University of Denver - Kynewisbok Yearbook (Denver, CO)

 - Class of 1940

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University of Denver - Kynewisbok Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 284 of the 1940 volume:

A 1 A an - ' fJ - -- - ---- , f, ,:: , ,..,.:4ux..i"'--E:,u::iffai?'ifffv-A-i:4n- --2 , .- Y Y ...,,,-, ....-.492-'--4'M"" ., -,....K.,,..,,-L Y rv-'xx -nh X r Y I .. ' 4 f f ' . A 'V I . if I . ' l '35 ,J ' X 11151 ' we ' 4' g X? ,' , ' + A K A f . , A , if! Q' A I J - H .., , 7,6 . - -' " 111 ff 'Q ' '9 4 ' Y I 977' if V' ' ,w 'IQ " " sf' ' ' 'A 4-. ' 1' ' gulf F V X 1 Y . :fp .'Q3iE?1I- - 3 , 1 - ,T J Bi. V .- I ' 'i ' - ' ' rr 5 A f lx lf, Lf" ,J 1' if A V L " x 'fy' 1 -.- . Y ' r v 'J . - r ' ' , qw, .N .' ' , S ' ' x, 4 1 1,5 Q + . 1 ' ' Xt ' ' ,J - , ' 1 4 L .I s my . . - , .. ' V r,- A , f uh 1 0. A 4 H! is-Q , - - w f . ,. K1 -I", , A 0-an A -M4-P4 .My Qi, XX X -QP' RX f 1 M 'I ' Ni' v Q S " I 4 X x ,WA , . . A U, --P .' W - Q . ,W , U Y 1 ."' If' LY A Ci., H 'Q . .1 4 y W s . 14 N .gq 1 nb' .f ' w , i N V V w . ' w . - 1 r A Aw 4,35 i " ., g t g, '- . ,, X lik if 1 -X Lf, .-, ,fa -1 fu . mai' sw, fi -' , - 5' 555' -.Qi 'w iv b f , ' M, f.. I, , " ,Q . . I 19' ' f,E1.':1 ' . - L' "Ei: -ff ffm ' ' ' r , Q. 5-25 , V V " vm 5 . , .A , . rv " " W"-1" ' - -- :ffl -- ', 7 ., ff: "'-'V"'r' ' -, If ' ' AI ' --2?5i?4?'5?'fFifig,,:3g - t' 1, '. i--5911? Wh".?9iw+,Q g M Y H-. J ' ,-'YA---5 - I -.Z-5. . I --L1 -f J,:, -. ,..1P-',y5 ,- .a- Q .avr , f f,. i ' V 1, ...M A :ws - ,, - -aw Q81 , ,, ,- .argl .,4gN..,, 1 -. xg' -.' :wfA--wwf V in -v ,,,,34 .gJfL.,.t?v?kk,,:ff.rFL:.-310129 E 5 'A,:,1mJGI:.,:.i::,n'..:- ,, 1 , "I uv." .,:l52:'-:Q ' ....., -- u - ' C X g ' Y 'f 1 ' . s f . v f Q v, . 1.' - 5 , ,l 3 z . ' I Y ' ,., ' " ' 1, I fm 1 ', "Q .L',',.4 I I . . .' , ' r'., L . ' .k J. N, ,:. -, f , 4 -f , A o V 35 ..,,., ' 1, ,155 A, I ,531 X i - V 1 .. f - ':-. E: 1'1" 3-lg ' 'sl' A f s ' ' V . T' f" " 'rf'-"'. ' ' ' '14 ' 1 1- 3 9 -E - -". .' .IN - 1 '5 ' 4 1 1 f 1-' - .. r 4-, 'H - - -. 'f- f.L'.'.0Y XJ' i 4 A ll, af: 4- A ' ' uf u ' , ' A " -I :V ' Q-N-A, ',"L5" .Al ' Q- ,j ' 1 1 .- J Y " , . lt'-'-.JW '1.'.""5'I" -fr' .' 'ftwf . 'N 1 4 ' v 14 x i 1 3 .,f- . .1 v., x. , " , v fl ,1 .4-1-:' 4 ' ' wi . I . 1 I, H , K L 1 6 X 4 n , 1 J F ,, 5 ' . A V 5 . v , ' , n f' -1 3 '- ' JH1-, m x 'J ,f 'g 1 - ,.,.,, Y -' .. hy., 2. A., M Y A M. 1-g.A:,'1: YQ., -R: V., x ... ,i , .mi Yuri, all A ' ' 4 . e I V I - - . ,J" f .:'u.':- ' ' an-. f , fp, -.M 1 ',-'La v ' 4 x 1 4 5 u r 0 1 A QLPOQ' Xan G den 'dcoda T025 veixew sxfesziav 0 Yxtgzgbxgnq- - 'causes , 0 K n . W Wm YQKQXVGT' bw G ,R og We ,C 'ookS 3 mer. 'ERN cage ' 'Q' "A , , Y , f ., I f .,v, -4.1, 1 ,M T U R E FiHy years ago socie+y was vas+ly differenl' from l'he modern day. FiH'y years hence il' will assuredly have undergone +ransi+ions. Whal i'I' will be like I00 years from now lies beyond +he power of 'rhe imagina+ion +o conceive. We are able 'ro predicl wil'h high probabilily even+s in +he near fu'I'ure, bul' unable 'lo predicl wi1'h any assur- ance par'I'icular even'rs in l'he dislanl' 'Fu1'ure. Lei' us 'I'hen look forward and accepl l'hose lhings which come our way. So il is 'I'ha+ we dedica'l'e l'he I940 Kynewisbok +o +he fu+ure-+ha+ 'rhose persons who al"rend our universi'I'y will be able +o lil'erally 'rurn back +he pages and view our achievemenls. X' '-.2 , 'f g . .. K: X A ff? 3 I vi. I v tx Hag? ' A XX 4 " ' ' 'FTP Y--, xg N, XL X xg . 'Q X I V A H Q gif" V' :Rx f 3, ,H V -Q, Q 5 ,'-1 ig U, . - V NK H.. ' ' . 1 . - , ,ig ' i 4 K M . 1 m . - 'K - , 1 if in- 4- MQQVL .KK 4 I , - .F I rs 5 ,VIV 1 ' 3 ' . ' -E it .. g 1 X' X , til 5- ' ... "X -NQXRQ T .' f' .A 3.5EQQ"..-4, O 1 W 2 - -Q QA --Q . N . . . wt t AQ I ' J Qt 'ri W ,V xx xy I I X" .l TY x X -.X X xx XX t A, D 2 ' . , .fwg 'L K I . K fx V X . . W, A., N N. 1 X , V .I A V. 1: .x 1 fn ., X -'gf . , . 'f' ' ' A ' of if .X . Q4 af?" ' 16,-gh' .g,w,Pm,..x 1 H 'sw COLLEGE L ,E LIFE FRIENDS:-up 5 ASSoc:An ONS Acnvmss 2 Q 'E E z ff an Z Os V3 LU E Z 0 Z O VJ U7 if ': z 3:1 I- ff Z i F LETICS Ef ATH SS 5 4 I il- REW RD The frue Pioneer spirif will always live as long as fhere are sfudenfs fo carry if on. H' is fhis spiri'I' which permeafes 'lhe complex mesh of college life, friendships, associafions and evenfs which makes fhe impression in one's memory of happy days. Our earnesf desire in presenfing fhe I940 Kynewisbok fo you is 'I'o capfure 'lhis spirif and fo hold if on fhe prinfed page. lf is fhe sincere hope fhaf fhis yearbook accurafely depicfs and records some of fhe color incidenfal fo sfudenf life af fhe Universify of Denver. We have af- fempfed fo make fhis book vifal, so fhaf nof only you who will furn fhrough ifs pages in fhe years fo come will recall fhe pleasures of I939 and l94O, buf also fhaf fhose who may glance af if in fhe disfanf fufure will compare if wifh fheir everyday affairs. If we have succeeded in fhis affempf, fhen we are confenf in fhe pleasure which fhis volume will afford. 1 2 4, 1. .1 H '.:,. t 'higu Y W ko eckxk kkne M qeavs nke, Yfwsk woman vfxska OV- eufxnqkks 'xon 'xs 0 one 6 o Xlkk akkq 'xnk ev OXOYXGB' as 06 uxokxcak ekk a . uaenk 9 ' unxox' ,kk eiv ok 9 klappa O eskee 'xn akk Sk k'xons,bKxss 6065, a X konnd kkqne ko kokknk k'ne pt noi ok Coed Bouvnakxski . e ok knew okkxoe ok Goukd 'vs an ev- knkevsckkook k Yub- 'I X-A ber oat ee 51 'xkku . vas ok 3 A o egxkov , okkxcfxo mem nc-,ouncln and kkne kxcakxons. I 1 Q' wr? I 1 'wx Aff a x W k J 'i X LP,-.. I , J, U l Qin N k l Q? .1 l ,A 4 'Ii www V JV fl, X 'Wx m':?"sLi ,, 4.55 P4 1-. x. B 'X ,gin W iii fix: " V ' 7- ' MC' 22 113 ikivff, :",V'TfJ M 5 I' ff., 1 Vik?-f"5'?r' sq J- S - f., V, In J ,- 535 '- ,IJ 45:94. in .Q . 'b.,L, U' ,- A G' , If .L 1 Mei J . 31? i,-L,,,I NM ,f , .Lf-fix ",ig. I , ' -,212-Q. 1 f. -1,91 kgraf, , ,Q 'T "eff Wf'5??5'7 . 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M2 13.5-52 ' ' -vegl V V -4' JMB.: V 2 -2924: -. f"'-Vire' 1-V. .n '16 X '- 1 I, .A . 1 .., -' 2,1 N11 :Agn 5, -I' ff-iv ' ' iff-'L' 'M . -. ' '.-.121-ff'-fvyf 'V 3",' Q, , . f -1. :f'- 'A jfs.. .'l,f.'Q.gfj' 1 .-. 1--' H -f :V ,fl-'f-V.--1.1 . 'V - 'V 4 - V., ' - . :. ' 11 1 11 y,f,",'ff1.'. 5 - 152-'lyfly -- .ab-L' 1: --,L :f" ' 4 11111 V131111y.1.111.1:,1-1. 1 jf1.1,l1 ., :'f'SfV KL . 4? WT' V -"f- A - ' --1 V 5 1,.1W..,v 1 -Q -,-1 r'- f--."i-ij'9!ff ' --.1-I-V. . ' 'f - V ?L " L-iw."-"1-.1 Q41--.My ' .5 ! . ' pf- - V wg--z--V V ww- . -. 11,161.1 M .1 1 1. q .---W-4-'-3.51-.JN - , -'fr VA, I - . " ' ' V- .W ffi' 31,15-1115 11 Vm5.v1,1- u-nr.-':. 'Q " 1111' ' 1. 1 . 1,1 uf- ,.11 ,1 11 M 111 .f. 41 .V f -'YL My -5 3.-. - -. 1,5 ' fi- J -1.2-5-z 'n.d:g'-1 ,,':- -- ,- ,'fV4- T-1. 4:-' 1m 6 ,11'.'-'111-.,:f'-,QV , Je ,ww is . 1 " -V . - :.-- L P- V. , LS: . .- Sf- ,' V ' "QF , '?1ff.-F 1 .-,, --.. ,. . .1 -1-11Q'!1y,.,L1y+1Vk+,.fj 111 1 , 41. 1 3" ' 'L fl : f , 1 . ..,.j. ,RW -51 - . F.-5 . 1: x '- V. 1..e,-:f.'V,.,.'z F . : .A " fm. . ':.1,.',-'Q' 'V JG- . 'T - Q---. W. -A pm., 4 , 1.,,. V 'QP 1.1 1, , , ".-553,-'Q -. ' '-T - Yf-' , V' Vx -if .-1.- 1 , 'g1.11. 411111- ngb, ... s, ,1 . -"H" ---2-2. 'zfiji'-P' .VV .-' 311 I'.1ga15,1'- 1.0.14-, . JVFF5 1 ,W R . 'K ' 2.11-fx Y Af--F? J ?' 'qw . 1-Q.. 1 V 'hi ,- ., .5'afxf,, . X 'f"V A-'ff - Jmigig-'izfailfv SJ. 22. I 1- -I ' . u . V . M.: , ' x-..'1K.1,'. ' 4 U" Egglf. - A 1 41. -V 1 1: - - - - - 911331 . . ... V. 313.5 - , .M 1 11 M .1 . . . 1.,..1 .1 -- .11 '- ww . .K- 4 4-4' . . 1. L . lu" . 1 .,' -, . .. , 1, , -1 . . .,. - 1, . .1,1 . ' .rg 1 , K Q1 , ,.,., . . Q. QL. 'HR'- . - H' kiwi? :-V'2.- xc.: I' .,.. - mx. .V Q.. j .m ,A 1, .t"..-.-,.1 n C fox! ,1m:l- ww .,, .. ., -AGL.-.V.1 1 1 , 15:11 .1'1,'-. .Wi-a .-f V,4 V -. .1 ,..,.f. 1 gan ..11, J., 1 1 M.-'My .' EFL-. PEL . ..,. V.:11 ' - ...Q-:,V.V,.-'f.--ff-f'.,..5-. iff, 1 ., . . - - Q- '1 . 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I-le is also Tinancial secreTary oT The universiTy. Randolph P. McDonough, alumni secreTary and assisTanT direcTor oT exTensions, keeps in Touch wiTh alumni Through The Pioneer which he ediTs monThly. GraduaTe manager oT sTudenT aTFairs is C. Lewis l-lerzog who manages The STudenT Union, has charge oT all publicaTion's Tunds and ediTs The FooTball DigesT. l-lamilTon J. Keener as purchasing agenT Tor The school has proven himselT capable in This posiTion. ln The business oTfice sTudenT organizaTion and TraTerniTy accounTs are handled 'by Loyal Niblo. Also in The same oTlice Jack Rork keeps The books and accounTs Tor The universiTy. John Van Male is acTing librarian and makes all purchases Tor The library. As assisTanT Treasurer and secreTary oT The uni- versiTy, William F. Wyman handles all Tinan- ces Tor The school. Through The oTTice oT The Dean oT Women, Gladys C. Bell, all sTudenT acTiviTies are scheduled. Miss Bell acTs as an ex-oTTicio member oT all women's organ- izaTions, alumni aTFairs and moThers' clubs. DMI T 'FWF l h P. M D h Maflofle Cullef Franl: C. Onsioif Rando P C onoug :iff Gladys C. Bell J 'QQ Jacl: Rork Wnlllam F. Wyman Loyal Niblo I John Van Male I --Qf'pr,f' 9,41 F zfaagn lf'l'n9'l 1' W, 11 xl. 'T' g arles Huslinson G orge Dunklee ggi QT' ' i Harry Chrisfensen U , iiaq ii . ' IT' ij' ' 'T 'F T ii T iii ArTl'1ur Lewis 1 Shirley McMillan TERSCHO One oT The mosT imporTanT TuncTions previ- ously vesTed in The lnTerschool council-ThaT oT elecTing Kynewisbok and Clarion ediTors- was This year TransTerred To The Board oT Pub- licaTions. This was accomplished by Clarion ediTor RoberT Buell who proposed The amend- menT and presenTed a peTiTion which necessi- TaTed an all school elecTion on Feb. 2 l . Under The guidance oT council presidenT Charles l-luslcinson, This group elecTed mem- bers oT DPA, manager oT demonsTraTions, co- ordinaTor oT The Junior-Senior prom and all school picnic head. AT various Times Through- ouT The year, They appoinTed chairmen oT com- miTTees To deal wiTh band, assembly and yell problems. Charles Byrne Charles Kerowsly Ellen Wilson 'QQ' COUNCIL MEMBERS Commerce presiclenl ........ lnlerschool represenlalive Campus presldenl' ..........,,....,.,...,., lnlerschool represenlalive ln'rerschool re resenralive P AWS president' .....,....,................,, Law presldenl' ..,.......,,,,,.,... lnlerschool represenlariveiiiiiiiiii Chappell presidenl ..................,.... Liprary presiclenl .............,. Science preslclenl' ................,....,... lnlerschool represenlalive .....,..... Charles l-luslcinson Harry Chrislensen George Dunlclee Arlhur Lewis Ellen Wilson Shirley Mclvlillen Charles Byrne Charles Karowslcy Durey Ranclc Elizabelh Mcliindley Charles Sias William l-linch D EX orriclo Clarion edilor .........................,..... Kynewisbolc eclilor .....s........,.......... Demonsfrarions manager .............. Dean of Men ..............,.....,. ........ Graduale manager ......... Charles Herzog Roberl Buell Doris Gould Harold McCormick John Lawson Charles Herzog John Lawson CAMPU DEAN ROLLAND J. WALTERS super- vises The 33 cleparTmenTs oT The School oT Liberal ArTs. Such maTTers as adminisTraTive policy, selecTion oT clerical assisTanTs and TaculTy, sTudenT-TaculTy relaTionship and cur- riculum are under his direcTion. ln T892 sTudenT governmenT was inaug- uraTed on This campus, 28 years aTTer The Tounding oT The universiTy. AT This Time The governing body was called The SenaTe. Re- cenTly The name was changed To Campus com- mission, which is a policy making body. Every individual on The commission has some spe- ciTic aclminisTraTive Task To perTorm. One oT The duTies oT The presidenT is To see ThaT These duTies are carried To compleTion. This year The commission erecTed a bulleTin board Tor sTudenTs and Toolc over The sponsor- ship oT sTudenT ThoughT week. lnvesTigaTion oT elecTion procedures was carried on and iT was decided ThaT class and school as well as The Technical raTing should appear on every sTu- denT's associaTion card. X Arihur Lewis ' Ellen wilson ss OFFICERS Presidenl' ....... ........,,,....... G eorge Dunlclee Secrefary .......... .......... R ira Thompson Treasurer ......,.,.............,..... - ........ ,.... L ee Larson Presidenr of Science ..,.......,....,.,,... Charles Sias Science lnlerschool council repr ...,.........,,.. l-linch Arls ln+erschool council repr.. ...., Arlhur Lewis Ar+s lnlerschool council repr ......... Ellen Wilson AWS presidenl ...................... Shirley McMillen Social chairman ,....,....:......,..,..... William Ballard Chapel chairman ......,........,.,.. Shirley Shepherd Presidenl of senior class .............. Andy Gainey Presidenf of iunior class ..........,..... George Hall Presidenl of sophomore class .... l-larold Agnew Presidenl of 'Freshman class.. ............ Ralph Paul Manager of demonslralions ............,....,....,, McCormick Facully adviser .,,..... .,,......... D ean Lawson Shirley McMillan - William Ballard -JQQL Andy Ghiney 74 George Hall Harold Agnew Dean Lawson Shirley Shepherd Ralph Paul Harold MsC 27 Q 'fb l-.f ,,-1 Virginia Pruess 81 ii, lin 9 l A vu-.,,,, .5311 -:ef-Han.. L Du rey Rancl: acleod 28 JHF PPELL DEAN ROLLAND J. WALTERS direcTs Chappell school, a division oT The liberal arTs campus, which is locaTed aT l3OO Logan. l-le remains on The campus and adminisTers his work Through The oTTice oT Miss ConsTance Perkins, division secreTary. The Chappell commission is composed OT Durey Ranck, presidenTg Virginia Pruess, vice president JeTT Farr, secreTary and Duncan MacLeod, Treasurer. This year The commis- sion aTTempTed To bring more sTudenTs inTo The acTiviTies of The arT school. The necessiTy oT pupils going back and TorTh To The campus Tor class consTiTuTed a problem and every aT- TempT was made Tor more uniTy among The arT sTudenTs. ThroughouT The year, The com- mission sponsored radio dances, dinners, skaT- ing parTies and sTeak Tries. Every spring Chappell gives an exhibiTion oT sTudenT work which shows The Type work done and aTTracTs aTTenTion To many individu- als. This school is very TorTunaTe To have many proTessors who have sTudied arT boTh here and abroad. Ed Norfhway painTs a self porfraif. WE COMMERCE DEAN CLEM W. COLLINS of fhe School of Commerce, Accounfs, and Finance was awarded fhe firsf degree by fhis school. Dean Collins has broughf honor fo fhe universify by his elecfion as presidenf ofufhe American lnsfifufe of Accounfanfs. Commerce commission is composed of Charles l-luslcinson, presidenfg Erma Weimer, vice presidenfg Geraldine Domenico, secre- fary: Bill Eberf, freasurerg Harry Chrisfensen, lnferschool council represenfafiveg Eoresf Chapman, manager of demonsfrafionsg Vir- ginia Wifmer, AWS presidenfg l-lugo Eslcild- son, Clarion represenfafive and Dean Bell and Prof. Elroy T. Nelson, faculfy. During fhe pasf year fhe commission has alrfempfed fo esfablish a democrafic spirif in all ifs funcfions, fo erase inferschool preiudice and fo mainfain fhe presfige for fhe down- fown campus. The Bizad Winfer Jamboree saw larger affendance from campus sfudenfs fhan af any previous fime. This affair proved fo be one of fhe few financially successful school dances. Nelson Hugo Esluldscn Virginia Wifmer Harr Charles ine y Chrisfensen Bill Eberf e'm --fer asf,-'11 - -'awefiw - - ' -162511 1 'Y ' ' jf?-"?.'1lT,-Ek'-b,i1:4-sc 5- - ' , iv. , - . .-,-.hfvffvi 'X 1 -Q xxx I "9 'xi- - 4 i . I 1 F u h . ..r - . .p' 'I 5 X f James Mosely M219 Ralph Cole Charles Byrne IQ' Jane Simpson DEAN ROGER H. WOLCOTT oT The School oT Law inauguraTed Tield Trips This year so ThaT TirsT year sTudenTs mighT see law in acTion. Holder oT Three degrees, Dean Wol- coTT sponsors DelTa Lambda Sigma and has pracTiced privaTe law Tor 23 years. The commission oT The law school is made up oT Charles Byrne, presidenTq James Mosely, vice presidenT3 Jane Simpson, secreTaryg Ralph Cole, Treasurer and Charles Karowslcy, lnTer- school council represenTaTive. The maior ac- complishmenT oT This body was The reorganiza- Tion oT The mooT courT. This courT enables The embryo lawyer To acquire an insighT inTo acTual pracTice. Success OT This courT was due largely To Judge VicTor A. Miller who pre- sided. FirsT prize among The all school TloaTs in The Homecoming parade wenT To law school This year, as did The vicTory Tor The annual medico- legal soTTball game. AT Derby day, laTe in spring quarTer, seniors were Taken To The Police building and Their virTues were presenTed Tor The beneTiT oT undergraduaTes. Law school sfudenfs puf on a pracTice courT. Cl! LIBRARY DEAN MALCOLM G. WYER oT The School QT Librarianship helped To esTablish This de- parTmenT IO years ago. l-le is besT lcnown among sTudenTs Tor his unceasing eTTorTs To make This branch oT The universiTy more eTli- cienT and of increasing service. The Library commission included ElizabeTh McKindley, presidenTg Franlc Egan, vice presi- denTg MargareT KenT, secreTaryg Leonard FriTz, Treasurer and Mary Lou BuTz, social chairman. Florence Noar was presidenT of This school during Tall quarTer. This year The commission adopTed a con- sTiTuTion which will be used To guide TuTure classes aT This school. Lawrence MoTT headed The commiTTee which draTTed This documenT. One oT The ouTsTanding achievemenTs during The presidency oT Florence Noar was The win- ning oT honorable menTion in The Homecoming parade Tor Their TloaT. During The pasT year Mary Lou BuTz headed various commiTTees which planned 33 Tea parTies, numerous lunch- eons, sTealc Tries and a TheaTer parTy. Where librarians affend Their classes. Eliza befh Mc Kin H + ..,- -P.-.. Margaref Kenf Mary Lou Buh 'Y xr .4 iv dh rd FriTz SCIENCE S E GI EERI DEAN REUBEN E. NYSWANDER super- vises The acTiviTies oT The SchooI oT Science and Engineering, which was esTabIished here in I9 I 2. Dean Nyswander has been connecTed wiTh The deparTmenT of physics and eIecTricaI engineering Tor 2I years. CTTicers oT The School OT Science and Engineering inciude Charles Sias, presidenTg DoroThy I.aTson, secreTary: Dick I-Iuber, pub- IiciTy and program direcTor and WiIIiam I-Iinch, InTerschooI counciI represenTaTive. This school is divided inTo Two TacTions, chemical and eIecTricaI. In The spring These groups wage a baTTIe To eIecT The Tour oTFicers Tor The Gas house. The chemical group usuaIIy wins be- cause There are more sTudenTs regisTered in ThaT group. LasT TaII quarTer This schooI enTerTained aT The Engineers' ball. The sTudenT body oT This schooI is noT Iarge enough To warranT a separaTe Gas house commission, so The presi- denT and InTerschooI council represenTaTive serve Their schooI on The campus commission. Queen of The Engineers' ball, Beffy MCCGfIhY, hands ouT programs as Dick Huber Iooks on. G R D U TE AN LIMMER DEAN ALFRED C. NELSGN oT The Grad- uaTe school and DirecTor oT The summer school has duTies which keep him occupied Through- ouT The enTire curricular year. l-le coordinaTes The work oT graduaTe sTudenTs and plans The curriculum Tor summer school. LasT year 40 sTaTes were represenTed aT The summer school. The universiTy's aim in esTab- lishing This school is To exTend iTs service all over The U. S. Planned recreaTional acTiviTies, including mounTain Trips, picnics and visiTs To indusTrial cenTers are provided each year. The greaTesT proporTion oT sTudenTs are Teachers who come To work on Their degrees. There are assemblies every day oTTering a varieTy OT speakers, and many comferences are planned. The universiTy has oTTered TaciliTies Tor ad- vanced sTudy since I89l. The principal aim oT graduaTe work is The developmenT oT iniTiaTive, The power oT independenT work and The pro- moTion oT The spiriT oT research. The various degrees are evidence ThaT research has been successwfully accomplished. A scene which few summer school sTudenTs will view. -'H 'wi-1" 'ff .f A -, .x A hi l :xxx T237 if is I ,N .f .,e V V -f . . 4 gg. H 5, . .f" ', f- . , ' . . W ' u , L 332. 11' '- 'xl A. f ' , x .11 U k M., V ,', 5, V- ,' , ,Z A A Agri .x qi V xp gnu x .IA N 1 L. .-5 I i - N f is ' sex' J h L l ,, - h -, .Q . , .I J , I -. . 'W ' '- lm 1 T- 1 . 1" lx. U . 1: ,-o r-Lxlw 2- ' 'Zo 3 fi- V 4 sa C., nv. . ri I ., h i q. , 'r ' v. . g . ' K., . ' 'fi' 1-Tr: , ' fa.. F' " rl 5 , . . . Q . , V 4' .x ..... . I 5 ., A - X --,i . N 41 X' ' , -M. ,fl :' Z' .-447' sf ' , -.1 r ' i TK..-.,-Q 4 . jf, ffl' 'I ,-, , '..,-1, - Ml - I 1 ' - T -. Mi " 7, - - WA . 5 1, peg?-1 ,nf 'V ' i J 7,1 .A ihk ii iv l I .J ' ith' ' md ,. .x 0 f'x -1 if J' - fs T: F - X :U V I gint f . ka I 5,6 fi --1 3.47451 .wlifsff ii: am. xxxiij fig, iz' T h' - jx. , fe' wif fr- ff is 'tif f ii 4: Y' X' B ill .'A g--gg, ,al f,6,,7,,'iv ' iiv -u -A . , 25" T " Y : g . 4 109 ig, f ' 'T fgrfif a-1. N He ,Y .Zi V5 - " 'il .',.1 A 1 ' A-'Z' -1 ,' ',e-Zvi? ' Q - T ' qs. If Wd 'L f ' -.D 'T . T X R wifi.. fi' Q f' 4 ' :+ T . ' - .1 - . 'Us Al, T Q 1 hdy AF . ' I ,. ii' , vl Q I' s o iii.. Q s L we l ' T' H 1' ii' T' -f' he WY '- T- .- ,.. 'mf ,gy M, ,K 1 "i 'gi 'ag '?vii gf 5 .i 5' ,qu f f L, 4 ' .K .M L e9...+e.-fig ...Q The above picTures porTray scenes in which summer school and gruduaTe sTudenTs mighT be doing research. ln The TirsT picTure Jean Rolfes and John SchwarT1 dissecT grasshoppers. Warren Young dissecTs a caT in The middle picTure and in The IasT The phoTographer's.girl friend washes equipmenT while Donald McCorquodale pours a chemical inTo a cylinder. ,ow 1 'x Fi 4 4 -..x " - y.. , +4-7 nr" .- a 1 n f In 1 r- .- .. PM . .- -' ' 5.1 .V I, .. 1 ,Y -. .'.': A .4 f '- . 1 1 ,, .'. , ,D .. ,, ,5,.n. - xfu ' . ,115 ' f. ..': , , W X ' ,. Q E J :ass M. 3 , ' ' 1 ' w fri H K . M, f .. Q w Hn 11 . W Y -- 1 1 . W - . A - ,E H ww uw is ,j 5 ws woe' 9 1 wx, A ..' P.-.:. ..- ' J ,-25 .-fr mf w ' ,ee ,,,g,g ' ' MTM - -QQ sm as' 1 Va J, v.: x . u . -S' - .4 ...I A .V sf' 1 xl" x. -"' 1-af' ..- ,T I' J' 5. fy., ,i . ,H . A. r 1 .1 , ' I ,-. 4 zvn. 'H by v ' .,w'4 fr Jf' f .eq 1 ,J . f ,,,r4 ,f w.. - "A" 1 ,V V-. .-1 1"-Q ' . ."-- .- 'A I. 11' 1 fl x gs" ff' ,jp-.1 .1 .. . '? .?? . x A X, NUS drew Qzixoeq 0-sk ad Pm Ave-:I 6 rfmeq S dm 1 uma LXBEHPN Vvedxdeok .,,,.,.,,.,. ,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,.,.. PX 0 Wxce pvedxdeok ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, S YQWXGX4 O Secvek aw ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, XD ov okxoxg Y:nqQa06 'Yveasuv er ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 dm QXYQMXQS . cowvmxce Vve-Sxdeok ,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,..,.,,,,.,,,...... BOYWVYQYXXG Vxce pvesfxdeok ,,,,,, ,,,, eva Mae Goshen rekaw ,,,,,, - ,,,,, ,,,.,,. a 'od XAoX5Kr0ao ., ,,,,.,.,. Nxoevk XLYGXOS Sec 'Y veasxxev ,,,,. f 9 V A . ,V J' 'QQ ..., SKxvXew4 Ons! az! Goshen Ylera Mae .Koko YKxXYx9s 'os P-Yoeck Yste Oo: o'cN Enqhmd Ma'oeX Hoiman Zi n.',i Q1-L -XS- pn. iam L Tv- ' Adair ver l Arls, Orches- Ballou 'SF Arls, Kappa D club, Della Sigma, Pi E Mu, Tau Kap- ha. Beier er e r c e, Kappa Berlil Anderson Denver Liberal Arls, Pi Kappa Alpha, Drama club. Delberf Barcus Denver Liberal Arls, Band, El Club Espanol presi- dent Music club, Or- chesfra, Phi Sigma lah CFM .-,I-2--1 Josephine Benedecl Glenwood Springs Liberal Arls, Gamma Phi Bela, lsofopes. Pi Della Thela, RAC, Sigma Pi Sigma, WAA. I A355 T WSYTY Helen Anderson Walsenburg Librarianship, Die Lus- ligen Deufschen. Fra nllin Barg er Denver Liberal Arls. Margarel Benfon Denver Liberal Arls, Alpha Xi Della, Coed Jour- nalisls, Meniors. tt- Glen Anihony Denver Science and Engineer- ing, AIEE, Sigma Pi Sigma. Margarei Bafes Denver Liberal Ar'l's, Die figen Deulschen, Pi Gamma Mu. Lus- Winifred Biggersiaff Slerling Liberal Arls, Sig m a Kappa, Band, Fresh- man convocalion comm., lnlernalional Relalions club, Kappa Della Pi, Menlors. Morlar Board, Orches- lra. Pi Gamma Mu, Psi Chi, Senior day pomm., Shuler-Temp- in. 'Q- Edwin Arfhur Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Alpha Tau Ome- ga, Della Chi, Die Lusfigen Deulschen. Pi Denver Gamma Della. Charline Aylor Delia Thela. King Beach Pueblo Liberal Arls, Tau Omega. Paul Blagen Greeley Alpha Commerce, Delia Sig- Commerce. ma Pi, Greek council, Phi Epsilon Phi. Harry Beallie Denver Commerce, Kenna Pei Max Blair Logan, la. ie' if Barenice Balmer Oal: Creek Liberal Aris, Alpha Liberal Arls, Shuler Alpha hall presidenl. Jaci Bedford Greeley Commerce, Wallace Blake Denver Science and Engineer- ing. Bela Thefa Pi, Della Chi, Della Lambda Sigma, Die Lusligen Deufschen, Drama club. CLASS OF l94O fv-. bf a-in gag Q, '15 'if ' Blomberg Denver Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Epsilon Phi. Elinor Brown Fairbury, Nebr. Librarianship. Lysle Cahoon Denver Commerce, A I p h a Kappa Psi. Harrie? Bolshaw Denver Liberal Arfs, EI Club Espanol, Phi Sigma loia presidenf. Thomas Brown Denver Liberal Aris, Pi Gam- ma Mu. Edi+h Carlson Loveland Liberal Arfs, Alpha Xi Della, lnfernaiional Relaiions club, Kappa Delia Pi, Lufheran club, Pi Gamma Mu. Women's Sfudenf council. Geraldine Bofhin Meade, Kan. Fine Aris. Claire Buckley Denver C o m m e rc e, Kappa Psi, Greek Council. Alpha Roy Carlson Denver Liberal Arfs, Die Lus- iigen Deuischen. Roberi Boyle: Denver Science and Engineer- ing, AIEE, Sigma Pi Sigma. Roberi' Buell Ordway Liberal Aris, Lambda Chi Alpha. Band, Board of Publicaiions, Clarion edifor, Delia Lambda Sigma, lnier- school council, Omi- cron Delia Kappa. Siu- denf Direciory. Franl: Carroll Denver Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi. 'SLN Helen Brandi' Ferris Braun Baxier, la. Denver Liberal Aris. Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha. Robarf Bundgaard Norma Burkarf Denver Denver Liberal Arfs, Kappa Delia Pi, Orchesira, Phi Delia Kappa, Pi Delia Theia, Slring quarfei. Edwin Carver Denver Liberal Arfs, Pi Kappa Alpha. Liberal Aris, Pi Beia Phi, lsoiopes, Pi Delia Thefa. Louise Casiro Denver Liberal Aris, El Club Espanol. Newman club. Belly Brown Sieamboai' Spri Commerce. Si! Kappa, Pioneer club, WAA. Mary Lou Buh Denver Librarianship, K Delia, Coed Jo isis, Die Lusfigen schen, I-lomec comm., lsoiopes, ior Prom comm newisbolc, Men SCM cabinef, L school social cha Siudenf Direcior Harry Chrisfens Liffleion Comm erce. Kappa Psi. Com com missio n, school council, 3 6,9 f Y? -QF' Ks?-nn F. 545 ii 5, lyn Cline r Aris, Kappa Die Lusiigen hen, Drama Cynewisbok, WAA. s n rfs, Chappel manager, Kappa Delfa n's Siudenf HIBI' ce, Sigma Phi Gamma ha Lambda ppa Delia Pi. , Women's ouncil. Rosemary Colleif Julian Cook Warren Cook Denver Denver Denver Liberal Arls, Kappa Commerce. Commerce, Sigma Phi Delia, Clarion sociefy Epsilon, Alpha Kappa ediior, Coed Journal- Psi, Bera Gamma Sig- isf edilor, Kynewisbolc, ma, Sophomore class Panhellenic council, Treasurer, Della Lamb- Panhellenic rush bool: da Sigma, Phi Epsilon edifor, Paralceefs. Phi presideni. Ronald Crisrnan John Crosier James Crouch Douglas, Wyo. Greeley Denver Liberal Arrs, D club, Commerce. Liberal Aris, Sigma Die Lusfigen Deuf- Phi Epsilon, Clarion. schen, Mu Bela Kap- pa, Phi Bela Sigma, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pio- neer Ski club. Marie Dormann Lee Doud Mona Drew Denver Denver Edgewafer Liberal Arls, Alpha l.iberalArls, Sigma Phi LiberalAr1's,The+a Up- Gamma Delia, Men- Epsilon. silon, Chorus, Panhel- fors, Philosophical lenic chorus, Philosoph- academy, WAA. ical academy. William Cormack Edgewafer Liberal Arls, Bela The- ia Pi, Alpha Nu, Phi Sigma. Roberl' Desserich Denver Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Phi Epsilon Phi. Roberl Dukes Denver Commerce, Sigma Chi. Eugene Cowen For? Morgan Liberal Arls, Mu Befa Kappa president Flora Belle De Wifi' Denver Liberal Aris, Pi Bela Phi, Chorus, El Club Espanol, Psi Chi. Douglas Duncan Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Pi Kappa Alpha, CSE, lnierfraiernity council, Phi Epsilon Phi, Phi Lambda Upsi- lon. Wellmerf Cramm Denver Commerce, Della Sig- ma Pi, Chorus, Com- merce manager of demonsirafions, Greek council, Phi Epsilon Phi, Sophomore class president Geraldine Domenico Denver Commerce, Phi Chi Thera, Commerce commission secrefary, Commerce dance comm., Greek council, Junior class secrefary, Menfors, Newman club, Pioneer Square Dance. George Dunhlee Denver Liberal Ar+s, Bela Thefa Pi, Board of Governors, D club, Delia Lambda Sigma, Die Lusfigen Deur- schen, Junior class presidenf, lnferschool council, Omicron Del- la Kappa, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Campus commission presidenl. CLASS OF i940 QE- Q75 'E' 198' av q Beife Durell Denver Liberal Aris, Kappa Delia, AWS ireasurer, Coed Journalisis, lso- fopes. Kynewisbolr, Men'rors,.Si'udeni Di- reciory edifor, Wom- en's Siudenl council. Jacl: Fay Denver Commerce Delia Si . Q' ma Pi, Phi Epsilon Phi. Shirley Garleif Denver Liberal Aris, Delia Phi Epsilon, Alpha Lamb- da Delia, Book fall: chairman, Clarion, Co- ed Journalisfs, Drama club, Kappa Delia Pi, Moriar Board, Na- 'lional Collegiaie Players president Paralceeis, Tau Kappa Alpha, Women's Siu- deni council. ? William Eaion Denver Commerce, Delia Sig- ma Pi. Virginia Forbess Hygiene Commerce, Phi Gam- ma Nu, Kappa Delia Pi. Lenore Geller Denver Liberal Aris, Delia Phi Epsilon, Alpha Lamb- da Delfa, Clarion, Co- ed Journalisis, DPA, Drama club, Kappa Delia Pi, Morfar Board, Nafional Col- legiaie Players, Pan- hellenic council presi- deni, Paralceeis, Tau Kappa Alpha, Wom- en's Siudenf council. CLASS OF I9-40 'Q- T' William Eberf Denver Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Clarion, Com- merce commission ireasurer, Commerce dance comm. Beverly Ford Denver Liberal Aris, Menfors, WAA. Mark Genera Liiflaion Liberal Aris, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Clarion, El Club Espanol, ln- iramural council presi- deni, Phi Baia Sigma, Phi Sigma lofa. 1' rye Arfhur Ellsworih Englewood Science and Engineer- ing, CSE, Delia Chi. Virginia Foss Denver Liberal Ar'ls, Alpha Gamma Delia, Clar- ion, Meniors, Para- lceefs, Philosophical academy. Frank Genfile Salida Liberal Aris, Pi Kappa Alpha, D club presi- deni, D club dance comm. 7 ar- '3' 0? Elizabefh Elsh Denver Liberal Arfs, Alpha Gamma Delia, Alpha Nu, Clarion, Coed Journalisrs, Kynewis- bolc, Parakeeis, Philo- sophical Academy, WAA. Horace Gains Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Band, Orchesira, Pi Della There. Leonard Gibbons Denver Commerce, Phi Sigma Delia. fv- Doroihy England Denver Liberal Aris, Kappa Delia, Clarion, Coed Journalisis, Kynewis- bolc, Meniors, Panhel- lenic council, Senior class secreiary, Siu- denf Direciory, WAA. Andrew Gainey Meridian, Miss. Liberal Aris, Pi Kappa Alpha, Chorus, Music club, Omicron Delia Kappa, Senior class president Charlofie Ginsburg Denver Liberal Aris, Delia Phi Epsilon, lsofopes. Kap- pa Delia Pi, Meniors, Moriar Board, Panhel- lenic council, Pi Gam- ma Mu, Women's Siu- denl' council. i Hugo Eslzildson Denver Commerce, 1 Kappa Psi, Con Clarion ediior, merce com mi Lufheran club Kappa Alpha. Jean Garihan Denver Commerce, Ph ma Nu, Choru A c council Mani' hellenic coun omore class vi den+, Womei dem' council. Edwin Glass Canon Cify Commerce. 'Tig 'RF Godsman Sigma Arfs, ma club, El Espanol, Iso- appa Delfa Pi. boic, Morfar hi Sigma lofa. 's Sfudent Y r Arrs, Kappa i, N ewma n Haigh Cify Arfs, Delia rama club. ella Pi, Tau lpha. Bernice Goldberg Denver Liberal Arls, Delia Phi 6: John Goodleif Denver Liberal Aris, Bela Theia Epsilon, Philosophical Pi, Drama club. academy. Mariha Gray Del Norle Liberal Arfs, Chorus lsolopes, Parakeefs Shuler-Templin. Grace Hale Denver Liberal Arfs, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Chorus, Philosophical ' a c a ci- emy. Ru+h Griswold Denver Liberal Arls. John Ham Denver Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Epsilon Phi. "fl" Dorofhy Goodrich Wheairidge Liberal Aris, Theia Upsilon, Chorus, Die Lusrigen Deuischen, Panhellenic council, Philosophical a c a d- emy, Psi Chi. Marie Gunnison Denver Commerce, Chorus, Menfors, Newman club. Mariorie Hamman Lamar Liberal Aris, AWS vice president Chor- us, Kappa Delia Pi, Moriar Board, Para- lceeis, Religion club, WAA, Women's Siu- denf council. 3. YU! Vera Mae Goshen Denver Commerce, Phi Gam- ma Nu, Senior class vice presideni. Karl Hafen Denver Liberal Arfs, Pi Kappa Alpha. D club, Phi Bela Sigma, Psi Chi. Kennefh Hammill Pueblo 4 Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Band, Board of Publicaiions, Clar- ion, lnierfraiernily council, lnferschool council, Kynewisbok edifcr, Omicron Delia Kappa, Orchesfra. iva Graham Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Alpha Sigma Chi, Die Lusiigen Deuf- schen, lsoiopes, Phi Sigma. William Hagin Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Bela Kappa, Pi Della Thefa. Essie Harder Ray Brook, N. Y. Liberal Aris. Roberf Graham Denver Commerce. Alpha Kappa Psi. Garfh Haigh Canon Ciry Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi. Hardin-Boyd, Pafricia Des Moines, la. Science and Engineer- ing, lsoropes. CLASS OF I94O i A , U1 'f'1 4 ps EIlia++ Harlow Wheafridge Liberal Aris, Drama club, Psi Chi presi- deni. Kay Hershey Denver Commerce, Menfors. D. Clay Huebner Denver Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Delia Kappa. bf Herberf Hari Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Pi Kappa Alpha, Orchesira. William Hinch Denver Science and Engineer- ing, AlEE, Class giff comm., CSE, Home- coming comm., Infer- school council, Junior escorf, Mu Baia Kap- pa, Omicron Delfa Kappa, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Delia Theia, Sigma Pi Sigma. Charles Huslrinson Denver Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Board of Governors, Commerce commission president Greelr council, Infer- school council presi- Mary Harfman Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Alpha Xi Delia, Alpha Lambda Delia, Alpha Sigma Chi, Die Lusiigen Deuischen, lofa Sigma Pi, lso- iopes, Kappa Della Pi, Moriar Board. Mable Hoffman Lilileion Commerce, Phi Chi Thela, Band, Menlors, Orchesfra, Senior class secrelary. Carroll Hufchins Denver Liberal Aris, Sigma Kappa, Drama club, Nalional Collegiaie Players. Jack Hayes Denver Thelma Heap Denver Commerce, Pi Kappa Liberal Arfs, Bible Re- Alpha, Newman club. search club. Daniel HoggaH' Eaion Liberal Arfs, Sigma Phi Epsilon, D club, Ph' Bela Sigma. Lee lsaacson Norih Plalie, Nebr. Liberal Aris, Delia Lambda Sigma, Phi Delia Kappa, Pi Gam- ma Mu. Roberf Houze Denver Liberal Aris. Rulh Jobush Brush Commerce. Phi Gam- ma Nu, Meniors. Roger Henn Denver Liberal Aris, D club, Phi Beia Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu. Clyde Hoyl' Denver Liberal Aris, Ski club. Pioneer Wanda Johnson Carlsbad, N. Mex. Liberal Aris, Coed Journalisis, Drama club, lsofopes, Kappa Della Pi, Panhellenic council, Pi Della The- ia, Tau Kappa Alpha. Myron Henry Denver Liberal Arfs, Phi Epsilon, D Dicl: Huber Denver Science and En ing, CSE, D clu fa Chi, Newma Pi Delia Theia. Wayne Jordan Denver Fine Arfs, Sig pha Epsilon, Fi vice presidenf, isbol: arf edil' deni, Junior class pres- idenl, Junior P r o m comm., Omicron Delia Kappa, Phi Epsilon Phi, Tau Kappa Alpha. CLASS OF l94O WAA, Women's Siu- denr council. 