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Text from Pages 1 - 256 of the 1977 volume:

ian Vol. 54 Dayton Eameasmmnw CH. 5935: .. wan: mavmkw... r vg -; 3A v n , , gm , V d Syd any new? "-5.. .5: Eli mig Q.:xli.svm.m ...-....7ng.m.,amww-w ; iiiiibimwr In the beginning we came to the University of Dayton as - Freshmen. We stood in hour- Iong lines for 105, registration, drop-add and of course dinner. We were introduced to our new roommate who would live with us for the next nine months or maybe just a week. . . . We met a lot of people; ' some became friends, and some didn't. . . . We studied until our brains just couldn't take a'nymOre. . . . . We stood behindour Flyers through rain, . shine, and lost games. . . . In the end when we gradu- ate from UD , it seems like it just began yesterday. 4 In The Beginning. To The End 5 We Visit The Union . . . . . Wm - . . . Walking To And From '1 q M Wm ,'W w Am Colov 9 . i! m; We Swing Into Parties . . . As We Enjoy Campus Life 11 12 We Are Separate People . . . . . . But Apart 0f U.D. 13 7 1 n e e W b Ala H It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World 18 Homecoming Homecoming 19 At 11:30 AM on Homecoming Saturday, the annual homecoming pre-game parade left its starting point at Parking Lot E and wound its way through the campus. The parade then proceeded down Stewart Street to Welcome Stadium and the Flyers football game. The weather did not agree with the festivities, but som ehow it did not dampen the spirits of the students and alumni who gathered to reminsce and enjoy in Homecoming weekend. In true tradition of both enjoyment and remembering, a tailgate party was held as a post-game rest period, a pre-game pep rally, and a time to party. 20 Homecoming 70mm 99 Homecom'ng 21 u; -ukx atlsnlu; w; J: 1! a ,, 22 Homecoming 23 Homecoming mg 24 Homecom Homecoming 25 26 Homecoming Homecoming 27 everybody's sayin' if music is love Elvis: The King who conquered the world with his pelvic bones Leon: The Master of Space and Time with his lovely Delta Lady Larry Coryell: flying high, solo, pyrotechnics of improvisation on jazz guitar Billy Joel: Long Island man - child, working class Piano Man Earth, Wind and Fire: shinin' star no matter who you are Norman Blake: back to the roots; folk, blues and Mississippi - two steppin' the people filled the stands and the' music played the band These were some of the acts that came to Dayton this past year. The Mini Concerts, spon- sored by the Student Association, booked different musical acts for the varied tastes of the students. The days of the minstrel in the gallery are gone. The high costs of promoting concerts limited the Student Association's ability to bring the monster groups to the University. But, they gave the more obscure musicians the chance to display their talents. Music is a lifesaver for the students to reach out and grab hold of when overwhelmed by academic concerns. Music is love. And love is better when it's shared. For those who share the love of music with others: it was a very good year. 28 Elvis - Norman Blake 29 Larry Coryell 30 Earth Wind And Fire Earth Wind And Fire 31 32 Earth Wind And Fire Leon RusseH 33 22 Top' November 10 and Billy Joel brought some mid-week diversion to campus. Joel is a master of the keyboards and an excellent performer. From the very opening of the concert he estab- lished a rapport with the small but vocal audi- ence. Looking for all the world like a rising young business executive, Joel walked onstage that night and gave a performance that left the crowd screaming for more. The performer mixed old favorites with selections from his latest album, keeping the pace of the concert fast and enjoy- able. His piano work is amazing and was no- where better displayed than in his performance of "Travelling Prayer" which brought the audi- ence to its feet for a standing ovation. Joel not only gave a concert he performed to his audience seeming aware of the mood and desires of the people in the crowd. Perhaps someone was telling him what to play next be- cause he occassionaly wandered off-stage and into the crowd. Joel gave a great performance that night and those that saw it were quite impressed. The major problem however was the small turnout. Joel drew fewer than one thousand people and the future of SA sponsored concerts was jeop- 34 Billy Joel Raising his cup on high Billy Joel salutes Disco Music hich he spoofed in his performance of the song "Hand- uall." The song was an excellent blend of jazz and melodic ock music that showed off not only Joel's impressive usical talent but also that of his band. The band was tight nd professional. The sax player Richy Cannatta stood out 5 a talented musician who made this piece quite memor- ble. Most of the songs that night were high spirited and fast paced ballads drawn from the experiences and fantasies of the Long Island musician. The fourth encore was a much slower piece apparently designed to put the brakes on the pace. Joel had to calm the crowd which clamored for more after the concert was ended. Billy Joel 35 36 Christmas On Campus Christmas On Campus 37 0.. 38 Christmas On Campus Christmas On Campus 39 40 Christmas On Campus Christmas On Campus 41 istmas On Campus 42 Chr Tender Is The Night urnabout 43 44 Turnabout m; gainesmk 1A is w; , 3i. Turnabout 45 46 Turnabou Turnabout 47 48 Turnabout Turnabout 49 - 50 Turnabout 1 5 t u 0 b a n r u T 4r; 3:; V . 3w v.9. was 01 Ju ,9 cult- Administrati r g g ' Q .. , H .. : variety of dis' ptmes into a meaningqu and able TV'synthesis. " Th3. he goal of our a u ethaps a , prof has offered you a book ; jto read, puHed you into his office to discuss ,y , goats, or chailenged you to a 850 to Rev Raymond A. Roesch, President 58 Administration ARTS and SCIENCES DEAN; ROW 1: Richard Peterson, Ann Franklin, Sr. Ellen Murphy. ROW 2: Rocco Donatelli, Bro. Leonard Mann. Vice President for Financial Affairs: Gerald W. Vonderbrink. Business Manager: Robert V. Rotterman. TOP TO BOTTOM: Vice President for Student Development: Margaret Mary Holland. Vice President for Academic Affairs: Bro. Joseph stander. Vice President for University Rela- tions: Torn Frericks. S9 PSYCHOLOGY ROW 1: Don Polzella, Eliot Butler, Kris Ludwigsen, Berthol Berg. ROW 2: Kenneth Kuntz, Marsha Jacobson, Charles Kimble, Frank Dapolito. ROW 3: James Rotton, Ron Katsuyama, Samuel Bower, Judith Allek. PHYSICS ROW 1: Rick Cothern, Joseph Kepes. ROW 2: Perry Yaney, George Miner. ROW 3: James Sch- neider. ROW 4: Tom Graham, Mike O'Hare, Mario Crivello. Arts and Sciences CRIMINAL JUSTICE SEATED: Pat Aithon, Bill Ullrich, Sharon Franer. STANDI Brian E. Foischner, Jim Adamitis, Doug Bench. 60 POLITICAL SCIENCE: Richard Liebler, Henry Anna, A.E. Lapitan, Mari- lyn Whisler, Kenneth Howard, Norman J. Fogel, Fred Iascho, Gerald Kerns, Margaret P. Karns. BIOLOGY ROW 1: Faye Schwelitz, Oscar C. Jaffee, P. K. Bajpai. ROW 2: Donald Geiger, S. A. Sonstein, G. D. Shay. ROW 3: J. Laufer- sweiler, J. J. Cooney, S. A. Silver. ROW 4: C. J. Chantell, J. M. Ramsey. PUTER SCIENCE STAN DING: Thomas Schoen, Joseph Keim, Lawrence Jehn, Edward -ndorf, Dave Struble. SEATED: Jack Kester. 4w! 61 MATHEMATICS ROW 1: K.C. Schraut, John McCloskey, B.S. Rice. ROW 2: John E. Kauflin, Tom Gantner, R.C. Steinlage. ROW 3: S.J. Back, J.W. Friel, R.E. Peterson. ROW 4: G. Shaughnessy, B.J. Ploeger, C.R. Powder, R.B. Gorton. PERFORMING 3 VISUAL ARTS ROW 1: Marilyn Sandness, Betty Berk, ROW 2: Carol Baxter, Connie Mibton, Terry Hitt. ROW 3: Louis Weber. ROW 4: Bernard Plogman, Patrick Gilvary, Tom Strohmaier. W F' l' A .. "A x u g.gtt HOME ECONOMICS ROW 1: Barbara De Luca, Bella Freeman. CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY: Carol M. Shaw, Garth Lawle ROW 2: Eileen Mahoney, JoAnne Lefler, Betty Schoieder. ROW 3: Betty Weber, Julie Palmut, Pauline Metyger. 62 ELF DIRECTED LEARNING L to R: Fr, Charles Brady, Janet Kalven, GEOLOGY L to R: Charles J. Ritter, George Bruce Taylor. Springer, Kathryn Gray. ANGUAGES ROW 1: Bro. George McKenzie. ROW 2: Gordon A. Neufang, ndria Chiodo, Vivian Pentecost. ROW 3: J. Micheal Greely, Enrique omaguera, Rosario Cambria. ROW 4: Carlos Galeano, Marisus Castello- .mas. ROW 5: Edward Hatch, Fr. Joseph Zeinz, Robert Conrad. MILITARY SCIENCE ROW 1: Opt. James Spieth, Cpt. John Basilotto. ROW 2: Maj. John Bloyd, LTC. William Benagh Cpt. Orin Durham. CHEMISTRY ROW 1: Robert Keil, Laurence Foz, Howard Knachel. ROW 2: Al Fratini, S.L. Eveslage, Bro. John Lucier, Sanford Singer, Carl Michaelis, Bro. Cletus Chudd. ENG LISH ROW 1: Bernard Horst, Micheal Means, Bud Cochran, Alex Cameron. ROW 2: Herbert W. Martin, P.B. Labadie, E.K. Stockum, Suzanne Palumbo, Joseph Pici, K. Marie, L. Marie, H. Rougier. ROW 3: Eugene August, Frank Henninger, Lawrence A Ruff, R.A. Kimbrough, A. McCarthy,SM, J. Farrelly, Joe Patrouch, Pete Arons, F. Anthony Macklin. 64 SOCIOLOGY SEATED: An- thony Fresina, Mary Jo Huth, Bernard Riegel, John Reynolds. STAN DING: John Dickson, John Skerl, John Bregenzer, Matthew Bald- win. HISTORY SEATED: Ed King, Betty Ann Perkins, Frank Mathias. STANDING: George Ruppel, Raymond Maras, Erving Beauregard, Leroy Eid, Pat Palermo, Al Barman. ELIGIOUS STUDIES SEATED: W. Cole, C. Bradey, M. Kohmescher, C. L'Heureux. STAN DING: N. Burns, D. cCrabh, M. Barnes, T. Martin, B. Manno, L. Murray, J. Lay, W. Anderson. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION ROW 1: Linoa Leuthauser, Carole Siciliano, Doris Drees. ROW 2: Mary SChOOI 0f Leonard, John Schleppi, Jim LaVanche. ROW 3: Don More- field, Robert Boyce, Carole Roberts. l Educahon COUNSELOR EDUCATION Bernard Diethorn, Eugene Moulin DEANS: Ellis A. Joseph, Joseph E. White. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SEATED: Sr. Elizabeth Waters, Sr. Catheri Rudolph. TABLE: Wm. Beitzel, Gordon Fuchs, Ann Rapp. STANDING: Gordon Anderson, Simon Chavez, Paul Lutz. 66 FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION: FORE TO BACK: John Britt, Audrey Grob, Sr. Loretta Petit, John Geiger. EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION: Dr. John 0' Donnell. "1me ommg mt ,... V. .WA .10 mg? RN: 00,. SECONDARY EDUCATION SEATED: Pauline Metzger, Laura Clinman, Michael Hennissy. STANDING: Ed Gay, Robert Kreigbaum, Helen Frye, Mary Zahner. I SChOOI 0f BUSlness MARKETING ROW 1: Orville Comer, Ray Kline, Peggy Carter. ROW 2: Paul Merenski, Alan King, Harry Murphy. ROW 3: Jim SECRETARIAL STUDIES: Janice Huff, Mary Civille, Nancy Williams, Bill Sekely, Louis Caoella, Tom White. Forthofer. ACCOUNTING SITTING: Betty Coffey, Willard Clark, Barbara Cervay. STANDING: John Keye Edward Rodgers, Mike Geary, Andrew Fioriti, Ray Heidtke, John Ellis, Bob Sanford. 