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' F 'W X s:, Wm 5, ' " . Q qw '5 rw 'W . lr ' 6 W' S' X . M L 'cv ., gr- jfff ' ' Xu 4 S M- il :FW " u ', 1 -ex, , '35-Q X, 1 Q -.N . . :wx FASV? f .5319 xxx My -im ,X 1 W 'O - .,-X ,X X N ' f 'lf , AE Er '6 ' ' - A 1- . ' V JJ -. x. I E '. 4. . -I-X U , ! r. 1 L. 7, 'f 5. F L, F E I 13" ev 9 Q' i H, .V -- QI . ,.-- 5 I 4 , N31 Q Q W . .?! 1 .new 4 mm gtg?-IS5:bi..'f:.., , ' A .-rw. '23 - Aigilgi. .l V ' 0-yiffv' , '..L:j,Q-VM rfb , Qfgw V .W .3-xyevpq 3, , ,N ,L A 'yd 'i?P44,yy -:!g33,f N V K. Sf., b Z- -.5 5' ' f I f --vw -JA- - ' , , J-.-1-15 7 f' -Q5 . , "f"5f' . ,, .,v , . . ,FEIN I, A4-,QQ , ' ff' , 'X .F ,157 -X. . J ' - M'M . ' .V H Y . 1? vm, , . ' ,. '19, M MM U35 GPDIEQCBANUTZALEUCCBDYISS A UWUFUES UN c o ' .mfg o Ai' QF IEA fb , Q, I I 44: xl . ,gg 'Q 4 .qi rw - ,:l'1FN , ,Nl 4 1 . v 9, . 'J U Q ENV U r? U ! U ! mmiaqeairi wn JJQQGQHQY7 S li m ! U mr s E Q4 'I 352, xv O ww rf P, 2 N 3 I F a dis O' '- S.. 9? Ei. L gf if .arf - fm R Q O gm! Hb I Yew 5? 'UQ N Wx k X ,Sy -nal' f"'x 4 H. N gm N Q i L , 'Y in: ' a M' Hur wsu Ha. L w a. a C410 X x 'QQ-9 X , N951- x , 103 ' .N 1, . 'Q Kg. 5 QM vm--N' wx' R. . ff-""""W pk OUR LADY OF CAREY SEMINARY, CAREY, OHIO 3 4 I Fourteen Franciscan Friars took their places among the 1962 graduates of the University of Dayton in commencement exercises held at the University last June. The fourteen Friars comprised the third graduation class of Conventual Franciscans to grad- uate from the University of Dayton since the affiliation, in 1956. of Our Lady of Carey Semi- nary with the Arts curriculum of the University of Dayton. Franciscan Friars of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual prepare for apostolate careers in the Priesthood and Brotherhood in fields of foreign and home missions, preaching, college and high school teaching, parishes, hospital and prison chaplaincies, armed forces, radio and television. Our Lady of Carey Seminary is the college division of the seminary system of the Conventual Franciscan Province of Our Lady of Consolation. Prior to the college years at Carey, the Friars spend four years of intensified high school training at Mt. St. Francis Seminary in southern Indiana, and one year of extensive religious training at St. Anthony Novitiate, Auburn, Indiana. Upon graduation from the University of Dayton and the reception of the degree of Bachelor of Arts, the majority of the Friars are sent to Assumption Seminary, Chaska, Minnesota, where they pursue four years of study in Theology, after which they receive the degree of Master of Arts and are ordained to the priesthood. Some of the Friars, however, take their theological studies in Europe, either in Rome at the Collegio Serafico, the International College of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual, or in Fribourg, Switzerland, at the International Catholic Univer- sity of Fribourg, or in Louvain. Belgium. at the University of Louvain. The present enrollment in the school of Philosophy of Our Lady of Carey Seminary is forty- four. In addition to their normal courses of study fthe Friars major in Philosophy and minor in Education and Historyl there are numerous other extra-curricular