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SM« Gopi|ri0hT 1924 Charles W Sitler Editor Paul R.Spencer Business Manager rsM -_ ) Qhe 1924 " he UNIVERSITY 0 DENVER ' S ANNUAL Published bq the Inter School Students Associarior j J ' w, Charles J. Shier Editor Paul R. Spencer - Businesstlanager Lucille Smitham -Associate Editor Max Vinsonhaler -Athletic Editor Lenore Cohen - Art Editor Eugene Ambrose - Photo Editor School Representatives GuilLavertV - Liberal Arts Mqrl Beck - Commerce William Taylor - Dental Robert Sanderson - Law Qh e ?o record the stu den t activi ties of the school i ear 1923-19 4, so as to help the future Universitij of Denver alumnus relive his colleOe daijs is the purpose of this Kunewisbok ' ' i f ! Q i, Samuel Alexander iDu h To qou, whose knowl- edge and wisdom have led us toward The truth, whose kind words and helpful advice have iven us lighter hearts, we dedicate this oar Kijnewisbol w O Q e Univtrsitij Classes Activities — Athletics-- Organizations hdoldn em over L Activities I N 1 ERSIT ' C)|- DLLWER HISTORY The Charter of the Colorado Seminary, which is the property-holding corporation of the L ' niversity of Denver, was granted by the Council and House of Reprcsentati e5 of Colorado Territory on March 5. 18b4 The leader in this enterprise was (jovcrnor John Evans, who was at that time Governor of Colo- r;ido Territory and who was one of the founders of Northwestern University at Evanston, Illinois. A building vkas erected at Fourteenth and . rapahoe Streets, near the center of the business section of Denver, and school work was begun in the fall of 18b4. In the fall of 1880 the school was reorganized under the name of the L niversity of Den er and Dr. David H Moore, from Cincinnati, was elected as its first Chancellor. In addition to the C-olkge of Liberal .Arts and the Preparatory School, Schools of Medicine. M usic. .Art. and Business were established. Changing conditions in Dcn er during the following twenty years, permitted the University to dis- continue the Preparatory School and Schools of . lcdicine. Music. .Art and Business. In 18S5 the Uni ersity organized the first Manual Training School in the Rocky Vfountain country and maintained it Lintil the high schools of the city opened similar departments some ten years later. The 5 chool of Dentistry, formerly known as the Colorado College of Dental Surgery, opened its dtxirs to students in the fall of 1887 and is today the only sch x)l of dentistry between the Missouri River and California. In 1888 a School of Pharmacy was started, but after a few years it was discontinued It was reorganized in 191(3. In June. 1889, Dr. Moore resigned the Chancellorship. During the ensuing academic year Dr. . mmi B. Hyde. Professor of Greek, was .Acting Chancellor and at the close of the year Dr. William Eraser McDowell was elected Chancellor. In 188b the University secured a large tract of land lying si.x miles south and east of the center of [Denver. This received the name of Uni ersity Park, and a portion of it was set aside as the campus of the University. It was not until 18Q2 that the first building. L ' niversity Hall, on the new campus was completed and became the home of the College of Liberal .Arts, while the professional schools remained at the old site, the corner of Fourteenth and Arapahoe Streets. On October 3. 1892, the School of Law was organized, and is today the leading law school of the west. The next year, 1893. the building for the Iliff School of Theology on the campus at L ' niversity Park was completed, and the schcK l was established as one of the departments of the L ' niversity. Several vcars later it was separated from the L ' ni ersity and is now entirely independent. In 1894 the Chamberlin Obser atory, which with its very fine equipment was the gift of Mr. H. B C hamberlin. was completed. Dr. H. A. Howe, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, was made its Director and research has been constantly carried on since that time. It is one of the best astronomical stations in the west. Chancellor McDowell resigned his office in June. 1 899. and in the following December. Dr. Henry .Augustus Buchtel was elected as his successor. The twenty-one years of Chancellor Buchtel ' s ad- ministration were years of marked growth and de elopment. The debt was paid and the endowment increased. Four new buildings were erected on the campus namely, the Cjymnasium. the Library, the .Science Hall, and the Memorial C hapel. The Schools of C ommcrce. Chemical Engineering. Electrical Engineering, and Pharmacy were established, and the Summer Sehcxjl and Extension f;ollege were de eloped as parts of the College of Liberal .Arts. .A stroke of apoplexv in September. 1920. compelled C hancellor Buchtel to relinquish the duties of his office, and in December he was made C hancellor Emeritus Dr. W, D. Engle was .Acting Chancellor from September, 1920, until the present Chancellor, Dr. Hcber Reece Harper, assumed the duties of the office in November, 1922. Page 1 1 Henry Augustus Buchtel A.M., D.D., LL.D. Heber Reece Harper. A.B.. S.T.B.. D D. C7iancc ' c Wilbcr Dwiuht F-nuk AM , Phi:). Sc n Ue-Chc nci ' llor George Alfred W ' arficld LL. B, A.M.. Ph. D Dean. School of Commerce I Vrhert l .nz . I ' owe . 1 ,Se.D , LI. n PLim. Colle , of Liberal Arl.s llen T- Newman . 1.. DD.S, Ut-cin, .School of Denlisir C corge Cxille ' MiinK " . LL.B.. A.M. Dean. School ot Lau «f Page 1 3 U N I V E R S I T ' OF DENVER OFFICERS OF INSTRUCTION AND ADMINISTRATION HeberReeceHarper, A.B, STB . DD Chancellor Henry Augustus BucHTEL. A.M. D.D, LLD Chancellor Emeritus WTlber Dwrr.HT Enclf:. .AM. Ph D , Sc.D .... ' ice-Chancellor Director oj the SchooU oj Ci. en. icul Engineering and Pharmacy Director of the Summer School Herbert Alonzo Howe, A.M., Sc.D., LL D Dean. College of Liberal Arts Director of the Chamberlin Observatory David Shaw Duncan. A.M., B.D . Fh D. Acting Dean. College of Liberal Arts George CuLLEY Manly, LL.B, AM Dean, School of Law Manfred S. Fraser, D.D.S Dean. School of Dentistry George Alfred Warfield, LL.B., .A.M., Fh.D. Dean. School oJ Commerce, .Accounts and Finance Anne McKeen Shuler, AM Dean of Women Hattie Horner Louthan. Litt.B. Dean of Women, School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance Daniel Edward Phillips, A.M., Ph.D.. l-iTr.D Director of the Extension College Reuben Edson Nyswander, A.M.. Ph D. . Director of the School of Electrical Engineering Robert L. Gray, D.D.S Sufjerintendent, School of Dentistry Owen Bertram Trout, A.M Registrar Charles Lincoln .Andrews, . .B Regi. trar. School of Law Howard E. Cooper, B.C.S Registrar. School oJ Commerce, . ccounts and Finance Lucius Ward Bannister, A.B , LL.B Professor of Law Charles Robert Brock, SB , LLD Professor of Law Elmer Leslie Brock. LL.B Professor of Law A. B. Brusse, D.D.S Professor of Orthodontia T. E. Carmody, D.D.S, D.D.Sc. M.D.. F.A.CS, . Professor of Oral Surgery and Rhinology Mallory Catlett. D.D.S. ...... Professor of Physical Diagnosis and E.xodontia W. T. Chambers, D.D.S Professor Emeritus of Operative Dentislry Charles J. Clayton, Ph.G Professor of Pharmacy Clem Wetzell Collins, B.C.S., C.P.A Professor of Accounting Samuel Monds Coulter, A.M., PhD Professor of Botany Richard Moore Crane, B.C.S., C.P.A Professor of .Accounting Edmund Dresser Cressman, .A.M., PhD Professor of Latin and Creek Ira Eugene Cutler. B.S., .A.M., LLD Professor of Biology Horace Warren Danforth, BL, LL.B Professor of Law John Henry Denison. A.B , LLD Professor of Law Frank Dickinson, AM Profes.wr of Philosophy Grove Samuel Dow, A.M Professor of Sociology David Shaw Duncan, .A.M., B.D, Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Science WiLBER DwiGHT Encle, A.M., Ph.D., Sc.D Professor of Chemistry Manfred S. Eraser, D.D.S of Dental Therapeutics H. A. Fynn, D.D.S. .... Professor Emeruus of Regional .Anatomy and Dental Histology Thomas Russell Garth, AM , Lh D Professor of Education Max Giesecke, D.D.S Professor of Periodontia WiLLi. M West Grant. Jr., A.B, , L. LB Profes.wr of Law Robert L. Gray, DD.S Professor oJ Denial Histologv Page 14 Benjamin Griffith, PhB. LLB Professor of Law C. D. Hall. A.B Professor of Chemislry and Metallurgy Ri HARD Haywood Hart. A. B, LLli Professor of Law Harold Harris Healy. A.B. , LLB. . Professor of Law William Pemherton HILLHOUSE. LLB Professor of Law Hi:rbert .Alonio Howe, A.M.. 5 c..D.. LL.D Professor of Astronomy William Edward HuTTON. A B. LLB . . Professor of Law Joseph SoMKR Jaffa, LLB ... Professor of Law J. S. Jackson. D.D.S Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Granville Bradby Johnson Director of Physical Education for Men A. A. Kaha.n, D.D.S. . Professor of Dental Anatomy and Instructor in Operative Technics C. E. HiLLEL Kauvar. .A.m.. D 1 I L Rude Professor of Rabbinic Literature Perle Shale Kingsley. A.M. Professor of Public Speaking Archibald Allen Lee. LLB Professor of Law E. H. LiCHTHALL. D.D.S. Professor of Dental Pathology Samuel Alexander Lough. A.M. Ph.D. . LLD. Professor of English Bible and Religion Hattie Horner Louthan. Lit r.B Professor of English William F. LuEBKE. PhD Professor of English Composition William Mahin. B.S Professor of Physics George CuLLEY Manly. LLB . .AM Professor of Law Ida Kruse McFarlane. .A.M.. Li I r n Mary Lone Dickinson Professor of English H. W. McLauthlin, M.D . .A.M Professor of Materia Medica Hlgh McLean, A. B., LLB. Professor of Law F. N.1 Montgomery, AM Professor of English L. B. Morris, D.D.S. , . Professor of Ljola Inlay and Asscciaic Professor of Operative Dentistry Reuben Edson Nyswander, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Physics Richard Peete, A.B, LLB Professor of Law James H. Pershing, .A.B Professor of Dental Jurisprudence Daniel Edward Phillips. .AM . Fh.D. Ln I D Professor of Psychology S. G. Phillips. M.D Professor of Pathology Etienne Bernardeau Renaud. .A.M . Ph.D. hrofessor of Romance Languages and Archaeology Mabel Sophia Rilling, A.B Director of Physical Education for Women J. MES Grafton Rogers, A.B, LLB. Professor of Law Herbert Edwin Russell, .A.M., Sc.D Professor of Mathematics A. W. Stahl, M.D. Professor of Bacteriology A. G. Staunton, M.D Professor of Anatomy Robert Lawrence Stearns, A.B.. LLB Professor of Law Wilbur Fletcher Steele, AM . S T.D. . . Professor Emeruus of English Bible and Religion H. William Stuver, Ph. G., M.D Professor of Materia Medica George Edward Tralles. LLM Professor of Law Owen Bertrj m Trout, A.M Professor of Mathematics G. C. Wallace. M.D Professor of Physiology George Alfred Warfield. LLB , .A.M . 1-hIJ. Professor of Economics G. R. Warner. MD. D.D.S Professor of Dental X-Ray ; C Watson, M.D Professor of Operative Dentistry J. . Williams, D.D.S Professor of Ethics and Economics H. C. Withers, B.S., D.D.S., Prof essor of Crown and Bridge and Associate Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Andrew HoLLiSTER Wood, Ph. B, LLB Professor of Law William Zimmerman. .A.M. M.D.. S.T D. P;i lA.vor of Bulcgy, Histology and Regional y naloniy M irtrf Page IS B. Palil W, BamK-ird, D.DS. . F. VV. Beesley. D.DS . Levette Jay Davidson, A M . Ph D George W. Gorrell, A.M. . Rel ' ben Gilbert Gustavson, .AM. . Vii i.iAM Henry Hyslop. AM. Ph.D. Li-si. IK Wiles Sc;oFiELD. .A.M. Helen Elizabeth Crippen, A.M. George Rodney Day, B.C.S. Wilfred Dennis, M.D. Earl Acard Engle. A.M., Fh.D. John Austin Gallaher, B.C.S. . David Abraham Kaplan. B. S. . Arthur Kelly, D.D.S F. A. Peterson, D.DS. Karl F. Roehrig, M.D. Roger H. WoLtoir. A B., B.C.S., LL Ben B. Aley Louis H. Baine .... John Edward Eentley. A KL. ST B Jenette H. Bolles, AM . DO . Ralph P. DeSwarte, B S. Edwin Frickey, y .B. Robert E. Gentry, A.B., B.C.S., C P Clarence Franklin Helwig, C.P .A. Clarence M. Hower Kenneth A. Kennedy, A.B. Bertrand H. Lyon C ' harles M. Reed, LLB. Irwin Magnus Ristine, .AM George W. Salzer, Sc D. Hale Smi hi. M . Stuart L. Swi.ii. . M William J. I hompson, B.C.S.. C.P. .A. Georc.e Bedell Vosburgh, . ' M . Ph Edward A West. B.S. . Theodore John Witting, B C.S , C.P Daniel K Wolfe, A B , LL B Harr-1 W Wnon In. .M. s R A ' , MONO YoUNi;. B.C.S., C.P. A. ciale Prot D [:)D Aisociate Projeisor ol Periodontia Associate Professor of Orthodontia essor of English Literature and Journalism Associate Professor of Mathematics Associate Professor cf Chemistry Associate Professor of Physics . ssoctale Professor of History ■ ssistant Professor of Romance Lan uanes Assistant Professor of Accounting . , ssistant Professor of Pathology ssistant Professor ol Chemistry . Assistant Professor of Law . ssistant Professor of Economics Assistant Professor of Ceramics Assistant Professor of Operative Dentis:ry . ssistant Professor of Anesthetics Assistant Professor of Law Lecturer on Practical Banking Lecturer on Life Insurance Functions Lecturer on Psychology Lecturer on Anatomy Lecturer on Federal ' Taxes Lecturer on Business Statistics Lecturer on Business Research Lecturer on Mine Accounting Ltcturer on . diertising Lecturer on Investment Analysis Lecturer on Public Speaking . Lecturer on Credit Management Lecturer on Employment Management Lecturer on Foreign 7 rade Lecturer on Economics Lecturer on Marketing Leclitrer on Mine Accounting Lecturer on lJlicii:ncy and I ndustnal Management Lecturer on Vcounting Lecturer o) Argumentation Lecturer on Lite Insurance .Salesmanship Lecturer on Cc st Accounting Floren( I-. C-ARDLYN Attwood, .A.B. Edward M, Auslender, LL.B. . Edward Urban Bourke, Ph.B., B.C.S. .Adaline Shaw Bulli-n. , ' ,M. M. B. Case, DDS Inslriiclor m Romance Languages Instructor in Bustness Law Instructor in English In.slructoi m Romance Languages Pemonslrator. Exanimer and Clinical Instructor A.-: Page It ' Linda M CLMwoRrin, pii B . B I. S. William Harvey C.LiiroRn. . B. C. I. Dahl, D.D.S Vl. Kenneth Dameron. A B. Irene Fisher. B.C.S Raymond P. Hasenaurr. BCS . ( ' . 1 . H. Hays. A B.. M.D . D D.S. Ruth Florence Holzman. . .B Louis C. Linck. B.C.S.. C.P.A. Alexander Johnston Lind.say. B.C-.S., C Ella R. M. Millk;an. A. M. Robert Elmer More. . B.. LL B. Lisa Muntwyler. A B Joseph Patrick OX ' onneli . LL B. Edward Odom, LL.B.. .AM Frank C. Onstott. B.C. S. Gerald P. Peters. . B. A. W. Race, D.D.S Frank Harold Hanna Roberts. A.M. E. Frances Seiler. A.M.. Ph.D. Robert B. Stanard, B.C.S. Paul Spurceon Tracy, Fii B , . M .Arthur J. L ' llrich ... Irene .Alicia WiNTKRBnrnAM. . M. . Forrest M. Carhartt, A.B. Clarence C. Chapelle Luther F. Cowan. Pd.B , .AM Joseph B. Galbraith Martha Ellen Gourley. .A B G. L. Hammitt, D.D.S. . Edith Katherike Heberkr. -A B Mary E. Kumler, A.B. Eleanor Best Marr. .A.B. . R. H. McBride. D D.S. Blanche Young McNeal Enid Middaugh Frank D. Peel Ruth Powell, A.B. M. L. Rabinowitz, D D.S. . G. W. Raichart, D.D S. Paul Allen Shaw, B.S. in C. E. R. O. Smith, D.D.S. H. B. Talhelm, D.D.S. . E.ssiE Ruth White, .A.B. Rl ' TH WiLKERSON, .A.B. l ihrarian Inslniclor in Romance Languages DcmonMralor in Operative Dentistry Instructor in Economics Instructor in Secretarial Scieru:e Instructor in Accounting Instructor in Charge of Dental Mechanics Instructor in Romance Languages Instructor in System Building Instructor in Accounting Instructor in History of Art Instructor in Law I nslruclor in Lnglish Composition and German Instructor in Law Instructor in Economics Instructor in Accounting Instructor in Economics Demonstrator in Oral Surgery and Exodontia Instructor in Romance Languages and Archaeology Instructor in Mathematics and English Composition Instructor in Accounting Instructor in English Director of Physical Education for Men Instructor in Romance Languages Graduate Assistant in Economics Assistant in English Assistant in Mathematics Assistant in English Graduate Assistant in English Literature Graduate Assistant in Operative Dentistry Graduate Assistant in Botany Graduate Assistant in Public Speaking Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Graduate Assistant in Prosthetic Dentistry Assistant in Short Story Writing Assistant in X-Ray and Exodontia Assistant in Business English Graduate Assistant in Romance Languages Graduate Assistant in Croirn and Bridge Graduate Assistant in Crown and Bridge Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Graduate Assistant in Prosthetic Dentistry Graduate Assistant in Operative Dentistry . Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Graduate Assistant in Psychology Page ; U N I ' E R S I T Y OF D E ' E R TRUSTEES OFFICERS William G. E ans, President of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee Alexander L. Doud, Vice-President William S. Iliff, Vice-President Frederick J. Chamberlin, Treasurer Sidney R. Collins, Secretary MEMBERS Term Expires 1923 Charles W. Hancher, Frank R. Hollenback, William S. Iliff, William Lennox, I. Frank Downer, William E. Sweet, Egbert X. Wood Term Expires 1924 Orrin W. Auman, J. Stanley Edwards, John Evans, George M. Henderson. Frank McDoNOUGH, Sr., Charles L. Mead, James R. Thorpe Term Expires 192 ' Charles R. Brock, James H. Causey, Alexander L. Dold, Ervin N. Edgerton William H. Howell, Herbert E. Johnson, George C. Manly Term Expires 1926 Frederick J. Chamberlin, Loren M. Edwards, William G. Evans, William L. Hartman, L. WirtMarkham, KarlC. Schuyler, Fred W. Stover EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE William G. Evans, Alexander L. Doud, Loren M. Edwards, F " rederick J. Chamberlin, I. Frank Downer, William S. Iliff, Orrin W. Auman, J. Stanley Edwards, Herbert E. Johnson, Charles L. Mead, ex-officio Pu , ' ,s ' n IL U lAl LL spires ivlwsc silent fingers point to heaven s UNI I-RSrr ' HALL The modest temf te of a liberal education k STUDY By RICHARD 8E6HT0L THOU HAST FOR WEARY FEET THE GIP ' T OF REST a: Z o - I— b CO UJ X L SCIENCE HALL The home of man ' s truest friend and noblest u ' xt ■i I CHAMBERL IN OBSER A ' FOR ' W ' Tiert ' ihe injinilc universe is open to our view o C j ■G, rHl-: LIBRARY 1 he true universily jor those who seek power , OUR SUNDIAL 77it ' monunwnt ol tune r OUR SUNDIAL,. ' , ' - nonument of tinxt ■W I I i I THE SENIOR CLASS of LIBERAL ARTS IJ-SLll-: PLATT PAL ' LINE GARRETT A V I MILDRED KESLER ROBERT ANNAND CLASS OFFICERS Leslie Plati President Pauline Garrett Vice-President Mildred Kesler ■ Secretary Robert Annand Treasurer W ' isJom is the conciucror of fortune -Juvenal. [ciori Pagcli BLANCHE E. ALMBERGE Maiors — Latin; Philosophy. Psychol ogy and Education. Minors — Greek; Spanish; Education. Activities — Classical Club; Gas House Gang. HELEN E. AMOSS Majors — History, Psychology and Education. Minors — English ; History. Activities — Kappa Delta; Forty Immortals; Scroll and Torch; Panhellenic. NELL W. ANDERSON Maior — Romance Language. Minors — History and Economics; French. Activities — French Club. ROBERT N. ANNAND Majors — Chemistry ; Mathematics. Minors — Sociology; History. Activities — Lambda Chi Alpha; Scarab; Spanish Club; Delta Chi; Gyros; Inter-Frat Council; Glee Club; Basketball; D Club; Class Treas- Page 34 MARY C. ARC ;H1 BALD Majors — Psychology and Education; French Minor — Religion. Activilies — Kcdros; Alpha Zcta Pi; Delta Pi Alpha; Barb Group Leader; Classical ( " lub; Y. W. C. A.; Assistant in Department of Religion. ELWYN A. ARPS Majors — Economics; Sociology. Minors — -English; Economics. Activities — Kappa Sigma ; Evans; Colorado Col- ANNA M. BOLLINGER Major — Religious Education. Minors — English; Psychology; Public Speak- ing. Activities — Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Templin Hall Club; World Fellowship Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Drama Club; Forty Immortals. MILDRED L.BIDDICK Major — Psychology and Education. Minors — French; psychology and Religion. Activities — Gamma Phi Beta; R. A. C; Kcdros; Drama Club; psychological Service Club; Student Commission; Basketball; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ; Annual Board. . . :ru; ■?-V ' - Page h ' BLANCHE BROTHERTON Majors — English ; Sociology. Minors — Bible; Biological Science. Aclivilies — Sigma Kappa: Southern Methodist University; Delta Pi .-Xlpha; Templin Hall Club; Glee Club; Y. " . C. A.; Assistant in Economics. MARYETTA M. BRIGGS Majors — English; History; osophy and Education. Minors — Mathematics. Activilies — Kappa Delta; GleeClub;Y. W. C.A. Psvchologv, Phil- Colorado College; LOUIS D. BROOKS Major — Chemistry . Minors — Physics; Mathematics. Activities — A. 1. E. E. ; Gas House Gang. ipiu CLEONE D. BROWN Major — History and Polocital Science. Minors — French; Sociology; Education. Activities — Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Nebraska Wesleyan L ' niversitv. Page 36 HELEN N. CASTIIJ.IERRA Majors — Romance Lansiiaj c ; Classics. Minor — Latin. AclivUies — Pi Beta Phi ; French Club. ELEANOR E. COCKER ILL Majors — Psychology and Education; Religious Education. Minors — Public Speaking; Sociology. Activities — Tcmplin Hall Club; Library Assist- ant. JOY CLAPP Majors — Histor ' : Ps chology and Education. Minors — Public Speaking; Spanish. Activities — Scroll and Torch; Assistant in the Department of Education. JOHN S. CH.AMBERS Majors — Chemistry ; Mathematics. Minors — Physics; Biologv ' . Activities — Phi Lambda Lipsilon; Phi Sigma; Delta Chi; Ashlar; Biological Club; Gas House Gang. Page 37 DAVID Z. CHARNEY Major — Chemistry. Minor — Science. MARY K. CONNELL Majors — Latin: Psychology and Education. Minors — Spanish; English; History. Activities — College of Saint Teresa; Newman Club; Kappa Delta; Evans Literary; Tennis. ELEANOR CROOK Majors — English; Chemistry. Minors — History ; Botany. Activities — Drama Club; Press Club; Alpha Sigma Chi; Clarion; Senior Play Committee. ELEANOR CL ' LLEN Major — Sociology . Minors — Psychology ; Education. Activities — Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. i Page 3S ANNA M. CLKPHEY Majors — -Philosophy and Religion; Education. Minors — English; S x:iolog ' ; Economics. Activities — Kansas W ' cslyan; Kcdros; Sigma Kappa ; Cosmopolitan ; E ans Literary ; Tcmp- lin Hall Club; Delta Pi Alpha; Y. V. C. A. President. WESLEY R. CVRTIS Major — Political Science. Minors — English; Ps chology. Activities — Kappa Sigma: Scarab; Sigma Delta Chi ; Phi Alpha ; Press Club ; President Stud- ent Association ; Clarion Editor; Clarion Busi- ness Manager; Parrakeet Editor. MARGARET L DONLEY Majors — Sociology; Education. Minors — English; History. Activities — University of Colorado; Newman Club. THOMAS J Dk FORD Major — Chemistry Mirwr — Sciences. Piiec ?o EDWARD E. DeHAVEN Major — Mathematics. Minors — Physics ; Chemistry. ! HALLIE W. DICKENSON Major — Re li gion . Minors — History; English. LEE A. DLTGDALE Major — Biology. Minors — Chemistry; Physics Activities — Phi Sigma. MORGAN A. DLRH.