68 ECONOMICS-FINANCE SEATED: John Rapp. STANDING: Fr. Paul Louis, Russell Raney, Markham Collins, Steve Claiborn, Walter Wilson, John Weiler, Bernard Winger. BUSINESS DEANS: John E. J. Hoben. Ellis Jr. William ; g4" uniavtm SINESS MANAGEMENT SEATED: Charles Schleidler, Stan Stough, Richard Mc- ine. STANDING: George Gillespie, John Darr, J. Paul Bowling, 0. Martin Holland. 69 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: Raymond Pucket Donald Staudter. School Of Engineering Dean David C. Kraft ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING L to R: F. Gerald Albers, Donald E. Lewis, Bernhard M. Schmidt, Anthony J. Evers. ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY ROW 1: Vic: Rooney, Richard Hazen. ROW 2: Douglas Hanneman, Joe Farren, Earl Iselin, Jr. 70 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ROW 1: A. Ray, H. Chuang, J. Wurst, H. Smith. ROW 2: L. Boehman, F. Bogner, J. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY L to R: Fred Minardi, J. Crisp. ROW 3: J. Pinson, J. Eimermacher, J. Kretzler, Jesse Wilder, Robert L. Wolff, Robert L. Mott. Schauer, R. Harmer. . . ....:i.. w.-.w' op CIVIL ENGINEERING ROW 1: Norman Phillips, Elmer H. Payne. ROW 2: -eorge B. Shaw, Roger F. Weiss, 5- James Ryckman, Robert Thomson. ottom CHEMICAL ENGINEERING L to R: Charles W. Sandy, Ronald A. Servais. ichael A. Bobal. 1 Y gay ,, ; wgkv , ., , , ,V , wMWaNWg yaw? V..Vw .. ,L . , , , 1 , me 9 g imam; m e. . eH .6 III; 0:3, W Y Lambda Lambda Lambda ROW 1: R. Nagy, P. Duffy, L. Russo, T. Moran, M.B. Durkee. ROW 2: D. Xanos, A. Jordan, S. Turnansky, E. Schmidt, C. Boyle. ROW 3: D. Galba, T. White, E. Doherty, P. Benzon, M.F. Daly, M. Kanally. ROW 4: T. Vertovec, K. Klein, M. Renaud, C. McCarthy, B. Kindt, B. McGann. Omega ROW 1: M.A. Ratiaczak, J. Zerovnik, C. Wasiloff, C. Matray, N. Jackson. ROW 2: K. French, L. Donell, L. Hensman, T. Zugay, P. Marshall. Lambda Nu ROW 1: c. Wallitoch, T. Herbert, E. Murphy, L. Beenard, E. Mullarkey, R. Osborne, F. Pro. ROW 2: S. Drew, C. Borgstede, L.A. Smerke, C. Sabol, C. True- man, E. Galen, A. Schweer. 74 Tau Kappa EpsHon ROW 1 L to R: Gerry Murphy, Scotty Henry, Michael Moriarty, Tommy Schmidt, Georgey Gabettie. ROW 2: Mattie Carroll, Kevin Ritchie, Rick Ratkjen, Scott London, Bill "MC" Mc- Donald, Paul Depman, Terry Hattan. ROW 3: Tim Smythe, Jack Cor- dell, Kevin Ganger, Jim Wendel. Pm Kappa Mu ROW 1 L to R: Drew Dillon, Dan Ursu, Mike Decocco, Patrick C. Burke. ROW 2: George Fenton, Don Bunn, Tom Hickey, John Bondra, Herb Rumpf, Dave Lewis. ROW 3: Joe Waller, John Kocak, Fred McGarry, Mike Grubenhoff, Mike Donowick, C. R. Dono- van. 75 ROW 1 L to R: Bob O'Donohue, Mike Mulvi- hill, Chuck Calhoun, Jim Calhoun, Jim Colaianni, Ray Atkin. ROW 2: Chris Kimball, Mike Dalton, Rich Benziger, Steve Redua, Carl Crum, Paul Colahan, Joe Luke, Tom Radziminski. ROW 3: Tom Otis Sheldon, Neil Corri- gan Jr., Frank Palmeri, Dave Ahasir, Jeff Debruge, George Gilhooley, Ken Smyrk, Brian Murphy, Cris Kaye. Delta Gamma Omega ROW 1 L to R: John "Oskie" Petrusyk, Dave Lionetti, Tom Grote, Steve Gaughan, Mark Heintz. ROW 2: Ray Piela, Steve Virzi, Dave Miller, John Loughery, Chris Hamm, Al Fang- man, Jim "Finny" Loughery. ROW 3: Pat White, Terry Lee, Kenny Dorger, Jim "Jabber" Davenport, Kenny Mc- Ninch, Bobby "T" Tim- brook. 76 Lamdba Chi Alpha ROW 1: Gary Itzel, Rick Volpe, Dan Bradley, Tom Labriola. ROW 2: Steph Fedarcyk, Al Lopez, Kevin Mulligan, Ron Kuchinski. ROW 3: Mark Lucot, Buddy Fletcher, Neil Byrne, Bob Salveson, Rich Bradley, Tom Volpe. ROW 4: Jean-Philippe Chounet, Larry Ru550, Mark Grencavnge, Charles Gra- ham, Rick Andrascik, Darryl Dowers, George Bonland. ROW 5: Mark Ellinwood. ROW 6: Jit. Ferrise, Ed Scheele, Gary Goodlein, Tim Hammer, Mike Ver- Iingo, Art Wrightson, Mark Dischrit, Rich Germinder. ROW 7: Greg Hammer, Terry LaFrankie, Jim Macnamara, John Fox. Alpha Kappa Psi W 1: Rick Perti, John ampak, John Ferrero, ll Lebling, Vince aramonti. ROW 2: Mike andy, Dave Skelton, gar Pressley, John Iska, Dan DiFranco, eith Brice. ROW 3: Joe rker, Torn Mackin, Ji -' artsman, Adam Ciedik v Gonnella, Bob Hurw y, Andy Golon, Joev tuber, Bill Scheper 3W 41Ed McGann, Bob essina, Chris Moormaw rug Franklin, Bill Hgnh e DeRose. ROW 5 7 ija, Jeff Neal, Dave waski, Mike DeRe etis; Tim O'Toole. 78 Gamma Gamma Kappa ROW 1: A. DePaul, M. Coyne, A. Brennan, M. Flanagan, K. Blaeser, C. Bacon. ROW 2: D. Edinger, S. Greene, J. Kennedy, C. Polaska, C. Sabol, K. Schnieder, K. McCabe. ROW 3: J. Purnhagen, A. Champa, M. Walker, S. Carey, D. Battersby, J. Sechrist, S. Dury. ROW 4: K. Morrisey, C. Duhig, E. Agnello, J. Openlander, J. Fagan, T. Kapral, T. Paumier. ROW 5: L.A. Oberhelman, D. Adler, C. Stetanek, M.A. Cullinan, M. Murray. Kappa Chi ROW 1:J. Saccomono, J. Bindl, J. Clark. ROW 2: E. Becker, P. Ross, K. Iott, A. Fehring, C. Grzysowski. ROW 3: L. Princic, R. Mc- Coy, E. Parovbek, K. Mol- chan, M. Burns, R. Dill, S. Krejci. ROW 4: M. O'Grady, W. Gelb, C. Schanz, G. Diskin, J. Reed, M. Toer- ner. ROW 5: J. Stillwell, J. Charhut, J. Nelson, M.J. Kissnae, D. Bekta, B. Lau- man, M. McGregor, P. Basta, C. Brown, S. Allin. Dena Tau Nu ROW 1: Walter Moore, Dan Poland, Dave Guiltinan, Dennis Walsh, Mark Zonno. ROW 2: John Van Ost, John Mulligan, Mike Herold, Jeff Marpe, Dan Murphy, Barry Hill, John Eblacker. ROW 3: Frank Ramos, Ridley Watts, Dave Riperberger, Ron Duke, Kevin Mart. 79 Epsilon Delta Tau 1: Tony Klejna, Mike ider, Tom Weinandy, llonnier, John Datko, ?ye, Mark Gerken, Gallagher. ROW 2: Basso, Don Saunders, Hanf, John Hammer, .0 Fernandez, Richard , Phil Heink, Gary I, Mike Leffler, Ratib , Tim Woehrle. 80 Phi Sigma Kappa ROW 1: Laura O'Sullivan, Eileen Wisnieuski, Bernie Bub nis, Kathy Debevec, Mary Frank. ROW 2: Bill Johnson, Roger Young, Jeff Baker, JOhl Walters, Ron Chernek, Bill Powell. ROW 3: Pat Collins, Ray Farabaugh, Steve Stock- berger, Jim Bitten, Bruce Pon' son, Mario Sisca. lupha Nu Omega ROW 1: C. Mayer, A. Cahill, P. Soderman, A. Karad, J. Cinque, F. Long. ROW 2: P. Ignelzi, K. Davis, D. Leonard, J. Mansfield, B. Stewart, G. Cook, M. Riley. ROW 3: F. Albright, B. Mills, M. Lowery E. Gabral, J. Sheehan, J. Petrone, M. Barvell, D. Con- nolly, D. Weber. L to R: Mark Arrignton, Carlos Bar- nett, Thomas Moon, Keith Cosby, Al- fredo Hanni- bal, Anthony Calloway, George Wil- liams. 82 Rho Rho Rho lST ROW, Mark Du- pont, Rick Rogers, Pat Palermo, Rob Finno, Dave Wagner 2ND ROW, George P. Hanley, Bruce Baum- back, Mike Thomp- son, Jerry Reinhard 3RD ROW, Steve Nichol, Kevin Cal- lahan, Brian Dormish, Nick Santora, Tom Ferrarh 4TH ROW, Ken Rad- ziwanowski, Pat Foley, Pete Altieri, Mike McGuinness 5TH ROW, John Wulff, Bob Miller, Craig Kloss, Chuck Lewis, Tim Thall, missing Steve Max Gayes Greek Life Style 84 85 87 Wm? t 120 , e 9 r1 .0 ,g. gm $16 ilk v1.3a 5; tons ya? 5nd , Q1 xiv ; mmv ,, 4 , , Wm? at 0 am Better Communications Club K. Yount, J. Dorwart, J. Parker, W. Harrilqhak, and friends: Mandy and Chara. Student Dietetic Association ROW 1: K. Havranek, S. Morath, M. White, M. Schulze. ROW 2: N. Bolenbaugh, K. McFadden, A. Pater, R. Sitter. ROW 3: P. McNaney, A. Rejent, J. Cipriano, P. Burke. ROW 4: R. Barry, L. Garnon, N. Jackson, K. Bartal, J. Vatch. Not Pictured: K. Bellesky, H. Busam, P. Chambers, C. Pubal. ROW 1: M. Lovenz, B. Coyne, S. Guschwan. ROW 2: J. Sacksteder, J. Farrow, K. Fitzpatrich, G. Kleesattel, A. Nordyke. ROW 3: K. Nord, R. Delaney, G. Barry, E. . . Potter. ON LADDER: R. Hant, K. Romero. ROW 4: K. Hemmelgara, B. Burger, S. Spotllght PrOdUCtlons Webb, S. Couper. ROW 5: T. Bihn, M. Meran, M. Miller, S. Leeder. ' ' ' B. Chavez, B. Hellman, P. Wernkle, T. Cystic FlbeSlS Volunteers Trimbach, G. Wilson. ROW 1: S. Landry, J. Macnamara, J. Luke. ROW 2: M. Levender, H. Gogol, M. McQuinnis, S. Tobia, E. Fuller, L. Petracca. ROW 3: K. Granger, N. Wahl, E. Thompson, K. Laux, C. Minardi, S. Gross, D. Armstrong, D. Allen, J. Scully, V. Hardy. ROW 4: D. Schpetti, D. Hatzworth, K. Fitzmyer, D. Rescinti, D. Massy, R. Voyles, D. Ursu, C. Sabol. Student Association Joint Council Of Engineers American Institute Of Chemical Engineers ROW 1: M. Miller, P. Hagwood, P. Russell, T- Udovic. ROW 2: P. Sosky, F. Linek, P. Ohl, S. Incze, C. Plictha, T. Rothwell, W. DeVelin. ROW 3: T. Henly, S. Evans, L. Russo, J. Ziska. ROW 4: P. Weisman, A. Dixon, M. Cala, B. Colt, S. Velton, T. Black, T. Moder, J. Rowland, Dr. Michael Bobal. Bridge Club ROW 1: B. Frommel, H. Rernan, M. Leibowitz, D. Adkinson. ROW 2: C. Kernan. MISSING: B. Burlec, P. Burlec, J. Poley, J. Poley, E. Pudezzi, J. DiLeonardo. C. Conway, T. Grimm, M. Cashman, ROW 2: S. Rollins, C. Carlson, M. Schroering, M. Ruffolo. ROW 3: . Chimenti, . Krug, . Bookster, . Jette, . Kramer, . Boyer, . Scott. LeCercIe Frangais ROW 1: M. Cappuccio, D. Cun- ningham, A. Wilging, ROW 2: D. Zarzecki, B. Knox, ROW 3: S. Perz, K. Witt. ROW 4: M. Davis, J. Rende, J. Trautlein. ROW 5: K. Geraci, M. Sprauer, S. Miller. ROW 6: J. thwarze. ROW 7: Prof. Greelg, N. O'Toole. St. Joe's Tutoring Club ROW 1: C. Lennon, K. Havranek, P. Ohl, R. Mulls. ROW 2: N. Mullane, J. Lacey, M. Sletten, P. Borg- stede, B. Heingen, J. Sedita. 4.: S J. Dono- G George, B. Carter, R . Whiting, S R OW 2 Warren B. Tannahill, M. Down- ie, Taylor, I. Crenshaw. F. , Is. i Association Ineers Elles, J. imple, J. Harr E. A lbergott R M. Shay, P. Russell R. ty Eng L. Roberts, . I . , D. Saunders, Ru Kubit, D. Saunders, ln0fl J. Coley, K. Baciak. ROW 2 B. Knox, F. Linek, N. Wahl. For Advancement Student Alumn M ROW 1 mg, van ROW 1 Malone Migell, S. ROW 3 , i . .Ihm. 3 ! a war... 96 Pershing Rifles ROW 1: D. Anslinger, R. Houser, J. D'Aimco, K. French, K. Randell, F. Benedett. ROW 2: A. Connolly, V. Runyan, J. Waldrop, R. Mach, P. Thatcher, J. Hawk, J. Meggers, J. Cecelic, R. Allen, ROW 3: M. Gail, T. McAuIiffe, P. Wesley, T. Almay, E. Congdon, T. Wells Pittsburgh Club ROW 1: E. Szeremet, L. Donell, T. Wojtkun, M. Pitar. ROW 2: C. Plickta, D. Stricker, A. Rosinko, C. Wasiloff, D. Pennington ii? 1' '41 4'41 ,1 eting Association Knights Of Columbus ROW 1: M. Danielson, T. Ferraia, L. Dantuono, Fr. 8. L. Horst, S.M., W. Huels- man. ROW 2: B. Curran, M. Gilligan, D. Shanahan, G. Holler, D. Newell. ' ' ROW 1:J. Kaps, S. Ebenger, H. Kernan, E. Madden, L. Brown. Law ASSOCIatlon For women ROW 2: L. Ozzi, B. Johnson, L. Surber, T. Mason. MISSING: I. Moore, P. Burke, P. Kahn, P. Egbert, C. Smith, J. Herling, J. Muto, J. Wagner, D. Criscuoli, B. Dickey. Commuter Club ROW 1: T. Kwest, P. Miles, R. Miheloew, H. Fenton, A. Shaw, T. Hatton, M. Koehl, T. Martin, J. Otto, R. Gaier, J. Boison, L. Cosenza. ROW 2: D. Holzwarth, B. Wagner. DOWN STAIRS: B. Rosell, C. Minardi, E. Fuller, S. Velton, E. Gibson, J. Taylor, D. Allen, T. Becker. ROW 3: J. Ellis, K. Meeds, M. Haller, J. Moots. MISSING: M. Wagner, M. Dougherty, S. Rover, M. Mills, C. Wan- gan, T. Bishop, M. Irving, M. Nanue. Home Ec Club SITTING: T. Miller, E. Szeremet, C. Wasi- Ioff, P. Huddleston, T. Lakes. STANDING: J. Sheeley, A. Wilging, B. Heinzen, Mrs. B. DeLuca, advisor, B. Zajbel, T. Crumley. American Society Of Mechanical Engineers ROW 1: s. stander, s. Lykins, A. Fernaudez-Fraga. ROW 2: P. Heink, R. McMullen, Paptzun, M. Schneider, R. Wimer . . ROW 1: P. Sissin, A. Wilging, J. Sur- U.D. SWIng Slngers wald, A. Glover, R. Marcozzi. ROW 2: D. Brousseau, J. Reed, Bro. Don. ROW 3: T. Keavenly, J. Wolfe, T. Dorrow, D. Climenhaga, P. McGill, C. Cross, J- Auble, J. Nielsen. 