42 ki .gn- 11.1 s Q P' rf iahan Hs. lnighf n Aris, Alpha Delia, Band, Kappa Delia sfra, Phi Sig- Lee ris, Delia arion, Iso- eer Square A. Eleanor Dee Kaps Denver Liberal Aris, Pi Beia Phi, Clarion. Kynewis- bolt, Panhellenic coun- cil. David Kramish Rawlins, Wyo. Liberal Arts, Die Lus- iigen Deulschen, Kap- pa Kappa Psi, Mu Baia Kappa, Phi Beia Sigma, Phi Sigma. Mariha-Ann Lee Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Pi Baia Phi, Al- pha Lambda Delia, AI- pha Sigma Chi, AWS secreiary, Chorus, lofa Sigma Pi, lsoiopes, Meniors, Moriar Board, Phi Sigma loia, Women's Sfudeni council. O' QL I :' sfffiij. -Qi Raymond Kemp Denver Liberal Aris, Band, Or- chestra, Phi Delia Kap- pa. Alberi Krebs Denver Commerce, Delia Sig- ma Pi Phi Epsilon Phi. Herberf Lenicheclr Denver Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi. if 7- is 5 VC" Beverly Kern Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Pi Beia Phi, Al- pha Sigma Chi presi- deni, Conversaiion club, loia Sigma Pi, lsoiopes, Panhellenic council, WAA. Calvin Kunz Denver Liberal Arfs, Baia The- ia Pi, lnferiraferniiy council, Naiional Col- legiaie Players, Pio- neer Ski club. Arfhur Lewis Denver Liberal Aris, Alpha Nu, D club, Infer- school council, Junior class Treasurer, Kappa Delia Pi, Omicron Delia Kappa, Phi Del- ia Kappa, Pi Delia Theia. Juanifa Killgore Trinidad Liberal Ar'rs, Chorus. Harold Langford Denver Commerce. Andrew Lindblom Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Bible club, Die Lusiigen Deuischen. Rober+ King Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Befa Thefa Pi, C. S. E., D Club. Delia Chi, Phi Lamb- da Upsilon, P. Delia Theia. Lee Larson Denver Science and Engineer- ing. A I EE, Campus commission ireasurer. Mu Sigma Tau, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Delia Theia, Sigma Pi Sigma president George Loach Denver Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Chorus, Drama club, Men's Glee club, Pioneer Square Dance. Horace Knapp Rocky Ford Liberal Aris, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Phi, Tau Kappa Alpha. Doroihy Lafson Glenwood Springs Science and Engineer- ing, Chorus, Freshman class vice presideni, Friendship council president Moriar Board, Orchesira, Sci- ence commission sec- refary, Shuler-Templin. Florence Lyons Denver Liberal Aris. 49+ IU- 1:::r"" if-f' fo. Q in 2: 1? 45" Herberf Maddox Englewood Science and Engineer- ing, AIEE, Band. Or- cheslra. Marie McCain Delia Liberal Aris. Harry McGra+h Hardin, Mont Commerce Della Si r Q' ma Pi, Phi Epsilon Phi. William Main Denver Liberal Arls, Orches- lra. Herberi' Mccarihy Denver Liberal Aris, Kappa Sigma, D club, D club dance comm., Fresh- man class presidenf, lnierschool council, Junior Prom commil- Tee. Elizabelh McKindley Denver Librarianship, infer- school council, Library commission president CLASS OF l94O Rufh Beffy Mann Denver Liberal Aris, Delia Phi Epsilon, Clarion, Coed Journalisis, Kap- pa Delia Pi, Meniors. Howard McCauley Denver Commerce. Shirley McMillan Denver Liberal Arrs, Pi Bela Phi, Alpha Sigma Chi, AWS presiclenl, lnrer- school council, Morlar Board, Panhellenic council. 5 'T' Norman Maris Denver Commerce, D club. Alice McClain Columbus, Moni. Librarianship. Roberi Mead Kansas Cily. Mo. Liberal Arls, Bela The- 'la Pi, D club, Drama club presidenf, Infer- lraiernily council. Na- lional Collegiafe Play- ers, Omicron Delia Kappa. Caroline MaH'ern Denver Liberal Arfs, Sigma Kappa, Drama club, Kappa Delia Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, Pioneer Ski club, WAA. Harold McCormick Canon Ciiy Commerce, Befa Thela Phi, Alpha Nu, Band, D club, Die Lusiigen Deufschen, Kynewis- bolc phofographer, Manager of Demon- sfrafions, Omicron Delia Kappa, Orches- fra. Ben Mendelsohn Denver Liberal Aris. George Maxwell Denver Liberal Aris, Kappa Sigma. John McCusker Denver Commerce. Kappa Sigma, Pioneer Ski club. Aniia Mercer Hyaffville, Wyo. Liberal Arls, Die Lus- ligen Deufschen, ln- lernarional Relalions club. 792 Margarei' Ani Brighlon Science and ing, Gamma College ery, I WAA. James McDl Denver Commerce, ma Pi. Georgene I Denver Liberal A Gamma De club, Mori Nalional Players, Par Kappa Alp eng Q+..,.1.,. Milcesell N. Mex. is, Beia The- orrison ce, Ka ppa Gamma Nu, holas 5, D club. Malloy Miller Rocky Ford Liberal Arfs, Band, Or- cheslra Concerl mas- fer, University irio. Marian Morrison Denver Liberal Arfs, Delia Sigma Theia, Chorus, Cos mopoliran club president Music club, Orchesfra, Philosophi- cal academy, Pi Gam- ma Mu. Pioneer Square Dance, Psi Chi, Religion club. Mazie O'Brien Leaclville Liberal Arfs, Pi Delia Theia. Troy Miller Denver Liberal Aris, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Nu, Phi Epsilon Phi. Donald Mounlioy Denver Science and Engineer- ing. Shirley Odell Edgewaler Liberal Arfs, Thela Upsilon, Panhellenic council, Psi Chi, Wom- en's Sludenf council. Charloffe Mohr Denver Liberal Arfs, Kappa Delia, Coed Journal- is'rs, Conversalion club, Drama club, Kynewis- bolc. Menfors, Sludenf Direclory, Senior Play comm., Sophomore class secrelary, Tau Kappa Alpha, WAA. Women's Sludeni' council. Rolaerl' Naylor Pori Huron. Mich. Liberal Aris, Bela The- 'ra Pi, D club, Mu Bela Kappa, Phi Epsilon Phi. Dorofhy Ogle Porfales, N. Mex. Liberal Aris. Marlha Moore Denver Liberal Arls, Pioneer Square Dance, WAA. Lucille Nelson Denver Commerce, Clarion, Kynewisbok, Phildsoph- ical academy. Marion O'Neill Denver Liberal Aris, El Club Espanol, Kappa Della Pi, Pi Gamma Mu. Elizabefh Morgan Denver Liberal Arfs, Pi Bela Phi, Coed Journalisls, Kappa Delia Pi, Ky- newisbolc. Menlors. Morlar Board, Pi Gam- ma Mu, SCM presi- dent Sludeni Direc- fory, Women's Sfudeni council. Pauline Nelson Denver Liberal Aris, Kappa Della. Coed Journal- isfs, Menfors. Shirley Onslad Windsor Liberal Arfs. Alpha Gamma Delia, Alpha Nu, Chorus, Kappa Della Pi. Marfin Morgan Denver Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delia Sigma Pi, lnierlralernify council. Virginia Nevans Denver Liberal Aris, Pi Beia Phi, Meniors, Newman club, Space edilor. Rena Befh Owen Idaho Falls, Idaho Liberal Aris, Pi Bela Phi, Die Lusfigen Deuischen, Shuler- Templin secrefary. i fi '27 CLASS OF I94O Jane Paradice Denver Liberal Arls, Gamma Phi Bela, College Poefry Socieiy, Home- coming dance comm., Menfors, Panhellenic council vice presidenf, Paralceefs, Women's Sfudenl council. Barbara Pfeiffer Denver Liberal Arrs. Annaiane PiHs Collbran Commerce. Gordon Parlns Denver Science and Engineer- ing. Francelene Phillips Denver Liberal Arfs, Band, Die Lusfigen Deulschen, Kappa Della Pi, Or- cheslra, Phi S i g m a lola, WAA Waller Poirier Trinidad Liberal Arfs, Psi Chi. Roberf Parmelee Denver Liberal Arls, Phi Della Kappa. Jack Phillips Denver Science and Engineer ing, Pi Kappa Alpha, CSE, Phi Lambda Up silon, Pi Della Thela. George Pomainville Nelcoosa, Wis. Law. Rulh Pennell Denver Liberal Arls, Alpha Xi Della, Chorus, Die Lus- figen Deulschen, Ky- newisbolc, Orchesfra, Panhellenic choir di- reclor, WAA. John Phillips Denver Liberal Arfs, Pi Kap- pa Alpha, Chorus, Men's Glee club, Phi Epsilon Phi. BeHy Porler Pueblo Liberal Arls, M u sic club Orchesfra. Edward Perry Denver Commerce, Della Sig- ma Pi, Newman club. Rosemary Piclzens Denver Liberal Arls, D e I f a Zeia, lsolopes. Fred Powers Denver Science and Engineer- ing, K a p p a Sigma, AIEE, D club, Junior escorl, Mu Sigma Tau, Omicron Delia Kappa president Pi D e I I a Thefa, Sigma Pi Sig- ma. Muriel Peferson Denver Liberal Arls, Kappa D e I fa, Kynewisbolc, M e n fo r s, Sfudenl' Direciory, WAA. Joseph Pierce Denver Liberal Arls, Della Chi, Pioneer Square Dance. Irene Pringle Denver Liberal Arrs, Della Phi Epsilon, Philosophical academy, Pi Gamma Mu. I Walfer Pefei Denver Liberal Arls, presidenl, D Della Kappa George Pilo- Denver Liberal Arr Chi Alpha. Morice Ra Slerling Liberal Ar Zara, El CI RAC, WA CLASS OF I94O . . wh Rafcliff Ershel Redd boal' Springs Las Vegas, N. Mex. Aris, Alpha Commerce, Pi Kappa Della, Pioneer Alpha, Alpha Kappa . Psi. ife Rishel Fredda Rosebrough r Lamar Arfs, Alpha Xi Liberal Arfs, Shuler lpha Nu, Col- hosless. lelry sociely, :gen Deulsch- pa Della Pi, ok, Menlors. chec+er e. Reifa Schnacllenberg Waieriown, S. Dali. Liberal Arrs, Gamma Phi Bela, Band, Coecl Journalisis, Die Lus- ligen Deuischen,Music club, Orcheslra, Pio- neer Square Dance, RAC presidenl, WAA. Alice Reid Denver Librarianship, Kappa, Die Deufschen. Sigma Lusiigen Max Rosen Denver Commerce. Dorofhy Schoeps ' Chicago, Ill. Fine Arfs, Fine Arls presidenf, lnferschool council, Women's Siu- denr council. Evelyn Reffig Denver Liberal Aris, Alpha Xi Delia, Chorus, Men- rors, Phi Sigma lofa WAA. Philip Rowe Denver Commerce, S i g m a Alpha Epsilon. John Schuman Denver Science and Engineer- ing, D club, Die Lusl- igen Deulschen, Phi Bela Sigma, Pi Delia Theia. Mary Elizabefh Rhoads Denver Liberal Arls, K a p p a Delia, Alpha Sigma Chi, Coed Journalisis, lofa Sigma Pi, lso- lcpes. Reber? Runnells Greeley Liberal Arfs, D club, Phi Epsilon Phi, Psi Chi. William Schwalb Denver Science and Engineer- ing, AIEE, CSE, D club, Della Chi, Mu Sigma Tau, Pi Della Theia, Sigma Pi Sig- ma. 'RUN Iii Viva Rhudy Elberf Commerce, A l p h a Lambda Della, Kappa Della Pi, Menfors. Elaine Ryall Denver Commerce, Pi Befa Phi, Chorus, Chrisfian Science club, Frosh- Soph dance comm., Menfors, Paralceels. Reber? Schwarz Denver Science and Engineer- ing, CSE. Lee Richardson Greal Falls, Monf. Liberal Arls, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Tau Kappa Alpha. Lloyd Sanchez Denver Commerce. Harold Scofi Greeley Commerce, A l p h a Kappa Psi, Phi Epsilon Phi. CLASS OF I94O nf " .11 'enum 'rs "99- 6 -Q- Frances Shea Milfon Sherman Raymond Shirley Roberi Sheri Denver Hugo Denver Thermopolis, Wyo. Liberal Arts, Kappa Commerce. Commerce. Commerce Delia. Dorofhea Simmons Midrvesl W o . I Y . Liberal Arls, Sigma Kappa, Isolopes. Ellio'H Sobol Denver Liberal Aris, Phi Sig- ma Della Della Chi, Inlerfralerniiy council, Mu Befa Kappa, Phi Epsilon Phi. Louise Simon Denver Liberal Arls, Pi Beia Phi, Chorus, Clarion, Engineer's Ball queen, Homecoming dance comm., Junior prom comm., Kynewisbolr, Paralreels presidenl, WAA, Women's Slu- denl council. Dorofhea Spallone Denver Liberal Aris, T h e l a Phi Alpha, Newman club, Panhellenic coun- cil, Paralceeis, Phil- osophical academy presideni, Pi Gamma Mu, Senior day comm. CLASS OF I94O Roberl Showaller Craig Science and Engineer- ing, CSE, Delia Chi, Phi Bela Sigma, Pi Della Theia. Murray Smifh Wichita, Kan. Liberal Aris, Conver- salion club, Drama club, Homecoming comm., Nalional Col- legiale Players, Senior Play cor-nm., Tau Kap- pa Alpha. Roberf Sfewari Denver Liberal Aris, B e l a Theia Pi, Delia Chi. Charles Sias Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Board of Govern- ors, CSE, Delia Chi, Inierschool council, Phi Beia Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsiion, Science commission president Rachel Smifh Sierling Commerce, Phi Gam- ma Nu, AWS ireas- urer, Greek council, Kappa Delia Pi, Men- iors. Virginia Sfoll Denver Commerce, Phi Gam- ma Nu, Chorus, Men- lors. if 2' 1'1" V Leonard Sible' Denver Science and ing, CSE Delia Chi. Virginia Snid Kersey Liberal Arls, Lambda Del pendeni' N presidenl,Ka1 Pi, Menfors B o a r d, RAC, WAA, Siudeni coun Owen Sume Denver Commerce, ma Pi. .1 vshii-' 'ii if' :lade e, Della Sig- ' Epsilon Phi. Eford sa, Calif. , A l p h a rner Engineer- CSE. Beniamin Swan Denver Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Home- coming comm., Phi Della Kappa, Phi Ep- silon Phi, Pi Gamma Mu. Kafherine Thafcher Pueblo Science and Engineer- ing, Pi Bela Phi, Iso- lopes. Olive Turpin Brush Liberal Arls, Gamma Phi Beia, Drama club, Shuler-Templin presi- denl. ' ,....L,e:t Fred Symonds Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Delta Chi, Phi Lambda U psilon. Mary Thelen Shelby, Nebr. Liberal Arls. John Turlle Denver Commerce. A l p h a Kappa Psi, Junior class Treasurer, Om- icron Della Kappa. Senior class presiclenl. Lesler Symons New York, N. Y. Science and Engineer- ing, CSE, Della Chi, Phi Lambda Upsilon. Beffy Ray Thibodeau Denver Liberal Arls, Pi Beja Phi, Coed Journalisls, Conversafion c l u b, Kappa Delia Pi. Evelyn Underwood Del Norie Liberal Arls, Pi Bela Phi, Kappa Della Pi. Roberl Talpers Philip Tannenbaum Denver Denver Commerce. Liberal Arls, Della Chi. Rifa Thompson Edgar Thurin Denver Denver Liberal Arls, Keppa Della, Board of Gov- e r n o r s secrelary, Campus commission secrelary, Coed Jour- nalisls, Conversalion c l u b, Kynewisbolc, Newman club, Sludenl Direclory, WAA, Women's Sludenl' council. Rachel Van Hall Denver Liberal Aris, Kappa Della, Clarion, Coed Journalisls, Kvnewis- bolc, Panhellenic choir, Philosophicalacademy, RAC, Sfudenl Direc- lory, WAA. Science and Engineer- ing, Pi Kappa Alpha. Frank Verzuh Creslecl Bulle Science and Engineer- ing, AlEE, Mu Sigma Tau, Newman club, Pi Della Thela, Sigma Pi Sigma. . - EEE Thomas Tanquary Ordway Liberal Arls, Lambda Chi A l p h a, Band, Chorus, Clarion, Delia Lambda Sigma, Drama cl u b, Kynewisbolc, Nafional Collegiafe Players. William Tremmel Englewood Liberal Arls, Die Lusl- igen Deuischen, Kap- pa Kappa Psi. Helen Waggener Denver Liberal Arls, A I p h a Gamma Delia, Alpha Lambda Della, Kappa Della Pi, Philosophical academy, WAA. - ---- --i--eg-F - vc.. .-fue l CLASS OF l94O dx 4-a. ,fx in-5 AQ fbi 114 Fred Walrabayashi Hanna, Wyo. Science and Engineer- ing, AIEE. Ellenor While Denver Liberal Aris, A l p h a Gamma Della, Chorus, Clarion, Kynewisbolc, Menior council, Senior announcemem' comrn., WAA. Peggy Williamson Wichila Falls, Tex. Liberal Arfs. Sigma Kappa. El Club Es- panol. Phi Sigma loia. Orchesira. .N Us it Waller Walla Denver Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, D club. John While Wheairidge Liberal Aris, Tau Kap- pa Alpha. Richard Wilson Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Beia Theia Pi, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Delia Theia, Pioneer Slci club, Siudeni convo- caiion comm. Ella Louise Warshauer Denver Eine Aris, Clarion Barron Wiley Denver Commerce, Delia Sig- ma Pi, Band, Pioneer Square Dance. Virginia Wilmer Denver Commerce, Phi Chi There, AWS presidenf, Meniors, Moriar Board, Women's Siu- denl council. Roberi Wesley Denver Commerce, Delia Sig- ma Pi, Bela Gamma Sigma, Greek council, Phi Della Kappa. Margaref Wilfley Denver Liberal Arfs, Pi Bela Phi, lsoiopes, Men- fors, WAA. Doris Willing Denver Liberal Arfs, Sigma Kappa, Chrisfian Science club, Fresh- man class vice presi- deni, Menlors, Moriar Board presidenf, Para- lreers, Pioneer Ski club, RAC, WAA, Women's Siudenf council. 8 CLASS OF I94O ,-X E! 3' wi. Evelyn Waflrins Denver Liberal Arls, A l p h a Gamma D e lf a, Pi Gamma Mu. Dorofhy Williams Denver Liberal Aris, A l p h a Gamma Delia, Alpha Nu, RAC, WAA presi- deni, Women's Siu- denf council. Harold Wohler Colorado Springs Commerce. Band. Mildred Wafhins Liberal Aris, Kappa Della Pi, Pi Gamma Mu. Muriel Williams Palisade Liberal Arls, Infer- n a i i o n al Relaiions club, RAC, WAA. Helen Wollank Denver Science and Engineer- ing, Alpha Lambda Della, Alpha Sigma Chi, lola Sigma Pi, lsoropes, Mu Beia Kappa. Marian Weld Longmonl' Commerce, Phi Beia. William Willia Denver - Liberal Arfs, Phi Epsilon, Hon club, H ing comm., Kappa, Phi Ep Philosophicali Tau Kappa I Denver Liberal Aris Delia, Chor 'r o p e s, Ky M e n 'r o r S 'r u d e n 1' L WAA, deni Clara Wollen . r 4 Jr s" ' diff" ip ,V f ,V nv-, P .f Vood Mary Woodman Lillian Woods John Wouclenberg Narciso Zancanella Gary Zuinlerveen ado Springs Denver Englewood Denver Roclc Springs, Wyo. Denver Aris, Delia Liberal Aris, Thele Phi Science and Engineer- Liberal Aris, Kappa Liberal Aris, El Club Commerce. Club Espanol, Alpha, Newman club, ing, Alpha Sigma Chi, Sigma, D club. Espanol, Newman club. , Phi Sigma. RAC. loia Sigma Pi. lso- fopes. ley McMillan lefs loose wiih a liffle horseplay. Big John Wouclenberg fakes 'lime oui' for movies. 'We Three" pose 'For 'their piciure iogefher. in .,- 'rffvrrvffe ffm' ' rg wqfgxiiuiy-.1 - ir i , .-vile! 1 - my Q- H: 1 V Y , Q'-S -- 'H ' ep 5, Xi CLASS OF l94O X, rms Geox qe xfN Xev ak EVXPX RN Sq c JI! aXX George Vx n,u5,T K L' Q. ACF p .r. v '- -ff' J.. vfgih, , J.. , V w ,gn- 583, . ,. 'fe V. Ge6arbX W Sift. ,-1 fx? 44 .AA .,. .YH ads Bekkq S-Aer T1 Stephens Marge LNB Vvdxdeok ,..,,.,,,.,,,,.,,,,.,,.,,,.,,,..,, Xrxce pvedxdeok ,,,,,,, ..,. X5 e Secvekarq ,,.,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,, QovYme 'Bae 'Yveasuvev ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Mon Vxoffkxao COWNXXAEVXCE Vvecjxdeok ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, .3 ack Cedavbhcie Xlkoe pvedxdenk ,,,,,,,,, ,, Mavqew SX epxoeos Secxekaw ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Xi keen COJSNO T teaser ev ,,,,,,,, ,....,.. 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Wi iii? 1 'H ' '.-iiil ' ' 1 5 -if H .v-ix . 'byrfl " Q il .., gg .X 7 ii C5 'O' ence Duboff Raymond Dubois Harry Durham Anne Easferwood Chesmore Easflalre Gwendolyn Edwards June Epperson Ernesi Erslrine ha Falligan Arla Fidler Lucie Fisk Gus Francis Frances Funlc Ralph Ginn Rufh Glasier Fred Goerih foldsmifh JacqualineGooclsi'ein Doris Gould Glen Graves Alvin Greenwalf fHaines George Hall Virginia Harringion Marian Held Buck Herndon These fwo amused many on Pioneer Day wifh +l1eir anfics. 6- -fr 4 XJ 1 ..... 5' In-w.a'i':- .--aw-Y .. .. . CLASS OF I94I 'PJ uv 3 Frances Hickey Gwendolyn Hobson Arlyne Hockenberry Milfon Hoffman Dewey Holmberg Helen Holroyd Imogene Horn Bash-ice James Howard Rose Howard HarrieH' Hulchins Clyde Johnson Margaref Johnslon Edwin Jolescli Michael Juricl1 Cm-fer I Roberl Keeler Dan Kellogg Frank Kennelley Roberf Kerslmer Mildred Marian Held leads Pi Phi sislers fo viclory in AWS sing. 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Howard Suslcin Muriel Swayze Mary Alyce Sweeney Belfy Syler Lucy Tai CLASS OF I94I M. a-.A il in 4 -:L-fe ,A Q- 1 My :e.., ii- 'V "I: 'Q 3 - ri i f e -ff Taylor Theodore Teschner Lawrence Toburen George Twombly Ernesi Upfon George Uyemura Vera Vessey Daniel Wagner e Wales Jane Walfers Elhan Walfller Lo Ree Ward Paul Wafa Charles Websier Erma Welmer Wayne Welch Werihan George Weriz Edward Willbanlns Courfland Williams Avis Wilson Ellen Wilson Elizabefh Niedraclw oughf fo wafch where Wolberi Edward Wolfer Warren Wrighi Annabelle Wurfz Peggy Young Alvin Zeidenfeld sl1e's pouring. 99 T? be v evegl ,MN l..-4 CLASS OF I94I I SS LXVJEVXPXM NUS Vreslrdenbr ,,,,,,,.,,,,.,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,yxarokxx Pxqnevl Xl'rc,e predxdenk ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Beverkq Backson Seererarq ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, Sxrfrnexg Gore Treasurer ,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,... ilaxgrnond wfNc,Gar,rXrN COWWAEQCE Vreixderri ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, O r v'nXe Mehr Xlkce predrdenk ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, .,,, XD o robrxrw Yperq New ,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,, YNXKS Budnanan ..,.,XA6YYNf 'vrxeender 0X6 P-Q 0orok'n-4 Berg Orv'nXe Mah: Secre urer ,,,,,.... 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Preview of cosiumes for 'lhe annual nighlshirf parade. is . 114' , - l'1 ' , l . .MJ we . I r 1,1 , ' . 1 'Q l I 1 Y If P5 ds- I-X CLASS OF I9-42 7, five. rg rw R61 .--5 :IVV Gow -laney -lenfschel n Hopkins Virginia Gregory Richard Haney Jane Hiclrs Belly Hopper 'N Harry Green Frances Griffin Maxine Guise Lillian Haak Mary Hallock Kafhleen Hammerich Dorolhy Harier Dorofhy Harfi' Edward Hauswald Ruilw Helphinsfine Mosa Heller James Hellon Eileen Hiesfer Ruih Hollingsworfh Margaref Hooper Mae Householder William Howe George Howes Belly Rose's clever campaign sfunf failed wifh sophomores. -1 'tv -v- i 5- CLASS OF l942 ,,. 2? A 'VIS Q- . Helen Hubbard Alberfa Hublzey Helen Hudman Margery Hughes Beverly Jackson Laura James Edward Jersin Emily J Keifh Johnson Pally Johnson Sierling Johnson William Jones Shirley Kaloifa Sfanley Kal! Mary Grace King Pafricl Joanne Krier Leo Laila Maxine Lavely Harriell Lelh Dorolhy- Gi,-is af fhe RAC ball fhis Year po,-frayed books, Gerald Levine Barbara Lininger Marcia Lininger Margarel Longharl Lena L ' H 1 . 1 ' .- i ,, . ' l ' iz' l F IW. ? N. wi Y ik 'V j Y , ' 6: 54 bj i . ' 1 CLASS OF I942 'Q' nz-1 rs-H E 'S L x fin . i l 3, 'iw flu fu' 1 'l if V -41, an 4 A . 2 I ln Love Jane Macarfney Jack Maclear Orville Mahr Frank Mannix Norma Mafhless Lucille Maul Marcia McCammon v1cCarl'l1y Margaref McCrone Rowena McDonnell Rufh Mclnfosh Dora McKeever Belly Mckelvey Mildred McKibben Eugenia McKissack erry Elwood Meyer Alvin Miller Rufh Moore Rosemary Morfeld orfon Warren Mulford Maxine Murnan Mary Murphy Augusia Murray Paralxeefs Ryall, Simon, Berg and ColleH gel excifed. 4 ,..,. ,,,. Y , ,,,,. 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Joseph Tymczyszyn 1 H i s I Waller Tlwursfon Frances Uyemura Homer Siephens Floyd Templefon James Tilly Marie Vallero 935 . , L- , - F lx G73 'L in.. Virgil Sfone Harry Theander Harry Tinsley Beriha Villano 46 -'E' F Q.,- up Y nf, 59' , 'fl .1 ii. 1 14 ,, George 5 Clinton Th' Eddie Jo Mariory is 'q N 5 ',s. 1e Wardell Whiiacre 1 Winchell Woodman Jack Warner Mildred Whife Barbara WiHing AWN v A5 N LXEEVXPXL NUS Vveslxdeok ,,..,,,.,..,,.,. ,............,... f?xaXpYN 966 Nigga pre-'Qxdenk ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, G vaqq Yayiovivfxnq emekavq ,,,,,,,,,,., ,.,... orok X4 woq Treasurer ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, New Cass COMMERCE Vvedxdeok ,.,.,,,.,,., ,,,,. ,..,..,.,..... a New Vvasse Wwe pvedxdeok ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Yfxvxeq X'Xx9OXOaYc5 ,,,, Dovoixmj Nm COXQ .,,.....KxdoavcX xi Y-Ado Gve gg Emu 5KuXe1 Hub Secvekaw ...,....,.. v ,,,,, . 'Yveae-uve ,, Onto NN :Mer W1 Nm GoXe ?lxr.'oarA 'Leak 010 :img X U eok "CTV Q. R1 " fl-Q' G, if 'Q' exander Margaref Alexander Dorothy Allen Anna Anderson William Anderson Shirley Anihony Ross Bader Daphne Bainier mford Ellowene Barngrover June Barllwel Roberf Bale Belle Bales If Helen Beecham Tyson Beazley Pl1yllis Berggren Berlnens Lorraine Biddle Evelyn Bidwell Beffy Binlzley Myrna Binning V lze Black Rulh Black Belly Bloclt Edifh Bloom Edward Bohn Paralceels show 'freshmen 1l'1rougl1 'l'l'16 Sfudenl Union. CLASS OF I943 ,-Q 19-1' 'E' 'Y-. Miriam Poxer Helen Brady Befiie Bryans Roberf Bugdanowiiz One of The fealures of Freshman weelr is he 'Y Q- Fw- l'1 w- es Q- limi Jacl: Brown Gregg B Marguerife Carler Walfe Herberl' Cies Rob Kafharine Cole Virgi CLASS OF I943 Mary Bremer Mary Kay Brinlchause BeHe Brown Diva Brown Elmer Burg Dorofhy Burlchardf Florence Carslarphen Beverly Carfer Jack Chamberlain Be'Hy Ann Chaffield Clyde Cherry -lheir picnic. Alma Clayfon Eleanor Cohan Dorofhy Ann Cole .."s. . i I , 5 - . , ii fi ,CN qi- Ox 1 'IP' y "'7"l?,. . i.m.1--V3 ' ,fi fb" 5' ' gl. y!?5 Conan! avoren :la Ealon e Fancher Q' fs 'Q- 4 if fr? T' i, Carolyn Cool: Charles Cornelius Gerbing Cornelius Madelyn Crain Barbara Crane Ruih Cressman Ray Davidson Joan Demmer Marguerife Dinner Pa+ricia Dunklee Belly Dunn Lorene Dulrliam Margaref Duroclwer Harrief Easflake Roberf Flanders Alberf Eckerdi' Eunice Ensign Mary Epler Irene Esbenson Edwin Fieman Max Fischer Sol Flax Sian Koslcoff plays for lhe dance affer fhe lowa game. E. . fb'- 9 'er' 15- 3 E ' ' 'isp-Af Nbr-'fy CLASS OF I943 ?' 2, ca if '95 6- 4 1 V' 2' 15 3 Q' 5 19? 5 'G YL... fi, 'E' Phyllis Flefcher John Flower Shirley Folsom Jack Fosfer Donald Galbreafh June Gibson Allen Giesler Jeanne Gifford Roberl' Gran! Commerce siudenis presenf "Jim" +o Professor Wood. I Bernice Grovesieen Richard Frary Roselle Glenn Jean Graves Ben Hailpern Lois French Audrey Frefz Roberf F Nancy Goodpasfure Beisy Goodspeecl Horlense E Carolyn Green Anna Griffin Mae Jacob Hailpern Edi+h Hainline Paul CLASS OF l943 Ut' .1 an 10- 5 Q 1 -ff i IW , H. 131' Jansen Robeffd HHYIOV Riflhdfd Hdfmelih , Mary Harris Ray Harris Charles Harvey Dale Harvey Dorofhy Haynes "anon D0"0fhY HHQQBYU Rose Henry Carol Hilderman Alberi Hoover Edwin Hoover Befiy Hopkins Beffy Hoskins ubbarcl Mariorie Hurd Edna Hunfer Margaref Husband Rufh HuH'ner I Irwin Corinne Jackson Joseph Jackson Margie Jacobson BeHy Lou James l943imal:es love fo Alma Maier af Freshman courf. Q 1-f CLASS OF I943 ki Ji" Us is ,186 Clefa Jensen Amy Kehoe .....-- Homer Jernigan Mariorie Johnson Merlyn Kellam Donald King Freshmen were viciorious af fhe egg fighf wifh sophs. l L -1 7 ,. W .. J 1 CLASS OPI943 ' v ll I -ill I K -1 ..P' f" lu .nga Roberl' Johnson Rufh Johnson Virginia Knauer William Kraff James Leslie Louis LeviH Margaref Lockwood Juanila Leopfien ,ff but 6' - L Lv' 'E' ev- K 15.5 Clark Johnslon William Jolly France: Morris Kramish Phyllis Krider ldelld Pearl Lewis Marcia Linder Marcella Kafa Loewenlhal Efhel Long Fred N 5 r-H 'ET L 1:--' if T 1 K 1 l l ngnuson quodale 41cNevin Miller 'VE Lewis Malmony Gloria McCoy David McWilliams Helen Miller 3 ak- 9 ,-. uu- IU John Marlin Laura Marlin William Maison Berf Maxwell John Mayer Nellie McAfee Virginia McCoy George McCreery Margaref McDonald Helen McElin E. McGaugl1ey Mariorie McNeil Helen Messenger Frances Meyer Charles Miller Maricrie Miller Pafricia Miller Doris Minor Professor Reclvf pauses fo fall: will: sfudenls. YU'- 'CQ' fe 4?- CLASS OF I943 f-, tw? 4 is Pahicia Musick Virginia Oliver Charline Parker Ralph Paul Sylvi. Jeanr Pear Don? ibn 6 'Q' in s tg' regrine Presse ndleman Edclingfon 52 -ff Ruih Perlmufier Ben Phlegar Elizabeflw Pra'H Doris Prince Reubin Rashbaum Paul Rafhbun Joyce Reecl LoReHa Reilly 19- Jay Piccinaii Be++y Pri'Hs Harry Rawlinson Jane Reynolds f Roberl Plunkeif Mildred Foffle Dorofhy Powell Calvin Powers Frances Puclieff Jecl Puclxeif Virginia Qualls Norma Rehn Duane Reagan Jayne Rhineharf Regisfrafion day found many Pioneers in flue gym. If' 1 5' '5' ,xx CLASS or 1943 Jeanne Adeline S Alice Sch Sima Q-Hs 'fav' TIL? rl Skoog George Smiflw Soffen Charles Sfallard lromberg Margaref Sfrumpfler lTaylor William Tewell ,R 61' 1-. 'Q Kafhleen Smifh Louise Smiih Mary Smillw Maxine 5mi'l'l1 Roberi' Smifh John Snycier R01-,er-fsfanard Sam Sfeinmeh Frank Sfiles Margarei' Sfoker Mariorie Sfone Marvin Sfono Pauline Suclalroff Margaref Thaler John Swarfz William Tasker Viroinia Thompson Eugene TH-gworfh Freddie Powers as presidenf presides over ODK lapping. 5 x ,, Z, x.. I :f if CLASS OF l943 3 Eh "' 'G' ,Z ff JU-s 9' Harold Turner Peggy Turfle Arlene Van Alren C. Von Chermendy Sybil Waggoner Joseph Wagner Belly Wall Elvin Mariorie Weiss Belly Wesfon Evelyn Wheeler Baird Whilalzer Elizabelh While William Williams Beniamin Wood Mildre Freshmen pour ouf of Rila Woodman Roberl Woods James Woodson Nellie Wo Green freshman fries 'lo figure oul' which pair is his, Monday chapel ACaroline Wrighf Shirley Wykerl Vanifa Yeamans Phyllis l 1-'41, I as rry 5' u 'm" CLASS OF I943 F, -P' P kgs' K1 4 U 339 4 , :olf Joseph Berenbaum William Bodan Charles Byrne Ralph Cole Russel Eddy Charles Ford Harry Frumess 'ufin Paul Henfzell John Maley Forresf Mehlmann Maurice Mosko James Needham Byron Neid Merf Reese Kennefh Smifh Virginia King Donald Weber SCHOOL OF LAW GRADUATE SCHOOL f 4 . 1 ,- . .1 'Q .-1-.5-,4Ig..I-. 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XX 'xs Wese skudenks wxno xnave been condxsienk Xeadevs and, aXWouqxn Wexf xnave xnad Wen ups and downs, vlxno have 'xnvav'xabN covne ouk on Rob. Y'oXXov1'xnc3 We pveceeenk sei bg pas-X edxkovs, We seXec3non 05 We X940 Vxoneevs was qxixded bxf We prefs ev- ences oi RGCHVYY and skudenk rnevnbevs aYxX4e. Vne VL senxov shxcxxenks were dnosen because 052 Wen pavfxexpa- ,non and Xeadersnxp 'xn simdenk qovevnrnenk, efvva-env v'xeuXav 6C,Y.N'X5Y'X6S, personawng, sdndavsxnxp and aNX oWev bases off sC,booX acWI'xN. P RT V: U L LL NXCLLY: Xl 0 V: Y: GL DU LLLLR GLC? LLN CRL Co W XLLX PLNX LVN CH CM PRLLS LNLXSXCXNSCDN MU LX LX Ll LEW XS HERB NV C MU LN LX PLROLD NV CORNNXCX4 SLNXRLLY NV' NNXLLLN R 0 B Y: RT M Y: FU Y Xl L D V CD W Y: R S D CRXS W KUNG N H YNEWXSBCDX4 is X1A may . ZW! in his posilion as Clari- on edilor, Roberl Buell of Lambda Chi Alpha published a conservalive newspaper which was awarded lirsl place by RIMPA. l-le proposed, pe- lilioned for and succeeded in passing an amendmenr by which major publicalion ed- ilors are now elecled by rhe Board of Publicalions. Smooth of impression, George Dunlclee leamed him- self wi+h an independenf and found himself ushered in on The Bela Thela Pi Jrhrone as Campus commission presi- denl. l-le carried his polilical abilily in'+o lnlerschool coun- cil and Board ol Governors meelings and made Them more inleresling. Beautiful and bralnani, Lenore Geller gained mem- bership inlo such auslere or- ganizalions as Morlar Board, Alpha Lambda Della and Kappa Della Pi. This Kyne- wisbok beauly queen of Della Phi Epsilon made an enviable record for herself as presi- denl of Panhellenic council and a dramalic slar. C0Opel'3tlVeas Science lnlerschool councilor, William l-linch also iniecled This spiril inlo his lavorile organizalion, Phi Epsilon Phi, of which he was presidenl. l-le helped lo manage many demonslra- lions during lhe loolball sea- son, besides being a member of many science organiza- lions. Af fr., 14, Sauve and wilh 6 man- abour-Jrown air, Charles Hus- lcinson held high as his aim Jrhe eliminalion of inierschool preiudice. As presideni of Commerce commission and lnlerschool council, he was able lo accomplish much io- ward his end. l-le was a mem- ber of Alpha Kappa Psi and Omicron Delia Kappa. Capable in fulfilling has office as Liberal Arls lnrer- school represenraiive, Arihur Lewis also found 'rime in his already full program io be aciive in seven honoraries. Lisied among Jrhese oganiza- iions were Omicron Della Kappa, Phi Delia Kappa and D club. l-le also was Jrreasurer of his iunior class. All conference iooi- ball slar for Two years, l-ler- berl lvlccarlhy made him- self lcnown early in his college career. A member of Kappa Sigma iralernily, he served as freshman class presidenl and lnierschool councilor olur- ing his iunior year. l-le also did oulslancling worlc on vari- ous all school commillees. Enthusiastic an an his work, l-larold McCormick of Bela Thela Pi served The uni- versiiy well as manager of clemonslralions. l-le worked as pholographer for lhe Kynewisbolc for Two years and in his senior year became I-lead of +ha+ oleparlmenl. l-le was lapped for Omicron Del- la Kappa in his lasl year. 3 . in I Q r I' 4. 1 1 9 if Q' f f' J 1 4' 'J'-7 if"""' 5 - i .5 , , -'- .,--. -C V fy. ' L ' ig , -' -". g i' Kg, Q1 if 'l i " which 311 Q1 ,mn . it . vi :I . A I. 1, , . fairy, 1y.:.v'p,-. ,-ff" 1 - F' " K' ai: A - , , . 4' ,, r at 'wil -X ir ' .. if, i -5531, 57' .clljgi L' fEeg3574'R 'i ' V - '. - fl si?" 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Handsome in clramalic produclions as in everyday life, Robert Mead lilerally had girls swooning al his feel unfil he picked 'rhe one. l-le was a member of Omicron Della Kappa, presidenl of his iralerniiy, Bela Thela Pi, and of 'rhe Drama club, ihus prov- ing himself ouislanding in campus acliviries. Genial To everyone on The campus, Fred Powers as presidenT oT Omicron DelTa Kappa insTiTuTed The idea oT his black-hooded bro+hers Tapping Tor members Twice during The academic year. l-le was a member of Kappa Sigma TraTerniTy, D club, Pi DelTa TheTa and many scien- Tific honoraries. Possessed wiTh an effici- enT naTure, Doris WiTTing Twice proved This TacT by be- coming presidenT oT MorTar Board and her sororiTy, Sigma Kappa. A ParalceeT and a lv1enTor, she also displayed a sporTing side by belonging To Rilling AThleTic club, Wom- en's AThleTic associaTion and The Pioneer Ski club. ,N X 1 ,A 1' rf: Y CX4MlNN 50nv'nX oss Xoexnq Q een Xnxs Xxnq e ok Y: u keo a .Sum X e NN nX ewsox ewfxsxo esen e v-I as Yeo ve ' ' was W eaukxg R ,One 'ov Xn oak- 'k c a 4 f. Uodokl Xnosen as a Xixqn xge v Sxov eacfn cjxn was QV 'aenxov ovornenaoe. Vnxs oanc, skanoxnq one oss We spear ano Seam Osborne and Xnxs ovdnesiva. Vne oxueens we ovesenieo aff Knk evrnxssxon 'xn Xxne XQxnc,oXn Room osx We Sxnxvxexyfoavosj. Psnfxo a gfxkkev ox sooXYxq,xn'fs and pawns, 53 qjxns Jxeo Siof ,One xnonov ox xoexnq cfnosen as one oss ,One VZ, Yaeaukq Queens oi Xxne XQAO Xislnevfxsbok on 'One nxqxnk os Nov. '10 'xn ' X dnaoeX. Eacfn oss ,One T5 sovonfxes 'vxne ov'w'neqe oi novnxnafxnq ' Xxne V avaoe osx Qnafvn. eMXeXXev qvouo N ona oeo Ks xn 6 ve Vsoxoev New were evken 'som cjxns as enkran X affvfnxakeo VNXXYX a on Qewfxons. evernonxes was xgeo 'xfnovofnokn warn and YN 'ns no A ve fs C Ns oXa YXOCB Bo-seo os Qx e enke skew o unne X Xxne A Xoq Coe Sl4.iqf'-ff mg" f ffm" W wi-L I H X Some of 'tha workers who made We parade 9osix'oXe am Benq V-c.Car'cNN, GYxn'lon 'VneXan6ev, Oofxs 6ouX6, Y-obey? Mano, X+Aar'yor'xe Yxammnn, Nxdq Gixno-4, Bekkq ana Snxrhq Onsi ao. XNGY FXS We Xsfxeao. Vsoxoevk Vs oxano vnusxc, Xxnvouqxnou Yxqnnnq efnecks were Smvnxsxne NlXecX and Boxnn C5oooXeXX ,Tne 'Vnvee ano a Xieqboavo, cofnooseo o? NNav'Xov'xe Vxanarnan, 'oekkg Vsose, Sxnxnesq Onsiao ano Mavqavek ScInnXev, ofn eveo song as oxo Psnoq Gaxneq . 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P va -'fi'-ff" 'Z' fb:-' ' - ' .-J-2+--A f -.. ', ,L-.qi ,.-.-W.: ..1-1 , .H-:h,g,g'4'f1'..f,:Ls!93" . 1 . - 'arr- vfff'---wrfsf LENORE GELLER Senior . . . Delia Phi Epsilon . . . beaufy queen las? year . . . only Pioneer 1'o be a queen and vice versa. Ask her aboui Jrhe "favori'res" pariy which she enioys mosh Haies cafs and infolerance. Collecfs books and nolrebooks for her hobby. Thinks Hedy Lamarr is The mos? beauiiful adress . . . buf doesn'+ fhink she can ad. ' J' ' . A -rf"-i'i"' .xfif '- g ' F, 5255 t JE" jf ,gr w ji ,,:fQ'- "" ' -,.?g'?i" H, .fl sf' 45" .ff - ij' Tiff: , 5 .f iff I.. ge 'W 1-15 , 'I "-'f ' i f2t'?7F' ' f i"'J" .A :gr .siffifl . 327' Aigifgfcf- ' 4: if? ,H- -,r , y 56, . fs . ,. .A . -,. . Ji-T A., ,153 , -:.:6-- ,.-X :H Jill? lv?" r ,151 , 1 2 .sijirf .,,,jL,- ss' . , -5 v ' r . .-M . .f. ' ' a 921' ' NI y :U-.Q - 1' . . ' ',.'N.'-,i ' A 'Cf' JA-fl l . X sf' " .11:.,v ' ,-. .fu-iTLfg2f'i ,. .4 gzfh-rl r f-' ' . JE. 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I A X 1 J 1 4 Y 1 3, .. rf-'J M.. I ZW. 1 y X. 1 , ,Y f 4 i - sph' ' ."4. ' 'gv'f2Zf" Af' 5, ' ' J- f .".'. i f. Lv.. . ,,.f'.v ' ,ac ,. ,if1,,wzi 'L-N ' pg fir. ,.'., is L' . ,,, 1 il! I 'x Q. L Y 1 ' ' e Wgfs, . J ,Vary . ,LQ 'fZ'15h', ' ' ' ,454-Q ,, Vw- .1 ,qfi F- if- ' ,- Li,-1' . in ', . . ..,,b.V . NJN., H , x LORRAINE ROLFES Wenl 'ro Norllwweslern lasl' year . . . sop dance lwomore . . . Pi Bela Phi. Loves lo ski . . mounlain climb. Hobby is clo+l'1es designing and arl. Approves of folerance and friendliness in persons . . . dislikes faull 'Finding and pelliness. Prefers fried chicken . . informal parlies . . . Spencer Tracy . . . Jean Arlhur. . .sz-'A' ',,.. ' uri? .2145"' 4' nf" V.:-'H 121- n -eff' ....Q-W' vl"',' , .17 'fn ,H , 'H .I l .. ' ,, .0352 ,, . ,. ,Aj ' ,z-:-" V f . 155' f Q ,, ' 1351, Q. v ,ff . , J.:-ima" .- v ' .- I I 3-1'X5-if .f, - ,i . .rm-'N'fL" f --'ff' - - ..1 .:. -v f..:-urn 1- fr-., V -du., , ' r.:-. - .'4-.- . ' x U .UC . I .f '.' sl. 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'asylum -:pww .-:gf - 1 -v' ...' sr 1-,' x 1 -TM -fem? ' Milf' ..'g., f-:.-1' 1,.39..f JOAN RIDDELL E ' doin llwings on llme spur of The momenl. Dis- NIOYS Q k l H bb is collecling scrapbooks. Loves morning . . . sauer rau . o y l Shakes eare's "Midsummer Nigl1'r's Dream zbooks...ravioi... p querade and kid parfies . . . Spencer Tracy . . . Marg " . . . mas- arel Sullivan . . . Dopey 'rlne dwarf. A. V. f- gg: .. ."1:f'-mfr?-' ' -. .Q-9' . -1 , -4-.ff ' ,aw . f - V -V-x.A,, jpg, y t J, PM-, , ,. .2331 1-224351 'f f ' .F-'-ii' 'v- ,issr ' .:,1:"'-.9 ., -JZ? A Kiki' :1ff' , 'ff uf 111,52 V fu Y. V.. . , 'Ck ' L::'iQ""L V, ' ,i :V -' , ggi" ,Q-fi f ' V . ' s , fn. T ' , ..oH'.':: ' ' 5" .g,fiku',, 5.13, ' 5 , wx .1:' , .V . U . ,, ,,. cf" -1 Cf:'.f - . .I 3- , s . ' .