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51-zvfzygagrfxg, 1:'f"-geav:3W " ,mm5,, 3,45 ,kggjygi ' .L :nf " ' W. '- f .V ' A .eaK""P . uw., ,Jr I , .Jw 1 N L f If 'WA .. .Zeb . fm- 5-pr " 2- ' ,, ' mu. .' V -, , - " ' i X ' , .,", . fl L W ""'4'7 ' he A JW.. ,, ,. I xi V 5 ,X vw... , 324 , v yi 1 G 1 V 1,4 r. ,6 Q' . . 4 x Q , 1 11. Im? A ' 525.4 A ,M-K f . , , T .' -. f"XVfx': .A aux -' ' Q 0 'Xu Fw I, 5 fx 455, K, , if ' MM' , ,- ,IKM-" , Af, ff wg it V Y f' K . , , , ,, :f'i,1':',yyi'. 3 ..,,1.V' V 'Jig 3 ' . '1-4 'W mr 1 iff 4 5' 4 v WA ,v ,jx 4, ,lv S I ff. if LQ ,hr x 3, :vga Q A At I l 191517 J :sw I b , mg' ' 'jf .' 1, M ,X--fv xlyl 7,-u., ,,. . . . If-4 Rt f. Lv , X4 is . A . 4' ard - 'gf' ' 4'-'?"'i. ' -"AHfQl,5" Q-V , " P, ' , .. . Q N F W. M1 .,, , ..-' g , X, LQ. -V " I ,-V-14... I 33, W1 -an-3, 90' . fffie QDLCLWUHCI fume ffgungw E wi'-f'. , '.z.wffY' 4""w ' '32 Q W' ,'f'fmf'! ' 'pa 7 ""' ' f'f?ff .' fi? 4+ rw - .-.V lfiili q, ' 'Q WN. 1 r w, . LM- A Us 7 , x,,.f'JIX I. ,QT nf' I :J 'Flxi1i,1"2',x K :'- ,4 Hy' 'w r 'A 1 sf ? U ii A I 4 WWW 5, 'Y' f Li"-y,f"f'1 , L -'i . ' 1' . F1 1, " ' '4'-wr! ' . I .. h 3 -.Lf f 1 ' ,.,g.-..-..1.gtA- S -1 'Al l:s 5"'1 gan, jx :Vw :GL K ' rw -W Kaul it xx' tl y 'l -r 5 E, as , . P Q f 4 -r -'X ', 4 . , It .. -va. 2 Y- b' -i f. .A 1n.,.l. . --ff , + - ff, ' "ff "f is-1551 "4 , sw, s. j,A s I Nix. r Flaw . ,, ,wwsabzrvq ,Y 1, xi- ,. m'gA:,.. lg,'!.".iE:'f':'P"A -H -ve-any H if-v-QW, a ' x lv-My . 1+ , gm-4. - UQW I,'.., . 4 , R fi ' ' -"FW K' wypy, H 's"'-o-5 .. X- I ,-, .,,. ,K 'fx v . 'T -Ima? uv- .f'J,g,,1v-I 0 L Qc If 4. .,0!"' !" , 3' F . 1- 4' Z' Q- .dvi 4 .','rkgt1rt1:. A713 :.,, - J.. 95 I Ku- I V '. ' -: fx J 3 V371 14,595 QMS. , K,'uf:xg, " ,- vs .V QE, . 1, ,,,.. . AM - 5 -1-"iv - s by , 4- - -. fl ,35 FF 417f'.f2'-2"-1 , , -.ff-2. ALJ., if . I --Q -" I kg af Qi-5 4 1, -I 'L-wg, 51-,1.' 4 'jf W' in valign? , .P 'rr' A E. H151 'TA if?'m':f7v.. . -',43 H' .3'?.n'i, " .y',,,,,,f -4- " ..'-"5 -. ."" ' . I , Q, v. I lv' 'nf' .' " 'Hui' 5. ivy.. x NJ H7 C O P Y RX G H T X 9 3 9 Pubkhed by We Siudenis of We Univerdw of Denver ENNETH HAMMXLL ' Nei K Ediior-m-C we Qledlcafe For his unerring ToresighT in selecTing a subordi- naTe such as John Evans To be The Governor of The TerriTory oT Colorado and laTer The Tounder oT The UniversiTy oT Denver, and Tor his ever-Torward and consTanT upliTTing spiriT, which we believe always sTands guard To supervise The proceedings oT our UniversiTy, we dedicaTe This Diamond Jubilee Kyne- wisbok To The spiriT of one oT our greaTesT and mosT beloved UniTed STaTes presidenTs, Abraham Lin- coln. We TurTher dedicaTe This yearbook oT The seven- Ty-TiTTh year of our UniversiTy To The Thousands oT sTudenTs, TaculTy, and adminisTraTion who have ToughT The ides of Time To build and TurTher The progress of This modern insTiTuTion of higher learn- ing, The UniversiTy of Denver. . fi QQ Jlfloyeihm Qoiiffmy ? Y S Q ,J P V' if ,4 ,MMAL I3 y 1 nm 1. via. . ., W . I J, , V -A W mf q 3 ' 3 af ' "Q,-fl ' " J 1, N W , u' :gm u ll rfu C xwuxx M L, W, .,,, ,,, .. w vm -up-we W3 l ,W 1 , M , Hngwkll H, ,, A , 1 W' NA 1 4 I ,Y i K - Center: Baths in eggs are common in the Frolh-Soph egg Gghu. Right: All freshmen turn out for the annual luncheon. 5 'lisp' 3572 wcfzd Universify life, when enfered info by fhe ambifious fresh- man, becomes a new world fo fhe sfudenf, a world enfirely dif- ferenf from fhaf fo which he has been accusfomed. This world brings fo fhe freshman a new oufloolc on life by meefing and acquiring many new friends, friends who are sincere and willing fo give and fake on a par wifh each ofherg by venfuring info new fields of dramafics, journalism, music, business, science, or indus- fry and choosing his life career: and by meefing and associafing wifh men and women who have had success in fheir fields of ac- fivify and have achieved fhe ulfimafe in fheir posifions as pro- fessors. Being a mefropolifan school, fhe Universify of Denver, wifh ifs many schools and deparfmenfs, is carried by Denver sfudenfs back fo fheir homes, fo be discussed and idealized by all of fhe cifizens of fhe cify. The Universify's influence is carried by ouf- of-fown sfudenfs fo fheir frafernify and sororify houses or fo fheir individual rooms and is wifh fhem fhroughouf fheir exfra-curricu- lar acfivifies. If is fhese many pleasing fhoughfs fhaf 'rhe senior, when he is ready fo enfer info fhe impressive graduafion ceremonies, fhinlcs of and he is proud fo realize fhaf he has been one of fhe infricafe pa rfs of fhis Universify. Wze fade i i i I r I The buildings and grounds of a universi+y are buf 'rhe slage and properlies for ils aclivilies. I+ is fhrough lhese physical means lhal The personalily and qualificalion of each sludenl is broughl oul. Allhough Jrhese pro erlies endure 'rhe life of lhe universil , The .occurrences of each year are buf a link in lhe conslanllly growing chain of evenls. Thus Jrhe evenls of lhe shorl-spanned academic year, lhough ended for all lime, are preserved for The years 'ro come lhrough lhe medium of +he prinled page. 3 on the step f Old Main" il l mid-clan Loungin fav t activity -X 7 enfants, UNIVERSITY CLASSES FEATURES ACTIVITIES FRATERNITIES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS Qcecutlve Staff Edllor-in-Chief ....................... Kennellw I-lammill ASEZlfOnflfflBiQZ2Ss+aOnS .,... Doris sound Assis'ran+ Eclilor and Edifor of Aclivilies ........... Don Weber Classes Edifor ....................... Belle Durell Sporls .............. ............ W iles Hallock Gene Werfhan Ar+ Edilor ............. ............ W ayne Jordan Pholography ,......................... Harold McCormick ' Richard Glogau Color phofography .... .. .......... .Ed Huffman qw W 5 QW U gllancellm CD Shaw C-Duncan In old and enduring civilizalions, cenfuries mean liH'le fo insfirurions which have exisfed for a millenium: buf decades mean much +o insfi- fufions esfablished in new and srruggling sociefies. For fhree quarfers of a cenfury fhe Universify of Denver, charfered as Colorado Seminary, has grown and developed. In her early days of sfruggle, when odds were againsf her, she could answer wifh Sieyes, when asked wha? he did during fhe French Revoluiion, "l lived." Wha+ changes have faken place since I864l Denver, a village of a few rhousand, has become 'l'he meiropolis of 'Phe Rocky Mouniain region, and our sfafe has become rich and popu- lous: fhe Pony Express has given way +o 1'he felegraph line, ihe rele- phone, and fhe radio: fhe pioneer wagon-oxen drawn-has found space in fhe museum, and in i+s place speeds fhe lighfning-like siream- liner, and fhe mofor-driven aufomobile: where buffalo roamed fhe roll- ing plains are fo be 'Found irrigafed and well-filled farms and blooded and prize-winning herds: fhe log and sod school houses find rhemselves surpassed by beaufiful brick and cemenf sfrucfures: and rhe rough 'Furnishings of fhe fronfier have given place 1'o 1'he mosi' modern con- veniences. The fronfier has disappeared. And fhaf greai' expanse of virgin and mounfainous counrry, lawless and ungoverned, has given place fo a complefe union of s+a+es. Bur such changes always follow in 'rhe wake of a courageous and pioneering sfock. The ideals and aspirafions of our founders, feebly embodied in fhe 1'wo-s'I'ory sfrucfure a+ +he corner of Fourfeenrh and Arapahoe Sfreefs, now find visible expression in rhe Universiry schools and buildings: and ihe educarional desires of rhe people of our greai' commonwealrh are sarisfied by many insrifufions of higher learning. This Diamond Jubilee is bui' rhe beginning of greaier ihings. To us has been passed fhe forch of progress, and as faifhful and +rue succes- sors, we musi' noi' fail fo pass ii' on. DAVID SHAW DUNCAN. Chancellor. 10 1 by' Jig' ff I I ' 1 . , JF? Y Ar Q "e . JK 4 CD 'aiiii Q' No x N . -, . ' lf "5 L ' f ' .i : T42 3 f K m X4 tk ,fl N M Y . ' r - l . My a,- if R. J. Walters Each ofihe 'rhirfy-fhree deparfmenfs in The College of Liberal Arls, as well as lhose of fhe Chappell School of Ari, are under fhe direcfion of Dean Rolland J. Walfers. Also under his sponsorship are 'rhe Arfs curriculum, ifs adminis+ra+ive policies, s+uden'r-faculfy relalionships, clerical and reaching s+aff of The Liberal Ar+s College, Freshman Con- vocarions, and Leaders' Council. In +he fall of 1937 Reuben Edson Nyswander, who has been connecfed wi+h fhe Deparfmenl' of Physics and Eleclrical Engineering for +wen+y years, was made Dean of +he School of Science and Engineering. As 'rhe Dean of ihe Law School, Roger H. Wolco'r'r has served for fhe pasf eleven years, and sponsors Della Lambda Sigma, pre-legal frafernily. ...JS N G. I.. gs i vs. ,li t"' sn ..,Alc oxcott g,H.w , 4 . R. zz. N al y.WQnder Alfred C. Nelson ,,,, .M ll, w . com" I0 W 9 schools. LW... A 'Ns N .Ver Under +he adminisrralion of Dean . of 'fhe School of Commerce a course in Governmenl Management sponsored by +he Alfred P. Sloan Foun- dafion of New Yorlc, has been insfifufed +his year Dean Collins has also broughf recognirion +o 'rhe Uni versify in +haf he has again been elec+ed +o serve a presiden+ of fhe American lnslifule of Accoun+an+s. Much of +he success of +he School of Librarianship is due 'ro i+s Dean--Malcolm Wyer. lf was in I930 'thai fhe Library School was esfablished as an educafional unit As Dean of fhe Graduafe School and ihe Sum- mer School, Alfred C. Nelson has made if possible for raduafes 'ro correlale advanced work befween The +wo S I 3? ffl 675222 ,slim Eli 2, al' ,. ae L W' Sohne' B 00 John E. Lawson, Dean of Men. guides sfudenf acrivi- +ies and governmenl as a member of +he Adminisira- live commiHee and of +he Board of Publicarions. He is also a Direcfor of Admissions and a Direclor of lhe Sfudem' Union Board. William F. Wyman, Assisfanf- Treasurer and Audilor. handles all lhe finances for 'rhe Universiiy. C. Lewis Herzog, Graduale Manager of S1'uden'r Affairs, is in charge of s+uden+ business. l-le manages The S'ruden+ Union and has charge of all pub- licarion funds. "Charlie" is an ex-officio member of lhe Board of Publicarions and edils 'rhe Foofball Digest Loyal Niblo, Bookkeeper, has a cliliiculr posirion in fha? i'r is he who copes wilh overdue frafernily bills, for he is in charge of all fhese accoun+s and fhose of all cam- pus organiza+ions. Gladys C. Bell, Dean of Women, is an ex-officio member of all women sfuclenl organiza- lions, alumni affairs, and molhers' clubs. Through her office all s+uden+ affairs are scheduled. Jack Rourk C. . S gefzog LgW1 -vial gylblo 14 Ce K Ita ...M fs--. ig iixri .W ' M. 'EN f ' Ml aaa fra-Q '-in l W, VY. J j d 8 C Ben GLB Y ' Joe Hare Joe Hare, Librarian and Secreiary To +he Friends of 'rhe Library organizalion, has made The Mary Reed Li- brary known +hroughou+ lhe West Jack Rourk. Ac- counianl, is in charge of +he books and accounrs of fhe Universify. Frank C. Ons'ro++, Regisfrar of +he School of Commerce, also holds 'rhe posi+ion of financial sec- reiary of +he school. l-le regislers and keeps The rec- ords of Commerce sfudenfs. Randolph McDonough, Alumni Secre+ary and Direclor of Exiension, is edilor of 'rhe Pioneer. monlhly alumni magazine. and direclor of many alumni acliviries. Through +he Exlension divi- sion he keeps in iouch wi'rh many alumni exlension slu- denls. Marjorie Cu+ler, Regisfrar of +he School of Liberal Aris, is kepl busy wilh 'rhe crediis and hours of many srudenls. She is in comple+e charge of 'rhe regis- Trarions on lhe campus. l-lamillon J. Keener, Purchas- ing Agent has proven himself lo be capable as such. 1i.J.1geener i . in ww ii,i3i,i.-r, " pirli,.wi,s,y-'lil:,J,lll in l in ill WM" i .R .ii andolph P, MCDO W. F. wYman li 1 F? Il il ' 'L if , u " I' 'N gr. ll 1 ll I 1 I f S u u c I. '51 . -5' A noush J" ff..-':."'Fr' V: Nm?--4..u. .,-v-9' - ' -. , A ,K , 4 .1615-'Ki' if W .0Q.,4,J.'.:" Af . W4 'f W" "Af ,Q - My 4 1 K I 1' 'I " lain. Q5 " . V 'lb Y 9 V " L v- Q' s Y , ',f.- ,, .i . .:y , ,.. ' 1 N 1 ,F . b ? V ., .1 x .N W ,-L ,Ll 3 V ' , . 1 1' - s - W ,- R. -P-: :l?-- il - J -4, .-'.-' 'Wh ' 5 fn" sf ' ,f Al' H , Pr fig - ' '. Ms ' bl ,P'FJ',' my ' ' .1 'VV' - - .1 ,V ,- . 'Ms ' 1.7 f K .ff V -y - L' 4- , A- ,,, 1- A N I .. I JL, 1 W, 1. I Ag! A. Hy' o.lL,?45o3'.. A , " M ' " Mun' .7 'di .ffl V" Q-D39 ,A -uf.. s 1 Q. Y ,. .yn AM, ' fl' ,.. Q: . o 9 , ' , zu' ., .4 W A 2, Jn. as sf' M, .wuz f -Ao - f 94- Hifi' 1 ur 'uni er f'erA gWaM WiThin The shorT span oT isevenTy-Tive years lTrom l864 To l939l The UniversiTy oT Denver has grown To be one oT The largesT and mosT respecTed schools oT higher learning ThroughouT The counTry. WiTh pasT achievemenTs seT down in hisTory, The UniversiTy now looks Tor- ward To The TuTure, seeing many possibiliTies Tor The enlarging of our insTiTuTion and Tor increasing The already high qualiTy oT iTs educaTion. IT was in The year l862 ThaT PresidenT Lincoln was called upon by a mosT disTinguished man, Dr. John Evans, oT Illinois. These Two men Talked oT The ever-growing WesT and PresidenT Lincoln inTormed John Evans ThaT he was To be The nexT TerriTorial governor oT Colorado. yhnem -Wand They Then looked over a crude map of Colorado and before 'rhe discussion had lenglh- ened bul a 'Few minules John Evans asked if he would be granled charlers for such educalional inslilulions as he deemed necessary 'ro 'rhe well- being of 'rhe people. "Jus+ like you, Dr. Evans," said Lincoln. "If +here's any place wilhoul a lillle red school- house, you wanl +o see one +here." "Mr, President" relurned John Evans, "educalion is 'rhe grealesl blessing a counlry can give 'ro Hs people. Educafe a man and he's a wor+hwhile cilrizeng leave him in ignorance and he's wasle Hmber, I always say." ln l864 John Evans wen? back lo Washing- lon and requesled a char'rer for a school of higher educalion 'ro be localed in lhe ci'ry of Denver, Colorado Terrilory. Wkfsgihne The school was To raise Tunds by subscripTion, Tor which There were over one hundred men ready To donaTe The necessary Tunds. The TirsT subiecTs TaughT were algebra, rheToric, French, LaTin, music, and Theology-a school Tor boTh spiriTual and menTal develop- menT-and iT was named Colorado Seminary. Depression in The school's early years made iT necessary To close iTs doors Trom i867 To I88O, when Governor Evans again Tound The means wiTh which To open The doors oT The school. Chancellor Moore was made The head oT The school aT FourTeenTh and Arapahoe STreeTs. l-le worked Tor no pay, reTurning his yearly salary To The school. y0!WZ6e Upon The resignaTion oT Chancellor Moore in l889, William McDowell was ap- poinTed To The chair, and one year laTer The cornersTone was laid Tor The TirsT building, in SouTh Denver's newly named UniversiTy Park, OT a greaT college oT Liberal ArTsg anTicipaT- ing a magniTicenT campus upon The hillTop acres in The years To come. ln l892 The llilil School and Chamberlin ObservaTory were added To The growing school, buT Tive years laTer The greaT John Evans passed away and leTT his beneTacTor's role behind Tor oTher unbending shoulders. WW M -A .xgflw Qlaaa Y n I r h F n P pr ln l899 'rhe silver panic of '93 could siill be fell. A debi of a Third of a million dollars was ihrealening +he Universi+y's onward march. The execulive board had many meelings 'fo discuss The filling of Jrhe chancellor's chair and 'ro eliminaie 'rhe heavy debl' upon +he school. Deep consideralion and sober Thoughl were direcied 'foward a beller inslilulion of learning. e7f Wfiyamgaabna AlThough The quesTion of The debT was ever-pressing, The board realized ThaT whaT was mosT urgenT was a man- a man in whose reach lie The TalenTs of managing a Uni- versiTy and campaigning successfully for Tinancial aid. One TrusTee arose and puT TorTh The name of The Rev- erend DocTor l-lenry BuchTel. I-le was unanimously chosen Tor The posiTion. In l9OO The Reverend D.ocTor Henry BuchTel assumed his posiTion as Chancellor of The Colo- rado Seminary. As if ThaT were The signal Tor a change, maTerial bless- ings poured in like long-soughT rain. ln l906 a library was endowed by Andrew Carnegie, and in The same year The Colorado voTers elecTed as governor Chancellor BuchTel. WiThin Two years The campus was a scene of building enTrenchmenTs and scaTFolds. QWWW Aboul lhe same 'rime lhal new hope was budding, a Mr. Jacob l-laish had sen+ a carload of wire'+o a des+ina+ion in Wyoming. The wire never reached +he delivery poin'r and for weeks execulives and delecrives of Jrhe railroad hunled for lhe wire. Mr. l-laish heard of The financial predicamenl +ha+ rhe Universiry of Denver, which if was now being called, was in and made 'rhis proposirion. lf 'rhe officials of 'rhe school could find +he wire Jrhey could sell if and keep +he proceeds. The consignmenr was found and sold for 550.000, ln I9 I 0 'rhe graduaring class donaled a gymnasium 'ro 'rhe Universily. The years passed and in I9I7 lhere was a greal demonslralion for lhe complelion of The Universi+y's splendid chapel. Bul for lhe generous aid of a Calholic philanlhropisl, J. K. Mullen, lhe chapel may never have been fin- ished. l-le gave lhree reasons lor his conlribulionz lll 'ro aid his dear friend, l-lenry Buchlelg l2l 'ro help eslablish a spirilual dwelling place for 'rhose seekers aller universal 'rrulh al lhe Universilyg and l3l 'ro give as a Calholic lo a Melho- disl cause in order 'ro prove lhal in 'rhe American way of lhinlcing il is nol a queslion of whal a man's religion is, bul whelher he has any religion a+ all. " gzomwwde Aller Chancellor Buchlel's dealh, wilhin one shorl year lin I'-725l lhe sladium reared ils massive slruclure as a lilling back- ground lo lhe Universily campus. Then, lhree years laler, came lhe Mayo building lo lhe campus. A linal lower ol learning and achievemenl was given by Mrs. Verner Z. Reed ol Denver. This is lhe library whose one hundred leel you see now slrelching lheir gracelul being lo lhe clouds, well lilled lhe linesl slruclure i QM .my Zami of ils kind wilhin lhe Rocky lv1oun'rain's lenglh and breadlh. Two chancellors, l-lunler and Duncan, held lhe chair from I928 +o lhe presenl year, and 'rhe presenl guide, Chancellor D. Shaw Duncan, is looking forward 'ro his dreams and aspiralipns for a larger Universily. i Sevenly-five years have loroughl lo The Universily ol Den- ver a uniled sludenl body, Jrhrough ils many fralernilies, sorori- lies, and over filly honorary organizalions for every deparl- menl of lhe Universily. mm ,mm H is in+eres+ing +o nole The beginnings of The more oulslancling aclivilies on our campus. Alhlei- ics were insliluied in I884 by a foolball game againsl The Rugby 'ream. The firsl foolball Teams were called Jrhe "Figh+ing Minis+ers" and The "Bishops from Denver." The Universily newspaper has had many names, being Jrhe "Denver Universiiy Weekly Pea- nu+s," The Oreopsus, The l-lesperus, and lhe Bulle- lin. The las'r name, The Denver Clarion, was given +o +he paper in IS99 and has lasfed ever since Then. efffvmzi cgovmco LJ 1 ,fi . 1 hi. - ' ' ll . Vu. l ' . W. , MQ! ' i 1 ln?-, . A 73' ld Qmmzlugasf 1 A i Your Kynewisbok was firsr calleol The Mounr Olympus, in I896. I-lowever, in i898 a novel name, The Kynewisbolc, was given To il, meaning The King's Wise Book. "Seven schools buf one Universi+y" has been lhe conlinuous mo'r+o of 'rhe Universily of Denver ' in i+s seveniy-five years of progress. Hs seven schools include Liberal Arls, Science and Engineer- ing: Commerce.. Accounls ancl Finance: Law, Library, Chappel School of Arr, and +he G-racluale School. l The Universi+y's professors reign from all paris of rhe counrry, and each is a specialisi in his or her own parlicular field. The loss of Thomas A. Garih, renowned race psychologist ro Jrhe Univer- si+y was indeed regrelled by all adminislralion and sludenls. Through Mr. Garih we received a com- plele biography of one of our grealesr of chancel- lors, The Reverend Doclor Henry Buchrel. And so we see Jrhar ir was rhrough 'rhe greal foresighr of Abraham Lincoln, in picking such excel- lenl' men as John Evans for Terrilorial Governors, +ha'r we now have our modern Universily of Denver. .WWW sqm Wi+h so many inspiring hisloric evenlrs 'ro keep up 'rhe spirifs of presenl-day siudenls, if is noi sur- prising +ha+ every lrue Pioneer of The Universi+y of Denver is looking ahead 'ro Jrhe day when lhe Uni- versily will cover all of 'rhe many blocks around I+. For already lhere are plans for a new field house, new dormiloriesx, new classroom louildings, and lhe exlension of all downiown campuses. QQ U5 -'af --X., ," f. ,K ,jf If I L M gy ww N + l 4 N- .XXXWNX 4, .lx f 5 ,f QW ' I ,s 'ki-i x1'w!-'xr H Q15 X 1, --.Z T' x,. , .' ul,-' X' rw ffQx J X.Al- X 6 427 f N K Y vuub Lfx .f1r.ruwxx'1V'X:k:2g f i,ffs,ff j f . X If ,.. ,-. ' ,-A ' .,..,.. -.qu 1 1 Albert Weimer Jenicwil N gp lu: ll Ill ll ll X 4 . A qu . 5 1 4 'Qing-5 I Dorothy ueaw.. Eileen Bowman Shirley Hanigan Betty Hon' 34 V.. ,, v x 4 1-1-. -' J .ul - 'kr' 1 -ff,--J-,, ' 'f -tiff 'f 1 . L yt. . 1. ,1 f X f"v...f-', V , uf. v ls- I ,H MA, - ' 4-1 ' -ffl! 'f . as, R. 5 A . 'L ' Y 3' ' ,rf-' 4 ' 1. X. V xl" fr 'QF' 0 I A"f"L.f':"5 , -, . 'I' 131. ,. amigi ,. - 1 A. I s . rv--. f ,lux , , Hn ' .-?"g '.A -5 . :ww 'fw- -a-.A nf 'S ,.-,w -bi ,- Q . .- . . , 1 ' X 'N ' t f 1 , . . a , M.-. 4" Q If . - ' N ez-.-'15 ,E ',.,,q - , ,. :Kg -nf-"Ag,-:. 1-0 I ' - -" 3? , :QA ' . J 'L v.-- ' ? I ' s Q'f'x 'Pl' - - M XX,-,J,.X .- f - - A , - 'f vi ,S . ., ' I5 an 31 ,... 'M - . -fx, I-K , ' s ., -M , . N rx . ..-.,' X, . ,.- 44' , -. s' r - . -, , .. . 452' .. X .. ' 1."'2 5 .. . . , , ' , ,,. -,r, 9,1-, -'. 4 ' 7 f, g '1 ffygqf ' 1 .. f . XT' 3' v Y . ' J" -V ' -N .5 X ,- . N '- ' 1 1-.' ' K. - ' 1' . X-' -' A A g' ., . ,J . ,. . l .NH I . ' ' 'Er ' .AI .Al 5 ,, . X, . X 'rw 5, x in si. I rx 1 X .F 'fn .4 w Nun x 'N xV'?'V' MQ CMU? 1959 evenfzf Jive ecfzii ADAMSON, CHARLES ADDISON. HORTENSE Denver Denver Commerce, Bela Theia Pi, Liberal Arls. Gamma Phi Phi Epsilon Phi. Beia, Menlors. W.A.A. vice presidenl, S. C. M. ARMSTRONG, FLORENCE ATKINSON. FRANCES Liberal Arts, Alpha Gamma Liberal Arls. German ADDISON. MARJORIE Denver Liberal Arls, Gamma Phi Bela, College Poelry Soci- efy, Clarion, Quill Club. W.A.A. AUSTIN, MARY FAYE Denver Liberal Arfs, Gamma Phi Bela. Phi Gamma Nu. BADGLEY, ANNETTE Denver Liberal Arls, Sigma Kappa. Drama Club, Kappa Della Pi, Menfors, Press Club. BATSON, DOROTHY Monle Visfa Club, Della. Philosophical Acad- Tau Kappa Alpha. Denver Denver Liberal Aris, S.C. M., Or- Liberal Arls. cheslra. BARRETT, MURIEL BACON, WILLIAM Denver D9l'lV9f Liberal Arls, Alpha Xi Commerce. Della. BART, ALBERTA BATES, BETTY Las Animas Saline. KIN- Delia Della Della, Pi Kappa Delia. emy, W. A. A. BENNING, WALTER BERRY, LAWRENCE Pueblo Denver Liberal Arls, Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Phi Epsilon Phi. Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. BEVERLY, ELTON S+eambea+ Springs Science and Engineering. Della Chi. Phi Beia Sigma. Phi Lambda Upsilon, Pi Della Thela. Colorado So- cieiy Of Engineers. AKERS, FLORENCE Denver Liberal Arls, Kappa Della Coed Journalisls vice pres ely, Clarion, Meniors, Phil ANDREWS, VERNON Denver , Science and Engineering, - Mu Sigma Tau, Pi Della idenl. College Poeiry Soci- Thela. Sigma Pi Sigma. osophical Academy, Press Club, Kynewisbolc, Edilor of Sludenl Direclory. Orches- lra. AUSTON, JOHN Denver . AYERS, DOROTHY Monle Vida Liberal Arls. Tau Kappa Al- Pi Gamma Mu. pha. Alpha Nu, Forensics. BARNHART, CARL Alwood, Kan. BABBITT. MARGARET Denver Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma, Liberal Aris, Pi Bela Phi, Ph' Baia 5'9m0. D Club. Menlors, W.A.A. lnierfralernily Council BAUMGARTEN, DAVID Denver Liberal Arls. Clarion. Press Club presidenl, D Book, Direclor of Publicily. BEVERIDGE, MARY Price, Ufah Liberal Arls. BELL, FRED Denver gommerce. Alpha Kappa su. BIDWELL, RUTH Denver Liberal Aris, Alpha Xi Del. la. Coed Journalisls, Kappa Della Pl, Alpha Lambda Della, 'Men+ors, Paralreels, Philosophical Academy. fb, flflflugfiw ? W 'va ,W es. Q... 1 rv- evenly Jill ecfzix BILLING. EVELYN Denver Commerce. Phi Gamma Nu. BOPP. JOHN Denver Science and Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha. Die Lusligen Deurschen. Band. Newman Club. Kappa Kap- pa Psi. Colorado Sociely of Engineers. BRADY. EDWARD Denver llsiberel Arfs. Kappa Della u. BROWN, JACK Denver Liberal Arls, Orcheslra, Band. Pi Gamma Mu. CAMPBELL. BERNARD Denver Liberal Arfs. BILLMYER. DAVID Denver Liberal .Arrs, Pi Gamma Nu. BORDEN. LOUELLA Denver Liberal Arls, Alpha Sigma Chi. Phi Sigma. Kappa Del- la Pi. BRIGGS. PEGGY Denver Science and Engineering. Gamma Phi Bela, Alpha Sigma Chi. College Poelry Sociely, Die L u s l i g e n Deulschen. lsoropes. BUCKBEE. MORDELL Denver Commerce, Della Sigma Pi. Alpha Nu. CARNEY. THELMA Denver Liberal Arls. Alpha Gamma Della. W. A. A. BLAKE, AUBREY Denver Science and Engineering. Pi Delia Thela. Sigma Pi Sigma. BOSTROM, WYNN Wray Liberal Arls. Phi Epsilon Phi. BRINK. ROLLIE Denver Liberal Arls, Newman Club. Philosophical Academy. Pi Gamma Mu, Della Lambda Sigma. BURROUGHS, DOROTHY Arvada Liberal Arls. W. A. A., S. C. M.. Menlors. German Club, vice presidenl of ln- dependenr Women. CARTER, LENORA Denver Liberal Arls. BOHMER, LOUISE Denver Liberal Aris. Alpha Xi Del- fa, Panhellenic Council, Tau Kappa Alpha, Poetry Club. BOWMAN, EILEEN Denver Liberal Arls, Pi Bela Phi presidenf. Menlors. Wom- en's Sludenl' Council. BROOKS. MARJORIE Denver Liberal Arls. Gamma Phi Bela. BURT, MARJORIE Torrington. Wyo. Library. Kappa Alpha Thela. CARTER. MARY KAY Dodge Cily, Kan. Liberal Arls, Kappa Della. Coed Journalisls. Menlors. Pi Gamma Mu, W. A. A.. Kynewisbolu. Nalional Po- efry Socie'l'y, Workshop Players. BOODY, MANUEL Denver Liberal Arls, Pi Kappa Al- pha. BRADEN. LAURA Denver Liberal Arls. Pi Bela Phi. Isolopes, Press Club. Psi Chi. secrelary of Campus Commission, Senior Prom Commiflee. Slci Club. BROWN. CAROLYN Denver Liberal Arfs. Pi Bela Phi. Drama Club. BRYCE. DOROTHY Denver Liberal Arls, Alpha Xi Del- la, lsolopes. Kappa Della Pi. M e n + o r s. Paralceels. Philosophical Academy. Women's Sludenl Council. CATLETT, HELEN Denver Liberal Arls. Gamma Phi Bela. Q fldflufglffiw f Ava if 'W 2' , , lc: J 0' bb ,Q N , 'vw ,, i , , , Q. off- ' 5-' ag: evenly Jie ecfz ii. CHANDLER, HARRY Midwesf, Wyo. Eommerce, Alpha Kappa si CLARKE, NED Graaf Falls, Mont Liberal Aris, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Nu, Mu Bela Kappa, Phi Bela Sigma, Phi Epsilon Phi, lnierfralernify Council. CONN. HELEN Greeley Fine Aris. CRANE, EUGENE Denver Science and Engineering, Delia Chi, Phi Bela Sigma, Colorado Sociely of Engi- neers. DeLONG, ROBERT Denver Liberal Aris, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Omicron Delia Kappa president Phi Epsi- Ion Phi, Press Club, Inier- school Council, Kynewisbok, presicleni of Chappell. CHATLAIN, ROBERT CHESTNUTT. MARTHA Denver DBVWW Commerce, Lambda Chi Liberal Arfs, Alpha Sigma Alpha, lnferfralerniiy Coun- Alpha. cil. CLARKE, ROBERT CLAYTON. I-OIS Washingfon, D. C. Colorado Springs Science and Engineering, Science and Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha, Band, Delia Della Della. Mu Sigma Tau, Colorado Sociefy of Engineers. cook, STANLEY coorensmm-i, Josem-I Denver Denver Commerce, Kappa Sigma. Liberal Aris, Feaiure Wril- CURTIS, MARGARET Denver Liberal Aris, Theta Upsilon, Cosmopoliian Club. Wom- en's Siudeni Council. Philo- sophical Academy. DeROSE, THOMAS Grand Junciion Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, iransier iunior year from Grand Junclion Sfale Junior College. ing Club, Clarion, Inde- pendeni Sons of Resf. DANIEL, JOHN Denver Fine Aris, D Club. DETRICK, SHERMAN Denver Science and Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delia Chi, Omicron Delia Kappa vice presidenl, Phi Lambda Upsilon, presidenf of Junior class, presidenf of Science I-Iall. CLAIR. CHARLES Denver Science and Engineering, Baia Kappa, Della Chi, Colorado Socieiy of Engi- neers. COE, MILDRED Denver Liberal Aris, Delia Lambda Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu. COVILLO. VINCENT Denver Commerce, Delia Sigma Pi, Newman Club, Phi Epsilon Phi DEATON. DOROTHY Denver Liberal Aris, Sigma Kappa, vice presideni of Senior and Junior classes, Philo- sophical Academy presi. denf. DOLLIS, ELSIE Derwer Liberal Arfs, Alpha Xi Delia. CLARK. WILLIAM Seymour, Ind. Liberal Aris. COHEN. LEROY Denver Commerce, Phi Sigma Del- ia, Phi Epsilon Phi, Tau Kappa Alpha. COYLE. SAMUEL Denver Science and Engineering, Delia Chi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. Newman Club, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Colo- rado Socieiy of Engineers. DEBLER. DOROTHY Denver Liberal Aris, College Po- elry Socieiy, Die Lusligen Deuischen, Kappa Delia Pi. Alpha Lambda Delia, Men- Iors, RAC, W. A. A. DONOVAN, ELAINE Denver Liberal Ar+s, Della Zeia, Isoiopes, Spanish Associa- lion. 5, flfldugftiw , , - z 1- ., V. v-,,, 4- V, My . 63' X 1 55 -1- K 15 64- 3 , 1 5 4 evenly .ale een DORMAN, GLEN Denver Liberal Arls, Newman Club. ELLIOTT, ELZO Della Commerce. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ENDRIZZI, ARTHUR Denver Commerce, Della Sigma Pi, Newman Club. FLINT. KENNETH Denver Commerce, Della Sigma Pi. FULKERSON, CARL Denver Commerce. DOWLING, HELEN Denver Liberal Arls, Alpha Xi Del- la, Alpha Lambda Della, Band, Phi Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, Ski Club. ELLWANGER. KATHRYN Denver Liberal Arts, Kappa Della, Kappa Della Pi, W. A. A.. Quill Club, Press Club, Co- ed Journalisls secrelary. ERVIN, MAURICE Denver Liberal Arls, Ela Sigma Phi. FOSTER, CHARLES Denver Liberal Arfs, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Clarion, Phi Epsi- lon Phi, Philosophical Acad- emy. GALBREATH, CARROLL Denver Liberal Arls, Phi Delia Kappa. DOWLING, PATRICIA Denver Liberal Arls, Alpha Sigma Chi, Pi Gamma Mu. ELLWANGER, MARY Denver Liberal Arls, Della Zefa, Menlors, Women's Sludenl Council. ESPEY, HARRIET Trinidad Science and Engineering. Pi Bela Phi, Alpha Sigma Chi, lsolopes. W.A.A., Shu- ler-Templin Club. FOX, ROBERT Denver Liberal Arls. Alpha Nu, Band, Pi Gamma Mu. Or- cheslra, Phi Della Kappa. GALLAGHER, HELEN Denver Commerce, Phi Gamma Mu, Menlors. DU PRIEST, FIELDEN Denver Liberal Arls, Della Lambda Sigma. ELLIS, MARY Forl Collins Liberal Arls, Pi Bela Phi. EVANS, BETTY Denver Commerce, Kappa Della, Phi Gamma Nu, Menlors. FRANCE, BETTY Eads Liberal Arls, Isolopes, Band. Orcheslra. GAM MON, HARRYETTE Ramah Library. Bela Phi Gamma. ELLIOTT. ELMIRA Denver Liberal Arls, Pi Bela Phi Kappa Della Pi. Menlors W.A. A. ELSON, CARRIE Canon Cify Liberal Arls, Alpha Xi Del. fa. Kappa Della Pi, Men. lors, Pi Gamma Mu. FISHER, LEE Denver Commerce. FRICK. ROBERT Gallup, N. M. Commerce. GARABRANT. ROBERT Denver Science and Engineering Die Lusligen Deulschen Della Chi, Phi Bela Sigma Pi Della Thela, Ski Club Colorado Sociely of Engi. YIBBTS. N I 959 'H 'I- evenly Jill yea? iz GEARY. ROBERT Denver Science and Engineering. D Club, Delia Chi. Band. Phi Lambda Upsilon presi- deni, Orchesira, Colorado Socieiy of Engineers. GREENBERG, FAYE Denver Liberal Arfs, Della Phi Ep- silon, Coed Journalisfs, Kappa Delia Pi, Clarion. S.C.M., Pi Gamma Mu, Press Club, RAC, W.A.A.. Kynewisbolc. GUTHRIE, BEULAH Denver Liberal Arfs, Kappa Delia Pi. Moriar Board. S. C. M.. Menlors. RAC, W. A. A-. ireasurer of A. W.S. Chor- us, vice presidenf of Inde- pendeni Women. HAM. LEON Benlzelman, Neb. Commerce. HARDESTY. LEIMONA Denver Liberal Aris, Kappa Delia. College Poeiry Sociery, Srudenl' Direciory, Delia Psi Omega, Wesfminsrer Junior College. Universify of Uiah. GEMMELL, DOROTHY Edgewafer Commerce. GRIBBEN, RALPH Denver Liberal Arls. Kappa Sigma, D Club, Leaders' Council. GWINN, GWENDOLYN Denver Commerce. Sigma Kappa. Morfar Board. Alpha Lamb- da Delfa, Menrors. W.A.A., presidenl' of A. W. S. df Commerce. Phi Chi Thefa. Women's Sludenf Council. Board of Governors. HAMMAN, ROSE ELNOR Lamar Liberal Arls. RAC. MONO' Board, W. A. A., Leaders' Council, Women's Sludenl Council. HARES, DOROTHY Denver Liberal Aris, Thefa Upsilon. Kappa Phi, Spanish Associ- afion. GINN. LELAND Denver Commerce, Phi Epsilon Phi. GRIFFEY, BETH Englewood Liberal Arfs, lsofopes, Clar- ion. lnrernarional Relafions Club. W. A. A.. Spanish Associarion. HABERLAND, ELSA Denver Liberal Arls. HAMMILL. KENNETH Pueblo Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsi- Ion. Band. Clarion, lnrerfra- ierniry Council, Press Club, Inferschool Council, Kyne- wisbolc ediior. Leaders' Council. Orchesrra, M.P.A., R.M., l.P.A.. Yearbook direcror, Who's Who in Journalism, Omicron Delra Kappa. HARRIS, LILLIAN Denver Liberal Arfs, Thefa Phi Al- pha. Newman Club. GLANTZ. OMAR Denver Science and Engineering, Della Chi. Pi Delfa There. GUISE, MARY Denver Liberal Arfs, Newman Club. Orchesfra, Chorus. HAIGH. JO ALICE Canon Cify Liberal Arfs. HANIGAN, SHIRLEY Denver Commerce. G a m m a Phi Bela. Phi Gamma Nu, Women's Sfudenl Council. HARVEY. EVELYN Denver Commerce, Kappa Della, Phi Gamma Nu, Parakeeis, S. C. M. presidenl' al Com- merce. Morfar Board, Wom- en's Sludenl Council. GLOGAU. RICHARD Denver Science and Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Della Chi. Mu Bela Kappa, Pi Della There. Press Club, Kynewisbolr, Ski Club. Die Lusfigen Deulschen. GUSTAFSON. HILDA Denver Commerce. HALLOCK. WILES Denver Liberal Arls, Lambda Chi Alpha. D Club. Phi Epsilon PIN. Kynewisbolc, Clarion. HANSEN, IRENE UPIIMI. Neb. Library. HELLER. MARVIN Denver Commerce, Phi Sigma Del- fd. Delia Lambda Sigma, Independenf Men al' Com. merce. Q HGGUQQZQ QUZHIZ! JD ecfzb. HICKOK. JANE HOERSCH. JOSEPHINE Denver Billings, MonI'. Liberal Arls, Gamma Phi Commerce, Phi Gamma Nu. Bela. Sigma Alpha Iofa, !Alpha Lambda Delia. Menfors, Golf. HORR, BETTY HOWARD, DAVID Denver Liberal Aris. Delia, Phi Gamma Nu pres- 1 idenf, Paralceeis, Women's Sfudenl' C o u n c i l. Greek Council secrelary. Denver Commerce. Alpha Gamma HUGHES, DOROTHY Denver HUGGINS, MARY ALICE Denver Liberal Arls. S.C. M.. lnde- Commerce- pendenf Women. Pi Gam- ma Mu, lnrernalional Rela- lions Club. JAEGER. ELEANOR JAMIESON. RUTH HOLLAND, AUGUSTA Denver Liberal Arfs. S. C. M.. Inde- pendenf Women's Council. Psi Chi, Philosophical Acad- emy. HOWES, MARIE Denver Liberal Arls, Gamma Phi Bela. Kappa Della Pi. HUGHEY, CLARECE Ralon, N. M. Liberal Arfs, Kappa Delia Pi. Alpha Lambda Delia, Spanish Associafion. Phi Sigma Iofe. -JAQUITH. RICHARD HONOLD, KATHERINE Denver Commerce, Beia Gamma Sigma. Alpha Lambda Del- Ia, S.C.M. Treasurer ai Commerce. HOWLAND, WILLIAM Denver ' Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi president Bela Gamma Sigma. Phi Epsilon Phi, Greek Council, Omicron Della Kappa. HUTCHINSON, JAMES Denver Liberal Arfs, Bela Thefa Pi, D Club, German Club, Press Club. JEN KS. FRANCES HOPKINS. BARBARA Denver Liberal Arfs, Alpha Gamma Delia. W. A. A.. Rilling Aihleiic Club. lola Sigma Pi. lsofopes. HUDIBURGH. SYDNEY Trinidad Liberal Arfs, Sigma Phi Ep- silon, D Club. HYLAND, MAXINE Denver Liberal Arls. Delia Zela. Kteppa Delfa Pi, Merrlorgl Pi Delia Thela. JENNINGS. DOLORES Arvada Emmefsburgh, Iowa Pierce Denver D,,.,v,,. Liberal Arfs. Spanish Asso- Liberal Arts. Kappa Delia Commerce. Inferschool Liberal Arfs. Liberal Arls, Alpha X ciafion, I n d e p e n cl e n f Pi, Council, School president Della. Women. JOHNSON. GRANVILLE JOHNSON. MAXINE JOHNSON, NORMAN JONES. DOROTHY p,,,y,.. Ana.