorous speeches, magicians, quiz programs, or music, and is provided by the students or faculty members. Professor Reginald Hobbah is the faculty adviser. This year the Arts Club again produced a Varsity Show, S. Rarebit, a musical written by Buel Godwin. The club also sponsors a stag dance each fall, and holds a combined meeting with the Faculty Arts Club. The organization was Hrst formed in 1937 under the guiding hand of Bill Clifford. After a strong beginning it declined suddenly, but with reorganization and a new purpose has become again successful this year. OFFICERS President V ice President T1'ens'z1rer Scc1'etary George Ellis Richard Martinez Hyman Schneider Hilda Rowe 282 I TEIINATIUC AL REL. Till I CLUB Second Row-Palmer, Stillings, NVard, Cleverly. Dennis. Xvileox, Russ, Ouellette, Mrs. Smitlr, Adasko First Row-Onnenlreini, l'erry. Skuuiis, Trott, Ellis, Mr. Morrow, Vlfing I-IE International Relations Club was founded seven years ago when Dr. Rising L. Morrow, the club's faculty adviser, first came to the University. It is connected with the national organization on International Re- lations Clubs to the extent that it receives books in the held from the Carnegie endow- ment for the purpose. The aim of the club is to provide an organ- ization for those who wish to meet and discuss international relations problems and to bring to the campus authoritative speakers in this field. The club also provides a library on for- eign affairs for students who are interested in the subject. The only qualification for joining the organization is an intelligent interest in the field. The International Relations Club Hlls the need on campus for intelligent study of foreign affairs. It has, in Dr. Morrow's oiice, a library of books on the subject of international rela- tions that are available to students. These books are a gift of the Central Organization of International Relations Clubs. Miriam Adasko Donald Beaton Donald Blake Muriel Cleverly Pauline Cushing Philip Day Eleanor Dennis George Duplissc George Ellis OFFICERS President George Ellis Vice President Beth Trott S'ecreZa1'y Margaret Philbrook T1'ert.mrer Peter Skoulis MEMBERS Edward Goldberg lvlllilllil Perry Roy Hatt Rita Ross Victor Levene Betty Mack Edward Oppenheiin Dorothy Ouellette Edythe Palmer Laurence Parkin FACULTY Dr. Rising L. Morrow Mr. Everett Bnrtt Sylvia Rubins Edward Schertzer Peter Skoulis L. L. Smith Charles Stickney Alice Stillings MEMBERS Mr. Ethan Hurd Mr. Lawrence Pelletier Edward Tanner Beth Trott Raymond Valliere Francis Ivallace Catherine Mfard Rita Wvilcox Herbert Wfing Helen Wormwood POLITICAL 'ella G15 cum Second Row-Palmer, Goulette, Perry, Griliin, Clevcrly First Row-Fifield, Ellis, Skouns, Oppenheim, VVilcnx S the result of student demand for an or- ganization which would have as its pur- pose the discussion of topics of national or local significance, the Political Science Club was formed in 1939. Membership is open to upperclass students from any college in the University, graduate students and members of the faculty. How- ever, in order to insure the acquisition of only the sincerely interested students, a prerequi- 2 site has been set up for new members: namely, that upon joining the club each individual must write an original paper on some matter of national or local interest. Six meetings are scheduled each semester. At these meetings students and guest speakers give lectures on current topics. E. F. Dow, Professor of History and Government is fac- ulty adviser for the organization. 84 DEB DEUT 'CHE ERE! F 9 Second Row-VVl1itney, Butterfield, Boyle, Tferrielc First Row-McAllister, Vlfhitney, Dr. Klein, Lombard ER DEUTSCHE VEREIN was estab- lished in 1904 to promote the study of the German language and culture and to fur- ther sociability among its members. The qual- ifications for joining are an interest in the German language and at least three semesters of honor grade in German. The club holds monthly meetings at which the Little Theatre and is open to the public. An outdoor meeting is held in the form of a picnic at the Drummond cottage in Lamoine. These outdoor meetings are held in the fall and again in the spring. The club members fish and play touch-football and then eat at the cottage. The purpose of the organization is to arouse there are musical programs, moving pictures, interest in the life, literature, history, art, and and lectures. Every year the organization language ofthe German people. Doctor Klein produces a Christmas play which is shown in is the faculty adviser for the club. MEMBERS Rachel Alden lVilliam Babel Donald Beaton Paul Beegel Marion Borden Jean Boyle Everett Brewer Jennie Bridges june Bridges Phyllis Bryant Blcndin Burtin Vlfilfred Butterfield Pauline Cushing Arthur Dale Barbara Doore Jeanette Ela john French Rodolphe Gaulin Rudolph Haflner Charles Hall Joseph Ha nson Carleton Herrick Frances Horne Charles Keniston james Kenney 285 Frederic Leonard Virginia Lombard Bernard Lown .Ioan McAllister Robert McDonald Edith Mclntire Dorothy MacLeod Betty Mack Richard Manhire Virginia Merrill Eugene Mertens Andrew Nowak Norman Peacock Margaret Philbrook Betty Price Lee Richards Herbert Roberts Frank Robertson Hyman Schneider Esther Thompson Marjorie Verrill Byron VVhitney Richard Xvhitney Kent Mfight EL CIRCULU E PA UL Third Row-1't1lsifer, DeCourcy, Crane, Smith, Adams. Perry. Martinez Second Row-Kreh, Blaisdell, Levenson, Gonlette, Pierce, Kiszonak, llatchelrler, Rand, Grenci First Row-Rodman, Ilaniilton, Miss Arnold, Godwin, Vlfard. Walsh, Conlan L CIRCULO ESPANOL is open to any student who is interested in the customs and history of Spanish-speaking countries and who has had at least one year of Spanish. The club has been functioning since 1928 under the supervision of Miss Frances Arnold. Its yearly program includes meetings once a month which are planned to better acquaint the members with what is going on in South America, Spain, and Mexico. Spanish games are playedg Spanish songs are sungg and Span- ish holidays are also celebrated at the meet- ings. El Circulo Espanol revived the custom this year of having a Spmzislz Night, but instead of presenting an evening of Spanish, the club gave a stag dance using Ferdinand the Bull as the motif with a floor show of Spanish songs and dances. A tea is given for the faculty of the Arts and Sciences College the Friday before Christmas to aid in creating closer feeling between students and faculty. A scholarship of ten dollars for the highest rank obtained in a competitive examination covering the hrst year of study in Spanish is given. This scholarship provides an added objective and stimulates interest in the club. OFFICERS President Buel Godwin V ice President Agnes lN'alsh SGC?'6iflTy-T?'6!!S7ll'C1' Catherine M7 ard Publicity William Dow Social Clmirmnn Clilford M7 est MEMBERS Earl Adams Frances Arnold Shirley Ashman Barbara Ashworth 'Robert Blaisdell Rachel Brown Lewis Chadwick Marguerite Collin Blanche Conlan Rudolph Conti Mary Coyne Talbot Crane lVilliam Dow Edward Duckworth Edward Ellis Buel Godwin Peter Gouticre Gerard Goulette Donald Graffam George Grant Evelyn Grenci Violet Hamilton Beulah Hanson James Hastings Miriam Holden lVilliam Irvine Eleanor Kreh Edward Krozonak Benjamin Larrabce Arnold Levinson Louis Larusso Richard Martinez lames Merchant Elizabeth Nelson Evelyn Nicholson Xvilbert O'Neil Richard Packard Ruth Packard Philip Page Lawrence Parkin Marlowe Perkins Vlilliam Perry Ernestine Plllkllillll Thotnas Powers Allan Pulsifet' james Rand Arlene Rodman Eloise Simpson Paul Smith Cecilia Sullivan Donald Taverner Esther Thompson Agnes lvalsh Catherine lVa rd Dorothy lvaterhouse Milton lveinstein Clifford NVest Nancy Vtlright Barbara Young LE CERCLE FHANCAI ' sis' 's was ' .ss Mask as ss Tliird Row-Avery, Everett, Holland, Smith. Mason, Adams Seeonrl Row--W. Perry, Daniels, Tarr, Hamilton, Burleigh, Vlliley, Y. Smith, Bryan First Row-Gooch. Young, Haines, W'ard, Thompson, Goulette, B. Ferry, Rodman E CERCLE FRANCAIS was organized at the University about fifteen years ago and was reorganized in 1937 under Dr. Louis A. Vigneras, a faculty member ol' the French de- partment. The club was organized for social purposes. The only qualilication for joining is to have an interest in French language and culture and a desire to engage in activities related to these interests. The club holds monthly meetings which feature French language movies, speakers, musical programs, and social meetings. The programs are interesting to those who do not speak French as well as to those who speak it fluently. Miss Marion Buzzell is the faculty adviser for Le Cercle Francais. OFFICERS Presiclzznt Catherine VV ard Vice President Evelyn Tondreau Secretary Marie Rourke T1'e11sure'r Frank Haines Program Chairman Esther Thompson MEMBERS Earl Adams Miriam Adasko Shirley Ashman Robert Atkinson Harold Avery Florence Boyle Donald Bryan Phyllis Bryant Lucy Burleigh Kenneth Closson joseph Courtney Gwen Cushing Pauline Cushing Norma Daniels Elinor Dixon Paul Dumas Thomas Easton john Everett George Fuller Harriett Furbish Ruth Garrison Edward Geary Frank Gilley Violet Hamilton Malcolm Hardy Eleanor Knowles Eleanor Leh Mary Lovely Patricia Lurvey Vinetta MacDonald Dorothy MacLeod Betty McAlary Frank Macri Hfebber Mason Jane Nichol Mary Parkhurst I v Ba rba ra Perrv james Henne merry Henry Holland Edith Huntley Ma rtha Pierce Yvonne Pomeroy Preston Rand Ann Rollins Adelaide Russell Paul Smith Virginia Smith Robert Speed Beth Stone Mollie Tarr Janice Thomas Francis livallace Norman 'Walker Virginia W'eston Hilda Young L Ll 'r ,Q If 'fix ' ' 1 M xx 'k 'A' if , 4 Nia has ss A ,. . I iwmafmfgxfu l EH IT w V. pam 'Q 'I I, -,eww lv nm 2 I fr 'fl Y- I ,,-,. Q ' w , Liv 141- H -Q 5 93 2 ". ', - ri 'YQY . S A M- 6 , I 4 i ' ll .Q M3 'fi W sg" 'M J v I ,, Y -N . A , ' . Q . a . A H. 'fg ' M A- ' , ' A ' . .1 , , . y 1 ' sf 'f 1' '- Y 521, .l . , . ' : . ,A XMVJB5-' 'W ,UE 27 is ' 5 . I k Q mx . Y" 7' 5- V J" 4 1. ' 4 - . " 1 if 'Q' N P sgfwfawffw 'wg '23 3 ,hx Y iq ,V Qi n- 1 1 Q N6 X. M in ,J sw t it I . ,kg y -, W ' G' 'L 'A 5 5 W ., - ' - -V R A , '. I b' .A . L . B1 V B XJ X wi Mawr, PN L, 3 L L, ,W N V 3. V u -A A H . I 4 - A ' r ,, -1 Nifbsfw A f - Q f - f' T-,T v-- P' .5 5 H If L1 ' 4 'Spf fgi ? 9 9 X5 ,- TS ' '5 x C ' bf Q - L.. l, ' , 1 1 ,rv 1' ig ,.,E5!s!,.,.. "NN 5, ,K ' X N ' . 1 , ki - tw i y , Q E. .. 5 55- 1 8 ,, , -,X I M A A ex ,, I I' J ' . H Q A' 9 55:5 . . , , , - 3 . 5 A' " A - H -- Q A - ,V wiv f x " ' x 'W f-N -- . - 'J ' 4 -f 4 4 4 N if Wiim 'wx A . 1 , J 3- " , f--WL - fwf-.. .L e All ' M .M W3 "o""K ffwgk fidh'N iii-Q fn., ' 5 'V 9 if 1 ' ma' ' f X nf we f' Q 2 'E' ' - N ' , 'X B ' ' U iffux M' x uh' Mis Hr W" ' ., . , , - - 3 N N if K f 'Lg ' 1, . . . "' 'fx bg, f1'f-.4-N H, l f L "' - if U ' 1 -,' 3 1 f'-'xi g . ,. f x J 'E A I A, I ,Y k U ,Y r v tm V V. iq.. -Y : I: Z .... M :V ,J ,. Q. L-I N . Q fa Q I . . N ..., ':::"f:2:Pf2f-.::!'- " ,. 3 1 W , ' W L ' - . 'wwe -1--.. E., -:--- H ---- -,.,.,.,:,::: , . Y x 1 -X, ' : ,e .L N . I 1 f 5 , M, . X . . . , ,X , V , .v ,H ,Q , - . . -f, V . -3 f .. nvw n v ws' v -1 Lrg- fx , V-W ww +w v . Nixtxlx f WAN 2 N., EK 'A Q. - am- n ww, P , I ly' ,K gg gl W ,kxgfflx L -5 t"xQ .. f""' M . ' - My . 1 - 93' 5: - x . , -1- 'A ' . M' 5 5' , ' "I -'J' '71 me 'Q .9 9 ' ' 5 3.' .V.. -1 "Q . -4 ' , 1 .- ' , M.-,Sw 1 . Q1 f Q W Q ' ' 1 Az l Y 1 - ,' QW! qi if 1- f 4, :Q . f, E H " -' K 9- -' ' 5 3151 -Q22 'H W my ' If wi! -.X L Q , ' . . 2 E Q 1-1: Q Am '75 in , 1 wk, 1 1. : H mia Q, w., , 'zw,j'3g,, N,-,WQSQSH ,,,,, ,mf Y -. ' J 'f'1,,.. H - 'Q' M' B M www 4:4'W5f ,u.2"i 'r,s'5Q.5gg ::-: ' 'f ,- , f J W ' 1,5 4. , Q . ... a f , . i ...- If -Q ,tr in , I , -A 1 -A A 3, Mg ' 'U 'f - A 54 . . Nj X , if H ff f L" .J " ' 'In .,-QP E ' B 7 X1 - ' ' ' ' " " ' ' ' ' 4 -. .. . X J f ' 5 gg!! N MN QW u h JLAJMH.: Q . X 3 ,va a v P K 5- l 1 5 ' - 9 1? ,J J A '- - . 'P x V E ' 5 x .1 ,qi gg ' an M A 1. I fn- 1 m 9 A '- . 'Jn 5 -fi E22 isggm , . , QL , . H ,ww ' I x .Z Q W 1 - V' . lx " lk, -. M , H as as J " H :2:m,.f:2:fH sm . we, I ' N ' K.-f ' r. '- xa 4 , 4 w , ' n Q, GB aff xv v ELA. 1 vu.. . ,ii ' H wig! Q +1 H F ' 'L . E V P ' A :-: , Q E , ' E fwzqmqk , N , " we N . -.1-.-1:11--::'41 :-wifi:-:i:-: tr2H.:. .. .:. "1 1-91961691 -.: -:f- , - , K f ff' H-W i . 'A . V, 'A' "' I miss , , ' ,gm ? 3 J - I ff ' ,2 . fmf' M 5 H 'l ww 1 ., 1 ,, K1 v W W mn V -L. "Hi H IS 'r 1 .Q , ,, 53? Jw 1 111 . , ' 2 fl-W' H u EW' Hgf' E E 3 'Ef5a:e.: fg ,,7S fy ,Q -."1w:' ' gan wgm- , MW' xv--',f,g:wn:. -r w m ' 'Egg aa' 1 lu ' . 4 , asa my H M W as H was Z SE ' W E P1 n n Q. -as mum ms me gf mama an SEVE TY an as E as -an Q as W as sw E it FIFTH s NNI ER Q!-lP1Y A i E V L 'v GEORGE HAMLIN, '73 hlAINl5'S OLDliS'l' I.u'lNc fiRADUA'l'E N February 25, 1865, Samuel Cony, Governor ol Maine, signed the Legislative Act which created the Maine State College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. A product of the sorcallecl Morrill Act of the Federal Government, the new College was an experiment in education. Doubters were many, finances liniited, the future uncertain. The Founding Act was a venture in faith resulting from the vision and eifort of a group of staunch friends. 290 t ' ROM these beginnings, through the efforts and vision of many men and women has come the University of Maine today. In speaking of Founders' Day, the University interprets that phase in the broadest possible way and would pay tribute to each one of the many men and women who during the years have made this history possible. The processes of history are unceasing, and no time has the sole, unshared responsibility for what was, is, or shall be, the University of Maine. The men and women of today have an equal responsibility with those of yester- day and those of tomorrow for the progress of the Universityg they are fol- lowers, all. RICHARD MARTINEZ l'RESlDlEN'l' or Cmss mu mam n Y gvw ze is 1 s 'll-lE llchlmllil Wllwllldllllil HE Library Fund Campaign has been sponsored by the General Alumni Association. The deci- sion to raise funds for the librar was made on October 8, ll C , and definite lans were announced . P at Founders' Day Dinner, February 25, 1940, at which time 550,000 had already been subscribed. The goal adopted for the campaign was a net sum of 5200,000, which is to be the seventy-Hfth anniversary gift of students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the University. A student campaign in March, 1940, resulted in Hne response and a total of ilS13,667.15 was raised. ii 1 H -A I .Mast .A - ' .