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 - Class of 1930

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University of Maine - Prism Yearbook (Orono, ME) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 344 of the 1930 volume:

JJ :$m vl-- ' V ;J " ltti 931 Kl ( opyright 1929 Hi tRTON FLYNT Editor-in-Chief GEORGE ANKELES Business Manager he £PW, 193° Published Annually by the (Junior Glass of the mverstty oj Orono, SKaine l|lP%g o the fathers and Mothers of the (junior Glass On sincere appreciation of the sacrifice and understanding c Which made possible these glad years at £Maine c Shis Q?rism is ajjectionateh and gratefully dedicated ftl Sditor: " Diorton lynt {Business {Manager: Seorge Alnkeles Assistant {Business {Manager: ZHarold {Masha (Sutler {Ttrt Sditor: {Norwood Salter {Mansur (Assistant Art Sditor: Cjeanette {Marie {Roney literary: Sdna {Madison {Bailey Athletics: [James Qeery Ashworth Srinds : franklin Sari Qearce Organizations : {Reginald {Burgis Wilson (-Pauline D-fall Associates : Sylvester {Mason Qrait -IsDilliam Philip Churchill {Richard Sylvester {Bradford his book represents our best efforts towards the portray- al of a chapter in the THistory of our c Llniversity. £May it serve to freshen our memories of a beautiful campus— of warm friendships--- and happy college days, and may it be of interest to every well-wisher of our loved £Maine. W m m Dedication Qrism [Board foreword faculty Glasses fraternities Sororities Organizations Social Gvents Athletics Q rinds cStfcl ' vertisements Tf ■ KX " — jftil [Board of dPldministmtion of the c Llni r versity Harold Sherburne Boardman, ( .E., Eng.D., LL.D., Eng.D., President of the University James Norris Hart, C.E., M.S., Sc.D., Ph.D., Dean j th rity and Mathematics and Astronomy James Stacy Stevens, M.S., LL.D., Litt.D., Dean oj the College oj Arts and Sciences and Professor of Physics Leo m phi Merrill, M.I.)., Sc.D., Dean oj the I - Agriculture and Director of Agricultural Extension Servici Paul Clokf., E.E., M.S., Dean of the ( ollcge oj Tcchnol Frederick Shaw Y h ngs, B.S., Treasurer of the University Jamls Adrian Gannett, B.S., M.A.. Registrar oj tin- University Page Twelve Harold Sherburne Boardman President of the University i ' G i . Dean Hart Pn 3. B Dean t Thirteen College of Agriculture I ULTY OF INSTRUCTION Leon Stephen Merrill, M.D., Sc.D., Dean and Director of Agricultural Extension Service Lucius Herberi Merrill, Sc.D., Professor of Biological and Agricultural Chemistry Fri mont Lincoln Ri ssell, B.S . .S., Professoi oj Bacteriology and Veterinary Science John Manvers Briscoe, M.F., Professoi oj Forestry George Edward Simmons, M.S.. D.Sc, Professor of Agronomy Lamert Seymour Corbett, M.S., Professor of Animal Industry Herbert Staples Hill, B.A.. Professoi oj Agricultural Education Charles Henri Meri b wt. M.S.. Ph.D., Professoi oj Agricultural Economics and Farm Management ] wii s Howard Waring, M.S., Professor of Horticulture l ' i ui. Si i art Greene, M A.. Professor oj Home Economics Ferdinand Henry Steinmetz, Pli. I . Professoi oj Botany Donnell Brooks Young, Ph.D., Professoi oj Zoology Mai rice Daniel Jones, M.S.. Professoi oj Agricultural I i onomics and Farm Management Llewellvx Morse Dorsey, M.S.. Associate Professor of Animal Industry Elmer Reeve Hitchner, M.S., Associate Professoi oj Bacteriology Kenneth Stillman Rice, Ph.D., Associate Proj i oj Zoo Harry Woodbi ry Smith, M.S., Assistant Profi ssoi oj Biological and Agricultural Chemistry Hi j Mi Coe Helmick, M.S.. Assistant Professor of Agronomy Chai miv i i ( i Lord Chapman, M.S., Assistant Profi ssoi oj Forestry Loi (SE Bancroi i. B v . Issistant ! ' ■ • j Home Economics Leigh Philbrook Gardner, M.S., Assistant Profes soi of Animal Industry Harold Clayton Swift, M.S., Assistant Professoi oj Agronomy ieri [rei vnd Stew vrt, M.F., Assistant Profess u " Forestry Charles Orville Dirks. M.S.. Assistant Professor oj Entomology Marion Deyoi Swei i i . M.S., Assistant Professor oj ll m,- Economics Werner Thadeus Snyder, M.S., Issistant Professoi oj Agronomy 1 low i n.i.i II i i„ M.S., Instructor in Animal Industry Rena Campbell, B.S., Instructor in Home Economics Myron Francis Babb, U.S., Instructor in Horticulture Fay Hyland, U.S., Instructor in Biology Hi.! i n Elizabeth Osgood, M.S.. Instructor in Home Economics Haig Deyirmi -. 1 1 -. (Dermen), M.S.. Instructoi in Botany rge mm V ii RY, B.S., Instructoi in Horticulture i,i n i ■ % — Marie Goi ld, B.S., Instructor in Home Economics 9 On leave of absence 1928-29. Page Fourteen Leon Stephen Merrill 1 i.-.n i if tli, G illi " ' ' of Agriculture College of c5%rt5 and Sciences FACULTY OF INSTRUCTION | Stai i Stew us, M.S.. LL.D., Litt.D., Dean and Professor of Physics James Norms Hart, C.E., M.S., Sc.D., Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy John Homer Huddilston, Ph.D., Professoi oj the Greek Language and Literature George Davis i base, Ph.D., LL.D.. Profess Latin Caroline Colv ix. Ph.D., LL.D., Professoi oj History Roy Merle Peterson, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish and Italian Robj rt Rutherford Dm mmond, Ph.D., Professoi of German Harley Richard Willard, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics John JI Ashworth, Ph.D., Professor of Economics and Sociology Harold Milton Ellis, Ph.D., Professoi oj I nglish Albert Lewis Fitch, Ph.D., Professor of Physics Francois Joseph Kueny, I., es I... Professor oj French John- William Draper, Ph.D., Professoi oj I nglish Mark Bailey, M.A., Professorof Public Speaking Charles Alexius Dickinson. Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Olin Silas Lutes, Ph.D., Professor oj Education Ronald Bartlett Levinson, Ph.D., Professoi oj Philosophy Ferdinand Henry Steinmetz, Ph.D., Professor of Botany Donnell Brooks Yoi ng, Ph.D., Professoi oj Zool Ava Harriet Chadboi rne, M.A., Associate Professoi oj Education Albert Ames Whitmore. M.A., Associate Professor oj History and Government Noah Rosenberger Bryan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics Albert Morton Turner, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English Adelbf.rt Wells Sprague, M.A., Director of Music Maynard Fred Jordan, M.A., Associate Professoi of Mathematics and Astronomy Charles Burton Crofutt, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics Harry Curtis Mitchell, Ph.D., Associate Professoi of History and Government Kenneth Stillman Rue, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Zoology Clifford Sti rsois Parker, Ph.D., Associate Professor oj I rench Warren Stanhope Lucas, M A. Assistant Professoi of Mathematics Walter French, Ph.D., Assistant Professoi oj German Evelyn Bi han, M.A., Assistant Professor of I conomics and Sociology Marion Stephanii Bi mi. M.A., Assistant Professor of French Irving Trefethi Rn hards, M.A.. Assistant Professoi of English Walter Whitmore Chadboi rne, M.B. . Assistant Professor of Economics and Sociology Anna Jean Mill, Ph.D., Xssistanl Professor of English Achsa Mabel Bi ., l . Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of Zoology Charles Orville Dirks, M.S., Assistant Professor of Entomology Donald Stover Piston, B.S., Assistant Professoi oj Physics Rich ird I ii orgi Wood, M.A., Assistant Professor oj 1 1 is lory a ml i lovernmeni Herman Samt el Silverman, M.A., Instructor in Mathematics Earl Maynard Dunham, M.A., Instructor in Physics William Frani is Si mm . B.A., Instructor in English Ada Cohen, B. V. Instructor in German Frederii k Gardiner Fassi rr, Jr., M.A.. Instructor in English Cecil Gl i -io i Gari vnd, M A., Instructor in Economics and Sociology ZATDEE El DOR i rR] I . B.A., Instructor in English i ii i: Loui i I ! mi lil l.. Instructor in Education Herschel Leonard Bricker, B.A., Instructor in Public Speaking Edward Newcomb Brush, M.A., Instructor in Psychology Louis Cabrera, B.A., Instructor in Spanish Gordon MacKexzii I- ' ekci son, M.A., Instructor in History M m rice Wili.yle Kelley, B.A., Instructor in English Page Sixteen James Stao - D e an oi thi I oil g of Arts and Sciences McKinnon, White, Du I u Pi ton, Scamman. Steinmetz. Willx « I " " i i, Bryan, Peterson, Hyland French, I uci B ih Hartwcll Garland, Ric, I I ' Kill, Bean. 1 I ' torfa« Mitchell, Le, Buchan. Kello, I , Perkins, Cohen Viken, Hart, Buzzell, A Id, Schanley, » ... i . ' I - rhune Drummond, Ellis, Segall, Hart, I ■ ■ I " ■ ,l Dickinson, Voung, Bailej 30 Iltetfll Gollege of technology FACULTY IF INSTRUCTION Paul Ci.okk, M.S., Dean of the ( ' oil,-, ,- of Technology Charles Partriix;k Weston. C.K., M.A., Professor o) Mechanics William Edward Barrows. E.E., ' ■ of Electrical Engineering William Jordan Sweetser, B.S., Professor of Mechanical Engineering Charles Andrew Brautlecht, Ph.D., Profesi Chemistry Km Bert Hiram Sprague, B.S., Professor of Civil Engineering Aktiiur St. John Hill. E.E., Professor oj I !e, trical Engineering Benjamin Calvin Kent. B.S.. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Alpheus Crosby Lyon, U.S., C.E., Associate Professor of Ci. ering Bertrand French Brann, M.S., Associate Professoi of Chemistry Harold Walter Leavitt, C.E., M.S., Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Walter Joseph Creamer, K.K.. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering ami Director of Freshman Week Paul DeCosta Bray, B.S., Ch.E., Associate • " of Chemis Weston Sumner Evans, M.S., Assistant Professor of Civil Engine Harry Dexter Watson, B.S.. Assistant Prof ' Mechanical Engineering Harold Chandler White, B.S., Ch.E., Assistant Professor of Chemistry Carl Everett Otto, Ph.D.. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Kverett Louis Roberts, B.S., Assistant Pro , i ring [rving Henry Prageman, M.I- " .., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Everett Willard Davee, Instructor in Mechanical I ngineering Kverett Joshua Felker, Instructor in Civil Engineering Harry Roy Perkins, Instructor in Mechanical Engineering I.yi.k Clayton Jenness, M.S.. Instructor in Chemistry Arthur Osgood Willey, B.S.. Instructor in ' 1 Engineering John George Leslie Caulfield, M.S.. Instructor in Chemistry Kenneth Gerard Crabtree, B.S.. Instructor in Electrical Engineering Theron Alonzo Sparrow, B.S.. Instructor in Engineering Drawing William Lester Gilliland, Ph.D.. Instructor in Chemistry Joseph Frederick Kolouch, M.S.. Instructor in Chemistry Sloane, B.S., Instructor in Engineering Drawing LAWRENCE Lewis OSBORN, M.A., Instructor in Chemistry David Harvey Stevens, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering ROBERT NATHANIEL PolUX k. U.S., Instructor in Chemistry Herbert Burr Abbott, Mechanician in the Mechanical Engineering Department Leo Day. Assistant in State Highway Laboratory Ralph Freeman Bowden, Electrician in the Electrical Engineering Department Page Eight cm =S 1 ' . I I 1 i i K I i lean i I thi i illege of Technology cJVCaine Agricultural Experiment Station Warner I.mkson Morse, Directoi B.S., Vermont, 1898; M.S., 1903; Sc.D., 1923; Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1912 I amis Monroe Bartlett, Chemist. B.S., Maim-, 1880; M.S., 1883; Sc.D., 1927 Edith Marion Patch, Entomologist. B.S., Minnesota, 1901 ; M.S., Maine, 1910; Ph.D., Cornell, 1911 Donalu Km. sum, Plant Pathologist. B.A., Nebraska, 1912; MA, Minnesota, 1914; Ph.D., 1917 Elmer Robert Tobey, Chemist. B.S., Maim-. 1911; M.S., 1917; Ch.E., 1920 Charles Henry Merchant, Agriculturalist Economist. B.S.. Cornell, 1920; M.S., 1922; Ph.D., 1928 Pearl Stuart Greene, Home Economics. B.A., Northwestern. l " n " ; U.S., Lewis Institute, Chicago, 1914; M.A., Columbia, 1923 Fred Griffee, Biologist, Plant Breeding. B.S., Kansas, 1918; M.S., Minnesota, 1920; Ph.D., 1924 Clarence Ritchie Phipps, Associate Kntomoloeist. B.S , Massachusetts Agricultural, 1919; M.S., [owa, 1927 Forri i Verni Owen, Associate Biologist, Plant Breeding. B.S., Utah, 1921; M.S., Oregon, 1923; Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1926 William Franklin Dove, Associate Biologist, Animal Breeding. B.S.. Iowa. 1922; M.S., Wisconsin, 1923; Ph.D., 1927 Aubrey Clare Hildreth, Associate Biologist, Blueberry Investigations. B.S.. W ' e-t Virginia, 1917; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1926 Jon low Babson, rR-, Associate Agricultural Economist. B.S., Maine, 1924; M.S., 1927 Charles Harry White, Associate Chemist. Ph.C, Maine, 1897 Reiner Bonde, Associate Plant Pathologist. B.S . Minnesota, 1922; M.S., Maim, 1926 Bernie Elliott I ' m mmer, Ik.. Assistant Chemist. B.S., Maine, 1924; M.S., 192S John- Henry Hawkins, Assistant Entomologist. B.S., Illinois 1926; M.S., Maine, 1927 George Farrington How, Assistant Agricultural Economist. B.S., Maine. 1927 Gail Margari c Redfield, Assistant, Home Economics. B.S.. [owa State College, 1925; M.S., 1927 Floreno Lydia Markin, Assistant Plant Pathologi B.S., Montana. 1924; M.S., Wisconsin, 1926 Mn dm d K ' i Covell, Assistant in Biol Iva Mi ri ham Hi lira Assistant in Biologj B.S., Maine. 1923; M.S., 1925 Margaret Scum ideh Dermi -,. Assistant in Biology. B A . Smith, 1922; M.A., I olumbia, 1926 A lick Wool ' Averill, Laboratory Assistant in Entomology. e Wilson Kenney, Laboraton Assistant in Biology. [CE Marion Babbin Seed Analyst and Laboratorj Assistant in Plant Pathology. Frepkrkk Barker Chandler, Laboratorj and Field Assistant, Blueberry Investigations. B.S.. Maine. 1928 Delmar Boynton 1 o i ion. I aboratory and Field Assistant, Plant Breeding B.S., Maine, 1928 Twenty Sracluatc Stuclcnh Aiken, Mar) Pauline, B.A., Eh. Maine, 1 Babb, Myron Francis, B.S., lit. Maine. 1 " - ' ' . Brickett, Elsie Furbush, B.A., Eh. Bates, L92S Bryan, [essie French, B.A., Eh. Wellesley, 1910 ■ a. Louis, B . Sp. Dubuque. 1927 Clough, Ruth Thorndike, B.A., Eh. Gouchcr, I Cohen, Ada, B.A., ( im. Maine, 1926 Dow, irrington, H.S.. Fin. Maine, 1 Fassett, Frederick Gardiner, lr., B.A., M V., Eh. by, 1923, 1927 Hyland, Fay, B.S., Fy. Michigan State. 1925 Jenkins, I h( ster Albert, B.S., Ch. Dartmouth, I ' M 1 [ones, Elton Wright, B.S., Ee. .Ma. lie. 1928 Kelley, Maurice Willyle, B.A., Eh. I Iklahoma, 1927 ry, ( Irani i iarnsej . B.S., Ps. Middlebury, 1928 1 ,i ivejoj . I lelmar Bi ij nti m, B.S., Bl. Maine, 1928 i Isgood, Beulah Elizabeth, B.S., I te. Maine, 1926 Pi ddi r, I aura i rreen, B.A., Eh. .Maine, 1928 Scamman, William Francis, II. A., Eh. Maine, 1908 Schmitter, Lestei I j It . B.A., Es. Penn, 1927 Schrumpf, William Ernest, B.S., Fm. Maine, 1928 Sloane, Alvin, B.S., Ed. Tufts, 1921 w. Theron Alonzi i, B.S., Ed. Maine, 1924 Stewart, h.lm Emmons, B.A., M.A., Ms. Maine. 1927, 1928 Watson, 1 larrv Dexter, B.S., Me. Maine, 1918 II, t ail Havelock, B.Ph., P Vermont, 1927 illey, Vrthur d B.S., Me. Maine. 1924 Woodbury, Kathryn Schanley, B.A., Fr. Elmira, 1924 ( )rono 25 Myrtli Orono Park Street Scranton, Pa. University Inn Orono 8 Jut University Inn or 209 State St., Bangor Bangor 50 East Summer Street, Bangor Orono 382 College Road Orono 13 Pond Street Orono in Mill Street ( )rono 56 Forest Avenue East Ha; en, 1 ami. ' I? Mill Street i )rono University Inn • ■ 37 Pond Street ( )rono A I ' l " House 1 1) 0)10 134 College Road hill, Mass. Balentine Hall Orono i i ollege Road Richland, Iowa 29 Pond Street Farmington 67 Mill Street 180 Main Street i U ono 11 Main Street Orono noch Street Or, hi, 38 Forest Avi Lynn, Mass. 1 niversity Inn Orono ' I House • ' 74 North Main Street l uu- Twenty-one i 4 4 James Chandler Buzzell Senior Glass Officers President James Chandler Buzzell ' ice-President Victor Boynton MacNaughton Secretary Firo vnti sw vld Miniutti Treasurer [Catherine Marvin Twenty-four tentors Adams. Reginald Bums, " Reggie, " i ma Madison I ligh School Band (1,2, 3) ; Alpha Chi Sigma. Madison Chemical Engineering Viroldi, 1 ouie, " Roldy, " K I ee, Mass. High School Forestrj Freshman Football; Baseball Numerals; Varsit) Football (2, 3); Varsit) Basketball (3); Sophomore ul-; Intramural A. A. Vllen, Rutillus Harrison, " Tilly " , All ' North Jay Jay High School Agriculture Cross Country (1); Rifle Team i 2 i : Varsit) Winter Sports (2); Alpha Zeta (2); Agricultural Club (1,2,3); College 4-H Club (1,2, 3). Ames. John Burton Bridgton Bridgton High School Mechanical Engineering Freshman Football Squad ; Prize of ( lass of 1873 (2); V.S.M.E. (3.4). Presi- dent (4); Tau Beta I ' i (3, 4), Vice-President ( 4 i ; Trustees Scholarship of Technology (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4). Anderson, Kenneth Otto, " Spud. " K2 Houlton High School Arey, Harold Lee, " Fat " . 2AE Forestry Club. Sanford Pre-Medical Vinal haven Forestry Ashworth, Jessie Ellen, AOD Orono Orono High School Sociology Student Government Council tl); Rifle Club (2, 3), Vice-President (3); Sophomore Eagle; Contributors ' Club (2, 3), Treasurer (3); Pi Pi Kappa i _ ' . 3) ; Debating Team (2); Class Hockey (2); arsity Hocke) (4), (M) (4); I ' hi Kappa Phi; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4) ; Class Basketball (2, 3); Maine Masque (3); Central District Alumni Scholarship (2); Ml Maine Women (2, 3) ; Secretary {3). FfTT cfr Twenty-five — — $ L iiiiiiSilllill Bailey, Dean Raymond, " Deano " Bangor I [igh School Band (3); Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketba Bangor Bii ►losry Bamford, Ida Maxine, " Tod " . AOE Orono High School Bartlett, Edwina Marion Freshman Hockey ; Freshman Basketball; Hockey (2). Orom i Si iciology 1 [ampden Histor) Bassett, Clarence Eaton, " Kach, " K2 Old Town Old Town High School Electrical Engineering -st. Manager of Football (2); Asst. Manager of Cross Country (3); Sigma Mn Chi; M.C.A.; M. I.C. Baston, Whitney Mountfort, " Whit, " BK Yarmouth High School estbrook Seminary Rifle team i _ . |, Manager (3). Walnut Hill Electrical Engineering Bates, Herbert Jasper. " Herb, " K2 Patten Academy Baskethall (1) ; R.O.T.C. Sim ma Mills Agriculture Beckler, Philip Arthur, " Phil " . ' Mils Gould Academy Berger, Shirley Bangor High School Glee Club (1,2, 3) ; Varsity Debating Team ; Track (2). Bethel Bii ' 1 ' igj Bangor 1 [istory Bix by, George Donald. " Bill " , AT Newburyport, Mass. Newburyport High School Forestry Track (1, 2,3,4) ; Class Relay i 1 . _ ' . 3, 4 i : Sophomore Owl- ; Sophomore Pipe Com.; Track Club (2, 3, 4 i. President (4) ; Forestry Club (4) ; M.C.A. Cab- inet (4 ) ; Senior Exec. Com. Page Twenty-six Blaisdell, Theodore Jewett, " Ted " York illage York High School Agriculture Track i 1 : Fencing (2, 3) ; Member, Agricultural Club. Blank. Edward Arthur, " Ed " , Lowell High School Lowell, Mass. i ' ri-. Medical Bostrom, Frank Peter Bangor 1 Ugh School Freshman Baseball. Veazie Mechanical Engineering Bourne, Harrison iardiner, " Albie " , ata Arlington High School Fencing ( 1. _ ' i : Alpha Chi Sigma; Tan Beta Pi. Arlington, Mass. Chemical Engineering Bowen. Ed ith. S®P Bangor High School Central High School. Washington, D. C. French Club; Glee Club, .Manager; Beta Pi Theta; Y.W ' .C.A. Bangor French Bowerman, Geneva Helen, xu Rhode [sland State Bradley, Vincent James, i K Edgewood, K. 1. History Millinocket ( hemistrj South Portland I [i pine Economics Bradford, Dorothy Louise, " Dottie " , K i ' South Portland High School Westbrook Seminary Y.W.C.A. (2.3) ;Home Ec. Club (2, 3) ; Rifle Club (3) ; I luting Club (3). Brockway, Donald Wilson. " Don " . SAE South Hadley High School Football i 1 ) ; Band (3); Glee Club (1). South Hadley Economics Page Twi nty-si Brown, Bettina, " Betty " , xn Old Town Old Town High School Home Economics Rifle Club (_ ' . 3) ; Home Ec. Club (1,2, 3). Brown, Harold Ellra, " Brownie " , AX A Path Morse High School Mathematics Track (1, 2) ; Class Relay (2); Junior Week Coram. Brown, Kenneth Theodore, " Ken " , li - II Mexico, Maine Mexico High School Horticulture Northeastern University Freshman Track: Maine Masque; Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma (4). Brown, Rue! Ernest, " Bulky " , ATP Bradley Old Town High School Dairying Bryenton, Beatrice Elizabeth, " Bea " AAA Easl Millinockel East Millinocket High School Latin Freshman Basketball; Track (1, 2); Class Hockej (2, 3); Sodalitas Latina (2); Vice-President (3); Sophomore Eagle; Contributors ' Club (2, 3); As- sociate Editor Maine-Spring (3); Glee Club (2); Sec. Women ' s Student Gov ' t. Council (3); Mgr. Varsity Girls ' Basketball (3); Junior Week Comm. Ruck, Mary Catherine. " Kay " , 1IIM Bangor Bangor High School English Maine Masque (2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (3,4); Panhellenic Council (3, 4) ; Stu- dent Government (4 ) : House Pres. (4) ; Riflery (1) ; M. .C. (4) ; Memorial I )rive. Buckminster, Porter Hatch, " Bucky " Sedgwick Sedgwick High School Technology Rifle Team; Wrestling; Epworth League. Burke, Ralph Arthur, SN Fort Fairfield Agriculture Page Twenty-eight itu Burke, Wyatt Clinton, " Lanky " Hoothbay Harbor High School Freshman Track; Dormitory Basketball; Civil Club. Boothbay Harbor Engineering Burrill, Gerald Francis, " Franky " , MA Bangor Bangor High School Arts and Sciences Band (1,2,3,4); Class Relay; Rifle Team; Glee Club. Burwood, Gilbert Kenneth, " Ken ' " Windsor Locks, I onn Forestrj Track Squad (1,2) ; Football Squad (2, 3 I : Band (2, 3). Buzzell, James Chandler, " Jim " K5 Fryeburg Fryeburg Academy Mechanical Engineering Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Varsity (2, 3); Varsity Football (2, 3, Capt. 4); Vice-President Sophomore Owls; M Club (2, 3, 4): Presi- dent Class (3,4); A.S.M.E.; Corp. R.O.T.C. (2); Student Comm. Memorial Drive ; Senior Skull. Callaghan, Claire Agnes, AAA South Brewer Bangor Girls ' Catholic High Latin I lass Basketball (1, 2) ; Class Hockey (2,3); Asst. Manager of Hockey (3); Y.W.C.A. Cabinel (3); Latin Club (2, 3). C ' assidy, William Adrian. " Jo " 1 Sangor High School I Sangor Biology Chandler, Robert Flint, Jr., " Bob " , B©D New Gloucester 1 [i irticulture Freshman Cross Country; Freshman Track: Varsity Cross Countr) (3, 4); arsity I rack Squad (2, 3, 4 i ; Prism Board (3) ; M.( . . Cabinet (3, 4) ; Vice-President (3); President (4); Track Club (3); Student Committee on Research and Investigation (3, 4); Agricultural Club; Student Senate (4); Alpha Zeta ; Secretary (4); Phi Sigma. Page Twenty-nine Clapp, Rozella, " Rosic " . AZ Sedgwick Sedgwick High School English dice Club (2,3). Coggins, Arthur Russell, " Russ " , lii-HI Maiden. Mass. Maiden High School Electrical Engineering Freshman Track; Varsity Football (2, 3) ; Prism Board (3). Colby. Oayma Joshua, " Bud " , AIT Smith Paris South Paris High School Agriculture Varsity Winter Sports Team (1,2); Agricultural Club (1,2, 3). Collins, Caroline E., " Kinky " . s Bangor I ' .angor High School English Freshman Hockey; Varsity Hockey i _ ' . 3) ; Track (1, 2); Mgr. Track (3); Student Government (1, 2) ; Sophomore Eagles; Clee Club; Rifle Club ( 2. . i ; Varsity Basketball Captain-Elect |4). Coltart, George Lester, " Mike " , Ki Brewer Brewer High School Mechanical Engineering Capt. Freshman Football; Varsitv Football (i. 3. 4); Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball (_ ' ) ; Pres. of Class i_ ' ) ; Sophomore )wls; Sophomore A. A. (2) ; Vice-Pres. A. A. (3) ; Comm. on Investigation of Student Problems (3); Tau Beta Pi. Condon, Kenton Rich, " Doc " , ATO Sabattus Sabattus High School Chemical Engineering Alpha ( hi Sigma. Conlogue, Everett F., " Connie " Portland Portland High School Pre-Medical Tufts Pre-Medical School Connor, Arthur Bradley, OTA Castine Polytechnic Preparatory History Gov ' t. Intra-Mural A. . (2); Secretar) (3); Masque (2); Ass ' t. Bus. Mgr. (3); Contributors ' Club; Sect. (3). Page Thirty Cooper, Elsron F., " Joe " . ' l l " A Xortli I Eaven I [igh School Hebron Academy Track (1,2, 3) : Freshman Rifle Team; Electrician, Masque North 1 taven I- In una! I ii " Crandon, Harry I).. " Red " , i. Portland High School Ian Beta Pi. Portland ( hemical Engineering Crimmins, George .. K Brunsw ick Economics Freshman Basketball; Freshman Football; Track (2); lsl Sergt. R.O.T.C. Daggett, Vaughan .Merrill. 2X Bangor 1 [igh School Intra-Mural A. A. (1,2); Civil Club (3). Bangor Civil Engineerin S " «- -« ' " 6 Daggett, Ruth Elizabeth, IIH ' I- Bangor High School Bangor Spanish I lamm, Barbara, AZ I W-l ia t I [igh Schi " ' 1 Beta Pi Theta; French Club; luting (Ink Old Town Davis, Lyman Arthur. " Art " , BK Monson Monson 1 Ugh School Forestry Track (1); Rifle Club (1, 2, 3) ; Varsitj Rifle Team (2,3); Forestry Club (2, 3). Dean, I. eon Arthur Bangor 1 1 igh Schi » il English DeBeck, Phyllis Phenelia, " Phil " , M Franklin Franklin High School Spanish Coburn Classical Institute Arclury Team ( 1 i ; Archery Instructor (2, 3) ; Spanish Club (2, 3). Page Thirty-one Desjardins, George Eli Old Town High School Old Town Electrical Engineering Dc Wolfe, Harold Albert, " Putty ' St. Stephens High School A.S.M.E. St. Stephens, " . B Mechanical Engineering Downing, Kenneth Warren, I rA Bangor High School Hand (1.2,3). Hampden Highlands Electrical Engineering Drew, Donald Ellsworth, " Don " , Ki Patten Academy Band (1,2). Patten Chemistry Dudley, Kenneth Rogers. i;X ( ld Town High School Asst. to Faculty Manager (1, 2, 3, 4). Mil ford Electrical Engineering Eldridge, Colby Sylvester Stephens High School A.S.M.E. Rumford Mechanical Engineering Elliott, Harold Kittredge, " Hal, " All Stephens High School Elliott, Herbert Everett, $MA Rumford Poinl Horticulture ECezar Falls Civil Engineering Ellis, Fred Hazen, " Squid, " ATA York Village York High School Forestry Football (1,2); Baseball (1,2, 3); Track (1); Track Club; Forestry Club. Ellis, Harold Eastman, " Shimmy " , i Ki Augusta Cony High School Electrical Engineering Freshman Track; Stanley Plummer Scholarship; Math Club (3) ; S.A.I.E.E.; Corporal R.O.T.C. (2) ; Tan Beta Pi. Parje Thirty-two Ernest, Raymond William ( Irono Forestry Finks, Sarah Diana Portland Westbrook Seminary Home Economics Home Economics Club; Freshman Basketball (2); Varsity Basketball (3). Fitzmorris, Herberl Richard, " Fitz, " 2N Roslindale, Mass. Mechanic Arts Civil Engineering Track (1); ( ivil Club (3) : Civil Club Secretary; Asst. Manager of Basket- ball (3); R.O.T.C. 1st Sergeant; Junior Prom. Comm. Flynn, John Edward, K Bangor High School Bangor I lii ill ig Fogg, Charles Emerson, " Charlie, " 2AE Yarmouth High School Westbrook Seminar) Track Squad (1) ; Hand (1, 2, 3) ; Alpha Chi Sigma. Yarmouth Chemical Engineering Foggia, Frank, " Pat, " 2 I 2 Woodland Woodland High School Economics El Circulo Espanol ; Pi Pi Kappa; tnterfraternity Council. French, Robert Mantor, " Bob " , ix Solon High School Freshman Banquet ( ommittee; Fencing Club (2). Si ill ' ii Economics harles I ' hilippe ( )ri mi i English Gamage, Vernon Alfred, " Gam, " Air Litchfield Edward Little High School Horticulture Alpha eta; I ' .and (1,2, 3); Glee ( lub i 1 . _ ' . .i i ; Vggie ( lub Exec. Comm. (1, 2, 3); Track i 1 . _ ' ) ; [nter-class Relaj (1, 2); hack Club (2, 3) ; luting I lub i 1. J i. rly-lh i 1 Garey, Hollis Wilbur Easton Electrical Engineering t Jarland, Carl ( iordon, K_ Augusta Biology Giddings, Paul Dudley, " P.D. " , B©n Augusta Cony High School Pre-Medical Track Squad (1, 2) ; Relay Team (1) ; Chi- Relay Team (1, 2, 3) ; Nomi- nating Comm. (1.2); Executive Comm. I _ ' i ; Alpha ( hi Sigma; Phi Sigma. I rilliland, 1 .ucile Cartmel Orono English Gilmore, Albert Field, " Gilly " Leavitl Institute Turner Center Chemical Engineering Gonyer, Lawrence Anthony Oronn I ligh School Orono Mechanical Engineering Goudy, Gerald Cameron, " Hank. " ATA York Village York High School Electrical Engineering Freshman Baseball and Basketball; Varsity Baseball (2. 3. 4); Sophomore Hop Committee ; Sophomore Owls; Yl.K.K. Grey, Lyman Scribner, " Sam " . ' I K2 Fryeburg Fryeburg Academy Forestr} Freshman Football; Varsity Football ( - ' , 3, 4); " M " Club (3, 4); Varsit) Basketball (3); Sophomore Owls; [ntra-Mural A. A. ( _ ' . . i ; Phi Sigma; ( brporal R. .T. . ; Xi Sigma Pi. Greenlaw, Ruth Masardis Higgins Classical Institute SpamAh Freshman Basketball; Class Basketball (1,2,3); Varsity Basketball (2, 3); Captain Basketball (3); Spanish Club (2, 3). Pacic Thirl Grindell, Arthur T... " Artie " , " Putty " , VXA Mattanaw a iok Vcademy Pi Pi Kappa. Lincoln Guice. John Lawrence, " Johnny ' Orono Catholic Hisjh Oron i History Halo, fames I " ... ' I ' ll K I amden ( !ivil Engineering Hall, Clifton Wass, " Clif " , HK Washington Academy Band (1, 2, 3) ; Entra-Mural Baseball (1, 2). East Machias Forestry Ham, Thelma Virginia, " Hammie " , A . I_ nity Maine Central Institute Latin Sodalitas Latina (2, 3) ; Maine Outing Club {2, 5); French Club; Y.W.C.A. Hamilton, Harold Pollys, " Hank " . 1 MA Calais Academy Varsity Baseball (2, 3) ; " M " Club {2.3). Baring Forestry Hammond, Gordon Elvington, " Pokey " , ATA North Berwick North Berwick High School Forestr) Berwick Academy University of New Hampshire Forestry Club i _ ' . 3, t i ; Band (2, 3,4) ; Staff Sergeant Band (2, 3 I. Harmon. Albert Merrill. " Al " . ATA Portland 1 Ligh School Track Club (1); Mathematics Club, President (-1 I Portland Mathematics Track i 1 i : Rifle I earn Harribine, ( iecil James, " I tarr) " Maine Central Institute Newporl Histoi s Harris, Oren Leroy, " Bucky " , S S MullinoUtll Hartley, William Joseph, " Bill " , l ' MK I ewiston Jordan High School Mathematics Basketball (1); Track (1); A.sst. Manager Cross Country (3); Manager Varsity Cross Country (4); Kappa Phi Kappa; fntra-Mural (3, -4 I ; Junior Week Comm. ; Commencement Ball Comm. ; Senior Skull. Hartwell, Mary Josephine. " Jo " , XQ Old Town High School Contributors ' Club (2, 3). Old Town English Harvey, Thomas Gray, " Tom " , " Morpie " , M ' A Hotch kiss School Glee Club f 1, 2, 3) ; Track (1,2). Fort Fairfield rt- Sciences Haskell, tda Mae Lincoln Mathematics Hatch. Loranus Pendleton, i. Camden Civil Engineering Hawkes, Esther J., aoii Kennebunk I tigh School Pi Pi Kappa; Rifle Club (2); dice ( luh Kennebunk Economics Hawkes, Marion, " Holly " , AOII Kennehunk Kennehunk High School Histor) Cheer Leader; Class Basketball (2); Glee (luh; Track (2), Thirty-six 1 [ikel, Phillip Solomon Millinocket Electrical Engineering Hill. Allison K.. " Hillie " , SAE Bangor I tigh School Alpha Chi Sigma. Bangor Biology Hodgman, Nicholas George, " Nick " , I leering 1 tigh School ck (1,2); I lass Relay (1) ; Baseball I 1 |. Portland Electrical Engineering I loos. Sarah Irene, ST i Ud I own High School French ( lub (1,2, 3). Old Town French I [i irslin, Carroll Eugene South Portland High Freshman Track Team; Dormitory Basketbal South Portland Electrical Engineering Horton, Elmer ... " Sonny " , AT Fall River, Mass. Fall River High School Electrical Engineering Track Asst. Manager (2) ; A.l.E.E. (3) ; ice-Pres. X.l.K.K. ; Manager Track (3) ; Senior Skulls; Commencement Week Comm, (4). Hurley, Charles ).. " Charlie " , K Ellsworth High School Student Senate (3); Interfraternitj Conference (3). Ellsworth I [istory Hussey, Madeline. " Hussey " , IIH ' I ' Vugusta i onj High School Home Economics National Park Seminar; Freshman Basketball Team; Varsit) (3); Mount Vernon Football Team. ■ Jt i , Hutchins, Burleigh Maurice Cape Porpoise Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. Jackson. Eunice Mildred; " Jo " , xn Portland Portland High School Home Economics Archery Team (1. 2); Glee Club i _ ; ) ; Asm. Mgr. Basketball (3); Campus Reporter (2) ; Social Editor Campus (3) ; Home Ec. Club (1, 2, 3) ; Carnival Play (3). Jasper, Rufus Guy. " Rufe " , 0X Auburn Hebron Academy Civil Engineering Baseball (1). Johnson, Barbara, $M Portland Bangor High School Chemistry Freshman Hockey; uting Club (1. 2); Campus Reporter (3); Rifle Club (3). Kelley. Edward ( iilman. " Ed " . H ' - ' ll rono Orono High School Chemistry Freshman I rack Squad (1) ; Freshman Banquet Comm.; Business Mgr. Prism (3 i ; Alpha Chi Sigma (3) ; I er I )eutsche Verein. Kennard, Evelyn Doris. 2@P Bangor Bangor High School English Kimball, Harold Vinton, " Kimm " , ATP Auburn Edward Little High School Poultry Husbandry Heck Club. Kinney. Loomis Stevens, " Lou " , B0H Osterville. Mas-.. Tabor .cadem) Economics Football Squad (1, 2); Basketball Squad (1); Nominating Comm. (3); Sophomore Owls (2). I Kneeland, Beulah, aaa 1 jncoln Home Economics Hockey (1, 2, 3) ; Basketball I 1. _ ' . 3) : 1 tome Economics Club (2,3). Knux. Clayton Tainter, " Clayt " , MA Stephens High School Men ' s Student Senate; Varsity Debating; Men ' s Glee Club. Rumford 1 liston Lambert, lohn Henry, " lack-. K5 Lowell, Mass. Williston Academy 1 ' " , lr Freshman Football; Numerals in Track (2); Crack (2, 3) ; Corporal R.O.T.C. Lancaster, Virgil Mark. " Lanky-. HK Pittsfield Maine Central Institute Forestry Basketball (1); Sophomore Hop Coram. (.2); Second Lieutenant R.O.T.C. (3); Scabbard and Blade (3); Inter Fraternit) Council (3); Vsst. Manager Football (3); Manager-elecl Football il ; Junior Prom. Coram.; Senior Class Executive Comm.; Lieutenant Colonel R. .T.( . (4). La Plant, [ohn Raymond, " Spud " . AT Greenville • n XT- i c i „i Civil Engineering i ,n enville High bchool ° Numerals Football; Football (2); Sophomore Owl Society; Freshman Execu- tive Comm.; Track (1,2); ( ivil Club; Commencement Ball Coram.; Football " M " (4); 1st Lieut. R.O.T.C. Larrahee, George Everett, " Ev " , HK Presque Isle Presque Isle High School Pre-Medical Freshman Executive l ouncil (1); Track Squad (1); Asst. Manager arsit 3 Football I - ' i. Larsen, Karl Davis. " 1 lump " Bangor Physics Bangor High School Freshman Track; Varsity Track (2. 3); ' apl rwo-mile Relaj (2); Band (1,2); Vssistanl Leader Band (3); Studenl Undergraduate Research ( omm. rhirly-iiinc Lawler, Thomas Lawrence, " Tom " , ©X I Ireenfield High School Junior Pri mi. I ' i nnin. i ireenfield, Mass. Electrical Engineering Leach. Sibyl II.. " Sib " , AOII Smith Brewer East Maine Conference Seminary Histor) Sodalitas Latina (2); Asst. Mgr. Basketball, Baseball; Manager Basketball (4). Leadbetter, Ramona .Marie, " Monie " , AZ Belfast High School French Club; .Maine ( uting Club. Latin Ledder, Abraham Elias, " nuke " Portland I ligh School I )er I )eut,-che erein. Portland Libby, Abram Joseph, " Abe " eazie Chemical Engineei ing Freshman Cross ( ountn ; I ' ' and (1, 2, 3) ; Her 1 leutsche erein. Lincoln. Alice Revere 1 [oulton French Lipsky, George Allen Bangor High School Bangor German Look, Russell Meserve, " Russ " , $MA Madison 1 [igh School Hand (1,2,3). Madison Chemical Engineering Lopaus, Hector Roscoe, " Hec " , B0I1 North Weymouth, Mi ss. Boston English High School Economics M.I.T. Intra-Mural Hockey (1); Tennis Capt. (1); Freshman Baseball; Chairman Norn. Comm. (2) : Asst. Mgr. Rela) (2) ; Mgr. Relay (3); Pi Pi Kappa President (4); Athletic Editor Campus (4) ; Kappa Gamma l ' hi | Lowell, John Herbert, " Herb " , HK liner Gardiner High School Chemistry Track i 1 i ; Band (1,2,3); Alpha Chi Sigma (2); Glee Club (2). Lowell, Winfield, " Win " , $HK Gardiner High ScIt •■ 1 Band (1,2, 3) ; Track Squad (2) ; Alpha Chi Sigma (2). ( iardiner i hemistn Lucas, James 1 Inward, i i. York illag( Civil Engineering Luce, Israel Gilbert. " Gibber " , " Izzle " , ATA Old Orchard High School Syracuse University Math. Club (2, 3, [); Wt. Mgr. Football I 3 I. ( )ld ( (rchard Mathematics Lydiard, Keith Bennett, " Lyd " , ATA Bedford, Mass. Lexington High School Mechanical Engineering Numerals, Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Football ( _ ' i ; iphomore Owl Society; Intra Mural . . (1,2,3), President (4) ; Winter Carnival Committee (3) ; Kappa ( iamma Phi : Editor Prism; Managing Editor Campus (3); News Editor Campus (4); Secy.-Treas. A.S.M.E. I Lynch, John 11.. I ' K Bangor J ligh School ,tball (1,2,3); Track (2). Bangor I [istory McCart, Stanley Oswald Eastport Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; Tau Beta Pi. V[( I racken, Elizabeth Myrth Brewer High School ••| ' .ctl ' i irewer lliology McDonald, Ellsworth Leavitt Institute Turner Mechanical Engineering MacDougall, James Archibal Milo Economics McGary , Geneva F., " (Jin " , 1IIM Bangor High School Hockey ( 1 ) . Bangor ■ ] unish MacKenzie, Zelda H., " Zel " . X 1 Mattanawcook Academy Secretary of W.A.A. (2). Lincoln English MacLaren, Harold Leland. " Jock " , ata .Milo 1 ligh School Band; Inter-Fraternity Council; Track {2). Washburn Education MacNaughton, Victor Boynton, " Vic " , I .MA Bangor Bangor High School Forestry Freshman Cross Country, Relay, Track ; Varsity Cross Country (2. 3 ) ; Capt.- Elect Varsity Relay. Track; Class Treasurer (_ ' ). Vice-President (3) ; Sopho- more ( (wis; Phi Sigma. McPheters, Byron William, " Mac " , K2 Bangor High School Phi Sigma; Corporal R.O.T.I . (2). Bangor Forestn . twi McPheters, Mildred, " Mini ' Bangor I [igh School Home Economics Club xn (1,2,3); Rifle Club (2, 31 Hi Ba Economics Mahoney, ( leorge I ' .. ' " Mac " Ellsworth Ellsworth High School Economics Campus Board (1) ; Managing Editor (3) ; M.C . ( abinet (2); Kappa Gam- ma Phi i- ' . 3 i : Vice-President and Chairman of Journalistic Conference (3); Pi Pi Kappa (3) : Athletics Editor Prism (3) : Editor-in-Chief Campus (4) ; President Kappa Gamma Phi (4); Senior Skulls. Mahoney, .Mary. W Biddeford Biddeford High School English Freshman Hockey; Varsity Hockey (2, 3); Sophomore Eagles; Rifle Club (1, _ ' . 3); Secretary-Treasurer Rifle Club (2); Contributors ' Club; Campus Reporter (1.2); Women ' s Sports Editor (3) ; Literary Kditor of Prism; l ' an- hellenic Council (2, 3). Maloney, Ellen Elizabeth Bangor Spanish Mann. Robinson, " Bob " , ki. Kicker Classical Tennis (1); Asst. Mgr. Football (2). I builton Forestry Marsh, Philip Merrill. " Phil " Farmingtoii 1 [igh School South Portland English Marvin. [Catherine, " K " . Xfl Portland Portland High School Home Economics Freshman Hockey Team; Baseball (1); Tennis Championship il I; Sopho- more Eagles; Home " Ec " lub (1,2); Vice-President (3); V.W.C.A. Vice President (3) ; Asst. Manager I Locke) (3) ; dee ( lub i _ ' . 3 I. Page Forty-three Mason, [rvin Carrol, " ggie " , " Mace " Woodstock I [igh Agricultural Club; Outing Club. Locke ' s Mills Merrill, Bradford, " Brad " , SX Madison I [igh School Track (1) ; Cross Country ( 1 :1 Cluli ; Spanish Club. Madison lomics Merrill, Richard Allan, " Plug " , 2AE Cony High Hebron Academy Forestry C lub ; tntra-Mural (3). Augusta Forestr) Meservey, Ruth, " Bozo " , AOD Bangor High School Bangor Histon Minuitti, ] i Oswald, " Min " , ATA North Berwick Berwick Academy lomics Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Sophomore Owl Society ; Pi Pi Kappa; Scabbard and Blade, Vice-Pres. (4); Inter-Fraternity Council; Track (3); Class Treas urer i 3, 4 i ; Asst. Coach Freshman Football. Moore, Helen, " llel " . AZ Greenville Junction Greenville High School Mathematics Hockey (2) ; Basketball (3) ; uting Huh (2) ; Mathematics Club (2, 3). Morrison, Ralph Fred, " Stubby " Old Tow n 1 [igh School Freshman Football ; Track (3). Mil lord Electrical Engineering Morse, Merton Francis, HK Gardiner Gardiner High School Electrical Engineering Fencing Club (2); Tau Beta Pi (3,4); Phi Kappa Phi; 1st Lieut. R.O.T.C. (4); Scabbard and Blade (4); A.I.E.E. (3, ! Forty-four wfa Mosher, Wendall Earl, " Mose " , . North Jay Jay lli. li Schi Dairy Husbandry Agricultural Club (2, 3) ; ( ollege I II I lub; Rifle Club (2, 3). Moulton, Robert, " Bob " , $HK Hiram Fryeburg Academy Mechanical Engineering Asst. Manager Baseball (2); Student Senate (2, 3). Mudgett, Perley Herbert Kenduskeag 1 ' . in al ! ngineering Murray. Harry Lee, i l Hampden Hampden Academy Horticulture Freshman Cross Country; Freshman Relay; Freshman Track; Sophomore Owls: Cross ountry (2); Class Relay (2); Two Mile Relay (2); Track (2) ; Mile Relay (2, . i : Secretary Track Club (3). Mutty, Carlista Louise, " Kitty " , " Cal " , W Old Town Old Town High School French Ritle Club (1, 2, 3); Mgr. Rifle Club (3); Spanish Club (3); French Club (1,2. 3); Glee ( lub (2, 3) ; Y.W.C.A. Xealley. Willis ' iraffo n, Berwick Acadi l ' lii Sigma. liin " . -I ' MA Smith Berwick Biology Nevells, Frederick L., •!■ m a So. Portland So. Portland High School Mathematics I rniversity )rchestra (1,2, 3) ; .lee I lub (1,2, 3, 1) ; ampus (2) ; 1st 1 ieut. R.O.T.C. (4); Scabbard and Blade. Forty-fii Niles, Winfield Scott, " Win " , a a Rumford Stephens High School Biology Soph. Hop. Comm. ; Track Club; M.t ' .A. Cabinet (2); Sophomore Owls; Junior Marshal; Freshman Relay; Varsity Relay (2. 3 ) ; Track (1, 2, 3); " M " Club; Student Undergraduate Research Comm. Noddin, George Adelbert, " George " , B(=)IT Bangor Bangor High School Chemistry, B.S. Freshman Football; Executive Comm. (1, 3); Football (2, 3); Alpha Chi Sigma (Pres.-Elect) ; Tan Beta Pi; " M " Football (4). Noddin, Harold Ellis, " Noddy " Bangor Bangor High School .Mechanical Engineering Noyes, Worth Langton, t Tlk Orono Lee Academy Forestry Freshman Cross Country and Track; Capt. Freshman Cross Country; Varsity Track (2, 3) ; Varsity Cross Country (2, 3) ; Sophomore Owls; Pipe Comm. (2). O ' Connor, Roderic Comins, " Rodie " , B©IT Yeazie Bangor High School Mechanical Engineering Vice-President (1 ) : Track Club (2); Manager Baseball; Freshman Football; Sophomore Pipe Comm.; [nter-Fraternity Council (3); R.O.T.C. (3); Lieu- tenant; Scabbard and Blade; Tan Beta I ' i; Senior Skulls; A. Association (4 I. Osgood, Catherine Chase, " Kay " , Aoil Ellsworth Ellsworth High School English Palmer. Robert William. " Bob " , ATA Dover- Foxcro ft Foxcroft Academy Civil Engineering Football (1); Basketball (1); Treasurer civil Club; Boxing (3). Page Forty-six Parks, Robert Dwight, " Bob " , M " a Jamaica Plain-. Mass. Boston Latin School Forestry Track (Num.) (1,2, 3) ; Freshman Relay; Track nub Secretar) (2), Presi- dent (3); Track Club Scholarship; Freshman Banquet Speaker; Football (2, 3); M.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3); Milwaukee Conference (2); Editor Freshman Handbook (3) ; Masque (1, 2, 3) ; Business Mgr. (3) ; Scabbard and Blade; Sophomore Owls; Student Chapel Comm.; Junior Week Comm.; Senior Skulls; Chairman Student Memorial Drive; Xi Sigma Pi; Captain Co. B., R.O.T.C.; Presidenl Maine Masque. Parsons, Frank Preble, " Preb " , ATA Berwick Academy South Berwick Education Parson-. Merton Stanley, " Mert " , All South Paris South Paris High School Animal Husbandry Football Squad (1) ; Rifle Squad (1) ; Alpha Zeta Scholarship Trophy Eor 192 ' ' : Heck Club; College 4-11 Club; Alpha Zeta; Walter Balentine Prize; College nf Agriculture Trustee Scholarship (2). Payson, Harold Tyree Brooks P.rooks High School Forestry Mgr. Dormitory Basketball i 2. 3 ) ; Student Senate (3) ; Proctor (3) ; Dornii- tury Council (3). Percival. Maple Ismay, " Mip " . AZ X. TI. Fay High School V.W .C.A. i 1. 3. -1 i ; luting Club (2). 1 Jexter I [istorv I ' etei - " ii. ( lharles 1 tartley, " Pete " , 2X Yarmouth and Deering High Schools A.I.E.E. (3); Rifle Team (2). Yarmouthville electrical Engineering Phillips, Ralph Linwood, " Spike " , MA Bangor High School Bangor I ' .ci mi imics Pierce, Harold Trefethen, " Plupie " , 2X South Portland High School Civil Club (3). South Portland Civil Engineering Pillsbury, Clarence Dunham Phillips Mathematics Poley, Rami ma Faye Berlin High School Rifle Club; Mathematics Club; Archery. Berlin, X. 11. Mathematics Poole. Lyman Curtis. " L. ( ' . " , ' I ' M A Bristol High School Pemaquid Foi Powell, Harold X.. " Rid " ' Orono Orono High School Chemical Engineering Freshman Football Numerals; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Football; Soph- omore Owl; Varsity Team Letter; Research Comm. ; Tan Beta Pi. Pritham, Carroll Fred, " Doc " , " Prith " Greenville High School Fencing (1,2, 3) ; Student Member A.I.E. ( Ireenville Junctii in Electrical Engineer ng ■ ' .. ; Fencing ( lub. Purington, William Andrew Bang ii Biol igj Race, Cecil Raymond, 2$2 Abbot Village Electrical Engineering Page Forty-eighl lA Rawson, Lovell Cook, " Bullock " , SN I rxbridge I [igh School Freshman I rack : Forestry Club. I rxbridge, Mass. Forestry Raye, t leorge Wesley A.I.E.E .; Radio l-UG; Tau Beta Pi E astport Electrical Engineering Reed. Mary, K San Pedro I [igh School Glee ( lub (2, 3 i ; French Club (3). )rono English Richardson, t iuy I [arold, IT East Corinth Academy Cross Country (1 i : Wrestling i 1 i : Heck Club. Fort Fairfield Animal I [usbandry Ridlon, Emory Francis, " Kezar " , " Emmett, " 2AE Kezar Falls Porter High School Ch.E. i Pulp and Papei Sophomore Hop Comm. (2): Cheer Leader (3); Junior Prom Comm. (3); Asst. Mgr. Basketball (3) ; Alpha Chi Sigma. Robbins, Arlene, " Arkie " , -I ' M I .incoln Mattanawcook Academy Psychology Freshman Hockey; Varsit) Hockey (2, 3); Class Representative Student Government (1,2); VT.W.