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Text from Pages 1 - 356 of the 1918 volume:

The PRISM University of Maine CLASS OF 191S Volume XXIV i birattnn an OJhadcs liilsuu lEaslat, A.I.. A.ii.. Pb.i. miiuar canicBt cniiramir aub bma -minftc iirsa Ijaa uimt tljr lonr an ratcrm nf ritpni true S ' un nf iHaiitc : tljr mrmbrra of tl;p rlasa nf 19 IK rrajjrrtfiillii c tratc ulljia lUilumc uf She Prism lEftiturial Siiatit JEiiitur-in-C!;incf Edwin Hyland May SuBuicr.ri Iflauagcr Donald Burke Perry AsBtslaut Sitsinraa Iflaiiaijcr Clyde Allen Benson Artist Willet Clark Barrett AsBistant Eiiitnrs Maurice Clinton Gross Roger Benson Hill J aim Henry Magee (CoUcijc of Elaut iH itnr Harold Ray Drew 1 N«H N P (!j 11 u t c u t ii Dedication Editorial Board Preface A Review of the Year Officers of Administration Faculty Alumni Associations Classes Graduate Students Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen General Summary of Classes Fraternities Summary of Fraternities In Memoriam Clubs The Band at the Border Musical Clubs Publications Military Dramatics Commencement Junior Week Other Social Events Prize Awards Athletics Grinds Advertisements Page 3 4 7 9 15 17 25 29 30 33 53 109 117 129 131 179 180 181 195 215 221 227 231 235 243 247 251 253 287 315 M QC EPni Alll refacp FOR twenty-two years The Prism has been issued and an attempt has been made to make each succeeding issue better than the last. That has been our endeavor this year, and we hope that the statistics set forth and the events chron- icled herein may be of value to our fellow-classmates and old grads. who may look within its covers. For " Our Band at the Border " we are indebted to Harold N. Currier and Schuyler C. Page, both of whom kept diaries from which all the information was obtained. Much thanks is due the last year ' s Prism Board for the help they have given. For the many snap-shots in the feature section, thanks is due to the boys in the band who were so willing to offer what they had. To the others who have in any way helped the cause along we give thanks for their services. As a suggestion for the next year ' s Board it would be well to get all camera artists going early, that pictures may not be lacking. There should be more enthusiasm among them in order to make the book as lively as possible. For the valuable help given by the following members of the Class of 1919, we wish to recommend them to their class- mates for the next year ' s Prism Board. Jar ifJiittir-tit-QIMcf SAMUEL WILSON COLLINS CLIFFORD ANDREWS OHNEMUS IRVING RAYMOND DONOVAN NEWELL WYMAN EMERY CECIL CLAYTON SWEATT EDMUND CAPRON MELCHER ROBERT DUNNING CHELLIS Jfiir Bnainrss iflaimiur OSCAR LIVERMORE WHALEN JOHN ELMER GOODWIN LAWRENCE EARLE MERROW Pn5nriA_(Hj A StiiiiniT iif the Hear Campus, Orotic), Me., Feb. I, 1917. Dear Al :— A dinky little calciidav iipnii the corner of iny desk kccp.s shouting " Feb. ist " at me, and Fm reminded that you left us just a year ago tonight, and that I made you a promise at that time. You ' ve probably forgotten, but I haven ' t, for some reason or other, perhajis because the bunch around here won ' t let me forget. The argument ran like this, I believe. On Feb. ist, 1917, I should write a letter to you giving you an inkling as to how the old " Col " has been run a whole year without either your services or advice. Having roomed with me three semesters you doubtless know that I keep a diary. But I solemnly promise to set down here only the most general survey of the year ' s campus activities, leaving to you, who knew Maine long before I did, to glimpse the minor e ents, guess at names, and read between the lines. The semester started off like a comic supplement with the beginning of the interclass basketball free for all. It was sure funny, Al, to see such old vets as Purington, " Ike " Webber and " Tim ' ' Bonney, in their nondescript uniforms, the leavings of four tough years, slammed all over the gym by the w-ildest bunch of basketshooters ever assembled under Freshman colors. But we had hardly done laughing at this little diversion when the Campus came out with the sad story of the loss of the state relay championship at the B. A. A. meet. Maine won her trial race in two and three-fifths seconds better time than did Bowdoin. It looked like a cinch, but just then Charlie Ziegler pulled a tendon and Maine was out of the finals. Yes, it was tough, but you know there h;.s been another B. A. A. meet since then. Friday night, Feb. 11, the " M " club held its annual poverty ball, and say, Al, it was rich. Why, for several days preceding the event. Bowery clothes sold at Fifth Avenue prices, and when the fatal hour arrived, the crowd of beaux that trooped into Alumni HalU would have made Coxey ' s Army look like a million- aire convention at Atlantic City. Along about this time Mike called a student chapel to discuss track prospects. It was a thriller, " The best band in the state " played, — oh how it played! Mc- Cusker said " Fight ' em " until we could all feel George Kirke ' s " funny feeling " running up and down our spines. The fact is, Al, we were still a little sore over the outcome of the B. A. A. meet. As the i8th of February approached the atmosphere became charged with apprehension — the Sophs were prejiaring for their Hop — the Freshies for their Banquet. Absolute secrecy surrounded the whole aiTair, but somewhere there was a " leak ' ' and about 11.30 P. M. Feb. 17, a half dozen wooly Sophs swooped down and made away with nearly all the Freshman orators. . n hour later the Freshmen retaliated and Mark Crockett, the Sophomore tloor director, was whisked away to parts unknown. So matters stood until high noon of the iSth when a faithful scout bv the name of Hussey galloped out of the bush to report to the TM ' eshman class meet- QlllA3lEnim iiig, hastily assembled, that the kidnapped Ciceros were spending the week-end with Bashful Tim at Pushaw. " On to I ushaw ! ' ' was the cr -, and on to Pushc.w the}- went, hotly pursued by the great body of the Sophomore class. To put it mildly, war ensued. Spirit ran high and wide, vvliile cottages were rated pretty cher.ply. At last the Skulls and Masks hove in sight and an armistice was declared. The Freshmen hostages were released; Mark X ' ernon was located in So. Brewer; and it was all over — did I say all? Well, not quite, Al ; Jannie stamped the whole affair as " most regrettable " and trusted that it " might " never occur again. He reserved the right, however, to excuse cuts caused by the aforementioned service at the front. March jth was a day of swelling chests and proud memories. . t last our championship football team, the firm foundation of our now famous " clean up year, " recei ed their " Iron Crosses. " These " Iron Crosses, ' the gifts of the student body, were gold football watch charms, handsomely and appropriately engraved. Every time I look at one of those charms I think of the afternoon you and I sat or rather stood together (for none remained seated that day) out there on the old north bleachers and watched Maine, a ,Vto-i loser, according to all dope, wallop Colby 31 to ( . That was a great day! Military Hop! Does it suggest anything to you? Well, it happened again. Same old exhibition drill and crowds of Freshies in full dress suits overjoyed in the realization- of that long visioned first formal dance at the college. This time of the year you will recall times are dull about the campus. Chum- mie insists on outside reading and study of current events right at the time the boys are sitting down waiting for spring vacation. Terrible state of affairs ! But somebody had a bright idea and one sloniiy night the Woodrow Wilson Demo- cratic club of the University of Maine was formed. A wave of political fervor (or WES it fever?) swept over the campus and next night the Republican club was formed. Such worthies as Driscoll, Lawry and McCusker came gallantly to the front to take up the political burdens. Chummie was " appeased " and the crisis averted. When we came back after the spring vacation. Bananas came back with .Art .Smith to take charge of spring training at Webster. An epidemic known as spring fever seized the campus and we soon learned with sorrow that Prof. Daggett had become affected. " Windy " failed rapidly until one Saturday night (it happened to be a Shakesperian anniversary), more than a score of co-eds, stagehands, etc., saw him enact with telling ett ' ect the bal- conj ' scene from Romeo and Juliet. It was necessary to distribute free haircuts and Stillwater baths to the Freshmen quite promiscuously for a few days, as a result. A dual meet with Colby was a model affair, in fact there was no contest except between Maine men. As Pat French would say, " It proved a fair work- out. " .At last came Junior cek. . ome of the l)oys had waited nearly three years for that celebration. Well, it was worth waiting for at any cost. The minstrel show was fine, the Hop the most brilliant ever held and the Junior chapel was the best ever. As an added feature this 3 ' ear we had more pretty girls, and more pretty girls. The Co-ed stock went way down, Al. There is one more feature of Junior Week upon which I cannot fail to comment, and that is the 10 splendid appearance of the 1917 Prism. The hoard uplicld the standard of pre- ceding classes and set a new mark that will be difficult to equal in the future. The baseball team under the leadership of Rabbit Lawry hr.d been doing wonders and aus])ices began to look favorable for another leg of the cleanup cup. It was soon time to hold our " night before " rally for the str.te track meet. What a rally that was. Al ! All the boys, Bell, jim (lannett. Joe, Puiington, and Haskell, made stirring appeals for a good delegation to attend the meet ;.nd stirred up a great deal of pep for the next day. And such a meet ! There were " clean-ups " for Maine in the dashes, new records for Maine in the broad jump, high jump, and shot-put. When night had closed in over Whittier Field, Alaine had run away with another championship. The score was : Mai)ie Oi ; Bowdoin 39 ; and Bates and Colby 13 each. We cele- brated in Portland and when I say celebrated, I mean just that. You know how a ; Iaine man celebrates a championship. There is one thing tiiat we who cheered the blue and white on to victory that day will never quite forget — the superb running and clean-cut sportsmanship of Captain Roger Bell. He ran both the mile and the half-mile, and was the sensa- tion in both events. The next red letter day on the campus was " rising day. " The " rope pull " was something of a farce. The picked few of the infant class seemed to have suddenly lost all their strength, when the representatives of an honorable class stood before them. Perhaps it was past their bed-time, and the surroundings were strange by bonfire light. Anyway, the water was wet and the mud sticky. It was in a new place, too — a temporary mud-hole in front of Balentine — where the co-eds could see. But the next day. Oh. my, Al ! What a miracle had come to pass! Every blooming Freshman smoked a pipe, wore a derby, kid gloves and innumerable sweaters, while a blushing co-ed, the kind you used to rush, drooped from the left arm. I may say right here, that a campus without a Freshman is not all that it should be. Commencement time found the campus a lonesome place for all except the Seniors, old grads and invited guests. Personally, I found it unbearable so I packed, with a mingled emotion that was neither joy nor sorrow, and w-ent home. My last impression of Maine thru the car window, was that of a shifting pano- ■ rama of green lawns, vine-clad buildings and scores of happy Seniors. Some were clad in flannels and playing tennis, but by far the greater number were capped and gowned and carried canes, and strolled in twos and threes along the shady walks. Vhen registration came around the Joth of September, the same familiar scenes were enacted. Hundreds of Freshmen of ever) ' type, from the raw-boned, lanky youth — away from Pumpkin Centre for the first time — to the dapper lad from back in the Berkshire Hills, who claims the " Hub " as his residence. The likely ones were rushed for a few days and then everybody began to calm down to a watchful waiting [lolic)- — It has its merits, A), take it from me. The night shirt parade was a bloomins: success from the minute the first Freshman left his downy cot until the last fleeting figure in Zebra ])aj;.mas w-ent down before the violently gushing fire hose. This year the yield of blue garters and pink night shirts was far above the average. 11 The following Saturday Maine and Xew Hampshire State played a scoreless tie — our first great disappointment. Between the halves the Masks and the Owls were pledged. The lucky ones lined up on the athletic field to receive the con- gratulations of Prexie and the plaudits of the student body. Then came the bag scrap which of course was won by the Freshmen. The fight which followed at the power house and on the stens of W ' ingate Hall wr.s more fiercely contested than for several years. The Sophs held fast here, how- e er, and not the faintest stroke of the hell nor the tiniest toot of the whistle did we hear proclaiming the victory of the new-born class of 1920. The caps and posters were decidedly late but the Sophs claim they were well w orth waiting for and when they finally did appear their reception was accompanied by the usual ceremonies. Even the Freshies were prone to admire the nobby " bean-shields ' " to the extent of $1.00 cash, payable on demand — and really. . 1, the demand was tremendous. Now I ' m to give you my version of the football season. It had its joys and sorrows. We had a wealth of new material but few " vets. " The men worked hard and improved steadily as the season advanced but they simply could not win games. Snap and aggressiveness seemed to be lacking in the pinches. But the student body — you would have been proud to have been here. Xo losing team e er received more unselfish and enthusiastic support. It made no ditiference whether they won or not, the next game or rally was better attended, and a greater amount of real pep was present than in the preceding one. One rainy day we went down to Lewiston and saw poor old Maine go down to defeat before a Bates eleven, by the score of 6-0. Then something happened, just what or how I know not. The campus was a hot bed all week and when .Saturday morning came the greatest Maine special ever, went down to Waterville. We paraded before that game, Al, and what is more important, we paraded after the game. I ' ve heard cheering and cheering but never anything like the steady pounding bedlam of noise that came from the Maine section, never diminishing in volume or intensity as long as the game lasted. And oh, how that eleven did fight I They played all around the Colby team — they played better than they were capable. Maine carried the ball two-thirds of the time, and five times the Maine backs went smashing thru to Colby ' s 15-yard line, only to get over anxious and lose the ball on a fumble. It was heartbreaking, for they fought so hard. The entire backfield was carried to the side-lines : French, Furey, Stewart, and Gorham, one by one. Bill was the last to leave after carrying the ball almost to that last white line in a terrific series of line plunges that could not be stopped. With victory in sight Captain Gorham crumpled, and with him went our last chance to win the battle that meant so much. — A few minutes later we were out on the street sweeping along to the strains of the Stein Song. The score of the game was 0-0, and were we down- hearted because we had not won? No, we were elated. Once again a Maine team had upheld and re-affirmed the tradition that a Maine team fights to the last ditch, no matter how great the odds. Just that, Al, sent us back to Orono jubilant in the knowledge that whatever the sporting editors might sav, the 1916 football team would forever hold a warm place in the hearts of Maine men and women. 12 OHlA Prism In llic weeks that followed, it seemed rather good to feel that all llic worry and excitement and strenuous effort of a football season could he forgotten f(jr a time while we turned our attention to our scholastic obli£;ations — I say it feels rather good at first, but by Thanksgi ing time we were sick and tired of such a dutiful, quiet existence — it made us think of home and we all got homesick. The relay squad then liegan to develop and shape up into a promising team, and we began lo have visions of nailing that long-desired B. A. A. Relay Cham- pionsliip. The week that followed was a " time that tried men ' s souls ! " ' The faculty had decided to hold a series of third degree ordeals, known as finals. To say that we burned the midnight oil is putting it mildly, but perhaps it is enough to say that the casualties were no heavier than usual. A few more lines and I will have fulfilled my promise to you, Al. I would be brief, but no coniprehensi e review of the year ' s activities could close without the glorious story of that final and successful attempt to win the B. A. A. Relay Championship. About twenty of us went down to back up the team and incidentally to cele- brate the passing of the mid-year finals. How well we did both is now a matter of history, but the real feature of the celebration was the splendid winning race run by Captain French ' s relay team. Our time, three — eight and three-fifths, was only- two seconds behind Harvard ' s record time of the evening. — After three years of hard luck failure such a brilliant victory- was very sweet. Now I have " overspoken. ' " as the negro, who engaged Jack Johnson in an argument at Havana, said. It is already Feb. 3rd, Al, ahd on the whole it has been a very successful year. It is all over now, but the cherished memories of our successes and failures will linger in the minds of all of us for many y-ears to come. As the year ends, so must my story end, for to discuss our plans of the future would make a lengthy chapter in itself. This much, however, I cannot keep back, our hopes are high and our courage knows no bounds, for we fully expect to annex two more state championships before commencement comes ' round again. Yours for Maine, " Bosco. " ' 13 ■■.« ■ ■ ' ■ ' ■ ■ ■ .. ■J JC v JtjJI .Vfl . ©fFtccrii uf Aimiiiitiitratimi aljc lluiucraitji RoBEUT JuDSON Aley, President James Noeris Hart, Dean Charles Johx Dunx, Treasurer James Adrian Cmnnett, Retjistrur She ([JiiUci ' ics au j xpinimcut tatimt Leon Stephen Mi-.kkii.l, Deaii of the CoUeije of .UirieuUnre James Stacy Ste ' ens, Dean of the College of .Irts and Sciences Charles Dayton Woods, Director of the Exferiment Station William Emanuel W ' alz, Dean of the College of Law Harold Sherburne Boardman, Dean of the Collei e of Technology ®tl|ci: Qcpartmruta Ralph Kneelaxd Jones, Librarian William James Young, Director of Athletics Lieut. Horace M. Hickam, in charge of Military Instruction Hon. Samuel W ' adsworth Gould, li.S.. President, Sk() vhe,g;in Term expires April i8, 1921 Edwin James Haskell, B.S., W estbro(jk Term expires December 31, 1916 Hon. Frederick Hastings Strickland, B.S., Bangor Term expires April 22, 1922 Hon. Charles Lester Jones, Corinna Term expires April 17, 19 17 Ereeland Jones, LL.B., Bangor Term expires May 31, 1918 Charles Swan Bickford, B.S., Bangor Term expires April 13, 1919 Thomas V. Doherty, Houlton Term expires May 7, 1920 Hon. ' illiam Henry Looney, i ' ortland Term expires September 10, 1921 IS Qll3 SZr ism Exccutiuc (£iimmittcc Trustees (iouu), F. Jones, J acm OJiunmittcc Trustees !• " . Jones, C. L . Jones, Dohekty maiur Agricultural ?£xprrimrut tatiuu (Tiutucil Robert Judson Aley, Ph.D., LL.D., President Charles Dayton ' oods, Sc.D., Secretary Freeland Jones, LL.B., Bangor Charles Lester Jones, Corinna Thomas ' . Doherty, ' Houlton Committee of Trustees Leon Stephen Merrill, M.D., Ornni), Dean of the CoUege of .hiricultiire John Albert Roberts, M.A.. Norway. Commissioner of Agriculture Eugene Harvey Libbey, Aulmni, State Grange Wilson H. Conant, Buckfield, State Pomological Society Frank S. Adams, Bowdoinham, State Dairymen ' s Association William George Hunton, Cherryfield, Maine Seed Improvement Association Leonard Clement Holston, Cornish, ] Iaine I.ii ' cstock Breeders ' Association James Monroe Bartlett, M.S. Edith Marion P. tch. Ph.D. Warner Jalksox Morse. Ph.D. Raymond Pearl, Ph.D. Herman Herbert Hanson, M.S. Frank Macy Surface, Ph.D. Members of the Station Staff 16 QCa ES ism iParulty Robert Judson Ally. I ' li.lX, l.L.U. President of the [ iih ' crsitx Horn at Coal Citv. Ind., Mav ii, 1863; Indiana Universitv, AH., 1888; M.A., i8 ;o; Pennsylvania, Ph.D., 1897; Franklin. L1..1)., igoQ; Principal High School. .Spencer, Ind., 188J-85, 188(1-87; Instructor in Mathematics, Indiana University, 1887-S8; Professor Mathematics, ' incennes University, 1888-91; Profes- sor Mathematics, Indiana University, iSgi-lylo; Harrison Fel- low, University of Pennsylvania, i8y6-97 ; Acting Assistant Professor Mathematics, Leland Stanford Junior University, 1894-95: Superintendent Puhlic Instruction, Indiana, March 15. loofj, to November 12, 1910; President of the University of Maine, December i, 1910; Member American Academy of Po- litical and Social Science; Fellow, Indiana Academy of Science; Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of .Science; President National Council of Fducation ; Member of lioard of Trustees of National Educational Association; ' t B K, ' ! K ' ! , i; r. ; President National Education Association. J.AMHS XoKRIS H. RT, C.E.. M.S., Sc.D. Dean of the I ' nii ' ersity and Professor of Mathenuities Horn at Willimantic, Maine, Mav 22, 1861 ; Universitv of Maine. B.C.F., 1885; C.E., 1890; Sc.D., 1908; University of Chicago, M.S., i8()7; Principal of Dcnnysville Scliool, 1885-86; Princijial of Machias Grammar School. 1886-87; In- stnictor of Mathematics, 1890 — ; Dean of the University, 1903 — ; Actin.u President, September 1 — December 1, 1910; Member of American Mathematical Society, Astronomical and . strophysicaI Society of America, American Association for the Advancement of Science; K ' I , T B II, I r A. 18 Ibe Prism OJiiUcijc nt AiuicultiuT ifacuUii uf .iliuUnitttuu Leon Stephen- Merrii.i., M.L). Dean of College of .Igriculiurc Lucius Herbert Merrill, Sc.D. J ' rof. of Biological and Agricultural Lhciii. Fremont Lincoln Russell, B.S., V.S. Prof, of Bacteriology and J ' ct. Science ' Shsros AsBURY Chrysler, Ph.D. Professor of Biology John Man vers Briscoe, J LF. Professsor of Forestry George Edward Simmons, M.S., B.Sc. Professor of Agro)iotny Harry Newton Conser, A.M Assistant Professor of Botany Harry Woodbury Smith, B.S. Assistant Professor Bacteriology Herman Pittee Sweetser, B.S. Assistant Professor of Horticulture Frances Maria W ' hitcomb, B.S. .Issistant Professor of Home E.cononiics K.STHER McGlNNIS, B.Sc. Instructor in Home Economics Alton Willard Ruhardson. B.S. Instructor in minimal Industry 1 U hard ' I ' lIF.ODOKE MuLl.l-.K, P .S. Instructor in 1 1 orticulture Harold Scott Osler, B.S. Associate Professor of Horticulture Alice Middleton, Ph.D. Associate Professor Zoology Carleton W ' hidden Eaton, M.F. Associate Professor of Forestry lii.iss S. Brown, M.S. Professor of Horticulture Lamert Seymour Corbett, M.S. Professor of Animal Industry Frances Rowland Freeman, M..Sc. Professor of Home Economics William Collins Monahan, B.S. )( Charge of Poultry Extension Work Stanley Benn Sink, B.Sc. Instriictor in Agronomy Ralph WOdDia ' RV Redman, B..S. Assistant Director of Agricultural Ex- tension Senncc Paul Wheeler Monohon, B.S. Assistant in Extension Work Sidney Winfikld Patterson. B.S. Instructor in Biological and Agricultural Chemistry Oscar Milton W immr. B.S. Instructor in Animal Industry Helen Ann Knicht Ph. P.. Instruclor in Home Economics 19 Ibe Pr ism (IJullcyc uf Artii aub ' cicuccii iFaculty nf 3)uiitructiim James Stacy Stevens, M.S., LL.D. Dean of College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Fliysics Lucius Herbert Merrill, B.S., Sc.D. Professor of Biological Chemistry James Norris Hart, Sc.D. Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy John Homer Huddilston, Ph.D. Professor of Greek and Classical Archaeology Jacob Bernard Segall, Ph.D. Professor of French George Davis Chase, Ph.D. Professor of Latin Caroline Colvin Ph.D. Professor of History Wallace Craig, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy Roland Palmer Gray, M.A. Professor of English Charles Wilson Easley, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Garrett William Thompson, Ph.D. Professor of German Guy Andrew Thompson, Ph.D. Professor of English Literature Windsor Pr. tt Daggett, Ph.B. Professor of Public Speaking Minton Asbury Chrysler, Ph.D. Professor of Biology George ' are .Stephens Ph.D. Professor of Economics and Sociology Andrew Paul Raggio, Ph.D. Professor of Spanish and Italian Roy Franklin Richardson, Ph.D. Professor of Education Francois Joseph Kueny, B es L; L t ' s L. Assistant Professor in French Leon Elmer Woodman, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics Harley Richard Willard, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics James McCluer Matthews, M.A. Associate Professor of Economics and, Sociology Daniel Wilson Pearce, A.M. Assistant Professor of Education 20 QCA ePnim Robert Rutherford Drummond, Ph.D. Associate Professor of German ' Fur MAX Leic.h Hamlin, M.A. .Issistant Professor of Mathematics Harry Newton Conser, A.M. Assistant Professor of Botany Li.oYD Weeks Burghart, M.A. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Warren Whittemore Reed, A.M. Assistant Professor of English .• lbert Guy Durgin, M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Lowell Jacob Reed. Ph.D. .Issistant Professor of Mathematics Rali ' h M. ynard Holmes. M.A. Assistant Professor of Physics ' illl m Samuel Krebs, M.A. Assistant Professor Economics and Sociology Burnett Olcott McAnney, B.Lit. Assistant Professor of English Adelbert Wells Sprague, A.M. Director of Music Raymond von Dersmith Gable, A.M. Instructor in Italian and Spanish Charles Bunsen Shaw, A.M. Instructor in English Marti.x Andrew Xordg. ard, M.A. Instructor in Mathematics Raymond Floyd, B.A. Instructor in German RdBi.RT Orland Hutchinson Instructor in Physics John Lf.()n. kd Roberts, A.B. Instrnctor in Mathematics Abraham Str.vuss, B.Sc. Instructor in Biology ■ A.B. Harry Gilbert Mitchell A.M. Instructor in Chemistry RoscoE Woods, A.B. Instructor in Mathematics Harry Chamberlain Brown, B..S. Instructor in Physics Percy B. rnette ' iltgberger, B.Sc. Instructor in Biology Paul Henry .- xtell, A.B. Instructor in English Chester Hamlin Goldsmith, B.S. Instructor in Chemistry Xorbert Wiener Ph.D. Instructor in Mathematics Anton Adolph Raven, Jr., A.B. Instructor in English Myer Segal, A.M. Instructor in German Thomas William Sheean, A.M. Instructor in English Albert Ames Whitmore. Instructor in History B.S. Margaret Jane Kelley, B.A. Assistant in German Ava Harriet Chadbourne, B.A. Assistant in Education Harry Vigor Cranston, B.A. Assistant in Public Speakinti Donald Vince Atwater, B.S. Assistant in Biology 21 Prism jA (j Q (fluUcyc nf ICaui ifacultij nf 3liuitruttimt William Kmaxuel ' alz, A.M., l.L.R., L.itt.D. ' t ' ( ;; of CoUcijc of Law and Professor of L nv Edgak Mvku k . ' impso , . .P . Professor of La-cc Clarexck Werstkk Peabody, LI. .p.. Professor of Low Bartlett Brooks, A.Pj., LL.B. Assistant Professor of Lazv LuciLiL ' s Alu.xzo KMKkv, . ..M., (LL.Pi), I.L.D. Lecturer on Roman ami Probate Lazv Louis Carver Southard, LS., LL.D. Lecturer on Medico-Lejal Relations Edward Harward Blake, LL.D. Lecturer on .Idmiralty Isaac Watson Dyer, . .P.. Lecturer on Pederal Jurisdiction and Procedure, and on Private Corporations John Rogers I Lxso.x, . . L, LL.l!. Lecturer on l ankruftcy Law ' iLLE- M 11riiii;iia. i I ' likii ' , I!. ALE. L csident Lecturer on .l i. ' un- Practice Henry Burt Mont. gue, LL.M. Lecturer on Practice and History of Lazv LAWRExn ' i ian Jones, LL.B. Lecturer on Forestry Law 22 5 Pri5rn Aj y JFacultji uf 3Jtt!5trurtiim Hakold Shickburxe Roakdman, C.E. )( ' ( » of the Collc( e of Technology and Professor of Civil Engineer in i:; Charlks Partridge Weston, A.M., C.E. Professor of Mechanics and Drazving Charles Barto Browx, Ph.I ' ., C.E. Professor of Railroad F.ngincering Charles Wilson Easley, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry William Edward Barrows, Jr., E.E. Professor of Electrical Engineering Wiliiam Jordan Sweetser, S.B. Professor of Mechanical Engineering William Ambrose Jarrett, Pharm.D. Professor of Pharmacy Herbert H. Hillegass, B.S. Assistant in Electical Engineering Lloyd Meeks Burghart, M.. . Assistant Professor of Chemistry DeWitt McClure Taylor, B.S. Assistant Professor of Mechanical En- gineering Albert Guy Durgin, M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ali ' Heus Crosby Lyon, C.E- Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Edward Dyer Kingma n, Ph.B. Acting Associate Professor Civil t " in-,„sMor 7n ' fecl7ni7afTn ' crnie7rinq neering Peter Gillespie McKinley, ?.. . Instructor in Extension Work Embert Hiram Sprague, B.S. Associate Professor Civil Engineering Carl Henry Lekburg B.S. Issociatc Professor of Mccliaiiical En- gineering loHN Willard Kimball, P ' h.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry E. K. Hull AssistO)it in Draiving Ernest Conant Cheswkll Instructor in Electrical Engineering Ralph Erwin Alexander, B.S. Everett Willard Davee Instructor in ll ' ood and Iron Work Charles Jenkins Carter Instructor in Machine Tool Work Arthur Whiting Leighton Instructor in Drawing Clyde Thomas Graham, C.E. Instructor in Civil Engineering Lester Prank Weeks, B.S. Instructor in Chemistry John Douglass Glancy ' , Pharm.D- Instructor in rharmacy Norman Clifkord Small, B.S. Instructor in Civil Engineering J. W. Harvey .Issist ' int in liU ' ctrical Engineering Walter Im.wood 1- " arniiam Instructor in Extension AL rshall Miller, B.S. Instructor in Chemistry 23 S KmfEE Mainr Agricultural iHxi.tcrimrut tatiuu tatinn taff Charles Daytox Woods Director of the Experiment Station Raymond Pearl, Ph.D. Biologist James Monroe Bartlett, M.S. Chemist Warner Jackson Morse, Ph.D. Phi}it I ' dtholoiiist Iumth Marion Patch, Ph.D. Entomologist Frank Macy Surface, Ph.D. Biologist Hermon Herbert Hanson, M.S. Chemist Mayme Rose Curtis Assistant Biologist RoYDON Lindsay Ham.mond Seed Analyst and Photographer Glenn Blaine Ramsey, M.A. Assistant Plant Pathologist Elmer Robert Tobey, B.S. Assistant Chemist Michael Shapoxalov, M.S. Assistant Pathologist John Rice Miner Jacob Zinn Computer Assistant Biologist John Howard Perry Assistant Chemist 24 MIKMPn AM Alumni ABsnriatinuii 2[ljc (Bnicral J sBociatimt President, Allen W. Stephens, 1899, 120 W . 57th St., New York, X. Y. Vicc-Prcsidt ' lit, ]. Harvey McClure, 1905, 49 Hammond St.. Bangor Recording Secretary, Fremont L. Russell, 1885, Orono jllumni Secretary, Lowell J. Reed, 1907, Orono Treosnrcr, James A. Gannett, 1908, Orono Necrologist, James N. Hart, 18S5, Orono A u snry QJmuinl Members at Large Term Expires. Edward J. Kelley, 1890, 2 Fairmont Park, East Bangor 1916 C. Parker Crow-ell, 1908, 44 Central St., Bangor 1916 George H. Hamlin, 1873, Orono 1917 Albert H. Brown, 1880, Old Town 1917 Louis C. Southard, 1875, 601 Tremont Bldg., Boston, Alass. 1918 Charles E. Oak, 1876, 39 Hammond Street, Bangor 1918 Perley B. Palmer, 1896, Orono 1919 Allen W. Stephens, 1899, 120 W. 57th St., Xcw York, N. Y. 1919 Paul L. Bean 1920 Charles C. Elwell, 1878, 71 College St., New Haven, Conn. 1920 Representing the College of Agriculture W hitman H. Jord. n, 1875, Geneva, Xew York 1920 Representing the College of Arts and Sciences DkI ' orrest H. Perkins, 1900, City Hall, Portland 1917 Representing the College of Law Charles P. Connors, 1906, 49 Hammond St.. Bangor 1916 Representing the College of Technology George F. Black, 1886, 238 St. John St., Portland 191S 25 rism COLLEGE OF LAW ALIMXI ASSOCLATIOX President. Jamks M. Gillix, 12 C " ( )liimhia lUiilding. llanjjor Vice-President, Forrest B. Snow, lyoy, Hluehill Secretary. Mark A. Barwisk, iqi.v !oi 3d St., Bangor Treasurer, Charles H. I i-iii. Jr., 1903, 7 Hammond St., Bangor .VLUAIXI OF THE SCHOOL AND Tl ' .ACHERS ' COURSES LV AGRICULTCRl ' -. President, Walter S. Jones, 1912, State Hospital, Bangor Vice-Presidents, George P. Fogg, 1908; Arthur W. Rich. rdson, 1913 Secretary-Treasurer, Perley F. Smith, 1912, R. F. D. 1, East Brownfield AXDROSCOGGIX ALLEV ASSOCL TTOX President, W alter L. Emersox, 1909 Secretary, Charles P.. Hos.miu, 19:1, 64 Lisljon St., Lcwiston BOSTOX ASSOCL TIOX President. Elmer J. W ' ilsox, 1907 Secretary. Wavlaxd D. Towxer, 19!4, 120 Salem St.. Maiden, Mass. KNOX COUNTY ASSOCIATIOX President. . P. Starrett, 1882 Secretary, R. S. Shermax, 1906, TilUon MiarI, Rockland NEW " YORK ASSOCL TION President. A. E. Mitchell, 1875 Secretary, Ashtox H. Hart, 191 i, 161 Emerson Place, Brodklyn. X ' . Y. PACIFIC ASSOCIATION President, George P. Sweetser, 1909 Secretary, Walter W. Bl. ck, 1907, 527 Taylor .St., Portland, Oregon PENOBSCOT ALL1:Y . S.S()CIATI0N President, Harry M. Smith, 1893 Secretary, ' illiam R. Ballou, 1912, 50 Blackstone St., Bangor PITTSBURGH AS.SOCIATION President. J. Wu.sox Browx, 1899 Secretary, Carl D. Smith, U. S. Bure: u of Mines, 40tli and Butler Sts. 26 W AS1!IX(.T()X (1). C.) ASSOCIATION I ' rcsiiloit, I.oKi-: A. Roci-.ks. 1896 Sccrclarv. Mi ' Nkv " . Bkarcf., lyoh. Ihivcaii nf Standards WESTERN MAINE ASSOCIATION I ' rcsidi-nt. ICiiwix j. IIaskkli., 1872 Sccretarv, Ai.hkkt E. Anderson, 1909, Masnnic Temple, rortland W MSTERN ASSOCIATION President, Charles A. Morse. 1879 Secretary, Samuel I!. Lincoln, ex-1915, 619 Eirsl T.ank Piviild- ins ' , Chicr.go, 111. 27 rism ( raftuatr S tuit utH Adams, James Ahraham, 11. A., Ps. Oroiio Maine, 1915 Allen, Lloyd Carmll. A.l ' ... Ch. .-liibiini Bates, 1914 Atwater. Donald ' ince, B.S., P.l. f)rt Fmrficld Maine. njiO Axtell. Paul Menry, A. P., Ph. Orono Colgate. iyi6 Bartlett, Pmily Mary, B.A., PI. Orono Maine, hjij Brown, Marry Chamberlain, B.S.. Ps. Marblchcad, Mass. Brown. 1913 Butters, Arthur Prwin, B.A., Kd. Old Maine. 19 16 Chadliourne. A a Harriet. B.A., Pd. Matti.i . ' anikciiij AP ' iine, 191 5 Carleton, l- ' .dwin Frazier, B.A., Fr. Parsonsfidd Maine. 191J Chase, Martha Durgin, B.A., I ' ' r. Boston L ' nixersity. 1906 Portland Clarke, George Clarence, B.A.. Ms. Kcnts Hill Kents Hill Maine, 191 3 Cohin, ella Plizahcth, P. A.. Ms. ' iUiainshiir i. hid. W ' illirmsburg, Indiana Maine. 1916 30 105 O.ik Hal i . House Oronc Orono Orono Orono QllIEllPnimX i Q l- ' airchild. Thomas Everett, l ' ..S.. I ' .l. Livcrmorc [■alls Maine, 1916 Floyd, Raymond. 11. A., (im. Maine, 1913 OroHO Fuller. William David. PIlI!.. I ' .d. Old Town Wisconsin, 1910 Goldsmith, Chester Hamlin, 1!.S., Ch. Bci ' crly. Mass. Maine, 191 5 || ' K i licjuse Univcrsitv Inn Old Town Orono Hutcliinsiin. Rohert ( )rland. A.! ' )., I ' s. Xoniiaii Station, Ind. Orono Indiana. 1914 Jack, George Edwin. A.T!.. Ch. Bates, 1910 Bovjdolnham Lanpher, Clifford, B.. ., LL.B., Foxcroft (n lM)urth Street, Bangor Law. Maine. 1908, 191 5 Pettev, Willis Thurston. B.S.. IM. Xorth Partniontli, Mass. Maine, 19 15 Phinney, Chester Squire, B.A., Gm. rawtiirkcf, R. I. ] Iaine. 191 1 Rao, Ramanathapur Sitarama, B.Sc, Banijalnrc, India Ch. University of Bombay, India, 191 3 Raven, Anton Adolph, Jr.. A.l ' .., Eh. Orono Rutgers, 1916 Orono Rich. ' illi:.m Robert, ll.S., Ch. Maine. 1916 Gorhani Roberts. John Leonard. . .l ' .., Ms. Brnnszvick Bowdoin. 191 1 Sink, Stanley Ben, B.Sc, Be. Ohio State, 19 15 Orono Stillwater University Inn Orono Orono Sj I ' orest .A enue 31 Smith, liany Woodbury, U.S., Bl. Orono Maine. 1909 Smith, Oscar .Samuel, 11. A., Ily. Maine, 1913 Baiujor Stinson, Parker Ikirroughs. A.B.. Ed. li ' iscasset Bate.s, 19 1 5 St. Onge, Arthur . mes, B.A., Ed. Foxcroft Maine, 1914 Swasey, Guy Henry. A.B., Ed. Bates, 1914 Thomas, J. Ered, B.S., Bl. Iowa State, 1915 Wilbur, CJscar MiUon, B.S., Bl Maine, 1915 Lincoln Tarbox, James Ob;diah, A.B., Ch. Orono Bovvdoin, 1914 Xczvciistlc Whitmore, Albert Ames, B.S., Hy. Orono Maine, I90 ) Fcinbrokc Orono Bangor ( rono Orono Orono 32 UlgLjk JePnsm Hiir Qjlasii (•Dftica-ii President Joseph A. .McCuskek Vice-President Harvey C. W augh Secretary Dorothy Mercier Treasurer a. Rice 34 MmSr risnn SIjc (UUnHH iif I9ir Fkedfrick Harlow Aikins, ' i " rcci(ly " indham High School I ' ractical Husbandry Ikiard (3). IvA.v Cecil Ames, " ' an, " B (-) IT Soulli W iiulham Agriculture Noilh Ha en Ch ' il Ethjinccnnij Class Football (_ ' ); Band (l), (2); Junior I ' roni. Comniitlt-i- ' (},). Harold Pierce Andrews, " Hank, " «X Monnioulh, Maine MonniDUtli Academy Forestry Maine Masque (i); Corporal (2); .Serrctary and Treasurer Forestry Club (2). Charles ' illl m IJayley, " liailey, " ' Wells High Alpba Zeta. Warren Bigelow Beckler. Jk , " Uoc " Edward Little High School Band (I), (2), (3), (4). Samuel Solomon Berger, " Sammy, " I E n Lawrence High School Dcutscher Verein. Louis Aube Bernstein, " Lieut., " E ri Edward Little High School Sergeant (2). Li:rov Xahum Berry, " Doc " Bridgton High School Alplia Zeta; Stock Judsinj; Team (4). AkiiirN Xii.i-: l ' )LA cHARi), " Art, " AX A Grcely Institute Corporal (2); Class Hoekex (Jl; Stoek .hid,i;in,i; Team (4). Al.TlE I-RANKLIN BiRACKKTT, A T 12 Second Lieutenant (2) (3); Aid Mdiiar) Hop (i) ' ells Agriculture Auburn C he mi cat lliiginecriiii Lawrence, Mass. Cheiii icol Engineering Auburn Civil Engineering South Bridgton . ' IgricuUure Cumberland Center .Igricultare Berwick EAectrical E.iigineering 35 Ibe Pr ism Ralph Baldwin Brasseuk, " Haverhill High School 1 K Haverhill, Mass. Civil Rniiinccnng Raskctball (i), (2), (3), (4); Class Football (2); Serjeant (2); Executive Com- mittee (3) ; Student Council (3), (4) ; Assistant Manager Caseball (2). I ' " .AKL RoiiKRTSON BrAWN, " PcSt, " 2 N South Portland High School Serjeant (2). Tau Beta Pi. South Portland Electrical EngiiiccriiKj WOkthen Earle BraUxV, " Hen, " AX A Bath Morse High School Chemical Etujinccrini Corporal (i), (2); Alpha Clii Si.yma ; Masque (3); Tau Beta Pi. Elizabeth Masox Bright, " Betty, " AOn Bangor High School Bangor Bioloiiy Girls ' Glee Club (i), (2), (3), (4); Ueutscher X ' ereiu (2), (3), (4); President Woman ' s Club (4) ; Phi Sigma. Grace Bidwell Bristol, " Bob, " West Hartford High School West Hartford, Conn. Home Ecunoniics Pr;(ctical Husbandrj ' Board (2) ; Deutscher Vercin (2), (3) ; Secretary and Treas- urer Deutsclier Verein (3) ; Cabinet Young Women ' s Christian Association (2) ; Secre- tary Y. W. C. A. (3); Pr esident Y. W. C. A. (4). r.KooKs Brown, " Puff, ' ' ATA Foxcioft Academy Corporal (2) ; Class Executive Committee (3). Dover Agriculture Ruth Ellen Brown, " Nut, " Brewer High School Brewer Eiujlish Manager Giris ' Glee Club (I); (iiris C.Iee Club (i) (2), (3), (4); Mandolin Club (3), (4). John Andrew Aloysius Burke, " Jawn, " ATI) Portland High School Portland Mechanical Engineering Manager Class Baseball (2) ; Assistant Manager Varsity Baseball (2) ; Manager Varsity Baseball (3); Aid Sophomore Hop (2); Aid Junior Prom. (3); Executive Com- mittee Mechanical Club (3); Prism Hoard (3); Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; Junior Week Committee (3); Senior Skulls; Blanket Tax Committee (4). Raymond Murray Callahan, " Kell_ , " 0X Edward Little High School Class Baseball Manager (2); Corporal (2). Ray iM. Carter, " Xick, " r A Charlemont High School Company Rifle Team (2) ; Alplia Chi Sigma. 36 Sabattus Agriculture West Hawley, Mass. Chemistry F ' aii- I ' AKRKTT Chai)1!()1 ' kn E, " Chad. " ! ' K ii Biddcford IJiddeford High School Mechanical Engiiieeriny Class Football (i), (2); Aid Military Hop; Aid junior rroiii.; Sergeant (2); Dramatic Club (i); Junior Masks. Leola Bowie Chaplin, " Leola, " A O IT Cornish Coniish High School English Girls Glee Club (i), (2), (3), (4); Winner Sopbomore Declamations (2); Sec- retar - Y. W. C. A. (4); Junior Exhibition (.1); Pbi Kappa Pbi. Elwood Irvin Clapp, " Clapp. " ' I ' F A Brewer Brewer High Schocil Chemical Entjineering Rand (i), (2), (3); Orchestra (i), (2). (,?), (4); Alpha Chi Sigma; Musical Clubs (4) ; Tau Beta Pi. Sumner Chase Cobb, ' " Sum, " $K2 Portland Deering High School ' Mathematics •Class Treasurer (i;) Masque (l), (2), (3), (4); Masque Council (2), (3); Cor- poral (2); Sophomore Declamations (2); Deutsclier ' erein ; Class Chaplain (3); Presi- dent Masque Council (4); President Mathematics Club (4); I ' hi Kappa Phi (4). Parkman Abbott Collins, " Park, " 0X Readficld Depot W ' inthrop High School Biolin y Rifle Team (i), (2); Sergeant (2); Phi Sigma. Jessie W ' illett Coombs, " Jess, " Walduboro Waldoboro High School Pedaijotjy Gorham Normal .School Lincoln Brackett Copp, " Link, " :i N Cornish Cornish High School Economics Corporal (2). James Coburn Creeden, ©X Brooklyn, N. Y. Civil Engineerinij Charles Edward Crossland, " Cross " Lawrence, Mass. Sanford (Me.) High School Agriculture Class Debating Team (2); Varsity Debating Team; Alternate (3); Speakers ' Club (3) ; President M. C. A. (4) ; President Agricultural Club (4) ; Varsity Debating Squad (4) ; Alpha Zeta. Fred Donald Cuowe.ll, " I on. " IS (-) n Bangor Bangcjr High School Economics Class Track (l); Pipe Committee (1); Poster Connnitleo (2); Sophomore Declamations (2); Aid Sophomore Hop (2); Military Aid to Governor (,2); Sergeant (.2). 37 IIar(ii.I) Xkwcomi! CuRRiKK. " ll.iik. " ' I K ii Rangor lircwer Iligli School Chemical P, uj ' mccrin(i Hand (l), (2), (3). (4): Orclic itra (I), (2): Mandolin CUib (3); Leader iSand I ' .DMfxi) JAMES Dempsey, " Kink, " i Matlai)an, Mass. Dorchester High School Chemistry Class Cross-Country (1), (2), (3); Class Track (i), (2), (3); Class Hockey (2); Varsity Relay (1); Varsity Track (i), (2), (3), (4); ' arsity Cross-Coinitry (i), (2), (3, (4); Serjeant (l), (2); Military Hop Committee (i); Rising Day Committee (i); Class Exccntive Committee (2); Class Treasurer {3); " M " Club; Alpha Clii Sigma; Sophomore Owls; President " M " Club; Junior Masks; Athletic Board (3); Chairman lunior Week Committee (O: President Athletic Association (4); Senior Skulls; Track Club (4). UiiiiAKi) I ' oL ' LSBY Dodge, " Dick " Machi; s .Machias High School Auricultiirc Gkokce Elmek Dole, " Georgie, " (-) X Haxcrhill, Mass. Haverhill High School Biokujy Band (I), (2), (3), (4 . .Ai.i-KKnA Ei.Lis, " Freddy, " AOH JJclfasl r.clfast High School Home Economics luvixr, Emery, " Chailic, " :i N Salisbury Cove Har HarliMr High School Muthemaiics {• " .ARi.E Leslie Emery, " Whale Island, " SN Salisbury Cove Bar Harbor High School AijricultHre Class Track (2); Class Oebatini; Team (1), (2); Xew York Alumni Scholarship (2) ; Speakers Club {2), (3). Marion Emery, " Mary Ann " Limerick Limerick Academy Home F.conomics Glee Club (i), (2), (3); Leader (.lee Club (4). JoH.x Michael Falvey, A T t2 Orono FreiicJi Ernest Leslie Fickett, " Lem, " «X Brewer Yarinouth Academy Mechanical Enyineeriii,! Class Football (i); Sergeant (i), (2). Avery Meader Fides, " Fid, " 1 ' 11 K Orr ' s Island Oak Grove Seminary Agricniture Class Track (l); Poster Committee; (jlec i lub (4). RoiiERT Kkmhle Fletcher, " Fletch " Orono Phi Sigma. Biology 38 Olt A ePnim Rali ' ii I- " .rvi Fraser, " Reel, " 1 ' II K Presque Isle l ' ri-s jiK- Isle High ScIkxjI Mcrluiiiical llniihiccrinij I ' kism i ' loard {3). Langdon Jaiksox Fri:ksk. " jack, " K i Bangor Bangor High Maihcmatics Class Footl)aIl (i), (j); Hand (i), (2); Orchestra (i), (2); Dciitschcr W-rcin ; Manager Varsity Tennis (3); Winner Junior Prize SpeakinR (3); Musical Club {4). I- ' kaxk Alexander French, " Pat, " WX appinger ' s Falls, N. Y. Dover High School ( X. H. ) Economics Class Executive Committee (i), (2); Class Track (i), (2), (3) (4); Captain Class Track (i); Varsity Relay (2). (3). (4); Captain Varsity Relay (2), (3J, (4); Varsity Track (l), (2), (3), (4); Chairman Rising Day Committee (i); Class Relay (I); Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; Sergeant (2); " . i " Club; Class Executive Com- mittee (4) ; Varsity Football (4). Frances Louise Goxyer, " Frances " Orono Littleton High School (N. H.) French William Joseph CJorham, " Bill, " K2 Wilkes Barre, Pa. Blooinsbury State Normal Economics Banquet Committee (1); Corporal (i): Sergeant (2); Floor Director Sophomore Hop (2) ; Manager Class Basketball (2) ; Executive Committee {3) ; Varsity Football (i), (2), (3); Varsity Baseball (2); Secretary Athletic Association (3); Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; Prism Board; " M " Club; Captain Football; Senior Skulls. Ben J AM IX F.LWELL Graxt, 2X Cumherh.nd Mills EcoHOmics Daniel Emerson Green, " Purity " Brewer Brewer High School Agriculture Corporal (2). Russell Saneord Greenwood, " Spud, " H K Presc|ue Isle Prescjue Lsle .-hiricnllnrc Camfu.K Board (2), (3). PiKNjAMix Herbert Grihuen, " Duke, " 1 II K , Portland Portland Fligh School Economics Corporal (i), (2). Llty Chester Guiou, " Guinu " Orono Ricker Classical In-tilule Ciinl EiKjincciiui Corporal. 39 Ibe Prisnn Portland Aijriciillure Thomaston Fort ' stry Worcester, Mass. Forestry Band (l), (2), (3, (4); Executive Commiltee Forestry Club (2), (3); Corporal (3) ; Class Hockey (2). Guy Bradford Hamilton ' , " Jcrrv. " AX A Yarmouth Academy Edward Kavanaugh Hanlky, " Xed " Thomaston High School Band (I), (2), (3). GiiORGE Edward Hanskx, " Gib " ' Classical High School (Worcester, Mass.) Mary Violetta Harrison, " Mipps " Bangor High School Deutscher Vercin ; Plii Kappa I ' lii. Frank Lorenzo Harmon, " (h-umi), " Lowell High School Freeport German ' I H K Lowell, Mass. Electrical Enijineering Class Relay (1); Class Hockey (2), (3); Corporal (i); Sergeant (2); Junior Assembly Committee (3) ; Deutscher X ' erein. Weston Br.- dford H. skele, " Brute, " B (-) II Edward Little High School Auliurn Airriculture Aid Military Hop (l); Class Executive Committee (i); Assistant Manager Track (2) ; X ' arsity Track J lanager (3) ; Campus Board (3) ; Blue Book (3), (4) ; Secretary Track Club (3) ; Junior Masks (3); " M " Club (3), (4); Secretary Maine IntercoUogiaie Atblctic Association (3) ; Executive Committee New England Intercollegiate Atbletic Association (4) ; Sigma Delta Chi; Cainfiis Board (4) ; President Track Club (4) ; Senior Skulls; Secretary-Treasurer Androscoggin Club (4). Carleton Sewall HerricI ' :, " Herrick, " K S Brewer High School Varsity Cross-Country Track (2); Sergeant (2). (2), (3) ; Class Cross-Cnunlry (2) South Brewer Economics " .M " Club; X ' arsitv DoRRicE Mae Higgins, " Dorsie, Brewer High School Cercle Frangais. J M Brewer French Royai. Grant Higgins, Jr., " Sniggih Hig, " 2N Bar Harbor High School Bar Harbor Mathematics Class Executive Committee (i); Class Football (r), (2); Captain Class Football (2); Class Basketball (i), (2); Aid Military Hop; Calendar Committee Chairman (2); Chairman Banquet Committee (i); Class President (3); Blanket Tax Committee (3); Aid Sophomore Hop; ' arsity Football (3); " M " Club; Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; Senior Skulls. 