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University of Louisville Arts and Sciences - Thoroughbred Yearbook (Louisville, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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A STUDENT PUBLICATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY THOROUGHBRED L015 CLIFFORD MICHAEL CURLEY Editor Business Manager TABLE OF CONTENTS College Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Administration . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Honoraries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Campus Organizations . . . . . . . . . . 51 Student Government . . . . . . . . . 52 Publications . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Religious . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Music . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . 65 International Relations . . . . . . . . 71 Miscellany . . . . . . . . . . . . - 75 Greeks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117 Athletics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 137 Military . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .169 Academic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 179 College of Arts and Sciences . . . . . . 180 Business School . . . . . . . . . . 208 School of Dentistry . . . . . . . . . 216 Graduate School . . . . . . . . . . 232 Raymond A. Kent School of Social Work . . 238 School of Law . . . . . . . . . . . 244 School of Medicine . . . . . . . . . 254 Music School . . . . . . . . . . . 270 Southern Police Institute . . . . . . . 276 Speed Scientific School . . . . . . . . 282 University College . . . . . . . . . 298 Index and Advertisements . . . . . . . . 305 Faculty . . . . . . . . . . . . . 306 Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 309 Advertisements . . . . . . . . . . . 316 The University of Louisville Library is the very center of Bclknap Campus. emories of college days include many events other than studies and examinations. We begin and end the year outdoors, with Leadership Camp in the fall and Fryberger in late spring. With the first snow Hurries tor rain, as the case may bet comes Homecoming, the house decorations, the game, and hnally, the dance. Another year is in full swing. the newly remodeled Fine Arts Building, painting student Peggy Choate stands surrounded by her tools. a The lights of the Library invite you to enter . . . Our Christmas greeting to the city of Louisville. The view from the side is equally irresistible. All this work paid off, remember? 32-6 was the score. How can anybody study when the weather's as beautiful as this? ...and day The Navy ROTC, that's who. HBh Company passes in review before the assembled oHicers. The caves at Camp Chclon provide an irresistible temptation for cancers. 4A DOIHIYC 011 IFIUIIV HIgUI IIIICT INC HOUSE Judging Nhulru nu. ILdevntlkn V. u. 13 w rm $719 9:9 '71 see , This beautiful lounge is located in the front of the new melfs dormitory, in the extension projecting toward the street. DORM OPENS The new ultra-modern five story building was constructed at a cost of, $875,000, part of which was financed by the federal government. It has facilities for 204 men in double rooms, each room containing built-in beds, desks, wardrobes and chests of drawers. The building is air-conditioned throughout and elevator service is pro- vided from the First floor to the fourth and fifth Hoors. There is a large lounge in the front of the building in which guests can be entertained, as well as two recreation rooms and other facilities in the basement. Thereis quite a bit of difference between this building and the four barracks 0n Brook Street. This is the way we wash our clothes so early in the morning. Peek-ahbool Something Different HJust can't do a thing with this hairF Every Day . . "Methinks yon knave is up to skulduggery? The truth is out at last. B h G's been painting the Thinker all this time. BARBERSHOP " Mwwwwmw Coesponsored by the University Student Senate and the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in Amer- ica, Barbershop Sing is held for campus competition every spring. Chi Omega's Winsome foursome sang their way to first. Phi Chi took flrst in men's division. F RYBE RGE R S I N G June Noble directed Chi Omega to first. Jim Rice, for the sec- ond year, led Phi Tau to victory. They have a right to 100k happy. Phi T2111 won the Kappa Doha lrophtx for the outstanding fraternity 0n Lampus as well as Frybergcr. Take your dmiw: this could be KD l'e- cciving the Phi Tau trophy or ViCC versa Pi Phi's pledge Class receives the award for stholarship from KD. Other recognition given at Fryberger included the Arts and Sciences Student Council Awards, Which went to sophomores Judy Heldman and Don Lurding; juniors Margaret Rust and Ron Howard; and seniors Mary Bev Wade and Bob Metry. Second place Flybcrger winners Carole Caudill of Pi Phi and Neville Caudill of Phi Chi receive their trophies from Charles Hansen and Judy Heldman. 17 The torch lighting Ceremonies opened Greek XVCek. GREEK WEEK For the first time last year, a Greek Week, sponsored by the University Student Senate, was held on campus. In order to encourage as much par- ticipation as possible, the commission planned a variety of events, including Tex Beneke him his band, just Texy Sociable Greeks take time out for hnectar? 18 Um 2. u h av Up-sy Daisy. And at the flrst turn, ifs Cardinalettc by a knee! E0111 Richey and Alex Chaykowski pull Lambda Chi to Victory in the Wagon A little higher 0n the right. please, Bolx ace. XVonder what Class she's headed for? A guest speaker from l7 of K highlighted the Greek Feast. Oops! GRADUATION ; mm. 4 ?: x W we wwwv, Commis i0111 w ceremonies 1 the afternoon are an im aortam '3 . , . part of graduatlon for the A zlvy ROTC scmors. ADM INIST RATION DEDICATION John M. Houchens, a native Kentuckian, received a degree in physics from Georgetown College in 1926. After graduation he was employed by the Louis- vi11e Gas and Electric Company as a Maintenance Engineer, then for three years taught related science and mathematics at Ahrens Trade High School. At the invitation of Dean Bennett M. Bridgman, he went to the University in January, 1930 under the presidency of Dr. Raymond A. Kent to become Speed Scientific SchooFs first coordinator of the Cooperation V'Vork Program. During the war he was also director of adult education at the University of Louisville, directed engineering defense training, and served as instructor in physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, engineering drawing and descrip- k k k tive geometry. On December 1, 1948 he was elected Registrar of the University to take oHice on July 1, 1949 upon the retirement of Registrar Ralph E. Hill. His term as Registrar has coincided with the great growth of the University and the corre- sponding increase in voluminous records and admissions. He has worked con- stantly to increase the efficiency of the Registrars Office by more up-to-date forms and procedures and in line with the times is making everrgreater use of computing machines for speed and accuracy. He is an active alumnus of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and was instru- mental in the formation of the University of Louisville Chapter, which was installed in April, 1948. He was Faculty Advisor of the local chapter for some years. In 1956 he was awarded the much-coveted and rare Order of Merit by the national organization. . Mr. Houchens was tapped for honorary membership in Omicron Delta Kappa in 1958 and is now faculty advisor of the campus Chapter. He is a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, honorary physics fraternity and has been active in Alpha Phi Omega, service fraternity. He is a past Chairman of the Louisville section of the American Institute of American Engineers and a past president of the Louisville Personnel Associa- tion. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Family Service Organization and has been a member of the Advisory council of the Merit System of the Kentucky State Board of Health. Last year he was President of the Southern Asociation of Collegiate Regis- trars, and is active in the State Organization of Registrars, and in the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions OH'1C61'S. We are proud to dedicate the nineteen hundred and sixty Thoroughbred to Mr. John M. Houchens, Registrar of the University of Louisville. $$ww$$6 323$ $4n 143$? v$$$fdmwwwmmmw .uwwnnuwmi kiEZea x $33 wazgw w: 4 mga EM xyg$$ agave: pm $$me $3 gag Wwvmmmmw xmwpwmnmug 232" mm 2: 5. 3f wwwxwwwawmmw WSW am a 51M Wm $35, J? m m $w$i f n". ww 45$Ww i 3?; Nmnxsi, 5x lg gig ezgwmfgw 2 EM? . abWQ Q Wm mmh THE PRESIDENT W'ith his diploma in one hand and his new wife in the other, Philip Davidson began teaching in-the high schools of Mississippi, where he remained for three years. He had graduated with a BS. from the University of Mississippi in 1922. From 1925 until 1927 he taught in the history department of the University of Illinois while working on his doctorate in history, which he re- ceived in 1929 at the University of Chicago. Dr. Davidson held positions as Professor of History and Head of the Department at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia. At Vanderbilt Univer- sity he was Dean of the Graduate School and Senior College, and Provost of the University. The President came to the University of Louisville from Vanderbilt in June, 1951. In June, 1954 President Davidson received the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature from the University of the South. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, he has served on the Lectureship panel of this honorary, as well as the Board of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foun- dation. He is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and the Newcomen Society. 111 Louisville he is a member of the Norton Infirmary Psychiatric Council, the Board of Di- rectors of the Louisville Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Directors of the Louisville Fund, the Board of Directors of the Louisville Philharmonic Society, the Louisville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and the J. B. Speed Museum. A member of the Rotary Club of Louisville, Dr. Davidson was President of the Nashville Rotary Club from 1950 to 1951. He has served on various committees in St. Andrews Episcopal Church. He was General Chairman for Brotherhood Week in Kentucky tNational Conference of Christians and Jewsi in 1954 and 1959. From 1954 to 1958 he served as President of the Kentucky Branch of the English-Speaking Union. Dr. Davidson is the author of two books: History of Georgia and Propaganda and the Ameri- rm: Revolution. He also contributes to This Is the South. The Presidents chief relaxation, besides hunting and fishing, is found in his workshop, where he has turned out ambitious reproductions like an 18th Century cherry tripod table. He and his son Philip, in college at the time, even constructed a boat one summer. Philip is now mar- ried and has three children; the Davidsonls daughter also has three children, and both families live in Nashville, Tennessee. President Davidson and his wife have only one child left in Louis- ville: Splinters, their black cocker spaniel. BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Board of Trustees of the University of Louisville is composed of ten prominent members of the community. Members of the Board are nominated by the Mayor of the City of Louisville and are approved by the Board of Aldermen for terms of ten years. Terms of two members expire every even year. The Board of Trustees is the policy- making body of. the University. It selects the President of the University, and adopts its budget and has final responsibility for, and authority over, all matters pertaining to the LEE P. MILLER University. Chairman Lee Miller presides at the monthly meetings which Chairman are held Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 in President Davidsonhs offxce. FIRST Row, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Eli H. Brown, 111; Miss Adele Brandeis; Mr. Robert T. Burke, Jr., Secretary. SECOND Row, LEFT 'ro RIGHT: Arthur H. Alme stedt; Henry Y. Offutt, Vice Chairman; Oscar 0. Miller; Eugene D. Hill, VVathen R. Knebelkamp; John V. Collins; Lee P. Miller, Chairman. 1; Mr X -"3 Woomzow 5'1 RICKHCR Exeruliz'e Vice President Mr. W oodrow Strickler received his BS. Degree from Bucknell Univer- sity, his M.B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and did graduate work at Northwestern University. In 1956 his Alma Mater, Bucknell, gave him the honorary degree of Doctor of Pedagogy. Under his leadership as Head of the Division of Adult Edu- cation, called University College now, the University of Louisville expanded and grew. He served as Vice President from 1951 until he became Executive Vice President in 1958. His member- ship in university and civic organiza- tions includes Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Mu Delta, Southern Economic Association of University Evening Colleges, Center for the study of Lib- eral Education for Adults, and the Louisville Real Estate Board. DORIS NICKEL Dean of Women Mr. William J McGlothlin attended Furman University, where his father was President, and received his Mas- ter's Degree in English from Columbia University. He did additional work at Duke and Chicago and is listed in ths Who in Education. With the aid of at Carnegie Grant, Mr. McGloth- lin made a comparative study of edu- cation in different professions. His book, Patterns of Professional Educa- tion, was published in the spring of 1960 by Putnam,s Sons. A member of the Unitarian Church, Mr. McGlothlin has preached sermons here in Louis- ville and has spoken in the Unitarian Church of Lexington. Miss Doris Nickel has been Dean of Women at the University of Louisville for four years, having served as assist- ant from 1953 to 1955 and acting dean until 1957. When she first came to the University, Miss Nickel taught in the Secretarial Science Department. She did her undergraduate work at Indiana State College and earned her Mastefs Degree at Indiana University. In addi- tion to her many duties as Dean of Women, Miss Nickel also serves as Fac- ulty Advisor for Panhellenic Council, honorary member and advisor of Cwens and Mortar Board, Secretary of the Stu- dent Aid Committee, and is in charge of the Womens Dormitories. WILLIAM J. McGLoTHLIN Vice President DAVE LAWREMIIC Dean of Men. Mr. Dave Lawrence has been Dean of Men for six years at the University of Louisville, where he was track coach before becoming Dean. He received his BA. and M.A. degrees from the Uni- versity of Kentucky, where he earned Honorable Mention on the AlI-Amer- ican Basketball Team. During W'orld War 11, he served in the navy. Dean Lawrence is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, National and State P.E. Association, and is Chairman of the Student Aid Committee for the University of Louis- ville. CLARENCE DUNBAR Institutional Services Dirertor NORBERT ELBERT Bursar and Chief Accountant ADMI MARY AGNES SYDNEY Director University Placement Service RUTH KOCH Cashier JOHN HOUCHENS Registrar NAOMA O'BRIEN Test Bureau Director WW annwm unmww w" Lr's SllIVl-ZLY Alumni Relations TRATION CHARLES FARNSLEY University Council KELLY H. LEWIS Building and Grounds Superintendent EVELYN SCHNEIDER Librarian V W32 9 4 Q2$1 Rig: ,5, w Km. mywh DEAN RICHARD L. BARBER DEAN GUY STEVENSON College of Arts and Sciences Graduate UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE DEANS DEAN JOHN R. CRAF Business f5 v i a DEAN RAYMOND E. MEYERS DEAN ARLEIGH L. LINCOLN Dental Kent School of Social Work 30 DEAN MARLIN M. V0112 DIRI-m'ok DAVID R. NICCANDH Law Southern Pnlirr Inxfifufr DEAN J. MURRAY KINSMEN DEAN ROBERT C. ERNST Medicine Speed Scientmc School DEAN ROBERT S. WHITNEY Music DEAN WILLIAM C. HUFFMAN University College ALUMNI DEPARTMENT The Office of Alumni Relations is the link between the University and its 17,000 living alumni who live in every State of the Union and 15 foreign countries. Mr. Les Shivley, who graduated from the Uni versity of Louisville in business and eco- nomics in 1933, has been in the Alumni OHice for 23 years. He has one full-time and three part-time workers. One of the principal functions of the Alumni Office is its annual Fund. During the past year, University alumni gave more than $408,000 to the University thru the Alumni Fund and the capital gifts Devele opment Program. The Office sends a monthly alumni bulletin to all graduates, who are thus kept up with University and alumni news. Files 0f names and addresses Betty Christian, Marianne Witten and Marcia Franklin work part-time in the Alumni of all graduates are kept in this Office. Keeping these files up to date is one of the most time-consuming jobs of this office. As a part of the public relations work, the Alumni oflice also sponsors class reunions. DEVELOPMENT Nancy Alexander, secretary, helps Mr. Richard Warren, director, in the Development Office. PROGR S M Mr. Richard Hardin Warren, as Assisti ant to the President for Development, di- rects the public relations and fund raising activities of the University of Louisville. Beginning last year the University ema barked on a Development Program to raise twenty-five million dollars in the next ten years. The first phase of this program, aimed at raising $2,489,585, ended March 15, 1960 at a dinner celebrating gifts amounting to about $2,526,000, which is $36,000 over the goal set. This money, the largest amount ever raised by the Univer- sity, was given by individual friends of the University, corporations, and foundations. Of the amount raised in this first phase, $1,489,585 Will be spent to match a Federal Grant to build a Medical-Dental Research Building and a Cancer Treatment Center. $500,000 Will be used to build a new Physi- cal Education Building, and another $500,- 000 will be spent for books and equipment. S m R m m 0 H WHOhS WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES ths Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities is a national honor organization for outstanding students which has been in existence since 1934. The students recognized by this organization each year are nominated from approximately 750 colleges and universities. Members are considered on the basis of scholarship, participa- tion, and leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities, citizenship, and promise of future usefulness. The organization provides a placement and reference service for senlors 0r graduates seekmg employment. EMMALEE M. BOWERS Senior, A8cS, biology; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pi Gamma Omicron, president; Re- ligious Council, Vice president; Mor- tar Board; Delta Phi Alpha; Canter- bury Club, treasurer; Flexner Schol- JANICE KNOTT BEANBLOSSOM Senior, Music School, music educa- tion; Delta Omicron, president; Phi Kappa Phi Honorary; Music School Student Council; Zudie Harris Rein- ecke Award; Alumnae Scholarship. GLENN F. CHESNUT, JR. Senior, A868, Chemistry; Tau Kappa Epsilon, president, vice-president; Alpha Phi Omega, president, Vice- president; Outstanding Frgshman Chemistry Student; Outstanding Soph- omore Man; A8cS Student Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Delta; Delta Phi Alpha. KENNETH W. CHESTER Senior, Business School, majoring in accounting; University Scholarship, Trustee Scholarship, and Flexner Scholarship. MICHAEL CURLEY Senior, Speed School, mechanical en- gineering; Phi Kappa Tau, pledge- master, steward; Speed School Student Council, president; Senior Class, pres- ident; USS; Thoroughbred, business manager, assistant business manager; The Cardinal, circulation manager, assistant business manager, Speed editor. LOIs CLIFFORD Senior, Ages, elementary education; Pi Beta Phi, corresponding secretary, treasurer; Thoroughbred, editor, C0- associate editor; Pi Delta Epsilon, treasurer; SNEA, president, secretary; University Student Senate, ex-oHicio member. JQHN DENNES Senior, Music School, composition major; member of the University Chorus. WILLIAM CONGER Senior, Speed School, chemical engi- neering; president, freshman class; editor-in-chief of Speed Engineer; chairman, AIChE chapter; Phi Kappa Tau, treasurer, historian, correspond- ing secretary; Sigma Tau, correspond- ing secretary; University Student Sen- ate; Speed School Student Council. 35 DAVID J ELDERS Senior, Speed School, electrical engi- neering; Phi Kappa Tau, vice presi- dent; Omicron Delta Kappa, presi- dent; Sigma Tau; Phi Kappa Phi; USS; Speed School Student Council; Mr. Thoroughbred Court; Speed En: gineer, staff; Outstanding Marine; Drill Team. BEVERLY E. HESTER Senior, A8cS, elementary education; Pi Beta Phi, president, pledge super- visor; Cwens, Vice president; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; S.N.E.A.; USS, Ways and Means; Thorough- bred, office manager, photographer's assistant; Delta Upsilon Sweetheart. CAROLE R. HINES Senior, A8cS, elementary education; Chi Omega Sorority, president, re- cording and corresponding secretar- ies; Cwens, secretary; Mortar Board, historian; W0merfs League, treasurer; Panhellenic Council, secretary; Air Force Angel Flight; Engineefs Queen; Wesley Club. H. L. HINTON Senior, Dental School; Psi Omega; Beta Delta; Phi Delta; Interfraternity Council. 36 DELLA T. HOMANS Senior, A855, French; The Cardinal, editor-in'chief, associate editor, society editor, reporter; Delta Zeta Sorority; pledge trainer, pledge class president; Cwens, president; Pi Delta Epsilon, secretary; the Thoroughbred; organ- izations, Greek, and college life edi- tor; USS; Newman. RONALD F. HOWARD Senior, A8cS, premed; Phi Kappa Tau, president; Omicron Delta Kap- pa Honorary Society; Wesley Club, president; Alpha Phi Omega, treas- urer; Cardinal, oche manager; Thor- oughbred, advertising manager, Greek co-editor; Arts 8c Sciences Student Council; University Student Senate. ROMANO MAZZOLI Senior, Law School; Moot Court Club, secretary; bailiff of Delta Theta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kap- pi Phi; Newman Club; Student Bar Association, chairman of Briefing Service; University Student Senate delegate. EDWARD KALTENBACHER Senior, Speed School, chemical engi- neering; Sigma Tau, president, treas- urer; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Tau; Speed School Student Council; Newman Club; Speed Engi- neer, staff; AIChE, assistant treasurer; ASTM Award. DONALD LOGSDON Senior, Law School; USS, president, voting delegate; Omicron Delta Kap- pa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Delta, Vice justice; Student Bar Association, treasurer; Newman Club, president; Religious Council; Pi Delta Epsilon. ANNE Ll'nur, junior, A8cS, psychology; Chi Omega Sorority, president; Cwens, president; University Student Senate, voting V . , delegate; Arts 9c .Sciences .Student . . V A v JOHN J.MCHUGH Counc1li Panhellemc COUDCIL secre- , 7 Senior, Medical School; Alpha Omega tary; Canterbury Club, secretary; . Alpha Thoroughbred Dance Chairman. ' , , ' JOHN P. LONGSTAFF Senior, Medical School; Senior Class Secretary; Phi Chi; Heart Research GE yearsy ,, "m 121 gxrh'sainggwf ,r 1 3, ROBERT K. MCKECHNIE Senior, Medical School; Medical School Student Council, president and vice president; president of the soph- omore Class; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Woodcock Society, Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity; University Student Senate. BARBARA E. MILES Senior, A8cS, elementary education; Pi Beta Phi Sorority, vice president, corresponding secretary, rush chair- man; Cwens; Mortar Board; Pi Delta Epsilon, president; Thoroughbred, in- dex editor, co-associate editor; Arts 8c Sciences Student Council. RUSSELL GRANT MORTON Senior, Business School, management; Louisville Rebel Hockey Team. JAMES M. REYNOLDS Senior, Dental School; Delta Sigma Delta; Beta Delta, vice president; Phi Delta, treasurer; Dental School Stu- dent Council, vice president; Univer- sity Student Senate; Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Junior class president. AUSTIN G. RIDDLE Se'nior, Dental School; Psi Omega; Beta Delta, president; Phi Delta. ALEX ROSE Senior, Law School; Student Bar As- sociation, president; Phi Alpha Delta justice, Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court Club, vice president; Pi Delta Epsilon; Pi Kappa Phi. MARGARET H. RUST Senior, A8cS, painting major; Kappa Delta Sorority, historian, scholarship chairman; Cwens; Mortar Board, president; Arts 8c Sciences Student Council, secretary; Cardinal, news ed- itor; International Relations Club; Baptist Student Union. ROBERT A. SMITH Senior, Medical School, Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity; Medical School Student Council; Surgical Research Scholarship. SHARON STENGELL Senior, Business School, secretarial science; Kappa Delta Sorority, rush chairman, treasurer, and Vice presi- dent; Cwens; Mortar Board; Business School Student Council, secretary; Pi Gamma Omicron, vice president; Air Force Queen. JERRY TABLER Senior, University College, physics; University College Student Council, president; The Cardinal, University College editor; Thoroughbred, Uni- versity College, Kent, and Graduate School editor; Delta Alpha Epsilon. EDWARD WEAVER Senior, Kent School of Social Work; National Institute of Mental Health Scholarship. ED YOUNG Senior, Speed School, electrical engi- neering; varsity football 01 yearss and varsity track Q yearsy Omicron Del- ta Kappa, vice president, secretary; Sigma Tau, Vice president; University Student Senate; AIEE-IRE. MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board members are tapped each spring at Fryberger Sing from among the outstanding junior women. Membership is based on scholar- ship, leadership, and service to the University. Mortar Board was founded in 1918, and at the end of 1955 was serving through 95 chap- ters. The purpose of this honorary is "to provide for the co-operation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university woman, to recognize and en- courage leadership, and to stimulate a high standard of scholarship." Mortar Board has two meetings a month, alternating between a business meeting and 21 program. The group is headed this year by the officers pictured left. From left to right: Carole Hines, editor; Annette OHutt, treasurer; Margaret Rust, president; Joan Lesher, Vice-president; and Suzanne Hill, secretary. Among the money-making projects of this group was the selling of Looking over plans for a meeting of Mortar Board am mum corsages at Homecoming; and among the serv1ce prOJects was the m" omcm lismd right. coaching of freshmen and foreign students. They represent the Univer- sity of Louisville by serving in many ways. FIRST Row: Kristine Beck, Beverly Hester, Mary L. Irwin, Martha Montgomery. SECOND Row: Sharon Stengell, Carole Hines, Margaret Rust, Joan Lesher, Suzanne Hill, Annette Offutt. THIRD Row: Ruth Hovermale tFaculty Advisoo , Betty Bennett, Kathleen Lish, Emmalee Bowers, Mary E. Burton tFac- ulty Advisom , Barbara Miles, Mary Jo Fink tFaculty Advisory OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa, national men,s honorary found- ed December 3, 1914, at Washington and Lee, recog- nizes and encourages the achievement of exemplary character and superior quality in scholarship and leader ship. Membership is as much an obligation and responsi- bility in citizenship as it is a mark of highest distinction and honor. The members are elected on a point system with five categories including: scholarship, athletics, student gov- ernment, publications, and the arts. This year the University of Louisville chapter of ODK worked on many projects. The projects include the at- tempt to establish a university-wide honor system, and to have one convocation per semester with a distin- guished speaker on a current topic. ' - ' ,y - Omicron Delta KappaTs officers are advised by the ecretary, Mr. John The adVISOI Of the group 15 Ah. HouChens' Houchens. rik 1t. L1stening are David Elpers, prendent, and Edwau Young, Vice president. FIRST Row: Ed Young, Dave Elpers, John M. Houchens, Lawrence Howe. SECOND Row: Ron Howard, Robert Perki Ed Kaltenbacher, Bob Reeves, Dave Brucker, Vic DiOrio. FIRST Row: Linda Robinson, Bettye Cantrell, Jane Harmon, Peggy Choate, Eva Grifflth. SECOND Row: Margie Hopkins, Marianne Page, Carol Hahlen, Lois Duckworth, Linda Harpring, Nancy Merhoff, Jean Slucher, Marcia Franklin, Dean Doris Nickel, Ruth Triplett. Cwens oHicers at a get-together are Linda Robinson, Treasurer; Peggy Choate, Vice-President; Eva GrilTlth, Secretary; and Jane Harmon, President. Dean Doris Nickel is the Cwens Advisor for this year. Cwens, the sophomore honorary organization for wom- en, was installed on this campus in 1952. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership and con- tribution to campus life. New Cwens are tapped each spring at Fryberger Sing. The members meet twice a month for dinner followed by a business meeting or a program. The Cwens wear red blazers and gray skirts on campus the day of their meeting and on other occa- sions when they are serving the University. Every sum- mer the Cwens send letters to all the freshmen girls coming to this school and have a big sister-little sister program to aid the freshmen students. At the beginning of the school year the Cwens gave a get-acquainted tea for all the in-coming freshmen women. The annual fall tea was held in November, and the tlB" average tea was given in the spring. To begin the Christmas season on campus, Cwens sponsored the decorating of a tree in front of the Ad Building. Cwens serves the University in many ways, such as serving at teas, helping at orienta- tion and baby-sitting with faculty children. FIRST Row: William L. Teiser, Marshall Primack, H. R. Wyssbrod, Thomas Coffey, L. D. Tyler, Richard C. Porter, K. W. Chester, Dave Elpers. SECOND Row: R. F. Sommerville, T. Clark, R. Gandin, T. Richards, M. Breitmeyer, T. Owens, George Burnette, Gilbert Mann. THIRD Row: Jon Petway, Tom Cecil, T. Olkie, Steve Kime, Ron Miller, Herb Taylor, W. Mullins, M. S. Bacon, John O. Burckle, Lonas O. Shelton. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is the newest honorary fraternity to establish a chapter at the University of Louisville. Phi Eta Sigma is designed to give recognition to students who achieve a 2.5 or better point standing out of a possible 3.0 in their freshman year. The University of Louisville Chapter was installed in an impressive cere- mony in December of 1959. Dr. Foy from Auburn rep- resented the Phi Eta Sigma National Office and pre- sented the local charter. The installation team was from Hanover College. After the initiation ceremony, the new group was charged by Dean Barber of the College of A 8c S to undertake projects which will help foster scholarship from the very earliest part of a persods col- lege career. The omcers of the University of Louisville Chapter are Dave Elpers, president; Tom Cecil, vice- president; George Burnette, secretary-treasurer; and Dick Porter, historian. The faculty advisor is Dr. Richard Wiley. Chairman of the Chemistry Department in the College of A 8c S. Phi Eta Sigma Executive Committee just before a business meeting: David Elpers, seated; Tom Cecil, George Burnette, and Dick Porter, standing. ELECTED IN 1959 TO MEMBERSHIP Michael S. Baggish Helen Jane Bosshart Margaret L. Braden James E. deBurger Christian A. Eff George R. Grabryan Judith A. Loring Catherine H. Mayfield Robert A. Metry Ann Fox Miller Claudia Montgomery Hans J. Peterson Munir Pualuan Ronald Lee Rogers Porter Schermerhorn Cody E. Staples Ronald E. Stivers Bertha Ann Walls Carl Franklin Wieck Alta Louise Woodling SANDRA Worm Senior Medalist Sandra Wode majored in physics and was secretary of Sigma Pi Sigma Honorary, treasurer of Mortar Board, Whais Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities, and a member of Pi Gamma Omicron, the Interna- tional Relations Club, and New- man Club. WILLIAM BUCKLER Sophomore Medalist Bill Buckler, majoring in physics at the University of Louisville, is a member of Delta Phi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, and Newman Club. William is Secretary of Sigma Pi Sigma. WOODCOCK SOCIETY The Woodcock Society is the oldest honorary scholas- tic organization in the University. It is named in honor of the Right Reverend Charles E. Woodcock, Episcopal Bishop of Kentucky, who in 1910 established a medal in memory of his son to be awarded annually to the student of the College of Arts and Sciences attaining the highest standing in scholarship. The Society, election to which is the highest scholastic honor in the College, was begun for the purpose of or- ganizing a society on Phi Beta Kappa principles. The Woodcock medal, which was continued by the Bishopis daughters, has been awarded annually to the senior attaining the highest standing in scholarship, and new members have been selected by the Society from the seniors ranking highest in scholarship. Present activities include an annual cash award to the student from the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes outstanding in scholarship. LONAS SHELTON Junior Medalist Lonas Shelton is majoring in International Studies. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Psi Chi, and Delta Phi Alpha. Lonas has been on a Trustee Scholarship for three years. He was a winner of the Maude Blane Harris Award, an international studies award. MARSHALL PRIMACK Freshman Medalist Marshall Primack is majoring in math and is historian of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, historian of the Debate Society, secretary of the Society for Natural Sci- ence, and a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta and Phi Eta Sig- ma Honoran'es. PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi is the scholastic honorary society designed to give recognition to students in their senior year for exemplary scholarship. Phi Kappa Phi was formed in 1942. Phi Kappa Phi is nationally recognized as outstanding among scholastic frater- nities, and at the present time has more than Efty established chapters throughout the colleges and universities of America. The prime objects of the society are to emphasize and promote scholarship in all fields of study, develop character in college students, and to stimulate mental achievement by recognition through election to membership. Admission to Phi Kappa Phi has been one of the highest honors any undergraduate student may receive. Phi Kappa Phi includes students from all colleges of the University, as well as faculty members of any department. Membership is based on sound character, scholarship, and in- terest in the University of Louisville as a whole. , i V .. n-t mfi; w a n i av; a v... , OiTlcers for the current year: Dr. Weisert, president; and Mrs. O'Brien, secretary. Lonas Shelton, Mrs. OtBrien, Dr. John Broderius, Dr. John Weisert. PI DELTA EPSILON Pi Delta Epsilon, a national honorary collegiate jour- nalism fraternity, pledged to the promotion of student participation in undergraduate publications, seeks to establish a code of ethics among the staffs of the indi- vidual college publications. It is the purpose of the Ira- ternity to elevate the cause of journalism, to foster the mutual welfare of student publications, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, to encourage loyalty to their Alma Mater, and to reward the jour- nalists working on the student publications for their Jim tVebb, Parliamentarian of Pi Delta Epsilon, explains to Lois Clifford, 'Iireasurer, and Barbara Miles, President, just how the meeting should be efforts, services and accomplishments by admission to its conducted. Not shown was Phyllis Bader, Vice-Prcsident. membership. To be eligible for membership in this journalism hon- orary, one must have held a major position for a year on a University of Louisville student publication. Nominate tions are voted upon by the members. FIRST Row: seated, Lois Clifford, Phyllis Bader, Mary K. Wong. SECOND Row: standing, Karl Lange, Jim Webb. NOT PICTURED: Mike Curley, Della Humans, Barbara Miles, Don Logsdon, Bill Conger, Bob Kohn. DELTA PHI ALPHA The German Honorary is repre- sented on campus by Beta Upsilon Chapter of Delta Phi Alpha. The group fosters an interest in the Ger- man language and culture through its activities. An overall standing of 1.5 and a departmental standing of 2.0 at the second year level are required for membership. Dr. Leon" ard Koester is the faculty advisor. Betty Ann Bennett is president; Greta Emmerich, vice president; Betty Beirle, treasurer; and Glenn Chesnut, secretary. FIRST Row: Della Homans, Betty Beirle, Betty Bennette. SECOND Row: Dr. Leonard Koester tadvisory, Glenn Chesnut. NOT PICTUREDI Greta Emmerich. PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta is one of the newer honoraries at the , University of Louisville. SEATEDI Wayne Edwards, Dick Porter, Angela Marchese. -. Glenn Chesnut, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Dr. Martin Stevens, KenFUCkY Epylon .Chapter David A. Manteuffel. OfHCIally received its char- ter in May, 1959. Pi Kappa Delta, National Forensics Honorary, wishes to pro- mote interest in all phases of forensics and honors those With the necessary qualifications by election to membership. The Pi Kappa Delta National Con- vention at Bowling Green State University was at- tended by Dick Porter, president of the U. of L. Chapter. The other officers are David A. Manteuffel, Vice president; Angela Marchese, secretary-treas- urer; and Wayne Edwards, corresponding secretary. Dr. Martin Stevens is the faculty sponsor. Sigma Tau is a national hone orary engineering fraternity. Membership is limited to those who possess outstanding quali- ties of scholarship, leadership, and engineering ability. Mem- bers are selected from the jun- ior, pre-senior, and senior classes. The group has been very ac- tive this year, sponsoring many projects at Speed Scientific School. Omicron Chapter elec- tions are twice a year. Offlcers were: Ed Kaltenbacher, presi- dent; John Reeves, vice-presi- dent; Dave Brucker, secretary; and Don Godbey, treasurer. FIRST Row: A. Schroedel, W. Conger, J. Reeves, E.Kaltenbachc1; D. Brucker, D. Bradbury. SECOND Row: J. Blanchar, Ct. Hansen, R. Nugent, W. Alper, W. Tciser, G. Schmitt. THIRD Row: W. Kiester, D. Duane, 0. Clark, T. Berkey. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA mwgw - 5 4 xwmmww Kentucky Alpha Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta is com- posed of pre-meds, pre-med- techs, pre-dents. The group in- creases its membership by elec- tion of the above mentioned majors with the necessary hours and 2.0 standing. AED installed a chapter at the University of Kentucky and was host to the National Alpha Epsilon Delta Convention. thcers are K. Hafendorfer, president; C. J. Raque, vice- president; K. Falls, secretary; and R. Davies, treasurer. The group meets at noon every other Wednesday, with guest lecturers, educational films, and an annual tour of the Universityts Medical School. Frequent smokers are held for prospective members. FIRST Row: V. DiOrio, K. Hafendorfer, K. Falls, B. Davies, C. Raque. SECOND Row: R.P0rter, M. Primack, S. Hill, D. W'ilson, B. Keeling, D. Roberts, D. M. Roberts, F. Richardson. THIRD Row: D. Hadden, C. Cook, T. Davis, J. McClurkan, Gary Givens, W. Carney. CHARLES BACHTEL G. T. BALLARD KENNY DALAN CL'RT FIRKINS H. L. HINTON WALTER JOHNSON CHARLES BACHTEL DANIEL COLLINS WILLIAM HALEY ROBERT PERKINS H. L. HINTON NEAL RANSDALL DAN R. COLLINS JACK GATTLIFF RICHARD KEFFER WILBUR COLLINS RICHARD KEFFER JAMES REYNOLDS RUTH KLAVINS KEN DOLAN ALLEN T. CORBIN BILL HALEY VVALTER LOGAN AUSTIN RIDDLE 49 SAM GRIDER BETA DELTA WALTER F. LOGAN RICHARD SACK EDWARD LYONS RICHARD SACK Beta Delta Fraternity was established in 1943 to foster and develop a com- mon interest in the further study of Oral Pathology and Diagnosis, Oral Medi- cine, and Preventive Dem tistry. Membership is based upon an overall scholastic standing and a special abil- ity in the field of Oral Medicine. IAMFS M. REYNOLDS AUSTIN RIDDLE CHARLES GRIFFITH Phi Delta Fraternity was organized in 1940 to promote interest and stimulate indi vidual study in the various phases of Complete Denture Prosthesis. Membership is based upon an overall scho- lastic standing and a special aptitude in the Held of dental prosthesis. ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA CHARLES EVERSOLE JOHN McHucH Alpha Omega Alpha, the national honor- ary scholarship society for medical students, was organized at the college of Medicine at the University of Illinois on August 25, 1902. This honorary is the only order of its kind in medical schools on this continent; although it is collegiate, it is non-secret. There are forty-one active chapters in Canada and the United States. Each year the society elects juniors and seniors who are outstanding in scholarship and Character. Its purpose is to encourage personal honesty and the spirit of medical research. WALTER Scorr JAMES SMITH CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES To celebrate Christmas at U. of L. the va- rious organizations on campus participated in many activities. The Cwens Honorary spon- sored the lighting of the Christmas tree in front of the Ad Building. The members of the Student Senate enjoyed carolling at Presi- dent Davidsorfs home. A Christmas convoca- tion on Friday before vacation put the flnish- ing touches on the school celebrations. p ORGANIZAT IONS Lb MEMBERS PICTURED FIRST Row; Mike Curley, John Green, Jane Harman, Mary Moody, Lois Clifford. SECOND Row: Kay Mumford, john Evans, Ken jacobson, Russell Houston, M1ck1 Moran, Mac DeHart. THIRD Row: Nancy Hanks, Gary Pennington, Louis Baugh, Sharon Stengell, Ed Landis, Al Schroedel. FOURTH Row: Mickey Neely, Gene Cassidy, Don Burke, Mary L. Irwin, Larry Allg'eier, Anita Bratcher, Don Logsdon. FIFTH Row: Carl Rekow, f Karl Lange, Bob Day, Laura Volkerding, Tom Huckelberry, Linda Kambac h, Don Lurding, Peggy Chotate. SIXTH Row: Ralph Nugent, Della Homans, Marti Lane, Eva Griffith, Dick Porter. NOT PICTURED: Treva T. Duffy, Jim Webb, Smith Morris. UNIVERSITY STUDENT SENATE President Don Logsden discusses plans for a Senate meeting with Vice- President Karl Lange. 52 The University Student Senate is the major student governing body of the University and is composed of representatives from every school in the university. The Commission Heads, who are chosen by the voting mem- bers, are in charge of various campus projects. The TL" Raisers Commission has charge of the election of cheer- leaders, the Homecoming Dance, Queen selections, and House Decorations Competition. The Leadership Com- mission plans the annual Fall Leadership Camp. Barber- shop and Fryberger Sing are the two projects of the Ways and Means Commission. The Progress Commis- sion handles all new projects of the Senate. The Social Commission takes charge of the social functions of. the Senate that do not fall under the jurisdiction of any other commission. The Student Chest Commission col- lects money at all registrations to be distributed in the name of the students to various charities in Louisville. The Service Commission, composed of the Vice-presidents of APO and PGO, supervises the printing of. the Student Directory. In order to inform the student body about the various Senate functions, there is a Publicity Commission. M 'I'RHA Dwn KIARY 1.. IRWIN BOB HASTINGS RALPH NUGENT Corresponding Recording Parliamentarian Treasurer Secretaries COMMISSION HEADS FIRST Row: Micki Moran, Eva Griffith, Mary K. Wong. SECOND Row: Laura Volk'erding, Marti Lane, Peggy Choate, Jane Harmon, Anita Bratcher, Nancy Hanks. THIRD Row: Wayne Bennett, Karl Lange, John Green, Lany Allgeier, Ken Jacobson. NOT SHOWN: Smith Morris, Russell Houston, Mary Moody, Jane OfTutt. THOROUGHBRED 1960 The Thoroughbred is the oflicial yearbook published by the students of the University of Louisville. The printer for the Thoroughbred is Foote and Davies, Inc. of Georgia. The Board of Publications of the University chooses the Editor-in-Chief from the applications sent them, and the Editor selects his staff from the letters sent him. The Editor is also an exsoHicio mem- ber of the Student Senate. There were three deadlines, the last of which was March 15. The staff has a chance to proofread the yearbook when it comes back in April. The Thoroughbred covers the last half of the spring semester and the following fall semester. LOIS CLIFFORD Editor-in-Chief MIKE CURLEY PHYLLIS BADER, MARY K. WONG B013 MOULTEN, BUDDY CRANE Business Manager Associate Editors Photographers SCHOOL EDITORS A1 Schroedel, Jane Harmon, Joanne Hutchins. Karl Lange, Carl Rekow, Ed Krecker, Don XVilson, Gene Cassaday, Dick Wheatley. ANNE LITTLE JOE W'ITTREICH Dance Chairmen THOROUGHBRED DICK PORTER EVA GRIFFITH Organizations Editors MARY MOODY Feature Editor DOCK DAVIS MARTHA DEENER GARY PENNINGTON DELLA HOMANS RICHARD DOCTOR College Life Editor S ort Ed'to 11' I it , Ed! I P 5 z r 1111 my 107 Greek Editors BOB DEVOE, DON BURKE CLYDA HARRIS, BEV HESTER ALICE BAUSCHER, SHARON NOLTE Business Stag Index Editor; szce Manager Assistant and Art Editor THE CARDINAL The Cardinal is the official weekly newspaper published by students at the University of Louisville. The paper is distrib- uted every Thursday except during vacation and examination , periods. The Cardinal derives its power from the Student Board y E w M , . , . fgasigxt of Publications which selects the Editor and Business Manager Nsimf Vi ' s ??tggiggy of the paper each spring. Mr. Morris Bein of the English De- g; t a , ifgf ?fgggggg partment is the chairman of the Student Board which is com- w posed of delegates from the student councils of each college in the University and the preceding editors and business managers of the Cardinal and Thoroughbred. The persons chosen editor and business manager then name their Own staffs from applica- tions of fellow students. The paper covers news concerning fac- ulty, students, and administration. 15: YE NR? N 3 Ygg is??? m? aft? 3w. DELLA HUMANS Editot-in-Chief MORRIS BEIN TOM RICH RALPH NUGENT Faculty Advisor Managing Editor Associate Editor izywwkte' wwwmmsamgwe vammptwe w 31 gm MARGARET RUST MARY K. WONG BOB KOHN JOY HAYES News Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Society Edztor CARDINAL REPORTERS Although the news editor has no defl- nite procedure for gathering news, Cmd- inal reporters are always on the lookout for happenings about Campus. Not only are the reporters a vital branch of the Cardinal staff, but this position has often led to more responsible offices. Only those with the ability to write and the desire to work serve in this capacity. STANDING: Joe Smith, Terry Davis, Josie Zeman, Dick Lutz, Harry Porter. KNEELINGI Hayward Joiner, Don Wilson, Jim Dooley, Robin Garr. BUSINESS STAFF To insure a thorough coverage of events the Sports Department had added three more writers. Chuck Boyer, seated, Intramurals; L. to R.: David Roberts, Varsity, and Jesse Rosenbloom, Freshman Sports. BEN BIRKHEAD ANDY GANDIN Business Manager Advertising Manager RONNIE HOWARD MIKE CURLEY Dock Davis and Joe VVittreich, Assistant Advertising Manager, 017566 Alanager Circulation dlscuss future plans. 57 SPEED ENGINEER The Speed Engineer is the offl- cial professional publication of Speed Scientific School. The magazine is published quarterly by undergraduate students and contains material of a technical and semi-technical nature and current news of the various school activities and organiza- tions. Q l 1 FIRST Row: A1 Schroedel, Dave Brucker, Bill Conger, Tom Schrodt, Eddie Joe Kaltenbacher. SECOND R4 Henry McMahan, Dave Mercer, Bill Teiser, Hugh Miller. THIRD Row: John Reeves, Mike Curley, C1 Hall, Larry Curry. Mm CW BOB um SPEEDWAY The Speedway is the official student handbook of Speed School. This booklet is published to acquaint new students With the various requirements, activi- ties, and curriculum. The Speed School Student Council elects the staff of the Speedway. FIRST Row: Jim Thornton, Lamont Hagan, Walt Cato. Hayward Joiner. SECOND Row: Carroll Hub- bard, Jim Simpson, Robert Malone, John Sloane, Dave Beckman. BREAK TIME Members of the Thoroughbred Staff take a break on a deadline night. 59 LOUISVILLE LAWYER The Louisville Lawyer is a periodic publication of the University of Louisville School of Law. This pub- lication has three main objectives: to satisfy some of the journalistic as- pirations of the students, to keep the law alumni of the University in- formed of some of the activities of their alma mater, and to publish law review articles on subjects of par- ticular interest to this part of the country. At present the Louisville Lawyer is mailed to all alumni of the School of Law. This includes grad- uates of the 01d Jefferson Law School. The Editor-in-Chief, Jim XVebb, com- plemented his staff with James Thorn- ton, Associate Editor; William Buck- away, News Editor; and Roy Turner, Feature Editor. Some people will do anything to get in the yearbook! RELIGIOUS COUNCIL The Religious Council of the Uni- versity of Louisville is composed of two representatives from each reli- gious club on campus. The Jewish representatives are also elected to the Council. Since there is no Jewish Club on campus, these representatives may take part in the meetings but have no vote. The purpose of the Religious Coun- cil is to act as the intermediate body for all the other religious organiza- tions. The members meet at 12:00 on W'ednesdays. Religious Council OfEcers seem to be agreeing on an issue. They are from left to right: Joe Smith, Secretary-Treasurer; Norman McKenna, President; Joanne Hutchins, Vice-President. EATED: N. McKenna. FIRST Row: R. Porter, J. Mueller, J. Hutchins, F. Goldberg, H. Shapiro, M. Wilson. SECOND Row: J. Smith, P. Stamper, J. Blan- har, Mr. R. C. Smith, J. Rudd. NOT SHOWN: P. Bader, E. Bowers, C. Hansen, M. Romine. 61 FIRST Row: R. Garr, J. Faller, D. Godby, Fr. Richard OTHare. SECOND Row: J. Hutchins, C. Schultz, B. Cooke, J. Dooley, C. Henne, J. Wiedemer, H Pate, A. Woodring, W. Fisher. THIRD ROW: J. Mayer, R. Miller, G. Graham, C. Graham, D. Ferry, J. Hubbs, R. Sheehan, R. Schaftlein, R. Hirtzel. FOURTH Row: R. Rogers, J. Klapheke, C. Villier, T. Schrodt, Chas. Stieblin g, C. Zocklein, J. Rabbitt, J. James, R. Zurschmeide, E. Guelda, W. Hanley. FIFTH Row: J. Bell, P. Russell, D. Mueller, D. Brown, C. Brown, E. Sacksteder, C. Roberts, J. VVessel. SIXTH Row: M. Kast, P. Lankswert, P. Hassel- wander, Ct XVirth, R. VVirth, N. Ludwig, N. WVhiLIOCk, P. Halpin, 17. Sandler. SEVENTH ROW: C. Kline, J Sailor, M. Peyton, S. Tillman, M. Mueller, E. Fortener, B. Daunhauer, A. Schrocring, P. Lum, H. Elker. EIGHTH Row: B. Samuel, D. Mahoney, K. Chester, S. Baker, N. Hermann, J. Krieger, H. Rahm, J. Weber, D. W'atkins, E. Klump. NEWMAN CLUB Newman Executives make big plans: Joy Hayes, Sally Baker, and Don Godbey. The University of Louisville Newman Club was founded in 1936 and is a mem- ber of the National Federation of New- man Clubs. The Newman Club meets every Monday at noon in the Natural Science Building under the direction of Reverend O,Hare, Adviser. The pur- pose of the Club is to better the Uni- versitys Catholic students along spir- itual, intellectual, and social lines. A11 Newman Clubs derive their names from Cardinal Newman. The Newman Club,s ofhcers are Don Godbey, president; Tom Rich, Vice-president; Joy Hayes, secre- tary; and Sally Baker, treasurer. The Club has sponsored various social func- tions this year, including a hayride, a square dance, and a breakfast. 62 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is an organization of Baptist stu- dents on the campus who meet for the purpose of spiritual growth and Christian fellowship. This group holds devotions daily at 12:15. Other activities are an annual retreat, a student week at Ridgecrest and regular socials. The B.S.U. publishes its own pa- per and is the only student reli- gious group on campus with its own house. The group is headed this year by Jerry Badger. Other officers include Joe Smith, Vice- President; Linda Robinson, Sec- retary; and Joyce Harkins, Treas- urer. FIRST Row: B. S. Breitenstein, B. S. D011, Louis Loon ey, Jerry Miller. SECOND Row: Joyce Harkins, Joe Smith, Jerry Badger, Linda Robinson, Barbara Sum merfield, Harry Chester, Director. THIRD Row: Janet Magers, Kay Bahem, Sandra Sizemore, Carol Kean, Bettye Cantrell. FOURTH Row: Don Brown, Sharon Middleton, Rosetta Reeves, Hugh Skidmore, Jr., R0 nald Black, Dick Porter, and Earl Breitenstein. CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club of the University of Louisville provides spiritual, social, and educational values for the Episcopal stu- dents on .campus. The Canter- bury Club meets every Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. at Calvary Episcopal Church for weekly communion followed by break- fast. The Club has a supper pro- gram 0n the fourth Sunday of every month, an annual retreat, and a Christmas party at the home of the groups chaplain, Reverend W. Kimball Under- wood. The officers this year were Jim Blanchar, president; Ray Palmer, vice-president; Annie Little, secretary; Emmalee Bow- ers, treasurer. FIRST Row: J. Blanchar, A. Little, E. Bowers, R. Palmer. SECOND Row: B. Sutler, D. Warner, Rev. W. Kimball Underwood, YV. Shakespeare, A. Scott, C. Norton, J Barrow. 63 VVESLEY-FIRST Row: T. Chapman, D. Clark, J. Rudd, J. Jones, R. Kreke. SECOND Row: R. XVebster, G. Peters, W. Reeve, M. Wilson, D. Wilson, C. Schmidt, L.A11geier. THIRD Row: D. Taylor, C. Hahlen, B. Rich, K. Truex, N. Beard, H. Hodges, M. Witten, S. Hill, S. Woodcock. FOURTH Row: E. Ingram, I. Horsley, R. Luker, M. Kells, R. East, C. Miller, E. Howard, C. Dobbs, T. Westbrook, D. Melendy, B. Moulten. WESLEY CLUB Dedicated to the benefit of the Methodist students on cam- pus, the Wesley Club originated at the University of Louis- ville as a part of the National Methodist Students Move- ment, under the name of the Methodist League in 1940. The President of the group for this year is Marda Wilson. Other offlcers include Frank Reeve, Vice-President; Charlotte Schmidt, Secretary; Larry Allgeier, Treasurer. The Wesley Club holds a luncheon meeting every Friday at noon in the Hideaway. WESTMINSTER CLUB The Westminster Fellowship offers an active program of meetings and social gatherings for the beneflt of the Pres- byterian students on campus and all others interested. The group meets every Monday at noon on the second floor of the Womeds Building. Linda Kambach is the Club presi- dent. She is backed up by the following: Bill Davis, Vice- President; Caroline Roulston, Secretary; Howard Graves, Treasurer. WESTMINISTER-FIRST Row: 5. Rhee, B. Davis, L. Kambach, P. Bader, C. Roulston, H. Graves. SECOND Row: G. Witte, J. Heaton, M. Ritter, D. Gillham, P. Speckman, E. Truvy, N. Merhoff. THIRD Row: R. Kelly, P. Hansen, A. Furgerson, S. Davis, J. Freeman, A. Lindsey, M. Rinehart, M. Dering, C. Dansby. FOURTH Row: G. Lopp, F. Carper, N. Wallingford, J. Forcht, M. Overstreet, M. MacDonald, B. Ossman, R. Hodges. FIFTH Row: L. Stout, J. Middleton, R. Richards, B. Cook, S. Davis, M. Alexander, A. Beck. SIXTH Row: B. Plymale, J. MacCallum, G. Pennington, J. Bryan, C. Hansen, H. Graves. FIRST Row: N. VVallingford, L. Owen, E. Gerrish, M. Romine, G. Mills, G. W'ieck, M. Jones, B. Mfaugh, P. Buckner, C. Weiss, R. Triplett. SECOND Row: S. Owens, F. Carper, R. Fossit, J. Gehring, G. Mills, T. Booker, W. Wiranis, J. Cooper, A. Gilligan, B. Brumley, M. Stich. THIRD Row: G. Brown, J. Whalen, J. Noble, C. Mallory, T. Ade, B. Ossman, M. Lawton, M. Kemp, B. Cash, B. Nolan, Y. Driskell, L. Miller. FOURTH Row: K. Lindsey, N. Thomas, M. Neely, W. Tyler, D. Peterson, T. Sammons, A. Coons, E. Cassady, E. Owens, J. Albrecht, T. Cravens, B. Harpe, J. Dennes. NOT PICTURED: A. Offutt, M. Morton, B. Dowell, L. Collins, B. Tucker. President of the U. of L. Choir, Bruce Brumley, is pic- med below- ; UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE CHOIR The University of Louisville Choir, under' the direction of Mr. Walter Dahlin, has been in existence on this campus for four years. Prior to this time, it was called the University of Louisville Chorus. The name was changed When Music School came on campus. The group practices every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Choir sang at the annual Christmas convocation in the Administration Building. They have sung at many assembly programs sponsored by the University. This is a very versatile group, singing also at the Installation of Dean Richard Barber. This year at Christmas time, the choir went on a concert tour, travelling through Corydon, Indiana, N ashville, Tennessee; Hen- derson, Owensboro, Bowling Green, and Lexington, Kentucky. BAND MEMBERS: R. Lawrence, J. Hays, G. Warren, M. Smith, P. Buckner, T. Cravens, T. Giles, K. Groeppe, R. Hilton, W. Wich, E. Cooper, 0. Feddern, J. Vail, D. Swyers, J. Cooper, L. Brown, L. Collins, B. Brunley, P. McGuffey, N. Thomas, T. Trueblood, W. Tyler, L. Burton, D. Black, C. chmltt, T. Hogg, L. Kesten, R. Montgomery, D. Zoller, E. Mavnard, K. Karr, D. Kouns, R. Beavin, XV. Keister, L. Poulter, G. Willinger, A. Svara, H. Mitgheill, g.gqginiltt, W. VVerst, J. Seligman, R. Stirneman, H.1Hall, J. Pettus, R. Wheatley, D. Tarbell, J. Pfalzer, W. Snook, G. Mitchell, C. Mallory, .ttlc , . r1 t . UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE BAND This year the main project of the concert band was the division of its members into three sections: the sym- phonic woodwind choir, the brass and woodwind choirs. Under the directorship of Mr. Raper and Carl Seale, preparations for the bands presentation of Gunther- shulleris TTSymphony for Brass and Percussion," were be- gun well before the concert, which was held in February. As a highlight of this concert, Gunthershuller, the com- poser of this piece and the First horn With the Metropol- itan Orchestra, conducted his own composition. The Concert Band gave several concerts during the year. They practice during the week at the band room on Belknap Campus. The band presented three concerts in the spring, one of these given for the Southern Divi- sion of Music Teachers National Association. Pictured above is Mr. Leon Raper, Band Director. 67 BAND MEMBERS: R. Lawrence, J. Hays, G. Warren, M. Smith, P. Buckner, T. Cravens, T. Giles, K. Groeppe, R. Hilton, W. Wich, E. Cooper, 0. Feddern, J. Vail, D. Swyers, J. Cooper, L. Brown, L. Collins, B. Brunley, P. McGuffey, N. Thomas, T. Trueblood, W. Tyler, L. Burton, D. Black, G. Schmitt, T. Hogg, L. Kesten, R. Montgomery, D. Zoller, E. Maynard, K. Ka rr, D. Kouns, R. Beavin, W. Keister, L. Poulter, G. Willingeri, A. Svara, H. $itgheill, 1gncfc-lfiflmtiltt, W. Werst, J. Seligman, R. Stirneman, H. Hall, J. Pettus, R. Wheatley, D. Tarbell, J. Pfalzer, W. Snook, G. Mitchell, C. Mallory, . t1c , . r1 t . Band Officers pictured below are Rudy Beavin, President; Sam Badgett, Vice- President; and Naymond Thomas, Treasurer. xll ARC HI 5 G The University of Louisville Marching Cardinals are directed by Mr. Leon Raper and Carl Seale. Tommy Giles, Drum Major, and six twirlers added interest to the pre-game performances and half-time shows presented at home football games. The marching band performed at all football games and about six basketball games. They served as the official band for the Derby in May and marched in the Armistice Day Parade in November. This group practiced their formations every day at noon in front of the Administration Building. Officers of the Marching Cardinals include Rudy Beavin, President; Sam Badgett, Vice-President; and Naymond Thomas, Treasurer. This year a pep band was formed within the march- ing band to accompany the basketball team on trips. This group played at all but six of the home basketball games and some of the out-of-town games. Lloyd Poulter and Harold Mitchell lead the pep band, which is man- aged by Sam Badgett. 68 T Row: Mary Rae Douglass, Darlene Murphy, Libby Davis, Jan Muntan. SECOND Row: Judy Trafton, ry Penn, Rose Likins, Sally Atkinson, Ann Marra. THIRD Row: Ivy Humphry, Gloria Schuler, Marian , Beverly Smith, Patti Pope. he U of L. Belles, sponsored by the University, are seen below at a football game going hrough one of their routines. The six Belles are as follows: Marian Page, Sally Atkinson, everly Smith, Gloria Schuler, Sherry Penn, and Rose Likins. , T" t ., ' p 1; eyewwe , ,h a J 44:11; i 69 ULETTES and LLOfL. BELLES Under the direction of Patsy Bloor, the ULettes, sponsored by the U. of L. Alumni and the U. of L. Belles serve to add color and variety to the football and basketball halftime shows. V33 5 9 ?;M t 3.: Captain of the ULettes, Jan Muntan, approves a step of the U. of L. Belles Captain, Rose Likins and Co-Captain, Sherry Penn. Every week the group meets to practice their routines with Patsy Bloor as the director. The ULettes and Belles practice in the Home Economics Building at noon. They have worked on about five rou- tines this year. - DELTA OMICRON-FIRST Row: Mary Helen Romine, Yvonne Driskell. SECOND Row: Carol Weiss, Ann Gilligan, Mary Treitz. NOT PIC- TUREDZ Janis Beanblossom, Betsy Garrish, Pledge. DELTA OMICRON Delta Omicron, national womenhs music honorary, was founded to promote the highest degree of musicianship, in- dividuality, and to foster a professional attitude toward the work of a musician. University of Louisvillehs Zeta Chapter carries out these purposes by awarding an annual scholarship, presenting re- citals and promoting projects benehcial t0 the school. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota is a national professional music frater- nity whose ideals are to further music appreciation and de- velop musical ability. Sigma Nu Chapter, in accordance with the aim of the national fraternity, awards an annual Scholarship, presents recitals, and as a special project, gives a recital of American music each year. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA-FIRST Row: Marian Korda, Grace Wieck, Joan Cooper, Annette Offutt. SECOND Row: Mildred Kemp, Audrey Nossaman, Grace Plymale. IRCe-FIRST Row: L. Caudill, S. Flicker, M. Franklin, C. Gandhi, S. Baker, C. Hansen, L. Duckworth, M. Smith. SECOND Row: Dr. Brodski, A. Beck, M. Kast, J. Heaton, J. Reading, E. Griffith. THIRD Row: M. Swann, P. Pope, P. Downey, A. Williams. FOURTH Row: M. Witteni, G. Witte, P. Hodges, B. Bierbaum. FOURTH Row: B. Bruce, J. Faller, R. Davies, J. Roache, B. VVoemer, M. Drepania. FIFTH Row: W. Miller, J. MacCallum, G. Pennington, C. Nutt, J. Mayer. INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE CLUB RELATIONS CLUB Each year the University of Louisville sponsors an ex- change program in which students from all over the United States are sent to Europe to work for six weeks. European countries send their students to the United States in ex- change to work in jobs here. After the six weeks are over, the students are free to travel for a month. IRC fosters co-operation between the students and the International Center. Members are both local students and students from other lands. Meetings are on Tuesdays at noon. thcers are Sally Baker, president; Charles Hansen, hrst Vice-president; Chan Gandhi, second Vice-president. Exchange Club. a " :WW'Mvmzwz; g INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS The International Center offers a wide variety of plans whereby students may work or study in foreign countries. Taking advantage of this plan, many students from this country travelled or worked in Europe last summer. The University also offers 21 similar program for for- eign students, who may spend two years studying here in Louisville. "M11321 1 33WA! 2!; x : algal him $53. . W M L. I1win Della Homans, and Phyllis Bader bid their AuRevoirs Exchange students enjoy French pastries in front of bakery shop to the Eiffel ToxV'el in Paris. Foreign students at the University of Louisville 0n the two-year study plan. 73 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS The International Center, under the direction of Dr. George Brodschi, has made outstanding achievements during the past year. The Summer Work Ex- change Program was expanded to in- clude students from California, Ontario, Canada, Colorado, Connecticut, Geor- gia, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wis- consin. The Center sent thirty-eight stu- dents to Europe last summer for full- time paid jobs, and received thirty-flve students from Europe in exchange. The Center supervised the program of ninety- six foreign students from thirty-four dife ferent countries; received ninety-two for- eign guests from twenty-six different countries; provided foreign speakers on international problems for one hundred and sixteen groups and civic organiza- tions in our community; and acted as host to sixty leaders and specialists from twenty-nine different countries. Eight hundred and seventy pages from Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, American students and those from other lands get to know each other at International gatherings. German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Nor- wegian, Portuguese, Russian and Span- ish were translated in the International Center, which acted as distribution cen- ter for the Department of State in dis- tributing two thousand and flve hun- dred pieces of their literature. Indian students perform rope dance at special University program. MISCELLANY gas L , WOMENTS RECREATION ASSOCIATION The W.R.A., composed of represent- atives from all the women's organiza- tions on campus, encourages participa- tion in womenTs sports programs. The W.R.A. sponsors intramural athletic competition between womenTs organiza- tions on campus. The sporting events include hockey, basketball, volleyball bowling, badminton, swimming, softball, and ping pong. Members of Greek or- ganizations compete with other sorori- ties and independents may play on a team sponsored by the W.R.A. Often there are co-ed sports, such as archery and bowling. The W.R.A. also sponsors extramural teams. Whats. so funny, Joyce? TV.R.A. oHicers Carolyn Smith, Secretary; Jane Offutt, President; Pat Cllfton, Treasurer, seem to be enjoying some comment of Joyce Peterson, Vice-Presid waxwmmz$ikll7w .4 FIRSTeRow: Pinky Lathrpp, Pat Clifton, Kela Osbourn, Liza Stout, Rosaline Parnes. SECOND Row: Joyce Peterson, Jane Offutt, Carolyn Kolter, Mary Harnngton, Carolyn Smlth. THIRD Row: Carol Hahlen, Linda Robinson, Charlene Remke, Marie M. Peyton, Marti Lane, Miss Lois Massie. 76 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity com: posed of college men who have at one time been afhliated with the scouting movement. Alpha Phi Omega operates the Universityk Lost and Found, ushers at convocations, and works at Freshman Orientation. The group also sponsors the annual Red Cross Blood Drive, the tTUgly Man, Lena-the-Hyena" Contest from which the Student Chest receives the proceeds. Alpha Phi Omega distrib- utes Career Magazine free to all seniors and graduate students and goes Christmas caroling. This year the serv- ice group sponsored an extra blood drive and established an APO chapter at Bellarmine College. The chaptefs most important service work is in connection with reg- istration for the University College, Business, Arts and Sciences, and Music Schools. APO puts out the Student Directory each year and helps at debate tournaments on campus. Beta Gamma Chapter's Executive Committee has provided leadership for Alpha Phi Omega this past year with Dick Porter, seated, as President; and standing, Charles Henne, Second Vice President; Larry Allgeier, First Vice President; and Dick Lutz, Third Vice President. k FIRST Row: Frank Reeve, Marshall Pn'mack, Charles Henne, Harry Dean Shapiro, Don Wilson, Larry Allgeier. SECOND Row: Milt Lane, Jerry Jones, Larry Nold, Jim XVeber, Malcolm Chamberlain, John McNeill. THIRD Row: Robin Garr, Jack Faller, Glenn F. Chesnut, Don Hinton, Jim K. Dooley, Allan Weiss. FOURTH Row: Dick Lutz, David Thurman, Harry Porter, Hugh Skidmore, Dock H. Davis, Dick C. Porter. NOT PICTURED: David Man- teufTeI, Don Hatton, Charles Graham. DEBATE SOCIETY The University of Louisville Debate Society is the agent which coordinates the efforts of the University of Louisville Intercollegiate Debate Team. The Society is composed of the members of the Debate Team and those who are interested in helping with the Teamis work. The Society meets about twice a month. The Society officers were Dick Porter, president; Angela Marchese, vice-president; Linda Lee Robinson, secretary; and Charles Henne, treasurer. The Society has provided judges for high school debate tourna- ments and was host for the Regional High School Debate Tournament. The Debate Team receives an allotment each year from the Uni- versity to cover expenses of trips. Debate omcers: Dick Porter and Charles Henne, seated; David A. Manteuffel, standing. FIRST Rovvz.Seated, Angela Marchese and Linda Robinson; standing, Wally Johnson, W'ayne Edwards, Charles Henne, Dick Porter, Stephanie Flicker, Harry Shaplro. SECOND Row: Dick Lutz, Harry Porter, Jim Weber. NOT PICTUREDI Dr. Martin Stevens, David A. Manteuffel, Jim K. Dooley. SOCIETY FOR NATURAL SCIENCE The Society for Natural Science is devoted primarily to study in the natural sciences and natural history. Field study pro- vides the major method of ap- proach. Also, outings provide a means of appreciating natural phenomena first hand. The gen- eral fields of study are: Archaeol- ogy, Astronomy, Botany, Ethnol- ogy, Geology and Zoology. The organization made an expedition through the western United States and Canada during the summer of 1959 and presented a movie of it in February, 1960. Natural Science Society officers plan excursions. Shown are Linus Senhen, vice president; Bruce Plymale, president; and Marshall Primack, secretary. Ted Hall, treasurer, was absent. "IRST Row: Bob Malone, Philip Malone, John Huffman, Charles Wunderlich, Bob Starcher, Dennis Haberer, Herb Brabandt, Jim Blanchar. SECOND ' ow: Richard Kelly, Tom Filben, Charles Horton, Dr. Daniel F. Jackson, D r. alcolm NL Chamberlain, Marshall Primack, Bruce Plymale. Arland T. Hotchkiss, Dr. James E. Conkin, Linus Senhen, Marshall Sack, FRENCH CLUB The University of Louis- ville French Club is com- posed of students of the French language and those interested in French and French culture. The club meets at 3 p.111. 0n the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The Club sponsored a Christmas party this year. Eva Grif- fith is the president, Linus Senhen, vice-president, Pamela Thompson, secree tary-treasurer, and Dr. Paul Angiolillo is the faculty ad- visor. FIRST Row: Tockie Rethier, Paul F. Angiolillo, Liza Stout, Eva Griffith, Phyllis Bader, Mary Moody, Pamela Thompson, Melinda Semonin, Shirley Schwantes. SECOND Row: Dean Karns, Eleanor Lyon, Joel Roache, Jane Clay Phyllis Thompson, Grayce Plymale, Sandra Breckenridge, Julie Schmid, Thomas DeVol. THIRD Row: Lois Duck worth, David Pollock, Mary Feiock, Ivy Humphrey, Linus Senhen, Bruce Plymale, Tom Huckelbery, David Simler David Melendy. FIRs'r Row: Barbara Miles Liza Stout Lois CliiToird Sandra Fisher Jud Flamm ud Barbee SEC ' - , , . , , . 0ND Row. Bets Keeling, Beverly Hester, Cathy Hurst, Sharon Stengell, Georgiana Shipleyil J Y Y STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The Student National Education Association is designed to show educa- tion majors the importance in the education field. SNEA helps develop inter- est in the professional field. This year SNEA spon- sored a Christmas party for underprivileged children and also presented a panel discussion on student teach- ing on the elementary and secondary levels. Lois Clif- ford is president; Judy Flamm, vice-president; Liza Stout, secretary; Judy Bar- bee, treasurer. CL UB The Dames Club, a na- tional organization, pro- vides social entertainment for the Wives of university students. The club was founded on this campus in 1924. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month and membership is open to wives of students attending any school of the university. The Club spon- sors an annual square dance, pot luck dinner, style show, card parties and provides food baskets for needy families. DAVIES CLUB-eLIZFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Kuehnast, Darlene Wildt, Mary Ann Clark, Myst Sam Huddleston tSpone SON . Flossie Klapheke, Dorothy Baker, L011 Moore, Lynn Hecki HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The University of Louis- ville Home Economics Club is composed of home eco- nomics majors and others in related flelds. The 0r- ganization promotes inter- est in home economics with its programs. This year the group had a Christmas party, gave toys to crippled children for Christmas and had two style shows. The president is Kay Rich; vice-president, Carol Mountjoy; secretary, Mar- tha Deener; and treasurer, Nancy Mayrose. Flmr Row: Sally Atkinson, Nancy Mayrose, Kay Rich, Carol Mountjoy, Janice Crase. SECOND Row: Miss Hover- mall tadvisoo, May Ann MacDonald, Carol Kline, Michelle Peyton, Clyda Harris, Opal Morris, Marilyn Kress, Phyllis Sicwert, Charlene Remkei 81 PI GAMMA OMICRON-FIRST Row: M. Witten, M. Kast, C. Schmidt, B. Cantrell, C. Hahlen, J. Harmon, J. Hutchins. SECOND Row: C. Schultz, Atkinson, S. Simpson, P. Siewert, B. Miller, J. Graydon, N. Harrington, J. Heaton, K. Rich. PI GAMMA OMICRON Pi Gamma Omicron is the local womenis service organiza- tion Which was organized on campus in May, 1957. To be- come a member a candidate must complete one semester as a pledge during Which she must contribute ten service hours and have a 1.0 standing. This year the group is headed by Bettye Cantrell. Other officers include First Vice-President, Carol Hahlen; Second Vice-President, Charlotte Schmidt; Madelyn Kast, Secretary. Active members must have seven service hours. GEOLOGY CLUB The Geology Club was founded to promote interest in geology at the University and in Louisville. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 P.M. in Menges Hall. An annual club fiesta is held every January. An an- nual spring field conference is held to view different out- crops. Field trips are held once a month, but these are not as large as the spring conference. This Space has been donated by the Society of Natural Science in the inteTest 0f the furtherance of Science, GEOLOGY CLUB-Fler Row: Woody Vollertsen, Joe Smith, Mr. Conkin, Phil Malone, John Huifman, Nathan Kyle. SECOND Row: Tom Filbin, B Plymale. M Leopold Hall, the women,s dormitory, is located on the :ampus, between the University Center and Brook Street I he dorm houses girls in the various schools in the Univere ity, while graduate women students reside in Robbins Hall, he former womenis dormitory. Leopold Hall, which was one 3f the menis dorms last year, was redecorated last summer or its present occupants. The girls entertained the campus FIRST Row: P. Hatcher, M. Manson, J. Mack, J. Baxter, P. Clifton, M. Giddings. SECOND Row: C Gepfrich, J. Middleton, K. Mumford, B. Lewis, S. Parker, 0. Budd. THIRD Row: G. Scheible, N. Lowman, P. Bader, P. Lum, M. Lawton, R. Row, J. Kendall, C. Hurst. LEOPOLD HALL with an Open House in October. Leopold Hall provides double rooms and the privilege of using automatic washers and dryers to residents, who may also use the kitchen to fix their own breakfasts and snacks. Miss Mary Bolderick is the House Mother, and Marion Page is President of the dorm. 5T Rows ji Hougland, D. Rowea L. Westerman, S. Reding, C, Remke, S. Bartley. SECOND Row: C. Abner, S. Lake, L. Stafford, S. Flicker, J. Crocker, ss Boldrlck. THIRD Row: L. Mulllcan, E. Mayo, J. Dissette, M. Linder, L. Weller, J. Compton, L. CliiTord, M. Page, B. Smith. FRATERNITIES f PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the six national sororities on campus. It is composed of the presidents, rush captains, and pledge presidents of each group, in addition to representatives from local groups, although locals do not have a vote in meetings. Each sorority has one vote in determining intersorority poli- cies in relations to Homecoming Decorations, rush and any activities in which all sororities take part. The past year the Council has been very active. Dur- ing the summer the members worked on a newsletter to send to the freshman woman. Quota-Iimitation was adopted and was put into use for spring rush. In ascending order are Alice Bauscher, vice president; Anne Little, secretary; Nancy Mayrose, treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Carol Weiss, president. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Smyser, Betty Bennett, Nancy Hanks, Dean Doris Nickel, Carol Weiss, Anne Little, Charlene Remke, Marti Lane, and Dixie Rowe. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL It is through the Interfraternity Council that the menhs Greek organizations on campus find a cooperative means of establishing standards for rush and social life on campus in general, It also strives to foster a spirit of competitive sportsmanship for the whole of campus activities. The Council's membership is composed of the Presi- dent and two ex-oihcio representatives from each frae ternity. OFFICERSeIn ascending order: President, John Evans, Vice Prai- dent, Jim Lamb, Secretaly-Treasurer, Dick Whitty. 5v kw , Mg g L stayewvm: M :: Pictured at a meeting are the following presidents of each fraternity who form the voting core of the Interfraternity Council, LEFT T0 RIGHT: H. Herman, D. Whitty, J. Lamb, D. Porter, J. Evans, K. Morris, J. Bishop, R. Howard, H. Johnson. 87 tihi ???nwmi CHI OMEGA BETA GAMMA CHAPTER Chi Omega Sorority was founded April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas. Beta Gamma, one of one- hundred and twenty-five chapters, was established at the University of Louisville in 1929- The chapter won first place in Barbershop, and first place in the Fryberger Sing last spring. Gayle Mills was a member of the Thor- oughbred Court. Elise Atkinson' and Ruth Collins were in the Homecoming Court and Margie Hopkins was the 1959 Navy Queen. Carole Hines and Anne Little were chosen to Whats Who. Margie Hopkins was tapped for Cwens and Carole Hines for Mortar Board. ATKINSON, E. ATKINSON, S. BARNARD, M. BYRNE, N. COLLINS, R. DANSBY, C. DEENER, M. GARRETT, B. HINES, C. HURST, C. KRAUSS, J. LINDSEY, A. LITTLE, A. MILLS, G. MILLS, G. OFFICERS: STANDING, president Anne Little. SEATED, June Noble, vice president; Luann Stortz, secretary; Martha Deener, treasurer. 88 'hCarolyn why don't you put down that book and add something constructive to the conversation?" MOODY, M. NOBLE, J. RJCH, K. SCHWANTES, SHERRER, C. SMITH, C. STORTZ, L. THOMPSON, WHITE, P. WILSON, V. S. SEMONIN, M. P. WILLIAMS, A. 89 :3? w Mrs. Davidson, Mary Ann Mobley Miss America , and Anne Little talk after a convocation which was given in Mary Ann's honor. 2w ,5?; Look at the size of those trophies! OFFICERS-STANDING, Nancy Mayrose, president. SEATED, Jean Slucher DELTA ZETA BETA GAMMA CHAPTER Delta Zeta sorority was founded October 24, 1902, at the University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio. Beta Gamma, one of one-hundred and twenty-fxve chapters, was estab- lished at the University of Louisville in 1928. Mary Ellen Lathrop was a member of the Homecoming Court. Della Homans was elected editor of the Cardinal, and Mary K. Wong, co-associate editor of the Thoroughbred. Della Homans was chosen to Whats Who. ALEXANDER, M. BRATCHER, A. COOKE, B. DAVIS, K. EATON, B. EDWARDS, W. HANKS, N. HEIL, J. HOAGLAND, J. HOMANS, D. HUMPHREY, I. KNEESSY, J. treasurer; Nancy Hanks, second vice president; Bessie Turner, fust vice president. 