-A HEX. X HE ' e",. Rmb misss-:Using .MN News-:ff was wav w,,mwsfim:am ,aaa-,fm ssgizasig, , ssggiqa ga as-M5 Hwsifrlf-s Us 5-atrlggraiswwa wmqgwuiiawa-:--QQELMW Lqgswaggsfatmgff agwsgiitfts-3 'M Mrlf'w'-nlfukgl' 'lSJf'?ilfgi'i2U3G.T""i 's'?'f'1f'lTfiLlfi3-viii Ximgiitw assi t',M,wfwffg,gggfs,:1,., We-I-gfgstsag. trys'-feijgea 'm"Qria5tg?s,s:2E?gW :wsN'---F- , M fam -'M-M A Q ,. . . . caa S, t. ' an W wwf E . S E Eames' E W E H Rgfwgagg gg S -PM r M'Ti V ma ,ia .Wy wise The non-alumni faculty members subscribed a total of jS1I,67l. The alumni campaign has been direct- ed by a committee of twen- ty-two alumni, representa- tive of many different areas and interests. The Library campaign, which is still in progress, has resulted in a grand total of ii3183,ooo thus lar, and it is hoped that the goal may be reached by Commencement of this year. A T H L E T l C S in ia HL 1 M .in ' ' W . - 25 sz - Me N K K N., an w W M M if ' H N . My 1' Q M-1,,g5,:v W M, R,.,,1AT M, sw MM MM ...,k .H M ,- Nav as W f L 'I U31-W: Hi' 4".1.'ff?A Mi W: .. J ' '-: f Kp- M' ,sf bf ,- L ,, iv ww fwix. EMM ms 'f as wwf Q-MHWM X ,K ' -wMw'M,MMM-M '-212: Vw 'Mmm :sg EQMTSFSL' 5.5 Y S' ew QQWEQQW if 2 S -M gig M' MA ' ,M awkbmgg Ma f-ww M P' MQ? " :fr W Mm J f 'fm , . M e jbgm-vi' -f W 'W K M -121 5 ff? 'A . Mfzg -1 f M , A f M ,, .imgsww I-: ..., I: .. ' iw-MMH 2M LM if 115 - W ' f . is Es N LS: -: f:f,:.: -:-,L Ti: , ::: gmt? A M43 11 mu www 'Q 5, 'RM V' ' . 5 X . . 5 gg, :.5.,:::g:,: M 5: WM- M M - ,r G f M M Ez., ,wizyvk . Q ,w mm uf Z -:-f-I-'55 fygnwiaw M Y xii 5' M fi 3 fd M M1 K Eff 52 'P 52 , wM M MN ,W w , ,xx ,nl ..1Mqi,i ,M WA --mf am ' llllEl'rl'S ATllPilMliflUE?l TED CURTIS The policies and standards of athletics at the University of Maine are capably formu- lated by the members of the Men's Athletic Association Board and by Faculty Managers Ted Curtis and Sam Sezak. It is to these men that we are indebted for the norrprofessional- isni and sportsmanship of the teams TCPICSCIH- ing our alma mater. Second Row-Carlisle, Curtis, Hersey SAM SEZAK X'Ve have every right in the world to be proud of the high esteem in which the meni- bers of our athletic groups are held wherever they are known. Wfe may be sure that this esteem will not change, that Maine will always be an example of good sportsmanship for all to observe. First Row-Martinez, Pierce, Doten, Gardner, Hatlck, Corbett, Sanger, Kent, Harris, Patch, Barrows - . .-.1-..--1..-...-.-....l-.-1 .... -l 1 ...-l-. CUACHE Kenyon, Brice, Calderwoocl, Jones, Moran, Curtis, Jenkins, Wallace It is with pride that we consider the able coaching staff of the University of Maine. Though we may not always have winning teams in each sport, we may be sure that our coaching staff is doing its best, that it is teach- ing men the rules olf good sportsmanship and making well-trained athletes of them. BRICE: Head Coach, Varsity Football JENKINS: Varsity Track Freshman Track Varsity Cross Country Freshman Cross Country KENYON: Varsity Basketball Line Coach, Varsity Football SEZAK: Freshman Basketball AI. V. Football YVALLACE: Head of Department of Physical litlucation 295 In a world of college sports that sees more and more of professionalism, the coaching stafli of the University of Maine deals with men who go out for sports simply because they enjoy athletics. And we are proud of our coaches because of this-they make teams out of squads of inexperienced men who have had little previous training. CURTIS: lvintcr Sports JONES: Head Coach. Freshman Football Varsity Golf, Adviser MORAN: AI. V. Football SMALL: Tennis BEVERAGE: Fresliman Football, Assistant lvrestling MALLET: Freshman Football, Assistant XVOODBURY: Instructor in Physical Education gist A Tribute To A Great Coach Coach Fred Brice's resignation this fall came unexpectedly after twenty years of faithful service to the University of Maine. His achieve- ments were ably summed up by the Athletic Association when it released the following statement for publication: "Brice's knowledge, skill, and ability have developed players and teams which have achieved conspicuous su ccess and gained for him national recognition as a leading strategist and keen student of the game." 2 His reign as one of the leading coaches ol the country saw Brice devote the best years of his life to the game that he has helped to perfect, the game to which he helped give the clean and sportsmanlike traditions of today. Turning out teams that compiled enviable records, and at the same time keeping the respect and esteem of all who knew him, Fred Brice has served as a model that others might well observe. 'We honor him for his devoted service to the University of Maine. 96 I AP. ITY FUUTBALL When Fred Brice said this fall: "No, gentle- men, this just isn't our year," he wasn't trying to fool anyone, in spite of his reputation as a joke-teller. I-Ie knew the undeniable facts, and saw that the squad lacked the necessary weight, speed, and experience of a consistent winner. In fact, the team so lacked experienced men that eight of those who took tl1e field for the starting game were playing for the hrst time on the varsity squad. But while the Bears failed in their defense of the New England title and Hnished last in the State Series, they might have gained two or three more victories with a fair proportion of the "breaks" Had it not been for the un- timely loss of several of the outstanding men of the squad at tl1e wrong moment, the Maine men might have been able to turn narrow defeats by Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Bates into victory. In all of these games, the Pale Blue was defeated by the failure of Lady Luck to smile on them in the closing minutes of the game. I-IIGHLIGI-ITS or TI-IE SEASON ' Maine 7, Rhode Island 0: The Black Bears reach pay dirt early in the fourth periodrafter a scoring drive brought about by the efforts of Ed Barrows and Nat Crowley .... Linemen hem in Abbruzzi and keep tl1e entire Rhode Island team from within the Maine 30-yard line. . . . Third Row-Dingley, Grovcr, Roy, Crowley, McKeen, Robinson, Wright, Small, Smith, Stahl, Serota, McLeary Second Row-Brice, Kenyon, Goodchild, Austin, Geneva, Irvine, Olsen, Dyer, Gay, Dalrymple, Pollock, Harlow, Russell, Ward, Wallace, Curtis First Row-Mgr. Burger, Briggs, Nickerson, Brody, Edelstein, Stearns, Barrows, Harris, Arbor, Grant, Gardner, Johnson, Holyoke, Mgr. Cranch A ' Stahl star, but failure to push over the equal- Maine o, Columbia 15: Maine wins a moral victory as Columbia is held from scoring for over two periods .... Crowley and McLeary loose a brilliant passing attack for gains total- ing over 100 yards .... Maine 14, New Hampshire 20: X'Vildcats stage scoring drive in Hnal minutes that cashes in on Maine errors .... Bears weakened by loss of veterans, but replacements do well ,... YV ard and Crowley score .... Maine 6, Connecticut 13: Mitcl1ell's touch- down, cashing in mi a faulty Maine punt, spells defeat for the Men in Blue .... Pollock and izer in the final minute shatters hope of tie .... Maine 6, Bates 7: Bobcats win a heart- breaker as Be1liveau's passes to Gorman con- nect to tie the score and Buccigross kicks the winning point .... Maine scores on a pass from Pollock to Arbor after Briggs had recovered a fumble and Barrows had plunged to the Bates 15-yZi1'Cl line .... Maine o, Colby 20: Bears' backfield stopped cold .... Stearns, Harris, and Grant turn in good performances, but the Mules are not to be denied .... Maine o, Bowdoin 19: Polar Bears pass their way to victory .... Outrushed Maine team sees scoring bid killed on two-yard line .... Stearns, Russell, and Serota are truly great in their last ag IJCl'fOl'1l13l1CCS .... LETTERMEN R. A. Stearns C. C. Grant F. O. Briggs -I. MV. Harris XV. L. Irvine I. L. Russell P. W. Small T. Pollock C. J. Arbor E. P. Barrows H. H. johnson J. Smith 11. D, semi s. s. B1-only C. S. Gardner L. E. Ward J. Serota A. N. Edelstein R. H. Dalrymplc R. C. Kinghorn D. B. Holyoke R. E. Belknap N. J. Crowley MANAGERS F. W. Burger R. C. Crunch X fl. 4. .,fffffa11l1g1lt -.-' -- lil -'lm M ul l' X .IU DIOR VAR The Junior Varsity left a very satisfactory seasonal report on its record books. The Jay- vees not only won one of their three games, but also accomplished their primary objective of developing promising upperclass talent for varsity service. lkfhile the Blue--lays, expertly handled by co-coaches Jack Moran and Sam Sezak, dropped two decisions, to Higgins and the Freshmen, they did so only after they had carried the play to both opponents. Meanwhile, they had sand- wiched in a convincing 13-0 score, at the ex' pense of MCI, for their first victory. The powerful Higgins eleven, with three victories behind it, spoiled the .lays-'ees' debut when they eked out an 18-13 win, but the team was impressive even in defeat, especially in view of the fact that Coaches Sezak and Moran experimented with almost the entire squad. Bob French and Larry Rollins enjoyed big days in the JV backiield and Sandy Mc- Kenzie was outstanding in the forward wall, ITY FUUTBALL but Higgins early spotted the team's weak pass defense and took to the air for all its touch- downs. In their other games, the Alayvees, paced by Jim Kenney, Bob Hay, and Lou Ellis in the backneld, and John Gorman and the Harding twins in the line, seemed to be an entirely different ball club. MCI provided little op- position, but it was a different story when the Blue-Jays niet their arch-rivals, the Freshmen. The highly-favored 1Q4,3,Cl'S were held scoreless for three and a half periods, but hnally hit their stride and scored two quick touchdowns over the weakening -layvees in the waning minutes to win, 13-6. LETTERMEN R. French 'G. Smith R. Luther R. Thomas F. Potter Third Row-Kenney, Hnmblcn, Brunk, Smith, D. Dodge, Potter, Aho, Clitiforrl, Ellis A Second Row-Coach Sezak. Ilay, VV. Harding, Holter, Stratton, D. Harding, French, Gabe, Titcomb, Thomas Coach Moran First Row-Goldberg, Deverenu, Millar, Cullinan, Dudley, McKenzie, Godson, Butler, llziisley, Luther, Young 'Q 'SHA ivs-8 if .-it ..,.g, s l was 'fi A at gl El G awww 'V' W4 39-in l?P1ESHlVl H FUflTBf LL Outseoring their opponents 62-25, the pow- erful plebes smothered Ricker in their opener, and then edged out Kents Hill, with "Mac" and "Hutch" accounting for most of the touch- downs. A different combination, Fuller and Nutter, then teamed up to pace the team to victory over the junior Varsity squad. It remained for the other two games to pro- vide most of the thrills, however. ln the Co- burn game, with the score tied, 6-6, and only ninety seconds left to play, Hutchinson drop- kicked a Hfty yard Held goal that meant vic- tory. But then came the Bridgton setback and a sad goodbye to what might have been an- other undefeated season. This Bridgton score provided plenty of thrills, coming, as it did, only a few moments after a pass had resulted in a touchdown that seemed to spell victory for the Freshman. Despite the fact that their schedule ended on this sour note, the Frosh enjoyed a very successful season. Hutchinson, Fuller, Nutter, Mclntire, leading ground gainers, all showed potential varsity ability in the backheld, and Hamm, Mulroy, Crockett, and YV ard, to name but a few, were outstanding in the line. Fourth Row-Levenson, Murch, Lobozzo, Pikelis, Holden, Smith, Mooers, Cahoon, Johns, Pride. Richarldson Third Row-Savage, Sweetser, Harris, Braley, Kiszonak, Fuller, Presnell, Coombs, Leland, NN ard, Madigan, Ol .- 'lC'll Second Row-Coach Jones, Waters, Roley, Smith, Stickney, Curtis, Glidden, Brooks, Angel, VVhite, Solomon Zink, Keith, Hutchinson, Pearson, F. Mgr. Curtis I First Row-Henneherry, Nutter, Fettingcr, Mulroy, Brownlee, Mclntire, Neal, Powell, johnson, Squires Burrill, Hamhlett lvianagers--Thompson, Davis, Gilley, Brown NUM ERALM EN C. L. Braley P. J. Hamm YV. E. Brooks J. F. Hennebcrry H. M. Brownlee A. Hutchinson R. M. Burrill XV. P. Johnson D. L. Cahoon G. V. Lohozzo P. H. Coombs AI. C. Madigan A. D. Crockett R. E. MacKenzie T. F. Fettinger C. E. Mclntire R. H. Fuller H. B. Mooers C. W. Glidden E. B. Hamhlett V. Mulroy A. K. Murch . M. Smith F. E. Squires P. S. Sweetser R. Neal H. Taylor J. Mlard . NV. Nutter . H. Ohear P. s. Pikelis MANAGERS . C. Powell XV. S. Brown ' . F. Presnell R. C. Covell . D. Roley D. E. Davis F. P. Gilley E. J. Hackett T. F. Stotler G. Thompson goo VAR TITY GBUS CDU TRY is A Q 9 Y- F a f. K. Q 3 Coach Jenkins, Higgins, Frost, Ingraham, Farris, Martinez, Moody, l-lztmm, Blaisdell. Estabroolc, Mgr. Davis Paced by the able Ken Blaisdell, running his last cross country races for Maine, this year's team proved the value of a well-balanced squad. Last year's freshman National Cham- pions, performing on this year's varsity squad, turned in very creditable records over the longer distances. After the Maine hill-and-dalers had been taken over by the Mfildcat squad to the tune of 23-34, their chances ol' grabbing the State title were not considered too good. The team came back in great style, however, by placing seven men within the lirst nine. Ken Blais- dell led the Maine harriers home, closely fol- lowed by the other place winners. Overpowered by the strong competition of Rhode Island and Northeastern, the team placed fourth in the New Englands. Captain Blaisdell again placed well for Maine. The extremely last pace told on the rest of the men, several of them dropping back in the last stages of the race. The Maine harriers came back to make an- other good showing in the Nationals by tak- ing Fifth place. The veterans, Blaisdell, Ehrlen- bach, and Ingraham, as well as t11e sopho- mores, turned in good performances in the big-time competition. In spite of a rather mediocre record in the won-and-lost columns, Maine's harriers turned in a creditable season, considering the stiff competition in New England this year. XV ith the return olf Phil Hamm and the addition of men from the freshman team, next year's squad should show a great deal of strength, in spite of the loss ot Ken Blaisdell and Howie Ehrlenbach. The new men of this year's group have now had experience over the longer dis- tances, and promise to keep Maine among the top-ranking teams of the country. LETTERM EN L. H. Estabrook H. L. lihrlenbach A. B. Farris M. W. Ingrahznn R. E. Martinez D. C. Moody MANAGER K. XV. Blaisdell C. F. Davis 301 Fl5llE9llfJllltll.5lN ll lllslrlfllilf Though overshadowed by the exploits of last year's National Champions, this year's cross country team turned in a good season. Members of the squad showed steady improve- ment throughout the season, and this is a good indication of the worth of any team. Leaving behind them a not too impressive record, the yearling harriers went to the New Englands and upset predictions by taking third place. Not to be outdone by the varsity hill- and-dalers, the frosh runners also took fifth place in the Nationals. The freshman squad should furnish Coach Jenkins with good varsity material next year, especially if the men are able to improve their time over the longer distances in the same manner that they did over their own course this year. 