activities. Speech and Drama organization is devoted to the production and dissemination of good dram-a and musical entertainment. During the past several years Speech and Drama has been active in presenting plays and other entertainment for the benefit of many high schools and civic groups in Ohio. The Radio Corps, licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, operates an amateur radio station from the seminary premises and at the present time is making preparations for the installation of a commercial FM station. As field experience in conjunction with the Education department, the Friars spend some time each weekend teaching Christian Doctrine courses to many of the area children. The Language Institute is comprised of individuals wishing to group together during the summer months and other free periods during the scholastic year to learn various foreign lan- guages through group study. At the present time the Language Institute is engaged in the study of Advanced Latin, Advanced French, Spanish, Italian, and German. In the Music Department of the Seminary are the Friars Choir, the Glee Club, and a small orchestra. The Friars Choir has become increasingly in demand for public appearances in con- junction with religious and civic events as well as for radio and television work. Carey, Ohio, is the home of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation. Each year tens of thousands of pilgrims come to visit the Shrine. especially during the summer months. From a close spiritual and geographical association with the Shrine, the Friars of Our Lady of Carey College provide many services for the Shrine and its pilgrims. A fully equipped Photography Department provides material for public relations purposes, art work, and portrait work. Founded in 1936, Our Lady of Carey Seminary celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 1961. With the notable progress that has come through its affiliation with the University of Dayton, the Seminary looks forward to even greater progress in the years to come. r ' Q .o'. 'Z 0. DAYTON ART INSTIT TE Na.. ir ll H. Q 1"-'lun-. , O xx i . + me is ' . 'AY -I 25.1 DAYTO , OHIO The Dayton Art Institute. next to Mount Saint John. is the best known affiliated school of the University. The Art School of the Dayton Art Institute was founded in 1919. concurrently with the Art Museum of the Institute. The principles of the Institute School as stated by its director. Thomas C. Colt. Jr.. are: "An art school must teach. first. materials. tech- niques, and methods. It should provide perspec- tive:-a contact with art history and the tra- ditions. bearing in mind on the one hand that there is little that is strictly "new": on the other that a work of art at its moment of completion becomes a part of the past. And ultimately. in the field of visual arts, it must cultivate the aware and sensitive eye. The Art School of the Dayton Art Institute believes that. for most art students after high school, four years of primary studio experience is necessary to pre- pare them for a constructive and resourceful role in American societyf' : R n-qq---f Men, . ,. - -:.-1 . , MY fa -A -V 4-1-K f ,il ' 2 .,.v:4T--- ' n Q NMR? . 4 '- -.f- -f-,'-f+1."'