90 - mgr gs u nu 1:83 am There is nothing like getting a little pre-season Fryberger practice in. LATHROP, M. MAYROSE, N. MUNTAN, J. NAEGELE, M. OVERSTREET, M. SLUCHER, J. The D735 and their dates pose for their 1959 Spring Formal group picture. STRIBLING, R. TURNER, B. WALLINGFORD, N. WONG, E. WONG, M. WOOD, M. iiI thought this was 21 dry rushf 91 KAPPA DELTA ALPHA XI CHAPTER Kappa Delta Sorority was founded October 23, 1897, at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. Alpha Xi, one of ninety chapters, was established at the University of Louisville in 1928. The chapter won hrst place in the Homecoming House Decoration competition, and flrst place in the Lena the Hyena Contest last spring. They won the Phi Kappa Tau trophy for the most outstanding sorority on campus. Judy Heldman was elected to the Homecoming Court. Sharon Stengell and Margaret Rust were tapped to Mortar Board and were also chosen to Whoes Who. BAUSCHER, A. BEIRLE, B. BENNETT, B. DICKEY, J. FORCHT, J. GADLAGE, M. GILLIGAN, A. HARRINGTON, M. HEIM, G. HELDMAN, J. KOES'I'ER, C. KOLTER, C. LIKINs, R. MARRA, A. MERCER, C. OFFICERSiLEFT To RIGHT: Betty Beirle, seu'etary; Alice Bauscher, MERHOFF,N. president; Sharon Stengell, vice president. 92 The KD's try to get in some studying and conversation before meeting on Wednesday night. MOUNTJOY, C. NOLTE, S. OFFU'I'T, J. PEAKE, H. PETERS, J. RUST, M. SCHULER, G. SMITH, B. SPECKMAN, M. STENGELL, S. TAYLOR, T. TRAVIS, N. TRIPLETT, R. WHITTED, M. WIERWILLE, J. There is nothing like winning-especially the Outstanding So- rority Trophy. 93 PI BETA PHI KENTUCKY ALPHA CHAPTER .Pi Beta Phi was founded April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. Kentucky Alpha, one of one-hundred and four Chapters, was established at the University of Louisville in 1925. The chapter won sec- ond place in Barbershop and Fryberger Sing last spring. Beverly Hester, Barbara Miles, and Mary Lawrence Ir- win were tapped for Mortar Board. Eva GriHith, Jane Harmon, Peggy Choate, were tapped for Cwens. Mary Bev Wade was outstanding senior woman. Judy Smyser was Miss Thoroughbred and Engineers Queen. BeV Hester was Delta Upsilon Sweetheart, Jean Bush was Phi Tau Dream Girl, and Sally Baker Lambda Chi Cres- cent Girl. BADER, P. BAKER, S. CHOATE, P. CHRISTIAN, B. CLIFFORD, L. FREEMAN, J. ,3 f? giw W a wig? ya :9; q a i "39 a z a g? FURGERSON, A. GRIFFITH, E. HARMAN, J. HESTER, B. IRWIN, M. OFFICERS-STANDING, Beverly Hester, president. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT, Barbara Miles, vice president; Eva Gn'fiith, corresponding sec- retary; Caroline Roulston, treasurer. KAMBACH, L. KAST, M. KEELING, B. MIDDLETON, J. MILES, B. RITTER, M. SCHNEIDER, M. SMYSER, J. STOUT, E. SWANN, M . TRAUTWEIN, C. 95 "Hey, how about a littlehelp down here." SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA THETA CHAPTER Sigma Kappa Sorority was founded on November 9, 1874, at Colby College, Waterville, Maine. Alpha Theta, one of sixty-two Chapters, was established at the Uni- versity of Louisville in 1922. The chapter won second place in the Homecoming House Decoration competi- tion last fall. Mona Kay Sturgeon was chosen Miss Louis- ville of 1959, and she was a runner-up to Miss Kentucky. ALLGEIER, C. AULBACH, M. BECK, A. BUTLER, N. COBLIN, M. HARGADON, P. HAUNTZ, J. HILL, A. KLINE, C. LANE, M. LAWTON, M. MALEE, S. OFFICERS-STANDING, Charlene Remke, president. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT is Marti Lane, treasurer; Kay Mumford, vice president; and Laura Volkerding, secretary. 96 MORAN, M. MUMFORD, K. PEYTON, VI. POPE, P. REMKE, C. ROTH, W. SMITH, C. STURGEON, M . T ILLMAN, S. VOLKERDING, L. WHALEN, J. Whoever heard of putting up homecoming decorations without one good knife? ZETA TAU ALPHA BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority was founded on October 15, 1898, at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. Beta Lambda, one Of 103 chapters, was established at the Uni- versity of Louisville in 1927. This year Emmalee Bowers was chosen to ths Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. BOWERS, E. ECKER, H. GRAYDON, J. HAYES, J. HUTCHINS, J. LEITSCH, P. MARCHESE, A. MONTGOMERY, M. ORR, D. ROWE, D. SANDLER, E. WEISS, C. OFFICERS-STANDING, Carol Weiss, President. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT, WHITE C. Joann Hutchins, vice president; Martha Montgomery, secretary; An- ' gela Marchese, treasurer. Seated from left to right are Joyce Graydon, Liz Sandler, Pat Leitsch, Diane Orr, Joann Hutchins, and Carol Weiss who have just hm'shed their Wednaday evening dinner and meeting. Many conversations went on Tuesday afternoon during rush at the ZTA House. 'at and Charlynne design a cage for the cat in their homecoming ecorations. This is the results of many long hours of hard work. 99 CARDINALETTES Cardinalette Sorority was founded on Belknap Campus on October 31, 1934, as an organization for physical education majors only. At that time there were several locals, but, one by one, they affiliated with national groups. Cardinal- ettes have had several opportunities to go na- tional, but it was felt that there is a defmite need for a local sorority at the University. Just a typical Wednesday evening at the Cardinalette House. FRANKLIN, M. GRAY, P. HAHLEN, C. HARPRING, L. HINES, B. HODGES, H. IRWIN, J. MILLER, B. RICH, B. SCHMIUF, C. WILSON, M. WITTEN, M. OFFICERS-STANDING, Marda Wilson, president. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT, Carol Hahlen, vice president; Barbara Rich, secretary; and Charlotte Schmidt, treasurer. WOODRJNG, A. 100 Woe is me! She turned me down again. The answer to your problem Jerry is a taller girl! Come on Ronnie, tell us how you won that cup. Your fans are waiting. DELTA UPSILON LOUISVILLE CHAPTER Delta Upsilon was founded at Williams College in 1834. The Louisville Chapter, which was established at the University of Louisville in 1949, has upheld the principles and policies of the parent organization and has proven to be an outstanding member of the national group. At the present time Delta Upsi- lon has seventy-one chapters. This year the D.Ufs are particularly proud of winning the in- dividual division of the Turkey Trot. The fraternity also reached another milestone in its history in moving to a new location at 2003 South Second Street. ALT, L. BEAVER, J. CHYNOWETH, D. OFFICERSeeSTANDING, H. Johnson, president. SEATED, N. DEHART: M- Hester, vice president; D. Chynoweth, recording secretary. DURBIN, C. EssIG, R. HALL, M. HAVERSTOCK, D. HLCHT, R. JOHNSON, H. How wonderful the energy of youth! 102 JONES, S. KUTE, A. LANCASTER, J. Lorz, R. Lungs, C. NOLTEMEYER, N. OGDEN, D. PETERSON, P. Up goa a mighty homecoming decoration. RUCK, J. SCHOENING, K. Scorr, C. SHORT, R. STOUT, F. WILKES, F. WITTIG, T. Mac DeHart ponders over the joke which Norm Hester tells Ruth Collins and Mary Moody. 103 KAPPA ALPHA BETA OMICRON CHAPTER Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 to perpetuate the Southern ideal of gentlemanly charac- ter by Robert E. Lee, its spiritual founder. The fraternity is pat- terned after an order of knighthood, and members are expected to conform to the discipline of the order and cultivate the graces of Southern gentlemen. At present there are 75 chapters within the order. The Beta Omicron Chapter was established at the University of Louisville in 1921. OFFICERS-SEATED, D. Whitty, I. STANDING, J. Wright, 11; Meanwhile, back in the Red Dog Saloon. G. Swindler, III; and T. Porst, IV. The Kappa Alphas seem to be enjoying their own version of the Civil War. 104 You might know-singing that same old song again. Careful boys! BERG, D. BORDEN, W. BREISCH, J. GARDNER, G. JONES, K. MCCLURKAN, M. MCCONNELL, B. SNYDER, F. SWINDLER, G. WHI'rrY, R. Oh to be in condition at homecoming! WRIGHT, J. ZOLTER, D. LAMBA CHI ALPHA ZETA SIGMA CHAPTER Since its founding in 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha has grown to include 151 chapters. Zeta Sigma Zeta, our local chapter, was established here on April 3, 1948. The Zeta Sigma Chapter is one of the outstanding chapters. Lambda Chi is well represented in varsity athletics and has members in several all-school activities. The fraternity promotes high moral standards in the spirit of democracy and has at all times maintained a high scholastic average. Winning the Intramural Football Championship and taking first place in the annual Turkey Trofs group division are high among this yearts accomplishments. SEATED, J. Evans, High Alpha. STANDING, F. Widman, Beta ALDRIDGE, T. Alpha; B. Galloway, High Gamma; and J. Allen, High ALL J EN, . Tau. ALLEN, L. BISHOFF, W. B JORN, K. BOLES, W. BOYER, C. BURKHARDT, J. CHAYKOSKI, A. DAVIDSON, T. DAVIS, T. DOWNS, D. DIORIO, V. EVANS, J. FLETCHER, R. GALLOWAY, E. The comforts of home. gyg E x, Chg; w; x7 gy U" was taken early in the morning by the Lambda Chis. Their 10 0 .U m d 8 .m m e m 0 h .m m h P t s r h rew will sail right thru Oh C h sneak preview of the slogan "Captain Camphs Lusty fforts were well rewarded when the mighty ship sailed to a HANSEN, C. HITE, D. an, D. HOLT, L. HUCKLEBERRY, C. HUNTER, R. R. No, D. MILLER, D. NEELY J. R. R. 3 LANE, LURDI N UGENT, PORTER, RAQUE, C REGAS, S. , B. RICHIE, T. RILEY, T ROBERTSON, F, REID ,V. E G. BENNETT, W. WIDMAN F. , , ROTHEN BURGER SCOFIELD SHERA, H TRACKER, SEATED, R. Howard, president. STANDING, D. Elpers, vice president; B. Reeves, Secretary; B. Conger, TreasureT. It takes more than a little grease to slow down the Phi T'auhs championship climbing. PHI KAPPA TAU BETA BETA CHAPTER Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity was founded March 17, 1906, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Beta Beta Chapter, one of seventy-five, was established at the University of Louisville on March 30', 1947. The purpose of Phi Kappa Tau is to build character, mold leadership, guide scholastic achievement, and fulfill the requirements of fellowship and brotherhood. For the past flve years, Phi Kappa Tau has won the Kappa Delta Award for the Outstanding Fraternity on Campus, and, for the past two years, fast place in Fryberger Sing. The fraternityts home is located at 1721 South Third Street. B'AUGH, L. BROWN, W. BRYAN, J. BURKE, D. BEAVIN, R. BERKEY, J. BLINCOE, J. BLAKELY, R. BROHM, C. CASE, 0. CASSADAY, G. COLLIER, R. CONGER, W. COOK, C. CURLEY, M. DANIELS, G. DAVIS, D. DEVOE, R. DUNCAN, K. DURBIN, C. DURHAM, C. ELPERS, D. GANDIN, A. GODBEY, D. 108 Whatever the Phi Taus the world situation! After all GUYTON, R. HAFENDORFER, K. HOUGHTON, H. HORNBACK, R. HOWARD, R. HUTION, L. JACOBS, S. JOHNSON, J. JONES, J. KALTENBACHER, E. KEISTER, W. LAMBERT, C. LEWIS, E. LINDSAY, B. LITKINHOUS, W. LOVE, J. MASON, W. MAYNARD, E. MCDONALD, D. MCCALLUM, J. MERHOFF, T. NEELY, M. ORMSBY, A. PAUL, E. PENNINGTON, G. POULTER, L. REEVES, 1. RICE, J. ROWE, L. ROBERTS, L. SCHALK, R. SCHROEDEL, A. SHOCK, J. SKIDMORE, H. STINNET'IE, S. TYLER, J. WELCH, D. WHEATLEY, R. WIBBELS, R. WILSON, D. Wxnmcn, J. WOLLERT, C. OFFICERS-LEFT T0 RIGHT: C. Henne, treasurer; and D. Porter, Archon. NOT PICTURED: A. Bickel, secretary. Another homecoming masterpiece. PI KAPPA PHI BETA GAMMA CHAPTER Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded on December 10, 1904, at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. Beta Gamma Chap- ter of Pi Kappa Phi, located at 2216 Confederate Place, received its charter in April of 1949. The House offers rooming and boarding facilities. Preparations for the Pi Kapp National Convention, to be held in Louisville in August at the Brown Hotel, are under full swing. This is the first national convention to be held in Louis- ville by any Greek national of the University of Louisville. The closed Founders Day Dance was held on the fifth of De- cember for the actives, alums, and pledges. The annual Rose Ball took place during the Spring semester. As a special project the Pi Kapps selected Mary Jane Walker of the Protestant Orphanis Home as their "Little Rose Queen." BICKEL, A. BLANCHAR, J. BOSTON, A. DAY, C. DOBLEY, J. FISHER, W. CARR, R, GRAHAM, C. HENNE, C. JOHNSON, B. LUTZ, R. MAN'I'EUFFEL, D. 110 A little food and drink and rushees don't have a chance! At Homecoming Dance, Charlie Henne presents trophy to Mary Jane Walker, Pi Kaps Little Rose Queen. MCCLOSKEY, J. MORRIS, S. MYERS, T. PATE, H. PATE, R. FEET, E. PORTER, R. SCHROADER, R. TURNER, C. VOLLERTSEN, E. WEEDMAN, W. WHEELER, M. WILL, J. ZIMMERMAN, H. SIGMA ALPHA MU MU DELTA CHAPTER Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity was founded on Thanksgiving Eve, November 26, 1909, at the College of the City of New York. The object of the fraternity is 11to foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of mutual moral aid and support, to install and maintain in the hearts of its sons love for and loyalty to the Alma Mater and its ideals, to inculcate among its sons such ideals as will result in actions worthy of the highest precepts of true man- hood, democracy and humanity." Mu Delta Chapter, one of Efty-two, was established at the University of Louisville in 1945. The fraternity1s home is located at 2020 South First Street. ALPER, W. FRANKE, H. GETZEL, H. GOLDBERG, E. HERMAN, H. KOHN, R. MORGUELAN, M. SELIGMAN, J. SEATED, H. Herman, Prior. STANDING, R. Kohn, Vice Prior; H. Frankel, Recorder; J. Seligman, Exchequer. taking life easy and telling tall tales seems to be the pace of life around the Sigma Alpha Mu house these days. 112 TRIANGLE LOUISVILLE CHAPTER Triangle, a national social fraternity, was founded in 1907. Triangle is composed of engineers and architects, using the close bond of its members as a means to further its endeavors. Scholar- ship heads the list of goals for this fraternity; but activities, sports, and social life have their place, too. The Louisville Chap- ter, founded in 1941, has a fraternity house at 2011 South Second Street. BRUCKER, D. CLARK, J. CURRY, L. Docron, R. HALL, C. KARR, K. MERCER, D. MORRIS, K. RAHM, H. TEISER, W. WYSSBROD, H. OFFICERS-SEATED, K. Morris, president; LEFT T0 RIGHT, D. Brucker, vice president; L. Curry, secretary; B. Teiser, treasurer. These boys are holding an all important rush pow-wow as the time draws near. 113 SEATED, J. Bishop, president. STANDING, B. Myers, secrej tary; J. Kastensmidt, treasurer. THETA TAU DELTA BETA CHAPTER Theta Tau is the oldest and largest professional engineering fraternity in the country. Theta Tau Fraternity was founded in 1904. Delta Beta Chapter was founded at the University of Louis- ville in 1939. The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. ALLEN, W. BADGE'IT, R. BISHOP, J. BROWN, R. CARROLL, D. CossRowa, J. DYSON, R. ELMER, R. FAIRFAX, G. GUFFEY, J. The art of stuffing napkins is the big topic of conversation as John Kastensmidt stands by in a supervisory capacity. HOLLENBECK, R. LEAR, T. 114 After meeting on Wednesday night the Theta Taus find that a little relaxation and idle chatter are in order. KASTENSMIDT, J. LEYERS, W. MEURER, V. MCCAMMON, W. MCDONALD, G. MILLER, J. NOLD, L. Victory . . . O'BRYAN, R. OGDEN, E. SCHUNICHT, B. SCHMI'IT, j. SHEA, j. STURGEON, R. Wank, S. WAUGH, M. . . . then acclaim-"Mammoth Cave has nothing on this boy." Homecoming flnds everybody working away. Here we see Huckleberry in hi usual capacity: supervising. HOMECOMING: Careful Ray, there may be witnesses. Besides wait till he finishes. PURSUIT OF TROPHIES Solrry Janey, but we needed the chairs for supports. Watch out for If we hurry We might make it for the dance tomorrow night. sp intexs! 116 MISS THOROUGHBRED CHOSEN BY JOHN R. POWERS C8 MISS THOROUGHBRED has been chosen each year by John R. Powers, head of the New York modeling school, from photographs submitted by each sorority, the women's dorm, and any other woments organization wishing to enter a candidate. Mr. Powers bases his selection on personality displayed in the photographs and information which includes sta- tistics paired with hobbies and scholastic achievement. MISS THOROUGHBRED of 1960, Judy Smyser, a sophomore history major, represented the Angel Flight. This groupts membership is elected by the Air Force Reserve Ofiicer Training Corps. MR. THOROUGHBRED, Gary Pennington, a senior political science major, represented Phi Kappa Tau. Gary was chosen by popular vote of the women students on campus. The 1959-1960 THOROUGHBRED Dance was held Friday night, December 4, 1959, in the Continental Ballroom of the Henry Clay Hotel. Music was pro- vided by the band of Cliff Butler. The tables just off of the dance Hoor were covered with white tablecloths, and red candles lined the center of each table. To the right is the lucky couple, Mr. and Miss THOROUGHBRED, Judy Smyser and Gary Pennington. Below, they are shown with their court. From left to right they are: Laura Volkerding, Charlotte Schmidt, Dixie Rowe, Gayle Mills, Mr. and Miss THOROUGH- BRED, Bob Brown, Norman Hester, Dick Whitty, and Dan Walker. Mr. and Miss THOROUGHBRED flash smiles of their victory. THOROUGHBRED DANCE The THOROUGHBRED Court and the happy winning couple are presented to the audience during a break in the middle of the dance. 119 ?EEiQEEzzmu 5;, m 323;. ma :v x w 120 mgder 3:wa 5w M61? MISS THOROUGHBRED gagwsiag: 4N gin gw 33w wafv Wagmegw law wgmggagyagmm 92 BESNZSV'? x mmm ?kmgam 39;??ng ? m3; $125? w? 44m: 31: ?EEE? a my ' $Ega$3$$$ m 33123;? W? , 3va WT: Eifa v MW gawk p?kwo kagfm Wk wwm W 8; y m , 3 gzgk$ifw5 i; V mm a w ?;ng 36 Z32: mm: . 38$; 236 i2 :ig $3 :56 57 32x33; ggmw w :2: $33? wwb QZWAw $31M xggift mgvmgtzu x 4m $3 gm 5? g g m air am Maxhz arm a 5?; cu: $????L awwm a :5 mwuvm mm f, W :gammgm M a a $ng 4 $$wa 4: ? mmmawzz 222:3;me 3 mg? g. S zMiazWE kggazssgmm W'sMw mmmmm, V ' pfwaw g9; EL wings: ngkig$ngtg xi; Mnggw o m MR. THOROUGHBRED arg enningfon V?ih Muggwumwrw gray mm Kr Q $5, MISS CHI OMEGA am I? w?awggg gummy: :w w 353 mu? , $ 4 Wu gm hgyakgjw 3:333? , am 9 anm WE? Na Fm? mm: 2a 97.??? 9. 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Aswws$$4s 23$w$3r4 mmmw wa EV: fa? ii? wwwg 4222343 44 4, y :3 :5 a 4. gamma mgr? as? nwwwwhg aggwwgw 9.32 g :24 g 4 . 44.; hm??? $34 4 , g6. 45 aegwngWwW$ewuwwv 214$. : a ?EgizxmwmmuS? umvmw Emmi yw 4.44454? $$$Rwa$r :ngmxwg x w o , $R$4uyan 4f avid? . g 4 Mgmww 4 Q. 4 ??gg dferman N E m Q m mm mam E M O H THE QUEEN . . . Lee Westerman, who represented Leopold Hall, the Mlomenk Dormitory, dances with Dean of Men, Dave Lawrence, after he crowned her Homecoming Queen. This year for the flrst time a big name band was brought in for the University of Louisville Homecoming Dance, and Woody Herman played to a capacity crowd. AND HER COURT The Homecoming Court consists of, left to right, Pinki Lathrop, Elise Atkinson, Judy Held- man, and Ruth Collins. These four girls and Lee, representatives of different women's organ- izations on campus, were elected by popular vote of the male students; while the Homecom- ing Queen was chosen by the football team. 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I KEN Ponce Senior Fullback DALE OREM Senior Quarterback BILL OWEN Senior Center BOB HUDSON Senior Tackle Louisville. . . . Western Kentucky Louisville . . Xavier . HEAD COACH FRANK CAMP Louisville. . . Eastern Kentucky Louisville. . . Bradley Louisville. . . . Murray State FIRST Row: J. Reid, B. O'Neal, Bu Beardon, D. Orem, L. Cadwell, M. Crane, R. Petty, P. Barbato, J Flener, K. Prage. SECOND Row: J. Smith, E. Collina, S. Hladio, D. Rossoll, B. Owen, J. Hum, D. Hamm G. Fogel, K. Form, B. Hudson, J. Finn, M. Hesselgrave, P. Bryant. Louisville. . . . Dayton. Louisville. . . . Marshall ASSISTANT COACHES CLARK W000 AND J. D. DUNN Louisville . . . . North Texas State 39 Louisville. . . . Ohio University .22 Louisville. . . . Kent State LARRY CADWELL Senior Tackle HIRD Row: E. Green, F. Poole, C. Justice, L. Suth erland, J. Giles, B. Cleveland, B. Stames, G. Morey, . Lichtenberg, B. Sammons, D. Hockensmith, B. Apke, D. Walker, FOURTH Row: L. Broaden, B. Sossnin, l. Fowler, C. Stitch, M. McMahon, J. Dorman, L. Calland, D. Jones, H. Turley, C. Solberg, B. Schad. HOWARD TURLEY Senior End ELMER COLLINA Senior Halfback PAT BARBATO Senior Halfback CARDINALS TRIUMPH ON SECOND HALF SPLURGE Superior manpower and a much smoother and well rounded offensive punch spelled the difference in Louis- ville,s 28-0 victory over the Murray State Thoroughbreds at Murray, Ken- tucky. Although the temperature was in the nineties, it still took Louisville three quarters to finally warm up, but once the Cards got rolling the Homecoming crown at Murray didn1t have too much to yell about. The U. of L. scoring was spread in generous proportions, the first going to sophomore Ernie Green and the others to Ken Porco, Pat Barbato and fresh- Petey Bryant rounds end for a long gain to help set up one of Louisvilles four touchdowns. man Gordon Morey. Early in the third period Ernie Green fell on 21 Murray fumble and flve plays later the eager Cardinals pushed across L O U I S V I L L E 2 8 323:2? line for their first of four touch- LOUISVILLL 0 0 7 21-28 MURRAY STATE 0 MurrayState 0000-0 LOUISVILLE13 XAVIER JINX HOLDS XAVIER 2 8 TRUE The suspicion is developing that something other than natural forces are operating against Louisville in its foot- ball rivalry with Xavier. The Cardinals blew a formidable 13-0 halftime lead with a woeful exhibition of defenselessness in the third quarter to bow 28-13 to the Musketeers. Thus Xavier kept intact for the tenth time its spotless record of never having lost to Louisville. Louisville jumped out to a 13-0 half- time lead under the leadership of fresh- man quarterback John Giles and looked like they were well on their way to win- ning their first game over Xavier, but the third quarter was to prove their downfall. Freshman quarterback John Giles scored both of Louisvilleis touchdowns, one of them came on a breathtaking 59 yard run. LOUISVILLE 6 Xavier 0 John Finn and Howard Turley converge on runner to stop him for a short gain. 7 0 0-13 021 7-28 PORCO TAKES CHARGE A frustrated group of Cardinal foot- ball players pushed across one touch- down in each half to down the Eastern Kentucky Maroons 14-7 in Richmond, Kentucky. Louisville raced into an early 7-0 lead When Ken Porco scored on a two yard plunge. The Cards seemed headed for an easy conquest as they moved almost at will against the Maroons, but all of our scoring thrusts were stalled by re- peated penalties. With 57 seconds remaining in the first half the Eastern Kentucky quarterback threw a 27 yard touchdown pass and the half ended with the score tied 7-7 The Cardinals pushed across the win- ning talley late in the third quarter When Ken Porco scorEd his second tOUCh- Ken Porco sweeps end for a long gain to help set up the first Louisville touchdown. A few dOWH 0f the day. An EaStCrn KentUCkY plays later Porco scored the touchdown. fumble on their 18 yard line set up the Cardinal score. tiiiivitiicky 3 3 3 8:13 LOUISVILLE 14 EASTERN KENTUCKY 7 LOUISVILLE 28 BRADLEY 8 SECOND HALF PROVES DOWNFALL FOR on Petty stops Bradley runner at line of scrimmage for no gain as Louisville turned in one BRADLEY f their best defensive games of the year. A win-hungry group of Bradley Braves surprised our Cardinals with their de- termined play in the first half. Bradley went into the halftime intermission with a surprising 8-7 lead. The Cardinals came out of the dress- ing room for the start of the second half determined to prove that they were the better team on the field. It didnft take Louisville long to prove their point. Behind the able leadership of senior quarterback Dale Orem the Cards scored two touchdowns in the third quarter and one in the fourth. In addition to scoring three times the Cardinal defense held Bradley to a -10 yards rushing on the ground. LOUISVILLE 0 Bradley 0 714 80 7-2 0 8 8 U. OF L. CRUSHES DAYTON Louisville returned home after play ing four straight games on the road an completely ran our arch rivals, Dayton off the field. Five players, John Giles, Jack Reid Ken Porco, John Hunt, and Elmer C01 lina, crossed the Dayton goal line f0 Louisvillehs 32 points. The Cardinal also turned in an inspired defensive 6' fort against the powerful Flyers. Before a crowd of over 5,000 fans th Cardinals rolled to their most impre sive and important victory of the seaso . Louisville has now beaten D yton it two of their last three football meeting The series now stands 5-3 in favor 0 Dayton. Jack Reid outraces two Dc Orem for the second Louisw 111e touchdown. LOUISVILLE 32 DAYTON 6 LOUI VILLE Dayton Senior fullback Ken Porco is about to be stol 36d after a fine gain around end. Freshman quarterback John Giles charges into the end zone for the first Lou t ille touchdown of the game. Giles, playing his fmest game of the seasox engmeered the Cardinals to a big win over Dayton. FIRST HALF UPRISING CARRIES CARDS TO VICTORY After a four year layoff Louisville an Western Kentucky resumed their foot ball rivalry and the Cardinals started back right where they left off. In 1955 the Cardinals defeated the Hilltoppers 20-0 and this year we methodically ground out a 19-0 triumph. Louisville's first two TD 3 were scored under the leadership of quarterback John Giles. The Cardinals1 hnal score came on a thrilling 21 yard pass from Dale Orem to Petey Bryant. LOUISVILLE 13 6 0 0-19 Western Kentucky 0 O 0 0- 0 Louisville made their football debut at the State Fair. With festive lights in the background the Cards downed Western Kentucky. LOUISVILLE 19 WESTERN KENTUCKY 0 Senior end Howard Turley grabs one of Dale Orem's passes for a long gain. 'en Porco, behind a tough hard-driving offensive line, dives into the end zone for the first of his two touchdowns. With inspired play like this, Porco lade a bid for little All-American honors. r"'$ V m CARDINALS ROLL TO VICTORY NUMBER SIX In preparation for the game with th number twenty team in the nation on Cardinals took on the Green Wave 0 Marshall College in what turned out t be nothing more than a game-type scrim mage for Louisville. From the opening kickoff t0 the fina gun the Cardinals scored at will agains their weaker opponents. Six differen players scored for Louisville in thei 48-6 rout of Marshall. The highlight of the game was a 6 yard touchdown pass play from Dal Orem to Howard Turley. LOUISVILLE Marshall Four Cardinal players converge on a Marshall runner to stop him for a loss. This scene was repeated many times during the game. LOUISVILLE 48 MARSHALL 6 LOUISVILLE 7 NORTH TEXAS STATE 39 John Hunt catches a pass for a Louisville first down. This was one of the few bright spots a dismal day for the Cardinals. SPIRITLESS CARDS DEFEATED BY POWERFUL TEXANS With high hopes of an upset in View Louisville traveled to Denton, Texas, to play undefeated North Texas State, rated twentieth in the nation. The Heet-footed Texans, led by speedy Abner Haynes, simply outran the Car- dinals in handing us our worst defeat of the season. The Cardinals gave the Texans a good game for over twenty minutes, but then the great depth and speed of North Texas State took its toll. Louisvillels only score came early in the second quarter when Ernie Green scored from the one yard line; Don Rossoll kicked the extra point and the score was tied 7-7, and for all practical purposes the game was over as North Texas State went on to win 39-7. LOUISVILLE 0 7 0 0- 7 North Texas State 7 20 0 l2e39 LOUISVILLE HOME- COMING SPOILED BY OHIO U. Excitement was the keynote when the ardinals took on Ohio University for is yeafs Homecoming game. The weather was cold and dreary and took the Cards three and a half quar- rs to finally warm up. By the time ouisville started playing football Ohio as ahead 22-7, and what seemed to be very dull game for the fans completely anged its complexion. With seven inutes left to go Dale Orem led Louis- 'lle to a touchdown and a two point cnversion by Pat Barbato made the ore 22-15. Although this turned out to be the nal score, Ohio had to stop two more ouisville scoring thrusts. LOUISVILLE . . . Ohio Quarterback John Giles breaks into the open for a long gam and another Louisv111e first down before being tackled. LOUISVILLE 15 OHIO UNIVERSITY 22 LOUISVILLE14 KENT STATE 16 TERCEPTEDH As John Hunt watches on, :1 Kent State defender goes high into the air intercept at Louisville pass. CARDINALS DROP THIRD GAME IN A ROW Louisville was their own worst enemy as they closed out the 1959 season with their third straight loss. Four lost fum- bles and two intercepted passes were too much for the Cardinals to overcome as they lost to Kent State 16-14 at Kent, Ohio. The game was close and hard-fought all the way, but every time Louisville got into scoring position, luck complete- ly went against us. With four minutes to go in the game the Cardinals had their golden opportunity vanish into thin air. A fumble inside the Kent State five yard line cost Louisville their last Chance to score and thereby come out victorious. LOUISVILLE Kent State BASKETB awaggguwwym" W E: SENIOR ROGER TIEMAN Louisville . . Furman Louisville . . Georgia Tech Louisville . . Furman JOHN TURNER FRED SAWYER Louisville . . Eastern Kentucky . Louisville . Davidson Louisville . Cincinnati Louisville . Alabama Louisville . . Wittenberg Louisville . . Fordham JERRY ARMSTRONG Louisville . Indiana Louisville . . De Paul Louisville . Marquette Louisville . . Xaxier. GEORGE BURNETTE JERRY WATKINS Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville SENIOR JOE KITCHEN Murray Dayton Ky. Wesleyan Ky. Wesleyan , , RON RUBENSTEIN Xavier Marquette . . 3 , De Paul . . E Xxx: Dayton . . . E QQESWL f Murray . . f? g BBQ y N otre Dame BUDDY LEATHERS Miami Ohio . Eastern Kentucky . St. Louis LARRY KN orr HOWARD STACEY BARRY SCHERMER, MGR. V M" a A gawk 5 ; Lungvwf ix; uxwwwiwmwwwnyf nu $$$$ch 7 v.3 Am FAIRGROUNDS COLISEU M $225M; w mm wwwnwaaw; . i? L g $3 S L A N HOME OF THE CARDI BUDDY LEATHERS TAKES A JUMP SHOT FROM. ' DEC. For the first time in three seasons the Cardinals started the basketball season off with an opening night Victory as they beat Furman University 88-64. Three days later the Cards boarded their chartered plane for the first road trip of the season. The Cardinals, clearly showing early season raggedness, were beaten by Georgia Tech 68-56. Two nights later Louisville traveled on to Green- ville, South Carolina for a return game with Furman. U. of L. won their first road game by defeating Furman for the second time. In a warm-up for their game with Cincinnati the Cardinals returned to the Coliseum and defeated Eastern Kentucky 75-67, followed by a 90-43 victory of Davidson College. Cincinnati, the next Cardi- nal Opponent, came to Louisville sporting an unde- JOHN TURNER DRIVES TOWARD JOHN TURNER ShOWs form which made him top scorer for the season. V LINE AGAINST EASTERN KENTUCKY. BER feated record and was rated number one in the nation. Cincinnatits class and speed proved to be too much as they defeated Louisville 97-74. The Cardinals rebounded from the loss very quickly as they defeated Alabama 84-54 and in a slow-down game beat VVittenberg 59-47. BLUEGRASS TOURNAMENT: In Hrst night action Indiana defeated Maryland and, in a game that went right down to the wire, Louisville beat Fordham 66-61. The Cardinals met Indiana University for the tourna- ment championship the next night. It was a bad night for the Cardinal fans as a cold and listless bunch of Cards were beaten 90-71. When the month of December ended Louisville had won seven and lost three games. t MENT CHAMPIONSHIP GAME AGAINST INDIANA. FRED SAtVYER, top rebounder and number two scorer, dunks ball against XVittenberg. JAN Louisville opened the new year by playing two straight games on the road. The Cardinals traveled to Chicago to play the undefeated Demons of De Paul University. According to the papers Louisville wasnit given much of a chance to defeat De Paul, but the Cardinals forgot to read the papers as a determined, never- say-die group of Cards beat De Paul 75-74. One week later Louisville traveled to Milwaukee to play Marquette, and in another close and ex- citing game Louisville came out on the short end of a 61-57 score. After breaking even on their two game road trip the Cardinals returned home to play Xavier and Murray. Xaxier, having never won a game in Louisville, came into town with high hopes of a victory, but their hopes were quickly snuffed out as U. of L. played one of their best games of the season in defeating Buddy Leathers goes high in the air to score two points in Louisvillets b victory over Xavier. RON RUBENSTEIN, one of the regular starting guards, drives in for two points. Xavier 84-62. Playing in the middle of final exam week, the Cardinals had their minds on school instead of basketball as greater depth and superior manpower simply overwhelmed Mur- ray 78-72. As soon as exams were over the Cardi- nals boarded a bus and traveled to Dayton to renew their rivalry with the University of Day- ton. Louisvillets cold-shooting and Daytonis tough zone defense spelled defeat as the Cardi- nals lost to NIT bound Dayton 62-53. Louisville closed out the month of January by defeating uKelly Coleman and company" of Kentucky Wesleyan 86-71. Going into the month of February, the Cardi- nals carried an 11 win, 5 loss record. Compared with an 8-8 record at the same time last year, hopes of getting an NCAA tournament bid were running high. John Turner shows the type of play that made him the Most Valuable Player on this yearis team. BUD OLSEN, a sophomore starter, goes high to score two big points against De Paul. STARTING GUARD ROGER TIEMAN DRIVES TOWARD THE BASKET IN THE FINAL GAME OF HIS CAREER. Jerry Armstrong takes a jump shot as Fred Sawyer gets set to rebound in case the shot had gone astray. FEBRUARY Louisville opened the month of February by traveling to Owensboro, Kentucky to play a revenge-minded Kentucky Wesleyan team. With a heads-up team effort the Cardinals won the game 80-72. Three days later Louisville traveled to Cincinnati for a game with Xavier and the beginning of the end was about to start. The Cardinals, playing ragged and listless basketball, were beaten 75-64. After the Xavier loss the Cardinals returned to what they thought would be friendly Freedom Hall, but they were in for quite a surprise. Right off the bat Marquette stunned Louisville 78-70, and then with the officials' whistles drowning out the crowds boos, De Paul downed Louisville 74-65. This loss dropped U. of L. out of the NCAA tournament picture, but one week later the Cardinals put themselves in line for an NIT bid by blasting archrival Dayton 80-55, and defeating Murray State at Murray, Kentucky, 74-67. All tourna- ment hopes were washed away when 21 Louisville team that just couldn,t get started was beaten by NCAA bound Notre Dame 65-54 in a game SENIOR JOE KITCHEN, THE NUMBER SIX MAN ON THE TEAM. TAKES A JUMP SHOT AGAINST MIAMI. MARCH that was played in Chicago Stadium. The Cardi- nals returned home and methodically beat Mi- ami of Ohio 83-65. The month of March opened when the Car- dinals traveled to Richmond, Kentucky, for their last road game of the season. The Easterri Maroons won their 25th straight home game by beating Louisville 8163 to gain revenge for an earlier Cardinal victory. Louisville returned home for the final game of the season to play NIT bound St. Louis. The Cardinals just couldnit hit from the free throw line and were beaten 66-60. Louisville finished the season with a 15 win and 11 loss record. The outlook for next season is very bright and at the yearly basketball banquet Coach Hickman vowed that the Cardinals would not be on the sideline when the trophies were given out next year. Most Valuable Player: John Turner Most Improved Player: Fred Sawyer Fred Sawyer became deadly on his one-hand jump shot from the corner. Sawver was named Most Improved Player. A THE UNDEFEATED The 1959-60 edition of the Baby Cardinals which had every ingredient of being a night- mare for Coach Dromo turned out to be a coach,s dream. With a perfect combination of team work and unending spirit the Freshmen fought their way through a fourteen game schedule without losing a game. FIRST Row: Charlie Brohm, Don Rough, Bill Hennings, Jim Ignatow, Bill G Benny Roberts. grAeEtIief;2nZItE5hzyrsli-tylgiffhgf the number one scorer and w111 be a SEASON RESULTS Southern Baptist Villa Madonna Frosh . Crothersville AC Hope andh AC Southeastern Christian Franklin College Frosh . Lindsey-Wilson Jr. Col. . Kentucky Christian Leehs Jr. C01. Transylvania Frosh Villa Madonna Frosh . Portsmouth eOhim Bus. Col. Lindsey-Mfilson Jr. C01. . Cincinnati Bible C01. . FRESHMEN, 14-0 Coach John Dromo completed his ninth sea- son as Freshman Basketball Coach with all nine seasons being winning ones. His nine Freshman teams have compiled an overall record of 141 wins While only losing 14. The 1959-60 season was his second undefeated season while at U. of L. 0ND Row: Asst. Coach Bill Olsen, Jadie Frazier, John Stripling, Head Coach John mo, Dick Peloff, Jay Yanoff, Mgr. Richard Doctor. PLAYER TOTALS "Dead Eye" Dick Pelotf, Mr. Outside, opened up the opponent's defense with his deadly shooting. FG FT TP AVG. Frazier . . . . . . . 1 12 68 292 20.9 Peloff . . . . . . . . 117 50 284 20.3 Roberts . . . . . . . 61 41 163 12.5 Hennings . . . . . . 48 13 109 7.8 Stripling . . . . . . . 26 25 77 5.5 Gibson . . . . . . . 24 10 58 4.1 Ignatow . . . . . . . 9 5 23 2.1 Rough . . . . . . . . 7 5 19 1.5 Yanoff . . . . . . . . 4 7 15 1.4 157 BASEBALL WON 11, LOST 11 "Wait till next year!" was the cry on the Univer- sity of Louisville baseball diamond at the end of the 1959 season. Although the team fought their way to a commendable 11-11 rec- ord, they are hoping for quite a bit of improvement this year. With the major- ity of the 1959 squad re- turning a much better rec- ord is looked forward to. Last year's edition of the s W ,, . w ,, Cardinal baseball squad , ' t came through in the clutch t 1x 1; 35$ a by winning two of their ," ' i g? a r, i f , last three games in order ilggwgwwt a x to end the season with a .500 percentage. With a lit. FIRST Row: C. Brown, Bill Olsen, T. Newkirk, J. Gallaway, H. Parrish, G. Troy, J. Sheeran. SECOND Row: tle bit of luck going the Andrews, D. Dunbar, R. Anderson, D. Orem, J. Bertlekamp, j. Kirsch, K. Porco. THIRD Row: Coach John He Cardinal way their record man, J. Ray, D. Burke, J. Watkins, Bud O1sen, G. Besig, E. Green, B. Lester, H. Estes, Manager. could have been a lot bet- ter because during the sea- son they lost four games by one run and two games by two runs. The team was led in batting by Hubert Parrish who ended season with a fine .324 average. txtLouisville 9 Kentucky Wesleyan . Louisville 3 Kentucky Wesleyan . Louisville 4 Hanover . BASEBALL COACH JOHN HELDMAN encourages his team from Louisville . 3 Hanover . the thlrd base coachis position. iLouisville . 13 Transylvania Louisville 7 Transylvania iLouisville . 4 De Pauw . iLouisville . 12 De Pauw . . . . Louisville 0 Franklin . . . . Louisville 3 Franklin . iLouisville 5 Berea iLouisville 6 Berea Louisville 5 Evansville iLouisville 4 Anderson iLouisvilIe 6 Anderson $1:Louisville S Wabash Louisville 1 Wabash Louisville 5 Eastern Kentucky Louisville 0 Dayton iLouisville 3 Marion iLouisville 7 Hanover . Louisville 2 Hanover . iVictories 158 SEASONiS RESULTS GOLF WON 13, LOST 8 Coach John Dromds golf team, perennial power in the State of Kentucky, continued their winning ways by winning thirteen of sixteen matches last year. The team was led by freshman Mike Dudley, who set a new University of Louisville golf record by compiling a 72.6 average for the season. Mikes 10w round of the season was a three under par 69. After a slow start, which saw the team lose three of their first four matches, they settled down and won their next twelve. Louisville proved them- selves to be the best golf team in Kentucky by de- feating both Eastern Ken- tucky and the University of Kentucky twice. ijEELINGI Jim Scott, Tom Musselmani STANDING: Dave Vaughn, Byran Hall, Coach John Dromo, Bobby Cross, Mike Dudley. It'syee-off time as U. of L. prepares to defend their honor against a tough Opponent. SEASONS RESULTS Louisville . . 14 1Vestern Michigan . . 13 ' A ; - Louisville . . 7y2 Western Michigan . . 19y2 t ,1 Louisville 7 Vanderbilt. . . . . 11 Louisville . . 6 Transylvania . . . . 12 .i 22 Louisville . . 23 Hanover . . . . . 5V2 Louisville . . 15172 Hanover . . . . . 5M2 Louisville . . 9 Eastern Kentucky . . 3 Louisville . . 101A; Villa Madonna . . . 1V2 Louisville . . 