-XM Major — Chemistry. Minors — Biology; French. Activities — Biological Club; Student Volunteer; Phi Beta Sigma; Debate Club; Football. Page 40 BEATRICE EDWARDS Major — English. Minors — Chemistry; Psychology. Activities — Gamma Phi Beta ; Phi .Mpha. HARRY L. FRIEDMAN " Major — Biology. Minors — Chemistrv; Hebrew. HERALD G. GARDNER Majors — History and Sociology; Ps chology. Minor — Religion. RLTH E. G.- iRNSEY Major — Philosophy and Psychology. Minors — Greek; Religion. Aclivilies — Delta Pi .Mpha. Page 41 PAL ' LINE C. GARRETT Majors — Public Speaking; Religious Education. Minor — English. Activities — Kedros; Delta Zeta ; Forty Immor- tals; E)ebate Club. MARCIA M. HAGEDORN Majors — History and Economics. Psychology and Philosophy. Minors — Biology ; Psychology. Activities — Barbs; Y. W. C. A.; Co-ed Com- merce Club ; Episcopal Club. FRANK GEMAR Major — Biology . Minor — Sciences. Aclivilies — Ashlar; Phi Sigma; Biological Club. ISADORE L. GINSBURG Major — Economics. Minors — Psychology ; English. Activities — Clarion Staff; L ' nixcrsity Band. Pa e 42 13(1 OLl ER W. GL ' Sl lEE Major — English. Minors — History and Economics; Philosophy and Psychology; Education. Activilics — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Evans Literary; For ty Immortals: Y. M. C. .A ; Director Men ' s Cjlec C.lub; Senior Plav. DOROTHY M. H.ALL Major — English. Minors — Economics; Psychology. WALTER E. HWINGHLKST Majors — Bible and Religion. Minors — Philosophy: Psychology and Educa- tion. Activities — Cosmopolitan Club; Ohio Wesleyan University. GILBERT H. HILL Major — En gl ish . Minors — Economics; History. ' - - Wh Page 43 RICHARD I HOERY Major — Economics. Minors — English; Psychology. Activiltes — Beta Theta Pi; Clarion Business Manager. JAMES G. HOLLAND Major — Public Speaking. Minors — English; Economics; Psychology. Activilies — .Ashlar: Tau Kappa Alpha; Phi Beta Sigma ; Scroll and Torch ; Debate Club : Drama Club; Classical Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Blackstonian ; Wrestling. ELMA K. HOLLINGSHEAD Majors — French; Education. Minors — Romance Language; English. Activities — Zeta Tau Alpha; R. A. C. ; Kedros; Alpha Zeta Phi; Psychology Service Club; French Club; Quill; Basketball; Secretary of Student .Association; Clarion Staff. JL ' DSON H. HOLLOWAY Majors — Chemistry ; Mathematics. Minor — Physics. Activities — Eta Omega Delta : Phi Lambda L ' psilon; Phi Beta Sigma; Delta Chi; Gas House Gang; .Assistant in Chemistry. Paic 44 h TOMOSADA HORIl (-1 li Major — Mathematics. Minors — History; Economics: Physics. Aclivilics — Gamma Delta . CHARLES L. HOWARD Major — Psychology and Philosoph ' . Minors — Economics and Sociologv ; History and Political Science. .Ac(iri i«— .Alpha Phi Alpha. EL 1E D. HLBB.ARD Majors — Chcmistr ' : Mathematics. Minors — French; Chemistry. Activities — Delta Zeta ; Alpha Sigma Chi ; French Club; Glee Club; Gas House Gang. HELEN HLDSON Majors — History; Philosophy. Psychology and Education. Minor — French. Activities — Kappa Delta; I ' nisersity of Cali- fornia ; Glee Club. tmm VVW-f Page 4S MADELINE B HYNDN4AN Major — Chemistr -. Minors — English ; Science. Activities — Kedros; Alpha Sigma Chi; Delta Pi Alpha; Gas House Gang; Forty Immortals; Barb ' s President. MILDRED JACKSON Majors — Chemistry; Psychology, Philosophy and Education. Minor — Romance Language. Activities — Alpha Sigma Chi; Y. W. C. A. Big Sister. ! HERBERT G, JONES Major — Econom ics . Minors — Spanish; Physics. RUTH JOHNSON Majors — psychology and Education; French. Minor — Mathematics. Activities — Sigma Kappa; R. A. C. ; lemplin HalLBaskettall. Page 46 WILLIAM C. JOHNSTON Major — History and Political Jiciencc. Minors — English; Public Speaking. Aclivilies — Beta Thcta Pi; Tau Kappa Alpha; Scarab; French Club; Debate Club; Drama Club; Forty Immortals; Intcr-Frat Council; Student Commission; Phi Alpha; Y. M. C ' . A.; Drama ( ' luh Plav, Intcrcollesiatc Debate Team. LAWRENCE A. JORDAN Major — Economics and Sociology. Minors — Spanish; Psychology. Activities — Lambda Chi Alpha. WALTER J. JL ' DGE. Majors — Chemistry; Mathematics. Minors — German; Physics; Chemistry. Aclivilies — Gas House Gang; Y. M. C. A. BERN1C:E K. KELLER Major — Psychology. Education and Philosophy. Minors — Spanish; Classics; Ps chology and Education. Activities — Delta Zeta; R. A. C. ; Classical Club; Basketball. Page 47 A. B. KEITH Major — Mathematics. Minor — Chemistry ; Science. Aclivities — Alpha Pi Nu. MILDRED A. KESLER Major — Education and Philosophy. Minors — Spanish; History. Aclivilies — Sigma Kappa; R. A. C; Evans Literary Society; Biological Club; Big Sister President ; Secretary of Senior Class. FRANK M. KIRK Major — Classics. Minors — Psychology and Education : French : English. Activities — Kedros; Classical Club; Glee Club; Barbs; Y. W. C. A.; Forty Immortals; Big Sister. HAROLD B. KLAIBER Major — Economics. Minors — Philosophy; English. Activities — Kappa Sigma. ,,:2 o r Page 4S PAILINE KI.F.ITZ Majors — Mathematics; Psychology and Edu- cation. Minors — English; Public Speaking. Aclivittes — Delta Zcta;R. A. C, Drama (luh; Glee Club; Basketball; LOLISE M KROEKER Majors — Ps chology and Education, Bible and Religion. Minor — English. Activilies — Southwestern College; Ciirls ' Glee Club; World Group Fellowship C!lub; Barb Group;Y. W. C. A. HUGO M. KRLEGER Major — Chemistry. Minors — Greek; Science. Activities — Phi Lambda L ' psilon , Delta Xi ; Clas- sical Club; Gas House Gang. DOROTHEA M. RRLiEGER. Majors — Public Speaking; Romance Languages; Psychology and Education. Minor — English. Activities — Kedros; Alpha Zeta Pi ; Drama Club; Debate Club; Spanish Club; Forty Immor- tals; Y. W. C. A.; Assistant in Public Speak- ing; Barb Leader. Pa e 49 REX H. LAIRD Major — Biology . Minors — ChemistrN " ; Philosophy and Ps ' chol- ogy; Romance Languages. MARGARET L. LAW Major — English. Minors — Psychology : Spanish. ESTHER E. LAWYER Major — Philosophy and Psycholog -. Minors — Religion; English. Activities — .Alpha Zeta Pi : Rilling . thlctic Club. ALEEN W. LINDSAY Majors — Psychology and Education; English. Minor — Mathematics. Activities — Kappa Delta; Glee Club; Basket- ball ; Kvncwisbok. Page SO H. DALE LOEB Majors — Clhemistry ; Mathematics. Minors — Physics; C hcmistry. Activilies — Scarab; Phi Lambda L ' psilon: Phi Beta Sigma; Delta Chi; Gas House Gang; Forty Immortals; Assistant in Chemistry. ALMA MALCOLM Major — Philosophy and Psychology. Minors — Spanish; Economics; Biology. Activities — Zeta Tau .Alpha; R. A. C; Vice-President Junior Class. THOMPSON G. MARSH Majors — Mathematics; English; History and Economics. Minor — Spanish. Activities — Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Alpha Zeta Pi; Spanish Club; Press Club; Fortv Immortals; Glee Club. JESSIE M. McCALLLM Major — Philo.sophy and Psychology. Minors — English: History and Sociology. Page n WALTER A. McCLENEHAN Major — Philosophy and Psychology. Minors — History ; English. Activities — Lambda Chi .Alpha. D. RALPH McKElTHAN Majors — Chemistry ; Mathematics. Minor — Physics. Activities — Eta Omega Delta; Phi Lambda L ' psilon; Phi Beta Sigma; Forty Immortals; Gas House Gang. MYRA M. MITCHELL Major — Spanish. Minors — Philosophy; English. Activities — Kappa Delta; Alpha Zeta Pi; Spanish Club. GEORGE D. MITCHEM Majors — Economics and History . Minors — Chemistry; Romance Languages. Activities — Glee Club; Drama Club; Gas House Gang; Assistant Business Manager of Glee Club. Page 52 HAROLD W. MORGAN Majors — -l tin ; History and Sociology. Minors — Classics; Philosophy. Aclivitifs — Blackstonian ; Tau Kappa Alpha; Classical Club; Psychological Service Club; Debate Club; Scroll and Torch; Cosmopolitan Club; Debate Team. lDENKA a HLRIANEK Major — Chemistry. Minors — Biology; Mathematics. Activilies — Alpha Sigma Chi; Biolofjical Club, Cosmopolitan Club; Pharmacy Club; Debat- ing Club, C}as House Gang; Girls ' Glee Club. HELEN B. NICHOLS Major — Romance Languages. Minors — History ; English. LI DA M. OBOYLE Majors — History and Economics ; Sociology and Economics. Minors — Spanish; Psychology; Education. Activities — Newman Club. Page S3 C! R MILLICENT PAINTER Majors — History and Political Science; Edu- cation and PsNchology. Minors — English; History and Sociology. Activities — Sigma Kappa; Scroll and Torch; Kynewisbok; Panhellenic Council; Vanity Fair. H.ATTIE E. PARSLEY Major— Minors- Philosophy and Ps chology. —Latin ; Sociology and Economics. MARGARET E. PATTERSON Major — Religious Education. Mirxors — Chemistry; Public Speaking. Activities — Student Volunteers; .Alpha Sigma Chi; Quill Club; Biological Club; Barb Lead- er; Debate Club; Y. W. C. A. GEORGE J. PEAVEY Majors — Education and Psycholog - ; English. Minors — French; English. Activities — Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta C hi; Newman Club; Press Club; Evans Literary Club; Quill Club; Drama Club; Forty Im- mortals; Clarion; Kynewisbok; Parrakeet; Assistant in Journalism and English; Senior Play. Page 54 AliE D. PENINSKY A tajor — Economics . Minors — English ; Psychology. HARRY B PETRIE Major — History and Political Science. Minors — English; Economics. Aclivilies — Kappa Sigma; Men ' s Glee Club; Fortv Immortals. CHARLES G. PFAB Major — Chemistry. Minor — Sciences. Activities — Pharmacy Club; Baseball. AL1C;E L. PHILLIPS Major — Psychology ' . Minors — and English. Aclivilies — Sigma Kappa. Page S5 LESLIE A. PLATT Major — Chemistry. Minors — Mathematics ; Education. Activities — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scarab; Y. M. C. A.; Football; Track; Drake Relays; West- em Intercollegiate Meet ; President of Senior Class. ELECTA P. PORTER Majors — Mathematics; Ps chology. Philosophy and Education. Minors — Chemistry; Physics; Mathematics; French. Activities — Alpha Sigma Chi, Gas House Gang; Orchestra ; Y. W. C. A. BERTHA G. RANSOM Major — English. Minors — Economics ; Psychology. Activities — French Club. MARY E. REEVES Majors — Bible and Religion; History and So- ciology. Minors — Philosophs ' , Education and Psychol- ogy. Activities — Iowa National Bible Training School; Delta Pi Alpha; Cosmopolitan Club; Barb Group Leader; Y. W. C. A. Pa e 6 KATHERINE L. ROBINSON Majors — Romance Languages ; English ; History and Sociology. Minor — -Classics. Aclivilies — Pi Beta Phi; Kcdros; French Club; Press Club; Drama Club: Riding Club; Phi Alpha; Y. V. C. A.; Big Sister Organization. ROBERT S. ROE Majors — Chemistry ; Mathematics. Minors — Chemistry; Philosophy. Activities — Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Scarab; Delta Chi; Sophomore Class President; Treasurer Students Association; Representative Inter-School Council; Y. M. C.A. JAY L. ROHERBACKER Major — History and Economics. Minors — English; History. Activities — Kappa Sigma; Clarion Staff; Parra- keet Staff. LOIS ROSE Major — English. Minors — Public Speaking; Psychology and Edu- cation. Activities — Debating Club. Page S7 GERIRUDE S. ROSENBERG Majors — Romance Languages. Minors — French; English. Activities — Alpha Epsilon Phi; Panhellenic. MAYK4E M. ROSENBERG Majors — Chemistry ; English. Minors — English ;Spanish;Romance Languages. Activities— A pha Epsilon Phi ; Gas House Gang. lONE R. RAGSDALE Majors — Psychology; Education and Philoso- phy; History and Sociology ' . Minor — Mathematics. LEONA H. SCHONAUER Majors — Education; Philosophy and Psychol- ogy- Minors — English. History and Stjciology. c(ii i(iM— Lincoln College; Templin Hall C:iub Page 5S K. E. SEAMON Major — Chemistry. Minor — Science. TED J. SER.AFIM A. M. Degree. Activities — Beta Thcca Pi: Phi Beta Sigma; Colorado Sichool of Mines; Wrestling; Base- ball. ANNA G. SEYLER Major — Chemistry. Minors — -Biology; Philosophy, Ps chology and Education. Activities — Alpha Sigma Chi; University of Colorado; Girls ' Glee Club; Gas House Gang. ESTHER R SIMMONS Majors — Romance Language; Psychology. Minors — Mathematics ; Spanish. Activities — Delta Zeta; Kedros; Alpha Zeta Pi; Spanish Club; Forty Immortals; Big Sister Cx uncil; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Panhcllenic ; Tcmplin Hall Club. I Page S9 CHARLES W. SITLER Major — Economics. Minors — English; Psychology; Philosophy. Activates — Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Scarab; Quill; Evans; Press Club; Inter- Fraternity Council; Clarion; Kynewisbok Editor; Parrakeet; Fortv Immortals. VIVIAN E. SMITH Majors — History , Economics and Sociology ; Psychology, Education and Philosophy. Minor — English. AcUvilies — Sigma Kappa; Kedros; Scroll and Torch ; Templin Hall ; Treasurer Y. W. C. A. ; Vice-President Big Sister; Class Secretary. PALIL R. SPENCER Major — Economics . Minors — English; Psychology. Activities — Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Quill ; Evans ; Clarion ; Business Manager Student Directory; Business Manager Kyne- wisbok; Glee Club; Parrakeet; Forty Im- mortals; Press Club. HAZEL L. STEPHENSON Major — Bible and Religion. Minors — Philosophy and Psychology; History and Religion. t Pane 60 BEATRICE E. STEPP Major — History and Sociology. Minors — English; Psychology, Philosophy and Education. Activilies — Zeta Tau Alpha: Delta Pi .Alpha; Panhellenic;Y. W.C. A. MXRGRET STEWART Majors — French; Ps chology. Minors — Spanish; Latin. Activities — Pi Beta Phi; University of Colorado. FARNLIM A. ST. JOHN Majors — Mathematics; Chemistry. Minors — Chemistry; Education. Activities — Phi Lambda L ' psilon; Scarab; Delta Chi; Gas House Gang; Chess Club. ELNORA F. STOUT Majors — Romance Languages; Psychology and Education. Minor — Botany. Activilies — Sigma Kappa; R. A. C; Evans; French Club. t twr Page 61 ALBERT D, STUTZENBERGER Majors — History and Sociology; Romance Language. Minors — English; Mathematics; Romance Language. Activities — Men ' s Glee Club; Quill Club; Lcs Beaux Esprix; Alpha Zeta Pi; German Club. HENRY W. TAYLOR Major — English. Minor — Economics , Psychology. DOROTHY E. TEFFT Major — Romance Languages. Minors — Chemistry ; English. Activities — Colorado Aggies; Press Club; .Assist- ant in English; Y. W. C. A.; Big Sister. FREDERIC: G. TESSIER Major — Pha rmac y . Minor — Sciences. Page 62 . I DONALD B n lOMPSON Major — History and Political Science. Minors — Economics; French. Activities — l ' ni ersity of Missouri ; .Alpha Pi Nu. ANDRL ' S THORPE Major — Sociology and History. Mir ors — Mathematics: Physics; Spanish. Activities — Lambda Chi Alpha. MIRIAM J. TLTTLE Major — Engl i sh . Minors — French; Psvcholoo N.ATILIE A. TYLER Majors — French; English. Minors — Spanish; Philosophy and Education. Activities — Pi Beta Phi ; Glee Cluh; French C-lub; Panhcllenic; Riding Club. Page 63 MARY E. TYRE Majors — Histor - ; Vlathematics ; Psychology and Education. Minors — Psychologs ' and Education; Religious Education. Activities — Zeta Tau Alpha. NAOMI B. UNDERWOOD Major — Biology . Minors — Spanish; English. Activities — Southwestern College; Drama Club. ROBERT L. UNDERWOOD Major — Philosophy and Psychology. Minors — History ; Classics. Activities — Alpha Pi Nu; Cosmopolitan Club; Debate Club; President Y. M. C. A. ; Scarab; Debating Team. E. MARY UPSON Major — Phi losophy . Minors — English; Romance Languages; His- tory and Social Sicicnce. Activities — Colorado Woman ' s College; Drama Club; Glee Club; Episcopal Club. Pai,c t ' 4 W ILLIAM I AN DL ' SEN Major — History and Economics. Minors — Psychology; English. Aclivilies — Sigma Delta Chi; Band; Editor; Clarion. MILDRED N. VERMILLION Majors — Chemistry; Ps chol {j and Educa- tion. Minor — Biological Science Activities — Alpha Sigrra Chi; Pharmacy Club; Gas House Gang. EDWARD D. VERNON Major — History and Sociology ; Minors — French; Philosophy. Activities — Eta Omega Delta; Blackstonian; Drama Club; Debating Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Fortv Immortals. BESS M. VESEY Majors — psychology ; Public Speaking. M inor — Educa t ion . Activities — Phi Thcta Kappa; Kedros; New- man; R. A. C; Psychological Club; Y. W. C. A.; Big Sister; Debate; Forty Immortals; Assistant in Psychology. PaRc b1 MAX M. X ' lNSONHALER Majors — History ; Economics. Minor — English. AcUviliei — Quill Club; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Beta Sigma: Gyros; Forty Immortals; Ath- letic Editor Kvnewisbok; Clarion Staff. HELEN C. WALES Major — Psychology and Education. Minors — Romance Languages; History. Activities — L ' niversity of Utah; Lniversity of Colorado; Psychological Service Club. CLYDE 1. WALLACE Major — Psychology . Minors — Economics; History and Sociology. Activities — Alpha Pi Nu ; Glee Club. KARL C. WESSEN Major — Mathematics. Minors — Chemistry ; Physics. Activities — Frosh Football. Page bt .. J. WARREN WILLIAMS Major — Physics. Minors — Chemistry; History: Economics. Activities — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scarab: Gas House Gang; Football: Student Commission Athletic Representative. CLEE WOODS Major — Philosophy and Psychology. Minors — History; Sociology. WALTER W. WEYERTS Majors — Chemistry; Mathematics. M inor — Physics . Activities — Eta Omega Delta ; Phi Lambda L ' p- silon; Delta Chi: Chess Club; Gas House Gang: Chemistry A.ssistant. JOSE R. ZARATE Page 67 THE SENIOR CLASS of the SCHOOL of C0MA4ERCE CLYDE JENNINGS JAMES BANGS W IIJJAM CARTER IHEODORE JOHNSON CLASS OFFICERS Clyde Jennings . Jambs Bancs iijjAM Carter Theodore Johnson Presidenl ice-Preiident Secretary Treasurer A man ' s wisdom is his best friend — Sir W Tcmf te. Pai c 6.V JOHN N ARMOl R Commerce. Activities — Alpha Kappa Psi. ALFRED H AYERS Accounting. Activities — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Zeta Sigma Tau; Press Club; Demonstration Manager; Clarion : Commerce Editor Kyncwisbok; Manager Commerce Baseball W ILL 1AM G BAKER Commerce. JAMES C. BANGS Accounting. Activities — Artus; Delta Mu Delta. Commerce . thletic Council; Vocational Men ' s Club. Vice-President Senior Class; Assembly Com- m ittee; President Junior Class. Page 69 A. FRANK BOROL GHS Business Administration. Aclivities — Vocational Men ' s Club; Fonjm Pub- lic Speaking Club; Debating Club; Treasurer Freshman Class; Secretary and Treasurer Commerce Athletics. MARY L. BOROUGHS Business Administration. Activities — University of Colorado; Phi Theta Kappa ; Commerce Co-ed Club ; Forum ; De- bating Club; Glee Club; Clarion Staff; Secre- ta ry Freshman Class ; Sponsor Sophmorc Class ; Sick and Visiting Committee; Social Com- mittees. JESSE L BOYER Commerce. VOLNEY v. BOWLES Commerce. Activities — Sigma Alpha Epsilon; . lphu Kappa Psi ; .Artus. Page 70 iERBHR 1 A BRliAKEV C ' ommcrcc. Activities — Ashlar; Anus. FRANK M BROWN Commerce. RALPH S BLKGESS Commerce. WILLI. Wl F CARTER Commerce . Activities — Secretary Senior Class, Paga 71 JOHN F. CASMON Commcrcc- Aclivilit ' . — Alpha Kappa Psi. CLARENCE C. CHAFELLE Business Administration. Aclivilies — Ashlar; Alpha Kappa Fsi; Crr.icron Delta Gamma: Sigma Delta Chi; Delta Mu Delta; Debate Club; Clarion Staff; Inter- School Council; Inter-Fraternity Council. ROBERT M COHEN Commerce. GECRGE H. COCKSLEY Commerce. Aclivilies — Zcta Sigma Tau. Page PAl 1. W . Dii FOE Commerce. Aclivities — Zcta Sigma Tuu; !- ' ccrctaiy of Stu- dent Association. ROBERT N. E.ASTON FREDERICK J EGGERT Accounting. Activities — Northwestern College. EARNEST R. FITZSIMONDS Commerce . i.(iri u ' .s — . lpha Kappa Psi. Page 7} CARL FLY Commerce. JOSEPH B. GALBRAITH Commerce. Aclii ' tties — Alpha Kappa Psi. GEORGE D. GILFETHER Commerce. A. H. GRIMM Commerce. Page 74 B. B. GUNN Commerce. ALBERT S. HALLAM Commerce. .Ac(ii ' i(i«— .Mpha Kappa Psi FRANK j. H.AUGHEY Accounting. CiEORGE E. H. WKIN.S Accounting. Aclivilies — Aitus. Page 7S HARRY HOFFMAN Accounting. Aclivilies — De Paul College; Northwestern Col- W. M, JEFFRESS Commerce. CLYDE H. JENNINGS Business Administration. Activities — Lawrence College; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; President of Senior Class. THEODORE R. JOHNSON Business Administration. Activities — University of Arizona ; University of Nevada ; Alpha Kappa Fsi ; Artus; Zeta Sigma Tau ; Orchestra ; Senior Class Treasurer. Page 76 H. M. KALTMAN Commerce. JOPJN W KENNEDY Accounting. Activilies — Alpha Kappa Psi. JAMES KESSLER Commerce. MANLEY F. LITTRELL Commerce. Activities — .Ashlar. um Page 77 WILLIAM A. LOTTA Commerce. ARCHIE J. LYNCH Commerce. JOHN Y. MATTHEWS Commerce. RICHARD I. McBRIDE Commerce. Activilies — . lpha Kappa Psi. Page 7S GEORGE H. McFALL Commerce. BERNARD F. McHLGH Commerce. ALBERT W MONSON BERT F. MORELAND Business Administration. Activities — Sigma Delta Chi; Press Club; Zeta Sigma Tau; Clarion Staff. t Page 79 CLIFFORD MOSS Commerce. Activities — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Press Club; Sophmore Vice-President ; Clarion Staff. HERMAN R. MENGEL Commerce. IV.AN V. Q-LE.ARY Commerce. Activities — .Mpha Pi N ' u. LESTER ONEIL Commerce. i Pane SO FRANK D. PEEL Commerce. Activities — Alpha Kappa Psi ; Artus. ELBERT L. PERRY Commerce. ROBERT H. PRESTON Commerce. CLYDE O. RAINW AlER Commerce. Page SI HOWARD D. ROGERS Commerce. Activities — Alpha Kappa Psi ; Artus. HAROLD E. SAVORY Accounting. Activities — Omega L ' psilon Kappa; Commerce Easehall : School Eand. JOHN C. SHARPE Commerce. Activities — Sigma Fhi Epsilon. EUGENE E. STUBER Commerce. Pafie ALKRED F [A l.OR Commerce. DAV ID R. THOMAS C ' ommcrcc. WILLIAM M. THOMPSON Commerce. HAROLD A. TLRNER Accounting. Aclivilies — Ashlar; .Xlpha Kappa Psj; Artus; President Student .Association; Treasurer Student Association ; Sophomore Class Presi- dent ; Intcr-Schocjl C ' ouncil. f Paitf Sf SOLOMON UNGER Business Administration. Activities — New York Uni crsitv. THEODORE H. VonDICKERSON Accounting. Activities — Alpha Phi Alpha. WESLEY W. WATSON DELBERT a. WIDDOWS gi ' Kpf Pa e S4 THE SENIOR CLASS of the SCHOOL of DENTISTRY 1 lOMAS ROGERS CARL W AHL IRCilMA GARTH CLASS OFFICERS Thomas Rogers President Carl Wahl Vice-President IRC.INIA Garth Sccrelary-Trea.nirer The " lorv anJ increase of wisdom stands in exercisinj it — Sir Sidney. Page 85 AUGL ' ST E ANDERSON Dental. WILLIAM F. ARGYLE Dental. CHARLES L. BACON Dental. HAROLD C. BLACKBLRN Dental. Activities — Psi Omega. Pane iS ' d 1 1ARRY BLL ' ESTONE Dental. LEWIS E BROWN Dental Activities — Psi Omega. W ' lLFORD L CR.ANNY Dental. Activities — Delta Sigma Delta. LOW ELL M Di: H. RT Dental .AcliMlit ' . ' ;— Delta Sigma Delta. Page 87 JOHN B. DICKINSON Dental, Activities — Xi Psi Phi VIRGINIA GARTH Dental. Actit ' ities — Class Treasurer and Secretary. HAROLD A. GORDER Dental. Activities — Delta Sigma Delta ; Secretary of the Student Body. VARNE£R A. HARDY Dental. mm AUGUSTUS F. HATCH [Dental. Aclivities — Psi Omega; Junior Class Secretary and Treasurer. HARRY F. HINTING TON Dental. Activities — Psi Omega. GEORGE H. JACKSON Dental. Activities — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Sigma Del- ta ; Freshman Vice-President. OSMER B. KELLOG Dental. Page 89 CLYDE S LEIGHTY Dental. AcliviUes — Psi Omega. JOHN s. McDonald Dental. Activities — Delta Sigma Delta. PALIL J. OLIVER Dental CHARLES K. PHILLIPS Dental Activities — Delta Sigma Delta; Beta Theta Pi; Class Vice-President ; President Student Body ; Vice-Chairnian Inter-School Council; Foot- ball; Captain Basketball. Page " )() THOMAS J ROGERS Dental. Aclivilifs — Delta Sigma Delta . Junior C ' .las 5x;crctary ; Senior Class President ; Kvnewisbok. FRANKLIN I SANDIFLR Dental. Activilies — North Pacific Dental College; Delta Sigma Delta. pal;l k. steahlin Dental. Activities — Delta Sigma Delta SHELLOC M. STEW ART Dental Activities — Delta Sigma Delta. i mm PORC 9 H. RICHARD SYDENHAM Dental. Aclivities — Psi Omega; Sigma Delta Chi; Class President; All-School Council; Clarion Staff. GEORGE W. VOGEL Dental. CARL C. WAHL Dental. Aclivilies — Psi Omega; Senior Class ice-Presi- dent. HERMAN WALDMAN Dental. 