'Fourth Row-Pfeiffer. Colcord. Thomas. Sumiusby, McLaughlin. Cabot, Leydnn. Klein, Bailey Third Row-Coach Jenkins, Luther, Hopkinson, Putnaxn, Palmer, Cullen, Crockett. I-layman, Courtney Second Row-Cowan. Atwood, Jnlinson, llrackett, Stanley, Condon, lhiwers Managers-Dean, l'lartl1rJrnQ NUM ERALM EN R. H. Atwood A. S. Hayman E. McLaughlin H. S. 'lll10lll2lS M. R. Brackett R. H. Hopkinson R. Palmer u P. D. Cabot K. Johnson F. Powers MSNAC-ERS XV. H. Condon C. H. Keirsteacl . A. Putnam F. Bailey D. R. Cowan F. XV. Klein h . L. Stanley Al. D. Courtney A. D. Crockett E. H. Luther I. E. Suminsby G. A. Dean NV. Cullen P. D. Hnrthorn 302 FPtEt HMACN Coach Sam Sexak's quintet ran up a record of four consecutive wins before mid-year exam- inations took their inevitable toll. The squad had rolled over Old Town, Ricker, MCI, and Lewiston in impressive fashion at this stage of the campaign, but was found wanting against the tough competition it faced in the next live engagements. Consequently, Presque lsle, Bridgton, Kents Hill, Hebron, and Hig- gins all went home with victories before Coach Sezak could lind another winning combina- tion. The plebes hnally regained their balance in the last quarter of the season, however, and B t 14 ETBALL snapped out of their lethargy long enough to run up convincing decisions OV61' South Port- land, Deering, and Coburn and end the cam- paign dehnitely on the up-grade. Mainly in- strumental in this late surge were Bob Nutter and Don Abbott, who were high among the team's top scorers despite the fact that they did not join the squad until mid-February. Captain Ben Curtis, who led his mates in the scoring parade, was easily the most con- sistent player on the squad during the season, but Milt Gross, Leon X'Vhite, and Don Presnell also played outstanding ball. Third Row-eMiller. Mael.t-od, llruder. l':n'lter Second Row-Mgr. Spear, Presnell, Gleason,.l'lufnagel. Steinmetz, Goodwin. Meloon, Coach Sezak First Row-Suminsby, Coombs, Ahbott, Curtis, Nlelntire, Nutter, VVhite N U M ERALMEN M. Gross D. Presnell B, Curtis I.. XVhite P. Coombs R. Nutter C. Mclntire J. SlClllIllClZ J. Suminsby MAN F. Ilnircl EI. Findlen S. Hulse E503 D. Abbott NI. Meloon D. Goodwin P. Miller bl. Hufnugel I. Broiler 'I'. Gleason R. Parker AGERS R. Smith S. Smith C. Stickney VAl3tSlTY lif4'lSliET ALL It just wasn't in the books for Maine's 1941 hoopsters to win another state title or finish on a par with Rhode Island and Connecticut in the New England Conference, and the Black Bears ran true to their predicted form, win- ning only four games in twelve starts. How- ever, it was a building year for Coach Bill Kenyon and served its purpose beyond fondest expectations. Rookies graduated into veterans, poise and finesse replaced inexperience, and a star-studded nucleus that promises "big things" for next year was ultimately produced. But while tl1e Pale Blue had a won-lost percentage far below its usual standards, the season, in many respects, was far more success- ful than a .333 batting average usually indi- cates. For one thing, the Bears played con- sistent, .500 ball once they had returned from their perennially disastrous NE tripg and for another, they suffered, at the very outset, the loss of veterans Charlie Arbor and Harv XfVhit- ten. Moreover, the Bears' schedule was one of the toughest ever tackled in Maine's court history, including such top-flight opponents as Rhode Island's jackpot-breaking Rams, whose 2 1-3 record earned them a bid to the National Invitation Tournament in Madison Square Garden, a Connecticut C16-QQ powerhouse which bowed only to Rhody and Villanova, and the greatest Mule quintet Q12-25 that Col- by has ever boasted. ' Throughout the entire campaign, Coach Kenyon experimented with the now-famous "two-platoon" system which was designed to keep the Bears rolling at top speed. This double-baireled offensive co-starred Team A, composed of senior Buzz Tracy and Parker Small, Nat Crowley, Gene Leger, Hartwell Lancaster, Ike Downes, and Cliff Blake, all juniors, and Exhibit B, an all-sophomore clus- ter, featuring Bert Pratt, Cliff Nickerson, Lloyd Quint, Gene Hussey, Lowell Mfard, and Dick McKeen. Needless to say, this choice bit of strategy proved a great success: it not only paid dividends this year but also assured the 194.2 varsity, which will lose only Captain Tracy, Rog Stearns, and Hal Rheinlander, at least eleven seasoned "old timers." Second Row-French, Pratt, Quint, Rheinlander, Leger, Lancaster, Downes, Blake . First Row-Manager Spear. Nickerson, Mclieen, Stearns, Tracy, Small, VVarrl, Blood, Coach lxenyon LETTERM EN Blake I.. Hlnrcl Quint C. Nickerson Tracy B. Pratt Small E. Leger Downes N. Crowley McKeen R. French Hussey I-I. Rheinlander Stearns MANAGER ll. Spear ASSISTANT S AI. Lord F . Brown HIGHLIGPITS OF THE SEASON Maine 52, R. I. 92-Modzelewski, Conley and Co, simply have too much on the ball as the Bears show effects of Christmas layoff .... Kenyon uses three complete teams to no avail, with Pratt high man .... Maine 51, Conn. 80-Bruins give Nutmeg- gers real battle for 30 minutes, but Hnally wilt under terrillc pace .... Yusievicz draws a 22- point bead on hoop for UConns, while Nick- erson and Hussey pace Maine .... Maine 37, Northeastern 40-The Pale Blue leads for three and a half periods, but Al Pajonas, scoring six baskets in 8 minutes, again brings disaster .... Leger and Stearns End shooting eyes .... Maine 23, Colby 44-Bears see Mules start fast and increase their speed as game progres- ses .... Rimosukas is stopped by Bear guards, but Lee and Lomac run wild .... Maine 46, Bates 41-Ice broken, at long last, as both ISE and 2llCl platoons click .... Small and Hussey have particularly good nights, with McKeen playing aggressive ball in back- court .... Maine 46, Conn. 53-UConns, held on even terms for over three periods, take the decision with a flurry olf last minute baskets .... Hussey and Small each score 15 points, but Bears fade when chips are down .... Maine 45, Rhode Island go-Rhody's magi- cians just miss jackpot in great exhibition .... Bears light gamely, but prove no match .... Modzelewski again leads rampaging Rams, while Small gets 17 .... 305 CAl"I'AlN 'TRACY Maine 48, Bates 46-Garnet's Hnish falls short as WVZ-11'CllS last second basket spells vic- tory ,... Crowley, in rare form, scores 18 points, with Downes and Blake shining at guard .... Maine 36, Colby 52-Bears give Mules their toughest battle and lead at half-time, but Col- by applies pressure to win going away .... Crowley and Small again dominate Bruins' scoring, but Peters is too hot .... Maine 53, N. H. 52-Small turns Luisetti and scores 30 points as inspired mates respond with another Merriwell finale .... Only RI's -Iaworski f37j and Northeastern's Pajonas fggj have had higher scores in Con lference history. Maine 44, Northeastern 30-Kenyonites hit best form of season as hapless Huskies are smothered .... Pratt sparks last-halt rally that guarantees Maine victory .... Maine 48, N. H. 57-Mfildcats' revenge any- thing but sweet, but Bears force them all the way .... Small again leads scorers Qtying Col- by's Rimosukas for year's highest totaly, with Crowley not far behind .... X-at If favs 'll A ,gl 5 1 l, I- A 1 K , lf AllSl'l'Y TBABM In spite of a mediocre record, the Maine track team was in the headlines all through the indoor and outdoor seasons. Don Smith, Stan Johnson, Bob Bennett, and Herb John- son captured the attention of all the sport scribes as they set new meet and college records in nearly every meet. Besides this, fleet-footetl Stan Phillips won his way into the headlines by capturing the 1oo-yard dash in the State Meet. His feat was all the more notable be- cause he lacked publicity all through the season. The squad split its indoor season, winning from Colby and Northeastern, and losing to Bates and New Hampshire by small margins. In all of these meets, Don Smith turned in sterling performances, usually winning the mile and the looo-yard run, besides setting a new college record in the half-mile run against Colby. Stan Johnson and Bob Bennett had Third Row-Luther, Butterworth, Higgins, Brunk, Clough, Brewster, Colpitts S dR -B .D '.VV.'r.DxtrI'l AtolC0henE:ltcn econ ow ower equine C'lNE e e , xe so, w oc, . , . l First Row-Coach Jenkins, Jordan, Ehrlenbach, H. Johnson. Rich, Bennett, S. Johnson, Gilman, Smith, Phillips, Curtis f 1 .1 ., ..fNQgAi,,e4 .Q ',. QM i il .-it if 'l fi"Q41!i'll X ingili- A fwgln. llyl 0 GLXXQRESXX LETTERMEN S. Phillips S. Johnson H. Ehrlenhach W. Bower D. Smith jordan II. Dequine R. Atwood K. Blaisdell C. Clough M. Cohen B. Graham MANAGER F. Dexter F. Cowan E. R' h C. wfgavel. Assis'rANT -I. Gorman A. Hurwitz R. Bennett 306 i to compete against each other, so far were they ahead of all other competition. Both Stan and Bob set new records in each meet, only to better them in the next meet. Not to be outdone by Stan, Herb Johnson was busy establishing new records in the discus throw. The main defect of the team indoors was that there were not enough men taking valu- able second and third places. Thus, even though the outstanding men were setting new records, they were not well enough supported by the rest of the squad. Outdoors, the team was defeated by Boston College but came back to make a good show- ing in the State Meet. Don Smith, Stan john- son, Bob Bennett, Herb Johnson, and Stan Phillips all performed well, but, once again, Bowdoin showed too much balanced power to be OVCFCOIDC. Maine's star perlformers were able to capture a team standing of fifth in the New Englands. Smith, Johnson, and Bennett placed well in the Nationals, but total lack of other place winners put Maine out of the running. In passing, we pay tribute to the captain of the Maine squad-Ed Rich. Mlithout natural athletic ability, with only tl1e will and deter- mination to practice and learn, Ed improved through the seasons, and, in his last home per- formance, tied for Hrst in the pole vault at the State Meet. Our congratulations to a man who showed that he had sufficient courage to stick to a task until he had mastered it. 07 s - -3 4 N -:- 1. mfzfi rw W1 W tt :ww A, it ie--.iNgfw- t -My .Q : s was E M Il wr - 3151- s.- iw M we We iss-aww? ESQ wif H rams Q"'wsmh'2Y"kisEa9Es .ang E if if le 'HW B Q1-6.35 esta CAI-TAIN Rtcn X STATE MEET PLACE VVINNERS RICH: Tie for first, Pole Vault SMITH: First, Mile Run: S80 Yard Run 3' B!':NNE'l"l': First, Hammer Throw 4, Pi-uLLIPs: First, loo Yard Dash: Second, 220 Yard Dash S. JOHNSON: Second, Hammer Throw V I-I. JOHNSON! Second. Discus DEQUINE: Second. Two Mile Run 1, BLA1snELL: Third, Two Mile Run BOWER: Third, Javelin J t FRE HMA TR CK With a well-balanced team displaying un- foreseen power, the freshmen completed their season without a single defeat, both indoors and out. Bates and Colby squads fell easy vic- tims to the frosh outht. Even combinations of the leading high school teams in the state could do little against the yearlings. Weisman dominated the shot put through- out the season, with Brady, Crane, and Mlilbur doing well in the jumping events. Shepard took care of the javelin throw, while VVeisn1an and Dodge gathered points by their hammer and discus throwing. In the dashes, Radley, Sinkinson, Youlden, Frost, and Hadlock performed capably all sea- son. Hadlock also topped the hurdles ahead of all competition. To top this off, Moody, Hamm, Creamer, Stewart, and Martinez took honors in the longer running events. To add to these outstanding performances, there were also several other men who cap- tured valuable places throughout the season. All in all, the frosh squad displayed such bal- anced power that it was able to forge ahead of the stiffest competition. Our tribute to a great freshman team! NUMERALMEN R. Youlden W. McLaughlin T Crane J. Larsen F. Leonard J. Ambrose O. Wilbur R. sinkinson H. Lewis H. woosier MANAGERS S. F1'ost R. Martinez R. Weisman W'. Dodge J. Radley P. Hamm R Dodge J. Enman D. Caldwell NV. Hadlock R. Henderson F. Holden J. Stewart R. Runnels YV. Harding D. Taverner D. Moody R. jenkins F. Shepard R. Worrick J. Creamer W. Brady E. Bell R. Detwyler G. Carlson E. Falardeau E. Haskell Third Row-Shepard, Reynolds, Jenkins, D. Harding, NV. Harding, Bell, Falardeau, Lewis, Vlloodward, Ambrose Second Row-Coach jenkins,CNVooster, Carlson, Frost, Crane, Henderson, Weisman, Dodge, Wilbur, Runnels, F lt M . t' acuy .gr urns A - First Row-Hamm, Youlden, Moody, Creamer, Martinez, Radley, Hadlock, Brady, Smkmson, Stewart GULF VViLh Phil Jones as its new adviser, the golf team turned in a fairly suc- cessful season. Hindered by poor weather conditions, the squad got off to a poor start. The Maine men were soon in form, however, and wound up the State Series in second place. Their fortunes took a turn for the worse as they placed third in the State Tourna- ment. Increased interest in golf gives good promise of Maine's soon having a golf squad that will rank among the best in New England. 0 R-we W WINTER PORT l'Vith ill luck following in its foot- steps, the winter sports team had a rather discouraging season. Poor ski- ing conditions, injuries, and sickness were more than the potentially pow- erful squad could bear. In spite of a valiant struggle against fate, the snow- birds lost their senior division rating with the I.S.U., besides losing the State Meet to Bates. if BAR ITY BA EB LL When Coach Kenyon gazed into the future last spring, he failed to see a State Series cham- pion-nor could he see how his Bears could hold their own in the classy New England Con- ference, especially when six previously-untried sophomores were to win starting positions. However, Bill really had no reason to feel so pessimistic, for the 1940 Bruins did far better than expected. To be sure, they won only live games, but that's irrelevant and immaterial when compared to the invaluable experience gained by such first-year men as Cliff Blake, Ike Downes, Johnnie Bower, Nat Crowley, Ed Dangler, and Bob French, all of whom should be important cogs in a 1941 machine which may be the best Pale Blue squad in a decade. Despite their mediocre record, last spring's pastimers were far from the weakest ever wear- ing the Pale Blue. After all, four of their de- feats were by one or two run margins and an- other went into extra innings before the Bears faded. And furthermore, the Kenyonites would undoubtedly have fared much better on their NE jaunt, which cost them three set- backs, had not inclement and unseasonal weather prevented them from getting out- doors more than once during their short train- ing season. Third Row-Kilpatrick, Murray, Small, Potter, Millay Second Row-Kenyon, Taylor, Downes, Blake, Crowley, A. Holmes, Talbot, French, Chase, Sezak, Brown First Row-Healy, Johnson, Roberts, Dangler, N. Adams, Vlfinters, Gerrisli, Mann, Meserve, Bower, Whitten, R. Holmes 10 Y, A With all returns in, the Bears had two glar- ing weak spots, flj an unbalanced pitching staff and Qaj impotent right-handed hitting power. Time and time again, another de- pendable hurler to help Al Mann, A1 Holmes, Ed Dangler, and Mac Roberts with their sui- cidal, three-and-four-game a week schedule would have turned defeat into victory--and just as often, the Bears might have won, not lost, ball games, either if Kenyon had more right-handed batters or if Maine's Conference rivals had fewer southpaws. I-IIGHLIGI-ITS or THE SEASON Freddie -Iohnson's brilliant fielding, steady hitting, and spirited team play .... Al Mann's sensational hurling duel with NH's Buck Jor- dan, won by latter, 2-0 .... Colby's 3-run rally in l2El1, costing Bears a 4-1 defeat ..., Timely Wliitten single giving Maine 10-inning, 4-3 win over Bates .... Gang's "cooperation" in nosing Conn., 7-6, everyone but Dangler get- ting at least 2 hits .... Doc Gerrish's homers against Bowdoin, three-time victims ol the Bears, and the Nutmeggers .... Sensational hit- ting of Cliff Blake who wins All-New England rating, with .350 BA and FA, and Ike Downes' selection on All-State team, thanks to his .303 BA and .960 FA .... A. Holmes H. Gerrish N. Crowley C. Blake H. Whitten F. Johnston II. Bower L. Downes A. Mann N. Adams F. Bucklin 311 LETTERMEN C. Duby YV. Potter M. Roberts MANAGER B. Brown ASSISTANTS J. Church L. Dow CAPTAIN GERRISH ..