.,--1- -:':f'3 -, x QW- 't...,1, MW. W Vg-,.R.n.:k?..,--- A-v-rvx -. . g 5 - Ts. ...I Ami.. l--S-'AT"" ' is-ffl, ,,,. e-.WT - 44.5-,....g -n-.---f-'7""" 'R-s:QH h ,Mug MM x Wm. wy-- ..,,,x,....., A A 5 'M-i A --H ,,,-1.-.,,- .. V x. Nan.. - AX.. " " .-...-.-vu... ,, .-sh., :5 A -, .A . , x , V ,- ww - ' , A "W - 1 , M.. -1 ' ""'."""g V-1' A A V -V B YY Avg , ,gymN,...., . .. 7.5.-V-.--M A" -5--7-5-'4 ' .X ,,-W .. .N W ..,.-...... , wus. ,KA ,A ,X ..., . . A M M--L ,,,,YW,,, V.- Ly. .x ,---.-, , ,-. ,-, , ., ..---- , , i Q -'--"""L", "MW " ' Q A' "..,f M x -W M-,QA ,Lv , , ,,,...4.. ,...,. -V-V -- ' '4' ij", 'Q' ',1.2w.,., ,, , ,, J- M ..-L.. --w.,,,- .---K -- f . Q. x- ., -,.,a.. . , -4... .V V . - --v - '-'-- - rf' "'f-- " ' ' ' 4- H Y, ,-,,,,,,. ,. -V,,.,...,, , ,A,, - - ., x -vm . .AM ,.-- -,g..L,..- .. 5. S:...... 1. . Mm.. -Q ' M--7 .. H .V Q.. A- V-.. I2 .NW , Xi :y QA Q jr if MoUNT SAI T Jon worth itself must be got in violence llll MARIANI ST CoLLEGE wrenching of self. and horn into the new life of its other self. This happens in all things. as I said. All things then are forges. Some time ago, that seems so short if we were to mark them in the snow were thrust into a new forge raw uneulled clean metal to he formed and shaped into their better selves, made strong. become alloys with her. There in the forge the flames played round the Lilliputian crags and melted them away. Then what was needed was a hammer. Pounding heavy hammer. Thrust hack into the flames until it seemed as if they would ignite the world because of themselves and her. More Hammer. More pounding until they took shape. They glowed. Rich and full in the new. higher life for which they threw themselves in they glowed with. The time had almost come when they could the forge. Anointed and shaped they were withdrawn now to be honed. and ground, hollowed and filled. Sharp multi-faceted keen edges. And they were one with all the other tools, all other edges: all the other ever old, ever new Chaminades. Vlfithdrawn but for a time from the womb of the forge they watched the ashes of themselves fall through the grate. They open the flue, and are ready for her hand, sharp keen ready filled consecrated Marianists. By Bro. Michael Morris, SM. leave , .---" .19 ,,,,,... ...W """" c, fi 2..- ----W ' ., P, 5 B - -.i'ffi-fa-' - es- - g ' A ,'. Ni EQ ' f L . , . . L ' 'T .'- f' .. 'X 'vig V ,I 1 . ' - " , wvfv""' ',,-- 3 fss+, x. t,r .N Q?T'7"1"f W1 . - -st sf' 'Sf e st: sm - 3599 f-gs- ff '31-?tm+13-tw, . -Q eggs. its-ff Sagas N HMT ' V i is " iS'iJiN " :s5 .- Q qi ,. ' SAINT CHARLES SEMINARY C RTHAGEN OHIO Saint Charles Seminary is conducted by priests of the Society of the Precious Blood in affiliation with the University of Dayton. Con- tinuous growth of the Seminary needs caused the Society to move many times. finally settling in Carthagena. Ohio. The 1800's saw two buildings erected to house the Seminary. In 1922 the present home of the Seminary was dedicated. Saint Charles Seminary. as an institution of higher learning, has for its chief purpose the preparation of members of the Society of the Precious Blood. The Society Fathers serve parishes as pastors and assistants. conduct schools. and act as chaplains