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3); Vice-President Outing Club (3) ; Contributors ' Club ; Sophomore Eagle ; Campus Reporter (2, 3). Robie, Versal, " Rev " , 2N I ,uu ell 1 1 igh School i iangor Education Lawrence Academy, Bangor Theo ' l. Sem. Pri Kappa Phi Kappa; Student Senate; Debating 1 eputation Team ; M.i . earn ; Masque I ' lay Forly-itinc Robinson. Mary L.. " Mamie Liz " , ADD Bangor Bangor High School Sociology Freshman Hockey, l apt. ; Varsity Hocke) (2, 3) ; apt.-elect (3) ; Class Bas- ketball (1. _ ' . 3 i : Varsity Basketball (2); Student Gov ' t. (1) ; Asst. Cheer Leader (1 i ; Y.W . Sect. (3); Vice-President W.A.A. (3); Prism Board (3); Class Secretary (1, _ 3); Pi l ' i Kappa; Pres. Women ' s . : Ml Maine Women; Vice-Pres. Pi l ' i Kappa; Sigma Mu Sigma; Vf.W.C.A. Cabinet (4i. Rogers, Charles Hall, " Chuck " , 2AE Boothbay Harbor High School Hebron Academy. Deering High School Track (1,2) : A.S.M.E. 1 oothbay I [arbi ir Mechanical Engineering Rose, George Edgar, " Ed " , I MA West Springfield, Mass. Edminster Preparatory School, Ithaca, X. Y. Horticulture Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Trio (1, _ ' , 3); Rule learn (2); Rifle Club Sec. and Treas. (2, . ) ; Track ( 1. _ ' . 3) : Pres. Musical Hub- (4) ; Trio (4 I : President Men ' s Rifle Club (4) : Maine Sung Book Comm. (4) ; ( Impel Program ( " mm. (4 ) ; Vice- Pres. Phi Sigma (4) ; Alpha Zeta. Rosen, Lawrence. " Larry ' i mi Hand 1 ligh Schi 1 midland Economics Al iranai n Li Bangor I hull igy ( ierman ( bib ; l ' lii Sigma. Russell, Harold Edison, " Russ " , ATfl Bangor 1 Iigh School Musical Clubs (1. A : ); Vss ' t. Mgr. Searsport Mechanical Engineering i : Mgr. (3) ; Track (1, _ ' i : Class k.-luv (1, 2, 3, 4); A.S.M.E. Ball Comm. i I i. Relay Squad (4); [ntra-Mural: Mid-Winter Fifty »(2 Li Li lJ Saba, Anne Marie Old Town Mathematics Saw yer, ( leorge ebster, " ! Franklin I figh School New I [ampshire University Alpha In Sigma I- IA Franklin, X. H. Chemical Engineering Sawyer, Priscilla, " 1 illie " , AOD Bangor Bangor High Newton High Spanish Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Leader (4); Rifle Club (1); Junior Prom Comm. ; Pan-Hellenic ( ouncil (3) ; Spanish Club (2, 3, 4) : Spanish Nite (4); Student Government (4); House Pres. Mi. Vernon i4 ; Universit) Chorus (3, 4); I i immencement Ball Comm. (4). Scott, Harriet Henderson, " Harry " Presque Isle High School 1 1 c inn- Economics Club ; 4-1 1 Club. Presque [sle 1 iciiue Economics Shea, William Francis, " Frankie " , ATA »ld Town 1 tigh School Band (1,2,3,4); Instrumental Club (.1,2, 3, 4; ( )ld Town Education Shirley, Noyes Donald, " Mike " . i P Fryeburg Academy Vice-Pres. Forestry Club (3); Rifle Team i Freshman Football. Fryeburg Forestrj 1. 2 i ; First Sergeant R. I.T.C.; Shiro, Evelyn, " Ev " ( »ld I ov n I figh School 1 ,c i iircle Francais. ( )ld Town French Fifty-om Simone, Anthony Charles, " Tony " , r l K I .cc 1 [igh School Freshman Football : Forestn I lub. I ei . Mass. Forestn Small, Donald Harvey, " Don " , " Babe " , K2 Rockland I. nine lligh School Mechanical Engineering Freshman Football; Freshman Track Squad; Track Club; Asst. Mgr. Relay; Campus Board; Circulation Mgr. and Bus. Mgr. Campus; A.S.M.E.; [nter- Fraternity Council; Kappa Gamma Phi; Chairman Comm. Ball Comm. Smith. Andrew hvutt York 1 [igh School Track (1, 2, 3). York Agriculture Smith. Archibald Van, " Archie " . ATA Steuben Steuben High School Electrical Engineering M.C.A. Cabinet; A.I.E.E.. Junior Member Executive Hoard (3), Chairman (4). New England Student Committee (4); Wrestling (2, 3) : Track (3, 4) : Prism Hoard ; Tau Beta Pi. Smith, Gordon Bangor I [igh School her Deutsche Verein; Tau Beta Pi. Bang ir i hemical Engineering Soderberg, Louis Roland. " Swede " . A ' l ' A Punchard 1 [igh School Westbrook Seminary Football ( 1 i ; Track | 1. 2, 3). Andover Mechanical Engineering Spencer, Elizabeth Lucille. AAA Bangor High School French Club. Page Fifty-two Bangor Education Staples, ' arleton I (earborn, " Stape " , 2 2 Eliol I tigli School Track i 1, 2). hot Electrical Engineering ns, ( ilyde Aurelius Rifle Team (1, 2). Bethel Forestry Stevens, Elmer Albert I n shman Cross ( mntrj ; Wrestling (2). Bethel Forestn Stewart, Frank Raymond, " Frankie " , 2N Rockland Rockland High ScIimuI Mathematics Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball; Spanish Circle (1,2); Math. Club (2, 3) ; Math. Club Sec. and Treas. (3). Stinson, Clyde Clifton, HK Stonington Stonington High School Mathematics Freshman Track; Freshman Cross ountry; Varsity Track i J. ,i i ; Varsit) ( ri iss i Country i _ ' , 3 I. 1 tangoi Stone, Maurice Bangor High School Chemical Engineering Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Freshman RifleTeam; Varsity Fool ball (2 i : I ler I eutsche erein i Pres. i. Strout, Jerome, " Jerry " , OTA Milo High School Track (1) ; ( nil Club. Milo Civil Engineering Page I ifi n iMRI 7? Stuart, I [arold J., " Ike " , UK I homaston I [igh School Hand (1) ; Alpha ( hi Sigma ; 1 [ocke) I 2 " rack (1 ). Thomaston, Conn. B.S. Chemistry Stuart, I Inward Holmes, BK Thomaston, Conn. Chemistn Sturgis, Guy I laden, |r.. SAE Portland Botany Agriculture Sullivan. Edward D., -Sully " Bangor 1 litdi School Bangi r Civil Engineering Swift, Orville Thomas, 4 Ki Waltham, Mass. Electrical Engineering Sylvester, Calista E., " Betty " , A Jefferson Lincoln Academy 1 [istory Spanish Club (1, _ ' . 3); House Treasurer (2); Outing Club (2); House ( ouncil (2). Sylvester, Elwyn G., " Syl " , XA McKinley 1 [igh School Rifle Team ; Wrestling Team. Deer Isle Electrical Engineering Sylvester, Harvard Leighton, " Syl " , AXA Newport High School Rifle Team (1); Cross Country (1); Track (1,2). Etna Forestry ■four Tan. Earl Davison, " Kid " , SN Uxbridge, Ma—. Uxbridge High School Forestry Freshman Baseball; Freshman Basketball; Forestry Club; Sophomore Owl; Varsity Baseball. Templeton, Samuel Joseph Greenville Mechanical Engineering Thompson, Joseph Mariner, " Barney " , " Joe " , $K5 Fryeburg Fryeburg Academy Chem. Pulp and Paper Eng. Alpha Chi Sigma; Winter Sports Team (1) ; Sergeant R. .T.C. (2). Thompson, Richard, " Dick " . 2AE Southport Skowhegan High School Mechanical Engineering Track (1) ; Asst. Mgr. Track (2). Thompson, Sadie Jane. AAA M illinocket Millinocket High School I ' iolog Varsity Hockey (2,3); Freshman Basketball; Sophomore Eagle; Vice-Pres. Student Govt. Council (2); Treas. Y7W.C.A. (3); Phi Sigma; Pres. Delta Delta Delta (3) ; Pres. omen ' s Student ( lov ' t. (4) ; Pres. A 11- Maine Women I 1). Thurston, i my Linley, " Larry " , " Nip " , MA Bethel Gould Academy Electrical Engineering i lass Basketball (1); Varsity Basketball (2); Sophomore Owls; Soph. Pipe Comni.; " M " Club (2). . Donald Edward, " Dun " 2AE Bangor Bangor High School Psycholog) Page I ifly-fim True, Carl Dudley, " Jake " B0U Yarmouth I tigh School Westbrook Seminar) Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball; (2); Yarmouth Electrical Engineering M " Club; Sophomore wls. Tucker, Clarence Arthur Cherryfield ( ml Engineering Turner, »scar Treat, BOD Livermore Agriculture .sst. Stage Mgr. Maine Masque (2); Stage Mgr. Maine Masque (3). Waldron, fames Neal, I rA Dexter Forestry Walker, Myrtle Margaret, 2©P Wiscassel Lincoln Academy Home Economics Home Economics Club; Maine ( luting Club (2) : College 4-H Club (1,2, 3,4) ; Panhellenic Association (3,4); Phi Kappa Phi (4). eatherbee, Edward Albert. " Ed " , SN Mattanawcook Academy Freshman Basketball; Freshman Baseball; Debating (1, 2). Lincoln History Weaver. Frieda P., " Teddy " , " Ted " , UBS Old Town 1 lii;li School Beta Pi Theta; Le Cercle Francais 1 1. _ ' . 3 I. ( ld Town French ebb, (scar Earl, " Spike " , 0X I [oulton 1 ligh School Track (1,2,3). 1 [oulton Agronomy Webber, Henry Norton, 2N Farm in j ( hemical Engineering Webster, Alice I ' ... " Al " , AOII Bangor Bangor High School Home Economics Class 1 [ockey ( 1 . 2, 3 1 : Varsity I [ockey (2, 3) ; Y.W.C.A. ; Sophomore Eagle ; All Maine Women ; Home Ec. Club : Student lovernment (3) ; Junior Execu- tive Comm. Welch, Andrew Bartlett, ( )ld Tow n High School [eft, it Bradley Dairying Wellman, Meredyth, " Med " , aaa Edward Little High School Spanish Club i _ ' . 3 I. Auburn Spanish Wheeler, .Maurice Robert, " The Royal Institution for Bo I leering I [igh School Maine Masque (1, 2, 3) £ing i iei irge " i -. Bushey, I [erts I ngland Portland English Wheeler. Whitney Long, " Gabe " , ' i ' MA St. George High School Coburn Classical [nstitute enant ' s Harbor Economics White. Edwin Turner. " Whitey " , " Joe Experience " Wiscassel Wiscasset Academy Electrical Engineering Fencing ( lub (1,2,3) ; luting Club (2, 3 i ; Freshman Baseball. ■ White, Erma Elizabeth, " Erm " , AZ Winterport Winterport I [igh School Spanish Y.W.C.A. i 1. I i : Spanish Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Balentine House Treas. (3); Panhellenic Council (3, 4); Pres. (4); Pres. of Spanish Club (4). White, Frances Evelyn, " Fran " , ' I ' M Old Town St. Joseph ' s cademy Spanish Rifle Club (1,2,3); Spanish Club (2, 3) ; Y.W.C.A. (2); Varsity Rule Team (2,3). Whittier, George Albert, " Al " rA I Sangor 1 [igh School Milford Electrical Engineering Band (1, 2, 3) ; Cross Country | Num. Ml); Track (1). Wilkins, Roger Carson, " Shag " , K- Ricker Classical [nstitute Captain Freshman Relay. Track i 1 i ; t ross t Country (1). I [oulton German Winch, Stanley Gordon, " Doc " , Sanford Sanford High School Mechanical Engineering Freshman Cross Country; Freshman Track; Varsity Track i _ ' . ,ii ; Class Relay (2, 3) ; Intra-Mural (3). Winter. George Henry, " Wint " , ATI) Bangor High School Track (1, 1, 4i ; Senior Cane Committee. Bangor Forestry Wiseman, Herbert G Iwin, " Herbie " , " Rabbi " , Newport Newport High School chemical Engineering Football (1 i ; Wrestling leam; Alpha ( hi Sigma; Deutscher Verein. Fifty-eight Woodward, Merwin Francis, " Bud " , AIT Fryeburg Fryeburg Academy Dairying Interfraternit) Councils; Student Senate (,3). Worthley, Herbert Morrison Brewer Minics Young, Kenneth, i. Brighton, Mass. Manchester i.X.ll.i High School Forestry Varsitj Football (2, 3) : Sophomore ( (wis; ( hairman Junior Week; Under- graduate Research Comm.; " M " Club. ) -nine cJuniors W$ x Inn William Mof (junior Glass Officers President John William Moran Vice-President Francis Costello Lindsai Secretary Pauline Hall Treasurer Steven I how - M vnk Page Six ' Junior Class Ddstory l. the 1 Ith day of September in tin- year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty-six in the reign of Bananas IX. tin- class of 1930 in- vaded the campus brilliant students, brilliantly attired. We lived through Freshman Week and actually liked ii partially because it ended in a dance in which the upperclass men had t " stand on tin- side Hue- and watch while we flat footed it an nnd the Gym. ur joys soon vanished, however, for the upperclass- men arrived bringing drastic rules for us to follow. Sunn Prexy Boardman called firsl chapel and we got oul our pajamas for the Night-shirt parade. Later came the Bag Scrap which ended in a decisive victory for ' 30, in tact the Sophomoi barely escaped with their live-. From this event until the war in the spring we lived an uneventful life except for watching our athletic team- clean up their oppo nents. In the middle of the year came the class elections in which Harry Mover was elected president, William Churchill vice-president, Hazel Sawyer secretary, and • leorge Ramsdell treasurer. In the spring came the annual Freshman Sophomore Scrap with constant raids l hi he ( loldsmith ' s theatre. In the C( PUrse c if event- we decided to discard the long despised skimmers. Vfter one forenoon of this unwarranted freedom the Skulls kindly counselled us to again dun the cap- and thoughtfully deferred Rising Night two weeks. Although we were threatened with having half of the cla-s shanghaied to un- known parts everyone attended the Freshman Banquet at the Old Town City Hall mi pril 22. Jim Ashworth was Chairman of the Banquet committee while Harry Muver carried off the honors as toastmaster, Ine of " Sprucie ' s " famous feeds completed a perfeel banquet and a perfect although pugnacious week. We finally had our chance to rise, however, and in the melee many Sophs were incidentally trodden into the soft mud n{ the Balentine Field while we lugged a selected few to the Stillwater for immersion in it- hyperborean depths. ' The next morning in accordance with tradition we decorated the campus with our colorful sweaters and plaid Harvard bag Our Freshman teams had a successful year, many members of our class win ning numeral- and some showing themselves to be good material for Varsity work. The next fall we came hack with our numbers somewhat reduced. We suc- ceeded, however, in giving the incoming class a thrill by putting them through the Night-shirt parade without any break in the rank-. The Bag Scrap was differ cut fur when the Freshmen struck us we went into the air and our clothes into their " M " books. Sixty-lhrcc Iii the class elections that year Lyman Abbott became president, Harrison Moyer and Harry Richardson joint vice-presidents, Pauline Hall, secretary and James Ashworth treasurer. The Freshmen shanghaied Lymie Abbott and Red Vail during Scrap Week bui a pursuing gang of Sophomores kept them on the jump so that the two men secured an opportunity to escape and were back for the Hop on time. Meanwhile the remaining Sophomores upheld ' M) reputation on the campus by catch-as-catch- can wrestling in the Power House coal pile. Hostilities ended and the Sophomore Hup ran off smoothly under the direction of Chairman Eleanor Clark. Rising Night for the Freshmen followed soon after, the rope pull being held across the creek hack of the Phi lam I [ouse. Fifty valiant Sophomore- taught the opposing two hundred and fifty aspiring Frosh thai true class spirit count- more than numbers. Rotten eggs and ice water was the order of the day for a few min- utes. Abe 1 ioldsmith again treated US to a Tier -how. That vear our athlete- showed their true ability on all the team-, and we have many more winning numerals and others winning letter-. In football the lettermen were Abbott and Zakarian; in cross country, Lindsay. Richardson, and Mank; in relay, Berenson; in basketball, Abbott, Daley, and Kent; in baseball, Lathrop and Wescott; and in track. Berenson, June-. Mank. O ' Connor, Richardson, and Stymiest. Last fall we returned to the campus and resumed our studies and outside ac- tivities. When the class elections were held John Moran was elected president. Francis Lindsay vice-president, Pauline I fall secretary, and Steven Mank treasurer. Several .additional men from our class were awarded letters Ashworth, as manager of football; Caler and J. T. Stanley, in cross country; Gowell, Moran. Moyer, !• ' .. E. Palmer, and Vail, in football; Pratt as manager of cross country; ( KDwell, in track. This affords by no means a complete record ol the activities of our class since we can accomplish many things in the year and a half thai we have before us. We have done our best to maintain the prestige of our Alma Mater and trust that our work here has been an appreciable contribution to the history oj the Uni- versity. We hope that succeeding classes will outdo us in furthering the causes for which we have labored, for after all. college spirit comes before that ol the class. Our graduation will not end our existence a- a class fur the same spirit which has carried Us through our four years of college will remain with us when we go into the world to accept the responsibilities for which we have striven to tit our- selves. ' a i M.r v- " Abbott] Lyman, Jr.. " Lymie " , 2N " Hd l Irch Hebron Academy Economics Exec. Com. (1) ; Pres. Class i 2 ) : Pres. Sophomore lw (2); Sec. Athletic Board (2] Capt. Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball I 2, 3 I ; ( apt (3) ; Varsity Football i _ . . i : Student Senate i 2 Sergeant R. I.T.C.; M Club. Allen, I terbert Stanley, " Cy " Bridgton Bridgton High School Forestry nir-. Merton I Inward, " Jock " , ati Northpprt , ' amden I [igh School Mechanical Engineering Track (1, _M ; Platoon Sergt. R.O.T.C. (3); Football 1. _ ' ) ; Sophomore wls; Men ' s Student Senate. Ariderson, Miriam Sylvia Monsi in Monson Academy French French ( Hub (2, 3 i : Archery leant ( 1 . 2) ; Maine I luting Club (3); Beta Pi Theta. ' Oh Captain, our captain, your lliant trip i- over, the team has weathered everj storm, the games it wins are none. " The " hlondc gl lils from the land of Jerusalem, beg pardon, we mean Old Orchard. He sure can handle a football and a bas- ketball, but when it comes to courses, why that ' s different. Never mind. Lymie, when some of your instruc- tors die you ought to graduate in 1935. Abbott is the kind of a guy who usuall) parses up a girl with the remark. " My Gawd, she ' s got a fig- ure like a watch when it ' s six o ' clock. " C) is very popular among the foresters because of his ever ready jack knife. He went hunting last fall and shot at a partridge; but it was not a partridge, it was a rabbit. He can make excellent biscuits but pies are too difficult. He is always say- ing, " Ilmmm God Ephie " . A rec- ord of his college career states that averages four haircuts a year. He does not smoke or swear but is fond of a little sweet cider. " Come, ' board v ' u an ' ' ave a cup o ' lay I " Here he is, folks, the combination sailor-ape man, bard as nails and twice- as rusty. The originator of nocturnal snow-baths and sea- faring jargon. He may be a sailor but he hasn ' t a girl in every port — (She ' s a Chesterfield ! ) Jock ' s cheery smile and pleasing personality have won him manj friends on the campus. The best to you always, old timer. Some. me told Miriam that everj potential teacher should Cultivate a sense of humor, so she spends most of her time in laughing at the pro- fessors ' mistakes and making paro- dies on their learned remarks. And yet, ii -In ' does nol study sometimes, low does she get those V Juniors Page Sixi Andrews, Kathleen Doris, " Kay " . Aon Hallowe I [allowell I [igh School Biol ig) Basketball (1, 2) ; Hume Ec Club (1) ; Glee Club i 1 . 3 i M.( .C. (1 l ; V..lle Ball i- ' i Sodalitas I.atina i _ ' . 3 I. Ankelcs. ( leorge Peabody, Ma Peabody High School Eci momics Pi Pi Kappa (3)-; Varsity De- lating Team {2, 3); Delta Sigma Mu (2); Vice-Pres; 1 )urni l iiuncil (J. 3) ; Stu- dent Senate (2, 3); Campus Board ( i ; ( ontributors- Club (3) ; Junior Student Re- search t i mini : Business Mgr. Pri sm (3). Animate. 1 ' erlev Everett, " I ' ete " . i- Sanl ' on Mechanical Ensnneeriiy! drack (1). sh vorth, James Peery, " Jim " . Isi- || ( (rono rono I [igh School ! [istory Football (It: Baseball (1 i " ; Chf. Freshman Banquet Com. ( 1 ) : Intercollegiate Debating (1. 2) ; Ass ' t Football Mgr. (2); Football Mgr. (3) i M | : (lass Treas. (2) ; Athletic Editor Prism (3) ; 2nd Lieut; R.O.T.C. (3); Inter-Frater- nity Conference (3) ; I clta Sigma Mu; Scabbard ai Blade. Kaj is tin ' first of the triumvirate, illy. Lib and Kay and where the other two are you arc sure to find her and you will know that sin- is telling another of her collection of jokes when you hear the delighted chuck- les. You will chuckle too, and then maybe learn some startling hits of information which Kay gleaned while exploring abroad this last summer in Maine lowns with the continental names. George has shown marked ahilit in ever) endeavor that he has under- taken in college Activity has been the keynote of his lite on the campus. Sincerity, high scholarship and an undisputed ability of debating has made him a feared opponent and a welcomed supporter. Responsibility has been placed upon his shoulders because he has been capable of repre- senting real issues. " Hold that car ' Hold that car! " and I ' ete is away on the 6.20 lor Old Town, onlj to he heard oi again when the last car returns in the early hours of the morning. This doesn ' t occur very often, only four out of seven nights a week. Pete i- seldom seen perusing a text- book, hut if there are am College Humors or Love Stories ' etc. in the house, he can always tell what there is in them. " How do you do it. I ' ete " is the cry when ranks come out and Pete ' s compare with the best of them. Like all southerners Jim is a con- noisseur of women hut thinks that our women can not compare to those of Virginia. He is as fickle as the CO-eds, although he by no means is himself to this limited fil Id The fact that Jim has always main t. nned his I Kan ' s List standing, until he tangled with Dutch and Mitchell, accounts for his extended activity list. Juniors Page Sixty-six Austin, I filbert Ellsworth, " i ,il. " . 0X Springvale San ford I [igh Sd I Mechanical Engineering Track (1, 2. 3) ; Class Rela (3) ; Varsity Relay 1 3 Track Club: A.S.M.E. Avery, I )exter Leslie, " Red " , S 2 Woodlam Brew er 1 [igh School Mechanical Engineerin Football ( 1 ). Hal)l . Frances Harriet Bangor Machias High School English Washington State Normal ScIk II ll Treas. Contributors ' Hub : Assoc. Editor Maine-Spring. Bagley, Alice 1 [oughton, u Portland I Peering 1 [igh School Botany Colby College Class Basketball (2) ; Spanish ( luh (2) ; Debating Society (2, 3 I ; Debating » ouncil I 3 I : Y.W . Social Service Comm. (3) ; Campus Reporter I 3 i . M.O.C. (2); Pres. (3). AAA A Jib who bails froi -.ale, Mann-, is one of those quiet, sophis- tii ated lads 1 1 ■ ■ always thinks I before he acts. Gib bad th baffled for the first two years, when it came to women. We all thought that there must be some lucky fair one who had him caged, but this was disproved this year; Gib steps out isionalh although the hoys arc not aware of the fact By the way, I .ih is a track man of no mean abil- ity. Red. the mysterious man from W Hand, came forth to rise and shine — but he shines more than he rises. He blossomed out with a brand new Ford 1 x 17 " model l in search of greater adventure. As a result .lis mysterious trips have been more frequent The old bus is as true as the compass; its nose i always pointed towards Canada. Did you ever wonder how the folks at home became acquainted with the campus news? Hush, a secret, Frances is responsible. She attends every interesting event on the campus and then sits up all night pounding the typewriter so the news won ' t get stale. After all this labor she contributes generously to the B. R. E. Clever is no name for this reporter girl from Bangor for she rated an A in Prose Style. (99 44 mil ' , i, i )ne year at Colby, where i amputh and car barnths meet, and then (still 99 44 100 " ! I Alith shook off the cinders of that Collegi- ate Junction. She wanted more at- mosphere so she came to Maine. Alith claims that a cow college has a en mote ethereal air than a glori- fii d freight yard. Alith may lispth, blush in the most fiery manner, and wear sensible shoes hut she isn ' t so prim as you ' d believe. She can paddle, ride. swim, and walk the very dogs off the best of us. Juniors Page Sixty-seven Bagleyj Lauren Roberts, " l- ' in ' v " . SAE August Cony I [igh School Mechanical Engineering ..S.M.Ej ; Instrumental Club (1 i. Bailey, Edna Madison, " Hilda " , X« Wiscass ( olby c:i(Iciny Englis Belmont I [igh School Maine Masque (1, 2, 3) Contributors ' ( lub i 1, 2) Vice-Pres. (3); Glee Clu (1, 2); ( huru. i_ ' ,; Cias Basketball (1, 2); MO( (2, 3)i Y.W.t ' .A. Cabine (2) ; Student Faculty Chape Comm. (2); Literary Editq Prism : Memorial Drive ; hi Junior Prom Comm] Parke Bai Kaili ' v. Eniun " Km " . Alii Bangor High School Electrical Engineerin Band (1,2,3); Baseball (1 i orporal (2); Chr. Sopto more Pipe ( bmm. ; A.I.E.E Baker, Prescotl Bors, " Baker Boy " , SAE So. Dartmouth, Mas Dartmouth High School Ulentown I ' rep. Pre-medic; I [ebron Academy Football i 1. 2). Larry might be termed the new )r. Jeckyl in that he can change in a space " i a few minutes from a greasy to the " Duke " and vice-versa. Boy, if you want to see the original fashion-plate just cast your eyes on this Prodigal. Ii is too bad that everyone that enters can ' t graduate in the same old crowd but Mich is le waj of life so here ' s success to you and yours. The pride of Wiscasset (please don ' t try On a map) — and points West, l- ' dda is -till humming " Cali- fornia Here I Come. " We came near not having her hack, summer before last. She " went loco " over the West of the wide open spaces, out where men are men and collegi girls hop the last freight East. No body ever knows what I ' .dda will do next, hut who would want to? That ' - win she is so interesting. She says it even help- sometimes to go " to class. Introducing the onlj blond, undlr- slung, quiet-running, model commuter rom the Queen i itj " Hi Bailey! Where ' s your red- headed, elongated, shadow this morn- ing: What, you don ' t know? Well, get going, ( irabba. ' s chasing an am pere around Lord Hall ! " When - upon " Em " hies himself awa to rescue his sidekick from imminent danger. Genial, agreeable, well liked. Em- ory has won his way into the hearts of his classmates. Max you continue to do so in life, Em ! Hake is all right until Sunday come - around and then there is living with him. He yet- so religious that it is actually pitiful, going to ( hurch .ii least twice. In the middle Of the week he yet- hi- relig training in Bangor, either doiqg; wel- fare work ,,i the Eastern Maine General, or criticizing the Bijou. When Bake graduates, he ought to he fitted to step right into the min - v without any further training. Juniors Page Sixty-eight Baker, Willanl Parker, Jr " Clam " , K2 Millinocket Stearns I Ugh Sch m ' 1 I ' ulp and Paper Alpha Chi Sigma. iws, Eunice I torothy, " Shrimp " , " Tinkie " , AOD I »rono Irono I figh I [igh Home Ec. Home Ec Club (3) ; I tockey (1,2, 3). I tames, ( ei irge 1 Eenry, " Brute, " hk Fort Fairfield Port l- ' airfifld 1 [igh School Agronomy ( xoss ( ' ountry (1) ; Rifle 5quad (1); Heck Club (2); (. ' la-- Exec. om. (2). Bancroft, Robert Alexander, " Bob " , Ki Westbrook estbrook I [igh School I [istory ck (2) ; Spanish ( !lub. A. have " ii tlii- campus an un- heralded genius. It is -aid tliut ••( ' lam " can inhale the vapor of any solution and tell exactly what cle- ments arc to be found in it. Haw- ever, this is ii " ' " lam ' s " only ac- complishment. It is rumored that he i- a pronounced woman-hater. is a wonderful hare i E( i ed to try thi wil - of her sex-appeal ..n a male untouched by female pow- This little mil i m is called a " shrimp " — but it is really a midgel ener- gy. We were told confidentially that if Shrimp ' s Paw and Maw hadn ' t would still king P i l. ' s at »rono High School. Yes -Professoi enough to be in collegi ' She ' s such a bother that, after all. it ' s lucky for i! there i- so little of her. The Varsity Hockej Team, however. couldn ' t win without Shrimp. Brute who hails from the land of i - came to college to learn the techniques of the campus heroes. His interest in his work, however, -i to this cause. Since Brute ' s arrival he has obtaim d radical views about women and claim- not to be thered. I lis great size ami i sive avoirdupois has kept him from his athletic ability. few years ago when Westbrook High School athletic teams were the b was one of the reasons. Upon coming to Maine an entran nditii n has pre- I his participation in athletics but he has kept in form by holding Kappa Sig in the running in Iutra- sni ' i ts. e t year e Ii mg spirals out i in Alumni Field. Staj away ci women are riot one of. Bob ' s weak- nesses. Juniors {-nine Bates. I.niii-L- Augusta, " Batesy " Portland I )eering 1 ligh School Wheaton College Psycholoerv i alai Engineering Club (1) (1); Maim (1. _ ' . 3) Bates, Niran C. Calais Academy Civil Maine luting Dorm. Council Christian Asso Deputation Comm. (2. 3) Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Asst. Mgr. dice Club (2) ; Uni- versity Chorus I _. 3) ; ( ivil Club. Beasley, Doris Louise. " Dot " , XO Fairfieli Scudder High School Biolog) Easl trahge High School Varsity 1 lebating (1) ; Mgr. (1, 2, 3) : Baseball i ' Basketball (2); Phi Sigma; Der Deutsche Verein; M.O. C. ; Y.W.C.A. ; Deputation Team. Beckwith, Milledge Merri- thew. " Becky " , -X Caribou Fort Fairfield High School The Pond School. Cambridge, Mass. Pre-1 ega Maine Masque ( 1 . _ ' . 3 i Rifle Club (1); M.C.A. Cab inet (1,2); Track il. 2, 3) Business Mgr. Maine-Sprim (2); Sergt., R. ».T.C. firecracker ! Thud and Blunder! ttle Batesy — to whom 3 inch heels ire like a gift from the gods. Jusl i teeney tiny package but what a lot if content! Can she write! ' Can she dance? Can she chatter? WHOOPEE! " Psych or Bruce? Which shall it be tonight? " asks I lati i )h, well there ' s time for " tli and you mustn ' t spoil him, kid. Perhaps her air of sophistication is a Wheaton trademark, but it ' s Mire taught them Sigma Nu ' s a rever- ence for " true intellect. " This modesl engineer from " down east " is .i CIVIL in every sense of the word. Among Niran ' s engineer- ing teats i hi the campus was the se- curing of a picture of some ' . ' 1 co-eds painting the garage roof last April. When it cullies t, i carrying a - M pound trunk tn the 4th floor of Bal- entine he can tell you how far is up. Bates X- Croxford, the Transfer magnates, will he pleased to suggest the kind of trunk to buy. lint ' s here and Dot ' s there in tact she- everywhere. She ' s one of those hustle and hustle persons who can do everything all at once and then have eons ,,f time in which to dasli hither and yon in that accommo- dating Ford of hers which she so affectionately calls " Brother. " Dot is a sure ' miff devotee of the Terpsi- chorean art. And speaking of bridge, says Doris. " How ahewt a hand right now ? " lear ye! Hear ye! This is " Beck " — the great Beckwith — the inimitable smasher of hearts from the well-known county of spuds and rum-runners. Who does not know this dynamic personality, who now sla es over his History and Govern- ment, hut may in the near future roadcast a debate with Clarence larri iil( i riling the " Relative Merits of Co-Educafion in American Institutions " or act the part of Yorick in " Hamlet " . Juniors Page S Berenson, Bernard Martin. " Bucky " Chelsea, Mas t ' heslea i ligh School I tistory Track (1, 2, 3); Relax (1,2, 3 I : InU ' i- t lass Relay i 1, _ ' . 3 i : " M " Club ; Sophomore wls : William Kim in Park- er Scholarship; fntra-Mura A. A. (2, . ) ; Dormitory Proc- tor (3) ; I er Deutsche Ver- ein : Vice-Pres. i 3 i ; Mem- prial iym Cum. ; Track ( lub (2, 3 ) : ' Vice-Pres. (3) ; jun- ior Prom. Com. I lessey, I Ian • 1 1 Edwin I lakland ( lakland I ligh School I i ibum ( lassical I nstitute Civil Engineering Rifle Club i 1. 2 i ; Civil Club. Blaisdell, Brenna Hope, " Bren " , aaa i orinth Bangor I ligh School French French Club (2, 3 I Mgr. Hockej (3). -i Blaisdell, William Winthrop Franklin I ivil Engineering A.S.C.E.: 111 Club. A A i == ,o, :::: mm Imi CIIIIOl Mil i-t a regular fellow — Bucky. He been so bu6) since he landed at place that We wonder just how he managed to i erhain. Perhaps it ' s bis personality and then again it may be that he possesses the ability to keep ahead oi the Administration. Next t " the little girl back home likes track the best. His ambition is to become a teacher ami ch, but as for being a teach— her— well we doubt it. ey is one oi our ambitious, " pick and shovel " engineers. We could never understand why he chose high way engineering ; he is always so interested in the morning mail that we have suspected him of joining thi air male service. His favorite hobby is designing houses, and we have no ...uiht that he will put it to practical use. He is a real likeable fellow and we advise you to keep him in mind for you will surely hear more from him in future years. ' •( ' orinth is a fortunate city " , said Paddj and her friends on the campus. knowing Brenna, agreed. A very quiel studious girl? Mais, non! Al- though sin- is fast becoming a dan- gerous rival to the French D | ment, she never lets her work inter- fere with her play. If there is any mischief afoot, look there Eoi Brenna. William came to college with the sole idea of studying Civil Engii ing. It didn ' t take him more than two weeks to discover that there was more to college than just that. Civil still occupies his mind very deeply, t his Spare moments are not wast ed. Lately his -pare moments have bi . ii few for he lias added the at 1 o Utter writing to his accomplishments. I [i considers sweeping a door worse than work. Deeming such a menial task below him he insists on it being done bj Freshmen. Juniors •ly-oiic Bolan, Ella Crowe ' I ' M Winterpi iuterport High Schoo Biology Phi Sigma ; Rifle Club; Uni- versity Chorus; Der Deutsche Verein. Booker, James francis, " Jimmy " , ax.v Garamei rardiner I ligh School Chemical Engineering Contributors ' Club (1, 2, 3 | ; Alpha Chi Sigma; Track Squad (1); Chr. of Class Exec. ( -nil. (2) ; Der Deut- sche Verein. Boothby, Laurence Buzzell, " I. any " . i I i jverrhore Fa Animal 1 [usband Fencing (1, 2); Alpha Zet Heck Club. 1 ' .rad turd. Richard Sylvester. " Dick " Carme ( armel High School Ecoin unic Rifle Squad (1, 2); Tracl Squad (1,2); Associate Edi tor Prism; Pi Pi Kappa. ' ,11a is Balentine ' s doctor for aclies pains as well as for blues and wnheartedness, but she is such a tty doctor that we arc sun that first malt- patient will succumb to charms as well as to her ability id want to have this special physi- an ' s care for life. She is an avOWi man-hater — but you know a co- s ability to change her mind. " What I 1),, you keep a rubbish pile in your room " ' " " No, that ' s nnl Jimmy Booker ' s :sk. And it ' s always the same, whether Jimmy is acting High Toreador of a nil session, or correcting the " chem lab " note hooks of the sweet fresh man co-eds. The latter has its re- wards in the form of nice rosy apples for " dear teacher " . One of the astonishing things a- bout this hoy is that he gets over 3. — and has more dates than anyone else on the Campus. •Meet " Larry " , the lively lad of Livermore, the ardent agriculturalist. the diligent dean ' s list man. This ' armless looking youth made lpha eta during his Sophomore year. W hen " Lain " arrives home for vacations the whole town turns out, ass hand and all. The tOwnspeo pie realize that in this man lies theil only salvation; he may, through his great agricultural developments, put Livermore on the map (if they make ' lie scale big enough ). Dick and his drawl seem like a page lifted from the South. He does come from the South — south of Ban- gor. Carmel is the place where men are farmers and pastures are wide. Dick is one of Doctor Ashworth ' s prize students and was always on the Dean ' s List until he hit Dr. Mm h class, Mitch pulled an F instead ot a B .nit of his hat and Dick got indignant. And did the Economics Department make whoopee over flitch- We ' ll say so, and Brad got is C. Juniors Page Seventy-two Branch} John Balch, ' l IIK I ' ortland Deering High School Historj hack (1, 2, 3). Bfboks, rtlmr Leon, " Artie " l ' l ' Smith Pari South Paris 1 tigh Schoi Agricultural Bducatioi Band (1 i : Rifle Club 1 1 i ; Heck Club; 411 nub; Wrest- ling (_ ' . 3 i ; Boxing (3). I troi iks, inston 1 [olnjes, " Sinn pW, Ki Sanfon Sanford I lit, r h Schoo Ciyil Engineering Northeastern University Burns, Bruce Balentine, BK Watervillt aterville I Kgh Schoi Korestn M hi i Branch also attends this in ' » stitution, so fondlj dedicated to learning bj an optimistic faculty. I [is main inten si i disappro ii the theorj of CO-EDUl V I ION. i lis franklj expn ssi d opinion, is to the i iii ■ ' . that the only good o- ed is a dead i me. ' Ine of Mr. i h ' s strong points U his hy| ii power over the minds oi other peo pie i ii " i Ins own I. In other wi rd , le is a hypnotist of no mean ability. hoopee and all other pirate yells. Here we have the second edition of Artie the shiek, farmer, globe-tr carpenter, roan-of-the-world, chair- man " t the Bored of Education, ami Pas) i irand Master of the Brothi i hood " i ' Former Pip Irgan Pump- ers. Artie ' s favorite workbench is a davenport but he is not discouraged b adverse circumstances. lb- son eludes from his research, which lias ln-i ' ii considerable, that love is an ocean of emotion, entirelj surround- ed by expenses. Snooks, as he prefers to be called In bis dearest friends, is quite the college boy. He ought n be, for lu- ll. is had enough experience for t college boys during bis short college carnr. Just one look at Snooks all dressed up in Ins uniform and you know he ' ll be a general somi day, and not in the R.I t.T.C. either. Ills friends all wondered when Snooks signed up for Advanced Mil itary but one look at him in that uniform is sufficient explanation for am one. Although brine is registered as a orester, bis interest lies in aviation. is noted t ' nr his rapid trips be tween •rono and atei ille in his " Che v) " Roadster. I o eds never appealed to liruce ' s iaste but the yomen of Watervillfl sure ruined a rfectly u I timber hound. Juniors ty-three Burr, Angela Aileen East Millinock East Millinocket I [igh School I .at in Sodalitas Latina; See. an I reas. (2) ; Univ. ( horus (2). Burr, Charles Gilbert, ©X Millinocket Pre-Medical Student Senate (3) ; Der Deutsche Verein. Burr, Lois Adelaide. " Lo " , XQ Old Town French Beta Pi Theta. Butler, Gerald Whitne) . Dover-Foxcroft " Gerry " , ATA Electrical Engineering Foxcroft Academy restling (1, 2, 3) ; Instruc- tor i.} ). ileens favorite courses are Con-i porarj " Silent " Drama and cur- ii us fii tion. For the benefit of the third H she keeps her bookcase well filled with all the latest n t [i iwever, don ' t come in if y m lave just had j lifted ;iikI can ' t afford any Laugh wrinkle- be cause the blues just ain ' t where Aileen is. She is an all round good pal and has won a good place in the irts of her friends. And now, folks, allow u- to pre- sent the most wideh educated man of our University. Gil started out in mall schools of Millinocket, .and alter striking out and studying in Germany, France, and England, n ' in 11. ,1 to the good old LJ. S. . to complete his education at Maine. Gil has been in ureal demand by his ■ rs wishing to pull the marks mi German — and needle-- to say, many are the brothers who owe five urs of C to I ill. A fair daughter of dd Town ! On the trolley, in the library and in the Y room, she is always there with her giggle. However, her anility to chatter French is proof that -he ■ always giggle in class, she i- very good natured — except just before an exam. She was a hit de- pressed the hrst 01 tin- year bei -he couldn ' t take P.T. hut her natu- rally merry disposition triumphed at ast. It is generallj understood that her favorite courses are English Lit and Mediaeval History. In these two hints on this fair page shihit the heavy lovers from Dover-Foxcroft in two volumes. toe look at this flaxen-haired youth and .1 woman ' s heart is broken. The in- sidious thing about it i- that he does in ■! wear a veil, ami the h_ -wa iths of love an strewn with fainting members of the fair sex. So far. he ha- gone on his way care free, for to quote his own word- " It wouldn ' t he fair to single one out : [ive them all a break. " Juniors • Seventy-four Butler, Roland I )wighton, " Roily " . ATA 1 tover-Foxcroft Electrical Engineering Foxcrofl Academy restline I 1, 2 i. Caler, I [orace Lester, All ' Addison Entomology i ross i ountry ( 1 . 2, i M i : Track (1,2.3); Alpha Zeta ; Track Club (3). Campbell, Marion Aline. AZ Seal Harbor ( iilman I Ugh Schoi ' I Mathematics Mathematics ( lub i 2, 3 I ; Glee Club I 1,2,3) : Balentine House Sec. (3) ; Vice-Pres. Math. Club (3). Chandler, Thurlow Abbott, " Ted " , Ki Bangor Bangor I lij,h School Electrical Engineering Rifle Team (1,2) ; Band (3). Ve intn idu volume two of the hi breakers. This lad pos - .ill the accomplishments of his broth- er, and has one distinguishing featurt i ii his i ' « ii. " I Hi girls, look at that uiul curly hair ' 1 mean, isn ' t it the that you have ever glimpsed? " Enough of i hapsod) . these boj s are clean cut and accomplished in their every line. I. .race comes from down on the coast where men arc nun and fishes are sardines. When he left he though) that .Ionian Marsh »a- a swamp but Since then he has learned better — also what makes a house fly. At present he is General Manager and Board oi Directors of the Ancient Order oi Insert Exterminators. During his first two years Horace led a rather quiet life; the first semester of his junior year lie made both Alpha Zeta and his letter in Cross Country and we wonder what he will do next. He failed to pass lie 102 last year. largely because he was not taking it. Besides being a mathematician, a physicist, and a chemist. Aline is endowed bj the Muses. She i riiilu mi hand when it comes to making posters for YAV. We ask her whence came the talent, she replies. " Oh, for the love of some old woman. it- a gift. " She recently made her ebul m Carmen, and has since been □bilged tO refuse repeated otters from the New York Metropolitan Ipera Co. On account of such de- mand, she will have to make her trip to New York this spring incognito. Behold ' Anoilui Dean ' s lis! man from Bangor searching for the elu sive electrons. At any hand rehearsal amidst the din of the battle can be heard the doleful note-, of a saxa illume blaring out the popular song hit " I can ' t give you anything but love Babe " , " lid ' s " ambition I one perfect!) I Erskim ir and find out what makes the heels go around. Juniors Page ty-five Chilman, Arthur I ,ester, iN Bar I lariHU Bar I [arbor I [igh School Electrical Engineering U.E.E.; R. ).T.C. 1st Sjtf Churchill, William Philip, " Phil " , SAE Augusta Cony I [igh Schi 10I Chemical Engineerii Vice Pres. class (1) ; Bani (1, 2) ; Instrumental Club ( 1 i ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Exec- utive Com. i,ii ; Asst. Mgr. Baseball (_ ' i ; Prism Board. laffe} . Francis foseph, " ( laff " , .| K Holyoke, Mass. Il..hnke High School Biology Freshman Track; Asst. Mgr; Track (2); Masque Play. i nlicn, I [arold North Reading, Mass X ' ' it 1 1 Readfng I [igh School Biology Just because tin- big shol fooled arc .uikI with organs his Freshman year some people got the idea that he was a biologist. Nevertheless all that this gentleman knows about Anatomy was not learned in Coburn Hall. No! Those week-end trips .if his t.. tin- 1 [arbor have- n. .i been made for the benefit of his laundry. Laying all seriousness aside, it ' s no joking matter when this sergeant wouldn ' t get up in the middle of the night n. trot along with the other R.O.T.C. ' s t.. extinguish a fire in Veazie. And whj not? Because his nun.. rni wasn ' t pressed. Signals! 8-0-6-7 Hike! " Phil " is off for Mount Vernon in a cloud of snow. The consistencj of his gains from this plaj is typical oi " Phil ' s " steadiness in his aspirations and achievements ill life. I lis record proves him t.. he a student of merit. It certainly is marvelous how a man ' s " inspiration " enables him t.. massage Military and Mechanics with the same Muradic nonchalance. s an entomologist " Claff " has sure got a bug on bugs, lie has also got a him on a girl, not a ... ed how- ever. His interests lie in Orono when he is u..t working in a biolog] lab. Claff is verj talented in quoting from Shakespeare, and many of his friends think that he missed his call- ing When lie went I., the hiiys. The suggest that he would have made a better Hamlet. The only trouble here is that he might get pickled. It was a great event of 1950. A great hospital was to he dedicated and its head surgeon chosen. A large assembly of learned men had gathered for the ceremony, and pits entlj the door opened and a quiet little man with a sparkling smile en- tered, accompanied by a group of officials. " Allow me t.. introduce. " aid the committee chairman, " your ad surgeon. Dr. Harold Cohen. " Juniors Page Seventy-six Cole, Evelyn Virginia, " i iimiK- " . az BiddefoFi 1 lie lik- lord High School Latii M.( .C. (1) ; Sodalitas Latina (2, 3) : Glee Club (3); ercle Francais (3). Colomy, Dora Louise, " Doady " , aaa New Gloucester High School New i rli mcester 1 liimc Economies Freshman Basketball; Home Ec Club (1, 2); Pr ' es. (3). i ■ imber, Ji iseph I ' atrick The Forks Biology i Connelly, Daniel Elmer, " Dannie " , B©B 1 Cartland I lartland Academy I )airy 1 1 usbandn Freshman Football Squad; Freshman Baseball Squad. With the aid of such a " keen mind? ' " fine voice ' who could help mak- , the Deans List: Except for her occasional giggling spells and frequent unexplained cuts and over- due papei and a few other things, - might be classed as a perfect student. But if you think thai shi like- to study, just listen to the naught) things she says when a prol gives out a ignment. I f you should dri p into i Mt. ef in in and hear something that sounds like a cash register, that would be Dora ' s conversation. She was mi to in a Big Butter and Egg Man, mebbe. She talks stock and b and other aw ful things — and plays the market Dora has played o and taken .