-ll.ESl-Wldbl BASEBALL Third Row-Smith, Jameson, Claverie, Bradstreet, VVl1itely Second Row-T. Curtis, Titcomb, Aho. Brackett, Hamblen. Harvey, Parker, Allen, Moz-tland, Gilman, Sezak liirst Row-Adell, Kittredge, Holter, Young, Mclieen, Quint, WVard, Sawyer, Tooley, Nickerson, Markee Coach Sezak's freshman ballhawks rested their case last spring after winning four games and losing two. The team swamped Higgins, Ricker, MCI, and Fort Fairfield, but fell by the wayside against Coburn and Kents Hill. While the season was replete with all the elements that make baseball the nation's fa- vorite sport, it also contained brilliant indi- vidual performances of which the sensational pitching of Gordon Tooley was undoubtedly the most outstanding feature. Tooley, whose dazzling assortment of curves averaged 10 strikeouts per game for the Frosh, was the nearest thing to a one-man hurling staff Maine has seen in a decade. The scintillating play of Art Kittredge and Charlie Markee also deserves top rating. Kit- tredge, who was elected honorary captain, not only led the squad in hitting with a remark- able .462 average,but also turned in several Helcling gems at third base. Markee, who batted an even 400, covered the difficult key- stone sack like a veteran, and led all his mates in the put-out and assist departments. Lowell VVard and Cliff Nickerson, who had batting averages of .370 and .353 respectively, and Charlie Sawyer, who drove in 9 runs, were the other leading stickers. Two of baseball's rarities lent an unusual atmosphere to the season. The Coburn game, which the plebes dropped, 9-8, in the l2Il1 inning, saw the two teams, entering their fourth hour of battle, moved to another dia- mond in favor of the Varsity's scrap with Col- by, while in the Ricker tilt, which the yearlings won, 10-6, Gilman was the winning pitcher despite the fact that Tooley had 12 strikeouts to his credit. L. Ward G. Tooley L. Quint G. Harvey A. Kittredge E. Hamblen C. Markee D. McKeen II. Holter C. Parker C. Sawyer H. Whitely C. Nickerson NUMERALM EN C. Gilman C. Brackett B. Aho W. jameson H. Mortland S. Claverie MANAGERS F. Long R. Lycette H. Fogler J. Lord H. Leonard E. Hoffman VAhSilTl't TENNlS lVeather again worked against Maine's ten- nis team to produce a rather mediocre season. Three meets were rained out, and, besides this, the State Meet was only partially completed because of the poor weather conditions. Out of the four matches that were complet- ed, the Maine squad took one from Rhode Island. The outht lost to Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin, and had little hope of winning the State Meet when it was called oil after partial completion. Hamilton, captain of the team, was con- sistently a good performer, along with Svede- man, Chandler, and Farrar. The team should be made considerably stronger by the addition of several outstand- ing men from the ranks ol the undefeated freshman squad. LETTERMEN R. Hamilton P. Hinckley S. Svedemzm H' Farrar C. Thurston R. Crockett MANAGER R. Pierce C-. Nystrom W. Chamdler Third Row-Cliandler, Hinckley Second Row-Farrar, Hamilton, Chase, Francis First Row-Thurston, Crockett, Lelinrge, Conch Small, Svc-deman, Pierce l 1,E....,,.........N. ,Q ...,..,... -f , IE., FHESHN AQ TENNI Second Row-Cole, Adler, Weinstein, Coach Small, Harrison, Lutes, Moore First Row-Wheeler, Pratt, Pinansky, Ingalls, Fagerlund, Peckham, Dodge NUMERALMEN B. Pratt E. Fagerlund M. Peckham J. Adler L..Pinansky q E. Ingalls MANAGLR5 M. Weinstein T. Moore O. Lutes D. Maurice D. Wheeler H. Cole R. Lange RECORD NIAINE 6 Portland junior College 7 Tilton 6 Ricker 7 Caribou 8 Houlton 9 Bangor 7 Mfassookcag OPP. 2 2 3 2 1 o o The freshman tennis squad turned in an impressive record of seven straight victories. All of these victories were taken by decisive scores, showing the great all-round strength of the squad. Bert Pratt, captain of the team, was the out- standing performer. Several other members of the group turned in performances that were consistently good. The outstanding men of this squad should provide good material for Coach Small's var- sity team, strengthening many of the notably weak points of this year's squad. 314 A llll lc flllflllllfflllllg Intramural Athletics give every man in the University the opportunity to participate in organized athletics. Fraternity and off-campus teams participate in a well-organized program that includes: football, volleyball, handball, tennis, basketball, hockey, track, wrestling, boxing, and softball. A great deal of credit is due "W'ally" and "XfVoody" lor their capable handling of this extensive program. This year's competition opened with Kappa Sig grabbing off the touch football title. SAE followed by winning the volleyball struggle, with Lambda Chi taking' handball honors. Off-campus teams came to the fore as the Cabin Colony club took the basketball cham- pionship. XVOODBURX Xvxu xc I: Second Row Conti Qtahl lVlcLear3 Scanlm Dver Brown Ixclley Loslinc lownsentl Phillips Hog Rich First Row Szuxge Dahymplc Row Blllgtl' Kent xx'Lll'1LC NVootlbury XVl'IlttCl'l Houghton lxellew f , ' . , 1 .f . I - , - i A f y . 1 Q ' y I ' n 1 -1 'y a ... 1- - . Y A . ,Y v 1 , ' ' V - 1 a K 1 . , v a 4 1 1 , , - . - - ,s,:Ia22aL::::s:E:-:g-:-- sa- -1- ---,af -:J:-,.:.:s:,.:-:,.-r-.1-, -- af: . . , -. , , . .. ,. ii ,, UFTBALL Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ever since its introduction here, softball has constantly grown in popularity. Many hotly- contested battles have been seen on the softball diamond, and this year was not to be an ex- ception. Kappa Sigma's eleven put on one of the most thrilling exhibitions seen in intramural sports this year. A last period 99-yard drive gave the Kappa Sigs a victory over the scrappy Second Row-Mcrtens, E. Hodgkins, Fink First Row-Fitzpatrick, Blood, Vllhitney mar The series is run off in elimination contests, from which S.A.E. emerged victorious. Hard hitting and good fielding performances made a combination that enabled the S.A.E. boys to carry off top honors. Phi Kappa Sigma outfit. The Phi Kap outht was outstanding, even in defeat, for it was the first team this year whose line was able to stop the powerful Kappa Sig running attack. FUUTBALL Mappa Sigma is , :gif-uc, 'Y ,f .,s ,461 xi , Ni K, hwy W - ,541 . 1- -:Q Third Row-R. Willets, Curley, Byrne, Dimmer, Muzi-oll, Leger, Donahue Tukey. Newhall Second Row-Ross, Newcomb, Marriner. Putnam, Petersom- S. NVi1lets First Row-XVmters, Morrison, Hnreyseck, Garsoe. Page. Riese, Talbot 16 S ond Row-Mertens, Hoclgkins, McLe:1ry, Beckman, Fink st Row-Blood, Francis S.A.E. emerged victorious from the volley- ball final, which matched the winners of the northern, central, and southern leagues. The S.A.E. team first defeated the Kappa Sig Olll- In a basketball final that saw two off-campus teams competing for top honors, the Cabin Colony Club took over the 13 Club by a score of 35-25. The contest was close at the half, but the Cabin boys, sparked by Perkins, forged Second Row-Savage, Hall, Crockett, Perkins, Yorke First Row-Brunk, Mahar, Dole Sill L VULLEY BALL Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ht, winner of the northern division, and then took over the Phi Gams, winners of the south- ern division, by a score of 2-1, after dropping the Hrst game. ahead to win. The intramural basketball league saw plen- ty of action-packed contests from which both the Cabin Club and the 13 Club emerged undefeated to enter the finals. BASKETBALL Cabin Colony Dexter, Hatllock Hiller, Hardy TRACK Phi Gilllllllil Delta Phi Gam took an impressive double victory in the Intramural Track Meet. Due mainly to the outstanding performances of Brady and Hadlock, the F ijis took both the Intramural and Charles Rice Trophies. An off-campus combine, the Barbarian A.C., showed sufli- eient strength to grab oil second place, mainly through the ellorts of Martinez and Perkins. HAPUBALL Lambda Chi Alpha The Lambda Chi Alpha duo drew a bye in the Hnals of this year's handball competition to meet Phi Mu Delta, winner over Kappa Sigma by a 2-o score. Hiller and Hardy, the Lambda Chi pair, won the championship by a 2-1 score from Kelley and Gardner of Phi Mu. l!lfillWll2N'S flllHHllLETlllS llnlotltey liiiilllllllllllll lllrltelfvy Winter Sports Tennis Wlotlern llamfe 'Valley Hall lnttloor Gentiles llascethall The aim of the YVomen's Athletic Department is to provide many and varied opportunities for wholesome rcclcation in the spirit of cooperation and fun. It is felt that intramural sports include Z1 larger number of college women and encourage group participation. 319 l MA vis CREA MICR Bli'l'I'Y Gmmoxs EAL Each athletically inclined Maine girl has hopes of winning a Maine Seal. This award represents the highest achievement attainable in Wo1ne11's Athletics and is earned by a rela- tively small number of the girls. The seal awards are made on the basis of points accumu- lated throughout college. The First step toward this goal is the winning of class numerals earned by competing in basketball and hockey tournaments. After the initial award, points are credited in the record book of the Associ- ation. The second step toward a seal is the earning of an 'M'g this requires three hundred and seventy-live points. The Hnal honor, the BE,x'nucE Grmsox ALMA HANSEN 20 . 1 I WABDC Maine Seal Award, is achieved when eleven hundred and twentyalive points are accumu- lated. The 1942 l,l'lSl11 Lakes pride in dedicating this seclion of the Prism to the recipients ol the award for the year 1941. The following seven seniors have the privilege ol wearing the distinguishing blue insignia: Mavis Creamer Elizabeth Gammons Beatrice Gleason Alma Hansen Agnes Mfalsh Dora M7 est Helen x'V0l'lllYVO0d ' wmv' I-IELEN XVORMXVOOD AGNES XVALSH l l l 3 21 Dom Wesr DMI I TH TIU i 1 I i 1 P 1 i MISS HELEN LENGYEL Dial-:mon or PHYSICAI. Enifczulox Fon Wolxim President Betty Gammons Vice President Eleanor XfVard XV. A. A. COUNCIL OFFICERS W m Af, - .w MISS MARION ROGERS Assis'1'.aN'r PROFESSOR or Pm'slc,x1. Enuc: Secretary Marie Rourke Treasurer Agnes XfValsh Third Rowwllupkins, Gleason, Randall, Philbrook, Garvin, Bates. NVormwoocl Second Rnw-Ashmzm, Miss Rogers, Gammons, XV:m1, Wialsh, VVest First Row-XVSSt0n, Wfebstcr, Henry nm-I who an n Vasu, Q if Egwiifgyf Eg ff W 27 r x ATION E mn m'wssn All el-l HY Cook, Vlfhite Mclxav Robin Hood would feel perfectly at home here on the Maine campus for young archers are a common sight on the Womerfs Athletic Field. Indoor practise is held in Alumni Gymnasium during the winterg the girls work diligently striving to hit that bullseye every time. The annual archery tournament for the year 1941 was held in the Alumni Gym. The girls who emerged victorious were: Mildred Wliite, firstg Joyce Cook, secondg and Phyllis King, thirdg with Ruth McKay fourth. The scores proved to be exceptionally high. 323 mum' X nam-Efwwsm M mvsms m5Mma 'Us'sf-- Exim M HOCKEY The Honorary All'Maine Hockey Team is play are rewarded in this way at the end of chosen from class squads at the end of the the hockey tournament. season. Players who have shown outstanding The girls who make up the All-Maine skill in passing, handling the stick, and team Hockey Team olf 1940 are as follows: Shirley Aslnnan Eleanor lvllfd Mary Bates fMgr.j Arlene Vvebster Blanche Conlan Dorn VVest Mary Cowin Virginia NVeston Lorraine Dimitre Lois Mlhile. Ira Henry Mary Young ALL-MAINE HOCKEY TEAM M15 'Y 'pfg:f -'sawn 'Q fs: Massa N-W "slr E ES ' Qs :iam WE sg, E, -I Ev: ,:A.Q,3d 5.555- his if 3 4 ? Fin? , , ' " v -'-' - Q 2 I E., B I I t zzz it ' 'I' 2-2 " I' .ET-2 , Z , M N 1 1 H N sy A Mgr. Bates, Young, Ward, Henry, West, White, Weston, Ashman, VVelJster, Cowiu, Conlan, Dimitre 324 Field hockey, the favorite of girls who enjoy strenuous exercise, is the major team sport during the fall. Each class has a hockey team which participates in an interclass tourna- ment. The coveted championship of this tournament is held by the juniors this year. Interest in hockey was particularly keen this year because of the visit of Mrs. Joyce Cram Barrie, nationally known English hockey play- er, who spent a week coaching our teams. The highlight ol the hockey season occurs when the freshmen and sophomores hold their traditional 'Hats Olf Game' on Homecoming Day. This game is of great interest to all, but most of all to the freshmen since the outcome determines whether or not they will have to continue to wear their crew caps. This year the verdict rested with the sophomores who won the exciting game. HOCKEY TEAMS 325 SENIORS Second Row-Hutchins, VVaAlsl1, XNormwoov.l, Verrill First Row-Gammons, Garvin, Gleason, Hansen Basketball is one of the most enjoyed sports on the women's athletic calendar. Not only is it an exhilarat- ing game but it is a team sport which develops the co- operative group spirit. Each year an interclass tourna- ment is held to determine the championship team. This year the freshmen came through victorious, win- ning the tournament over the other three classes. ALL-NIAINE TEANIZ It is from these interclass games held during each season that an honorary All-Maine basketball team is selected. The athletic directors and the X'V.A.A. council choose the players for this team on the basis of skill, team play, and the sportsmanship exhibited throughout the tournament. JUNIORS Second Row-Adasko, Phillips, Young, Pierce, Weston First Row-Ashman, Johnson, Dtmitre, Cowin AS ALL-MAINE BASKETBALL Donovan, Cosseboom, Hansen SOPHOMORES ALL-MAINE BASK ET BALL Waiting for Action Following is the All-Maine team chosen for this year: Forwarcl-Beatrice Gleason, 41 Forward-Alnia Hansen, '41 Guard-Helen lfV0l'l11WOOCl, '41 Forward-Mary Young, ,422 Forward-Frances Donovan, 743 Guard-Maida Coosebooin, '44 Maida Cosseboom has the ho11or of being the only lreshnian chosen for this yea1"s select team. FRESHMEN Fourth Row-Eaton, Coffin, Rowe, Ashmnn, Ryan, Rubinuff, Boyle Third Row-Snow, Higgins, Fitch, M. Allen, MacNeil, Trolztnfl, A. Allen, Silver, Pillsbury Second Row-Leonard, Sweet, Treworgy, Ferris, Randall, Cosselnoom, Leavitt, Clifford Gleason, Xyoungy y,Vm-mwoml First Row-Bearce, Vllooster, Iveney, Goodrich, Houghton, Burnett, Bruce, Bunker Q W Wfwu SWUWVS am Wmwm XE? sa :H ,W -.2 M -4, .56 -45.1 vin- zff -K ggg mx5M HS ss-E ww, , 2 S E, W azsfigx 53535 A mg, ms - x Y if., I 1 1 Kg,-mx: N Preparing for Action MEM - x:mM'm-f- W .5 A -W JM Q ss 5 :eg Ln E QQ- vw mn H -W , Af Lgxks Q- -Qggmi H351-,Q E SIREN SB 1 gs .SESS ni Exigjgk - as is H 1 .4 as W5 .. M Y : S1 H 2' in w3?g,f, 'X gif :X'.fM3'- 5 ' "U 4 A . H -L M M W M EM 'E ' .11 , rf 4 -1 , A 7 5 ' Q Q. . , ,L 'H Q,,-WLSM J -- :Wwfai L M , '. S A L P W' A Y .,.. ,.: ----- A w,, aw' -,-H W s, ww H' Q X H F. ..