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f T ' M Y . . ' f ' -- . W --1 , , , ' I: ,- .lx AE? .., ., . . .. - H Q... , Q , I W H-QQ, ' l n A ,F , Q , S j',I I 1 5. ,,.-' 4-. , 9 P xx , 1, 'f x N Y- 1 4,3 ' - 6, t SX. I ,fa A Qi." ydlf W ' is . 1 f ' 'um.u'3.' ff ,, X wvfiivwvvil -I A fl ' ' qv "9 4 . X ' 1 - :levi 1 N. I r l H' i . u I -5 X P! l so w sf sf xv v U sr vm EE ,x It 'x,.'.'.li 'sfq ' I o O 9 10 O 0 0 - if ft ' ' +45 ' frrvvvnnrvnnnnnlurvfn aflufun nrfnn 5 1 f . , . , 5 . - ,rg A ' iq, Y ' ! Fl mx ' ff Q. Wf ,, W 'a 1' fgmtgv 0 . ,f u IN 'N 1 iffvi'W'9'6'Q'6Wv'o'3'6'iv'vii'v'wQW'W6'V , 29 4'e X 'Q xx 5 ' A ,,.'f,1"' , .- 61" w Il' f ' 1 J. W 1 . N , 1 , s QQQY YV MY -,--,1-'-' 1, ...J,. .. 1 v , 1 N I ,, 1 U U U u U vnu sr 0 I., 'g...1,i. T"T"' r D vvvlvl0p0lv0llrOvllvtfivltvvvlvOrrvvlvvnovnpvcrlr X 1' il I I, f' " -nv' g w 4 iw N yi N l y'N ,Il M w PN W w W N 1 J YN W 'N Li V I Y X, 4 I I W l! +1 E, GQNTENTTS Student Government Sa Publications. .15 Classes . . ....... . . 27 Athletics ......... . . 82 5 ? Greeks . . ....... . . 113 2 ? Royalty .......... . . . 168 Student Activities ..... . . . 178 Clubs 84. Organizations. . . . . .199 1- Eight 0,Clocl: Classes . .. Relaxation... Chapel . . . Coffee Hours... to the student 'to Whom all this mean: Study. . . Games Play . . . Dances MVK:-f-:,, - - 1 14 I v - 'I' ' +- L-:wx-1' 1 eggs 1 Q":,-,',K'b'1q- - My -'-' --55 U" wil- 4 g -Q'-w -L.-A1 --L". H J - wiv :'1L'..- fr-L f:.3".:j".-.zzf . , ., fatiius-f 31- 5.114-I ,.4 ,A . 1-exft, 4 -1 :. ,V 'S Marjorie eed. I-Iall Science Hall University Hall l r Mary Reed. Library fn lp 'ig- ' f gd U i li- i . . v" I is ' f ef' s wf? Y, gf fjj?f -Q iff? ' ' sf" Y 4 s .1 Business Administration Building X l 1 1. Daniel D Feder Alfred C. Nelson Carroll Galbreath Dean Academic Admmisircmon Vice Chancellor Decxn of Students -I M- -'f' .HK . 1 -. 1 . Cecil Puckett Clarence Knudson Gordon ohnson Decm College of Business Admlmstrczhon Dean, College of Engineering Dean College of Law Presented here are some of those people that many students seem to put in a "never-never" land. Mention the word "Administration" and many react as though you had brought up something that is outside the realm of compre- hension. It is the administration that must coordinate all of the functions of the school. From the Chancellor who is responsible for the entire operation, through the Deans who are responsible for their respective fields down to those who are concerned solely with the student and his personal interests, all are part of the "administration" To understand the large problems of the university as a whole, and the smallest problems of each student at the same time is an insurmountable task. To work for all whose interest is in the university, whether temporarily or perma- mently, is a challenge that is difficult to meet. L. 1 l ,.. -.,,,f gyrtuleu? 1 tfif fan' ' K: H ' ., iff- 59,1 ' , XA, 5 Albert C. Jacobs Chancellor ' 'J Dean, Graduate College t t i on Alfred Serafin Catherine Northrup Coordinator of Student Activities Dean of Women Robert W. Selig The Board of Trustees is composed of twenty- eight members elected in classes of seven with terms of four years. This group is responsible for the "fi- nancial fate" of the university. Between sessions of the full board, the executive council of eight members takes over. This group is composed of outstanding citizens in the community who are willing to devote many hours to the welfare of the university. Ralph B. Mayo Glenn R Phillips MOIUSOH Shaff0f Harold Silver A N Williams 'A - - ' Y- ...L , 7 .i -1, I ,Z , s Q - - -' e AA Q QVLGJJLGJJPGQ-9 e Student Government 80 Publications 909 1 I ll 1,1 T "T"rr- I F I J! ST fe Mn L , -r.-3-fe-. I'd like to be on one of those sin investigating committees." Student Senate The real power of DU's student government lies in the hands of the Student Senate. Composed of the representa- tives of the three under-graduate colleges and the College of Law, this body has control of all the student activity fees. They are responsible for the allotment of these fees to the various groups and organizations requesting money from the budget. The Senate also acts as a coordinating body for all student activities and has the power to appoint members to various groups such as the Board of Governors and the Board of Publications. S- ROW 1: lean Carr, Ben Evans, Vice President: Iim Shepherd, President: Marjorie Opie, Secretary: Al Serafin, Dan Sparr. ROW 2: Winifred Peterson, Don Carline, lim Coleman, lack Grout, Warren Tasset, Charles Howie, Dick Soennichsen, Bob Gesell. ROW 3: Louise Watson, Stu Shryer, Carl Mayer, Bob Iones, Don Finberg, Patti Hoffman, Belly Klepp, Barbara Loggins. -. l l 'CT Carr. Sally Campbell, Winnie Peterson, Lois Winters, Betty Lyster, Betty Hoyt, Gerry Patterson. ROW 2: Deatt Hudson, Anna verly Cochran, Dean Daniel Feder, Chancellor Albert Jacobs, Dean Carroll Galbreath, Louis Watson, Patti Hoffman. HOW 3: Don Carline, Ben Evans, Leo Iohnson, Iack Mehl, Don Finberq, Bob Day, Iames Shepherd, Nancy Mosher. ROW 4: Dick Soen- Leavel, lack Grout, Warren Tassel, Maurice Iohnson, Morton McGinley, Iames Coleman, Charles Howie. X - l,,,, he . se wp ' W wl3'l.Jt.l.Ll.li3l:ll. l Advisory Council is sponsored by Omicron Delta the men's honorary fraternity. It is composed of student leaders, members of ODK and Mortar Through informal "off the record" meetings with Chancellor, various deans and sundry other university wheels, problems are brought before the These are problems of both the university and the and a solution or mutual understanding is the goal discussions. Meetings are held several times through and frankness is encouraged at all times. The stu- representatives try to bring the attitude of the students various phases of the university, while those from bring the other viewpoint. It is a council strives to bring better undersanding between the student tlie administration of the university. "And all the little wheels go 'round and 'round Q2sILlj?i'U.S . . , .. ,. .2 H. . is E l Cnmnilsslen Problems of special interest to the students on the University Park Campus are handled by the Campus Commission. Supervision of school elections, helping other organizations and underwriting of many all- school dances were included in their program. Among their other activities, the Campus Commis- sion found time to go to the DU-Wyoming football game to learn more about other student governments and to cement friendly relations between the two schools. T ROW 1: Bonnie Kroqh, Iim Coleman, President A1 Sercxfin. ROW 2: Loggins, Patti Hoffman, Don Finberg, Marjorie Opie, Winifred Peterson. Q fagx-91,195x-Qcvfggx-Qqmpt-fggxvotvfggxvnc-155g 9 Q-IQGQ pcvfgQxvocvfagxwacmptvxggxvoc,-fggxvoc 4 Comrtterce The Commerce Commission handles the thousand and one problems that arise in the College of Busi- ness Administration. They handle many of the same jobs as the Campus Commission, but they have many that are concerned solely with the Bizad school. Parking for students on the Civic Center Campus, consideration of the honor system for this school and many other questions were considered by this commission. 18 ROW 1: Ed Stunauer, Treasurer: Carol Collins, Vice President: Warren President: Mary Lou Shroyer, Secretary. ROW 2: Carl Melzer, Louise Doris Peters, Iim Shepherd, Seymour Austin, lack Grout, Barbara Kendall Pew. ' v 1' iirzx 5. I S ISA l Iohn Lawson, Vice President: Charles I-lowey, Ben Evans, Presidenig Gabel, Secretary. ROW 2: lim Coleman, H. O. Iacobson, Iim Norberq. r- ' , Darroll Powell, Marian Denny, Iohn Noel. Y EM ,gg T U5 , L+fGIfll?,l,1SSlC3gTl The boys way down south in the temporaries have plenty of problems of their own, and these problems are well handled by the Engineers' Commission. One of the most active governing bodies on the campus, they work hard to help those in the Engineering school. They supervise and coordinate such activities as Engineers' Day, the Engineers' Dance and their own quarterly magazine, the Denver Engineer. DC-IQGE-DCYIQGE-QQQJQQQGR-JC-IQ GS-QC-ZBGRvDQ-ZQGL-Xvlb GR-DCYIQGXYDQTJQ-Za GR-DQ-i3 GR-D CYIQGE D Ioe Gallegos, Iohn Sandor, Earl Boltz Gordon Mayberry Vice President Molen, President: Bill I-lilly, Secretary-Treasurer: Fred Volz, Roger Iohn- Calhoun. ROW 2: Gordon Iohnsion, Advisor: R. Deane Mayer. l l t W ss g M 1 as . Llefnffllgglifll The Board of Governors of the Law School is a student governing organization. They supervise all the activities carried on by the law students and also handle many of the problems of the College of Law. The annual Derby Day held in the spring is spon- sored by the students. This is the day when the tables are turned on the Law faculty, and the stu- dents take over. "Dicta," the official publication of the Law School, is also a student project. 19 Graduate School Council The Graduate Student Council was formed just two years ago and has been very active. The council coordinates the activities of the Graduate School with the rest of the university. The official publication of the school is the "Master Key," a magazine of interest to those in the Graduate College and alumni. The problems, complaints and suggestions of graduate students are handled by this council. Q llc-MC-faGE-QCvZQGS-DwQv?QGEvDCA6X-DC'-fQGE-2 Q-faGLvjQ!aGL-QCv GLvjQw HOW 1: Mary Richardson, George Crocker, Eugene McLoone, Iohn Briggs urer: Norman Loats, President: Donna Spragg, Secretary, Lois Herman, Mr ing. ROW 2: Iames Wood, Philip McGi1livaz. Board. of Publications The Board of Publications has the final say-so in all matters dealing with student publications. This board is responsible for the election of all editors to these publications. Theirs is the never ending prob- lem of trying to get the best publications in terms of quantity and quality with a restricted budget. They supervise the Clarion, Kynewisbok, Foothills, Denver Engineer, D Book and the Student Directory. 20 ,, , , ROW 1: Al Serafin, Patti Hoffman, Iane Dornberg, Secretaryg Deatt Hudson eri Hatton, Chairman. HOW 2: Dr. Swallow, Iohn Dornberg, Maury Martin Svehla, Dick Soennichsen, Stu Shryer, Bill Clark, Robert Rhode C-156131-QGX-DC 1 . .1 p' lil dwfm N N r .Denver Engineer i y out from the Engineering buildings is a maga- is full of real interesting technical terms and some that aren't usually printed in church publications. is the Denver Engineer, the official publication of of Engineering. Many of the students within ic llege write for the Denver Engineer, but the source their jokes is considered a deep secret. Although it is a publication, the Denver Engineer has made great in the few years it has been published. 1: Robert Thomas, Business Manager: Verne Hough, Co-Editor: Virgil Gabel, Production Editor: Martin Svehla, Co-Editor. ROW 2: Don Flavius Rowell, Roy Doan, Gilbert Draper, Robert Rutter, Bernard McCarthy. g J V. 'I E A ' ? X A 25 " H' X i s i it Q X x S, i '- C ' V in T 1 V 4 .. , I' V' N . :fl ie. ' R i 4 Nik V- h - 'ur V2 1 Forgive us, they're Engineers! ff.: ,, 'T' Fw , MVN lfw is .Lf-.,',, , . Editor -,,-' A . 4 4 . u. The sports sioff The Clarion staff of bold, aggressive reporters 22 l Every Wednesday and Sunday in the basement of Carnegie Hall, the Clarion was made up. Screams of profanity, the clang of typewriters and maybe some normal conversation could be heard throughout the day and night when the work was done. Even the rabbit, which was their star reporter, joined in the confusion. The Clarion office holds the record of the year for matching and marrying off more couples than any other department in school. With the con- fusion, the rabbit, the romances, and all the other diversions thrown in, the Clarion still managed to be distributed at the appointed time. - The news stuff 53-:I 1 X V - -i r,xb,.., . Y " fvllrutl Editor Associate Editor News Editor Copy Editor Assistant News Editor Assistant News Editor Make-up Editor Society Editor Sports Editor Sports Editor Civic Center Editor Advertising Manager Cartoonist rr, 'i ,,., L3 T. Stu Shryer john Dornberg jane Dornberg Dave Rothenberg Erwin Shulkin Esther Heckel jim Hughes Charlene Shryer Don Baker Tom Murray Max Pew Terry Eakin Dale Bush 'in f'CLlRl0h ,ff .ek -52:-. The Editor, Sports Editor cmd their star reporter Whipping up another fight story f.v...:....:. nd! The Society staff Another one of those smelly editofiqls Dick Soennlchsen, Editor Kynewisbok Well, what have we here? They must be human, because they look almost human. These humans don't act like those people, though. Oh, it's the Kynewisbok staff . . . that explains it! Everybody knows that the staff of the K-Book doesn't act like other people, and sometimes aren't considered quite normal. Who in their right mind would work until the wee hours night after night except people like those on the Kynewisbok? It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, but these probably make it go backwards. T...- Sophicx Oka proves that at least oneof the K-Book stoii is working 5 Barbara Loggins, Phil Worden, Marge Tanner. lane Caichur. Ted Castor, Art Editor lack Neslon, Bill Lecwel J l V, I St Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editors 8: Caption Editors Staff 3, ff Dick Soennichsen Ted Castor - Sue Burritt jim Ritchie Ken Richardson Marjorie Tanner, Pat Castor, Gloria Bass Patti Hoffman Phil Worden Sophia Oka, Barbara Loggins Bill Leavel, Jane Catchur, Josie Elledge jack Dillon, jack Mehl, Dick Thompson Bob LaGesse, Ed Maker, Earle Clarke Portraits by Abdoo r, :N I ene 35 fi 'r Which one of ihese people won S11,510.55? Richardson, Dick Soennichsen, Barbara Loggins, Iim Ritchie. ROW 2: Marge Tanner, Ted Casior, Sue Burriit, Phil Worden, Iane Catchur. Nl i 25 l l ll Barbara Robinson, Associate Editor: Doris Harvey, Associate Editor: Deatt Hudson, Editor. CYZQGX-JQYZQGRYDC-1362 9Qi9Q-lQGR-9CvIQGS- f' 1 Li -'N 21, -F-, . , ft . z . ,, . ---t -- sf.. f Qi' it 1 if .. A . I, tb a ,t W Q, 1 - , I - -f Q, te., - X 11 Ot ll 1 II l l J rush t,-.V nfsd.srz:1r:f:Q'r.gEzff'l Foothills is the literary publication at the univer sity. just started a few years ago, this booklet has established itself as a permanent institution at DU. Although a limited budget has forced Foothills to cut its number of issues per year, it still maintains its goal of presenting the best of the literary efforts of the students. Mary Kay Cunningham, Assistant Editor: Diane McClintock, Editor. 26 IE".Li suis When the new freshmen register in the fall, they are presented with a small booklet that gives them all the inside "dope" about Denver University. This is the D Book which lists all the pertinent data that is of interest to the new student. Listing all the honor- ary organizations, the functions of different depart- ments and many other facts every student should know, this publication is a great help, both to the new student and to those that have been in school for some time. Rvigkvb C-12jGS'9C'lQ6g2C-IBC-jRv9Q19Q'IQGRvJCv-IQGgkvlg "6ffQQiQQP'CDJf9'Q'CaJ'effQ 'G 9990 509599 Jv Freshmen K , xiii"-1 N is 'ii F1 IE? . 11, V nu M W I, Hi' h l'v Nix , Fw a ,,.. ls' Q url N 1' J r. ix Ls" M ' U . 5 ' N 41 2 ' V .Ik '. 1 I I '22 T ga 1 w , fl , xl J I l Y I Y E - 5 w ,. W 1 ' 1' W 4 inn' 6 2. u. '5- 'Q nv sw. TFFETTT i, .,. H ,... . ,. . N F' 1 A.- 'C' 1,4 Q il Vx 111' 3 .ll-'W V I 4 ,, 'L' lk I.:-'-V - B, he s q E-2, .. 45 , uf. A.. gg W '-'fi 2 1- x yffi:. . , ' .V 'I -A , s 2' bi Alfa if 29 Frank Cz DUY' 'Garda' 1.ATi2fr1ian 1 , Wi11ic4h.'lF. Andefsai ' Roberf1wL.fArbum 2 lG5iiTlGSfPL Eflerx' - - -Shif16YTi?Be11i5-1 AmL.1'Bq1dz+ - 1. yy f .P 2l', 'D 'Tlsemsrs PL- fB6iiQn?2 . A A jBqb9ii1D4Q31i5pqfi6fd? NZVV. gs A-I'QhiLa:ess- V QBsaf"1J-.1Cl0rm1f'i.- . - ... rQmf.s..ea5dqhg,:A1f, 191-ff M-Cvllwbv A. 1-F1CiH9'ML1C9m1Ql1Y1-' if iles GQQWQ' 1 ' Bl 'C6fl?9if nilsdrig A Elizdbefh AL 'Gbfiogx' ' V Dordihy A. Cbx, Philip D. Caine Audra!! A: I 3Bev6f1Y Dee Iizimas R.iDQ1qkeu:3 I Florence Me -Dwwfg . xcmhleen Edwqrdsf Cd3'oliriQ H5 Elledqe ,Betty I. Fabian WiH1d1n,P. Fisher Bqzrbarcr7L.' 'Fleece 4 Iocmil.. Foerster Alexander Fncmkiewich' Prcmces M. ,Freeman gp, Ir- ,uP.q:r1Ev,. ,- :iz xr J -- ii LJ-f-1 -'H ,lQ:ft.EQ'E"'rf3ff1 ii rt I ,N i .- i . 3? L af" G., ' t five.. V Uh. F5 ,, . 31111114525 1-v umlllivf 4' -s U PW lla- Q, , I we: J E! Y e 4 ..: ,Ji xl, l Liv . lx. ., ,H .IN Q,-t xxx .lv x lil? ram EK :ll llll li TL Till? l ,- t W 'V fm- 'N 1: ' tv ' ' 'V :W qw ,Ql 'elf L-J .Mt ll' .lt-ll' I l1fgEliLg.1.. f 3 Lf"!l'f5 l lf' l I ll ,gm 9 ,f . ' W" A i 'V my fl? "" l g : I J- 1: A-X ,V 1, 'Q ' :xl ' . 30 ,W-., ,,, K, Y ,J .C -A R, Barbara E. Frey Gladys L. Frick Allan A. Gemmell Ierry R. Gleason Mary C. Golder Charlane A. Graves Ioan D. Graves Agnes M. Grissinger Nylan D. Gyllstrom Louise M. Halasz "N -. 611 ' 4.-'F ' y La' tr v. 0 I J fx!! ll t l Us I1 :x U I. ,F I f f if ,Y - 1, 1t,14.2 , ,ff ,n ,-. . . 1 ., "Certainly I know it's the boys' dorm!" 5 . 'lt- Hb- A- 'Q Q5 Kim 55 A Donna M. Hand Paula C. Hannah Wallace Hardman Glenn C. Harris Doris Hatakeyama Esther E. Heckel Glenita R. Hendershot Yvonne A. Hinrichs Wilma E. Horsley Betty L. Hurley .1-9 ,. , .1-,ff 1-.3-T-nf.qe1'?, A.: , l, ls ng. x 1 5 4 -5 .-. V1 E 'mf W ilx5l?xN1 ' 5.-uit -'--lf. -1- 1 '11, , ,- .-,, ,N . ' . ff'1"f"2 ,J - Nl r . Q 7: m iie: 'FL ' Q 1 91 ' M U A L C " 'fm W gg ,six-H 3 1 i . ...S if . 4, X Xa-M I I , ,'V', q f .' 'ju l. ,. 5. is-, P 1" 1? rf ' 1 I f-.xox si' X 'R .5-c .1 C. new ?"! 1 5 I: Q4 A 4' Y N I , V , ML. . -SL, Aim. L.- .- :-5 'v ,A-7 It . , .31 ,th , Shirley G. Iohaninqsmeir Ronald W. Johnson William E.'Kenwort11y Frank C. Kirby ' - Dorothea M. Knudsen Adalyn M. Koets Richard- G. Koplitz Barbara Kratz Bnrton E. Lamkin Sally I1Lassila Paula B. Lorna Marvin L. Long: George R. McClain Marie D. McCoy Sheila A. McDonald ,Barbara R. McEvoy Charles C. McMurray Galen L. McPherson Nancie Malcornb Irene A. Maloof' Ginger I. Martin Shirley T. Martin 'Patricia I. Mead Anita I. Mekelborg Jean G. Miller Iohn R. Mitchell Sylvia M. Mocroft Rosemary Moon Ioy Morrow Kathryn R. Morton Ioan E. Mudd Glehri Murphy 1 Lawrence G. Nash Owen Oh .- Shirley D: Peppers! A . v- ...- . ..... ..,,,,.-.V .V--.- , V U ff , 1.. X .Q xv C' riff f Q Q0 ,A lflf ' CUXCILV I X IN iii? 1 PRESHMEN . rf' Lois C. Perrin Marilyn S. Quinn Barbara E. Rhodes Catherine M. Rickeri Wayne T. Seitz Leonard M, Semenza Wilma I. Shields Mel L. Shriner William F. Shultz Iohn L. Simpson Q26 "Are you sure that baske! weaving is cr fresh- man requirement? " . 32 Sue C. Skinner William E. Stine Haruko Sunata Nancy A. Sweet Betty M. Taniguchi Larry L. Toadvine Lois E. Tucker Carolyn M. Turnquist lane M. Vehara George S. Walter Ta. , , Q .14 Ianis I. Weeks Ieanetie A. Wheatley Kathryn M. Whitaker Ian Whitehead Everett B. Williams Virginia A. Willimont Ioan D. Yan-len Ethel Y. Yanaru Sylvafi F. Zwick sa. uphumures 1 Pioneers SUE BURRITT "Who is that wind-blown Sophomore with 92 irons in the fire?" "Why does she have that I- shouldn't-be-standing-here, there-must-be-a-meeting- I-should-be-attending-look in her eye?" You, sir, must be the one on campus who doesn't,know Sue Burritt, assistant editor of the K-Book, Treasurer of i DALE BUSH The left-handed man who draws impression- istic cartoons for the Clarion is Dale Bush. This adrenalin-burning, smiling lad is of special interest to those who make a study of perpetual motion. One of the "finger in every pie" type of people, our Bush is active in other ways, such as being a back-flipping cheerleader, a KVDU mike hound, and an amateur philosopher. 0 O0 Il! E: t piggy flfp 'T' O00 XXXQQL! 5 "" is 7 if 6 5 K J ,-? v fi ,- . . . and on into the night. ALEX CAMPBELL If that boy playing the piano looks like Schroeder to you, a mistake has been made -Schroeder doesn-'t sing, you know. The lad playing the piano is Alex Campbell, the musical genius who has been taking lessons for 20 years. This is the same Alex Campbell who was a Pioneer last year, is in IFC, and is a member of two bands, four choruses, and a choir. 35 Alpha Lambda Delta, Clarion reporter, Parakeets- Pioneer A FRANCELL LEE "Miss Francell" has found herself very busy this year with French Club, Parakeets, Alpha Lambda Delta and a large engagement ting. Not known as the shy retiring type, she has a habit of making people feel at ease-whether they like it or not. Only 18 and planning to graduate next year, we have heard that her secret ambition is to become the world's youngest Phi Beta Kappa. CARMA RANKIN This little girl with the bright hair and per- sonality to match is Janie Rankin. Even though she became a student nurse this year, she has remained active as head majorette and swung a large silver baton at the football games in the fall. Seen often with a certain athlete, Miss R. is suspected of having more than a sporting interest in hockey games. 36 jg , . feng-fzfji ' ' 1 ' Q 5g1.i'-- ,Yf.A:9., ,ji PJ , 111' xfwhx .S f ' .' ' ' V X .' 'iiiili' ' :YK g I . iff:-i' L - V V A V , . . 5 f I 5 NN FN' ,4 .iv - 1' 9'.9e' 'D ?5qJ'3"e'? QMS -Gig. it ' 6'yD'e:.a.,! 9. 6? ' ff 'Y X SQA. I W . 'e t S G' XJ' ff 'fx It J.: Q- -'TX gas, -1,9 fin-: ISV 4 K-K viii-' Af! .f-JT7 :gif ,fl NX., N xx A X'-P-55 5' ,vm X. .-. , ,l X f A XY?-,E-f', X . 1--. .ll 9 20" ew Q 4212.57 fi 5439, , Xt., 9 t... TL" J we -A xl Q 1y,,,,, 1 DON JACK NELSON "Honest jack," the friend to all. The future teacher who makes us all want to go to high school again just to hear his jokes. The only man on campus who sneers at people who laugh at his humor. Last year's Freshman King has turned into President of Intercol- legiate Knights and a big man in IFC. Our Jack is known as the world's most friendly people-hater. fi O99 X 0000 O00 X 00 H il! ft, It 4 .. ' .. me - V ' '11 . Aw. 3, A x W iw? 4 Q ,F ' my . 5 'M X . - Ii Q' gf N l " . 'wx ,. 4. 5 .. 3 I D xx ' . If 'H frail' . F V. Q ' -if ' 7 NJ? l' f "' K I Wy 5 , ' :ji L 5 V .Q L 'KA W me + A Q Q S M.: .5- 1 . xl sv Qf-5 5 'F- x. , F 'Q 1 I . E' M ls .5 I P L 5'5" 4 1.1. tv U 1 - 'ZA X -- lean E.,A19iQi!der . Bett1g'R.A11en A Claire L. Allen' D' Tom R. Allen 'Rqnclil L. 4'Bcrkdo'11 'wultcgm 11. Bqrnicoat .Clifford Iz':BC1'II8l.t, Mary 'I. Bechibld- Rebecca G. Benson Veig1,M. Bleekef AIBBIY B09 Yyqnnel. Boitoneb I. Bucliminster . Sue Buftift 4 Beverly F. Canty .2 Len-y R1 Case Pcruficia' A. 'Chorley Hobert'E..C1m-k Slcm1ey.A. Cross Iodle Daniels Duane' D. Deboer Ioyce.S. Dick Mary S. Dick Ioan. Dickmtxn Dianne Dickson Shirley I. Diehl lack C.,Di11on ,, Mary A. Draper Terry C. Bcxkin Terrell R. Edgar I o Ann Fam Iudy G. Farnsworth Icnnes W. Fitzgerald Vera D. Poicmi Donna M. Gaddis -5 9 'I fl A , W SMF Z fe xi? SUPHUMURES 38 p .. V ,- - H? . fi- 1 45:7 G J' x mel, - ,.J ,. Norma I. Gamer Richard P. Gilmore JoAnn K. Finch Ardyce V. Glover Marcia L. Gore Iohn A. Grieblinq Gregory I. Guincm Patricia Hageman Mary L. Haley Gene O. Heaton Rf Q . 'uf-.1 ,Tb ,. X-"' , i. , .rl , as The week-end course is skioloqy 5 RQ, E5 x.,,.i r Kilt' 'x X' u ' D, -4 . ..,. v A v A. Ioyce E. Hebrew Nancy L. Helvey Dorothy L. Henning Barbara Hill Lois A. Horsley Robert QA. Howell Beverly L. Hubka Ronald F. Huskey Bonnie R. Isbester Marian S. Iackson .,... li ll ji f T -1, ,U.- K- a l I. l l nga 4 l l .A "J '::', ..,'Py: 'fin 'V' I, .. LA .,,. ., ,. . 1 "fr ' Q or 1 1 f 2. i l W.. . I 1 A f 4 .4 1 , 7 l 1452. I fi X F 51 .gl . li-rl :Yi u. I x sei. S - .sr . 1 " ell N . lbllr Q i :fi . W W' ' L W L . J., . .N 5. '- M . "T 4 A r S- .- , .65 . 5' s X 115 i- all QW' , Y ,., , Qi.. I -1-E 19 'F' ' - . 6- U I VJ f Q1 6 y 1 i R, X7! " X Wx. 'L 'E l . fu ,O l- F, .os , . . W, 'J' ii f i .YW lf. x fx? x 5 NSEQQ1 uuwil F '35 E fir 'fi-P N Q3 , -..J ---f ix JI- ' .. I F' -rg lk. Phyllis Iarralt Fred E. Ioelner Barbara L. Iones Pauline I, Iones Louann M. Iurgens loan Koclan Mary C. Lanius Shirley I. Lewis Mel L. Lichi Tune M. Luthl Ira V. McCauley Bonabel I. McDonald Louise McLaughlin Edna M. Macaron Fred I. Martin William K. Mason Keith A. Merriman Karen M. Millay Robert W. Mitchell Marilyn I. Mohr Donald L. Moller Sachi Morimitsu Richard C. Morrell Roberta D. Neale Mariorie Nelson Patricia A. Nelson Nancy A. Nordlund Shirlecalherine Norwood Dona R. Olmstead Raymond P. Overfleld Marilyn Packer! Carol Paqllasotti Elmer L. Peterson Aloha L. Pettit Eleanor Puchek .gli l 1 i f 1' ,, 1 X 1 . l Aw.-sf' Q' I l I 1:5 J xgkxgl fry! if l E 4g Q!! nik ' i 1 -lb' 75: X f 1 Z- 'lx n ies? an v 0 Q 3 5. f lf' ..I V, .7 1 ,f :E J 'I l 1 f 1 1 X ' 1 W 1 1 Y l "' l ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 ,YI 1 1 1 . , f 1 3' 1110 ..l 1 W1 ll ' 1 " lzl i , 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 ,. 4. ,Je 1 .71 - , - ' ' af 111.11 'Fai' b 'N EN xx Q54 Iaynie Rankin Betty I. Redburn William M. Redding Allan S. Risley Don C. Robinson Phillip G. Rose Robert B. Rucker Donald E. Rugg Io B. Rustcrd Anne D. Salvo , l D 1 6'i""-I-2-...GSP 1 gi 1 , 1 j 1 f sl EI J. '1 i 'r 'vw "I was supposed to be in by 10:30. But Donald G. Schaffer Betty I. Shown Iocm H. Sispelcz Marion E. Skinner Chuck Smallhouse Donna Snodgrass Melvin L. Stunbridge Leslie E. Sicmsbery Marjorie A. Tonner Ellen Terry YZ? A 1355 R' 4' QS ,W hi! T Catherine A. Thill Richard E. Tibbetts Iohn M. Truzzolino Sylvia A. Tudor Agnes Ujifusa Louis W. Vacura Elouise E. Velasquea Charles L. Waly Charles G. Wathen Sue Wetherell Lois M. Whittaker Virginia M. Williamson Alan M. Willlmont Osmund H. Wong Robett L. Woodrell Barbara L. Young Dean E. Young Harden F. Young 41 UIIIUTS 5 ii , Jo ANNE ASPINALL iIf you like being an officer you should be JoAnne Aspinall. This blond baby-doll type lady is Vice President of Civic Center AWS yand Vice President of her sorority. She also 'is an active member of YM-YW, Parakeets, and was Homecoming Queen attendant this yyear. Lately she has been seen sporting an interesting looking diamond ring on third ,finger, left hand. 00 Qui, I QW it affix! nil' ,,, ,f I . .iss-"' sllsf is ng? 'Qtr av fn, g '84 sh, i fix. M28 :FAH Ill x ul I 4-s 41 In f-wig 'I g Ky, . Pioneers LARRY ANDRES This outstanding lad has what is commonly referred to as an educated toe. To those of us who don't understand football talk, this means that when the time comes to kick the ball between the goal posts, this is the man who does it every time. Besides being talented he is intelligent, popular fpresident of his fraternityj, and handsome fKynewisbok king attendantj. BILL FLAHERTY Did you ever see a man with seventeen head- aches? If not, you should meet Flaherty. This amazing amiable IFC president finds that his charge of the seventeen fraternities is often more pain than pleasure but he always- comes up smiling. He enjoys it. Obviously a man of many talents, ODK member Flaherty is the oldest and dearest friend to all he meets. i ne is DOROTHY JOHNSON An old hand at being a class officer, our Dotty was Vice President of the sophomore class when she was a sophomore and Secre- tary of the junior class when she was a junior -this all seems very logical. Besides this, the friendly little blond is a member of Campus Commission and will be the incoming secre- tary of Pan Hellenic Council. HELEN McDONALD This is the young lady who, whenever she is in charge of anything, can be trusted to make it go over. A ball of fire coed journalist, she might be partly blamed for some of the activi- ties of that group this year. She is also a member of the student Y, publicity chairman of the United Fund Drive, and new vice president of Civic Center AWS. 44 X '- fd Ri .Q X! rl an fd XE , if rf! ' Jxx- .. I g,.'..'i- ,J4 fb... . . - 1 ,Eli ,Q C Qw- 7? en .fi BARBARA KENDALL The pride and joy of the Civic Center Cam- pus is Miss K. President of downtown Para- keets this year, next year she will take over the most important office of all by becoming AWS president. Anyone who isn't impressed by this bright lady should have his head ex- amined because 50 thousand Civic Center people can't be wrong. 0 O 00 I, I. f . - .ra il' i Fri, V71-5 3'-jill fi-fb? 1,-Y-7' A l Fiji if lbs i W I5?,gj l ei f 1 M lr' I - A aifia. 6541 is W Lv-fl Qui' Q-1-1 "3-I 1-ri' i '-'-. 'F " l Aarjlgui . ,. ' " - MARY LOU SHROYER 'Q lp-H .R The dark-haired young lady .you see here is 3 ,gl Mary Lou Shroyer who is active on the Com- if I merce Commission and in other prominent J" , LH organizations on the Civic Center Campus. aff' lf X Mary Lou can always be depended upon to 4 l ' 'la J - e-e- ef do an 'ob com letel whenever it is iven to ' Kg 7 K YJ P Y . . g 'X I . , ff- her. Besides the activities on the downtown - ' l 4n--,W.f campus, Mary Lou has found time to be very -. active in the Parakeets. xl x L xx -- f, l R 'V 4, l UC l i K K y y DICK SOENNICHSEN who is Richard Soennichsen?" . . . Who is Richard Soennichsen! Do you mean to say thgat you have never heard of the illustrious, important, handsome editor of the Kynewis- btik? Do you mean to tell me that the im- name of Soennichsen, the name you to spell, has never been brought to your before? Do you mean to say you have heard of this one-man crusade against yearbooks?" . . . "No." zfgg 0 00 OO by U 'A'-st. fa, 'L' 1' I' -SQ fi H C ,ft-5-arg t . J '11 ! 'l',-f'gfX,'fgIv' mf' 1 'WT Q Lx ,lPtjgiv35,l4,,3,'4n,f iwgg. I 2 1 ,g i"'ifM35i?237' KK ii 'E , I ifxfxlifff "KE Q ' V ' i'q'-i3Q.fA?f'fl5 'NNY fifgfivgfififi ,. , " i 3-4-A--1-Lfil ': flu, R E1 ' ' A 1- f It if Jayrifbsmyxlfl-lzfe I up if my 4 Z , - f1QXl?i'1li" ,if ffl 'A l U?f'ii'i .lfsflll X Q ,fi-1 ,.i' i' 'E' C f RWM ' "i" is fee, QL? if RSQQTQ5-.'Q', 'ff zv, V" 7 r ' fivifiglfw W LOUISE WATSON Small, but certainly not insignificant, is N Louise Watson. President of Civic Center f -W , Cam us AWS this ear, she made Who's f Y , i ' Who and was elected resident of her soror- ity for next year. Recognized by her long ,f--3-"LM I . . H57-f blond locks, the "Sweetheart of A K Psi" is noted for her unfailin attendance and inter- , 8 est in Student Senate and Commerce Com- mission meetings. 45 Iohn P. Anderson Clifford Angelo Mary I. Arnold Ruth I. Aspinall Charles L. Aumiller -I' igriw -vin-Y O .I v'lTll1A:Li.x' i I l 4 xr,-A El' . ' '1'l17'Pj"' v gk ,911 tr! JU IURS , K , Q 1,-43 . '59 :srl 51:3 . Q , Kenneih O. Baird Donald G. Baker Albert M. Baldwin Rex H. Basinger Yvonne L. Bauer G3 u DU offers all the comforts of home Shirley A. Baughman William R. Benion Charles M. Bond Reber! W. Boxer Don E. Bradbury Erma I. Brown Iohn A. Byrd Alston Canfield M. LaVerne Cart Iohn M. Clcrqeii l - F lla.. W - ,-1 - A I -r N. 'M 4 ,R Q15 .5 :Sw . -. - nl . :-. , v-7 !. 3+ 1 T5 fr A .. -x' ', . -4.1. . -'-:-'ng-w. ..x1-Q1 n. 1 . ---gf., .- f u 37... x 1 1 1 . , x '-Ti? M f is I L ,. A 1 4 I , X ' X X' -Qs VJ 'Q if S' MA .L an 1 , A . -A ' "n , .4 ,sz I I l 7' , Qi l n 3 - ' I 1 im, N -4 N. X 3 ll .sm Y ' ll" W? C A ll l 'E LLXQ 3 L 4 , l , i 1 "L-QL" fg- f as 'J 45 X A lg .fl , .1 .W . - . 3 x , tel ' ,x ,j Q ' r" ! W . 'jr-1 xp "' Q. '-TR 4. 4: rk-l. it uf' 4' ei L C' L -ev :Q . K 4 E . -Q W x G' X X f ve -fl 'V W . 7 is 1 -..I . . !.-:f15Lf.l.. 1 .N --m x . -:Mr . JJ' K V 'S' 1 P' ,pf yr .: 7, 2-W -1 I ff J. ::,' ? ' Y L "T in ' 4 f l Q.: ' 'sf Nr .141 I "l".'5" ' N Leonard A. Collupy Marvin K. Coughenour Robert E. Counsellor William I- Crist Iohn T. Cruickshank loan Cunningham Leona E. Cunningham Helen L. Dais Ed M. Davis Edith F. Davis Floris F. Davis Marion L. Dawson Otis C. deLonq, Ir. Iohn F. Denson Louis l. Dlllenback Gene R. Doner Glen S. Douthlt Carl I. Dovel Francis S. Doyle Evelyn L. Dupay Glen L. Eckenrolh Shirley E. Ertel Henry I. Esser, Ir. Virginia G. Failor Edward W. Fay Dale A. Fesier Ruth E. Frost Ioseph Gagliano Laurel A. Genimell Io Ann Gholson Cherie C. Goss Richard E. Grothe Hildegarde Gustafson Marlin L. Hadley Robert S. Hahn 3? .,-v William W. Hakanson Elaine E. Haley Bettyan L. Halleck Iohn R. Hamilion Robert C. I-lamilion William R. Hamrick Dorothy M. Hansen Dixie L. Harrington Robert W. Harris Iames N. Haynes 'A .fi - fc i ffrfe-Q.. fx- M 4' Q1 Qi? he ia? M ' ' ' EST' me W Gr so 6 .W L yi 03 if A L A lf' lb! 2 ll lwlf IX Af' llaf ll ll M I f lil.. ln, Q., 1:1 l 1 fl l-'fl wil girl Fifi! f?lIIP'lll.....fl ,ll refs .J - ...Y 1. , Ll L3 '-swf .il I 1 f 'W' l f..,l:YY I 'LAS 'lg--0 .Q-'Dvlirx:'.3'j ,Q N W.-,,.FP5,.l-"f.' :av - H'-' "Oh Come on, everybody wears pajamas Marilyn A. Hiqginbott Holland E. Hill Alice A. Hirsch Dolores D. Hodapp Irwin I. Hoffman Alton Holbrook Gordon M. Hummel Wallace D. Hunier Ann Huss lack G. Huiton lf J ll al l. M wr ll .fi -J J ui i Hui D X "' fm- V A t Gs +31 55.1. X'-Q . 2 QV1. ,ve- ,1- mu. .A ' . 'xo 'Er 6. B- af' ml : "2- ll -:sr !..!., K 5, y 6- l '- W' R-. lllfaqi H ' X aug, x far- ' l - 1 ,ml I ma 5 F.. A l" -uw -Nl . .3 , r 1 ' ll f. gl i ll I 1 l'f'..., 'cz' ...Q Q fx S-7 'f "f, 5 5- rl P. QQ' Chr el- far, .w x ,- q .i 'QF 43744. ' wt A 7 'ag' f. T L -v Q. d . .-fi? k xj'.3,.I k' A fi: 'L .l J in g..-.5. ' -Q, 1 7 .it 0. O! 'I W' I l -J l 9 . 49 Kazuko Idaka Yukio Ikuchi Richard L. Imber Perry Israel. lr. Lex W. lameson Dorothy E. Iohnson Robert W. Iohnson Marilyn V. Kall Barbara Kendall Harold King 'lean Koch Helen E. Kundert Barbara I. Law Omar R. Lowe Ben A. Lucero Donald A. Lundberg Bruce R. Maclfarland Richard F. McAteer Diane A. McClintock Helen L. McDonald Marianna McGibbon True S. McKenry Else W. Madsen I. Lewis Mallory, Ir. Donald R. Mason Ieny A. Merlino Duane S. Michals Herbert A. Mickler Marilyn A. Miller Annabelle Monaghan Iames R, Mondt Elmer D. Monlano Don H. Muller Palsy R. Murphy Ioanne A. Myers 51 f ff' f .f 1' Y UNIURS 5 ' 'Q f' X '.4 .4 y W was .l,, wwe. -1 . Qc,- Paul R. Myers A. Bradley Naegle Marjorie T. Nakamura Dale L. Neff Lenore C. Neill Martin Nesenberqs Samuel Olenick Mary I. Olson G. Richard Oppfelt Leslie H. Ota r X - "He was only this high, but oh, Whai a man!" Z W Agnes C. Pace Virginia M. Page Ann S. Parks Lester D. Pedicord Valerie A. Peecher Doris L. Peters Harl Petty Dolores A. Pfarr Iesus S. Pine-da Norman I. Porter gi' I r it . Vi ' :l ' , I: it l "' t 4:-7 A t t . it it 1 itll L ' 1 t, 'J al 41- Q' xo' 'f tag? F ... ..v. - Eff L. l V, I Q. 'f' T' '1 1' 1 I k 'Ga' of E' 44' 5'7- i in fl as I3 1-5 K 2 -vm L I as 5: , Q bu gg- ,Lt ' M 'IRAS l ,L ' I .1 12 1' C-.1 'cr fi 1 . 1 r I2 'fig : .. w... .. f 2 T "vig f A nk' 'Exit r Lriit lx : -- A , I. jg, .eg 7.3 Q, 1- ' 5 'I .-x. S 5? 1 Wt.: I .' '- llljii. 3. .A 4 , , . rv- tv 1 sr Virgil L. Prater Ted A. Proske Iesse F. Ray Iane L. Robinson Montero F. Rodriquez Mary E. Roll Barbara I. Ross Euqene D. Rouse Mary E. Schneider Pat Schoenfelder Mary Mae Scott Ronald L. Seeley Robert W. Settles Duke B. Shepherd Martha L. Shivvers Mary L. Shroyer Iosephine Shupe Iames H. Skinner, Ir. Bill L. Skufca Robert C. Smead Patricia A. Smith H. Richard Soennichsen William G. Stadtlander Leonard H. Stoker Paul A. Stokes Earl B. Stroup Pauline Stebbins Flora L. Stickle Robert D. Stull Dorothy M. Sujata Barbara I. Swanson Abdul H. Tahhan Beverlie I. Taylor Allan C. Templeton Sonia M. Torgeson Icfseph Torres, Ir. Ruth: L. 'Tru-ebioad Feld-x Vfmdewfteie Ward Bvarbeinrci T. Wm1ne Ann A 'Wcuscm Lemme- Wcxfissm Chfavles D Www Maryam L. Weber Ee-v-exllv I1 Wemd'l Imckw Whse:-tan Ehaezihenh P Wllkm Pm W1lLif:1aran1i MGTY 'I' Waimea S:q1T1fy' Wmimwiod Climrahrnma 'ifmmexzem Clyde L Zmhmfewmm-n a 2 1 I . t b . W 1 l . Egg-H' 'ff' .Q ilk 1 W J f 1 I 1 13, "Qi, , ' I ' w , W ' w a ' . ,I ' .N Axl , . 'a - a . V! 1 ' w N 1 , enior Pi neers GORDON BENESH The large amiable fellow with money on his mind really isn't a feelthy capitalist, but was just in charge of the United Fund Drive. Gordon, besides being a top debater and a member of Tau Kappa Alpha, is an active member of the Student Christian Association and ODK. He has more than proven his worth to the University by tackling and ac- complishing necessary, but often unreward- ing, jobs. vi' -, , ,, x n C 'git :Li 1 7 41 om Jjgm ,Sf . IIM COLEMAN Who is that delightful young man in the pic- W 'Q ture wearing a straw hat and a bathing suit? Why he is the president Arts and Sciences, 1'll-Legllrllt Jim Coleman. This easy-going boy with am- sn bition took over the A8cS presidency in the middle of the year. Besides being a member of the wrestling team, he belongs to Campus Commission, ODK, Student Senate, and the A n y - Engineers' Commission. 54 DOROTHY CARR That lovely lady wearing the sign with "Miss Leadership" written on it didn't just find it behind the table at the AWS banquet - she earned it. As president of Mentors, a member of Mortar Board, Help Week Chairman, a member of the Sponsor Corps, and a dozen other activities, Dorothy has proved that to be a leader you must have energy. O0 O0 0 O we-1. ,, . . i V' i . . , e ears K l RUTH GARDNER Why does that lady in the picture look like a clown? Because she is a clown-that is Ruth Gardner. This cheerful individual is the spark of the radio, speech and theatre departments and is treasurer of Zeta Phi Eta and President tif the Madrigal Singers. Elected to Who's Who this year, our Ruth seems to enjoy being funny even though she is gifted with talent df a more serious nature. OO 1,.,. .il r, OO Q 'D 3 4? A siw Zi' 131 Tx 'L S . N-...ff Q5 HD u Uyxn 1 W 1 1 .1. f" ,4 -'W .V , v r ,--ww, ' ,.1 1 I BEN EVANS That sharp looking engineer with the slightly noisy sport coat is Ben Evans. He is president of the Engine College, a member of Engin- eer's Commission, Tau Beta Society and SSAE, and is active in Student Senate and ODK. This amiable lad, distinguished by his gray hair, is said to have tattooed on his chest the motto: "There may be snow on the roof, but there's fire in the heart." 0, " Mei, PATT1 yo HOFFMAN That kind-hearted lady with the dorm keys is Counselor Hoffman. Besides being a dorm counselor, last year's editor of the Kynewis- bok is active as a Student Senator, a member of the May Days' committee, a member of the Board of Publications and was listed in Whds Who. Also treasurer of Mortar Board she, being kind-hearted, hasn't run off to Mexico with the funds-yet. , ss ioneers BETTY FERN HOYT Why is that pretty young lady wearing two crowns on her head? Whenever there is a queen chances are it will be Betty Fern. This fair maiden, who is everything a queen should be, is also listed in Who's Who, President of Pan Hel, and a member of Mor- tar Board. In recognition of these and many other activities this year she was awarded the greatest honor of all, the title of "Miss Uni- versity of Denver." NANCY MOSHER That may look like an artist in the picture, but it's really only Nanny Poo. Between ski trips this behind-the-scenes worker may be found doing the decorations for any of a number of dances or dinners at the Univer- sity. Nanny Poo is also a member of Mortar Board, Dean's Advisory Council and was listed this year in Who's Who. V 56 3 50-5455 1 -E- ie 'Sr t ,,..