- A-1' J. -.M-KJ: - . 541, , I-.f','-'ZQQNA' ' ,. ..2'1if5'Tfs as I 1 M' 'Ai-1? v ' . - 2.L:'-.'- I-313 .. 44,5 ,Wy i , . .M ,. , . ., Ng . , ,. 1...--1 .s .mf --. , if -,,..,,.. -' J :g :bf -: HW- ,. f.- , . ., " ff .- v, .' 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K ppa eeps scrapbook of cli foreign accenls . Dona+ .... 'ro r . . slealcs . . .whipped cream desserl ompulsion and rouline leasl . . s . . . ead plays. l-lopes To slarl a col SHIRLEE LEHI. .fresh- ppings and favors. Lilces persons wi'rl1 ballroom dancing . . . Roberl lecfion of diamonds some day. .l ,ggf . - s. . ' , 456'- ,zblf ,Nik ,.,,--gi, , gr- 3 -f -fgff' . ,Q-'i'3:f:-' . ' -15Axr,,:gj,--' .gf ' Q 1 .,.1,,, Lv-fi Q -f,Z7-'iff' .:ffTT"' ,rf -fl ! , J . - ,,,: 'r -' my Am. V i f ,:f5-Lf' 1-HC? V ' ' V '- f . N5.f,3jf'g, f f :ata -- -- J f,i1.,. fr- A yr, , ,K sarzti'-,,'.' ,f , pf,..1H . , ,,-, Q, ,I f-.f HY.- .,:' ' jj,--F F, ., . .if - 'ff VJ? ,- 417 , 23,3 -if V ,af , mg, -- 'Tr r' Q,-gl-s ,Q - Eff .f,. Uk' -ff" .. ..f'f' fu" . A f" ' . . ,IJ H" f mf. V 'f f .-if , ,. .,,1r,..--,-gf Y ,js . 45 ov. , 9, , V Q J , Q14 , - GCE, . 3-5 ' --W' ,ff r X .,,.- . J' .-'A MARY LOU STANFIELD ls a sophomore p si Pi Bela Phi. Lives 'ro ear chocolale sunclaes . . . spinach . . . shrimp cockfails . . . drink lime cokes. Aclmils she is a poor skier . . . buf loves il. Hobby is D' l'k arsnips . . . up hair sfyles on mosl composing words and music of songs. Isl es p women . . . iazzy m usic. S'rill likes "lv1audie" shorl sfories . . . Spencer Tracy ,s fe. 21" 'ff' an ,ly -iv SJ .-,ff r fmf' V ff i- , JV' .1 r., , ., 1,-7: ..-:-,. x ,gf ,y , lc' d i music . . . especially llwal of Glenn Miller . . s puddings of any ln . . . sw ng l K Della . . . freshman . . . enioys wrifing shorl house parlies and sfealc fries. s a appa ETHEL LONG lm Jr n ood in her opinion. Favorile aclor is Jimmy Slewarl . . slories Jr al are no a y g aclress is Kallwerine Hepburn novel besl liked is "Rebecca" 13 RIT Desires r ff '. . V, v , x .,- ,rjzw .44 .Vi ,, ,A L M' ,H . , Mag, A Q45 'w5.1v- I 1 ,-,Vg ',17aftV:ff ' ' ,Q-1-' .xL,:., .-s:2i'rrf -,f,'.-gg' i --:fc -A 'C , i , ,f 4, ff i ,',' IN w , . , fy-I 3:5 , M, ,in "cram :Q-"..sE.2 , '-3' ' 'X 1 Ll3'V' 4 i yi I :Z r ,Nf- M 1 .'.' 'i i ' ' ,f5.ef's.' ' ff H, :.x..1. ,V - r',..:? ., , , A , 'UL Y.. ' 4 V ,.Zr,u' 3 ., 1' .vi,.:' f V . L:--,.-, y '27 ,f ,iqg-Q.-y.f.v i 'si . ..f V,j,eA::j' ' 55 fm:r?f 33 .Fx-. ggi V W.- ,. . . . , . , V -r V 1 i-Lu.-H -. f faafgw- . 'vw ' -TL" 2.531-ff! .,w..,V- , 13.0, , . , is., if'-X' ,Vipc ,. , . i if. . . V gr, Ve,-., .-,ge-Av , ,, L ,V . . A ., 1 'mfr ,ibifin--' - ' V . .'..y.v VV ff- X V .,.,,,-il.. 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Y 12,25 ,.., 135.7 .L r :qw -- ' 5 wi .- , .-'fm , , 5 .1 nf- , 7 A pgfgz.-.V ,Q ,:,.,Q.-H5 C' : ' A K' K "I ' ' V'J-- .1575 ' ' V , . -,ir . WOODMA lo visil' Jrhe So Likes chicken any way . . glass. Dislikes d likes ulh Seas and Hawaiian lslancls. ls a Sigma Kappa freshman. iusl so il's chicken. Collecls small cl f d isappoinlmenrs Vivien Leigh . . . horseback ridin and cloesn'+ care 'l ogs o ikierenl color or carol parries. Loves 'ro dance . . g . . . lennis . . swimming. lf - .. ,, s . .- 9543" ' '--, .V V ,. -.-cv-T' .. x x ..' -.4-11.-' 1:2 . ..1g-AD:-' - .fesqlc - " 1,-,ET-'i 'A , Z., 4 F :.s:': ' 4 " ia.:-"" . :f3F,1'.QQ: Q - ' ' - - V --42'-5' .ezrrsgfffp-as-.' - -+55 . ' ' 'ffrii-SEX' - .-1.42"?-E'5,y'5.e!5H-iff: .. V .. ,ii- -' N 7 f . N' " g5:?:T-'t.1'1- tlfvzffiffe ' :' :ff-1: - J?:P.T2:-ff.-5-hyat?--w .' .--' 115: .ilffvsf -f 1 ' -rf' ' -i,7lfQ,:':fgff7I'4j .dffif , rf-212611, -' Nr". 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Gamma P popular music . . . Glenn Miller . hi Bela. Likes cocoanul' cream pie . . . ice skaiinq. Takes pleasure in seeing Gary Cooper and Joan Bennell on flue screen. dancin Dislikes insecls and pessirnisls. Enjoys dinner parlies g . . . sporlrs . . "Gone Wi+l1+lwe Wind." InsTrucTor Young Tells Howard Baker how IT is d on FLIGHT CooperaTion wiTh The CiviI AeronauTics Au- ThoriTy during The pasT year resuITed in The universiTy's parTicipaTion in a TIighT Training pro- gram. Under The direcTion oT Dr. B. E. Cohn The course was open To men sTudenTs beTween The ages oT I8 and 25 who TuITiIIed cerTain academic and physicaI reguiremenTs. The cosT To The sTu- denT Tor This course was S40 in Tees which cov- ered insurance. The governmenT paid The resT oT The expense which amounTed To aT IeasT IO Times This amounT. The course consisTed oT 72 hours oT ground schooI Training in such suI:aiecTs as hisTory oT aviaTion, civil air reguIaTions, navigaTion, aircraTT, raTe oT Tliqhr, navigaTion insTrumenTs, parachuTes, aircraTT engines and radio. The acTuaI Tlying con- sisTed oT a minimum oT 35 hours, eighT oT which were duo prior To The TirsT solo TIighT. Sk .Y checked befo fa Mec hanic explains aII abouf The mofor. TR This Tlying was climaxed by a pracTical Tesw liven by The regional aeronauTics inspecTor and wriTTen examinaTion by The ground school under 'ie auspices oT The Civil AeronauTics AuThoriTy. :very sTudenT enrolled in The course who was lualified To Tly has soloed and remained in The ourse. lnTeresTing TacT abouT The TlighT Training is haT The Third and TourTh sTudenTs To begin This raining in The UniTed STaTes were Denver men. 'hey were Thomas Eslcridge and Paul Gill. This raining will be oTTered nexT year if auThorized fy Congress. There is also a possibiliTy Thar Three fomen mighT be able To enroll in The course. y The TlighT conTracT ol: The universiTy was warded To Ray Wilson, Inc. FlighT insTrucTors Tcluded Ray Wilson, Paul Young, W. C. Cal- oun and Marlc Schellenberg. Ground school eachers were Charles WoodworTh, Ray Wilson, .T. V. J. Moore, A. W. Cook, R. F. Throne, Paul Trigg, Dr. W. l-l. l-lyslop and Dr. B. E. Cohn. l Mechanics keep The ships in The besf condifion. W- ' Shxdenll ma K XEWXNQ U .J .' Q is 1 " Q3 -. - . . :' Z f x 'lv . -4-r:P2-.-'iQ-1-'- - , '3If':bi1.:TN I.f1--J."'1f.'. - vga, ::,1+k: fw,5v,.- we gg '- " - , ,ff-.,fg'g-,.-.. vm : 't' :,1.n1-'K ' Y -V ,,f,4,,-"w'.g-3 ,"' .. .swf-x".f5g-.:'.,Qgf 'e32"',. ' . :asf ':f'5-L'3,:- :w,1Z1-f.,q-'- 1 E gg ,iw .. - N 1 U 1 N 4.1 ye ik J ag--W3 f-ff-.. 1. ' -- .- Sify. -gferg, iazfyjiiiiz. if f 1 5, ,.'- 'f ca? 3 yr,-44:51, '- ' ,L W '-ff-:chi ff, :'LQ'-12":"'K-,-'1'- 1 W' L . 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Nlxqxx xkxxxxl exam eixefxx ,xo oxooxx Xbmoa QYQXG6-K0 a fxxxxe classes sedxxoxx. Ooxo 1YxeXexxoex 'xxx We oxqaxixmaxxofxe 10605500 axe Yaesxxxq Yexix 6Y6ffX65iXC c, ,xeXeoXxNoxixxxo, s'xe9xY Xxxeao'YXax do Oexfxs, so Yldexq an xxxxeq gfixbi , okoqxaokxexs. 'Yofqx Qglxxxe Yxaxxei, Bach- W1 5 965 X081 5 GX N Y ad QW oqaxe Xosk 'oxo 6Noox'x Gooo XWBXQOA Yxxs 'lxaqga Knock qxxoxxxxk gfxdxxxxes bxxixxxq sqfxxxq eogi . qfxmke G gxqmn 4 aodfxoxx. x0 me-4 Wallace Hoffman. Gene Werilrian ..,.. Dorolhy Robinson ...... Hugo Eslcildson ........ ...... ......Edi+or-in-chief Roberf Buell .,.......... .... ,.,..,,,.,,..-.Associal'e eclilor nlvlanaqing edilor ..........,Ci+y eclilor .Downlown eolilor James Needham ...,........... ' .Commerce eclilor Mary Murphy .......... ........................ C Opy Margarel Corlcle . lvlillon Hoffman ....,.... Jack Warner .........,...... ........News ........,.SporJrs Rosemary Collelf ......... .................. S Ociely Roberl Allclreclqe William Scoll .,,..., ,il ,,.,,,.,.,.-,,.,,.,,.,,.,,Exc:l1ange ...............Sl'afl Carroonisl r L 1 , I , ,-l-A . -4 gi ii , l. H.-fy ' 54. -, ' 1 ' I' - in-Aa . VT . 1 ri I i . - , -if 2' ' , il ,H .y W .X y "w, .l 4 .- u 'I In , F 1. L, :.,.f:4, v-:eff I'-'ri if "" T- H fl . 1 , I - 1 - x . .fy - 5 sf ' 5 , -I .yi ,g R .g.!'-, I-y , ,Ly ,V el , -1. vw A -I .r ll jyll . r-,SMA , . 4 - . lil' ily, . ' -'U in ., , .N "M ii i 4 Xi. . 4 G- M 1 l , ' Q E W, uw H i DE VE Above: Roberi Buell and Wallace Hoff- man. Below: Gene Werihan and Doroihy Robinson. m ax" .f Above: Roberl Buell and Roberl' Alldredge carefully choose Type as Gene Werfhan looks happl n Below: The same Three appear pleased as They view The resulfs of Their Thursday nighT's wolr A Tairly conservaTive ediTorial policy was mainTained ThroughouT The year in The Denver Clarion by ediTor Bob Buell. Perhaps iT was This policy which prompTed The Rocky MounTain lnTercollegiaTe Press associaTion To presenT The Clarion wiTh an award Tor being The besT all around universiTy paper in This region aT Their convenTion This year held in Greeley. Wallace l-loTlman had charge oT TeaTures and auThored his column enTiTled "Tales oT l-loTTman." Gene WerThan, junior managing ediTor, had compleTe auThoriTy To manage The paper excepT where ediTorial policy was concerned. DoroThy Robinson supervised all reporTers and made assignmenTs. AT Times There were as many as 70 reporTers working on The Clarion, including 30 Tor general news, six Tor sporTs, IO Tor socieTy and I2 Tor commerce. Above: Dorolhy Robinson, Carler Kaanla, Gene Werlhan and Shirley Shepherd ol "The D-Book" slalf. Below: Russell Burg, Virginia Neuvans, Dr. Davidson and Roberl Alldredge of ll-ie "Space" slall. I 0 R PLIBLICATICDNS "The D-Book" is issued annually during lhe lirsl-lew days ol lall quarler. lls purpose is lo record valuable inlormalion perlaining lo every phase ol sludenl aclivily. Gene Wer- lhan ediled lhe publicalion wilh Carler Kaanla, Shirley Shepherd, Dorolhy Robinson, Jack Warner and Jacques Abels as assislanls. "Space," lilerary magazine, was adiled and dislribuled once each quarler by Vir- ginia Nevans. Russell Burg served as associale edilor, Roberl Alldredge as sludenl represen- lalive and Dr. L. J. Davidson as lacully spon- sor. Bruce Ash also served in a slall posilion. "The Sludenl Direclory" presenled much lhe same appearance as lhe I938 book. Edilor Belle Durell awarded suckers lo any sludenl who lound a mislalce in his lisling. She ap- poinled Ann Balenl assislanl edilor and Kalhryn Ringsled as commerce represenla- live. If 5,4 ecfo,-y Mu en M wo' fray. gif? Murs :hcl fe 'Ply "'Q'e Dwellk Hel Rae V and eh 5 a,, Mifd Seq, Hd, . red dm AP kr: ' A4 QW' Elf. ever ggi-ireZh2Nefson , ii., eafeoy orllel Mun, Allyn B f Pei ll slew e,-so and '71 H 41,9 eleh Us-fd Olher universily publicalions include aboul 35 miscellaneous ones. Mosl ol lhese are ediled by Prol. E. U. Bourke ol commerce and chairman ol lhe board ol publicalions. ln charge ol all lhese various publicalions is Charles l-lerzog. pr O reno Crm! 9: Heqog mf "" -.f ,K O A R D 0 F PUBLICATIONS By virTue oT The TacT ThaT an amendmenT placing The elecTion oT maior ediTors in The hands oT a board oT publicaTions composed of' Tive sTudenT and Three TaculTy members was passed, lnTerschool council elecTed new sTu- denT members on March 26. RoberT Alldredge, lvlilTon l-loTTan, Charles Karowslcy, Durey Ranclc and DoroThy Robinson were named as mem- bers. They replaced Wallace l-loiclman, ClinTon Thelander and Gene WerThan. Durey Ranclc was The only member To be re-elecTed To The board. FaculTy members appoinTed by Chancellor Duncan include Dr. L. J. Davidson, Dr. E. A. Engle and Dean Jack Lawson. Ex oTficio mem- bers are RoberT Buell, Doris Gould, Charles l-lerzog and ProT. E. U. Bourke. OuTsTanding accomplishmenT oT The Board was The TacT ThaT money was allocaTed To The Above. Dr. Davidson and Dr. E Below' Dean Lawson and Roberf dredg Q0 I iv bv C1 7 5 Clarion and Kynewisbolc Tor The Rocky Moun- Tain lnTercollegiaTe Press associaTion held This year aT Greeley. Close To 20 Denver sTudenTs aTTended This convenTion. YQSL ,,.,w who 0 Yxoq Y ill vsahcx V" T n -. i. 9 ' vxbxvso iss ' O ' L-x xW - S iz.. if H1155 off" a T, UQ' V 1 N '.'4gf:gi"'! i T- 'ff J, ,,.. 0 M ei '- film Ks lx fwociixov Um, V91 P56045 0190605 Ko asixsk ok ow sckxoo e xxiw evkvq Xoaoo Swecixooxoxq gf .NN .xaX.xaN"gOQ. X5 qxxacbiox We qoascffixoq bono, ooqvooseo osx o,a6oeo'xo ofxfosoo ooo o,oNox Qaxqeo di Xookf oo ooskfabixoos, fgyxes ooo oavooos. JQSYX ofN a Xml Cfxaoqos 'xo We oat, qxoeoo Xxoxe. ogooo Xoooaqoo Xxoe, ess. 2664 'w9oN1ef0X0of Xxcixf, 0 aooeafoooo ak Xoaxoo ' 'xo osi We C602 ooo XBXKGA Cxoss PN oo osx We woo XXX .GQ bows A S, XE? GY QM XO GW ,Row Xdxo Gi Q e-coo oxssof ook- X N649 X05 qofvo N0 Sox! odx osx Xxoo wax 5 xx-1-XXYXYJQ Q0 Sixxes ookfogx K We wma ooxeiixoo XXX ooooo oooo ooo New o di :Mak Woe Si goood oooooxk Xoao :ooo wooo 'Gia Soixoqs. Oo9oo.q a XQSXHXGGQXA UW ochof 9 oss ooo? mxdoefs. 'Nxe was We 5 bono XOCSYOYG ooo osx ,Nose cfxxixos xlevq MAX osoooxfxxq 'xo XIKQXN ox We S86 3 soasooxvoo ooooo ofN ooo vleekxoosiofo. B tedfxoq. P3004 e'.1'oe ooooed 5eXos-l'. XJ'av4-fiimq, 'xchcx as beoxdc 440 'Wfxs sefxes oi do 'Ono Bb! 58 band 1 A QX s ak IN X06 Q 6506 X CC G GK96 NOC NNKXYN OYG . . X4 6 6 695 60,0. 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They are George Dunlclee, Lenore Geller, Roberi Mead, Gladys C. Bell, Earle Ernsi, Forresi Fishel, John E. Law- son, Elwood Murray and Marion Robinson. The purpose oi This group is ihreeiold: io provide an educaiion aciiv- iiy for all slrudenis inieresied in any phase of drama, io aiiord enieriainmeni and aesiheiic pleasure for all mem- bers oi The siudeni associaiion and 'ro preseni profes- sional iraining for ihose preparing Tor a dramaiic career. v n 1 7 'ws' L. Fi --14 I. Earle Ernsi. 2. Marion Robinson. 3. head carpenfer. 4. Charloife Mohr, John NJ ,H FV V andf and Georgene Michael as Lucy QRS f .- ' Wayne, Senafor Keane and Irene Hibb V ,Q In N Z "Firsf Lady" fall: fhings over ai fee. 5. kv A . l- 3 T R , fy, G' . W' X , 3, .Q .fx Q . ' f I v Alrblr Y N' W X - 'X .I I , gif-,,, ' ds 1 y y W Robbins making up Pairicia Hardin-Bo William Scofi arranges 'rhings above. 7. A scene from "Firsf Lady." Z Goodlefi worked hard as siege manage unz played The suave commissioner lyn MaTTern as Emily Webb or The M . Gibbs is sa in oodbve To earfh p ITC THpp H 2RbT h Th d g+ I lrfk Th d E pp di AdyG y dh h d g BnIlS TT3BIIJ gf d pf h u er In Irs a . 4. e an, Robin Lacy, delivers mill: To Georgene Michael in "Our Tow "FirsT Lady," direcTed by Earle ErnsT, was The TirsT producTion oT The season. lT was sTaged by The speech deparTmenT and Drama club oT The universiTy. A drama dealing wiTh poliTic:s, This play Tells The sTory oT a cunning wife who is ambiTious Tor her husband To become presidenT oT The UniTed STaTes. The ploT was complicaTed by The TacT Tl'iaT Two oTher men were slaTed To be presidenTial condidaTes. "IT Can'T Happen Here" was presenTed in The LiTTle TheaTer Feb. 2 I-24, direcTed by Earle ErnsT. The ploT concerned a dicTaTorship in The UniTed STaTes and a newspaper ediTor who carried on an undercover TighT againsT The "Corpos-," The dicTaTor's miliTar- isTic organizaTion and oT a newspaper woman who rislced her liTe To TighT The oppression wiTh him. ThornTon Wilder's PuliTzer play, "Our Town," was sTaged here Trom March 6 Through March 9 under The direcTion of Marion Parsons Robinson. The scene of The play was The liTTle Town oT C5rover's Corners, N. I-lamp. in I9lO. The sTory is a commonplace one de- picTing The liTe oT Two who Tall in love while sTill in high school. The unusual Thing abouT This play is ThaT no seTs and very Tew properTies are used. lmporTanT roles in These plays were Taken by BerTil Anderson, Marshe Axler, Andrew Gainey, Carroll GalbreaTh, Shirley GarleTT, Lenore Geller, CharloTTe Godman, John GoodleT, RoberT Haines, John WeyandT, Carolyn MaTTern, May McCance, RoberT Mead, Georgene Michael, CharloTTe Mohr, RoberT Morris, Donald Phillips, William ScoTT, Cecil SheTTel, Murray SmiTh, Joseph Vleck, Wayne Welch, Ellen Wilson and Annabelle WurTz. in PEEC DeloaTe and discussion are The Two speech Topics which seem To have The mosT popular appeal To Denver sTudenTs. Those inTeresTed in These subiecTs are Elinor Berg, William Cro- Tinger, RoberT l-laines, Elaine Haney, Ralph l-larden, RoberT Morris, Murray SmiTh, Bill Wil- liams and Avis Wilson. Concerned wiTh The suloiecT oT del3aTe alone are Dick Furze, Mary Murphy, Roy Prinq, Lee Richardson and' Al SchulTz. Ann BalenT couples This subie-cT wiTh exTemporaneous speaking while l-lugo Eskild- son Teams iT wiTh debaTe. Frances Hickey and Charles l-luskinson Tind ThaT discussion Takes up mosT oT Their Time. I7 Above: Earle ErnsT and Professor Larson. 4,,,,oh W dffe r Ballon Hu 9o 5sL,yq,xo 0 R440 During The pasT year The speech deparT- menT acTed as hosT Tor The l6Th annual Rocky lvlounTain Forensic League. Seven schools in This region were guesTs of The universiTy. One oT The aims oT This deparTmenT is To send speakers To various parTs oT The counTry To represenT The universiTy aT speech conTer- ences. To TulTill This aim sTudenTs were senT To many places including Boulder, Greeley, To- peka, Chicago, San Francisco and Iowa CiTy. Denver sTudenT speakers were raTed as good and oTTen superior. ProTessors who head This deparTmenT include Dr. Elwood lvlurray, proTessor of speech and dramaTic arTs, Earle ErnsT, insTrucTor in speech: Marion Parsons Robinson, assisTanT professor oT dramaTic arTsg Prof. O. P. Larson, assisTanT professor oT speech and Erna P. TripleTT, in- sTrucTor in public speaking. John AusTon acTs as The graduaTe manager in This deparTmenT. l i OV6 aine Ab El Haney, Frances ice, H ky Elinor Berg and Ann eh L FT R b T Haines, Dick Furze e' oer d Charles H lr us inso vi gf? ,N vi RN n W obs" v4'iYia"" I. Lorraine Rohces was crowned queen oT homecoming. 2. Dick Wilson puT a modern Touch To his monk's garb. 3. Typical cosTumes were displayed by These Tour Alpha Grams. 4. Winning TIoaT in The TraTerniTy division was BeTa's. 5. Jerry Anderson, PaTricia Dunklee, BeTTy Phillips and Ralph Ivlchlair Tied Tor TirsT place Tor besT cosTumes in The men's and women's conTesTs. 6. Chancellor and Mrs. Duncan dressed in Pioneer cosrumes Tor The day. 7. These Pioneers noT only changed Their cosTumes buT also Their mode oT TransporTa- Tion. 8. Pi Kappa Alpha was named as having The besT TraTerniTy house decoraTions. 9. The napkin-made TIoaT oT Alpha Gamma DeITa won TirsT place in The sororiTy division. IO. Some of The TacuITy seemed To enioy Themselves aT The chuck wagon lunch. I I. Sigma Kappa was awarded a cup Tor Their winning sororiTy house decoraTions. OTher highIighTs: Jean Knorr and Peggy Williamson were named as aTTendanTs To The queen .... Roberl' JusTman was chosen as having The besT crop oT whiskers .... Law school was seIecTed as having The besT TIoaT in The all school division .... There were dances in The STudenT Union on boTh Friday and SaTur- day nighTs. . . Responsible Tor The success oT The Two-day homecoming and Pioneer day celebraTion was manager William CroTinger. . . . I-Ie was assisTed by Annabelle WurTz, Mur- ray SmiTh, Ben Swan, Bill Williams, Bill I-Iinch, Desmond I-IackeThaI and VicTor McAdams. PIG E XXNNY, !llr5""' vi ....n. -L. pw .gm . W- i i f FI v4 'N -:YJ , KSQAQSQ-R.. I F vff is? -H I is . K 'vs 65 3 1 wp if w 13. iq xx. , .w fx M- 5-. ...-1' ' Miriam ' , 355+ ""1. f" '- 'i"' 18. 5 1' ,. ., ...Q f ,- I .h 'n JI' u. .H ' .M F., x 'z'-A . U wp: -X ry A 9, Hg :L Max R43 'W L hi 1 Y . v'3i'7MX YH ,E QU, 'g- , . 'fin - 1 3' Ts ,f mg im fi RTX 5, 1. X' 'Vx N .. -. v .4. ' K . . 1 45. J' v r . '.. - wa. "hr .sc ,T JW' 'T' il, ,iwgl SAE Bowery ball RW. ,, ln fu Pi" iii, w oo 094: T lg l M, TERFR TER To improve relaTions among The various naTional TraTerniTies on This campus and among TraTerniTy men and The sTudenT body as a whole The lnTerTraTerniTy council was esTab- lished here. lvleeTings are held every Two weelcs during The academic year To discuss any problems conTronTing The body composed oT TraTerniTy presidenTs. An innovaTion was aT- TempTed This year in The Torm oT exchange luncheons among TraTerniTies. AT lnTerTraTer- niTy council meeTings rushing and iniTiaTion rules, regulaTion oT social and inTramural evenTs and The seTTlemenT oT any TraTerniTy dispuTes are discussed. 0 434: 99 4, CGUNCIL Presideni ......... Secrefa ry ,....... Bela Theia Pi .... ..,.. Ka a Si ma OFFICERS Edward McWilliams ' ......-....Douglas Duncan MEMBERS , PP Q --..'--------- Lambda Chi Alpha ........ Phi Sigma Della ........ , P4 Kappa Alpha ,...,..,,..,. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..... Sigma Phi Epsilon ...... Tau Epsilon Phi ....... Kellogg ..........Edward McWilliams Pring .................Elliof Sobel .........Douglas Duncan .........Buclc Herndon ........l-larry Durham ........l-loward Suskin iii -cuv- Qg-ffl, 3 g - 1. i. ui.-, a-314 B. "' Lambda Chi boys leave iheir house. 'o 50 af' va' 0" Qxagxi 00' vb 5089 LPH KAPP Dominafion of many maior school offices al' commerce has made Alpha Kappa Psi lhe mosf powerful polifical organizalion al lhal school. This year Bela chapfer members hold lhe presidency of every class buf lhal' of 'rhe iuniors. They can even boas+ of +he lnlerschool council presideni' as one of Their members. Alpha Kappa Psi was esfablished al' 'I'he School of Commerce March I9, l9I0. This nafional social-professional 'fralernily was organized af New York universi'l'y Ocl. 5, l904. N .. .., E ' ' S . ."'.. 'ull' 'imma' OFFICERS Presidenl' .,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... Claire Buclcley Vice presidenl ,........s.. Roberl Graham Secrelary ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, l-larry Cl1rlSl'Gl'lSGI'1 Treasurer ...... ................ R alph Ginn MEMBERS Class of 1940 Beallie, Edwin Blomberq, Clem Bolsler, Elwood Buckley. Claire Cahoon, Lysle Chrislensen, Harry Cook, Warren Eberl, William Eslcildson, Hugo Graham, Roberf Haigh, Garlh Ham, John Huslcinson, Charles Lenicheclc, Herberl Loach, George Scoll, Harold Tedlord, William Turlle, Jack Class of l94l Cliff, Harold Curlis, Schuyler -is Epping, Anlhony Ginn, Ralph Huebner, Clay Lamb, Roberf Lesler, Roberl Minlener, Royce Oliver, Roberi' Spear, Norman Urich, George Wafa, Paul Willbanlcs, Edward Class of 1942 Andrisf, George Collins, Clem Elcblad, Kennefh Emry, Darwin Fosrer, John Gales, Roberl Gildea, John Gray, William Mahr, Orville Nelson, Roger Penningfon, Darrell Sawyer, Harold Scoll, Vernon Slephens, Homer Ternplelon, Floyd Theander, Harry Torpey, Charles Vivian, Charles Class of I943 Bale. Roberl Carler, Gene mi' M-21 Eclcerdl, Alberl Fisher, Max Healon, David Powers, Calvin Prasse, Bud Scholl, Roberr Thompsonfxllen Woodson, James Graduale Olsen, Roberl 1 X IV' fv- , yr, 1 QQ :Qs O ,41- if V. ITWQ- W V if ff-fig 'sf Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row one: Bafe, BeaHie, Blomberg, Bolsier, Buckley, Cahoon +wo: Chrisfensen, Cliff, Collins, Cook, Curfis, Eberf fhree: Eckerdf, Ekblad. Eskildson, Fisher, Fosfer, Safes four: Gildea, Ginn, Graham, Haigh, Ham, Heafon five: Huebner. Huskinson, Lamb, Lenicheck, Loach, Mehr six: Miller, Oliver, Penningfon, Powers, Presse, Redd seven: Roberfs, Schoii, H. Scoif, V. Scoff, Spear, Sfephens eight Tedford, Temple+on, Theander, Turfle, Wafa, Willbanks, if Kia, '15 5 , l Woodson MEMBERS - BET THET PI Alpha Zefa chap'I'er of Beia Thela Pi lisis among il's members The presiclenf of Campus commission, bofh junior classes and fhe sophomore class and +reasurer of +he freshman class. The manager of demonsirafions and 'rhe school social chairman are also members of 'The Denver branch, which was eslablished here in l888. As 'I'he firsf na'l'ional fraferniiy founded, 'rhis group was organized ai' Miami universify, Oxford, Ohio, in I839. Hs colors are pink and blue, and i'rs flower +he American Beaufy rose. 731 ' ' 5 .- . H, 'li ,,-e, M, will OFFICERS Presidenf ....,..,...,,..,.,,,,,,,.. Dan Kellogg Vice presidenl ......s..... William Ballard Secrerary .........,..,......... l-larold Agnew Treasurer ...... ...... J ack Cedarblade Class of I 940 Blake, Wallace Cormack, William Dunklee, George Goocllefi, Jack King, Roberf Kunz, Calvin Lucas. Joseph McCormick, l-larold McManus, John Mead, Roberl Mikesell, Frederick Naylor, Roberl Slewari, Roberf Wilson, Richard Class of l94I Ballard, William Cedarblade, Jack Garrison, Muldrow Haines, Roberf Hall, George Kellogg, Dan Koskoff, Sian Kunz, Donald Munroe. l-lerberi O'Meara, Al ScoH, Frank Small. Roberl Thelander, Clinion Thompson, Frank Twombly, George Upfon, Ernesl Williams, Jack Class of I942 Agnew, Harold Baker, Howard Blackman, Roberl Corlew, William Downar, Richard Eskridge, Thomas Hogan, Roberf Howes, George Jones, William Meyer, Elwood Porler, John Snell, Myron Tilly, James Wallace, Roberl' Weber, Claude . Woodward, Charles Young, Hersey Class of I943 Alexander, Hugh Beazley, Tyson Cass, Waller Davis, William Jackson, Joseph Mahony, Lewis Mayer, John McCrerry, George Muller, William Noble, Allan Ogier. Eugene Oufwaler, Sianley Puckeli, Jack Schorr, Bernard Schweiger, Jack Shackelford, Joel Sfiles, Frank Swarfz, John Wagner, Joseph . . t' 7' ' ' -f- ,aesf"'?'q""5 ""'- ,:...- 'ix 4 , 'L 'H A ,, T -as-M-f-M-ff i -i isle r. ff ' r V .Zee s fi . ..- 1 -' QQU' g gig, ff. ' F- H'-1 If ' " U37 gf ,Q--'-'T' A f- T A v , 4 . , , Z , Q, ,iff 1 4 A . he-1 . " , A , 1' . gn ,, 1. If , , K . ,-'F ' , 2 IL, ,Q is-ii-nf is i wa' A n, , ,gmi .. -4'-fe Kita,-' 1 if f -is, jr 2 7 .L -- '."'?..:iLff,llir 52?fi-ii TMA- fi W - T . 4- A,-we-41' V Q --- A :.,r.-1 111, w gif . , uf, s. V ' .- 'I' "N avi-1" is , iw - " , Ti '15-'11 I--,E 4-5, -' 9,5 -szsa' ..,, ' V 'J', a - I X. '..i",- , w ifi T- .. if We sfasp. . : ' ' ,mf i "r T 1 . 7 'W dir' ' .aa , ,. ,N ' lffgfgj ix '--s :ff n ff' 1: 'A' 'H ,-,Qukvl ...Eli 'VMI .ogg 5 -2.4'i?z 5 . ,.,,,. :Haazffl if MEMBERS ELT IG PI Mosf recenf group of professional men fo organize af fhe School of Commerce is Delfa Sigma Pi. This social-professional frafernify was esfablished af fhe downfown school on Ocf. I0, I925. The nafional group was founded af New York universify School of Commerce I8 years before on Nov. 7, I907. Members of Alpha Nu chapfer are acfively inferesfed in speech work and baskefball. The flower of fheir frafernify is fhe red rose. Old gold and royal purple are fhe colors of Delfa Sigma Pi. Cd s? Q S OFFICERS Presidenf ...,..........,....... Roberf Wesley Vice presidenf ,,,.,.,.,.., Afhol McGrafh Secrefary ....,...,,. ,.,... W illiam Eafon Treasurer ..,.,,., ........ P aul Blagen Class of l94O Blagen, Paul Cramm, Wellmerf Fay, Jack Krebs, Al McDonald, James McGra'fh, Afhol Morey, William Morgan, Marfin Perry. Edward Ryan, Roberf Summerwell. Owen Sunblade, Neil Wasley, Roberi Wiley, Barron Class of l94I Arnold, Roberf Healy, Edward Deaner, Wilberf Dolan, Louis Ficller, A. l.. G-orfon, Bill Hamilfon, Harley Howard, Lyndell Mehlmann. Karl Wagner, Dan Woodford, Jack Class of I942 Asbury, Glen Benneff, Dean Cook. Jack Cross, Dave Frazzini, Berf Gagnon, Jordon Hall, Wayne Hansen, Henry Mannix, Frank Merry. John Ozman, Oliver Reagan. Duane Tinsley, Harry Van Fossen,Logan Warwick, Thomas Wilkinson, Earl Wilson, Fred Class of I943 Brown, Rodney Bullis, Milfon Cowan. Morell Frary, Richard Geisler, Alberf Glen, Roselle Granf, William Graves, Jack Guscoff, Donald Hager, Edward Macron, Fred Mahoney, Rollin Miller, Charles Morfensen, Merle Tasker, Waller Gi 1,1 if if 1 ,456- Q... Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row one: Arnold, Asbury fwo: Beaiy, Blagen, Cook, Cramm fhree: Cross, Fay, Fidler, Franini four: Glenn, Howard, Krebs, Macaron five: Mannix, McDonald, McGrafl1, Mehlmann six: Merry, Miller, Morey, Morgan seven: Ozman, Perry, Reagan, Summerwell eiglwi: Sunblade, Taslrer, Tinsley, Wagner, Wesley, Wiley, Wilkinson A On fhls campus lhe membership lls'l' of Kappa Sigma Includes several names prommenl' In college afhlehcs and forensics The Denver chapfer holds The presidency of 'rhe School of Fme Aris and lnfer frafernrly council Bela Omlcron chapfer of Kappa Sigma was esfabllshed on fhe Umverslfy of Denver when lhe colors of scarlef, green and whrle were chosen lo represeni' lhem Class of I94O Ballou Waller Desseruch Roberl Eberl' William Maxwell George McCarlhy Herberl McCuslcer John Woudenberg John 14-Jsx f""U'F'.,"'lm. llfl' 'k U Wx af' AEKAY: OFFICERS Presldeni Edward McWilliams Vice presldem' Roberl Desseruch Secrelary Durey Ranclc Treasurer Harry Shade MEMBERS Class of 1941 Class of I942 Johnson Keilh Bra ner Hoy? Anderson Gerald Maclear Jack C0P5l'Cl' -lack Bremmer Jack Norfon Carl Ch F l Dusgaqabcikrres Bremmer Roberl Parsons Charles Lewis John Clark Sluari Riedel Wlllldm M W II Ed d Evans Charles MZ,-HL Isgljerf war French Warren Sunday Mark Ranclg Durey GIl:iOI'd Roberl Templefvn Floyd Shade Harry Good Gnlberf Wrughi Robert Class of I943 Chamberlain Jack Clarlc Reber? Flower John Frenzel Roberl Gibson Jack Hansen Pau Hoover Edwin Johnson Roberl Maxwell Berf McWilliams David Moore Frank PICCIfl5lI Jay Plunlcell Roberi Roche William Snyder John Sfannard Roberl Thompson Chesier Whifacher Baird J " H -AN ' '-- 4 campus in I902. The nafional organizaiion was founded Dec. IO, l869, al' 'rhe Universi'I'y of Virginia J 1 x Q 4 A ' I '. s I 'I II . I' I 'I l 1 so Q..- fn 4- w X 1-37- 'X- Tm n Q- I. JW 1 oc- X r ,P ' 49? l AL ' K. , L N .. , K '1 ' A .nr 3. ' 1 Q2 'C 1-'I' A A ,,:,. 5 1 Wt' 1 :PQ K if '57 . .33 gl 'Q-4 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row '? Uu- vu.- one: Ballou, Brawner, J. Brenimer, R. Brenimer, Capsrick 'lwoz Chapman, R. Claris, S. Clark, Desserich, Eberf fhree: Evans, Elower, French, Frenzel, Gibson four: Gigord, Good, Hansen, Hoover, Johnson five: Lewis, Maclear, B. Maxwell, G. Maxwell, MCCBfihY six: McCusker, D. McWilliams, E. McWilliams, Moore, Morris seven: Norion, Parsons, Piccinafi, Plunl:eH', Ranclc, Riedel, Shade eighi: Shanholfzer, Snyder, Sfanard, Sunday, Templeion, Whiialxe r, Woudenberg Y' r - 11' Q, ,. lf! '. 0- -1 v. W - if T:-fi? 5 ' 1'ffr,.iI' .-T v. .I .1 iw- .1 I ' W. - , t .L . LAMBDA HI LPH In I9I7 Alpha-Pi Zela chapI'er of Lambda Chi Alpha was eslablished here ius'I' I2 years af'I'er iis naI'ionaI founding af BosI'on universily. InI'eres+ed in a greaf variely of ac'I'iviIies, Lambda Chi Alpha members parficipale in a'l'hIe'I'ics, music, speech and iournalism. Oufsfanding among Ihose who par- 'I'icipa+e in newspaper work is one of Iheir members, Ihe ediior of Ihe Clarion. This fralernify, whose colors are purple, green and gold, is 'rhe only one on Ihe campus +o hold regular dale Iuncheons. Y, qy.1l'-Ulm CIHHSQ XXI I If 3 Q y OFFICERS Presidenl ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Roy Pring Vice presidenl' ..........,. Robe:-I Robbins Secrelary ..v.........,.,...,. Donald IvIor+on Treasurer .,..... ........ H omer Whilacre Class of i940 Brawn, Ferris Buell, Roberl Eddy, Russell I-lallows, Myron I-lenfzell, Paul Knapp, Horace McNair, Ralph Pilce, George Richardson, Lee Smilh, Edward MEMBERS Kennelley, Franlc Marlin. Richard Murray, Theodore Class of I94I Pfg1Q.R?Py Buckler, George R' ey' omas Conine, Theodore Class OI '942 Diclc, George Anderson, Joseph Derrick, Jack Brownyard, Edward I-lolmberg, Dewey Lalce. Leo McPherson, Byron Morion, Donald Robbins, Roberl WI-iiiacre, I-Iorner Class of I943 Bale, Roberf Conanl. Kennelh Dubois, Raymond Durnmars,Kennel'l'1 Ennerson, William I-Ioover, Alberi Jernigan. Homer Lee, Jack g-r- Mapelli, Rudolph Moleen, George Peel, Donald Regall, Jaclc Schwed, Waller Gracluale Tabb, Frank -5. X '5- ,Q qw 'T 3. yi 1 ya 1 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row i 1 z F- av ,,, g. In fi! S T? 1: n vs- one: Baie, Brown fwo: Brownyard, Buckier fhree: Buell, Conanf, Conine, Deirick four: Dick, Dubois, Eddy, Henhell five: Holmberg, Hoover, Jernigan, Kennelley six: Knapp, Lake, Marfin, Moleen seven: Morfon, Murray, Peel, Pike eighiz Pring, Richardson, Ridley, Robbins, Whiiacre. PHI IGMA DELT ln i920 lo+a chapler of Phi Sigma Della was insialled here iusi I0 years afler lhe nafional founding of +he fralernily al' Columbia universiiy, New York. Among i+s members are +he Law school represenla- 'hve lo l'he lnierschool Council, 'I'he edi'l'or of +he "D" Book and 'l'he assis+an'r edi'l'or of ihe Clarion. The group 'lalces an aclive par'r in publicalions and forensics. The 'Fra+ernil'y's colors are purple and while. The flower of Phi Sigma Delia is lrhe violei. Class of I94O Cohen, Leroy Gibbons, Leonard Sobol, Ellioli Yoelin, Eli Class of l94l Fried. Beniamin Kippur, Irving Linlcow, Edward Rudolph, Roberi Siegal, Arfhur Silverman, Jaclc Werihan, Gene S My , ' i A QL 1 - Ai'- . Ml - 'QB' Q 'S ' 1 Q V OFFICERS Presidenr ..,................,,. Benjamin Fried Vice presidenl .,..., Leonard Silverberg Recording secreiary .... Edward Levine Corresponding secrerary ,.,,..,,,.,..,., George Revis Treasurer .................. Edward Isaacman MEMBERS Class of l942 Banks, Sidney lsaacman, Edward Kaiz, Sianley Levine, Gerald , Luiz, lrving Silverberg. Leonard Class of I943 Allen, Harry Bernsiein. Abe Cohan, l-larold Davidson, Raymond Davis, Harold Fieman, Edward Ginsberg, Gerome Klausner, Aaron Lerner, Belden Levine, Edward Revis, George Roihenberg, Jack Law Frumess, l-larry Berenbaum, Joseph Berenloeim, Leonard Coggan, Hyman Guggenheim, Paul Hayulin, Irving Karowslcy, Charles Moslco, Maurice M, ss, ,F Z!! A A 1 ?a ,V - A X il i 4 1 w 'D '53 Us 6- X X-4. 'lf-:Y Row Row Row Row Row Row ,-. one: Berenbaum, Bernsiein fwo: Davidson, Fieman fhree: Frumess, Gibbons four: Hayufin, Kaiz five: Levine, Moslzo, Rudolph, Siegal six: Silverberg, Silverman, Sobel, Werfhan PI KAPP LPH A+hle'I'ics, boih varsify and inframural, and music play an imporfani' pari in ihe varied ac1'ivi'l'ies of Pi Kappa Alpha. By having The presidenf and ireasurer of 'lhe senior class, vice presidenf of 'l'he 'Freshman class and presidenlr of 'l'he "D" club lisied among ifs members, 'lhis fralernilry has surged ahead during 'l'he pasl' year. Pi Kappa Alpha was 'founded na'l'ionally on March I, l868, ai' ihe Universiiy of Virginia. Gamma Gamma chapier was insfalled here on Nov. I6, l924. 4 ,lk :Mali 2?!": 6559 af,- e, Q-23, 33 his OFFICERS Presideni .,....,....A,.,,,.,, Douglas Duncan Vice presidenl ......., Lawrence Toburen Secreiary ..................,. Richard Willars Treasurer ......... ,.,.......a J ack Phillips Class of I94O Anderson, Berfil Camerlo, Sam Carver, Edward Duncan, Douglas Gainey. Andy Geniile, Frank Halen, Carl Hari, Herberi Hayes, Jack Knighf, Norman Millard. Raymond Miller, Troy Morgan, Marlin Phillips, Jack Phillips, John Thurin, Edgar Class of I94l Dallison, Sam MEMBERS Jurich, Milne Kershner, Roberf Reed, James Rochford, George Schmidt Joseph Sullens, George Thurslon, Dyce Toburen, Lawrence Wrighf, Warren Class of i942 Archuleia, Theodore Halford, Roberf Hellon. James Pfau, Alvin Pfau, Loren Proclor, Charles Siuden, Nick Whiiworlh, Royce Willars, Richard Class of I9-13 Brown, Jaclc Browning, Gregg Cherry, Clyde Dawson, Le Roy Fedderson, Roy Flanders, Rober? Glenn, Roselle Harris, Raymond Harvey, Dale Jolly, William Jordan, Max King. Donald McNevin, Joseph Norfhway, Edward Parsons, William Ralhloun, Paul Riddell, Roberl Singleion, Harold Siills, Mel Er ,- iff arc, In is rv ?i Cv- ff Q- ol I- ' 2'- ip- iff 'T 'FV Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 1 U w .:' fv- ,. 5 gf , , l ' 1' fljf ,, , mi f ' ' 5 'N one: Anderson, Archuleha, Brown, Browning, Carver fwo: Cherry, Dallison, Duncan, Flanders, Gainey fhree: Geniile, Glenn, Hafen, Harris, Har? four: Harvey, Hayes, Hellon, Jolly, Jurich five: Kershner, King, McNiavin, Miller, Morgan six: Parsons, A. Pfau, L. Pfau, Jack Phillips, John Phillips seven: Procior, Ra+hbun, Rochford, Schmidf, Sullens eight Thurin, Thursfon, Toburen, Whifworfh, Willars, Wrighf E 1- uv Q X bf ' .l 2 . 