40 IbePr i5nn Mark T.angdon Hill, " Kid. " li (-) II I ' .atli ] Ior,se High School Clicinical fuigiiiccriiuj Chairman Military Hop Committee (i); Musical Clubs (i), (2), (3), (4); Class Football Manai;er (2) ; Assistant Manager ' arsity Football (2) ; Corporal (2) ; Alpha Chi Sigma; Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; Lieutenant (4). Howard Bryant Hiller, " Hub, " 2AE Alarion, Mass. Taljor Academ}- Agriculture Captain Class Football (i); Class Football (i), (2); Maine Masque (2); Man- ager Maine Masque (3), (4) ; Corporal (2) ; Chairman Sophomore Hop Committee (2) ; Blanket Tax Committee (3). (4) ; Class Executive Committee (3) ; Varsity Football (3), (4); Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; " M " Club (4); Vice-President Masque Council. Bryaxt Lf.aland Hopkins, " Iloppy " North Haven Hebron Academy Civil E)i(jiuccriiuj Band (2), (3), (4); Baseball Squad (1), (2); Class Hockey (2). Flora Adelaide Howard, a O n Bangor Bangor High Home Economics Deutscher Verein. Yee Tin Hugh Canton, China LL.B. Valparaiso, 1915 Philosophy Lillian Crosby Hunt, A O n q1(J Xown Old Town High School Eiuilisli Everett St. Claire Hurd, " Shep, " fl K 2 Pittsfield Maine Central Institute Electrical Engiiicerinij Aid Militan,- Hop (i); Mandolin Club (i); Glee Club (i), (2), (3), (4); Choir (2), (3), (4); Class Ba.seball (2); Corporal (2); Winner Southard Medal in Tennis Doubles (2); Junior Asseml)ly Committee (3); Deutsclier Verein; Tau Beta Pi. Daniel Clair Hutchinson, " Dan " Do cv Foxcroft Academy A cjri culture Class Track (i), (2); Varsity Track (1), (2), (3); Alpha Zeta. Edith Louisa Ingraham, " Tede " Bangor Bangor High Schoool- German Girls ' Glee Club (2), (3); Girls ' Mandolin Club (2), (3); Deutscher ' erciu ; Leader Girls ' Mandolin Club (4). Maurice Jacobs, " Jake. " I En Mclluicn, Mass. Metliuen High School Biology Phi .Sigma. 41 yiQLjkJfePrisrn HowAi;!) Lawrkncic Jknkixs, " Jcnks, " ii A E Alelhuen Higli School Ma -Mctliucii, Mass. Agriculture e Masque (l), (2), (3), (4); Corporal (i); Sergeant (2); Adjutant (3), Kille Team (i); Class Footliall (i), (2); Prism Board ' (3) ; Assistant Manager Football (3); Varsity Football Manager (3); Junior Masks; Junior I ' rom Committee; Scabbard and Blade: " M " Club; Manager Varsity Football (3); Regimental Adjutant (4); iee- l ' re-.i(iint Track Club (4); Athletic Council (4); Skulls (4). Carl Stroxg Johnson, " JDlmiiy, " B (-) n Mlliston Seminary Corporal (2). 1 ' " ri:i)i-.ric Paul Jones, " Opie " ' Biddeford High School Minstrels (1); Corporal (2); Aid Sophomore lloj). George Washington Kilburn, " Skipper, " :; X Fort Fairfield High School Class Track (i); Class Basketball (i), (2), (3), (4) (3); Captain ' arsity Tennis (3); Varsity Tennis (2), (3). Hakoi.d Louis King, " ' Kingy, " wx Orono High School Varsity Relay (2) (3), (4): C ' lass Track (I), (2) Theodore Edward Kloss, " Ted, " J r A Gushing Academy M. C. A. Cabinet (3); Alpha Chi Sigma. Hazel Irene Lane, " Laney " AAA Jordan High School Fast llamjMlen, Mass. Aiiricuiiurc iiiddetord Electrical Bntjineerinij Fort Fairfield Mathcimrtics ; Manager Class Ba.sketball Orono Chemistry Varsity Track (2). Kcnnebunk|)orl Chemical F.iigineerinij Lewiston Home Economics Chapin Legal. " Chappie, " 2 N Calais Seminary Halifax, X. S. Agriculture Executive Committee (3) ; Practical Husbandry (2), (3) ; Corporal (2) ; Class Hockey (4) ; Editor-in-Chief I ractical Huslniiidry (4). Philip Nason Libby, " Lib, " 2AE Pennell institute Gray Forestry Class Track (l). (2); Class Cross-Country (2): arsity I ross-Country (2), (3), (4) ; Executive Committee Forestry Club (2) ; " ice-President Forestry Club (3) ; " M " Club (3), (4); arsity Track (3); President Forestry Club; Maine . Ias(|ue (4); Phi Kappa Phi. Joiix Fernando Locke, " Senator. " iAE Mount ernon Cony High School Chemical Engineering Aid Sophomore Hop (2); Corporal (l), (2); President Republican Club (4); President Augusta Club (4). 42 QCAJeWimXlQ (. " akli ' ox II axon Maddocks Castine Xormf.l School Ellsworth Pedagogy Nelson Fountain Mank, " Xel. " i.N Deering High School Porthind AlccluDiical liiuj ' mccrlui Class Executive Committoe (2); Manager Class Hockey (2); Corporal (i); Ser- coant (2): Lieutenant (3); Military Hop Committee (r); Chairman Junior I ' rom ( om- niiltee (3); Scaliliard and Blade; Major (4). Gerald Coki:k Markli:, ' M(ise, ' " K 5 Skowhegaii High School Tau Beta Pi. Skowhegan Mechanical Engineering Rlth Evelyn March, " Rufus, " I M Coburn Classical Institute Easton Home Economics Girls ' Glee Club (i), (2). (3); Deutscher Xerein ; Tresident V. V. C. A. (3); Woman ' s Club Secretary (2). WlLBL ' R LeONARII }vIaTHE VS. ATH Berwick Electrical Engineering Dorothy Mercier, " Dot, " M Princeton High School ' . W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Class Secretary (4). Princeton Latin Katherine Buffum Merrill, " K, " M Orono High School Cercle Fran(;ais. Orono English Helen Carew Moloney. " Pat " Orono High School Orono English Charles Leo Moody Monniduth .Vcadcmv North Monmouth Agriculture Joseph Wendell Moulton Rutland, Mass. Cii ' il Engineering Bath Biology Paukkk Xash Moi ' LToN, " Jumho, " ii A E Morse High, Worcester .Academy Hebron Academy Class President (i); Sophomore Calendar Committee (i); Aid Military Hall (l) Varsity Football Scpiad (l) ; Class Track (1); Class Football (l); arsity Football (2) (3). (4); " M " Club; Color-Serjjeant (2); Plii Si.cma. 43 J?Pri5nnAj Q Ci-YiiF. Fletcher Mower, " Claudius. " A X A Dexter High School Tail Beta Pi. Dexter McchiUiical Enij ' nieeniKi Lelan ' d Monroe Mower, " Kip " .Vuburn Edward Little High .School Ckil Etujhieering Class Basketball (i), (2); Corporal (2): Secretary Civil Club (3). Ch.vrles Emerson Mullen, " Brick, " l r a Bangor High School Sergeant (2). Lawrence Edward Mulloney, " Doc, " A T w Portland High School Blanche Lauretta Murphv, " Blanche. " 1 ' M Portland High School Mabel Thurston Murray, " George " Boothbay Harbor High School Royce Delano McAlister, " iVLic, " 5 A E Bucksport Seminary Band (i), (2); Class Baseball (l), {2); Edncational Clnb (4). Bangor Chemical Engincerinij Portland Mechanical Enginccriiuj Portland Eiujlish Boothbay Harbor History i ' luckjport E.ducation Worcester, Mass. Electrical Eyicjinccriiii; Francis Thomas McCabe, " Snuff, " ATA Worcester South High School Transferred Worcester Tech. Hockey Manager; Vice-President Massaclnisetts Clnb (1); Corporal; E.xecutive Committee Massachusetts Club. George Curtin McCabe, " Mac, " X Kennebunk High School Sopbomore Hop Committee (2). Kennebunkporl Electrical Engineering Herbert Hodges McCobb, " Ty, " ATn Linculmille Camden High School Agriciillnrc Class Track (l) (2); Junior Masks; Varsity Football (2). Brainlree, Mass. Biology Joseph AloYsius McCusker, " Mac, " X Poughkeepsie High School Manager Class Basketball (i) ; Glee Clnb (i), (3); Aid Military Hop (i) ; Cap Committee (i) ; Class Vice-President (2); Varsity Cheer Leader (3); Executive Com- mittee (3); Sophomore Owls; President Class (4); Senior Skulls. 44 OCa Spt ism William Edmund Xash, " nill. ' K i Concord, X. II. Concord High School Civil Engineering Class Cheer Leader (l); Corporal (i); Chairman Freshman Caps (l) ; Military Hop Committee (l) ; Sergeant (i); Chairman Rising Day Committee (i); Assistant Man- ager ' arsity Baseball (2) ; Maine Masqne (2) ; Assistant Bnsiness Manager Prism (2) ; First Sergeant (2); Class President (2); Assistant Hnsiness Manager Cciiii[ us (2); Pres- ident Massaclnisetts Clnb (3); Class Football (2); Bnsiness Manager Cujiipus {3); Vice- President Civil Clnb (3); Sigma Delta Chi (3); Varsity Baseball Manager (3); ' hniior Masks (3) ; " M " Club (3) ; President Maine Slate Baseball Association " (3). Maxw i:ll Xewton " " Xewt " ' 4 E 11 Kents Hill Seminary Kents Hill Chemical Rngiiu-ering Foster Xowki.l, " Scumniic, " A T A Reading High School Aid Military Hop (i); Aid Sophomore Hop (2). Reading, Mass. Cii ' il Engineering Garth Albert Noyes Orono High School Corporal (2). Orono Electrical Engineering William Florence O ' Donoghue. " Bill, " ' AX A Lowell, Mass. Phillips Exeter Academy Forestry ' Corporal (2); Lieutenant (3); Scal)liard and Blade; Captain 14). Schuyler Colfax Page, Jr., " .Scuttle, " H K Caribou Caribou High School Electrical Engineerimj Class Track (i). (2), (3); Band (l), (2). (3), (4); Mandolin Club (i), (2), (3). (4) ; Secretary Musical C lubs (3) ; Aid Sophomore Hop (2) ; Leader Mandolin Club (4); Class Xominating Committee (2), (3); Cercle Frangais; Corporal (2). Clara Estelle Partridge, " Clara, " ! M Coburn Classical Institute Cercle Frangais; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3), (4). Pemaquid Beach Elome Economies Hakcjld Sawyer Pemberton, " Peni, " A . A Groveland High School Sergeant (2). Raymond Archibald Pendleton, " Pal " K S Brewer High School Class Baseball (l), (2); Captain Class Baseball (1); Varsity Baseball (l), (2), (3); Student Council; Vice-President Student Council; (orporal (2); " M " Club; Class Vice-President (3); Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; Junior Prom Committee (3); Cap- tain Varsfty Baseball (4) ; Senior Skulls (4). Groveland, Alass. Civil Engineering Brewer Mathematics 45 CuAkLiis Clutcj.n Pe.xnev, " Cluick, " (-) X Lewisiun Lewiston High School Aijriculture Aid Sophomore Hop (2) ; Junior Assembly Committee (3 ' ) ; Sergeant (2). Edwaki) Adolphus Pkrki.ns, " I ' iiiky, " i; X Old Orchard CJld Orchard High School Electrical fingincering Corporal (2). John Howard Perry, " Srnut, " A T A Lincoln Foxcroft Academy Clieiiiicijl Rngiuccrin Alpha Chi Sigma; Corporal (2). Mn.iiKKD Geneva Perry, " Mil " Orono Orono High School English He.nkv Andrew Peterson, " Pete. " 5X I )nland Deering High School IVwlogy Class Football (l); Varsity Football (2), (3). C4) ; " M " l hib (j); Sergeant (2); Class Execntive Committee (3); Junior Week Committee (3); Kidder Scholarship; Pres- ident Prohibition Club (4); President Nhiine Intercollegiate Prohibition Association (4); Phi Sigma. Elizabeth Cornelia Pheli ' .s, " Connie, " t M I ' oxboro, Mass. Foxbofo High School German Girls ' Glee Club (i). (2). (3); Ueutscher X ' erein ; Pris.m Board (3); Girls ' Man- doHn Club (3). (4). Stanley Gilkey Phillip. ' , " Yap. " 1 P A Westbrook W ' estbfook High School Civil Engineering Class Baseball (i), (2); N ' arsity P-aseball (2), (3); Musical Clubs (l), (3); Cap Committee (2); Calendar Committee (2); Student Council (3), (4); Sophomore Owls; " . f " Club. Ralph Bautlett Pierce, " Bib, " 5X Beverly, Alass. Beverly High School Chemistry Class Track (1), (2); Varsity Track (i), (2), (3); Class Football (2) ; Aid Sophomore Hop; Chairman Junior Assembly Commitlee (3) ; Sophomore Owls; " M " Club; Inter-Fraternity Council. Howard Lester Pierson Detroit Lisbon Falls High School Chemistry Corporal (2); Prism Board (3). Lin WOOD Trie, " Pit. " WX Augusta Lewiston High School Journalism Sergeant (2); Glee Club (i), (2), (3). (4); Manager Musical Clubs (3); Sigma Delta Chi; University Quartette (3), (4). 46 rism LAURAiNcii LiiiCESTiiE PosT. " Algic " Alfred Sanford High School Civil ■.ih inccriinj Corporal (2). Leslie Edwakd Pkehle. " Rip, " i N Saco Tl-.ornton Acadcni}- Chciuicifl ■.iiii ' iiceritig Corporal (2). Glenn Carleton Prescott, " Cuz, " I H K Kezar Frlls Haverhill, Mass., High School Ecoiiontics Class Track (i); Varsity Track (i). lunvAKD Caulton Kemick, " liiscoe, " K :i • Sprin vale Brockton High School I ' liysics Pipe Coaimiltco (i); Aid Sophomore Hop. William Eugene Reynolds. " Life-, " ATA Northeast llariior Gilman High School Agriculture Class Football (I). Charles Anthony Rice, " Charlie, " K2 L ' xbridge, Mass. Powder Point School Economics Class Track (i) ; Captain Class Track (2) ; N. E. I. A. A. A. Record, 100 yard and 220 yard dashes (U ; M. I. A. A. Record, 220 yards dash (i) ; Class E.xccutive Com- mittee (2); Varsity Track (i), (2); " M " Club; Sophomore Owls; Junior Musks; Track Club; Senior Skulls; Captain X ' arsity Track (4). Ruth Mli kh.l Ricker, " Ruth " Lisbon Falls Lisbon Falls High School Home Economics Dcutscher Verein. Carl Elmo Robinson, " Roltbie " Bangor Bangor High School Aiiriciilfiire George Campbell Robinson, " Jinx, " ATA W ' estbrook Westbrook High School Mechanical Eiii ineering Corporal (i); Lieutenant (3); Class Hockey (2); Class Baseball (i), (2); Cap- tain (4) ; Scabbard and Blade. Li:vi Thaddeus Rowley, " Lee, " TU Hartford, Conn. Hartford Public Fligh School Mechanical Engineering Doris Savage, " Dot, " A O 11 Bangor Bangor High School German Girls ' Glee Club (i) ; Dcutscher Wrein. 47 Chaki.ks Augustine Sawyer, " Cliarlie, " wx roiihmd Deering High School Mcclnniical I:ii,iiiiccriiti Class Track (i) ; Tail licta I ' i. Kau ' II Laule Sawyeu, " Lucy, " 2 N JJuxtun Buxton High School Electrical Engineering Class Football (j) ; Class Hockey (2), (3). John Leslie Scribner, " Scritj, " 1 H K Plattsliuri;li, K. Y. Plattsburgh High School .hiriciilliirc Corporal (2) ; Lieutenant (3), (4) ; AKronomy Judging Team (4). Fuller Gustavus Sherman, " Beans, " A T A Randolph Gardiner High School Chemical E.iigiiiccring Class Baseball (i), (2); Caplain Class Baseball (i); Class Football (i); Corporal (2); Sopbomore Owls; Manager Class Basketball (4). Claude Lyndon Sidelinger Washington Eastern State Normal School Education William Andrew Simpson, " Zibisco, " 2 N Marlboro, Mass. Marlboro High School Agriculture Deutscber Verein ; Assistant Business Manager Practical Husbandry (i;; Business Manager Practical Husbandry (2), (3). Clarence Llewellyn Smith, " Smithy " inalh;Acn Vinalhaven High School Mechanical Eiujinecrini; Tau Beta Pi; Pittsburg Alumni Association Scbolarsbip. Marshall Odell Smith, " Neino, " « X Yarmouth, Me. North Yarmouth Academy Chemical Engineering . lpba Clii Sigma; Corporal (2); Tau Beta Pi. Miner Reginald Stackpole, " Stack, " 5AE Sanford, Me. Hebron Academy Civil Engineering Sergeant (2); Executive Committee Civil Engineering Society; President Civil Fngineering Society (4). Frank Owen Stephens, " Steve. " Ben Aul.uin, Me. Hdward Little High School Journalism Cdiiifus Board (i); Associate Editor Cniiipus (2): Managing Editor Ciiinf ' us (3); Corporal (2); Banquet Committee (i); Sopliomore Owls; Junior Masks; Sigma Delta Cbi; Blue Book Staff; Editor Maine Caintus (4); President Inter-Fratcrnity Council (4); Lieutenant (4); Senior Skulls (4). 48 risnn CnAKLHs Li.NDSLKY Stki ' H KNSuN , " Dick, " " .Stexc, " I 11 K Cjreat ISarriiiglon, Mass. Searles High School AijricuUurc Class Footliall (i " ), (2); Assistant arsity I!ascl)all Manager (2); Class Hockey (2). (3). (4); Lieutenant (3); Cai)tain Machine (inn Co. (4); Scabbard and Blade " ; Lieutenant Colonel (4). R.w.Moxn I ' li ' .NSox Steward, " Ra_ - " . . Portland Portland High School Agriculture Stanley W ' aldron Stoddakd, " Jake, " A T li Bingham Bingham High School Electrical Engiuecrinij Class Track (2); Student Council (4). RuDoLi ' H Stoehk, " Rulie " Sabattus Edward Little High .School Dairying Alpha Zeta. Richard Stoughton, " Dick, " A X A Montague, Mass. Turners l " alls High School Agriculture Jessie ' Sl.w Sturtevant, " Jessie, " Awn Milo Milo High School Journalism C amicus Board (4). Robert James Travers, " Bob, " AXA Bangor Bangor High School Electrical Engineering Corporal (2); Lieutenant (i) ; Vice-President C. of M. A. I. E. E. (3); Captain (4) ; Scabbard and Blade. Forrest Reuben Treworgy, " True, " 2 N Ellsworth Ells v(jrth High School Physics Class Debating Team (I); Western Alumni Scholarship (1); Kille Club (2); Speakers ' Club (2); Sophomore Declamations (2). George Knowlton Wadlin, " Urge, ' AXA East Northport Belfast High Scliool Electrical Engineering Aid Sophomore Hop; Executive Committee Electrical Club (3); Tau Beta Pi (3). W ' lI.I.IA.M GUSTAVL ' S W AH LENBERG, " Bill, " . X . ThompsoHxillc, Conn. Connecticut Literary Institution Eorestry Western Ahimni Associ;ition Scholarsliii ; Phi Kappa Plii. 49 OCA ZLii ElQ Simon Murray W ' audwkll, " Sime, " 15 w 11 Edward Lillle High School Corporal (2) ; Alpha Chi Sis ' iia. Auhuni CliLiiilslr Russell Vale Waterhouse, ■ ' JMarm. " :s A E Kents Hill Seminary Corjiora! (2) ; Class Football (2) ; Alpha Zeta (3). Kennchuiik Aijrkultiirc Herbert Everett ' ArKixs, " Watso, Deering High School ATA PoiTland Clu ' iiiistrv Poster Committee (i); Sophomore Hop Committee- (2); Deutscher V ' crein ; Class Football (2): Class Treasurer (2); Corporal (2); Drum Major (2); Lieutenant (3). Harvey Cyrus W ' augh, " Cy, " S N Levant Higgins Classical Institute Mcchaiiii-al Hngineerinij Poster Committee (i) ; Sophomore Hop Committee (2) ; Sergeant (2) ; Business Manager Prism (3); Tau Beta Pi (3); Class Vice-President (4); Senior Skulls; Phi Kappa Phi. DoxALi) Stuart Welch, " Ddii. " l ' II K Norway High School Sergeant (2); Alpha Zeta; T ' hi Sigma. Norway liiology Elwood Morton Wilbur, ■ ' MortimtT, " A X . Sullivan •Corporal (2); Treasurer (. ' ivil Club (3). Sorrento Ch ' il I: n; inccniuj Frances Andrews k)I), " hrank " Bar Harbor High School Bar Harbor French Glee Club (i). (4); Cercle Frau ;ais; ' ice-Presi leut Cerele Frani;ais (4). Kingfield Agriculture Executive Committee Agricultural Club (3); Assistant Kditor Practical Husbandry (4); Stock Judging Team (4); Alpha Zeta (4); Phi K.ippa Phi (4). Lawrence Blanchard Wood, " Hi, ' Kingfield High School Margaret Allen Wood, " Peggy ' Bar Harbor High Schodl ;ar Harbor Gcnnaii SO iO ' N ' LOLt risnn 1913 Ollass ©fftccrii President Vice-President Treasurer Charles A. Jortberg Harold N. Jones Lewis W. Gammelga. d xccutiuc UJummittcc Thomas M. Crawshaw Arthur B. O ' Bridn Francis Head James E. Spiers 52 OCAEEni ism m)t (Elaaa nf 1918 N ' oYi.K liBEN Abbott, " Red, " A T Q Albion Coburn Classical Institute Economics Aid Military Hop; Frt-sliman Pipe Committee (i); Deutschcr Vercin ; Serueant (2) ; Chairman Sophomore Hop; Assistant Manager Baseliall (2); Manager Baseball (3); Lientenant (j); Junior Masks. The liahitat of this " raw " specimen seems to- be the Library althoii,t;h he has been known to make periodical so- journs to Ballentine Hall, and even as far as Birch Street, Bangor. The appearance of " Pinkie ' s " head and voice, equally as loud, is always followed by a giggle from the Co- eds. In other respects he is almost human. When " Red " says " folks " we can hear the cattle lowing in the lane and see the chickens climbing round the old back porch over in Albion. CiEORGE Joseph Adams, " Cy " Orono High School Ore no Ph xsics One would not be forced to take a second look to assure themselves that this youth is a product of this pleasant little hamlet, and who can tell, he may live to be a landmark in the community. Provided, of course, he does not die from over-exertion tr ing to attend all the dances within a radius of twenty-five miles. He is one of the few physicists in tlie class, and has .great faith in a job at Washington (?). but from the manner in wliich he rolls his own he will undoubt- edly hire out as a cigarette fiend or human smokestack with some poi)ular circus. Walter Piowex Aikens, " Son ' Windham High School South indliani . Ifiricultiiyc This easy-going, fair-complexioned, smooth-faced kid from Windham Hill, came to Iainc, we supposed, to take Agriculture. He is actually t.iking a course in the " Cos- mopolitan " and the " Standard Dictionary of Facts. " He got an " E ' in the latter and will have to take an arrearage. 53 M MSel ism I ' " ka. k Orkx Ai.i.ey, " Gric, " 2X I ' .ar Harbor liar Harhor Higli School .h ricultiirc Class Footlinll (il; Assistant Manager Traclical Hus- bandry. ' hun this " Farmer " blew in from Bar Harbor it was with despair that the Sophomores took him in liand to mold him into a college man. Observe the work of the noble " si.x hundred. " Without aspirations, with malice towards none, this demon of agriculture now contemplates a future course at Harvard Medical to i)repare himself for the noble profes- sion of " Hoss Fixer; " " Gric " has recently been elected pres- ident of tlie " (iimme Club. " Luther Xewf.i.i. . mos, " Lute " Iloulioij Electrical I-.n jhiccrUuj Ricker Cla. ' .- ical Institute Here we have Lutlicr. who began cussin ' tlie professors in his Freshman year, and has continued since. With hi.; weird tales of Houlton and vicinity he has tired liiinself and everyone else out. His chief occupation is in making himself a dictionary much to the digust of his loving classmates. Howard Leroy Annis " Abe, " " Banana.s, " A T 12 Lincohi Mattanawcook Academy Forestry Hold on, thar. There ' s some trick about this, (jo ahead, call ' em u|). Alec. 1 feel like a lynx. How do I look? Ask him about Lincoln Center. He says it is the best little town on the face of the earth. He came from there a little bit woolly. His hat on his head like the belt on a pulley. I ' .ut now, as his hair is cut short, and he ' s got into the whirl. He goes to dancing school so as to tie with tlie girl. By Jeekus. you know, laying all joking aside. He ' s got a lot of brains in liis thick old hide. I AYM( . Neai.k . thertox, " Haiik " . ugusta Cony High School .hjricnlture First Sergeant (2) ; First Lieutenant (3) ; Captain (i) ; M. C. A. Cabinet. Boots and saddles, to horse and away ! There goes our captain, the beautiful Ray! His face wreathed in smiles attracts the fair sex. But in spite of liis splendor lie ' s one of the hecks. 54 Ibe Pr ism (iicoRci-: RavmiiM) I ' .Aii.i V, " tieranium, " " Xigger, " A ' I " il Northamplon, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Xorthampton High School Lieutenant (,?). Oh yes, he ' s funny. If you don ' t behevc it, watch the girls .gather aronnii when they have a chance. It ' s an even bet which will giggle the most. Then take him at the house. When he gets his sword, hat, and revolver on each night, he ' d have you think he was the only officer Lieut. Hickam had. Fifteen minutes he is foolish — easy to believe, you .say? — well, it is, and he remains that way for the next twenty-four hours. During the summer he is Nigger Dodger for the Smith .girls. But really he has an ambition. It is to meet two of Brewer ' s " 400. " We wonder what the Tow (e) (e) would say if he should meet them. .Vdkif.l P). rx. ki), " I ' arney " ISucksport Mechanical I:nginccrin_i Eastern Maine Conference ! eniinary Corporal (J). " Barney " stayed in Orono his first two years, but he decided to grace the dorm with his presence this year. We regret that he didn ' t come up sooner, but we suppose he had his reasons for staying there. " Barney " says there is a lot better bimch down town than on the Campus. Wonder why he left, then. Wn.i.rT Cl.ark Barrett, " Cirinnen, " l r A Newport, Rhode Island Pittsfield (Mass.) High .School German Freshman Banquet Committee ; Assistant Manager Musical Clubs (2) ; Class Track (i) ; Class Football Manager (I); Track Club (l), (3); Glee Club (i), (3); Choir (.ii. (3) : First Sergeant (2) ; First Lieutenant (3) ; Captain (31 ; Art Editor of Prism. Willet Clark was the foremost member of the " Brown-Kaulfuss-Barrctt " triumvirate before it went to " smesh. " He don ' t be scared. As a Lady-killer the boy is there, and don ' t they fall for him when he is " gussied " up m his uiiform. " .Ain ' t it elegant? " Josi ' .i ' H ■rH(i. i. s liia K, " Tom Cat, " ATA . ugu la Cony High School Economics Sergeant (2) ; Glee Club (2). Meow — Meow — Meow — ? ? Housecat. Once he aspired to be ;i chemist, but that was only a dream. 55 OCAllePni ism Ci.YnE Ai.i.KN I ' .KNSOX, " Ben, " ©X Lewiston Winllirop High School Chemical Enii ' mceriny Alpha Clii Sijjma; Corporal (2); Assistant Diisincss MatiaKi " r I ' kiSiM, CoiisidtT it a privilege to gaze upon this All-Amcrican clioicc for the Pompeian Calendar. If you don ' t hclicve he can have any girl on the Campus, ask him. But off the Campus, it is different. This victim of unrequited love has a lot to learn from the wide, wide world, and although reported to pass up opportunities, we trust that his fertile hrain will jmll him through. SlAXLr.Y " kl-.MONT P)EVER. C.F., " Ik ' N, " :i A E North Haven Nonh Ha en High .School Chemistry Band (2), (3). His face is innocent enough, but Oh, my, you should know him. They say they all fall for him, even so far as to accost him on the streets of Old Town. Somehow Orono seems to have lost its charm but " Bev " says, " I don ' t want to stick to one girl too close, for it might make hard feelings. " He likes to be fair to them all. Frederick C. ri-ETon Blsbee, " Bis " Berlin, X. H. Berlin High School Electrical Enyiiieerin,!; Sergeant (2). " Bis " never did like to do reference work in the library, but since the advent of the freshman class he has spent many enjoyable moments there. Yes, there is a woman in the case. You wouldn ' t think he was that kind, would you? Now that he is a Junior electrical engineer he can make sparks in great shape, and it begins to look as though some of the sparking had leaked out of Lord Hall. Marie Prince Blackmax " Spaghetti " I ' cak.s Island Portland High School Home Economics Treasurer Y. ' V ' . C. A. (3). Marie coming down the hall at 8.30 . .M. and 4.30 [■ . t. — HASN ' T that mail come yet? " Why does she ask this? Because she is in a hurry for the latest bulletin from Bow- doin. Never mind, Marie, we all like him, but where was he at the State Meet at Howdoin last year? . 56 QlIIX eWLi ElQ Makjokik Madf.i.i ni ' I ' .i.anchakii, " Marj " Sanford San ford High Scliocil Pcdaijoijy Gorham Normal Sciiool Marjorie is (jiiict and unassuming and we understood that slie put off comini; to college until this year in order to he the chief adviser and guardian of her " little sister. " From all appearances she fulfills this duty well. HAinAKD W ' ll.P.rR Pil.AISDKLL. " Iluilker " North .Sullivan .Sulli an Hif h .School Economics Sergeant (2). Yea ! Behold Harvard, the ambitious youth from no- where. The Bis Stick artist. He always has enough energy to sink a ship. Hunker has seldom been seen with the fairer sex — we don ' t blame you, Hunker — we fear your taste is all in your mouth. Harvard ' s chief worry is where he is going to get a fare to Old Town. " Good night, fellows — put out the lights. " ' allace Johx.son BooTHr.v, " W ' hitie " l angor Bangor High School Economics " W ' liitie ' s " home is in Bangor so we are at loss to know what he does with his spare time. He eats, sleeps, and studies the five days of each week that he spends on the Campus, but every Friday he disappears and does not turn up again until Mondaw Wallace can argue any question from girls to science, but if you wish to find him at his best, sug- gest to him that there are better places than Bangor. We would have to like Bangor (or some one in Bangor), an awful lot before we would spend as much time there as " Whitie " docs — draw vour own conclusions. Thoma. ' Whttmoki-: Borjessox, " Tom " Richmond Richmond High School U riciiltiirc Corporal (2). " Tom, ' the boy you can ' t get mad; the only and orig- inal good natured lad. The boys on the first floor of Oak robbed Tom of so much of that good old Richmond home cooking his freshman year that he moved down town in self defence. Since then we h.ivcn ' t seen so much of him. . sk Tom what be does in Kirhmond summers. y 57 )j9lJkJbePn a ■ir ,f-l Rdiii-KT ICmkrson Brackktt, " Bob " Orono Limington High School Physics liob has followed the straight and narrow path since coming to college and seems to be getting results. Mis one diversion is playing pool, and he is some shark at that. He is " Cap " Holmes ' right hand man, and we expect to hear more from him if he keeps up his work in the line of Physics. Uot) is tlierc when it comes to women, hut you can ' t get him to look at a co-ed. ILLl.VM lll.NkV J-Ikaxsfield, " Bill " W ' llimaiuic. C ' diin. F.lcctricitl linijinccriiuj W illiniaiitic High School Bill hails from the Nutmeg state, and when he struck Orono the dust began to fly. But since he has been here he lias settled down to be a very industrious student. It is ru- mored tliat the electrical d epartment couldn ' t get along witli- out him and tliat Prof. Barrows and he pull together quite well, but as yet we have not been able to determine whicli way. V ' e hope you come out on top. Bill. Everett Hovey Brasier " Slicker, ' ' 4 P A (niilfonl Guilford High School .hiriculturc " Slicker, " as his name implies, is one of those unassum- ing, sophisticated, abstruse, casual, and chaste o«ths wlio. with a quarter cravat, blossoms into a virtual Beau Urununel. When it comes to digging potatoes he is tliere. He is taking Heck. Thom.x.s Ai.iH) BKnrAix, " Britt, " E Island Falls Island Falls High School Chciuistry Military Hop Committee (i); Class Football (l). " Now, look-a-here, it ' s a question in my mind. " Tf he wasn ' t so engrossed with the formation of the human cell from the elements, and the belief of Bob In.ger.soU, then be would be an ideal follower of Billy Sunday. In con- trast to tills, he was christened a Mormon by igig. As a co- worker with his neighbor. Gov. Milliken, he is destined to establish State prohibition. 58 Qi9[ _Pri5m Syl i:sti:k I ' irkkd UuniicK, liooli Transferred from W (irccsicr ' i K :i Amesbury, Mass. F.counniics I ' olvlcclinic Insti- tute " Boob " is a firm bclit-vcr in tlii ' principle, in time ol " peace, prepare for war. In order to ive e. pression to liis belief, he has enlisted in the military caste. Though he has studied paternalism and knows its pitfalls he prefers this to doubtful democracy. AI.M-: Fk-- xces C.aixe Brewer Brewer High School Gcniiaii Deutscher ' erein ; ( " erclc Frangaise. This fair damsel not only holds the record tor iieart- breakers in Brewer and Somerville, but runs a close second among the Co-eds. The library at noontime seems to hold a lot of attractions for Mac. even when it is the cost of a dinner. H.xknLD Benjamin C.m.iiw ele, " .Stithby, " 5X Madison Ck ' il Eiiqinccrirhi Madison High School Sergeant (2); Second Lieutenant (,?). Lieutenant Caldwell ' s one ambition is to attain a com- mission in the regular army, but we are much afraid that the " Salvation Army " will claim his services. The Mechanics department supplied most of his social life for his first two years, and atliough he has revolted from its tender care he continues to play it safe by donating a cigar occasionally as a token of his appreciation. Lewis Tracy Calhoun, " Cal, " r.ridgeport High School Fore St rv Club I ' ri(lgc])ort, Ct. foreslry Treasurer Stew- Fxecutive Committee ards ' Association. This lengthy youth from Bridgeport started with the class of iyi6, but saw the error of his ways, and waited for igi8 to come along. " Cal " knows what the book says about Vine. Women, and Song, but he believes it is only the Wine and Song. The frequency of his visits to Orono would prove that he doesn ' t include women in the group. 59 OILa EW ism George Cliktox Cameuo.n, " Kike. " SAE I ' ryclmrg Fryeburg Academy Mcclniiiicc:! Enijineeriihj This is some specimen. Old Town. Bangor. Veazie, and otlicr suburbs of Orono are as an open book. Ho is now- taking a vacation in Hartford, Conn., in an attempt to rest up from his social duties hereabouts. " Kike " would be a me- chanical engineer but he oft sings that old time refrain, " I ' d Like to Go Hack to Michigan, " which interferes with his ambitions. We expect to see his smiling countenance once again next Fall. (Iertrude Frances Ca.wox Brewer Brewer High School German Deutschcr ' erein ; Cerclc Frangaise ; Girls ' Mandolin Club. W ' e wonder why Gertrude prefers taking those long car rides from Brewer to living on the Gampns. That ' s easy. Just ask Donald about his pull with the conductors on the eleven o ' clock from Brewer Corner. But Gertrude didn ' t want to desert the Campus .altogether, so she took a special approved course in Campus walks .md library conferences. But now we ' ve lost her ! ! Thurstox Daniel Carlson, " Carly, " . E Ho]jedale, M;ss. Hopedale High School Electrical Engineering Corporal (2); Class Track (i), (2). This frail looking youth from Hopedale is considered to be the noisiest fellow in the class. It is a well-known fact that Carly holds a power over the opposite sex. and since coming to Maine the co-eds have gone wild over him, but he still holds true to the little blonde in Massachusetts. After completing his course at college he expects to show Uncle Sam how he can guard our coast lines by electrical devices under the sea. f ' lEORGE ! Ielvix Carltox, " Mel, " ' Tirammy " ' Wtjolwich Alorse High School Electrical Engineering Corporal (1). George Melvin is a pink-cheeked, harmless boy, who could never make .anyone believe that he was an engineer. So to make an imjiressive front he now sports a technical vocabulary that makes us common, every day mortals view him with awe. Some day we ' re going to look into the dic- tionarv and see if those words are really there. 60 Qilj AjepTTi ism Georc;!-: Milton Caktkk, " Bugs. " ii X W ' aslihuni W ashliuni HIkIi Schoii! F.lcctrical I-juiUiecrinij Sergeant (2); Scene Manager Maine Masque -); Lieutenant (3). This boy wonder in the electrical world, or perhaps l)et- ter a second Thomas Edison, certainly uses his chosen science in an attractive way. How ? Ask the fair ones. Does he have some interesting experiences in his work? Well, just ask him. Xo, they ' re not exactly hair-raising. I.ut — v cll. interesting, yes. Are you thirsty? There ' s no need to be if you know the high sign — a tap with the finger on each side of vour chest and once on vour stomach — that ' s all. Do ' s I like ' it? Do ' s I? Here ' s hoping " BUGS ' will trip through life on as light and fantastic toes as he does at PulKn ' s. Preston Berlin CH.- nBOUKNE, " Chad " Harmony Harmony High School Dairy ' uuj Chad, the guardian of the Chicken Coop. If you want any inside dope on the girls, see Chad. He knows so many Co-eds that the girls in the surrounding towns do not bother him, and he knows the Co-eds so well that he has never settled on any definite one. Familiarity breeds, etc. 1mv. ncis Deeking Ch.M ' IN, " . " lugger, " . X . .Saco Thornton Academy Mechanical Hiigineeriny Corporal (2); Football Squad (2); Rifle Team (2). " Slugger ' s " physician prescribes for him a painful ton- sorial operation on the average twice a year. One doesn ' t recognize him from his picture. When he has his coiffure arranged a la Buffalo Bill and wears his drooping Jesse James mustachios one begins to feel peculiar shaped trans- verse waves running up and down one ' s spinal column. in «• Russell Comstock ' Tomp. " ! K }i Hartford, Conn. Hartford Pubhc High School Economics Floor Director Military Hop (i); Caiiil tis Board (i), (2) ; First Sergeant (2) ; Vice-Prcsicdent M. C. A. (2) (3) ; First Lieutenant (3) : Mandolin Club (3). " Pomp " never could see where the harm came in smok- ing in the V. M. C. A. office so always plans to have his fur- nace or a stogie going full blast when entering the room. Rut then, the vice-president ought to have some rights, hadn ' t he? Xow that Bangor has gone drv (?) Russell ' s services as vice-president of the Prohibition Chib will not be needed to such an extent as before. In fact, with both sororities on the string, and frequent informal dances coming along at reg ular intervals this chevalier of the twentieth century finds liitle time for work. If work interferes with i)leasure, give np the work. 61 Q!§lI£EEni l riii Chalmers, A O II Bangor Bangor High Y. W. C. A. Dramatics (2) ; Cerclc Franijaise. Ruth " Bob " -bcd oiice-twice-tlirce times, but siie has now settled down to " Quiet little evenings at home. " She tries hard to rival her friends, the Kappa Sigs. in repeating all the choic e bits of gossip and her friends give her all their old l:iills to collect, for she has proved good at Dunning. George Henry Chf.. kv, " Sam, " !■ r A Raiuloli)li Gardiner Higli . " L ' hool Chciiiistrv Corporal (2): Deutscher ' ercin (i). (2), (3). " Sam ' s " a most unfortunate individual. He ' s an unsuc- cessful attempt at being a heartbreaker — the only heart be succeeds in breaking is his own. He ' s great on fi.xing up little Old Town " pnrties. " .• lso. he ' s a money-grabber. K WMOND Fuller Cole, " Sam, Hebron Academy ATA Pirewer Economics Aid Sophoinore Hop. This long-haired Samson imported from Brewer is guaranteed for four years, but now it looks as though he were guaranteed for life. Although Sam is an " .A.B, " one would think that he is taking " Heck. " by the amount of time lie spend-; around W ' inslmv Hall and the Maples. Sam ' s a ccustomed nightcap is an hour ' s chat over the telephone to Mount X ' ernon. Kr.nest Leox ' Coolbroth. " .Soup, " 1 " A W oodford.s Deering High Scliool Ciz ' il Engineerimj Class Track (i); Class Football (i), (2); Band (i), (2), (3); Orchestra (i). (2), (3); Military Hop Com- mittee (i) ; Class Treasurer (2) ; Aid Sophomore Hop (2) ; Varsity Relav Squad (l); Band Corporal (3): Sophomore Owls. ■ Many of " Coolie ' s " characteristics are included in his " moniker " SOUP. He ' s been riding on the band-wagon for three years tooting his piccolo. " Soup " was one of the class advertisers ( ' 18 on the little yellow barn). As a social lion he doesn ' t KING in, in Orono. Bryan could find a good yodler in " Soup " for his Chautauqua lectures. 62 Pi9 [ riS Pri5i TA l ' i;kvi. Kliza Ckam New Sharon New Sharon Hifjh School J.aliii Girls ' Mandolin t ' lnli. Quiet and unassiiminji, oli, yes, but let us tell you that she is one of the " four Inmdred " in New Sharon. There is one awfully sad event in her career, however, which we are almost ashamed to mention. She went to the movies one night without a chaperone. Let us not judge her too harshly, lor she is a paragon of virtue most of the time. Ek.vest Victor Ckam, " ic, " 1 r A Sanford Sanford High School Cii ' il Etujinccring Hebron Academy Maine Masque (i); Varsity Tennis (2), (j) ; Vice- President Civil Society (3). " " ic " is another of those roughneck Civils. From ap- pearances you wouldn ' t tliink he there on the feminine question, but he is. and he works them for the candy. He believes in pitch and tennis, and never does any work. It is a wonder how he stays in Boardy ' s college, but he fools them ,il! and just .skins liy. Tho.mas Hill Ckawshaw, " ' roni. ' Edward Little High School i . l.CU IStllll Porcstry Class Executive Committee (3). This is " Hocksliaw, " the great detective. " Tommy " wanders from Pine Point to Orono trying to detect how to traverse this vale of tears with the smallest amount of energy to obtain most profitable results. So ' far he has succeeded. " Tommy ' s " reasons for taking Forestry are not clear, but his highest ambition seems to be a " tree doctor " for a toothpick king. W ' Ai.ri-.K JoSKi ' H L ' ni-.ami:u, Bangor High .School ■Wall " I ' .ingor lilcct Ileal f.iii iiiccriHij Tan Beta Pi (3). Hail, poet-scholar and artist. Indeed a remarkable man We arc fortunate in having men such as he in our Junior class, for the rest of us are encouraged to attend classes through his good example. It is said, however, that he did cut one day as he didn ' t have the mechanics down cold that morning. He is one of the disciples of Prof. Barrows who gets by in that department. It looks as though it pays to be quiet and unassuming. At any rate, he is a Junior. Nuf scd. -■ «o 63 IbePr ism Mark Vernon Crockett, w X Ciorham Hich School (lorham, X. II. Education Aid Military Hop ( i ) ; Floor Director Sophomore Mop (2); Class Track (i); Sccrctarv and Treasurer Educational Club (3); Manager Class Basketball (3). To all ye who glance at my sedate looking countenance, allow me to inform you that I. the pride of my home town, have exchanged confidences with more Balenline Co-eds than any fellow on the Campus. So jealous were the freshmen last year that they took me away from the Campus to a camp at Push; Pc Can 1 dance? Well, just ask me and see. Yes, indeed, 1 am very fond of Hops. Ri ' TH Crosby, A O 11 Transferred from healoii Rangoi " Home Economics Y. W. C. A. Dramatics. Ruth entered the class of ' 18 as a sophomore from Wheaton College. She told quite freely, " I came up here, but you know that all my folks went to Bowdoin. " Too bad. Knth, that they don ' t take in Co-eds. Although not very loyal to Maine last year she has since made quite good with the faculty and is gradually becoming a first-class Co-ed. Benjamin Hilton Cushini Portland High School , ••Hen, " i-X Long Island forestry Team (1); Corporal (2); Alternate V ' arsity Debating Property Manager Maine Masque (2). In " Benny ' s " freshman year he indiscreetly joined the church, pledging himself solemnly never to play cards, to dance, or to indulge in frivolities, but when iiis sophomore year dawned with all its freedom our " Benny " fell. Behold the result of riotous living. Xo dance escapes this once |uiet youth. He sits in on every game (of hearts) and .smokes a cigar when they are passed. However let us hope a return to Long Island will bring about the hoped-for reforms. Siegfried .Vlexanoek Dahu;ren " Snoffy Doska. " A T n Caindcn Camden High School Agriculture Class Track (l). (2). Here is the last of the Royal Swedish line. He says he came over in a hump-backed trunk, and that he is proud of it. Which? His chief joys in college have been writing themes and acting as orderly at the Eastern Maine General Hospital, where he has aided in many complicated cases, and man nights has come home, dizzy from the smell of drugs. And even now, at times, just reading the label will make that old feeling of sui er-ability creep back. His chief trouble has been to keep from the clutch of some designing Co-ed, and if it were not for being some Man(n) it would be impossible. SnofTy has enjoyed him.self in college and has tried everything once, but his worst attempt was when he tried to poison his best friend. Ask him aboiU it. 64 QCA EEr ism Mam.kv ' khsti:k U.wis, " .Stul)!)) . " 1) r A (luiltDnl (iuiltunl Migh Schnol Cliciuical Eiujhiccrlnii Corporal (j) ; Inter-Fralcrnity (. ' oiincil (3): Alpha Clii Sigma. " Stubby " is a veritable walking ligbtboiisc. To see liim is not to forget him. Six feet si.v inches of " look out " in lui- man form. He loves the women but prefers the shortest of the fairer sc.x. His heart is already " went. " His use as an alarm clock for the freshmen in that eventful ear will never be forgotten. Mi:l in Linwooi) D.wis, " Dave, ' " Billy Bellrope " Sabattus Electrical Eiujinccriiuj Edward Little High School The pride of the Lewiston Local Car Conductors Union. The man that kept the express to Sabattus running under all conditions. N hereas he worked on a line where the monkey boxes have not yet been introduced, it seems that " Dave " should be able to buy his own cigarettes occasionally. Tight as he may be with his tobacco, he is liberal enough with his inform.ition, and if you wish to be enlightened on batteries, dvnamos, etc., ask " Dave. " He knows it all. Edith DkIji-xk, " Hon., " 4 M Franklin Franklin High School Romance Lamjuaijcs (lirls ' Glee Club; Girls ' Mandolin Club; Mathematics Club. During her freshman year she was quite a " Midas " in respect to the men. But when Bob transferred from Tech in her sophomore year her " Soup " seemed settled. Although she is frequently afflicted witli that malady called " crushes, " the only one who is really able to open the door of her heart is the " Butler. " f , W ' l.NHL ' R.v . lbi:kt Di:xm:t, " Taxi, " " Dido, " i; A E Hopedale, Mass. Hopedale High School Horticulture Corporal (2): Class Hockev (l), (- ' ) ; Aid Military Hop. " Dido " came to Maine with the idea of being a Thomas Edison, but feeling the geiule breezes from the " Heck " buildings decided tlien and there that his life ' s call- ing was to maintain the high standards of our pure foods. Althougli this little fellow desires to become a farmer, he is a firm believer that the wakening devices in the Imjierial Rooster should be set at least three hours later. " Well, by Heggs, " says " Dido, " " the only rooster worth while is the dead one. " 65 Qi9[]A; 27TimASl ' Pauline Dekuy, " I ' dlly, " A O II liaiifjur Bangor High School German Girls ' Mandolin Club (2). (3); Deutschcr Vcrcin Exec- utive Committee (3). Moderate, droll Folly auspiciously started her Fresh- man year by atteiidin); the Bijou twice weekly with one of the liiu men in college. Polly as a soph decided that this was too tame, so she tnulertnok the task of training the only " Brute " that Art Smith couldn ' t civilize. Good luck to you, Polly. Philip . kki:. Uolloki " , " Phil " Standish Standish Schnol Agriculture Corporal. Reports from Standish are to the eflfect that Phil is quite a boy at home, but apparently he spends all his time up liere resting up for another strenuous summer. If you have any secrets tell them to Phil and he will tell the crowd what you don ' t want anyone to know. We really think that he should be a journalist, with his nose for news. Some day someone will introduce him to a co-ed and then his highest ambition will be realized. And then the co-eds will have what thev want. K. THRYX May Dow. " Kate " Maine Central Institute Scarsport Home Economics Kate ' s vocation last year was studying Biology, and she still continues some friendships made during that time. Her greatest pleasure used to be attending track meets, when her center of highest (Hi-est) interest rested upon the discus, or the thrower — a fact which was especially true during her freshman year. Clarlncl Holmks Drisko. " " Columbia Falls Mechanical Engincerinij C ' i)lunitiia I ' alls High School Sergeant (2). It is nothing short of a miracle how " Drisk " got away with those bob-sled escapades during his freshman year. The success which he attained in using the sleds was, with- out doubt, the chief factor that created in him the desire to aid Henry Ford in perfecting his famous car. Evidently " Drisk " is looking forward to the time when the guiding light of his freslunan days will be beside him in the Ford. 66 risnn Frances Joan Du(;an, " Moikc " Bangur High School liangor Cicrman Dcutsclier X ' erein ; Woman ' s Ciub. " Moikc " Dugan of 54 Sidney Street, well known to many. For one whole season she centered her whole at- traction npon Theta Chi, and one of its Mark-ed members. It is said, however, that while down at the seashore last snmmer she outgrew many of her young and foolish fancies — now she is a strong admirer of Colby. Stephkx Merle Dlnha.m, " Steve, " »X Lewi ton M cclhutical Engineering Edward Little Higii School Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; Assistant Manager Blue Book (2) ; Class ' ice-President (2) ; Assistant Man- ager Track (2) ; Aid Sophomore Hop (2) ; Manager Varsity Track (3); Treasurer Track Club (3); " M " Club (3) When this meek looking blonde first landed in Orono, nobody realized that he had landed here until a year after lie got here. And then — Biflf, Bang, Bing, .. .. Busy, why be- tween dealing out track shoes and orders to his understudies, in keeping ticket sellers in movie theaters guessing, in writ- ing letters to other fellows ' girls, in riding on street cars, and occasionally crackin.a a book, he is a busy man. Blush, oh if this photo were only real. Llovi) 1i i g Edgeklv, " Axel, " K2 Swampscott, Mass. .Swamijsciitt High . ' school Chemical Engineering Corporal (2) ; Assistant Business Manager Caiiil us (2); Business Manager Cniii ' us (3); Sigma Delta Chi. Axel is majoring in Chemistry, but earl}- this year elected a short course in entomology that kept him busy for a time. He decided that this didn ' t appeal to him so he went back to the acids. He is somewhat of a cornetist and came back this year nursing a ' tash in order to keep a soft lip. Just before Th:mksgiving he took a sudden dislike to hair and took a clean shave. As a hunter he has no peer, his particular game being tree scpieeks and side hill gougers. liut you can ' t fool Axel now. H.VKKV .Xktihk l-j.i.swourn, " I ' lla " h ' armington I ' arminglon High .Schocjl ylgriciilttire Sergeant (2); Lieutenant (3). If any one has ever seen Harry off the Campus they know more about him than we do. He went to a Freshman reception this year and nearl ' spoke to one of the new Co- ers — since then he has attended two church socials and is taking dancing lessons. " Ella " has not yet made his debut at the Gvm dances, but when he does — ! ! 