-tm-k in some telephone company or other. She knows the bottom will never drop out of that while lie continues to plume from Baltimore — or is it Skookum, Alaska —Bird— Beast or Fish— I K3 et " ft i Joe is inie lit those boys who per- sist in believing that at some college they must really do all those tunny things that are told about in collegi magazines. Just at present he is too engrossed in keeping ahead of his Professors to investigate, but intends tn look into the matter some day. Joe is an optimist with a sense of humor and a willingness to lighten the other fellows load. I le is one of those fellows who buys two packages of cigarettes at a time, not because he smokes heavil) but because hi- friends do, Dan first entered the University as a member of the class of ' 29. However, during hi- Sophomore year hi hit on Scarlet Fever as an ideal means ol improving hi- posi- tion life. Besides giving his fra- ternitj Brothers a long remen b vacation, he succeeded in becoming a worth) and versatile member of " 30 " . 1 1. in i- prepared to maintain that his course is the hardest in col- Juniors Seventy-seven I 01 1 ' i ' tt, Ralph Ashton, " |im ©X South Pat I tebron Academy Agricultur I lanquet Comm. : Baseball ( 1 2, 3 ) : Agriculture Club I 1 3) ; Rifle Club (1, 2). Coughlin, Charles Gerald. ' t ' K Rocklanc Rockland High School Mechanical Engineering Corporal R.( I.T.C. (2); De- bating Team ( _ ' ) ; A.S.M.E. ; Student Senate (2, 3) ; Track ,1.. Coyne, Russell Donald. AXA Auburn Edward Little High School Electrical Engineering Band (1, 2, 3) : A.I.E.E.; ' Baseball (1, 2). Crockett, Uton Eugene, " Deals " , 2AE Bridgton I ' .ridgton Academy Electrical Engineering .l.i:.I-:. : Asst. Mgr. Track I- l ; Student Senate (3). Here we have the well-known " Beau Brunifmel " of Smith Paris. " Jim " lias spent half of his time keeping in touch with " the one " hack home and the other half cultivating his trick mustache. He is an accom- plished " Aggie " , however, and can tell all the benefits of the angleworm. We are not sure just what hits , ,n but we believe there is more in those week-end trips than the making of milk tests. " Too fair to worship; too sweet to love. " Behold the great Joe Sea- Weed, from dear Old Rockland, who was gifted some time or other with a silver tongue and eloquence in- comparable. The boys sit with rev- erent awe as he discourses on college instructors: — " The only adequate ex- planation of the idiosyncrasies oi the individual is found in his ratiocina- tive functionings. Then agreeing that the fundamental epistemologieal truth seems to he the rational order of Cog- nition proceeds from the concept of self. " Here ' s another one of those boys who spend their time picking up dropped voltages. With a little more practice Russell will he able to throw switches as far as any man in the electrical course. At present even his professors admit that he pushes a mean slide rule. dive him a few amperes and a couple of ohms and he ' ll have volts in no time. " Mr. Crockett " , Lightning control- ler and coming engineer with the Hell Telephone people, has granted us an interview. With his feet on the desk. the cigar of prosperity ill his mouth, the man who has never seen less than .3 gave us an account of his rise to fame. To quote " study when neces- sar hut let it seldom he necessary. Always look intelligent although it may be a strain, for that .i Ins the road to success. " Juniors Page Seventy-eight ■■Ein k. Illll III Hill Crowtll, John 1 [erbei I . " Johnnie " , liwil Bam Bangor 1 ngh School Eci momtcs Freshman Foi itball and Base ball; Pi Pi Kappa. ( tow ley, Mary ( ecelia, " Freckled " , aaa Bangor Bangor Catholic High School ' .atit Freshman I lockej I cam Class Hockey i 1. 2,3) : Class Basketball (2) : Track i 1 i Baseball (1) ; Latin Club (2 3); V5ce Pres. (3); Riflt Train (_ ' I. Croxford, Horace Alexander I [ampden 1 1 ighlam Brooks High School Chemistry Maim- utlQg Club i 1 I : .Maine hristian Vsso. i 1 . _ ' . 3) ; 1 orm. Council (1) ; llee ( lull (3) ; I fniversity Chorus (3); R 1 1 1 Corporal (2). ( nllcv. I Jorothy Mary. " I bt " , ' I ' M Bangor Bangor High School Mathemal ic - Freshman 1 Basketball ; Si ph- omore Eagles ; Math ( tub ; Rifle Team. rhis Shylock has recently been made the di Eendanl o) a lawsuit b) c B. R. Ei who are suing him for tin ' recover} o $270 due them Eoi entitled fares, Each morning and night John wavi Mr. Conductor, jerks his thumb, carelessly lets his mouth spread his face at Ins first prospects and is ■ i ii .ii spi i ding " ii his W a . But this isn ' t the only thing he is good at for he can play the piano with his car and he can pi ike a mean puck, lie has just made a big butter and egg mama from Veazie, for his latest achieve- ment, and she trots him around like ,i p, kingi se pup. " She isn ' t fast. she isn ' t slow, But t.i catch her. you ' ll haft.i g Where ' d you get them eyes, Mary? " Sure and me granddad brought ' em nvcr from Ireland. " Mary ' s favorite questions are: " Am I as fat as that? " and " How do you know when you ' re in love ' - " sin ' s come out i the Fogg, now what ' s next? Here you see the Chauffeur of the firm " I Bates and Croxford, which transferred trunks, coats, umbrellas, vinl ins. hat boxes, duffle hays, for the freshmen last September. Next in chewing pencils, Horace likes best to get his beauty sleep. At times he wears skirts when he thinks p are too effeminate. Horace is a valuable asset to any hull session. He is cheerful, laughs easily, blushes easily, and sleeps quietly. It Used tn be a cast " I I lol dash when Dot was a commuter and pat- ron of the B. R. E. But thosi days have gone forever and now we nevet know where I lot is hanging her black felt head gear. She reminds us great!) of Finnegan — the " in attain, out again, gone again, I in egan. " ( Forgive the Biblical Ref- erelH i I s a Freshman Dot was verj shy. i She still is. i Juniors Seventy-nine ( utliT, Harold Masha ( i,i row Old Town High School ( ierman Der Deutsche Verein; Asst. Business Msjr. Prism. Cutting, Charles A. (Ex ' 29), " Pike " , ( I»1IK Andover Andover I ligh School Electrical Engineering Freshman Cross Countrj Squad; Rifle Club (1, 2, 3); Varsity Rifle Team (J, ) ; Mgf Varsity Rifle Team (3). Cutts, Robert, " Bob " , 2X Kittery Point Traip Academy ( ivil Engineering Freshman Baseball ; i ivil Club. Cyr, Roland roseph Watervni Wat ' erville High School Civil Engineerin Civil Club. Harold Masha Cutler, mayor of )ld Town, condescended to give the ...aine co-eds a break and so he came here direct from a successful tour of Old Town High School. Masha is a member of the Deutsche Verein and when he is not talking about some new case of abnormal Psychol- ogy, you can find him on the road to Bangor. His conquests in the co-ed field are without limit; that is. with one exception, but that would be telling. We don ' t know why " 1 ' ike " left Andover, perhaps he wanted to seek bis fortune hunting inr electrons, or maybe there was nothing left for him to shuot. At any rate he now spends his spare time throwing lead at helpless bullseyes and is pleased with this cruelty. ( )nly once have we suspected from his anecdotes that his nickname referred to a fish. Yet hjs vices (with a few exceptions) are negligible and his virtues sq many as tn win tmr sincere regard. This sober and sedate young stew- dent hails from Kittery Point, where men are men when the fog is thick. His reputatinn still holds as a woman- hater, but it is rumored that he may s. ii hi hang his pin — so watch out, girls, you may hold the lucky number. Altho he is registered as a Polite Engineer, he has a Mark-ed ten- dency toward the A. B. college. His only ambition is to be able to burn up those " Mechanic Problems " but he can sure shoulder that transit. Although his favorite pastime is burning up the mid-night oil, he still finds time to write to them all. Juniors Page Eighty Daley, William Henry, " Bill " , ' I ' l ' A Bangor 1 ligh School Mechanical Engineerii Basketball (2) ; Sophomon ( wls (2); Football (3) ; Stu dent Senate (3) ; Boxing ,i ) ; luni ' ir Week Comm. 1 )avis, John ( iardner Saco Thornton Academy Spanish I le( uster. I toward ( His. " 1 teke " , i M ' A Norway . i irway 1 ligh School Vgriculture 1 )ei iagne, Marthe Cleo, " Cleo " , " Pat " , HB t Portland Portland 1 ligh School I ierman i stbrook Seminary (ilee Club (_ ' . 3) ; Math Club (_ ' i : I er I Deutsche Verein. 1 Bi hold ' ' the beaming countc- ance, curl) hair, and dimples. What, you don ' ) reo gnize him yet? —Well, how i- thi leg slight- ly bent, heels up, left arm extended, knuckles on top, chin out, etc., e c— Recognize him yet?— No? How i- thi ' ill. 8005 please. —Yes, you ' re rig Bill Daley. box r, and striving for ;i monopoly in the tinfoil business. — Wham! Boxing was organized in the school, mainly through Bill ' s initiative, and perseverance, and he lias developed it to such a degree, that its possibili- ties are realized and it promises t come a major sport in colli I [as anyone noticed this lad ' s fond- ness for P.T.? Y.iu may never have noticed it but we think that he spends quite a Ipi of his time in the Gym, We thought that he was planning to teach P.T. until we found out what his major subject was and that lie u.i only making up a few hundred cuts. " On with the party, I ' m here. " and with that famous Miiile and devil- care nonchalance that distin- guishes this gloss) herb from Xi ir- way. Deke blows in. He claims he isn ' t smooth hut pipe the curly hair and that come hither twinkle in those brown peepers of his which «ive us a clue for all the female clamor in his wake. And when this Agate comes shuffling up the stem there ' s a time that makes the cremation of Sam Magee seem like an ice factory in- ventory and women take out your fire insurance. Here ' s to the jiirl with the jollies! and friendliest disposition ' t ' leu is her name. She has left the " patra " ofl fur present, .md has changed the Anthonj to Ball, but never mind, she ha- got a aw full) j I I ' pin. German is her major and just m to put anything over on her in that line. f mi want in hear the impossible, prick up your ears and listen to her listle and sing at the same time. Juniors ly-onc Dodge, George Clyde Troy Animal I tusbandrj arsity Rifle Tram (2, 3 i Heck Clitb. Donahue, Stewart William, " Mike " , (-)X Presque Isle St. Johns Prep. Civil Engineering Presque fsle I High School Baseball (1,2, 3) ; Basketball (1) ; Soph. ( (wis; Civil Club; Inter-Fraternitv Council. Dunn, Pauline " Polly " , AX Banger 1 tigh School Marguerite, Bangor Ens I Irisko; Ralph 1 .esiie 1 [arrington i lirmical Engineering From a hamlet where home-made soap and tallow candles arc still in use, 1 1 imi s this willing lad. I ,• i u gi claims to Ik- the champion knot tie; oi Troy— only one knot he can ' t tic. Since he has decided not to major in ' " .nejisli. he has become quite enthusi- astic about hi ' logy! hit i if a pos- sible in on a drawing he can get 11. Some freshmen and engineers with weak stomachs envy I . i George Ins ability to tame i Introducing " Mike " that qui ' ' Irishman from " Pesk " Isle, unlike most Irishmen belli ve it i u not, real- ly quiet Everyone knows that Presque Isle is located in the heart oi that famous potato country and " Mike " is no mean spud. I lis odd way of expressing contempt— Jee- kus — is probably due to his environ- ment in the wilds of Maine where " Mike " claims men are men and women, well he says they just don ' t seem to matter. To be vaccinated or not to be that was the question that affronted our conscientious Polly. She decided in the affirmative and what happened? — ask her. She tries to impress on us that her talents are hidden, but we know differently. Why ! who cUc could pull an A on a theme entitled " Me and I. " The agility and case with which she does apparatus work is simplj astounding. After all. Polly, you are one of the Bestesl pals we have. Ralph is the dormitory authority on who ' s who in the field of athletics. lie can tell you the batting average of Jim Soandso of the Nonesuch baseball team in the year umptyump to tli third decimal place. Also hi can describe the characteristics of Sharkey, Tunney, Dempsey or lleeny. Sometimes he dons the gloves Juniors Page Eighty-two Eisnor. I oris irace, " I )ot " , " Mary ' I iangor English Estey, 1 [orace Scott, BK Ellsworth Ellsworth 1 li.uli School Electrical Engineering Sophomore I ' ipe ( omm. ; A.I.E.E. Floyd, Clara ( iertrude, " Floyd " , C New Sharon Nfew Sharon High School Historv Class Hockey (1,2); Y.W.C. A. (1, 2, 3) ; Rifle Team | 1, 2, 3 i : Sec. and Treas. (2) ; Vice-Pres. (3) ; Campus Board (3). Flynt, I [orton, " Scon]) " . B0E Augusta Cony High School Economics Pi Pi Kappa : Campus Board ; Editor Prism : Spanish i !lub. Editor Prism : Spanish ( Hub ; Kappa ( iannna Phi. afev _f you o omedne dashing wildly ross the campus, in an obvious ...jrrv tci get somewhere — it is not Dot. The fear that haunts hci and night is that she will sometime mi vJm 1 1 early. As yet she never has, and yet she is seldom late. She- has perfected the technique of arriving at just the proper time. Doris is justly famous i " r her won derful disposition. She diligently pur- sues her studies, appearing often in the library where she is a particular favorite of the librarians. Seventeen years on a farm made this bird decide that there were two things hi didn ' t want to be and both of them were an " aggie. " He came to college, took E.E., and it is now i nmi ired that lie milks the cows by slide rule during the vacations. 1 [or- ace aspires to be President of the combined G.E. and Westinghouse. and darned if we don ' t think he ' ll make it. You all know the song, " That ' s My Weakness Now " . That song jn t tits this fair co-ed. She ' s had a lot of weaknesses — her Freshman year it was week-ends, her sopho- more year gooseberries, and now it ' s the library. Maybe we should say that the librarj has a weakness for her. n ' est-ce pas? Well anyway — lure ' s to yon. Floyd — but don ' t kid the reshmen. Scoop ' s chief occupation is writing for the " News " , the " Campus " and the " D. K. J. " His pastimes are bridge, bowling, and bull sessions. In his -.pare moments he attends a few classes although he does not al- low them to interfere with the more serious side of college life. Recent- K in a signed statement, he said. " hen 1 was twi ea ild I masti cated three pages from a story by lo ratio Vlger. Since that time I have been fed up on the ' hard work- er ' bunk. The oiil way to get ahead in this world is to take everything you can get and not too particu- lar where it comes from. " Juniors Page Eighty-three Flynt, William Norcross, " Hill " , lii-ni Augusta Kents 1 1 ill Cony I [igh School Mechanical Engineerin: .Maine Masque i 2, 3 ; Stage Mgr. (3); M.G.A. Cabinet (3); A. S.M.I ' :. Foster, Wilbur Keith, " Keith " , AXA Rumfori Stephens I [igh School i ivil Engineering Baseball (1,2); AS.i .E. Freeman. Leonard Knapp, ' I ' HK North Windham Civil Engineering; Frost, Stanley ( hapman, " Stan " , SAE Portland Deering High School Forestry l luting Club ; Forestry ( hi (1, 2, 3) ; Asst. Mgr. Basket ball (2). % A This cherubic ! " nili from the ( api tol city is one i Mark Bailej ' s Masque exponents. Hill ' .- strong point is not juggling 1 1 nei i but is deputing in North East Overshoe. 1 [e and the other co eds take keen di light in pointing out the straight and narmw to the agricultural pop- ulation. Mill, it " he had his room- mate ' s physique, would he tin- big- gest campus sheik; however, lie started on co-eds when a mere Frosh in short pants. 1 nirinv: his Sopho- more year In- rather neglected them for local talent but he is now hack treating them. Ikrc we have tin champion hiker of the State o) Maine. This young man think-, nothing of starting ofl alone after dark and walking five mill ' s over tin- Rumford hills to visit a " coffin. " Certainly this act displays real courage and daring hut those who know Keith do not tear for him for he is a crack shot with any RO TC ritle. In addition, he is a rial Spell hinder in the baseball world of curves and hook-. This last we may attribute to the fact that the road of Rumford are kept clean of rocks and boulders. Meet the late Mr. Freeman. His birthday cane- on April second, late again, Leonie. He is the shreik of tin- Phi Eta House but has much trouble getting dates because he just can ' t seem to yet there on time. Leon- ard will have a s;reat funeral if he iesn ' 1 disappoint the guests by ar- riving late. However, he is a meat friend and a hard worker, when he- has time. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the prospector and original curly haired salesman, Mr. Stanley C. Frost of the Forest City. The prin- cipal ambition of Mr. Frost is to travel in foreign lands such as Veaz- ie. He has voted his college career to the acquirement of knowledge Concerning the lordly pine, spruce. |tid hemlock and we feel assured that ccess will be his. Juniors Page Eighty-fonr • iavin, John Martin. " Steve " Madison Madison High School Forestry t ietchell, i harles Munro, " Getch " , A.XA ' taklanc English Maine Masque (2, 3) ; Con- tributors ' Club (3) ; Der I teutsche Verein ( 2. .} ) : l " n- dergraduate Research Comra. (3 ( iillespie, Arthur Merton, ' •( iil " . ' I ' HK Meddybemp Hebron Academy Biolosrs ( rilmore, Verrill Byron, " Gil " , S 2 Brewer Brewer I [igh Schi ol Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. Mr. Gavin, the smooth young engineer from Madison will now di livi i his opinion on the tips and downs of college life, for the bi m iii of the unwai • . Prof ssors with sternly repressed sense of hum- or; instructors w Ik instruct Ml too thoroughly; and co-eds who frown and tilt the ir chins. In spite of all these shattered illus- ions, Mr. Gavin has remained the constant and cheery, boon compan- i m. A cosmopolitan from Hallowell, i Oakland, or what have you? Shades o( Barrymore, Skinner, Arliss, arid I urpirj ■ ig Tge Jean Nathan. I. is an English major. Why. we don ' t know, especially when we think of the language ordinarily used in the modem play. But lie ' s reall) scicntiotis about things like that. Reading the Theatre Magazine ami cutting " lit pictures of the original Sadie Thompson keep him pretty bus) . This i- Art Gillespie the tall rug- ged boj From Meddybemps, the home of Meddybemps Lake which is noted Eor its abundance of lily pails and pickerel era--. Gilly ' s two faults are: that he is an Aggie, and that he has a tendency to bring girls other than co-eds to house parties. Art geis much pleasure from the basket- ball floor, being the star foul shooter of the varsity squad. Nevertheless (iil is a friend to be proud of. ho ' s this coming with all the bo. iks? Musl be a student l the looks. We see him smile as he draws near Greeting all with bis words of cheer. " I iil " is a Bi i whom we are proud Tall, beautiful, and a genius bill Ijbt ll .ud knows Of walls, olts. anil that ' s nol all r he has vast km iw 1. dgi ol Balen tine Hall Juniors Eighty- fin Goodell. William Heagan, Ji " Bill " , HK Searsport Searsport 1 [igh School Electrical Engineering .Maine Central Institute Freshman Track ; Class Re- lay ; Hand (1,2). ( iottld, Sylvia. " Syl " . AAA Bangor I ' ii ividence Technical High School Public Speaking Class Hockey (1, 2, 3) ; Var- sity Hockey (2) ; Class Bas- ketball (1,2,3); Varsity Bas- ketball (2); Rifle Club (1,2, 3) ; Class Baseball ( 1 . Pres. Sophomore Eagles : Student Govt. (2) ; Vice- Pres. Women ' s A.A. (3) ; De- bating (3); Masque Plays (2. 3 ) ; Class Exec. Com. (3). ( lowell, Earle Rayworth, " Bill " , 2AE South Portlan S. Portland High School Mechanical Kngineerin Track ( 2. 3 ) ; Football i 3 Track Club (3); Vice-Pres. A. SALE. (3). Grindle, Louise Higgins Bangor Aon Bangor I ligh School Ps cholog Sigma .Mu Sigma (3); Rifle- ry (3); Glee Club (1, 3); lunior Exec. Comm. Page Mr. William Goodell, the iampion speedster of Phi Eta. Tin ' s gentleman holds a close second as a car smasher, He generally idles around at 65, unci-- and a while fav- oring us with what he considers a fair rati oi speed. This rate is 80 per. Bill realizes that his only com- petition i-- electricity s he is endeav- oring to find OUt all he can about it l ' taking electrical engineering. Bill ' s favorite indoor sport is listen- ing tn the radio and dreaming oi Frankfort in Maine. Oh how In loves frankforts. " Blonde and attractive, " says the I ' lc-. i if Sylvia. Her pet indoor sport is course crabbing — than whom there is none more efficient. Her in- structors give her A ' s merely for gracing their classes with her pres- ence. Voila! Another name on the Dean ' s List ' Sylvia has one talent ( :) — her gift of gab. It never fails her in a crisis — and to prevent losing it through disuse, she practices twelve hours daily. Here is another breeze wafted northward from the Forest city. Bill is l 1 ' . id ' s startling exponent of the three-fold life scholar, athlete, and anti-8005-man. This benevolent Behemoth early displayed an inclina- tion towards to sing. In the Spring of our Sophomore year, he began his career as a discus thrower. If we may judge h tin degree of profic- iency attained who knows what he will he throwing next? This curly headed speck of appar- ent serenity is our of the problems of Mt. Vernon I where you have to be pretty orful to be a problem!) One moment Lou trails down the hall — all rlornly meek and painfully mild, hut within sixty seconds, you may nd her draped about the flagpole or woven through tin- railing at the head of the stairs — yelping a la coyote. We can ' t quite account for these spasms, although it was noticed how- much more violent they became when the foresters were foresting. Juniors Page Eighty-six Hair, Pauljne, " Polly " , XO Kennebunk Keanebunk 1 ligh School nomics Emerson ( ollege of ( rator} Freshman Banquet Speaker: Sophomore Eagle Vice-Pres. ; Cheer Leader (2) ; Maine Masque (1, 2, 3) ; Sec 1 2, 3) ; omen ' s Student Govt. Council 1 1 i : Treas. (2 t : Sec (3) ; ( lass See. | _ ' . 3 ) ; Prism Board; All-Maim- Women. I [anscom, Edwin Chapin, " Ed " , ' I ' lA Newtonville, Mass. Newtonville High School Eo im imics Kents Hill Seminary I tardy, ( lharles Carlefon, Ki Smithfieic Coburn Classical Institute Hebron Academy Forestry Class Relay (1, 2, 3 i : Fresh- man Relay i 1 i ; Varsity Track (2, 3) ; Varsit) Relax Squad 1 2. 3) ; Freshman Track; Sergt. R. .T.C. (3); Track ( iul, (1, 2, 3); Sec. (3). Harkins, |ohn Wilfred, " Johnny " , " Jack " . I-K Lewiston Jordan I ligh School I tistory Freshman Football and Base- ball; Football i- ' I ; Sergt. ROTC. Vhen we think of Polly, somehow we have a vivid recollection ot a turned up nose surrounded by a lov- able personality. The next tiling to n member is a laughing voice — which has the hint of tears in it. e have a hunch thai Poll) revels in the idea of becoming sophisticated — just delightfully blah— not the too obvious sort. In spite of the child ' s competence, initiative and occasional air of maturity — we can easily pic- ture Polly in rompers with a teeth- ing ring clutched in one little list and a mi ' i-i I ' in. ator biscuit in the other. Oh, curly headed lad. " Barber pli i e cut a few of those straggling ones in back " — And magnetic eyes! Wondering when Ed will give the cp-eds a break? Ed has visions of breaking the stock market and own- ing fast cars — probably railroad stocks and box cars. Well Eddie, if your success com- pares with your popularity let us in on your first million. Well, and here we have a problem, [s " Chas " as hard as he looks— or is he trying to look harder than lie is— we admit both possibilities. Charlie has on - ni those Bghting jaws and a temper that goes sing — and lets him repent at leisure. On the debit side of the ledger goes the fact that he is too aggressive for comfort — but on the credit side, we find, among other traits, a keen vense of humor, de- pendability, and a tendency to be cut- upsky. Have you heard Charlie do the Prexy Boardman Act — That ' s a good number! Presenting the boj with the natur- ally curl) hair you would love to have. Whoops, me dear. Our John- ny is a painter and therefore a lover of art. For the sake of his art he makes nightly trips to Bangor, but remember it is all for the apprecia- tion ol the beautiful. Old man In- jury prevented John from sporting iiis varsity M. but he managed to laud the position of Wallet assistant m P.T. Juniors Page Eight I l.irwy. Kingdon, " King " , SN Fori Fairfield Fort Fairfield High School I fistory Campus Board (1, 2) ; I rlee Club ( 1. 2); Kappa Gamma Phi. Haskell, Kenneth Richardson, " Ken " , AFP Deer [sle McKinley I tigh School Animal Industry Football Squad (1) ; Track (1) ; Alpha Zeta Scholarship I rophy for 1930; Heck Club; Walftr Balentine Prize; Al- pha Zeta. I latch. Arthur Vauehn, 0X Belfast High School Pi Pi Kappa. selfast Ec mount Hatch. Frieda Wardwell ( ' astine 1 [igh School Sodalitas I.atina. t lastine I tistorv r eminent Harvey, profoundly nterested in applied mathematics, ias done major work in the study it the line, his thesis, whereunto he iringeth mighty argument, being that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. Whether this refers to a column rule, a ten-em dash, or a linotype, no one has as yet hern able to determine. All this, of course, is hut one of the numerous methods of intimating that the fair haired product of the border country pictured here (the product, not the country) is daffy, if not downright almy, in his furious flame for the so-called profession or calling of journalism. This handsome specimen was iso- ated from among the fauna and flora. Deer Isle, where men are men and women like them that way. Don ' t mistake the expression on his face r innocence, it ' s really hored so- phistication — either that or some of Harry Smith ' s ' ' 5 ' ;. Ken is rather quiet hut is a man of many activities ; if you doubt it, ask anyone of the 17(1 odd damsels who are suffering from lame necks, broken hearts or both, with complications. Although Vaughn doesn ' t pretend lo be a double for some cinema hero. he has a very shiekish disposition. For the last two months he has spent is spare time walking to Still water. This w one rumor, while others claim that Jonason ' s Confec- tionery Store carries the best look- ing blondes in existence. Frieda is a smiling miss. And one of great sagacity ; She has caused a riot, yes, A feud among the faculty. The reason I K er major instruc- or wants this girl in his department. At present History is claiming her. However, just to keep peace on the campus she has promised to teach English to the Aggies. Junio Eighty-eight Heald, Ruth, xu Union Solon I tigh ScIk ml Home Economic I luiiu- Economics Club. I [ebert, 1 lector Alphy, " Heck " . - X Van Buren Si. Mary ' s College French Ricker Classical Institute Aroostook State Normal Football (1.2); Varsity Bas- ketball (2, 3). Herrick, Edward Arthur. " Ed " , HK Bangor Bangor High School Poultry J lusbandry Higgins Classical Institute 1 leek Club. I [iggins, Barbara, " Bart " , AZ 1 lennysvilie 1 ennysville I figh School I I ( line Ec. Home Ec. Club (1, 2. $): Rifle Club (1, 2) ; Freshman I [ockey. - c i ed is 1 1 t so quiet and de- mure as shi appi wlid know her. Sin- has no vices — exi epl tamps ;i .In I l mi s), OH Kiln s 1 " the same address. She says it is her cousin, but we aren ' t that kim cousins. . s li doi - attend chapel reg- ular!) though, Can she be fickle? Here is uur bit;, brawny athlete from the land where nun are men and women are scarce. His power over the freshmen is i bad. ■■link " has ;ni ambition to bi on all of Coach Brice ' s teams. His art of dropping the ball through the hoop ied by many a fan. 1 lis knowl edge is bj no means limited to ath- letics He i ■ ni source of informa- tion for the low down on a good show or good music. We kricrw you will In a UCd • " I leek " . Ed, he had a mustache trim ; The Titan blonde reo liled. Ii disappeared : the cause we saw, " I was all " Banana i il " . ( Ine feels that Arts and Sciences lost a perfectlj good sheik when Ed went ' Aggie ' , but, of course. we know that the feminine element drew him there just the same. Who in Balentine can make the classiest dressi yes, who can lit a collar without a pattern? Who can make a cake that simply melts in your mi null? )r. if you like, who can make sleep o imi to th( ej es of a howling child? — Even the North Hall In lain. I h ! this can be in me .ither than you, Barbara. Your ac- complishments are many, and how well know it. Certainly, your thirty actual hum- pej semester have t all been in vain. Juniors ity-ninc I [iggins, Elmer Ri ibinson, " l!ud " , " Ambrose " Wiscasse 1 ,incoln Academy Electrical Engineerinj Fencing Club (1. 2); A.l II ' .. Hill. Vera [sabelle, i - l ' tron Iron p I tigh School Lati Sodalitas Latina. Hinckley, Kenneth Abbott, " 1 link " Rangele) Rangeley High School Forestry Forestry Club. I [off, Charles Edward, " Charlie " , 1 K Kennebunk] n irl Kennebunkport High School Mechanical Engineering VS.M.K.; Corporal R )TC (2); Cadet Sergt; Freshman Track. [ail the brass pounder, heart- r and what not. A would-be ectrician maijoring in Balentine, angor and partially Sanford. It is rumored thai Bud pounds brass for the privilege of riding the bumpei to Sanford and hack. Eiiggins be lieves that gentlemen prefei blondes and comes to the conclusion that he is a gentleman. Anyhow we admire his taste. Bud is a hard worker and certainly knows what difficulties there are in life. Good luck. Bud. Here is an educated woman, She excel- iii the classical arts and domes- tic science, while athletn - 1- her hob- by. She does not say much but re- members everything from lessons to jokes. 1 1 ink is one of the quiet, unobtru- sive lads of the Fori teei Seen more often than heard, he del .. ls. It has been noticed that llink takes week-end promenades up Stillwater way. We wonder which of the h( visits up there. Sly old llink! Behold! dear readers of what was accidentally overheard in the book- store recently in a conversation be- tween two winsome co-eds. " Oh, SO that is Charlie Hoff 1 I ' m. Cm. why Nathalie dear, don ' t you know him? )h. he ' s wonderful. Would you like to meet him? " " I ' d love to. " Now this sentiment toward Charlie is prev- alent wherever his name is mentioned on the campus. lie excels, however, in lii pencil drawings of fair damoi- selles. It is needless to mention his ability, for it is known everywhere; second only to James Montgom- ery Fla Juniors Page Ninety k Holt, Edward Barry, " ( irabba " , ATI) i brinna inna I Fhion Academy Electrical Engineeri] Band (I, 2, 3); Corporal, Band; A.I.E.E. I [ooper, Charles Keith, " Chase, " axa Camden Camden 1 [igh School Electrical Engineering I land i 1. 2, 3) : Vice-Pres. Delta Pi Kappa: A.I.E.E. Instrumental Qub (2, I ' nixersiiv ( (rchestra i 3 I torne, I )onalson Elmer, ©X I !el Eas1 ' rosby High School English I toward, Alford Frank, ' • l " , K2 Rumfoi Stephens I Iigh School Mechanical Engineerii Vsst. Business M.u r i " . Campus A.S.M .E. : Campus Bi iar Kappa ( iamma Phi. ! ii ild, we hav w il i inna ' s Super Man, Red-Thatched and Line(d) Throughout. He made a lasting impression his first week, his French horn about the campus. ( irabba is a frugal man, IK- wasteth not a thing, But when he out-a-dating K es, What shekles he does sling ' When a i I Oumlcn- by-the Sea on invariably thinks of i hase, the original Camdenite. No, boys, be doesn ' t belong to the K.K.K or smoke Old Golds so you see he ' s not a bad sort of chap. He is a pi rmanent member of the 1 i list. I le is going to work in Pitts- burg ' .l this summer for the Westing- house Co. We understand there is a lot of smoke and dirt there. Be careful they don ' t eet any dirt on you, Chat Ii And alas, we have here the versa- tile Mr. Home. Wally calls him Donalson for short, and because he is a slimmer chauffeur, Don expects to be a stock and bond broker and set- tle in ' ole New York. Tis whis- pered that blue eyes and deep dimples of a certain party are playing a lead ing role ill this young man ' s life. It you wish to hud this youth, seek a ball room for it is contended that he loves to dance and cares not little for women or song. Behold another Rumford freak, with his sun burned ears and his tattooed feet. Al Howard is quite a Heat. Bridge and chess are in his lini but a- for studies. he hasn ' t time. In a second hand Ford he Started home hilt the lemon died, as IS a hone. Juniors Ninety-one 1 hint, Edward De 1 1 art Coshocton, hi Central 1 [igh School Pulp and Papei Lafayette College Hutchinson, Jenny, " Jerry " , iiim Orono Saratoga Springs High School, X. V. Home Economics I [ockey Team (1) ; Basket- ball ' Irani ill; Sophomore Eagles; Sec. Women ' s Ath- letic Association (2) ; l ' an- hellenic Council (3); Secy.- Treas.. Home Economics Club (3) ; Team l apt.. Mem- orial ( iymnasium Drive (3) ; Contributors ' Club (3). 1 lutchinson, 1 -ewis Waldi i ( (Id Town ( ld Tow n 1 [igh School Mechanical Eneineerii Inman, 1 [arold Howard, " Bald ' , i K ( »ron i rono I figh School 1 [iston Kootbal ' l Squad (1) ; Baseba (1, 2); Musical Club I 1. _ . 3 i : University Trio (1,2, 3) : M.C.A. ( iabinel (2); Junior Prom. Comm. A Phi Psi from Lafayette, Cosl octon ' s contribution to the human chain (the missing link I. God ' s gift to the I ' lil]) and Paper Industry and upino Lane ' s only rival were " Ed " Hunt ' s physical and mental achieve- ments which characterized his arrival at Maine. " Ed " has never fallen in love, hut is known to have hung his pin several times — on picket fences and a few other obstacles that happened to be in his way while eluding the Bangor Department of Police. " Little in stature, hut great in mind. " That Maine man sure knew his stuff when he imported Jerry to Maine and his aim. i mater. May he we haven ' t known her long, hut she Mire has proved an asset. Her latest diversion is feeding vitamins tip baby rats. And dote she will on them- er-rats. We all hank on you. Jerry. The gentleman on the kit. folks. is Mr. Lewis Waldo. " Hutchy " lutchinson, who spends an infinites- imal part of his time at his home in Old Town, a slightly shorter part (99 44 1IKI per cent I at class, one- half of one per cent of the remainder studying, and what little there is left ni l " " knn oxer the ?T varieties of the fairer sex in and about Bangor. I his talented musician is also our oi Mark Bailey ' s most proficient hot air artists. ( In hearing his melodious voice the Experiment Station mice are accustomed to form a circle around him as if attracted by a piece 1 1 1 cheese. " Baldy " is a great help to the Fac- ulty during Freshman Week. In or- der that the Freshman Co-eds may be properly started on their college careers, it has been his custom to give each one a personally conducted noonlight trip about the campus and Across the Stillwater to the ski jump. Juniors Page Ninety-two Hlli ill mil [bhnsqn, Helena Evel) n, Ml Bar liar Bar I tarbof I [igh Schi » 1 Si icii ili igv K.uYrx ; Glass Basketball (2) I ;iee Club; -t. Mgr. Bas ketball. |i nu-s. Winslow Larrabee, " Win " . rA Portlan Mechanical Engineering Track (1, 2. 3) ; Sophomore I [op. ( ninin. ; Undergraduate Research Comm. Kelleher, 1 farold E.. " Hallv " . K Bangor I lisjh School Kent, Miltun Francis, " Mink " . ' I KS Hand VVilliston A-cademy Mechanical an Electrical Engineering Exec. ( unnn. i 1 i : Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; Varsity Basketball (2, 3 Sophomore )wls : Student Senate. Bangor I li-tnr Bj thi i the Prophet- id other i - .i i ■ ■ i ial i icpn ssions ' B ..old thi I Irai of Mi erno n, The Keeper of the Sacred V and X gold fish — Ri i rding Secretary ol " Glorified Bull " Co. i Unl ' fd.) The ous Johnnie — ur Eternal " Why " ! Helena reminds us of the tuKiit Mariner ( " Who Stoppeth one of three " ) because she is so dif- ferent. She corners all three and subjects them tu a red hot, psycho- analysis that would take the starch out of old man Mussolini. Whoopee ! Who ' s that? h, you mean that big flock of muscles falling nver that hurdle: Why that ' s the great in Ji ines, the o i-eds choice. Win can top the timbers with the ln-t of hurdlers. He has worked hard for our track team. When ice cream grows on banana trees, When Sahara sands are muddy. When dugs and cats wear B.Y.I). ' -. That ' s when Win will stop his study. Hally left Maine during his second year, hut decided that there was no place like it and Maine is much the better off for his decision. His chief ambition in life is to plead cases and if he can put his case across to the jury like he dues to his teachers he ' ll be a world-beater. I lis many friends here on the campus wish him unlim- ited since-- in life. Good luck, I lal- ly. Born on the rock bound coast of Maine, Si ii ' ii to become a boy of fame, Fell " in of 1 tebron with little fear, Graduated from Williston the fol- lowing year. lasketball, ine and women his delight : Father to North Hall ' s baby, a sorry plight : Takes all the courses he can find; Does a l " i better when he copies mine. Juniors Marty-three Kingman, 1 )avid Raymond, " Dave " , $HK South I lanover, Mass. I [anover I tigh Schoi il Eci momics A.sst. Mgr. Basketball (2); Asst. i liter Leader (3) ; 2nc Lieut. R TC (3); Scabbarc and Blade (3); Mgr. Basket- ball (3). Knight, Frank Addison. " Frankie " , ATI ' Brunswick North Yarmouth Academy Forestry Freshman Baseball ; Si ipho- more Pipe Comm. ; fntra- Mural A. A.: Sec.-Treas. For- estry Qub (2). Knight, I larland Lee, " Nina " , MA South Paris South Paris High School Forestrj Knit ' s Hill Seminary Freshman Football; Forestry Club. Lait, Saul ( " Id ' Town ( lid Tow n 1 ligh School Economics 1 er I teutsche Verein ; Pi Pi Kappa. Ia i ' l dressed in his " iron hat " and il- went forth in search of the nt Goliath, but alas, the giant turned out to be Cupid in disguise, and before David had time to adjust his spats, Cupid pierced his heart with a l ' i Phi arrow labeled Louise. David no longer -allies forth in quest of adventure, for lie now sits up into the dark hours of the morning writ- ing, writing, ever writing. long epistles on growing Aroostook po- tatoes, and IK i Y. We now present the original Hot ,ip- Knight, all wool, somewhat in love and guaranteed not to go out with co-eds. Aside from his good link- (note the pure and simple ex- pression) Frank is quite an athlete and also a high scorer on the Dean ' s .isi. He will be remembered long- est however, for the one he pulled in a Waterville restaurant when he asked the waitress what kind of ap- ple pie she had. This, good people, is " Nina " Knight. And just see where lie hails from— South Paris. Knowing where he conies from we do not wonder at anything that he does, says, or thinks. However, we cannot help but feel that lie has missed his calling. Look at his picture then try to imagine him spending his time way off in the sticks, far, far away from all women. We who know him cannot imagine such a situation. lie really should he a circus " barker. " Oil Oil such a line lie can throw. Saul should have an addition to hi- name— we suggest " smiles " . Me is the real Maine man. — a pleasant, radiant smile and hello for all on the campus. He ' s majoring with Doctor Ashworth and is gaining an excellent foundation for his legal career. With In- wonderful personality, conserva- tive reasoning and faculty for learn- ing, we can see naught hut a bright uture for him. Junio Page Ninety-four —■ — illll mi in ■■ Lamoreair " , Fred Lincoln, " Freddie " , HK Presque l-U Presque [sle I tigh Schi « il Mathematics Freshman i Iross t btmtrj ; Track (1) ; Vsst. Mgr. Relay (2); Mgr. Rela) (3); 2n( Lieut. R ITC (3); Scabban and Blade. Lapworth, Burleigh I. " Tom " , -I ' MA Hopedale, Mass I [( ipedale I li.uli Schoi 1 Mechanical Engineering Shea, Thelma Colleen, XiJ Bangor Bangor I Hgh School Public Speaking Freshman Hockey; Varsity Hockey (2,3) : .Maim- Masque i 1 . _ ' . ,i | ; Sophi imore Eagles. I .arrabee, i ic irge Franklin, " Frank " , MA Ri ickwoo i lid Town High School Eci me nnk Pi Pi Kappa ; Kappa I ' hi Kappa. : i ddie Lamoreau- wh ersatile young man? The I isl has had his name en- rolled evi r -m. . in- in -i quarter, Studies are only a small part ofFred ' s scheme of life. Bi idi being man- 6f relay, he devotes his inn. to teaching his brothers th( of wrestling. Fred is plan- itinue for his MA. di No doubt bis scientific brain will carrj him well along the road to Here is one of the reasons why Massachusetts has Blue Law-. Look him over. He came t. the Univer- i Maine so thai he could read Eleanor Glyns " Three Weeks " , pet on Sunday, and get married 1 he was tw nrj one, and we 1 " he has accomplished his purpose. He is taking a course in Mechanical Engineering but that i- jnst his hob- by. We refrain from naming his real vocation. He has a stiff Jpb summers too, it at least he used to have before he went on a " blind date " and got blind to everything but the date. ' Tor all the world ' s a stage and all the people merely players. " Thel- ma is certainly playing the roll signed her, well. Not only in making everyone happy but also in bringing happiness plus to a certain member of the Phi Mn Delta I louse. They saj red hair mem- temper but we don ' 1 agree, Would you ever think that this ;i i;i lex iking, fastidious lad came from the wild and untamed i, of Moosehead 1 ake: 1 le does, in -pite of what you might think. 1 te |i veloped his fastidiousness, for luxury, and longing for foreign travel from the " swells " who sum- mer at hi- father ' - sporting camp. We even think that he will go ab some day, as captain of an ocean liner, in spite ol the fact that he changed from a course in Mechan- ical Engineering to Economics. Juniors Page Ninety-five I athrop, Russell Vernard, " Russ " , ATA Ipswich, Mass. I tuntington School Ecom imics Numerals Relay (1) ; Base- ball ( 1 ) ; Track (1) ; Varsity Baseball (2); Relay (2, 3) : Sophomore Owls: Track Club (2, 3) ; Treasurer (3 I. Laughlin, Kenneth Alexandria, " Kid " . 4 K2 Portland Portland High School Pre-Medical Intercollegiate Debating; Del- ta Sigma Mu; Maine Masque; Der Deutsche Verein; Fresh- man Cahinet. Lewis, Ermond Fred, " Deac " Springfield Eastern Maine Institute English Glee Club (1, J. 3 I ; Bam (1.2). ,ewis, Marguerite Louise, " Mar- " . M Stillwater English Rifle Club. Well, well. Since this boy affirmed it he didn ' t have a chance, he has one rather well in spite of this complex. Consistent high rank, num- erals, a letter here and there, and manj liruki.ii hearts are among his accomplishments. A living example .it ' ..Id New England Puritanism, but you just can ' t help hut like him. " Mark Bailey " presents Kid Laugh- lin in his latest production " ( ast Up- on the Shore " in seven massive parts. Besides being an actor it is said that Kid is a good judger of calt ' s. Kid was out late night and next morning we noticed a long scratch cm his face. Kid said that the kitten did it. lull we rather think it was a chicken instead. Kid ' s only regret is that there are not in. .re C0-eds . .n the campus. Most gracefully lie .lances and much hetter sinus. And can accompany his voice upon the stringed Piano. Rhythmic hands include his strident horn. Ills holidays are music, and his nights are song. All gracious unto maidens tho he seem 1. 1 he. There is no man at large less fallible than lie ; As golden summer follows on the verdant spring. Sweet Fancj follows Whimsy on quick-beating wings. Marguerite, the girl with the big brown eyes, looks rather quiet and studious, hut looks are sometimes deceiving. If there is any fun afoot . .u can count Marg in, witness her regular attendance .it the dances. As a result of her short story, she is fast becoming a rival of Fannie Hurst. Juniors Page Ninety-six Lewsen, Rudolph Forbes, " Rudy " , Ki Portland Portland I tigh School Civil Engineerin Philips Exeter Academy Intra-Mural A. A. Lindsay, Francis Costello, " Bud " , ®X Sherman Higgin- Classical Institute Mathcinatic Cross Country ( 1 . _ ' . 3) Track (1, 2, 3) : Relay (3) M Club; Math Club : ' Intra- Mural A. A.; Sec. Sophomore Iwls; Co-captain elect Cross Country (3) ; Vice-Pres. Class (3). Lloyd, Llewellyn Frederick (I.. " Harold " , w Rumford Stephens High School Pre-Legal Track (1) ; Baseball ill; Instrumental ( lub I _ ' . 