55. Mir-' l 7' L IL K ALPH EP Easily lhe fraferniiy mosl' readily recognized by i'l's flower, lhe violel, is Sigma Alpha Epsilon, bearers of royal purple and old gold. Colorado Zefa chapler was founded here on Dec. I8, I89l Nafionally fhis group was organized on March 9, I856, al' rhe Universily of Alabama. Wiih +his fral'erni+y's nexl door neighbors, +he Sig Alphs parlicipafe each year in a chariol' race, one of 1'he few lnferfrarerniiy conlesfs. One of 'rheir members is secrefary of rhe sophomore class. IGM Class of I940 Jordan, Wayne Swan, Ben Thode. Jack Vaughn,A5l1lon Class of l94l Hammond, John Herndon, Buclc Kaanfa, Carler Keeler. Roberf Miles, James May, Wayman Morgan, Maynard Shilvoclc, Roberl' Slelson, Alvin Cm? OFFICERS Presidem' ,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,..,. Buck Herndon Vice presidenl .,.. Raymond McCar'rhy Secretary ,,,,,Ar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Roberl Fischer Treasurer .,...... .... , .... J ohn Hammond MEMBERS Taylor, John Class of l942 Babcox, Howard Bufz. Charles Claylon, Wendell Eldridge, Clarence Fischer, Roberl Gillis, Alberl' Mannix, Franlc McCarfhy, Raymond Mulford, Warren Whife, Sianley Class of I943 Albi, Louis Bonomo, Francis Briber, Gary Krape, John Lamb, James Meifley, William Miller, Harro Newell, Roberi Smiih, Roberl' Soufhwiclx, Sheldon Slevens. Tolberl Taylor, Roberl Tewell, William Wesibroolc, James Williams, Roberf Woods, Roberl f ffl If 2919 c 1 Q P51 5,11 Q1 4 WG? EL 4? 46' n i' --1 in-s Hi hi -fini 1 JL Quay Q' ! v.4,..3 ' , 'L - l'32'.iQ-'I :" T ' ,. -if , N My llwiml if' ' , -Q-vi' , L. E, 1 Aqvgeiiall' Q gulf: F1.:w:.+1 ' ' ljizlif' I q fx.g1 :g,,, fyfwqqg .M .g, 3,3 lfi.'f:5': f2"'f .. 'lf 'A 1 , Qji?iiE? f fi' 5 ngxwmm ,f pg--" ia ,E V f I I! FF, l TE? Row Row Row Row Row Row one: Babcox, Bulz, Clayfon, Eldridge +wo: Fischer, Gillis, Herndon, Jordan fhree: Kaanfa, Keeler, Mannix, May four: MCCBfihY, Miles, Miller, Mulford five: Smilh, Sfefson, Swan, J. Taylor six: R. Taylor, Tewell, Wesfbroolx, Whife, Woods A- .Tl --Ehilhl xxx " i" ,3 if fx'-ff' " 2 4 A A g .f SIGMA PHI EP ILC Esfablished in I9I3 Colorado Befa chapfer of Sigma Phi Epsilon is fhe possessor of a house fhaf is morfgage free. This claim can be made by only a few of fhe ofher frafernifies. Ifs members during fhe pasf year have falcen an acfive parf in speech and bofh varsify and inframural afhlefics. The nafional frafernify was founded in I90l al' Richmond, Va. The flowers, fhe violef and 'Ihe red rose, and fhe colors, royal purple and blood red, signify fhe organizafion. Q h f W "I IIIIWMII II ll? 'T T 4 ITN I , Class of I94O Brenlcerf, George Crouch, James Doud, Lee Genera. Marcus Henry, Myron I-logqaf, Daniel MacLeod, Kennefh Mehlmann, Forresf Walla, Walfer Williams, William , 'Ill - S I OFFICERS Presldenf ...................... Harry Durham Vice presidenf ...,,.,,.. Vicfor McAdams Secrelary ................,. George Brenlcerf MEMBERS Class of I94I Durham, Harry McAdams, Vicfor Sandburg, Richard Scheuermann, William Class of I942 Davis, Paul Kraff, William Marshall, Roberf Rufherford, Harry Class of I943 Eosfer, Charles Granf, Roberf Harvey, Charles James, Millard Kearin, Waller Lori, Joseph Phleger, Ben Reale, John Rees, Wilson Rugg, Jack Sandburg, Donald mi 1 ir 5 'Q' 'il' Z, 15-, .ri f V ff ' - la' .r A f X X, l 'Q' -- ""L':1?ZI-24:5 ig 1' .iffffif ' - T- i 'tive-I-W2 5' Fix" if "QQ '15 , ggi . '11 -my , . 1f',,-,fig Iv-1 Row one: Brenlrerf, Crouch, Davis Row fwo: Doud, Durham, Genera Row fhree: Grant Harvey, Henry Row four: Hoggaif, Kraff, Mehlmann Row Row Eve: Phlegar, Rugg, D. Sandburg six: R. Sandburg. Walla, Williams EP :Lo PHI On Feb. 2 I, I93 I, Tau Epsilon Phi, Jewish social Traiernily, was founded on I'he universify campus. This group was I'he Iasl Io organize here. Need for nalional incorporaiion caused Tau Ela, a local fralernily on I'his campus, 'Io alifiliale wiI'h Tau Epsilon Phi. The naI'ionaI group was founded af Columbia universify on Ocf. IO, I9I0. The fra'Ierni'I'y colors are purple and while and Iheir 'Flower is lhe purple columbine. One of lheir members is iunior class Ireasurer. 8 Q '! iv' , III!! , ll 2' 5' I lixegs I I I I '?flb,g" I H7 Q 5 , l,lq, l , I OFFICERS Presidenl ....................,. Howard Susldn Vice presidenl ..,.,. .,,,,,, I-l arry Green Secrefary .....,...... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S ol Flax Treasurer .......... ....,, lvl arvin ,Slone MEMBERS Class of I94-O Class of l94I Suslcin. Howard Goldblall, Samuel Danslcy. Jaclc Kleiner, Harold Kleiner' Aubrey Brenner' Lee CI Nc N42 Green, Harry Flax, Sol Levill, Louis Kleiner, Harvey I-Ioflman, Milion ass O CI f 1943 I-Iailpern, Ben Rashbaum, Reubin Krauiman. Leonard Manassas, Irving Bograd, Nafhan ass O Hailpern, Jack Sidon, Naihan Niernberg, Phillip Shur, Abe Friedland, Irving Buqdanowiiz, Roberi I-Iarmelin, Richard Sfone, Marvin l 'Y-res . I ' " """"Vi!-fs. ..s-Q 1. , arssrz. .,', - ---: -, ' ' ' ' ' I 'ii li- is Q4 , in W1-, A I f 4 , Q 75 ,J . 4. ' Xx'. .- 'v b .R ' T' 'dd'-' R Q -. . X k .:.. X' I .v- ' if if 7 .'..m?. .43 5 . ,bf 2 xg","',, ' ' X.. 39 82 1 ' QV' F'-7 E he 141' .. ' w E :Z g' J QE ' .f 'W 1 'f:4.fZ.4n --r 5-f if ., .4 ' a, X gf. ' n "-. F xg, ,"'gy,,V V , Q, "gg, l ' Row Row Row Row Row Row one: Bograd, Brenner iwoz Bugdanowih, Flax, Friedland Three: Goldblaif, Green, B. Hailpern four: J. Hailpern, Harmelin, Hoifman five: Leviii, Manassee, Rashbaum six: Shur, Sfone, Suskin 6-7 1 63 ,iv nr' 1' fi? ANHELLENIC C 0 U N C I L Two represenlralives from each sororiiy comprise rhe membership of Panhellenic coun- cil. This group sponsors a formal dance annu- ally and organized a Panhellenic choir. The choir serenades bolh fraiernilies and sororilies :luring each quarrer. Presiclenf ,....,..,,... Vice presiclenl' ,... Secrera ry .,.....,....., Treasurer ,.,.,..,. Tea Chairman ...... OFFICERS . .........,...,...,.............. Lenore Geller MEMBERS .......Elizaloe+h Niedrach ......Frances Davies Dorofhea Spallone ....,.Louise Ne'rher'ron Alpha Gamma Della ......... ..........,........,....,..... H elen Holroyd Alpha Xi Della ,........ Della Phi Epsilon ......., Delia Zefa ...,,...,.. Gamma Phi Befa ...... Ioia Alpha Pi ...,...... Kappa Delia ......... Phi Chi Thefa ,,.... Phi Gamma Nu ....... Pi Bela Phi ,....... Sigma Kappa ....... There Phi Alpha ..,... Thefa Upsilon... 2 snug, Msahsaellen yy n. y n onsi Math:-Paige Egglrrwelgobsc ln venson Row Wo: DEaiherlA?acYion' n Nleqrac nfxexa' Ska Roi, khreeiudroya' NeilXeaZaiarS'felnXXone. SN . '31, 43:22 M,,3xiaZsen..fg:2b,,,a. sp. 'ao' aw ""'sQh"a'P" Rv' an - rw' Se' if Marion Allen . ...,. Frances Davies Esfher Marelius Frances Schwarlz Lenore Geller Mary Louise Buirgy Belfy Jane Pease Marlha Allen Louise Nelherlon ..,.....Geraldine Saferslein Audrey Rosensiein Dorofhy England Beverly Jackson H a rriei Lelh Lois Livingslon Rufh Carofhers Florence Ga+heridge Shirley Shepherd Mary Lou Slanfield Elizabeih Niedrach Gwendolyn Hobson Dorolhea Spallone Irene McMahon . ....... Corinne Drew Vera Rufh Sievenson O I R ANHELLENIC Membership ol Junior Panhellenic council which was eslablishecl in l938 is composed ol lhe preside-nl and social chairman ol each pledge class. A scholarship cup is presenlecl by Senior Panhellenic council lo lhe pledge class mainlaining lhe highesl scholaslic average dur- ing lall quarler. OFFICERS Presiclenl ........ ..,......,.............. E lizabelh Niedrach Secrelary ........ .............. A nn While MEMBERS Alpha Gamma Della .,.,..,................................ Lois French Alpha Xi Della .......... Della Phi Epsilon .,,..... Della Zela ,.......... Gamma Phi Bela ..,.... lola Alpha Pi ......... Kappa Della ,....,.. Pi Bela Phi ...... Sigma Kappa ...... Thela Phi Alpha ........ Thela U psilon ...... Belsy Goodspeecl Mariorie Jacobson Jayne Rhineharl .,.......Shirley Sheflel Miriam Boxer Kehoe Y Audrey Frell Palricia Musick Ann While .....,...Shirley Folsom Marsha Axler Nancy Gooclpaslure Margarel Slolcer ..,. Lorraine Rolles 'fin Edna Mae Carpenler ..,....,.Maxine Smilh Jane Lee Alders Mary Frances Smilh Joan Demmer Barbara Spilzmiller Joan Yency Row Ro """f Al Ro: ffwo: Cavan' Axle,- iow folZ'26gFrel:27,feg Dgn?:,Xe,- Ro: give: Mu:?iSPeedr9?- Gill Folsom 'Y' Mary Z ' Rolfgs ecobgonpasfllre 'ences Slinizeffel' kalroe I Makin 9 Smifh' Spifzm me, S, ' o M I' 8" Whif, ii 5. ful LPH MM DELT On May 30, l904, Alpha Gamma Della was 'founded on lhe campus ol Syracuse universily in New York. Epsilon Gamma chapler was eslablishecl here in April 4, I928. Lisled among ils members are lhe presidenl of Women's Alhlelic associalion, vice presiclenl ol lhe senior class, secrelaries ol lhe sophomore and junior classes and a senior and iunior Menlor councilor. Red, bull and green are lhe sororily colors, and lhe llowers are red and bull roses. This group holds a second rush week before inilialion. 8 IT re o r ie' ,, lil 4 , ..,,,,,,,..a OFFICERS Presidenl .............. Georgene Michael Vice presidenl ......,.,..... Ellenor While Secrelary ..,............. Marcia Spaulding Treasurer ........ ............. J ean Lehl M EM BERS Class ol l94O Aylor, Charline Dormann, Marie Elsh, Elizabelh Foss, Virginia Michael, Georgene Onslad, Shirley Ralclill, Jeanne Waggener, Helen Walkins, Evelyn While, Ellenor Williams, Dorolhy Class ol I94-I Baer, Charline Duboll, Florence Falligan, Belle Holroyd, Helen Lehl, Jean Nelson, Vera Shannon, Barbara Spaulding, Marcia Swayze, Muriel Wurlz, Annabelle Class ol I'-742 Allen, Marion Benson, Mariorie Bridgewaler, Eileen Chase, Alpha Chrislian, Eileen Gore, Shirley Harler, Dorolhy Hopkins, Virginia Hopper, Belly Lavely, Maxine Mclnlosh, Rulh Phillips, Belly Prall, Belly Rulh, Nancy Ann Scarborough, Jeanne While, Mildred Class ol I943 Albean, llress Barlhel, June Claylon, Jerry Dunn, Belly French, Lois Goodspeed, Belsy Graham, Wilda Grovesleen, Bernice Hainline, Edilh Hilderman, Carol Hopkins, Belly Rulh Jackson, Corrine McCoy, Virginia Minor Doris Peregrine, Belly Pollle, Mildred Puckell, Frances Rahn, Norma Ridley, Wanda Schoene, Carol Schroeder, Belly Seidenberg, Lorra Waggoner, Sybil ine qu- 4 3 IV' T' T'- 6- l lik ,- 'Q if l iii F 3 gr 5 'CTT' I 4 'E dl-v!i 5' iio fv- Ze if E Qu-, '56- .v,. B4 ki--f 'CF' ,sv Row one: Allen, Aylor, Baer, Barlhel, Benson, Cadle 'YT Row 'l'wo: Chrisfian, Claylon, Dormann, Duboff, Dunn, Elsh, Falligan Row ihreez Foss, French, Goodspeed, Gore, Grovesleen, Hainllne, Harler Row four: Hilderman, Holroyd, B. Hopkins, V. Hopkins, Hopper, Jackson, Lavely Row live: Lehi, McCoy, Mclnfosh, Michael, Minor, Onsfad, Peregrine Row six: Phillips, Poffle, Pra'H, Puchell, Rahn, Rafciiff, Ridley Row seven: Rufh, Schoene, Schroeder, Seiclenberg, Shannon, Spaulding, Swayze Row eighf: Waggener, Waggener, Wafkins, E. While, M. While, Williams, Wurfz Q? LPH Xl DELT The nalional founding of Alpha Xi Della was on April I7, I893, al' Knox college, Galesburg, Ill The local chapier was founded on March I6, l929. Among Alpha Psi chapfer members may be found lhe presidenfs of commerce YWCA and loia Sigma Pi, secrefaries of lhe School of Librarianship and of Panhellenic, 'rreasurer of Morfar Board, direcfor of 'rhe Panhellenic choir, and vice presidenl' and secre+ary of Alpha Nu. The colors of lhe sorori+y are double blue and gold. is ? "" 7xfPQ Xi A873 OFFICERS Presiclenl' ...,........ Ecliih Louise Carlson Vice presidenl' ...,...... Margarel Benron Secrelary .........,.,, ...,.,. J une Epperson Treasurer .......... ,..... M ary l-iarrman Class of l940 Benlon, Margaref Carlson, Edifh Louise Harfman, Mary Pennell, Ruih Reliiq, Evelyn Rishel, Marguerile Class of l94l Alberg, Helen Baldwin, Adelaide Calkins, Mary Jean Cox, Cecil Davies, Frances Epperson, June MEMBERS Marelius, Esfher Musselman, Eleanor Class of I942 Burlon, Peggy Gow, Belly Hollingsworth, Rufh Hooper, Margaref Love, Elizabeih Noble, Beafrice Class of I943 Bidwell, Evelyn Binning, Myrna Cole, Kalherine Crain, Madelyn Croggins, Floramae Epler, Mary C-Baeriiner, Gerirude Green, Carolyn Hunl, Mariorie Jacobson, Margie Lindneux. Marcella McDonald, Margaref Meyer, Frances Rhineharl, Jayne Gracluaies Dollis, Elsie Huclcins, Harrie? Jones, Dorofhy Lois Keni, Margarel' Lgcdraffyi- . V. , . U Q., ,-F"'n Q. , ,N by 5' Q' 'YE' ' Q is, fx Q. Q ,, Tw ' HV' S- ta S 5- ' ,-R ' 'bi 1 ov. 13 SR e- Q' 9- bf' Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row one: Alberg, Baldwin fwoz Benfon, Bidwell, Binning, Burlon fhreez Carlson, Cole, Cox, Crain four: Davies, Epler, Epperson, Gow five: Green, Hariman Hollingsworih, Hooper six: Hun+, Jacobson, Lindneux, Love seven: Marelius, McDonald, Meyer, Musselman eight: Noble, Pennell, Refiig, Rhineharf, Rishel e A 'YQ - ,, gr, ,N nv- , 1' 1140 x 'E PHI EP IL DELT Founded al New York universily on March I7, I9l7 was Della Phi Epsilon, nalional Jewish sororily Thela chapler was inslalled on l'he campus Nov. 27, I926. Many members are oulslanding in dramahc aclivilies and l'hey hold lhe offices of presidenl' of Panhellenic council and of Nalional Collegiale Players. Wilh royal purple and pure gold as ils colors, 'lhe sororily has done much lowards lhe 'lurlher ance of dramalic inleresl al 'lhe universily. The pansy is 'lhe flower of 'lhis group. Class ol I940 Garlell, Shirley Geller, Lenore Ginsburg, Charlolle Goldberg, Bernice Mann, Rulh Belly Pringle, Irene Sue Class ol: I94l lvlelniclc, Gail Shraiberg, Elhel V B A, E,.- fl I 2 I gs' 1 f' 9 Z If g 4 vivli 5 B EEE!! OFFICERS Presidenr ,,,,,,,,,...., Charlolle Ginsburg Vice presidenl ,......,.... Elhel Shralloerq Secrelary .......,.,,...., Rulhy Belly Mann Treasurer .,.,4,.. ,,..s... F lorence Luslig MEMBERS Schwarlz, Frances Class of I9-42 Barnell, Eileen Bernslein, Phyllis Goldberg, Eleanor Golin, Belly Lou I-leller, Mosa Levine, Dorolhy Malhless, Norma Silverman, Elaine Class of l943 Boxer, Miriam Bloom, Edllh Cohan, Eleanor I-lullner, Rulh Laltl, ldella Lowenlhal, Kala Rosenlhal, Belly Lou Salirnan, Eleanor Sheflel, Shirley xl. l f 4 , -, 1 Row Row Row Row Row Row ELT ET Fiffeen years affer iheir na'l'ional founding a+ Miami universify a'I' Cxford, Ohio, Della Zela was ins-failed here on April l2, l9I7. Members of Rho chapfer are fhe only women s'l'uden'rs on l'his campus who have fhe privilege of living in Their chapfer house which is localed al' 2220 S. S+. Paul. In con iuncfion wilh +he nafional group, Rho chapfer suppor'l's a philanfhropic proiecl' ai' Vesl, Ky. The sororiiy colors are vieux green and old rose. Their 'flower is fhe pink Kilarney rose. Class of I940 Haigh. Jo Alice Johnson, Wanda Lee, Clara Befh Pickens, Rosemary Ramsey, Morice Wood, Esrher Jane Class of l94l Buirgy, Mary Louise Jilwlli, , , m l, 3:-' -ig L ro Q:-2 1 '53 :E .13 5' iilnff L ,' ? OFFICERS PrGSICler1i' .................... Wanda Johnson Vice prGSiden+ ............ Morice Ramsey Secrerary .................... Marlha Os'l'rum Treasurer .............. Mary Louise Buirgy MEMBERS Shaffer, Ednarnae Gavefre, Jody Osl'rum,Marfl'1a P B H J Sinfon, Margo? ease' e Y ans Class of IQ42 Shearer, Geraldine Dexier. Helen Whowell, Eleanor Class of I943 Chalfield, Beffy Ann Frefz, Audrey Kehoe, Amy Parker, Charline Pafch, Pairicia Randlernan, Minnie Thomas, Shirley Wesfon, Belly A. .- .. ,. ff' ,1- G! ir' pts ,Q 1 fs 'ln ivxff' Q- Row one: Buirgy, Chaifield, Dexfer Row iwo: Freh, Haigh, Kehoe Row ihreez Johnson, Lee, Osfrum Row four: Parker, Pafch, Pease Row five: Pickens, Ramsey, Randleman Row six: Shaffer, Sinfon, Wesfon, Whowell. Wood If '79' MM PHI BET Founded on Dec. 28, I897, Gamma Phi Beia is one of I'he oIdesI sororiI'ies on 'Ihis campus. I'I's nafional 'Founding was af Syracuse universiI'y on Nov. I I, I874. Gamma Phi girls sponsored 'Ihe I7irs'I' Sadie HawIcin's Day dance on Ihis campus and won na'IionaI recognifion. Numerous and diversified acI'ivi'Iies are Ihe aims of Ihe group wiI'h perhaps 'I'he mosI' oufsfanding work being done on Ihe Clarion. Their colors are double brown and Iheir fiower is The pink carnaiion. l W ww G -1 I FF OFFICERS PFeSIdSf1I ,--....,........,...V. Jane Paradice Vice presideni ...,.,I. Doroihy Robinson Secrefary ....,....... Josephine Benedeck Treasurer ....... ........ E Iizabe-+h Mullare MEMBERS Class of i940 Benedeck, Josephine LiIIey, Perie Mayer, Margarei Ann Paradice, Jane Turpin, OIive Weld, Marian Class of I94I Brown, Aniia I-Iarringion, Virginia Mullare, Elizabeih Nefherion. Louise Robinson, Doroihy Ryan, Mary D. Vessey, Vera Young, Peggy Class of I942 Beier, Ruih Bruckman, Kaihleen Charles, Esfher Crosby, Peggy I-Iarfi, Doro+hy I-Iiclcs, Jane Macariney, Jane Myers, Charloiie Rose. Berry Schoene, Audrey Mae WincheII, Elizabeih Class of I94-3 Brinkshaus, Mary K2 Brown, Diva Bryans, Beffie Carsfarphen, Florence Crane, Barbara Cressman, Ru+h EasfIaIce, I-Iarrief Griffin, Frances Henry, Rose Frances I-Iosirins, Beffy Jane Linder, Marcia Messenger, Helen MiIIer, I-IeIen Musick, Pairicia Nellis, Louise Qualls. Virginia ReynoIds, Jane Rhoads, MarceHa Tur'rIe, Peggy Whiie, Ann Williams, Joy Yeamans, Vanifa T JW! Y' 'bs 1' 'P 4,, 1 Qs -Qu 'vs 1 ,K Y- 4V"U" Q' --n fa M fi 1- ., f , 4.- V - : 1- -. WL E. C7 Row one: Beier, Benedeck, Brinirheus, A. Brown Row iwoz D. Brown, Bruclrman, Bryans, Carsfarplaen, Charles, Crane Row lhree: Cressman, Crosby, Easflalre, Grigen, Harringfon, Hart? Row four: Henry, Hicks, Hoskins, Linder, Mayer, Macariney Row five: Messenger, Miller, Mullare, Musick, Myers, Nellis Row six: Nefherfon, Paradise, Qualls, Reynolds, Rhoads, Robinson Row seven: Rose, Ryan, Schoene, Turpin, Turile, Vessey Row eighf: Weld, While, Williams, Winclxeil, Yeamans, Young .i- 52 ..-5 QV I' . 4 Q -9' :- Y.- qx 5- Q- ICT LPH PI The dislinclion of beniglhe oldesl' Jewish sororily in 'l'he Uniled S'l'a'l'es is held by lola Alpha Pi. The firsl chapier was founded al Hunfer college in New Yorlc March I, l903. Epsilon chapler was insfalled on lhis campus in l927 fhus making if fhe younger Jewish sororify here. Par+icipa+ion in various acfivifies of The school is one of lhe main inferesfs of 'l'he members of lo+a Alpha Pi. The sororify colors are red and blaclc. The 'Flower is lhe red rose. Qkllfpf SAUQ E 9 S S Q 2 7 .i 51 S if 'li' 'perl ,s's?ffA wif. G53 T ' 2 'Efg, Wwf. ,. .5 sms fri' ,, .-ww" I T 'QM l -as? . ' -in' - ' A 0 V , f 'sf K l Z, f 1 f ,I I .1 2' C J .ffl bl W 1. ALPV OFFICERS Presidem' ........,......,........ Rulh Ba rmaiz Vice presidem' .,.... Audrey Rosenslein Secrerary ..........,....,,... Shirley Gordon Treasurer ....,... .,,.. ..,. l-l a rriei Milslein MEMBERS Class of l94l Barmalz. Rulh Brenhard, Shirley Saferslein, Geraldine Class of I942 Axler, Marsha Gordon, Shirley Milsiein, Harrier Rosenstein, Audrey Class of I943 Berlcens, Pauline Folsom, Shirley Perlmufler, Rulh Schreiber, Evelyn Solilen. Ruby Suclalcoff, Pauline J , , .w -'A ra fUS L 'fr' r s N, .,,, Z It Row Row Row Row Row one: Axler, Barmafz fwo: Berkens, Folsom fhree: PerlmuH'er, Rosens+ein four: Safersfein, Schreiber five: Soffen, Sudakoff MEMBERS 1 ' - PP ELT Chi chapfer of Kappa Delia has among i'rs members fhe edifor and assis'I'an+ edifor of 'Phe Kyne- wisbolc, edi+or of 'The Siudeni' Direcfory, Treasurer of AWS, presidenfs of Menfors and Coed Journal- is+s', vice presidenfs of bolh sophomore classes and secrefaries of +he senior class and bofh freshman classes. The nafional organizafion was -founded ai Virginia S+a'l'e normal, Farmville, Va., on Od. 23, I897, and esfablished here on May 8, I9l4. The sororify colors are green and whi+e. K A lll"ll. ,' , , I OFFICERS Presidenr .,..,,.....,........ Charlo'r're Mohr Vice presidenl .,,,.,..,..,.. Rila Thompson Secrerary .,....,,,.,.,,.... Belly McCarlhy Treasurer ,.,,.,,,.,..,. Clara Wollenweber Class of l940 Buiz, Mary Lou Cline, Gwendolyn ColleH', Rosemary Durell, Belle England. Dorolhy Mohr, Charlofie Morrison, Frances Nelson, Pauline Peferson, Muriel Rhoads. Mary Shea, Frances Thompson, Rifa Van Hall, Rachel Wollenweber, Clara Class of l94l Avis, Emeline Comsioclc, Yvonne Eas+erwood. Anne Gould, Doris Haalc, Lillian Nlccarlhy, Belly Rollings, Virginia Smifh. Barbara Sweeney. Mary Alyce Wilson, Avis Class of 1942 Balenf, Ann Berg, Dorofhy Bixby, Josephine Cizelc, Jeaneile Diegel, Delphine Ealner, Helen Edwards, Shirley Anne Erickson, Carolyn Evans, Dorofhy Gregory, Virginia Hudman, Helen Jackson, Beverly King, Pairice Kline, Jeanelie Lewis, Mary Lininger, Barbara Manna, Marguerile McKelvey, Berry Murray, Augusfa Ringsied, Kafhryn Sweeney, Kalherine Taylor, Helen Truehearl, Eddie Jo Wesf, Kalherine Class of I943 Barngrover, Ellowene Beacham, Helen Berggren, Phyllis Cole, Dorolhy Ann Collins, Virginia Coolc, Carolyn Gibson, June Goodpasiure, Nancy Haynes, Ddrofhy Heggem, Dorolhy James, BeH'y Lou Long, Eihel McElin, Helen Nelson, Lois Robinson, Berry Slcoog, Muriel S+olcer, Margaref Slromberg, Adele Truog, Dorofhy Wylcerf, Shirley 'dlfi 3 14 ,, s' -0 is " 'R cz. 'En ' L1 ! lv- ""' ui! . " za fn in rv. ' rvm 'D 16.95 'C' R :dw 'B '15 iw Q9 L., -Q! f'4',' B v-505 Erl ' 'V h A ,, , sg, A A 5- f 5- B Z' l ' V ' fox W- ,, 1' 15 wb, 1 . 5. l'l 0, . I B' ,X W ' 712: B ' Q ' l Y' 'll' - 14- In Row one: Avis, Balenf, Barngrover, Beecham, Berg, Berggren, Bixby Row five: Haynes, Heggem, Hudman, Jackson, James, King, Lininger Row fwo: Buh, Cizelc, Cline, Cole, Collelf, Collins, Comsfocl: Row six: Long, Mccarfhy, McElin, McKelvey, Mohr, Morrison, Murray Row ihree: Cook, Diegel, Durell, Ealner, Easferwood, Eclwards, England Row seven: L. Nelson, P. Nelson, Peferson, Ringsled, Rhoads, Robinson, Rollings Row four: Erickson, Evans, Gibson, Goodpaslure, Gould, Gregory, Haak Row eighf: Shea, Slzoog, Smifh, Sfolcer, Sfromberg, K. Sweeney, M. Sweeney Row nine: Taylor, Thompson, Truehearf, Van Hall, Wesf, Wilson, Wollenweber, Wylxerf MEMBERS PHI ITHETA Through a union of Phi Theia Kappa, eslablished here in June, l9l8, and Phi Kappa Epsilon, professional sororilies, Phi Chi Thela was 'founded al' a convenlion in Chicago on March 6, l924. Among lhe members of 'lhis social-professional sororily are lis'l'ed lhe presidenl' and vice presidenl' of AWS, Menfor presidenl' and lhe secrelaries of 'lhe Commerce commission and lhe senior and iunior classes. The colors of Phi Chi Thefa are lavender and gold and lhe flower of 'l'his group is lhe iris. T 7 4 xx 5 2549 OFFICERS Presidenr ......,,,.,.., Mildred Mcliibben Vice presidenl .........,.... Lois Livingslon Secreiary ..........., Geraldine Domenico Treasurer ....,............... Beafrice Horner Class of I94O Domenico, Geraldine Hoclcenberry, Arlene Hoffman, Mable l-lorne, Thelma Livingsion, Lois Wilmer, Virginia Class of l94l Covillo, Eileen Davenpori, Isabelle Epperson, June Gilberf, Emmoreffe l-lorner, Bealrice McDnnal,E1hoI Onsloli, Esfher Dempsler, Maxine Dinlrmeyer, Doris Dix. Dorofhy Fredian, Laverne Giles, Bealrice Hanson, Lillian Class of l94-2 Householder, Mae Krier, Joanne Lamberion, Be'Hy Leicher, Frances Lelh, l-larrieii' Mcliibben, Mildred Phillips, Pairicia Slife, Rulh Thompson, Marylyn Vallero, Marie Villano, Beriha Wardell, Josephine Class of I943 Anihony. Shirley Bramer, Mary Davoren, Joan Fleicher, Phyllis Gibson, June Graham, Marcia l-lusloand, Margarei E uv 'E' fbe 'Z' as LIVE 5 E' .29 Row one: Anihony, Bremer, Covillo, Davenpori Row fwo: Davoren, Dempsfer, Domenico, Epperson Row fhreez Fleicher, Fredian, Gibson, Giles Row four: Hoclcenberry, Hoffman, Horner, Householder Row five: Krier, Lefh, McDanal, McKibben, Onsiofi Row six: Slife, Vallero, Villano, Wardell, Wi'rmer PHI Gamma chapfer of Phi Gamma Nu, nafional professional sororify, was esfablished here in l928 and was founded af Norfhwesfern universify on Feb. l7, I924. The group boasfs of having among ifs members fhe vice presidenfs of Commerce commission and junior and freshman classes, secrefaries of AWS and fhe senior and sophomore classes. ln addifion fo regular weelcly meefings, a professional meefing is held each quarfer. The sororify colors are cardinal red and gold and fhe flower is 'rhe red rose. Class of l940 Dormer, Naomi Garihan, Jean Goshen, Vera Mae Morrison, Frances Smilh, Rachel Sfoll, Virginia Class of l94l Bradley, Palricia Dean, Eileen l-larris, Theda Jobush, Rufh McConafy, Beffy Peffif, Eileen Roediger, Margaref 04 WSWQWQ was --. 5. 'll l nl m u r l r v"o, ll li l l n r l lllll W 5 OFFICERS Presidenf ....,................,. .Jean Garihan Vice presidenf ,..,..,,..,.,, Erma Weimer Secrefary ............ Gladys Wesferkamp Treasurer ,....,..,.,..i.,.,,4,.,,s, Rufh Jobugh MEMBERS Rylander, Dorofhy Sfephens, Marjorie Weimer, Erma Wesferlcamp. Gladys Class of l942 Buchanan, Phyllis Caroihers, Rufh Coolc, Befiy Erickson, Carolyn Garihan, Nan Galheridge, Florence l-lelpinsfine, Rufh l-lullinger, Mary Ellen Johnson, Paffy Johnsfon. Gladys McCrone. Margaref Murnan, Maxine Needham, Lorean O'Kane, Befsy Rose, Anne Ryan, Theresa Seelinger, Anna Lou Vincenf, Peggy Class of I943 Bishop. Kay Griffin, Anna Marie Hubbard, Shirley Kellarn, Befh Kilfoy, Belly Newcomb, Eleanor Waffs, Beffy Ann A-L In-V, If, 'vc K W 5' W 6- JS Ei' fm Row Row Row Row Row Row Having 1'he disfinciion of being 'rhe oldesf naiionally as well as fhe oldesl' sororiiy here, Pi Be'I'a Phi was founded on April 28, l867, a'r Monmouih college in Illinois. Colorado Bela was insfalled here in l885. The wearers of 'l'he arrow now boasf of a new sororify house complefed in February. Among 'lhe members of Pi Bela Phi are found 'ihe presidenl' and secrelary of AWS, Friday chapel chairman and i'he presidenfs of Parakeeis, Alpha Sigma Chi and lsofopes. Class of I94O Burlrari, Norma Crabiree Yvonne DeWiH, Flora Belle Kaps, Eleanor Dee Kern, Beverly Lee, Mariha-Ann McMillen, Shirley Morgan, Elizabeih Nevans, Virginia Owen, Rena Beih Ryall, Elaine ggi cis, rf mf ii ir 549' fi Wi? Q 75 1 'Q QS '15 M '29 W I hir yi ' S' W -W 'WFS "fx fri' ri ,xx I Q Q fm Q Q i Q .', HS L9 5 m M OFFICERS Presideni' ,,.,.,,.,,,,..,... Elizabeih Morgan Vice presideni' ....,... Eleanor Dee Kaps Recording secrelary ,..,.. Louise Simon Corresponding secreiary ...,,........,.. ,,,A,.,.,,Peggy Wililey Treasurer ....,,, ,..... Y vonne Crabiree MEMBERS Simon, Louise MCNUH, Beiiy Ann Barreil, Barbara Thibodeau, Belly Ray Morgan, Nancy Bell, Harryef UI'1d6l'WOOCi, Evelyn Nelson, Bender' Cafherine Wililey, Peggy Nicholas, Evelyn Ca,-Ofheml Ruff, Class of I94l R0ed'9'f'- Mffrqarel Carpenfer, Edna May Bailey, Mildred gggiiladvggspllaay grayengane Bu II, Bell Jo ' - an 5- em Fu:lc, Franzes Sialmann' Marcia Jane Dix, Doroihy Held, Marian Class of '942 l-liesier. Eileen Hickey, Frances Acre, Lois King, Mary Grace Howard, Rose Bailey, Marian Kinfzele, Marlha Marrioii, Kafherine Ball, Marion McCammon, Marcia McLagan, Charloiie Roberis, Mary Rolfes, Lorraine Rose, Anne Sheridan, Dorcas Sfaniield, Mary Lou Class of I943 Eaion, Pairicia Ensign, Eunice Gifford, Jeanne Johnson, Mariorie Knorr. Jean Lockwood, Marqarei Pafch. Georgie Belle Bainier, Daphne Jean Reddingfon, Lillian Black, Ruih Braun, Evelyn Jane Carler, Beverly Dunlrlee, Pairicia Roberis, Esiher Smiih, Louise Von Chermendy, Clarice ,annum-Y 1-'um QS' Q-'S fx l T 9 ' gs. 'Se 5 . .ak -X , 6?- Q5 'ZF' G fb .L 2 T1 Y 5- X av vu an rs. , .1., I l R , Z' if v' 'C' av F- Q rw 105' I 1 -if ' E' u-ff . -1. , yr- W 'JB - fi- -ev '97 rw- "" QQ. CT" W1 fix Q L- 2' W Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 16. GH aa ', Q Y 1' -. lg one: Acre, Bailey, Bain+er, Ball, BarreH', Bender fwo: Black, Burkari, Carpen+er, Carfer, Craven, DeWiH' ihree: Dunlnlee, Eaion, Ensign, Funk, Gilliard, Held four: Hickey, Hiesier, Howard, Johnson, Kaps, Kern, King five: Lee, Lockwood, McCammon, McMillan, McNuH, E. Morgan, N. Morgan six: Nelson, Nevans, Nicholas, Owen, Peich, Redclingfon, Roediger seven: Roberis, Rolfes, Rose, Ryall, Shepherd, Sheridan, Simon eighf: Smifh, Sfalmann, Sfanfield, Thibodeau, Underwood, Von Chermendy, Wilfley I P lola chapler of Sigma Kappa made ils appearance here in I908. The group was founded nalionally in I874 al Colby College for Women in Maine. Sigma Kappa lisls among ils members lhe presidenl and vice presidenl ol Morlar Board and lhe vice presidenls of Panhellenic and bolh iunior classes The social chairman ol Shuler-Templin club is also a member ol lola chapler. Sigma Kappa inleresls run lo alhlelics, drama and music. The colors of lhis group are lavender and maroon. Class ol l940 Class ol' l94l Biggerslall, Winifred Aclrerly, Maran Brown. Belly u Belhge, Norma Lee gofgef- Nags' I H Brown, Marlha O swan' ar O e l-lobson, Gwendolyn Hulcllms' Carl-Qll l-lulchins, l-larriel Mallern Caroline Reid' Alice Knauer, Mildred Simmons, Dorolhea MCD'3nal' Elllel Williamson' Peggy Monlgomery, Dorolhy Willing, Doris Niedrach, Elizabelh wlllllllig K- if dv ls e ' Q NX, f X X ' . U 4 ' OFFICERS Presidenl .,..,.,,.... C Vice presidenl ....... harlolle Godsman ,,,,,...,,,.,Belly Syler Recording secrela ry ..............,......,.. Dorolhea Simmons Corresponding secrelary .,,.,........... Marlha Brown Treasurer. .............,,.. Carolyn Mallern MEMBERS Slephens, Mariorie Syler, Belly Wilson, Ellen Class ol I942 Alders, Jane Lee Baslord, Jeanne Berg, Elinor Corlrle, Margarel Covey, Belly Jean Crane, Margarel Domer, Eslher Jane Pilzgerald, Mary Jane Flelcher, Charlolle France, Margarel l-lalloclc, Mary Haney, Elaine Lininger. Marcia Nelson, Gwendolyn Paul, Belly Schaelzel, Jacqueline Scoll, Marion Sipe. Bernie Tail, Jane Willing. Barbara Class ol i943 Binlcley, Belly Bixby, Lorraine Brown, Belle Cooper, Nedra Grandiean, l-lorlensc, Knauer, Virginia Lehl, Shirlee Oliver, Virginia Riddell, Joan Reilly, Lorella Rolles, Jeanne Smilh, Maxine Thompson, Virginia Woodman, Rilo 57 9' SQA 4 S25 rl' Y V' li. C 1 'fp flea H5 .ewes- 'FS UU'-v ps. 'UBS- 5- ,as a- fur- july. 94K '5- ,6- 'T 17 'ha '99 'Z' yu. Q' f te Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row T' YT? In fb' 'Vx if w ' -go ' 'il one: Aclnerly, Alders, Basforcl, Berg, Belhge, Biggerslall lwo: Binlcley, Belly Brown, Belle Brown, M. Brown, Covey, Crane lhree: E. Domer, N. Domer, Filzgeralcl, France, Godsman, Grancliean four: Halloclr, Haney, Hobson, C. Hulchins, H. Hulchins, M. Knauer live: V. Knauer, Lininger, Mallern, McDanal, Monlgomery, Nelson six: Nieclraclw, Oliver, Paul, Reid, Reilly, Riddell, Rolfes seven: Schaelzel, Scoll, Simmons, Sipe, Smilh, Slephens, Syler eighl: Tail, Thompson, Williamson, Wilson, B. Willing, D. Willing, Woodman is .53 5. 5' ,Lai THET PHI LPH Silver, blue and gold and fhe whife rose are fhe colors and flower fhaf signify Thefa Phi Alpha. lfs membership is made up of pracfical Cafholic women who seel: a means of organizafion. The nafional sororify was founded in I9I2 al' fhe Universify of Michigan. Omicron chapfer wasyesfablished on fhis campus in l926 affer exisfing as a local for fwo years. The presidenf of Philosophical academy and fhe freasurers of Panhellenic council, Paralceefs and Pi Gamma Mu are in 'lhis group. Class of l940 Spallone, Dorofhea Woodman, Mary 'R , . wr , , i s 1 U79 OFFICERS Presidenf A... .... M ary Virginia Wolberi Vice presidenl' ........ Dorofhea Spallone Secrefary ..,,..,.,.,,,... Elsie Jane Lorenz Treasurer ,,.,,,,,,,....,,,....... Lucille Marsh MEMBERS Class of I94I Class of I94-2 Murphy, Mary Aileen Class of I943 McMahon, lrene ' M'II , P ' ' Wolberl. Mary Johnson, Emily Srmlh' Kalhleen Demmer, Joan Mgrzldfigglamary Virginia Lorenz, Elsie Jane Loepfien, Juanifa Smifh, Mary Frances Row Row Row Row Row THET UP ILO ' Known as fhe youngesi' social sororify on The Universify of Denver campus, Zeia Alpha chapfer of Thefa Upsilon was charfered here in Sepfember, I933. The sororify was founded on Jan. 2l, I9l4 ai' fhe Universiiy of California, Berkeley, Calif. The members of Thefa Upsilon aciively pariicipaie in such organizaiions as Psi Chi, Philosophical Academy, lo'l'a Sigma Pi, Alpha Sigma Chi and Panhellenic chorus. The sororify colors are 1'he rainbow iinis, and +he 'Flower is +he iris. Class of l94O Drew. Mona Goodrich, Dorofhy Odell, Shirley , 6- OFFICERS Presideni .,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, Shirley Odell Vice presidenl ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,., Mona Drew SGCre'fary ......,.....,,.,,... Marie Peiersen TVGGSUVGT ........,... Vera Rulh Slevenson MEMBERS Class of I94-I Pefersen, Marie Sfevenson, Vera Ruih -sqm Row one: C. Drew, M. Drew, Goodrich Row 'rwoz Odell, Pefersen, Spihmiller, Sfevenson Class of I942 Cope, Rufh Drew, Corinne Spifzmiller, Barbara Yancy. Joan 'S' -fan, 'xi " 1:9 ,r We .Z gl- f7"HKi" " , - 4-----T--- A - ,Q , . , I l wlllfe, ' r '-flUNl0P.'SENlQR , I- -,',f ?fihw9R0Mi V ghfglf i ll , f- .L mt. 1, .7 ne va, 1- -r , 1 v, Qi 555 ' 'Wi' My f fifflfmlrsf' lf g, : V EJ' 5 I' sv e Y?" ' if-rg, 'fb i 3 . 1 Jaw, 1 'fjjl he , fl n X Et f i: Y -:gl , .Q H - , , , -... p-.f'..,g. , l 5' ,W t , V . 8 ,sawn , , . .4 1. perk, , 1 l l . e- ll r Shirley McMillen ancl Ralph McNair gel chummy over lea. KD can be proud of Helen Taylor. Cancliclales for lhe D club queen pose well. Flossie seems a lifile wary. Jo Bixby and Doffle Haynes of commerce loll. Rilo is charming in lhe swealer. Pi Phi's enferlain fhe frafernilies al' Bela house. Parakeels help lhemselves. These Pioneers help fo malie 'lhe prom a success. Marlha Brown and Ellen Wilson play games Usual picfure of lhe I0 o'clock resl periocl. Sfudenis pour from Olcl Main .,, T x ,M 312333 '-1 Q12- is 555133 as .,- I.-'n .. -" ., , ",-'U'-' .-.',.' N .9 L"' i .f 1 Lf . .+- ., .1 , ,,..- ' rf. 1.., -Affv. , , . -v ,'.,. '- A ,,f:. 1 ,, . f' ' 4 .,. .- . ., ,x " - ' " . ,-L ' A' A ., I . John Ames Oscar Armsfrong William Ballard Elwood Bolsl'er Roberl' Buell Charles Byrne Jack Delriclc George Dunklee Andrew Gainey William Hinch Charles Huskinson Lewis Kornfeld Arihur Lewis John Love Harold McCormick Edward McWilliams Roberf McWilliams Roberl' Mead James Needham Por'I'er Nelson Fred Powers Durey Ranclc Herrick Ro+h John Turl'le Dean C. W. Collins Prof. B. E. Cohn C. Lewis Herzog Dean J. E. Lawson Dean R. H. WolcoH' William F. Wyman OMICR DELTF KAPPA XV- '--f F . -Ya f l- Xb F F X4 J X-..f wa OFFICERS Presidenl' ........,................. Fred Powers Vice presidenl ............ George Dunlclee Secrelary ............,......... Dr. B. E. Cohn Treasurer ......,............. Charles l-lerzog Junior and senior men wiih an all school average and who are ouislanding in college life are eligible for membership info Omicron Della Kappa. This nalional men's academic lralernily was founded al Washinglon and Lee universily on Dec. 3, l9l4, and eslablished here in I934. Ornicron Delia Kappa recog- nizes eminence in five phases of campus liie: scholarship, alhlefics, social and religious ac- livilies, publicalions, forensic, dramalic, mu- sical and olher cullural acliviiies. MORTKR BORRD f " I riff? S ,gy s fo. I I I l l I OFFICERS Presidem' ...............A..,..... Doris Willing Vice presidenl' .... Winilred Biggersraff Secreiary ...A...,,.....,.A... Dorolhy Lalson Treasurer ........,,,,..,.A...,. Mary I-Iarlman Senior women wirh a scholaslic average .3 poinls above The all school average and who have displayed gualilies of leadership and service Io 'rhe universily are eligible 'lor mem- bership inlo Morlar Board. A+ Syracuse, N. Y. in I9 I 8 The nalional organizalion was founded. Kedros chapler was inslalled here on Jan. 23. I937. Throughoul Ihe year Jrhis group sponsors a Iransler sludenl parly, Ihealer benefit Chrislmas lea, "Women in World Affairs" and parliamenfary law Ieclure series. Winifred Biggers+aff Isabelle Davenpori' Florence Duboff Shirley GarIeH Lenore Geller CharIoH'e Ginsburg CharloH'e Godsman Doris Gould Mariorie Hamman Mary Harfman Gwendolyn Hobson Rose Howard DoroI'hy La'I'son Marfha-Ann Lee Shirley McMiIIen Georgene Michael EIizabe'Ih Morgan Nancy Morgan Elizabefh Niedrach DoroI'hy Robinson Shirley Shepherd Virginia Snider BeH'y Syler Ellen Wilson Virginia Wifmer Doris Wi'Hing Annabelle Wur+z , 1. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row one: Allen, Baleni, Barra, Bruclnman, Bullen 'lwoz Carlson, Comslocl, Cox, Crass, Davenporf lhree: Dexler, Domer, Fisk, Fredian, Garleff four: Geller, Gow, Hammerich, Harlman, Henfschel five: Horner, Householder, Howard, Johnson six: Knighf, Lee, Longhari, Lovalo seven: Love, Meihless, Murnan, Murphy eighl: Noble, Rhudy, Robinson, Sager nine: Schoggen, Seelinger, Smilh, Snider len: Vallero, Vessey, Wilmer, Wolberf ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Della is a nalional honor sociely for freshman and sophomore college women. The lirsl' chapler was inslalled al lhe Universily of lllinois in l924 and The Universily of Denver was accepled 'For membership in May, l935. Any freshman woman sludenl hav- ing a grade average of 2.5 lo 3 lor her lirsl six courses is eligible lor membership. Alpha Lambda Della members serve as assislanls lo Morlar Board and lo lvlenlors in helping new sludenls become acquainled wilh lhe univer- sily. OFFICERS Presidenf ,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,...., Ruby l-lenrschel Vice presidenl ..,... Kalhleen Bruclcman Vice presidenl al Commerce .......... Lou Seelinger Secrelary ........ .,,.,, D orolhy l-larler Treasurer ....A. ...........Ann Balenl MEMBERS Class of I940 Cress. Lois Domer, Naomi Garlell, Shirley Geller, Lenore l-larlman, Mary Bullen, Marguerile Comsloclr, Yvonne Cox, Cecil Davenporl, Isabelle Fislc, Lucie Allen, Marion Balenl, Ann Barra, Minnie Bell, Harryel Berlre, Avis Bruclcman. Kalhleen Carlson, Signe Cherringlon, Fern Dexler, Helen Fredian, Laverne Gow, Berry l-lammerich. Kalhlee l-larler, Doroihy l-lenlschel, Ruby l-lillyard, Eileen Householder, Mae fl Knighl, Eleanor Lee, Mariha-Ann Rhudy, Viva Snider, Virginia Wilmer, Virginia Class of I94l l-lorner, Beairice Murphy, Mary Robinson, Dorolhy Vessey, Vera Wolberl, Mary Virginia Class of I942 Howard, Rose Johnson, Palricia Longharl, Margarel Lovafo, Lena Love, Elizabelh Malhless, Norma Murnan, Maxine Noble, Bealrice Rulowslci, Geraldine Sager, Elhel Schoggen, Rosalyn Seelinger. Anna Lou Shaflran, Marie Smilh, Mariorie Tifley, Gladys Vallero. Marie ALPHA NU BeTa chapTer of Alpha Nu, naTional asTro- nomical organizaTion, was Tounded here on May 25, l929. NaTional Tounding Toolc place aT Colorado universiTy on OCT. 4, I928. To be- come a member of Alpha Nu, a sTudenT musT have compleTed one course in asTronomy and pass The enTrance examinaTion. Alpha Nu spon- sors open houses aT Chamberlin observaTory so Thar The sTudenT body mighT sTudy The sTars. BoTh The presidenT and secreTary of The naTional organizaTion are presenT members oT BeTa chapTer. OFFICERS Pregidenf ,,,A,,,.,.,,,,,.,.,, WalTer PeTerson Vice presidenT ,,.... ,.MargueriTe Rishel SeCreTary ',,,,,,,,.,,.,,.,, lvlargareT Corlcle Corresponding secreTary ..,..,.......... Adelaide Baldwin Treasurer .....,. ........William JeTFs MEMBERS Class of i940 Miller, Troy OnsTad, Shirley PeTerson, WalTer Rishel, MargueriTe Class of I94I Newman, Margarei' Schuman, RoberT TrouT, Owen Cormaclc, William Lee, Clara BeTh Lewis, ArThur McCormick, Harold Andersen, ArleTTa Baldwin, Adelaide Fisk, Lucie MonTgomery, DoroThv Class of l942 Hoplcins, Virginia JeTfs, William Johnson. Warren Lavely, Maxine Shaffer. Ednarnae Gilbert Ralph WhiTmoyer, Marcella Class of I943 l-lunT, Mariorie Allen, Marion Benson, Mariorie Corkle, Margaref Dickinson, David EasTerwood, Anne Anderson, June FleTcher, RuTh 15'- TY' .lx CV' k Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row one: Allen, Andersen, Baldwin Benson Two: Cormack, EasTerwood, Fisk Hopluns Three: Hunf, Lavely, Lee four: Lewis, McCormick five: Miller Monigomery six: Neman, Onsfad seven: Peferson, Rishel eighh Schuman, Shaffer 'S' Row one: Ackerly, Acre, BarreH, Brown Row fwo: Dexier, Domenico, Gow Row ihreec Hammerich, Harfman Row four: Howard, Kaloffa Row five: Kern. King Row six: Lee, Longharf Row seven: McCar+hy, Sfevenson Row eighf: Vessey, Woods ALPHA SIGMA CHI Women siudenls on This campus who have mainlained an "A" average lhrough four courses in chemisiry are admiiied io member- ship in Alpha Sigma Chi. Olher girls who have compleied These courses ma 'false an enlrance examinarion which, if passe , permils 'rhem io become members. This group, which was founded in I924. holds semi-monihly luncheon meerings and sponsors an annual luncheon and iheaier parly. A+ honors convocaiion, This group gives an award io 'rhe girl wilh The high- esr average in quanliralive analysis. OFFICERS Presidenl ,......,,............,,,,. Beverly Kern Vice presideni ....A,..,,.,.,,, Rose Howard Secrefary .,........... ....... V era Vessey Treasurer ........... .s... M aran Ackerly MEMBERS l-lariman, Mary Kern, Beverly Aclcerly, Maran Acre, Lois Brown, Anila Domenico, Aclalaine Barrefi, Barbara Berlce, Avis Dexfer, Helen Gow, Belly Hammerich. Kafhleen l-lock, Anne Smiih, Dorofhy Class of I940 Lee, Marrha-Ann Seacaif, Jane Class of I94I Howard, Rose McCarihy, Belly Slevenson, Vera Rulh Vessey, Vera Class of i942 Kaloffa, Shirley King, Pafrice Longharf, Margarel Thompson, Daisy Graduafes Woods, Lillian AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS The American lnslilule of Eleclrical Engi- neers, a nalional organizalion, founded ils Denver branch on March 8, l923. Monlhly meelings are usually addressed by a speaker on some phase of eleclrical engineering. Each year nalional headguarlers allols S25 Io The Denver branch Io be used Toward Ihe purchase ol some piece of Science hall equipmenl. A sludenl enrolled in eleclrical engineering and working Ioward a major in lhal field is eligible for membership in lhis group. Presidenl .,.......,..,..,,,,,,,,, Roberr Boyles Vice presiclenl' ,,,,,..,,.,,..,. Frank Verzuh Secrelary-Treasurer ,,.,.. Glen Anlhony MEMBERS Anlhony, Glen Boyles, Roberl' I'-linch, William Larson, Lee Maddox, I-lerberl Powers, Fred Gusfafson, Russell Siegal, Arlhur Smilh, John Suskin, Howard Burz, Charles Claylon, Wendell Enarson, Joseph Class of 1940 as , Schwalb, William Slarkenberg, Carl Turner, Howard Verzuh, Frank Wakabayashi, Fred Class of I94I Troul, Owen Uplon, Ernesl Wallhers, Earle Winchesler, Norman 942 Johnson, I-Iarolcl Nilla, Roy Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row one: AnI'I1ony, Boyles BuI'z Clayion Iwo: Hinch, Larson ihree: Maddox, NiHa four: Powers, Schwalb five: Siegal, Siarkenberg six: Suskin, Turner seven: Upfon, Verzuh eighh Wakebayashi BETA GAMMA SIGMA Bela Gamma Sigma is lhe only nalional honorary scholaslic 'lralernily recognized by lhe American Associalion ol Collegiale Schools ol Business. Alpha chapler was eslab- lished al The School ol Commerce in l926. Nalionally il was founded al lhe Universily ol Wisconsin in l9l3. Members are chosen from The upper 270 ol lhe iunior class and The upper IOM., of The senior class. Annually lhis group presenls an award lo The sludenl who has done oulslanding work during his freshman year. OFFICERS Presidenl .......,....,.......,. William Morey Vice presidc-:nl .,........,. Roberl Wesley Secrelary .................. Virginia Wilmer Treasurer ................ Prof. F. C. Onsloll MEMBERS Class ol 1940 A Cook, Warren Smilh, Rachel Duke. R- Cooper Wesley, Roberl MOVSY. William Wilmer, Virginia Perry, Edward ' Law HIQSOY1. Charles Moseley, James Class of i940 COED JOURNALISTS To slimulale and encourage iournalism among women sludenls of lhis universily, Coed Journalisls was founded here during lhe spring quarler of l933. To be eligible for mem- bership a girl musl have worked lhree guarlers on any universily publicalion and have a high "C" average. Al honors convocalion a cup is presenled Jrhe senior club member who has been mosl oulslanding in iournalislic acliviiies. During lall guarler lhis organizalion enlerlains women inleresled in journalism al a rush lea. OFFICERS Presidenl .........,.s...,,.. ,..... D oris Gould Vice presidenl .......... Dorolhy England Secrelary ,..................... Mary Murphy Treasurer ,...,.. .s,..... R ulh Belly Mann Edilor.. ,.., ..,.,, R osemary Colleil MEMBERS Benion, Marqarel Bulz, Mary Lou Collell, Rosemary Durell, Beile England, Dcrolhy Garlell, Shirley Geller, Lenore Johnson, Wanda Avis, Emeline Axler, Marshe Brenharcl, Shirley Gould, Doris Lawson, Irene McCarlhy, Belly Allen, Marion Balenl, Ann Ball, Marion Bernslein, Phyllis Bixby. Josephine Bruclcman, Kalhleen Corlxle, Marqarei Diegel, Delphine Gregory, Virginia l-laglund, Frances l-lalloclc, Mary Mann, Rulh Belly Mohr, Charlolle Nelson, Pauline Rhoads, Mary Elizabelh Schnaclcenberg, Re-ila Thompson, Rila Van Hall, Rachel Class ol l94l Mullare, Elizabelh Murphy, Mary Robinson, Dorolhy Ryan, Mary D. Shepherd, Shirley Class ol I94-2 l'-leller. Mosa Jackson, Beverly Kline, Jeanelle Levine, Dorolhy Lewis, Mary Lininger, Barbara Malhless, Norma Murray, Augusla Paul, Berry Taylor, Helen :S 'es' 'lt- . S ' '1 i i --2 G- J 1'- on he l ,,, one: Allen, Avis, Axler, Balenl, Ball Two: Benfon, Bernslein, Bixby, Brucltman, Bull fhreez Collell Die el Durell En land I g ' I g four: Garlell, Geller, Goulcl, Gregory five: Halloclr, Heller, Jackson, Johnson six: Lawson, Levine, Lininger, Mann seven: Malhless, McCarlhy, Mohr, Mullare eighfz Murphy, Murray, Nelson, Paul nine: Rhoads, Robinson, Ryan, Schnackenluerg len: Shepherd, Thompson, Taylor, Van Hall COLGRZXDC SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS The UniversiTy oT Denver branch oT The Colorado SocieTy oT Engineers was esTablished in I934. This organizaTion serves To encourage Technical, educaTional and eThical advance- menT among iTs sTudenT members, and To main- Tain conTacT wiTh The members oT C.S.E. proper. The group Talces an acTive parT in maT- Ters oTf sTudenT policy and TeaTures educa- Tional and social acTiviTies. A sTaTe wide em- ploymenT agency is mainTained by The socieTy To aid graduaTes in obTaining posiTions. OFFTCERS PresiclenT ..c,...,,......... Robe-rT ShowalTer Vice presidenjr ............ Leonard Sibley SecreTary-Treasurer ....,, ,,c. D iclc Huber MEMBERS Class of 1940 Duncan, Douglas Ellsworih, Arfhur Hinch, William Huber, Dick Phillips, Jack Schwarz, RoberT Powers, Edwin Sias, Charles Sibley, .Leonard ShowalTer, RoberT Symonds, Fred Symons, Lesfer Turner, Howard DELTA CHI The local men's chemical lralernily, Della Chi, was founded here in l904. Membership in lhis organizalion is loased on cornpelrilrive examinalion on The lundamenlals and prin- ciples ol chemislry. The purpose of Della Chi is +o promole a spirir ol fellowship and inleresl among men sludying chemislry. This organiza- Jrion gives The Melzer award lo lhe graduale or under-graduale who malces lhe mosl prog- ress in chemical research al 'rhe universily. Each spring lhis group sponsors a slealc fry. OFFICERS Presidenl .,.,, . , Vice presidents ,, ..l-larry Saxron Secrelrary s,,....., ,,o.,c,, R oberr Schuman ..,,,,.., George Slein Treasurer, .,,,, ,,.,,. ,... . .Gus Francis Social chairman.. .,.. Lesrer Larson MEMBERS Class of I940 Arfhur, Fosler Blake, Wallace Duslon, Duane Ellsworfh, Arlhur Huber, Richard King, Roberr Lucas, Joseph Pierce, Joseph Powers, Fred Anderson, Leonard Cuylrendall, James Delriclu, Jaclc Francis, Gus Larson, Lesler Loup, Bruce Agnew, Harold Cibullca, Alberf Davis, Keilh Driscoll, William Goldblaff, Samuel Howe, Roberl Schwalb, William Showalfer, Roberl Sias, Charles Sibley, Leonard Sfein, George Sfewarf, Roberf Symonds, Fred Syrnons, Lesler Tannenbaum, Philip Class of I94I Norlancler, William Richardson, Allan Rodgers, James Saxlon, l-larry Schuman, Roloerl Upfon, Ernesi' Class of 1942 Peng, Harry Savory, Leonard Schwarfz, Cecil Simon, Ralph Tymczyszyn, Joseph Whilacre, Homer McReynolds, Donald Class of i943 Coyle, Charles Vandersarl, Edward C' X "1 ' -:' A, ' l 4 I I. 4' . . "Q-1 ' 'i in ' 'lfgf 'z rsh is i 3 W l is , a-Gr! l ' i. , 'f rr l 'G' - 1 fe, I Jiilgl " i ,. 1- l I L' 1' I lfii , iz x 1 V' 5. , ' lf ,Q " '- 1 ' ,i , iii' . ' sr? lm? ,, ' ' . , if ' E K ,i w are .6 -qlpxx LV, S 1 -T f Row one: Agnew, Anderson, Arfhur, Blake, Davis Row fwoz Defriclr, Driscoll, Ellsworfh, Francis Row fhree: Goldblaff, Howe, Huber, King Row four: Norlander, Pierce, Powers, Richardson Row five: Rodgers, Savory, Saxfon, Schuman Row six: Schwalls, Showalier, Sias, Sibley Row seven: Sfein, Slewarf Row eighf: Symonds, Syrnons Row nine: Tannenbaum, Tymczysxyn Row fen: Upfon, Whifacre 'S' G -lv v-PF 'CN gi- 5 - Row one: Andersen, Anderson, Arfhur, Ball, Barrefi Row Two: Blake, Carlson, Cline, Domer Row Three: Downar, Driscoll, Durham, Gow Row four: Harfman, Hollingsworfh, Howard, P. King Row Tivo: R. King, Lindblom, Longharf. McCormick Row six: McKelvey, Monigomery, Neal, Newman Row seven: Noble, Owen, Pennell, Phillips Row eighT: Rey, Rishel, Schnaclrenberg, Schroeder Row nine: Schuman, ScoTT, Sfolner, Swayze Row Ten: Tremmel, WerTz, Wl1iTe, Woods DIE LUSTIGEN DELITSCHEN Originally Tounded in i902 and laTer re- esTablished in l93I, Die l.usTigen DeuTschen has as one oT iTs aims The advancemenT and beTTermenT oT The German language and cul- Ture among sTudenTs. ln accomplishing This end The organizaTion sponsors a program each monTh. During The pasT year members have heard speakers who have had a very close con- TacT wiTh The German sTaTe. Folk dancing is enioyed by members and an ouTdoor supper and parTy is given each spring. OFFICERS PresidenT .,.......,............ George We-r+z Vice presidenT ........ Gwendolyn Cline 5ecreTary ............ Signe Marie Carlson Treasurer ...... .........,.... R oberi Suhr MEMBERS Class of I940 Anderson, Helen ArThur, Edwin Blake, Wallace Cline, Gwendolyn HarTman, Mary King, RoberT Lindblom, Andrew McCormick, Harold Owen, Rena BeTh Anderson, ArleTTa Durham, Harry Howard, Rose MonTgomery, DoroThy Neal, Ada Ball, Marion BarreTT, Barbara Berlce, Avis Carlson, Signe Marie Daniord, AniTa Domer, EsTher Downar, Richard Driscoll, William Gordon, Shirley Gow, BeTTy HollingsworTh, RuTh Schroeder, BeTTy Dollis, Elsie SmiTh, DoroThy Pennell, RuTh Phillips, Francelene Prince, John Rishel. MargueriTe Scheuermann, William Schnaclcenberg. ReiTa Schumann, Phillip Tremmell, William l Newman, Margarei Ray, Miles STamm, Mary Swayze, Muriel WerTz, George Class of I942 King, Pairice LongharT, Margarei' Mclfelvey, BeTTy McLagan, CharloTTe Noble, Bealrice Raum, Virginia ReiTz, Lena ScoTT, Marion Suhr, RoberT WhiTe, STanley Class of I943 STolcer, MargareT WirTs, Joan Woods, Lillian DRAMA CLUB The Drama club was Tounded on The campus in l9lO. ReguiremenTs Tor membership are superior work in The casT or on The sTaTl7 oT one oi The major sTudenT plays, some dramaTic abiliTy and a genuine inTeresT in dramaTics. Members are chosen by The sponsors and oTiicers oi The club. Among The evenTs which This group sponsors are Three maior dramaTic producTions, several one-acT plays and a Tea Tor delegaTes aTTending The Rocky MounTain speech conference. OFFICERS Preslclerfr ........................ Roberl Mead Vice presidenT ..,,......,.,..,.. Olive Turpin 5eCreTary ............ Ge-rirude STeinhardT Treasurer ...... ...............Murray Smiih MEMBERS Class of i940 Blake, Wallace Cline, Gwendolyn GarleTT, Shirley Geller, Lenore Goclsman, CharloTTe GoodleTT, John l-laigh, Jo Alice l-lufchins, Carrol Johnson, Wanda Anderson, BerTil Axler, Marshe Ballard, William Haines, RoberT McCance, May Abels, Jacques Lewis, Mary Robbins, RoberT Galbrealh, Carroll Kunz, Calvin Loach, George MaTTern, Caroline Mead, Roberl' Michael, G-eorgene Mohr, Charloffe SmiTh, Murray STeinharclT. Gerirude Turpin, Olive Class oi l94l Melniclc, Gail Murphy, Mary Scofl, William Swayze, Muriel WalTers, Jane Class of i942 Vleclc, Joe . Welch, Wayne Wuriz, Annabelle GraduaTe lf' E' . 1.1. . one: Abels, Anderson, Axler, Ballard Two: Blake, Cline, Garlefl, Geller Three: Godsman, GooclleTT, Haigh, Haines four: Huichins, Johnson, Kunz, Loach live: Maffern, Mead, Melniclc, Michael six: Mohr, Murphy, Robbins, Scoll seven: E. Smilh, M. Smifh, Swayze, Turpin eighfz Walfers, Welch, Wurfz -Q 1 in 'C' K YV Iv- , Row one: Barcus, Bolshaw, Brown Row fwo: Burgocn, Campbell, Caslro Row fhree: Dunn, Fisk, Genera Row four: Knauer, Lovaio, Neahr Row five: Ramsey, Weber, Williamson Row six: Winchell, Wood, Zancanella EL CLUB ESPANOL EI Club Espanol, organized here in l9l4, gives To anyone who is inleresied an oppor- lunily 'fo speak Spanish. I+ provides beiler undersianding of Spanish speaking counlries ihrough molion piciures, discussions, songs and dances. To become a member one musi have sludied Spanish for a year or have a speaking knowledge of This language. Each year The club has a banguei in April in commemoraiion of The deaih of Cervanies, al which lime an award is presenled for Jrhe besl Cervanies Jrherne. OFFICERS Presideniu ,..,.,,,,., .... D elberi Barcus Vice presidem' .,.. .,.Peggy Williamson Secreiary-Treasurer.Mildred Knauer MEMBERS Class of l94O Barcus, Delberl Bolshaw, Harrief Cas'rro, Louise Genera, Mark Burgoon, Helen Fisk, Lucie Campbell, Jane Darnell, Minnie Gonzales, Magdalena Brown, Diva Ramsey, Morice Williamson. Peggy Wood, Esiher Jane Zancanella, Narciso Knauer, Mildred Markowifz, Hilda Class of I942 Lovalo, Lena Neahr, George Winchell, Elizabeth Class of I943 Lopez, Henry Dunn, Beify Jean Fallon, Pairicia 'Weber, Don GREEK COUNCIL The Greek council. founded in I936, was organized Io creale and mainlain a coopera- Iive and underslanding spiril among lhe four downlown Greek organizalions. Annual school evenls sponsored by lhe group include a Greek council dance. The council has monlhly professional meelings al which lime leading business men speak Io members. II was also eslablished Io supervise mulual aclivilies of The parlicipaling lralernilies and sororilies. In lhe spring any surplus in lhe Ireasury is used for a school gill. MEMBERS ALPHA KAPPA PSI .,..,A............ Claire Buckley Vernon Scofl' DELTA SIGMA Pl .,..........,.,,...,.,.... Paul Blagen Roberl' Wasley PHI CI-II THETA ,........... Geraldine Domenico Mildred Mcliibben PHI GAMMA NU ...,...,............ Jean Garihan , Rachel Smilh FACULTY ,A,AI,.I.,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,.., Dean Gladys Bell Dr. Eugene Halaas Mr. Harold Wiedernan R fhree S? 'Q' - ne: Neahr wo: O'Kane : Walfher INDEPENDENT MEN ' All non-fralernily men on The Universily of Denver campus auromaiically become mem- bers of lhe lndependenl Men's group. These men play an aciive par? in all school acrivilies and iniramural sporls. Since l934, when Jrhe group was organized, lhe independemks have gradually become sironger in lheir aim ro fur- nish an opporruniry for fellowship among men who do noi have any aicliliaiion wilh a Greek leHer group.. Throughour The year, social ac- livilies are sponsored by lhis group. OFFICERS Presiclenr ....,......,........ Bernard O'Kane Vice presideni ......,.., Warren Johnson Secrerary ..,..................... Roberr Baker Treasurer .....,...,...... James Cuylcendall Senior class represenlrarive ......s...,. Dusron ,Junior class represenlafive ....,......,,. ' ........,,....................,.,. Eihan Wallrher Sophomore class represenrafive ...,.. Neahr Freshman class represenraiive ........ McCormick Row oneg Argo, Baleni, Bamforcl, Capps Row Iwo: Carlson, Easllalce, Eldridge, Griffin Row ihree: Guise, Harvey, Howes, Jackson Row four: Jensen, Johnson, Kaanfa, Long Row five: Love, McCarlhy, Mclnlosh, Mercer Row six: Musick, Nellis, Noble, Olson Row seven: Pelers, Pefersen, Pierson, Reeves Row eighl: Riedel, Savory, Slrumpfler, Thaler Row nine: Uyemura, Welch Row len: C. Williams. M. Williams INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The lnlernalional Relalions Club, founded on This campus in l93O, provides a means of acquainling inleresled siudenis wiih imparlial views ol curreni world affairs. The club is pri- marily a discussion group and holds semi- monihly meelings. The only requiremenls lor membership are enrollmeni in iwo courses in lhe universily and an inleresl in inlernalional iopics. This group sponsors a siaie conference of similar high school clubs each spring. OFFICERS Presidenl' .,...,.,..,....,.....v.,.... Glen AFQO Vice presidenl .....,,.,,...... James Riedel Recording secreiary-Treasurer .,...... Reeves Corresponding secreiary ................ Bamford MEMBERS Class of 1940 Carlson, Ediih Louise Williams, Muriel Class of I94l Kaania, Carier ' Uyemura, George Pefersen, Viclor Williams, Couriland Pierson, Elogene Class of I942 Argo. Glen McCar+hy, Raymond Balenl. Ann Capps, Loraine Eldridge, Clarence Guise, Maxine I-lowes, George Jackson, Beverly Jeirqsen, Clefa Johnson, Emily Love, Elizabeih Bamlord. Paul Dill, Evelyn Duffy, Margery Easflake, I-larrief Griflin, Frances I-larvey, Dale lse, George Long, Elhel McNeilly, Sally Lou Mclnfosh, Rulh Michael, Margaref Olson, William Raum, Virginia Reeves, Rulh Riedel, James Savory, Leonard Veach, Jane Welsh, Wayne Class of l943 Mercer, Anila Moorhead, Annabelle Musick, Pairicia Nellis, Louise Noble, Bernice Perers, Barbara Sfrurnpller, Margarei Thaler, Margarel Van Soesf, Berl INDEPENDENT WOMEN All women sludenls who are noi members of sororilies are aulomalically considered lo be eligible 'lor membership in The lndependenl Women's organizarion. Parlicipalion in lhis group is volunlary, however. ln order lo carry our Jrhe aim of Jrhe group. +o provide a means of organizalion for non-alrliliared women, many social lunclions are sponsored by This group during The school year. A dance is given in 'rhe winler guarler while a banquel is sponsored during spring guarler. OFFICERS Presidenl .,.,.,..s..,........., Virginia Snider Vice presidenls ...v.,,.s,,.s Marian Fox Virginia Prall Secrefary ,,...............,.....,....,. Lucie Fisli Treasurer ..,............. Marguerire Bullen Senior represen+a+ive.,Marian O'Neill Junior represenlalive ...................... ,W,,,.,,,,,,,,................Elogene Pierson Sophomore represenlaliye ,...........,. Woodman Freshman represenlalive .,,..... ..... . McCoy Row one: Bullen, Fisk Row +wo: Fox, McCoy Row fhree: O'NielI Row four: Pierson, Praii Row five: Snider, Woodman IOTA SIGMPI PI loTa Sigma Pi, naTional women's chemical socieTy, was organized here in l924 and was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT CaliTornia in I902. A woman sTudenT who has mainTained a "B" average Through aT leasT six chemisTry courses is eligible Tor membership. One OT The pur- poses oT This group is To mainTain scienTiTic in- TeresT among The girls regisTered in The science and engineering school. Each spring loTa Sigma Pi Talces an acTive parT in helping To sponsor The science spring spree. OFFICERS Presidem' ..........,,.....,.... Mary l-larTman Vice presidem' ....,,,,.s,s,,.. Lillian Woods SecreTary-Treasurer ........ Beverly Kern MEMBERS Class of l94O Haflman- Marv Rhoads, Mary Elizabefh Kern, Beverly Woods. Lillian Class of l94l Howard, Rose Vggggy' Vera STevenson, Vera RuTh GraduaTe Smifh, DoroThy Row Row Row Row Row one: HarTman, Howard Two: Kern Three: Rhoads four: STevenson five: Vessey, Woods Q'- in Class of I940 i l"f 1: ,fi-s if -, Q- I' ' Te in ISCTOPES lsolopes, a local organizalion, was eslab- lished in l932. Any girl lalcing a course in chemislry or physics may become a member. There is no scholaslic requiremenl. lsolopes works loward unily and lriendship among lhe women in Science hall and lhe olher schools ol lhe universily. A supper is held each year lor lhe freshman and lransler women in Science hall. They also sponsor a science spring spree held lhe lasl day ol winler quarler lo which everyone on lhe campus is inviled. OFFICERS Presidenl .................,...... Rose Howard Vice presidenl..Dorolhy Monlgomery Secrelary .....,,................. Helen Dexler Treasurer ...,.......... Aclalaine Domenico MEMBERS or " " lei , Biff iff' 'figl ' T- i If ,if F , . ' f' 'l ln' .- T' Il :fi ', - :eh " :V -w Q., . P l il Q T i Row one: Ackerly, Acre, Alberg, Allen, Barrell, Barlhel Row lwo: Benedeclx, Berg, Binkley, Binning, Brown, Buirgy Row lhree: Bullen, Burliarl, Cadle, Cox, Dexler, Domenico Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 'four' Dunlrlee Durell Durocher France Ginsbur Godsman - I u 1 I gl 'iive:'Gooclspeed, Gow, Graham, Hammerich, Hardin-Boyd, Harlman six: Henlschel, Hilderman, Howard, E. Johnson, W. Johnson, Kalolla seven: Kern, King, Knighl, Lalson, Lawson, C. Lee eighl: M. Lee, Longharl, Love, McCar'lhy, McDonald, McGrall1 nine: Monlgomery, Neal, O'Neal, Piclcens, Powell, Rhoads len: Rolfes, Sheridan, Shraiberg, Simmons, Smilh, Spilimiller eleven: Slevenson, Slromberg, Tail, Thompson, Vessey, Wheeler lwelve: Wilfley, Wood, Woods, Wrighl Benedeclc, Josephine Burlcarl, Norma Durell, Belle Ginsburg, Charlolle Godsman, Charlolle Graham, lva Hardin-Boyd, Palricia Harlman, Mary Johnson, Wanda Kern. Beverly Knighl, Eleanor Aclcerly, Maran Brown, Anila Buirgy, Mary Louise Bullen, Marguerile Cadle, Ella Mae Carlwriqhl, Barbara Cox, Cecil Craig, Dorolhy Domenico, Adalaine Acre, Lois Alberg, Helen Allen, Jean Barrell, Barbara Bell, Harryel Berg, Elinor Berlce, Avis Dexler, Helen France, Marqarel Erohlick, Erma Gow, Belly Hammerich, Kalhleen Henlschel, Ruby Hock, Ann Auxier, Eloise Barlhel, June Binlcley, Belly Binning, Myrna Brewer, Palricia Bridgewaler, Eileen Convery, Dorolhy Delendini, Margarel Dunlclee, Palricia Durocher, Margarel Goodspeed, Belsy Haylor, Julia Hilderman, Carol Leilh, Millicenl Lulz, Belly Lou Gillings, Helen Moss, Adrienne Lalson, Dorolhy Lee, Clara Belh Lee, Marlha-Ann Mason, Grace Edilh Mayer, Margarel Ann Pickens. Rosemary Rhoads, Mary Elizabelh Seacall, Jane Gray Simmons, Dorolhea Willley, Peggy Wood, Eslher Class ol l94I Howard, Rose Lawson, Irene M'cCarlhy, Belly McGralh, Jean Monlgomery, Dorolhy Neal, Ada Shraiberg, Elhel Slevenson, Vera Rulh Vessey, Vera Class of I94-2 Johnson, Emily Kalolla, Shirley King, Palrice Kline, Jeanelle Longharl. Margarel Love, Elizabelh Nicholson, Rulh Sheridan, Dorcas Smilh, Marjorie Spirlmiller, Barbara Tail, Jane Thomson, Daisy Yancey, Joan Class ol I942 Graduales Mays, Maxine McDonald, Margarel Moorhead. Annabelle Nau, Josephine O'Neal, Jeanne Powell, Dorolhy Rolles, Jeanne Shipman, Shirley Slromberg, Adele Tallcinglon, Eileene Thompson, Virginia Wheeler, Evelyn Wood, Elhel Wrighl, Caroline Smilh, Dorolhy Woods, Lillian KAPPA DELTA Pl Kappa Della Pi, a nalional lralernily 'lor educalion sludenls, was lounded March l8, l9,ll, al lhe Universily ol Illinois. Alpha Lambda chapler, lhe local organizalion, was inslalled May 22, l926. General scholarship ol al grade above lhe upper quarlile poinl and work in educalional courses are lhe require- menls lor membership. Ol lhe many services lhe organizalion renders lhe universily lhe mosl oulslanding is lhe annual scholarship lo a sludenl in educalion and a Ioan lund eslab- Iishecl in I939. OFFICERS Presidenl .,Y.,,....4,.c., Thelma lnez Miller Vice presidenl ...,.....,........A. Glen I-lass Recording secrelary ...,....,,......... .,.. I-lelen Waggener Corresponding secrelary ..,,..,.,....... Ghenl Treasurer .....,.,... ..w... L illian Wangnild MEMBERS Class ol l940 Biggerslall, Winilred Bunclgaard, Roberl Carlson, Eclilh Cress, Lois Donner, Naomi Forbess, Virginia Garlell, Shirley Geller, Lenore Ginsburg, Charlolle Godsman, Charlolle Gray, Lois Haigh, Jo Alice I-lamman, Marjorie I-Iarlman, Mary Johnson, Wanda Knighl, Eleanor Langholl, Lela Aclcerly, Maran Avis. Emeline Fislc, Lucie Hobson, Gwendolyn Knauer, Mildred Addicoll, Dr. Irwin I-Ieym, Mary Lewis, Arlhur Mann, Rulh Belly Mallern, Caroline Morgan, Elizabelh O'NeiIl, Marion Onslad, Shirley Pelerson, Edilh Phillips, Francelene Rhudy, Viva Rishel, Marguerile Smilh, Rachel Snider, Virginia Thibodeau, Belly Ray Underwood, Evelyn Waggener, Helen Wallqins, Mildred Class ol l94l Facully Graduale Marchelli, Alba Shannon, Barbara Spaulding, Marcia Slamrn, Mary Yosl, Elaine Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 3 Q' 'H one: Ackerly, Avis, Biggerslaff, Bundgaard, Carlson lwo: Cress, Domer, Fislr, Forbess lhree: Garlelf, Geller, Ginsburg, Goclsman four: Gray, Haigll, Hamman, Harlman five: Hobson, Johnson, Knauer, Knighl six: Lewis, Mann, Marchekli, MaHern seven: Morgan, O'Neill, Onslacl, Phillips eighl: Rhudy, Rishel, Shannon, Smilh nine: Snider, Spaulding, Thibodeau, Underwood len: Waggener, Walkins 4' pr g l s Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 4' - I CUM MENTORS--COMMERCE The Commerce Menlor organizaiion, founded here in l932, embodies lhe same pur- pose as does lhe liberal aris group. Commerce Menlors annually sponsor a fall lea for lhe iacully and new women siudenis, a Valenline parly, a spring picnic and semi-monihly lunch- eons. To become a Menlor a girl musl prove lhal she has suiiicienl lime for lhe obligalions which lhis group would necessilale, salisiac- lory scholarship and lhe approval of lhe board of membership. This group fulfills a deiinile need al commerce. E' 'Q one: Cofrillo, Davenporf, Domenico, Domer lwoa Epperson, J. Garihan, N. Garihan, Gunnison fhree: Hershey, Hoffman, Morrison four: Nelson, Onsfofl five: O'Reilly, Rhudy six: Ringsled, Seelinger seven: Smilh, Sfcll eighf: Vallero, Villano If sl OFFICERS Presidents ..,.s.,c.... Isabelle Davenporl Secrela ry-Treasurer ........ ....s......... , . s......,....Frances Morrison Senior councilor ,,..,,,,,,,.s. Kay I-lershey Junior councilors ..........., Eileen Covlllo Domenico, Geraldine Dormer, Naomi Garihan, Jean Gunnison, Marie I-lershey, Kay Hoffman, Mable Cavillo, Eileen Davenport Isabelle Epperson, June Garihan, Nan Nelson, Gwendolyn O'ReiIIy, Kaihleen Phillips, Pairicia Ringsled, Kalhryn June Epperson MEMBERS Class of l94O Livingslon, Lois Morrison, Frances Rhudy, Viva Smilh, Rachel Sloll, Virginia Class of l94I Onsloll, Eslher Pelerson, Gladys Class of I942 ' Schneider, Doris Schneider, Dorolhy Seelinger, Anna Lou Vallero, Marie Villano, Berfha MENTORS--LIBERAL ARTS Endeavoring To Torm a more eTTicienT man- agemenT oT The acTiviTies oT new sTudenTs, MenTors came inTo exisTence Tor a Triple pur- pose: To acquainT new sTudenTs wiTh The univer- siTy, To promoTe a Teeling oT Triendliness and To inTroduce new sTudenTs To opporTuniTies which The universiTy oTTers. MenTors oTTer Their services during Treshman weelc and give par- Ties ThroughouT The year. Prior To becoming a MenTor, a girl rnusT aTTend Training school held by The group during spring guarTer. OFFICERS PVGSiClenT .............. Clara Wollenweber Senior councilors ....,. MarTha-Ann Lee Ellenor WhiTe Junior councilors ......., Florence DuboTi Gwendolyn Hobson Nancy Morgan Sophomore councilor ,s,,,,,,,,.c.,,,,,,,4, KaThleen l-lammerich MEMBERS Class of i940 BenTon, MarqareT PeTerson, Muriel Dllfell. Belle ReTTig, Evelyn Foss, Virginia Ford, Beverly Thompson Lee, MarTha-Ann Mann, RuTh Nevans, Virginia Ackerly, Maran Avis, Emeline Baer, Charline Bullen, Margueriie Calkins, Mary Cox, Cecil Craig, DoroThy Daniord, AniTa Davies, Frances Domenico, Adalaine DuboTF, Florence Allen, Marion Benson, Mariorie BernsTein. Phyllis Brown, Marfha Bruclcman, Kathleen EasTerwood, Ann Hammerich, KaThleen T-larTer, DoroThy Heller, Mosa Rishel, MargueriTe WhiTe, Ellenor Wilfley, MargareT Wollenweber, Clara Class of I94I Hobson, Gwendolyn Knauer, Mildred McCarThy, BeTTy Morgan, Nancy Mullare, ElizabeTh NeTherTon, Louise SchwarTz, Frances Shannon, Barbara Shraiberg, E+hel STalmann, Marcia Swayze, Muriel Class of 1942 l-lollingsworTh, RuTh Howard. Rose Jaclcson, Beverly Levine, DoroThy Lewis, Mary Noble, Beairice Pearson, Elaine Woodman, Muriel Wurfz, Annabelle 4 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row a -is E 1.5:- one: Aclzerly, Allen, Avis, Baer, Benson Two: BenTon, Bernsfein, Brown, Bruclnman, Bullen Three: Cox, Davies, Domenico, Duboff, Durell four: Easferwood, Forcl, Foss, Hammerich, HarTer five: Heller, Hobson, Hollingswodh, Howard, Jackson six: Knauer, Lee, Levine, Mann, McCarThy seven: Morgan, Mullare, Nefherion, Nevans. Noble eighi: Peferson, Refiig, Rishel, Schwarfz, Shannon nine: Shraiberg, Shalmann, Swayze, Whife Ten:'Wil'l'ley, Wollenweber, Woodman, WurTz X - 3. aes, ,, .Gr . ,s iris 3 Q, , '-' ' f sa , 7 ' . f ,,,2f'15"1 . .' A 1 ,lt , . , ifffsgf f fv- ii! L"", vi v eg: til'-K " 1' D 3 Row one: Allen, Berger, Berlrens, Bogracl Row lwo: Cowen, Crisman, Davis, Dexfer Row fhree: Driscoll, Durham, Hilderman, Kramish Row four: Love, McCorquodale, A. Miller, B. Miller Row five: Naylor, Riggall Row six: Segerdahl, Sfein Row seven: Tannenbaum, Twombly Row eighf: While, Wollanlr MU BETA KAPPA Mu Bela Kappa, local honorary pre-medical lralernily, was organized in l925. Eleciion lo membership is based upon personal qualifica- 'rions and scholaslic abilily. To lurlher an in- leresl in medicine Mu Bela Kappa holds sev- eral open meelings during The year lo which any sludenl is welcome. These meelings are addressed by eminenl medical men on sub- iecls ol general inleresl. A formal inilialion and banquel and a picnic are sponsored by ihis group. OFFICERS Presidenl' .,....,....,......,... Eugene Cowen Vice presidenl ,,,,,, ,,,,,,. B yron Miller Secrelary .....,,..,. ,,,,,,,,,,, J ean Allen Treasurer ...... ,,,,, W illiam Driscoll MEMBERS Cowen, Eugene Crisman, Ronald Kramish, David Mefzdorf, Ann Durham, l-larry Gardell. Earl Lanning, Charles Mickey, l.orin Allen, Jean Barger, Richard Bograd, Nalhan Davis, Keilh Demshlci, Andrew Dexler, Helen Driscoll, William Eshima, Nobuo Class of l940 Naylor, Roberl Tannenbaum, Philip Wollanlc, Helen Class of l94l Segerdahl, Jaclc Sfein, Melvin Twombly, George Class of I942 Love, Elizabelh Miller, Alvin Miller, Byron O'Dea, Joseph Porler, Clarence While, Slanley Williams, Ernesl Class of I943 Berlcens, Pauline Riggall, Jack Hilderman, Carol Rolhenburg, Jaclc McCorquodale, Donald Graduales Clarke, Ned Smilh, Donn NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS C Nalional Collegiale Players, an organiza- Jrion which gives honor and recognilion lo our- slanding sludenls in lhe field of clramalic arls, was founded here in 'l925. Nalionally il was organized in June, l9l9, al lhe Universily of Wisconsin. A sludenl who has allained 20 poinls in drama or dramalic lileralure and who has a "C" average is eligible for membership. The weelcly boolc lallc programs and an annual play and receplion for all sludenfs inleresled in drama are sponsored by 'lhis group. OFFICERS Presidenl ....,........,s,ss,., Shirley Garlell Secrelary-Treasurer .,..,. Lenore Geller MEMBERS Class of I940 Garlell, Shirley Mead. Robefi Geller, Lenore Michael, Georqene Hufchins, Carroll Smilh. MurraY Kunz, Calvin Sleinhardl, Gerlrude -:- 'Z' . ,AL 1. 117 3 X ' Y Ra. 1 Z EX . 'fir' ' x S rf! ' sf . Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 1 , R Sw W one: Ahern, Alexander, Ballard, Bruclrman, Covillo rwo: Demmer, Diegel, A. Domenico, G. Domenico, Gibson ihree: Giesler, Glasier, Guise, Gunnison, Haney four: Huber, Jersin, Johnson, Lopefien five: Mannix, Marfin, McCoy, Morfeld six: Murphy, Murray, Nasfley, Needham seven: Nevans, Bernard O'Kane, Beisy O'Kane, Perry eighf: Rochford, Saunders, Schiller, K. Smifh nine: M. Smifh, Spallone, Sweeney, Thompson fen: Vallero, Villano, Weber, Zancanella N EWMAN CLUB Slriving lo meel on a common ground and appreciaie more 'fully lheir college years, The Newman club, an organizalion made up of Calholic siudenls only, was founded naiionally ai lhe Universily of Pennsylvania in l893. The club was founded here in I92l. Each year lhis organizalion sponsors a dance for all inieresled siudenrs and aiiends Mass in a body once every monlh. The members also allend re- gional Calholic conferences: OFFICERS Presideni. ..... . ,,,..,,,.,, , Diclc l-luber Vice presidenl, , ..,,,, Virginia Nevans Recording secreraryn, ,,.., ,.,,,,,,. , .. ..Geraldine Domenico Corresponding secrefary ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gunnison Treasurer .......... .,,,,,.. F ranlc Mannix MEMBERS Class of i940 Domenico, Geraldine Fisher, James Gray, Lois Gunnison, Marie l-liclcisch, Jacl: Horne, Thelma Huber, Diclc Ahern, Paul Ballard, William Covillo, Eileen Domenico, Adalaine Glasier, Ruih Bruclcman, Kaihleen Diegel, Delphine Guise, Maxine l-laney, Richard Harper, Shelby Jersin, Edward Johnson, Emily Mannix, Franli Derrimer, Joan Gibson, June Giesler, Allen Gregory, Sally Gunnison, George l-larringfon, Alice Loepiien. Juanifa Lynlon, Gerald Mahoney, Rollin Covillo, Vinceni Jacobs, Francis Needham, James Nevans, Virginia Perry, Edward Silva, Eugene Spallone, Doroihea Thompson, Rila Zancanella, Narciso Class of l94l l-ligson, Charles Murphy. Mary O'Kane, Bernard O'Kane, Belsy Woodford, Jack Class of I942 Morield, Rosemary Murray, Augusia Rochiord, George Schiller, Margarei Sweeney, Kafhryn Vallero, Marie Villano, Berfha Class of I943 Graduaies Law Martin, John McCoy, Gloria McLeod, Mary McMahon, lrene Naslley, Sylvia Pierson, Joseph Saunders, Adeline Srnilh, Kaihleen Smilh, Mary Frances Trarnuii, Henry Weber, Don PARAKEETS To be lapped by Paralceels is a coveled honor enioyed by only a lew girls as lhe organ- izalion limils membership lo 40. Founded in i926 lhis women's pep group lisls as require- menls: lavorable personal appearance, oul- slanding school spiril and scholarship raling above average. This group olllers lheir services al all universily lunclions and puls on demon- slralions al loolball games. The colors ol lhis organizalion are crimson and gold and lheir llower is lhe chrysanlhemum. OFFICERS Pre-sidenl ....,,,,s,,.,s,..,...... Louise Simon Vice presidenl., ,.... Rosemary Collell Secrelary ....,.,., ..,,....,, F lorence Duboll Treasurer v,.,.s. . ,,,Dorolhea Spallone MEMBERS Class ol i940 Collell, Rosemary Elsh, Elizabelh Ford, Beverly Garlell, Shirley Geller, Lenore Gray, Marlha l-larnrnan, Mariorie Michael. Georgene Davies, Frances Duboll, Florence Nelherlon, Louise Niedrach, Elizabelh Pelersen, Marie Berg, Dorolhy Dexler, Helen Gvalheridge, Flarenc Gore, Shirley Hallock, Mary l-licks, Jane Jacleson, Beverly Johnson. Palricia McMahon, Irene 1 Paradice, Jane Ryall, Elaine Sirnon, Louise Snider, Virginia Spallone, Dorolhea Wilson, Ellen Willing, Doris Class ol I94-I Shepherd, Shirley Slevens, Mariorie Syler, Belly Vessey, Vera Class ol i942 Mclnlosh, Rulh Murnan, Maxine Raum, Virginia Rose, Belly Schiller, Margarel Slanlield, Mary Lou Truehearl, Eddie Jo Class ol I943 A Rosenslein, Audrey .8 l H5-V' I 'Q ii ,wi ' L ft? J::.:l'5i 1-' 'I i 1 nr F if Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row one: Berg, Collell, Davies Dexler Dubofl lwo: Elsh, Ford, Garlell Galheridge lhree: Geller, Gore, Gray Hallock four: Hamman, Hicks Jackson Johnson live: Mclnlosh, Michael Murnan Nelherlon six: Niedrach, Paradice Pelerson Rose seven: Rosenslein, Ryall Schiller Shepherd eighl: Simon, Snider Spallone Slanlielcl nine: Slephens, Syler Truehearl Vessey len: Wilson, Willing Class of I94O Q, , E' Row Row Row Row ii w-v CL 1 C . tv one: Abels, Agnew, Ames, Anderson, Bodan Two: Bradley, Brawner, BuTz, Chambers, Crisman Three: Dallison, Davis, Defrick, Downar, Driscoll four: Easflake, Genera, GoldsmiTh, Good, Hall Row five: Haney, Hellon, Henn, Hoiifman, Hoggaff Row six: Johnson, Kramish, Lewis, McWilliams, Morris Row seven: Munroe, Needles, A. Pfau, L. Pfau Row eighfz Pring, Procfor, Ranclr, ShowalTer Row nine: Sias, Siegal, Spear, Suskin Row Ten: Toburen, Twombly, UpTon, Wa'Hs PHI BETA SIGMA Men who do ouTsTanding work in physical educaTion and who plan a major in This subie-cT make up The membership oT Phi BeTa Sigma. STarTing ouT The year's acTiviTies, This local or- ganizaTion planned a hike To The mounTains. Following This numerous winTer sporT and swim- ming parTies were held. This organizaTion which was Tounded here in I9l6 is under The spon- sorship oT The head oT The physical educaTion de-parTmenT. They hold an annual iniTiaTion dinner. OFFTCERS PresidenT ...,,,A.A ., ...c.,,.. . ,George Hall Vice presidenT ,,...... Edson Nyswander Secre-Tary ....,...Y...,........ ,Roberr Bahne Treasurer .......,.,......,... Warren Johnson MEMBERS Bromm, James Crisman, Ronald Genera, Marcus T-ienn, Rodger l-loggaTT, Dan Kramish, David Albers. Lynn Ames, John Anderson, BerTil Bowen, RoberT Bradley, Jack Brawner, T-loyi' Croiinger, James Dallisan, Sam DeTrick, Jack EasTlake, Chesmore Hahn. Roberi' Hall, George l-loTTman, Milton Lewis, Jack Lewis, John McWilliams, Edward Morris, Roberi Abels, Jacques Agnew, Harold Ash, Bruce Baker, RoberT Baie, Arlhur Buiz, Charles Chambers, Lee Davis, KeiTh Demshki, Andrew Downar, Richard Driscoll, William Eskridge, Thomas Esilow, Edward Goldsmiih, Paul Good, GilberT Haney, Richard l-larvaf, Joseph Hellon, James Anderson, Gerald Coffey, Donald Bodan, William Clarke, Ned Johnson, Granville Peierson, Edward Levin, Gus McNair, Ralph Priest George Ryan. Roberm' Showalfer, RoberT Sias, Charles Class of I9-1-I Munroe, l-lerberi Needles. James Pring, Roy Ranck, Durey Rhoads. Edwin ScoTT, Frank Siegal, ArThur Sinnard. Elvin Spear, Norman Suskin, Howard Tiller, Morgan Trouf, Owen Twombly, George UpTon, Ernesi Walihers, Earl Willingham, Eugene Class of I942 Hogan, Roberl' Johnson, STerling Johnson, Warren KermieT, Paul McClard, LaTe McConnel, Merle Morganfield, Al Niblo, Eugene Nyswander, Edson Pfau, Alvin Pfau, Lorin ProcTor, Charles Reiner, Clarence Thiede, Richard Toburen, Lawrence Walsrnifh, l-lenry WaTTs, Donald Young, Hersey Class of I943 Law School GracluaTes Heggenberger, Roberi Vickers, Elmo Powers, Edwin Young, Laurence Class of l94O PHI DELTA KAPPA Alpha Sigma chapTer oT Phi Del+a Kappa was esTablished here in I933. This naTional men's educaTional TraTerniTy was Tounded aT Indiana universiTy in IQO6. The local chapTer boasTs a membership oT 300 acTive members, less Than I5 oT whom are undergraduaTes. IvlosT oT The members are eiTher acTive in The Teaching proTession, are Talcing or have Taken graduaTe work aT This universily. Senior men wiTh cerTain educaTion courses and high scholarship are also eligible. OFFICERS PresidenT ....,....,.,,s.,,..... David Brainerd Vice presidenT ..,,.......... Craig Minnear SecreTary ,.,...,,.Y,. ..,.. N ewell WalTers Treasurer ....,,.................... ArThur Beck EacuITy Adviser crr..,..vv Lawrence Ivliller MEMBERS Au5Ton, John Bundgaarcl, Roberl I-lagin. William l'-larlow, EllioTT Huebner, D. Clay Isaacson, Lee Johnson, Granville Lewis, ArThur Mead. Roberl I-Iolifman, Millon AddicoTT, Irwin BernhardT, William Cherringlon, Beniamin CuTler, T. I-I, Duncan, David Shaw Engle, Wilbur Fox. Guy Fuller, Dale I-lerringfon, Eugene I-Iolch, Arfhur Joyal, Arnold Kaplan, A. D, Kendel, John Mann. Cecil Anderson, Thomas Beclc, Arfhur Brainerd. David Fox, Roberf Jones, BurriTT Jewell, WalTer Minnear, Craig MuTh, Elmer Riedel, Waller Miller, Malloy Miller, Troy Myers, John Parmelee, RoberT PeTerson, Walfer Swan, Beniamin Wasley, RoberT Williams, William Class of I94I Poirier, WaITer Miller, FIeTcher Miller. Lawrence Murray, Elwood Nelson, Alfred PuclceTT, Cecil Rishel, John Schindler, Alvin Seidenlield, MorTon Shroyer, Wayne Sfevens, Paul Threllneld, I-larold Triplelf, Richard WalTers, R. J. WhiTealcer, George Shannon, Dr. Richard STrnacl, Edward Tabb, Eranlc TramuTT. I-Ienry TrusTrnan. NorTon Vaseen, V. A. Verdieclc, Edmund WalTers, Newell Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Q C l one: Brainerd, Bundgaard Campbell Egglesfon Two: Ellund, Fox, Galbreafh Hagln Three: Harlow, Hass, Huebner Hoffman four: Isaacson, Johnson, Lewis L Miller five: M. Miller, T. Miller Nlblo Orange six: Parmelee, PeTerson, Poirier Swan seven: Thomas, Walfers eigI'1T: Wesley, Williams Class of I94-O Vi!!--A ' - rl ' C 'V fihf, ,grip , LT, Ei' 'Qu " Y, ,H . 1 . i PHI EPSILON PHI Bela chapler of Phi Epsilon Phi, men's pep organhalkmm was organhed herein l933,sM yeam aHer+he nahonalloundmg allhe Unh versily of Colorado. Members assisl al demon- drahons sponsor rdhes and vomnleer Then servkes al schoolluncHons.ln lhe lah PM EpsHon Phi and ParakeelsioinHy sponsor The Phi Ep-Parakeel dance. Phi EpsHon Phi laps sophomore and junior men having a "C" aver- age and who are oulslanding in leadership and service lo lhe school. Y '. l E i LIBERAL ARTS OFFICERS , an 1 Q. - Presidenl ...,.................. William l-linch -P , ii., ' ' Vice presidenl ...............,...... Ben Swan A si - , ' Secrelary .........,.... ...... T homas Ridley 1, l':' Treasurer ........... ......,. L ee Larson L ii coMMERcE orricieias A v":VQ'f51 K i"L"' ".' r u, SQ Presidenl ..................... ,..Warren Cool: '- ' '? in Vice presideni .,......,...,. Norman Spear --"' ' -i ' ' Secrelary ..,,....... ....,. E lwood Bolsler 'Q Treasurer ...... ....... G lenn Asbury , S F' " T MEMBERS IV" , X-'iii LJ? 1 s. ' .PEG ' - ' . FLG ij , 1. , .in aLl . . , , l,, ,, 0 -HTH L P i 2 s' f f""': ei lp rs .92 1 ' iff' E-gl 1 .J - :TH 3-J ,Q T "P -' if i ' . 1- -. ' - l J 'i .rf'sw.+f A T -Q,-115 .N '- ,, In 4. -Qtjf. N ' .5 f . -ss.. f' 'neg ,. 'X lk Nga ri . ' ,T as L-asia' X. is-1 l ,- fa '-Ae, fr , V-e , I' I. g,.:'e1 -eggix, UL f is ,.: -.Lis-as-:T ' 'H -w L -Q .a - :TTS np, . we eu F iv , - 'sage ""' "- 1 : V WH v ' -Q' fa f ' ii gg , 0 Q Q' ii ' 5. ,ii v . :wife ii' 5 1 , D I , ,-I'-5 ,y ' -. - ' , aim - - -, fl A - "'-fl 41285 -, 1 A Row one: Agnew, Asbury, Baker, Blagen, Bolsfer, Brenlrerf Row lwo: Bufz, Chambers, Cook, Cramm, Cross, Dallison Row fhreez Desserich, Duncan, Durham, Fay, Gillis Row four: Ginn, Ham, Hellon, Hinch Row five: Hoffman, Holmberg, Huslcinson, Johnson Row six: Ka'rz, Kershner, Krebs, Larson Row seven: Mannix, McCormick, McGraih, Miller Row eighi: Morey, Perry, Ridley, Robbins Row nine: Roberfs, Sandburg, Savory, ScoH Row len: Silverberg, Spear, Sunblade, Suskin Row eleven: Swan, Teschner, Twombly, Uplon Row iwelve: Whifacre, C. Williams, W. Williams, Wrighf Blaqen. Paul Cook, Warren Cramm, Wellmerl' Duncan, Douglas l-linch, William Krebs, Alberl Bolsier, Elwood Brenlcerf, George Chambers, Lee Crolinqer, Allen Dallison, Sam Durham, l-larry Ginn, Ralph Guslaison, Russell l-lolrlman. Millon Jelfs, William Johnson, Clyde Kershner, Roberl Lanning, Charles McAdams, Viclor Minfener, Royce Agnew, Harold Asbury, Glenn Balmer, Howard Bulz, Charles Cross, David Emry, Darwin Eslcridge, Thomas Gillis, Alberl Desserich, Roberl' Fay. Jaclc l-lam, John l-luslcinson, Charles Larson, Lee McCormick, l-larold McGralh, Harry Miller, Troy Swan, Ben Williams, William Class of l94l Perry, l-lerberi Ridley. Thomas Roberls, Floyd Sandburg, Richard Sinnard, Elven Spear, Norman Suslzin, Howard Teschner, Theodore Twombly. George Uhrich, George Uplon, Ernesf Williams, Courtland Woodford, Jack Wrighl, Warren Class of i942 l-lellon, James Holmberg, Dewey Kaiz, Sfanley Mannix, Franlc Robbins, Roberl Savory, Leonard Silverberq, Leonard Whilacre, Homer lnaclive Members Morey, William Scoli, Harold Sunblade, Neil PHI LAMBDA UPSILON Phi Lambda Upsilon, men's nalional honor- ary chemical lralernily, was organized here in I9 I 2 and founded al' lhe Universily ol Illinois in I889. Juniors and seniors wilh a 2.5 average in chemislry courses are eligible lor member- ship. Each year Kappa chapler presenls lhe Phi Lambda Upsilon analylical award Io lhe junior man who has allained lhe highesl aver- age in analylical chemislry. Social affairs in- clude a lhealer parly in winrer guarler and a slag picnic in lhe spring. OFFICERS Presidenl ,......,.. ,,,,,.,,,,c,,,,, R oberl King Vice presidenr ..,.....,,,c,I,s,, Jack Phillips Secrerary-Treasurer ....,. Fred Symonds Social chairmanu. .....A.. Lesler Symons Duncan, Douglas King, Roberf Phillips, Jack Anderson, Leonard Francis. Gus MEMBERS Class of I94O Class of I94 Sias, Charles Symonds, Fred Symons, Lesler Loup, Bruce Schuman, Robe rl' v--N 'if Row one: Anderson, Duncan Row Iwo: Francis, King Row fhree: Phillips Row four: Schuman, Sias Row five: Symonds, Symons Class of l94O .Nh F "iw: i '6- Vol Z? U -1:1 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 'E 'Hg R seg ' le , iii. ohe: Ames, Avis, Bailey, Beihge 'iwoz Dallimore, Dormann, Drew, Duboff ihreez Elsh, Foss, Gifford, Goldberg four: Goodrich, Hale, Hufchins, Lehl five: Lewis, Lininger, Morrison, Newman six: O'Kane, Phillips, Pringle, Reeves seven: Spallone, Van Hall eighf: Waggener, Williams PHILOSOPHICAL ACADEMY Philosophical academy was founded in I924 on This campus. Siudenis who have lalcen lwo courses in Jrhe philosophy or religion deparl- me-nls and who have a "B" average are eligible for membership. This organizalion provides a means lor siudenis inleresled in inlelleciual growih io meei on a common ground and ex- change ideas. Promineni guesl speakers visii Their regular meelings lo lend ideas and in- siigaie acliviiy in lhe Week oi Religious Fm- phasis. OFFICERS Presideni ........ ...,,4c D oroihea Spallone Vice presidenl' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Virginia F055 Secreiary .a.,,,,, ,,,,A,,,,,. , ,,,,,,,,, J een Lehl Treasurer cucc... ....4c K enne+h MacLeod MEMBERS 'wif' e-i ,I 1 : 1 Dormann, Marie Drew, Mona Elsh, Elizabeih Foss, Virginia Goldberg. Bernice Goodrich, Dorolhy Hale, Grace Ames, John Avis, Emeline Bailey, Mildred Befhge, Norma Lee Dallirnore, Jane Dulaofi, Florence Bailey, Marian Farr, Lewis Gifford, Roberi l-larrison, Wallace Kinlzele, Marfha McMahon, lrene MacLeod, Kenneih Morrison, Marian ' Pringle, Irene Spallone, Dorolhea Van I-lall, Rachel Waggener, Helen Williams, William Class of l94l l-luichins, l-larriei Lehl, .lean Lewis, John Newman, Margarel O'Kane, Barney Whifloclr, Dorofhy Class of I942 Lininger, Barbara Phillips, BeH'y Reeves, Ruih Tabler, Virginia Waiis, Don Class of I943 PHI SIGMA Epsilon chapler of Phi Sigma, nalional honorary biological sociely, was 'Founded on Jrhis campus on March 5, IQI7, Iwo years aller- ils nalional founding al Ohio Slale universily. To be eligible for membership one musl be a junior majoring in a biological science, have a "B" average in hismaior subiecls and meel Ihe all school average in his ofher subiecfs. The purpose of Phi Sigma is Io Iurlher inlereslr in research in lhe fields of Jrhe biological sciences. OFFICERS President. ,,s, ,,... . ,William Cormaclf Vice presidenf ,u,,..s,,, ,,,David Kramish Secrelrary ,,,,.,s,s Q .,,, Eslher Jane Wood Treasurer.. ,. ,,,,,..,,. Eleanor Knighlr Corrnaclc, William Densl, John Knighf, Eleanor Durham. Harry Jails, William Lobb. Delberf I-loward, David Koziara, Slanley MEMBERS Class of 1940 Krarnish, David Wood. Eslher Jane Wurlzebach, Roberi Class of l94l Miles, James Seqerdahl, Jaclc Twombly, George Graduales Smifh, Donn mi-sc Q -- kv Q ,kt Row Row Row Row one: Cormaclr, Durham two: Knighi, Kramish flurees Miles, Segerdahl four: Twombly, Wood PHI SIGMA IOTA Phi Sigma lola piclcs ils members from leachers and advanced sludenls of romance languages and lileralure. The local chapler, Alpha Zela Pi, was founded by Dr. Elienne Renaud on Ocl. 29, l9l7, and merged wilh Phi Sigma lola in November, I935. The nalion- al organizalion was founded in l922 al Meade- ville, Penn. The Phi Sigma lola award is pre- senled Io Ihe oulslanding senior in The lan- guage deparlmenl al honors convocalion in Ihe spring of each year. OFFICERS Plfesldenlt ,,.....,,,,,,.,,,, I-larrielr Bolshaw Vice presidem' .,,,.c,,,.,,,,,,c,,,,,,s,,,,,,A,,, Miss Irene Winlerbolham Secrefary-Treasurer .... Delberf Barcus Corresponding secrelary ......,.,.,..... Barcus, Delberf Bolshaw, Harrie? Genera, Marcus Godsrnan, Charlofle Funlc, Frances Kunz, Donald Osfrum, Marlha M urphy, Mary Aileen Lopez, Olibama ....,.Miss Rose Mahoney MEMBERS Class of l94O Phillips, Francelene Rellig, Evelyn Williamson, Peggy Class of l94I Slalmann, Marcia Williams, Courfland Class of I 942 Graduale PI DELTA THETA To TurTher inTeresT in The Tield of maThe- maTics, Pi DelTa TheTa was locally Tounded in I928. To be eligible Tor membership a sTudenT in The universiTy musT have aTTained a 2.6 grade average in Three successive courses in maThemaTics. To sTimulaTe Triendship among iTs members This group sponsors a dance dur- ing Tall guarTer and a spring picnic. lvleeTings are held Twice a monTh, aT which Time sTudenTs and TaculTy members speak. MoTion picTures are also shawn aT These meeTings. PresidenT ........,,.,s, Mary Louise Buirgy Vice presidenT ......,.,,,,.. l-larold Agnew SecreTary .,...... Treasurer .,..,,,.. ,,,.,... "xrThur, Fosler Benedeck, Josephine Bundgaarcl, Roberi BurkarT. Norma Gaims, Horace Hinch, William Huber, Richard Johnson, Wanda Albers, Lynn Buirgy, Mary Louise Cox, Cecil Francis, Gus Lewis. Jack MarcheTTi, Alba Marelius, Esfher Agnew, Harald Enarson, Joseph Griffin, Rufh Kahan, Archie ......Alba Marche-TTi Donald lvlorTon Class of I940 Larson, Lee Lewis, Arfhur Phillips, Jack Schwalb, William ShowalTer, Roberi' Sfarkenberg, Carl Verzuh, Frank Class of I94I MaTuskey, Joseph Norlander, William O'Brien, Mazie Ridley, Thomas Schuman, RoberT Smith, John Decker Class of i942 MorTon, Donald Savory, Leonard Liss, Douglas 3 Q 9- 'E' U 11 3 w-sr Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row one: Baer, Ballou, Brown, Carlson fwo: Dunlrlee, Ginsburg, Henn, lsaacson S '-we ihreez Malfern, McWilliams, Morgan, O'Neill four: Pringle, Prisner, Richardson, Schwarfz five: Shannon, Spallone six: Spaulding, Swan seven: Walther, E. Watkins eighl: M. Wafkins, Williams PI GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu conducls research proiecis, provides a meeling place for The discussion oi currenl guesiions and arranges for promi- nem' speakers. Those wishing io become mem- bers ol lhis group musl have compleied six courses in social science and have an average oi "B". The nalional founding oi This group was in April, I924, al' Soulhweslern college in Memphis, Tenn. The local founding ol Pi Gamma Mu was on Feb. I2, l927. This organ- izaiion does noi sponsor any annual school evenis. OFFICERS Presiclenl ,.,,,.,....,...,.,.., Elhan Waliher Vice presiclenl .,.,,, Benjamin Swan Secrelary-Treasurer ,,.s .,,,.,,.s.,,,..s. ,, H ,, .. .. .,,Doro+hea Spallone MEMBERS Class of I94O Anderson, Bernice Ballou, Waller Biggerslail, Winifred Brown, Thomas Carlson. Edi+h Dunlclee, George Fisher, James Ginsburg, Charlolle l-lenn, Roger Isaacson, Lee Baer, Charline McWilliams, Edward Prisner, Slanley Schwarfz, Frances Maflern, Caroline Morgan, Elizabeih O'Neill, Marion Pelerson, Edi+h Pringle, lrene Richardson, Lee Spallone, Dorolhea Swan, Benjamin Wallcins, Evelyn Wallcins, Mildred Class of I94I Shannon, Barbara Spaulding. Marcia Wallher, Elhan Williams, Courllancl PIONEER SKI CLUB WiTh appropriaTe colors oT black and blue, The Pioneer Ski club was esTablished here in I928. The club lisTs as iTs only requiremenT an acTive inTeresT in skiing and The approval oT The group. SuccessTul Trips are planned by The or- ganizaTion and lessons are given by experT insTrucTors aT a minimum cosT To members. WiTh The excepTion oT a Tew individuals, The UniversiTy oT Denver ski Team is made up oT club members. During The year This group plans square dances and parTies. OFFICERS PresidenT ..,...,..,.. Norman WinchesTer Vice presidenT .oA......A,,,..,.. Donald Kunz SecreTary .,..l.,... Jacqueline SchaeTzel Treasurer ,,.ls.. .......,,,,s,,,, E Ilen Wilson MEMBERS Class of I94-O CrabTree, Yvonne , Mead, RoberT Kunz, Calvin Loach, George McCusker, John Ahern, Paul BeThqe, Norma Lee Brown, AniTa Dolberg, Charles Gould, Doris GusTaTson, Russell I-larringTon, Virginia I-luTchins, I-larrief LesTer, RoberT McNuTT, BeTTy Monfgomery, Dorolhy Benne'rT, Jack Bixby, Josephine Collins, Clem Crane, MargareT Draper, Melvin Eskridge, Thomas GriTfin, Omer I-Iosburgh, James Keeler, Roberi' Kunz, Donald Lake, Leo Moor, Penelope Pederson, Roy Graham, Elmer Jordan, Max Kidder, RoberT Mahony, Lew RaTcliTF, Jeanne Wilson, Richard WiTTing, Doris Class of I94-I Nelson, Jay NeTherTon, Louise Niedrach, ElizabeTh Scheuermann, William Syler, BeTTy TrouT, Owen UpTon, ErnesT WhiTe, Francis Wilson, Ellen WinchesTer, Norman Class oT I942 Morgan. William Nelson, Roger Nyswancler, Edson Quick, RoberT Scarborough, Jean SchaeTzel, Jacqueline ScoTT, Vernon Sparks, Elmo Thelander, ClinTon TruehearT, Eddie Jo WalsrniTh, Henry Class of I943 Maxwell, BerT McCoy, Virginia Rolfes, Jeanne WrighT, Roberl' ,.,, A ,,, .,, iv V Y' mm I li- I " I , . Gi. N. I is -L -3 ., IE, 5. 5. -vs , lf ' rg I' IW fa 6' T' I ii 5 J I, 1, ink I I 15: Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row one: Ahern, BenneTT, BeTl1ge, Bixby Two: Brown, Collins, Crane, Draper Three: Gould, HarringTon, Hufchins, Keeler four: C. Kunz, D. Kunz, Lake, Loach five: Mehony, Maxwell, McCoy, McCusker six: McNuT+, Mead, Monfgomery, Neiherfon seven: Niedrach, Rafcliff, Rolfes, Schaefzel eighfz ScoIT, Syler, Thelancler, Truel1ear+ nine: Upfon, E. Wilson Ten: R. Wilson, Wifling , Class of I940 PIONEER SQUARE DANCING GROUP The Pioneer Square Dance group gives programs and Teaches square dancing To vari- ous groups oT persons and clubs. Each Wednes- day a square dance is given in The STudenT Union building. Knowledge OT and inTeresT in square dancing combinedrwiTh a "C" average are The requiremenTs Tor membership inTo This group. ThroughouT The school year demonsTra- Tions are presenTed in many public places by These dancers. This group was Tounded on This campus during The Tall quarTer of I938. OFFICERS SecreTary .,,....... DoroThy MonTgomery Treasurer .....,.sss.........,.......s Marian Fax MEMBERS Loach, George Moore, Marfha Baldwin, Adelaide Bullen. MargueriTe Davies, Frances Domenico, Adalaine Francis, Gus Glasier, Rufh BenneTT, Jaclr Crane, MargareT Driscoll, William Eskridge, Thomas Fox, Marian C5oldsmiTh, Jacl: Gow, BeTTy l-larvaT, Joseph Householder, Mae Johnson, Warren BuTcher, James Glasier, EThyl Pierce, Joseph Schnaclrenberg. Reila Class of l94l Hiclcish. Jack MonTgomery, Dorolhy Morgan, Nancy Pierson, Elogene SaxTon, Harry Class of l942 Keeler, RoberT PenningTon, Darrell Reagan, Duane Rilling, Raymond Rolfes, Lorraine Schaefzel, Jacqueline Shine, Clifford Tail, Jane Way, David Wiley, Baron Class of I943 Mahony, Lewis RolTes, Jeanne Burroughs, DoroThy Mae Fox, Roberf PSI CHI Psi Chi was founded locally on Jan. l2. l923, as Jrhe Psychological Service club wilh live charier members. I+ became a charrer chapler of Psi Chi, nalional honorary psy- chological sociely, in l929. Eacully and our- side speakers address lheir monihly meelings. The group was organized lo promoie inleresl' in lhe sludy of psychology and lo discuss and invesligare psychological problems. An inilia- lion banguel is held each year by Jrhe members of rhis group. OFFICERS Presidenl .,,,.,...,.,,, ,,..,sss., E lliolr Harlow Vice preside-nl .,,,ss,, Dororhy Goodrich Secrerary ,,Y.,,,,,,,. Winilred Biggersrafi Treasurer ..,.... .u.......... W alrer Poirier Biggerslarrf, Winifred Crabiree, Yvonne Goodrich, Doroihy Halen, Karl Harlow, Ellioll Danyew, B. A. Hadley, Lola Cool, Elinor Duval, William Hahn, Rulh Hawfhorn, Gladys Johnson, Granville MEMBERS Class of i940 A Kramish, Arihur Odell, Shirley Runnells, Roberl Vaseen, Eleanor Class ol l94I Hoffman, Wallace Niedrach, Elizabeiln Class of I94-2 Poirier, Waller Graduares Rohrer, John Wirls, Joan 'R i .rg-6 4.1 V rank ' P Q- iz ,, r Row one: Biggersfaff, Goodrich Row fwo: Hafen, Harlow Row fhree: Niedrach, Odell Row four: Poirier, Runnells Row one: Benedeck, Brown, Cox Row Iwo: Davies, Falligan, Glasier Row fhreez Monfgomery, Ramsey, Schnaclnenberg Row four: Shannon, Snider, Spaulding Row five: Van Hall, D. Williams Row six: M. Williams, WiHing E' 'Tl' RILLING ATHLETIC CLUB The Rilling Aihlelic club was founded here in I9 I 7. This is an honorary organizalion which draws, for iis membership, upon girls who are ouisianding in aihleiics and who demonsiraie cooperaiion, sporismanship, loyaliy and com- panionship. This club requires a scholaslic aver- age of "B," 500 poinls gained in aihleiic par- licipaiion and a conlinual inieresi in sporis acliviiies. The girls of ihis group sponsor one ol Ihe largesl all universiiy women funciions ihe RAC ball in The fall quarler. OFFICERS Presideni .s,,.,.,..., Reiia Schnackenberg Vice presideni ...,..,,.... Muriel Williams Secreiary ........,.s,....., Dorolhy Williams Treasurer ...,.... As,..,, D oris Wiiling Benedeclc, Josephine Ramsey, Morice Schnaclcenberg, Reiia Snider, Virginia Brown, Anila Cox, Cecil Davies, Frances Ealligan, Baile MEMBERS Class of I94O Class ol I94 Van I-Iall, Rae Williams, Doroihy Williams, Muriel Willing, Doris l Glasier, Ruih Monigomery, Dorofhy Shannon, Barbara Spaulding, Marcia SHULER-TEMPLIN CLUB The Shuler-Templin club is composed of girls from loofh clormifories. Twelve girls are selecfed from fhe fwo houses fo form fhe dormifory council. These represenfafives make and enforce regulafions for fhe girls, mosf of whom come from ouf of fown, ancl seffle any problems which arise during fhe year. Every woman is required fo pay clues. This money is use-cl for fhe annual clormifory formal, spring slumber parfy. senior picnic. formal dinners. flowers and newspaper subscripfions. OFFICERS Presidenf .c,,.,...,.,..,...,s.,..,. Olive Turpin Secrefary .,.,,..,.s,,..,.., Rena Befh Owen Treasurer .,,,..,,,,,.,,.,.,..,. Dorofhy l-larff Presiclenf of Shuler ...... Berenice Baker Presidenf of Templin .... Jean McGrafh l-losfess of Shuler ..Y,..s,,....,s,,,,,,,,Ys,,,,, .....,.....,,..,...,.,,...Fredda Roselorough f-losfess of Templin ...,.. Adelle Carlson Senior represenfafive..Doro+hy Lafson Junior represenfafive .... Mary Murphy Sophomore represenfafive ..,.,......... .......,...,,.....,,........,...Barbara Barreff Freshman represenfafive ...,....,.,,.,.. Louise Smifh Social chairman..Winifred Biggersfaff if Row one: Balrerii Barre'H, Biggersfaiffmi Row fwo: Harff, Lafson Row Three: McGra'H1 Row four: Murphy, Owen Row five: Rosebrough, Smifh, Turpin Gr ser Row Row Row Row SIGMA PI SIGMA Slipulaling a high reguiremenl lor mem- bership of Three courses in physics wiih an average of 3.0 or five courses wilh a 2.6 average, Sigma Pi Sigma promoles inleresl and research in physics. This organizalion was founded nalionally in l92l al Davidson college in Norih Carolina and was locally organized in l933. The annual evenls sponsored by This group include a dance, a slcaring parly and a picnic in order To round our rheir aciiviries during lhe school year. - OFFICERS Presidenlr, . s,Franlc Verzuh Vice presidenr, ..,...,. ,, , .Lee Larson Secrelraryn . , William Schwalb Treasurer , , , ,A,,s......, Owen Trour MEMBERS Class of l94O fXr1l'l'1OI'1y, Glen Larggn, Lee Benedeclc, Josephine Pawel-5, Fred B0Yles, Reber? Schwalb, William l-linch, William Verzuh, Frank Class of I94l Albers. Lynn Trout Owen Maruska, Joseph Wallhers, Earle Srnilh, John ' G-raduales Nereson, Norris Liss, Douglas TAU KAPPA ALPHA Membership info Tau Kappa Alpha is gained by parficipafion in various forensic acfivifies. This club was organized locally fwo years affer ifs nafional founding in l908 by a group of lndiana sfudenfs. The purpose of fhis group is fo provide organizafion for all lhose who are acfively inferesfed in forensics. The frafernify supporfs and sponsors forensics ac- fivifies here. ln fhe spring Tau Kappa Alpha sponsors a freshman-sophomore affer-dinner speaking confesf and awards fhe Brown-Red- ding medal. OFFICERS Presidenf ..s..................... Walfer Ballou Vice presidenf sY,,.s,.,... l-lugo Eslcildson Secrefary-Treasurer ..,,,, Mary Murphy MEMBERS Class of i940 Ballou, Walfer Crofinger, William Eslcildson, Hugo Garleff, Shirley l-laigh. Jo Alice l-luskinson, Charles Furze, Richard Harden, Ralph Morris, Roberf Murphy, Mary Berg, Elinor Haney. Elaine Ausfon, John Henfzell, Paul Class of l94 Johnson, Wanda Knapp, Horace Richardson, Lee Smifh, Murray Williams, William l Pring, Roy Scoff, William Wafa, Paul Wilson, Avis Class of l942 Graduafe Law Hickey, Frances Needham, James 'pa Row one: Ballou, Berg, Esliildson, Garleff Row fwo: Haigh, Haney, Henfzell, Hickey Row ihree: Huskinson, Johnson, Knapp Row four: Morris, Murphy Row five: Needham, Pring Row six: Richardson, Scoff Row seven: Smifh, Wafa Row eighf: Williams, .Wilson Ds WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION W.A.A. is one ol lhe largesl organizalions lor women on lhis campus. Founded in I'-724, il serves lo bring logelher lhe universily women aclively inleresled in alhlelics. ln order lo become a member ol lhis group a girl musl have merilecl IOO poinls lhrough par- licipalion in one or more maior sporls. During lall quarler W.A.A. sponsors lhe freshman round-up lo inleresl new sludenls in becoming members. This organizalion is a member ol lhe college groups parlicialing in play day each spring. OFFICERS Presidenl ,,.,,.,.,,,,,,..,. Dorolhy Williams Vice presiclenl..Reila Schnaclcenberg Secrelary ..........,,s.........,,., Anile Brown Treasurer .,,.,,,.,A.,,,...... Muriel Williams Sporls manager ,......,.... Belle Falligan MEMBERS Class ol l940 Epler, Mary Lee, Clara Belh Moore, Marlha Phillips, Francelene Baldwin, Adelaide Cox, Cecil Davies, Frances Falligan, Belle Corlcle, Margarel Gow, Belly Hallock, Mary Hopkins, Virginia Mclnlosh, Rulh Albean, Ilres Beacham, Helen Callaway, Alberlha Dinner, Marguerile Dunn, Belly Durocher, Margarel Ealon, Palricia Glasier, -Elhel Goodpaslure, Nanc Gooclspeed. Belsy Heggem, Dorolhy Henry, Frances Jacobson, Mariorie Knauer, Virginia Ramsey, Morice Schnaclrenberg, Reila Williams, Dorolhy Williams, Muriel Class of I9-ll Knauer, Mildred Marelius, Eslher Monlgomery, Dorolhy Shannon, Barbara Class ol I942 Noel, Naomi Paul, Belly Pease, Belly Jane Schaelzel, Jacqueline Tail, Jane Class oi l943 Loeplien, Juanila Loewenlhal, Kala Manus, Jerry McCoy, Virginia Messenger, Helen Pelerson, Margarel Pollle, Mildred Reilly, Lorella Rhineharl. Jayne Rolles, Jeanne Schoene, Carol Smilh, Maxine Weslon, Belly Cufie Doroihy Williams of Alpha Gamma Delia is presidenf W'- of WAA. -f , ,W I 1 lr-:T Q 'E Row Row Row Row Row one: McCoy, Mclniosh, Messenger, Monfgomery iwo: Moore, Noel, Paul, Pease fhreez Peferson, Phillips, Poffle, Ramsey four: Reilly, Rhineharf, Rolfes, Schaehel five: Schnaclrenberg, Schoene Row six: Shannon, Smiih Row seven: Taii, Wesfon Row eighi: D. Williams, M. Williams rv- b- V b Q7 .1 - -l 1 iw-if if sy im . 125 L. Z bf- Row one: Davenporf, Domenico, Domer Row Two: Garihan, McDanal Row Three: McKibben Row four: Musselman, Seelinger Row five: Smifh, Weimar, Wifmer 'F:,"- WOMEN'S STUDENT COUNCIL --CGMMERCE AT The School oT Commerce The execuTive council oT AWS is made up OT The Tour women oicficers who are elecTecl aT The spring polls. Members include The presiclenlrs of The Two professional sororiTies, Phi Gamma Nu and Phi Chi TheTa, MenTors and YWCA. AssociaTe members comprise The commerce presiclenT of Alpha Lambda DelTa and The vice presiclenT and secreTary of The Commerce commission. The only evenT which AWS aT commerce spon- sors alone is Their annual lvloTher-DauqhTer banqueT in The spring quarTer. OFFICERS Pregideni ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Virginia WiTmer Vice presidenT ..,........... Efhel McDanal SecreTary ............. ....V, N 60ml Domer Treasurer Y-,,-,4,,, ,,,,,,,, R GCl'1el MEMBERS Class of i940 - Domenico, Geraldine Smiih. RBCl16l Domer, Naomi WiTmer, Virginia Garihan, Jean Class of I94l Davenport Isabelle Musselrnan, Eleanor McDanal, EThel Weimer. Erma Mcliibben, Mildred Class of I942 Seelinger, Anna Lou Class of l940 WOMEN'S STUDENT COUNCIL --LIBERAL ARTS The execulive council ol: AWS on The campus is made up of The AWS olrlicers lo- gelher wilh The presidenl ol lndependenl Women and The lnlerschool council represen- lalive. Women's Sluclenl council includes lhe secrelary of Campus commission, presidenls ol each sororily and every women's club which offers a service 'ro The universily. AWS annu- ally sponsors The AWS banquel, lwilighl sing, and dance, Colorado Women's college parly, Molher-Daughler lea and a chapel program each quarler. OFFICERS Presidenl ......... ........ S hirley McMillen Vice presidenl .,...... Marjorie l-lamman Secrefary .............w,,.. Marlha-Ann Lee Treasurer .........,......,......... Belle Durell Presidenl lndependenl Women ...... Snider lnlerschool council represenlalive. Wilson MEMBERS Carlson. Ecliih Durell, Belle Geller, Lenore Ginsburg, Charlolle G-oclsman, Charlolle l-lamrnan, Mariorie Johnson, Wanda Lee, Marlha-Ann Mclvlillen, Shirley Michael, Cveorqene Mohr, Charlolfe Odell, Shirley Paraclice, Jane Peferson, Edilh Simon, Louise Snider, Virginia Thompson, Rila Turpin, Olive Williams, Dorofhy Wilmer, Virginia Willing, Doris Wollenweber, Clara Morgan, Elizabelh Class of l94l Abboil, Alice Wilson. Ellen Monfgornery, Dorolhy Wolberl, Mary Virginia Class of l942 Barmalz, Ruth Howard. Rose l-lenlschell, Ruby Library Mcliindley, Elizabelh 17 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row ...-., - '- T m-fs? Q A .W , I W ..w ' , I' ' f "if 'I 'L V , -H. P 1, .L. Y X , A1 1 in ,, X , .. ' , -:mfg ,V :gSfQGf15-a'- 1 ' . , fem M21-1a-rzjzfs-f-1 - A ,-iff-ifx 1:fi,2Qf,55:1G9:f5'if.:Icg.5': . ' ' . gitQYf'Q'f55Sf9fj-'f1?gE'h5i3,2Q'f.ffsQ-fgtfsgg ?'AQ!'Qf X 'fsslifgg'--GIF,-. 'rd'-x-z-' " Q , . V 1.. . 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Upselling a slraighl-laced precedenl, Rulh presenled an allraclive piclure in her crim- son shorls and gold salin blouse. l-larold McCormick, unsalaried manager ol demonslralions, was responsible lor lhe advenl ol lhe liny girl wilh lhe abbrevialed coslume as well as many olher oulslanding lealures. l-le originaled lhe idea ol selling oll bombs aller louchdowns. l-le also insliluled "Dad's Day" al lhe Idaho game, al which lime lalhers ol loolball players were guesls. The nighlshirl parade, annual evenl belore each Boulder game, was allended by lhe largesl group ol sludenls ever seen al one ol lhese al- lairs. More lhan 450 men, dressed in all kinds ol nighl allire, chain-ganged lhrough lhe downlown slreels belore ending al lhe Denver lhealer lor a program. l-larold McCormick was assisled in all his underlalcings by Courlland Williams, Roberl Robbins and Vlaller Cass. RUM MCfnfosh ..T Some of lhe crowd al lhe Pioneer Day hird learn" on Dad's Day. FGCTB LL Lewis Mahony was appoinTed direcTor oT aThleTics here in I93O. l-le manages The huge l-lillTop sTadium and has charge oT The Tinancial siTuaTion oT The aThleTic program. l-le has done more To TurTher aThleTic compeTiTion in This area Than any oTher one man. Clyde "Cac" l-lubbard, head coach oT inTer- collegiaTe aThleTics, came here in l933. As TooT- ball direcTor, he inTroduced The NoTre Dame sysTem which gave The Team a much-needed spark and presenTed Denver Tans wiTh a Type oT TooTball They will long remember. The only alumni on The Pioneer coaching sTaTT is Ellison KeTchum, assisTanT coach. l-le is The head line coach and chieT scouT Tor Coach "Cac" l-lubbard. This ZOO-pound grid TuTor shows The Denver linemen Their assignmenTs by acTual, none Too genTle, conTacT. Tim Moynihan was added To The Denver coaching sTaTT lasT summer as head Treshman coach and assisTanT line coach oT The varsiTy. l-le has played pro ball wiTh The Cardinals and was a member oT The sTaTTs aT George WashingTon and Texas universiTies. Lewis Mahony Tim Moynihan Ellison Kefchum y e "Cac" Hub Wr- 'ghf Passe s Q lo ng on e a ga' ms? fha Va ndals Oevvlevs mov! P. si me o Oen v unxvevswfs qnxqxnksg Vxoneevs Xveakeo an ooenxnq nxqxnk ovovlo oss X5 DOO vaxoxo Ysans No a soeokaoxkav snow oss ogiensnle-oonsoxons Ssookxofb 'xn ns season s ooenef X04 xnavnessxnq We 'nxqxnkl Xonkeo ow a SX ake C4 c,Xones, b Ko O ,Xn We Wood sxneXN. NNKW Geovqe XfXaXX, snxsxkq Xanback, Xeaoxnq We wasp ,We Xoxqileo fnacfnxne SWYUCXI-U oasl owku fnxovl asq 'xn We 'xnxfxai 5356016 as We Xoevfkoeveo 'xnvaoers NN-XWXOCYG6 xoessove We oow evWX Qenslev Yxne. 