1 ■ 67 M MSK ism Island Falls High School Raymond Kmkkson, " Kmnicr " Islaiul Falls forestry Rifle Team (2) ; Sergeant (2) ; Vice-President For- estry Club (3). Ray has traveled from New Brunswick to Florida, but has failed to find a place that suits him as well as Aroos- took County. It is known that he entertains a " pride " in the lumber business, which is, no doubt, the source ' of inspiration that has caused him to attain his high standing in his chosen profession, Forestry. Everett Ellsworth E.mmo.ns, " Cuckoo, " ' alias " Buddy ' ' (on the road) Foitland Deering High School Electrical EiujinccrirHj Corporal (2). Tau Beta Pi. Note the nickname " Cuckoo " — ask him how he got it. But if you really went to start anything, ask him about the time he and John D. Rockefeller went through the Cliicago stock yards. Emmons can ' t find time for college activities — he has to raise that A ' s to A-f- ' s. While in the wintertime his specialty is getting rank, in the summer it is imitating A No. I. W ' estox Slmnek Evans, " Chick, " . X . South W iiuihain Windham High School Civil Engineering Corporal (2); Class Baseball (i ), (2). Tau Beta Pi. We don ' t know why Evans came to Maine unless it was to avoid distraction while he was engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. He believes trifles should not interfere with the serious things of life. We do not believe that he practices what he preaches for he goes four times a week to visit certain foreign young ladies for the purpose of teacliing them how to — ? Outside of this we have nothing against " Chick. " » 1 Helen Wilcox Fakkar East Corinth Academy Elizabeth Abbot Balentine Scholarship. Quiet as a mouse, l)ut wise as a sage — that is a great admirer of Prof. Gray and h complete reproduction of his lectures. EEst Corinth Entjlish Helen. She r note-books are a 68 2i9[]X]gPn5m Frank Currier Ferguson, " Fergy, " K2 New York Citv Trinity Preparatory Jouniulisni (2) I ) ; Cum fits i ' joard ( I ), nine Book ISoard (3) ; Maine-Colby Varsity Debate ( i Associate Editor Cuinfiis (3) Cerclc FranQaise ; Sigma Delta Clii. This is the Bowery kid. who hails from New York, and wlio is a candidate for a Horatio AIt;er hero. He saw the world ' s series at the Bijou this year, and immediately applied for a job as baseball coach at the Brewer grammar school. Recalling the days of the PIcbe tribulations, Frankie is a staunch friend of the freshies, and spends a deal of his time with them in good spirits. Dorothy Louise Folsom, " Dot. " t M Xorridgevvock Cobum Classical Institute German Prism Board (3); V. W. C. A. Dramatics (2); Deutscher ' erein Executive Committee (3); Cercle Frangaise (2). When " Dotsy " came to Maine her ideals for a college career were : to ride the handcar, shoot the rapids, get en- gaged, have a private interview with Prexy, go to the Chop Suey and miss the last car from Old Town. Her many esca- pades show how many of these have been accomplished. Her first year Piney Knoll was her favorite haunt, but since then it kee ps Dot busy trving to find out how to keep the two men on a string at the same time without their over- lapping. Georgie sought To propose to Dot In a very legal way. But the chippy little smile Of this innocent child Was the end of a perfect day. M.-VRIE Fr.WVLEY, M Bangor High Bangor Spanish Cercle Frangaise; Glee Club (l " ). If you want to know the inside dope about anything that happened on the Campus last year just ask Marie. I ' or her sleuths, " Jack " and " John " gave her daily information. She can tell you who put the " M " on the Standpipe. or who stole the Balentine Hall Chickens or even who painted the ' 19 ' s on the walks that still can be seen. Perhaps, if you are good, she will tell you where her Prism " write-up " was " lost " so many times — one sleuth is still in college, you know. Gardner M.vrble Frkni h, " iMenohie " ' Mansfield, Mass. ■ Economics Aid Militar - Ball (t). " F ' rcnchie " is the original product of the chocolate town. Studies and co-eds are the least of his troubles. (Ah, of course there is a reason. How about Ethel, F ' rcnchie?) His middle name is non-descriptive of his Iicad. Ask him about anything if you don ' t believe. 69 QiopMigr ism Ekmont Gf.tchell I- ' rost, " Jack. " K S SpringAale Sanford High School Economics Class Baseball (i), (2); Class Pipe Committee (i); X ' arsitv Baseball (i), (2); Iiinior Masks (3); " M " Club (I) (2), (3). This Beau Brummel from Sprinpvale looks innocent, but — Oh ! mc ! He works overtime answering " Tow le " calls. " Bangor, 297, please. " This exemplification of the form devine, with the ( " harlic C ' haplin walk, is the pride of all the Camp Benson lassies. And being an ardent disciple of the clan of Brigham Young, he has no scruples. But, " Wait Till the Sun Shines Xellie. " Lewis Walixi ( " i. m.m i:Lc.- . Kn, " Gunjjoat GrjiimeU ' Attleboro, Chetnical Engineerincj Class Nominating Committee (3) ; Class Treasurer (3). Chemist and fusser — in short a travelling Standard Dictionary of Facts — (and fancies). " Gunboat may have SOME feet, but he is there with the ladies. First, it was Pill rolling, then it was " Bill " — then a visit to tlie Deans. hen he met Bill we thought that it was all over, but his frequent Sunday night walks show that he has partially re- covered. Favorite occupation : trying to sell his Chapel seat. Favorite diversion: Bijou matinees. Favorite sweets: Bill- Meade (Belle-Mead), and " Bunny " fudge. Favorite Song: There ' s a Spot in My Heart ' hich Xo Co-ed May Own. Leigh Philbrook G. rdxer, " Gard " Pennysville Hebron Academy .Ujricnlturc Corporal (2). Gard is one of those studious ch.ips that blow in licrc now and then. He is so conscientious that whenever he looks at his watch in a lab he always pretends that it is a half- liour earlier so he ' ll have more time to work. From the dreamy look in his eye when listening to a Biology lecture, one would think he was going to ask a question. But lately he has become discouraged in this question business, so no more docs he trv to take an interest in the course. Ver.. Gei.i.eksox, " Babykins, " AOIT Houlton Houlton High .School English " Babykins " brought an abundance of clothes and all the latest dances down from the potato fields, and it did not take her long to acciuire a Kid-ish lisp. Her sophomore year she decided that Kappa Sigma and North Hall were too far apart, and it was lots more fun to socialize with the neigh- bors on the front porch. But " Sip ' s " untimely appearance has made it awfully hard to settle down this year when " Bobbv " is so far " out West " — and she is " so lonesome. " 70 risnn Ci.Ai ' n Tkaftox Gibersox, " Gibhy, " X Ciroveton, X. H. Gniveton High Scliool Economics Aid Sophomore Hop (2). From Groveton he came to learn tlie intricacies of Me- chanical Engineering but found himself better fitted to im- personate NIaurice ' alton in the nearby towns. Gib spent but few evenings on the Campus his first year, thanks to the Sophomores, and his second year he found this habit too hard to break. He arrived back on the Campus this year — not the old Gibby but C. Trafton Giberson, Student, and Social Lion. Veazie and Old Town knew him no more. We feared for the worst when Claud saw visions of " Snow " in the early Fall, but now there is a " (W) ray " of hope and we tliink that he will stand " Pat. " Frederick Dox.-kld CJibbs, " Gip, " ' 2 N South Portland Electrical Eiuiinccriiuj South Portland High School Class Baseball {2); Aid Sopliomore Hop; Junior Week Committee. Since " Gip " lost his side-kick " Chamliy " and has adopted " Sammy, " we see more of him on the Campus. When asked where the center of the Universe is, the prompt reply comes forth, " Brewer. " " Gip " regards coming home before mid- night to be a disgrace to any man. The last car leaves Brewer Junction at ? . And now we ' ve lost him. Gr.ace Mable Gibbs ' " Gibbsie, " AAA East Orland Eastern Maine Conference Seminary Biolo iy Biology Club; Deutscher Verein ; Vice-President of Women ' s Clubs (.3) ; President of Equal Suffrage League (3). Grace professes to be a man hater, but when we look over her collection of Freshman caps, we wonder. For she ' s a cruel scientist. To Cupid ' s cry she will not list. She ' ll place beneath her microscope Your throbbing heart, so full of hope. And use it for dissection. So all ye luckless youths beware, Be charmed not by her smile so fair, Don ' t let her take your loving heart Ensnarled by Cupid ' s wily art. To add to her collection. Maurice Clinton Gross, " Grossie, " 2 A E Deer Isle Deer Isle High School Education Corporal (2); Aid Military Hop; Freshman Banquet Committee; Aid Sophomore Hop; Sophomore OwHs ; Blan- ket Tax Committee (.?) ; Prism Board (3). Always awake. " Worry " is his middle name. On his care-worn countenance we see signs of greater troubles tluui those seen on a nation ' s head. The Co-eds admire this Ben- edict from afar and regret that Cupid has already punctured his young heart. " Grossie " is at present conferring with William Jen- nings Brjan in regard to a Grape Juice Campaign. 71 Ibe Pr ism Jk.w AIason Hacickty, " Jean " nanyiir Economics Once seen, never forgotten, this (|uasi-hiiman imitator of one Mr. Charles Chaplin is so studious tliat his liair is be- ginning to fall out, so great is the pressure behind it. Jean has tried everything, from sardine inspecting to taking arrearages, and now has serious intentions of entering the field of social service. Frkderick Bates Haines, " Freddie, " B 11 Portlaii l Deering High School Civil Engineering Freshman Banquet Committee (i); Musical Clubs (i) (2), (5). Fweddie. our more or less civil engineer, say.s he will flunk out entirely or get on the Dean ' s list. Like the proverbial cock, he wakes us all up at four a.m. with the call " Roll out, " or by playing " Only an Old Beer Bottle, " on the banjo. Sumner Augustus Hall, " Gus, " aTA Gloucester, Mass. Gloucester High School Agriculture Corporal (l) ; Sergeant (2) ; Class Football (2). To see this fish, " bobbin ' up and down " about the Campus one would not think that he was much of a bearcat with the ladies, but his feminine correspondence with the " dearest Gussie, " " darling boy, " and the manner in which he sings " Does On Love it, Goodie, Goodie. Good, " leads us to believe that fat boys are the ones to go get them. " String. Brother, String. " W ' ai.t.ace Reed Ha.m, " Lucifer, " " Ilaiuie " Tiath Morse High School Electrical Engineering " Whv do thcv call ' Lucifer. ' Mr. Ham? Is it be- cause of your charming eyes? " Wallace was some woman hater, but tliis dainty remark from a more dainty Bangor queen completely converted him. " Lucifer " has been in the social whirl for two years, whirling from Old Town to Bangor. He agrees that no two girls are alike. 72 [ii9] 7A7i5e _Pri5m Herbert Leon Harper Calais Arts Wasn ' t somebody " Calais " tho — . Really we don ' t see much of him except in class and in the library. He wastes a lot of time in Orono, the sphinx does. William Chesley Hani-er, " liiJl, " WX Gardiner Leavitt Institute Electrical Euijineering Here is Bill, the Old Town bearcat, chief mogul of the White Indians, movie, a bug on electricity, and other things too numerous to mention. Bill used to live on the Campus, but since he had to be in Old Town every night, he has inoved up there. Boutin ' s Corner would find liim every night. Wliere is it now. Bill? Francis He. d, " Marble, " B (-) IT Bangor Bangor High School Ckil Enginccr ' nuj First Sergeant (2) ; Varsity Track (l) ; Musical Clubs (2), (3); Cap Committee (i); Class Executive Committee Here, friends, is an abnormal specimen of energy, if such a thing ever existed. He is work, in the superlative de- gree. When he isn ' t engaged in absorbing all the informa- tion that has been collected up to now on railroad curves, he is ponderously pounding a 1902 model typewriter copying some book into his own language. Besides his duties he has undertaken to learn the Victor Red Book by heart, memoriz- ing no less than twenty-five opera selections, Iiesides acting as matron for his matronlcss fraternity brothers. It is with regret each night that he ■ ' iees the aprpoach of bed-time, one P.M., and with joy that he greets the rising sun. Robert Henry Hawthorne, " Boh " Brownville Brovvnville High .School Cirll Eng ' mccriiuj Corporal (2). " Bob " has high ideals in respect to pure food production. He has traveled all over the State looking for the most de- sirable producer of his commodity. But when all has been said and done, he comes back to his home town and Balen- tine Hall for tlie ideal producer. Incidentally " Bob " lias be- come interested in railway engineering. He aiins to become an authority in this line, and is willing to work day and night to determine the most " graceful " curves. « 73 OCaEpt ism Roger Benson Hill, " I5aldy, " 5X Peabody, Mass. Peabody High School Chriiiistrv Associate Editor Prism (3). Before " Rog " came licrc we never heard of Peabody, liut since then we have heard lots. lUit there must be worse places for " Rog " is " there " in many ways. He has a great liking for the Chemistry laboratories and has done a great deal of research for a compound which will produce fat. His great failing .seems to lie larf;e women, as his social career upon tlic Campus lias already indicated. I.OUIS ' lLl.I. M HoG. N, ' Hoge " Houlton Electrical Eiu iHCcring Tliis disciple of King Winter is right at home when on the business end of a hockey stick, and promises to be a second Hobey Baker — that is, if it will stop snowing so he can practise enough. A quiet fellow whom we don ' t sec often. Notliing like knowing a fellow to be able to get something on him. Henry Stinson Hooper, " General " Orono Eastern Maine Conference Seminary Chemistry Another of Doc Easely ' s hopefuls. These benedicts arc always so industrious in their classes that they think nothing of finisliing up a few weeks ahead of time, and the " General " is one of them. An authority on subjects chem- ical, and we believe every word he says, — sometimes to our regret. Robert Gerry Hurd, H K Bangor Bangor High School Chemistry His freshman year they said that he was afraid to stay on the campus and so that is the reason that lie got the h.ibit and now spends all his time with the B. R. E. Co. In anotlier year he sliould be able to do the most difficult of cowboy stunts namely, throwing tlie bull Iiy tlie tail. Clieer up, Benny, you can run a Ford. P. S. They say that the headless wonder has nothing on this crude chemist. 74 flCSSPr ism Gkorc.f. Stani.kv IlrTiHi.vs, " Handsome Harry, " Cape Xeddick M cchaiiical llnijinccrhuj I ' hillips Exeter Academy Class Baseball (i). {2); Class Football (i), (2); Class Hockey (i), (2) ; Risini; Day Committee; Aid Military Hop; Sergeant (2) ; Sopbomore Owls. " Handsome Harr " is a woodsman to tbe core, but finds great ditficulty in overcoming a tendency to travel in circles wliile pursuing tbe beart (bart). George aspires m things atbletic. His greatest prowess is evinced on tbe boards wbere be performed tbe marvelous feat of completing a four lap race in tbree. Tbe time, by an IngersoU, was never announced. George reports dail - to the Gorbam Blast though " Young " in this profession. He is also a wonderful exponent of tbe tcrpsicborean art. LcjKix R.M-CER JoHxsox, " Bake, " 2X I ' itchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Economics Class Track (2) ; Class Basketball (2). This fla.xen-Iiaired viking from Fitchburg rolls a good string in the bowling league, spits fire when with the ladies, and makes himself more or less useful about tbe premises. He is strong for bis moonlight constitutional thru Webster Park with the local fair sex, wlien he is often board to ex- claim : " G — G — God, I I — love you. " H.AROLD NoRTOx JoNF.s, " Jonsie. " S N Peabody, Mass. Peabody High School Electrical Eiiyinecring Aid Military Ball; Manager Class Football (2) ; Assist- ant Man.iger ' arsity Football (21 ; Sophomore Owls: Sopho- more Hop Committee: Sophnmore Field Day Committee; Track Club (2), (jl; Junior; Athletic Board (3); Class Vice-President (3) ; Manager-elect Varsity Footbaall (3). To earn " Jonsie ' s " everlasting gratitude call him " Tubby. " Giving up Chemistry his first year, and now ad- mitting that to study Electricity should not be one ' s highest ambition in life, " jonsie " has devoted himself to mission work. How did " Pop " cut ou out with the " Belle " of Old Town? That was nothing to shed a tear over. Ch. rles Augustu.s I()Rtbi;r(;, " C ' h;.rlie Portland High School Assistant Manager Track (2) . T n Portl:ind Chemical Emiinceriiuj Sophomore Owls: Junior Manager Class Mask ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Class President ( i ) Ba.seball (2). As the world knows him: Dr. Jortberg, tbe boy chemist, physical director and track coacli at tbe U. of M., Orono, Me. Associated with Prof. Durgin in tlie department of Cheniistn,-. I ' ut sisst ! Don ' t be discouraged for those on the inside believe that lie is leading a doulile life. Dr. Jort- berg alias the boy chemist, has been convicted of doing a second story job in tbe vicinity of Court Street, Bangor. (He kept Inez out so late he had to boost her in the win- dow). He also has a lurid jail record in Old Town. 75 QCa W ism Akmand Elwood Joy, ' " Swede, " :• A E est Sullivan Higgins Classical Institute liducat ' ion Transferred I ' rcim Boston University Tho list of importations of 1915 to this college included this " Smiling Swede " from B. U. Once a major in field work where he amassed material for his present thesis, — " Throwing light on the ' Black ' side of life. " If Vernon Castle can do this, why can ' t I ? SiMcix Ja(_ k Katz, ■■Kilty, " 1j E II rortsinouth, . . H. Chemical Engmeerhuj Portsmouth High School This blushing bouncing, beautiful beau brummel came from Norwich University with a wonderful reputation as a commanding sophomore. Hut within twenty-four hours he was taught to obey commands by some Freshmen (?). He made his debut in Bangor society { ? ) this year with remark- able success, and is still striking strong. John Marcus Keep, ■ ' Jock, " " ]. .Marcus. " A X .V North Conway, X. H. Hebron Academy Spanish and Italian A Military Hop (i); Corporal (2); Sergeant (2), (3); Color Sergeant (3); Class Baseball (2); Class Track My name is J. Marcus Keep and 1 hail from Xorth Conway N. H. My friends call me Jock. I have been a student at every " prep " school in New England and have delved into the mysteries of every course in the curriculum at the University of Maine. I can boast that I have never spoken to a co-ed ; also I do not smoke, drink, cliew ' , swear, dance, or play cards, therefore I would make an ideal pro- tector for any nice young girl. I ' liiiL.M.v Louisi; Ki:lu)(;g, " ■Kay. " AAA anceboro Vanceboro High .School English Girls ' Glee Club (i), (2), (3); Winner Sophomore Prize Theme (2) ; Girls ' Mandolin Club (3) ; Secretary of Ecpial Suffrage League (3). Who ' s that, snickering and giggling? Can ' t be any other person than Kay Kellogg our tnovie friend and dis- loyal American. Kay averages si.x trips a week to the movies (only shortness of the week keeps her average so low). O. you may think her a very demure young miss about the Campus, but there are people wlio could many a tale of " Tuggy, " " Charlie, " " Jack, " or " Uickey " unfold. 76 OCAjePrJi A RussKLi. r L. isi)i:i.L Ki;N !;Tr, ' Ken. " iX Madison, X. H. Mccluniical Enijiiicei ' iiiij Phillips Exeter Academy Canit ' iis Board. " Hercules " Kennett, far famed as a hostler, hunter, and a wliisperini; lady killer, is claimed hy the Mechanical de- partment. " Russ " contcmpl.-ites institutin.i; a news depart- ment in the Campus on the Mildred Champagne plan to be entitled " Feminine E.xperiences from Real Life. " We marvel at this product of a three house town with a big name. Lester Willis Kimh. ll, " Kimmy, " i; K Cliftondale, Mfss. Saugus High Schoul .Irts Transferred from Worcester Polytechnic Insti- tute He entered our class by transferring from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has made many friends amongst us all and incidentally the Dean ' s list in his studies. The carpets at Mt. ' enion House have suffered by his numerous visits to a great extent — for does enjoy dancing. Dur- ing Summer School our friend got well versed in politics, under the able guidance of Prof. Matthews, and we all find " Kimmy " a staunch follower of Wilson ' s foreign policy, free trade, " a bucket full of notes, " etc., but we are also w ' illing to wager that he would vote the Republican ticket. Hekhf.rt Randall Lemoxt, " Herb, " i- . E r)atli Morse High School Forestry Corporal (2) ; Secretary and Treasurer of Forestry Club (2) ; Executive Committee of Forestry Club (3). Formerly the renowned " Ice King, " now this would-be toothpick designer has become a valuable asset to our midst for his services as the " House Cat. " We have heard of Larkin Soap Clubs, but " Herbie " and one of his " Joyful " brothers have surprised us by forming a Christmas Present Organization. We wonder v by he goes to Old Town so late at night. They say: " A rolling stone gathers no ' Morse. ' " Callie Hamm Laukaijee Bangor High School Callie, you ' re a good girl, so we won ' t tc course we could if we wanted to. but Frankfort Pre-iiicdical on you. Of we don ' t want to. 77 QCA EPni ism I ' lLA Lavina Lavvkicnh i:, Hebron Academy I ' lkl} " Xorlli l.nliec Home Economics Class Secretary (l). Kila was a jolly good fellow in the Sampson House days but now, " Sammy says " begins every sentence, and it is no nse to plan week-end fun for she spends her week-ends in Brewer. " Isn ' t it nice he lives so near, Fila? " Ralph Mi:i. ix Li-.rt-.HTox, " I.eislit " I ' .ar Harhor Bar Harbor High School Chemistry We don ' t know much about Ralph, for he has never lived with us here on the Campus. Wonder why he prefers to be in Stillwater so much of the time? " Leiglit " is a member of the " Up-Lift Movement Association " of Indian Island, but no details of any of his good works have as yet reached us. He is always ready to furnish tobacco to his fellow -sufferers in front of Aubert. " ' «. l RoscoE Samuel Lewis, ' " Kcaney, " 5 N . iiliiirn Edward Little High School 1 isloiy Class Football ( i i, (2). " Keaney " is the only witness to the game between the " All Maine Centrals " and the " Ancients " that can be found. Also scribe of the " Last Crusade. " Being the only History major in our class, he is sure of getting a job in 1918. if the L ' niversity should get a call for such a man. There ' s some satisfaction in that. " (jce. but I ' m an awful cuss. " " Now, if I had another nickel, 1 might go to Old Town to the pictures to-night. " Donald Ma.xwell Liuby. " Lib " Limerick Limerick Academy Electrical Engineering Sergeant (2) ; First Lieutenant (j) ; Band (i) ; Musical Clubs (3) ; Scabbard and Blade; Orchestra (jl. A true Progressive from the word " Go. " Why he even had the nerve to deliver a speech in Pb 4 on the " Value of Life Insurance " and wound up by saying he was the local representative of the Podunk General Life Insurance Com- Iiany or some such concern. If they didn ' t charge so much .It those Universalist dances. Lib would be even more fre- iuently on the ball room floors. As it is, he must needs economize due to the high cost of living. Those college boys certain!)- do have good appetites. 78 QCA EPnimAS! Fkank DicxTi.K l.ii ' .HV, ' " Uek, " ATA Gardiner High School (2) ; Serjjcant G: rdiner Chemistry Alpha Chi wanted on the (2) Chiss Foothall (i), Sigma. " Ding-a-ling-ling-hng, Deck Libby ' phone. " " Hello, Oh, yes, I was just going to call you up about that dance, Friday night. " " What, don ' t you want to go? uh? You had rather I would sit them out alone in the parlor with you? Mother isn ' t soing to 1)C at home, well, don ' t fill the lamps too full. Sure. I ' ll be down early — No, I don ' t mind tlie w alk down to Webster. W ill you see later. Good-bye. " (The mystery is not yet solved.) LuciEN T.XYLOR LiBBV, " Lusus " Scarboro Hebron . cademy Clicinicul Eihiinccrinii Sergeant (2). In theory " Lusus " is taking Chemical Engineering, in practise he is taking ? But we really haven ' t got the heart to tell all we know about him, for he is such a quiet little chap. We will let him off easy by saying he is a would-be hard guv. Georce Stephen Longley Jr., " George, " B II Lewiston Jcjrdan High School Chemistry Student Council (3). George says he can ' t sleep nights, and we know why, — he lives half way between Balentine Hall and Old Town. Why have a girl in Lewiston and another in Orono? Tlie laundry business calls him to Old Town urgently and often. R.WMUM) H.xKWouu Lo i:jov, " Lo y " and " Ray " New Sharon New Sharon High School Agriculture Class Debating Team (2) ; Varsit Debating Stpiad (3) ; M. C. A. Cabinet (3) ; Publicity . gcnt Agricultural Club (3). Another of our benedicts. Lovcjoy lias the making of a great orator; he admits it himself. His cliief amusement is starting arguments with his instructors. Lovcjoy, like " Doc " Chrysler, is a stickler for details. We ' ll band it to him for one thing, he changed from ' 17 to ' 18. 79 OCA EPni ism Philu ' William Lowx, " Pete, " ' KI[ Bangor Chenuci.ll Enijhiccrhvi I.Min (Mass.) Classical High School I ' rcsidcnt Menorah .Society (3). " I ' etc " wishes it utuU-rstood that his name is P. W iUiam. This wortliy gentleman is an orator (?), a philosoplicr (?), and a hnstler. Outside of these faults he is all there. His only retirets in life arc. (l). his hair refuses to remain where nature thinks it ought to he, and (2), he has not yet found the girl. Ask him about his theor - of matrimony. JiiiLN Hk.xrv AJagel, " Jack, " Ki Bangor Bangor High School Biolotjy Aid Military Hop (i) ; Maine-Colby Intercollegiate De- bate (l), (2); Speakers ' Club (i), (2); Vice-President Speakers ' Club (3); Blue Book Board (l), (2), (3); Presi- dent Class Debating Society (2) ; Busmess Manager Blue Book (2); Campus Board (l); (2); Associate Editor (3); Poster Committee (2) ; Sergeant (2) ; Calendar C ' ommittec (2) ; Musical Clubs Reader (2) (3) ; Prism Board (3) ; First Lieutenant (3) ; Battalion Adjutant (3) : Junior Week Com- mittee (3); Sophomore Owls; lunior Masks: Sigma Delta Chi. Behold this silver-tongued Demosthenes from tlie Queen City of the East, the star reporter who has inter- viewed all the celebrities of America from Holsea Wing up and down. This is the quiet (?) fellow, with the brown eyes, whose one star course in college has been Musical Apprecia- tion. With this he made iwidcr for the Musical Clubs. He never stays in one place long, however, and for a favorite selection constantly wavers between " Gee, I Wish I Had My Old ' jirl Back Again, " and " Somewhere a Voice is Call- ing. " Hi! Kid! Bi:. TKicK Mathk.sox. " Trix, " ' h M Bangor Bangor High School Home Economics Who is this little morsel of humanit.v with sucli an im- portant air? Why, this is little Beatrice. If " Trix " had been a cat, where curiosity is concerned she would have been dead long ago. She advanced rapidly from the age of play- ing " Marbles " to a deeper and more mature consideration of the mournful " Marbles. " It is rather gloomy to get a living from tombstones, but " Trix " should worrv. I ' J) Lx Hylaxi) .M. ■, " H -, ' liantiird I ' ul Class Track (i). ih 1 K i 1 1 art ford, Conn. Electrical Eiu inecyiiiij School (2); Owl; Masque: Class President (2) ; Editor Pris.m (3) ; (ilee Club (2), (3) ; Manager Glee ( " lub (3) ; M.. C. A. Cabinet. When this young man wandered out of his native city into the wild and heathenisli regions of Maine, he immedi- ately conceived the great and glorious idea of .showing the natives how things should be done. It is not seemly to crab such a man but when it is considered that he conies from Hartford, his singing and piano playing are inexcusable. 80 QiofXl PnsmA Mauii: Mav. AAA Island Falls Hish School Island Falls .hiiiiial ndi(Strv Mnrie has tlie courage of licr convictions and sticks to the " A.c,cie " course in spite of being the only girl By learn- ing all tlic late and improved methods of modern farming, vc understand that some day she expects to cast a bright and shining " Ray " upon her farm in the " Falls. " Charles Xeil Merrill, " Cy, Bangor High School 4 r A Bangor Cheiuical Efiijinccriny Sergeant (2). " Cy " is in love, and with a co-ed. Because of his sad inability to cope with " Doc " Easly ' s courses he is deliber- ating whether or not to cliange to " Heck. " He is a profes- sional usher and claims the championship of the next wed- ding he attends. . lAk(,li;KlTE l-KA.Nl I ' .S MeKKILL, •Maggie,- AAA Mechanic Falls Home Economics Mechanic Falls High School Girls ' Glee Club (i), (2), (3). " Maggie " comes from the country, but she ain ' t no rube. She belongs to the Glee Club hexe and each week by tele- phone has special instructions in Harmon (y) from Mr. Bates ' Academv. Lawke.nce Tiltox Mekkiman, " Merry, " rXA Harpswell Center ( )ak Gro e .Seminr.ry Agriculture Quartermaster Sergeant (2) ; Lieutenant (3) ; Manager Class Hockey (2); Rifle Team (l), (2); Alpha Zeta ; Vice- President Rifle .Association (2) ; President Rising Day Com- mittee (i). " You want an interview with me? All right. Take a slant at me. Lieut. Hickman and I run the military depart- ment here at Maine. Didn ' t you ever see me in our otBce? Have I ever traveled any? Well, I reckon so. I sang in a choir at Brewer for two consecutive Sundays. Will, I am pretty busy to-day. Call again. Shut the door. " 81 QCA LPr ism Kavmom) LouiiLL Mkkkitt, Hebron Academy ' Midas. " 1 II K I ' .nidks .lyriculturc A man on whose staunch shoulders rest many respon- sibilities. For three successive years he has been unanimously elected president of the probation society. A recognized authority on .side-door I ' ullman transportation. He is a lu- crative and persistent patron of " Reddy " King ' s. Susie Dyer Mooers, - " Soupie, " I M New Shafon New Sharon High School Home Economics " Sue " and her innocent baby face is the best known ex- ample of the old adage " Appearances are deceptive. " " Sue " is seeking the big things of life and cannot be won by every sweet smile, altbo she will occasionally condescend to take a " Spin " in a " Page " car or even play a game of rummy. Her favorite expression is " tliis is the life. " Ask her if she likes to go sleigh-riding. James Lester Morse, " Spliin.x, " ' I ' 1 ' A Bath Morse High School Agr ' iciiUurc Class Football (i); Sergeant {2); Football Squad (i), We don ' t know very much about Gramp (. ' •). the only man who was ever unable to upset " Crab ' s " eepiilibrium. His .greatest enjoyment is writing to movie " actorines. " He en- joys your company but prefers your space. Simon Waldo Moultox, " Sinu-, " UHII Sebago Lake Standish High .ScIuhjI Economics Masque Council (3). One of those ambitious runts with a live look and a bean with no holes in it. He has gained great knowledge at U. of M., but he still can tell a good story. He comes from Se- bago Lake, where he catches fish in the Portland water sup- ply. He likei» to please the ladies, but he will not comb his hair like Reginald does. Sime, you should not let the fel- lows write letters in shorthand to vour girl. 82 OCAlePf ism Jamks Xdk.MA.N Mii.i.EN. " Dutch. " 1 P A I!aiigi)r Bangor High Electrical liHijinccrinii SergL-ant (2). Pimp, simp, sawed-ofF runt — be careful or you ' ll stop on him. Quick Watso, the microscope. Some people call him " Charlie " — whv? Why — the soulful look when Parcel Post Pete lea es a ' .MSS? William Robert Murphy, " Murph ' Old Town High School Old Town Agriculture Did you ever see this pink-cheeked gent from Old Town? He is takins; " Heck. " Vou don ' t have the opportunity of seeing him often as he hurries home soon as he ties up the cows. It is lucky for him that we don ' t have a chance to get better acquainted with him. JuSKi ' H Willi . t M((!r. th, " Jo-Jo. ' ' ATQ North Hampton, Mass. North Hampton High Cheiiiistrx Poster Committee (2) ; Class Football (j) ; Class Hockey (2), (3). Pris.m Board. Jo-Jo is the proud possessor of a 22-carat, 42 Cm gold smile warranted to break up any class from dancing scliool to chemistry Lab. H you can convince Jo-Jo that you are " big stuff " and that " everything is O. K. " he may flash it over you some day. ' Tis noised about that Bowery Joy ha.s an atTair of the heart on Sixth Avenue. Xew York — or is it Sixth Street, Bangor? ioVtt Cei ' il Dow MA iLl (l ■. " Mac, Milo High School w Milo Economics Treasurer Cercle Frangaise (i), (2) ; Ca))ipns Board (i), (2), (3); Sigma Delta Chi; Corporal (2); Committee of Twenty-one (2), (3) ; Committee of M. C. A. This young wizard struck licre with the echoes of Milo band still ringing in Ins ears. He is little but what he lacks in stature he makes up in appetite. We are sorry to say that " Mac " is a poor student and seldom gets better than A. The only plausible solution of this is the devotion of his time to the fair sex. He has a reputation of. never missing a dance. How Milo ' s social circles exist without this co-ed chaser has been a mystery since he landed here. T 83 he Pr ism Raymond Lko McNamara, " Mac " (Jrono Orono High School Mat icnuitics This young man also chose to favor ttie town of Orono by selecting it as his birthphice. He is a qnict, nnassnming chap and to use his own words " We ' ve got an awful bunch of co-eds. " He is a protege of " Doc " Weiner and is not content unless he is dealing with conic sections or seeking a loop hole in the fourth dimension. Edward Archibald McLea.n, Cony High School ugu.sta " Mac " Cizil EnyiiiccrDHi First Sergeant (2); M. C. A. Cabinet (2); Captain (3). He looked honest, — here ' s the story; Mac went to tlie big city to hear Billy. Here are the figures: Sunday Dec. 24 Attendance Collection Morning service 3,ooo $4,028 50 Afternoon service 6.000 4.1 8 67 Evening service 14.000 408 93 Mac passed the tin at tlie evening service. " Packard " or Hudson Mac? This " virtuous " youth who has decided to teach liiblical Histop.- in South America, has already began to stimulate that dignified, austere look, and is seriously considering a sec- ond crop of " sideboards. " Hugh Curtis McFhee, " Mac, " " Curt " ' Souiii I ' aris Paris High School .h ricultitrc Corpoial (2) ; Executive Commitee of Agricultural Clubs (3). Curt, the boy that didn ' t want to make the Dean ' s List because he never cared to cut. If you want the score of any football game go to Curt, for his roommates tell him all about them when the - get back. We have heard it rumored that Mac once attended the movies, but this is a nnik in- justice to him; he never wasted one penny on dissipation. However, we have it on good authority that a Ford ma- chine and three girls kept Curt busy all summer, so perhaps he nicrel comes up here to rest. Moxa Beatrice, " Mac, " A O IT ll;iniji]r llioii .School Bangor Arts Orcliestra (i (2); Leader of Orchestra (2); Mando- lin Club (2); Treasurer Deutscher ' erein (3); V. W. C. A. Dramatics (i), (2). Mac, your middle name ought to begin with L. which in the words of the poet, stands for Lipp — that small word de- fines a lot ; Lipp : your college career — the speed you made between Sampson House and Mount Vernon breakfast ta- ble, catching the Bowdoin special. Remember, Mac. that anti-fat is " Chauncey. " Vou can belong to the " Smitli-Cat " family, all right. 84 Oi9[]A[5 P 75m KvKRETT Thornton Xeilegh, " Doc " llangor Hebron Academy Prc-Mcdical If ernon and Irene can do this, why can ' t we, says " Doc. " when he is tripping the light fantastic. Believe us. he is some disciple of tlie ahove. " Doc " would love to play foothall but it interferes with his afternoon nap. Erlon Lincoln Newdick, " Dick, " K li .Sanford Sanford High School Agriculture Aid Sophomore Hop (2) ; Class Executive Committee (2;) Sergeant (2) ; Student Council (3) ; Executive Commit- tee Agricultural Club (3). Dick has well earned the title of being Jeannett ' s lieu- tenant by his ever watchful and unfailing devotion to the general welfare of the co-eds. He is also a member of the M. C. A. deputation team, and is arduously doing missiou- ar - work in Old Town. For further information call up " " George Clifford Newell, " Ahe " Turner Leavitt Institute Cifil EnijUiccrhui Sergeant (2) ; Lieutenant (3). " Who is that big guy over there, I mean the one just kneeling down to look thru his transit? Abe ' s, chief feat was to construct a bridge of sighs up in Stillwater. Cupid, however, didn ' t shoot his arrow just right, so Abe has settled down to spending his Friday nights at the Metliodist Cluirch social. Isaiah Leavitt Newman, " Ezrie " ' East Wilton Wilton Academy .Mechanical Enf inceriHij Corporal (2.) If " Xewie " didn ' t keep himself so secluded we niighl be able to have more on him but as it is, we will have to let liis beaming countenance tell the story. QCA SZnimA]! Walter Leslie Xiles, " Doc, " ATA Hallowell Hallowell High School Economics W ' estbrook Seminary Class Basfball (i), (2); Captain Class Baseball (il; Class Football (i), (2) ; Class Basketball (2) ; ' icc-President Class (I) ; Aid Military Hop (1) ; Manager Class Basketball (2) ; Sergeant (2) ; Chairman Hat Committee (2) ; Lienten- ant (3); Scabbard and Blade (,i). Yes, this little red-headed runt is back from the wilds of Mexico. Doc found the taminj; of ilia as easy as that of Mexican toe dancers. Old Town squaws, Bangoi Debutantes, and Co-Eds. He started his college career by taking Civil, but since then he has been a Spanish athlete, night rider, politician, moimtain ranger and has even gone so far as to become ,l social lion, attending all the Arts and Science rallies. Do.VALD ' lLLL M XoRTOX, " Uoilllie, " ! ' K S Kingfield High School Kingfickl Cheiiiistry President Freshmen Debating Society ( i ) ; Cap Com- mittee (i) ; Class Debating (i), (2) ; Sergeant (2) ; Lieuten- ant (3); Entertainment Committee M. C. A. (3); Speakers ' Club ; Alpha Chi Sigma. Has any wondered why " Donnie " took up debating? When you know of his success in inducing young ladies from Balentine to go to the " Movies " it is easy to see that he has the art of persuasion down " pat. " tl George Chapman Xortox, " George ' " Strong Kents Hill Aiiriculture Class Football (2). George has many commendable qualities. He has some- what of an athletic disposition and no doubt would have made the varsity football team, but for his love for sweet things and that class pipe. His specialty is attending the (irange and his highest ambition is to belong to about three subordinates at once. His only regret is that there are not more Granges in this vicinity. .Vktiu-k Bartholomew O ' Bkiox. " .Artie, " . X . Portland Portland High School Pharmacy Class Pipe Committee (i); Class Football (1), (2); Captain Class Football (2) ; Class Basketball (i). (2) ; Class Executive Committee {3). Scpiad One, Report ! Lance Corporal O ' Brion absent. Probably gone to Old Town. Artie ' s scarred career extend- ing from the dregs of Chcbeaque Island to being the idol of ' eazie, shows that a good man cannot be kept down. " Mecca " wind atid " Veazie " muscle don ' t make a miler, but cold cream and " Trailing Arbutus " certainly do get a guy by in society. 86 IhePr ism Geokgic ( LiviCR, Jk., " Tay. " K i- Kcnnclamk Everett High School HorticuUuro Class Track (2), (3). If you wish to see a true specimen ol a " heck " look at Taylor. How could you imagine him on tlie end of a hoe liandle after his successful season with Geraldine. Who said the police department of Ivennehunk wasn ' t a good fellow. Arthur Br. dlf.y Osgood, " Ossie " Bradford Bradford .Academy Electrical Engiiiccriny " Gasoline Gus " is another one of those electricals who are always ready to talk about his major courses that he had last semester. Gus always was able to have time for most anything till they got him that car for a toy. Xow we can never be sure just where he will pop up or where he was the night before. Too bad the roads aren ' t better in the winter, Ossic. Robert Brown Parmexter, " Boh, " 2 X Liiicohiville M(junt Hermon Forestry Little is known of Bobby ' s past for he descended upon us in his sophomore year. He keeps his roommates in con- stant suspense and utter subjection. Syracuse claimed the discovery of this phenomenal exponent of feminine society, but the U. of M. will ultimately receive the honor derived from the fame of this embr3o forester. Ferdina.m) Josiah Pexley " Pen, " " Rat, " i . 1 ' Auhurn Edward Little High School Agriculture Alpha Zeta Orchestra (2) ; .Madolin Club (2), (j) ; Ser- geant (2). This little specimen is a terribly energetic, rambunctious fellow with all the eloquence of Cicero, and the ego of Caesar. Although he is deeply enthusiastic over the myste- ries and problems of agriculture he bids fair to become a rival of Fritz Kreisler. " Tliat ' s a Fact! " 87 Ibe Pr 15m Carleton Lixoii.x I ' i:kki s " I ' erk, " ATQ Xewhuryport, Mass. Xevvburyporl IIij;h School Forestry As you see " Perk " hails from a seaport town and we vvondcr why he is taking forestry. Anyway, he can hit Cliarlie NarrowRauge ' s courses even if he doesn ' t chew tohacco. Lihrary courses are also on " Perk ' s " schedule and come on Sunday p.m. We wonder if there ' s a co-ed in the case. How ahout it, " Perk? " Carl Wakefield Perkins, " Perk " Ogunc|uii Wells nii,Hi .School Cliciiii.stry I ' erkins hlcw down from Oguniiiiit. Yes. it ' s on tlie map and actually in Maine ! Haniiless he looks, but looks are deceiving. His major is chemistry hut he takes all the sociology possible to aid him in his settlement work in the nearby towns. Co-eds do not interest him for he believes that his life MISSION ' is elsewhere. That smile of his may be due to those letters from Pom fret. Conn. Myles Staxdish Perkixs, " Perk " orcesler English High School Mechanical Engineerbuj Sergeant (2) ; Musical Club (2) ; First Lieutenant (3) ; M. C A. Cabinet (3)- Tau Beta Pi. " Chummie " calls him Myles Standish and in Orono the resemblance to his namesake is striking, but " he ' s a devil around the summer hotel, " and unlike our hero of old he docs his own proposing there. The guests all left the Sam- Oset Hotel with their pockets turned inside out to show this enterprising bell-hop tliat they hadn ' t knocked down anytliing for themselves. Do.XALl) BfKKE Pl.KRV, " I " )on. " ! ' II K Plallowcll Hallowell High School Electrical Hiigiiiccrini Assistant Manager Maine Mascpie (2), (3) ; Assistant Manager Campus (2) ; Circulation Manager Campus (2). (3) ; Manager M. C. .A. H;uidbook (2), (3) ; Manager Prism (3): Secretary Masque C ' ouncil (3); Sopliomore Calendar Committee (2); Sergeant (2); Sophomore Owls; lunior Masks. Did you say he looks innocent? In Hallowell he is con- sidered the perfect model or the ideal youth, but at college you guess the rest. He would make good writing testi- monials for the Anti-Fat treatment. What time is it, Ef- ficiencv? 88 OCA Pni ASl JF.SSIE Marik Pixkham, AAA Farmington High School Farmiiigton Home Hconoinic.s Secretary antl Treasurer of the Woman ' s Club (2) ; Girls ' Orchestra (2), (3); Girls ' Glee Club (3). " The force of her own merit makes her way " She is a brick, even to the color of her hair, and loyal to Maine — but why will she persist in wearing that black and wliilf necktie? There ' s a reason. Harl-y goes to Bowdoin. Hoi. 1.1s Lkrhy Ramsdell, " Hollis " West LuIjcc Lubec High School Agriculture This bashful specimen joined us three years ago frotn the place in the U. S. where the sun first rises. Altho he has hid himself under a bushel, lie has staid with us ever since, carefully guarding and caring for the farm live stock. Hollis is a sailor by birth, a fanner by training — an embryonic agriculturist — and quite a boy with his books. He has never got over that habit of rising with the s un. He never sets with it — in truth we know not when he sets. W ' licn do you sleep, Hollis? John Parker Ramsay, " Jack, " I K 5 Portland Deering High School F.conoinics Campus Board (i ), (2), (3) ; Aid Sophomore Hop (2) ; Associate Editor Campus (2), (3) ; Prism Board (3) ; Assist- ant Manager Baseball (2) ; Assistant Manager Tennis (2) ; Track Club (3); Manager Tennis (3); Sigma Delta Chi; Junior Masks. Work (?), I guess not! " Pericles " is a reporter. It is true that the Bingville Bugle is some paper and it may be that same day John will be its editor. We doubt it, however. as he is a man of too broad a mind and too great and noble disposition to .stop on this ring of the ladder of fame. You want advice? Well his office hours are from 11.00 p.m. to 1. 00 A.M. Jeremiah Ti.mothv Reardon, " Jere, " K :i Porthmd Concord High ! chool Ecouoiiiics Sophomore Owls; Junior Ma.squc ; Cap Committee; Class Baseball (i), (2); Captain Class Baseball (2); Class Ba.sketball (i), (2): Captain Class Basketball (2); Varsity Baseball (O, (2); Varsity Football (l), (2), (3); Captain- elect Varsity Football ; " M " Club. Bashful Tim, the mayor of Old Town, hails from Con- cord, and hit Maine with a whirlwind. Tim is a cliief re- cruiting officer for the Ancient Order of Fish, and is a charter member of the Xight Riders. He is also during tlic summer season swimming instructor for the city of Concord, but Judas swimming is not tlie only thing that he teaches. We could tell much, but Maine and iqiS owe Tim a lot, so we refrain from further exposure. 