in various types of institutions. Activities. other than studies. that the Semi- narians participate in. are administrative, re- ligious, and athletic endeavors. The Seminar- ians have their own student government to help them more fully understand the relation- ship of man to man. The Seminarians also write. edit, and publish their own annual review and monthly campus newspaper. Comparable to our own U.D. Players, are the Carlton Players of Saint Charles. For the Seminarians who have a musical aptitude, there is the Glee Club and Band. Intramural sports close out the extra- curricular activities of the seminarians. The Division of Arts of Saint Charles Semi- nary was established in September, 1949, as a division fupper levell of the College of Arts and Science of the University of Dayton. The graduates received a Bachelor of Arts in Phi- losophy Degree. Graduation for the Seminar- ians takes place at our June Graduation Exer- cises. This year 13 Seminarians received de- grees from the University. 'ff-ev 'fix 4"""' W' 'Ha-..., -an "' x , ' W a. . 1 , .-Q"-, 4 Vai, l-'fn ,X "9 f-Q' yn ,.v. 'T Q J Q n A gg 4 ff 1? 0 ,,'.-. " .ri'q, '55 X -"4" 7 4. 1 . V f 3' c r" -'Iv l N ' A 24 4R"' I .lx fm ' , M -. V I. fn - ,vu .ui . .7 - v,N, M. . K 'PD - it Q. If 10, ,qv -9' E . Y 5 Q, 141- 2':,, f 1' 45 A-Y' ' . , I ' Ah a ' 'WL uf' -.Sw . . .1 ,1, Y ,zh 1 'q u D, " :' 44 b 73: ' , i- x , ' , ' ' ' , .3 .,f--e+1. :-f..- rm ' f f '- .1 ' Q . Q 'A :.1.-5: . L, . . . -Q . I- .,,. . ,,-, Lx .-, , 3 1' . . ' N f- -f- - I R, f . . kv- 3 Q"! .v.".- In 'Q 1 ' ,' ' ' A - ,. Q, ' c 1 xl nf.. . if A-4, 'V M If 4' 0 , . ,. If e- 1 Q P f ,f',kN ai' ',"r 'J f -qs' ' '44 3 1-2' L a A - ' ' f' -0 . xdrfl I ' :Law 1'9" - ' A F "- A Q - .. . ' ' .Q H ' ff -2, ., - ,gr - ik, , 4, I f A AA I. . If I V-.ff . Lf 14. -11-..,',. -Q,-f ,fi 1 I ' 1 5,3 ' , A35 I ' .xr'- 1 1 -'MA .Q DQ. , u ,' ' ' ' -'M N. 4 r IA, , 451 .. . in A- lx. Fig- -.'- S4- S.. ., '- I ff Q? -' -' . . - A l , 3... 3. .1A'i,'-N.. - "W " vii- 4. It 5 f 4. 1 E I3 X -. '-'-s.1-.-.1g.f-- , ,. in 5iv?'+i'.4 ' 1 11117-f '5,::"f:T'si' .f--ld P 'Jfh-4 .,.J.:5,-3-V L- ' Y' 1.31 JV- 'rtgenu V Y 1 .1 '4x9+- vrff- - V "J -7- f . D g'i3'e1':-24 -'11 p-1V'-Q'9fi.1zv'..,'k- R "' ' ' -' ,z..,-,,if:f,3g,pg.s..?,1.- - 2,7-y.- M wav. ,. , - .3 ,, 1-'-j1,5f, ,gy--'.f5-v. ff-v4ff"g.. -,zfg--',A ,Y A , - ..,,- ' -' ig-,,7:.n':'Z,--1-: I 7- 1- "-- -1 if--g:"7'fv -'- L. --'.'-. " -9 ' - 1 "'-"' '- .--. : ' V, mia . , A . . , -n, -ia,-,."'a":.w .+1f'4-fs5q.:.' -, . -sa, . A - vw- . '- Q' ' .icfifv-,2.',,f g5if:J1-4:92 f . A ' - "' ' ' ' :JJ - -. , ZL'-FM . ,K L:L,f.3r-.Ku 4A,A.iz -7 , Y .7. ,yr . . A "-1421:-f f . 'Si w A DMM N JIISWJFJIBKQ JMU MQDN "That what we have we prize not the worth While we enjoy it, hut being lack'd and lost. Why, then we rack the value. then we find The virtue that possesaion would not show Uh Wfhile it was ours." William Shakespeare Tfft 'Nr' REVEREND THOMAS STANLEY, S.M. Dean of the University THE REVEREND RAYMOND A. ROESCH, S.M President of the University REVEREND GEORGE B. BARRETT, S.M. Vice President ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Scared: He-xg llmrgc ll, lhrrclt, Rm. Rdynwnal X. Rm-N4-I1 llllmirmunlz Rm, Clmrlr-Q I,, Cnllinsg glmzdingg Bro. FraIlCiS .l. Perko, Bro, Austin ,I. H01 n Bro. Elmer Lackner. RL-v, TlI0HlLlQ Slunlvy. Urn, lmuii .l. Fuvrlngr. Rev. Charles L. Collins, SM. Dean of Students Bro. Elmer Lackner, SM. Brff. Fr-lrlvif .l. l'1'rlw. 5 .