- , ---- BONNIE JOHNSON And this is the lady with athletes always on her mind-oops! we meant to say athletics. This lady, who this year was on the sports staff of both the Kynewisbok and the Clarion, is very active in Parakeets, Mentors, WAA, Aquad Club, and Coed Journalists. A second- year Pioneer, Bonnie can be depended upon to come through whenever she is placed in charge of any job-no matter how unre- warding. ,l 0 o?'xQ'X-Q Q 3 -4 ,Mah C L. Oooo 000 E S f-J X n n l A l ly ,S q ,.i ,QQ W 'YZ at g 4,35 b v ln of l A STU SHRYER 1 w 1 L iuneers MARJORIE OPIE It has been rumored that Marjorie Opie knits the minutes of Student Senate meetings into her argyles, but it has never been proven. Besides being secretary of the Senate, Margie is a swimmer, a Mentor, a member of Campus Commission, Dean's Advisory Council, Mor- tar Board and a dozen other organizations. Best of all, however, Miss Opie is a good- looking blonde. llf you see a serious-looking young man look- fm Qing hungrily into the window of the Denver sy Q lPost it will probably be Stu Shryer, this year's 1 . F Fditor of the Clarion. He will be wondering just what a University editor does when his A year is over. Besides getting married this year, Stu found time to belong to Deans' Ad- 'RUP xi visory Council, Board of Publications, Stu- Q dent Senate and to make Who's Who. K WARREN TASSETT That amiable looking young man in the pic- if ture is Warren Tasset, president of the Col- af Q lege of Business Administration. This bun- l av 'SX U dle of energy belongs to and takes an active part in Student Senate, Commerce Commis- ""'l sion, Newman club, and Dean's Advisory if Council. The golden boy of the BizAd col- 'Q' -.6 1 l - - , Q lege can be recognized by his resemblance t0 OO 0 K l an extra powerful skyrocket. ' 57 Q., sg 1- '5 we it 5 ',s,fs, K' , Q Q Frank E. Adcock David G. Aichele Erma L. Alexander Alice S. Allen Frank S. Allison William I. Anderies Bernard L. Anderson Charleen M. Anderson Emil F. Anderson, Ir. F-fred H. Anderson ,-. . .-..-H.,--l K-,ri X They may be Seniors, but ihey are young in spirii Kent G. Anderson Betty I. Andree Donald E. Arnell Olto R. Arnold Elmer O. Arstein Brown A. Arterberry Harold L. Atkinson Seymour Ausiin Harley I. Axe Abdul Aziz Dolores E. Baca Fred W. Baker, Ir. Harry C. Balek Ioann D. Banghart Charles I. Barnhart Lowell L. Bartlett Don I. Beaglehole George V. Beamsley Beverly A. Beatty Georgia M. Beaver Clarence L. Beckman Wilbur G. Beegles Robert H. Beers Iay T. Bell Gilbert Berenson Darleene M. Berg Edna N. Bergh Robert I. Berk Willie A. Berk Ierome l. Berkowitz H. Lloyd Berry W illlam R. Berry Corwin S. Bess Gilbert L. Betthousert Frederickl-l. Bickford, Ir Billy L. Bickley Stanley R. Bieqen Pamela S. Blachly Rose A. Black Clinton E. Blauer, Ir. Robert P. Bledsoe Dan S. Blount Murray Blumenthal Betty I. Bch Iohn R. Boland Robert E. Bomqarclner Richard B. Booton Mary L. Bottoms Vester C. Bradley, Ir William C. Bradley Charles F. Branch Thomas H. Branch David A. Breternitz Elaine Brien Maceo Brodnax EEE THE GFIME wvnums j led WITH Mg Of course you can go for half-fare if you help Roland A. Brooks Charles W. Brown Dorothy C. Brown Kenneih C. Brown Poul K. Brown Theodore W.- Bryan! Charles H. Bulls Noel A. Bullock Lou A. Burch Iohn R. Burden J 1 :C'Y'i,1ffVQ", 4 -, ,I .N xr -,TP ...L . ..-.!-.-,... ,. .. .,-.-.H 1--, w,., ... ,N -Jw il ...dh ,' .r .-. ym r r.-f:. vg...'3.:!,3r ... . ,, , .I Ah... 'lg . w. YUA . 5 ...l ' I ,w ..'. l x ' l 1 L p -f-':r . .,,. 1, w- . .v,,....v,... 1 ' 1 .qgg I JH 1 in . . 1 . .I -J' ' l A . 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Cox Robert L. Crabtree Victor F. Crain Iesse W. Crane Thomas L. Cross Robert D. Cilrinincjhcrm GordonVW. Dahl: Robert A. Dqllgs, Ir: Thomas I, Dcrlton t Predeiick A. Day 1531195 Dfw. Rpben P. Decgragio 'Pqirik:ictYF. DefMerschmcm Tliomdsl-L Dsmpsey Marian A. Denny Lyle A. Derry Richard I. DeSim6ny' Ancngene DeWitt Shclfilii Dhid'd E11Dili :Orlando E. Di Ciccp Roberi E. Dietrich 'Pcrul G. Dimmitt David H. Dinwbodie Thomas R. Dirmeyer' Rdyniond' A. Dtfliglds' Nomiq7G. Dowling Galen. Drake Gi1bex't'T, Dgqpek' ' 'Byron Driskell- flay.I.DrYef .ow1ue1s.DqmgQg Gerald 1L.V - lbgnaldgk-Qbuucfmf ' 1 Mf1fyA: Dur1Qg - Dga1eyfA'1.Dvqggk- 1 D Ribhurd LQDyks1qrhui5. PdulAF..Eck61mcm - ' .2 it X 'fx ,JD ii 'Q II Vincent T. Edwards Ioanne M. Elliot Lois I. Eppich Doris M. Erfurdt Iarnes H. Erfurdt Donald L. Erjaveg William Ermolovich Percy I. Espeviq Iohn N. Esselstyn Annette L. Evans There's one born every minute 1 Harry B. Evans Robert L. Fallander Eilene S. Felsen Edward D. Fenoglio Norman H. Pike Donald L. Finberq Audrey L. Fitzsimons Beverly A. Flansburg Elmer G. Fleer David A. Fletcher Erwin LW. Foerster' William E.'P'rank, Frances ' .Fxierichs Franklip-Froemer George E. 'Frckerl Edwqrd S. Fnzgnk , Victor H, Erqink lsdui:,QFi'eemc:n Anita L. ,Frey ,B0b6rfB.VEri5r1dQ ' 3emiece'E.lFry A E. 1'ecmFu1ton' 1 ' ' Morton L4.,Fuf1mnf xohnfhknfifmfau Virguij.-'Gavel-I A 1EmuH:ie1.cadbaf JQCkvGhrdner4 Ir- -Rlitlm E. Gafdner Gebrge Gqiner William B.Gcu'ner x Charles R. Garrity -.Fl'C1T1k.I- Gattox '1George'R. Gcubatz Li1licm,G. Gaudio Ccx1vin,F. Geist Ardbrese Gerstner- Robert P. Gasell V Chcrrleg P. Gibson, Ir. Aram Ei Gidclihgs Iohn Gilbeftl Icihn E. Gillette Edward! W. Glazier Lolfeme F. Gbdel Robeft,R. Gonzales Charles L. Gocdbcir 'aw - Q ig 'GET I -fl lfl..fiQQ .-ff. - f V J lil 1 iw MA l' Il lil Qi H! ral :T.,?T.:.f7 - ,. 4-' 'E EEF ,gf-A"'b Qi! T, Roy L. Gossaqe Ruth H. Gotilieb Richard D. Graf Robert L. Graham David N. Graves Robert N. Gray Stanley Gray Myra R. Greenwald Earl T. Greineiz Marilyn I. Greisen , fm xv V , ...-c,, Z" J f-It 1,-5 W-is ex? gr., ,,.fJf ffl I'll never forget the day ihe lame' '. 66 J 1-Q 1? elastic broke Charles L. Gress Iohn W. Griffin Howard B. Grooters Iohn E. Grou! Carolyn L. Groves Leonard L. Gudqel Katherine L. Haak Robert C. Hadfield Fred C. Hadley Frances A. Hall -StanleY W. Hallelt -Helen R. 'Hallock Taka. 'Hamid Robert C. Hansel Richard A4 Harlan Willizml. IL Hardin. M. Bishop Harp Willldln l... HCI1TlS William C. Harquigt A. Charles Has! Shirley A. Haiiter .lean V. Hawk Gloria F. Hayes' Charles R. Hazlewgod Roberts C. Heaqey l Iohnvl'-'. Heard Ellen L- Hedmun William I. Helm, Ira Robert 'E. Helcmder Richardl... Helsiroin Alan E. Henrlken Edward D. Henjeta' Doilalcl l.. Heyef Frank Hickman Bdnh P. Hill 'LeRoy' Hlll, In Roberl B. Hill 'Wi11iam'I. Hill George.A. Hirota Paul Hirsch 4 Emmetl 'I. Hoqlgkins Patti Io-I-loffman Hubefi IQ Hohhslein Roy N..l-Iollaway Robert I. Hollis Howard A. Hosek Edward E. Houck, Ir. Hugh V. Hough C. Lewis Howard Richard E. Howard Virginia V. Howard Charles K. Howey Ioan A. Howie Betty F. Hoyt Deatt Hudson V -fa. ,mi- x , Dean Feder and friends Elizabeth M. Hughes L. Rae Huish Arthur F. Hull Richard A. Humphre- Richard A. Hutchesor Will E. Ieriqel William R. Iiams Ira E. Isenberger Charles N. Iackson Ernest E. Iacobson, I '15 Q -'vw 1 5 if 'FEV if 49? 'DMZ' 5 16 We-xv A.-1 ff 49' .. T -ai N.. -s, -1, Qian, i AQ lg 44' .1 'TZ' N-I L., George A. Ienninqs Ioan G. Ieurink Betty A. Iohnson Bonnie A. Iohnson David O. Iohnson Donald L. Iohnson Doris L. Iohnson Lane I. Iohnson Leo F. Iohnson Lloyd R. Iohnson Maurice W. Iohnson Peggy E. Iohnson Robert E. Iohnson Robert T. Iohnson Donald I. Iones Lawrence V. Iones Phyllis M. Iones Robert L. Iones Richard H. Kah Howard C. Kassulke A. Ioan Kaufman Mohammed A. Kazimi Leslie R. Kehl William E. Keith Thomas M. Kelly William I. Kelly Louis I. Kelsh Helen V. Kennard Herman T. Kennedy Horace A. Kessler Charles C. Keyes William H. King Fred F. Kinnes. Ir. Iohn B. Kirkpatrick Holly Kitaqawa Charlene I. Klausner 7-v ,- Eugene H. Klein Ray Klein William G. Knuckles I. David Kohn L. Billings C. Kohnken fp Travis L. Koonce Bennett Koppelman Elaine M. Krabacher Leo O. Kramer lglfelkfjnigvliy ai 21: Ba ' l il if 1 K, l . -:-lE,- -311 l f TT' r ,FW 3- mi all El my f H' xxx, ,fu J: A, 4,1 . fe "Q-ll, xr' GU? . 'pf' X . ' f-1:,,.J?v6-avi' 2455? eg" He told me he was a talen! scoui f. ll Q E Bonnie I. Kroqh ,R Charlene L. Krouskup Edward Kruk Mary Kruk Wallace Y. Kunioka Lee S. La Brash 'W' Don A. Lagerlef Bert Lakser Eugene D. Lang Iean F. Langworthy Iarnes.P. Landon Diana M. Lcruiner John F..Luwson, Ir. 'ROY I- 'I-9W1OIi Iohn2C. Lecxvel Bernapd EL Lebsock Carlyle D.'Leeds Herbert Lehfeldt 'Theodofe W. Leik Bobby C'.1Le1cmd Iocm L. Levine Louren L. Lewis Prederiok I. Linck, Ir. Ioseph R. Lincoln Robert Q. Lindel William Lindh Mary I. Little Barbara I. Loggins Thomas S. Loggins Iohn B. Lough Ioog M. Louihicm I ohn E. Love Bruce A. Lowery' Ioseph T. Lowth Ray H. Lucht Bette C. L-undin Fred A. Lundin Harold G. Luntey Ann Luscombe Ilse G. Lutzens Beity L. Lyster Thomas S. McCcmn Rober! I. McClinton Robert E. McConcqhy Ioan A. McDaniel David A. McDonald Charles B. McFann Fred W. McSwain Donald H. Macdonald Robert E. Machamer loseph E. MacMillan Virginia M. MacMillan Katherine E. Maddock Darrell B. Malcolm Theodore Malwiiz Onward Christian Soldiers . . ." George D. Martin Conrad D. Martin Francis I. Mastin Iohn I. Maxwell Carl W. Mayer, Ir. Monroe M. Mayo Anthony A. Mazzeo Gerald L. Meer lack I. Mehl Norman,W. Merrill Iohn E. Midgley Iohn HI. Mihovilovich Bruce S. 'Milhollcmdl Amelia M. Millqr , Ardibe M. Miller? 'Ddvid G.Mi11e1j. George C..MlI1er Mqrilynj L Ross A.Mi11ei -HiChC!rdfB. Millin Ind? v. Mn-mg Mctry'M. Mizqkimxi Yoshie Mizove 101719 K. Mohqg 'V Rcbett. A. Momqguef Thomcrf A.'MQodyi, 'Bessiei M. MbIQHQdHY' Alfred cj.. Mgvgqgnfqrhi Nancy G. Moshe? TcmI.Mu1Iins ' A 'Bohm Clydewli. J 1EGWIencS7i:b?EiiSi57L Wdltef- NJN 1eQN.1Nenrv 1 ."-x Y Nsfaetla' 4 E?5?-Ne. 'Q Qi 55?-iwhfd' 1? ' ?Ev5r61iv5L1'i:gfN feri5E . Ichtxk-'Nbs5If. ' 2 Tdrfenceiif f 5BfiQgi Baum TL Giiacuwfi . Babe-min. Qififfeinf Gercild 616511 .- Su- f, N Marjorie l. Opie , . Orval Orr Gene F. Overholt Blase A. Padilla Patrick A. Panfile is Ierome F. Pankow 5 Iarnes A. Parker v' Vera E. Parker Betty I. Parunqo , . Geraldine Patterson Cg:5:5s?,,9x-Iva 54:9-E352 iii-12. rs:- ..U 'LJ :Zahn I Q -f, -rg 7 ii 5' . V 5 t t I N : l lit 0 li VE, U . XB - l ,, - '.',, l - fy Q are t W gif t:2'r!.t1lfw:-2 'sri 't l 'gg-I L' 'iq ffyffffwl lltpztn t . -' 112.3 lily 'tif-l Q-:,-,':i.l 311.3 xp If fl . l el + i Q ,G-ish V ,.,f::q A .i -ss., Mil ,ffm Qi .LL-KV id, F 9, . "I don't care if it is the Pan-Hel Formal. My feet. hurt! William E. Patterson '27 Leslie H. Payne Mabel Payne Waldo N. Peck Robert Pedersen Ni Ioseph H. Pendleton I , 'cr lames W. Perrin Richard E. Perrin Donald I. Perry LaRue Perry Allen L. Peierson Winiired C. Peferson Bveretil. Pflieger' Geraldine Peitine 'Max DQ Pew .. Mari1yn.M. Phelps Gordon E. Phifer Patricia M. Phillips Robert J. Packenl ' Glenn L, -Plaul Iris L. Polk - Richard C. Pond Crigpin L. Porquish Dorroll T. Powell Roberi R. Powell William R. Prather Shulammis Puder Arthur E. Qixinn Helen Rademacher Samuel Radowick, Ir. Rachael A. Raqsdale Ahmed A. Rahawi Tony L. Raitz Donald D. Hanes Iohn M. Ranson Edwin L. Rathbun Philip L. 'Read Richard R..Reaser. 1 Charles L. Rector Elmo W. Reed Robert' T. Reed Albert L. Reese Richard D. Rehbien Kirby I. Reichmann Paul C. Reinhart ' I MA y IW jvc- w Edward C. Reinkoesier Elliott Rice Donald E. Richards Ioseph G. Richards, Ir. Lloyd O. Richards Nancy I. Richards Margaret I. Richardson Robert Richter Willey M. Riggs Louis I. Roberts "O-o-o-h, your hands are cold!" Ioan W. Robertson Edwin L. Robinson Robert F. Rogers Martin Rogovin Theodore Ropiski Alfred C. Rose Geraldine L. Roupp Robert C. Roush Ira I. Royal William W. Ruoff Billie I. Russell Rita A. Salmon Syril B. Salzer Paul F. Samples Kenneth A. Sands 'Patricia 'F. Satterwhile Dquglas Schcxuer ' Bernice P. Schieldsf Edythe F. Schierbrock' Ieqne P. sehuunq. Dorothy I. Schlaqel Robert'D. 'Schrader Arlo H. Schroeder' Joanne E. 'Schuch .Barbara -A. Schwab. Bernard W. Scott Lewis W.'Seaman " Margaret AF. Seerie Rikfhard P. Seibel Burton Seiden- larnes L. Shcrckelford Fern A, Shafer Glen E. Shellenbaumr Iames F. Shepherd Clara R. Shindo Arthur I. Shlnyama Charles E. Shissler Hugh U. Shog:klBY Eugene Shoppell Q Claude P. Sheri Charlene Shryer S. Stuart Shryer Hamdi 'Shuker Erwin B. Shulldin Louis E. Silvi Q-V 5 Q X L ig. hw' X N '-'I A E - Q9 ,mv AK 2 214 W? I1 1 Ii 'Wi ' A . :lm I"i'!iT'?l'f'i'i4l.hm2ilL l rl Q-M we ' ' Ni., will 1 I f -"f, ,Q-1 '. -7 LQ J: , xi is 'H W . " if.: I gi'-ii l .fill 1 flflli .,. E .Y 1 ,Y ml I 1 My A 1 Hs.- 7-g. i' 1, 2 w Donald L. Simasko Gerald M. Simrnerman Robert M. Simmonds William A. Simpson Dolores I. Sitz Chesier A. Smith Earl K. Smith Fred B. Smith, Ir. Merrill L. Smith Robert L. Smith. 1 r S ' S -l 'l 2 ., l ,., 3 5 9 v -num -l mf- 1-" ffl ...g-XX. 1- -' - -r "But Iohn, did you have io shoot him just because he gave you a 'D'?" +1 78 g ' fi- Warren A. Smith Arthur W. Snodgrass Oscar P. Snyder Doris R. Soladay Dudley I. Solomon Roy I. Sonnleitner Daniel B. Sparr Norman C. Speak Elouise C. Spears Sidney F. Spradlin . 'TQ ?'f'i?'ft JP' t wx., Q? We iz? 5- 'NN -qs-nr .fem O km "' , t Q- L ire-r , '- 43 153 'sl ln.. 17" Q- '5- fir V? if -1 'NJ Q ,Ar Q v Q 3 3 731 163 .I 5 l Helen M. Sprunck Alvin I. Staley Richard I. Stank Magdalen Sternberg Donald D. Stevens Herbert A. Stevens Lydia Stoopenkoff Walter Streeter- Bobette Striker Victor A. Sundfor Martin L.'Sveh1cz. Paige C. Switzer Benjamin M. Sykes Richard L. Tallman Fradelle G. Tananbauxn Wirojana Tantraporn Louie Tarpo Warren I. Tasse! Henry B. Tiller lohn G. Timmons R. Iune Timms Dale R. Toft Bob I. Tomita William V. Topel Billie I. Torrence Marvin E. Traver Lois M. Trenholrne Bertlen F. Turner ' Edward G.'UdYY Richard D. Upchurch Robert D. Urbana. Leo I.'Va1clez, Ir. Floyd A. Vanderpool Karl L. Van'Noclier - Iuanita L. Veazey .Y , ,, ,,,, L C' Q X 5 WMI KN ' i -3' V Q L, v E A All fl N5 ii Iohn L. Virtue Trurman P. Waqenfuhr Pat Wagner loseph G. Wallace Iames H. Wallie Benjamin R. Walls Iamal R. Waly David M. Warner Winifrecl S. Warner Betty A. Watson Q. ,J Graduation-1952, or "I'1l be seeing you . . . 'G Donald I. Weathermar Betty I. Weidner Kurt E. Weinke B. Iimmle Wells Sara I. Wescoat Bruce A. Wessel George A. Wester Allan R, Westerbeck Lawrence R. White Charles E. Whitesid Stanley M. Whilney M. loan Whorton Douglas A. Wigle, Ir. Edwin C. Wigle Iecm C. Wilcox Iohn I. Wilder Carl B. Williams Clarence G. Williams Robert C. Williams Roy Williams Ionalhan W. Wilson Newton A. Wilson Richard A. Wilson Edwin O. Windham, I Lois M. Winters Tom Wiseman Lawrence A. Wojcik Betty I. Wolf Robert H. Wood David L. Wright lames G. Yamamoto Francis Y. Yap William Y. Yasumura Raymond W. Zielinski Robert M. Zimmerman Richard L. Zisch S'? I x4AA Athletics 7 I I I Cheerleaders l At every game a lively, bouncing sextet would qavort before the crowd, urging them on to louder and stronger yells for the team. Cheers for the cheer- leaders and the great job they did for school spirit during the year. l l luck Mehl, IoAnn Pcxce, Fred Klnnes, Phyllis Icrrcxtt, Dale Bush, Iocm E. Alexander Look, cz junior birdmcm! ,ff The cheerleaders led the Way on the nigh! shirt parade wx 83 John Baker Football Coach Athletic Staff E. E. "Tad" Weiman Athletic Director . if , -' y 45 f 7' :L . V fx i .' .O . yi, y y. J ' 7 1 " ff? 1 Hoyt Brawner Neil Celley Willie Schaeffler Basketball and Baseball Coach Hockey Coach Ski Coach Mike Jurich Bob Seymour Wes Weber Track Coach Swimming Coach Fooiball Scout "Babe" Lind Tom Murphy Francis Garth Golf Coach Swimming Coach T9I1!liS COGCI1 Cal Chai All-Conference Gucrrd Football J , 2 , 15 ' 1 .ij fe V 4 i 'M -1, ' Gordon Cooper A1l'Conference End Q oo . 5 'K L 1 I x 1 jerry Collis A11-Conference Qucmerbuck CDefensel A11- Fred Nanni Tom Hugo Conference Tackle All-Conference Guard all Sam Etcheverry A11-Conference Back COffensiveJ f DENVER 41, COLORADO COLLEGE o In the opening game of the season Coach Johnny Baker un- veiled what proved to be later a powerful single wing formation. With Bob Friend doing most of the ground gaining the Crimson and Gold crushed the Tigers, 41-0. Although the Denverites piled up 16 first downs C.C. fumblitis contributed most of the touchdowns to the Denver cause. WYOMING 20 DENVER 14 Embittered by a long-standing feud with Coach Bowden Wyatt's Wyoming Cowboys a 27-point underdog Pioneer eleven gave the Skyline's defending champs a run for their money. Denver possessed a brief 7-0 lead but a costly fumble tied the game. After a third period mental lapse john Callard scored at the end of a 96-yard drive to knot the count, 14-14. In the final seconds the defense collapsed and Wyoming won, 20-14. ' "' " 'wwwi' "'f"""'f'o"'ii' W 'B"t'f"""' 'M' c -'V'-2:-'-" ,- ,', f ff., i vz' em . ...M ,ks v 7 ? .Fw 2 'R N Sy' y qu A-fa-shi" A-9 .1 YQ ,Y - Ma H I a .' F43 ' ij -1 'gifs' .11 ' lg 4, 4efs1'1"Vf Y' . ., sf 0 M, -. Q f f' ' ' .i N xf' 'N Ni Qfj,-fwfqfg ffnwir ff 1- :my I A .-A 1 . Y J 'Lf - 7 'L' LJ? 92 1 , is 5 . X J ,I J ' 1 I 'W 31 -51,1 .1 W 1 Wm. we ff: N 5 -If gm fx- ' f. 'sr M 1, 4 Q. A Homecoming crowd of 12,000 at Hilltop Stadium watched the Crimson and Gold bounce back from the defeat at Utah to DENVER 56 score a smashing, 56-6, verdict over the Brigham Young Cougars. The Cougars, obviously let down after their 20-20 tie with Wyo- BRIGHAM YOUNG 6 ming the week before, proved no match for johnny Baker's charges. John Callard filled in at fullback for 'injured Gene Smaldone by individually gaining 71 yards. me-P. AQ DENVER 35 COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC 33 The Crimson and Gold forces jumped into the national head- when they scored a 35-33 rallying victory over College of the at San Francisco. Denver fell behind with only four left but passes from Sam Etcheverry to Gordon Cooper, Waibel, Dick Kenny and jim Liley covered 73-yards for the touchdown. In that game Cooper set a new intercol- Nl ,pass-catching record for a single season. 7 F3 :TI UTAH STATE 14, DENVER 7 . x. x - 'J zgziiks Going into the final period of play the Pioneers led Utah State, 7-0, but the defense collapsed and the Farmers tallied twice in the waning minutes of play to hand Denver a 14-7 loss. The D.U. aerial attack was grounded by the alert Utags and the usually strong single wing ground offense was stopped cold except for a 56-yard sustained drive in the third quarter which netted six points. . 6 x A E , , , . gp fr' in nf, .La . '51 DENVER 21 COLORADO A8cM 6 1 After a five year wait D.U. finally defeated Colorado Aggies on the gridiron. The Pioneers waltzed to a 21-6 decision over A8cM before a Thanksgiving Day crowd of over 20,000. Sam Etcheverry, Gordon Cooper, Jerry Collis, Gene Smaldone, John Zibnack, Cal Chai, Fred Nanni, Lowell' Deering and Sam Rado- wick played their last game for the Crimson and Gold. Basketball j j Before the first tipoff the University of Denver basketball team was rated high by many "second guessers," who predicted them to give Wyoming and Utah a run for the Skyline basketball title. But for the second consecutive year the Pioneers started the season with a bad road trip, although this year they switched from Madison Square Garden to a swing through th'e Midwest and the West Coast. j After they returned from the trip the Brawner- men just couldn't seem to have the extra steam to win the close ones. D.U. began the Skyline season by dropping a listless 49-38 tilt to Utah in the Arena. Then they crossed the mountain and turned the tables on the Utes by outclassing them, 69-64, and lost a close 59-53 encounter with the Brigham Young Gougars. It was at this time that much criticism was heaped upon six-foot-six center Dale Toft who was later shelved for several games with an injured back. Al- though the big red-head was blamed for the team's losing ways he established himself in the D.U. Hall of Fame by becoming the second player in the his- tory of the school to score more than 1,000 points. The other was Jack Hauser, who graduated in 1949. Seven men carried the brunt of the playing throughout the year. They were Toft, center, john Griffin, forward and center replacement for Toftg Keith Patton, sophomore forward, Tom Rhone, rub- ber-legged sophomore who added the spirit of fun and hustle to playing his forward post, Freddie Howell, driving senior guard, Dick Gray, deadeye senior guard, and joe Hughes, junior guard who led the team in individual scoring in conference games. , rp ,U , xr Ld jj N"-v"kT"xX ,XX . X 1 vJF3t'y2?XX If ICM fi - r Tom Rhone Forward john Griffin C enter -v Q, 3 Q, 1 Q f' x F , Ioe Hughes Guard Keith Patton Forward 1' or I, ,430 For ' 4 0 Q NL Lf' 1 Dick Gray Guard Freddie Howell Guard Dale Toft Center Second player in history of DU to score more than 1000 points SY LJ ' I .T nf' Q xqfsxwgn .Wig ' ,uni f. W W 1 ' W W W W W W W W W W W Denver 3Denver WDenver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver ' W Denver Denver Denver Denver W Scores Colorado State Kansas Ohio State Michigan State Kansas State Drake U.C.L.A. U.C.L.A. Santa Clara Utah Brigham Young Utah New Mexico Brigham Young Regis Colorado State Wyoming Colorado A8zM Utah State Regis New Mexico Utah Stare Montana Colorado A8cM Montana Wyoming W W as Q X M U 7' I? I , Y ' t X I iw ' m 1 1. Q 3 H Wai Fl R -L i n VV wg e x ' ' H ' 'r Qu 4 'I sc? WS T nd 1 P X. 1 7 A 1' 'N iq . - w , W- Qu 95 w N "li ,f 'H-.g,,, .1 " B .-ei - -he At: '51 ' . , , , ,nn .,,':q'Nl' - ,, n . ,,. . U I 'L V -an ,,, 'L F .Q Zlfkal . f f 4. r..'L-:ras-r. fs. . , fgja,,,: :rg 1,33 3-5-A. . - 4, nb' 'mf iirtszz.. - Q si mas l 5" ' at i ""1.' 3 is ' 0 my JM. !.g I . P Q-1-4 Iv Y Q' --v' .-wtf .gn .F - L-2 T- ,Q , 0 X rp, . 1, g ' is' ,-5. - ,sy 3- -' - . - - -- ' . 4. Z Q 1 K -E is 4 .-,,Q'. mv, -- ' - Ai r- - , -. - L ..,--..'Q - ,'.-Q, .:,.a1.-Y.--.- Q. .' Q '- L -4-' -ju " U'.'.':fg 2,541 - . ' '. w - . N- -if -. X - 3-1Z+f??v Q-if-td . .. :-2-,,sf-,923 !.. 54 - 5:--L56 ygzgzaig - U- - r' . .tax gn ,g 157 ek :L-,.-'gs-.P,.LS il J' 'I 5 19,3-'G1f.?!i1: E: ,Qi l'.,,-i3aqf,1.1,EaT!gi5E ,U . L. , U 'm ,Kb 1.a.',!5.:'i,-'JJQQ .1 " ,V ,H "' 4-F134-5115. 'Ili- . .. .M .,,.-, ,,,. :- -.. ' - ' 4.2 an i-Lu: ' .zu 'ff' I-Ioclzey Collegiate ice hockey hit an all-time high in the three years it has been at the Arena. In fact, it re- placed basketball as the king of winter sports at D.U. Former Coach Vern Turner was replaced by Youth- ful Neil Celley, All-American University of Mich- igan graduate, freshmen were made elgible, enabling high scoring wing Bill Abbott and goalie George Mooney to play, and the squad was bolstered by numerous returning lettermen. At the end of the season the icers had compiled a record of 13 victories, six losses and one tie. And finished their league season with a 9-5 record which was good enough for a second place tie with highly rated Michigan. The Pioneers missed going to the N.C.A.A. playoffs by dropping a 5-4 league decision to North Dakota in the closing weeks of the season. Late in the season Colorado College took over first place in the Midwest Hockey conference from the Pioneers, leaving Denver and Michigan to fight it out for the other N.C.A.A. tourney berth. Mich- igan finally won the bid when the Pioneers lost a costly tilt to North Dakota. The next night, with Bill Begg tending the goal, the Crimson and Gold swamped the Nodaks, 7-0, but it was too late. Outstanding during the year were defensemen Eddie Miller and Don Burgess, who were both hon- ored on the Midwest Hockey conference All-Star team. Freshman wing Bill Abbott was chosen on the loop's second All-Star squad. Abbott also set a school individual scoring record by bettering Eddie Miller's old mark of 44 with an output of 49 points. Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Scores Colorado College Colorado College Colorado College Michigan Michigan Yale Yale Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Minnesota Minnesota Michigan State Michigan State Colorado College Colorado College Minnesota Minnesota Michigan Tech Michigan Tech Brandon Brandon North Dakota North Dakota British Columbia British Columbla 3' .D a in ,1 iq. ..,. -.J ,cg ,ul 'V ,V -Alf 37"-z' 4-V' I ' Lrif . ' -32:42. 33-A - Y ylfcv. 1 , gran .. . ,Q vt, L 13. Azijff-if 5 'Jil' -1123-gif,,, 'SN 5, , 5, ,-,QLH 1. i'! U - 1 'J-11 .. 73 7,12 if '14 Il 99 Z3 '52 ' I ,Kifswf fl 313425114 I I' z " F 2- 0. D' K , A A 14.5 ,4 QP- L . 1 43 fi X ,11,.H1-J. .. .5 :J J Z! 1 - '. .hi in X-ff ,Tk 'if ff? wp. ' F1 " 'Lv 'N . . ' ., , ,, Q, -.L+'i'lg,:V' 4, .L ' A . ' 'ji' " l""'.' ' x 5: ", ,f 1" J. 4 ' ' ' '-.1-'T ' N gy rv . - a., 1 .-.,.:.. M K X ,, Y, ,5,: E- ,A V-T Lf 'ngf-'f, ' it uf. r '22 - A. -- ,, A.. ..,..,y . "J ,F--gf, .-T -. ,, , Q. .,. ,4. .k Ypnnfg-1' U ,fa 3. 'gig ' 'Q . -Q-1 HK if? A M .. , ,. ,,'. , JXIN 'V I' xi K. 'v ' all , - I 4 fa. JL: f sul, ff? Y-d.5w' if K J V. ,,,, ig. I1 ?L. k Minus the services of such great skiers as the Wegeman brothers, who went to the Olympic team, Coach Willie Schaeffler's ski team was not rated to repeat the successes they gained in 1950-51. But Schaeffler, a great conditioner of men, rounded his squad into shape, and built the team laround the point-getting ability of Marvin Crawford and Magnus Bucher. l The Pioneer slatmen won every meet of the year until they went to the Dartmouth Ski Carnival. For a while it appeared as if the squad might not get to go to the Vermont hills to defend their title, but Denver citizens backed "their" team by donating enough money for the trip. After a slow start in the cross-country race the Pioneers went on to take first place in the slalom event and move into first place at the end of the first clay's skiing. In the last event of the meet, the jumping event, Dartmouth pushed ahead of the Den- verites to win the trophy. y Four of the stars which paced the D.U. team to victory the year before-Don johnson, Paul and Keith Wegeman, and Don Elisha-were all gone. But in their place Denver had Jerry Hiatt, Marvin Crawford and Magnus Bucher. At Dartmouth, Crawford, only 19-years-old, won the Skimeister Trophy as the Carnival's outstanding skier. The Pioneers began the year by copping the Aspen Intercollegiates at Aspen, Colorado, and followed that with another success by skiing away with the honors at the Uni- versity of Colorado-University of Wyoming Invitational at lSteamboat Springs. The week before the Dartmouth Carnival the Pioneers won their tenth consecutive meet over a two what period by running off with the Eighth Annual Univer- sity of Denver Individual. After the Dartmouth defeat the Crimson and Gold skiers won a narrow victory in the Nevada Invitational at Reno. l l l I-7 Alu ROW 1: Dick Tcfllmcm, Albert Boe, Marvin Crawford, Roger Smcrdes, Couch Willie Schcleffler, Dale Thompson, Tony Deane, Tom Hoffman, Mcgnu Bucher. Not in picture: Ierry Hiott, Chuck Mcddcxlone, cmd Tom Carter. 4 J- ' !"' ul, 1: . + In .T '11--1 'Qa- l 'kfinf-1 . ' 103 I Y , lk ,, 'A 4 f . 'lei iii c ral ill il l'-ll! C, l - iii ROW 1: Ierry Merlino, Don Day, Bill Robbie, Ioe DiPoulo, Tom Carline, Don Carline. ROW 2: lim Erfurdi, Bruce McxcFa.rlcmd, Reuben Chcrvez, Bill Kos- sian, Ken Walker. ROW 3: Hoyt Brcwner, Coach: Gordon Cooper, Leland Scott, Stan Mczlanti, Bud Chrisman, Les Pedicord. Baseball Coach Hoyt Brawner's baseball team again made a remarkable showing in the eastern division. The Pioneers were well manned in every position. Cap- able lettermen included three pitchers, two catchers, five infielders and three outfielders. jerry Collis, Bob Knickrehm and "Beans" Carline provided the bulk of the hitting power. The infield staff was ably han- dled by first baseman Knickrehm, at second was Donnie Day, third base found jerry Collis fast and alert and Gordon Cooper was outstanding at short- stop. In the outfield, particular attention was given to these positions by Jim Erfurdt, jim Liley and Les Pedicord. Also in the steller lineup was john Vec- chiarelli and several rookies, Bill Robbie, joe De- Paolo and Ken Walker. The pitching positions saw power and control in Bud Chrisman, Dick Pond, Le- land Scoot, Bill Kossian and curveball specialist, Reuban Chavez. 104 l l 1 Wi? Q S ! l ' i i Q ' , A 1 iq. W 1 R i str! iif l '45 - . 2 y X ' A 1 L1 f ' " 5 , v If 1 . Q3 , l.: 2 4 N". I, g V 1 -l I 3 C. HOW 1: Ken Walser, Dave Miller, Barry Trader, Iim Mollcenbuhr, Iesse Ray, Manager Bob McClinton. ROW 2: Coach Tom Murphy, Norman Bishop, Dave Kohn, Tom Mickelson, Thayer Masoner, Coach Bob Seymour. ROW 3: 'Ierry Allen, Floyd Failor, Loy Rovenstine, Don Brown, lim Crist, Earl Hes- ton. gl 'W'1II1II1111g' 755 iii-ajiilil.. xi w lm ' She' Although it is officially considered a minor sport this year's tank team from the Hilltop was widely publicized in even the downtown newspapers. The Skyline champions lost only one meet during the yearL a duel meet with Colorado A8zM at Fort Collins. But Coach Bob Seymour and Coach Tom Murphy's splashers proved their superiority to the Aggies' swimming squad by defeating them in a later meet in the D.U. pool and by winning the Skyline crown by a narrow 75-74 verdict over the Aggies. The margin might have been larger if the Pioneers' relay team had not been disqualified. f"nP ROW 1: Norm Speak, Iim Coleman, George Brennan, Pete Facchinello, A1 Iackson, Will Howard. ROW 2: Coach Lou Young, Dick Kemble, Many Feld- man, Dave Mills, Gene Roberts, Jim Ieraldi, lim Pokipala, Manager Dick Helmstrom. Wrestling Two "little men," Will Howard and Allan Jack- son, won Skyline championship honors in their respective weight divisions of 125 pounds and 150 pounds to spark the Pioneer wrestling team to a surprising third place finish in the conference meet. Howard, president of the D-Club, retained his title from the previous season. jackson, a sophomore, has two more seasons to add more crowns to his head. Other point-getter in the Skyline meet was 177 pound light heavyweight wrestler, jim Coleman. Both Coleman and Howard are products of Denver high schools, Howard graduating from North and Coleman from East. 106 Jil ROW l Tom Hickman Al Weber Chuck Gamty Tom Goodwin Warren Scott, and Larry Luellen. ROW 2: Ronnie Slrouse, Bob Haynes, Iohn McMa- hon Iohn Noriega Al Holbrook and Ted Bryant ROW 3 Coach Mike Iurich Ronnie Golform, Walt Tomsic, Hugh McHugh, Ray Lucht, Mike Wargo. Track Hampered by the loss of one-man track team, jerry Biffle in 1950 the University of Denver track team has never been able to rebuild to the standards it once possessed. Biffle, now a member of the Olympic team, was the whole show in previous D.U. track meets, but since he has left Coach Mike jurich has been faced with the task of rebuilding an entire new squad. This year, in the D.U. Invitational Track and Field Meet, the Pioneers netted only sin, points. All is not bleak, however, because those men who did garner points for the Pioneers, particularly Hugh McHugh, are lower classmen with fine futures on the cinder paths. 107 ROW l: Louie Biondi, Skid Piitle, Ioal Taylor, Ronnie Moore, Ed Nosewicz. 1 W 1 4 ..Y V 4. fi 1 i 3 fu h I N Q., i , . ROW 1: Iack TerBorq, Iim Noonen, Herb DeVekne, Bob DuBath, Otto Ritter, Clayton Benham. ROW 2: Elwyn Iohnson, Alvie Willis, Iim Smith, Irvin Hoffman, Chuck Shissler, Roy Smith. ,ohm 57,4 FRONT: Coach Lou Young. ROW 1: Bob Douls, A1 Greedy, Doug DeWitt. ROW 2: Dick Keefer, lim Crist, Gordon Phifer, Chuck Brunch Gymnastics ga Rifle -..,-,- 1 . ROW 1: Edmund Choy, Iesse Wood. ROW 2: Sgt. R. C. Shryer, Floyd Voncierpool, Kirby McIntosh, David Breter- nilz, Colonel L. D. Buford. W'omen's Intramurals Excellent opportunities are afforded feminine sports enthusiasts through the intramural program sponsored by the Women's Athletic Association. Scheduling and coordinating a well run- field of activities is the association's responsibility. During fall quarter teams were playing field hockey, and DU's WAA held the annual fall sports day, which was a swimming meet in which five colleges in the region participated. Winter provided the crack women's ski team to make a very good showing on the slopes. This is the beginning of an outstanding team. Basketball is an- other winter activity in which the participation ran high among sororities and independents alike. Spring will bring another annual sports day in which the women will represent DU and WAA, taking part in such sports as tennis, softball and swimming. Gx-ocvfggxvncvfgggs cvfggx-Qc-fgggpcvfggx-at lg ai-. ' 110 Men's Intramurals Many men students again enjoyed a well sched- uled sports program. Over 15 sports were offered with about 2,000 interested students taking part in these activities. Ross Wedemeyer directed this well participated program with Dan McNellis 'as his assistant. They ran a very complete sports schedule with touch foot- ball high-lighting fall quarter. Basketball dominated the winter quarter, which saw the Cats 'N Go as four year champions. Softball occupied spring quarter with more teams this year than previously. Sidelight- ing these big events were skiing, swimming, tennis, volley-ball, golf, badminton, and bowling. The track meet during springpquarter also drew very well, and bowling saw a better year as the team entered col- legiate competition. GX JC-IQ GR-D Qvlg GE-JQ1i9Cv-IQ GKvD Cvlg GE-D Cvla GE-9 Cvlb 73. 51.7 451:-'23, 'if ' 'j ,. 4 lll ' 2 - If . ' 1-Z+1.1'afv,-.1 -1 . w , ,. 1" 'L-,r-fs Q ' ..- -. .-'tt ,,r"1r.'.j'f'-" -4-ff.-:, rf., H if 1 ' is s , Even the band ccm spell 112 The Red Feather campaign gets t1 boost at hcl!-time I r Demonstrations 2 ferent events that were put on for the enjoyment o all. DU's band was outstanding in these program Other bands and groups also performed, and al shows without exception were extraordinary. Half-times were always interesting with the dif s Xgfl T' xv, ..l -L.. -7 54? ROW 1: Flo Stickle, Wendy Miller, Secretary: Mrs. Leonard Schack, Executive Secretary: Barbara Loggins, Vice President: Betty Hoyt, Catherine Northrup, Faculty Sponsor: Gerry Roden, Treasurer: Anna Mae Udry. ROW 2: Loucmna Churchill, Dorothy Iohnson, Lois Buckminsier, 'u nr!! ,LJ ,g erie Peecher, Bobby Striker, Karen Millay, Elaine Haley, Pa! Hageman, Blaine Greenspoon, Nancy Land, Betty Shown. Q Mwii WEE' 'to' .' Panhellenic council is made up of sorority girls who ate the all-school activities of the sororities and sponsor activities in the name or Pan-Hel. They sponsor the Formal in the Winter Quarter, and arrange for the sororities to go to Fitzsimons General Hospital to entertain service men. The Panhellenic council is made up of two t member of each sorority as a representative There IS a Pan Hel that 1S a representative of the sorority pledges latter group is active only during the first half of the sch year, and go out of business when these girls go active in t in the fall of the year. Senior Pan-Hel is a group wi h . -1 h respective sororities. We have heard the rumor that the Pan-I meetings are used as an excuse to get together for chit-chat much the same way as bridge parties are used, and who are to refute rumors. gf af: l: Kay Dubbs, Publicity: Marion Richards, Social Chairman: Barbara Loggins, President: Sally Lassila, Secretary: Judith Iennings. ROW 2 Petersen, Shirley Iohaningsmier, Dorothy Manning, Barbara Hill, Peggy Neal, ldora Bickel, Norma Fisher, Lucille Connolly, Patty Baker annual formal tl wil ' lx l l l i Iunior Pan-Hel in one of their more serious meetings ROW l Lucille Remen Recording Secretary Dorothy Brown Corresponding Secretary: Mary Lou Bottoms, Pledge Trainer: Georgia Beaver, President Faith Meyer Advisor Esther Osborn Treasurer ROW 2 Iayme Rankin, Ioan Alexander, Mama Iordan, Gerry Roden, Ioyce Neece, Ieane Schilling Mane Filson Nancy Land ROW 3 Beverly Stuclley Ioyce Hebrew, Sonia Torgeson, Ann Luscombe, Pal Larned, Sally McCartney. A sorority is a group of girls that are bonded together for common purpose. Now what is the purpose of the A Chi O's They might be bound together under the common bond they at out on, or under a different label which usually reads, "Bottle in . . ." If there is anything that men are interested in, it is a types of girls, and the Alpha Chis have all types. Sororities shoul classify their women according to types. For instance: Type Strong, athletic, well-built . . . this type you could take swimmin or skiing and if you should hurt yourself she could carry yo home. Type B. Small, petite, "Southern-belle" . . . this ki would be nice if you were tired and didn't want to carry on intelligent conversation. Type C. We won't go into detail on th one, but this may give you a clue . . . "Let's all go to the mou rains and have a party!" If the Alpha Chis want any more hi on how to classify women they should consult Dr. Kinsey. .Wy ll Y ,, . I -. 1 Q. . .-M. igm--,,,1,:.51-U 1- wi. , . l , , , , , -- , - ,, f , - f -M - H -.1-pfzg ,V OW 1: Ioan Graves, Beckie Benson, Helen Redding, House Mother: Ieaneite Wheatley. Sylvia Tudor. ROW 2: Nancie Malcomb, Florence Dunning art? Garrison, Aria Warner, Gloria Stroh, Lana Turner, Bonnie Isbester. ROW 3: Lucille Connolly, Nircx Ralston, Lois Horsley, Caroline Elledge tricia Duerson, Norma Fisher, Paula Hannah. ll 'l 'The mothers and leaders of tomorrow dll ' V I L W "What do you think of menial hygiene?" A l that .ln - Tui ROW 1: Barbara Schwob, Margaret Hosnik, Inga Schoo, Annette Evans, Dixie Harrington, Donna Bricker. BOW 2: IoAnn Finch, Kay Bolkin, LoAn DePuy, Mary Gordon, Margaret Patiy, Yvonne Bottone, Pat Maguire. ROW 3: Io Ann Koenig, Ioan Madden, Belty Fabian, Elizabeth Hughes, Cheri Goss, loan Cunningham, Gloria Elzi. Alph amma sl f Q The Alpha Gamma Delta sorority is a sorority, is a sorori N is a sorority, or a rose by another name would be. This all go to prove that you cannot be one without being called one. T X Alpha Gams have each year a Spring Formal at which they el ' ' " an Alpha Gam Man. We were greatly shocked to hear of t ' because we have had the obviously mistaken notion that all 2 the Alpha Gams were women and we want to know where t f' man sneaked into the picture. Asstuning, of course, that th ' ' ' ' ' , . - is a picture. Every Thursday morning from 10:00 to 10:50 t - hold coffee hours. Now either we are crazy or they should f called coffee "half-hours." Unless, of course, you are a pre ' fast worker and are particularly adept at squeezing an hour . coffee and doughnuts into thirty minutes time. From what ' hear of the Alpha Gams, this just might be possible. 118 V 'kr Q 1-ff' wr' -XQ3! ' ,lg LaVerne Cart, 2nd Vice President: Shirley Ertel, Treasurer: Edna Baldwin, House Mother: Dorothy Schlagel, President, Paula McGrew, lst President: Marylin Kall, Secretary. ROW 2: Pat Hageman, Kate Rickert, Sandra Palmer, Norma Garner, Ardyce Glover, leanne Riggs, Eleanor ROW 3: Carolyl Brenden, Patricia-Nelson, Lucille Conroy, Ioan Richardson, Marjie Tanner, Gerrie Farmer, Irene Clark, Sharon Brown. i fri l t that she s gone, you won t believe this but . . . If she bumps .the other way, there goes the homecoming award 119 -,H ROW 1: Lois Buckrninster, Vice President, Betty Io Shown, Rush Captain: Edna Macron, Treasurer: Mrs. Smlflh, House M0lh9Ti lOY lOI19S, Iune Henry, President: Charlotte Snake. ROW 2: Beverly Hennen, Mae Beth Hughes, Barbara Cook, ludith Ierminqs, Path Io Hoffman, Norma N N35 Dolores Pfarr, Sally Lassila, Carol Rominger, Marian York, I-Iildegarde Gustafson. 