11V2 Evansville . . . . . V2 Louisville . . 15 Franklin . . . . . 0 Louisville . . 171A Wabash . . . . . 3M2 Louisville . . 171A Evansville . . . . . 3V2 Louisville . . 13y2 Eastern Kentucky . . 4V2 Louisville . . 18 Kentucky . . . . . 9 Louisville . . MIA Kentucky . . . . . 9V2 Louisville . . 13 Villa Madonna 5 Player Averages: Mike Dudley . . . 72.6 Bob Cross . . . . 77.0 Dave Vaughn . . . 73.1 Jim Scott . . . . 78.4 Tom Musselman . . 76.1 Bryan Hall. . . . 79.6 159 SWIMMING WON 4, LOST 6 The 1960 University of Louisville Swimming Team, swimming against better than average com- petition, fmished the sea- son with four Wins against six defeats. The team also finished in second place in the Kentucky Invitational Swimming and Diving Championships held at the University of Kentucky this year. The yeafs Cardinal swimming team was led by Vic DiOrio. Vic was unde- feated in the breaststroke competition and set a new meet record in that event in the Kentucky Invita- tional Championships. FIRST Row: B. Reid, D. Berg, A. Weiss, 1. Foley. SECOND Row: V. DiOrio, T. Dillon, B. Litkenhotus, P. Morrison, Coach Jeff Johnson. THIRD Row: R. Bobrow, D. Elpers, Re Ruebenstahl, A. Ahl, D. Gatterdam, T. Sturgeon. SEASON RESULTS Louisville . . Union . . . . . 45 Louisville . . . Vanderbilt . . . 63 Louisville . . Berea . . . . . 23 Louisville . . . Missouri Mines . 53 Louisville . . . Cincinnati . . . 64 Louisville . . . Sewanee . . . . 60 Louisville . . . Eastern Kentucky . 41 Louisville . . Union . . . . . 37 Louisville . . . Kentucky . . . 54 Louisville . . . St. Louis . . . . 55 wk Max; ,7 , i; $43423 16? may a 3x d v vb? 43a? ?tfiw 4M TEAM POINT TOTALS Vic DiOrio . . . . . . . 110y2 Bill Litkenhous . . . . . . 7424: Ken Remmers . . . . . 572M; Tom Sturgeon . . . . . 54y; Irv Foley . . . . . . . . . 53 Don Berg . . . . . . . 3615 Pat Morrison . . . . . . . 3115 Ron Bobrow . . . . . . . 31 Arthur Ahl . . . . . . . 303A Dave Elpers . . . . . . . . 14 Ben Reid . . . . . . . . 13 Allan Weiss . . . . 12 Tony Dillon . . . . . . . 8 Roy Ruebenstahl . . . . . . 6 When the Relay Team is in action it's touch and then go TRACK WON 2, LOST 1, TIED 1 Coach Clark Wood, hav- g to recruit his entire ack squad from the ring-idle football team, to be congratulated for 6 fine job he has done. his was the Cardinals1 ird straight winning sea- n under Coach Wood. SEASON RESULTS L . 77 Bellamine . 54 L . 67 Union L . 61 Berea . . L . 44 Morehead FIRST Row: H. Bokman, T. Hammack, F. Coryell, At McNickle, R. Knight, D. Dubrookt SECOND Row: E. Smith, J. Chance, E. Young, B. Cress, S. Snawder, J. Kirsch, D. Haycraft, K. Porco. THIRD Row: G. Page, L. Lyles, R. Dolack, H. Turley, C. Orwick, Coach Clark Wood. RST Row: Martha Aulbaeh, Lloyd Poulter, Bill Mason, Ron Rubenstein, Coach Don Kaiser. SECOND Row: Stew- t Lovelace, Buddy Jenkins, Nancy Butler, Liz Grady, Tony Drewry. I E hi h I S WON 5, LOST 5 Louisville, playing some of the top tennis teams in the country, fmished the 1959 season with an even won-loss record. The high point of the season was two 9-0 victories over Day- ton. SEASON RESULTS Western Mich. Indiana. . . Dayton Hanover Bellamine Dayton Cincinnati Hanover . Miami, Fla. Bellamine NOLDt-P-LDUKOQOHO xl'Oome-F-OOWLD LAMBDA CHI ALPHA DEFEATS PHI KAPPA TAU FOR THE FRATERNITY CHAMPIONSHIP BEHIND A FINE PASSING ATTACK. AXA CAPTURES INTRAMURAL GRID CROWN tLEFTt Ed Kuzela, Lambda Chi Alpha, goes high into the air to catch a pass against KA. Lambda Chi Alpha, fraternity division champion, de- feated the Wildcats, independent division Champion, for the aH-campus intramural football crown. Lambda Chi gained the championship finals by defeating Phi Kappa Tau in the fraternity division playoff. In the independ- ent league playoff the Wildcats defeated Navy B for the right to play in the campus championship. : 'i , g $ iwlwl g! h Hep w Air Force ROTC and Navy ROTC, friendly rivals, meet in intramural contest. 162 Intramural Director Ellis Mendelsohn shows the basketball pairings to the team managers. avery game means a lot as the Air Force fights for the A11 Campus Trophy. WILDCATS AND This yearts fraternity division championship PHI TAU TOP was won by Phi Kappa Tau. Other teams ftght- ing for the crown were: Lambda Chi, DU, Theta Tau, Pi Kap, and Kappa Alpha. BASKETBALL FIELD The independent league was a close ftght all the way with the Wildcats finally ending up on top. Close runner-up were: Bulldogs, Dorm, and Red Demons. Former U. of L. varsity players led the Dental School Freshmen Action becomes rough and tumble as the two teams fight for a to the Medical-Dental League Championshlp. rebound. HEATED ACTION IN THE TEAM RELAY EVENT AMONG NAVY, WILDCATS, LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, AND KAPPA ALPHA ENTRII WILDCATS EDGE NAVY FOR SWIMMING CROWN ADRIAN MCNICKLE is congratulated by his fraternity brothers, the Delta after his hrst place finish. The independent division dominated this yeafs intran mural swimming meet by capturing both first and sec- ond place. The Wildcats finished first, followed CIOsely by the N aval ROTC entry. First place in the fraternity division went to Lambda Chi Alpha With Kappa Alpha second and Phi Kappa Tau third. Upsilonsi, MCNICKLE of DU WINS ANNUAL TURKEY TROT Adrian McNickIe, running for Delta Upsilori fraternity, finished first in the yeafs Thanksgiv ing Week Turkey Trot. Jerry Armstrong, a mem ber of the Air Force ROTC team entry, hnished a close second. The f1rst place team trophy wa won by the Air F orce ROTC. Lambda Cih Alpha fraternity won the fraternity division. tfki $3335 .3, $iQ :7 5X?5 :1, fa? z Cf mm t: A CLOSE PLAY AT FIRST TYPIFIES THE EXCITING ACTION SEEN Navy ROTC dominated play in the independent intramural softball league and went on to defeat Lambda Chi Alpha, the fraternity league champion, for the 1959 championship. Dominant teams in each league were Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Kappa Tau, Delta Upsilon, Theta Tau, and Tau Kappa Epsilon in the fraternity league; Navy ROTC, Air Force ROTC, Red Demons, AIChe, and ASME in the independent league. Navy dee feated the Air Force in the independent league playoffs and Lambda Chi Alpha defeated Phi Kappa Tau in the fraternity league playoff. A NAVY SOFTBALL PLAYER connects for a single during an independent league contest. IN THE INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL LEAGUE LAST SPRING. NAVY WINS CAMPUS SOFTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP A CLOSE PLAY develops here as the two opposing teams compete to win the intramural softball crown. Barn meuam Tom Lichtenberg, number one scorer in the dormitory league, Jack Reid, Fourth Floor mainstay, shows the look of determination drives in for two points. as he drives for the basket. DORMITORY INTRAMURALS With the construction of the new Menis Dormitory a The main part of this yeafs intramural program was new and separate intramural program came into being the basketball league in which each floor of the dorm 0n the U. of L. campus this year. Under the leadership entered their own team and played out a full round- and guidance of Bill Geiling the dormitory intramural robin schedule. The Fourth Floor defeated the Third program included competition in basketball, table ten- Floor in a playoff game for this yearis Dorm Champion- nis, volleyball, and softball. ship. JIM STARKS, THIRD FLOOR, HITS A ONE HAND JUMP SHOT IN CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF GAME AGAINST FOURTH FLOOl wymsggw ,V ' aw ms, My ,dN Jane Offutt, Jo Ann Morgan, and Sandra Threlkeld were M-E-R-C-YH awarded sweaters for participation in women's miramurals. WOMENS INTRAMURALS SHADES OF RON RUBENSTEINI! THAT'S AWFUL HIGH! The Womarfs Intra- mural program of the University of Louisville covers a wide fleld of ac- tivities. Intramural com- petition is conducted in field hockey, basketball, volleyball, badminton, bowling, and softball. A11 sororities and any independent womeds organization on campus are eligible to enter teams in all of the ac- tivities. YEAR END HONORS WOMEN,S CHAMPIONS Field Hockey . . . . Independents Basketball . . . . . Independents Volleyball . . . . . Independents Badminton . . . . . Independents Bowling . . . . . . . Kappa Delta Swimming . . . . . . Pi Beta Phi Table Tennis and Tennis . Independents Archery. . . . . . .Kappa Delta The annual Womenk Honor Banquet was held at the University Student Center. All of the women's awards for the year are awarded at the banquet. 1958-1959 MENaS INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS SPORT FRATERNITY WINNER INDEPENDENT WINNER Swimming . . . . . . . . . . Phi Kappa Tau Air Force Bowling . . . . . . . . . . . Theta Tau Air Force Basketball . . . . . . . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Dog House Free Throw . . . . . . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Navy Volleyball . . . . . . . . . . Phi Kappa Tau Midgets Track . . . . . . . . . . . . Phi Kappa Tau Air Force Golf . . . . . . . . . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Navy Tennis . . . . . . . . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha AIEE Softball . . . . . . . . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Navy Horseshoes . . . . . . . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Air Force Table Tennis . . . . . . . . . Pi Kappa Phi Air Force Cross Country . . . . . . . . . Delta Upsilon Air Force Football . . . . . . . . . . . Delta Upsilon Wildcats Individual Participation Award . . Preston Baugh, Phi Kappa Tau Arthur Ahl, Air Force ALL CAMPUS TROPHY Fraternity Winner . .. . . .9 . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Independent Winner. . . . . . . . . . .Navy ROTC 168 V3 q x V M1 L1 TARY V 5 NAVAL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS ARTS AND SCIENCES ccAa, COMPANY FIRST Row: J. Carter, PLT. Cmdr., W. Harris, PLT. MPO. SECOND Row: R. Fletcher, P. Cosby, R. Hccht, R. McCray, K. Tucker, E. Hunter. THIRD R04 J. Evans, W. Weedman, H. Cave, D. Richardson, V. Sawson, D. Melendy, E. Shackleton. FOURTH Row: C. Huckleberry, F. Snyder, 112,1. Keltner, I. Joh son, C. Hodapp, L. R005. NOT PICTURED: S. Kime. FIRST Row: L. Senhen, PLT. Cmdr., K. Jacobsen, PLT. MPO SECOND Row: L. Roberts, R. Smith, R. Winters, C. Rowan, D. Clark, Jr., Kanzler. THIR Row: P. Smith, Jr., W. Earley, M. Hall, C. Boyer, D. Davis, S. Jones. FOURTH Row: A. Peet, Jr., J. Jones, J. Fachinger, W. Borden, D. Ross, N0 PICTURED: F. Hamilton, R. Urland, K. Jones, Jr, W. Lion. SPEED SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL WT COMPANY FIRST Row: L. Erb, 'PL'l? Cmdr., D Rullman, PLT. MPO. SECOND Row: J. Blanchar, W. Harris, R. Biddle, J. Schmidt, J. Vowels, G. Snook, R. Washer. THIRD Row: J. Kaehn, 1:. Berry, G. Petro, T. Wittig, J. Robertson, A. McKeown. FOURTH Row: F. Dahlem, H. Rahm, D. Herbst, R. XVells. IRST Row: C. Turner, PLT. Cmdr., R. Hunter, PLT. MPO. SECOND Row: L. Shoemaker, D. Brown, W. McCandIess, K. Pfalyer, R. Voigt, W. Shuty. FHIRD Row: R. Rogers, L. Henning, J. Rasnic, M. Davis, R. Porter, T. Davidson. FOURTH Row: E. Galloway, D. Haberer, E. Kuzela, J. Burkhardt, J. Milk, K. Schoenig. COMPANY FIRST Row: Cmdr. D. Bradbury, D. Mercer, R. Blakely, K. Duncan, L. Crosby, R. Parker. SECOND Row: D. Crystal, J. Kart, B. Hayden, H. Houghu C. Kersey, C. Schmitt. THIRD Row: R. Karantz, B. Jackman, J. Ulmer, L. N01d,D. Newton, D. Wuhinghoff. MIDSHIPMAN OFFICERS FIRST QUARTER SECOND QUARTER Battalion Staff Battalion Staff L. - ' f 7 - Midn. Lcdr. D. ' ' 1 ' ' ' Elpers, Midn. Lt. D. Godbey, Midn. Lt. M. Curley. Midn. Lcdr. Hutton, Midn. Lt. D. Rullman, Midn. Lt. R. Hunter. "AV Company "B Compcm Midn. Lt. J- Raibeyt, Midn. LL Midn. Lt. J. nglin, Midn. Lt. GgJ Midn. Lt. J. Evans, Midn. Lt. GgJ Midn. Lt. D. Armes, $3ng P- Lafferty, Mldn- CPO- N- J- Blanchar, M1dn. CPO. R. Rogers. W. Harris, Midn. CPO. K. Jacobsen. Ogg C. Brown, Midn. CP roerman. NROTC STAFF Maw: i i w av ,5 7 fgggn gm A g z, w 35m, 2 W wise E 5W T Row: Lt. R. Baker, Lcdr. J. Rives, Capt. R. Sleight, Cdri J. Carter, Lt. Col. W. Brandon, Lt. D. Paillette. SECOND Row: Miss L. Heckel, L. Press 1., GySgt. J. Perdeus, 0. Fisher, SK 1, YNC, J.Buchh01tz, QMC G. Paxton, QMC R. Rush, Miss M. Orwick. SUMMER CRUISE ACTIVITIES This year one hundred and forty-three men, who were se- lected on the basis of their mental aptitude and physical condition, composed the NROTC Unit. The midshipmen received training in preparation for their commissioning as Ensigns in the Navy or as Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. The studies of Naval Science include theoretical and practical work, an important part of which is the summer cruises. Regular students in the program receive free tuition, textbooks and an annual retainer pay of six hundred dollars. Jacobsen, left, and J. Raibcrt pose in front of 8" gun rret. Middies work hard when at sea. Midshipmen take part in Hi-lining at sea. AIR FORCE RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS 218t SQUADRON mm gf i9 M W :1? ? Lt. Bryant, J. Poulten, G. Burnett, S. Byrne, W. DeHart, D. Smith, J. Dean, R. Bearden, A Brown, J. Silverman, L4 Cecil, G. Chestnut, S. Jaco Hamson, D. Huoni, R. Michael, W. Brown, C. Robinson, D. Kouns, L. Calland, R. Hugo, R. Cline, G. Fogle, M. McMahon, W. Gibson, R. Fraz Fowler, G. Schultz, G. Ridenour, ULT Cleaves, TVSGT Green, WSGT Maxfleld, R. Houston, H. Craig, K. Bale, H. Schnitger, R. Turner, J. B1 J. Bell, K. Clarke, P. Hammock, J. Brooks, J. Segrest, L. Cadwell, E. Troy, F. Skinner, Jn, N. Culbertson, J. Kottak, R. Stokes, L. Looney, J. G R. Humpick, R. Wessling, C. Elmore, C. Deetch, M. Crane, G. Morey, R. Escher, K. Baker. 22nd SQUADRON ULT J. Huggins, 'IVSGT C. Yates, S SGT J. Houck, W. Jones, L. Browning, D. House, C. Mayo, G. Luckett, D. Jones, G. Mitchell, C. Caste Roadcap, L. Jones, J. Mulligan, J. Van Meter, C. Breitenstein, D. Hottman, G. Eldridge, C. Solberg, H. Hayden, H. Cares, P. Smith, J. Armstron Heaton, S. Howell, R. Humpick, M. Lane, J. Roache, W. Crumlin, L. Collins, N Nutgrass. ULT N. Koch, TAGT H. Sidebottom, SNGT C. 021 Montgomery, W. Shaver, R. Lee, G. Gardner, G. Bishop, C. Garrett, J. Flener, D. Henderma. R. Schalk, W. Tytus, J. Pettus, S. Mashburn, J. Dukes, W. Cooke, C. Peters, J. Coleman, R. Starnes, G. Sosnin, R. Caddell, J. Mitchell, H. Thicklin, J. Dorman, W. Hirtzel, N. Southwick, G. G. Ward, J. Turner, B. Morton. 5lst SQUADRON ULT R. W'ibbels, "IVSGT Huber, SJSGT Burton, J. Bryan. XV. Duffy, C Haddaway, D. Black, E. Cambron, R. King, M. Breitmever, W. Burckle, W. Clark,J.Em1y, R. Entrican, J. Brown, Cu Broyles, L. Claxon, R. Davis, D. Dobbs, C. Govin, P. Hartung, J. Hatchell, L. Heim, R. Hdllenbeck, G. Huber, D. Kaelin, HJ Lareinc, D. Hokensmith, ULT Fackler, TJSUT Fueks, SJSGT XVcssel C. Lures, A. McNickle, J. Love, D. Rosenbaum, C. XVumderlick, R. Furlong, J. Hines, E. Lewis, D. Lundquist, W. Pile, M. Stimson, '1'. Lcwc, M. McCamish, J. McDonald, L Miller, R. Oilcr, L. Roggenkamp, R. Schaft- lein, T. Stickler, F. Strait, T. XVaHart, JV. Wall, XV. XVeller, J. Young, P. Zoeller, J, Beld, C. Bobzein. J X xLT Seger, 'IVSGT Allen, SJSGT Payne, F. Fresh, R. Fenster, T. Coffey, C. Embry, M. Butler, T. Hollinden, E. Durand, S. Eherman, R. Graw, H. nn, R. Lister, P. Kabler, D. Horn, L. Kesten, P. Bramblette, R. Campbell, M. Butler, T. Hoog, C. Porter, R. Martin, E. Peacock, ULT Lickteig, JSGT B. Beale, SJSGT J. Paull, G. Schmidt, W. Swann, R. Polley, J. Wiseman, D. Tarbell, J. Smith, D. Ryan, L. Surles, M. Tallent, J. Giles, M. mith, R. Straub, D. Watters, J. Neely, J. Shelton, W. W'crst, C. Vogel, J. Reed, C. Trumbo, J. Whitler, JJ Wessel, E. Sutton, L. Riddle, B. Taylor, G. mith, L. Zeillman, H. Wheeler, G. Zirant. WING STAFF CADET OFFICERS 67th GROUP 68th GROUP g; w gi , ; C01. R. Gyton. SECOND Row: Maj. R. Bcavin, Lt. Col. D. Miller, Maj. FIRST ROW: Lt- 001- 1- Kitchen, Lt- 001- 13- Hitl- G. Puckett, THIRD Row: Maj. T. Stottman, Maj. S. Gertzman, Maj. L. SECOND Row: Capt. C. Klur ULt. D. Roberts, Capt. R. Elmer, ULt. W. Leycrs. Gordon, Maj. D. Baker. FOURTH Row: Capt. A. Ahl, M SGT E. May- nard, MSGT M. Douglas. NOT PICTUREDZ NUSGT P. Mueller. STAFF FIRST Row: TAGT Lane, MASGT Williams, "IVSGT Gardner, WSGT Hungerpiller. SECOND Grubbs, Capt. Weaver. Row: Capt. McBride, Maj. Hart, Lt. Col. Sprawles, C CORPS OF SPONSORS V 171: T0 RIGHT: Pat Hatcher, Marivlyn Anderson, Suzanne Hill, Sara Tinsley, Suzanne Simms, Elise Atkinson, Jane Offutt, Harriet Peake, president, ssle Turner, Peggy Speckman, Nancy Mayrose, Judy Smyser, Jane Harmon, Kay Rich. NO'I' PICTUREDI Peggy Choate. COLOR GUARD Since its formation in 1949, the Air Force Reserve OHi- cerst Training Corps has grown to be an integral part of the campus life here at U. of L. To the two hundred and seventy-six students now enrolled in the program, the Air Force ROTC offers, in addition to its regular courses in the Air Sciences, a wide variety of activities calculated to have some appeal for every member'of the Corps. Graduating members receive commissions as Sec- ond Lieutenants in the Air Force. In 1952 the AFROTC formed a corps of sponsors. Consisting of hfteen co-eds, they are chosen by the cadets from photographs submitted by each of the candidates. Their meetings are weekly, and they do office work and perform various duties which benefit the unit. The Air Force sponsors are offlcial representatives of the unit and participate in parades and reviews along with the cadets. Once a girl is elected, she remains in the corps of spon- sors for the duration of her enrollment at the university. C. Peters, Cmdr. C. Deesch, D. Watters, E. Lewis. SPRING REVIEW J. Smith receives outstanding cadet award in Air Science from C01. F. Groves. SUMMER CAMP ACTIVITIES Cadets work directly with Air Force personnel. Target practice is part of the summer camp training of the cadets. Ron Guyton prepares to Hy a T-33. ACADEMIC am My ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIORS ELIZABETH F. ABBOTT Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION W. JOYCE BASTIN Louisville, Kentucky HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club. CARLA ALLGEIER Louisville, Kentucky HOME ECONOMICS Sigma Kappa, House Manager, House StGward, Social Chairman; Home Economics Club; Geology Club, Vice President, Secretary; International Relations Club; Exchange Student; Womenk Rec- reation Association. ALICE BAUSCHER Louisville, Kentucky ART EDUCATION Kappa Delta, President; Panhel- lenic Council, Vice President; Newman Club; Thoroughbred, Art Editor; Honorary Hite Schol- arship. BETTY LEE BEIERLE Louisville, Kentucky MATHEMATICS Kappa Delta, Secretary; Student Council; Womerfs Recreation As- sociation; Pi Gamma Omicron; Delta Phi Alpha, Treasurer. LAWRENCE J. ALLGEIER Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Alpha Phi Omega, Second Vice President; Wesley Club, Treas- urer. ROY J. AYRES JOHITI D. BELL Louisville, Kentucky LOUISVIHE, Kentucky PHYSICS CHEMISTRY Phi Kappa Tau; Newman Club; Slgma P1 Slgma Natlonal Phy51cs American Chemical Society. Honor Society, Treasurer, Presi- dent. BETTY ANN BENNETT Anchorage, Kentucky MATHEMATICS Kappa Delta, Editor; Delta Phi Alpha, Treasurer, President; Cwens; Mortor Board; Newman Club; Women,s Recreation Asso- ciation. PHYLLIS J. BAKER Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH P.E.O. Scholarship; Flexner Scholarship; Top-ranking Senior Scholarship. DANIEL BIZER Brooklyn, New York HISTORY MR5. SHIRLEY LEE BARON Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 182 EMMALEE M. BOWERS Louisville, Kentucky BIOLOGY Zeta Tau Alpha; Pi Gamma Omi- cron, President; W'.R.A.; I.R.C.; Canterbury Club, Treasurer; Re- ligious Council, Vice President; Mortar Board; Delta Phi Alpha; W hot: W ho. NORMAN F. BRAY Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY American Chemical Society; Delta Phi Alpha; Sigma Pi Sigma; New- man Club. JULIUS E. BRETTENSTEIN Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Baptist Student Union. CHARLES M. BROHM Louisville, Kentucky BIOLOGY Phi Kappa Tau, Chaplain, House Manager, Basketball Manager. JOYCE BRYANT New Albany, Indiana ART JAMES P. BULLUCK, 111 Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS 183 ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIORS BRUCE D. BURTON Valley Station, Kentucky CHEMISTRY American Institute of Chemical Engineers; American Chemical Society. JAMES C. BURTON Lyndon, Kentucky PSYCHOLOGY Delta Upsilon. LOWELL E. CANTRELL Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICAL EDUCATION WILLIAM G. CARLIN Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS GLENN F. CHESTNUT, JR. Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Tau Kappa Epsilon, President; Intercollegiate Debate Team, Manager; University Student Sen- ate; Alpha Phi Omega, President; A 8: S Student Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; What? Who; University of Louis- ville Chemical Honor Society; Pi Kappa Delta; Delta Phi Alpha, Secretary; Cardinal, Photogra- pher, Writer. RONALD G. CHISM Louisville, Kentucky Kappa Alpha; Sigma Pi Sigma; Newman Club. ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIORS LOIS CLIFFORD Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Pi Beta Phi, House Manager, Treasurer, Recording Secretary; Pi Delta Epsilon, Treasurer; Thoroughbred; Editor-in-Chief; S.N.E.A., Secretary, President; University Student Senate; ths Who; Womenk Recreation Asso- ciation. PAT CLIFTON Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICAL EDUCATION RUTH COLLINS Louisville, Kentucky ART Chi Omega; Air Force Sponsor; Air Force Queen; Cheerleader; W.R.A.; Wesley Club, Vice Presi- dent, Treasurer. KEN CONNELLY, JR. Cincinnati, Ohio ECONOMICS Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chair- man; A 8c S Student Council, President; University Student Sen- ate, Progress Commission Head; Newman Club; N.R.O.T.C.; Eagle 8c Anchor Society; Mr. Lambda Chi, Thoroughbred Court; Intramural Sports; Dean,s Student Advisory Council; Cardi- nal, News Editor. DONALD CORBETT New Albany, Indiana PHYSICS Beacon Club; International Rela- tions Club; Soccer Club; Sigma Pi Sigma. DIANE CORNETT Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Westminster Fellowship; Student National Education Association. PATRICIA V. CRAIG Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION JANICE H. CRASE Louisville, Kentucky HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club. W. GORDON CRAWFORD Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH Newman Club. ROSE C. CROWLEY Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Delta Zeta; Womenk Recreation Association. SHARON K. DAVIS Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Westminster Club, Secretary; Stu- dent National Education Associ- ation. WILLIAM J. DAVIS Louisville, Kentucky PSYCHOLOGY Westminster Club, Vice Presi- dent. CYRUS M. DAY, JR. Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Pi Kappa Phi. THOMAS C. DEVOL Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH VICTOR J. DIORIo, JR. Louisville, Kentucky BIOLOGY Lambda Chi Alpha, Best Pledge, Pledge Class President, Pledge Trainer; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Scalpel Representative; Omicron Delta Kappa; University Student Senate, Leadership Commission; Varsity Swimming; Newman Club; Geology Club; Intramurals. MARY LOU DOBBINS Louisville, Kentucky HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club; Vice Pres- ident. BETTY JUNE DOHRMAN Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Pi Beta Phi, Settlement School Chairman, Scholarship Chair- man; International Relations Club; Student National Educa- tion Association; Womerfs Rec- reation Association. DAROLYN A. DOWNING Louisville, Kentucky HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club. ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIORS GRETA E. EMMERICH Louisville, Kentucky GERMAN JOHN EVANS Wyomissing, Pennsylvania POLITICAL SCIENCE Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Rush Chairman, Music Director; Interfraternity Council, Presi- dent; N.R.O.T.C.; University Stu- dent Senate; A 8: S Student Coun- cil. GEORGE W. FANG Cambridge, Massachusetts PHYSICS Sigma Pi Sigma. JOHN BRUCE FELL New Albany, Indiana ART CHARLES W. F ERRIELL Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS KENNETH FLAHERTY Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY American Chemical Society; New- man Club. SENIORS JOHN H. FRANTZ Louisville, Kentucky POLITICAL SCIENCE University College Student Coun- cil, President. ALICE FURGERSON Louisville, Kentucky POLITICAL SCIENCE Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer, Social Chairman; Canterbury Club; Womenk League; Women's Rec- reation Association. FRANCES GOLDBERG Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH Delta Phi Sigma, President; Pi Gamma Omicron, Historian; Re- ligious Council. BILL A. GRIFFOR Louisville, Kentucky SOCIOLOGY KENNY HAFENDORFER Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Alpha Epsilon Delta, President; Phi Kappa Tau; U. of L. Hon- orary Chemical Society; Newman Club. ANN W. HARDIN Louisville, Kentucky HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club. 186 PEGGY HARGADON Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION PHILLIP J. HART New Albany, Indiana ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Geology Club; Wesley Club. SARA LEE HAWKINS Louisville, Kentucky SOCIOLOGY JAMES M. HEAD Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH JAMES G. HESS New Albany, Indiana ART BEVERLY E. HESTER Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chair- man, Pledge Supervisor, Presi- dent; Cwens, Vice President; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; University Student Senate, Ways and Means Commission; Thor- oughbred, Photographer's Assist- ant, OHice Manager; Womenk Recreation Association; S.N.E.A.; Sweetheart of Delta Upsilon; Whotv Who. SUSANNE L. HILL Crestwood, Kentucky BIOLOGY Band Social Organization, Vice President, Secretary; Concert Band; Pep Band; Marching Band, Head Drum Major; Segue, Asso- ciate Editor; Air Force Sponsor; Cardinal, Staff Assistant; Cwens, Miss Cwens"; Wesley Club; Womenk Club; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Speed Engineers' Lady; Miss Pi Kappa Omicron; Mortar Board, Secretary; Whokv Who. BARBARA HINES Louisville, Kentucky ART Cardinalette, President, Social Chairman, Pledgemaster; Wom- en s Recreation Association, Treasurer; Women's League, President, Secretary; Wesley Club; University Student Senate, nL" Raisers Commission, Public- ity Commission; Delta Upsilon Sweetheart. CAROLE HINES Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Chi Omega, President, Corre- sponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Personnel Chairman; Mortar Board, Historian; Cwens, Secretary; Engineer's Queen; Women's League, Treasurer; Women's Recreation Association; Pan Hellenic Council, Secretary; Air Force Sponsor, Supply Ser- geant; Geology Club; Wesley Club; Whok Who. RUTH HODGES Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Student National Education As- sociation; University Choir; Miest- minster Club, Secretary. DELLA HOMANs Louisville, Kentucky FRENCH The Cardinal, Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, Society Editor; Delta Zeta, Pledge Trainer, Pledge Class President; Cwens, President; Pi Delta Epsilon, Sec- retary; Thoroughbred, Organiza- tions, Greek and College Life Ed- itors; Delta Phi Alpha; Newman Club, Secretary; University Stu- dent Senate, Progress Commis sion, Ex-Ofiicio Member; Out- standing Freshman and Sopho- more Women Awards; Whok Who. RONALD HOWARD Louisville, Kentucky BIOLOGY Phi Kappa Tau, President; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Wesley Club, President; Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer; Cardinal, Offlce Man- ager; Thoroughbred, Co-Greek Editor, Advertising Manager; Stu- dent Council; University Student SenateE ths Who; Religious Council; Interfraternity Council. ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIORS ALFRED W. HUNDLEY Louisville, Kentucky SOCIOLOGY LAJON R. HUTTON Louisville, Kentucky MATH Phi Kappa Tau; N.R.O.T.C., Bat- talion Commander. MARY L. IRWIN Louisville, Kentucky HISTORY Pi Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Uni- versity Student Senate, Record- ing Secretary; French Club; W.R.A.; Womenk League; His- tory Club; Westminster Fellow- ship; I.R.C. CARL W. JEPPSON Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING JOSEPH H. JESSE Louisville, Kentucky POLITICAL SCIENCE WILLIAM L. JHOSLEIN Louisville, Kentucky PSYCHOLOGY ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIORS BETTY L. KAHL Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Pi Beta Phi; Assistant Treasurer; A 8c S Student Council; Student National Education Association; Women's Recreation Association; Westminster Fellowship. RICHARD KELLY Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Westminster Fellowship; Interna- tional Relations Club. ROBERT LAMPKIN Louisville, Kentucky MATHEMATICS JERRY LANCASTER Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING Delta Upsilon, Treasurer; Golf Team; Wesley Club. M ARTHA LANE Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH Sigma Kappa, Treasurer; New- man Club; Leadership Commis- sion Head; Cardinal; Reporter; Womenk Recreation Association. NANCY BESS LAWRENSON Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BRUCE C. LAYNE Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS SARA RUTH LEWIS Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH MARILYN LIEBSCHUTZ Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Student National Education As- sociation. ROSE LIKINS Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Kappa Delta; Newman Club; Cardettes; Women's Recreation Association; Student National Education Association. KATHLEEN LISH Louisville, Kentucky HISTORY History Club; Mortar Board; Stu- dent National Education Associ- ation. EDWIN T. MARSH Sellersburg, Indiana CREATIVE ART Arthur Hite Scholarship; Band; Orchestra. CHARLES MATTINGLY Valley Station, Kentucky PHYSICAL EDUCATION S. NORMAN MCKENNA Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH University Religious Council, President; Canterbury Club; In- ternational Relations Club; French Club. ROBERT XV. M ETZGER Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS BARBARA MILES Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Pi Beta Phi, Vice President, Cor- responding Secretary, Rush Chair- man; Cwens; Mortar Board; Pi Delta Epsilon, President; Thor- oughbred, Index Editor, Co-Asso- ciate Editor; A 8: S Student Coun- cil, Vice President; S.N.E.A., Sec- retary, Vice President; ths Who. WILLIAM A. MILLER Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Phi Kappa Tau. THOMAS M ILNER Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH 189 SENIORS MARTHA MONTGOMERY Louisville, Kentucky HISTORY Cwens; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary. MARTHA MORAN Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Sigma Kappa; University Student Senate, L-Raisers. OPAL YVONNE MORRIS Louisville, Kentucky HOME ECONOMICS Smith-Hughs Certificate. CAROL MOUNTJOY Louisville, Kentucky HOME ECONOMICS Kappa Delta; Women's Recreav tion Association; Women,s League; Home Economics Club, Vice President. MARTHA JEAN MUI-Is Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Student National Education As- sociation; Exchange Student. GENE A. MULHALL Louisville, Kentucky ART SENIORS KAY MUMFORD Louisville, Kentucky BIOLOGY Sigma Kappa, Pledge Supervisor. SHARON NOLTE St. Louis, Missouri ART Kappa Delta, House Chairman, Historian, Homecoming Chair- man; Thoroughbred, Co-Art Edi- tor; Women's Recreational Asso- ciation; Wesley Club. GEORGE R. OBRYAN Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Newman Club; Freshman Basket- ball. DONALD PAYNE Louisville, Kentucky PSYCHOLOGY Newman Club. GARY PENNINGTON Louisville, Kentucky POLITICAL SCIENCE Phi Kappa Tau; University Stu- dent Senate; Westminster Club; International Relations Club; Thoroughbred, Greek Co-Editor; Student Representative, Athletic Committee; Mr. Thoroughbred. JOYCE M. PETERSON Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICAL EDUCATION Womenk Recreation Association, Vice President. 190 SHIRLEY PETERSON Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BRUCE PLYMALE Louisville, Kentucky FRENCH Westminster Club; French Club. DAVID D. POLLOCK Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS MRS. GAIL RANSDELL Bedford, Kentucky ENGLISH CARL J. RAQUE Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Epsi- lon Delta, President, Vice Presi- dent; Delta Phi Alpha; Student Council; Newman Club. JUNE REARDON Louisville, Kentucky SOCIOLOGY GRACIE L. REED Louisville, Kentucky HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club. XMILLIAM F. REEVE Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS Sigma Pi Sigma; Wesley Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Geology Club; Track. KENNETH REMMERS Louisville, Kentucky BIOLOGY Newman Club; Swim Team. JAMES F . RICE Louisville, Kentucky ZOOLOGY Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Trainer; Senior Class, President. MARY R. RICHARDS Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Pi Beta Phi; Westminster Fellow- ship; International Relations Club; Womerfs Recreation Asso- ciation; Women's League; Stu- dent National Education Asso- ciation. SALLY H. ROBUCK Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH . ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIORS VERNON D. ROTHENBURGER Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS Lambda Chi Alpha, Homecom- ing Chairman, Athletic Direc- tor; International Relations Club; Varsity Baseball. MARGARET RUST Louisville, Kentucky PAINTING Kappa Delta Sorority, Historian; Cwens; International Relations Club, President, Vice President; Mortor Board, President; Bap- tist Student Union, Vice Presi- dent; Cardinal, News Editor; Womenk Recreation Association; Student Council, Secretary; Out- standing Junior Woman; Whois Who. ALLEN SCHIFFERLI Fredonia, New York PREvDENTISTRY Chemistry Society, Treasurer; R.O.T.C. Honorary Clubs. RAYMOND L. SEATON Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH LINUS A. SENHEN Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS Eagle and Anchor Society; Amer- ican Society of Civil Engineers; Beacon Club. LONAs O. SHELTON Louisville, Kentucky INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Phi Kappa Phi; Maud Blanc In- ternational Studies Award; Woodcock Society Junior Award. 191 ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIORS NEIL SHERMAN Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Sigma Alpha Mu. CAROLYN SHERRER Louisville, Kentucky BIOLOGY Chi Omega, Vice President, Cor- respondent; Womerfs Recreation Association; Women's League. SHELBY JEAN SILVERS Louisville, Kentucky HISTORY JOSEPH SMITH Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Religious Council; Baptist Stu- dent Union, Vice President, De- votional Chairman; American In- stitute of Chemical Engineers; Cardinal, Reporter. FREDERIC STOUT, 111 Louisville, Kentucky MATHEMATICS Delta Upsilon, Treasurer, Cor- responding Secretary. ROBERT L. STROHMAN Louisville, Kentucky MODERN LANGUAGES BRUCE M. TASMAN Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY DIXIE TAYLOR Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Kappa Delta, Rush Chairman; Baptist Student Union; National Student Educational Association; Pi Gamma Omicron; Cardinal. JOYCE G. TAYLOR Louisville, Kentucky FINE ARTS CAROL TRAUTWEIN Louisville, Kentucky CHEMISTRY Pi Beta Phi; Pi Gamma Omi- cron, President; American Chem- ical Society, Secretary; Senior Class Vice President; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Women's Recrea- tion Association; Womenk League. CHARLES E. VANETTI Louisville, Kentucky HISTORY RONALD A. WAFORD Louisville, Kentucky PSYCHOLOGY Psi Chi; Delta Phi Alpha. MRS. C. J. WEISENFELS Louisville, Kentucky ELEMENTARY EDUCATION JAMES WILLIAMS Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT GAY WITTE Louisville, Kentucky PSYCHOLOGY Delta Delta Delta; Psi Chi, Pres- ident; Kappa Delta Award; In- ternational Relations Club; West- minster Fellowship. 