89 OCASiPnii ism Carroll Cofiin Rlkd, " Rube, " !■ K i Hollis. X. H. Hollis High School .Igriciiltitrc Sergeant (2) ; M. C. A. Cahinct (3) ; Alpha Zeta. Although Rube is a nickname, the epithet could hardly apply to him in any other way. Rube hain ' t no Rube any longer. It took just a year for this younj; man from Hollis to wake up to the fact that there is some joy in living. Xow he is to be found at every social function. Hec Ball, or other- wise and actually gets along fine. Like many of the social lights past and present Rube needed a woman and straight- way found one not far distant. Yes. indeed, he is one man that can find the way to Balentine without the aid of a match. ( " .L.Anvs Gage Reed, " Chuckle, " . O 11 Bangor Bangor High School Gcnnan Glee Club (i); Deutscher X ' ercin ; Secretary of Fresh- man Class. Co-eds, driven by hard-hearted matrons, have found " Chuckie " a " good friend in time of trouble, " when they wanted to go to Bangor. Many a man has looked with favor on this tall damsel, but Chucky says, " Old friends are best, " and " Si " still keeps her heart. Robert Rich, " Bob. " KS Berlin, X. H. Berlin High . ' School Economics Corporal (2). Here he is, ladies, the Balentine Bear-Cat ! The best little heart breaker in seventeen states. If you need a co-ed consult Riche ' s Booking Agency. In the words of the poet, sometimes lie ' s sad and sometimes he ' s glad, but if you ' ve got a girl, " look out. " But seriously, iti all things feminine Bob is recognized as an authority. He is now preparing a thesis as the result of e.xtensive and continued investigations on his one hitherto unsolved problem, " Why do girls close their eyes when being kissed. " Ei)(;ar Orono High School Rarnic, " i X Orono Economics This retirin.g youth from the city of Orono is most often seen perched on a hack adorned in a stovepipe. Eddie ' s one ambition is to drive hearse. Be warned, ye future fresh- men, and before skating on thin ice with a co-ed consult " Eddie. " 90 [W j Aj p ism CHAKLUTTK l- ' lCRNF, RuSS. Dexter High School ' Kossy " Dexter I ionic hc ' onoiiius Feme Ross formerly starriiiE with Miss Beach in the " DoiiRhniit Aggie, " now leading lady in the Kut-up-Kids Kompany. playing Balentine Hall. Even off the stage she docs not relax from activity but takes a prominent part in Sunday night prayer-meetings. (iol ' Ll) BiSHol ' RUGCLE.S, " Rug, " . X . Reading, Ma.- .s. Reading High School Electrical Engineering Corporal (2); Maine Masque (2): Aid Sophomore Hop (2) ; Junior Prom Committee. Mrs. Ruggles ' little b — . He is there, when it comes to chasing himself up and down over the ivories and ebonies. It never fails that when " Rug " is treating his fair com- panion to the products of the soda fountain, he digs for that missing " ten-spot. " Eventually the friend has to console the clerk by passing over the necessary " two-bit. " Alfred Masox Ru.ssell, " Mace, " Alice " Rangeley Rangeley High School Mechanical Engineering Corporal 2). This sturdy little mechanical engineer has covered his tracks so well that we liaven ' t been able to get much on him. We do know, however, that he makes many trips to Bangor and that his other diversions are lengthy letters from Guil- ford. He has a quiet, lovable disposition, but — a word to the wise is sufficient. Mace, we predict a bright and golden future for vou. »» «. Doris Ethel Russell Orono High School Orono Biology Phi Sigma. The mystery is solved. It ' s a Brawn(y) man not a brainy man that Doris is seeking. That is tlie reason wn. she stands in so well at the Chemistry stockroom. We do tiot understand why she continues to major in Biology wlieu .ihe has such a pull with the Chemists. 91 QCASlni XlQ » ■ Ai.i ' .iiKT Lf.laxd Shaw, " ' Al. " ! I " A l.fwiston Levviston High School Chemistry Aid Military Hoi (i); Maine Masque (i). " Al " for short is rather stout, he can argue on noth- ing at all, and his only come-hack is that " You ' re full of heans. " He has a beaten track to Old Town and knows all the " Kastle " Halls. He has a very intimate acquaintance with all the Deans. He liclicvcs in taking in everything around the college, including the arrearages. He has a hroad and smiling face which reminds one of the moon. His favorite expressions are: " Ain ' t it good? " " I ' m so tired, " " I can ' t study tonight let ' s go to Old Town. " Ri ' .i ' .A Cleaves Shaw, " Rehie, Orono Hififh Scliool lAI Ofono Domestic Science Reba is certainly popular among the co-eds and a com- mon saying is " Oh, the good times you can have at Keba ' s house when the boys are at home! " It spite of the number of boys in the liouse she often goes to the post office for her " male. " Thomas Fka.mis Shea, " Tom " I ' angor Bangor C ' rwV Iwnjinceriiuj Corporal (2) ; Treasurer Civil Society. This youth, as his portrait suggests, is very quiet and unassuming. He has no nickname. We call him Shea and notliing more. Little of his history previous to last year when he entered our class is known to us, but since he came under our observations, we have noticed that he spends his spare time in the lilirary willi his " subjects. " ' n.i.. ui) Case Sisson. " Rill, " i X Hartford, Conn. Hartford Public High School .[griculture Assistant I ' usiness Manager Practical Husbandry (j) ; Corporal (2) ; Business Manager Practical Hiishaiidiy (3) ; Lieutenant (3) ; Alpha Zeta. It is Bill, hello. Bill; how arc you, Bill? Connecticut? Yes, Hartford, the home of the Colt Automatic; that ' s why I5ill is so dangerous, for he leaves a long train of victims in his wake. And he ' s a soldier, too, Tripp. Tripp, Tri])p. the boy goes a-marching. By his stern features and manage- rial abilities we are able to predict that he will succeed in pro- ducing a high producing strain of cattle that require no nourishment. Our best wishes " Bill. " 92 [PT llgni ism Ci.iM-: Ckvlon Small, " Cy. " t ' K i I ' aniiiiigidii Kingfield Higli Scliool Clici iistr Class Treasurer (i); Class Footl)aI (2); Maiiu ' Masque (2), (3) ; Alpha Chi Sisma. A sigh we give for Small And a small Cy ' tis tnu ' , For although Cy is hardly small. The sigh, you see, it grew. Good things come in small packages, they sny ; But there ' s nothing small but the name. For your shins and your ankles aren ' t small I will lay When you rough-house with Small in his Small little wa . Jamks Harold Smiley, " Haj Hebron Academy Varsity Track (i) ; il K 2 llrailfiird, Mass. Ciz ' il F-in ineering Club (3) ; Freshman Cap Glee Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Drum Major. Since Smiley couldn ' t lie re-named smiling, he is called " Hap. " Even now that he spends an occasional hour at his books, his disposition is unchanged. He has even reduced his Bangor schedule to three nights at the end of the week, and one or two in the middle. " Anybody got change for a quarter? I want to telephone. " Roy Merry Someks, " Splint, Portland High School Class Pipe Committee ( i ) culating Manager of Blue Book; cal Husbandry (2), (3) ; First Junior Week Committee (3) ; Captain Blade (3). Whether " Splint " or " Strings, " it doesn ' t matter. He allows, however, that fares Ring loud from Orono, if not from Old Orchard. Portland Dairying Sophomore Owls ; Cir- Assistant Manager Practi- Sergcant (2) ; Chairman {3) ; Scabbard and Herbert Ansi:l Si ' aului. (;, " HcmI). Buckfield High School A X . lUicktiuld Ilorlicnltitrc Class Track (l); Sergeant (2); Secretary U. of M. Wilson Club (3) ; Mandolin Club (3) ; Associate Editor Practi cal Husbandry (2), (3); Varsity Debating Squad (3). Herb, the little man with the big noise. Altho not con- spicuous naturally because of his small size, he has done his best to put himself in the lime-liglit witli hot air. Herb ' s noise cost him a liox of Apollos lately, much to the satisfac- tion of the assembled multitude. Herhie is quite an athlete and is also artistic, does a little painting on the side. In fact, Herb ' s quite a boy; if you don ' t believe it, ask him. 93 n5m3Ili Q James Everett Spiers, " Jinimy. " ATA Wood fords Deering High School L licniistry Chairman Poster Committee (2) ; Student Council (2) ; Manager Class Track (i) ; Class Baseball (2) ; Class Execu- tive- Committee {2), (3); Class Basketball (2); Class Foot- ball (2) ; Corporal (2) ; Vice-President " M " Club (3) ; Lieu- tenant (3); Class Hockey (i), (2); Varsity Football (l), (2), (3) ; " M " Club; Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; Scab- bard and Blade ; Junior Assembly Committee. Bandy Spiers, the one-time man of Basin Mills, has moved his office to Bennoch Street, and is carrying on a strenuous campaign for position of psalm-singer in the M. C. A. As a side-line. Bandy is sole agent for the Perfect Sals liow Leg and Knock Knee Forms, and is having wonderful siucccss with his personal demonstrations. . , Johnson Spratt, " Jack, " i; X V,:iv Hafbor Bar Harbor High School Mechanical llmjincering Corporal (2): Class Basketball (i), (2). Boisterous, buoyant, breezy, bubbling, babbling I ' .ar Har- bor baby known in Balentine Hall as " The Mother Goose Child, " aspires to become an engineer. When he stokes the old wood furnace he sure is some engineer and makes the twentieth century look like the fV R. and E. His other good qualities are too numerous to mention. K Clarence Barrows .Springer, " . ' -Iponge, " i N I ' ortland I ' ortland High .School lilcctrical EiK inccyiiitj This disciple of Vernon Castle is always willing to ad- mit tluit he is THERE when it comes to tripping the light fantastics. " Sponge ' lost his " mis-placed eye-brow " when he went to Portland last year. We ' ve heard that thev do trickle. Watson Frank Stanley, " Waily, Hebron Academ - •Zip, " B w II SpringNalc Economics Class Track (1), (2): arsitv Track (2); Class Base- ball (2); " M " Club. Here he is, ladies and gentlemen, the last survivor of a once thriving and aggressive race, the Zulus. Those peace- ful-look facial contours would immediately put to flight any niisgivings that miglit arise in one ' s mind when this moun- tain of flesh arises to his full height. One may think that tlie burden of moving himsel f from place to place would pro e e.vcessivc. Not at all, he is as light on his feet as a — steam roller. Give him a dollar, and he will give a party for liimself. doll up for the occasion, enjoy himself for a few days, and return with anywhere from fifteen cents to a ciuarter. During the summer he serves as an express wagon in one of Maine ' s thriving towns. 94 Ul9[ A 75ePri 5m A (IicKALi) Ross Stott, " SaugerviUe ' " San!;er ille Sangerville High School Chemical Enguiccriny Class Football (i), (2); Corporal (2); Lieutenant (3). Speaking about luinting in the Maine woods, this e.x- Suide in ' steen counties has it on rnost of us. How proudly lie held his shapely head when he brought that 80-pound deer back to college. He has his " trusty weapon " right under his bed, so don ' t try any rough-neck stuff in his room before he arises for dinner. Clavtox Alton Storer, " Sto " Wilton Academy Weld Dairy Husbandry Did you ever hear of Weld — no, well neither did we, but Sto claims its quite some city. Sto ' s highest ambition is to go west and take up a claim. He would make a good cow- boy, all right ; in fact, he has a cow ' s voice already. Helen Loggie Stuart, AAA Bangor Btngor High School German Father Harrington Prize; Woman ' s Council (.i). " Whose little body lodged a mighty mind. " Let us in on the inside dope, won ' t you, Helen? ' F, want a few A ' s ourselves — " Miss Stuart wanted on the telephone " — says a freshman — answer! " Tell him I ' m out. " Walter Conrad Sturtevant, Milo High School " Sturdie " .Milo Aijriculturc As Sturdie stays in Orono under the protection of his sister we don ' t get much a chance to notice his failings. About the only thing about him that is conspicuous is that hair cut — the rest of him is so neutral that when he has his hat on he blends with llie landscape perfectly. - 95 IbePr ism » «,i Hak(ii.i C ' lavtox Swikt, ' " Swifty, " :i X Aulmni lulwai ' d I.iule High School lyricitltitrc Corporal (2). Swifty can indeed boast of the widest circle of acquaint- ances in Orono, Old Town, Stillwater, Banjior, Veazie and Brewer. He attends classes now and then l)nt only enouKli to be honored on the Dean ' s list — wc wonder how he does it. Shakespeare, Vernon Castle, and " Billie " Sunday have nothing on him when he is feehng right. Joanna .M. i;v MacMastkr Thaan.x.m, " Jay Mary " AAA Wimlirop imhrop High School Home Economics Cabinet Y. W. C. A. As a fresliman Mary was quiet and studious, but once in a while she was heard to say, " Now I ' ve Put my fute in it " — Later this English lass became Americanized and clianged her expression to " for the love of Pete " — which is alas no Moo(o)re. DoLOKi-: 1 ' " k. nk Thi£RI. l ' lt, " Terry " Milliiiockel Millinocket High School Mechanical Hniiinccriiiij Corporal {2). Every one knows Terry is a good student, but whether his inspiration comes from Bangor or his pipe no one knows. His favorite pastime is to smoke a conicob standing on his head before an admiring class of freshmen. IIarxaki) Clark ' I ' ownsi xn. Maine Central Institute " Flep Top, ' " Newport Agriculture Associate Editor Practical Husbandry. What do wc know about you. Red? We could tell how VDU used to escort a green over coat to the car station at noon, but we won ' t for everybody knows all about it, any- way. Red says he likes tliem young, and from all appear- ances he does. 96 Q!9[ A3eWii A Makkin I.drisK TiKiMAs, " ' rnnimy. " AAA W ' w liui ' vpuii, Mass. Xewburyport Higli Schoi.)! Home Economics Sccretar - Massaclui etts Club (2). Here ' s Clarion, the Movie Queen — a continuous per- formance from se en till ten. If you hear a giggle from one room, snickle from another, you ' ll know Marion ' s been around with her little lantern. Box scats inay be obtained from any front window in lialcntinc Siniday nights from eight until nine. Seward Rav Thompson, " Doc ' Staiidish High School Standish Economics Corporal (2), " Doc " is a self-appointed member of the " gimme " club. His has been a checkered career, Pre-Med (i); Biology (2); Economics (3); but woman liater always. Co-eds are the bane of his existence. Dancing school and Movies are his chief diversions. He is a great believer in credit as an institution. " Tha ' s sail. " D i(,HT W iLSON TuK.xKK, " Wife " Bucklield Buckfield High .School A(jricitltiirc Corporal (2). " Wife " is one of those quick-moving chaps that inflict the campus every so often. In fact, one cannot get any- thing on him as he moves too fast for the ordinary man to keep up with him. However, we hope that some day he will develop into a quiet, uncommunicative fellow, and then we can get something on him. Tuin " lircwer Clicmicdl Iinjinccrinii E K.N EST Julian Tuknkk. Brewer High School . lpha Chi Sigma ; Tau Beta Pi. He hails from Brewer. Xuff sed. We understand that this quiet youth intends preparing a thesis on " extracting potatoes from sea-weed " next year. 97 W AThPp? ism O ' DiLLioN, Charlks TiK.NKK. ■DiUy, " rx A ca .ic Orono High School i.uiilisli Serj-eant and First Liemciiaiu. Dilly dallies between N ' eazie and Orono, it is supposed, and once in a while is seen on the campus, but more than that, no one can state definitely whether he is actively asso- ciated witli the university or not. If silence is golden, Uilly ouglit to be well supplied with tlic latter. .M, KY LIllen " Utecht, " Mai-y " Topsham Toii h;im iiu Iisli Mary was afraid of this I ' ris.m write-up so she stayed out lour years, tliinking that time would cover up her tracks. We will admit tliat we were deceived for a while, but now •.ve know that she has been completely demoralized by her classes in Esterbrook Hall, as some of the Oak Hall Fresh- men can testify. Lee ' kooman, " Lee ' " Gieen illf Greenville High School Aijricultiire Aid Militar - Hop (i) ; Class Debating Team (i) ; Class Executive Committee (i); Sophomore Hop Committee (2): Sergeant (2) ; Varsity Debating Team (2) ; M. C. A. Cabinet (2), (3) ; Assistant Editor Pnntiml Husbandry (2), (3) ; Sophomore Essay Prize; ' icc-President Aggie Club (3); Blanket Tax Committee (3): Speakers ' Club; Alpha Zcta. No one knew where Greenville was until Lee came and announced that " Greenville is located at the bottom of Moose- head Lake. " Lee is a hustler and tries to make everyone else luistle, too. It is with the greatest regret tliat he admits that there is only one " brainy " man in college. We will hand it to Lee for one thing, he sticks to wliatever he has in hand though it is time to " shut up shop. " He never crabs because it is against liis jjrinciples. Hakkv Uexter W ' atsox " Wat, " ' 1 ' H K c t li.ildwin Cornish High School Mechanical Engineering Class Track (O: Class Baseball (2): Vice-President Mechanical Engineering Society (3) ; Manager Class Hockev (3). Can you imagine this beauty taking a medianical engi- neering course, but so devoted to English Literature that he composed nightly compositions to " Lady " Jamieson. In spite of such devotion he veritably lionizes Balentine ' s society. Majoring in communication he has perfected a new form of heliograph which takes the place of the telephone. " 8005, " please ! 98 19 ' Ibe Prism A Fki;i) I, I- ' armington Wf.bstkr High " Freddie " School Farm .■l(iric Hltia M. C. A. Caliinet (J). Farmer Fred — Quiet and unobtrusive but with liigh ambitions. Freddie never bothers the co-eds (and tliey never bother liim) for he has other interests. His frctiuent trips to the little ye!low house down by the river sliow that he is trying to place himself in direct line to inlurit the position of Head Janitor. RiCH.AKi:) RfXDLETTi: Wells, " Dick. " 1 ' H K South llristol Lincoln . cadeiny Economics Class Track (i), (2), (3). Here is the proprietor of Christmas Cove Kmporium, a fluent and spontaneous speaker and ever ready for an argu- ment. Take one more look at him, and imagine the aspect of his room. He has made strenuous eff orts to become a noted runner, but his failure is due to his e.xcessive interest in the co-eds. • i N Denmark Ai riculture I . I-PH C.AKLTO.V WlCXTWOkTH, " Pop Bridgton Academy Class Baseball (2) ; Class Hockey (2) ; Varsity Base- ball (2); " M " Club; Junior Masks; Junior Assetnbly Com- mittee: Chairman Junior Prom Committee. " Pop " is the only immigrant from Denmark (Maine) on the campus, but the way he swats a basel all makes up for this offence. For two years this sorrcl-topiied youth resisted feminine wiles, but rumors from Old Town ilow steadily. " My gosh, fellows, but this must be stopped. " Mkkle " n.LL M W ' escott " W ' es, " i; . K Riimford Rumford High School .h ricidturc Corporal (2); Sergeant (2); Lieutenant (31 ; ClasL ' Calendar Committee (2). The man who started in solving the mysteries and in- tricacies of steam boilers, but wlio is now learning the fund- amental i)rinciples of a,griculture. V ' e are all wondering how he attracts tlie ladies but because of his |uiet disposition we have been unable to gather any informtion from him on tliat subject. He intends to buy an isolated cabin and live the life of a hermit. l)ut — we wonder? 99 MI MEl ism Raymond Li;i, W iiitney North Anscjii Forestry Won ' t somelxidy please invent a real i(nod hair tunic. I ' liis man lias lots of hair raising incidents tucked away and only gives them to us occasionally. Growing trees seem more interesting to him. H. UKV Li. i()i,.N W ' uni:, " W iiitc} ' . " Ki Hcltast Bridgewater High School (Mass.j French President Freshman Dehating Society ; Rising Day Com- mittee (l) ; Corporal (2) ; Cercle Frangaise; President Ccrcle Fran?aise (2), (3) ; Musical Clubs (3). Here he comes, our little Whitey, tripping merrily along. " Hello, (jirls! " In choosing between Phi Rappa Phi and Morning Naps, Harry chose the Xaps. But still he may come thni, for you have got to hand it to him the kid is clever. And maybe he can ' t dance? i dancing were on the the University Curriculum we might call him a student — but as it is we won ' t talk about it. Albi rt W ' miriKU ' i-. i)kki,ich, " .Spin. " iX Arlington, Mass. Arlington liigh School Economics ' arsitv Cross Country Team (i), (2), (3); Varsitv Track (i), ' (2); Varsity Debating (i), (2), (3); Speakers ' Club (i), (2), (3); Secretary Speakers ' Club (3); " M " Club; M. C. A. Cabinet (2) ; Treasurer M. C. A. (3) ; Chair- man Sophomore Calendar Committee ; Class Cross Coimtry (■), (2), (3); Corporal (2); Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; Class Hockey (i), (2); Secretary A. A. (3); Vice- President Class Debating Club (l); Varsity Two-Mile Re- lay Team (2) ; Captain-elect Varsity Cross Country. The Kaiser has nothing on " Spin, " if you doubt this, ask him. His college activities have made him there on the " long nuis " whether after championships, Plum () ers. or a " Mouse. " He asjiires to become a politician, lawyer, and a benedict. r o Helkx Lol ' i. ' i-: .Stixciii ' ield, " Prissy " , A oil Dan forth Dan forth High Latin Helen always said her freshman year, " I ' ve had a bid to every- dance and house party this year " — maybe that ' s why she is such an authority on " fussing " — since she had so many opportimities for observation. But " Jardy " quickly finished it all, even tho he was lame and they had to do all their con- versing on the front steps of Balentine. This year, after trying the white lights, she decided to " Chuck " it all and returned to us and settled down to studying meteorology and writing letters — supposedly! ! ! 100 OILA ePrii A Kaiu Srliuul Jimiurs I ' .LAIS. »NK Philip. 4 A A I ' drlland. Me. Lazv lilais is a student of the first scm and witli his thick, red pencil lie marks up his hooks so that he can give us the impression that women are not his ciiief stud.v. Surely, if the women get the right to vote and our lad is running for office, once they get a slant at this picture he will he elected with- out douht. Cdhfx, Robert, " Wizard, ' " l ' A ' , ! ' F, n P.ansjor, Me. Paiigor High School Law " Wizard ' is one of the boys who is never seen or heard of except in class. Here he certainly shines, for he is given the title for holding the record for asking Simpson foolish questions. CuKKAN, Jamf.s Joseph, " Jim " I ' uriland. Ale. St. Marys Jmw Here we are expressing the hope and our best wishes that James will be able to " sling " the law in court when he gets at it as lie can now " sling the hash. ' You may yet get one of those write-ups about " another Portland boy making good. " Ill) ism I liW ' oi.FK, JAMKS CoDMAX, ' ■JimiTlie. " I A A Portland, Me. I ' lirtlaiul llii h Scliool .im ' Treasurer (2); Moot Court (j). This ciuilihy little boy with the dimpling pink cliecks Ims exhibited an extraordinary interest in Steward Hall this year, but his interest with the broom has failed to keep down the increase of his flesh. " Jimmie " says that the eexra time that he puts in the Law College has been to specialize in the course of " I ' ersons. " It would be better to make that word singular. We wonder what he studies on his frequent snow- slioe trips. May be it ' s to review his course in " Carriers. " Xow do you wonder why " Jimmie " wants to know the law on marriages and the lialiihties on a breach of promise suit. Dri w. IlARdLl). ■•Hal. " l K :•, Thornton .Xcatlemv I .V A Kenncliunkpurt. Mc. Lai. ' Chiss President (l); Basketball (1); Manager Basket- ball (- ' ); Prism Board (2); Baseball (i). Honest, boys just take a slant at this specimen of hu- manity and also observe his string of honors, and then judge for yourself what might be his calibre. But you ask him about the write-ups of his class-mates. FiTZGERAtn. Chaki.ik, " Blutch, " " Chicken, " A 1 Bath, Me. Morse High School Georgetown University " Butch " the famous Georgetown star, hero of many a hard struggle — for a lady. " Love at First Sight " is his chief belief. " I ' ve Lost Vou So Why Should I Care? " is Ins favorite song. iMTZciERALt), Joii.N Hknkv, " Jack, " I . ! Hath, Me. Morse High School Law lidwdoin College Tufts Debating Societv ( i ) ; Moot Court ( i ) ; Lim ' Revii " U ' (2). Jack might have added to his list of glories on the uridiron if he had only wanted to at Maine, but his loyalty to liowdoin was too powerful. We admire your spirit, John. Sorrv to see that vou have left our class as vou were well l.ked ' . 102 QCAEPr ism (dLI.IX, (iKdUCl ( iei)re;ei() n eorg;ie. I A A Class President (2) Laiv Moot IIknuv. " C, Fiep. Debating Society (i), (- ' ) Court (J). Did (ieorgie ever realize that Wilson is President? Sa , tliey call this lad " Senator. " Isn ' t it a shame that he can l i on the winning party all the time. If you, some day, should take time to look up your ancestry you might be able to place your name alongside of Daniel ' ebster. 1 lay this fact to the abundant line of overflowing oratory that issues from your lips. When you are a real politician you may be able to expostulate some of your theories but not now. II.M.i:, CiEORGE Lester, " Shortv, " A , ©X Belfast, Me. Maine University Law Basketball (i), (2); Baseball (2). " Shorty, " w ' ill you ever stop growing? We think that you are getting too much sleep. Maybe if you would onl do a little exercise as knitting, mending or attending " pink- tea " parties, you miglit develop a little more. Gee, but won ' t this lad make some impression when he enters the court room with an armful of books. Say. bow is the " whether " up there ' . friend ? JoKD.vx, John Frederick, " Tony, " I A ' I I ' .angor, Me. Bangor High School Law Baseball Manager (2). The " Gibson Kid " is without a doubt one of our shin- ing stars. Owing to his association with a pick and shovel we have nicknamed him " Tony. " " Tony " is one of our most industrious students. Also famous lor tlie " .Smile that won ' t wear off. " " Tony " claims that " digging sewers " is easier on the back than law. LEVIX.SOX, (Ieorce Sidxey, " Small Size, " E II, A Dorchester Mass. Horblit ' s Prep. Law boy. Thi: Debating Society (i), (2); .Moot Court (2). Short in stature, but with many a brain. He is so clever, he gives us a pain; George and " Hal " always together Cutting up pranks in all sorts of weather. Fritz Kreisler or Mischa Elman have nothing on this He can make more noise on the violin than they can. famed virtuoso of Kid Hill ' s faine l Ilnng.irian riulash orchestra has broken manv a heart. 103 QCa Eet ism I.KVix, Rkubex, " Rube " Manchester Depot. ' t. ISennington High Scliool J.iiw Cornell University " Rube " — vvliicli. Say, liow does " Rube " like to back up llrooklyn for this fall in advance? Easy mark, all rij;lit. All right anybody ' s bet. Take it t|uick. .M. K(,_lL ' lS, jllSlil ' H Colbv " Aur.usTi.N, " Inc. " Waterville, Me. Law If my predictions come true, Marquis may yet leave anotlier line of the descendants of .Augustus. He, as you have noticed, has already assumed titles without authority. Say, " joe, " what will your line of oratory amount to unless Ciillin can be there to argue with vou ? M( (iKATH, iLLi. M Joseph, " iJill " Uangor, Me. Kiinitord High .School Law filiating Society (l). (2). Mill is a dandy good fellow; ask any of the girls — (i»_v, because they all know him. In fact. Bill ' s friendships with the fair sex are so e.xtensive and his interest so deep that he eems to be inclined to neglect the simple subject — law, for an extensive study of tlie great eternal l- ' eminine. Fk.v.vk Pi-.tek " Pete, " " t .V A. Portland High School University of Maine •!■ 11 K Portland. Me. Law Vice-President (i); Banquet Committee (1); Class Track (l), (2), (3), (4); Class Cross Country (l), (2), (3). (4); Varsity Cross Country (i), (2), (3), (4); Var- sity Track (l), (2), (3); Captain Cross Country (4); Aid Military (i); Corporal (1); Sergeant (2); " M " Club (i), (2), (3), (4); Student Council (2), (3), (4); Pris.m (4); New England Cross Country Title (2) ; State and College Two-Mile Record: Mandolin Club (3), (4): Sophomore Owls; Junior Masks; .Senior Skulls. Where the discussion is there is Petro. Also the social stuff. He has said that he could do the hundred in 10 sec. flat and Ijar Harbor in less than that. 104 OCaIEeZ ism QuiiMHV, RoBiCRT Sinclair " Lizzie, " I A I c t llaniptnn. X. 1!. Laze Debating Society; Moot Court; Law Review (2). All you have to do is to plance at this rowdy and then you ' ll have knowK ' dfje enoutili to keep away. Gee, but the ladies certainly fall for this gallant hero. And listen, he has hope to become a General in the Army. Do you reall tliink him as innocent as he looks? Please beware. Urbano, Angelo, " Angle, " " I) A tl I ' ortland, Ale. Line His bovish Portknd High School Angle is a pretty name for this little soul ways are ver - pleasant to the ladies. ' . . ' t()RF,, Di.xox Fredf-Ruk, " ' an, " I A A Coleln-ook, X. 11. N. H. Stale College Laiu Debating Society ; Moot Court. Say, what do you .suppose would happen in Colebrook if another Thaw would happen along and " ' an " should hap- pen to have that Now don ' t you think that, due to his stature, he might win even though he did not liavc the goods. We often wonder where tliis lad puts in his nights for fre- quently he comes to school to get in a little nap before dinner rolls around. So, he really is a ladies ' man. I am glad to know tliat, for 1 niav want one nivsclf some dav. Wake, John " Johnnie. " W ' atcrvillc, Me. Higgins Classical in-.iitute Law Colhy Gee, but it is a pipe to go to college in the same easy manner and spirit that this youth does. What does an educa- tion amount to unless one has no lirains. Well, " Johnnie, " though you may never practice law you may as yet be able to surprise them all. ' ou may be one of those who will aid to keep up the profession. Here ' s luck and good wishes to von along line. 105 grBluiliilc Mcmbcrii Harold Taylor Andrews AuKREY Elverton Ballantyne Malcolm Everett Barker Harold Frank Blackwood Philip Warren Hale VuRLE Lee Boomer Earl Robert Brown Carl Fred Brugge Russell Alton Carr Hung Hsiang Chang Herbert Grey Cobb Raymond Cohoon William James Connelly Ralph Ozro Deering Harold Oliver Doe William Thomas Donegan Robert Blaisdell Dunning Roland Francis Estes Everett Dean Farnsworth Abraham Chadwick Fernald Charles Leo Foss Pu Sungyii Fung Abraham Fred Goldberg James Harford Gray Julian Francis Greeley William Francis Guinan Edward Everett Hahn Artemus Henry Harmon- Lester Walton Hathaway Edward Lee Herlihy Frank Ben Holden Eloise Blanche Huskins Robert Granville Hutton Roscoe Hartwei.l Hysom Frank Stanley James Wilton Scott Jardine Arlo Clifton Jordan Arthur Frederick Kaulfuss Frank Stanley Kerr Guy Leander Kinney Lewie Everett Libby Marguerite Littlefield Robert Moses Littlefield Columbus Ellis Lord Raymond John McCarthy Lincoln Earl McRaf Raeburne Lyndon Marsh Donald Atwater Mayo Cornelius Daniel Meaney Vera Lurine Mersereau George Earl Mincher Madeline Moore Robert Colby Moore Lester Howe Morrill Paul Austin Morris Arthur I ' ranklin Moulton William Ralfh Xeedleman John AIicheal O ' Connell Halbert Haymond Orcutt Carl St. John Parki-.r Herbert George Partridge Earl Francis Perry Everett Carletox Ph ii. brook Ray Eugene Phillu ' s Caldwell Sweet Piiii.Lir; John Mann Pomeroy Guy Edgar Pottle Haller Varney Priest Leland John Redin BuRT Richardson, Jr. George Lo ell Richardson Robert Arthur Ri . George Edward Roberts Hester Miles Rose Maurice Aaron Rudman Philip Hadley Sanderson- Henry Sw.MN SiMMS Verne Rockwood Snow Frank Thomas Spellissy Emily Augusta Stanton George ' lLMER Sulliv. n DoRiNG Morton Tapley John Altgustus Tenny Fletcher Allen Thomas Natalie Alice ' aughan Sew ' ell Dunbar Vaugii. n Philip Thompson Verrill Stephen Tracy Webster Mary Crosp.v Wi;xtworth Morton Chlkch Whitcomb Francis Edward ' ilson Clarence Woodhead Frank Clark Worcester Clayton ]- ' i.mi:k " N ' ork 106 pigT ngp rism £Si 1919 (Class ©ftkrrs 1919 President Charles H. Champion Vice-President Webster C. Hoagland Secretary Edmund C. Melcher Class Colors: Pluck and U ' liite JOS 19 A l ePrism A 16 uipljnmnreB Ag. Adams. Chester Xorris, Ee. Adams, Earle Russell, Es. Altman Frank Isadore, Ms. Ahvard. Harry Allen, Ce. Ames, Helen Frances, Sp. Anderson, Carl Alfred, Fy. . rnold. Eugene Fairfield, Es. Astlc, Ray Milton, Ch. Eng. Averill, Robert Wallace, Ee. Aver)-, George Halburton, . g. Baldwin, Frederick Earl, Ee. Barbour, Forrest . tkinson, Ch. Enc Beaulieu, Jennie Christina, Fr., Ethel Corinne, -Sp. I ' lanchard, Daniel Briggs ISlethen. Melvin Snow, Ee. Boyd, I ' arl George, Me. r.radley. Earl Albert, Ed. I ' jragdon, Stacy Lloyd, Ch. Brown, Fred Hopkins, Ce. Brown, Ralph Lawrence, lU. I ' lUrnham, Philip Merle, Ce. Caswell, Curtis Lowe, Ch. Eng. Champion Charles Henry, Ch. Eng. Chellis, Robert Dunning, Ee. Cheney, Joyce Marguerite, Eh. Chute, James Lemuel, Ee. Gark, Charles Bartlett, Ee. Clarke Ruth (iertrude. Gm. Coady, Donald Lewis, Ag. Cobb, William Bangs, Ag. Colbath, Kenneth Brenton, Es. Collins, Sj;niuel W ilson, . g. Cook, Raymond John, Es. Cooper, Lawrence .Arthur, Ch. Eng. Corey. Qiarles Truman, i Ini. Conforth, Robert Gardner. Me. Cosgrove, William .Augustine, Ce. Craig, Ira Caswell, Ee. Crocker, Percival Bradl(}rd, Me. Cross, Hugo .Silas, Es. Cross, Kendall, Me. I H K House r A House 2oS H. H. Hall Wilton IVatennlle Lawrence, Mass Bangor b I " inalhavcn East Bridijewater. Mess. 104 tL H. Ha Foxcroft j bifteenth Street, Bangor Balentine Hall Houlton Stilkcater Stockton Sprhitjs Pcabody, Mass. IVoodfords Old Town Vinalhaveyi Auburn Foxcroft Kimiman Foxcroft Gorhaiii Bangor Cedar Grove Portland Hiram Adams, Mass. Portland Bridgeport, Conn Saco North cw Machias Patten ll ' oodfords Presque I si Caribou Worcester Auburn Portland Cooper Biddcford Millinockct Foxboro, Mass Ciiilford Solon Mass (3rono 103 (Jak Hall Stillwater 202 Oak Hall 2 N House 2 A E House Old Town lialentine Hall 311 H. H. Hall 2 Park Street ATA House 2 A E House loi H. H. Hall 58 bit til Street, Bangor 55 Park Street 2 N House 7 Pleasant Street ATA House 2 X House Mt. ' ernon House A T n House I H K House llalentine Hall K 2 House K E House K 2 House 1 K 2 House 304 II. 11. Hall WX House I H K House 103 H. H. Hall 4 r A House 201 H. H. Hall 2 X House 4 r A House H K House Portland 109 QCaEeZ ism linn Ee. Curran Anne Genevieve, Eh. Uanfortli. Earl Herrick, Ag. Dr.rrah, John Clarke Magg, Cli. Eng Davis, Jasper Alden Worcester, Ce. Davis, Thomas, Ag. Day, Frank Conant, Ag. DeCoster, Harry Perry, Fy. Demerritt. Dwight Burgess, C ' h. Eng. Denison, CHfford Dawes, Ag. Dennis, Eleanor Bessie, Gm. Dole. Howard Noves. Ch. Eng. Dolloff, Ray Winfield, Ag. Donovan, Frank Edward, Ed. Donovan, Irving Rf.ymond, Es. Dow, Arthur Greenlcaf, Ee. Dow, Maynard eston. -Ag. Duncan, Cony . Alexander, Ch. Eastman, Doris Burkett. He. Edwards, Mary Louise. Gm. Ellsworth, William Clarence. Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Fy. Emery, Newell Wyman, Ms. Farnum, Philip Tj:Ibot, Ee. Farr, Kenneth Randall, Ch. Faulkner, George . rmand. Ferren, Earle Leslie, Bl. Files, Charles Harper, Ch. Foss, Charles Earl, Me. French, Marian Elizabeth, Sp. I ' roberger, (ieorge .Augustus Josepli, Ch. Eng. Frye. Francis Smith, .Ag. I ' ullcr ()li er Addison. Me. hurey, John Glen, Es. Garhnd, Ernest Leonard, Ee. Gaskill, David Mijamin. Fy. Giles, Cornelius Francis, Me. Goggin, Francis James, Es. Gooch, Marjorie Eunice, He. Goodwin, John Elmer, Ch. Goodwin, Charles Ciile, Es. Googins, Richard Lucien, .Me. Gorden, Walter Lincoln, Me. Gordon, Samuel Frederick, L ' h. Gould, Clifford Perkins, l- ' .e. Greene, lohn Cornelius. lU. Halev, idanche Lillian. He. Hall, Ella Mav, He. Great Works eireat Works East Baiii or 20 Seventh Street, Bangor En.u I-y. Ens; Boston, Jass. Beverly, Mass 1 ' eazic LczL ' tston Lynn, Mass. Sanyerz ' ille Harrison Bangor Haverhill, Mass Hillside Mayo Street Park Street D. 7, Bangor I ' ond .Street ATA House A X A House K2 House 80 Essex Street, Bangor 0X House 20S H. H. H:.ll Turners falls, Mass. © X House Bantjor 134 Kenduskeag Ave.. Bangor Soiitli Paris Kents Hill .lui iista Warren Vineyard Haven, Mass. Farmiin ion Island Falls Salisbury Cove East Wilton Oakl and South Hanson, .Mass. East Corinth Portland Wood fords 7 Fort Fairfield lo.j H. H. Hall 5AE House 180 Main Street Balentine Hall College -Street 211 H. H. Hall Grove Street 2 X House 4oy H. H. Hall A T n House K2 House 210 H. H. Hall i ' K 5 House Pleasant Street B: lenline Hall .luijusta Camden Mexico Bani or Old Tozvn Blaekslone, .Mass. Peahody, Mass. Orono Taunton, Mass. St. Albans Springvale Biddcford Livermore Falls Lincoln Kennebunkport Peabody. Mass. South Brcci ' cr B reiver 2 A E House 50 Park Street 2 X House OX House Old Town A X A House 2 X House 21 Main Street Balentine Hall !■ r A House 102 H. H. Hall 403 H. H. Hall 102 H. H. Hall E II House r A House ATA House . lt. ernon House . lt. ernon House 110 19 ▲ " Be Prism Hall. Elliot Edtjar, Fy. Hanson, l an Stcxens. Ale. Hansen, Milton Christopher, Mc. Hardy, Carl Edward, Ag. Harmon, Perley Enncis, Ag. Harriman, Stanley, Ch. Harringt(jn, Randall . ltred. Ale. Harris, Joseph Ereeman, Ag. Harris. Leon Carlton, Ch. Harthnrn, Alarion Louise, I " r. Haskell, Clara Louise, Lt. Hr skins, Elwina Lewis, He. Haynes, Charles Albert, Ey. Hitchings, Kathryn Estelle, Sp. Hoagland, Webster Conley, Ch. Hobbs. ' ernon Erench, Ce. Hodgkins, Earl Asmond, Ce. Holden, Clyde Thaddeus, Ee. Hopkins, Adele Cecilia, He. Hopkins, Ray Clifford, Ee. Howard, Joel Hayden, Ag. Hudson, Alyron Terry, Ag. Hughey, John Millard, Ch. Eng. Hurley. Alice Mary, Fr. Hussey, Leroy Fogg. Es. Hussey Wayne Blethen, . g. Johonett, Helen Rowe, Hy. Jones, Samuel Everett, Ee. Jordan, Ruth, Er. Judkins, Eshburn Oscar, Ale. Kellev. Edward Henrv, Ale. Kendall, Ralph Aliles. ' Ee. King, Earl Christopher, Es. Kirk, Edward Benedict, Es. Knowlton, Xorman Perley, Es. Larrabee, Clifford Prentiss, Ch. Eng. Lawler, Alark Robinson, Ce. Lawrence, Arthur Xeal, Ee. Lr-wry. Emerson Chase, Ch. Eng, Lewis, Carl Arthur Randall, Ag. Lil)by. Bernard Augustus, Ee. Lloyd, Katlierine Alarie, Eh. Lord, P ' rank adleigli. . g. Lowell, -Arthur Wilbur, Cli. Eng. Luce, Ral])h Trueman. Me. Lurvey, Preston Eugene. Ch. Alahoney. John Clinton, Ch. Eng. " inalliavcn 401 II. 11. Mall Winter Harbor 80 orth Alain Street ' crnon, Conn. Park Street Bamjor 124 P;irkview . venue, Bangor Caribou 404 H. H. Hall Gardiner 211 0;k Hall South Bristol 1 H K House fatten K 5 House Portland X A House Milford Balentine Hall Steulien Balentine Hall Saco Balentine Hall Ellscvortli 5 X House Caribou Balentine Hall Coneord Jiinctini Mass. AX A House .Mattaii ' cnikeaii 404 H. H. Hall Jefferson . X A House Sabattits 305 Oak Hall Old Toivn Old Town Camden 401 H. H. Hall Leivision ATA House U ' inthrop Mill Street ,(); ( Island 5 ' A Peters Street Frankfort Old Town . ' InjHSta 5AE House Dark Harbor !• K ii House Hampden Hii hlards Hampden Highlands .liii iista AT CI House () ( Tozvn Old Town Cpton 1:2 Oak Hall Bunijor 52 Esse.x Street, Bangor Biddeford 2 A E House Orono 23 Broadway Har Harbor 2 N House Orono Grove Street Old Tozun Old Town Southwest Harbor 404 Oak Hj.ll . ' orth Lubec ATA House Fairfield H (-) II House .hKjHSta i; A E House Limcriek Pine Street Brewer P rewer Kesar Falls K i House I ' ortland K :i House Farmimiton j i 1 11. H. Hall Island F(dls (irove Street Biddeford .403 H. H. Hall 111 QCAjePr ism Marsh, liernard Church, Fy. Martin. Willis Gilman, Bl. Melcher, Edmund Capron, Ag. Merrow, Lawrence Earle, Ee. Mitchell, Arthur Raymond, Ag. Mitchell. Myron Atwood, Ee. Mooney, Lawrence Henry, Hy. Mooney, Richard Henry, Hy. Moore. Millard Cieorge. Ch. Eng. MacDonald, IVLixwell Eugene, Bl. MacDonnell, Reginald Hugh, Ch. Macquarrie, Kenneth Godfrey. Jr. Niles, Charles Fernald. Ce. Norcross, Evans Barkley, Es. Xorthrup. Christine . delia, Lt. Xoyes. Kenneth Bradford, Me. Ohnemus. Clifford Andrews, Me. Owen, Robert Rook, Ee. Parsons, Earle Odber, Ee. Peckham, Earle Stuart, Ag. Perry, Benjamin Cowl, Jr., JvLs. Pierce, Harold Merle, Es. Piper, Dorothy Eva, Gm. Pitts, . " -iamuel Lee, Fy. Plummer, Xorman Dyer, Ce. Polr.kewich, Abraham, Ee. Poor, Charles Montgomery, Ce. Pratt, Fanny Louise, He. Prince, Jessie May, Eh. Pulsifer, James Hayes, Ag. Ranger. Ralph Augustine, Me. Rapp, Herbert Victor, Ch. Ring, . rthur .Andrew, Me. Robbins, Hamlyn Nelson, . g. Rowe, Allen Bedford, Ag. Rumil. George Edwin, Ce. Russell, George Frederick, Ag. Ryan, Stephen Joseph, Me. Sawyer Ethel Beatrice, Fr. Scott, Edith May, Gm. Scott, Ethel Lue, Gm. Sears, Albert Johnson. Ce. Seg£l, Abraham. Bl. Shaw, Burton Alfred, Ag. Sherman. Elma Linwood, Eh. Sinnett. Ralph ' ernon, Ch. Smallidge, Orman .Samuel. Me. Smiley, Floyd Franklin, Ag. Smiley, Samuel Raxmond. .Ag. Mills Mass. Dexter li ' oodjords Cumberland Saco Sahattits South Berwick Berlin, X. H. Worcester, Mass Old Town Bangor .Iyer, Mass. Ch. Portland Rum ford Portland Orono Orotu) It ' althaiii. .luburn Patten Bangor Rockland X orridgewock Fairfield Harrison Dorchester Biddeford Andover Xortli . ' ew ' Portland Yarmouth .luburn Dry den Turneis l ' .lls, .Mass. Orono Scarboro Portland Mount Desert Methuen, Muss. Ayer Mass. South Portland Wolfehoro, X. H. Woifeboro. X. H. IVoodfords Lewiston San ford Bre-wer Brewer .Xortheast Hc.rbor Caribou ll ' aterrille . X A House 4 r A House i X House .V T n House no 0£k Hall ( " ) X House R, 1- ' . D. 7. Bang(jr College Street Old Town 257 State Street, Bagoh 88 Main Street ATA House 312 Oak Hall r A House 61 P cnnoch .Street lorcst . venue K i House 4 H K House S4 Pi.rk Street 22 Summit -Vvenue, Bangor 4 r A House H K House Balentine Hall i N House 301 H. H. Hall I E n House 402 H. H. Hall Balentine Hall Mt. ' ernon House 412 H. H. Hall :i X House .V X . House 3 Summer Street 2 X House I H K House 81 Mill Street 7 Pleasant Street 249 Main Street Balentine Hall t;ilbert Street Gilbert Street 2 A E House 13 Pond Street 309 Oak Hall Brewer Brewer Grove Street I K 2 House 212 H. H. Hall .l ( 112 IbePr I5IT Smith, Fay, Gm. Smith, Raymond Jones, Me. Spear, listelle PauHna, . g. Steadnian, Donald Melville, Hy. Stephenson. Clarence Baker, Ch. Stoddard, Edgar Addington. Cli. Strout, Harold Kimball, Ee. Stubbs, Marian Esther, He. Sturgis. . ' Mfred Chamberlain, Ag. Swan. William Francis, Ch. Eng. Sweatt. Cecil Clayton, Es. Swicker, Lester Clayton, Ee. Taylor, Enid Dorothy. Hy. Taylor, William Henry, Es. Thomas, Albert Hale, Es. Tibbetts Louise Elmore, Ag. Tierney, Arthur Joseph, Me. Tozier, Alton Warren, Me. Tracy. Frank Alton, Ee. Trask, Xewell Jefferson, Ag. True, Nathan Frank. Ch. True, Norman Evans, Ee. Tupper, Ernest Grant, . g. Turgeon, Henry Wallace, Ch. Upham, ' arren Pratt, F " y. Natalie Alice, Ms. Elmer Joseph. Ee. V ' ernon Howard, Ch. Eng. Webber, Paul Franklin. Ag. Weeks. Donald Ross, Ag. Weisman, Samuel, Ch. Eng. W ellington. Linwood Wiley, Ch. Wheeler, Ella Adams, Eh. Whitehouse, Ralph Murch, Ag. Whitehouse. Thurle Stevens. Ee. Wight, WiUard. Es. Wilkins, Ralph Allen, Ch. Eng. Williams, Randall ' aughan, Ag. W inslow, illis Stone, Ce. Wood, Ralph Harold, Ee. W ' ooster, Kenneth Thorndike, Es. Yeaton, Russell Powers, Fy. Young, Kenneth Thwing. Bl. Ziegler, Charles Melvin, Ag. X ' aughan. Wade. Wallingford Machias Mt. ernon House South BrciU ' cr (■) X House South Portland Balentine Hall BridfitoH Stillwater Porthuid B n House PortUmd I02 H. H. Hall Portland 404 H. H. Hall Bucksport It. ' ernon House Auburn S N House Berlin, N. H. Main Street Andoi ' cr $ H K House Townsend , Mass. 201 H. H. Hall North Sullivan Balentine Hall Rum ford 312 Oak Hall Lincoln K 2 House Lyman 10 Park Street Westfield. Mass. 2 A E House Litchfield 112 Oak Hall Cherryfield 27 Park Street South Jefferson Park Street Freeport 202 H. H. Hall Wood fords AX A House Princeton Forest Avenue Auburn Ben House Pasadena, Calif. 