2' 'Do have another cup of tea" 120 Completely surrounded by bricks and windows and hid behind the front door is the house that belongs to a group girls that are known as Alpha Xi Deltas. This may become c fusing, but there is nothing that we can do to get away from statement that we have just made. The Alpha Xis are a f loving bunch. and do not be surprised if you see them hitt each other over the head or jumping out of the window just the fun of it. We have been told that one of the girls is the hockey team, but there has been no confirmation of this stc The Alpha Xi Delta sorority is well-known for all the thi: that Alpha Xis are noted for. What these things are is not publication, and we would not want to violate oaths or m any revealing exposes since that is not considered cricket soccer-or was it hockey? i 1: Ioyce Rubin, Treasurer: Eilene Felsen, President: Bobette Striker, Vice President: Beverly Aaron, Thelma Broderson, Secretary: Nun Francis Greenspoon. ffl, f.. V ,'-- - .. - fir-N,-. f. 'ip' .1 me il P31 Gall ,Qs 'G 5 slr-filllfllfi V r"1lt1Hg4ffi c y ffl Jig get will lg l il Girls are the favorite topic of most male members of the human However, in this article we are talking about women, not since the organization of which we are speaking is all There is not a man in the whole lot. This is the main that they are a sorority and not a fraternity. Being girls. being in a sorority, they are, of course, concerned with the- that have to do with sororities. Maybe th1s is not exactly a atement, since it is entirely possible that they might be in what goes on in fraternities--or outside of fra- since that is where they fthe sororitiesj are. It is too that the sororities and the fraternmes cannot work out some of cooperative plan whereby they can get together and not to wonder what goes on in each of the other organiza- This might be something to look into, but not too far, once you get too far into something, it is very hard to get e ut again. Besides, Dean Galbreath might not approve. SceQdv.qif1fi1'S0n1vcmun 1 'f EQ. It Eg". ROW 1: Ioan Swurizlow, Lounnnc Churchill, Frances Frerichs, Berniece Fry. ROW 2: Marilyn Miller, Carol Cox, Ioan-Marie Kyle, Patricia Edenburn Skip Soehle. D Ita Zta Everywhere you go you run into sororities and here we are with another one. These are the Deltas Zetas. Now what sort of girls make up this group? It is very hard to say just what they are, but then this is true of most sororities. In all groups you will find tall ones, short ones, and those in the middle. No, we did not say those with the middle but we might have. These girls go to school like all sorority girls go to school. This can be taken two ways and we hope it will be. No matter how you look at it these are sorority girls, and we will challenge anybody to dis- pute this statement. On second thought, let someone else do the challenging. As time goes on, we are more and more inclined to think that the best place for a sorority girl is in a sorority. There might be other places to send them that might be more suitable, but we dare not mention them here. 122 "Of course, l usually work on cx grand piano ut ll! 9 wg. 3 Q 1 X sox is l. I il: Betty Wolf, President: Mary Lou Haley, Recording Secretary: Agnes Ujifusa, Treasurer: Peggy Brittan, Sponsor: Mary Shroyer, Secretary: Lou lB ch, Vice President. ROW 2. Pat Gerfen, Ieanette Wheatley, Maryorxe Pielffer, Glorla Elson, Dons Peters, Helen Dams, Io Rustad, Barbara Ross. w l 2 B ar , P-ill. g F 'mfg-lg A f . fr , . a w ,V iff, 1 f M53 'ga 9 3, il .51 " MIN lisa vr., -at ls- gf ,ft ,L l Phi Gamma Nu is a sorority that is made up of busy women college of Business Administration. These women are, exception, women. This may be wondered at by some, tfrom all sources available, the above statement has been be true. Phi Gamma Nu, therefore, would be con- a group that would have feminine interests in the busi- lworld. What are feminine interests in the business world? question can go without answering. In fact it IS going to, we do not have the answer. Feminine interests in the world are something that has to do with women, and not a research paper on women. Phi Gamma Nu is a that is primarily business-like in nature. Now, how be business-like in nature? Again we are not going to the question. In fact, we are sorry we asked it of our- in the first Place. "Get your foot out of my hiqhba1l!" ,.. l s n i, I ROW 1: Jessie Sirachen, Cynthia Madisen, Amy Cummings, Audrey Cunning, Mary Drake, Edna Cantril, Avaril Tully. Helen Golf. ROW 2: Freeman, Mary McAndrews, Suzanne Whitacre, Lois Johnson, Seba Brooks, Ioan Foerster, Marguerite Udry, Shirley Iohaningsmeir, Carol Plank. 3: Barbara Atkins, Sue Skinner, Nancy Stevens, Darla Krogh, Marty Bielser, Helen McDonald, Bonney Iohnson, Pai Farrell, Iean McAndreWs. l i HJ E55 if :J -Q9 OEM, z 9 il", , 0 ' ' . ' ' I 2 124 Nestled in between another sorority house and a vacant are the Delta Gammas. This is a very nice place for this soro to be, because they get the companionship of a neighbor on side and a place for their pogo stick team to practice on other. The D.G.'s are a remarkable bunch of girls, and we not use this term loosely because they cannot be called Wait a minute! If we don't call them loose, we will have to them tight and that would never do, either. Ah, the We will call them half-loose and half-tight. Oh, well you look at it, there is a sorority at the location we that is inhabited by a strange creature known as a Delta They take part in the activities on campus in which take part, and we are not going to elaborate on this get into trouble with words again. Wu S w l: Donna Snodgrass, Barbara Tracy, Debora Hand, Treasurei, Doris Soladay, Vice President: Francis Hall, Presidenig Ioan Louihian, Secreiaryg Mae Udry, Betty Lysier, Marlene Riede. ROW 2: Mary Sue Dick, Nancy I. Newman, Kay M. Booth, Ann Watson, Barbara Robinson, Mary Iimmie Wells, Alice Hirsch, True McKenry, Mary Haley, Louann Iurgens, Peggy Iohnson. ROW 3: Virginia Williamson, Shirley Weidman, Moses. Charline'Bardwell, Laurel Gemmell, Ruth Carier, Beiiy Iohnson, Bonnie Krogh, Barbara Loggins, Mary Cunningham, Bonnie Bauer. 4 :fi noi go io the S.l. again, I will not go io ihe S.l. again . . . u , Liiile do ihey know she is wearing asbestos corn plasters 6 t ROW 1: Mary Scott, Louise Watson, Secretary: loAnne Aspinall, Vice President: Mrs. George W. Brown, House Mother, lane Boairight, Pre Sally Campbell, Treasurer: Gerry Patterson, House Manager, Flanagan, Earline Hartman, Virginia Ellingsen, Betty Nash, Patricia Iarratt, Norma Palmer, Nancy Robinson, Nancy Ioyce Betty Hoyt. ROW 2: lane Robinson, Barbara Swanson, Dorothy Van!-lntwerp Ianet Kenyon, Mary Draper, Ann Stearns, ludith McDonough, Lois Tucker. ROW , Susan Asleson, Kay Dubbs, Bonabel McDonald, Phyllis Iarrait, Ioan Dickman. , . .1 W l-l ' wx' --,. H- v-,-un. ferr. Y-lil.-.l J '-,ilfliial 4-A' JE!! r'-. sfgg., Emi, f-fl if-Qgtl W K1 151111 3323 E71 .yn 14 ii. il. ll ll fl is ll lm if ll- K. ll Ll -f 'aw . , ,Au-l f -rl - - -:-I "v 1 v, 1 -.. mx, g. qu - ,I 5 int ul U ,Ju , 4 ,.,l ,I 7,1 ,A 4, 5 , . I I 2312 Mil f tL.lI.21l..Q kifll YSL: l.l5L A-. 'J--if VS-' 'Lal Y:-J 126 If you don't like to drink, smoke or run around with t opposite sex you should visit the Gamma Phi Beta house. Ht you will find girls that do not smoke, drink or indulge in ar thing else. These girls can be found in all sorts of activities long as they are approved by Boston. We do not mean to s that these girls are stuffyg mainly because they wouldn't like We do not write anything that wouldn't be liked by those abc whom we write. We did see a Gamma Phi go into a tavern time, but later found out that she had forgotten her glasses thought thatshe was going in to hear a lecture on, "Emily P or, Are You a Slob ?" We do not know whether she got to lecture or not, but she now mixes a mean martini. fNote Gamma Phis: A martini is a refreshing drink with an oli l C7 'Cin I xx! 'Y if 4 l: Kalhryn Barthel, Barbara Simon, Flora Stickle, Ioan Sispela, Barbara Lowe, Marian Richards, Karen Millay, Elizabeth Cotton. ROW 2 Barbara Iane Catchur, Shirley Sheels, Nancy Shipley, Iacqueline Hughes, Lynette McKnight, Lois W'hitlakar, Pat 'I'hill, Icme Mockett. ROW 3 Barbara eics, Margaret Kisner, Patricia Alden, Sally Larson, Nancy Lee, Maryam Weber, Roxanne: Goodier. Gladys Werner, Peggy Barrett. VELCQME 4. To is . 5 " WB you want a good, long neck, try Gamma Phi Y l R153 ri- 'A 22.231 1 2 1 I Rush week is Over. and now out of the closet 5 Y i L ROW 1: Marilyn Miller, IoAnn Pace, Susie Rutledge, Treasurer: Nanette Petticrew, Vice President: Mrs. R. B. Newbury, House Mother: Winni Warner, Presidenty Helen Hallock, Secretary: Ann Callan, Ginger Martin. ROW 2: Pauline Stebbins, Iean Miller, Mary Schneider, Rachael Ragsdal Mary Lou Leslie, Beverly Swisher, Patricia Zimmerman, Regina Herb, Barbara Vollmuth, Ruth Paulk, Patricia Tucker. ROW 3: LaRue Perry, Patt Baker, Winnie Peterson, Connie Lujan, Iudy Zimmerman, Delorea Morris, Allene Stevenson, Elaine Haley, Ioanne Elliott, Ioanne Busey. f7l:' V irfin ,- - ' K" - psi rg fi gl -I fir fq 'Ut ' A- I 'U 1 X ts, ,. 5,... -,Q 4 1 ' ,v N' 1 , ,-J 1-2 JV' mf WW W 63 128 Once upon a time there was a group of girls that had abs lutely nothing else to do, so they decided to band together a form an organization of girls that was dedicated to the ideals mankind with the emphasis on "man." They did just this a called themselves Kappa Delta for no good reason at all. could not say that these girls are men crazy, because we ha nothing to support our statement except the notches that th whittle into their lipsticks. They occupy a large white house South Josephine and as you walk into their entryway you greeted by some sort of wall covering that is supposed to wallpaper, but looks more like a Picasso that was drawn w his toes. We shouldn't have said this because the girls are pr of this wallpaper, and besides it stuns the boys before they away. There we said it again, these girls are looking for men well, aren't all girls? Z Ad Mgr. 5-S Ioan Robertson, Iean Koch, Patt Russ, Lois Retallack, Iody Sprinkle, Marilyn Myer, Corallee Wilson, Ioyce Dick. ROW 2: Betty Peterson, Irma Agnes Grissinger, Beverly Cochran, Pat Smith, Betty Allen, Claire Allen, Sandra Johnson, Ianet Kaiser, Mary Ann Walker, Pat Mead. ROW 3: Tebow, Gwen Names, Beverly Beatty, Helen Hallock, Betty Kosinski, Bemie Kosinski, Shirley Frey, Ioyce Hansen, JoAnn Boxberger, Mary the car on Lookout Mountain and tell this guy l'm a talent scout. I And now for the most horrible part ol initiation ' 1 - l ROW 1: Barbara Law, Annabelle Monaghan, Belly Wilkins. ROW 2: Edith Hill, Dorothy Carr, Rush Chairman: Halcyon Flochran. TYGCISUIGF: Lqfferi President- Kaihie Maddock, Pledge Supervisory Carol Collins. ROW 3: Emmy Evans, Else Madsen, Barbara Hill, Alda Beeler, Ioann 7 I 'iv W Op, fs 0 2 Q. 4. 'x v The girls with the arrers on their bosoms are called tl P1 Phis or sometimes by the more uncultured, Peee Pheee: Now by the uncultured we do not mean P1 Phis or Peee Pheee because there is no such thing They really are a nice bunch girls, but they do have one trouble . . getting their correcw crooked little finger caught into little things like draperies, do jambs, and other Pi Phis'Qor Peee Pheeesj eyes or eeeees The girls have a filled social calander for the year. Most people t Gregorian calendars, but the Pi Phis are different and use social calendar. We do not mean to insinuate that the Gregori calendar is not social in nature, we are only concerned with titl Each quarter this sorority has a faculty luncheon. This has n been explained and the question arises, "Is this luncheon for t members of the academic staff of the university or is it just question the faculties of the members of the sorority?" Y. I , . Peggy Cashin, Kama Wanqerin, Sheila McDonald, Mary-Ellen Kelly, Catherine Orr, Dee Silz, loanne Litlle, Barbara Kendall, Ilene Eberhardl. B 751155, iii. U Plz .EM t 'fe .'l'.!.' -1. ' ' K1 I! ' 4 . . . ,, 1 K 130 il: Marjorie Opie, Anna Lea Miller, Marcia Gore, Ann'Haueter. ROW 2: Virginia Willimont, Marianne lanes, Nancy Nordlund, Louise Mc- Ellen Terry, Sara Wescoai, Beverly Wendt. ROW 3: Barbara Iones, Frances Freeman, Diane McClintock, Pat Willimont, Sandra Caldwell, Schurch, Ruth Eiielgeorqe, IoAnn Daniels, Kathy Cross, Pat Walker, Michele Bendekovic, Iudy Borstadt, Carolyn Turnquist, IoAnn Gholson, Farrcmd. 2M.w el the proper term for garbage at the Pi Phi house? in ,ff .rsh ,,.-r Z I P 1 -""' 746 , " "Let 'ern eat cake" ROW 1: Virginia Page, Treasurer: Patricia Schoenfelder, President: Mrs. Harry Kadlec, House Mother: Nancy Mosher, First Vice President: Len Neill, Second Vice President: Mary lane Amold, Secretary. ROW 2: Dorothy Iohnson, Carol Pagliasotti, Valerie Peecher, Barbara McCaw, Burritt, Margie Burgess, Lu Smith, Io Fallstrom. ROW 3: Margie Lutz, Peggy Neal, Rose Starr, Norma Taylor, Dorolhy Hansen, Idora Bickel, I Koclon, Anita Anderson. ft L. in sf Sg a Kapp if 'S -1 -74 ,A if 132 In the 2100 block on South Josephine there is a long, , sorority house that is filled with girls that are not necessarilyl nor thin. These girls are known as Sigma Kappas and altho we might mention that some other titles might be just as propriate, we dare not use them here. Libel, you know. T girls take part in many activities, some in connection with school and some that have absolutely nothing to do with university, although they may come under the title of school These are not absolutely a group of party girls, since there some in the sorority that do not know what a good party is, on the other hand . . . Let's not talk about this in the yearb Libel, you know. As you get to know these girls better, sometimes wonder why you bothered to in the first place. conclude by saying that there is a chapter of Sigma Kappa o DU campus. Andrews, Sally Babcock, Shirley Diehl, Carol Schloiierback. of him should be showing 1: Nancy l-Ielvey, Bettie Plowe, Roberta Neale, Rosanna Milner, Beverly Dee. ROW 2: Marianna McGibbon, Barbara Young, Marie Collins, Wormwood, Ruth Hancock, Bonnie Fee, Barbara Young. ROW 3: Margaret Vancil, Shirley Parks, Carol Olson, Pat Domon, Francell Lee, Mari- 15' 3. if fic Q ' l i, . I -A 'xr f '53 lg! i s . If l il li If l ,H ?i,'?x I WWA iff . 4 ll W , ll fi ,. is ' 4 1 ll M A ll Looks like they lost iheir head H M 0 wi' , , 4 ,, , 4-,. I , ,.,- . -,N fl K i 5 . ' . 1 X i if . -f 'Q ' r lf' F A If ' . fix X TU ,,- Tl, A f, '-1 , gr .SA x, "' e' r if' R ' 'ff Q6 I K , 1 a-91' 1' 'W ,,f ,l 42 1.1. '- , . 11 fe' 7' " ,',. ,ml .., i - '1.1.Q'f 'ff 5. - -1- ju swf-L + rg, 4 1.- ,- :iv , :,- U n, r a' rI."f5Pfi:f lj' ,.j. was 1 if, Ju 'pm 'ill 'r 'Z' l lf- .G "6-Elgar' "V Wggiff' Yiliiff S ,J ?'lfQr'iEi1',.gl , n 5, N ff, -'Fl f'L"J"-" .-Iii ' -Q' i li.: 5,45 NA: - xt , 133 ROW 1: Fred Ioelner, Hari Petty, Vice President: Maury Iohnson, Secretary: Bill Flaherty, President: Dcxve Kohn, Treasurer: Al Serafin, ROW 2: Iesse Crcme, Robert Iones, Edward Frank, William Bcxrnicocxt, Bill Mason, Bruce Mcxclfarlcmd, Bob Garner, Dick DeSimony. Interiraternity w rit An Interfraternity Council is made up of two representati' C I from each fraternity. This is usually the president and other man, often the only one that they can get along with Everybody wants to get into the act There might be a prop to have all of the men draw numbers to see who IS gomg make a speech next, so that they all may have an equal op tunity to get the floor. However, the IFC does several th' besides make speeches. They sponsor the IFC dance held in winter quarter, and took over 1000 orphans to a football g this fall and furnished them with a free "feed" before the g IFC's main job throughout the year is to coordinate the activi of all of the fraternities on campus that they may be consist They also act as a controller and are responsible for seeing all the Greek men abide by the rules set up for the mem of this organization. president. The IFC meetings are mainly taken up with speech ' . ' 0 P ll ll: '53 bl Donald Finberq, Herbert Oman, Iack McMahon, Herbert Mickler, lack Nelson, Robert Torrens. HOW 2: Iack Mehl, Alex Campbell George Charles Cohen, Philip Plummer, Rodney Skull, Tom Wiseman, Hal Bailey. orphans, IFC and popcorn Behind the scenes at lhe cafeteria l 1 fi ROW 1: Alex Campbell, Social Chairman: Iohn Leavel, Treasurer, Alice Stewart, House Molhery Iack Mehl, President: Dale Pesier, Secretary. ROW Iim Ritchie, Iohn Denson, Clarence Williams, Walt Nordby, Victor Lund, Ted Proske, Norman Porter, Ronald Fosier, lack Baker, Clyde Acacia 136 Here is a group that has obtained outstanding honor in t. world of science. They have been voted by some psychiatri: as the boys that would make the best psychiatric test case f . . . D . U F abnormal individuals There is no doubt that they are normal, but to what degree do they go in this odd conditro We asked one the other day, but he was too busy with his pa dolls to answer us. This fraternity might be able to establi some sort of distinction by the fact that they are the only fg ternity on campus to have their members sleep in the gara I Most men prefer dormitories or bedrooms, but theseboys, we have said before, aren't quite as rational as many of t other people in the university. There is one thing that can definitely determined. There is a group of men that live gether in a gigantic five room brick mansion that go under I name of Acacians. l: A. R. Harlow, Tom Watton, Terry Eakin, William Casey, George Croyle. ROW 2: Dick Soennichsen, Bill Leavel, Wilsie Cramer, Robert Iohn- parl Dovel, Richard Millin, Howard Spute, lack Dillon, lohn Hamilton, Iohn Lay, lack Allison, Larry Case. l , I We "bv 5 ,Ale Hand Laundry, Incorporated Rush Week l 1 ,v A u ' t v -.. , i f li, ' J -ef if ' r g -5 , .,-S444 '.. .-qu ,F---" - f - r, on Y X .A K -Y A LH, - ,,Eg.'.:,-N , - .. V ' 'SN , N- r- ROW 1: Bill Hamrlck, Carl Mayer, Treasurer, Corwin Bess, Pete Michler, President: Dave Wright, Vice President: Max Pew, Secretary: Warren lack Grout. ROW 2: Everett Pflieqer, Alan Sheppard, Glenn Walker, Galen Drake, Virgil Prcrler, Iohn Pompelli, Taha Hamid, Richard Rehbien, M. Pfeiffer, lack McCormick, Robert Hansel, Robert Parkins, George Bruqqer. ROW 3: Iames Smith, Earl Michler, Phil Worden, Larry Falk, Ierry Jerry Troendly, Dan Sparr, Robert Iohnson, Jack Fowler, Ken Justice, Ioe Dutton, Arthur Lohmiller, Arthur Dunn, Iohn Huizingh. 'Et Qi ever M9375 We lghg MQQQQ hh :Q - Pi 138 El Ui Et Ll Have you read the "Hucksters" and "Lost Weekend"? you have, you have a fair idea of the goals of A K Psi, the Biz Fraternity. If you were to attend one of their meetings, y might conclude that there was a lot of monkey business goi on, but this would just be concluded by the casual observ Actually there is a lot accomplished, and we know because o of the bartenders told us. This fraternity keeps good recor also. We refer to their special file of jokes to tell at IFC danc The A K Psis are very active in the College of Business Adm istration, and they can be seen many times chasing coeds do' the halls of the new Bizad building. We think that it is va commendable that they are so conscientious in seeing that eve one goes to class. l l l IIYVWJ Rv, --,N V- . --11.11, Y ' 'f'75r 'f,,AI,5 - wr I "-- e , 4 . ,p ,l 'A - i ww ,, ---Ng - Q. lu l lz ,-' h. " ' ' r v. vi V V 1--" -. 4 V -Q ' qi ' ' " - ' ' -. .. - ,1--' TT mg,-N I- '-eww N4 V , l , - ,--f" - ., J- ' , Y - 1 IP:-'v '- wa K gg . U ova, ,, 1' , L - ' ' K' ' il l l ' . ' ll A L L 1 El F: H V Bbw 1: Duane Bucher, Allwyn Pirtle, Edward Nosewia, Iames Matney Ir., Norman Paschall, Lee Goodbar, Richard Zell, Dean Martin. HOW 2: Dale Marresis, lack Byrd, Bob Gesell, Vince Walsh, Bob Clendenen, Don Bradbury, W. Gene Davis, I. Richard Gerberich, Tom Springer, D. I. Vigil. ROW 3: Bob Wood, Howard Fletcher, Les Roper, Fred VVl'1itehead, Robert Cleary, Robert Braden, Rodney Skult, Bob Simmonds, Iames Skinner, Mike Morrissey, Barry Seaton, Paul Salazar. l w w l i - Wlielp Week" "And who is Larry Fotine?" v ROW 1: Louis Davis, Province Chief: William Prather, Secretary, Vic Sundlor, Vice President: Robert W. Harris, President: Bemard Anderson, Treas- urer: David Fletcher, Iames McGrew, Alumni Advisor. ROW 2: Dave Sell, Duane Michals, Loran Loy, Arlo Schroeder, Ed Reifel, Dick Atherton, Kermit Krieger, Donald Helm, Carl Knox, Fred Slaltman, Fred Baker Ir. Alpha Tau Umega df' 140 The ATO's are a relatively new fraternity on the campus, b1 this has not kept them from getting into the swing of thing We bet we could ask any member of this outfit where the S. is and get an immediate answer. Furthermore it is even on recoi that these men know what women are. It is more or less assuma that every good fraternity man shouldiknow what a woman The reason for this requirement has not been determined as ye but this should be discovered soon. The ATO's, being fairly ne' have not yet gotten around to appearing like the fraternities the cinema. They have yet to live up to the Greek standard set by those in Hollywood. On second thought this is true of 2 the other fraternities on the campus. Something must be wroi with the Greek men at DU that they cannot follow the parte as set by those great minds of the Far West. ug y pggcfg , ' i 15 - fiff' V 15 I li- hifi I figjj., H x 'F Y V ., " li 1 1 'l 1 , , f ,, IQ. 1 tl I 1 ,F 'iq'-515.-F-' .MQW , Iv 3 . 1 -Q 5 , AT: 'jjf " ff-fl-f :f, 14: W' - P " ' A V42 .N 16.21-M f V Y, - ' in ' Q51 ' ' K- 9 Q H 1 L 4, 'L n ' - nn-E " Y? 'figs WT 41 9,1 AY 3- ' , iii:-' ' I 114 . - , ,Al .4xQ:5:ii'i Q 1 1 fi t . ' lm ,....-.R ROW 1: George Fraker, Bud Peters, Alan Iackson, Vice President: Bob Howell, Treasurer: Margaret Teller, House Mother: Torn Loggins, President Alan Willimont, Secreiaryp William Mason, House Manager: William Teich. ROW 2: Don Pearson, Wadel Maldonado, Bob Ahem, Dave Sproule, Bob Scholl, Dave Court, Iack Riddle, Marvin Childers, Bob Habel, Terence Edgar, Chuck Brownne, Ernie Nemeth, Bill Flaherty, Edmund Choy. its is f We also have on this campus a chapter of that group of boy that are always singing about loving cups but often drink oth than brotherhood out of them. A song leader may be conduciv 1 Q to good singing, but it is still generally felt that a good cup, n A mug, or bottle, or glass, or full sponge is likely to lead mor spirited songsters. In the spring the Betas hold their annuf "Betas-a-Poppin' " costume dance. This isn't explained . . . . . . Could it mean that they are all fat and bustin' their buttons Maybe we are back to cups again and they are just bursting fro too many songs about cupsg anyway, once each year, the Bet hold a costume dance. They also hold novelty parties. Now ' ask you, what is a novelty party? Maybe it is called that becau the Betas are a novelty, or it could be that Betas consider patti a novelty. There has been one thing definitely decidedg t Betas have a song about a cup. 142 W, I n l'. , eg-gf 7 E ll is W 1: Iulius Buerger, Lee Bennel, Iack Madden, Tad Coates, Patrick Sullivan, Gary Marsh, Gerald Allen, Frank Lofgren, Ed Elmer, ROW 2: Dick ilson, Frederick Dulcher, Richard Tibbelts, Bill Robinson, Allan Gemmell, Dick Gall, Robert Shumate, Bender Schweiqer, lack Henderson. l 1 'I 1 xr---... -T, the pool, pool, pool of lhe evening . . . "She's the Sweatheart of Sigma Chi" f -,V M ROW I: Dick Hilker, Rush Chairman: Wendell Bell, Vice President, Larry Rlckards, President: Gene Overholt, Treasurer: Dick DeSimony, Secr tary. ROW 2: Vernon Smyihe, Floyd Hefner, Dean Pulver, Fred Duncan, Roy Klein, Peter Gryqlewicz, Glenn Rogers, William Cary. 'They didn't say anything about this during rush" 144 ella Sigma Phi White carnations are their flower. They are new on camp What are they? To answer this question would take a group the most brilliant psychologists in the nation, and then we won if an answer would be found. They do have a name, thou It is Delta Sigma Phi. Being relatively new on campus th lads have not had time to build themselves the longstandi reputation of being insane like most of the other fraternit have been able to do. They are men, though. They must be cause they belong to a fraternity. They have a dance with w carnations. Most boys have dances with girls, but these lads l to be different. No matter how you look at it, these are boys t belong to Delta Sigma Phi, and they are a fraternity on the campus. Hail to the Delta Sigma Phis! Be careful how pronounce the previous sentence. l 4 yt 1. li tt t Q21 51553 - Q1 rt W 'tl' 1' it 424: Tig EQ: P it tt tit It tt tt tt? Ir! tt It f .u F-x,k.1 ,.i.. t-tl, .. A H, , , . ,ta tel g,,,1l....t,t tit titers 021 t t .Fraternities are made up of men. This is true of all fraternities, n the TEP's. Before anyone jumps up and says this it not true, refer you to the TEP's. just take a look at them and see if are not men. On second thought, just take a look at them, you will begin to wonder if it is worth it in the first place. TEP's are a fraternity that is made up of students at the of Denver. This is very good, because if they were up of students from some other school it would present job in organization. As everyone knows, it requires deal of organization to run a fraternity. This is true if want to run a fraternity in town or out of town. Usually members want to run their fraternity in town. Some of their however, might go along with the other viewpoint. We not going to investigate this very thoroughly. You never telll what you are going to find during these investigations. t t 1 i Stanley Biegen, Pledge Trainer: Leon Doan, Vice Chancellor: David Kohn, Chancellor: Emanuel Garber, Secretary-Treasurer: Burton Selden ROW 2: Herman Harris, Robert Berk, Herbert Freeman, Ioseph Doan, Ierorne Berkman, Edward Frank, Arthur Tebow, S. Stuart Shryer "Mi: Chairman, let's rush people next quarter , , 145 tt, fr 1 ROW 1: Bob Lindel, Iunior Warden: Paul Nehf, Presxdent Davxd Graves Treasurer W Ronald Douglas Secretary ROW 2 Iohn Arnold Donal son, Billie Russell, Frank Pol, Donald Arnell, James Knox Stanley Branson ROW 3 Omar Lowe Wzllxam Feucht Max Thomas Don Muller Austin. William Lindh, Iohn Miller. fl ,a wel H11 rf: 'fl Q' affl' ffjw 'io 231 ie limi H ff ilfl wif ..gp6!T.,- :gr 5, fig 3331 -Ag, my was all all ggm lm -will l W., ', 4' tw " ,, ' , , , -. -1 1 , I .W .l ,t I r . if ' Y e eq 'I .3- ., n 3 2 l V I 'Robert Lucero, Clarence Beckman, Paul Chabot. ROW 3: Larry Toadvine, William Knox, Ronald Herring, Lou Dillenback, Robert Lawes, Ray Laprocino, Burl Teague. I 11 stick around for the next hand w They forgot the Angostura 1. Donavon Gladem, Lloyd Richards, Donald Lundberg, Donald Cunningham. ROW 2: Ierry Woodward, George Chivas, Iames Robertson, Burr ROW 1: Donald Finberq, William Searls, Vice President: Hari Petty, President: Mrs. Hope Spence, House Mother: Paul Bronson. Vice President: Quinn, Secretary: Iames Coleman. ROW 2: Iohn Burden, Iames Cover, Robert Stewart, Harold Beier, William Harrison, Leslie Stansbery Gilmore, Blaine Chase, Iames Skinner, Iaxnes Shephard, Robert Day. HOW 3: Ioel Taylor, Max Pew, Victor Abera, Erwin Foerster, Dick David Lawton, William Gordon, Leland Scott, Iohn Colacino, Lane Koch, Jack Schuster, Edward Glazier. Kappa lf n. ' ,W LET- 'iQ Ii? air' gi 111 :fa , . . I O 148 Well, what have we here? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's ' junior Supermen. Are all these men big and strong and vii like you see in the funny papers? No, but many of these Kap Sigs are very muscle bound, some where it shows, and so where is isn't evident until you hear them talk. In the Spri the Kappa Sigs put on their annual "May Feet," which is v interesting, if not very talented. They display more hairy l and chests here than is seen in the men's locker room. It is markable how much hidden talent stays hidden during th little exhibitions without inhibitions. If you happen to be wa ing past their house and hear a loud hollow thumping nois is either one of the members pounding on his chest or beat his head against the wall. The loud maniacal screams are the Kappa Sigs practicing their mating call. :g:.'- Q' .N r .' :,: if 'Quin v - 573 ' .1 '51 : Richard Tallman, lack Van Bruni, Don Carline, Gene Steinke, lohn Timmons, Howard Thompson, Richard Edwards. HOW 2: Robert Smith, 'Boe, Richard Fox, Loy Rovensiine, Bill Hakanson, Ronald Huskey, Warren Tasset, lack Groui, George Brennan, Allwyn Pirtle, Merrill Amsbury. Heckman. ROW 3: Edward Houck, Iohn Blake, Iack Andersen, Wendell Chase, Glen Shellenbaum, Clayton Benham, Sian Malnali, Roberi Wally Prager, Lyle Kanekeberg, Robert Zimmerman, Norman Bishop. l l 1 F if 5 ii J X F-nl W In ,ri l ' ' I l ' ' ' '. .1 l ' Pong Pong pong But George, you went just a minute ergo" ,. 4 I 1 -1 .f f ' li E U ik J. I I w i I Q L ROW 1: Roberi Williams Vice Presxdent Theodore Bryant Mrs Adela Kreizschmer House Moiher Iames Booze Larry Andes Presxdent RO Robert Calmes, Wilham Barmcoat Pledge Trainer Ted Lexk W1111am Card Secretary Ph11 Worden Lester Pedxcord Treasurer James Early RC A1 Westerbeck, Harley Axe John Truzzolmo Douglas Gxbson H Vern Hough Wxlham Dxckxe B111 Skufa Iames Ienmngs .. ET F' 'HY' EH J F, ww.. "EI 1 W Mn QR r Egg 56 150 ., F7 fag f+'?'V-5? 17 '-1 V .551- il: Floyd Businga, Charles Shearer, Ralph Early, Terrence O'Brien. ROW 2: Kenneth Urich, Iames Curran, William Boyle, William Simpson, Schaffer, Kris Tange, Farlin Caufield. ROW 3: D. Dean Wooldridge, Donald Myerson, Robert Hill, David Warner, lack Fisher, Bob Rucher Lacy, Iahn Tinqstad. pledges taste better this quarter. i ' Is this what they mean by a close-knit fraternity? 1 X W' 1' Ei' Yi H !.... rm ROW 1: Phil Plummer, Vice President: Maury Johnson, President Ierry Woodward. Social Chairmen. ROW 2: Dick Sena, Carrol Leggett, Elmer tcmo, Chcxrles Martinez. H ,J ,., 5-45 fi lm., 12253 ll? .fm - F' J -.. H 1 ,- gi ur fe? ,np 152 Therefore, it is a group of men. Of course you could say t Phi Kappa is a group of men and, therefore, it is a fratern Our logic being what it is, you could also say all of the pe in Phi Kappa are men and, since fraternities are always compo of men, therefore Phi Kappa is a fraternity. Of course, if were to ask a member if Phi Kappa is a fraternity, he would v a A fraternity is a group of men. Phi Kappa is a fratern o yes, but we think that maybe he would be prejudiced, and th fore might slant his opinion. If you were to find a slanted Kappa, it might be reasonable to assume that he was ha trouble standing up, which happens to college men occasion but this would only be an opinion and should not be taken true fact. Anyway, if you were to use all of the above line logic, which are very good we think, you will probably re the same conclusions that we have. N X aul Chabot, Treasurer: Alberi Ccxrmosino, Pledge Trainer: Dick Iones, Secretary. ROW 2: Alton Rixner, Lee Koonce, Ray Costello, Bill Fisher. Tubsday mormng with the Phx Kappcs. R yn .X Bob has a ball, the ball is red. Bob's dog is playing with the ball ROW 1: Fred Rychel, Bill Hardin, Mrs. E. M. Cooper, House Mother: Leonard Lindahl, Karl Nishimura. ROW 2: Ralph Bowen, Carl Iones, Karl Robert Gray, Robert Bomqardner, Len Larson, Don Robinson, Carl King. ROW 3: Ted Evers, Francis Doyle, Allen Peterson, lack Brewer, Willis ukian, Howard Berg, Tom Branch, Glover Howe, Roberi Marcum, Richard Mitchell. 4.0-H gy Li it v il t ,,,,, t vig, M- 'nfl lil in 11 lvl W mf- '- 1 1: .. -. ' 2.3 ip! 'F'-Aw " - .url V'-Y JHl1,,'l.,Q ',- EJ lu fight If '1 L! Lp, all -s.., 154 In a huge white house away over in the prairies can be four the Phi Kappa Sig's. This is not the only place they can I found, but we have not read of any police raids lately, and v do not know where their new resting place happens to be. Tl Phi Kappa Sig's are a fraternity devoted to the finer things life. We cannot write about these finer things of the Phi Kapp because the university will not allow us to put such things print. These boys can be found all over the campusg und buildings, behind chairs and usually hanging from trees. No let's see, where are some more Phi Kappa Sigma's? We did h of one that strayed to the top floor of the house and starved death. His brothers were very noble about the whole thing he does look nice in the trophy case. We don't think that t should claim that he was shot by an Independent, though. Q7 G' lx? A 1: Philip Roan, Keith Hancock, Bill Young, Fred Ioelner, Tom Allen, Vic Fidel, Iohn Burton. ROW 2: Louis Icxcurcx, Alston Canfield, Dick Koon, Kalcxs, Wayne Means, Iim Shcrckelford, Robert Wcxrder, Charles McMurray. w But I don't know any clean songs" 1 w cmd when you push this button, water squirts them in the eye" 155 Fu A could not think of any place else to put it. "Wherefor art th . 0 0 I 4 l L -.. nevv- -7 K I I 5 HOW 1: Charles Cohen, President: Morris Goldman, Vice President-Treasurer: Claude Coppel, Secretary: Milton Schubach, Pledge Master: Fred House Manager. ROW 2: Ernest Stone, Kenneth Moses, Mel Eskanos, Herbert Maslin, Iorclan Dobrikin, Charles Greenberg, lack Hirnelqrin. in Sigma Della Way down south on University Boulevard is found a fraternil This fraternity has a name and we are very happy to repc this name to you. It is exactly-the same name as will be fou as the title of this page, Phi Sigma Delta. We put that pa title on this page for a very particular reason, mainly because Phi Sigma Delta?" This is a direct quote from a Phi Sigma De that managed to go to class 'one day and couldn't find his w home again. The Phi Sigma Deltas have a very pretty sign on t front of their house that spells out Phi Sigma Delta. Since it the Phi Sigma Delta house this is an extremely logical place put such a sign. The sign is also very good for repelling, b and stray Independents. No matter where you go in this ho you will find Phi Sigma Deltas. This might seem dull but t Phi Sigma Deltas don't mind. 1 Q 0 l l 156 l sq , . n , W , se r- X. 2-: 1 . ru.-: .' . x, or mg 5 Si Z7 ROW 1: Al Morris, Max Goldstein, Sol Huilpern. ROW 2: Roy Snyder, Ice Szyliowicz, Neil Kcrkus, Vic Romer. A LLL! Q "Oui5:k, kill him before he reproduces" "And here is one of our dear, departed members" ' l 157 if V ROW 1: William Thomas. Vice President: George Martin Ir., Secretary: Edward Udry Ir., President: Margaret Trask, House Mother: Louis Advisor: E. Otis Windham, Treasurer. ROW 2: Robert Torrens, Ora Smith, Iohn Arnold, Edward Clark, Francis Miller, Iohn Virtue, Warren Gilbert Bright, Jack Peterson, William Berger, Bobby Leland. ' "' IS, . .- .. -1. , , I I .... .,. .x I, W, . 1 px, , tit inn it 7911155 Ast., Ml Hi!! gg eg ,Lit I, iign 'Vi 1 I ii 1' l -V ll ,l '-,JJ l',,I 4 s 1 All over campus you will be able to see a bunch of pledg running around with little string ties claiming that they are member of the Pi K A's. We could understand why this frate nity could do away with paddles because claiming that you a a Pi Kappa Alpha could be a much more severe punishme than a swat on the bottom. We are glad to have the Pi Kapj on campus, because it gives all men the opportunity to sa "There, but for the Grace of God, go I." The Pi Kapps ha a dance each year that is called "Pi Kapps Go Western." No the question arises, "Why didn't they keep going?" They al elect a King of the Smoochers. If the boys in this fraternity as impoverished as the rest of the college men, this man sho be crowned the "King of the Moochersf' There is one thi known for certain, there is a Pi Kappa Alpha chapter on t D.U. campus. If you don't believe us, just ask the next man t you see wearing a string tie. i , or . , , B 2 r -' 4 1 . N . , A , ,W , Q ' Q. JZ 4 - rf l . i , rl 1 ' - if . 1 r' u .I 1 ' ' ' " 11. 1: Roger Iahnel, Howard Zirkle, Ellison Ketchum Ir., Bill Young, Glenn Bell, Robert Burger. HOW 2: Marvin Long, Alvin Vaira, Bob McClain Sarnaras, Orville Duffy, Frederick Day, Donald Zorn, Alvin Staley, Richard Eshinqer, Chancey Van Pell, Clifford Barstow, Harry Boqdos. :fm 2 They are smiling now, but next week the piano goes N "Does this mean my contract has expired?" . 5 ROW 1: Dan Austin, Donald MacDonald, Vice President: Hal Bailey, Mrs. Vema Wemer, House Mblherp Bob Bledsoe, President: Roger Secretary. ROW 2: William Hill, Pledge Trainer: Richard I-litlinqer, Bill Sorensen, Treasurer: Sidney Frazier, Riexford Anderson, Icunes Murphy, Lake. ROW 3: lack Carver, Bob Buxton, Lowell Shavlik, Robert Rickard, Ole Klendshoj, Dick Howard. IGI E fl gag will 1 l 5?-i ' M5 IQ E, lfg' T315 F lf, ,gil lilblil Els jfs 1-in kg je E314 :fi ri mln Q15 in :B F' 160 must be a good reason why these lads have assumed this title, b no one seems to have any knowledge of its origin. We ha asked quite a few girls why the SAI-E's were known as sex abo everything and they just ran off screaming. We think it wi r J Well, lookee here, the Sex Above Everything boys. The . . I nice of these girls to be so helpful and go screaming off to fi out why the SAE's have been given this title . . . At least j suppose that is why they went running off like that. The SA have a Bowery Ball each year at which everyone tries to dr as though he had just come from the bowery. We think that it very nice that this fraternity has a costume dance, but from w we have seen of Sig Alphs on the campus, most of them look though they had just come from the bowery anyway. Of cou at the bowery ball they dress up like the old-time bowery, that is a lot different from today. More men wore mustach 1 ti Q4-4 William Smith, lim Ford, Charles Morgan, William Kendall, Iohn Grow. ROW 2: Wally Swank, Dennis DeBerry, Iim Black, George Ienninqs, Walker, Carson McDowell, Mike Morrissey. ROW 3: I. Lewis Mallory, Arthur Murray, Dick Coffman, Ed Steinauer, Don Grief, Richard Rob- I. George Pomonis. ROW 4: Roy Christler Ir., A. Iarnes Dooner, Stanley Iohnson, Arne Klendshoj, Eugene Klein Ir., Dean Howell, Ralph Simonson, Ohman. 