100 American Chemical Society Student Affiliate ROW 1: M. HoYing, J. Steininger, S. Horvath. ROW 2: R.M. Deibel, J.C. Foster, M. Koenig. ROW 3: R. Clark, J. Broering, E. Dolan, L. Weiskittel. ROW 4: C. Armstrong, A. Gusching, L. Chase, J. Fudge, M. Watts. Ski Club ROW 1: P. Gallagher, L. Gerbracht, T. Kamienski, K. Harrington, H. Dela- Vergne, B. Graf, J. Migliore, T. Bieke. ROW 2: P. Doyle, M. Michaels, L. Howen- stein, J. Bowe, M. Mullaney, M. Lanza- fame, A. Hinman, B. Rush, M. Zimmer, D. Mehan. ROW 3: L. Lee, G. VanHorn, T. Cabrey, A. Hadam, B. Geary, R. Russo, B. Bagnato, J. Gloakler, 8. Pope. ROW 4: C. Reed, S. Vesel, G. Chokan, J. McCabe, M. Spina, K. Steiger, G. Anderle, T. Tekach, J. Yates. 101 ROW 1: D. Jenkins, C. Murley, K. Randall, S. Gette J. D'Amico, J. Bielefeld. ROW 2: P. Wesley, M. Jozwiak, B. Back. G. Williamitis, G. Adams. ROW M.M. McKinley, D. Fultz, M. Okita, A. Bailey, B. Rangers DeRubertis. Missing: Major Bloyd. Council For Exceptional Children ROW 1: C. Morrin, C. Henderson, P. Grimes. ROW 2: D. Pinnington, A. Donia, J. Fromm, S. Broschart, M. Mc- Cormick. ROW 3: M. McCarthy, D. Delozier, S. Koch, J. Frost, C. Knapke, D. Buttete- veith. veland Club W 1: D. Martens, C. Morrin, J. Roseman, S. Hillman, A. ia, E. Michalski. ROW 2: C. Constantin, M. Seibert, M. ers, M. Cipra, D. Stricker, J. Wojtkun, D. Dzurikanin. ROW 3: E. Szeremet, C. Wasiloff, L. Madigan, P. Wester- heide, L. Hensman, K. Calvey. ROW 4: J. McGinty, G. Bohland, B. Zarlino. Boys Club ROW 1: C. Wasiloff, L. Ensman. ROW 2: D. Dzurikanin, D. Eder, B. Cramer, M. Sheller. ROW 3: C. Hill, C. Morrin, T. Lakes, P. Webber, M. Lorenz, D. Hanusik. Miss- ing: T. Froehlich, R. Wingo. l'lW ...,WWw 1; Law? WW"; ilon ls- ia. Alckmon. MISS- Holiday, Iaz Shades Of Black J K. II. a xi wJ, V. M... Be ...u .w m. ML 1 l. l mA 3 ml, .m e" m we .n . c .s II B ll iday, S p E a h m. A a d .D m a I. J. Coleman, C. Morr : D. Bolling, :V. Hall, P. Hayes, D. Butts, K. Hol ROW 1 ROW2 G. Broal, J. Thompson, ING M. Dolan, M. Turzansk Shadions. Society Of Manufacturing Engineers A. Pope, D. Vorst, J. Zemanek, P. Chaconas Biology Club ROW 1: D. Slancza, S. Baron, M. Wendeln, M. Kossler, K. Fisher. ROW 2: B. Noland, V. Steigelman, H. Wong, K. Martling. ROW 3: R. Newkold, C. Means, A. Ischiderer, C. Armstrong, A. Bowlz. ROW 4: J. Laufersweiler, D. Marchuk, M. Moriarty. Tau Alpha Pi Gngineerinv ROW 1: M. Zimmerman, J. Bange, D. Vorst, J. Zemanek. ROW 2: P. VandeWater, P. Chaconis, R. Duke. ROW 1: C. Poulos, C. O'Friel, K. Heabse, S. Foneman, L. gins, A. Walsh, L. Garauglia. ROW 5: J. Bowe, S. Henry, Bernard, N. Conroy, D. Mullally, M. Mitchell, J. Purn- T. Gallego, R. Nagy, S. Turansky, D. Sletsma, J. Roseman, hagen. ROW 2: P. Duffy, J. Bernars, N. Dovall, K. De- P. Dwyer, M. Coyne, M. Pater, J. Filips, B. Kurg, K. Cooney. Beuce, E. Wisniewski, J. Dittman, A. Nafziger, T. Walsh. ROW 6: L. Jahns, T. Parker, T. Thomas, L. Gooding, N. ROW 3: A. Lang, D. Resciniti, D. Huber, S. Murray, G. Sprague. Stockton, L. Waire. ROW 4: J. Lawaon, J. Trent, B. Hig- Public Relations Student Society Of America V n ty For Advancement 0f Managemen A; i ll i Association Of Computer Science ROW 1: J. Hanrhen. ROW 2: S. McCulloch, J. Kester, F. Avolio, ROW 3: R. Janning, J. Lehn, L. Custelli, J. Murray, D. Selhorst, M. Pizzoferrato, C. Borqstede, J. Schnieders, C. 0' Donnel, C. Kersker, P. Hel- mold, K. Adams. ROW 4: D. Kodrich, B. Kacmaroky, S. Goetz, D. Pocsatko. t T. Loughraw WresJ, G. Walls V.PJ, P. Duffy GecJ, T. Kelly HresJ, and club members. Appalachia C ROW 1: C. Ferris, C. Currell, K. Walsh, B. Trimble, J. Kralik, G. Uckele, M. Flick, Y. Saunders, Schulz, M. Ross, B. Mayer, Bro. Nadalsky. ROW 2: J. Hardt, M. Moomaw, R. Monteserin, A. Dea- ton, B. Devlin, G. Papham, J. Jowanovitz, M. McCarthy, P. Bailie, P. Borgstede. ROW 3: J. Bren ner, T. Peterson, D. Witte, J. Berkemeier, L. Kehrli, M. Lolli, E. Weisbach, K. Nicaise, J. Schwa B. Franklin. PSi Chi ROW 1: J. Wise, M. Lorenz, J. Hins- man, J. Francis. ROW 2: T. Ward, D. Wilson, M. Milligan. 108 Speech And Debate ROW 1: C. Currell, T. Nichols, B. Thurman, J. Dickerson. ROW 2: D. Raimer, G. Walls, D. Zar- zeki, B. Smith, G. Palmer. Not Pictured: B. Eggbonce, J. Wendel. ROW 1: G. Domaleski, M. Chirichella, K. Martin, S. Kyler, A. Pifine, D. Johnston, P. Tushak. ROW 2: D. Dalpasps, P. Buthnerby, C. Jordan, A. Killian, G. Caldwell, B. Higgins, N. Fadder, T. Kwest, M. Fuin, B. Umbrell. ROW 3: M. Mitchell, 5. Moshier, M. McDonell, T. Lavin, T. Geraci, M. DePrez, S. Karcar. ROW 4: T. McSorley, N. Connelie, J. Parker, L. Schmedtje, C. Mascola, J. Yates. al Society Of Professional Engineers P. Langerkamp, M. Miller, P. Hagwood, S. Evans, R. Bing- OW 2: J. Balcerzak, S. Incze, C. Plichta, M. Reddy, J. Bas- Hill. ROW 3: C. WallbrOWn, A. Geiger, C. Smith, C. New- . Demeter. ROW 4: J. Peters, B. Curtis, G. Roberts, S. Becht, ders, T. Tekach, A. Blum, J. Bely, J. Leon. ROW 5: T. U. Funk, D. Bazzoli. International Club ROW 1: L. Struthers, R. Durham, A. El-Magarnid, T. Massadegh, C. Yee, D. Lee, D. Wong, B. Mossadegh. ROW 2: G. Piro, J. Mannarino, M. Okuly, J. Thacker, M. Mannarino, V. Corvino, C. Barnett. ROW 3: M. Mosaui, F. Mannarino. - ROW 1: C. Jaskol, B. Hellman, C. Lakarosky, Society Of c. Smith, 5. Carter, A. Hagen, c. King. ROW Women Engineers 2: C. Shaw, P. Hagwood, S. Evans, A. lzique, P. Weisbrod, C. Wallbrown, C. Plichta, C. Jor- dan, M. Reddy, P. Russell, M. Cain, J. Reed. 110 American Institute Of Industrial Engineers A. Baume, M. Llano, T. Demange, Prof. R. Puckett, L. Granja, J. Ferrise. lnterfraternity Council OFFICERS: B. Kehoe, J. Ouska, T. Volpe, P. Mc- Dougal, T. Mallon. And I.F.C. members. Student Bar Association ROW 1: D. Brown, K. Surber, P. Certo, C. Kernon, C. Muller, W. Evans. ROW 2: R. Burdge, J. Cannon, H. Beyoglides, E. Bonner, D. Stouder, C. Heilanat, M. Conway. Flyer News Editorial Board ROW 1: A. McGarvey. ROW 2: N. DuPont, D. South, M. O'Grady, K. Fitzpatrick, R. Spencer. ROW 3: R. Cher- nek, D. Graves, J. Fox. ROW 4: J. Dittmann, P. Newman, K. Smith, J. Ackermann. ROW 1: M. O'Grady, R. Chernek, K. Fitzpatrick, C. Montgomer ROW 2: S. Turansky, K. Smith. ROW 3: M. Polasko, L. Dyan, P. NeWman. ROW 4: D. Bonifas, C. Boil, L. Palma, B. Higgins, T. Peterson. ROW 5: T. Chamgers, J. Wolanin, J. Fox. ROW 1: S. Steltzer, P. DeNale, M. Homan. ROW 2: D. Dalpos, D. Fitzharris, T. Schaffer, Madame X, M. Sletten, . S. Ledva. ROW 3: R. Atkin, Madame Y, C. Wasiloff, T. Daytonlan Hogan, B. Kleingers, Madame 2, K. Cauley, B. Knox. 113 Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers ROW 1: A. Evers, J. Kroger, T. Becker, M. Denney, A. Bradley, F. Miggins. ROW 2: T. Tekach, W. Hartman, B. Zwedig, M. Gidas, K. Bange. ROW 3: J. Peters, J. Weimer, C. Wallbrown, M. Ger- wels. ROW 4: B. Miller, J. Funk, R. Bingham. 00.0.0... 1 00000;;loibgt ? Tau Beta Pi ROW: T. Bingham, S. Rykman, L. Schubel. ROW 2: F. Miggins, T. Rye, B. Zwedig, T. Udovic, J. Peters, D. Beach, M. Gerwels. Flyerettes ROW 1: D. DeCurtins, S. Pelino,qK. Paterchak, A. Lupp. ROW 2: A. Miller, C. Huntsberger, M. Glazer, G. Brown. ROW 3: P. Olm, M. Lupp, S. Smith, J. Walsh. ROW 4: T. Thomas, M. Carroll, M. Cain, S. Rusconi. ROW 5: T. Un- deriner, B. Haber, P. Scanlon, B. Perry. ROW 6: B. Kerney, M. Gannon, D. High, E. Torres. ROW 7: J. Bauman, B. Ward, B. Conway, S. Satierfield. 114 U.D. Band Composing the largest University organi- zation, the U.D. Band has over one hundred and sixty members. Hard work and dedication are all displayed as they have become the most popular half-time show at football and basketball games. These students along with other campus organizations exemplify the 'spirit' and 'pride' each student takes as a Daytonian. 118 Soccer t11-3t FRONT ROW: Tom Wonj, Dave Milan, Doug Ashe, John Flood, Don Flinn, Dave Zawaski, Joe Sullivan, Mike DeRubertis, Sikiro Olaribrabe, Dave Striebel, Rick Rojas. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Bob Richardson, Roland Fairweather, Bob Philpott, Bob Rohrbach, Bryan Hehemann, Pat Dolan, Terry McKenna, Jerry Pett, Dave Lamb, Tony Ricciuto ttraineri, Chuck Rund ttraineri. BACK ROW: Steve Ogiba tmanageri, John Bergan, Al Escobar, Janos Benga, Fabio Tuaich, Joe Ruffolo, Bob Forschner, John Van Ost, Rich Zumpone, Wayne Garvey, John Ruffolo, Ernie Escobar, Mike Kerezsi. Perhaps the most successful of all the UD athletic clubs this year was the soccer team. The soccer Flyers played the toughest scheduled UD soccer has seen to date, and came out with an 11-3 mark. Dayton played such national powers as second ranked Indian, Akron, and Brockport The high point of the season was 2-1 victory over Ohio Wesleyan. This win proved UD to be the number three team in Ohio and the best non-scholarship team in the state. The team was led by senior AIl-American Bob Rohrbach. IN this year of superlatives, Rhor- bach was the superlative. Undoubtedly the best soccer player and perhaps one of the best athlet ever to come out of this school, Rohrbach set records for career goals t69t, goals in a season GD, and goals in a game t7i. He was the top goal scorer in Ohio in both his junior and senior years. Defense, however, was the team's strong point this year. Mike Derubertis and Dave Zawaski minded the nets, allowing just over one goal per game and shutting out six teams. Seniors Fabio Tuaich and Terry McKenna led the defensive corps. The team's only other senior, front lineman Joe Ruffolo, was the second leading scorer. Ruffolo's greatest contributions, however, came in such unpublicized categories as hustle, at- titude and team leadership. A good team goes nowhere without a good coach to show it the way. It became evident just how good Dayton's fourth year coach Bob Richardson is at the end of the 1976 season. Richardson was named Ohio Soccer Coach of the Year by the Ohio Soccer Coaches association. The 26 year old UD grad- uates career record is an impressive 35-11-5, ma king him the winningest coach in Dayton soccer history. FOOtb all 124 "If only" and "almost" are the two phrases that best describe the 1976 UD football season. The Flyers suffered through yet another disapointing year, but for a while, early in the season, there was hope, there was spirit, and there was even some confidence. Injuries, badibreaks, and two close games took their toll, however, and left the Flyers with only a 4-7 record to show for their efforts. After an opening game loss to Eastern Kentucky, Dayton came on strong. The Flyers buried Youngstown, 41-16, and put quite a scare into highly touted Villa- nova before losing by only one point. A 20-14 win over Indiana State evened the record at 2-2. But Toledo edged the Flyers by a touchdown and started a three game UD losing streak. The Flyers secured their third and fourth wins over N.E. Louisiana and Toledo, but ended the season on a double sour note, losing to Tem- ple and Miami. Sylvester Monroe was one of the bright spots this season. The sophomore running back gained 987 yards and scored five touchdowns. He and fullback Mike Watterson led the offense which averaged 194 yards rushing per game. Seniors Ron Dundala and Paul Kaspryzski led the defense. Other seniors included Brian Baldwin, Greg Balzer, Woody Clarke, Roger Dixon, Dusty Fair, Dave Jones, Bill Nauman, Charles Scandrick, John Sheshull, Bill Westbeld, Tom Westbald, John Wolking and John Zippay. 