-lssistmzl Io the Pff'.YI.dCHf in 111151-IIPSS :llunugcr Public Relations Mr. I. H. Jones Mr. Merle P. Smith Mr. Louis Wozar Treasurer Secretary Vice President . X . X 5 E3 . . Q X5 X . ,ig-is 1 :NA ' ' I Mr. Stanley C. Allyn Mr. Edwin G. Becker Mr. James M. Cox. Jr. Mr. Harry F. Finke, Sr. Mr. William Kuntz Mr. Herman C. Lehman Mr. Kenneth C. Long Mr. Eugene A. Mayl Q.-41' ,ggi Reverend James M. Darby, S.M, Reverend Raymond A. Ros-sch, Brother Francis J. Perko, S.M. 20 S.M. ASSOCIATE BO RD L Y TRUSTEES Mr. Milferd A. Spayd President fax, of-an--4" wav' Mr. Samuvl L. Finn Mr, Huber W. Gillauglx llr. Clan-nvv H. Co-ig!-1' Dr. Carroll A. Hovlmult di! thaw Mr. Robert Oc-lmuu Mr. Louis F. Polk Dr. Wullf-r A. Hn-iling Mr. David L. Rilie 'Ll-HN Mr. Mason Roberts Mr. James M, Stuart Mr. Dwight E. Young ST UDE T WELFARE CUUNCIL Bro. Stephen I. She-ehy, SM. Dean of Men .-,, 191 'GW' Miss R. Kathleen Whetro Dean of Women fx ATN .gil ,. ,fak- Senled: Rev. ,Inhn C. Dickson, Rev. Charles L, Collins, Rev. George B. Barrett fChairmanl, Bro. Stephen I. Sheehy, Miss Kathleen Whetrog standing: Bro. Marlin Iirewi. llr. Charles H. Scheidlvr, Bro. Joseph J. Mervar. -Qi? Br.,-. Joseph N. Cunoannon. SM. Bw, Nlgrtin M, Brewi, S,M, Mrs. Freda Hussong Sl1Pf'f1f-VW 51- fU5PPh5 H1111 Superrisor, University Hall Assistant Dean of Women if i Wi :Q- 'gixi ' . .- 1Ta5.i.'..2f' : gfq 1 Q r 3 CADE IC ff.. 1 i COUNCHJ Bm. Jofcpli J. Mermr, SBI. Rm. l'.iul ,l. Wugii-fr. SKI. Dirertor, Ezening rind Summer Sesgions llirwtur ul .-lflmzxszons .V -' 'W ..-'gl , fi ,Av rn B :E Q f 53 5 5 4? wx Seated: Rev. John A. Elbert, Rev. TllOl'llJ5 .-X. Stanley lclldlfllhllll. llw. Jnlin .I. Du-nip: hlllflfiliflgf Bm. lfwnurll L. Mann, Dr. Hilary H. Belli, Mr. Donald C. Metz, Dr. Maurice R. Cruney, Bro. .losepli J. Xlviwqiix E M Mr. Robert E, Dunovan Miss Mary Tuite Mr. William Beaumunt Assistant Direclor of Evening Classes Assistant Director of Admissions .-lxsistfzzzt I0 Dean of fllen 23 GRADUATE BOARD OF ARTS AND SCIE CES A Mr. .Iunms E. Gallic-U .'4S.Si.iillllf lo lllf' Director of A1l'rr1ixs1ons Mr. John B. Steinhrueg e Associate Director of Speriulized Educatzorlal Services X., :- Nwzfwl: Re-v, Juhn .-X. Elin-rl 'Ch1liI'lIli.ll'l,Q sllzrzding: Bro. Louis J. Fucrber, Dr. Maurice R. Grancy. J Mr. George C. Bic-rsack Miss Mary P. Donisi 24 Director, Educatirinal Telerision Direclor, Reading Center Mr. Mason C. Benner Director all DPl'Pl0lIU1EI1I Sen1vr1': Bro. Joseph J. If PUBLIC RELATIONS COUNCIL Mr. Rivlmld BI-Imvll Dirwtur of Gwzvrul l'111fliC1'tm .V , ag, KX 4' Ts- LX W ' 3' NMR? ' W' ' X Mervarg Slllllfllfflgf Dr. Maurice R. Graney. Mr. Nhsnn Benner, Um. Elmvr Lackner 4Cl1airmanP. Miss Mary Shay Miss Sarah E. Keyes Alumni Secremrux Supervisor of Clerical Personnel 25 :, . Mr. Jwlm H. XYL'bf1'1'Jll'idC Dr. Edward J. Fresh ll1'rm'1or of ilu' Ilmmrrlx Institute .4S50Cl'!lft' Direvlor. Rvsvurch Inslilute ,493 ,.