2 does one sign up for the Independent Association? l t This one was for sweeping under my bed every day for a week ROW 1 Robert Carlson Dick Clennon Secretary Iesse Crczne President: Mrs. Fern Bates, House Mother: Fred Kinnes, Vice President: Ernie Icicle Nelson Will Lengel House Manager Dick Oursler Chapter Adviser. ROW 2: Duke Shepherd, Icmes Gray, Alan Fouse, Iornes De Field Pcuson Francis Trimmer Iohn Richard Bill Mcrrtxndcxle Bob Clennon. ROW 3: Bill Lichte, Charles Larsen, Clifford Barratt, lack Dunham Walker Roy Smith Ir M Dona King Tom McDonald At a small house on South Josephine street you can fin group of young Steve Canyons who call themselves the Sig ' o Chis. In the fall of each year, these lads collect the sor pledges and put them through a preview of "Hell Week" is called the Sigma Chi Rodeo. It is at this event that the ple valiantly defend their respective sororities, going through ferent forms of torture resembling those of the Inquisition. fraternity claims to have 70,000 members and Milton Ca One of the biggest accomplishments of Sigma Chi this year have a place to sit above the floor. It seems that until rec they have been unable to get furniture for their new house now they are having trouble getting used to resting in the C mary positions and places. Before the furniture, a Sigma group in the house looked like an old fashioned quilting p Today a group in the house still looks like an old fashioned ing party . . . only higher. -f-5-nr 4' be IE Dick Schwartzer, Donlie Smith, Ioe Neary, Herbert Edwards, Ioseph Beeler, Iim Kem, Phil Rose, Myron Eckberg, Hugh Sweeney. ROW 2 Wathen, Greg Guinan, Bill Hull, Tom Bottone, Richard Pix, Lex Lindsay, Sam Crabb, Glen Zimbehl, Bill Epstein, George Newman. ROW 3 Lawyer, Philip Caine, Lloyd Medsker, George Wester, Alan Armour, George Downing, lames Cunyus, Gene Sontczg, Eugene Walter. YQ6' - cies, is cr Sigma Chi activity picture ..... W ..... . . this is another one w i 163 ROW 1: Leslie Kehl, Edward Fay, Secretary: Robert Grisenti, Vice President: Roxane Prather, House Mother: Robert Iones, President: Edwin Treasurer: Kenneth Sands, House Manager: Bruce Maclfarland. ROW 2: Glenn Plaul, lack Garrison, Roger Grosheider, Richard Payne, Thomas Gerry Sparks, Alon Shada, Donald Iacobs, Nick Ambrose, Don Modica. igma in Ep n it i .til if? Lb 164 Entrenched in their big brick rural-type house with the gig tic bright red front door are the Sig Eps. We say rural-tj house because we were instructed not to say that their ho looks like a barn. We mention the. gigantic red front door cause it is. We might say that this dwelling is filled with ru type creatures, but we are liable to run into trouble with def tions so we will not mention this. The Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 ternity is composed of a large group of .black-hearted men. Tl even advertise this fact by wearing a black heart-shaped pin ul their bosoms. There is no doubt that these men are the outstanding examples of Sig Eps that can be found on the campus. For proof of their ability to take part in other thi besides building houses that look like barns, you have onl take a look down the street at a well-known gathering p that serves other things besides root beer. lx William Mawhinney, Faculty Advisor: Dan Sparr, Ierry Davis, William Clark, William Atkins, Iames Thomson, Richard Henke, Harrison Race. 2: Leslie Payne, Edgar Schaefer, Fritz Holstein, Barry Trader, Don Horst, Gerald LaViqne, Warren Ieffrey, Arthur Gicldings, L. Robert Reeves, Watt, Wayne Coykendall, Iohn Isra11,'Wil1iam Coleman, Iohn Andrews. your ace, Meathead Alright, let me up, I'll pledge , 165 ,Q Y. ..,. ....,,.- . - ' ' ..r- , H 'Nr A, ROW 1: Edward Mallory, Ozzie Leslie, Robert Machamer, Vice Presidenty Iames Hughes, President, Paul Dimmitt, Secretary: Allen Powell, Treasure Ray Humphrey. ROW 2: Kurt Weinke, Charles Apel, Edwin Hamilton, Thomas Griffiths, George Gaubaiz, Patrick McGrath, Norman Merrill, Fredri Aigner, Arthur Rose, Vester Bradley lr., Herbert Oman. "Hark Ye and Repent" 166 553- La, . '. - gy -.ji 1 Y' 1 l ll 1 fp. ,. , J V' fiat v . ' -'. we r 'll wi 5:-V? ina: B l J 5' fi' Q all L- ,, . H IL- 1.3: T' 5 e ue'-.f 1, Tau Kappa Epsilon is a fraternity. The Tekes say this, .I says this, and practically everybody says this, so why should be different. Tau Kappa Epsilon' is a fraternity. One of purposes of the Tekes, as in other fraternities, is to help th members adjust to college life. This means adjustment in c nection with studies and with all phases of academic life. F ternities do not stop here. Adjustment socially is very importa also. The Tekes are a rather new group on campus, but t have done a very good job while they have been here. T know where you can find twenty-cent beer, twenty-five c bourbon and what places stay open the latest. This is a b to the night life of the Greek men, and the Tekes are as effici in this department as the next fraternity. V . vi 1: Kellog Lyndes, Tony Boeh, Don Eriavec, Vice President: Neal DeRiso, Thomas Wiseman, President: Robert Payne, lack Hursch, William esi ROW 2: Richard lmber, Leroy Sunday, Thomas Mickelson, Secreiaryp Donald Smith, Michael Griffin, Robert Broit, Charles Zartman, Robert mer, Treasurer: Alvin Nelson. il iilii f l limits If you see a group of characters walking around the campus what appears to be snakes on their bosoms, you are neither not losing your mind, you are looking at that sexy Theta Chis wear. The "red Carnation boys" have many activities. One of their biggest events is the dance held winter quarter at Cherry Hills Country Club-the Red dance. The main reason that these boys are so inter- yin the red Carnation is that this is their fraternity flower, we think this interest shows an amazing amount of logic on y part. The Theta Chis also record some stag parties, but details of these events are incomplete or lacking altogether. e do not wonder what goes on at these affairs for we are not tlie least worried about the high upstanding morals and in- r rity of these boys since, like all college boys, they are aca- Q mikally and vocationally minded at all times. "After the brawl is over . . l l ,il l w l 167 E A fgefenn QQQBEEEES mmwxsm m m mm Q FQQ E EEEEEQS ZW? -. . .. N x X . y QNX xx 5 i Vi 5 Y NW 4...-,S I -sgw E, Q J - X . 7 5, .All .1 rx N 1 , ' F3 i If . .MP m wr f 2 -I, M --mmm , ' ww ww . mu, V - u w w uw ww ww Z ! I Q ,Z 1' 1 N. 'I ,J xx' 'N r I x f ,. ff' X' . A - Wx nr ik if . "Is "I .- he ww w 'H' ,WmWim ,.WwW, WM W, f V r r -9 ,' f M 1 'f ' 4 f 170 KYNEWISBUK QUEEN Sega Enf wks Delta Gamma N A A I -69. x 1 1 V 1 uns A'rrnNnA 'r N momma Em Hman 1 : 'L Gamma Phi Beta X 1 i ,J , ' xx! '99 5 WHEN ATTENUANT Q Qlfccuinve EEEQR .,4w fd' .,.., - "N . "J V' ., V' ', ' N I: V ,-V A Q . rf 'T g 175 'Q l X , -, ,wx S I f 4 i? 14 Wy P ,15 1 X .Eng 1' J .4 I inf NX M49 . X W M 171 'FRN -431 J ink , i lfpmix E -'61, 1, ie, 'jfixi Q if ,ji Q i " if-Nfl Ni ff'?-EU K9 3,55 ww i b J K-ff' X7-' XXX N KQQH Q W f If XX X if-'s'jS.,QME jf' if fi? A X if 'L ff N.,,J'iiiii5'! fffffi f , f, mf- ,WRX ,fifjfxff - A fam 'EF f fi A f f 'XZ ,ffjlf Q ,,, , ,, K kink' 'W J f if-ff ff? ER Xmuyaf' gl Q M.,...,,fj,f" N-fffiff A 4 KJ , .khu3J,: ,Q-'T' fi MX fmx ,WK f XXX' XXX J gifx-ms ,,A....4, 3 if 'RX 'asemxxxx X ff X Na K w xx X W 0 2 ff K kv., !I:"r,A H bij' Jf 5 V, .U ,A ifil 5 ,.-" ikf I 'i 1 ,aw kk 331 6 fur' g mm fi..-.,, -QQ, f..,-, I J L' 0.0 Y, X f f u f if 'M 5 x 'ff Y. -, ., ' 1 i 1 f ,,:-f' f sw 4 1- f ' M x ""+ N .F ff f 5 1' V ' Q '-' 4 M ,fp x,,- ,f 1 ,. xr, f, , a, , ,. . ,Q ,, 4 -, , f Y, , . aff' If nk f f" f' we , 2 ! K 'wftrrff 5 ' QA, , 4 Q. V, N, " A-if 1 J f -: ...Z-5: M, ,VET', t Af ,L XT, ,J r iam ff Q ,vw 171' .5 .X 1,,h,:j. A," x, 1 MT: I rt: ink :Et 5,4 -,iu',.3f -xv N140 A' ,TE if f.,Al gif :L 5-7, - 133. qa iff Ng P11 X, 5 1, ," Mg- xx 4,1 tAm,.,.f' 'wx ,P A' G5-ai ly' .H-Q:,,,,4' N-IVV-,:mvA-'irq EV -I VHF? 4 ,. X , u :Aix ,Wi 5 if -- I--KV PM N-,E-X ,f . ,. 51',..,,,"-.' : .1 .:2,... Fw., ii' il H: It 1 ' "u"i1"'nf-'J I1.iuNyywwN.,,Li I l 1 li LL x a .YVQ-if T? 'Q lg ljgi V ,N , ilaifh is Hi ii W mil' i.ff1Ygff1 L.mimigEgL A ii mag Eames 172 Sigma Phi Epsilon me A'r'rnNnAN'r a iwwgg awnnafixl-'Qs Lambda Chi Alpha , Y me ATTENQANT N Eng ggwwas Alpha Tau Omega 1 1 a I v I , E xx ,V N - x x ,S I!! W f ll lf? 2 of 4 If W ' . P , ll, wx V W I I .X xx , V .. 'wx X-, . Hgx lm 9 'A A ' r E 1 f' X Nm, ff, Z "fy A Q ' ' , 'uf , HUMHUUMI G QUEEN .EQEEQ gems EQQQE 174 v I II I I I I I I ' I :rc uunnn Wi. I I NDI? If I ' ' 1 I.. A' ' q f I 1 4 I Ikxgpg, bxnh qv b A'-NI, I ENGINEER? QUEEN 'gamma mga ESEEUUIBEE Zz., I NIE X XX AX X J I M I L , fi I I'V'I I ' , 'L. "6 ' Y S-B! X N. 175 PBESIIMAN KING QQKEIPQQ M QHQM PRESHMAN QUEEN gaudy Ggegcomuauagg 176 The trombone player created a riot I, 1- XJ' W 'X Hfmfwl F Omf :ill Here's a step I picked up at the dance studio." "It's a pretty hat, but you will still have to leave the men's lounge." W. , 5 V ., 1-3,-4.--If -PP' , 1 . ' ' Ji? if A . 5 Ju, ,Q i mln tm ftsiifliffitgi it 2,1 D RUSEDALE lu t j L 5 Q' V l . glgneii-i1'f", ff It-a, ' f1'+' "fb . 1' I I 1 4 f V ,wink ., .QU .f122:1'v',J,-rl .. - - " l H ' 'e JC? - i' -11 it-he ' '-"1" ., .a.::::L , U n , 'O se' -- "Z Y 15+ 9' 1 T . ':5lg:':Q:,i "' l -lmyvh V :V-l 'V + N .-,ii ig A " d sl-9 V-i'ii51t'fi-'Vit ll f l fill' J 'l . In the fall of this eat school started off as usual 51" "fig , .QV '- ' 'V if Q 'F 'ffifsgii f Y ' ' L Q--l .1 1-wt A4.Qf'f'1t,L,-wir -in , was L, ha s I ,. , l ' but there was an added feature that DU hasn't had ' wen- . ' ' mi" , J '14 .421 ggi!! . . . ' l N" .L ' l' 'ff H eg fJ'ff'.p .'- K, my for some time. A special train was ordered for a ' I l A QT'-9f' H f fl ' -' migration to the DU-Wyoming football game in A"- "' 1 ' V. Laramie. Box lunches that tasted like most box FM" e " lunches were distributed b the Parakeets and no Y a 'There were more before we passed the Connor!" 178 .4- one complained about not having a good time. This special event really "put the show on the road," and was a great opener for the year of student activities. . tl., W . , . .17 ADY old week eek I Nf- ,I l ,Qt- - 1 Pe , T?" -. ,. -1 f2le,115jLd,s lThere are many major events that are put on the m of students actxvltnes, and recelve recognl as such, but there are many minor skits that take every day during the school year and are not d except by those that take part. These are dramas that get lasting fame only ln the mem of these people. ' Hell Week becomes Help Week Candids ' 78--' T, 4 a. , M' "" . -. .fee - P' '...t ' fr .- is .QL K .V "There's no use fighting it!" Q53 ,A "Which one's the Old Maid?" The bold, aggressive male vs. timid, blushing femininity Student activities is a general term that means all the activities of those attending DU that are not included in their academic schedule. No matter where you look on the program of these activities you are bound to find a part for each student. Some of these are just "walk-ons" in minor events, but if it is important to the student with the part, it is important to the school. c f 3 Tn E . , 1 A 4 ,Q ,W , , V fl J il -. 5. 3 Z " I Y 1 Y I f . l f g l 1 'I I f l Y ' l e 4 P "'I'hqi's Clint, C-L-I-N-T, Clint, Texas." 5 , .Z Games and the Rooters During the fall and winter quarters, most of the student body becomes the audience, and a few very important men known as athletes take over their interest on the stage with sports. On the football field, on ice or on the boards, wherever the contest takes place there will be students with voices of amazing endurance. Who cares about a sore throat the next dayg it isn't a game without a lot of noise. , pg- 1 1 f - -+S- , ' f 'ff -' Y Tffii.. if . ,' Y ,Q 5: r Tooil "You fools! " "You're sweet" "No, you're sweet." I Veterans of what? ff! Xi Homemming An event that just doesn't happen overnight, but takes weeks of writing, staging and directing before it can be fully presented is Homecoming. House decorations and floats of the fraternities and sorori- ties were well thought out, and consumed hours of time from both the actives and pledges. Highlight of the procession was the royal float made especially for the Homecoming Queen and her attendants. . h b i N, Q 'L Y Q r ' '. la I "Tell me I'm lovely again, pledge." 182 Those Kappa Sigs always were string pullers , ' 1 1 11 11' ,gl l fili 4' 1 I!'1 l QQ' LJ 1 1111 Agn' V ii P' it , .Q-Q .1 M' q ' 'o H V i f :,,.-1 rt? 3. 2. a I . 4 , , X , 1 9-.f.1I9fr':-n9'w2"f-1 ..,,. f' Q- ' Q '- -. I : ,. 1' 1. ' 1 .171-7' , 1 - rj-V, M., , . Y: A to Ra . A .9 , ,vi I ' P 1 n 1 1 if I JW v 'Nm' 1-'JA A f2'fsQ1-1" 'ha'-wnv""' him' The royal float of the Homecoming Queen I-Iamectmingt Floats With all the preparation that was necessary on these rolling show-pieces, the sponsoring organiza- tions were not stopped by a little wind and snow that threatened to ruin the night parade before the Homecoming game. Some of the floats did not survive the weather, and all showed the effects of the storm when seen in the daylight the next day. l l The Sigma Chis cmd their purple mountain 11 1 - Hi , ' ' Q at . . lf 5 ', ' 1 Heaven helped the Sigma Alpha Iotas win first in their division A-CC1CiG'S winning COUQCH' den 183 1 'V f F 12271 -i ' J Jg F .Lf A 9--iw uw Q Wu 0 'll 4. 1. 'sq v V 4 . 4 'PQI 'Fifi -sv ' N 1 , L X I .X lf 4 A . 03 P, -. -4, ,.,1. .: F, 1, -' f.. '5 fa Rf' '5 t1 's re you sure you all have reservation 7 186 Which twin is the lubby? lllightshiirt lgaraile It has always been the student's right to do the unusual, and each fall DU puts on a demonstration that will rival that of any school. Theater patrons in the downtown movies may have been a little shocked and surprised to see a snake line of hun- dreds of students file through the streets of Denver and in and out of the shows by way of the stage, clad only in . . . pajamas. It is a fine way to build up spirit for the next day's football game, and who cares about a little cold! Dormiiories A home away from home is an apartment in the DU dorms. One or two bedrooms complete with double bunks, a living room and even a kitchen in which to practice the culinary arts are all yours for the asking and, of course, a few dollars. Water fights and other forms of entertainment are all right, but be prepared for those inspections. Nobody seems to mind, and a little nail polish will cover up a burn in the living room table, anyway. Na Cleanliness IS next to weekly inspection Which one s Maizle? 187 7 I Y L , ug -- ' 1 1 QQ ,Q It ' pf - - a-- fx, 4" , . ' .Q 1 F - x . '- . ,--au.. f ' -....1v6.'1n1nS-"- ' on wi .f fl? , A X ' W ,- -x :fx if M - Q .A V Y.. . .., A., , if - s .. H W1 ' f Q' ' -7 Q i ., '-Q - L: l 'A my . .." , 9 Q - Ti ,. I V . A, . K xvgq-f .Q Lf! L XR ! t Y - .L 1' Q . A 1 ff f f J w f 'H R I ' jiem' J ' W5 . B r U' Q., - S 3 Q Q- Q Vx I Q! - v ,........4 .T yi: W, , E, A -cgaimpm . ..4.n95- - ga-3"h"!h42:.1i:"" I l V ' l 4 I I. Qs 4 ,.. ,lv W M -new I, - J Ui , . I , , ' , Y nf , 'S 2' ,'.zx,1 I A , .. E 4 " , A 1- J? Q ' EE 'Q RN -- '---if 3 . i 0 fl P ' . - 1 .EY Wmiil aligns mai ,Ln mm I gal r s if L 'J N WFg3 vw1v wr.-ff:-1'1" ' r Q, S v M" I- 532' A 4, ii' , 1 . A r :fi R. Q, T., C, For those men who are military-minded, and for some who are not but like to stay in school, there is the ROTC. Whether it is Air ROTC or just the plain 'ole Infantry, there are a lot of uniforms on the DU campuses. It isn't just for men, because there is an organization of girls that also wears uniforms and goes under the title of the Sponsor Corps. It looks as if the uniform is here to stay. "Sorry boys, it's off 1imiisl" ,ifivf V I' , fi N ? f Gluq, gluq, glug, gluq . . . 190 "Do you think ihat sex will replace night baseball?" l "You'l1 have to quit using this for a number 2 iron." You didn't have to call in Cecil B. DeMi11el qv V . .1 ,4 - V ' ,, vp' 3- I 1 w..f7""'1f:f"ff32. ff . HT- .gk-: A xl ' 1 ra 'L 1.wQwS'q jg? 'N51V'f'fg,f:f, j l.1 9x X K .:. i A rwnpflfla Wt. W ' ix ' Y "LH-aa-1: '--1 - EL7.,""f,a-?j"" 1 5 Q. f ' x Q "W ' - QW-1?Qw252f2.w2,, - S Q ' Y . ' .1-+'i'fff1fi?fwwwfEiPaf-i X ' f fj M vwlvjafi-':.:1ff1'f'-'-Zlrgh, . 1 ' ' , " 1x'rQ.n:f-" fx .U ,'. 1.4 , ' ' ' ,.f'1s'5f-"' Q- ,-1375" Xl :IW ' f2,fffg1f le 1 'PF 1 4 J 3 4 u Aixx my X I 'N WL-f 5 . , I XXI gym? Tw ' WV? x 'S '11 .."5'.g4'g, I' - f livin AEP: Q J, ,. ... 1' 1 rw w -4. 'Q 0 V- - f iv h -M--,W .. ... I II4 f - -u-,fn F, l I- -' iw ,' " - V 'fm Wfwk fr' , W :fu .,. 'ki r ,AEE .A P 1 N5 Q 1 ,. ' M :A -.1 . ' Q ff Lg, HL r' :N ,I fr F451 1, fl. ,L WN Q' 'I' lf ESQ f , fff.2if2,43'f4QM - 5717, Y ' q3?':3'1"-?':' 4 1:1 '-'T "iff-V ' ' f W in 77""1f' l A ' , 1 , 1 I 1' pil' - I ., ,f ' 44 J K "-55' -1 A U 5511,-Ai-' ew iff' Q , W QM , 4 1' Y,- Eaif 1 t a e - 3""""-'--'-4 ff ""i'75-5'r'!3Z3fEf'x 'LY , , rin "But I only want to get an excuse lor two absences!" Derby Day Sometime between the middle of winter quarte and the middle of spring quarter, Spring sneaks 01 the campus. After a few false starts with some snow the fair weather finally arrives to stay. The student in the College of Law break loose with their annua Derby Day, and all the faculty suffer. Professor are tried on any charge that can be thought of b the students. "Ah just loves yo' Latin!" "We like Ike" 'cfpuqn-'unfair '-'wa-flw - sr, . ' A -Q, - T-vxlwfrf A N E xv x ll' . E. All 1 ' - F J I L ,Q ,fi :ZF 'b 5' Y 5, K Jffk nv 1 f A ' 1- .4 xf - H mb , x W wx if V, 'I ' 5: V 'up " gi" k V, KMA L 1 f ' ' QA 4,5 A ,Q I .55 15, JH! ,H V Af' lx i 'k j 2?"V:t ' 'E v X x ,I A ,r in Yu ?- , q . U 1 A ii ' - -Q- "f . X ' -PY" . f- 1 lv .1 - V- N lv X -- if I A ' ' 305,137 u was-J " 5 1? 4 , 1 ' -N pr- Qui .f 1- . M EJ, Q50 , IX, gf 55,5 r " ' ' ff- Q if -W f '! .m' ' .' nf T ' H- 21? 5' 'ITA . -- 15 ,FSTP 1-,g 'SW -.,, Q7 ! " 1 I'm tired of legsl May Days Mortar Board taps for new members and so does ODK. Carnations and roses are pinned on the few that are selected for these top honors. An all-school revue is another featured act of May Days where the top talent of the school entertain. The grudge fights among the Greeks cannot be left out for this is one of the most hilarious parts of the program. It's cm exposed thigh for Beta Theta Pi ,- .X irq if if . " ,1 'I u l T' 7 , - I' ' ' 'Af s 2 lr if , f' J' I J 'Q 'V A I , r ' 1 1 , , -, 1 l .' 'I w I- , . N 1 Fr . g V' ' ' fi? I'm so thrilled I can hardly run!" "If would help if YOU WO1-lld Sit down." If this is frightening, you should see them hoods! ' I , A 'A if 'ay f v. ., ' I , ln" T '91 wus' ,X .ww , X ,ink Ll Q Wff' ,. - ,-.Q 1 . -N 1-'Uh' ilhne-f-I-1 1 yqp .. , . p-, .. rf:4'7'r-:iff F 'fr-u 'M - hy-v ff" 4 4 'r-Fifi"-. M, u -. r... , . . .ju M. 4 ,rf ,,,, .1 .4 5 g5.'5f:gf-.ggx K AI1....:::' -': -.."4TfPv-Ji 317 'Ig' ,.,..-.,, ,.,,.,, ,,,. np, ,. , -., .,,-.vw-.V--,'1,,-6 elf?-v ,av 4.14 f' ',-'.-+-. - - ,,w,.. ,.x'.f.,-R '-.. 4 .'--r.-Lilar xfw ar .:::.::. um .,'1.y-.'f.,'-4115 r--."'--., ,., , .,r...,-..,.,. -. -1.4 -' Xt.4'y. .w-.I-.515 77. ,41.,,Hf v-.,,.. ".,':.,'-.,'pL7' ,f+.3':4..fAffjf-f :.N.,".N .-.. : .uw H ., , 1 , . X-,N:.'l:7.,4, HH. II' -., . , 1 vw- f-A+ - 'ff :' .:' :sr- x.-----:w:Mrf:,f-QM. - -- . .., , ,. VY, 4.,. .'w,vfffrJ.,'1f.1f .,. , . V .-!:+1.'Yw'4Tf-'G"sJ ff'-3-J?" J' 'X' --, HJ' wf"vf?' r""'f-UI' -. ,'.,f.., 1.,'+,,D.jr ....,...,, , -.5 A-.'-4,1-..f,,,1-f..,vA '-TA......, '-hw., ek, +v .....,,. --uf '6 l -Q H--I -I ' -fff' -, . 'U -A "rf 'W--1f"w"f' f '7""T'fi1,-5-EL - -ff -'-' V Af. Ff:W7'G"' ." "fix ff 'f if 5.1 F 35:57-2: --A - 'I' yi 4934145 Q ,',Ly'- ff:-L-1g.?f'.?:v-.'p" - -QS.-9: f'i2"..v"E'Q1+. frm? qui- -. ., - P--4 - . rf-f 51- Q-3,2 W' qt ,v 55-Af.. -na "ww,-.V .. , Q, -b ,gh ,. A , . - - , , -, ,. Q- Km, 1- 31 -, 1: 'nf Wg ww .' , . -151 . 'E M11 if 1, ma' 1 ze I .. jlfif' f'if:- "3" 4,741 n' A, " r .4 ,F Y. g'i.qJ'5-L' N N r U' - 1 :,.5",..-J f' .ff T V-it sq Y I ' 17,14 A '- Tw -M 'Y-" J '-tcaa-31.24 - J' 4227 rf - ' . rx .' Vx " -Jw' ' -f-- " -. ..v, - :NN ' A- --k ' 'AN Y. v - w- -,f - . '11 ' . .ff-:.fe4 F-Fx. '1 .L.-J' , avi- ' -' ' ,, gf 1, li b lu : 'I Us " , If -mg ' - WY"-' .1 "1 1 1 4 A ,. - . UA. ., 4 . , 1 an-Fx' 4- v , , ,,. . -7 I. -- ,- J.. Lv- -f-4 f'-I' v. . .4 2. , .1 fr x M - ...- 1 ry "JH " ' "3 J "'U:',31"5" ' .Q "" 'A ' V 'x ' 14' P A ""' 'J "'dq5i3""'x 'ww 'ni .f if ' ' :.- 'ws -t-bfwgnfi' W QM ' '- .3794 - . ' '- M . ff, ,.,., -3' 3145- ' 'K 'V.i":k p L- - " f -HQ '.vefg..wL.Sf'7"H'ff'v 'H 1 V x- . - -ff' 'Q lf 'T-'- '- -- '1Uf.f'I -,',' . .' A "" ' fi-Q " -5 ffhlzf' -i 1+ ' ' ' fs--F" -.13-A X - 'f .1 uf' .7 - , Ia-41-,HN 'Dbpi .N F ll' -F' ,k,m2-I K 171.5 - 7pja 154- , 3 3 1, - -f . A -,Q f Q. . ,. 4 -. A - ' .1-,'-'-::tA.' . . 4. V - f'+,'XT'f' -,- W' ' 193.-iff? if lm 4-.. 'Q ' 1---+ .Y 1 sq-' , .L,. ',, ,JV--'9Ig.'., , " '.,q.'63f-gliv'-'j.f,:q. 1, 'Q'--',. f- A fr .Lg-'Q , . " .. ' - ' """A,. .1 'rG"-'Wx-', ' ..'..S1.r--. "'-."'?9i-.lJ:x' -' "' , ' lv, I , , -. 1 Lb? -4, ,-JDM 1 Q, . I O, , xl. ,, iw. 3 . -.1 3 -mr 44 - 1 . .-QA-' 4 f ' 4" " T ' -A "' J-H ' . ww- -0, -.-.V sig -fn95,.g,,,5j 45. his rv: -:. 7 1 '-f . ,. -, - - . 15? ,. :fgsirr.f: Tfifftifibf ' " -- 141 '.-. 'V ' .2 . - ,Q-:?:'-.L 3 Zhi' . , 'a ' - P- , 4 'S K v,4,,g, I ' '..'s.1,..!MQ81.- g ,Q 1 Q " F11 , f fi' ' ' - " I ,Qc Tfi- 4.115 - 'v L' ,111 Jig. ' - QV' ' I " gg' 517:-52 4 . - :--'.- 52 Q 4. U ' 1 -W' , "g-A-3-1111 1--S ' " 4' CZ' - -"A Y ' A ' -fT-es:p:"f1-- ff: ' VU 1 f ' E'E'Ei"2f'il ' f f 1 ' . , 1 3,4-2" 'if-P32533 f. I . - ' , ' , 1411:-'-1.1-5 i ,I , , ,g -' x 3 :, . ' 4- - , 9 4 .ff"Aeg'E,Ti-T-Vg! A I v- A if .4 -I x.,3i1:4 ' - ww -g, 1 ,. up - Y - 311' ,- -. - ' -, Qi . ,4 A- 'fy 7, -"-"' '-1 -if x. by QQFJ' v .1 Ea -' , 'Wi - f -,, '- V ' j' I 1 if 1 - 4 AAF' rqj- . ' 'lat' ll ' 73 7 I 1 gain . V i H ': 1221 I . 9 -w .nk 0594 4 O ,. I. I s 1 lv ,J ,rv .. '54 ,.. 1 ' . 'Y-W .3 f I V' 'I f . r - 1 I! . ' ' 1. ' X' .V ff .7 I ,e V 54 X,-f' nf-39,11 7' cf' X AM 1 I Y 11 A 1 IS J, 7 fx gf ' H ' ff-X Q 'K ' ' ,riff - X . ' iv, . ,fn 5 I P4 'L T ff, 1 ,:.- w l Yi V . .vigr- qw 375111-9' 'L 5,145 1 1:,W..,4.-pf L v -4 v . .- ex. Q 1 I l 1 'U Q 311 5' 1 A F316 I ' ,f ' px .H . ' - , F ,' Wlag, 92,2 9'cD ubs and. Or a,111za.t1o11s ROW 1: Dolores Hodapp. Barbara Herlihy, Pat Hageman, Mary Golder, Illa Wilson, Sandra Iohnson, Roger Fee Director- Shirle Harlcne M' ' York, NanCY Lee, Velma Ferguson, Donna Bricker, Edith Paxton. Row 2: Erma Collins, Connie Lujan, Cathy Morton Dan Bakei: Ro Miller :mit Anderson, Clarence Sorenson, Agnes Pace, Iody Daniels, Eveleyn Dupay, Ioan Simons, Ruth Schiager. ROW 3: Lynette McKnight Dorothy Dram Sandra Caldwell, Charlene Klausner, Imogene Francis, Charles Wathen, Gene Dolph, Leonard Mason, Iohn Dayton Ioan Meyers Mciry Ehq Bqrbqr Frey, Frances Freeman, Shirley Sheets. ROW 4: Alex Campbell, Dennis DeBerry, Martin Cohen, Keith Merriman, Iolin Kuenneth, liichard Humphrey L l' St b . ' ' . Bijtlidorgls erry Gordon DeBroder, Allan Iackson, Clinton Irwmg, Ion Orndorff, Fred Putz, Don Pearson, Richard Gall, Norma Savig, Iohn Tingsta A Ca. ella. Cho r , ' Wray PP The next voice you hear-will be, quite naturally, the A Capella Choir. This organization provides both recreation and instruction for other area majors as well as music students. The willingness to work coupled with the desire and ability to sing makes one eligible for membership. The choir provides musi for the annual Midnight Christmas Service, the spring concert, campus religious assemblies, and other such musical features In community service, they are in much demand by the loca churches of Denver. A group within a group is the Madrigal Singers, who are small select organization taken from the choir. They too con tribute to the university's public relations by singing for club high schools, and on the radio. One of their examples of pe fection is the easy manner in which they interpret and presen the difficult music of the Renaissance. 200 Sing, M3 fir' . fb. -,J Jr' "', . A x at Dorm 5 - "Do, Re, Mi, Fa . . . "Stop bowing, Roger 41. Q2 xl gy? Lf kv Qi -.-v ROW 1: Iecme Schillinq, Bob Iohnson, President: W. M. Lewis, Sponsor: Isabelle Wilson. ROW 2: Bill Mawhinney, Bill McKenney, R. H. Curiis, I. A. Murphy. N0 snpxma 1-rf"- 51,5 g E.: L jab -W JL' Q il lil ifiliiil or ,Fit T imm ii HTH 'Pa' Eff Lgil Elf Eijj :sl '55 r.t1.if.Q1 gf-131 'fill r, All students in an aeronautics major fall und the School of Aeronautics. The school is organize as both a social and educational group. In the fa of each year, they hold a banquet at which a speak from one of the aeronautic industries is feature Highlights of the winter quarter is the Hangar Par which is held at Sky Ranch Airport. A queen presented at this dance who is to reign over r School for the remainder of the year. This is alwa one of the big social events of the year. Picni skating parties and other week-end frolics add the social calendar of this organization. "Who's your friend wiih the Life-Saver?" it ' x 1 f f f 1: Paul Chabot, Perry Israel, William Mawhinney, Faculty Sponsor: Herman Kennedy, William Clark, President: Ann Haueter, Vice President: Diario, Secretary: Carol Olsen, Pat Nelson, Nancy Helvey. ROW 2: Lois Trenholme, Robert Cheley, Howard Grooters, Albert Baldwin, Daniel Maurice Iohnson, Robert Seipel, Richard Pond, lack TerBorg, Historian: Robert Iahnson. ROW 3: Skip Soehle, Eileen Penny, Lorraine Kenitz, Groves, Ieane Schilling, Wes Capps, Robert Burkhart, Richard Fox, Iudy Cottrill, Norma Fisher, Patricia Duerson, Pat Wagner. 5 w w w l l i X' 9- lu ,- ET L.f'- L L 'ol lil mp- 51 VE. all e ff, fLt,.llll1j 1 mini saits.:ei:u,9 iii? 'stdin yffgji if l ws. l A lpha Eta Rho is DU s professional aviation fra . Men or women who have an interest in and are taking at least one aviation course eligible for membership. An active and well- program of educational and social activities throughout the year. Professional meet- offer members the opportunity to hear and talk many executives in various fields of aviation. oat in the Homecoming Parade and the initia- 'l banquet were the social highnotes of the fall Other activities included the annual Party" of the School of Aeronautics, ice "1-GVS b1OW11P 1hBT'1m-Pike parties and trips to the mountains. , 203 0 7 . av 'MJ T1 ROW 1: Louann lurgens, President: Miss Gladys C. Bell, Faculty Advisor: Barbara Simon, Vice President: Claire Allen, Secreiary. ROW 2: Sispela, Barbara Iones, Aida Beeler, Francell Lee, Louise McLaughlin, Helen Hill, Sachi Morimitsu. D U Aff . "' 1 ' in N K, fir F. ff: E 1 "H K " 1 , . 1 te, 1 , if 9 ' " S.. " , R A-I-'-, ,J , X if M 4 , U 54 M Q as 8 m Q 9 as A 9 U 18 ur Q E me 204 Alpina Lamhita Ee-lata Alpha Lambda Delta is a national scholastic fraternity foi freshmen women. To be selected for this honor, a girl must be c s either a third quarter freshman or a first quarter sophomore an have at least a 2.5 grade average for thirty consecutive hour Two major events of the group were the Fall Program Tea an the Valentine Tea at which possible candidates for membershi were honored. Those who maintain high grades are presente at the annual formal banquet held in their honor in the sprin At this time, special awards of the organization are given to s lected senior women for superior scholastic achievement. O of the most impressive activities of the group is acting as escor during the Lantern Night ceremonies when the symbolic lanter of knowledge is handed over from the senior to the junior wome -U I Y , . , A vu X.: , . .I4,..N.,. Q '-',f W f:-1' fl 'fLf?f'::- V- fi 1 , 'EQ Tv iq X ' f, , img wggrf -m W -. -25 uf Ly lf r .4 HA ' 2215-fffiff + 23.12 I X 1' 115: Q Q x . 'M . 1. 7 1 Ta. . " ' v 'Z - 15 X . , . 5:5 " f ' A K 1 l X 6 1 r X1 ' ' -if, ' '--f ' 1:9 A '- 01 1 x 'Z w, f L 4 ' V A an L af , K I L-' : m 1 1 4 ,-3, F' ' , i 1 v 3 U... ai, -C '. 'il'- nrra E 7-"Ti ',.,, . H.-.."x "'.xa rl ' Z ' 0' 1" Q ,, Q, "' , Y x x W V l.g ,f fb a'49'cf', ROW 1: Bob Helander, Treasurer: Darroll Powell, President: Iarnes Norberg, Secretary: Dale Fester, Vice President: Robert Iohnson, Robert HOW 2: Leo Kramer, Iirn Winkler, Charles French, Felix Vandewiele, Robert Hamilton, William Coleman, Norman Porter, Clifford Angelo. ROW Peter Sachs, George Lof, Sponsor, Dent Davis Ir., H. Vernon Hough, Iames Metcalf, Martin Svehla, Galen McPherson, Kiyoshi Yamasaki, Ioseph Marvin Warner. lt walks, it talks, but whai's the pail for? 2.06 . I.C11. . Any student enrolled in Chemical Engineeri is eligible for the American Institute of Chemic Engineers. This professional society is the colle, representative of the national organization a works closely with them. Maintaining Contact a promoting friendliness between chemical engine ing students and those in the industry and on t faculty is constantly stressed by this organizati Meetings are held at which topics of interest to the members are discussed. Opportunity to lea more about the latest technical developments of t related industries is offered to the members throu out the year. 'i-yi li, li 'll i 1 -f--V ,---- ----. -----. -.Y--.. ....,........ -lv u nu vena rvriuhwn, ucuiuiu ucuauen, vuuagc nuauaunu, xxvuuviu uxuvca, axcui. niiuciauii, uvuuiu uivnv. nald' Hart, Alfred Goddard, Ir, Ross Miller, Charles Hill, Guslin Lutter, ROW 3: John Kirkpatrick, Iohn Bannock, Ioseph Caleora, Richard Howard ederxck Bickford, Cecil Cox, George Shoeberqer, Donald Rugq, George Beamsley, Carl Knox, Harrison DeLong. l w V l --in tp... ' um . -, 1, , ..jj.,r., .-Q " 'mm www u I u u I. R. E. l.I.E.E.-I.R.E. stands for American Institute of Engineers combined with the Institute of Engineers. This combination represents the of electrical engineers with many dif- interests. An applicant for membership must in electrical engineering and be endorsed a member of the group. Membership in the na- societies with which the student organization is offered to a new initiate along with to the monthly magazines of the na- societies. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. promotes electrical and friendship among the members and organization presented a lecture series 'Com in Mmj' engineering equipment and entered a exhibit Engineers' Day. . M l 'N FEV 'C 'P ROW 1: Orval Orr, Iaclc Dudley, Lawrence lones, Vice President: Marian Denny. President: Harold Predovich, Secretaryp David Fletcher, Tre: Louis Roberts, Abdul Aziz. ROW 2: Roger Smcxdes, Leonard Greer, Iohn Adams, Alton Arnold, Roy Dobrinsky, Milton Criswell, Oran Dennison, Anderson, Iames Wallie, Frank Allison, Donald Lagerlei, Bernard Scott, Herbert Lehfeldt, Bernard Curby. ROW 3: Peter Wong, Charles Helmut Bothe. Iohn Heard, Iohn Gillette, Iohn Mihovilovich, Iim Lyons, Iames Yamamoto, lohn Lawson Ir., Iohn Maxwell, Edward Newman, Conway, Fred Koons. Q-Q4 "All right, who put that iroq in there?" ff- The familiar initials, ASCE, identify the Amer can Society of Civil Engineers, an organizatio strictly confined to students majoring in civil eng. neering. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors ca be active members, but freshmen may be elected t an associate status. ASCE members promote stud and understanding of the professional and sociz aspects of civil engineering. Their displays on Et gineers' Day were noted for their realism and edu cational value. Cooperating with other sponsors t both the College of Engineering's float in the Hom coming Parade and the Engineers' Ball, they d played an active interest in serving their college a participating in university-wide activities. T ASCE's basketball team won the title in intra-mur competition. J .x.l..f. 1: Virgil Gabel, President: Charles McFann, Vice President: Wilbur Parks, Honorary Chairman: Iohn King, Secretary? Charles Gibson Ir, Treas- Abdu1Tahhan. ROW 2: Iamil Razzak, Bernard McCarthy, Edward Reifel, Stuart Rieben, Robert Thomas, Iohn Midgley, Charles I-loweyQ Alfred Ben Coutts, William Thomas, Clifford Hauenstein, Vic Sundfor, Felix Cramer. ROW 3: Harndi Shuker, lamal Waly, Flavius Rowell, Dwight Iames Norris, Gilbert Draper, Donald White, Iohn Hunsberger, Iohn Noel, Arthur Shimyama, Eugene Pickett. w A. S. M. . Anyone who is taking Mechanical Engineering an avid interest in this subject fits the mem- qualifications of ASME. This group has as aim the promotion of the art and science of engineering. It hopes to achieve these encouraging original research, fostering en- education, and broadening the usefulness the engineering profession. Their meettings con- of speakers and movies presenting to them the technical advancements in the engineering Since they aren't wrapped up in engineering 'Wi- dhe time, they knock Off work Ofcasionally for "But he didn't ten me his me-S were in semen." parties, banquets, and picnics. B l -el fi- "' git! .resin -1' Ai f f"""s-fs." .--4? ' -f -7- A Row 12 Mcriorie Tanner. IHQG Schoo, Margaret PGHY. SGCTSICIIY: Sylvia Tudor. ROW 2: Bonnie Iohnson, Elaine Munson, Norman Bishop, Publicii' Chairman: Chuck Bronch, President: Bob McC1inton, Treasurer: Margaret Robertson, Sponsor. .1 y quad S nature, and those students who are not, are equally For whether beginners or experienced swimmers, all are to the Aquad Club, which is a social organization with the aim to best fit the university student to be a better swimmer. proof of this point the instruction is carried on by c members who are qualified teachers. The Aquadians by ing the dog-paddle can, with taking extra courses, obtain a saving certificate. The regulating of tests and issuing of cates is conducted by the local Red Cross. Splash parties, affairs, club swims, and the huge annual aquacade earmark Aquad social calendar. This last undertaking, the spring cade, is such a great success that it is presented to the student body. 210 DU has a special school for those who seem amphibious b' li . ,.. , 1... J I -'Q 'Gill' 1: Io Fallstrom, Bettie Plowe, Edie Davis, Mary Lanius, Marion Richards, Barbara Frey, Billie Uchara, Jodi Sprinkle, Shirley Sheets. ROW 2: Un- Donna Snodgrass, Unidentified, Unidentified. Ame Elveiore, Lynette McKnight, Idora Bickel, Mary Callahan, Larry Ecldings. his toes are pointed He met his Water-Lou ROW 1: Lt. Col. Walter Gremen, Warren Sarine, Ionalhan Wzlson Operahons Offxcer Max Pew Commandmg Offxcer Wlllldm Hardm Officer: Iames Skinner, Rodney Skutl, Secrelary-Treasurer: Col Iames Selman ROW 2 2d Lt Wxllxam Mathews Wmfxeld Ovxatt Wllh Fred Whitehead, Dean Sheets, Walter Thirsk, Thomas Watton R1chard Grothe Damel Sparr Raymond Overfxeld Bruce Wessel Allan 'v C. Bernard Duffin, Charles Shissler. ROW 3: Clinton Blauer, Eerles Mlchler Frank Belmonie Dudley Maihce Orville Dumler Rlchard Ioseph Kuhn, Charles Barnhart, Paul Hirsch, Lloyd Richards. , .. H in --W- lf 'fr My if-lv "msn " . , ,. , ,, - ,W ... .!gL,x , f -, 1 sf - 1 5 5 3. 51,, 1??'ji t 2 5 c , I 1 - '1 L 5' ir l r . N A .V f.. .. AQ, - 1 1 1- A .1 -1 ' .1 e . .1- if , fr, 'J Ruth Breckon, Amelia Miller, Betty Kosinski, Barbara Swanson, Bemie Kosinski, Gloria Elzi, Treasurer: Dorothy Suiata, President: Laurel Vice President: Leora Cunningham, Secretary: Anna Pollard, Esther Osborn, True McKenry. ROW 2: Deborah Hand, Pat Thill, Vera Foiani, Fenlason, Octavia Ritz, Pat Willimont, Ellen Terry, LaRue Perry, Robert Charbonneau, Secretary: Ierry Pankow, Robert DeGrazio, Bud Mozer. 3: Dale Lawlor, Gerald Dunham, C. Howard McCormick, Sponsor: Floyd Crowfoot, H. Vern Hough, Don Finberg, President: Dick Perrin, Correse Secretary: Bill Epstein, Treasurer: Darroll Powell, Dale Fester, Norman Porter. .Lpha Sigma Chi - Delta Ch' "Brains of the Chem Lab" are the actives of Sigma Chi, the woman s honorary, and Delta l the men's honorary chemistry fraternities. Sigma Chi requires that each member have an average for at least three consecutive courses chemistry or else pass the examination given by organization. Delta Chi which also serves as ' honorary, specifies that a man must a "B" average in chemistry with an over- minimum of 1.5. Both of the organizations have deep interest and purpose of promoting thought research in chemistry plus the encouragement higher ethics for the profession. These groups fit in various socials to offset their serious work. 3 "And this is how we make moonshine in Tennessee." 214 ev C731 ROW 1: Winnie Peterson. President: Gerry PCIUSTSOH, Secretary: Peggy Iohnson, Vice President HOW 2: lanie Boatriqhl, Social Chairman: ll Hartunq, Faculty Sponsorg Sally Campbell, Treasurer: Nanette Petticrew, Associated Women Students Any woman student who is taking more than nine quart hours automatically becomes a member of AWSQ for Associat Women Students includes all the women at DU. AWS provi many worthwhile projects and social functions throughout year. Fall quarter offered the chance to give valuable aid new students and afforded a swell background for the H0 coming mum sale. The AWS Banquet which recognized o standing senior women leaders and scholars with the "Mi awards and national "Who's 'Who" recognition was staged d ing the winter session. Spring quarter featured the AWS Da at which the AWS King was crowned. Each man at the da was given a corsageg and the evening's expense was left to date. AWS also sponsored Twilight Sing and Lantern Ni during this spring term. Two new service projects were ad this year-entertainment for the needy of Denver and a acquainted party for girls in the Denver High Schools. -'MJD Wm Q fs IU' 6, . 1:7 C7 : Louise Watson, President: Iuanita Rauch, Sponsor: IoAnne Aspinall, Vice President. ROW 2: Ioan Sispela, Mary Cunningham, Pat Smith, Ro eale. ,l-ns1-- BLOUD " SML ., Priya". ILEGFNT! YUUR Blllllll DONATE NOW! ' """" 'Nl num 'W' 'W' nun Ha - Who's got blood? Broderson gets the outstanding Junior Award fu' ROW l: Carmen Caiapano, Ira Isenberqer, Donald Stevens, Treasurer: Martin Sanchez, Vice President: Eugene Shoppell, President: Betty Boh, tary: William Huizingh, Edward Gonzales. ROW 2: Robert Ericsson, Fred Lundin, Robert Cunningham, Robert Smith, Dan Blount, Harold Iames Day, Iohn O'I-lehir, Vester Bradley. ROW 3: Warren Bell, A. X. McCusker, Eugene Urban, Farlin Canfield, Harold Gutjahr, Paul Brown Kraut, Gerald Olesh, Delorian Lucas, Albert Brenman. +2 216 '.. 5, Beta Alpha. Psi The accounting whizzes at DU are in Beta Alpha Psi. Th I national honorary is composed only of those students who a majoring in accounting and have a minimum grade average "B" in this major subject. This group strives to establish maintain contact among the debit and credit students, and working in the field. Meetings are organized for the tion of ideas and experiences by members of the These meetings are held at regular intervals throughout the Emphasis is placed on aid to the student contemplating a in accounting. Social events are a dinner at Idaho cabin picnic in Genesee Gulch, and a E jointly with another chapter in the region. Y rt 5 li ' 112715. L Q ' ' li' J ' ,J ' ' - -' , 4. ur , H r 1 e . F. 1 -1 x l: Walter Lofgren, Sidney Spradlin, Max Pew, Everett Pflieger, Richard Zell, lack Grout, Ioseph Gagliano, Harold McBirnie. ROW 2: Raymond Kenneth Kraft, Kenneth Sorensen, Benjamin Walls, Charles Horne, Douglas Little, Alfred Morqenroth, Henry Esser, Roy Lawton. ROW 3: Olson, Arnold Tietze, Iames Menchetti, Arthur Iohnson, Louis Zabel, Roy Anderson, Leonard Collupy, Ted Miyahara, Richard Nerad. xi f ,. -1 X ' tool voted Republicanlu ki . -1- v M w "Ot course, I believe in the honor system, but can't you print larqef? 217 if xt .,? I ROW 1: Iudith Iennings, Allen Breck, Sponsor: Moyne Woodcock, lane Catchur, Treasurer: Shirley Frey, Vice Presidenty David Warner Seba Brooks, Secretary: Father Iames Mote, Chaplain. ROW 2: Iune Ward, Patricia Tucker, Nancy Knight, Chuck Wathen, Bob Paxton Bob Hill Martin, Bob Olson, Ron Boothman, Robert McConaqhy, Iack Laird, Iohn Simpson, Nancy Ioyce. CHQ fl "' .H N 1 ,a,,i',- 4-1 "':N32,f' -'iss Q ' t . r lc! , ' ggaffivfa ,f"'j., .,-"QL" -1 ff "W" .' 