29 Pond Street Orono Park Street Richmond College Street Auburn $ H K House Kcnnebunk 408 H. H. Hall Rockland Park Street Portland E n House Caribou K 2 House Bancfor Mt. Vernon House Fort Fairfield 5X House Portland 2N Flouse Berlin, N. H. 305 H. H. Hall Beverly, Mass. A T n House Lisbon Falls 107 Oak Hall IValdoboro 210 H. H. Hall Togus K2 House Rockport 2X House Belt rade 202 H. H. Hall Arlington. Mass. 5X House South Boston, Mass. B 11 Llouse 113 MMMRn KM OJlaiUi ©fttccrs 1920 President Walter C. White Vice-President Fred S. A ' illard Secretary Kathleen M. Snow Treasurer John S. Baron Class Colors : Red and Blue Class Yell: Ma-nia! 116 QICAEPnimXS iFt iilim u Abramson, Lewis, Arts Adams, James Campbell, Ee. Allen, Lyman Edgar, Ch. Eng. Alley, Frank Oren, Ag. Anderson, William Henry, Ee. Atkinson, Horace Barker, Me. Atwood, Gilbert Humphrey, Ce. Atwood, Lewis Gerald, Ee. Averill, Walter Boardman, Ch. Eng. Aven,-, W ' illard Crissey, Ce. Bach. Alma (iertrude, He. Bagley. Harold Herbert, Ag. Bannister. Leslie, Ce. Barbeau, Joseph Wilfrid, Me. Barber, Roscoe Hall, Ee. Barker, Iva Viola, He. Barney, George Curtis, Ee. Barron, John Stanley, Fy. Bartlett, Frances Dorothea, He. Barton, Lawrence Price, Ag. Beal, Ivan Everett, Ag. Beale, Clara Helen, He. Beck, Joseph Thomas, Es. Berg, ' erner Henry Carl, Ch. Berliawsky Frank Nathan, Arts. Berman, Harry, Arts Besse, Frank Arnold, Arts Bisbee, Mildred Tressa Wheaton, Arts Black, Howard Preston, Eng. Blanchard, Esther Mildred, Arts Bonfilio, Louis John, Ch. Eng. Boi jesson. Thomas W ' hitmore, An. Boynton, Ray Maurice, Ce. Brackett, Virginia Mae, He. Brown. Edward Herbert, Ag. Brown, Harry Carpenter, Ag. Brown, Richard Amos, Ee. Bruce, Harold Lincoln, Ag. Bryant, Clarence Philip, Me. Budway, Lillian Lucy, Arts Burden, Marjorie Helen, Arts Burke. Walter Edward, Arts Bussell, Dorothea Mabel, Arts Portland Cherry field Portland Bar Harbor Banijor 122 Li Morrill Taunton, Mass. Eastport StUhvater Stamford, Conn. Orono Prcsqiic Isle Cornish Anson Portland Auburn Berlin, V. H. Saco Orono W ' aterville J ones port Orono Augusta Ne7i Britain, Conn U ' aten ' illc Lewiston Albion Berlin, X. H. Bangor Spring ' ale Portland Richmond Skoti ' heijan Milo Bethel Bethel Dixficld Lebanon Lincoln Orono Orono Portland Old Town E n House 2 A E House 106 Oak Hall 2 X House ncdln Street, Bangor 20 Grove Street 15 Park Street 2 N House Stillwater K 2 House Penobcot Street 36 Grove Street III Oak Hall 105 Main Street 0X House Old Town R. F. D. 7, Bangor A T n House College Street College Street 15 Park Street 33 Peters Street ATA House 23 Park Street 110 H. H. Hall I E n House A T n House Mt. Vernon House 312 H. H. Hall Balentine Hall no H. H. Hall 2 Forest Avenue 203 H. H. Hall Balentine Hall Grove Street Old Town 80 Mill Street College Street r A House 54 Hill Street 56 Middle Street A TO House Old Town 117 QiCA PniSA® Bussell, Stephen Reginald, Arts Butler, Harry, Ch. Butler, Henry Russ, Ee. Campbell, Donald Edward, Ag. Carter, Horace Leighton, Arts Casey, Roy Leon, Ag. Cates, Lewis Goodwin, Ce. Chadbourne, Walter W ' hitmore, Arts Chandler, Florence Libby. Arts Chaplin, Raymond Washington, Ag. Charles, William Harry, Ce. Chase, Olive, Arts Christianson, Elmer Emmons. . ' g. Churchill, Warren Stanley, Bl. Clair, ' era Alice, Arts Clark, Donald Shackley, Ch. Clarke, Eleanor Laura, Arts Clifford, Charles Fenton, Ce. Conners, Irene White, Arts Cony, Roland Francis, Arts Copeland. Hazel Yates, Arts Coughlin, Mary Anna, Arts Couri, Arthur Xajeeb, Ch. Couri, Dewey illiani. Arts Courtney, Horace .Sears, Ch. Cousins, Herbert Burnliam, Me. Crane, George Wilson, Ce. Cross, Charlotte Geneva, Arts Crosby, Harold Dunmore, . ' rts Croteau, Antonio Livi, Me. Croxford, Geneva, Arts Crowley, Frances, Sp. Currier, Stanley Morrison, Ch. Eng. Cushman, George Mason, Ce. Cushman, Robert Neal, Ag. Cuskley, Dorothy Thomas, Arts Davidson, James Howard, Ce. Davis, Howard Forest, Me. Davis, John Joseph, Ag. Davis, Max Donald, Arts DeCourcy. Paul, Ch. Deering, Lawrence Ezekiel, Ee. Dempsey, Plinn Duttruss, Ch. Diehl, Edwayne Philip, . rts Dodge, Maynard Burnham, Ag. Dow, William Reed. Ee. Drew, Vinal Eugene, Arts Old Tozvn Old Town BaiK or I r A House Porlland 201 H. H. Hall Island Falls 25 Grove Street Bar Harbor 10 Park Street Fast Dixficld 411 H. H. Hall Munroc Mill Street Danforth 14 Bennoch Street Xeti ' casilc Balentine Hall Cornish 1 H K House Portland 55 Park Street Bluchill Balentine Hall Portland A T 12 House H ' atervillc Pond Street Shclhurnc Falls. Mass. Mt. ' ernon House Milford Milford Pcmaquid Balentine Hall Millinocket 56 . ' summer Street, Bangor Sullivan College Street Augusta III H. H. Hall Brewer Mt. N ' ernon House Rockland Balentine Hall Portland ATA House Portland ATA House Boston, Mass. 212 H. PI. Hall Bre ver I r A House Foxcroft " S. N House Rockland Balentine Hall Wollaston. Mass. Phillips College Street Brewer Brewer Bangor 15 Forest .Avenue, Bangor Brc ' ii. ' er ! K i House Portland H K House Kendttskeog (-) X House Portland Balentine Hall Guilford TA House Rumford 80 Mill Street Veazie R. F. D. 7, Bangor Portland I E n House Bucksport R. F. D. 8. Bangor Mollis Center 108 Oak Hall Mattapan, Mass. 5 X House New Britain, Conn. Park Street Old Town Old Town Banqor is Dean Street, Bangor Ashland ' 304 H. H. Hall 118 QilCAJlEnir ism Duncan. Kenneth James, Ee. Dunn, Harhara, Arts Dunton, John Albert, I ' v. Dyer, Isabel Hayden, Arts Eaton, Frank Newell. Jr., Ag. Edgerly, (Jlenn Eldred, Ce. Eldridge, John Seward, Ag. Elliott, Priscilla Goldthwaite, Arts Enander, Ered Conrad, Arts Epstein, Anna Pauline, lim. Fabian, Marvel, Ce. Farnsworth, Kenneth Clyde. Arts Farrar. Clarissa Palmer, Arts Faulkingham, Bertram Nash, Ee. Field, Kenneth Jackman, Ag. Fitzgerald, Paul Andrew, Arts Flavell, Paul Irving, Ce. Fogg, Merle Leslie, Arts Fossett, Edward Carroll, Ag. Foyle. Raymond Henry, Ch. Eng. Frawley, Alfred Cecil, Eng. Freeland, James Horatio, Es. Freeman, Arthur Clyde, Jr., Ch. French, Arthur Herbert, Ch. Eng. French, Dwight Millard, Eng. French, Minerva Evelyn, Arts Friend, Francis Howard, Fy. Frost, Howard Robinson, Ch. Gantnier, Jerome Benedict. Ag. Gardiner, Henry Mygatt, Fy. Garman, Ellen Mary, He. Gaudreau, Armand Theophane, Ee. Getchell, Angela Elizabeth, He. Giberson, Claude Trafton, Es. (jilman, I.eona Mae, He. Ginsberg, George Snow, Ee. Glidden, Carl Maddocks, Ce. Glover, Stanton, Ch. Godfred, Ralph Hugh, Ag. Coding, Ray Irving, Eng. Goodwin, Bernard Valmon, Me. Goodwin, Jason Lancelot, Ag. (jorden Kathryn Elizabeth, Arts Gray, Harland Alexander, Ee. (iribbin. Vinton Earle, Ch. Eng. Gui)til, .Samuel. Arts Hacker, Edward Prince, Eng. Hackett, Ruby Marie, He. Jl ' ashhi(r)i Orono Skowlicgon Cape Elisabeth Winter port ( ' nity Kennehiiukport C, nil ford II iUimantic, Conn. Bang or o 1 " J si es ford Princeton litest Jonesport Guilford Bath Hnnoz ' cr, Mass. 11 ' est Enfield Bristol East Bridijeii- ' oter, Bangor 84 Bangor Providence. R. I. Brewer Sorth Anson Rum ford S ' kozi ' hcjian South Lczviston Benedicta Stoiiincjton, Conn. Bamjor LnvistoH Orono Gro-veton A ' . . Woodfords Bangor 177 U ' aldoboro Rockland Litchfield Presque Isle Fort Edivard N. 1 East Corinth Livermore Falls Old Toivn Portland Topshain Brunstvick New I ' ineyard 411 H. H. Hall 51 Bennoch Street 411 Oak Hall Balentine Hall Peters Street $ r A House A T n House Mt. Vernon House 23 Park Street ssex Street, Bangor Balentine Hall 206 Oak Hall Balentine Hall A X A House 401 H. H. Hall 23 Park Street 5 N House Main Street Box 182, Orono Mass. Ohio Street, Bangor B © n House 2X House Brewer 307 H. H. Hall Balentine Hall K 5 House 204 Oak Hall 84 Park Street A X A House Balentine Hall Park Street Mill Street 309 H. H. Hall Balentine Hall Essex Street, Bangor 203 H. H. Hall 2 X House 407 Oak Hall North Main Street 107 Oak Hall Peters Street Balentine Ilall Old Town Ben House Pond Street i H K House Mt. ' ernon House 119 OCAlEEnimAlMQ Hall, Edward Coleman, Me. Hall, Harold Ciilmore, Eng. Ham, Miles Frank, Eng. Hamm, Clifton Mar.shall, Arts Handley, Hale Wright, Ag. Harper, Herbert Leon, Hy. Harkness, Vinton Orris, Me. Harmon, Max Carlton, Arts Harriman, Alonzo Jesse, Ee. Harriman, Philip Ainslee, Ce. Harvey, Ruth Josephine, Arts Hersom, Arthur Syphus, Arts Higgins, Raymond Dyer, Ch. Eng. Hitchings, Herbert William, Es. Hodgdon, Paul Edward, Ch. Eng. Hodgkins, Harold inslow. Me. Hodgkins, I iwrence James, Me. Holbrook, Dorothy York, He. Holden, Edward ' ight, Ag. Holt, Stanley Norris, Ce. Hotham, Charles Ernest, Ag. Howard. Frank ' eston. Ee. Howard, Henry Young, Ee. Howe, Olga Lilla, Arts Howell, Richard Henry, Ce. Hughes, Joseph Francis, Me. Hunter, Ruth Christobel, He. Hunton, Oramell Elwood, Ee. Hutchinson, Lawrence A., Me. Ingersoll, Dorothy Ruth, Arts Ingraham, Dwight Marden, Ee. Jackson, Mary Eleanor, He. Jackson, Irene Chase, He. Jackson, LeRoy Sidney, Fy. Jennys, Blanche Ellen, He. Johnson. Albert Edwin, Ce. Johnson, Carl Selwin, Arts Johnson, Helen Lindsay, He. Johnson, Lorin Raker, Es. Johnson, Pearl Ernest, Ag. Johnson, Winnifred ' iola. Arts Jones, Bryant Emerson, Fy. Jones, Eliphalet Prentiss, Arts Jones, Fred Richard, Arts Jones. Sylvia Fames, He. Jordan, Fred Thompson, Arts Jordan, George Hart, Arts Judkins, Lacy ' inslow, Ch. Eng. Great Chebcaijuc I.sli Rockland Augusta Monroe Camden Calais Lincolnz ' ille Bu.rton Bath ll ' estport Orono Blaine 38 Dennyszille Caribou Cliftoiidale. Mass. Bar Harbor West Harpsicell Rockland Melrose, Mass. Dorchester, Mass. Patten Dexter Winstozt. ' Ashland Portland ]Vinterport Rockland Portland Caribou Orono Bangor 78 Gr Everett, Mass. Waten-ille South Thoinaston Belfast A ' civ Britain, Conn. Portland Brownville Fitclihurg, Mass. Xezi ' Glouce.ttcr Applet on Bangor East Boothbay Stratton Bangor Farniington Portland Dixficld ind t r A House t H.K House K 5 House R. F. D. 7, Bangor 56 Park Street 180 Main Street 2 A E House 402 Oak Hall III H. H. Hall 36 Grove Street Mt. Vernon House North Main Street 84 Park Street B n House 2 X House 2 N House 404 H. H. Hall Balentine Hall 4 K 2 House A X A House K 2 House 36 Grove Street K 2 House Balentine Hall 2 X House Peters Street Balentine Hall $ H K House K 2 House Balentine Hall ant Street, Bangor Balentine Hall Balentine Hall Peters Street Balentine Hall Park Street B n House Balentine Hall 2 X House Pine Street Mt. ' ernon House 312 H. H. Hall H K House 403 Oak Hall Mt. ' ernon House 2 A E House B II House 80 Mill Street 120 OCASPni EiiQ Kennistoii, Edward Earle, Fy. Kenniston, Luther Edward, Arts Kewer, Howard ' incent, Ch. Ens: . King, Corinne Mary, Arts King, Milton Everett, Ee. King, Rufus Brooks, Ee. Kneeland, Edwin Leroy, Arts Kneeland, Omer Archibald, Ch. Eng. Krinsky, Silas Jack, Arts Lambert, Donald Greene, Ch. Eng. Landers, Carleton Ames, Ag. Lappin, John Joseph, Ch. Eng. Laughlin, Donald Stuart, Me. Leary, Philip John, Ce. LeGrow, Carl Augustus. Ag. Lehr, Arthur Levi, Ag. Libby, Lawrence Packard, Ag. Libby, Philip Allen, Ce. Libby, Richard Melville, Ag. Lingley, .-Mfred Beverly, Ch. Eng. Littlefield, Doris, Arts Loftus, Victor Harold, Fy. Lovely, Elmer Raymond, Ag. Lucas, John Wilbur, Es. Manchester, John Heath, Ee. Mansfield, Edward Augustus, Arts March, Lindsay Jackson, Arts Harden, Allen Harriman, Ee. Marsh, Alice Holbrook, He. Marshall, Leon Otis, Ag. Maxfield, Marie Avery, Arts Merrill, Doris Pauline. Arts Merril, Marion Lees, He. Merry, Matthew Henry, Ce. Merry, Silas Everett, Ee. Mills, Bessie Harding, Arts Mills, Marguerite, Arts Mitchell, Margaret Irene, Arts Mitchell, Walter James, Me. Moody, Ralph Clififord, Fy. Morse, Joseph Peter, Me. Moulton. Alfred Kimball, Ee. Mulvaney, Arthur Danforth, Ee. Murphy, Xorman Bernard, Arts Murray, Agnes DeMings, Arts MacBride, Winthrop Lawrence, Es. McCabe, James Richard, Ee. McCabe, John Francis, Ce. Xorth Xeiv I ' orthind Amherst vvcrly. Mass. Orono South Brewer Peabody, Muss. Princeton Princeton Oij uiiqiiit Reiidfiehl Depot East on Portland Portland East Lynn. Mass. Portland Halloivell Portland Gorluiiii South Portland Portland Stratham, N. H. Lawrence, Mass. Presque L le Portland Northeast Harbor J ones port Easton Bez ' erly, Mass. Guilford Topsham H K House jy Mill Street K 2 House Pleasant Street South Brewer 7 Park Street 412 H. H. Hall 412 PL H. Hall E n House X House R. F. D. 7, Bangor B n House 2 X House 2 Forest Avenue 303 Oak Hal i 408 Oak Hall 302 H. H. Hall 5 N House 309 rjak Hall 2 X House Balentine Hall 55 Park Street Box 214, Orono X House 311 Oak Hall College Street III H. H. Hall 88 Main Street Mt. Vernon House Bennoch Street Banqor i i Essex Street, Bangor Bluchill " Balentine Hall Gray 23 Mill Street llneyard Haven, Mass. 203 Oak Hall J ' incyard Hai ' en, Mass. 203 Oak Hall Bangor Mt. Vernon House Banijor Mt. Vernon House Orono 14 Park Street Seymour. Conn. 405 H. H. Hall Ne ' M Britain. Conn. Park Street Abbott Pine Street Alfred College Street Bauijor 35 Pleasant Street, Bangor Augusta 20 Grove Street Boothbax Harbor Balentine Hall Portland 0X House Kennebunkport X House Worcester, Mass. ATA House 121 QCAjePr ism McCann, John Harding. Eng. McCobb, Clayton Raphael, Arts McCrystle, Kathleen Einil_ -, Arts McDonald, Robert Joseph, Jr., Ce. McFarland, Ella Johnston, Arts MacGee, Albert Carlton, Ch. Eng. McGlauflin, Evelyn, Arts McGouldrick, Philip Clare, Ch. Eng. McGraw, Earl Cranston, Arts Mclntire, Merrill Hamilton, Ce. MacKenney, Leroy Nelson, Eng. MacKenzie, Bert Alexander, Art MacLeod, Florence Evelyn, Arts McManus, Edward Leo, Ee. Nealey, Everett Thornton, Jr., 111. Newton, Russell ' aughan, Ch. Nickerson, Gerard Horace, Ee. Nolan, John Paul, Arts Norton, Edward Lawrj ' , Ee. Ober, Ernest Deering, Ag. O ' Leary, Frederick Charles, Arts Orcutt, Leon Monroe, Arts O ' Rourke, Lawrence Albert, Ch. Eng. Packard, David Carroll, Ag. Paganucci, Romeo Joe, Ch. Eng. Page, Lena Beatrice, He. Palmer, . ddison Boutelle, Ee. Palmer, Beatrice Chase, Arts Park, Wilbur .A.bbott, Eng. Parker, Harold Gordon, Ch. Parsons, Dorothy, Arts Pe£body, Gertrude Devitt, He. Pelletier, Henry Joseph. Ce. Perkins, Earl Halcot, Ce. Perry, Clark, Es. Peterson, Christian illiam, . rts Piper, Karl Prescott, Ch. Porter, Wesley Fletcher, Ag. Potter, George Alva, Fy. Power, Percey Allen, Ch. Eng. Powers, Stella Florence, Arts Pratt, Daniel Heals, Ag. Prince, Rufus, Eng. Pulsifer, Mary . ugustus, He. Ranney. Thaddeus Thomdike, Ce. Reed, Marion Izora, Arts Reardon, Jeremiah Timothy, Es. Rice, Richard Gorman, Fy. Bayuior yi Birch Street, Bangor Center LincolnviUe Campus Berlin, . ' . H . Mt. X ' ernon House Metluteii, Mass. i . E House Xeu ' Harbor Balentine Hall Portland 5X House Barini Balentine Hall Augusta University Inn South Orriuijton 33 Peters Street Mapleton Main Street Orono Penobscot Street Orono I ' orest Avenue Old Town Old Town Bangor 183 Third Street, Bangor Bangor 402 H. PL Hali Jaekinirn 55 Park Street Luhec 302 Oak Street Fiteliburg, Mass. 36 Grove Street Rockland 10 Park Street .-{t kin son College Street Bangor 64 " est Broadway, Bangor Guuldsboro 3 Middle Street Saco Forest Avenue Marion. Mass. 103 H. H. Hall W ' atervillc " K2 House Kingfield Balentine Hall Bangor K 2 House Bangor 14 Garland Street. Bangor Orono 42 Mill Street Foxcroft 4 r A House Rye, N. H. Balentine Hall Princeton Balentine Hall St. David Park Street Abbott I ' illagc Pine Street .Macliias K 2 House Portland College Street Fairfield 311 H. H. Hall Patten 36 Grove Street Mystic, Conn. College Street Lincoln K 2 House Orono 10 Pine Street initon 409 H. H. Hall Turner 310 H. H. Hall .luburn Balentine Hall Winn 4 K 2 House Orono Bennoch Street Portland K 2 House Fitchburg, Mass. 204 H. H. Hall 122 QCAEPni AllQ Eng. Eng. Es. Rich, Edmund Henr} ' , Ag. Kicliards. Henry Eane. Arts Richardson, Mavia Lucde, Arts Rickard, Barclay, Arts Riley, Edwin Alden, Cli. Eng. Robbins, Earle Raymond, Ch. Robbins, Maurice Smiley, Ee. Roberts, Everett Louis, Ee. Robinson, . rthur James, Ag . Robinson, Joseph Sidney, Ch. Rosenthal, Samuel Charles, Ee. Rossixter, Shemian, Me. Rumill. Edna Lora, Arts Russell, Carl Asa, Me. Sanborn, Clarence W ' infred, Me. Sargent, Carl Aaron, Arts Schenck, Frederick Van Nydick, .Schoonmaker. John Howard, Ce. Scrimgeour, Charles William, Arts .Seekins. Herbert Leslie, Ag. Segal, Israel, Ag. Sellew, George Philip, Ce. Shaughnessy, Edward William, Ee. Shea, Oscar Albert, Arts Shoemaker, ' ilbur Cartmell, .Shorey, Leigh Temple. Ag. Simpson, Xoeil Howard, Ag. Small, Donald Wallace, Pm. Smith, Francis Earl, Ag. Snow, Eveline Foster, He. Snow, Kathleen May, Arts Spooner, John Clay, Ag. Staples. Harold .Sanborn, Es. Starrett, Henry Atherton, . g. Steams. Robert Sylvester, Me. Stephens, Raymond Donnell, Fy. Stetson, Dorothea Hayward. Arts Stevens, Carl Thompson, Ag. Stevans, Maurice Hoyt, Me. Stevens, Theodore Moulton, Arts .Stevens, ' an Mitchell, Arts Stevens, W ing;.te Irving, Fy. Stevenson, W illiam Stanley, Ee. Stewart, Clyde W ' entworth, Ch. Eng. Stewart, Robert Barclay, Ch. Stodder, Russell Henry, Ag. Stone, Fred Clinton, Arts Sullivan, Alphonso Denis, Ch. Eng. Ee. Portland Portland Old To-wn Denver Ijvermore Falls Livermorc falls . luf usta Bauf or lO Higl Baiiiior 4 ' )3 Houlton Portland Worcester, Mass. Or one Portland Lynn, Mass. Westminster, Mass Millinoeket Kiucjston, X. Y. Le ' uiston Hartland Garl Lev. ' iston Xatiek, Mass. Bamjor 8 South Webster, Mass. Derby Presquc L ' sle Sanford East Macliias Northampton, Mass Rockland Rockland Shernum Mills Carthaije Sprinijficld, Mass. Wayland, Mass. Auburn Houlton Woodsfords Presque Isle Portland Pitts field Portland Thorndike Saco Waten ' ille Somennlle Mass. Cornish Berlin, X . 11. r A House l r A Hf)use Old Town 403 Oak Hall 204 H. H. Hall 204 H. H. Hall Bo.x 182, Orono land Avenue, Bangor Main Street, Bangor 29 Pond Street E II House $ r A House 81 Mill Street 303 Oak Hall 15 Park Street XTQ. House B n House :i . E House B 11 House and -Street, Bangor 13 Pond Street 303 H. H. Hall Park Street, Bangor $ E n House X House Grove Street 210 Oak Hall College Street . R. F. D. 7, Bangor Balentine Hall Balentine Hall 7 Park Street 2 A E House 409 H. H. Hall K 2 House B n House Balentine Hall 208 Oak Hall $ H K House 310 Oak Hall 2 A E House 310 Oak Hall Grove Street A T n House K 2 House 36 Grove Street III Oak Hall College Street 123 Qi9[;]il 77i X]lQ Sullixan, Paul Daman, Ch. Eng. Tarr, Alice Lillian, He. Taylor, Arthur Samuel, Ce. Thomas, Daniel Joseph, Arts Thompson, Bernard V ' inal, Ch. Thompson, Carl James, Me. Thompson, Robert White, Arts Thurston, Lester Ralph, Ee. Tinker Herbert Dunbar, Eng. Tolman, Walter Sangster, Ch. En| Torrey, Norman Elvin, Es. Torsleff, Herbert St. John, Ag. Towne, George Herbert, Me. Townsend, George Manley, Ce. Tracy, Earle Bedford, Arts Trimm, Erederick Nathan, Ag. Tripp, Grace Gertrude, Arts Trueworthy, Ivan Acel, Arts Tuck, Alonzo Henry, Ag. Turner, Erwin Sibley, Eng. Turner, O ' Dillion Charles, Eh. Urann, Arthur Reed, Ee. Vaughan, Frederick Ray, Ch. Verder, ' alter Montgomery, Fy. Wadlin, Svvasey, Arts Waite. John Philip, Ch. Eng. Walker, Hortense Gilbert, Arts Walker, Stuart Erederick, - rts Walsh, John Lawrence, Ch. W ' arren, Harold Howard, Arts Waterman, Burleigh Rumery, Ce. Watkins, Melvin Hawkes, Ce. Weed, Charles Clayton, Ag. Weed, George Wright, Ch. Eng. ' eeks, Ralph Church, Arts Weeks, Victoria Olive, Arts Wellington. William Herbert, Fy. West, Frederic Roland, Me. Weybrant, Ma.K Elisha, Fy. Weymouth, Ava Marie, .A rts ' lialen, Henry Edward, .Arts Whalen, Oscar Livermore, Es. W hitcomb, Robert Campbell. Arts Whitcomb, Ruel Whitney. Arts White, Helen Patricia, Arts W ' hite, Walter Cornelius, Ce. ' hited, Ernest Alfred. Me. Whiteside, Frederick William, Ee. Whitnev, Bernice Marion, He. Biddeford Auburn Mcthticu Moss. Turners falls, Ma: Easton Portland Fitchhiirij, Mass. .hidoz ' cr W ' olfchoro, X. H. Portland Stomniiton Banijor Walt ham, Mass. Woodland Winter Harbor East Corinth Xorth Xcw Portia Roeklaiid Mapleton Topsha m Veazic Egypt Cherryfield Dorclie.fter, Mass. Canton Portland Oroiio Livermore Falls Xorwieh, Conn. Kenduskeag Portland Portland Haul ton Thorndike Augusta Winslozi ' South Rovalton. ] ' t. Milo Brunszvick How land Bangor 32 Eastport Orono Ellszcortli Falls Orono Orono Bridgczvatcr Orono Thoinaston 29 Pond Street Balentine Hall :i A E House i . E House li. E. D. 7, Bangor r A House 36 Grove Street 404 H. H. Hall 88 Main Street 208 Oak Hall K i; House 311 Oak Hall 4 K 2 House 10 Park Street 2 .-V E House 25 Grove Street nd Balentine Hall tiro e Street Box 152, Orono H K House R. F. D. 7, Bangor 109 Oak Hall 27 Park Street ATA House J H K House rA House 1 1 Penobscot Street ii N House 15 Park Street R. F. D. 7, Bangor B n House ATA House 29 Pond Street 20 Grove Street 56 Park Street Balentine Hall no H. H. Hall 103 H. H. Hall AX A Balentine Hall Fern Street, Bangor ATA House yz Main .Street Park Street 8 Juniper Street 8 luniper Street " 212 Oak Hall 38 Oak Street Balentine Hall 124 p7 ism W hitney. Sumner Prince, Me. Wilder. Carroll Deane, Ag. W ' illard, Tred Spear, .A.rts Willett, Orson Either, Ee. Williams. Doris Elaine, Arts Williams Leroy Gleason, Ee. Wood, Carleton Pratt, Ch. Eng. Wood, Matthew Spear, Eng. oodcock, Raymond Frank, Eng. Woodman, Roger French, Fy. Worth, Harold Hinkley, Ch. Eng Wray, Ruth Arline, Arts l-ricmishlp Washburn South Portland East Corinth I " malhuzen SoHtli L ' nion Ki Hi I field South Portland Wilton Plymouth, . H. Bangor R. D. 4, Brewer 80 -Mill Street 411 H. H. Hall 5 N House 36 Grove Street Balentine Hall I Middle Street 410 H. H. Hall 35 Park Street H K House A T n House Ohio .Street, Bangor Mt. Vernon House i ' prciala Bean, Harold John, Ch. Campbell, Charles Francis, Ce. Curtis, Walter Edson, Bl. Dodd, Clarence John, Ee. Oilman, Elva, Fed. Hamlin, Emery Leroy, Ce. Hickson, Eugene Francis, Ch. Eng. Hartwell, Walter Traver, Dh. Hull, Edward Knevals, Arts Johnson, Paul Thorston, Ag. Joyce, Alvah Barbour, Es. King, Alfred Rollins, Me. Leavitt, Frank Leonard, Ce. Leighton, Arthur Whiting, Ag. Lemont, Herbert Randall, Fy. Little, Xellie Ursula, Fr. Longley, George Stephen , Ch. Eng. Mann, Josephine Estelle, He. Marsh, Raeburne Lyndon, Dh. Moore, Harry .Albert, Md. Murer, Oscar Andreas, Ch. McCann, Mary .A gncs, Sp. Newdick, Erlon Lincoln, Ag. Xewell, George Esty, Ht. Pattee, Karl Monroe, Ee. Potter, Raymond Page, Fy. Reed, Annie Hersey, Arts Roberts, Marguerite Copeland, . rts Schweitzer, Lewis, Ch. Scott, Harold Guy Don, Arts Smith, Edith Whitney, Ed. Tracy, Olive I ' rances, Arts Whitney, Raymond Lee, Fy. Willey, Walter Francis, Ag. Williams, Elmer B. Woods, Audrey Freeman, He. Old Tomn Ellsworth Stillwater Mexico South Portland Portland Ban (J or Upper Troy, X. V. Orono Bar Harbor Portland 105 Oak Hall ATA House Stillwater College Street Balentine Hall 88 Main Street 74 h rn Street, Bangor Mas Fairfield Turner Abington Bath Portland Lewiston Orono Bangor Bangor Hazukeshury, Ont Bangor San ford Houlton South Limington Old Town Orono Dexter Brooklyn, . Y. Old To ' wn Gorhain Winter Harbor Xorth Anson Kents Hill Orono Old Toivn Mill Street Cni ersity Lin North Main Street K2 House Ben House College Street University Lin 2 .A. E Mt. ' ernon House B 11 House 40 Main Street H. H. Hall 2 Autumn Street, Bangor 35 Bennoch Street 61 Second .Street, Bangor K 2 House K 2 House 39 Mill Street College -Street 36 College Street Balentine Hall College Street Old Town Bennoch Street Balentine Hall 307 H. H. Hall 2 A E House Main Street Old Town 125 Ibe Pr ism pccialri — (Enllege of IGaui lilais, I ' Vank IMiilip Crowley, Wallace Edgar Drew, Harold Ray Eames, Clayton Earle Colby College Flanagan, William Joseph Anselm ' s College (rillin, George Henry Harrisburg, Alexander Hurley, Charles William Lane, Orlando Hook M; honey, Edmund Patrick AIar(|uis, Joseph Augustin Colby College Morris, Abraham Payson, Walter Mayo Colby College Sanborn, Arthur Raymond Sliaw , Xnnnan Siddall, Cecil James Stevens, Norris i ' " rederick Urbano, Angelo Joseph Walsh, Francis Allinson Ware, John Colby College Wftson, Tames P)ennett Webber, Ralph Albert Portland 22 Santord Street, Bangor Bangor Oi Fourth Street, Bangor Kcnnchunkport 60 Court Street, Bangor Xortli Anson 48 Summer Street, Bangor lillszi. ' orth 313 State Street, I ' angor Bauijor 119 Pine Street, Piangor Levj ' iston 130 Essex Street, Bangor Hllszvorth 29 P ' nion Street, Ellsworth Topsficld 10 Cedar Street, Bangor Portland 84 Cedar Street, Bangor il ' atcn ' ille 21 Sanford Street, Bangor Panijor 36 Essex Street, Bangor South Hope 108 P ' ourth Street, Bangor Island Palls 10 Second Street A enue, Bangor Prospect Harbor 320 Hammond Street, liangor Sou ford Sanford Rockland 25 Fifth Street, Bangor Portland 59 Essex Street, Bangor Bangor 210 Essex Street, Bangor W ' atcrvillc 67 Cedar Street, Bangor BoHijor The Colonial, Bangor Rockland 10 Cedar Street, Bangor 126 Qi9[ ASPnim Q[utu-lcai ' Ijarmaqi Berridge. Irank l{ h aiil Clark, Roger Hopkins Dortman. Samuel Mackenzie, tlerald Leroy Simpson, Helen Antoinette Smargonsky, Isaac 1!: rbour, Bentley Lawrence i ' lurgoyne, ' illiam Joseph Davis, Jacob Joseph Delano, Freeland Derward Emerson, Clarence Lee Hopkins, Sylvester Bartlett Morgan, Clifford Milton Perkins, Frederic Eugene Weymouth, Leon Joseph SECO.M) YEAR last Lyim. Mass. U ' arrcn I ' orthitid West Franklin IVatcrfillc .Ishland FIRST YEAR Rockland Fort Kent Bamjor I ' inalhaven Brewer East Lynn. Caribou Bangor G or hum College Street Pierce Street E n House 405 (Jak Hall Balentine Hall $ E n House Peters Street Stillwater y St. Michael ' s Ct., Bangor Peters Street Brewer Mass. X House 403 H. H. Hall 17 Fourth Street, Bangor loS Oak Hall iliomc ifrnnnmics Gardener. Ruth Electa Hamor, Gladys Leone Leighton, Mildred Estelle Little, Aleida Elizabeth McCann, Mary Elizabeth Mooney, Maria Augusta Osier, Bertha Pretto. Theresa Helen Sawyer, Lula Frances SECOND YEAR West field. Mass Balentine Hall Ban jor 22 Kenduskeag Avenue, P.angor Orono College Street Portland Mt. Vernon House Bangor 74 Birch Street, Bangor Orono 105 Main Street Orono 56 Forest Avenue Bangor 50 Pine Street, Bangor Breiver Mt. Vernon House chnnl Qlaursc in AaricuUure Adams. Carl Frank Allen, Herbert Marsena Benson. Alton Howard Beverage, Arthur W ' alter Bickford, Harry Elmer Brown, Earl Stanley Elliott, Robert Stephen elark Hr.ijstrom, Conrad W ' alirid SECOND YEAR Kennehnnkport Bangor Kennehunkport Pulpit Harbor Scarsmont Presque Ldc Ccnterille, Mass. Oxford. Mass. Stillwater j6 Charles Street, Bangor Stillwater 109 H. H. Hall Garland Street. Bangor 109 H. FL Hall Grove Street 127 rism Jacobs, Franklin Oscar Jameson, Foster Davis K cs. Ralph Ciranville Marshall, Mason Henry Parker, Stanley Bradbury Pendleton, Raymond Fowles Pratt, Charles Lewis Sullivan, Daniel Cleveland Thomas, Fletcher Alton Thompson, Arthur Wright Weeks. Fred Warren Weeks, Harold Cass W ' orthley, Clitford Nelson Wright, William Trott PFest Berlin, Mass. Friendshif) North Jay Topsham South Leeds Camden YarnytnthvUlc Luhec Leeds Center Portland Comz ' ille Marlboro, , hiss. Stronij U ' ooheich 300 Oak Hall 80 Mill Street 109 H. H. Hall Bennoch Street loi H. H. Hall Campus North Main Street 20 Grove Street 310 H. H. Hall 305 Oak Hall A X A House 203 H. H. Hall 203 H. H. Hall North Main Street FIRST YEAR Allen, Herbert Moody Barbour, Lester Prentiss Bessey, Gerald Heald Bishop, tleorge Lowell rSridges, Henry Styles Call, Lester Carol County, Timothy William Damon, Lerone Mellen Day, Irving Hall Goodwin, Elmer Mills Johonnett, Aubrey Herman LaPoint, Edmund Robert Lindgren, Hilmer Harold Nichols, W ' adsworth Nickerson, Fred Le ett Raymond, Harlan Warren Redman, Arlo Lee Sawyer, Charlie Alexander Tomlinson, Bertram allingford, John Ciowell arren, Ralph Edward Waterman, Erland Hancock Wheeler, Ralph Jones 209 H. H. Hall R. F. D. 7, Bangor 207 Oak Hall Sillwater 29 Pond Street 36 Grove Street A T n House 209 Oak Hall Bennoch Street College Street J I ' ll ton Breiuer South Paris Presquc L le West Pembroke Cornish Saeo Buckfield Stowe Eliot Hampden Hiijhlands llam[)den Highlands Orono 29 Forest Avenue Bangor Garland Street, Bangor Buxton 104 Oak Hall Bangor 628 Union Street, Banor Westbrook io4 Oak Hall Belfast College Street Thomaston Mill Street Livermore Palls Colleije Street Auburn I H K House Lisbon Falls Buekfield Bre7i ' er Stillwater 207 Oak Hall Brewer 128 Ihe Pr 15m (Briirrnl i ummari) tlniduate Students 42 Seniors 166 Juniors Soph(jmores Freshmen Specials College of Law, Seniors 20 192 388 3 J Juniors 22 First year II Specials 22 Two Year Course in Pharmacy — 75 First Year 9 Second Year ' ) 15 Two Ye; r Course in Home Economics Second Year 8 8 ( Xo students admitted after IV15) Scliool Course in Agriculture First Year 23 Second Year 22 45 Summer Term i3 ' 3 Tina iimittinj; duplicates (59) - 1276 (Ulaaaificatiuu [n nuhnxct Maine, liy counties: Androscoggin Aroostook 67 60 Cumberland 163 Franklin 32 Hancock 57 Kennebec 59 Knox 41 Lincoln 27 Oxford 35 129 m A Ibe nsm ▲ [18 1 V ' nohscot 398 Fitcp.taquis 33 Sagadahoc 17 Somerset 39 Waldo 30 a- liinntnn 45 Vni-k 78 — 1 08 1 California I Colorado 1 Connecticut 20 District of Colunihia 2 Indiana 2 Massachusetts 128 New Hampshire 34 New York 10 Rhode Island Vermont 2 China I India 1 195 UJlassificatimi Ini (IfiillriicB Graduate stuiients College of Agriculture College of Arts and Sciences College of Law College of Technology (]Iau atCl for Scnrrcii 1276 42 3-25 399 75 435 1276 Graduate students 35 College of Agriculture - 59 College of Arts and Sciences 310 College of Law 53 College of Teclmology 4- ' 4 I08I 130 Miami Uxinkksity Cincinnati University Western Reserve University Ohio University Washington and Jefferson Coli.el.e De Pauw University Indiana University University of Michigan Wabash College Central University Brown University University of North Carolina Ohio Wesleyan University Hanover College University of Virginia Knox College Davidson College Reloit College Bethany College University of Iowa Wittenberg College W ' estminster College Iowa Wesleyan College Den ISDN University University of Kansas University of Wisconsin North wester n Un iversity Dickinson College Cornell!. Uni ersity Rutgers College Icta Othcta i (tljaptcr SiiU S T E ' E N S In ST I T U T E St. Lawrence University Boston University University of Maine Johns Hopkins University University of California Ken YON College Colgate University University of Pennsyl ama Union University Columbia University Amherst College Vanderbilt University University of Texas Ohio State University University of Nebraska Pennsylvania State Colle(;e University of Denver University of Syracuse Dartmouth College University of Minnnesota University of Missouri Lehigh University Yale University University of Chicago Stanford University BowDoiN College University of Colorado Wesleyan Un i ersity University of Illinois Purdue LTniversity Case School of Appplied Science Iowa State College Toronto University Oklahoma University TuLANE University Coloralo School of Mines University of Oregon University of South Dakota Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology University of Utah Kansas State College Colorado State College University of Idaho CiEOKcuA School of Tech.noldgv 132 OCA EZnimAS ii cta ojljpta Pi Johnson, P S. Rowe Moulton Crowell Haskell Turgeon Stanley Loni ley Johnson. C. Libbey Jordan Kini Allen Head Haines Wardwell Bussell Ames Brown HilchinKs Stodder Stephens. R. D. Stephens. F. 0. Hill Lappin Stephenson Waterman Schenck Lawry Gribbin Scrimgeour Ziegler aiauiiilch at IHiami Uutucroitii IKjg 2irta tta C£liajitrr rotaliltBhrh 18r9 2icla Eta (Cl]aptrc furiuci ' i fcuin ta Q baptrr uf Al(ii)u (£l)i iitma 133 Un IVERSttY d ' ■ M AI X E BowDoiN College New Hampshire State College Dartmouth College University of X ' ermont Massachusetts Agricultural Col- lege Harvard University Brown University Cornell University New York Uninersity Syracuse University swarthmore college Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania Bucknell University Lehigh University Dickinson College University of M.-vryland George Washington University University of Virginia Randolph-Macon College Washington and Lee University William and Mary College Hampden-Sidney College Richmond College Davidson College Trinity College L niversity of North Carolina North Carolina A. and M. College WoFFORD College Mercer University ( " Hiaptcr iSuU Georgia School of Ti;cH. oL()t;v University of Georgia University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic LxsnruTE Cumberland University Vanderbilt Universh University of Tennessee Denison University Southwestern Presbyterian Uni- versity Unix ' ersity of the South Union University Ohio State University ' Case School of Applied Science Washington and Jefferson College Kentucky State College Uni ersity of Michigan- Purdue University Wabash College University of Indiana Uni -ersity of Illinois Lake Forest University University of Chicago University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Iowa University of Nebraska William Jewell College Uninersity of Missouri Washington University Missouri School of Mines Baker University University of Arkansas University of Oklahoma MiLLSAPS College Louisiana State College TuLANE University Southwestern L ' ni ersity University of Texas University of Denver Colorado College Colorado School of Mines Stanford L ' niversity University of California University of Washington University of Oregon University of Idaho Iowa State College Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology 134 Qi9[ A 5Pri5m iKayya ' irima I » c ! Ulivt-r Kreese i ' alhoun Nasli Rfuriluii Kicli Edtrt-rly Faulkner Porter Rice Mau ' i-e Fri nd Whitcomb Colbath Perry Howard Hotham Ohnemus White Hersom Kewer Torrey Stewart Lowell Newdick Gorham Frost Lord Coady Payanucci Kobitison Denison Remick Fertruson Harris ifiuiiiftcii at tlic lliiiiicriiitii iif JUiiUujiiia Mllll EatahliBlirh at lliiiurrsiiii iif liiiyiuia IHliT Jai tilliapttr cstablial!£ ' d 1885 Jlai (!(l!a).itcr fiiniici " ! frnm liual sntictii. K. K. Jli- 135 J OHlCKnUTtKAlTV Alabama Polytechnic Institute University of Alabama Emory College Georgia School of Technology Southern University University of Georgia Mercer University University of Florida University of California Tulane University University of Colorado University of Texas University of Illinois Purdue University Hillsdale College Rose Polytechnic Institute Adrian College University of Michigan University of Nebraska University of Missouri University of Chicago Albion College University of Kansas University nv Washington University of Minnesota University of Maine Simpson College University of Iowa Brown University University of Vermont ajliaptcr Sill I Leland Stanford College Washington State Coi i,ege Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology Tufts College Worcester Polytechnic Institute Colby College Cornell University Pennsylvania College University of Pennsyl -ania St. Lawrence University Muhlenberg College Washini;ton and Jefferson College Lehigh University University of North Carolina College of Charleston Trinity College University of Virginia Washington and Lee LTniversity Ohio State Univebsity W ' ooster University Mount Union College Western Reserve University Wittenberg College Vanderbilt University Southern Presbyterian LTnuersity University of the South University of Tennessee University of Oregon University of Wyoming University of Wisconsin- Ohio Wesleyan University Union University Southern LTniversity Kentucky State University Pennsylvania State College 136 Oi9[] Pri5m Alalia a[au ©mttia Abbott Dahlcren Stoddard McKenney Stewart Mulvaney Mulloney Ryan Woodman Alward Jones Chute Rowley McGrath Barron Farr Annis Bailey Holden Jortberij Williins Merrow Burke. J. A. Christiansen Eldridere Falvcy Burke, W. E. Farnent Donovan Hopkins Rice Besse IFiiuiibcit at Diryiuia ifHilitarii 3JnBtitiitr IHUj llcta lUunliiii (!;i)aptcr catalilis ic 1891 Jicla lUmilmi CClfantcr froiii . .iJ. l . tCluli 137 Jlii Kappa iiima (Chapter SuU University of Pennsylvania Washington and Jefferson College Dickinson College Franklin and Marshall College University of Virginia Columbia University Tulane University University of Illinois Randolph Macon College Northwestern University Richmond College Pennsylvania State College Washington and Lee University University of West Virginia University of Maine Armour Institutk of I ' i ihncilogv Unversitv of Maryland University of isroNsiN ' anderbilt University University of Alabama University of California Massachusetts Ixstituti- of Tech- nology Georgia School of Technology Purdue University University of Michigan University of Chicago Cornell University University of Minnesota Leland Stanford 138 Ibe Prism $Ilii Kappa iama Wellincton Smiley, J. H. Avtry Norton Towne Thomas Ranney Hussey Chapman Small Brasseur Files Pendleton Stearns Smiley. F. F. Power Drew Barbour Ramsay Chadbourne Ham Collins May Cobb, S. C. White Hurd Cobb. W. B. Currier. S. C. Holden Reed Currier, H. N. Newell Hutchinson JFouiihrh at lluiucraitii «f Ptiiuiiiilmiuia 18511 -Alalia Dclta_(£hapt.r rstalilir.liri ia38 Alpha Qflta (Eliavitcr Utnutti friim lural aiuictH. COmitruit Iptiailnii tta iJi 139 Plii (Bamma ielta (Tliaptcr SiiU UxiV ' er itv of Maine Massachusetts Institute of Tech NO LOGY ' ORCESTER PoLVTECHXIC INSTITUTE Brown University Dartmouth College Amherst College Trinity College Yale University Columbia University New York University Colgate Uni ' ersit ' Cornell Unxersity Union University Syracuse Universty University of Pennsylvana Lafayette College Lehigh University Johns Hopkins University BUCKNELL UnVERSITY Gettysburg College Pennsyi.vnia State College University of Virginia Washington and Lee University Richmond College Washington and Jefferson College Allegheny College Wooster University Adelbert College w ' lttenberg college University of Oklahoma Iowa State College -Ohio State University Ohio W ' esleyan Unixersity Wabash College De Pauw University Hanover College Indiana University Purdue University University of Tennessee Unin ' ersity of Alabama Uninersity of Texas Illinois Wesleyan Unixeksity Knox College University of Illinois University of Michigan University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Chicago William Jewell College Denison University University of Kansas University of Missouri University of Nbm{aska University of Cj fornia L niversity of Washington Lei vnd Stanford University Colorado College University of Oregon Colorado University Williams College University of Pittsburg 140 QjCA SzEii JIM (Bamma Sclta Merrill Davidson Davis Morse Cram Goodwin Brown Coserove Kossiter Kloss Ptekham Hummer Cheney Ihillips Butler Carter. R. Gould Cousins CarUr L. Rich Richards Shaw Barrett Adams Edgerly Bryant Coolbroth Mullen. N. MulUn.C. Hopkins Cross Waite Thompson Brasicr ifiumftrii at 3cffrrBini CC.illtijir IKIK (Oincija Iflu Itliaiitrr rotaliliBl!C 189U (Dmriui fflu irhaptrr fiirmrh fruin (Oriiiin iChaplcr of (0. U,. W. Jfratmiit.n 141 University of Matne Boston University Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology Harvard University Worcester Polytechnic Institute Cornell University Columbia University St. Stevens College Syracuse University Allegheny College Dickinson University Pennsylvania State College BucKNELL University Gettysburg College University of Pennsylvania University of Georgia Mercer University Emory College Georgia School of Technology Southern University University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute University of Missouri Washington University University of Nebraska University of Arkansas University of Iowa Iowa State College University of Colorado Denver University New Hampshire State College University of Nevada CoLciRAnn School of Mines §iipna Alpha iEj.tiiilmt (Ifljapter Sull Stan ford Un iversity University of California University of Washington Louisiana State University Unix ' ersity of Oklahoma TuLANE University University of Mississippi University of Texas Central University r i;THEL College Kentucky State College Southwestern Presbyterian Uni- versity Cu M berland Un ixersity Vanderbilt University Unixersity of Tennessee Uni ersity of the South Union University George Washington Uni ersity University of Virginia University of North Carolina ' ASHINGTON AND LeE UlVERSlTY Danidson College WoFFORD College Unu ' ersity of Michigan Adrian College Mount Union College Ohio Wesleyan University University of Cincinnati University of Cincinati Ohio State University Case School of Applied Science Franklin College Purdue University University of Indiana Northwestern University University of Illinois University of Chicago University of Minnesota University of ' isconsin MiLLiKEN University University of South Dakota University of South Carolina Dart mouth College University of Pittsburgh University of Kansas Kansas State College Colorado Agricultural College University of Wyoming University of Arizona 142 QiCAlEPni ElQ iama Alpha ifpiiilim mm f .. n iLjumJ : Kl B ' tl ' Ki L Bi -fl It lE HK H Bf B Bk- H B - Ke. I H R B h B f ' E. v 1 kt M r HK | H ri B»A i BL 1 Harkness Moulton Willey Beverage Wescott Lewis Hilk-r Walerhcusc Adams Stevens Campbell Tierney Bradley Schoonmaker Gross Taylor Brittian Carlson Froberger Jenkins McDonald Sears Joy Barbour Lemont Penley Stackpole Jordon Libby McAlister Dow Tracy Locke Staples Kendall Dennett ifuuiiiicii at Uiiiiirroitii uf Jklabaiiia IlijG Htaiiic Alalia (Clfaptcr ralahliolirii liUU iflaiiif J ljilja (tliajitcr furmci) from liual society. 3)ata Phi 143 vrnjiM AIiAMi Umversity University of Wooster Ohio Wesleyan University University of Georgia George Washington University Washington and Lee University University of Mississippi Pennsylvania College BucKNELL University Indiana University Denison University De Pauw University Dickinson College Butler College Lafayette College Hanover College University of Virginia Northwestern University Hobart College University of California Ohio State University University of Nebraska Beloit College State University of Iowa Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology Illinois Wesleyan University University of Wisconsin University of Texas OJliaptci- lull University of Kansas TuLANE University Oregon Agricultural College Alrion College Li:hk;h L niversity Uni ersity of Minnesota Unixeksity of Southern Califoknl Cornell L " niversity Pennsylvania Sta.te College ' ai derrilt University Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of North Carolina Colorado College University of Montana University of L ' Tah University of North Dakota Case School of Applied Science Western Reserve University LLmN ' ERSITY of PlTTSBURt;H Uni i;rsity of Oregon FURDUF. L ' nIVERSITY Central University of Kentucky University of Cincinnati Dartmouth College University of Michigan University of Illinois State University of Kentucky West Virginia University University of Columbia University of Missouri University of Chicago University of Maine Washington University University of Washington University of Pennsylvania Syracuse Unuersity University of Arkansas Trinity College University of Oklahoma University of North Carolina University of Colorado I-Srown University University of Alabama Iowa State University 144 Qm nim iiuua (Elji Hutchins Kinir. E Gushing Dempsey Robbins Dempsey Johnson Johnson Davis Carter Parmenter Wooster Rinsj Perkins Joyce Haynes McKown Glover Laushlin Chellis MacGee Mclcher Lingley Thompson Wunderlieh Caldwell Sisson Howell Whilehouse Freeman (Jrant Hodgdon Alley Crocker Kilburn Spratt Swift Tierce Vounn Kennett 2fmmftrh at Jfliami lliiinrrBitij IK35 iKl|ii fKliii (Eliaiitcr rstahliiilicii UUIZ iSlui tSlui (tliaptrr dinncii frnm liital luuirtii. Orlta iSliii 145 sA- iPv DiYka.Phtlti QCASlni AH lii ta IK ' appa Corey Rowe Fraser Gribben Perry Prescott Chaplin Hacker Hall Stephens Pierce Harmon Cross Woodcock Harrington Owen Wells Stephenson Dunton Fides Danforth Greenwood Welch Wallineford, J. Scribner Turner Kennison Cushman Wallinirford V. Page Clark Wadlin Potter Hunton Adams Merritt Sweatt Jones Hurd Jfiiimhcfi at tljc Uiiiucraitii of maiiic. 