193 ARTS AND SCIENCES SENIORS JOE WITTREICH Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH Phi Kappa Tau, Social Chair- man, Corresponding Secretary; Cardinal, Assistant Business Man- ager, Assistant Advertising Man- ager; Thoroughbred, Dance Chairman. JUDY WOLF New Albany, Indiana ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Pi Gamma Omicron, Vice Presi- dent. SALLY O. WOOD Louisville, Kentucky ENGLISH Tiny Smith leads the crowd in a Cheer during cheerleading elections. The elections take place in September in front of the Administration Building. ARTS AND SCIENCES- JUNIORS JAMES ALLEN MARILYN ANDERSON CLARA AWSLEY PHYLLIS BADER SALLY BAKER RAYMOND BEICKMAN BEVERLY BENNETT MARY BLACKLOCK ARCHIE BOSTON MARILYN BROMLEY WILLIAM BUCKLER DONALD CALFEE JAMES CAUDILL DIANE CHUMBLEY CLINTON COOK ADRIAN COOKSEY BRUCE DAUNHAUER ELIZABETH DAVIS TERRY DAVIS DAVID DELOZIER MARY DOUGLAS MAUREEN DRISCOLL BEVERLY EATON JOSEPH FACHINGER SANDRA FISHER MARTHA GADLAGE JAMES GARRIOTT ROY GEHRING CHARLES GRAHAM JAMES GREGG RON GUYTON DAVID HADDEN WILLIAM HAGAN NANCY HANKS JANE HARMON MARY ANN HARRINGTO JUDY HELDMAN ROBERT HILLARY SUZANNE HUBBARD TOM HUCKELBERRY JAMES HUGGINS JOANNE HUTCHINS LINDA KAMBACH GEORGE KEELING JUDY KELLEY ERNEST KIDD DAVID KNIGHT ROBERT KOHN ARTS AND SCIENCES JUNIORS CAROLYN KOLTER JANET KRAUSS CHARLES LAMBERT BARBARA LEWIS ANNE LANE LITrLE GEORGE LUCKE'IT DON LURDING ANGELA MARCHESE JACK McCLOSKEY MARGUERITE MCCLOSKEY JAMES MCCLURKAN ROBERT MCCONNELL MIMI MANSON JOHN MATTINGLY CAROLYN MERCER JOANN MINOR MARY MOODY MURRAY MORGUELAN MARY MORRISON EDWARD NEWMAN DIANE ORR KELA OSBOURN RAY PALMER EARL PEET WILLIAM PETRI RICHARD PORTER BEN REID, JR. CHARLENE REMKE BARBARA RICH DAVID ROBERTS LARRY ROBERTS CAROLINE ROULSTON LOUIS PAUL ROWE WILLIAM SAMMONS ROSALIND SAMUEL EDWARD SCOFIELD JERRY SELIGMAN STEWART SHACKLETIE WILLIAM SMITH PAUL SNAVVDER MARLENE STACKHOUSE CAROL STOLTZ LUANN STORTZ BARBARA SUMMERFIELD GLENN SWINDLER JUDITH SZATHMARY LUCILLE TALKEN GENE TROY 195 ARTS AND SCIENCES JUNIORS BESSIE TURNER LAURA VOLKERDING PATRICIA WELTERS WILLIAM WHITMAN MARY K. WONG RICHARD YOUNG SOPHOMORES HAROLD L. ADAMS GISELA ALLEN ELISE ATKINSON KENNETH BALE LAWRENCE BARR JAMES S. BLINCOE CHARLES BOYER JIM BREISCH ANITA BRATCHER CHARLES A. BROWN WADE HAMPTON BROVVD LLOYD W. BROWNING MARY ANN BRUDY MARTHA E. BRUMLEVE HENRY A. BUCHANAN JAMES R. BURCH LARRY BURKE NANCY BYRNE BETTY CANTRELL THOMAS CHAPMAN PEGGY CHOATE BETTY ANN CHRISTIAN DANIEL CHYNOWETH JANE CLAY JAMES ALLEN COLEMAN DANIEL COOK JEAN CORNETTE VIRGINIA Cox HAROLD L. CRAIG KATHERINE DAILEY ' GARY DANIEL DAVID L. DAVENPORT CURT DAVIS DOCK H. DAVIS LAWRENCE DEAN MAC DEHART 196 -ARTS AND SCIENCES SOPHOMORES DONALD DENNIS MARCIA DERING BARBARA DOWNING JOAN DRISCOLL EARL DRISCOLL, JR. LOIS DUCKWORTH TODD DUNCAN BETFY EDENFIELD WAYNE EDWARDS JANET EMBREE ROBERT ESSIG WILLIAM FIELD JEAN FLEISCHER MARCIA FRANKLIN ALLEN GAILOR FREDRIC GAISER GARY GRAHAM JOHN GREEN EVA GRIFFITH MARCIA GORGAS CAROL HAHLEN MARVIN HALL WILLIAM HALL JOYCE HARKINS CARL HARRIS JOY HAYES ROBERT HECHT MARGIE HOPKINS JULIA HOUGLAND DANA HUONI SARAH JOHNSON RICHARD P. JONES WALTER A. JONES, JR. DONALD KEEFE FRANCES KEESE EDWARD KLUMP JEAN KNEESSY CAROLYN KOESTER MARY ELLEN LATHROP EVA LEWIS ROBERT LOTZ RICHARD LUTZ GILBERT MANN SAMUEL MASHBURN, JR. JAMES MAYER WILLIAM MAxFIELD DONALD MCPHERSON NANCY MERHOFF ARTS AND SCIENCES- SOPHOMORES CARYE Jo MILLER KEITH NALL THOMAS NEWELL, III CHARLES NORTON NATHAN NUTGRASS THOMAS OWENS ROBERT PEEGE, jR. JOHN PERRY HERNDON PEZOLD LLOYD POULTER JAMES POWELL BETTY PRYOR JANE READING DANNY RENKES FRED RICHARDSON DUDLEY RICHARDSON THOMAS ROBERTSON LINDA ROBINSON MARY ROBISON RICHARD RODGERS DIXIE ROWE JACK RUCK GERALD RUDD LOUISE SANDERS RAY SCHALK CHARLOTTE SCHMIDT HARRY SHAPIRO WILLIAM SHAVER ROSALIND SHERMAN HAROLD SIDEBOTTOM HUGH SKIDMORE, JR. JEAN SLUCHER JOHN SMART DAVID SMITH JUDY SMYSER RONALD SNYDER MARGARET SPECKMAN DAVY STALLINGS PHYLLIS STAMPER CLIFFORD STANLEY ELIZA STOUT JOYCE STRIBLING SHARON STUTZENBERGER SARA TINSLEY KATHY TRUEX KENNETH TUCKER JAMES TURNER ROBERT TURNER ARTS AND SCIENCES SOPHOMORES JAMES TYLER WALTER TYTUS JOSEPH Voss ELIZABETH WALLER MARY ALICE WELLS JOYCE WEIDEMER FRANK WILKES DON WILSON MARIANNE W'ITTEN MARGARET Woon PEGGY WOOLUM HARLEY YERKES DANNY ZOLLER FRESHMEN MARTHA JANE ALEXANDER MARILLENE ANDERSON ALAN ARCHER SALLY ATKINSON MARTHA AULBACH JACK BAHM DAVID BAKER KENNY BAKER MARION BARNARD JOHN BARRIGER KAY BASHAM CHARLES BATES NANCY BEARD JUNIUS BEAVER PAUL BELL CAROL BODENBENDER VIRGINIA BOOZE WILLIAM BORDEN HARVEY BRAZIN SANDRA BRECKENRIDGE BONNIE BRIEL CARL BREITENSTEIN DIETER BRONNER JAMES BROOKS 199 ARTS AND SCIENCES FRESHMEN EDWARD BROWN LOUIS BROWN JOYCE BROWNING BARRY BRUCE JAMES BUKY NANCY BUTLER GEORGE CALHOUN JUDITH CABLE JOE CAPPS ORA CARNEY WILLIAM CARVER HAROLD CATES ROBERT CATO HARLEY CAVE LARRY CECIL WINSTON CHAMBERLAIN JEAN CHAPPELL DAVID CLARK ROBERT CLINE ROBERT COLLIER DOUGLAS CONLEY BRENDA COOKE ELIZABETH CRADY JOYCE CUNDIFF BARBARA DAHLEM JOYCE DANIELS CAROLYN DANSBY BRENDA DAVIS EMMELIE DAVIS KAY DAVIS LEROY DAVIS DONALD DEERR JERRY DENSON ALLEN DENTON CHARLES DENZIG JEANNE DICKEY JAMES DOOLEY PATRICIA DOWNEY RONALD DUKES JOYCE DUNN WILLARD EAST CAROL EGGENSPILLER GOLDA ELDRIDGE CARL ELLIS CHARLES ELMORE ROBERT ESCHER J. W. FALLER NANCY FARMER -ARTS AND SCIENCES FRESHMEN EVELYN FELTNER GEORGE FERRY SANDRA FIELDS WALT FISHER STEPHANIE FLICKER JANEY FORCHT PHYLLIS FRANK WILLIAM FRANK HAZEL FRANKE ROBERT FRAZIER CHARLES GABE WILLIAM GARBETT GARY GARDNER ROBIN GARR BRENDA GARRETT CHARLES GARRETT, JR. JANET GEHRING RICHARD GLASS ROGER GOODWIN ' PATRICIA GRAY JOYCE GRAYDON CAROL HALL FRANK HAMILTON MARY HANKS PETER HANSEN NORMAN HANSON RONNIE HARRIS BENNIE HARRISON JOSEPH HAUCK Jo ANN HAUNTZ JAMES HAYS JAMES E. HAYES MAURICE HEATON DAVID HENDERMAN JAMES HENDRICKS EMILY HERBERT LARAINE HERCEGH JOHN HERRICK ANN HILL THOMAS HILL NANCY HITT DONALD HOTTMAN JOHN HOUSTON ROBERT HUJO IVY HUMPHERY CATHY HURST JUDITH IRWIN RICHARD JACKSON ARTS AND SCIENCES- FRESHMEN STEPHAN JACOBS JIM JOHNSON JERRY D. JONES SAMUEL A. JONES Jo ANN KAREM MADELYN KAST CAROLYN KEAN MARY E. KELLS JEANNE KELSEY JUDY KENDALL LOIS KIEFER NOLA KIEFER JIM KITTELL CAROL KLINE DAVID M. KOUNs MARILYN KRESS ALBERT KUTE MILTON LANE MARY L. LAWTON LINDA LAY BILL LENAHAN MARILYN LEVINE MARILYN LINDER ROBERT LINDSAY ANN LINDSEY LOUIS LOONEY PHYLLIS LUM HURLEY MADDIX JANET MAGERS SHARON MALEE ROGER MANIFOLD JOHN MARCUM JAMES MARDIS ANN MARRA BETTY MARTIN MARY J. MATHER MARTHA MAUPIN JOHN MAYBERRY BARBARA MAYFIELD JOHN M. MCINTIRE HAROLD MCLAUGHLIN PAUL MEFFERT CAROL MERADE HARRIS MEVES JAMES MICHEL SHARON MIDDLETON DELBERT MILBURN DON MILLEMAN ARTS AND SCIENCES FRESHMEN GERALD MILLER LINDA MILLER MARTHA M ILLER VIOLA MILLER GILBERT MITCHELL LOUIS MITZLAFF ROY MONTGOMERY WILLIAM MORGAN JOHN MORRIS SARAH MORSE ROBERT MOULTON MARCIA MUELLER JANICE MUNTAN DARLENE MURPHY LYNN MURRAY MADELENE NAEGELE WILLIAM NAPIER DAVID NEEL BRENDA NOLAN WILLIAM NOLD NORMAN NOLTEMEYER JUDY NORMAN JAMES NORRIS BETTE LOU ORTHOBER MARIETTA OVERSTREET ERROLL PALMER RICHARD PARKER HAROLD PATE SHERRY PENN JEAN PETERS PAUL PETERSON MICHELLE PEYTON WILLIAM PIERCE GAYLE PINKSTON PATRICIA POPE CAROLYN PORZIG CAROL PRATHER ROBERT PURDY JAMES RAMSEY TWYLA Jo REESOR THOMAS REICHARD, JR. JOHN REICHE MERCEDES RINEHART IDA RINGSWALD MARILYN RITTER JOEL ROACHE ROBERT ROADCAP WANDA ROTH 203 ARTS AND SCIENCES FRESHMEN HENRY ROTHMAN DONALD L. ROUGH PATTY ROULT RITA Row ROY H. RUEBENSTAHL JANEY SAILOR JULIE MARIE SCHMID MARY E. SCHNEIDER SUSAN SCHNEIDER GLORIA SCHULER CAROL SCHULTZ GARY A. SCHULTZ SHIRLEY I. SCHWANTES JAMES W. SEARCY JOYCE SEITZ JAMES EDWARD SEGREST WILLIAM R. SELMAN MELINDA SEMONIN HAROLD E. SERGENT JOE W. SHOOK RONNIE SHORT PHYLLIS ANN SIEWERT JOHN C. SILVERMAN DAVID ALLEN SIMLER SONDRA LYNNE SIMPSON SANDRA SIZEMORE FREDDIE SKINNER MERRILL L. SLEIGHT ROBERT T. SMART BARBARA JEAN SMITH BEVERLY ANNE SMITH CAROL P. SMITH CAROLYN SUE SMITH GERALD SMITH MARY ANN SMITH VIRGINIA SMYTHE MARTHA LOUISE SNOW PATRICIA SQUIRES WILFORD STACKHOUSE CHARLES STIEBLING BOBBI STIERS STUART STINNETTE BRUCE L. STIVERS RICHARD C. STOKES JON STRIPLING MEREDITH SWANN GEORGE THACKER RONNIE THARP 204 -ARTS AND SCIENCES FRESHMEN GERALD THOMPSON PAMELA THOMPSON DAVID THURMAN SHERRON TILLMAN JUDY TRAFTON MARSHALL TRAUTWEIN NORA TRAVIS JOHN TRUMBULL KENNETH TUCKER WALTER TUCKER PATRICIA TURNER FAYE UNDERW'OOD L015 UPTON PAUL VANCE JAMES VAN METER JOSEPH VINCENT JOYCE WALLACE PHILIP WALLACE NANCY VVALLINGFORD NOEL WEBER WILLIAM WEEDMAN JANICE XVHALEN MARIE WHITE PATRICIA VVHITE CAROL WHITEHOUSE ANN WHITTED CHARLES W'HITWORTH JEAN W IERWILLE JOYCE WILDING SUSAN VVILKERSON ANN WILLIAMS MIKE WILSON VICKI WILSON BOB WOERNER SHIRLEY WOODCOCK ANN WOODRING 205 ARTS ANI: SCIENCES STUDENT COUNCIL The Arts and Scienct Student Council is the o ficial student governin body of the College of Ar and Sciences. Twelve re1 resentatives are elected t the A 8c S students eaqj May to serve on the Couh Cil the following year. T president and vice pre dent are elected from t 01d Council. Ex-ofiidi I'lksr Row: Bill Earley, Betty Beirle, John Evans, Jane Harman, Don Lurding, Anne Little. SECOND Row: Peggy members are the secretar Spet'kman, Jim Allen, Jean Knessey, John Green, Mary K. Wong, Jim Weber, Glenn Chesnut. NOT PICTURED: Barbara Miles and Dick Porter. treasurer, parliamentarian and APO service represer? ative. The offlcers of t Council are Don Lurdi president; Barbara Mil vice president; Jane H" man, secretary; Pinki Lat rop, treasurer; Peggy Spe man, parliamentarian; :1 Dick Porter, service rep sentative. This fall Dr. Richard Barber was installed as the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Barber came to us from Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. Above, he is pictured accepting the statue of Minerva The Senior Class Officem ante Jim Rice, president; Betty Brierle, from President Philip Davidson. treasurer; and Carol Trautwein, vice-president. Carol Hines, Qecretary. is not pictured. ! nwdyJValkf. running through the heart of campus adjoins the Library on the left; south 1d: and the Aulminislrdtion Building on the right. '1 wi1ight Limo at the University is perfect for a long walk. Early afternoon finds couples strolling around Belknap Campus. Snow bringS fun for all! .mwwwwmwmm x BUSINESS SENIORS LOUIS M. BAUGH Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING Phi Kappa Tau, Vice President; University Student Senate; Busi- ness School Student Council, President; Board of Student Pub- lications. DENZEL R. BRANSTEITER Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING CHARLES P. CAIN Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING Sigma Alpha, Secretary. KENNETH W. CHESTER Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING Newman Club; Whoic Who. JOHN E. DAVIS Valley Station, Kentucky MANAGEMENT ROBERT C. DAVIS Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING 210 LEE H. DODGE Louisville, Kenutcky BANKING AND FINANCE LARRY W. ECKART Corydon, Indiana MANAGEMENT PAUL J. FELKER Clarksville, Indiana ACCOUNTING KENNETH A. F RESH Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING VIRGINIA GAMBLE Mortonville, Kentucky SECRETARIAL SCIENCE STANLEY GERTZMAN Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING A.F.R.O.T.C. RONALD GORDON Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING Tau Epsilon Phi, Secretary. ROBERT N. GREENWOOD Crestwood, Kentucky GENERAL BUSINESS Pi Kappa Alpha. SHELDON HAYER Naperville, Illinois MARKETING HAROLD J. HERMAN Louisville, Kentucky BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Business School Student Coun- cil; Sigma Alpha Mu, Exchequer; Sigma Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega, 3rd Vice President. ROBERT E. HESTER, JR. Sellersburg, Indiana MANAGEMENT Sigma Phi Epsilon. LAWRENCE L. HOLT Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING Lambda Chi Alpha; A.F.R.O.T.C. 211 BUSINESS SENIORS ROBERT R. JENKINS Jeffersonville, Indiana MANAGEMENT CARL KIMMEL Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT CLIFFORD A. KLUMB Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT A.F.R.O.T.C. HERBERT J. KREITMAN Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING SAM MCKINNEY Louisville, Kentucky BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION NANCY MAYROSE Lyndon, Kentucky SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Delta Zeta, President, House Chairman, Scholarship Chair- man; Air Force Sponsors, Vice President; Panhellenic, Treasur- er; Home Economics Club, Treasurer; Wesley Club; West- minster Foundation; Women,s Recreation Association. BUSINESS SENIORS BALLARD S. MORRIS Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Phi, President, Treas- urer; Interfraternity Council, Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega; University Student Senate; Social Commissionhead; Business School Student Council; Wesley Club; International Relations Club; Debate Team; Band, Treasurer. WILLIAM R. MYERS, JR. Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain; DALE L. OREM Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING Football, 4 years; Baseball, 4 years. LAWRENCE A. PARRISH Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT HARRIET PEAKE Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING Kappa Delta, Treasurer; Wom- enys Recreation Association, Pres- ident; Cheerleader, 3 years; Homecoming Court; Business School Student Council, Treas- urer; Newman Club; Womenis League. JOSEPH A. RAIBERT Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT N.R.O.T.C.; Drill Team. VERNON REHM Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT CHARLES J, RYAN Pleasure Ridge Park, Ky. ACCOUNTING BARRY SCHERMER Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING JERRY SNYDER Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT SHARON R. STENGELL Louisville, Kentucky SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Kappa Delta, Vice President, Treasurer, Rush Chairman; Uni- versity Student Senate; Business School Student Council, Secre- tary; Cwens; Mortar Board; Whois Who; Air Force Sponsors, Vice President; A.F.R.O.T.C. Queen; Thoroughbred Court; Panhellenic; Thoroughbred, Bus- iness School Editor; Cardinal staff; International Relations Club, Social Chairman; Womenis Recreation Association; Pi Gam- ma Omicron, Vice President. THOMAS L. STOTTMAN Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING A.F.R.O.T.C.; Rifle Team; Sig- ma Alpha, Treasurer; Intramural Council. HARTLEY THARP Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT A.F.R.O.T.C.; Rifle Team, Cap- tain. ROBERT M . VITTITOW Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING LUTHER E. W HITTAKER Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING BUSINESS SENIORS RICHARD D. WHITTY Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING Kappa Alpha, President, Treas- urer; Swim Team; Interfraternity representative. FRED A. VVIDMAN, JR. Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING Lambda Chi Alpha; University Student Senate; Business School Student Council; Cardinal. LOUIS M . WOODWARD, JR. Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING JAMES D. WILLIAMS Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT Every Spring the School of Business Alumni invites the graduating business seniors and the Student Council to its "Awards Dinner." Various prizes and awards are pre- sented to the students by the businessmen of Louisville, and the Student Council also receives recognition. Here, Robert A. Dolack accepts the Outstanding Senior Award from James A. Haycraft while Dean J. R; Craf looks on. BUSINESS JUNIORS DONALD BROWN DON C. BURKE DARRELL CRITTENDEN JAMES DENNEY BARRY FRIEDMAN LEON GLEAVES DON HAAs CHARLES HENNE JAMES HIGGINS ROBERT HOLLAND GARY ICENOGLE JAMES MACCALLU'M BEVERLY MILLER ROHNALD MORRIS JANE OFFUTT TOM RILEY ARCHIE SCOTT ROBERT E. SMITH SAM STEARMAN DON STEEDLY JOHN STEWART ROBERT TYRA MARDA WILSON The School of Business was established in 1953 as an outgrowth of the Economics and Commerce Department in the College of Arts and Sciences. In the Fall of 1958 the school moved into its newly decorated building, Brigman Hall. By specializing in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management, Marketing or Secretarial Science, the students are trained to assume positions in the busi- ness world. FACULTY LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Britt, J. Manning, J. Thompson, W. Thompson, D. Scates, F. Wardwell, R. Hitchcock, F. Stamm and C. Abner. Three new full-time members, Scates, Thompson and Manning joined the faculty this years Business School also has a part-time faculty. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDENT COUNCIL he School of Business Student Council was organized he Fall of 1953 with the opening of the new school. he aims of the Student Council are: to create better tionship between the faculty and students; to help ote the criteria of the School of Business; and to with any problems that arise. Throughout the year, Councilis activities include working on T.B. came ,n, helping at the polls at various elections, organiz- a spring dance, and giving a picnic for the Business 01 student body. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Whitty; H. Herman; B. Morris; J. Offutt, Secretary; L. Baugh, President; C. Henne; J. MacCallum. NOT SHOWN: H. Peake, Treasurer and H. Leathers, Vice President. The school of Business is fully equipped with typewriters and other office machines which are available to the stu. dents. Classes of shorthand, Typing, Accounting and Busi- ness Machines require the use of these facilities. Secretary, Joan Hayden, tries to help students with any problems that may arise. mm m yaw .. dwggwwwgygm . 2 , .732 : s 72. i Lg$36;: , DENTAL SENIORS RICHARD T. BAILEY Louisville, Kentucky B.A., D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. GERALD T. BALLARD Louisville, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta, Historian; Beta Delta; Junior Class Treas- urer. ALTON J. BARNETT WoodruPE, South Carolina B.S., D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. HUGH M. BASKETT Robards, Kentucky A.B., M.S., D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. RICHARD M. BAUMGARTEN Owensboro, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta; Senior Class President; Interfraternity Coun- cil, President; Student Council. DONALD W. BERNARD Russell Springs, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. W DEDICATION For his outstanding ability, sincere interest, and complete u , derstanding of his students, the Dental School Senior Class o 1960 is proud to dedicate their portion of the yearbook t HENRY M. WILBUR, D.D.S., M.S., F.A.C.D. Professor of Dentistry and Head of Department of Pedodontic and Director of Graduate and Postgraduate Education. D Wilbur is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and he is charter member and past president of American Academy 0 Pedodontics and of Kentucky Society of Dentistry for Childre h ARTHUR H. BOWLES Hopkinsville, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. JAMES E. BRITT, JR. Newberry, South Carolina D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. ROBERT M. BROWN Greenville, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta; Junior Class Vice President. CHARLES R. BRYAN Carlsbad, New Mexico D.M.D. Beta Delta; Student Council. ROBERT E. COLGAN Middlesboro, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. ALLEN T. CORBIN Columbia, Kentucky B.S., D.M.D. Beta Delta. J. ROBERT FOWLER, JR. Danville, Kentucky B.A., D.M.D. Psi Omega, Historian; Student Senate. 2. RONALD FULMORE Lake City, South Carolina D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. SAM L. GRIDER Albany, Kentucky B.A., D.M.D. Phi Delta. DENTAL SENIORS CHARLES L. GRIFFITH Burnsville, North Carolina B.S., D.M.D. Phi Delta. BOBBY H. HAILE Herndon, Kentucky D.M.D. Psi Omega. WILLIAM A. HALEY Paducah, Kentucky D.M.D. Psi Omega; Phi Delta, Vice Presi. dent; Beta Delta; Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer. JAMES W. HARRIS Louisville, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. H. L. HINTON Greenville, Kentucky D.M.D. Psi Omega; Phi Delta; Beta Delta; Interfraternity Council; Whok Who JOHN E. HOERTER Louisville, Kentucky D.M.D. Psi Omega; Freshman Class Pres- ident. DENTAL SENIORS WALTER L. JOHNSON Elizabethtown, Kentucky B.S., D.M.D. Psi Omega; Beta Delta; Summer Research Scholarship. RICHARD A. KEFFER London, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Delta; Beta Delta, Treasurer; Student Council. RUTA KLAVINS Anchorage, Kentucky D.M.D. Beta Delta, Secretary; Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer. GEORGE M. KRAFT New Albany, Indiana A.B., D.M.D. Student Council Treasurer. KARL W. LANGE Lexington, Kentucky D.1VI.D. Psi Omega, Secretary, Treasurer; Pi Delta Epsilon; University Stu- dent Senate, Vice President; Sen- ior Class Vice President; Thor, oughbred; Cardinal; Board of Student Publications. EDWARD M. LYONS Mount Vernon, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Delta. 220 HYLBERT H. MCCLUNG Bluefleld, West Virginia B.S., D.M.D. Psi Omega. EDDIE P. MOBLEY Oneida, Kentucky B.S., D.M.D. Psi Omega. WILLIAM A. MYERS Pamplico, South Carolina D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta; Sophomore Class Vice President. ROBERT E. PERKINS Pleasure Ridge Park, Kentucky B.S., D.M.D. Psi Omega, Grand Master; Phi Delta, Secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa; Interfraternity Council; Student Council; Sophomore Class President. NEAL F. RANSDELL LaGrange, Kentucky D.M.D. Psi Omega; Phi Delta, President. JAMES M. REYNOLDS Owensboro, Kentucky B.S., D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta, Scribe; Beta Delta, Vice President; Phi Delta, Treasurer; Omicron Delta Kap- pa; Phi Kappa Phi; University Student Senate; Student Coun- cil; Junior Class President; A.D.A. Centennial, Student Cli- nician; Whok Who. WILLIAM O. RICHARDSON Mayfield, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta, Vice Presi- dent, Treasurer, and House Man- ager. AUSTIN G. RIDDLE Morehead, Kentucky D.M.D. Psi Omega; Phi Delta; Beta Delta, President; Student Re- search Scholarship; Whok Who. RICHARD L. SIEBEL Louisville, Kentucky B.S., D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. MAURICE W. STEELE Fort Thomas, Kentucky D.M.D. Psi Omega, Senator. JOHN M. STROUD Louisville, Kentucky A.B., D.M.D. Psi Omega; Student Council, President; University Student Senate. JAMES M. TENERY Greenville, South Carolina D.M.D. Psi Omega, Historian. DENTAL SENIORS GEORGE H. THOMAS Asheville, North Carolina B.A., D.M.D. Psi Omega. RONALD H. VOGLESONG English, Indiana D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta. JOHN E. VVENAAS Youngstown, Ohio D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta, Pledge Cap- tain. CHARLES W. WHITLOW Hayfield, Kentucky D.M.D. Psi Omega; Student Council. ROBERT XV. WILSON Bowling Green, Kentucky D.M.D. Psi Omega, Vice President. MORRIS C. YATES Madisonville, Kentucky D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta, Grand Mas- ter; Student Council; Interfra- ternity Council. Oral Surgery is a definite part of a Juniofs ttraining. A Junior is consulting classmates on a com- plicated case with study models being used as a diagnostic aid. DENTAL JUNIORS CHARLES BACHTEL EUGENE CAIN DAN R. COLLINS W. K. COLLINS A. S. COLOMBO ROBERT COOMER, JR. JACK GRAFTON WM. DEW JOHN T. EDWARDS CURT FIRKINS A. GALLAGHER JAMES GILLESPIE LYNN HABACKER FREDRIC HATCHER W. E. HUDGINS ROBERT LAWRENCE WALTER LOGAN TOM MARSHALL SAMUEL MORRONE ALTON NEURATH CHARLES NORMAN PAsH CARL REKOW J. D. RILEY ED. J. ROHMER DONALD WICKS DENTAL JUNIORS ROBERT ANDERSON WAYNE AUSMUS GEORGE BAKER JAMES BOOTH CARROLL C. COLEMAN OVA B. COMES W. N. CROSSON BENNIE DUKES GARLAND GODSEY WILLIAM GRAU WILLIAM S. GREEN S. R. HALBAUER C. E. HELLIER BEHRLE HUBBUCH MARLIN C. JONES BENJAMIN F. KEPLEY SPERO KEREIAKES FRANK MOLLER BERT MUELLER JAMES C. MURPHY PHILLIP L. NALLEY CHARLES OWSLEY LARRY J. PACK CARL PAYNE J. W. PRATER LEON RIGcs CORDELL RILEY EDWARD G. RITTER BILLY J. ROWE JOHN SOLAK TOM SEARS IRVIN S. SIMS ROBERT SPARKS BILL STEPHENS CHARLES TOLLIVER DAN TRINGLER WILLIAM TUDOR DAVID VAUGHN HENRY W. WAMPLER FRANK WEBER WILLIAM H. WHITE DENTAL FRESHMEN KENNETH N. BAKER RAY BALLOU DONALD BLEVINS GEORGE E. BRUNER LARRY N. CRAFT RICHARD A. DAVIS HARRY L. GRAHAM WILLIAM A. GRAUE TERRENCE T. HAMPTON EDWARD A. HATCH BEN B. HENRY PAUL E. HENSLEY ROBERT HINKEBEIN, JR. RALEIGH A. HOLT, JR. LAWRENCE HOWARD ROGER HREN DAVID L. JANSZEN JOSEPH J. KING PATRICK KIRKPATRICK WILLIAM KNEHANS HAROLD D. LESTER ALEX MANTEL JAMES S. MARCUM T. HAROLD MARTIN FRANK METZMEIER JACK C. MORRIS CLAY C. PARKS S. H. SAUNDERS TERRY SCHNEIDER JACK W. SHEPPARD JAMES R. SLONE HAROLD M. SMITH R. H. SOJOURNER E. L. STROUD BOBBY THOMPSON GARY G. WRIGHT The sophomore laboratory is where techniques are per- fected before being practiced in the Clinic. II ENTAL HYGIENE SENIORS UE BARTLEY JOYCE FAYE COMPTON JUDITH CROCKER MARY ANN GIDDINGS GEORGIA HEIM PATRICIA LEAHY .AIL PARSONS SUE ANN REDING BARBARA JEAN SMITH DIANNE MUSSELMAN LEE WESTERMAN SANDY SUE WHITE FRESHMEN RISTINE ABNER ILIFF LOUISE BUDD jANIs MARIE DISSETTE HELEN ECKER PATRICIA HATCHER MARLEANA KAY HIGGINS TRICIA LEITCH 'RENDA GARRETT 'CHARLA GEPFRICH SANDRA FAYE LAKE JOY MIDDLETON LYNDA MULLIGAN LVIA PARKER IAURITE RAQUE ELIZABETH SANDLER GAIL DIANNE SCHEIBLE ELIZABETH L. STAFFORD LEE WELLER The Dental Hygienist fills a definite need in the dental ofhce. Trained in Prophylaxis, x-ray taking, and other ftelds of dentistry, the Hygienist allows the dentist to serve more patients by taking over certain phases of the work. DENTAL SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL The Dental School St dent Council, composed fourteen members electe by the four classes of de tal students and two class of dental hygienists, spo: sors two or three danc and parties, and the annu' softball league. The ofhcers are: Pre dent, John Stroud; Vi President, Charles Bachte Secretary, Georgia Hein Treasurer, John Stroud. FIRST Row: E. Hatch, K. Baker, J. Stroud, G. Heim, C. Bachtel, D. Collins. SECOND Row: H. W. Wampler, W. Collins, C. Payne, W. Hirschfield, M. Yates. JUNIOR AND SENIOR DENTAL EDUCATION The Junior and Senior Dental Students have a varied and conc- trated course, which includes daily lectures and clinical experience. Th are trained in every aspect.0f dentistry to make them qualifled to ser people in all their dental needs. The lectures, given by experts in th helds, continue and advance the studentsl basic knowledge and introd many of the problems found in the practice of dentistry. Clinical, x-r. and laboratory work are only a few of the many parts of the practi dental education, Which takes up so much of the advanced studentsl ti Students arrive for lectures at eight o'clock every morning during the week. Hygienists, students and instructor are having a conversation in the lobby of the dental school. The map behind them shows the wide- spread location of U. of L. graduates. t noon the student lounge is usually the scene of a well-observed checker game. After a cavity preparation has been made on a tooth, the student receives his filling material from the supply desk. The laboratory is always busy. All the laborae tory work necessary for the completion of restorative dentistry is done in this room by the students. Students can make a prelim- inary diagnosis by using x- rays. Students often assist one another during difficult clinical procedures. Most of the students time, during his last two years, is devoted to Clinical work such as this. RICHARD BAILEY WM. C. COBURN Z. RONALD FULMORE GEORGE KUNBERGER JAMES PHILLIPS GEORGE BAKER DAN COLLINS JAMES GAINES EDWARD LYONS EDWARD ROHMER DELTA SIGMA DELT Delta Sigma Delta, with undergraduate chapters in thirty-six dental schoo and graduate chapters in the United States, Canada, EurOpe and Australia, truly an international fraternity. The oldest of the fraternities to restrict i membership to students and practitioners of dentistry, Delta Sigma Delta has 5 forth as its purpose the working together of its members toward scientific, ethic and professional progress. Epsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Delta, chartered in 1914, owns a house . 314 E. College. Dr. Pat Lyddan is the Deputy Supreme Grand Master. GERALD BALLARD CARROLL COLEMAN JAMES GILLESPIE SAMUEL MORRONE RICHARD SACK ALTON BARNETT ROBERT CO'LGAN 1W1LLIAM GREEN GILBERT MUELLER LARRY SAYRE ROBERT WESTMORELAND HUGH BASKETT R. BAUMGART'EN x ROBERT Cooma- A. S. COLOMBO STEWART HALBAUER WILLIAM MYERS RICHARD SXEBEL JOHN TENNANT I ENTAL FRATERNITY MORRIS C. YATES GRAND MASTER DON BERNARD JACK GRAFTON CHARLES HELLIER PHILLIP NALLEY DANIEL TRINLER JAMES BOONE W M. CROSSON ' x; JOHN ISSACS ALTON NEURATH DAVID VAUGHN W. O. RICHARDSON WORTHY MASTER JAMES M. REYNOLDS SCRIBE ARTHUR Bowuzs JAMES BRITT KEN DOLON MARLIN JONES NICK KAREM CHARLES NUCKOLS LARRY PACK RON ALD VOGLESONG THOMAS WAITS WILLIAM WHITE CHARLES P. BACHTEL ROBERT BROWN RICHARD KEFFER NORMAN PASH FRANK WEBER TREASURER PAUL CARNES CURT FIRKINS SPERO KEREJAKFS CARL PAYNE JOHN WENAAS PSI OMEG t Psi Omega Dental Fraternity was founded at the Baltimore College of Denta Surgery in 1892. Omicron Chapter received its charter at the University 0 Louisville in 1892. Psi Omega is a fraternity, international in scope, to cultivate the professiona qualities of its members, to further their scientific education, and to secure b cooperation, social benefits and advantages. The fraternity assists its members i all their laudable undertakings and exerts its influence untiringly for the ad vancement 0f the dental profession in its method of teaching, of practice, a research, of ethics, and of jurisprudence. The chapter's present Deputy Councilor is Dr. Harold E. Boyer, and th chapter house is located at the corner of Gray and Brook Streets. T. PAUL BARNES JAMES D. Boom EUGENE T. CAIN WILBUR COLLINS JAMES COMES ANDREW GALLAGHER WILLIAM GRAU LYNN HABACKER FREDERICK HATCHER R. MORRIS JACKSON WALTER JOHNSON B. FRANKLIN KEPLEY ROBERT LAWRENCE THOMAS MARSHALL CHARLES TOLLIVER W ILLIAM TUDOR THOMAS SEARS MERT SLOAN JOSEPH SPEARS EDWARD RITI'ER H. WADE WAMPLER 230 DENTAL FRATERNITY ROBERT E. PERKINS ROBERT W . WILSON KARL W . LANCE WALTER F. LOGAN GRAND MASTER JUNIOR GRAND MASTER SECRETARY TREASURER OVA CoMBs JAMES CONNER WILLIAM CREECH WILLIAM DEW 1. ROBERT FOWLER BOBBY HAILE WILLIAM HALEY H. L. HlNTON JOHN HOERTER WILLIAM HUDGINS KM HYLBERT McCLUNc EDDIE MOBLEY FRANK MOLLER JAMES TENERY GEORGE THOMAS MAURICE STEELE JOHN STROUD NEAL RANSDELL CHARLES REKOW AUSTIN RIDDLE CHARLES WHITLOW DONALD WICKS ' 231 www.wmnv . Mostovych. GRADUATE WOR 1 The program of the graduate school has ma facets to permit the complete development of t graduate student. The graduate student h many conferences and informal talks with the i structors in his department to help him form late his course of study and plan his future. attends classes and seminars, which delve deep and deeper into his chosen subject. Often t graduate student teaches labs and classes to gi him practical classroom experience. Of cour most graduate students are engaged in some search project related to their field of major terest. All these activities added to the ma hours of study and library research assure t graduate student of a busy stimulating life at t University of Louisville. Undergraduate student, Gay Witte, assists Chuck Dickson, graduate student in the Psychology Department, with his research in sound. Mr. Noe 0f the Education Department teaches a seminar on the administration of American schools 234 project. Tun-Ho Chen, a graduate student in the Chemistry De- partment, works in his research lab located in the Natural Science Building. abs such as this are taught by graduate students. This general chemistry b is taught by Robert Vollner. Clyde Parrish devotes Margaret Kort compares slides in her work with the Biol- ogy Department. time to research projects in his held, Chemistry. RESEARCH PROJECTS Generally graduate students, especially in the sciences, have offices or laboratories where they can pursue projects of independen study. Pictured on this page are three such students representing th departments of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The University of Louisville is one of the Sponsoring Universities 0 the Oak Ridge Nuclear Studies Institute located at Oak Ridge, Tenn see. When Masteris or Doctor,s candidates have completed their residen work, it is possible for them to go on to Oak Ridge to do their work and prepare their theses. Paul Peihon Lin 0f the Physics Department experiments with ultrasonics in research laboratory. 236 SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS Graduate students have opportunities for fellowships, scholarships, , y and assistantships while working for degrees at the University. 1 suggw I , Fellowships and scholarships are usually offered to students doing ??XW , ; research in some particular field. Assistantships are given to students who then act as lab instructors for undergraduate courses. ' ivera, a graduate student in the Chemistry Department, his organic chemistry section instructions before the 1 lab begins. Graduate students, Thorton Lipscomb and Thomas Crawford, work together on a chemical research problem. MK ', Gerald Riedling and Charles Karlner spend part Of their time as assistants in the English lab. 237 mggggu 3? war 2, mama Qv mezza; S KENT SCHOOL SECOND YEAR JOAN C. ADAMS Lexington, Kentucky M .S.S.W. CALEB C. BALLARD Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. JOSEPH A. BEA'ITY Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. LOIS SWANSON COOKE Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. ANN ELIZABETH DAVIS Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. SAMUEL G. DUGGINS Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. NEWTON MCCRAVY, JR. Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. JEAN MULLINS Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. NELLIE L. PETERS Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. HAZEL G. ROE Morehead, Kentucky M.S.S.W. ROBERT H. RYAN Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. NORMA SPRANKLE Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. KENT SCHOOL RECOND YEAR MARY D. WADDELL Valley Station, Kentucky M.S.S.W. SECOND YEAR JEWEL BAXTER CHARLOTTE BUCKLER MADGE R. MCCONNELL RACHEL N. WHITLEY 241 EDWARD J. WEAVER Louisville, Kentucky M.S.S.W. Members of the Faculty of Kent School deft to righo Mrs. Blanche Adams, Marie Yvette Lacroix, Charles L. New- man, Kathryn Brown, and Dean Ar- leigh L. Lincoln. FUTURES UNLIMITED IN THE PROFESSION OF SOCIAL WORK The held of social work is a fast growing one and the oppor- tunities afforded professionally educated men and women are extensive. The profession of social work needs people who have a healthy human interest in people of different ages and back- grounds, whose values are based on democratic convictions and a sense of social responsibility, who are eager to learn and who can apply knowledge to solving social problems. The profes sional social worker is concerned with a wide variety of social problems and is employed in departments of public assistance and public welfare, child welfare agencies and services, family service agencies, medical and psychiatric social service, in the Visiting teachersi departments of the public schools, group work agencies, corrections, rehabilitation, and in agencies concerned with community organization, social research, and social wel- fare planning. In the graduate school of social work there is a carefully worked out curriculum of class instruction, held work, and research. Close integration of the three is very important. In addition to basic instruction, there are special courses pre- paring the student for practice in a special field such as medical and psychiatric social work, school work, group work, and social work research. The Kent School student does his field work in his specialty. Through the cooperation of many social and health agencies this period of field work practice enables him to qualify as a practitioner. Normally the student spends fifteen hours a week in field practice under qualified social work supervision during the first and second semester, and twenty hours a week during the third and fourth semesters. Students may select a speciflc field of practice for held work in the third and fourth semesters. On the left side of the picture is the Agency of the Family Service Organization instructed by Mrs. Lois Roberts. On the right side is the Children's Agency headed by Mrs. Louise Fearonce. The Louisville and Jefferson County Children's Agency is found at the Ch dreifs Center on 316 East Chestnut Street. The Field Instructor is Mrs. M0 Stone tcenters and second year students, Mr. Newton McCravey, Jr. and M Norma Sprankle. 242 Some of the Louisville agencies used for practice in field work are pictured. The various second year student assist agencies include Ireland Army Hospital, LOuisville Child Guidance Clinic, Veterans Administration Re- gional thce, Bridgehaven, Veterans Administration Hospital, Mental Hygiene Clinic, Veterans Administra- tion Hospital, at Lexington, Ky., Madison State Hosa pital, Vanderburgh Child Guidance Clinic, Children's . . . Hos ital and Childr n,s nt r. tured are deft t0 righQ Mrs. Pearl Brown, Mun1c1pal Bureau of Soc1a1 p e C6 6 vices, City Department of Welfare, Mr. William Galbraith, Jefferson The iirst year of student assist agencies include the unty Juvenile Court, and Mrs. Marianna Barker, Home Service of the Municipal Bureau Of SOCial Service, LOUiSViHC General lerican Red Cross. They are held instructors for the Raymond A. Kent Hospital-Psychiatric Social VVOtk, Jefferson County Ju- 001 Of Social Work. venile Court, Jewish Social Service Agency, American Red Cross, Veterans Administration Regional Office, United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Louisville, Jewish Community Center, Travelers Aid, Louisville and Jef- ferson County ChildrenTs Home, Family and Children's Agency and Kentucky Department Of Economic Security- Division of Childrenhs Services. The Kentucky Department of Economic Security Division of Childrenk Service Agency is at 449 S. Second St. Pictured are Field Instructor Mrs. Catherine Haag and students Mr. Robert H. Ryan Gem and Mr. Raymond T. Lanthrem. The Agency of Bridgehaven is located at 2110 S. First St. Mr. Leroy Joseph, Field Instructor Gem looks at a mag- azine with Mr. Carl Adams, a student. LAW SENIORS ROBERT H. CHENAULT, JR. Anchorage, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club. PATRICK J. DIXON Louisville, Kentucky LAw Student Bar Association, Vice President; Moot Court Club, Ju- dicial Assistanceship Program; Louisville Lawyer, Reporter; Placement Committee, Chair- man; Phi Alpha Delta, Recorder. FRED W. DROGULA Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association, Presi- dent; Moot Court Club, Presi- dent; National Moot Court Rep- resentative, 1958-1959; Briefmg Service; Louisville Lawyer; Judi- cial Assistanceship; Student Bar Association; Executive Commit- tee; Phi Alpha Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa. JOHN V. EAST New Albany, Indiana LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club. OWSLEY B. FRAZIER Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association, Presi- dent; University Student Senate; Moot Court Club, Chairman of Social and Rule and Procedure Committees; Phi Alpha Delta, Warden, Executive Committee; Student Court, Chief Justice; Student Bar Association, Execu- tive Committee; Book Award, Evidence. MARION G. GILLIAM Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club, Vice President and Secretary; Student Council; Del- ta Theta Phi, Tribune; Certifl- cate of Labor Arbitration; judi- cial Assistanceship. 246 AUSTIN HANSEL Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association, Execu- tive Committee; Moot Court Club, President; Phi Alpha Del- ta, Marshal; Honor Code Com- mittee; Legal Aid Society; Brief9 ing Service; Book Award, Mu- nicipal Corporations Convoca- tions Committee. CRAWFORD E. HICKS Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club; Delta Theta Phi. JOSE IRIZARRY Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club; Phi Alpha Delta. DONALD G. LOGSDON Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association, Treas- urer; Moot Court Club; Univer- sity Student Senate, President; Phi Alpha Delta, Vice Justice; Phi Kappa Phi; Louisville Law- yer, R6porter; Newman Club, President; The Cardinal, Law School Editor; ths Who; Briefmg Service; Legal Aid; Judi- cial Assistanceship; Pi Delta Ep- silon; Religious Council; Book Awards, NIL and Labor Law; Trusteek Scholarship; Nettleroth Scholarship; Omicron Delta Kap- pa; Delta Zeta, Honorary Pledge. STUART LYON Louisville, Kentucky LAW Tau Epsilon Phi; Vice President International Relations Club; Supreme Judiciary; Library Com- mittee; Honor Code Committee; Executive Committee; Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club. ROMANO L. MAZZOLI Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club, Secretary; Briefing Service, Chairman; University Student Senate; Judicial Assist- anceship; Delta Theta Phi; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi Book Awards. LAW SENIORS HARRY B. O'DONNELL 111 Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club. NILDA SOTO DE RUIZ Fort Knox, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club. ROBERT T. SCHNEIDER Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association, Vice Justice; University of Louisville Debate Society, Vice President; Phi Alpha Delta, Secretary-Treas- urer; National Moot Court Com- petition; Veterans Club; Out- standing Law School Athlete; Louisville Lawyer, News Editor. STEVEN S. STAVRON Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association, Library and Placement Committees; Na- tional Moot Court Club; Legal Aid Society; Delta Theta Phi, Secretary. JOHN FRITH STEWART Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club; Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman; Mr. Thorough- bred, 19564957; Delta Theta Phi, Treasurer; University Stu- dent Senate; Certificate in Labor Arbitration; Kentucky Collegiate Brotherhood Week Chairman. MARTIN F. SULLIVAN, JR. Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club. WALLACE C. TALIAFERRO Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association; Moot Court Club; Delta Theta Phi, President; Briefing Service; Le- gal Aid Society. JAMES N. WEBB Louisville, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association, Presi- dent, Executive, Membership, and Social Committees; Louis- ville Lawyer, Co-Editor and Edi- tor-in-Chief; Phi Alpha Delta, Marshal, Social and Rush Chair- man; University Student Senate, Parliamentarian; Board of Stu- dent Publications; Pi Delta Ep- silon, Parliamentarian; Social Committee, Co-Chairman; Beta Upsilon. FREDERICK G. WILLIAMS Berea, Kentucky LAW Student Bar Association, Mem- bership Committee; Judicial As- sistantship; Delta Theta Phi, Master of Rituals; Book Awards; Contracts and Evidence. Two senior law students are studying in the Law Library for final examinations. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION The Student Bar Association, the Student Government of the School of Law, is patterned after the American Bar Association and is designed to familiarize law students with the functions of the Bar Association and provide a more effective and efhcient form of student government. The Bar Association performs many useful functions, such as operat- ing the Honor Code, and assisting beginning students. Members of the Student Bar Association addressing a Convocation in honor of the win- ners 0f the regional Moot Court competition. LAW JUNIORS HOBART D. BELKNAP, JR. ROBERT C. BREETZ JAMES BURNS THOMAS HARDESTY LLOYD KOEHLER ARMOND OSTROFF HELEN VINEY "x: t4 74mg a Student Bar Association OHicers: Corky Briscoe, Secretary Treasurer; Fred Drogula, President; Hobie Belknap, Vice President. aw 4 wwgna xx Minty x awe: g WWW; LAW FRESHMEN DAVID L. BECKMAN WALT L. CATO EARNEST J. EUBANKS DORIS L. FIGUEROA CHARLES W. HOODENPYL CARROLL HUBBARD, JR. GILBERTO L. IRIZARRY HAYWARD E. JOINER ROBERT H. MALONE W. TERRY MCBRAYER RICHARD D. REMMERS E. MICHAEL RUNNER COLETFE M. SAMUELSON FRANK W. SHOCK, III JAMES L. SIMPSON, III JOHN E. SLOAN MARVIN B. UNDERWOOD MOOT COURT CLUB The Moot Court Club affords students an opportunity to present cases on both the appellate and trial levels. The Club also participates in the National Moot Court Competition held each year, by sending two of its outstanding advocates to compete with students from other law schools throughout the nation. The Moot court program is operated by the Moot Court Committee of the Student Bar Association, Prof. Ralph S. Petrilli, faculty advisor. A at; a oot Court Club Ofiicers: Roy Turner, Pres- nt; Richard Remmers, Secretaly; Robert L . -stings, Vice President. ! 'ar students prepare briefs and argue e cases with members of the faculty iors as judges, LEGAL AID The University of Louisville School of Law is filling its social and moral obligation to the com nity by providing free legal assistance to the citiz of this city Who are financially unable to secure services of an attorney. The Legal Aid is staffed by junior and senior students. Knowledge gained should prepare them meet the public in an advisory capacity similar that which they will be doing after graduation. LEFT TO RIGHT: Alex Rose, Charles Trevathan, Fred Drogula, Attorney Jim i Thornberry, and Bob Hastings. i l 1 FACULTY The University of Louisville Law School has eighteen full faculty carries on independent research in addition to their and part time professors. Most of the part-time faculty has regular teaching assignments. an additional law practice. The full time members of the Professors of the day division discuss a current research project. SEATED: Oti s P. Dobie, William F. Dolson, and Joseph S. Johnson. STANDING: Ralp Petrilli, Laurence W. Knowles, Dean Marlin M. V012, and Carl A. Warns. JUDICIAL ASSISTANCESHIP Under the guidance of Professor William Peden, students appointed as Judicial assistants work with the Jefferson Circuit Court Judges. The major objectives of the program are to give law students ap- pointed to the program practical training in court room technique and practice; to become acquainted with what is known as court house pro- cedure; to give judges assistance; and to bring a closer integration of the bench and bar and the School of Law. The Law School has promoted another first in this program as it has done under the Briehng Service. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim W'ebb, Patrick Dixon, Wally Taliaferro, Ron Mazzoli, Don Logsdon, Fred Williams, and Fred Drogula. BRIEFING SERVICE The Briefing Service, founded in 1936, was the first such problems. Iogram in the nation and marks one of the outstanding . . . The Briehn Service also ives students an o ortunit to hlevements 1n the Umted States. g g pp y work with actual problems, and thus this organization fos- The functions of the Briehng Service are to render a re- ters a closer relationship between students and practicing arch service to members of the Kentucky Bar, whose li- members of the bar. The Brieflng Service does this work nary facilities are inadequate, and to solve complicated legal without charge to the attorney who submits each problem. FT T0 RIGHT: Austin Hansel, Ron Mazzoli, Don Logsdon, Bob Hastings, and Fred Drogula. PHI ALPHA DELTA. FIRST Row: Fred Drogula, Tom Brown, Jim McDonald, Alex Rose, justice; Bill Buekaway, Boy Turner, Graysoti Johnson, Charr Polan, Richard Remmers, Austin Hansel. SECOND Row: Hayward Joiner, Charles Trevathan, Jim Webb, Bob Sullivan, qu Malone, Jim Slmpson, - Walsh, Walt Cato, Gil Irizarry. THIRD Row: Corky Briscoe, Lamont Hornbatck, Dave Thompson, Don Logsdon, C, H. Francls, Jerry Lynn, Bob Breetz, J Profitt, Tim Taylor, Bob Hastings, Chuck Sandmann, Hobie Belknap, Bob Schneider. PHI ALPHA DELTA Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity was founded in 1897. The Vinson Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta was installed at the Uni- versity of Louisville in 1935. The Louisville Alumni Chapter was founded in 1949. Phi Alpha Delta chapters are located in class "A" Law Schools which are members of the Association of. American Law Schools. The Fraternity seeks to cultivate a closer bond of friendship between lawyers and students, to promote social and intellectual intercourse among its members, and to attain a higher and broader culture than that afforded by the regular college course. DELTA THETA PHI Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity was founded in 1900 and installed at the University of Louisville in 1948. The Louisville Alumni Senate was installed in 1951 with Dean A. C. Russell as Chairman. The object of Delta Theta Phi is to unite congenial law school students, to lead them to high scholarship, and to advance such interests in every college of law with which this fraternity is associated. DELTA THETA. PHT. FIRST Row: Wally Taliaferroi, Dean; Steve Stavaroin, Marion Gilliam, Fred Williams, Don Waggoner, Ernie Eubanks. SECOND R0 Jack Stephens, B111 Rlchardson, Don Lawson, Dan Burke, Bill LaDuke, Walt Krieger, Lamont Hagan, Scott Thompson, Mike Runner, LBS HOUSt $1.151? tROW: William Bernard, Crawford HiCkS, Bill Richardson, John Sloan, Ken Hammond, Jerry N311, Jim Sohan, Jim Slattery, Hale Nutt, Jo. e v r . i ' K. The Law Librarian; Pearl iV. Von Allman, ongressman Frank W. Burke, former alumni, talks to Dean Volz and students of the aw School. The library of the Law School is one of the most complete in the State of Kentucky and among the best in the entire South. It has over 44,000 volumes which have been selected with the idea of making the library as complete and practical as possible. Among the 135 legal period- icals and special collections are the papers of Justice Brandeis and Justice Harlan. Any member of the bar of the state is cordially invited to use the library, and an invitation is extended to visitors and prospective future law- yers. Off to the Moot Court National Competition in New York were I red Drogula, Bob Hastings, and Charlie Trevathan, The Univer- ity of Louisville team, champions in regional competition, lost in , . , Secreta anet R van assists Ha ward oiner in re arin the final rounds of natlonal competition. ry J i y J p p g a schedule for the coming term. 5w misamw 3,22? .: ?Ww a VWM mg Medical Seniors JAMES DOUGLAS ADAMS Martin, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. JAMES EDGAR ADAMS Wickliffe, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. DAVID F. ARCHER Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi; Student Senate. GEORGE M. BARTELS Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. A. GLENN BARTON Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. DONALD CLYDE BARTON Williamsburg, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. JAMES LYLE BECK Jamestown, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. EVERETT E. BICKERS, JR. Campbellsburg, Kentucky MEDICINE JAMES G. BLAND Lebanon, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. VERNON BUNDY London, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi; PATSY R. BURNS Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE EDWARD L. CALLAHAN Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. Medical LOGAN RAY CAMPBELL Liberty, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. FRANK H. CATRON Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE RAY ALINGTON CAVE Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE STUART PHILIP COHEN Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon, vice-presi dent. DAVID M. COLLINS Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon, president; Views, editor. ARTHUR T. DAUS, JR. Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Epsilon Delta; Class, secretary. Junior Seniors JOHN RICHARD DEEN Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. GRADY L. DICKINSON Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kap- pa Kappa. CHARLES DAVID EVERSOLE Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. LLOYD A. F ASSETT Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE WILLIAM J. FRIZZELL Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa, corre- sponding secretary. JAMES EDWARD GAMBLE Earlington, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi; Senior Class, president. Medical Seniors GARLAND R. GARST Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. RICHARD H. GOLD Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon, Vice-council, historian; Junior Class, treasur- er; SAMA representative. EDWARD DEVERRE GOURIEUX Paducah, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa, historian. CHARLES G. GRIGSBY Martin, Kentucky MEDICINE Christian Medical Society GEORGE GILBERT GUSSET Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon JOHN M ELVIN HALL Salyersville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi; junior Class, president. STANLEY HAMMONS Manchester, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa WILLIAM R. HANDLEY Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. LEE A. HEINE Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Epsilon Delta-Omega Del- ta Kappa; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Chi. CRIT HOBBS Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. KEN W. HODGE Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. GILBERT W. HOPKINS Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. Medical ROBERT A. HUMMEL Williamsburg, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. THOMAS S. HUTSELL Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE J. WESLEY JOHNSON W'illiamsburg, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. HENRY ALLEN JONES Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. JOHN OLIVER JONES Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. BERTRAM KAHN Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon. Seniors RUDY KOVACHEVICH Gary, Indiana MEDICINE JACK D. LEWIS Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE CHARLES D. LIT'I'ON Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. JOHN PASCHAL LONGSTAFF, JR. Morganfleld, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi; Senior Class, secretary JOHN MARSH Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. GENEVA METZLER MATLOCK Paducah, Kentucky MEDICINE Medical Seniors MELVIN L. MATLOCK Paducah, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. JOHN XV. McCLELLAN, JR. Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. JOHN J. MCHUGH Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Omega Alpha. ROBERT V. M CKECHNIE Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa; Woodcock Society, Phi Kappa Phi; Sopho- more Class, president; Student Council; SAMA, vice-president. CHARLES M ERCER Murray, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. J. THOMAS MILLER, JR. Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE C.M.S. vice-president, president. ROBERT MONTGOMERY Paintsville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi; Woodcock Society. CHARLES R. NOBLE Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi; Phi Kappa Phi. CHARLES RAPP OBERST Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Chi. NORA B. OLDHAM Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Kappa Phi; Sophomore Class, secretary. BOBBIE B. PATTERSON Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. CLARENCE K. PETERS Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa, chaplain. Medical ALVIN D. POWELEIT Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. JOHN MARTIN REED Georgetown, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa; Senior Class, president. HENRY SCHIRMER RILEY Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. LOWELL C. SALLEE Richmond, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. ROGER DUNCAN SALOT Lebanon, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. TED J SANDERS Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. Seniors JAMES R. SCHRAND Anchorage, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa, treasurer. LARRY JACK SCOTT Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Christian Medical Society, pres- ident. WALTER NEIL SCOTT Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha, president; Mosby Book Award. ROBERT GRAYSON SELF Elkhorn City, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. DARL B. SHIPP Dry Ridge, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. JAMES W. SMITH Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Chi; Chris- tian Medical Society, presiding senior; Medical School Student Council; Senior Class, treasurer. Medical Seniors ROBERT AUSTIN SMITH San Pedro, California MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa, executive council; Student body, executive council; Surgical Research Schol- arship; ths Who. WILLIAM H. SMITH Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. DANIEL D. SPARKS Brooks, Kenutcky MEDICINE Phi Kappa Phi; Woodcock So- ciety; Delta Phi Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; International Rela- tions Club; Alpha Epsilon Delta. DON R. STEPHENS Lyndon, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. JAMES B. TOLLIVER Jackson, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. J. W. URTON Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa, president. WILLIAM MCCLURE WALLER Verona, Kentucky MEDICINE W. E. WALTRIP Owensboro, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi. CHARLES A. WEBB Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa. CRAIG C. WETZELBERGER Louisville, Kentucky MEDICINE Phi Chi; Phi Kappa Phi; Wood- cock Society. MAX E. WHEELER Ashland, Kentucky MEDICINE Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kap- pa Kappa. Medical Seniors MARVIN YUSSMAN Louisville, Kentucky JOSEPH M. WINTERS Cynthiana, Kentucky MEDICINE MEDICINE Phi Chi. Phi Delta Epsilon; Tau Epsilon Phi, president; Ford Scholar- ship. Juniors JOSEPH B. ALEXANDER JAMES HYMAN EDWARD K. MARTIN, JR. WILLIAM L. PESCI JERRY PHELPS MARTIN D. PODGAINY ROBERT SCIAVONE Sophomores HERBERT ERHART LARRY GOLDBERG ALLAN GORETSKY CHARLES M. HARGADON DONALD KATZ EDWARD C. KRECKER EDWARD E. LANDIS CHESTER MORRIS Freshmen A BERT HOLBROOK ROBERT S. DAVIS STUART W. FINE JOSEPH G. WHELAN, JR. WILLIAM YOUNG GOLDEN AIRZZIE W. GREENE, JR. Medical Freshmen RANDALL HARPER DAVID HEIDEMAN ERNEST HOLBROOK TERRELL MAYS THOMAS JONES ROBERT PAULL JAMES WALKER PAUL G. YOUNG Medical Technology Seniors ELAINE T. HOLT JOAN L. LESHER WANDA E. ROBB Underclassmen GERI THOMASSON MARILYN LEVINE The Freshman year at Medical School offers a survey of the basic field of medicine with em- phasis on the human structure. Lectures are held in the morning and after lunch begin the afternoon labs. It is during the labs that the students are able to ask questions and examine individually the parts of the hu- man body. Dr. Wagner is shown here with the book illus- trating the human skull and its functions. The skull he holds in his hand offers the student a chance to examine for himself what he has read and then to make drawings. MEDICAL SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL The Medical School Stu- lent Council is composed f two elected members r0111 each class plus the lass Presidents. The ouncil meets every Thurs- ay on the Fifth Floor of ouisville General Hospi- a1 where it has a private meeting room. Each year it tponsors the Christmas onvocation at Medical ch001,s Rankin Memorial t mphitheatre. They repre- .ent a liaison between the aculty and the students 'md make recommenda- tions to the Dean of Medi- cal School. The officers are: Robert McKechnie, President; Gordon Gutman, Vice President; and Olson Huff, Secretary-Treasurer. 1.1111-"1t41t0 RIGHT: 13. jolmson, IX Cams. j. Gamble, J1 Smith, P. Hulsnmn, O. Huft. R. MCKechnie, G. Gutman, D. Lawrence, B. Elhotl. J. Hzlfner, J. W'helen. PHI DELTA EPSILON FRATERNITY Phi Delta Epsilon Medi- cal Fraternity was founded nationally in 1904. There are forty-nine chapters. Phi Chapter was estab- lished at the University of Louisville Medical School in 1916. Most of the mem- bers are seniors practicing at Louisville General Hos- pital. The house is located behind the Hospital and the members go over for hot lunches and relaxation during a busy day. The officers are: David Collins, Consul; Stuart Co- hen, First Vice Consul; Mi- chael Lobell, Second Vice Consul; Allan Goretsky, Scribe; and Martin Pod- gainy, Chancellor. 1 . ST Row: B. Kahn, M. Podgamy, B. Cohen, D. Drutz, A. Iisrig, D. Katz, D. Ling. SECOND Row: G. Gusset, G. n, A. Goretsky. THIRD Row: P. Dodell. G. L. DICKINSON EDWARD HAICK TOM MCNEILL RALPH BALLARD JOHN DEEN HAROLD OWENS ALPHA KAPPA KAPP Alpha Kappa Kappa Medical Fraternity was founded 11 tionally in 1888. Alpha Nu Chapter was established at the Un versity of Louisville in 1909. GEORGE BARTELS JAMES BECK JAMES BRASHEAR BARNEY ELLIOTT JOHN FIELDING WILLIAM FRIZZELL GILBERT HOPKINS CHARLES HOWARD P. W. KELLY BOBBIE PATTERSON KENNETH PETERS ROBERT Porrs JAMES R. SCHRAND ROBERT SELF ROBERT SMITH WILLIAM SMITH DON STEPHENS EDICAL FRATERNITY The house is located at 233 East College Street, where meet- gs are held every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. Alpha Kappa appa provides eating accommodations and living quarters for 5 members. President Vice-Presz'dent Secretary . Treasurer LOGAN CAMPBELL FRANK CATRON C. D. CAWOOD GARLAND GARST EDWARD KRECKER E. D. COURIEUX JOHN HABERMEL ELMER HACKER OFFICERS . J. W. URTON BARNEY ELLIOTT . ED KRECKER LOGAN CAMPBELL STANLEY HAMMONS DAVID LAWRENCE CHARLES LITTON MELVIN MATLOCK ROBERT MCKECHNIE ALVIN POWLEIT J. M. REED HENRY RILEY ROGER SALOT ROBERT TATE ROBERT TOWNSEND J. W. URTON CHARLES WEBB ROBERT SCHIAVONE MAX WHEELER PHI CHI The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity was founded nationally in 1889 and the Alpha Alpha Chapter was established at the Uni- versity of Louisville in 1894. Alpha Alpha Chapter of Phi Chi is the oldest chapter in the United States. DAVID ARCHER BENNETT ASHER TED BALLARD ROBERT BEANBLOSSOM GEORGE BERRY EVERETT BICKERS JAMES BLAND VERNON BUNDY EDWARD CALLAHAN JAMES GAMBLE JOHN M. HALL WILLIAM HANDLEY CHARLES HARGADON VERNON HART PHILIP HULSMAN ROBERT HUMMEL J. WESLEY JOHNSON HENRY JONES JOHN JONES JOHN MARSH EDWARD MARTIN, JR. JOHN MCCLELLAN WILLIAM MCCORMACK CHARLES MERCER ROBERT MONTGOMERY JOHN STOECKINGER BERNARD SAMS TED SANDERS WALTER SCOTT DARL SHIPP JAMES SMITH tDICAL FRATERNITY The house is located at 220 East Gray Street. The men live in the house which provides eating, recreational, and studying facilities. Each year Alpha Alpha Chapter sponsors the Dougal OFFICERS Dollar lectureship at the School of Medicine. Presiding Senior . . . . . . . JAMES SMITH- Presiding Junior . . . . . . . TED BALLARD Secretary . . . . . . . . . MIKE THOMAS Treasurer . . . . . . . . . JOE LAMKIN DON BARTON P. C. CAMPBELL WILLIAM COLLIS JAMES CURRY CHARLES EVERSOLE PAUL FLEITZ VERYL FRYE, JR. WILBl'R HELMUS GLENN HOGANCAMP JAMES HOLBROOK MICHAEL LOUREY RUDY KOVACIIEvqu J01. LAMKIN ED E. LANDIS FRANK LEHN CHARLES NOBLIC CHARLES OBERST L. G. OWEN WILLIAM PESCI LARRY RAYMOND LOWELL SALLEE MICHAEL THOMAS JIM TOLLIVER RUSSELL TRAVIS W. E. VVALTRIP CRAIG XVETZELBERGER JOE WITHERS Mgm 3 2 : 3:2?131 ' x u MUSIC SENIORS KRISTINE BECK Louisville, Kentucky MICHAEL NEELY New Albany, Indiana B.M.E. B.M.E. University Orchestra; Student Phi Mu Alpha, Secretary; Phi Council. Kappa Tau, Pledge Class Vice President; University Choir. YVONNE DRISKELL Louisville, Kentucky B.M . Delta Omicron, President and Treasurer; Student Council; B.S.U. Secretary; University Choir. ANNETTE OFFUTT Louisville, Kentucky B.M. Sigma Alpha Iota, President; Student Council; Mortar Board, Treasurer; University Choir. WANDA J. EDWARDS Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. Delta Zeta, Secretary; Sigma A1- pha Iota; Band; Orchestra; Bar- bershop Quartet Contest. SHERREE OWENS Louisville, Kentucky B.M. University Choir, President; Stu- dent Council, Secretary. CAROLE E. GITTLI Louisville, Kentucky University Choir; Student Coun- Cil. MARY K. TREITZ Louisville, Kentucky B.M. Delta Omicron; Student Coun- cil; Choral Union. Music School students fmd time to dg cuss their theory assignment befo: class. ' 272 MUSIC JUNIORS TIFFANY ADE Jo ANN BAXTER EUGENE CASSADAY MILDRED KEMP GAYLE MILLS GWYN MILLS JUNE NOBLE MONA K. STURGEON CAROL WEISS GRACE WIECK SOPHOMORES JOHN ALBRECHT BRUCE BRUMLEY JOAN COOPER ANN GILLIGAN MARY KAY JONES KYLE LINDSEY MARY HELEN ROMINE TERRY SAMMONs WAYNE TYLER GUY WARREN BONNIE WAUGH - FRESHMEN LARRY BROWN PAT BUCKNER FRANCES CARPER LLOYD COLLINS TERRY CRAVENS RUTH FOSSIT TOMMY GILES SHIRLEY ANN LEE CHARLES MALLORY BOBBYE OSSMAN LINDA OWEN PAUL WALLACE 273 MUSIC SCHOO STUDHWFCOUNO The purpose of the Stu- dent Council is to provide the student government for the School of Music. The council regulates all af- fairs to the common inter- est 0f the students. It also provides the students the opportunity of promoting active leadership, academic life, and the extracurricu- lar activities within the University. The officers are: Carol Weiss, president; Grace Wieck, vice president; Mary Helen Romine, sec- retary; and Ruth Hilton, treasurer. FIRST Row: C. Weiss, C. Jordan, J. Noble, G. Wieck, M. H. Romain, R. Hilton. SECONT Row: A. Gilligan, B, Brumley, L. Jones, T. Giles, M. Laney, Sponsor. tABOVEl All day Tuesday and Thursday is spent at the Music School. There is barely enough time to get a quick snack before returning to classes. Recreational facilities include ping pong tables in the basement, a basketball area in the courtyard, while football and softball are played in the large front yard. The ballroom is available throughout the year for dances and other social events. GARDENCOURT Gardencourt, a former mansion, has bee since 1947, the home of the Universityls musi school. Little renovation had been made in the ori- inal design of the mansion. The long receptio hall, French doors, and hand carved furnitur is still used by the students. The old kitchen i now the cafeteria serving over a hundred st dents and faculty daily. There are many practice rooms located in bot the main building and the Cottage. These ar available for student use from 7 a.m. to 10 p. daily. A11 is not work at Gardencourt for the School of Music hosts many social functions during the school year. The Harvest Moon Festival, an annual dance given in the early autumn, is one of the biggest social activities on the cam- pus calendar. The beautiful buildings and lovely grounds form a perfect setting for the ballroom dancing, square dancing and informal singing around the bonfire which climaxes the evening. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the music fraternity, sponsors two dances during the year. The first is an informal party- dance in December. The second is their annual spring for- mal. The dance is given as part of the Derby-Week festiv- ities. One of the most important events in the history of Gar- dencourt occurred last November. Louisville was honored to play host to five eminent Russian composers who were visiting this country. The Russians Visited Gardencourt and attended a banquet in their honor. They also sat in on a student convocation and recital. The students were greatly impressed by the Russian composers. Dimitri Kabalevsky, one of the composers, said, HAbove all, you must love art , n . . . . more than you love tOUYSEIf. Two mmic school students take advantage of intermlssmn at the Harvest Moon Festival to show their dates the beautiful old home. The bonfire and informal singing at the Harvest Moon Festival has become traditional. The Russian composers attending the banquet were: Fikret Amirov, Konstantin Dankevich, Dmitri Kabalevsky, Tikhon Khrennikov, and Dmitri Shostakovich. ecorating the halls with boughs of holly" are Gene Cassaday, 01 Weiss, and Grace W'eick. TWVENTY-FIRST GLASS FIRST ROW: Licut. L. W. Rucker, Dallas, Texas; Sgt. Joe R. Honaker, Bristol, Virginia; Offlcer Jon Higgins, Louisville, Kentucky; Lieut. Jimmie B. Ctannu Grecnville, North Carolina; Sgt. Lewis 15. Blenard, Hagerstown, Maryland; Lieut. Clyde E. Longacre, Akron, Ohio. SECOND Row: Officer Henry Bergfeld, Louis, Missouri; Investigator Joseph T. Masters, Alabama Department of Public Safety; Officer John Bcn Pitts, New Bern, North Carolina; Sergeant W. Rabon, Columbia, South Carolina; Lieut. H. Glenn Holt, Opelika, Alabama; Omcer Edward Turnbull, Louisville, Kentucky; Detective Sgt. E. L. Gra Little Rock, Arkansas. THIRD Row: Detective Clyde G. Miller, Charleston, XVest Virginia; Sergeant Ellis M. Meekins, Raleigh, North Carolina; Lieut. Ar C. Boyes, Parma, Ohio; Capt. T. B. Scagrovcs, Durham, North Carolina; Sergeant Rufus L. Moberly, Kentucky State Police; Sergeant Robert E App Greensboro, Nofth Carolina. FOURTH Row: Sgt. Charles A. Cook, Jefferson County, Kentucky; Ofiicer Coleman Covington, Louisville, Kentucky; Agent 13' Collins, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division; Detective Sergeant John Best, Asheville, North Carolina; District Investigator James W. Swind Georgia Forestry Commission; Sergeant Melvin G. Basilius, Ohio State Highway Patrol; Sergeant John Laws, North Carolina Highway Patrolt CLASS OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . JOHN LAWS Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . T. B. SEAGROVES Omtor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HENRY BERGFELD Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . CHARLES A. COOK Chaplain. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .W.E.RABON C01. Stanley R. Schrotel, Chief of Police, Cincinnati, Ohio, gives student the Southern Police Institute information on the collection and preserva of evidence. Left to right are B. O. Mauney, C01. Schrottel, Geo. Ander C. T. Andreano; and seated is P. M. Flores. C01. David A. McCandless tseatedt shows students from North Carolina the Certificate of Graduation they are to receive. Left to right are Sgt. Guthrie, C. E. Mayo, Jr., and C. H. Caswell. 27S TWENTY-SECOND CLASS T Row: Capt. Glenn Parr, Oklahoma Dept. of Public Safety; Sgt. Ernest Guthrie, North Carolina Highway Patrol; Sgt. Conway H. Haswell, Raleigh, rth Carolina; Sgt. D. C. Barber, Virginia State Police; Sgt. Oscar Long, Jr., Louisville, Kentucky; Sgt. Verble Orr, Little Rock, Arkansas; Trooper William bert Chapman, Jr., Tennessee Highway Patrol. SECOND Row: Captain Erdulfo Pagala, Philippine Constabulary; Corporal Edward A. Jackson, Ohio State ghway Patrol; Sgt. John W. Balcerak, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Sgt. Willard P. Kelly, Kentucky State Police; Sgt. Charles J. Fisher, Tampa, Florida; Lieut. rvey L. Howell, Tucson, Arizona; Sgt. Stanley R. Grothaus, Cincinnati, Ohio; Licut. Bonifacio V. Cutillar, Philippine Constabulary. THIRD Row: Sgt. orge S. XVinstead, Jefferson County, Kentucky; Detective Marvin G. Strode, Savannah, Georgia; Sgt. Clifford Le Frye, St. Petersburg, Florida; Lieut. George Cole, Maryland State Police; Officer Alvin XV. Kley, Louisville, Kentucky; Detective 'William P. Vaught, South Norfolk, Virginia; Major Pedro M. Flores, 15.1., Philippines. FOURTH Row: Asst. Chief of Police Charles T. Andreano, Des Moines, Iowa; Detective Bobby G. Mauney, Louisville, Kentucky; Public ety Technician, ICA, George Anderson, State Department, XVashington, D. Q; Capt. tCtDy Willis E. Routen, Bloomington, Indiana; Agent, George H. der, Jr., South Carolina, Law Enforcement Division; Lieut. Elton J. Coulon, Dallas, Texas; Lieut. Ralph H. Holmes,vA1aba1na Dept. of Public Safety; tective Dennis C. LaPradd, Homestead, Florida; Sgt. Carl E. Mayo, Jn, New Bern, North Carolina. CLASS OFFICERS President. . . . . . . . . . . . . .ERNEST GUTHRIE Vice President . . . . . . . . . . CHARLES T. ANDREANO Orator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CLIFFORD L. FRYE Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . MARVIN STRODE Chaplain. . . . . . . . . . . . . .EDWARD JACKSON r the end of each term simulated crimes are staged by groups of students investigated by others. Here evidence is presented by District Investigav Jas. W. Swindell, Georgia Forestry Commission, to Investigator Jos. T. ters, Alabama Dept. of Public Safety; Sgt. M. G. Basilius, Ohio State way Patrol; and Detective Jon Higgins, Louisville, Kentucky. Instruction at the Southern Police Institute is entirely by the lecture method. During the three months that he attended the Institute, De- tective Arthur J. Bilek, of the Cook County allinoisy States Attorney's Office, compiled nine notebooks of lecture notes. 279 Governor G. Mennen Williams, Michigan, trigho lectures during two-weck seminar on State Police Administration. OUTSTANDING LECTURERS VISIT INSTITUTE It has been said that no program of training is b. than its staff of instructors. Under the leadership of D tor David A. McCandless and his two Associate Direc Rolland L. Soule and John C. Klotter, the Institute sesses three of the top experts in police administrat Each class receives the benelit of lectures by Universitj Louisville faculty members in addition to approxima fifty Visiting authorities and police executives in all varying aspects of police science and administration. Classroom instruction in the Southern Police Institut supplemented with practical field problems to give 6. student a working knowledge of the latest methods of enforcement and to increase his administrative value to local department. The instruction is given through the dium of lectures, demonstrations, field trips, simulated cidents, and classroom discussions. Students are encoura to exchange ideas among themselves and are given OPJ tunities during the term for leadership. Before graduat each student is required to give audio-visual demons tions in widely differing phases of law enforcement. main objective of the Institute is to instill in each stuc the ability and enthusiasm to teach other members of local department what he has learned. Professor Fred E. Inbau, Northwestern University School of Law, demon- strates effective methods of Interrogation. 280 MINARS program of mid-win- seminars in the three- th period between the and Spring terms is of- u by the Institute. Four fnars, each lasting two I s, are held annually 1'11 uary, February and ch. The thirty ofhcers pted for each seminar y subjects of major im- ance in law enforce- t. Instruction at the inars is, as in the regu- terms, 011 the Visiting urer method. The lec- subjects range from ce Administration, Sci- fic Investigation of e, The Science of Fin- prints, Human Rela- s and Human Behavior, ce Records and Com- 1ications, Police and the mile Offender t0 Meth- and Techniques for P0- Instructors, The Police- and the Law, and A1- 01 and Road Traffic. Captain Robert Borkenstein, Chairman, Department of Police Administration. Indiana University, demonsteatcs hreath-testing apparatus to students at the Southern Police Institute. tLeft t0 righo Sergeant Stanley R. Grothaus, Cincinnati Ohio; Agent George H. Fender, J1. South Carolina Law Enforcement Division; Captain Borkenstein; Lieutenant Harvey 1.. Howell, Tucson, Arizona. ature 0f the two-week seminar on Police and the juvenile Offender was 21 panel of four high school students from t'Youth Speaks", who presented the age attitude toward juvenile problems. ngm ,ginge: KSWW Rm: 3;? KN z :10: 39:32:92.; Max:293; mam 51;; $2,ngng K ? Augggsmgss w E K :32: 7: x , T K L T ymwwwym mmm TIME? 9: 4 x Mm X52 ; T W WK 252g: Mfggg 32:4 Tsim w; vw wean; Ligig: W; "35;: TT' 2., gm ELEM VI; 33,; w m "M37192 3V; ":r5k,fii V; K; EM mm gwrsc A u a g y K ?wziie kg; ; ??u t in Mngzmtgp; giaw " Mir; may; wszgmww ; T239333; wmvmv 7 K Wygwuzww W M. ghmmmawilxs , M534" 352393;; v mm :7 . K m magi KstTtmiaggw-g , Jesgffw ii 6' e h MGJQKWK; A M ngwggym 313?: 5 Eu muygx AWN Kmm K; jar? SPEED SCHOO SENIORS THOMAS R. ALDRLDGE Jeffersonville, Indiana B.E.E. Lambda Chi Alpha, Ritualist, Corresponding S e cre tary; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. ROBERT J. ANDRES Floyd Knobs, Indiana B.E.E. Newman Club; A.I.E.E.; Engi- neefs Day. DONALD S. ARMES Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. A.S.M.E.; Eagle and Anchor Society; Masthead, Editor; NROTC, Outstanding Junior Award. JERRY E. BISHOP Louisville, Kentucky B.CH.E. Theta Tau, President, Treasur- er; A.I.Ch.E., Treasurer; Speed School Student Council; Intra- mural Football, Softball; Turkey Trot. JAMES H. BLANCHAR Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer, Cor- responding Secretary, Chaplain, Homecoming Co-Chairman; A.S.C.E., Social Chairman; Can- terbury Club, President; Reli- gious Council, President; NROTC, Drill Team, Color Guard; Sigma Tau. CHARLES K. BROWN Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. A.S.C.E., Secretary; NROTC; Newman Club; Intramurals; Ea- gle and Anchor Society; Mast head. 284 DAVID L. BRUCKER Louisville, Kentucky B.CH.E. Senior Class, Secretary; Speed School Student Council, Secre- tary; Triangle, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Correspond- ing Secretary; Speed Engineer, Managing Editor; Sigma Tau, Secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; U. of L. Chem- ical Honorary Society; Universal Oil Products Award; Cochran' Foil Award; AIChE. Intramural Sports. ERNEST W. BUSH New Albany, Indiana B.M.E. A.S.M.E.; Intramural, Softball, Football. JOHN P. CLARK Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E.; Engineefs Day; Intra- mural Sports; Triangle, House Manager, Corresponding Secre- tary. OLIVER R. CLARK Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Chairman; Speed School Student Council; New- man Club; Sigma Tau. WILLIAM L. CONGER Louisville, Kentucky B.CH.E. Phi Kappa Tau, Treasurer; Sig- ma Tau; University Student Sen- ate; Speed School Student Coun- cil; Speed Engineer, Editor; A.I.Ch.E., Chairman; Freshman Class, President; Pi Delta Epsi- lon; ths Who. MARVIN O. COMSTOCK Pleasure Ridge Park, Ky. B.E.E. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. MICHAEL CURLEY Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Master, Steward; Pi Delta Epsilon, Ser- geant-at-Arms; Speed School Stu- dent Council, President; Senior Class President; Speedway, Co- Editor; Speed Engineer, Business Staff, AiS.M.E. Editor; A.S.M.E.; Cardinal, Circulation Manager, Speed School Editor; Thorough- bred, Business Manager; Uni- versity Student Senate; Whois Who; Newman Club; Eagle and Anchor Society; NROTC, Drill Team; Beta Upsilon. LAURENCE CURRY, JR. Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. Triangle, Vice President, Secre- tary; A.S.C.E.; Intramural Sports; Speed Engineer, C.E. Editor. F. E. DAHLEM Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. A.S.M.E., Award Chairman; New- man Club, Eagle 8: Anchor So- ciety; Speed Engineer; Intra- murals. JOHN W. EICHHORN 111 Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Engineer's Day; Intramural Softball. DAVID J. ELPERS Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. Phi Kappa Tau, Vice Presi dent; A.I.E.E.: I.R.E.; A.S.T.M.; Homecoming Commission Head; Intramural Sports; Engineers Day; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma, President; University Student Senate; Speed School Student Council; NROTC Battalion Commander; NROTC, outstanding Junior, Pre-senior; A.S.M.E.; Cardinal; Speed Engi- neer; Whois Who; Intramural Diving Champ. LOUIS F. ERB Louisville, Kentucky B.CH.E. A.I.C.E.; Eagle EQ Anchor So- Ciety; NROTC Scholarship; En- gineer's Day. SPEED SCHOOL SENIORS ROBERT E. EXLEY Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. A.S.C.E.; Intramurals: Engineer's Day. EARL W. GALLOWAY Villa Park, Illinois B.CH.E. Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary; Eagle 8: Anchor Society; A.I.C.E.; Engineer's Day; Speed School Student Council; Intramural Sports; NROTC Scholarship. ROBERT A. GANDIN Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E.; Intramural Sports; Vet- eranis Organization; Engineer's Day. ROBERT J. GATENBEE, JR. Anchorage, Kentucky B.M.E. A.S.M.E.; American Rocket So- ciety, President University of Louisville Chapter. WILLIAM C. GIBSON Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E. DONALD E. GODBEY Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. Phi Kappa Tau, Sergeant-at- Arms; University Student Sen- ate; Speed School Student Coun- cil; Newman Club, President, Vice President; Thoroughbred, Military Editor; Cardinal, Speed School Editor; Speed Engineer, Business Manager; Omicron Del- ta Kappa; Sigma Tau, Treasurer; Pi Delta Epsilon; Eagle and An- chor Society, Secretary; Navy Bat- talion, Executive OfEcer; Speed School Student Council; Sopho- more Class Vice President; A.S.C.E.; Intramural Sports. SPEED SCHOOL SENIORS JOSEPH D. GREENWELL Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. JAMES P. GRUBBS Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.; Intramural Sports; Engineefs Day. EUGENE J. GUELDA Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. A.S.M.E.; N ewman Club; A.S.T.E. THOMAS G. HAMMACK Louisville, Kentucky Varsity Track; L-Club; I.R.E. DAVID N. HITZ Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. Lambda Chi Alpha; A.S.M.E.; Intramural Sports. CHARLES HOFFMAN Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. 286 FRANK J. HORLANDER Jeffersonville, Indiana B.EE. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.; Engineer's Day; Newman Club; Speed Engineer. HAROLD G. HOTOPP Louisville, Kentucky B,Ch.E. Lambda Chi Alpha; A.I.C.E. RAYMOND B. HUNTER Louisville, Kentucky B.1VI.E. A.SAM.E.; A.R.S.; Eagle 8: Anchor Society; Varsity Rifle Team; NROTC Rifle Team; Lambda Chi Alpha. EDWARD J. KALTENBACHER Louisville, Kentucky B.Ch.E. Phi Kappa Tau; Sigma Tau, President, Treasurer; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Louisville Chemical Honor So- ciety; Speed School Student Council; Newman Club; Intra- mural Sports; Speed Engineer; Chemical Rubber Chemistry Award; A.I.C.E.; A.S.T.M. Award. JOHN F. KASTENSMIDT Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. A.S.C.E.; EngineerEs Day; Theta Tau, Treasurer; Arnold Air So- ciety, Secretary; A.S.T.M,; New- man Club. NEIL C. KUEHNAST Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. A.S.C.E., President; Intramural Sports. BERNARD A. KUTE Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E.; Newman Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary. CHARLES R. LEAP Speed, Indiana B.C.E. A.S.C.E., Treasurer; NROTC; Eagle and Anchor. LEWIS I. GORDON Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. AFROTC; Color Guard; Drill Team; AFROTC Kentucky Air National Guard Leadership Award; Theta Epsilon Phi; American Rocket Soci6ty. W ILLIAM E. LEYERS Louisville, Kentucky B.Ch.E. AFROTC; Theta Tau, Secre- tary, Pledgemaster; Drill Team; A.I.C.H.E. RONALD A. LIPS Cincinnati, Ohio B.C.E. A.S.C.E.; Intramural Council; Sports. ROBERT L. LOWE Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E., Treasurer; Newman Club; Intramural Sports. SPEED SCHOOL SENIORS WILLIAM L. MCCAMMON Lyndon, Kentucky B.Ch.E. Theta Tau, Vice President, Pledgemaster, Athletic Chairman, House Manager; A.I.C.H.E., Athv letic Chairman; AFROTC; Saber Guard Drill Team; Intramural Sports. DONALD E. MCDONALD Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. Phi Kappa Tau; A.S.C.E. THOMAS H. METCALFE, JR. Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E.; Engineers Day. HAROLD L. MINYARD Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. Pi Kappa Omicron; Delta UpsL Ion; University Band. JOE C. MORRIS Fern Creek, Kentucky B.M.E. Intramural Sports; A.S.M.E., Treasurer; A.R.S. KENNETH J. MORRIS Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. Triangle, President; I.F.C.; A.S.M.E.; A.R.S. SPEED SCHOOL SENIORS DONALD L. MORRISON Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Senior Class Sgt. of Arms; Newman Club; Intra- mural Sports; Engineers Day. DAVID G. MILLER 111 Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. Lambda Chi Alpha; AFROTC; A.S.M'.E., Program Chairman. ROBERT L. MULLINS Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. A.S.C.E. FRANK J. MURPHY, JR. Pleasure Ridge Park, Ky. B.M.E. Newman Club; Thoroughbred Sports Co-Editor; A.S.M.E., Ath- letic Chairman; Intramural Sports. BOBBY J. NICELEY Louisville, Kentucky B.M.E. A.S.M.E., Publicity Chairman; Senior Class Treasurer; Intra- mural Sports. FOSTER B. NOLLEY Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. 288 GEORGE T. POPP New Albany, Indiana B.C.E. A.S.C.E., Vice President; Student Council, Treasurer; Intramural Sports. JOHN H. REEVES Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. Sigma Tau, Vice President, Pledge Master; Omicron Delta Kappa; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.; Phi Kappa Tau, Secretary, Chairman of Scholar- ship Committee; Speed School Student Council; Speed Engi- neer, Offxce Manager; Thorough bred, Speed School Editor. THOMAS E. RICHARDS B.Ch.E. Speed Engineer; Newman Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Engineefs Day, Ch.E. Chairman; A.S.T.M. Hon- orary Award; All-Star Softball Coach; Intramurals, A.I.Ch.E. CLIFFORD W. RIGGINS B.EE. Intramurals; I.R.E.-A.I.E.E.; En- gineer's Day. RAYMOND H. ROGERS B.Ch.E. A.I.Ch.E.; Eagle and Anchor So- ciety; Drill Team; RiHe Team; Intramural Sports. GEORGE R. RUCKRIEGEL B.C.E. A.S.C.E.; Intramural Sports; Newman Club; Engineefs Day. DONALD H. RULLMAN B.M.E. A.S.M.E.; A.R.S.; Eagle and Anchor; Drill Team; NROTC; Color Guard. WILLIAM J. RYAN B.M.E. B.S.M.E.; Newman Club; A.S.M.E ALBERT F. SCHROEDEL B.E.E. Phi Kappa Tau; Speed School Student Council, Vice President; University Student Senate; Speed Engineer, Advertising Manager, E.E. Editor; Alpha Phi Omega; Thoroughbred, Speed School Ed- itor; Sigma Tau; AFROTC; Drill Team; Engineer's Ball, Co- chairman; Intramurals. FRANK O. SCHULER B.M.E. A.S.M.E.; Veterans Organization; Intramurals. HUGH L. SHOEMAKER B.E.E. A.I.E.E. I.R.E.; NROTC Eagle and Anchor Society; Newman Club; Intramurals. EARL H. SIMPSON A.I.Ch.E.; Intramurals. 289 SPEED SENIORS ROBERT F. SOMMERVILLE B.Ch.E. A.I.Ch.E.; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Chemical Honorary Society. WILLIAM L. TEISER B.Ch.E. A.I.Ch.E., Vice President; Speed School Senior Class, Vice Presi- dent; Speed Engineer, Ch.E. Edi- tor; Triangle, Treasurer; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Engineefs Ball, Co-Chairman; Intramurals. CARL TURNER B.E.E. Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Eagle and An- chor Society; NROTC. CURTIS W. UTZ B.E.E. A.I.E.E., Vice-Chairman; Intra- murals; Engineer's Day. EDWARD W . VANCE B.M.E. A.S.M.E.-A.R.S.; Vice President, Secretary; A.R.S.; Intramurals. HERBERT L. VON HOVEN B.M.E. A.S.M.E.; B.M.E.; Newman Club. SPEED SENIORS MARION A. WALLER Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JAMES E. WARD Fern Creek, Kentucky B.E.E. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Engineers Day; Intra- mural Softball. RODNEY G. WELLS Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. Speed School Student Council; University Student Senate; Com- mission Head, National Students Association; International Rela- tions Club; Eagle and Anchor Society; American Society of Civil Engineering. ROY E. WILDT, JR. Louisville, Kentucky Intramural Sports, Veterans Or- ganization; Soccer; Engineers Day; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. RODNEY WILL, JR. Louisville, Kentucky B.C.E. Speed School Student Council; Intramural Sports; A.S.C.E.; Pi Kappa Phi. JAMES R. WYMAN Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. A.I.E.E., Secretary. EDWARD R. YOUNG Louisville, Kentucky B.E.E. Varsity Football, Track; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President, Secretary; Sigma Tau, Vice Presi dent; University Student Senate; Intramural Sports; A.I.E.E.- I.R.E.; Newman Club; Phi Kap- pa Tau; Wholv Who. ROBERT L. ZURSCHMEIDE Jeffersonville, Indiana B.M.E. A.S.M.E.; Newman Club; A.R.S. Engineers Day finds exhibits of 21 types. Frank Murphy explains why Q red stripe in toothpaste is an examp of engineering ingenuity. SPEED PRE-SENIORS RICHARD DOCTOR DON DUANE JUNIORS- WILLIAM ALPER THEODORE BEHLE THOMAS BERKEY HARRY GERING GERALD FAIRFAX ROBERT FLETCHER ; 2, WILLIAM GRAMIG MIGUEL LAGUNAS THEODORE MARTIN STANLEY REGAS JERRY SCHMITT GEORGE SCHMITT, JR. l K SOPHOMORES-w ANNETTE BECK WILLIAM BROWN JERRY COAD TIMOTHY CLARK JOHN DAVIS DENNIS DORMAN CHARLES EVANS FREDERICK FRESH MARCO GONZALES CLYDE HALL MATT HARGAN DOUGLAS HEROLD DONALD HEWITT RUSSELL HOLLARS JOHN HINES ROBERT KARAWTZ KENNETH KARR EDWARD LEWIS JANICE LIVESAY DAVID MERCER ROGER MILLER DONALD MORTON WILLIAM PILE RICHARD PORTER FRANK ROBERTSON LAWRENCE ROGERS PATRICK RYAN KEITH SCHOENING HERBERT TAYLOR RUTH TRIPLETT 291 SPEED SOPHOMORES LARRY TYLER DON WATKINS HERMAN WYSSBROD JERRY NEELY -FRESHMEN JOHN ABBOTT ROBERT ANDES OMER BLOYD CARL BOBZIEN RONALD BROWN HOMER BRYANT MICHAEL BUTLER EDWIN CAMERON LYNN CLAXON LAWRENCE CROSBY CLIFFORD CULVER DALL ANDREW DONALD DOBBS ELDEN DURAND 111 JOHN EBERMAN JAMES ELBERT JOE ELWOOD PAUL GRAU DENNIS HABERER WILLIAM HARRIS DONALD HAWKINS ARTHUR HITE ROBERT HOLLENBECK THOMAS Hooc DAVID HORN IVAN IMES JOHN JAMES LOUIS KIESTEN CHARLES KOOPMAN HORACE LAREINE GENE LESTER WILLIAM LYNCH MARION MCCAMISH JAMES MCDONALD BILL MEYER HUGH MILLER JOHN MONTGOMERY LAWRENCE NOLD, JR. RUSSELL OILER DAVID PAYNTES CARL PORTER WALTER REDMAN SPEED FRESHMEN JOHN ROBERTSON LARRY ROGGENKAMP EDWARD SACKSTEDER CARL SCHMITr PAUL SCHRADER JAMES SIZEMORE GERALD SMITH JOHN STANSBURY PEYTON TALBOTF, JR. MICHAEL TALLENT HARRY THICKLIN JOSEPH THOMPSON ROBERT VOIGT ROBERT WASHER, JR. JAMES YOUNG GLENN ZIBART Engineers Day gives the students a chance to display their talents n building exhibits. But ifs also necessary to explain to most of he visitors how such machinery works. A crowd gathered around the Rolls-Royce and to examine both the interior and exten'or. The engine occupied attention of most Speed students and parents. 293 Weill Bjast iEm OH the Field was Speed Scientific Schoolis theme for this yearis homecoming decoration. Sponsored by the four professional societies, the decoratlons marked the first time the school has competed with the social organizations for the homecoming awards. It is hoped that the enthusiasm shown by the student body this year will continue and set a precedent for the years to come. SPEED SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL The Speed Scientific School Student Coun- cil ofFicially represents the student body. Its membership is composed of the four profes- sional societies, American Institute of Chem- ical Engineers, American Society of Mechani- cal Engineers, American Institute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers, and American Society of Civil Engineers, and twelve representatives elected from the stu- dent body. Each year the council sponsors En- gineers' Day and Engineers, Ball. Recommendations from the students are made to the Dean of Speed Scientific through the Student Council. Officers for 1959-1960 are: Mike Curley-President A1 Schroedel-Vice-President Dave Brucker-Secretary George Popp-Treasurer FIRST Row: E. Kaltenbacher, M. Curley, D. Brucker, A. Schroedel. SECOND Row: W. Conger, D. Bradbury, C. Hall, 0. Clark. THIRD Row: P. Grau, M7. Duffy. The importance of civil engineers to the community is explained by Mr. Kutcks 0f the Army Corps of Engineers to a group of parents and students. Edward Hoffman of the Mechanical Engineering Department fmds that a last minute touch is necessary on his project. E h GI h EERS DA Y Engineers Day, sponsored by the Speed School Student Society of Civil Engineers, submits projects designed by their Council, is one of the most successful events of the academic members and pertaining to their particular flelds. These year. Each of the professional societies: Institute of Chemical projects are the departmentsi entries with an award going Engineers, Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of to the Best Departmental Exhibit. Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers, and The magic box of Gilbert Kannapel had to be put in shape by shortening the hmagic" arm. The new IBM 610 computer has seen continuous use since its recent installation in the basement of Speed Hall. Rodney XVells is shown here in the process of running a problem in the design of concrete structures on the computer in one tenth of the time it would normally take. FIRST Row: E. Kaltenbacher, W. Teiser, W. Conger, T. Schrodt, D. Brucker, T. Richards. SECOND Row: Dr. Ger- hard, J. Schneider, G. Schmitt, R. Heymann, W. Gramig, A. Goldberg. THIRD Row: Dr. Williams, W. Alper, C. Gordon, C. Hansen, R. Sommerville, W. Keister. FOURTH Row: Dr. Spalding. American Institute of Civil Engineers OFFICERS President . . . NEIL KUEHNAST Vice President . . GEORGE POPP Secretary . . . CHARLES BROWN Treasurer . . . CHARLES LEAP American Institut of Chemical Enginee OFFICERS President . . . . BILL Co Vice President . . BILL T Secretary . . . TOM SCH Treasurer . . . JERRY B1 FIRST Row: R, Wells, C. Brown, N. Kuehnast, G. Popp, R. Will, J. Roggenkamp, C. Leap. SECOND Row: D. M' Donald, J. Snowden, R. Lips, J. Dye, J. Kastensmidt, J. Blanchar, D. Godbey. THIRD Row: J. Heer, C. Igleha P. McDonogh, L. Hollars. FOURTH Row: W. Shrader, C. Ritchie, F. Engdahl, T. Reverman, H. Minyard, G. Ru riegel, D. Duane. FIFTH Row: D. Hite, R. Doctor, R. Exley, L. Curry, G. Herbig, M. Drake, A. Barnes. SIXTH R0 S. Thrasher, Prof. McIntosh. 296 l American Society of echanical Engineers OFFICERS idem . . . DON BRADBURY President . . . DAN MUDD tm'y . . . . . ED VANCE surer . . . . J01: MORRIS FIRST Row: W. Lambert, E. Vance, F. Murphy, D. Bradbury, E. Bush, B. Nickly, D. Rullman, E. Dahlem, R. Zucker. SECOND Row: R. Hunter, E. Guclda, F. Schuler, K. Morris, D. Miller, D. Armes. THIRD Row: R. Nugent, J. Green- well, R. Zurschmeide, R. Gatenbee, L. Gordon, R. Rountree, D. Seger, C. Lutes, C. Fehdress. FOURTH Row: M. Curley, D. Hitz, L Hollars, M. Hargan, D. Watkins, XV. Ryan, C. Lestcr FIFTH Row: R. Hollenbeck, N. Lickteig, J Dotson. American Institute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers OFFICERS President . . . OLIVER CLARK Vice President . . . BILL UTz Secretary . . .JAMES WYMAN F OSTER NOLLEY Treasurer . . . . BOB LOWE 1 Row: J. Wyman, R. Lowe, C. Utz, 0. Clark, J. Grubbs, T. Hammack. SECOND Row: A. Beck, 5. Fife. R. Wildt, .andin, M. Northrop, C. Turner, L. Jenkins. THIRD Row: S. Regas, D. Von Allmen, C. Riggins, D. Elpers, B. -, H. Shoemaker, R. Andres. FOURTH Row: R. Lane, J. XViegel, M. Comstock, J. XVard, D. Morrison, H. XVyss- . FIFTH Row: R. Beavin, C. Hall, M. Waller, E. Young, T. Aldridge, A. Schroedel, J Reeves. SIXTH Row: T. Fling, T. Metcalf, J. Eichhorn, J. Schmitt, J. Clark, C. Jackson. SEVENTH Row: R. Badgett, J. Fairfax, R. Billings, ibson. 297 f9, wan :ngva 9: w, W ma w 5mm? UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIORS KENNETH L. BLANTON Louisville, Kentucky COMMERCE JAMES L. CASSIN Louisville, Kentucky MARKETING MAYME G. COHEN Louisville, Kentucky EDUCATION FESTUS DAVIDSON Clarksville, Indiana MANAGEMENT NORMAN DEWEESE Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT JOSEPH H. DYE Clarksville, Indiana CHEMISTRY CHARLES A. EBERENZ Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING PAUL R. FAUTH Pleasure Ridge Park, Kentucky BIOLOGY VICTOR L. FETTER, JR. Shively, Kentucky PHYSICS ROBERT S. FINLEY Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS HARRY MORTON FORD Louisville, Kentucky MATHEMATICS ADDIE G. B. GREVIOUS Louisville, Kentucky HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club. JAMES D. HADDAWAY Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT SILAs HALL Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT WILLIAM E. HANCOCK Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING GEORGE E. KUHN Louisville, Kentucky M ARKETING ROBERT D. LANG New Albany, Indiana COMMERCE EDWARD L. LAYER Louisville, Kentucky ACCOUNTING UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIORS MARILYN L. LENTZ Jeffersonville, Indiana SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chairman; W'esley Club; Wom- an's Club; International Rela- tions Club. LEVI M7. RUTLEDGE, JR. Louisville, Kentucky COMMERCE ROBERT L. SCULLY Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT KENNETH R. SHELTON Clarksville, Indiana MANAGEMENT HAROLD L. SLUCHER Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT STANLEY SIRATTON Louisville, Kentucky COMMERCE 301 University College Seniors JERRY LEE TABLER Louisville, Kentucky PHYSICS Student Council, President, Vice- President; University Student Senate; DAE Fraternity; Card- inal Staff; Thoroughbred Staif; WHOS WHO. LUCIAN O.TH0RNT0N Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT IRWIN RICHARD WEINHOLD Lancaster, Pennsylvania MANAGEMENT University College RICHARD D. WHEATLEY Little Rock, Arkansas CHEMISTRY Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity; Thoroughbred, University Col- lege Editor. ROBERT L. YOUNG Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT DAVID V. ZIMMERMAN Louisville, Kentucky MANAGEMENT Underclassmen DONALD N. MEYER THURSTON J. SMITH ALLEN E. CHALFIN DAVID A. DEWTON WILLIAM HARRISON LONNIE HARVEY JESSE R. LEATHERS HAROLD E. MCGOWEN IRST Row: J. E. Hester, D. Herman, L. Cash, J. Tablet, L. Edsin, J. ' 0w: J. Logsdon, R. Stone, C. Tatum, C. Coomer, Reinald Schey, P. . Kirby, P. Martin, E. Skaggs. The University College offers late afternoon, evening and Saturday morning classes on both a credit and non- credit basis for those in the Community who might not be able to study on a full-time day program. The College, founded in 1928, offers courses leading to certificates in various fields: the Associate in Arts, the BA. Degree, the BS. Degree, and the B.S.C. Degree. These courses are from the curricula, undergraduate and graduate, of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Speed Scientific School, and the School of Business. Those who wish to complete a degree program can do so, this degree being granted by the ap- propriate day school. Where conditions make the tradi- tional academic courses impractical, special informal courses, conferences, institutes, seminars, and workshops are offered. Through television, audio-visual services, and study discussion programs University College hopes to keep abreast of community needs. University Collegels program is made up of four cate- gories of courses: those which will make possible the achievement of degrees or certificates; those which will enhance vocational and professional competence; those which will provide skills and techniques desired primarily for the pleasure of their employment; those which will provide cultural stimulation. University College is subject to the same standards of scholarly excellence as are the other college units of the University. Its instructional staff is composed of full-time members of the regular University faculties and of quali- fied business and professional men who contribute their special experience. Riordan, E. Miller, L. Armstrong. SECOND Hart, L. Morrell. NOT PICTUREDS B. Blake, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL The U.C.S.C. represents the students in promoting co- operation among students, faculty and administration to secure full scholastic advan- tages and promote social and extracurricular activities in the interest of a better rela- lationship among students. The council often assists the administration and sponsors charitable programs. The council officers for 1960-61 are: President, Lawrence B. Edlin; Vice-President, Lynn 0. Armstrong; Secretary, Elsa Miller; Treasurer, James B. Logsdon. Mrs. Eugenie Kolachov, University College Russian instructor, demonstrates the use of Russian for a class of language students. Mr. Bosworth 'l'odd, III, in the financial field. introduces students of his investment class to magazines a , Several members of the University College faculty devote extra time in answering program questions posed by evening students. Faculty help on su matters supplements the experienced counselling which the University College staff affords. m After consultation with leading Louisville businessmen, University College established the Certificate Programs in Accounting, Advertising, Art, Business and Commerce, Chemistry, Government, Physics, Production Management, Secretarial Science, and Transportation. Certificate Pro- grams are designed to meet the needs of those men and women in the business world who are ambitious to excel in their work and to prepare themselves for positions as accountants, business managers, junior executives, or in- dustrial chemists. These programs include only subjects which were approved as valuable and useful by the exece utives consulted. University College is also the co-sponsor of a unique series of courses called the Neighborhood Colleges. Through the cooperation of the University and the Louis- ville Free Public Library, it is now possible for men and women in Louisville to attend university classes held in branch libraries which are located according to the needs of neighborhood areas. The audio-visual services for Belknap Campus, both day and evening, are administered through University College. The staff of the audio-visual department assists the faculty and their assistants in securing audio-Visual materials, in learning the operation of movie projectors, and in the preparation of inexpensive instructional materials. The scheduling of audio-visual equipment and certain specially equipped classrooms for individual previews, as well as class use, is coordinated through this department. Also included in this service is a film library and the facilities necessary for the production of certain teaching aids such as slides, posters, and other graphic materials. Miss Betty Blake, University College student, solicits funds for the annual Christmas Basket drive sponsored by University College. Some 130 baskets containing five dollars worth of food each were given needy families in the Louisville area. ABNER, CARL, M.A. . ADAMS, BLANCHE, M.A. ADAMS, CARL, PH.D. . ADAMS, WILLIAM C., MD. . ALDRICH, EVELYN, B.M. . AMSTER, CLARENCE, MA. . ANDERSON, DWIGHT, PH.D. . ANGIOLILLO, PAUL G., PH.D. . ATKINSON, WILLIAM B., PH.D. . AYERS, JOSEPH, MA. . BALLING, JAN, M.S. . BARNES, ALBERT H., M.S.IN C.E. . BEIN, MORRIS, M.A. . BENNETT, DONALD M., PH.D. . BEST, MAURICE, M.D. . BIER, JUSTUS, PH.D. . BILLINGS, ALAN G., M.F.A. . BIXLER, RAY H., PH.D. . BLOCK, MARY S. NAY, A.B. . BOLES, DANIEL, M.F.A. . BOMHARD, MORITZ, M.M. . BOYER, HAROLD E., MD. . BRANDON, XNILLIAM E., A.B. BRITT, MORRIS E., L.L.B. . BRODERIUS, JOHN R., PH.D. . BRODSCHI, GEORGE, D.Sc. . FACULTY . School of Business Kent School of Social Work . College of Arts and Sciences . Louisville General Hospital . School of Music . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Music . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . Speed Scientijic School . College of Arts and Sciences . Speed Scientijic School . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . College of Arts and Sciences . College Of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Music . School of Dentistry Naval Science . School of Business . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences COTHRAN, ANDREW N., M.A. . COVI, DARIO, PH.D. . CRAWFORD, THOMAS W., M.D., CRUISE, MARY, M.D. . CRUTCHER, JACK . DAHLIN, WALTER 0., ED.D. . DALLAM, RICHARD D., PH.D. . DAVIES, P. A., PH.D. . DAVIS, EUGENE . DESPOPOULOUS, AGAMEMNON, M.D. . DOBIE, OTIS PRESTON, L.L.M. . DODD, J. V., D.M.D. . Donn, KATHERINE, M.D. . DOHERTY, ROBERT J., JR., M.F.A. DOLSON, WILLIAM F., L.L.B. . DOWELL, CAROL W. . DROMO, JOHN, M.A. . DRUMMOND, KATHLEEN, M.S. . DRYE, JAMES C., MD. . DUNCAN, CHARLES H., MD. . DUNN, J. D., M.A. . EKSTROM, W. K., PH.D. . ELKINS, DONALD T., B.M.E. . ELLISON, ERNEST M., D.M.D. . EMBERGER, META R., M.A. . . Speed Scientijic Scho . College of Arts and Scienc College of Arts and Scienc . School of Medicin . School of Musi . School of Musi . School of Mediciu . College of Arts and Science . School of Musi . School of Medicin . School of Medicin, C'olliage of Arts and Scienc . School of La . College of Arts and Scienc . College of Arts and Scienc . School of Busine . School of Medicin . School of Medicin . College of Arts and Scienc . College of Arts and Scieuc . Speed Scientific Scho . School of Dentistr . College of Arts and Scienc BROWN, JOHN WESLEY, PH.D. . . School of Business BROWN, KATHRYN M., M.S.S.W., Kent School of Social Work BROWN, THEODORE M., PH.D. . College of Arts and Sciences BURTON, MARY E., PH.D. . . College of Arts and Sciences FALKNER, FRANK T., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., School of Medicin i Speed Scientijic Schoo . Speed Scientific Schoo . School of Dentistry FEGENBUSH, MILTON LEE, B.M.E. . FENWICK, H. H., B.S. IN M.E. . FIELDS, HUBERT, JR., D.M.D. . BYRD, DAVID S., M.S. . BYRD, JAMES, M.A. . CAMP, FRANK, M.A. CANTRELL, DR. WILLIAM F., PH.D. . CARTER, JOHN Q., B.S. . CAVANAUGH, PATRICK, M.D. . CHEN, ALFRED, M.C.E. . CHENG, SAMUEL H., MD. . CHETRICK, M. H., PH.D. . CHRISTIAN, PAUL J., PH.D. . . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . Naval Science . School of Medicine . Speed Scientilic School . School of Medicine . Institute of Industrial Research . College of Arts and Sciences FIELDS, RAYMOND 1., PH.D. . FIFE, SAMUEL, E.E. FINK, MARY Jo, PH.D. . FISHER, STANLEY E., M.M.ED. . FUGE, FRANCIS, M.M. . FURNISH, WILLIAM, M.S. . GERHARD, EARL R., M.S. . GITTLI, ERNESTO, B.M. . GOLDSMITH, FRANCES S., M.S. GORDON, FORTUNA L., PH.D. . College of Arts and Science . College of Arts and Science . Speed Scientijic Schoo Speed Scientific Schoo . Speed Scientific Schoo . School of Musi . Speed Scientijic Schoo . School of Music College of Arts and Science. College of Arts and Science. CHRISTOPHERSEN, WILLIAM M., MD. . CLAY, WILLIAM M., PH.D. . COLE, A. E., PH.D. . . School of Medicine . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine CONKIN, JAMES E., M.S. . CONNER, EUGENE H., MD. . CORLEY, GROVER L., PH.D. . . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . College of Arts and Sciences GRANT, FRANCIS H., M.A. . GRAVES, GRANT, B.M. . GRIDER, RUSSELL 17., D.M.D. . GRUBBS, ALLEN, A.B. . HALL, E. K., PH.D. . HALL, MARIAN R., M.A. . . School of Musi . School of Musi . School of Dentistry . Air Science . School of Medicine . College of Arts and Science. HALL, SUE, PH.D. . HALLMAN, GEORGE H., PHD. HART, WILLIAM K., M.A. HASSOLD, ERNEST C., PH.D. . HAYNES, DOUGLAS M., MD. . HEER, JOHN E., JR., M.S. . HELDMAN, JOHN, JR., PH.D. . HEMDAHL, REUEL G., PHD. . HERZ, GERHARD, PH.D. . HICKMAN, BERNARD, M.A. . HICKS, BROOKE . HICKS, GRANT, M.A. . HITCHCOCK, RICHARD L, C.P.A. . HOCKADAY, WILLIAM J., MD. HOLT, JOSEPH PAYNTER, PH.D. . HOPPE, RUTHERFORD . HOPPER, FRANCIS H., S.M.D. . HOTCHKISS, ARLAND A., PH.D. HOVERMALE, RUTH, M.S. . HOWE, LAURENCE LEE, PH.D. HUANG, KEE-CHANG, M.D., PHD. . HUDDELSTON, SAMUEL 0., D.M.D. . JACKSON, DANIEL F., PHD. . JACKSON, MARJORIE, M.A. . JENKINS, LEO B., JR, M.EE. . JOHNSON, JOSEPH 8., JD. . JOHNSTON, FRANCIS J., PH.D. . KAIN, RICHARD M., PH.D. . KARNS, DEAN, B.S. . KELLER, WILLIAM, M.D. . KELLY, WILLIAM F., M.A. . KEMPER, RAYMOND A., PH.D. KENNEDY, JAMES A., PH.D. . KESSELMAN, LOUIS C., PH.D. . KIMSEY, LETITIA, M.D. . KLEINERT, HAROLD E., MD. . I KLING, PAUL, M.M. . KLOTTER, JOHN C., LLB. . KNOEFEL, PETER, MD. . KNOWLES, LAURENCE W'., LL.M. . KOESTER, LEONARD, PH.D. . KORIHER, EMIL, Sc.D. . KRAUSS, MARTIN L., M.A. . KREBS, ADOLPH T., PHD. . KRUMHOLZ, LOUIS A., PH.D. . LANE, FRANK E. . . College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences Air Science . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . Speed Scientijic School . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Music . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Business . . . . School of Medicine . School of Medicine . School of NIusic . School of Music . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . School of Dentistry . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Music . Speed Scientific School . School of Law . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . Speed Scientmc School . School of Medicine . University College College of Arts and Scientes .Srlzool of Medicine . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . School of Medicine . School of Music . Southern Police Institute . School of Medicine . School of Law College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . University College . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . School ofMedicine 307 LANEY, MAURICE 1., M.M. . LAWSON, HAMPDEN C., PH.D. . LEIGHT, LEONARD, M.D. . LEVY, ROBERT 8., PH.D.. LINCOLN, ARLEIGH L., M.S.W. LING, JI-TOONG, M.D. . LIPTON, MURRAY M., PH.D. . LITTLE, JOSEPH A., MD. . LIU, PINGHUI V., U.D., PH.D. . LOEB, MICHAEL A., PH.D. . LOGAN, T. E., D.M.D. . LOHRI, EDRIE, D.D.S. . LONG, JAMES S., PH.D., D.Sc. . LOVELL, HARVEY B., PH.D. . LUTz, PAUL C., M.S. . LYON, ERNEST E., M.M. . MACDONALD, RODERICK, JR., MD. . MCBRIDE, RICHARD W., B.A. . MCCOY, WESLEY, M.M.Ed. . McGEACHIN, ROBERT L., PH.D. , MCINTOSH, W. R., M.S. . MCMORRIS, REX 0., MD. . MALLALIEU, WILLIAM C., PH.D. MANNING, JOHN, PH.D. . MASSIE, L015 0., VLS. . MAURER, DAVID W., PH.D. . MENDELSOHN, ELLIS, P.E. . MERRITT, JAMES R., LL.M. . MILLER, AURA J., MD. . MILLER, WILLIAM, PH.D. . MOORE, JAMES C., MD. . MOORE, WALTER LEE, PH.D. . MOSTOVYCH, NICHOLAS, Sc.D. MUIR, DONALD E., M.A. . MURRAY, MARY ANN, B.M. . NABER, CHARLES Ts, M.S. . NOER, RUDOLF J., MD. . NORTHROP, XI. G., M.E. in E.E. . NOSSAMAN, AUDREY, B.M. . OHLMANN, GILBERT S., M.A. . OPPENHEIMER, J. J., PH.D. . OPPO, GIUSEPPE, D.E. . OTTEN, THEODORE . OWEN, BENJAMIN, M.M. . OWEN, DORIS, B.M. . PAILLETTE, DONALD, B.A. . . School of Music . School of Medicine .School of Medicine . School of Medicine . Kent School of Social Work . School of Medicine . School of Medicine . School of Medicine . School of Medicine . School of Medicine . School of Dentistry . School of Dentistry . Speed ScientMc School . College of Arts and Sciences . Speed Scientific School . School of Music . School of Medicine . AirScience . School of Alusz'c . School of Medicine . Speed Scientmc School . School of Medicine . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Business . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Law . School of Medicine . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences MULLIN, THOMAS E., B.S.M.E. . . Speed Scientwc School . School of Music . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . Speed Scientij$c School . School of Music . College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences . Speed Scientim School . School of Music . School of Music . School of Music . Naval Science PARKER, JAMES EDWIN, M.D. . PARRISH, CHARLES H., PH.D. . PAST, WALLACE, M.D. . PAUL, EDWIN W., M.A. LLB. . PEAVEY, SAMUEL B., ED.D. . PEDEN, WILLIAM B., LLB. . PETERSON, NELLE F., M.A. . PETRILLI, RALPH S., LL.M. . PHILLIPS, JOHN P., PH.D. . PIRKEY, EVERETT L., MD. . PIRKLE, HUBERT G., MD. . PLANK, C. A. . PRANGNELL, JOHN, A.R.C.A. . RANDALL, WILLIAM M., D.D.D. . RANSDELL, HERBERT T., M.D. . RAPER, LEON, M.M. . REHM, WARREN S., M.D., PH.D. . REKER, JOHN R., M.CH.E. . RIEHL, ARTHUR, M.D. . RIVES, LT. CDR. J. D., B.S. . ROGERS, JAMES B., MD. . ROSEMAN, EPHRAIM, M.D. . ROVIT, EARL H., PH.D. . RUSSELL, A. G., LLB. . SALLEY, HOMER E., E.D. . SANCHEZ, BERNARD, M.M. . SCATES, DORIS, BA. . SCHARFF, THOMAS G., P.L.D. . SCHEER, D. 41., M.E.E. . SCHLESSINGER, EDMOND J., Sc.DR. . SCHNEIDER, EVELYN, M.A. . SCHNEIDER, VIRGINIA, M.M. . SCHREIBER, JOSEPH, M.M. . SCHWARTZ, MANUEL, PH.D. . SEALE, JAN . SHADLE, OSCAR . SHOEMAKER, GRADUS L, PH.D. SIMESTER, JOHN H., MA. . SLEIGHT, CAPT. ROBERT, B.S. . SMITH, MARY G., B.M. . SMITH, N EWTON, PH.D. . SMITH, RICHARD C., M.A. . SMITH, FLETCHER . SNOWDEN, JAMES, M.S. . SOULE, ROLLAND L., BA. . SPALDING, RICHARD . . School of Medicine . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . Speed Scientific School . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Law . College of Arts and Sciences ., School of Law . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Medicine . School of Medicine . Speed Scientific School . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Dentistry . School of Medicine . School of Music . School of Medicine . Speed Scientij$c School . Speed ScientiJQC School . Naval Science . School of Medicine . School of Medicine . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Law . University College . School of Music . School of Business . School of Medicine . Speed ScientMc School . University College . Main Library . School of Music . Svhool of Music . Speed Scientifzc School . School of Music . School of Medicine . College of Arts and Sciences . Speed ScientiJQC School . Naval Science . School of Music . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences . School of Music . Speed Scientific School . Southern Police Institute . School of Music 308 SPALDING, SAMUEL G., PH.D. . SPARGENS, WILLIAM, PH.D. . SPRAWLs, COL. P. G., B.S. . STALLINGS, FRANK, EDD. . STALNAKER, WILLIAM F., M.A. . STAMM, FREDERICK W., M.B.A. . STANLEY, MALCOLM M., MD. . STEIGMAN, ALEX, M.D., SC.D. . STEVENS, MARTIN, PH.D. . STEVENSON, THOMAS D., MD. . SUTTON, JAMES E., PH.D. . SWARTZ, FRANK, PH.D. . SWIGART, RICHARD H., PH.D. . TAYLOR, JOHN F., PH.D. . THEISS, CHESTER B., MD. . THOMPSON, WILLIAM F., M.S. . TOWERY, BEVERLY T., M.D. . TRABUE, JOSEPH R., M.A. . TURRELL, RICHARD G., MD. . VICROY, FRANK M., PH.D. . WAGNER, CHARLES E., PH.D. . WAGNER, HOWARD . WALKER, MORTON, MA. . WALKER, SHEPPARD M., PH.D. . WARDWELL, FRANK P., A.B. . WARNER, ROBERT A., PH.D. . WARNS, CARL A., JR., LL.M. . . Speed Scientmc Schoo . College of Arts and Science . Air Scienc . College of Arts and Science College of Arts and Science . School of Busines . School of Medicin . School of Medicin . College of Arts and Science . School of Medicine . School of Medicine . School of Medicin . School of Medicin . School of Medicin . School of Medicin . School of Busines . School of Medicin . College of Arts and Science . School of Medicin . College of Arts and Science . School of Medicin . School of Musi . Speed ScientiIQC Schoo . School of Medicin . School of Busines . College of Arts and Science . School of Law WARWICK, H. SHERWOOK, PH.D. . College ofArts and Science WEAVER, ROBERT T., B.S. . WEBB, INEZ, M.S. . WEBSTER, HARVEY G., PH.D. . WEISERT, JOHN J., PH.D. . WHITE, ELIZABETH, M.M. . WHITNEY, GRACE . WILBUR, HENRY M., DDS. . WILEY, RICHARD H., PH.D. . WILLIAMS, GORDON G., PH.D. . WILLIS, CONSTANCE G., B.A. . WITTIG, CARL O. G., M.ME. WOLFE, JOHN, B.M.E. . WOLFE; WILLIAM R., D.M.D. . WOOD, CLARK, M.A.ED. . YEAGER, HAROLD C., PH.D. . YOUNG, JACK . ZUCKER, ROBERT D., MWME . . Air Science . College of Arts aand Sciences . College of Arts and Science . College of Arts and Science . School of Music . School of Music . School of Dentistry . College of Arts and ScienceL . Speed Scientim School . College of Arts and Sciences . Speed Scientijic School . Speed ScientijEC School . School of Dentistry . College of Arts and Sciences . College of Arts and Sciences? . School of Dentistry . Speed ScientMc School ADMINISTRATION INDEX STUDENT INDEX 309 Abner, Carl E., 214 Adams, Blanche, 241 Almstedt, Arthur H., 26 Baker, Marianna, 243 Baker, Richard L., 173 Barber, Richard L., 30, 206 Bein, Morris, 56 Bennett, Donald M., 235 Boldrick, Mary C., 83 Borkenstein, Robert, 281 Brandeis, Adele, 26 Brandon, William E., 173 Britt, Morris E., 214 Broderius, John R., 45 Brodsky, William A., 72 Brown, Eli H., 111, 26 Brown, Kathryn M., 241 Brown, Pearl, 243 Buchholz, John A., 173 Burke, Robert T., Jr., 26 Burton, Mary E., 40 Carter, John Q., 173 Cliester, Harry, 63 Collis, John V., 26 Conkin, James E., 79, 82 Craf, John R., 30, 213 Davidson, Philip, 24, 206 Dobie, Otis P., 250 Dolson, Wi11iam F., 250 Dunbar, Clarence P., 28 Elbert, Norbert F., 28 A Abbot, Elizabeth F., 182 Abbot, John R., 292 Abner, Christine, 83, 225 Adams, Harold L., 196 Adams, JacqueIine A., 240 Adams, James D., 256, 268 Adams, James E., 256, 268 Ade, Tiffany, 66, 273 Ahl, Arthur W., 176 Albrecht, William J., 66, 273 Aldridge, Thomas, R., 106, 284 Alexander, Joseph B., 263 Alexander, Martha J., 64, 90, 199 Allen, Gisela, 196 Allen, James R., 194 Allen, James Richard, 106, 206 Allen, Larry Alvan, 106, 175 Allen, William E., 114 Allgeier, Carla S., 96, 182 Allgeier, Larry J., 52, 53, 64, 77, 182 Alper, William S., 48, 112, 291, 296 Alt, Larry J., 102 Anderson, George, 218, 279 Anderson, Marilyn Y., 177, 194, 199 Anderson, Robert V., Jr., 284, 292 Anderson, Charles T., 278, 279 Apple, Sgt., Robert E., 278 Archer, Allen S., 199 Archer, David F., 256, 268 Armes, Donald S., 172, 284 Armstrong, Jerris A., 174 Asher, Bennett N., 268 Atkinson, Elsie P., 82, 88. 127, 128, 177, 196 Atkinson, Sally A., 69, 81, 88, 199 Aulbach, Martha S., 96, 199 Ayres, Roy J., 192 B Bachtel, Charles P., 49, 222, 226, 229 Bacon, Maurice S., 43 Bader, Phyllis D., 46, 54, 61, 64, 73, 94, 194 Badger, Jerry 12., 63 Badgett, Robert S., 114 Badgett, Sam, 68 Bahem, Kay, 63 Bahm, Jack C., 199 Bailey, Richard T., 218, 228 ADMINISTRATION INDEX Ernst, Robert C., 31 Farns1ey, Charles, 29 Fink, Mary Jo, 40 Fisher, Orvi11e L., Jr., 173 Galbraith, William, 234 Gardner, Kenneth S., 176 Gerhard, Earl R., 296 Groves, C01. F., 178 Grubbs,A116n C., 176 Hang, Catherine, 243 Hayden, Joan, 215 Heckel, Lillian B., 173 Heer, John 12., J12, 296 Hill, Eugene D., 26 Hitchcock, Richard L., 214 Hotchkiss, Arland T., 79 Houchins, John M., 22, 28, 41 Hovermale, Ruth L., 40, 81 Howe, Laurence L., 41 Huddleston, Samuel 0., 81 Huffman, 1Mi11iam C., 31 Hungerpiller, James A., 176 Inbau, Fred E., 280 Jackson, Daniel F., 79 Johnson, Joseph S., 250 Joseph, Leroy, 243 Kinsman, J. Murray, 31 Knebelkamp, VVathen R., 26 Knowles, Laurence W., 250 Koch, Ruth L., 28 Koester, Leonard A., 47 Lacroix, Marie, 241 Lane, Co1on T., 176 Laney, Maurice 1., 274 Lawrence, Dave, 27, 127 Lewis, Kelly H., 29 Lincoln, Arleigh L., 30, 241 Manning, John W., 214 Marns, Carl A., 250 Massie, Lois 0., 76 McBride, Richard W., 176 McCandIess, David A., 31, 278 McGlothlin, William J., 127 McIntosh, 147. R., 296 Meyers, Raymond, 30 Miller, Lee P., 26 Mostovych, Nicholas, 234 Newman, Charles L., 241 Nickel, Doris M., 27, 42, 86 Noe, Samuel V., 234 O'Brien, Ethel H., 45 O'Brien, Naoma C., 29 Offutt, Henry Y., 26 Orwick, Marlene E., 173 Paillette, Donald D., 173 Paxton, Glen 347., 173 Peden, William B., 251 Perdeus, John P., 173 Petrille, Ralph S., 250 Press, Lawrence W., 173 Raper, Leon, 67 Rives, James B., Jr., 173 STUDENT INDEX Baker, David, 176, 199 Baker, Dorothy, 81 Barnard, Marian H., 88, 199 Barnes, Jack T., 296 Barnes, Thomas P., 230 Barnett, Alton J., 218, 228 Baron, Shirley L., 182 Barr, Lawrence 0., 196 Barriger, John T., 199 Barrow, John G., 63 Barrels, George M., 256, 266 Hartley, Nelda S., 83, 225 Barton, A. Glenn, 256, 269 Barton, Donald C., 256, 269 Basham, John, 199 Basiluis, Sgt, Melvin G., 218, 219 Baskett, Hugh M., 218, 228 Bastin, Weiland J., 182 Batcher, Kenneth R., 226 Bates, Charles G., 199 Baucker, Betty, 92 Baugh, Louis M., 52, 108, 210 Baumgarten, Richard S., 218, 228 Bauscher, Alice, 55, 86, 182 Baxter, Jerrel H., 241 Baxter, JoAnn, 83, 273 Baylor, Joseph P., 269 Beale, Bruce M., 175 Beanblossom, Janice A., 34 Beanblossom, Robert L., 265 Beard, Nancy A., 64, 199 Bearden, Robert L., 74 Beatty, Joseph A., 240 Beaver, Junius V., 102, 199 Beavin, Rudy C., 67, 68, 108, 176 Beck, Annette R., 64, 72, 96, 291 Beck, E. Kristine, 40, 272 Beck, James L., 256, 266 Beckman, David L., 59, 249 Behle, Theodore L., 291 Beickman, Raymond B., 194 Beierle, Betty L., 47, 92, 182, 206 Beld, John W., 175 B611,John D1, 62, 174, 182 Bell, Paul C., 199 Bennett, Betty A., 40, 47, 86, 92, 182 Bennett, C. Wayne, 53, 107 Bennett, Beverly J., 194 Berg, David L., 105 Berofeld, Henry, 278 Berkey, Thomas J., 48, 108, 291 Bernard, Robert W., 252 Bernard, Donald W., 218, 229 Berry, Earl, Jr, 171 Berry, George F., 268 Best, John, 278 Bickers, Everett E., Jr., 256, 268 Biddle, R0na1dJ., 171 Bierbaum, Barbara A., 72 Bilek, Arthur 1., 279 Birkhead, Ben M., 57 Bishoff, Walter A,, 106 Bishop, George H., 174 Bishop, Jerry 13., 87, 114, 284 Bizer, Daniel N., 182 Bjorn, Karl T., 106 Black, David J., 67, 68, 175 Black, Ronald L., 63 Blacklock, Mary S., 194 Blakeley, VVilIiam R., 108, 172 Blanchar, James H., 48, 61, 62, 79, 110,171,172, 284, 296 Bland, James G., 256, 268 Blanton, Kenneth L., 300 Blenard, Sgt., Lewis F., 278 Blevins, Donald 13., 224 Blincoe, James S., 108, 174, 196 Bloyd, Omer, 292 Bobzien, Carl 547., 175 Booker, Laurice A., 66 Boone, James C., 223, 230 Borden, VVilIiam T., 105, 170 Boston, Harold S., Jr., 110 Bowers, Emmalee M., 34, 40, 61, 63, 98, 183 Bowles, Arthur H., 218, 229 Boyer, Charles R, 57, 106, 170, 196 Boyes, Lt. Arvid C., 278 Booze, Virginia A., 199 Brabandt, Herb, Jr., 79 Bradbury, Donald L., 48, 172, 294 Bramblette, Phil E., 175 Branstetter, Denzel Roy, 210 Brashear, James S., 266 Bratcher, Anita R., 52, 53, 90, 196 Bray, Norman F., 183 Brazin, Harvey E., 199 Breetz, Robert C., 252 Breisch, james R., 105 Breitenstein, Carl E., 63, 174 Breitenstein, Julius E., 183, 196 Breitmeyer, Michael 0., 43, 175 310 Roberts, Lois, 242 Rush, Rex H., 173 Scares, Doris S., 214 Schneider, Evelyn J., 29 Schrotel, Stanley R., 278 Shively, Leslie C., 29 Sleight, Robert C,, 173 Smith, Richard C., 61 Snowden, James R., 296 Spalding, Samuel C., 296 Sprawls, Philip C., 176 Stamm, Frederick W., 214 Stavaron, Steve, 252 Stevens, Martin, 47, 78 Stevenson, Guy, 30 Stone, Mona, 242 Strickler, Woodrow M., 27 Sydney, Mary A., 28 Thompson, John C., 214 Thompson, William F., 214 Underwood, W. Kimball, 63 Volz, Marlin M., 31, 250, 253 Von Allmen, Pearl W., 253 Wagner, Charles E., 264 W'ardwell, Frank P., 214 Warns, Carl A., Jr, 250 Weaver, Robert T., 176 VVeisert, John J., 145 Whitney, Robert S., 31 VVi1bur, Henry M., 218 Williams, Gordon C., 176, 296 Britt, James E., Jr., 218, 229 Broerman, Neal J., 172 Brohm, Charles M., 108, 183 Bromley, Marilyn E., 194 Brenner, Dieter E., 199 Brooks, James R., 174, 199 Brown, Charles A., Jr., 196 Brown, Charles K., 62, 172, 284, 296 Brown, Donald L., 62, 214 Brown, Donald W., 171 Brown, Edward Joseph, 200 Brown, James C., 175 Brown, Larry D., 67, 68, 273 Brown, Louis A., 200 Brown, Robert 1., 125 Brown, Robert M., 218, 229 Brown, Ronald L., 292 Brown, Ronald W., 114, 174 Brown, Thomas A., 252 Brown, Wade H., 196 Brown, William B., 108, 174, 291 Browning, Joyce R., 200 Browning, Lloyd William Jr., 174, 196 Broyles, Gerald L., 175 Bruce, Barry A., 72, 200 Brucker, David L., 41, 48, 58, 113, 284, 294, 296 Brudy, Mary Ann, 196 Brumleve, Martha E., 196 Brumley, Bruce E., 66, 67, 68, 273, 274 Bruner, George E., Jr., 224 Bryan, Charles R., 219 Bryan, John A., 64, 108, 175 Bryant, Homer, Jr., 174, 292 Bryant, Leeta J., 183 Bryant, Peter, 140 Buchanan, Henry Allen, 111, 196 Buckler, Charlette H., 241 Buckler W'illiam H., 44, 175, 194 Buckner, Patricia A., 66, 67, 68, 273 Budd, Olitf L., 83, 225 Buky, James W., 183 Bundy, Vernon, 256, 268 Burch, James C., 196 Burckle, John 0., 43 Burke, Daniel B., Jr., 52, 214, 252 Burke, Donald C., 108 Burke, Larry K., 196 urkhardt, Joseph T., 106, 171 urnett, C., 174 urnette, George E., 43 urns, Patsy R., 256 urton, Bruce D., 183 urton, james C., 183 urton, Larry D., 67, 68, 174 ush, Ernest W., 284 ush, Jean, 131 utler, Michael D., 175,292 utler, Nancy M., 96, 200 yme, Nancy Eileen, 88, 196 yrne, Stewart R., 174 C abell, Charles R., 210 addell, Robert E., 174 adwell, Lawrence R., 174 Cain, Charles F., 210 Cain, Eugene T., 222, 230 Calfee, Donald M., 194 Calhoun, George J., 200 Callahan, Edward L., 256, 268 al1and, Lee Arthur, 174 Cambron, Edwin L., 175, 292 Campbell, Logan R., 257, 267. 