3 I ; Leader (3). Loveitt, Lillian Frances, " Lil " , SOP South Portlan South Portland I [igh Schoi 1 [istory estbrook Seminary Sodalitas Latina : Rifle Clul i- ' i : (.lee Clul. (_ ' . 3) : Class Baseball i _ ' i : Panhellenic Council (3). " ifU lEM few years ago this small i ' r..m Portland entered Bowdoin Col- lier. Recognizing bis mistake- he ft thai institution (with assistance) at the end of a year, and, having seen tin- Florida boom safely through, en- tered tin- University of Maine to be- come an engineer. Rudy ' s mysterious appearances, last spring, in a dog- gj looking Packard kept the campus ps in a turmoil, until, in June he married the girl. Win i would think this young man was one ol the best cross country men that ever wore the pale blue and white. By the record Bud has set up in both track and cross country lure at Maine we believe it true. Bates, Colby, and Bill Cox of Penn. State agree with us. " Bud " is not only one of our best athletes but also is Will Rogers personified when it comes to wise cracks. I I. it. .lil is the chap that always has a smile for everyone on the campus, from tin- president t.. the I Frosh. His one pet hobby is the piano. And can he handle one? — and how! It you have any doubts, run over to the Gym some week-end and hear his dance band. The Har- mainiacs. He must have another pet lobbj too for he spends all of his pare time in Orono. Which one is y..u ? That ' s the great campus Problem. If t ' other one is Rosella, this must he Lillian — the 1 lean ' s List old stand-by. Now, would you suspect that this member oi 1 Mini: 1 oveitt had a hobby — and had it had ' It isn ' t collecting butterflies or stamps either— Lillian is a baseball tan raised t.. the nth 1 she shares with Rosella in collection hi autographed ills. Faithful students until the ill season comes around — hut then it ' s baseball (irs.1 and last foi they cut classes t " lake in the g and talk batting averages in their sleep. Juniors Page Ninety-seven Loveitt, Rosclla Adline, " Rose , S®P South Portland South Portland High School I [istorj Westbrook Seminary Sodalitas Latina; Rifle (lull (2); Class Baseball (2); Class Volley I ' .all (2). 1 .i n ell, Johnson Lombard, " Johnnie " , I I1K Lee Lee Academy Economics Winter Carnival (1); Class Nominating Comm. {2, 3): Asst. Mgr. Football (1, Ludden, Kenneth Scott, t L ' A Bangor Bangor High School Civil Kngineering Glee Club: Hand. McCann, Frank William, " Micky " , Ki Poughkeepsie, X, Y. Poughkeepsie High School Civil Engineering Freshman Basketball; Var- sity Basketball (3); Civil Club. .in is Rosella, we believe, unless the photographer got their pictures mixed anil in that ease nobody uill ever know who is which. At a pinch an distinguish between them because some Hawkshaw discovered that Lillian i- left-handed and Rosel- la i- right-handed. This method may confuse, however, unless you note the i onvenient alliteration. A few generations ago a family migrated from British Easl I .11 d settled in the town of In the fall of [926 the talented grandson of this family entered the U. of M. Due to inter-marriage through the last Ei [eneratii ms this grandson i-. nearly white, and here you have him the •me and only. Johnnie. 1 [is maji ii ci iurse is in 1 low land, while he minors in Economics at tin U, of M. Here we have the undisputed lead- er of the ll titute Club. Inc. Ken will give anyone a handicap ol one week in a beard growing contest But there ' s a reason — he ha- a lot to draw fri ' in Women, with the usual exception that proves the rule are a negative quantity with him. This fact alone counts for i y r of tin nil -uicides at Maine. The Club and finger exercises on a cornet take up his spare time, when not searching for ii-. derby. One would not ask for a better friend for fair weather or foul. Be careful how you say it. brother. it ' s Pough-£i7 -sy. It ' s a question whither Micky can handle a slide rule or a basketball the better. He ' s good enough with both to make the I Han ' - List and Fred Brice ' s basket ball club, anyway. Micky has the traditional Irish fondness lor femi- ninity but manages to keep himself well in hand, llis favorite occupation is singing a duet with his roommate for the benefit of the inhabitants i ' i roiio and Old Town. Juniors Page Ninety-eight McComb, George Wallace, - Westfield, X estfield High School Forestrj Forestry Club. MacDougall, Ardyth Peabody Quincy, Mas--. Westbrook Seminary English Mclntire, Clifford iuy, " Mac " . Al ' l ' ' Perham Washburn I Huh School Agronomj Musical Clubs I 1. 2,3) ;Mgr. (3); Heck Club; Rifle Club; M.( .C; Alpha Zeta (3). MacKenzie, |ohn Finlay, AXA Rumford terville I figh School Mechanical Engineering Chauncey I [all baseball Mi. Vally came to Maine to study rcstry a fortune has rtainly seen to his success. How he docs it no one has ever been ertain. Walk into his room any time anil what do you find? might be surprised but it is a general- ly underst 1 tact that when Wally isn ' t putting himself out by attet classes, lie is imbued with the spirit of Morpheus. lie especially lik. sleep (hiring our wintry days hut what he does nights is nobody ' s busi- ness. i opper hair and dark brown eyes, Little squeals and little sighs, Experience in love and lies. — She ' s a Scotchman ' s marital prize. This good looking specimen, who is also somewhat intelligent, left l ' er- ham, the principal source of the pomme de tcrre (but don ' t look on the map i to favor us with bis pres- ence. Mac can handle almost any situation from a co-ed riot to a first- aid ca e and U also famous as num- ber 19 in the taxicab accident (the one where 20 Scotchmen were in- jured you know). During his lii-t two years in col- ge be took tilings quite seriously; the third year he took up the saxa- phone — and continued to make the I Kan ' s List. Meet the terrible tempered Mr. Bangs! This young man bails from the smokj city of Rumford, but as ,i ilu smoke has in no way blighted In- life. In fact Mac is very active and shows bis swiftness best when ie is wielding a tennis racket. Mac Kenzie is verj shrewd, hut who could help from being witll this moniker. Me I- the kind of a chap who never asks " what ' s trumps. " Allow me to add that Mac learned how to swim when he saw a toll gate. Juniors Page Ninety-nine .McLaughlin. Blanche Evelvr 5®P Mapleterf Mapleton High School Home Economics M.O.C. (1); Home Ec. Clu (1, 2, 3); Univer itv Chorus (3). MacLaughlin, Helen Amanda. Xf2 Brewer Brewer High School Economics Pi Pi Kappa (2. 3). Mank, Steven Thomas. " Steve " , HK North Waldobon Maine Central Institute Civil Engineering Freshman Cross Country am Track ; Winter Sports ( 1 ) ; Varsitv Cross Country (2,3) M; Varsity Track {2) M ; Sophomore Owls; (lass Treasurer (3). Mansur, Norwood Walter, " Stub " , " Noddy " , JAE Augusta Cony High School Economics Band (1, 2, 3) ; Asst. Cheer Leader (2) ; Instruments Club (1); Prism Board. Sparkling eyes, smiling lips, and mples— these the fates gave to inche. And many a heart has limped before them there dimples 1 that there sparkle; but so far no ■ has caused her a flutter. She s maybe she will teach next year, we can ' t imagine her as a stern oolma ' am ! It ' s a shame to admit it — but, con- entially, Helen is one of these ter- ble intelligent girls whose ranks throw a -rare into the average Stu- dent. It she y es on this way she simply can ' t avoid making 4 point — and that would lie tough. Helen ' s friends aren ' t fooled by that intellec- tual air. however. She only reserves that for young professors and other excrescences. Since we all knew that Helen didn ' t go in for " Kds " , we thought it wouldn ' t do any harm " or us to inquire into the reasons and we were right the first time— yep, she ' s all sewed up! Look at this. Ladies and Gentle- men, do you wonder that the town fathers of North Waldoboro have declared another national holiday, that the town ha- formed a brass hand, and there are rumors of im- porting Grovei Whalin when Steve comes homer However, none of these are needed at Maine, his achievements speak for themselves. Look him over boys (and girls). Noddy is the latest word in style and fashions, so if you want to get the low down, jusl drop in for an inter- view. Office hours are from ten A. M. to ten I ' M., the rest of the time ing taken up with classes. Hut all fooling a-ide. if yon want a little pep put into the crowd Stub is the est little pepper you could find. If you haven ' t met this marvel, folks, yon want to get acquainted at your earliest convenience because he is a chip from the old block and no mistake. Juniors Page One Hundred Marr. 1 avid Slillman. " Dave " , K2 Millinocket Stearns 1 [igh School Electrical Engineering Si iphomore Hop ( omm. : M.C.A.; Glee Club; Prize of the Class of 1873. Mar-It. Robert Brewster, " Whitey " , -I ' l ' A Machia New ton I [igh School I .awrence Academy Suffield Academy Freshman Football man Baseball; Forestry Club Banti (4,2,3). Forestn Fresh- Martin, Charles Bertrand, " Charlie " . I FA 1 lui 1m hi. X. Y. I [udson 1 [igh ScIk ml Civil Engineering Civil Club. Mason, Elizabeth Mason, " Lib " , li Bethel i lould Vcade ' my Pre- Medical Phi Sigma; Der Deutsche Verein; VT.W.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3) : M.( I.C. (1, 3); Mgr. ( iirls " inter Sports (3). i " " V_ : :: : iiiiiiI: i e ■ ' ■■ Ho, who appears hut the grcat- est man ire mi ii Tth of here. With weighty l r.i v ami heavy feet, He always can make- both ends meet. By chess t li i - boy lias won his fame But hi- hig game is Lucerne-in- Maine. Iver the hill- and far away r ' ll liinl him there senile other day. There are no possibilities of a mis- take in identities when this white i hair comes bobbing along the campus— and moreover his pleasing personality is as outstanding as his hair . m a dark night. Occasionally Boh allows himself to be encli sed in a molecular vapority. taking the bubble by tllc string and etting his thoughts float hack to Maiden. Too had. co-eds that lie is fool-proof against yur onslaughts. When that jolly " owla wreck " won ' t work, he just lights a Fatima. and say, does he know how to be nonchalant? But in spite of the ap- pearance he is just another member of that lusty tribe— the Civils. And versatile? Say ! He ' s a model. " This i- how we do it. " Who ' s we? " The Xew York Central Railroad. " Consistently, however, he delves in- to the mysterious and far off realm of Freshman English, hoping in an- other ear or SO to steal six hour- credit from the High School. When you are feeling off -color, melancholy, and what not, with a tough final ' round the corner, go see Lib. lhr laugh i- infectious, and be- fore you know it. you ' re hysterical over nothing. " But where? " say you. " Oh, in Polly ' s and Kay ' s room, with their heads together, tell- ing jokes. " Lib somehow mar ' qjt refreshment committee-. She has a yerj appreciative palate herself and samples everything with gusto before she seryes them. Hence the short rations for the rest of the members. Juniors Matthewsj Rachel, " Tu m AZ Hampden Highland I lampden Academy Mathematics Freshman J tockey (1) ; Var- sity Hockej (2, 3); ( lass Basketball (2, 3); Class Base- ball il. _ ' i ; Soph. Eagle; Mathematics Club, Sec. .-111(1 Treas. (3); Y.W.C.A.; Vice- Pres. (3); M.O.C. (1). -Matthews. Rebecca, " Twin " , AZ Hampden Highlanc I lampden Academy 1 [istory Class Hockey ( l " . 2. 3) ; Var- sity Hockey ' (2, 3) ; Class Basketball (2,3) ; Class Base- ball Capt. (1, 2); Track 2) : Mgr. (3) ; Sophomore Eagles; Student Govt. (3) ; M.O.C. ill. Mayers, Harry Ripley, axa Hallowell Hallowell High School Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. ; Undergraduate Re- search Comm. (3). Mayo, Dorothy Arnold. ( irono Spanish Masque Play (1); Rifle Club (2,3) : Mgr. (3); El Circulo Espafiol (1, 2, 3); Junior eek Comm. " Heavenly Day. " Rachel ex- claimed as she scrutinized her pic- ture. " This is too good to be true. " Now, we .ill know that she is om ol our own Dean ' s List students, " It just conies " so she says. But beware, young lady, of that thir- teen hour-, of Education ! ! ! It would be unwise to attempt to sum up all her activities. It has been stated that by rapid calculations she can warn the goal-keeper in Hockey how near a ball is coming — allowing for an er- ror of only .Hi per cent. It is not necessary to say that this i- one of the famous Matthews twins. But I ' ll bet even you didn ' t know which one it was until you looked at he name. Rebecca is one of those people who go out for everything and still manage to keep their place on the I lean ' - List. She is one of those dependable persons who can always be relied upon for help in any under- taking — and usually is. But don ' t gel mi wrong, gentle reader. Rebecca is no angel ' She has a practical and persistent sense of humor which usu- ally tempts the recipient of said hum- or to label her quite the opposite! Hail! all hail! The Professors ' Pride! Although Harry is taking the toughest course ottered by the University he has never yet been off the Item ' s list. Harry ' s hobby is mathematics, lie is now developing a theorj as to the effect of the no- load losses in nickle-plated short-cir- cuits on the inefficiency of frying eggs on resistance hanks. Harry spends his spare time in the A.B. ' s lab. What have we here?- A smile, a wave, a real girl ii ever one exists I lot ' s sunn} disposish would be enough to carrj any girl far, but mix that with brains and a line and what have you? not Magnolia, hut I tot Mayo. A thousand and one friends insist that Dot will make a name for herself in life ' s battle and we ' re betting that they are right. Juniors Page One Hundred Modefy, Albert Joseph, " Pete " i iron Civil Engineerin A.S.C.E. Moran, John William, " Jack " . ' M ' A Brewer Economics Class Football 1 1 i ; Sopho- more ( wls Vice Pres. (2) ; Varsity Football (2, 3 : Pres- ident funior Class. Morrison, 1 ' ilm Mace, " Fat " , " Morrie " , SX Belfasl Brunswick I Eigb School Chemical Engineerin Freshman Baseball. Mossier, Frederick Linnell, " Mossy " , ' l».MA So. Brewei Bangor I tigh School Mathematics Spanish ( !lub. ' ete ' s boyhood ambitioi ne the world ' s champion pool but since there was not com- petition em him he d in settle down and make a study of the co-eds in Balentine with the aid of a transit kindly loaned him by the Civil Engineering Department three afternoons a week. While going to the first football game during his Freshman year Pete was heard to remark. " It seems dam funny going in through the front Kate after sneaking in the hack way all my life. " Meet Jack. President of our I Say to him, " Hello. Showboat; Hey, there ' s my brother I tiddy ; " or, " All you have given " — (he ' d probably rather explain the last one himself) and he will greet you with. " Hello, " or throw a hook in reply, according to whether or not he has received a letter, that day, from Bangor. It ' s kind of hard to believe but they say he saves 8tf a day — yes, 8£ — He writes to his " Sister " in liangor every day instead of calling her bj phone. This g 1 looking shiek from Bel- fast will make some girl a good wife. Fal -pent the summer learning how to cook, wash dishes, and shake cock- tails. Fat i also quite a golfer hold- ing the record at the hook store of 372 strokes for the three holes. He says that he used to be pretty good but recently he has been on the water wagon. Those eves, that nose, those lips, those big strong arms, y comol Four reasons why this lad rates with the [Or women, CO-eds, and respect- able girls. How Mossy docs it is nobody ' s business, but two fingers at a dance hall means two dances for this lad. Some co-eds got the wrong idea about Linnell. but he has that don ' t care attitude and only says, " Win should I worry if they cheat themselves out of a good time? " Juniors Hundred Three Mover, Harrison Lander. " Harry " , TIA Caribo I [ebron Academy .Mechanical Engineering Class Pres. (1) ; Yice-Pres. (2) ; Exec. Comm. (3) ; ( lass Football ( 1 i ; Varsity Foot- ball (2,3); M (3). Mullaney, Ellen Mary. Bangor Bangor Catholic High Schoo Mathematics Varsity Hockey (_ ' . 3 ) : Class Hockey (1. 2, 3); Baseball (1. 2) : Basketball (3) ; So- dalitas Latina i_ 3) ; Mathe- matics Clnh i _ ' . 3 i ; Sopho- more Eagle. Munce, Richard Thomas, " Dick " . l K Bapgoi Bangor High School Biol Murphy, Elizabeth Florence, " Rahhitts " Van Buren Good Shepherd Convent ll()g Class Hockey (1,2, 3); Var- miv llockev _ . 3) ; Phi Sig- ma (3); Rifle Club (1,2,3); Glee Club (2,3). list tn put it differently — Here ' s " Lord ' s donation to woman- il. " handsome, blithe, and debon air. isn ' t lie girls? Also Aroostoo- kratic. Some day lie hopes to achieve great things in aviation, hut remember, Harry, she can ' t walk ho me from the clouds. You ' ve g " t it. Harry, and we know that if you continue as you started here at Maine, it won ' t e long before you pal with Lindy. Vttention! this is Ellen — Bangor ' s xhibit " A " . Her abilities are man} ml varied; she is even writing a link on " Why Maine Should Be Made a Strictly Co-ed Coll ! ' n me a " Math " major she has everything figured down to a science even to how lone she ran sleep and still make connections with the car thai plies between Bangor, Veazie, Orono, and G eal Works. Here is a quiet, unassuming young man who studies hard and is obtain- ing good result for his efforts. Dick divides his time between the mole- cules in Chemistrj and the organisms in Biology. Mien he burns the lights overtime in the Physiology lab, work- ing on membranes or what nut. The on. for which he is striving is to enter medical school and to emerge w ith the title of I . ictor. This, dear folks, is the Rahhitts of itts ana Purp Co., Ltd. The i o is absent from this picture hut usually her little green doe. is as aithful as Dinglehoofer ' s dog, Adolph. This pair are absolutely es- sential to every successful Biology lab. f course Rabbitts knows her chromosones — hut thai is not what makes her so " vitally " necessary — ' tis them Irish blue eyes and her twink- ing repartee. But you must know the truth — her besetting sin is the persist- ent and nonchalant way in which she affixes her name to the I lean ' s List in spite of Hockey, Tennis, Col- lege Hunior, 7i infinitum. Juniors Page One Hundred Four Murphy, Maxwell Kerr, " Max " i hk Eastporf Shead Memorial I tigh Schoi Electrical Enginei rinj [nrra-Mural A. . [2, 3) A.I.E.E. Muzzey, Arnold Kingsley Si mill Berwick Holmes Philadelphia Hillsborough U.S.. Tampa, Fla. Berwick Academy Chemistry Rogers 1 tall M.I. [ " ., Boston Nason, Rita, Xfl Hampden Highlands Enierson i ollege 1 listor) Nickerson, Thelma Pauline, " Polly " , AOE Bar Harboi Bar 1 [arbor 1 tigh School I [ome Economics Home Ec Club (1, 2, 3) ; M.O.C. ... , tin i 11 Barrow ' s nit . iimds that kimws his Amps. There .s a fain) rumor that lie i- slightly acquainted with his ladies, but this cannot be stat ' 1 as a Ea i. We il " know, however, " i frequent trips in New Brunswick, and, a- Postum says, " there ' s a reason. " Regardez-vous this much traveled man from the " States. " What is this we hear about a Freshman Co-ed be- ing in love with him? We think it ' s mutual. Ann M- main interest up here is ' he elusive molecule in Aubert Hall Imt never Balentine Hall. A man of many moi I fapp) , ( Hind, hail Quiet, likeable, Altogether desirable. It took us nearly tun months to wise up tn the fact that Rita- ..I ' " Reet " — may appear tn mind her P ' s ami Q ' s— but she never misses a thing. Don ' t get the impression that this is a model co-ed just because she goes so far as tn study during study hours. " Reet " takes things rather seriousl) and at heart is a rabid reformer. Her latest idea introduce Parliamentary Procedure at our badly conducted hull ses Whether this comes of her hi u Historj Major or because she is nat- urally methodical — we can ' t say. I hia- is the third of the inseparable triumvirate, Kay, Lib and Poll) and wi wonder if it was not this Polly who was the heroine of that book " Polly in New York. " For when she isn ' t there, her thoughts are. so much so that we hanlK believe that she thinks about OUI Maine campus any mure. She is planning to put all that Home Ec training into practice ami ii you ' ll listen you ' ll hear her saying, " Now there ' ll he a fireplace in every room, rbse elass in the din- ing room — ami what would you like tn eat when you isit me : " Juniors Hundred Five Nims, Carleton Ermi m, " I larwin " Keene, X. II Keene High School Forestr Phi Sigma ; ( tlee Club (2, 3 M.( .C. Norwood, Erna Christine, " Chris " , AAA Rockland (Jnion High School French I .at in Club (3) ; Freshman Hockey Team. ( ' Dimi if, Charles Eugene, " Buzz " , " Charlie " , SAB Bangor Bangor 1 ligh School Public Speaking Freshman Track ; arsity Track (2, 3) ; Debating Iran I 1. _ ' . 3); Delta Sigma Mu; President (3) ; 1 )ebating Council; Sophomore Owls; M.t ' .A. Cabinet (3); Treas- urer; Vice-Pres. A.A.; Mem- orial Fund Coram. ; Campus Board; New York Alumni Scholarship ± (1). • Itti I, Irene ( iustava, " Wee Wee " Covington, kv I h ilnie I Iisjh School (. ' hemisln cm nniii iii Darwin was given this nickname In- fellow foresters in recogni- i I " - abilitj to climb trees on Dendrology field nips. He is a very persistent fellow and always finishes whatevei hi starts, no matter what the difficulties. I his quality along with his studious nature will early place him among the prominent for- estei - ■ ■ i the future. This prim school teacher is hack in our midst, [ " wo yeai - of i to pour facts into the elusive minds of irresponsible youth hasn ' t wiped off that grin nor caused wrinkles and grej hairs. In spite of her " ad- i am i d age and enfi i bled i ondition, " -he -till retains her prowess of knocking a hockey ball around the field. Although Chris i- a loyal Maine woman, she think- that Bowdoin ' s sons are Royale. Just ask the class of ' 28 about the time the hell- were stuffed nr the signing out hook took a trip to Orono. What a black pest ! ere he is, folks; the co-eds ' treat mil friend of man. We can ' t decide which i- the best for Charlie, the ministry or the career of a salesman - but wherever he goes he will make friends and also leave hundreds be- lind him. We don ' t know what the Univer- sity will do without you. Charlie, and may they have man] more like you. Si ime plump people are called Tiny and others are called Wee. This young lady hasn ' t been at Maine long for she -pent the first years of her college life at the University of ( incinnati, but she plans on con- centrating lour years of Maine spir- it into the remaining two years. She makes the Otto family W c chemi- cal hut also like- Mathematics and Biology. Even in her cradle days she knew Imw to manipulate loga- rithms, why water was H,0, and which end of a worm to put on a fish hook. Juniors Page One Hundred Six Palmer. Edward Everett, li " , i ■. - 1 1 Braintree, Mass Thayer Academy Civil Engineering Freshman Football and Base- ball : Varsit) Football (2, 3 I : Sophomore I ' wis; Vice-Pres. ..S.C.E. Palmer, John Marsh, " Johnnie " . B0D Braintree, Mass. Thayer Academj Mechanical Engineering Freshman Football and Base- ball Squads; Varsity Baseball Squad : Musical i ' lubs i 1 : A.S.M.E. IV. son, Milford Adelbert R ickport Hebron Academy French Rockport 1 ligh School Pearce, Franklin Earl, " I ' rew " . AT12 .Maiden. Mass. Maiden High School Biology Dean Academy ( Mass. ] Freshman Track ; Freshman Banquet i bmm. ; t !apt.-Mgr. Freshman Rifle Team; Asst. Mgr. Baseball (1, 2); Var- sit) Rifle Team (2) ; Sopho nn re Hop G mini. : Cheer- leader ( 2, 3 i ; Campus Boari (3) ; M.C.A. ; Contributor to Maine-Sprimfj Prism Board. In-tro-DUC-ing the Thayer Acad- emy flash. I k him over, folks, Uncle Perley ' s Joe Pugnacity. Ex- tol Strangler Lewis and an all round rough, tough, and cage] char- acter. The one and only 14(1 pound end to go the whole distance against Yale. He claims thai hi and it has taken him . i ,ii - to pi i ive it but now he i high with 1 utchy, having obliterated bis dark past by tackling i ' .i2. Ted is a real bailer and hard as .1 professor ' s heart. John migrated north from that well known iwn oi Braintree — A sweet little Freshman with heart SO line. But capable now, of throwing one h— - nl a line. John is one of the best horsemen in colli gi i ' 11 hi taki s it with a smile. IS many friends and their wish to him 1- that his future may !« what In- pasl record has been. Here is an A. P.. who likes to be different. He i- another lad from the coast and is Rockport ' s white ight. I li- name 1 an be found in the " ' h i ' s W ' h ' i in Rockport. " Payson isited the town t " Milford one day and the must impressive thing was irerj signboard. Like " Abe " Lincoln, Milford di know what to do with his hands. 1 believe that, with practice, thej will he of great help iii speaking French. Behold, the big, blue, " Cosmo " calooping down the r. the great I ' earce ' Whoopee! This is the fellow that writes those humorous taki offs on ' collitch life 1 for the Campus and causes hoarse throats at football Mr-. Pinkham ' s course in personal magnetism has put him where he 1- atisfied ' I ' ha- three weaknesses — wine, women and song I u di lesn ' t like wini he can ' t Sing at all. therefore, he whistles. Juniors Page Hie Hundred N Pelletier, Anthony I lamas Joseph, " Tony " , " I )oc " , 0X I ,ewiston Jordan I [igh School Pre-Medical rlee Club (1) ; tnstrumental lub ili; Rifle Team (2); Band (1,2). Perkins, Glenn I [arold, " Speck " , A.XA Sanford Sanford I ligh School c Ihemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Member A.C.S. Perkins, Ralph Lorenzo, " Ren " North Waterford Bridgton Academy Mathematics Pike, Sarah M lv. " Sally " , nm Bridgton Bridgton I [igh School 1 1 (imc Economics Home Ec Club; Sec. and I reas. (2); Glee Club (1.2. 3 i ; funior Prom, t !i mini. lives, liniments, bottles of pills, the odor " i alcohol, and parrafin aths for pickled salamanders. The doctor i- in. IK- hypnotizes any sus- ceptible patient, diagnoses the most acute illness, prescribi Eor every ail- ment, mixes the tonic, •• converses ■ in women with equal degree " i dex- terity, nonchalance, and unconcern tor results. No matter what your e, Dr. Pelletier is instant relief. For lingering unfathomable heart troubles his Hunting ability is unsur- passed, 1 1 i — remedy eas) to take, and effects questii mable. 1 [ere is the original 100 ' . Vmeri can lad direct from Sanford, t ' .O.D. Speck got hi- inspiration to be a mist .i- a result of his woi k in the lye department of the Sanford Mills. rum his standing with the Chemis try 1 (epartment he evidently made the right chi Hi Although Speck has at times been known to take up a little co-educa- tion, his major interest is in Spring- vale as evidenced by his missing t ' rat pin and by the number of letters per week that he writes. en Perkins, a Water l ' ordite. Was valedictorian of Bridgton Academy. He came to Maine to prove hi- might And ne ' er ha- found an enemy. e, nor two. nor three, nor tour, But five letters is his daily record ; rom far and near they ' ve sent their Io e. Women. ' Call it he? Ha- he adored? Here ' s our Sally 1 Naturally her temperamental disposition accom- panies her Titian hair, hut that ' s the lea-t of our worries. She is a hone} and we couldn ' t do without her. It ' - ll " wonder that -he is a Home Ec — Richard always did like good 1 1 A little quiet this fall, maybe, hut wait till spring — then she ' ll make whoopee. The Book Store has add- ed another draw of postage stamps just for her sake. Juniors Page One Hundred Eight mil in inn I ' lumiiKT. Henry Almon, •il.n " . -1 ' MA ' South Par South Paris 1 [igh School Forestr) Capt. Freshman Sophomore Owls; . Band (1,2,3) ma : Forestry Club. Pratt, Horace Asa Hinckle} 1 1 1 Will High School (nil Engineering Pratt, Sylvester Mason, " Syl " , H -)II Oxford Hghrea Academy Forestr) --r. Mgr Cross Country (2); Mgr. (3); Baseball ( ' 2 ; Maine Masque i - ' . 3 Associate Editor Prism (3) ; Fi irestry Club. Prescott, Roberl Ball Edes, " Bob " , «OTA Jamaica Plain-. Mass. I [untington School, Boston Bi« Circulation Mgr. Maine Spring. lere is God ' s perfect example of a worker. He is always busy at something worth while and he n -uh . There is one other line he ongs to indulge in— Parlor Sports — rut here his courage fails. He sits at his room window and watches the ■• Vpple of his eye " fluttering about and i n - 1 sighs and sighs. Hi kind of big handsome brute that the girls all fall for, and we expect him to get roped bye and bye. When he is once corralled and broken look out I What a hero type for the mov- ii o) the big out oi doors, and he ' s a forester tool Horace comes from Hinckley, the good will town, where- brotherly love is the rule to say nothing of another sort of love, on which Horace is mys- teriously silent. Suffice to say, how- ever, that on the campus he has re- sisted all the wiles of the fair sex, and is probably looking forward to a happy home in Hinckley. Many apologies for the presenta- tion of this parthenogenetic echinod- ermata from the land of pomological repatriation. Syl minors in Forestry and majors in Co-Education, but who can blame him for in Syl the I have found the only example of per- petual motion ever discovered in his winning smile. " We really think that after all when Syl put- his shoulder to the wheel, either the cart will move or the wheel w ill O ' inc off. You wouldn ' t believe from this pic hire that Boh is one oi Bacon ' s un- derstudies. From what Bob says, and he has facts to prove his state- ments, there was no Mich person as Shakespeare. If you don ' t know Bob, whj just ki i p .in i J I | " . led for a Ford with no top and that has more rattles than a three months old baby. And there ! ii i- Bob himself. 1 ton ' t con- fuse him with Tom Harvey, who is part owner of the Font Juniors Page Our Hundred Nine Quinn, Mary Theresa, M ' Bangoi Bangor High School Englisl Sodalitas Latina (Exec. A visor ) ; c ' ampus Board. Ramsdell, George Albert, " Milk " , " Bud " , ATA Stoneham, Mass Stoneham I [igh School l ivil Engineering Freshman Cross Country Varsity Cross Country 1 2 i CiviTl lull ; ( lass Treas. I 1 I Rand, Philip I [erbert, " Gus " , K2 Augusta l ' ony 1 [igh School Electrical Engineering Vice-Pres. Freshman M.C.A. Cabinet ; Track (1, 2) ; A.I. E.E.j M.C.A. Cabinet (2). Randall. 1 [erbert Eldon, " Bones " ., d l ' A Wakefield, Mass. akefield High School Biolog) Kents I lill Seminary tween an English major and ncing Mar) is kept pretty busy. e understand that she has long con- ferences behind closed doors with certain instructors and comes out muttering, " No, no, I ' m not brilliant but solid. Well, I like that? ' She saj s that English is all right in its place but eating, sleeping, and danc- ing are more pleasant. She ought to know ! Here is the lad that brought a pis- tol P college with him to protect imself from the ravages of the wild beasts that are rumored to line the walks on the way to classes. " You fellows tip here don ' t live; you j list exist Why, in Boston.... " and SO mi. tar into the night. Hut ladies, stand aside: don ' t teed the animals raw meat Mark ye! Did you ever know that I ' . II. Rand was an Augusta man? A man of many talents when he left his native land. And he played the banjo, aye SO well. That the folks hack home used to eall him " Banjo Sam. " Here we have the magnanimous Hoobey-cackle B. Peepoo, King oi the Ma) (3); Captain Tug of War Team (3); Varsity Tiddler (1. . ' , 3); Plooi Walker and Head Boun- cer; Strawberr) Festival i . ' i ; So eial I. ion and smiling debonair of the dizzy whirl of social events m the campus. I lis left tiddle was ,i mai el to lu-hold hut his daguerreotype cal- isthenics were even more hew itching, lie worked his way through school giving lessons on proper crouches. derbj swivels, rakish angles and in- tricate " flying knee wabbles " at the photographers, He is as great a connoisseur of insects as he is of human nature. Good luck, I looey. Juniors Page One Hundred Ten Illll III I III I Richardson, I Carry Levi ••Ilan " . HK Lee Academy I )airy I [ushandry . Freshman ( ' n »ss oun try: Freshman Track; Cross ( lountry (2, 3) ; ' o-capt. elect : Track (2, 3 | . Exec. ( ' omm. i 1 . _ ' . .m : Si iphi imore I Iwl. Roberts, Lewis Pollard, 0X Sherman .Mill- Island Falls I [igh School gronora) Wrestling Team i 1 i : Track i 1 i : Heck Club. Roney, Jeanette Marie, " Jean " , X 1 1 Portland Deering Hjgh School History Rifle Club (I, 2, 3); Sec.- Treas. (3y ; Spanish Club ; Glee Club; Tredsl (2); Chr. Vespers Comm. i 2 ) : Y.W. t !.A. Cabinet i . i ; ( Jerjera Assembly Comm. (3); Dele- gate of the 10th Quadrennial Student Volunteer Confer- ence i - ' i : I eputation Team 12); ( lass Volleyball (1,2); --t Mgr. I lockey (3) ; Pan- hellenic I ouncil (3). Ross, I torothy Morton, ••Dm " , aaa Auburn Edward I -ittle I ligh School Frenc i apt. Freshman I fockej : Freshman Basketball ; Sopho- more Eagle : Treas, i _ ' ; ar- sity I lockey (_ ' . . i ; Vai -in Basketball (2) ; Baseball (2); Student Memorial Drive 1 " in. i . i ; French Cluh ; Mgr elecl Baseball (3); Y.W.C.A abinel I 3) : Rifle Clul (2, 3) ; hack (1,2). the fall of 1926 a youth with fire in liis eye and a great ambition sallied forth from the tov. to enter the U. of M. The other •.nit of the town wept bitterly, bul the youth was nol to be denied, luring the paj ama parade h I and ran • from the mob. Since then he ha- been running mi -i " i the time, incidentally acquir- ing a few records. Harrj is one of our star milker- in the cow college and expects to own a cow of hi own some day. Louie came to ns from that great -pud county, Aroostook, where the) make nun like steel. It t ,,k the fel- lows a few weeks to become acquaint- ed with this quiet chap and to know that the) could not cross his path without first making sure that Louie was in s nl ! humor. Louie was tl i first to start whoopee in the Theta Chi halls. When some one men- tions razzoo, and Louie answers, " Whoopee, " the Freshmen know that there is blood in the air. Here! There! Everywhere! That ' s linny Roney. When -he ' s not at the M i . building or working on the arts, she ' s probably over at the ride raiiLie taking private lesson- from fgilvie. Hut her targets are not all on the top floor of Lord Hall, tor in three different directions her fatal dart has hit the mark: witness the wounded -Northern House; Central use? Southern House: Sweet finny Roney. She ' s whose sw© r.iri hoi i- a dashing young lass— the live wire in I ' .alentine. She not onl) star- in hockey. basketball ami French hut also in love. Jinum and Larr) are loxers the) -a hut South America i- far away, so wh) worry? USt m Bowdoin is ahead. E en though Dot i- Scotch she will take the sleeves of a man ' s coat on a cold night. At present she writes two Utter- a da) and has a hand in all social affairs of the campus. Juniors Page One Hundred Eleven G D Roulston, Royal Allison .Maiden. Ma Maiden High School Chemistrj Maine ( )uting t !lub (1, 2, 3 Freshman Track ; Band ( 1 . 3) ; American Chemical S ciety. Runnells, Minnie Emily, " Min " , UK f Howland Howland High School Mathematics Math Club (2,3); Class Bas- ketball (2, 3). Sawyer. Elmer Philip, «I TA Portland, Conn Hebron Academy Mechanical En ineeriiii Worcester Tech ' 29 A.S.M.E. Schlosberg, l iharles, " Charlie " Boston, Mass. Boston English 1 [igh School 1 ' re- Medical Tufts Pre-Medical School ■ the benefit of those who are in doubt and otherwise don ' t know the difference the blotch or smear to the left is NOT The Prince hi Wales, Lon Chaney, or Charles indberg. It is " Roy " , who tw ) years ago came from the States (Mass.) tu join the mure nr less celebrated gang of test tube jugglers. Did he miss his calling? Hardly, altho his knowledge of automobiles (Essexs), womens (plural) and finances, in particular the Treasury Dept., makes us certain that bis education was not neglected. " Rinnie Munnells " , Runnie Min- nells " or just " Min " ! She answers in ' em all. Such a little sawed-off to be taking these paralyzing Math courses— and yet she grins through the worst of them. Don ' t let the Studious air fox you. s ' mercly the spectacles. As often as — well, say — twice a semester Min answers up right pert, and takes us all by sur- prise. These sporadic outbursts are potent enough to keep us hep to the fact that, after all. Min knows pret- ty well what it ' s all about. It was a dark and stormy night during our second year here at Maine that a knock was heard at our por- tal. There in the storm stood little Ephie Sawyer shivering and wring- ing wet. Vround his neck was a big tag hearing the title, " Greetings l- ' ii mi the Nutmeg State. " In due time we separated the nut from the meg and gave him credit for bis work- on the nursing bottle and knitting needles and introduced him to the trip-hammers and steam boilers. Studying is this boy ' s forte and he .-crtainly does it justice. Thej saj that. " All work and no play makes " ack a dull boy. " but Charlie is the exception that proves the rule. He plans to go to medical .school and we have no doubt that he will make good there as he has here. Juniors Page One Hundred Twi I. Schneider, Bernard, " Bernie 1 Brookline, Mass Boston English I tigh School Civil Engineering Berkeley Prep School Fencing Team i 1 . 2, 3 i : Fencing ( oach | _ ' . 3 |. Scott, Robert Miller New Portland Electrical Engineering Sergeant R. ».T.C- Scribner, Russell Orin, " Scrib " , " Russ " , SN Bangor Bangor High School Civil Engineering Lew iston 1 [igh School Freshman Baseball; Fresh- ii Ian Executive Comm. ; Treas. Civil Club. SeaVey, Wilson rrant, " Bill " , SN Kennebunkport Kennebunkport 1 tigh School Mechanical Engineering It must be Bernie ' s " personality us " that makes him so popular not y with the women but also with the vicious Bananas IX. At any rate he has undertaken the unwel- task of caring for the hear and has made a success of it, too. Bui Bernie fortunately lias not allowed his talents to manifest themselves in women and animal farming alone, lie is quite a fencer and a still hetter coach. Robert always makes it a point to explain that New Portland has nothing to do with Portland or South . .rtland. but that it is way up yon- der bj Skowhegan somewhere. Scot- n is helping himself through school by working for the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company during his spare time. Scotty is on the road to being an Electrical Engineer " He finds the paving rather rough traveling at times as do all F.lectricals. Scribner : the one man on the cam- pus who hasn ' t fallen in love. SO he claims. But he ' s fallen in everything c l se — from ranks to holes.- Don ' t worry, " Russ " , other great men have been kept down, too. This is an op- portune time, people, to correct a common campus error. Which be, that Scribner and Wcathcrbce are Siamese twins. We really Can ' t blame the students for getting that lea in their skulls, though. (Seniors included I . This inadequate effigy spends his time either putting his mahogany- he. eKd room mate to bed drunk or eciding which one of seven passion ate women he will take out and ;:,,,! i happy. " Bill ' s " strong weak- i- baseball. The way he can float a ball out to second base would make " Babe " Ruth jealous— if Ruth was a can her. There are just two things that our hero really likes. Thev are beans and beans. Juniors ■ ' i , Hwidred Thirta i ii—tfit— ■ ■■ii hi mil Smith, I.vmlell Emma, " Deir ' . ' lIH Brcwc Brewer Hieh School Enelis Smith, Thomas Bi 13 d, " Tom " Washburn Mapleton High School History Freshman Track ; Kappa Phi Kappa. Spalding, Prescott ( (Mton, " Peck " Wens Wells High School Civil Engineering Football (1,2,3) ; Track (l)j Rifle Team (1) ; Civil Club. Spear. Ross Paterson Rockport Mathematics Glee Club (_ ' ); Mathematics Club. Lyndell, in the three years that le ha- been going to college, has de- veloped a reliable sense of punctual- ity which colnes from these electric cars. Even mm she has a patent pending on a seat cooling system which will mean a revolution in the car industry. This is only one of the examples of Lyndell ' s ingenuity. There are others too numerous t " mention. Lyndell, why not leave those electric cars and stay up heire with us ? Hush-sh-sh ! Quietly and unob- trusivelj this youth has tiptoed In- waj " in of the potato fields Of Northern Maim, into a seemingly permanent place on the I lean ' s List In his leisure time we often see Tom slipping stealthily to the library to devour article after article innn divers periodicals, to increase his al- ready massive compendium of gener- al knowledge Softly, then, folks and leave him to his reflections. A sea captain left his son ashore to master lines and curves. A sailor at heart and a civil by fate, he has answered the captain ' s prayer; " nd how " ' Never mind. Peck, if the cement mixer won ' t work; an " Essex " road- ster is just as reliable as a mail car. Here is a postmaster ' s son who learned to play post office with a two cent stamp. This game did not ap- peal to him so he looked elsewhere r amusement. After receiving high honors at Rockport High Ross decided to comi to Maine to see what I larley W ' illard could tell him about hyperbolic func- tions and conic sections. Ross can ' t content himself with mathematics alone but plunges into all the deep science such as the overhauling 61 Fqrds and the playing of sixty-three, he charms of the fairer sex do not appeal to Ross for some reason. The only young lady I ever knew him to fall for was Cleopatra. Juniors rage One Hundred Fourteen Stalmuke, Michael Harold, i k Rum f on Stephens High School Forestry Football (3); Track (1. 2, . i ; Forestry Club. Stanley, Edward Kenneth, " Ed " , " Kriss " , 1 MA Bethel Gould Academy Economics Freshman Basketball; Asst. Mgr. Track (2); Sophomore Pipe Comm.; [ntra-Mural A. . i . i ; Varsity Track Mgr. elect (.i). Stanley, John Theodore, " Ted " , i HK Cranberry I les I )eerin« 1 lijrh School Mechanical Engineering Freshman truss Country ; Varsity Cross Countrj (2,3 Varsity Track (2, 3 I. Stern. Edward, " Ed " Han , Bangor I ligh School Economics Debating Team i 1. 2, 3) ; Mgr. (3) ; Delta Sigma Mu ; Sec. Pi Pi Kappa ; New Ybi Alumni Scholarship (2). : iiiiii 1 1 e 1 1 ■ linn 1 1 1 ■ ■ Mike, a forester who li l not take .„ tin- winds until a few Ec prelims ting in his Sopho- more year. Strength, that ' s Mike ' s middle name. I te is well known on the campus for his gentle ways. He has applied liis muscle t ' the javelin in Maine ' s field events many times, and while he has not stayed i .m long enough to break any rec- ords, he hopes to ' 1 " so this year. Be nonchalant, grow a moustache, says Mike. Kri s Stanley, entertainer, sales- man, magician, and student of Mae netic Personality. Kriss ' earliest ambition n;h to be a salesman, and he has indulged in it ever since. His latest line is silk lingerie, which, he say ' s gives him a broader outlook on things in general. Despite his other occupations, however, he has found time to engage in campus activities, become manager of track, and nar- rowly escape matrimony. Since then he has changed his major to Econom- ics as a precautionary measure. Still. every one likes Kriss. Generosity is his worst fault, and he is trying hard to overcome it. Here he is, the Dean of the engi- neer-.. A few years ago this ambi- tious youth cut his lobster traps away, set his fishing smack adrift, eft Cranberry Isles, and entered the U. of M. in quest of a higher educa- tion. At first he was greatly troubled. te could figure the weight of a dory- load of codfish with ease, but he couldn ' t figure how to do squads right. Being a persevering youth he - red until he learned. Besides bring a good student, an excellent speaker and a star debater. Ed excels in the Terpsichorean art. i predict that he will cither be a famous judge or a noted dancing in- structor. Juniors ne Hundred I i Sticknev, Warren Atwood, " Stick " . 