1'ffffrb"f'- Y f51Bg,.a7 Y "Have another, it's a partyl" Canterbury Club No, the Canterbury Club is not an teachers concoction devoted to the study of worksg it is, in fact, a religious organization Episcopalians. These people have combined for main purpose of bringing to the college student necessary element of life- religion. Holy munion at 7 in Iliff Chapel every Wednesday ing is one example of their activities. Meetings arranged for every other Thursday with one supp a quarter. Another important function of the cl is having a seat on the Religious Council whi readily cooperates with the Student Christian A sociation on the planning of coffee hours. A K ' .1 X wage, il A- l it -4 1: Barbara Loggins, Treasurerg Paiti Io Hoffman, President: Helen McDonald, Vice President: Floris Davis, Secretary. BOW 2: Rose Starr, Marge Sue Burriit, Billie Torrence, Alice l-lyke, Bonnie Iohnson. l X w w Coed. Journalists gf DU women who demonstrate proficiency in jour belong to Coed ournalists They are selected have a major or minor in journalism or have on a university publication for at least a with a recommendation from the editor They this year's Student Directory, but their great- achievement during the year was the annual Puff edition of the Clarion. This is when girls really go to town. The men catch it in the and the girls turn their typewriters loose on that might pop into their minds. Nor to forgotten is the picnic they hold in conjunction "When ilwins. itpours. but thisis hoi1l" the Men's Press Club each spring. li ..., Aj' ROW I: Diane McClintock, Carol Pagliasotti, Edna Bergh, Treasurer: Helen Hallock. Vice President: Patricia Huling. ROW 2: Ioan McGranahan, Frost, Pianist: Lois Perrin, loann Banghart, Ruth Henry, Barbara Young. ROW 3: Iohn Bannock, William Hamrick, Stuart Knapp, Iames Mondt, identg Robert Brott, Chuck Branch, Robert Christensen, Iohn Alder, Marvin Tevebauqh, William Maxwell. Q s : O 9 9'5:'llli O 0 :llllf x 'Ill 9 v:lq- '33 'ol 220 Dudes and Dames is the Pioneer Dudes and Dames. These promenaders consist o two groups: the recreation group of social folk dancers, an the demonstration group which seeks to develop the art of fol Perhaps the campus organization that gets around the most I c I dancing. The organization sponsors a Square Dance Frolic helc in the Student Union and attended by dancers from throughou I . . 1 v the West. The Dudes and Dames took part in college squat dance festivals at Wyoming, Colorado A 8: M, Colorado U., an Colorado College campuses. Our promenaders also threw se the year Any student carrying ten quarter hours or more pl an interest in square dancing, fulfill the only membership r quirements. eral hayrides, parties, and events with a Western theme durin, . ' u f w - 1 gd ,..x U -J Alff ,,,-i. - ,, 1 .nz 3- ,,x15,7- QWQ, , .-. ,. -1- - ' J 1: Dorothy Sujata, Amelia Miller, Virginia Failor, Dorothy Cox, Leora Cunningham, Betty Hurley, Marilyn Andrews, Sally Lassila. ROW 2: Rudolph, Betty Weidner, La Wanna Lacy, Iucly Farnsworth, Pat Mead, Gail Corbett, Ann Skupen, Mary Gelder. ROW 3: Eugene Zeigler, Pearson, Roy Ball, Bob Backstrom, Bill Daniels, Frank Nelson, Sal Caianci. ROW 4: Leroy Sterling, Thomas Ioyce, Iames Biscup, George Gaubatz, Dobrinsky, Warren Fry, President: Ierry Panlcow, Carl I-Iopkin, Robert Woodall. 1 4219 0 if "Swing your partner, let her go ...... Goodbyeeeeee l .. Gods, there goes the buttonl ROW 1 Charles Shxssler Lester Pedicord Will Lengel Tom Hugo Cal Chai, Charles Garriiy, Tom Griffiths, Allan Greedy, George Brennan. ROW Norman Bishop lack TerBorg Barry Trader Dick Kemble Al Vanderpool Will Howard, President: Iim Coleman, Vice President: Dave Kohn, Ray Bob McCl1nion Ernest Nemeth Don Brovxm ROW 3 David Breiermiz lim Erfurdi, Douglas DeWitt, Don Pinberq, Gordon Phifer, Al Weber, Miller hm Crist HOW 4 Don Carllne Gerry Collis Bob Lundquist Norman Speak, Charles Spagnoli, Al Waibel, Ice Zini, Gene Smaldone, Bob Dick Henke Ira Cnsman ROW 5 Don Day Herb Rowey Leland Scoit Bill Gordon, Iirn Liley, Chuck Iackson, Ierry Lear, Ioseph Hall, Dick Oh, those lucky frosh! Especially so when "D" Club catches up to them in Kangaroo Court fthis is one of their incidental functionsj. Yep, these Wheaties-eaters, composed of varsity lettermen in all major and minor sports at Denver University, don't do things half-way. Social wise they throw a big dance during Winter Quarter and sponsor pic- nics for outside organizations in order to promote the good aspects of DU. Their main purposes, though, are to create better school spirit and to try to acquaint the athletes with each otherg this is readily done at initiation when they all trek to the hills for a hell-of-a-good time. ll' ' ll W ll: CFrench Clubl S.O. Palleske, Iudy Farnsworth, Vice President Marjorie Tanner, Otto Ritter, Valerie Peecher, Alice Huycke, Francell , President lane Catchur, Phyllis Iarratt, Io Dickman, Secretary-Treasurer: Pat Thill, Mary Draper, Paul Greisen, Edward Schleske, Bob Mata- l. ROW 2: CG:-arman Clubl Andrew Casale, President Walter Benesch, Vice President Tsuru Okagawa, Treasurer: Wiliam Reipschlager, erti Metzler, Ernie Braukman, Dana King, Fanne Keller, Barbara Orr, Iohn Dillie, Bruce Lowrey. ROW 3: Herbert Dveirin, Irene Zumstein, ula Stenglein, Edith Moore, Barbara Ware, Tom McDonald, lim Low, Alton Holbrook, Robert Carlson, Leland Scott. - 'nlfigiil 1 2 Li-get emit, vi' M ,Sterile Ml Gaim FT 53 Til est, its 1irnIE:k.l.4Lv'U1:an-.11 Francaise? "Nein, Ich spreche !' Oui or ja, these clubs. strive for under- , of the French or German language. Die Deutschen, the German Club, and Le Cercle the French Club, require only that their have an interest in the language and of the country. Only the native language may at many meetings, but even those who just a smattering of the language can find help from other members. Exchange students these two countries help by explaining the and customs of their homeland. The annual parties, consisting of pageantry character- of the two peoples, give the members a greater in the two countries. 9 "Ii the piano holds, we'll try the second verse." 1 .- "-""'2'. . fz""1-nerve:-1 1-. -v . V v ,f-1fl..:ki'J':,kl?E1'.t ROW 1: Herbert Stevens, Robert Davis, lean Hawk, Suzanne Tebow, Marie Collins, Treasurer: Lane Iohnson, Vice President Ierry Simmerman, dent: Cherie Goss, Secretary: lack Nelson, Betty Weidner, Howard Woolum, Faculty Sponsor. ROW 2: lohn Landrum, Charles Keyes, Brown, Rose Ann Black, Evelyn Dupay, Sally Wormwood, Mary lane Arnold, Lee Konce, Fern Shafer, Audrey Fiizsimmons, Robert Hill, Ray Robert McConaqhy, Aelene Sievenson, Ioan McDaniel, Virginia Williamson, Bernice Shields, Elma Painter, Glenn Rogers. ROW 3: Ethel Ioan Madden, Elizabeth Hughes, Chuck Waihen, Marilyn Kall, Paul Dimmiit, Phillip Read, Ronald Carlson, Beverly Ann Swisher, Caroline Q. Iesse Ray, Marjorie Baer, Myrna Royers, Delorea Morris, Mervin Alexander, Elizabeth Knowles. Her first marriage manual. Future Teachers of America Any student actively interested in education m qualify for Future Teachers of America. This p fessional education group seeks to give its memb a, better understanding of the teaching field. It affiliated with the National Educational Assoc tion, Colorado Education Association, and ot prominent teaching organizations. Important eve for FTA this year were the CEA Annual Deleg Assembly, Leadership Conference, Teachers' C vention at DU Arena, and the state Future Teach Association spring convention. Youth developm is perhaps the most practical phase of their serv work. Their main project along these lines was organizing of high school FTA's in the area. S eral other projects were undertaken with other lege chapters throughout the year. 7- , 1.,QV X, 1: Marion Clark, Lydia Nusser, lim Genninqs, Ruth Klein. ROW 2: Veatch Smith, Margaret Priebe, Secrelaryp Sylvan Zwick, Treasurer: Iohn President: LaVem Heimsoth, Charles Lines, Lenora Hieber. ROW 3: Elaine Iohnson, Patricia Pool, Charles Swanson, Walter Siromer, Vivian Iack Olander, Lennis Schilling, O. R. Graumann, Advisor. , w l , l V ,159 ramp. 4 - -ff: ,A,1. f i .HTH "5 i w 1 ' ' I " .6 ff"'.z'YQ,' we . frills .t late l A member of the International Association of College and University Students is located on campus. It is Gamma Delta, whose objectives tblfoster a thorough study of the Bible, to main- Christian fellowship and social recreation, and establish fraternal relations with Lutheran stu- on other campuses. Business meetings, social guest speakers, and joint meetings with chapters from different colleges and univer- make up their ,annual calendar. Any com- member of a Lutheran Church or anyone "This may shock the Melhodists,bul.... with their views and principles is eli- for membership. .'- T1 ROW 1: Bev Flansburg, Secretary: Clara Shindo, Publicity: Vera Foiani, Treasurer: Virginia Williamson, Vice President: Nita Veazey, President: Hill, Social Chairman: Sybil Bates, Sponsor: Margaret Richardson. ROW 2: Ethel Yanaru, Nancy Nanaka, Bernice Schields, Betiy Andree, Pai Helen Hallock, Betiy Parunqo, Evelyn Dupay, Lois Buckminster, Marjorie Nelson, Amy Dumminq. ROW 3: Madge Tomoyasu, Ioanne Schuch, Kruk, Pat Zimmerman, Pat Chorley. ' .',' Q ..i - . "We call ii a love-potion-Burbin." 226 gauze:-uv-mg1-e:e ., , H -2 r if W 5 is fl' U The ol' fashioned gals that are interested home making and family living jes' naturally ha majors or minors in home economics. They aim improve the education for the profession, provi for professional development, and work for t improved home. Many field trips are taken by t club during the year: well remembered are the or to Kriss upholstery and the Swift's meat packi plants. A main project extending through the f and winter quarters was the selling of United i tions cookbooks published by the American Ho Economics Association. Another club sponso event around campus is a fashion show of the ments made by girls in the sewing classes. Th doings show the gals to be good, plus fun-lov home makers. l l SECTION J SECTION H . 11, usb f r is X 110 r l i s ei sf is-we , cs tfluftl Do you dislike walking? Are you tired of per- ' ? Well, then, why not join the Ice Skat- Club and learn a whole new method of propul- This social organization is composed of two of people: those who can, and those who can- ice skate, of course. Its main purpose is to the student body's interest in this sport, is done in devious ways. They jointly spon- several ice shows in this region. Participation club entitles the skating enthusiast to mem- in the US Figure Skating Association and a to the monthly magazine, "Skating" corne out in the fresh- air and cut a figure or two. , jr' .az -A ,f 1: Betty Allen, William Leino, Sponsor: I-ledy Stenuf, Phyllis Iarratt, Treasurer: Lois Whiitaker, President: Harold Atkinson Vice President Ro Neale, Secretary: Margie Kisner, Barbara Fleecs, I. E. Wilkinson. ROW 2: Ioan Alexander, Helen Dais, Io Rustad, Priscilla Wilson Abe Tipton l Fay, Bill Reitsch, Leonardo Mason, Peggy DuLac, Bob, Dean Young. ROW 3: Ilse Lulzens, Burton Lamkin, Bill Rance Alan Shada Rea Ross, Dolores Pfarr, Pat Chorley, Nancy Sweei, Iane Mockeli, Lois Tucker, Don Fowler. Hamms on ice ,, 1 .2 ,. '1 ,. HOW 1: Allen Icrckson, Bud Peters, Thomas Mullins, President, UPCg Alun Willirnont, Secretary, UPCp Herbert Freeman, ROW 2: Herbert wards, Thomas Pcxison, lack Nelson, Ernie Brcrukmcm, Ray DeMou1in, Iohn Hunsberqer, Robert Harris, V , '-F5 rs f Intercellegfiate Klliglil The freshman and sophomore men's service honorary at De ver University is the Intercollegiate Knights. Forty outstandi men are tapped each year for this organization in order to provi the university with men who will promote and maintain scho spirit and traditions. Of importance are their work-horse on the small unrewarding jobs in connection with many of school's activities. In the past year promotion of the Fund of the football games and fall demonstrations, and of May were their main accomplishments besides the general backing New Student Week. On the purely social side of the was their big shindig-the Freshman King and Queen --co-sponsored with the Parakeets. These men are also the lainous culprits who hold the mace of Kangaroo Court over heads of the froshg mayhap this is one of their most duties? .4 . x . - x 1 Earl Mxckler B111 Russell Expansxon Offxcer Duane Bucher, Honorable Duke: Bob Gesell, Herbert Mickler. ROW 2: Bob Howell, Carl Mayer. Cleary Rod Skull B111 Mason Ierry Woodward Warren Tassel, Don Horst, Phil Worden, Lester Pedicord, Ierry Troendly, Dale Manesis. l 229 ROW 1 Diana Laumer Deatt Hudson Chuck Wathen Albert Boe Vice Presldent Bernie Hampshire President Boncxbel McDonald Whitney Perkms Advisor ROW 2 Iamll Razzak K C Wrlght T R Edgar lack Laird I R Monroe Zachary Davis Shamsx Hasan Lois Gall Corbett Marlene Ruby Donald Baker Chfford Southard i We asked for an action shot Internatlonal Relatlons Club Many and varied were the projects of the In national Relations Club this year. In October, th were active in observance of United Nations We and set up an information booth for student inquiri During November they aided in the annual H1 School International Relations Meeting held at The IR Club adopted and assisted the University Indonesia on the UNESCO stamp program, and had a part in the Great Issues Seminar series at The purpose of the group is to create an lntere international topics, current events, and social pr lems, which is aptly done. They helped to furt these aims by consolidating the former UNES Council into the IR Club as a standing commit ,. il W N ATED: Ken Selby, Donald Molen, Dick Boiinelli, Ierry Ryan, Vice President: Mort McGinley, President: lim Sheppard, Secretary-Treasurer: Ralph ClY,lBilI Loeffki, Bernie Berardini. STANDING: Bob Rottman, Ivan Fuqate, Gordon Iohnston, Advisory lack Hull. , w l N l Law' School good material is added each year to the by the efforts of the Law College University of Denver. Our prospective work together with the Colorado and Den- ar Associations to print, Dicta, the official pub- of the College of Law. Drawing its stu from all parts of the country, the school does train them solely in the practice of law, but also of leadership in industry, in community and in federal and state political offices. and most feared fby faculty membersj the year is "Derby Day." This is an ex- of old-time court procedure with flagrant being brought against the dear profs of DU. Dicifl Board "In pace requiescant!" ' w X 0b GW 00 x X lv ," ,N X. 4 se f 1 ,A , X , n -X ' 1 2 ROW 1: Robert Stull, Harold King, T. H. Cutler, Faculty Sponsor: Bobby Leland, Robert Dietrich, Charles Shissler, President: Lloyd Richards, President: Iohn Miller, Secretary: Iames Perrin, Treasurer: Carl L. Butler, Faculty Sponsor: Iohn Esselsiyn. ROW 2: Alfred Morgenroth, Carl Erwin Foerster, Robert Iohnson, John Pompelli, Bernard Bursiyn, Richard Perka, William Thacker, Robert Lindel, Donald MacDonald, Richard Iohn Nichols, Irving Bringen, Richard Houghton, Iohn Rupp, Billie Russell, William Dutcher, Lavern Blair. HOW 3: Don Perry, Peter Schmidt, Parker, Sam Piro, Clarence Beckman, Frank Bagdanski, Vester Bradley, Ir., Allen Powell, Ray Woodworth, Ir., Art Dunn, Francis Nixon, Kenna Sands, Ioseph Koleson, Fred Ioelner, Carl William Management and Personnel Club New, but already well-known on the DU ca pus, is the Management and Personnel Club. Th professional group is composed of students with active-interest in either of the fields. With a me bership of ninety, this fast growing society stri to improve the standards and efficiency of mana ment and personnel through practical applicati Social functions this year included speakers pro nent in business and a combined meeting with "And here sits the little man from the morals office." Profegsignal fraternities featuring the Director Personnel for Continental Airlines. Rounding the social year are picnics, luncheons and dinn l l n..,.....-e ,.,,,. 07,7 ,.,,. ., .. . OW 1: Fred Martin, lim Hughes, Secretary: lim Eriurdt, Treasurer: Robert Rhode, Sponsorg Robert Ohman, President: Bernard Anderson, Vice Presi- entp Calvin Hyde. ROW 2: Iohn Porter, lim Ritchie, Robert Inqersoll, Greg Guinan, Charles Wiqle, Padraic Hobbs, Charles Garrity, Terry Eakin obbrt Gonzales, Donald Baker, Chesley Harrison. Meals Press Club The DU Men's Press Club is composed of male in the journalism and radio departments. give an annual award to the Outstanding Reporter of the Year and the Outstanding School Newspaper of the Year." At the end winter quarter the club divides into committees rate the Colorado high school newspapers accord- to makeup, writing excellence, sports and society The paper judged best receives the club's award. The DU Men s Press Club combines the Co Ed journalists for many social func including their annual spring picnic. Last fall u two organizations gave a banquet with jack , sports editor of the Denver Post, as guest Hwherefs pogo?" l 233 , I 1. .4 , l X. sf l' W ik Q, ROW 1: Helen Hallock, UPC Treasurer: Marjorie Nakamura, UPC Secretary: Betty Lyster, UPC Vice President: Dorothy Carr, UPC President: Esther Dimshevsky, UPC Faculty Advisor: Lou Ann Burch, CCC President: Virginia Page, CCC Vice President: Barbara Kendall, CCC Social Chairman: Io Ann Weidner, UPC Social Chairman. ROW 2: Cherie Goss, Floris Davis, Marilyn A. Miller, Doris Peters, Betty Allen, LaVerne Cart, Elaine Kirkpatrick Beverly Wendt, Ioan Sispela. ROW 3: Anna Mae Udry, Dorothy Iohnson, Nanette Petticrew, loAnn Pace, lean Koch, Lucille Connally, Bobette Striker Elaine Haley, Flo Stickle, Laurel Gemmell, Betty Parungo. jr 1-Eeritsrs it r-m.c,w ff, 1 13 v J. ,fag N ' l Eff' 414. " 1 x' f ' ,' ' i 7'3'Tiisj'ff- fi' 9 'I - "Q , My -. M - e, . 'J V 'fu l' 4 vi "Jr ' i ,i, . i . 1 "VA an AYYY i U-,B 234 A service group mainly interested in the new women at DIL is the Mentors. They help orient the frosh women in registration and then aid the girls throughout the school year by acting as big sisters and counselors. Their responsibilities are to help the girls become acquainted with the students, faculty, and social organizations of the university. Many calls from faculty ant student organizations send these girls to assist in various othei service projects around the campus. Their big function of the year is the Harvest Hoe-Down, 1 country-style dance, held each fall and looked forward to by most of the students. To become a member a girl need have a junior or senioi status, be interested in serving the university, and have attendec the spring training school. The outstanding Mentors are hon ored each year at the Key Award Banquet. 1 i w f lil E 7 Arm Callan, Roberta Neale, Mary Lou Shroyer. El J 'z 1: Audrey Fitzsimons, Betiy Wilkins, Barbara Swanson, Barbara Loggins, Frannie Hall, Marie Collins, lo Ghalson. ROW 2: Pat Willimont, Else True Mclienry, Marilyn I. Miller, Sara Wescoat, lane Mohan, Doris Soladay, Patricia Schoenfelder, Mary Arnold, Mary Haley, Annabelle Barbara Law. ROW 3: loan McDaniel, Bonnie Bauer, Mary Schneider, Sally Wormwoocl, Lois Whittaker, Elizabeth Hughes, Ioanne call it a love-poiion-Burbinf' l X , . Q-. x gr u No, Colonel Akin is not teaching any B.C. courses this quarter. l 235 ROW 1: Alice Watkins, Rose Black, Madeline Stierwalt, LaRue Perry, Secretary: Sara Wescoat, Lois Winters, Vice President: Gordon Benesh, dent: Bob Robinson, Helen Hill, Treasure-rp Pai Black, Charles Whiteside. ROW 2: Sandra Palmer, Norma Garner, Patricia Chorley, Bob Kathleen Kepner, Bill Bruvold, Kermit Krieger, Edward Fay, C. Lewis Howard, Howard Morgan, William Boise, Bob Okey. ROW 3: Luella Sally Lassila, Emily Rohr, Virginia Failor, Mary Leslie, Richard Malletie, Robert Kniss, Marjorie Robinson, Virginia Howard, Russell Peirce, Green, Kathryn Morton, Paul Robison. "You are an antelope. You are an antelope. You are . . Methodist Student oundatic MSF, or the Methodist Student Foundation, is group of students who have banded together ft the purpose of developing religion in all phases c this life. They try to integrate the social, religiou and spiritual aspects of religion in a well-balance program that will appeal to many students in tl university. Although it is under the jurisdiction 4 the National Methodist Student Foundation th 9 organization is not strictly denominationalg that e l why MSF is striving to maintain a significant f lowship of Christian students at DU. Their ma' activities include Sunday evening religious progran in the University Park Methodist Church and moun tain retreats held with other colleges from th region. 5 I Lois Winters President Betty Lysier Vice President Deatt Hudson Secretary Pam Io Hoffman, Treasurer. ROW 2: Winnie Peterson, Campbell, Nancy Mosher, Marjorie Opie, Beverly Cochran, Anna Lea Miller, Dorolhy Carr. l w l X. I K ' ,yd .,z:,.e,rfLn is 3 rr , J ,el 9.04545 if i il gl VM'-1 rf' Lg 5 'Viialiiii 'E ada: E5 !'a' 522423 'WF L ez 'Ilhe number one honor for a junior woman is tapped for Mortar Board, the senior woman's Outstanding service to the university, in activities, and a grade point average of a woman for this distinction. Some of activities include: the Christmas candlelight ard parties, ringing the Kedros Bell in the after victorious football games, and serving box with hot "vittles." Perhaps their most service is co-sponsoring the annual leader- conference and working on the Dean's Advisory with ODK. Many a campus group has bene- from the sage talk of the gals at these meetings. l 237 1 C Three bats and a belfry -.J 5 5 w S fn-X ROW 1: Ioan Howie, Presideniy Revea Carter, Vice President: Margie Clowes, Recording Secreiaryg Dorothy Chuich, Corresponding Secretary: Fern Hoyt, Treasurer: Miss Virginia Higq, Faculty Advisor. ROW 2: Shirley Harkness, Marilyn Hiqginbotiom, Iuaniiu Wilson, Mae Beih Hughes, uann Iurqens, Alda Beeler, Pat Satterwhite, Greta Lea Ferris. ff., , -- -1-- -. -A rs- LJ rj , , Ugg-, L .i , - 1' ' Di , .' ' , Y ., 5 H' '- i 1+ lfjfdlr-f3j,nf-1435 3 .,'.i musical ability, a commendable character and p sonality are the high requirements for Mu Phi silon. This organization, an honorary music sorori tries to uphold the standards and purposes of t musical profession on and off campus. These a carried out by a series of musical programs for t students and outside groups. A small part of thn 4 l A 2.0 grade average, a faculty recommendatic l Ii l rovram is the artici ation in man rou s e P ' Y 8 . cam us, such as A Ca ella Choir, Lamont Sin e P . n 8 the DU Band and more. Monthl and oint 1 1 Y l citals with other organizations, programs for t Denver hospitals, the annual Founder's Day Ba ,mm of 5 girls me musiccuyindined quet and the Silver Scholarship Musicales are oth events for these talented girls. il? W l: Alyce Sikora, Miff Bradton, Delores Baca, Vera Foiani, Pauline Ganshert, Membership Committee: Therese Thompson, Corresponding Secre- y7lFather Iohn L. Aylward. Chaplain: Carroll Leggett, President, Betty Parunqo, Publicity Chairman: Phyllis Iarratt, Io Dickrnan. ROW 2: Geraldine tiine, Barbara Fleecs, Lisa Carleu, Margie Kisner, Ruth Quigley, Ioan Mudd, Rita Pitre, Lois Tucker, Irene Mcrloof, Marilyn Greisen, Iosephine dorico, Carolyn Berg, Pat Maqwire, Elena Bayton. ROW 3: Emest Bodett, Charles Martinez, Greg Guinan, Richard lanes, Raymond Costello, Paul abot, Ierry Woodward, Victor Sacks, Eugene McLoone, Bill L. Skufca, Bob Engelhard, Gene Hogan. W W I T me i ,Q I 1. l lil Efwnlan its ,lr You must be a Catholic man or woman of good l L in church affiliation and college standing to W a member of the Newman club. This club is in the social, religious, and intellectual devel- H of the university. The organization strives Catholic students and faculty and is a mem- the National Newman Club Federation. Fall features hayrides, a Thanksgiving picnic, a Masquerade and two communion break- Winter quarter means a monthly skating trip as religious activities. A St. Patrick's day an orphans picnic, a Mothers Day Com- breakfast and a Holy Day at the Shrine "Let me pray." the spring social schedule. "No, let me prov-" , "Let us pray." l ,W il 'i - it . X X X X L Xt! if ROW 1: Marge Bradbury, Doroihy McClaren, Nancy Moss, Edna Hansen. ROW 2: Corrine Burkert, Nancy Bessire, LaVern Heimsoth, Heuck, Wilma Thomas, Ianet Bower. Here's tothe needle and the pan" 240 C7 ,af U 'i E 'E gg sqft- ,Leg-3 gfb Eiga' lr? we fi I 'es - 4 "ii Pe' it . -Q' W , 'E-fmeza 7--5' is Eli 5:15 led 'iff lie rs-:1 is V' je. 'assi - Children's, Presbyterian, and St. Luke's hospit are the training centers of the student nurses wl compose the Associated Students of the School Nursing. They promote nursing through developi ability in the field and through active participati1 in school activities. Their welcoming party and E Sister Organization provide help for the incomi freshman. They have built up an impressive rec this year by entering the first-prize Homecomi float, and presenting songs and skits in the all sch assembly. The nurses became a more important p of the university this year when they received m bership in the University Student Association, gained 3 votes on the AWS Council. 1 I l i l x 1 1 ,QLELTF fi igiifgi rjj, 1, ,V , , -, . 1, l Y l Il li V 'L :ha..u::':fzgH G. tie: :pg 1 4 l i g . H frlffl : iigngq .Aug Vi ,ypivg ,,,ig1Q'w:f.1 - rjt' A i fi ': -'R rf". , i, if . ' , "-565,31 Vw? ' l' 'r Q".l?:-fijl "ring "-" 'rffii' 1 f "'r"' Iacobson, Charles Howey, Willard Leavel, Jack Mehl. Donald Finberq. ...... 4, . 2, hmm ,.Az, sg. s ., I-J nt, tl th. 1: Al Serafin, Treasurer: lim Coleman, Vice President: Dean Pederp Leo Iohnson, President: Gordon Iohnson National President' Martin Capp Kesselman, Bill Flaherty. ROW 2: Ben Evans, Bob Day, Don Carline, lack Grout, Tom Loggins, Keith Wegeman, Gordon Benesh Illlaury Johnson. is 'N We Delta Kappa is the top honor for any senior man. The members are chosen on of scholarship, leadership, character and activities. Scholarship rank based upon average, leadership and service in athletics, and religious affairs, publications, speech, or the dramatic arts make up the basic re- of this organization. One of the most undertakings of this group is the spon- of the Dean's Advisory Council each year. also co-sponsor the annual leadership confer- with Mortar Board which is held in the Spring new campus leaders to prepare them for the year. "Are you sure you can't remember where you hid the beer?" 241 ROW 1: Nanette Petticrew, IoAnn Pace, Shirley Frey, Valerie Peecher, lane Boalright, Treasurer: Elaine Haley, Secretaryg Dorothy Brown, LaVerne Cart, Vice President, Rosanna Milner, Gwen Gahagen, Cherie Goss, Marilyn Kali, Gerrie Farmer. ROW 2: Beverly Studley, Lois True Mclienxy, Louann Iergens, Deborah I-land, Elaine Kirkpatrick, Ioan Cunningham, Sue Burritt, Marian Richards, Jane Catchur, Gerry Roden, Bouska, Sally Wormwood, Else Madsen, Marie Collins, Ruth Iinacio, Pat Hageman, Iudy Famsworih. ROW 3: Dixie Harrington, Nancy Land Mae Udry, Virginia Williamson, Io Gholson, Shirley Weidman, Flo Siickle, Lenore Neill, LeAnn DePuy, Ellen Terry, Floris Davis, IoAnn wexane 'I'helma Broderson, Suzanne Tebow, Pat Schoenfelder. , if ,rfb fo- vffyy y l A H of--J yr l'f L K niix lf - C rf N., ., V I L, 242 Paralzeeis Crimson and gold uniforms, consisting mainly of a coat an skirt, and a pair of feminine legs, seen around campus ever Friday and at all football games, identify the Parakeets. Th girls' pep organization sacrifices time and energy to the pre grams of the university. This year they provided the studen with examples of spirit by assisting in such 'worthy programs a the United Fund Drive, the ski team fund, and ushering at tlt N.E.A. Teachers convention. They also presented a social higl light of the year by being co-sponsors, with the IK, of the annua Freshmen King and Queen Dance. Their group attendance a fall and winter sports, in parades, at athletic rallies, and at oth: such events generated much needed school spirit. Requiremenl for this organization are: a freshman or sophomore standin an interest in school activities, and a 1.5 average. illnrzj n'.- :a.' fr 1 i I t . v-12.A --'lewz-rw--fm , ---'- -- P3 '? PN r li Norma Fisher, Marion Little, Virginia Page, Secretary-Treasurer: Barbara Kendall, President: Doris Peters, Vice President: Ann Hauter, Betty ROW 2: Betty Wilkins, Patricia Nelson, Mary Iane Amo1d,Edna Macron, Barbara Iones,KG1'I1Q1 Wflrlqerin, Esther OSbO1'I1. Al'dYCe Glover, Mary hroyer, Carol Pagliasotti, Barbara Younq.Aqnes Ujifusa. L-VJ ff 2 , if E, H ai .- If x ' , V . It M I N Q ii - ft' A r "Look girls, menl" Freshman King and Queen N 1 ,. li' . - T 9 1 l 2 , . .I ,Av -T I . , ,. . - , V v ROW 1: Icimes F ish, Executive Officer, Frcmk Connelly, Faculty Sponsor, Oren Wingfield, Faculty Sponsor: Winifred Peterson, P.R. Sponsor: Thom Mullins, Company Comrncmderg Douglas Schcxuer, Finance Officer. ROW 2: William Brooks, Raymond Powell, Robert Broil, Thomas Rhone, Thom Walton, Allan Gemmell, George Rollerl, Kermit Krieger, Dole Dickson. Sex vs. the U.S. Army. .- . .,1 N.-we. , - r 1 ' f' .. Ia-. gi, ,Vi . ,, 1, ,tn ref. -:Fix x ,e V, gs, pl ' . ,- .sep--.-Q'-4-4.1. -' 1 -.I . .-.J 1'--,i ie- f 1- V - .QA 2,3 ll "'1.,f .1 N " 1 ' 'i IA ft' " ' Lev: . 'l , , I i i "aw 'Vw ini " ."ri-'1.'i'1Yi'L 'inuiflif "" ', 1-ffl "'l?ii3'i 'ff ,,. 2-, ,tea ee. -,. ,. -.-.-.. . , ,--A 4 . .2 ... H. 1 "Si" A white helmet, a shootin' iron, and a "B" gr average in ROTC qualifies one to be a Pershing Ri This group is DU's honorary ROTC unit which p forms as a color guard at football games, para and at other similar activities. Of major interest the members is the perfection of a precision d team. This team represents Denver University regional and national competition, fighting for p tion with the ,best in the nation. The "Rifles" present are headquarters for the Ninth Regim which includes Colorado, Wyoming, and New icog because of this a national convention was in Denver with the DU's Pershing Rifles as h , . . N 4 1 . x v ' -rf 1 i . 'A W 1: Lucille Hall, Marilyn Mohr, Treasurer: Betty Watson, President Martha Rahe Sponsor Marian Iackson Vice President Elouise Veagsqliiz h Captain: Pauline Iones, Secretary. ROW 2: Sachi Morimitsu, Ioy Morrow Patsy Murphy SallY Handler Esther Aboud I-011159 HCI U52 Oro Y l ning, Hilda Howland, Haruko Sunata, Chilcako Ozawa, Phi Chi Theta Lavender and gold are the distinct colors of that ' A fraternity, Phi Chi Theta. A member of anhellenic Council, this chapter was founded University of Denver in 1924, and is known as lColorado Alpha chapter. Membership into this is based upon scholarship, character, A few of their services include the of the National Key Award to the outstand- girl in the College of Business Adminis- the presentation of scholarships to the two Phi Chi Theta graduates in the States, and the sponsoring of a cake sale on Civic Center Campus. t 245 ROW 1: Raoul Tayon, Sponsor: Larry Case, Vice President: I. Emmett Taylor, Treasurer: Bill Burger, President Gordon De Broder, Secretary: Wheaton, Donald Thompson. ROW 2: Gene Dolph, Max Peterson, Kenny Beard, Alex Campbell, Charles Pinkenauer, Rodney Wylie, lay Stephen Sikora. Isn'! sound-proofing wonderful? Phi. Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, music fraternity for m requires a 2.0 average, outstanding musicianship, a ability in other fields. They act for the advag ment of music, service to the university, maintenai of cooperation between faculty and students as vs as providing social contacts with other music s dents. Phi Mu Alpha has, for the past two ye: supplied the orchestra and many of the musical a for the All School Review of the May Days progrz They also present several types of musical progra at various times throughout the year. Being eitl members of the university's orchestra or band, l Mu Alpha members are representative of the act part of the music department of DU. 1 Doctor A L Campa Rose Mahoney Sponsor Valerie Peecher, Secretary Bruce Lowery Presxdent Pnscilla Atiwood Lydia Stoopenkoff er Beity Schneider Vxce Presxdent Marla Zandstra ROW 2: Dan Wrllzams Rodrxquez Montero Harvey Falwell Iarnes Lannon Frank Pitch Otio Ruler Earl Smrth James Fltzpatrlck Gene Pearson Mary Ellen Kelly Rafael Dxaz P111 Slgma Iota, Interest rn the romance languages, history poli- txcs, and literature IS necessary for membershrp in the lhonorary romance language fraternity, Phr S1gma Iota A prospectrve member must have at least three 2.0 are the are at therr meetings to inform and promote Other phases of the lrfe rn European cultures, such as music and customs, are rn illustrated lectures Thrs year, delegates a national convennon ln Laramxe, Wyo- and also a regional conference to further pro- l 247 - Q L A L A .- ROW l: Deborah Hand, Stqna Schjelderup, Edna Berqh, Amelia Miller, Secretary: Bonnie Krogh, President: Marian Denny, Vice Presidentp Iea Koch, Homer Peterson, Sponsor: Francis Garth, William Coleman, Orval Orr, Treasurer. ROW 2: Helmut Bothe, Donald Beaumont, Forrest Brenkley Iames Norris, Stuart Rieben, Bernard McCarthy,,Robert Thomas, Donald Asnicar, Iohn Kirkpatrick, Bernard Lebsock, Kent Anderson, F. R. Vande wiele, Carl Dovel, Iohn Leavel, Robert Rutter, Iohn Heard, Dale Fester, Iesse Ray. ROW 3: Oran Dennison, Bernard Scott, Leland Scott, Robert Stull Clifford Hauenstein, Robert Mitchell, Marvin Warner, Claude Coppel, Ernest Braukman, Thomas Mullins, I. V. McCauley, Randon Holben, Cliiior Barrett, Tom McDonald, Iim DeSanto, Irwin Hoffman, Iohn Mihovilovich, Bill Epstein, Norman Porter. Pi Delta. Theta. X it X Pi Delta Theta is the honorary fraternity strictl for the DU mathematicians. To be selected a st X dent must have taken at least two courses in mat and have received at least a "B" in each of the With this an interest must be demonstrated in th math field. They present programs pertaining t math and its related fields to the general public f their enlightenment and enjoyment. Prominent spe ers in this field and movies are given througho the year. They also present an annual award to t "You Idiots you ruined the plum" outstanding senior math student. An annual picn and banquet highlight their social activities. v i Gamma, Mu fThe national social science fraternity on DU is Pi Gamma Mu. Only those who have com- thirty hours of social science and have a "B" may be admitted to membership. One of of Pi Gamma Mu is to give the Uni- of Denver student a better understanding of world he lives in. Many of the great issues of in social life, economics, and politics are to the student's attention and analyzed for benefit. Speakers are invited to each meeting to own particular views on these important after which the group holds a discussion This is but one of the ways by which the helps the student of social science. l 249 5 1 Otto Hoeckele, Treasurer: Cherie Goss, Vice President, W. E Szkes Sponsor Howard Kassulke President LaVern Cart Secretary ROW 2 Boone, Bob Hill, Beverly Wendt, Martin Rogovin, Barbara Robinson Earl Smlth Ellen Retallack Luella Anderson Charlotte Ott Lane lohnson t ROW 1: Libby Radus, Warren Roberts, President: lohanna Naeck, Vice President: Ellis Graham, Advisory Helen Blanchard, Secretary: Russell gemuth, Treasurer: Ruth Clark. ROW 2: Charles Shearn, Miles Reznick, Richard Conrey, Curtis Page, Thomas Camp, Ora Matthews, Irma Reed, Weidner. ROW 3: Iessie Fowler, Eugene Zanqer, Clair Perriqo, Steven Jacobs, Givens Thornton, Dell Miller, Don Carline, Ioseph Iudge, TVQFSOII. "What do you know? A slow one" Psi Chi If you have breezed through your psycholog major, and are also a sharp student in your othe subjects, you will probably be in Psi Chi. This hot orary for men and Women with a 2.0 grade averar for twenty hours or more in psychology also r quires a 1.8 average in other courses. Promotion 1 psychology is done by the organization in varioi ways: noted authorities in the fields of psycholog and psychiatry are brought to DU by Psi Chi ft lecture and discussion periods, also members ha' the opportunity for training service at Laradon Ha a school for exceptional children. The social aspe of Psi Chi consists of coffee discussion periods a their annual banquet and picnic. 'sg-i !' 1' v l f ll licifi' ,if f"' --is Qi l Q lg ii '.i ' l l l E' 5 l L Secirls, Harold Atkinson. 4 w ,av 15 1: Dolph Hcmby, Scott Grady. Bill Cummings, Will Prather, Al Powell. ROW 2: Phil Worden, Bob Beers, Glen Shellenbcum, Don Cctrlme Lsllf A htm and Blade 1 M1 an C 59 f -. ff f. Q H X 351'-I.-aa3t'lQ-'. isa .AH 1 l .1 hgkffif 5 5 .0 C lThe highest honor for advanced ROTC students 4, A , ,y, C lil.. K 2 1 E be selected for Scabbard and Blade. Only about 4 ' i t " it .I C' G 9 g f , of the total ROTC enrollment are chosen. Basis - i Fi. f . ' Va 1 selection is on outstanding leadership, good char- ,J 7, , Q ' ...X ' favorable personality and a minimum 2.0 bg 'awp' ffgf " x average. Faculty and members are the nom- 'QW 'L A .,' 7f,i',, X g 5 committee. Their purpose is to provide ff I -. ' :Li .-nfl in the military classes on the drill field, .S A .1-,' 4 ,W ,ff 5 1 L in activities such as the Military Ball, ROTC ' A ' ,, A 11-ref' Committee, Sponsor Corps and on the student policy making body. This year some from the DU F-8 Chapter attended the convention to work and coordinate with the "PFC's of America. arise!" headquarters. ROW 1: Iohn Tomkinson, D. L. Beaumont, Karl Bearscove, Aurel Goodwin, Treasurer: Wirojana Tantroporn, Vice Presidenty Iames Shachleton, Sew tary: Iohn Fynn, Marlin Nesenberqs, Iosephine I-Iinch, Nancy Iona, Shirley Iohnson. ROW 2: David Gates, Sponsor: Mario Iona, Sponsor: Byron Cohn, Robert Calfee, Forrest Brinkley, Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Harris, John Clagett, Harrison Race, Iulian Walker, Vice President, Wayne President: Louis Burkhardt. vQtf-z-. f- I ' . u, ,:' ef J -v , . 15.1. "Is this the Pendergast Machine?" igme Pi Sigma. An interest in physics is essential in both th American Institute of Physics and Sigma Pi Sigma The A.I.P. is a professional organization of stu dents who have completed at least 15 hours 0 physicsg Sigma Pi Sigma serves as the physics hon orary in which members must have an "A" averag for at least 15 hours of physics and a 1.5 over-al school average. Both groups promote physics schol arship, research, and advanced study to increase thi general public interest. The groups sponsor lecture by distinguished speakers in the 'field for student and the public. Such subjects as astrophysics, cosmi radiation, and spectrography are discussed at join meetings. 'vi l: I. D. Pcxwlinq, I. E. Duane, G. A. Domb, President: Professor Krill, Sponsor: Roy Doon Ir., Vice Presideni: R- D- Upchurch. TYSGSUTGIZ l- E- ROW 2: H. B. Evcms, Iohn Von Anrooy, Secretary: Keith Cloyed, E. A. Blodgett, C. I. Terry Ir., Ronald Siephens, Dole Shellenbaum, Byron ROW 3: lock Loy, Robert Brown, Curl Reed, Ice Stulmcm, N. E. Klepper, Robert Christensen. VGUIOU CUFF- tThe Student Society of Administrative Engineers engineering organization which includes a number of members than others, since there less enrollment in this department at DU. They formed to further the field of Administrative and its brother sciences. The encour- of original research in the field, the ad- of the standards of engineering, especially and the maintenance of contact with in the region are other aims of this society. work for Engineer's Day showed their great in the activities of the College of Engi- and the university. "I give up, whcrl size do you wear?" .gV. . L ,, i l , 1 1 ROW 1: Avanelle Brown, Suzanne Tebow, Mary Ann Mc!