1 Page 91 THE SENIOR CLASS of (lie SCHOOL of LAW BARNARD CLAfXlINC S EARL McCARTY - H FREDERICK HOLLARN SAXIUEL GOLDBERG CLASS OFFICERS Barnard Cummings President Earl McCarty Vice-President Frederick Hollarn Secretary Samuel Goldberg Treasurer He is wise wlno can instruct us and assist us — Carlyle. Page 9 i GEORGE O. BAKKE Law. Activities — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Treasurer of Student Association. BARNARD CLTVIMINGS Activities — Kappa Sigma : President Senior Class. IRWIN M. CLNNINGH.AM Law. Activities — Southwestern College. TRLfMAN M CROWELL Activities — Sigma Phi Sigma; DC ' lub; Easchall; Football. • L is M Pafie )4 v. 11 LI AM C ECKiAR Law. Activities — Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta. In- tcr-Frat Council. FRANK B FOWLER Law. Activities — Alpha Zcta Pi; Phi Kappa Psi ; Phi Alpha Delta. SAM M. GOLDBERG Law. Activities — Menorah; Psi Chi; Debate; Or- chestra ; Treasurer of Senior Class. ALTON y. GRANT Page 95 RICHARD K. CANDY Law. Aclivilies — Delta Chi: Phi Alpha Delta. LOL ' IS A. HELLERSTEIN Law. Aclivilies — Mcnorah: Psi Chi; .Alpha Beta Phi Law School Debating Team. FRED N. HOLLAND Activities — Phi Delta Phi ; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Secretary Senior Class. ARTHLR W. INGHAM Law. .4c iri u ' ,s— Phi Alpha Delta; Ashlar Page 96 1 AN C. JEFFRESS Law. Activities — Sigma Phi Epsilon: Phi Alpha Delta. W ARREN L JONES Law. Activities — -Ashlar; Phi .Alpha Delta. MEL ' IN R KEETON Law. Activities — Beta Theta Pi: Phi E)clta Phi, Phi Alpha; FootbaU; Basketball. H E KING Law. Activities — Commerce. Page 97 C. EDGAR KETTERING Law. Activities — Lambda Chi Alpha; Scroll and Torch; Tau Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Kvnewisbok; Debate. MERLE M MARSHALL Activities — Phi Alpha Delta; Vice-President Law School. FRED W. MATTSON Law. Activities — Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi EARL J. McCARTY Law. Activities — Phi Beta Sigma; Vice-President Sen- ior Class. iS.c1 k ' Page 98 ARTIllR NUt.L.WIERY HENRY A. McPHERSON Law. Activities — Phi Alpha Delta. CHARLES A. MITCHELL, Jr. Law. Activities — New Mexico M. I.; Baker Llnivcr- sity; L ' nivcrsity of Colorado; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Quill; Forty Immortals; Inter-Prat. Council President ; President Law Student Associa- tion; Inter-School Council Chairman; Law- Clarion Editor; Parrakeet Staff; D. LI Demonstration Manager. DAVIS H. MORRIS Law. Activities — .Alpha Beta Phi; Mcnorah. Page 9 " SA. tL " EL NIKKEL Law. Actirities — Kappa Sigma. HOR.ACE F. PHELPS Law. Acliritiei — Phi Gamma Delta; Tennis; Boxing: Phi Delta Phi. J.ANIES F. PIERCE Law. AclivUie-i — Debate Team. HOW .ARD S PINE Law. Page 100 JAMES N SABIN Law. Acltvittes— Phi IDclta Phi ; Sigma Chi. HIGDON F. SHAW Law. Acli vilies — Phi .Mpha Delta BENJ.AMIN E SWEET Law. Activities — Phi Delta Phi : . lpha Kappa Psi Sigma Chi ; Tau Kappa . lpha. IRENA E. SWEET Law. Activities — Kappa . lpha Thcta ; Secretarv- Stu- dent Association. Pa e Un ELEANOR E. THOMPSON Law. GEORGE W. JOB IN Law. Acliinlies — Colorado College; Phi Delta Thcta; Phi Delta Phi. RK.H.XRD r WILSON Law. Activities — Kansas State College; Sigma Nu; Phi .Alpha Delta. SAML ' EL WINOGRAD Law. Activitit ' f: — L ' ni ersity of Dcn er; Liberal .Arts Menorah. Page 101 soziRo xmnoMo Law. Activities — Gamma Delta. RECEIVED TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY ESTHER E. BROWN Liberal .Arts. A a orji— Economics and Sociology; Psycholoey and Education. Minor — Public Speaking. Activities— Carrma Phi Beta; Kedros; Delta Pi Alpha ; Y. V. C. A. Cabinet ; Vice-President of Student Commission. E. W. DICKSON Liberal Arts. Activities— Lavj School; Eta Omega Delta. Page 103 THE JUNIOR CLASS of LIBERAL ARTS GAIL CARBIENER HORTENSE GOLfRLEY %V B LLICILLE SMITHAM MITCHELL BLTR.NS CLASS OFFICERS Gail Carbiener PresiJcnl HoRTENSE GOURLEV . , . XlCi ' -Presidcnl Lucille Smitham . . Secretary Mitchell Burns . . Treasurer Great is wisdom; infinite is the alue of wisdom- Carlvle. Page 104 RAYMOND C. AINSWORIH Sifinia Alpha Epsllon ARTHUR W I AR ' llKiLIC ' ROWENA E ALLK10ND Kappa Delta INGLA C. BLACK Alpha Delta Pi EDNA ANDERS ON Y. V. C. A. I!:! ESTELLE R. BORW It: Dancing Instructor WILLIE R. BALL Biological Club IDA L. BL RLEltiH Debate Club I ' a e 105 T. MITCHELL BLIRNS Alpha Pi Nu VIRGIL G. CASTEK Y. M. C. A. JANE C. BUTCHART Gamma Phi Beta ARISTIDES G. CHAPMAN Cosmopolitan Club LINDA BUTCHART Zeta Tau Alpha RLTH CHU Cosmopolitan Club GAIL D. CARBIENER Lambda Chi Alpha CLYDE B. CLASEN Eta Omega Delta PuKC 106 LHNORI- COHEN Quill Club I ' l III Ml ' A DHRGANCi: Lambda Chi Alpha EDMONIA L. C.OLVIN BioloRical C. ' lub W INIFRED DODD Sigma Kap]M ( ;larence m conklin Eta Omega Delta MARGRET M. DOUGLAS Zcta Tau Alpha ELLEN CORBETT Kappa Delta HATTIE L. DL ' GGLEBY Y. W. C. A. Pace 107 LEONA F. DL ' NWOODY Pi Beta Phi SAM L. FAIRLAMB Kappa Sigma JAMES B. DuPRAU Manager of Glee Club KATHERINE FORBES Kappa Delta CECIL M. ELLIS Y. W. C. A. ALLEN W. FRESHMAN Phi Sigma Delta LLEWELLYN T, EVANS Biological Club jUIJA FRIEDMAN ( ' osmo|-iolitan ( lub Paf.c (W MARLiARILI E FRINK Y. v. c:. A. HERBERT H GOOKINS Alpha Pi Nu HERBER r D CJAITZ Debating Club HORTENSE GOL ' RLEY Kappa Delta DOROTHY L GILLASPIE Y. W. C. A. SARAH L. GROSS Alpha Epsilon Phi C. LOWELL GOODY lambda Chi Alpha EDNA J HERSHEY Zeta Tau Alpha K Pagf Wi IRENE M. HOLZHALER Y. V. C. A. MARGRET C IRWINE Zcta Tau Alpha RUTH C. HOSS JAMES E. JOHNSTON Alpha Pi Nu ETHELYN HL ' NIPHREY Sigma Kappa HELEN M. JONAS Zeta Tau Alpha PAL ' LA IMMERGLL ' CK Alpha Zcta Pi FLOYD L. KARSTEN Lambda Chi Alpha Pa c 110 GLY L.WHRIY Kappa Sigma JEAN MAHON Pi Beta Phi hltnter m. lee Cosmopolitan ( ' lub DORIS MARSHALL Gamma Phi Beta SALOME M LIESER Alpha Zeta Pi GEORGIA A. MALJNEY Alpha Sigma Chi GEORGE L. LONGFELLOW Lambda Chi Alpha LOUISE M. MEEKER Y. V. C. A. Page 1 1 1 MILDRED M. MENZEL Alpha Zcta Xi HELEN C. MORSE Gamma Phi Beta GRACE W. MEYER Kappa Delta ROBERL ML ' RPHY Alpha Pi Nu JOHN L. MOFFET Blackstonian JVUA A MLIRRAY Rilling Athletic Club MAXINE MOHRBACHER Kappa Delta HILMA E NELSON Y, C. A. na)iclI2 PAL L S. NICK Cosmopolitan Club FRANCES M RIBIN Cosmopolitan C ' lub ASHER H. PATTEN Lambda ( " hi Alpha EVELYN RLNN ' ETTE Gamma Phi Beta JAMES L. PORTERFIELD Sifjma Phi Epsilon LEON SCHACHET Alpha Epsilon Phi JOHN C. ROSS Parrakcct Staff ETHEL F. SCHLTLER Delta Zeta Page 113 PAULINE M. SCHRADER Delta Zeta IDA V. SHERE Alpha Epsilon Phi KENNETH B. SCHLIMAN Lambda Chi Alpha MIRIAM N. SHIELDS Classical Club VERNA O. SEIVER Kappa Delta S.AM S. SIGMAN Phi Sinnia Delta D(3NALD P. SELDON Lambda Chi Alpha ADA L. SMITH Kappa Delta Pa a;. ' 114 CYNTHIA E. SMITH . lphii Zcta Pi PAL LINE TL SULLIVAN Press Club LUCILLE E. SMLTHAM Kappa Delta DAVID S. SUTHERLAND Y. M. C. A. CHARLES W. STABLER Sigma Phi Alpha YUMEI TAI Cosmopolitan Club MABEL A. STEELE Drama Club LAURA c:. TA ' VLOR Alpha Zeta Pi l i c 1 1 S MARGLERITE A. TAYLOR Sigma Kappa MARJORIE F. TRACY RillinK Athletic Club HENRIETTA E. THEYS Delta Zcta DOROTHY 1 WALKER Y. V. C. A. BEATRICE Y. TIAO Tcmplin Hall Club EDNA M. WALLACE Alpha Sigma Chi HARRY TOWBIN Gas House Gang JOHN H. WALLACE Ashlar PiiKc in-: JOHN I- ' . WAI.l.F.R Cosmopoluan ( lub HELEN M WEBER Kiippa Delta S ' It-: AR I F WALTON Beta Ihcta pi HECDCRE G. WEYERTS Eta Cmc-aa Delta CHARLES E. WANGNILD Alpha Pi Nu W ALTER J. WEYERTS Eta Omega Delta RICHARD H W ARFIELD I mHda C:hi Alpha IN S. WHANG Cosmopolitan Club Page 117 CONSTANCE WHITNEY Gamma Phi Beta FRANK H. WILEY Phi Lambda L ' psilon OOROTHY WILSON Pi Beta Phi ROBERT H. WILSON Lambda Chi Alpha Page IIS THE JUNIOR CLASS of the SCHOOL of COMMERCE MYRL BECK ELLEN CORBETT LOUIS JAEGER CLASS OFFICERS Myrl Beck President Mabelle Olsen Vice-President Louis Jaeger Treasurer Ellen Corbeit Secrelarv Wisdom is onl ' found in truth — Goethe PuRe 119 JOHN J. AD.AXIS Commerce MYRL E. BECK Phi Delta Thcta EARL H. ALSFASSER Alpha Pi Nu A. V. CHRISTOPHER Lambda Chi Alpha HENRY BRONSTEIN Alpha Beta Phi DONALD M. CLALfSER Alpha Pi Nu RAYMOND O. BROL ' GHTON Alpha Kappa Psi WILL I. AM C. DESHLER Page 120 . HAROLD S. DILLON Alpha Pi N ' u LOL ' IS W. JAEGER Alpha Kappa Psi LOIS ' . DOWNING Commerce M. J. KARSH Commerce EARNEST R. FITZSIMONDS Alpha Kappa Psi EMERSON O. LEWIS Alpha Kappa Psi CARL L. GINN Alpha Kappa Psi O. SYDNEY ROSLLIMD Alpha Kappa Psi Page 121 EDNA M SCHAETZEL fimS Sigma Kappa IT ROBERT S. THOMPSON MA Commerce FRANK L. SCHMEHI Eta Omega Delta ROY A. TURNER w Alpha Kappa Psi w VERA SPICER % Commerce Co-ed Club A WALTER D. TL ' ELLER IV Dental Xi Psi Phi . ' ' ' w W ILL 1AM C. STANDART Commerce : g _ FRED TYRELL mm Dental m Delta Sigma Delta wf Page 122 THE JUNIOR CLASS of the SCHOOL of DENTISTRY COLLO COMBS RAYMOND CjRASS GEORGE BOWDEN CLASS OFFICERS CoLLO Combs Praident Raymond Grass Vice-President Lloyd Goodman Secretary George Bowden Treasurer In seekinir wisdom thc u art wise — Azai. Page 12} GLEN C. BARRY Delta Sigma Delta PHELPS COLLIN ' S JOEL E. BLACK Dental COLLO CCMBS Xi Fsi Phi GEORGE F. BOWDEN Xi Psi Phi A. C. DEWSBL ' RY Delta Sigtra Delta PAUL E. BROWN ESTHER GOLDSTEIN Dental Pa f 124 RA-lMOND M liRASS Xi Psi Phi BERTLE H. LEE FRANK A. HARDY Psi Omega HOLLIS L. Mr.BRlDE Delta Sigma Delta JOSEPH C. KNAl. ' SE Dental SCHUYLER C. PARKER Delta Sigma Delta SEYMOL ' R L. KUNZ Psi Omega EARL J. PEDLEY Xi Psi Phi 4j ' ■ ' f ' ' mmmi X— »r - PageUp RAE D. PITTON Delta Sigma Delta RL ' SSELL SMITH Psi Omesa K. K. PRIEST Delta Sigma Delta WILLIAM F. TAYLOR Psi Omega H H PROCTER Delta Sigma Delta JOHN W. THEODORE Dental HOWARD II REED Xi Psi Phi L. F. THOMPSON Delta Sigma Delta l age 12b THE JUNIOR CLASS of ihe SCHOOL of LAW CLASS OFFICERS Paul B. Lorenz Bernice I. Reed Wayne N. Aspinall President Secretary Treasurer The end of wisdom is consultation and deliberation — Demosthenes m Page 127 THE JUNIOR CLASS Wayne N. Aspinall George R. Bailey Robert G. Baker WiLLiARD C. Baker Clarence L. Bartholic Ora L. Capps Theodore A. Chisholm Donald F. Clifford Malcolm E. Collier Irning B. Cooper Leo J. Crowley Donald T. Dealey Jule E. Delwiche Pall B. Dessieux Montgomery Dorsey Darrell B. Edwards John A. Foley Edward R. Gilliam Morris S. Ginsberg John E. Gorsuch Alton V. Grant Horace N. Hawkins William P. Heasley St. George C. Hillyer JosiAH G. Holland Frank W. Hotchkiss Chester E. Howell Norman A. Hutchinson Paul L. Jackson Karl E. James Roderick E. Johnston- Paul B. Lorenz Rose G. Manion Walter D. McClain Paul D. Minick James A. Morris Leo S. Moses Felicisimo p. Paguio Andrew J. Percixal Ira Ratner Bernice L Reed Howard T. Roepnack Byron G. Rogers Robert W. Sanderson Henry E. Secrest Thompson R. Secrest Carlos G. Stratton James R. Taggart Samuel L. Thorpe Martin F. Trued Ra ' imond M. Uhl WiLLARD B. Wagner Joseph B. Whisnant James A. Woods, Jr. Pane I2S THE S0PH0A40RE CLASS of LIBERAL ARTS PltRSOX }iO ELL Iv ' XTHERlNE X ' lCKERY ELSIE PORTER FLOYD POOLE CLASS OFFICERS PiERSON Howell KaTHERINE VlCKERY Elsie Porter Floyd Poole President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer No man is wise enough bv himself — Plautus. Page 129 00 do 90 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00 AC.( 1 i| n WIS. AMBROSE. AM UiR. ANURUW . ANDREWS, A I I I l( Ix I :S. BACON. BANK. BARRY. BOWER, BKATTV. BEHEN. BELL. HLN I I I . 1U;RGER, BRIERL " , BRIGGS, BIORK, BLACK. BOGGS, BOGGS, B io I . BRANDT, BROWN, BUDWELL, BEfiLER, BUNN. CASEY, CHILES. CLARK, CLAYTON, COOPER, GRAIN, CRAPSEY, CULKIN. CURTIS. CUTLER. CUYKENDALL. DAVIS. DIDDEL. DUNSI AN, DURRETT. EGART. FAERBER, FINK. GALBR.ATI I. GARDNER. GOBIN. P,,lic I W i 00 00 00000000 00000000 00000000 00 00 . ' ' M iM ' . I ,1 I ,1 ,1 ■ . II l l I ,1 M- I 1 I I l I II l liA ' lNI„s. llA ' iNb.S. Ml I I ' .K,, HIM.I I ' , MIIZI 1_H, I |i iWIM , HI. 1-1 SMI II I. I n NDM N IRVlNt. JA)vlii.( i II KI .S. |(i|| Vi-s. IciM.S. IIKKINS. KWI KIIIIH KKNT.KERSNER. KLSSLI.R, KlAl.s Kil Kr:R, KI (,Mj; lM Ll IZK I RSl)N LIGHT. LIND. LIST1;R. I.I. 11 . LL .XFdRIX MAl.l.AIIAN. MrCl UK.K . l. I. l CHI. IX McPHERSCXN. MERCER. .ME UR. MILLER. .MILLER. MILLIGAN. MON UjOMLRI . NELSON. NICHOLS. NETHERTON. NOWLEN, JAY. OGLESBY. Page ni 90 ® 09 00000000 00 00 00000000 00000900 00 00 osHORNi-:. I ' liKci-, PI i:sri:n. (H ' ivn, r MSinv RATCLIF f-, RDMXUM 1, HI I IN R S l Mil RS S( Ml l-l- , M I l l 1 11 I S( I l R I Z. M RS. SHANKS, SI I I U ( K M II I I SI II I I ' M-: n. SI II ' K I SUA I SI I I I K s l| | | | SOBALD. SPARK, LI. K. SUA INS, SI R L SS. SI Rl H K. Sil i M S I . I l I l GE. TARREY. TAYLOR, I I RIMAS, I I 1UMI ' SI_)N;, VAN AIRMAN. KlKLR ' l . V IR I L L, W ALKliR. WASHER. NEArHERTON. WEBB, WESLAND. WILStlN. WILSON. WINDULP) I. WOOD. WEYERTS. WYRICK. YEGG. YU, ZIGMOND, Page I ?2 THE S0PH0A40RE CLASS of the SCHOOL of COMMERCE GEORGE CASEY ANDREW SHAW " V MARGARET CHILES El.MER HYKES CLASS OFFICERS George Casey President Andrew Shaw Vice-President Margaret Chiles Secretary Elmer Hykes Treasurer Wisdom is to the soul what health is to the bod - Lm Rochefoucauld. mm PoRe I i ! ALLMITT. AYVAZIAN. BURKHALTER, BARTHEL. BELLMAR DUNCAN. EAGER, CINSBURG. HEPP. HYKEb, KENTOR. KIRCHNER. LINDQUISI ' , LEVIN. NEWTON REICH. RCISS. SHANKLIN. SHAW, SHIPLEY SILER. SMITH. SMLPH, STRANG, VOGIL PoKi ' l?-i I THE SOPHOMORE CLASS of ihe SCHOOL of DENTISTR Y ARIHLR SMirH CLASS OFFICERS Harry Stewari President Paul Hyde . . Vice-President Arthur Smith . . Sccretarx-Treasurer A niiin must become wise at his own expense -Montaigne Page 1 3S ANDERSON. BECKER, CHILTON. CANNON. CORPE. DROOD. FOULK. HANSEN. HAWN. HORNER. MANSFIELD. ROWL. ' iND. TERRELL. WALKER Page 13b THE FRESHMAN CLASS of LIBERAL ARTS DONALD CLLXTON GRACE 1 ARBELL MARIE WRIGHT CHESTER LEW IS CLASS OFFICERS Donald Cluxton Grace Tarbell Marie Wright . Chester Lewis . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer It is not wise to be wiser than is necessary — Quinaull. Page 1)7 0009999 99990999 00090999 09909999 ADAMS. AM i| 1- ' ■ - . ' ' ' ■ l-l " ' M ll. AKMM RdNU, M IMl ' Kl B t , l I I ' . I H IN. BAKI I ' l.vllll ' I ' .M ' I ' [■.II-- I-) BL ll-:i:iORN, B(l n, I5K niu R , UK nM I . BRAlni ■. ! ' .l ' ilH ■ hh. ' W ' , i ' .KA ' .W, BLIl.l-.R. BL1LI-;R.(: I., MIAN. CARLSON, CARPEN I I ( 1 M -1 I IIWl N ( I IR ■SL,1■:R. Cl.ASON. CLL ' .XIdN. t ' .( H.LI liR. ( :i lOi.l■: ■, CR. ' VFT. c:ri;ani:rs. c:l nnini ham. davis. dawle ' i ' . Df.haven. dhxiols, dickson. DODD, I30DDS. DONNEN. DL ' ERINGER. DYKSTERHUIS. EIGLER. ELKINS. EMER " ! . ESTES. FREELANDER, C.ARDNER. GIERHART. GL.ASGOW. GLEDHILL, GIBLIX, GOLDBERG. Page I is 00090090 00000000 00000900 00000000 00000000 I - ' " ' I H-i ' W I ,i. ' l . ,!■■ ..I I ' ..l I ,i.- l I ' 1 1 : J I I ■ . 1 ,!■■ I I -..I ' ,! [. ' ( , ( ,H II i-l ' i MMI ni H 1 1 I I L1 ' .LI . M si ' X I II 1 I I I II I I I H l I Ix I IK K I I ' il ' .l ' , I li ' l I iL l(-l IIN.V IN. IKW l lbAA(.NiN, I i (ins |i H | M IN ' ,1, KiKN. HIPP KI.SLIN(,. KRANZ. KR|:B.S K l l l)l:K IIIIMW IIVl.lK I I W 1 s LOOM IS. LLKI-:. L() INC. Low M ( K| i | )|si in I KKI.I 1 A I Ml KS McCALLUM. McC;AR1H1 MclX)LGbLL. Mr.l.liLLA.N. Ml.-i I.R. . 1I1.LKR. MI, (.)N. .MULLINS. NAGK. NESS. NEVILLE. NEIl EN. NYGLARD, PAL.Ml ;R. PARKER, PE I ERS flUi Pafic I J9 000009 00000000 ( 1 i ' ,i, ' ii 1-. I Mil M-, i ' i.!i( I , 11 1 1 i;-. I ' ll !- ' ( r (H A ni , iji r. i-i i ini k. RK I hM;|i|l;ls H(iM,| sii Rii| ' ,I Sir, l. ' .iiil s l M( 11 S ( 1 II _;. NWnl RSON. SM- ' l .1 ' . I W " " i S( I I l 1-1 l M 1 IXIl 1 ■! H SI I | K I :, MMl ' N 1-. ll 11 I, M ' AHR. SI Al ll-IH SI I W l-! I SI S 1 W, SM lA I s | | • | . s I A I, I l K. I KUI II. i A ' lLOR, TINSLI-. ' l . IHOMA.s. im.)MPM.)N. moKUiN. loRR-l. I WhIBlX, 1.MAL, ICKERS. VlDtCJN, WAHRENBROCK, WALDEN, WALKER. WALKER, WEBB. WELLS. WEST. WEINBERG, WHEPE. WILSON. WOMBLE. WORLEY. WORMWOOD. WRIGHT. YAGGY Page NO THE FRESHMAN CLASS of the SCHOOL of COMMERCE MERRICK D.WIS REGINA SIMONS DOMINIC OLIVER CLASS OFFICERS Merrick Da is President LoRREN Griffin Vice-President Regina Simons Secretary Dominic Oliver Treasurer Wisdom comes to no one h chance — Seneca. Page 141 Hr« A K ' T F J A B- ' A ADAMS, AXR H n I ' .i r,i I i ,i Moun 111 (iv. Id Ki:. [JCriTS, BINSTIll I WVj. I IIWI --I I H ,1 II W n KR(l V. DAVIS. DOBBINS, ( .1 ' I I IS I ir. I I M I I K ' lll l l. I li H MBS, JOHNSON, JOM .s l M-: I I " n ' ' I l I K i ' l I I KM , MM ' ' N, SMI IH,Sll-. h,NS, VV MAN Page 142 THE FRESHA4AN CLASS oj the SCHOOL of LAW FRANK LOVE FREDERICK HARSH ELMER KLEINHOLZ CLASS OFFICERS Frank Love PrcstJenl Frederick Harsh Vice-President Elmkr Kleinholz Secretary John Cecil Treasurer Wisdom is seldom gained without suffering — Sir Arthur Page 14} BOWMAN, BENBOW, C ' .OCIPER, FERGUSON. HARSH. HARSH. IRWIN. KLlilNHOLZ. McCONNELL. MORRISON. RICHARDSON, WARNER, PaRe 144 s fK I:iit The I nU ' r-School Council Chapelle. Cl:rtis. Mitchell. Phillips. Roe. Sydenham. Tl ' Rner In order to create a closer relationship between the various departments of the University and to form a student go emment representing the students of these various departments, the constitution organizing the .All-L ' niversity Students .A.ssociation was adopted by the four departments last spring. The governmental body of this organiration is the Inter-School Council, the membership of which is composed of two representatives from each department, the Clarion editor, and one faculty member from each department. The president of the .student body of each department is automatically a member of the council, the second member being chosen at large by his department. The general duties assigned to this council by the constitution are; (1) To arrange and manage all University demonstrations. (2) To make and recommend rules and regulations concerning all interests of the student body as a whole. (3) To determine and fix the amount to be collected in all departments as a student a.sscssmcnt for such matters as are purely inter-departmental and all-University. In short the function of the Inter-School Council has been to take active charge of all those activities of an all-school nature. .And to promote greater co-operation between the various departments of the University as well as between the students and faculty. PERSONNEL Charles A. Mitchell, Chairman School of Laic Robert S. Roe, Secretary ... Liberal Arts C ' larence C. Chapelle, Treasurer School of Commerce Wesley R Curtis Liberal Arts Harold A Turner School of Commerce Frank M Moble School of Laiv Charles K Phillips School of Derxtistry H.R.Sydenham School of Denlislry Floyd B. Rigdon Editor of The Clarion Page 147 The Liberal Arts Student Association The Liberal Arts Association has passed another milestone. In the passing it has marked one of the most successful years of its existence. The efficiency with which it has managed student affairs is due to the wonderful co-operation which has prevailed among its members. It proved itself to be a truly self-governing body and acted at times as an arbitrator with the faculty, representing the Liberal Arts Student Body. Great interest was shown by sponsoring all rallies, the Glee Clubs, and the Debate Clubs. It was through this governing body that the point system for activities was inaugurated and likewise the new plan for women ' s government. Their work was done untiringly and thev well deserve the applause and congratulations of Liberal Arts. PERSONNEL Weslev Curtis President Esther Brown V ' ice-President Elma Hollingshead Secretary Donald Seldon Treasurer Mildred Biddick . Auditor Robert Roe . . 1 nWr-School Counc I Representative James Holland Debate Manager James DuPrau Cle e Club Manager Warren Williams MhlcU c Ref resentative D- Shaw Duncan Facull y Ref resi.i-ilulive Page I4S The Coinincrcc SUi.lcnl Association Turner. Chapelle. ROSLUND. CoRBETT. DeFoE The Student Association of the School of Commerce has completed the most successful year since its organization in 1920. Long strides have been taken toward the ultimate goal of student government at Commerce The Executive Committee of the school turned o er the management of the gymnasium to the association in the early part of the school year. .All Commerce athletics have been promoted and fi- nanced b ' the association, and a ' ery elaborate program was planned and carried to a successful finish. At the opening of school in the fall an excellent smoker for men and a co-ed party for the women was given. One of the best dances held by any organization in the University was the " All Commerce Dance " . This was held on Washington ' s birthday, and was pronounced the outstanding event of the year. Commerce will close its student activities with an all-school picnic in one of Denver ' s Mountain Parks. PERSONNEL Harold .A. Turner President Marguerite .A. Alderman .... Vice-President Paul W. DeFoe Secretary Mabelle D. Olsen Treasurer Sydney O. Roslund Demonstralion Manager Ellen Corbett Chairman of Vis ling Committee Clarence C. Chapelle . Inler-School Counci I Representative Page 149 The Dental Student Association CHARLES PHILLIPS H R. SYDENHAM This year the Dental School Student Association aimed and successed in making its department one of the closest organized, livcst and most efficient in the LIniversity. During the year many dances, smokers and rallies were staged in order to form a closer relationship among the students. No one attended a football game without being proud of the Dent spirit which was fostered by the Student .Asso- ciation. Beside the internal organization, Charles Phillips, as president brought about a co-operation between his department and the others in the University. The Dental School took an active interest in all all- school affairs. They were well represented on the athletic teams, publications. Glee Club, and other acti ' ities. Although the association is one of the youngest it has placed it.self among the leaders as an efficient bodv. I Charles Phillips H. R. Sydenham Joseph Ewers Roy Glezan PERSONNEL President I nU ' r-School Council Ref resenlaliiv Vice-President Secretary and ' Treasurer Page ISO The Laiv School Sludenl Association CHARLt;SMnc;HELL. Jr MEiRLU MARSHALL IREXA SWEE ' l Through this organization, Law School has become more closely related to the other departments of the University. This year has proved its successful superiority in the fact that an interest toward social affairs has been shown by the Law Students, which is due to the work of the Association. The Law School has organized representative athletic teams both in baseball and basketball and has proved its worth in its attendance to all school functions. Denver L ' niversity will have little trouble in maintaining its social and scholastic prestige if she is as fortunate in obtaining such faithful and capable leaders in the future as the Law School had this year. PERSONNEL Charles Mitchell. Jr President Frank Moble InU-r-Schoot Council Refiresenlalwe Merle Marshall Vice-President Irena Sweet Secretary Benjamin Miller Treasurer t twt? PaKe lU 1 KINLWISBOK LDIIDRIAL STAFF Ambrose. Beck. Cohen. Laverty. Sanderson. Taylor, Vin Pagcif: The IQ24 Kynewisbok CHARLES SITLER LL ' CILLE SMITHAM PALL SPENCER It is with a feeling of both regret and relief that we, the 1Q24 Kynewisbok Staff, offer this olume to the L ' ni crsity for its approval. In building the book we have had two ideals in mind. First, to put aside all traditions connected with the publishing of annuals, and to make originality our watchword. Second, it was our aim to make this olume representative of the University as a whole, giving no one department or activity any special preference. We have tried to make the Kynewisbok worthy of the school it represents. The staff is proud of the fact that it is the largest publication ever issued at Denver University. .