-EMM Um1"',.Uiv U 'mn MW 1X'.J'f . L, M W ,,.fMm, Hg - yi- QSM Y'-H . iii? 2'?exf'.1wfxw',f,x,Lm-" 3 Mig.,- xs X:i1J9fiMsQ Wu- T' Q-Q95 'Miva H M-M55 ggi new I M 1 X Y A Ki L - M - - ss :a: 'af 5: Q n Q: S ,w -S S Pj 4 Hi? 1 Q 1 A W V H.: A ws ss H ..7.:.-1.-52, J.: .1 I L- M an n 3 W 5: w 55,- 55 S H 5 ,Wi E ,X Q rf D - " ' M -::-4u:.,g":-ffimm , sg! :ga w . - K 1 1 Ms , 1-HQ M A N sv 5 - M m , .:. -v ga-M .. .:. w,.. :,:. g9-- . ,Q L-5 H, 7, M Q Q 5. WPS M Q L M 'QW 3 5 5 5 5 S n f ' 'a:: :-:.-. .-.-::s fa:a:i-s'- . . Y? QE , M '- , sa J.-. M , - M M m H M M - 3 E? ss :af- -25: asa--:Ha g.:':::.' ufdqwil, fx-Zi, :asf is IM,-. N-Lg mm ms-1 Aga ' ' ' wx ,swf ws ' 'sw f Iwi max is z aM Durga ms M uf H .5 Exif M - 11 9 TEE Z M I QQ' sf 5,iQf,a'N Mx8Lw?..,.w WBQMMHHMHX Lelg Go' The Trek Across the River 7 fa-14 EF?-1 J n ga '..,f-irjfveti it , R' r" - , . . ll.: igiwiw 57975, . ' we is 5535 '1 Wm .,. an is i 'Fi-2'w-srzwsmsmf --si-Ai fi ' : of n .1 it smug mfg was s su- ,yi s as W Hn- fm- ,Marlin :sw Y 2 W A W Q., . . . , I v t Hifi X its 1- f 'l ,ESM JR' is N ' as 'l'zu'r, llinkhzun. SIIVQHIC, Crosby, Gzuniuons, YYhi1e, Messer, Barker Ccenterj MODERN DANCE C1I.l TB I The Modern Dance Cllula is in its 'econcl successful year. It is tnatle up if girls who have had two semesters if niotlern clanre ancl wish to con- inue their stutly. This club meets Jnce a week antl dance routines are vorkecl out and practisecl. An award which is equivalent to iunierals is inacle to eafh girl who Ltentls all meetings regularly and Jarticipates in the All-Maine X'Vom- -nls Pageant. Much ol' the success if this Club is Credited to Miss Ei- een Cassidy who contributes a great leal of time ancl ellort. OFFICERS President-Betty Barker Secretary and Treas.-lvlarjorie l'VhiLehouse MEMBERS Betty Barker Molly Tarr Betty Gammons Lois Stone Ernestine Piukham Isabelle Crosby Marguerite Messer Barbara Savage 1 2 match girl, has a happy dream of Mother Goose characters before she freezes to death when the fire made by her unsold matches fails to keep her warm. ln her dreams she sees King Cole flimily Hop- kinsj and his Hcldlers, Little Boy Blue, Humpty Dumpty, and others dance in colorful pageantryg then six white-clad angels come for her and she dances her way to heaven with them. The pageant was presented in Coburn Green and was enthusiastically received. l'MiEAN The Commencement Pageant is annu- ally presented by the All-Maine X'Vomen in cooperation with the Department ol' Physical Education for X'Vomen with Miss Cassidy as choreographer and dance di- rector and Miss Rogers and Miss Leng- yel assisting in directing. The theme of last years' pageant. "A Mother Goose Fantasy," was about the little match girl and was adapted from the Hans Christian Anderson tale by Phyllis Marks and Catherine XfVard. In the pageant, Mavis Creamer. the little 41 ' yah 4 .K-'K .fi 3 1-Z. an I S U C I A L Ii v E T S ff I 'V-I k 'fi W Z M .W 6 Qw- ,, "QM , ad ,, f lf! , sh H Bal? 1 W X . W, K 5 X , X 1 ' ,Sm M . 5 . ak R M H ...Wi N my wa E A M :zz Q in M .. MW 5 1 F Emu WM M QM mamma 551' Wfikiasszvflagsf K-M--www SW gg, Www... is MWF! was may .E ,N s ,W , 5 I 5 5 rl H .5.-5 5 5 is as sans? ss 5 A F5 . 5-.LEFW 1 ,Qs W k 5 - 2 5 51 :ii . M . ,.,.,.: --III Q 1 A iv gm 1 555,555.55 1 , 55 , M . If ..5 .... ,Aa M "1 ' - Hgh M ' 5.5 5555555 55 5 55 my -L ,. R- H H 55 E Q ,I H. , Q Q 55 5 ww SW 5 55, . ..,. 5 E I W .5 1 . 1 1 1' 5 5 ' f ,v 1 K ,. Y ' 3 . M J 5 - 5 .N .55 M - 5 5 .. M 5 gf 'Tki -. x M 157 ss 5 V - w Q E 3 , . ' 'A'-iam , I," 1, m 1 53 55.3 1 I Q .- s ,P ' ff? R, I,1,. ,5 5. 5 523355 - "' 5 . A Q 5E5:5:5 5, ,E .ff , in f Wgg- - , mi .5555-5 5 fzfi JF5 F ' ' mm 5 . ' ' '55 5 AE .II F 3 v ' 1 , - I 5-. . 1, if B 25,5 5. 55" rim ' as 5+ S 51 E2 E ' PmQ5Q5J5.lH:5Wmi . .W5 .. .. Q 5 5 . AGI M - 5 5 E 2' QE 5. 5 5 K E E E 55 5 5 5 m . 5 55. 5 5 . 5 5 - 5 5 III5 5 55 5..5sy55gg5gz.5 wfwfv 5 A WLM 5-5,.5qf'a-.7 Ee . 1 5. I vf 5 Y : 5 55 ff!-55 Y 5 we H 5 5 . 5 L I 9555, M gm 5 ' ,5 5 . 5 5 in X 5-5 5: ' ' 55 , W 555 55 55 I IQ? 5 Q 4 ' va 5 5 5 37? Q. 2 I ,, 5 5 f 5 5 5 55? :gg gf. 5 3 55 f 5 5 5 5 . 5 'Q ' A . I I 5 I 15 X ' '5 A 55 L , 555 . 5555 I -5 M Wm- m W " 5 'W T - ' ' '5 I555 3 I 555 55.5555 55 gpm X - 5 - "1 5' 5 ' 5555. I ,, 5- 5 55 ,55 E W 5' V 55 5 - :.:. :,:.: - 5 .5 . 5 5 I , :5... ..... .5.5 5 5. 5, Q ,, " if f ,.,, .Iii 5 13 55 ,E Q -1 f 5 1 .gi T I MTW, ... Iii: E .-, 55357 II 1--5.5 5- -5 .5,., M, 5 V 5 , 5 M I . 55 .5 X Q.-55: wg -55' -5 V - QW2 .5-.. T3,"' fW55s'.:i8 .fiww '5 535 fv , 5,3 If uw -5 . -555 1.551 H51 2.561 51. 7' 55531 ' . " f M 55. L M A 55 5352? 2 I S: . 'TZ 5 5, I , . .I5 f-.:. , :.: zzz 5 5 I5, .mm 5 .55- 55 :"'-1.4 5555 ix ,mx Hmm 55555555 9 . 55 5 . .g,I 5 E 5 W 55 .5 w M 5 515 ' X5. mags na KW' Q I 5 . .M I , 1 ig gig Q5 55 Q55 .355 " 'f - 5 25 H 5 55 T55 ww 5 ggzykw 5 . 'T , - 5 . ., I ' 5 5 5 Ei ass W Q 25 5, 5 m A 5 if , I ' W 5 Q 5 3 I, 1 .55 . 1 .5.I:I:I'f1'.E1 It 5555555 . 55555, ' .m 55.5. M 5 2 5... 5 . Qi 5,5225 ,gg ' 5 5' IJ A 1 5 Ig ,- 5, We 5 H fi? M 5 .5555 -f 55 -...5. 'H .fl W 'if 559555535 55 '55 fl' sv 55 55 , 5, 5 M 55 si 5 5' 2 5 - -55" 5. E551 5 - QE? 255 5 W 5 5 5 ..5.W .. II I VII ..,.5.,, 5. W 5 5555 5. WI .I .5 5 55 5 I 5.55 55: 5:55 5 55 5 55 55 .55 5 5 5 5, 5 , II .5 5 5 Q 5 5 5g js -5 55 5 5- M" 5555 5 5 ' 5.5 555.555 5 5555 55 E 555555. 5 Q 52 55 .55 5 5: ..5 .5. 53 I .m Q 5 B 5 ,W 555 5. ,.,5.,,I, . I 5 5 55 5 Q . . ' 55 H H f lg - 5-5 f , 5 H fi ,fm 5 S H 5-Q E 5- 55 .gzg 3:55 5 M 55 ,.::.:5' E5 -5 5 fig 55 " W. 5- 5 . A -. 5- ..,. -2 -5 gww 5 :555 .f5IfEi:E 25,2 555.5 gg We 51 M gg , A 55--55 55 ' hm- mf "5i5iE5E 5-.5.555-55-55555.55 64 WL ,55 W5 W 5: '45 55 M .... -. 5. 555 . .... M - . . A .. 555 .- 555- m5 - me Q - 5 5 'E ,wx .5. H ' ..... 55' PS 55 W 5 rf 551 ..5555:--5-5-'- "-'5:5:' 2-5-555.. 35 7 if ' H W 14 5 . naw H' - a. .- .. .. 9-K! 551 .... 5.51 :.: -- - Y lil X W ., 353 AW' Y .,., 5 ww E25 ' ' ' ,I Q Y' 555+ ILE: .. .5 m i S8 W H B na H m 5.55. 5 ,.r.1, :- : 5-5 - K N 5 ...5.. 5 ...5.5.5 5.,55.5. 5 I I , 5 5 5 E 5 5 K III III, I .. . I 555 55, E E 55 55 IIIIIII III IIII III I 5 ..5. 5 5.5 5.5 I F 5 mama 5 E 21 5 is -533:51 -f 222 5252 31: 5 52135 53 55 55 55 55 55- 5-55 5, .5.5.5. ,Q 5 -M .5 55 55 5555 .. 5 5 ' - '. 3 . 55 . Q-GA W - . . 5 5-557555 lib 5 5 - 55 5 5 5 I I 5 M H 55 5 5 5 5 I .55 5555 km 55.15.55 .5 555555 mam 2 5 1 5, 5155 555.55555 .5. 5,555 2 'f- www' U55 , 5mm ' 5 EM 55 .www .Saw sea M5555 N I asm. 5 INTRAMURAL BALL-1941 L,xwlu-:Nui Klilrlav, limnmn.-x SAVAGE, F1.oluaNf:1c Arwoon. Smllllil. '1'R.-xcr Each year the Intramural Ball is leaturecl by the crowning of the VVinter Carnival Queen and King. In the picture above, Florence Atwood and Samuel Tracy accept emblems of their newly won positions from Barbara Savage, 1940 Queen, and Lawrence Kelley, Chairman of the 1941.1 Intramural Ball Committee. 333 xg E My Wig 4 MW A " A 71213 x 4 x Am HAB- ff. H 'R .mi V ' 37 sa-M , ' wi ' Kwlag WMW M Aix mise erm.. k V, X U wa si-f me :GNL Q3 - Q f .af fl 11450. M --' -W. was Q. y i2 if 3 am z. Y 1 9'l?1?Kf 1 L ' W1 'I CJ 'MXL Y -: - 5 wg W. - MTW -I H S- X , ,z 35 23 Hmiw L 'f www' t , , 21395 'WWXM Wmxww-L B S, K , 2, ' f We A f, fx W 4 e F Q " Z'ifi-Qfififffllifif if 5 ' f W 1 I , ,L V . +5 , E 1 If new vu fm ww 5,1 7,4 Mx' wr w ,w ir if . JE L wx-u Top-SOPHOMORE I-IOP Lower-COMM1iNc:13M1zNT BALL 335 CWD ll i ll ll S.A.E.'s 'Swap Olf' hit a new high in popularity as it was termed one of the year's best informals .... K C3-49 Beta's 'Snully Smith' also won approval as it was something different in Social Events. Mm MMM A ?gfit,,3,, their miiiis wk? - C 5 if-M F learn TEPl3?HET llES 5 f I Q 1 i ? 'THE ELMS: COSTUME PARTY JUST A 'STAG IJANCIL APPPIECIATIUN THE 1942 PRISM YVISHES TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESS APPRECIATION TO THE FOLLOYVING INDIVIDUALS FOR EFFORT EXTENDED IN ITS PREPARATION FOR PUBLICATION: BUSINESS ALLAN E. PIPER, Senior Adviser JAMES A. GANNEIT, Registrar Miss ADDIE M. IIIVEED, Recorder PHILIP J. BROCKWNAY, Director of Placement Bureau CI-IARLES E. CROSSLAND, Alumni Secretary PHOTOGRAPHY ALBERT D. EHRENERIEII, First Prize in Photo Contest DONALII C. HARPER, Second Prize in Photo Contest IV ALTER P. STRANG, Third Prize in Photo Contest ROBERT S. CAIL GORDON I. ERIKSON LAURENCE A. COOPER, -IR. JOSIIPII M. INGHAIW CHARLES F. CROCKER HEYWOOII B. NIACONIBER ' IROISERT T. DAVIS RICPIARD IN. TAINTER PRODUCTION PRINTER: UNIVERSITY PIQESS-ROY WY LIBBY ANI: AssIsTANTs PHOTOGRAPHER: DICK IIVHITE STUDIO ENGRAVER: BICKFORIJ ENGRAVING COIVIPANY, Providence, Rhode Island 538 si H . my ,.. mm a m a ,X A . aww -n if ss na ss a :ww x-. EH an my ss mn a ss mn HJ saw BEE mm- B S mwwnss 'mm -aamnm mmm an mi ,x.. bww., 51 nw E EE SWE B sw m ss s sa 9 :fx L sf, a sm a ,Sa , -gs a gx mm X w A-ww a -. Us w w., wa O A . -- B, ss ms- ss E Km The MAINE MASQ presents "STAGE noun Q1 The MAINE MASQUE PYCSCUIS BBAGES and KINGS" by IRICE Blcssli und lfmxxc Hfxxsow AUTHORS f Q .f H Z' , ,. , wif N 'M 11: ff w 2 A ' 11: 4 , .gem-Q F -- xg Lifg A S v 'W 5252. " 5-wif? x ' 5? The MAINE MASQU13 presents UTEL UNIVERSE ,. Q.: x x fw ,M 2. x V, F2 W 'J' Q1 M mx -aa ms .f-wx kr 'xi :FM uf x Wi 2 ima H ms rx S B' .si E mn ES vm iam sk ., an H mn mn an V . X, ,WW x I mf' was R. V ws 1 x ,' ww x M 1 W hz 'Km ,W Q W V 1 ss . w H K sf S 1 1 I ind 2 gf -H G Q -su-, if e 5 Y I .v v mn ms .QW ef it ' I-'-...E5EG:E"'fI2 Q25 ' gl 't 325555 IfI..f'.'.. ' H V """-'-" I 3: f '- gg, B3 P 'x Em vi Q ag, Q0 L Q 55? NRM k .:.:.:.:., . : B581 n z L li' xx' ww hm: a w S 3 .I rf v , N --N., 'sz' ,. C was rw. 22. zm,iwwi, X E Q. S mm , 55359, ' 555241 K w W I 5 gn ? S Q? 1 9 3? zz ii fi w 2 fl .A 5 Q , 5 s Z Q x 1 b W up Y? We Q-5 will wb A - 93 . f.: if 1: - .Q -A A 595551. hw.- 4 aim f W z in If -fs xl j A X , 1 Q.: - X1 4 2 2. wiwm ma W 1-5 H .4 Q X , B if NT .Qu M, . l .1 4 an are 5.24252 E.: 5 K' 9' ,QZJMAQM mm .,1 . K. , , ,wx WMEV K ff if gl pgs, . 3 1' ,E W A' . K - mg? W . 'V' L 1 -ff-+1 Q wg 5 E ::siI, " 'Ti' f.. 5 , we . I ,E W i I 1 'Iga "' .2 K L V111 .gs Ha a. . in IWMWM., 1 ga- x .5 4. 4 ..:.- . W 4 .Q f"1.ff1 I 3' .,,. fy X 'My fa f 1.1 HN- .xv .N V. Me, ,J My H f -- Mx M Www ...vm :aw LB x ' nsf.w"QW 1 iff Kanji H Q. 4 .Q .N Hwy . ..,, w 'U an . ,, Z, E Q 'K M I f W '25- Q, . Q-wgw Aw ...wilt W x egg. x mfg we gm .-ma wx '1 y U was was M22 if. . W,W,,,.1g m.sf1m-wv-'wma:wMg:s.3m. Q ss ww azasff -R ,yv ...,.,f'::-L, x ,Qi - f K 3 Ld., 2 ,JK Q Q if 2 sul S-If 1 w :N ' A A K V? , . 1 Y H 1 Ag Wi I : Q .,:. h 5. Q gm M xv T Di-' K' W S ' I at H: K3 4 wr: P -,lf , " - ' v. X ., , V f ig" V T' '- fag mg if .KMFE N 15 5 A A . SS X V L K I ' ' an 9 ' . ,Q I Q QW 1 X ' Y , K - 4 I 4 P sf m kk. :N 2 Lg -. , if my 'idx 4aQ8gi5'k ,, . H 5 A ,, I li wssgkgzggi EL 5 w 1. fl 1 I 3 - 2 1 5 E gi N ai A v . , ' QL 5 -A ,W Q, , I NH fr as- H 3 . , , , . 4 ' , . 1 M . :- . ' 3' F Q a -7 . A f D- ' ,Eoin . 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'- ' QB WX M W' M' -5194 1,944 -, .. avi- ,wx W U u ,,,, A C312 Q in Q .,m5W"" R9 sf' r :,,,L,m -fr, hz.. nw. , 1- MQ. .,--gg, ,H v v P A fi 'iv Q sf... ,gk f ,. , 4 W- N nf, 5 ...L I ., . , . X , , . my-N114 , FZ V, no . fe L.. . 2' fl ' ' ,96 wwf- f , f, Q . N ' 1, ws. 2.3 I X MQ- ogzfeof NI w Q Q-. f M fl... im' K in 'Sw is-A lf? I 1'-'5 mturffs 2-gg - 'fit' uf, QA, My f - Q " .'7,3'f?1n5 'f : ' H, ,. ,V , .Ng - ,. sw ,- iifilg P , g Q -Lg. '- Q- mfg , :Y fdffw Clif. ll H: Hy., Sh R, f lik 'W U. 5? , 2 . .U M' . - 'f , 1 g '-'f.'f..1 - Lf' ' Q.. ,. ,. if I , .1 ' I ff., -..- 4' 'Mr 'H- -'ffM5fm,Q,' w.Wj5L...r, X . , I K X mf. -1- li'.."'f' ' Lf Q V 1 A ,, T M33 fs fp " w ' ' H . ' 1,7 ,msii-Q lm Riff: cw, .A Q . is Q " Elway SM., E N 1 Q Agfa.. 7 ., R 2 1 f 'I F xl 'A . .N Q 4 ,if ,X . 4 B .Q 'I 5 5 4 1 - a A Q- 1 ss ' i x , .V E fs is s nw ms msg V... ms mu sw mn mu.. wx 5 mf-H nw. a a ms mms KR' 'I ADVEBTI EME BT 4 Acme Mfg, Co. .,.... 380 Lancey House ....., 378 Bangor Baking Co., . . 371 Leen, Stanley j. Co. .... . 375 Bangor Egg Co. ..,,,,.. 382 Lyons Iron Works I11c. ,... 376 Bangor Furniture Co. .. 373 Mai11e Coal Sales Co.. .. 367 Bllllgtll' House, The ........ 37.1 Melvin's Music Store ,..,... . 371 Bangor Hydro Stores ..,.... 379 BlCl'Cll1llllS National Bank ,.,. . 372 Bangor Nursery Flower Shop ,... . 371 Merrill Trust Co. ..4...... 366 Bangor Oflice Supply Co. ..,. 37.1 Milliken Totnlinson Co. ..., . 378 Bangor Roohng Co. ...... 374 BTOOII it S1nitl1 Co. ....,... 380 Bangor Steam Laundry '... 380 Morse tk Co. ...............r, . 377 Bass, G. H. K Co. ....... 382 Mou11t Waldo Glllllllti Corp.. , . . 386 Bellevue Hotel .,......,.. 377 Myer's Studio ...,...,....... . 386 Bickford Engraving Co. ..., 385 New Atlantic Restaurant ,,.. . 380 Boyd K Noyes, I11e. .,...... 380 Old Town Furniture Co.. . . , 382 Bragg, N. H. K Sons ,.... 367 l'enney's Food Shop ........,,. . 377 BYOWII tb XVhiKe Paper Co. , . 37.1 Penobscot Exchange Hotel ,,.. , 379 Burnham Drug .......... 371 Penobscot Press Inc. ....,.. , 380 Caldwell Sweet Co. .. 367 Penobscot Valley Gas Co. ..,. , 373 Chapin, Arthur Co. ,. 378 Rice. C. I-l. Co. ....,...... 367 Crowell K Lancaster ...... 5577 Savage, C. H. Co. ,,.....,.... . 371 Cunningham, T. XV. Inc. .. 381 Sinnnons K Hillllllltllltl Co.. .. . 379 Dakin's .....,......... 375 Sklar, Ben ...,....,..... 378 Dillingham's ,....... 38,1 Spruce's Log Lodge, . . 375 Dunning. R. B. X Co. ..,,. 