128 viii VERSiTY OF DAYTON ARENA FRONT ROW: Dusty Fair, Brian Baldwin, Bill Nauman, Ron Dundala, Roger Dixon, Carlton Henry, Woody Clarke, Bill Westbeld, Greg Balzer, Paul Kasprzycki, Dave Jones, John Zippay, John Wolking, Tom Sheshull, Tom Westbeld, Charles Scandrick. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Marciniak, Steve McIntire, Mike Watterson, Ed Dimitry, Dave Cramer, Dave Miller, Sam Rampney, Merphie Frazier, Bill Sahnd, Walt Evans, Kevin Bartley, Mark Zimmerman, B. J. Dailey, Mark Elsbernd, George Markoff, Doug Esser, Mark Edwards. HIRD ROW: Hartmut Strecker, Greg Donahue, Bill Heatherton, Tom Westhoff, Dale Fouse, Ron Wingo, Mark Luecht, Kent Rommereim, Tom Stellman, Ed Plaspohl, Joe D. Clark, Jeff Adair, Steve Scheid, Tom Sothard, Claude Chaney, Hyman Gibson, Sylvester Monroe. 'ACK ROW: John Kasmer, Lex Prindle, Steve Easter, Greg Burdette, James Wilkson, Chris Kasmer, Walter Getzinger, 'rian Dorenkott, Kevin Johnson, Howard Overman, Mark Weber, Joe Overbeck; Marty Wisneiwski, Mike Bailey, Gary ornett, Steve Watkins, Scott Terry, Rob Rumpke. 129 132 w r No one was quite sure how the basketball Flyers would fair prior to the start of the 1976-77 season. The team had lost leading scorer Johnny Davis to the pros a year early, and was an otherwise young but talented club. Surprisingly, Dayton jumped to a 10-1 start, and there was talk of a post-season tournament bid. But the Flyers hit the meat of their schedule, and the won7 loss record took a turn for the worse. Against such nationally ranked powers as Cincinnati, Louisville, and Notre Dame, it was obvious that UD was not quite ready to compete successfully with the nation's 'top twenty'. As a result, the team's final record may have to be called mediocre, but the excitement and fan interest generated at a UD home game has to be labeled tremendous. Some exciting close finishes and the return of the slam-dunk to NCAA play made the UD Arena a pretty popular place when the Flyers played. The 1976-77 team had no seniors on it, so the entire squad will be back in the fall. All five of UD's starters; Erv Giddings ljuniorT, Jim Paxson tsophomorei, Tonny Wells tsophomorei, Doug Harris tsophomorei, and Jack Zimmerman tfreshmani, along with sixth man Terry Ross ijuniorT, are all returning. The return of sophomore center Fred Eckert, who was injured before this season, along with Dayton's recruits and bench, should further bolster the team next season. , x . x 4 913$ t a t 9.3le .81; .. 9 . ?grligj. sf Kg a5 FRONT ROW: Mike Lee, Tony Wells, Fred Eckert, Mike Brannen, Erv Giddings, Dan Klawonn, Terry Ross, Joe Siggins, Bill Frericks, Jim Paxson, Doug Harris. BACK ROW: Head Coach Don Donoher, Coach Pat Haley, Coach Jack Butler, Jim Arnzen, Tim Pohlman, Charlie Tyra, Jack Zimmerman, Coach Jim Ehler, managers Greg Ellison and Rusty Schuermann. 140 '; t a z, 2 V 0 I I e V b a I l -77j7 J J j XE: ,xm 5m x 7 30 , The 1976 wo- men's volleyball team was un- doubtedly the most successful in the history of the sport at UD. The Flyers compiled an amazing 40- 11 record. Their 23-3 record against small colleges earned them an invitation to the A IAW small college national tourna- ment. Entering as an at-large team, Dayton finished fifth in the country while eliminating arch-rival Mt. St. Joseph's. 143 146 Led by first year coach Will Place, the Flyer wrestlers started a firm foundation for the future. Only one wrestler will graduate this year. Co-captain- for the team were Jim Reyher, a junior, and Doug Wilson, a soph- omore. Other regulars included Mike Hennessey, Steve Anderson, Nohman El Mele Tom Narus, Tom Henderson, Tom Baker, and Mike Pagnotta. Plans are being made for a Christmas tournament and even more succe next year. mew 4.,wmh ww'Jfrv-wmn'f hm, M 150 N $ ' w "' s' . : H N " . K 156 Women's Basketball an The outlook for the women's basketball team was bright this year with the addition of three freshmen; Ann Meyers, Karen Mays, and Cindy Schaffer. But the highlight of the season was provided by senior Sandy Johnson. Johnson became the first woman ever to reach the 1 ,000 point scoring mark. She scored her 1 ,OOOth point against the' Uni- versity of Cincinnati, the same team that elim- inated Dayton from the Ohio Valley League Tournament. As is usually the case under coach R. Elaine Dreidame, the season was a success. And next year should be even better. Dayton will be hurt by the loss of seniors Johnson, Pat Lockwood, and Cindy DiGregory. But three starters, Mays, Meyers, and Schaffer, along with six others, wiil be back with a year's experience to boost them. , "Wu. 160 a? W$zm$ sum M $ L ?m d3 Undergrac QatasmaaEm Qamwsm Pa 1 NORTH: ROW 1: K. Schollard, N. Duball, L. Keeler, P. Krafcrzak, M. Mooman, D. Mirrill, K. Walsh ROW 2; G. Packer, S. Schmidyt, L. Mulray, R. Adanuncio, K. Scheivei, M. Puleo, D. Selhorst ROW 3; C. D'Alessandro, D. Chicko, S. Hans, A. Williams, L. Marker, M. Frantz, M. Cunningham, As ECK ROW 4; L. Gresh, K. Meyers, C. Schiavoni, J. Mahoney, K. Giraci, S. Wehrle, C. Leibfritz, A. Blum, J. Bliz, M. Gray, J. Sackstedu. . 5 NORTH: ROW 1; R. Brennan, B. Campbell, M. Carroll, P. Ohm, M. O'Brien, M. Beier, P. DeNale, K. Cauley ROW 2: K. Havrandk, K. Adams, J. Shiels, C. Kersker, B. Blansett, S. Bosico, L. Mortensen, D. Narus, A. McColan ROW 3; A. Dury, A. Huffey, C. Currell, M. Guidatti, L. Schmektji, P. Ohl, D. Bonifas, J. Ardery, T. Bihn, K. Burns, C. Newsome, C. Yost, P. Rogers, P. Mentley. ,1; W; . i . ;,'A I Ili'. hI-wn u.-. 164 4 NORTH: ROW 1; C. Duhig, M. Chaefer, M. Grant, T. Verhoff, M. Roeder, M. Cshrider, M. Garey, J. Wietoch, R. Jendins, L. Shea, C. Barhorst ROW 3; P. Borgstede, R. Mills, M. Keinger, M. Means, D. Lang, K. Gomenger, L. McClellan, V. Hall ROW 4; C. Lang, D. Borchers, A. Lang, J. Fauldner, C. Ruth, J. Ryck, J. Rohr, J. Skinner, E. Roeng, M. Plasencia, P. Lord, M. Patrze, A. Wright, S. Stelzner, L. Shaw. 2 NORTH: ROW 1; M. Mulcaly, N. Hall, N. Hirn, M. Santiago, S. Lovett ROW 2; K. Mansin, C. Phillabaum, D. Gitcel, M. Leitner, L. Campisamo, M. McCarthy, L. Gorney, C. Shepard, T. Mass- adegh ROW 3; S. Hallimanns, M. Stepek, P. Tushak, L. Remien, L. McEntee, D. Bobson, D. Johncton. 1 SOUTH: ROW 1; K. Hocks, B. Jones K. Kearn, M. Perry ROW 2; J. Metz, 5. Quinn, J. Scott, D. Rossi, C. King 166 6 NORTH: ROW 1 Miketo, Kohlhoff, Estaiellas, Butler, Souder, Wallitsch, Potter, Keane, Dury, Downing, Mouser ROW 2; Donoghue, Pifini, Askey, Laber- teaux, Jowanovity, Witt, Werner, Bodembach, Hara- don. 3 NORTH: ROW 1; Stod, Tobe, Martin, Cattingham, ROW 2; Schuchlber, Bisk- upic, Wiggenbhorn, Egan, Ball, Wolff ROW 3: Bias, Boone, Santen, Lach, Smith, Kriska, Kaiser, Stodd, Rosasco, Bubuin, Fey, Bernard, Trei- her. 4 SOUTH: ROW 1; Monroe, Prikos, Gaugan, McZueny, McAvoy, Uhl, Do- row, Sulivan, Adam, Jacoby, Herig, Shana Sharp, Wilging, Mack Conel, Eastwood, Faw Wekch, Puls- fort, Zihal, Lammers, Hallisy, Miller, Civitello, Kakugawa, Maguire, Macke, Myers, Darey, Fitz, French, Samborski, Wallman, Ceci, Radtke. 7 NORTH: ROW 1; Brady, Edwards, Sabol, Kowalczyk, Schraut, McInerney, Mayor ROW 2; Mager, Hvizdas, Krugle, McKay, McCann, Woodside, Sprauer, Cipriano, Evans ROW 3; DelVecchis, Case, Trimback, Robertson, Aaron, Hellmann, Vaughn. 7 MIDDLE: ROW 1; Mullaney, De LaVerge, Harrington, - MIDDLE! ROW 1; Witt. Maxwell, Gauhe, Jameson, Burkett, Stewart, Cline, Stockton, ROW 2; Plinchta, Rackett ROWZ; Horthaus. Holly, Garrity, Newbauer, Hoying, Kamienski, Kavolius, Lamborhini, Fee, ROW 3; ' 0W 3; Arena GettYI Hennessy, R06", DaViS ROW 4; Steven, Flick, Lump, Alward, Ambrose, Gutbrod, ROW 4; mith, Regas, O'Brien, Tokach. Roll, Schlidnht, Adler, Alen, Kreitimeyer, Place ROW 5 Place, Mayer, Evert, Weiss, Reddy, Severn, DeMartinis. N u: T cs fl, D F Y Q A M 5 SOUTH: ROW 1; Wightman, Evans, Ross ROW 2; Bermel, Johnston, Smith. 5 MIDDLE: ROW 1; Leaky, Marchuk, Stebner, Aluaham ROW 2; McFadden, Gemayel, Valdin, Huber ROW 3; Hutch, Klanac, Sparkie, Welsh ROW 4; Itzel, Wypasek, Ursu, Werte, Lafleur. 3 MIDDLE: ROW 1; Hill, Linek, Toth, Kaufman, Geiher ROW 2; Joyce, Burtchain, Quigley, Dillman, Pocsatko ROW 3; Fete, Kulesch, Deroo, Morgan, Waibter, Wall, Coch- ran, Bajorek, Grejus, Finn. 170 Stuart Hall 4 NORTH: ROW 1; Lamb, Donner, Davis, Shannon, Huebner, Badalaikenti, Kraft, ROW 2; Giehl, Bothner, Wanstrath, Cleary, Giordono, Ross, ROW 3; Gilligan, Farmer, Kelly. 4 SOUTH: ROW 1; Halleman, Archibald, Brady, Kohnke, ROW 2; Congdon, Perham, Enerson, Lake, Palmer, Mascola, Bickley, Mrvos, Hardman, Domaleski, Fehlen ROW 3; Christian, Haug ROW 4; Harris, Russo, Cinque, Kandy, Codden, Federspiel ROW 5; Kuter, Delach. 55555555 . ....1::5;: x I a w . - " ' Wm 1 . ., 1?. .. ac... .. m I k . - H , L I - W x '3: ; 4 s L i 'K Vi a. A w I ; 11 ', i a 5x 'gjy ; 'u .r . ., u ; x x 6 NORTH: ROW 1; Barry, Arroyo, Rus- so, Pagnotta, Milaz- 20: Waldron, Weis- bach Row 2; Blake- ley, POphana, Stick- ley, Coleman, Frankin, Bruss, Dev- lin, Casser, Zehenny' Curran, Cashman, NORTH GRouNDh ROW 1; DiMatteo, Bantal Ogburn, Barbaro, Baldwin ROW 2; prychodko, Curtis: Maines, Mayer ROW 3; Hentz, Sherman, Lemm- 1 NORTH: Row 1; Jennings, Rogers, McRae, Patton, Bailey ROW 2; BarndOY, Pfinty, Kolberg, ROW 3, Meehan. Mioli, Byrd, O'Shea: Kee- ler, Baker, Mora, 171 3 NORTH: ROW 1; Luzik, Barton, Kid, Storrs, Yoquelet, Giblin, Buttz ROW 2; Wilson, Ace, Marin, Migliore, Angelo, Gerbracht, Nelson, ROW 3; Meehan, Midel, Young, Kubit, Har- ter, Weiner, Zie- mianski. 