1 !UUi 147 a[hcta (flit (Chapter iRnlt .WB« iraAMKHOTeCa. r Norwich Umversity Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Maine Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Worcester PtiLYTECHNic Institute New Hampshire State College Rhode Island State College Massachusetts Agricultural College Colgate University University of Pennsvlnania Cornell University University of California Hampden-Sidney College University of Virginia Richmond College Dickinson College University of Illinois Oregon Agricultural College University of Florida 148 QjCaSZh SllKta Ollii Top Rrjii— Smith, M. 0., Hopkins, French, Davis J , Collins. Donovan, Pitman Four-Ill Kou ' -Mitchell, Crejden, Lambert, Callahan, Shoemaker, Cushman Third Koii— Dole, G.. Davis, T., McCusker, Crockett, Smith, R J., Benson, Kiekett .SVcoiid Rorc—McCabe. J, Sawyer. Frawley, Furey, Cooper. Macllroy. Lucas Front Roii — Penney, Barber, Dole, H.. MacBride, McCabe, G.. Giberson. Dunham ifiiuutirii at Knniiich 1856 ftamiiia tChaptrr tBtabliHlica IWi tfamina (Ihaptrr fnrmcft frnm liital aiuictii. Orlta Htii 149 Alph a (Pmicritit JJi (Chapter iixull ISaknaki) C ' (n.i,in;E TuLA.NK Umsicksity Xew York University University of Tennessee De I ' al ' w University Jackson College Unuersitv of Maine Corn ELL University Randoli-u Maton Woman ' s College Northwestern Unineksitv Unhersity of Xebeaska Leland Stanford University University of California University of Illinois Brown University University of Minnesota Tufts College Syracuse University University of Lndiana University of Washington Alumuit New York Alumnae San Francisco Alumnae Providence Alumnae New Orleans Alumnae Los Angeles Alumnae Lincoln Alumnae Boston Alumnae Bangor Alumnae Portland Alumnae ISO Qig fATlg p nsnn AS! Alplja (iPmicrnu Pi Derby Gardiner Reed Savaue Bright Wheeler MacWilliams Howard Ellis Jordan Simpson Crosby Smith Gellerson Chalmers Chaplin JFauitheh at ffiarnarti Cnllrgc IHBT (6amma (E aptrr estabtiatirb 1908 C amina (Ch apter furinrb tram Qrlta $ ' tuiina i ocictii 151 Copyrlghr«d by Fronk F Rogers 1908 QrahQ, Pnila. ' anderbilt University University of Mississippi Washington and Lee University Emory College University of the South University of ' irginia TuLANE University George Washington University University of Texas University of Iowa University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Colorado Northwestern University Leland Stanford University University of Nebraska University of Illinois University of California University of Chicago Armour Institute of Technology Baker University University of Missouri University of Washington Ohio University University of Michigan iflta Ofau iclta (Ehavitrr lull Alb:on College Western Reserne University W ' oosTER University Syracuse Unixersity Hillsdale College Ohio Wesleyan University Kenyon College Indiana University De Pauw University University of Indianapolis Ohio State University Wabash College West ' irginia University Purdue University Allegheny College Washington and Jefferson Collegic Lafayette College Stevens Institute of Technology Rensselaer Polyticchnic Institute University of Pennsylvania Lehigh University Tufts College Massachusetts Institute of Tech- N OLOGY Cornell University Brown L niversity Dartmouth College Columbia University Wesleyan University University of Maine University of Cincinnati University of Georgia Iowa State College Pennsylvania State College University of Oregon Kansas University 152 Ibe Prism Delta (ijau iDclta Spiers Couri. D. Nowell Whalen Champion Macuuarrie Green DeCoster Campbell Boyd Perry Sommers Libby. F. Beck Couri. A. Hall Watkins. M. Moody Robinson Lawrence Sherman Howard Niles McCabe. J. Mackenzie Reynolds I.ibby. H. Watkins. H. MeCabe. T. Cole Sfaunhcn at ftlcthami (ToUcHt IB39 ( ammu . ' u tCliaiUcr fBtahliuljrh UlllK lljanima Nu fnnnrii fnim local uncict.n. (Oiitcija Cumhiia upi.ilim 153 It Alpha Selta tCliaptiH- lUull University of Mkhigax Law Chicago-Kent College of Law Yale Law School Kansas City Law School College of Law, Illinois esleyan L ' xiversity Cincinnati Law School College of Law, Northwestern University College of Law, Unixersity of Kansas College of Law, L niversity of Iow ' a College of Law, Western Reserve Uni ersitv College of Law. University of Arkansas College OF Law% Georgetown University College of Law, L niversity of Missouri College of Law, University of Chicago Illinois College of Law New York U fivERSiTY College of Law College of Law, University of North Dakota College of Law, University of Oregon Chicago Law School College of Law, University of Southern Califok ' Nlv College of Law, University of Maine College of Law, University of Wisconsin College of Law, University of Illinois College of Law, University of Colorado College of Law, University of Virginia Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Stanford L niv., Cal University of California, San Francisco Washington and Lee L ' nukrsity College of Law University ' of Denver University of Kentucky University of Idaho University of Washington University of Nebraska John B. Stetson University 154 OIj ASPni ElQ iplji Alplja Sclta Crowley Chapman Cowan Sanborn Hurley Watson Drew Vancore Hooker Miles HoUis Brown Gillin Curran Baldwin Webber Morse Preti Ford Blais Decker Gilpatrick Lane Loren Eames Kelleher Marcou DeWolfe Harmon Sherman Baldwin, Clerk Drew, Irca surer Crowley, Justice Marquis, Vice-Justice Marquis, Finaiuial Secretary DeWolf, Marshal Preti, Correspondent Miles I Brown Financial Covimiltee Marquis ) JFouitftcri at llmi.rrr.itii iif niiclUijan 189B ffiaiuiihal l amliii (Iliaplrr cotahliBl)rJi 1910 l annibal amltn (ftl aplcr formrh from lucal niuictii. iiinia fflrta Pi 155 Hanib a ((lit Al ilm (Tljaptrr lull Boston University Massachusetts Agricultural College University of Pennsyln ' ania Pennsylvania State College Brown University Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Michigan Rutgers University Buck NELL University University of Maine Worcester Folytechnk Institute Cornell University University of California Washington State College Rhode Island State University of Louisiana University of Illinois Alabama Polytechnic Institute Dartmouth College DePauw University Knox College University of Georgia Union College Perdue Unrersity Butler College University of South Dakota Harvard University 156 rism IGmnhiia QJhi Alalia £H1 Brawn Pemberton Orcutt Gaskill Marsh Slouj hton Yeaton Weeks Keep Gardiner Wilbur Hamilton Stoddard Mower Prentiss Faulkinuham Hoatjland Harris O ' Brien Hodi kins Ruygles Merriman Holt Allen Turner True Wahlenbertf Evans Wadlin Blanchard O ' Donofrhue Denierritt Rapp Travers Ferrin Chapin Spautding Vaughn ifiimiiicft at iBostiin llninrrHilii lUOy Seta Hcta (Chapter eBtahlishp 1913 lUctu 2rtu U t}uptcr furmeii t ' nnu liuul Diutcti). Oclta iKap a 157 OJljaptcr iSull Wesleyax University HoLLixs College Sophia Newcomb College Hardin College Southwestern University University of Tennessee Brenau College Whitman College University of Missouri St. Mary ' s College Chevy Chase Seminary Belmont College Ohio State University Akron University MiLLSAPs College Randolph College University of New Mexico Shorter College Buchtel College University of Maine Knox College Hanover College Unuersity of Texas Adeli ' hi College Iowa W ' esleyan College George Washington University University of South Carolina Southern Methodist College JMuimiJc (Chapter Chicago, III. New Orleans. La. B.VLTIMORE, Mn. ashevillk, x. c. Gainesville, Ga. Indiana, Ind. New York, N. Y. Atlanta, Ga. Macon, (Ia. Valdosta, New Mexilo Akron. Ohio 158 Qi9[]X Pri5m ?9lii Mil Hiiieins Phelps Mann Spiers Frawley Murphy Partridfje Stubbs Shaw DeBeck Coombs Folsom French Prince Merrill. C. Mercier Vaughn Mooers March Haley Scott Hall Scott Haskell Haskins Mathewson aiomtftrft at IBcalEiiau CnllcBe in 1852 fi (filjaptcr c«tahliBlic 1312 Pi (Eliapttr fiirmcft from tJlii AUiIja g ' ororitii 159 tf ffi ff : College Unix ' ersity University of ' irginia University of Georgia University of Alabama Howard College North Georgia State Washington and Lee Bethany College Mercer University University of Kansas Emory College Lehigh University L ' niversitv of Missouri LTniversity of Texas Vanderbilt University Louisiana State University Cornell College (Iowa) University of North Carolina Tulane University De Pauw University Alabama Polytechnic College Purdue University Ohio State University Leland Stanford University Lombard University Indiana University Mount Union College University of California University of Iowa " iLLiAM Jewell College University of Pennsylnania University of Chicago North Carolina A. M. College UJljaptrr iKuU Ruse Polytechnic Institute Albion College Georgia School of Technology University of Washington Northwestern Cnix-ersity University of X ' ermont Stevens Institute of Technology Lafayette College University of Oregon Colorado State School of Mines Cornell University Kentucky State University University of Colorado University of Wisconsin University of Illinois Unixersity of Michigan Missouri State School of .Mines Washington University (Mo.) West Virginia University Iowa Sxate College University of Minnesota University of Arkansas University of Montana Syracuse University Case School of Applied Science Dartmouth College ' estern Reserve University University of Oklahoma Columbia University Pennsylvania State College Uninersity of Nebraska Washington State College Delaware State College Brown University John B. Stetson University L niversity of Maine Kansas State Agricultural College University of Nevada George Washington University Colorado Agricultural College I ' niversity of Idaho Carnegie Institute of Technology 160 QfCA PnimX]i Q iama i u Burnham Trewortjy Crawshaw Peterson Waui h Sprini er Mank Jones. W. Kirk Giles Atwood Emery. E. Ranger Simpson Wentworth Willard Oibbs Braun Leu al Crosby Hodnkins Whitehouse Harriman I ills Sawyer Jones, H. Hill Hitruins Emery. C. Flavell Copp Libby Sturiiis Preble Crane Walker Emery. N. Baldwin 3Fiiutihch at liiriunta HliUtnrii 3litHtttutr IHGB Delta Nii (IJhaptrr cslahUalicri IU13 (£l aptrr t ' nvmch t ' nnn u}l|eta Hpailait 3Fratmittii 161 iclta iclta iclta (Chapter iSull Adelphi Collkge Adrian University of Alabama Ames University of Arkansas Barker University Boston University Brenau College Bucknell University Butler College California State Uni ersity University of Cincinnati CoE College Colby College University of Colorado Cornell University De Pauw University Drury College Florida State College Franklin College University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburg Randolph Macon College St. Lawrence University SiMFSON College Southern Methodist University South Western University Stanford University Stetson University Syracuse Univeksiiy Couch er College HoLLiNS College Iowa State College State University of Iowa Judson College Kansas State College Knox College Miami University Middlebury College University of Maine University of Michigan James Millikin University University of Minnesota I ' ninersity of Missouri Mt. Union College University of Nebraska University of Nevada SoL ' TH Western University Ohio State Unix ' ersity University of Oklahoma University of Oregon University of Texas Transylvania University Vanderbilt University University of Vermont University of Washington University of Wisconsin University of Wyoming 162 Qi9[]A]lePn5m iella ielta iclta Thomas Lane Stewart Hitchcns Pratt Gibbs Pinkham Ross Harthorn May Kellotr Merrill Gooch Taylor Thaanum 3);ounbeii at Sioiituu Uiuueraitii Ii!88 Al(il;a IKap ia (£lia)itcr tBtabUst)ch 1915 (Chaptrr farmch from local Bncirtii Al;jha IhEta 163 Alpha (Eln igrna U. i KRsrTY OF Wisconsin University of Minnksota Case School of Applied Science University of Missouri University of Indiana University of Illinois University of Colorado University of Nebraska Rose Polytechnic Institute University of Kansas . Ohio State University New Hampshire State College Pennsylvania State College University of Maine Chicago Alumni i l. K AKD UnI ERSITV Syracuse University University of North C aholixa Washington Alu m n i University of California Cornell University Northwestern University Allegheny College New York City Alumni St. Louis Alumni Yale University University of Louisiana University of Pittsburg Leland Stanford University LTniversity of Miciu(;an 3i{acultM iBcmbcrs Charles ' ILS0N Easley, Ph.D. Lloyt) Meeks Burghart, M.A. Joseph Newell Stephenson, M.S. Albert Guy Durgin, M.S. Chester Hamlin Goldsmith, B.S. Lester Frank ' eeks, B.S. 164 QCA EPr 15m Alplja (IJlii S ' iiima 2jnuiirarii tiJljEmical Jfratcriiiti) Small Norton Pierce Currier Libby Jorlberi? Beckler Hill Wardwell ?milh Kloss Turner Hooper Brawn Clapp Carter Benson Perry Davis ifiuiniiri ' i at llniiicroitii nf tHicnnisiii 19112 Xi (filjapttr BtablialjrJi IBU McmlicrH Rali ' h Bartlett Pierce Charles Augustus Jortberg Fuller Gustavus Sherman Theodore Edward Kloss Do.VALD William Norton Clyde Allan Benson John Howard Perry Klwood Ikvin Claim ' Harold Louis Ki. (, .NFakk Langdon Hill I ' jjMuxD James Dempsey Ray Milo Carter Worth EX Earle Brawn Simon Murray Wardwell Marshall Odell Smith Warren Bigelow Beckler, Jr Harold Newcomb Currier Henry Stinson Hooper Frank Dexter Lihhy Manley Webster Dams Ernest Julian Turner Ci.ive Ceylon Small 165 Alpl a Zrta Ohio State University Pennsylvania State College unnersity of illinois Cornell University Michigan Agricultural College New Hampshire State College University of Nebraska North Carolina Agricultural College University of Minnesota University of Vermont Iowa Agricultural College University of Wisconsin- University OF Colorado University of Maine University of Kentucky University of Tennessee Uni ' ersity of Kansas University of California University of Missouri University of North Dakota University of AX ' ashington Purdue University University of Georgia Louisiana State College S uuurary JKcmlicra Leon Stephen Merrill, M.D. Lucius Herbert Merrill, Sc.D. Freemont Lincoln Russell, B.S., ' .S. Ralph Woodbury Redman, B.S. Harry Woodbury 6 " mith, B.S. Raymond Pearl, Ph.D. Warner Jackson Morse, Ph.D. Clarence Wallace Barber, B.S. Frank Macy Surface, Ph.D. Victor George Aubry, B.S. 166 Qi9[ A! Pri5m Alplja 2cta Hinmrarii Ayrirultural ifratcniitii Sisson Crossland Reed Wood Stoehr Emery Vroonian Waterhouse Bayley Penley Hutchinson Welch Green Siauniieii at (0l jio 0taU Mniueraitg 183r Maine (i tjapter estabUat)e lunii Russell V. Waterhouse Daniel C. Hutchinson Rudolph Stoehr Charles ' . Bayley Daniel E. Green Earle L. Emery Lawrence B. Wood iKembcrs Leroy N. Berry Charles E. Crossland Donald S. Welch Lee Vrooman WiLLARD C. Sisson Ferdinand J. Penley Carroll C. Reed Lawrence T. Merriman 167 aiau 2Jrta p (llhaptcr lull Lehigh Um krsity 4lCHIGAN AgKU ' ULTL ' RAL COLLEGE Purdue University Stevens University University of Illinois University of Wisconsin Case School of Appliei) Science University of Kentucky Columbia Universiiv University of Missouri Michigan College of Mines Colorado School of Mines Uninersity of Colorado Armour Institute of Technology Syracuse University University of Michigan Missouri School of Mines University of California Iowa State Collec;e Rensselaer Polytechnic Lnsihute University of Io wa University of Minnesota Cornell University Worcester Polytechnic Institute University of Maine Pennsylvania College University of Washington University of Arkansas University of Kansas Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Texas Members in Ifaculty l ciuilars James Norris Hart, C.E., M.S., Sc.D. Harold Sherburne Boardman, C.E. Charles Partridge W ' eston, C.E., M.A. William Jordan Sweetser, S.B. Alpheus Crosby Lyon, C.E. fijumirani Members Charles iL.stiN Easley, Ph.D. CiiAKi.Ks Harto liROWX, C.E., PlI.D. Ralph Hakimk McKee, Ph.D. 168 Qi9[[X[ Pri5m Sail 2Scta l i ffioiiorarii tiuunccriua S ' utirtii JJounlleb at £?i;tgl| Uniuecaitii, 1B83 IBatne (!|l;a|)tcr estabUBl)cii 19U mcmbtri Charles Augustine Sawyer H. RVEY Cyrus Waugh Klwood Irvin Clapp Marshall Odell Smith Minor Reginald Stacki-ole George Knowlton W ' adlin Everett Ellsworth Emmons Ernest Victor Cram Myles Staxdish Perkins Everett St. Claire Hurd Clyde Fletcher Mower W ' ORTHEN EaRLE BrAWN Earl Robertson Brawn Cl.srence Llewellyn Smith Walter Joseph Creamer Weston Sumner Evans Ernest Julian Turner 169 II i nuorary iHcmbcrs Captain Frank S. Clark Captain Arthur N. Ashworth Lieutenant Horace M. Hkkham JKcmbcrii Howard L. Jenkins Nelson F. Mank Charles L. Stephenson Francis T. McCabe Herbert L. Watkins William F. O ' Donohue George C. Robinson Robert J. Travers John L. Scribner Walter L. Niles Willard C. Sisson Harold B. Caldwell Roy M. Somers George R. Bailey Miles S. Perkins Raymon N. Atherton Merle W. Wescott James E. Speirs Donald M. Libby 170 Qi9[]A Pri5m i nmirarii iflilitaru IFratcniiUi a|l]aptcr lull Jfirat Srgimrnl A Uni i:rsitv uf isco.xsix B University of Minnesota C Cornell University D University of Iowa E Purdue University F University of Illinois G Unix ' ersity of Missouri H The Pennsylvania State College I University of Washington K Michigan Agricultural College L Kansas State Agricultural College M Ohio State University prniiiJ fficgtmcnt A Iowa State Coli.f,(;e B University of Arkansas C University of West Virginia D University of Maine E State College of ' ashington Milwaukee Jljoutibch at tlK Umittraitii of SiBronsiit Alumni Puala Chicago Minneapolis fi (Qampaiii). 2ii Srgimciit flnlll c in 191G 171 Qi9[ ASRniSA iijma Delta (lllji Soiiararii ilaurnaliatic $iicicti| Ofliaptcr jRoU De Pauw University Univkr-Sity of Kansas University of Michigan Denser University University of Virginia University of Washington Purdue University Ohio State University University of Wisconsin University of Iowa University of Illinois University of Pennsylvania University of Missouri Unueksity of Texas Uni ' ersity of Oregon University of Oklahoma unn ' ersity of indiana University of Xeeraska Iowa State College Stanford University University of Montana Louisiana State University Kansas State College University of Maine University of Chicago Beloit University Mcmlirrii IFarultii Burnett O. Mc Ax i:v, 15. 1. it. W. B. Haskell W. E. Nash L. T. Pitman F. O. Stephens tuftciit L. J. Edgerly 172 (, " . D. McIlroy J. P. R.VMSEY F. C. Ferguson I. H. .M.VGEE Sjonorarii Uiiiilmjical ifratcnutii Sella IC hauler fomiilch lUlT Jacobs Russell (!ll}aptcr Sail Ohio State University University of Michigan University of California University of Maine iHrmbrrs iu 3FaruIti) MiNTIX ASBUKV Lhkysi.kk, 1 ' ... ., I ' h.D. Alice Middleton Boring, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Harry Newman Conser, M.S., A.M. Percy Barnett Wiltberger, B.S., M.S. Glen Blaine Ramsey, A.B., A.M. Abraham Str.suss, B.S. Fletcher iHcmbrre Donald ' ance Atwater, B.S. Thomas Everett Fairchild, B.S. Parker Nash Moui.ton Elizabeth Mason Bright Henry Anderson Peterson Donald Stewart Welsh P. RKM. N Abott Collins ROKERT KeMBLE FlETCHER CiRACE Mabel Gibbs Doris Ethel Russell Maurice Jacobs 173 risnn Plii 2Cappa piii The fraternity of Phi Kappa Phi was founded at the Mrine State College in 1897. It is an honorary society, to which the twelve Seniors having the best record in scholarship are eligible each year, six being elected semi-annually. Chapters have since been established in the following institutions : Pennsvhania State College, University of Tennessee, Massachusetts Agricultural College. Del- aware College, Iowa University. S tiibrut iflrmbcre of l lfi iKa ipa ipl;i Charles William Bavley Elizabeth Mason Bright Grace Bidwell Bristol Leola Bowie Chaplin Sumner Chase Cobb Pearley Harvey Ford Grace Mabel Gibbs Mary Violetta Harrison Edith Louise Ixgraham Philip Nason Libby Dorothy Mercier Elizabeth Cornelia Phelps Clarence Llewellyn Smith William Gustavus ' ahlenberg Harvey Cyrus Waugh Lawrence Blanchard Wood 174 U!9LJ J5ePri5m She cuiur kull i ' nctctii rilE SENIOR Skull Society was foun(le l in iyo6 for the [)uri)o,se of main- 4|L taining kindly feelings between the fraternities, bringing about closer unity " n of the student body; promoting the present ccjllege customs and establish- ing new ones that may be deemed advisable. The membership consists of eleven Seniors chosen at the end of their junior year for popularity and acti ity in col- lege affairs. Wauirh Dempsey Gorham Pendleton Rice Jenkins Haskel] Stephens Preti Higgins McCusker Burke iHcmhcra John Axdkicw Burki; Frank Peter Preti Ch.vrues Anthony Rice Royal Grant Htggins, Jr. Joseph Aloysius McCuskick H. r ey Cyrus W ' augh Ravmuni) Ambrusic 1 ' endleton William Joseph Gorham How. RD Lawrence Jenkins Frank Owen Stephens Weston PjRadford Haskell Edmund James Dempsey 175 QCA EPr ism (Jlic Jlimiiir Mask gincictii JTHE MASKS, an honorary fratt-rnal .society, was (jrgani .ed in 19:1 as a i f L Sophomore organization. In 1913 re-organization took phice and the " Masks became a Junior society, with the prime purpose of instiUing and prcjmoting Uni ersity spirit, and forming closer interfraternity reI;:tions. The members arc elected at the end of the .Sophomore year for popularity and activ- ity in college affairs. ill 4 ' A i. % f 1 » ' .1 w% 1 1 1 i ti ■ tiiiiMm- f i Mftsipi Md ' m Dunham Abbott Perry Rowe Ramsey Jones Spiers Wcntworth May Jortberg Frost Magee Allfii Reardon iHcmbcra V ' oYLE Eben Abbott Albert Whittier Wunderlich Donald Burke Perry Jeremiah Timothy Reardon John Henry H. rold Norton Jones H. RL. ND StIMSON RoWE Charles Aucijstus Joktberg John P. ' rker Ramsay Ermont Getchell Frost Edwin Hylaxd May James Everett Speirs William Henry Allen Stephen Merle Dunham R. LPH Carleton Wentvvorth 176 Qi9[A3ZEni isnn iljhc S ' lHtlimmirr ©ml S ' luiclij This organiz;itiiin was touink ' d in 1909 for tiie i)urpose of instilling M;;ine spirit in the two lower classes and promoting harmony between them, and to interest preparatory school athletes toward entering the University and to aid them wherever possible and advisable. The members rre chosen at the begin- ning of their Sophomore year for popularity and aliility. Stephenson Merrow Green Champion MacBride Clark Robbins Stewart Giles Colbath Lucas Cosgrove Coady Sturgis IflcmbcrB Hamlv.x Xei.sox Robbins LavvRence Earle Merrow CuARi-ES Bartlett Ci.ark Arthur Josei ' h Tier.ney DoXALi) Lewis Coady Ai.ERED Ch. ' .MBERI.AIN StV ' RCJIS Cearence Baker Siei-hensox Clyde W ' e.xtworth Stewart AVNE Blethen Hl ' ssev Charles Henry Champion Cornelius P ' rancis Giles ' lLLIAM AUCUSTIXE CoSC.ROVE Kennicth Brextox Colbath WiNTHKui ' Lawrence MacBride John Wiehcr Lucas 177 rism ©he Hlnter-iFratenutij QJuimcil President Vice-President Secertiirx and ©fftcers Treasurer Frank O. Stephens Paul E. Chadboukne Rali ' u B. Pierce ifacully ifliMuber Dean James X. Hart iBembera Frank O. Stephens Paul E. Chadbourne Ralph B. Pierce " oyle E. Abbott Nelson F. Mank Man LEY W. Davis Ralph E. Eraser Erlon L. Xewdick Herbert R. Lemonte Charles C. Penney William F. O ' Donoghue Francis T. McCabe Bet:. Theta Pi Phi Kappa Sigma Sigma Chi Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Xu Phi Gamma Delta Phi Eta Kappa Kappa Sig:ma Sigma Alpha Epsiloii Theta Chi Lamlida Chi Alpha Delta Tau Delta 178 i ummacy uf Slratcniiticii Natl una I Beta Thi.ta Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Tau Omega Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Theta Chi Alpha Omicron Pi (Sorority) Phi Delta Phi (Legal) Delta Tau Delta Phi Alpha Delta (Legal) Phi Mu (Sorority) Sigma Nu Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Delta Chi (Journalist) Delta Delta Delta (Sorority) Phi Epsilon Pi Eucal Phi Eta Kappa l|nmiraru 3FralPrttitt0S anb i ' licicttps Alpha Zeta (Agricultural ) Tau Beta Pi (Ensineering) Alpha Chi Sigma (Chemicalj Phi Kappa Phi (Scholarship) Scabbard and Blade Phi Sigma Speakers Club Sjonnrarii (Illass ucictics Senior Skull Junior L sK Sophomore Owl 179 3u Mcmniiam FRED COLLIINS, 03 GEORGE H. GARRISON LOUIS JOSE HALLIE, ex- ' 98 AISTIN D. HOUGHTON. ' 87 LEROY HARRIS LISTON. ex- ' 03 WILLIAM ARTHUR SHALES, ex- ' 12 sy, (b ; . ' ; . M ■ riT QCa EF ism AprtntUutral (Elub (§fficcv;i I ' rcsidciit Vice-President Secretary Treasurer L ' uAi;i.i:s E. Ckossi.axd, ' 17 L. E. V ' rooman, ' 18 L. B. Woo]}, ' 17 C. W. Bayley, " 17 jf.xrnitiiic (l ummittcc R. 1 ' .. I)iii)i;i:, ' 17 H G. . KPhee, ' icS E. L. Xewdu K, ' i(S P.. . . Sii.vw. ' iS J. 11. PUI.SIFKK, ■ ' v cmbcra Honorary Deax L. S. Mkkkill Hon. W. J. Tho.mpson M. D. JONKS Active Faculty r. W. M JXOHON 1917 H. P. Sweetser AiKiNS, F. H. Green, D. E. SCRIBNER, J. L. Bayley, C. W. Greenwood, R. S. Stephenson, G, L. Berry, L. N. Hartwell, W. T. Steward, R, B. Blanchard, a. N. Hiller, H. B. Stoeiik, R. Crossland, C. E. Hutchinson, D. C. Thoma.s, R. F. Dodge, R. B. Jenkins, H. L. ' aterhouse, R, V Emery, E. L. Johnson, C. S. Welch, D. S. Fides, A. M. Robinson, C. E. Simpson, W. . . 1918 Wood, L, B. AiKixs, V. B. Lo i-,i(iY, R. II. SOMEK.S, R. M. Alley, F. (). McPhee, H. C. Spauldinc, 11. . Atherton, I . 11. Merriman, L. T. Storer, G. a. Borjesson, T. . Morse, J. L. Swift. II. G. Chadbournk. 1 ' . 1 ' ). Xi:wi)RK, E. L. TukNKK, D. W., S. a. Norton, G. C. X ' rooman, 1.. Dennett, W. A. Penley, F. J. Wescott, M. . DOLLOFF, P. " . R. msdell, H. .. Wentworth, R. G. Ellsworth, H. A. Reed. C. C. Williams, R. ' . Gardiner, L. SiSSON, W. C. TOWNSEND, H. G. 182 J PrTsm S MU Hi.axch i;i). IX B. Brown, E. S. Collins, S. W. Dennisox, C. D. DoLLOFE, R. W . Dow, M. W. I-RYE, F. S. Green, J. C. Adams, C. 1 ' . Bai-.i.ey, II. II. Bessev, L. Brown, E. H. Brown, H. Damon, L. X. Day, I. C. Dodge, M. Ganter, J. B. Goodwin, E. V. 1919 Haxdley, 11. W. Howard, J. H. Hudson, M. A. Lewis, C. A. R. Landers, C. A. Lord, F. W. Melcher, E. C. Pendleton. R. F. Pratt, C. L. 1920 Holdex, E. W. LeGrow, C. a. LiBBY, L. P. LiNGREN, H. H. Lovely, E. Marshall. L. C. Pedman, A. Pratt, D. B. Shorey, L. Starrett, H. A. I ' l ' lsieek, J. H. ROBBINS, 11. N. Shaw, B. A. sulliv.nn, d. c. Trask, N. L Webber, P. F. Weeks, D. R. Wn.LKY, W. F. Stevens, C. T. SiJiPSON, N. PL .Stodder, R. D. Tom LIN son, B. Tuck, A. H. Wallingford, J. G. Waterman, E. H. Wilder, C. D. Wright. W. A. tuftcut iBrauclt Amcricau 3liuUitutc fclrrtrical iEnijiiuccra (Dfftcirr. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ■Exccutiitc (Cnmmittcc F. F. G. R P. Jones T. McCabe K. Wadlix J. Traxers L. P. Jones G. K. Wadlin ifacnltii Jttcmlicr J. . Hauxkv JUiMitlicrs R. E. Sa vi;k R. Bu.swN L. N. Ames A. F. Brack ITT E. A. Pekkins S. W. Stoddard ( ;. C. Adams I I. RUTLI ' R A. G. Dow H. A. C ray G. S. E. G. C. McCabe C. Page C. HUKD B. RUGGLKS 183 QiCASZn5mX]iQ T. D. Carlson F. A. Tracy . f. , L. Da ts C. J. DODD C. T. HOLDEN W . II. liRANSFIELD R. C. Hoi ' KINS L. C. Swicher W . R. Hamm J. N. MULLKN I. C. Craig D. M. LiBBY K. Duncan A. T. Gardreau G. M. Carlton R. N. Kendall E. L. Norton II. X. Jones L. C. Atwood M . S. Blethen W . J. Creamer L. W. Hogan R. L. Barbara E. H. May S. E. Merry J. R. McCabe A. B. Osgood c. B. Clark W . S. Stevenson D. B. Perry L. Deerinc, W . C. Harper F. C. BiSBEE L. E. Baldwin s. E. Jones G. C. Barney L. W. Howard s. Matthews E. L. (Garland E. E. Emmons s. Harriman L. E. Merkow R. " . AVERILL s. Rosenthal X. E. True c;. R. Thurston A. POLACHEWICH Q{lic nuiurniitii nf Mainr ifSratirij uf Amcrtran ucicty nf iUccliauical ?inrituccni r resident I ' ic-P resident Seeretiirx and Treasurer mtuets Exccutiuc (Cummittcc E. L. FiCKETT Y. p. Watson R. E. Frasek H. C. " AUGH. Chainnaii C. H. Drisko G. S. HUTCHINS Honorary Cha ' irnum, Prof. C. H. Lekberg IHrmliris C. A. Sawyer C. H. Drisko G. F. Barnard C. H. Mower G. R. Bailey J. L. Newman G. S. HUTCHINS A. M. Russell G. C. Cameron ] . 1 ' .. Kennett H. C. Waugh (;. C. Robinson C. L. S.MITH E. L. FiCKETT W. H. Prentice L. T. Rowley M. S. Perkins R. E. Eraser N. F. Mank II. D. Watson S. M. Dunham 184 QlIlA3lPnimX3iQ (Jiml lEuiuucrnuq (Elub President I ' ice-President Recording Secretory Correspondinij Secretary Treasurer ©fftccra M. R. Stack POLE E. V. Ckam R. H. Hawthorne W. S. Evans T. F. Shea Prof. Lyons Prof. F. Now ELL l xccutiur Qfominittcc I. C. Ames F. Head F. B. Haines iMcmbcrr L. A. Bernstein R. B. Brasseur J. C. Creeden E. C. Guiou B. L. Hopkins J. W. MOUI.TON L. M. Mower W. E. Nash F. NOWELL H. S. Pemuerton S. G. Phillips L. L. Post M. R. Stackpole E. M. ' lLBUR C. Brown H. B. Caldwell E. L. Coolukoth E. V. Cram I. C. Evans F. B. Haines R. H. Hawthorne F. Head E. A. McLean G. C. Newell J. 1. Park T. F. Shea H. a. Alwaed F. H. Brown P. M. BURNHAM C. F. Campbell W. A. COSGROVE J. A. W. Davis V. F. HOBBS E. L. Hamlin E. A. HODGKINS S. N. LIolt W. S. Evans 185 0CA3lPnir ism - Xi 11 lE iatlou Jpi (IJliaptrr l oU College of City of Xevv York Columbia University Cornell University ' University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburg Pennsylvania State College Dickinson College New York University Rutgers College University ' of Georgia University of Virginia Georgia School of Technology Tufts College University of Maine Rhode Island State College Connecticut Agricultural College Alabama Polytechnic Institute Carnegie Institute of Technology 186 DilCA eP risnn EIQ Plji l piiilun Pi StM E ■wi i RB F l 1 |[ HH HHEStt ■ B p 1 55 I H ■■ ■ri fl J tm 1 lA f ti Mi » 7 1 f 1 f m r i M 1 f ft Wi N: k ' T V 1 I. f km 1 inH Hj .r ill Newton Smartronsky Column Bernstein Jaeobs Polakewich Lown Berman Gordon Weisman Kalz Davis. .?, .1. Berger Rosenthal Krinsky Davis, M. D. Levinson fcBtalilishcft IBITi at (Tnllcrtr CCitii iif cw Itnrk 5i (£l)aptrr fuuiiiicii at tlji; Uiiiiipraiti) iif IHainr JIaiiiiarii Dll. laili 187 Qi9[ A3ePn5m ISmmit (Tabk (ifficinii Honorary President elding President First I ' iee-President Second J ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer Mrs. a ley Mrs. Huddilston Mrs. Corbett Mrs. Pea body Mrs. Woodma. Mrs. Exccutiur (nniumiltcc Mrs. Huddilston Mrs. Corbett Mrs. Woodman- Miss Gladys .Mi ' ukill Mrs. Gannett Mrs. H.vmlin Mrs. Sweetser iHcmlun-i Mrs. A LEY Mrs. Gray Mrs. Pearck Mrs. Bartlett Mrs. Hamlin xMiss Platts Miss Beach Mrs. Harrington Miss Patch [K.s. BOARDMAN Mrs. Hart Mrs. Pearl Miss Boring Mrs. Holmes Mrs. Reed Miss Chadbourne Miss Hopkins Mrs. Richardson Mrs. F. S. Clark Mrs. Huddilston Mrs. Shapa -alo v Mrs. D. L. Clark Mrs. Ingersoll Mrs. SiM.MONS Miss COLVIN Miss Kelley Mrs. Stephens Mrs. CONSER Mrs. Mason Mk.s. Surface Mrs. Corbett Mrs. M. TTHEWS Mi-ss Taft Miss Curtis Mrs. Leon Merrill Mrs. Taylor IVFrs. Davee Miss Gladys Merrill Mlss ' aughn Mrs. Easley Mrs. Miner -Miss ' INAL Mrs. Estabrook Mrs. Morse Miss Whitcomb Miss Freeman Mrs. MOULTON Mrs. Williams Mrs. Gannett Mrs. Mrs. Parch ER Peabody [rs. Woodman 188 Pnsm AlMQ speaker ' s (flub ©fficrrs President E. L. Emkry Vice-President John Henry Magee Secretary-Treasurer Albert W. W ' underlich Actiiic fHcmlirra Earl L. Emery, ' 17 Frank Currier Ferguson, ' 18 John H. Magee, ' 18 Donald W. Norton, " 18 Albert V. W ' underlich. ' 18 Forrest R. Treworgy, ' 17 Walter C. Jones, ' 17 Langdon J. Freese, ' 17 Lee ' RnoMAN, ' 18 Charles E. Crossland, ' 17 MathcmattcH dlnb ©fftccro Sumner C. Cobb President Dean J. X. Hart Vice-President Charles I. Emery Secretary L. J. Reed Chairman I ' roijrani Cnmmittec 189 QCaEeZ ism H " B|| r ' ' 7 ' _ H J BK » ff l «. (E. A. (Dfficcru Charles E. Crosslaxd. ' ij Russell C. Chapman, ' i8 Lee E. Vrooman, ' i8 Carroll C. Reed ' i8 Alhert W. W ' underlkh. ' i8 Ray X. Atherton, ' i8 Edward A. McLean, ' 18 R. Gardner Cornfurth, ' 19 Russell C. Chapman, " kS Lee E. Vrooman, " 18 Edward A. McLean, " 18 Donald B. Perry, " 18 E. Hyland May, ' 18 Cecil C. Sweatt, ' 19 Lawrence T. Merriman, " t8 Charles E. Crossland, ' 17 W ' eston S. Evans, ' iS William H. Taylor, ' 19 Myles S. Perkins, ' 18 Carroll C. Reed, ' 18 Norman P. Knowlton, ' 19 Raymond H. Lovejoy, ' 18 II. A. Peterson, ' 17 Forrest A. Barhour, ' 19 (Tliatrmcu 1 President Vice-President Second I ' icc-President Secretary I ' rciisitrer .IssisliDit Treasurer .Issistant Treasurer .Issistaiit TreasKrer Ailvcrusiiij; Xevv Studenls P.ihle Study 1 landbook ■ " .ntcrtainmenl Course Service Churches l)ci)uiali()n Work Mission Study Music Meetings Social [ " reshmen IiuUistrial I ' l ' oliibition I ' uliHcily QCA WTimAS! Gooch Thaanum Prince March Partridge Blackman Bristol Chaplin Russell % ©fttccru A. President Grace Bristol Secretary Leola Chaplin Treasurer Marie Gooch UI a hi net Ruth March Clara Partrihc.e Mary Thaanum Doris Russell Jessie Prince Marjorie Gooch Makv !■ ' . l i)iiiK 191 75e_Pn_5nii4_( tuitcut (Eumtril (Dftucrs President Francis T. McCabe, ' 17 J ' iec-l ' residcnt Frank P. Preti, " 18 Secretary Rali ' h 15. Brasseuk, ' 17 JFacultji IHctnlicrs President Robert J. Aley Dean J. X. Haut Dean J. S. Stevens Di:a. II. .S. P,(), ki)m. . Dean L. S. Mkkkii.i. tuiicut iflrmlicrs 1917 i . . . I ' e.vdi.eton K. 15. Brasseur F. G. Preti F. T. McCabe S. G. Phillips S. W. Stoddard 1918 J. E. Speirs E. L. Newdick H. G. Cobb G. S. Longley 1919 L. E. Merkow C. B. Stephenson 0[rark OJlub (0flkcri5 . 1 ' .. Haskell President H. N. Jones Seeretary S. M. Dunham Treasurer C. A. Rice Chairman Executive Committee 192 QCA Zni EiQ ICc (IJcrclc iFraucaiiic ©fficcrs ' resident Ficc-Fresideiit Secretary Treasurer Hakry Whitk. Miss Frances W ' ooij Miss Ethel Sawyer Cecil MacIlroy lUcmlicrs Prof. Keuney Prof. Segall Frank Furgeson Harry ' hite Leona Gillman Marion Victoria Weeks Edward Remick Grace Tripp Frances Wood Margaret Wood Ruth Chalmers Doris Higgins Philip Libby MoNA McWilliams Charlotte Cross Schuyler Page Adele Hopkins Alice Hurley Anne Curran Marjorie Blanch ard Lillian Budway CouiRNE King Ersla Little Ethel Sawyer .Armand Gaudri:al- Cecil MacIlroy iEiiucatinual (flub President Secrctarx and Treasurer R. D. McAllister M. V. Crockett M. C. Gross if.vccutiuc (Eiuniuittcc F. E. DoNoxoN kctiuc iHcmliciG Majors in J iiucatii)n Associate JHcmhcrs Those taking Courses in Education 193 C. W . Maduocks QiCAJlPnimAlllQ ifnrtHtnt (EUtb (Dftkcrii President I ' lce-President Secrctarx and Treasurer R. W . 1 X. LlBBY, ' 17 f ' liMKRSON, ' 18 -MICK SON, ' 19 II. K. Lr.MONT Exccutiuc (Tiimmtttrc L. r. Calhoun ' . H. LoFTUS A. DREWS, Hauuld Piekce Hanley, Edward Kavanaugh LiBBY, Philip Nasok O ' DoNOGHUE, William Flokan W ' ahlexberg, William Gustavl Annis, Howard Leroy Calhoun, Lewis Trauv Cravvshaw, Thomas Hill Gushing, Benjamin Hilton Emerson, Raymond LaForest Parmexter, Robert Brown Perkins, Carleton Lincoln Lemont, Herbert Randall Barron, John Stikley Friend, Francis Howard Gardiner, Henry Mygatt Jackson, LeRoy Sidney Anderson, Carl Alfred - DeCoster, Harry Perry fRcinlicrs Lmlkson, Kalth W aldo Gaskill, David Mijamin Hall, Elliot Edgar ce Haynes, Charles Albert s Kennison, Edward Earle Marsh, Bernard Church Pitts, Samuel Lee L pham, Warren Pratt Faulkner, George Armand Potter, George Alva Rice, Richard Gorham Stephens, Raymond Donnell Stevens, Wingate Irving Wellington, ' illiam Herbert Weybrant, Max Elisha Woodman, Roger French LoFTUs, Victor Harold Moody. Ralph Clifford iWaiur illcniirah ' nctctij (Dfficcra Philip W. Lown Abe Polakewich Samuel Weisman Frank I. Altman Samuel S. Berger Maurice Jacobs Simon J. Katz Philip W. Lown Anna Pauline Epstein Frank I. Altman Abe Polakewich Isaac Smargonsky Actiuc ificmlicrii President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Lewis Abramson Jacob J. Davis Max. D. Davis Harry Berman Silas J. Krinsky Oscar Shea Samuel Rosenthal Samuel Weisman 194 XXCXXXXXXXXDOOa oooooooooooooa m 5[I|0 Mmxh otljat M nt to tlj lorbrr m xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OOOCXDOOOOOOOOOC 2l9[]A _Pri5rn Drum Major — Guy 01i er, later James Harold Smiley, Chief Musician — Louis Blood, " tjyp, " cornet, ' iii Principal Musician — Herbert Cobb, " Herb, " solo cornet. Mess Sergeant — John Barnes, " John, " bass, ' 17 Sergeant — Lewis Barrows, " Lew, " baritone, ' 16 ' Hap, " " 18 " iS Sergeant- -Harold Currier, " Hac, " solo clarinet, ' i; 1(3 Sergeant — Timothy Bonny, " Tim, " solo lu rn. Corporal — George Dole, " George, " bass, ' 17 Corporal — Warren Beckler, " Beck, " bass drum, " i; Corporal — Schuyler Page, " Scut, " first cornet, ' 17 Corporal — Bryant Hopkins, " Hoppy, " snare drum. Corporal — Frank Holden, " Eben, " first horn, ' 18 Corporal — Malcolm Barker, second horn. ' i8 Corporal — George Hanson, third horn, ' 17 Private — George Richardson, second trombone, ' 18 Private — Ernest Coolbroth, " Cooly, " flute, ' 18 Private — Morris King, " Kingy, " first trombone Private — Harry LaSalle. " Sally, " second trombone, ly Private — Herbert Biackncy. " Tubby, " assistant solo cornet, ' 19 196 rism ®l)e Muixh at tlic Int cr Editok ' s Note. — This article is a scatlered account ul the University of .Maine IJand ' s trip on the border last summer and is made up of data obtained from diaries which some of the members of tlie band kept. Only important and interesting days have been recorded as much of tiie sameness vvhicii occurs in camp life only tends to lengthen and draw out the story. President Calls Out the National Guard Monday, June lyth At two o ' clock this morning the Bangor fire alarm rang the Militia call. e didn ' t hear it but many of the militia were called ui) bv messenger and tele- phone to report to tlie armory. The morning papers had a great scare-head : " President W ilson calls out the National Guard. " Bangor was greatly disturbed and uniformed men were rushing around, anxious relatives were in evidence, and enlisting was already begun. We had nf) word from our officers until noon when calls began to arrive from Lieutenant Clark telling us to report at onc- thirtv, Tuesday, at Orono. Many of us then oiled our shoes and packed our stuff ' We Report at Orono Tuesday, June 20th We reported at Urono at one-thirty p.m. tiuy Oliver, the drum major, was in charge, Lieutenant Clark having left to rejoin his regiment. Only al)(JUt half the band reported l(jday. Many of the fellows had a last look at the W hile Way of liangor. WaitUiii for Orders W cdnesday, June 21st We reported at Orono at eight a.m. in unif(jrm. More kept arriving and by night all were present except Page and Stoddard. The band had a short re- hearsal in the afternoon and played a band concert in the evening; and just be- fore it started the militia call sounded again, very dramatically. We finished the concert finding meanwhile that we were to leave Bangor the next morning at 7.40 A.M. We left for Orono on the last car and spent the night at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house. Some night, more njugh-housc, then sleep. Off to Augusta Thursday, June 22d ; liard hunt for breakfast. Harry Littlcfield, I ' .lakency, Currier and Br(jwn finally break into the University Inn and secure a lunch of doughnuts and milk. Leave Orono on the train at 6.32 for Bangor. March to Machine Ciun Company Armory on Central Stieet and fall out for lunch. A big proces- sion in Ikngor. Ilangor Hand and City Cjovernment lead, Comjwny L ' regiment band and .Machine ( lun Co. in rear. . big crowd out. Many sad farewells, fel- lows all much subdued, crowd all across the railroad bridge and I ' ront Street. 197 QlJlASPnimAS! s At AuguBta Brfurc $ll}tiiiiral .llnsprctiuii Cheering all ali)iig tlic line. Reach Augusta a little after lo o ' cluck. .Mueli ennfusiun at camp. I ' inally get the tents pitched on nice flours and go down town for supper. A sleepy crowd that night. First Day of Drill Friday. June 23d. Calesthenics at 8.30. Drills in schools of the soldier inclutling the position of the soldier, salutes, steps, turns, halts, etc. Rehearsals in forenoon and afternoon. Play a short concert after supper, after which some wrote letter- and others went fussing. Inocuhition . ' -Saturday, June 24th. Another bus) ' d;y. Drills and rehearsals in the forenoon. Go o er lor inoculation at 2 o ' clock. King is nervous and fain ts before they get to him. A very simple and painless operation. .Arms are rather lame and sore at night. Play a rotten concert after supper and then lay around camp. Talk over our new oath of the national guard of the United States and State of MAIXE with Lieutenant Hanson and Capti:in Drake. 198 QilCAlSEnimAjiQ Sii iiitt; of the Oath Suiidaj ' , June 5th. All sign new oath in niDniini; witli the cxce[)tion ut L5e eri(Jge and l.ittie- lield. Three years in tlie Xatifina! (iuard ; nd three years in the reserve. Many showers during the day, but notw ithstanding tlie dampness there were many vis- itors in camp. Inspection of properties after dinner. We all have to huncii our equipment for count. It was some job getting it straightened out again. A short concert. Do guard-mount and retreat in a pouring rain. Spend even- ing at camp and retire early. Ill f I.H l«i Mot ' n A . A WliJl ui-i olttrY on t hil f - OKonj l •l■ » f " ii-ilKK [M.yttinr seltifd 199 Some C irnii ' al Aloiiday, June 26tli. Drill in band formations. Medical examination starts in turniiij; down about 40 per cent. The band has the afternoon olif until gfuard-niount. Some of the fellows took advantage of the " time ofif " for a bath or a visit to the ton- sorial parlors in town. Report for guard-mount and retreat. Harry Littlefield spreads report of big Moose Carnival in Capital Park so the band gets permis- sion to stay out for the night. All go down to park and find it empty. Harry escapes unharmed. Back to camp about 10.30. A Kotitiiic Day Tuesday, June 27th. Calesthenics and drill as usual. Rehearsal in forenoon. In the afternoon ISrown went to the swimming pool in the quarry and saw a fat man jump off the cliff into the pool. In the evening we had an orcharina concert (Sweet po- tato) which wr.s enjoyed by an interested audience. Physical Inspection Wednesday, June 28th. Found we were leaving the next day and all was a bustle of preparation. Early in the forenoon came the United States Physical Inspection which most of us were dreading, fearing to be turned down. This being the end of the in- spection and the inspection coming in a hurry the band got by easy, losing only five. Hac Currier mustered enough weight by drinking two quarts of water and just passed the eye test. We lost three clarinets, Littlefield, P cveridge and Hurd; a trombone, Edes, and a cornet, Harmon, also the cook, (ieorj c W ' yman, which was some loss. In the evening much telephoning was done from the Augusta railroad station. We Start for Laredo, Texas Thursday, June 29th. All of the forenoon was taken up for preparation f(jr departure. It rained at intervals all morning. " e got our stuff ready early so we had some time to wait until 3 p.m. The band amused itself with extemporaneous harmony and one of the companies had a little vaudeville show. At three we marched thru Augusta in a drizzle of rain. At the station the city presented the regiment with a new flag, then we boarded the train, saying good-bye to the fellows who didnt pass the physical examination and pulled out at 4.30 P.iM. Everywhere along the right of way was a cheering, enthusiastic crowd. . t Portland, the whole square around the station v as packed full. The C. A. C. Band was out and boxes containing a lunch, a cigar and a box of cigarettes and also a bottle of root beer, was passed around. Friday, June 30th. Slept tight all night in a liangor and Aroostook day coach. By shifting the cushions we managed to make quite comfortable beds. Some of the boys set up 200 rism m TV e Cv-«w of AKe goo :| ; i p " BugV ovi i " ,»m, «n, jW i H. t=.k,r.v»a Tl,., c .m.t| .«.» «V -3 , 1 , JL ' sHieii CKc«i- »l Cool V .-» K A $agr fram tlie Siary 201 risnn :m cots ill llie liag5i;age car forward. Woke u[) just before passing thru the Hoosac Tunnel. Passing tiiru New Yf)rk state all day. At Rotterdam Junction tliel)and turned out for calesthenics drill. See the old Erie Canal. Imjjressed by good roads. .Stop at Utica for ten minutes. An hour up town at East Syracuse where presents of magazines and other things were given us. Stop at Rochester where letters and cards are handed on the train. Most of the fellows rode on the seats on the carts on the flat cars ahead. Great cheering all along the way. The New York Central locomotives give a great reception at round houses. Saturday, July ist. Wake up in Sandusky, Ohio. The country has become less hillv :ind is rather unpicturesque tho interesting. Begin to see oil wells. Went up town at Lima, Ohio. Sto]) again at Peoria, Illinois, where we change to the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe. A very bixjzy city. Find a drug store that sells nothing but drugs. It must have been a strong city for Tim Bonney ; he has a verj ' con- versational night. He leaned over and remarked to Hac Currier, dead asleep, " 1 can ' t play that. I can ' t play it. " A funny remark for a first-class musician to make. Sunday, July 2d. Cross the Mississippi at Fort Madison. .Arrive at Kansas City, Missouri, where we all go up for a swim in the swimming ])ool. A very hot day and the swim is enjoyed. We are supplied with Pullmans and tourist cars. Eight of us secured seats in the " Cheyenne. " Some comf()rt. Another recc[)tion at lun- poria, Kansas. Many pretty girls. 202 rism JUD ••©allii " Monday, July 3d. Pass thru Oklahoma in the night. First stop in the morning at Gains- ville, Texas. Many cow-hoys around. Stop at Fort Worth where we are given milk, sandwiches, cigars and post cards. Tim Bonney gets a whole box of them. (A great place.) Stop at Cliburn where we fill up on milk-shakes. Play a short concert at Temple, a very pretty city. Play a concert at Taylor and met some nice girls. Getting hotter all the time. Here we changed to the Interna- tional and Cjreat Northern Railroad. The Last Day of the Trip Tuesday, July 4th. Woke up at S;:n Antonio and had breakfast in the station, leaving there at 7 o ' clock. Travelled slow, keeping watch for loose rails and open switches. .See guards on all bridges. Desert country with few towns, all full of Mexi- cans. See the effects of long drought. Cattle half-starved and almost dead. Arrive at Laredo at 2.30 p.m. Make camp in a plowed field about a mile back of the city. There has been no rain here for eight months and it looks it. The alkali dust is awful and gets into everything. Band, non-commissioned staff and hospital corps pitch tents at left of field. Girls serve ice-cream cones. Fi e of us dig trench at back of camp. Hard work, too. Cool in the evening and get The First Day iti Camp some g(X)d sleep. Wednesday, July 5th. Reveille at five a.m. Some early and so hard to turn out. Remember the little piece, " It ' s nice to get up in the morning, but it ' s better to lie alicd. " It liegins to get hot about 8 a.m. We have to move up the street to make room for the Hospital Corps. A very hot day. Most of the boys lay around when- ever we are not busy. The citizens serve soda-jjop and cookies which are well received. Band gets drill in the morning. Shower baths are installed and are great blessing to everybody. To bed early to-night. 203 QCaSz risnn 204 Thursday, July 6th. I ' irst mail arrives and is well received. All go down town in the evening and listen to a band concert by the 9th Infantry Hand. Laredo i s a city of about twenty-two thousand, three-fourths of whom are Mexicans or Spaniards. Nearly everyone talks Spanish although they speak English in all of the stores. First Ruin Saturday, July 8th. We shifted into closer quarters. Hac Currier, Brownie, King Beckler, K. Brown, Page, Hanson and Coolbroth all in one tent. A regular deluge strikes us after supper. Thunder, lightning and torrents of rain. Hood blows oil of lents and Scut Page and Hac Currier turn out naked for about fifteen minutes and pull it on. They say it fell like hail. r ' riday, July 14th. Brownie is sick. There was a small sand storm this afternoon, also a ball game between head(|uarters company and Comiiany G. We win, 23 to iS. Some game. Laredo is a city of Mexicans. One look at them would convince anyone that self government is impossible to these creatures. Sunday, July i6th. Heard a good sermon by the chaplain. Hac, Gyp, Cooly and Richie i)lay at Baptist Church in forenoon and evening. Girls do not turn out ery abund- antly. Issue socks and underwear in p.m. .Spent the evening down town and heard a pot)r rag-time concert by the Second Missouri Band. Brownie receives box of fudge from one of the girls. omr uf tl)E fflrmainB Aftrr tljc Stg S tiinu 205 OlilS EEniS Aftpr tljr S ' tnrm. ?Jntr tlie JFatalistir ffionk an IK. . Srnuin ' s JFarc Tuesday, July i8th. Rehearsal this morning. Inoculation against typhoid also. .A. stronger dose this time and as a result our arms are pretty sore. No water in camp until supper time. Our chairs arrive so we celebrate by sitting outside the tent and eatintr watermelon. Clreat night. We have strrted a lawn in front of the tent tl;r Hinb mh lain Bib fuc (0m iRuui 206 aiul have aliout twenty lilades of grass now, owing to t!ie recent rain. We are going to keep on watering it. .• s yet there i.s no immediate necessity for a lawn mower. . iaturday, July 22d. Help Lieutenant . " awyer design a fly trap. Page is there with the solid geometry. Hereafter the band has to stand gu:;rd duty, alternating with the machine gun company. .Six privates and a corporal are the detail. Gyp, Tim, Oliver and Hac do a little harmonizing on their instruments in the evening. .Sunday, July 23d. The daily rains ha e begun and liring out the grass and flowers here. They are nothing like ours at home though. Most of the trees are mesquite and palm trees. Century plants and cactus also grow in profusion. Have seen orange trees, fig trees, date trees and banana palms. Here everything has prickles, even the toads. Tuesday, July 25th. A very hot day. Military funeral for Company D man who was drowned. March down town to undertakers, where services are held. Escort body to sta- tion where it is shipped home. A very warm job. Rehearsal in afternoon with concert in evening. Cooly, Gyp, Brownie and Richardson go down to water- melon feed in town. Great time. Thursday, July 27th. The feed is still bum and we subsist principally on milk from the Missouri Canteen, " The Stag. " Coming back from one of these trips we met a Mexican pup with a tin can tied to his tail, earnestly going elsewhere with a vocal accom- paniment. This is the only way to rid the camp of such pests. At retreat we were short handed and when we came to finish up as usual by marching across the camp playing the .Stein Song, two of the officers assisted us. Some distin- guished bandsmen. Tuesday, August ist. Good rehearsal in the morning. .Shipment of comfort bags received today full of everything from needles to tooth-brushes. Hac gave his old one a mili- tary funeral and mustered in the new one. Wednesday, August 2d. Another cloudy and muggy day without any rain. In the afternoon four of the bunch went down to the International Bridge and had quite a chat with the Inspectors of the Immigration .Station. They can tell at sight who to stop and who to let pass. All who are stopped have to be examined thoroughly, l)athcd in kerosene and cleansed before admission to the United .States. .Saw three deported. Had imitation track meet at cami) in the afternoon, the princi|)al con- testant and sole point winner being .Scut P;ige. Some good card games in the evening. 207 risnn Tluirstlay, August 3d. A great day. Hac is orderly all afternoon. In e fning tiie whole hand go down to August Ritclier ' s to a NIexican dinner. Okra soup, salad, celery and olives, tortillas and frijoles, chicken ii la Mspanol, hot tamale,, cake, coffee and cigarettes. Some feed followed hy pleasant evening with family, much music and singing. 