-Xndrews, Treasurer: Lowell Lliile, Sponsor: Laurel Gemmell, President: Helen Hill, Recording Secretary: Louann Iurqens, Vice President. ROW 2: loann Banghcxrt, Revea Carter, Dorothy Alice Cox, Beverly Ann Swisher, Bill Bunger, Charles Bond, Treasurer: Sam Crebb, Secretary: Ray Powell, Presideni: Peter Klaisle, Margie Clowes, Alice Allen, Dorothy Chuich. Those boys got a loi of brass , E - 'gi 5 ,vias an : EQ L J' 55.45335 'sg 'Lf .yQ3,5g, f5w,f5g- ,553 if .fy l 5: C , fu 1- W 7' li 27 " li ii ff 1-,..jiJ '-4" f Y' .. . k 59, if fvpftl , il?-" 5-li if if nm :rpini is-'U ULQEEL 6' 'ew 251' Q':r.s'rjr,1geee ieiemmzugfgff 5 ..,,, J ff Q33 5-milf ,fiilx 3' if il M" u::f"- 32121, 556,15 jr-.-ji 2,545 VIZFEIE iii . -:.,L 5.11 ix ,g in-,, 'fr ,R ll 15 I. fri!! ,L , Tzlif--.iw-if ETF Fifi' " ae1:a,.'::s2'g3 iufia' iffy, f'ff5iggf.: :"':f1f lift .Ly r'- All outstanding members of the band are eligible for membership in the Kappa Kappa Psi, men's honorary, and Tau Beta Sigma, women's honorary, music fraternity. One quarter in band work and a 2.0 over-all school average are needed to qualify for these groups. Working in collaboration, they have been very successful in participating in many ac- tivities. Some of their more important services are providing receptionists for visiting college and high school bands, meeting with other chapters during the year, and presenting programs featuring well- known figures in the field of music. Methinks, however, that which goes on after band practice i not all what it's trumpet up to be. u Beta Society is the engineering honorary or in the upper fifth of the senior class. Tap- Mariin Capp, Faculty Sponsor: Lloyd Mclilbben, Frederick Linck, Hubert Iacobson, President: Bob Helander, Vice President: Lewis Howard, Secretary: Glen Shellenbaum, Treasurer. ROW 2: Alan Henirkson. Ben Wylie, Dale Fesier, Iohn Heard, Charles Howey, Iohn King, Iim Marian Denny, Bob Rogers, Frank Cenkovich, Leo Piecha, Ben Evans. ROW 3: George Shoenberger, Virgil Gabel, Vic Sundfor, David Iames Norberg, I-l. Vemon Hough, Iames Mondt. Keith Cloyed, Glenn Domb, R. D. Upchurch, George Kinoshita, Charles McFann. , 1 E 5 W ' V' fl? i' , iff? fiI"T7'i MJ' outstanding junior and senior engi- students of high scholarship. To be eligible er must be in the upper eighth of the junior for this honorary are held twice a year. The provide initiative and leadership for the by their support of worthwhile College of activities, and present an annual award to phomore in the college with the highest grade One of their most important contributions College is the yearly Engineering Conference, OPCH I0 of the Ofganila- Final week, or, "Who wants a scholarship anyway?" the college. ROW 1 Frederick Kmpher Faculty Advisor Don Mason Secretory Lawrence Wojcik, President: George Briggs, Vice President: Raymond Leslie Burroughs Treasurer ROW 2 Robert Kelly Curl Herbst John Chapin Arthur Quinn, Wayne Coykendall, Hans Brucker, Clarence Ruud' W Q ,fr u .n .1 ,li ' ,, A :A f , ' 1 V vi AV W 1151 Q 3+ ' 5 . s --l 1, ' :ii X sv ZA l 5 ,,- " V I 5' , .. . t M yr Lai ,Z.'7" tl? ,E t nr .il Y ' , 1 1' g- f s 1 L I-Fuel j- 1155 1 J H1 if 'leffwls lrfvesmw lfsast-is A F121 F. -A TEMP F25 f'322ff2iQi2 A major in Building Industry or Real Estate necessary for membership in the Twentieth Centux . . . I1 Builders. Techniques of selling real estate and met ods of building construction are discussed at t meetings. Movies, guest speakers, and forums ke the members informed of the latest developments building. Each year the construction business Denver puts on a "Home Show" at the DU Are which is open to the public. The members of Tw tieth Century Builders construct elaborate and wo able scale-model displays for this event. A fewy their social activities include a banquet in the f and a dance during Winter Quarter. l v 1 i ,, I F "1 ' L 1 W. ,-, 1 I 1. Nanneiie Peiticrew, Pai Zimmerman, IoAnn Pace, Elaine Krabacher, President: Ann Klocke, Sponsor: Elaine Haley, Vice President: Maricznn Secretary: lean McAnclrews, Treasurer: Floris Davis. HOW 2: Ann Callan, Betty Peterson, Marilyn Miller, Marty Beezler, Lois Iohnson, Lou Leslie, Doris Soladay, Icmet Bouska, Irma Brown, Suzie Tebow, Barbara Hill, lean Fulton. ROW 3: Frannie Hall, Polly Baker, Io Elliott, Ianet Mary Cunningham, Carol Dierkes, Bonnie Iohnson, Marion Richards, Illa Wilson, Rosie Milner, Amy Evans. Wom 11, , hletic Association WAA is the group at DU that foster sports from women's viewpoint. The only entrance require- is that a girl have participated in a sport for quarter plus a desire to further intramural sports In their program this year were ten thus offering a wide variety to suit the abil- of any girl. Service included such activities as intramural program for sororities. Many par- on the WAA ski team which won laurels of the big meets. Their "Sports Days" in and the swimming meet in the fall pro- "SCfG1ChQ1iHlehiQher." much activity for all college girls in this re- ROW 1: Marilyn Phelps, Co-Chairman: Iosie Elledge, Publicity Chairman: leaneiie Stephens, Bonnie Bauer, Barbara Hill, Program Chairman. ROW David Conant, Chairman, Iusiice Commission: Rosemary Moon, Asa Hilliard, Helen McDonald, Co-Chairman: Ray E. Short, Director. ROW 3: B l-label, Allan Gemmell, Community Service Chairman: Bill Cochrane, Treasurer: Gordon Bene-sh, Advisory Board Representative: Ken Richardson. I "Don't draw a map, just tell me where the ladies' room is!" - i - YMCA - YWC The student YM-YWCA is an interdenomi tional, inter-racial, and social organization on c pus. Its activities involve those things which h direct connection with the community, campus, home. This year they have taken good cheer to patients in the psychopathic ward at Denver G eral Hospital, participated largely in the Uni Fund Drive, conducted dinners and presented g speakers on economic and racial issues, and offe the opportunity to better know the faculty by " ulty Firesidesf' Some of their religious activi include worship services at the meetings and a ords class which deals with the life and teachi of Jesus. W lx 1' s 5 1 :W l 41 R if I 9 -l 1: Ioseph Koleson, President: Frances Schalow. CoSponsorg Iames Shepherd, Vice President. ROW 2: Elliot Rice, Dolores Sitz, Secretary: Don Treasurer: Iohn Cummings. oung Republican Club The Young Republicans Club is a political, social of men and coeds. They believe that a must give time, thought, and effort to the of politics to foster his own welfare because political and economic conditions have young people in closer contact with their than ever before. These young repub- lwere given seats on several policy committees tliey National Republican Central Committee this lwhich meant that they have an active voice in Party. Two of their aims are: to political information and knowledge of affairs of our state and nation, and to educate nmen and women in the principles of the Re- Party. "Let's run Norman Thomas: We never win anyway." 4 ,,f H.1-5 My 'G , Z . QP' X.,- ff 4' .f I 'F ,,, 'C?' 'Q 'er' v Y f ROW 1: C l P ' ' . UFO OPS. MUHG1 Slwdef, Soma Torgesorl, Angela Keifer. ROW 2: Dorothy Io Russler, Corresponding Secretaryg Peggy Cashin, President Ruth Gardner, Treasurer: Kama Wangerin, Io Ann Weidner, Recording Secretary. Zeta Phi Eta if A declared major or minor in the speech art field, a 2.0 grade average in speech or related field and completion of at least 10 hours in speech, radi or theater are the requirements for Zeta Phi Et This national speech sorority's primary aims are t keep a high scholastic average and to serve the fiel through the development of good speech habit They sponsor the worth-while Thanksgiving Mu sale to provide financial support for such projec as children's speech correction. Another of the important services this year was a film for the publ "And this is a lovely old ballad I learned on a ski train." on a phase of speech correction techniques. 260 f H V fi ' v F sri -A- Aaron, Beverly, 121. Abera, Victor, 148. Aboud, Ester, 245. Adams, John, 208. Adcock, Frank, 58. Addems, Mary, 124. Ahern, Robert, 142. Aichele, David, 58. Aigner, Frederic, 166. Alden, Patricia, 127. Alder, R. John, 220. Alexander, Erma, 58. Alexander, Joan, 37, 116, 227. Alexander, Mervin, 224. Allen, Alice, 58, 254. Allen, Betty, 37, 58, 129, 227, 23 243. 1 Allen, Claire, 37, 129, 172, 204. Allen, Gerald, 29, 105, 145. Allen, Thomas R., 37. Allen, Thomas, 155. Allison, Frank, 58, 208. Allison, Jack, 137. Ambrose, Amsbury, Anderies, Anderson, Andersen, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, 1 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Nicholas, 164. Merrill, 149. William, 58. Anita, 132, 201. John, 149. Bernard, 58, 140, 233 Charleen, 58. Emil, 56. Fred, 58, 208. John, 44, 149. Kent, sa, 207, 240. Luella, 236, 249. Rex, 160. Anderson, Roy, 217. Anderson, William, 29. Andree, Betty, 58, 226. Andres, Larry, 43, 150, 172. Andrews, John, 165. Andrews, Marilyn, 133, 221. Angelo, Clittord, 46, 206. Annroy, John, 253. Apel, Charles, 166. Arburn, Robert, 29. Armour, Alan, 163. Arnell, Donald, 58, 146. Arnold, Alton, 208. Arnold, Mary, 243. Arnold, John, 146, 158. Arnold, Mary, 44, 132, 224, 235. Arnold, Otto, 58. Arstein, Elmer, 58. Arterberry, Brown, 58. Asleson, Susan, 126. Asnicar, Donald, 21, 248. Aspinall, Ruth, 43, 40, 124, 215. Atherton, Richard, 140. Atkins, Barbara, 125. Atkins, William, 165. Atkinson, Harold, 58, 227, 251. Atler, Charles, 29. Attwood, Priscilla, 247. Aumiller, Charles, 46. Austin, Danny, 160. Austin, Seymour, 18, 58, 146. Axe, Harley, 58, 150. Aziz, Abdul, ss, 208. -B- Babcock, Sally, 133. Baca, Dolores, 59, 239. Backstrom, Bob, 221. Baer, Marjorie, 224. Bagdanski, Frank, 232. Bailey, Hal, 135, 160. Baird, Kenneth, 46. Baker, Donald, 23, 46, 201, 230, 2 Baker, Fred, 59, 140. Baker, Jack, 136. , Baker, Patricia, 115, 128, 257. Baldwin, Albert, 46, 203. Balek, Harry, 59. I Ball, Roy, 221. Banghart, Joann, 59, 220, 254. l l 4. 33. INDEX Bannock, John, 207, 220. Bardwell, Charline, 124. Barkdoll, Ronald, 37. Barnes, William, 167. Barnhart, Charles, 59, 212. Barnicoat, William, 37, 134, 150. Barrett, Clifford, 37, 162, 248. Barrett, Peggy, 127. Barstow, Clitiord, 159. Barthel, Kathryn, 127. Bartlett, Lowell, 58. Barum, John, 29. Basinger, Rex, 46. Bauer, Yvonne, 46, 124, 214, 235, 258. Baughman, Shirley, 46. Beaglehole, Don, 58. Beamsley, George, 59, 207. Beard, Kenneth, 246. Bearscove, Karl, 252. Beatty, Beverly, 59, 129. Beaumont, Donald, 248, 252. Beaver, Georgia, 59, 116. Bechtold, Mary, 37. Beckman, Clarence, 59, 147, 232. Beegles, Wilbur, 59. Beeler, Alda, 130, 204, 238. Beeler, Joseph, 163. Beers, Robert, 59, 251. Beier, Harold, 148. Bell, Glenn, 159. Bell, Jay, 59. Bell, Warren, 216. Bell, Wendell, 144. Bellis, Shirley, 29. Belmonte, Frank Jr., 212. Bendekovic, Michele, 131. Benesh, Gordon, 54, 223, 227, 236, 258. Benham, Clayton, 108, 149. Bennet, Harold, 216. Bennet, Lee, 143. Benson, Rebecca, 37, 117. Benton, William, 46. Berardini, Bernard, 231. Berenson, Gilbert, 59. Berg, Carolyn, 239. Berg, Darlene, 59. Berg, Edna, 59. Berg, Howard, 154. Berger, William, 158. Bergh, Edna, 220, 248. Berk, Robert, 59, 145. Berk, Willie, 59. Berkman, Jerome, 145. Berkowitz, Jerome, 59. Berry, Hubert, 59. Berry, Wiliam, 59. Bess, Corwin, 59, 138. Bessire, Nancy, 240. Betthauser, Gilbert, 59. Bickel, Idora, 115, 132, 211. Bioktord, Frederick, 207. Bickley, Billy Lee, 59. Biegen, Stanley, 59, 145. Biesler, Martha, 125, 257. Biondi, Louis, 108. Bishop, Norman, 105, 149, 210, 222. Blachly, Pamela, 59. Black, James, 161. Black, Patricia, 236. Black, Rose, 59, 224, 236. Blair, Lavern, 232. Blake, John, 149. Blanchard, Helen, 250. Blauer, Clinton, 59, 212. Bledsoe, Robert, 59, 160. Bleeker, Vern, 37. Blodgett, Emmett, 141, 253. Blount, Dan, 59, 216. Blumenthal, Murray, 59. Boatright, Marjorie, 126, 214, 242. Bodatte, Ernest, Jr., 239. Boeh, Tony, 167. Bee, Albert, 37, 102, 149, 230. Bogdos, Harry, 159. Bch, Betty, 59, 216. Boise, William, 236. Boland, John, 59. Boldt, Ann Louise, 29. Boltz, Earl, 19. Bomgardner, Robert, 60, 154. Bond, Charles, 46, 254. Booth, Kathryn, 124. Boothman, Ron, 218. Booton, Richard, 60. Booze, James, 150. Bordstadt, Judith, 131. Boska, Janet, 257. Bothe, Helmut, 208, 248. Botkin, Kay, 29, 119. Bottinelli, Charles, 231. Bottoms, Mary Lou, 60, 116. Bottone, Thomas, 29, 163. Bottone, Yvonne, 37, 119. Bouska, Janet, 242. Bowen, Ralph, 154. Bower, Janet, 240. Boxberger, Joann, 129. Boyle, William, 151. Bradbury, Don, 46, 139. Bradbury, Marjorie, 240. Braden, Robert, 139. Bradley, Vester, Jr., 60, 166, 216, 232. Bradley, William, 60. Bradton, Mitt, 239. Branch, Charles, Jr., 60, 109, 210, 220, 222. Branch, Thomas, 60, 154. Branson, Stanley, 146. Braukman, Ernest, 162, 223, 228, 248. Breckon, Ruth, 213. Brenden, Carolyn, 118. Brenkley, Forrest, 248. Brenman, Albert, 216. Brennan, George, 106, 222. Brennan, Walter, 149. Breternitz, David, 222. Breternitz, Walter, 60, 109. Brewer, Jack, 154. Bricker, Donna, 119, 201. Brien, Elaine, 60. Briggs, George, 256. Briggs, Norma, 20. Bright, Gilbert, 158. Bringan, Irving, 232. Brinkley, Forrest, 252. Broderson, Thelma, 121, 214, 242. Brodnax, Maceo, 60. Bronson, Paul, 148. Brooks, Roland, 60. Burger, Robert, 159. Burgess, Mary, 61, 132. Burkert, Corrinne, 240. Burkhardt, Louis, 252. Burkhart, Robert, 203. Benin, sue, 24, 25, ss, 37, 132, 205, 219, 242. Burroughs, Leslie, 256. Burstyn, Bernard, 232. Burton, John, 155. Busey, Joanne, 128. Bush, Dale, 23, 35. Businga, Floyd, 151. Butner, Donald, 61. Buxton, Robert, 160. Byrd, John, 44, 139. .3- Caddes, James, 61. Caianci, Sal, 221. Caine, Phillip, 29, 163. Calamia, Nina, 61. Caldwell, Sandra, 131, 201. Caltee, Robert, 253. Calhoun, Fred, 19. Callaham, Mary, 29, 117, 211, 257. Callan, Anna, 128, 205, 235, 257. Calmes, Robert, 150. Carnbor, Rosemary, 61. Camp, Thomas, 250. Campbell, Alexander, 35, 135, 136, 201, 240. Campbell, Benny, 61. Campbell, Sally, 17, 61, 126, 214, 237. ' Cantield, Auston, 46, 155. Cannon, Charles, 208. Canty, Beverly, 37. Capps, Wesley, 203. Card, William, 61, 150. Carleu, Lisa, 239. Carline, Donald, 16, 17, 61, 104, 149. 222, 227, 250, 251. Carline, Tommy, 104. Carlson, Robert, 162, 223. Carlson, Ronald, 224. Brooks, Saba, 125, 170, 21s. Brooks, William, 244. Broil, Robert, 220, 244, 167. Brown, Avanelle, 254. Brown, Charles, 60. Brown, Donald, 105, 222. Brown, Dorothy C., 60, 116, 201, 214, 224, 242. Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Erma, 46, 257. Kenneth, 60. Paul K., 40, 216. Richard A., 232. Robert, 253. Sharon, 118. Carmosino, Albert, 153. Carnahan, Gene, 61. Carr, Dorothy, 17, 54, 61, 130, 214, 234, 237. Carr, Vernon, 253. Cart, LaVerne, 46, 118, 214, 234, 242, 249. Carter, Catherine, 61. Carter, Loretta, 61, 238. Carter, Revea, 254. Carter, Ruth, 61, 124. Carver, Jack, 160. Cary, William, 144. Casale, Andrew, 223. Case, Larry, 37, 137, 246. Brownne, Charles, 142. Brucker, Hans, 256. Bnrgger, George, 138. Brumtield, Robert, 29. Bruvold, Bill, 236. Bryant, Theodore, 60, 107, 150. Bucher, Duane, 139, 229. Bucher, Magnus, 102. Buckminster, Lois, 37, 114, 120, 226, 242. Buerger, Julius, 143. Bulis, Charles, 60. Bullock, Noel, 60. Bunger, William, 254. Burch, Lou, 60, 123, 215, 234. Burden, John, 60, 148. Burger, Bill, 246. Casey, William, 61, 137, 212. Cashin, Peggy, 61, 130, 260. Castor, Ted, 24, 25. Catapano, Carmen, 61, 216. Catchur, Dorothy Jane, 24, 25, 127, 218, 223, 242. Cateora, Joseph, 61, 207. Cautield, George, 151, 216. Cecil, Norma, 205. Cenkovich, Frank, 255. Chabot, Paul, 41, 147, 153, 203, 239 Chadwick, Sylvia, 61. Chai, Calvin, 85, 222. Champion, William, 61. Chanak, Nancy, 61. Chapin, John, 61, 256. Charbonneau, Robert, 213. Chase, Blaine, 148. Chase, Wendell, 149. Chaves, Ruben, 104. Cheley, Robert, 203. Childers, Marvin, 142. Childress, Alton, 29. Childress, Robert, 61. Chivas, George, 147. Chorley, Patricia, 37, 226, 227, 236 Choy, Edmund, 109, 142. Chrisman, Bud, 104. Christensen, Robert, 61, 253. Christensen, Robert, 220. Christler, Roy, 161. Chuich, Dorothy, 61, 238, 254. Churchill, Louanna, 61, 114, 122, 214. Clagett, John, 46, 141, 252. Clark, Albert, 61, 207. Clark, Betty, 29. Clark, Ed, 158. Clark, lrene, 118. Clark, Leonard, 61. Clark, Marion, 225. Clark, Robert, 37. Clark, William B., 20, 165, 203. Clarke, Earle, 25. Clazie, Bob, 236. Cleary, Robert, 139, 229. Clement, Charles, 61. Clendenen, Robert, 162, 139. Clennon, Richard, 61, 162. Clennon, Robert, 61. Clouse, Bette, 61. Clowes, Cloyed, Margie, 61, 233, 254. Keith, 253, 255. Coates, Thaddeus, 143. Cocagne, John, 29. Cochran, Beverly, 17, 61, Cochran, Halcyon, 61, 130. Cochrane, William, 258. Cottman, Richard, 161. Cohen, Alan, 62. Cohen, Charles, 135, 156. Cohen, Martin, 201. Colacino, John, 148. Coleman, James, 16, 17, 18, 19, 54 62, 106, 14s, 222, 227. Coleman, William, 165, 206, 248. Collins, Carol, 18, 62, 130, 215. Collins, Charles, 62. Collins, lrrna, 29, 129, 201. Collins, Marie, 62, 133, 224, 235, 242. Collins, Gerry, 85, 222. Collupy, Leonard, 47, 217. Conant, David, 62, 258. 127, 237. r Connelly, Esther, 62. Connolly, Lucille, 29, 115, 117, 234. Connor, Mary, 62. Conrey, Richard, 62, 250. Conroy, Robert, 62. Conroy, Winslow, 118. Conway, Kent, 62, 208. Conway, Larry, 29. Cook, Barbara, 120. Cooper, Gordon, 85, 104. Cooper, Roger, 62. Copley, Robert, 62. Coppel, Claude, 156, 248. Corbett, Costello Gail, 29, 221, 230. , Raymond, 153, 239. Cote, Julio, 29. Cotton, Elizabeth, 29, 127. Cottrill, Judy, 203. Coughenour, Marvin, 47. Coulter, Lewis, 62. Counseller, Robert, 47. Court, David, 142. Coutts, Benjamin, 62, 209. Cover, James, 148. Cox, Carol, 122. Cox, Cecil, 62, 207. Cox, Dorothy, 29, 221, 254. Coykendall, Wayne, 165, 256. Crabb, Samuel, 163, 254. Crabtree, Robert, 62. Cram, Victor, 62. Cramer, Cramer, Felix, 209. Wilsie, 137. Crane, Jesse, 62, 134, 162. Crawford, Marvin, 102. Cress, Glynn, 141. Crisman, Ira, 222. Crist, William, 47, 105, 109, 222. Criswell, Milton, 208. INDEX Crocker, George, 20. Cross, Katherine, 131. Cross, Stanley, 37. Cross, Thomas, 63. Crowtoot, Floyd, 213. Cruickshank, John, 47. Cummings, Amy, 125. Cummins, John, 259. Cummins, Wendell, 251. Cunning, Audrey, 29, 125. Cunningham, Donald, 147. Cunningham, Joan, 47, 119, 242. Cunningham, Leora, 47, 213, 214, 221. Cunningham, Mary, 26, 124, 174, 215. Cunningham, Robert, 63, 216. Cunyus, James, 163. Curby, Bernard, 208. Curran, James, 151. Curtis, Ronald, 202. -D- Dadukian, Willis, 154. Dahl, Gordon, 63. Dais, Helen, 47, 123, 227. Dallas, Robert, 63. Dalton, Thomas, 63. Daniels, Bill, 221. Daniels, Joann, 37, 131, 201. Dauls, Bob, 109. Davis, Dent, 206. Davis, Edith, 47, 211. Davis, Edward, 47. Davis, Flaiia, 47, 219, 234, 242, 257. Davis, Gerald, 165. Davis, Robert, 224. Davis, William G., 139. Davis, Zachary, 230. Dawson, Marion, 47. Day, Don, 104, 222. Day, Frank, 29. Day, Frederick, 63, 159. Day, James, 63, 216. Day, Robert, 17, 148, 227. Dayton, John, 201. Deane, John, 102. DeBerry, Dennis, 161, 201. DeBoer, Duane, 37. DeBroder, Gordon, 201, 246. Dee, Beverly, 29, 133. DeField, James, 162. DeGrazio, Robert, 63, 213. DeLong, Harrison, 207. DeLong, Otis, 47. DeMerschman, Pat, 63. DeMoulin, Ray, 228. Dempsey, Thomas, 63. Dennison, Lorren, 208. Dennison, Oran, 248. Denny, Marian, 19, 63, 141, 208, 248, 255. Denson, John, 47, 136. DePuy, LoAnn, 119, 242. Dereks, Carol, 257. DeRiso, Neal, 167. Derry, Lyle, 63. DeSanto, James, 248. DeSimony, Richard, 63, 134, 144. DeVekne, Herb, 108. DeWitt, Anagene, 63. DeWitt, Douglas, 109, 222. Dhia'a El-Din, Shamsi, 63. Diaz, Raiael, 247. DiCicco, Orlando, 63. Dick, Joyce, 37, 129. Dick, Mary, 37, 124. Dickie, William, 150. Dickman, Joan, 37, 126, 223, 239. Dickson, Dale, 244. Dickson, Dianne, 37. Diehl, Shirley, 37, 133. Dietrich, Robert, 63, 232. Dillenback, Louis, 47, 147. Dillie, John, 223. Dillon, Jack, 25, 37, 137. Dimmitt, Paul, 63, 166, 224. Dinwoodie, David, 63. Diorio, Frank, 203. DiPao1o, Joseph, 104. Dirmeyer, Thomas, 63. Doan, Joseph, 145. Doan, Leon, 145. Doan, Roy, 21, 253. Dobriken, Jordan, 156. Dobrinsky, Roy, 208, 221. Dodorico, Josephine, 239. Dolph, Gene, 201, 246.' Domb, Glenn, 253, 255. Doner, Gene, 47. Dooner, Andrew, 161.- Dornberg, John, 20, 23. Dornberg, Mary, 20, 23. Dornon, Patrica, 133. Douglas, W. Ronald, 146. Douglass, Raymond, 63. Douthit, Glen, 47. Dovel, Carl, 47, 137, 248. Dowling, Norma, 63. Downing, George, 163. Doyle, Francis, 47, 154. Drake, Galen, 63, 138. Drake, Mary, 125. Draper, Gilbert, 21, 63, 209. Draper, Mary, 37, 126, 223. Driskell, Byron, 63, 253. Dryer, Raymond, 63. Duane, Jack, 253. DuBatl'1, Robert, 108. Dubbs, Kathryn, 115, 126. Duckett, James, 29. Dudley, Jack, 208. Duerson, 117, 203. Duifin, Clarence, 212. Duffy, Orville, 159. Dulac, Peggy, 227. Dulac, Robert, 227. Dumming, Amy, 226. Dumler, Orville, 63, 212. Duncan, Carol, 63. Duncan, Fred, 144. Dunham, Gerald, 63, 213. Dunham, Jack, 162. Dunn, Arthur, 138, 232. Dunning, Florence, 29, 117. DuPay, Evelyn, 47, 201, 224, 226. Durler, Mary, 63. Dutcher, Frederick, 143. Dutcher, William, 232. Dutton, Joe, 138. Dveirin, Herbert, 223. Dvorak, Dealey, 63. Dworak, Edmund, 63. Dyksterhuis, Richard, 63. -5- Eakin, Terry, 23, 37, 137, 233. Early, James, 150. Early, Ralph, 151. Eberhardt, Ilene, 130. Eckberg, Myron, 163. Eckelman, Paul, 63. Eckenroth, Glen, 47. Eddings, Larry, 211. Edenburn, Patricia, 122. Edgar, Terrell, 37, 142, 230. Edie, Eleanor, 205. Edwards, Herbert, 163, 228. Edwards, Kathleen, 29. Edwards, Richard, 149. Edwards, Vincent, 64. Eha, Mary, 201. Eitelgeorge, Ruth, 131. Elledge, Caroline, 25, 29, 117, 25 Ellingsen, Marion, 126. Elliot, JoAnne, 64, 128, 257. Elmer, Edgar, 143. Elson, Gloria, 123. Elzi, Gloria, 119. Elzi, Richard, 213. Elvejore, Arne, 211. Engelhard, Robert, 238. Eppich, Lois, 64. Epstein, William, 163, 213, 248. 8. Erturdt, Doris, 64. Erturdt, James, 64, 104, 222, 233. Ericsson, Robert, 216. Erjavec, Donald, 64, 167. Ermolovich, William, 64. Ertel, Shirley, 47, 116. Eshinger, Richard, 159. Eskanos, Mel, 156. Espevig, Percy, 64. Esselstyn, 64, 232. Esser, Henry, 47, 217. Etcheverry, Sam, 85. Evans, Annette, 64, 119. Evans, Emeline, 130, 257. Evans, Harry, 16, 17, 19, 5, 64, 227, 253, 255. Evers, Ted, 154. ...f- Fabian, Betty, 29, 119. Facchinello, Peter, 106. Failor, Floyd, 105. Failor, Virginia, 47, 221, 236. Fairlamb, Charlotte, 205. Falk, Laurence, 138. Fallander, Robert, 64. Fallstrom, JoAnne, 132, 211, 235. Farmer, Geraldine, 118, 242. Farn, Jo Ann, 37, 130. Farnsworth, Judy, 221, 223, 242. Farrand, Elizabeth, 131. Farrell, Patricia, 125. Fay, Edward, 47, 164, 227, 236. Fee, Bonnie, 133. Feiwell, Harvey, 247. Feldman, Martin, 106. Felsen, Eilene, 64, 121, 214. Fenlason, Ruth, 213. Fenoglio, Edward, 64. Ferguson, Velma, 201. Ferris, Greta, 238. Faster, Dale, 47, 136, 206, 213, 24s, 255. Feucht, William, 146. Fidel, Victor, 155. Fike, Norman, 64. Filson, Marie, 116. Finberg, Donald, 16, 17, 18, 64, 135 148, 213, 222, 227. Finch, JoAnne, 38, 119. Finkenauer, Charles, 246. Fish, James, 141, 244. Fisher, Jack, 151. Fisher, Norma, 115, 117, 203, 243. Fisher, William, 29, 153. Fitzgerald, James, 37. Fitzpatrick, James, 247. Fitzsimons, Audrey, 64, 224, 235. Fix, Richard, 163. Flaherty, William, 43, 134, 142, 227 Flanagan, Rita, 126. Flansburg, Beverly, 64, 226. Fleecs, Barbara, 29, 127, 227, 239. Fleer, Elmer, 64. Fletcher, Fletcher, Foerster, Foerster, Foiani, E David, 64, 2oa, 255. Howard, 139. Bill, 65, 148, 232. Jaan, 29, 125. lvira, 37, 213, 226, 239. Ford, James, 161. Foster, Ronald, 136. Fouse, Alan, 162. Fowler, Jack, 138. Fowler, Jessie, 250. Fowler, Don, 227. Fox, Richard, 149, 203. Fraker, George, 65, 142. Francis, Imogene, 201. Francis, Nancy, 121. Frank, Edward, 65, 134, 145. Frank, Victor, 65. Frank, William, 65. Frankiewich, Alexand, 29. Frazier, Sidney, 160. Freeman, Frances, 29, 131, 201. Freeman, Herbert, 145, 228. Freeman, Isaac, 65. Freeman, Marilyn, 125. French, Charles, 206. Frerichs, Frances, 65, 122. Frey, Anita, 65. Frey, Barbara, 30, 211. Frey, Barbara, 201. Frey, Berniece, 65, 122. Frey, Shirley, 129, 218, 242. Frick, Gladys, 30. Friend, Robert, 65, 222. Fromer, Franklin, 65. Frost, Ruth, 47, 220. Fry, Warren, 221. Fugate, Ivan, 231. Fulton, Jean, 65, 257. Furman, Morton, 65. Futrell, John, 65. Flynn, John, 252. -G- Gabel, Virgil, 19, 21, 65, 209, 255. Gaddis, Donna, 37. Gagliano, Joseph, 47, 217. Gahagen, Gwendolyn, 242. Gall, Richard, 143. Gallegos, Joe, 19. Ganshert, Pauline, 239. Garber, Emanuel, 65, 145. Gardner, Jack, 65. Gardner, Ruth, 55, 65, 260. Garner, Bobby, 134, 141. Garner, George, 65. Garner, Norma, 38, 118, 236. Garner, William, 65. Garrison, Jock, 164. Garrison, Marty, 117. Garrity, Charles, 65, 107, 222, 233. Gates,. ,David, 252. Gatto, Frank, 65. Gaubatz, George, 65, 135, 166, 221. Gaudio, Lillian, 65. Geist, Calvin, 65. Gemmell, Allen, '30, 143, 244, 258. Gemmell, Laurel, 47, 124, 213, 214, 234, 354. Gerberick, J., 139. Gerstner, Ambrose, 65. Gesell, Robert, 16, 65, 139, 229. Gholson, Jo Ann, 47, 131, 205, 235, 242. Gibson, Charles, 65, 209. Gibson, Douglas, 150. Gidclings, Arthur, 65, 165. Gilbert, John, 65. Gillette, John, 65, 208. Gilmore, Richard, 38, 148. Gladem, Donavon, 147. Glazier, Edward, 65, 148. Gleason, Jerry, 30. Glover, Ardyce, 38, 118, 243. Goddard, Alfred, 207. Godel, LaVerne, 65. Goldberg, Charlene, 23, 77. Golder, Mary, 30, 201, 221. Goldman, Morris, 156. Goldstein, Max, 156. Golf, Helen, 125. Golform, Ronnie, 107. Gonzales, Edward, 216. Gonzales, Robert, 65, 233. -Goodbar, Charles, 65, 139. Goodier, Roxanna, 127. Goodwin, Aurel, 253. Goodwin, Thomas, 107. Gordon, Mary, 119. illiam, 14s, 222. Gordon, W Gore, Marcia, 38, 131. Goss, Cherie, 47, 119, 214, 224, 234, 242, 249. Gossage, Roy, 66. Gottliib, Ruth, 66. Grady, Leonard, 251. Graf, Richard, 66. Graham, Richard, 66. Graham, Roger, 160. Graves, Charlene, 30. Graves, David, 66,' 146. INDEX Graves, Joan, 30, 117. Graves, Kenneth, 207. Gray, James, 162. Gray, Richard, 91. Gray, Robert, 66, 154. Gray, Stanley, 66. Greedy, Albert, 109, 222. Green, Charlotte, 236. Greenberg, Charles, 156. Greenspoon, Elaine, 114, 121. Greenwald, Myra, 66. Greer, Leonard, 208. ' Griebling, J., 38. Greinetz, Earl, 66. Greisen, Marilyn, 66, 239. Greisen, Paul, 223. Gress, Charles, 66. Griet, Don, 161. Griffin, John, 66, 91. Griffin, Michael, 167. Griffiths, Thomas, 166, 222. Grisenti, Robert, 164. Grissinger, Agnes, 30, 129. Grooters, Howard, 66, 203. Grosheider, Arther, 164. Grothe, Richard, 47, 212. Grout, Jack, 16, 17, 18, 66, 138, 149 217, 227. Groves, Carolyn, 66, 203. Grow, Johnf161. Gryglewicz, Peter, 144. Gudgel, Leonard, 66. Guinan, James, 38, 163, 233, 239. Gustafson, H., 47, 120. Gutjar, Harold, 216. Gyllstrom, Nylah, 30. -3- Haak, Katherine, 66. Habel, Bob, 142, 258. Hadfield, Robert, 66. Hadley, Frederick, 66, 207. Hadley, Marlin, 47. Haeger, John, 225. Hageman, Patricia, 38, 114, 118, 201 242. Hahn, Robert, 47. Hailpern, Solomel, 156. Hakanson, William, 48, 149. Halasz, Louise, 30, 245. Haley, Elaine, 4s, 114, 128, 234, 24 257. Haley, Mary, 38, 123, 124, 235. Hall, Frances, 66, 124, 214, 235, 25 Hall, Joseph, 222. Hall, Lucille, 245. Halleck, Bettyan, 48. Hallett, Stanley, 67. Hallock, Helen, 67, 128, 129, 220, 226, 234. Hamby, Dolph, 251. Hamid, Taha, 67, 138. Hamilton, Edwin, 166. Hamilton, John, 48, 137. Hamilton, Robert Chas., 48, 206. Hampshire, Mark, 230. Hamrick, William, 48, 138, 220. Hancock, Helen, 133. Hancock, Keith, 155. Hand, Deborah, 124, 133, 213, 242. Hand, Donna, 30. Handler, Sally, 245. Hannah, Paula, 30, 117. Hansel, Robert, 67, 138. Hansen, Bettie, 129. Hansen, Dorothy, 48, 132. Hansen, Edna, 240. Hardin, William, 67, 154, 212. Hardman, Wallace, 30. Harkness, Shirley, 201, 238. Harlan, Richard, 67. Harlow, A., 137. Harp, M., 67. Harrington, Dixie, 48, 119, 242. Harris, Glenn, 30. Harris, Herman, 145. I 1 2, 7. Harris, Robert W., 48, 140, 172, 228, 252. Harris, William, 67. Harrison, Chesley, 233. Harrison, W., 148. Hart, Donald, 207. Hartman, Martha, 126. Hartquist, William, 67. Harvey, Doris, 26. Hassan, Shanzzi, 230. Hast, August, 67. Hatakeyama, Doris, 30. Hauenstein, C., 209, 248. Haueter, Shirley, 67, 131, 203, 243. Haughton, Richard, 232. Hawk, Jean, 67, 224. Hayes, Gloria, 67. Haynes, James, 48. Haynes, Robert, 107. Hazlewood, Charles, 67. Heagey, Robert, 67. Heard, John, 67, 208, 248, 255. Heath, Barbara, 127. Heaton, Gene, 38. Hebrew, Joyce, 38, 116. Heckel, Esther, 23, 30. Heckman, Richard, 149. Hedman, Ellen, 67. Heiber, Lenore, 225. Heim, William, 67. Heimsoth, LaVern, 225, 240. Helander, Paul, 255. Helander, Robert, 67, 206. Helm, Donald, 140. Helstrom, Richard, 67, 106. Helvey, Nancy, 38, 133, 203. Hendershot, Glanita, 30. Henderson, Jack, 143. Henke, Richard, 165, 222. Hennen, Beverly, 120. Henning, Dorothy, 38, 245. Henriken, Allen, 67. Henriksen, Alan, 255. Henry, Dorothy, 120, 214. Henry, Ruth, 220. Herb, Regina, 128. Herbst, Carl, 256. Herlihy, Barbara, 201. Herman, Lois, 20, 230. Hefner, Floyd, 144. Herrera, Edward, 67. Herring, Ronald, 147. Heston, Earl, 105. Heuck, Margaret, 240. Heyer, Donald, 67. Hickman, Frank, 67. Hickman, Thomas, 107. Higginbottom, M. H., 48, 238. Hilker, Richard, 144. Hill, Barbara, 38, 115, 130, 257, 258. Hill, Charles, 207. l-lill, Edith, 130, 226. Hill, Edith, P., 67. Hill, Helen, 204, 236, 254. Hill, LeRoy, 67. Hill, Robert, 67, 151, 218, 224, 249. Hill, Roland, 48. Hill, William, 67, 160. Hilliard, Asa, 258. Hilty, William, 19. Himelgrin, Jack, 156. Hinch, Josephine, 252. Hinrichs, Yvonne, 30. Hirofa, George, 67. Hirsch, Alice, 48, 124. Hirsch, Paul, 67, 212. Hittinger, Richard, 160. Hobbs, Padraic, 233. Hodapp, Dolores, 48, 201. Hodgkins, Emmett, 67. Hoeckle, Otto, 249. Hoff, Darlene, 214. Hoffman, Irwin, 48, 108, 248. Hoffman, Patricia, 16, 17, 18, 20, 25 55, 67, 120, 214, 219, 237. Hoffmann, Thomas, 102. 1 Hogan, Eugene, 239. Hohnstein, Hubert, 67. Holben, Randon, 248., Holbrook, Alton, 48, 107, 223. Hollaway, Roy, 67. Hollis, Robert, 67. Holstein, Frederick, 165. Homer, Robert, 167. Hopkin, Carl, 221. Horne, Charles, 217. Horsley, Lois, 38, 117. Horsley, Wilma, 30. Horst, Donald, 166, 229. Hosek, Howard, 68. Houck, Edward, 68, 149. Hough, Hugh, 21, 68, 150, 206, 213, 255. Howard, C., 68, 236, 255. Howard, Richard, 68, 160, 207. Howard, Virginia, 68, 236. Howard, Wilfred, 106, 222. Howe, Glover, 154. Howell, Bill, 163. Howell, Dean, 161. Howell, Frederick, 91. Howell, Robert, 38, 142, 229. Howey, Charles, 16, 17, 19, 68, 209 227, 255. Howie, Joan, 68, 214, 231, 238. Howland, Hilda, 245. Hoyt, Betty, 17, 56, 6s, 114, 173, 238. Hoyt, Margie, 126. Hubka, Beverly, 38. Hudson, Deatt, 17, 20, 26, 68, 230, 237. Hughes, Hughes, Hughes, Hughes, Hughes, Hughes, Alexander, 119. Elizabeth, 68, 224, 235. Jacqueline, 127. James, 23, 166, 233. Joseph, 91. Mary, 120, 235. Hugo, Thomas, 85, 222. Huish, Leo, 68. Huizingh, John, 138. Huizingh, William, 216. Huling, Patrica, 220. Hull, Arthur, 68. Hull, Jack, 231. Hummel, Gordon, 48. Humphrey, Ray, 166. Humphrey, Richard, 68, 201. Hunsberger, John, 209, 228. Hunter, Wallace, 48. Hurley, Betty, 30, 221. Hursch, Jack, 167. Huskey, Ronald, 38, 149. Huss, Margaret, 48. Hutcheson, Richard, 68. Hutton, Jack, 48. Huycke, Alice, 219, 233. Hyde, Calvin, 233. ldaka, Kazuko, 49. liams, William, 68. lkuchi, Yukio, 49. lmber, Richard, 49, 167. Ingel, Will, 68. Ingersoll, Robert, 233. lnglehord, Robert, 239. lrland, Caroline, 224. lsbester, Bonnie, 38, 117. lsenberger, Ira, 68, 216. Israel, Perry, 49, 203. lsrall, John, 165. Iverson, Norman, 250. -J.. Jackson, Allen, 106, 142, 201, 228. Jackson, Charles, 68, 222. Jackson, Marion, 38, 245. Jacobs, Donald, 164. Jacobs, Steven, 250. Jacobson, Ernest, 66. I Jacobson, Hubert, 19, 207, 227, 255. Jacura, Louis, 155. Jahnel, Roger, 159. Jameson, Lex, 49. Jarratt, Patricia, 126. Jarrett, Phyllis, 39, 126, 223, 227, 239. Jeitrey, Warren, 165. Jennings, George, 69, 161. Jennings, James, 150. Jennings, Judith, 115, 120, 218. Jeraldi, Jim, 106. Jeurink, Joan, 69. Jinacio, Ruth, 242. Joelner, Fred, 39, 134, 155, 232. Johaningsmeir, Shirley, 31, 115, 125. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, 152, 20 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Arthur, 217. Betty Ann, 69, 124. Bonnie, 56, 210, 219, 257. Charles, 112. David, 69. Donald, 69, 132. Dorothy, 44, 49, 114, 234. Doris, 69. Edith Bonney, 125. Elaine, 225. Elwyn, 105. Lane, 69, 224, 249. Lee, 17, 69, 227. Lloyd, 69. Lois, 125, 257. Maurice, 17, 20, 69, 134, 3, 227. Peggy, 124, 214. Robert, 138, 203. Robert E., 69, 217. Robert Elmer, 206. Robert L., 137. Maslin, Johnson, Robert 7., 69. Johnson, Robert W., 49, 232. Johnson, Roger, 19. Johnson, Ronald, 31. Johnson, Sandra, 129, 201. Johnson, Shirlee, 252. Johnson, Stanley, 161. Barbara, 39, 131, 204, 243. Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, 171. Jordan Joyce, Judge, Jurgen 224, Justice Carlton, 154. Donald, 69. Lawrence, 69, 208. Marianne, 131. Pauline, 39, 205, 245. Phyllis M., 69. Richard, 239. Richard P., 153. Robert L., 16, 69, 134, 164 , Marne, 116. Nancy, 126, 218. Joseph, 250. 1 S, Louarm, 59, 124, 204, 214, 238, 242, 254. , Ken, 138. -K- Kah, Richard, 69. Kaiser, Kaiser, Kalas, Janet, 257. Vincent, 129. Leroy, 155. Kell, Marilyn, 49, 118, 224, 242. Kanekeberg, Lyle, 149. Karkus , Neil, 156. Kasman, Norma, 120. Kassulke, Howard, 69, 249. Kaufman, Alberta, 69. Kazimi , Mohammed, 69. Keeler, Janne, 223. Keeter, Richard, 109. Kehl, Leslie, 69, 164. Keiter, Keith, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelsh, Angela, 260. William, 69. Mary Ellen, 130, 247. Robert, 256. Thomas, 69. William, 69. Louis, 69. Kemble, Richard, 106, 222. INDEX Kendall, Barbara, 18, 44, 49, 130, 215, 234, 243. Kendall, William, 161. Kenitz, Lorraine, 203. Kennard, Helen, 69. Kennedy, Herman, 69, 203. Kenworthy, William, 31. Kenyon, Janet, 126. Kern, James, 163. Kesselman, Jerome, 241. Kessler, Horace, 69. Ketchum, Ellison, 159. Keyes, Charles, 69, 224. King, Altred, 209. King, Carl, 154. King, Dana, 223. King, Harold, 49, 232. King, John, 209, 255. King, Milton, 162. King, William, 69. Kingsley, Joe, 141. Kinnes, Fred, 69, 162. Kinoshita, George, 207, 255. Kirby, Frank, 31. Kirkpatrick, Elaine, 234, 242. Kirkpatrick, John, 69, 207, 248. Kisner, Margaret, 127, 227, 239. Kitagawa, Holly, 69. Klaisle, Peter, 254. Klausner, Charlene, 70, 201. Klein, Eugene, 70, 161. Klein, Ray, 70. Klein, Roy, 144. Klein, Ruth,'225. Klendshoi, Anne, 161. Klendshoj, Ole, 160. Klepp, Betty, 16. Klepper, Nicholas, 253. Knapp, Stuart, 220. Knight, Nancy, 218. Knowles, Elizabeth, 224. Knox, Carl, 140, 207. Knox, James, 146. Knox, William, 147. Knuckles, William, 70. Knudsen, Dorothea, 31. Koch, Lane, 148. Koch, Jean, 49, 129, 234, 248. Koclan, Joan, 39, 132. Koenig, Jo Ann, 119. Koets, Adalyn, 31. Kohn, David, 70, 105, 134, 145, .222. Kohnken, Billings, 70. Koleson, Joseph, 232, 259. Konce, Lee, 224. Koon, Dick, 155. Koons, Fred, 208. Koplitz, Richard, 31. Koppelman, Bennett, 70. Kosinski, Bernie, 129, 213. Kosinski, Betty, 129, 213. Kossian, William, 104. Krabacher, Elaine, 70, 214, 257. Kraft, Kenneth, 217. Kramer, Leo, 70, 206. Kratz, Barbara, 31. Krauss, John, 253. Kraut, Merton, 216. Krieger, Kermit, 140, 236, 244. Krcgh, Bonnie, 18, 70, 124, 248. Krcgh, Darla, 125. Krouskup, Charlene, 70. Kruk, Edward, 70. Kruk, Mary, 70, 226. Kuenner, John, 201. Kuhn, Joseph, 212. Kundert, Helen, 49. Kunioka, Wallace, 70. Kyle, Joan, 122. -L- Labrash, Lee, 70. Lacy, Lawanna, 221. Lacy, Wesley, 151. Lagerlet, Donald, 70, 208. La Gesse, Bob, 25. Laird, 218, 230. Lake, Allen, 160. Lakser, Bertram, 70. Lamkin, Burton, 31, 227. Land, Nancy, 114, 116, 242. Landrum, John, 224. Lang, Eugene, 70. Langworthy, Jean, 70. Lanius, Mary, 39, 211. Lannon, James, 71, 247. Laprocino, R. A., 147. Larned, Patricia, 116. Larsen, Charles, 162. Larson, Leonard, 154. Larson, Sally, 127. Lassila, Sally, 31, 115, 120, 221, 236. Laugwann, Charles, 223. Laumer, Diana, 71, 230. Lavigne, Gerald, 105. Law, Barbara, 49, 130, 235. Law, Jim, 223. Lawes, Robert, 147. Lawlor, Dale, 213. Lawson, John, 19, 71, 208. Lawton, David, 148. Lawton, Hoy, 70, 217. Lawyer, John, 163. Lay, Jack, 253. Lay, John, 137. Lear, Gerry, 222. Leavel, John, 71, 136, 248. Leavel, Willard, 17, 25, 137, 227. Lebsoclr, Bernard, 71, 207, 248. Lee, Francell, 36, 133, 204, 223. Lee, Nancy, 127, 201. Leeds, Carlyle, 71. Leggett, Carroll, 152, 239. Lehteldt, Herbert, 70, 208. Leik, Theodore, 71, 150. Leland , Bobby, 71, 158, 232. Lengel, Will, 162, 222. Leslie, Leslie, Mary Louise, 128, 236, Oswald, 166. Levine, Joan, 71. Lewis, Louren, 71. Lewis, Shirley, 39. Lewis, William, 202. Light, Lichte, Melvin, 39. Bill, 162. Liley, Jim, 222. Linck, Frederick, 71, 255. Lincoln, Joseph, 71. Lindahl, Leonard, 154. Lindel, Robert, 71, 146, 232. Lindh, William, 71, 146. Lindsay, Alexander, 163. Lindsay, James, 207, 255. Lines, Charles, 225. Little, Joanne, 71, 130, 243. Little, William, 217. Loats, Norman, 20. Loettki, William, 231. Lotgren, Frank, 143. Lofgren, Walter, 217. 257. Loggins, Barbara, 16, 17, 24, 25, 71 114, 115, 124, 214, 219, 235. Loggins, Thomas, 71, 142, 241. Lohmiller, Arthur, 138. Lomo, Paula, 31. Long, Marvin, 31, 159. Lough, John, 71. Louthian, Joan, 71, 124. 