370 Strand Tlleatre .,... 375 Eastern Fire Protection Co.. . 376 Swift X Co. ..,,.. 369 Eastern Tl'llSl K Banking Co. .,.. . 368 Sylvesle1"s Garage .... 375 Farnsworth's Cafe .,,,...... 375 llniversity Bookstore . . . 371 Goldsmith. A. J. ,,.... 373 Viles. Blaine S. ..,.,. 377 Harrinian. Alonzo J. . , . 371 Virgic's ,.....,,.... 375 Hartwell Coal Co. ..... 376 XVcbber Motor Co.. .. 375 Haynes K Chalmers Co. ., 379 vVCllllOl'C Savage Co. ,,.. 369 Henley Kimball Co. , . 380 lllhite. Dick ......... 383 Hopkins. A. R. Corp. .. 380 Ye Brass Rail .. 377 KCCllC'S Ice Cream Co. . . , . 378 The Prism of 1942 has been substantially supported by tl1e advertisers whose names appear on the following pages. Each lTlCllllJC1' of the Uni- versity of Maine student body, faculty, and admixiistrative staff should feel it his duty to patronize tl1e firms listed above, which are always ren- dering the best of services to their regular and prospective customers. 365 CQECKING K' I I ... 'Lag 3'll ,En ev ' N Gs argl?-5 - I Complete Banking Service This bank, with 12 olhces in the principal communities in Fast- ern Maine, affords complete ser- vice to its customers in all clepart- ,,tV-C'A'- 4 ments of commercial bankinff. xl- 0-1 D .. ,L ,tm ' 1 "" Its customers, wherever located, "Im-I have the benefit of all the facili- ' ties and resources of the bank. Deposits Insurccl by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation TRUST with Maximum Insurance of 355000 for each Dcpositor. is 0? 15? An 1 -'im X . M T DEP Qt Os " W A COII1 2111 Q I A is 1 . 1. lm sr nov lciz- MACH ms I!l7CKSI'OR'l' roxclzorr Miro DEXTER EAsTP0R'r JONESPORT ol.D 'rowx oRoNo SRARSPOR1' I B M Q ,W an got, a1ne ii' , Mmiizlcie rfEoi+:R,xL iclrzsiciwlz sYs'rEM Mmirzfsia FIQDIQRAI. nm-osir INSITRANVIC coizlolzvilov 366 Jilazine od! Sales 0. Meddo llitlllllill0llS Steam Coals Via Railroad Cars or Trucks DISTRIBUTORS Fairbanks Morse Automatic Smkcrs Plant: Bucksport Ofiice: Ezxsmrn Trusl Bldg. Bangor IRON AND STEEL HEAVY HARDVVARE REPLACEMENT PARTS and EQUIPMENT N. II. BIIAGG 8 SUNS 9,,5HE,, I Caldwell Sweet Co. P. 1 5 ' Gp P T X E Q. Wholesale Druggists GOOD F000 llO Broad Sl. Bangor, Mc 367 STATEMENT OF CONDITION OF Ea tern Tru taml Banking Company at the Close of Business December 51, 1940 RESO URCIES CZlSlI on Hand .....,.., 15 349,135.65 Cash on Deposir ..... ll. S. Govt. Securities . . Slnlc znul Municipal Bonds ............. Ollner Slocks and Bonds Loans :incl Discounts ,, I.0:1ns on Real Eslzue . . Reul Eslule Owned ,,.. Furniture und Fixtures .'XKfCl'llEll Interest liurnecl Other Assets . ., . Customers Liability Lellers 0fCre1iil .,, Trusi Investments ...., OFFICERS 211581 .275-37 1.37g,638.76 307.5 1 5.25 1,600,637 .80 1 -HS-1 -9517-S7 5o.l..15.1.16 498,618.91 2.1.5 1 8.72 26.16841 1 1 .2.l0.o7 5 000.00 bIO.l73,I.'0.97 8.167.091 .53 SlS.3.l0 232.50 Mfilliain l". Newman, President Hurry A. Litllelicld. V. Pres. and 'l'l'CIlS. Karl R. I'hilbrick. Sec. and Trust Oliicer Linwood M. Coflin. Asst. Trezis. 01.131 Towx BRANC11 I-Izlrry IV. Porter, Manager LIABILITIES Cupi llll Srock ............. 15 Surplus liurnefl ........... 200,000.00 200 .00U.00 U liclivirled P1-on Ls Earned Reserves Earned . 1080190.13 715,000.00 8235190.13 AlI'IOI'llZ1lIlOII Reserve for Bond I'1'ClIIIllll'lS , Accrued lnteresi on Savings IDCIJOSILS . Deposits ....... Divirleiul Checks Olll.Hl2llIClllI,E,Y .,... rlII'CLISllI'Cl"S Checks OlllSl2IIlCIlllg ..,. llneurnerl Discount Lcllers ol' Credit .. Trust Dcpzrrlnient . 5625.17 16,500.00 S-877,589--15 l23.25 34405-75 . . 10407.21 5.000.011 S10,173.1.g0.g7 8,167,091 .53 S18 gg.10.23::.50 BOARD OF 'I"RUS'I'EES George T. Carlisle Harry A. Littlefield Harold M. Pierce Stephen Raymond XV. Davis XVilliam P. Newman Cornelius VI. Russell. Sr Wh ea tl an d Mfxcnms BRANCH YV. M. Hill, Manager 368 WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY WETMOIlE SAVAGE DIVISION 175 B d S B ngor, Main I . p II ol C60 ml, l, ll' Zifizmcl ,Qi EWa0'W'L 10201 IOTOI IOZOI ICED! IOZO O I1 O O E R. B. DUNNING 8c CO. E! 0 1835 ------ 1941 O ll E Headqimrlers for 9 O QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL O ll H D1sTR1BUToRs FOR o O Masury Paints ik Varnishes Thibaut Wall Papers E H Johns-Manville Products 2 2 U. S. Gypsum Products American Radiator Company E H Standard Sanitary Company 2 9 Plumbing Sc Heating Materials Myers Water Systems QE 5 Hot Point Ranges, YVater Heaters Q B and Refrigeration O 54 - 68 Broad Street ,- 0 Phone 6461 u 3 2 H BANGOR, MAINE 5 II 'dmoz mono: loner nomo: mmol o 370 MELVIN'S MUSIC ST0llE PIANOS RECORDS SEWING MACHINES Sales and Service 88 Central Street ' Bangor, Maine Comjaliments of The University Bookstore ALONZO J. IIARBIMAN ARCHITECT ENGINEER 88 Shcplcy St. Auburn, Maine BUBNHAM DRUG Prescri 11 t i 0 ns OLD TowN, MAINE C. ll. SAVAGE, C0. B 83 Broad Srrect ungor, Maine N'VI'IOI.IiSALIi FRUIT AND PRODUCE Distributors of Canada Dry Beveraom Flowers for All Occasions Bangor Nursery Flower Shop Harold Gzlrfinklc T. E. P. MOTHEll,'S BREAD B1 Vitamizcd BANGUR BAKING COMPANY BANGOR, MAINE loo Center Slrccl Tcl. 4,353 371 T 11ere's a Rich Reward For Earnest Endeavor In University of Maine classrooms, just as in any other field of human endeavor, it takes conscientious preparation as well as application to become a top-notcher in class, and to win a scholar- ship. There are daily rewards for those who know they are doing their best in all that the University expects of them. There are life- time rewards according to how well the lessons of hooks and of living are learned. And there are 120 scholarships and 15 prizes and awards- totalling over 315,175.00 each year-which are extra rewards annu- ally, in money and honor, for deserving earnest endeavorers. This year's 2100 U. of M. students are indeed privileged to have so many and such precious rewards to work for! If scholarships were awarded to banks for highest endeavor in helpful service to the community and its people, this institution would certainly deserve a string of them, stretching from its "Fresh- man" year, 1850, right 1113 to now. Merchants National Bank OF BANGOR NIEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM' AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 372 JOBS are easier to find, easier to hold when you look your best . . .in trim, good-looking Arrow Xfvlllilj Shirts. A tip: Stock up with Z1 dozen now-before you go oil' Dad's payroll! Only Arrow has the taper- ing "Mitoga" fit, the famed Arrow collar. Sanlorized- shrunk too: fabric shrink- age less than 1Q5Q,. 352.00 Sec us today. 'fn Q A. I. GOLDSMITH A R R O W S H I R T S SANFORIZED 'B F '15 6l7Zg01" H7742 H76 0. "Guild Store Ifor State of Maine" CoM1fL1f1Ti-L Housii FuP.N1s11iNGs 84-R8 Hmmoxn S'rRRE'1' B,xNoou. AIAINIC 6707121111-7lI6!ll.S of mobfcof alley an Co. If iL's done with Henf, it can be done with Gas 373 BANGOR ROOFING Sr SHEET METAL CO. SLATE-TILE-COPPER-IRON TAR AND GIIAVEI, ROOFING Automobile Radiator Repairing New Radiators 10.1 Hammond Street BAD-COR Mum: REMEMBER THE BANGOR HOUSE Wfhen making hotel reservations for parents or friends. The Hne food and pleasant accommodations they find there will greatly increase their enjoyment of the visit. Bangor Office Supply Co. F. J. HERLIHY 18 P. 0. Square Tel. 8331 Portable and rebuilt typewriters Chair Cushions: Desksg Filing Cabinetsg Folders, etc. A complete line of ofliee equipment and students' supplies BROWN 85 WHITE PAPER CO. Manufacturers' Agents ancljobbem PAMQR, BAGS, TWVINI5, Svif:c:1,xLT113s 101 Blond Sl Bangor, Maint 374 SPBUCE'S L06 L0llGE SERVICE GOOD FOOD B13TrER Pleasant Environment Everybody's Business Solicitecl 128 College Ave. Orono SYLVESTER BRUTIIEBS GARAGE Kwik Kurrent Rapid Battery Charger Battery tested and charged in your car while-U-wait Phone Dial 8415 OLD TOWN, ME. FARNSWORTH'S CAFE 'qpatronize 'Tat s iViIl,L S'rREE'r I I 9 ORON0 Stanley Leen Co. 347-349 Main Street BANGOR. BTAINE GENERAL MILL SUPPLIES ELECTRIC NIOTORS Sales and Service Phone 7629 Compliments of Strand Theatre ORONO H. EDWARD RICE, BECK. I QUALITY CLOTHING-SHOES-HATS ORONO, MAINE D Golf, Hunting, Tennis, Fishing, Camping, D 2 Photography Eqglipment If: 1 DAKIN S 1 N SHEI' HURD, '17 lYIARK HURD, '26 N S Mgr. Bangor Store Mgr. Yvaterville Store S Lincoln I 7-8 Mercury Zephyr WEBBER MOTOR C0. 499 Hammond Street YOUR FORD IDEALER Bangor, Maine 375 Hartwell Coal Co., Inc. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS ANTI-IRACITE AND BITUMINOUS COAL LEHIGH VALLEY ANTHRACITE Dial 7396 BANGOR, ME. "Steel I'Vl1cn You Want It" LYUNS IRON WDURKS, Inc. STEEL STRUCTURES DESIGNED AND FABRICATED ARCHITECTURAL AND ORNAMENTAL IRON Ojyice ll nd lfVm'k.v MANCHESTER NEW HAMPSHIRE Slap playing Wdk awe!! Protect your fraternity home from fire and save up to 75215 on your Iire insurance pretniutns by installing an Eastern Auto- matic Sprinkler system. The and Delta Tau Delta Houses are Eastern Autotnatic protected, Don't wait until you have a fire. lVrite today for Zl FREE illustratecl Folder. EASTERN FIRE PEETECTIEN 00. Lewisttm, Ma in 375 Crowell 81 Lancaster, Arehiteets BANGOR, IXIAINE C. Parker Crowell, '98, A.l.A. YVHILCI' S. Lancaster, A.I.A Designers of Estabrooke Hall MUIISE 8 CUMPAN Y Lumber lk Building Materials Paint Builders' Hardware Memorial YVIIICIOWVS Valley Ave. Leaded Glass 'Work BANGOR, Mn. For Good Foods Go to PEN N EY'S F0011 SIIIIP 44 Main St., Orono, Mc. The Quality' Store 'Ye 7312155 Rail The Students, Eating Place .-lir Cnnflilimzvd Sound CUl7fHlf0IIl'lI 202 Exclumgr: Si, Bangor, Maine BOSTON HEADQUARTERS for the University of Maine I H ate! 'Bellevue on Beacon Hill opposite the stare house WILLIAM M. FITZGERALD YQ5icz'e1zt Jfanager Blaine S. Viles Maine Timberlazncif Augusvca Maine 377 Compliments of MCTHER HUBBARD FLOUR Arthur Chapin Co. BANGOR, lN'lAINE D1sTRnsU'roRs K , I ce rea m., "Deliciously Different" BEN SKLAB For Good Clothes ask for Hickey-Freeman, Kuppenheimer, and Timely Old Town Maine Milliken Tomlinson Co. XfVHo1.tasfxt,i-t GROCICRS Portland. Maine Branches at Bangor Lewiston Presque Isle Ellsworth BRAND Food Products SERVICE lNCl.UDES An 'nstitution Department Completely stocked with the FINEST FOOD PRODUCTS Importers ol' Coll'ees-'1'eas- Molasses Roasters of Coflee Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Dept. lVe maintain our own Trucking Service covering the entire State of Maine fcmcey House Pittsheld, Maine "Famed for over thirty years for its good food, the LANCEY HOUSE in Pittsheld has with pleasure and pleasant remem- brances, served University of Maine, its Students and Alumni. l'Vith sincere wishes for success to each of its graduating class." XV. XV. LEHR Owner and Manager Compliments of Simmons 81 Hammond Mfg. Co. Division of General Ice Cream Corporation Pier and Sixth Streets BANGOR, BIAINIE LOOK .-XT ITS FEATURES .... AND THEN AT TI-IE "PRICE TAG" -yozfll lmwf In agree the 19.11 Eleclrir' Ranges nrzr the l'liUI'S" of Modern Cooking Eqzlipmevzl! 9132 BANGOR HYDRO STORES Lzfl Us Show You Vmfr f How S2lL1Slyll1g a Good I-Iotel 5 Can Be IQII ,ff n A 1 The right C0ll'llJll1IllIOI1 of comfort. Con- venience. line food und drink and genuine I hospitality have made the Penobscot 5 J eastern Mninc's preferred hotel. 4 9 ENoBseoT ,'li?:"V: l',,,jff4,:. :::5-1-E.. ,, 1 Il I UIQ' 'E!fr'raI1e2ll52!Qs3: ' I ,r - umbqma avw EXCHANGE HOTEL , ,. 1' f'7':?ff'-fT f Bfxxfzok. Mn. The Haynes and Chalmers Co. Hardware 6: Iron LUMBERMENS AND MILL SUPPLIES Dynamite, Powder, Sporting Goods :gg Exclumge Street BANGOR. Klrxlxx 379 A. Il. IIUPKINS C0llPOIlATION 1134 Broad Street Bangor. Maine W11o1.13sA1.E AND RETAIL DEALERS IN GRAIN AND FLOUR We recommend and sell XVIRTHMORE POULTRY FEEDS ACME MFG. CIDMPANY BANGOR. IYIAINE MASON AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES G. A. I'IERSEY, 'oo T. M. HERSIiX'. '34 TIIE PENOBSCOT PRESS, Inc. Creators of DISTINCTIVE PRINTING of every description at Reasonable Prices Tel. Old Town S1 ll BIIYD 8: NIDYES, Inc. Specializing in FISOXVLIC S'1'L:R1.1NG SILVER Diamonds of guaranteed perfection 25 Hllllllllllllll Sl, Bangor, Maine EXCELLENT FOOD-WELL SERVED The House of Quality The New Uifilantic 7Qstfzzzwznt T. D. Mourkas. Mgr. G6 Malin Street Dial 8810 or 9129 Piangor, Mc. HUDSON CARS WHITE TRUCKS DISTRIBUTORS SINCE 1911 Personally Endorsed Used Cars The Henley-Kimball Co. SALES Bangor SERVICE BANGOR STEAM LAUNDRY CO. Call Orono 171 Students' bundles and dress shirts a specialty 380 'I'. W. CIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIII, I C. GENERAL CUNTHACTURS IIANHUII, MAINE COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE BUILDERS OF New Chenncal Eng1nee1'1ng Laboratory ATA Fraternitv House FOR ' UNIVERSITY OF MAINE I"c1npo1'ary Housing at Bangor Airpon Corps of Engineers U. S. Arlny 381 COIN-IPI,I1X'IEN'l'S OF OLD TOWN FURNITURE CO. Complete I'I01l.SY' F111'11isl1ir1g.S 68 VOTLIX 'Wuxi St Old Town. Nl 1 Comlblimenls of THE G. KRUEGER BREWING G0. .'1swvAZi3 N. J. BANGOR EGG COMPANY INC BASS for Loafing ..... BASS for Camping ..... BASS for Campus wen olfing SSVEI ' ' fo Q rv cn Z P PU 'H O O Z 'Ti Q N P-i P CC! F' Fi OJ S . YG 'YE 2 OUTDOOR FOOTVVEAR H 'ff E Q Zi ' oi 2:1 JW occ1u1'1'1s Q S4 Sf707'IfOCKlSi'Il.S Z C2 Ski Bools W S Ez S cn U 2 0 UT P-s G H BASS 8: CO 2? CD C ' V1 CE ff 53 UU. 39 CD UJ u Q for Collinc ...... BASS for Hunting ...... BASS for Fishing 382 PORTRFIITS GfItC'UP WCIQK CGI .I .IHIGIHI SCIHINIHIS I DICK WHITE ottioiaI photographer to THE I942 PRISM Dick White Studios Orono, Maine TeI. 302 BCDGK BINDING CPIJICB SUPPLIES DICT!-IPPIQNE DILLINGrPIAIVI'S Binders of The Maine Prism THE FACT fhal' mis company was selecfed fo design and make lhe engravings for fhis book and many ofher prominenl' Annuals. is signifi- canf lhaf we are New England's leading Designers and Engravers of school and college publicafions. nd ELEC TROT YPE 0 RAXIING zo MAT:-uEwsoN STREET Q Q PROVIDENCE, R. I. 385 C0- Dl00N 8: SMITH f"' "" .3 ,. A .AA. SALES SERVICE Commercial Household RCiil'igC1'2lliKJI1 Oil Healing lcl ,153 .I7 Park Sl Bm or MT. WAALIJU GRANITE UUHPUPIATIUN For buildings of everlasting beauty and construction granite is thc Choice FRANI rom AIXINL C!IH7f2llA77ICI'llS of MYEPKS STUIJIU Compliment! of A FRIEND 386 A Abbott, D. .103 Abbott, l'I. 280 Abbott. S. 101 Aclams, A. 46 Amlnnis, C. B. 217 Adams, C. li. 46, 218, 273, 309 Adams, C. H. 261 Aalzuns. C. K. 46. 209 Arlains, lf. 99, 101, 236, 287 Adams, G. 209 Azlasko, M. 99, 101, 257, 259, 270. 282, 28.1 Adler. I. 220, 314 Aho, B. 299, 312 Allzert, J. 101 Alexnncler, Il. 101 Alexzuuler, VV. 275 Alfornl, WV. 46, 195, 212, 272 Allen, A. 327 Allen, C. 215. 312 Allen, D. 46 Allen, E. 46. 281 Allen, Nl. 263, 277, 327 Allen, NV. 263 Alpert, A. 101 Alpert, S. 46 Amlirose, I. 308 Anderson, A. 277 Anderson, F. 46. 291 Anclerson, 1. 