-ia, Kan, Denver Denver Liberal Arfs, Phi Delia Commerce. Cfvmmerce. Alpha! Kappa Commerce, Alpha Xi Della, Kappa' poehy Club' Phi Psi. Phi Chi Thefa. Bela Sigma, D Club. Psi 47 Chl. greg qfmducff 1959 evenly Jie yea? Q JONES. ELIZABETH Denver Liberal Arfs, Alpha Gamma Delia, Pi Gamma Mu. Women's Siudenl Council, s-C- M-. Menfors. KEPHART, FLORADEAL Denver Liberal Arls, Kappa Della. W. A. A.. Coed Journalisls. KNUDSON. ROBERT Yuma Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa AI- pha. D Club. LANG. JOSEPHINE Denver Commerce, S.C. M.. Men- IOVS. Kynewisbolr, Menorah KARTER. ROLLINS Denver Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, D Club. Board of Pub- licafions, Clarion, Senior Class freasurer, Commerce Sludenl Commission. KETTLER, JACOB Newion, Kan. Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Kappa Kappa Psi. Band. KOHNTA, MILDA Paonia Liberal Arls, Psi Chi. LARSON, ELEANOR Denver Commerce, Thela U psilon. Phi Gamma Nu. Honor Sociely, Big Sister Group. KAUFMANN, KLARA Denver Commerce, Phi Gamma Nu, M o rfa r Board. Women's Siudeni Council, Menlors presideni al Commerce. KILEY, ALLEN Lander. Wyo. Science and Engineering, Bela Kappa. Alpha Nu, Delia Chi. KORNFELD, LEWIS Broolrline, Mass. Liberal Arfs, Omicron Della Kappa, Press Club, Infer- KENNEDY. MILDRED Denver Liberal Aris, German Club. KILHEFFER, BLANCHE Denver Liberal Arls. KRAMISH. ARTHUR Rawlins, Wyo. KENT. MARGARET Denver Liberal.ArIs, Alpha Xi Del. Ia, Morfar Board, Women's Sludeni Council, Mentor president Alpha Lambda Delia. KLEIN. CARL Denver Science and Engineering Mu Sigma Tau, A, I. E, E, Sigma Pi Sigma KRIER. GERALD Denver Liberal Aris. Kappa Kapp Liberal A I, L bd Ch Psi, Phi Bela Sigma, Psi Chil Alpha, PhirEpsilgrIinPhiT Meri School Council, Leaders' Menforg. Council, Clarion ediior. LEISER, EARL LEWIS, GLENN LEWIS, HARRIET DPW" Denver Greer Falls, Monf. Commerce, 'Della Lambda Commerce, Della Sigma Pi. Liberal Aris, Independent Sigma. Phi Sigma Delia. Women's president Wom Liss, DOUGLAS Lorrus. CHARLES Lomcorr. MARTHA Denyar RBIOI1, N. M. Denver Science and Engineering, Liberal Arls. KapP95i9ff10- Liberal Aris, Sfray Greek, A. I. E. E.. Mu Slqmd TGU. D Club. Phi Bela SIQYTW- Philosophical Academy. Pi Delta Theta, Colorado Socieiy of Engineers. Cos- mopoliian Club. en's Sludenf Council, S. C M. LUCAS. MARETTA Denver Liberal Aris, Pi Bela Phi, Coed Journalisfs, Parakeefs p r e s i d e n I, Philosophical Academy, Press Club, W. A.A.. Junior Escorf. Fresh- man-Sophomore Dance Commiffee. Homecoming Dance Commiliee. I 06? 1959 evenly Jill ecfzi LUTES. WILLARD Lilllelon Liberal Arls. McNAlR, RALPH Denver Science and Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha. MANOUS, FLORENCE Denver Liberal Arls. Philosophical Academy. McDANAL, HOMER Denver Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Phi. MABIE. CRETA Denver Liberal Arls, Alpha Xi Del- la, Kappa Della Pi, S. C. M. MARTIN. MARY Englewood Liberal Arts, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Cosmapolilan Club, Philosophical Academy, Psi Chi. McC-3 RATH. JEAN ETTE Lamar Liberal Arls, Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Nu, Drama Club. Orcheslra, Band. MABRY, ROBERT E. Sl. Louis, Ill. Liberal Arls. Sigma Chi, Tau Kappa Alpha. MAXSON, ORLANDO Englewood Liberal Arls. McKEE, JOHN Denver COYUMGFCB. Newman Club. MAHONEY. ELEANOR Denver Liberal Arls. Alpha Gamma Della, S.C. M.. La Mesa Espanol, Menlors, W. A. A., Kynewisbolc, Homecoming Commillee. MAYO. ELIZABETH Denver Liberal Arls. Cosmopolilan Club. MICKEY, ROBERT Pagosa Springs Liberal Arls. Sludenl S. C, M. co-chairman. McKI NSTRY, JEANNE Denver Liberal AHS. Thela Upsilon, RAC, w. A. A.. s. c. M. MAIO. ORLANDO Morley Liberal A l, P' K AI. pha, DCli1IS. I appa MESSEL, CLAIRE Denver COWTIGFCB. Senior Class SSCFBWFY. Menlors, Para- Ixeels. MILLER. LOIS Denver Liberal Arls, Sigma Kappa Drama Club, S. C. M., Men lors, Pi Gamma Mu, MITCHELL, ERNEST METY. MARGARET ' MEYER, ELOISE MEYER, RAYMOND Denver Denver Denver Science and Engineering, Liberal Arls. Science and Engineering, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Sigma A. l. E. E.. Phi Epsilon Phi, Chi, lola Sigma Pi, lsolopes, Pi Della Thela. Leaders' Alpha Lambda Dena' RAC' Council. presidenl ol Senior W,A,A, Class, Omicron Della Kappa. MILLER, ZELDA MILLIGAN. CHARLES Denver Englewood Denver Liberal Arls, Della Phi Ep- Liberal Arls. Kappa Kappa silon, Psi Chi. Psi, Band, Orcheslra. Science and Engineering, Bela Thela Pi, Presidenl of Della Chi, vice presidenl Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Pi Della Thela, Kynewisbolr, Leaders' Council, Colorado Sociely ol Engineers, Cam- pus Commission lreasurer, Junior Escorl. MONISMITH, HELEN Forl' Luplon Liberal Arls. Pi Bela Phi, Paralceels. W.A,A, vice presidenl, Dormilory Coun- cil, Chorus. lg , f .,, f -n . ,J X ,S ., in 3, 4 w '51 -wg. ,1 -. 5 + f f I0 ,Q Ai u ML 'ze'- ,,. x W 1 f,+Z,tfZ ' gs-, va + iw if " .,.1 A - 1 Q . 4, ' 'Tn Few at . e w' 4 Tiff' , ' v rv7.3.: 4 ' ,, . gf ,,, 1 ...x V ,f'f a 'J ,.-nf, 'IE V mn. Denver evenfq .aio years MOORE, HARRY Denver Liberal Aris. NELSON, JAMES Denver Liberal Arfs, Befa Theia Pi, Drama Club, Naiional Col- legiaie Players, Ski Club. NOTHEIS, BETTY Denver Liberal Aris, Alpha Gamma Delia, Kappa Delia Pi, Mor- iar Board, Panhellenic Council, Women's Siudenl Council, Menfors, Para- lreeis, Pi Gamma Mu, RAC, W. A. A. OWENS. BILLIE Denver Science and Engineering, Gamma Phi Beia, Alpha Sigma Chi, Phi Sigma, Meniors, lsoiopes. POWERS, EDWIN MORRlS, SELMA Denver Liberal Aris, Delia Phi Ep- silon, Coed Journalisis, Moriar Board, Alpha Lamb- da Delfa, Clarion, Panhel- lenic Council, Women's Siu- deni Council. Paralceeis, Pi Gamma Mu, Press Club, ln- ierschool Council, Leaders' Council, Board of Gover- nors, Campus Commission. NELSON, THEONE Brighion Commerce, Phi Chi Theia presideni, Alpha Lambda Delia, Panhellenic Council, S.C. M. Meniors. Women s Siudeni Council, Greek Council. NOXON, IRENE Englewood Liberal Aris, Alpha Delia Pi, W. A. A., Sfray Greelc. PACKER. KYLE Denver Science and Englneefinq- oem cm. Drama Club- Phi Beia sigma. Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Delia Thefa. Infer- school Council. Campus Commission, Omicron Delia Kappa. Denver MURPHY, MELVIN Denver Liberal Aris. NETHERTON. MARY Denver Liberal Aris, Chi Omega, Alpha Nu, Kappa Delia Pi, Panhellenic Council, Uni- versiiy Chorus, Conversa- iion Club. OLSON, INGA Big Horn, Wyo. Liberal Aris, Alpha Gamma Delia. German Club, Alpha Lambda Delia. Meniors. PALMER. MAXINE Denver Liberal Aris, Alpha Gamma Delia, German Club, Phi Sigma. W. A. A. PRINCE, ROBERT PRISNER. SOPHIE Denver MURRAY, LOUISE Les Animas Liberal Aris, Sigma Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Tau Kappa Alpha, Leaders' Council, Women's Sfuden+ Council, Slhuler-Templin Council. NEUMANN, EDWARD Denver Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, presidenf of Junior Class, Newman Club, Greek Council, Phi Epsilon Phi. ORANGE. RICHARD Denver Liberal Aris, Sigma Phi Ep- silon, presideni of Siudeni Body, Board of Governors, Campus Commission, Base. ball, Phi Delia Kappa, Pi Delia Theia, Sigma Pi Sig- ma, lnierschool Council, Leaders' Council, Omicron Delia Kappa. PEERY, WALLACE Denver Liberal Aris, Drama Club, Conversaiion Club. ' Sierling NELSON.' FLORENCE Denver Library. NEWNAN, ROBERT Trinidad Commerce. OTTERO, ALDA Red Lodge, Mant, Climb-Slqma loie. Spanish PETERS, LILLIAN Monfe Visfe Liberal Aris, Gamma Phi Befa, Coed Journalisis, Col- lege Poeiry Sociefy, Clar- ion, Press Club. Psi Chi. RAGATZ, OSWALD Science and Engineerifi9- Delia Chi, Phi Beia Slgmdi Phi Epsilon Phi, Phi Lambda Upsilon vice president Pl Delia Theia, Colorado So- ciefy of Engineers, Engl' neering Associaiion. Home- coming Day Commiffee. Liberal Aris, Delia Zeia, Kappa Delia Pi, Meniors, Spanish Associafion. Liberal Aris, Kappa Delia Pi, Band, S.C. M., Orches- fra, German Club, lnde- pendenl' presidenf, Leaders' Council. 1565, fwflufl fr ZUZHZLZJ JU emi RAMSEY, ANDREW Littleton Commerce. ROSE. RUTH Denver Liberal Arts, Sigma Kappa. Kappa Delta Pi, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Del- fa. Pi Gamma Mu, Tau Kappa Alpha, Leaders' Council, Women's Student Council. SCHUMAN N, HERBERT Denver - Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Omicron Delta Kappa, REID, RUTH Arvada Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, Drama Club. Mentors, Na- tional Collegiate Players, Quill Club, Tau Kappa Al- pha, W. A. A. ROTOLANTE, ELIZABETH Denver Liberal Arts, Isotopes, Kap- pa Delta Pi, RAC, W.A.A., Conversation Club, German Club. SEARWAY, ROBERT Buffalo Creek RICHARDS, BETTY ROBERTS, ALICE ROGERS. VIVIAN Denver Denver Denver L'beral Arts. G ma Ph' Liberal Arts, Alpha Nu. Ljb lAfIG CI Bbta, Phi Sigma,cntIi!. A. A.l Kappa Delta Pi. DI Cliib C5useen.erman Ubi Ski Club. RYAN, ROBERT SALLEN. JACK SAVAGE, DWIGHT Denver Denver Nampa, IdaI'1O Commerce. Delta Sigma Pi, Commerce. COmmBFC6. Lambda Chi Phi Beta Sigma, Pi Delta Alpha Intramurals. Theta. SEELEY, VESTA SEGUIN, MARY SELANDER. SVEA Rushville, Ill. Denver Denver Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Liberal Arts. Gamma Phi Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Phi, Phi Beta. Kappa Alpha Pi. Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Delta Theta, RAC, W. A. A., German Club. Fine Arts, Chappell Repro sentative. Phi Epsilon Phi, lnterschool Sigma. Council. SETTER, CARL SHELTON, BERNICE SIBLEY. CHARLES SIKKENS. MAURICE SLOAT, RUTH . Denver Pueblo Denver DGHVGI' Raton, N. M. Commerce, Alpha Tau Liberal Arts. Alpha Xi Del- Science and Engineering. C0mm6FCG. Alpha Kappa Fine Arts, Alpha Xi Delta Omega, ta, S. C. M., Philosophical A. I. E. E., Alpha Nu. Delta Psi. German Club, lgotopeg, Academy, W.A.A., Chorus. Chi. SMITH, DOROTHY SMITH, FLORENCE SMITH, MARGARET SNELL, MARJORIE Denver Denver Pueblo Denver Liberal Arts, Alpha Sigma Liberal Arts, Delta Lambda Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi, Liberal Arts,Alpha Lambda Chi, German Club, Iota Sigma, German Club, New- University Chorus, Orches- Delta. Spanish Association. Sigma Pi, man Club. tra. AMW W in ' fi 5' J , '41, xx, 4. 1 Q, ,. J' if X . if I ' ..,. , kim. ww! k G V ' ff MA f evenly Jill yea? 5. SNYDER, GERALD Pocalello, Idaho Commerce. STERLING, NEVA Denver Liberal Arfs, Cosmopoliian Club, lndependenf Women, SPITZMILLER, ERVIN Grand Lake Science and Engineering. SUSKIN, ELIZABETH Denver Liberal Arls, Pi Gamma Mu, RAC, W.A.A., Uni- Newman Club, Spanish As- versify Singers. 1 socialion. TABB, FRANK Denver Science and Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha, Delia Chi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Phi Bela Sigma, ln- ierschool Council, Leaders' Council, Orcheslra, Colo- rado Socieiy of Engineers, CampusCommission,Junior Escort THOMAS, HUGH TAYLOR, NEILL Trinidad Liberal Arts, Bela Thela Pi TILSLEY, ALLEN STARKENBERG, CARL Englewood Science and Engineering A. I. E. E., Pi Delia Thefa lndependenf Mein. SWANSON, RUTH Denver Commerce, Phi Chi Thela Panhellenic Council, Men- lors. TEETS, VIRGINIA Denver Liberal Arls, Pi Beia Phi lsofopes, German Club. TIMM, MARY ELIZABETH STAYNER, ESTHER SeaHle, Wash. Liberal Arls, Alpha Lamb- da Delia. SWARTZ, CHRISTINE Pueblo Liberal Aris, Psi Chi. TERRY. LUKE Denver Liberal Arls, Sigma Phi Ep silon, Clarion, S. C. M., In Ierfralerniiy Council presi denl, Inferschool Council, Kynewisbolr, Leaders' Coun cil, Phi Delia Kappa. mm, PAUL I STEPHENS. ISOBEL Trinidad Commerce, Sigma Kappa, Phi Gamma Nu, Universify Chorus, Menfors, Women's Sfudenl' Council lreasurer. SWIHART, JUANITA Denver Liberal Arls, Menlors, Pi Gamma Mu. S. C. M. THOMAS. ALICE Canon Ciiy Liberal Arfs, Sigma Kappa. M e n I o r s, Philosophical Academy, Pi Gamma Mu. W. A. A. TI NSLEY, JAMES Denver Denver Liberal Aris, Beia Theia Pi, commerce- I-Gmbdd Chl Slri Club. AlPI"0- Denver Denver Denver Liberal Aris, Kappa Sigma, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Liberal Aris, Sigma Kappa, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Gamma lsoiopes, Board of Publica- MU. Psi Chi, Phi Delia lions, Panhellenic Council, Kappa. Women's Sfudenf Council, Paralceels, RAC, W. A. A., Inferschool Council, Lead- ers' Council, Ski Club. TRAMUTT, HENRY TREVORROW, JEAN TYNAN, REGINA Denver Denver Liberal Aris, German Club, Liberal Ar-fs' Alpha Xi Del. Newman Club- ra, Alpha Sigma Chi, Ise- fopes, Pi Delia Thefa. Denver Commerce,The+a Phi Alpha president Newman Club, S.C. M., Panhellenic Coun- cil, Women's Siudenl Coun- cil, Meniors. UCHILL, HILDA Denver Liberal Arls, loia Alpha Pi, College Poelry Sociely, Kappa Delia Pi, Panhellenic Council, S.C.M., Orchesira. tea fldflufiji ,lu an ' if hr ' 1 , 1 A , . A 4: - in 4: evenly .fn ecfzi USHER, FRANCES Denver Liboral Arls. WALSH, WILLIAM Denver Liberal Arls, lndependenl Men. WEIMER. ALBERT Denver gommerce, Alpha Kappa si. WINCHESTER, HERBERT Denver Liberal Arls, Clarion. S.C. M. Cabinel, Phi Bela Sig- ma, Kynewisbolc, Ski Club. YOUNG, BLANCHE Salida Science and Engineering, lsolopes president, German Club, Mu Bela Kappa. Al- VANCE, GEN E Pueblo Liberal Arls, Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Della Lambda Sigma, Band, Press Club, Kynewis- bok, Orcheslra. WALTERS, MARGARET Denver Liberal Arls, Sigma Kappa, Drama Club, Kappa Della Pi, Morlar Board, Women's Sludenl Council, S.C.M. presidenl, Forensics, Men- lors, W. A. A.,' Leaders' Council, Universily Chorus. WEISS, THOMAS Golden Liberal Arls, Della Chi, VAUGHN, GWENYTH Lander, Wyo. Liberal Arls. WARD, ROGER Colorado Springs Commerce, Phi Epsilon Phi. WELLS, MAX Cheyenne Wells WALLACE, DONNA Denver ' Liberal Arls, Alpha Gamma Della, Philosophical Acad- emy, Paralceels, Vice presi- ilenl of Sophomore Class, Secrelary ol Junior Class. Clarion, D Club Queen, May Princess, S.C.M., Pan- hellenic Council. WATTERS, HERMAN Denver Liberal Arls, Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Drama Club, Psi Chi, Wreslling. WERGIN, PHYLLIS Denver Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Liberal Arls, Alpha Gamma WALLIN. INGRID Denver Liberal Arls, Slci Club. WEBER, DON Denver Liberal Arls, D Boolc edilor, Clarion Friday edilor, Kyn- ewisbok assislanl edilor, Sludenl Direclory associale edilor, Space magazine as- sislanl edilor, Publicalions Board secrelary, Conversa- lion Club presidenl, Senior Play, Newman Club. Span- ish Associalion, Press Club. rGxssemblyCommillee,Alpha u. WILLIAMS, MARY Denver Liberal Arls, Sigma Kappa. Drama Club, Kappa Della Pi. Menlors, W.A.A. YOKLAVICH, JOHN Gunnison Liberal Arls, Presidenl of College Poelry Sociely. Forensics, Newman Club, Tau Kappa Alpha, Space Edilor, Conversalion Club, Phi Sigma Iola. Della L a m b cl a Sigma, Psi, Band. Della, W. A. A., S. C. M. Drama Club, German Club. Newman Club. WIRTS, JOAN WISLANDER. GERTRUDE YERSIN, WILLIAM Denver Denver Burlinglon Liberal Arls, Psi Chi. Commerce, Phi Gamma Nu, Liberal Arls, Sigma Phi Ep. Menlors. silon, Della Lambda Sigma. YOUNG, EDWARD YOUNG, LAURENCE ZOHN, ALLEN Denver Denver Denver pha Sigma Chi, lola Sigma Pi, Phi Sigma, Dormilory Council, Women's Sludenl Council, Religion Club. Commillee for Weeli Ol Religious Emphasis. Commerce, Alpha Kappa Liberal Arls, D Club. Phi Liberal Arls, Psi, Omicron Della Kappa, Bela Sigma. Phi Epsilon Phi. lee Charles Huskinson umcfzs 1' Bette Johnson Georgene Michael Margaret up Geraldine Domenico 60 u- A W .4 uigl-L 1 ' .5599 "2 N , ,rl J . ., BE, 24' I g. ,lm N. Q V .:,w.q,!-2 Q 0 gun a.JgZggI'WX""""", h , W k4,,.,,.f"""" Kwkxiw , t ' W ' If . I . , ..- .KA -A 'gil-L 4 ' " " 5' fu 5 . . Ivmp n "". A Af I, .wwf A nn' -"' ."' .' .f ' ,li ' . , 44 L 1' Q., 91 . Yf'i"" f ff J Q .-,,.,.- . ,V '1- Y , , A . - 'fir 13" f . i A 5 ffl' wqA'L"' K IL "' J' f.m-QW. " 'A ,Q I -rl it "V ' , 'Q 4 , , A v ' ' q , 11" .. ,i, ' A 'f'46..' . y 3 " ' 1 ,' 4 'V . .. ,. 7 N V . 9. 'T ,,, , , , T U .T z. v MQ?" v V 2 'ww f R' 'M K I ' f 4 K . "" H fix, " "5 ...ulian-....-.... 4 Q. . , 1, WM- 5 ,M , , Lv f- '-5-'f . 4, 5-Y 'U -XA 1 I .Wh U -s A. .f .fl fu 'H - x V1 , kr 'W .NA 1 -x Q! N-1 ,,. ,Mu 1 I Row Row Row Row Row unL0'V9J one: Anderson, Bertil, Apgar, William, Aylor, Charline, Baker, Ber- t e nice, Ballou, Walter, 0 two: Barcus, Delbert, Bates, Peggy, Beattie, Harry, Bedford, Jack, y I Benedeclc, Josephine, three: Benton, Margaret, Biggerstaff, Winifred, Blagen, Paul, Blair, Q Max, Blake, Claude, four: Blomberg, Clement, Boden, William, Bolshaw, Harriet, Boylel, U L 6 6 Robert, Braun, Ferris, Eve: Brenlcert, George, Brennen, Georgia, Brodie, Evelyn, Brown, Eli- . nor, Brundige, Ralph. liv- SL ff ., qfrsli 1- 'SQL ' , ,Wm ,Q , "p,VAwf xl US- '5- Norma, Butz, Mary Lou, Row two: Butcher, William, Cahoon, Lysle, Cantrell, Helen, Carlson, Carver, Edwin, Row three: Christensen, Harry, Cleveland, Bobbie, Cline, Gwendolyn? fey, Rolland, Collett, Rosemary. Row one: Buckley, Clair, Buell, Robert, Bundgaard, Robert, BUYW Bai' C4 4 x f .sl is r r.. Ay-J I I I ,. , , 1-. - , I fu- . he I N N ,,.-.- ' -:ai 73 i 'B " ' H YY-" X 1-' i 3 7 4 r. f . is ' agtw 'l ""'ff ' , ,f ,A , ,W . V 'au 'ITV' ,r Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row one: two: three: four: live: unlmi Gainey, Andrew: Gainis, Horace: Galbreath, Evelyn: Garihan, Jean: Garlett, Shirley: Geller, Lenore: Genera, Marcus: Gibbons, Leonard: Giesing, Lorraine: Gilbert, Emmorette: Ginsburg, Charlotte: Godsman, Charlotte: Goldberg, Bernice Goocllett, John: Goodrich, Dorothy: Goshen, Vera Mae: Gray, Lois: Gray, Martha: Griswold, Ruth: Gunnison, Marie: Gustafson, Woodrow: Haigh, Garth: Hafen, Karl: Ham, John: Hamman, Marjorie. Eefe6'zczfe Diamond Hufifee Row one: Hansen, Ruth: Harlow, Elliott: Harris, Theda: Hartman, Mlm Hayes, Jack: Row two: Henn, Roger: Henry, Myron: Hentzell, Paul: Herndon, Blick' Hershey, Kay: Row three: Herzel, Rose: Hinch, William: Hoofnagle, Gwendolyn: Hof"' Thelma: Huher, Dick. 4 r """'l . bl , Qsv n , Q- ga- .' P- Q-,em 1 w G ..r. ,Q ,xyk Q, ' n 4 its- - 5 Q U ' ,-U. F rw x f A ROW one: Hutchins, Carrol: Huslcinson, Charles: Isaacson, Lee: ' Jobush, Ruth: Johnson, Betty: ROW two: Johnson, Wanda: Jones, Earla-Lee: Jordan, Wayne: Rowt We Athlehc Cl b Kaps, Eleanor: Kelley, James: hree: Kern, Beverly: King, Robert: KnlPPv Horace: Knight, Norman: Kramish, David. mel! ltudents of the school had a big time of it at the Rilling .Mend ll CRACJ Ball, held in the Student Union. All tooth 'ntl were dressed to depict some advertisement. lpana Ne!h::'tC made a good showing. Jackie Wright and Louise 'I-exacofh Came as bug exterminators, and Ellen Wilson was I number one woman. 3 G I M' Row one: Krebs, Albert: Kunz, Calvin: Langford, Harold: Lang- holf, Leta: Larson, Lee: Row two: Latson, Dorothy: Leder, Max: Lee, Clara: Lee, Martha- Ann: Lenichelc, Herbert: Row three: Lewis, Arthur: Lininger, Helen Mae: Lininger, Virgil: Livingston, Lois: Loach, George: Row four: Lucas, Joseph: MacLeod, Kenneth: McCarthy, Herb: McCauley, Howard: McCormick, Harold: Row tive: McCusker, John: McGrath, Harry: McManus, John: TEND -i GOOD OR 'ramona F mms McMillan, Shirley: Main, William. ,I ,Z 7 x Row one: Row two: Row three: Row four: umm? Mann, Ruth Betty, Mason, Grace, Mattern, Caroline, Maxwell George, Mayer, Margaret, Mead, Robert, Mehlmann, Forrest, Michael, Georgene, Miller, Malloy, Miller, Troy, Mohr, Charlotte, Moore, Martha, Moore, Mary, Morey, William, Morgan, Elizabeth , Morgan, Martin, Mountjoy, Donald, Naylor, Robert, Needham, James, Nelson, Lucille. Eefefhczfe Diamond iwfifee Row one: Nelson, Pauline, Nevins, Virginia, North, Helen, 0'Brien, Maile? O'Dell, Shirley, Row two: Oliver, Robert, O'Meara, Alfred, 0'NeilI, Marion, Onstad, Shir' lay, Overhults, Winston, Row three: Owen, Rena Beth, Paradice, Jane, Pennell, Ruth, Perry, Ed' ward, Peterson, Edith. 4 L. ROW one: Peterson, Muriel, Peterson, Walter, Pfeifer, Barbara, Phillips, Jack, Phillips, John, R'-'W two: Pickens, Rosemary, Pike, George, Plunkett, Frances, Porter, Betty, Post, Robert, ROW three: Powers, Fred, Pringle, lrene, Rambo, Effie, Ramsey, Morice, Ratcliff, Jeanne. grdpglilleer Day hundreds of Dudes, Dandies, Indians, Cowboys, hid ull!! packed the University chapel to see which student the muh the best fool out of himself. There were plenty of of F on that day, too. The Freshman mixer on the last day .djuruhmlh -Week helped the yearlings to get socially well L. ned- "Tiger" Johnson, on the right, is doing alright for Wllelf. F Row one: Reid, Alice, Rettig, Evelyn, Rhoads, Mary Elisabeth, Rhudy, Viva, Richardson, Harold, Rosebrough, Freda, Rowe, Philip, Row three: Runnels, Robert, Ryall, Elaine, Sager, Fred, Sanburg Delmer, Sanchez, Lloyd, Row four: Sarco, Michael, Schnackenberg, Reita, Schoeps, Dor- othy, Schug, Edwald, Schultz, Albert. Row two: Richardson, Lee, Rishel, Marguerite, Roberts, Floyd, unlvw Eefehafe Diamond Zu iifee Row one: Schultz, Jeanette, Schwalb, William, Scott, Harold, Seacatt, Jane, Sherman, Milton, Row two: Shirley, Ray, Short, Robert, Showalter, Robert, Sian, Charles, Sibley, Leonard, I Row three: Simmons, Dorothea, Simon, Louise, Slocum, Margery, Smith, Evelyn, Smith, Majel, Row four: Smith, Rachel, Snider, Virginia, Snively, Harvey, Spahr, Flor. ence, Spallone, Dorothea, Row one: Sprout, Margaret, Stein, George, Stewart, Robert, Stoll, Virgilim Stransky, Orrin, Row two: Sunblade, Neil, Symons, Lester, Talpers, Robert, Tampa, Vifllh Tanquary, Thomas, Row three: Tedford, Wilbur, Thatcher, Katherine, Thibodeau, Betty RIY' Thode, Jack, Thompson, Beverly. X 5-J ,. as q. at of 15' ,,,- QF' Q. Q .-- 1. -4- gr-- 15- 22 ga- 4'1" SQ J 5 I m ROW one: Thompson, Rita, Thorne, Josephine, Turpin, Olive, Turtle, Jack, Van Hall, Rae, ROW two: Vaughn, Ashton, Verzuh, Frank, Wakabayashi, Fred, Walla, Walter, Warshauer, Eloise, 1: W W' Row three: Wasley, Robert, Weld, Marian, White, Ellenor, Whit- moyer, Marcella, Wiley, Barron. F cguhmeh weighed in at the Freshman Jubilee and the girls Pri: D0 longer fudge their weights down to a healthy 103. alwlyuof Albert Recht, left, and Dr. Joyce Stearns, right, are The 5 Oh hand when there is any fun to be had on the campus. and envel' Pioneers were the lucky victors, and Jane Hicks Ruth Moore were the prize. mv ,., 01. . 6.5. .Wy . Row Row Row Row one: Wilfley, Margaret, Williams, Muriel, Williams, William, 1 Williamson, Peggy, Willingham, Eugene, two: Wilson, Richard, Winchester, Norman, Witmer, Vir- ginia, Witting, Doris, Wohler, Harold, 1 three: Wollenweber, Clara, Wood, Esther, Woodard, Mar- v jorie, Woodman, Mary, Woods, Lillian, 4 four: Woudenberg, John, Wright, Bernard, Wurtzebach, I Robert, Yockey, William, Zancanella, Narciso. . 7 Y. xW,-3' '- rv' 'fy MKWQ ,tif .'U'ilA?'n. MM M X15 . qv-Q' I"", .W ff-L"-. i Jack Deffick Schuyler Curtis ff-Lqjmcill 63, Slxirlel' 3neV""" Josephine Mueller 7 0 A..-1.1 Q Pwlnw Dwight Koush Rbyce M 71 intenef A 'J' ll' 'mn-'l,,, will lll, 'bl in ,,lg,"ll flaw wir, l 4 I gwfu ll,-ymf.g'5V ' j l ' W' iflkj N N ' xv or ' H, .,.w N- L in " ,,,A ' L M, ,, A ,- "4" 'll ', 1 , U ,M ' ' 'W H l ' W full' My l ,.l!1,l'f' - VJ Q- ll v A I li whvya M 'kdm i I N l l' - 'll WV, gnyp ll lmwmllillllllldi fu' ' ' 1, ', M Jug. 'li " . M 5 life fl - ww , . f S f - .fl 'm'l""' ' m 1. '. Hr' l' lu N ' v-ww -1 ll I - Y + 4 ' ll rl in l l I WW' gal h , " w Ml' " U in fl at Luhbfi . Q , gl Inf, if 1 " f' rr JI W ,Q V YW, Wh ' I : im a 1 ' lx vii' la W I uf -l "' ll E' W! X. ,Q uh , , X ,mr ' , q' ll "v- 1 W ' Q1 l A ,u - ,.,. . . R H+ One mintep in these Colorado mountains and it is all over but the shouting. Liberal Arfs Campus Jack Delrnck ,,,w..l.,,..,,, OFFICERS Shirley Shepherd ,........, Gwendolyn Mudgefl ...,... Dwfghl Kough ,.,,,,.,.,,,,,,, Downlown Ca mpus Schuyler Curlis ,.,,.... Josephine Mueller .,., Erma Weimerh. Royce Minlener ,..... .,,....Presiden+ ,.,.,,,.Vice-Presidenr ..........Secre-lary ........Treasurer ......,..,,,,Presiden+ ..Vice-Presiclenr A.,..,....Secre+ary ....,...Treasurer , . , Y Q ,' 4 x .L sr 0 ye . 5 ., 'El We '1 , . ,A ,. I , 5. ' 5 ,. W 1 A K 'ni . h ' 1- V 'Al ' in 1: n w Row one: Abbott, Alice, Abernatlia, Eugeneg Ackerly, Marang Albano, John, Albers, Lynn, Ames, Johng Andersen, Arlettag Arndt, Josephine, Avis, Emalineg Bacltstrom, Harold: Row two: Baer, Charlineg Baldwin, Adelaide, Baldwin, Marjorie: Ball, Bill, Ballantyne, Sally, Ballard, Bill, Bartholomew, Bobg Burger, Frank- lin, Beaty, Edward: Bethge, Norma Lee, Row three: Binns, James: Bonnyman, Janet, Bradley, Patricia: Brawner, Hoyt, Brenner, Leong Brown, Anita, Brown, Martha, Browning, Chet: Bucltler, George, Buckman, Orville. Qlzdmcsnd fuflfee C?ffDf2U777U?6 iz s ,, In 'u l, , 'GIlJP1lf',L.,q A V ,- A- h X f ' X X: " T, M yx v N , A N , V 'z Commerce Women Students took up bowling in earnest this year. Left to right: Margaret Gunther, Jane McCartney, Bon- nie Niellon, Mary Lou Morrissey, Mary Ellen Hullinger, and Janice Trifon. Kay Bishop in the foreground. Shirley Hanigan, center, was the queeh of the Commerce ball, and Geraldine Domenico and Claire Menel were her attendants. Buirgy, Mary Louise Bullen, Margarite Burgoon, Helen Cadle, Etta Mae Capstick, John Carroll, Jean Cedarblade, Jack Chamberlain, Margaret Chapman, Forrest 4 ' Clark, Alice Cliff , Harold Cline, Mary Colasacco, John Coldren, Mary Don Collier, Harry Comstock, Yvonne, Conine, Theo Covillo, Eileen: Cox, Cecil Crotinger, Allen Curtis, Schuyler Cuykendall, James Dallimore, Jane Dallison, Sam Davenport, Isabel Davies, Fran Dean, Eileen Delaney, Robert Detrick, Jack Dick, George Dolan, Louis Domenico, Adelaine Doolittle, Betty Duboff, Florence Duncan, Marie i l 'lf' Row one: Durham, Harry, Easterwood, Anne, Eastlake, Chesmore, Epperson, June, Estey, Harold, Falligan, Bette, Fisk, Lucie, Forney, Betty, Frary, Bill, Frazzini, Burt, Row two: Fried, Ben, Fry, Margaret, Gimm, Ralph, Glasser, Elmeda, Goeritz, Fred, Gould, Doris, Graves, Glen, Gromm, Lois, Gustafson, Russel, Haines, Robert, Row three: Hall, George, Hall, Wayne, Gammond, John, Hanson, Peggy, Heper, Bill, Hobson, Gwendolyn, Hoffman, Milton, Holmberg, ' Dewey, Holroyd, Helen, Howard, Rose. Qzdmcsnd fuiffee ,Z9f20mU?e9. If fi kin Marguerite Manna, foreground, and Helen Taylor, in back, were the center of attraction in the Pioneer Homecoming Pa- rade. There is no need for an explanation, just look at the picture. Ed Young and his band, the most outstanding dance organization in Denver, made things lively at the Commercv dance, and also introduced several new numbers. Hutchins, Harriet Johnson, Mildred Johnston, Margaret Jurich, Michael Kaanta, Carter Kay, Dorothy Keeler, Robert Kellogg, Dan Kenealy, Marie Kennelley, Frgnk Kerlllner, Robert Kinney, Agnes Kippur, lrving K anuer , Mildred Knemeyer, Anita Konkoff, Stanley Kough, Dwight Kuhlman, James Lawson, lrene Leach, Margaret Lehl, Jean Lewis, Jack Lewil,.John ' Lilley, Marion Lilley, Parie Lultig, Florence McCance, May McCarthy, Betty McCarthy, Ray McCrone, Margaret McDanal, Ethel McKibben, Mildred McNutt, Batty Mcwilliaml, Edward Manauee, lrving Q- Row one Mansfield Bxll Marchetti Alba Marellus Esther Markowitz Hllda Marquess, Mildred: Marriott, Katharineg Martin, Nealg Ma- tusky Joe Matzen Loran May Waymang Row two Meadows Vlrglma Meehan, William Mehlmann Karl Messel Maurmeg Miller, Dang Miller, Harlanp Minner, Mary, Moe, Lee: Row three Montgomery Joseph Morgan Nancy Morgan Maynard Morris Robert: Mudgett, Gwendolyng Mullare, Elizabeth: Munroe, Herbert Murphy Mary Musselman Eleanor, Neal, Ada. Qzamond fuflfee fzommeiz .ts One of the oldest and most well known structures in Colorado, the Central City Opera House, is owned by the University of Denver. Thousands of people from all over the country flock to this building in the summer to witness its performances. The University social committee--left to right: Charles Huskinson, Fred Powers, Helen Mae Lininger, chairman, Bill Crotingerv .lane Paradice, George Dunklee, and Ed Omohundro. Needles, James Nelson, Hortense Nicholas, Evelyn Netherton, Louise Newman, Marjaret Niedrach, Elizabeth 0'Kane, Bernard Norlander, Bill Ogle, Dorothy 0'Kane, Betsy Ostrum, Martha Olsen, Henry Onstott, Esther Perry, Herbert Peterson, Gladys Perry, Rosamond Petersen, Marie Pettit, Eileen Powell, Sylvia P1-ing, Roy Radetslcy, Harry Pfleiderer, Helen Pierson, Elogene Prisner Stanley Fultz, Estelene Ranclc, Durey Richardson, Allan Reavis, Eileen Reitz, Lena Ridley, Thomas Rochford, George Robertson, Doris Robinson, Dorothy Roebke, Ber nice Rollings,, Virginia. I Row one: Ryan, Mary: Rylander, Dorothy: Sager, Jenne: Samuel, Anne: Samuel, Marvin: Sandburg, Richard: Saxton, Harry: Schmidt, Jo- seph: Schnitzer, Regina: Schwartz, Frances: Row two: Schweninger, Marian: Scott, Frank: Segerdahl, Jack: Shade, Harry: Shaffer, Eclnamae: Shanholtzer, Robert: Shannon, Barbara: Shepherd, Shirley: Shilvoclr, Robert: Shine, Clifford: Row three: Shraiber, Ethel: Siegal,- Arthur: Smith, Barbara: Smith, Elwood: Snyder, Miriam: Sobol, Maxine: Spaulding, Marcia: Spear, Qlzdmcsnd fuffffee cvffnfzvmmeg ll ll ll ll ll ll H ll II l ll ll 4 ll ll l ll 1 Robert Beier, Jackie Wright, and Mark Duncan stop to gouip j about the lousey rival fraternities and sororitiel. Kenneth Ham' E mill gets told off over auch a little thing as twirling a pockel- ' hook. Virginia Gregory is the lecturer and Florence Spalll' V ff' gives her plenty of encouragement in the matter. Stalmann, Marcia Jane Stein, Mel vin Stephens, Margery Stevenson, Vera Ruth Stocln,Royd Stetson , Al Stone, Angelina Swayze, Muriel Syler, Betty Taylor, John Thelander, Clinton Thompson, Marilyn Suskin, Howard Taylor, Mildred Toner, Mildred Uhrick, George Upton, Ernest Vesley, Vera Wales, Nadene Ward Loree Twombly, George Wagner, Daniel Ward, Martha Weimer, Erma Werthan, Gene Wilson, Ellen Woodford, Jack Woods, Stewart Wata, Paul Wolbert, Mary Wright, Warren Zeidenfeld, Alvin Zimmerman, Lenore Wurtz, Annabelle Keith Johnson Clem Collins Jfzesfimen 2 Q ' W1 ff' M19 Till Eddie J o Trueheart . Ruth Mclntosh Margaret Foltz i Ruth Hentschel so i , Q ' ,N f w-'var' 34- n . 4 ' ' ' ,A . ., fn. ' 'N '7 wf W' 'sn RY "4-ff 1- f gr-f :77'v,d'fI-G.. A. 214'-5: .v f' ...X ". . .."s"'+-'.- ' eff". '13 "Aw . , , . . -w.gv'w- 1 , n Q v 1 .gt Nvu A C5""?"4g o:b" . fs, ,R x' 71 if Y , '91 u .. .fx , .js My , N" vl wh ,w-.-1-4 -. --1,4 5 1 - D -' is K'-15 L, an x V '1'- ew LK ig xv Q, H .L gs: sz NA wg . To tv' Q, nm ' X . t . 1- . 19" Q vu.. : x '- ' uk ' " A I . AQ- . w 'A Vx V'-ss' 'YQ s' ,,.- -,max- 4 H X 1 . AT JW: wa . xv. ' .-,, v ' ' g , ,ls , ' xA wfi. fn , ji-I Qt., "7 , .92 ','1:w'v -Q13 A Q . can 4 v X lv. . Q- 1 '- s ' 4 . fb- :Jw I. .. 5 YL? - ' Q , iv. I , R ' Q' I D M . - t ik, --iv.,-4 4... ' .jgm ed ' i , Q. y D . - 0 , "' '.-1' ,- falj 9 xgvk in-if . . 'an .5 -,Q A ' I " . I H ' WI 5 f - . ,. . , ,L!i.rv. N-..... X - ,Sp sf? " '14ig.iE1"'ffz r:.af5f, '1-e.-f- vxlw . . RSX- NL N fx- ,'-,v-EQ r-lv A "1-d.?"".!f kv'-. A' aff L' ' f 4- 4. - 1 f'f,. Q," 41 " - ' , jg if ,w -xl' ,, Q 4 - .,, -. . ' ,, 'B ' .gp avr.: ' . ,- ' " T " . "7"mM" 1,17 ,d'fv5"". - 'N' -,q,:.,..,,! ,'.,, 1, M 2 Rx V .9 july.. .u J fa ,Lai , - ,Ny 1 :lil i- ' v' fi 4' L bl. '-,-. , r"d' , .ffl .Q ' V 'qw' ' A 'A ,xx 15" Lv 'V aff' - " ' .. , 'if 'VX .s '47' ix. A f f LA-'take V- .41d2 X U .. - -' Q' -f ff . ' -' V H 2 I ., .' -.Y , -1, ,--' , '-fm K 'x X 4' L 1 2,4-0 mg.. 1 , Sh ' , 2-5. 0- - , fx M N-. , 1' - .. x , "I . ., ,A-2-'L f s M I f ' " '-P .--.-,f...v , ... at-V .vb ' 4' ' 'N4' L an ' VA' y ":sN- w""- "sf," ' ,. - , X - . I , . ,xx , .4 I rf-. Q- H 1 Qi.. V. , l - --X , 1 -- , 5' ' ' .,'.L.' ' - ' M., ,-Q, ,- Nw- , f . x . I ,uh jf' ff, Xtx -. ., .7, J, ,NM , .5 ,gg 3 ,. L, , v ., .- . ' ' v ".- X. , -'A-uk' ks"" "' V'xQ1:7'QsH'v-u ' 'A ' ,' 'ul' , 2' 'J MJAMP -, "f, ' ' 'R '--' , 'C-V fx' ' - ' II ' 4.64 ' FLW Qian' 1' ' H F 'Lu' Li ui. I NLQXK 4 Y VI lf' flL".Y r . . Ar 1 'T I n n " b. if U .. , , I -r A -4'Qs,,l I. - 1 M 'Y 'J C1316 N uv J 311' lk xxx! VL Q r xg Y , 1 ' - -Nh 4' ,. ' fix A W ir ' . , f 1 5... A bfi ,Nik df.,-:' ,W xx v V 'A If I Q! A W I 5 I .t X 'V gf use Jaan-. x in .wr . H. y , -' 'W 'M . 'fg,f.-. fu 3 . - , ,, X . ,. , x I E V xl vb I . L: X 5 'F' iff! Mfr- " X vi . Jr 'wig A. . 9 11 430 'F KL I gl., kv: ' M - -'wy,q,,s W ,tif M .Af 'fffs , Uv V, WW J. Kappa Delta pledges, Marguerite Mauna, Betty Selig, and Ruth Long, entertained royally. Ned Clarlle ate the Pi Phil out of house and home. Sig Ep' had g tough time balancing tea cups at the Sigma Kappa pledge open house. Max Morton was the center of attraction at the Alpha Gam house. I QM me X M", ,,,f x fx - xx fix .,.- :-41 .1-gxhffg x . - x . XX '.Ix fl ff' R - .