5X Brownvillc Brownville 1 [igh School Electrical Engineering Cross Country (1, 2) ; Circu- lation M r r . Campus i 2 i : Business Mgr. («3) ; Kappa Gamma Phi ; A.I.E.E. Stover, Charles Raymond, " Chick " . BK Eastport Shead Memorial High Schoo Chemical Engineerin Baseball (1 ) ; Alpha Chi Sigma. St. Pierre, Romeo Napoleon, " Pete " Aubun Edward Little High School 1 nil Engineering St miest, Emerson Ames, " Stymie " , AXA Rumfor Stephens High School Civil Engineering Track (1, 2, 3); Numerals (1); Letter (2); Sophomore Owls; Student Senate (3); Civil Club. 4 ive a look! Give a lookl Warren tin- mighty— destined In succeed Steinmetz as the world ' s premier ectrical engineer. His recent paper on " The Back KM. I Generated by an Inverse Function in Double Shear " is acknowledged l himself to be the greatest treatise of modern times. When not occupied with his nurri- erous other activities, Stick putters about the room developing snapshots tor the Rogues ' iallery. The blond, blue-eyed hoy from the fish country. You can always tell when he ' s around from his sweet and melodious voice. We al l feel sure that he will he an authority on physi- cal chemistry in the near future. A- a Public Speaker he can ' t be beaten -when he ' s in the right mood. Never mind. (hick, there ' s a red headed girl in Milltown who will keep you from harm. This young man hails from Ed- ward Little High and although he has a warrior ' .- name, i- very peace- ful but plans to conquer the engi- neering problems of the world as soon as he has made up his sleep. His chief sport is skating where at imes it looks as though he might meet hi- Waterloo. When the urge for mental develop- ment hit Stymie he promptly chose Maine as the developer and then, de- ciding against an education, elected engineering. So Stymie struggles along with the ball and chain gang. trying to he " civil " in spite of things in general. His toes are nicely isted from the cinders he has burned under them, and many an as- piring young speed merchant who isn ' t too near sighted has read the umber on his back. Junio I )ne Hundred Sixteen Sutherland, endell Lindsay " Skeet " , K- BrunswicK Brunsv ick I liyli School Economics Vsst. Mgr. of Baseball (1,2) ; Mgr. of Baseball (3); Jun ior Week Comm. Sweatt, Athalie Pearl, " Ath " , a . Andover Andover I figh School French Farmington Normal French Club (2). Sweatt, John I tenrj i Ex ' 26 I, " fohnnie " , H K Andover Andover I tigh School Physics I [ebron Academy Mgr. Class Track (1) ; Stu- dent Senate I 1 I ; lass Nomi- nating Comm. ( 1 I : Toast master Freshman Banquet : " M " ( iub Minstrels (1, 2); t ifass I )ebating Team ( 1 .S5t. Mgr. Varsity Track i 2 i : Sergt. .Military (2) ; Chr. Sophomore Hop (2) ; Glee Club (1, 2) ; In class of ' 30: Second Lieut. R.O.T.C. (2); Scabbard and Blade (2); First Sgt.; I Sec. ) Scabbard and Blade (3); Capt. R. . T.C. (3). Sylvester, Fred Mton, " Slim " , Ki Mars Hi Aroostook ientral Institute I forticulture Freshman Basketball ; ( llass Relay ; Sophomore wls ; Varsity Basketb 3). Willi J_ :: : iiiiiiI: 1 1 ecu iimii ■!■■ rhis is Kappa Sig ' s indefati itom! Nobods can do anything witii it Skeet wrinkles his little nose un- til he can look down Ins in istrils — yes— and he can play the piano with his feet. ( ersatile, s« ' : I Skeet — in a grass skirt — would make Clara Bow take a hack scat. There ' s nothing quite so different as Lind- say ' s version of the Can-Can — Be- sides all this— the boy plays left tid- dle on the Varsity Tiddly Winks Team and he ' s one of the Tugs on the Tug I » ' War Team. During her vacation abroad, Athalie felt right at home with the Frenchmen. In answer to her ear- nest queries as to her ability to speak the language one young nobleman re- plied. " Mais. ( lui, Mademoiselle, .ais parley irancais online line fou. " ( )nt of the kindness of our hearts we are going to take Athalie down to the Bangor House some evening for an honest-to-goodness dinner. Hut, " Ath. " you are simply our necessity, we ' d be lost without you. " Johnnie " hails from the class of 1926; he says he ' s afraid the Univer- sity is going tn the dogs and mourns r the gimd old days when men were men and the Student Senate was a child. Mars Hill little knew the import- ance " f thai momentous day when Fred Alton Sylvester. Jr. saw the light. Ami thej would never i ni e our Juny as the same youth who came down from the country three years ago Step up, co-eds, Slim has time for ope and all if you pass in- spection, lie ' s as smooth on the dance tloor as he is on the basketball court and in a davenport. Juniors Page One Hun ntcen Theriault, Martin Harold " Terry " Millinocket Stearns High School .Matheniati Tolman, Edward Wesley, " Eddie " , MIK Carroll Eastern Maine Institute Economics Freshman ' Track Captain ; Freshman Relay; Class Re- lay; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3) ; Hand (1,2). Toothaker, Elwood Sawyer. " Tony " , I rA Bath Morse High School History Freshman Relay. Towne, Franklyn Albert. " Blondy " , SX Norway Norway I figh School Economics Band (1, 2, 3) ; Track Squad (1,3). ehold — an ither Millinocketonian. et, demure, smooth, Oh My? Bui ' t judge a I) ' k by it ' s cover, he ' s got tin face " i .in angel, but the eyes of a devil. Some say lie does, others saj he doesn ' t, but from a few re- marks dropped now and then, we ave our own suspicions. Terry is among the few boys who have never visited Balentine, but lias confined is activities to Bangor, where he is well known. We wish you luck, " Terry " in whatever you undertake. Eddie Tolman. the gentleman on our left is not quite the studious, dig- nified chap that he appears. We have seen him shaking the gay fantastic more than a little. I le is one of Doc- tor Ashworth ' s proteges and we think that he will succeed. He is a very likeable chap and we admire his excellent showing as a runner. How- ever, ( Hil Man Hard Luck has kept die from realizing some of his ambitions along t!u line. Ladies and gentlemen — introduc- ing Elwood Sawyer, otherwise known as the washout from Bath, or w.i ii one of the Gold Dust Twins? Tony ' s smile and laugh are always welcome around the campus and from all the indications they are welcome down in the great ship building town of Maine. Notwithstanding all this. loir, has the respect of everyone lat knows him. Whoa Nell! Fresh from Norway this blonde phenomenon came to US in ' 25 and immediately wedged his way into our tender affections. Whitey has heard and answered the call of the CO-eds, hut ' tis rumored that a certain marm from down state )ixtield holds the heart strings if our hero. Women of Maine have ,ue. Blondy is preparing to hold way in a brokerage office and surelv uccess should follow his steps for lasn ' t he more than once held the Doc ' s classes spellbound by his knowledge of his major? Juniors Page Om- Hundred Eighteen Tsiales " , Panayiotis Theodore " Pete " , SX Manchester, N. 1 Manchester High School Electrical Engineering Cushing Academj Si iphi mil ire Is : Footba (1,2). Vail, Eugene Libbey, " Red " , B0E Manchester, N. 1 1. Hebron Academy Economics Freshman Football Captain; Varsity Football (2, 3) : Pi Pi Kappa; [ntra-Mural A. A. i _ ' i : Sophomore ' Ivfls [Span- ish Club. Vaughn, Basil Wyman. " Jack " , B0D I Iron ■ irono I [igh School Civil Club. Civil Engineerin Veazie, Katherine Abbie, " ka " . AZ Rockland Rockland High School Mathematics Math. Club (2, 3); M.O.C. (1. 2, 3); Class Basketball (2); Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Rifle Club (1); Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3) ; Panhellenic ( ' mind (3); House Treas. (2). A A i £ ::is Iiiiiii In it em iinnii in n number : is a follower ni Epicurus, and a mber of the electrical department His specialty; however, lies in the fruit business. Upon enuring col- ege, he was forced to give up this occupation, and he now spends his time in an endeavor to make Greece sai ' e for Electrical Engineers. As far as co-eds are concerned, abstains — he doesn ' t believe in gold- rs. Here he is. folks, the auburn-haired grave digger from Manchester. A noted warrior of the gridiron and g contender fur the hot air title. It is even rumored in some quarters that fie would be a disturb- ing element in any group of studious- ly inclined young men. In spite of all these eccentricities he has foUn ' d one of the fair sex who thinks that he is just about O K. and now he is thinking of going into the clothing business with Sklal so that he can marry her. This bandana-cheeked youth from the Acropolis of Orono should need no further decorative introduction than that of the Liz with which lie has SO beneficially bestowed his win- ning " it " to the fairest of co-eds or maybe others. Jack and his four wheel contraption are as inseparable fir feathers op a zebra. Jack and his philanthropic activities keep the ( Irono dances out of the red. Kay with black hair and snapping eyes i- one of the jolliest girls on the campus, with ever a smile (as here W see I and a nod, and a cheery " Hi ' ' for everyone. As well as being in- t( rested in activities. Kay is very in- dustrious, especially in Solid Analyt- ical Geometry which she likes(?) above all pther courses and next to bridge. But in spite of certain mys- teries, and ■ tendency to hold oul on us, we ' re rooting fur you, Kay — and Success and happiness in your minor, your bridge, and your ? We ' ll ii " l tell, old dear. Juniors Page Our Hundred Nineteen c sey, Vivian Maude, " Viv " , %®P Mercer New Sharon High School I ' x itanj Rifle Club (2 I ; Glee Clul (3); French Club (3) ; Arch- er (1 ); Track (1). Vbse, Milton LeRoy, AX A Eastport Shead Memorial High School Electrical Engineering 1 1 iram adsworth, Paul, " Waddie " Fryeburg Academy Poultry Husbandry Freshman Cross Countr) ; M.C.A.; Aggie Club; Glee Club ( 1. _ ' . 3) ; I ' Diversity Chorus (2, 3). alker, John Douglas, " Jack " . ATO Millinocket Stearns High School Economics Freshman Football, Basket- ball; Freshman Executive Comm. ; Sophomore Execu- tive Comm. : Junior eek Comm. hold! Another botany major! ml from all reports a biological in- irmation bureau as well. Keep up the good work, Vivian. Some day we expect she will be an expert on life cycles, even the cycle of the " New.Jersej mosquito. " How about it r This little lassie always li as a pleasant smile for everyone and her unselfishness i- unsurpassed. " Oh! i i.m. will yon do me a favi II Mow often this question is heard at Mt. Vernon. There is always just one answer — and it isn ' t " No! " So — three rousing cheer- " Viv " . Altho Milt no longer dodges in- ors when he sees a trolley come hurtling down the street, he is still unused to civilization and hurries back to his rough and read} Eastport whenever opportunity affords. May- this is not due to his uncivilized state tho. for it is quite probable that the " Midget " photo on his desk rep- resents the cause of the unrest. The mails thrive on such client- as MUt and if his English themes were as enthusiastically written, he wouldn ' t an English major am longer. Where is our Paul? You will find him at the Experiment Station. Al- though he is majoring in poultry we . believe he is working for the directorship of the Station. Your first impression of Paul might he — ow " , but wait until you know him. " Waddie " refrains from smoking be- cause he says it ' s " too effeminate. " lie has had dates with co-eds and without them, but can ' t tell which he pri fen hit of the wilds of Millinocket came another John Walker to Con- ner the ' c ' part of education. Jack ' s room is the most popular hangout in the house, not only be- cause of the candy trunk but, because he i- alwaj s ready to do anything you ask him. W hat a line — hooks and sinkers included and ( )h how the suckers da bite! Juniors )n Hundred 7 ,. I IS)| inn Hi u ard, Charles Raymond, " Kay " . UK ' Presque I ' resque l U- I [igh School Economic Warren, Margaret, " Peg Abbot! Academy Campus Board. Bangor English asgatt, Asa Vernon, •• ir " . SN Baj I [arbor 1 [ebron Academj Pjiblic Speaking Football (1. - ' . 3} : Varsity I tebating (J. . i ; Men ' s Stu- dent Senate (2, . i : Maine Masque Delta Sigma Mu; Exec; Comm. i 1 . 2). Wasgatt, Manila Gray, " Matin " . X ' .i Rockland Rockland 1 [igh School Home Economics Nasson [nst. ( Hee lub (2, 3 I ; Home Ec Club (1, _ ' . 3); Y.W.i . . I abinel I 3 I . Student iovt. Vice-Pres. (3); Junior W ' cc-k 1 omm. : Memorial F u n 1 i omm. stand back, tin- handsome blonde - passing by ; no, not a co-ed, bi Raymond. His rl is sleeping, lit- keeps tin- bed warm i. .ni teen hi ' in a daj . and nap- the rest " i tin 1 time in classes. Wonder what he dreams? Probably of his kitchen back home " r tin- small Freshman in Irono. Ward ha- two weaknesses In- throws hi- knee out when a co-ed passes bj and eats all tin- chocolate cake when the chef is out. How ' d yen like to be a Beta ' s sweetheart? Nothing could he nicer says Margaret, especially it he ' s a red-headed football hero. When Peg isn ' t sleeping " r eating -he is — study- ing? — Oh, my no ' l Nothing like that Probablj she is making a conducted tour of the campus. Mar garet may major in English hut the fallacies and fancies pi Shakespeare don ' t weigh heavily mi her mind. This disaster, from the town which made basketball and Rockefeller famous, take- college a- easily as he oe- a ten-dollar hill. Even if he should make the dean ' s h-t again, he could never appreciate the real opportunities which the Universitj offers For when " Ace " was a fresh- man, he told the hoard of administra- tion that he didn ' t want to take mili- tary and 1 ' . T. And lie hasn ' t. Von can ' t get away from it. he ' s such a big-hearted guy. Why, " Ace " wears his pin every day to let the co-eds know thej all have an equal chance. By gosh — and Bicarbonate oi sodal Hen we have a vitamin hound, a carbohydrate queen, a cal- ory counter of the worst 50rl " Mathy " i- runner up for the Pel feet I lousewife I lontCSt and -he can prepare the entire work- from soup to hilts. " Mathy " doesn ' t have to depend on a can opener for her ef- fect-, either. If you ' re not acquainted, perhaps you think oi her a- a cool little person minding her own business. Juniors Itumlrcil I ' ■ ■Hpi II III Mill Waterman, Jennie Annis, " Hi Mitie " , K BuxtOl Buxton 1 [igh School English ( rorham Normal School Y.W.C.A. (2, 3) : Rifle Club (2); Archer) (2, 3) ; Pan- hellenic Council (3). ebber, Kenneth Robert, " Ken " . HXII Bowdoinhai ( i ii imbs I [igh School Electrical Engineering Track Mi: M. ). ' (. ' . (2); Rifle Club (2) ; A.l.K I . Electrical Club; Student Sen- ate i. ). Webster, Arvard Vernon, " Web " l ' ,-i,K [sleboro I [igh School 1 [iston Wescott, Lee Eugene, " Lee " , ' Mils Sebago Lake I lebroh Aca demy Forestr Freshman Relay (1) ; Trac (1): Baseball (1); ( lass Re- la) (1,2) ; arsity Relay (2) Baseball (2) ; Sophomore wls (2); Phi Sigma (3); Executive Coram. (2). miling at you from tin opi ■ ..i tin page is Hootie. Tele- ii. calls, ford cars, dances, so i. rth ami m. forth or what have you, i , ialtu ' s. Last sprine, her favoriti ex] vere: " Squads ami " Fall away to the lilt. " Was -he taking military? She ' s mi i.i Vh bi I oi pals and we wish er tin- best of good luck. Meet " Ken " Webber from Bow- doinham- Bowdoinham? " I Hi, just one ol those wide places in the road, " Electrical Engineering was Ken ' s choice fur a career, and unlike many win. chose this profes- sion, he i an Mill he found in the dark reci es of Lord I fall working with ii- pet motors .mil generators. Ami ahho In- frequentlj wi rk mi Wheat- stone bridges, he never attempt cross them. Sickness last year ' it Ken from the Class of ' - " ' to i!i. i lass ol ' 30 Since joining it he admits that it really i- the Ijest ii tin i ampus alter all. I he quiet of the afternoon is i rent with Arvard ' s musical endeav- ors, hut in it -ii crudely dues this modern Lothario play on other and responsive strings. But perhaps his greatest a. plishmenl is hi- ability t.. laugh at the trials of life with every element ii -,li satisfaction, tirniK lulu that " A I ETTER HAY KM I ' - ll II DO TOR AWAY. " ■ii . in Levi Eugene, snappj little second-baseman on the nine. relay runner with the baton passers, and pole climber on the track team. II. sa ys he feels right to home with the bamboo pole because he claims it i- getting hack t.i nature the high way. Nevertheless, if you are I ing for a good sport and a real true friend, Lee will rill the order to per- ectioi Juniors Page One Hundred Twenty-two iggiris, James Warren, " ig " ; ®X 1 loulton Ricker Classical Institute i ivil Engineering Track Squad i 1 ; Sec. ( ivil Club (3). William-. Carrie Janet. " Susan " , K+ Stonington Stonington High School French Home Ec Club (J, 2); Glee Club (2); Rifle Club (2); Archery Team (2); M. .C. 1 1 . : i lass Basketball (2) ; .sst Mgr. Basketball (3) ; Campus Board (3) ; Y.W. CA (1, 2) 3)) French Club (3). William-. Edwin Ruthven, i pa Guilford ( High School Civil Engineering _ins Classical Institute i 1 . .11 . Reginald Burgis, " Reggie " , SAE Bangor Bangor 1 tigb School Economics Track (2); M.C. . Cabinet (3) ; Vice-Pres.; Chr. es pers Comm. : Student Re- search Comm. ; Sigma Mu Sigma; Maim- Masque; Prism Board, i " Wig " we have an excellent nple of a self made man. 1 1 i verj useful sort ol a fellow to iround, because h can render g 1 adi ice upi m anj | itj at I ' . of M. " i{ i .mi is to make the Bangor bett ' lilroad. 1 [i man) friends here and wi sure thai our loss will be the B. .mi. Listen to that merry Ha-heh! Three guesses who belongs t " it and nit. You know this trick individual is a contempo rary of the rising generation — just growing up ever ready mr a time, anj old time; whether it be driving uncontrollahli trip- to ii prattle, that gift oi gab ■well, that ' s onlj another accom- plishment in her young life. The junior Moose from 53 - just a gaj I j ine Wolf to me I le shuns the girls while in a crowd But when Lone Wolfing, Rowdj I towd. Man) .i time I tho just in fun I Ir calls a consultation i question when it will be done He never d igns to mention. Moose is dry, in some respects, and are regular. 1 [e ' s not cut out for little things, and gi i at dis tanci will pass behind him in the war- to come. A great pal, a good . gg, a heart of gold. 1 tere ' s luck ! Now don ' t say, " Hi. yes, another o ne of those Bangor boys. " I i you should stud) tin ' boj instead of the picture you would find him to be a very close rival of Plato—polite, profound, and pacific (sometimes). would have blown out In and ended bis search it he could have met tlii- jovial in dividual. But to depart from the scintillating to the sincere, we hold the best for Reg in the future and I sure thai he will go i i u field. Juniors ty-thrci Winslow, Elwood Coffin, 5 5 Ashland Ashland I tigh School Mechanical Engineering Wiswell, Carleton Francis, " Dutchy " South Brewei Bangor I [igh School t ' ivil Engineerin ood, Maurice Harland, " Sy " , Newcastle Lincoln Academy Civil Engineering Band i 1. 2, 3); Asst. Mgr. Basketball i 2 i ; A.S.C.E. ' Wooster, Joel Philbrook, " Joe " North Haven Civil Engineering Rifle Team (1.2) ; Civil Club. " Tick " is a lad whom we have to ik up to — he is so tall. He is a greasy mechanical but we won ' t hold thai against him especially when we id nature and amiable i-.] " Mil. in We always thought that Orring- ton »,h either a novel or a song but Dutch) int. inn- US that it is Utopia. He would have been an Aggie but tor the fact that after several years ■ it rural farming he can only raise his bat. This being the case he has joined the rank.-, oi the Civils and tenceforth will be able to make something besides excuses, lie has a smile that tour out of live have- not obtained and has recently passed the blindfold test endorsing Hokum i igarets. Allow me to present Maurice Wood of that well kno«u place, Newcastle b) the roadside. S) as e is known is a Civil Engineer ami perhaps that accounts tor some of those outlandish costumes that he ma) he seen floating by in. S) has learned how to surve) and really is an i xperl at it. In fact, he is si i ever that he lias developed a mark- ed ability to pick out what is pleasing to the eye. We all take off our hats to Joe, the only man on the campus who had faith enough to put his convictions to the test. Joe had heard that there were no real Siamese cheese hounds in Siam, so kind readers, while you are perusing this eulog) Joe himself is making an extensive investigation mi the condition of the original teese hi iunds in Pai is. I- ranee. J ie sa) s fi ir the benefit i if himself Uld bis friends that when he comes iack he is going to buy out the Bijou so they can sit where, whenever, and as long as the) feel like it. Juniors Page One Hundred Twenty-four WrightJ Francis Clair. " Lefty , ah. ' Bangos I ttggins Classical Institute Economics Track Squad ( 1 i : Rifle loam i 1 i ; Baseball (1) ; Sergeant, R.O.T.C. (2). dm Bull " , Loon Lake Y irk. Gerald, " •IMA ( rould Academy Civil Engineering Freshman Basketball; Civi C ' luk Zakarian. Lavon, " ak " Portland Portland High School English Freshman Football; Fresh- man Basketball; Varsity Football (2. 3) : (apt. Elecl i . i : Sophomore ( (wis. 5rrS JG3L Lefty " is hi s nickname but he ' s forever (W)right. Many an in- structor hi I to his persua- sive arguments, that makes his a •_■ 1 I ' . Many a co-ed has fallen for his virtues — hut he has not ucak- that makes him a man. Economy is his motto, Socio is liis password, while bridge and bull-sessions an- his pastime, [or you is n ood, Clair. " John Bull. " Rightl) named, but In- must have been born in Scotland. My, but lit is ambitious. Hi- is not satisfied with a mere course in (. ' nil Engineering, so is taking correspond- ence courses with the Charles Wil- liams Company. He got into campus politics, but instead of throwing his hat into the ring the ring was thrown into his hat with disastrous results. Hi- has quit politics and gone into black fox farming, and into rooking N ew York Sports at his summer camps in the Rangeley Lake country with much better success than he had as ,i politician. Zak came to us from Portland and proceeded to demonstrate that though short in stature lie was long on [opt hall. IK- has played sterling game for Maine and was chosen ll Maine center for 1928. His chief difficulty set ins to he that he is unable to off his knees, to talk or dance with the co-eds. You may grow to man size yet, ak. ak tells us that he has two co-eds on the string now. and one .if them will speak to him al- ready. Juniors Page One Hundred Twenty-five Vtwood, Jack Sanden Bai j i Batchelder, John William Charleston Berry, Leaman Staples Stillwater Black, Edmund Franklin Bailey ' s Island Bi iv, man. i harl itte Ri ise Bangor Buckley, Lucile Walsh Bangor Burnham, Richard Trittene Machias Cuozzo, Gfeprge Vincent I lolan, i llemenl Donworth North Bucksport Donald, II. ■ward Frederick Franklin. Mass. Fisher, Dean Henry Bangor Furbush, Guy Langtry Livermore Falls Gillis, Hugh Allan Gunnarson, I [erbert Mm Harding, Charles Carleton Trinidad. B. W. I Heckman, Albert Carlisle Ba Ireland, Richard Porter Dover-Foxcroft Bangor Camden Jackson, Seth Purvis Old Town Jones, Martling Barnet ( iardiner LaPlante, Antonio York Village Mc Mary. Edward Nickols Waterville MacCaffrey, John Philip Patten McCollum, Lloyd West Jonesporl Means. Horace Williams Sedgwick Morris, Henry Monroe Fort Fairfield Nottage, Henry Clarence Webb Solon Ri i d, lhert Lester Bradford. Mass Ricker, Elizabeth Louise Turner Savage, Allen Estabrooks Wells ' rueworthy, Leon Eugene Mattawamkeag Turner. Willard Frani is North Reading, Mass. ose, Edward Rich East Eddington White. Otto Rupert Woodland Whitman. Franklin Augustus Benton Juniors One Hundred Twenty-six Crosby Laboratory Rocers Hall jopi r gr $ Frederick Hail Sophomore Glass Officers President Frederick Augustus Hall Vice-President Kenneth Percia Twombi s etary Jean Campbell Treasurer Henry Hayes Favor Page One Hundred Thirty Soph lomores dams, Melvin Walls, Es. Anderson, ieorge I [enry, 1 i nliker. alter James. Ee. Annis, Roger 1 .ee, ( h.Eng. Vrmstrong, John Norris, Ch.Eng. er) . Marion ( iertrude, Eh. Bangs, lai ' Augustus, Me. Barker, David Emmons, Es. Barrows, Franklyn Foster, Eh. Barton, Erma I ' am . I [y. Baston, Lawrence Goodwin, Agr. Hates. William Lewis. ( e. Ileal. William Mitchell. Es. Beasley, Helen Wales. Py. Bennett, I ' aul Edwin, l- ' . I ternard, I .en Ri tmeo, Ee. Bickmore, Theodore Roland, Fy. Billings, Stacy Ford, Me. Bird, Richard Philbrook, Es. Bither, Margaret Harriet. Eh. Blaisdell, Maynard Preble, Me. Blanchard, Dorothy Aileen. Eh. Blanchard, Richard Carleton, Fy. Blanchard, Richard Francis, Agr. Blocklinger, Warren Stanley. Es. Bohnson, fohn i harles, Jr., Ee. Bradstreet, Ernest Raymond, Hy. Breton, a -. Jr., Ee. Brockway, Philip Judd, Eh. Brofee, Linwood Harold, Agr. Brooks, i arl Ara, I Brooks, Eugene Burgess, Vgr. Brown, Charles Augustus, Ee. Brown. Roger Johnson, Me. Millinocket Gorham Bath : n : I; Bet ivick Saco Old Town North Lubec Dover-Foxcroft West Hartford, Conn. Butler, J ' ,:. North Berwick Abl Melrose Highlands, Mass. K2 I [ouse i. I [ouse •ha 1 louse SN Hi .use lu-ni House ( lid Town 5 1 Pine Street B ' -UI lh. U se i House Balentine Hall ata 1 [ouse bk House i I [ouse Old Town . lubttrn Lewiston Stockton Springs North Berwick Rockland Houlton York Village Brewer Portland ( ' umberland Center Farm Boardin Mt. Vernon House ATH lh. Use 102 l ak Hall 207 II 11. Hall BK 1 [ouse Bi-lII II.. use Balentine Hall 7 Summer Street Brewer AXA House 1 louse Portland Portland West Peabody, Mass. Bangor South Hadley, Mass. Madison )rono Watertown, Mass. Cumberland Mills North Berwick H -»1 1 House ATA 11.. Use 2N House 205 « ak Hall 1 K I h. use i u: I [ouse 17 Mill Street i •. ' - ! I House BK 1 [ouse BK House Hundred Thirty-ont Brown, William Wirt, Jr., ( li.K. Bryant, Beryl Ellison, 1 1 . Bryant, Edward ( xeighton, Es. Budden, Erma Frances, I le. Burnham, Vuberl Porter, Ee. Burnham, 1 tarry [ames, Ch. Burr, Alice Evelyn, I te. Campbell, Jean. Es. ( ' andage, scar Franklin, Eh. i are) . I .ouis Edmond, Ee. (aril. Sarah Elizabeth, Eh. Carter, .Mary Rich, I.t. Cartwright, Nelson Frederick, Ce. Caulfield, Donald Sweeney, Fy. ( liaplin, Smart Carlysle, Ee. Cheney, I -inwood i lwin, Py. ( hopelas, ( ieorge ( Christopher, Es. Clark. Fred Bernard, Ch.Eng. i lark. Lester Martin, Fy. Clarke, I )avid Maitland, Agr. Cleaves, Charlotte Elizabeth, He. ( leaves, Ward Bartlett, Bl. ( leni. I ' eter Richard, gr. i ' offin, ( ' larine Mildred, Eh. ( ogswell, Charles Luman, Fy. ( bhen, Philip Rupert. Bl. t oles, Clifford Harry, Fy. ( ' onant, I felena ( rlad) s, Eh. Conant, Thornton French, Ch.Eng. ( ookson, I Inward Norman, Ch.A. ( ' opeland, Eunice Emma, Bl. Crandlemire, Mary Pauline, He. i n icker, Paul I .ea itt, Eh. Crocker, Thomas Edward, Ee. i rosby, Luthan Albert, Ee. ( !rozier, Freda Sara. I ,t. Cullinane, William Francis, Ch. ( iurtis, Clifton Edward, Me. ( Hd Town Bangor 104 North Wo Greenville Ud ! Saco port Brcii er Surry Smith Portland Gorham Thomast Auburn Pawtucket, R. . i ' ornish South Berwick Maiden, Mass. Saco Ellsworth Saybrook, Conn. Sangen ille Addison Norzvood, .Mass. Bangor Old Town Ihin : eld, .V. . . Old Town Skowhcgan I ' y, r B ool Br I ' anccboro Vanccboro land Milo Brozenviltc . litburn Atlantic. Mass. Old Town Seventh Street, Bangor Mass. 4 rA lloiw I lalentine I tall ( )ld Town M2 II. 11. Hall I lalentine 1 lall Balentine I lall | ' IA House •I ' K I [ouse 37 Tiin- Street Balentine nnt 301 H. Ii. Hall 410 ( lak Hall •I ' ll K House 2N 1 [ouse 3 I ' ark Street $K5 1 [ouse iN I louse 302 Oak Hall Balentine 1 lall ®X House 309 II. 11. Hall 1 is College Road Old Town 55 I ' ark Street 38 Penobscot Street ( Hd Town K2 House 308 II. II. Hall Balentine I kill Balentine Annex 11_ ' ( )ak Hall l ' K House 102 11. H. Hall I lalentine I lall ■I ' K I [ouse IX House Page One Hundred Thirty-tw Curtis, I oris Buford, l ' . Cushman, Charles Farnham, Me. Cushman, Parker Grindell, e. Cutler, John Levi. Eh. Danforth, Morton Eugene, Fy. Daniels, Charles Frederick, Jr., Es. Davidson, Jennie Marjorie, lit-. I avis, I tarry ( iodfrej . Es. -. Ralph I .atinu-r. Ce. 1 ay, l.inw 1 Blanchard, ( !e. Desjardins, Jules Anthony, Me. Devine, Malcolm Edward Chisholm, I e, Dixon, Alton .Mills. Me. Donovan, Francis James, Es. Doughty, Earl Waterman, i e. Dow, Frances Winnif red, Bl. I low nes, Frances ole, I II. Draper, William Maynard, Fy. Drinkwater, Vivian Marie, Eh. Dunlap, William McKee, Fy. Dunn. Charles Loring, Fy. Durgan, Louise Dorothy, Eh. Edgecomb, Kenneth Benjamin, Ce. Elliot, James Edmond, Me. Elliott, Paul Marshall, ( h. Elmore, John I [enry, Ee. Emerson, Alberto Charles, Ch. Evans, Philip Lancaster, ( e. Fales, James Nelson True, Me. Farnsworth, • ieorge Alton, I i Farrar, ieorge ' tis, Me. Farris, illard Austin, Ee. Favor, I [enry 1 [ayes, ( h.Eng. ■ s, Margaret, Es. Field, i ge Marion. II v. Files, Morton i lifion. Fy. Findlen, Paul Joseph, Agr. Fineberg, Fanny, Lt. Mas. Winter port Portland Ellsworth Bangor Brewer Wellesley Hills. ( )ld Town Mechanic Falls Wellesley Hills, Mass. Shirley Mills ( I 1 Town Portland Bath Lewiston Portland Portland II ' inter port Hopedale, Mass. wcr Canonsburg, Pa. Portland Ltibec Limington North . Indover, Mass. Beverly, M . lugusta White Horse Beach, Mass h Portland Thomaston Jonesport Mass. Balentine I [all JiV-, I lak Hall i. House Jiil Essex Street, Bang ir Brewer Brookline orl Norway Bangor Detroit ham Port Fairfield ' and 2 2 1 [ouse ( ild Tow ii 2X House i. House ill K 1 [ouse Old Town AX A House R.] D 8, Bangor ■I ' K House 29 Spencer Street Mi. Vernon 1 [ouse Balentine I fall ' I ' MA I [( IUSI Brewer 7 Pleasant Street B©D House 38 ( Irove Street HK House A ' l ' t. ' 1 [ouse 2 2 1 [ouse 0X 1 [ouse 2N I [ouse 107 oak Hall BK 11 ' iuse 1 [ouse College Road ati I [ouse •I ' Ki 1 [ouse Mt. Vernon 1 [ouse Stillwater 3 Park Streel it House Balentine I [all ' v Hundred Thirty - f ■■■■ J - I lllllllllll uMt 11Q11 in ■ i Flint, ( gden, Ee. Flynn, Horace Foster, Fy. Fogg, I lonald I [erbert, Eh. Foley, William, Ch.Eng. Foss, Richard Staples, Me. Fox, Evelyn t iora, Fr. Fraser, Jessie I .andv, Eh. French, Lucille Adeline, Eh. Frisbie, James Austin, Hy. Frost, Gerald lliver, Ee. Fuger, Frances Margaret, Eh. Gallison, Elmer Herbert, Ale. Garland, David Carson, Ee. Gatcomb, Ernest Kenneth. Ale. ( riffin, Alvin 1 [itchcock, Me. ( rlew . scar Mathias, Fy. ( mi ide, R( ibert I )( maid, Es. ( ioodwin, Paul Russell, Fy. iordon, Scott I toward, Ee. Gorham, George William. Es. Gowans, Horace Robert, Ee. Grace, John deBaptist, Ce. iray, I -awrence Milti m. !• . Greely, Edward Joseph, Agr. ireene, I orothea I .ouise, I y. i in iss, I )oris I -ane, Eh. 1 ti oves, I -aurence ade, Bl. Guilfoil, Myrilla Nickerson, Eh. ( mptil, Edwin Charles, Ee. Hackett, William Felton, Ee. Hall, Frederick Augustus, Es. 1 tamblet, William Paige, Me. I [anson, Edward Fellows, Me. Hargreaves, George Milton, Hy. I Earwood, W aldo Earle, Jr., Fy. I [asey, Ruth Arlene, He. Haskell, Dorothy Bowker, He. Roslindale, Mass. %H House Harrington 227 Alain Street Bangor 150 Hammond Sunt. Bangor Bar Harbor 403 Oak Hall Biddeford Bangor Bangor Solon Harrison Monmouth Cape Elizabeth I ' anceboro Waterville East Machias Bristol, Conn. I ' anceboro Bangor South Bel i i i I Portland Houlton Arlington, Mass £N House 63 Parkview Avenue, Bangor 44 Spring Street. Bangor 46 Alain Street 2N HottM 2AE House 24 Oak Street 410 H. II. Hall 304 Oak Hall 407 11. H. Hall ata 1 [ouse 412 11. H. Hall 228 Palm Street. Bangor 207 Oak Hall t Ki House £N House SAE House East Boston, Mass. 12 Adams Street. Uangor Fryeburg South Portland Pembroke Stonington Hast Millinockei . lugusta Hast Baldwin Bdngi Letviston l Ki House 112 H. 11. Hall Balentine Hall Balentine Annex ata House Balentine Hall 34 Pine Street 11 Chatham Street. Bangor ©X House Lazvrencc, Mass. ATA House Bangor 96 tis Street. Bangor New Bedford, Mass. I K2 House Portland A A House Bangor 15 Poplar Street. P.angor Lee 24 Pierce Street Page One Hundred Thirty-jour 4 Haynes, Newell Perlej . i i Heald, Francis Edmund, Ee. I leald, Franklin Varney, Me. Henderson, Donald Bishop, Ee. I [ickson, Paul Edward, i h.A. Higgins, Leslie Uonzo, Ee. I [oar, Clinton I [erbert, Me. I toar, Walter 1 )amon, Agr. Hodson, Elmer Chandler, Fy. I [i ilbn ii ik, Arthur ( apen, Ee. Holdridge, Leslie Rensselaer, Fy. I [olnies. Jacob Shuman, Ce. Holmes, Richard Weatherbee, Es. I [opkins, Berniece Augusta, Hy. Home, Cecil William. Ce. 1 Inward. Elwin Thornton, Me. I [owes, Henry Frank, Ee. Huff, Evelyn Christine, He. I lum. Barbara Sirnms, 151. I [uston, I )onald Philip, Ee. Jack-nii. Katherine »wen, Ch.Eng. Jarrett, Paul Francis. Bl. [ensen, William Henry, Jr., L ' e. Johnson, Phyllis Moore, 1 le. Jones, Vlonzo Leighton, Ch. . Joy, Darius Dicky. Jr., Agr. Kazutow, John, Me. Keeney, Kenneth Andrew-. Fy. Keirstead, Kathryn Jean. Ms. Kelleher. Harold Eugene, Hy. Kilby, Merrill Eastman, Ch. ECneeland, Phyllis Amanda. Hy. Kneeland, Verne 1 1 ill. Es. Kosciolek, Stephen Frank, Bl. Krieger, I .ouis Joseph, Ee. Lamb, Norton I [askell, Es. Lang, Katherine Bradley, Bl. Lapworth, Kenneth Ervin, Fy. Eltszvorth Mad Buck field Bath Bangor Bar Harbor East Machias Rangeley Roslindale, Mass -rook, Mass. Norwich, Conn. Belfast Lincoln Camden Bei wick nix field Ashland. Mass. Bingham Woodfords II ' oodfords Hoidton Stamford, Conn South Portland Portland ■ ' . wick . Iddison Bangor New York Wa Bangor Dennysville West Ro.vbury, Mass. eton urn old Town Portland Belfast dale, Mass. 7 Summer Street 25 Grove Si 7 Summer Street 208 J 1. 11 Hall I K House liwii Hoi Commons 4U Grove Street Bk House ' l ' .MA 1 [ouse 10 Beech Street 1 Forest Avenue 10 Mill Street Balentine Hall Ben House •I ' MA House 405 ( ak I [all Mt. ernon House Ralentine 1 lall •I ' MA House Balentine Hall ATA 11. Hi-, SAE House 46 Main Streel I ' MA I [ouse 201 Oak Hall _ ' _ ' 4 State Street. Bangor V. ) ' . i VE House Balentine Hall _ ' 15 Third Street. Bangor 407 11. II. Hall Balentine 1 lall ■I ' liK House I K House Old Town B®D House 172 Main Street ■I ' MA House Page One Hundred Thirty-five Larrabee, Frederick Thompson, l- ' .s. Lear, Raymond Kenneth, Ch.Eng. I ,emi line, ( Irace Alice, Py. Levensalor, Kenneth Lynwood, Es. L ' Heureux, Germaine Jeanette, Fr. Libby, I )onald I ' rent ice. Es. 1 .ililiy, Paul Twambh . Me. I .incoln, Marguerite 1 [elen, 1 1 . Liscomb, I [elen Elsie, He. Livingstone, Elizabeth, Bl. Lobikis, Vitolia, Ps. I .onglej . Poll) .Marie. Eh. I .ovely, 1 )onald ( arson, Ce. Ludwig, Margaret Evelyn, Fr. Lufkin, Anlmr Raymond, Jr.. Es. 1 ,yon, Isabella Boltz, Uy. MacCormick, I onald Munroe, I ty. MacCormick, Malcolm Young, Pb. McGuire, Francis Stephen, Ce. McKenne) . I [elen Fuller, 1 .t. MacKenzie, William Donald, Bl. Mel .(inn. .Mary I .llian. Eh. Mahoney, Eleanor Margaret, Eh. Maillet, Lionel Anlmr. Es. Marsh. Raymond Edward, Ce. Marshall. Donald Forbes, Bl. Marshall, Harrison Greenlaw, Ee. Matluck, Harry, Me. Merrifield, Mildred Ellis, Hy. Merrill. Geoi gi ' sfo u ne, Es. Miller, Ronald Irving, Es. Mi ides, i ri ildie, Eh. Mooers, Marjorie Helen. Lt. Morse, Robert Cushman, Es. Morton, Paul, Fy. Muncy, Kenneth Randlett, Fy. Murphy, William. K . Presque i hik I touse Bar Harbor 0X House Kennebunk Balentine Hall Dover-Foxcroft i louse Lezviston Balentine Hall Biddeford A.XA I [ouse Biddeford I touse Washington Balentine Hall Salisbui 7 East Summer Street, Bangor ' inchest er, Mass. Balentine I fall Rum Balentine Hall Plymouth _ ' ? Myrtle Street Houlton Washington Median!, Mass. Bar Harbor 0r mo I H mw S onington Lincoln Marlboro, Mass Houlton Biddeford Rum jon! South Portland Portland I Vcr Isle Portland Washington Yarmouth Brewer Portland Ban Marlboro. Mass. Banc. Mass. Plymouth l House Balentine Hall All. ' House Ml. ernnii 1 louse 57 North Main Street 57 North Main Street ATA II i. use Balentine Hall •MA House Balentine 1 1 all Balentine I tall ■IK House 204 ( ak Hall l Ki I touse 311 ( ak Hall 110 11. II. Hall Balentine Hall 108 Oak Hall 2 5 House Balentine I tall 90 Wiley Street. Bangoi ■I ' l ' A I touse 25 i rrove Street AT H0US Bath !_ ' () Lincoln Street. Bangor Thirty-sir Nagle, Richard aterman, Es. Nason, Charles Philip, 1 I v. Nason, Paul Elder, Me. Nickerson, Victor Wasson, Me. O ' Connor, Charles Eugene, Pb. O ' Loughlin, James Patrick, Es. f Neil, 1 jco Francis, Ed. I ' ackard, ( ie irge Victor, Es. Kit-hard Tucker. Ce. Painter. Stanley LeRoy, Agr. Parkhurst, Hazel Jennie. Eh. I ' arlin. Lewis Elnathan, Agr. Patterson, Irving Robinson, Agr. Payson, Helen Josephine, Fr. Perkins, .Mired Warren, Ee. Perkins, Lois Emily, Eh. Perkins, Hive. Eh. Pickering, Emery Walker. Ee. Pike, Helen. Eh. Porter, Norman Augustus, Eh. Pratt, Hartwell Lemont, Ee. Prince, Ralph Nelson, Ch.Eng. Purinton, Viola Nellie, He. Rand. Scott Jay, Agr. Ranney, June Kathryn, He. Ray, Medley Porter, Ee. Richardson, i lara I ' ray. Bl. Riley, Madeliene Alden, He. Roberts, Charles Uonzo, Ch. Roberts, John Alden. Es. Roberts, Mildred Elizabeth, Sp. Roche, William David. Bl. Rubin, Philip, Ch.Eng. Rufo, Frank, Ce. Ryan, Timoth) fames, Ce. Sansoucy, [erome Aime, Bl. IS Water Street l Ki I touse 0X 1 louse ata House 2AE I louse Providence, R. I. York I ' Mage Houlton Maiden, Mass. Bangor Bangor 264 Mount Hope Avenue, Bangor Lewiston TK I louse Lewiston B0D 1 louse Waterville SX House ( )rono College Road Woodfords Balentine Hall New Sharon Farm Boarding House Hampden Highlands Hampden Highlands Belfast North Brooksville West Brooksville Kennebunk Beach Peer Isle Fryeburg II ' est Roxbury, Mass East Poland Kit I cry Bangor Wilton Presque Isle Calais Jezi ' ctt Lily, Conn. Livermore Falls Woodfords Alfred Easton Marlboro, Mass. Bangor 312 I Mattapan, Mass. Portland si.Ol 25 Myrtle Street l llk House Balentine Hall Balentine I Tall 311 Oak Hall Balentine Hall ' I ' l ' A 1 louse 312 ( ak Hall §X 1 [ouse 1 5 l Hni i Street. Bangor 2(14 11. 11. Hall 25 M rtle St net HK House 33 Foresl venue Mt. Vernon 1 louse ata House ' I ' Ki. House Balentine I [all 29 Pond Street rench Street. Bangor ■I ' K 1 [ouse Tk I [ouse l K House Piiae Our Hundred Thirl) Sawyer, Daniel [ames, Es. Scheffer, Sebastian Louis, Ee. Schiro, Julia ltlc. i im. Schultz, Joseph, im. Schwarzman, Theodore Wolfgang, Ce. Scott, Dorothy Marie, lie. Segal, 1 lenry Israel, Bl. Seymour, Theodore Roland, Ch.E. Sezak, Samuel, Hy. Shedd, Harold Justine. Jr., Ce. Silverman, Florence Harriet, Eh. Smith, Jeannette Leighton, Eh. Smith, Melzor Stetson, Vgr. Smith, Raymond Antone, Fy. Smith, William Eaton, Ch.Eng. Smith. William Hudson, Ee. Snowden, Sylvia Sarah. Py. Snyder, Bernard Lemont, Ee. Solander, Arvo xel, t !e. Spear. Parker Hudson, Es. Spencer, Lincoln Orrin, Ee. Spiller, Beatrice Margaret, Ms. Springer, Vance Gerald, Es. Spruce, Wilfred I .e is, Ee. Spurling, Nelson Eliot, Ce. Stearn . Pauline Janet, Eh. Stevens, Lester Leigh, Jr., Es. Stevens. Marjorie Elizabeth, Lt. Stewart, Marion Irma. Eh. Stewart, Mason Joseph, Es. Stiles, Willis Leroy, Es. Stinchfield, William John, Ee. St. Lawrence, Leslie Henry, Me. Stone. Richard Harry. ( e. Stone, Willard Batchelder, Ch. Stoughton, [van Russel, Me. Strecker, Edward Whitman, Ch.Eng. Sturgis, leihn William, Es. Jonesport West New York, N. J. Bangor Chelsea. Muss. Longmeadow, Muss. Cumberland Center KS I louse 206 li. 11. Hall Balentine 1 1 all 310 II. II. Hall 401 oak Hall Mt. Vernon House Bangor M) Maple Street, Bangor South Breiver South Brewer Wetlesley, Muss. 10 Beech Street Mattawamkeag 16 ak Street Brooklyn. X. ) ' . Bennoch Street Bangor 59 Cedar Street. Bangor Steuben Farm Boarding ' House Combined Locks, Wis. 2 Peters Street Bucksport Woodfords Bangor Gouldsboro U ' inchendon, Muss Warren Biddeford Portland Danforth Mil ford i ' alais Millinocket Portland Portland Augusta Rangi le v Portland Phillips Wuhan. Mass. Gardiner Alfred Portland Greenfield, Muss. ' and 7 Summer Street 382 College Road R.F.D. 7. Bangor ' I ' ll K House Jll 11. II. Hall 40S II. 11. Hall 102 H. H. Hall I ' .alenline Hall §X I louse Mil ford Bis. House Balentine Hall £2 House Balentine Hall I ' ..dentine Hall AXA 1 louse MIK I louse Stillwater i i i House AXA House 405 Oak Hall 401 Oak Hall 382 College Road SAE House Hundred Thirty-eight Sullivan, 1 [arrj Raj . Ee. Sullivan. Jeremiah Francis, Ch.Eng. Swett, ( iirdler Jackson, Jr., Swcii. Roy I ouglas, I i Sylvester, Mary Edwina, Fr. Syphers, Ansel James, gr. Taylor, Carl Linwood, i h.Eng. Thomas, Ethel Jordan, Eh. Thompson, Eleanor fsobel, 1 te. Thurston, i ieorge Milton, M . Tracy, Hubert, Jr., Agr. Twombly, 1 [elen Irene, I l Twombly, Kenneth Percia, Es. (Jmphrey, George Nelson, Fy. eayo, Galen trving, Eld. Vickery, John Ainslie, Es. adleigh, ( iloria Emma, Fr. VVadleigh, Moses Beverly, Ch.A. Wakefield, ( iharles Edwin, 1 1 j . Walker. Allston Ulysses, Ce. alker, Edw ard J las den, Fy. Walker, William Cecil, Agr. ard, Flore ice I xiuise, lie. Wareham, Ellen, 1 te. asgatt, Richard, Bl. Watters, Inez Evelyn, He. Webber, Norman Wheeler, Bl. Webster. Francis Billings, Me. eeks, ( iilhert Edward. I v. Wells, William I ail. I Is. Whitcomb, [Catherine Winnifred, He. hitten, Richard alker. I e Whitten, Roberl Reed. Ce. Winslow, Evelyn Louise, Bl. Wood, Benjamin Thomas, I i Woodman, ( leneva, Eh. Woodward, Edgar Mesick, Ch. Wright. Frank Harding, Ee. ( ld Town Old Town Hai; 69 alter Street, Bangor ipscott, Mass. 303 11. 11. Hall Cartilage Rockland Mars Hill land Prentiss Bang Lincoln Monroe fast hburn Bangor Belfast i Hd Town lii Town Cherry field )rono Bridgeport, t ' onn Nonvay South Windham I ' inalhaven Bar Harbor Brewer Hartland Bang n Springfield, Mass. Smith Hanover, Mass i )rono Farmington Lee Ashland M ' aterville Woodfords Bangor I MA I [ouse Balentine Hall in House 4 Kl House _ ' 4 Pierce Street Balentine Hall 35 Harvard Street. Bangor i t House 25 Myrtle Street AXA House 5X House 34 Spring Street. Bangor axa House Old Tow n Ki. Mi iuse 55 I ' ark Street 38 I ' enobscol Street 10 I Seech Streel AM I [ouse Balentine Hall Balentine Hall SN House l lali iiiinc 1 1 all AT I [ouse U.I ' .1 ). —7. I tangor 1 04 College Road ms II. II. Hall 384 College Road vi -v. I [ouse ■in K 1 h iuse Balentine Hall M.C. . Building Balentine 1 [all K2 I louse Bangor Jio 1 i iu h Street, Bangor Hundred Thirtyf-nine -•- l v-- Atwo i.i k freshman Glass Officers ' dent Vi ' i " H i Levi nsalek Vice-President Edw vrd mi.v Buzzell Secretary Matilda Lyon Treasurer i.m-.n Frank I i NACO Page One Hundred Forty 3resh nncn Abbott, t- lark I .ucc. F) . Milidit. Clinton John. Fy. l.l Edward I lelmont, Fy. ili. .in. I onald Tillson, i li. Adams, Everett Kimball, Ee. Adams, Hazel Fisher, He. Adams, John Samuel. Agr. Allen, Durrell Morrison, rts llcn. William Alfred, rts Alpert, Maurice, Arts Vmes, Kenneth ( ireen, M e. Anderson, Ada Margaret, Arts Anderson, Florence Lillian. Arts Andrews, George Hayes, Ch.Eng. Vrmstrong, Margaret June, Arts Arnold, Cedric Loring, Arts Asali, Louis Anthony, Arts Ashton, Vincenl 1 1. ibsi m. Ee. Vshworth, Bentley Parker, i V. Vustin, Frank illis, Arts Austin. Ronald Ermont, Me. Bagley, Fernald Stumbles, Ee. Baker, Doris Mac. Arts Baker, Dorothy Ethel, He. Baker, Russell lams. Arts Baldwin, Thomas Henry, Jr., Arts Ballard, Don ' s Dolores, Arts Barker, Kenneth Vrchie, Ce. Barrett, Lewis William, Ee. Barry, John I homas, Jr., Arts Bates, James ( lement, Fy. Battles, Francis Jaques, rts 1 ' .ran. Mary lilmaii. Arts Beaulieu, Austin I -eo, Arts I ' .ecchlcr, Austin 1 lexter, rts Portland North New Portland Freeporl S.:, Belfast Boothbay Harboi Pittsburg, N. II. Bar Harbor Portland Bangor Bridgton Oxbow New Sharon Augusta I ' anceboro Szvampscott, Mass. Portland Mot way Wenham, Mass. Smith Berwick Springvalc . lugusta Westbrook . luburn Portland Norwich, Conn. Rockport Still Kl 1 louse 10 Beech Streel 34 Pine Streel 2 Foresl enue 38 North Main Streel ATP 1 louse 412 ( ak Hall 103 )ak Hall 137 State Street. Bangor 305 11. II. Hall Main Street Balentine Annex 312 11. II. Hall Balentine Annex 403 11. II. Hall 3 School Street 401 II. II. Hall Park Street 2N House 10 Beech Street 411 Oak Hall Balentine nne 72 Main Streel 16 Pine Street 10 Beech Strei I Mr. Vernon 1 louse National Soldiers Home ©X House Bangor 103 Howard Street. Bangor Bangor 16 Walter Street. Bangor Calais - Forest Avenue oi ,11. Mass. 11- ' II. 11. Hall r I 1 1 1 I lammond Street. Bang h ( )rono 1? Mayo Street South Month, ■■:, i , I onn. AXA 1 louse Bicknell, John Alfred. Ch.Eng. Biggar, Clarence Ersil, Arts Bittner, Robert Louis, Ch.Eng. Blaisdell, George Stephenson, Ch. Booth, I fenry ( iibson, t !h.Eng. Bowden, Kathryn Stover, He. Bowen, Linwood fules, Agr. Boynton, Francis Hamlen, Fy. Boynton, Mildred Helena, He. Bradbury, Beulah Marie. Arts Bratton, Allen Wheeler. Fy. Brener, Rose Joy, Arts Bridges, Wilbur, Arts Brigham, Austin DeWitt, Fy. Brock, Philip Stanton, Agr. Brooks, Ralph Conway, Ee. Brown, Donald Wenzell, Arts Bryant, Harold Earle, Agr. Buchan, Malcolm Leslie. Ce. Muck. Margaret nna. Arts Bunker, (scar I [ysom, Ch. Burgess, Marjorie Eva, lie. Burnham. Howard Frederick, Arts Burns, Thomas Francis, Ch.Eng. Burrill, Margaret Estelle, Arts Burris, ( hester Whitfield, Ce. l ' .utler. Paul Grant, Ch.Eng. Buzzell, Edward Wiley, Me. Calderw 1. Neil Moody, Ce. Carbone, Frank Steven, Arts Carbone, Josephine Albina, Arts i hase, ieraldine, Arts I hase, I .nvell c Converse, Ce. I hurchill, Margaret Collins, Arts (lenient. Louise, Arts Cobb, Mary Elizabeth, Arts I ogswell, Vaughan Herbert, Ce. Colby, Fred Bennett, Jr., Arts Portland . lugusta B ktyn, N. Y. Cnii diner Bradford, Mass. Luceme-in-Maine 303 Oak Hall 7 Summer Street 24 Pierce Street hik 1 [ouse 111 11.11. Hall Balentine Annex Bangor 652 Essex Street. Bangor Wakefield, Mass. i. House Millinocket 43 Broadway Bangor 542 Hammond Street. Bangor WUliamstoivn, Mass. 29 Pond Street Portland 136 Maple Street. Bangor Bangor 17S Birch Street. Bangor Bridgton SAE 1 h itise Waterboro : 2 11. 