-Xnd, we think, its quality also sets a new standard for future Kynewisboks. We have done our best. We offer no apology. The merits or demerits of the 1024 Kynewisbok must be judged by the reader. EDITORIAL STAFF Charles Sitlcr Paul R. Spencer Lucille Smitham Max Vinsonhalcr Lenore Cohen Eugene .Ambrf sc . Editor Business Manager Associate Editor Athletic Editor . Art Editor Photo Editor SCHOOL REPRESENT.. TIVES Guy Lavcrty Myrl Beck . illiam Taylor . Robert Sanderson Liberal Arts Commerce . Dental Law Page I S3 lYNEWISniK DRIVE OPENS TODtY EDITORIAL STAFF . Butch A m Pafic I U The Denver Clarion FLOYD RIGDON DONALD GLEDHILL W ESLEY CIR US The Denver Claricn, the L ' ni crsity of Denver student ' s weekly newspaper, has passed through another successful year. The editions were of eight pages, the make-up comparing favorably with the city newspapers. The Clarion was always open to student opinion and tried to aid in the form.ation of University ideals. As never before, the publication put before the school timely, interesting and uncolored news. This year the Clarion was not a Liberal .Arts publication, but a paper which equally represented all departments of the University. Through the efforts of Floyd Rigdcn, editor, and Donald Gledhill, associate editor, it can be said that the Clarion has been a larger factor in student and L ' niversity activities than ever before. EDITORIAL STAFF Flo d Rigdon . Editor Donald Gledhill . Associate Editor Jane Butchart Assistant Editor Elma Hollingshead Society Editor Lenorc Cohen Literary Editor Max V ' insonhaler . Sfjorl Editor Wcslcv Curtis B usiness Manager Page 155 The Parrakeet WILLIAM VAN DUSEN LUCILLE SMITHAXI The Parrakeet, official publication of the Denver Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, came through its third year with flying colors. The magazine made its appearance nine times during the year, and was one of the most popular publications on the campus. Although the Parrakeet worked under the handicap of close censoring by the Publication Committee it was very popular in the college humor magazine field. Illustrations and humor were widely copied by publications all oxer the L nited States. Much credit is due William Van Duscn, editor, for the clean, snappy humor which marked the Parrakeet, and Rubin Richardson, business manager, who placed the publication on a firm financial basis. EDITORIAL STAFF William Van Duscn . Robin Richardson Lucille Smitham Members of Sigma Delta Chi . £i i(or Business Manager . Co-ed Editor Co-Edilors Page I ' 6 The University Chemist I ARTl ILR BARTHOLIC DR. E, A. ENGLE The University of Denver Chemist, the youngest publication on the campus, has passed through its second year with great success. Under the editorship of Arthur Bartholic and an able staff this magazine has become an institution in the School of Chemical Engineering. Its purpose has been to publish articles and news of interest for both students and alumni of the department it represents. Much credit for its growth and popularity must be given to the faculty of the Chemistry Department. EDITORIAL STAFF Arthur Bartholic . Editor Dr. E. A. Engle .... Alumni Editor Essie R. White ... Alumni Editor Alfred C. Nelson Bi smess Manager Professor R. G. Gustavson Faculty Advisor Marie Melzer . Joke Editor Edna Wallace Secretary Julius Meyer Treasurer The Student Directory The Student Directory, for the (irst time, was published under the auspices of the L ' niversity of Denver Press Club. Paul Spencer was chosen to publish the booklet, which was a success from every point of view. The directory besides being useful to the students, is also the means by which the Press Club obtains money for the use of furthering the name of Denver University. Page IS7 PagelSS The Mens Glee Club IHE QLARTETTE The Men ' s Glee Club of IQ23-24 has maintained the precedent established in the past few years of being one of the most popular and active campus organizations. With over half of the men back from last year, the large number of new men to pick from, together uith the splendid efforts of Mr. Oliver Gushee — it was possible to build the best balanced singing organi- zation the school has ever boasted. During the winter months the Club gave several concerts in the city and in the out-lying towns. They met with unusual success l(x;ally and are in increasing demand for entertainment. The annual spring tour of over a thousand miles took the Club into Wvommg. Western Nebraska, and Northern Colorado. The trip proved very successful and was thoroughly enioyed by ail The towns visited were very cordial and the Club received countless compliments upon its high class entertainment. It was managed by George Mitchem and James DuPrau Personnel Ouarlette Stewart Walton George Mitchen Raymond Ainsv Clyde Wallace Ravmond Amswo Jar es DuPrau George Mitchem Oliver Gushee Dr Ira Cutler Soloists Bert EDueringer James DuPrau Reader Miss lone Pierc. First Baxsos John Chambers Harry Petre lames DuPrau Kennedy Dodds Ray Ogiesby John Ross Carl Schmidt t£dgar Weyerts Arthur Bartholic Marshall Norling Raymond Ainswor Bush President s Manager Manager Faculty Refyresentative First Tenors Robert Kincaid Stewart Walton Bert Dueringer ■Mbert Stutzenberger Howard Kellogg John Durrett Lewis Shrewsbury Second Tenors George Mitchem Harold Mathers Leonard Murphy William Gobm James Bell Paul Stevens Second Bassos Thompson Marsh Edward Vernon Harold Walker Clarence Conkling Clyde Wallace Robert Gierhart Harold Winn Alfred Crapsey Harry Saks Page 1 59 !l Pnee 160 The Womens Glee Club Organized at Dcn cr Iniscrslty In l ' )13 Colors. La cndcr. W hitc and (jrccn Flower. Columbine The Women ' s Glee Club under the direction of Feme Whitcman Smith passed through a very successful season. In fact, it was the finest in the history of the school. The women in this year ' s organization were selected from numerous applicants, the result being that only the best voices were represented in the Club. During the year more concerts than ever before were given. The Club sang at many small towns around Denver, beside being in great demand in the city. It has also been of great aid to University events, such as the May Fete, High School Night and many other affairs. The Women ' s Glee Club is an organization of which the University of Denver is proud. PERSONNEL Florence Galbriath Katherine Vickery Mildred Thompson . Feme Whiteman Smith Annie M. Sheeler President crelary and Treasurer Business Manager Director Hcnjrarv Member Anna Bollinger Pauline Kleitz Ida Burleigh Edith Allen Grace Irvine Maud Lynch Frances Giblin Elinor Cullen Louise Kroeker Bobbette Melbourne Lucille Beggs Mary Kent Dorothy Warren Marcella Henr - Margaret Sylvester Ruth Hoss Mary LJpson Madeline Miller Vivian Bromley Inez Larson .Alameda Emory Ma.xine Swem Page Ittl The Universitv Orchestra LNIVERSITY ORCHHM RA The University Orchestra has been under the present form of organization for two years. The untiring efforts of the musicians under the direction of Dr. W. H. Hyslop have made the orchestra an outstanding asset of the University. At all times they have assisted in making school affairs successful. During the present year the orchestra has played daily in chapel and before Christmas vacation presented an orchestral concert. They have aided the Gym Circus, the Drama Club plays, the May Fete, and other events by their selections. To this organization the whole Universitv owes a vote of thanks. Personnel .AUdn l.ough dake lav Rachel l.uxfnrd l£lecta Porter Winifred Cizcl; Kdith Bauer Ahe Peninsky l.uman SwagRait Ida Burleigh Ruih Bcxldv I ' hihp Ahreil ' i :■ Gushee e Beggs Clarinet Clarence Marshall Arthur Bartholic Fred Netherton Charles Heslep Marion Swaggart Saxophone James Spalding Trombone Ralph Kuhler Vlargarel Irwin ' ci i ' 2 Debate JAMES HOLLAND WILLI l JOMNSTON JEROME LIELLERSTEIN This year more interest has been displayed in the field ol debate at the L ' niversity of Denver than ever before This was due to the fact that more students were given a chance to show their ability than in the past But the success of the season is largely the result of the untiring work of Professor Pcarlc S, Kingsley who coached the students, and the Manager of Debate, James G. Holland, who made the large number of debates possible, with the trip throughout the East, William Johnston, Jerome Hellerstein, and James Holland were chosen to represent their university on the debate trip to the following colleges: — Baker University, Central College, Westminster College. Nebraska Weslyan, and Cotner College. This was one of the largest and most successful trips ever taken. I ' hose who participated in inter-collegiate debates were; Joseph Amter Pauline Garrett James Holland George Longfellow Shirley Phillips E thel Sehuvlcr C. E. Benedict Selma Goldberg Jessie Hutchinson Maude Lynch James Pierce Graham Susman Frank Boroughs Jerome Hellerstein William Johnston John Moffet Earl Rinker .Aurelia Trauger Clarence Chapelle Louis Hellerstein Leslie Ketchum Margaret Patterson Glenn Saunders Bess Vcse ' Page lb3 Social Denver University s social calendar for 1923-24 was filled with many enjoyable functions. Each event was marked by a large attendance of students representing all departments of the University. The season started with the opening of school and continued without interruption throughout the school year. In order that the various teas, banquets and dances, would not conflict with other affairs at the same time many dates had to be registered with Dean Shuler as far as four months in advance. Besides the all-school events listed helow there were dances, smokers and rush parties given every week by the Greek Letter societies. I fur Chance Y. M. C. A Stag Y. M., Y. A Mix Big Sister Tea Faculty ' s Recepti Junior Pan-Hellenic Li Barb Buffet Luncheon Big Sister Circus . Drama Club Play Pan-Hellenic Dance Inter-Frat Dance Alumni Bazar Commerce Co-ed Dani Y. M. C- A Post-Exam Jubilee Freshmen Commission Progress! September 12 September 14 September 1 5 . October 12 . October 20 . October 22 November 2 November It) November 23 November 2 5 December 8 December 20 . January 2q February I All-Dent Dance R A. C Party Alumni Banquet . Sophomore Prom Faculty Tea by Pi Beta Phi Junior Banquet Commerce Dance Gym Circus . Gamma Phi Beta Play Engineer ' s Banquet Law School Prom Drama Club Plays Barb Dance .... Liberal Arts Comrr Freshmen Dai February I February 21 February 21 February 2 March 20 March 22 March 2S March 2 April 3 April 4 April 5 April 29 . May 2 Pa c lb4 ifl May Day n The " Paegent Of Spring written by Edna Traylor was presented on the afternoon of May 18, 1923, under the auspices of the Y. W. C. A. and the able supervision of Esther Brown, president. The Paegent story was woven about many of the beloved Greek mythical characters and lore, including the race between Atlanta and Hippomenes and the beautiful story of Hyacinthus and Apollo. Margaret TuUey, a senior was crowned Queen of the May by Chancellor Harper, with Alice Phillips, as Junior Princess, Dorothy Gould, Sophomore Lady-in-Waiting, and Katherine Vickery, Freshman Lady-in-Waiting. The dances and the crowning of the Queen took place on the lawn in front of I ' ni- ersity Hall with the audience forming a semicircle about the players. When this book went to press preparation was being made for the Indian Paegent, ' Kaye Pove " written by Lenorc Cohen and to be presented May 16, 1924. The 1924 May Day will be held in com- bination with the annual High School Night, in honor of the various high school students. Pa e 165 IHE GYM CIRCUS Hf Pagi ' (16 The G m Circus GR N 1LLE JOHNSON MABEL RILLING The annual gymnastic circus, presented by the Departments of Physical Education, has been in existence for nine years. On March 28th of this year, under the direction of Granville Johnson and Mabel Rilling, the largest and most successful circus in the history of Dcn cr L ' nisersity was given. The performance was given in the gym which was fitted up with all the apparatus needed for a complete circus. From the grand march through to the last event ones interest was held by the clowns, the aerialists, the dancing, or by many of the feature acts which marked the c cning. It was an c cnt of which any organization might well be proud. .As stated in the program, the purposes of the performance were to give an idea to the outside world of the type of specialized work that is offered in the physical department. Also, to give the performers an opportunity to show the results of their intensive training. It also tends to create a deep interest in a vital department of the L ' niversity. With everyone looking forward to the next Gym Circus, this event is destined to become an out- standing institution at the University of Denver. ji - ' Page 167 Young Mens Christian Association OF DENVER UNIVERSITY Robert L. L ' nderwood Richard R. Brown Donald P. Seldon R. G. Gustavson Robert S. Roe Edward D- Vernon Harold B. Walker Richard R. Brown George J- Saul Monford L. Jackson Ralph S. Boggs . Leonard J. Murphy Fred A. Schumacher C i CABINET President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer wirman. Finance Committee Chairman. Meetings Committee Chairman, Community Service Chairman. Campus Service Chairman. Forums Committee Chairman. Membership Committee Chairman. Publicity Committee Chairman. ( arid Service ijt ' neral Secretary Mr. Ira E. L.utc ADVISORY BOARD Dr. D. Shaw Duncan . Chairman Dr. S. A. Lough ... Vice-Chairman Prof. Frank Dickinson Secretary Prof. R G. Gustavson ... Treasurer Dr. Wilher D. Engle Prof. Owen B. Trout Robert L. L ' nderwciod Ex-Officio Chancellor Hcber R. Harper Fred A. Sch umacher 1- .oS Jl. ' - Pase IKS ■ fei Youno W ' omens Chrislian Association. CuRPHEY. Hall. Smith. McCallum. Browi BiDDicK. Black. Bollinh;er. Garrett, G Hoss. Kesler. Simmons. Taylor. Ve . nnc C irphe - Kathleen Jacob , Annalydia Hall Vivian Smith Jessie M:Callum Esther Brown OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Cjrresfionding Secretary Undergraduate Re(}resentaiivc PERSONNEL OF CABINET Anna Marie Bollinger Ruth Hoss Esther Simmons Ingla Black . Mildred Kesler Bess Vcsey Pauline Cjarrctt Althea Gunkle Marguerite Taykir Kathcrine Wigginton Mildred Biddick Lois Babbitt Freshman Comnti. Program Social . Membership Social Service Finance Conference Bible Study World Fellowship Candy Table Pubticitv . Y. W. Room ion Representative Page 1( 9 Vanity Fair I i This year the Vanity Fair Queens were chosen by a s stem that kept the contest out of petty school politics. And placed the selection on a purely meritorious basis. We are proud of the fact that the pictures in this section are those of truly representative University of Denver women. Pane 170 m Miss Thalia Yan Orman Miss Lois Bahhitt Miss Ruth Hoss Miss Hazel Ba nall Mb Miss Hazel Ba§nall A THL E Tl C COA CHES PAUL MINICK Frosh Football Coach c;R, ll.l.E JOHNSON ri.sllinf, Coach HLMER McDHVnr Head Football Coach LYMAN BINGHAM Manager of Athletics FRANK NF.WHOL ' SE Athletic ' I raincr and Boxing Coach AUBREY DEVINE Football and Track Coach MINOR HARWOOD Baseball Coach Page 177 FOOTBALL Review of the Football Season The 1923 football season was not a brilliant success for the University of Denver; neither was it a dull fail- ure. All games played brought out the fighting Parson spirit. And it was this spirit alone which helped to transcend the individual interests of the squad and make them dangerous ;. Nine games were played. Six of them were won. Seven conference games were played of which four were won. They all were hard fought and better to witness than the scores would indicate. The University of Denver is proud of her coaches. McDevitte and Devine labored valiantly against reverses to put the team ahead. Lyman Bingham, graduate manager of athletics, deserves much credit for the high plane on which he placed the 1923 football season. The year 1923 has taught its lesson, and next season will find an entirely different team and attitude in the University. Following are the scores of the Universit - of Den er games and the final standing of the Rockv Mountain Conference. cumpctiturs Cunicrcncc The Scores The Scores Sept 29- -Denver 1 3 . St. Regis Oct ti- -Denver 10 New Mexico 7 Oct, 17- -Denver 14 Utah Aggies 7 Oct. 23- -Denver 7 . Montana State b Oct. 27- -Denver 7 . Colorado State 2 1 No ' 3- -Denver 45 . Wyoming Nov 10- —Denver Colorado Aggies 25 Nov 1.7- -Denver Colorado College 20 No ' 20- -Dcn er 2 1 Mines 13 Rocky Mountain Conference Standing Pet. University of Colorado . 1000 Colorado Aggies 833 Colorado College 833 Utah Aggies . .bb7 University of Den cr .571 Utah Universitv .400 Montana State . .333 Colorado Mines . . . lev Brigham Young Universitv . , lev University of Wyoming , .0(10 Page I7S - W arren Williams Played halfback four years, and was All- Confcrcncc choice three seasons. He was Dcnxcr ' s outstanding star. George O Donne 11 One of the most consistent tackles in the Conference, He was the unanimous choice of the squad for I ' -124 Captain. Leslie Piatt The most feared center in ( " olorado. Dab played in every { ame and was always an outstanding star. Robert Boyd One of Denver ' s famous halfbacks Bob played in hard luck this year, but he should be an All-Conference man next season. ._H| i PaRe 179 f Denver 13 — St. Regis Playing a slow uninteresting game, e.xcept for a few flashes, the Varsity won the first game of the season before the largest crowd ever seen in Denver at an early-season game. Miller, first year, starred with consistent gains and fine defense. O ' Donnell showed well at tackle and with his punting. Warren Williams was not allowed to play on account of old injuries. Rube Williams, a new man and stellar end, uas so injured making a hard tackle that he was kept out of the line-up the remainder of the season. Denver 10 — New Mexico 7 The second game of the season played at Broadway Park resulted in another triumph for the Varsity. The game was played October 2. Jones, New Mexico, was the out- standing star of the game. Miller of Denxer running him a close second, and Boyd pushing Miller for laurels. O ' Donnell punted for long distances, and his perfect drop- kick won the game. Two things can be said of this game: first. Varsity lacked ' punch at crucial moments; second, the Lobos are a square, hard-hitting, fighting bunch of fellows. Page l,W . s James Scilley Played both end and halfback. Jim was a clever man and was always watched by the opposing team. He will help to put Denver ahead ne. t year. Perry McPherson This was his first year on the team, but as guard he made a name for himself. Perry was a hard fighter at all times. ■ H 1 " «- gme m 1 ■ LelanJ GlanJon A great end for pla ing his first %ear. Red was a fast man and always in the game. Watch him next fall Elmer Kleinholtz The man who made holes for the largest gains of the backfield. He is a tackle that always gave a good account of himself. Page ISl Denver 14 — Utah Aggies 7 At Logan, Utah, October 27th, the Parsons played their best game of the season. The teams were evenly matched and both played brilliant football. Endowed with a new spirit Denver could not be stopped. The Boyd-Bowman-W ' illiams-Miller combina- tion continually broke away for long gains. On one occasion the Minister line held Utah on the half-foot line for four downs. All attempts were made over the center of the line. Beal showed exceptional ability at end, and O ' Donnell hit his stride in his punting and offensive playing. Denver 7 — Montana State b Playing under the difficulties of travelling, and only five days after a sexere game, the Parsons managed to nose out a victory over Montana State. The game was slow and was marked by the excessive amount of punting. O ' Donnell held up the Minister end of punting with credit. The Minister backfield showed balance. Boyd made the only sensational play of the game with his long run for a touchdow n in the second period. Bowman deser es credit for the way he handled punts and ran them back. The game was a let-down after the hard game only five days before. Page- IS2 Donald Bowman The quarterback whose cleverness made Denver a strong contender for Conference honors. Don will he back next vear. John Miller A fullback who played his first year of col- lege football. John ' s long runs made the opposing tearrs sit up and take notice. He was the surprise of the season. Harry Cooper A guard that was a regular at all times. Pinkey did not play to the stands, but always followed the hall W ' utch him next September. Joseph Prentice Joe was a hard worker and a fighter. He was always ready when needed to help make holes for long gains. Page 183 Denxer State Classic State 21 — Denver 7 The first defeat of the season uas received at the hands of the Rocky Mountain Conference Champions of 1 23, on October 27. The largest crowd e er seen at a football game in Broadway Park witnessed the game. Playing in mud, the Parsons went down before the attacks of the " Wonder Team " . All efforts to stem the tide of defeat were in vain, Beal ' s seventy-yard run in the last two minutes of play saved the Ministers from a shut-out. The plunging