- N n ,S HT.: 1 .,x x " .N , . .22 f -,M f Q Wy Ek 0 W 1 N if Kf V W - Vx! 1 , X , f A1091 'l l XXXXX ' L4 ff' 2 ff-Xxx -'iz ' f -- ,v . . X 1 '- - ' ' Xl X'-X .1 l I- x 1 ,. ,X ,mu ,.i,-T W , Row one: Johnson, Keith, Johnson, Marjorie, Johnson, Patty, Johnston, Dorothie, Johnston, Gladys, Jones, Kenneth, Jones, Billy, Jones, Eleanor Joyce, Charlotte, Kaye, June, Row two: Keegan, Barbara, Kelly, Patricia, King, Mary Grace, Kline, Jeannette, Krier, Joanne, Lavely, Maxine, Leonard, Albert, Lerner, .lake Leth, Harriet, Levine, Gerald, Row three: Levine, Dorothy, Lewis, Mary, Lilly, Leonard, Lininger, Barbara, Lininger, Marcia, Long, Ruth, Lorenz, Elsie. fDlc1mc9ncl jufllfee Row one: Lovato, Lena, Lutz, Irving, McCammon, Marcia, McCullough, Marguerite, Mclntosh, Ruth, MoKeever, Dora, McKelvey, Betty, McLagan, Charlotte, McMahon, Irene, McViclzer, Ruth, Row two: Maclear, Jack, Mahr, Orville, Manna, Marguerite, Mannix, Franlr, Marshall, Robert, Mathleas, Norma, Menls, Louis, Meyer, Elwood, Moore, Ruth, Moriield, Rosemary, Row three: Morrissey, Mary Lou, Morton, Donald, Mirnan, Maxine, Murphy, Mary Aileen, Murray, Augusta, Nelson, Betty, Nelson, Gwendolyn, Nielsen, Bonnie Mae. YT ROW one: Niles, Florence, Noble, Beatrice, Noel, Naoma, Norton, Carl, Nyswander, Edson, ROW two: Parson, Charles, Paul, Betty, Pearson, Elaine, Pease, Betty ' Jane, Pellish, Letty. ffwmw Row 0502 Peng, Harry, Peters, Barbara, Pfau, Alvin, Pfau, Lorin, Phillips, R Betty, ow 'WIN Poitz, Margaret, Pospisil, Erma, Proctor, Charles, Ray, Mary Anne, Reagan, Duane. ww, V A W N 1 V Beauties are in abundance but there are no beasts on hand. At the Sigma Kappa tea the table was per- fectly decorated. Parakeets keep perfect step in every marching event. McCormick, the Kynewisbol: pho- tographer, looks around in disgust at any other picture maniac. Row one: Rees, Worth, Richards, Warren, Riedel, James, Riedel, William, Rilling, Ray, Ringstead, Kathryn, Robbins, Robert, Roberts, Mary, Rogers Mattie, Rose, Anne, Row two: Rose, Betty, Ruth, Nancy Ann, Rutlxowslci, Gerald, Ryan, Theresa, Sager, Ethel, Swayer, Harold, Scarborough, Jean, Schaetzel, Jacque- line, Schmidt, Bettie, Schnitzer, Shirley, Row Bree: Schoene, Audreymae, Schroeder, Evelyn, Schultz, Winifred, Scott, Vernon, Seelinger, Anna Lou, Selig, Betty, Shearer, Geraldine Sheridan, Dorcas. fDlCzmc9ncZ juilfee Row one: Silverman, Elaine, Sipe, Bernie, Smith, John, Smith, Marjorie, Smith, Ruth, Sobol, Elliott, Solomon, Tybe, Spino, Margaret, Spitzmiller, Barbara, Row two: Steinberg, Bernadine, Suncay, Mark, Tait, Jane, Taylor, Helen, Templeton, Floyd, Theander, Harry, Thompson, Jane, Tilly, James, Tins- ley, Harry, Trout, Foye, Row three: Trueheart, Eddie Jo, Rucker, Ralph, Tullis, June, Tymezyszyn, Joseph, Vallero, Marie, Vanfossan, Logan, Walker, Marjorie, Wallace, Robert. , Gia ROW one: Wanvig, Betty, Warner, Florence, Weber, Claude, Wein- chel, Ruth, Whitacre, Homer: RUW Iwo: White, Mildred: White, Stanley, Whowell, Eleanor: Wilken, Jacqueline, Willars, Cecil. WWW Row One: Wilson, Mary, Winchell, Elizabeth, Witting, Barbara, Woerner, Betty: Woodworth, Harold, Row two: Wright, Jacquelyn, Yamaguchi, Jinkog Yancey, Joan: Young, Horsey. The Freshman luncheon is always well attended Cthey pay for it in a freshman fee beforehandl. Registra- tion is a men, but the administration is open for aug. geations. Hold tight, hold tight, is the theme of the Stu. U. merry-go-round. The crowd roars-another two-yard gain. 1 Berenbaum, Leonard Brando, Howard Camerlo, Samuel Corfitzen, Edward Elzlund, John Han, Glen QKWSWQAWZSW Bowen, Robert Boyd, Jael: ' Breinerd, David Brown, Marven Coggan, Hyman Conant, Chester Danlu, Raymond Eggleston, William G:-iEth, David l'lartman,,. Robert Heinicke, Alfred Henry, Lawrence I I C I 'F'-' .1 s- .I S' :WA Row one: Higson, Charles: Jones, Berry, Kay, Gerald: Koriaaa, Stanley: McKinney, Archyg Morris, Milton, Mosley, James, Row two: Martin, James: Nihlo, Winfield, O'Dell, Forrest, Olson, Waldo, Oxeas, Charles, Pepper, Marvin, Preston, David, Row three: Priest, Georgeg Sampson, Roy: Simpson, .lanes Speck, Meyer, Strickland, Jerome: Walters, Nevellg Wilson, Billy. . . . . mu! fgfaacluazleo li ,T They lost everything hut the barrels this year. X gs I XX Row one: Dix, Dorothy, Domer, Esther, Donlrin, Mary, Downing, Wayne, Drew, Corinne, Driscoll, William, Eaker, Helen, Ekblad, Kenneth, Ellis, Margaret, Engle, Adelyne, Row two: Epping, William, Ereclxson, Howard, Esposito, Salvatore, Evans, Charles, Evans, Dorothy, Fagin, Grey, Fischer, Robert, Fletcher, Char- lotte, Foster, John, France, Margaret, Row three: French, Warren, Fried, Rosalee, Friedland, lrving, Frohlielr, Erma, Gagnon, Jordan, Garihan, Nan, Garrett, Dan, Gates, Robert. Qlamvnd juffzfee Row one: Gavette, Judy, Gern, Jess, Giesler, Allen, Gillis, Albert, Goldberg, Eleanor, Goldberg, Norman, Goldblatt, Samuel, Golin, Betty, Good, Gil- bert, Gore, Shirley, Row two: Gow, Betty, Green, Harry, Gregory, Virginia, Guise, Maxine, Gushurst, Mary, Hall, Marilouise, Hallock, Mary, Hallquist, Harold, Ham merich, Kathleen, Haney, Elaine, Row three: Hansen, Juanita, Harter, Dorothy, Hartt, Dorothy, Heggem, Lillian, Heimer, Ellen, Held, Marian, Heller, Mosa, Hellon, James. VICTORY SINTHE BASKET A-TISKlTf-fA-TASKET K fu V' Q , 'rye' J li 1 I 5 . The Sigma Kappa float didn't make any broad state- ment on their parade entry. Sig Alpha and Beta! showed a little of that true fraternity spirit at the an- nual chariot race. Old Main's circular stairway makes an eccentric picture. Refreshments are always the drawing card of any school function. 'xx 1 0 e cofnmsw 'L . mea "' cable, "' 1' ildllxty muzvezena oihz' P'?bx::'x and Dv Amon ahcup . eof hu u up wdvntf Prof- 5 tv dorm ny B' LGR: ima! with dine anhitd 'au 9:1 and hu, is C8956 1401500 tube xillxa V' tha botto F WRU! one oi t my-ti 9' vifwf mf Ab-"': ww- 0" ' A . - VN' ya. :rsh r r U A- 'ani-wo' 'NM li- 'U' 5-4. iv 4 .rig-filzgf. 4 . ' 7 ' 'L , fwfr Professor Fred D'Amour is known on 'the campus +o be one of The mos'r well-liked professors in 'rhe Universiry of Denver. Due ro necessary fresh- man requiremenfs, rhe maioriry of yearlings mus+ rake a course in physi- oiogy under Prof. D'Amour, and his humorous wifficisms during class hours are +he falk of +he campus. His Thorough knowledge of rhe subiecr he is reaching enables him 'ro presen+ all malrerial inieresfingly and compiefely. In his laborafory classes, he uses ra'rs which he has bred for experimenfs. 94 ln his experiments, Prof. D'Amour has considerable equipment for handling the rats without pain to them 0924125302 Jied CDLflmou'L and his 'Uiaz' Here he injects fluid into the tail in one of his trials. Ten Thousand whiTe raTs have been used in The pasT nine years by Professor Fred D'Amour in his experimenTs on endocrinology in The "RaT House," which he began in l93O. Since ThaT Time Prof. D'Amour has received Sl5,000 in granTs To conTinue his research from.The NaTional Research Council, American Medical AssociaTion, Ameri- can Philosophical Academy, and E. R. Squibb and Sons. Wcsuixe H l-le has ediTed over TorTy publicaTions concerning his work in en- docrinology and has received recogniTion in naTional publicaTions from his workin I935 wiTh The black widow spider. Ten candidaTes for masTer's degrees have wriTTen Their Theses in correlaTion wiTh his deparTmenT and have all received exceileni' posiTions. At his home, with his companion, Prof. D'Amour relaxes with one of the daily papers. 7 . . . Part 0 et ' Rllht' Craig mv' ""' tofy' Highesr universify cam . ' it what 5 termm' luuborl' J C Steam' attetxlptcxetgnieilor of the Dr ' nizfezaifq pzvfeaamb. pus in 'rhe world l4,25Ofee'r is par+ Hh . o e Universi+y of Denver: for on +he peak 1' M o oun'r Evans is locared +he Cosmic Ray Laborafory, which is owned by The Universi'ry of Denver and ioin+ly sponsored wirh Jrhe Massachuserfs lns'ri'ru're of Technology. Through 'rhe cooperalion of Professor J. C. Sfearns, Denver: R. D. Benner? of M. l. T.. D. K. Froman oflv1cGill Universi+y, and A. K. Comp- ron, renowned physicist rhis laboralory was made possible. w'a,1.1f" ' f ,fur . r 1 l . 1, on b tory at Summa L' 8 fl ou co-mic 'W L' 6 Mount Evan I H Amid the clouds on top of Mount Evans is the world-famous University of Denver Cosmic Ray Laboratory. c5lUclq ff0.1mz'c Hays. Purposes of 'rhis research are 'ro provide a place for scien'ris+s 'ro worlc a+ a high allilude, 'ro bring Denver sfudenis and professors in con- facl wilh ou+s+an-ding scien+is'rs, and 'ro coop- eraie wiih big universiiies on large-scale scien- lific problems, which would be impossible due 'ro large cosis wi'rh only one universily a++emp+- ing The experimenls. The laborafory is main- fainecl as a service by lhe Universiiy of Denver and is operafed on a non-profil basis. X na, drggig Fo'-ll'fQ0ll thousand two hun Um, hi 'ad fifty feet above sea level, Worlds 'll university campus in the 'Guin' Alwve: One of the scientists Dmoz.-r ui. doorway of ui. ub- Y' au ' Y y . Q .50 af 'Y 1 f' Compeiiiions in ihe fields of ar'r 'rhroughoui ihe couniry are eniered info by s+uden+s ai ihe Universiiy of Denver School of Ari a+ Chappell. Five posiers were eniered in ihe coniesi ai 'rhe New York World's Fair. and ou? of 'rhese five posiers eniered, one placed sec- ond, submiiied by Dennis 'Piper. and +wo placed Third. submiiied by Bob DeLong and Marvin Meizger. Having a limiied number oi siudenis, Chap- pell siudenis receive much personal a'l+en1'ion in informal classes by each insfrucior. A+ ihe end of ihe school year Chappell Ari Museum is given over io ihe siudenis io exhibii Their worlc. I+ is iudged by ariisis in Denver and awards are made for ihe besi worlc. This year's class has consirucied a new Siu- deni Room for siudenis +o relax in afier class. and won 'rhe school iloai coniesi for Home- coming. Class oiiiicers are: Doroihy Schoeps, Presidenig Wayne Jordan. Vice president Svea Selander, Secreiary. igfwprell UI-'Per corner: Fred Sager and Sven Selander compose their lftistili compositions in the yard of Chappell house. Upper left: ChaPP'l' students "relax" in the student room. Upper right: Life mod' make painting an enjoyable subject. Below: Chappell School of Ari' X , Left: Eugene T. Halaas, associate cli- rector of the Research department, looks over a report of current business. Below: F. L. Carmichael, director of the department and prominent Univer- sity instructor. Sfcztzaticzana The Bureau of Business and Social Research was esfablished in I925 under fhe direcforship of Dr. John C. Cover. fhe office and sfafisfical laborafory being locafed. as if now is. in fhe School of Commerce. lfs presenf organizafion consisfs of Professor F. L. Carmichael, direc- for, and Professor Eugene T. l-lalaas, associafe direcfor. Assisfanfs for The laborafory are chosen from fhe formal classes, fhus giving sfudenfs valuable experience. Aside from special invesfigafions made for cerfain insfifufions, fhe findings of which are largely limifed in inferesf, fhe greafesf porfion of fhe bureau sfudies are published in ifs bi- monfhly bullefins enfiflecl "Universify of Den- ver Reporfsf' Q faife lffzerz Qefacfz fi University of Denver's School of Commerce, Accounts, lllll Finance is well known throughout the United States. ' 5- . , Las-.v----.,-.N ""'f,.L' i xl -nv nf . ,.- .,,,..,g, ,. - , - :z..4,.ff5v A I Quesfions considered are: Whaf is 'rhe frend of business in Colorado? I-low does fhe frend compare wifh fhal' of ofher secfions of fhe coun'rry?. Are we carrying a relafively heavy fax load in fhis region? Whaf is 'rhe sifuafion wifh regard fo employment wages. and forfh- coming iobs in Denver? Whaf is The housing sifuafion in Denver? During l936 fhe bureau was selecfed as fhe represenfafive of fhe Unifed Sfafes Deparf- menf of Commerce in insfifufing and adminis- fering a refail sales reporfing service for fhe sfafes of Colorado and Wyoming. As an' agency for bringing fhe Universify of Denver fo fhe affenfion of ofher secfions of fhe counfry. fhe bureau. fhrough ifs reporfs, malces a disfincf confribufion. Over I IO uni- versifies and privafe libraries receive 'rhe re- porfs. Qeofcyqq Carol Cox exhibits an ancient skull, having a background of many other ancient shoulder decorations. Extreme right: Costumes of our forefathers, collected by the Anthropology cle- partment. . MU' a. W'l'u lil:-""""' . B. Rena!! An ingonna A wvicgl 5 DT. ' bottom: wth!! 'th' Left- 'ov , L-09" . y ma?" g the " Egret. 54:38, geolvllgc the :Nav 0 clan xldfllbfy ch.. .. Ujlwmg, mmvvvw The only woman head of a Geology deparlmenl in any American school. Dr. Margaref Boos has, in lhree years. buill' for Denver a deparfmeni in which maiors may be oblained. Through exchange she has acquired lhousands of minerals from all over 'rhe earlh, and exhibils lhem in lighled hall show- cases for +he enioymenl of everyone. and aqnffvzcspofaqq Anfhropology. 'rhe sfudy of Man. and Archaeology, +he sfudy of his unrecorded deeds. are fully explained To Universify of Denver sfudenis by Dr. E. B. Renaud, 'founder and head of 'fhe I2-year-old Anlhropology deparfmenl. His museum. conlaining valuable specimens broughl' back from hundreds of field irips, is one of 'rhe show places of 'rhe campus. Qflafzvnamq l X -ik-X 1i iiQ:i'i,fin'iTii"'i'2' , X , , 2 1 K- --"li i llihiil' :ii Wi kim 1 V W 1 ,Z -1' i 1 . .i ,ffm in -1' ivhlf1iigM,:, 1 V3 i K ' , i ,wH'i Qwnwiis if! A jliijifiiiriiii'i'iiii'i v -j if ' l ,'wi'Ti'rji Q ,- f ,:iiir,iriQ a ,.., , 1 J .-K . .JP ., i A -ki EN ' '. ' i , Slim gi f, , . I iqcmvsesf-Q-i , !5L:i,,.rXv,I,x1r1hfiw Q " " ' miiiQtgf.i,'ir'ff N x , ,ff L X fffve: Students of astronomy learn to operate the compli- Ceed mlchinery with ease in the Chamberlain Observatory. twagwi Chamberlain Observatory, which .harbors the het th largest refracting telescope in the United sElt3lv ll denommk more and more popular among University stu- olnh- Prof. Albert Recht, inset, keeps watch over i-hd Simerviibry. Below-left to right: Creta Mable, Dorothea In 'noni' and Dorothy .lean Whitlock make sure that there exacfll' 14,586,732,429 stars in the universe. 101 in. Sobering knowledge 'rhai the earih is bul' a pebble suspended among millions of blazing siars comes 'ro all who visil Chamberlain Ob- servaiory. Dr. Alberi Rechi, direcior, mainiains Thai his +wen+y-inch lense is The largesi eye beiween ihe Greer Lakes and California. Even sfudenls who dislike science are be- ginning lo rake Aslronomy a+ +he Universiiy of Denver. The course adds io appreciaiion no+ only of science bui' liieraiure, music. ar+. phil- osophy, and religion. Dr. Rechi iurns rhumbs down on maihemaiics and wiih his observaiory magic slands ready 'ro 'rake all willing voyagers on a Tour of The universe +o see lighl lhaf starred from dis'ran'r worlds before 'rhe Pyra- mids were buil'r and io see 'rhe earih and whaf happens on i'r from a newand beHer vanfage poin+. Jfie "Pioneer," an achievemenf for which all Universify sfudenfs en- deavor, buf one which so few ever reach. has again fhis year been besfowed upon fwelve worfhy seniors--seniors who have worked for whaf fhey have received. seniors who have given all of fheir four years of service for fhe beffermenf of fhe Universify, and seniors who will long be remembered in fhe annals of fheir Alma lvlafer as real fellows. This year all of fhe Pioneers' were chosen by faculfy members and sfudenfs of fhe school. These fwelve men and women were chosen on qualifies of: parficipafion in exfra-curricular acfivifies, scholarship. per- sonalify, abilify fo fake crificism on fheir mefhods of doing fhings, and abilify fo organize and lead a group successfully. If is wifh a feeling of safisfacfion 'rhaf fhe Diamond Jubilee Kynewis- bolc honors 'rhe fwelve oufsfanding seniors of fhis year's graduafing class wifh fhe fifle of "Pioneer," and fhe sfafemenf of a "Job well done." Reading the honor Nu Gfikyneefziz 5306 Qecgawy fyhwwnaw Q-Www? wana JSQWWM Jehu: Jflafmb QM Wamye lyk Wada WMA :Wwe Zak WWW fel? gwhnm gon Wlfedee 5 gon 6LCT was lcnown on lhe campus as a doer inslead of a dreamer. l-le ediled lhe lirsl freshman Clarion and was eclilor of lhe "D" Book for 'rwo years, assuming lhe same posilion lhe lhird year when 'rhe edilor lell school. Don's senior year was cli- maxed by being assislanl edilor of every sludenl publicalion published by lhe Universily. oQuLe germ, was one of lhe mosl uni- versally popular ol Denver alhlelesg a brillianl record in loolball led laler lo his appoinlmenl as Freshman coach. In lhe field ol slu- denl governmenl, Terry held Jrhe office of men's represenlalive on The ln- lerschool Council. One ol lhe Sigma Phi Epsilon brolh- ers, he became presidenl of lhe lnlerlralernily Council. 104 Qeiiy Czjmm, an avowed ouldoor girl. was offen seen wi+h +he Rilling A+hle+ic Club. 'rhe mic! Qrange, campus siudenf president was a happy chief execu- live: whal few complica- 'rionsvarose during his ad- minisiralion melied awa when he faced 'rhem willi his unfailing, conlagious grin. Orange made a name for himself in baseball as well as olilics, and en- Tered fullif in+o lhe aclivi- 'ries of his fra+erni+y. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Women's A+hle+ic Associ- alion, and The Ski Club. In +he service of her fellow s+uden'rs, Be'r'ry became women's -re resenlalive on +he In+erscl:ool Council, and secrefary of 'rhe Publi- cafions Board. The sorori+y of her choice was Sigma Kappa. -if Ogewis Qcornjczicn like The Pioneers oT old, came Trom The easT and conquered The wesT. This TalenTed BosTonian, in his sophomore year, became The TirsT ediTor oT The sTu- denT magazine, and gave iT iTs name. "Space." There Tollowed The ediTorship oT The STudenT DirecTory, and Tinally The Clarion, an oTTice he Tilled wiTh disTincTion. Cggose, Sigma Kappa, in her own quieT way, harvesTed a Tar heavier Than ordinary crop oT coed honors. Besides being presidenT oT MorTar Board, The wornen's honor- ary organizaTion, she car- ried on Tor The DebaTe de- parTrnenT and a half dozen Greek socieTies. A naTural born Teacher, RuTh loolcs To a career in EducaTion. mi QOL QDMQOWQ, whose painfings broughf gaeifify Cyloilzeis made friends wi+h many ac+ivi+ies. failed 'ro choose any one as her favorire. and remained parlial foward 'rhem all. As a re- sulr, her enfhusiasm was a fealure of meelings held by Alpha Gamma Della, Kappa Della Pi, lvioriar Board, Panhellenic Council, Meniors, Parakee+s. Pi Gamma Mu. Rilling Alh- le+ic Club, and 'rhe Drama deparimenf. applause from fhe enfire Universily, proved conclu- sively +ha+ ar'ris+s can be leaders. ln his iunior year DeLong became presiden+ of Chappell, wi'rh a place on +he Inferschool Council. In his senior year he was presidenl of Omicron Della Kappa, men's honorary fra- Jrernily. l-lis brolherhood. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Cizima Cmorris, number one acfivily girl, held fhe all-Jrime record of being in eighieen organiza- 'rions. and doing iusfice To Jrhem all. A+ one lime she was Women Slrudenls' pres- idenl, Clarion assislanl ed- i'ror, Thoughf Weelc leader, and Drama parficipanl. Her achievemenl will no+ soon be equalled, buf doubfless many coeds will collapse +rying. QQ Ze QC1C!81' made his influence fell on Jrhree lronls. As .Demon- siralions Manager he cre- aled impressive displays lo enliven lhe crowds be- lween The halves of lhe Too+ball games. As a Drama Club member he enacled several difficull roles wilh greal abilily. As an Engineering maior he buill for himself an envi- able scholaslic average. X-,pf 108 dilzerman Qeiricg ably carried on 1'he dynasfy Qiwencjolyn gwinn, armed wi'fh narural charm and unusual abiliiy, suc- ceeded in +wis'ring Com- merce around her lillle finger and making 'rhe Bi- zads like il. Merii was rewarded when +he popu- lar Sigma Kappa became presideni of 'rhe Com- merce Women Siudenis, having previously served on lvlorfar Board, Alpha Lambda Della. Menlors. and Women's Aihleiic As- socialion. founded by his older broih- ers a+ Jrhe Universi+y sev- eral years ago. This mos? receni' conrriburion 'ro 'rhe Universily from lhe re- markable Deirick family be- came presidenr of 'rhe Sci- ence and Engineering Siu- denls, presidenl' of The Junior class, and vice pres- idenl of several Greek clubs. His fra+erni+y, Lamb- da Chi Alpha. lk, 999. czmjfzuix Geczuzief. More Than six hundred peo le. sTudenTs and The general public, compriseclDThe audience To wiTness The TirsT Kynewisbok Queen conTesT ever To be held in an open iudging conTesr, which hereToTore has always been held in secreT. Campus beauTies, TiTTy-Three in number, paraded across The well-decoraTed chapel sTage Tor The Diamond Jubilee Kynewisbok Queen conTesT. CandidaTes represenTed Twelve sororiTies. The STray Greeks organiza- Tion. and The lndependenT Women. lv1eThods oT iudging were discussed by members oT The sTaTf Tor several weeks unTil a Too-lprooT meThod was Tinally devised. Five judges. all being superior aT The arT oT beauT selecTions. made wriTTen commenTs on eacli girl as she paraded across The sTage, and chose The Twelve whom he ranked as Tops. These Twelve were lisTed in order Trom one To Twelve by each iudge. and The decisions oT The judges were Then averaged, according To The candidaTe's rank in The iudging enTry. by The yearbook ediTor and several adminisTra- Torsg Twelve vicTors emerged. who appear on The Tollowing pages. The program was rounded ouT excepTionally well by The imprompTu piano music oT Barbara Anne EasTerwood, The singing oT The Domer SisTers. EsTher Jane. Naomi, and lv1argareT Domerq and The presenTaTion oT The queen can- didaTes by John A. Love. lasT year's ediTor oT The Clarion. Due crediT goes To James Nelson, who seT The sTage Tor The lighTing eTTecTs. Queen candidates for the Diamond Jubilee Kynewisbok contest waited anxiously in crowded quarters for their turn to strut their stuff before the audience and the eyes. of the critical judges. ab. izefected fo? Zfze Judges Gladys Caldwell Fisher, Mn. Alice Weeks, Allen True, Dean Jack Lawson, and E. U. Bourke had a hard time making their selections of twelve from the Gfty-three queen candidates. Diamond Mldzfee 7QqnewL3Zoi ly John E. Lawson. Dean of Men for 'rhe Universiiy of Denver Edward U. Bourke, Chairman of +he Pub- liciiy Commiilee of 'rhe Universily of Denver Mrs. Alice Weeks, Insiruclor of Fine Arls ai +he Universiiy of Denver Gladys Caldwell Fisher, Sculpiress Allen True, Ar'ris+ 'H gf,iff,-N 'B Cgrfrhb Zzzefealf 'I 'rt ,LJ 1 4 'CQ L If , 'PT wr fn- ug -L- ' P -1,!i.,. lE ..., .wi lv' . y1.1.i 1,1: .f ,, -L r ,. u I K., L W W 4, . I J . M - 11 K "if ,lfame 2 asf-wgqenf mf' 4' ff x , Y 4 . N ,H t, Ag,- Mggg 3 V lumix 1+ ,. E , ' I ' AK! gf Qu Ti . W 1 I Q if . ',7'v"f'ks' 1 A N ' . , Y' iv , ,M,1.w,,sa,- al . K Marg' pundit-ulunpwv-' f - K , A-5 iw' , -A f. . '- , 5, aigmqr' 3 , , . . QJg3'fx,,!,'54gf1:' ., , 1,1-,.x ff, V-A-.Wy ,. -n'L,4.,,f 'np 'v 1-. ' , , 'I H " , . . ' W ' , "2-f-v...4...,..w ,,., ' , ' vnu .- ' " "-Mvwf-H-'.w,h ,4 ..,f ., .,,,,.,,.,....,,,,?,W,,',.Qwa.uv'wwLwR Q M , W ' 'ww , QW QZUIZIZII 'ylllfklfe if W2 -Y. ....... awe Jada Qfwuub Jflare JIQZMW gmcmzo H8 N X ax. n -L. E X - x 17Qkn gwlkli Us ,H 1 A 1 X . 3 x . 1 I 5 1 X Joyce Qevill X415 K 1.,,. fs., F 'A V ! I 1 f Q 1 X3 Cgpiken 3066072042 Wm s Q 4 CZKEV ', E fn " Y f MQ,f w fe: v ff -1 N , , X K Zfpx ip pg CQ mine f , J If N X Qw 'Q V , , xi 9093 W 'X 'f ' .Av ,.' Ai.. lg? V 1991. t NQQV -, .naw 91,11 Ytl'Q'dn!l' nx'..,53 mn., 'PQI -CTN ff 1.9 xx ' ' M. m B A M, ,pf 'r W N W 11 Z llfoyrrt Buett et" r-e -M,v',:::s'.-' . ' A d lawn' Rothns Karter C -an v xzy, Wim - MHMQIUPQW-Q A fffitiwi-QLU5 ...nv 14 iff ww pf v " - ,w' "'.5'3:' IL-'13 " ,af f ,n M ov n a and 0 pf- f pfj' 1"",,,5',, 1 Betty Timm Hi Hertz Sobot lf! . Llwwn J otm E E. U . Bourke Y-nrt Engte 119 C. Lawn Herzog 3 Davidson 09 ' . Uifzcgzggni Purely business was the object of all Board of Publications meetings, and there was plenty of it, with eacli editor clamor- l ing for additional funds for his own publication. THE DENVER CLARION THE 1939 KYNEWISBOK QS P9 9 Secrefary BeTTy Timm TaTTened her noTeboolc on minuTes of meeTings held by The Diamond Jubilee Pub- licaTions board. More Than The usual number of problems arose, wiTh The STudenT DirecTory ediTor ruining bids by changing The shape of her ediTion, The Clarion ediTor bombard- ing The school wiTh bi red headlines while he asked The board-his publishers-whaT They could do To him, and The Kynewisbolc ediTor running up cosTs wiTh naTural color phoTography. ln addiTion. The board Troubled To raise salaries gen- erally, spend a hundred dollars remodeling oTTices. buy several Thousand dollars worTh oT sToclcs. seTTle a row beTween Commerce and ArTs Clarion heads. send lvlessieurs Buell. Kornfeld, Weber, and l-lammill To Salf Lake Tor a press convenTion, and ioin The Council in elecTing new ediTors in The spring. Personnel included E. U. Bourke, chairman: John Lawson. Earl Engle. L. J. Davidson, and Charles l-ler- zog, TaculTy: and BeTTy Timm, Rollins KarTer. Bob Buell, and Eli Sobol. sTudenTs. THE STUDENT DIRECTORY THE FOOTBALL DIGEST f E is T65 Y, Q XX QUT' Clie, l9695lllmwlh Doris Gould , .,,, M, 3 :z'Zl' l ,F'?.' l 'S' Harold McCormick Richard Glogau 1' f .3 yn I 1 we f , ,Ha C 5 :' , .. nh Y- ,-. L 1 un. Hg, ,..- -2 ' - , I . Xa -ee, Don Weber To presenl in words and piclures lhe evenls ol lhe school year i938-I939, wilh an hislorical background acquired by lhe Universily ol Denver in ils sevenly-live years of exislence, has been lhe purpose ol lhe Dia- mond Jubilee Kynewisbok. Nalural color pholography was possible lor lhe lirsl lime lhis year wil lhe advenl ol new prinling melhods in Denver. Edilor Kennelh l-lammill employed ideas galhered while working on lhree previous edilions, and, having allended bolh Commerce and Arls, prepared copy wilh lhe inlenlion ol giving bolh lhe clownlown and suburban schools lheir iusl coverage. Assislanl Edilors Doris Gould and Don Weber wrole summaries, coordinaled pholographs and copy. and made up pages. Belle Durell look charge ol lhe class seclions. Wayne Jordan, Arl edilor, was responsible lor lhe cover, hand-lellered heads, and illuslralions. Jell Farr drew all carloons and Ned Clarke helped mounl pic- lures. Dick Glogau and Harold McCormick. as head pholographers, look mosl ol lhe piclures. Color pho- lography was by Ed l-lulilman. Slaff Members-olher lhan slall heads whose names appear in lhe yearbook inlroduclion. Co ywrilers: Bill Williams, Rose Elnor Hamman. and slag heads. Fralernily organizalion, and class compilers: Clinl Thelander, Belly McCarlhy, Virginia Gregory, Tom Eskridge, Charlolle Mohr, Florence Akers. Mildred While, Dorolhy Dix, Wayman May. Emeline Avis, Mar- cia Slalmann. Telephoning slaliz Virginia Gregory, slall head: Jean- elle Kline, Augusla Murray, Lillian Heggem, Helen Taylor, Josephine Bixby, Beverly Jackson. Kay Barnell, Marguerile Manna. Delphine Diegel. W Arl assislanls: Ned Clarke mounled piclures lor organ- izalions and classes: Jell Farr, carloons. Index slall: Ann Balenl, slall head: Marion Allen, Belle Durell. ee e- . I Q 1 ff! 7 ll'i 4, ff MAH e, ci WO P'-auqw, , 7:-r rip 1 ,m V X QR. -.yr I ff" S. 3333: left: .Nlembers of the Classes staff decided that pulling pictures was an exceptionally tiresome job: left to right nn lectin' Vlrglnla Gregory, and Bette Durell. Upper right: Organization staff members worked night and day to get t elr Jordan together, left to right: Betty McCarthy, Clint Thelancler, and Marlon Allen. Lower left: Ned Clarke, left, and Wayne job: In 'Dent fourteen hours a day mounting pictures during spring vacation. Lower right: Telephoning was an Important to right: Augusta Murray, Barbara Lininger, and Delphine Diegel. Below: Kenneth Hammill, Editor-in-Chief of t e eft Jubilee Yearbook. x s f 'Eff' ,- x . :xxx ,swf Mtg? gfbg 1 5, :Al 1 I Q ll Us 'I lf, in Qgfcmicm eh, and Gene Worth:-tl ecdon Qin your eu bb 010 S Sodetq and vepor oon before We Cv ay Uxdmger, news Q einem son, Yxebn N todd suis rough up the tygewfitefsgrenw on the don is Ksmeh. LGR. to right: niche PASS- ww Ytpwock s of! Xt - S . .B 8 as Y .. vet ,9 sexo: aoqu ebxtor , ewj stef, an me me Pwxs Wiseman! aah in esmtlg . to?-Bomb .P Lew. ls Korn f em. Editor in . -Chief Helen May Lininger :Hula 00' 1 mff r IMI. M li' "f 1 A "Sensa'rional Bul Fair" policy was mainlained all year by fhe Diamond Jubilee Clarion. Headlines 'rhree inches high. somelimes red, became common. bul sensalionalism was confined largely 'ro make-up: lhere was li'r+le scandal. Lewis Kornfeld, lndependenl senior. 'rook 'rhe edilorship seriously and was 'rhe lirsl chief in years lo wrile all his own edilorials. He sel' 'rhe slyle for 'rhe paper. and kepl peace on The slaff, even among +hose who would have liked a more conservalive policy. , Don Weber, anolherfour-year man on lhe Clarion. held The num- ber lwo posilion of associale edi'ror. handled general news pages, and aulhored The column, "College Caravan." Bob Buell, iunior assis'ran+ edilor, helped wifh headlines and make-up, and looked lo lhe nexl school year. Helen May Lininger and Shirley Garlell, as cily and news edilors. supervised reporfers. Wiles Hallock and Dorolhy Robinson made a happy combinalion as sporls and sociely edilors. Commerce coverage improved vaslly under Edilors Rollins Kar- +er and Jim Needham, who ins'ri'ru'red a Commerce Clarion office and showed 'rhal 'rhe downlown school crealed plenly of inleresling news l Bob Buell M K X, i -i-az rr. .i.,. , . iii M is W ww A ri NU W ' Hmmmhlmwnuvnmrwi Wir-ii .i Www.. iiii.,.ii in vm wi Wivlllmxlliili ii ,q iii. M ii ,,., XM ii Qi jk-"- ily, 6 H WQLL an aw '...fw" . r mia evins, o im inf? C Lewii He' 1.03 W la r Eug e erthan, Mar'ori Addison, John Yoklavich and Milton Hoffman. Below: The Directory staff puts in a little hard work. Bette Durell Hardesty, Hilda Cool: Plunkett, Florence Akers Rita Thompson, and Charlotte Mohr Gluli LCUUUHQ Tl-lE STUDENT DIRECTORY abandoned prece- denis sei by former books. and ihe resull was a volume doubled in size, wiih lype arranged in +wo columns insiead of one. all puncluaiion marks removed 'ro con- 'Form wi+h professional phone book siyle, and a special lisfing of fraierniiy and sororiiy membership. Edil'or Florence Akers appoinied Don Weber associale edi- 'rorg Beiie Durrell. assislani ediiorg and l-larold McCor- mick, phorographer. PUBLICITY For +he Universiiy of Denver was more pleniiful Than ever as Siudeni Manager Dave Baum- garien swamped cify dailies wiih sl'ories and piciures. Ciiizens and prospective s+uden'rs found 'Few ediiions all year ihal did noi have piciures of coeds and oiher iiems of educaiional value such as conferences, busi- ness reporis, and scieniific discoveries. all from The Universiiy. 128 Left: Space and "D" Book staffs Edward U. Bourke SPACE MAGAZINE, in iTs Third year, finally uniTed Tal- enT from every school of The UniversiTy. Wifh carToons and covers from Fine ArTs. book reviews from Library, and sfories, poems, and arTicles from Science, Liberal ArTs, Commerce, and Law, variefy became The virTue of The sTudenT quarTerly. EdiTor John Yoklavich was aided by Don Weber, assisTanT ediTorg Marjorie Addison, poeTry ediTorg Virginia Nevans, sTudenT represenTaTive, and L. J. Davidson, TaculTy advisor. Tl-IE FOOTBALL DIGEST held a high place among Rocky Mounfain pigskin programs wiTh acTion picTures of every Denver player, phofographs of visiTing sTars, lineups on boTh sides, lucky numbers exchangeable for Theafer passes, and plenTiful adverTising. Finding ThaT his oTher duTies did noT guife Take up TwenTy- four hours a day, GraduaTe Manager C. L. l-lceriog ediTed The "DigesT" To The saTisfacTion o a . THE "D" BOOK feafured a reTurn To sim- plicify wiTh easily found answers To The whos, whaTs, wheres, whys, whens, and hows of The UniversiTy. When EdiTor Melvin Brown Trans- ferred To anoTher school, Don Weber, former "D" Book ediTor, saw The I938-T939 edifion Through final sTeps of publicaTion. AssisTanTs were Eugene WerThan, MilTon Hoffman, RuTh Bidwell, Eileen Spencer. and Mildred Fogel. MISCELLANEOUS publicafions, in number abouT 34, are ediTed by Edward Urban Bourke, popular Commerce professor and chairman of The PublicaTions Board. These works, wriTTen for buT noT by The sTudenTs, include The bulky Universify cafalogue, The illusTraTed pamphleTs senT To high school graduaTes and oTher pros- EecTive sTudenTs, and The numerous seasonal ulleTins. il, T l l l l 1 T! Y A ,aff 129 Dave Baumgarten 41slll Florence L.,-.-f J ohn Y okhvich z ' if 1 T. 'mah W 4 .'I' QQnZZ'z.iucfQc7Uf Qyunc ff l ,--..- K W M I -u WM, Q W!!- 'MM N1 Y A M My M" 'I' Won ww MM 3 il in Win i in x N-S V h wefe I I Refreshments during eac meeting gb most efficient piece of business effects? bug ra of the lnterschool Council 6 membe Tuesday night. 130 EET? sown in hisfrory as Jrhe body which gave birrh +o 'rhe Sludenl Union Building, +he year 5, ool.Council of five years ago ser an achievemenr record nolrgfef eciualed, This on Hn e Diamond Jubilee Council sparkled buf dimly, allhough if airhfu ly carried elecye fraduhonal rasks of planning homecoming, apporlloning 'rhe sfudenf fee, .RQ edfrors, and considering gold keys for i'rs members. was ,+ e mQSl memorable innovarion of rhis year's conservafive sludenr legisla+ure Sher' S choiceol a scien+is+ ra+her 'lhan The cusromary businessman as chairman. fary min Derrick was selecfed for rhis office, and Selma Morris became secre- The Sherm memberships of +he council included Dick Orange, campus president deny 551 Derrick, Science president Marvin Pepper, Law presi- Com- Ororhy Schoeps. Fine Arfs presidenlg Dick Jaquv+h Morrggesf president Anrha Ericke, Library president Selma Behk Omen Sludenls' presidenlg l-lerb McCar+hy and enceyr Wim. Liberal Arrs represenfalivesp Frank Tabb, Sci- sen+aHeP'VGSen+al'iveg l-lerb Schuman, Commerce repre- ex-ogirlfe. Charles Byrne, Law represenrafive, and Herzo -'O members: John Lawson. Dean of Men: Char edi+Orf7'K9?6dua're manager: Lewis Kornleld, Clarion Kem gh Ye Packer, Demonslrahons manager: an e Hdmmill, Kynewisbok edi'ror 'XXXL i Fu M::,:,.roW! Sherman Detrickg Second row: Dick Qrlnle quithm PePPerg Third row: Dorothy Schoepl, pick JI MCC' Ahlha Erickeg Fourth row: Selma M0l'l'll1 Herb Tabbarthyv Betty Timm, Herb Schuman- Fifth l'0W2 Fflnk neu! Byrne, Lew Kornfeld, kyle Packer, KOH' Dr. William Hyslop, band and orchestra director. Qicmd Row one: Ahernnthn, Gene, Atkinson, Lee, Barron, Wiley, Birlwduhl' Walter, Brown, Jack, Row two: Case, Wayneg Conine, Ted: Corlew, Williamg Dickinwm Edward, Fairfield, William: Row three: Frary, William, Francis, Gul: French, Warren, Glf05v Rob ertg Gern, Jeug Row four: G'll ' l patrick, Robert, Haines R 1 , obertg Halpern, Solg Hdllueni 1 Pauls Johnson, Harold, Row five: Kachara Fr d' , e , Kemp, Ray: Kettler, Jake: King, Randi i Kramish, David. ROW on.: L 5 and C?'ZCfZl65.l'ZCL Ydens, Roberts Mcco rm' k, Row two: Millar, Mllloylglzagsi Miteyllltrgis Maddox. Hbfberts M-y, ' nl I ' .W um.: N.,,,by wlngmsam M..,:f,l'5L:l1-rfh.ll. E.-,..,,, Mm, ' ' l:l'mS Penn, Walter. Pu' 'mer' 0 et Row four: Shur A2175 Sheetl, Hufold. Orson, Chuterg Saxton F Row five: Watkinl, J 'F Tabla, Frank: Tsgmm I olm, Woluler, Huoldg Yotlilgvgglmi ' Irfan. 133 Two well-organized groups on The UniversiTy campus which did Themselves proud during This Diamond Jubilee year were The l.lniversiTy marching and concerT band and The UniversiTy symphony orchesTra. Any TuncTion oT The school. no maTTer where iT is, will always be assisTed by The excellenT music oi eiTher The band or The orchesTra. Durin The Tall quarTer The TiTTy-piece marchin bang in Their gay red and gold uniTorms wiThClarge gold brai s drap- ing Trom shoulder To shoulder on each player, sTruT Their sTuTl aT each TooTball game. down- Town parade, and sTudenT rally. DiThculT Tor- maTions are execuTed by The marching band, and aT nighT Time each man is idenTiTied by a small lighT aTTached To his cap. CompleTe insTrumenTalizaTion oT The concerT bancl includes sixTy-Tour pieces and is one oT The mosT well-balanced bands in The Rocky MounTain region. Their public appearances include a public concerT in The UniversiTy' chapel and a radio program over sTaTion KOA during each quarTer. Composed of over seventy members, the University sym- phony orchestra performed at numerous school activities and was well attended in all special concerts. During fall quarler 'rhe annual clinic of lhe Colorado lns'rrumen+al Direclors' Associalion was held in Denver al The ci'ry audirorium on Friday and Salurday, December second-and rhird. This clinic was held lo assisl in lhe selec- 'rion of 'rhe required numbers for lhe spring compefilion fesrivals of all high-school bands in Colorado. For +he playing of 'rhese pieces. lhe Universily of Denver band and orcheslra were chosen, and each organizalion acquilled irself in a hi hly credifable manner. They played aroundqlive hours each da , and during l'he lime played more rhan fiily numbers. eilher wholly or in perl. The annual lnlercollegiale meer of selecled members from bands of every school of higher' educaiion in Colorado and Wyoming was again held lhis ear. Concerls are played al' diliferenl' schools in 'rhe region by lhis band. which lolals over one hundred members. Sevenly members compose 'rhe Universily symphony orcheslra, which is full inslrumenlal- izalion and has all seclions well balanced. Con- cer'r appearances of 'rhis group included a pub- lic concer'l', a radio program and an assembly program in each of 'rhe winler and spring quar- 'rers. The Universi+y s+ring +rio, composed of lvlollay Miller, violin: Horace Gaims, cello: and Roberr Buell. piano, made numerous appear- ances during 'rhe year before luncheon clubs, school groups, and many olher funclions, build- ing for 'rhemselves a commendable repulalion and a considerable following. A slring quarrel' also played a+ many Universily funclions. Ce elfefzfzf JZ? W6 Y fzffffffxr., ' Jf'7'fT'z foljgf -A . P+ bf-fwf " ' 3' 1 M J' .1'1.'