5 SOUTH: ROW 1: White, Burdett, Sch- oeny, Anderle, Baz- zoli, Keaveny ROW 2; Jowrek, Perrin, Korona, Sassano, Lammers ROW 3; Tascarel, Geary, Cairns, Hamilton, Miller, Weaver ROW 4; Thomas, Leon, Hayword, Cook, De- Voy, Hartman, West- erkamp, Lennon, Vesel, Quinn, Bergen, Brenner. 6 SOUTH: ROW 1; Mileski, Davison, Goldbalt, Fiano, Tul, Rush, Songer ROW 2; Holmes, Calligaro, Golias, Deery, Hin- man ROW 3; Swidar- ski, Herlihy, Milla- veie, Boyles, Pluzsik, Mullin, ROW 4; Rizer, Wilkie, Reic- hard, Kelly, Malone, Schwenker, 5 NORTH: ROW 1; Fletcher, Gaj, Rivera, Schaffner, Graham, Mulligan, ROW 2; Grencauge, Angel, Comstantine, Habash, Bahen, Johnson ROW 3; Morrow, Phillips, Fleck. 2 SOUTH: ROW 1; Jackson, Yersavich, Langen kamp, Dee- hgan, Doyle, Dee- gan, Shaffer, De- Velin ROW 2; Enderle, Poston, Fre- tch, Lovrekovic, Kam, O'Donohue, Brown, ROW 3; Curtis, Rossman, Scheider, Koncilja, Licastro, Hummer, Guzowski. 3 SOUTH: ROW 1; Landschot, Cipiti, Ellis, Connors, ROW 2; Wernery, Rossi, Harj, Mudller, Val- larino, Naber, Doyle, Cedeno, ROW 3; Giles, Purcell, Hig- gines, Harysz, King, DiCesare, Wilde, DePrimo, Missimer, Dobi ROW 4; Bury, Wendel, Bertsch, Neff. Founders Hall 4th FLOOR: ROW 1; Farmer ROW 2; Woods, Verhoff, Brown, Karap, Skoney, Huston ROW 3; Powers, King, Foley, Ogiba, Wilora, Janus. lst FLOOR: ROW 1; Batts, Perez ROW 2; Philyan, White, Arcardo, Monroe ROW 3; Perry, Batts, Bans, Kolze, Bailey, Benj, 0min, Kinkle, Davis ROW 4; Hart, Overman, Kasner, May, Moder, Canale. 174 GROUND FLOOR: ROW 1; Dusa, Dan- ford, Rolfes, Lavin, Beatty, Yuen, Zim- merman ROW 2; Rommereim, Scott, Potter, Cunnion, . Schwab, Oruscall, Stockberger, Mc- Fadden, O'Brien, Carlson, Bosway. 2nd FLOOR: ROW 1; Smith, Brown ROW 2; Cashman, Wells, Telecky, Cooper, Fitz, Kruen ROW 3; Johnson, Rodgers, Skelton, Hanslnm, Lard, Warren, Small, Madden ROW 4 Enners, Costa, James, Pope 3rd FLOOR: ROW 1; Dougherty, Hoyas, Mordarski, Cray ROW 2; York, Mindrum, Crum, Dow ROW 3; Phil- lips, Nicaise, Baker, Oriscello, Stock- berger, McFadden, O'Brien, Carlson, Bosway Campus South Andy, John, Steve Sue, Margart, Cathy Rick, Pat Alician, Julie, Nancy Brain, Bill Bob, Bart Mary, Eileen, Patty, Betsy Cindy, Kasey, Lori Jeannie, Beth Eddie, George, Frank Joe, Paul Buttons, Bridet, Terry, J im, John Salley, Sue Manyard, Art, Bob, Andy, Ted Bonnie, Joan, Maria, Andrea, Dianne, Pam George, Ken, Jim, Casey, Randy Some things OUght to stay - the same. Deborah, Anne, Mary Andy, Chuck, Phil, Phil, Sal, Paul Cathy, Lori, Carol Marti, John, Neil Ruth, Elaine, Sue Elaine, Barb, Anni, Smada, Amy, Nancy Terry, Vince, Tuc, Kevin 181 M? S E R. V. 3 Jim, Doug, Reed, Jack, John, Larry Bob, Kevin, Scott, Dan QREgqu 1.. , 433., .L H Rf g . xx, x quqg w: xv Mark, Dave, Mike, Wimpie, Pete Patty, Barb, Trish, Lori, Eileen, Sue Jan, Madelline, Fergie, Anne ERWIN URN KDLLVWG l J ac k, Pete 185 Tall Anne, Rennie, M. B. Kathy, Sheila, Debbie, Jeannie, Julie, Glenn Cheryl, Kathy, Goober, Patty, Julie, Kathy Flash II Bobb indy C I Carol Colleen, Patty, Bonnie, Cathv Ann Mare, Jan, Donna, Janet, Lynn, Mary Joe Paul and Joe Vickie and Loretta Paul, Kit, and Cathy Maureen, Cathy and Jearnine IV! I x.j.x Raz, Brian, Bull, Neil, Hank, Chucko, Guy, Ray Brian, Neil, Bull Raz, Frank, Pukester, Greg, Steve Mike, Larry, John, Gerry Biz, Benz, Peggy Peter, Tweddle, Tut, Bob, Pete Kevin, Barney, Jim, Lenny Mark, John, Randy, Jim, Ken Dave, Beef, Jim Bob, Mike, Will, Lucas, Ginger 5W 193 r. e t s e L an t e P B u N v IH' ' ' Bob Dug ip, Tony Tut, Dave, Stur Haze, Oscar, Felix, MerrmiissingT Ted and John HEADQUARTERS FOR THE SEMIOR CLUB LATE NIGHT, , RCE f HE :56??an ' Kippy, Sheila, Mary, Nancy, Lezlie Cathy, Carylon, Hillary, Cathy Adam, Bob, Paul '1' w. tax 3 3T" 1 Sue, Doreen, Heleen Doug, Christy, Pete Pres, Bob, Kevin, Bucco, Amy 197 Gene, Raymond Bob, Joe Martin, Big T Cronie Dundee, Goose, Sparky, Caci Pam, Maureen, Marianne Stony, Andy, Dug, Ted Anne, Mimi, Louis, Peggy Bob, Mike, Buck, Dave S ue, Alision, Dorthy xxwmus 39 Girtude, Sal ley, Ethel Rocky, Tom, Bob Andy, Randy Patty, Mary Ellen, Joan Louis, Sue, Cathy Nancy, Jeannie 201 "IL lnknvau mebuw $$$$$$ Edgar, Keith, Ted, Jeff, Dad Joe, Aldue, Al Steve, John, Bob Ginger, Scan, Janet, Sharon, Marie G Kizzy J. Manno Elsa A. McGarvey Mulligan M. Tully Buttons Maria Hue Patty Mary Lezlie Marianne Jim, Phil, Joey, Paul e n n a v. r a M I v. 9 9 e P I r b v. T .e: tl t a K 1 h t e B v. r a M h: t e b a .u ...l.. rk ' ors John Abjanic Dave Ahasic Pam Albro Cathy Ammerman John Andrea Euclid, Ohio Aurora, IL Kettering, Ohio Haworth, NJ Cherry Hill, NJ Electrical Engineering Marketing Elementary Education Electrical Engineering Criminal Justice Jorge Aristizabal Gary Armstrong Scott Armstrong i Richard Arnold Frederick Avolio Medellin, Colombia Pennsauken, NJ Manhasset, NY River Forest, IL W. Hamstead, NY Accounting, Finance Industrial Eng. Tech. Political Science Marketing Computer Science Kenneth Baciak Cindy Bacon Margaret Baille Theresa Baker Steve Baldi Seven Hills, Ohio Mansfield, Ohio Dayton, Ohio Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Pekin, IL Management Elementary Education Elementary Education Business Education Pre-Medical A '-w X Hydiyyat Balogun Michael Baniak Gaillynn Bardon Gerard Bardon . . Brooklin, NY Saratoga Springs, NY Dayton, Ohio Dayton, Ohio Highlanq Heights, Economics Physics Communications Arts Accounting, Finance SGCPEtaI'Ia' .y 1 Jeff Barna Rocio Barry Tim Barry Rebecca Barthelemy James Bartgl Highland Heights, 0. Dayton, Ohio Miami, FL Dayton, Ohio Daytop, Oth . Criminal Justice Dietetics Psychology Political Science Electrical Engmeen Janice Baskovic Euclid, Ohio Art Karen Becker Dayton, Ohio Medical Technology Daniel Bellman Cincinnati, Ohio Philosophy and Psychology Steven Berg man Dayton, Ohio Geology 3 : M i ke Biedenbach Dayton, Ohio Accounting Janice Bauman Dayton, Ohio Fine Arts Mabel Becker Trotwood, Ohio Urban Life Fran k Benedett Acton, MA Marketing Lezlie Bernard Royal Oak, MI Communication Arts Thomas Biel Euclid, Ohio American Studies Sharon Baxter Gahanna, Ohio Art Tom Becker Dayton, Ohio Electrical Engineering Deborah Bennett Dayton, Ohio H istory David Berry Montain Lakes, NJ Communication Arts Jonelle Bindl Brookfield, WI Elementary Education David Beach Dayton, Ohio Engineering Jerome Bednar Cleveland, Ohio Carol Benz Carnegie, PA Elementary Education Jerry Bibler Lima, Ohio Art Richard Bingham Cranford, NJ Electrical Engineering 1 John Beck Pittsburgh, Pa. Accounting Nancy Bell Hunington, NY. Elementary Education Gerald Bereznay Lorain, Ohio Accounting Jan Bice Columbus, Ohio Psychology Leonard Binowski, Jr. Cherry Hill, NJ History and Political Science . . , x Karen Blaeser Mary B'azek Mark Bobal Richard Bogusz . . . Wllllam Bommarlto Rochester: NY- . Flossmoor: 1'- Kettering, Ohio Park Ridge, II. . Elementary Educatlon Music Criminal Justice Marketing Klrkwood, M0- Charlene Borgstede K thl B I ' Beth Bowers a een oy e Daniel Bradley Anne Brady Lake Grove, NY. - Lake City, PA. Philadelphia PA. Largo Fla. . Cleveland, Ohio . . I I Computer Scaence Accounting Economlcs Communication Arts James Brady Rita Brand Anne Brennan . Tim ,B'enPa" , Bethpage, NY- Yorkshire, Ohio Morton Grove, II. Egrzgngg Bhr1$nnan garggjst's'tgg'; I I HiStOW Mathematics Physical Education Languages o 5 Jeanne Broering Bob Brown Cheryl Brown James Brenner Jose Brlto Kettering, Ohio Sagl ssayltgigr' Maria Stein, Ohio Canton, Ohio Birmingham, AL Managem ent Psychology Chemical Tech. Religious Studies Elementary Education Sandra Brown Eileen Bruns Frederick Brust, Jr. Carla Budd . . . Mar Ellen Buechter Pittsburgh, PA Ketgermg, Ohlo Pittsburgh, PA Lima, Ohio Troy, Ohio Marketmg Scelal Work Civil Engineering Psychology, Social Work Physical Education 208 Lorenzo Burtin Chicago, IL Pre-Law Shawn Callahan Standford, CT Communication Arts Shirley Carter Dayton, Ohio Psychology a x i ary Chapman iles, IL ommunication Arts errence Cherwin ount Prospect, IL 're-Medical Mark Butler Dayton, Ohio Roser Caldere Dayton, Ohio French and Spanish Maureen Cahi ll Struthers, Ohio Deborah Buttelwerth Trotwood, Ohio Elementary Education Dw ayne Carr Dayton, Ohio Jerome Carney Dayton, Ohio Accounting, Finance Marianne Carey Dayton, Ohio Political Science Kathleen Calvey Garfield Heights, Ohio Home Economics Leonard Caste! Ii Timothy Castello Pittsburgh, PA Mark Cermak Mentor, Ohio Catherine Cassie Specnal Education Computer Science Sami Charbell Dayton, Ohio Marketing, Management Simon Chavez Kettering, Ohio Rouses Point, NY Kettering, Ohio Adam Cieslik James Clark Dayton, Ohio Civli Engineering Regina Clark Columbus, Ohio Richmond, IN Computer Science Elementary Education H ; Laura Clayton Mary Ann Clishem Gary Codeluppi Betsy Coffield Joanne Coley .0 Plainfield, NJ. Louisville, KY. Belle Vernon, PA. Richmond, VA. Beltsville, Md. Social Studies Arts and Sciences Marketing Elementary Education Arts and Sciences Steve Conley Nancy Conroy I Catherine Conway - Kevin Cooney Morral, Ohio. Houston, TX. Oak Park, ILL. ngifdcmt' Chatem, NJ.- Accounting Communication Arts Social Work ' ' Public Relations Valerie Corvino Christopher Coston Marc Coustry Carolyn Coyle Pittsburgh, PA. Bethesda, MD. Chevy Chase, MD. Marco 15., FL Mary Coyne Economics Mechanical Eng. Psychology Elementary Education Adrian, MI William Coyne Robert Crane Jim Crillery James Crisalll David Cronin Painesville, Ohio Worthington, Ohio Chevy Chase, MD Syracuse, NY Erie, PA Marketing Marketing Marketing Accounting Marketing Joan Curry Mary Daly John D'Amico Arthur Danielson Thomas Darbie Springfield, Ohio . Indianapolis, IN Wildwood, NJ Cleveland, Ohio Somerville, NJ Elementary Education Political Science Criminal Justice Electronic Eng, Tech. Computer Science 210 Janet Debien Jeffersonville, PA Elementary Education x W; Michael DeRubertis Lyndhurst, Ohio Accounting Cynthia DiGregory Fort Wayne, IN Physical Education Gregory Donovan Northport, NY Computer Science , ; David Drennen Springfield, Ohio Rose Marie Deibel Columbus, Ohio Chemistry Thomas Detweiler Lansdale, PA Chem istry Jeff Dilbone Cinncinnatti, Ohio Accounting Joseph Donovan Garden City, NY Accounting Robert Droughton Olmsted Falls, Ohio Geology Michael Denney Fort Recovery, Ohio Electrical Eng. Michael Devaney Middletown, NJ Sociology Daria DiSpirito Moorestown, NJ Elementary Education Margaret Doran Rochester, NY Physical Education Timothy Dunigan Oak Park, IL General Studies Alison DePaul Philadelphia, PA Physical Education Patricia Dietz Massillon, Ohio Biology Eileen Doherty Pt. Pleasant, NJ Home Economics Pam Douglas Centerville, Ohio Elementary Education Deborah Dunson Dayton, Ohio Sociology Joseph DeRose Seven Hills, Ohio Management Dan