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Surrounded by UTes, Brawner scores in The second h ASKETB LL WiTh Coach Clyde W. Hubbard again aT The helm, UniversiTy oT Denver baskeTball records Took a slighT rise over The TorTunes of The Two previous seasons. The hardwood arTisTs invaded The land oT The Big Six in The seelc Tor pre-seasonal compeTiTion, buT were noT able To Tumble any oT These members. Coach Hubbard was given The help oT Ellison KeTchum in The varsiTy drilling ses- sions. KeTchum also TuTored The Trosh squad. Moynihan acTed in an advisory capaciTy in drilling The yearlings in hoop Technique. lowa universiTy, lowa STaTe, CreighTon and Missouri were meT on successive nighTs, buf The less experienced Denver Team Took a Thumping aT each sTronghold. The one big TacTor in The local's play was The addiTion oT big Ed Dunn To The squad. Only his following and good Tloor worlc kepT The'Pioneers in Coach Hubbard Ass'T Coach Keichum The games in The circuiT Trip Through The Big Six TerriTory. ln The ChrisTmas holiday Trip The Pioneers were able To gain enough ex- perience To deTeaT Colorado STaTe college and Greeley STaTe in early January. Because of a laTe TooTball season, Hub- bard was Torced To sTarT The Training oT his charges a liTTle laTer Than oTher conTerence schools. WiTh a nucleus oT l-loyT Brawner, WaI+ Walla. Norm Maris, Larry Toburen. Diclc l-luber, George l-lall and Fred Schaefer To build his quinTeT, l-lubbard added sopho- mores Bob l-logan and Dick Barger To give The Team a scoring punch. WiTh The loss of Dunn aT The beginning of The conference playing season, Crimson hopes received a l-lerculean blow. The local hoopsTers goT oTF To a bad sTarT and were able To scare Big Seven opponenTs only on Their own floor. WalTer Walla, guard Raymond Dubois, forward half of The Uiah game. Thai Aggies cenier can really iump highl f".y UTAI-I UNIVERSITY 52. DENVER 47. The Pioneers did noT have The zesT To beaT UTah universiTy. The TirsT Toe in con- Terence play. The Tricky UTes broke up Den- ver scoring plays by The dozen and came ouT oT The conTesT on The long end oT The score. COLORADO UNIVERSITY 66. DENVER 25. Pioneer hopes oT a vicTory were dashed groundward as The local hoopsTers were smashed by The rampaging Colorado BuTTs, conTerence champions, in The second Big Seven TiIT, played aT Boulder. BRIGI-IAM YOUNG 44, DENVER 54. BRIGI-IAM YOUNG 63, DENVER 48. In a home game Denver deTeaTed Brig- ham Young universiTy. The briIIianT play oT The shock Troops added IusTer To The Pioneer vicTory. The Pioneers iourneyed To The Bee- hive sTaTe To Iose To The BYU Cougars. UTAH STATE 36, DENVER 27. UTAH STATE 46. DENVER 56. The Crimson warriors Tell beneaTh The onslaughT oT The powerTul UTah STaTe cagers aT Logan. Toburen led The Denver a++ack wiTh IO markers buT The resT oT The Team couldn'T hiT The hoop wiTh any degree oT accuracy. Perhaps The greaTesT upseT in mounTain league play was The brillianT perTormance sTaged by The Crimson lads in upseTTing The UTah STaTe cagers in Denver. The crowd was in a Trenzy as The hoT-shooTing Pioneers poured buckeT aTTer buckeT Through The ring To Take The halTTime lead oT 25-23. The lasT halT saw The red-clad club pull away on some remarkable shoTs by Brawner and Walla. COLORADO STATE COLLEGE 38, DENVER 33. Colorado STaTe upseT The apple carT The Tollowing week by Trouncing Denver aT EorT Collins. Pershing Blake, gianT Colorado STaTe Tip-in arTisT, was Too hoT Tor The Pioneer guinTeT To handle as he spliT The sTrings Tor I8 poinTs. Brawner was held To a lone Tield goal while Dubois upheld The Denver scoring column wiTh IO poinTs. 1 TX l'1Ts as he oufreaches a Uiah The Aggie g i L, N, x 'Y WYOMING UNIVERSITY 33, DENVER 49. WYOMING UNIVERSITY 36, DENVER 28. In a Two game series wiTh Wyoming. Denver was able To win one and Iose one. The Pioneers were eTfecTive in boTTIing up The Windy-STaTers scoring aTTacIc aT The Denver gym buT The Cowboys were Too hoT on Their own haIT-acre TIoor. I UTAI-I UNIVERSITY 53, DENVER 32. WiTh Two games To go in conference The Crimson Tive was deTerminecI To win aT IeasT one oT Them. BuT aT Sal+ Lake The UTes were merciIess as They puT Their TasT break inTo gear. The IocaI hoopmen were able To conTroI The score Tor The TirsT half, being behind onIy 24-26. UTah wenT wiId in The second sTanza To win. Dubois Ied The Denver scoring wiTh I4 markers. Richard Huber, forward g is exciTed as The Team s COLORADO UNIVERSITY 52, DENVER 37 There was no sTopping The Colorado BuTTs when They descended wiTh all Their Tury on'The homeTown boys. Led by brillianT Jack Harvey. The golden BuTTaloes were able To run up a 24-20 halTTime lead. Colo- rado proved To be The besT in The conTer- ence in The minds oT all scribes as They worked The ball inTo seTup posiTion Time aTTer Time in The Denver conTesT. Only The sTrained eTTorT oT The locals in The lasT halT held The score lower Than iT should have been. AAU TOU RNAM ENT. The compleTion oT conTerence play was The signal Tor Hubbard To enTer his sTalwarTs in The naTional AAU Tourney aT The Denver Municipal audiTorium. The Pioneers meT Boise Junior college in The TirsT round and eliminaTed Them 77-38. Larry Toburen drove The crowd wild as he poured The leaTher Through The hoop Tor 48 poinTs-The highesT number scored by any individual player oT The 50 Teams enTered. Denver was elimin- aTed The nexT day by Acme STeel oT Chi- cago 43-36. ' ayer pins Walla To T Hoyf Brawner, 'Forward h H nson pufs a wrisT lock on Nyswander B Hell "o . elow. HarvaT demonsfrafes a WRE TLI Under The eagle-eye TuTelage oT Gran- ville Johnson The T946 Denver universiTy wresTling Team made Their lceynoTe oT The season "plenTy of pracTice." No oTher sporT had a harder working bunch oT boys com- peTing Than Those oT The grunT and groan game. Johnson puT TorTh his years oT Teach- ing abiliTy inTo The sporT as in no oTher year and gained a marlced degree oT success. STarTing The season minus a conTesTanT in The l65-pound class, "Granny" Tried every- Thing possible To oTTseT This handicap by sharpening his charges To razor edge. BuT as The season progressed. The Tive poinTs losT in every dual meeT because oT no enTry in This class proved To be The undoing oT many a possible vicTory. nvflle .1 fm 11,1 Spb Har 807 es Heffel, I . 36 The TirsT dual maTch oT The season saw The Pioneer body-TwisTers lose To Greeley STaTe 20-l8. If iT had noT been Tor The spoTTing oT ThaT viTal Tive poinTs, The locals would have been on The long end OT an I8-I5 score. Wyoming annexed a vicTory aT Denver's expense 23-I3. The highlighT oT The season was The Crimson win over The BUTTS oT Colorado I7.5 To l6.5. IT was The TirsT deTeaT a Boulder wresTling Team had suTTered on Their own campus in years. Johnson's charges reached The crisis oT The season when They Taced The champion- ship Colorado STaTe aggregaTion and wenT down To deTeaT I8-I I. The Tollowing week The red-clad Team journeyed To Golden and sTaged Their besT perTormance oT The season by downing a Tough Colorado Mines Team 27.5 To 9.5. Denver Tinished The dual meeT season wiTh a ToTal oT 87 poinTs To oppo- nenTs 54. They gained I9 poinTs sin The con- Terence meeT aT Boulder. The climax oT The season was The enTering oT conference heavyweighT champ John Woudenberg in The NaTional meeT aT Urbana, lll. C h 6 y shows Ames how To puT a body Ny cl OW' 5 - ew' , Q51 sow P T T-v W' Bvio MT' 6:9 - .2 -:L -, V x ., sm -4' i , ' Y T ' Iii 1 A 'l 1 ' 1 T l il I -4 T fy' R . -,.b. - Above: I940 baseball squad. Below: Coach Tim Moynihan, Herb McCarThy, fielder. on Coe: Dwell' P - i-T Hi, T air- 'T-T, V' 0 06 'Y 1 4 ford . 1 . Ge 1 plfcbe . 01-99 H C 0 ASEB LL Under The TuTorship oT Coach Tim ivloyni- han, Tormer All-American grid sTar Trom NoTre Dame, The I94O ediTion oT The Denver Pioneer baseball nine proved To be one oT The mosT successTul aggregaTions in years. Forming a Team abouT his all-conicerence baTTery, PiTcher George l-lall and CaTcher Cecil "BuTch" SheT- Tel, lvloynihan developed a Top-noTch ouTTiT Tor conTerence compeTiTion. Big Dan Conwell held down The TirsT base posiTion admirably during The season while Jerry Levine alTernaTed wiTh l-lanlc WalsmiTh on The second sack. Bob JusTman was Moyni- han's choice Tor The shorTsTop posiTion and The Third base hoT corner was conTrolled by Jack Gray. ' if , : , .-'iifiiwlwlilliiim 0 1 PHQAQI. l-lall, a burly speed king, received valuable aid on The mound Trom sophomore hurler Bob l-lalTord, who gained wide disTincTion by shuT- Ting ouT Wyoming's sTrong squad, 7-O. WiTh Ii++Ie Frankie GenTile and l-lerb lvlcCarThy leading The Team in The baTTing deparTmenT, The Red's challced up some impressive vic- Tories. lv1cCarThy was shiTTed To The ouTTield aTTer doing some work on The mound previ- ously. The ouTTield was compleTed by such Timely players as WalT Walla and Dick Huber. The Pioneers oTl7ered Their opponenTs a Tormidable aTTaclc and Turned in good Tielding perTormances ThroughouT The season. Heavy hiTTing by The local baTTers assured The Team oT a good posiTion in The sTandings, buT The ace piTching sTaTT oT The D. U. squad was direcTly responsible Tor The Team's good show- ing. -i 1. ,. -5 , i if Y., . . F'?' ' :, fv -, , 1 ' ' 'an , ,,.., . . ,lv VV.. ,,4.,.,-M.. .1 ..' P ' Y -. C'-R . I N-Q' g f' GF l f I v 1. .-1. it gtg Above: Genfile ready and waifing for a fasf one. Below: Frank Genfile, Tie Hank Walsmifh, uTiliTy. as Y ' V -:L Q ,J .bv im if A I -. Sl 2 , T if ,, or T .T M , J T V 4 ' ' , . .L I f 1 'ir' frzvi-1 s T or , e 1' ', T , - i gko .",l , ' - T it xv' ' . ri . .i ' ,,,, 2 b susx , -A, Y. J li' Q .' -1 . -, .,5"ii efegk rjjgj '. A - " .-,hx 4. ,. la" 'ff Q' X 1 wx f, ' . W . N ., '- ' v-3-ia:-gwff.-X ' r 1 ,:'iI.- , :rg :I ,I X ,ir I ,-JN ,gh My-V . T -V It 'fl' .Vx 'Six . 'Ugg .Trl :H ' E' -qlrivlifi. 1 ' ' ' V 1 .,c55 4 ,,g,-.H ' "Q: ' -': iq :-?Fl',.'.:f 2,217-"'.'w ' 1 4fa.fgjiw' T y s 1 T 1,,er'-,,f"'f.fRE:iievizW's?iKg:?fj fr wifi J' - '. 1' 'ii'l""aF" Q0 ,-' '..': T "Y 4.-evil 528' :EQ-:, Abs " ",.-' xr" -f'f'-tiny, 1'f'i'r"1' A i 9 . .,,,,' 4.,, , . I o 53 afiffx ' -4. -':!g,'A- ' 8,0859 .vox 566 '. V' 2" 6 'Nxt you , , x S , . ton 60 SB iii I Y aka lder T -,T Y- M:-, L ,.-,A Q.. N.: Q T 1' - 1 T E, an B T, N 1-gli. ,., .-.Kq A ' 1' Ju i :,,,- T ,safe-f T H-T ,T 1-M T L . . F.-,ig I V.. 1 1 1 JE fb l 5' I ' T ' T T :G , T .' 131 1 531 5 ' 4 351 --:., ' .T . X! i' 'R ' Eff T' is ,y Q3 14? 'i fail . QV 5 l 5 T T T, T Y . T T. .' - 4.-4-,N U: A A : . I .- I YA ' f-TAT- s. 3,7 Q- N , - -?f::f5ggi9 ' A'--2' y if 'T ,Gi 'H' " ' "1 xy, :. . up - .T 'gh T Y.. I ,-ff-gi", ' ..":" 'Q If. -:?1'..1, '?. A " ji-ff 11. - ""' " 'i"' " TJ-'f-fa ' Qiij' Above: Hafen s'rarTs The mile for Denver Below: Coach Ed Haynes. Fred Powers, sprinis. TRACK lnclemenT weaTher unTil The TirsT week oT April did much To 'hamper Coach Eddie l-laynes' Track and field squad. BUT when Haynes Tinally puT his charges Through Their paces more maTerial was uncovered Than The wise Track head menTor e-xpecTed. Denver was weak in The maioriTy oT Track evenTs, buT proved Their prowess aT gaining poinTs in The Tield secTion. The crimson clad spikemen wenT down To deTeaT aT The hands oT The Colorado Mines squad in Their TirsT dual meeT oT The season, buT bounced back The Tollowing week To com- ple-Tely subdue The Cowboys oT Vvyoming in a give and Take aTFair. Big Mike Jurich gained honors under pressure by heaving The shoT disTances iusT shorT of The comcerence record. The nexT comcerence meeTs proved ThaT even The small squad l-laynes was working wiTh could produce resulTs. I pofe Pau T r,r, MTW TT T TTTT TTT. T T 6908: 46,643 90,,,,fer.,h 179 Jer fy 4,,o,ers o ll 'l'b4 . flllh ThroughouT The season The Pioneer pole vaulTers were The rnosT consisTenT of The crew in gaining poinTs along wiTh Jurich. Danny l-loggaTT and ArT Danyew cleared The bamboo in heighTs close To I2 TeeT in pracTically every meeT. WhaT hurdle hopes The Denver Track menTor possessed were pinned on sophomore Ed EsTlow. l-laynes Tound ThaT The middle dis- Tances oTTered The greaTesT problem in The gaining oT poinTs. No enTranT was found To compeTe in The 880. Karl l-laTen shaped up as a sTrong conTender in The mile run as The sea- son progressed, especially in dual compeTiTion. VeTerans Freddie Powers and l-lal McCor- mick were The big men in The sprinTs along wiTh a promising sophomore, Don MorTon. Powers and lv1orTon also parTicipaTed in The broad iump. PlenTy oT compeTiTion was provided in The 440 wiTh Schuman and Jaclc Abe-ls The seige guns oT This evenT. Denver meT Wyo- ming, Colorado, and Colorado STaTe in sea- sonal compeTiTion and parTicipaTed in The Colorado relays, The EasTern Division meeT and The Comference meeT aT SalT Lalce ciTy. .-.f-- f--. 5?-,.....-.- ,,, Above: Esflow and Twombly lead in The hurdles ag lnsf Wyoml g Below: Ed Esflow, hurdles. Dan Hoggaff, pole ul . vi rl-,-is ' X 158964 O ,mei :ri--i ' gx'i"' S ,. ' "rr-r-:N-1 ix , .1-:tv M 59 I J: . -G . AF V 1 d Gotifxx i. - A90 51 me' ' xbox 08 oo' . 9' 'oxoUA low xv" W' TENN Crimson championship hopes in Tennis soared To a new high Tor The l94O season wiTh The addiTion oT Ray Dubois To The squad. This smashing number one man had mosT oT ArT Lewis' hopes pinned upon his aThleTic shoul- ders. AnoTher newcomer in The personage of George l-linds also gave The Tennis squad a more opTimisTic ouTloolc. LeTTermen George Dunlclee, Bob Runnels, ArT Lewis, and Bob Mead gave a punch To The well balanced Team. Reserve sTrengTh was noT lacking by any means wiTh such sTalwarTs as Bill Jones, Franklin Thompson, Andy Gainey, Jim Needles, ArThur BaTe, Bruce Loup, and Bob Kershner backing up The veTerans. Le Ai m Wi' " 1 ,A Ji .VI g Xl -T ,N I Robe , ff ' Rllhnolls Coach ArT Lewis was The masTer oT The numerous pracTice sessions puT TorTh beTore The collegiaTe playing season began. The only real ThreaT in The Denver pafh was The Colo- rado BuTTs, l939 champs. As The locals bowled over a number oT college Teams ThroughouT The region in preparaTion Tor The inTercol- legiaTe meeT, iT appeared more and more cer- Tain ThaT a championship pennanT would grace campus walls. Freshman Tennis sTarTed a Tew weelcs aTTer The varsiTy had begun Their pracTice TilTs. Be- cause oT The shorT season noT much was learned abouT The capabiliTies oT The Trosh swingers. BuT wiTh The TuTelage given by ProTessor Lewis, iT was a known TacT ThaT he would develop These yearlings well enough To be ThreaTs Tor varsiTy posiTions nexT year. Bill J mfoo Y: ad-W' Kino OW N-M' R Gl.IS'l'afS0h Jack Warner Coach Clyde W. Hubbard again Took over golf duTies Tor The TiTTh consecuTive year. Wi+h a nucleus oT Tour leTTermen re- Turning To build his squad, l-lubbard sTarTed ouT The season early in April. The Tour re- Turning leTTermen Trom The l939 squad were James Fisher, William Schwalb, Russell Gus- TaTson and Alvin STeTson. Qualiifying Tor The Team posiTions was held April 6 aT The Park Hill CounTry Club. A brislc cross-wind and drizzling rain Threw The gualiTying scores higher Than normal. BelTing RoberT l-logan, baslceTball and TooT- ball sTar, proved To be versaTile on The Tair- way by gaining The coveTed number one posiTion wiTh a medal score of 77 Tor I8 holes. ' J dfhespb Mmm S cl, we lb el? 0 , Dorf: During The early parT oT The season Jack Warner held The number Two spoTg Richard Williamson, number Three: Alvin STeTson. number Tour: James Fisher, number Tiveg William Schwalb, number six, and Russell GusTaTson, number seven. The remaining number eighT posiTion was a scramble be- Tween Donald Kunz, Ben O'Dorisio, Marcus Genera, Maynard Tescher and Chesmore EasTlalce. WiTh l-lubbard arranging a ladder Tour- namenT among The Team players Tor posi- Tions before each maTch. The above order was rearranged many Times during The sea- son. JusT abouT every man on The Team carded scores in The 70's beTore The middle oT May. The TirsT Team maTches oT The year were againsT McLaughlin cup Teams oT The various ciTy courses. CiTy Park, Cherry Hills and Berkeley provided The mosT inTeresTing compeTiTion oT The loT. lvlaTches were played wiTh The numerous colleges in The region in preparaTion Tor The imporTanT lnTercollegiaTe championship. Colorado College, Mines, Wyoming. Colorado STaTe and Colorado UniversiTy provided The com- Dondd Kunz R peTiTion. Q VAQPQYR vis 50 0 . gxdso PW' chard Volley during The Tennis Tourney. Iliff man spikes The ball. U4-f 6 0 9e,- I TRAMLIRAL FRATERNITY FOOTBALL In The ToughesT grid race in years, The Kappa Sigs emerged The winners by virTue oT a halT game over Their Sig Alph rivals in The TraTerniTy TooTball Tourney. WiTh a big, husTling eleven The Kappa Sigma Team led The race ThroughouT The season buT iT was noT ap- parenT unTil The Tinal game ThaT They would nose ouT The alerT Sig Alph Team. INDEPENDENT TGUCHBALL Riding on The cresT oT a successTul season, The independenT Bulldogs smashed a Tour year iinx by drubbing The Sons oT ResT 7-6 in The championship TilT oT a colorTul Touchball sea- son. The Sons had held The TiTle Tor Tour con- secuTive seasons and were well on Their way To anoTher pennanT when The Tricky Pup Team upseT The dope sheeTs by giving Them The counT. FRATERNITY BASKETBALL Playing a sTellar brand oT ball ThroughouT The Tourney, Pi Kaps capTured TirsT place in The Greek baskeTball series. Play Tor The regu- lar season culminaTed in a Three way Tie be- Tween The BeTas, Kappa Sigs and The Pi Kaps. I-lowever The winners had liTTle Trouble in dis- posing oT boTh Tives. The Kappa Sigs grabbed second place by Trouncing The BeTas in The playoTTs while The Lambda Chi, Sig Alph, Sig Epg Phi Sig and Tau Ep Teams Tinished in ThaT or er. IN DEPEN DENT BASKETBALL PeaTuring a Team oT TasT, accuraTe shooTing ball players, The Cookie DusTers capTured The independenT baskeTball race wiTh seven suc- cessive vicTories. This Team piled up The im- pressive ToTal oT I74 poinTs and limiTed Their opponenTs To a scanT 95. A record lisT oT eighT Teams regisTered in The independenT loop and despiTe The clean slaTe oT The vicTors compe- TiTion was exTremely Tough. Second in The sTandings were The Five Old Men wiTh buT a single seTback. The Sons oT ResT and The lliTT MinisTers Tinished Third and TourTh respec- Tively. THLETICS INTRAMURAL WRESTLING Coach Granville Johnson again came To The Tore and promoTed one oT The besT inTra- mural wresTling TournamenTs in a number oT years. The Kappa Sigs carTed OTF honors in The TraTerniTy division by gaThering I67 poinTs. Pi Kap placed second wiTh I57 and BeTa placed Third wiTh l2O marlcers. ln The all school braclceT Tor championship crowning in individual weighTs The compeTiTion was Tiery. The l2l pound division was won by l-lopper, independenT. OTher divisions were won by BurTon, I28, independent Vigil, I36. independent UpTon, l45, BeTag NorThway, I55, independent Dunlclee, I65, BeTa: Cham- berlain, I75, Kappa Sig: Riddell, I9O, Pi Kap and Sullens, heavyweight Pi Kap. FRATERNITY TENNTS The Kappa Sigs added anoTher laurel To Their aThleTic prowess when They capTured TirsT place in The TraTerniTy Tennis race. Finish- ing ahead oT The Pi Kaps, The BeTas and The Lambda Chi's in ThaT order, The winners romped Through The compeTiTion. Gribben oT The vicTorious Team was The only undeTeaTed number one man in The TournamenT. FRATERNITY VCDLLEYBALL The TraTerniTy volleyball season ended in a Tie beTween Two sTrong Kappa Sig and Lambda Chi Teams buT The Kappa Sigs cap- Tured TirsT place honors in a TighT 2-I game playoTT. Every TraTerniTy was represenTed by an ex- cepTionally sTrong Team and The Two vicTors dropped one game apiece To finish only slighTly ahead oT The Third place Pi Kap ouTTiT. The Phi Sigs won The TourTh posiTion and be- hind Them in order came The BeTas, Sig Alphs, Sig Eps and Tau Eps. AlThough The TournamenT was compleTed wiThin Three weelcs, inTeresT in The sporT rose To a new high and large crowds were on hand' daily To wiTness The games. Only Two games were played inside due To inclemenT weaTher. aps prepare for The horseshoe Tou y Thai one mighi' go I1. vi -'W' 98 Ylnwbaxx xv' L Hockey champs: Eileen Chrisfian, Rufh Mclniosh, Virginia Hopkins, Befie Falligan, Jeanneffe Lunliey, Margaref Corlile, Gwendolyn Nelsoi, Jacqueline Schaehel. Mary Hallock. Elinor Berg and BeHy Paul. WOMEN'S The program Tor women's aThieTics is car- ried on here under The direcTion oT Miss Mabel Riliing, proTessor OT physical educaTion Tor women. ParTicipaTion in The sporTs which are oTTered enTiTles one inTo membership in The Women's AThleTic associaTion. This group manages TournamenTs and The deTaiis oT sporT organizaTion. UniversiTy coeds inTeresTed in The sporTs world Tind Their Time ThroughouT The year Talcen up by The varied acTiviTies oT The program. 'T ,fx The Tour maior sporTs oT The year were hoclcey, volleyball, basiceTbaii and baseball. Minor ones included Tennis, badminTon, horse-shoes, arch- ery, goiT, riding, swimming and bowling. The laTTer sporT was oTTered Tor The TirsT Time This year. There were TournamenTs in all These sporTs, some inTramural and oThers inTerclass. Alpha Gam Baskefball winners were- FirsT row: lTres Albean, Virginia Mc- Coy, RuTh Mclniosh. Second row: Sybil Waggoner, Beffe Falligan, Dorofhy Williams. Third row: Wanda V Ridley. Virginia Hopkins and Eileen' Chrisfian. Fhhor 8 org dnd M., wifh Q h ry Hdlloci elv Se 96 9 ly 'ne Called 6" may . HLLL Ca Ru ff, Mein fowl I 917013 Cl: ""'pf.,,,. TH LETICS Champion Team oT The hockey TournamenT was The sophomore-iunior group. Members oT Alpha Gamma DelTa sororiTy were The TirsT place winners oT The volleyball as well as The baslceiball Tourney. The lndependenT Team placed second in The baslceiball iousT. ln The division of minor sporTs, RuTh lvlcln- Tosh placed TirsT in The series oT games oT Tennis. RuTh Glasier was individual champion oT badminTon while she paired wiTh DoroThy Volleyball winners were-Firsf row: lires Albean, Wanda Ridley, Sybil Waggoner, Spaulding. Second row: Dorofhy Williams, Virginia Hopkins, Be'H'e Falligan, EI Chrisfian and Rufh Mclnfosh. iv1onTgomery To Talce doubles honors in This sporT. -PaTricia EaTon came ouT on Top in The horseshoe Tourney while JeanneTTe Lunkley was champion oT bowling. The winner of The base- ball Team and individual champions will noT be announced unTil The end oT spring quarTer when These sporTs have been TerminaTed. c-A' www . ago' BBW .xog . eww? owl eww YK H09 G 3 Second place in baskeiball wen Floramae Croggin. Marlha M Margaref Peferson, Virginia S d d Marguersfe Dinner. 9 . amplo N CCDNCLUSICD The edilor and assisranls-of lhe i940 Kynewisbok have been mosl forrunale lo have worked wirh a cooperalive body of srudenls and facully. During Jrhe year The slalf has offered valuable assislance in every phase of Jrhe publicalion of This book. ln addilion lhe edilors are apprecialive lo l'he following for lheir parl in lhe publi- calion of lhe I9-40 Kynewisbok: Bradford-Robinson Prinling company, lirhographers and publishers of Jrhis book: Soderslrom Porlraijr sludio, pholographers of all individual posed piclures and beauly queens: Publishers Press Room and Bindery company, makers of lhe cover: Charles S. Price srudio, phoitographers of nine kodo- chrome piclures in The color secfion and l-larold McCormick, head phorographer for candid picfures and of one color piclure. i H Brinkhause, Mary Kay-76, A Abbott, Alice-231 Abels, Jacques-63, 197, 212 Abernatha, Eugene-53 Ackerly, Maran-53, 178, 190, 204, 205, 207 Acre, Lois-53, 177, 190, 204 Activities division-114-131 Adair, Morris-37 Adams, Franklin-63 Addicott, Irwin-205, 213 Administration-22, 23 Agnew, Harold -27, 62, 63, 73, 138, 195, 212, 214, 219 Ahern, Paul-53, 210, 221 ' Akolt, Iohn-87 Albean, ltres-158, 228, 262 Alberq, Helen-63, 160, 204 Albers, Lynn--212, 219, 226 Albi, Louis-150 Alders, lane Lee-63, 157, 178 Alexander, Hugh-75, 138 Alexander, Margaret-75, 210 Alldredqe, Robert-63, 118, 119, 120, 121 DEX Balent, Ann-63, 116, 120, 129, 170, 188, 193 202 Ball, Marion-63, 177, 193, 196 Ballard, Willicrn- 27, 53, 138, 186, 197, 210 Ballou, Walter-37, 128, 142, 227 Bamiord, Paul-75, 202 Band-122 Banks, Sidney-146 Barcus, Delbert-37, 198, 218 Barger, Franklin-37 Barger, Richard-63, 208, 245, 248 Barmatz, Ruth-53, 168, 231 Barnett, Eileen-63, 162 Barngrover, Ellowene-75, 101, 170 Barra, Minnie--63, 188 Barrett, Barbara-63, 177, 190, 196, 204, 225 Barthel, June-75, 158, 204 Baseball-252, 253 Bastard, Jeanne-63, 178 Basketball-244-249 Bate, Arthur-212 Bate, Robert-75, 136, 144 Bates, Bette-75 Bolster, Elwood-53, 136, 186, 214 Bonnyman, Ianete -53 Bonomo, Francis-150 Botkin, Geraldine-43 Boxer, Miriam-76, 157, 162 Boyles, Robert---43, 226 Bradley, lack-53 Bradley, Patricia--174 Brady, Helen-76 Brainerd, David-213 Bramer, Mary-76, 172 Brandt, Helerr-'-43 Braun, Evelyn lane-176 Braun, Ferris-43, 144 Brawner, Hoyt-53, 142, 212, 244, 248, 249 Brenimer, lack-64, 142, 241 Brenirner, Robert-64, 142 Brenhard, Shirley-168, 193 Brenkert, George-53, 152, 214 Brenner, Leon-53, 154 Brewer, Patricia-204 Briber, Gary-150 Bridgewater, Eileen-158, 204 166 Browni Marion-63, 156, 158, 188, 189, 193, Allen, Dorothy-75 Allen, Harry-146 Allen, Jean-63, 204, 208 Allen, 207 Allen, Martha-63, 156, 166 Allman, Earl-63 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Ames, Gamma Delta-158, 159 Kappa Psi--136, 137 Lambda Delta-188 Nu-189 Sigma Chi-190 Xi Delta-160, 161 John-53, 186, 212, 216, 251 Bates, Margaret-37 Beach, King-37 Beacham, Helen-75, 126, 170, 228 Beaty, Edward--53, 140 Beattie, Edwin-136 Beattie, Harry--37 Beauty Queens-98-111 Beazley, Tyson-75, 138 Bedford, Iack-37, 75 American Institute of Electrical Engineers- 191 Andersen, Arletta-53, 196 Anderson, Anna-75 Anderson, Bertil-37, 148, 197, 212 Anderson, Gerald-131, 142, 212, 239 Anderson, Helen-37, 196 Anderson, Joseph-144 Anderson, Iune-189 Anderson, Leonard-53, 195, 215 Anderson, Thomas-213 Anderson, William-75 Andrist, George-136 Anthony, Glen-37, 226 Anthony, Shirley-75, 172 Archuleta, Theodore-63, 148 Argo, Glen-63, 202 Armstrong, Oscar-186 Arnold, Robert-53, 140 Arthur, Edwin-37, 196 Arthur, Foster-195, 219 Asbury, Glenn-63, 140, 214 Ash, Bruce-212 Athletics division-232-263 Auston, lohn-128, 213, 227 Auxier, Eloise-204 Avis, Emeline-53, 170, 193, 205, 207, 216 Axler, Marshe-53, 157, 168, 193, 197 Aylor, Charline-37, 158 'B Babcox, Howard-63, 150 Bader, Ross-75 Baer, Charline-52, 53, 158, 207 Bailey, Marian-176 Bailey, Mildred-53, 177, 216 Bainter, Daphne-75, 177 Baker, Berenice-37, 225 Baker, Howard-'63, 73, 138, 214 Baker, Robert-200, 212 Baldwin, Adelaide- 53, 160, 189, 222, 228 Beck, Arthur-213 Beier, Ruth-63, 166 Beier, William-37 Bell, Gladys--23, 199 Bell, 1-larryet-176, 188, 204 Bender, Catherine-63, 177 Benedeck, Iosephine--37, 166, 204, 219, 224, 226 Bennett, Dean-140 Bennett, lack-63, 221, 222 Benson, Marjorie-e63, 158, 189, 207 Benton, Margaret--37, 160, 193, 207 Berenbaum, Ioseph-87, 146 Berenbeim, Leonard-146 Berg, Dorothy-62, 64, 170, 211 Berg, Elinor-64, 129, 178, 204, 227, 262 Berggren, Phyllis---75, 170 Berke, Avis-188, 190, 196, 204 Berkens, Pauline-75, 168, 208 Bernhardt, William-213 Bernstein, Abe-64, 146 Bernstein, Phyllis--64, 162, 193, 207 Beta Gamma Sigma-192 Beta Theta Pi--138, 139 Bethge, Norma Lee--53, 178, 216, 221 Biddle, Lorraine-75 Bidwell, Evelyn-75, 160 Biggerstatf, Winifred-37, 178, 215, 223, 225 Binkley, Betty-75, 178, 204 Binninq, Myrna-75, 160, 204 Binns, Noble--53 Bishop, Kay-174 Bixby, Iosephine--64, 170, 193, 221 Bixby, Lorraine-178 Black, Bereniece-75 Black, Ruth--75, 177 Blackman, Robert-73, 138 Blaqen, Paul-37, 140, 199, 214 Blair, Max-37 Blake, Wallacfe-37, 138, 195, 196, 197 Block. Betty-75 Blomberq, Clement-43, 136 Bloom, Edith-75, 162 Boah, La Verne-53 Board of Publications'-121 Bodan, William-87, 212 Bograd, Nathan-64, 154, 208 Bohn, Edward----75 Bolshaw, Harriet-443, 198, 218 Bromm , Iames-212 Anita-53, 166, 190, 204, 221, 224 Brown, Brown, Bette-76, 178 Brown, Betty-43, 178 Brown, Diva-76, 166, 198 Brown, Elinor--43 Brown, lack--76, 148 Brown, Martha-54, 178, 207 Brown, Rodney-140 Brown, Thomas-43 no, Gregg-74, 76, 148 Brownyard, Edward-54, 144 Bruckmctn, Kathleen--64, 166, 188, 193, 207, 210 Bryans, Bettiee-76, 166 Buchanan, Phyllis-62, 64, 174 Buckler, George--54, 144 Buckley, Claire--43, 136, 199 Buell, Robert---25, 43, 91, 92, 118, 119, 144, 176, 186 Bugdanowitz, Robert-76, 154 Buirgy, Mary Louise-54, 156, 164, 204, 219 Bullen, Marguerite-54, 188, 201, 204, 207, 222 Bullis, Milton-140 Bundgaard, Robert-43, 205, 213, 219 Burq, Elmer-76 Burg, Russell--120 Burqoon, Helen-54, 198 Burkart, Norma-43, 177, 204, 219 Burkhardt, Dorothy-76 Burroughs, Dorothy Mae-222 Burton, Margaret-64, 160 Butcher, James-222 Butz, Charles-64, 150, 212, 214 Butz, Mary Lou-31, 43, 170, 193 Byrne, Charles-24, 25, 30, 67, 186 C Cadle, Etta Mae-54, 158, 204 Cahoon, Lysle-43, 137 Calkins, Mary lean-160, 207 Callaway, Albertha-228 Camerlo, Sam-148 Campbell, lane--64, 198 Campus commission-26, 27 Capps, Loraine-64, 202 Capstick, lack-54, 142 Carlson, Adelle-225 Carlson, Edith-43, 160, 202, 205, 231 Carlson, Roy-43 Carlson, Signe--64, 188, 196 Carothers, Ruth-156, 174, 176 Carpenter, Edna Maef'64, 157, 177 Carr, Gordon--64 Carroll, Frank-43 Carstarphen, Florence-76, 166 Carter, Beverly-76, 177 Carter, Gene-136 Carter, Marguerite-76 Cartwright, Barbara-204 Carver, Edwin-43 Case, Wayne-64 Cass, Walter--74, 76, 138 Castro, Louise-43, 198 Cedarblade, lack-52, 54, 138 Chamberlain, lack-76, 142 Chambers, Lee-54, 212, 214 Chapman, Forest-29, 54, 142 Chappell-28 Charles, Esther--64, 166 Chase, Alpha-158 Chatiield, Betty Ann-76, 164 Cherrington, Benjamin-213 Cherrinqton, Fern-188 Cherry, Clyde-76, 148 Chorus-124, 125 Christensen, Harry-24, 25, 29, 43, 136 Christian, Eileen-64, 158, 262 Christolferson, Ed-243 Cibulka, Albert-195 Cies, Herbert-76 Cizek, Ieanette-64, 170 Clark, Robert-76, 142 Clark, Stuart-64, 142, 242 Clarke, Ned-208, 212 Classes division-34-87-- Class of 1940-36-51 Class of 1941-52-61 Class of 1942-62-73 Class of 1943-74-S6 Claus, Pauline-64 Clayton, Alma-76, 158 Clayton, Wendell-64, 150 Cliif, Harold--54, 136 Cline, Gwendolyn-39, 170, 196, 197 Coed Iournaltsts-193 Coffey, Donald-212 Coqqan, Hyman-146 Cohan, Eleanor-76, 162 Cohan, Harold-146 Cohen, Le Roy-146 Cohn, B. E.-186 Cole, Dorothy Ann-74, 76, 117, 170 Cole, Katharine-76, 160 Cole, Ralph-30, 87 Colleit, Rosemary-39, 118, 170, 193, 211 Collins, Dean C. W.-20, 186 Collins, Clem-64, 136, 221 Collins, Virginia--76, 170 Colorado Society oi Engineers-194 Commerce-29 Comstock, Yvonne- 54, 179, 188 Conant, Kenneth-77, 144 Conclusion-264 Canine, Theodore-54, 155 Contents-6 Convery, Dorothy-204 Conwell, Dan'-252 Cook, Betty-64, 174 Cook, Carolyn-77, 170 Crabtree, Yvonne-176, 221, 223 Craig, Dorothy-204, 207 - Crain, Madelyn-77, 160 Cramm, Wellrnert-39, 140, 214 Crane, Barbara-77, 166 Crane, Margaret-65, 178, 221, 222 Craven, lane-65, 177 Cress, Lois-39, 188, 205 Cressman, Ruth-77, 166 Crisman, Ronald-39, 208, 212 Croqqtns, Floramae-160, 263 Crosby, Peggy-65, 166 Crosier, Iohn-39 Crass, Davidf65, 140, 214 Crotinqer, William-214, 227 Crotinger, lames-212 Crouch, Iames-39, 152 Curtis, Schuyler-54, 136 Cutler, Marjorie-23 Cutler, T. H.-213 Cuykendall, Iames-195, 200 D Dallimore, lane-54, 216 Dallison, Sam-54, 147, 212, 214 Daniord, Anita-196, 207 Dansky, Iqck--154 Danyew, B. A.-223 Darnell, Minnie-198 Davenport, Isabelle-54, 172, 188, 206, 230 Davidson, Dr. Levette I.-120, 121 Davidson, Raymond-77, 146 Davies, Frances-54, 156, 160, 207, 211, 222, 224, Davis 228 , Harold-146 Davis, Keith-65, 195, 208, 212 Davis Davis , Paul-65, 152 , William-138 Davoren, Ioan-77, 172 Dawson, Le Roy-148 Dean, Eileen-174 Deaner, Wilbert-140 Dedication-2, 3 Delta Delta Delta Delia Chi-195 Phi Epsilon-162, 163 Sigma Pi-140, 141 Zeta--164, 165 Cook, lack, 65, 140 Cook, Iulian-39 Cook, Warren-39, 136, 192, 214 Cool, Elinor-223 Cooper, Nedra-178 Cope, Ruth-182 Corkle, Margaret-118, 120, 178, 189, 228, 262 . Corlew, Larry-65 Corlew, William-138 Cormack, William-39, 138, 189, 217 Cornelius, Charles-77 Cornelius, Gerbinq--77 Covey, Betty lean-65, 73, 178 Covillo, Eileen--52, 54, 172, 206, 210 Covillo, Vincent--210 Cowan, Morell-140 Cowen, Eugene-39, 208 Cox, Cecil--54, 160, 188, 204, 207, 219, 224, 228 Cox, Lona-54 Coyle, Charles-195 Demshki, Andrew-208, 212 Demmer, loan-77, 167, 180, 210 Dempster, Maxine-65, 172 Denst, lohn-217 Denver Clarion-118, 119 Desserich, Robert-39, 142, 214 Detrick, lack-54, 144, 186, 195, 212 De Witt, Flora Belle-39, 177 Dexter, Helen--65, 164, 188, 190, 204, 208, 211 Dick, George-54, 144 Dick, Lloyd-54 Dickinson, David-169 Die Lustiqen Deutschen-196 Dieqel, Delphine-65, 170, 193, 210 Dinkmeyer, Doris-172 Dinner, Marguerite--77, 228, 263 Dix, Dorothy-172, 176 Dolan, Louis--140 Dolberq, Charles-221 Dollis, Elsie-160, 196 Domenico, Adalaine-54, 58, 190, 204, 207, 210, 222 Domenico, Geraldinef29, 39, 172, 199, 206, 210, 230 Domer, Esther Iane-65, 178, 196 Domer, Naomi-39, 174, 178, 188, 205, 206, 230 Dormann, Marie-39, 158, 216 Doud, Lee-39, 152 Downar, Richard-65, 138, 196, 212 Drama-126, 127 Drama club-197 Draper, Melvin-65, 221 Drew, Corinne-65, 156, 182 Drew, Mona-39, 182, 216 Driscoll, William-65, 195, 196, 208, 212, 222 Duboif, Florence-55, 158, 207, 211, 216 Dubois, Raymond-55, 144, 245, 256 Duke, R. Cooper-192 Dukes, Robert-39 Dummars, Kenneth-148 Duncan, David Shaw-20, 21, 131, 213 Duncan, Douglas--39, 134, 135, 148, 194, 214, 215 Duncan, Mark--142, 241 Dunklee, George-24, 25, 26, 27, 39, 65, 91, 92, 138, 186, 256 Dunklee, Patricia--77, 131, 177, 204 Dunn, Betty--77, 158, 198, 228 Dunn, Edward-240 Durell, Bette--40, 120, 170, 193, 204, 207, 231 Dnbrgam, Harry-55, 135, 152, 196, 208, 214, Durham, Lorene-77 Durocher, Margaret-77, 204, 228 Duston, Duane-195, 200 Duval, William-223 E Eaker, Helen-65, 120, 170 Easterwood, Anne-55, 170, 189, 207 Eastlake, Chesmore-55, 212 Eastlake, Harriet-77, 202, 166 Eaton, Patricia-77, 177, 228 Eaton, William-40 - Ebert, William-29, 40, 57, 136, 142 Eckerdt, Albert-77, 136 Eddy, Russel-87, 144 Edwards, Gwendolyn-55 Edwards, Shirley-65, 170 Eqan, Frank-31 Ekblad, Kenneth-65, 136 El Club Espanol-198 Eldridge, Clarence-65, 150, 202 Ellsworth, Arthur-40, 194, 195 Elsh, Elizabeth-40, 158, 211, 216 Emry, Darwin-136, 214 England, Dorothy-36, 40, 156, 170, 193 Engle, Wilbur-121, 213 Ennerson, William-144 Ensign, Eunice-77, 177 Epler, Mary-77, 160, 228 Epperson, Iune-55, 160, 172, 206 Epping, Anthony-136 Erickson, Carolyn-65, 106, 170, 174 Ernst, Earle-126, 128 Erskine, Ernest-55 Esbenson, Irene-77 Eshima, Nohuo-208 Eskildson, Hugo-29, 40, 118, 128, 136, 227 Eskridqe, Thomas--138, 212, 214, 221, 222 Estlow, Edward--212, 242 Evans, Charles-65, 142 Evans, Dorothy-65, 170 F Fagin, Grey-65 Falliqan, Bette-55, 158, 224, 228, 262 Fancher, Ieanne-77 Farr, Ieff-28 Farr, Lewis-216 Fay, Ben-65 Fay, lack-40, 140, 214 Features division-88, 113 Fedderson, Ray-148, 221 Fidler, Arla--55, 140 Fieman, Edwin-77, 146 Fishel, Forrest-98, 124, 125 Fischer, Max--77, 136 Fischer, Robert-66, 150 Fisher, Iames-210, 258 Fisk, Lucie-55, 188, 189, 198, 201, 205 Fitzgerald, Mary lane-66, 178 Flanders, Robert-77, 148 Flax, Sol-77, 154 Fletcher, Charlotte-66, 178 Fletcher, Ruth-189 Fletcher, Phyllis-78, 172 Flight Training--112, 113 Flower, Iohn--78, 142 Hartma Fluken, Iohn-66 Folsom, Shirley-78, 157, 158 Football---234-243 Forbess, Virginia-40 Ford, Beverly-40, 207, 211 Ford, Charles-87 Foreword-4, 5 Foss, Virginia-40, 158, 207, 216 Foster, Charles-152 Foster, lack-78 Foster, Iohn-466, 126 Fox, Guy-213 ' Fox, Marian-66, 201, 222 Fox, Robert-213, 222 France, Margaret-66, 178, 204 Francis, Gus--55, 195, 215, 219, 222 Francois-98 Frary, Richard--78, 140 Fraternities--136-155 Frazzini, Bert-65, 140 Fredian, La Verne-66, 172, 188 French, Lois-78, 157, 158 French, Warren-66, 142 Frenzel, Robert--78, 142 Fretz, Audrey-78, 157, 164 Friebel, Marjorie-66 Fried, Benjamin-146 Friedland, Irving-66, 154 Fritz, Leonard-31 Frohlick, Erma-204 Frumess, Harry-87, 146 Fuller, Dale-213 Funk, Frances-55, 177, 218 Furze, Richard-129, 227 G Gaerttner, Gertrude-160 Gagnon, Iordan-140 Gaims, Horace-40, 219 Gainey, Andrew-27, 36, 40, 83, 98, 127. 