..n 1-..'j"lQry , 'gl--1131 Lvl, A X if-4',,'f A h ,J t MG. 'W .- sing to the tune o ftlzeS tar Spa ngled Banner is 8 :turn H' ' JW., ELEM 4. I 1 A." Y ng occ uion nl' every I ootball game- orge Nealzr, drum major, was deft at wielding the baton. . and Horace utstanding ltr' nk qllertet, eo . Jael: Bradle Horace Cai ill Above: Mollay Miller, Robert Buell Clilm composed an 0 Below: The :tri Miller mg trio. mpocetl of Mollay y, Robert Bundgaaz-:L and ma, was the equal of any string gro the country. UP CD1 amd vi?- n Ban Camvfo an ,A 5 , ,il H U r F 'cf' ' lliifg ., ,hx , X' I-fy 3,715 ,af 'f A+' 'ff 1, P ' Zfgf, ' 44 0241" 7 fl ivi:::64v,mcz'. If 1 ,f 7 uuu5,,:u,, .:,n! yy . y X 2 V40 , Wg N10 y X 'iiiiflyfflf Nu- , I::::g!i! WX' QQ MU' ion Robin J amei Neko!! 509 "Pride and Prejudice." by Helen Jerome. a cosiume comedy of English family life, was presenied under The direciion of Campion Bell. November I6 'ro l9. Ouislanding performances were given by Bill Scoii as +he long-suffering husband, Georg- ene Michael as his idio'ric march-making wife. Charloile Godsman as +he swee+ young Jrhing, Lenore Geller as 'rhe girl who valued brain above heart Shirley GarleH as 'rhe adolesceni our hunling for her firsi romance. Roberl Mead as young money-bags, Kyle Packer as 'rhe romaniic ideal, and Murray Smiih as The hypocrife. Supporiing players included Elven Sinnard, Gail Melniclc, Caroline Ma++ern, Frances Usher. Lee Doud. Jane Walfers, Carol l-lu+ch- ins. James Nelson. Calvin Kunz. Dorofhea Toedfer. Mildred Kennedy. Roberl' Robbins, Kay Barne++, May McCance. Evelyn Smifh, Frances Plunlce+'r. and Elliol' Harlow. Ligh+ing for 'rhe produciion, as for all o+her plays. was handled by James Nelson, who, 'ro ge+ special effecfs, made all spoilighfs in his own workshop. 136 ..- Hmt'l1umi:wAm'.:lr:.ui,u,.:s1 ., f .51 'Lm'iin-.': "Pe+rified Fores+," by Roberi Sherwood, a melodrama of gangdom's invasion of ihe mod- ern Wesi, drew crowds io ihe campus iheaier February 9 io I I. Carol l-Iuichins. in ihe bes'r role of her ca- reer, porirayed ihe diiliculi "Gabby" with disiinciion. The Jrhree principal male roles were enacted by Leo Bridges, Roberi Mead, and Calvin Kunz. who became, respeciively. a 'rhiclc-headed ex-fullback, a disillusioned genius. and a ruihless lciller. Mary Murphy as Paula, ihe 'rerriiied Mexican cools. and Murray Smiih as ihe exciiemenr-hungry old pioneer, were also convincing characiers. For lesser paris Direcior Campion Bell chose Clinion Thelander, Roberi Robbins, l-lerberi Perry. Elven Sinnarcl, Roberi I-laines, Mildred Johnson, Joe Vleclc, Frank Washburn, Wayne Welch, Al Croiinger, Rollie Brink. Jess Gern, Ed Omohundro, and Donald Mcllroy. Aside from +he aciing. speciaiors remarked aboui the eiieciiveness of ihe seiiing. For all plays in ihe I938-I939 series, seis were pro- duced by Dave Phillips. Upper left: Wallace Blalse was perfectly cast in his part of the "Shadow Play" of "Tonight at Eight-Thirty." Upper center: Harold McCormick and .lane Walters go into their dance. Upper right: Before the play prepara- tions. Center left: Calvin Kunz, as the ruthless killer in "Petrified Forest" is left to ponder over his life. Lower left: William Scott portrayed the stern old man in "Pride and Prejudice." Lower right: A tender scene in the "Shadow Play." 5 csnhe""ea bv udv nv' , An eve' ?'.f.i.'31f-""2fi'2il1iiW :lille Boufghs 'tc nkelt. LeGexXeh Mui' France' Yr, Lands Pwnketh an yreiu' at auxin: Ffalxi- 'Yria' an Go 5 . h a i Sm" ' 'ay I9 634'-9' "Tonighl al Eighl-Thirly." by Noel Coward. presenled March 9 lo I I under lhe direclion ol Marion Robinson. was lhe year's mosl suc- cesslul produclion. Dillerenl colored papers in lhe programs sel lhe mood lor each ol lhe lhree plays. "Fumed Oak" was an unpleasanl comedy ol a man who lired ol his nagging wile. inlerler- ing molher-in-law, and ugly daughler. David Phillips, Marshe Axler. Evelyn Perry. and Mary Williams shared equal honors. "Hands Across lhe Sea," a larce on bad manners, allracled lavorable allenlion lrom lhe rise ol lhe curlain when lhe audience ap- plauded lhe arlislic selling. Lenore Geller gave lhe besl performance ol lhe season as a gushing sociely malron. Belly Timm. Ed Omo- hundro, Berlil Anderson. Perrie Lilley. Carroll Galbrealh. Don Mcllroy. Gerlrucle Slein- hardl. and Rollie Brink lenl lheir lalenls also. "Shadow Play" was lhe lirsl musical al- lempled lo dale by lhe Drama Club. Wallace Blake. Helen Marie Briscoe, Harold McCor- mick. and Jane Wallers sang and danced lheir way lhrough a myriad ol colored lighls and . HPe1' pe! ln 1. k'n5 'ce xhfe' tube l"iiathiirf': Cai Kilxzvolnt oi- On' 0 Forest! "' 0,9 al 5 ,fuse .-mea h whole if , -e"""' aged? in held Y fmle changing sels. wilh help lrom Joe Alice Haigh. Gwendolyn Cline. Rollie Brink. Don Mcllroy. and 'Irving Linkow. "Shining Towers." by Lewis Kornleld, Jr.. a pageanl celebraling lhe Diamond Jubilee ol lhe Universily ol Denver. was presenled in Chapel March I. Roberl Mead's Abraham Lincoln was lhe mosl memorable ol lhe characlerizalions. Olher major players were Edward Brady as lhe narralor. Murray Smilh as John Evans. Bill Bal- lard as Chancellor Moore. Don Weber as Chancellor McDowell, Ellioll Harlow as Chan- cellor Buchlel, Jacques Abels as J. K. Mullen. Don Garrell as Chancellor Hunler. and Joe Vleck as Arlhur Schwarlz. "Spring Dance." by Philip Barry. a comedy. was chosen as lhe Senior class play. Direclor Camplon Bell casl Wiles Hallock as lhe Lippin- col. Rollie Brink as John Hallon. Lois Miller as Alex Benson. and Kyle Packer as Sam Thalcher. Supporling players included Herman Walers Don Weber. Beulah Gulherie. Rulh Reed Louise Bohmer. Carroll Galbrealh. Belly No- lheis. Selma Morris. and Helen Monismilh. -J.. L iii 3727 . ,L .,...s, final ull Expanding year by year in bolh quaniily and qualily of vocalisls, Jrhe Universiiy Chorus is more and more proving ils worlh on lhe cam- pus as a valuable exira-curricular aclivily for lhe sluclenls. lis consianl growlrh can be crediled lo ils compeieni and ever-progressive clireclor, For- resl Fishel, whom lhe Universily is proud +o have for fhe guidance of such an organiza+ion. This year's Diamond Jubilee Chorus pre- senled a program each quarier in lhe chapel assembly period, which was open lo lhe public, and also gave a quarlerly conlrribulion al' lhe Universily of Denver radio hour over slrafion KOA. The disconlinuance of lhe operelia lwo years ago made way for a combinalion orches- J halos? 1i?3,,sPf zir rmlfiria ,cfklx I ,QQ Ky? -1TfQi'X?pg! ,fig Q2 f X -3' cg N, Ng 00 nfl dxf X l X Fon esfFishe1 X fy ra fi i l ex. I RW lynx... M fra and chorus program, which was given in Jrhe spring guarier for siudenls and lhe general public. Recognilion of solo voices has been a ighlighi of lhe chorus each year. The Diamond Jubilee University Chorus 139 ewes gl Kenneth Cha Lee Richardson Hugo Eskildson Robert Morris James Needham John Auston stiafwen The Diamond Jubilee celebrafion af 'rhe Universify of Denver was marked by a highly successful program in fhe field of forensics. Oufsfanding has been fhe rapid expansion and increasing imporfance of fhe Speech Bu- reau. Through fhis bureau, Universify of Den- ver speakers were given over 250 chances of appearing before audiences, applying fheir knowledge, and serving The communify fhrough fhe many assignmenfs which were accepfed and complefed. This bureau achieves a fwo- fold aim: if gives 'rhe speaker a chance fo ap- pear in and adiusf fo real audience sifuafions: and if serves fhe communify by bringing fo if qualified speakers fo discuss fimely subiecfs. The ofher main acfivify of 'rhe deparfmenf has been fhe sending of speakers fo various parfs of fhe counfry fo represenf 'rhe Univer- sify af speech conferences. Q Zzmcmcz' game 140 141 Speech espirants take a tent from the audeometer, 'one of the many instruments owned 'by the speech department for the development of the student'a oral faculties. Six maior irips have been carried 'rhrough by +he speakers. They have been 'ro Sea++le. Washingfon: 'rwice To Laramie, Wyoming: To- peka, Kansas: I-las+ings, Nebraska: and Iowa Cify, Iowa. By means of 'rhese +rips, ihe fame of ihe Universiiy has become a by-word in +he speech cenlers of 'rhe naiion. Oiher ac+ivi'ries indulged in have been 'rhe iniramural progres- sion, 1'he Rocky Mouniain Speech Conference. ihe iniramural deba're 'rournament and +he meeiing of visiiing Jreams from oiher colleges. All in ali, 'rhe Universiiy of Denver can be proud of Dr. Elwood Murray, Kennelh Chris- Jriansen, gradua+e manager: and Wal+er Ballou. siudeni direcior, for direciing lhe ouisianding speech year in The hisiory of +he school. Jftzeecfz i Paul Hentzell Louise Bohmer gn John Yoklavich Bill Williams Ruth Rose Walter Ballou fig., and we Kaz? Above: "Old-fashioned" students collected in groups on Pioneer Day to eat their box lunches and to read about the three D. U- frelhmen who captured two pl- rolled killers in the act of robbing them and their girl friends. Be- low: One of the unique floats in the Homecoming parade. Wcmeefz CDW 142 Wilh lndian summer heavy over The Univer- sily of Denver, lhe Diamond Jubilee Home- coming and Pioneer Day held sway Oclober I4 and I5. Coslumed pioneers by +he hundreds marched in Chapel, while Doc I-ly's band cried "She Ain'+ Whal She Used lo Be" and fraler- nify boys shol al 'rhe liglifs. There was a chuclc wagon dinner, a parade downlown, an alumni rally, and a bonfire. Ufah Slale losi lo Denver 7-O in The loolball game. and a gala viclory dance wound up The leslivilies. Sigma Alpha Epsilon lrapped Jrhe award for Jrhe besl decorared frarerniry house, while Kappa Della called +he winner among sorori- lies. Pi Kappa Alpha was Told +ha'r il had lhe besl lralernily lloal, and Thela Phi Alpha rolled lo viclory among lhe sororily lloals. Chappell school crushed all compelilors in lhe conresl for The besl deparrmenral float Eileen Bowman, Barbara Willing, and Elmira Ellior had lhe lirsl, second, and lhird mosl favored buslles among Jrhe coslumed women, while Don Duncan and Sam Dallison. 'rwo men on a landem, rode away wilh lop honors among lhe men. Wallace Blake snapped lhe second prize, and John Dee galloped oil wilh 'rhird place. Lef Hundreds gathered on the beautiful Denver campus to l . L l lui H1 th box lunches. Eelowf - Dnuucnrn and Dalilisou-ran I - Ae A NWN -A ' A 4'-:dent Union to "coke" during other at the Union riod. Crowds g time ten o'ciock pe " are the passwords to "1 piay contract bridge the lounge of the Student Union. 'ki The toil of Oil Main beii brings the to the Union steps. Student Cllmcm Jfctwitieb. 144 i A i ff? of 1-if f f .f',,-"","' ,,.-ff" ,,...--"",.-v the Unionites luppiied Luke Terry and Joe Lucas keep ' ' d f fountain drink they desire. with any kin o Dancing to the nickeiodeon can always be done during the week on the exceiient dance livieet you at the Stu. U." isdprobabiy ons ot the npxostucornmon an most weicome hrases hear b the stu ents on t e niversit . Campus, tor these tgw words mean tin and trivoiity tor a iittie reiaxdl- neo' of the Swami Umm' tion at oid Carnegie idaii. it was in i934 that the inter-Schooi Coun- cii worked night and day to get some sort ot piace on the campus at which Pioneers couid go to dance, eat, piay cards, or drink sodas with their tavorite sidekick. Today the Student Union has become an estabiished institution. in the basement ot the Union are booths where triends gather in smaii groups, usuaity according to traternity attiiiations, to "coke" and dance to the nickeiodeon. Fountain boys are f' aiways on hand to satistv the whims ot their customers, and to mix , if Q f , f anything in the books. Dick Orange, the campus president, has his 1 I pf ff ,X ottice downstairs, and adioining this are rooms tor iuncheons. ping- -fi f . X ' ff if' :X . .ff f Rf i 'rf . pong, and a powder putt room tor the best giri to spruce up tor the . , f 44 W best boy triend. The upstairs is turned over to iounging in iarge ,Q fi A 'VW couches and overstutted chairs, to piaying cards. or to dancing. At ' --f gin., ,,y. EX'3- the head ot the Student Union, being the purchasing agent and gen- gt k ia' i V' erai manager, Charies Herzog, graduate manager ot student attairs, i- vi f ' keeps the Union in condition and attempts to make ends meet. As ,,,' ,Swv , his geniai assistant, "Ma" Greenaway, the Student Union hostess. ' . Z presides over ati and sees that everything goes right. Frequent iit- - ' " neys are heid tor ati iitterbugs. and during the Diamond Jubiiee Year A I Q "0 li S d ces such as the Pioneer Day dance, Fiunkers' Froiic, Sweet- f ' ii many an heart dance, and Frosh-Soph hop were e . JQUJE Q mme x 4 Q X Q5fiB7jxXxxXXLl4kP1xx q X M X xnxx XXXXXQ7 v-sk ffl! ? X X A 4 fx Q X A QP x 'G' i In 1 X U I' 'X7 V 4X I U ij xxxixfc peg hlxlxx Xxx XX-XIX Xxx-X o A zzz f- V A 1 xi as - 'iff A' ' lllhlllfff 0541 I Ile X x 53" Ulf" M 7' X ,X XXXX-xxkxk xxxixxzsvxj- XXX Q N s ,f I X, y I I . 2 f f , 19 f 1- u f If '23 A f 5. I? . 5 -20 XZ X If ,. -L 1 Q 'ED X ff ,K NX, N X Q' C mf x 5 Q 1 N I ,pf F 1 f QMJU 5 xx-2 x M 'x 5 I f HEX, xx x-,-4. f ffqllmx W W N XXX xg ' J .4 ,4 .4 .1 ., 'G - xo' ,vp N 4 -G HI-3' qv' "I, fx Jnle4faaleanzQ gonna! Local Fra+erni+y Presidenfs' Organizafion My 5 V 'J- Wy--'Hi"15 , fl. A M 141- L," .- .via V ,, 3' 4' ..., 1. . ,Alt , 1. I . H .M I-.41 3 ,VA -, Q., Q- .. A.. A W4 f:- . , , ., ,.'M, .v. 1 1 fw .VJ V ,Mu 1 L ' 5:1457 4, KX W .4-wi, . W, ,L .v gm . , , V. " ' v , y, .v 'M x ',v.b' m xl L Ya Berenbex n Dougtaf' Leona- Dunca enneth uw' 111-e K Yaux Hen K T if ov- "uv Lew is 15-orilfexa uh'- LJ, Q U Carl Barnhart lm I T C 1" Forrest Mehlmann Robert Post Howard Suskin fnfeMoafeznzQ gonna! OFFICERS Presidenf ........ ....................... .......,.. C a rI Barnharf Secrefary ....... ....... F orresf Mehlmann MEMBERS BETA TI-IETA PIN. .4......... ...,....,,.......,..... ........... C a Ivin Kunz KAPPA SIGMA .......... ,...,. ........ C as rl Barnharf LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ...,..... PI-II SIGMA DELTA, PI KAPPA ALPI-IA. .,...,,..... . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ........ SIGMA PHI EPSILON ..... ..... TAU EPSILGN PHI .....,...... EX-OFFICIO ........... 4 ......,..,.PauI Henfzell Leonard Berenbeim ....,.DougIas Duncan .......RcberI Post .......Forres+ Mehlmann ,.......I-Ioward Suskin ,. ..,.. Kennefh Harnmill Lewis Kornfeld 149 Row one: Bohmer, Cantrell, Collett,Dnvielr Row two: Denton, Donovan, EngIand,Gariham ' Row three: Geller, Ginsburg, Goodrich, -l0lllll0l'la B-i Row four: Johnson, W., Marquess, Netherton L., Nether-ton M., Row five: Nieclrach, Notheis, McMillen, Pll'M'liC0v Row six: Pettit, Spallone, Stevenson, Swenson, Row seven: Uchill, Wolbert. gaewkelknzb fauna! Naiionai Panhellenic Socieiy OFFICERS Presideni ................ ............................... B eify Nofheis Vice presidenf ........., ........ J ane Paradice Secreiary ,.A........ .A..... S Iiirley McMiIIen Treasurer ..... ,....,... ,......... ...A... ,...,.... . R o s emary CoIIeH WITHOUT PICTURE Horner MEMBERS ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ......... Beify Noiheis ALPHA XI DELTA .,.......A,,,........ Mildred Marquess .Louise Bohmer Frances Davies DELTA PHI EPSILON .......,.....,.. Lenore Geller DELTA ZETA ,,.........,...., GAMMA PHI BETA ...,,.........,... IOTA ALPHA PI ...,.,.... KAPPA DELTA ,... ...... PHI CHI THETA ........,, Charioife Ginsburg Elaine Donovan Wanda Johnson .Jane Paradice Louise Neiherion .Hilda UcI1iII Rosemary Coliefi Doroihy England Rufh Swanson Beairice Horner PHI GAMMA NU ....,... .......,... B efiy Johnson PI BETA PHI .......,.. SIGMA KAPPA .....,... THETA PHI ALPHA ...., Jean Garihan ...........ShirIey McMiIIen Eileen Pefiii .,.........DoroI'I1y Deaion THETA UPSILON ......... .....,,,.. STRAY GREEKS .,....... Elizabeih Niedrach Doroihy Spallone Virginia Woiberf Dorofhy Goodrich Vera Ruih Sfevenson Helen Canirell Mary Nefherfon umbe ganhelknk gozmczl Subsidiary io Campus Panhellenic Sociefy OFFICERS Presideni 4A,,.,,,, ,,,.,,.,,,4..................... J ane Paradice Secrofary ......... ......, B everly Jackson l WITHOUT PICTURE Sfanfield MEMBERS ALPHA GAMMA DELTA... Rufh Mclniosh Marylouise Hall ALPHA Xl DELTA, ..,...,., ..... B eafrice Noble DELTA PHI EPSILON .......... DELTA ZETA ,,..., . ,... . .,.,...... , Margarei Ellis Tybe Solomon Phyllis Bernsfein Naoma Noel Geraldine Shearer GAMMA PHI BETA ..,......,.., Marion Bowyer KAPPA DELTA .,,..,,.,.. .,.,... PI BETA PHI .........., SIGMA KAPPA ,.., .... THETA PHI ALPHA THETA UPSILON ..... Jacqueline Wright Beverly Jackson Barbara Lininger Mary Lou Sfanfield Marion Held .. .,........ Charlolie Joyce Jean Basford Irene McMahon Mary Aileen Murphy Anila Knemeyer Mary Calhryne Wilson Row one: Buford, Bernstein, Bowyer, I Row two: Ellis, Hall, Held, Row three: Jackson, Joyce, Knemeyer, Row four: Lininger, Mclntolh, McMa- hon, Row five: Murphy, Noble, Noel, Row six: Shearer, Solomon, Row seven: Wilson, Wright. mv- u CTI 1 ,q-Rv , . . ,-fo-P Y" T' A T7 Y' pt' ' P , six.. V A v J' " 1 mf .QA - 1' Lib 3 ,V 'Q A 6- ,gf .75 7' ,,s.- f C if Row one: Allen, Aylor, Baer, Bates, Benson, Bridgewater, Caclle, Carney, Row two: Chase, Christian, Cline, Dinsmore, Dormann, Duboff, Falligan, Foss, Row three: Gilbert, Gore, Hall, Hnrter, Holroyd, Hopkins B., Hopkins V., Hopper, Row four: Horr, Johnson E., .lohnson M., Jones. VJ. 'A -L... Mkt! gdfnfnldl 9960 Founded Syracuse Universily I904 Epsilon Gamma chapler inslalled l928 Presudenl ................ Vice presidenl ........,. Secrolary ..,.,...... Treasurer .....,.. Seniors Bales, Belly Carney, Thelma Hopkins, Barbara Horr, Belly Jones, Elizabelh Mahoney, Eleanor Nolheis, Belly Olson, Inga Palmer, Maxine Wallace, Donna Wergin, Phyllis Juniors Aylor, Charline Dees, Marion Dormann, Marie Foss, Virginia Gilberl, Emmorelle Kirk, Theresa Michael, Georqene Norlh, Helen Onslad, Shirley Ralclill, Jeanne Sludebaker, Madeline While, Ellenor Sophomores Baer, Charline Cadle. Ella Mae Duboll, Florence Falligan, Belle if it r ' f .ev ov rf sl. JA OFFICERS ..,Elizabelh Jones .......Georgene Michael ............,...,lnga Olson .........Marie Dormann MEMBERS Holroyd, Helen Johnson, Mildred Lehl, Jean Marquess, Mildred Nelson, Vera Shannon, Barbara Smilh, Jeanne Spaulding, Marcia Swayze, Muriel Wurlz, Annabelle Freshmen Allen, Marion Benson, Mariorie Bridgewaler, Eileen Chase, Alpha Chrislian, Eileen Cline, Lucy Dinsmore, Lorraine Gore, Shirley Hall, Marilouise Harler, Dorolhy Hopkins, Virginia Hopper, Belly Johnson, Eslelle Lavely, Maxine Mclnlosh, Rulh Nielsen, Bonnie Mae Phillips, Belly Pullz, Eslelene Rulh, Nancy Ann Slrong, Dorolhea While, Mildred , 'ii V . . 'L F is Q n ,,,. , '1c:'4v 1- pac.. if ic if Wg, 41- Row one: Lavely, Lehl, Mclntosh, Row two: Mahoney, Marquess, Michael, Row three: Nielsen, North, Notheis, Row four: Olson, Onstad, Palmer, Row five: Phillips, Pultz, Ratcliff, Row six: Ruth, Shannon, Spaulding, Row seven: Swnyze, Wallace, Wergin, Row eight: 'White E., White M., Wurlz. X V w. ' .5 'NN-' Q .g ' ,, 'Y' ,'4f't'-Q1-' VLH f ""' +03 :ls n, ' A. 'T' , "' . -- in-1 -- '-14' ' 'L ' . ff --1,1 ' ME Q fg i r , 'ififsri . , Row one: Bacon, Beattie, Bell, Blomberg, Buckley, Cahoon, Chandler, Christensen, Row two: Cliff, Collins, Cook, Curtis, DeRose, Ebert, Epping, Eslcildson, Row three: Fagin, Foster, Frick, Gates, Ginn, Haigh, Ham, Howland, Row four: Huskinson, Johnson, Karter, Kettler. a Jifryaha Qi Founded New York Universiiy I904 Bera chapier insrallecl I9I0 Afwrzrfeh, ,Qi , Q ,Q ,N A VFFQQ 'an OFFICERS President .............. ....................... ........ W i lliam Howland Vice presideni ......... ......... J ames Needham Secretary .............. ........ A lberf Weimer Treasurer ,,,,,,.,,,, .......... C laire Buckley MEMBERS Seniors Bacon, Bill Bell, Fred DeRose, Thomas Howland. William Johnson, Norman Karier, Rollins Kettler. Jacob Neumann, Ed Schumann. Herbert Silclcens, Maurice Weimer, Albert Young. Edward Juniors Beaifie, Ed Blomberg. Clement Buckley, Claire Cahodn, Lysle Cook. Warren Chandler, Harry Christensen. Harry Eberf, William Eslcildson, Hugo Epping, Tony Haigh, Garlh Ham. John Huskinson. Charles Knight, Foresf Lenicheck. Herbert Lininger, Virgil Needham. James Olinger. Gordon Rising, Allen Roberts, Floyd Scoff, Harold Turtle. Jack Yoclzey, William Sophomores CUFF, Harold Curtis, Schuyler Friclc, Roberf Ginn. Ralph Goodale. Fred Lamb, Bob Lesier, Bob Miller, Dan Minlener, Royce Oliver, Bob Redd. Ershel Spear, Norman Uhriclc, George Wafa, Paul Freshmen Andrisf, George Collins. Clem Fegin, Grey Foster, John Gaies, Robert Gildea, John McCall, John Mahr, Orville Sawyer, Harold Scolf, Vernon Stephens. Homer Templeton. Floyd Theander. Harry Tinsley, Harry Row one: Leniehecls, Lininger, Mehr, Row two: Miller, Needham, Neumann, Row three: Oliver, Roberta, Sawyer, Row four: Schumann, Scott H., Scott V., Row five: Siklcens, Spear, Templeton, Row six: Theander, Tinsley, Turtle, Row seven: Uhriclc, Wata, Weimer, Row eight: Yoclcey, Young. 5.1- Row one Baldwin, Barrett, Benton, u , y , , , Row two Cox, Davies, Dolha, Dowling, Ellu, Elson, Row three: Epperaon, Gow, Hartman, Hollingsworth, Hubkey, Jennings, if--I Q :Q ' 'gzftf .f-yy, 4345 ll W! Mba Z' Qeffa ' -J.. ,., w Founded Lombard College I893 ,f 'F Alpha Psi chapfer insialled I902 fi 4 1 OFFICERS "N " 4 lf- Presidenf ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,..,A,,,,........,,,. .....,... B e rnice Slwellon . . Vice pregidenf ,,,,, N .................... Elsie Dollis I Secrelary ......... ........ C arrie Grace Elson Treasurer .,..., ......... M ary Harlman Seniors Barrell, Muriel Bidwell, Rufh Bolwmer, Louise Bryce, Dorofhy Dollis, Elsie Dowling, Helen Elson, Carrie Grace Jennings, Dolores Jones, Dorolhy Lois Keni, Margarel Mabie, Crefa Slnellon, Bernice Sloal, Rulh Anne Slewa rl, Margarel Anne Trevorrow, Jean Juniors Benfon. Margaret Carlson, Edifh Louise Harfman, Mary Pennell, Rulh Rishel, Margueriie Rellig, Evelyn Spidell, Mildred Sophomores Baldwin, Adelaide Calkins, Mary Jean Carroll, Jean Yvonne Cox, Cecil Davies, Frances Epperson, June Leach, Margaref Marelius, Esfher Musselman, Eleanor Freshmen Ellis, Margaref Gow, Belly Hollingsworlh, Ruth Hublcey, Alberla Love, Elizabeih Noble, Beafripe 'We lx .7 . at ,js t ft , Row one: Marelius, Msxuelman, Row two: Noble, Pennell, Row three: Rettig, Rinhel, Row four: Shelton, Sloat, Row five: Spidell, Trevorrow. ""'7ff 0- fun Row one: Adamson, Agnew, Ballard, Bartholmew, Blake, Cedarblade, Row two: Corlew, Cormack, Dunnklee, Goodlett, Haines, Howes, Row three: Jones, Kellogg, King, Koskoff. A , A - , . X f ' N gala fmefa QW' Founded Miami Universily l839 Alpha Zera chapfer inslalled l862 Presidenl ............. Vice president ........ Secrefary ...,......... Treasurer ...... Seniors Adamson, Charles Lucas, Joseph Milchell, Ernesf Nelson, James Taylor, Neill Timm, Paul Juniors Blalre, Wallace Cormaclc, William Dunlclee, George Goodleff, John King, Roberf Kunz. Calyin McCormick, Harold McManus. John Mead, Robert Naylor, Roberl O'Meara, Alfred Small, Roberf Slewarl, Roberl' Sweeney, James Tierney, Thomas Williams, Roger Williams, Terrence Sophomore: Ballard, William Bartholomew, Robert 159 OFFICERS Rolaerl' Mead ..........Joseph Lucas .........George Dunlclee .........James Nelson MEMBERS Cedarblade, Jaclr Haines, Roberf Kellogg, Daniel Koskoff, Stanley Kunz, Donald Montgomery, Joseph Munroe, Herbert Scolf, Frank Thelander, Clinlon Thompson, Franl: Tibbells, Donald Twombly, George Upfon, Ernesl Freshmen Agnew, Harold Blackman, Robert Corlew, William Hopper, William Howes, George Jones, William Meyer, Elwood Myers, Whifford Rees, Worth Tilly, James Wallace, Roberl Weber, Claude Young, Hersey Row one: Kunz, Lucas, McCormick, Row two: McManus, Mead, Meyer, Row three: Mitchell, Montgomery, Munroe, Row four: Naylor, Nelson, O'Meara, Row five: Reel, Scott, Stewart, Row six: Taylor, Thelander, Tilly, Row seven: Timm, Twombly, Upton, Row eight: Wallace, Weber, Young. Nr 95 ,i C' -ov A- to ,wa QU' . 3324, V MQ af, ,Q 'S' t,.- . 9 H 'fi' c if B? AW, In .,,, "'v..'? xv 'af Q gg ' 1-an I Sr' Row one: Barnett, Bernstein, Fried, Garlett, Geller, Ginsburg, Row two: Goldberg B., Goldberg E., Golin, Greenburg, Kaye, Levine, Row three: Lustig, Mann, Mathleu, Melniclc, Miller, Morris. is 5 fn- A N Q, ,- nv- Q,-v 10' Qelfa gba' Cgbhozkn Founded New York Universiiy l9l7 A There chaprer inslallecl i926 Presrdenl ,....... ..... Vice presidenl ....,... Secrelary ,,,...... . Treasurer ..... Seniors Greenburg, Faye Miller, Zelda Morris, Selma Juniors Garlelf, Shirley Geller, Lenore Ginsburg, Charlolle Gliclc, Myra Goldberg, Bernice Mann. Rulh Belly Mariarn, Aileen Pringle, Sue Schwarlz, Miriam Wolfson, Pearl Sophomores Luslig, Florence Melniclc, Gail Rosenblum, Marlha . IPX lil af' '-, ., V ilAPL'Q, -F' 1 ' if v- OFFICERS ........Shirley Garleir Pringle ..........Rulh Belly Mann .............Myra Glicl: MEMBERS Schnilzer, Regina Schwarlz, Frances Shraiberg, Elhel Siclel, Louise Sobol, Maxine Spieglemcn, Shirley Freshmen Barnell, Eileen Bernsfein, Phylliss Coggan, Sara Fried, Rosalie Goldberg, Eleanor Golin. Belly Lou Kaye. June Levine. Dorofhy Malhless, Norma Pellish, Lelly Jane Schnilzer, Shirley Silverman, Elaine Solomon, Tybe Sleinberg, Bernacline '35- Row one: Pellish, Pringle, Row two: Schnitzer, Schwartz, Row three: Shraiberg, Silverman, Row four: Sobol, Solomon, Row five: Spiegleman, Steinberg. , ,l4R,n.. , l , Ye --Q L. -." 'we' 'lin .I in .i, 'aqui 'R X - V in 5 I G ' 55 .1 'Qsg'-WJ ll ' ' slag, ' I, ' Iv j' "df ' ,E Q 'gba N- 1 fr- F - me- M 8,1 9,53 mkf 'aw hi' 0 .,,' bA" Fl, ' Row one: Asbury, Beaty, Blagen, Buckbee, Colasacco, Cook, Covillo, Cramm, Row two: Deaner, Dolan, Eaton, Emdrizzi, Fay, Flint, Frazzini, Giesler, Row three: Goeritz, Hall, Krebs, Lewis, McGrath, Mannix, Mehlmann, Morey, Row four: Overhultl, Perry, Reagan, Ryan. 5 , Qeffa Qwyma 2' ri Founded New York Universiry i907 Alpha Nu chaprer insralled l925 af' .' ' Q V". OFFICERS Pregldenf ,,.xA4,A.4.4,,,,. ..,.x.. ,,,. ........... ........... W e l l merf Cramm Vice pre5ider1l ,,,,,,,,,,, ......... N eil Sunblade Secrerary .,.,,.........., ......,. K arl Mehlmann Treasurer ......... --.--.- R Obeff Wesley MEMBERS Seniors Buclcbee, Mordell Covillo, Vincenf Endrizzi, Arfhur Flinl, Kenneih Lewis, Glenn Rich. Elwin Ryan, Roberf Tilsley, Allan Thode. Jack Wilson. William Juniors Blagen, Paul Cramm, Wellmerf Deaner. Wilberf Eafon. William Fay. Jack Krebs, Alberf McGra+h. Arhol Morey, William Overhulis. Winsfon Perry, Edward Snively, Harvey Sunblade, Neil Wagner, Dan ,.. Wasley. Roberf Wiley. Barron Woodford, Jack Sophomores Healy, Edward Colasacco, John Coolc, Jack Dolan. Louis Fidler, Al Frazzini. Beri Goerifz, Fred Hall. Wayne Mehlmann. Karl Freshmen Asbury, Glenn Benneli, Dean Brown, Rodney Burns. Roloerf Giesler. Allen James. Volney Mannix, Frank Osman. Oliver Reagan. Duane Vanfossan. Logan Wood, Jack X 4 - .... ,fw- lb- F" 'Q-" flux ' ra ,r1v""l?- ,uf . Row one: Snively, Sunblade, Row two: Thode, Tileley, Row three: Vanfouan, Wagner, Row four: Wesley, Wiley, Row five: Wilson, Woodford. in GN'-. no. Row one: Buirgy, Dexter, Donovan, Ellwanger, Gevette, Haigh, Row two: Hyland, Johnson, Lee, McCullough, Noel, Oltrum, Row three: Pease, Perry, Pfleiderer. .. v.. NN 'ar' 0' Q-r aka 52la Founded Miami Universify l902 Rho chapier insrallecl I9I7 Presidenf .......,...... Vice presidenf .......,. Secrelary ........., Treasurer .....,.. Seniors Donovan, Elaine Ellwanger, Mary Hyland, Maxine Prisner, Sophie Reid. Rulh Juniors Haigh, Jo Alice Johnson, Wanda Lee, Clara Befh Melzdorff, Ann Pickens, Rosemary Ramsey, Morice Thorne, Josephine Whifmoyer. Marcella Wood, Esfher Jane OFFICERS .............Mary Ellwanger Marcella Whifmoyer ..............Morice Ramsey ..........Josephine Thorne MEMBERS Sophomores Buirgy, Mary Louise Osfrum, Marfha Perry. Rosamond Pfleiderer, Helen Shaffer, Ednamae Wales, Nadene Freshmen Baum, Norma Dexfer, Helen Frost Mary Cafheri Gavefie, Josephine T16 McCullough, Marguerife Noel. Naoma Pease, Belly Jane Shearer. Geraldine Fe. 'W af- " 5 l Row one: Pickens, Prisner, Row two: Ramsey, Reid, Row three: Shaffer, Shearer, Row four: Thorne, Wales, Row five: Whitmoyer, Wood 0' ' L i E is , 'pw no 15 1 r """w,.. 0- fm 1.3 I ll wr' f 'fv' A, " SR. nf A " iv- 7: -vs. 45" Row one: Addison H., Addison M., Allen, Austin, Beier, Benecleclc, Row two: Bowyer, Briggs, Brown, Bruclcman, Catlett, Colclren, Row three: Flynn, Hanigan, Hickok, Hicks, Howes. v-Sf" L Sgamfma 9565 gfela Founded Syracuse Universiiy I874 There chapier insialled I897 . s .-'fx-,P figs.: l 1 ffm' Presidenf .................. Vice presidenf .......... Secreiary .,......,. Treasurer ....... Seniors Addison, Horiense Addison, Mariorie Briggs, Peggy Hanigan, Shirley Henry, Doroihy Hiclcok, Jane Howes, Marie Owens. Billie Rasmussen, Belly Richards. Belly Seeley, Vesfa Juniors Ausfin, Mary Faye Brown, Anifa Calleif, Helen Flynn, Virginia Lilley, Perie Lininger. Helen May Mayer, Margaref Ann Paradice, Jane Turpin, Olive Weld, Marion Sophomores Benedeclc. Josephine Coldren, Mary Don 1 OFFICERS . ................,.. Peggy Briggs .........Margaref Ann Mayer .......Josephine Benedecl: ...............Marne Howes MEMBERS Mudgeii, Gwendolyn Mullare, Elizabeih Nefherion, Louise Robinson, Doroihy Ryan, Mary Dee Schnaclnenberg. Reiia Vossey, Vera Vincenf, Peggy Voighi, Shirley Freshmen Allen, Marfha Beier, Ruih Bowyer, Marian Bruclcman, Kaihleen Hari, Dorothy i-licks, Jane MacCarfney, Jane Moore, Ruih Morrissey, Mary Lou Myers, Charloffe Niles, Florence Rose, Belly Schoene, Audrey Mae Thompson, Jane Winchell, Elizabeih Wrighf. Jacquelyn 1 A an Row one: Lilley, Lininger, Mayer, Row two: Moore, Morrissey, Mudgett, Row three: Mulllre, Netlxerton, Niles, Row four: Owens, Paradiee, Richards, Row five: Robinson, Rose, Ryan, Row six: Schnackenberg, Schoene, Seeley, Row seven: Thompson, Turpin, Vessey, Row eight: Weld, Winchell, Wright. xx ,, , F .,. 1. Af ,1 .l t . A , ,, , a , 5' A 4 1 I 4 5. 6- 1 F ' 1 if Z' Q , , , lv , . A on 1 r ,., . 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Evelyn Kepharl, Floradeal Juniors Buiz. Mary Lou Cline, Gwendolyn Colleff, Rosemary Cook. Hilda Durell, Beffe England. Dorofhy Evans, Beify Frazier. Mary Galbreafh. Evelyn Houlr. Myrfle Jones, Earla Lee Mohr. Charlofie Morrison. Frances Nelson. Pauline Pelerson. Muriel Plunlceii, Frances Rhoads. Mary Elizabelh Shea. Frances Shalcelford. June Thompson, Rifa Van Hall, Rachel Wesferlcamp, Gladys Wollenweber. Clara Woodard. Mariorie Sophomores Avis. Emeline Comsfoclr. Yvonne Duncan. Marie Easierwood, Anne Gould. Doris Gromrn. Lois Lilley. Marion McCarihy. Befiy, Rollings. Virginia Schulfz. Jeaneife Smith, Barbara V Freshmen Baleni. Ella Ann Barneif, Kafherine Berg. Dorofhy Bixby, Jo Louise Bloom, Neva Jean Cizelc. Jeaneffe Diegel, Delphine Ealcer, Helen Evans. Doroihy Gregory, Virginia Heggem, Lillian Jackson, Beverly Johnsion. Doroihie Johnsfon. Gladys Kline. Jeaneiie Lewis. Mary Lininger. Barbara Long. Rulh Mclfelvey. Belly Manna. Marguerife Murray. Augusia Ringsfed, Kathryn Scarborough. Jean Schneider. Doris Schneider. Dorofhy Selig. Beify Taylor. Helen Truehearf. Eddie Jo Wilken. Jacqueline 6 , 6' T Row one: Lininger, Long, McCarthy, Row two: Manna, Mohr, Murray, Row three: Nelson, Peterson, Plunkett, Row four: Rhoads, Ringsted, Rollings, Row five: Scarborough, Schultz, Selig, Row six: Shea, Smith, Taylor, Row seven: Thompson, Trueheart, Van Hall, Row eight: Wilken, Wollenweher, Woodard. ggi , . v...,....f-W, 1 t f j-,:',f- . ,--V '! 6?Vgql .':fjt-of 'ful "Q ""' , rp i ', - sf Ur," D fl rf' 5' K Q' . K- 11 'L' ' . 'L Y Q' A P if ' W U 'lm . ' ' 1 iii. ' - ' 5 4:1194 . ' ,.,..,.. .- M P' QTL W "'12sI'1g. ' Q rf 'W C 9 ,. f-if fa Q ,, ,sq 3 .Q 'if Gv ' fe. V ' Q 'T' 4' 1 ,1 y 1 ' n A, f Row one: Anderson, Barnhart, Beier, Brawner, Brenimer J., Brenimer R., Capstick, Chapman, Row two: Clark, Cook, Desserich, Estey, Evans, French, Good, Gribben, Row three: Kuhlman, Lewis, Loftus, McCarthy, McCusker, McWilliams, Row four: Maclear, Maxwell, Morris. .. A n 5 was if Tix' , - y- f . 1712: ez ,Qyma K , 4 ' favs' Founded Universily of Virginia l869 . A Bela Omicron chapler insrallecl I896 -llq.: -. OFFICERS Presudenf ......,.,,,., .................,.... ......... C a rl Barnharf Vice presidenf ..... ,. ........ Durey Rancl: Secrelary ..,.....,.., .............. B ob Morris Treasurer ...... ........... R alph Gribben MEMBERS Seniors Barnharf, Carl Coolr, Slanlon Gribben, Ralph Loffus, Charles Thomas, Hugh Juniors Desserich, Roberf Douglas, Jay McCarfhy, Herberl McCusker, John Maxwell, George Woudenberg, John Sophomores Beier, Reber? Brawner, l-loyl' Capsficlr. Jack Chapman, Forrest Duncan, Mark Esfey. Harold Lewis, John McWilliams. Ed Morris, Roberf Ranck. Durey Shade, Harry Shanholfzer, Bob Woodworth, Bill Freshmen Anderson. William Brenimer. Jack Brenimer, Robert Clark, Sfuarf Evans, Charles French. Warren Gifford, Robert Good, Giiberl Kuhlman. James Maclear, Jack Norfon, Carl Parsons, Charles Riedel. Bill Sunday, Mark Woodworfh, Harold is 4' Q .f Y A . id' fa-Gt Row one: Norton, Parsons, Row two: Ranck, Riedel, Row three: Shade, Shanholtzer, Row four: Sunday, Thomas, Roy five: Woodworth, Woudenberg. 12 V' . Row one: Bopp, Braun, Bucklor, Buull, Chatlain, Clarke, Conine, Denton, Row two: Detrick J., Detricl: S., Dick, Eddy, Gern, Hallock, Row three: Hentzell, Holmberg, Kennelley, Knapp, Row four: Krier, Leonard, McNair, Morton. Qamlda ha' Founded Bosion Universify i909 Alpha-Pi Zefa chaprer installed l9I7 'ST OFFICERS President .............. ..............A,,..... ........ R u ssell Chaflam Vice presidenf ........ ..,..... R alph McNair Secrelary ..,......... ....... S herman Derrick Treasurer ....,.... ....... R oberi Buell MEMBERS Seniors Bopp, John Clarke, Roberf Challain, Russell Delrick, Sherman Hallock, Wiles Hallows, Myron Krier, Gerald McNair, Ralph Savage, Dwighf Tabb. Frank Tinsley, James Juniors Braun, Ferris Buell. Robert Eddy, Russell Henizell, Paul Knapp, Horace Pike, George Richardson. Lee Schulfz, Albert Tanquary, Thomas Sophomores Buckler, George Conine, Theodore Defrick, Jack Dick, Fredrick Holmberg, Dewey Kennelley. Frank Pring, Roy Freshmen Baker, Roy Deafon, Jack Gern, Jess Leonard, Albert Morgan, Bill Morfimer, Mori Morlon, Donald Robbins, Roberf Whifacre, Homer Row one: Pike, Pring, Row two: Richardson, Robbins, Row three: Savage, Schultz, Row four: Tabb, Tnnquary, Row five: Tinsley, Whitacre. 'Lf -nag, Qi-2 Y I M e :V Ag ' A . H AM ' . I, ifsnk, ' A rf' ' ' 1 ia. 'N ' 2..- nr. 41 4 lyc- rn. 'L ZXGQ vt.. YD' Row one: Covillo, Davenport, Davis, Dempster, Row two: Domenico, Epperson, Giesing, Gustafson. D Vw ghd' gk! Qzela Founded Colorado and New York I924 Coloredo Alpha chapler insfalled l924 I Presidenf .............,. Vice presidenl' ..,....., Secrefary ......,.... Treasurer ...,... Seniors Guslafson, Hilda Gwinn, Gwendolyn Jones, Dorofhy Nelson, Theone Swanson, Rulh Juniors Domenico, Geraldine Horne, Thelma Reid, Mary Ellen Sophomores Clarlc, Alice Covillo, Eileen Davenport Isabelle Epperson, June Giesing, Lorraine Horner, Bealrice x J OFFICERS MEMBERS ,.......,Theone Nelson Swanson Geraldine Domenico .................Doro+hy Jones Lamberlon. Belly Lindsey, Nadine McDanal, Efhel Mclfibben, Mildred Mueller, Josephine Onsfoll, Esfher Phillips, Charlyne Sager, Jean Freshmen Davis, Florence Dempsfer, Maxine Fredian, L-:Verne Hanson, Lillian Hohiman, Mable Householder. Mae Phillips, Palricia Sager, Efhel Villano. Berfha if Q1 1 'Du N' 'gr 9. v N r 'rw in lg.- 'CS' Row one: Gwinn, Horne, Row two: Jones, McDanal, Row three: McKibben, Nelson, Row four: Onstott, Sager E., Row Eve: Sager J., Swanson. Row one: Alley, Austin, Billing, Bishop, Bradley, Buchanan, Carothers, Carroll, Row two: Dean, Dixon, Domer, Evans, Gallagher, Garihsn J., Row three: Garihan N., Goshen, Hanigan, Harris, Row four: Harvey, Helphinstine. gin' gammza ellie Founded Norihwesfern Universiiy i924 Gamma chapler inslalled i928 OFFICERS Presidenl .............., ..,.................. .......,........,. B e Hy Horr V'Ce Pre?-ldefli ,-'------- ...,.......... A gnes Needham Sec 9l'5'Y '----'----AA-- .......... J osephine Hoersch Treasurer .,,. ...,......... V irginia Marr MEMBERS Seniors Austin, Mary Faye Billing, Evelyne Carroll. Jean Evans, Beliy Gallagher, Helen Hanigan, Shirley Harvey, Evelyn Hoersch, Josephine Horr. Belly Kaufmann. Klara Kluver, Viola Larson, Eleanor McCona+y, Bellfy Stephens, lsobel Wislander, Gerirude Juniors Dixon, Dorolhy Domer, Naomi Garihan, Jean Goshen, Vera Mae Harris, Theda Johnson. Belly Marr, Virginia Needham, Agnes Seiben, Edna Jane Smith, Rachel Stoll, Virginia Weslerkamp, Gladys Sophomores Alley, Elaine Bradley. Pafricia Dean, Eileen Jobush, Rulh Leach, Margaref Pelerson, Gladys Pefli+, Eileen Rylander, Doroihy Siephens, Margery Urich, Mariorie Vincenl, Peggy Weimer, Erma Freshmen Bishop, Kalherine Buchanan, Phyllis Carofhers, Rulh Garihan, Nancy Gaiheridge. Florence Helphinsline, Rulh Hullinger, Mary Ellen Johnson, Patricia Kelly. Palricia Morrissey. Mary Lou Murnan, Maxine Needham, Lorean Rose. Anne Seelinger, Anna Lou Row one: Hoersch, Horr, Hullinger, Row two: Jobush, Johnson B., Johnson P. Row three: Kaufmann, Kelly, Larson, Row four: Leach, McConaty, Morrissey, Row Eve: Murnan, Peterson, Pettit, Row six: Rose, Rylander, Seelinger, Row seven: Smith, Stephens I., Stephens M , Row eight: Stoll, Weimer, Wislander. -----n Row one: Bank, Barenboim, Coggnn, Cohen, Row two: Gibbons, Goldberg, Heller, lnacman. ,WG- 9765 Qyynuz Qelfa Founded Columbia Universify I909 lo+a chapler inslalled I92O Presldenf ................. Vice presidenf ........ Secrelary .... . ..... Treasurer ...... Seniors Berenbeim, Leonard Coggan. Hyman Cohen. LeRoy Flax, Sranley Gilman. Harold Heller. Marvin Lusure, Earl Morris, Milfon Pepper, Marvin Speck, Meyer Yoelin, Eli Juniors Allman. Gerald Berenbaum, Joseph Frumess, Harry Gibbons, Leonard Guggenheim, Paul Hayufin, Irving Kerowslcy, Charles OFFICERS .. . . ....... ......... L eonard Berenbeim ..............EllioH Sobel .........Gene Werfhan .............Ben Fried MEMBERS Rosen. Max Sobol. Ellioff Sophomore: lsaacman. Edward Kalz, Sidney Lippur, Irving Linlcow, Edward Rudolph. Roberl Werfhan, Gene Freshmen Baer. Harvey Bank, Sidney Goldberg. Norman Kafz, Sfanley Levine. Gerald Levine, Irving Luiz, Irving Silverberg. Leonard Simon, Ralph - 'ln Row one: Kippur, Levine G., Row two: Levine I., Lutz, Row three: Morris, Pepper, Row four: Silverberg, Sobel, Row Eve: Speck, Wertlnn. 14, 1 'V ' ix ZW W ,gggjg . .is , U V ' s ..:,:"w,- my V , , f I ?,.fg:.'- Q A 1.53. , 1 3. f ,: .-sf, , bv: f 1 '11 " V5 , , 1 Q , 'lull 5. W, t 5 . 1 3 af" ' T tgp x - A if V 'ij ' F , if 6- N Row one: Babbitt, Barrett, Bell, Bowman, Braden, Brown, Burkart, Carothers, Row two: Crabtree, Craven, Danln, Davis, Dix, Doolittle, Elliott, Ellis, Row three: Espey, Forney, Hansen, Held, Howard, Johns, Kaps, Kern, Row four: King, Lee, Lucas, McCammon, McConaty, McLagen. f -uw 'Z' wah Who' Founded Monmouih College I867 Colorado Beia chapfer insralled I884 OFFICERS Presrdenf ................ ...................... ........ E i leen Bowman -' Vice president ,,,,A,,.,, ............... B everly KBFD Segrefary ,,,A,.,,,,,.,,, .......... E llZGb9il'I Morgan Treasurer ......... ........ N Orme Burkarf MEMBERS Seniors Babbifl, Margaret Bowman, Eileen Braden, Laura Brown, Carolyn Ellioll, Elmira Jean Ellis, Mary Elizabelh Espey, Harrier Lucas, Mareffa Monismifh, Helen Smith, Margaret Teels, Virginia Juniors Burlcarl, Norma Crablree, Yvonne Davis. Helen DeWiH, Flora Belle Hansen, Rulh Kaps, Eleanor Dee Kern, Beverly Lee, Marfha Ann McCona1y, Berry McMillen, Shirley Morgan. Elizabefh Nevans, Virginia Owen, Rena Beth Ryall, Elaine Simon, Louise Thafcher, Katherine Thibodeau, Belly Ray Wilfley, Margaret Sophomore: Bailey, Mildred Buell, Belly Jo Dooliflle, Befiy Jane Forney, Beify Held, Marion Hollingshead, Myrle Howard, Rose McNuH, Berry Anne Marriolf. Katherine Meadows, Virginia Morgan, Nancy Nicholas, Evelyn Perfif, Eileen Sargenr, Virginia Shepard, Shirley Spells, Rosalie Sfalmann, Marcia Jane Taylor, Mildred Underwood, Evelyn Freshmen Bailey, Marian Barreff, Barbara Bell, Harryelr Carolhers, Rulh Craven, Jane Danks, Fern Dix, Dorothy Johns. Virginiarose King. Mary Grace Kinfzele, Martha McCammon. Marcia McLagen, Charlofle Manning. Marian Roberfs, Mary Rose, Ann Sfanfield, Mary Lou Walker, Mariory Row one: McMillen, McNutt, Marriott, Row two: Meadows, Monismith, Morgan E., Row three: Morgan N., Nevans, Nicholas, Row four: Owen, Pettit, Rose, Row live: Ryall, Shepard, Simon, Row six: Smith, Snyder, Stalmnnn, Row seven: Taylor, Teeta, Thatcher, Row eight: Thibodeau, Walker, Wilfley. .qu Row one: Arclxuletl, Boody, Bowen, Camerlo, Dallison, Duncan, Gainy, Garret, Row two: Hallquilt, Hayes, Hellon, Jurich, Kelley, Kernhner, Row three: Knight, Knudson, Maia, Miller, Row four: Moe, Morgan. QQ a cz Founded Universify of Virginia i868 Gamma Gamma chapler insfalled I924 jflj . E' ' ,.'ilTKll7,-Q 'ri 3' wif ' 55 OFFICERS Presidenf ............ ......,............ ........ M a rfin Morgan Vice presidenl ....... ............. T roy Miller Secretary ......... .......... J ohn Phillips Treasurer ..... ........ J acl: Hayes . MEMBERS Seniors Bowen, Robert Boody, Manuel Camerlo. Sam Hart Herbert Knuclson, Roberl' Maio, Orlando Ogden. Clarence Tampa. Virgil Juniors Dallison, Sam Duncan. Douglas Gainy, Andy Hayes, Jack Kelley. James Kershner, Robert Knight, Norman Lamberfon. William Miller, Troy Morgan. Marlin Phillips. Jack Phillips, John Schaffer, Fred Sophomore: Jurich, Milce Millard. Ray Moe. Lee Rochford, George Schmidt Joseph Toburen, Lawrence ' Freshmen Archulela. Ted Bauch, Fred Bonef, Dan Garrel, Dan Halford. Robert Hallquisf, Basil Hellon, James Langdon, John Luke. Karl Pfau, Alvin Pfau. Lorin Proctor, Gharles Willars. Fred 9 Row one: Pfam A., Pflll L Row two: Phillips Jack, Plnlllpe John, Row three: Proctor, Rockford, Row four: Schmidt, Tempe, Row live: Willara Row one: Brunclige, Butz, Clarke, Davis, DeLong, Downing, Elliott, Ereckson, Row two: Fischer, Foster, Gillis, Hammond, Hartman, Heper, Herndon, Jordan, Row three: Kaanta, Keeler, Kougll, McCarthy, Row four: McDanal, May, Morgan. ,Wyman Miha cgchaakn Founded Universify of Alabama i856 ' 5, i A w Colorado Zera chapler inslalled l9l3 OFFICERS PrSSId6nl ................ ...................... ..,....... N e d Clarke Vice presidenl ......... .......... D wiqhi Kough Secrelary .............. ,.....,.. C arler Kaanfa Treasurer ......... .......... l-l omer McDanal MEMBERS Seniors Clarke, Ned DeLong, Roberl' Ellioll. Elzo Fosfer, Charles McDanal, Homer Posf, Roberi Searway, Roberl Vaughn, Ashfon Juniors Allan, Jack Brundige, Ralph Conway, John l-lerndon, Dorman Jordan, Wayne Overhulis, Winsfon Rowe, Phillip Thode, Jack Sophomores Dilullo, Mario Hammond, John Kaanfa, Carfer Kough, Dwighf McCarthy, Ray May, Wayman Miles, James Morgan, Maynard Sanburg, Delmer Freshmen Babcox, Howard Bufz, Charles Clayion, Wendell Davis, Fred Downing, Wayne Ereclcson, Howard Fischer, Roberf Gillis, Alberi' Hariman, Roberl Hegwer, Ray l-leper, William Keeler, Robert Magee, Rex Mulford, Warren Ruland, Roberf Sharp, William Shilvoclr, Roberf Smifh, Roberl Sfelson, Alvin Troule, Foye While, Richard While. Sfanley 9 5 '-T," lr i!!'!'9' 46 4,Qi,h,. 1 51 , 3,3 ,,., , 4 - fi, a. ,I - -1, H., 3 f,14'i.,a -r -N r iq fi, if , H W! 1 'Y' , J Row one: Post, Rowe, i dr Row two: Salzburg, Searway, Row three: Shilvock, Stetson, Row four: Thode, Troute, Row five: Vaughn, White. X Row one: Ackerly, Badgley, Ballantyne, Basford, Berg, Bethge, Bigger-staff, Brown, Corkle, Covey, Row two: Crane, Deaton, Domer, Fletcher, France, Fry, Glasser, Godsman, Row three: Gwinn, Hallock, Haney, Hobson, Hutchins C., Hutchins H., James, Joyce, Row four: Knauer, Lininger, McDanal, McVicker, Mattern, Mety, Miller, Minner, Row five: Montgomery, Murray, Nelson, Niedrach. Founded Colby College l874 loia chapler insfalled l908 OFFICERS President .............. ........ D Oris Willing Vice presidenl ......... ----------- E lien WilS0fl Secretary ......... ....... M erqeref Sprouf Treasurer .......... ---------- M OFQGYBY MBTY MEMBERS Seniors Badgley. Anneife Deaion. Dorofhy Gwinn, Gwendolyn Hulchins, Carroll Mely, Margarel Miller, Lois Murray, Louise Rose, Ruih Sfephens. lsobell Thomas. Alice Timm, Belly Walfers. Margaref Williams, Mary Juniors Biggersfaif. Winifred Domer, Naomi Godsman, Charloife Mailern. Caroline Reid, Alice Ryan, Jane Simmons, Doroihea Spahr. Florence Sprout Margaref Williamson, Peggy Willing. Doris Sophomore: Aclcerly. Maran Ballanlyne. Sally Belhge, Norma Lee Briscoe. Helen Marie Brown, Mariha Fry, Margaref Glasser. Elmeda Grissom, Kay 187 Hobson, Gwendolyn Hulchins. Harrieff Knauer. Mildred McDanal, Efhel Minner. Mary Rulh Monlgomery. Doroihy Niedrach. Elizabeih Reavis. Eileen Roloerfson, Doris Slephens, Margery Syler. BeHy Wilson, Ellen Freshmen Basford. Jeanne Berg, Elinor Corlzle. Margarei Covey. BeHy Jean Crane. Margarel Deviflg Joyce Fleiclwer. Charloffe France, Margaref Grace. Bei+y Mae Halloclr, Mary Haney. Elaine James, Laura Joyce, Charloffe Lininger. Susan Lininger. Marcia McViclcer. Rufh Nelson, Gwendolyn Paul, BeHy Sclwaefzel. Jacqueline Schmidt Beflie Sipe, Bernie Tail, Jane Warner, Florence Wifling. Barbara Row one: Paul, Reavis, Reid, Row two: Robertson, Rose, Seluaetzel, Row three: Schmidt, Simmons, Sipe, Row four: Spahr, Sprout, Stephens I., Row five: Stephens M., Syler, Tait, Row six: Thomas, Timm, Walters, Row seven: Warner, Williams, Williamson, Row eight: Wilson, Witting B., Witting D. BK WAV? 'sh Q ax- fr BC-- Y' sg., pw "ffl 1 .-g .a Y 'x lv - Row one: Albano, Benning, Brenkert, Cook, Crary, Crouch, Row two: Davis P., Davis S., Doud, Durham, Gagnon, Genera, Row three: Glogau, Hammill, Hudiburgh, Macleod. . I 0-4 M20 gh 60 JQM Q K a has Founded Universily of Richmond l9Ol Colorado Bela chaplrer insialled I9l3 OFFICERS President ............... ..... ....... F orresf Mehlmann Vice presidenf ......... ....... H arry Durham Secrefary .......... ........ W arren Cook Treasurer... .......... John Albano MEMBERS Seniors Benning. Waller Glogau. Richard Hammill, Kennefh Hudiburgh. Sydney Love. John Orange. Richard Schroeder. Henry Terry. Luke Vance, Gene WaHers, Herman Yersin. William Juniors Brenlcerf. George Cook. Warren Crary, Richard Crouch, James Doud. Lee Genera. Marcus Hoggaff. Daniel MacLeod. Kennefh Mehlmann, Forresf Mellon. Wallace Zancanella. Narcisso Sophomores Albano. John Arndf, Roberf Durham. Harry McClard. 'Lafe Richardson. Harold Sandburg. Richard Walla, Walfer Young, Jack Freshmen Davis, Paul Davis. Sferling Gagnon. Jordan lsberg, Ray Marshall. Bob Tucker. Ralph Sanborn. Maurice Schuermann, William sb my . 0? 'S' is .41-s -6 Row one: Mehlmann, Orange, Row two: Richardson, Sandburg, Row three: Terry, Tucker, Row four: Walla, Watters, Row Eve: Yerlin, Zancanella. its :Www Jw , rx ,um ,N , 'ww rn Wu .m, , W 'Rory one: Brenner, Friedlend, Goldblatt, Green, Row two: Hoffman, Lerner, Manauee, Rndetslcy I Zu yin' Presideni' ................. Vice presicIen+ ........... Secrg+ary .......... Treasurer ..... Founded Columbia Universiiy I9I0 Tau Era chapier insralled l93I A Q, OFFICERS ........I-Ioward Suslcin ...........Leon Brenner Milion Hoffman Irving Menassee MEMBERS Seniors Kleiner, Aubrey Kleiner, Harvey Juniors Neirnberg, Phil Shur, Abe Symon, Lesfer Sophomore: Brenner, Leon Hoffman. Milfon Manassoe, Irving Radefslcy. Harry Suslcin. Howard Freshmen Friedland. Irving Goldblaif. Sam Green. Harry Lerner. Jake Row one: Suekin, Row two: Symou. nuff is-f C"'P Wlv' 7 C-v Row one: Gushurst, Harris, Lorenz, McMahon, Row two: Murphy, Poitz, Spallone, Tynan. 14 Y. .Q DA". , 5 . ,f , , .n , '. . 'v,' , - L. ' Y 2 ,1 qv:-4.p-uf' ' . hw j-i ' f,'r gQ.-1w:'.!A.u ' . ' YQ. .ff 'iii-'ff' :-Q V. "ff fb' f' ' 'fi'75EFiI'2"4f?1fy.,.rI!Hw. - .fekipi.xi-..' 2f'1-'M-.Hiff!! 211-'iff' Qomefa Wh' Miha Founded Universify of Michigan I9I2 Omicron chapfer insfallecl I926 "x OFFICERS Presudenf ............... ...................... ............. R e gina Tynan Vice presidenf .......... ........ Secrefary ........... Treasurer ........ MEMBERS Seniors Harris. Lillian Tynan. Regina Woodman. Mary Juniors Spallone. Dorothea Sophomore: Wolbert Mary Virginia Freshmen Gushursf, Mary Teresa Lorenz, Elsie McMahon. Irene Milan. Florence Murphy. Mary Aileen Poiiz. Margarei' Vallero. Marie Wells, Clarice Wilson. Mary Jane 193 Dorofhea Spallone ..........LiIlian Harris ..........Lillian Marsh Row one: Vnllero, Row two: Wolbert, Row three: Wooflmnn Row one: Curtis, Drew C., Drew M., Goodrich, Hares, Kay Row two: Knemeyer, Larson, McKinstry, Nelson, Row three: 0'DelI. gilefa ihn Founded Universify of California l9I4 Zera Alpha chapler inslfalled I933 if F 'J OFFICERS Presideni' ................ ....................... Vice presidenl' .......... Secrefary ....... . ......, . Treasurer MEMBERS Seniors Curfis. Margare+ Larson, Eleanor McKins+ry, Jeanne Juniors Drew, Mona Goodrich, Dorofhy Hares, Dorofhy Kay, Dorofhy O'Dell, Shirley Sievenson, Vera Rufh Sophomore: Knemeyer, Anife Pefersen. Marie Freshmen Drew. Corinne Nelson, Belly Jane Wilson, Mary Caihryne 195 ............Shirley O'Dell .........Jeanne McKinsiry ................Mona Drew Dorofhy Goodrich fm Row one: Petersen, Row two: Stevenson, Row three: Wilson. Lain x 4 . I, ,f ,X I Z' ,, , 1 , , ' -1 .fy I, w x 5 A I ff"-S3 r A , X XX J 1 -' 'A X .gig 1 -y A .' "wx . xx!! , A NX , A ,. Njyf hu X 4 gf 3 ,,'. x ' NX I , M! ' ll lu! .5-Qxy X ' X Y, -I jf.. .Q ix I 'V 'NX 'A h r4f,fQiqX'K ,, - ,I , IA 'X I f 'jf' K X5 f' 5- X X X' W --. ' ' ' 'u xx W N ff-A NX I Q IT 45,1 riff, I. yryv, ' 'IFF K X f -X 75 ., V 'wx ffl - 7 -N ' X V . J . If , 1 ff 1 ' ' ,. N , f x R . y 2 xiii f ,A f 'N fx x u ,f X I. 5 -. A ,D if vx If , N ly, In ! AM- j . AN X If N , I' , l K J V 1 K I ! fx "x.,"7f"' X 'wx L ' N " W ',Q, x4f"Qf"f W ' W A X . ' 4' x ' ' if A 1 I , I , ', ff A Q f Iwixw J fy I! 1' ,x , 4-Min, 1 X. N f rx li XX. X K" m X, " '."f x kx I XXR X wx X111 1 , ' , 3 i , f 1. 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Qaida Qamlda Qefh Nahonal Freshman Women's Scholasfic Frafernify OFFICERS Preszdenf . ....................... ........ D oris Roberfson Vnce presldenf ..... ........ D orofhy Robinson Secrefary .. .............,.... Lucie Fusk Treasurer .... .... B ernice Roebke WITHOUT PICTURES Geofzel Fvelyn: Horner, Beafrice: Knighf. Eleanor Ryan, Jane, Widmayer. Ruth. Local Honorary Asfronomical Sociely OFFICERS ' President ....,,.......... ....................... ........ W a lfer Peferson Vice presidenf ...,....... .........., C harles Sibley Secretary ................ ........ A lice Roberts Treasurer ..... ...,.... A rf Lewis WITHOUT PICTURES Jeffs, William: Johnson, Warren: Schuman, Robert: Trout, Owen: Tucker, Wallace. Row one: Anderson, Arletta: Auston, John: Baldwin, Ade- laide: C o r kl e, Margaret: Cormack, William: Row two: Dickinson, David: Galbreath, Evelyn: Guise, Maxine: Hopkins, Virginia: Kiley, Jack: Row three: Lawson, Irene: Lewis, Arthur: McCormick, Harold: Miller, Troy: Mont- gomery, Dorothy: Row four: Newman, Marga- ret: Onstad, Shirley: Peter- son, Walter: Rishel, Mar- guerite: Roberts, Alice: Row five: Shaffer, Ednamae: Sibley, Charles: Weber, Don: Whitmoyer, Marcella: Wilson, Mary Catbryne. ediha .Wyma gh! Local Honorary Women's Chemical Sociefy OFFICERS Presidenl ..,............ ................,,.... .......... L i llian Woods Vice presidenf .......... ....... E velyn Brodie Secreiary ........ . ...... ............ M yrile Houk Treasurer ....... ........ S hirley McMillan WITHOUT PICTURES Davezac, Ruil-1: Gysland, Marian: Hifclwell. Violet: Houlc. Myrileg Mariam, Aileen: Ryan, Jane: Sfrauss, Margarefg Wollanlr, Helen. Row one: Ackerly, Marang Brodie, Evelyn, Borden, Lou Ella: Dohranski, Ruthg Dowling, Patriciag Espey, Harrietg Forney, Bettyg Hartman, Maryg Row two: Hoofnagle, Gwendolyn: Howard, Rose, Kern, Beverlyg Lee, Martha Ann: Row three: McCarthy, Bettyg McMillen, Shirley, Mety, Margaretg Owens, Billie, Rhoads, Mary Elizabethg Robertson, Doris, Seacatt, Jane, Smith, Dorothy, Row four: Stevenson, Vera Ruth, Veuey, Verag Woods, Lillian, Young, Blanche Ollie. G. , . N , , 1 , l KA -' 22' 'W 'Q T Row one: Andrews, Vernong Blake, Aubreyg Boyles, Robert: Row two: Clarke, Robert, .Hinch, Williamg Klein, Carlg Row three: Larson, Lee, Liss, Douglas, Meyer, Raymonclg Row four: Powers, Frerlg Schwalb, William, Sibley, Charles: Row five: Starkenberg, Carly Suslcin, Howardg Verzuh, Frank, Row six: Wakabayashi, Fred: Willinghan, Eugene, Row seven: Winchester, Norman. Jfmezzban Qfnalifulb 0 Kechzbalcganyaheefaa Naiional Engineering Fra'rerni+y OFFICERS President ................ ....................... ....... R e ymond Meyer Vice presidenl' .......... .,,.,,,, R oben Cla,-ke Secretary-Treasurer ......... Aubrey Blake WITHOUT PICTU RES Anlhony, Glen: Clayton, Wendell: Gill. Michael: Maddox. Her- berf: Trout Owen. Weisz Qqamlma Qyma Na+ional Business Adminis+ra+ion Fra+erni+y OFFICERS Presiden+ .......,...... ......................... ............. B i ll Howland Vice presidenf ......... ......... C herles Higson Secrefary ,... ..... ......... K o fherine Honold Row one: Higson, Row two: Honold, Howland. goedywnzakali Local Honorary Women's Press Society OFFICERS Presidenl ................... ........................ ..,.. R u ta Thompson Vice presidenf .......... ......... B effe Durell Secretary ............... ........... K ofhryn Ellwanger Treasurer .......... ........................ H elen Mae Lumnger WITHOUT PICTURE Appell, Laurel. Row one: Akers, Florence, Avis, Eme- line, Benton, Margaret, Bidwell, Ruth, Butz, Mary Lou, Carter, Mary Kay, Row two: Collett, Rosemary, Coolt, Hilda, Durell, Bette, Ellwanger, Kath- ryn, England, Dorothy, Garlett, Shirley, Row three: Geller, Lenore, Gould, Doris, Hickok, .lane,'Johnson, Wan- da, Kephart, Floracleal, Lawson, Irene, Row four: Lininger, Helen Mae, Lucas, Maretta, McCarthy, Betty, Mann, Betty Ruth, Mohr, Charlotte, Morris, Selma, Row five: Mullare, Elizabeth, Murphy, Mary, Nelson, Pauline, Peters, Lil- lian, Plunkett, Frances, Rhoatls, Mary Elizabeth, Row six: Robinson, Dorothy, Schnaclt- enberg, Reita, Thibodeau, Betty Rae, Thompson, Rita, Van Hall, Rachel. 205 gokfmxah off cgwyhzeefea Local Men's Engineering Sociefy OFFICERS Presidenf ................ ....................... ......... E I Ion Beverly Vice presidenl .............. .......... O mer Glanfz Secretary-Treasurer .......... ....,...... E ugene Crane WITHOUT PICTURES Scherz. Robert, Symonds. Fred: Turner. Howard. Row one: Beverly, Elton, Bopp, John, Clair, Charles, Coyle, Samuel, Crane, Eugene, Detrick, Sherman, Duncan, Douglas, Garabrant, Robert, Row two: Geary, Robert, Glantz, Omar, Hinch, William, Huber, Richard, Kiley, Jack, King, Robert, Row three: Lin, Douglas, Meyer, Raymond, Mitchell, Ernest, Packer, Kyle, Phillips, Jack, Powers, Edwin, Showalter, Robert, Sias, Charles, Row four: Sibley, Charles, Sibley, Leonard, Symons, Lester, Tabla, Frank, Wright, Bernard. A.: .Ir A .PW 'ft I fr 1. ' :V .Q -- Row one: Covillo, Eileen, Davenport, Isabelle: Domenico, Geraldine, Domer, Naomi, Epperson,June3 Evans, Bettyg Gallagher, Helens Garihan, Jean: Row two: Harris, Thedag Hershey, Kay, Horne, Thelma: Jobush, Ruth, Row three: Kaufmann, Klarag Leach, Margaret, McDanal, Ethel, Messel, Claire, Nelson, Theoneg Pettit, Eileeng Stephens, Isobel, Stephens, Margery: Row four: Swanson, Ruth, Tynan, Regina, Weld, Marian: Wislander, Gertrude. Wommaoce Qhzmen Jgmelofea Local Women's Commerce Adviser Society OFFICERS Presidenf .,,,,,,,,,,,,, ................................. K lara Kaufmann Senior Council ......... ....... . .Theone Nelson. Isobel Stephens Junior Council ,,,,,,,,, ............ N aomi Domer, Kay Hershey WITHOUT PICTURE Morrison. Frances. Rew one: Agnew, Harold, Beverly, Bltonz Blake, Wallace, Brunalige, Ralph, Clair, Cberleay, Coyle, Samuel, Row two: Crane, Eugene, Cnylrendall, James, Derrick, Jack, Dexrlok, Sherman, Danton, Duane, Glralsrant. llobdrls Row three: Gold, Roberts Giants, Omer: Glogan, Mohave, lflnberfllcliardg lGley, Sack, King, Rolweriz Row four: Meehan, Williams Mitchell, Ernest, Packer, Kyle: Yoweri, Eclwina Powers, Frei: Weharbon, Allen, Row five: Saiwn, 1-1af'7', Scllwnlb, William, Showalter, Rolseriz Sian, Charles, Sibley, Charles, Sibley, Levnarcla Row aim Sdn, Georges Syrnona, Umor, Tabla, Frank, Weial, 'flung-nv: vlrlglth Dugan, 'Nnftl-elwacll, Belair!- Qew gh! LOca I Me . n 5 Che . nl ucal Fra+erni+Y Pfe 'a o Vicsn enf...,,- ----' FFICERS S, e p"9Sidenf . Crefary lhtv ........... . ,, Treasurer-.-.. ..., ,,,, - ..... E:-Lnesf Milcheu H-in D '- -.... fed A d . ..... L:uF:rsEf1' Leonard. WITHOUT PIC ha"I9S Sins SChu'g.'ar:uce: Reed' Zrfhurl Fosfe ' Robe 1, ugen . r' Clb I Tan' - Schwer+ze2:R"dQef-5 UJIKU. Alben, nebgum P -. BCH: S- ' ames- S 'Francis G . hnllip, Zuclmon. Rdgh 'glory' Leg Us: ermen H : ymond nerd: ' Ymun' S- Fred. 208 3 .WWW EMM' weffa . 'fy Pre-legal Fra+erm FY I HonOra LOCG oFFncERS NA' SC""l'Z -I ,..---" f Muni' -.Herber , r ""-. ""'. 5 +anlSY 'Twin , h a Preydelsgdenf -------.. ' ,Forresf Me m vice pf -H.. .,.... Secref5"Y""' TreaSU"er "'. TURES WITHO WGHBCBP . TuCker' I Jane. . Smlfh' I r. Blake: Riggs' Eme Heisfer' Id. Warfi6Id' Dona Row o ertilg ou, W Baden. ' Row two: Coe, ' ne: An deraon, B alter' B nm. Buel Mldred , like, Wallac I, Robert: 1 Dunlrlee, George: Isaacson, Legg M951 Ilmhn, Forrest: Montgomery, Joseph: ROW three: Mum-oe, I-Ierbergg Pike, George Row four: P1-ing, Rqyg Pr' Row Eve: Simpy 209 5 Priest, George mzer, Stanley: S Wh -I-ine: Tqnqq clzultz, A ary, Tb I: Oman: Wertban, Gene. Row Row Row Row mmm gba! Local Dramafic Sociefy OFFICERS President .............. .................... .........,...... K y le Packer Vice president ......... ........ G eorgene Michael Secrefary .............. ........... C arolyn Brown Treasurer .......... ................................................. R oberi Mead WITHOUT PICTURES Omohundro, Edward: Phillips, David: Scofi, William: Sinnard Elvin: Smith. Murray: Sfeinhardl, Gertrude: Vieclr. Joseph Wollers. Jane: Welch, Wayne. one: Anderson, Bertil: Badgely, Annette: Ballard, William: Blalre, Wallace: Brown, Carolyn: Doud, Lee: Galbreath, Carroll: Garlett, Shirley: two: Geller, Lenore: Godsman, Charlotte: Haines, Robert: Harlow, Elliot: Hutchins, Carroll: Johnson, Mildred: Row three: Johnson, Wanda: Kennedy, Mildred: Kunz, Calvin: Loach, George: four: McCance, May: McGrath, Jeanette: Mattern, Caroline: Mead, Robert: Melniclt, Gail: Michael, Georgene: Miller, Lois: Murphy, Mary: tive: Nelson, James: Packer, Kyle: Plunkett, Frances: Reid, Ruth: Robbins, Robert: Smith, Evelyn: Row six: Swayze, Muriel: Turpin, Olive: Watters, Herman: Williams, Mary. 210 ci? Km! cgi anal Local Spanish Socie+y OFFICERS President ................ ....................... .......... D e lberi Bercus Vice presidem' .......... ........... C lerece Hughey Secrefary-Treasurer .......... . .. . .......... Sophie Prisner WITHOUT PICTURES Ash, Bruce: Burns, Maria Luisa: Castro, Louise: Gonzalez, Mag- dalena: Pierce, Gertrude: Sirong, Dorlhea. Row one: Row two: Row three: Row four: 211 Allen, Marion: Archuleta, Theodore:'Barcus, Delbert: Benson, Marjorie: Bolshaw, Har riet: Burgoon, Helen: Corlcle, Margaret: Fisk, Lucie: Genera, Marcus: Gould, Doris: Hares, Dorothy: Hughey, Clarece: Jaeger, Eleanor Johnson, Wanda: Knauer, Mildred: Lovato, Lena: Murphy, Mary: 0'Neill, Marion: Ostrum, Martha: Ottero, Alda: Peterson, Edith: Pris ner, Sophie: Ramsey, Morice: Shaffer, Ednamae: Snell, Marjorie: Wales, Nadene: Weber, Don: Whitmoyer, Marcella: Williamson, Peggy Wood, Esther Jane: Zaneanella, Nareiao. fgefunan g Society Local German OFFICERS Solomon Halpieff' ,...lf19a O son f ...... .... ---- , . Peggy 56105 giden . Nlllje Presidenf--" ""' ......... . ,John Bopp Secre+aI'Y Treasure'-""" ES T PICTUR WITHOU Solo' u I rn. Id' Goeflelf Erjwnkl F-:fYF:fT6l Pau: . Rona ' fha: ou ' Clure. O an' . I Bef . Mc rlson. Signal Cammy: Hi9g'.ns?nLydefS' Roberhphillips- F"'.Tfe Cin. Henfschell-aybournu Lolgsin. Ol50n' Dorghhumdnnv Ph' 'Z m I' ne: . - n, 9 ' -H' ml l Geofq ' Phnes' Log. Ania:-qirlzuermlinn' Wlvzlliamf Warn Qld! Msrcm Virglr1"'h Sed. Tremmel' lenei au I . Suhr. O Mary. Sfamm' ne: Ball, Marion: Bates, Peggy: Bohmer, Louiae- rodie, Evelyn: Burroughs, Dorothy Ma Row two: Cline, Gwendol Patricia D Row o B . ary: Ho , avid: McC Row four , Inga: Owe , uth: Peters : Ragatz, O ite: R h B n 0PPv John' .vs Butz, Mary Lou yn: Debler, Dorothy: Dollis, Elaieg Down : unlzlee, George: Garabrant, Robert: Glogau, Richard Row three: Goodrich, Dorothy: Hartman M Hutchinson, James: Kramiah D ward, Rolf' ormiclr, Harold: Milhglllf Charles: : Newman, Margaret: Olson Palmer, Maxine: Pennell R Row live n- Rene B en. Marie- ' awald: Rh o ertson, D ' e ll , Pflelderer, Helen Uldlr Mary Elizabeth: Richel, Margue oru: Rogers, Vivian: Rotolante, Elizabeth enherg, Reita: Row six: Sloat, Ruth' S ' : S , mllh, Dorothy: Smith, Florene Vera Ruth: Swayze, M ' Row seven: Vaughn, G chnaclr e: Stevenson, llrlel: wenyth: Weiss, Th Young, BI omau: W unche Ol ' ooda, L 'l lie. 1 lian 212 gawk U guna! Local Professional Fra+erni+y and Sororily Represenlafives MEMBERS ALPHA KAPPA PSI ................................... William Howland Edward Neumann DELTA SIGMA Pl ............ ........... W ellmerl Cramm Elwin Rich PHI CHI THETA ........... ......... T heone Nelson Isabelle Davenporf PHI GAMMA NU ....... ............ B efiy Horr Eileen Pel+i+ WITHOUT PlCTURE Rich. Elwin. fr. YW" mm, DavehP0 Neumann? Row One: cts! nd, Nelson, Row N101 How jhree: PSRR' ROV' Row one: Billmyer, Burroughs, Cuykendall, Guthrie, Row two: Henn, Larson, Row three: Lewis, O'Kane, Row four: Peterson, Ragatz. fn ndenf Qmn and Wkmen INDEPENDENT WOMEN OFFICERS Presideni ...,.,,,.......................................... .,......... H arrief Lewis Vice presidenis ...... Beulah Guihrie, Dorothy May Burroughs Secrefary .....,...........................................,.......,.. Virginia Snider Treasurer .....................,. ................... R ufh Glasier Senior Represenfaiive ........ ....... E lizabefh Rofolanfe Junior Represeniafive .,...,...,.,.., ,..,.... E difh Pererson Sophomore Represenfafive ....... ........ E velyn Goe"fzel Freshman Represeniafive ...................................... Marian Fox INDEPENDENT MEN OFFICERS Presidenf ................... ...................... ........ O s wald Ragafz Vice presideni ....,,.,.. ..,...... J oseph Pierce SBCFBIDFY ....,............. .................. L ee Larson Treasurer ........ ................. .......... J a mes Cuykendall Senior Represenfafive ....... ............ D avid Bilimyer Junior Represenfafive .......,... .......,..., R oger Henn Sophomore Represeniaiive ....... .......... B ernard O'Kane Freshman Represenfaiive ........., ........... R onald Hook WITHOUT PICTURES Fox, Giasier, Goerzel, Hook, Pierce. 214 yah yd Nafional Honorary Women's Chemical Frafernify OFFICERS Presidenl ............ .........,....,..................... D orofhy Smifh Vice presidenf ....... ...................,.. L illian Woods Secrefcry-Treasurer ......... Blanche Ollie Young WITHOUT PICTURES Mariam. Aileen: Ryan. Jane: Wollanlc. Helen. Row one: Hartman, Mary: Hoofnagle, Gwendolyn, Hopkins, Barbara: Row two: Kern, Beverly, Mety, Margaret, Rhoacll, Mary Elizabeth, Row three: Smith, Dorothy, 'Nooda, Lillian, Young, Blanche Ollie. 1- 0- is Row one: Ackerly, Maran, Barrett, Barbara, Benedeclc, Jose- phine, Berg, Elinor, Bridgewater, Eileen, Brodie, Evelyn, Burl!- art, Norma, Cadle, Etta Mae, Row two: Casteel, Nancy, Cox, Juanita, Dexter, Helen, Do- branski, Ruth, Domenico, Adelaine, Durell, Bette, Espey, Har- riet, France, Betty, Row three: France, Margaret, Ginsburg, Charlotte, Glasser, Elmeda, Gow, Betty, Gray, Martha, Hammerich, Kathleen, Hansen, Juanita, Hansen, Ruth, Row four: Hartman, Mary, Hartt, Dorothy, Hoofnagle, Gwen- dolyn, Hopkins, Barbara, Howard, Rose, Johnson, Mildred, Johnson, Wanda, Jones, Eleanor, Row five: Kern, Beverly, Kline, Jeanette, Knemeyer, Anita, Latson, Dorothy, Lee, Martha Ann, Lilley, Marion, McCarthy, Betty, Marquess, Mildred, Row six: Mason, Grace, Mayer, Margaret Ann, Mety, Margaret, Montgomery, Dorothy, Noel, Naoma, Pfleiderer, Helen, Pickens, Rosemary, Rhoads, Mary Elizabeth, Row seven: Robertson, Doris, Roeblce, Bernice, Seacatt, Jane, Sheridan, Dorcas, Simmons, Dorothea, Smith, Dorothy, Snyder, Miriam, Stevenson, Vera Ruth, Row eight: Tait, Jane, Thatcher, Katherine, Vessey, Vera, Whitmoyer, Marcella, Wililey, Peggy, Wood, Esther Jane, Woods, Lillian, Young, Blanche Ollie. Jiaolofeo Local Women's Science Sociely OFFICERS Pf6SiCl6r1+ ................ ............,..........,.. B lanche Ollie Young Ville pf'6Sld6I1l' .......... ,,,.,,,,,,,,,, B everly Kern S6CV'6fdfY ..........,.... ......... D orolhy Lalson Treasurer ...... .......,.. J sne Rysn WITHOUT PICTURES Alberg, Helen, Allen. Jean: Henlschel, Ruby: Hlfclnell, Vlolel, l-loclz, Ann, Houlc, Myrtle, King, Patricia: Langharf, Margaret, Nicholson, Rulh, Ryan, Jane, Slolilel. Anne, Thompson, Daisy, Wolfson, Jane. 216 Row Ro., Row Row Row 217 Qaida gd Nafional Eclucafional Fraiernily OFFICERS Presiden+ ............... ................... ......... V i vienne Worley Vice presidenf ......... ........ A nne'He Badgley Secre+ary .......... ............... R ufh Rose Treasurer ,,,,, ......... l. llllan Wangnild one: Badgley, Annette: Bidwell, Ruth: Brady, Charles Bryce, Dorothy: Debler, Dorothy: two: Elliott, Elmira Jean: Ellis, Mary: Ellwanger, Kathryn Elson, Carrie: Guthrie, Beulah: three: Hughey, Clarece: Jamieson, Ruth: Mabie, Creta Netherton, Mary: Notheil, Betty: four: Prisner, Sophie: Ragatz, Oswald: Roberts, Alice Role, Ruth: Rotolante, Elizabeth: five: Seeley, Vesta: Seguin, Mary: Walters, Margaret Williams, Mary: Beckley, Marjorie. T. 'A al me Jzfajwa 1Zffa Q46 Nafional Band Fralernify OFFICERS Presidenl' .........,.... .....,............. ......... C lu arles Milligan Vice presiclenl ........ ........ E rnesl Mifchell Secreiary ......... ....... P aul Henizell Treasurer.. ...,,................. . ........... Frank Tabb WlTl-IOUT PICTURES Newby, William: Peierson. William: Tremmel, William: Young Warren. Row one: Bopp, John: Coyle, Samuelg Frary, Williams Row two: Hentzell, Pauli Kettler, Jacoby Kramilh, Davidg Row three: May, Waymang Mill- er, Harlan: Row four: Milligan, Charlesg Mitchell, Ernerstg Row five: Saxton, Harryg Row six: Tabla, Frankg Row seven: Wells, Max. 218 Row one: Akers, Florence, Bab- bitt, Margaret, Badgley, An- nette, Benton, Margaret, Bid- well, Ruth, Row two: Biggerstaff, Winifred, Bowman, Eileen, Bryce, Doro- thy, Butz, Mary Lou, Carter, Mary Kay, Row three: Cline, Gwendolyn, Cook, Hilda, Debler, Dorothy, Dollis, Elsie, Dormann, Marie, Row four: Durell, Bette, Elliott, Elmira Jean, Ellwanger, Kath- ryn, Elson, Carrie, England, Dorothy, Row live: Ginsburg, Charlotte, Godsman, Charlotte, Hickok, Jane, Hopkins, Barbara, Hy- land, Maxine, Row six: Jones, Elizabeth, Kent, Margaret, Latson, Dorothy, Lee, Martha Ann, Mahoney, Eleanor, Row seven: Mattern, Caroline,, Mayer, Margaret Ann, Michael, Georgene, Miller, Lois, Mohr, Charlotte, Row eight: Morgan-, Elizabeth, Nelson, Pauline, Ntsvans, Vir- ginia, Olson, Inga, Onstad, Shirley, Row nine: Paradice, Jane, Peter- son, Edith, Prisner, Sophie, Reid, Ruth, Rishel, Marguerite, Row ten: Seeley, Vesta, Sim- mons, Dorothea, Snider, Vir- ginia, Sprout, Margaret, Swi- hart, Juanita, Row eleven: Thompson, Beverly, White, Ellenor, Wilson, Ellen, Witting, Doris, Wollenweber, Clara. Mmm! MA Jffenlofw Local Women's Campus Adviser Sociefy OFFICERS President .................................... .... .................... M a rgaref Ken? Senior Council ............ Anneife Badgley. Elmira Jean Ellioff Junior Council ..............A. Virginia Snider. Beverly Thompson WITHOUT PICTURE Houk, Myrfle. Row one: Brunclige, Ralph: Bro- die, Evelyn: Clarke, Ned: Row two: Cowen, Donald: Crary, Richard: Davis, Keith: Row three: Denst, John: Driscoll, William: Durham, Harry: Row four: Glogau, Richard: Kramiah, David: Leder, Max.: Row five: Segerdahl, Jack: Stein, Melvin: Troute, Foye: Row six: Twombly, George: White, Stanley: Row seven: Wurtzebach, Robert: Young, Blanche Ollie. Local Honorary Pre-Medical Frafernify OFFICERS Presideni .............. .........................,....,.... R alph Brundige Vice presidenl ........ ........... B lanche Ollie Young Secrefary ........ .............. H arry Durham Treasurer ......... .................................................. E velyn Brodie WITHOUT PICTURES Mickey, Lorin: Miller. Alvin: Miller. Byron: Olson, Doris: Porfer Clarence: Radefsky, Louis: Sclmwariz, Jack: Williams, Ernesl Wollank, Helen: Zuckerman, Hyman. Allen, Jean: Arford. Cloyd: Barger, Richard: Beach, King: Cris- man, Ronald: Eshima. Nobuo: Gardell, Earl: Gilman, Harold' Jlfwhbnwl golfiyzdfe ghyefw Nafional Drama+ic Organizafion OFFICERS Presidenf ........ .......................................... C arroll Hufchins Secrefary-Treasurer ................,..................... Thomas Tanquary WITHOUT PICTURE Philips, David. Row one: Garlett, Shirley, Gel- ler, Lenoreg Row two: H u t c h i n a, Carroll, Mead, Robert, Row three: Michael, Georgeneg Nelson, James, Row four: Plunkett, Francesg Reid, Ruth, Row five: Tanquary, Thomas, Watters, Hermang Row six: Williams, Mary. 2 2 1 i .. A R ,M F :fail n by 'ZW I ,mf 7 ,X -x F +- S , ln ,.... -R 21 3' Row one: Gwinn, Hanigan, Harvey, Row two: Horr, Kaufmann, Nelson, Row three: Stephens, Wilmer. gammawe Qilwoczkzlea' Qfkmen yfudmh Local Commerce Women's Organizafion OFFICERS Presidenl ............... .......... .. .....,............. G wendolyn Gwinn Vice presidenf .......... ........ S hirley Hanigan Secrelary ............... ............ V irginia Wilmer Treasurer ......,....................... ........ I sobel Slephens Presidenl of Menlors .............. ........ K lara Kaufmann Presidenl of Phi Chi Ihela ........ .......... T heone Nelson President of Phi Gamma Nu ......... ................. B ally Horr Presidenl of Y. W. C. A ........ .... ........... Evelyn Harvey Row one: Bidwell, Ruth, Bryce, Dorothy, Collett, Rosemary, Davies, Frances, Doolittle, Bet- ty Jane, Row two: Duboff, Florence, Fra- zier, Mary, Garlett, Shirley, Geller, Lenore, Gray, Martha, Row three: Hamman, Marjorie, Harvey, Evelyn, Horr, Betty, Lucas, Maretta, Marquess, Mil- dred, Row four: Messel, Claire, Mich- ael, G e o r g e n e , Monismith, Helen, Morris, Selma, Mudgett, Gwendolyn, Row five: Netherton, Louise, Niedrach, Elizabeth : Notheis, Betty, ' Row six: Paradice, Jane, Peter- son, Marie, Pettit, Eileen, Row seven: Pfleiderer, Helen, Ryall, Elaine, Shephard, Shir- - ley, Row eight: Simon, Louise, Sni- der, Virginia, Spallone, Doro- thea, Row nine: Stephens, Margery: Syler, Betty, Thompson, Bev- erly, Row ten: Timm, Betty, Vessey, Vera, Wallace, Donna, Row eleven: Wilson, Ellen, Wit- ting, Doris. -ymakeeh Local Women's Pep Organizafion OFFICERS Presudeni ...........,... ....................... ........... M a reffe Lucas Vrce president ........... .. ................. Betty Tumm Secretary ............... ......... B everly Thompson Treasurer ......... Doris Wufhng Row one: Albers, Lynn: Ames, John: Anderson, Bertil: Barn- hart, Carl: Beverly, Elton: Bodan, William: Bowen, Robert: Row two: Brawner, Hoyt: Clarke, Ned: Crane, Eugene: Crotin- ger, James: Dallison, Sam: Detrick, Jack: Eastlake, Chesmore: Row three: Hall, George: Johnson, Granville: Kramisli, David: Lewis, Jack: Lewis, John: Loftus, Charles: McKee, Robert: Row four: McNair, Ralph: McWilliams, Edward: Mickey, Rob- ert: Morris, Robert: Munroe, Herbert: Needles, James: Packer, Kyle: Row five: Powers, Edwin: Priest, George: Pring, Roy: Ranck, Durey: Ryan, Robert: Scott, Frank: Showalter, Robert: Row six: Sias, Charles: Siegel, Arthur: Spear, Norman: Suskin, Howard: Twombly, George: Row seven: Upton, Ernest: Willingham, Eugene: Winchester, Herbert: Young, Laurence. yin' wah Local Honorary Men's Gyrnnasiic Fraferniiy OFFICERS President ........,..... ................... ..,....... J o hn Ames Vice presidenf ........ ........ G eorge Hall Secretary .......... ........ J ack Defrick Treasurer.. .......... Dan Hoggalf WITHOUT PICTURES Bradley, Jack: Chambers, Lee: Crisman, Ronald: Gallagher, Jo seph: Hahn, Rober+: Heinemann, Donald: Hoggali, Dan: Ker miei, Paul: Levin, Gus: McCallum, Tom: McClard. Lafe: Marfen sen, Edwin: Munger, Herber+: Nassimbene, Jack: Pelerson, Ed Rhoades, Edwin: Schuman, Philip: Sinnard. Elvin: Tiller, Morgan Toburen. Lawrence: Troul, Owen: Vickers, Elmo: Walthers, Earl Wood, Woodrow. 224 ki galil cz Narional Men's Eclucalional Fraierniry OFFICERS Presideni ............... ..................................... F lelcher Miller Vice presidenl' .......... ........ W illiam Eggleston Secretory .......... ........ N owell Walfers Treasurer ....... ......... W infield Niblo WITHOUT PICTU RES Bradley, A. E.: Douglas. Archie: Huebner. Ciay: Mcllroy, Donald: Myers. John: Nicholson, Milfon: Sfrnod, Edward: Yates, Raphael. 225 Row one: Berry, Lawrence, Brady, Charles, Campbell, Bernard, Eggleston, Williamg Elclund, John: Row two: Fox, Robert, Galbreath, Carroll: Johnson, Granville: Johnson, Norman, Row three: Miller, Lawrence, Moore, Harry: Niblo, Wintieldg Orange, Richard, Row four: Terry, Lulceg Thomas, Hugh, Tramutt, Henry, Row live: Walters, Newell, Wasley, Robert. Row one: Blagen, Paul, Brenlsert, George, Butcher, William, Cook, War- ren, Covillo, Vincent: Crary, Richard, Crotinger, Allen, Row two: Crotinger, William, Deuserieh, Robert, Duncan, Douglas, Dunlslee, George, Durham, Harry, Duston, Duane, Fay, .laels, Row three: Ginn, Ralph, Ham, John, Heper, William, Hinch, William, Hoffman, Milton, Holmberg, Dewey, Huslsinson, Charles, Row four: Kennelley, Frank, Kershner, Robert, Knapp, Horace, Kough, Dwight, Larson, Lee, Nlehlmann, Forrest, Meyer, Raymond, Row five: Miller, Troy, Morey, William, Naylor, Robert, Neumann, Edward, Packer, Kyle, Perry, Herbert, Phillips, John, Row six: Richardson, Lee, Ridley, Thomas, Runnells, Robert, Searway, Robert, Shanholtzer, Robert, Spear, Norman, Sunblade, Neil, H d Twomlil , George, Uhrieh, George, Upton, Row seven, Suslsin, owar , y Ernest, Williams, William, Wocidford, Jaels, Yoclcey, William. 966 fgofffffvfff Wh O 0 LOC I . a Men s Pep Sociew President. OFFICERS Vice presiding'---..,,, enf..,,,-. Secrefnry .'.-. -. .... Raymond Mays Treasurer.-D. .... ., ........... Roberf Searwar -..---.-' -.-I..-.-..,..WlIlidm' Crofinge: WI """--Dwlghf Kouqh B T Olsfef. Elwood: Crism HOUT PICTURES W , fm' Ronald. . , erren. Slnnard, Elviri: Z1r::EneA'.bRoyce: Mulfo d ' 0 Bri' r . INACT IVE M . EM EZZRLUVE. walier BERS 5 ' Yrm Hall kv . rown. Roberf Harry: Wlles gglandler. Jack Kris, gl' Roberi- arke' Ned L - erald DeLong' Rob Lawson. Edward Fairfield .eff Ucas. Joseph F . William Overhulfs Wi osfer, Charles Haclcefhqll Desmond powers' EAW- nsfon SOboI' In Thomas' Hugh 226 4 Ma amazon gh! Qgmn onora ry Chemical Fra Na+ionaI H OFFICERS Robert Geary Edwin Powers el Coyle Presiden+ ....................... ........ , ...,...... . Vice presideni ................. --------- Secrefary-Treasurer ........... ......... ......... S e mu WITHOUT PICTURES Elzi, Frank: Lawson. Edward: Packer, Harry: Symonds. Fr 227 ed. Row one 2 Bqyerly ' I EI . tom Coyle, Snmuel D Doullhu- F chick: Slzer , m.n: Dllllcln Row tw U Row three: oiufqilllgy, Robert: Kin' Bob C ' g ROW fburg Powe 9 l, Frnelli Phillip., J. k nl hdwinf Siu, Cla l C F ll' Q.. Row one: Akers, Florence, Avis, Emeline: Bates, Betty, Bidwell, Ruth, Brink, Rollie: Bryce, Dorothy: Row two: Curtis, Margaret, Deaton, Dorothy, Foss, Virginia, Foster, Charles, Goldberg, Bernice, Goodrich, Dorothy: Row three: Lehl, .leang l.-oplsoff, Martha, l.ucasfMaretta5 MacLeod, Ken- nethfwlanous, Florence, Martin, Mary: Row tour: Meadows, Virginiaz Messel, Claire, Nelson, Lucille, Palmer, Mlxineg Row tive: Pringle, lreneg Schultz, Jeanette: Shelton, Bernice, Spallone, Dorothea: Row six: Thomas, Alice, Van Hall, Rachel. Q . hbhwfhtbgll Mak W I-0Cal ' Phulos0PhicaI gocief Y Presidenf OFFICER5 LJICB Pfesiden,-..'-'.'g'-1-h-L ,,,,,,,. .... f----. . . I T9Cre+ary .-.---.-. --...... . Dorofl'1Y Denon rea5u'e"-- """"Chf'fles Fosf err '-""'MareH0 Lugosi ........Ali WITHOUT PI Emerick, Jun . CTU RES nf . IU: Hale' G'-ac C 6 Thgmas e: Sample, Edifhi QM gym!! Ndflon al Honora Y' ' . Y Biological pra+emi+Y Presidenf OFFICERS Vice presi ........ .. dent... - ---- - ...... Secre+ary.T,.eoSur .... Roberf Searwoy er I Richards elen Dowlin WIT g Cox. Carol: Km h HOUT PICTURES 9 f. Eleanor: Smifh u Don. S+ . rauss Mar ' Qdref, Row one: Borden, Lou Ella, Brodie, Evelyn, Corrnack, William: Denat, .lohng Row two: Dowling, Helen, Kramish, Davidg Owens, Billieg Row three: Richards, Betty, Senrway, Robert, Wood, Esther: Row four: Wurtzebach, Robertg Young, Blanche Ollie. Row one: Barcus, Delberh Bolslmw, Harrietg Goclunan, Clmrlotteg Hughey, Clareeeg Row two: Lee, Mlrtlxa Ann: Murphy, Mary: Oslrum, Martlmag Ottero, Alclag Row tlxreez Rettig, Evelyn: Snell, Marjorie: Row four: Stalmann, Marcin Jane: Williamson, Peggy 'Z ,f"" 1 Q? ' - ka yyma mah Nafional H onoraf' Y Rofnanc S . e Laflgua OCIe'l'y ge Presiden+,,, OFFICERS firegident-I-W---I "" "" "" ' ' -... ,.,. --.. l I .clarece Hughey e 'WY-Treasurer ...,,,, u.."""'Ire"'9 Winferboiham "" "" ' '-Hdfrief Bogshaw w .ITHOUT PICTURE Kunz. D0naId' 230 :I Row one: Albers, Lynn, Andrews, Vernon, Benedeclt, Josephine, Bev- erly, Elton, Blake, Aubrey, Boyles, Robert, Buirgy, Mary Louise, Row two: Bundgaard, Robert, Burkart, Norma, Garabrant, Robert, Glantz, Omar, Huber, Richard, Hyland, Maxine, Johnson, Wanda, Row three Kiley .lack King Bob Larson Lee Lewis, Arthur, Lewis, gd Q gvh Q 1 ,.lacl:,lLiss, laouglhs, McNair, Ifalph, Row four: Marchetti, Alba, Matuslty, Joe, Meyer, Ray, Mitchell, Ernest 0'Brien, Marie, Local H OFIOFG ry Mdll1ema'Hc5 F,-af - RUW live: Orange, Richard, Packer, Kyle, Phillips, Jack, Powers, Edwin ermly Powers, Fred, Presidenf OFFICERS Row six: Ridley, Thomas, Ryan, Robert, Seguin, Mary, V' ........,...... ................. R ow gevenz Showalter, Robert, Starkenberg, Carl, Verxuh, Prank. glee presldenf ,,,,.,,,, "" ---- ---, - R oberf Bundqaard ecrelery .........., , - --..... ,...Wand, Joh Treasurer ,,., .......,. Norma Bull: ...............Ricl1ard Huber WIT Anderson HOUT PICTURES . Leonard: Brelzlce Ed d Mary Kaiher. ' war g Ha - , 'neg Loup Bruce Qin. William- H ' l SCl'1um ,, ' Sym. 'nn' Plwlllp, Row one: Ayers, Dorothy, Bates, Peggy, Berenbeim, Leonard, Biggerstaff, Winifred, Biilmyer, David Bowen, Robert, Brink, Rollie, Brown, Jack, Row two: Carter, Mary Kay, Coe, Mildred, Dowling, Helen, Dowling, Patricia, Dunklee, George, Row three: Elson, Carrie, Flynn, Virginia, Fox, Robert, Ginsburg, Charlotte, Greenberg, Faye, Row four: Huggins, Mary, Jones, Elizabeth, Kent, Margaret, McGrath, Jeanette, Mattern, Caroline Miller, Lois, Morris, Selma, Murray, Louise, Row five: Notheis, Betty, 0'NeiII, Marion, Peterson, Edith, Rose, Ruth, Simpson, Jane, Row six: Spallone, Dorothea, Suskin, Elizabeth, Swihart, Marion, Thomas, Alice, Thomas, Hugh. Wi fgmnma Jflu Nafional Social Science Fraierniiy OFFICERS Presidenf ............... ........................ ........ R o beri Fox Vice presideni .............. ............ H ugh Thomas Secraiary-Treasurer .......... ......... E Iizabeih Jones WITHOUT PICTURES Capps. Hugh: Friedman, israel: Vickers. Elmo. Row one: Braden, Laura: Brown, Anita: Collins, Clem: Crabtree, Yvonne: Crane, Margaret: Dow- ling, Helen: Garabrant, Robert: Glogau, Richard: Row two: Gustafson, Russell: Hutchins, Harriet: Keeler, Robert: Lininger, Helen May: Loach, George: Row three: McNutt, Betty: Marquess, Mildred: Montgomery, Dorothy: Nelson, James: Netherton, Louise: Row four: Niedrach, Elizabeth: Nielsen, Bonnie Mae: Plunkett, Frances: Ratcliff, Jeanne: Robertson, Doris: Schaetzel, Jacqueline: Scott, Vernon: Syler, Betty: Row live: Taylor, Mildred: Thelander, Clint: Timm, Betty: Timm, Paul: Trueheart, Eddie Jo: Wallin, Ingrid: I Row six: Wilson, Ellen: Wilson, Richard: Winchester, Herbert: Winchester, Norman: Witting, Doris. yabneea me me Local Ski Society OFFICERS President ............... ................................ M uldrow Garrison Vice president ......... .......... N orman Winchester Secretary ............... ........... L ouise Netherton Treasurer ....... .................................................. E llen Wilson WITHOUT PICTU RES Ashe, Prather: Baum. Harry: Bennett, Jack: Brandt, Harry: Dol- berg. Charles: Garrison, Muldrow: Henry. Dorothy: Kunz. Donald: Lake. Leo: McBride. Don: Metcalf. Pete: Miller. Paul: Moor. Penelope: Morgan, Bill: Nelson. Jay: Nelson, Roger: Quick. Robert: Trout, Owen: White. Francis. Row one: Alzers, Florence, Badgley, Annette, Baumgarten, Dave, Buell, Robert, Butz, Mary Lou, Col- lett, Rosemary, Cook, Hilda, DeLong, Robert, Row two: Durell, Bette, Ellwanger, Kathryn, Frazier, Mary, Glogau, Richard, Gould, Doris, Gromm, Lois, Halloclc, Wiles, Hammill, Kenneth, Row three: Kornfelcl, Lewis, liininger, Helen Mae, Lucas, Maretta, Mohr, Charlotte, Morgan, Eliza- beth, Peters, Lillian, Rhoads, Mary Elizabeth, Robinson, Dorothy, Row four: Thompson, Rita, Vance, Gene, Van Hall, Rachel, Warshauer, Eloise, Weber, Don, Werthan, Gene, Wilson, Ellen. 95,944 ?hv6 Local Press Society OFFICERS President ............... .................,............... D ave Baumgerfen Vice presideni ......... .............. M ary Frazier Secreiary ........... ........ H ilda Cook Treasurer .......... ...............................................,.. E Ilen Wilson WITHOUT PICTURES Ericke, Aniha, Houk, Myrfle. .Wa WM Naiional Honorary Psychological Fralernily OFFICERS President ................ ...........................,............... J oan Wirls Vice president ........... ........... F lore Belle DeWiH'e Secretary ............ .......... C hrisline Swartz Treasurer .---..- U . ........... Lillian Peters WITHOUT PICTURES DeWi'He. Flora Belle: Poirier. Waller: Vaseen. Eleanor. ,Row one: Biggerataff, Winifredg Braden, Laura: Crabtree, Yvonne, Debler, Dorothy, Elliott, Elmira: Row two: Goodrich, Dorothyg Hafen, Karl, Harlow, Elliot Holland, Augusta: Johnson, Granvilleg Row three: Kohta, Mildag Kramiah, Arthur, Martin, Mary, Row Tour: Miller, Zelda, Peters, Lillian: Seeley, Vesta: Row five: Swartafclxriatineg Watters, Herman, Wir-ts, Joan. ? Row one: Addison, Hortense: Debler, Dorothy: Greenberg, Faye: Guthrie, Beulah: Hamman, Role Elnor: Row two: Hopkins, Barbara: McKinstry, Jeanne: Mety, Margaret: Noilxeia, Betty: Ramsey, Morice: Row three: Rotolante, Elizabeth: Schnaelsenberg, Reita: Seguin, Mary: Row four: Snicier, Virginia: Sullxin, Elisabeth: Timm, Betty: Row live: Williams, Muriel: Witting, Doris. mam, when M Local Women's Arhlefic Sociefy OFFICERS Presidenf ............. .................... ......... M a rgaref Mefy Vice president ........ ......... D orofhy Debler Secreiery ......... ........ E lizobefh Suslcin Treasurer ...... ......... M ary Seguin Qyliadwzi gkuhlakzn Qfffozemnenl Narionel S+uden'rCl1risHan Organizafion OFFICERS Co-chairmen ,....... ........ R oberf Mickey, Margaref Walfers Vice presidenl ........ ........................................,. M ary Moore Secrefary ........... ........ M ary Elizabelh Ellis Treasurer ....... ........ E lizabefh Morgan Waller Ballou David Bauman Mary Lou Bulz Elmira Jean Ellioll' Richard Crary Roberf Fox Rose Howard Dorolhy Larson Harrie? Lewis CABINET 1 Helen Mae Lininger Dorofhy Monigomery Virginia Nevans Oswald Ragalz Tom Ridley James Slowe Courfland Williams Bill Williams Back Row: Richard C1-ary, David Bauman, Courtland Williams, Tom Ridley Margaret Walters, Robert Mickey, Robert Fox, Oswald Ragatz Front Row: Elizabeth Morgan, Rose Howard, Mary Lou Butz, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Dorothy Montgomery, Helen Mae Lininger, Harriet Lewis, Dorothy Latson, Elmira .lean Elliott Qyhulezzffw Local Women's Do rmifory Council OFFICERS Presiclenf ....... ....... Secrefary ....... ...... Treasurer .... President o Hosfess of Templin Hall ......... Hall ....... Presidenf of Shuler Hosfess of Shuler Hall ....... ' r Represenfafive ....... Semo f five. ......... Junior Represen a Sophomore Represenfafive Fres Social Chairman ................ fTemplin Hall ...... hman Represenlalive .... ., ..... Louise Murray Olive Turpin ......,.Jean McGra+h .............Alice Thomas Marfha Gray ......Winifred Biggerslafl Hamman l-larriel Espey .........Bernice Balmer .Rose Elnor ........,..Irene Lawson ......... Margarel France .Margaref Ann Mayer Ro w one: Baker, Bi Row two: Gu User-nan, E. yu Hlmman, La P0371 France W: On, Ndctzrath I!0iy t hrge 2 M lyeh Ndurrash Row four: T hCHHQg"Turpin R beth Bhke Aubrey? Bowes' o Vernon? , . Andrew" Row 0116- Lee? l QD: . . . Khin, cux' Larsiam. o- Hinch, Vllmamkag- Schwalbv wi Row tw ' . Lb., D008 ' Rav' ance' 'Wyman 2' ygmza Nafi onal Honore ry Physics F rafernify OFFICERS Presidenf .............. .. ............,.... ......... L ee Larson Vice presidenf ............ ........ F rank Sievens Secrefary ............. ........... R oberf Boyles Treasurer. ....... ......... W illiam Hinch WITHOUT PICTURES Lawson. Edward: M Th a less, Arnold: Sfevens, Frank: Trouf. Owen. 1 Row one: Bryce, Guthrie, Lewin, Row two: Moniamith, Morris, Row three: Timni. Zlefaafdffali odwaczkzfea' Qkmen yhdenh Local Campus Women's Organization OFFICERS President .....,......... ...,..,4............... .........,.,, S e Ima Morris' Vice president .......... .......... H elen Monismith Secretary ............... ..,,,....., D orothy Bryce Treasurer ....................,......,.................... .,....... B eulah Guthrie Interschool Council Representative ...... ..,........, B etty Timm President ot Independent Women ...... ....,... H arriet Lewis 240 .am 0 Umm Nafional Forensic Frafernify OFFICERS presidenf '-.--l..--.'.- Q -,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,, ..,.....,. Lee Richardson Vice president ......... ------------ J Umes Needham Secrefary-Treasurer --.---4--.- Louise MUFVUY Row one: Auston, John: Ballou, Walter, Batson, Dorothy: Berenbeim, Leonard Bohmer, Louise, Row two: Eskildeon, Hugo, Garlett, Shirley, Geller, Lenoreg Harlow, Elliot, Hentzell, Pauly Row three: Higlon, Charles, Horne, Thelma, Johnson, Wanda, Knapp, Horace, Michael, Georgeneg Row four: Mohr, Charlotte, Murray, Louise, Needham, Jamesg Reiel, Ruth: Richardson, Lee: Row five: Rose, Ruthg Schultz, Albert, Williams, Williamg Yolxlavich, John. Row one: Addison, Hortense, Allen, Marion, Baer, Charline, Baldwin, Adelaide, Balent, Ann, Ben- edeck, Josephine, Benson, Marjorie, Berg, Elinor, Row two: Bethge, Norma Lee, Brown, Anita, Brown, Martha, Buirgy, Mary Louise, Burroughs, Dorothy May, Christian, Eileen, Cline, Lucy, Cline, Gwendolyn, Row three: Corkle, Margaret, Cox, Cecil, Craven, Jane, Davies, Frances, Debler, Dorothy, Diegel, Delphine, Doolittle, Betty Jane, Espey, Harriet, Row four: Falligan, Betty Jane, Fisk, Lucie, Gow, Betty, Guthrie, Beulah, Hallock, Mary, Hamman, Rose Elnor, Haney, Elaine, Harter, Dorothy, Row five: Hoofnagle, Gwendolyn, Hopkins, Barbara, Hopkins, Virginia, Hopper, Betty, Hubkey, Alberta, Jackson, Beverly, Johnson, Estelle, Johnson, Wanda, King, Mary Grace, Knauer, Mildred, Lavely, Maxine. Row Row Row Row Row Row Womeni Udfkkhb Jfaaoadlibn Local Women's Gymnasfic Sociefy OFFICERS President ............... ........................... R ose Elnor Hamman Vice presideni .......... ......... I-I orfense Addison Secreiery .............. ......... D orolhY D9bI9' Treasurer ....... ......................................... M orice Ramsey WITHOUT PICTURES Creswell, Margaret: Goodsfein. Jacqueline: Lininger, Susan: Longhari. Margareh Moor. Penelope: 50mm0f1S. Norma: 5iFOf1Q. Dorothea: Thompson. Daisy. one: Lee, Clara Beth: Lewis, Maryg Lilley, Marion: Lininger, Barbara, Lininger, Marcia, Mc- Intosh, Ruth, Mcliinstry, Jeanne: McMillan, Shirley, two: Marquess, Mildred, Mety, Margaret, Montgomery, Dorothyg Moore, Martha: Murray, Augusta: Netherton, Louise, Niedrach, Elizabeth, Noxon, Irene: three: Paul, Betty, Pease, Betty Jane: Peterson, Edithg Ramsey, Morice: Rettig, Evelyn, Roto- lante, Elizabeth: Ruth, Nancy Ann, Scarborough, Jean, four: Schaetxel, Jacqueline, Schnaclxenberg, Reita, Schweninger, Marian: Seguin, Mary: Simon, Louise: Smith, Barbara, Snider, Virginia: Spaulding, Marcia: live: Suslcin, Elizabeth: Swayze, Muriel, Tait, Jane, Timm, Betty, Van Hall, Rachel: Wales, Nadene: six: Warner, Louise: White, Mildred, Willley, Margaret: Williams, Murielg Witting, Doris. 243 JE W LQ Q fb Ag" ff A ,f:17r' Q ff' .if .Nqq f-H-'-Q7-gi,f:"':.. , .- ::,.f' PLL., bf ff ,J jf w ifxwg- xx X 'TX X xK, "4 ...L V 1 X S' 'N --N I ' x X ffjffv A'f1W'X1 SA I JMfwpQb MWNTQ f .f l V X X 'NN N N- 1 X X - 'pgs X If Q SJ -A jj! X I u 'Q W 44 1, X ff' f W M ff Lf H X' Ag" !- ! 0. X I Q Q ,ff if Q .. X F XX f X f .Z o , -' ,,",L'Zx- x XXV, L' X NRff25i77Q x , .l O ' :N X ,D vi 'I q h 'ff ' Elia 9 Q50 QDemen3t'zatZc9ni Mez by 5 Q ia I Above: Kyle Packer, Manager of Demonstrations and cheer-leader. Right: Between-the-half display at the night game with the Cou- gan of Brigham Young Univer- sity. I Despiie coniroversy over Ihe eleciion of a Demons+ra+ions Manager, field maneuvers and flash card seleciions for 'rhe I938 fooiball sea- son were superb. One demonsiralion espe- cially Jro be remembered by +hose affending The Iowa Sfale game was 'rha'r which paid Irib- u're 'ro Lorin Berry. The field was plunged info +o'raI darkness, 'raps was played, and a sfirring message fo Berry was read by Roberl Mead. To aid him, K Ie Packer had George Dunklee and Roberf Robbins on lhe field as assisianf cheerleaders. 1 IN EXPLANATION OF SPRING SPORTS The collecfion of facfs and iciures for spring sporls delays prinI'ing of 'rhe yearboofand causes many incon- veniences af I'he prinfing planfg +hereIiore. aclion shofs and sfandings of spor+s which appear a+ 'rhe end of +he year will be deferred un+iI nex'r year. ,li and iw' Qui 1 N Y 1 Front row: McCarthy, Gribbon, Hafen, Cook, Loftus, Woudenberg, Mcclard, Powers, Duncan, Tampa Second row Hallock, Henn, Naylor, Barnhart, Lewis, Tiller, King, Wright. Third row: Dietrich, Orange Foster Scott Huber, Coffey, Brawner, Binns, Karter, Daniel, Dreher. Fifth row: Hudiburgh, Ames, Peterson WH! ers Johnson, Hoggatt, Hubbard, Rambeaux, Drobnitch. Last row: Johnson, Hall, Scheffel, Alma Mater Ketchum. Realizing The possibiliTies oT a well-organized "D" Club, Clyde "Cac" l-lubbard, newly appoinTed TooTball menTor, immedia+eIy upon Talcing charge oT aThleTics, began The Taslc oT malcing The leTTermen's club a pow- erful and respecTed organizaTion on The campus. The "D" Club began This year wiTh an aTTempT To haze The Treshmen and didn'T geT any TarTher Than TirsT base. The annual homecoming dance, which They sponsor, was a deTiniTe success. due To The labors oT one or Two men. For halT oT This year The leTTermen iusT clriTTed along, having no spe- cial acTiviTies or purposes. WiTh The insTiTuTion of "Cac's" regime on The TooTball Tield, There came an incenTive To The "D" Club To organize and show ThaT They really had someThing. A compleTe program Tor nexT year was TirsT laid ouT, Then preparaTions began Tor a spring Tormal, and indica- Tions are ThaT Trom now on The "D" Club will show ThaT iT has a deTiniTe parT in campus liTe. ffeft, Ggorga Hall is in a happy mood even if he did break his leg in football. Center: Freddy Powers crippled D. U.'s chances on the cinder track by crippling himself. Right: Front row: Maris, Carter, Levine, Chandler, second row: McCormick, Bell. ,NMMA il ,M Leaving behind 'rhree years of successful Pio- neer Jruielage, Coach "Navy Bill" Saunders cul- minaled bolh Red and Gold 'rasks and foofball maslerminding al one fell swoop, wilh a sferling upsef viclory over Colorado Universiiy. H' was shorlly afler fhis Till, brillianfly climaxing +he I938 season, +ha'r Navy Bill announced his res- igna+ion from pigskin ac+ivi+ies. On deparfure 'rhe genial Memphisi+e may boasf 1'ha+ in his final lhree years of coaching, his eleven never fell lower +han +hird place in The ever-improv- ing Rocky Mouniain compeliiion. Ably assisfing Saunders was Ellison Kefchum, frosh menlor, wi1'h all-conference ralings no'r many years behind him. "Ke+ch" also lenf a very capable helping hand in 'rhe inlramural deparfmenl. 248 CreaTing well-coordinaTed bacldields ThaT produce The poinTs ThaT win games was The mosT imporTanT duTy of Clyde "Cac" l-lulobard, Denver's versaTile assisTanT TooTball coach, who also acTed in The capaciTy of baslceTball menTor Tor The Reds. "Cac" served eTFicienTly, earn- ing The praise of all concerned, and nexT season will be The man of The hour as head TooTball TuTor. Upon appoinTmenT, he said, "NexT year we'll really shooT The worlcs in The baclcfield, where ET counTs." STepping up from The ranks of Pioneer pig- skin arTisTs, Luke Terry was appoinTed To assisT Coach KeTchum wiTh his band oT Trosh lumi- naries. ,. YZ 'R 1 Q Q ABQ ll .,, I F.,-I ,nv .ag-is --L3 , .Tj,'3+ .arg 'Wil ' I . 4 N . ' -" O , 1 H , , -.,- -'- ' --- .... A... ,,. ..1. f ..- , 1 ff , -........-.,. , H, --.............h.- . -- A , ,M M ik-- X mm ...m.... .... ..-.., ,. , 1 B -' - '- H - ---- . ... . -.,..-....-,,. .. ll .......Aa! ,,,,,- I . .-,. .......,,....... . 'D , ,1,,--.4 x 1 . 4..-...nm-L . 1, , 4 lil' . 5, uv--v.g,.,.,...,,r Q 4.. . fw-fn--. fm., .,., ' v ,. My M W M C13 HQ! A U ""'i , ., ova- fw X ff rf f ., 'I li. ,.. x . vi? I x , 's I I 4 4 Q NN , -xv 5QT.' x 'F' Y ss 'Am , Ax., i ,ygswffs ' , ,gi , l': me ' ' I WMM 'l . 1 r i i , fl' KNEEIJNG: Sugarman, Richardson, Powers, McCarthy, Maio, Schmidt, Nicholas, Loftus, Gentile, Knudson, Binns, Carter. CROUCHING: Scott, Jurich, Young, McLard, Hoggatt, Conwell, Cook, Henry, Hudiburgh, Duncan, Tiller, Coffey. STANDING: Coach Saunders, Coach Hubbard, Scheffel, Wolter, Toburen, Collins, Sandburg, Christofferson, Woudenberg, Curtis, Tampa, Waltman, Schoepflm, Shade, Venzke, Barnhart, Coach Ketchum. Qldmond juflfee s7'crzL6c1ff Unpredicfable was fhe I938 edifion of fhe Universify of Denver foofball feam as fhe big Red and Gold ouffif, expecfed fo vie for 'rifular honors in The firsf campaign of 'rhe Big Seven conference, dropped fwo filfs and fied one before applying sufficienf pressure fo win a grid fussle. . l-lowiever, when all was said and done, fhe Pioneers wound up in a 'rriple 'rie for second posifion by 'rrouncing a highly favored Colorado Universify eleven in fhe finale of a queer season. Reaching fhe ulfimafe in individual rec- ognifion by being placed on fhe various all-conference rosfers. Herb McCar+hy and Ed Chrisfofferson were fhe oufsfanding gridsfers in fhe Red and Gold pigskin pa- rade. Each served in his own way: each was a sfar in vicfor or in defeaf. McCar+hy fleveioped wifh every game. hiffing his sfride in midseason. Smiling Herb was heralded as fhe besf punfer in fhe re- gion, as well as a deadly marlcsman wifh fhe sphere, buf he was mosf ofenf fhrough +he middle of 'rhe opposing fbrward walls. Big "Chris," affer barely missing firsf feam honors in I937, was able fo display his prowess noi' by playing for fhe crowd buf y fighfing for f e feam. Operafing wifh equal finesse a+ eifher faclcle. he was con- sisfenf and powerful, ripping holes for Red ball carriers and shuffing ouf fhe enemy runners. Among ofher achievemenfs, he was vofed fhe mosf valuable man on fhe feam by fhe players wifh whom he worked all year. Sv C rthi' Herb W ' sa Chnswie rio' Herb McCarthy, back Height 6', Weight I85 Ab9Ve. Elin? lAEii:,:,"::s'a , pa .cited it "He'el-iniv'::ifsivh?e ' Unh lon- O Hqw .. Ag ' Qi RI I' Denve: ge'PerqteI nally be: afgemph t an fo 5 0 B LOW - lock ' Ib lt. iam Wfacea iecongl DENVER 7--IOWA STATE I4 I Opening The season againsT a Tough inTersecTional rgval wiTh buT Twelve days' pracTice proved Too much ff 6 band of TighTing Pioneers who ell under The on- f'5UghT of Iowa STaTe's Tricky offensive maneuvers To 055. I4-7. Orlando Maio sTarTed oTT The scoring Tor The Red :nd Gold in The TourTh period by scampering Ten yards 0 llie pay dirT afTer HalI's pass To Powers, good for 38 YGVCIS. seT up The scoring Tr . Iowa had alread scored 'n 'lhe Third chulclcer as a Tiorward pass Taclced on The end OT a razzle-dazzle laTeral wenT 24 yards Tor a C0UnTer. .The clincher for The Cyclones came in The waning 'TnUTes of The Tray when an Iowa pass was ruled corn- ffeie on inTerTerence by IvIcCarThy. giving The ball io 'llle invaders on The Two-yard sTripe. On The 'follow- J19 Play, Kischer, lowa's sparlcplug. plunged over for G score. H1 In This game The RedsuiTs rang up I49 yards Through Q Glr lanes Tor Their besT aerial display of The cam- p"'Qf1. buT Tell shorT on The' ground, neTTing only 75 ?'a'ClS To l82 Tor The opposiTion. End Bill Wallace was OSI' l0r The season wiTh a broken leg. ,f 'I ef 5 .sw W 7 f x .t 1 i Yi . , wi , 7' i wir.. f l.- L xr ' -ee vfifl' ..i,llg,a.lL ' I 'Q E ,Ax N ,tg M1-"' ' I .Q ' Q ga 1 .George Haus bill! Frank Gentile, back Hush' 6 I". Weigh: no Height s' s". weight iso Ke? i g fly ' if .. his ! Ng Cecil Seheffel, end Height 5' IO", Weight l72 Deinver'n 200-pound line digs in to break up a Utah Aggies' play. Lawrence Toburen, end Height 6' 4", Weight 200 DENVER 0-B. Y. U. 20 Two Brigham Young fouchdowns in fhe firsi' quarfer s oiled Denver's firsf conference fussle, as fhey never showed enough power fo make The game close in losing 20-0. Expecfed by many experfs fo defermine fhe confer- ence championship, fhis game developed info a rouf in every deparfmenf wifh fhe Provos scoring on fhe firsr running play of fhe game wifh a 43-yard sprinf off fackle. Nof long affer fhe Cougars scored again on a pair of line pushes, a forward heave. and a Pioneer penalfy 'ro make fhe counf I4-O. ln fhe fhird session, Soffe. a versafile field general. kicked a field goal from 'rhe I6, and boofed a second on fhe firsf play of fhe fourfh quarfer fo end fhe scor- ing. Chrisfensen and Soffe were pracfically unsfoppa- ble during fhe enfire game wifh Soffe handling his feam like a veferan. Alfhough showing some signs of life in fhe fhird pe- riod, fhe locals never fhreafened fo score. while fhe visifors were in Red 'rerrifory nearl +he whole game. Freddie .Powers esfablished himself as all-conference 'fimber by his brillianf defensive play, wifh Chrisfoffer- son and Knudson showing up well on fhe offense. Ed Christofferlon, tackle Height 6' l", Weight I97 254 DENVER 0-COLO. STATE 0 Expecfing fo challc up a game in fhe win column againsf an inferior Colorado Aggie ouffif affer fwo sfraighf losses, fhe Pioneers found fhemselves wifhouf a scoring punch and fhe final gun was sounded wifh fhe score 0-0. The Farmers enfered fhe filf a 'rwo-fouchdown un- derdog. buf by spirifed baffling managed fo hold fhe Reds in fhe cenfer of fhe field mosf of fhe game. Power plays and passes alilce fell off during fhis game, wifh Denver progressing no furfher fhan fhe I7-yard sfripe af any fime. During fhe lasf fhree periods, fhe locals were confined fo fhe Aggie 40-yard marlcer. Only once did Denver seriously fhreafen fo score, fhis being -when a field goal was called from fhe I7, buf a fumble on fhe parf of AI Binns nullified fhis af- fempf. Ten Pioneer aerials failed fo connecf, and running affempfs neffed only I46 yards as Aggie punf- ing kept fhe home eleven from fhreafening during fhe laffer sfages. Neifher feam was able fo spring a ball-fofer loose for any greaf yardage, wifh small gains in midfield being fhe chief safisfacfion of bofh aggregafions. Lafe McLard, guard Height 5' IO", Weight 200 Stan Cook, center Height 5' ll", Weight IBO -Saunders and Hubbard, above, seem well pleased as Herb McCarthy, left, hurdles the Wyoming line for a substantial gain. Charles Loftus, back Height 5' l0", Weight I65 ' I for ff NIL'-if Above: Duncan sees that a Utah Ag. makes no yardage. Below: The Hawaiians slow up Maio, and the tackler is about to get downed along with the play. DENVER 7--UTAH STATE 0 Living up +o fhe hopes of 9,000 homecoming fans, lhe Red and Gold grid iuggernaul improved IOOCZJ over previous erformances 'ro beal back a speedy Ulah Siale oufiil' by a 7-0 score. I By viriue of a I5-yard pass pla . Denver racked up +he lone score of The day in lhe iiirsl period wiih Mc- Carihy piiching lo Tiller. Powers converied 'ro give Jrhe Pioneers a lead fha? was big enough fo bring them home viciorious. A dropped aerial in ihe end zone 'rerminaled lhe only Aggie +hrea'r io score, wiih Denver holding fhe fouled Farmer offensive in check Throughout Denver's line funciioned well, while McCar+hy and Hall, sopho- more, were oufsfanding in +he backfield. The Pioneers' exlra weighl in lhe froni line proved foo much for The Aggie forwards +0 handle. as 'rhey were forced back lime and again 'ro lei lvicCar+hy 'lhrough for consisienl gains. For The firsl lime during 'rhe season, Frank ScoH', soph cen+er, showed his caliber in backing up +he line and earned lhe s+ar+ing pivol spoi for lhe remainder of 'rhe season. Seven Red ball-'rofers came through wiih a 'rwo-yard or beiler average in iheir besl performance +o dale. Harold Entey Height 5' l ll", Weight l73 Sam Sugerman, back Height 5' IOL", Weight l68 V Ed Wolter, back Height 6' I", Weight l84 Harry Shade, back Height 6', Weight IB5 256 All example of the holes opened UP by the heavy Denver line 'Very time All-conference Mc- Carthy started one of his off- llclcle playa. Russell Carter, back Height 5' l0", Weight l60 DENVER 6--WYOMING 0 WiTh one win in The bag. DenveriTes iourneyed To The wind-swepT plains of Wyoming, where They spoiled The Cowboys' homecoming celebraTion by subduing Them 6-O despiTe The sTerling running of Johnny Win- Terholler, Laramie sparlcplug. LiTTle Frankie GenTile engineered The Pioneers inTo The vicTor's posiTion. while lv1cCarThy challced up The only Touchdown on a one-yard plunge climaxing a 54- yard drive. ThroughouT The TirsT sTanza, The Red-clad dynamo of The gridiron Tore Through The cenTer of The Cgyvboy line, aided by powerful blocking in The TronT wa . Wyoming's only ThreaT carried Them To The 22-yard sTripe, where The invaders sTemmed The Tide aTTer Two sTraighT TirsT downs. Near The end of The Tussle, The Cowpolces launched a series oi lengTh passes which were well aimed, buT The receivers sulillered Trom The --Iivnr A .' - Mike Jurich, tackle Height 6' I", Weight 220 - Earl Venzke, end Height 6'. Weight I94 X if :JW ' ff , T 'Qi 'i Lai? rlli T. T Wir" ' , G92 5 X Thi li 1 2 x , XX 3 X in -. ,169 al 1 '-3 fa r' A WE T'-'7' g""' 1-5? - Q ' B -5 , " K! l 1. X 4 1, f WI 'WIN . I '4 T i W ? I if W colcil To The exTenT ThaT They couldn'T hang on To The ova . HoggaTT's reTurn oT The opening lciclcoTT, which was good Tor 5l yards. was The largesT gain of The day. buT This run was overshadowed by several wide end sweeps climaxed by Laramie aerials ThaT could have spelled vicTory for The ulTimaTe losers. cf. gn., .,- ,- T , K' . 4. - .Qfu+ue9f2-3.+'- f ., V1-ijupz.