Hartshorn,- quick-witted Quinlan, and powerful McLean counted most strongly against the Varsity. Another year is coming. State may win but the Fighting Parsons are nex ' er beaten. I : Denxer 45 — Wyoming For the first time in the season the Parsons set their scoring machine to work and smothered Wyoming under drifts of touchdowns. The game was played November 3rd on a muddy field. Many fumbles featured the game. The Parsons showed smooth playing, and extraordinary interference. Howell, playing his first game showed class. Sciiley, shifted to fullback was a powerful asset. Warren Williams flashed his former self and put in his bid for an All-Conference berth The Wyoming pi ot man was the only Cowboy to give much account of himself. Page IS4 Raymond Ainsworth Ray played in hard luck this year. But when in the game his speed always brought the stands to their feet. He should be a great halfback next season. Pierson Howell A backfield man who was always read when needed. Pete was fast and often broke away for long runs. He had ncr c and ability. Harry Beal Beal played a great game at end. He pulled down many a pass for long gains, and was a good man to watch. Truman Crowe 11 A guard who played his best at all times. Crowell was a great player, a hard fighter and gave a good account of himself. Page 185 i Aggies 25 — Denver The Armistice Day game with Colorado Aggies resulted in the worst defeat of the season for the Parsons, from a point of view of score. An observer, or one uho knows the Aggies, would say that it was no disgrace to be beaten by such a splendid bunch of men. Houser ' s plunging and defensive work made him one of the most potent forces in the Aggie victory. The Aggie offensive line was no mean asset. Scilley played the best game for the Ministers. Williams passed accurately and made some spectacular offensi e runs. The game was clean, hard, and a better one to witness than the score would indicate. Colorado College 20 — Denver Fumbles, poor kicking, and a lack of punch when within scoring distance accounts for loss of the game on Noxember 17th. The Tigers could gain around the ends at will. The Parsons could gain until within the shadows of their goal when they would lose the ball on a fumble. The one redeeming feature of the game was the playing of Warren Williams. He seemed possessed of unequalled power, and alone gained over two hundred yards and bore the brunt of the offense all through the game. Page IS6 -. RoUa Maier 1aier was an end that was often called upon both in offense and defense playing. And he was always there when needed. Leo Cro le ' . fullback that made those who tried to stop him think before they tried it a second time. He was a great man to watch. Frosh Football The Frosh football squad was one of the finest in the history of the University of Denver. A large number of men reported for practice and stayed with the team throughout the season. Much credit must go to Paul Minick of Iowa State who coached the team and with them helped to whip the Varsity into shape. During the season the Frosh played St. Regis to a six to six tie. And later lost a hard fought game to the Mines Frosh, the score being thirteen to seven. A number of high schools were also played, the Frosh winning from each one. From the following men who received numerals many will be playing on the Varsity next fall: Glenn Neville, A. B. Keith, Donald Yecge. Lester Elkins. Paul Carbeiner, Joe Wells, Dick Brown, William Spears, Donald Mullins. Fred Rinnie, Joe Newmann, Harold Olson, Alvin Daywitt. Charles Palmer. Harold Dickson, Burnell Rehder, Robert McElvain, Clarence KiNDir. Page 187 m m - • ■J W-fT m ij f ' Denver 21 — 1 lines 13 Surprising even themselxes the Parsons opened up a new and powerful offense at the Thanksgiving Day game and overcame the Miners quite decidedly. Using an aerial game the Ministers were able to gain almost at will, and completed fifty per cent, of all attempted passes. Warren Williams, Scilley, and Howell starred for Denver. Williams, the most brilliant of Denver ' s shining lights in football for years, played his last game for the University of Denver, and acquitted himself in fine style. His oft-tackle and tackle cut-back plays were executed in a fashion little short of marvelous. Prospects for 1924 Football prospects for ne.xt fall are very promising. Elmer McDevitte, Ali-American guard at Yale in 1911 and former coach at North- western and Yale, will be head coach. Aubrey Devine, the famous Ail-American quarter- back from Iowa, will also be of great help to the team. At no other college in the Rocky Mountain Conference is there such a display of famous coaches. The material for next fall looks to be good. A few letter men will be missed because of graduation. But there are plenty of Frosh stars who will fill their places capably. Also, football men from other colleges have been attracted to the Uni ersity of Denver and will report for practice next fall. With such a coaching staff, a wealth of material, the backing of the student body, and the able leadership of Captain-elect O ' Donnell the season of 1924 will prove a glorious and triumphant car. I Pjgc ISS BASKETBALL Basketball at the University in the i ' 23-24 season was fairly satisfying. Denver University placed fifth in the Conference w ith three games won and seven lost, or a per- centage of .300. Colorado College carried off the Conference honors with a percentage of .900, losing only one game to Colorado University. Bowman, left forw ard on the Varsity, placed on the All-Conference second team. He was also fourth on the list of high scorers in the conference with a total of iSQ points to his credit. Captain Beal, Scilley, Dodds, Karsten, Daywitt, and Howell carried the load of the playing all the season. The first game w as with Colorado College and was won by them by a score of 34-24. A lack of teamwork and a lack of an effective offensive proved the undoing of the Varsity. Denver used a fiveman defense. Bruse starred for Colorado College, while Beal and Scilley shared honors for Denver. On February 2 the Varsity played the Colorado Aggies and, after being led in the first half, staged a come-back and won the game 19-15. The game was marred by early- season form and an excessive number of fouls. February 8 Denver University won from State 20-19. Denver got away with a flying start, and with a five-man defense that was well-nigh impregnable. The lead changed hands continually during the contest. Close, short passes, and splendid guard- ing spelled victory for Denver. Dodds, Karsten, and Beal were the outstanding players for the Varsity. The game was played on the Boulder floor. The next night Boulder invaded Denver ' s territory and won a game 28-25 on Denver ' s floor. This is the third time in as many years that Denver has beaten Boulder on Boulder ' s floor and lost to [Boulder on her own floor. The game was particularly interesting from that point of view . Bowman ran wild in the first half and it looked like another victory for Denver, but in the second half the team slackened and State overcame the lead and forged ahead. February 1 7 Aggies win 1 8- 1 b. Denver took the lead early in the game by Bowman ' s efforts, but on account of poor passing lost the ball continually when it was in her own territory and Aggies chalked up a victory. W yoming sprung a surprise in the two-game series and defeated the Parsons in the first game by a close margin. The next night, February 23, Denver revenged her defeat with a 31-27 victory. Howell and Bowman both had their eyes accurately on the basket and the Ministers got the lead and held it all through the fray. In spite of this the game was close and hard fought. The defense of Denver was very good, the credit going to Beal, Daywitt, and Karsten. W yoming was forced to long shots which proved ineffective. The final game of the season was with Colorado College and was won by them handily 32-16. Dodds, a freshman showed good form. Bowman was covered so well that he failed to score. The Ministers showed more fight and style of plav ' than in any game during the whole season. Next year should be Denver ' s banner vear in basketball, as it should be in the other major sports. Not a man on this year s team, and but few on the squad w ill be lost through graduation. Coach Devine has started a system of play that should be at its best next year. These facts, coupled with some mighty promising new men who will be eligible next year make us believe that Denver is getting ready to claim some Champion- ship banners in basketball. Not a little of the credit will belong to Aubrev ' De ine. Cx)ach, for his splendid leadership and unsurpassed loyalty to our school. mm Page 189 Harry Beal TXitch " was a true Fighting Parson Captain. Donald MuUins Don always succeeded in getting the jump on the other centers. Leland Glandon " Red " was a hard working and scrappy guard. Pierson Howell Pete — always dependatle, .A gcxid scorer. Pci c 190 m Floyd Karsten " Kooch " played a fast floor game at guard. Always covered his man. Don Bowman With an accurate eye " Shortv " piled up Denver s score. m T Harold Dodds A speedy center. IDodds has two more years. Alvin Daywitt A was a hard and consistent worker. .A real guard for any team. Page 191 BOXING and WRESTLING Not since ' 2 has the University of Denver had a Conference Championship in any branch of sport. It is worthy of note that the Championship that year was in Wrestling. It is also worthy of note that the only Championship since then is in Wrestling. The Universitv of Denver is the Wrestling champion of the Rock - Mountain Conference for 1924. The season started well with Denver University making the highest score of any single entry in the Denver Athletic Club meets. Captain James Holland deserves special mention for winning the 135 pound class in the D. A. C. and for disposing of three men in one night. Dual meets with the State Teachers and with the Miners were won o erwhelmingly by the Grappling Parsons. In the Conference meets at Boulder the University of Den er won three ot the seven events and carried off the Cup of Victory. Captain James Holland won the 135 pound weight; Harold Dillon, Captain 1923 won the 145 pound weight; Edwin Garrett won the 158 pound weight, and was the only Freshman in the Conference to win a weight. Henry Traubert light-heavy, was beaten in the finals; Alexander Dermer 115 pounds; Malcolm Engstrom 125 pounds: and Carl Wesson heavyweight were the other men who represented the Varsity. By winning one event in boxing the University of Den er tied w ith yoming tor the Boxing and Wrestling Championship. Henry Carlson 115 pounds was the only boxer from Denver to win. William Manly 145 pounc4s placed in the finals. Captain Earl Beeler and Glenn Neville carried Denver colors in the 135 pound and 158 pound classes respectively, but were eliminated. With several underclassmen in winning positions this ear and w ith a wealth of material with experience next year it seems that the University of Denver is in line tor many w innings in the years to come in the Wrestling and Boxing divisions. This is our hope and our ambition in the future, as it was ably put by James Holland when he pre- sented the Championship Cup to the University: " We sincerely trust that, as the winning of the Wrestling Championship in 1921 marked the end of Championships for a time, that the winning of the Wrestling Championship in 1924 will mark the beginning of the winning of Championships in all branches of sports. " Page 192 James Holland Captain. The svord " Ddcat was not in his vocabulary Harold Dillon They looked at Dillon and then a c up. He uon the Conference Championship. Malcolm Engstrom He was a wrestler who knew how to use hi; head. Edwin Garrett Only a Frosh and he went through the Con- ference undefeated Pane 19} Earl Beeler Earl fought in hard luck. But his Captaincy put the team ahead. Glenn Ne ille He showed great form his first car. W ' hat will he do next season. Henry Carlson Of course, he won the 1 1 5 pound Conference Championship. William Manle - By hard and brainy work Bill placed in the finals. r Page l ' )4 BASEBALL lor the fii ' st time in cars the Uni ' ersity of l)en er had a team that looked like a winner in the 1 123 season. Under the capable direction of Coach Minor Harwood the hitters, pitchers, and fielders rounded rapidly into form and won from Mines in the first game of the season by a score of 1 8-8. Early season form was of course apparent, but flashes of real baseball outshown the poor work. Robert Boyd and " Rube " Williams pro ' ed their ability as slug- gers, Boyd gathering three singles and two homers in the contest. " Pete " Howell displayed fine ability on the mound. Pfab and Bo d showed some very fine early season baserunning. A game with Wyoming the following week was won handily by the Varsity, but on April 20 and 2 1 sustained two defeats at the hands of the Colorado Aggies and Big l ick the Aggies ' pitching ace. The first game was lost by a 4-3 score and the second by a 8-3 score. None of Denver s hitters were able to touch Dick but the Aggies seemed able to find the Varsity hurlers at w ill. A week later on their home field the Varsity trimmed Colorado University 5-4 with a ninth inning rally. Both teams played loosely and errors were costly for both. The University of Den er was leading in the ninth when Boulder staged a rally and tied the score. In the last half of the ninth the Varsity hit and Boyd got to third. Then a slash- ing single by " Rube " Williams brought Boyd in and won the game. On May 2 Mines rex ' enged her early season defeat by winning from the Varsity 4-3. A very large crowd attended and gave ample demonstration that baseball is winning her way into popularity with College students. " Rube " Williams featured the game with his hitting. A homer in the second inning was the only home run of the game. Howell pitched a fine game. Another defeat was chalked up to the University of Denver on May 18, when the team tra elled to Boulder and met the University of Colorado team. A bad wind and much dust contributed to the ill-playing of both teams and when the battle was over the score was b-5 in fa or of the State Uni ' ersity. Despite the poor weather it was a cleanly pla ed game w ith State in the advantage from the first w hen Howell seemed to lose con- trol of the ball. May 25 Denver University won over Colorado College by the largest margin of any- game of the season: 24-4. With a hard wind and rainstorm threatening Coach Harwood gave the command to open up and hit everything, and that is what happened. Two Colorado College hurlers were retired in short order. They received poor support w hile the - did last and the Varsity was able to run up twenty-four markers in the nine innings. Howell pitched a beautiful game. Boyd was the hitting and fielding sensation, making a shoestring catch of a long fly that brought the stands to their feet. He fell as he caught the ball but he held it. The prospects for 1924 have never been better. No games have been played as this article goes to press, but a chance glance over the material as it works out shows Cham- pionship stuff there. With Howell, Severini, and Serafini to draw from on the mound, a nd such hitters and fielders as O ' Donnell, Captain Boyd, Wobido, Daywitt, Jones, Dick- son, Boggs, Pfab, Crowell, Wilson, and with Coach Minor Harwood again leading the men we can well anticipate a successful season. Page 195 George O DunncU Right field. A hea hitter balanced b excellent fielding. Charles Pfab Third base. A perfect inficldcr and fast base runner. " BSBBBB " Pierson Howell Pitch. . n arm with perfect control and speed. How arJ k-ClcnJon Catch. A first year man Watch him next year. Page B James Scille Second base. All-Confercncc choice — worthy of the honor. Andrew Percival Left field. A skillful and aluable fielder. Iruman ( ' .rowell First base. A veteran who a ttracted much attention In the Conference. Robert Boyd Center field. Pinch hitter and .All-Confer- ence selection. Page 197 TRACK Leslie Piatt Dab was one of the most outstanding track men in the L ' nited States last vear. Ray Blodgett Ray is a quiet and unassuming athlete. But he is feared by all Conference hurdlers. The University of Den er boasts of only two letter men in the iQ23 season: Captain Leslie " Dab " Piatt, and Ray Blodgett. In the Conference meet at Boulder, Denver University placed seventh with a total of onl - ten points. The track fame of Denver cannot be measured by her place in the Conference. Captain Piatt carried the name of Denver University with him to the Drai e Relays and made her famous by winning the Discuss throw and incidentally setting a new record for the Drake Relays of 1 38 feet, b ' inches. Piatt also set a new record for the Discuss throw in the Conference by hurling the weight 139 feet, } inches, a better throw than at the Drake Relays. The old record was also held by a Denver University man, J. Lyman Bingham, the graduate manager of athletics. Ray Blodgett, the other letter man and a freshman, brought Denver to the front in the Conference meet by placing in both the high and low hurdles. As this article goes to press the track prospects of the Unixersity are looking up. Denver University has been handicapped in the past by the lack of a coach and of ma- terial. This year the Athletic Council has hired Aubrey Devine of Iowa University ' s football, basketball, and track fame to coach the track men, and Bingham to handle the weight men. With this fine leadership and a wealth of material the other schools of the Conference will ha e to look to their laurels this Season of 1924. Page 19S TENNIS and GOLF HORACE PHELPS Never fails to win the Confer- ence Championship. For years it has been the habit of the University of Denver to annex the tennis Championship. Last spring H. F. " Jack " Phelps carried the colors of the L ' niversity of Denver at the Conference Tennis Tournament, and crashed his way through the tournament with great successes defeating Fred Dixon, Brigham Young L ' niversity freshman by the following scores: 8-10, b-2, 3-b, b-3, and 6-2. Phelps ' college successes have been added to since then in the city and state tournaments. Merrill and Rich of the L ' tah Aggies succeeded in winning the Conference doubles Championship by defeating Hammond and Harvey, also of L ' tah Aggies by a b-3. b-2 score. KARL COLLMAN 7aplain. One of the most consist- ent players in the Conjtrence. LESTER O ' NEIL Steady and a true shot. LON CORNELL A spectacular player with a true aim. Golf made its debut at the L ' niversity of Denver last May. Captain Karl Collman. Lester O ' N ' eil. Howard Allstach ard Lcn Cornell, representing Denver, played through the season with great success. They met their first defeat at the hands of the Miners in a dual meet held at Lakewood Country Club, Colorado College rcsed out Denver in the second dual meet held at Colorado Springs. Collman and Young, rival captains, fought bitterly to the last green where Collman won a well-earned victory of two up. In the Conference meet held at the Broadmoor the entire D L ' . team performed creditably, piling up ele en and one-half points. This, although insufficient to win the cup, placed D. U. near the top. In the individual championship, Jones of Mines won by two points over Collman who placed second. O ' Ncil and Cornell made three points each and by so doing also won their letters. Pa e 199 o i u II f 3n Jlemoriam Robert W. McLaughlin Alice S. Hansen Ray W. Cliff Robert L. Booen D. A. York Anthony D. Lyons I Page 200 U ■c: t -- ' rlA, ' .. " ..,. ?,-.yr- M 09009 AiNswoRTH. Burns. Chapelle, Gemar, Gobis-. Goody. Harsh. Johnston. Klet ky. Mitchell. Seldon. Sicman. Sitler, Wancnild. Inter-Fraternity Cou mil OFFICERS Charles Mitchell. Jr President T. Mitchell Burns. Jr. . Secretary-Treasurer PERSONNEL Lambda Chi .- i u7 Alpha Pi . u Beta Theta Pi Donald Seldon T. Mitchell Burns. Jr. William Johnson Lowell Goody Charles W ' angnild George O ' Donnell Sigma Phi Epsilon Ashlars Kappa Sigma Charles Vlitchell, Jr. Frank Gemar William Gohin Charles Sitler Clarence Chapelle Charles Fairlamh Sigma Alpha Bpsilon Phi Sigma Delta Fred Harsh Sebastian Kletzky Ray Ainsworth Samuel Sigman PoRc 203 BtiTA THETA PI Boot, Bowman. Bradshaw. Cluxton, Cooper. Crapsev. Dodds. Green, Hitzler. Hoery. Howell, Jay, Johnston, Keeton. Kleinholtz. Palmer, Phillips. Shattuck. Walton, Yec;ce. Page 204 Beta Theta P Founded at Miami L niver.sity in IS 39 Alpha Zeta Chapter Charter K ' ' anted 1888 Colors. Pink and Blue D. Shaw Duncan illiam Johnston Sam C. Birney Albert Boot Robert Bo d Alfred Crapsey Ralph R. Cannon Donald Cluxton Edward C. Green, Jr. Charles Bradshaw David L. Mills Melvin R. Keeton Harry L. Cooper Don D. Bowman Hai FRATRES IN FACULTATE Frank H. Roberts Charles L. Andrews FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1 24 Richard Hoer ' 1925 George O ' Donnell 1926 i lerton Edgar Pierson B. Howell Theodore N. Grant James Scilley 1927 Kennedy Dodds Ellis Merrill Flower, Rose George C. Manly Edward Muntwvler Robert Shattuck Stewart Walton Charles Hitzler Oake Jay LAW George P. Wilson Frank Mobley Elmer Kleinholtz C. J. Morley DENTAL rv C. Beal Charles Palmer Lafayette Rogers Ronald Yegge Oake Jay Thomas O ' Mohoney John Gorsuch James Flaherty Wayne Aspinall Charles Phillips PaRc 20S 1 i SIGMA ALPHA EPSIL(1N AiNSwoRTH. Brown. Elkins. Gardner F. Harsh. D Harsh. Jennings. Ji Mathers. Neville. Peters. Piti QuANDT. Taylor. Wells. W ' ithr ' Page 206 . Sigma Alpha Epsiion Founded at I nivcrsity of Alabama in IS56 Colorado Zeta Chapter Charter Granted 1 SQ 1 Colors. Ro al Purple and Old Gold FIc Violet I-RATRES IN FACULTATE Gran ille B. Johnson George W. Gorrell Earle A. Engle FRATRES IX UN I VERS I TATE 1Q25 Rayn-ond C. Ainsworth 192b Earle L. Graham 1927 William C. Quandt Thor M. Gardner Joseph R. Wells COMMERCE Clyde H. Jennings illiam J. Brennan Howard R. McClendon Oscar L. Johnson LAW " Fred T. Harsh A. D. Holland George Harsh DENTAL Chas. M. Hughes Leonard M lulmcr arren C, W ithrow Lloyd C. Mathers William C. Brown George L. ilson Perry Church Gayle A. Smith James A. Woods H. C. Matson Amer R. Lehman Glenn T. Neville Stanley D. Peters Lester E. Elkins Volney Bowles Roy S. Drothleff George E. McCaddon William O. Perry David McLain Jess M. Peabod - Rae D. Pitton heo. Bruggeman Donald M. Clauser PLEDGES Eiie Martin John K. Taylor mm Page 207 1 API . SIGMA i. M his, «is. Barker. Cobb. Com I i ( i i- K ( i im is, W Curtis. Denious Dickson. I ' ll im mi I n. n I mri mb. Ferc.uson. Gobin. GOODROW , I l " l ' ■- 1 F EM 1 M HSHALL. NOWLEN. PeAVEY. Hi iHii . KhHinH. Kohirts. Spencer Piij c 20S .. KalDJJLi Sigma Founded at i niversity of irpnui in I Sb9 Beta Omicron Chapter Charter t .rantcd XP. Colors, Scarlet, White and Green Flower, Lily of the ' allev FRATRES IN FACULTATE Elmer Leslie Brock, L,L.B. Robert B. Stannard, B.C S, Richard Peete, A,B., L,L,B. EKvyn A. Arps Harold B. Klaiher McGlenwood Cohb Guy La erty Howard R. Adams Charles N, Fairlamh W. L. Gobin Kenneth B, Curtis Alvin Dayw itt Edwin Garrett Rodne ' Roberts FRATRES IN L ' NIVERSITATE 1Q24 Wesley R, Curtis George Pea ey Harry B. Petrie Paul R. Spencer " 1025 Gordon Mitchell Joseph G. Prentice George M, Staples 102b Edward J. Carpenter Arthur , Eaton Samuel L. Fairlamb Leland O. Glandon Burr Cooper Charles Now len 1027 Robert Barker Orville D. Cooley Dayton Denious Harold F. Dickson Joe Kenneth Newman Burnell Rehder Joseph Stanage John R, Durette Fred C. Sobon COMMERCE Floyd B. Rigdon Emerson Pearce LAW William C. Edgar Keith Ferguson DENTAL Earle Goodrow Lrank H, Awes PLEDGES Donald Horn J, Clarence Marshall illiam B. Cranford Franklin E, alHcl Page 2m SIGMA PHI t:PSIL()N Ambrose. Anderson. Am i ' IUmf P. iKr l .i i m i . Pwi Faerber. Frink. GusHEr. 