DiFranco Seven Hills, Ohio Management Angela Jo Donia South Euclid, Ohio Elementary Education Mary Downing Kiekwood, MO Social Work Nancy DuPont Lake Mohawk, NJ xv; Bobbi Durnwald Thomas Dusing Michael Dwyea G. Bradley Eaton Regina Eckart Mayfield, Ohio Fort Thomas, KY Mount Prospect, IL Dayton, Ohio Middletown, Ohio Secretarial Studies Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Political Science Secretarial Studies Mark Einziger W. Elking J. Gregory Ellison Harry Emmel, Jr, Clark, NJ Chickasaw, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Haddonfield, NJ tzgrg'rgsciij Chemistry Physical Education Sociology Management 9 ' John Farrell Alfoso Fernaridez-Fraga Mary Ann Fagan Rory Falato Mike Feehan Dobbs Ferry, NY . Miami FL. ; 22am? PA Eirgrrmtsrgitgtion Arts Communication Arts, XOIedo'tph'o Eletriclal, Mechanical 1 uca Ion Education ccoun mg Eng. Patricia Fetters Janet FiliPS Robert Finno Jean Fisher Russell Fitton Fairfield, Ohio Parma, Ohio Glen Rock, NJ Dayton, Ohio Arlington Heights, IL Seneral Studies Communication Arts Electrical Eng. Tech. Home Economics Chemistry A Mk Schoen Fitzgerald Dawn Flack, Meg Flanigan John Flask Dan Fleischman LaGrange Park, IL Dayton, Ohio Philadelphia, PA Bedford, Ohio Vandalia, Ohio Business Arts and Sciences Communication Arts Accounting communication Arts Benson Flory Pleasant Hill, Ohio Secondary Education Bonnie Foster Dayton, Ohio Elementary Education Paula Fries E. Newport, NY Art Ed Fuller Dayton, Ohio Mechanical Engineering Gustavo Galdo River Edge, NJ Chemistry Thomas Flynn Lima, Ohio English Cynthia Foster Dayton, Ohio Communication Arts Jean Fromm Shorewood, WI Elementary Education John Funk Kettering, Ohio Electrical Engineering Janet Gallagher Chicago, I L Marketing Steven Foreman Dayton, Ohio Communication Arts Richard Frantz Sidney, Ohio Civil Engineering William Frontz Mansfield, Ohio Psychology Michael Gaffigan St. Louis, MO Accounting k Anthony Gallegro Glencove, NY Communication Arts Mary Kay Fortman Dayton, Ohio Psychology Paul Franz Manhasset, NY Mechanical Engineering E Julie Frost Kettering, Ohio Elementary Education Donna Gagliardo River Forest, IL Criminal Justice Kevin Ganger Brooklyn, NY Criminal Justice Stephanie Fortune R ochester, NY Theology R ichard Freese Dayton, Ohio Biology Philip Fullenkamp St. Henry, Ohio Accounting Barbara Galante Chicago, IL Marketing Linda Garnon Elyria, Ohio Dietetics Clayborn Garthwart Brookville, Ohio Chemical Eng. Michael Gerwels Goshen, IN Electrical Eng. David Gilardi Sidney, Ohio Psychology Andrew Golon Euclid, Ohio Marketing 1' SF Marylu Gorney Elyria, Ohio Elementary Education 214 Bobby Gauc-ier Jack Geiger Mark Gerken Bridget Gerber Dayton! Ohio Euclid, Ohio Mapoleon, Ohio Kettering, Ohio Marketing Physics Civil Eng. Marketing Maurie Getter . Fawzi Gherfal John Giancaci Thomas Gibson Gelrmlantown, IOhIO Tripoli, Libya Princeton, NJ Greene, NY Crlmmal Justice Criminal Justice Mechanical Eng. A 5;?! Christopher Giusti Marie Glaser Richard Gelden f$ George Gilhooley w, D'elrfmd, FL Derwood, MD Kettering, Ohio Folcroft, PA CIVII Eng. Marketing Elementary Education Biology xx? Sydelle Golub David Golubieski Lisa Gooding . Susan Gornet Dayton, Ohio Erie, PA Bellbrook, Ol-1Io Louisville, KY Electrical Eng. Communication Arts Biology Margaret Griesem er Luis E. Granja Lizabeth Graves Sandy Greene Guayaquil, Ecuador Brookdale, Ohio Lima, Ohio Nashus, NH Industrial Eng. Art Math Home Economics Margaret Grimes Jenkintown, PA Elementary Education Mary Lynn Grundtisch Angola, NY Social Work Guy Hac kney Linwood, NJ Business James Hartman Cincinnati, Ohio Mathematics Allen Haynes Indianapolis, IN Urban Life Trisha Grimm Columbus, Ohio Social Work Mark Guidas Greensburg, PA Electrical Engineering f? Patty Hanerty Kettering, Ohio Arts 8t Sciences 6 ,v Walter Hartman Pittsburgh, PA Electrical Engineering Larry Heimann Indianapolis, IN Accounting Kathy Groh Cincinnati, Ohio Secretarial Paulette Gultice Xenia, Ohio Criminal Justice George Hanley Wilmette, IL Management Laszlo Hary Dayton, Ohio Chemical Engineering Philip Heink Cincinnati, Ohio Engineering Suzanne Gross Kettering, Ohio Computer Science Alan Gusching Sidney, Ohio Chem istry Celestine Harris Dayton, Ohio Dietetics Reed Hauser Kettering, Ohio Chem istry Mark Heitbrin k Dayton, Ohio Chem istry ax ' IL L ,2 Robert Gruber Sheboygan. WI Arts 8t Sciences Robert Hacker Dayton, Ohio Political Science Joseph Hart Dayton, Ohio Civil Engineering L Anthony Hayes Erie, PA Secondary Education Bob Heitzer Acme, PA Criminal Justice Julie Hemmer Philip Hemmer Lawana Henderson Marjie Hennessey Linda Hensman Louisville, KY Dayton, Ohio Dayton, Ohio Piqua, Ohio Bedford, Ohio Home Economics Physics Health Elementary Education Elementary Education Lawrence Hession Tom Hickey Judi Hill Steve Hillman Marvin Himes Massapequa Park, NY Wash. D.C. Wanamassa, NJ Fairview, Ohio Centerville, Ohio . Criminal Justice Sociology Pre-Medical Electrical Eng. Tech. Mechanical Eng. Susan Hinsman Linda Hoehn Carol Hofmann Thomas Hogenmiller Susan Hollway Pittsburgh, PA Toledo, Ohio Troy, MI Pittsburgh, PA Kettering, Ohio Psychology Accounting General Studies Criminal Justice Secondary Education Sheila Horan Sharon Horvath Sheila Houser Dan Hoven . Mary Jo Howe N. Babylon, NY BrookviHe, Ohlo Centerville, Ohio Pacific, MO Dayton, Ohio Home Economlcs Chemistry Medical Technology Marketing Fine Arts Michael Hoying Donna Rae Hoyler Debra Hu Doug Hubert Elizabeth Hughes Ce'inal Ohio Rochester, NY Tucson, AZ Louisville, KY St. Louis, MO Chemistry, Math Psychology Elementary Education Accounting Special Education 216 Patricia Huddleson Akron, Ohio Home Economics Annmarie Imbriale Brooklyn, NY Elementary Education Cesar Izique Electrical Engineering Dave Jeffords Sarasota, FA Finance Martin Jones Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY Criminal Justice Elizabeth Hughes Erie, PA General Studies Edward Intagliata St. Louis, MO Criminal Justice Anthony Jackson Dayton, Ohio Communication Arts Ann Jette Dayton, Ohio Social Work Qt- Amy Jordan Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ Psychology hi William Hurd Hilliard, Ohio Psychology I A Richard Irwin Xenia, Ohio Engineering B renita Jac kson Dayton, Ohio Sociology Arthur Johnson Chicago, IL Business Rudolph Jordan Brooklyn, NY Political Science Robert Hurley Chicago, I L Accounting i Duane Isabella C leveland, Ohio Philosophy Melody Jackson Dayton, Ohio Criminal Justice Karen Johnson Cincinnati, Ohio Elementary Education Marcia Kanally North Olmsted, Ohio Business John Hutghinson Kettering, Ohio Civil Engineering Ana Maria Izique Lima, Peru Electrical Engineering Nancy Jac kson Detroit, MI Dietetics David Jones Aliquippia, PA Criminal Justice r H, 4 x. Stephen Kane Rockville, MD Business .4 . William Kapkar Michael Karbach Greg Karle James Karlovitz Paul Kasprzycki Marion, Ohio . Cherry Hill, NJ Erie, PA Mt. Prospect, IL Niagra Falls, NY Elementary Educatlon Pre-Medical Business Accounting Physical Education Robert Kastner Robert Kavanaugh Kevin Kearns James Kelleher Judith Kennedy Rochester, NY Springfield, Ohio Ft, Wayne, IN Hudson, MA Hudson, Ohio Political Science Management Urban Life Civil Engineering Art Debra Kimball Arthur Kepes - Jennifer Kester Mary Kilbane Robert Killoran Kettering, Ohlo Kettering, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Worcester, MA Pittsburgh, PA Mathematics Computer Science Accounting Pre-medical Special Education f, 1? Mix . . Peter King Jeffery Kinker Victoria Kinsell Kathleen Kinsey gfzggfel'z'"fte'oe Ardmore, PA Cincinnati, Ohio Pleasantville, NJ Thornton, IL ' Political Science Computer Science Elementary Education Music Therapy 1 Grace Kiribakka Kathleen Kissinger Ann Kisting Mary Knorr Sue Koch Dayton, Ohio Ft. Wayne, IN Elgin, IL Cincinnati, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Economics Physical Education Criminal Justice Secretarial Psychology 218 Michael Krall Euclid, Ohio Economics Amy Kriska Coraopolis, PA Secretary Peggy Kussman Kettering, Ohio Secretarial R andy Lamb Waynesville, Ohio David Laub Cincinnati, Ohio Accounting Christy Kramer Troy, Ohio Fine Arts Andrea Kriska Coraopolis, PA Biology Mary Kuzan Buffalo, NY Communication Arts David Landis Dayton, Ohio Accounting Thomas Laughlin Chicago, IL Communication Arts Joseph Kramer Dayton, Ohil Mechanical Engineering 'r X. Robert Krollman West Chester, Ohio Education Terry LaFrankie Moorestown, NJ Management Christopher Lang Dayton, Ohio Accounting Ann Laurd Huntington. NY Elementary Education Sarah Kramer Fort Thomas, KY Social Work Richard Kubiak Rochester, NY Mechanical Engineering Terri Laird Vermilion, Ohio Biology w s. K Gary Langenbrun ner Cincinnati, Ohio Marketing I , Cheryle Leach Jamestown, Ohio Civil Engineering Michael Krannitz Lancaster, Ohio Civil Engineering 1; James Kuenle Dayton, Ohio Electronics Trina Lakes Dayton, Ohio Home Economics Connie Langenkamp St. Henry, Ohio Elementary Education A. Leahy St. Louis, MO Criminal Justice William Lebling III Linda Lee Philip Lee Anne LeFevre Scott Lehman Chevy Chase, MD Dayton, OH London, 0H Southfield, MI Greenville, 0H Business Management Business Education Pre-medical Social Work Electrical Engineering Joan Lehn Sue Lester Loretta Liberta Pat Lockwood Steven Loerch Madeira. 