269 Campbell, Ronald D., 175 Cannon, Lt. James B., 278 Cantrall, Lowell E., 183 Cantrell, Bettye D., 42, 63, 82, 196 Capps, Joe R., 200 Caras, Thomas S., 265 Carlin, William G., 183 Carnes, Paul L., 229 Carney, Ora B., 200 Carney, VViIliam M., 48 Carper, Frances B., 64, 66, 273 Carroll, David M., 114 Carter, John S., 170 Carver, William D., 200 Case, Carl T., 108 Cash, Billie C., 66 Cassaday, Clifton E., 52, 54, 66. 273, 275 Cassaday, G., 108 Cassin, James L., 300 Casteel, Charles A., 174 Caswell, C. H., 278 Cates, Harold W., 174, 200 Cato, Robert E., 200 Cato, Walter L., J12, 59, 249, 252 Catron, Frank H., 257, 267 Caydukkm, Hanes R., 194 Caudill, Linda F., 72 Cave, Harley R., 170. 200 Cave, Ray A., 257 Cawood, Charles D., Jr., 267 Cecil, Larry C., 174, 200 Chalfin, Allen E., 302, 304 Chamberlain, Malcolm M., 77, 79 Chamberlain, Winston C., 200 Chapman, Thomas A., 64, 196 Chapman, VVilIiam R., Jr., 279 Chaykoski, Alexander J., 106 Chen, Tung-Ho, 235 Chenault, H. Robert, Jr., 246 Chestnut, Glenn F., In, 35, 47, 74, 77, 183, 206 Chester, Kenneth W., 35, 42, 62, 210 Chism, Ronald G., 183 Choate, Peggy 1., 42, 52, 53, 94, 177, 196 Christian, Betty Ann, 94, 196 Chumbley, Diane W., 194 'Chynoweth, David P., 102, 196 Clark, David A., 64, 170, 200 Clark, John P., 112, 284 Clark, Mary A., 81 Clark, Oliver R., 48, 284, 294 Clark, Timothy P., 42, 291 Clark, 14711113111 J., 175 Clarke, Kenneth F., 174 Claxon, Lynn R., 175, 292 Clay, Jane R., 196 Clifford, Lois F., 35, 46, 52, 53, 83, 94, 184 Clifton, Patricia Jo, 76, 83, 184 Cline, Robert E., 174, 200 Coad, 16117 A., 291 Coblin, Mary S., 96 Cobum, William C., 228 Coffey, Thomas R., 43, 175 Cohen, Burton J., 265 Cohen, Mayme G., 300 Cohen, Stuart F., 257 Cole, Lt. George R., 279 CoIeman, Carroll C., Jr., 223, 228 Coleman, James A., 174, 196 Colgan, Robert E., 219, 228 Collier, Robert N., 108, 200 Collins, Clayton L., 66, 67 Collins, Daniel R., 49, 222, 228, 230 Collins, David M., 257 Collins, Earl, 278 Collins, Joseph D., 230 Collins, Lyle 1., 68, 174, 273 Collins, Ruth A., 88, 103, 127, 128, 134, 184 Collins, 8Vilbur K., 222, 226 Collis, 5Vi11iam J.. 269 Colombo, Armando, 222, 228 Combs, Ova B., 223, 230 Compton, Joyce F., 83, 225 Comstock, Marvin 0., 284 Conger, XVilliam L., 35, 46, 48, 58, 108, 284, 294, 296 Conn, Henry P1, 175 Connor, James B., 230 Conley, Douglas M., 200 Connelly, Kenneth A., J11. 184 Cook. Sgt. Charles A., 278 Cook, Clinton C., 48, 108, 194 Cook, Daniel H., 196 Cooke, Brenda L., 62, 90, 200 Cooke, Lois S.. 240 Cooke, William V., Jr., 174 Cooksey, Adrian B., 194 Coomer, Robert B., Jr.. 222, 228 Coons, Archie L., 66 Cooper, Edward, 67, 68 Cooper, Joan F., 66, 68, 273 Corbett, Donald L., 184 Corbin, Allen T., 49, 219 Cornette, A1ice 1., 196 Cornette, Pamela D., 184 Cosgrove, John H., 114 Coulon, Lt. Elton J., 279 Covington, Calman, 278 Cox, Virginia A., 196 Grady, Margaret E., 200 Craft, Larnl' N., 224 Grafton, Jack A., Jr., 222, 229 Craig. Harold L., 174, 196 Craig, Patricia V., 184 Crane, Michael J., 54, 174 Crase, Janice H., 81, 184 Cravens, Terry S., 66, 67, 68, 273 Crawford. Thomas H., 234 Crawford, 11'. Gordon, 184 Creech, William C., 230 Crittenden, Darren C., 214 Crocker, Judith P., 83, 225 Crosby, Lawrence, 170, 172, 292 Crosson, William N., 223, 229 Crothaus, Sgt. Stanley R., 279 Crowley, Rose C., 184 Crumlin, XViley 147., 174 Crystal, 0., 172 Culbertson, Norman G., 174 Culver, Clifford E., Jr., 292 Curley, Michael H., 35, 46, 52, 54, 57, 58, 108, 172, 285, 294 Curry, James W., 269 Curry. Laurence, Jr., 58, 113. 285, 296 D Dahlem, Barbara A., 200 Dahlem, Francis E., 171, 285 Dailey, Katherine, 196 Daniel, Gary W., 108, 196 Daniels, Joyce Anne, 200 Dansby, Carolyn, 64, 88 Daunhauer. Bruce A., 62, 194 Daus, Arthur T., 257 Davenport, David L., 196 Davidson, chtus, 300 Davidson, Ray T., 106, 171 Davies, Robert L., 72 Davis, Arm E., 240 Davis, Brenda J., 48, 64, 200 Davis, Dock H., 57, 65, 77, 108, 170, 196 Davis, Elizabeth A., 69, 194 Davis, Emmelie B., 200 Davis, John E., 210 Davis. John M., 291 Davis, Kay E., 90, 200 Davis, Leroy, 200 Davis, Martin D., 171 Davis, Orval C., 196 Davis, Richard A., 224 Davis, Robert C., 210 Davis, Robert S., 263 Davis, Sharon K., 64, 184, 200 Davis, Shellia J., 64 Davis, Term Lee, 48, 106, 196 Davis, William J., 184 Day, Cyrus M., 110, 185 Day, James R., 52 Dean, James L., 174, 196 Deen, John R., 257, 266 Deencr, Martha A., 55, 88 Been. Donald F., 200 Deetsch, Clifford S., 174, 177 DeHart, William M., 52, 102, 174, 196 Delozier, David R., 67, 194 Dennes, John T., 35, 66 Denney, James C., 214 Dennis, Donald, 197 Denson, Jerry I, 200 Denton, Allen D., 200 Denzik, Charles 147., 200 Dering, Marcia E., 64, 197 DeVoe, Robert F., 55, 58, 108 DeVol, Thomas C., 185 Dew, XVilIiam C., 222, 230 DeWeese, Norman, 300 Dewton, David A., 302, 304 Dickey, Jeanne, 92. 200 Dickinson, Grady L., 257, 266 Dickson, Charles R., 234 DiOrio, Victor J., Jr., 48, 106, 185 Dissette, Janie M., 83, 225 Dixon, Patrick J., 246, 251 Dobbins, Mary Lou, 185 Dobbs, Donald C., 175, 292 Doctor. Richard P., 113, 291, 296 Dodell, Philip, 265 Dodge, Lee H., 210 Dohmnan, Betsy J., 95. 185 Dolack. Bob, 213 Dolan, Kenneth M., 49, 229 D011, B. S., 63 Dooley, James K., 57, 62, 77, 78, 110, 200 Douglas. Mary R., 69, 194 Douglas, Michael J., 176 Dowell, Bettye F., 66 Downey, Patricia A., 172, 200 Downing, Barbara S., 197 Downing, Darolyn C., 185 Downs, Joseph Dennis, 106 Drake, Marvin Anthony, 296 Drepania, Maria E., 72 Driscoll, Joan E., 196 Driscoll, Maureen A., 194 Driskell, Earl V., Jr., 197 Driskell, Yvonne L., 272 Drogula, Fred 117., 246, 250, 251 Drutz, David J., 265 Duane, Edward D., 291, 296 Duckworth, Lois, 42, 72, 197 Duffy, Treva, 53 Duffy, XViIIiam M., 175, 294 Duggins, Samue1 G., 240 Dukes, Bennie S., Jr, 223 Dukes, Ronald F., 174. 200 Duncan, Keith R., 108, 172 Duncan, LaVall T., Jr., 197 Dunn, Joyce E., 200 DuRand, Elden E., 175, 292 Durbin, Charles F., Jr., 108 Duybin, Charles R., 102 Durham, Charles J., 108 Dye, James H., 296 Dye, Joseph H., 300 Dyson, Richard M., 114 E Earley, William M., 170, 206 East, John V., 246 East, VVilIard R., 64, 200 Eaton, Beverly j., 90, 194 Eberenz, Charles A., 300 Eberman, John 0., 175, 292 Eckart, Larry W'., 210 311 Ecker, Helen M., 98, 225 Edenfield, Betty L., 197 Edwards, John T., 222, 229 Edwards, Virgel 141., 47, 78, 197 Edwards, Wanda J., 90, 272 Eggenspiller, Carol A., 200 Ekhhorn, John W., 111, 285 Elbert, James E., 292 Eldridge, Golda T., 174, 200 Elker, H., 62 Elliott, Barney E., Jr., 265, 266 Ellis, Carl E., 200 Elmer, Richard, 114, 176 Elmore, Charles L., 174, 200 Elpers, David 1., 36, 41, 43, 108, 172, 285 Elwood Joe W., 292 Embree, Janet K., 197 Embry, Chalmers, Jr., 175 Emly, James E., 175 Emmerich, Greta E., 185 Engdahl, Francis A., 296 Entrican, Robert A., 175 Erb, Louis F., 171 Erhart, Herbert G., Jr., 263 Escher, Robert A., J12, 174, 200 Essig, Robert G., 102, 197 Esrig, A., 265 Estes, Kenneth R., 229 Eubanks, Earnest J., 249, 252 Evans, Charles R., Jr., 291 Evans, John E., 52, 87, 106, 170, 172, 185, 206 Eversole, Charles D., 50, 257, 269 Exlcy, Robert E., 285, 296 F Fachinger, Joseph A., 170, 194 Fackler, George E., 175 Fairfax, Gerald H., 114,291 Faller, John W., Jr., 62, 72, 77, 200 Fang, George W., 185 Fassett, Lloyd A., 257 Fauth, Paul R., 300 Feddem, Otto G., 67, 68 Felker, Paul J., 210 F611,J0hn B., 185 Feltner, Evelyn B., 201 Fender, George H. Jr., 279, 281 Fenster, Ronald K., 175 Ferriell, Charles J., 185 Ferry, George P., 62, 201 Fetter, Victor L., Jr., 300 Field, William R., 197 Fielding, John D., 11:, 266 Fie1ds, Sandra R., 201 Figueroa, Daniel C., 249 Filben, Thomas W., 79, 82 Fine, Stuart 1V., 263 Finley, Robert S., 300 Finn, John L., 140 Firkins, Herman C., 49, 222, 228 Fischer, Sgt. Charles J., 279 Fisher, Sandra C., 194 Fisher, Walt A., 62, 110, 201 Flaherty, Kenneth A., 185 Fleischer, Jean C., 197 Fleitz, Paul A., 269 Flener, Jerry R., 174 F1etcher, Robert, 106, 170, 291 Flicker, Stephanie, 72, 78. 83, 201 Flores, P. M., 278, 279 Fogle, George D., 174 Forcht, Janey C., 64, 92, 201 Ford, Harry M., 300 Fortener, E., 62 Fossit, Ruth E., 66, 273 Fowler, James R., J11, 219, 230 Francis, Clarence H., 252 Frank, Phyllis A., 201 Franke, Hazel A., 201 Frankel, Harold E., 112 Franklin, Marcia L., 42, 72, 100, 197 Frantz, John H., 186 Frazier, Owsley B., 246 Frazier, Robert F., 174, 201 Freeman, Joyce A., 64, 94 Fresh, Frederick A., 175, 291 Fresh, Kenneth A., 210 Friedman, Barry D., 214 Frizze1l, William J., 257, 266 Frye, Sgt. Clifford L., 279 Fulks, Fred T., 175 Fulmore, Z. Ronald, 219, 228 Furgerson, Alice E., 64, 186 Furlong, Robert J., Jr., 175 G Gabe, Charles D., 201 Gadlage, Martha A., 92, 194 Gadsey, Garland, 223 Gailor, Allen R., 197 Gaines, James H., Jr., 238 Gallagher, Andrew C., 222, 230 Galloway, Ear1W., 106, 171, 285 Gamble, James E., 257, 265, 268 Gamble, Virginia N., 210 Gandht, Chandravadan, 72 Gandin, Andrew G., 57, 108 Gandin, Robert A., 43, 285 Garbett, Wi11iam J., 201 Gardner, Gary L., 105, 174, 201 Garr, Robin, 111, 57 62, 77, 110 Garrett, Brenda J., 88, 225 Garrett, Charles E., 174, 201 Garriott, James C., 194 Garst, Garland R., 258, 267 Gatenbee, Robert J., 285 Gatliff, Jack, 48, 230 Gehm'ng, Harry Lee, Jr., 291 Gehring, Janet L., 66, 201 Gehring, Roy Z., 194 G-epfrich, Charla R., 83, 225 Gerrish, Elizabeth C., 66 Gertzman, Stanley H., 176, 210 Getzel, Howard 1., 112 Gibson, William C., 174, 285 Giddings, Mary A., 83, 225 Giles, John 147., 142, 145, 175 Giles, Tommy L, 66, 68, 273, 274 Gillespie, James S., 222, 228 Gillham, Dana N., 64 Gilliam, Marion G., 246, 252 Gilligan, Ann M., 66, 92, 273, 274 Gittli, Carole E., 272 Givens, Gary D., 48 Glass, Richard D., 201 Cleaves, Leon R., 214 Cleaves, LL, 174 Godbey, Donald E. 62, 108, 172, 285, 296 Gosier, Fredric, 197 Gold, Richard H., 258 Goldberg, Allan A., 296 Goldberg, Edwin L., 112 Goldberg, Frances, 61, 186 Goldberg, Lawrence G., 263 Golden, William Y., 263 Gonzalez, Marco A., 291 Goodwin. James R., 174 Goodwin, Rodger, 201 Gordon, Charles R., 296 Gordon, Lewis 1., 176, 287 Gordon, Ronald B., 211 Goretsky, Allan R., 263, 265 Gorgas, Marcia A., 197 Courieux, Edward D., 258, 267 Gowin, Charles R., 175 Grace, Sgt. L., 278 Graham, Gary Lee, 62, 197 Graham, Charles E., 62, 110, 194 Graham, Harry L., 224 Gramig, William M., 291, 296 Grau, Paul H., 175, 292, 294 Grau, William H., 223, 230 Graue, William A., 224 Graves, Henry C., 64 Graves, Howard H., 64 Gray, Patricia G., 100, 201 Graydon, Joyce, 82, 98, 99, 201 Green, John H., 52, 53, 197, 206 Green, William S., 223, 228 Greene, Airzzie W., Jr., 263 Greene, Henry M., 174 Greenwell, Joseph D., 286 Greenwood, Robert N., 211 Gregg, James A., 194 Grevious, Addie G., 300 Grider, Sam L., 49, 219 Griffith, Charles L., 49, 219 GrifEth, Eva M., 42, 52, 53, 55, 72, 94, 197 Gritfor, Bill A., 67, 68, 186 Grigsby, Charles G., 258 Groeppe, Kenneth H., 67, 68 Graihaus, Sgt. Stanley R., 281 Grubbs, James P., 286 Guelda, Eugene J., 62, 286 Guffey, James B., 114 Gusset, George G., 258 Guthrie, Sgt., 279 Gutman, Gordon L., 265 Guyton, Ronald L., 109, 174, 178, 194 H Haas, Don C., 214 Habacker, Lynn H., 222, 230 Haberer, Dennis M., 79, 171, 292 Habermel, John Franklin, 267 Hacker, Elmer, 267 Haddaway, Charles M., 111, 175 Haddaway, James D., 301, 303 Hadden, David C., 84, 194 Hafendorfer, Kenny A., 48, 109, 186 Hafner, John N., 265 Hagan, Lamont L., 59, 252 Hagan, William A., 194 Hahlen, Carol J., 64, 76, 82, 100, 197 Haick, Edward, 266 Haile, Bobby H., 219, 230 Haintz, H. Ann., 201 Halbauer, Stewart R., 228 Haley, William A., 149, 219, 230 Hall, Carol A., 201 Hall, Clyde E., 58, 291 Hall, Clyde J., 113 Hall, Harold L., 68 Hall, John 1H,, 258, 268 Hall, Marvin D., 102, 170, 197 Hall, Ralph D., 67 Hall, Silas, 301, 303 Hall, William M., 197 Halpin, John P., 62 Hamilton, Frank D., 170, 201 Hammack, Thomas G., 286 Hammock, Paul G., 174 Hammond, James K., Jr., 20 Hammons, Stanley, 258, 267 Hampton, Terrence T., 224 Hancock, William E., 301, 303 Handley, William R., 268 Hanks, Mary E., 201 Hanks, Nancy G., 52, 53, 86, 90, 194 Hanley, William, 62, 258 Hansel, Austin R., 246, 251, 252 Hansen, Charles M., 48, 61, 64, 72, 107, 296 Hansen, Hans P., Jr., 64, 201 Hanson, Norman L., 174, 201 Hardin, Ann W., 186 Hargadon, Charles M., 263, 268 Hargadon, Margaret S., 96, 186 Hargan, Matt R., 211 Harkins, Joyce A., 63, 197 Harmon, James L., 8 Harmon, Jane P., 42, 52, 53, 54, 82, 94, 177, 194,206 Harper, Randall, 264 Harpring, Linda Lee, 42, 100 Harrington, Mary Ann, 76, 82, 92, 194 Harris, Carl R., 197 Harris, Clyda R., 55, 81 Harris, James W., 219, 229 Harris, XVarren R., 170, 201 Harris, William 1., 171, 172, 292 Harrison, Bennie J., 201 Harrison, William V., 302, 304 Hart, Vernon F., 268 Hart, Phillip J., 186 Hartung, Paul E., 175 Harvey, Lonnie L., 302, 304 Hasselwander, Philip H., J12, 62 Hastings, Robert F., 53, 249, 250, 251, 252, 253 Haswell, Sgt. Conway H., 279 Hatch, Edward A., 224, 226 Hatchell, James E., 175 Hatcher, Fredric F., 222, 230 Hatcher, Patricia A., 83, 177, 225 Hauck, Joseph 8., 201 Hauntz, Jo Ann, 96 Haverstock, Donald L., 102 Hawkins, Donald W., 292 Hawkins, Sara L., 186 Hayden, Henry T., 174 Hayden, James B., 172, 213 Hayes, Sheldon R., 211 Hayes, Joyce M., 56, 62, 98, 197 Hays, James A., 67, 68, 201 Head, James M., 186 Heaton, Judith C., 64, 72, 82 Heaton, Maurice L., 174, 201 Hecht, Robert L., Jr. ,102, 170, 197 Heck, Lynn, 81 Heideman, H. David, 264 Heil, Julia E., 90 Heim, Georgia M., 92, 225, 226 Heim, Lawrence T., 175 Heine, Lee A., 258, 268 Heins, James Neil, 269 Heldman, Judith A., 92, 127, 129, 194 Hellier, Charles E., 223, 229 Helmus, Wilbur F., Jr., 269 Henderman, David W., 174, 201 Hendricks, james L., 201 Henne, Charles W., 62, 77, 78, 110, 111, 214 Hennings, Louis W., 171 Henry, Benjamin B., 224 Hensley, Paul E., 224 Herbert, Emily E., 201 Herbig, George E., 296 Herbst, David F., 171 Hercegh, Larin6, 201 Herman, Harold J., 87, 112, 211, 215 Hermann, Norbert G., 62 Herold, D0ug1as W., 291 Herpe, B., 66 Herrick, John A., 201 Hess, James G., 186 Hester, Beverly E., 36, 40, 55, 94, 130, 186 Hester, Norman G., 102, 124 Hester, Robert E., Jr., 211 Hewitt, Donald R., 291 Heymann, Roberto P., 296 Hicks, Crawford E. 246, 252 Higgins, James J., 214 Higgins, 10 N., 278, 279 Higgins, Marleana K., 225 Hill, Ann L., 96, 201 Hill, Suzanne L., 40, 48, 64, 177, 187 187 Hill, Thomas E., 201 Hilleary, Robert N., 194 Hilton, Ruth L., 68, 274 Hines, Barbara A., 100, 187 Hines, Carole R., 36, 40, 88, 187, 206 Hines, John E., 175, 291 Hinkebein, Robert B., 224 Hinton, Donald L., 67, 71 Hinton, H. L., 36, 49, 219,230 Hirtzel, William J., 62, 174 Hite, Arthur L., 292 Hits, David N., 107, 296 Hitt, Nancy L., 201 Hitz, David N., 107, 176, 286 Hobbs, Crit, 258, 266 Hockensmith, Don W., 175 Hodapp, Charles A., 170 Hodge, Ken W., 258, 269 Hodges, Helen M., 64, 100 Hodges, Paula S., 72 Hodges, Ruth K., 64, 187 Hoerter, John E., 219, 230 Hoffman, Charles E., 286, 295 Hogancamp, Glenn E., Jr., 269 Hogg, T., 67, 68 Holbauer, S. R., 223 Holbrook, Ernest G., 264 Holbrook, James A., 269 Holbrook, Bert, 263 Holland, Robert H., 214 Hollars, Russell L., 291, 296 Hollenbeck, Robert K., 114, 175, 292 Hollinden, Timothy G., 175 Holmas, Lt. Ralph H., 279 Holt, Lt. H. Glenn, 278 Holt, Elaine, 264 Holt, Lawrence L., 107, 211 Holt, Raleigh A., 224 Homans, Della, 36, 46, 47, 52, 55, 56, 73, 90, 187 Homaker, Joe R., 278 312 Honoset, Lamont, 252 Hoodenpyl, Charles W., Jr., 249 Hoog, Thomas W., 175 Hopkins, Gilbert W., 258, 266 Hopkins, Marjorie A., 42, 135, 197 Horlander, Frank J., 286 Horn, David M., 175, 292 Hornback, Robert R., 109 Horsley, A. 1., 64 Hotopp, Harold G., 286 Hottman, Donald D., 174, 201 Houghton, Hugh J., 109, 172 Hougland, Julia A., 83, 197 Houk, James L., 174 House, Daniel H., 174 Houston, Hal E., 269 Houston, John H., 201 Houton, Leslie G., 252 Houston, Russell, 111, 52, 53, 174 Howard, Charles D., 266 Howard, Lawrence J., 224 Howard, Ronald F., 36, 41, 57, 64, 87, 108, 109, 187 Howell, Clifford W., 279 Howell, Lt. Harvey, 281 Howell, Solomon 0., Jr., 174 Huan, Dana, 197 Hubbard, Carroll, J12, 59, 249 Hubbard, Suzanne E., 194 Hubbs, Gerald G., 62 Hubbuch, Behrle W., 223 Huber, George R., 175 Huber, John B., 175 Huckelbery, Charles T., 52, 94, 107, 116, 170 Hudgins, William E., 223, 230 Huffman, John E., 79, 82 Huggins, James W., 174, 194 Hujo, Robert A., 174, 201 Hulsman, Philip 1., 265, 268 Hummel, Robert A., 259, 268 Humphrey, Ivy L., 69, 90, 201 Humpich, Ronald L., 174 Hun, Roger, 224 Hundley, Alfred W., 187 Hunt, John Oliver, Jr., 144, 145 Hunter, Excell N., 170 Hunter, Raymond B., 107, 171, 172, 286 Huoni, Dana Brook, 174 Hurst, Ida C., 83, 88, 201 Hutchins, Joanne L., 59, 61, 62, 82, 98, 99, 194 Hutsell, Thomas S., 259 Hutton Lajon Ree, 109, 172, 187 Hyman, James B., 263 I Icenogle, Gary E., 214 Iglehart, Charles C., J12, 296 Imes, Ivan E., J12, 292 Ingram, Ethel M., 64 Irizarry, Gilberto L., 249, 252 Irizarry, Jose, 246 Irwin, Judith, 100, 201 Irwin, Mary Lawrence, 40, 52, 53, 73, 94, 187 Isaacs, John T., 229 J Jackman, Richard B., 172 Jackson, Corp. Edward A., 279 Jackson, Richard M., 201 Jackson, Robert M., 230 Jacobs, Stephen E., 109, 174, 202 Jacobsen, Kenneth C., 52, 53, 170, 171, 173 James, John W., 111, 62, 292 Janzen, David Lee, 224 Janzen, Donald E., 234 Jenkins, Robert R., 211 Jeppson, Carl W., 187 Jesse, Joseph H., 187 Jhoslien, William L., 187 Johnson, Benjamin H., Jr., 110, 265 Johnson, Grayson, 252 Johnson, Harold E., 87, 102 Johnson, Irving W., 170 Johnson, J. Wesley, 259, 268 Johnson, James 0., 109, 202 Johnson, Sarah Fox, 197 Johnson, Walter L., 49, 78, 200 loiner, Hayward E., 57, 59, 249, 252 10mm, Daniel P., 174 lones, Henry A., 259, 268 lones, 1ames P., 64, 109, 170 101165, 1erry D., 77 'ones, John 0., 259, 268 1ones, Kenneth H., 1r., 105, 170 1ones, Lewis Dee, 174 Jones, Marlin C., 223, 229 lones, Mary K., 66, 273, 274 jones, Richard F., 197 ones, Samuel A., 103, 170, 202 lones, Thomas M., 264 ones, Walter A., 1r., 174, 197 iordan, Carole G., 274 K 1 abler, Paul W., 175 ' aelin, Donald L., 175 . aelin, James N., 171, 172 ahl, Betty Lynne, 188 ahn, Bertram, 259, 265 almer, Thomas 1., 109 altenbacher, Edward, 37, 41, 48, 58, 109, 286, 294, 296 ambach, Linda A., 52, 64, 95, 194 annapel, Gilbert, 295 anzler, Donald L., 170 arantz, Robert L., 172, 291 arem, Donald Nick, 229 arem, 1oAnn, 202 . arlner, Charles, 237 ' arr, Kenneth R., 67, 68, 113, 171, 291 ast, Madelyn V., 62, 72, 82, 95, 202 astensmidt, John F., 114, 115, 286, 296 atz, Donald Bruce, 263, 265 ean, Carolyn S., 63, 202 eefe, Donald 1., 197 eeling, Burce H., 48 eeling, George H., 111, 194 eese, Frances 1., 197 effer, Richard A., 49, 220, 229 eister, XVilliam P., 48, 67, 68, 109, 296 elley, Judith Ann, 194 elly, P. W., 266 elly, Richard H., 64, 79, 188 elly, William, 279 6115, Mary E., 64, 202 elsey, Carmen 1., 202 eltner, 1er0me B., 170 - emp, Mildred T., 66, 273 endall, Judy L., 83, 202 epley, Benjamin F., 223, 230 ereiakes, Spero C., 223, 229 ersey, Cordis R., 172 esten, Louis 1., III, 67, 68, 175 idd, Bobby 1., 268 idd, Ernest T., 194 iefer, Lois M., 202 iefer, Nola H., 202 iester, Louis, 292 1 ime, Steve F., 43, 170 I immel, Carl W., 11, 211 1 ing, Joseph James, 224 ing, Ralph D., 175 irkpatrick, Patrick A., 224 itchen, 109, 176 r ittell, James S., 202 lapheke, Flossie, 81 ' lapheke, James W'., 62 lavins, Ruta, 49, 220 Iey, Alvin XV., 229 , line, Carol Ann, 81, 95 1 ling, Carol, 62, 202 I lumb, Clifford Allan, 176, 211 I lump, Edward 1., 11:, 62, 197 l neessy, Jean E., 90, 197, 206 I nehans, William E., 224 I night, David B., 194 I 110113, Gerald, 252 I I I och, Norman L., 174 oester, Carolyn C., 92, 197 ohn, Robert A., 46, 56, 112, 194 olter, Carolyn A., 76, 92, 195 I oopman, Charles H., 292 Kort, Margaret, 206 Kottak, Joseph Lawrence, 174 Kouns, David M., 67, 68, 174, 202 I ovachevich, Rudy, 259, 269 Kraft, George M., 220 Krauss,1anet B., 88, 195 Krecker, Edward C., 263, 267 Kreitman, Herbert 1., 211 Kreke, Homer R., 64 Kress, Marilyn E., 81, 202 Krieger, Joyce A., 62 Krieger, Walter W., 1r., 252 Kuehnast, Neil C., 81,286, 296 Kuhn, George E., 301, 303 Kunberger, George L., 228 Kute, Albert L., 103, 202 Kute, Bemard A., 287 Kuzela, Edward V., 171 Kyle, Nathan D., 82 L LaDuke, Donald 1., 252 Lafferty, Patrick 1., 172 Lagunas, Miguel M., 292 Lake, Sandra F., 83, 225 Lamb, 1ames W., 87 Lambert, Charles W., 106, 195 Lamkin, Robert D., 188 Lancaster, 1erry H., 103, 188 Landis, Edward E., 52, 263, 269 Lane, Marti, 52, 53, 76, 86, 96, 174, 188 Lane, Michael S., 202 Lane, Richard M., 107 Lang, Robert D., 301, 303 Lange, Karl WK, 46, 52, 53 54, 220, 230 Lankswert, Pat E.,.62 LaPradre, Dennis C., 277 LaReine, Horace D., 175, 292 Lathrem, Raymond T., 243 Lathrop. M2117 Ellen, 76, 91, 127, 129, 197 Lawrence, David L., 265, 267 Lawrence R., 67 Lawrence, Robert N., 68, 222, 230 Lawrenson, Nancy B., 188 Laws, Sgt. John, 278 Lawson, George D., 252 Lawton, Mary L., 66, 83, 96,202 Lay, Linda D., 202 Layer, Edward L., 301, 303 Layne, Bruce C06, 188 Leahy, Patricia A., 225 Leap, Charles R., 172, 287,296 Lear, Thurman F., 114 Leathers, Jesse R., 302, 304 Lee, Robert S., 174 Lee, Shirley A., 273 Lees, Lois, 132 Lehn, Frank W., 269 Leitsch, Patricia K., 98, 99, 225 Lenahan, W'illiam H., 202 Lentz, Marilyn L., 301, 303 Lesher, Joan L., 40, 264 Lester, Gene D., 292 Lester, Harold D., 224 Levine, Marilyn, 202, 264 Lewe, Thomas E., 175 Lewis, Barbara A., 83, 195 Lewis, Edward E., 1L, 109, 175, 177, 287 Lewis, Eva Lee, 197 Lewis, Jack D., 259 Lewis, Sara R., 188 Leyers,VVi11ia1n E., 114, 115, 176, 187 Lickteig, Norbert E., 175 Liebschutz, Marilyn 0., 188 Likins, Rose M., 69, 92, 188 Lin, Paul P., 236 Linder, Marilyn, 83, 202 Lindsay, Robert M., 109, 202 Lindsey, Ann C., 64, 88, 202 Lindsey, Lloyd K., 66, 273 Ling, David C., 265 Linville, James K., 269 Lion,1V., 170 Lips, Ronald A., 287, 297 Lipscomb, Nathan T., 237 Lish, Thelma K., 40, 188 Lister, Roy D., 175 Litkenhous, William E., 109 Little, Anne L., 37, 55, 63, 86, 88, 89, 195, 206 Litton, Charles D., 259, 267 Livesay, Janice L., 291 Logan, Walter F., 48, 222, 230 Logsdon, D0na1d C., 37, 46, 52, 246, 251, 252 Long, Sgt. Oscar, 1r., 279 Longacre, Lt. Clyde C., 278 Longstaff, 10hn P., 11"., 37, 259 Looney, Louis M., 63, 174, 202 Lopp, Gayle C., 64 Lotz, Robert W., 103, 197 Lourey, Michael, 269 Love, Joseph D., 109, 175 Lowe, Robert L., 287 Lowman, Nellie B., 83 Luckett, George W., 174, 195 Ludwig, Nicholas E., 62 Luker, Ralph E., 64 Lum, Phyllis 1., 62, 83, 202 Lundquist, Douglas L., 175 Lurding, Donald R., 52, 107, 195, 206 Lutes, Charles T., 103, 175 Lutz, Richard 117., 57, 77, 78, 110, 197 Lynch, 1Vi11iam C., 292 Lynn, Deddo C., 252 Lyon, Stuart L., 246 Lyons, Edward M., 49, 228, 230 M MacCallum, 1ames M,. 64, 72, 214, 109, 215 MacDonald, May A., 64, 81 Mack, Janet C., 83 Macum, 10am, 202 Maddix, Hurley 1V., 11:, 202 Magers, 1anet L., 63, 202 Mahoney, David L., 62 Mainey, B. G., 278 Males, Sharon L., 96, 202 Mallory, Charles A., 66, 67, 68, 273 Malone, Philip G., 79, 82 Malone, Robert H., 59, 79, 249, 252 Manifold, Guy R., 202 Mann, Gilbert 8., 43, 197 Manteuffel, David A., 47, 78, 110 Manson, Lucy M., 83, 195 Mantel, Alexander, 224 Marchese, Angela M., 47, 78, 98, 195 Marcum, James S., 224 Mardis, 1ames C., 202 Marra, Ann E., 69, 92, 202 Mamh, Edwin T., 188 Marsh, 1ohn C., 259, 268 Marshall, Thomas R., 222, 230 Martin, Betty1., 202 Martin, Edward K., 1r., 263, 268 Martin, Ronald 1V" 175 Martin, Theodore B., 291 Martin, Troy H., 224 Mashbum, Samuel H., 1r., 174, 197 Mason, W'ilIiam T., 1r., 109 Masters, Joseph T., 278, 279 Mather, Mary 1., 202 Matlock, Geneva M., 259 Matlock, Melvin L., 260, 267 Mattingly, Charles W., 189 Mattingly, John Barkley, 195 Maunl, Robert C., 279 Maupin, Martha E,, 202 Maxiield, William D., 174, 197 Mayberry, John M., 202 Mayer, James R., 1L, 62, 72, 197 Mayfield, Barbara S., 202 Mayo, C. E., 1r., 67, 68, 109, 176, 278, 279 Mayo, Colonel Lockhart, 174 Mayrose, Nancy L., 81, 86, 90, 91, 177, 211 Mays, Mary E., 83 Mays, Terrell D., 264 Mazzoli, Romano L., 57, 246, 251 McCamish, Marion E., 175, 292 McCammon, William L., 115, 287 McCandless, Walter E., 171 McClellan, John W., 260, 268 McClung, Hylbert H., 1r., 220, 231 McClurkan, James M., 48, 105, 195 McConnell, Madge R., 241 McConnell, Robert 1., 105, 195 McCormack, William M., 268 McCoskey, Jack R., 111, 195 313 McCoskey, Marguerite, 195 McCravy, Newton, 1r., 240 McCray, Ronald E., 170 McDonald, Donald E., 109, 287, 296 McDonald, Graham B., 1r., 115 McDonald, James R., 175, 252, 292 McDonogh, Paul E., 296 McGowen, Harold E., 302 McGuEey, Patrick E., 67, 68 McHugh, John 1., 37, 50, 260 McIntire, John M., 202 McKechnie, Robert K., 38, 260, 265, 267 McKenna, S. Norman, 61, 189 McKeown, Albert F., 171 McKinney, Samuel B., 211 McLaughlin, Harold 1., 202 McMahon, Henry 1., 112, 58 McMahon, Mike R., 174 McNeil, John D., 77 McNeill, Thomas P., 266 McNickle, Adrian W., 715 McPherson, Donald W., 197 Meekins, Sgt. Ellis N., 278 Meffert, Paul F., 202 Melendy, David R., 64, 170 Merade, Carol L., 202 Mercer, Carolyn L., 92, 195 Mercer, Charles W., 260, 268 Mercer, David S., 58, 113, 172, 291 Merhoff, Nancy 1., 42, 64, 92, 197 Merhoff, Theodore L., 109 Metcalfe, Thomas H., 287 Metzger, Robert W., 1L, 189 Metzmeier, Frank 1., 224 Meves, Harris B., 202 Meyer, Donald N., 302, 304 Meyer, William 1., 1r., 292 Michael, Robert M., 174 Michel, James H., 202 Middleton, Martha 1., 64, 83, 95, 225 Middleton, Sharon A., 202 Milburn, Delbert M., 202 Miles, Barbara E., 38, 40, 46, 94, 95, 189 ., Milleman, Don E., 202 Miller, Beverly C., 82, 100, 214 Miller, Carye 1., 64, 198 Miller, Clyde, 278 Miller, David C., III, 107, 175, 288 Miller, Gerald 1., 63, 203 Miller, Hugh 1., 52, 115, 292 Miller, 1. Thomas, 1r., 260 Miller, James S., 175 Miller, Linda L., 203 Miller, Louis D., 66 Miller, Martha B., 203 Miller, Roger T., 62, 291 Miller, Ronald 1., 43 Miller, Viola M., 203 Miller, William A., 72, 189 Mills, Gayle, 66, 88, 122, 273 Mills, Gwyn, 66, 88, 273 Minyard, Harold Lee, 287, 296 Mitchell, Gilbert R., 67, 68, 174, 203 Mitchell, Harold E., 67, 68 Mitchell,10hn Keith, 174 Mitzlaff, Louis 0., II, 203 Moberly, Sgt, R. L., 278 Mobley, Eddie P., 220, 231 Moller, Frank A., 223, 231 Montgomery, John E., 174, 292 Montgomery, Martha A., 98, 189 Montgomery, Robert H., 260, 268 Montgmoery, Roy William, 67, 68, 203 Moody, Mary E., 52, 53, 55, 89, 103, 195 Moore, Lou, 81 Moran, Micki, 52, 53, 97, 189 Morey, Gordon T., 174 Morgan, XVilliam D., 203 Morguelan, Murray A., 112, 195 Morris, Ballard 5., 212 Morris, Chester H., 263 Morris, Jack C., 224 Morris, Joe C., 287 Morris, 1ohn G., 203 Morris, Kenneth 1., 87, 113, 287 Morris, Opal Y., 81, 189 Morris, Rohnald V., 214 Morris, Smith, 53, 111 Morrison, Donald Leo, 288 Morrison, Mary E., 195 Morrone, Samuel J., 222, 228 Morse, Sarah S., 203 Morton, Barry V., 174 Morton, Margaret A., 66 Morton, Robert, 291 Morton, Russell G., 38 Moulton, Robert B., 54, 64, 203 Mountjoy, Carol N., 81, 93, 189 Mueller, Bert, 223 Mueller, Donald A., 62, 176 Mueller, Gilbert V., Jr., 229 Mueller, John H., III, 61 Mueller, Marcia A., 62, 203 Muhs, Martha, 189 Mulhall, Gene A., 189 Mulligan, James E., 174 Mulligan Lynda R., 83, 225 Mullins, Jean R., 240 Mullins, Robert L., 288 Mullins, William E., 43 Mumford, Kay 1., 52, 83, 96, 97, 190 Muntan, Janice M., 69, 91, 203 Murphy, Ellen D., 69, 203 Murphy, Frank J., 288, 290 Murphy, James G., 228 Murray, Coleman L., 203 Musselman, Diane, 225 Myers, William A., III, 220, 228 Myers, William R., Jr., 212 N Naber, Charles T., 234 Naegele, Madeline L., 91, 203 Nall, Keith E., 198 Nalley, Phillip L., 223, 229 Napier, William R., 203 Neel, David 0., 203 Neely, Jerry W., 107, 109, 175, 292 Neely, Michael D., 66 Neurath, Alton E., Jr., 222, 229 Newell, Thomas J., 111, 198 Newman, Edward A., 195 Newton, Darrell D. 172 Niceley, Bobby J., 288 Noble, C. June, 66, 88, 89, 273, 274 Noble, Charles R., 260, 269 Nolan, Brenda C., 66, 203 Nold, George W., 203 Nold, Lawrence H., Jr., 77, 115, 172, 292 Nolley, Foster B., 288 Nolte, Sharon, 55, 93, 190 Noltemeyer, Norman V., 103, 203 Norman, Judy M., 203 Norris, James P., 203 Norton, Charles E., 63, 198 Nuckols, Charles T., 229 Nugent, Ralph VV.. 48, 52, 53, 56, 107 Nutgrass, Nathan H., 174, 198 Nutt, Claude L., 72 Nutt, Gilbert H., 252 O Oberst, Charles R., 260, 269 O1Bryan, George R., 190 O'Donnell, Harry B., 111, 247 Offutt, Annette, 40, 66, 272 Offutt, Jane F., 53, 76, 93, 177, 214 Ogden, Douglas G., 103 Ogden, Emmett Lee, Jr., 115 Ohere, Richard, 62 Oiler, Russell E., 175, 292 Oldham, Nora B., 260 Olkie, T., 43 Orem, Dale L., 212 Orr, Martha D., 98, 99, 195 Orthober, Bette L., 203 Orr, Sgt. V., 279 Osbourn, Kela P., 76, 195 Ossman, Bobbye G., 64, 66, 273 Overstreet, Marietta, 64, 91, 203 Owen, Lafayette G., 269 Owen, Linda S., 66 Owens, Eddie L., 66 Owens, Harold W., 266 Owens, Miriam S., 66, 272 Owens, Thomas, 42, 198 Owsley, Clara L., 194 Ozment, Charles M., 174 P Pack, Larry J., 223, 229 Pagolo, Capt. Eroulfe, 279 Page, Marian L., 42, 69, 83 Palmer, Erroll M., 203 Palmer, Raymond A., 63, 195 Parker, Richard C., 172, 203 Parker, Sylvia F., 83, 225 Parks, Clay C., 224 Parnes, Rosalind, 76 Parr, Capt. Glenn, 279 Parrish, Clyde F., 236 Parrish, Lawrence A., 225 Parsons, George L., J12, 225 Pash, Charles N., 222, 229 Pate, Harold T., 62, 111, 203 Pate, Robert L., 111 Patterson, Bobbie B., 260, 266 Paul, Edwin Wynn, 109 Paull, John D., 175 Paull, Robert M., 264 Payne, Carl R., 223, 226, 229 Payne, Charles E., 175 Payne, Donald L., 190 Peacock, Edward P., 175 Peake, Harriet A., 93, 177,212 Peege, Robert E., 198 Feet, A1va E., J12, 111, 170, 195 Penn, Sherry E., 69, 203 Pennington, Gary E., 52, 55, 64, 72, 109,118,119,125,190 Perkins, Robert E., 41, 49, 220 Perry, John W., 198 Pesci, William L., 263, 269 Peters, Charles R., 174, 177 Peters, Clarence K., 260, 266 Peters, Georgiana S., 64 Peters, Jean A., 43, 203 Peters, Nellie L., 240 Petersen, D0na1d T., 66 Petersen Joyce M., 76, 290 Peterson, Paul H., 103, 203 Peterson, Shirley, 190 Perri, William H., 195 Petro, Gerald A., 171 Pettus, Jerry R., 67, 68, 174 Petty, Ronnie L., 141 Petway, Jon XVU 43 Peyton, Marie M., 62, 76, 81, 97, 203 Pezold, Herivdon A., 198 Pfalzer, James R., 67, 68, 171 Phelps, Jerry A., 263 Phillips, James G., 228 Pierce, VVilIiam J., 203 Pile, William W., 175, 291 Pinkston, Jane G., 203 Petts, John B., 278 Plymale, Bruce M., 64, 79, 82, 190 Podgainy, Martin D., 263 Polan, Charles E., 252 Polley, Richard B., 175 Pollock, David B., 190 Pope, Patricia K., 69, 72, 97, 203 Popp, George T., 288, 296 Porco, Ken J., 141, 142, 143 Porst, Edward A., 104 Porter, Carl L., Jr., 175, 292 Porter, Harry R., 57, 77, 78 Porter, Richard C., 43, 47, 48, 52, 53, 61, 63, 77, 78, 87, 110, 111, 195, 291 Porter, Robert D., 107, 171 Porzig, Carolyn, 203 Potts, Robert E., 266 Poulten, J., 174 Poulter, Lloyd L., 67, 68, 109, 198 Poweleit, Alvin D., 261, 267 Powe11,James P., 198 Prater, Jesse W., 223 Prather, Carol S., 203 Primack, Marshall F., 43, 44, 48, 77, 79 ProHitt, James K., 252 Pryor, Betty K., 298 Puckett, George G., 176 Purdy, Robert Clinton, 203 R Rabbit, 1., 62 Rahm, Herbert W., Jr., 62, 113, 171 Raibert, Joseph A., 172, 173, 212 Ramsey, James E., 203 Ransdell, Gail M., 190 Ransdell, Neal F., 49, 220, 231 Raque, Carl J., 48, 107, 190 Raque, Maurite E., 225 Rasnic, John G., 171 Raymond, Larry A., 269 Reading, Jane, 72, 198 Reardon, June C., 190 Reding, Sue Ann, 83, 225 Redmon, Walter L., 292 Reed, Gracie L., 191 Reed, James R., 175 Reed, John M., 261, 267 Reesor, Twyla Jo, 203 Reeve, VVilIiam F., 64, 77, 191 Reeves, John H., 58, 288 Reeves, Robert N., 108, 109 Reeves, Rosella, 63 Regas, Stanley J., 107, 291 Rehm, Vernon S., 212 Reichard, Kenneth T., 203 Reiche, John C., 203 Reid, Ben A., 107, 195 Reid, Jack L., 142 Rekow, Charles J., 52, 54, 222, 231 Remke, Charlene M., 76, 81, 83, 86, 96, 97, 195 Remmers, Kenneth D., 191 Remmers, Richard D., 249, 252 Reverman, Theodore L., J12, 296 Reves, Robert, 41 Reynolds, James M., 38, 49, 220, 229 Rhee, S., 64 Rice, James F., 109, 191, 206 Rich, Barbara A., 64, 100 Rich, Barbara Kay, 81, 82, 89, 177 Rich, Thomas F., 56 Richards, Mary Regina, 64, 191 Richards, Thomas E., 43, 288, 296 Richardson, Daniel S., 170 Richardson, Dudley, 198 Richardson, Fred C., 48, 198 Richardson, William D., 252 Richardson, William 0., 221, 229 Richie, Thomas F., 107, 198 Riddle, Austin G., 38, 49, 221, 231 Riddle, Louis W., 175 Ridenour, Gary T., 174 Riedling, Gerald L., 237 Riggins, Clifford W., 288 Riggs, Leon, 223 Riley, Cord611, 223 Riley, Henry S., 261, 267 Riley, John D., 222 Riley, Tom J., 107, 214 Rinehart, Mercedes A., 64, 203 Ringswald, Ida M., 203 Ritchie, Charles W., 296 Ritter, Edward G., 222, 230 Ritter, Marilyn A., 45, 64, 203 Rivera, M7111iam H., 237 Roache, Joel H., 72, 174, 203 Roadcap, Robert L., 174, 203 Robb, Wanda E., 264 Roberts, Charles M., 62 Roberts, David B., 48, 57, 176, 195 Roberts, Dion M., 48 Roberts, Lawrence 141., 109, 170, 195 Robertson, Frank R., 107, 291 Robertson, John E., 171, 293 Robinson, Charles D., 174 Robinson, Linda L., 42, 63, 76, 78, 198 Robison, Mary M., 198 Robuck, Sally H., 191 Roe, Hazel G., 240 Rogers, Lawrence W., 291 Rogers, Raymond H., 62, 171, 172, 288 Rogers, Richard E., 198 Roggenkamp, Larry E., 175, 293, 296 Rohmer, Edward J., J12, 222, 228 Rominc, Mary H., 61, 66, 273, 274 Rose, Charles A., 38, 250, 252 Rose, D., 170 Rosenbaum, Donald E., 175 Rosenblum, Jesse H., 57 Roth, Wanda K., 97, 203 Rothenburger, Vernon D., 107, 191 314 Rothman, Henry G., Jr., 204 Rough, Donald L., 204 Roulston, Caroline F., 64, 94, 95, 195 Routen, Capt. Willis E., 279 Routt, Patty J0, 204 Row, Rita, 83, 204 Rowan, Charles E., 170 Rowe, Billy Joe, 223 Rowe, Dixie Lee, 83, 86, 98, 122, 198 Rowe, Louis F., 109, 195 Ruben, Sgt. W. E., 278 Ruck, Jack E., 103, 198 Rucker, Lieut. L. W., 278 Ruckviegel, George R., 288, 296 Rudd, Gerald G., 61, 64, 198 Ruebenstahl, Roy Henry, 204 Rullman,Dona1d H., 171, 172, 289 Runner, Edward M., 249, 252 Russell, Lawrence P., 62 Rust, Margaret H., 39, 40, 56, 93, 191 Rutledge, Levi W., Jr., 301, 303 Ryan, Charles J., 212 Ryan, Donald J., 175 Ryan, J. Patrick, 291 Ryan, Robert H., 240, 243 Ryan, William J., 289 S Sack, Marshall R., 79 Sack, Richard M., 48, 49, 228 Sacksteder, Edward J., 62, 293 Sailor, Mary J., 62, 204 Sallee, Lowell C., 261, 269 Salot, Roger D., 261, 267 Sammons, Terry L., 66, 273 Sammons, William J., 195 Sams, Bernard F., 268 Samuel, Roslind, 62, 195 Samuelsen, Colette M., 249 Sanders, Louise, 198 Sanders, Ted J., 261, 268 Sandler, Elizabeth A., 98, 99, 225 Sandler, F., 62 Sandmann, Charles I., 252 Saunders, Swepson H., 224 Sawson, V., 170 Sayre, Larry M., 228 Schaftlein, Richard W., 62, 175 Schalk, Raymond, 109, 174, 198 Scheible, Gail D., 83, 225 Schermer, Barry, 212 Schiavone, Robert P., 263, 267 Schifferli, H. Allan, 191 Schmid, Julie M., 204 Schmidt, Carl 1., 64, 198 Schmidt, Charlotte M., 82, 100, 123 Schmitt, Carl H., 67, 68, 172 Schmitt, George F., Jr., 48, 67, 68, 175, 291, 296 Schmitt, Jerry C., 115, 291, 293 Schneider, John 1., 296 Schneider, Mary E., 204 Schneider, Mary S., 95, 204 Schneider, Robert T., 247, 252 Schneider, Terrence R., 224 Schnitger, Henry F., 174 Schoening, Keith S., 103, 171, 291 Schrader, Rupert P., 111, 293 Schrand, James R., 261, 266 Schrodt, James T., 58, 62, 297 Schroedel, Albert F., 48, 52, 54, 58, 109, 289, 294 Schuler, Frank 0., 289 Schuler, Gloria M., 69, 93, 204 Schultz, Carol A., 62, 82, 204 Schultz, Gary A., 174, 204 Schunicht, Bernard F., 115 Schwantes, Shirley 1., 89, 204 Scoiield, Edward L., 195 Scott, Archie E., 63, 214 Scott, Charles, 103 Scott, Walter N., 50, 261, 268 Scully, Robert L., 301, 303 Seagroves, Capt. T. 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C., 174, 175 Air Force Sponsors, 177 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 296 American Institute of Civil Engineers, 296 Alpha Epsilon Delta, 48 Alpha Kappa Kappa, 266, 267 Alpha Omega Alpha, 50 Alpha Phi Omega, 77 Arts and Science Student Council, 206 Baptist Student Union, 63 Beta Delta, 49 Briefing Service, 251 Business School Staff, 214 Cadet Officers, 176 Canterbury Club, 63 Cardinal, The, 56, 57 Cardinalettes, 100, 101 Chi Omega, 88, 89 Cwens, 42 Dames Club, 81 Debate Society, 78 Delta Phi Alpha, 47 Delta Sigma Delta, 228, 229 Delta Theta Phi, 252 Delta Upsilon, 102, 103 Delta Zeta, 90, 91 Dental School Student Council, 226 Exchange Club, 72 Football, 140, 145 Geology Club, 82 Homecoming, 116, 126, 127, 128, 129 Home Economics Club, 81 Interfraternity Council, 87 International Relations, 73, 74 International Relations Club, 72 Intermurals, 162, 165 Kappa Alpha, 104, 105 Kappa Delta, 92, 93 Kent School Staff, 241 Lambda Chi Alpha, 106, 107 Law School Staff, 256 Louisville Lawyers, The, 59 Marching Cardinals, 68 317 Medical School Student Council, 265 Moot Court, 249 Mortar Board, 40 Music School Student Council, 274 Newman Club, 62 NavalR.O.T.C.,170,171,172 Naval Staff, 173 Omicron Delta Kappa, 41 Panhellenic Council, 86 Phi Alpha Delta, 252 Phi Delta Epsilon, 265 Phi Chi, 268, 269 Phi Eta Sigma, 43 Phi Kappa Delta, 47 Phi Kappa Tau, 108, 109 Pi Beta Phi, 94, 95 Pi Delta Epsilon, 46 Pi Gamma Omicron, 82 Pi Kappa Delta, 47 Pi Kappa Phi, 45 Psi Omega, 230, 231 Religious Council, 61 Sigma Alpha Mu, 112 Sigma Kappa, 96, 97 Sigma Tau, 48 Society for Natural Science, 79 Southern Police Institute, 276, 277, 278, 279, 280, 281 Speed Engineer, 58 Speed School Student Council, 294 Speed Way, 58 Theta Tau, 114, 115 Thoroughbred, The, 54, 55 Triangle, 113 Ulettes and University of Louisville Bells, The, 69 University Choir, 66 University College Student Council, 303 University of Louisville Band, 67 University of Louisville Concert Band, 67 University Student Senate, 52, 53 Wesley Club, 64 Westminster Club, 64 ths XVho, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 W omen,s Recreation Association, 76 Woodcock Society, 44 Zeta Tau Alpha, 98, 99 - e 191: INE PRINTING SINCE 1887- Thaths the story of Foote 8: Davies, Inc. 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Motorists With Dependable Petroleum Products since the days of the YOUR UNIVERSITY OF Iirst Horseless: Carriage. LOUISVILLE STORE For Official NEW and USED TEXTBOOKS Comp1 ete Line of Supplivef STANDARD 0". COMPANY LOWER LEVEL - UNIVERSITY CENTER Kentuckw Novelties - Gifts - Rings - Stationery - Souvenirs Medical Book Store POPE BUILDING - FIRST AND CHESTNUT WOOD-MOSAIC CORPORATION Domestic and Foreign VENEER HARDWOOD LUMBER FLOORING 324 One might well say that the students year begins in September instead of january, for this month marks the endless lines of registration followed by the buying of books, and finally the beginning of classes. September also marks the beginning of work in the Thoroughbred thce. Soon after classes began in the fall Mayberrys came out to take pictures. The real work began with drawing of copy pages and the typing in of names and activities. As the months passed, we ran into a few snags - sometimes appointa ments were missed, Hash bulbs didnt "go off" or we would run out of copy paper due to mistakes made in triplicate -to mention only a few. All was not work, however, for we took breaks to go to the Sub to drink coffee, eat cheeseburgers or play a few hands of bridge. The Staff was really fine. They did their sections well and were dependable. They willingly worked Saturdays, Sundays and evenings, and I hope they enjoyed working on the Thoroughbred as much as I. We owe many thanks to Buddy Crane and Bob Moulten, the staff photographers; Mayberry, our por- trait photographer; Dr. Theodore M. Brown; Larry Spitzer and the CO'ztrier-Journal, Louisville Times who made available current photographs. Of course we want to thank F oote and Davies, In- corporated, our printers, for all their aid and assist- ance and Durand Manufacturing Company, who manufactured our cover. I sincerely hope that the administration, the fac- ulty, and the students feel that we have captured the school year in this, the 1960 Thoroughbred. L.F.C. 9 1 ?IHJV?1,. Ly :2! .Ziiswgsg. v. V . , : . ., , . .3533; 2 w :w; . .l $5 um

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