102. 210, 215 Anrlerson. R. 47 Andrews, F. C. 102 Andrews, F. S. 102, 219 Angel, C. 300 Ansell. E. 102 Arbo, E. 102, 270 Arlmr, C. 4-1, 45, 47 297 Armitage, VV. 102 273 Aslnnan, R. 262. 327 Aslnnan, S. 103, 257, 322, 324, 326 Ashworth, B, 44, 47 223 Astor, D. 47 221 Atkinson, E. 259 Atwood. F. 103, 223 Atwood. S. 219 Austin, 11. 47 Austin, 1. 217, 297 Avery, 11. 282, 287 Axtell, A. 103, 214 B Babel. NV. 47 Baclnnan. G. 103, 213 Backer, A. 47 Bacon. ll. 103 Bacler, R. 220, 299 Baszlcy. G. 250 Baisley, T. 215, 299 Baker, C. 47 Banton. A. 259 Banton, H. 4S, 209. 237. 273 Banton, M. 103, 225. 277 Barrio, C. 104, 213, 254, 280 Barker, E. 104, 223, 238. 329 Barker, 1. 262 Barrett, B. 48 Barrows, li. 100, 104, 210. 297. 315 Barrows, J. 104 210 Bartlett A, 104 Bartley, C. 216 Bartley. H. -18, 260 Bates, M. 45, 48, 224, 245. 322, .124 Bzitclrelcler. R. 2116 Bean. B. 22.1. 233 Bean, B. C. 104, 213, 246, 264, 266, 269 Bcarce, G. 210 263 Bearce. F. 327 Beaton, C. 105. 222, 230 Beaton, D. 105, 211 Beaton, R. 105 Becknmn, H. .09 l5CCkl1lZlI1'll, VV. 105. 218, 315, 3'6, 317 Beoizel. 1'. 105, 222 Bell. D. 271 Bell. E. 30:3 Bell. K. 48, 239, 256, 273 Belknan. M. 105. 226, 267 Benjaniin, C. 106. 219 Henjuli-in, R. 48. 242. 244 Berg. S. 106 Berry. 98. 106, 225, 246, 247 Berry. R. 45, 48, 218, 231. 236, 237 Berry. WV. 48 Besse. B. 49, 232 TUBE. T INDEX Beverage, A. Beverage, R. Bickforcl, F. 111g'ClSUl'l, A. Billings, P. C. Billings, P. 0 Bither. G. Blaisdell, D. Blaismlell, K. Blaisdell. R. Bl:1ke, C. A. Blake, C. 1. Blancllnrd, B. Blzmchard, C. Bla11cl1ard, G. Blancliard, K. Blanclizird, R. Blood, H. Bodwell, R. Bonnnattei, R. Bond, A. Bond, L. Bonney. A. Boone, M. Booth. WV. Boss. M. Boulos, J. Bower, I. Bowers, D. Bowser, R. A. Boyd, Boyle, F. Boyle, l'l. Boyle Boyle, . Bracy, H. Brackett, C. Brzullrnry, D. Brzuleen, D. Bradstreet, C. Brady, XV. Brnmlon, R. .I- K Braley. C. Bramliall. R. Brnwn, B. Brawn. WY. Brewer, D. Brewster, F. Bridges, 1. Briggs, F. Briggs, R. Brink, R. Brocler. 1. Brody, S. Brooks, XV. Brown, B. Brown, C. Brown. D. Brown, H. Brown, L. Brown. M, A. Brown, M. E. Brown, 13. Brown, Browne, Brownell. Brownlee, ll. Bruce, F. Brnmlflge. A. Brunk, R. Bryan, D. Bryant, H. Bryant, P. Bulmr, T. Buclianan. R. Buck, R. 1. Buck, R. YV. VV . R . A . Buckley. O. Bunker. R. Burden. F. Burger, li. Burgess, H. Burgess. S. Burke, 1. Burke, M. Burleigh, L. Burleirgli, S. Burnett, B. Burnett, 1. Burney, L. Burnhain, R. Burnham, VV. Burns. G. Burpee, H. 220, 49. 106, 49, 49, 44, 45, 49. 256, 258, 282, 107. 217, 304, 107, 226, 245 250 254, 107 214, 107. 213, 107 214. 108, 108, 218, 304. 315, 316. 254, 261. 108. 45. 49. 225, 234, 265, 49, 2011. 231 264 266, 100, 211, 309. 1015, 109, 217, 50, 50, 250. 269 zsz, 50, 250, 269, 50, 50, 223, 50. 268, 109. 109, 214, 230. 239, 51, 256, 281, 51, 227, 270, 109, 275, 51, 221, 51. 213, 237, 242, 244, 263. 310 51. 239, 110, 220, 254 51, 263. 51, 110 215, 110. 52, 271, 52, 299, 259 275, 194. 52 111. 210, 237, 297 111, 211, 111, 387 261 279 225 106 209 106 107 216 301 286 310 265 237 213 254 272 214 317 261 108 49 280 250 277 276 213 215 310 216 109 237 327 215 285 282 309 312 50 109 312 308 212 300 210 282 281 223 306 50 297 282 306 303 297 300 252, 274 315 110 51 277 110 225 300 217 215 300 327 21-l 317 287 225 233 110 261 290 208 210 327 52 315 208 263 111 52 287 111 327 272 52 212 215 209 52 Burrill, R. Burton, B. Butler, VV. Butterfield, YV. 112. 217 Butterwortli, D. 53, 219. Buzzell, C. 53. 223, Byer, D. Byrne, J. Cabot, 1'. C Cahill, A. Czxlioon, D. Czinclzige, B. Carlisle, R. Carlson, G. Carr, G. Carter, 12. Carter, F. Carter, G. Carter, G. E. Carter, J. Carter, L. Carver, Cassidy. Catir, M. Cliadbonr Clrzidwick, C. E. R. ne, E. .1- Cl12l.l1llE1'S, 9. Clizinilberl cil'1f1.11C1lClA, Cl12l.D111ll.l1 , Clizipmzm, Chapman, Chapman, Chase, F. Chase, G. Chase. M Chase, Cliece ii .I , Cheney, 1 . Chase, R. R. 1 ain, E. J. M. J. M. L. Mildred R. ' H. 11. A. J Cheney. VV. Chick, O. Clripnian, Clirislens Christie, L. cn, NV. A. Clinrcli, 1. Cl11.1I'Cl1 Chute, . Chute R. , M. 1' Cilleyl, M. Clapp, E. Clark, A. Clark, A. Clark, C. Clark, Clark, Clark, Clrmverie, Clement. G. J. VV H. W . C. 's. J. Clements, Cleverly, Clifford, M. 99, 113, G. E. Cli1Tor11, H. Clifford, T. Closson, Coliin. M. CoHin, Marguerite Cofiin, R. Cohen. ,l. Collvatll. Colby. J. K. Al iciu 259, B. Colcorfl, J. Cole. B. Cole, H. Colley, C. 56, Collins, R. VV. Colpitts, Comstock. C. 11. 114, 45, 56, 225 Conant, C. Conant. Condon, ,l. Conlon. M. B. Conti, R. Cook, ,l. Cook, VV. 56, 257, 114 Coomlis, 13. Cooper, L. Cooper, P. Cosselmoom, 111. Cote. H. P. Cotton. G. Cousins, A. 111, 53 53. 216. 54, 54, 54, 54, 155. 55, 178, 113. 219, 224, 223, 267, 233, 216. 209. 242 275, 212 208, 56. 1 54, 200. 1 261 261 237. 250, 212, 266, 53. 53, 215, 280, 112, 112, 267 , 112, 240, 226, 226, 210, 54 210, 210, 55 112, 55. 113. 224, 113, 233 261 113 225. 218, 260, 55 283, 217 262. 271 56 261. 265, 258 217 237. 243 56, 296, 237 261. 300, 56. 263. 326 56' 215. 52. 1 1 1 271 239 266 285 306 269 53 316 302 226 300 272 294 308 53 54 272 210 279 217 220 54 267 291 209 217 261 262 112 267 224 267 222 310 210 262 272 272 261 263 263 55 239 213 224 211 263 219 273 267 262 55 214 113 263 215 274 312 215 208 284 222 327 299 263 267 327 218 114 55 219 302 267 314 263 261 306 257 211 279 239 324 315 323 276 303 230 277 327 222 239 263 Cousins. F. Cousins. H. Cowan, F. Cowie, D. Cowin. M. Craft. L. Cram, C. Crancli, R. Crandall, Q. Crane. J. B. Crane, T. Creamer, Qi. Creainer, M. Crocker, G. Cromwell, 111. Croshy , H. Crosby, 1. Crossland. C. Crossland, L. Crossman, M. Crouse, F. Crowley, X. Culberson, S. Cullen, XV. Cullinan, I. Cunnnings, R. Cunningham, Cunninghain, Curley- ll. Curtis. 13. Curtis, 13. A. Curtis, N. Cushing, P. Cusliman, G. Cutliffc, R. Cyr. J. Dale, R. Dalryninle, R D. G. Dalryninle. S. Danforth. P. Dangler, E. Daniels. N. Darling, C. C. D. Davis, Davis, C. F. Davis, Davis, . E. Davis. D. 1-1. Davis, 12. Davis, G. Davis, H. R. C. R. D 1 Davis. Day. L. Day, M. Day. P. Day, R. li. Day, R. H. Dearborn. I. Dearborn. R. dellarros, R. Deering, H. Deering, R. Dela11o, R. Deniant. XY. Denesuk, N. Dennis, 12. deRot11. G. DeSlron. H. Devon. D. De NVitt. F. Dexter. F. Dickens. T. Dickerson, J. Dillon, J. Dimiire, NI. Dinnner, J. Dinglcy, D. Dinsinore, I. DiPersio, R. Dixon, E. Doak. C. Dohrow, J. Dodge. D. Dodge. R. Dole, A. Dole, F. Dole, R. Donahue. BI. Dondis, M. Donovan, F. Dorr, D. Doore. R. Doore, 0. Douglas. E. Dow. C. H. Dow, Dow. 1.. A. Dow, L. S. L. 118, 211, 114, 57, 114, 254, 115, 57 212 57, 225, 115, 217, 214, 115. 116. 116, 215 1 1 117, 116. ns, 231, 242. 118, 220, 119. 59, 236 59, 119. 257, 120, 212, 120, 218, 259, 179, 225, 242 223 213, 32-1, 57, 240. 219 286, 115 254, 115 1 57, 297, 261 261 58 115, 212. 300 116. 1 16 297 58 116 195. 222 117 249: 117, 117 211, 264, 244. 58. 58, 119, 58, 240. 119, 214. 261 276, 215, 119 324, 258. 217, 59, 120 59. 120, 208 308 120 212 59 243 121, 194 59 121, 121 1 1 1 v 271 114 240 209 326 226 214 297 57 237 308 308 320 230 57 222 329 212 274 224 214 310 57 302 M9 220 218 209 316 303 208 263 58 259 263 116 21:1 315 213 225 310 287 226 274 237 217 300 216 224 216 263 117 58 237 268 276 118 215 210 118 277 118 58 215 254 283 119 274 262 278 306 119 209 219 326 316 297 222 59 2-13 270 221 299 314 120 59 317 316 221 257 216 243 264 220 121 259 218 21-1 Downes, L. 121, 217, 304, 310 Drew, F. 226, 267 Drunnnond, E. 60, 225, 242, 243, 270. 282 Dudley, D. 214 299 Dudley, W. 224, 270 Duffey, R. 60, 213, 240 Dumas, P. 60, 211 Duncan, C. 121 Dunn, C. 222 Dunning, C. 60 Duplissa, G. 60 Dyer, J. 60, 273 Dyer, R. 122 Dyer, S. 122, 213, 237, 297, 315 Dyer, XV. 60, 208 E liarnshaw, J. 60, 220 Eastnian, P. 276 liastnian, R. 122 Eaton, B. 122, 306 Eaton, 1'. 327 Ehberr, D. 214, 276, 278 Edelstein, A. 221, 297 Edgecomb, R. 61, 239 .ECi111l1l1llS, J. 61, 274 Elirenfried, A. 262 Fhrenfried, P. 122, 216, 248 El1rle11l1ac11, H. 45, 61, 240, 256, 258, 306 Elashowich, M. 261, 262, 264 Eldridge, J. 122 Ellis, G. 61, 268, 282, 283, 284 Ellis, XV. 218. 299, 309 Elwell, R. 98, 123, 218, 247, 250, 252, 276, 278, 279 Einersnn, H. 214 En1ery, C. 61, 208, 276 Emery, li. 61, 209 Emery, L. G. 214 lfincry, L. WV. 123, 237 P:1I1ll1Ol1S, B. 123. 245, 282 Enman, J. 220 Erickson, G. 210 listahrook, L. 201 liher, K. 271 Etzel, 13. 216 Evans, .l- 61, 254 Evans, VV. 123, 212. 261 Everett, J. 209, 287 F Fagerluncl, E. 217 Fairchild, T. 61, 216 Falardean, E. 308, 314 Farnhani, B. 123, 265. 267 Farnhani, F. 62, 224 Farris, A. 301 Farris, E. 327 Fassett. C. 123, 227 Feeley, J. 266 Feinberg, R. 124, 221 Fenderson, A. 261 FCIHIETSO11. NV. 62, 195, 211 Fettingcr T. 254, 300 Fides. A. 214 Fides, G. 227 Field, R. 124 Fielder, M. 250, 271 Fielding, R. 124. 212 FiF1eld, A. 62, 242, 243, 252, 268. 271. 284 Files, 11. 209 Flndlen, H. 124 208, 266 Findlcn, I. 266 Fi11k, J. 124, 218, 237, 316, 317 Fisher, G. 62 Fitch, L. P. 327 Fitzl'atrick. J. 124, 218, 316 Flanders. F. 243 Flora, VV. 209 Fogler, H. 219 Ford. P. 125, 219 Forrester. J. 276 Fortier, R. 125 Foster. O. 125, 212 Francis, VV. 125, 218, 237, 266, 313, 316 317 I:1'Il.11Z, R. 216 Freeman, M. 266 Freednian, S. 125, 221 French. J. 125. 211 French, 111. G. 126, 213 250 French. M. V. 126 French, R. 126, 219, 299, 304, 310 Friday, J. 62, 210 Frost, A. 62. 217 Frost. H. 62, 215 Frost, S. 179, 217, 301, 308 Fuller. R. 300 Furlrish, 1-1. 224 282 388 G Gabe, H. 126, 299 Gallagher, K. 62, 211, 276 Gallant, F. 126, 260, 273 Ganunons, E. 45, 63, 257, 320, 322, 326, 329 Gannon, H. 126 Gardner, C. E. 213 Gardner, C. S. 63, 210, 297 Gardner, H. 63, 217 Gardner, M. 63 Garfinkle, H. 127, 221 Garrison, R. 63 Garsoe, VV. 127, 212, 309, 316 Garvin, G. 261 Garvin. I. 63, 257, 522, 326 Gay, C. 127. 276 Gay, R. 213, 237, 276, 279 Geary. E. 127, 211, 246 Geneva. M, 213, 297 Genge. C. 63 Gifford, C. 226 Gifford, VV. 127, 260 Gilbert, E. 127, 218, 260, 272 Gill, R. 208 Gilley, F. 254, 261, 300 Gilman, A. 63 Gilman, D. 128. 279 Gi1n1an, G. 64, 211 Gilman, 111. 128 Gilman. S. 218. 312 Ginsburg, S. 128, 221, 274 Girdwood, J. 269 Gleason, B. 64, 224, 257, 270, 282, 320, 322. 326 Gleason, E. L. 128 Gleason, E. M. 128, 250, 271 Gleason, T. 303 Glidden, C. 300 Glider, V. 128 Glover, J, 129 Godson, L. 222, 299 Godwin, H. B. 64, 250, 269, 282. 286 Goldberg, E. 129 Goldberg, J. 299 Goldsmitll, A. 129, 218, 264, 266 Goldsmith, I. 221 Gooch, D. 287 Goodchilcl, D. 64, 216 Gooclchild, I. 179, 216. 297 Gooding. YV 219 Goodrich, S. 64. 213, 273 Goodrich, V. 227, 263 Goodwin, D. 303 Goodwin, I. 129, 225, 277 Goodwin, M. 6-1, 281 Goodwin, R. 64 Goos, P. 64 Gorham, VV. 213 Gor111an, J. 129, 219, 260 Gosline, VV. 64, 211, 215 Goulette, G. 99, 129, 275, 282, 284, 286, 287 Gowen, B. 130, 247, 264 Grady, 11. 227, 233 Graffani, D. 262 Graham, R. 210 Grant, li. 65, 224, 234 Grant, G. 65, 22-1. 234 Graves, S. 261 Gray, M. 65 Greeley. V. 130, 262. 282 Greenlaw, D. O. 65, 217 Greenlaw, D. S. 65, 219, 239 Greenleaf, L. 130. 215 Greenxvood, D. 65, 220 Grenci, E. 286 Griffee, D. 130, 256, 2:18, 309 Griilin, L. 65, 236, 282, 284 Grindle, L. 271 Grotefend, R. 263, 280 Grover, K. 297 H Hadlock, VY, 215, 308 Haffner, 'R. 130, 264. 266 Hagensen. P. 66, 276 Haines, F. 178. 210, 261, 287 Hale, F. 261 Hale, R. 254, 259, 280 Hale. T. 216 Haley, I. 66 Hall, A. 66 Hall, C. 66. 218, 235, 236, 254 Hall. E. 130, 210. 272 Hamlilen, li. 208, 312 Hamhlett, E. 261, 275, 300 Hamilton, C. 222 Hamilton, I. 66 217 Hamilton, V. 131. 250. 282, 286, 287 Hamm, H. 66 Hamm, P. Hancock, O. Haney, Hansen, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hardie, Harding, Harding, Hardy, M. Harlow, Harlow, Harlow, Harper, Harrin R. A. 45, 66, 242, 243, 13. F. 13. 131, 262, F. C. A. D. VV. 131, L. R. F. R. J. D. ton F . . g , .. Harrington, J. Harris, J'. 45, 67, 195, 217 Harris, W. Harrison, R. Hartley. R. Hartwell, I. Haskell, Haskell, Haskell, Haskell, 12. G. 1. s. Hastings, V. Hatch, G. Hateharil, D. Hathaway, F. Hatt, R. Hawkes, R. Hay, R. Hayes, H. V. Heald, A. Healy, R. Hempstead, D. Hempstead, M. Henderson, E. Henderson, R. Hennelserry, J. Henry, 1. Hepburn, WV. Herholzl1ein1er, F. Herman, Herrick. Hersey, Higgins, M. C. R. F. A, I-liggi 11 S, F. L. Higgins, Higgins l. 133, J. rligginsl R. 13. Higgins, Hill, A. R. M. Hiller, R. Hillson, T. Hines, M. Hnctor, I. Hodgrlon. K. Hodges, Hodgkins, E. Ti. Hodczkins, VV. Ho1T1nan. E. Ho an B. Holllen, Holden, H01 den . E. 1: M. Holland, E. Holland, H. Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holter. J. Holyoke, D. A. E. R. F. Hood, N. Hook, W. Hopkins Hopkins Hopkins Hopkins Hn rkinsl l Hopkins Hopkins 1 'll , M. Emily H. P R. on, D. Horeyseek, P. Horn, G. Horne, F. Horton, I, Houghton, F. 66, 257, 134, 218, 237, 69, 224, Houqlrton, J. Houston, I. Howe, A. Howe, C. Howe. R. Howe, V. Howes. C. Hoy. I. Hoyt, 1. Hubbard. R. Hufnagel. J. Hulse. S. Humphries, A. 135, 257, 266, 215, 212, 212. 261, 237 132, 223, 282 133 231 67, 134 272 134, 250, 68. 261, 134. 215 65, 220, 63 2.18, 250, 135, 195, 136, 70, 70, 301, 320, 269, 269, 299. 299, 280, 67, 212, 297, 214, 67, 67, 67, 132 213 210, 250, 132 322 133. 211 133 67 301 67 232, 68, 6R, 225, 316 222, 270, 227 282, 68 219, 299. 237 219 69 2:10, 270, 217. 212, 69, 135, 214. 135. 217, 69, 69, 69, 214, 217, 5 v 1 v 1 308 217 131 326 259 281 281 266 300 30S 318 211 297 211 215 131 214 315 300 314 214 272 214 131 266 281 132 214 209 267 132 218 299 132 271 310 222 265 272 308 300 324 213 219 221 285 220 327 216 306 133 263 216 238 318 281 257 68 68 261 317 230 221 134 232 220 300 261 287 310 134 310 312 297 135 272 249 225 322 135 282 69 237 316 214 236 230 327 315 219 272 69 215 250 231 315 272 209 303 262 237 Hunt. I. 216 Hunt, N. 70, 208 I-Iurd, L. 222 Hussey, E. 217 Hutcheon, I. 70, 209 Hutchins, M. 70, 257, 326 Hutchinson, A. 194, 261, 300 Hutchinson, G. 220 Hutchinson. L. 222, 261 I Ingalls, E. L. 70, 218 Ingalls, E. P. 210, 261 Ingalls, fl. 136 Ingalls, K. 70, 262, 265 Tngalls, R. 218, 314 Illghfllllv I. 70. 210, 250 lngraham, M. 136, 216, 250, 256, 258. 272, 301 Tnmarl. C. 210, 261 Innes, D. 261 Innes, R. 250 Treland, W. 276, 278 Irvine, R. 71. 215, 237 Irvine. VV. 136, 195, 215, 256, 297 Iveney, I. 337 J Jackson, H. 220 Jackson, R. 71 Jackson, S. 71, 240 Jaeolas, S. 266, 230 Jacobsen, L. 210 ,Trunes, 1. 263 flameson, VV. 216 Iardinc. D. 222 flenkins. R. 219, 303 Jensen, H. 227, 752 Ifwcll. D. 71, 209, 217 Jewett, C. 261 Iewett, G. 71 215 Jewett, V. 45, 71, 227, 245 Johns, VV. 300 ,l'ohnson, B. 99, 136, 267, 279, 326 I9l1nsm1. D. 156, 213, 237, 266 Johnson. E. 242, 243 Johnson, G. 71 Johnson, H. 214 Johnson, H. H. 137, 214, 256, 258, 297, 306 Johnson, P. 213 Johnson, R. 137 209 Iolrnson, V, 71 ,T0l111S011. W. 300 :l'0l111S1fJ11E. I. 249 101165. C. 137, 218, 239. 