0H Chicago, IL Blue Anchor, NJ South Amboy, NJ Williston Park, NY Computer Science Accounting-Finance Marketing Physical Education Management 451 Sean Logan Anita Lopp Debbie Long Joseph Longobardl Al Lopez . DE . CenterVIlle, OH Dayton, OH Dayton, OH mzmsgiagrawneering West Isllp, NY Pre-medical Music Accounting Technology History Tom Loughran Nancy Lucas Veronica Luersman Emily Luhn Joe Luke Pelhan, NY Sayville, NY Delphos, OH Dayton, OH New City, NY Business Management Special Education Accounting Special Education Marketing Sara Luken Barbara Luksch Ellen Lynch Michael Lyons Nancy Machin West Bend, WI Dayton, OH Chicago, IL West Chester, PA Pittsburgh, PA General Studies Health Education- American Studies Criminal Justice Social Work Physi cal Ed uc ati on 220 Brother David Macove, 0.F.M. Dayton, Ohio Social Work Michele M. Mariscalco Dayton, OH Pre-medical Mike Mannino Brooklyn, NY Chemistry Judy Maurer Emmaus, PA EIementary-Special Education an McClure yton, 0H - mentary Education ' Constance Malfitano Delanco, NJ Di etetics Nancy Marks Kettering, 0H Secretarial Studies Joesph R. Mastandrea Dayton, OH Pre-medical Francis May Chester, PA Accounting Alan McConnell Media, PA Communication Arts Thomas Mallon New City, NY Criminal Justice L-v l Kevin Mart Cincinnati, OH Political Science CheryI Mathy LaGrange, Park, IL Cathleen McAuley North Merrick, NY Chemistry Maureen McCormick Sylvania, 0H Elementary Education Jane Malloy Crown Point, IN Mathematics Mary Kay Martin Collins, OH Physical Education Colette Matray Dayton, OH Elementary Education Rick MECallister Dayton, OH Political Science, Languag es Stuart McCulloch Waynesville, OH Computer Science Wi Iliam Manning Chatham, NJ Broadcasti ng Steven Martin Islip, NY Data Processing Teresa Mattie Parma, OH Communication Arts Patrick McCarthy Dari en, IL Journalism Kathleen McCune Pittsburgh, PA Social Work Paul McDougal Timothy McGann Alice McGarvey Oliver Springs, IN Garden City, NY Chicago, IL Beaver, PA agimgmjjmysu I Political Science Accounting-Finance Criminal Justice Communication Arts 1E Mary Mc Ginty Rhonda McIntosh Columbus, OH Dayton, OH Nanci; llllscKay I:Li25iellgn,cl53nna gfglgfamiKgliI-iney Elementary Education Criminal Justice Fme r Pre-medical Elementary Education 15' ' 53X 2 M " Alred M 2m Ted Mc Laughlinv Patrick Mc Namara Patricia McNaney Mike McNeese elc er Louisville KY RoSemont, PA Wappingers, NY Glen Rock, NJ Dayton, OH Mechanicall Accounting Physical Education Dietetics Psychology Engineering Victoria Meno William Merry Debra Meyer Frjsgzgk Migglns Janet Miller Cincinnati, OH Pittsburgh, PA Ottawa, 0H Aiea Hawaii Delphos, OH Business Accounting Psychology ' Social Work Engineering Susan Miller William Miller Michael Milligan Dave Mills Dorie Mills Dayton, OH Burton, OH West Carrollton, OH Dayton, OH Maple Heights, OH Social Work Sociology Psychology Industrial Engineering Criminal Justice Technology 222 M Mustafa Miqdadi Damas, Syria Mechanical Engineering Steven M. MOntavon Wheelersburg, 0H History Regina Moranz Bala Cynwyd, PA Marketing Margaret Mott Dayton, OH Iementary Education ' "M m. , S4, Gwendolyn Munlin Iatyon, 0H Bio-medical Tech. Catherine Mitchell Cincinnati, OH Fine Arts Margaret Moore Glen Ellyn, IL Communication Arts Michele Morath North Canton, OH Dietetics Judy Mouser Columbus, OH Executive Secretarial Studies D. Murphy Euclid, OH Communication Arts Stephanie Mitrisin Dayton, OH Elementary Education Douglas Moorm an Dayton, OH Accounti ng Charles Moretti Penfield, NY Mechanical Eng. Tech. Vivian Moynihan Toledo, OH Biology Eilleen Murray Farmington Hills, MI Business Robyn Mockadee Dellbrook, 0H Education Marybeth Moran Chagrin Falls, OH Home Economics Karen Morrissey Briarcliff Manor, NY Elementary Education Kirk V. Mudd Dayton, OH Economics John Murray Darnell, OH Computer Science Lauretta Moell Dayton, OH Social Work Maura Moran Cincinnati, OH Mathematics Wanda Morrow Dayton, OH Elementary Education ,xX Thomas Mul laly Hudson, MI Journalism Shei la Murray Columbus, OH K x12 !' Kathleen Narus Erie, PA Sec ondary Educ ation William Nauman Greensburg, PA Communication Arts Kathleen Napier Rochester, NY Social Work Catherine Mushett Angola, IN Psychology Paul New man My-Dien Ngo Nguyen Debora Nichols Mark Nielson Wyc koff, NJ Dayton, OH Dayton, OH Dayton, OH Communication Arts Psychology Elementary Education Electrical Engineering 'x m1 : Steve Nock Timothy Novotny Craig Novak John Novotay Dayton, OH North Olmsted, OH Mingo Junction, OH Avon Lake, OH Political Science Marketing Chemistry Accounting Timothy O'Donoghue Arlington, VA English Donna O'Brien Cleveland, OH English-Communication Arts Wagolo S. Ogado Kenya, East Africa Economics Vince O'Connor Jersey City, NJ General Studies Brian O'Reilly Chevy Chase, MD Civil Engineering Mark Osterday Kettering, 0H Electrical Engineering Technology Karen Orban Xenia, OH Home Economics Teresa Olding Cincinnati, OH Religious Studies 224 Dave Nevel Greenville, OH Electrical Engineering Mary Ann Nock Jamestown, OH Accounting John O'Brian Dayton, OH Communication Arts . Lynette Oiler Dayton, OH Commercial Design A Nancy O'Toole Cincinnati, OH Language-Psycholog Tim O'Toole Liverpool, NY Accounting Joseph G. Parker Dayton, OH Carol Paus Centerville, 0H Accounting James Petrone Princeton, NJ H istory Ian Poland 'ort Redding, NJ riminal Justice lg John Ouska Glenview , IL Accounting g Robert Parker Kettering, 0H Chemistry AV : Sandra Pelfrey Columbus, OH Marketing Richard J. Pfleger Indianapolis, IN Business Marie Polasko Cleveland, OH Biology Michael Palazzolo Cincinnati, OH Computer Science Ann Pater Cincinnati, OH Dietetics Hank Perna Princeton, NJ Mechanical Eng. Tech x, 'fgeV" K James Pignatiello Centerville, 0H Biology Stephen Ponton Pittsburgh, PA General Studies Elaine Palmer Sussex, WI Biology Maureen Pater Fairfield, OH Communication Arts Joe Peters South Xenia, OH Electrical Engineering Elaine Piniazkiewicz Toledo, OH Andrew Pope Mechanicsburg, OH Mechanical Eng. Tech. Frank Palmeri Wayne, NJ Accounting, Finance Teresa Paumier Canton, OH Social Work . Lester Petracca Manhasset, NY Finance, Management Peter Plant Wheaton, MD Art Mary Lou Popik Mentor, OH Social Work 225 226 a2, iii'iiv??.2f"$? Dale Pritchard Luci lle Pucciarelli - Anthony Quick Anthropology- Rocky Riven 0H Pittsburgh, PA 32"fozu'33396" Dayton, OH Engineering Communication Arts y I Chemical Engineering Psycholog Peg Quinn Mark Raimondi Jeffrey Ramus Mary Jane Rasbold Rhonda J. Reck Dayton. OH Indianapolis, IN Detroit, MI King of Prussia, PA Palestine, OH General Studies Mechanical Engineering Pre-medical Chemistry Elementary Education Anne Rejent Mary Renaud Robert Rice - Joyce Riegelmayer Kurt Rinehart Grosse Pointe Farms, MI Lexington, KY Washington, DC Fairview Park, OH Dayton, OH Dietetics Physical Education Business ,. Home Economics Civil Engineering ix. James Rittenhouse Susan Ritter Robert Ritzie James Robbins Mike Robertson Dayton, OH Broadview Heights, OH St. Louis, MO North Ridgeville, OH Toledo, OH Political Science Secretarial Business Chemistry Pre-dental , 3A a Juan Roelofs Anne Romanowski Robert Rohrbach Robin Root Kettering, OH St. Clair Shores, MI Cincinnati, OH Garden City, NJ Xenia, OH Elementary Education Psychology-Social Work Communication Arts Accounting Elementary Educatio Joyce Rosem an Communication Arts Joseph Ruffolo Kettering, OH Political Science Thomas Rye St. Mary's, 0H Engineering Timothy Saunders Dayton, OH Electrical Engineering Kg; 1 illiam Schmittinger arminster, PA usiness JoEllen Ross Ambridge, PA Social Work Virginia Rush Concord, MA Social Work Al Saliwanchik Glenheath, OH Computer Science Charles Scandrick Dayton, OH Social Work Mary Schodorf Wi llard, OH Chemistry Thomas J. Ross Darien, CN Economics Patricia Russell Freeport, Bahamas Chemical Engineering John J. Samu Kettering, OH Accounting ! r William Scheper Fort Mitchell, KY Bus. Management- Marketing 1e Theod ore Sc holtz Matawan, NJ Finance John Rowland Marion, OH Chemical Engineering Christi e Rotham m er Dayton, OH Geology Robert Russell Rosemont, PA Mechanical Engi neering Kevin Rybak Oil City, PA General Studies Nick Santora Rockaway, NY American Studies Matty Santiago Cleveland, OH Communication Arts John Schlechty Fairfield Glade, IN Political Science- History Ellen Schmidt Metuchen, NJ Business Education Kenneth Schoo Louisville, KY Accounting-Finance Lynn Schubel Sewickley, PA Civl Engineering Cathy Schulten Margaret Schulze Betsy Schwalbac Daniel Scopetti Gene Scott Louisville, KY Chicago Heights, IL Louisville, KY Ridgeway, PA Middleburg Heights, OH Geology Dietetics Art Education Accounting Social Work a; 1m W; Susan Sedlak Marilyn Selvaggio Janet Shadions Catherine Shannon Georgene Sirmans Chagrin Falls, OH University Heights, OH Kettering, OH Cincinnati, OH Atlanta, GA Home Economics Comm. Arts, History Criminal Justice Education Elementary Education Sandra Sisco M. Sisk Denise Slanczka Anthony Smith Hilary Smith Dayton, OH Grand Blanc, MI Elgrin, 0H Massapequa, NY Pittsburgh, PA Elementary Education Social Work Biology Communication Arts Special Education , 9;, Kathleen Smith Randall Smith Timothy Smith Jeffrey Smulvotz Perminder Sohuta Holmeel, NJ Norwood, OH Rochester, NY Gibsonia, PA Thika, Kenya Social Work Mathematics Communication Arts Mechanical Engineering Biology Debbie South Mary Spahr Sylvia Sparks Kimberly Spevak Neil Sprague Dayton, 9H Jamestown, OH Dayton, OH West Virginia, IL West Haven, CN Commumcation Arts Chemistry Secretarial Physical Education Puinc Relations- Psychology Valerie Stace Chicago Heights, IL Elementary Education John Stempak Pittsburgh, PA Criminal Justice Susan Striebel Dayton, OH Elementary Education Jan Snyder Media, PA .Elementary Education David Taylor Iayton, 0H lectronic Eng. Tech. Mary Sue Stander Ludlow, KY Mechanical Engineering John Stevens Toledo, OH Accounting Rolland Strong Dayton, OH Business Management Eileen Szeremet Garfield Heights, OH Home Economics Bob Steadley Garfield Heights, OH Accounting Jacalyn Stewart Bronx, NY Journalism Jam es Sullivan Hingha, MA Economics T! Q A ; Bruce Tannahill Kansas City, MO Accounting v John Thacker Wyandanich, NY Communication Arts Richard Tedaldi Crestwood, NY Mechanical Eng. Tech. I Christine Stefanek Middleburg Heights, OH Business Management Michael Stirpe Syracuse, NY Pre-medical Clement Suttman Xenia, OH Marketing, Management Richard Tarquinio Steubenville, 0H Chemistry Ti mothy Thall Westbury , NY Marketi ng Jean Steininger Lebanon, OH Chemistry Mary Strange Batesvi lle, IN Pre-m edical Cathleen Sweeney LaGrange Park, IL Marketing Joseph Tauber Chicago, IL Business Management Debbie Theobald Liberty, IN Elementary Education Daniel Thomas Dayton, OH Criminal Justice Karen Tibbals Montreal , Quebec English Carol Trueman Euclid, OH Fine Arts Bernard Ventvia Scotch Plains, NJ Criminal Justice John Volters Vandalia, OH Business Management 230 Teresa Thomas James Thomas Clairton, PA Commercial Design Joyce Thomas Fairborn, OH Music Education Social Work John Toerner Hamilton, OH Joseph Trapuzzano Washington, PA Stephen Tobia Wappingers Falls, NY Communication Arts Terrence Udovic Cleveland, OH Chemical Engineering Gloria Uckele Maple Shade, NJ Mari Pat Varga Louisville, KY Broadcasting John Villwock Parma Heights, OH Elaine Visokey Pittsburgh, PA Medical Technology Steve Ve Ihoff Civil Engineering Mark Vonderbrink Cincinnati, OH Douglas Wages Fort Jennings, OH Mechanical Engineering Electronic Eng. Tech. uwiiez . Karen Thompson Dayton, OH Accounting Florence Trindl Western Springs, IL Marketing Robert Vellani Columbus, OH American Studies 1! U" x, Thomas Volpe Long Island, NY Business Management $ Janet Wagner Woodbury, NY Social Work , , ' ix Nancy Wahl Lou Ann Waire Kevin Walch Millissa Walker Cynthia Wallitsch Rochester, NY Tiffin, OH Bay Village, 0H St. Clair, MI Greenstgoro, NC Criminal Justice Communication Arts Communication Arts Special Education Marketing, Management a , w , ,, , x, , . ,. x Michael Walsh Lynn Walter Jerald Walters Thomas Warnecke John Ward Kettering, OH Cincinnati, OH Walhonding, OH Wheaton, IL Ft. Wayne, IN Marketing Mathematics Industrial, System Eng. Communication Arts Accounting . AI! , J L Thomas Ward Thomas Weinandy Charles Weinsteger Paul Weisman Eileen Welsh Rainfield, NJ Tiffin, 0H Columbus, OH Dayton, OH Cleveland, OH PSyChOIOQY Electronic Eng. Tech. Philosophy, Rel . Studies Chemical Eng. Physics Robert Weltner Mary Wendeln Jeffery Wendllng Mary Beth Wentzler Paul Wernke Middletown, NJ Dayton, OH Dayton, OH Livingston, NJ Dgyton, OH Accounting Biology , Physical Education General Studies BIology Joan WesteNdOVf Michael Whalen Margaret White Shannon White Daniel Whitmer Dayton, OH Cincinnati, OH Nashville, TN Louisville, KY Kettering, 0H Accounting Dietetics Political Science Pre- Medical 231 1;; x . Pat Wichael John Williams Michele Williams Tyrone Williams Kent Wilson Trotwood, 0H Burgettstown, PA Wheaton, IL Pem berton, NJ Highland, 1N Elementary Education Marketing Elementary Education Communication Arts Business Janice Wise Raymond Woeber Deborah Woll Gwendolyn Wordall Sarah Worman Dayton, OH Springfield, OH Cincinnati, OH Dayton, OH Dayton, OH Psychology Management Elementary Education Marketing Elementary Education ya ' Dorothy Xanos Robert Yendervsiak Roger Young Wesley Young : Tulin Yurdakul Pittsburgh, PA Rochester, NY Dayton, OH Troy, OH Dayton, OH Social Work Civil Engineering Marketing Accounting Chemistry ma Pete Zanoni . Carol Zarycki Anne Zelten Meg Zimmer Kettering! 