11. Hall Ogunquit 210 Oak Hall Portland 102 ( »ak Hall Fort Fairfield HK I [ouse North Andover, Mass. 56 Park Street Bangor Mt. Vernon I [ouse West Sullivan 3 School Street Southwest Harbor 37 Forest Avenue Greenfield, Mass. ®X House East Walpole, Mass. 401 H. 11. Hall Bangor 230 French Street. Bangor North Sullivan 35 Main Street Portland 384 ( ollege Road Fryeburg Ki 1 [ouse ' inalhaven 48 Line Street Boothbay Harbor 109 Oak Hall Boothbay Harbor 32 Mill Street Limestone 188 Main Street Houlton Ki House Houlton Balentine Annex Portland 188 Main Street Belfast Balentine Hall Fort Fairfield BK House Gardner, Mass. Ben House Page One Hundred Forty-four k Cole, Alton Roberts, Ch.Eng. i ole, Stanley loodman, Fy. t !( ileman, Arba John, Arts i ox, Rose Estelle, Vrts rowe, James I lartley, Arts Crowell, Elsie Mar) . Vrts Crowell, Lorenzo Mayo, Arts Cunningham, Marion Elizabeth, Arts Currie, Robert, )v.. Ee. Danforth, Paul Lorimer, Arts Daniels, Geneva Agatha, He. Davis, t !ecil Lackee, Me. Davis, Marian Louise. Arts Davis, Wilt " ted Stanley. Fy. 1 avis, William ( (shorn, Ee. Davis, William Scott, Ee. 1 (earth, Robert 1 )avee, Vgr. Dekin, Vlbert Arch. Ch.Eng. Denaco, Alden Frank, Ee. Dennison, Maurice Bartol, Arts Despres, Urban Henry, Ch.Eng. I )icksi hi. I nl m I ). iyle, Jr., ( !h.Eng. 1 )i]]nii. Donald Edward, Vrts Doane, William Holman, ( e. Dockham, Charles William. Ch.Eng. Doyle, John Preston, Vgr. Egan, Jerome Joseph, F) . Elliot, Katherine i lata. Arts Elliott, l.inw 1 Shaw, l- . Ellis, ( harlene I [ope, I le. Epstein, Mae. Vrts Evans, Frank Edwin, Agr. Fahey, William Henry, Vrts Fairchild, Arthur Stone. Fy. Farwell, Beatrice Erdine, Vrts ey, |i ihn Robert, Arts i er Calvin, Ch.Eng. Guilford 109 II. II. Hall West liar lord. Conn. ?7 North Main Street 301 11. II. Hall Balentine I fall 25 Myrtle Si Mt. Vernon I louse 79 Fourth Street. Bangor 9 Pine Street 212 II. II Hall T William Street, Bangor Balentine Vnnex Portland Portland II ' oodland una Bangor Bticksport Eastport Bangor Mechanic Falls Cope Elizabeth Rockland Mechanic Falls Bridgton B) mswick West Upton, Mass lowland Bangor Bangor Auburn Water ford. X. V Brozi ' tiville Jet. Portland Bar Harbor Caribou Baltimore, Md. Rumford Point Portland Sangerville Portland Bridgton Lewiston Arlington, Mass. i , ■■■ i - loucestcr I loulton Skotvhegan 10 Beech Street Balentine Annex Kil ( ak Hall Jul II. II. Hall 208 II. II. Hall •I ' MA I [i use 209 II. 11. Hall 22 Center Street. Bangor 46 Norway Road, Bangor 111 IT. H. Hall Ki I louse 1 F. House 306 ' ak Hall 103 i ak Hall rA House 6 Mill Street 9 Din-si Vvenue 84 College Road 17 ' 2 Main Street Brewer 201 II. 11. Hall •l k I louse i u: I louse 34 Forest Vvenue 13 Main Street B0E Ho Page One Hundred Forty-five Findlen, Henrietta Elizabeth, Arts Findlen, Marion Elizabeth, He. Fine, Jacob Saul. rt Fisher, ( !urtis Albert, Me. Fittz, Austin Hervey, Jr., Agr. Fitzgibbon, William James, Fy. Flaherty, Morton Hills. Arts [• " lan k ' i . Merton Newcomb, Arts Fobes, ( harles Bartlett, Fy. Forbush, Arthur Norman, Fy. Fortier, Lucian Keith, Ee. F pss, June, I le. Fowles, Margaret Esther, Arts Frame, Ellen I law ley, 1 te. Franson, John Emanuel, Fy. Freeman. Muriel. Arts French, Norman Lufkin, Agr. French, Perley Arthur, Ch.Eng. Frost, Allan Wesley, Ee. Fuller, James Wilson, Ch.Eng. Galagher, Mary Adams. Arts Gatti. Anthony James, rt Gerry. Albert Francis, Ce. Gibbs, Thelma Pike, Arts Giddings, Katharyn Storer, Arts Gilbert, Rachel Louise, rts Gilmore, Willard Myron, Me. lw iii. t arlton I .ittlefield, ( ' h.Eng ( roodwin, I .loyd Edw in. Ee. i ii it di in, John 1 .ee. ( ' It. Gradie, Frederick William. Ce. Grady, Stephen Joseph, Arts Graney, Robert Martin. Fy. Grant, Henry Hichborn, rt- ( rray, Ainu in Andrew. Ee. Gray, George Washington, Ayr. ( rreenman, William. Arts t Iross, Erma I )avis, Arts Findlen, Mass. Fort Fairfield New Bedford, Mass. South Portland Natick, Mass. Old Orchard Hartford, t Knn. P, land I! ' oodfords Marlboi o, Mass. Springfield Ellsworth Belfast Scarsport I, Vim. Mass. North I rind ha in Rumford Center Randolph Brunszuick Hartland th . Indover, Mass. Portland Brewer Knit ' s Hill Bangor Bangor Waterville Springvale ( ' oriuth Portland Wattazvamkcag Winthrop, Mass. Hast il pole. Mass Portland Bluehill 37 Forest Avenue 39 Pine Street 3 1 Pine Street 109 II. II. Hall 55 Park Street 206 ( »ak Hall ' I ' k HOU e 53 North Main Stre t 102 i )ak Hall l l ' A I Ii nise 410 II. II Hall 11 Forest Avenue 23 Bennoch Street 24 ' ak Street ? Pine Street 2-4 lak Street Id-ill House Stillwater ■I ' K I louse 111 II. II. Hall 90 Park Street 104 H. H. Hall Brewer 25 Myrtle Street 78 Sanford Street. Bangor 35 I toward Street. Bangor SX House 7 Summer Street 25 Irove Street 102 l ak Hall 18 ( lak Street 69 Mill Street I ' K I louse 384 ollege Road 56 Park Street Indian Point 39 Columbia Street. Bangor Rumford 1? Water Street fast Old Town Page One Hundred Fdrty-six i tf-oss, irgil Tyler, Ee. ( mice, Susie Marie, .rts Gunning, Evereti Albert, Ee. I [acker, Jerre Frank, Agr. I taines, ( ieorge Arthur, Ce. Hall. Arthur Whittier, Me. I [all, Edmund Rankin, rts I [all, Walter Louis I tenry, Arts 1 [am, Eric Rodnej . Agr. Hamilton, Allan Clarke, Ch.Eng. Hammel, Margaret Mary, Arts I lana ' urgh, David 1 [enry, Fy. I [ardison, ( layton 1 taines, Ce. I [argreaves, Regi: aid I .ester, n- I [arris, Kenneth James, Arts Hawes, Edmund Thacher, Fy. Hayes. Gordon Sampson, Ce. Hayter, Stanley Greene, Me. Hendrickson, Warren Maynard, Agr. Heritage. Hilda Muriel. Arts Hermann, Florence Whitney, rt- Hesse, Lawrence Stewart. Agr. Heye, K. Werner, 3rd, Ch.Eng. Hickson, Sylvia Lorraine. Arts Higgins, Richard Fernald, Eng. I lilhorn. Merle Tyson, Fy. Hilton. Ethel Man. He. Holly. Norman Joseph, Arts Holmes, Paul Robert, Me. Holme-.. Roy Nelson, Arts I [ooper, i leveland I folbrook, Me. I [owe, Nathaniel I [oughton, Ee. 1 [owes, lliert 1 [enrj . Me. I [oxie, I homas Barr, Vrts Huddilston, Homer Ibridge, Arts Hughes, Hildred, Arts Humphrey, Wallace Harlow. Fy. Hunter. Raymond Additon, Ee. Portland no Waterville Fort Fairfield Fort Fairfield Hath Brewer ro)io Springfeld Portland Readville, Mass Buchanan, N. Y. Caribou New Bedford, Ma Lisbon Falls Fairhaven, Mass. Oxford Clinton, Mass. Waterville Addison Cumberland Mills Somerville, Mass. Rochester, N. Y. Bangor . lugusta Philadelphia, Pa. Athens Mars Hill Waterville Norwood, Mass. Brewer . Ishland Bingham ' fast inn:,: IMA I [ouse 43 Broadway 303 11. H. Hall 110 H. H. Hall 109 II. H. Hall 56 I ' ark Streel Brewer 64 Mill Street 106 II. H. Hall 306 lak Hall 37 Forest venue 205 ( iak Hall 103 II. 11. Hall 312 II. II. Hall l M A House 202 H. 11. Hall K2 House 16 Pine Street 60 Lark Street 33 Main Street Mt. Vernon House 26 Mill Streel B©n House 72 Cedar Street. Bangor I [ouse 105 (lak Hall 66 Park Streel SI Mill Streel 101 H. 11. Hal! ata I [ouse Brew er 411 ( lak Hall 112 ak Hall 16 Pine Street 193 Main Street Bangoi 105 Third Street. Bangor West Bedford, Mass. ATA House Unity Stillwater age On,- Hundred Hunt. Lawrence Hubert, Eng. Hutchinson, Charles Wisner, Fy. [ngalls, Charles Carroll, Ce. Jasionis, John Peter, Me. Jellison, Sherwood Almon, Arts Jenks, Robert Fletcher, Me. Jensen, Arthur Raymond, Fy. Johnson, 1 [arold [ngalls, Me. Johnson, I ,ewis ( )lof, Me. Johnsonj William Whidden, Arts Joy, Raymond Strout, Agr. Kangas, Kaarlo Kristian, Arts Keith. William Hammond, Ce. Kennard, Edith Carolyn, Arts Keresey, Thomas Edward, Arts Kick, Samuel Adam, Ce. Kier. Vernon Jensen, Ch.Eng. Kiszonak, Amel Francis. Arts Knight, Vaughn Douglas, Ee. Knight, William Beedle, Ce. Kurson, Newell l ' .evnanl. Arts Lampropoulos, Charles Louis, Arts Landers, Neal Hammond, Agr. Lane, John Merrifield, Ch.Eng. Lane. John Murchie, Me. Leach, Walter Rayford, Arts I .earned, I Inward Albert, Me. Leathers. Harland Francis, Arts Leland, Alanson Tyler, Arts I ,epine, Jeanne, Arts 1 .ester. I )onald I .eroy, Ee. Levensaler, Atwood, W-ts Lewis. Florence Marion. Arts L ' Heureux, Marcel Francois I ,ibby, Elton James, Ce. Libby, Winthrop Charles. Fy. Liscomb, Everett Willard, Agr. I .oane. ieorgc I h illand. Arts Saco Pepperell, Mass. 51 For Harbor Nonvood, Mass. Ellsworth Falls Roslindale , Moss. Pepperell, Mass. Milo Bangor 131 B Portland . Iddison Gardner, Mass. Old Town Bangor 14 Sav Gardner, Mass. Lisbon Falls Portland Lisbon Falls Limestone Nezv Haven, Conn. Bangor Ipswich, Mass. Las on Portland ( ' alais Penobscot Rumford Bangor Gardner, Mass. Biddeford Wood fords Rockland Springfield Lezviston Portland Caribou Salisbury Cove Presque Isle 2AE House North Main Street 309 Oak Hall 309 H. H. Hall 29 Pond Street 10 Leech Street H. H. Hall AX A House irch Street, Bangor 10 Beech Street 201 Oak Hall 54 Line Street l ' A I [ouse age Street, Bangor 403 H. 11. Hall 407 Oak Hall Stillwater 407 Oak Hall 20 Peters Street 23 Pond Street 308 Oak I tall 10 Leech Street Art ' House 386 College Road AT I louse 105 Oak Hall 47 Mill Street 209 H. H. Hall A A House Main Street 209 Oak Hall 310 Oak Hall 14 Pond Street 210 H. H. Hall KS House 303 Oak Hall 312 H. H. Hall SN House Page One Hundred Forty-eight isla Long, Malcolm Graham. Ce. I ord, Morton Francis, Arts I othrop, Clayton Roger, Ch.Eng. I jiwi ' ll. Elgin I ,eroj . Agr. Lutts, I ferbert Warren, Ee. Lyon, Anna Matilda. Arts McCabe, Francis Joseph, Arts McCallum, Philip Dolloff, Arts McCarthy, Joseph Paul, Me. McCarty, David Robert, rt McCobb, Edgar Emerson, Ee. McCray, Roy I [ayden, Fy. McCready, Pauline Isabel, Arts McGuire, Robert Joseph. Me. Mcintosh, Carolyn Elizabeth, Arts Macauley, Ellery Donald. Ee. Maggio, John Anthony, Arts Mahoney, William Edward, Ee. Mann, Eulalie Detitia, He. March. John Edwin, Arts Marchn, Henry Edmund, Ch.Eng. Martin. Alexander MacPhail, Arts Masterman, Roscoe Chaney, Ch.Eng. Matheson, 1 [ildreth, Arts Mayo, Robert Kenneth, Arts Meacham, Eleanor Clark, Arts Mekeel, Richard Louis, Ce. Merriam, Wheeler Godfrey, Fy. Merrill. 1 aura Abigail, 1 te. Merrill, Margaret Annette, Arts Mil-hand. I lerman Daniel. Ee. Miller. Edith Haskell, He. Miller, Stacy Ross, Agr. Minintti. Angela, Arts Montgomery, Hildreth, Arts Moure. Esther, Arts Moore, John Redman, Ee. Moni-on. Richard Plaisted, h.Eng. East BluchUl North Hanover, Mass Pine Point Lee Kittery Bar Harbor South Berwick Saco Biddeford Rockland Camden Madison Bangor Stonington Bangor Trevett Portland Greenfield, Mass. Livermore Falls South Bridgton Bangor Jamaica Plain, Mas: Jay Bangor Thomaston ti I louse 15 Park Str 34 Pine Stre 404 II. II. Hall 56 Park Street Mt. Vernon I [ouse ata House 34 Pine Street L02 11. II. Mall 303 1 1 . II. Hall 404 II. II. Hall 56 Park Street 43 Main Street 55 Park Street IS Sanford Street. Bangor 69 Mill Street Stillwater 307 ( ak Hall 66 Park Street 134 College Road .k ' .D. 7. Bangor 16 Pine Street 404 Dak Hall 306 Essex Street. Bangor hk House Bowdoinliam 33 Main Street Cold Spring, N. Y. 51 Pine Street Framingham, Mass. 201 H. H. Hall Han, or X? Cumberland Street. Bangor Old Tozvn East Millinocket I ' ; ono Carmel North Berwick Bucksport McKinley Ellsworth Bangor 26 Kenduskeaj Old down 1(13 II. II. Hall 67 Main Streel 25 I .rove Streel 32 Mill Street Balentine Hall Balentine Hall 29 Pond Streel vcnne. I ' ■ i „,■ Hand i ■ " ' " ' Morton, I [ugh 1 tayden, Me. Mowat, John Harold, Ch. Munroe, Ralph Gladding, Me. Murphy, Francis I lavidson, Ee. Murphy, Roberl Joseph, Fy. Noddin, Priscilla, Arts Nutting, Theodore Ernest, Ch.Eng. sier, Albion ernon, Ch. i iverlock, Fred Vernard, Ce. Page, Edwin Sherman, Ale. Parker, Albert Freeman, Fy. Parkin, John Henry, Ce. Partridge, George Almond, Arts Patchell, Lindsay Alyn, Fy. Paul, Harry. Ch. Pearson, John Joseph, Jr., Arts Pease, Stanley Curtis, Fy. Pelletier, I tarry Eldred, Arts Percival, Keith Weston, Ch.Eng. Pike, Merk- Ernest, Me. Pineo, Malcolm Bissell, Ch.Eng. Pineo, Ralph Edson, Ce. Pitts, Roberl 1 Euntley, Me. Placzankis, Levi Charles, Arts Plummer, Philip ( hase, Fy. Pooler, Marvia .Mae. He. Poulin, James Edward. Jr., Arts Pressey, Donald Eugene, Ch.Eng. Profenno, Donato Camillo, Ce. Quint, Rudolph Mitchell, Me. Rand, Clarence Winslow, Fy. Rand. John I toward, Me. Randall, Lawrence Carlton, Ee. Randall. Rosella Evelyn. Arts Randall. Willis Shaw. Me. Ranney, Thomas Stow, Ch.Eng. Raj . [esse Everett, lr.. Me. South Paris Houlton Attleboro, Mass. Oakfield East Walpole, Mass. ■MIA I Eouse 104 ( ak Hall 208 Oak Hall 112 11. 11. Hall J k I k mse North Anson 39 Cottage Street. Bangor South 1 ' aris ' 1 ' MA 1 touse New Harbor 158 Main Street Thomaston 204 Oak Hall Derby 301 Oak Hall East Pepperell, Mass. 51 North Main Street Waterville 101 11. 11. Hall Ellsworth 33 Peter-, Street Wytopitlock 406 Oak Hall Chelsea, Mass. 401 H. 11. Hall Middleboro, Mass. 16 Pine Street North New Portland Kl House Presque Isle 56 Park Street Bangor 108 Seventh Street. Bangor Livermore Falls 404 Oak Hall Milo l Ki I [i mse Milo Ki I touse Portland 25 ( irove Street Rumford 15 Water Street South Paris 4 MA House Stillwater Stillwater Waterville 7 Pleasant Street Bangor 487 Union Street. Bangor Portland 20 Peters Street North Nezv Portland Stillwater Andovei 302 H. 11. Hall Livermore Palls 15 Pleasant Street Freeport 10 Beech Street Westbrook 24 Pierce Street Freeport 10 Beech Street Presque Isle 7 Pleasant Street St. Albans Old Town One Hundred Fifi Raynes, Margaret Louise, Arts Recchiuti, t i illie, Arts Ricker, Cyrus Lunt, Arts Ricker, Francis Galarneaux, Ch.Eng. Riley, alter Edgar, Me Robbins, insti in ( hurc hill, I e Robinson, Harold Stanley. xts Robinson, Isabelle Wesia, Arts Roche, John William, Ee. Romanow, Henry Donald, Arts Rosie, Elizabeth Agatha, Arts Ross, Muriel Evelyn, Arts Rubin, Max, i b.Eng. Rumazza, Irestes Lawrence, Fy. Russell, John Weldon, Ch.Eng. Russell, Thomas, Fy. Sargent, Abigail Louise, .rts Savage, Leon Emery, Ch.Eng. Sawyer. Frank Lewis. Me. Scamman, Chester Herbert, Ch.Eng. Scelfo, Alfred John, ( e. Schultz, Norman Laurance, Ch. Segal, Lillian. Arts Seltzer, Joseph Percy, i e. Senuta, Joseph Francis, Ch.Eng. Servetis, James Harry, Arts Shapero, Clarence. Arts Shaw, Linwood Zina, Ch.Eng. Shean, ieraldine Elizabeth, Arts Shean, Robert Steven-. rts Sherman, [van Cecil, Arts Sims, James Milton, .rts Sinclair. Guj Vincent, Jr., Arts Small. 1 ,ei ma I lelena. I le. Smallej . Francis Elmer, Fy. Smith. Alhert James, ( ih.Eng. Smith. Mildred Ethel, rt- Snell, Burrill I lexter. i Bangor 37 Pier Street, Bangor Wakefield, Mass. 110 oak Hall Water _!n_! 11. || Hall Hempstead, N. Y. 109 11.11 Hall Portland Kl House ver Brewer Brmvnvtlle Jet. 57 North Main Streel Old Town ( M Town Portland 3 School Street Host en. Mass. 309 II. 11. Hall Bangor 43 Main Street Auburn Balentine Annex gor ?? Elm Street. Bangor . star, .V. ) ' . •i i 1 [i iuse Mitlinocket Stillwater Millinocket 212 11. 11. Hall SargcntviUe Balentine tmex Fairfield 104 II. 11. Hall Wells _ ' Foresl . venue Scarborough 211 II. 11. Hall irk, A. . . 103 ak Hall ion Fails 23 Pond Street Bangor 136 M aple Street. Bang ir eld 201 II. 11. Hall Fitchburg, Mass. 305 ( ak Hall Bang 191 .Main Street. Bangoi Bangor 30 Adam- Street. Bangor ( h! Town Old Town Bangi 1 1 Ant iiiini Street. Bangor Bang 11 Autumn Street. Bangor I nion 106 Oak Hall . Indover, Mass. b -iii House Westbrook 81 Mill Street Machiaspot t 33 Main Street Worrisville, 1 ' t. 55 Park Street Hempstead, A. Y. 109 II. II. Hall 1 ' an Buren 11 Forest Avenue Fairfield Stillwater ¥ i Hie Hundred Fifty Snow , Myrtleen Frances, I te. Somers, Doroth) Marie, He. Sunk-. Mary Morton, Arts Sparrow, Ernest Elliot, Me. Spear, Hilliard Robinson, Arts Spencer, Rebecca Tarbox, Arts Springer, Boyd ' tis, ( !e. Spurling, Leon Eugene, Me. Stanley. Asa Herbert, Jr., Arts Staple-.. Edward .Malcolm, Ee. Staples, Robert Lyman, Fy. Starrett, Beulah Maude, Arts Stearns, Helen Ward, Arts Stern. Arthur David, Arts Stevens, Edward John, Jr., Ee. Stevens, John Philip, Fy. Stevens, Laurice Myron, Arts Stevens, Marjorie Deane, Arts Steward, Robert Bruce, Ee. Stewart, Charles Lowell, Fy. Stewart. Laurence Cooper, Ch.Eng. Stone, Kenneth Berry, Fy. Stone, Paul, Ch.Eng. Stratton, Eleanor Pauline, Agr. Sullivan, Cornelius Joseph, Arts Sullivan. John Emmet, rts Summerville, Harold James, Arts Sundstrom, Walter Nelson, Ch.Eng. Swain. Loring Raymond, Me. Swain. Robert, Ee. Sweetser, Charles Newhall, Ch.Eng. Sweetser, Lawrence Richardson, Ee. Talbot, Edith Akers, He. Thompson, Margaret Lord, He. Thompson, Oscar Thomas, Ch.Eng. Tibbetts, Roland James. Ee. Timberlake, Robert Eugene, Ce. 1 1 ' | ham, Arnold I .ee. Ee. Old Town l ld Town Bangor Mt. Verm in I !■ iuse Augusta 37 Forest Avenue Hampden Highlands 1 1 Main Street Warren 15 I ' ark Street Biddeford 24 Pierce Street Lisbon Falls 411 II. 11. Hall Gouldsboro 204 H. II. Hall Springfield 211 II. 11. Hall Bath K)2 II. II. Hall Ogunquit 311 II. 11. Hall Warren 33 Forest Avenue Millinocket Mt. Vernon House Bangor 416 Hancock Street. Bangor Woodjords 209 ak Hall Alfred Mill Street Plymouth 54 I ' ark Street Bangor I lalentine I tall Monson 103 II. II. Hall Mint urn 25 irove Street San for, 47 Mill Street . lugusta 134 College Road Bangor 239 Pine Street. Bangor Bridgeport, Conn. North I fall Bang 56 Pearl Street, Bangor Rockland, Mass. 11 Mill Street Manchester, .V. . 40 Middle Street North Berwick ata House Weld 103 II. II. Hall Portland 384 College Road Reading, Mass. 2AE I louse Presque Isle 212 II. II. Hall i nni 40 Foresl Wenue Kennebunk 66 I ' ark Street Lincoln 24 Pierce Street Vanceboro 104 II. II. Hall South Portland 410 II. II. Hall Brewer Brewer • One Hundred Fifty Trafton, Emerj James, Me. Traynor, Earl Joseph, Ee. Treworgy, Ruth Estelle, Arts Trickey, Katherine Woodworth; Arts Tweedie, ( harles I lenry, Arts Valle, D.mald Delia, Ce. Vernon, I [erbert Alien. Ee. Wadsworth, George Edward, ( i Walker. Clifton Nathaniel, Agr. Wallace. Edward Alexander. Ch.Eng. Warren. Bertha Alexandria. Arts Washburn, Louise Annette, 1 le. Wass, Una Eleanor, Arts Watters. ( lilberta Phoebe, 1 le. Way. Emily Florence, Arts Webber, Robert Fillmore, Ee. Wendell. Raymond Thomas, I i Weston, Robert Theodore, Me. Weymouth, Philip Alan. Arts Whalen, John Augustus, Arts Whitten, James Francis, Arts Wiers, Frederick Eugene, Fy. Wiggin, Raymond Kenneth, Ee. Willetts, Harold Kenneth. Ch.Eng. Williams, Philip Manson, Ee. Williamson, Enoch Harry. Art- Williamson. Paul Clifford, Arts W oodbury, W alter I lenry. ( to.Eng. Woodis, Edgar Lester, ( e. Woodman, Bernice Ruth, Arts Wright, Merle- Ray. 1 [e. Yates, I a id Vdelbert, Ee. Young, Ronald Everett, Ee. Zottoli, Joseph Roland. Arts Rockland Watervillc Hallowell Bangor land Portland I ' anceboro Bridgeport, Conn II ' iscassel ono Madawaska Augusta Addison Bangor Lincoln Watervillc i Oakland Madison West Mcdford, Mass. Lincoln Farmington Washburn . Ubion West Hartford, Conn. Oakland Stratton National Soldiers Honu North Belgrade Stratton Washburn Brooks hbay Harbor Northeast Harbor Dorchester, Mass. 310 ak Hall 69 Mill - 1SS Mam Street 17 Sixth Street. Bangor 2N House [02 11. II. Hall ( Hd Town K2 1 [ouse 101 II. H. Hall 14 Pine Street 188 Mam Street I ' .alcntinc Hall Balentine I fall R.F.D. 8, Ba 188 Main Street 104 ( lak Hall 66 Pine Street 25 l imve Street 23 Pond Street 311 II. H. Hall 24 Pierce Street 158 Main Street Stillwater •ha I [ouse 111 11. II. Hall SN House 210 ( tak Hall 312 II. II. Hall ' I ' ki. I [ouse 32 Mill Street North Hall Jul II. II. Hall 412 I tak Hall 202 I ».ik Hall Hundred Fifty-three Special Students Allen, Bertrand Adair, rt- Blanchard, Willis Euan, Arts Clark. Walter Lewis, Es. Dickinson, Alice Jesseman, Es. Doe, Harold Uiver, Eh. Dymond, Anna Torrens, Arts Felker, Everett Joshua, Ed. Finley, ieorge Byron, Ayr. iallagher, Blakeley, Fj . i rlaser, 1 ,ei i, Arts t in iss, I .aura Keller, Arts Hammond, Hazel Luella, Ms. I tersey, Carlotta, Ed. Hincks, Maynard Alton, Agr. Huestis, Charles Stanley, Ch.Eng. Hurd, Marguerite Littlefield, He. I [utchins, ( Curtis Marshall, Fy. Mackie, James Robert, • e. Merrill, Roger William. Ch. Moran, Lester I inel, Arts Morrison, John Alexander, Es. Mueller, Ernest Edward, Me. Protas, Stanle) Joseph, Arts Randall, Philip Hatherly, Fy. Rogers, Marion Elizabeth, 111. Sawyer, Clayton Leonard, Ch. Scott, Ermo Houston, Ed. Senechal, Joseph Louis, Arts Simpson, Clifford ' liver, Py. Stevens, David Harvey. Ce. Stormann, Linwood, Me. Vickery, Robert McCue, Ce. Ward. Prescott Reed, Arts Brownville Jet. B0D 1 touse Bangor 126 Grant Street. Bangor West Somerville, Mass. 3 Park Street l ' ono ?? Bennoch Street Bangor 100 Highland Street. Bangor Bangoi 86 Grove Street. Bangor l b ono 2 Forest Avenue National Soldiers Home 34 Middle Street M Newtonvill Gardiner Stonington Stillwater Bangor Portland St. Snflicn, N. ■ ' . ( )rono J PA I louse 111 ( ak Hall 66 Park Street Stillwater 122 hio Street. Bangor A ' l ' A 1 touse i. I touse 66 I ' ark Street College Road A ewton, Mass. Bangor 401 L T nion Street. Bangor Bangor Cumberland Street, Bangor Millinocket 6 Myrtle Strei I Brewer 347 Hammond Street, Bangor Coshocton, Ohio 75 Forest Avenue Biddeford 66 Pine Street Richmond 10 Mill Street I ' ono 162 College Road ( hono 6 Crosby Street Bang 19 First Street. Bangor Stafford Springs, Conn. R.F.D. 7, Bangor Hyde Park, Mass. 120 Main Street Guilford 23 Spencer Street Stillwater Stillwater Hallowell 3 I ' ark Street South Portland ATA House Page One Hundred Fifty- Yeiner, William Wolf, rt Boston, Mass. Woodbury, George W ' allis, Arts r, iui Yerxa, Philip Radcliffe, Arts Bangor 302 II. 11. Hall 7 North Alain E 179 Elm Street, Bangor c c wo- fear Course in dPtgricnlture 5i i ond Year Cyr, Arthur Pierre Plummer, 1 leath Alexander Weathern, Benjamin Harrison oi idw i irth, allace Charles man. Edgar I lunter Dudle) . tis 1 ana Lane, Philip Trumbull 1 1 idd, Sherman Leander York, Neal Farwell nd Isle Skozvhegan Farmington South Pans Firsi Year Bryant Pond ton Center Fori Fairfield Walnut Hill Mass. Stillwater 205 11. II. Hall ATI House 409 11. II. Hall .307 II. 11. Hall 3 Peters Street 411 II. II. Hall 308 ak Hall Hk House Hundred Fifty-fit r 2rln. [Beta c heta 3?i Beta Eta t ihapter Installed 1879 Founded 1839 Active ( !hapters 86 Coggins Fickett O ' Connor Bird Home Wells Kinney Dunn Barker Noddin llcyt Connelly Kelley Vaughan Higgins Colbj Ashworth Crowell Blocklingtr Bond Giddings Aronstro II Frem Chandler ]rn, Pratl Palmer, .1. Vail I Palmei I Trafton Brown Lamb Brooks Turner Flynt, i Bond, C. R., Jr. I ' .i i n, K. T. I handler, R. F. I i iggins, A. R. Ashworth, J. P. Connelly, D. E. ( rowell, I. II. Armstrong, J. X. Barker, D. E. Blocklinger, W. S. olby, F. I ' ... Jr. Fickett, L. C. SENIORS ( biddings, P. Kelley, I G. Kinney, I.. S. I ■ paus, 1 1. R. JUNK IRS Flynt, II. Flynt, W. X. Palmer, E. F... Jr. Palmer, J. M. S( IPHOMl IRES Brooks, B. I )unn, C. L. I [iggins, I.. A. FRESHMEN French, X. L. I [awes, E. T. Noddin, G. A. O ' G ' " in .I , R. C. True. C. I). Turner, O. T. Pratt, S. M. Vail, E. 1.. aughan, B. V. Home, C. W. Lamb, X. II. Packard. ;. V. I .evensaler, A. Sims. J. M. ' • ' MM iinii:iiii »M iiQii in ii VCappa Sigma Psi Chapter [nstalled 1885 Founded 1400 Vctive ( hapters 105 Whit - Sylvester Chandlei B I Patterson Mel Dick Rccd Pi Cuozzo Libb) Lewsen Wadsworth Drew w idward Conant Coltarl Wadleigb Bates Murray Sutherland Wilkins Bassi tl Stinchfield Rile) Mann SENIORS ett, C. E. Coltart, G. L Mann. R. II. .1. Drew, 1) 1 JUNK IRS Wilkins, R C. Atwood, J. S. ( ' UOZZO, ( i. V. Mi i ann. !• ' . W. Bancroft. R . Hardy, C. C. Reed, A. 1.. . W. II. Lewsen, l . F. Sutherland, I.. W Chandler, T. A. S( IPHOMORES Sj Ivester, R. F. ( -nam. T. I Sawyer, D. 1. Wadleigh, M. B. Murray, V. Stevens, L. L. White, R. E. Patterson, 1. R. Stinchfield, W. .1. FRESHMEN lard, E M. i hase, C. L. I ibby, E. J. Riley, W. E. Dickson, .1. D., Jr. Pease, S. C. adsworth, ■ E age 0»i ' Hundnrcd Fifty-time caliph a ' -(sail Omega Beta Upsilon Chapter [nstalled 1891 Founded 1865 Active Chapters 90 Cushman Walker Sn Bagli j Winter Pearce v Horton Young Elliot Bi nnetl Webbei Wal] LaPlant Buchan Whitten I tn Holt I " Ion Wright Bailey I oli Karris Russell Marble Vshton Munsey SENK IRS Bixby, i.. D. LaPlant, J. K Smith, A. i i. I [orton, E. ■. Russell, 11. lv JUNIORS Winter. G. 11. Bailey, E. IV Pearce, 1 1 Wright, F. C. II. ill. E. B., Jr. Walker, J. 1)., Jr. SOI ' IM (Mi IRES Bennett, I ' . E. Lane, J. M. Walker, E. II. Coles, ( ' . II. Loring, K. Walker. ( Cushman, C. F. Holdridge, L. R. alker. A. U. Elliott, J. E. Marble, I). W. Webber, X. Farris, W. V Sezak. S. Smith, R. A. FR] SHMEN Whitten, R. W shton, V. H. Buchan, M. L. Loner, M. G. Bagl( v. I- ' . S. Gunning, E, A. Young, R. E. Page One Hundred Sixty Thi DCappa Sigma Alpha Delta Chapter Installed 1898 Founded 1850 Active I hapters 35 Herrick Lambert Gon Swifl II ar.l Hargreaves L. S. Grav Marshall I |rlor Ellis McPh. Kami Xa- ■ " Hayes J. Buzzell Laughlin Muellei M Pi Thompson Spear Man Favor Baker Adams woodis Roberts L. M. Gray E. Buzzell (lark ' rson E. Pineo Ash worth y Small Anderson, K. A. Buzzell, J. C. Ellis, H. E. Bal er, W. P. Howard, A F. Adams, M. W. Clark. ! B or, II. H. .inli. E. K. Grey, L. M. Ashworth, B. P. Buzzell, E. W. SENIORS Gray, L. S. Lambert, J. H. McPheters, B. W. JUNIORS t, M. F. Lary, E. C. I aughlin, K. A. SOPHOMORES Hargreaves, G. M. Herrick, C. E. Marshall, D. F. Mason, C. P. Roberts, J. A. FRESHMEN Hayes, G. S. Lester, D. L. Mueller, E. E. Small, D. H. Swift, O. T. Thompson, J. M. Marr, D. S. Rand, P. H. Spear, P. H. Taylor, C. I- Thompson, D. K. lard, K. F. lis, E. I- Pineo, M. B. Pineo, R. E. Page One Hundred Six! 5? n " Qamma Q)elta ( mega Mu Chapter [nstalled 1S99 Founded 1848 Active ( Chapters 69 Conner Anliker Parks Joi i s Toothaker Fuller Gallagher Hai Keith Del oster MacKenzie Saw: Willia Stroul Dale; Doyle Martin Jellison Moycr Ludden Whittier Willets t onner, A. B. Cooper, E. F. I (owning, K. W. Dali y, W. DeCoster, II. R. Gallagher, B. I l.inscom, E. C. Jones, W. L. Anliker, W. J. Bryant, E. C. Calderwood, X. M. Doyle, J. P. SENIORS Harvey. T. G. Parks. R. D. Strout, J. W. JUNIORS Ludden, K. S. Mar.h. R. I ' .. Martin. I ' . Moran, .1. W. M 0} er, ILL. SOPHOMORES Mackenzie. I ). Morse, R. FRESHMEN Fuller. J. W. Keith. II. Waldron, J. N. Whittier. G. A. Powell, II. E. Prescott, R. B. E. Randall, E. T «ithaker, E. S. Turner. W. F. Williams, E. Porter. N. Wilson, D. Willets, H. K. Jellison, S. A. Page One Hundred Sixty-two Sigma c5tflpha psilon Maine Alpha Chapter Installed 1901 Founded 1856 Active Chapters 100 ( J J0 ' 5 7 jL w nr» jy ' MHfli - ' k,F - J f«PI 1 B H - ' »• ' « i i jfl y« r M Jm 1 ' y B I ii j ■ 1 1 ' 1 Gowell In man Rogers Wilson Fairchild O ' Connor Churchill Lucas McCray Sweetsei Thorn] Keeney Fogg Hill Trai Sturgis Oenaco I rockett MacCatTrey Jensen Bagley Mansur Huot Gowans Bailej liakr Frost Painter Brock a Frosl Moore Merrill Brockway 4 Fogg, C. E. Morrill. R. A. Murray, II. L. Ridlon, E. F. Tliompson, R. Brofee, L. Crockett, A. Churchill, P. Wilson, R. B. Brockway, P. J. rowans, H. Keeney, K. A. Fairchild, A. I tuot, L. SENIORS Rogers, S. II . Brockway, D. W. Hill, A. K. Tracy, D. E. Arey, A. JUNIORS Baker. I ' . 1 ' .. i iowell, E. K. 1 1. i l ' ( onnor, ( ' . E. SOPHOMORES Painter, S. Seville, J. S. Sturgis, .1. Met ' ray. K. FRESHMEN Moore, J. Bailey, D. Mac! affrey, J. P. I lammond, S. C. Lucas, J. Sturgis, i ■. II. Frost, S. 1 ' " . Jensen, W. H. Mansur, X. Frost, G. Pickering, W. Dillon, 1). Denaco, A. Williamson, P. Page n« Hundred Sixty three Sigma Qhi Rho Rho Chapter Installed 1902 Founded 1855 Active ( lhapters 89 Cushman II. Davis Peterson Jenks Knxgfal Tsiales Anderson Merrill Pac - DaRKctt Crandon Springer Zottoli R. Davis Cutts Jack Curtis Dudley Booth Pierce Prince Barrows French Lovely Gilmore Heustis ;!ircy Match Morrison Beckwith Tucker Stickney Crandon, H. D. Daggett, V. M. Dudley, K. R. Beckwith, M. M. Cutts, R. Anderson, G. H. Barrows. F. F. Bcal. W. M. Curtis, C. E. Booth, II. G. Bovnton, F. H. SENIORS French. R. M. Hatch, I.. P. Merrill, V. F. JUNIORS Morrison, J. M. Moulton, O. C. SOPHOMORES Cushman, P. G. Davis, II. (i. Davis, R. L. Jack, A. T. Lovely, D. C. FRESHMEN i iilmi ire, W. M. Jenks, R. F. Peterson, C. H. Pierce, H. T. Tucker, C. E. Stickney. Y. A. Tsiales, P. T. K. T. Prince, R. N. Springer, V. G. Umphrey, G. N. Knight, W. B. Zottoli, J. R. Page One Hundred Sixty-four ■ ? ■I III III I .luli Local 3?hi Gta ZKappa Organized 1906 Larrabee Beckler Gillespie Stiles Yerxn Sweetser Lancaster Lowe 1 1 Westcott Hall Chaplin Snyder Lowell Black Moulton Libby Hartley Kneeland Sweatt Jones Crowi Perkins Day M , I I an reau Berry Lewis Libby Lowell St in son Richardson Morse Johnson Branch Tolman Lowell Freeman Dekin Goodell Stanley MacDougall Whit ten Cutting 4 Beckler, P. A. Black, E. F. . II. V. Hartley, W.J. Jones, M. B. Lancaster, V. M. Branch, J. B. Cutting, C. A. Freeman, L. K. Goodell, W. H., Jr. Gillespie, A. M. Berry, G. G. Chaplin, S. C. Dav, L. B. (roue, J. II. Dekin, A. A. SENIORS Lowell, H. Lowell, W. Hall, C. W. Hale. J. E. Larrabee, G. L. MacDougall, J. A. JUNIORS Kingman, D. R. Lamoreau, F. L. Lewis, E. F. Libby, II. I -Aril, J. SOPHl IM( IR] S Edgecomb, K. I ' .. Johnson, P. M. Kneeland, V. 11. Perkins, A. W. FRESHMEN 1 ibby, W. Lowell, I. Ri ibbins, W.i. Morse, M. F. Moulton, R. Noyes, V. L. Stinson, C. C. Sweatt Mank, S. T. Richardson, II. L. Stanley. J. T. Tolman, E. V. Wescott, L. E. Snyder. B. L. Stiles. W. L. Whitten, R. R. Sweetser, 1.. R Verx.i. P. K. Page One Hundred Sixty-five Wiisyii %heta Ghi Gamma Chapter Installed 1907 Founded L856 Active Chapters 45 Towne Austin Hall Wiggins Lawler Hatch Patten Webb II . Burnbam Hebert I leaves Elmore Donahue Pelletiei Keresej Armitage Mahone) Cartwright Arnold Roberts Burr I. ear rasper Mel " ill. Brown Mason Barker Mall, .1. II. Jasper, R. E. Armitage, P. E. Austin, G. E. Burr, C. G. i orbett, R. A. Donahue, S. W. Brown, W. W. ( artu right, N. F. (leaves, V. B. Elmore, J. H. Vrnold, C. L. Barker. K. G. SENIORS I .awler, T. L. JUXIORS Hatch. A. ' . Hebert, 11. A. 1 tome, I). E. Lindsay, F. C. M,i omb, (i. W. SOPHOMORES Mall, F. V l.ear, R. K. Met iowan, J. G. Mason, 1 ' . E. I RESHMEN Burnham, H. F. Keresej . T. E. M alloy, E. T. Webb, O. E. McNamara, R. W. Pelletier, A. D. J. Roberts, L. P. Towne, F. A. Wiggins, J. W. Patten, F. E. Smith, W. H. Strecker, E. W. Mahoney, W. E. Sullivan. C. J. Page Our Hundred Sixty six L X clta t au 2) el ' tit Gamma Nu Chapter Installed 19 Founded 1859 Active Chapters 75 Lydiard K. Butlei 1 1 McGuire Holmes Bourne, II. G., Ellis, F. 11. Goudy, G. C. Butler, G. W. on, L. G. nson, J. C, Giffin, A. II. I . W. I [incks, M. A. H s i i p hr( i Jarrett Miniutti Hincks Ramsdcll Sundstrom B Ward Ellis Butler Nichols Lathrop Groves MacFarland Bourne Palmer Roberts Fitzgibbons Luc Harmon ) ' • Jr. Jr. J- SENIORS 1 [ammond, G. E. Harmon, A. M. Luce, I. G. Lydiard. K. B. JUNIORS Butler, R. D. Lathrop, R. V. SOl ' lH IMORES Hamblet, W. P. Jarrett, P. F. McGuire, F. S. Nickerson, V. . K.ili. rts, C. A. FRESHMEN I [umphrey, W. H. Sundstrom, W. N. Miniutti, F. O. Palmer, R. W. Smith, A. V. Ramsdcll. G. A, Smith. M. S. Heald, F. . McFarland, C. Nickels, 11. L. Holmes, R. V Ward. P. K. Hundred Sixty-seven £ambda Ghi JWpha Beta Zeta Chapter [nstalled 1913 Founded 1909 Active Chapters 76 ■ ..hi P. Libbj u I ■ ickerj 1 Sylvester Perkins Harwood Mac] B Maj W [si Grindell Vose ] Niles Winch Leland I Twomblj St Hoopei Levensalor Beechler Learned llodgman Broun Mosher Blanchard Lloyd Devine I I [i dgman, X. G. Mosher, V. Brown, II. E. Hoi iper, C. K. MacKenzie, J. F. Lloyd, L. G. F. ( ,etchell, C. M. I h me. M. E. C. Vickery, J. A. I ibby, D. Leland, A. T. iler, A. D. SENIORS Niles, W. S. Winch. S. G. Wiseman, 11. ■. JUNIORS I oster, K. Mayers, 11. R. 1. M. SOPHOMORES Libby, P. Twombly, K. P. 1 [arwood, II I ■ . Blanchard, R. C. FRESHMEN Andrews. G. Johnson, H. Sylvester, H. Sylvester, P. Grindell, A. L. Booker, J. F. Coyne, R D. Stymiest, E. Perkins, G. H. Smart. M. Stone, R. H. Farnsworth, G. Learned. H. Higgins, R. One Hundred Sixty-eight igma SNu I telta Nu Chapter Installed 1913 Founded 1869 Active i Chapters 9A Burke Austin Harvej Weatherbee Emers I Stewart Fi tzMorris Cheney Williamson Ricker Swain Allen Bradstrcet W ' asgatt. K. Abbott Clarke Tweedi v - avey W ebber Gorham Donald Annis Sc ribner Furbusb Syphers Frisbie Robe} Bostrom, F. P. Burke, R. FitzMorris, H. K. Abbott, L. Chilman, A. L. Donald. IT. F. Annis. R. L. Bradstreet, E R Clarke, L. M. Alien. D. M. Austin, F. W. SENIORS Rawson, L. C. Robey, V. F. Stewart, F. R. JUNIORS Harvey, K. Scribner, R. O. Seavey, W. SOPHOMORES Cheney, L Emerson, A. C. Flint, O. Frisbie, J. A. FRESHM1 X Loane. G. 11. Ricker, F. G. Taft, E. D. Weatherbee, F. A., Jr. Webber, II. X. Syphers, A. Wasgatt, A. V. ( lorham, ( i. Tweedie, C. asgatt, R. Swain. R. Williamson, E. II. Page One Hundred Sixty-nine Sigma ££hi Sigma Eta Chapter Installed 1921 Founded l ' »08 Active Chapters 1? rs 9 V t3 A - J 9 - i 1 ■ 1 V v 3 ' m fc» i« ■ a V. J H J I ii A r Gilmore B Stapli Avery Vickei Winslow B Robinson St. Lawrence Elliott Danforth Race Harris Wiswell Miller Daniels Allen Foggia Berry, L. S. Buckminster, P. H. Foggia. I ■ ' . SENIORS Harris. (I. L. Race, C. R. Robinson, T. F. Staples, C. D. White, i ). R. Avery, D. L. JUNIORS Boothby, L. B. ( lilmore, . B. Wiswell. C. F. Danforth, M. E. Daniels, C. F. SOPHOMORES Elliott, P. M. St. Lawrence, L. H. Wakefield, C. E. Allen, W. A. FRESHMEN Liscomb, E. W. Vickery, K. M. Page One Hundred Seventy - $hi cMu ttelta u Epsilon Chapter [nstalled 1923 Founded 1918 Active Chapters 1-1 Sawyei Mosslei Nutting Howard Larrabee ' .irk Adams Knox Masterman Gro Holmes Candage Look P. Plummer II. Plummer MacNaughton Neallej Hamilton Jones Elliot Morton Huston Stanley Nevell K. Lapworth Gleason Knight B. Lapworth Draper Burrill Holbrook Adams, R. B. Burrill, G. F. Hamilton, H. P, Knox. C. T. Larsen, K. D. Knight, H. L. Lapworth, B, . ( landage, O. F. Draper, W. M. Hackett, W. F. Dearth, R. D. Mash nii.Mi, K. C. SENIORS Look, R. M. MacNaughton, V, P, Nealley, W. G, NTevells, F. L. Phillips, R. L. JUNIORS Larrabee, ( ■ I . Mossier, F. L. Plummer, II. L. SOPHOMORES Holbrook, A. C. Holmes. II. W. 1 toward, E. T. Huston, I). P. FRESHMEN Morton, II. II. Nutting, T. E. kiisi , G. E. Sawyer. G. W. Thurston, ( r. L., Jr. Wheeler, W. L. Stanley. E. K. York, G. Jones, A. L. Lapworth, K. E. Swett, R. D. Page ( nr Hundred Seventy-one - ftu Jtflpha Qamma £Rho Psi Chapter [nstalled 1924 Founded 1904 Active Chapters 31 Elliot Hoar Tracy Walker Parsons Brown Pari in Mclntire ' I idd Kniglu Richardson Iward Haskell Brooks Hendrickson Mendall Gamagi Allen Kimball Caler Morton Landers Wiers Hacker Findlen Rand Blanchard Adams I Iwortfa Welch Allen, R. H. Brown, R. E. i olby, O. J. Elliot, II. K. Brooks, A. L. Brooks, H. L. Findlen, 1 ' . J. Jay. D. D„ Jr. Parlin, L. E. Adams, J. S. Hendrickson, Y. M. SENIORS ( iamage, V. A. Kimball, II. V. Parsons, M. S. Shirley, X. D. Welch, A. B. JUNIORS Haskell, K. R. SOPHOMORES Morton, P. Hoar, W. D. Blanchard. R. F. FRESHMEN Landers, X. H. Walker, C. X. Woodward, M. F. Richardson, G. H. U oodworth, W. i ' Wyman, E. H. Mil mire. C. G. Todd, S. L. Mendall. H. L. Tracy. II.. Jr. Hand. S. Wiers, F. E. Hacker, J. F Page One Hundred Seventy-two {Beta Viappa Omicron Chapter Installed 1926 Founded 1901 Active Chapters 27 Baston Stuart K.i Wan! Stuart Si M Fait s Fisher Brown Mayo Brown Billings All n Estey Bates Cogswell Murphy Baston, Y. M. Barnes, J. H. Estey, H. S. Allen, H. C. Bates, W. L. Billings, S. F. Bryant, H. E. Ili-rrick Spurling SENIORS Davis, L. A. Stuart, H. J. JUNIORS Herrick, E. A. Murphy, M. K. Scott, E. H. SOPHOMORES Brown, C. A. Brown, R. J. Fales, J. X. T. ] [odson, E. C. FRESHMEN Fisher, C. A. Max,,, R. K. SPECIAL STUDENTS Stover Stuart, H. H. Stover, C. R. Ward, C. R. Kay, M. P. Spurling, N. E. Taplin, P. L. Cogswell, V. H. VTork, N. F. Bai nes Page One Hundred Seventy-three hi DCappa Epsilun Chapter Installed 1926 Founded 1881 Active Chapters _ ' l Si hwarzman LaPlante Ruin Rumazza ( ullinane Lynch O ' Ni il Hofl Greel) Flaherty Mailletl Coughlin Burnham O ' Laughlin Crimmins Kosciolek Airoldi Hurlej Granej Kiszonak Caulfield Bernard Bradley Sansoucj Stalmuke Ryan I rosl I rockei Claffej Simone Airoldi, L. Burnham, K. Bradley, J. Claffey, F. Coughlin, ( ' . Cyr, R. Bernard, I.. Caulfield. D. Carey, L, Crocker, T. Cullinane, W. Frost, A. Flaherty, M. SENIORS Crimmins, ( ' ■. Flynn, E. i !i myer, L. JUNIORS Harkins, J. Hoff, C, Kelleher, II. SOPHOMORES ( ireery, E. Hick- hi, P. Kosciolek, S. Maillett, L. Murray, I.. O ' LauRhlin, J. FRESHMEN Graney, R. Kiszonak, A. Hurley, C. Lynch, J. Simone, A. LaPlante, A. Munce, R. Stalmuke. M. O ' Neil, I.. Rufo, F. Ryan, T. Sansoucy, J . Schwarzman, T. Pellitier, 11. Rumazza, O. Page One Hundred Seventy-four k Sta SYu £i Founded 1926 University i if Maine Nottage Pratt Hend 1 li nderson, D. B. E. L. SENIORS Nottagc, C. W. JUNIORS Webber, K. R. SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Pratt, II. I.. Davis, W. S. Page One Hundred Seventy-five T ■ ' » J . lii ill 8j III iSl I ' lnS illllli 1 c5%lpha Omkron 2 ( tamma i lhapter Installed 1908 Founded 1897 Active ( lhapters 29 Longley Hawkes Ashworth Parkhurst Stearns Wareham Grindle Nickerson Johnson Leach Perki Sawyer Lyon Bartlctt Mason Barrows Fellows McKenney Hudwig Bair: Webster Ashworth, .1. E. Bamford, I. M. Bartlett, E. M. Andrews, K. 1). Barrows, E. I). Grindle, L. H. Hasey, K. A. Jacks ' in. k i i. Livingstone, E. Longley, I ' . M. Ludwig, M. E. Freeman, M. Gibbs, I. Ilickson, S. L. SENIORS Hawkes, M. Leach, S. L. Meservey, R. Osgood, C. C. JUNIORS Johns ' hi, H. Mason, E. A. Mayo, I). A. SOPHOMi Lyon. I. B. McKenney, II. Parkhurst, H. J. Perkins, I. -.1). M. FRESHMEN I ,yon, A. M. Matheson, H. Morrill. M. A. Robins, hi. M. E. Sawyer, P. Webster, A. B. Nickerson, T. P. Roney, J. M. Snowden, S S. Stearns. P. J. Stewart, M. I. Wareham. E. Robinson, I: A. Treworgy, R. Washburn, L. A. tlM, Page One Hundred Seventy -eight $hi ZMu Pi Qiapter Established 1912 Founded 1852 Active ( ' hapters 54 e£t O 5 I p jq wik M _ H A ni ? . jBH i-Jwm ■1 Fraser Curti: Mutty Mahi mi White Wi nslow Johl Ranney Davie 1 Hunt Coffin Avery Bolan ireenlaw, K. 1 1. Johnson, B. SENIORS Mutty. C. I.. Poley, R. F. Robbins, A. White. F. E. Bolan, JUNIORS Culley, 1). M. . M. F. i offin, I Curtis, D. B. SOPHOM( IRES I a idsi hi. J. Fraser, .1. i .i n ne, 1 1. I.. Hunt. B. S. Mahoney, E. M. Ward, F. insli iw, E. 1.. Mann. E. L. 1 RESHMEN Snow. M. ens, M . 1 . Hundred Scvciily-nine Q)eha 3)elta Q elta Alpha Kappa Chapter! 1915 Founded 1888 Active Chapters 71 C Callaghan S. Gould P.Gould C. Nor« I 1 " . Crozier E, Copeland D. Colom) I. Kierstead 11. Pike M. Bither B. Blais.l. 11 M. M, I M. Wellman SENIORS Bryenton, B. E. Kneeland, B Thompson, S. J. Callaghan, C. A. Spencer, E. L. JUNIORS Wellman, M. C. Blaisdell, B. II. Crowley, M. ( ' . Norwood, E. C. Colomy, I). L. Gould, S. Hatch. F. W. SOPHOMORES Ross, D. M Bither, M. II. I rcizicr. 1- ' . S. McLoon, M. Copeland, K. E. (,..,,1,1. I ' . Keirstead, K. J. FRESHMEN Pike. 11. Churchill, M. C. Montgomery, 11. Ross, M. E. Davis, M. 1.. McCready, P. I. Talhot, E. A. Lewis, 1 ' . M. Rosie, E. Trickey, K. W Page One Hundred Eighty £i (Beta c Mi Maine Alpha Chapter Lblished L920 Founded 1867 Active ( Chapters 7 Douglas Budden Riley Daggett Thou | Pike Kunnells Md lary ! V ley Perkins i Purington Dow Weaver DeGagne Barton Buck, M. C. Daggett, R. E. Buckley, L. W. Douglas. L. M. SENIORS Hussey, M. E. McGary, ( ' •. F. JUNIORS U i lagni . M. C. I [utchinson, J. R. Pike, S. M. eaver, F. P. Rurnells, M. Smith, L. W. Barton, E. P. Budden, E. F. ( leaves, C. Durgin, L. 1 . SI H ' lli IMl IRES French, L. A. Gallagher, M. A. Johnson, P. M. Osgood, D. B. Perkins, L. E. FRESHMEN Purinton, V. N. Riley, M. A. Thomas, E. J. Thompson, E. I. i l«e Hundred Eight Qhi Omega i Beta Chapter Established 1921 Founded 1895 Active Chapters 80 R. II. tld I! Brown C. Coll I R I 1 I ■ , - 1 ■ . II. MacLaughlin A Baglej MacKi II IV P. Hall K. Marvin B Bryanl M. Guilfoil i . Lemoine M M. r E. Bailey I. Walters J. Campbell T. Shi E. Jackson L. Burr SENIl IRS Brown, B. Hartwell, M. J. Marvin, K. Bi iv, i in. in. i ,. II. Ja ksi m, E. M. McPheters, M. ( ollins, C. E. Mai tCenzie, .. 11. JI NIORS Bagley, A. II. Burr, L. A, MacLaughlin, 1 1. A Bailey, E. M. Hall, P. Nason, R. M. Beasley, D. I.. Healcl, R. Shea, T. C. Si iPHOMORES asgatt, M. G. ... 11. W. i ampbell, J. Richai dson, 1 . P. Bryant, B. E. Guilfoil. M. Lemoine, G. FRESHMEN Walters. 1. E. Baker, 1). E. Ellis, C. 11. Randall, K E. rd, D. 1). Findlen, II. E. Shean, ( .. E. Bean, M. G. Hammel, M. M. Soule, M M. Burrill, M. !• ' .. Lancaster, M. Spencer, R. T. . 11, E. M. Meacham, E. I LNToddin, P. rns, II. W. . One Hundred Eighty-two VCappa 3?si Founded 1923 University of Maine Burr Willi: Reed Spiller White Bradbury Quinn ell Fox Drinkwater Waterman B ■ man Wadleigh SENIORS Bradford, D. L. Bradbury, 11. JUNIORS Reed, M. Bowman, C. R. Lewis, M. Waterman, J. A Floyd, C. G. Quinn, M. T. son n IMORES Williams, ( . .1 Burr, A. E. i.i " . D. Wadleigh, G. E. Drinkwater, A. Haskell, D. Whitcomb, K. 1 ix, E. Spiller, B. FRESHMEN i, L. EC 1 OSS, J. i ' i!,- Hundred Eighty-three Q)elta Zeta Alpha Upsilon Chapter Kstahlished 1924 Founded 1902 Active Chapters 50 Dunn Moore M attl i » Tu ombly Cole White Payson Clapp Sweatl Danini Leadbetter Veazie Higgins Campbell Pi i l] $ SEX H IRS I hiinni, T. V. White, E. E. Damm, B. E. Percival, M. I. Moore, 11. Sylvester, I I JUNK IRS Campbell, A. ( ' die. Virginia Matthews, Rachel Veazie, K. Matthews, Rebecca 1 1 i«L;ins, B. Si iPHOMORES Payson, II. Merrifield, M. Twombley, II. Liscombe, II. E. FRESHMEN Mi »ire, E. Farwell, P.. Somers, D. Gross, E. Burgess, M. Fowles, M. Elliot, K. I eadbetter, R. i lapp, R. Sweatt, A. I ' . Dunn, 1 ' . Conant, I I Armstrong, M. Cobb, M. Watters, (.. 30 Page One Hundred Eighty-four zak Sigma ' -feheta £Rho Founded l ' L ' l University of Maine B. McLaughlin K. Loveitt M. Walker V. Hill II Hammond Y. Veysey SENIORS 1 B L. Loveitt Bowen, E. Kennard, E. D. JUNIORS Walker, M. M Hill, V. S. Loveitt, L F. ej sej . . M McLaughlin, B. Loveitt, R. A. SOPHOMORES ( Inks. E. 1 [ammond, 11. L. SHMEN Raj ins. M. L. Huff, E. i Oiii Hundred Eighty-five Sigma c (Dcm inded 1927 University of Maim- F. Fineberg K. Grossman I Shiro -1 Nil IRS (1. Modes I loos, S. 1. JINK IKS Grossman, R. Si PHI i I IRES Shiro, E. I Fineburg, F. FRESHMEN M ides, G. Brener, R. J. Epstein, M. Segal, L. 1 ox. R. E. Marks, S. Page One Hundred Eighty-six ■ZAr o. STh UCappa Qhi The societ) of Phi Kappa Phi, founded al the University of Maim- in 1897, is a national honor society that aims to recognize excellence in any field of knowledge. At the end of the Junior year and near the beginning of the Senior year, it elects to membership a total of seven of the highesl ranking members of the class. In the second semester of the Senior year, it elects several additional members of the class who meet it- standards. MEMBERS 1928 Russell Manley Bailey. Waterville; Helen Frances Benner, Bangor; Neil Sin- clair Bishop, Bowdoinham; Addie May Brown, Seawall: George Raymond Chap- pell, Saco ; Louis G ihen, Swampscott, .Mass. ; Linwood Sumner Cotton, Cumberland Mills; David Wilbur Fuller, Southwest Harbor; Hilda Freda Ginsberg, ' Id Town : Waldo Willi- Mill, Biddeford; Mary -iu-- McGuire, Stonington; Laura Green Pedder, Haverhill, Mass.; Thelma Adelaide Perkins, »1 1 Town; Laurence Walker Porter, Yarmouth; Clara Elizabeth Sawyer, Searsport; Marguerite Joyce Stanley, Lake Placid Club, X. Y.; Philip Harold Trickey, Bangor. 1 lonald Fi ilsom, ( )rono : James Adrian lannett, rono : Lyle Clayton Jenness, Orono; Gilbert Ireland Stewart. Irono. 