1 Love, John, 71. Lowe, Barbara, 127. Lowe, Omar, 49, 146. Lowery, Bruce, 71, 223, 247. Lowth, Joseph, 71. Loy, Loran, 140. Lucas, Delorian, 216. Lucero, Ben, 49. Lucero, Robert, 147. Lucht, Ray, 71, 107. Luellen, Larry, 107. Lujan, Consuelo, 128, 201. Lund, Victor, 136. Lundberg, Donald, 49, 147. Lundin, Bette Lou, 71. Lundin, Fred, 71, 216. v Lundquest, Bob, 222. Luscombe, Ann, 116. Luthi, June, 39. Lutter, Gusten, 207. Lutz, Margie, 132. Lutzens, llse, 71, 227. Lyons, James, 208. Lyndes, Kellog, 167. Lyster, Betty, 17, 71, 124, 2os, 234, 237. -M- Macaron, Edna, 39, 120, 243. MacDonald, Donald, 72, 160, 232. Maoliarland, Bruce, 49, 104, 134, 164. Macl-lamer, Robert, 72, 166. MacMillan, Joseph, 72. MacMillan, Virginia, 72. Madden, Joan, 119, 224. Madden, John, 143. Maddock, Katherine, 72, 130. Madisen, Cynthia, 125. Madsen, Else, 49, 130, 235, 242. Maguire, Patricia, 119, 239. Maker, Ed., 25. Malcolm, Darrell, 72. Malcomb, Nancie, 31, 117. Maldonado, Wadel, 142. Mallory, Edward, 166. Mallory, J. Lewis, 49, 161. Malnati, Stanley, 104, 149. Maldof, lrene, 31, 239. Malwitz, Theodore, 72. Manesis, Dale, 139, 229. Manning, Dorothy, 115. Marcum, Robert, 154. Marsh, Gary, 143. Martin, Conrad, 72. Martin, Dean, 139. Martin, Fred, 39, 218, 233. Martin, George, 72, 158. Martin, Ginger, 31, 128. Martin, Shirley, 31. Martindale, Billie, 162. Martinez, Charles, 152, 239. Herbert, 156. Mason, Donald, 49, 256. Mason, Jerry, 138. Mason, Leonard, 201, 227. Mason, William K., 39. Mason, William R., 134, 142, 229. Masoner, Thayer, 105. Mastin, Francis, 72. Matayedi, Bob, 223. Mathews, William, 212. Matney, James, 139. Matthews, Gra, 250. Mattice, Dudley,-212. Mawhinney, William, 202. Maxwell, John, 208. Maxwell, John J., 72. Maxwell, William, 220. May, Ralph, 231. Mayberry, Gordon, 19. Mayer, Carl, 16, 72, 138, 229. Mayo, Monroe, 72. Mazzeo, Anthony, 72. McAndrews, Jean, 125, 257. McAndrews, Maryann, 125, 254, 257. McAteer, Richard, 49. McBirnie, Harold, 217. McCann, Thomas, 71. McCarthy, Bernard, 21, 209, 248. McCartney, Sally, 116. McCauley, Ira, 39, 248. McCaw, Barbara, 132. McClain, George, 31, 159. McClaren, Dorothy, 240. McClintock, Diane, 26, 49, 131, 221. McClinton, Robert, 71, 105, 210, 222 McConaghy, Robert, 71, 218, 224. McCormick, Jack, 138. McCoy, Donna, 31. McCusker, Aloysius, 216. ou, Ch McDaniel, Joan, 71, 224, 235. McDonald, Bonabel, 39, 126, 230. McDonald, David, 72. McDonald, Helen, 44, 49, 125, 249, 258. McDonald, Sheila, 31, 130. McDonald, Tom, 162, 223, 248. McDonough, Judith, 126, 177. McDougall, Thomas, 141. McDowell, Carson, 161. McEvoy, Barbara, 31. Mcliann, Charles, 72, 209, 255. McGibbon, Marianna, 49, 133. McGillivaz, Philip, 20. McGinley, Morton, 17, 231. McGranahan, 220. McGrath, John, 166. McGraw, Paula, 118. McHugh, Hugh, 107. Mclntosh, Kirby, 109. McKanney, William, 202. McKenry, True, 49, 124, 213, 235, 242. McKibben, Lloyd, 255. McKnight, Lynette, 127, 201, 211. McLaughlin, Louise, 39, 131, 204. McLoone, Eugen, 20, 239. McMahon, Jack, 135. McMahon, John, 107. McMurray, Charles, 31, 155. McPherson, Calen, 31, 206. McSwain, Fred, 72. Mead, Patricia, 31, 129, 221, 226. Means, Wayne, 155. Mersker, Lloyd, 163. Meer, Jerry, 72. Mehl, Jack, 17, 25, 72, 135, 136, 241. Meinke, Raymond, 217. Mekelberg, Anita, 31. Menchetti, James, 217. Merling, Jerry, 49, 104. Merrill, Norman, 72, 166. Merriman, Keith, 39, 201. Metcalt, James, 206. Metzler, Robert, 223. Michals, Duane, 49, 140. Michler, Earl, 76, 138, 212, 229. Mickelson, Thomas, 105, 167. Mickler, Herbert, 49, 135, 229. Midgley, John, 73, 209. Mihovilovich, John, 73, 208, 248. Milholland, Bruce, 73. Millay, Karen, 39, 114, 127. Miller, Amelia, 73, 215, 221, 248. Miller, Anna Lee, 17, 131, 237. Miller, Ardice, 73. Miller, Carol, 205. Miller, David, 73, 105, 222. Miller, Dell, 250. Miller, Francis, 158. INDEX Monaghan, Annabelle, 49, 130, 235 Mondt, James R., 49, 220, 255. Monroe, J. R., 230. Montague, Robert A., 73. Montano, Elmer D., 49, 152. Montero, Rodriguez, 247. Moody, Thomas, 73. Moon, Rosemary, 31, 258. Mooney, George R., 177. Moore, Edith, 223. Moore, Hannoria, 205. Moore, Ronald L., 108. Moorehead, Bessie M., 73. Morgan, Charles B., 161. Morgan, Howard, 236. Morgenroth, Alfred G., 73, 217, 232. Mormitsa, Sachi, 39, 204, 245. Morrell, Richard, 39. Morris, Al, 156. Morris, Delorea J., 128, 224. Morrissey, Michael, 139, 161. Morrow, Margaret J., 31, 245. Morton, Elbert E., 201. Morton, Kathryn R., 31, 201, 236. Moses, Kenneth D., 156. Moses, Margaret, 124. Mosher, Nancy, 17, 56, 73, 132, 237. Moss, Nancy J., 240. Mozer, Lawrence, 213. Mrazek, Dale A., 207. Mudd, Joan E., 31, 239. Muller, Don H., 49, 146. Mullins, Thomas E., 141, 228, 244, 248. Mullins, Tom J., 73. Munson, Elaine, 210. Murphy, Glenn, 31. Murphy, James E., 160, 202. Murphy, Patsy R., 49, 245. Murphy, Robert L., 73. Murphy, Tom, 23. Murray, Arthur, 161. Murray, Clyde L., 73. Myer, Marilyn E., 129. Myers, Joanne A., 49, 201. Myers, Lawrence, 73. Myers, Paul P., 50. Myerson, Donald E., 151. .N- Naeck, Johanna, 250. Naegle, A. Bradley, 50. Nahmensen, Walter N., 73. Nakamura, Marjorie T., 50, 214, 234 Names, Gwen, 129. Nanaka, Nancy, 220. Nanni, Ferdinand, 85. Nash, Betty H., 126. Nash, Lawrence, 31. Neal, Peggy, 115, 132. Neale, Robert, 39, 133, 215, 235. Noriega, John, 107. Norris, James, 209, 248. Norwood, Shirley, 39. Nosewicz, Edward, 108, 139. Nusser, Lydia, 225. ...Q- O'Briend, Terrance, 73, 151. Ohehir, John, 216. Ohman, Robert, 73, 161, 233. Oke, Sophie, 25. Okagawa, Tsuru, 73, 223. Okey, Robert, 236. Olenick, Samuel, 50. Olesh, Gerald, 73, 216. Olmstead, Donna, 39. Olsen, Carol, 133, 203. Olson, Charles, 217. Peppers, Shirley, 31. Perka, Richard, 232. Perrigo, Clair, 250. Perrin, Perrin, Perrin, Perry, James, 74, 232. Lois, 32, 220. Richard, 74, 213. Donald, 74, 232. Perry, LaRue, 74, 128, 213, 236. Peters, DeWitt, 228. Peters, Doris, 18, 50,' 123, 215, 234 243. Peters, Prank, 142. Petersen,'Betty, 115, 129, 257. Petersen, Elmer, 39. Peterson, Allen, 75, 154. Peterson, Jack, 158. Peterson, Max, 246. Peterson, Winitred, 16, 17, 18, 75, Olson, Mary Jeane, 50. Olson, Robert, 218. Oman, Herbert, 135, 166. 131, 237. Opie, Marjorie, 10, 16, 17, 18, 74, l Oppte t , Glenn, 50. Orndorff, Jon, 201. Orr, Barbara, 223. Orr, Ca Orr, Or therine, 130. val, 74, 2oe, 243. Osborn, Esther, 16, 213, 243. Ota, Leslie, 50. Ota, Owen, 31. arlotte, 249. 123, 214, 237, 244. Pettigrew, Nonette, 128, 214, 234, 242, 257. Pettine, Geraldine, 75, 239. Pettit, Aloha, 39. Peny, Hari, so, 134, 148. Pew, Max, 1a, 23, 75, 138, 143, 212, 217. Piarr, Dolares, 50, 120, 227. Pieifter, Marjorie, 123. Pfeiffer, Milton, 138. Ptlieger, Everett, 138, 217. Phelps, Marilyn, 75, 258. Philer, Gordon, 75, 109, 222. Overiield, Raymond, 39, 212. Overholt, Gene, 74, 144. Oviatt, Boyd, 212. Ozawa, Chikeko, 245. -p- Pace, Agnes, 50, 201. Pace, Jo Ann, 128, 214, 234, 242, 257. Packert, Marilyn, 39. Phillips, Patricia, 75. Pickell, Robert, 75. Pickett, Eugene, 209. Piecha, Leo, 255. Pineda, Jesus, 50. Piro, Sam, 232. Pirtle, Allwyn, 108, 139, 149. Pitcher, Prank, 247. Pitre, Rita, 239. Pitus, Thomas, 164. Padilla, Blase, 74. Page, Curtis, 250. Page, Virginia, 50, 132, 234, 243. Pagliasotti, Carol, 39, 132, 220, 243. Painter, Elma, 224. Paison, Thomas, 162, 228. Pallesce, S. O., 223. Palmer, Jay, 246. Palmer, Norma, 126, 172. Palmer, Sandra, 118, 236. Paniile, Patrick, 74. Pankow, Jerome, 74, 213, 221. Parker, Gene, 232. Parker, James, 74. Parker, Vera, 74. Perkins, Robert, 138. Parks, Ann, 50, 133. W Parks, ilbur, 209. Parungo, Betty, 74, 226, 234, 239. Miller, George, 73. Miller, Jean, 31, 128. Miller, John T., 146, 232. Miller, Marilyn A., 49, 114, 128, 234, 257. Miller, Marilyn J., 75, 235. Miller, Marilyn Jean, 122. Miller, Ross A., 73, 207. Miller, Roy R., 201. Millin, Richard B., 73, 137. Mills, David M., 106. Milner, Rosanna A., 133, 242, 257. Minnig, Judy V., 73. Neary, Joseph, 73, 163. Neece, Joyce, Neff, Dale, 50. Nehi, Paul, 73, Neill, Lenore, Nelson, Alvin, Nelson, Prank, 116. 146. so, 132, 227, 242. 137. 221. Nelson, Jack, 36, 135, 162, 224, 228. Nelson, Marjorie, 39, 226. Nelson, Patricia, 39, 118, 203, 243. Nemeth, Ernest, 73, 142, 222. Nerad, Richard, 217. Paschall, Norman, 139. Patterson, Geraldine, 17, 74, 126, 214. Patterson, William, 74. Patton, William, 108. Patty, Margaret, 119, 210. Paulk, Ruth, 128. Pawling, John, 253. Paxton, Bob, 218. Paxton, Edith, 201. Payne, Leslie, 74, 165. Payne, Mabel, 74. Mitchell, John R., 31. Mitchell, Richard L., 154. Mitchell, Robert W., 39, 248. Miyahara, Ted H., 217. Mizokami, Mary M., 73. Mizoue, Yoshie, 73. Mocrott, Sylvia M., 31. Mockett, K. Jane, 127, 227. Modica, Dan P., 164. Mohan, Jane K., 73, 235. Mohr, Marilyn l., 39, .245. Molen, Donald S., 19, 231, 259. Molkenbuhr, James, 105. Molter, Donald L., 39, 207. Nesenbergs, Martin, 49, 252. New, Patrick, 73. Newman, Edward, 73, 288. Newman, George, 163. Newman, Nancy, 124. Nichol, Everett, 73. Nichols, John, 232. Nishimura, Karl, 154. Nixon, Francis, 232. Noel, John, 19, 73, 141, 209. Noonan, James, 108. Norberg, James, 19, 206, 255. Nordby, Walt, 136. Nordlund, Nancy, 39, 131. Payne, Richard, 164. Payne, Robert, 167. Pearson Pearson , Donald, 142, 201. , Jean, 247. Pearson, Robert, 221. Peck, Waldo, 74. Pedersen, Robert, 74. Pedicord, Lester, 50, 229. Peecher 242, 2 ,Valerie so, 114,v132, 22 47. Peirce, Russell, 236. Pendleton, Joseph, 74. Penny, Estelle, 203. 104, iso, 222, 3. Plank, Carol, 125. Plaul, Glenn, 75, 164. Plowe, Elizabeth, 133, 211. Lummer, Phillip, 135, 152. Pokipala, James, 106. Pol, Frank, 146. Pollard, Anna, 213. Pomonis, James, 161. Pompelli, John, 138, 232. Pond, Richard, 75, 203. Pope, Carroll, 260. Porquis, Crispin, 75. Porter, John, 233. Porter, Norman, 50, 136, 206 248. Powell, Allen, 166, 232, 251. Powell, Darroll, 19, 75, 206. Powell, Raymond, 244, 254. Powell, Robert, 75. Powell, Wilburn, 213. Prager, George, 149. Prater, Virgil, 51, 138. Prather, William, 75, 140, 25 Predovich, Harold, 208. Priebe, Margaret, 225. Proske, Ted, 51, 136. Puchek, Eleanor, 39. Puder, Shulammis, 75. Pulver, Dean, 144. Putz, Pred, 201. -Q- Quigley, Ruth, 239. Quinn, Arthur, 75, 148, 256. Quinn, Marilyn, 32. -R- Race, Harrison, 165, 252. Rademacher, Helen, 75. Radowick, Samuel. 75. Radus, Libby, 250. Ragsdale, Rachel, 75, 128. Rahawi, Ahmed, 75. Raitz, Tony, 75. Ralston, Nira, 117. ,213 1. Rance, William, 227. Ranes, Donald, 75. Rankin, Jaynie, 36, 40, 116. Ransom, John, 75. Rathbun, Edwin, 75. Ray, Jesse, 51, 105, 224, 248. Razzak, Jamil, 209, 230. Read, Phillip, 75, 224. Reaser, Richard, 75, 207. Rector, Charles, 75. Rose, Arthur, 166. Rose, Phillip, 40, 163. Rosnik, Margaret, 119. Ross, Barbara, 51, 123. Ross, Reathie, 227. Rothenberg, Dave, 23. Rottman, Bernard, 231. Roupp, Geraldine, 76. Rouse, Eugene, 51. Roush, Robert, 76. INDEX Sena, Richard, 152. Settles, Robert, 51. Shackeltord, James, 77, 155. Shackleton, James, 252. Shada, Alan, 164, 227. Shafer, Fern, 77, 224. Shatter, Donald, 40. Shavlik, Raymond, 160. Shearer, Charles, 151. Shearn, Charles, 250. Redburn, Betty, 40, 205. Redding, William, 40. Reed, Carl , 141, 253. Reed, Elmo, 75. Reed, Irma, 250. Reed, Robert, 75. Reese, Albert, 75. Reeves, Lawrence, 1651 Rehbien, Richard, 75, 138, 212. Rovenstine, Loy,'105, 149. Rowey, Herb, 222. Rowell, Flavius, 21, 209. Royal, John, 76. Rubin, Joyce, 121. Ruby, Marlene, 230. Rucker, Robert, 151, 40. Rudolph, Shirley, 221. Rugg, Donald, 40, 207. Sheets, Dean, 212. Sheets, Shirley, 127, 201, 211. Shellenbaum, Dale, 253. Shellenbaum, Glen, 77, 149, 251, 255. Shepherd, Duke, 51, 162. Shepherd, James, 16, 17, 18, 77, 148, 251, 259. Sheppard, Alan, 138. Reichmann, Kirby, 75. Reifel, Edward, 140, 209. Reiner, Lucille, 116. Reinhart, Paul, 75. Reinkoester, Edward, 76. Reipschlager, William, 223. Reistch, Bill, 227. Rennie, Mary, 129. Retallack, Lois, 129, 249. Rezik, Miles, 250. Rhodes, Barbara, 32. Rhone, Tom, 91. Rice, Elliott, 741, 259. Richard, John, 162. Richards, Donald, 76. Richards, Joseph, 76. Richards, Lloyd, 76, 147, 212, 232. Richards, Marion, 115, 127, 211, 242, 257. Richards, Nancy, 76. Richardson, Joan, 118. Richardson, Kenneth, 24, 25, 258. Richardson, Marc, 76, 226. Richardson, Mary, 20. Richter, Robert, 76, 207. Rickard, Robert, 160. Richards. Laurence, 144. Rickert, Kate, 32, 118. Riddle, John, 142. Rieben, Staurt, 209, 248. Ruoft, William, 76. Rupp, John, 232. Russ, Patricia, 129. Russell, Billie, 77, 146, 229 Russler, Dorothy, 260. Rustad, Josephine, 40, 123, 227. Rutledge, Susanne, 128. Rutter, Robert, 21, 206, Ryan, Michael, 231. 248. Shields, Bernice, 224. Shields, Wilma, 52. Shindo, Clara, 77, 226. I 232- Shinyama, Arthur, 77, 209. Shipley, Nancy, 127. 232. Shissler, Charles, 77, 108, 212, 222, Shivers, Martha, 51. Riede, Marlene, 124. Riggs, Willey, 76. Risley, Allan, 40. Ritter, Otto, toe, 223, 247. Ritz, Octavia, 213. Rixner, Al ton, 153. Ritchie, James, 24, 25, 136, 233. Roan, Philip, 155. Robb. Jeanne, 130, 214. Robbie, William, 104. Robbins, Richard, 161. Roberts, G Roberts, D ene, 106. ouis, 76, 208. Roberts, Warren, 250. Robertson, Robertson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Roden, Ge James, 147. Joan, 76, 129. Barbara, 26, 124, 249. Donald, 40, 154. Edwin, 76, 164. Jane, 51, 126. Majcrie, 236. Nancy, 126. Robert, 236. William, 143. Paul, 236. rry, 114, 116, 242. Rodriguez, Montero, 51. Rogers, Gl ann, 144, 224. Rogers, Myrna, 224. Rogers, Robert, 76, 255. Rogovin, Martin, 76, 249. Roll, Mary, 51. Rollert, George, 244. Romer, Victor, 156. Rominger, Royer, Les Caroline, 120. ter, 139. Ropiski, Theodore, 76. Rose, Alfred, 76. Rychel, Frederick, 154. -5. Sacks, Victor, 239. Saia, Joseph, 206. Salazar, Paul, 139. Salmon, Rita, 77. Salva, Anne, 40. Samaras, James, 159. Samples, Paul, 77. Sandor, John, 19. Sands, Kenneth, 77, 164, 232. Sarine, Warren, 158, 212. Satterwhite, P. P., 77, 238. Savig, Norman, 201. Schaefer, Edgar, 165. Schaffer, Donald, 151. Schauer, Douglas, 77, 244. Schiager, Ruth, 201. Schields, Bernice, 77, 226. Schierbrock, Eydthe, 77. Schilling, Jeane, 77, 116, 202, 203. Schielderup, Signs, 248. Schlagel, Dorothy, 77, 214. Schleske, Edward, 223. Schlotterback, Carol, 133. Schmidt, Peter, 232. Schneider, Mary, 51, 128, 235. Schoentelder, Patricia, 51, 132, 214, 235, 242. Scholl, Robert, 142. Schoo, lnga, 119, 210. Schrader, Robert, 77. Schroeder, Arlo, 77, 140. Schubach, Milton, 156. Schuch, Joanne, 77, 226. Schumat, Robert, 143. Schurch, Margaret, 131. Schuster, Jack, 148. Schwartzer, Arthur, 163. Schweiger, Dee, 143. Schwob, Barbara, 77, 119. Scott, Bernard, 77, 208, 248. Scott, Leland, 104, 148, 222, 223, 248. Scott, Mary, 51, 126. Scott, Warren, 107. Seaman, Lewis, 77. Searls, William, 148, 251. Seaton, Barry, 139. Seeley, Ronald, 51. Seerie, Margaret, 77. Seibel, Richard, 77. Seiden, Burton, 77, 145. Seiipel, Robert, 203. Seitz, Wayne, 32. Selby, Kenneth, 231. Sell, Marion, 140. Semenza, Leonard, 32. Shockley, Hugh, 77. Shoenberger, George, 207, 255. Shoppell, Elmer, 77, 216. Short, Claude, 77. Shown, Betty, 40, 114, 120. Shriner, Melvin, 32. Shrower, Mary, 18, 45, 51, 123, 215, 235, 243. Shryer, Sylvan, 16, 20, 23, 57, 77, 145. Shuker, 1-lamdi, 77, 209. Shulkin, Erwin, 23, 77. Shultz, William, 32. Shupe, Josephine, 51. Sikora, Alyce, 239. Sikora, Stephen, 246. Silvi, Louis, 77. Simasko, Donald, 78. Simmerman, Gerald, 78, 224. Simmonds, Robert, 78, 139. Simon, Barbara, 127, 204. Simonson, Charles, 161. Simpson, John, 32, 218. Simpson, William, 78, 151. Sispela, Joan, 40, 127, 204, 215, 234. Sitz, Dolores, 78, 130, 259. Skinner, James, 51, 139, 148, 212. Skinner, Marion, 40. Skinner, Sue, 32, 125. Skutca, Bill, 51, 150, 239. Skutt, Rodney, 135, 139, 212, 229. Smades, Roger, 102, 202. Smaldone, Gene, 222. Smallhouse, Charles, 40. Smead, Robert, 51. Smith, Chester, 78. Smith, Donald, 167. Smith, Dcnlie, 163. Smith, Earl, 247. Smith, James, 138. Smith, James R., 108. Smith, Lu, 132. Smith, Merrill, 78. Smith, Ora, 158. Smith, Patricia, 57, 129, 214, 215. Smith, Robert, 78, 149. ' Smith, Robert Leslie, 216. Smith, Roy, toe, 162. Smith, Veatch, 225. Smith, Warren, 78. Smith, William, 161. Smythe, Vernon, 144. Snodgrass, Arthur, 78. Snodgrass, Donna,A40, 124, 211. Snoke, Charlotte, 120. Snyder, Burr, 147. Snyder, Muriel, 260. Snyder, Oscar, 78. Snyder, Raymond, 156. Soehle, Normyah, 122, 203. Soennichsen, H. Richard, 16, 17, 2 , 24, 25, 45, 51, 137. Soladay, Doris, 78, 124, 235, 257. Solomon, Dudley, 78. Sonleitner, Roy, 78. Sontag, Eugene, 163. Sorensen, Clarence, 201. Sorensen, James, 160. Sorensen, Kenneth, 217. Sorkin, Fred, 156. Southend, Cliitord, 230. Spagnoli, Chuck, 222. Sparks, Gerry, 164. Sparr, Daniel, 16, 78, 138, 165, 203, 212. Speak, Norman, 78, 106, 222. Spears, Elouise, 78. Spradlin, Sidney, 78, 217. Spragg, Donna, 20. Springer, Thomas, 139. Sprinkle, Jo Ann, 129, 211. Sprunclc, Helen, 79. Spute, Howard, 137. Stadtlander, W. G., 51. Staley, Alvin, 79, 159. Stanbridge, Melvin, 40, 141. Stank, Richard, 79. Stansbery, Leslie, 40, 148, 201. Starr, Rose, 132, 219. Stattman, Fred, 140. Stearns, Margaret, 126. Stebbins, Pauline, 51, 128. Steinauer, Edward, 18, 161. Stemke, Gene, 149. Stenglein, Ursula, 223. Stenut, Healy, 227. Stephens, Jeannette, 258. Stephens, Ronald, 253. Sterling, Leroy, 221. Sternberg, Magdalen, 79. Stevens, Donald, 79, 216. Stevens, Herbert, 79, 223. Stevens, Nancy, 125. Stevenson, Allene, 128, 224. Stewart, Robert, 148. Stickle, Flora, 51, 114, 127, 214, 22 242. Stierwalt, Madeline, 236. Stiles, Arthur, 207. Stine, William, 32. Stoker, Leonard, 51. Stokes, Paul, 51. Stone, Ernest, 156. Stoopenkoti, Lydia, 79, 247. Strachan, Mary Jessie, 125. Streeter, Walter, 79. Striker, Bobetta, 79, 114, 121, 234. Stroh, Gloria, 117. Stromer, Vivian, 225. Stromer, Walter, 225. Stroup, Earl, 51. Strouse, Ronald, 107. Studley, Beverly, 116, 242. Stull, Robert, 51, 232, 248. Stulman, Jonas, 253. Stump, Wayne, 252. Stunauer, Ed, 18. Sucht, Ray, 224. Sujata, Dorothy, 51, 213, 214, 221. Sullivan, Patrick, 143. Sunata, Haruko, 32, 245. Sunday, Leroy, 167. Sundtor, Victor, 79, 140, 209, 255. Svehla, Martin, 20, 21, 79, 206. Swank, Walden, 161. Swanson, Barbara, 51, 126, 213, 235 Swartzlow, Joan, 122. Sweeney, Hugh, 163. Sweet, Nancy, 32, 227. Swickard, Don, 141. Swisher, Beverly, 128, 224, 254. Switzer, Paige, 79. Sykes, Benjamin, 79. Szyliowicz, Joseph, 156. .T- Tahnan, Abdul, 51, 209. Tallman, Richard, 79, 102, 242. Tannanbaum, Fradelle, 79. Tange, Kris, 151. Taniguchi, Betty, 32. INDEX Tucker, Patricia, 128, 218. Tudor, Sylvia, 17, 41, 210. Tully, Avaril, 125. Turner, Jack, 79. Turnquist, Carolyn, 32, 131. .U- Warner, Warner, Warner, Warner, Wathen, Arta, 117. David, ao, 218. Marvinlfe 206, 248. Winiired, 80, 128, 214. Charles, 41, 163, 201, 212, 224, 230. Watkins, Alice, 236. Tanner, Marjorie, 24, 25, 40, 118, 210, 219, 223. Uchara, Billie, 211. Udry, Anna Mae, 114, 124, 234, 242. Watson, Watson, Tantraporn, Wiroiana, 79, 252. Tarpo, Tasset, Louie, 79. Warren, 16, 17, 18, 57, 79, 138, 149, 229. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Beverlie, 51. Dwight, 209. Joel, 108, 148. John, 246. Norma, 132. Udry, Edward, 79, 158. Udry, Marguerite, 125. Uhrich, Karl, 154. Ujitusa, Agnes, 41, 123, 243. Upchurch, Richard, 79, 255. Urban, Eugene, 216. Urbana, Robert, 79. Urich, Kenneth, 151. Watson, Arm, 52, 124. Betty, 80, 215, 245. Louise, 16, 17, 18, 45, 52, 126, 215. Watt, Charles, 52, 165. Watton, Thomas, 137, 212, 244. 'Weatherman, Donald, 80. Weber, Albert, 107, 222. Weber, Maryan, 52, 127. Weeks, Janis, 33. Zabel, Louis, 217. Teague, Burl, 147. Tebow, Arthur, 145. Tebew, sue, 129, 224, 242, 254, 257, Templeton, Allan, 51. Terborg, Jack, 108, 203, 222. Terry, Cliitord, 253. Terry, Ellen, 4o, 131, 213, 242. Tevebaugh, Marvin, 220. Thacker, William, 232. Thill, Catherine, 41, 127, 213. Thill, Pat, 223. Thirsk, Walter, 212. Thomas, Max, 140. Thomas, Robert, 21, 209, 248. Thomas, William, 167, 209. Wilma, 240. Thomas, Thompson, Dale, 102. Thompson, Dick, 25. Thompson, Donald, 246. Thompson, Howard, 149. Thompson, Therese, 239. Thompson, James, 165. Thornton, Givens, 250. Threlkeld, Charles,' 141. Tibbetts, Richard, 41, 143. Tietze, Arnold, 223. Tiller, Henry, 79. Timmons, John, 79, 149. Timms, Ruby, 79. Tingstad, John, 151, 201. Toadvine, Larry, 32, 147. Ten, Dale, 79, 91. Tomita, Robert, 79. Tomkinson, John, 252. Tomoyasu, Madge, 226. Tomsic, Walter, 107. Topel, William, 79. Torgeson, Sonia, 51, 116, 260. Torrence, Billie, 79, 219. Torrens, Robert, 135. Torres, Josph, 52. Tracy, Barbara, 124. Trader, Barry, 105, 165, 222. Traver, Marvin, 79. Trenholme, Lois, 79, 203. Trimmer, Edward, 162. Troendly, Jerry, 138, 229. Trueblood, Ruth, 52. Truzzolino, John, 41, 150. Tucker, Lois, 32, 126, 227, 239. .v.. Vacura, Lowis, 41. Vaira, Alvin, 159. Valdez, Leo, 79. Van Antwerp, Dorothy, 126. Van Brunt, Jack, 242. Vandewiele, Felix, 52, 206, 248. Van Nocker, Karl, 79. Vanpelt, Chancey, 159. Vancil, Margaret, 133. Vanderpool, Al., 222. Vanderpool, Floyd, 79, 109. Veazey, Juanita, 79, 226. Vehara, Jane, 32. Velasquez, Elouise, 41, 205, 245. Venzke, Robert, 149. Vigil, Damacio, 139. Virtue, John, 80, 158. Vollmuth, Barbara, 128. Volz, Fred, 19. Vote, Fredrick, 141. -W- Wagenfuhr, Trueman, 80. Wagner, Madelyn, 80. Wagner, Pat, 203. Waibel, Al, 222. Walker, Donald, 161. Walker, Glenn, 160. Walker, Julian, 252. Walker, Ken, 104. Walker, Leland, 162. Wegeman, Keith, 241. Weidman, Shirley, 124, 242. Weidner, Betty, 80, 221, 224, 234, 242, 250, 260. Weinke, Kurt, 80, 166. Wells, Barbara, 80, 124. Wendt, Beverly, 52, 131, 234. Werner, Gladys, 127. Westcoat, Sara, 80, 131, 235, 236. Wessel, Bruce, 80, 212. Westbay, Richard, 148, 222. Wester, George, 80, 163. Westerbeck, Allan, 80, 150, 212. Wetherell, Sue, 41. Wheatly, Jeanette, 33, 117, 123: Wheaton, Jack, 52, 246. Whitacre, Suzanne, 125. Whitaker, Kathryn, 33. White, Lawrence, 80. Whiteside, Charles, 80, 236. Whitehead, Fred, 139, 212. Whitehead, Janice, 33. Whitney, Stanley, 81. Whittaker, Lois, 40, 127, 227, 235. Whorton, Mildred, 81. Wigle, Douglas, 81. Wigle, Edwin, 81, 233. Wilcox, Carl, 232. Wilcox, Jean, 81. Wilder, I-loin, 81. Wilkins, Elizabeth, 52, 130, 235, 243. Wilkinson, J. E., 227. Williams, Carl, 81, 232. Walker, Mary Ann, 129. Walker, Patricia, 131. Wallace, Joseph, 80. Wallie, James, 80, 208. Walls, Benjamin, 80, 217. Walser, Ken, 105. Walsh, Vincent, 139. Walstrom, Donna, 175. Walter, George, 32. Walter, Philip, 163. Waly, Jamal, 80. Waly, Charles, 41. Wangerin, Karna, 130, 205, 243, 260. Ward, June, 52, 218. Warder, Eleanor, 118. Warder, Hugh, 155. Ware, Barbara, 52, 223. Wargo, Michael, 107. Williams, Clarence, 81, 136, 256. Williams, Dan, 247. Williams, Everett, 33. Williams, Robert C., 81, 150. Williams, Robert D., 141. Williams, Roy, 81. Williamson, Virginia, 41, 124, 224, 226, 242. Willimont, Alan, 41, 142, 228. Willimont, Patricia, 52, 131, 213, 214, 235. Willimont, Virginia, 33, 131. Willis, Alvie, 108. Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Coralee, 129. Donald, 146. llla, 201, 257. Isabel, 202. Jonathan, 81, 212. Wilson, Newton, 81 . Wilson, Richard A., 81, 143. Wilzer, Carl, 18. Windham, Edwin, 81, 158. Winkler, Arthur, 206. Winters, Lois, 17, 81, 236, 237. Wiseman, William, 81, 135, 167. Kohlgemuth, Russell, 250. Wojcik, Lawrence, 81, 256. Wojcik, Mary, 52. Wolf, Betty, 123. Wolf, Betty J., 81. Wong, Osmund, 41. Wong, Peter, 208. Wood, James, 20. Wood, Jesse, 109. Wood, Robert, 81, 139. Woodall, Robert, 221. Woodcock, Moyne, 218. Woodrell, Robert, 41. Woodward, Jerry, 147, 152, 229, 239. Woodworth, Ray, 232. Woolridge, Donald, 151. Worden, Phillip, 24, 25, 138, 150, 229, 251. Wormwood, Sally, 52, 133, 224, 242. Wright, David, 81, 138. Wright, Kenneth, 230. Wylie, Evan, 255. Wylie, Rodney, 246. ..y.. Yamamoto, Jimmy, 81, 208. Yamasaki, Kiyoshi, 206. Yamato, Betty, 52. Yamen, Joan, 33. Yanaru, Ethel, 33, 224, 226. Yap, Francis, 81. Yasumura, William, 81. Yenter, Charline, 52. York, Marion, 120, 201. Young, Barbara, 41, 133, 220, 24 Young, Dean, 41, 227. Young, Harden, 41. Young, William H., 155. Young, William J., 159. ..z- Zandstra, Maria, 247. Zanger, Eugene, 250. Zartman, Charles, 167. Zeigler, Eugene, 221. Zell, Richard, 52, 139, 217. Zeni, Joe, 222. Zielinski, Raymond, 81. Zimbehl, Glen, 163. Zimmerman, Clyde, 52, 137. Zimmerman, Leon, 128. 2 3. Zimmerman, Judith, 52, 128, 226. Zimmerman, Robert, 81, 149. Zimmerman, Pat, 257. Zirkle, Howard, 159. Zisch, Richard, 81. Zorn, Donald, 159. Zumstein, lrene, 223. Zwich, Sylvan, 33. Business Administration Raymond Barnard Matthew Bernatsky Edward Bourke Margaret Brittan Grace Bumpus Carl Butler Sam Butler Otto Butterly F. L. Carmichael Theodore Cutler James Daniels Donald Decker Harold Dunnam Raymond Emery Lee Evans Maurice Fitzgerald Robert Fowlkes Oscar Gellein Eugene Halaas Paul Haynie Byron Johnson Jerome Kesselman Vernon Loomis Eleanor Luette Robert McCosh James Maddox Jack Martin Arthur Mason Jr. William Mawhinney Alonzo May Carl Melzer Paul Merry Harlan Miller David Mosconi Earl Nicks E. H. Plank Juanita Rauch Edith Schnell Harry Seligson Wayne Shroyer Gilbert Smith A. E. Theodorides Hazel Williams Lamont School of Music David Abosch Norman Beville Katherine Bowman Beatrice Brewster Byron Darnell Sonja Easterly Walter Eisenberg Allen Greene Val Henrich Paul Hockstad Frederick Hoeppner Thomas Holden Alex Horst Gunter Jacobius Richard Joiner Byron Jolivette Virginia Knowles Annalee Kylfin Bernice Laverty Charles Lenicheck Elaine Lichtenwalter Walter Light Helen Lunn John Lunn FACULTY Lillian Miller Helen Ondrusek Ruth Parisoe David Pew Loretta Preble Howard Reynolds Virginia Rigg Andrew Riggs Mary Roberts. Emmy Brady Rogers Harry Saltzman Vera Sears Dorothea Seaman Kay Shadwell Margaret Teeters John Van Buskirk Harold Whippler Community College Philip Gullette W. M. Lewis Roy Minnis Graduate College Clifford Bebell Louis Breternitz Colbert Cushing Edith Davis Caroline Elledge Margaret Hoffman John Ingram Orville Johnson Roy Johnson Shirley Johnson James Kern Harold Moore Alberta Munkres Campbell Murphy Isabel Nichol Harold Nitzberg Arden Olsen Phillip Perdew Albert Rosenthal Jean Sinnock Dorothea Spellman Ruth Strout Emil Sunley Herbert Walther Howard Woolum College of Law Vance Dittman Harold Hurst Willson Hurt Thompson Marsh Allen Mitchem Frances Schalow Charles Works College of Engineering James Blackledge Martin Capp Albert Chenoweth lvan Crawford Dent Davis Frederick Fry Carl Hedburg Arthur Krill George Lol James Lucker Fred McClain James Orris Arlie Paige Wilbur Parks Charles Prien Herbert Reno Ted Reyhner Arthur Stiles Richard Stone William Zuk Arts and Sciences Johnnye Akin John Baker Thomas Bartlett Sybil Bates Gladys Bell W. Campton Bell John Billmyer Robert Blair E. E. Bradley Hoyt Brawner Allen Breck Daniel Brown Francis Brush Robert Caltee Arthur Campa Raymond Carey Keith Case Byron Cohn Essie Cohn Clark Crain Edmund Cressman Alfred Crofts Sam Cutright Fred D'Amour Levette Davidson William Drisoill Anna Marie Duval Earl Engle Burt Erickson Elizabeth Fackt Olne Fant Roger Fee Hazel Ferguson Seth Fessenden Otto Freitag Francis Garth David Gates Lloyd Gifford Iris Gillmore Arrie Golden Earl Graham Bruce Granger W. S. T. Gray Lessie Hagen Wayne Hedges Florence Hinman Lillian Hoffman Arthur Holch Ruth Holzman R. Gordon Hoxie Allan Hubbell Dorothy Humiston Carl Hurley Marie Iona Granville Johnson Noel Jordan Mike Jurich Kathryn Kaiser Harry Kauffman Vance Kirkland Ann Klocke Alice Kohler Josef Korbel Joseph Kupcelr John Lawson John Lemlaach Lowell Little Warner Lowe Catharine Ludy G. Howard McCormick Rose Mahoney John Mason Robert Mead Charles Merrifield C. Howard Miller Edith Miller Lawrence Miller Milton Miller Edith Moore Harry Moore Earl Morris Robert Mott Thomas Murphy Elwood Murray Francis Myers Kenneth Noble Siegwalt Balleske Marcelino Penuelas Whitney Perkins Homer Peterson Russell Porter Harold Priest Tunis Prins Charles Remus Albert Recht Janet Redfield Floyd Reed Robert Rhode Margaret Robertson Floyd Sampson William Sanderson Wilhelm Schaeffler John Schlueter Karl Schmidt Leslie Scofield Robert Seymour Alfred Shaklee Joseph Shelley William Shirey Moras Shubert Walter Sikes Walter Slugh Myron Smith Richard Sorby Eugene Sternberg William Stickler Alan Swallow Marian Talmadge Raoul Tayon James Tong Erna Triplett Clarence Van Duzer George Vardaman Wesley Weber Ross Wedemeyer Elton Wieman John Wilcox Martha Wilcox Waldo Williamson Richard Winchester Arnold Withers Richard Woellhaf Laurence Young Frederick Zeiner I I I -A- l ALLEN, Alice Snyder-Delta, Colorado. l B.A., Humanities Area. Ine Economics Club 15 Alpha Lambda Delta 25 Tau Beta mb 1,2,45 MSF 1,25 Omicron Delta Sigma 1,Z. ANDERIES, William J.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Building lndustry. Newman Club 45 20t Century Builders 4. Transfer from Notre Dame. ANDREE, Betty Jane-Littleton, Colorado. B.A., Home Economics. Vide President 2, Secretary 3,4, Home Economics Club 1,2, 3,45 IFTA. ARNELL, Donald E.-Denver. ' B.S.B.A., General Business, Delta Sigma Pi. Treasurer 4, Delta Sigma Pi5 Phi Chi Eta. Transfer from the University of Colorado. ATKINSON, Harold Leonard-Leoti, Kansas. Ji B.S., Zoology. H sail Vi Ye lPresident 3, Die Lusti en Deutschen 2,35 SCA 2,35 Scabbard 8- Blade 3,45 Phi hi Eta 3,45 Vice President 4, Ice? Skating Club 3,45 Mu Beta Kappa 3,45 FTA 3,45 lnter- Varsgl? Christian Fellowship 3,4. Train er from Kansas State. AUSTIN, Seymour-Denver. It B.S.B.A., Marketing and Sales, Delta Sigma Pi. Chancellor 4, Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,45 Senior Activities Chair- man CCC 4: Commerce Commission 45 Student Senate 45 Colegiate Chamber of Commerce. A ME, Harley J.-Casper, Wyoming. I B.S.B.A., Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha. Tramlsterlfrom Casper Junior College. B BNCA, Delores E.-Denver. iB.A., Humanities Area, Independents. Ballroom Partners I,2,35 Cosmopolitan Club 1,25 YM-YWCA I,2f,4j DUettes I5 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1,25 Me ,tors 3,45 Spanish Club 25 Publicity Chairman 3, New- man Club I,2,3,45 Aquad Club 45 FTA 2,3. BALEK, Harry C.--Denver. IBLA., History. Foaxball I5 Wrestling 35 Buchtel Village Council 2. BA: NOCK, John E.-Denver. lBLS., Electrical Engineering. President 3, Dudes and Dames I,2,3,45 Pi Delta Theta 2,3, 45 hiss 3,4. BA, NHARDT, Charles S.-Denver. ,BLS.B.A., Airline-Airport Management. Treasurer 4, Alpha Eta Rho 3,45 Scabbard and Blade 45 rnold Air Society 45 Management-Personnel Club 3,45 Piorteer Photagraphers5 Distinguished Military Student. BEAUMONT, Donald-Denver. llBlS., Physics. Signtgiri Sigma 45 Pi Delta Theta 45 Pi Mu Epsilon 45 BECKMAN, Clarence L.-Denver. lBlS.B.A., Personnel and Industrial Relations, Delta jSigma Pi. iinirrlwarden 1, Delta Sigma Pi5 Management-Personnel u . BERENSON, Gilbert-Portland, Maine. iBJ5.B.A., Retailing. ranlster from Portland Junior College. ESE, Corwin S.-Denver. A .5.B.A., Management, Alpha Kappa Psi. anagement-Personnel Club 3,4. ICICFORD, Frederick H. C., Jr.-Rockville, ' aifyland. B.S., Electrical Engineering, Independents. IEEI 3,45 Aquad Club 45 Radio Club 4. ran ter from Rochester Institute of Technology. 'ICI LEY,'Billy L.-Denver. B.S., Chemistry. mericpn Institute of Chemical Engineers 2,3,4. IECEN, Stanley R.-Brooklyn, New York. g.S..B.A.?,hHotel and Restaurant Management, Tau psi on 1. illej 2,3,4. ranxfer from Brooklyn College. LACK Rose A.-Denver. B.A., Humanities Area. reasurer Z, Home Economics Club 1,25 Service Chairman ,4, MSA 1,2,3,45 YM-YWCA 1,2,3,45 Mentors 3,45 Omicron elta: Sigma 3,45 FTA 4. OEH, Elmer A.-Troy, Kansas. B.A., Journalism, Theta Chi. oil, lBetty J.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Accounting. Q retoiy 4, Beta Alpha Psi 4. OLAND, John R.-Denver. B.S., Chemistry, Independents. merlcdn Institute of Chemical Engineers 3,4. RAATON, Mary F.-Denver. B.A., English, Independents. ownllan Club 45 Future Teachers of America 4. anster from Loretto Heights College. RAI LEY, Vester C., Jr.-Greensboro, ort lCarolina. B.SIB.A., Accounting, Tau Kappa Epsilon. to Ihlpha Psi 45 Management-Personnel Club 45 Spanish ub5,l Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 2. RE ERNITZ, David A.-Denver. B A., Anthropology. oneer Ski Club I5 Spanish Club 3,45 President 4, Phi ma' Society 2,3,45 Soccer Club 45 ROTC Rifle and Pistol am l1,2,35 Varsity Rifle and Pistol Team 2,3,45 Freshman fle and Pistol Team 15 Distinguished Military Student5 7I'g'!PiEt:S8LT2Rgflf Award 1,25 ROTC PMS8tT Pistol Award I rr, U I I I SENIOR ACTIVITIES BROWN, Dorothy C.-Denver. B.A., Psychology, Alpha Chl Omega. Corresponding Secretary 4, Alpha Chi Omega I,2,3,45 Pres- ident 4, Parakeets 2,3,45 Mentors 2,35 Demonstrations Committee 45 Women's Student Council 45 Ice Skating Club 15 A Cappella Choir I,2,3,45 "Pops" Chorus 35 FTA 4. BUNGER, William L.-Aurora, Colorado. B.M.E., Music Education. President 4, Vice President 3, Phi Mu Alpha 3,45 Kappa Kappa Psi 3,45 Orchestra Chairman 4, All School Review ot May Day's, 3,4. BURCH, Lou Ann-Saguache, Colorado. B.S.B.A., Business Education. President 4, Mentors 2,3,45 Secretary 2, Vice President 4, Phi Gamma Nu 1,2,3,45 Parakeets 3,45 Secretary 3, Dean's Advisory Council 35 Student Christian Association 1,25 Jun- ior Class Secretory. BURGESS. Mary M.-Denver. B.A., Education, Sigma Kappa. Ski Club 45 Aquad Club 45 "Pops" Chorus 4. Transfer from Colorado AGM. -C- CAMPBELL. Sally M.-Cascade, Colorado. B.A., Political Science, Gamma Phi Beta. Treasurer 3, Mentors 3,45 Vice President I, President 2, So. York Dorm1tory5 House Manager 3, Treasurer 4, Gamma Phi Beto5 Parakeets 2,35 Vice President 2, Alpha Lambda Delta 25 Mortar Board 45 Treasurer 4, AWS5 Women's Student Council 2,45 WAA 1,25 Pi Delta Theta 1. CARLINE. Donald E.-McGill, Nevada. B.A., Physical Education, Kappa Sigma. Varsity Baseball 2,3,45 "D" Club 2,3,45 Phi Beta Sigma 2,3,45 Psi Chi 3,45 Scabbard and Blade 3,45 House Man- ager 3,4, Kappa Sigma5 IFC 35 Student Senate 3,45 Cam- pus Commission 45 Dean's Advisory Council 45 ODK 45 May Day Committee 3. CARR. Dorothy D.-Denver. B.A., Humanities Area, Pi Beta Phi. Rush Chairman 4, Pi Beta Phi, 1,2,3,45 Secretary 1, Junior Panhellenic Council5 May Day Princess 15 President 2, Junior Advisor 3, Alpha Lambda Delta 2,35 Parakeets 2,35 President 4, Mentors 3,45 Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class5 Historian 1, W.S.C. 1,45 Chairman, "Help Week" Commit- tee 45 Panhellenic Council 45 Dean's Advisory Council 45 Mortar Board 45 Who's Who. CARR, Vernon D.-Allston, Massachusetts. B.S., Administrative Engineering. Treasurer 3, SSAE5 Engineers' Carnival Committee 35 Engineers Day Committee 3. Transfer from Champlain College. CARTER. John Edgar, Jr.-Washington, D. C. B.S., Chemistry. University Band. Transfer from Howard University and Colorado University. CARTER. Ruth Belmont-Denver. B.A., Psychology, Delta Gamma. WAA 1,25 Parakeets 35 Mentors 35 Psi Chi 3,45 Panhellenic Council 3. CATEORA, Joseph V.-Denver. B.S., Electrical Engineering, Kappa Sigma. AIEE-IRE 4. CATTERSON, Charlene May-Denver. B.A., Social Science Area, Kappa Delta. Secretary 2, FTA5 Secretary 2, Young Republican Club5 Parakeets 2,35 Mentors 35 Alpha Sigma Chi 35 WAA 15 Phi Gamma Nu 4. CHABOT, Paul J.-Richmond, California. B.S.B.A., Airline-Airport Management, Phi Kappa. Social Chairman 2, Treasurer 3, Phi Kappa 2,3,45 Alpha Eta Rho 1,2,3,45 Newman Club 2,3,45 ROTC 3,45 Delta Sigma Pi 3. CHRISTENSEN, Robert T.-Bayside, New York. B.S., Administrative Engineering. Dudes and Dames l,2,3,45 SSAE 2,3,45 Vice President, Sophomore Class5 Pi Delta Theta I,2,35 Ski Club 1,2. CHURCHILL, Louonna-Golden, Colorado. B.F.A., Interior Design, Delta Zeta. President 4, Vice President 2,35 Song Leader 3, Delta Zeta l,2,3,45 Corresponding Secretary 3, Christian Science.Or- ganixation 2,3,45 Daubers 25 Ski Club 15 Mentors 3,45 zonhellerllc Council 45 Parakeets 3,45 Woman's Student OUHCI . CLARK, Albert N.-Denver. B.S., Electrical Engineering, Communications and Power. Vice President 3, Secretory 4, AIEE 2,3,45 IRE 3,4. COCHRAN, Halycan W.-Fcrt Morgan, Colorado. B.A., Humanities Area, Pi Beta Phi. Treasurer 3,4, Pi Beta Phi5 Alpha Lambda Delta 1,25 Men- tors 3,45 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 35 Pioneer Dudes and Dames 1,2. COLEMAN, James Robert-Denver. B.A., Coaching, Kappa Sigma. Wrestling I,2,3,45 Rush Chairman 3,45 Student Senate 3,45 Vice President Omicron Delta Kappa5 President 4, Arts and Science5 President 4, Campus Commission 3,45 President Board of Governors of the Students Dean's Advisory Council a5hPhg Beta Sigma 2,35 DPA Board Committee 25 Who's o . COLLINS, Dorothy C.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Secretarial Science, Pi Beta Phi. Vice President, Business Administration School 45 Secre- tary 4, Calendar and Certifications Committee5 Social Chairman AWS 35 Commerce Commission 45 Women's Stu- dent Council 3,45 Executive Council of AWS 3. Transfer from University of Colorado. COLLINS, Marie E.-Denver. B.A., Education, Sigma Kappa. Executive Board 3,4, Treasurer 4, FTA5 Parakeets 45 Men- tors 45 lce Skating Club 4. Transfer from Colorado Woman's College. CONNELLY, Esther R.-Denver. B.A., Humanities. Future Teachers of America. CONROY, Robert B.-Griggsville, Illinois. B.S.B.A., Airline-Airport Management. Alpha Eta Rho. CONWAY, Kent W.-Kansas City, Missouri. B.S., Civil Engineering. Treasurer 3,4, ASCE 25 Tau Beta Society 45 Pi Delta Theta 2,3,4. COX, Cecil B.-Odenton, Maryland. B.S., Electrical Engineering. AIEE 3,45 Engineers' Day 1,2,3,45 Engineers' Carnival 2,3. CRUSE, Joseph R.--Steamboat Springs. B.S., Pre-Medicine. President 3, Mu Beta Kappa 1,2,3,45 Ski Club 1,25 Foot- ball 1,25 Dorm Representative 3. -D- DENNY, Marian A.-Rochester, New York. B.S., Civil Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. Secretary 3, President 4, American Society of Civil Engin- eers5 Vice President 4, Pi Delta Theta 2,3,45 Engineering Commission 45 Tau Beta Society 4. Transfer from Mohawk College. DeSlMONY, Richard J.-Schenectady, New York. ghS.B.A., Hotel Restaurant Management, Delta Sigma r. Newman Club 25 Hotel Restaurant Society 35 Secretary 3,4, Delta Sigma Phi5 IFC Representative 45 Inter Dorm Council Representative 3,45 Vice President, Dorm No. 7, 4. Transfer from Siena College. DeWlTT, Anagene-Shidler, Oklahoma. B.A., English. Pi Delta Theta 45 Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice President 2, President 3, DUettes 2,35 Women's Student Council5 Execu- tive Council of AWS5 President, Calendar and Certifica- tions Committee. DIETRICH, Robert E.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Management. Secretary, Management and Personnel Club 2. DINWOODIE, David-St. Ignatius, Montana. B.A., Journalism. Dormitory Assistant 45 International Relations Club 45 KVDU 45 University Choir 4. Transfer from Montana University. DOWLING, Norma-Denver. B.A., Humanities. Independents I,2,35 EI Club Espanol 1,25 S.C.A. I,2,35 Mentors 2,35 Parakeets 2,35 Alpha Lambda Delta I. DRYER, Raymond Joseph-Denver. B.S.B.A., Advertising. Alpha Delta Sigma. Transfer from U.S.C. DUNHAM, Gerald L.-Denver. B.S., Chemistry. Delta Chi 2,3,45 Pi Delta Theta 2,3,45 American Chemical Society 3,45 Scabbard and Blade 4. DWORAK, Edmund C.-Longmont, Colorado. B.S.B.A., Real Estate. Twentieth Century Builders 4. Transfer from Co orado College. EDELMAN, Jack J.-Bayonne, New Jersey. B.S.B.A., Accounting, ln ependent. 20th Century Builders 3,45 Hillel 3,45 Intramural Sports 3 4. Tiansfer from Bayonne Junior College. EDWARDS, Vincent Thomas-Jersey City, New Jersey. B.A., Radio. Radio Guild 1,25 Newman Club 4. ERJAVEC, Donald Louis-Pueblo, Colorado. B.M.E., Music Education, Theta Chr. Marching Band 3,45 Concert Band 3,45 Vice President 4, Theta Chi5 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Transfer from Pueblo Junior College. EVANS, Ben-Denver. B.S., Administrative Engineering. President, Engineering Commission 45 Interim President 3, Vice President 4, Student Senate5 Board of Governors 45 Dean's Advisory Council 45 Omicron Delta Kappa 45 Tau Beta 3,45 SSAE 2,3,45 Engineers' Carnival Committee 3: Engineers' Day Committee 3,45 Who's Who5 American Student Leaders 45 Colorado Engineering Council Silver Medal Award. ..5:... FALLANDER, Robert Leslie-Los Angeles, California. B.S.B.A., Management. ' . Collegiate Chamber of Commerce5 Homecoming Commit- tee5 Management Club5 Alpha Kappa Psi. Transfer from Oregon State College. FELSEN, Eilene-Denver. B.A., Social Science Area, Delta Phi Epsilon, President 3,4, Rush Chairman 2,3, Delta Phi EpsiIon5 Para- keets 2,3,45 Chairman of Public Liason Committee of Stu- dent Union 35 Chairman of May Day Carnival 35 Hillel 2,3,45 Panhellenic Council I,2,35 German Club5 -Women's Student Council I,3,45 World Student's Organization 3. FINBERG, Donald L.