1 li mm I l-i-.i !■ I h ■ --. K ks Jeffries. Johnson. JoNfis M. I ' i n !■■ ■ i- Mm if Mihiimi I MULLINS. NeTHERTON. Pi A I I I ' ' i ' M !■■ I 1 1 I I , 1 ' i ' M t ' ■ ' i M ' I Ks, 1 SiTLER. Stabler. Walkkr. W m i iamn. W h s..n. W u s.-n. kki h m dX Pa e 210 Sigma Phi Bfisilon Colors. Ro al [- ui ' p Owen B. Trout Eugene Ambrose Eugene Frink John Miller Perry McPherson Leroy Baker N ' aylor McEK ain Bradley Price Clifford Moss Charles Mitchell Brainard Bonney Duanc ilson Founded al RiLhmond. iromia m FM)! Colorado Beta Chapter Charter Granted 1Q13 e and Blood Red. F-dowers. Violet and American Beauty Rose FRATRES IN F ' ACULTATE George A. Warficld Daniel E. Phillips R. G. Gustavson. W illiam H. Hyslop FR.ATRES IN UN1 ERS1TATE l - 24 Oliver Gushee Warren Williams Leslie Piatt Charles Sitler Lysle Porterfield Charles Stabler Wendell Peake Earl Beeler 1926 Henry Elkins Glenn Saunders D isht Morhart 1027 Raymond Heath Harvey Johnson Fred Rinne COMMERCE John Sharp Arthur Anderson LAW George Bakke Fan Jelfrcss DENrAL Clyde Honer George Jackson PLEDGES Arthur S. Tesch Robert Faerber Franklin Jones Fred Netherton William Davis Jesse Hutchinson Donald MuUins David W alker Alfred Avers Edward Gilliam Aldcan W ilson C arl R. Nickers Page 21 1 ALPHA PI NU Alsfasser. Bi-AKE. BoGGs. Boc-cs. Burns. Casey. Darrow, Daves. Dillon, Iisher. Foulk. Gookins. Johnstone. A Keith. F. Keith. Lovinc;, Murphy. Holden. 0 ;lksby. Ohlson. O ' Leary. Osborne. Rice. Sears, Shipley. D, Thompson. W. Thompson. Unhkrwood. WANr.Nii.n. Walker. Wallace. Paf c 111 w " Alpha Pi Nil Founded at the Lniversity of Denver, 1913 Colors, Old Blue arid Cr-cam W hice Flower, White Kilarney Rose FRATRE IN FACULTATE Samuel A. Lough A. B. Keith Forest M. Carhartt E. Clifford Jones Herbert H. Gookins U ' eyland D. Sears Ray Boggs John B. Gar in, Jr. Harold B. Osborne Earl H. Alsfasser Elmer B. Lycan Carl Rutledge Robert Morrison FRATRES IN UN I VERS I TATE 1Q24 Neal Rice Clyde Irvin Wallace 1925 Charles W ' angnild Eugene Gadbois lQ2b Harold Walker Ralph Boggs 1927 Eugene P. Darrow J. Wallace Thompson Merrick N. Da is Lyndall E. Holden Milton J. Blake COMMERCE Ivan V. O ' Leary George R. Beall LAW ' Howard Marley DENTAL Robert L. Underwood Donald Thompson Thomas R. Spargo T. Mitchell Burns. Jr. Ray Oglesby Eddie Johnstone William L. Lo ing James V. Bell Thomas O. Esher Carl H. Shipley Harold Dillon George S. Casev Eciwin Foulk Pete Bender Ferrill Keith PLEDGES Leonard Murphy Page 213 -m LAMBDA C:HI ALl ' HA Anderson, Annand. Barr. Barry. ER. Christopher. Deroance. Deshler. Goody. Ham. Hykes. Karsten. KELLOciti. Ketterinc.. Lewis. Lon(.eellou ' , Markley. Marsh. Patten. Peters. Rinker. Roe. Savoy. Schumann. Sei.don. Thorpe. Virtue. Wormwckjd, Wilson. Warkiei.d. Tinsi-ey. Pat;e2l4 t.,.- ' ' ' ■! .- Lamixla Chi AIIdIui Founded at lio.ston innersity. I ' O ' - Alpha Pi Chapter Charter Granted 1Q17 Colors. Purple. Green and Gold Flower, iolet FRATRKS 1 F.ACULTATE J. E. Bentley G. P. Peters A. C. Nelson F. A. Schumacher E. B. Renaud FRATRES IN UN I VERS I TATE 1924 Andrus Thorpe Robert N. Annand Robert S. Roe Thompson G. Marsh Lawrence A. Jordan 1925 Donald P. Seldon C. Lowell Goody Philip A. Dergance George L. Longfellow Richard H. W ' arfield Robert H. Wilson Asher H. Patten Kenneth B. Schumann Gail D. Carbiener Flovd L. Karsten E. R. Rinker 192b Floyd H. Poole Lew is T. Barry Warren B. Hale Edgar E. Huffman Henrv J. Ham 1927 Paul M. Carbiener Roy N. Anderson Chester V. Lewis William K. Barr Franz L. Tinsley liliam XL Savoy COMMERCE Robert Virtue Andrew W. Christopher William C. Deshler Elmer W. Hykes W alter J. Thoreson LAW C. Edgar Kettering Willard C. Baker Horace N Hawkins Kenneth 1. Wormwood DENTAL Miles R. Markley PLEDGES Howard D. Kellogg Ralph Madison DeWitt Peters Paul A. Edwards Page US I PHI 5iGMA OliLIA Atlivaick. Freshman. Kletzky Kbanz. Meyer. Schiff. SiClMAN. SlCMAN. Zlf.MOND. Page lib Phi Sigma Delta Founded al Columbia iniversity 19U Iota Chapter Charter Granted March lb. 1 20 Colors, Purple and White FRATRES IN UNI VERS! TATE 1925 Sam Sigman 1926 Robert Schiff Sebastian Kletzky Al Freshman 1927 Donald Meyers Jerome Zigmond COMMERCE Charles Atli aick Noah Atli aick FAW Leo Moses H man Weinberg DENTAL Benjamin Kletzky Robert Miller PLEDGES Victor Kranz Morris Sigman Page 217 Bartholic, Benedict, Breakey. Chapelli Chambers. Gemar. Holland. Inc.ham. Jaege LlTTRELL. GiNN. StEVENS, TuRNER. WymAN ' m Page 211 AshU ir Founded at the i ' nirersily of Denver, . oven ber. 1 10 Colors, Black and Gold F-lower. W hitc Rose HCINOKAR ' MEMBER Justice HP. Burke F-RATRES IN FACULTATE George Rodney Day Robert E. Gentry Alexander J. Lindsay Andrew Hollister Wood Charles M. Reed Richard M. Crane Clem W ctrell Collins Robert L. Gray FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1Q24 Frank Gemar 1Q25 Rav Hoo er John Stanley Chambers Raymond V. Wood Galen Joslyn Stevens Eugene D. Hallock Herbert A. Breakey Charles Edwin Benedict John Helbig Clarence C. Chapelle C.haunce - G. Wilson Waldo Riffenburg Arthur W. Bartholic COMMERCE Harlon E. Benedict Howard E. Cooper Albert R. Cutter James C. Harris Harold A. Turner Carl L. Ginn LAW ' W arren L. Jones Norman A. Hutchinson DENTAL John Herbert Wallace Orlando Z. McCoy William F. Wyman Dennis R. Callahan Manley F. Littrell Milburn Dungan Louis V. Jaeger Donald T. Dealy Frank Barrett PLEDGES Arthur W. Ingham James G. Holland Clarence L. Bartholic Andrew J. Percival H H. Proctor George E. Roesch Page 219 ± Ai.iM lA I ' .i-. I A in II Amter. Binstock, Bronstbin, He-.ixbrstkin, Hellerstein. Landers. Morris, Schwartz susman, susman. um Pate 220 Al(iha Beta Phi Founded at i niversity of Denver. 1922 Colors. Crimson and Old Gold Flower. Lancaster Rose FRATRES IN LM ERS1TATE 1024 Louis A. Hellerstein Dave H. Morris Harry Goodman 1025 Henry Bronstein 192b Graham Susman Joseph Amter Carl Schwartz Isadore Susman 1Q27 Ahe Binstock Jerome R. Hellerstein Matthew Landers Page 221 ETA OMEGA DELTA AxFORD. Brandt. Bunn. Clason. Clayton. Conklinc. Dickson. Moi.lowa KiRscHNER. Lester, Machey, McKeifhan. Meye Nichols. Vernon, Weyerts, Weyerts. Wkyert: Page 222 Eta Omega Delta Founded at San Diego State College in 92 Gamma Chapter Charter granted March 20, 1923 Colors. Black and Gold Flower, American Beautv Rose dson HoUowav Clyde Clason Ernest Clayton Robert Axford Raymond Brandt Dorrance Bunn Stuart Ellis FRATRES IX UNIVERSITATE 1Q24 D. Ralph McKeithan Walter W ' eyerts 1925 M. C. Conkling Earle Dickson Bruce Mac Cannon 192b Donald Hyndman Karl Kirschner Elmer Lester Julius Meyer Edgar W ' eyerts 1927 Edward Vernon Frank Schmihr Theodore Weyerts Robert McLaughlin Fred McDowell Frank New ton Frank Nichols Bill Machev Earl Reed Page 21i I .i ' " 1 ORITOMO Gamma Delta Founded at University of Denver Charter Granted 1Q18 Colors, Old Gold and Silver Flower, Chrysanthemum FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Shaw Duncan FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1924 T. Horiuchi K. Kanda 1025 H. M. Eachimoree 1926 Aral M. Mi -aguchi 1927 S. Kimura COMMERCE S. Miura Geo. LAW . Okimoto S. ' oritomo Pa c 224 Blic HAK I . Gourley, Haynes. Hoss. Mohrbach Morse. Painter. Schuyler. Shere. Simmons. Steppe. Taylor. Wilson. 2inn P an -Hellenic Counci Pi Beta Phi Gamma Phi Beta Siair.a Kat: l:a Ruth Hoss Jane Butchart Millicent Fainter Dorothy Wilson Helen Morse Margurete ' 1 aylor Kaptia Delta Delta Zeta Afha Epsilon Phi Maxine Mohrbacher Esther Simmons Rose Zinn Hortense Gourley Ethel Schuyler Zeta Tau Alpha Beatrice Steppe Georgia Haynes Ida Shere Page 22 r Pi BE I A PHI Bacon. Bacnall. Binn. Castillierra. Biggs. Bloedorn. Causey, Cutler. Davis. Donnen. Dunwoody. Hoss. Johnson, Luxford. Pierce. Robinson. Smith. Pcge 225 Pi Beta Phi Founded al Monmouth ColU ' e. AprU 2S. IS67 Colorado Beta Chapter Oiartcr Granted 1885 Colors. Wine and Siher Blue Flower. W ine Carnation SORORES IN FACULTATE Ruth Powell Aurelia Trauger Katherine Robinson Helen Castillierra Edith Bacon Genevieve Behen Hazel Bagnall Charlotte Biggs Lvdia Bloedorn SORORES IN UN I VERS 1 TATE 1924 Margaret Stewart 1925 Leona Dunwoody Ruth Hoss 192b Marjorie Cutler Em i lie Engelbach Elizabeth Johnson 1927 Florence Causey Marcel ine Davis Helen Donnen Jeanette Smith Natalie Tyler Dorothv Wilson Rachel Luxford lone Pierce Grace Tarbell Myra Tallmadge Laeta " ' oung Pa e 227 CiAMMA PHI BUFA BiDDICK. BiRNEY. BrOWN. BuTCHART. EdWARDS, Fink, Galbraith. Graham, Hei.bk;. Huffsmith, KiNCSLEY. Lute. Morse. RuNNETre. Sanderson, Thumas. Van Orman, Vickery. Whitney. Page lis Gamma Phi Beta Founded at Syracuse University in 1874 Theta Chapter Charter granted No emher 1 1 , 18 7 Colors, Brown and Fawn Flower, Pink Carnation SOROR IN FACULTATE Mabel S. Rilling Lsther Brown Jane Butchart Jessie Huffsmith Kathleen Jacob Laura Eggert Florence Fink Carolynn Helbig Eleanor Kingsley Isabel Birney ' i ian Bromley Agnes Brieriey Florence Galbraith SORORES IN UN I VERS I TATE 1924 Eleanor Dennison Mildred Biddick Beatrice Edwards 1Q25 Doris Marshall Madaline Miller 1926 Winnifred Lute Genevie e Miller Janet Milligan 1927 Laura Graham PLEDGES Lucille Sanderson Helen Morse Evelyn Runnette Constance Whitney Dorothy Thomas Thalia Van Orman Katherine Vickery Katherine Wigginton Jean Paulsen Marcel la Henry Mildred Thompson Ruth W ' omble PaRe 229 : KAIA KAI ' PA Andrews. Braiden, Brotherton. Clarke. Craft. Curphey. Dodd. Freelander. Humphrey. Johnson. Jurgens. Kesler. Kessler, McCullough. McLellan. Mercer. Page 2W ■ Sigma KafJlJii Founded at Colby College, in IS74 Iota Chapter Charter Granted 1908 Colors. Maroon and La ender Flower, X ' iolet SORORES IN FACULTATE Irene W interbotham Edith Heberer SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 1924 Blanche Brotherton Mildred Kesler Alice Phillips Anne Curphey Ruth Johnson Mary Mitchell Milicent Painter Vivian Smith Elnora Stout 1925 Ethelyn Humphrey Edna Schaetzel Marguerite Taylor Winnie Dodd Vinita Andrews Margaret Bunning Margaret Clarke Lois Babbit Dorothea Bichy {- " auline Braiden Gretchen Clark lQ2b Mary Jurgens Fay Milligan Kessler Margaret McCullouch 1927 Syra Freelander Flora McLellan Gertrude Ness Edith Mercer Ruth Nelson Thelma Strock Dorothy Scull Leila Craft Martha Wirt Marie Wright Page 2il I " Allmond. Amoss. Andrews. BRictis. Connell. Corbett. Craine. Forbes. Gourley. Hall. Hepp. Hudson, Irvine. Kent. Larson. Lind. Lindsey, Lorimer. McDouoall. Myhr. Miller. Mitchell. Mohrbacher, Seiver, Spahr. Smith. Smitham. Sturgeon. Videon, Weber. Page 232 Kappa Delta Founded at irainia A(ci(t ' onval in 1897 Chi Chapter Charter Granted 1Q13 Colors. 01i e Green and White Flower. White Rose SOROR IN FACULTATE Lisa MuntwA ' ler Helen Amoss Lucille Smitham Rowena Allmond Annalydia Hall Grace Myer Ada Lorene Smith Margaret Lorimer Mar ' Andrew s Lucielle Spahr A ery Thompson Doroth ' Thesing Miriam Johnson largaret Kcl SORORES IN LNIVERSITATE 1Q24 iVfaryetta Briggs Aleen Lindsay Catherine Connell 1925 Ellen Corbett Maxine Mohrbacher Zina Robb Helen Weber K. Forbes lQ2b Jeanette Nelson Mar ' Kent Lillian Lind 1927 Cleda Mcdougall Inez Larson Jessie Miller Jean Videon PLEDGES [?ernice Plested Alice Dal ' Myra Mitchell Helen Hudson Hortense Gourley Imogene McGlashen Verna Seiver Jean Thompson iVlona Craine Grace Irvine Janice Valentine Ruth Sturgeon Florence Hepp Louise Mitchc Pcge 233 000 0® DELTA ZETA Bell. Beatty. Black. Carpenter. Cunningham. Dawley, Garrett. Giblin. Hubbard. Keller. Kleitz. Leland. McCallum. Schrader. Schuyler. Simmons. Sylvester. Theys, f4- Page 23i- Delta Zela Founded at Miami L ' mrersity, October 24, 1902 Rho Chapter Charter Granted April 4. 1 " 17 Colors, Rose and Pea Green Flo ver, Pink Kilarney Rose SOROR IN FACULTATE X Irs. Helen Fry Cross SORORES IN UN I VERS I TATE 1924 Pauline Garrett Pauline Kleitz Jessie McCallum Elvie Hubbard Katherine Keller Esther Simmons 1Q25 Edith Allin Pauline Schrader Henrietta Theys Ethel Schuyler 192b Margaret Beatty Ann Black Dorothy Leland Helen Bell Dorothy Ellis Elsie Porter 1927 Zoe Behrend Louise Dawley Roberta McCallum Helen Carpenter Francis Giblin Margaret Sylvester PLEDGES Edith Cunningham Syhia Morrow Helen Moe Eleanor Letts ilma James Page 23 -TT " ; c L ' . ,j:? ' rf --x p i ' - . ' K i m i I ' M! 1 1 mil . RosENBAUM. G. Rosenberg. M. RosENBURC, Shere. Washer, ZiNN. Page 23b Alpha Epsilon Phi Founded at Barnard College of Columbia University. 1909 Lambda Chapter Charter granted in 1920 Colors, Green and White Flower, Lily of the Valley SOROR IN FACULTATE Essie hite SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 1924 Gertrude Shirley Rosenberg Mayme Miriam Rosenberg 1925 Leone Schachet Ida Vi ian Shere 1926 Rose Zinn PLEDGES Ruth Rosenbaum Gertrude Washer Sara Isaacson Page 237 ZtiTA I All ALPHA Adams. Bollincer. Bond. Bun iiari . Cai.ahan. ciN. Douglass, Emery. Graf, A. Haynks, G Haynes R.SHEY. HOBBS, HOLLINGSHEAD. KaNE. IrWIN. JaCOBS, Jonas. Loomis. Malcolm, Ralston. Stepp, Tyre. Page 238 Zeta Tail .Mjjhu Founded al irf mia Slate ormal. in I S9S Alpha Epsilon Chapter Charter granted 1 )21 Colors, 1 urquoise B ue and Steel Gray Flower, White Violet SORORES IN UNlVERSriAIE 1924 Elma Hollingshead Alma Malcolm Mary Tyre 1Q25 Anna Marie Bollinger Bee Stepp Margaret Douglass L-inda Butchart Betty Graves 0 idia Bordahl Margaret Irwin 1920 Edna Jean Hershey Helen Jonas Gertrude Culkin Marcel la Ralston Winifred Cizek Alta Haynes Esther Bordahl 1927 Georgia Haynes Lucile Beggs Julia Adams Helen Loomis Dolores Calahan Ethel Bryan PLEDGES Doroth - Bond Bueta Banta Kosehud Hohbs Anne Kane Almeda Emery Marie Graf Naomi Jacobs tftmm Fage239 Bonda Malcolm Edna Da cnport 1 MADELINE HYNDMAN M R ' ARC! IIBALD JO ' CLAPP Barbs (non-sorority women) Founded at University of Denver. 1917 Colors, Blue and Gold Flower. Jonqui OFFICERS Madeline Hyndman . President Mary Archibald . Vice President Joy Clapp .... Secretary .Abby Perkins Tr •asurer LEADERS Ruth Ball Cleone Brown Norma Diddell Margaret Donley Althca Gunklc Helen Jenner Frank Mae Kirk [Dorothea Kreugcr Salome Leiser Georgia Mauncx ' Cynthia Smith Ruby Oakland Pauline Sullivan Elizabeth Reeves PERSONNEL Blanche Almbcrg Edith Baur Doris Belden Mathildc Bemdt Marguerite Bigler Ingla Black Ruth Boddy Iris Brown Elizabeth Brown Lois Cawthom June C ' lapp Eleanor Cockerill Eleanor Coddington Lois Coffin erna C ' otter Eleanor Cullen Hallie Dickenson Hattie Dugglcby Gene ' ieve Dyksterh us Cecil Ellis Gertrude Ellis Elizabeth Erickson Julia Friedman Margaret Frink Dorothy Gardner Jeannette Glasgow Selma Goldberg Eleanor Grace Maxine Graf Dorothy Hall Maurine Gentry Sara Hard - Irene Holzhauer Zdenka Hurianek Miriam Hyndman Ruth lott Grace Irwin Madelon Jacobucci Florence Jahnke Patty Jamison Kathryn Kcam Eleanor Kenncy Ctorothy Kendall Naomi Kisling Ingrid Krebbs Louise Kroeker Flominda Light Zella Lokic Maude Lynch Audrey Lyon Louise Meeker Mildred Menzel Mary Mitchell Maude Montgomery Margaret Morton .• nna Mueller Helen Nichols Ruth Nygaard Elizabeth O ' Brien Bessie Parker Margaret Patterson Ruth Paulson Electa Porter Lulita Pritchett Laura Rages lone Ragsdale Nellie Robos Frances Rubin Rosalie Saks Lcona Schonaucr Irma Seymour Miriam Shields La Cleta Shoemaker Clemmc Shuck Cynthia Smith Margaret Smith Lucille Smith Winifred Sparring Katherine Solsich Hazel Stevenson Blanche Stootsbury Miriam Tuttle Thelma Thomas Mildred Vermillion Dorothy Walker Edna Wallace Li uise Weiland Helen West Eleanor Will ams Florence Willliams Florence Wyrick .-.- fbT Pa)ie 140 Ham. Holland. Morgan. Rinker. Saunders. Sussman. Vernon. Walker. Moffitt. Longfellow. Johnstone. Jay Blackstonian Founded at Laurenisc College. 1923 Epsilon Chapter Charter Granted 1 23 Colors, Old Rose and Purple MEMBERS IX [-ACULTY Fred Schumacher Dr. Da id Shaw Duncan. Honorary President OFFICERS President James Holland Glen Saunders Harold Walker George Longfellow , Jr. . PERSONNEL John Moffitt Harold Morgan Henry Ham James Johnstone Edward ernon Oake Jay John Beck V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Earl Rinker Wi illiam Cranford Graham Sussman Page 241 SIGMA DELTA CHI Chapelle. Curt[s. Ferguson. Mvrsh. Mitchell. Moreland. Peavey. Saunders SiTLER. Spencer. Sydenham. VanIOusen ViNSONHALER- 0 m Page 242 Sigma Delia Chi (PROFESSIONAL |i)L RNAI- I s I I ( [■ B I 1, R M 7 V ) Founded at De Paiar I niversity. April, 1909 Denver Chapter Charter granted 1910 Colors. Black and White Official Publication. The Parrakeet FRATRHS IN FACULTATE L. J. Da idson Frank H. H. Roberts FRATRES IN UN I VERS I TATE 1924 W illiam 1. Van Dusen Paul R. Spencer Wesley R. Curtis George J. Peavey Max M. Vinsonhaler Charles W. Sitler Robin I. Richardson Thompson G. Marsh Oliver G. Milliken 1925 John H. Wallace 192b Glen G. Saunders COMMERCE Floyd B. Rigdon Bert F. Moreland Clarence C. Chapelle LAW Charles A. Mitchell Keith M. Ferguson DENTAL H. R. Sydenham l,o cll Good - PLEDGES Eugene Ambrose Richaixl Sulli an Page 2 1) ALPHA KAPPA PS I Armour. Beck. Benuuict. Bowles. BrOUC.HTON. CaSMON. ChAPELLE. COOKSI.EY. DeFoE. FlTZSIMMOM. Galbraith Jaeger. James. Johnson. Kennedy. Lewis. LiND ' AY McBride. Monson. Pratt. Roesch, Rogers. RosLUND. H. Turner. R. Turner. Wyman. Pa e 244 Alpha Kappa Psi Founded at . Y. University 1 904 Beta Chapter Charter Granted March 19, 1910 Colors, Dark Blue and Gold Edward Bourke Clem. W. Collins Geo. R. Day Clarence F. Helwig Geo. A. Warfield FRATRES IN FACULTATE Robt. B. Standard Howard E, Cooper David Shaw Duncan Louis C. Linck Rodger H. W ' olcott T. Raymond " i ' oung FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE m. J. Thompson Richard M. Crane Roberty E. Gentry Alexander J. Lindsav A. H. Wood Jno. F-. Casmon Jas, B. Galbraith Jno V. Kennedy Frank D. Peel Geo. V . Cooksley Howard D C. L. Eahlm Raymond O. Broughton Earnest R. Fitzsimonds Carl N. Gum 1924 Volney B. Bow les Louis W. Joeger Richard L McBride Harold A. Turner Paul W. DeFoe Rogers Chas E. 1925 O. Sidney Roslund, Jr. Roy A. Turner J. M. Young Myrl E. Beck 192b Clarence C. Chapelle Theo. R. Johnson .■ lbcrt W. Monson J. R. .• rmour Albert L. Hallam Benedict Harry W. Bygel Emerson O. Lewis William F. Wvman M. W. Pratt " Robert Nielson George E. Roesch GRADUATE STUDENTS Fitzhugh L. Carmichael Edward C. Castle PLEDGES Grant A. Wilson William H, Fry jiifct A ■.: ' -■ ' » ' Page 145 Artus Founded Simultaneously al Harvard and ( ' isconsin L ' niversilies 19 L Denver Chapter Q-arter Granted IQlb W.lncv B Bowie. ' Harold A Turnei lames i_ ' . Bangs FRATRES IN FACULTATE Gerald P Peters Paul S Tracy Alexander J. Lindsay FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1Q24 Herbert A Breakcy Norman A, Sandherg 1 heodore R. Johnson Harold E Hussev 1 25 William J Brennan GRADUATE STUDENTS R C Morrison Edward C Gastle George R Day Howard E Cooper Frank C. Onstott Frank D Peel George E Hawkins Howard D Rogers Clarence C. Chapellc Earl H. Alsfasscr Page 246 Delia Mil Delta Hounded at i ' u ) ' ork L ' niiersity. Xocember. I ' l Gamma Chapter Charter CirantcJ IX-ccmbcr. 1 20 Object " To promote higher scholarship in training for business and to recognize and reward scholastic attainments in commercial studies. George A. Warfield, LL.B. AM ., Fh.D Andrew H. Wood. Ph.B., LL.B. Richard Moore Crane, B.C.S., C.P.A David Shaw Duncan. B.D., A.M. PhD George R. Dav. B.C.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Rol-ert E. Gentry. A.B.. B.C.S. . C.P.A William J. Thompson, B.C.S., C.P.A. Raymond P. Hasenauer, B,C,S., C.P.A Frank C. Onstott, B.C.S. Paul Spurgeon Tracy, A.M. Rov Bernard Kester, Ph.D., C.P.A. MEMBERS IN ALUMNAE Williams. Dent, B.C.S., C.P.A. Chas. A. M.Hall, B.C.S. Leo T. Hanigan, B.C.S., C.P.A. Chas. Kentor, B.C.S, C.P.A. Ben Morris, B.C.S.. C.P.A. Christian Heller, B.C.S.. C.P.A. Ethan Allen Whitney, B.C.S., C.P.A. Ralph Ba.xter Mayo, A.B,, B.C.S.. C.P.A. Myra Hough Thompson. B.C.S. Howard Parks. A.B., B.C.S. W. F. Higgins. B.C.S. William Hostetter. B.C.S. HugoH. Tjurnlund. B.C.S., C.P.A. Walter B. Cokell, B.C.S. Wm. F. Ervin, B.C.S. Ralph M. Fishel, B.C.S.. C.P.A. Albert F. Christian, B.C.S., C.P.A. Carl H. Arnold, B.C.S., C.P.A. Allen Redeker. B.C.S. C.P.A. Hazel R. Dietrich. B.C.S., C.P.A. Paul Newstrom. B.C.S. W. E. Durham, B.C.S. Joseph Niederlitz. B.C.S. C. A. Neeper, B.C.S. Elected To Become Members On Graduation Esten H. Cook Frank D. Peel James C. Bangs Harold . ' . Turner Herbert A. Breakey Volney Bowles A. J. Thompson J. B. Galbraith Clarence Chapelle Page 247 I PS I OMEGA Becker. Blackburn, Brown. Collins. CoRPE. Hardy. Hatch. Huntington. Kunz. Leighty. Smith. Smith. Stewart, Sydenham. Taylor. Terrell, Wahl. Walden. Page 24S L . " •». ■J Psi Omega Founded at Baltimore CV ' Zt ' ' c of Dental Surgery in 1S92 Mu Chapter Charter Granted 18 7 Colors. Linht Blue and W hite Dr. . T. Chambers Dr. Mallory Catlett Dr. Arthur G. Kelley Dr. G. R. Warner Dr. Ralph R. Gibson Harold C. Blackburn Harry P. Huntington Jesse E. Markle Phelps Collins Seymour C. Kunz Homer L. W eller Oscar O. Corpe Arthur C. Smith William D. Whitehead H. C. Beal R. R. Maier Harold P. Winn T. J. Pollen C. Haver Giddings Luman W. Svvaggart Wm. F F-R AIRES IN FACULTATE Dr. H. A. Fynn Dr. Max Giesecke Dr. E. H. Lighthall Dr. William NlcMenamy Dr. A. C. Grimm Dr. R. L. Christy FRATRES IN UN I VERS I TATE 1Q24 Lew is E. Broun John S. Jackson Richard H. Sydenham Dr. T. E. Carmodv Dr. R. L. Gray Dr. Zenas T. Roberts Dr. Kennith M. Foster Dr. G, L. Hammitt Augustus F. Hatch Clyde S. Leighty Carl C. Wahi 1925 Joseph G. Ewers Gordon A. Starbuck 192b Arthur E. Eckland Harry A. Stewart Raymond Weaver PLEDGES T. R. Brueggeman James V. Bell Arthur H. Walden Russell H. Smith Earnest Schmidt W tn. F. Rvan Smith " Wm. D. Frank A. Hardy William F. Taylor Jesse Peabody Karl A. Leake Charles Terrell lohn H. Becker C. M. Hughes Arthur A. Drew Willis R. Pinkerton Fannin Q. Kelleam Ray Turk 01i cr W. Elofson Smith Paf,f 249 DELTA SIGMA DILL I A DeHart. Di:« Ki I HaWN. Jackso- Kiiim McBride. M( |: o-sm I. Proctor. R(k,eks. m v I lANSEN, Marki.ev. M.N. Priest. Pa e 250 Delta Sigma Delta Founded al the University of Michigan. ISS2 Phi Chapter Established 19Ub Colors. Turquoise and Garnet Flower, Reel Carnation FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. F. W. Beesley Dr. A. B. Brusse Dr. M. S. Eraser Frank H. Barrett Wilford C. Cranney Lowell M. DeHart " Vitor H. Donohoe Morton L. Eames Glen C. Barry Henry Myers Rae D. Pitton Leon F. Thompson Jay O. Chilton Freeman O. Hansen Wm. J. Clark Velden R. Butler William Earl Goodrow Arthur H. Meade Dr. T. D. Grannick Dr. R. A. Phillips Dr. R. H. McBride Dr. G. W. Raichart Dr. A. C. Withers FR.4TRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1924 Harold A. Gorder George H. Jackson Osmer B. Kellogg Harold O ' Malley Charles K. Phillips 1925 Alfred C. Dewsbury Hoi I is McBride Karlton K. Priest Fred Tyrrell Doyle Clouser 1926 Farrel W. Keith Earsley W. Havvn Edwin D. Foulk PLEDGES Harry V. Banks John William Doyle Howard Kellogg Leland O ' Brien Thomas J. Rogers John S. McDonald James B. Sherry Shelloc M. Stewart Paul K. Steahlin Joseph R. Hughes Schuyler C. Parker Hohert H. Proctor John R. Chamberlain Ralph F. Tower Aldean W ilson Frank Ames Frank E. Gierhart Miles R. Markley Morris H. Scofield Page 251 M PM PHI BowDEN. Brown, Combs. Dickinson. Grass. Holmes, Mansfiei.i Pedley, Reed. Tueller Pa f 2S2 Xi Psi Phi Founded at Ann I lailvr. A a nga i in ISSS Alpha Rho Chapter Charter Granted 12 Colors. La ender and Cream Flower, American Eeautv Rose FRATRES IX FACULTATE Dr. F. A. Peterson Dr. G. D. Lacev N. C. Anderson G. F. Bow den P. E. Brown T. A. Hinkle E. P. Cannon R. J. Glezon E. R. Holmes FR.- TRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1924 J. B. Dickinson 1925 L. C. Goodman R. M Grass E. J. Pedley 192b L. P, Hyde F. R, Linberg H. A. Mansfield H H Reed WD. Tueller C. C. Combs W. A. Berry C. T. Rowland W . G. Gearheart C. L. .Anderson C. H. Johnson PFFDGES C. L. Johnson G. B. Ranne G. C. Rosnick Page 25} Si 5 — a ,• «■ . a 2 D — Q . .; z z o! Si Puge 254 I I Phi Delta Ph Founded at the L niwrsity oj Mwhifian in 186 Brewer ' s Inn Chapter Charter Granted I ' Ol Colors, Claret Red and Pear! GraN Flower, Jacqueminot Rose Lucius W. Bannister John H. Denison William E. Hutton George C. Manly James G. Rogers FRATRES IN FACULTATE Charles R. Brock Benjamin Griffith Archibald A. Lee Robert E, .More Elmer L. Brock Richard H. Hart Hugh McLean Richard Peete Robert L. Stearns Aubrey A. Devine (McClain) John D. Farnsworth Frederick N. Holland Granby R, Hillyer Lester O. Johnston George . Tobin Wayne N. Aspinall Clarence L. Bartholic Montgomery Dorsey John E. Gorsuch Wellington N. Dickson John H. Chiles, Jr. John K. Jepson FR. TRES IN UNI VERS 1 TATE 1924 Melvin R. Keeton C. Edgar Kettering William C. Kirk Fred W. Mattson David L Mills Lowell O. W 1925 Horace N. Hawkins, Jr. St. George C. Hillyer Josiah G. Holland 192b Clarence J. Morley, Jr. PLEDGES Frederick T. Harsh Harold B. W agner Kenneth M. Wormwood Frank M. Mobley William O. Perry Horace F. Phelps James N. Sabin Benjamin E. Sweet hite Norman A. Hutchinson Roderick E. Johnston Willard B. Wagner James A. Woods, Jr. John J. McEniry Clee E. Hickman I heodore Chisholm Page 15S PHI ALPHA DHL.IA BaKKR. BeNBOW, CoOPKR. LD(.AR. Fr.R(.LiSON. Fowler. Gandy. Inc.ham. Irwin, Jacks )n. Jeffress. Jones. King. Kleinholiz. Marshai.i . McCarty. McConnei-I-. McPherson. MircHiai-. Morri; Richardson. Rohers. Sanderson. Shaw Warner ' x.4ii ! ' -.. n ..jj «— 3 »r - Page 2r- " Phi Alpha Delta Founded at . ortkuestcrn iniierxity in IWI Charles J. Hughes, Jr., Chapter ( ' barter granted K H Colors. Purple and Old Cjold Flower. Red Carnation 1- ' R.- TRES IN F.- CULT.ATE Horace W . Danforth Joseph P. O ' Connell Harold H. Heah George E. Tralles FR.MRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1Q24 George O. Bakke .Arthur . Ingham Merle M. .Vlarshall William C. Edgar William B. Jackson Charles A. Mitchell, Jr. Frank B. F-owler Fans C. Jeffress Ralph V. Riffenburg Richard K. Gandy W arren L. Jones Higdon F. Shaw Le i D. Golden Hem y A. McPherson Robert F. Sulli an Richard T. Wilson 1925 Karl E. James James A. Morris Robert G. Baker Malcolm E. Collier Frank W. Hotchkiss Sidney Benbow John W ' . Clayton Keith M. Ferguson Royal R. Irwin Williard C.Baker Don D. Bowman Harry L. Cooper B ron G. Rogers Robert W . Sanderson James R. Taggart 102b Kenneth K. King Frank H. Lo e Harold S. McConnell W illiam D. Morrison PLEDGES Edward R. Cjilliam Chester E. Howell Elmer L. Kleinholz George P. Wilson W illiam K. Richardson John P. Warner Joseph H. White, Jr. .Abe L. Zinn Thomas C. . lcCarty Donald H. Postlethwaite (Carlos G. Stratton Page 2W Annand, Carbiener, Curtis. Johnston. Loeb. Platt, Roe. Seldom. Sitler. St. John. Underwood. Williams. Scarab Founded at University of Denver. 190. Colors, Dark Green and Gold MEMBERS IN FACULTY ' Chanc. H. R. Harper Asst. Dean Duncan Vice-Chanc, Dr. W ' .[D. Engle Dr. Lough Dr. E. A. Engle PERSONNEL Warren Williams W. Curtis Lesley Platt Edw. Muntwyler Robert S. Roe Robert Underwood Allan Lough Dale Loeb Gail Carbiener Flower, Lotus Professor Roberts Professor Gusta " son Farnum St. John Wm. Johnston Charles Sitler Robert Annand Don Scldon Page 258 §®d9A Colors, Green and W hite Miss Anne McKeen Shuler Miss Irene Winterbotham Esther Brown Mildred Biddick Anne Curphey Pauline Garrett Kedros Founded at L ' niversity of Denver in 1913 MEMBERS IN FACULTY ' Miss Mabel Rilling PERSONNEL Elma Hollingshead Madaline Hyndman Frank Kirk Flower, Lily of the Valley Mrs. Pearl Shale Kingsley Miss Anna Roe Katherine Robinson Esther Simmons Vivian Smith Bess Vesse ' PLEDGES Jane Butchart Annalydia Hall Mary Archibald Margaret Taylor Ruth Hoss Marjorie Tracey Dorothea Krueger ingla Black Page 2S9 900 009 DEBATE CLLiB Amter. Ham. Holland. HuRlANEK. Hdtchin.son, John ton. Kruegek. Lo.mgfellow. McfFl T. I-ATTERSON. QlANDT. RlNKER. RoSE. SaLNLERS. SChUYLLR. VeRKOK. V ESEV Page 26) University of Denver Debate Club Founded at University of Denver MEMBER IN FACULTY Prof. Perk Shale Kingsley Glenn Saunders Jas. G. Holland Isabel Br vans Lois Rose Philip Ketchum Ted Vernon George Longfellow PERSONNEL Alice Whitney Margaret Patterson James Weinmeyer W ' m. Johnston Mr. Hutchinson John Moffitt Henry Ham W m. Ouandt Joseph Amter Bess V ' esey Zdenka Hurianek Dorothea Krueger W ' m. Cranford Ethel Schuyler Earl Rinker Page 2bl Holland. Johnston. Kettering. Morgan. Tail Kappa Alpha Founded at Butler College, 1 90S Denver Chapter Charter Granted 1910 Colors, Light and Dark Purple MEMBERS IN FACULTY ' Henry Augustus Buchtel Dan K. Wolfe PERSONNEL James George Holland Wm. C. Johnston, Jr. Harold W. Morgan C. Edgar Kettering Page 262 CHAMBtRS, DU(iDALK, LLVANS. Ci: Phi Sigma BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY Founded at Ohio State University Epsilon Chapter Charter Granted I ' cbruary 15, 1917 Colors, Yellow, Green and White MEMBERS IN FACULTY Flower, Shasta Daisy I. E. Cutler S. M. Coulter T. R. Garth E. B. Renaud G. B. Johnson F. H. Roberts V. S. Dennis PERSONNEL O. C. Bradbury Frank Gemar John S. Chambers Lee A. Dugdaie I. Neal Rice Llewellyn T. Evans Morgan A. Durham Page 263 i ' .ll ' I ' H ,1( 1 ( I I I ' . Awes. Ball. Callahan, Chambers. Colvin. Crook. Cutler. Durham. Evans. Gkmar. HuRiANEK. Immergluck. Kellocx;. Markley. Marshall. Miller. Mitchell, Patterson. Shattuc:k. VanOrman. Page 264 L Biolos.ica[ Club Founded at Dcmcr i naer.sit Colors, ()li e Green and Shiimp Pink Flo er, Saln-cn Pink Sweet Pea I. E. Cutler S. M. Coulter MEMBERS IN ' FACULTY ' O. C. Eiradlxiry T. R, Garth E, K, Heberer H. L. Zcehel R. BaU R. Laird M. Cutler M. Miller V. Bromle ' PERSONNEL 1924 E. Crook Z. Hurianek M. Mitchell M. Patterson M. Durham P. Gemar E. Perkins R. Wood J. Chambers 1Q25 L. Evans P. Imm.ergluck J. Maclnstosh (Mrs.) 1926 R. Shattuck D. Marshall 1927 -. Oltrogse P, Paulsen J. Videon E. CoK ' in N. Rice F. Light I . VanOrman D, Callahan F. Awes H. Kellogg DENTAL J. Doyle M. Marklev F. Geerhart Vv ' . OBnen Page 26 m i n[ Ai.i ' i i AiNswORTH. Ambrose. [ ' .nm i t i i i. n. ( r psky, K Curtis, W, Curtts. t i 1 1 i !■ M.inns. I-Zdwards. HelBIC. HiTZLER. Huss I Ii M a , |(.HNSON. Johnston. Kincsley. Lonli li i i " k . l nn-:Rs, Neville. OcLESBY, Robinson. Shatu ' ck, I akhki.i.. Th ima.s. Page 266 Phi .Mj ha Literary Society Founded al Denver University in ISSl Colors, W hite and Green Flower, Carnation MEMBER IN FACULTY Dr, D. Shaw Duncan Anna Katharine Winnie Wesley Curtis Ruth Hoss Edith Harper Emilie Englei?ach Elizabeth Johnson Sam Birney Eugene Ambrose Ray Ogleshy Hazel Bagnell Llovd Mathers PERSONNEL Katharine Robinson William Johnston Jessie Huffsmith Dorothy Thomas Eleanor Kingsley Marjorie Cutler Albert Boot Gener Hitzler Kenneth Curtis Grace Tarbell Donald Cluxton Ralph Cannon Beatrice Edwards Ray Ainsworth George Longfellow Caroline Helbig Laura Eggert Robert Shattuck Alfred Crapsey Oake Jay Earl Graham Kennedy Dodds Glenn Neville Page 267 dOO@ L ANb Arps. Awes. Butchart. Callahan. Carbiener. Connell. CoLKiNs. CuRPHEY. Denious. Dickson, Dunwck)dy. Feerber. Ferguson. Gardner. Gobin, Gourley. Hicks. Kellogg. Kesler. McDougall. McPherson. Meyer. Morse. Mullins, Peavey. Peters, Pierce. Price. Seiver. Sitler, Smitham. Spencer. Stout. Young. Page 2bS Evans Literary Society Founded at tlw i ' nnersily of Denrer. IS91 Colors. Heliotrope and Lavender Flower, Pansy MEMBERS IN FACULTY ' Mabel Rilling Lisa XkintwAier George Peavey Paul Spencer Charles Sitler William Gobin Howard Adams Dayton Denious Frank Aw es Paul Carbiener Gail Carbiener Bob Faeiber Donald Mullins Thor Gardner Stanley Peters Howard Kellog Bradley Price Harold Dickson Floyd Poole Perry McPherson Lenard Hicks Elwyn Arps Keith Ferguson Jack Lawson PERSONNEL Katherine Connell Lucille Smitham Peggy Lorimer Hortens ' e Gourley V ' erna Seiver Grace Meyer Cleda McDougall Lois Babbitt Martha Wirt lone Pierce Loeta Young Leona Dunwoody Linda Butchart Dolores Callahan Mary Barnard Mildred Kesler Gertrude Culkins Peggy Reid Helen Morse Lorene Allen Anne Curphey Elnora Stout Page 269 Newman Club Founded at University of Denier. 1 24 MEMBERS IN F ACULT ' Professor Provost Mrs. Montgomery Frank Schmehr Elizabeth Slatter Pauline Sullivan Edward Davezac William Brennan OFFICERS President ice-President Secretary Treasurer . Auditor Mrs. John B. Cosgriff Lenore Bourke Leo Butler Dora Chiappini Mona Grain Paul DeFoe John Doyle Marion Fleisch Marie Graf R. W. Hamilton Mary Kelly B. J. Lynch Leo Moran George McCadden Raymond McDonnell Marie Nelson George O ' Donnell George Peavey Wm. Ryan Antoinette Schneider Ira D. Smith James Weakland Philomena Supper PERSONNEL Genevieve Behen E. U. Bourke Agnes Carter Mary Connell Alice Daly Ed. Donley Thomas Esher Joseph Francis Helen Gruneau James Huka John Kenned - Eugene Madden James Marrion Evelyn McCarthy Florence Merrill Lida O ' Boyle Joseph O ' Neil Harry Ribbons Rosalie Sak Fred Sobon Esther Windolph Bess Vesey 1 ■ iLxlciick Tessier illiam Brennan Helen Blaire Leone Bradbur - 1. Casmond. Jr. James Connell Edward Da ezac Margaret Donley Feli.x E ' angelista William Goodrow A. E. Haggerty Anna Kane Dale Loeb John Madden Fred Mazzulla Bernard McHugh James lurphy " Elizabeth O ' Brien Jar is Patterson J. O. Rusho Angela Sa ehcz I. B. Smith Leo Wobido Katherine ' ickcr ' Helen Toner Poi ' f 270 J Menorah Society I ounded at . eic York. September 12. 19 II Denver Chapter PERSONNEL 1924 Sebastian Kletzkv Lenore Cohen Ida V. Shere Ethel Strauss 1925 1926 Julia Friedman Leone Schachet Esthei ' Bank Dorothy Robinson Ruth Rosenbaum Gertrude W asher 1927 Vera Robinson Dorothy Goldberg Jerome Hellerstein Victor Kran3 Miriam Helstein Donald Meyer Jerome Zigmond Henrv Bi ' onstine COMMERCE Regina Simon Abe Binstock Leo Moses Louis Hellerstein LAW Noah Atliavack Ben Miller Graham Susman Sam W ' inograd Sam Goldberg Ben Kletzkv DENTAL Robert Miller Page 271 1-tii I i (. [i Hi I K (1.1 K BrIERLY. BfDDICK. GoURLtY. HOLLINGSHEAD. JOHNSON . KeSSLER, KeLLER. KlEITZ, Lawver. Malcolm. McClilloch. Mlirray. Rillin ;, Stout. Taylor. Taylor. Tracy. Vesey. , .- ' . Page 272 Rillino Athletic Club Fiiunded ul Denver L ' nirersily. in 1907 Colors, Green an l Black Flower, Violet MEMBERS IN F ' XCULl ' MaNc S. Rilling Florence At wood .Xnna Roe PERSONNEL 1024 Bess M. V ' esey Mildred Kessler Elnora Stout Esther Lawver Alma Malcolm Elma Hollingshead Pauline Kleitz Katherine Keller Mildred Biddick 1925 Laura Taylor Julia Murray Marjorie Tracey Ruth Johnson Hortense Gourley Bonda Malcolm Marguerite Taylor 192b Agnes Brierly Margaret Eraser Margaret McCuUoch Page 273 PHI BETA SIGMA Brown. Bariu ' m m , i ' vi-si v. Durham. Foulk. Ham, I [ ' 1 m u I Iolland. HiTZLER. Johnstone. Ki mm l. ' i h McKeithan. Nichols . Wangmiai n. i .sos.ii i r. Walker. Page 174 Phi Beta Sigma Founded al Lniver.sity of Denver. 1 17 Colors, Purple and_ hitc MEMBER IN FACULTY Granville B. Johnson OFFICERS Arthur V. Bartholic Judson Holloway XIalcolm Engstrum .... PERSONNEL 1924 D. Ralph McKeithan Judson Holloway James G. Holland Ma.x X ' insonhaler Morgan Durham Flower. Iris President Secretary Treasurer Dale Loeb Adolphus Keith 1925 Malcolm Engstrum Arthur W. Bartholic Charles Wangmiald Ed Johnstone 192b Dick Brown Alfred Crapsey Arthur Eaton William H. Hooper Henrv Ham Charles Hitzler Frank Nichols Floyd Poole Noah Smernoft Donald Spencer Ralph Thompson Harold Walker Julius White LAW Clarence L. Bartholic DENTAL Ed Foulk John L. Blake Byron Roth Ed Trinder Ronald S. Scott Joe Gra es Glenn Kunzman ALUMNI Ray Atterhury Donald Menzel Ed Foulk Paul Meyer Clarence Svenson Marvin Bauer Norman A. Sandber; Fred Steely Hans Richter George Hale John Wilson Cy Shelbourne Fred N. Bennett Page 275 SPANISH CLUB Andrews. Annand. Bacon, Beatty. Bjork. Black, Hall, Jurc.ens. Kruecer, Marsh, MiTCHELL, Nelson, Schimdt. Strock, Siv Page 276 S (vanish Club Founded at i nuersity of Denier, 1917 Colors, Red and bellow Flower, Red Carnation MEMBERS IN FACULTY Helen Fry Cross Irene W interbotham Robert Annand Dorothy Ellis . Edna J. Hershey Myra Mitchell Prof. Pro ost Anna G. irt Ruth Powell OFFICERS Frank Roberts Miss Pell President Secreta ry- Treasu rer Program Director Manager PERSONNEL Edith Allin Vinita Andrews Robert Annand Edith Bacon Margaret Beatty Elvira Bjork Ingia Black Dorothy Ellis .• nnalydia Hall Edna J. Hershey Mary Jurg Elizabeth Johnson Dorothea Krueger Carl Malone Thompson Marsh Myra Mitchell Ruth Nelson Carl Schmidt Esther Simmons Thelma Strock Robert irtue Page 277 CLASSICAL CLUB Almberc, Archibald. Black. Dunstone. Hall. Holland, Holzhauer. Krueger. Morgan. MiLLiCAN. Rice, Shields. Taylor. Tracy Page 278 Color. Red Classical Club I ' oundedat i ' niiersity of Denier. 191 S Flower, Rose MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. Cressman Miss Dennison Harold X iorgan Janet Milligan Annalydia Hall .Alice Wolfe OFFICERS President ice-President Secretary Treasurer Blanche Almberg Mary Archibald Ingla Black Irene Holzhauer PERSONNEL 1Q24 James Holland 1925 Cynthia Smith Laura Tavlor Hugo Krueger Harold Morgan Marjorie Tracy I. S. Whang Martha Dunstone .■ nnal dia Hall Inez Miller 1926 Janet Milligan .Abhy Perkins Xliriam Shields Margaret Smith Clifford Stratton Alice Wolfe Anna Mueller 1927 Theodore Rice Pane 279 PRLSS CLLb Bell. Butchart, Carpenter. Crook. Gardner. Gledhill. Goody. Laverty, Lute. Moss. Peavey. Robinson. Sitler. Smitham. Spencer. Sullivan. Tkfft. Page ISO The Press Club Founded at i nnersity of Denver, m I ' ll Colors. Dark [- luc anj Rose Fk S eet Peas MEMBER I. FACULTY- Lexette J. Da idson OFFICERS Eleanor Crook President Guy Laverty Vice-President Dorothy Tefft Secretary Thompson Marsh ' Treasurer PERSONNEL I George Pea e ' Lucille Smitham Jane Butchart Fvatherine Robinson Wesley Curtis Charles Sitler Guy Laverty Charles Mitchell Martha Wirt Bruce McCannon Dorothy Gardner John Wallace Floyd Rigdon Paul Spencer Pauline Sullivan Henry Taylor Joseph Reach Clifford Moss Winifred Lute Helen Carpenter Donald Gledhill Lowell Goody Helen Bell George Staples Page 281 00909 Clason, Cohen. Gardner. Gledi HOLLINGSHEAD, HdTCHINSON. MITCHE SiTLER. Smitham, Spencer. Sti ' tzevber . Hall. Heath. Neville. Patterson. Pe . WiLSOK. VlNSONHALER. The American College Quill Club Founded at i ' nuersity of Kansas. I ' (1(1 Colors. Black and White Flower. Pans Max Vinsonhaler Chancellor Lucille Smitham Secretary and Treasurer Katherine Wiggin gton . . Keeper of The Parchments PERSONNEL Charles. Sitler Paul Spencer Lucille Smitham Max Vinsonhaler Emilie Englebach Katherine Wiggington Clyde Clason Donald Gledhill Elma HoUingshead Dorothy Gardner Alice Wolfe Edna Hershey Annalydia Hall Margaret Patterson George Pea ey Charles Mitchell Lenore Cohen Leslie Ketcham PLEDGES Albert Stutzenberger Jesse Hutchinson Glenn Ne ' ille Duane Wilson Raymond Heath Page 2 S ' 2 II I aqOO Les Beaux Esfjri ts Founded al L ' nnersitx of Denver. 192 i MEMBERS IN FACULTY ' Miss Anna Cj. W irt A. J. Provost Miss Elsie Pell OFFICERS Mrs. Marie Nelson .... Elma Hollingshead .... Laura Taylor President Vice-President Secretary Carl Schmidt Treasurer PERSONNEL 1924 Nell Anderson Mrs. Marie Nelson Alhei ' t Stutzenbergei ' Elma Hollingshead Mrs. Rachael Utterback 1925 Paula Immergluck Edith Allin Pauline Sullivan Julia Murray Laura Tavlor 192b Carl Schmidt Elsie Webb 1927 Hazel Cummings Page 28 i TEMPLIN MALI. ( II h Burleigh. Cm . ( " i i i ' h i . Cunningham. Donnen. I h mi-hiu i . Ki hn, Len( Maddison. Mixon. Ml kij w, I ' m .11 n, Simmc Stuart, Rosenual m. 1 m . Videon. : Page 2S4 1 , Templin Hall Club Founded al I nirersily of Denrer. 1912 Colors, Brow n and W hitc Flower, Tea Rose MEMBERS IN FACULTY ' Irene W interhxjtham Theodora Dennison PERSONNEL Blanche Brotherton Esther Simmons Ruth Chu Ida Burleigh Leona Schonauer Eleanor Cockerill Beatrice Tiao Julia Murray Ethchn Humphrey Lydia Bloedorn Edith Cunningham Kathryn Kern Hazel Lenger Minnie Maddison Ruth Rosenbaum Helen Donnen Antoinette Schneider Dorothy Scull Mary Stuart Philomena Supper Jean Videon Hat tie Mae Mixon Bernice Plested Page 28! LXibiVH.)Pt)LI IAN ILLB Bollinger, Black. Chapman, Chu, Evans. Gardner. GiNSBURG. Glasgow. Graham, Gunkle, Holland. Horace. Hoss, HoRiucHi. HuttiANEK. Jamison. Kanda. Lee. Morgan. Nieh, Rubin. Shen. Shepphard. Tiao. Underwood. Wallace. Waller. Webb. Whang. Whitney. Page 286 Cosmopolitan Club Founded at ( isconsin University. 1903 Charter Granted December. 1923 Colors, Silver and Green PERSONNEL 1924 Anne Marie Bollinger (America) Harold W. Morgan (America) Walter E. Havighurst (America) Anna M. Roe (America) James G. Holland {America) Robert L. Underwood (America) Clvde 1. Wallace (America) Tomosada Horiuchi {Japan) Nathan J. Schuelke {Germany) Pedro Alcantara (Associate) {Philippines Ingla C. Black (America) Aristides G. Chapman (America Llewellyn T. Evans (America) Ruth C. Hoss (America) Kotaro Kanda (Japan) Zdenka Hurianek (Czecho Slaxakia) Isidore R. Collado ( Ilil ' f) {Philippines) 1925 Madaline Miller {America) I I.N. Rice (America) Frances M. Rubin (America) Robert W. Shaw (Iliff) (America) RuthChu (China) Paul S. Nieh (China) Hunter M. Lee (Korea) Herbert M. Eachimoree {Japan Dorothy A. Gardner (America) Althea R. Gunkle (America) Patty A. Jamison (.Amenca) Lewis Shen (China) Sadao Arai (Japan) Constance hitnc ' (.America) Yumei Tai (China) 192b 192; Beatrice Y. Tiao (China) In. S. Whang (Korea) Julia Friedman {Palestine) El wood H. Shepphard (America) John F. Waller (America) Elsie M. Webb (America) Horace L Yu (China) Mikio Meyaguchi (Japan) Shobei Kimura {Japan) LAW George I. Okimoto {Japan) PLEDGES Joseph A. Amter (1926) (America) Vance Graham (1927) (America) Isadore Ginsburg (1924) (America) Rubby Oakland (1925) (America) Jeannette Glasgow (1927) (America) Elizabeth Ree -es (1924) (.America) Madelon Jacobucci (1924) (Italy) t t Page 287 Psychological Service Club Founded at University of Denver. 1922 Colors, Navy Blue and Red Flower, Red Carnation MEMBERS IN FACULTY- Prof. D. P. Phillips Dr. Earl J. Perkins Prof. A, D, Kaplan Prof. Paul S. Tracy Mabel S, Rilling Mrs. Antoinette Montgomery PERSONNEL 1Q24 Bess Vesey Elma Hollingshead Mildred Biddick Helen Wailes Harold Morgan 1925 Lenore Cohen Marguerite Ta lor Marjorie Tracy Ellen Corbet t Page 2S8 Dr. D. Shaw Duncan Helen E. Amoss Jo ' Clapp Eleanor E. Dennison Scroll and Torch Founded at the i niversity of Denver in 1913 OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer PERSONNEL Imogen XlcGlashan Herbert Gookins Harold Morgan Milicent Painter James Holland f- hillip Dcrgance ' i ian Smith illiam Gobin Stewart alton McGlen cx)d Cobb lltn d Karsten Kathleen Jacobs Herbert Gookins Helen E. Amoss Page 2S9 Alpha Sigma Chi Founded at Denver Lnirersity in I ' IO Colors, La ender and Gold MEMBER IN FACULTY ' Essie White Edna Wallace . Mildred Menzel Verna Cotter . OFFICERS President ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Elvie Hubbard Mildred Vermillion Mildred Menzel Amelia Hughes PERSONNEL Madeline Hyndman Violet Kersner Verna Cotter Jane Butchart Ann Bl ack Zdenka Hurianek Margaret Patterson Georgia Mauney Edna Wallace Electa Porter Flominda Light Esther Bordahl Pa f 2W OOOOdO Annand. Bartholic. Carbiener. Chambers. Holloway, Judge. Kruecer, Lock. Meyer. Porterfield. Roe. Shattuck. Stabler, St. John, Weyerts. Wilson. M Delta Chi Founded at University of Denver Charter Granted 1910 Colors. Red and White MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr W D Englc Dr, E A Engle Prof R G Gustavson Prof A C Nelson Dr W D, Hyslop Dr R E Nvswander PERSONNEL l )24 Robt Annand Walter J Judge Fred N Bennett Edward Muntwvlcr Farnum St . John John Chambers Hugo Krueger Frank Taylor Dumond Reynolds Judson H Holloway H Dale Loeb S Allen Lough Robert Roc Walter Weverts 1925 Arthur Bartholic James Porterfield Gail Carbiener Orlando McCoy Robert Wilson Ralph Higgins Chas Stabler 1926 William Hooper Donald Hyndman Julius Mever Robert Shattuck Noah Smernoff Julius White 1927 Curtis Deupree !ra Ehrct Ben Goodman Ralph Madison Clifford Mohr Henry O ' D.innell Paul Stevens Page- 291 ! I i: l.l.l A IM L1 I i Archibald. Black. Brotherton, Brown. Curphey. Dickinson. DouciLAs. Garnsey. Hynjdman. Jamison, Nelson. Reeves, Stepp. Pa e 292 ♦ Delta Pi Alpha (SOCIAL SF.RVrCE CLUB) Founded at University of Denver. 