208 Ibe Prism Thursday, August loth. Trade winds here tor fair. c are all eating alkali dust. Oni: ut the Machine Gun Company ' s boys remarks to Colonel Cummings, " We have cer- tainly got some band. They played the best concert gi en at the Y. M. C. A. riiey play classical stutt, too. ' ' Mess shack coines to grief after dinner when it collapses, all torn to pieces. cdnesday, August i6th. A general order was received today at headquarters ordering the sending home of college units. Found that we had to ha e atfida its from jim (iannetl to take advantage of being college men, so we telegraph for them, bine even- ing at a carnival at .Saint Augustine Plaza as guests of the Ritchers, Hac was arrested (what for?) but got off easy. The Eventful Day I ritlay and Saturday, August i8th and lyth. Pay day at camp. Lay around most of the day until four, when the wind freshened up and it began to rain hard. Paid off at 4.30 in the rain for June and July. Down town in the evening. Lights were behaving badly and the wind was blowing a gale. ( lo to the Royal Theater and step into a howling tor- nado after the show. We could hardly catch our breath. Try to find a jitney but to no avail. Pick up four Maine men and by keeping hold of each other manage to make camp at about eleven o ' clock, but what a camp ! The hospital tents and all of the tents in our row were down and the frames of the band tents were broken in several places. Page, Reckler and Hanson had lieen working on our tent while Cooly slept. .Some of the others then took hold and made things as safe as possible. Had to wade thru water all the way from two inches u() to two feet coming up and were soaked thru. The rain had driven right thru the tents so everything is soaked. Some of the boys swam to town for a good breakfast. W ind has swung around the compass and died down some, so the tent is safe. Saturday. A beautiful morning but some wreck in camp. Most of the tents are down. Those who braced against the North wind lost out on the South wind. Some job cleaning up, repairing and strengthening the tents. Retire early. I-riday, August 25th. - hot day for fair without much breeze. Gyp, Hanson, .Sallie and .Sewell load up their 45s and take a hike out into the country where they try a little tar- get practice. N ' othing to be said about results. We can now understand why Texas is such a strong state. Miles and miles of onion fields. We are right in the midst of it as Laredo is the strongest onion (union) in the state. Co to the shifties in the evening. 209 Q K Pn Suiulay, August 27th. A very nice day. I ' .iglil of tlic lnituli ijo to tlie I ' .clla " i ta I ' ark in the afternoon for a swim. In tiie c cnin » r.rownic, Cooly, tiyj) and .Stoddard j.;o to cluirch to play — dates. .Stoddard ' s girl disappears but tlic others iiaxc a very enjoyable time. Thursday, August 31st. The band makes an early start for tlic [larade grounds aliout two and one- half miles out on the heights for grand review of all trooi)s in l.aredo district. Some Review. Over ten thousand [larticipate. The band has the distinction of leading the whole business, not e en an officer ahead of iis. We head the engi- neering corps and Coast Artillery. Dcj a splendid job. All go down town in e ening. .Sunday, .September 3d. . hot dav. Mr. Traut calls and [ vescnls the band with the " Lone .Star I ' lag. " .] I hrilliiKi Episode Tuesday, September 5th. As we glanced out of the tent door in the middle of the afternoon we were horrified to see a crowd of Mexicans approaching. ith great presence of mind, Hac stood on his head in the doorway. Dazed by these tactics the enemy halted and indicated a desire to parley. Their communication was the Mexican phrase " Shienmeister, " meaning " Do you surrender? " . t this moment Ca[)laiii D. 1. Ciould of Company G dashed up on his gallant charger and holding tiiem up at the end of his trusty 45, took their side-arms, or shine boxes, away from them. We gathered around the Captain with rousing cheers. .Sunday, Sept. lolh. The boys learn the Houn ' Dog and play it on tlie march after the concert, much to the delight of the company. Tuesday, .Sept. 15th. Regimental Re iew and inspection in (he forcncjon. In tlic exening the band plays at grand athletic exhibition in the l all [)ark. Maine is xiclorious in all events. Saturday, Sept. lOth. . beautiful day. |ohn Karnes and Lew [ ' arrows see a bull light across the ri er which they pronounce crude and amateurish. New news as to our dis- charges. Report has it that they must come frt)m W ashington. Thursday, Sept. Jist. A hot day. Band plays at ball game in afternoon. Some of the fellows go to the liaptist social in the evening. Cooly goes home w ith a Miss W bite. They meet her steady and Cooly has to run for his life. 210 rism asi ;da 6. AMexlOh ciahciy. n pof eel posl Mfxicqh Pullfciqti i»3 4H| oetn c wn Te vn. trnono (3«n»(-qrs ; pickel litiC L TK« v) S Vie » coTranipotrlatiov Aitutl)rr Biarii ) ayr 211 rism :m Tuesday, Sept. 29th. The San Antonio paijers had the news that six thousand men will relieve ten tliousand men on the border. The paper j ave tiie list of the regiments to lie relie ed and the Second Maine headed the list! Unlielievable good luck. Might} ' co(j1 night. Had to build bon-tires in the tents to keep warm. Saturday, Sept. 3otli. A personal and i)roi)erly inspection by Captain Drake at 7.30. Then two muster roll inspections filled up the foreno(jn. A cold night on the coast. It is a sure thing that we are going home. The second I ' lorida is to relieve us. Thursday, October 5th. Lived in expectation of the arrival of the .Second I ' lorida. News comes that Maine does not go home because of trouble in the conference (more red tape). Page receives a monster Maine potato which is placed on exhibition at the Club Cafe. Friday, Oct. 6th. A big review today. We march four miles to the big parade ground where all the troops in the Laredo district were assembled. There were four bands and seven thousand troops. We saw the real, live CJeneral Funston, a stubby little man. When we got back we found that the regiment was to leave as soon as possible, everybody assumed 7 o ' clock. Got all packed and did up the town for tiie last time. I ' ound after getting home that we were to leri e early Sat- urday morning. A bunch from the Machine ( lun Company came o er and wanted the band. Ihe result was a vociferous concert in which most of the New Hampshire joined. Some one started a bon-fne and a line time was enjoyed by all, .sober or otherwise. Saturday, Oct. 7th. Slept on cots, dressed, put on our blanket r(jlls so were perfectly ready to go out at 5.30 A.M. About eight o ' clock we marched to the train. We have tourist sleepers this time. The band is in the " Maitland. " I ' ulled out of Laredo at 11.25. Travelled thru alkali dust and onion country all afternoon. Pulled nito .San Antonio at 1.25 r.M., where we have an hour. . ery pretty city with wood paved streets and concrete walks. Lake and l.a.Salle leave us liere to get their discharges, Lake to return to Laredo and Sallie to go to Montana. Sunday, Oct. 8th. Pass thru Austin in night, . t Franklin the band played in the car and a little boy handed one of the fellows a bunch of tuba roses. Some impressive tribute. Say what you will, the true artist is always appreciated. Feeding mighty well now. At Lowguui junctign where we stopped at 930, we change to the Texas and Pacific railroad. 212 rism Monday, Oct. 9th. Passing tlnru Arkansas. The tall, straight pines have looked good to us for some time. Tuesday, Oct. loth. Got into East Saint Louis at nine o ' clock. Some of the fellows crossed the river and had a look at St. Louis. Some burg. Wednesday, October nth. Passed thru Chicago in night. Smiley and Colonel Barnes have a pow-wow behind the station at I-ort Wayne and Barnes was knocked out in the first. (No admission was charged.) Thursday, Oct. 12th. Go thru Cleveland, have an hour and a half in Buffalo. Held up in Syra- cuse. Hap, Eben .- nd Herb got left in Buffalo but caught up on the second section in Syracuse. Saturday, October 14th. Wake up early in Portland. Guards still on. March all o er Portland and go up to the Auditorium and enjoy a buffet lunch. On train for Augusta at 10.30 A.M. Sunday, October 15th. Callers arriving all of the time. Cooly ' s folks arrive with a chicken dinner which goes fine. Rest of the day spent in entertaining. Tuesday, Oct. 24th. Broke camp for the last time. We. started for Bangor at 5 I ' .M., arriving about eight. A big pa rade was pulled off and every organization that had a uni- form was out to welcome the boys home. The biggest crowd ever. So big that it stretched Exchange Street so it is now six inches wider. Everybody was out and nobody was hoarse until afterwards. At the end of the parade route, we were ordered to fall out for the last time, and our brief armv service was finished. And we all firmly resolved that if Uncle Sam ever needed us again, life would find us ready to go — as officers only. End 213 Qil SPnmElQ niilitarii jfluntral in ulrKas 214 OCSIl p TimASi iKitairal QJluhs E. (£. ffiitra OSlcc Qllub K. C. lliKi), ' 17, Leader First Tenors v.. C. HuRD, ' 17 J. Manchester, ' 20 A. M. Fides, ' ly R. H. MArDoxNELu, " 19 Second cnors v.. II. May, ' 18 II. M. ( ;. Kni. i-.K, ' 20 ). M. LiBBY, ' 18 H. W . HODGKINS, ' 20 J. L. Walsh. ' 20 First Basses W. H. Taylor, ' 19 S. M. Currier. ' 20 M. Hudson, ' 19 W. C. Barrett, ' 18 Second Basses I.. T. Pitman, ' 17 H. P. DeCoster, ' 19 J. H. Smiley, " 18 P. Nolan, ' 20 A. C. Sturc;is, ' 19 Mau nliu (llluh . (£. llatu S. C. Page, Jr. First Mandolins S. C. Page, Jr., ' 17 F. B. Haines, ' 18 R. C. Chapman, ' 18 F. Head, ' 18 T. S. Whitehouse, ' 19 H. M. Gardiner, ' 20 ' Cello ]. AF. Chute, ' 19 Mandola M. L. Hill, ' 17 Flute Soloist L. T- Freese, ' 17 Reader J. H. Magee, ' 18 , ' 17, Leader Second Mandolins F. P. Penley, ' 18 F. P. Preti, ' 18 M. H. Watkins, ' 20 n. A. Gray, ' 20 W. C. Avery, ' 20 R. Woodcock, ' 20 Violin Soloist E. S. Turner, ' 20 Viola J. Manchester, ' 20 Bass Viol E. L. Clapp, " 17 Accompanist 11. 1.. White, ' 18 216 OCAjePni ism Back Run— Hill. Walsh, DeCoster, Orcutt. Avery. Burnham. Smiley. Barrett FoitrDi Roic—Freeze. Gardiner. Currier. Nolan. Pitman. Head. McAllister. Maiiee Third Ron— Taylor. Manchester, Chapman. Gray. Haines. Penley. Preti, Clapp Second Ron ' — Watkins. Woodcock. Page. Hurd. May. Bryant. Sturgis First Ron— Chute. White. MacDonnell. Turner. Hodgkins. Fides iEuaical (fluba S,antexts Orono, Bangor, Augusta, Portland, Ipswich, Boston, New ' ork ©ffircra Joseph A. McCusker Everett C. Hurd Schuyler C. Page E. Hyland May Adelbert W. Sprague President Leader Glee Club Leader Mandolin Club Business Manager Director 217 JPTismAj y Derby Sawyer Harvey Whitney Thomas Weeks DeBeck Coughlin Prince Cross Bussell Cram Curran Biight Rumniill French White Wray Mills Dyer Mitchell King Merrill Chaplin Scott Kellogg Smith Chalmers Emery Ingraliam Wood Snow, K. Jackson Snow, E. Taylor Roberts Pink ham Scott March (!?irh-, ' ($kv (llluh Leader Pianist Reader Soloist First Sopranos Elizabeth Bright, ' 17 Leola Chaplin, ' 17 Anne Curran, ' 19 Thelma Kellogg, ' 18 Margufj ite Roberts, ' 20 Ethel Sawyer, ' 19 Enid Taylor, " 19 Arline Wray, ' 20 CoRiNNE King, ' 20 Makiox Emery. ' 17 Jessie Pinkham, " iS Bessie Mills, ' 20 Helen White, ' 20 Second Sopranos Mary Coughlin, ' 20 Charlotte Cross, ' 20 Edith Scott, ' 19 Kathleen Snow, ' 20 Victoria Weeks, ' 20 Frances Wood, ' 17 Bessie Mills, ' 20 218 0CA3ePr ism First Ait OS Isabel Dykk, 20 Ruth Inc.ersoll, ' 20 Ruth March, ' 17 Jessie Prince, ' 19 Edxa Rum mill, ' 20 Eveline Snow, ' 20 Second . tllos MlNEU ' A I ' RI ' .NCH, ' 20 Eleanor Jackson, ' 20 Cornelia Phelps, ' 17 Ethel Scott, ' 19 Bernice Whitney, ' 20 Marion Emery, ' 17 Ruth Brown, ' 17 Mana ;er Assistant Manaijcr Secretary and Treasurer Ruth Chalmers, ' 18 Ethel Sawyer, ' 19 Jessie Prince, ' 19 (S ' lxW Manimliu (Ijluli Leader, Edith Incraham, ' 17 first Mandolins Dorothea Bussell, " 20 Anne Curran, ' 19 Edith Ingraham, ' 17 Second Mandolins Pauline Derby, ' 18 Vera Gellerson, ' 18 Ruth Harx ' ey, ' 20 Cornelia Phelps, ' 17 Fay Smith, ' 18 Guitars Ruth Brown, ' 17 Beryl Cram, ' x8 EiRENA De Beck, ' 18 J ' iolins Enid Taylor, ' 19 Marian Thonlxs, ' iS 21ii QCA EPnimEiQ QIljp (!Ia pt 2Jan B J P jP Sr H ■.•JhuhB I B M P H rSf ffS B K i flHH |S A Hf S k i I hH V ■ BL r r- jj||jj pSHU ™ ■ jj ,.»- ■ Uniucrsitji uf iHainr iUauIi Principal Musician, H. N. Currier, Chief Mus. H. N. Dole, 1919 W. W. Chadbourne, 1920 K. C. Farnsworth, 1920 O. Harkness, 1920 C. Perry, 1919 S. F. Rknerace, 1918 Altos Corp. G. E. IF nsen, 1917 E. A. Bradley, 1919 G. W. Crane, 1920 W. G. Martin, 1919 J. C. Spooner, 1920 N. H. Simpson, 1920 Trombones H. (i. Hall, 1920 I. C. Ames, 1917 Baritone H. J. Pelletier, 1920 Saxophone Corp. A. P). Joyce, 1919 Piccolos Corp. E. L. Cooleroth, 1918 T.. G. Atwood, 1920 I . V. Woodman, 1920 1917 l ntiii Major, J. H. Smiley, 191S Bass Drum Ser(;t. W " . R. Beckler, 1917 Snare Drums Corp. B. L. Hopkins, 19 17 W. B. Cobb, 1919 E. A. Riley, 1920 G. H. Jordan, 1920 R. C. ' hitcomb. 1920 Cornets D. M. Libby, 1918 F. F. Smiley, 1919 F. R. West, 1920 E. R. Adams, 1919 G. F. Russell, 1919 A. Frawley, 1920 P. A. Libby, 1920 L. W. Judkins, 1920 R. L. Casey, 1920 E. R. RoBBiNS, 1920 E Flat Bass Sergt. G. E. Dole, 19 17 BB Flat Bass X. E. True, 1919 220 PUBLtCATfONS risnn ASj Gross Barrett Drew McGrath Benson Folsom Hill Magee Perry iMay Ramsey una Prism luar5 Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Business Manaijer Artist E. Hyland May DoxALD B. Perry Clyde A. Benson ' n,LET C. Barrett AsiiiKiatc ijziiitiiru Maurice C. Gross John H. Magee Roger B. Hill Harold R. Drew (Law) 222 KPrism AjIQ Maine QJampus lUuari iif Eiiitors Edi tor-in-Chief F. Owen Stephens As.wciiitc Editor T. H. Magee AluiiDii Editor L. T. Pitman Sforlituj Editor W. P.. Haskell iScpurtcrs W. C. HoAGLAND, ' 19 C. D. McIlroy, ' 18 R. D. Chf.llis, ' 19 H. L. White, ' 18 ' Miss T. AI. Sturtevant Business Manaiger Circulation Manager L. I. Edgerly, ' 18 D. B. Perry, ' 18 223 UigLAj ePnsrn Haitic ICaut IScuicut Editor-in-Chief Assist amt Editor taff .Issociatr Editors MiUiagiiuj Editor Associate Maiia inij Editors Perley Harvey Ford, ' 17 Clyde Raymond Chapman f M. C. Kelleher, ' 17 i jo H.N " C. Fit zgerald Mavlam) Herbert Morse, " 17 Robert S. Quimby 1 Walter C. Tones 224 OCASPn SIM Practical Siusbauiiru of Manic Published Monthly During the College Year by the Students of the College of Agriculture of the University of Maine pitiirtal laflf f.ditor-in-Chicf . Issistant liditors Associate Editors Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager D. E. Green Lee Vrooman L. B. Wood H. A. Spaulding Harvard Townsend Miss Clara Partridge WiLLARD C. SlSSON Roy Somers B. A. Sii AW 225 QjCaSe Qflie Hue Suok F. Owen Stephens liditor-in-Chicf Aaauctatcs n. p W. B. Haskell, ' 17 Miss Frances Gonyer, ' 17 L. T. Pitman, ' 17 J. H. Magee, ' 18 Miss Joyce Cheney, DeCoster, ' 19 Arthur Tierney, ' 19 J. P. Ramsey, ' 18 F. C. Ferguson, ' 18 Miss Jessie Sturtevant F. A. Barbour, ' 19 ' 19 Art Editor Business MiuHhier CUis. JPaHt Prisms Editor Business Mamujcr 1895 Frank Damon Joseph W. Randlette 1896 E. Everett Gibes Perlev B. Palmer 1897 Edwin C. Upton Charles S. Webster 1898 Charles A. Pearce B. R. 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T4yp §_Pn5rnAji Q Militani department UJummisaiinic ©ftucrs. HUB- HI IT ll ttc States (Scacruc (Officers ' OJraiuiuij (l nrpa Horace M. Hrkam, ist IJeut. jtli Cavalry, U. S. Army, Professor of Military Science and Tactics Major C. L. Stephenson .Isslsfant to the Professor Adjutant, commanding Headquarters Company Machine (luii Company Unattached Regimental Quartermaster Captain ' . F. O ' Donohue Captain O. C. Turner 1ST Lieut. W " . L. Niles 2ND Lieut. G. M. Carter Captain F. T. McCabe W. C. Ellsworth 228 Pnsm Aji y Itrst lattalimt Major .Idjutaiit Sergeant Major A (Campaiui Cai ' Tai.x R. j. Tka i-:ks 1ST Lieut. M. S. Pekkins X. F. Maxk 1ST Lieut. R. C. Chapman C. F. Imles Q (!Iam|)aiit) Captain Ci. C. R(ibinson 1ST Lieut. W. C. .Sisson 2 D Lieut. F. T. Xealey IS ((ainpaiiy 1ST Lieut. F. O. Stephens 2ND Lieut. M. L. Hill 2ND Lieut. H. B. Caldwell j. i) Lieut. G. R. .Scott cctinii lattalimt Major Adjutant Sergeant Major (Cam)iany C.M ' TAiN W. C. Barrett 1ST Lieut. V. F. Abbott 2ND Lieut. G. R. Bailey S, (l}am)iani) C.M ' TAiN F. A. McLean 1ST Lieut. R. C. Chapman 2ND Lieut. W. I ' l Reynolds 2ND Lieut. |. 11. L GEE W. F. V. TKINS 1ST Lieut. M. S. Perkins F. C. Lawry C (i ampang Captain R. M. Somers 1ST Lieut. D. W. Norton 2ND Lieut. J. E. Speirs 2ND Lieut. G. C. Newell 1 (Sampaiiii Captain R. N. Atherton 1ST Lieut. M. . Wescott 1ST Lieut. D. AL Libby 2ND Lieut. S. B. Bubiek 229 liflc (l[ram irasnu HIlB-ir QlllA Prism 1907 TENTH ANNIVERSARY PRODUCTION 1916 Lelio and Isabella W ritten for the Masque by WINDSOR P. DAGGETT Assisted by DOCTOR WINIFRED SMITH CAST OF CHARACTERS Dottore Grutiauo, apothecary and father to Lclio (unknown) C ' livk C. Smai.i., 1918 Lt ' io, his son (_ unknown) GiAMBATTisTA A. 1)ki:i i Howaku L. Jilxkixs, 1917 Pedrolino, servant to Lelio . - - . Harry R. Lovely, 1916 PasqueUa, housekeeper to Gratiano - - - Gould B. Ruggles, 1918 Piintaloiie, father to Isabella - - - - Evans B. orcross, 1919 Isabella, his daughter - Isabella Andki.ini Sl ' mxek C. Cobb, 1917 Fraiiccschina. maid to Isabella - - - - Fred L. Damren, 1918 Caf ' itiiiio Spai ' cnto, cousin to Isabella I- ' raxcesco Andreixi W ' ORTHEX E. BkaWX, 1917 Arlecchino, servant to Pantalone - - - Artemas H. Harmox, 1918 Mezzetino, servant to Capita)io - - - Ferdixaxd Z. Phelps, 1916 Buratfmo, a friar _---__ Norman E. True, 1919 Flavio, Count of Ladrone - _ . James L. Chute, 1919 An EngHshman, a musician from Ijjndon Two servi ------- George AI. Carter. 1918 Donald B. Perry, 1918 Business Maiiai er Howard B. Hiller TIME OF THE PLAY, 1004 The scene of the prologue and entre-acts represents a corridor back of the stage, in the old Bourgogne Theatre, Pr.ris. The scene of Acts I, H and HI represents a street in ' erona. A NNI VERSA RY PERFO RMA X CES Feb. 19, Bangor, Dress Rehearsal ; Feb. 22, .South Berwick ; Feb. 24, Gor- ham; Mar. 23, Togus ; Mar. 24, Boston, Mass.: Mar. - ' 5, Marion, Mass.; Mar. 27, Methuen, Mass.; Mar. 28, Kennebunk ; . pr. _ ' 4, Xorridgewock ; . pr. 25, Portland; Apr. 26. Bangor; May 4, Campus; June 13. Campus. DIRIGO For wliat must be the only time they ,«ra(hiatcs from the University of Maine, of have trod our stage— outside their nio- " Lelio and l.sabella " — Boston Eveiivv nientarv appearanee in Mr. MacKave ' s " A ' raiiscrift, 1916. Thousand Years Ai?o " — the traditional fig- ' " ' " stoneal mterest this pcrformanee „, „ ,f i, „ ,„.„ i: 1 ir » 1 ' " av be rated with the revival of Gammer ures of the eommedia dell arte were to be c.unou, Xeedle, " made bv Stuart Walker seen in Boston last evening. The occasion ,.,, Jordan Hall.-CVim in;, icience Moni- was the performance by a group of under- lor. Boston. 1916. 232 ' itm " Gjubb OCA EEni SIMD Ollaiui lull. Hllfi llainld Dudley Ashtoii Donald ' ince Atwater Basil Edward Barrett Lewis Orin Barrows James Edward Barry Robert Whitney Bartlett Roger Warren Bell Charles Leon Blackman Ensor Harding Blanchard Robert Germain Blanchard Lewis Henry Blood Timothy Doten Bonney Horace Everett Boothby, Jr. Arthur John Bower Burke liradbury Brooks Brown Walter True lirown Forest Leroy Buckley Franz Upham Burkett Arthur Edwin I ' .utters Harold ilhelm Coffin Zella Elizabeth Colvin (iuy Berwyn Condon Ernest Loren Cookson LeRoy Coombs Harris Sampson Crahmer Erlon Victor Crimmin Earle Erweed Cronmutt Doris Currier Carl Moody Currier r red Holmes Curtis Fred Llewellyn I amren Mary Murial DeBeck Carroll Melbourne DeWitt John Maynard Dodge Floyd Mason Darrah Charles Edmund Dole Llewellyn Morse Dorsey Michael Columbus Driscoll John Raymond Dubee George Franklin Eaton Emery Davis Eddy Omar Kelsey Edes infred Herbert Edminster James Carroll Elliot Walter Davis Emerson Thomas Everett Fairchild Ralph William I ' annon 236 £ri5rnXji Q William Thomas Falkner Charles Herbert Folsom Nathaniel Frederick Forsyth Hoyt Davis Foster Marie Frederica L oster Elwood Stewart Fraser Isabel Frances Frawley John Abraham Garakian, I ' . A. Robert College 1909 John White Glover Roger Locke Gowell Philip Burr Grant Frank William Gray Granville Chase Gray Florence Evelyn Greenleaf Everett Goss Ham Archelaus Lewis Hamblen Joseph Edmund Har ey I-awrence Milliken Hunt Marguerite Jones Maynard Fred Jordan Lewis Herman Krieger Julius Henry Kritter Charles Kent Lane Stacy Clifford l.ampher Otis Carroll l.awrv John Thomas Leecock Benjamin ' est Lewis Clarence Earl Libby Herschel Scott Libby Fred Perley Loring Frances Marie Lougee Harry Richard Lovely Irving Clifford Macdonald Donald Josiah Maclntire Bernard Joseph MacParland Thomas Gerald Mangen Everett Keith Mansfield Walter Lee Mason Norman Lyle Mathews Howard W infield Mayers Earl Stephen Merrill Philip Knight Merrill Charles Leo Moody Ralph Lee Moore Robert McGregor Moore Miller Bernard Moren Lester George Morris Mildred Cora Morrison George Albert Moulton Lawrence Edmund Mullnney Arno Wilbur Nickerson 237 QCAEEr ism illiain Robert Xugent Harry Denis U ' Xeil Francis O ' Rourke Ansel Alva Packarc! MarllMjrough Packard Guy Casley Palmer Minnie May Park Myron Columhus Peabody Harry Leland Peterson Ferdinand Zanoni Phelps Lawrence Eugene Philbrook Marian Elizabeth Plummer Alice Mildred Poore Elmer Deming Potter William Henry Prentice Clinton Everett Purington James Patrick Quine Harold Leroy Reed Raymond Eaton Rendall William Raymond Rich Frederick Robie Madeline Frances Robinson William Nathaniel Rogers Harry EKvood Rollins Samuel Rudnian George Charles W illiam Ruti ' ncr Sibyl Lois Russell Oscar Harold Sanborn (irace Ruth Sawyer Earle Eaton Shaw Albion Franklin Sherman Richard Leslie Silva Sarah Singleton Clifford Augustus Skillin Norman Clifford Small Allen G. Smith Winfred Eugene Stoddard Harry Edward Stone Omar Fred Tarr Charles Sumner Taylor Dorothy Thompson Ciladys Thompson James Emmons Totman Horace Hamblen Towle, Jr. Walter W ' aitstill Webber Thomas Nathan Weeks James Arthur W ' hittemore John Lowell W ' hitticr Evelyn W ' inship Basil Gibson Woods Thomas Woodward 238 OCASlPni AS! QJummmtrcmrut. UlUt djommittrr John Thomas Leecock, Chainium Myron Columbus Peabody James Emmons Totman Axn W ' n.RUR Nickerson Omar Fred Tarr PROGRAM June lo, II, 12, 13, 14, 1916 Saturday, June ioth Phi Kappa Phi Initiation and Banquet King Oratorical Contest Sunday, June iith Baccalaureate Address, L. H. Murlin, D.D., LL.D., President Boston University Vesper Services Monday, June i2th Planting of the Pine Performance by the ' oman Students Class Day Exercises Meeting of the Alumni Advisory Council Fraternity Receptions President ' s Reception Fraternity Reunions Tuesday, June 13TH Musical Clul) College of Law Alumni Association Maine-Colby Baseball Game Alumni Luncheon General Alumni Association Maine Masque Performance Hciiucs ay, iluuc 14, (fjummcuccmcnt ifxcrciaca Leave Taking Commencement Dinner Commencement Ball 239 Ibe Pr ism Qllass iai) Excrriscs Prayer Roll Call Address to Undergraduates Class History Presentation (Chapel, iHiiuiiaii. JIuuo 12 P K OCR A M Music Thomas Everett Fairchild, Chaplain Music Lawrence Eugene Philbrook, Secretary Clinton Everett Pukinton Basil Edward Barrett Guy Casley Palmer Music Oration Class Poem Presentation of Fraternity Scholarship Cup Prophecy Valedictory Music Smoking Pipe of Peace Planting of Ivy Fraternity Receptions Ansel Alva Packard W ' infred Eugene Stoddard James Adrian Gannett Fred Holmes Curtis Fred Perley Loring (I ammrncpuirnt Ball (f otntnittrc Lewis Orin Barrows, Chairman Lester George .Morris Ferdinand Zanoni Phelps Fred Rorie 3Dy Baij ttommittrr Charles Leon Blackman, Chairman AcHELAus Lewis ]L mi .len Cflmmeiicrmcut Exercises Bc ucBllay, iluur 14. 19 lU ' ROG R A M Music Prayer Music By Hamlin Garland, Chicago, Illinois Music Conferring of Degrees and Certificates Announcement of Scholarships, Prizes and Honors Music Commencement Address 240 Ibe Prism OJnmmcit cement lull Alumni ftjall. JBciiucuiiaij. 3uuc 14. IHIU Coinniitfce Lkwis Orix Barrows, Cliainnaii Fkrdixand Zaxoni Phelps Lester George Morris Floor Director Guy Casley Palmer Aids Donald Vince Atwater Fred Holmes Curtis Ansel Alba Packard Robert McGregor Moore James Emmons Totman Roger Warren Bell Omar Kelsey Edes Brooks Brown Lewis Henry Blood Michael Columbus Driscoll Lawrence Eugene Philbrook Albert Lealand Robinson Lewis Herman Kriger Recek ' Uiii Line President and Mrs. Aley Dean and Mrs. Stevens Mr. Otis Carroll Lawry Patronesses Mrs. James N. Hart Mrs. Harold S. Boardman Mrs. Edg.xr R. Wing. rd Mrs. John H. Huddilston Mrs. Jeannete A. Harrington Mrs. Bertha H. Moulton Mrs. Ella J. Mason Mrs. Kate K. Est. brook Mrs. May Jane Parcher Mrs. Rush Hamlin Mrs. Sarah A. Currier Mrs. Dora B. Tower Miss Mary F. Hopkins Mrs. Anna E. Williams 241 OCA EZniii ism Suuiiii- HJrck, (IJlasH uf I HIT (Qmnmittrr Edmund J. Dempsey, Chainmui Henry A. Peterson Cecil M. Hilton George F. Sweet Herbert H. McCobb May , . 4. 5, 0, 7, 1916 Wednesday, May ihe third 8.00 r.ii. Junior Exhibition Speakinj;; Thur.vday, May the fourth 8.00 P.M. " LeHo and L- abella " l)y the Maine Ma.sque Friday, May the tilth 9.50 A.M. Junior Chapel E.xercises 8.00 P.M. Junior Promenade Saturday, May the sixth 9.00 A.M. Battalion Drill 2.50 P.M. Baseball, Maine vs. Bates 8.00 P.M. Minstrel Show- Sunday, -May the seventh 3.00 P.M. Vesper Servi ce 244 OCAEpt 15m Smiinr Prise § pcaluun i0r lllra ay lEiicniug, iflay ' Jb " Our Mutual Dependence " ' " Preparedness " " Broadening of Country Life " " The Engineer in Life " ' " The Duty of America ' " " The Other Girl " ' Helen Lois Danforth Langdox Jackson Freese Alice Mildred Poore Gerald Coker AL Riii.E Harold Pierce Andrews Grace PiIDWell Pristol dluuiur QJhapcl entice 3Frt all, iHay 3 g.50 A.M. Sumner Chase Cobb, Cliaplain 0 erlure Li ' oc;:ti()n Responsi e Reading Salutatory Address Royal Grant Hiccins Jr., President of the Class of 1917 Piano Solo, Selected Everahd Eells Blanchard Address to Juniors Robert Judson Ally, President of the University of Maine Hymn Prayer Chai ' lain Notices Maine .Stein Song 245 OCASZnii ElD HdWAKIi I J. JK. Kl . S Ralph ]1. Pierce Alumni Sjall. iFrt al , iHay 3 $Iniiii (Cinuuiittrr Nelson I. AIa.nk, t ' luiinium Stan LEV (i. I ' iiillii ' s Ravmu.m) a. I ' e.ndleton Floor Director IxALl ' ll IJALDWI.X BkASSEUK Aids Walter Converse Jones Charles Clifton Penney Mark Langdon Hill Howard Bryant Hiller Foster Nowell Frank Lorenzo Harmon Clifford Brown Gerald Cokek Marble Paul Everett Chadbolrne Percy Daniel Emerson George Knowlton Vadlin Richard Edward McKown Bryant Lealand Hopkins Albert Lavorgna Srrrptiini (TnmmiltiT President and Mrs. .-Vley Dean and Mrs. Stevens Royal Grant Higgins Patrnnrsars Mrs. Robert J. Aley Mrs. James S. Stevens Mrs. Frank S. Clark Mrs. Edgar R. Wingard Mrs. Ella J. Mason Mrs. Anna E. Williams Mrs. Dora B. Tower Mrs. Bertha H. Moulton Mrs. Sarah A. Currier Mrs. Kate C. Estabrook Mrs. Mary J. Parcher Mrs. Rush Hamblin Mrs. Jeane tte H. Harrington Miss Mary F. Hopkins 246 IbePr ism upliumiUT i o i, Ojlaiiii iif UllH JMumut tflall. ifcluiuirii 111. IHIU (ijummittrc RulMlNT ( ;. llt ' TTON Wilton S. Iardixi-: V ' oYLE E. Ar.BOTi ' , Chairman Hakold X. Jo.NliS Lee N ' roomax Floor Il ' ircctor Mark ' . C ' koikeit Aids Erlon L. Newdick Frederick D, Gibbs Stephen M. Dunham Gould B. Ruggles Maurice C. Gross Lewie E. Libby William F. Guinan John P. Ramsey Claude T. Gieerson Ernest L. Coolhroth Burt Richardson Donald B. Perry Raymond F. Cole Rdiucrt a. Ri a Receiving Line President and Mrs. Alev Dean and Mrs. Steven? Mr. L mi-S a. Gannett Mr. Edwin Hvland M. y Professor and Mrs. Huddilston Fatronesscs M[is. James X. Hart Mrs. James S. Stevens Mrs. Leon S. Merrill Mrs. John G. Huddilston Mrs. Bertha H. Moulton Mrs. Kate C. Estabrook Mrs. Mary C. Parcher Mrs. Edgar R. Wingard Mrs. Anna E. Williams Mrs. Ella J. ALvson Mrs. Dora B. Tower Mrs. Rush Hamlin Mrs. Sakah A. Currier Miss Mary F. Hopkins Mrs. Jeanette A. H.aijkington 248 OCSEEZii ism iHilitarij t up. OJlass nf lUUl JMumm Sjall, iFriban jfucttiug, Hard) 10. IHIB Qlamutittrr Private William B. Cobb, Choirmon Pkinate William A. Cosgkoxe Prinatk Allen B. Rowe Private Edmund C. Melchek Private Arthur J- Tiekney Floor Director Private Clarence Stevenson Aids Private Orestes Cleveland Private Frank E. Donovan Private James H. Freeland Pri ' ate George J. Frobercer Private Edward L. Kennison Private Warren T. Mayers Private Kenneth A. Macquarrie Private Lawrence E. Merrow Private George E. Newell Private Orin P. Perry Private Norman D. Plummer Private Norman E. Torey Private Leland C. Towne Pri ' ate Kenneth T. Young Patronessc Mrs. James N. Hart Mrs. James S. Stevens Mrs. Leon S. Merrill Mrs. John G. Huddilston Mrs. Edgar R. Wingard Mrs. Jeanette A. H.srrington Mrs. Dora B. Tower Mrs. Bertha H. Moulton Mrs. Ella J. Mason Mrs. Kate C. Estabrooke Mrs. Mary C. Parcher Mrs. Rush Hamlin Mrs. Sarah A. Currier Miss Mary F. Hopkins Mrs. Anna Williams Receiving Line President and Mrs. Robert J. Ally Dean and Mrs. James N. Hart Freshman Class I ' rksident Bernard Marsh 249 JePnsm Ij iMaiitc-OIullni Srbatc ODmmi. I inl 21. iJUli Eaki.i-- a. Kmkrv, ' i Lee E. Vrooman, ' i8 John H. Magee, ' i8 Colby Hkrbkkt L. Nf.wmax A. Raymond Rogers Norman D. Lattin Award: C ' uIIjv HatcniiUi-. Apitl 21. mili Maine Albert W. W ' underlich, ' i8 J. M. O ' Connell, ' i8 11 ARkY E. Rollins, " i6 Colby Norman D. Lindsay, ' i6 Fred A. Pottle, ' i8 Carroll I!. Flanders, ' 17 Award : Maine iFrciilimau- inihumurc icluUc A u-il 2K. lillli Freshmen Frank L Altman John E. Goodwin Newell W. Emery Sophomores Donald W. Norton Raymond H. Lovely Robert C. Moore Award: Sophomores 250 Oilf A Prism J riEC AuTar ll Kidder Scluilarslii]). llenr)- Andrew I ' etersnn, Portland, Maine. New York Alumni Scholarship. John Mlmer Cioodwin, St. Albans, Me. Pittsburg: Alumni Scholarship, flarence Llewellyn Smith, X ' inalhaven, Me. Western Alumni .Scholarship, Charles Fernald Xiles, Rumford, Me. Elizabeth .Abhott Balentinc .Scholarship, Helen Wilcox l ' arrar, East Cor- inth, Me. Junior Exhibition Prizes, Helen Lois Dantorth, P.angor, Me.; Langdon Jackson Freese, Bangor, Me. Sophomore Essay Prizes, Thelma Louise Kellogg, Vanceboro, Me.; Lee Vrooman, Greenville, Me. Clarence P. King Prize, Alice M. Poore, Robbinston, Me. Walter Balentine Prize, Ray Mile Carter, West Hawley, Mass. Kennebec County Prize, Harold Wilhelm Coffin, Portland, Me. Franklin Danforth Prize, Fred Perley Loring, West Pownal, Me. Father Harrington Prize, Helen Loggie Stuart, Bangor, Me. Pharmacy Prize, Frank Ir ing Hargreaves, Sanford, Me. Holt Prizes, Charles William Rufifner, Arcadia, Pa. ; Lewis Herman Kriger, Portland, Me.; Guy Casley Palmer, Patten, Me. American Pharmaceutical Association Prize, Frank L-ving Hargreaves, Sanford, Me. American Law Book Company Prize, Stacy Clifford Lanpher, Foxcroft, Me. Class of 1908 Commencement Cup, Class of 1872. Fraternity Commencement Cup, Phi Gamma Delta (1915). Fraternity Scholarship Cup, Sigma Nu. Junior Mask Cup, Kappa Sigma. Wingard Cup, Harlan Stimson Rowe, Springvale, Me. General Honors, Charles Leon Blackman, Peaks Island, Me.; Zella Elizabeth Colvin, Williamsburg, Ind. ; George Franklin Eaton, Bangor, Me. ; Emery Davis Eddy, Bangor, Me. ; Marie Frederica Foster, Bar Harbor, Me. ; Archelaus Lewis Hamblen, Gorham, Me. ; Stacy Clifford Lanpher, Foxcroft, Me. ; Fred I erley Loring, West Pownal, Me. ; Frances Marie Lougee, Winterport, Me. ; Waller Lee Mason, Orono, Me. ; Earl Stephen Merrill, Orono, Me. ; Alice Mildred Poore, Robbinston Me. ; Harry Elwood Rollins, Bangor, Me. ; Samuel Rurman, Bangor, Me. ; Sarah Singleton, Bangor, Me. ; Allen G. Smith, Bluehill, Me. ; Winfred Eugene Stoddard, Deer Isle, Me.; Omar Fred Tarr, Auburn, Me.; Dorothy Thompson, Orono, Me.; Gladys Thompson, Orono, Me.; Mary Evelyn Winship, Livermore Falls, Me. 251 OCA SZoimAS! 1. lit M. AtliUtir Aasiutatimt ODfiiccra of tljc Atljlctic Auauciattim President E. J. Demi ' sey Vice-President R. G. HiGGINS Treasurer lIosEA Buck Secretary A. W . WUNDERLICH Atlilctic Siiarb Alumni members . C. Cruwkli. HosEA Buck Sjatulty JHembera Dean L. S. Merrill James A. Gannett tu rnt JWemhers C. A. Rice H. I.. Jenkins II. N. Jones 254 QICA EPni A iQ llaukft (I[ax dnmntittee The Blanket Tax Committee was instituted in 1913 to take the place of the Athletic, Campus, Band subscriptions. Blanket Taxes are sold for both semes- ters for $5.00 for men students, and $3.00 for women students and members of the faculty. The committee consisting of three seniors and two juniors is ap- pointed by the Athletic Board from recommendations made by the preceding organization. R. ( ;. HiGGTX.s, ' 17 J. A. IlrKKK, ' 17 Mcinbccsj M. C. Gross, ' 18 H. B. HiLLER, ' 17 Lee Vrooman, 18 255 rism President 1 " icc-Prcsidcnt Secretary Treasurer Prof. A. L. Groxkr W. J. GOEHAM, ' 17 R. G. HlGGINS, ' 17 p. N. MOULTON, ' 17 H. A. Peterson, ' 17 H. L. Jenkins, Mgr., ' 17 J. E. Speirs, ' 18 R. A. Pendleton, ' 17 R. G. Hackett, ' 17 S. G. Phillips, ' 17 VV. E. Nash, ' 17, Mgr. F. P. Preti, ' 17 K. J. Dempsey, ' 17 P. " N. Libby, ' 17 W. B. Haskell, ' 17, Mgr. atlie " iE " (Ulub JFacuUy Urmlirrs PkOF. A. C " . Lyons anacarti lErinbrr Dr. W ' illi. ' Vm J. Young Actinr iHrmbrrs jfuntliuU V. C. White, ' 20 W. H. Allen, ' 18 J. T. Reardon, ' 18 H. B. HiLLER, ' 17 C. W. Stewart, ' 19 A. N. CouRi, ' 20 SlasrbaU J. T. Reardon, ' 18 K. (i. Frost, ' 18 R. C. ' entworth. ' 18 11. S. RovvE, ' 18 C. A. Rice, ' 17 F. A. French, ' 17 C. S. Herrick, ' 17 Newell Emery, ' 19 256 K. 1. Dempsey- . J. Gorham P. N. MoULTON R. G. Higgins Proi-. ' . E. Barrows T. C. Greene, ' 19 V. B. Hussey, ' 19 T. Dayis, ' 19 F. A. French, ' 17 F. E. Baldwin, ' 19 J. G. Furey, ' 19 C. F. Giles, ' 19 W. J. Gorham, ' 17 J. .A.. Burke, ' 17, Mgr. A. ' . A ' underlich, ' iS H. S. RowE, ' 18 W " . H. Allen, ' 18 OCAEPnimAlIlQ Sfaatball l ' casmi nf 19 IB QlCAlEPr ism ' larsiti) IFiuttliall Scam. lUlli W. J. idKHAM, ' 17 11. L. JKNKINS, ' l 11. X. Junes, ' 18 | H. G. Cobb, ' 18 k E. F. Hugh ITT A. F. Sawyer Dk ' . T. McCakty Captain Manager Assistant Mamii cys Ccach .Issislant Coacli Trainer ahr acam . C. White ) H. li. Hiller ) " H. A. Peterson " ( P. N. MoULTON i W. B. HUSSEY A. N. CouRi T. Davis W. H. Allen J. T. Reardon J. G. Furey " ( J. E. Speirs i W. J- GORHAM C. W. Stewart F. A. French F. E. Baldwin ..} U,bc f ' corcB. 19 IG Sept. 30 — New Hampshire State at Oro no Oct. 7 — Colgate at Utica Oct. 14 — Rhode Island State at Orono Oct. 21 — Bates at Lewiston Oct. 28— Colby at Waterville Nov. 4 — Bowdoin at Orono Nov. II — West Point at West Point Total J.eft End Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle Right End Quarterback Right Halfback Left Halfback Eullback Maine Opponents I) 28 13 6 7 7 3 17 10 72 258 13 F?) to « 3 be gPri5rnX]i Q (Elass Inntball 260 OCAEPniSAS! jBaseball V. i iL casnu of UU6 Ibe Pr ism :m Oflic nil 6 lascball §raiuni ' Baraitii lascliall ©ram. Hllfi O. C. L.WVRY, " 16 W. E. Nash, ' 17 ' . E. Abbott, ' 18 J. P. Ramsay, ' 18 Monte Cross J. T. Reakdon, ' 18 M. C. Driscoll, ' 16 E. C. I- ' rost, ' 18 R. C. Hackett, ' 17 O. C. Eawry. " 16 H. S. RowE, ' 18 R. A. Pendletox, ' 17 W. J. Gorham, ' 17 S. G. Phillips, ' 17 R. L " . W ' entworth, ' 18 El]c acaitt S ' cnrea : April 12 — Brown at I ' lcn ideiice, R. I. April 13 — Har ard at Cambridge April 15 — Trinity at Hartford April 19 — Colby at ater ille ( exbibilion I April 22 — Easterns at Brewer April 29 — Bowdoin at Brunswick May 3— Colby at W?.ter ilk- May 6 — Bates at Orono May 10 — Bates at Lewiston May 12 — Bowdoin at Orono May 20 — Colby at W ' aterville May 24 — Bf-tes at Lewiston May 27 — Bowdoin at Orono June 13 — Colby at Orono Cup to in Manoiicr Assistant Mainujcrs Coach Catcher Pitcher Pitcher first Base Second Base Third Base Shortstop Left Field Center Field Riijht Field Maine Opponents 3 4 Total I 9 8 5 4 4 I 4 II 6 3 I 6 66 7 4 4 o 3 4 2 4 2 2 I 3 2 42 262 P3 C3 Oi QiCASPnimX]i Q (Illasa nf lilcam M ■ ■■nM ■ HHMH HM BMHM H ■■ H — - PHL 1 1 finll SiK P J vy " M a U Bkfe Bri hh 1 Ik ' Mll H| H ' Jk 9 1 lU b L " Jxa ' , L dBir h " Biiii — X gfflp N gfcwg " " " " inr H i HiBI9 . ' m fl Jr ' II I BBBbi Mt l Slig. ff L 1 i B 9 Hl H |E0 B uBIh L ' 3 (IJlasa nf 1920 (l[cam 264 OISlA Znim (|raik 4k i casim of 1916 n (I[hc Banittn (l[rack elcam. iniG Roger V. Bell, ' i6 Weston B. Haskell, ' 17 S. M. Dunham, ' 18 c. a. jortberg, ' 18 Arthur N. Smith Captain Manager Assistant Managers Coach Hilcmlicrs K. W . Hill, ' 16 G. C. Palmer, ' 16 C. A. Rice, ' 17 F. A. French, ' 17 F. P. Preti, ' 17 R. G. Hutton, ' 18 E. J. Dempsey, ' 17 R. B. Pierce, ' 17 O. C Lawry, ' 16 C. S. Hekrick, ' 17 W. H. Allen, ' 18 A. W. ' UNDERLICH, ' l8 H. S. RowE, ' 18 C. M. ZlEGLER, ' 19 W. L. MacBride, ' 19 F. M. Donovan, " 19 266 R5 u QiCASZni A]lQ ' Harsity Sclaii Scam Dunham. (Mgr.) Zt g]eT Donovan French, (Capt.) King McCarthy 268 [Pl TA PnsmA ' aniity ISclaif (St xm F. A. French, ' 17 S. M. Dunham, ' 18 W . T. McCarthy Captain Manager Coach V. A. French, ' 17 H. L. King, " 17 C. M. ZlEGLER, ' 19 a lie Scam F. E. Donovan. ' 19 F. C. Lawry, ' 19 W. L. MacBride, ' 19 tatc Qlhampuitts B. A. A. Meet: Time, 3 m. 8 3-5 sec. 269 QCaEeE ism lialiir IDiiia Dual Satf frniii Satrs. Ecuiintiiii, Oct. 21. I3Ui Dempsey, Maine. CiREGORY, Bates. Lane, Bates. WuNDERLicH, Maine. Emery, Maine. Maine Bates • 8. 9- lO. — 4- White, Bates. King, Maine. Herrick, Maine. DeWolfe, Bates. Turner, Bates. -5-7- 8 = 25 3— 6— 9— lo = 30 maiuc IBiuii tatc iSuu at Ecunatnu. im. Ill I. Herrkk, Maine. 6. NoYES, BoiK- ' doin. 2. Lane, Bates. 7- Preti, Maine. 1 ,1- Dempsey, Maine. 8. Jenkins, Bates. 4- WuxDERLiCH, Maine. 9- Emery, Maine. 5- Gregory, Bates 10. Cleaves. Boivdoin Maine 1—3- -4—7—10 = 25 4- 5- ittp Slakrs crlln in . ' £. 3.(11. A. A. IHun. iyiuUuu. 5 uu. 19 H. A. Brown, Williams. D. B. Thompson, Darlnwulh. F. P. FkETi. Maine. A. W. Francis, IF. ' . . C. S. Herrick, iMaine. Williams Maine (). W " . H. Kelton, Williams. 7- E. J. Dempsey, Maine. 8. J- T. Duffy, Jr.. Dartmouth 9- R PuTN.NMS, Williams. lO. C. A. Gregory, Bate. . I- -( - -9- 14—23 = 53 3- 5 - — -13—28 = 56 iHaiuc IFiuiiilirs il:iftli in 3. OJ. A. A. A.. Ncm ifjauru. Nuu. 25 Overton, Yale. Carroll, Michigan. Wenz, Cornell. Dempsey, Maine. Dresser, Cornell. 6. King, Harvard. 7. Watson, Syracuse. 8. McDermott, Cornell. 9. Windnagle, Cornell. 10. Thompson, Dartmouth. 270 QiCA!E£nimA]lQ $Iariiilii (IJrusa-OIiiuutni Scam Uuuliam (M i .) King Libby Dempsey Preti, (Capt.) Emery Wunderlich McCarthy 271 QILaSp rism m (IJlasB a[rack (Clai5a arack dcam 1H18 Ujrack Q[cam Qi9[]A! £ri5m 1919 (Elass (Erack ilcam QJlasH ©rack i92n (I] lass ili-ack 3cam 273 OCA EZnii Even I loo-Yard Dash J20-Var(l Dash 440- Yard Dash 880- Yard Run One-Mile Run Two-Mile Run 120-Yard High Hurdle 220- ' ard I,o v Hurdle Running High Jump Running Broad jump I ' ole X ' ault i6-lh. Shot Put i6-lb. Hammer Throw Discus Throw Mahtr Sutcrcnllcaiatc cclu ii Holder Cloudman, Boivdoin, 1901 Rice, Maine. 1914 Mean I. , Colby, 1913 Hoi. DEN, Bates, igio Coi.HATH, Boii ' doiii, 1910 Preti, Maine, 1914 Blanch AKi). Bates, 191 2 Woodman. Pates. 1913 Edwards, Bowdoin, 1908 Bi.ANCHARD, Bates. 1912 Palmer, Maine, 1916 French, Maine Rogers, Maine, 1913 Allen, Maine, 19 16 Bailey, Maine, 1915 Bailey, Maine, 1915 Time 9 4-5 sec. 22 sec. 51 sec. 1 min. 5() 2-5 sec. 4 niin. 21 sec. 9 min. 54 2-5 sec. 16 sec. 16 sec. 25 2-5 sec. 25 2-5 sec. 6 ft. I i-S in. 22 ft. 9 1-4 in. 1 1 ft. 6 5-8 in. 46 ft. 3-5 in. 162 ft. 2 1-4 in. 127 ft. 7 1-2 in. 5Jnu ifuglauiJ dIutcrcuUiniiatr iSccurbiJ 100- Yard Dash 220- Yard Dash 440- Yard Dash 880- Yard Run One-Mile Run Two-Mile Run 120- Yard Hurdles 220- Yard Hurdles 1 ligh jump Broad Jump Pole Vault .Shot Put Hammer Throw Discus Throw Kelley, Holy Cross, 1916 Kelley, Holy Cross, 1916 Lester, Williams, 191 1 Taber, Brown, 1913 Taber, Brozvn, 1913 . ' -Vtwater, Tuffs, 1913 Shaw, Dartmouth. 1908 Savage, Bowdoin, 1916 Dalrymi ' le, M. I. T., 1912 (luTTERSON, J ' ermont, 1912 Wright, Dartmouth, 1912 WnrrxKY, Dartmonlh. 1913 Baii.ey, Maine, 1914 9 4-5 sec. 21 2-5 sec. 49 3-5 sec. I min. 55 3-5 sec. 4 min. 18 3-5 sec. 9 min. 35 3-5 sec. 15 1-5 sec. 24 2-5 sec. 6 ft. 7-10 in. 23 ft- 5 2-5 in- 12 ft. 6 1-4 in. 46 ft. 3 I-S in. 1O4 ft. 8 1-4 in. Whitney, Dartmouth, 1913 135 ft. 5 9-10 in. 274 OCAEEnWEiQ diutciciillcijiiatc Amateur Atljlctic Assuciatum iSccur G Ez ' cnts loo-Yard Run 220- Yard Run Ouarter-Mile Run Half-Mile Run One-Mile Run Two-Mile Run One-Mile Walk 1 20- Yard Hurdle 220-Yard Hurdle Running High Jump Running Broad Jump Pole ' ault Throwing 16-lb. Hammer Putting 16-lb. Shot Holder College Reeord B. J. W ' efers, Georgetown I ' niv. g 4-5 sec. W. A. Schick, Jr., Harvard Univ. R. C. Cr-MG, Univ. of Michiijan J. E. Patterson, Univ. of Pcnn. B. J. Wefers, Georgetown Univ. 21 1-5 sec. R. C. Cr. ig, Univ. of Michigan D. F. LippiNCOTT, Univ. of Penn. J. E. Meredith, Univ. of Penn. 47 2-5 sec. J. E. Meredith, Univ. of Penn. I min. 52 1-5 sec. J. P. Jones, Cornell Univ. 4 min. 14 2-5 sec. T. S. Berna, Cornell Univ. 9 min. 174-5 sec. B. Fetterm. n, Jr., Univ. of Penn. 6 min. 45 2-5 sec. F. S. Murray, Stanford Univ. 15 sec. A. C. Kr. enzlein, Univ. of Penn. J. L Wendell, IVesleyan Univ. 23 3-5 sec. A. W ' . Richards, Cornell Univ. 6 ft. 5 in. A. C. Kraenzlein, Univ. of Penn. 24 ft. 4 1-2 in. R. A. (JARDXER, Yale Univ. 13 ft. i in. L. J. Talbot, Penn. State College 173 ft. 6 in. R. L. Beatty, Columbia Univ. 48 ft. 10 3-4 in. Hmurriiihi nf Maiur iSccnriia Event IOC-Yard Dash 220- Yard Dash 440-Yard Dash 880- Yard Run One-Mile Run Two-Mile Run i2o-Yar(i High Hurdle 220- Yard Low Hurdle Running High Jump Running linjad Jump Pole Vault 16-lb. Shot Put Discus 16-lb. Hammer Throw Holder Rice, 1914, Lewiston Rice, 1914, Lewiston Littlefield, 1909 Bell, 1913, 1914, Orono ; D Bell, 1914, Lewiston Power, 1912, Springfield Preti, 1914, Lewiston French, 1916 French, 1916 P.VLMER, 1916, Brunswick French, 191 5 Rogers, 1913 Allen, 1916 Bailey, 191 5 Bailey, 191 5, Orono Time 10 sec. 22 sec. 51 3-5 sec. EMPSEY 2 min. 4 min. 26 2-5 sec. 9 min. 54 2-5 sec. 9 min. 54 2-5 sec. 3 0 " D 25 2-5 sec. 6 ft. I i-S in. 23 ft. 4 1-5 in. II ft. 9 in. 46 ft. 3-5 in. 129 ft. 8 1-2 in. 173 ft. 7 1-5 in. 275 )j9[JkJbePn vn iiilainc-CiiUni Bual Qlrack iKcct loo-Yard Dash 220- Yard Dash 440- Yard Kun 880- Yard Run Alilc Kiiii Two-Mile Run 1 20- Yard High Hurdles 220- Yard Hurdles Hifili Jump I ' road Jump Pole Vault l6-I ' uun(l Shot i()-l ' ()und Hammer Discus 1. RnK. Maine 2. ZiEGLKK, Maine 3. Lawry, Maine 1. Rice, Maine 2. ZiEGLER. Maine 3. Ferrill, Colhy 1. I. Ml ' .RRlLL. C ' () ' _V 2. AfAcIjRiDE. Maine 3. R. Merrill, Colby 1. Bell, Maine 2. Thompson, Colby 3. Dempsey, Maine 1. Bell, Maine 2. Thompson, Colhy 3. Wood, Co 6_v 1. LiBBY, Maine 2. Preti, Maine 3. Herrick. Maine 1. French, Maine 2. Weisman, Colby 3. Carey, Colby 1. French, Maine 2. Weisman, Colby 3. Carey, Colby 1. Palmer, Maine 2. CooLiDGE, Colby 3. LiGOM, Maine 1. French, Maine 2. Pierce, Maine 3. Howes, Colby 1. HuTTON, Maine 2. Parker, Colby 3. Carey, Co i ' 3; 1. Allen, Maine 2. Stanwood, Colby 3. Coolidge, Colby 1. Stanley, Maine 2. Coolidge, Colby 3. Joyce, Colby 1. Joyce, Co 6; i 2. Purington, Maine 3. Hutchinson. Maine 10 I- sec. 22 2- sec. 53 4-5 sec. mm. 1 i-T sec. sec. 10 min. 14 4-5 sec. 16 2- sec. 26 sec. ft. 6 in. 22 ft. 2 in. 10 ft. 6 in. 43.9 ft. 129.4 ft. 118.6 ft. 276 gPnsmAj ummarii uf llniuts icx)-Yard Dash 220- Yard Dash 440- Yard Run 880-Yard Run Mile Run Two-Mile Run 1 20- Yard High Hurdles 220- Yard Hurdles High Jump Broad Jump Pole Vault 16-Pound Shf)t 16-Pound Hammer Discus Maine y 8 3 6 5 9 5 5 6 8 S 5 5 4 S3 Colby o I 6 3 4 o 4 4 3 I 4 4 4 5 43 llowdoin 3 Mile. i(X)-yard dash, 220 hurdles. Bates 3 880-yard run, hi.s:h and low hurdles. Maine 8 220-yard dash, 2-mile run, high jump, running broad, pole vault, hammer, discus, and shot put. Colby I 440-yard dash. 277 UlSLAJSePrisTQ IHaiuc ilutcrcullciuatc JKtlilctic AiUiuciatiuu QJuirnlij-Bcrmift Aitmial iHrrt. iBnmsuiirk. iflaii IJ. 19Hi loo-Vard Dash Rice, Maine y 4-5 sec. Lawry, O. C, Maine ZiEGLER, Maine 2J()-Yard Dasli Rice, Maine 21 4-5 sec. ZiEGLER, Maine DoNOVAx, Maine 44 0- Yard D;.sh Lawrence, Bates . 53 4-5 sec. MacBride, Maine Turner, Boivdoin 8So-Yard Run Bell, Maine 2 miii. 2 1-5 sec. Crosby, Boivdoin Dempsey, Maine One-AIilf Run Bell, Maine 4 min. 34 4-5 sec. O ' Brien, Colby Herrick, Maine Two-Mile Run Thompson, M., Colby 10 min. 9 2-5 sec. Gregory, Bates Preti, Maine I20-Y ' ard Hurdles Savage, Bowdoin 15 4-5 sec. French, Maine Webber, Boicdoin 220- Yard Hurdles Savage, Bowdoin 24 2-5 sec. (Record) French, Maine Webber, Boivdoin High Jump Palmer, Maine (Record) 6 ft. i 1-8 in. Pinkham, Bates White, Bowdoin Brcjad Jump French, Maine (Record) 22 ft. 9 3-4 in. Pierce, Maine RowE, Maine Pole Vault Sampson, Bowdoin 10 ft. 6 in. HuTTON, Maine ; M. yers, Colby ; Drew, Bates; Sampso.v. Boivdoin (tied for second and third places). 278 M M S n I lanimcr Tlirow Shot Put Discus Thro LEAiinicTTER, Mo ' a ' doin Jovcic, Colby Stanley, Maine Allen, Maine Lr. DI!1vTTER , Bo-a ' ( ( i ;( Adam, Bales AIoi ' LTON, Bowdoin Leaddettee, Boi doin JoNcE, Colby 155.02 ft. l-tt ' cord ) 46.31 ft. i2:v,3 S ft. Events 1 00- Yard Dash 220-Yard Dash 440-Yard Dash 880- Yard Run One-Mile Run Two-Mile Run 120-Yard Hurdles 220-Yard Hurdles High Jump Broad Jump Pole Vault Hammer Throw- Shot Put Discus Throw- Maine 9 9 3 6 6 I 3 3 5 9 I I 5 o 61 Bowdoin o o I 3 o o 6 6 I 6 5 3 8 39 Batus o o 5 o o 3 o o 3 o I o I Colby o o o o 5 o o o o I 3 o I 13 279 Oi9[]AlfePri5m ' D J " 0 Ncut t lUau HutcrcuUruiatc Atljlctir Aiuuiciatiuu JTlitrtictl! Amutal Hicct. priiiijfirlft, fHasB- -Milc Run Bell. Maine 4 min. 29 1-5 sec. Brown, M. J. T. Tucker, Dartmouth Thompson, Colby 880- Yard Run Higgins. Holy Cross 2 min. 3-5 sec. Bell, Maine HoLBROOK, Dartmouth - Riley, Dartmouth 1 20- Yard Hurdles French, Maine Grady, Dartmouth Trenholm, Dartmouth Poll. rd, i?roji. ' « ( dis(|ualitie(l) Shot Put Allen, Maine 45 ft. 2 in. Spears, Dartmouth Thorndike, Tufts Peacock, Bozvdoin 16- Pound Hammer Le.mibetter. Bou ' doin 149 ft. 5 3-4 in. Pudrith, Dartmouth Stanley, Maine Burns, Dartmouth Discus Leadbetter, Bozvdoin 130 ft. 11 i-J in. Spears, Dartmouth Cotton, Dartmouth Nichols, Broun Broad jump Worthington, Dartmouth 24 ft. 3 in. Bjorn, Trinity NoRDELL, Dartmouth Pierce, Maine Pule ' ault Rector, Dartmouth 1 1 ft. 3 in. Johnson, Dartmouth Sampson, Bozvdoin Emery, Dartmouth 440-Yar(l Uun Riley, Dartmouth 49 -i--, sec. Higgins, Holy Cross Geuthing, M. I. T. Lagay, Dartmouth 100-Yard Dash Kelly, Holy Cross 9 4-5 sec. Rice, Maine Co. KLEV, Dartmouth H. YES, li ' illiams 280 Prism Two-Mile Run lligli Jump 220-Yar(i Hurdles 220- Yard Dash 1-4 m. Tied Brown, ll ' illiaiiis 9 miii. 52 sec. JoxES, Middlchury O ' Brien, Colby Coop, Brown Sullivan, M. I. T. 5 ft. 10 Rector. Dartmouth ; I ' ai.mir, Sla ' uic Schmidt, W. ' . . Savage, Bowdoin ' 24 2-5 sec. .French, Maine Williams, U ' eslcyaii Trenholm, Dartmouth Kelly, Holy Cross 21 2-5 sec. Rice, Maine Hayes, IVilliams Miner, Dartmouth ummari; Dartmouth Maine Bowdoin 5oy, 32 2 18 Holy Cross M. L T. 18 10 ' illiams 8 Colby 4 Trinity 3 Middlehury 3 Brown 2 Tufts 2 Wesleyan W. P. I. 2 I 281 nam }3umpluii iHcrt -Miimiii Ificiii. COrtubrr 7. lUlT i x)-Vard Uash Donovax, ' kj Lawrv, ' 19 Power. ' 20 220- Yard Dash Donovon, ' 19 MacBride, " 19 Power, ' 20 HSo- ' ard Run MacBride, " 19 Friend, 20 King, ' ig 120 High Hurdles Rossiter. 