-,' 1 :. i " ,'i4,f..v,-""" 4- .. , ,.i Carl Barnhart, back Height 5' l li", Weight I78 DENVER 0--UTAH U. 2I Three limes +he Uiah Redskins srruclc and +hree 'rimes lhey scored io comple+ely rouf a lisiless Pioneer aggre- gaiion in a game +hal' was designed +o eilher upsef compleiely any Denver hopes for a lille-con+ending club or pul 'rhem back in +he good graces of King Upsei. The final score was 2I-O. The Ules scored in +he firsr, second, and iourfh quar- iers, while lhe Denveriles were s'rill 'frying 'ro gel' under way righl up io 'rhe final gun. In +heiirs1' period, shiff Tom Pace crossed +he las+ s'rripe on a five-yard dash around end aller +he play had been ser up by a 43-yard run. - Again in fhe second slanza, ihe U+e machine drove 59 yards for a ially, wiih Gene Cooper complefing +he iob 'from 'rhe I I-yard siripe. Chuck Turner added The ihird six- oinfer in fhe fourih chulclcer by charging lhrough liie Pioneer secondary on a 35-yard run. Denver could peneirale no furlher +han +he 32-yard line during The fray, and a bad cenler 'ross nullified even ihis feeble +hrea'r. Powers los+ his chance ar all- conference honors when 'lhe Redskins pu'r 'rwo men on him +he whole game. fi g. Dan Conwell, end Height 6' li", Weight I74 .ssU!i"iel"'A9i if ill ' ,h,J'i" ' ,uv-' an , . Above: Denver tackled hard in the Wyoming game, an evidenced by the face on this Cow- boy runner. Right: C. U. and D. U. show what a real pile-up is when the ball is fumbled. :T-W William Wallace, end Height 5' I ll", Weight l78 DENVER 6-NEW MEXICO U. 7 Fighiing againsi a pre-game ranlcing of a ihirieen- poini underdog, a gallani, fighfing Pioneer aggregaiion fell only one poini shorl' of 'rurning +he friclc of victory againsf a powerful New Mexico Lobo ouffii in losing 7-6 on lhe winner's siamping grounds. Denver racked up The firsf score aiier Morgan Tiller recovered a New Mexico fumble on 'rhe 35-yard s'l'ripe. Seven plays broughi +he ball 'ro ihe ihree-yard line, from where Powers crashed around end +o mark up ihe rally. His conversion, which would have assured ihe Reds a Tie, was shorl and wide. Niernanls, Tennehill. and McGillvary alfernaied ai carrying Jrhe ball 'ro sei up +he Lobo score on +he six- ar line, wi+h Tennehill charging over affer faking a laleral pass from McGillvary. The conversion sailed over +he bar +0 spell viciory for ihe home club. The game was even from here on unfil +he waning momen'rs of +he fourth period. when The Denver ieam s+ar+ed a susfained drive, led by Maio, who ran and +ossed 'rhe ball 'ro lhe Lobo 20-yard line. bu+ 'rwo suc- cessive passes and a missed field goal spoiled ihe lasr scoring chances. T lm. 'Sis T f 0 W ---ess , ff-X4 f ,-J' N xiao fix lr Below McCarthy takes a roughing in the Wyoming game. Right: Colorado couldn't get far on Thanksgiving Day, with Denver clicking the heat It had all season. i i,-UK Lf 'L lf Harold Richardson, back Height 5' 7", Weight I56 Neil Taylor Height 5' IO" Weight l7l Jack Collins, tackle Height 6' 35", Weight 225 Syd Hudiburgh guard Schuyler Curtn center Height 5' l I" Weight 200 Height 6 2 Weight l70 DENVER 20-HAWAII U. I2 Wifh a .500 average +o iheir credif in conference compefifion, lhe Denver Pioneers had one of lheir bel- l'er aflernoons in furning back +he heralded Hawaii Rainbows 20-I2 in a sparkling aerial baffle, for iheir firsl non-conference win of fhe season. Coming +0 +he mainlands wilh fheir passing aH'acl: in full power, +he Rainbows mel' defeal' primarily a+ The hands of 'rheir own weapons as Maio. G-enlile, and McCar'rh alfernafed a+ +ossing for fhe Reds. The fray saw +he llocals Toss I2 lenglhy heaves good for I45 yards. On +he receiving end were Powers. Coffe , Toburen. and Hoggafl, wifh Scheffel, sophomore lackle convert snafching 58 yards worlh single-handed. Wifh only +hree minules elapsed in +he first quarler, fhe invaders scored on Francis Meyer's line buck from +he eigh+-yard slripe. Denver came back srrong 'ro rack up +wo scores in +he 'rhird quarier on passes 'ro Scheffel and were never headed. In addilion +o lhe splendid passing. Denver's loesf since +he season's opener, Maio s+ood oui' for ihe Pio- neers wi+h some snappy pun+ re+urns, ne++ing l35 yards, and McCar+hy's punfing and plunging were nole- worfhy. DENVER I9--COLORADO U. I2 More 'rhan compensaiing for a mediocre season was Denver's closing +iI+, which saw ihem rrounce a highly favored Colorado eleven I9-I2 fo assume a +ie for second place in lhe Big Seven conference. Twenry 'rhousand fans furned our +0 see rhe Red and Gold machine reach i+s grearesf heighrs in 'rurning in i+s swee+es+ viciory of The eniire season. Maio made +he iirsf score of +he game on a shilfy 62-yard run in rhe opening session afier a C. U. +ally had been called back on a holding penalfy. An aerial bombardmenl provided ihe second Denver score. Maio rossed lo Powers, who was prompily +ackled on 'rhe seven. Two runs nefied lwo yards. and rhen 'ihe Trinidad speedsier faded back and iossed io Tiller in 'rhe end zone for The iouchdown. Anoiher pass, from McCar+hy io Tiller, was good for Tori -five yards and a ially, giving +he Reds a I9-O leacllbefore ihe Boulder ou'rii'r ever goi under way. Ai' +his oini' Dick Kearns eniered 'rhe game and heaved +he ball 'ro Lou Liley, filly yards away, for ihe firsl Colorado score. Wi+h seconds remaining. Denver airempied 'ro pass, and Kearns iniercepred ihe ball, running if back lO2 yards from behind his own goal fo score again. Tampa blocks a pan in the sec- ond quarter of the Thanksgiv- ing Day game. 'P . 'H' Bill Nicholas, guard Allison Binns, back Height 5' S", Weight l70 Heishr 5' IO". Weight I75 Barnhart races around end to chalk up several yards against the Rain- bow team from the Hawaiian Islands. L,-s i-if1 Jo--s Lawrence Young, tackle Height 6' Z". Weight I95 Dick Sandburg, tackle Height 6', Weight l95 Qdzamoncf gufzfee Cage 'For'runes al' 'rhe Universiiy of Denver +oolc a sligh+ lurn for The beHer in l939 as 'rhe Hubbard- coached hardwood ar'ris+s managed +o sneak info lhe winning column 'rwo more fimes +han in l938. wil'h a fofal of four games won and eigh'r los+ in conference compe+i'rion and one vicfory againsf six defeafs in non-conference skirmishes. Finding +heir own sfronghold, +he Pioneer gym. +he only abode where 'rhey could successfully sfave off +he eFFor+s of 'rheir foes, 'rhe Crimson and Gold baslcefeers managed 'ro win four ou+ of six home encoun+ers while dropping every 'fill no'r played on 'rhe local maplewoods. excep'r one a+ +he Ff. Collins gym. 'rhe lasl' game of 'rhe season. Coach Hubbard was assisled by Ellison Kelchum in all of fhe varsi'ry drills, while Luke Terry coached 'rhe frosh luminaries. clyae "cas" Hubbard Ellison Ketchum Qiaslgefgaff icy uae! Conference Compelilion Wyoming U. 44 ........................ 'Denver U. 4I Colorado U. 52 ........ ..... ' Denver U. 3I Wyoming U. 44 ........ ..... D enver U. U'rah U. bl ........ ..... D enver U. Colorado Slale 46 ..... ..... 'Denver U. Ul'ah U. 44 ........ ..... ' Denver U. Colorado U. 55 ........ ...... D enver U Brigham Young U. 49 ......., . ...... 'Denver U. Brigham Young U. 52 ........ ...... D enver U Ufah Slale 64 ........ ...... D enver U Ufah S'ra+e 54 ............... ...... ' Denver U Colorado Shale 28 ........................ Denver U Non-Conference Compe+i+ion Greeley S+a're 37 ........................ Denver U Greeley Slale 48 ....... ...... ' Denver U Darlrnoulh College 56 ....... ...... ' Denver U. Creighlon U. 54 ..... ...... 'Denver U. Missouri U. 5l ........................ 'Denver U, Colorado College 47 ........................ 'Denver U, 'Games played on lhe home floor. 263 Luke Terry Hoyt Brawner WiTh a nucleus oT Norm Maris, "I-lugo' ing sophomores wiTh which To build. "Cac' prese-nTed a capable iT somewhaT inexperi- enced guinTeT on The Tloor oT The ciTy audiTor- ium during The ChrisTmas holidays To play in rapid order DarTmouTh college, CreighTon universiTy, and Missouri U. ln The TirsT Two games "buck Tever" pre- venTed The DenveriTes from closely pressing The barnsTorming visiTors, buT againsT The Tigers Trom Columbia, Missouri, laTer To be co- TiTle holders in The Bix Six conference, Larry Toburen, Cook, lvlaris, and l-loyT Brawner led a sparkling Pioneer aTTacl4 which almosT nipped The visiTors, only To Tinally go down by a 5l-48 margin in an overTime period. l-learTened by This gre-aT showing, The Pio- neers opened The Big Seven conlierence sea- son deTermined To upseT The Wyoming Cow- boys, and in a game which saw The Crimson and Gold ahead aT half-Time 2l-IO, The more experienced and Taller lads Trom Laramie elced ouT a 44-4l Triumph in Two hysTerical overTime periods. Left: Against Colorado University the Denver men made a esperate but vain attempt to pull the game out of the fire, ut never quite succeeded. Below: Cool! shoots a long'one. Right: One game in which Denver showed the visitors what xt was all about: the Brigham Young game. Walla, and "Solly" Coolc and a hosT oT promis- 264 16 1 X 'xl lk-uf A N Larry Toburen Ed Mcwlllxams Walt Walla H, 'Sk WM' 1:2 I J Q ! f. ro V u Left, top: Larry Toburen. Left, bottom: Maris drops one in the bucket. Center, top: Walter Walla. Center, bottom: Maris is in the clear again. Right, top: Norman Marin. Right, bot- tom: Brigham Young hu a goal added to their ICOTG. Stan Cook , si A X n fl V I N If, if , ,. v y Harold Estey Richard Huber Ed Walters These Two narrow deTeaTs suTFered because oT The predomi- nanT sophomore elemenT failing To come Through in The "clinch" caused a dropping in spiriT Tor The nexT Tew games and iT was noT unTil Colorado Aggies came To Town ThaT The Pioneer cagers re- gained a winning sTride in conference compeTiTion, alThough in The meanTime They had spliT a Two-game series wiTh The Greeley STaTers in non-conTerence.TilTs. ATTer beaTing The Aggies 46-40 in a Thriller in The Denver sTronghold, The Pioneers again rose up Two weeks laTer To beaT a heavily-Tavored UTah quinTeT 44-4l in a game which saw l-lo T Brawner, sophomore Torward, score 27 poinTs, Tor The besT indi- vidual TeaT oT The season. LaTer The Crimson and Gold shirTs beaT The Cougars from Brigham Young aT home and Took The Aggies' measure Tor The second Time aT ForT Collins To Tinish The season in a Tie Tor TourTh and TiTTh place in The second year oT The Big Seven conTerence. HLMTY. T Tim U l Muscles ripple when offense and defense both attempt to get the ball. 266 i ,L :X 4' I X'- 'A ' l X I ' . X V w Q. " .- , "','g" ji' Y . 5 o, Tu W: Vfyi ' J ' ' 1 Ge0Y'8'e Hall Norman Maris j x. nf. Mark Duncan l I V o fix 7 X .9 2 7 ax lt looks like somebody is foul- , ing somebody, but figure it out for yourself. Aj xl ra lj Q SN . xx 5. 'fili -c J Y J Granville Johnson, coach x if? . W . I . A W , . , . K. 4 - 1 .X- Edson Nyswander Warren Johnson Lafe McClard Robert Naylor 'lUzef.1tfi'nq Showing up well in 'rheir inlercollegiaie slcir- mishes wilh Greeley, Mines, Wyoming, Uni- versily of Colorado, and Colorado Aggies, ihe Universily of Denver grapplers failed +o come lhrough in ihe conference maiches al Colo- rado Aggies. placing fourlh in lhe slandings by winning four malches and losing len. No individual man s'rood our in lhe win col- umn: however, Roberl Naylor, Jack Ames, and Lafe McClard won lhe maioriiy of 'rheir 'ran- gles wilh olher conference men. Oulcome of lhe individual conference marches were: Greeley 24, Denver IO: Mines IO, Denver 24: Universiiy of Wyoming I6, Denver lo: Universily of Colorado l2lf2, Den- ver I2lf2: Colorado Aggies 34, Denver O. ' During The year wresllers a+ Jrhe Universily, regardless of academic rank, were raied by Granville Johnson, wreslling coach, as 'ro 'rhe besl wresllers in respeciive weighls on lhe squad. These men were Rodger l-lenn, l2I lbs.: Joe l-larval, I28 lbs.: Roberl Naylor, I36 lbs.: W. R. Johnson, I4-5 lbs.: Joe Schmidt l55 lbs.: Ed Nyswander, l65 lbs.: G. B. Johnson, Jr., I75 lbs.: and Lale McClard, heavyweight FN-. rl Lafe McClard has a hard time wi ling out of A cradle hold by Jack Ames gives the cou I 88 Granville Johnson, .lr.'s body sciuors. to Joe Schmidt. 9:54 M ,aff H 5 .px , , f SV . A N W :N . . 1 M .QM You try to figure out If possible, the hold If any, that Naylor hu on Henn Rodger Henn 2 6 9 rm Znjaaelall Wi'rh high hopes for anolher championship on fhe baseball diamond, afler garnering 'lhe 'rop posilion in conference s+andings 'For 'lhe pas'r fwo years, 'rhe Universify of Denver 'ream 'rook spring praclice very seriously. Lou Ma- honey again foolc over lhe coaching iob, hav- ing relinquished il lo "Cac" Hubbard lasl year. In 'rheir l'irs+ non-conference encounlers wi'rh 'rhe School of Mines, Greeley, ancl several Den- ver high schools, The Denver men easily 'rrounced each opponent giving all of 'rhe pilchers 'rhaf much-needed praclice and lhe coach whole leam a lol more confidence. Lou Mahoney' , i ya, in ,yn 1'l'f'i M i 'f L , .Y ,, ,, Q ? 'Z ' fiiff'TQfD 47 ' ' s l l " -f Q Xb r c ,c - 45' 1 ' ', , 'M-f i Q i 'Vli M. i - . 4 ' J Lf , 'i I m il- 'XA' M '5 , ,, " I ' , , fi '55 12" I A ' r .-V71 1 I MAH? if , 1 V ' . ,JH F A I A I ' 4 5 .l.. -Q, l Dick Orange i Dick Huber "Butch" Schelfel Q? foul ln non-conference baseball games on the practice Held, the players and audience mingle cheerfully on the bench, while Lou Mahoney, coach, paces up and down the length of the seats, trying to give the boys that added ounce of confidence needed. 270 Man ou'rs'randing seniors were losl by grad- n ua'rion asf year. buf +l1ere were lus+ as ma y oulslanding underclassmen 'ro fill +l1eir posi- lions and keep flue old ball rolling. ' ' b ball Playing on +l'1e Diamond Jubilee ase Team 'rl1is year were: Ralph Gribbon, George l-lall. l-lerb McCar+l1y, and John Maley, pilcli- ers: "Bu'rcl1" Schelilel, and Dick Orange, calch- ersi l-lerb McCar'rl1y, "Bu+cl'1" Sclweffelh or Merl Reece. firsl base: Bill Konopka and Gus Levine. second base: Robby Richardson, 'rlwird base: Bob Jusfrnan, slworrsfop: Sian Cook, Dick l-luber, Wall' Walla, Frank Genfile, and Pere Samac. ouhfielders. ' 1 Geo, ' y ge ' 7 . Q4 nu-., ' . .,, J wg I at , 0 M .Y S f' f' F W lgi,g-'i.k.Q.ww6', g' 41' J ' , st.-,xmpiv ' - i sg 1 K .K Y' in N5 A 5 W ,W 'V N k A I 5 I -V F Q ??f:5ek,,WAf..:,3- A 1 A I yi VW! 5 L sf I l l K H g. ,ik gb R . A f V.: - rar ', .u ' ' 1 ff . , ' 5 1 . rg- -1 , ' Wx A ' 'lf' , . . Q . ,l i... k r , 1- A " ' L gg f A ," mga M - , : , Ssww-. ,I , k - -v-'3w,, N , Q fr' ' 49'..v' ' j A ' 3 ' " A is as r f' i we ky -ma, '. ' ' K' ,-L-gs' sq' Q as i'f W -W , A. 9 A ' T5 ' if H v ' . A A K ig .X 2 -l -M. we -g i wi . ' " i f f-is-gmAy+i,gXQr.3f Ay, x Aw . M V 5 Q ,, rf' r - Y ,f ,iz Fran s. 1 Herb fr I Q . N rf , ., ' ,K K if. V '-5' .4 x by so A, il ' JY Xa X Q1 . :VX 'hm Wall' Wana A' G us Levine 2 71 Me" Reece I , xjfvfig -lvrggffia f .2 ' ., ,.s 'i .4 xf. K N, ry' rv 2, it wwf N N S im., ,, John Maley and flu v . :Jiri pv.,Qrii3fc,W - . .,Yw1,. Y K1 Q i Jj, :mfg L4 ,A lm A in I .-.. . .., g -r .M S V It Gentile , , Rqbb ef Q. .s YR1cha,.dson Q ., "' gy Q il' ir 'L 9. .-Y W, li K me-fr W " K gm i"g as ,Q . Q . ' 3 3.3.1, f , . K - Y Q. 4 A V X. ' ' f W c. 'f I W so D. A Q- r 2 S s 'B fl K l M f H St il if s gifffwlfirgr. N HM' " ' W" 'TT WA.,-' an C - if i 001: R Mwfwmars' -. Is RalPll G,-ibbon 40 li "Lib ' Bob Jllsfman, Bill s. 920406 ,., .""J ' 'g-,a K' -' .. , 1 , , , 1 New-fn: 4 -I. 'gi-.5 as I. , 2 ' .,...P Kneeling' M C ,752 . ag! fd! the .mmedmte eonien Dan Hoggnlla in l . whip, often onferonw Pole vault tcrsxplg fee!- c clear! th' bu l . ' ' 19 , . c ormiclc, King, Ring, Juricli, McClarcl, Hafen, Peterson 'l"bb Standing: Schuman, Marie, Hoggatt, Wri ht K ' x g, , TV , 2 N f 1. . W" A f. .V.,. , 'Q ,, 'vm lv' y .V ,wa 0 , ,I 2' . Vxwq-auf' 'ft V V A ,,w-'W F9 24 , I ettl, Hallock, Simon, Conch Haynes. g , ramnh, Daniel, Haiglx, Morgan, Shade, Denerich B Twomlaley. , eyer, Doud, '1 I IJ f l 'TW K , -V ,Q L :wi-.N '.f age , mi ""3f, , " y 7 M,-,, , iv , 7 W Maw,Tff'ff'f,v,3,f,,:f"Aj,4..,,mJ?x,4f,f".1f A l .gzuggfhrlyw my f, 1 ' AA In A ,UN M, ,vw F , ,, ., "" lg ,. ,Kali wh ,,,, A 1 'J , I ll Q -1 . f' V . Q r I ' "',f' , "IAJ,,p-fag., ' ' 'u nl. L. 3 1' """"' . 1 ' 'lu M ,A -1 1 K xv .1-W -K . ,W , . 1 -. y K 3' Az .4..-Y---'Q' ,w el '43 ' . :m r - 'g'g,,Lif"'i1 fy JN 'M' 'rv' .H,T' W , ' V . I .h X ,. 5 1 Q , v 1.35: Q 1 . X , ,..---JY' 4 H 1 - -' Q -l L e- 4 EUHR" - o 1.. . -f- - , ,W :A o 'A .nf ,,,- - lf- '. A" 1 "' ,,.:.i,.V,", KE' f 1- A . , In V 2, ' 'V f ', I '+- f'9 5'Z +1 A A-5 f 1 5 . o 5 , 5,3 ww," YP" . . . 1 L ' K, . fkffrff-ef,ff'Af V il ear' ' ' 1 ",w l . , ' ' M i as l 1 B -" . , ll A 1 Z 1 V . JW' I fl ' W A . A , 1 c0lll3li' , 1 ,ny leads ll ll lone endurlncev Cnr' Hahn mu - 1 wah .xcev"""' ants in the mil' 'lm' 2 7 2 1 VT A, J .4 XF At Wyoming Shade began the mile relay and kept with his opponent until the last few yards of the lirst quarter. pw 4 I Q1 pvl J we 7 4 'P' ' H ffl, ,s 9 '-. -J'i0',, ' i ew' ur Fir r q F if ww if ' , f g .1 . 1 mg 4, - i. 'J i Tia : 3- 315451 "fn, rl 1 A 'w - up P 1 nf., vmvlm. , 'go- f::'r-QQ fr. .i J 3,93-.l . v,.,q., -' ,, rw Fr? A' ix.: 1 ,mtl iifwg-,zgyivx-,ml , r ' s -' ,.wwq,,nr, ysqifu--M2 as-1' . l "5 ,'f'f1'f 3-fit. -l:.f.,,.-'Q'."1 l' H f'l:'4 A perfect pass to King sends him off on the second quarter of the relay, but he is unable to catch the Wyoming man. ,Qs GN .1 A '41 'Q 5. 5 l 0 . 5 lim l T lv: . ' Q72 ,il AQ. Q 2' ,Si V is King passes to McCormick, who McCormick has closed up six yards Hallock comes through on the last takes off with a determined look on of the ten-yard gap, and now it is up quarter and finishes four yards hi' flce- to Hallock ahead of the Wyoming relay team ai yypqyyys. , ,i x 391- ...,. , l ' i - - tiiksz: - ',' , Q 6- ' 'i S fluff'-'W' -'ff 5 'iv .-i f .4 Assn, 84' fl ' -, . '. V' . l, i A is '55 ' s - L.-. Y Q , Alihough iniuries and ineligibllihes of nearly J- 'R f-' A A a ihird of lhe Jrraclc ieam kepi several 'rop- ypy' f 4 l ,QI F I J notch runners ou'r of compeiiiion. ihe Univer- an ...fl l' -'Q . A C I y sity of Denver men of 'rhe cinders and field -""' f ' ' an s "-' J' were no pushover, as Colorado Aggies and 'rhe , 5 2 -, 5 Universiiy of Wyoming found ouf in lheir enf couniers wi+h 'rhe Denver 'ream a+ The firsi of 'rhe season. Coached by Eddie l-laynes, a former Denver +i+le holder, +he Diamond Jubilee 'rraclcsfers began Training during March. However. due To very adverse weaiher condiiions. 'rhe run- ners and weighi men would have had 'ro prac- tice on snow shoes six ou'r of seven days. while +heir opponents had warm field houses 'ro keep praclicing and +0 lceep in condifion. LeH'ermen who reiurned +o 'rhe lraclc this year were Jack Daniel, Karl Halen, Wiles Hal- lock, Dan I-loggaii. Roberl' King, Norman Ma- ris, Fred Powers, Phil Schuman, Bernard Wrighr and Harold McCormick. Right, topg Hallock wins the 220 against Wyoming, with Wright pulling in second, 273 Center: Beyer and Tibbetts stretch out gn the 220 low hurdles. Bottom: Hallock, Den- ver's outstanding speedster, wins the quarter mile run. 4 ,- i .--. ""?!"' fbfnub T Each player'n girl friend comes ou! to cheer him on to I victory and to, incidontllly, chew All of her linger- ' T nails of. wi' co-'f""du frail . get W- A , ko Q ' M Jaw umuzzyiu M05 George of ,,,f a el r av Wifh a ream iusf as good or beHer fhan Iasf year's. lhe Universiiy of Denver's lennis squad looked +o a very suc- cessful season, expecfing +o finish a+ fhe +op of The win column, or ai leasl' To break even in games won and los'l'. The rennis coach fhis year is Professor Ari' Lewis. Hopes bolslered by an early win over Greeley Teachers and a close loss ro ihe New Mexico Lobos. +he ne+ men praciiced wifh zesl for fhe coming games. This year's fen- nis squad consisled of "Muzzy" Mosko, George Dunklee. Arl' Lewis. Ed Omohundro, Jack Chandler, Bob Mead, Bob Runnels, Russell Gusfafson, Hugo Eskildson. Jack Nassim- bene. and Bruce Loup. 274 S90 , M i., . 'fT'iff' J , ,fl ,QF . T. 1,caa2:u, ,, j T , Y gui, 5. M T' -' -1- A .. 1. . - figs f 'T fl m ' 'ii-1' 1' if5y,y,1'ff?."wL. 'L fy -g 'Mn 'v JW., -F 2.4921 fYTif flf.fw.+I:f - ,g:,m5k'q:ggM A 3' . .4if'f,i ' Qfqiqfy I' 'ff1i'iL'1-il ' .' 'Lf' A '39, .W . -'lm ' Fuller Pbil Rowe Bill Seb Pete MQfca Will: If Frgd Don Norblom 8.1, r,.c,,,r .hclk War 275 DQ'- Rllnell qunlhon "Give Them plenTy of pracfice TilTs," is The moTTo of "Cac" Hubbard in all sporTs which he coaches. and his coaching of golf is no excep- Tion. During spring pracfice "Cac" lcepf his men busy playing againsf each oTher and com- pefing wiTh several non-conference foes. To ave The men on Their Toes aT each pracfice meeT, he did noT choose The final Team unTil The Time had come for The firsT crucial game. Earl s ring ames dis la ed To -nofch birdie-iineria in Frei Bell. Jr.. End, Don Ngrblom. who fairly sizzled The greens wiTh Their drives and puTTs. In This sporT The School of Com- merce conTribuTes many excellenT golfers for The Team. Diamond Jubilee golfers are Don Norblom. Jim Fisher. PeTe MeTcalf, Marcus Genera. Phil Rowe. Bill Schwalb. Fred Bell. Russell Gusfafson and Bob Tescher. yuh j o f a , Qwma hoo, db A nan. nw, Bali g a Y I 4 f 45 .ii , I 1. l 'V i """"-9-.'1.'.p1 '.,, 4 1 13,2 vi 'iii ,r-r - - -... , .- ' , 1, ' Q -Ml I ' ""'. A .l""r: -1, ,x Awful. l2a....,,,,f,,r,!,g uf-'MH ,.n5m i sv -s 'W 'K Y Q A gl wi ' V- Q l L .,1' N V ' '. si -i X s , 'M ' :fx , f l '---l.lffL+,gw,fzf1,ri,- 1 ' V, ' " 1 i' 'M U ,1 F , 4 Y' -. Lg' A, H A 1 , N ff I r . i r if 'il 4 '15 'VI Upper left: Lambda Chi Alpha football team, intramural champs. Rillhu A thrilling plunge play by Sig Ep in the championship game. Center left: Agile Lew Young flips a fellow acrobat. Lower left: Commefce Freshmen and Sophomores muss it up on the cem " ent campus." Designed 'ro provide arhlelic compelilion for men who are nol quile up To varsily slandards, lhe l938 inlramural program. direclred by Granville Johnson and Ellison Keich um, was marked by many favorable changes over previous programs. Beller ollicialion, belrer sporlsmanship. more in- 'reresi lceener com e+"r' , p 1 ion, more adeguale super- vision, and lhe enlrance ol 'rhe Bizad fralernilies made 'rhis year's acrivily rhe mosl successful in years. Excelleni oliliciaring of all acliviiies by Jim Bromm was successful in eradicaling 'rhe perly dis- pures lhal blemished former schedules. fiihigx 5' lll' ll! ' 1 iam :gr Vx- V--, :f fiillf QI ' ,JI Z' -- ,X 276 f' and 64144 Above: Commerce underclassmen strive to soak their opponents in a tug-of-war fight. Above, right: Sigma Phi Epsilon runnerup football team. Center right: Keith Johnson and Jack Detrick lead their classes in the interclass egg iight. Bottom: The egg fight was a royal success after the audience donned gas masks for the fray. Overshadowing Their mosT powerful rivals. The Lambda Chis, Sig Eps, and Kappa Sigs sTaged a Three-way race Tor The TooTball TiTle, wiTh The Lambda Chis capTuring The pennanT Trom The Sig Eps in Their second playolif en- counTer. Picked on The Clarion all-inTramural Team were six Sig Eps. Tive Lambda Chis. Carrying Their gridiron TacTics onTo The cage courT, The sTar-sTudded Kappa Sigs cap- Tured The baskeTball championship from The Pi Kaps in a hard-ToughT TiTle game, culminaTing a spiriTed spliT round-robin TournamenT ThaT saw every Team Turn in aT leasT one win. The downTown TraTs enTered The hardcourT Tourney Tor The .TirsT Time wiTh damaging eT- TecTs To many of The sTronger campus quinTeTs. ATTer Two years of dominaTing The Tield, The Phi Sigs were knocked ouT oT The Table Tennis pennanT by The A. K. Psis, who mo ped Them up in The Tinals, 5-2. The BeTas Took3Third wiTh a veTeran Team. In volleyball. The Sig Eps wenT Through The season undeTeaTed To Take The crown, while The Pi Kaps, whom They deTeaTed in a 'Final round game, capTured runnerup laurels. MosT poTenT of all independenT clubs were The Sons of ResT aggregaTion ThaT Took The all- school grid TiTle Trom The L. C. A.'s, and The BeeT Diggers, who won The cage crown. Track. soTTball, and horseshoes promised close races among inTramural conTesTanTs Tor laTe spring quarTer skirmishes. 277 r . '45 I V' gggx r A. I U S V. .Q gglq ggi: in N-gn 1. W I Above: Dorothea Strong proved herself not allergic to horseshoe: and won the champion- ship in that department. Right: The W. A. A. Council, composed of Miss Rilling, Ruth Dalton, Rose Elnor Hamman, Hortense Addison, Bar hara Hopkins, Dorothy Dehler, Morice Ramsey, Mary Seguin, Virginia Snider, and Reita Schnacl: enherg, controlled all activities. Our Diamond Jubilee year. i938-I939, has been one of irue pioneering and progress for ihe many coed acfivifies ceniered in ihe gymnasium. Under fhe able direcfion of Miss Mabel S. Rilling and her graduafe assisianf. Miss Rufh E. Dalion. hockey sfar and fennis champion from Iowa, fhe women's rec- reafional program wen? forward rapidly and efiicienfly. Over fhree hundred women were enrolled in afhlefic classes and approximaiely 200 girls parficipaied regu- larly in fhe exfra-curricular acfiviiies. For fall and spring quariers, women in 'ihe gym classes were al- lowed fo choose ihe sporf in which 'rhey wished fo receive insirucfion. Classes in iennis. archery, swim- ming. badminion, deck fennis. golf. and riding were oliered. A new game, Hi-Li, a variaiion of ihe famous Spanish baske? game. was infroduced and enjoyed by men and women. Sludenf assisianis in the deparimeni- were Horiense Addison. Doroihy Mae Burroughs. Jeanne McKins+ry, Mariha Moore. Rufh Glasier, Morice Ramsey, Mary Seguin, Reila Schnackenberg. These girls coniribuie much fo fhe efficiency and the exiensiveness of gym and sporf acfivifies. Mary Seguin was fhe very capa- ble sport manager for W. A. A. and did a remarkable piece of work in carrying out iournamenfs and defails of spori organizafion. Horfense Addison as vice pres- idenf of W. A. A. was largely responsible for 'rhe social meefings. suppers, banquet and Play Day. For fhe fenfh consecuiive iime, the W. A. A. Round- Up, a colorful cowboy picnic held ai Daniels Park, in- froduced coeds io the spori program of fhe associa- tion. Over sixfy girls with Miss Rilling and Dean Bell offended ihe Round-Up this year. Immediaiely following ihe picnic, hockey goi' under way with II4 girls eniered in a iasl' inierclass round- robin lournameni. This year ihe Junior feam won championship honors. As usual, volley ball was fhe mosi po ular sporf of ihe year, wifh nineiy-+wo girls playing 'iiie enfire sea- son. The swiif Alp a Gamma Delia Buff ieam won firsi place in fhe iournamenf. Tennis, badminion. horseshoes, and archery kepi many girls occupied uniil lafe in +he fall. Swimming waslhed weekly during ihe year ai ihe Y. W. C. A. poo . The baskefball iournamenf broughl' forih fhe keenesf compeiiiion of fhe whole year in feam games. Affer ihe Sigma Kappa ll 'team played off a fie wiih Inde- pendenf ll feam for league winner. ihey deieafed ihe lndependenl' I group. winner of fhe second league. for championship. The D. U. Baskeiball Team a group of ien girls selecfed from all 'l'he ieams. represenfed lhe Universiiy ai Wyoming U. during fhe baskeiball Play Day on February l8. The high spol' in RAC acfivifies for ihe year was 'lhe Commercial Rac uei' Ball held lasi' fall. ai which iwo hundred sevenfyfliive couples came dressed as com- mercial producfs. Spring quarier broughf fhe greafesf number of girls fo ihe gym for sporis since badminfon. Hi-Li, fennis. archery, riding. swimming, horseshoes, golf as well as baseball were sponsored. Once in seven years fhe Universify of Denver's Women's Afhlefic associafion is hosiess +o nine ofher colleges and universifies. This year, on May I3, ap- proximaiely 200 girls and fheir sponsors came fo Den- ver for a Play Day, called this year "A Pioneer Day oi Sporl's." Shortly affer Play Day. on May 26. fhe an- nual W.A.A. banquef. af which new members are recognized. cups are awarded. and new ofiicers are insial ed. broughf fo a close fhe sports for fhe year. N 539-fx, cf Q! Xxx K 5 Xi V H J N! .X ! XR-I ,J V ix Z -E F V In Q- --.. P F11 1 fl 'L 279 '45-ur' Corner: Martha Moore was tops in the Badminton content. Left: Ono hundred and fourteen girls turned out for the Hockey tournament. Right: Sigma Kappa ll, winners of basketball: left to right: Elaine Haney, Ellen Wilson, Doris Witting, Jacqueline Schaetmel, Betty Timm, Margaret Moty. Below: Baseball aspirantug left to right: Muriel Swayle, Charline'Baer, Vir- ginia Hopkins, Ruth Mclntosh with hall, Bette Falligan on home plate, Mar- cia Spaulding, Martha Moore, Dorothy Williams. I in 'aff' -7 ' .0311 Top: D. U. Basketball Team, a group of ten girls selected from all teams. Second: Alpha Gamma Delta volleyball champs, kneeling: Barbara Shannon, Dorothea Strong, Bette Falligan, Ruth Mclntosh, standing: Maxine Lavely, Charline Baer, Etta Mae Cadle, Barbara Hopkins. Third: Group sports managers, Anita Brown, Jeanne McKinstry, Marcia Spaul- ding, Muriel Williams, Muriel Swayze, Charline Baer, and Clara Beth Lee. Fourth: Hockey champs, Martha Moore, Katherine Thatcher, Muriel Williams, Ruth Mclntosh, Delphine Diegel, Clara Beth Lee. W ' ' 5 -'fini 'V fxM",,j1Q5.ff' I A STR ...M 7' J I xW gnu N NL-VIJHEQ-JMX Below: All of the three hundred girls in the gym classes are Put through a strenuous body-building routine by rhythm fundamell studies in Modern Dance, self-testing activities, tumbling, and Cha' lenge stunts. Bottom: Tennis champs, Louise Warner, Anita Br0Wn' Barbara Hopkins, Gwendolyn Hoojnagle, and Virginia Hopkins. tally -uv, ,,. 0 af" IN MEMORIAM Thomas Russell Garlh, Professor of Psychology John Albano, Liberal Arls Sophomore True Pioneers of 'rhe Universily of Denver ' wzokwzbn K, .XX - XX-T X 1 -Z L A' f" fj H-pl.: ,gin 1 fi X X- nf Jef .,.. 1, 'I "Qi ka.. . 'f'f,1ff.,f"3- 3. gi A' -',w 1 ' ' ,l "-'iff flap. V. ,'1,1'- ik L ':yi if "if 'Y . ... ' ii 7,3-' Af' -5 T' 1 i A' R If Q- ' 1' ff'-2' i1'x.i4,""?'q": ' I 1'1- T .. ' ,.f- '9 7 r'1'4L F4 7 ' ' 1 IM, fs , . ,,,f-. X 1 . , V X. ,4,, 4 A , ' . ,,, ,,nv"-- '. .J N 71" , f fan' L, .QQ i141-"1-'T NMT'AA:l, T' fl' , , 's ! 'J::r,'.x 's., ,xx Ml!! 5' ,' ' ' '+- ,qv A 05'-. -' ' " ' ' l flv, C ' - - ful A. T f T C 21, I 5 If t F ,J 5 ,aj I 'I -' A . - - f . - 1-Z-I ' '- ' 3" "- ..-. f . V ff . ' - 1 as rj. f 4 , Qi - 52" ' " . .1 7 i..-- ,fagjlf - ty I .27-'32, . -f- 11- 1 - X . ,, - T ---,,...-...--'L V - fr-N sf- 1 ll - 1 V- - f"f " l ,, " 'J ' FQ! " lx ',-- -in -.,..- .Nj ' NNN. X fs,-x s . ... Among lhe many fhings fha? are necessary for fhe publishing of a lruly successful annual. fhere are fwo fhaf sfand our foremost The are The undersfanding inferesf and cooperafion of s+uden+s and faculfy and 'lhe unsellish aid and advice of compelenf phofographers and lifhographers. The edifors and slaff members of The l939 Diamond Jubilee Kynewisbolr have been exceedingly 'Forfunafe in having such invaluable support We wish fo express our deepesl' ap recialion fo 'rhe following: The Bradford-Rob- inson Prinfing Company for ifs never-ending aid in helping us fo compile fhis earbook: Soders+rom's Sfudio for fheir cooperafioh in phofographing all sfudenfs in The classes and organizafion secfionsz Publisher's Press for fheir excellenf worlc in makin our cover: Harold McCormick and Richard Glogau. who devofed seemingly endless thours 'lo all phofographs in +his book: Ed Huffman for his beaufiful color phofo raphy: Wayne Jor- dan 'For his originalcover design. leH'ering. and division pages: ang fhe many s'ruden+s and adminisfrafion members who so generously cooperafed in edifing +his Diamond Jubilee ediiion of 'rhe Kynewisbolc. 24I Allen. Martha. 82. I66 Berg. Dorothy. 82. I68 Abbot. Alice Janet. 72 Abels. Jacques. 82. l26 Abernatha. Eugene. 72. l32 Aclrerly. Maran. 72. IB6, I99. 2l6 Adamson. Charles John. 37. I58 Addison. Hortense Witalrer, 37. l28. I66. 236. 242 Addison, Mariorie. 37. l26. I66. 237 Agnew. Harold, 37. 82. I58. 208 Alrers, Florence E.. I28. l29. I68. 205. 2I9. 228. 234 Albano. John. 72, I88 Albers. Lynn. 72. 23l. 224 Alders. Jane. I2 Alldredge, Robert. 82 Allen. Marion. 82. I25. I52, 2l0. 2I I. 242 Alley. Elaine. 82. I76 Allman, Earl. 82 Alpha Gamma Delta. I52. IS3 Alpha Kappa Psi. I54. l55 Alpha Lambda Delta. 200 Alpha Nu. 20I Alpha Xi Delta. I56. I57 American Institute ot Electrical Engi- neers, 203 Ames. John. 72. 224. 247. 268 Anderson. Arletta, 72. 20I Anderson. Bertil, 62. 209. 2l0. 2l I, 224 Anderson. William. 82 Andrews. Vernon E.. 37. 203. 23l, 239 Apgar. William, 62 Archuleta. Theodore, 82, l82. 2II Armstrong. Florence Margaret. 37 Arndt. Josephine. 72 Asbury. Glenn, 82. I62 Atkinson. Frances. 37 Atkinson. Lee. I32 Austin. Mary Faye. 37. I66. I76 Auston. John Trumbull. 37. I40. 20I. 24I Avis. Emallne. 72. I26. I68. 205. 228 Ayers. Dorothy. 37. 232 Aylor, Charline. 62, I52 A.W.S.. Commerce. 222 A.W.S.. Liberal Arts. 240 Babbitt. Margaret Janet. 37. I80. 2I9 Baclrstrom. Harold. 72 Bacon. William E.. 37. l54 Badgley, Annette Grommolc. 37, I86. 2l0. 2l7. 2l9. 234 Baer. Charline. 72. I52. 242, 279. 280 Bahne. Robert. 82 Balmer. Bernice. 62, 238 Balmer. Howard. 82 Balmer. Lois. 82 Baldwin. Adelaide. 72. l56. 20l. 242 Baldwin. Meriorie, 72 Balent. Ann. 82, I25. I68. 242 Bell. Marion. 82. 2l2 Ball. William. 72 Ballantyne. Sally. 72. I86 Ballard, William, 72. I58. 2l0 Ballou. Walter. 62. 209, 24I Banlr. Sidney. 82. I78 Barcus, Delbert. 62. 2l I. 230 Barger. Franlrlin, 72 Barnett, Eileen. 82. l60 Barnett. Kay. B2. I68 Barnhart. Carl Francis. 37. l48. I70. 224. 247. 250, 259 Barrett. Barbara, 82 Barrett. Muriel Jean. 37. 2l6 Barron. Wiley. I32 Bart. Alberta Frances. 37 Bartholomew. Robert. 72. I58 Bastard, Jeanne. 82. ISI. I86 Bates. Betty. 37. l26. 228 Bates. Peggy. 62, 2I2. 232 Batson. Dorothy.. 37. 24I Bauman. David. 237 Baumgarten. Dave. 37. I29, 234 283 jndas Beattie. Harry. 62. I54 Beat . Edward. 72. I62 Beclrlley. Mariorie. 2I7 Bedford. Jaclr, 62 Beier. Robert. 82. I66. l70 Beier. Ruth. B2 Bell, Campton. l36 Bell, Fred B.. 37, 247, 275 Bell. Harryet, 82. l80 Benedeclr. Josephine. 62. I66, 2I6. 23l. 242 Benning, Walter J.. 37. IBO Benson. Marjorie. 82. I52. 2l l. 242 Benton. Margaret. 62. I56. 205. 2I9 Berenbeim. Leonard, 90. I48, I78. 232. Berg. Elinor. 82. 2l6. 242 Bernstein, Phyllis. 82, ISI. l60 Berry. Lawrence. 37. 225 Beta Gamma Sigma. 204 Beta Theta Pi. I58. I59 Bethge, Norma Lee, 72, I86. 242 Beveridge. Mary Elizabeth, 37 Begglily. Elton R.. 37. 206. 208. 224. 227. Bidwell, Ruth. 37. I56. 200. 205. 2I7. 2I9. 223. 228 Biggerstatt, Winitred, 62. l86. 202. 2I9. 232. 235. 238 Billing, Evelyn, 39. I76. 200 Billmyer. David. 39. 2I4. 232. 235 Binns. James. 72. 247. 250 Birlcedahl, Walter. I32 Bishop. Katherine. 82. I76 Bixby. Ja, az. ies Blaclr. Katherine. 82 Blagen, Paul 62. I62. 226 Blair. Max. 62 Blalre. Aubrey F.. 39. 203, 23l, 239 Blaine. Claude. 62. I37 Blalce. Wallace. 208. 209. 2l0 Blomberg. Clement. 62. l54 Bloom. Neva Jean, 82, I68 Boden. William. 62. 209. 224 Bohmer. Louise. 39, l4I. I50. I56. 2l2. 24I Bolshaw, Harriet. 62. 2l I. 230 Bonnymen, Janet. 72 Bonsell. Donald. 82 Boody. Manuel. 39. l82 Bopp. John M.. 39. I72, 206. 2I2. 2l8 Borden, Louella. 39. I99. 