0H. gozfertdZaghno Fairborn, 0H Middleburg Heights, OH Framingham, MA Civil Engineering e o I Accounting Dietetics Home Economics Mar'ilyn Zimmerman John Zippay Annette Zipple Racheal Zylberberg John Bielefeld Chnstuansburgc 0H Bedford, OH Dearborn, MI Dayton, OH Freeport, NY Home Economics Criminal Justice Pre-medical Biology Electrical Engineerin Tech. 232 Donald Callahan Dayton, OH Eugene Hauser Cincinnati, OH Electronic Eng. Tech. Pamela Long Springfield, OH Communication Arts Robert Spencer Bellbrook, OH John Colceri SyracUse, NY Criminal Justice Joseph Hi lderbrandt Cincinnati, OH Accounting Ei leen Marrinan Dayton, OH X Ron Stamato Clifton, NJ Business Managem ent Maureen Dolan Elmont, NY Criminal Justice Pamela Humbarger Fairborn, 0H Comm. Arts-Religious Studies Steven Petrison Broomhall, PA Managem ent James Tis Saddle Brook, NJ Elementary Education Seth Duell Dayton, OH Mechanical Engineering Kathryn Huth Canton, OH Accounting '14 Sidney Robinson Dayton, OH Regina Walker Dayton, OH Communication Arts William Garrity Cherry Hill, NJ Psychology Paul Kube Paris, OH Electrical Eng. Tech. Gary Sellars Dayton, OH Management Kathy Woodcock Dayton, OH Germ an Student Life, 17 Faculty and Administration, 56 Greeks, 72 Alpha Kappa Psi, 78 Alpha Nu Omega, 81 Delta Gamma Omega, 76 Delta Tau Nu, 79 Delta Upsilon, 76 Epsilon, 76 Epsilon Delta Tau, 80 Gamma Gamma Kappa, 79 Kappa Alpha Psi, 82 Kappa Chi, 79 Lambda Chi Alpha, 77 Lambda Lambda Lambda, 74 Lambda Nu, 74 Omega, 74 Phi Kappa Mu, 75 Phi Sigma Kappa, 81 Rho Rho Rho, 83 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 75 Organizations, 89 A A . A. . . A. . .E., 100 Appalachia Club, 108 Association of Computer Science, 107 Better Communications Club, 90 Biology Club, 105 Boys Club, 103 Bridge Club, 93 Cleveland Club, 103 Commuter Club, 99 Council for Exceptional Children, 102 Cystic Fibrosis Volunteers, 91 Daytonian, 113 Flyer News, 112 Flyerettes, 114 Home Ec Club, 99 I.E.E.E., 114 Interfraternity Council, 111 Joint Council of Engineers, 92 Knights of Columbus, 98 Lambda Alpha Epsilon, 104 Law Association for Women, 98 Marketing Club, 97 Minority Engineers for Advancement, 95 N.S.P.E., 108 Pershing Rifles, 96 Pittsburgh Club, 97 Psi Chi, 108 P.R.S.S.A., 106 Rangers, 102 Shades of Black, 104 Ski Club, 101 Social Work Club, 101 S.A.M., 107 Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 105 Society of Women Engineers, 110 Speech and Debate, 109 Spotlight Productions, 91 Student Alumni Association, 95 Student Association, 92 Student Bar Association, 111 Student Dietic Association, 90 Tau Alpha Pi, 106 Tau Beta Pi, 114 Tutoring Club, 94 U.D. Band, 115 U.D. Swing Singers, 100 Sports, 1 16 Baseball, 160 Football, 124 Hockey, 146 Intramurals, 150 Men's Basketball, 130 Soccer, 118 Volleyball, 138 Women's Basketball, 158 Women's Tennis, 140 Wrestling, 142 Undergrads, 162 Campus South, 176 Founders, 174 Ghetto, 186 Marycrest, 164 Stuart, 170 Seniors, 204 Acknowledgements Thanks to those who worked on Daytonian and supported it throughout the year. Many of the staff members spent extra hours just to produce this 1977 Daytonian for the student body. Faculty and Administration Barb Knox, Staff Editor Martina Byrd Kathy Cauley Patty DeNale Frank Linek Greeks Ray Atkln, Staff Editor Steve Levda, Staff Editor Leeann Oberhelman Cindy Riehl Organizations Tana Hogan, Staff Editor Ed Bonza Barb Kleingers Mary Sletten Sports Rick Spencer, Staff Editor Undergrads Colleen Pro, Staff Editor Deborah Dunson Ann Streck Cindy Wasiloff I would like to give special acknowledgements to Mrs. to Daytonian. Also, Mr. Charles Miller, our Josten's Co. Maureen P. Homan Editor in Chief Seniors John Ackerman, Staff Editor Peggy Tushak, Asst. Staff Editor Donna DalPos Pat Duffy Terri Schaefer Diane Selhorst Shirley Stelzner Bob Vellani Chris Wiese Business Ty Williams, Business Manager Elaine Doong Kevin Smith Photographer Debbie South, Photo Director 1976 Adam Cieslik, Photo Director 1977 John Ackerman Gary Domaleski Dave Nair Mark Wertz Jerry Wolanin John Ackerman, Assistant Editor Diane Fitzharris, Secretary to Editor in Chief Charlene Van Hecke, my Advisor, who devoted many hours representative. Thank you, Maureen P. Homan l MILANO'S PIZZERIA Homemade Hand Rolled Pizza PIZZA -- HOT SUBS - ITALIAN SANDWICHES Atlantic City C 01d Cut Submarines 0n Homemade I talian Bread 50d DELIVERY SERVICE 222-7072 J 1820 BROWN NEAR CAMPUS x NR Io COCKTAILLOUNGE 5323 2a. wood Z . gnnwOODClU D 5;.ml-m-n, .vn M. mm cm: mus 5:00 pm. to 2:30 am. 3W1 mmmm M" SOME OF OUR CLASSROOMS M293-6973- ARENT CLASSROOMS 2414 FAR HILLS j Scholarships, Free Books, Adventure No Obligation, Leadership, Marksmanship Call 229-3326 - Ask about Army ROTC 236 mmmmmmmmmmmu WWWWWWWWWW DOLLARS W CREDIT UNION U S A YOUR CITY. U S A MEMO l: L El. WU LEW: TAKE AWAY EIIHI'E'III'ilFli Service Centers, Automated Tellers, I Good Luck, to the ' ' -c d , . Jutannlmp. ar 3 Graduating class of 1977. Fone-it Loan Service, Life Savings Insurance, From "Your" Student Loan Protection Insurance, And more than 70,000 Shareowners. . . Association Congratulations and I We'd be just like any ordinary bank. But we're not. Think About It! NCR CREDIT UNION 1600 Brown StreeUDayton, Ohio 225-6800 BOOKS FOR ' EVERYONE FICTION DICTIONARIES PSYCHOLOGY ENCYCLOPEDIAS W A ST E We Mail Books Anywhere D l S P O S A L . . . SpeCIalIzmg In CO.. I N C. JEWELRY 0 MUSIC Religious TAPES . RECORDS Books and Bibles BankAmericard4Masler Charge Invited PO- BOX 1453 254 w. rmh Street 3975 WAGONER FORD ROAD Dayton, Ohio 45402 Telephone 461-5160 DAYTON. OHIO 45414 278-9167 237 Compliments of Wan 22x2 .-. - o 'X ' . . 's an wuth R l!!! hIHHI "14 FOLLOW THE CROWD T0 Arby's Dollar for dollar there are no better dinner deals than our dinner deals. y.' a emails Qage FRED CHICKEN Mustesbener WE ARE ALL OVER TOWN! 2me 9m x ,72f1- Kaufman Florist 5040 Linden Avenue Dayton, Ohio 45432 252-5401 Bank Americard and Mastercharge accepted GOOD LUCK GRADUATES University Drugs 1918 Brown Street Phone 223-4293 B 8. 8 Market 1043 Brown Street Groceries, Fresh Meats, Produce Hours: Mon-Sat 7am - 10pm Sun 8am - 10 pm 222-5063 Old Hickory Bar-B-Q Bar-B-Q- Ribs 8: Chicken Two Locations 228-5252 1082 Brown 276-2002 4029 N. Main F SECOND-lI-ME AROUND RECORD 6. Come EXCHANGE H33 BROWN ST. Pizza8z BRING us YOUR Seafood QUALITY USED the Italian one! RECORDS a Comes WE BUY ' SELL TRADE 228-6399 "Best Wishes To The Graduating Class of 1977 . . . The lst Time Around" OCASSANO'S INC. 1970 W5 gnitaff Batten . . . . W5 Smudge Batten PRE'STDENT VICE PRESIDENT ROBERT L BUTLER JEROME V. BUTLER Class of 1942 "The Home of the Dependabl Clussofl949 Hgga 05102725 Of '32: $5P5ncfa5fm SERVING THE MIAMI VALLEY 3m 253' 8871 FOR OVER 25 YEARS HEATING - AIR counmonma 120 SPRINGFIELD ST. 101 E. Stewart St. 228-5776 BIG 6ft. TV Screen OPEN DAILY 11AM - 2:30 AM SUNDAY 12:30 PM - 2:30 AM SUNDAY LIQUOR Congratulations Class of 1977 anited States. Call on our people for job referra rsonal needs, finding friends, continued educati a x 2.; . 9A $3 ' VMQ'V $1ther Q11 . k, y fig . THE UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON BOOKSTORE EXTENDS ITS Congratulations to the Class of 1977 OUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER 225 PARK AVENUE SOUTH NEW YORK, NY. 10003 Preparateur lwill not say to you, "This is the Way; walk in it. .. Forl do not know your way or where the Spirit may call you. It may be to paths I have never trod or ships on the sea leading to unimagined lands afar. Or liaply. to a star! Or yet again Through dark and perilous places rm'ked with pain undfull vffear Your road may lead you far away from me or neUV-r lmimot guess or guide. but only stand aside. Just this I say; Iknow for eucry truth there is a way for each to walk a rightfor . L'thlt tn clumse. a truth to use Aml tliougli you iuanderj'ar. your soul will know that true path when youjind it. 'l'lwrelorv. go! I will fvar nntliing for you day or nightl- I will not grieve at all because your light is mlled by some new name. Truth is the same! It mutters nothing to call it slur or sun ,, All light is one. UNKNOWN You can work in Dayton Walther's World Join a growing, international company with headquarters in Dayton See our Personnel Department We're interested in you. DAYTON-WALTHER CORPORATION 2800 E. River Road Dayton, Ohio 45439 15 298-3135 245 246 Better Building at a Lower Cost, ...for over 60 years. CONSTRUCTION i MANAGEMENT and GENERAL y, CONSTRUCTION - j. I Industrial I Commercial I Institutional I Environmental l ln-Plant I Site DeveIOpment I Heavy 8i Highway I Equipment Rentals OFFICES 1801 E. First Street Dayton. Ohio 45403 i513i 228-1225 ------ u; ..... 2295 Scioto-Harper Drive : ' Columbus. Ohio 43204 i614I 272-6938 2 may, E EIB ?dG- 3. G. DANIS COMPANY he? ngIneere uaity Division of DanIsIndustrIes Corp. ""95 HORLACHER Flowers 919 Alberta Ave 228-2129 Best Wishes To The Class of 1977 And Administration Student Body From Fred Weber, Pres. Weber Jewelers, Inc. DAYTDN CHDP SUEY 1465 E. DOROTHY LANE Next to Fox Kettering Theateri 294-71" 'w'e ogzz o1 'Luwa n: Kepuns 'w'e 17 03, 'w'e n; Aepxaam skep L uado sogugwoq 1e sleaw J0 MamaA 2,10 auo Rue paluas aq 01 s! iuonmqalag uonenpeag V 110817-223 " '18 uWIN W108 9901 sagugwoq SWVITIIN EINOHAJ. OOISHVW 'MSIONVEH 'SHW? 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