-- Swami: Mr. John H. We-u-rlrcidv, Bro. Austin J. Holian 4Cl1uirmanP, Bro. Francis J. Perkog standing: Bro. Leonard A. Mann, Dr. Maurice R. Graney Urn. Jfllnvr I.:1Cknr-r. ' ,,.,....-...qw 5 .. Q. ,,.,,,.,v.aKav RESEARCH COUNCIL Mr. Cl'I'dI'Ll E. Busch Mr. Robert R. L-uthman I . Assislunl lu the llirvclor of llw Rvseurch Inslilute Director, Special Projects Drurszon 26 N N if Mr. Harry C. llnniun :xII'.Al1lS1'ITll Xlvlnluglllin filfzlvlzi' Ilirvrlur Direrlor 01 Spurrs Pzzlflicilx 'TLT First row: Bro. Elmer Lucknor, Dr. George Rau, Robert B. O'Donnell, Fr. Charles L. Collins fChe1irmunP5 second row: Arthur Scurpelli, .lumes Lu- Vanche, Bro. Stephen Sheelly, james Finke, George Springer, llr. Arthur Bok, ,luck Zimmerman: third row: john Chaney, Gerald Busch, Capt. Wm. Herlihy, Charles Crigehy. Joseph Bosshart. -'f'5'Qf'x ge Mr. Henry L. Ferrazza Rev. Charles L. Collins, SM. Assistant Professor of ,4dmini5trali1'e Director of .4lf1lc'IiC5 Physical Erlurulion ATHLETIC BOARD 27 iii. N... . .xw'+.a,5 .xhgd V . " NL, 1 . 'Ai kv M. , 'J' 'ifiif' Mr. Gerald Vonderbrink Bro. William D. Busch, S.M. Comptroller TVCUSUVPV -sq X X iw- Sealed: Bro. James H. .Kline, Bro. William D. Busch, Bro. Francis J. Perko CChairman!, Bro. William A. Bruggemzmg standing: Bro. Joseph H. Mohr- haus, Bro. Austm J. Holxan. Mr. Paul C. Michel Bro. James H. Kline, S.M. Assistant to Business Manager Purchasing Agent FINANCE SERVICE COUNCIL STUDENT PERSONNEL SERVICE I . Rev. John G. Dickson, SM. Chaplain of the frzizersiiy E N, R.-v. William J. cm, Su. 1 Chaplain. St. fosejilfx Hull - ff jf X . , I -' 'K ' 'W 'iiifffki x - ,.,., ,ll ff f . 15 . , If . 5 L was QS gg..-5 - E we .,-I Q A X 51111: NES-los Fifi-fQifg.E Ur. EliWLlI'4l W. H.1rkvnrisIa-r K lfounsrlor ,lor Foreign Slzzrienls i Rev. Edwin J. WelJer. 5.11. Chaplain, Unirersitlx Hall I P 9 ai' Y Rev. Andrew L. Seebold, SM. . Adnzini.Strar1'z'e Director of , the Czziilnncv Cvnlvr Mr. Lloyd A. Rensel Dr. Charles H. Scheidler Director of Testing Service Director of Psychological Serzices 29 1 Lg I Q ii' s "WS--nb' lg1'0Il'16l' .luhn .l. Ura-rup. SH. Registrar Brother Walter X. R1-tm-lt. 5.31. Direflor of Liliruries ,SPX fs'-A 'fl lk 3 Brother Austin J. Holian, 5.11. Superzisur of Major -- t , Conslrurtion and Alteration cm-S Brother George W. Nagel. SM. Chairman of Financial Aid QS? Brother Francis A. Deibel, SM. Circulation and Departmental Libraries Reverend Philip Hof-lle, SM. Director, Marian Library Sister Mary Pc-lagia, M.S.C. Education Curriculum Library X if 5 me 5351, 5532.115 - Af-ii Wiifiz X ,-'Q,15l'x 9 - , ,A,., .A. , x ., , A Brother George N. Nlukils, SM. ,1ll1I7IIg6f, Bowl: .Store Ei 4, - Brother Paul Omlor. SM. Manager, Arcade Lzmrlzeonelle W, .K lm r F1 mum N hum N Im lfmlz NI1 Rnrnond Ll: men 1 una r ffm! Ifmzpzu fllftfffflll -4 Brother John Verder, SM. Cataloguer Brother Edward Prm-lmfku, SM Direflur of Building: Mr. Paul Cordon Szzperzisor of fjrazmds gm Ay,A,l,,1d Klug. 531, Dr. Richard Schneble l'UXll71ll5lf'f Health CCHNEV Mr. Harlan Judd Direclor of Velerun Affairs Xxs -"N vi , Mrs. 0. L. Krupf Mrs. Joseph Unger SFCVPIIIVIB ro the Prexizlvrrl Sllldeflf Union Counselor ff ar' LV -f 'CSP ' o ,- , t ., 1 Q 'li , Q 5 Mrs. Roberta Huxlable Mrs. Violet Sullivan Miss Katherine Angst Mrs. Mary Alice Fenelon