1929 John Burton Ann-. Bridgton; Jessie Ellen -hwortli. Orono; Barbara Eliza- beth Damm, Belfast; Merton Francis Morse, Gardiner; Merton Stanle) Larson-. South Paris; Gordon Smith, Bangor; Myrtle Marg ' arel Walker, Wiscasset. One Hundred Ninety 3?hi £Beta Viappa This is the oldest national honorary scholarship society. Ii was Founded at the College of William and Marvin 1776 and aim. to promote scholarship in the liberal arts. A chapter was granted to the College of Arts and Sciences of the University f Maine in 1922. Elections to membership are based upon scholarship, breadth of culture, and general promise. MEMBERS 1928 Helen Frances Benner. Bangor: David Wilbur Fuller. Southwest Harbor; Hilda Freda Ginsberg, Old Town; Mary Agnes McGuire, Stonington ; Krederic i ' oleman Murphy. Van Buren : Thelma Adelaide Perkins. Old Town; Laura Green Pedder, Bangor; Clara Elizabeth Sawyer, Searsport; Marguerite foyce Stanley, Berlin, X.H. 1929 Jessie Ellen Ashworth, ' rono; Catherine Ella Collins, Bangor; Barbara Eliz- abeth Damm, )ld Town ; Sibyl Ilortense Leach. South Brewer; Maple tsmay Per- cival, Dexter; Edward Gilman Kelley, Orono; Clayton Painter Knox, Rumford; Karl Davis Larsen, Bangor; Philip Men-ill Marsh, South Portland; Abraham Louis Rubin. Bangor; Herbert Morrison Worthley, Brewer. Page One Hundred Nine! Mlpha Seta IK ). RARY AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Allen V ' . Cale Pars ns Chandler I Me I nt ire Haskell » lamage The Maine chapter of Alpha Zeta, the national agricultural fraternity, was organized at the University in 1905. Chapters exist in thirty-five cither universities. Membership is honorary and is restricted to students attaining high class standing or to graduates who have shown marked ability along the lines of agricultural study and research. ( ll E MEMBERS 1929 Rutillus Harrison Allen. Jay; Kenneth Theodore Brown, Mexico; Robert Flint Chandler. Jr., New Gloucester; Vernon Alfred Gamaga, Litchfield; Harry Lee Murray, Hampden Highlands ; Guy Harold Richardson, Fort Fairfield; Mer- uvn Farrington Woodward, Fryeburg. 1930 Laurence Buzzell Boothby, Livermore Falls; Horace Lester Caler, Addison: Kenneth Richardson Haskell. Deer Isle; Edward Arthur Herrick, Bangor; Clif ford Guy Mclntire, Perham; Paul Wad-worth. Hiram. 1931 Paul [oseph Findlen, Fort Fairfield; Lewis Elnathan Parlin, New Sharon. T9PO Page One Hundred Xine ' . %au [Beta c £i NATIONAL HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at Lehigh Universit) 1885 Alpha of Maine 1911 • v ' n L ». r 1 i lL ?A H y J Pi W 01 t£ 1 % 1 I) r u ] Smith Ra; Coltarl Drew M : -. McCart Vnn - Powell Libbj Kll is Hutchins OFFICERS 1 ' resident iei irge 1 .. G ' hart Vice-President John B. Ames Treasurer George W. Raye Secretary Roderic ( . ( ' ( onnor MEMBERS Ml,,-,. I. B. Bourne, 1 1 . ( i. i oltart, I .. A. ( !randon, II. I ' . Drew, I). E. Ellis, II. E. Hutchins, B. M. Mc( art, S. ( i. Morse, M. F. Noddin, G V Noddin, II. E. i l ' ( i mnor, R. . Powell, II. X. Raye, .. W. Smith, A. V. Smith, ( i. i nc Hundred Ninety-three 3H TKappa 3?hi TKappa IK N( R KY EDUCATK NAL FRATERNITY I he Gamma C hapter ol Kappa Phi Kappa is a national educational fraternity. It was founded at Dartmouth College in 1921, and aims to promote the cause of education and recognize men of promise who are to enter the teaching profession. Elections to membership are made from the junior and senior classes. MEMBERS Horace E. P ell G. Franklin Larrabee Supt. illard O. Chase of ' Id Town Ardron B. Lewis I li irace A. Croxford I )r. Charles A. I )ickinson Harold K. Elliott Everett J. Felker I ' rin. II. 1). Foster, )rono U.S. ( ' . I ' hilippe lagne Vernon . ( tamage John 1 .. mice ( Veil | . 1 [arribine William J. Hartley Robert 1 1. Jackson Clayton T. Knox Fred L. I .amurcau Dr. llin B. Lutes. Faculty Sponsor Lloyd McCollum . ( rrafton Nealley Merton S. Parsons t kiy 1 1 . Richardson ersal F. Robey Ermo F. Scotl Alvin Sloane Thi imas I . Smith Theron A. Sparrow I .incnln ( ). Spencer Clyde t . Stinson Maurice R. Wheeler Pa • One Hundred Ninety four SCi Sigma 3?i HONORARY FORESTRY FRATERNITY Shirley Stevens A national honorary forestry fraternity whose members are selected from the two upper classes of students majoring in Forestry, for excellence in scholarship and general achievement in college activities. MEMBERS ! .) man ( iray John Lamberl ictor MacNaughton l ' . ron Mel ' heters Roberl Parks Noyes Shirley i lyde Stevens ( lei irge Bixby ( rilbert Burw 1 Frank Knighl Carleton Nims I fenry I ' lummer I .(•(■ Wescott Founded al University of Washington, 1908 Maine Gamma Chapter Established, 1917 I liie 1 1 withal Ninety-five DCappa Samma 3?hi IK )N( )k. RV [OURNALISTIC FRATERNITY l (FFICERS President ( ieorge Mahoney Vice-President Donald Small Secretary-Treasurer ( ). Thomas Swift MEMBERS George Ankeles Prof. II. M. Ellis Frederick ( I. Fassett, Jr. rlorton Flynt Philippe ( lagne James A. ( iannett Edward I . I rreely ( ieorge M. I targreaves Kingdon I [arvey Alfred II. Howard I lectin- R. 1 .opaus Keith B. Lydiard ( !ei irge F. Mahoney Donald F. Marshall Charles E. ) ' ( lonnor Norman A Porter Franklin Pearce I )onald Small Warren Stickney ' »rville T. Swift Walter R. Whitney Edgar L. Woodis I ' d ' ir Our Hundred Ninety-six £? ? Sigma I [l »N( K UY I ' .li )l.( IGK I. FRATERNITY Established 1922 Founded 1915 Maine Chapter f l r. O ■fill Carnage Shirley Dr. Stein me tz Parsons Lambert Stevens Nilt s McPheters Gray i alley Dernun Bunde Rubin Murphy Thompson Burgess Markiri Mason Bell Brown Nims Bolan OFFICERS President Willis Xealley Vice-President Ella Bolan Secretary Elizabeth Murphy Treasurer Dean I ' .ailev Rutillus Allen I oris Beasley Lawrence Boothby Kenneth Brown Robert ( handler I I an ild Cohen Everett ( ionlogue Vernon ( iamage Paul ( biddings Lawrence ( ray Kenneth I laskell MEMBERS Edward 1 terrick Allison Hill Edward Kelley John Lambert Everett Larrabee Elizabeth Mason trvin Mason Victor MacNaughton ClifFord Mclntire Byron Mac I ' heters infield Niles Carleton Nims Robert Parks Merton Parsons I Icnrv Plummer Abraham Rubin i li.n les Schlosberg ' i iyes Shirley Elmer Stevens 1 [arvard Sylvester Sadie Thompson I .cc Wescott ' ' mi- Hundred Ninety-seven a i § i oipma g 7 PR (FESSIONAL CHEMICAL FRATERNITY Jenkins Kelley W i -■ Stuai t i Hill Perkins i impson Ridlon Churchill Booker Stuart Jenness Stovei Condon Sawyei Hunt Bakei ( IFFICERS Master Alchemist George Noddin Vice Master Alchemist James Booker Recorder Philip Churchill Secretary I toward Stuart I reasurer Charles St iver ' ■ red Ninety Senior Skulls Ma ( oltarl Niks Black Hartley l. in Buzzell Horton The Senior Skull Society was founded for the purpose of maintaining friendly relations between fraternities, bringing about a closer unity ol the student body, promoting student customs and establishing new ones that might seem advisable. Membership chumps of eleven eniors chosen at the end of their junior year for their popularit) and activity in college affairs. MEMBERS Edmund F. Black James ( ' . Buzzell ( leorge 1 .. ioltart illiam I. I hartley Elmer i. I h irton |ohn B. Lynch icti ' I " I . MacNaughton ( ieorge F. Mahonej Winfield S. Niles Roderic ( ' . • ' bnnor Robert D. Parks 1 , Hundred Ninety-nine Sophomore O r wl Society k Davis Hall Stil. Webbi . 1 t. Favor Anderson Baston MacKi Bryant Hackett Twomblj Brooks Nason The Sophomore ( wl Society was Founded in I 1 ' !) ' ) for the purpose oi instilling Maine spirit into the two lower classes and to work for harmon) and sportsmanlike rivalry between them. Membership consists of twenty-five men chosen at tne beginning and the middle of their sophomore year for their ability in college affairs and their popularity. Fred Hall Paul Nason Albert Emerson ( ecil I forne Burgess Brooks William Wrlk Arvo Solander Samuel Sezak MEMBERS Horace ( low ans Philip I Irockway ka mi md W hite William Stiles Kenneth Twombly Donald Marshall I lnir Favor William 1 lamhlel I .aw rence I laston William MacKenzie Edward Bryant Ralph I ' avis t ieorge Anderson Arthur I .ul ' kin Norman Webber William Eiackett W illiam 1 )raper Hundred cMaine Ghri§iian dissociation I ' onnor Wells Elliot (handler Cheney Simpson Bradstreet Flynt Fielder I i Twombly Bixbj M.C. A. CABINET President Robert F. Chandler, Jr. Vice-President Reginald Wilson Secretary E. Raymond Bradstreet Treasurer Charles ( ' Connor George Hargreaves Kenneth Twombly Kenneth Woodward Edmund Elliot illiam Flynt illiam Bixby Norton Lamb Fred Lamoreau Philip Brockwaj John McGowan Linwood Cheney Fred I fall Page Two Ihimlrrii One $i 2 z fKappa HONORARY ECONOMIC SOCIETY I Pro! i Prof. Chadbt i I. McLaug 1 1 ord Lait Mali Vail Sciii Ashv t rowell Ank li s Pi Pi Kappa is a local fraternity, the members of which arc elected from the faculty and higher ranking students majoring in the Department of Economics and Sociolog) . ' The purpose of the organization is to stimulate interest in econom- ic, political, and social problems. .Mi-: mi; lRS 1 lecti ir 1 .opaus, President Lawrence Rosen Mary Robinson, Vice President Saul Lait Jessie Ashworth, Secretary George Larrabee Ida Bamford Eugene Vail Frank Foggia George Ankeles riluir Grindell Richard Bradford ( iei irge Mahoney John Crowell 1 [elen McLaughlin Horton Flynt I ' M ward Stern Arthur Hatch 1 [erbert Worthley Carl ( iarland ( iei rge !i irham John Roberts FA ll.n MEMBERS John 1 1. Ashworth Evelyn Buchan V. W. Chadbourne Cecil ( iarland 1 .ester Schmitter Frederick Yi mngs Pa .,• Two Hundred Two rack Club Beckler Go we 11 Black Coach Jen 1 Richards Austin i: Davis Hard 3 Niles Lindsay OFFICERS President ( ieorge Bixby ice- President Bernard M . Berenson Treasurer Russell . Lathrop Secretary I harles C. I lardy Page Two Hundred cMen ' s Olifle eam Stoughton Howe Stone Vermette McGuire Roberts Daniels Croi k i Burrill OFFICERS President Franklyn F. Harrows Manager Charles A. Cutting Coach Captain Vermette MEMBERS Barrows I [olmes Burrill I [owes Cutler Lowell Cutting McGuire Daniels Roberts Dodge Rose Page Two Hundred Pour ■ ■ Shis ' Rifle Glub I). Scott 1). Culley C. Mutty J. Frascr T. Davidson M. Crowley C. Floyd V. Lobikis F. White E. Bolan E. Copeland J. Roney D. Mayo J. Campbell I Watters E. Bart« n C Bowman B. Hopkins M Averj 1). Ross B. Spiller OFFICERS President Carlista Mutty Vice-President Clara Floyd Secretary-Treasurer Jeanette Roney Varsity Manager Dorothy Mayo Freshman Manager Jessie Fraser ( loach Sergeant )gilvie LETTER WINNERS Dorothy Culley Jeanette Rone) Dorothy Mayo, Mgr. Imv Watters Carlista Muttv Frances White ' age Two Hundred i h ■•■ A C W omen ' s Student Sorernment ( ollins Randall Mattl i Livingstone Mutt Thompson B ■ Fellows Sawyer Walker Wasgatt I I (FFICERS President Sadie Thompson ice-President Martha asgatt Secretary Pauline 1 1 all I reasurer Elizabeth Livingstone CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Senior Caroline- Collins Junior Rebecca .Matthews Sophomore Margaret Fellows Freshman Evelyn Randall I n ( lampus Carlista M titty IK ) I " SI. PRESIDENTS Balentine Hall Claire Callaghan, Sibyl I .each Mt. Vernon House Priscilla Sawyer, Catherine Buck North Hall Madeline Husse) . Myrtle Walker Two Hundred Six c57 ZMaine ' Women C. Callaghan S. Thoi C. Collins M. Robii - f. Ashworth P. Hall K. Marvin A- W The All Maine Women Societj was founded in April, 1025. ami is to be honorary bul non-scholastic. Its purpose i- to aci as a balance wheel on tin- campus, tn cooperate with all organizations and movements, to carry on work that will tend to draw the students and faculty together, and at all times to stand for those things that are highest and best and most worth while in college life. The group is self- perpetuating, its members being chosen from the three upper classes on the hasis of character, Maine spirit, honor, dignity, and willingness to accepf responsibility. ( IFFK ERS I ' resident Sadie Thompson Secretary Treasurer [Catherine Marvin MEMBERS Jessie Vshworth ' 29 Claire ( allaghan ' 29 Caroline Collins ' 29 Pauline Hall ' 30 [Catherine Man in ' 29 Mary Robinson ' 29 Sadie Thompson ' 2! ' Alice Webster ' 29 Page Two Hundred 3ntra-cMural Athletic (Association » v i» m mm t Bt-renson Lydiard Cheney Rao Murphy Lamb Russell Twombly Stanley OFFICERS President Keith II. Lydiard Treasurer Ni irt( in II. Lamb Secretary William J. Hartley MEMBERS Bernard M. Berenson Richard A. Merrill Edward C. Bryant Maxwell K. Murphy Linwood G. Cheney ( ecil R. Race George V. Cuozzo Harold E. Russell Ralph L. Davis Parker 11. Spear John W. Ilarkins Edward K. Stanley [• ' rank A. Knight Kenneth P. Twombly Francis C. 1 .indsay IK )N RARY MEMBERS Prof. Luther J. Pollard William C. Kenyon Fred M. Brice Stanley M. Wallace Chester A. fenkins Page Two Hundred I Soclalitas J£atina M. Sf. Dean I foase I N »rwo d V. Hill K. Andrews B. Bryenton V. Col M. Crowley M Quinn L. Lovtitt F. Fineberg R. Loveitt A. B ( IFFICERS President Beatrice Bryenton Vice I ' resident Mary Crowley Executive Advisor Mary Quinn Membership open to all I .at in majors and minors Page Two Hundred Sine Mathematics Qlub Culley Matthews Prof. Willard Moore D Hart Silverman Perkins Speai Laverly Harmon Bryan SpilK-r Runnel Is Campbell eazie Prof. Jordan ( (FFICERS President lbert Harmon ice President M. Arline Campbell Secretary-Treasurer Rachel Matthews Faculty Advisor Prof. Maynard I " . fordan Page Two Hundred Ten T -dll 9)er Deutsche herein GERMAN U.UB i: Wiseman Lait Mason B rian ■1U I! ,..;,. r Scbult2 Getchcll Lait Cutle French Ledder Beasley DeGagne OFFICERS President Edward G. Kelley YicoPre-ideiit Bernard M. Berenson Secretary Evelyn 1. Shiro Treasurer Sarah I. I Inns MEMBERS Frances 1 1 . 1 labb Paul M. Elliott Elizabeth Mason 1 Van R. Baile) Charles M. Getchell Clara P. Richardson 1 )oris Beasley Thomas i. 1 larve) Abraham Rubin Ella Bolan Allison K. Hill i harles Schlosberg fames Booker 1 [arold 1 1 Ininan foseph Schultz Charles 1. Burr Saul Lait ( lordon Smith Rozella ( ilapp Kenneth 1 aughlin Lyndell Smith 1 Ian .Id M. Cutler Abraham 1 -edder Maurice Stone Cleo 1 )e iagne Vbram 1. 1 ,ibby 1 lerbert Wiseman Harold A. Doe i iei irge I .ipsky F i I.I y MEMBERS i i ibert 1 )rummi md Prof. alter French Miss Vda ( ohen 122 sm l II mill red ! Agricultural Glub ' ift 12 . ill! In Ik 1 H kj p- r - n i ■ M f 1 H jB f f ' ' ' a M M - 11 . i w 1 Ei 111 i ' Mclntire Parsons Walker Pari in Miller Wadsworth Brooks Hoos Todd Richardson Blanchard Allen Landers Boothby Dodge Findlen Brofee Adams [ward tidier Haskell Mosher i iFFIl ERS President Merwyn F. oodward Vice-President Kenneth R. I taskell Secretary M. Stetson Smith Treasurer Rutillus 1 1. Allen Page Two Hundred Twelve Grvil Club UNIVERSITY ( »F M .INE STUDENT BR . i II AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ( I 11. ENGINEERS Spaulding Burke I K. Palmer Wigg Pratl Ramsdell Bates Stymies) Lucas Blaisi Jasper i [Cottage E. Palmer Ludd Cyr Schneidei I IFFICERS President J. Elliott 1 tale Vice- I ' re.-iilent Edward E. Palmer, Jr. Secretary J. W. iggins Treasurer Russell I ' . Scribner Page Two Hundi cd Thirteen k rkal Glub UNI ERSITY »F M UNE BR . i II AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Eh M. Carl Moi s Ellis Raj i Sylvest Whit Murphy Webbei I ' ■ ■ i - : dins Whittiei Huti ( FFI ERS President Archibald Van Smith Vice- President Elmer ( i. I [orton Secretary and Trca urer George A. Whitten Membership open to all Senior and Junior Electrical Engineers; associate membership to Sophomores $ ? Ql i y d r mMm i Hkifl k. Page Two Hundred Fotfrteen (American Ghemkal Society ZJWaine Sefiion ( IFFICERS Chairman Joseph F. Kolouch Vice-Chairman B. F. Brann Secretary-Treasurer II. Friedman Counselor Dr. Charles A. Brautlecht Hundred I Mechanical Glub STUDENT BRANCH ( F THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS ■j r K Ames I !■ . Am i I al j Pi a ji Sweetser Seaves Austin ( :zo ] MacDonald Russell Sawyer B Mi yei J. Ames ( iFFK 1 K-. President John Ames Vice-President Earle Gowell Secretary-Treasurer Keith I .ydiard i i Sixteen fj-fome Economics Glub OFFICERS President I ora i iolomj Secretary-Treasurer Jenny I [utchinson MEMBERS Bettina Brown Alice Burr Eunice I ' .arrow s Charlotte Cleaves Jennie Davidson Ruth Heald Barbara I [iggins Mildred McPheters Blanche Mac! .aughlin Pauline Nickerson Katherine Ranney .Madeline Riley Louise Ricker Dorothy Scott Myrtle Walker FACULTY MEMBERS MKs Greene Miss Bancroft Mi-s Osgood Miss Campbell Mrs. Sweetman Page Two Hundred Seventeen — — l a ill ill Si III 111 R lniyersity Quartett i a A University juartet was organized this fall which has met with considerable success on the concert stage and in radio concerts at the local station at 1.1 ' . . The quartet was first organized as a representative unit of the Maim- Glee Club but later gave entertainments and performances of its own accord. Its debut was made at the " Spanish Night " performance and later selections were rendered in chapel and at various adjacent church services. The quartet has broadcasted over the station at 1.1 ' . under the auspices of the Andrew- Music in. A program w.i- given at the Annual Methodist i onference in Bangor on April 1_ and at St. lames Church, ld Town on April 14. Spring concert tours were taken thru the northern and central part of the state where the quartet gave concert programs, followed by a dance. The University of Maine Ouartct i- now firmly estahli-hed and well known and hopes t " continue it- active program for the season of 1929 and 1930. .Mr. Ermond Lewis Manager, ' 30 1st Tenor ieorge Berry, ' 31 2nd tenor Ermond Lewis. ' 30 1st bass Galen Veayo, ' 31 2nd bass J.I lerhert Lowell, ' 29 Coach Mr. Wilbur Cochrane wo Hundred Eighteen he fining c Women 1 s Christian (Association V " A J. R II. Parkhurst J. sh worth H. Beasley K. Winslovt ti. Matthews I. Lyon A. W (.1. Lemoine E, Mason D Ross OFFICERS President Mice ebster Vice-President Rachel Matthews Secretary Hazel Parkhurst Treasurer I )oroth) R »ss CABINE I Jeanette Roney Jessie Ashworth Helen Beasley Katherine Marvin Arlene Robbins Elizabeth Mason ( Irace I .emoine Isabella Lyon Mary Robinson Evelyn inslow ' (j;;c- Two Hundred Nineteen l Qirculo Gspanol ( IFFICERS I ' resident Erma White Vice-President I torothy Mayo Secretary Goldie Modes Treasurer William WelK Membership open to all majors in Spanish and to others having twenty hours m Spanish Page Tuv Hundred Twenty I lllllllllll lllllll Saw Sophomore Sagle Society Founded 1926 I rniversity of Maine I. Cyon E. Livingstom E. Wii F. Croziei E. Copeland J. Kierstead G. Modes H. Parkhursl i. Lemoine The Sophomore Eagle Society was founded in 1926 for the purpose oi pro- moting Maim- spirit, especially among the two lower classes, to interest the fresh- men in college activities, and to maintain friendly relations between the Freshman and Sophomore classes. It is to be honorary, but non--.cholastic. and its member-. are chosen on the basis of character. Maine spirit, and prominence in college ac tivities. The group i sell " perpetuating. ( FFICERS President Freda I .. i Irozier Vice-President Eunice Copeland Secretary Goldie Modes Treasurer ( Irace . I .emoine MEMBERS Elizabeth I .ivingsti me can Keirstead I l.i il I ' arkhurst Evel) n in-low Isabella B. Lyon Erma P. Barton Page Tit H t-otie DVla ' me debating Society Faculty Advisor II ' rschel L. Bricker ( I )c iris I .. I leasley Managers i ,. . , „ | Edward Stern MEMBERS George Ankele Alice Bagley Doris Beasley Helen Bowerman Clarine Coffin i lerald Frost Edward Greely Newell Kursi m ( harles I ' Connor William Roach Edward Stern Florence Ward A a Wasgatl Arthur French Fannie Fineberg Sylvia ( ioilld ( roldie Mi ides Mvrilla Guilfoil Page Two Hundred Twenty-two i i 1 HONORARY DEBATING FRATERNITY Ankeles Stern Laughlin I FFICERS President Charles E. O ' Connor Vice-President Edward ( Ireel) Secretary-Treasurer Edward Stern MEMBERS ( Jeorge Ankeles Charles ( ' Connor James Vshworth Edward Stem Edward Greelj Vsa Wasgatl Kenneth Laughlin ' wo Hundred Twenty three 12 debating Schedule Won Lost 3 Feb. 12 No Decision Mar 8 2 1 Mar 10 3 Mar 12 1 I Mar 15 3 Mar 20 3 Apr. 17 MEN University of Pittsburgh ( Neg. ) at ' ruin 8 New I lampshire i Neg. i Rhode Island State i Xi " . i at King ton Boston University (Neg.) at Boston Mass. Agg. " es I ft. i at ron i Bucknell University (Aff.) at Orono New York University i Neg.) at Irono WOMEN No Decision 1 2 1 Mar. 6 New Hampshire (Aff.) at Durham Mar. _ ' l American International College (Neg.) at Springfield Mar. _ ' _ ' Rhode Island State (Neg.) at Kingston Mar. 23 Brown University (Neg.) at Brown Page Taw Hundred Twenty-four cTHainc 9lee Glub Percival Pratl Ci osbj alker Rose Berry Nevells Knox Ricker Maclntire ]l;tttli Bowen Lapworth Hawes Smith McCarthy Burrill Nims Bates Lewis Wadsworth Findlen Draper 1 .1 ader Ermond I .ewis Manager Galen Veayo wo Hundred Twcn ii iii Si III ill | «iR fill ill ill ' Id he ZMaine £Bcmcl Leader Galen I. Veayo Manager Linwood II. IJrofee Supervisor Professor . II. Sprague Page Two Hundred Twenty-six c he Qri. rism YEARBOOK ATTHE UNIVERSITY OF MAINE Published by the funior Class Flynt Pearce Churchill Cutler Ashworth Mansur Bradford Hall Bailey Pratt Ankeles 1930 Board Editor-in-( !hief I lorton Flynt Business Manager ( ieorge Ankeles Assistant Business Manager Harold M. Cutler Art Editor Norwood W. Mansur Assistant n Editor Jeanette Roney Literary Editor Edna Bailej ( Reginald Wilson ( Jrgamzations ■ ., ,. , , ,, Pauline Hail Athletics Editor James P. Ashworth {Richard Bradford Sylvester M. Pratt William P. Churchill ( ' ■rind Editor Franklin Pearce Faculty Advisor Edward 1 1. Kelley ■ wo I lunji cd Twenl 5 . T5mS3 .7 n iir- ■ ' ■■ i ih iii «t III ill I ' aisinhiiin he UYlaine Gampus Porter Mahonej I [argreaves Barker Paul McGowan Flynl Howard Greel) Lopaus Hurlej I .-■ diard Marshal] Roberts rohnson Baglev Stevens Buck C. Williams Robbins l- ' incberg Lyon Hunl Grovi Stickney Ankeles EDIT ' |R] |. | ' ,( i U) Editor-in-Chief George I " . Mahoney Managing Editor Edward J. Greely Athletics Editor Hector R. Lopaus New s Editor Keith B. Lydiard News Editor ( Women ) Barbara Johnson Sports (Women ) Mary Mahoney Social Eunice M. Jackson Busi ness Department Business Manager Warren A. Stickney Circulation Manager George M. Hargreaves Page Two Hundred Twenty-eight Contributor ' s Glub Booker Prof. Ellis Marsh Peddcr Barrows J. Ashworth E. Bailey A, Robbins B. Bryenton Mahoney ( (FFICERS STUDENT MEMBERS ( icorjjc nkcles Jessie Ashworth Frances Babb Edna Bailey Franklyn Barrows James Booker I ' hili]) Brockway I Seatrice Bryenton i ilmr Connor Donald Fogg Charles ragne i harles ( retchell I )nri ( iross Josephine I lartw ell Jenny I [utchinson Poll) Longley Arlene Robbins ( ULTY MEMBERS I ean Stevens I lean ( hasi Dr. Ellis I )r. I )raper I )r. Turner Miss t ireen Miss Buzzell Mi s Aiken Mrs. Pedder Mr. Fassett Mr. Kellej Mr. W lut in Paijc Two Hundred Twenty-nine he DVlaineSpring Published quarterly at the University of Maim- i the Contributors ' Clul I HE EDIT IRIAL B ARD Editor-in-Chief Philip Mai sh ,. , Frances Babb Associate h Iu irs - ' , , , , Mary Mahonej Business Manager Beatrice Bryenton Literary Advisor Zaidee Green Faculty Advisor lame- S. Stevens Page Two Hundred Thirty A, Sigma rVHu Sigma Founded at the (Jniversit) of Maine 1928 HONORARY PSY HOLOGK l. FRATERNITY % a Q n Pi ■ Dickinson Brush VVils Tracj Wed 11 Robi Robbins Grindle Robinson Bates OFFICERS President Donald E. Tracy Vice I ' resident Everett F. Conlogue Secretary and Treasurer rlene Robbins Faculty Advisor Edward Brush MEMBERS Ida Bamford ersal Robey Louise Bates Mary Robinson Barbara Damm Reginald Wilson Louise irindle FACULTY Professor Charles V Dickinson Rena ( lampbell ( arl edell Hundred Thit I he [Maine [Masque Parks Getchell Prof. Bailee Wilson Connor Ashworth Beck with Trait tagher Lauglilin Cope! and Hall Jackson Whittier Flynt Shea ( IFFICERS President Robert I . Parks Vice- 1 ' resident Maurice Wheeler Business Manager rthur B. Connor Secretary Pauline 1 [all ( !ostume Manager Etta Bailey I [istorian Katherine Buck Stage Manager William Flynt Property Manager Blakely ( iallagher Electrician Albert Whittier Makeup Herschel Bricker Director Mark Bailey MEMBERS lessie Vshworth William Flynt Thelma Shea Edda Bailey Munro Getchell Oscar Turner Milledge Beckwith Pauline Hall AsaWasgatt Catherine Buck Eunice Jackson Maurice Wheeler Arthur Connor Kenneth Laughlin George Whittier Elston Cooper Robert Parks Reginald Wilson Eunice ( opeland Sylvester Pratt IK N( RARY MEMBERS Prof. Mark Bailey Windsor P. Daggett Mrs. Mark Bailey Herbert Rahe Page Two Hundred Thtrty-two ifa he cMairie Masque dramatic society of the University of Maine, the " Maine Masque " , arising from the Dramatic Club of 1907 and the Maim- Dramatic Society of 1910, has become one of the leading organizations " ii the campus. The student body look to the " Maine Masque " to furnish them with the best entertain- ments of the school year. In the last few years, the Masque, under the personal direction of Professor Mark Bailey, hav broughl several of the leading and best contemporary drama- to the Maine campus. Such productions as (.banning Pol- lock ' - " The Enemy " , produced during Junior Week of 1928, " Hell Bent Fer Heaven " , " Outward Bound, " " The Family Upstairs, " and many other-, have marked the success of the Masque in recent year-. In the fall of 1928, the current success, " Craig ' s Wife " , was presented and in March of the Spring Semester, the colorful, whimsical drama of Barries ' , " What Every Woman Know- " , which kept the campus talking for month- and called for a repeat during Commencement. During Junior Week " ( lutward Hound " was repeated with great success In prac- tically the same cast that staged it two years ago. The " Masque " , sponsoring the work of Professor Bailey thru his Play Production classes, which present various one-act and three-act plays thruout the school year, have helped put over this end of dramatics on the campus. Such presentations as " The Boor " and " Enter Madame " are worthy of mention and were deserving of the lenient attitude taken toward them by the " Maine Masque " . Among it- recent change-, the " Masque " is considering the creation of Associate Membership privilege- which will entitle all desiring to affiliate themselves with this dramatic club on the campus, to work out for various positions under a term of probation before receiving full membership to the " Mame Masque " . Page I wo Hundi ed I hit i y three Scenes from Masque Slays Q J . ' i: j jr jf — M " W n r ' . er Woman K si v ' Craig ' s Wu e " Fwo Hundred Thirty-four " Graig ' s Wife " By ieorge Kelley Presented by the ' ' Maine Masque " , Dec 3, 1928 Miss Austin Margaret Hammel, ' 30 Mrs. Harold M S ' 32 Mazie Julia Shiro, ' 31 Mrs. Craig Katherini Buck, ' 29 Ethel Landreth Syi via Goi ld, [30 Walter Craig Raymond Bradstri kt. ' 31 Mr . Frazier w. Lyon, ' 32 " Billie " Birkmire Vtwood Levensaler, ' ! Joseph Culette Milledgi Beckwith, ' 30 Harry Everetti I ;ue, ' 29 Eugene Fredericks Morton Fi aherty, ' 32 ffC lo)hat Grery c Woman DCno ' ws " I ' . James E. Barrie Presented Universitj Chapel, March 7. 1929 Casi David Wylie Munroe Getchell, ' 30 Alick Wylie " Kid " Laughlin, ' 30 James Wylie M t Beckwith, ' 30 Maggie Wylie Pauline Hall, ' 30 John Shand Robi ri Parks, ' 29 Comtesse de la Briere Barbara Damm, ' 29 Laby Sibyl Tenterden Helen Bowerman, ' 30 Charles Venerables Mai rk i Wheeler, ' 29 " Outward [Bound » By Sutton Vane Presented at the University Chapel, May 2, 1929 Cast Scrubby Herberi Brad Ann Inez Waiters Henry m m R ( ONNOR Mr. Prior C. Mi nroi Getchell Mrs. Cliveden-Banks Katherini Bi ck Rev. William Duke Mauricj Wheeli R Mrs. Midget Paulinj Hall Mr. Lingley Milledgi Beckwith Rev. Frank Thomson Robi ri Parks Page Two Hundred Thirty-five l " i ft i v A -wv » Vu »Os i ,r PI ? J% iS T rn SOCIAL EVENTS mid-winter Ball February 22, 1929 PATR ). S AND PATRONESSES President and Mrs. II. S. Boardman Dean and Mrs. I. X. Han Dean and Mrs. J. S. Stevens Dean Merrill Dean and Mrs. Paul Cloke Professor and Mrs. L. J. Pollard Professor and .Mrs. C. A. Jenkins O MMITTEE Keith Bennett Lydiard, chairman Harold Edison Russell Bernard Martin Berenson Edward Kenneth Stanley William Joseph I lartlev Page Two Hundred Thtrty-etght JXnnual ft.G.tS.G. fKop PATR )NS AND PATR (NESSES President and Mrs. II. S. LJoardman I lean and Mrs. I. . I Ian I Iran and Mr-. I. S. Stevens Dean Merrill I )ean and Mrs. Paul Cloke Major and Mrs. E. J. Hiver Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Youngs Captain and Mrs. I.. P. Stewart IK P i ( IMMITTEE R. ( ' . ( ' ( i mnor R. I). Parks V. M. 1 -ancaster I ). R. Kingman II. R. FitzMorris Orchestra Hood ' s Merrymakers 1.9 3Q Hundred Thirly-nine Sophomore D-fop April 19, 1929 RECEPTK IN G IMMITTEE President and Mrs. II. S. Boardman Dean and Mrs. J. X. Hart Dean and Mrs. J. S. Stevens Dean and Mrs. ( i. I ). Chase I Han Leon S. Merrill Dean and Mrs. Paul Cloke Frederick A. Hall (II l ' Kk( INES Professor and Mrs. M. Bailey Doctor and Mrs. I). P . Young Doctor and Mrs. K. S. Rice- Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Youngs PATRONESSES Mrs. Nellie Abbott Mrs. Edith M. Chase Mrs. Mary E. MacDonough Mrs. Edith II. McCollum Mrs. Ella J. Mason Mrs. Delia B. Sullivan Miss Effie Webster Mrs. Louise R. Verrill Mrs. Marion W. I ' erkins Mrs. Alice ' itherl» I ' .arhara Hunt (. " OMMITTEE Mr. Donald F. Marshall. Chairman Doris ( isgood Norman Webber I lood ' s Merrymakers Waldo I larw I Page Tivo Hundred Forty (junior H eck Program Thuksd y. May 2nd 7:30 P.M. The Maine Masque presents " Outward Bound " , Alumni Hall Friday . M ay 3rd 11 :00 A.M. Junior Chapel Exercises, Chapel Fred Sylvester, ( haplain I iverture [nvocation Salutatory Address John W. Moran, President of Class of 1930 Address to the Juniors Professor Charles I ' . Weston Hymn Prayer Maine Stein Song 2:00 P.M. Treasure I hint 8:00 P.M. Junior Promenade Saturday, May 4th 11:00 A.M. Militan Review. U. of M . R.O.T.C, Alumni Field 3:30 P.M. Baseball Bates VS. Maine 8:00 P.M. Annual Track Club Cabaret, Alumni Hall wo Hundred Forty-one (Junior Promenade Friday, Ma 3, 1929 RECEPTK » ( . ' ( MMITTEE President and Mrs. 11. S. Boardman Dean and Mrs. J. S. Stevens Mrs. Adrea M. Gannett and Mr. I. A. Gannett Dean and Mrs. Paul Cloke Major and Mrs. E. J. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Youngs Professor and Mrs. C. A. Jenkins PATRONESSES Mrs. Xeilie Abbott Mrs. Edith M. Chase Mrs. Mary E. MacDonough Mrs. Edith H. McCollum Mrs. Ella J. Mason Mrs. Delia B. Sullivan Miss Effie Webster Mrs. Louise R. Yerrill Mrs. Marion Y. Perkins Mrs. Alice Witherby COMMITTEE Miss Etta M. Bailey, Chairman M. M. Beckwith TI. 11. Inman B. M. Berenson R. V. Lathrop Leo Doucette ' s Orchestra Page Two Hundred Forty two . ft t 1929 Commencement Program Thursday, Juni 6 5:hii P.M. Phi Kappa Phi Initiation 6:00 I ' M. I ' hi Kappa Phi Banquel 7:45 I ' M. Masque Play, Chapel, " What Ever) Woman Knows " Friday, June 7 9:30 A.M. Meeting of Alumni Council, Library J nil | ' .M. ( la-. Da; Exercises, University Oval 4:0(1 P.M. Pageant, pr sented by All Maine Women, ' ampus 7:30 P.M. President ' s Reception, Chapel (Informal) 9:00 P.M. Student Hop, Gymnasium Saturday, June . v 9:00 A.M. Meeting Board of Trustees 9:00 A.M. Annual Business Meeting, General Alumni Association, Chapel 9:00 A.M. Wives of Alumni and visitors, meet at Balentine Hall for Inspection trip over the Campus and Entertainment 11:00 A.M. Meetings of Reunion classes 12:30 P.M. Alumni Luncheon, Commons 2:00 P.M. ( lass Frolics 3:00 P.M. Baseball Game, Varsity vs. Bates 6:00 P.M. Alumni Banquet, Alumni Hall 9:00 P.M. Alumni Hop, Gymnasium (Informal) Sunday, June () 10:30 A.M. Baccalaureate Services, Alumni Hall P.M. Fraternity reunions and sorority teas Monday, June lo 9:30 A.M. Commencement Exercises, University Oval 8:00 P.M. Commencement Ball, Gymnasium Hundred I orty-three TUJ2JXS 1928 Gommencement Program Thursday, June 7 5:00 P.M. Phi Kappa Phi Initiation 6:00 P.M. Banquet Phi Kappa Phi 7:45 P.M. Masque Play, Chapel, Alumni Hall, " The Enemy " 9:00 P.M. Open house at fraternities Friday, June 8 9:30 A.M. Meeting of the Alumni Council — Library 2:00 P.M. Class Day Exercises. University Oval 4:00 P.M. Pageant, Presented by All Maine Women, Campus 7:30 P.M. President ' s Reception, Chapel 9:00 P.M. Student Hop, Gymnasium Saturday, June 9 9:00 A.M. Meeting Board of Trustees 9:00 A.M. Annual Business Meeting, General Alumni Association, Chapel ' 1:00 A.M. Alumnae and wives of alumni meet at Balentine Hall for Inspection trip over the Campus and entertainment 12:30 P.M. Alumni Luncheon, Commons 2:30 P.M. Concert by Hand 2:30 P.M. Class Frolics 3:00 P.M. Baseball Game Varsity vs. U. S. Naval Training Station. Newport. R. I. 6:00 P.M. Alumni Banquet, Alumni Hall 9:00 P.M. Alumni Hop, Gymnasium (Informal) Sunday, June 1 10:30 A.M. Baccalaureate Services, Alumni Hall P.M. Fraternity reunions and sorority teas Monday, June 1 1 9:30 A.M. Commencement Exercises, University Oval 8:00 P.M. Commencement Pall. Gymnasium Page Tzw Hundred Forty-four Q)egrees Gonferred C( LLEGE ( »F AGRK ULTURE B i in i or 111 Science IX AGRONOMY Russell Manley Bailey Waterville ] tope Ellouise Craig Presque tsle 1 )elmar Boynton Lovejoy Mexico William Ernest Schrumpf Farmington Charles Preston Stone Fort Fairfield Eldwin Atwell Wixson inslow JX ANIMAL II USBANDRY Neil Sinclair Bishop Bowdoinham I Joyd Edmund Boynton Liberty I ' " 1.11- Keith Gibbs Livermore Falls Ardron Bayard Lewis Springfield Edmund Lyman tis Bridgton Russell Elmer Whitcomb Readfield IX BOTANY Blair Cochran Wilson Bath IX )). IK HUSBANDRY Milton Lewis Bradford Brooks Carroll Roswell DeCoster Norway Russell Eaton Foster Augusta Harry Arthur ( Irant Leeds ( enter Lucian William Keniston Industry Kenneth Cousins Lovejoy Mexico Nelson Laird Manter a ne Maxwell Millet! IVahhles South Portland John Wentworth True New t lloucester l ENTOMOLOGY 1 ' elhert Leonard Moody Waldoboro IX FORESTRY ( iit ' l ' ord Belcher Adams Boothbay Harbor Fred kiilford Ames Bridgton I nomas Bates Bath nt Inn iy Vrthur Beeaker Rumford Albert Benson Presque Isle Kingsbury 1 ' ut nam I tragdi in York Village Philip Edwin Farley Westbn h ik Allen Wright G Ispeed Upper Montclair. X. I. . , Hundred I Carroll Edmund 1 [ackett New Vineyard Roy Severy Hathaway North Jay Wilson Sidney Hayden Augusta George Frederick Kehoe Rutland. Mass. Hugh Cecil Lloyd Portland James Carnahan MacDonald Newton, X. J. Laurence 1 [enderson Murdoch Mexico Charles Richard Murphy Rumford Ralph ( ierald Newman uburn Paul Thomas Orienti Lee, Mass. Henry Allen Scribner Augusta Benedict Edward Tolvo Lee, Mass. IX HOME I CONOM US ( aroline Delphene Andrews 11 allow ill Ruth I )ensmore Portland Frances Snow Fuller I tallowell Katherine Lavonia Grindal Sargentville Mabel Lewin Kirkpatrick Orono Katherine Whitney Larcher ( 1 1 Town Jessie Mildred Lawrence Solon Agnes May Masse East Vassalboro Ruth Christine Palmer Pittstield Barbara Kllen I ' ierce Brewer 1 [elen Virginia Smith North nsi in Emma Elizabeth Thompson Bangor Ruth Maria Thompson Bangor Laura Emma I ribou Machias 1 X NORTH [J] II R] Frederick Parker Chandler Machias Frank Joseph Paterno Rumford COLLEGE IF ARTS AND SCIEN( ES I ' a« 1 1 li, ok of Arts IX BIOLOGY llemy Madison Bearse Gloucester, Mass. Vincent I [arold Beeaker Rumford Horace Edminister Bell Dennysville Matthew Edward Highlands North Berwick Izora Mae Hutchinson Old Town Fred Leonard Moulton Lynnfield, Mass. Verna Norton Caribou John I [arold Smith Mattawamkeag Roscoe Everetl Staples Welchville Vinetta Mae Whitehouse , Unity Page Two Hundred Forty-six i 4 IN i Ml l [STRY Lawrence Mark Cutler ( ld 1 own Louis Cohen Swampscott, Mass. I N ECONOM US AND sue [I ILOGi I . nwood i hi Letts I )over-Foxcn ift John Carroll Caldwell Island Falls Elizabeth Matilda Collins Bangor Wray Clifton Conro Vttleboro, Mass. Edward Matthew Curran Bangor ( Jeorge Franklin Dudley Portland Klwi.iud I luvey ( iartley I toulton ( harles Grant I familton Mount Vernon Archie Edward Kamenkovitz Bangor Bernard Daniel Knowles North New Portland John Bradford McCobb Camden Forrest Whitaker Meader Vlbion Frederic Coleman Murphy Van Buren Carroll Prentiss ( Isgood ( rono Byron Benjamin Porter - aribou Hallowell Reynolds Rogers Bath ( )tto Adolph Swickert Greenville Fred Harold Thompson Millinocket ( lordon MacKa) Walker Millinocket Elmer Ham Ward I lartland Lester Leighton Wass Southwest I [arbor Matthew Williams Guilford Ilollis Henry W ' ooster Rockport IN EDUCATION Eugene Albert Hofsted Portland. (regon 1 larrv Stanley Newell ' Id Town Harry Willard Peakes Milo Stewart Edward Walsh Bangor IN ENGLISH I lelen Frances Benner Bangor Elisabeth Alice Krum Bangor Hazel Beatrice I indsay I ' new er Mary Agnes McGuire Stonington ( arolyn Anne Withington I ' easley South iouldsboro Laura ( Ireen Pedder Bangor Lillian Kudman Bangor ( lara Elizabeth Sawyer Searsport George Frederick Scribner lakland Marguerite Joyce Stanley Berlin, X. II. I torothy Margaret Steward Monson Page I wo Hundred IN FREN II Hilda Freda Ginsberg Old Town Delia Houghton ' - " lll ' c Mildred Frances Keirns Portland Ernest Henry Legere Bangor Alice May Muzzy Greenville Evelyn Clara Smith ( rono Nicholai Frederick Wessell Stockholm 1 [ope Keith Williams uhuni IN II [STORY AND c,n ERN MEN I David Wilbur Fuller Southwesl Harbor 1 Jorothy Esther Spearin Fort Fairfield Frederick Shaw Youngs Bangor IN LATIN Erdine Faye Besse Mbion Addie May Brown Seawall Mary Katherine Burns Portland Edna Sylvia ( ' ohen Bangor Irene Alice Emerson Brewer Thelma Adelaide Perkins ld Town 1 i lis Eleanor Springer Danforth IN MA I HEMATICS Harold Everett Bowie Lisbon Falls James Stuart Branscombe Northeast 1 [arbor Victoria Cecelia Casper Bangor in he Emersi in ( lushing Bang ir Wallace Austin Cutting .ndover Sydney Sumner I Vl ' .eck. Ir Franklin Francis rarrett Fitzpatrick Houlton Rebecca Friedman Augusta Mary Sadie Levine Gardiner Moses Nanigian Madison Wendell Phillips Noble Blaine John Stanley Ross Rumford Sherman I [all Rounsville Fairhaven, Mass. ( rilbert Merrill Titcomb Portland IN PHYSICS Lucian Taylor French Fort Fairfield IN " PSYCHOLOGY Neale Jury I [ubbard Bar 1 [arbor IN SPANISH I )i in ithy Margaret Bell Bang ir Eleanor Margaret Fitzherbert trono Two Hundred Forty-eight h Muriel Kirkpatrick Folsom Orono I [arold Anthony Medeiros Vanceboro Alma Edna White St. Johnsbury, t. I l ILLEGE F TECHNI L n , B i III. I uk OF SCIEN( I I.N CHEM 1SIKY Ralph Arthur Hill Irono Emery Louis Si. Pierre uburn ]. CHEMICAL ENG) Ml RING Harold Franklin Bamford Newburyport, Mass. LeRoy Elmer Brown Pittsfield 1 rami lie Clifford Chase Baring Keith Philip 1 [unnewell Bingham Joseph Fred Keyes Bucksport I .aurcnce Walker 1 ' i irter Yarmi mth Theodore Joseph Zak ( iill, Mass. I.N CIVIL ENGINEERING 1 lonald Mills Allen Bangor Earl Freeman Bennett Auburn Wallace Blake Brownfield Warren Paul Carson Island Falls Linwood Sumner Cotton Cumberland Mills Fred Mann Dodge Bridgton Harlord Stuart Frost liar I [arbor Harry Robert 1 tartman liar 1 tarbor Whitcomb Haynes Ellsworth Waldo Willis Hill Biddeford Harold Edwin [ngalls Bridgton Arthur Johnson Kelley fonesporl George Nelson Martin Hudson, X. Y. 1 Inward Richard Norton Winslow i 1 larles Fulton Parker, Jr South Windham ( leorge Eben Power Brewer Weslej Eugene Preble Old [own William S. Reid Augusta I larley Marston Riley I jvermore Falls Ralph Turner Robertson Vuburn Simear Ferris Sawyer Bangor David I [arvey Stevens ( mil ford I.N ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING lames Madison Bridges Orono 1 r© irge Raymi ind happell Saco I. uke Eldridge Closson 1 )anbury, i !onn. Page Two Hundred Forty-nine — tu Warren Emery t ireamer Bangor Wallace Thomas Donovan Lewiston Clarence Melville Flint Roslindale, Mass. Elwood Earl Folsom, Jr Bingham Lee Fenderson I [escock Gardiner Elton Wright [ones East Haven. Conn. Roger Edward Lewis Oakland Norris James Linnell Bangor I .awrenee Everett I ,ymburner Bar 1 [arbor ( ierald Avery Magill Caribou Frank esle) Man- Island Falls Ernest Woodman Merchant Walnut 1 1 ill I. eland Adelbert Merchant Eastbrook Raymond Hewes Morrison Bangor Clarence Edward ( tis ( )akland Robert Folsom Scott ld Town Arthur Albert Smith Freeport Philip 1 larold Trickey Bangor IX MECHANICAL ENGIN] ER] NG William Balch I tudson, Mass. ( harles Miller 1 1 arris Augusta 1 tonald Jordan llnot Bangor ( larcncc Ri ' land 1 ,ibby Wax tie Albert Marcus Parker Orange, X. J. I ,inwi m il Frank Snider r mi DEGREE ( UT ( F C )URSE Asa Knssell Mace i in ( i il Engineering ) Aurora I As of the Class of I ' M? i ADVANCED DEGREES Master of Arts in education Harold Lewis Ballou (B.A., Maine. 1926) Orono IX ENGLISH S lvia Marian Kurson ( B.A., Maine, 1927) liar 1 [arbor Ruth Whitmore Tucker I B. V. Maine, 1927) Portland I MAT II EM. VI lis Walter Priest Morse ( B.A., Maine. 1926) Orono John Emmons Stewart ( l ' . V. Maine, 1927) liar 1 [arbor IX PHYSICS Earl Mavnard I Innliam | B.A., Maine. 1924 ) rono Elizabeth nna Harkness I 1 ' .. .. Maine. 1923) Veazie Master of Arts ix Education Ralph Gilbraith ( lakes i B. I ' d.. Maine. 1918) Freeport Page Two Hundred Fifty Master Of S IN CHEW ISTRY Chyung Eun Kim (B.S., Maine. 1926) Rang Chyun, Ko IN ( HEMIC Al. ENGINEERING John Burgess Calkin i B.S., M. .. Haverford, 1926, 1927 i Spring Irove, Pa. ( in mii i Engi John Stanlej Martin I U.S.. 1924) Rumford Civil Engini i r Henry Francis Hill. Jr. I U.S.. 1922) Mbany, X. V. Eli rRicAL Engineer Kenneth Leigh Cyphers (B.S., 1924) Irvington, X.J. Mechanical Engi neer inton Irris 1 [arkness I B.S., 1922) Waltham, Ma—. CERT IFICATE In the Two Year Course in Agriculture Alfred Leon Rackley Topsham Scholarships and Prizes I 111. Prize of Class of 1873, David Stillman Marr. Franklin Danforth Prize, Russell Manley Bailey. Walter Balentine Prize, Kenneth Richardson Haskell. ' Track Club Scholarship, Norman Wheeler Webber. College ni Agriculture Graduate Scholarship, Eldwin Atwell Wixs College of Technology Graduate Scholarship, Elton Wright Jones. Pittsburgh Alumni Association Scholarship, George Lester Coltarl ' 29. New York Alumni Association Scholarship No. I, Edward Stern ' 30; No. _ ' . Stanley ( ' . McCart, Merton F. Morse. Penobscot Valle) Alumni Association Scholarship No. 1. Clovis Breton, Jr. ' 31 ; No. 2, Ermond F. Lewis ' 30. Stanley Plummer Scholarship, Maple I. Percival ' 29. William Emery Parker Scholarship, Bernard M. Berenson ' 30. |nse|ih Kider I- ' arringlon Scholarship, Myrtle M . Walker ' 29. Elizabeth Vbbotl Balentine Scholarship, Goldie Modes ' 31. Phi Mn Scholarship, Ella C. Bolan ' 30. Class of 1905 Scholarship, Paul Marshall Elliott ' 31. Chi imega Sociolog) Prize, (aniline Elizabeth Collins ' 29. Sigma Theta Rho Prize, Claire V Callaghan ' 29. Greek Culture Prize, Erdine Besse ' 28. I lenr L. Griffin Prize in English Composition, Philip Brockway. Trustee Scholarships Agriculture, Merton S. Parsons ' 29; n-. Barbara E. Damm ' 29; Technology, fohn B. Ames " J ' 1 : At Large, Archibald V. Smith ' 29. Senior Skull Society, Victor B. MacNaughton ' 29. Kidder Scholarship, Thomas r. I farvej . Central District Scholarship, Paul M. Elliott. Alpha Omicron Pi Scholarship, Elizabeth Livingstone. Hundred Fift Scabbard and [Blade DO impan) . 2nd Regiment OFFICERS Captain Roderic C. ' t ' Connor 2nd Lieut. Virgil M. Lancastei 1st Lieut. Firovanti O. Miniutti 1st Sgt. John II. Sweatt i riVE MEMBERS fames I ' . A.shw irth Herbert Bates James Bradley I [erbert FitzMi irris Fred Lamoreau liilin I -vnch Merton Morse Robert Parks I (avid Kingman Major E. J. Oliver Captain R. E. Vermette 1st Lieut. R. r. McKee President I larold S. lioardman fames A. Gannett IK iN E RY MEMBERS i aptain L. P. Stewart Colonel Frederick II. Strickland I [i isea I ' .. Buck Frederick S. Youngs T;cn Hundred Fifty-four he following received commissions as Second lieutenant of infantry, Officers ' dieserye Gorps James Vincent Bradley, lr. James Madison Bridges Francis iarretl Fitzpatrick Elwood Earle Folsom, Jr. Lee Fenderson Ih-scock Philip Marl McSorley Nelson Laird Planter Carroll Prentiss Osgood Roscoe Everett Staples Robert Pierce Thaxter Stewart Edward Walsh Russell Elmer Whitcomb Garfield ( ii ant Young Page Two Hundred Fifly-fivi A TT V 1 XI Athletic Association Youngs Fen] I I Patch ■ 1 1 mnor lure Kent I ' .irt ' Ik tt Linan Sprague Hundred fifty-eight c5 thlctic (Association STUDENT MEMBERS Senior Member Roderic C. ' ' onnor, ' _ " ' President ( ieorge L. Coltart, " 2 f) President Cha: les E. ' Connor, ' 30 Secretary Fred A. I [all, ' 31 ALUMNI MEMBERS C. A. Hall, ' 10 Clifford Patch, " 11 J. II. McClure, ' 05 TRUSTEE MEMBER m. Met ' . Sawyer. ' 01 FACULTY MEMBERS A. K. Gardner E. II. Sprague L S. Corbett FACUL1 Y MANAGER ( !