148, 186 Galbreath, Carroll-197 Galbreath, Donald-78 Gamma Phi Beta-166, 167 Gardell, Earl-208 Garihan, Iean-40, 174, 199, 206, 230 Garihan, Nan-66, 174, 206 Garlett, Shirley-40, 51, 162, 188, 193, 197. 205, 209, 211, 227 Garrison, Muldrow-138 Gatheridqe, Florence-66, 156, 174, 211 Gates, Robert--66, 136 Gavett, Iosephine-164 Gavin, Gloria-98 Geisler, Albert-140 Geller, Lenore-40, 51, 91, 93, 102, 156, 162, Golf-258, 259 Golin, Betty Lou-66, 162 Gonzales, Magdalena-198 Good, Gilbert-66, 117, 142, 212 Goodlett, Iohn--41, 126, 138, 197 Gocdney, Ioan-66 Goodpasture, Nancy-78, 157, 170, 228 Goodrich, Dorothy-41, 182, 210, 216, 223 Goodspeed, Betsy--78, 157, 158, 204, 228 Goodstein, Iacqueline-55 Gordon, Shirley--168, 196 Gore, Shirley--62, 66, 158, 211 Gorton, Bill-140 Goshen, Vera Mae-36, 41, 174 Gould, Doris-6, 25, 55, 98, 116, 170, 193, 221 Gow, Betty-67, 160, 188, 190, 196, 204, 222, 228 Graduate School-33, 87 Hansen Hansen , Paul-78, 142 , Shirley--79 Hanson, Lillian-172 Harden, Ralph-128, 227 Harder, Essie-41 Hardin-Boyd, Patricia-41, 126, 204 Harlow, Elliott-42, 210, 213, 223 Harlow, Roberta-79 Harmelin, 'Richard-79, 154 Harper, Shelby-210 Harrington, Alice-210 Harrington, Virginia-455, 166, 221 Harris, Mary-79 Harris, Ray-79, 148 Harris, Theda-174 Harrison, Wallace-216 Hart, Herbert-42, 148 Harter, Dorothy-67, 158, 188, 207 n, Mary-42, 160, 188, 190, 196, 2 03 Graham, Elmer-221 Graham Graham Graham , Iva-41, 204 , Marcia-172 , Robert-41, 136 Graham, Wilda--117, 158 Grandje an, Hortense-78, 178 Grant, Robert-78, 152 Grant, William-140 Graves, Glen-55 Graves, lack-140 Graves, lean-78 Gray, Lois-41, 205, 210 Gray, Martha-41, 211 Gray, William-136 Greek council--199 Green, Carolyn-78, 160 Green, Harry-67, 154 Greenwalt, Alvin-55 Gregory, Sally--210 Gregory, Virginia-67, 179, 193 Griffin, Anna-78, 174 Griffin, Frances-67, 166, 202 Griffin, Omer-221 Grisham, Mae-78 Griswold, Ruth-41 Grovesteen, Bernice-78, 158 Guggenheim, Paul-148 Guise, Maxine-67, 202, 210 Gunniso n, George-210 Gunnison, Marie-41, 206, 210 Guscott, Donald-140 Gustafson, Russelle-214, 221, 259 H Haak, Lillian-67, 170 Hadley, Lola-223 Halen, Karl-41, 148, 210, 223 188, 193, 197 205, 209, 211, 231 Genera, Mark-40, 152, 198, 212,218 Gentile, Frank-40, 148, 236, 240, 241, 253 Gibbons, Leonard-40, 146 Gibson, Iohn-66, 142 Gibson, Iune-78, 170, 172, 210 Giesler, Allen-78, 210 Gifford, Ieanne-78, 177 Gifford, Robert-66, 142, 216, 242 Gilbert, Emmorette--172 Gilbert, Ralph-89 Gilded, Iohn-66, 136 Giles, Beatrice-66, 172 Gillis, Albert-66, 150, 214 Ginn, Ralph-52, 55, 136, 214 Ginsberg, Gerome--146 Ginsburg, Charlotte-40, 162, 204, 205, 231 Gittings, Helen-204 Glasier, Ethel--204, 222, 228 Glasier, Ruth-55, 210, 222, 224, 263 Glass, Edwin-40 Glenn, Roselle--78, 140, 148 Godsman, Charlotte--41, 178, 197, 204, 205, 218, 231 Goeritz, Fred--55 Goldberg, Bernice-41, 162, 216 Goldberg, Eleanor--66, 162 Goldblatt, Samuel-66, 154, 195 Goldsmith, Paul--55, 212, 222 Hager, Edward-140 Haqin, William-41, 213 Haglund, Frances-193 Hahn, Robert-202 Hahn, Ruth-223 Haigh, Garth-41, 136 Haiqh, Io Alice-41, 164, 197, 205, 227 Hailpern, Ben-78, 154 Hailpern, Iacoh--78, 154 Haines, Robert--55, 129, 138, 197 Hainline, Edith--78, 158 Halaas, Eugene--199 Hale, Grace-41, 216 Halford, Robert-148, 252 Hall, George-27, 52, 55, 138, 212, 238, 247, 252 Hall, Wayne-140 Hallock, Mary-67, 178, 193, 211, 228, 262 Hallows, Myron-144 Ham, Iohn-41, 136, 214 Hammon, Marjorie-41, 59, 98, 205, 211, 231 Hammargren, Prof.-53 Hammerich, Kathleen--67, 188, 190, 204, 207 Hamrnill, Kenneth-41 Hamilton, Harley--140 Hammond, Iohn-150 Haney, Elaine-67, 116, 117, 129, 178, 227 Haney, Richard-67, 210, 212 , Hansen, Henry-140 204, 205 Hum, Dorothy-67, 166, 225 Harvat, Ioseph-212, 222, 250 Harvey, Charles-79, 152 Harvey, Dale-79, 148, 202 Hauswald, Edward-67 Hawthorne, Gladys-223 Hayes, lack-42, 148 Haylor, Iulia-204 Haynes, Dorothy-79, 170 Haynes, Ed-243 Hayutin, Irving-87, 146 Heap, Thelma--42 Heaton, David-79, 136 Heggem, Dorothy-79, 170, 228 Heqqenberger, -Robert-212 Heimer, Ellen-54 Held, Marian-55, 56, 177 Heller, Mosa-67, 162, 193, 207 Hellon, James-67, 148, 212, 214, 250 Helpinstine, Ruth-67, 174 Henn, Roger-42, 212, 250 Henry, Frances-228 Henry, Myron-42, 152, 237 Henry, Rose- 79, 166 Hentschell, Ruby-67, 188, 204, 231 Hentzell, Paul-87, 144, 227 Herndon, Buck-55, 135, 150 Herrington, Eugene-213 Hershey, Kay-42, 206 Herzog, C. Lewis--22, 25, 186 Heym, Mary-205 Hickey, Frances-56, 125 177, 227 Hickish, lack-58, 210, 222 Hicks, lane-67, 111, 211, 166 Hiester, Eileen--67, 177 Higson, Charles-192, 210 Hilderman, Carol-4479, 158, 204, 208 Hillyard, Eileen-88 Hinch, William-25, 26, 27, 32, 42, 91, 93, 186, 194, 214, 219, 226 Hinds, George-257 Hobson, Gwendolyn--56, 156, 178, 205, 207 Hock, Anne-190, 204 Hockenberry, Arlene-56, 172 Hoffman, Mable-36, 42, 172, 206 Hoffman, Milton-52, 56, 118, 121, 174, 212, 213, 214 Hoffman, Wallace-118, 223 Hogan, Robert-73, 138, 212, 239, 246, 249, 259 Hoggatt, Daniel-42, 152, 212, 237 Holch, Arthur-213 Hollingsworth, Ruth-67, 160, 196, 207 Holmberg, Dewey-56, 144, 214. Holroyd, Helen-56, 156, 158 Hooper, Margaret-67, 160 Hoover, Albert-79, 144 Hoover, Edwin-79, 142 Hopkins, Betty-79, 158 Hopkins, Virginia-67, 158, 189, 228, 262 Hopper, Betty-67, 158 Horn, Imogene-56 Horne, Thelma-172, 210 Horner, Beatrice-56, 172, 188 Hosburgh, Iames-221 Hoskins, Betty--79, 166 Householder, Mae-67, 172, 188, 222 1-louze, Robert-42 Howard, David-217 Howard, James--56 Howard, Lyndell-140 Howard, Rose--56, 177, 188, 190, 196, 203, 204, 207, 231 Howe, Robert-195 Howe, William-67 Howes, George'-67, 138, 202 Hoyt, Clyde-42 Hubbard, Helen-68 Hubbard, Coach-H4235, 244 Hubbard, Shirley-74, 79, 174 Huber, Dick-42, 194, 195, 203, 21 Hubkey, Alberta-68 Huckins, Harriet--160 Hudman, Helen-68, 170 Huebner, D. Clay-42, 136, 213 Hughes, Margery-68 Hullinger, Mary Ellen-174 Hunt, Marjorie--479, 160, 189 Hunter, Edna-79 Husband, Margaret-79, 172 0, 219, 248 Huskinson, Charles-24, 25, 39, 42, 91, 94, 129, 136, 186, 214, 227 Hutchins, Carroll--42, 178, 197, 209 Hutchins, Harriett-56, 178, 216, 221 Huttner, Ruth-79, 162 Hyslop, Dr.--122, 123 I Independent Men-200 Independent Women-201 Intertraternity council-134, 135 International Relations club--202 Interschool council-24, 25 Intramurals-260, 261 Iota Sigma Pi-203 Iota Alpha Pi-168, 169 Irwin, Isabell-79 lsaacman, Edward-146 Isaacson, Lee-42, 213 Isotopes-204 I Jackson, Beverly-62, 65, 68, 156, 202, 207, 211 Jackson, Corinne-79, 158 Jackson, Joseph-79, 138 Jacobs, Francis-210 Jacobson, Margie-79, 157, 228 James, Betty Lou-79, 170 James, Laura- 68, 178 170, 193, Jordan, Wayne-42, 150 Joyal, Arnold-213 Jurich, Michael--56, 148, 240 Iustman, Robert--253 K Kaanta, Carter-56, 120 Kalian, Archie-219 Kalian, Tamora-38 Kalotla, Shirley-68, 190, 204 Kaplan, A. D.-213 Kappa Kappa Kappa Delta-170. 171 Delta Pi-205 Sigma-142, 143 Kaps, Eleanor Dee-38, 177 Karowsky, Charles-24, 25, 30, 121, 146 Katz. Stanley-88, 146, 214 Kaub, Frances-B0 Kearin, Keeler. Walter--152 Robert-56, 148, 221, 222 Keener, Hamilton J.-22 Langford, Harold-38 Lanqhoff, Leta-205 Larminq, Charles-208, 214 Larson, Lee--26, 27, 38, 214, 219, 226 Larson, Lester--195 Larson, Dr.-128 Latson, Dorothy--38, 204, 225 Lavely, Maxine-68, 158, 189 Law-30, 87 Lawson, Irene-57, 193, 204 Lawson, John-22, 25, 27, 121, 186 Lee, Clara Beth438, 164, 189, 204, 228 Lee, Jack-144 Lee, Martha-Ann-38, 177, 188, 190, 204, 207, 231 Lehl, lean-57, 158, 178, 216 Lehl, Shirlee-107, 178 Leith, Millicent-204 Lenicheck, Herbert-38, 136 Lerner, Belden-36 Leslie, James-80 Lester, Robert-136, 221 Leth, Harriett--68, 156, 172 Levin, Gus -212, 253 Kehoe, Amy-80, 157, 164 Kellum, Merlyn-80, 174 Kelloqq, Dan-56, 134, 135, 138 Kemp, Raymond-38 Kendel, John-213 Kennelley, Frank-56, 144 Kent, Margaret-31, 160 Kent, Richard-74 Kermiet, Paul--212 Kern, Beverly-38, 177, 190, 203, 204 Kershner, Robert-56, 146, 214 Ketchum, Coach-235 Kidder, Robert-221 Kilfoy, Betty-174 Killqore, Juanita-38 Kinq, Donald-80, 148, 243 Levine Levine , Dorothy-68, 162, 193, 207 , Edward-146 Levine, Gerald -68, 146 Levitt, Lewis, Louis- 80, 154 Arthur--24, 25, 26, 27, 38, 91, 94, 142 186, 189, 205, 213, 219, 256 Lewis, Jack--212, 219 Lewis, Lohn-57, 212, 216 Lewis, Mary-170, 193, 197, 207 Lewis, Pearl-80 Library-31 Lilley, Perie-166 Lindblom, Andrew-38, 196 Linder, Marcia-80, 166 Lindneux, Marcella- 80, 160 Kinq, Mary Grace-68, 177 Kinq, Patrice-68, 170, 190, 196, 204 King, Robert-38, 138, 195, 196, 215 Kinq, Virginia-87 Kintzele, Martha-176, 216 Kippur, Irving-146 Klausner, Aaron--146 Kleiner, Aubrey-154 Kleiner, Harold'-154 Kleiner, Harvey-154 Kline, Jeanette--154, 170, 193, 204 Knapp, Horace- 38, 144, 227 Knauer, Mildred-56, 120, 178, 198, 205, 207, 228 Knauer, Virginia-80, 178, 228 Kniaht, Eleanor--38, 188, 204, 205, 217 Kniqht, Norman-148 Knorr, Jean-176 Lininqer, Barbara-78, 170, 193, 216 Lininger, Marcia-68, 178 Linkow, Edward-146 Liss, Douglas--219 226 Livingston, Lois- 156, 172, 206 Loach, George-38, 136, 197, 221, 222 Lobb, Delbert--217 Lockwood, Morqaret-80, 177 Loeptien, Juanita-80, 180, 210, 228 Loewenthal, Kata-480, 162, 228 Long, Ethel-80, 109, 170 Lonqhardt, Margaret-68, 188, 190, 196, 204 Lopez, Henry--198 Lopez, Olibama-218 Lorenz, Elsie Jane-180 Lort, Joseph-152 Loup. Bruce-197, 215 Lovato, Lena-68, 188, 198 James, Millard-152 Jeifs, William-189, 214, 217 Jensen, Cleta--80, 144, 202 Jernigan, Homer-B0 Iersin, Edward-68, 210 Jewell, Walter-213 Jobush, Ruth-42, 174 Johnson, Johnson Clyde-56, 214 Emily-68, 180, 202, 204, 210 Johnson Granville-212, 213, 223 Johnson Coach-250, 251 Johnson Keith--68, 142 Johnson Marjorie-80, 177 Johnson Patty-68, 174, 188, 211 Johnson, Robert-80, 142 Johnson, Ruth-80 Johnson, Sterling-68, 212 Johnson, Wanda-42, 54, 193, 197, 204, 205, 219, 227, 231 Johnson, Warren-189, 200, 212, 222, 250, 251 Johnston, Clark-80 Johnston, Gladys-174 Johnston, Margaret-56 lolesch, Edwin-56 Jolly, William-80, 148 Jones, Burritt-213 Jones, Dorothy-160 Jones, William-68, 127, 138, 257 Jordan, Max-148, 221 Knudsen, Raymond-56 Kobrich, Earl--56 Korbel, William-56 Kornfeld, Lewis-186 Koshi, George-56 Koskofi, Stanley-56. 77, 138 Koziara, Stanley-217 Kraft, William-80, 152 Kramish, Arthur-223 Kramish, David-38, 208, 212, 217 Kramish, Morris'-80 Krape, John-150 Krautman, Leonard-154 Krebs, Albert-36, 38, 140, 214 Krider, Phyllis--80 Krier, Joanne-68, 172 Kunz, Calvin-38, 72. 127, 128, 197, 209, 221 Kunz, Donald-57, 138, 218, 221, 259 Kynewisbok-116, 117 I. Lacey, Robin--127 Lail, Idella-80, 162 Lake, Leo-68, 144, 221 Lamb, James-150 Lamb, Robert'-57, 136 Lambda Chi Alpha-144, 145 Lamberton, Betty-172 Love, Elizabeth--69, 160, 188, 202, 204, 208 Love, John-186 Lucas, Joseph-138, 195 Lunkley, Jeannette-262, 263 Lutz, Betty Lou-204 Lutz, Irving-146 Lyons, Florence-38 Lynton, Gerald-210 M Macaron, Fred-80, 140 Macartney, Jane-69, 166 Maciear, Jack-69, 142 MacLeod, Duncan--28 MacLeod, Kenneth--152, 216 Maddox, Herbert-44 Magnuson, Alice-81 Mahony, Lewis-285 Mahony, Lewis-81, 138, 222 Mahoney, Rollin-140, 210, 221 Mohr, Orville-62, 69, 136 Main, William-44 Maley, John--87 Manassee, Irving-57, 154 Mann, Cecil-213 Mann, Ruth Bettye-44, 162, 193, 205, 207 Monna. Marguerite---170 Mannix, Frank--69, 140, 150, 210, 214 N Mansfield, William-57 Manus, Ierry-228 Mapelli, Rudolph-144' Marchetti, Alba-57, 205, 219 Marelius, Esther--57, 156, 160, 219, 228 Maris, Norman-44, 247 Marriott, Katherine-176 Marsh, Lucille-180 Marshall, Robert--152 Martin, Iohn-81, 210 Martin, Laura--81 Martin, Richard-57, 144 Mason, Grace-204 Mathless, Norma-69, 162, 188, 193 Matson, William-81 Mattern, Caroline-44, 99, 127, 178, 197, 205 Matuska, Ioseph--219, 226 Maul, Lucille--69 Maxwell, Bert-81, 142, 221 Maxwell, George-44, 142 May, Wayman-57, 150 Mays, Maxine-204 Mayer, lohn--Bl, 138 Mayer, Marqaret Ann-44, 166, 204 McAdams, Victor-152, 214 McAfee, Nellie-81 McCain, Marie-44 McCammon, Marcia-69, 177 McCance, May-197 McCarthy, Betty-32, 57, 98, 116, 170, 190, 193, 204 207 McCarthy, Herbert--44, 91, 95, 142, 236, 237, 252 McCarthy, Raymond--62, 69, 148, 202 McCauley, Howard-44 McClain, Alice-44 McC1ard, Lafe-212, 240 McConaty, Betty-174 McConnell, Merle-212,, 242 McCormick, lack-200 McCormick, Harold-25, 27, 44, 91, 95, 116, 138, 186, 189, 196, 214, 234, 266 McCorquodale, Donald-33, 81, 208 McCoy, G1oriaeB1, 201, 210 McCoy, Virginia-81, 158, 221, 229, 264 McCreery, George-81, 138 McCrone, Margaret-69, 174 McCusker, Iohn-44, 142, 221 McDana1, Ethel-57, 172, 178, 230 McDonald, Margaret-81, 160, 204 McDonald, lames-44, 140 McDonnell, Rowena-69 McDonough, Randolph P.-23 McElin, Helen-81, 170 McGauqhey, E1izabethe81 McGrath, Aihol-140 McGrath, 1-larry-44, 214 McGrath, lean-57, 204, 225 Mclntosh, Ruth--69, 158, 211, 229, 234, 264 Mclieever, Dora-69 McKelvey, Betty-69, 170, 196 Mcliibben, Mildred-69, 172, 199, 230 Mcliindley, Elizabeth-25, 31, 44, 231 Mcliissack, Eugenia- 69 McLaqan, Charlotte-176, 196 McLeod, Mary-210 McMahon, Irene-156, 180, 210, 211, 216 McManus, Iohn-57, 138 McMil1en Shirley-24, 25, 27, 44, 51, 91, 96, 177, 231 McNair, Ralph-181, 144, 212 McNeil, Marjorie-81 McNevin, Ioseph-81, 148 McNutt, Betty-57, 177, 221 McPherson, Byron-144 McReynolcls, Donald-195 McWilliams, David-81, 142 McWilliams, Edward-57, 134, 135, 142, 186 212 McWilliams, Robert-186 Mead, Robert-44, 91, 96, 98, 138, 186, 197 209, 213, 256 Mefiley, William-150 Mehlmann, Karl--57 Mehlmann, Forrest--87, 140, 152 Melniclc, Gail-57, 162, 197 Mendelsohn, Ben-44 Mentors-Commerce-206 Mentors-Liberal Arts-207 Mercer, Anita-44 Merry, Iohn-69, 140 Messel, Maurine-57 Messenger, Helen-81, 166, 229 Metzdorf, Ann-208 Meyer, Elwood-69, 138 Meyer, Frances-81, 160 Michael, Georqene-44, 51, 128, 127, 158, 197, 209, 211, 231 Mickey, Lorin-208 Mikesell, Frederick-45, 138 Miles, Iames- 57, 150, 217 Milstein, Audrey-168 Millard, Raymond-148 Miller, Alvin-69, 208 Miller, Byron-57, 208 Miller, Charles-81, 140 Miller, Dan-57 Miller, Fletcher-213 Miller, Harlan-59 Miller, 1-larro-81, 148 Miller, Helen-81, 166 Miller, Lawrence--213 Millery, Malloy-45, 213 Miller, Mariorie-81 Miller, Patricia-81, 180 Miller, Troy-45, 148, 189, 213, 214 Minnear, Craig-213 Minor, Doris-81, 158 Minor Publications-120 Mintener, Royce-136, 214 Mohr, Charlotte-45, 126, 170, 193, 197, 231 Moleen, George-82, 144 Montgomery, Dorothy-57, 178, 189, 196, 204, 221, 222, 224, 229, 231 Moor, Penelope-221 Narwick, Thomas-70 Nastley, Sylvia-82, 210 National Collegiate Players-209 Nau, Iosephine-204 Naylor, Robert--45, 138, 208 Neahr, George-70, 198, 200 Neal, Ada-58, 196, 204 Neece, Howard-58 Needham, lames--87, 186, 210, 227 Needham, Lorean-174 Needles, Iames-58, 212, 257 Neicl, Byron-87 Nellis, Louise-82, 166, 202 Nelson, Dean Alfred-33, 213 Nelson, Gwendolyn-70, 178, 206, 262 Nelson, lay-221 Nelson, Lois-82, 170 Nelson, Prof.-29 Nelson, Lucille-45 Nelson, Marguerite-58, 177 Nelson, Pauline-445, 120, 170, 193 Nelson, Porter--186 Nelson, Hager-136, 221 Nelson, Vera-158 Nereson, Norris-,226 Moore, Frank-82, 142 Moore, lean-82 Moore, Martha-45, 222, 229, 263 Moore, Ruth-69 Moorhead, Annabelle-202, 204 Morey, William--57, 140, 192, 214 Morfeld Morgan, Elizabeth-45, 177, 205, 231 Morgan, Martin-45, 148 Morgan, Maynard-150 Morgan, Nancy--57, 177, 207, 222 Morgan, William-221 , Rosemary-69, 103, 180, 210 Nesbit, lane-82 Netherton, Louise-58, 156, 166, 207, 211, 221 Nevans, Virginia--45, 120, 177, 207, 210 Newcomb, Eleanor-174 Newell, Robert-150 Newman club-210 Newman, Margaret-58, 189, 196,216 Niblo, Eugene-212 Niblo, Loyal-23 Nicholas, Evelyn-58, 177 Nicholas, William-45, 237 Nicholson, Ruth-204 Niedrach,E1izcrbeth-58, 61, 156, 178, 211, 221, 223 Niernberq, Phillip-154 Nitta, Roy-70 Noble, Alan-82, 138 Noble, Beatrice-70, 160, 188, 196, 202, 207 Noel, Naomi-70, 229 Norlander, William-58, 195 Norton, Carl-70, 142 Northway, Edward-148 Nuncio, Marguerite-82 Nyswander, Edson--212, 221, 250, 251 1 1 Mcrqanfield, A1-212 Morris, Earl-82 Morris, Phyldelias-58 Morris, Robert-58, 129, 142, 212, 227 Morrison, Frances-45, 170, 174, 206 Morrison, Marion-45, 216 Mortar Board-187 Mortensen, Merle-140 Morton, Donald-69, 144 Moseley, Iames-30, 192 Mosko, Maurice-87, 146 Moss, Adrienne-204 Mountjoy, Donald-45 Moynihan, Tim-235, 252 Mu Beta Kappa-208 Muia, Carmine-82 Muliord, Warren-69, 148 Mullare, Elizabeth-58, 166, 193, 207 Muller, William-82, 138 Munroe, Herbert-58, 138, 212 Murnan, Maxine-69, 174, 188, 211 Murphy, Mary Aileen-69, 180, 210, 218 Murphy, Mary-58, 118, 120, 129, 188, 193. 197, 225, 227 Murray, Augusta-69, 120, 170, 193, 210 Murray, Elwood-128, 213 Murray, Theodore-58, 144 Musick, Patricia-82, 157, 166, 202 Musselman, Eleanor-58, 160, 230 Muth, Elmer-213 Myers, Charlotte-166 Myers, ,Iohn-213 Nyswander, Dean Reuben-32 O O'Brien, Mazie-45, 219 O'Dea, Joseph-208 O'Dorisio, Ben Oqier, Eugene 45, 182, 223, 231 Odell, Shirley- e-259 -82, 138 Oqle, Dorothy-45 O'Kane, Bernard-58, 200, 210, 216 O'Kane, Betsy-58, 174, 210 O1iver,,Robert-58, 136 Oliver, Virginia-82, 178 Olsen, Robert-136 Olson, William-70, 202 O'Meara, A1-138 Omicron Delta Kappa-186 O'Nea1, Ieanne-82, 204 O'Nei1l, Marion-45, 201, 205 Onstad, Shirley--36, 45, 98, 158, 189, 205 Onstott, Esther-70, 172, 206 Onstott, Frank C.-23 Orchestra-123 O'Rei1ly, Kathleen-70, 206 Organizations division-184-231 Ostrum, Martha-58, 164, 218 Otis, Frances-82 Outwater, Stanley--82, 138 Owen, Rena Beth--45, 177, 196, 225 Owen, William-82 Ozman, Olivere-70, 140 R P Panhellenic council-Iunior-157 Panhellenic council-Senior-156 Paradice, Iane-46, 166, 211, 231 Parakeets-211 Parker, Charline-82, 164 Parkes, Pearl-82 Parks, Gordon--46 Parmelee, Robert-46, 213 Parsons, Charles-70, 142 Parsons, William--82, 148 Patch, Georgie Bell-82, 177 Patch, Patricia-82, 164 Patch, Paul-70 Paul, Betty-70, 117, 178, 193, 229, 262 Paul, Ralph-27, 73, 74, 82 Pearson, Elaine-207 Pease, Betty-70, 156, 164, 229 Peel, Donald--82, 144 Peng, Harry-195 Penn, Walter-70 Pennell, Ruth--46, 160, 196 Pennington, Darrell-70, 136, 222 Peregrine, Mary--83, 158 Perlmutter, Ruth-83, 168 Perry, Edward-46, 140, 192, 210 Pratt, Elizabeth-83, 158 Pratt, Virginia-59 Preuss, Virginia-28, 59 Priest, George-212 Prince, Doris--83 Prince, Iohn-196 Pring, Roy-59, 128, 134, 135, 144, 2 Pringle, Irene Sue-46, 162, 216 Prisner, Stanley--59 Pritts, Betty-B3 Proctor, Charles--72, 212 Psi Chi--223 Puckett, Cecil-213 Puckett, Frances-83, 158 Puckett, lack-83, 138 Q Oualls, Virginia'-83, 166 Quick, Robert-221 12, 227 Perry, Herbert--58, 214 Peters, Barbara-70 Petersen, Gladys-206 Petersen, Marie-58, 182, 211 Petersen, Victor-58 Peterson, Edith--205, 231 Peterson, Edward-272 Peterson, Margaret-263 Peterson, Muriel-46, 120, 170, 207, 229 Peterson, Walterf--46, 189, 213 Pettit, Eileen-174 Rahn, Norma-83, 158 Rambeaux, Roger-243 Ramsey, Morice-46, 164, 198, 224, 229 Ranck, Durey-6, 25, 28, 59, 116, 117, 121, 142, 186, 212 Randleman, Minnie-83, 164 Rankin, Donald-70 Rashbaum, Reubin-83, 154 Ratcliif, Ieanne-47, 71, 158, 221 Rathbun, Paul--83, 148 Raum, Virginia-196, 202, 211 Rawlinson, Harry-83 Ray, Miles-59, 196 Piau, Alvin'v70, 212, 242 Pfau, Loren-70, 212, 241 Pfeiter, Barbara-46 Phelgar, Ben-83 Reagan, Duane-83, 140, 222 Reale, Iohn-152 Recht, Prof.-81 Redd, Ershel-47 Phi Phi Beta Sigma--212 Phi Chi Theta-172, 173 Phi Delta Kappa-213 Phi Epsilon Phi-214 Phi Gamma Nu-174, 175 Phi Lambda Upsilon-215 Phillips, Betty-70, l3l, 158, 216 Phillips, Donald--58 Phillips, Prancelene-46, 196, 205, 218, Phillips, Iackf-46, 148, 194, 215, 219 Phillips, Iohn-36, 148 Phillips, Patricia-46, 172, 206 Philosophical academy-216 Phi Sigma-217 Phi Sigma Delta-146, 147 Sigma Iota-218 Phi Beta Phie-176, 177 Piccinati, lay-83, 142 Pickens, Rosemary-46, 164, 204 Pi Delta Theta-219 Pierce, Joseph-46, 195, 222 Pierson Elogene-58, 201, 222 Pierson, joseph-210 Pi Gamma Mu-220 Pi Kappa Alpha-148, 149 Pike, George-46, 144 Pioneer Day--130, 131 Pioneers-90-97 Pioneer Ski club-221 Pioneer Square Dance group-222 Pitts, Annajane-46 Plunkett, Robert-83, 142 Poirier, Walter-46, 213, 223 Pomainville, George-46 Pool, Gerald-58 Porter, Betty-46 Porter, Clarence-208 Porter, Iohn-138 Pottle, Mildred-83, 228 Powell, Dorothy-483, 204 Powers, Calvin- 83, 136 Powers, Edwine194, 212 Powers, Fred--46, 85, 91, 97, 186, 195, 226, 235 Prasse, Warren--8-3, 74, 136 Recldinqton, Lillian-83, 177 Reed, Iames-148 Reed, Joyce-83 Rees, Wilson-152 Reese, Mert-87 Reeves, Ruth-70, 202, 216 Regall, lack-144 Reid, Alice-47, 178 Reilly, LoRetta-83, 178, 229 Reiner, Clarence-212, 241 Reitz, Lena-196 Rettig, Evelyn-47, 160, 207, 218 Revis, George-146 Reynolds, Iane-83, 166 Rhinehart, Iayne-83, 160, 167, 229 Rhoads, Edwin-212 Rhoads, Marcetta-- 84, 166 Rhoads, Mary Elizabeth-47, 170, 193, 203, 204 Rhudy, Viva-47, 188, 205, 206 Richardson, Allan-e59, 195 Richardson, Harold--241 Richardson, Lee-47, 129, 144, 227 Riddell, loan-84, 105, 178 Riddell, Robert-148 Ridley, Thomas-59, 144, 214, 219 Ridley, Wanda-84, 158, 262, 263 Riedel, James-70, 202 Riedel, Walter--213 Riedel, William--71, 142 Riggall, lack-84, 208 Rillinq Athletic club-224 Rilling, Raymond--222 Rinqsted, Kathryn-71, 170, 206 Rishel, Iohn-213 Rishel, Marguerite-47, 160, 189, 196, 205, 207 Robbins, Robert-71, 126, 144, 197, 214 Roberts, Elwood-84 Roberts, Esther--84, 177 Roberts, Floyd--59, 214 Roberts, Mary--176 Robinson, Betty-94, 170 Robinson, Dorothy-59, 118, 120, 121, 166, 188, 193 Robinson, Marion-126, 128 Roche, William-142 Rochtord, George-459, 148, 210 Rodgers, Iames-59, 195 Roediger, Margaret--59, 174, 177 Rohrer, Iohn-223 Ro1fes, Ieanne--33, 84, 178, 204, 221, 222, 229 Roltes, Lorraine--71, 72, 99, 104, 130, 157 177, 222 Rollings, Virginia-59, 170 Rork, lack-23 Rose, Anne--71, 174, 177 Rose, Betty-67, 71, 98, 166, 211 Rosebrough, Fredda-47, 225 Rosen, Max-47 Rosenstein, Audrey--71, 156, 168, 211 Rosenthal, Betty Lou-'84, 162 Ross, Dorothy-84 Roth, Herrick--186 Rothenberg, Jack-146, 208 Rounds, Robert-84 Rowe, Betty-84 1 Rowe, Philip-47 Rudolph, Robert-59, 146 Rugg, Iack-84, 152 Runnells, Robert--47, 223, 256 Ruth, Nancy Ann-71, 158 Rutherford, Harry-152 Rutowski, Geraldine-188 Ryall, Elaine--47, 96, 177, 211 Ryan, Mary D.-59,'166, 193 Ryan, Robert-140, 212 Ryan, Theresa--174 Rylander, Dorothy-174 S Saierstein, Geraldine-59, 156, 168 Sager, Ethel-71, 172, 188 Saliman, Eleanor-84, 162 Samac, Pete-253 Sanchez, L1oydQ47 Sandberg, Richard-59, 71, 214 Sandburg, Donald-84, 152 Sandburg, Richard-152 Sargent! Virginia-176 Saunders, Adaline-84, 210 Saunders, Gladyola-59 Savory, Leonard-71, 195, 202, 214, 219 Sawyer, Harold-136 Saxton, Harold-59, 195, 222 Scarborough, Ieanne-158, 221 Schaeffer, Fred-243 Schaetzel. lacqueline-71, 178, 221, 222, 229, 262 Schecter, Edward-47 Scheffel, Cecile-239, 240 Scheuermann, William-152, 196, 221 Schiller, Margaret-71, 210, 211 Schindler, Alvin-213 Schmidt, Ioseph-59, 148 Schnackenberg, Reita-47, 166, 193, 196, 222, 224, 229 Schneider, Dorothy-206 Schneider, Anna LouM206 Schoene, Audrey Mae-71, 166 Schoene, Carol-84, 158, 229 Schoebs, Dorothy-47 Schoqgen, Rosalyn-71, 188 Schorr, Bernard-84, 138 Schott, Robert- 84, 136 Schreiber, Evelyn-'84, 168 Schroeder, Alice--84 Schroeder, Betty-84, 158, 196 Schroeder, Evelyn--71 Schuman. Iohn-47 Schuman, Robert-59, 189, 195, 215, 219 Schumann, Phillip-196 Schwalb, William-47, 195, 219, 226, 258 Schwartz, Cecili195 Schwartz, Frances-59, 156, 162, 207 Schwartz, John-33 Schwarz, Robert---47, 194 Schwed, Wa1terf4144 Schweiger, lack-138 Scott, Schweninger, Marian-59 Science and Engineering-32 Scott, Frank-138, 212, 239 Scott, Harold-47, 136, 214 Scott, Marion-71, 178, 196 Scott, Vernon-71, 136, 199, 221 William-59, 126, 127, 197, 227 Virginia-85, 204 Seacatt, lane-190, 204 Seelinqer, Anna Lou-71, 174, 188, 206, 230 Segerdahl, Iack-59, 208, 217 Seidenberq, Lorraine-84, 158 Seidenfeld, Morton-213 Shaclceltord, Ioel-84, 138 Shade, Harry-60, 142, 238 Shatter, Eclnamae-60, 164, 189 Shaiiran, Marie-188 Shahan, Bernie-71 Shamberq, Phyllis-60 Shanhollzer, Robert-60 - Shannon, Barbara-60, 158, 205, 207, 224, 229 Shannon, Dr. Richard--213 Shea, Frances-48, 170 Shearer, Geraldine-164 Sheitel, Shirley-84, 157, 162 Shepherd, Shirley-27, 60, 120, 156, 177, 193, 211 Sheridan, Dorcas-71, 177, 204 Sherman, Milton-448 Shilvock, Robert-150 Shine, Clifford-60, 222 Shipley, Gwendolyn-71 Shipman, Shirley-204 Shirley, Raymond-48 Short, Robert-48 Showalter, Robert-48, 194, 195, 212, 219 Shraiberq, Ethel-60, 162, 204, 207 Shroyer, Wayne-213 Shuler-Templin club-225 V Shur, Abe-60, 154 Sias, Charles--25, 26, 32, 48, 194, 195, 212, 215 Sibley, Leonard-48, 195 Sidon, Nathan-154 Siegel, Arthur--60, 146, 212 Sigma Alpha Epsilon--150, 151 Sigma Kappa-178, 179 Siqman, Sima-84 Sigma Phi Epsilon-152, 153 Sigma Pi Sigma-226 Silberberq, Leonard-71, 146, 214 Silva, Eugene--210 Silverman, Elaine--71, 162 Silverman, lack--60, 146 Simmons, Dorothea-48, 204, 278 Simon, Louise-48, 69, 177, 211, 231 Simon, Ralph-195 Singleton, Harold-148 Sinnard, Elven-212, 214 Sinton, Margot-60, 164 Sipe, Bernie-71, 178 Skooq, Muriel-85, 170 Slife, Ruth-71, 172 Small, Robert-138 Smith Smith , Barbara-60, 170 , Donn-208, 217 Smith, Dorothy-190, 196, 203, 204 Smith, Edward-144 Smith Smith , Evelyn-48 , George-85 Smith, Gerald-48 Smith, Ieanne--60 Smith, Iohn-226 Smith, Iohn D.--219 Smith, Kathleen-85, 180, 210 Smith, Kenneth-87 Smith , Louise-85, 177, 225 Smith, Margaret-72 Smith, Marjorie-72, 188, 204 Smith, Mary Frances-85, 180, 210 Smith, Maxine-85, 157, 178, 229 Smith, Murray-48, 129, 197, 209, 227 Smith, Rachel--48, 174, 192, 199, 205, 206, 230 Smith, Robert-85, 150 Snell, Myron--72, 138 Snider, Virginia-48, 188, 201, 205, 211, 224, 231, 263 Snyder, Iohn-85 Sobol, Elliott--48, 135, 146 Soffen, Ruby--85, 168 Sororities-158-182 Sorority candids-183 Southwick, Sheldon-150 Spallone, Dorothea-48, 156, 180, 210, 211, 216 Sparks, Elmo-221 Spaulding, Marcia-60, 158, 205, 224, 263 Spear, Norman-60, 136, 212 Speech-128, 129 Spitzmiller, Barbara-72, 157, 182, 204 Stallard, Charles--85 Stalmann, Marcia Iane-60, 177, 207, 218 Stamm, Mary-196, 205 Stanard, Robert-85, 142 Stantield, Mary Lou-72, 108, 156, 177, 211 Starkenberg, Carl-48, 219 Stein, George-48, 195 Stein, Melvin--60, 208 Steinhardt, Gertrude-197, 209 Steinmetz, Sam-85 Stephens, Homer-72, 136 Stephens, Margery--52, 60, 174, 178 Stetson, Alvin-60, 150, 258 Stevens, Marjorie-211 Stevens, Paul-213 Stevens, Tolbert-150 Stevenson, Vera Ruth-60, 156, 182, 190, 203, 204 ' Stewart, Robert-48, 138, 195 Stiles, Frank-85, 138 Stills, Mel-148 Stoker, Margaret-85, 157, 170, 196 Sto11, Virginia-48, 99, 174, 206 Stone, Marjorie--85 Stone, Marvin-85, 154 Stone, Virgil-72 Strnad, Edward-213 Stromberq, Adele-85, 170, 204 Strubhar, Robert-127 Strumptler, Margaret-BS, 202 Studen, Nick-148, 240 Sudakoif, Pauline-85, 168 Suqarman, Sam-238 Suhr, Robert--196 Sullens, George-72, 148 Sumerwell, Owen--48, 140 Summer and Graduate school-33 Sunblade, Neil-49, 140, 214 Sunday, Mark-72, 142 Suskin, Howard-60, 135, 154, 212 Swan, Benjamin-49, 150, 213, 214 Swartz, Iohn-85, 138 Swayze, Muriel-60, 158, 196, 197, 207 Sweeney, Kathryn-72, 170, 210 Sweeney, Mary Alyce-60, 170 Syler, Betty-52, 60, 178, 211, 221 Symonds, Fred-49, 194, 195, 215 Symons, Lester-49, 194, 195, 215 T Tahb, Frank-144, 213 Tabler, Virginia-216 Taquchi, Lucy-60 Tait, Jane-72, 178, 204, 222, 229 Talkirigton, Eileene-204 Talpers, Robert-29 Tasker, William-85, 140 Tannenbaum, Philip-49, 195, 208 Tanquary, Thomas-49 Tau Epsilon Phi-154, 155 Tau Kappa Alpha-227 Taylor, Helen-72, 170, 193 Taylor, Iohn-61, 150 Taylor, Robert-85, 150 Taylor, Shirley-72 Tediord, Wilbur-49, 136 Templeton, Floyd-72, 136, 142 Tennis+256, 257 Teschner, Theodore-61, 214 Tewell, William-85, 150 Thaler, Margaret-85, 202 Thatcher, Katherine-49, 176 Theander, Harry- 62, 72, 136 Thelander, Clinton-'72, 98, 116, 138, 221 Thelen, Mary-49 Theta Phi Alpha-180, 181 Theta Upsilon-182 Thibodeau, Bette Rae-49, 176, 205 Thiecle, Richard-212 Thode, lack-150 Thomas, Shirley-164 Thompson, Allen-136 Thompson, Chester-142 Thompson, Daisy-190, 204 Thompson, Marylyn-172 Thompson, 231 Thompson, Rita-26, 49, 170, 178, 193, 210 Thomson, Franklin-72, 138 Threlkeld, Harold-213 Thurin, Edgar-49, 148 Thurston, Dyce-148 Thurston, Walter--72 Tiller, Morgan-212, 236 Tilly, Iames-72, 138 Tinsley, Harry-72, 140 Titley, Gladys-188 Titsworth, Eugene-85 Toburen, Lawrenct+61, 148, 212, 239, 245 246, 247 Torpey, Charles-135 Track--254, 255 Tramutt, Henry-210, 213 Tremmel, William-49, 196 Triplett, Richard--213 Trout, Owen-189, 212, 221, 226 Trueheart, Eddie lo-65, 72, 99, 100, 170 211, 221 Truog, Dorothy-74, 170 Trustman, Norton-213 Turner, Harold-86 Turner, Howard-49, 194 Turpin, Olive-49, 166, 197, 225, 231 Turtle, Iohn-36, 49, 136, 186 Turtle, Peggy-86, 166 Twombly, George-61, 138, 207, 208, 212 214, 217 Tymczyszyn, Joseph-72, 195 U Underwood, Evelyn-49, 177, 205 University Division-8-33 Upton, Ernest-61, 138, 195, 212, 214, 221 Urich, George-136, 214 Uyemura, Frances-72 Uyemura, George-61, 202 1 Vallero, Marie-72, 172, 188, 206, 210 Van Aken, Arlene-86 Vandersarl, Edward-195 Van Fossen, Logan-140 Van Hall, Rachel-49, 120, 170, 193, 216 224 Van Male, Iohn--23 Van Soest, Bert-202 Vaseen, Eleanor-223 Vaseen, V. A.--213 Vaughn, Ashton-150 Veach, Iane--202 Verdieck, Edmund-213 Verzuh, Frank-49, 219, 226 Vessey, Vera-61, 166, 188, 190, 203, 204 211 Vincent, Peggy-174 Vickers, Elmo-212 Villano, Bertha-72, 172, 206, 210 Vivian, Charles-136 Vleck, Ioe-197 Von Cherrnendy, Clarice-86, 177 W Waggener, Helen-49, 158, 205, 216 Waggener, Sybil-86, 158, 262, 263 Vlaqner, Daniel-61, 140 Wagner, Iosepli-86, 138 Wakabayashi, Fred-50 ' Wales, Nadene-61 Walker, Marjory-72 Walla, Walter-50, 152, 245, 249 Wallace, Robert-138 Walsmith, Henry-212, 221, 238, 253 Walters, lane-61, 197 Walters, Newell-213 Walters, Dean R. I.-26, 28, 213 Walther, Ethan-61, 200 Walthers, Earl-212, 226 Ward, Lolflee- 61 Wardell, Josephine-72, 172 Warner, lack-72, 117, 258 Warshauer, Ella Louise-50 Warwick, Thomas-140 Wasley, Robert-50, 140, 192, 199, 213 Wata, Paul-61, 136, 227 Watkins, Evelyn-50, 158 Watkins, Mildredf50, 205 Watt, Betty-B6 Watts, Betty Ann-174 Watts, Donald-212, 216 ' Watts, Elvin-86 Way, David-72, 222 Weber, Claude-72, 138 Weber, Donald-87, 198, 210 Weber, William-72 Webster, Charles-61 Weimer, Erma-29, 61, 174, 230 Weiss, Marjorie-86 Welch, Wayne-61, 197, 202 Vtlelcl, Marian-50, 166 Werthari, Gene-61, 118, 119, 120, 146 Wertz, George-61, 196 West, Kay-72, 170 Westbrook, lames-72, 150 Vfesterkamp, Gladys-174 Weston, Betty-86, 164, 229 Weyandt, lohn--72, 126 Wheeler, Evelyn-86, 204 Wiedeman, Harold-199 Whitacre, Homer-72, 144, 195, 214 Whitaker, Baird-fB6, 142 White, Elisabeth-86, 157, 166 White, Ellenor--50, 158, 207 White, Francis-221 White, lohn-50 White, Mildred-72, 158 White, Stanley-72, 150, 196, 208 Whiteaker, George-213 Whitlock, Dorothy-216 Whitmoyer, Marcella-189 Whitworth, Royce-72, 148 Whowell, Eleanor-72, 164 Wiley, Barron-50, 140, 222 Wilfley, Margaret-50, 177, 204, 207 Winkinson, Earl-72, 140 Vtfillars, Richard-72, 148 Willbanks, Edward-61, 136 Wome n's Athletic Association-228, 229 Women's Athletics-262, 263 Women's Student Council-Commerce--230 Women's Student Council-Liberal Arts- 231 Wood, Benjamin-86 Wood, Esther lane-51, 164, 198, 204, 217 Wood, Ethel-204 Wood, Mildred-86 Wood, Prof.-78 Woodard, Charles-239 Woodford, lack-140, 210, 214 Woodman, Mary-51, 180 Vlloodman, Muriel-72, 201, 207 Woodman, Rita-86, 110, 178 Woods, Lillian-51, 190, 196, 203, 20-1 Williams, Courtland-61, 202, 214, 218 Vfilliams, Dorothy-50, 158, 224, 229, 231, 262, 263 Williams, Ernest--208 Williams, lack-138 Vlilliams, Ioy-72, 166 Williams, Muriel-50, 202, 224, 229 Williams, Robert-150 Williams, William-50, 129, 152, 213, 214, 216, 227 ' Williams, William-86 Williamson, Peggy-50, 199, 218 Woods, Robert-86, 150 Woodson, lames-86, 136 Woodward, Charles-138, 239 Woudenberq, Iohn-51, 142, 237, 242, Woudenberg, Nellie-86 Wright, Caroline-86, 204 Wright, Robert-142, 221, 236 Wright, Warren-61, 148, 214 Wurtz, Annabelle-61, 158, 197, 207 Wurtzebach, Robert--217 Wyer, Dean Malcolm G.-31 Wykert, Shirley-86, 170 251 Williamson, Richard-258 Willingham, Eugene-212 Wilson, Avis-61, 170, 227 Wilson, Ellen-24, 26, 61, 178, 211, 221, 231 Wilson, Fred-140 Wilson, Richard-50, 131, 138, 221, 257 lNinchester, Norman-221 Winchell, Elizabeth-72, 166, 198 Wirts, Ioan-196, 223 Witmer, Virginia-e29, 230, 231 Witting, Barbara-72, 178 Witting, Dorisf50, 91, 97, 178, 211, 221 224, 231 Woliler, Harold-50 Wolbert, Mary Virginia-61, 180, 188, 231 Wolcott, Dean R. H.-30, 186 Vt'ollank, Helen-50, 208 Wollenweber, Clarae-50, 170, 207, 231 Wolter, Edward-61, 237 50, 64, 172, 188, 192, Wyman, William F.-23, 186 Y Yancy, Ioan-157, 182, 204 Yeamans, Vanita-86, 106 Yoelin, Eli-146 Yost, Elaine-205 Young, Hersey-73, 138, 212, 238 Young, Lawrence-212 Young, Peggy-61, 166 Z Zancanella, Narciso-51, 198, 210 Zeidenteld, Alvin-61 Zimblis, Phyllis?-86 Zuiderveen, Gary-51 ,,. 1 W f a n . , 'in' ,,f,4, "fd El . - mm ff' E 1 x f f. ' . , ,Aw Q' gf n . L 'T f if I Arg' fi X X "X -4 I. " 'fV. R f .- , ,gy U QM, , . " . ' jv, if F X' 3' . f, . . : . .V 5 51' Y I .- J 1' N-wwf-P' w ' A Y '-" 7 Q.Lfn 1' a, ' " ff' N A 'xk -Q ",, 5 rr Ag xtzxrr - xt' ' 7 1 if ' uu.. Jgffw.. .V X . 1 Q ' . ,4 I, I ,, ' h f , 1 I , I LF, -I ,lx J -M A'A V b , 1 ., qi 'Y' ' Hg, A. ' ' 1 ' if W . KY . V' M. 1' 4 An ly 5 ' " ' ' , "1 LY , , 3 f A, O ,N N V ,. I . I- .4 2 s- ux S . 'Al . 1" ' L v K r , . i A- ' .Y N f I a -a I D' l ' sm. f , ,, A k . W 1 if ' . 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Suggestions in the University of Denver - Kynewisbok Yearbook (Denver, CO) collection:

University of Denver - Kynewisbok Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


University of Denver - Kynewisbok Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


University of Denver - Kynewisbok Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


University of Denver - Kynewisbok Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


University of Denver - Kynewisbok Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


University of Denver - Kynewisbok Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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