Swfrwlfzry to Dum ol Secrelary to Dean of Secretary, Vice President Secretary to Dean of lfnziersily Studenls Graduate School MILITARY STAFF gilb- N C01- Casper Clough Maj. Jamea Rainey Professor of .llilitary Science Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Morris Cannon Lawrence Clardy William Herliliy Ct-Urge' Nolwle Robert Ragain Paul Rizzo Capt. Capt. Capt. Sgt. Maj. M!Sgt. Robert Sampson Thomas Smith James Whitmore .lease Vice Walter Fedkow MfSgt. SFC Sgr. Sgr. Sgr. Sgr. Charles Pierce Jackie .lohannpeter Ralph Jones Vicente Martinez Clyde Miller Virgil Perry 33 Q Q H xi 1 1 ff 4, ,In , an-K I ,gp M M 2, 4 K w 4-if Q -Epwxr 2 A4.-iii? WY- Mvff X Q , kif9,.1a:,1m,c,g :sh J in 7 N rf , 41 W2 . filki- -, - b1'2J.7'64'.f -, :?ff:f5E'?:".-5? 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Each man has some part to play: The past and the Future are nothing In the face of the stern To-day." Adelaide A. Procter ARTS AND SCIENCE .IUNIORS 96 'S I WONDER IF lT'S GOING TO EXPLODE? Lefl to right, row orze: Pete Swet, Carol Wagner, Tony Pepitone, Alice Vogel, .lim Thesingg row two: ,lack Meagher, Donald Quigley: row three: Michael Angelo, Mike McTeague, .lim Ganea, Joseph Adler, .Ierry Handorf, Frank Reda, Leo Reuse. ARTS DEPARTMENTAL HEADS I xi Ji - A GN. F Bro. Albert II. Rose. Wilfred J. Steiner Robert L. Noland, Maurice R. Reichard, Rev. Edmund L. SKI.. NIS. Ph.D. MA. MA. Rhodes. SM., S.T.L. Politfofrf Scivnce Hislorlx Psychology ,11u5jC Philosophy Edward A. Huth, Rev. Adrian J. Bro. John R. Perz, Bro. Cletus Chudd, Ann Franklin, M.S Ph.D. McCarthy, SM., Ph,D. SM., Ph.D. S.lVI., Ph.D. Nursing Sociology English Languages Chemistry 36 S.M., Ph.D. Dean, College of Arts and Science wwf REV. MATTHEW F. KOHMESCHER, S.M., M.A. Associate Dean SCIENCE DEPARTMENTAL HEADS B P . aul Machowicz, Elizabeth Payne, M.S. Bro. Thomas A. Kenneth C. Schraut, George H. Spr g S.M., Ph.D. Home Economics Schick, S.M., M.Ed. Ph.D. M.A. Biology Physics Mathematics Geology BRO. LEONARD A. MANN, ARTS FACULTY . . . 1 Richard Baker, Ph.D. Clarence H. Baxter, Rev. Charles C. Ewing E. Gerard Bedard, M.A Philosophy Jr.. A.M. Bloemer, S.M., M.A. Beauregard, M.A. Philosophy Speech Philosophy History Bro. Lawrence L. Boll, Edward Burroughs, Bud T. Cochran, M.A. Rev. William .l. Cole. Rev. John Dickson. Joseph Dieska. Ph.D SKI., Ph.D. M.A. English S.fNI,. S.T.D. 5,M,, Ph,D, Philosophy Englixh Ar! Theology Theology w 5 Philip D. Doherty, Rocco Nl. Donalelli, Rev. James E. Rev. Richard J. BTU' L91'0Y Eid, S-M ASI. M.A. Donnelly, SM., A.B. Dombro, S.M., Ph.D. M-A- Hislory History English Philosophy Hi-9f0f,V 'Lf Rev. ,lohn A. Elbert, Bro. John F. Emling, SBI., Ph.lJ. SM., Ed.D. Philosophy Educozion 38 l ll James B. Fisher English James Geyer, B.S. Patrick S. Gilvary, Edward Harkenrider Speech B,S, Ph.D. Speech Philosophy John Hickey, MA. Rev. Philip Hoelle. James Hurl.-5, MA. Philosophy SM.. Ph.D. Poliliuzl Stience The-alogrx Bro. George Kohles, Rev. Matthew F. Patricia B. Labadie. SM., M.A. Kohmeschffr, SM., HA. English MA. English Theology ,.,, . V I l. .V Rm. john Kelley. Edwin R. King. MA. SAI., Ph.D. Hisfgrvy Tlzeologlt if fl Fr. Edwin M. Bro. Richard A. Raymond J. Mnras, Lvimkuhlq-r, SKIN Liobler. SM., MA. Ph.D. M.A, Political Srienre Hislory Theology A-f Joseph Moylan, Ph,D, Bro. George McKenzie, Rev. Lawrence W. Raymond Mullins, Lorraine II. Murphy, Psychology SM., M.A. Monheim, SM., M..