• ' THLETK S B. C. Kent 79130 Page Ttvo Hundred Fifty-nine — tla c Varsity football Coaching Staff OACB Brick Qi i . . Wt. Coach 9 - Am M Wallace, Trainer Page Two Hundred Si.rty football 1928 VI from which Zakarian, I ' .. Coach Brice assembled his football squad for the firsl time on uiimi Field he found eight lettermen and a host of experienced material in build his football team. Capt. Buzzell, Young, Abbott, Black, ynch, Coltart, and Gray had received their letters in 1927. Home, Davis, Vail, Hickson, Noddin, Moran, Airoldi, Elliott, Moyer, Palmer, Hall, and Gowell were all experienced men, eagei in lit into Brice ' s football machine. Pros- pects were very bright for a winning season and if old man Injury had re- mained away undoubtedly the team would have made history for Maine Before the season started, Fred I tall, who was count- ed " ii i " hold down a halfback ' s position, ' twisted hi knee so badly thai he was forced to remain out the entire season Moran stepped into his shoes and the team which took the field against Rhode Ulan.! appeared verj strong. In the first game of the season Maine completely outplayed Rhode Island. The final score, 20-6, does not tell the true story. Except for a few minutes in the second period, when Rhode Island with 6 I ECl K Utl w Page I wo Hundred Si. I Hundred Si.v; V AIL a tricky offense made their only score, the Brice Machine was constantly on thi fensive with Buzzell and 1 1 - tt starring for Maine. In t lii - game Sam Gray, ;i veteran tackle, received a leg injury which kept him out of several games. The next Saturday the team jourm tn New Haven to match strength with the strong Yale team. Handicapped in weight and with fresh men being con- stant injected mt. i the Yale lineup, the hard fighting Maine team was forci succumb by a 27 score. The dazzling air attack directed h Abbott, which brought the ball to Yale ' s 9 yard line and the plucky running of Jackie Moran will long be remembered b) any .Maine man fortunate enough to witness the game. Maine suffered heavily from this game. Young, with an injured back was out for the rest hi the seasi in. Abbott with a bad- ly wrenched knee was out for two games and handicapped for the remaining games. Se eral i if the ■ ither men were bruised and lame. Coltart was switched to quarterback and Airoldi placed at fullback when Maine tackled the strong Connecticut Vg gies. Maine outrushed Connecticut but lacked the scoring punch. Buzzell bore the brunt of the attack for Maine, but in spite " t his valiant efforl the game was a scoreless tie. The following Saturday .Maine journ- eyed to Durham to tackle New Hamp- shire. This time old man Injury laid Captain Buzzell on the shelf. Noddin, t! l.YMii Abbott Hundred Sixly-lhree thirty yards for the only score of the game. The state series opened the next week with Maine opposed 1 Bates. With Buzzell and Abbott in their regular places the pale blue showed the world that they had a real football team. The final score was 46 0. The next game, with olby, was more of an aquatic meet than a football game. Two days rain had transformed Alumni Field into a quagmire which made it impossible for .Maine to use her passing attack and open plays. It was simply a case of line plunging with time out between each play to wipe off the ball. Both teams came near scoring; neither scored. The final game was played at Brunswick. The weather was ideal and Maine used her famed passing attack with deadly effect. From the moment when Hickson fell ' in a blocked punt for the lirst score of the game until the final whistle the game was replete with thrills. Captain Buzzell closed his football career 1 playing the best game of the season. Buzzell, Noddin, Coltart, Airoldi, Young, LaPlante, Black, Gray and Lynch appeared in pale blue uniforms for the last time. How- ever, with lettermen for ever} position in the line and Abbott and Moran in the backfield we look for i oach Brice to develop a team next year which will bring a clear title of state champion- to Maine. Thus ended the season, [ " ied for the state championship with Colby, New Eng- land Conference Champions and defeated only by Yale — Loach Brice ' s 1928 fool ball team. ' Sixty-four Mgr. I. A m aster Mi.II ASHWORTH . ' Palmer Harry Moyer ' .i. , ' Two Hundred Sixty-fivt he 1928 football ' Id earn NEW ENGLAND C (NFERENt E I II .Mi ' K NS Captain James Buzzell Captain-elect Lavon Zakaxian Coach Fred M. Brice Assistant Coach John Quinn Trainer Stanley M. Wallace Faculty Manager Prof. B. C. Kent Senior Manager Virgil Lancaster Junior Manager James Ashworth Manager-elect Henry Favor THE TEAM Captain Buzzell Right 1 lalli ack ( iia Lefl Tackle Noddin Right 1 [alfback Elliott Left Tackle Moran Left 1 falfback 1 )avis Left (iua rd Young Left 1 lalfback l 1 iyer Left Guard LaPlante 1 .eft 1 Iallliack Zakarian Center Coltart Fullback Vail Right iuard Airoldi Fullback 1 - nch Right Tackle Abbott fuarterback in .well Right Tackle Black 1 eft End Hick sun Right End 1 [orne Left Tackle Palmer Right End Til Rhode Kland 6 Yale 17 Connecticut Aggies New I [ampshire ( 1 Hates I) Colby Bowdoin 1 1 Total Points 33 Page Two Hundred Sixty-six S 1 IRES Maine 20 Maine Maine Maine 6 Maine 46 Maine Maine 26 98 Gross Gonntry 1028 97 " C y j ' - ' • Maine men vi :wed with regrel the resigning " i 1 rack ( oach Kanaly who left to accept ;i similar position al Yale. After careful considi tion the Athletic Board selected Chester Jenkins, track coach al Bates, as his sue sor. (. " oach Jenkins met with his team a week before the University opened for preliminary training, He immediately won thi con dence of all the men with whom he was associated. The record of his cross country team showed that this confidence was not misplaced. The tirst meet of the year was with New il impshire University at Durham. Maine men finished 1-2-5-7-8 to win In a 23 to • _ ' score. Lindsaj and Richardson tied for first and, in spite of the fact that they left tin- course in two places and w en forced in retrace their steps, broke the course record In several seconds. Brooks, the sophomore star, won recognition for himself bj beating Howard of New Hamp hire for fifth place. Captain Mac- Naughton pulled a tendon in his leg and was unable t finish. Since c olby did not have a cross coun try team there was no recognized state meet. However, a dual meet with Bate gave Maine a cleat- title to the mythical state championship. Lindsay and Rich- ardson, the heavenly twins, again tied for hJ3E|ar first. They were followed by 1 ' .t ■ k - H and Caler with Mank finishing in seventh rT place. The fine showing made b) Caler S made the team appear ver strong. lap- ■ H tain MacNaughton did not run. J JL - l l ' u ' New Falkland Meet in Huston. ECL LJ Sb Maine repeated her of las) vSmm mjjBt shire finished second with 65. Although Lindsay and Richardson tried to come in together the judges awarded Lindsay first place and Richard- on second. The other Maun- men finished as follow s : Brooks t 5 i. Stanley (16) and Mank t _ ' _ ' |. In the National ( hampionship al New York ( it) Reid oi Harvard heat out Lindsay for first place and Richardson finished fourth. Maine took a second with 96 points. Hundred Sixty i Lindsay Co-( vpi I Rl( ll xd a ; Two Hundred Sixty-eight c Uarsity Gross (Country 1928 NEW ENGLAND I II Wll ' h INS Captain Victor MacNaughton . 1 Francis I -indsa ■ aptains-elect • I Larry Kicnardsi n ( oach ( hester Jenkins Trainer Stanley Wallace Senior Manager William 1 [artlej Junior Manager Sylvester Pratt Manager elecl Verne Kneeland THE TEAM Captain MacNaughton Stinson Lindsay Mank Richardson Stanley Brooks Chandler ( aler NEW II M PSHIRE UNIVERSITY BATES Dual Meel Dual Meel Durham I Irono ■ (Lindsay (M) i (Richardson 1M1 ' Richardson (M) ' ILindsa) i M I Hazen (NH) (Brooks I M I (Benedid (NH) 3. [caler i M ) 5. Brooks i M i 5. I lohbs (B) 6. 1 Inward (NH) di- hesley (B) 7. Stinson i M i 7. Mank i M i S. Caler i M i 8. Stanley i M i 9. ahalan (NH) 9. Stinson | M i 10. Lowe (NH) 10. Jones i B) SC »RE St ( RE Maine 23 Mam.- 17 U. of N. II. 32 Bates 44 N.E.I.C. . A. LC.A.A. . V New England Meel National Meel I ' . ■ ■ t in New York TEAM SO IRES TEAM SO RES Maine 46 1. Penn State I? 2. (J. of X. II. 65 2. Maine 96 3. Bates 117 3. Cornell 102 .v. Hundred Sixty-nine V. C. M u X i i.ii i " W. .1. Hartley ■ Manager S. M. Pkatt Junior Manager Two Hundred Seventy ZsA 1930 Gross Country £Men Page ' ; • " Hundred Sevenly-one Goach of Cracky Gross Gountry and {Relay Coac h Fe n ki ns Two Hundred Seventy-two {Relay 192 c) III only one real quarter miler in college, Coach Jenkins was forced to pick his relay team from his sprinters. A train composed of Niles, Berenson, Lathrop, and Hard) was picked to go to the K. of C. Meet in Boston. This team lust to Northeastern after a close race. Two weeks later the same team journeyed to Boston fur the B.A.A Games. Here they lust to New Hampshire. In spite of the two losses the indoor track season produced some sur- prising results. ( aptain Black threw the 35 pound weight 4 ' » feet 10 inches. Gowell threw the discus 136 feet and Charlie O ' Connor high jumped 6 feet ) inches. On the track Lindsay ran the mile in 4.20 and Richardson set a new record in the two mile at 9.30. With these men as a nucleus Maine will have an extremely strong track team this spring. I wo Hundred Sevcnty-thrcc ff- lii ill iSi lit ill •Infill 111 BWr ,u i Pi Par t7 Two Hundred Seventy-four i [Relay 1929 ( aptain Winfield Niles Captain-eleqt Bernard Berenson Coach Chester Jenkins Manager Fred Lamoreau TEAM Winfield Niles Bernard Berenson Russell Lathrop Charles Hardy RESULTS K. (ii C. Games t Boston .Maim- vs. Northeastern University 1 hi by Ni irtheastern I ' .. A. A. ( I Mi:s at Boston .Maim- vs. New Hampshire University Won liv New I lampshire ■ ' . ■ Hundred Seventy-five Capt. Xii.i.s Capt.-Ei i i i Beri s son Mgr. Lamoreau Vw Hundred Seventy-six [Basketball 192 8-29 IHEN the first basketball call was issued, Coach Brice found himself with the task of building a basketball team around Captain Abbott and Fitzhugh, the only two veterans ■ 1 1 the squad. The other men were all willing but inexperienced. Maine played four games before midyears, winning one and losing three. In spite of the number of losses Maine showed much latent power which gave promise of a strong club later in the season. When the smoke of final exams had cleared away, it was found that Fitzhugh had graduated and ( .l) ' tain Miiitt was ineligible. Finishing the season with a green team, Maine won two and lust six games. The work of Captain-elect Sylvester «tt- outstandii All of the lust games were close with rarely more than two or three baskets sep arating the winners and losers. ith eight lettermen eligible for next year ' s team. we hope to see basketball reach a new plain- at Maim-. ' ;_• ,■ Two Hundred Sevenly-S) wo Hundred Seventy-eight [Basketball ( aptain L man Abb itl Captain-elecl Fred Syl ( ' iach Fred I Irice Senior Manage r Emory Ridlon Junior Manager I avid Kingman Manager-elect Linw 1 i ' heney THE TEAM Wells I I I ( mnnarsi in i i i I [eberl I E I Packard i f i Fitzhugh (f) Sylvester I c I Mil i .11 i li i Emersi in ( b ) McCann (b) Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma ne 58 ne 31 ne 22 ne 19 ne 20 ne 59 ne 54 ne 21 ne 22 ne 27 ne 30 ne 2 . s THE S( RES Maine School of Commerce 50 Amherst 10 Connecticut Aggies 22 Wesleyan 50 Rhode Uan.l Stan- 18 Bridgewater Normal 20 Lowell Textile Inst 51 Harvard 59 M. 1. T 0 i hit ter Polytechnic 23 Colby All Stars 52 New I lamp hire 53 317 I ivo Hundred Seventy-nine Capt. Abbott CAPT.-E m , i Si LVESTER E Ml IR1 l I : Managei I A in Kl MGMAN Junior Manager Page Two Hundred Eighty [Baseball 1928 1 aptain Musi- Nanigian 1 aptain-elect t ail True bach Fred Brice .Manager Roderic • ' ' onnor Manager-elecl I .indsav Sutherland THE TEAM Nanigian, t ' apt. Short Stop True Third Hase 1 [amilti m 1 atcher Reid Third Base ( ioudy Pitcher llnzzell Right Field ass Pitcher 1 .athrop Center Field Peakes Pitcher Airoldi Lefl Field Plummer First Base 1 [ayden Left Field escott Second Base 1 HE SCORES Maine vs. Maine vs. Maine s. Maine vs. Maine vs. Maine s. Maine vs. Maine vs. Maine vs. Maine vs. Maine vs. Maine vs. Colby (exhibition) 9 Bates 1 exhil ition ) 4 Brown 3 I farvard 1 Bates o Bowdoin 2 Colby 1. Connecticut L;. ie S New I [ampshire 5 I lowdoin 7 Colby 5 Hair. I) It) 2 9 10 11 . 9 9 13 _ 9 hly-one Two Hundred Eighty-two {Baseball 1929 Captain Car! I . True Manager Lindsay Sutherland ( oach Fred M. Br ce APT. ' 1 1 SCHEDULE 1929 April 17 19 1 larvanl at Cam! ridge ( olby at Waterville » Mass. Agii. ( ollege at Amherst 23 mm. Agri. College at Storrs 24 Rhode Island State at Kingston 25 Northeastern at Boston 27 at Lewiston May 4 Bates at ( (rono 6 Bowdoin at Brunsw ick 11 ( olby at in mi 1 15 1 ' .airs at 1 ,ew isti m 17 1 11 ' « doin at ( (rono 20 ( ' ilb) at In mi 1 25 Colby at Waterville 29 1 ' . ' iw ' 1 ' iin at trom i fune 1 1 low (Iciii at 1 irunswick 8 Bates at in. mi l THERLAND Hundred Eighty-three rack 1928 Captain Samuel Thompson Captain-Elect Edmund I ' .lack (_ ' , ,ach Frank Kanaly Manager Elmer Horton Manager Elect Edward Stanley Till-: TEAM Thompson 1 Capt. ) Chandler 1 ' ( ' onnor Black Larsen (, 111 IZZO MacNaughton Mank Beckler Niles Richardson 1 [arding Berenson ( lushing ( iowell Stymiest [ones HE team that won the state crown from Bowdoin; the team that won the New England Championship ami scored three points in the Nationals; Coach Kanaly ' s 1928 track team. The first meet of the season, with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was a runaw ay f ir the Maim bi s. Tech so ired 1 ml) 1 me firsl place while in five events Maine took all three place-. The final score was Maine L08J .,. M.I.T. 26 Because of this overwhelming victory Maine was favored to win the state meet the next Saturday. Bui all the experts predicted that I ' .ate- would run a close second. No one imagined thai -he would mi in- than double the score oi her nearest competitor. Scoring over fort) points in the field events a nd springing -..mi ' sui prises in the track events Maine led Bates by 33 j points. " Rip " Black was high point man with eighteen points to In- credit. Capt. Thompson turned in his usual stellar pern .nuance and Beckler, Harding and Gowell also exceeded expectations. The race of the day was between Richardson ami Wardwell in the two mile. Rich- ardson ran his famous rival into the ground ami finished with a large lead. ' The time, though -low, was er good considering the cold wind which blew across the field. Concentrating in the field events Maine won the New England Track meet for tin ' second time in succession. Twenty-six points were scored in the field and five on the track. Five firsts, two seconds and a third gave Maine a live and three- Eourths point lead over Holy Cross, their nearest rival, who finished second with twenty-six. Richardson again won the two mile, Thompson won tin- -hot, Gowell the discus, Black the hammer, and Beckler and I larding tied for first in the pole vault. Black also got a second in the javelin and ' l ' ( onnor tied for third in the high jump. Black, our only representative in the Nationals, finished second in the hammer to give Maine three points. I lundred Eighty-four Hundred I rack 1929 Captain Edmund I ' .lack Manager Edward Stanley Coach Chester [enkins ( Ml. I IT 111 Ac K SCHEDULE April 26-27 Penn Relays, Philadelphia May 11 M.I.T., Cambridge May 18 M.I I. F. .. Waterville May _ ' 4-2? N.E.I.C.A.A., Cambridge May31-June 1 I.C.A.A.A.A., Philadelphia Mi, i). Edv Si vnley INDOOR MEET 6 k HE Maine Varsity Track men swamped Bates 71 to 45 in the animal dual meet held at ( rono in the Indoor Field on March 9. Six dual meet records and three [ndoor Field records were broken by Maine men. Bud l.iml-a cut down tin- mile indoor record to 4 minutes 20 seconds, thus lie-tint; the time ol the state record by one second. Charlie ' Connor, in a great battle against Knowl- ton of Bates cleared the high jump bar at 6 Feet, 1% inches setting a new record. ISill Gowell threw the discus 134 feet, breaking the indoor record. Rip Black threw the 35 pound weight 49 feet inches to sel a new dual record. Two Hundred Eighty-six (junior rack £Men n .v-« ' Wfm ' i I IN R [ONES Page Two Hundred Eighty freshman ZMentors J ml VA £J9 H Bill Kenyon Tai k Minrtti Page Tzi ' o Hundred Eighty-eight : M.I. Si ' I AH S RES .Maim- I .Maine I Maine I Maim- Freshmen New ] [ampshire Freshmen 26 reshmen . reshmen . reshmen . .0 ,6 Notre I )ame E.M.C.S ' wo Hundred Eighty-nine 1932 ( !ross i oi ik SQl ! ' RESULTS Maine Fn ish 20 Maine Frosh 16 1 Jeering 1 Ugh 35 Brewer I [igh 40 Maine Frosh 21 Maine Fn ish 20 Lee .cademj 34 Pennell Inst. 41 Hebron Academy 20 Maine Frosh 38 NEW ENGLAND I 1 ERl :i (LLEGIATES 1. New 1 [ampshire 53 2. Maine 62 3. Bates 66 Hundred Ninety I 1 ).!. ' Baskets vll Squad THE SO (RES Maine Freshmen 16 Maine Freshmen 18 Maine Freshmen 45 Maine !3 Maine Freshmen 51 Maine 43 .Maine Freshmen 17 Maine Freshmen JO .Maine Maine 51 Maine 51 Maine 57 Maine Freshmen Maine Freshmen 21 Maine 13 Cony High School 15 Winslow High School 5 Newport High School 22 Kents Hill Seminary 26 Coburn Classical lust 50 Rhode Island Freshmen 41 Edward Little High - ' 1 New I lamp-hire Freshmen 15 Higgins t ' lassical Inst 26 E. M. C. S 53 Bar Harbor High School 20 I Eoulton I ligli School 59 Presque tsle High 17 Fort Fairfield I tigh 26 An lostook Central Iim 27 Hundred Nincty-onc c Wom en y s c lth letics Miss Lengyei Hundred Ni Miss Ro. -4 c Women ' s Athletic Association w - r- ' il lf jj M. Buzzell II. L- L. Peddcr Sw unan E. Livingstone M. Robinson OFFICERS President Mary Robinson Vice-President S Ivia i « mid Secretary Elizabeth 1 -ivingstone Senior Representative Beulah Kneeland I ean Bean Miss I .engyel Miss Buchan Mrs. Pedder Miss Buzzell Mrs. Sweetman Miss Connors i Vincty-thrcc i i Shis ' Varsity [Basketball Girls ' Varsity Basketball Squad ' aptain Caroline Collins Manager Sibyl Leach GAMES PLAYED Maine 4 Maine 58 Maine 16 -Maine 43 Freshmen 13 Machias Normal 31 Posse-Nissen ' , ' 1 Connecticut Aggies 27 Two Hundred Ninety-four QirW Varsity ' D-lockey Girls ' Varsii v I [01 m ( apiain Mary R ibinsi m Manager Claire Callaghan Maine. Maine. Maine. Maine Mai in. ' . G VMES PLAYED .2 Freshmen 1 .11 Wilton 6 .0 Posse Nissen 6 . 1 facksi m -) .4 Connecticul Aggies 1 Page Two Hundred Ninety-five 1932 I In. 1,1 i Soi m 1932 I ! i i i i Sqi ah Hundred Ninety-six Wearers of the " £M " - Men [.. A. Abbott, [r. I.. Airoldi J. 1 ' . Vshworth, Mgr. I. C. Buzzell, ( apt. i . I.. Coltart R. L. Davis I. E. Elliott K. I ' .. Brooks ll.t ' .i aler R. F. Chandler W.I. Hartlev, .Ml I " M ' I BALL E. R. (in well I .. S. Iray P. E. Hickson ( . W. Home V. M. Lancaster, Mgr I. R. LaPlante J. B. Lynch I Rl iSS ( I IUNTRY ! i . Lindsay V. B. MacNaughton, Capt. S. T. Mank . L. Noves I. . Moran II. I.. Moyer ' .. A. Noddin I-.. E. Palmer E. I.. Vail K " . I ' .. Young I.. Zakarian s. : Pratt, Mgr. I.. Richardson T. Stanley (. ' . Stinson I.. A. Vbbott, |r., Capt. . II. Daley ' K.C. Kmerson R. K. Fitzhugh 1.. Viroldi J- i ' . Buzzell G. i . ioudy P. A. Heckler 1 ' ,. M. Berenson E. F. Black, l apt II 1 1 aler (i. V. ( uozzo E. R. Gowell BASKETBALL II. I. i runnarson II. A. Hebert M. F. Kent I ). R. Kingman. Mgr. B S.SEB l.l. II. P. I tamilton S. C. 1 Lammond R. V. Lathrop TRACK S. C. I lammond II. D. Harding E. i r. I lorton, Mgr. VV. 1 .. [ones K. I). Larsen S. I ' . Mank F. W. McCann E. F. Ridlon, Mgr. F. . S Ivester . C. Wells C. D. True, Capt. I. I Wescott R. C. ' ' ' onnor, Mgr. t ' . E. ' ' onnor R. I). I ' ark, II. L. Richardson E. A. Stymii R. E. W hite II. M. Berenson RELAY F. 1 .. I .amoreau, Mgr. 1 1. R. I... pan-. Mgr. W. Niles, Capt. Hundred Ninet; cfflearers of the " £M " — Ho) omen IK K ' KHY Mary Robinson, Captain Katherine Marvin Ellen Mullaney Jessie shworth Arlene Robbins Dorothj Ross (. ' aniline Collins Alice Webster Thelma Shea Lapworth Beulah Kneeland Eunice Barrows Phyllis Gould Mary Mahone) Rebecca Matthews Claire Callaghan, Mgr. B YskKTBAI.L t aroline Collins, Captain Beulah Kneeland I la el Parkhurst Ruth Greenlaw Helen Moore Dorothy Haskell Madelene Hussey Man Robinson Sibyl Leach, Mgr. ( inlilie Ah ides RIFLE TEAM Carlista Mutty Jeanette Roney Inez Watters Dorothy Culley Erances White Dorothy Mayo, Mgr. Two Hundred Ninety-eighl g S 8 - - 5 o on Hundred Ninety-nine Sfnclex to c chertisers Andrews Music House Co ' 18 Bacon Printing Co ' • ' ' Balfour Co 518 Bangor Baking Co 525 Bangoi Box i ' 513 ir I riend ' !• Bangor House 515 Bangor Hydro-Electric Co S0 gor Motor Co " • ' , Bangor Steam Laundry 5!n X. II. Bragg Co 513 I ' .n ickwaj ' s Flower Shoppe 511 Brooks Brick Co 509 .1. T. Clark Co 529 Crowell Lancaster 52] I (illingham ' s 519 The Dole Co 518 R. B. I tanning X Co 519 E. V. Eldridge C i 329 l ioldsmith ' s Tocccn Simp 511 I [aynes Chalmers 523 I [enley-Kimball Co 309 Jordan Lumber Co 317 Keene ' s [ce Cream 525 Klyne Studio 303 Knowles Dow 321 Li vis S. Libby 517 The Maine Studio 521 Merrill Trust Co 524 Miller Webster Clothing Co 321 The D. I. Molloj Co 518 W. A. Mosher 311 R.I. Mvers 511 Otto Nelson Co 505 Orono Restaurant 531 FredC. Park ' 1 I V Paul ( ' " .. Inc 509 Perry ' s Confectionerj Store 317 Rice Miller Co.. 529 The Rines Co 503 Ben Sklar 517 Simmi nh I lammond Mi. Co S09 E. I ' .. Spruce 31.S Strand Theater ill I II Thompson ill tjniversitj Lunch Co ill University of Maine 327 I niversitj Pharmacy 318 Universitj Store ( " ■■• 309 le S. Viles 323 E. T. Vircie 315 Y. .1. Whited 513 inslow Co 517 C. W Iman Co 321 Page Three Hundred Tivo ALBERT K. KI.YXE . W. KI.V i i iMPLIMENTS en The Jflyne Studio 15 MAIN STREET 1 B X(i( R, MAINE T + + . % f£) ( . Interpreting THE FASHK )NS as decreed bj I w YORK VND PARIS ix i Iur Snow Rooms 43-47 Main St. BANGOR + Hundred Three Page Three Hundred Four Hfcs?) § J, jn . ' Compliments of Otto Nelson Company Construction Contractors Bangor, Maine ,8„ ir.v Hundred Maine ' s Oison ZMusk Sallery " I Love Mr. " — I ' . ill Gnu ell " Mississippi Mud " — Johnny Lowell " Home Sweel Home " — Bob Bancroft " Peg of My Heart " — Red Vail " Nobody Knows What a Red Hot Mama Can Do " -Torchy MacDougall " Hail! Hail! The Gang ' s All Here " — Phi Eta Kappa " Yes! We Have No Bananas " — Pete Tsailes " It ' s a Long, Long Trail A ' Winding " - Bill Bond " Y-y-you T-t-tell Her C-c-cause I S-s-stutter T-t-too Much " — Baldy Vomit. ' Ann Forgot to Remember " John Palmer " Doing the Raccoon " — Rudy Lewsen " I I lidn ' t Rai-e My Boy to be a Soldier " — Tuny Toothaker ' s Mother " Parlez-A ous " — Kueny " J low Dry 1 am " — Lymie Abbott " In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia " — Doc Ashworth " Here Comes That Showboat " —Jack Moran " I en Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes " — George Berry " California, Here I Come " — Edda Bailey " The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " — Sadie Thompson " inward Christian Soldiers " — Berger, Blank and Lipsky " The Yanks Are Coming " — Jim Ashworth " All Alone " — Ed Malloy " ( )h. Katharina " — Erma White " He Went wa Too Far " Helen Bowerman " Stars and Stripe-- Forever " — Lank} Lancaster " Where Has My Little Hog Gone " Win Jones " Anton- My Souvenirs " Jeanette Ronej " Why Did I Kiss That Girl " — Charlie Weston " Too Tired " -Prof. Fassett " Prisoner ' s Song " — Sergt. Robertson " Rye Rye Blackbird " — Lavon " I Faw Down and Go Room! " — Ma Colvin " High, High Up in the Hills " Matthews Sisters Three Hundred Six V? jC v GENERAL ©ELECTRIC Refrigerator The General Electric is the new- day refrigerator. It lias done away with all fans, U-lts. drain-pipes and stuffing boxes. It lias done away with the need for oiling. It lias eliminated disturbing noise, Come in and see the man) models that are on display. BANGOB HYDRO-KLECTRIC COMPANY ' AT ALL OL OUR STORES " tr Page Three Hundred " Vagabond King " Mitchell " Don ' t Bite the I laud That ' s Feeding You " - -Hill ECenyon " Old Man Sunshine " — Chris, the barber " Safely, Through Another Week " — Phil Heckler " The Past is Dark with Sin and Shame " — Tick " There is an Eye that Never Sleeps " - -Diogenes " All Mail! The Conquering Mero Conies " - -( ' apt. Vermette " When Babj Feel Go Pitter Pat " Mark Bailey " Laugh, Clown Laugh " Tee Hee Brann " Fair Hahvad " Curly Ferguson STOCK PAVILION 7 ■ ' - v y ' • - ' ' " • • ,, ■ ' ■ • ' ■, ' THE VARSITY DRAG Three Hundred ini M. r BOSTON HUDSON ESSEX Super-Sixes The Henle Kimball Co. BANGOR, MAINE LAND WCiKCI -II K 1 1 COM I ' l.IMl NTS " BROOKS BRICK COMPANY ■ -r 1 + BREWER, MAINE J r i + +• i ompliments of University Store Go. CONDUCTED IN I III I NTEREST OF THE ATHLETIC ASS OATH ». I L. A. PAUL COMPANY, Inc. DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR VEHICLES PLYMOUTH CARS— DODGF. BROS TRUCKS Full Lim I Parts Vutomi ibile Acci BANGOR, MAIM-: I I I ■i • • Simmons and Hammond Mfg. Co. Portland Bangor Waterville THE HOME OF S HQUA1 in [CE ( RE M S 1 1 Chocolates including our Fork Dipped Line M m i Maid Pii Ci Three Hundred Nine Three Hundred Ten i • A. Mosher FURNITURE HARDW VRE Co. | Fi i.i. Lini General Merchandise Agents Sherwin-Williams Paints + ORONO, MAINE i + t ll.oll ERS For all i vsio £Brockway ' s Flow er Shoppe Bangor, M i . Special Discount to U. of M. Students .._ — .. .?. R. I. Myers T Everything in The 11 ghest Quality ME ATS , GRi ICERIES Ml LI. + St. ( R0N0 " + STRAND THEATRE )csires to I ' hose I he Students 1 I taving Good Pictures You can Please I ' - by your Patronagi ORONO MAINE .j.-... ■+ GOLDSMITH ' S IX APPR1 i [ATION OF YOl R VALUED PATR INAGE GOLDSMITH ' S " TOGliERY SHOP " lu MI 1.1. ST. OK )N( i f - University Lunch Co. BANGl R ' S Most Popular Place to Eal i h i i 1 -, Si R li L SUPR1 M I 20 M ATE M . Phone 35 B i. IR Page Thre Hundred c Will you ever forget : Zakarian ' s red-hot dates? Lymie Abbott riding Red Vail? Chass Hardy ' s takeoff of Prexy Boardman ' s speech of welcome? Eddah Bailey ' s " Elyo! " ? Those Freshman rule--? Military and monkey suits? The Big Peerades? S Ivester ' s indecisions? The bum ' s rush at the Strand ? The hair pulling scrap on the roof of Mt. Vernon? Wally McComb when he didn ' t look perfectly kissable? Nim ' s eccentricities and dodging dates? Jack Moran ' s, " Sure and thairs Diddy! " ? " 8005 " . " 8104 " . " 8167 " ? What, all busy? ( h damn. Cy Allen ' s " Gad Eph-Feee " ? Peanut Bates and " Body by Fisher " ? Kay Buck and her Booker shadow? daft ' ey ' s Saturday night recitations? Bill Haley ' s egg crate wallop? Phil Gagne, the virtuous lemon? Bill Gowell, pushing the platter? Polly Hall ' s New Yawrk Conference via Bowdoin? King Harvey ' s temperamental diet? Heck lichen ' s " Blessed Gee-sus! " ? Winny Jones and his Portland Atmosphere? Dave Kingman — " Light a Murad " ? Harold Lloyd and his nonchalant ivory tickling? Steve Mank — pride of North Waldoboro? Arnold Muzzey as the co-eds ' delight ? Ted Palmer — Don Juan a la Sonnenburg? Syl Pratt — eight ball, one ball — what have you? Roulston ' s trick inventions and his tarn? Snyder the bear chaser? Panayiotis Tsailes (the K is silent as in fish ) handsomest Greek in college? Just ask him. Three Hundred Twelve .. — + Bangor Box Company PAPER BOXES COMMERCIAL ' PRINTING FOLDING! VRTONS 1 1. I ' . I Irt m mond, Treasurer Personal Stationery with Plain or Reliei Process Printing a specialt) + . — + ■- +■■ [R( i AND STEEL II ki kK AUTOMOBILE and GARAGE SUPPLIES GALVANIZED AND BLACK SHEETS REINFORCING SI N. II. BRAGG SONS j BANGI IR, MAINE 5 i 4. ( ompliments of w ' ■ J. Spec . Whited ial Agent New V ' 01 k Lift : Insurance Comp my MILL ST. ( |R( INI I, M UNE d Thirteen lack Walker and his amon pus mix-ups i Peg Warren and her Red rash? .r Wasgatl and his equatorial bulge? Boardie and the Board? Lucius Merrill and his ear trumpet? Paddy and his Listerine effervescence? Weston ' s Rogue ' s Gallery? Kueny, the social rodent ? Mark Bailey playing tiddly winks with Paul Butler? Fassett ' s " Had. very had! " ? Spik Cabrera and hi " 1 know for sure. " ? Harry .Mitchell, collegiate clothes, and individualistic ranking? Evelyn ' s tempestuous arrivals in class? Kip ( iarland ' s " hat do i m think about it, — ? " Ferguson ' s rubber lace and girlish giggle? Barrow ' s " Don ' t you seer " ,- ' Whom ha e we here with the U.S. togs Struggling along on his barking dogs? It ' s the postman, fool, with bursting braces Wrestling Monday ' s supply of laundry cases. Three Hundred Fourteen The Bangor House Bangor, Maine §ftM SPECIAL RATES TO " U " OF MAINE STUDENTS j i W E LIKE in HAVE I III-. MAINE ! ' . N S AND GIRLS COME HERE WITH THEIR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS SATISFACTION ASSI Rl D BANGOR MOTOR COMPANY +- - + 1 ! 1 riRGIE ' S°° ALITY Hi (THING ( IRONO, Mi -SHOES- iin e -HATS i i ! 7 +- — Compliments of A Bangor friend Umdred Fifteen Friendly Intra-Mi ral Bout Hot After a Balentinj Serenader Page Three Hundred Sixteen J Lewis S. Libby, D.D.S. | JORDAN Bl i j »i 11 Town Maine | Tel. 165-2 + r L H. Thompson PRINTER DAN( E ORDERS WD ME NUS SI ' F.i [ALTY L. I ! ' tnpus Re pn -• ntative 1 el. 373 Maine + +- r i ! i i ...+ +.. ... . 4. Ben Sklar Charter HouS Lotus SI Manhattan Sliiris and Wilson Bros. I [aberdashery ( »ld Town Maim: j • On Campus Daily i 1 ■■+ +- BOOTHS MUSK peer r s Ice Cream Parlor (pp. Strand I SERVK E i OUR1 ES ' i JORDAN LUMBER COMPANY MAM I i II RERS OF Box Shooks, Long and Shorl Lumbei ( askets and Undertakers Supplies House-Finish Mills: i Ud Town and Milford . — + I i i i ! i i •+ •+ WINSLOW CO. I N COJ i MAN I rFACTURERS OF CLAY PRODUCTS DE U-ERS IN BUILDING M XTI ' .kl l. i ' Okl I.AXD MAIM ' Three Hundred Seventeen I +- The Dole Company Electrical Engineers and Contractors Win. McC. Sawyer, Treasurer 25 Franklin Street Bangor, Maine ■•-+ + — , — + E. E. Spruce Caterer Weddings a Specialty 171 Middle Street ( ILD TOWN, MAINE HP he cover for this annual was created bv The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857X Western Avenue Chicus " . Illinois + +- UNIVERSITY PHARMACY OX THE CORNER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION OUR AIM G E PRETTO ! ORONO. MAIN K I •+ • + Mill St. + FRED C. PARK HARDWARE ' LUMBING, HEATING AND SPORTING GOODS Orono, M aim Complim •lltS OJ _.. £. 9. £a I four Go. j w. C 11 " ! WAY, R« presentative 66 Chapel Street AUGUSTA MAINE i ._ + HEADQUARTERS For Everything in pianos, music orthophonic victrolas Records, Music, Merchandise Andrews Music House Company Page Three Hundred Eighteen K — - — i . DENNISON + Ml-i INS Dillingham ' s j 13 Hammond St. • BOOKS i ■i— — " — — BANGOR, Ml ' .. STUDENT SITI ' I 11 ■• j i , , , + If it ' s Printing SEE Bacon Printing Company 11 State Street, BANG k. MAINE Dance Orders and Programs +■ i Compliments of R. B. Dunning Co. Dealers in Electrical and Plumbing Supplies 54-68 Bi ioad Street . b . « ;or, M i. t. Page Three Hundred Nineteen Amaioors . by H Page Three Hundred Twenty J. +• he SMaine Studio University of Maine Photographs Picture Framing i Sin n Ym i i.i 11 iiics — HART SCHAFFNER 8 M k ( LOI HES That ' s why we ' re friends ! M iller w ebster Clothing Co. B tNGOR i + CROW ELL LANCASTER, ARCHITECTS [GNERS OF ARTS 8 SI [ENl ES, ROGERS HALL AND HORTICULTURAL Bl ilium. C. Parker Crowell Walter S. Lancaster j. + + + i Compliments of D{nowles Q)ow BUICK DEALERS BANGl R, M VINE . + C. C i halmers. Pres. 1. ' 6 Excl I- ' P Denaco, I C. WOODMAN CO. LUMBER AND OTHER BUILDING MATERIA1 Phon. , nolds, Si - ! j IANGOK, 1 1 i , + Hundred 1 ,v. things ive r would like to see at £Maine : Good looking co-eds Polly Hall dressed like a woman Zak of? his knees Prof. Mitchell, Trader Home and Schmitter dressed up Fred I ' .rice without his bag of tricks Kueny and Cabrera talking English 1 .anil i get eligible Fassett patch up the moth holes in his moustache Artie Connor stop being a joker Hill Kenyon forget his older days and give the boys a break Dave Kingman pay for the share in the University which he thinks he owns Jake True grow hair Hammond pass military Paul Butler stoop over Hoc Ashworth buy an auto Good food in the dorm Peterson crack a smile Vermette being " one of the boys " Weston get married Eddie Malloy graduate Irving Tierce go to work Bill Daley walk like a human being Service in the bookstore Duffy Chadbourne tell a good joke Rip pass Sociology Wasgatt in a bathing suit ( leorge Mahoney not playing politics I lie southern league elect someone without having it in the bag Any girl keep a date with Syl Pratt Bill Gowell with a head no larger than his body Pete Tsailes amount to something Ken Young spend the summer in New Hampshire withoul getting pinched Isabella Lyons stop talking Stock judging pavilion unlocked again Tillie Sawyer give up her stool in the bookstore Jim Ashworth lose his drag Ion- enough to flunk a course Prof. Draper talk about someone else besides himself Three Hundred Twenty-tut — f. sr +- Blame S. Viles Maine Timberlands Augusta, Maim- + The Haynes Chalmers Co. W holesale and Retail Dealers in Hardware and Iron i arriage Stock, Paints, Oils, Doors, Windows, etc. LUMBERM .VS AND MILL SUPPLIES SPE( i i.ty Dynamite, Powder, Sporting Goods [76 178 EX( II VNGE SI RE I I BANGOR hrec Hundred Twenly-lhrec 4 THE BHLOERS OF TOMORROW The University of Maine is an institution that serves the whole State of Maine. Students who have had the benefit of it- excellent training go out every year to all parts of this State and ti i many i ither States. I lie Merrill I rust Company, too, serve- a large part of Maine. It has customers in nearly every city and town and its interest-, reach to all sections of our State. We hope that the pleasant relations yon have formed zvith this hank while in college re 7 extend beyond graduation and that we may hath continue to work for the welfare of Maine. MERRILL TRUST COMPANY Hi 1 1 vst- Bucksport— Dexter — Jonesport Mach ias — )ld Town — ( )rono BANGOR, .MAINE Bank Assets over $20,000,000.00 Three Hundred Twenty-fo: IMI lllllllllll i. j; llQlljiin liiiili llhii Hflfll lrfnE — . ASK Y H GR( M 1 R Ml ' 111! RS Mil K BREAD + B X(.i »R B KI. (. CO. INC. ;gor, M m ■■+ ■+ Keene ' s Ice Cream j " Deliriously Different " i Nobody would call him handsome and nobody would call him wise A scholar would laugh at his grammar, his learning would win no prize ! lie never makes epigrams clever, but still you will hear folks saj " Ile ' the kind of a fellow we ' d like to meet on a dull, cold rainy da Tilt; 1 ,AUNDRYMAN Pass your bundle to our driver; he is on tin- campus every day B i?igor Steam Laundry Co. i all 649 R 125 Fern Si tin,-,- Hu i Three Hundred Twenty-six ' What %he University of [Maine Offers AGRICUL] URE ARTS AND SCIEN( ES CHEMISTRY ( HEMK Al.. CIVIL, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FORESTRY HOME EC N M1C S MECHANICAL ENGINEER1NI i EXTRA CURRICULA ACTIVITIES INCLUDE JOURNALISM, DRAMATIC S, MUSIC, ATHLETICS, DEBATING DEPARTMENT CLUBS and PR( FESSK INAL S ICIETIES M.C.A. and YAV.C.A. 1 Page Three Hundred Twenlv - Qftie Maine iBumpua Published once by the Studes at Maine Keg xxxx alic ittaiuc tlUtmpuri Editor ( leorge Baloney Managing Editor. E. J. Kit-Icy Athletics Ed. Hecky Lopears Business Mgr. Warren Stinkfinger ( ' irculation l gr. phel ia Puls I tered a: worst class male matter at Websti i Kdaterrible Willi .i lew to starl ing a figrrl about something so we can sell a few papers once in a while, w pro- pose to light on tin- Stew dent Sen- nitt. Now, in the first place, Mr. Marsh, you fellers have g " t to 4 -i hot. You hain ' t been doing enough lately, Mr, Bog, and we propose to e up in the face oi violent ■ in icism, In the second placi . Mr, Sw amp, the Sen nitt has not been in spei ted as much as other studi nl bodies. 1 1 has failed to stir up stu- dent sentamint— why we : had a straight election Inn in years The Sennitt is altogether tun fast oi impertaht matters, Mr. Quagmire, and your elections an. had i becausi nom of us gits elec- trocuted i " your w orthy bi idy. The above be not my opinion alone but is also includes what that great gen- eral, General Public, thinks oi you I can ' t righl any more now as my I j but I will con tinue this debate in our next issue, to the e Mini of four columns and three thoughtless nights, providing I I 1 1 press don ' t break down or if my bool legg i don ' t get pi nched. New Hooks in Library The new books in the library as announced by librarian [boughtsun ■ " Free Love " by Heza Gonner I ( .aiter " by (i. Howitt I I ut t. i ■ . Paj m " by Etta i ireenapple " The Silken Undies " bj Fil thugh Snugg " I ' m Lad) and the Osteopath " by i lht I luer i Ir i Flirt " bj Lotta Menn " l ' ■ ■ l . ■ • . Dentist " bi if ' ' - Little Mr. Feeley Appointed Editor (If Rumpus by Friend Mr. I ' .. .1. Feeley, former editor ol the Bingville Bugle and Toonerville Tatler and managing editor of the Maim Bumpus, has been appoi nt d to the editorship of the Maine Bum- pus foi 1929 30 by one of Ins friends Mr, Feeley. apart from the fact that he can ' t write English, is a nice gent but kind of dumb. I lis lack of newspaper knowledge make-- him a competent man to follow in the footsteps of his pi edt essoi s, no- t.ild Mr. i leorge Baloney, another of the small town dumbjohns who thinks that he can run the campus. We think the above Mr. Feelej would make a g 1 man on a farm where the don ' t need anyom As managi ng editor he has mad a great si reet cleaner and as an edi tor we think that he ' ll make a g 1 gai bage eol lector. With I I-im Pallbearei as his star reporter, one ' it " the men who writes hi mself up to the detrimt nl ol his fellow reporters, we know that the sui 1 1 ss " t the Bumpus is assured. Mi Feeley, though seemingly tak- ing a ride thru this news story, is O.K. lie is a prominent man aboul town and well li ked the boys Hi is a meml x r ol the R03 al I ' 1 di 1 ! I ng Starters and is also a mem b 1 of the Society for the l ' n en- tion of Fi eshmen. He al so bi to the Grex?a4d!m . Charles O ' Collar Wins Handless Watch for Versatility Mr. Charles I OM ' ollar, class of 0, 1, ' 32 and late graduate of V ' eazie Tech, won the Ingersoll Handless Watch awarded by the Bumpus to th most vei sat ile man campus, Mr. G ' ' liar v, as a Sophomon Owl when the Book Ston last showed a profit. He spotted ' . ;i1 .1 1 1 mpli ' ■! j ears and still he expects to graduate with ' 29. 1 1 iv activities during the fiscal year it acy foi Presi dent " i Sophomore Class, cai of Athletic Association, and Junior Joker His high jumping ability him a decided advantage in Maine Teachers and looters Defeat Veazie Tech in Track That the Maine Teechers and Toti rs ran aw aj w ith there old rivals fri im Vt azi Tech in the An nual St. Patrick ' s Day Meat be hind the Cow Barns last month ) our reporter was sick last and so we couldn ' t get a storj last ishue) was herd by us today. Sei eral records were smashed when Mark sat on the Vie tin! a. I ' ivt . Bailey did however set a new mark in the tiddlej a inks hop w hen In sen t the white disk in .1 marvelous jump. The j are till hunting for the tiddh as it belongs to Pi Ashw orth ' s 1 hildren, Jessie Ja Charles Weston had everything ins own way in the Kiscus Throw Con- test foi he easilj blew a kiss t ■ a lady in the outskirts •) the Cl Veazie Tech protested that he was a professii mal and should I " dis qual ified in view 1 if his late .trio les in the Woman ' s Home ' ampa but the judges ruled that a-- lie 1 ived in Stillwater In- was under enough handicap already. Paddy Huddilston ■ ded ui breathing out Ins rivals i .isterine toddle, ending with the field to himself. Tin ' Tech men came near winr.r first place 1 n tin- Bung hole blow ing contest hut Rip arland, v ho w a-- ' 1 even plaj i ng, easil j stepped up, plat ed his lips to thi and blew ■•ut both heads of the bar- ding tin cont st K fishing out a rubber boot and desk lamp. John Palmer, even with a catcher ' s mask for a handicap, . Fishing Conti eazie I I " .it he was I ei 1 ign ized as a ringei and the enl stop] 1 d l .1 1 ne ' s Jargon Ri laj team com- posed of Brautlecht, Dermen, Cab- rera, and Klieny had no g I - U petition from the Tech Tooters and talked awaj with the event. debating as he 1 - always ti ■ ai ross tru platform to shaki opponent ' s hand. This record gives him an unprecedented mark for ver- satility. It is rumored that Mr. O ' C il lar will 1 un for the presidency ol th w en ' s A. hut this report o uld not lie ciin firmed last night a- Ml O ' Collar was campaigning mi the Southern end of the campus. . ' Three Hundred Twenty eight + ( ompliments of Rice Miller Co. BANG (R, ME. t 4 i + 1 ,ct Your NY t ( lar be a Studebaker E. 1 ' . Eldridge Co. Bangor John %. Clark Go • A University M m ' Store Caterin g Particu arly To the Wants an 1 1 esires of I fniversity Men ;ui l Featuring a 1! ■and of ( !li ithing Famous in 1 verj ( ampus in iIk i I mntrj EBracburn 1 I I Page Three Hundn nine fraternity and Sorority directory Joker 1 ■■ iii- . maker t ocktail Shaker Remarks Sigma Phi Sigma V 1 taniels Elliott Avery 1 Flagpole Sigma Xu Abbott 1 1 an ej Wasgatt R ., M c( iow an Emerson Nude studies a specialty i . i Chi Malloy 1 1 All of ' em It. -i skating rink on i a B i a 1 ' i Vail Bond . lings Scummy Kinney ! i ■ nor Packard Sigma Alpha Ep. Gowell Merrill : i i ■ nor Wilson Mansur Rogers Coal Shed I r Ita Tau 1 1 Luco Nickerson Miniutti Same as i eta I i i ti Kappa Sig Kappa Sigma Hardy McCann S) U ester Plenty of em Home of shredded wheat and Zak Phi Eta Kappa Stanley Stiles i tn aster Kingman Low ell Mt. Vernon ' s waste basket Lambda Chi Alpha Getchell ditto Libby Hi i is. All V C.T 1 ' s So wet the paint won ' t stick Phi Kappa Sigma lin Swift Kent ' B toker i i Stillwater stinks Beta Kappa i 1 Stuart Bl ii War,! Dandy mail Delta A. Knight Larrabee MacNaughton Wheeler Pi Phi waiting TO Phi Gamma Delta Any body Vl t i e Martin The " boj - " Any : 7 Bottoms up Phi K Sigma ( " hi Lynch Stalmuke R Claffey " The wearing of the green " rsailes Petersi i w i th Davis pillars and a banana peddler Alpha Tau mega lliotl i h w Smith LaPlante Kindergarten ;. ' ( ard Elliott Colby Haskell John Deere 11 ron Pi B Ashwoi Hi Saw j ei Mi Kinney eckers i hi Omega Campbell i Juilfoyle Bow erman Bailey An- w ri . to a tanner ' s prayer PI i M Grei i 1 Robbins Gone and Forgotten Tri Delta B P Gould l ' ■ 1 1 on Only malted milk Buck Pure and simple Pi Bel 1 K. Thompson Mi i i.u y Hosea ' s 57 arieties I ' si i i liams Bowman VVadli Drinkwater 1 ' ECtS Delta A i.i Percival ■ w S Tw ins . Damm, Sweatt American Beauties Sigma Theta Rl M twen Walker ighlin Loveitt Twins it and leave it Tau Hoos Fineberg J. Shiro J. Shiro Old Town satellites ( ur idea of nothing at all : A tramp roaming the streets of Edinburgh looking for cigar butt-. Our own stein song: Beer it ever so humble, there ' s no trace of foam. Harry Moyer is so lazy he breaks his cigarettes in two so he won ' t have to draw the smoke so Ear. Prof. Peterson, laughing heartily, " Why 1 gave you an 1- ' . Mr. Lindsay. ' Lindsay, " It was worth it to see you laugh once. " The Musi Popular Book of the Yeah The Art of Flirtation or How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You for ten cents Page Three Hundred Thirty Fraternity Toast : Here ' s to tin- land we love and tin- love we land. The latesl disease that Iki- -truck the campus enlargement of the hip. I .cc escott : " Sa . Jake, let me chew your gum? " Jakie True: " Upper or lower? " Feminine voice from interior of stock pavilion : " Stop ! Stop ! Stop ! " Masculine voice from ditto: " Say, what do you think you arc a Western Union telegram ? " • oming back from Easter vacation on the good old Maine Central, a conductor approached a lady and her young son saying, " Why you ' ll have to paj full fare for that boy, he ' s got on long pants. " The woman studied hard a minute and then replied, " Just -witch the tickers, charge the boy full fart. ' and me half. " Then one of our own dear co-eds listening to the conversation, piped up with. " Say Mr. Conductor, give me hack my ticket. " " We are novi passing the oldest rum house in Bangor, " cried the guide. " Why ? " asks .Mc( rowan. Harry Richardson was seen nut hack of the cow barns the other day leading a jackass and singing, " Me and My Shadow. " Phi : " (ice. the Phi Gam House is all dark, they must ,u t bed early. " Mu : " ( )h mi. this i- the night " t their house party. " Overheard at Bud Lindsay ' s Wedding " Have you kissed the bride yet, Mac? " asked rt. " Sure, lot ' s " t tune-. " answered Mac absent-mindedly. " Are the Theta I In ' - modern? " asked King Harvey. " Modern? Hoi) cat-, they even borrowed our electric cocktail shaker last night ! " replied Ace. ORONO RESTAURANT SHOD I ORDI RS SPE( IAI.I Three Hundred 1 hii ■

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