20 W ' aite, ' 20 Lappin, ' 20 Mile J un Kneeland, ' 20 Weeks. " 19 Yea TON, ' 19 Sliot I ' ut Faulkingham, ' 19 Bishop, ' 20 Smallidge, ' 19 Discus Throw Smallidge, " 19 Corey, ' 19 Martin, ' 19 Pole Vault Rossiter, ' 20 Merrow, ' 19 DeCoster, " 19 220 Low Hurdles Rowe, ' 19 Waite, ' 20 Rossiter, ' 20 High Jump Rowe, ' 19 Cooper, ' 19 Dempsey, ' 20 Broad Jump Rowe, ' 19 Cooper, ' 19 Lappin, ' 20 440- Yard Dash Davis, ' 19 MacBride, ' 19 Friend, ' 20 282 OlCAlEEni AS uminarii nf iJuiutG iyi9 1920 120- Yard High Tlurdles y lOO-Yard Dash 8 I 220- Yard Dash 8 I 440- Yard Dash 8 I 880- Yard Run 6 3 Mile Run 4 5 High Jump 8 I Broad Jump 8 I Shot Put 6 3 Discus Throw- 9 Pole Vault 4 5 220 Low Hurdles 5 4 74 34 283 QCA EPni AS iFiftccntlj Annual Ilntcnichulaiitic iBect Aliumti Itclii. iHay 20. IHlli One Mile Run Hickkick, Brewer 4 niin. 47 1-5 sec. T. Fox, Portland Laxe, Brewer 440- Yard Dash Wvman, Cohurii 55 2-5 sec. Fuller, J . C . LiBBY, M. C. I. 100- Yard Dash E.mery, M. C. I. 10 2-5 sec. Record Power, Cob urn Gray, Bangor 120- Yard Dash Gray, Bangor 18 sec. Record CosTELLO, Bangor Haswell, Orono Hair. Mile Run Ames, M. C. I. 2 min. 11 sec. Herrick, Brewer Dole, Bangor 220- Yard Dash Power, Cohurn 25 sec. Wyman, Coburn Gary, Fort Fairfield Two-Mile Run Lane, Brezuer 11 min. 14 4-5 sec. Allen, M. C. I. Driscoll, Bangor 22o- ■ard Hurdles Emery, AI. C. I. 28 min. 4 sec. Gray, Bangor Costello, Bangor Discus DuRGiN, M. C. I. 107:5 ft. Emery, M. C. I. Hackett, .1 . C. I. la-Pnund Hammer Emery, M. C. J. 133-3 ft- J. Sherman, Portland ' ardwell, .1 . C. I. .Shot Put Emery, M. C. J. 42 ft. 6 ; in. T. Ranney, Coburn C. Allen, M. C. I. IWgh Jump Gray, Bimgor 5 ft. 2 in. Freese, Bangor 284 OMC lEPnsrQ Hackett, M. C. J. I Frawley, BaiKjor ' liriiad juiii|i Nash, Portland Newhouse, 71 . C. . Gray, Bangor Pole ' ault Richardson, .1 . C. . T. Richardson " , Bar Harbor PuLLEN, BaiKjnr ' ■bor ) Tied 19 ft 9 in. [0 ft. 3 in- Tied g uiumary : M. C. 1 5ii Bangor 26J Cobuni 19 Brewer 14 Portland 11 Bar Harbor 2 Fort Fairfield I Orono I 285 QCA EPnimAS ' ■ r.k V U-ii . ' ' ■y BABES 1919 THOU SHALT NOT £ i ' r lu- Bilhaiut ■ luultllildr 111 inBl(h " t il» l input. (N,l - 1 » UiitiH- nion xlthuul tpciiklnili •• h.»J «• ' B ' ■ ' ■ n i. ■•Ill prr. d« yaur IvaH If I L on iKr THOU SHALT ..1 t,w llii» •■.:•• .»i ■ ' -.■ • • ' il-. • ' ■■ ■■ ll onil ll... dn-nllr.1 .l t.| .rt th.ilt i.Imo I ' lifvc Kl l.l ' .S iiiiisl bf h ' itnu ' d from llu- - | «iii niir »iill 1919 HAS SPOKEN NOTICE WE. the class ol 1920, HAVE ARRIVED and as wi- intulid to stay wi.- lan-liy K ' ivu lonual iiutn.-i- of our intention to flaunt our nlovi-s in the face of 19la at every oiiportunity. 1919, WE WARN VOU. Lay off on tliat paddle the river and all tonsorial work, for 19L ' 0 tolerates no rouKh stuff ROUGHNECK SOPHOMORES BEWARE 286 Grinds QiItA3ZEZJiSAl]lQ JJaraMsc iBul tc By •Tit, " ' i- I.awn. Campus. June. Commencement. Evening. Balmy. Moon. I ' ull. Senior. I-ull-dress. Senorita. Not full-dress. " Oh, Jack, " she murmured softl) ' , " this is our last night together. I simply couldn ' t stand it to stay in that hot Gym and dance every dance. It ' s ever so much nicer to be out here alone with you. " " Yes, dear, I feel like that, too, " he answered, slipping his strong right arm around her and drawing her close. " Just think, " he went on, " I ' ve been here four years. I ' ve won my " M, ' ' I ' ve made Tau Beta Pi, I ' ve been class president, and all thr.t sort of thing; but nothing counts out of all that to me. It ' s you l ' wanted most of all, and now that you ' ve promised me that you ' ll wait for me another year or so, I have every- thing that a man could ask for. You don ' t know how happy you ' ve made me, dear. " " Yes, I do. Jack. I know because I feel just as happy as you do. I ' ve been such a happy girl for the last two weeks that I couldn ' t sleep. I ' m sure there never was a girl on this campus that was half as lucky as I. There couldn ' t have been, for there never was another man like you in this college or any other. ' ' It ' s wonderful our love for each other, isn ' t it, Jean? I ' ve planned and planned lately how we ' ll have a nice, quiet little honeymoon all to ourselves with no expensive hotels nor inquisitive guests and neighbors. Just you and I, love. And after we get back to town, you ' ll find a little flat for a while and you shall have the very best of everything. You won ' t have to work hard e er, just enough to do to keep yourself from getting lonesome during the day. And then the evenings, — won ' t it be Heaven? " " Oh, Jack, yt)u make it all so wonderful ! How am I ever going to bear to liave you leave me tomorrow? I shall be so unhajipy ! lUit then, I ' ll try to make the best of it until you can come to me by and by. You will write every day, dear? Promise me. ' ' " Promise you? I should say yes. ' hy, you perfectly wonderful girl, there couldn ' t be anything bad enough to keep me from sending you a letter every dav. Even if the mails should slop, I ' d still find a way to get my letters to you. " " I knew you ' d be like that. Jack. I ' m going to watch for the mail carrier morning, noon, and night. And, Jack, I ' ll be so true to you! I ' ll wear your pin everywhere I go, and I ' ll be so proud of it! You ' ll wear my little ring, too, won ' t you, dear ? ' ' 288 QCA eZ ism " jean, how can 3UU doubt il? I ' ll guard it as I wiuild ()ur own dear self. If e er a man should so much as dare — " ' Ilanj ! A terrific rejjort directly from hcliind them caused her to throw her arms about his neck and cling to him in utter terror. He recovered himself quickly and gently reassured her. . heavy voice from the vicinity of the ex- plosion spoke : " Xow ain ' t that the limit I 1 just put thai new lire on that gol-dinged truck. " ' Holsey had spoken. Euru JJrufcasnr liicuci- itjuii ftji-i aruublcQ (Jne morning last fall I ' rijf. ' iener found on reaching his class in I-resli- man .Math that he had forgotten something so left the room locking the door behind him. (There ' s a reason.) On returning to the class room he found thai many had escaped through the windows. He then went over to Dr. Aley and asked that he be given a class- room on the second floor so his classes couldn ' t get i:way from him. " JJrii from lll|)tt " 289 iJPi ' awlzr- DiCaEp risnn PI. I Qd3 C- .- K Jb . Pool ' C I O Cc 30 fhg-h ihe, Rootr, 1 aci Become. Wo -h, B ou h f One - l y_hi) a cA B Bath will Z)a e fo J J " PLBSE ' " (Oh IJiiii Satiirftaii uiyht " at St.ilniiiur l till a ivuretiuii 290 ifyt jl rra OCASZnir ism laalcrrft iFrum tljc (IJljcmiatry iBcpartmcnt Speirs ' daily question in Organic Chemistn : " What ' s the other name for it? " Stewart. ' 19 (translating Chemical German) — " The sulfur hecomes brown and vicious (viscous). Cy Small, ' 18. tells us that linseed oil is made from lin seeds. " Chet " ' Goldsmith describes several diagrams handed in on a prelim in the following fashion: " It takes a miscroscope to see tliem, a detective to figure them out, and then they look like Russian passports. " ••(Dlft 2Jut §tiU Useful " Hooper: " Say, liritt, did you hear of the explosion in Orono this morn- ing? " Britt: " No, what was it? ' Hooper: " The wind blew up the street. " Which causes us to add that the Indians kicked Columbus ' shins — but hold on, that excuse is ancient. }3rt=c Setter " Good morning, Gammell. How ' s the world using you? This is an an- swer to your last epistle. Look. I have a question to ask you and I want to see you before Saturday. .Anita and I are going down to Rangor Saturday p.m. and stay over .Sunday. Ziegler is coming down Saturday evening and go to the llijou with " Xit " and do ycai want to go. . nswcr and send word back by ' l ' " - Yours, " liiLL " ' (Mildred .Meade). 291 M MSpt ism Sircsljmatt ICamciit A Freshman named Krinkly Kurls Found it easy to look at the girls; And if one looked at him This lament with a vim, To the w ' inds he would recklessly hurl " I ' air Damsel, 1 worship afar For the Sophomores have raised up a har And to speak I don ' t dare, I ' or they ' ll har est m} ' hair; And the clippers my beauty would mar. " Vour luminous eyes I adore; ' ' I ' hey ' re like lumps of the C " a SO — But if by any chance I should hear the Sophomores roar. " Oh, would 1 walk by your side Or take you for a ride But the river is damp, And I might take a cramp. And dance tiie pneumcinia glide. " This watchful waiting 1 hate. But next year, if that ' s not too late, We ' ll sail on the river And ride in a fliver; Oh, you wait till next year, oh you wait! ' 292 a. m m HWh Q l i ' .zi - ' Wi QilA3ePni A]lQ Naming £alt hrfnrr l)r mrt If Ha Professor West became possessed of a prelim rank of C, And he chewed the rag, till they got a gag and tied him to a tree. . n(l ou can bet he ' s raving yet about Prof. Grower ' s sin ; . nd he ' ll grumble and howl, and wail and growl, Till the final marks are in. I ' lUt if B. or an A. should came his way, his hatred then should die- Professor ' cst. pull down your vest, and cease to mourn and sigh. 294 0CA3ePni ism " An (Biit tu Sliitu 3Frciiliics " Tune — " Found i ' oii Ainoihj the Koscs. " When they go out on a dark night, There is no need of a moon. Demps ' hair Hghts the whole world up, So it ' s just like the afternoon. His hair is the color of roses. His eyes are an Irish hue. I don ' t know what shade his nose is But I think it ' s pinkish too. His arms in the wild wind waving, He rushes to meet the foe — He has no need of shaving. Dot scrapes it all off with a hoe. After the victory is over They go out walking that night. " Demps " goes in the river next morning But comes out again all right. God bless them, these two loving infants. May happiness prosper them well. And when in old age they are d-y-i-n-g We hope they won ' t go to — I won ' t tell. ' lUitl-i, i:MA. ' c jt ' kUa. ' cdl 1 " JUi. H h-X . - j,J ' 1 Uiitcr tljc itiumariiit 295 QCAiEp rism EIQ aimi. Iflr. iflrCCnhr 296 QICAJiEnimAH T IST()RV has recurded accounts of the Crusade of " Fete the Hermit. ' fjpi " Dick the Lion-Hearted, " Phil the rolHcking frog-eater, and several other f notorious characters of olden days. It has failed, however, to record the last and greatest Crusade of all, the Crusade that left Bangor for Bruns- wick on the evening of May 12, 1916. The Crusade was called to defend the prowess of the chosen few at Bruns- wick the next day. There a tournament was to be held against the Infidels and Unbelievers who sought to wrest the Holy Symbol from its noble defenders. Therefore was the call sent through the land for all good men and true to rally at the jousting-field on the day above mentioned. The response was imme- diate and numerous. Plans were laid for a regular caravan to leave Bangor on the morning- of the 13th to carry all the weak and degenerate defenders to the front. .-Mso to take the women of the land. Many of the more adventurous and more manly desired to reach the scene of conflict early, and to scout the enemy ' s positions. Many also were unable to bear the " tax " imposed upon those who rode in the caravan. There was one course open : To capture a wild caravan and to go on this, which was decided upon. Led by .Sir Knight Jeremiah de Reardon, Duke of Gorham, the noble half hundred descended in force upon the Bangor freight-yards. Here they lay in wait rmong the lumber piles, freight cars, and ditches, for the approach of their victim. Refreshments were served to a lucky few and soon they were in a state of care- free and reckless abandon. By bribery and strategy the position of the caravan was ascertained. By stealthy maneu ering all secured positions upon the backs of the wooden " camels, " " goats. " and " horses, " and the start was anxiously awaited. .• fter an hour of sus])ense the caravan got under way. The lights of Ban- gor were left behind and the invasion of the enemy ' s territory was begun. The glorious .Spring night filled the hearts of the bra e heroes with an ardor for great deeds. Drifting along through the night many valiant ( ?) tales were told of ad- ventures in the wilds of Orono, .Stillwater, Old Town, and other foreign lands. Presently a member of the ancient order of the " .Singing Friars " w as dis- covered. His name was " Shorty " Hale. Under his able leadership hymns (?) were sung and jirayers were said for the safe deliverance of the noble band out of the shadow of death. Never in the author ' s life has he heard a more awe- 297 QCA EPnimA® inspiring sijuncl than the sweet voices of these youths as they ht ' ted their faces toward Heaven and sang that beautiful old Puritan hymn " Vou ' d Never Know That Old Home Town of Mine. " ' Sir " Kelleyhan, " a Knight of the Holy Cirail, was a prominent leader and assistant to Knight Reardon. He was always passing good cheer to those about him and did all in his power to make the most of what he had. E ery minute took the chosen few deeper and deeper into the enemy ' s country. But they were undaunted. They knew their goal and were set upon reaching it. The first unpleasant happening occurred a few miles outside of Pittsfield. Here the caravan developed a hot-box. The expedition was halted and word w?.s sent ahead to Pittsfield for help. ' ord was also sent of the presence of the undesirables on the caravan. After due delay the expedition reached Pittsfield and was here boarded by the armed forces of the enemy. Attempts were made to put the Crusaders to flight. They objected. ' ords followed and diplomatic relations appeared con- siderably strained. Finally, however, by a flank movement with the aid of a six-shooter the enemy dislodged us and HE was left in possession of our sole means of transport. ' .tion, with the exception of thirty-seven cents in legal tender. The Crus;ders advanced upon the sleeping Pittsfield. It would have been sleeping anyway Init now at midnight it was more so. Attempts were made to secure a special caravan to take them to Brunswick. .Ml was for naught, how- ever. The enemy were unduly prejudiced and the " good cheer " was all gone by this time, so the Crusaders were unable to influence them in any way. To relieve the congestion the Police Force (one in number) inxited several men to his home to stay. They accepted but he disappeared in the shadows and this avenue of escape was lost. A conference was held and it was decided to invade the town. The first object of several was a restaurant or inn. The inn was out for nobody found one. Next a dance-hall was invaded. Here also the welcome given the in- vaders was very noticeable by its absence. A few danced but most of them wandered again out upon the cold, deserted streets. They were liungr -, tired, " broke, " and many miles from Brunswick. It was decided to break up into small groups and to mj.kc their way oxer- land to some more hospitable " burg. " i ' " our Knights led by .Sir " Kelleyhan " started for a thri ing trade center known as I ' .urnhani Junction. The ojjinion of the four after that night is that it is too dead to burn. From Pittsfield to Burnham junction is seven miles by measurement and titty by the count of these pilgrims. They walked and walked and then sat down. Then thev arose, walked some more and the result was Piurnham 298 OCA Er Junction. As soon as they saw it they knew where the guy lived who wrote that song: " I ' d Leave My Hajipy Home For ' ou. " One would leave that place for anything. There i, ' a station, two or three people, a pump, and a whole lot of country in Burnham Junction. The country is the biggest item. If ever you get dis- gusted with your present surroundings and feel that they are insufferable, go look at Burnham Junction. Then you will see how happy you ought to be. If you don ' t feel happy and contented with your home town afterwards you had better die. It is the only thing left. But look out that the old boy up there at the gate doesn ' t sentence you to live in Burnham Junction. The Hot Place is Paradise compared with that place. It is a fine example of God ' s forget fulness. This description will enable you to appreciate the feelings of the wanderers who struck that place at three o ' clock in the morning " , with sore feet and an empty stomach, also empty pockets. Luckily the railroad station was open and admission was free. The keeper of the station was a human being. He welcomed the unfortunates and gave them room by his fire-side. The floor was hard and the station was cold, but never were louder snores heard in that " burg ' ' of eternal sleep. Messages were sent to the enemy, the railroad, asking for help. They refused on the grounds of not giving aid to an unworthy cause. Morning came, and with it a pleasant discovery. Hidden behind the station was a store. It was small and old-fashioned, but nevertheless a stoi-e. A vi it was paid to this place. A few cents were paid for provisions, and a few minutes taken to stock up free gratis while the proprietor went upstairs to unlock the safe to get change for a two bit piece. But too much time must not be taken in following this group of adventur- ers. Suffice it to say that they were saved by the noble station-agent, and after due time reached the tournament, much the worse for wear. But what of those left in Pittsfield? They, too, desired to reach the tour- nament, the Mecca of their ambitions. They determined to board the caravan again. After much searching a wooden horse was found suitable for their purposes and they cl;:mbered aboard. The caravan started and once again they were on their way. Twenty miles nearer their Mecca the caravan hailed at ' ato r ille. The wanderers lay low in hopes of avoiding discovery. A rigid search, howe er, dis- closed them in a box car. ' J " he door was closed and they were prisoners. Be- fore them liiomed iiriM)n bars and durance ile. A face appeared at the door and commanded them to come forth. There came not four but forty-three. Shackles and irons were placed upon them and 299 5ePn5m_A_J Sy they were marched in disgrace and huniihty to the city Bastile. Here they were herded into a large cell and left to languish their young lives away. But there were strong-hearted men among these Crusaders. To spend years in prison was nothing to them. All they wished to do was to reach the tourna- ment. The " . " ringing hriar ' " was again produced, and cheering was indulged in. Cheers for the " Cause " and " Our Heroes " were given with a gusto. Even the captain of the police was cheered. The railroad was cheered. Exerything was cheered. Crowds of the curious came to see these strange men who would dare death and imprisonment to helj) defend their " Cause. " Cigarettes were given to them. Their spirits rose and soon the hymns were being sung again. The " Maine Y. M. C. A., " " Stein .Song, " " Annie I urie, " " Where Is Aly Wandering Boy Tonight, " and others, were rendered and were appreciated (?) li ' all those in a radius of two miles of the Bastile. With the advent of morning the wanderers were brought up for trial. They were alone in a strange land, penniless, and without isible means of support. The court-room was crowded with hostile faces. Everywhere the enemy were about them. But among these Infidels was one with a kind heart. He was troubled deeply by the sight of these innocent youths about to be thrown into dungeons. He fought with his hostile training and his better nature conquered. He deter- mined to free them. He was a hero and a man. May God be good to him and his forever and ever, Amen. The trial proceeded. The lawyers argued and called each other names. The youths were asked if they had anything to say. As one they shouted: " Your Honor, let us out of here in time to catch the tweKe o ' clock for Bruns- wick. " It was their only defense. The trial closed and the judge pronounced sentence. It was: " You are fined $3.20 apiece, and it must be paid before you are freed. " $3.20. The pris- oners felt as if Rockefeller never had so much money. If they had had $3.20 they never would have been there. They would have taken the regular method of travel. There was no hope in their hearts. They were beaten. But look ! The kind-hearted Infidel is approaching the Judge. He moved down the center of the aisle with all eyes centered upon him. He halted before the rail and in a deep, melodious voice said: " Your Honor, I will pay the fines. " Hope lived again in the hearts of the prisoners. There was a chance after all. If they hurried the law a little they could still catch the " 12 o ' clock. " One by one they were called before the bar (legal term, not term generally used among college students). No bar ever looked so good before. Their names were taken, their fines paid, and they were free. 300 M KMrt ism Were yon ever in prison? If not. 3-ou cannot appreciate the feeling of free- dom. And ilicre was still time to catch the " 12 o ' clock. " Believe reports and liclic e they caught it. They paid their way if necessary. Where the money came from is a state secret. Many hours later they pulled into Brunswick. They made their way to the field where the tournament was being held. They hurled defiance to their enemies and encouragement to their gladiators. Tiie tournr.ment was won. The laurels were retained. For another year they were heroes and they were happy. The Crusade was over and it will be the last. Xe er again will the beauti- ful Kennebec Valley echo the sounds of youths ' voices making their way on the wooden caravan to the field of battle, but in the hearts of every true son of MAINE who took the chance of the Crusade and finally won out is the feeling that even if it is the last it was worth all it cost. And in the years to come, when the truly great happenings of the world are chronicled by faithful men there will be recorded among them the " LAST CRUSADE. ' ' truc ' ij ($auri All firfSBch lip au mi llacf to a,a 301 OJampus ccuca shaken tig !!)? taff (?) 9ifatag.tnpljn M M ePl ism Q rinba Annie McKueny ! (Business English) On Saturday evening, January lOth, Kueny and .McAnney will Kursl into society by throwing a feed for the Arts Club. All who have li ed or eaten at be ink I read owed to born in for hooks mto a bunk ot Annie McKueny. the Inn for twenty-five hours or more or their share without expense. Come all at once or one at a time and cake and a slab of ice-cream. (Signed) — The Parthuj. Time — Sunday afternoon, Jan. 7, 1917. Place — Wood fords Station. Principals — " Deac " Cofiin and a fair Maine student. Miss Grace Bristol. Object — Waiting for noon train for Bangor and Orono. Principals gazing deeply into each other ' s eyes. Freight train goes by and Bangor train pulls in. Great excitement for fear of missing train. " Deac " runs along platform, drojjping grip to find out if freight train leaves first. Freight train does. Deac grabs Miss Bristol and goes to train. Assists young lady on. latter discovers loss of grip, train about to leave. Deac hurries back for grip, arrives back to train in time. Smack ! Two lips meet. Train pulls out. Deac takes one last look at departing train, handkerchief appears, eyes wiped, train disappears. Deac soberly strolls home. K fpar Ago! ook at ' Bob ' Bartlett sends a funnv feeling through Doris Eastman, " 19 — " To my heart. " ' How ' bout it, " Pat " ? Miss .Spear to Prof. B. S. hoys to go to the apple show Brown: — " Mav I be excusefl with the rest of the A (Sute lap Sag 303 rism (IJlasii Spirit Ini tljc ampiumcttcii ' HUui IK 11 mil s lUlHi ■ ' (Our (Ea-piiD at pUiii Sirar in ®l Euiilisli (Claiui Professor (speaking of a verb) — " What is tiiis s-a-c-t? " P.rifrht Pupil— " Oh, was that S-A-E-t (tea)? I thought it was an S. A. E. smoker. Sue Mooers, ' i8 — " Uli, please, let us go to the nunics tonight. It ' s the ' Kiss ' . " Mrs. Harrington — " It seems to me that most of the girls arc proficient on that subject. Still, you look innocent. Miss Susie — " S-e — " Yes, I am, but I believe in ' preparedness ' . " 304 rism (!}a;it. rinmi aiii) il cr (Sang 53liiiaical cEraiuiuii Dcpt. ??? 1. Take l (one) hath per month wliether necessary or not. 2. Retire early and avoid alcohoHc liquor after Jan. i. 3. Keep off the grass. The greens don ' t mix. 4. In case of illness, consult Prof. Holsea Wing. No charge wil )v made for first business visit. 5. In case of fire, man the pumps and report to Balentine Hall. 6. In case of death, call an undertaker. (Sic ncd) Dr. Cook. An dlunniciit JJlra Harry While in a note to a co-ed: — " Id like to know what it is some fel- lows have that others don ' t have so that the former get bids to ' pink tea slides ' and the latter don ' t have any. All the girls tell me what a good dancer I am and how they like to dance with me but they don ' t turn around and invito mo to any of their ' wrestles. ' Tell mc so I can try to develop that something that I haven ' t and Joe Harris, Calhoun and ' Jack ' Magce have. ' ' 305 " ' ' " " " risnn (Iljp IDlialc au tbr uhmaiiuc (A Lyric for Liars) How it happened, I confess I could never really guess ; Hut " twas told me by a friend a 1i(i wimldii ' t lie, — That a (lerman periscope W ith its milky trail of soap Was discoxercd by a whale as it passed bv. Spoke the whale: " Wy my snout, What is that thing sticking out Of the water two points south of east southeast? It appears to be a funnel Or the entrance to a tunnel. Surrounded by a swirl of frothing yeast. Sure I must investigate, — Perhaps ' tis but a dead skate L ' pon the which I might like to feast. " So spoke and nearer drew the whale With many a flop of his massive tail. And his w ' onderment was steadily increased. Till astonished he became At the object, for the same Was neither fish nor rei)tile, bird nor beast. " For the holy love of Mike, 1 never saw the like! " Did the puzzled whale unto himself exclaim; " P)Ut Jonah didn t phase me And unless something delays me, ni tcike a chance witli the thing just the same. " So he opened wide his jaws, And with teeth like crosscut saws He bit the roof right otf the periscope. Yes, in truth he did the deed, And straightway with great speed At once to other parts he oft " did lope. 306 OlS gPrism But it liappened hy the way, Not far off a warsliip lay, A warship owned hy Jdliiiiiy Hull; And a sailrir on the deck ery nearly hroke his neck hen he saw the scene enacted out in lull. Now this British Icinknut wise Could use his head as well as eyes And he jilotted how to wreck the submarine. He submitted then his plan To King George, the worthy man And the latter praised the workint; of his bean. Now he keeps a fleet of whales And he feeds them on tin pails fust to cultivate that taste for suljmarines. When the U-Boats show their eye The whales right to them fly And they chew them up like so much spinach greens. Walter J. Creamer, Jr., ' i8. (Our of tlir maiiji 307 gZnsnISSJ iSaiu ' iiuimc " Dut ' ' " ?fi Jfaii aiiii JJrosriCii ■ Sliiimii ' Aren ' t lur tlic ciitr tliiima 308 QiCAiSSiiS April intlj. IJ A.IH., ••Zauitr! " Diu " . " ilca oil Outy ifarmrr Duk 309 QitASeP rism AH ' If, ' ■Sf e " . -We ' ' -i -Chnr Iflt. ' i3 at aialciitiiic " JBc Arc iliuit iBarrtcii " So said a .sign wliicli luin.i; (in the hack of a seat occupictl by Harry DeCosta and on the way lionie from the Colby game hi the fall. ©lie iBiiru Eucrii IBimitc Delta Tail Delta Soph on seeing the ocean for the hrst time: — " . nd does the ocean go clear to Europe? " ISw fiiclialf uf H- ' iHC car iflcu Altie Brackett, ' lO. " i " , to ask: — It takes 2.5 to sjet on the dean ' s list, and I ha c the .5. I should think that us h c year men would be given some consid- eration. 310 QCAEPr ism Tlie official organ of the Phi Mu sorority tells us the tollowiiig: — " Cornelia Phelps came on from Maine W ith fi e more girls from Pi. Cornelia was a merry maid With laughter in her eye. ' ' Sutruimciuij iflr. tay! 1st Co-ed (on way to dance in Orono ) — Who is E eline going with tonight; 2nd Co-ed — Stag, I suppose, by the looks. 1st Co-ed — Who is he? Where is he? I never saw him. ©rtgiual Mtt Chummy to Ijisbee, " iS, who had been resting his feet on the seat in front of him. Better take your feet down Mr. ISisbee or you may get dizzy I Professor Matthews- calling on student in Es. ib. Chummy: ' " Isn ' t ' our name Head? " . " student: " Xo sir, !iiv name is Bean. " ( hummy : " Oh, wi-il, they are all the same. " Srualutiaiiarii 9ai|e 311 QCA EPnimAlllQ HcliiMunii in (Ij ll-r uralilm She ©riiiri tMtiir in inir iif ti ' is opeirr miimriits Miiiitifurmattmt fcuut tljc fiSackynuiuii dcst in ittccliaiiitii ' L ' rdun — a town in Gcnuany. Cf-viar — a great scientist, a great singer, a musical composition, n famous statue. Apollinai ' is — a star constellation, a Greek god, a city in Greece, a brand of ciiocolates, a Greek i)liilosopher. Thermos — a Greek god. Socony — a place in continental Europe. a city in Greece. Mona Lisa — a one-eyed god of India. Laredo — ? (Unknown by one student), ■ ' . ' statute of Liberty " by Garibaldi. Secretary of -State is ' . J. Bryan. " Tales from Hottman " by Hoffman. " To a Waterfowl ' ' by W. J. Bryan. " Pilgrim ' s Progress " written by Bunion. " Rondino " composed by Chrysler (Dr. (?)) " Faust " written by Wagner. 312 £Si rism Miss Tr-cy, ' 20, in Spia — " llnw wduI.I yuu ay ' lie forgot nic ' r " ]5i-ggs, ex- " i8, in Gm. stabbed: — " And he went to sea with the fishes and bail. " " Chet " Goldsmith in Metallurgy: — " Can ' t you fellows keep ciuiet ' ou ' re worse th; n a !unu-h of co-eds. " Doris W-ll-ms, ' 20 (seeing the reporters at a football game) — " What kind of a class is that? " JIfrum tljc ccrctarji ' s Sunk " Balentine Hall chapter of I H K held a special meeting in the corridor, Monday, Nov. 13, igi6. Those present were — Rena DeBeck, Sue Mooers, Mary Coughlin, Dorothy Stetson and Victoria Weeks. Subject under discussion: — " Fussing. " Editor ' s note — Two years ago wo would have a sked where Dot Folsom was at the time of the meeeting? Two Freshmen, talking: " Fd like to know who is this ' Goat ' Jones? " " Oh, she ' s one of the women that tend the desk — " Zam ! All ffinuc! i iJui ulilimc! Ruth Ricker and Noyes, playing tennis. From the hall — " How ' s the game? " R-th— " It ' s all love. " Ring down the curtain ! President Aley and Doctor Chrysler were standing in front of Goldsmiths ' Haberdashery store, both with rather disgusted looks on their faces. A student passing heard Prexy make this remark, " What a shame to think that the only re:idy-made clothes we can wear is a handkerchief. " 313 iBurc kernes (!Ilasflif e A lt l•t lUMmnlts PAGE PACE Architect Hotels C. Parker Crowell 333 United States Hotel 332 Athletic Supplies University Store Co. 324 Colonial Hotel The Bangor House 337 331 Banks Insurance Eastern Trust Co. 318 .Etna Insurance Co. 323 Old Town Trust Co. 330 Ficitcrnitii .hni ' ellers Burr Patterson Co. Penobscot Savings Bank 343 321 liuildimi Matcridl Winslow • Co. 327 Laundry Bookseller and Stationer Globe Laundry 327 E. F. Dillingham 335 Lii ' ery Stable Bowling Alleys F. G. Weeks 335 Bowlodrome 342 Machinery Jones Lamson Machine Co. Old Town Bowling Alleys 337 325 Clothiers John T. Clark 335 Markets Goldsmith Brothers 335 0. A. Fickett Co. 333 Hellenbrand 334 Miller Webster 333 Mathematical and Surreying lusti ■nnients E. J. Virgie 337 Keuffel EsserCo. " 331 Drills and Maehinerii Music Supplies Morse Twist Drill Machine Co. 329 Andrews Music Store 335 Druggist Central Pharmacy 339 Optometrist Harry J. Covelle 339 Houlihan ' s Pharmacy 341 Educational University of Maine 326 Photographers Chalmers Studio E. J. Taney 338 335 Electric Lights and Pou ' er Bangor Railway Electric Co. 312 Printers The Journal Printshop 328 Engineers L. H. Thompson 327 Stone Webster 322 Railroads Engr-avers Maine Central Railroad 317 The Howard-Wesson Co. 336 E. A. Wright Co. 340 Seeds Express R. B. Dunning Co. 331 F. L. Snider 339 Shoe Dealers Fruit and Confectioncrii Hellenbrand 334 G. A. King 339 Sporting Goods Graduation Gowns Rice Miller 335 Cotrell Leonard 327 Tailor Grocers Sawyer Rand 339 L. B. Currier Co. 319 Arthur Chapin Co. 331 Theatre Guns and Amnuuiition The Bijou 320 G. A. Gray 341 Uniforms Hardware Jacob Reed ' s Sons 341 N. H. Bragg Sons 321 Rice Miller 335 Vitrified Clay Specialties G. A. Gray 341 Winslow ' Co. 327 316 WHETHER THE JOURNEY BE LONG OR SHORT; ON MAIN LINE OR BRANCHES The Maine Central Railroad MAINTAINS THE SAME STANDARD OF EFFICIENCY, SERVICE AND EQUIPMENT MODERN TYPE TRAINS OPERATING PARLOR and SLEEP- ING CARS RUN DAILY BETWEEN BANGOR, PORTLAND, BOSTON AND NEW YORK. THROUGH DIRECT SERVICE TO ST. JOHN, HALIFAX AND THE PROVINCES. SAFETY and COMFORT ON EVERY TRIP FOR RATES, TIME TABLES, FOLDERS, ILLUSTRATED BOOKLETS, AND ALL INFORMATION APPLY TO ANY TICKET AGENT OF THE ABOVE COMPANY OR PASSENGER TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT Maine Central Railroad PORTLAND, MAINE 317 THE BANK YOU OUGHT TO DO BUSINESS WITH Capital $175,000 Surplus and Undivided Profits 600,000 Deposits 5,500,000 I Fff fff rl - ' ' ' R ' iffi tft ffF fff ff i i I w 1. 0£ l7 iVEIV QUARTERS At 2 State Street Eastern Trust and Banking Co. BANGOR, MAINE BRAXCHES: OLD TOUA " , DEXTER. MACHIAS 318 DO YOU REALIZE THAT YOU CAN ENJOY THE MANY COMFORTS OF ELEC- TRICITY IN YOUR HOME AT A REASONABLE PRICE! INVESTIGATE OUR SPECIAL WIRING OFFER. Bangor Railway Electric Co. 90 HARLOW STREET BAiyiGOR, MAINE ADAM ' S SUIT WAS " SKIN TIGHT " d. It was " all the style " in those days — and it was " exclusive, " because there wasn ' t another man wearing anything like it! You college fellows have to " dress up " more than Adam did. You are best pleased when you ' re wearing a new-patterned, handsomely tailored Suit, made to exactly satisfy YOUR desire for what ' s right in fabric, making, style, comfort, service — and proper price. For a long number of years we have been mak- ing just such suits for University of Maine men; can satisfy YOUR clothing desires to a T; urge you to inspect our new woolens at your first opportunity. H. We make a special feature of Dress Suits and Uniforms; come in; let ' s " talk it over. " The L. B. CIRRIER CO., Custom Tailors so IVIaIn Street, BA NGOR, IVIAIIME 319 ' 5sO :z oo r: fl() rr 00 ci )(Kcz 00() 3 ooo rr 00() 3 ooo 3 o THE BIJOU BANGOR, MAINE Most Beautiful, Sanitary and Strictly Fire-Proof Theatre in the State. Built of Solid Concrete and Steel. Devoted to High -Class Vaudeville and Select Photo-Plays Refined Entertainment for Those Who Discriminate. One of the principal Places of Interest in Bangor. A Visit to the City is not Complete Unless You See the BIJOU. B Society Entertains Here ( ' = 0() z oo c= 0() =»oo rr oo == oo() :z oo() =r ooo = 320 FOR FRATERNITY JEWELRY OF THE BETTER GRADE Write to Burr Patterson Company She IFratrniitii 3ieuiclcrs DETROIT MICHIGAN WRITE FOR CATALOGUE Iron and Steel Heavv Hardware Galvanizod Jiiul Black Slioets Concrete Waterproofiiiji jA N. H. BRAGG SONS BANGOK, MAINE 3J1 STONE WEBSTER FINANCE public utility developments. BUY AND SELL securities. DESIGN steam power stations, hydro-electric developments, transmission lines, city and interurban railways, gas plants, industrial plants and buildings. CONSTRUCT either from our own designs or from designs of other engineers or architects. REPORT on public utility properties, proposed extensions or new projects. MANAGE railway, light, pow er and gas companies. NE ' W YORK BOSTON CH ICAGO 322 ' The Leading FIRE INSURANCE Go. ot America " INCORPORATED IN 1819 CHARTER PERPETUAL WM. B. CLARK. President Casli Capital, .... Reserve lor All Other Liabilities, Net Surplus, .... Assets I I ■ I I I I $5,000,000.00 12,300,793.09 7,423,298.15 24.724.091.24 Surplus For Policy-Holdcrs $12,423,298.15 AGENTS IN ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES AND TOWNS REPRESENTED BY Blake, Barrows Brown Wm, H. Waterhouse BANGOR, MAINE OLD TOWN, MAINE 323 UNIVERSITY STORE CO. (ic (onduclcd in the InliTpst of the Allilelic As!«ocialion ROBERT J. ALEY President FRANK F. OAk Treasurer FRANK L. MANWARING Store Manager SUBSCRIPTIONS RECEIVED FOR All PUBLICATIONS Any Book Published, Sent at Publislier ' s Price AGENTS FOR A. G. Spalding Brother, and Wright Ditson ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Cutrell Leonard ' s Graduation Caps and Gowns Jacob Reed ' s Sons MiUtarij Uniforms Special Departments for Stationery, Candies, Maine Banners Pennants and Souvenirs Drafting Room Instruments and Supplies Cards and Society Engraving I-P and National Loose Leaf Note Books Fernald Hal! On the Campus 324 THIS MAN IS PROUD OF HIS JOB WHY SHOULDNT HE BE? His Flat Turret Lathe is turnin r out more and better work than he has ever been able to get from any other machine. As he gets acquainted with the machine, and studies it, he can see ex- actly why he is getting more work and better work. No mystery, no hocus- pocus. Just plain, common sense applied to machine design ; and it can be explained to anybody. Jones Lamson Machine Co. SPRINGFIELD. VERMONT 325 University of Maine The State University Maintained by the State and General Government COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES — Major subjects in Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Sociology, Education, English, German, Greek and Classical Archaeology, History, Latin, Mathe- matics, and Astronomy, Philosophy, Physics, and Romance Lan- guages. Special provision for graduates of normal schools. COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE— Curricula in Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Biology, Dairy Husbandry, Forestry, Home Economics, Horticulture, Poultry Husbandry, and for Teachers of Agriculture. Two years course in Home Economics for Teachers. School Course in Agriculture i two years K Short winter courses Farmers ' Week. Correspondence and lecture courses. Demon- stration work. COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY— Curricula in Chemical Engineer- ing, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Ele ctrical Engineering, Mechan- ical Engineering, and Pharmacy. COLLEGE OF LAW — (located in Bangor). Three years ' course preparing for admission to the bar. MAINE AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION - Offices and principal laboratories in Orono ; Experimental Farms in Mon- mouth and Presque Isle. GRADUATE COURSES leading to the Master ' s degree are offered by the various colleges. SUMMER TERM of six weeks (graduate and undergraduate credit). For catalogue and circulars, address ROBERT J. ALEY, President Orono, Maine 326 INTERCOLLEGIATE BUREAU OF ACADEMIC COSTUME College Caps and Gowns Correct Hoods for all Degrees Class Contracts a Specialty Satisfaction Guaranteed COTRELL LEONARD ALBANY, N. Y. MAKERS TO MAISE and 500 OTHERS WINSLOW CO. PORTLAND, MAINE MANUFACTURERS OF Sewer Pipe, Flue Lining, Land Tile, Paving Brick, Garden Vases, and Viiritied Clay Specialties Dcak ' Tb in Portland Cements, Lime, Hair, Plasters, Buiiding Materials. CJLOBE LAUNDRY PORTLAND Aterlls. ALL FRATERXHY HOUSES H. S. CROSS. Head Agent Fill Ganmia Delta QUALITY FIRST PRIMTIIVG and EIVGRAVI G T We make a specialty of college work. " Why not try us on that next job? Ti We make it a point to be prompt. L. H. THOMPSON BKKWKK Ajiciif: E. H. May, Phi Kappa Sigma 327 Ai Mp-to-dbs.te KoMse prod icir g KiqK C .tcxlo , Bot K i Con n erci l Prir tir g Lewiston AVaine 328 THE MORSE TWIST DRILL MACHINE COMPANY OK New Bedford, Massachusetts MAKERS OF Fine Machine Tools INCLUDING TWIST DRILLS, TAPS, DIES, REAMERS, MILLING CUTTERS, SOCKETS, SLEEVES, CHUCKS, TAPER PINS, GAUGES, GRINDING MACHINERY, ETC. OVER FIFTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IS IN BACK OF THESE TOOLS, WHICH IS AN AMPLE GUARANTEE of the QUALITY THAT IS KNOWN THE WORLD OVER. " MORSE " Always Means Service 329 016 OOWR OLD TOWN=ORONO MAINE W. E. HELLENBRAND, President ROBERT J. ALEY, Vice-President R. J. PLUMMER, Treasurer MAYNARD EDDY, Secretary M. E. PRATT, Manager Orono Branch DIRECTORS Robert J. Aley W. H. Waterhouse Charles J. Dunn E. B. Weeks Charles F. Nichols J. H. Hickey Alden P. Webster S. J. Bussell David Carr W. E. Hellenbrand A. P. Bickmore George H. Wilber Edward Tomlinson R. J. Plummer The right way to keep your accounts — a check book Student Accounts Solicited Have YOU a BLUE Check Book 330 K , E Slide Rules and Calculating Instruments ir. ■ ; ;■;■„ ' ■•• ' _ 1 !■ ' J 1 1 .... 1 i ' , .; , . |_S -.ou; ' ' - ' i ?1 Ot ' tVr the widest possible choice to the Slide Rule user, both For general calcula- tions and specialized work. Each of thes e types has some special feature to be found only in our rules — such as, for example, our Patent Adjustment providing com- pensation for changes due to wear or at- mospheric conditions, our " Frameless " Indicator, etc. In addition to the well-known types for general calculations (Mannheim, Duplex, Polyphase, etc.j, we make the " .Allan Fric- tion Head " Slide Rule, the " Roylance Electrical " , the " Chemist ' s Duplex " , the " Power Computing " , the " Surveyor ' s " , the " Merchant ' s " Slide Rule, and a num- ber of others. Write for our Slide Rule Booklet No. 1533 KEUFFEL ESSER Co. NEWYOPI ,t2!Fi,Hon St. Ger a-alOSicoAndF eiorics.HOBOKE! r,N. . ST.LOUIS SAN FRANCISCO ONTREAL SlTLocuslSl. 48-50 Second St. SNotreDameSt.W CHICA.GO Slfo-20 S. Dearborn St. Drsui ' i iJeriils ' JlafAemdticdl anS Survep ' r . irumenis Aiedsuri ' Zpes Headquarters for MAINE Men when in Bangor Bangor House Thr H. C. Chapman Hotrl Co. H. A. CHAPMAN MANAGER P C RICH ASST- MANACeR Established 1835 R. B. DUNNING CO. SEEDSMEN H. NGOR MAINE SEND FOR CATALOGUE 331 Emmmmmmmmj ivMUJ kmmMkmMi; I I 5 sac I S 1 I I i I I i i I I I I UNITED STATES HOTEL BEACH, LINCOLN and KINGSTON STREETS BOSTON A MOST COMFORTABLE AND CONVENIENT PLACE TO STOP American and European Plans Only Tivo Blocks frovi South Teriuiucil Station. North Union Station Easily Reached by Elevated Road HEADQUARTERS FOR MANY COLLEGE TEAMS JAMES G. HICKEY TILLY HAYNES Manager Proprietor SEND FOR ClliCl L. l I I i I I i I I i I I I m I 332 HOW Can You Be Sure You ' re Getting AU-WoolCiotties? We ' re asking -ou that question because we know you want all-wool clothes — they ' re the best. But right now there are plenty of clothes on the market made of cot- ton and wool mixed, and they are sold at all-wool prices. HERE ' S THE ANSWER— Buy Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes. These makers use none but all-wool fabrics; they guarantee your satisfac- tion — so do we. IT Of course, all-wool is not the only reason for buying these good clothes; they ' re unsurpassed in style, tailoring, and fit. ' i You ' ll see other reasons when you see the clothes. The New ' VARSITY Fifty-Five for Spring in all the Newest Shades is here ready for your inspection 10% DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS on all Suits and Overcoats MILLE R WEBSTER CLOTHING CO, 14-18 Broad Street, Bangor,, Maine THE HOME OF HART SCHAFFNER A MARX CLOTHES C. PARKER CROWELl Architect 44 Central Street BANGOR, MAINE U. of M. Class of ' .08 EVERYTHIIMG IIV MARKET PROVISIONS All Sweet, Clean and Appeiizina Oscar A. Fickctt Co. BANGOR. MAINE 333 WE ARE HEADQUARTERS FOR PENOBSCOT INDIAN MOCCASINS A FULL LINE ALWAYS IN STOCK For outdoor wear we have The Regular Indian Tan and The Guide Moccasin THE BEST OF ITS KIND J6 k A For Indoor Wear we have a Beautiful Assortment for Men, Ladies and Children MOOSE and DEER SKIN Furnished with Burnt Work Design and Intlian Bead Work TASTY, XEAT and UUR-ABLK SI. SO to S3. 50 a Pair Mail Orders Solicited W. E. HELLENBRAND CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS. SHOES and HATS OLD TOWN, MAINE 334 ORONO THEATRE ALWAYS THE HEST IN MOTION PICTURES DAILY CHANGE OF PROGRAM Every Nitrht in the Year {Except SriM( (i)0 MAXIISIEE SATURDAY EVENING CLOTHES DISTINCTION GOLDSMITH BROTHERS " Cogger Sl)op " ORONO MAINE THE 14TEST MISIC ANDREWS MUSIC HOUSE BANGOR W LIVERY AND BOARDING K STABLE Li ' t ' if and Heavy Teams BuckboaTds and Carriages at Rcasnnablc Prices F. G. WEEKS TELEPHONE CONNECTION UP-TO-DATE PHOTOGRAPHY EMMA J. TANKY " Pbotograpbcr QO .WA , ' 0 STREE BANGOR Maine CoitipUnients of John T. Clark Co. Exchange Block - BANGOR, ME. RICE MILLER COMPANY Hardware and Sporting Goods WHOLESALE ONLY 28-30 Broad Street BANGOR. ME. E. F. DILLINGHAM Bookseller and Stationer i:i Hammond Street, BANGOR, MAINE 335 The 1918 Prism to he sure of having good engravings, efficient and accommodating service, prompt deliveries and fair charges, selected The Howard-Wesson Co. COLLEGE ENGRAVERS W ORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS A request to talk over your Book tvill not oblige you to nake this selection 336 The Contrast Between oi ' diiuuA ' suits ami tlie suits our tailors build to your individual measure, is even more noticeable after a month of wear. The careful workmanship, the fine fabric, the hand tailoring, give a service that only high-priced custom-tailored suits can equal. 1 Just " try us out " on your new Spring Suit or Overcoat. I The result will please you and give you confidence in us. E. J. VIRGIE Mill Street ORONO. MAINE THE YOUINJG IViEINI ' S STORE Grofut Knapp Hats Bostonian Shoes Oldtown Bowling Alleys Welcomes all University of Maine Students FINE SERVICE Upstairs we have one of the Host Billiard Parlors In New Enijl. ' ind EPSTEIN BROTHERS Managers COLONIAL HOTEL BANGOR Maine Rates $2,50 up EXCELLEMX IVIEALS BANQUETS SERVED 337 Follow The Prism TO CHALMERS ' STUDIO HAMMOND STREET BANGOR There ' s a Reason 338 F . L. 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Diiriiin) DEALERS IN Furniture, Hardware, Paints, Oils Glass, Windoif Shades, Paper Hanging.s, etc. 14-20 Main St., OLD TOWN. ME. ARTHUR CHAPIN CO. Wholesale Grocers 100 Broad Street BANGOR, MAINE 3:in COMPANY Ollice and Factory Broad and Huntington Sts. Central Store 1218 Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. Engravers, Printers, Stationers mill MANUFACTURERS OF Class and Society Pins, Medals EXCLUSIVE DESIG S 11 Wedding Engraving Calling Cards Commencement Invitations Dance Programs Menus Leather Souvenirs Stationery Year Book Inserts Shingles Photogravures Memoirs, Testimonials Certilicate Engrossing 340 HERE ' S YOIIR CHANCE, BOYS! When you want to io Inintinir, call at GEO. A. GRAY ' S A singk ' or doul)le barrel Shotgun or a Winchester Repeater. I also carry AnimiMiition, Revolvers, a full line of Henry Disston ' s Hand Saws, Coe ' s and Robinson ' s Wrenches. Also a full line of Skates, Bit Braces, Screw Drivers, and iiunierous other tools which space will not allow me to enumerate. 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A Metropolitan Institution Catering to a Discriminating Trade IT IS BANGOR ' S GREAT SHOW PLACE Bowling Billiards Roller Skating Private Skating Parties Accommodated LET ' S GO! m 342 PENOBSCOT SAVINGS BANK BAMGOR, IVIAIPsJE Organized February 3, 1869 President ARTHUR CHAPIN TvustGcs ARTHUR CHAPIN THOMAS U. COE JOHN WILSON THOMAS R. SA ' AGE FREDERIC H. STRICKLAND Treasurer, GEORGE H. HOPKINS Asst. Treasurer, RALPH VVHITTIER DEPOSITS JANUARY 4, $3,021,987.65 Compliments of a Friend 343

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