229 Bostrom, Wynn Barnes. 39 Bourke. E. U.. II8. l29 Bowen, Robert. 90. l82. 224. 232 Bowman. Eileen Mae. 39. I80. 2l9 Bowyer. Marion. 82. ISI, I66 Boyd. Jeclz, 90 Boyles. Robert. 62. 203. 23l. 239 Braden. Laura. 39. IBO. 233, 235 Bradley. Jaclr, I35 Bradley, Patricia. 72. I76 Brady. Charles. 39. 2l7. 225 Brag . Lois. 82 Brenda: Howard. 90 Braun. Gerris, 62. I72 Brawner. Hoyt, 72. I70. 224. 247 Breinerd.'Devid. 90 Brenimer. Charles. 82, l70 Brenimer. James, 82. l70 Brenlrert. George, 62. IBB. 226 Brennan. Georgie. 62 Brenner. Leon. 72. l90 Bridges. Albert. 82 Bridgewater, Eileen. 82, I52. 2l6 Briggs, Peggy Allen. 39. I66 Brinh. Rollie Fred. 39. 228. 232 Brodie. Evelyn. 62. I99. 2l2. 2I6, 220, 229 Broolrs, Mariorie, 39 Brown. Anita. 72, 232. 242, 280 Brown. Carolyn. 39. 2l0 Brown. Elinor, 62 Brown. Jaclc. 39, l32. 232 Brown. Kenneth. 82 Brown. Martha, 72. 242 Brown, Marvin, 90 Browning, Chet. 72 Bruclrman. Kathleen, 82. I66 Brundige. Ralph. 62. l84. 208, 220 Bryce, Dorothy, 39. I56. 2l7. 2l9. 223, 228. 240 Bucha nan. Phyllis. 82. I76 Buclcbee. Mordell. 39. I62 Buclrler. George. 72. I72 Buclrley. Claire. 62. I54 Buckman, Orville. 72 Bu ell. Robert. 62. Il8. l27, I35. I72 98 209. 234 Buirgy, Mary Louise, 73. I64. 23l. 242 Bullen, Marguerite. 73. 200 Bundtaard. Robert. 62. I35. 23l Burgoon. Helen. 73. 2Il Burkart. Norma, 62, I80. 2l6. 23l Burroughs. Dorothy. 39. 2I2. 2l4. 242 Burt. Mariorie. 39 Butcher. William. 62. 226 Butz. Charles. 82, l84 Butz. Mary Lou, 62, I68, 205. 2I2. 2l9 234 Byrne. Alice. 82 Byrne. Charles, I3I Cadle. Etta Mae. 73. I52. 2I6, 280 Cahoon. Lysle. 62. l54 Camerlo, Samuel. 90. l82 Campbell. Bernard. 39. 225 Campbell. Helen. 82 Campbell, Ruth. 82 Cantrell. Helen. 62, I50 Capsticlr. John. 73. l70 Carlson. Edith, 62. I56 Carney. Thelma. 39. I52 Carr. Gordon. 82 Carothers. Ruth. 82, I76. IBO Carroll. Jean. 73. I56. I76 Carter. Lenora, 39 Carter. Mary Kay. 39, I68. 205. 2l9. 232 Carver. Edwin. 62 Case. Wayne. l32 Casteel. Nancy. 82, 2I6 Cetlett. Helen. 39. I66 Cedarblade. Jack. 73, I58 Chamberlain. Margaret. 73 Chandler. Harry. 4I. l54. 247. 274 Chapman, Forrest. 73. l70 Chase, Alpha. 82. I52 Chatlain. Robert. 4l. I72 Chesnutt. Martha. 4l Christensen. Harry. 62. I54 Christian. Eileen. 82. I52. 242 Christiansen. Kenneth. l40 Christotfarson. Ed, 250. 254 Cizelz, Jeannette, 82. I68 Clair, Charles. 4I. 206. 208 Clarlr. Alice. 73 Clarlc. Stuart. 82 Clark. William. 4l Clerlre, Ned. 4I. I25. 220. 224 Clarlre. Robert. 4l. I72, 203 Clayton. Lois. 4l Cleveland. Bobbie. 62 Cliff, Harold, 73. I54 Cline. Gwendolyn. 62. I68. 2I2. 2I9. 242 Cline. Lucy. 73. I52. 242 Coe. Mildred. 4I. 209. 232 Coed Journalists. 205 Coffee. Alice. 82 Coffey. Roland. 62. 247. 250 Coggan. Hyman, 90. I78 Cohen. Leroy, 4I. I78 Colasacco. John, 73. I62 Coldren. Mary Don, 73. I66 Collell, Rosemary, 62. I50. I68. 205. 223. 234 Collier Harry, 73 Collins, Clem, 80, 82. I54, 232, 250 Colorado Sociely ol Engineers. 206 Commerce Women Menlors. 207 Comslock. Yvonne, 73, I68. 200 Conanl, Chesler, 90 Conine. Ted, 73, I32. I72 Conn, Cook, Cook, Helen. 4l Hilda. 63. l28, I68, 205, 2l9, 234 Jack, 82 Cook. Julian. 63 Cook, Slanley. 4I. 27I Cook. Cook. Coo Slanlon Earl, 250, 265 Warren, 63. 226 ersmilh, Joseph, 4l Dix. Dorolhy. 84. l80 Dixon. Jane, 63. I76 Dobranski. Rulh. 63, I99 Dolan, Louis. 73. I62 Dollis, Elsie, 4I. I56. 200, 2I2. 2l9 Domenico. Adelaine, 43. I74, 2I6 Domenico. Geraldine. 60. 63. 207 Domer, Eslher, 84. I76, I86 Domer, Naomi, 63, 200. 207 Donkin. Mary, 84 Donovan, Elaine. 4I. I50. I64 Doolillle, Belly. 73. I80. 223, 242 Dorman, Glen, 43 Dormann. Marie, 63. I52. 2l9 Doud, Lee, 63. I88, 2l0. 272 Dowling. Helen, 43. 200, 229, 232, 233 Dowling, Palricia, 43, I99. 2l2 Corglzen, Edward, 90 Corkle, Margarel, 83. I86. 20l, 2l I. 242 Corlew. Larry, 83, I32. I58 Cormack, William. 63, I58. 20I. 229 Cove . Belly Jean. 83. I86 Covilllo, Eileen. 73. I62. I74, 207 Covillo, Vincenl. 4I. 226 Cowen. Donald. 63. 220 Cox, Cecil. 73. 200. 242 Cox, Juanila. 83, I56. 2l6 Coyle. Samuel, 4I, 206. 208, 2l8. 227 Crablree, Yvonne, 63, l80. 233, 235 Cramm. Wellmerl, 63, I62. 2I3 Crane. Eugene. 4I. 206. 208. 224 Crane, Margarel, 83. I86, 233 Crary, Richard, 63, I88. 220. 226, 237 Craven, Jane, 83, l80, 242 Cress. Lois, 63. 200 Crockell, Mariam, 63 Crolinger, Allen, 73. 224. 226 Crolinger. William. 63. 226 Crouch, Jim, 63, I88 Curlis, Margarel. 4l, I94. 228 Cuykendall. James. 73. 208, 2l4 D'Amour, Fred, 86. 87 Dallimore. Jane, 73 Dallison, Sam. 73, I38. I82, 224 Dallon. Rulh, 278 Daniel, John. 4l. 247, 272 Danks, Fern. 83. l8O Danks, Raymond, 90 Davenporl, Isabel. 73, I74, 200. 207. 2l3 Davidson. L. J., IIB Davies, Frances. 73, I50. I56. 223. 242 Davis. Florence. 83 Davis. Fred. 83 Davis, Helen. 63 Davis, Keilh. 83. 220 Davis, Paul, 83. I88 Davis, Slerling, BI, 83, I88 Dazey. Lois, 83 Dean. Eileen. 73. I76 Deaner. Wilberl. 63. I62 Dealon. Dorolhy. 4I. I50. I86. 228 Dealon, Jack. 83. I72, Debler. Dorolhy, 4l. 200. 2I2, 2I7. 2l9, 235, 236. 242. 278 Dee. John. 83 Delaney, Roberl. 73 DeLong. Roberl, 4I. I07. I84. I98. 234 Della Chi, 208 Della Lambda Sigma. 209 Della Phi Epsilon, I60, l6I Della Sigma Pi. I62. I63 Della Zela. I64. I65 Dempsler, Maxine. 83. I74 Densl. John. 63. 220. 229 DeRosa, Thomas, 4I. I54 Desserich, Bob. 63. l70, 226. 272 Delrick. Jack, 70. 73, I72, 208, 224. 277 Delrick. Sherman. 4I. I09. l3I. I72. I98 206. 208. 227 Dexler. Helen, 83, I64, 2I6 Dick, George. 73. I72 Dickinson, David. 83. 20I Dickinson. Edward, I32 DiegsL DeIphine,a3,i2s,i6e.242,2ao Dinsmore. Lorraine, 83. I52 Downing, Wayne. 84, I84 Drama Club. 2I0 Drew, Drew, Drisco Corinne. 84, I94 Mona. 63. I94 ll, William. 84, 220 Drobranske, Rulh, 202 Dubofl. FIorence,'73, I52. 223 Dukes, Roberl. 63 Duncan, Don, I39 Duncan, Douglas, 63, l48, l82. 206, 226, 227 Dunca n. Marcus, I48, 247, 250,254,267 Duncan. Marie, 73. I68 Dunklee. George, 60, 63. I58, I98. 209. 2I2, 226. 232. 274 Du Priesl, Fielden. 43 Durell. Belle. 63, II8. l28. I68. 205, 2I6. 2l9. 234 Durham, Harry, 74, I88, 220, 226 Duslon, Duane. 63. 208. 226 Eaker. Helen, 84, I68 Easlerwood, Anne. 74, I68 Easllake, Chesmore, 74. 224 Ealon, William, 63. I62 Eberl, William. 63, I54 Eddy, Russel, 63, I72 Eggleslon, William, 90. 225 Ekblad. Kennelh. 84 Eklund, John, 90, 225 EI Club Espanol, 2Il Ellioll, Elmira, 43, IBO, 2l7, 2l9, 235 Ellioll, Elzo. 43, I84 Ellis, Margarel, 84 Ellis, Mary, 43, 2l7 Ellsworlh, Arlhur, 63 Ellwanger, Kalhryn. 43, I68. 234 Ellwanger. Mary. 43, I64, 205, 2I7. 2l9 Elson. Carrie. 43. I56. 2I7, 2I9, 232 Endrizzi. Arlhur. 43, I62 England, Dorolhy. 63, I50. I68, 205. 2l9 Engle, Adelyne, 84 Engle. Earl, IIB ' Epperson. June. 74. I56. I74, 207 Epping, William. 84, l54 Ereckson, Howard, 84. I84 Erike, Anlha. I3I Ervin, Maurice. 43 Eskildson. Hugo. 63, l4l, l54. 24I Espey. 242 Harriel. 43. IBO. I99, 2I6, 238. Esposilo, Salvalore, 84 Esley. Harold, 74, l70, 256. 266 Evans. Belly, 43. I68, 207 Evans, Charles, 84, l70 Evans. Dorolhy, 84, I68 Fagin, Grey, 84. l54 Fairlield. William. 84. l54 Falligan, Belle, 74, I52. 242,279,280 Fsy,Jack,sa,i62.22e Fischer, Roberl. 84, l84 Fishel, Forresl, I35 Fisher, Jim, 275 Fisher, Lee. 43 Fisk, Lucie. 74. 200, 2I I, 243 Flelcher, Charlolle. 84, I86 Flinl, Kennelh. 43, I62 Flynn, Virginia. 63. I66. 232 Forney, Belly. 74, I80. I99 Foss. Virginia. 63, I52. 228 Fosler, Charles, 43, 84, 228 Fosler. John. 84 Fok, Roberl. 43. 225. 232, 237 France, Belly, 43, I86, 2l6 France. Margarel, 84. 238 Francis. Gus, I32 Francis, Rulh, 63 Frary, Bill, 74. I32. 2I8 Frazier, Mary, 63. I68. 220. 234 Frazier. Thomas. 63 Frazzini. Berl. 74. I62 French, Warren, 84, I32, I70 Frick, Roberl. 43. I54 Fried, Ben, 74 Fried. Rosalee. 84. I60 Friedland. Irving. 84. I90 Frohlick. Erma. 84 Fry, Margarel, 74, I86 Fullcerson. Carl, 43 Gagnon. Jordan. 84, I88 Gainey. Andrew, 64, l82 Gainis. I-lorace. 64, I35 Galbrealh, Carroll, 43. 2I0, 225 Galbrealh, Evelyn, 64, I68. 20l Gallagher, Helen. 43, I76, 207 Gamma Phi Bela, I66. I67 Gammon, Harryelle, 43 Garabranl, Roberl. 43. 206, 208. 2l2 23l. 233 Garihan, Jean, 64. I50. I76, 207 Garihan, Nan. 84, I76 Garlell, Shirley. 64, I60. 200, 202, 205 2l0, 222. 223. 24I Garrell, Dan, 84, l82 Gales, Roberl. 84, I32, I54 Gavelle, Jody. 84. I64 Geary. Roberl. 45. 206, 208, 227 Geller, Lenore, 64. I38. 202, 2I0. 22I 223 Gemmell, Dorolhy, 45 Genera, Marcus, 64, I88, 2I l. 275 German Club. 2I2 Gern, Jess, 84, I32, I72 Genlile, Frank. 250, 27I Gibbons. Leonard, 64, I68 Giesing, Lorraine, 64, I74, 200 Giesler. Allen. 84. I62 Gilberl, Emmorelle, 64. l52 Gillis, Alberl, 84, l84 Gillpalrick. Roberl. I32 Gimm, Ralph, 74, 226 Ginn, Leland. 45, l54 Ginsburg. Charlolle, 64, I50. I60. 202 2l6. 219, 232 Glanlz. Omar. 45. 206, 208. 23I Glasser. Elmeda, 74. I86. 2I6 Glogau. Richard. 45. I88, 2I2, 220. 233, 234 Godsman, Charlolle. 38, 64, I86, 202 2I0. 2l9. 230 Goerilz. Fred. 74, I62 Goldberg, Bernice, 64. I60, 228 Goldberg, Eleanor, 84, I60 Goldberg, Norman, 84, l78 Goldblall. Sam, 84. I90 Golin. Belly. 84, I60 Good, Gilberl, 84. l70 Goodlell. John. 64, I58 Goodrich, Dorolhy, 64, I50. I94. 2I2 228. 235 Gore. Shirley. 84, l52 Goshen. Vera Mae. 64. I76 Gould, Doris. 74, I68, 205, 2IO. 234 Gow, Belly, 84. I56. 2I6, 242 Graves, Glen, 74 Gray, Lois. 64 Gray, Marlha, 64. 2I6. 223. 238 Greek Council. 2I3 Green. Harry. 84. I90 Greenberg. Faye. 45, I60, 232. 236 Gregory. Virginia, 84, I25, I68 Gribben, Ralph, 45. l70, 247. 27I Griffey, Beih, 45 Grifiilh, David, 90 Griswold. Ruih, 64 Gromm, Lois, 74. l68. 200, 234 Guise, Mary. 45 Guise. Maxine, 84. 2OI Gunnison. Marie, 64 Gushursi, Mary. 84, l92 Gusfaison, Hilda, 45, I74 Gusiafson, Russell, 74, 233, 275 Gusrafson. Woodrow. 64 Gulhrie, Beulah, 45, 202, 2l4, 2l7, 222 236, 240, 242 Gwinn. Gwendolyn. 45, IO9, I75. l86 200, 202, 222 Haberland, Elsa, 45 Hackeihal, Desmond, l98 Hafen, Karl, 64. 235, 247. 272 Haigh. Garfh, 64, I54, 272 Haigh, Jo Alice, 45, I64 Haines, Roberf, 75, I32. l58, 2I0 Hall, George, 74, 224, 247. 267. 27l Hall. Marilouise 84, l5l. I52 Hall, Wayne, 74 Hallock, Mary, 84, l86, 242 Hallock, Wiles, 45, I26. I72. 234. 247, 272, 273 Hallquisl, Harold, 84, I82 Halpern, Sol, l32 Ham, John. 64, 226 Ham, Leon. 45 Hamman, Mariorie, 64, 202. 223, 238 Hamman, Rose Elnor, 45, 202. 236, 243 278 Hammerich, Kafhleen, 84, 2l6 Hammill, Kenneih, 45, I25. l3l, l48, l88 l98, 234 Hammond, John, 74, I84 Haney, Elaine, 84, l86, 242, 279 Hanigan. Shirley, 45. I66, l76. 222 Hansen, Irene, 45 Hansen, Juanila, 84. 2l6 Hansen Rulh. 64, 2l6 Hanson Peggy 74 Holland, Augusfa, 47, 235 Hollingsworih. Rugh, 85. l56 Holmberg, Dewey, 74. I72. 226 Holroyd, Helen, 74, l52 Honold, Kaiherine. 47. 200. 204 Hoofnagle, Gwendolyn, 64, I99. 2l5, 2l6. 242, 280 Hooper, Margarei, 85 Hopkins, Barbara, 47, l52. 2l5, 2l9, 236, 242, 278, 280 Hopkins, Virginia, 85, I52. 20I. 242, 279, 280 Hopper, Beify, 85, I52, 242 Horne, Thelma, 64. I75. 207,241 l-lorr. Beily, 47. l5s, I77. 2l3, 222, 223 Howard, David. 47 Howard, Rose, 74, I80. I99, 200. 2I2, 237 Howes, George Henry, 85, I58. I66 Howes. Marie. 47. I66 Howland. William. 47. I54. I98, 204. 2I3 Hubbard. Clyde Cac, 247, 250, 25I, 262 Huber, Dick, 64, 206, 208. 23l. 247, 266, 270 Hubkey, Alberla, 85. l56, 242 Hudiburgh. Sidney, 47, l88, 247, 250 Hudman, Helen, 85 Huggins. Mary Alice. 47. 232 Hughes, Dorofhy, 47 Hughey, Clarece. 47, 200, 2l l, 2l7, 230 Hullinger, Mary Ellen, 85. I77 Huskinson, Charles, 60, 65, IS4, l98. 226 Huichins, Carrol, 65, I86, 2I0, 22l Huichins. Harrieii, 75, I86, 233 Huichinson. James, 47. 2l2 Hyland, Maxine, 47. l64. 2l9. 23l lndependeni Men. 2l4 lndependeni Women. 2l4 lnlerfraiernily Council, I48, I49 lola Sigma Pi. 2l5 lsaacman, Edward, 85 Isaacson. Lee. 65 lsoiopes. 2l6 Hardesly. Leimona. 45, I28, l68 Hares, Doroihy, 45. I94, 2Il Harlow, Ellioii, 64, 2l0. 235, 24l Harris. Lillian, 45 Harris. Theda. 64. 207 Harier. Doroihy, 84, I52. 242 Harfman, Mary, 64, l56, I99. 200, 2l2 2l5. 2l6 Harfman, Robert 90, I84 Harfi, Doroihy. 84, 2l6 Harvey, Evelyn, 45, l68, l76. 202, 222 223 Hass. Glen, 90 Hayes, Jack. 64. I82 Heggem, Lillian. 84. l68 Heimer, Ellen. 84 Heinicke. Alfred, 90 Held, Marian, 84, l5l, l80 Heller, Marvin. 45, l78 Heller, Mosa, 84 Hellon. James, 84. I82 Helphinsfine, Ruih, 85. l76 Henn, Roger. 64, 2l4, 247 Henry, Lawrence, 90 Henry. Myron. 64 Henfschel. Ruih, 80 Henlzell. Paul, 64. l32, l4B, l72, 2l8, 24l Heper, Bill. 74, I84, 226 Herndon. Buck, 64, I84 Hershey, Kay. 64. 207 Herzel. Rose, 64, 200 Herzog, C. Lewis, II8 Hickock, Jane. 47. l66. 205. 2l9 Hicks, Jane, 85. I66 Higson, Charles, 9I, 204, 24l Hillyard. Eilleen, 85 Hinch, William, 64, 203, 206, 226. 239 Hobson. Gwendolyn. 74. l86 l-loersch, Josephine. 47. I77. 200 Hoffman, Milion, 74, I28, I90. 226 Hoggalf, Dan, 247, 250, 272 Jackson, Beverly, 85, ISI, 242 Jaeger, Eleanor, 47, 2Il James. Laura. 85, l86 Jamieson, Ruih, 47, 2l7 Janecelc, Milfon. 85 Jequiih, Richard, 47, l3l, l98 Jenks, Frances. 47 Jennings, Dolores, 47, l56 Jersin, Edward. 85 Jobush, Rulh, 65, I77, 207 irginiarose. 85, IBO Johns. V Johnson. Johnson. Belfy, 60. 65, l50, l77 Emily. 85 Johnson. Esielle. 85. I52, 242 Johnson, Granville 47, 224, 225, 235.247, 268 Johnson, Harold, 85. l32 Johnson, Keifh. 80, 86. 277 Johnson. Mariorie, 86 Johnson, Maxine, 47 Johnson. Mildred, 75, I52, 2l0. 2l6 Johnson. Norman, 47, 225 Johnson. Parry. 86, I77 Johnson, Wanda, 65, l50, l64. 205, 2I0, 2l l, 2l6, 23l. 24l, 242 Johnson, Warren, 268 Johnsfon. Doroihie, 86. l68 Johnsion, Gladys, 86. I68 Johnsfon, Margaref, 75 Jones, Berry, 9I Jones, Billy, 86 Jones. Doroihy, 47, l56. I75 Jones. -Earla-Lee. 65, I68 Jones. Eleanor, 86. 2l6 Jones. Elizabeih, 49. I52, 2I9. 232 Jones, Kennefh, 86 Jordon. Wa ne, 65, l25. I84 Joyce, Chariloiie. 86. l5l, l86 Jurich, Michael, 75, I82, 250, 272 Jusfman. Bob. 27l Kaania, Carier, 75. I84 Kachara. Fred, I32 Kappa Delia, I68, I69 Kappa Delia Pi, 2I7 Kappa Delia Psi. 2l8 Kappa Sigma, l70. I7I Kaps. Eleanor, 65 Karfer, Rollins, 49, II8, l54. 247 Kaufmann, Klara, 49. I77. 202, 207, 222 Kay, Doroihy, 75 Kay, Gerald, 9I Kaye, June. 86. I60 Keegan. Barbara, 86 Keeler. Robert 65, I84, 233 Kellogg. Dan, 75, I58 Kelley, James. 65, I82 Kelley, Palricia, 86, I77 Kemp, Ray. l32 Kenealy, Marie, 75 Kennedy, Mildred. 49. 2I0 Kennelley, Frank. 75. I72, 226 Keni. Margaref. 49. l56. 200, 202, 2I9 232 Kepharf, Floracleal. 49, I68. 2l5 Kern, Beverly, 65, l80, I99. 2l5, 2l6 Kershner. Roberf. 75. I82, 226 Kefchum. Ellison, 247, 250, 263 Keiller. Jacob. 49. l32, l54, 2l8 Kiley, Allen. 49. 20l, 206. 208, 23l Kilheffer, Blanche, 49 King, Mary Grace, 86, l80. 242 King. Roberl, 65, l32. 206. 208, 227, 23l 247, 272. 273 Kinney, Agnes, 75 Kippur, Irving, 75, I79 Klein, Carl. 49, 203, 239 Kline, Jeanelfe, 86, I68, 2l6 Knapp, Horace, 65. I72, 226, 24l Knauer, Mildred. IS6. 2l l, 242 Knemeyer, Aniia. 75, l5l, I94, 2l6 Knighi, Norman. 65. I82 Knudson, Roberf, 49. I82. 250 Kohnfa. Milda. 49. 235 Kono ka. Bill, 27l Kornald, Lewis. 49, l06, l26, l27, l3l I48, l98. 234 Koriaza. Sianley, 9l Koskoff, Sfanley, 75. l58 Kough, Dwighl. 71. 75, 184,226 Kramish. Arfhur. 49. 235 Kramish, David, 65, l32, 2l2, 2l8. 220 224. 229 Krebs, Alberf. 65. I62 Krier, Gerald. 49. l72 Krier, Joanne. 86 Kuhlman, James, 75, l70 Kunz, Calvin. 65. l37, l38, l48, l59, 2I0 Kunz, Donald, l59 Lambda Chi Alpha, I72, I73 Lang, Josephine. 49 Langford. Harold, 65 Langhoff. Leia. 65 Larson, Eleanor. 49. I77, l94 Larson, Lee. 65.203, 2l4, 226, 23l, 239 Laison. Doroihy. 65, 202, 2l6. 2l9, 237 Lavely, Maxine, 86. l53, 280, 242 Lawson. lrene. 75. 2Ol. 205. 238 Lawson, John E., II8 Leach, Margaref, 75. l56, I77. 207 Leder. Max, 65, 220 Lee. Dlara. 65, I64, 243, 280 Lee. Marfha-Ann. 65. l80. I99, 200. 2l6 2l9, 230 Lehl. Jean, 75. l53. 228 Leiser. Earl, 49 Lenicheck, Herberf. 65, l55 Leonard, Alberf, 86, l72 Lerner. Jake. 86. l90 Lelh, Harrielf, 86 Levine. Gerald. 86. I79, 247 Levine. Gus, 27l Levine, Dorofhy. 86, I60 Levine, Irving, I79 Lewis. Arthur, 274 Lewis, Arlhur, 6l, 65, 20l, 23l, 247. 274 243 McNair. Ralph, 5I, l72. 224. 234 Lewis. Glenn. 49 Lewis. Harriel, 49. 2I4, 222. 237. 240 Lewis, Jaclr. 75, 224. 234 Leviis. John. 75. 224 Lewis, Mary. 86, I68. 243 Lilley. Marion. 75. l68. 2l6. 243 Lilley. Perie. 75. I67 Lilly. Leonard. 86 Lininqer, Barbara. 86. l25. ISI. I69. 243 Lininger. Helen Mae. 65. 126, I27. I67. 205. 233, 234. 237 Lininger. Marcia. 86. I86. 243 Lininger. Virgil. 65, I55 Liss, Douglas, 49, 203, 206. 234. 239 Livingston. Lois. 65 Loach, Geor e. 65. 2l0. 233 Lofius, Chariies. 49. l70. 224. 247. 250. 255 Long. Ruih. 86, I69 Loplxoif. Marfha. 49. 228 Lorenz, Elsie, 86. I92 Lovelo. Lena. 86. 2II Love. Johm, l98 Lucas. Joseph. 65, l45. I59 Lucas. Marella, 49. I80. 205. 223. 228. 234 Luslig. Florence. 75. l60 Lules. Willard. SI Luiz, Irving. 86. l79 Lydens. Roberf. I33 MacLeod. Kennelh. 65. 228 McCammon. Marcia, 86. l80 McCence. May. 75. 2I0 Mccarlhy. Belly. 75, l25. I69. I99, 205. 2l6 McCarlhy, Herb. 65. I3I. l70. 247, 250. 25l. 255. 257. 27l McCerlhy, Raymond. 75. l84 McCauley. Howard, 65 McConaly. Beily, I77. l80 McCormich. Harold. 65. I33. I37. I59, 20l. 2l2, 247. 272. 273 McCrone. Margarel. 75 McCullough. Margueri1'e.86. l64 McCusl:er, John. 65. l70 McDanal. Elhel, 75, I75, I86. 207 McDanal. Homer. 5I. l84 McGralh, Jeannelie. SI. 2l0. 232, 238 McGrall1, Harry. 65, I62 Mclnlosh. Rulh. 80, 86. l5l, l53. 243. 279, 280 McKee. John. 5l. 224 Mclfeever, Dora. 86 McKelvey. Belly. 86 Mclfibben, Mildred. 75. I75 McKinney, Archie. 9l McKinsfry. Jeanne. 5I. l94.'236. 243. 280 McLagan, Charloile. 86. l80 McLard. Lafe. 247. 250, 255. 268. 272 McMahon. Irene. 86. ISI. I92 McManus, John. 65. I59 McMillan. Shirley. 65. I50. l8l, I99, 202. McNull. Belly. 75. l8l. 233 McVicl:er. Rulh. 86. l86 McWilliams. Edward. 75, l70. 224, 267 McWilliams, Roberi. I98 Mabie. Creia. Sl. 93. I56, 2l7 Mabry. Robert. 5I Maclear, Jaclc. 86. l70 Macleod. Kennelh. I88 Maddox. Herberf. I33 Mahoney. Eleanor. Sl. l53. 2I9 Mahoney. Lou, 270 Mehr. Orville, 86. I55 Main, William, 65 Maio. Orlando. 5l. l82. 250. 254. 258. 259 Maley, John. 27l Manessee, Irving. 75. l90 Mann. Ruih Belly. 66. I60. 205 Manna. Marguerile. 86, I69 Mannix, Franlr, 86. I62 Manous, Florence. Sl, 228 Mansfield, William, 76 Marchelli. Alba. 76. 23l Marelius, Eslher, 76. I57 Maris..Norman. 247, 265. 272 Marlzowilz. Hilda, 76 Marquess, Mildred. 76, I50. I53. 2l6 223. 233. 243 Marshall, Roberl. 86 Marrioii, Keiharine, 76. I8l Marlin. James, 9I Marlin. Mar . 5l. 228. 235 Mariin, Neali 76 Mason. Grace, 66. 2l6 Malhless. Norma, 86, l60 Mallern, Caroline. 66, I86. 2l0. 2l9. 232 Mafuslrey, Joe. 76, 23l Mahan. Loran. 76 Maxson. Orlando, 5l Maxwell, George. 66, l70 May, Wayman. 76. I33. I84. 2I8 Mayer. Margaret 66. I67. 2I6, 2I9. 238 Mayo. Elizabelh, Sl Mead, Roberf. 66. l38, I59. I98. 2l0. 22l. 274 i Meadows, Virginia. 76. I8l. 228 Meehan. William. 76, 208 Mehlmann. Forresl. 66. l48. I89. 209 226 Mehlmann. Karl. 76, I62 Melniclx. Gail. I60. 2I0 Manic. Louis Wilson. 86 Menlors. Liberal Aris. 2l9 Meniors, Commerce. 207 Messel. Maurine, 76 Messel. Claire. 5l, 207, 223. 228 Mu Baia Kappa, 220 Mudgell, Gwendolyn. 70. 76, I67. 223 Mueller. Josephine. 70 Mullare, Elizabelh. 76, I67. 205 Munroe. Herbert 76, I39. I59. 209. 224 Murch, James. I33 Murnan. Maxine. 86. I77 Murphy. Mary Aileen. 86. l5l, I92. 2lI Murphy. Mary Elizabeih, 76. 200. 205. 2l0. 230 Murphy. Melvin. 53 Murray. Augusfa. 86. 125. I69. 243 Murray. Elwood. I40 Murray. Louise. 53, I86. 232. 238. 24l Musselman, Eleanor. 76. I57 Narional Collegiafe Player, 22l Nassimbene. Jack, 274 Naylor, Roberl. 66. I59, 226. 247, 268 Neahr. George. l35 Neal. Ada. 76 Needham. James. 66, l27. I40, I55. I98. 24l Needles, James. 77. 224 Nelson 86. I94 Nelsfan. Florence, 53 Nelson. Gwendolyn. 86. l86 Nelson. Horfense. 77 Nelson. James. 53, I36. I59. 2l0. 22l. 233 Nelson. Lucille. 66. 228 Nelson. Pauline. 66. I69. 205. 2I9 Nelson Nelson Porfer. l98 Theone. 53. I75. 200. 207. 2l3. Melcalf. Pele. 275 Mely. Margaraf. 5l. I86. I99. 200. 2l5, 2l6. 236. 243. 279 Meyer. Eloise. 5I ' Meyer. Elwood. 86. I59 Meyer, Raymond. SI. l98. 203. 206. 226. 23l Michael. Georgene. 60. 66. IS3. 202. 2l0. 2l9. 22l. 223. 24l Miclzey. Mickey. Lorin, I30 Roberl. 5l. 224. 237 Miller. Dan. 76. I55 Miller. Harlan, 76, 2l8 Miller. Lawrence, 225 Miller. Lois. Sl. I86. 2l0. 2l9, 232 Miller, Malloy, 66. I33, I35 Miller, Troy. 66. 20l. 226 222 , Nefherion. Louise. 77. I50. I67. 2I7. 223 233. 243 Nelherion, Mary. 53. l50 Neumann. Edward, 53. I55. 2l3. 226 Nevens, Virginia. 66, l28. I89. 2l9 Newby. William. I33 Newman, Margaret. 77. 20I. 2l2 Newman. Roberl. 53 Niblo. Winfield. 9l. 225 Nicholas. Evelyn, 77, l8l Niedrach, Elizabefh. 77. I50. I86. 223, 233. 243 Nielsen. Bonnie Mae. 86, I53. 233 Niles. Florence. 87. I67 Noble, Beafrice. 87. ISI. I57 Noel, Naoma, 87. I5l. I64. 2l6 Miller. Zelda. 5l. l60. 235 Milligan. Charles, SI. I33. 2l2, 2I8 Minner. Mary Rulh. 76. l86 Minlener. Royce, 7l Miichell. Ernesl. 5l. I33. I59, 206. 208. 2l8. 227. 23l Moe. Lee. 76. I82 Mohr, Charlolle. 66. l28. I69. 205, 2l9. 234. 24l Monismilh. Helen. Sl. l8I, 222.223, 240 Monigomery, Doroihy. 76. I86. 20l. 2l6. Norblom, Don. 275 Norlander. Bill, 77 Norlh. Helen. 66, l53. 200 Norfon. Carl. 87. I7I Nolheis. Belly. 53. l07. I50. l53. 200. 202. 2l7. 223. 232. 236 Noxon. lrene, 53, 243 Nyswander. Edson. 87. 268 O'Brien. Mazie. 66. 23l 0'Dell. Forresl. 9l, l98 O'Dell, Shirley. 66. I94 233, 237. 243 Monfgomery, Joseph. 76. I59, 209 Moore. Harry, 53. 225 Moore. Mari a. 66. 243. 279. 280 Moore, Mary, 66 Moore, Rulh. 86. I67 Morey. William. 66. I62. 226 Morfeld. Rosemary, 86 Morgan. Elizabelh. 66. l8l. 202. 2l9, 234 237 Morgan. Nancy. 76. l8I Morgan. Marlin, 66. 272 Morgan, Maynard. 76, IB4 Morris. Milion, 9I, I79. Morris. Roberf. 76. l4l, l70. 224 Morris, Selma. 53. l08. l3l, I60. 200, 202 205. 222, 223. 234. 240 Morrissey, Mary Lou. 86. I67. I66 Morlar Board. I98 Morlimer, Morgridge, I33 Morlon, Mosley. Donald. 86. l72 ' James. 9l Mounfioy. Donald. 66 Ogle. Dorofhy. 77 O'Kane, Bernard. 77. 2l'4 O'Kana. Betsy. 77 Oliver, Robert. 66. I55 Olsen. Henry. 77 Olson, Inge. 53. l53. 200. 2I2. 2l9 Olson. Waldo. 9I O'Meara, Alfred. 66. I59 Omicron Delia Delia. I99 Omohundro. Edward. 274 O'Neill. Marion. 66. 2l I. 232 Onsled. Shirley. 66. l53. 20l. 2l9 Onsloif. Eslher, 77. I75 Orange, Richard. 53. l05. l3l. I89. l98. 225, 23l. 247, 270 . Oslrum. Mariha. 77. I64. 2ll. 230 Olfero. Aida. 53. 2l I. 230 Ovarhulh. Winsron, 66. I62 Owen. Rena Beih. 66. I8I. 2l2 Owens. Billie. 53, I67, I99. 229 Ozees. Charles. 9I Packer. Kyle, 53, l08. l3l, l98, 206. 208, 2l0. 224. 226. 23l. 244 Palmer, Maxine, 53, I53. 2l2. 228 Panhellenic Council, l50. l5I Paradice. Jane. 66, l50, I67. 2l9. 223 Paralneets, 223 Parsons, Charles, 87. l7I Paul, Betty. 87. I87, 243 Pearson. Elaine. 87 Pease. Betty, 87, l64, 243 Peary, Wallace. 53 Pellish, Letty, 87. l6l Peng, Harry. 87 Penn. Walter. I33 Pennell, Ruth. 66. I57. 2I2 Pepper. Marvin. 97. l3l. I79, l98 Perry. Edward, 66 Perry. Herbert 77. 226 Perry, Rosamond. 77. I64 Peters. Barbara. 87 Peters. Lillian. 53. 205. 234. 235 Petersen. Marie. 77, I95. 2l2. 223 243 Rowe, Philip, 4.7, iss. 21s Peterson. Edith, 66, 2I I. 2I4. 2I9. 232. 243 Peterson. Gladys. 77. I77 Peterson. Muriel. 67. I69 Peterson, Walter. 67. 20l. 247. 272 Pettit Eileen. 77, l50, I77. 207, 2l3, 223 Pfau. Alvin, 87, I83 Piau, Lorin, 87. I83 Pfeifer. Barbara. 67 Plleiderer, 77, I64, 2l2, 2I6. 223 Phi ' Phi Phi Phi Phi Beta Sigma. 224 Chi Theta, I74. l75 Delta Kappa. 225 Epsilon P i, 226 Gamma Nu, I76. I77 Phi Lambda Upsilon. 227 Philosophical Academy. 228 Phi Sigma. 229 Phi Sigma Delta, I78. I79 Phi Sigma Iota, 230 Phillips. amy, av. Isa Phillips, Jaclt, 67. I83. 206. 227, 23l Phillips. John. 67. I83. 226 Pickens. Rosemary. 67. I65. 2I6 Pierson, Elogene. 77 Pi Beta Phi. l80. l8l Pi Delta Theta. 23l Pi Gamma Nu. 232 Pi Kappa Alpha. I82. I83 Pilxe. George, 67, I73. 209 Pioneer Ski Club. 233 Plunkett, Frances, 67. I28, l38, I69, 205. 2l0. 22l. 233 Poitz. Margaret 80, 87, l92 Porter, Betty. 67 Pospisil. Erma. 87 Post. Robert. 67. I48. l85 Powell, Sylvia. 77 Powers, Edwin. 53, 206. 208. 227. 23l Powers, Fred, 67. I98, 203. 208. 224, 23l 247. 250 Press Club. 234 Preston. David. 9I Priest. George, 9l. 209. 224 Prince, Robert. 53 Pring, Roy. 77. I73. 209. 224 Pringle, Irene, 67. l6l. 228 Prisnar, Sophie. 53. 2l l. 2l9 Prisner. Stanley. 77, l65. 209. 2l7 Proctor, Charles. 87. I83 Psi Chi, 235 Pultz, Estelane. 77, I53 Radetsluy. Harry. 77. l90 Ragatz. Oswald, 53. 2l2, 2l4. 2l7. 237 Rambeaux. Roger, 247 Rambo, Etiie. 67 Ramsey, Andrew. 55 Ramsey. Morice, 67, l65. 2ll. 236. 243. 278 Ranclr. Duray. 77. l7l. 224 Ratclift Jeanne. 67. I53. 233 Ray, Mary Anne, 87 Reagan. Duane, 87. I62 Reavis, Eileen. 77, I87 Recht. Albert. 93 Reece. Mart 27I Rees, Worth. 88, I59 Reid, Alice. I87 Reid, Ruth, 55. 67. l65. 2l0. 2l9. 22l. 24I Reitz. Lena. 77 Renaud. E. B., l00 Rettig. Evelyn. 67. I57. 230, 243 Rhoads. Mary Elizabeth, 67. I69. I99. 205, 2l2. 2l5, 2I6. 234 Rhudy. Vive. 67. 200 Richards, Betty, 55. I67, 229 Richards, Warren. 88 Richardson. Allan, 77. 208 Richardson, Harold, 67. I89 Richardson, Lee, 67. l40, I73. 226. 24I Richardson. Robby. 27I Ridley. Thomas. 77, 226, 23l. 237 Riedel. James, 88. l7l Riedel, William. 88 Rilling Athletic Club. 236 Rilling, Mabel. 278 Rilling. Ray. 88 Ringsted, Kathryn. 88, I69 Rishel, Marguerite. 67, I57. 20I. 2l2, 2l9 Robbins. Robert, 88. l73, 2l0 Roberts, Alice, 55, 20I, 2l7 Roberts, Floyd. 67. I55 Roberts, Ray, 88 Robertson. Doris, 77. I87. I99. 200, 2I2, 2I6. 233 Robinson. Dorothy. 77. I67. 200, 205. 234 Robinson. Marion, I36 Rochford. George, 77. I83 Roeblce. Bernice. 77, 200, 2I6 Rogers, Mattie. 88 Ro ers. Vivian. 55. 2l2 Roiiings, Virginia, 77. I69 Rose, Anne, 88. I77. l8I Rose. amy, aa, I67 Rose, Ruth, 55. IO6. l4l. I87. 200. 202, 2l7. 232, 242 Rosebrough, Fredda, 67 Rotolante. Elizabeth. 55. 2I2. 2l7. 236 Runnells. Robert. 67. 226, 274 Ruth, Nancy Ann. 88, I53. 243 Ruthowslzi, Gerald, 88 Ryall, Elaine, 67, I8l, 223 Ryan. Mary. 78, I67 Ryan, Robert. 55, I62, 224. 23l Ryan, Theresa. 88 Rylandar, Dorothy, 78, I77 Sager. Ethel. 88. l75 Sager. Frederick. 67 Sager, Jenna, 78. l75 Sallen, Jaclr. 55 Samson, Roy, 9l Samuel, Anne. 78 Samuel. Marvin, 78 Sanchez, Lloyd. 67 Sanburg, Delmar. 67. l85 Sandburg. Richard. 78, I89. 250 Serco. Michael. 67 Saunders. William H.. 250, 25I Savage, Dwight 55. I73 Sawyer. Harold, 88. I55 Saxton, Harry, 78, 2l8. 208 Saxton. Henry, I33 Scarborough, Joan. 88, I69. 243 Scheetzel. Jacqueline, 88. I87, 233, 243, 279 Scheffal, Cecil. 247, 250. 254, 270 Schmidt. Bettie. 88, I87 Schmidt Joseph. 78. I83. 250. 268 Schneclcenberg, Erite. 67, I67. 205, 2I2, 236, 243. 278 Schnitzer, Regina, 78. l6l Schnitzer. Shirley. 88 Schoana, Audrey Mae, 88. I67 Schoeps, Dorothy, 67 Schoepflin. 250 Schroeder, Evelyn. 88 Schug. Eweld, 67 Schuifz. Albert 67. l40. I73, 209. 24I Schultz. Jeanette. 68. I69. 228 Schultz. Winifred. 88 Schumann, Herbert, 55. I55. 272 Schwalb. William. 68, 203. 208. 239. 275 Schwartz, Frances. 78, I6l Schweninger. Marian, 78, 243 Scott Franlz. 78. I55. l59. 224 Scott. Scott, Harold. 68. I55 Vernon. 8l. 88. 233 Scott, William, I37 Seacatt Jane, 68. I99. 2I6 Searway. Robert, 55. I85. 226, 229 Seeley. Vesta, 55. I67. 2l7, 2l9, 235 Seelin er, Anna Lou, 88. l77 Segergahl, Jack. 78, 220 Seguin, Mary, 55. 2l7. 23l. 236, 243. 278 Selander. Svea. 55 Selig. Betty. 88. I69 Setter. Carl, 55 Shade, Harry, 78, l7l. 250. 256, 272, 273 Shaffer, Ednemee. 78. l65. 20l. 2Ii Shenholtzer, Robert 78, l7l. 226 Shannon, Barbara. 78. I53. 280 Shea, Frances, I69 Shearer, Geraldine, 88, l5l. l65 Sheetz. Harold. I33 Shelton. Bernice. 55. I57. 228 Shepherd. Shirley, 70. 78. l8l, 223 Sheridan. Dorcas, 88. 2I6 Sherman, Milton. 68 Shilvoclr. Robert 78. l85 Shine, Clifford. 78 Shirley, Rey. 68 Shoeps. Dorothy, l3l Short, Robert. 68 Showalter, Robert' 68, 206. 208. 224, 23l Shraiberg, Ethel, 78. I6l Shumenn, Herbert l3l Shuler-Templin Club. 238 Shur. Abe. i33 Sias, Charles. 68, 206. 208. 224. 227 Sibley. Charles. 55. 20l. 203. 206, 208 Sibley, Leonard, 68. 206. 208 Siegel, Arthur. 78. 224 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, l84. I85 Sigma Kappa. l86, I87 Sigma Phi Epsilon. I88. I89 Sigma Pi Sigma. 239 Silrlxens. Maurice. 55. I55 Silverberg, Leonard. I79 Silverman, Elaine. 88. l6I Simmons. Dorothea. 68. 93. I87. 2I6, 2l9 Simon. Louise. 68, I8l, 223. 243 Simpson. Jane, 9l. 200. 209. 232 Sipe. Bernie. 88, I87 Sloat. Ruth, 55, I57. 2I2 Slocum, Margery. 68 Smith. Barbara. 78. I69. 243 Smith Dorothy, 55. I99. 2l2. 2l5. 2I6 Smith. Elwood. 78 Smith. George. 68. 2l0 Smith Florence, 55, 2l2 Smith, John. 88 Smith, Maiel, 68 Smith, Margaret 55. l8I Smith. Meriorie, 88 Smith. Murra . I38 Smith, Racheh 68. I77 Smith, Ruth. 88 Snell, Mariorie. 55, 200. 2I I, 230 Snider. Virginia. 68. 200. 202. 2l9. 223. 236. 243, 278 Snively, Herve , 68. I63 Snyder, Gereldi 57 Sn der. Miriam. 78, I8l. 2I6 Sobel, Elliott 88. ll8. I79 Sobol, Maxine. 78, l6l Solomon, Tybe. 88. ISI. l6I Spahr. Florence. 68. I87 Spalgane, Dorothea. 68. l50, 223. 228. 23 Spaulding. Marcia, 78, I53. 243. 279. 280 Spear. Norman, 78. I55, 224, 226 Speck, Meyer, 9l. I79 Spidell. Mildred, 78, IS7 Spiegleman, Shirley. 78, l6l Spino, Margarel, 88 Spilzmiller, Barbara, 88 Spilzmiller, Ervin, 57 Sproul, Margarel, 60, 68. I87, 2I9 Slalmann, Marcia Jane, 79. I9I. 230 Slarlcenberg, Carl, 57, 203, 23l Slayner, Eslher. 57. 200 Slearns, J. C., 88 Slein, George, 68. 208 Slein, Melvin, 79, 220 Sleinberg, Bernardine. 88, l6I Slephens, lsobel, 57, I77, I87, 207, 222 Slephens, Margery. 79. I77, I87. 207. 223 Slerling, Neva, 57 Slelson, Alvin. 79, I85 Slevenson, Vera Rulh. 79, I50. l95, I99, 2l2, 2l6 Slewarl, Roberl. 68, I59 Slocks. Royd. 79 Sloll, Virginia. 68, I77 Slone, Angelina, 79 Slransky, Orrin, 68 Slrickland, Jerome, 9l Slrong, Dorolhea, 278, 280 Sludenl Chrislian Movemenl, 234 Sugarman. Sam, 250, 256 Sunblade, Neil, 68, I67. 226 Sunday, Mark, 88, l7l Suskin, Elizabelh, 57. 232, 236. 243 Suskin, Howard, 79, l48, l9l. 203, 224. 226 Swanson, Rulh, 57, l50, l75, 207 Swarlz, Chrisline. 57. 235 Swayze, Muriel. 79, l53, 2I0, 2l2, 243, 279, 280 Swiharl, Juanila. 57, 2l9, 232 Syler, Belly, 79, I87, 223, 233 Symons, Lesler, 68, l9I, 206, 208 Tabb, Frank, 57, l3l, I33, I73. 206, 208, .2l8 Tail, Jane, 88, I87, 2l6. 243 Talpers, Roberl, 68 Tampa, Virgil, sa, las, 247, zso, 258 Tanquary, Thomas, 68, I73, 209, 22l Tau Epsilon Thela, l90, l9I Tau Kappa Alpha, 24I Taylor, Helen, 88, l69 Taylor, John, 79 Taylor, Mildred. 79, l8l, 233 Taylor. Neill, 57. I59 Tedlord, Wilbur, 68 Teels, Virginia, 57, l8l Templelon. Floyd, 88, I55 Terry, Luke, 57, l04, I45, I89, 225, 263 Teacher, Bob, 275 Thalcher, Kalherine, 68. I8l, 2l6, 280 Theander, Harry, 88, I55 Thelander, Clinlon, 79, I25, I59, 233 Thela Phi Alpha, l92, I93 Thela Upsilon. I94. l95 Thibodeau. Belly Ray, 68, ISI, 205 Thode, Jack. 68. l85, I67 Thomas, Alice. 57. I87, 228, 232. 238 Thomas. Hugh, 57, l7l, 225, 232 Thompson, Beverly, 68, 2I9, 223 Thompson, Jane. 88, I67 Thompson, Marilyn, 79 Thompson, Rila, 69, l28. 205, 234 Thorne, Josephine, 69, I65 Tiller, Morgan, 24l, 250 Tilly, James, 88, I59 Tilsley. Allen, 57, I67 Timm, Belly, 57, IOS, ll8, l3l, 222, 223 233. 236. 240, 243, 279 Timm, Paul, 57, I59. 233 Tinsley, Harry, 88. I55 Tinsley, James, 57, I73 Toburen, Lawrence, 250, 254, 265 Toner. Mildred, 79 Tramull, Henry, 57. 225 Tremmel, William, I33 Trevorrow, Jean. 57. l57 Troule, Foye, 88, l85, 220 Truehearl, Eddie Jo. 80, 88. 233 Tucker. Ralph Wilmer, 88, l89 Tullis, June. 88 Turpin, Olive, 69, I67, 2l0, 238 Turlle, Jack, bl, 69. I55 Twombly. George, 79, I59, 220, 224, 226, 272 Tymczyszyn, Joseph, 88 Tynan, Regina, 57, l92, 207 Uchill, Hilda, 57. I50 Uhrick, George, 79. I55, 226 Uplon, Ernesl, 79. I59, 224, 226 Usher, Frances, 59 Vallero, Marie. 88, I93 Vance, Gene, 59, 234 Vanlossan, Logan, 88, I63 Van Hall, Rachel, 69. 205, 228, 234, 243 Vaughn, Ashlon, 69, l85 Vaughn, Gwenylh, 59. 2l2 Verzuh, Frank, 69, 203, 23l Vessey, Vera, 79, I67, I99, 200. 2l6, 22 Wagner, Daniel, 79. I63 Wakabayashi, Fred, 69. 203 Wales, Nadene, 79. I65, 2I l, 243 Walker, Mariory. 88. l8l Walla, Waller, 69. I89, 265, 271 Wallace, Donna. 59, l53. 223 Wallace, Roberl. 88. I59 Wallin, lngrid, 59, 233 Walsh. William, 59, 233 Wallers. Ed., 265 Wallers. Jane. I37 Wallers. Margarel, 59, I87, 202, 2I7, 2 Wallers, Newell, 9l, 225 Wanvig, Belly, 89 Ward, Loree, 79 Ward, Marlha, 79 Ward, Roger. 59 Warner. Florence. 89, I87. 243, 280 Warshauer, Eloise, 69. 234 Wasley, Roberl, 69, I63. 225 Wala. Paul, 79. I55 Wallcins. John. I33 3 Wallers. Herman. 59, I89, 2l0, 22l, 235, 247 Weber, Claude. 89. I59 Weber, Don, 59, IO4. l27, 234 Weimer, Weimer, Alberl. 59, I55 Erma, 70, 79. I77 Weinchal. Rulh, 89 l28, 201, 2ll. Weiss, Thomas, 59. 208. 2l2 Weld, Marian, 69, I67, 207 Wells, Max, 59, 2l8 Wergin, Phyllis, 59, l53 Welhan, Gene. 79, l26, I28, l79, 209. 234 Whilacre, Homer, 89, I73 While, Ellenor, 69, IS3, 2l9 While, Mildred. 89, l53, 243 While, Slanley. 89. 220 Whillock, Dorolhy, 93 Whilmoyer, Marcella, 69, I65, 20l. 2l l, 2l6 Whowell, Eleanor. 89 Wiley, Barron, 69, I63 Willley, Margarel, 69, l8I, 2l6, 243 Wilken, Jacqueline, I69 Williams, Courlland, 237 Williams, Dorolhy, 279 Williams, Mary, 59, I87, 2l0, 2l7, 22l Williams. Muriel, 69, 236, 243. 280 Williams, William, 69. l40, 226, 24l Williamson. Peggy, 69, I87. 2I I, 230 Wiilards, Fred, I83 Willingham. Eugene, 69, 203, 224 Wilson. amy, 91, I63 Wilson, Ellen, 79, I87, 2l9, 223, 233, 234 279 Wilson, Mary Calhryne, l5l, l95, 20l Wilson, Richard, 64, 233 Winchell, Elizabelh, I67 Winchesler. Herberl. 59, 224, 233 Winchesler, Norman, 69, 203, 233 Wirls, Joan,'59. 235 Wislander. Gerlrude, 59, I77, 207 Wilmer, Virginia, 69, 200, 202. 222 Willing, Barbara, 89, I87 Willing, Doris, 69, I87, 202, 2l9, 228 233, 236, 243. 279 Woerner. Belly, 89 Wohler, Harold. 69. l32 Wolberl. Mary. 79, l50, I93, 200 Wollenweber. Clara. 69, I69. 2l9 Women's Alhlelic Associalion, 242, 243 Waller. Ed., 250, 256 Wood, Eslher, 69, l65, 2l l, 2l6, 229 Woodard, Marjorie. 69, I69 Woodford, Jack, 79, I63, 226 Woodman, Mary, 69, I93 Woods, Lillian, 69, I99, 2l2, 215. 2l6 Woods, Slewarl, 79 Woodworlh, Harold, 89, I7l Woudenberg, John, 69. I7l, 247. 250 Wrighl, Bernard, 69, 206, 272, 273, 247 Wrighl, Donald. 208 Wrighl, Jacquelyn. 89, l5l, I67 Wrighl, Warren, 79, 206, 247, 272, 273 Wurlz, Annabelle, 79, l53 Wurlzebach, Roberl, 69, 208, 220, 229 Yamaguchi, Jinko. 89 Yancey, Joan. 89 Yersin, William, 59, l89 Yockey, William, 69, I55, 226 Yoklavich, John. 59, l28. I29, l4l. 24I Young, Blanche, 59, l99, 2l2, 2l5, 2l6. 220, 229 Young. Edward. 59. I55, l98 Young, Hersey, 89, I59 Young, Laurence, 59, 224, 276 Young, Warren. I33 Zancanella, Narciso, 69, I89, 2ll Zeidenleld. Alvin. 79 Zimmerman, Lenore, 79 Zohn, Allen, 59 . 01. A 1,9 9 Il F 144.29 m."f.X1.' - Y f iw 1' , 44, v v ' I L A ' . V. 4. Awww, wi ll A Q Q- W .5 ,Q . 45, 4 V g-. ff 'iii UUIYI1 W lim-

Suggestions in the University of Denver - Kynewisbok Yearbook (Denver, CO) collection:

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