1922 Colors. Silver and Blood Red PERSONNEL 1 24 Flower, Poppy Mary Archibald Hallie Dickinson Blanche Brotherton Ruth Garnsey Esther Brown Madeline Hyndeman Ann C uiphey Elizabeth Reeves Beat rice Stepp 1925 I no la Blat 1920 k Ma ■garet Douglas Kathl een J at •obs Patt Jamison Althea Gunkle Ruth N ;lson Page 293 Hah . KlsLtB, NKXIaiilm, MruLTc.AN. Morse, Smith. Vesey Big Sister Organization Founded at Denver Universilx A av 2S. 1913 OFFICERS Mildred Kesler President Vivian Smith . Vice-President Helen Morse Secretary-Treasurer Bess Vesey Senior Representative Annalydia Hall . Junior Representative Janet Milligan . Sophomore Representative Roberta McCallum Representative Page 2 )4 ll.AR. I WIOR, Vl Phi Thcla Kaf lia Founded at the L niversity of Denver, 191 S Alpha Chapter Colors, La ender and Gold Flovxer, Iris SORORES IN FACULTATE Hattie Horner Louthan Irene Fisher SORORES IN UN I VERS I TATE Marguerite Alderman Mabel Olsen Eveline Pelton Frances Fenton Lily Packham Alice Taylor Blanche Freeman Cleo Melbourne Bess Vesey PLEDGES Cora Ti-uman Gussie Egar Doroth Taylor Page 2 )S DRAMA CLUB Beatiy, Bjddick, Bollinger. Carbiener. Cluxton. Crook. Ham. Hershey, Holland. Hos,s. Johnston. Kingsley. Kleitz, Kruecer. Laverty. Mathers. Mitchem. Oclesby. Peavey. Pierce. Robinson. Rubin. Saunders. Schmidt. Seldon. Sheppard. Tarbell. Up,son. Vernon. Vinsonhaler. Wormwood Page 296 D rama Club Founded at the I nirer.sily of Denver in 1907 Colors. Old Gold and l lue Flower, Yellow Rose Ruth Hoss Donald Scldon Dorothea Krucgcr Earl Rinker George Pea ey OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer M ember- At-Large HONORARY ' MEMBERS Dean Anne McKeen Shuler Dr. Granville F. Sturgis, Los Angeles, California Miss Bernadetta Dalv EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Prof. Perle Shale Kingsley Mrs. J. Ellsworth Robinson Miss Aurelia Trauger PERSONNEL Margaret Beatty Mildred Biddick Anna Marie Bollinger Gail Carhiener Donald Cluxton Eleanor Crook William Johnston Henr ' Ham Edna Hershey James Holland Ruth Hoss Eleanor Kingsley Pauline Kleitz Dorothea Krueger Guy Laverty George Mitchem Kenneth George Peavey lone Pierce Ray Oglesby Earl Rinker Kathrine Robinson Frances Rubin Glen Saunders Carl Schmidt Donald Seldon Ellwood Sheppard Grace Tarbell Mary Upson Edward Vernon Max Vinsonhalcr Anna Kathrine Winnie William Witte , ormw ooci Page 297 ALt HA Zlil A PI Archibald. Black. Forbks. Hershey. Hollingshead, Humphrey. Immercluck. Krueger. Lieser, Marsh. Mitchell. Seiver, Simmons. Smith. Taylor. Stutzenberger. Wilson. Page 29S Colors. Ro al Purple Anne G. irt Helen Cross Elsie Pell Alpha Zeta Pi Founded al i nner.uty of Detuer. 1 17 Alpha Chapter Charter Granted o ember, 1920 Flower, Violet and Pansv MEMBERS IN FACULTY ' Florence Attwood Antonio J. Pro ost Frank Roberts Ruth Powell Irene Winterbotham Christie F. Recht Mr, Bourquin President Secreta rv- Treasu rer HONORARY ' MEMBERS Chancellor Harper Prof. Cressman OFFICERS First Semester Esther Simmons Mary Archibald Prof, Fagan Second Semester Elma Hollingshead Mary Archibald Esther Simmons Alma Hollingshead Edith Allin Katherine Forbes Laura Taylor Ethelyn Humphrey PERSONNEL 1Q24 Dorothea Krueger Myra Mitchell 1925 Edna Hershe ' Paula Immerj luck Dorothy Wilson Carle Malone 1926 Salome Lieser Mar - . rchibald Thompson Marsh erna Sei er Cynthia Smith Ingla Black Albert Stutzenberger Page 299 Brayden. Charney. ELKrNS. Hall. Heslep. Hureanek. Pfab. Reed. Schneider, Sears. Stauffer, Vermillion. Weyerts. Pafie 300 . Colors, C.ub-bear Rc .l Pharmacy Club l- ' oundcJat Denier Lnircrsity. I ' -lII ml-mbl-:r in faculty Professor Charles Clayton I- ' lower, White 1- oppy OFi-ICERS Sebastian Kletzky . Weyland Sears Antoinette Schneider President ice-President Treasurer and Secretary L. A. Dugdale Gladys Lusk Sebastian i letzk ' Max Pringle Lester Elkins Harold Stauffer Bessie Parker Antoinette Schneider PERSONNEL 1924 Da id Charney Mildred Vermillion 1925 1 heodore Wyerts Lois Cav. thon Lewis Reed Elsie Hall Z lcnka f kirianek Charles Heslep Mominda Light Charles G. Pfab Vivian Worley Thomas Brayden Weyland Sears I. Katzman Harry Helborn Page 301 Chambers. Engle. Holloway. Kruecer. Lo McKeithan. Roe. St. John. Wiley. WiLst Phi Lambda Upsilon Founded at i nirersity of Illinois Kappa Chapter ChaitciCjianteJ 1 ' -1I2 Colors. Red and Blue Dr. W. D. Engle Mr. Nelson Judson Holloway Hugo M. Krueger D. Ralph McKeithan Robert S. Roe MEMBERS IN FACULTY ' Professor Gusta son PERSONNEL Henry Dale Loeh John Chambers [•rank Wilev Dr. E. A. Engle Mr. Bennett Dumond Reynokis Allan Lough I ' arnum St. John Robert Wilson Pa e i02 1 Chart ed !9!2 Colors, Red and ' Dr. W. D. En. lc Mr. Nelson judson HoUoway Hugo iVl. Kr.vit-ger D. Ralph McK i Robert S. Rc-i lEMBERS IIN FACUL I Professor Gustavson PERSONNEL. Henr - Dale Loeb iohn Chf.mliers Mr. Bennett Dumond Reynolds .Allan Lough Farnum St. John Robert Wilson r You Can Depend Upon THE R. E. SPENCER LUMBER COMPANY 4000 York Street Franklin 78 - 79 1 Page 305 1 hi vVo-i pot in to 5 iM spo.ce. -Thi. o re » so n Q.t a)i Pugf 306 WE PLACE YOU IN THE BETTER POSITIONS Free Registration — Unexcelled Service THEfioc yrfr 7£a chcrs A genc y 4IO U.S.Nat Bank Bloc Denver. Colo Will. Kl ' KFKK. rii. 1).. M.uiaKf-r Branch Agencies: Portland, Minneapolis. Kansas City, Mo. The Fred Meek Grocery Company Carr ' the best and freshest of groceries and meats Especially tine New York cheese Home-made cakes, pies, doughnuts and jellies Prompt Service 1036 - 1040 K. Colfax Telephones York 560 - 561 Denver, Colorado TheSisn Brecht ' s of Good Chocolates AT ALL LEADING DEALERS " Make Life Sweeter " Congratulations and Best Wishes THE 1K1!(II XTS BIStlTlr cilMI ' Wi " supreme " CHACKKHS . NI) (AKKS llENVER Early Service Everywhere THE WINDSOR FARM DAIRY Page 307 ? n r _2 o U U h 7 he Ho-ne VYrecA:er " ? He. Pol.hc ] fhe ' r Hi llYf tlh jStof j ? Page JOS UNIVERSITY OF DENVER School of Law " ■r ;t ' Dc- Wr j yr S(- oo " OFFERS A THREE-YEAR COURSE LEADING TO THE DEGREE LL.B. FOUNDF;d in a. D. 1892 THE INSTRUCTION COVERS THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS Legal Bibliography Property Torts Contracts Criminal Law Common Law- Pleading Mining Law Domestic Relations Practice Negotiable Paper Public Service Corporations Quasi Contracts Equity Jurisprudence Conflict of Laws Sales of Property Bankruptcy Suretyship Course, Two Hours per Week Through Three Year? Agency Partnership Evidence Equity Pleading Code Pleading Private Corporations lunicipal Corporations Constitutional Law Water Rights The Law School Building is situated at 1731 Arapahoe Street, which is near the business and transportation center of the city. The School main- tains a large Law Libran. ' at the Law School Building, in which will be found the principal English, Federal and State Reports, and a Une of digests, en- cyclopedias of law and law periodicals. The professors in the Law Department are active practitioners of the law, and thus able to give an eminently practical turn to their instruction in the theory of law. If a personal interview is desired with the Dean during the summer vaca- tion, he can be found at his law office, 521 Ernest Cranmer Building, Denver, or see Hugh McLean, Secretan, ' and Treasurer, at his office in the trust department of the Colorado National Bank, or Charles L. Andrews, the Law Librarian at the Law School Building. . rapahoe Street, Tele- phone Champa 2851. For Information .Address GEORGE C. MANLY, Dean 521 ERNEST CRANMER BUILDING DENVER, COLORADO mwt Page 309 W0RD5PAILU5 Page 310 THE OREGON LI MBER CO A 2x4 or a Carload •ACME ' QIAI.ITV 1 ' A1M " S AND VARNISHES WAl.l, BOARD— ROOKINC, Everything for Ike Builder ottice and Yards: 17TH AND PLATTE STS Call Gallup 12, Teachers Needed Daily For Best Schools FISK TKACllERS ' AGENCY, IXC. SVMES BLDG., DENVER M. K. SHUCK, Ph. D. (D. U.), President -Manager It always pays to patronize the best We Auditorium. Hotel CORNER FOURTEENTH AND STOUT STREETS Denver, Colo. Located two blocks from the center of shopping and theatre district, but on a quiet corner. EUROPEAN PLAN 200 Rooms — 100 with private bath Rates Sinjilc }?1.. 0 to g.5.50 per day Rates Double )52. 50 to ?5.00 per day Splendid Cafe Service at moderate prices Party and Banquet Catering a Specially Pure Milk From Inspected Herds THE WINDSOR FARM DAIRY Page ill H-4-3 THEY-LOVE-TO-SIN M JJ P ! rfx: Page ill Th( Colorado Fuel Iron Co. MAXUFACTURERS OF STEEL RAILS. 8 TO 100 POUNDS PER YARD STEEL MERCHANTS BARS AND ANGLES CAST IRON WATER AND GAS PIPE CAST IRON SPECIALS FOR PIPE BANDS FOR WOOD STAVE PIPE. ETC . ETC. TRACK SPIKES TRACK BOLTS ANGLE BARS TIE PLATES NAILS STAPLES BARBED WIRE BALE TIES POULTRY NETTING WOVEN WIRE FENCING ANNEALED AND GALVANIZED WIRE. ETC., ETC. MINERS A. D SHIPPERS OF STEAM AND DOMESTIC COALS— ALL OF THE BETTER GRADES OPERATORS OF BY-PRODUCT AND BEEHIVE COKE OVENS GENERAL OFFICES: DENVER, COLO. Page 313 OCiTT? SMITH BROS ARROW COLLARS " Mum " S, , ty :,c ' 5 ' o 9 m i li " V ' , jJ Pg- ps adaf i Page it 4 Dental Specialty Company o¥i In studtnt outtus we meet anv price in anv quality. See our college representative. A !-•- ' ■ 16 8 California Street DENVER. COLOR. DO Phones: Main 2045, Main S2Q.: The LantJon Abstract Co. 17 IS Champa Street Denver, Coloradr, J HiHBBMHH " ■- ' " klSi ■ " " 1 1 : ■ Alj,tra.:ts ..f Pr..lierti..v. in . D. MS, . ' VR. P.AHOE AND DENVER COUNTIES What is Service? SERVICE i.- the Yardstick of Value, it is a word symbol of expansive field and deep meaning, .■ bricht smile, a cordial greeting, is not an e.xplanation of service, although it helps. Prompt delivery ' and courteous treat- ment only partially explain ser Mce — al- though they are often mistaken for an explanation of the word. Service is only completely explained when the Value of the article or action rendered is destroyed, hence it is the yardstick of value. Vou build a house — the Service that your Contractor and Lumber or other material-merchant ren- ders, continues with that house, years after they are paid in full. If your Contractor built with proper material and good construction methods you will continue to receive Service from them ; if cheap, shoddy material, or good material improperly placed and slip-shod methods are used, you will not receive Service, but expense bills instead. Before you build consult us We will gladly advise you the proper grade of material to use, in its proper place. Use Barr ' s Better Boards . B. Barr Lumber Company The Ideal Partner in every Building Enterprise There ' s Health in Every Drop THE WINDSOR FARM DAIRY Page US x " " i WKere Ce)|$or5 £ ftr )-their-pf vj % 1 Page 6 AS SOLID A5 THE PYRAMIDS " zyf Codcru Institution Built on an Old Spirit of Fairness The growth of The American Bank Trust Company is quite correctly, rapid. This is because the spirit underlying that growth is in itself correct — the purely human spirit of fairness. co-of)eration, and meeting of clients more than half way, which for many years has characterized the superlative service of The .American Bank Trust Company. " A big, friendly institution, where the spirit is democratic and it is a p leasure to do business. " THE AMERICAN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Seventeenth and Lawrence Streets Member oj Federal Reserve System and Denver Clearing House Assoeiation Capital. Surplus and Undivided Profits Over $1,000,000.00 I Page 317 OCCUPATIONS Cheering for StricklcnJs Home fli stortar tes II HQnh " the Bufchet boy Page 31 S l k A Tailor-Made Suit is the Mark of Distinction STYLE SATISFACTION SERVICE ch«w a 7372 Kt jailof loMen, 1632 Ci ampa Street L L M B K R WDODWORKIXG MILL An urf;ani .atioii uilli bcith Ihu will and Ih- ability to give you SERVICE E. W. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 201 W. Iowa Phone South ,U , IN SPRINGTIME AND THROUGHOUT CHANGING SEASONS i - S McMURTRY PAINTS and VARNISHES Afford lasting heaut;p and protection to buildings Manufactured by WMUKTfOr MANUFACTURINCr CQ PAINT am) VARNISH MAKERS GLASS 1533 Arapahoe St. Denver McMURTRY PRODUCTS ARE SOLD BY LEADING DEALERS Early Service Everywhere THE WINDSOR FARM DAIRY Page 319 t„ i V i .n ' v ' ..f " , ' " ' -m ' ' iy J .1 I. I f—t - .sr -,« ' -. ,4.- ■ • ' ■- Pag(; 320 E do not cater par- ticularly to the con- noisseur in printing, to those critical busi- ness eyes that want the best — for we stress our democracy — but it may be significant that after forty years they still cater to us. The Smith-Brooks Printing Co. DENVER Page 321 i Pane U2 The BEST MILK FRINK DAIRY CO. Phone York 4800 IVe Are Boosting For D. U. Ote homt; or OEIGINAUTT " DIAMONDS 511 ? GEM STONES lOOO 16 ' . " ST. DENVER. COUO. ■Quality First " Lumber " Bilt-Rite " Millwork Hallack Howard Lumber Co. 500,000 in 1930 Main 25 7th at Larimer Pure Milk From Inspected Herds THE WINDSOR FARM DAIRY (J Page m SororilM Pir s s 00 c. 1 leU Ihe-Flce. of 0 ■its " R ii-iQs Page 324 ' ' Happiness in the Home ' ' is Assured Users of Colorado ' s Famous ' Tride of the Rockies " Flour OUR HIGHEST PATENT FAMILY " SELF RISING " ' WHOLE WHEAT " (HEALTH) " GRAHAM " White and YelloxO Corn Meal INSIST ON THESE PRODUCTS Manufactured by The Longmont Farmers ' Milling and Elevator Company Longmont and Denver Colorado mm Page 32i DENTAL EXTRACTIONS (Published for the Furtherment of Better Dentistry FIRST AND LAST ISSUE BY REQUEST A Bunch of Mystic, Monstrous, Multitudinous, Merciless Muck First We Must Admit that a Dentist Leads a -m Hand to Mouth Existance OUR IDEA OF NOTH- ING TO DO Argue with the Super- intendent. Wear a wrist watch Raise a mustache. Play the ukelele. Eat liash with onions. Eat hash without on- ions. Go to a dance when you ' ve got a corn. Edit an annual. Be it ever so false, there ' s no tooth like your own. Embryology Prof. " What is lite? " Stew-Dent — " Wine, and song. " We have to hand it to the old gentleman that wanted a false set of teeth for his fal- setto voice. INTERVIEWS GIVEN BY FAMOUS DENTS What i.s your favorite sport? Football is the class favorite but some hold out for Mah Jongg and bridge whist. Base- ball runs a close second. What is your favorite book? " Prothero " — Glenn Berry. " Black ' s Operative. " — Joe Black. " Spalding ' s Baseball Guide " — Kunz. " Denver and Rio Grande why some people request an Time Table. " — Knause. anesthetic. r Physiology Prof. — " W hat ducts empty secretions of saliva under the tongue? " Unconscious — " Mallard ducks. " TRADE-MARK Why did you come to Dental College? " I ' ve been three years trying to answer that question. " — Smith. " Why did Napoleon go to Brienne? " — Collins. " Why. oh. why? " — Goldie. What is the best thing the Dental School has dons for you? " Taught me how to walk the straight and narrow. " — Hardy. " IMade me dignified. " — Proc- tor. " Taught me to smile when I wanted to swear. " — Taylor. Teacher — " Now. John, explain the meaning of the proverb. ' A nod is as good as a wink t o a blind horse. ' " John — " A slight incli- nation of the cranium is as adequate as a spas- modic movement of the optics toward an equine quadruped devoid of its visionary capacity. " Dental Nurse — " Doctor, shall we give him gas? " Doctor — " I am afraid not. " Dental Nurse — " Why not? " Doctor — " I can ' t tell by look- ing at him when he ' s uncon- scious. " Said the cosmopolitan tooth- paste to the metropolitan toothbrush, " Squeeze me a lit- tle and I ' ll meet you outside the tube. " " Do you drink liquor? " Dent — " Sure ; what do think I do with it? " She — " We used to have such lovely poker games down at Dent school, but 1 don ' t play any more. " He— " No? Why? " She — " Well, you see. win- ter ' s here, we haven ' t any coal, and 1 catch cold so easily. " Pa c 326 The Mile High Photo Company OUR SUPERIOR ' « ORK SHOWN BY THE PHOTOGRAPHS IN THE FEATURE SECTION ONE-DAY SERVICE PHONES MAIN 7413 - 7414 320-322 Seventeenth St. , Denver Phone Champa 8150 410 Seventeenth St. Colorado Restaurant " Our tempting sandwiches. — zestful salads ' Prcferrrd hy people, who like the best. Open All Niglit Private Dining Room Select Your Position WE CAN PLACE YOU Investigate our short, intensive courses. The only Specialty Business College in Denver where every teacher is college-trained, commercially- trained, experienced in business. . . A SPECIALIST: and where enrollment, by selection, is restricted to men and women who have at least a high school education. This explains how we prepare you for the bigger-paying positions of trust and responsibility. ' I- cnfrcii Fifleenlh at Cleveland ACCREDITED National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools Early Service Everywhere THE WINDSOR FARM DAIRY 2) Page 327 ' . vis?(J :Cit [olluwini; li_-t. til niak ,nk space ni Ethel Schuyler Thclia ' an Oiiiian A A A Ruth Hoss Milliccnt Painter Beriha Osbcrne Estelle Berwick Aha Hnynes Carolyn Helbi " Lois Wood Pauline Eigler Ha el Ba ;mll -, «.J »Mlw»nW tfll Tft ii t i ll il M Maxine Mohrbackeix . . i , ,mFmimif-mmmiat emM CONVINCmC EVIDENCE 7v ±=- f-2 Z C J | | 23-56 N= Denver.Golo XVsaA _ 192 l _No " Sis, . - ax " $-5 ! - DoLLJUtS Page 328 The University of Denver BOOK STORE The University of Denver Book Store carries a full line of all text books used in the University ALSO Drawing Instruments Drawing .Supplies Fountain Pens Eversharp Pens and Pencils Memory Books Sheaffer Pens and Pencils Loose Leaf Xote Books Fillers Stationery College Jewelry Complete Line of Pennants, PillovO Covers, Banners, Table Runners, Etc. THE BOOK STORE IS OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF DENVER Page 329 riosic h iXh ttsCharms Sl« ».ns I i win nt for b Tired RcK ' ink Back I i Pa«e 5J0 rhone Main 2065 rhe Carpenter Hihhiird Optical (Vj. Opticians and Optometrists 1628 Welton Street DFAVKR. COLORADO McPhee McCiinnity Company Headquarters for Lumber — Paints — Glass Building Materials -ZIP- SERVICE : Iain 318 23rd and Blake Varsity Headquarters DRUGS - TOILET ARTICLES KODAKS - FILMS SODA WATER Particular College Folk Appreciate Our Service W MAIN STORE 16th at Tremont PARK HILL STORE 23rd at Dexter Main Store Open All Night AUSTIN STORE Colfax at .Josephine SO BROADWAY STORE Broadway at First Pure Milk From Inspected Herds THE WINDSOR FARM DAIRY r ' ( j Page 331 Page 332 1 w 1 •o. o £ 5 -S -2 t a- Page Hi CO GET ' EH FROSH f» y Pafic 334 Your WINTER FURS and WOOLENS Protected FREEZING COLD STORAC.E AMI IN ' St-RA.Nl ' K of V3lue of value MULLER-RAY Cleaning - Dyeing - Service ITiiii Humboldt St. Denver Phone York 7:!4 )ui- new .Moth, Fire, BurgIar-I»roof FREEZ- ING COLD VAULT is Safest in West SEE THIS WONDER STRUCTURE The Evans Investment Company 814-18 Central Savings Bank BiiilriinK DENVER, COLO, D D D D DEALERS IS PEXVER REAL ESTATE Telephones: South 7608 - 7609 - 6016 2351 E. Evans D. U. Drug Co. W . B . I L I F F Luncheonette and Soda Service In Keeping With Our Other High-Class Appointments We Serve Only CORBETT ' S QUALITY ICE CREAM There ' s Health in Every Drop THE WINDSOR FARM DAIRY Page 335 H Pane i36 BUSINESS PROFESSION Big Business todav demands Trained Specialists. The Modern University Department of Business develops Executive Ability, Per- sonal Efficiency, Resourcefulness, and Powers of Leadership. Our own SCHOOL OF COIMMERCE is a pioneer in this field and is noted for its stron- ; and practical courses. SUMMER SCHOOL FACULTY strengthened by experts from the East and the West June 2 - August 21 EX ' ENTXG SCHOOL always open to students of all other departments. 5:40 P. L to 9:30 P. M. GR.ADUATE SCHOOL offers a most attractive opportunity to work for higher de- grees in subjects that are intensely practical. U N I V E R S I T D E N V E R SCHOOL OF COMMERCE ACCOUNTS AXD FIXAXCE 2011 GLEXAR.M PLACE DENVER, COLORADO Page 337 4i Blind Baagage ' 11 ' " ' " w K Dent set him up Why Mc Devi It li coaehinj IVG the Gfo55 Q Chantt The reason Peijqy IS out tor footpeil Riyljoft on OENTs: ' HELL YE5 " " ' " ' " ' ChucK. Remember Ethel 5. Page 33S jTlwso in Cjc(jgi ' aph ' Colorado is the Icadins; beet sugar produc- ing state in the Union. Colorado ' s beet sugar is second to none in quality, purity and cleanliness. Denver is the headquarters of the largest beet sugar company in the world. Denver University men, loyal to Denver and Colorado, will patronize Colorado ' s beet sugar industn.-. The GREAT WESTERN SUGAR COMPANY THE CENTRAL SAVINGS BANK and TRUST COMPANY Denver ' s Oldest Savings Bank Our Continucus Growth Indicates Service That Mctts With Popular Approval UglUMiPiiiSiijlaiaiaiii i Fijteeiith at Arapahoe Main Office 2076 So. Univ. St. South 4517 Branch Office 1709 E. Evans . ve. South 7868 D. U. CLEANERS and DYERS We please the most particular students, have -we pleased you? WORK CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED There ' s Health in Every Drop— THE WINDSOR FARM DAIRY Page 339 BRY N- LSO-mN G«f ' ern V,ot ,«fe ' Page J40 PHOTOGRAPHS The Universal Lan ua e SPOKEN THROUGH THE KYNEWISBOK BY THE PRODUCTS OF The Barber -Fults Studios Denver • Colorado Springs SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS Page 341 D. U. BACKERS Are Ifou a Cake Eater? or do -gou like Good home-cooked food in either case Tpou Will enio:g eating at the D.U. COLLEGE INN Caroline Behney 2116 So. University CLIMAX ICE CREAM SERVED AT Doc ' s Drug Store The Climax Dairy Co. South 4316 2081 So. University Blue Bird Tea Room Good Place tc Eat Try our hon " ie cooking LUNCHES AND DINNER A GOOD FELLOW NOW OR A MAX OF MEANS LATER? The money you spend without value received would be the foundation of future independ- ence. GUARDIAN TRUST CO. l,v 6 Welton Street Open Saturday EVenings 6 to S " Qualiijp ancl Service " ZOTT LAUNDRY CO. Speer Blvd. at Lincoln Artesian ■water used exclusively from our own wells South Pearl Tailors and Cleaners Suits cleaned and pressed T5c Ladies suits $1.0(i up Wool dresses $1.00 Try a tailor who has done satisfactory work for D. V. students tor the past ten years. M . BER KO W Phone South lHi2S-J l. ' ill South Pearl Early Service Everywhere THE WINDSOR FARM DAIRY Page 342 Compliments of Dr. Rominger Jones Orthopedic Appliances Broadway National Bank Goodheart Laundry COLLEGIATE CLOTHES Three buHoh Sac SUITS r A WihK Loose Box Coats Brooks Clothing Shop Ten. nineteen Sixteenth Serectj Spt-ncer and Sitler Leaving Town With Their Bnd - Kuard and Sacks of $1,000 Bills After Kynewisbok Has Been Published. Page 343 In Appreciation The Kynewisbok staff found it impossible to prepare this volume alone. At this time we wish to thank all those who have helped to make the 1924 Kynewisbok a success. Those to whom we are especially indebted are, — Fred R. Grant, of the Smith-Brooks Printing Company, whose innumerable ideas and help- fulness have made this book possible. The Denver Clarion and the Inter- School Council who worked for our interests at all times. Also, Lowell Goody, who was a consistant worker, and Helen Bell for art sketches in the " Looking ' em Over " section. Finally we thank the entire Kynewisbok staff for their untiring energy in behalf of this volume. Now that the 1Q24 Kynewisbok is a reality we look back o ' er our hard work with pleasure. And hope that it has reached the high standards set b - the Uni ersitv of Den er. 3 IU15 Paf,e 344 this I

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