-Denver. B.S., Chemistry, Kappa Sigma. D Omicron Delta Kappa 45 President 4, Delta Chi 3,45 Phi Chi 45 Vice President, Mu Beta Kappa 2,3,45 Student Sen- ate 45 Campus Commission 45 Dean's Advisory Council 45 Inter-Fraternity Council 3,45 Varsity Track eam I,2,35 "D" Club 2,3,45 Student Affiliation of American Chemical Society 45 Who's Who 4. FITZSIMONS, Audrey Leona--Denver. B.A., Education. Mentors 45 0'micron Delta Sigma 45 Future Teachers of America 45 International Relations Club 45 Zeta Phi Eta 4. Transfer from Dodge City Junior College. FLETCHER, David A.-Whittier, California. B.S., Civil Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. Historian 3,4, Alpha Tau Omega 2,3,45 Treasurer 3,4, Stu- dent Chapter American Societ of Civil Engineers 2,3,45 Tau Beta Society 45 Ski Club 2,3,4. Transfer from Compton Junior College. FOERSTER, Erwin W., Jr.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Management, Kappa Sigma. Marching Band I5 Concert Band I5 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce l,,35 Personnel and Management Club 3,45 Inter-Fraternity Council 25 All School Social Committee 25 IFC Dance Committee 25 Scholarship Chairman I, Social Chairman 2, Vice President 3,4, Kappa Sigma. FRERICHS, Frances Anne-Terre Haute, Indiana. B.F.A., Crafts, Delta Zeta. House .Manager 2, Recording Secretary 4, Delta Zeto5 Recording Secretary 3, Lutheran Students Association I,2,35 Dudes and Dames I5 Daubers 3. FROMER, Franklin-Jersey City, New Jersey. B.S.B.A., Real Estate, Independent. 20th Century Builders 3,45 Hillel 3,45 Intramural Sports 3,4. Transfer from Bayonne Junior College. FRY, Berniece E.-Atwood, Kansas. B.S.B.A., Secretarial Science, Delta Zeta. Treasurer 4, Delta Zeta5 Scribe 3, Phi Gamma Nu 2,3,45 Secretary 3, Student Christian Association 2,35 Parakeets 3,45 Intercollegiate Chamber of Commerce 2,3. Transfer from Colorado Woman's College. FURMAN, Mortvn-Brooklyn, New York. B.S., Pre Med-Zoology, Independent. MC May Days Show5 May Days Committee. -3. GARDNER, Ruth E.-Denver. B.F.A., Art-Painting. Secretary 2, Alpha Lambda Delta 25 President, York Dorm- itory I5 Vice President Templin Hall 25 Secretary 3, Woman's Dorm Council l,35 Parakeets 25 Delta Phi Delta 35 Vice President I, Daubers I,2,3,45 President 4, Madrigal Singers I,2,3,45 A Cappella Choir 2,35 Pops Chorus 35 Treasurer 4, Zeta Phi Eta 3,45 Radio Guild l,2,35 DPA 1,25 Pioneer Players 25 Foothills l,25 Who's Who 45 Pioneer 4. GARRITY, Charles R.-Denver. .B.A., Journalism. Track I,2,3,45 "D" Club 2,3,45 Men's Press Club 3,45 FTA 45 Phi Delta Kappa 4. GAUDIO, Lillian C.-Denver. B.A., Humanities Area, Alpha Gamma Delta. Vice President 3, Newman Club I,2,3,45 Secretary 3, Ice Skating Club 2,35 WAA 3,45 Religious Council 3. GESELL, Robert P.-La Junta, Colorado. B.S.B.A., Advertising, Alpha Kappa Psi. All-School Social Chairman 45 Student Senate 45 Calendar and Certifications Committee 45 Alpha Delta Sigma 3,45 Secretary 4, Intercollegiate Knights 3,45 Homecoming Committee 45 May Day Committee 45 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 3. Transfer from LaJunta Junior College. GIDDINGS, Arthur-Downers Grove, Illinois. B.S.B.A., Hotel and Restaurant Management, Sigma Phi E silon p . President 3, Sigma Phi Epsilon 3,45 Hotel and Restaurant Society 3,45 IFC 3,4. Transfer from Drake University. GILLETTE, John E.-Denver. B.S., Civil Engineering. Transfer from Nebraska University. GONZALES, Robert R.-Denver. B.A., Journalism. lnteguglegiate Knights 2,3,45 Men's Press Club 45 Clar- ion ,. GOODBAR, Charles L., Jr.-Colorado Springs, Colorado. B.S.B,A., Marketing and Sales, Kappa Sigma. May Days Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 35 Kyne- wisbok 35 Alpha Kappa Psi 3. GRAVES, David N.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi. Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi. GREEDY, Allan G.--Denver. B.A., English, Beta Theta Pi. llliterati Club 2,35 Gym Team 3,45 "D" Club 3,45 Aquad Club l,2,3. GREINETZ, Earl T.-Denver. B.A., Political Science, Phi Sigma Delta. President 3, Secretary 2, Phi Sigma Delta I,2,3,45 Sopho- more and Junior Manager of Demonstrations5 May Days Committee 35 IFC 3. GRIFFIN, John W.-Pueblo, Colorado. B.A., Physical Education, Kappa Sigma. Basketball I,2,3,4. GRIFFIN, Michael G.-Grand Rapids, Michigan. 3-iS.B.A., Hotel and Restaurant Management, Theta I. IFC 25 Intercollegiate Knights 3,45 Hotel and Restaurant Society I,2,3,45 Junior Hotel Managers Association I,2,3,4. GROUT, John E.-Wheatridge, Colorado. B.S.B.A., Accounting, Kappa Sigma. Alpha Kappa Psi 3,45 Beta Alpha Psi 45 ODK 45 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 35 Student Senate 45 Dean's Ad- visory Council 45 Who's Who 45 Commerce Commission 45 Senior Class Executive Committee. Transfer from Colorado University. SENIOR ACTIVITIES -H.. HAAK, Katherine L.-Denver. B.A., Theatre. Drama Club 2,35 Parakeets 2,35 Alpha Lambda Delta 2,3,45 DPA Productions 3. HADFIELD, Robert C.-Denver. B.A., Psychology. Psi Chi 4. HADLEY, Frederick C.-Wichita, Kansas. B.S., Electrical Engineering. Treasurer 4, AIEE 2,3,45 IRE 45 Ski Club 3,45 Pioneer Photo Club 2,3. Transfer from University of Wichita. HALL, Frances A.-Denver. B.A. Physical Education, Delta Gamma. President 4, Delta Gamma I,2,3,45 French Club I5 Aquad Club I,2,35 WAA I,2,3,45 Woman's Student Council 45 Pem-Pems I,2,3,45 Mentors 3,45 Parakeets 35 Vice Presi- dent Junior Class. HALLOCK, Helen Ruth-Delta, Colorado. B.A., Home Economics, Kappa Delta. Secretary 4, Kappa Delta I,2,3,45 Vice President 4, Treas- urer 3, Dudes and Dames I,2,3,45 Parakeets 2,3,45 Treas- urer 4, Mentors 2,3,45 Hockey Manager 3, WAA I,2,35 Isotopes I5 Home Economics Club 4. HANSEL, Robert C.-Ames, Iowa. B.S.B.A., Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi. President 3, Alpha Kappa Psi 2,3,45 Pi Mu Epsilon 3,45 IFC 35 Beta Alpha Psi 4. HAUETER, Ann-Denver. ghS.B.A., Airline and Airport Management, Pi Beta 1. Vice President 4, Alpha Eta Rho 3,45 Parakeets 45 Mentors 45 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 35 May Days Commit- tee 45 School of Aeronautics 3,4. Transfer from Stephens Junior College. HEARD, James F.-Denver. B.S., Civil Engineering. ASCE 2,3,45 Pi Delta Theta 4. Transfer from Edinboro State Teachers College. HELANDER, Robert E.-Townsend, Washington. B.S., Chemical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Treasurer 4, AI. ChE. 2,3,45 Vice President -4, Tau Beta Society 3,45 Student Activities Chairman, Engineering Col- lege 45 Engineer's Commission 45 Sigma Phi Epsilon Scholarship Key 2. HENRIKSON. Alan E.-Denver. B.S., Electrical Engineering. Tau Beta Society 45 IRE 45 Pi Mu Epsilon 4. Transfer from San Francisco City College. HELSTROM, Richard L.-Denver. B.A., Physical Education, Independents. Phi Beta Sigma I,2,3,45 YM-YWCA I,2,3,45 Wrestling Man- ager . HILL, Robert B.-Denver. B.A., English, Lambda Chi Alpha. Intercollegiate Knights 3,45 Pi Gamma Mu 45 FTA 45 Canterbury Club 4. Transfer from Tufts College. HILL, William J.-Great Falls, Montana. B.S.B.A., Marketing, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Air Force ROTC 3,4. Transfer from Montana State University. HIRSCH, Paul M.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Personnel and Industrial Relations. Personnel-Management Club 3,45 Inter-Dorm Council 35 Hillel 45 Arnold Air Society 4. Transfer from City College of New York. HOFFMAN, Patti Jo-Chicago, Illinois. B.F.A., Art Education, Alpha Xi Delta. Alpha Lambda Delta I5 President 2, DUettes l,25 Mentors 2,3,45 President 4, Vice President 3, Coed Journalists 2,3,45 Calendar and Certification Committee I5 Board and Publications 3,45 Campus Commissions 3,45 Student Sen- ate 3,45 Editor 3, Production Editor I, Assistant Editor 2, "K" Book I,2,35 Treasurer 4, Mortar Board 45 Dorm Counselor 45 Dean's Advisory Council 45 Daubers I5 Wom- an's Student Council 2,45 Who's Who 4. HOUGH, Hugh V.-Denver. B.S., Chemical Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha. . Pi Delta Theta I,2,3,45 Delta Chi 2,3,45 Tau Beta Society 45 Engineers' Commission 45 AI ChE. I,2,3,45 Engineers' Day Committee 3,45 Co-Editor 4, Denver Engineer 45 Amer- ican3ChemicaI Society 2,3,45 Engineers' Carnival Commit- tee . HOWARD, C. L.-Burton, Kansas. B.S., Chemical Engineering. Vice President 2, AI.ChE. I,2,3,45 Recording Secretary 4, Tau Beta Society 3,45 Vice President 3, Methodist Student Foundation I,2,3,45 Dudes and Dames l,2,35 Pi Delta Theta 25 Delta Chi 25 Tau Beta Sophomore Scholarship Award5 Al.ChE. Scholarship Award 35 YM-YWCA 4. HOWARD, Richard E.-Denver. B.S., Electrical Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Phi Beta Sigma l,25 Pi Delta Theta 3,45 Wrestling Team l,25 "D" Club 3,45 AIEE-IRE 3,4. Transfer from University of New Mexico. HOWARD, Virginia V.-Fargo, North Dakota. B.A., Humanities Area, Independents. YM-YWCA 2,3,45 Dudes and Dames 2,35 FTA 45 Choir 25 Treasurer 3, Methodist Student Foundation. Transfer from Concordia College. HOWIE, Joan-Denver. B.A., Music. President 4, Secretary 3, Mu Phi Epsilon 2,3,45 Orchestra I,2,3,45 A Cappella l,25 Madrigal Singers 3,45 Pioneer Players I5 Mentors 3,45 Woman's Student Council 3,45 Alpha Lambda Delta 25 Chorus l,2. HOWEY, Charles K.-Mira Loma, California. B.S., Mechanical Engineering. Pledge Trainer 3,4, Tau Beta Society 3,45 Student Senate 45 Engineer's Commission 45 ODK 45 ASME5 Judicial Com- mittee of Student Senate. Transfer from San Bernardino Valley College. HOYT, Betty F.-Cheyenne, Wyoming. B.A., Musical Education, Gamma Phi Beta. Secretary 3, Rush Captain 3, Senior Advisor 4, Gamma Phi Beta I,2,3,45 Vice President 3, Pledge Trainer 3, Treasurer 4, Mu Phi Epsilon 2,3,45 President 4, Panhellenic Council 3,45 Publicity Chairman 3, AWS I,2,3,45 Woman's Student Council 3,45 Alpha Lambda Delta I5 Georgia Crowell Award 35 Pops Chorus 35 A Cappella Choir I5 Lamont Singers 45 Division Secretary 3, Mentors 35 Squad Leader 3, Parakeets 2,35 May Dayis Committee 3,45 Pio- neer 3,45 Sweetheart of Sigma C i 35 Mortar Board 45 Hvolmeioming Queen 45 Dean's Advisory Council 45 Who's o . HUDSON, Deatt-Dove Creek, Colorado. B.A., English. Dudes and Dames I5 Secretary 2, llliterati l,25 French Club 1,25 World Student Committee 3, YM-YWCA I,2,3,45 Clarion I5 Alpha Lambda Delta I5 Phi Sigma Iota 3,45 State Chairman 3, CCUN 35 Regional Vice President 3, International Relations Club 35 Associate Editor 3, Editor 4, Foothills 3,45 Secretary 4, Mortar Board 45 Secretary 3, UNESCO Council 35 Mentors 35 Board of Publications 45 Dean's Advisory Council 4. HUGHES. Elizabeth-Denver. B.A., Humanities Area, Alpha Gamma Delta. Ski Club 3,45 Future Teachers of America 45 Mentors 45 AWS 4. Transfer from Colorado University. ...l.. IKUCHI, Yukio-Osaka, Japan. B.A., Sociology. YM-YWCA 4. Transfer from Kwansai University. IRELAND, Caroline E.-Denver. B.A., Music, Independents. FTA 2,3,45 YM-YWCA 4. Transfer from Colorado College. -J.. JOHNSON, Bonnie A.-Denver. B.A., Sociology. Clarion 2,3,45 Division Secretary 3, Mentors 3,45 Parakeets 3,45 President 3, WAA 2,3,45 Secretary 3,4, Aquad Club 2,3,45 Women's Student Council 35 Assistant Sports Editor 3,4, "K" Book 3,45 Coed Journalists 45 Carnival Co-Chair- man 2, May Days 2,45 "D" Club Dance Committee 35 Queen Chairman 4, Homecoming 45 District Captain 4, AWS 45 Pioneer 3,45 Who's Who 4. JOHNSON, Lane J.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Social Science Area, Independents. Spanish Club I,2,3,45 Pi Gamma Mu 3,45 International Relations Club 45 Vice President 3,4, FTA 2,3,45 Delegate to C.E.A. Convention 4. JOHNSON, Leo F.-Kanorado, Kansas. B.S.B.A., Accounting. Co-Chairman 3,4, Cabinet 2, Regional Co-Chairman 4, Administrative Committee 3,4, National Advise!! Com mittee 45 United Student Christian Council 45 Y -YWC I,2,3,45 President 4, ODK 3,4' Chairman 4, Dean's Advis ary Council 4, chairmen 3, ce-chairmen 4, united Fun Drive 3,45 Who's Who 4. JOHNSON, Maurice W.-New Underwood, South Dakota. B.S.B..4., Marketing and Sales, Phi Kappa. Treasurer 3, Social Chairman 3, President 4, Board o Trustees 45 Phi Kappa 3,45 Pledge Trainer 4, Alpha E Rho 3,45 ODK 45 Dean's Advisory Council 45 Board o Publications 45 Newman Club I,3,45 Who's Who 4. JOHNSON, Robert E.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Airline-Airport Management. President 4, School of Aeronautics 3,45 Alpha Eta Rho 3, JONES, Donald J.-Florence, Colorado. B.A., Pre-Theological Area. Band I,2,3,45 President 4, Omicron Delta Sigma 2,3, Religious Council 4. JONES, Robert L.--Amarillo, Texas. B.F.A., Advertising Design, Sigma Phi Epsilon. President 4, Vice President 3, Chairman of District Con vention, Sigma Phi Epsilon 2,3,45 Chairman 4, Homeca ing Committee 3,45 May Days Committee 35 Sudent Se ate 45 Swimming Team 35 "D" Club 35 Who's Who 4. Transfer from the University of Colorado. JONES, Lawrence V.-Pomona, California. B.S., Civil Engineering. glifet President 4, American Society of Civil Enginee Tidnsfer from Chaffey College. -K- KASSULKE, Howard C.--Denver. B.A., Psychology. Psi Chi 3,45 President 4, Pi Gamma Mu 35 Phi Del Kappa 45 Phi Beta Kappa 4. KAUFMAN, Joan-Denver. B.S., Zoology. Newman Club. Transfer from Loretto Heights College. KEHL, Leslie R.-La Junta, Colorado. B.S., Law, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Radio Guild 35 Phi Delta Phi 4. Transfer from La Junta Junior College. KEMBLE, Richard-Denver. B.A., Physical Education. "D" Club 2,3,45 Student Christian Association l,25 Brid Club 2,35 Dudes and Dames 1,25 Wrestler 3,4. KEYES, Charles C.-Denver. B.A., History. Future Teachers of America 4. Transfer from Southern Illinois University. KING, John H.-Los Angeles, California. B.S., Mechanical Engineering. Tau Beta Society 45 Secretary 4, ASME 2,3,45 Vice Pr dent 3, DU Amateur Radio Club 2,3,4. Transfer from UCLA. i i ' l l KIRKPATRICK, John B.-Denver. l lB.S., Electrical Engineering. AJEE 3,45 Pi Delta Theta 45 Chief Engineer KVDU 45 Elgineers Carnival 2,35 Engineers' Day 2,3,4. KLEIN, Eugene H.-Amarillo, Texas. 5 ,B.S.B.A., Building lndustry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sqcial Chairman 45 Warden 2, Sigma Alpha Epsilon5 Social Chairman 2,3, Alpha Kappa Psi 2,3,45 Pershing Rifles 25 Illtli Cftatury Builders 2,35 Collegiate Chamber of Com- m, rce , . Ki OKES, RdobertdB.-5Loveland, Colorado. N 'B. ., Ra io, ln epen ent. Radio Guild 35 KVDU 4. Trarislter from Colorado AGM College. KO N, J. David-New'Yor'k City, New York. iB.S., Zoology, Tau Epsion P i. Tdeasurer College of Arts and Sciences 45 Treasurer 4, IFC ,3,45 Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, President 4, Tau Epsilon Phi l,2,3 45 Secretory 2,3, Treasurer 4, "D" Clbb5 Swimming Team 2,3,45 Clarion l,2,35 Aquad Club 2,35 Mu Beta appa 1,Z,3,45 Hillel 1,2,3. KOPPELMAN, Bennett-Bayonne, New Jersey. lB.S.B.A., Accounting, Independent. 20:h Century Buildseli 3,45 Independents 3,45 Hillel 3,45 nro-mura ports , . Transfer from Bayonne Junior College. KRABACHER, Elaine M.-Lakewood, Colorado. ' lB.A., Physical Education, Gamma Phi Beta. Gdlmma Phi Beta l,2,3,45 President 4, WAA l,2,3,45 Vice gregidentc 3, Per:-Pam giZB3,it5 Parakeets 2,35 Women's tlt ent ounci 5 i u . KROGH, Bonnie I.-Denver. ' B.S., Mathematics, Delta Gamma. Alpha Lambda Delta 25 Spanish Club 25 Mentors 35 Treas- urer'Z, Pioneer Dudes and Domes 1,25 Secretary 3, Presi- dellitl4, Pi Delta Theta 2,3,45 Secretary 4, Pi Mu Epsilon 3,45 Vice President Arts and Science 45 Campus Commis- gzlc 453 Calendar and Certifications Committee 45 IFC ,en . l -L- LASKER, Bert-Brooklyn, New York. ll B.S., Chemistry. LAWSON, John F., Jr.-Denver. ll B.S., Civil Engineering. Vice lPresident 4, Engineer's Commission 45 Calendar and Celltifications Committee 45 ASCE 2,3,4. LEAVEL, John C.-Kansas City, Missouri. 5 I B.S., Mathematics, Acacia. Treasurer 4, Acacia 2,3,45 Pi Detla Theta 4. LE SOCK, Bernard E.-North Platte, Nebraska. I B.S., Electrical Engineering. Al ,E 45 Pi Delta Theta 45 Engineers' Carnival Committee 2,35 Engineers' Day Committee 2,3,4. LEIK, Theodore W.-Casper, Wyoming. l B.S.B.A., Management, Lambda Chi Alpha. Dru Major 2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 Concert Band 56,145 Treasurer of Band 3,45 Clarion 1,25 Phi Epsilon ri 5 . LEGGETT, Bud-AuSable Forks, New York. B.A., Sociology, Phi Kappa. President 4, Newman Club ,4. Trahsfer from Champlain College. LEVGEL, Will-Burlington, Colorado. ls.s.s.A., Economics, sigma chi. Football l,2,35 "D" Club 35 Aquad Club 2,3. LlT'IiLE, Joanne-Englewood, Colorado. B.S.B.A., General Business Administration, Pi Beta Phi. Hou e Manager 4, Pi Beta Phi 3,45 Parakeets 45 WAA 35 Social Chairman 3, Vice President 4, Newman Club 3,45 Vice President 3, President 4, Fencing Club 3,4. Transfer from Loretto Heights College. LOGGINS, Barbara J.-Denver. iB.A., Psychology, Delta Gamma. Publicity Chairman 1, Outstanding Senior, Delta Gamma l,2,3,45 Vice President 4, Panhellenic Council 2,3,45 Presi- dent 4, Junior Panhellenic Council 45 Senior Class Chair- man5 Campus Commission 45 Woman's Student Council 45 Social Chairman 3, Coordinator 3, Student Union Commit- tee5l'l1reasurer 3,4, Coed Journalists l,2,3,45 Clarion l,2,3, 45 Calendar and Certifications Committee 3,45 Alpha ambda Delta 1,25 "K" Book 45 Parakeets 2,35 Mentors ,451 Homecoming Committee 45 May Days Committee ,45 FTA I5 Aquad Club 25 Prospectors 15 Psi Chi 45 h s1Who 45 Student Senate 45 YM-YWCA 2. ,O GI NS, Thomas S.-Denver. . lB.A., Political Science, Beta Theta Pi. ocial-Chairman l,Z, Pledge Trainer 3, President 4, Out- tanlling Junior 3, Beta Theta Pi l,2,3,45 President of esgi-15 Student Senate 45 President of Board of Govern- rs H5' President 4, Campus Commission 3,45 ODK 3,45 ean'si Advisory Council 45 President of Junior Class5 Ten- is Team 'l,2,3,45 Phi Delta Phi 45 IFC 45 Vice President 2 Ptesident 3, Delta Lambda Sigma 2,35 Psi Chi 35 May ,aydz King Attendant 25 Collegiate Chamber ot Commerce 5 ,quad Club 25 Prospectors 15 Who's Who 4. -O W BJOY, Warren Scott, Jr.--Denver. B.S.B.A., Management. erwnel-Management Club l,2,3,4. O TH, Joseph T.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Business Education. UTIZENS, llse G.-Denver. B.A., Physical Education, Independents. ecritary 2, President 3, Pem-Pems 2,3,45 Secretary 2, e Hkating Club l,2,3,45 Secretary 3, Tennis Manager 2, roggom Chairman 4, WAA l,2,3,45 Pioneer Ski Club Z,3,45 ones and Dames l,Z5 Woman's Ski Team 'l,2,3,4. YSFTER, Betty L.-Denver. .A., Social Science Area, Delta Gamma. iceJPresident-Pledge Trainer 2, President 3, Standards hai, an 4, Outstanding Delta Gamma Alumnae Award 3, elta Gamma l,2,3,45 Vice President 4, Mortar Board 45 istotian 2, Senior Advisor 4, Alpha Lambda Delta 2,45 ice wesident 45 Mentors 3,45 Squad Leader 3, Parakeets 35 bman's Student Council 35 Division Head 4, AWS 2,3,l45, Psi Chi 45 Pi Gamma Mu 3,45 FTA 35 WAA 1,25 ean's Advisory Council 45 Board of Governors 4. SENIOR ACTIVITIES -M- METZLER, Robert F.-Castle Rock, Colorado. B.A., Education. Transfer from University of Colorado. MIHOVILOVICH, John J. -Denver. B.S., Civil Engineering. Tau Beta Society, 3,45 Independents 15 ASCE 2,3,45 Pi Mu Epsilon 3,45 Pi elta Theta 3,4. MILLER, Amelia M.-Wheatland, Wyoming. B.S., Chemistry. Treasurer 3,4, Alpha Sigma Chi l,2,3,45 Iota Sigma Pi 3,45 Secretary 4, Pi Delta Theta 2,3,45 Pi Mu Epsilon 45 Amer- ican Chemical Society 45 Secretary 2, Independent Associa- tion 1,25 Secretary-Treasurer ,4, Dudes and Dames l,2,3,45 German Club 25 Methodist Student Foundation 1,25 Alpha Lambda Delta 1,2. MILLER, Marilyn J.-Pueblo, Colorado. B.A., Home Economics, Delta Zeta. Recording Secretary 2,3, House Manager 4, Delta Zeta5 Mentors 2,3,45 Home Economics Club 45 Secretary-Treas- urer ot Shuler Hall 4. MILLER, Ross A.-Cincinnati, Ohio. B.S., Electrical Engineering. AIEE 3,45 Ski Club 2. MOSHER, Nancy-Denver. B.F.A., Art, Sigma Kappa. Vice President 4, Sigma Kappa l,2,3,45 Dudes and Dames 15 Ski Club I5 Mentors 35 Parakeets 2,35 Art Chairman of AWS 2,35 Daubers5 Mortar Board 45 Dean's Advisory Coun- gil 45' May Days Committee5 Homecoming Committee5 orensics. MAcooNAi.o, Donald H.-Canon city, Colorado. B.S.B.A., Personnel and Industrial Relations, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Recorder 4, Vice President 4, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2,3,45 Treasurer 3, Personnel Club 2,3,45 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 1,2,3,4. MARTIN, George D., Jr.-Hutchinson, Kansas. B.S.B.A., General Business, Pi Kappa Alfha. Secretary 3,4, House Manager 4, Pi Kappa A pha. MAYER, Carl William, Jr.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Real Estate, Alpha Kappa Psi. Treasurer of Bizad Junior Class 35 Treasurer 4, Alpha Kappa Psi 2,3,45 Intercollegiate Knights 3,45 Baptist Stu- dent Fellowship 35 Demonstrations Manager 45 Student Senate 45 Homecoming Committee 45 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 2,35 May Days Committee 4. MAZZED, Anthony A.-Perth Amboy, New Jersey. B.S.B.A., Accounting. Transfer from Montana State University. .1Mc.T McCANN, Thomas S.-Buffalo, New York. B.S.B.A., Hotel and Restaurant Management. Band l,2,3,45 Canterbury Club 15 Hotel and Restaurant Society l,2,3,45 Ski Club 1,2. McFANN, Charles B.-San Bernardino, California. B.S., Mechanical Engineering. Pi Delta Theta 25 Tau Beta 45 Vice President 4, ASME. Transfer from San Bernardino Valley College. -N- NEHF, Paul W.-Roselle, Illinois. B.S.B.A., Advertising, Delta Sigma Pi. President 4, Delta Sigma Pi, 2,3,45 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 1,35 Football 15 lnter-Fraternity Council 4. NEMETH, Ernest Edward-East Chicago, Indiana. B.S.B.A., Marketing and Sales, Beta Theta Pi. Phi Beta Sigma 2,3,45 "D" Club 2,3,4. NEWMAN. Edward I.-Denver. B.S., Civil Engineering. ASCE 2,3,45 Pi Delta Theta 3,4. NOEL. John A.-Syracuse, New York. B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. ROTC 3,45 Phi Chi Eta 3,45 Senior Class Chairman ,45 Engineer's Commission 4. Transfer from Syracuse University. ...Q- OHMAN, Robert D.-Steamboat Springs, Colorado. B.A., Journalism, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Secretary 3, President 4, Men's Press Club 2,3,4. OLESH, Gerald-Denver. B.S.B.A., Accounting. Treasurer 4, Beta Alpha Psi 3,45 Hillel 15 President 1, Pershing Rifles 15 Outstanding Second Year ROTC Cadet 25 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 1,2,3. OPIE, Mariorie-Denver. B.A., Social Science Area, Pi Beta Phi. Aquad Club l,2,35 AWS Executive Council 45 Assistant News Editor 2,3, Rewrite 1,2, Clarion l,2,35 Coed Journal- ists 25 Campus Commission 45 Dean's Advisory Council 45 Moy Days Committee 2,35 Methodist Student Foundation 1,2,35 Mentors 35 Mortar Board 45 Parakeets 2,35 Social Chairman 4, Pi Beta Phi l,2,3,45 Religious Council I5 Sec- retary 4, Student Senate 45 Student Christian Association 1,25 Women's Student Council 45 Women's Athletic Assa- ciation 35 Who's Who 4. OVERHOLT, Gene F.-Liberal, Kansas. B.S.B.A., Advertising, Delta Sigma Phi. Treasurer 4, Delta Sigma Phi 3,45 Secretary 4, Phi Chi gabftadi Alpha Delta Sigma 3,45 Ski Club 35 Advertising u , . -P- PANFILE, Patrick A.-Bayonne, New Jersey. B.S., Electrical Engineering. IRE 45 President 4, Pi Mu Epsilon. Transfer from Bayonne Junior College. PARUNGO, Betty Jean-Denver. B.A., Sociology, Theta Phi Alpha. Treasurer 3, Theta Phi Alpha 2,3,4- Ballroom Partners l,2,35 YM-YWCA l,2,35 Coffee Hour Chairman 35 Newman Club l,2,3,45 Publicity Chairman 4, Inter-Religious Coun- cil 2,35 International Relations Club l,2,3,45 Recording Secretary 2, Junior Panhellenic Council 35 Isotopes 1,25 Mentors 3,45 Historian 35 Home Economics 4. PATTERSON, Gerry--Ft. Morgan, Colorado. B.A., Humanities Area, Gamma Phi Beta. Ice Skating Club I5 Spanish Club 15 WAA 1,25 Secretary 3, Mentors 35 Campus Commission 35 Secretary 4, AWS5 Secretary 3, Student Senate5 Parakeets 2,35 Mortar Board 4. PENDLETON, Joseph H.-Denver. B.A., Physical Education. Ski Club 3,45 Phi Beta Sigma Z,3,45 Canterbury Club. PERRIN, James W.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Personnel and Industrial Relations. Treasurer 3, Management and Personnel Club. PERRY, LaRue-Cory, Colorado. B.S., Chemistry, Kappa Delta. Treasurer 2, Alpha Lambda DeIta5 Treasurer, Kappa Delta5 Secretary, German Club5 Secretary, Methodist Student Foundation5 Pi Delta Theta 25 Alpha Sigma Chi 35 Sigma Alpha Iota 2. PETERSON, Winifred C.-Denver. B.A., Home Economics, Kappa Delta. Spanish Club 15 Treasurer 3, Ice Skating Club l,2,35 Iso- topes l5 President 4, Activities Chairman 3, Associated Women's Students5 Division Head 3, Mentors 35 Parakeets 2,35 ROTC Sponsor 2,3,45 Pershing Rifles Sponsor 45 Mortar Board 45 Student Senate 45 Board of Governors 45 Campus Commission 45 Dean's Advisory Council 45 Alpha Sigma Chi 3,45 Treasurer 3, Kappa Delta5 Iota Sigma Phi 3,4. PETTINE, Geraldine-Denver. B.S.B.A., Secretarial Science. Vice President 4, Inter-Dormitory Council5 Executive Coun- cil 4, Shuler HalI5 AWS 45 Newman Club 4. Transfer from Highlands University. PEW, Max D.-La Junta, Colorado. B.S.B.A., Accounting, Kappa Sigma. Secretary 4, Alpha Kappa Psi 3,45 lnter-Fraternity Coun- cil Representative5 Squadron Commanding Officer 45 Ar- nold Air Society 45 Beta Alpha Psi 45 Commerce Commis- sion 45 Board of Publications 45 ROTC Activities Commit- tee 45 Junior Chamber ot Commerce 35 Bizad Clarion Ed- itor 4. Transfer from La Junta Junior College. PHELPS. Marilyn-Denver. B.A., History, Independents. , D Co-Chairman 4, Student "Y" 2,3,45 Secretary 2, Religious Council 2,3,45 Mentors 35 WAA 2,45 Womens Student Council 3,45 DUettes 2. Transfer from Muscatine Jr. College. PORQUIS, Crispin L.-Honolulu, Hawaii. B.A., Sociology. POWELL, Darroll T.-Denver. B.S., Chemical Engineering. Pi Delta Theta l,2,3,45 Engineers' Day 35 President Al ChE. PUDER, Shirley S.-Denver. B.A., Sociology. Pi Gamma Mu 3,45 Phi Beta Kappa 4. -R- RAGSDALE, Rachael-Colorado Springs, Colorado. B.S.B.A., Secretarial Science, Kappa Delta. Dudes and Dames 15 Senior Counselor 45 Mentors 3,45 President 4, Beta Gamma Sigma 45 Ski Club 2,35 House Manager, Kappa Delta l,2,3,45 Corresponding Secretary 2, French Club 25 Treasurer 2, United World Federalists 1,2. REASER, Richard R.-Denver. B.S., Electrical Engineering. Secretary 4, Institute of Radio Engineering5 AIEE. Transfer from Kansas University. REED, Elmo W.-Cane Hill, Arkansas. B.S.B.A., Hotel and Restaurant Management. Hotel and Restaurant Society 2,3,4. REINHART, Paul C.--Sunbury, Pennsylvania. B.S.B.A., Sales and Marketing. REINKOESTER, Edward C.-Shaker Heights, Ohio. iyS.:.A., Airline-Airport Management, Lambda Chi p a. Pledge Trainer 3, Lambda Chi Alpha l,2,3,45 Pioneer Wings 1,25 Alpha Eta Rho 3,45 Ice Skating Club 2,35 School of Aeronautics Airport Award 3. RICE, Myra R.-Denver. B.A., Humanities Area, Delta Phi Epsilon. Hlegsurer, Delta Phi EpsiIon5 Junior Panhellenic5 Hillel5 Transfer from Colorado University. RICHARDS, Joseph G., Jr.-Eagle River, Wisconsin. B.S.B.A., Hotel and Restaurant Management. Treasurer 3, Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,45 Secretary 2, Hotel and Restaurant Society 'l,2,3,45 Junior Chamber of Commerce 2,35 Ski Club l,2,35 lce Skating Club 2,35 Intercollegiate Knights 3. RICHARDS, Nancy Jean-Birmingham, Alabama. B.A., Spanish. Dudes and Dames 35 Phi Sigma Iota 45 lce Skating Club 35 Ski Club 3. Transfer from University of Alabama. ROGERS, Glenn H.-Denver. B.A., Theater, Delta Sigma Phi. Student's Speakers Bureau 35 Kingsley Speech Trophy 35 Phi Beta Trophy 35 FTA 45 Tau Kappa Alpha 45 Debate Team 45 Phi Beta Kappa 4. Transfer from Colorado A. and M. ROSE, Alfred C.-Bergenfield, New Jersey. g.S.IB.A., Engineering and Aeronautics, Sigma Phi psran. Intercollegiate Knights 35 American Institute of Electrical Engineers 2. Transfer from Hunter College. RUSSELL, Billie J.--Denver. B.S.B.A., Personnel and Industrial Relations, Delta Sigma Pi. President 3, Chancellor 4, Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,4' Collegiate Chamber of Commerce l,2,35 Ski Club l,2,35 Civic Center Dean's Advisory Council 45 IFC Dance Committee 45 IFC 3,45 Personnel Club 3,45 Phi Epsilon Phi 35 Intercol- legiate Knights 45 Senior Sneak Committee. -5- SALZER, Syril B.-Denver. g.S.B.A., General Business Administration, Phi Sigma 9 ta. SANDS, Kenneth A.-Billings, Montana. B.S.B.A., Management, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Personnel Management Club 3,45 Intercollegiate Knights 3. Transfer from Eastern Montana College. SCHIELDS, Bernice-Denver. B.A., Home Economics. Newman Club I,3,45 Home Economics Club l,2,3,45 FTA 4. SCHUCH, Joanne F.-Denver. B.S., Mathematics. Pi Delta Theta 2,3,45 Home Economics Club 3,45 Chorus 4. SHAFER, Fern-Denver. B.A., Humanities Area. Future Teachers of America. SHELLENBAUM, Glen E.-Denver. B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Kappa Sigma. Treasurer 4, Tau Beta 3,45 Treasurer 4, Scabbard and Blade 3,45 Secretary 3, Pershing Rifles 3,45 Pi Delta Theta 2,3,45 ASME 2,3,45 Ski Club 2. SHEPHERD, James--Denver. B.S., Law, Kappa Sigma. President of Student Body 45 Rush Chairman 4, Phi Delta Phi 3,45 Student Senate 45 Commerce Commission 45 Law School Board of Governors 3,45 Secretary-Treasurer Law School 3,45 Dean's. Advisory Council 45 May Days Commit- tee 35 Band5 Vice President 4, Young Repubicans Club 3,45 Derby Day Committee5 Who's Who 4. SHINDO, Clara R.-Denver. B.A., Clothing and Textiles. Publicity Chairman 4, Home Economics Club l,2,3,45 Alpha Lambda Delta 2. SHISSLER, Charles E.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Personnel and Industrial Relations. President 4, Management and Personnel Club 3,45 "D" Club 2,3,45 Publications Officer 4, Arnold Air Society 3,45 Canterbury Club I5 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 1,25 Dudes and Dames 35 Tennis Team 1,3,45 Air Force ROTC Colonel 45 Who's Who 4. SHRYER, Charlene-Denver. B.A., Speech. I I Photo Editor 3, Kynewisbok 35 Society Editor 4, Clarion 45 Publicity Chairman 4, Homecoming ommlttee 4. Transfer from University of Michigan. SHULKIN, Erwin B.-Sioux City, lowa. B.A., Journalism. I I Reporter and Rewrite 3, Assistant News Editor 4, Advertis- ing Manager 4, Clarion 3,45 President Dorm No. 3, 45 Hillel 3,45 Men's Press Club 3,4. Transfer from the University ot Iowa. SILVERA, Helen F.-Denver. B.A., Home Economics. Home Economics Club 45 Isotopes 25 Student Christian Association 3. SIMMERMAN, Gerald M.-Denver. B.A., Psychology, Independents. President 4, Vice President 3, Executive Board Z, FTA l,2,3,45 Executive Council 3, PershinI? Rifles 2,35 Scob- bard and Blade 35 Independents 25 appa Delta Pi 3,45 Phi Delta Kappa 45 ROTC Captain 35 Distinguished Mili- tary Student and Distinguished Military Graduate 4. SMITH, Donald S.-Clinton, Iowa. B.S.B.A., Economics, Theta Chi. SMITH, Earl K.-Denver. B.A., Latin America Area. Phi Sigma Iota 2,3,45 Pi Gamma Mu 3,45 Phi Delta Kappa 3,45 Spanish Club 2,45 Phi Beta Kappa 4. SENIOR ACTIVITIES SMITH, Warren A.-Craftsbury Common, Vermont. B.S.B.A., Hotel and Restaurant Management. Alpha Kappa Psi5 Hotel and Restaurant Society5 Junior Hotel Managers of America. SOLADAY, Doris Rae-Carlsbad, New Mexico. B.A., Physical Education, Delta Gamma. Vice President 4, Delta Gamma 2,3,45 Secretary Treasurer 2,35 Vice President 4, Dormitory CounciI5 Secretary 4, Inter-Dormitory Council5 Squad Leader 4, Parakeets 2,3,45 Mentors 3,45 Treasurer 3, WAA5 Isotopes 25 Mu Beta Kappa 2. SPARR, Daniel B.-Denver. BIIS.B.A., Airline-Airport Management, Sigma Phi Ep- sion. Student Senate 45 Commerce Commission 45 Board of Publications 35 lnter-Fraternity Council 35 Alpha Kappa Psi 3,45 Rush Chairman 3,4, Sigma Phi Epsilon5 Arnold Air Society 45 Alpha Eta Rho 3,45 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 35 Intercollegiate Knights 3,45 School of Aero- nautics 45 Who's Who 45 Colorado Representative to N.A.M. Congress 4. Transfer from University of Colorado. STALEY, Alvin J.-Billings, Montana. B.S.B.A., Building lndustry, Pi Kappa Alpha. Outstanding Pledge Award, President 4, Pi Kappa Alpha 3,4. Transfer from Eastern Montana College. STEVENS, Herbert A.-Hollywood, California. B.A., Physical Education. FTA 3,45 "D" Club 3,45 Phi Epsilon Phi 3. Transfer from East Los Angeles Junior College. s'rooPENKoFF, Lydia-Rome, nary. B.A., Spanish. Secretary 2, Vice President 3, Cosmopolitan Club l,2,35 Spanish Club l,2,3,45 Mentors 35 Treasurer 4, Phi Sigma Iota 3,45 President 4, Slavic Language Club 45 Chairman 2, International Coordinating Council 25 Alpha Lambda Delta 25 International Relations Club 1,25 YM-YWCA World Student Council 3. Transfer from Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala. STRIKER, Bobette-Denver. B.A., Humanities Area, Delta Phi Epsilon. Vice President 3,4, Delta Phi Epsilon 2,3,45 Panhellenic Council 3,45 Women's Student Council 35 Division Secretary 45 Mentors 3,45 May Day Queen Attendant 25 Homecoming Dance Chairman 45 May Days Committee 3. Transfer from Colorado University. SUNDFOR, Victor A.-San Pedro, California. B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. ASME 3,45 Ski Club 25 Tau Beta Society 3,45 Vice Presi- dent 3,45 Alpha Tau Omega 2,3,4. Transfer from Compton College. SVEHLA, Martin L.-Denver. B.S., Chemical Engineering. Associate Editor 3, Editor 4, Denver Engineer 3,45 Publicity Chairman of Engineering College 35 Clarion 25 Engineers' Day Committee 3,45 A.l. Ch.E. l,2,3,4. Transfer from Lewis Institute. SWITZER, Kenneth-Norwich, New York. B.S.B.A., General Business, Theta Chi. Theta Chi 2,3,4. Transfer from Champlain College -T.. TASSET, Warren J.-Denver. B.S.B.A., Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi. Vice President 3, Alpha Kappa Psi 'l,2,3,45 President 3, Phi Epsilon Phi 2,35 Dean's Advisory Council 3,45 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 2,35 Newman Club 2,3,45 Student Senate 45 Commerce Commission 45 President Bizad Col- lege 45 Who's Who 45 Pioneer 4. TIMMS, R. June-Gloucestershire, England. B.A., International Relations. Alpha Lambda Delta 25 Secretary 2, Cosmopolitan Club 25 International Relations Club 3,45 Co-Chairman World Stu- dent Committee 3,4. TORRENCE, Billie-Torrington, Wyoming. B.A., English, Pi Beta Phi. Coed Journalists 3,45 Student Chamber of Commerce 3. Transfer from Muskingum College. -V- VANDERPOOL, Floyd A.-Denver. B.A., Social Science Area, Independents. I "D" Club 45 Rifle Team 3,45 Pistol Team 3,45 Skl ClubI25 ge SkIaIIng Club 2,35 Photography Club 25 Education ouncn . -W- WARNER, David M.-Denver. B.A., Religion, Lambda Chi Alpha. Chaplain 2,3,4, Vice President 3, Lambda Chi Alpha I 2,3, 45 Vice President 2, President 3,4, Canterbury Club' Vice President 3, President 4, Religious CounciI5 Phi Epsilon Phi 1,25 Varsity Band 1,25 Concert Band l,2. WARNER, Winifred A.-Denver. B.A., Physical Education, Kappa Delta. Publicitg Chairman 2, Social Chairman 3, President 4, Kappa eIta5 Secretary 3, Ski Club l,2,35 Squad Leader, Parakeets 2,35 Women's Student Council 3,45 WAA l,2,35 Student Organizations Committee 35 Calendar and Certifi- cations Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 35 Mentors 35 Outstanding Sophomore, Kappa Delta 2. WEIDNER, Betty JoAnn-Denver. B.A., Speech Pathology, Delta Zeta. Dudes and Dames l,45 Ballroom Partners 1,25 A Cappella Choir 1,25 Secretary 3, Rush Chairman 4, Delta Zeta l,2,3, 45 Secretary 4, -Zeta Phi Eta 2,3,45 Executive Board 3,4, FTA 3,45 International Relations Club I5 Parakeets 2,3,45 Social Chairman 4, Mentors 3,45 Psi Chi 3,45 Secretary 3,4, Sigma Alpha Eta 3,45 Panhellenic Council 35 Women's Student Council 4. WESTERBECK, Allan R.-Denver. BI.f.IB.A., Marketing and Salesmanship, Lambda Chi p a. Collegiate Chamber of Commerce 25 Arnold Air Society 45 Baseball I. WHEELER, Cecil L.-Denver. B.S., Electrical Engineering. AIEE-IRE. WIKOFF, Robert B.-Rochester, New York. B.S.B.A., Hotel and Restaurant Management, Delta Sigma Pi. I Treasurer, Bizad Junior Class5 Cheer Leader 35 Pioneer Ski Club. W. WILLIAMS, Robert C.-Highland Pork, Illinois. ., BIIS.IB.A., Airline-Airport Management, Lambda Chr p a. Vice President 3, Lambda Chi Alpha 3,45 Ice Skating Clu 25 Rifle Team 25 Pioneer Wings 25 ROTC Captaln5 Dis tinguished Military Student. I Transfer from the Spartan School of Aeronautics. WINDHAM, Edwin C., Jr.-Wheatridge, Colorado. B.S.B.A., Accounting, Pi Kappa Alpha. President 3, Treasurer 2,4, Pi Kappa Alpha l,2,3,45 Bet Alpha Psi. Transfer from University of Chattanooga. WINTERS, Lois M.-Delta, Colorado. B.A., English. Alpha Lambda Delta 25 A Cappella I5 French Club I2 WAA 25 Publicity, AWS 35 Worship Chairman 2,3, PubllIc ity I, Vice President 4, Student Editorial Board, Methodrs Student Foundation l,2,3,45 President 4, Wesley Player 3,45 Mentors 35 Dorm Council 45 President 4, Mortar Boar 45 Shuler-Templin Award 2,35 Who's Who 4. WISEMAN, William T.-Ignacio, Colorado. B.S.B.A., Building lndustry, Theta Chi. Vice President 3, President 4, Theta Chi l,2,3,45 Treasure 3,4, Inter-Fraternity Council 2,3,45 Twentieth Centur Builders 35 UNESCO Council 3. WOLF, Betty .loan--Denver. B.S.B.A., Advertising, Phi Gamma Nu. Dean's Advisory Board Bizad 25 Mentors l,2,3,45 Secretar Treasurer 3, Parakeets l,2,3,45 Secretary 3, Calendar an Certifications Committee5 Secretary I, Personnel Clu Rush Captain 2, Secretary 3, President 4, Phi Gamma N Social Chairman 1, Activities Chairman 2, AWS5 Vic President Bizad Sophomore Class 25 Executive Woman Council l,2,3,45 Clarion Staff 2,35 Rose of Delta Slgm Pi 3. WOOD. Robert H.-Peetz. Colorado. B.S.B.A., Business Education, Alpha Kappa Psi. Transfer from Northeastern Junior College. -Y- YAP, Francis Y. H.-Honolulu, Hawaii. B.A., Physical Education, Independents. Intramurals I. -Z- ZIMMERMAN, Robert M.-Wahpeton, North Dakota. B.S.B.A., Advertising, Kappa Sigma. Transfer from State School of Science. l A 1 If , ,, . . Ex if. -Vx . A ,Q - ,,.1 '5 'R X S J I f WZ ' H 1 Y A 9' ' H 9 f XX ff Vxm--Q 6, 1 , cy It w In as Seb". 491. 4 Q if B . ! 'QIUJILKCXS ga , fsvvwv-41v+vWvo'o'vvv'vW'6'vwo'vo f Q K v' cg ' Q I 1- :Iii 5" X W P N I :H I HM l X , ' 4 TYYYV7 1- ! ff Nl Nl 9 V 1 9 1 5 x i 3 it-7 YY - ' V -- N71 flllflff vlvrrvvrtlnrlllrlfraflarfluff'vfrvrllv r mmmummnnmmmwmmnmmdmnMOUmggggQggggmnhmmmimmggyggg-,51Zm.Q-,4m,i,g3EE :??:'1+1ff+ ,-- ..w.. 1 I , , YZ , 41- 7 - -A ' f' -f - V- f 2 f Q. - . .ZX I r f " ,4' , : f x x X -. . Q . 1 .1 - X, n. ' , " 4 m Q 1' ' - f f" ' . , Q, We ' 555'w'O'5'9'9'9'9'9'9'O'O'9'YTD'i'9'Q'9'O'0'O'O'0'Y FN hh Q xx Rx, M Q 5 t ,u:V. X I A Q X Q4 1 5 , . N ft-',q:p,p' R111 'QQhziSHNh.n 10" U U rmmnvrawxamfhmnliaf2JiiIJa?JbkM1u am1v L+: in S02 52 X Ng ' f ,x -f lg I I - .I ' ' ' ' I ' A A X r 32 . V i' l,!4 I V-. 1 ' ,W W U U U QI U U U s T:: X I 5 I 5 ' Q I S 1 g " 5 1 x ' I If wh Q O 9 I 9 I I I Q ru-as-' vfvoorcruovv r00v no: 0 ururrrvg

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