275 Innes. M. 72 223 Jones, VV. 254 Iudkins, A, 72, 2054, 279 K Kaelin, R. 214 Kaplan, H. 137 Karczmarczyk, ff. 137, 218, 254 316 Km-st. D. 137 Kay. K. 214 261 Keene, XV. 138, 231 Reiter, I. 221 Keith, A. 300 Kelley, A. H. 225, 243 Kelley, A. L. 72, 220 lfvlley. I. 216, 315 TECHCY. L. 45, 72, 217, 237, 242, 244, 315 Ygellcy. Il. 133. 217, 274. 275 Tgelqo. F. 99, 133, 239, 252, 306 Remston, C. 133, 239, 255 Keniston, R. 213 Kennedy, C. 72 Kenney, T. 138. 299 Kenney. K. 208 279 Kent. E. ' 253 Kerr. T. 259' 263 Ketehinn. F. 73 Keylm-, F. 352 Kierstead, E. E, 72 Kierstead, E. S. 133, 219, 262 liilas. 72, 215 lXllPZllI1'lCl'C, D. 98, 100, 139, 195, 237, 246, ,, 247, 276, 310 lximlmall, A. 266 Kiinlaall, C. 139 Kimhall, E. 73 Kimball, G, 139' 211 Kimball, J. 277 King, H. ISQ King. I. 139, 223 King. P. 139' 275 Kinghorn, R. 73, 217, 237 Kingsbury, XV. 73 Kingsley. C. 98, 140. 225, 282 Kinney, H. 214 389 Kinney, K. Kiszonak, Fl. Kittredge, A. Klein, R. Kloss, C. Knapp, P. Knight, B. Knight, M. Knights, Ml. Knowlton. D. Koehler, A. Koialoviteh, F. Kopelow, L. Kozieky. E. Kreh. E. La Flamme, V. Lancaster, H. Landon, R. Lapl1:1n1, D. Larsen, I. Larsson, R. Lawry, O. Leadlieater, B. Leavitt, B. L. M. Leavitt. Leavitt, Lebozzo, G. Lees, R. Leger. li. Leh, E. Leiuing, C. F. H. l"l'li'i"l"l"l" 923-9229- f.rnr:o::9' mzzmsuuff ' 'Pg' 22:- F'3!"F550-'T-TF7?7f:'T'77 . 5.. .1 P, . Lewis, Lewis, . Libby, . Libby Lilxhy, Liblmy, Lihhy, Lihhy, Liinheris, G. Lindsay, NV. Linnell, R. Linnell, S. Littlefield, VV. V. Locsin, M. Lombard, V. London. M. Long, F. Long, L. Look, E. Lord, J. Loring, C. Loring, P. Loring, R. Louden. A. Lougee, G. Lovely , NL Lovely. V. Lown. B. ll4L111Lll.1Cfg, R. Lundgrirn, M. Lutes, O. Luther, li. Luther, R. Lycette. R. Lyon, N. M0Alary. E, McAllister, I. McCarthy, M. MeClosky. H. McCol1l1, J. L. Nlcfonnell. M. McCrum, D. McDonald. R. McDonough, I. McGraw, R. MCI1I1l1'C. C. Mclntire, 15. McKay, D. McKay. G. McKay, R. Melieen, R. Mclieeney, D. McKenzie, A. McLaughlin, A. 145 MeLeary, R. MacGregor, W. MacLeod. D. 140, 195, 209, 73, 214. 270, L 140, 140, 141. 141, 100, 141. 212, 237, 304, 316 95, 141, 247 141, 141. 74, 208. 231. 143, 227. 74, 143, 227, 144. M 75. 75, 222. 236, 239, 227, 297, , 218, 297, 315, 286, 221, 73, 140. 237, 236. 282 252, 217, 74, 224, 218, 230, 256, 282, 74, 286. 250 217, 223 211: 74 142, 142 143 276: 254 224 143. 262. 261 262, 75 144 266. 299. 223, 75 144 75 , 242 , 144, 300, 75, 144, 76. 262, 304. 144. 212, 316, v 1 v 279 300 312 302 261 226 226 277 73 211 227 273 140 258 286 281 304 73 73 213 275 141 267 237 254 327 300 213 258, 287 218 300 217 327 259 300 276 141 261 308 74 209 74 141 271 272 142 213 269 269 216 74 285 278 213 277 265 217 230 269 265 275 250 271 143 143 214 267 314 30? 306 216 209 270 285 259 211 261 279 214 244 75 222 303 227 237 239 323 312 222 299 276 318 76 179 MacLeod, K. MacLeod, L. lf1aeNei1, P. Mack, B. Macomber, H. Madigan. J. Mfank, M. Mziilii, A. Manter. R. Manwell. Markee, C. Martinez, R. Marriner, D. lyfarriner, N. 'M:1rsha1l, J. Marston, VV. Martin, L. Martin. M. Mason, XY. Mayo, J. Meader, E. Medina, J. Mehann, H. Meloon, M. Nierehzint. J. Merrill. 1-I. Mertens. E. Meserve, P. Messcr, M. Millar, ' Millziy, H. Miller, M. Miller, P. Nliller, R. Miniutti, G. Niinintti, V. la . Mitchell, F. A. Mitchell, F. 15 Mitchell. N. Mitchell, S. Mitchell, R. Mongovan. Il. Monohon, J. Moody, D. Moody. H. Mowers. H. Moore, T. Morey. R. Morong, XY. Morris. R. Morris, S. Morrison, C. Morrison, J. Morrison. XY. Morse. C. Mortland. 11. Mosher, M. Mosher. P. Moulton, Moulton. l. V. 11. M. 3 Moulton. Mullen. Mullen. J. Y. A. Mulroy. Mureh. Murdock. ll. Murphy, Murray. G. Mutty. Mnzroll, 1.. Myers. C. G. Neal. F. Newcomb, F. Newdick, R. Newhall, C. Nichols. C. Nichols. 111. G Nichols. M. J. Nicholson. E. Nickerson, A. Nickerson, C. S. 179, Niles, L. Norton. G. Noyes, Y. Nunan, R. Nutter. R. Nye, D. Nystrom, G. Oakes. li. Oakes, S. Obear. G. H. O'Donahnc. J. Olsen. E. Oppenheim, Fl. Orff. 13. Mitchell, S. M. R. E. 99, 76 263, 282, 286 145, 195, 146, 146, 214, 77, 147, 227, 179, 149, 78, 209, N 7a, 73, 0 79, 79, v 242, 214, 215, 270, 145, 216, 271, 301, 212 146, 218, 256, 147, 147, 214 243 147, 77 256, 1 7 , 223 195. 242, 78, 78 212, 291. 210. 79, 150 zssf 224. 282, 145. 210, 239, 277. 211, 308, 237. 76, 76, 266. 145, 146. 76, 146, 267, 146. 316. 258, 224, 214, 274. 77, 245. 217. 147. 224, 3111, 1-18. 148, 77, 1-18. 148, 238. 149. 280, 1-19, 212. 2-14. 212, 78. 212, 272. 149, 73, 711, 304. 213, 300. 150, 2-12. 220. 79, 212, 283, 271, 303 145 327 76 213 300 237 310 210 279 312 315 316 216 274 280 272 76 287 219 281 216 271 303 219 220 317 310 329 299 310 227 303 214 257 147 274 276 215 257 77 276 211 226 308 148 300 216 213 261 77 1-18 223 213 212 214 312 226 77 223 212 245 225 215 300 300 214 274 310 78 316 262 3110 316 213 316 213 237 271 149 79 312 149 261 262 79 303 209 244 262 273 300 239 297 284 323 Osgood, B. Osgood, G. Ouellette, D. Packard, R. Page, J. Page, P. Palmer, E. Parsons, C. Parsons, VV. Patten, J. Paul J. Paul, R. Payson, C. Peabody, R. Pearson, L. Peaslee, E. Peavey, H. Pec1cl1an1, M. Peirce, J. Pendleton. F. Pennell, J. Perkins, C. Perkins, H. Perro, M. H. A. B. Perry, Perry, Perry, C. Perry, F. ,w. 151, Perry Peterson, F. Pettengill. Z. Pfeiffer, C. Phelan, P. Philbrook, C. Phillirook, Nl. Phillxrook, N. E. P 252, 282, 80 S0 81 150, 2 83, 1 . 1 Phillips, M. C. 99, 152, 252, Phillips, M. G. 98. Phillips, S. 152, 209, 256, Pierce, J. Pierce, M. Pierce, P. R. ll. R. M. Pierce, Pierce. Pike. 12. Pikelis, P. Pillsbury, D. Pinansky, L. Pineo, P. Pinette, Mb C. Pinlcham, E. Piper, A. Piper, G. Pitman. A. Pitts, lf. Plaisted, P. Pollock. T. Pomeroy. Y. Pooler. A. Potter, E. Potter, F. Powell. R. Pratt, B. Pratt. D. Pratt, V. Pratt, YV. Preble, C. Il. Prehle, C. O. Presnell, D. Price. 13. Pride, F. Pullen, WV. Pulsifer, A. Putnam, A. Putnam, N. Quint. L. Raekli1Te.F. Radley, J. Raf'ford, A. Ramsay. J. Ran1sde1l, G. Ramsdcll. R. Ramsey, R. Rand, E. Rand. J. Randall, D. Randall, E. Randall, VV. Rankin. A. Ranks, J. Ransden, P. Reed. J. A. Reed, J. H. 153, 2 Q R 39 152, 82, 218 O 08 231, 178, 179, 153 83, 83. 212, 225. S0 224. 225, 284, 151 98, 81, 151, 260 151, 258. 209, 237, 267. 82, 276 217 220 82 82. 220, 154, 154, 219, 226 263, 155, 209 . 155, 1 79, 270. 283. 80. 179, 237. 245 , 218, 218, 211, 81, 238, 81, 150, 263, 286, 212. 151, 224. 223, 267 . 2-16. 306. 152. 252, 260, 209. 277. 279, 152, 236. 82. 153. 153. 153, 225, 279. 304, 231. 217. 218, 300. 179, 231. 213. 212, 254, 304. 83 3.1. 154, 271 154 322, 216, 155, 261, 155 276 1 215 214 283 S0 150 316 284 209 80 225 80 80 316 150 300 265 237 314 81 261 239 265 272 271 231 287 81 151 287 316 81 215 302 81 236 322 281 320 315 261 326 286 313 280 279 300 327 221 82 152 329 208 209 153 275 259 297 82 282 222 299 300 31-1 309 236 154 27-1 82 303 233 300 236 286 316 302 312 261 308 214 225 15-1 208 217 275 286 238 327 2-13 266 275 222 217 278 Reed, R. Reed, XV. Reid, E. Reid, J. Reilly, J. Reynolds, E. B Reynolds, E. E. Rheinlander, H. Rich, D. Rich, R. Richards, T.. Richardson, H. Riddle, O. Riddle. W. Riese, G. Riley, P. Ripanti, N. Risman. G. Roach, H. Robbins, J. Robbins, S. Ruben. G. Roberts, J. Robertson. E. Robertson, F. Robertson, F. Robertson, K. Rohie, J. Robinson, E. Robinson, P. Rodman, A. Rogers. V. Roley, F. Rollins, A. Rollins. L. Rollins. N. Rome, B. Romero. 1111. Rosie. R. Ross, D. Ross, R. Rostron, J. Rourke, M. Rourke. A. V. Rowe, E. Rowe, H. B. Rowe, H. O. Rowe. l. Rowell, I.. Rowell. O. Roy. R. Rubin. S. Rulxinoff, NI. Ruddock, E. Runion. L. Runels. R. Rushworth, C. Russell. J. Ryan, 11. Ryan, P. Ryan, S. Sanhorn. B. A. T4. Sao ford. Savage, Savage, J. Savage, Savage, Szxwin. Sawyer, Sawyer. Scaimnon. Scanlin , L. N. D. C. F. A. E. M. Schailsle, W. Sehertzer. J Schilliq, N. Schmidt, F. Schneider, Serota, J. Sewall, C. Sewell, E. Sl1llCiCB1f!l1'1.l, C. Sllaclcelford, P. Shapiro. J. Sharp, K. Shearer. F. Shepard, F. Shepard. fl. Shepard. L. Slmte, H. Silver, L. Simons, L. Simpson, lf. Sinclair, R. Sinkinson. R. Sinnett, C. Skouhs, P. Sleeper, T. Slocum, G. I-.. H. 83, 223, 238, 83, 220, 84, 84, 84, 218, 254, 155, C. O. 84, 195 157, 217, 157, 282, 157, 237, SS, 223, 238, 250, 158. 219. 237, 85, 159, 226, 270, S 159, 223, 2-12, 85, 210, 281 85, 223, 159, 86, 87, 249, 161, 243. 83, 83, 250, 261, 209, 218, 260. 212, 84, 156. 84, 156, 156, 156, 84. 214, 156, 272. 286, 157, 272. 157. 270, 158, 265. 297, 268. 209. 238, 282, 159. 250, 313, 250. 227, 86, 159, 160, 221, 26, 86, 86, 212, 86, 86 160 219, 283. 213 161, 224 211 282 261 262 308 211 304 220 315 155 300 309 309 316 223 230 8-1 220 220 261 212 156 209 215 209 273 210 210 297 287 85 300 157 209 261 221 85 2:2 316 283 211 179 158 85 282 208 327 158 267 315 85 327 158 271 308 158 297 159 271 327 220 282 329 300 227 317 217 220 270 265 315 221 160 160 219 282 297 160 86 220 220 221 160 215 308 209 216 272 327 221 775 219 308 210 284 254 214 -1 Small, H. 262 Small, P. 161, 217, 256. 258. 297, 310 Small, R. 161, 219 237, 274 Smart, M. 87, 223 Smart, P. 87, 222, 269 Smiley, S. 222, 261 Smith, A. 220 Smith, 11. 213 Smith, C. 81 Smith, E. 161, 219, 237 Smith, G. 161, 212, 299 Smith, G. 1111. 300 Smith, 1. 231, 276 Smith, I. A. 87 226, 234 Smith. I, 17. 162 220 272 Smith, I. J. 162, 212 Smith, O. 87, 214. 231, 276 Smith, P. 269 286, 287 Smith, R. A. 280 Smith. R. B. 87 Smith, T. 87, 211. 250 Smith, V. 279, 287 Snell. D. 212 Snell, H. 162 Snow, FI. 88 Snow, S. 327 Spenser. 13. 268 Sobel, T. 88, 221 Soderlmurg, R. 217 Solomon, A. 300 Somes, J. 88, 220, 242 244 259 Spear, H. 162 Spear, J. 162, 303 310 Spector. S. 263 Spencer, B. 162 Sprague, D. 88, 281 Springer, M. 225 Squires. F. 194, 300 Stahl, 163, 221, 242, 244, 256, 297 315 Stanrlish, B. 220 Stanley, J. 236 302 Staples, G. 88, 216, 272 Staples, O. 88. 220, 240 Starhirtl, C. V. 88, 218 Stearns, 1. 280 Stearns. R. 44. 45, 88, 195. 217, 237. 256, 258, 297, 298, 304 Steinmctz. I. 303 Stevens, C. 89, 217, 237 Stevens, 15. 264 Stevens, G. 214 Stevens. J. 89 276 Stevens, V. 163 Stewart. j. 179, 216, 308 Stewart, 1.. 163, 195, 209. 237 St. Germain, NV. 89, 218 Stickney, C. 300 Stickney, XV. 266 Stillings, A. 89. 224, 282, 283 Stisulis, VV. 89, 195 212, 272 St. Lawrence, M. 89, 209 Stone. B. 163 Stone, T.. 163, 265 Stone. T. 163 Storer, A. 89, 211 Strung, NV. 89, 218, 309 Stratton. R. 220, 799 Stfiltef, K. 90, 210 Strout, VV. 209 Stubbs, C. 90 Sullivan, R. 96, 237 Sullivan. VV. 209 Suminslmy, J. 302, 303 Sllllftvltl, S. 221 Susi, R. 154 Suslavitclr, I. 164, ?1S Sutton. J. 280 Sweet, M. 90, 327 Sweet. S. 213 Sweetser, P. 300 T '1'aclcnhcrry , R. 90 Taintcr, R. 261 Talbot, J. 90, 209. 310 Talbot, VV. 164, 212, 516 Tanner, E. 164, 219. 237 Tarlaell, A. 90, 210 1 Tartloni. D. Tarr. M. 267, 282, Taylor. C. Taylor, M. Teague, 12. Teall, A. Tew, J. Thcriault,ilV1. Thunizis, lL. Thomas, H. Tllunlas, R. Thomas, W. Thompson, Thompson, 'I1l1Ol11DS0l1, Thoxnpson Thompson, Thonipsnn, Thompson, Tl1orndilce, Thorne, C. Thorne. QI. B. B 1? Tlwmpson, . R. 261, 264, M. . P.. ., L. G. .JI C.. I-I, K. C. H. Thornton, S. Tlrnrlow, 1'. Tillson. T. Titcmnlj, E. Tooley, G. Towle. A. Towle, M. Towne, R. Townsend. Tracy, F. Tracy. J. Tracy, S. Trask, A. Trask, 11. P. 91, 45, 91. 218, 237, ans, 509 Tre worgy, F. Trnlanll, R. Troup. TZ. Trott, M. E. Trowhridge. Tut'tS. C. Tukey, S. Tuttle, R. Tweellie, I. J. U Uttcrlxack, J. Vallicre, R. Vanlloesc-n, Verrill, A. Vifrkery, C. Vilas. F. Wfalclen, li. 1Vallcer, A. xlVZ11liCT. N. V 12. W 166, 166. 166 179, 91 222, 91 256, 92, 92, 236. 92 167, 321 Walsh, A. 93, 225. 257, 286, Wiarcl, 45, 93, 236, 248, 282, 11 arrl Wizirtl. VVz1rrl, L. YVarren, XVzn-ren, D. VVarren. 11. 1Varrcn, R. Xvarrcn. VV. VVashliurn, Waternmn. VVaters, YV. VV:1tsnn, G. VVatsnn, J. VVea1l1erlry. Wleliher, G. Vtielihcr, R. Nvehster, A. NVcl1ster, ,l. 1N'elJste1'. ,l. VVehster, S. I. D. 99 168 178, 179, 209, 256, NV . L. R. G. B. 283 257, 297. 168 1 169, 225, 257, 277, A. G. VV91tll11-311. G. VVl?l11SiCll1, M. NNIBISITIZII1, R. 391 93 , 287. 164, 165 165 165 275 165 165 227, 91, 276 91 . 195, 227, 227 166, 167. 275, 217, 91 214 265, 218 167, 258, 214. 252 213 212, 92, 92, 93, 93, 93 322 286 322, 304 93, 168. 195, 168, 168, 280, 169, 169, 322, 267, 94 179. . 1 1 1 v 1 90 329 164 272 165 215 280 271 252 302 299 276 227 277 165 287 300 166 217 214 267 277 220 167 277 261 299 312 227 231 167 315 309 211 304, 91 92 397 327 240 283 272 92 316 92 218 215 711 211 326 167 209 216 212 93 326 287 324 300 312 215 273 215 213 210 168 273 300 219 220 220 169 261 324 271 261 273 217 314 308 1.Vclcll. C. Wlelch, YV. v1i6llC0lIlE, F. VVest, D. XVestnn, D. 1 VVeston, D. Vtlestnn, V. NVeymunth, VVey1nonth XVhee1er, 170, Q4, 225, W. 170, 257 94 Qs, F. G. 11. 170, 213. Wheeler, 17. Wheeler, N. C. VVl1ite, VV11ite, E. VVhite, VVhite, M. Wihite, VVhite, XVhite, VVhited, VVhitehou 1Vlxitman, VVhitney, Vllhi tney, 1'V111t11CY, VVhitney, 1V1111C1EI1, vV1111ZtCl1, L. M. Ro H . J. M SE. 179, 227, 243, 324, 329 C L. 98 ger Ruth 94, 225. M. F. N. 95. F. N R. . H. 45, 95, 214, 244, 256, 258. VV1Cl11l1Cl', I. Wight, K. NVillJ111', G. NVilbur, O. NVilcox. F. R. Vtiillarcl. D. NVi1lett, C. Willetts, F. VVi1lets, R. Willetts, S. Willey, R. 179 95, 212, VVilliams, F. Williams, J. VVi1lian1s, A VVilson, A. W'ilson. K. VVilson, R. '1. XVinchester, D. VVing, D. NVing. H. XYing, M. Wiing. N. Wlinslnw. Winters, G. VVith:nn, 11. Wlootl, A. Winotl, E. XfVooc1lJrey, W'ootll.1ury, 96, 1". 172, C. R Woodward, Womlwarsl. vVDOClW7.l1'Ll, H. J. VVoostc1', H. XVo0ster. M VVoolley, T. R. x0IOI'111VVO0t1, 1lXT01"1'lC1C, R. 1Vurster, A. 14'right, K. 1Vright, S. C. R. Yates, Yorke. Il. 45, 96, 223, 270, 282, 321, Y Xioulclen. R. X onng. Young, . I. B. H Young. Young, K. Young, M. Young, N. Zieno, A. Zink, R. Zitziner, M. Z 238, 243, , , 225, . 212, 257. 170 322, 238. 224, 254. 94. 257, 170, 254, 95, 217. 171, 231. 276 171, 233 240. 172, 224 . 268. 218. 173, 242, 322, 96 279, 113. 237, 321, 216, 94, 324, 248, 270. 261, 209, 94. 277, 171, 223, 265 . 171, 94 , 220, 262, 254. 227. 218, 237. 310 222. 218. 283. 245 - Y 212, 95 95. 96, 218, 234, 282, 172. 310. 173. 219. 217, 173, 218, 96. 243. 326 216, 281, 217, 96, 282, 216, 324. 97. 254. 1 169 218 266 324 249 217 326 260 277 314 273 170 227 500 303, 323 247 171 269 214 235 309 285 262 262 316 315 242, 273 171 95 308 284 95 271 172 316 316 287 215 239 262 96 219 259 280 277 283 172 172 272 316 266 271 218 96 309 309 209 173 308 327 218 257, 217 173 297 96 217 317 308 225 287 214 P80 H6 299 240 300 97 UNIVERSITY PRESS CAMPUS 9552 ,Aff f r , 'Coe skeins to fffff nf! f ' X I sf:-sf? fgt: nf..,r.f gov! 1292, 1 f ' 'Z an , s ff! 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Suggestions in the University of Maine - Prism Yearbook (Orono, ME) collection:

University of Maine - Prism Yearbook (Orono, ME) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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