-N. M.A. BA. Language Theology Speech English Robert B. O'Donne-ll, Harold Petipas. Ph.D. Helen S. Peterson, Ph.D. English MS. English English Antos C. Rancurello, Kluru Re-yst, Ph.D. Harry J. Rougic-r, MA. Ph.D. Language English Psirlzology 39 I,,JWl't'llf't' Ruff, NIA. Bro. Cc-urge .l. Ruppvl. Charles H. Scllcidler, Be-rterli Shattuck, Walter Sory, LLM. E1 K, S k ea.n0re toc um Engfmh SM., Ph.D. Pl1.D. Ph.D. Languages MHA. History Psy clwlogy Languages English ARTS AND SCIENCE JU IOR f - is . - . A ff is .- R'-,N A Q na sei QQSN2 -A 'ff A pl -A -- Q-., mth -5 s l A i iii? Cu N535 S f NA A Q XY W I 35" A J 4,-L1 .fs sung WSJ' - wi 4' , BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THESE NOTORIOUS C . . . ,Xnilu Amato, Hiram Crawford, Michael Laplunte, Dave Welker, Bill Bolme, Paul Buzz-Buzz. RIMINALS FOR THEY ARE ARMED AND DANGEROUS. Left lo right: Obsifer Bob, Sue Rnchle, 40 Q.. Bro Norbert -X Sturm Gerard Sullnan QNI Jams- A Nummer Lawrence E T3 Bllllfn WCJWCI' REV Edwin Weber N NI NI A Ph D Ph D NI Mus NI 'NIU 5 X U A Enblzsh Lfinbunbes Phzlosophv Ullslf' ULISIC Thf'0,0.:-V Y . . . 1 il? 'Wm Dah QQ -1-1-..,.m..,,.ff QW .sg nf YEAH IM A THIINKIING NI-KN S0 WH-XT? Left to rzbhl Chuck Campolo 'Vel on 'Nlartm John Harm Dave Dryden 'Y Q .1 vaQv A 0' ., ,, K' 3 f ex M: 'X Q H- fl' A K u ' 'di,.,., . A P - S 4 R 1.5 ARTS AND SCIENCE SOPHU ORES ga. l +A - 10 .-fv""' , ..,. .,.,. ....,..,....,......,..,.--.-- . W5 w , N . i I HOPE THE WINDOWS IN MARYCREST ARE THE SAME SIZE! Left to right: Tom Sammon, John Bourne, Ken Knisely, Andrew Veres, Rick Campbell, Ihrhura Schumacher, Diana Angnes, Cathy Sherry, Anne Belanger, Sue Rudig. Kathy Horvath, .loan Helmes. 'Nr NY,- lf... Bro. Louis Weber, James W:-ir, NIA. Kathleen Wire-tru, Veryl L. Zach, M.Mus. Sarah A. Zimmerman, David D. Cote, M.A. SM.. IIA. Soviologyx MA. Music M.A. English Art English English 42 SOl3HlBTlff.XTEll FOPl'l0Nl0REF'f? lmlf lo right. mu uno: llwnio Youll FI:-vo Ynn H1-ilk'-. , Xlvrglvig ron' Izzo: l'iX lin-1111-ir. Miki- Frll.lI1g1.l THl'4'4rl Briling. Fliirl-Ay Fvlinollll-. XY. ,l. ll-Flllllldll, ,li'll'f XX-llHlll'1'lf, .lnliv Krnnim: in lflr' nw: l..i11x Ihr-mi, RTS AND SCIENCE FRESHME L I 5 i x V ii d ,L -5 L ,.WT1m,.T, , fit' -S 've .hs 155 CHARGE!!! Left la rielil. ron' one: Bill Blu-I. Ron Cliiunvone. Javk Sargent, Sandy lletzdorf. Lynn johnson. Be-tty .lu Sa-gkfimlor, ji,-1 Rnyinonrl Arthur Soinski, .Peter ilcxulty. ,lolin Frnnkog mn' tivo: Xlurijune Milburn, Howard lwsup, Lynn ,Xugsluurgf-r, Bnrlirirn Uigfar, ,liminy Nlrnxluvci, Ellen Murphy. Mike Hopkinb. Pat Kramvr, Kathy Courtney. Tom Morrissey, Mary Nlvkllixterz ron' threw: Kon Klarc-ioiumfki. .lrllllvr Mflirillv. Kaye Kiflml. Bill Swartz, Carole Ning, Dolores Deniedy, Kris Sr-norr: mm jour: Stanley Kocot, Put Gammons. Daw Bayard, Miki- Farrell, George Conn-r. Pliil Thom- , as, Ed Konys. Bill Cartland. Br'L'JiJlLlII'l Martin, PILD. P115 Sl-US Bm. William Bc-llmer. SM., MA. Jlf1t11s'r11f11i1'5 NI.l1'Ill.l Y. Bernhard. KI..-X. Hume Emrzunzifs just-ph Bt,-sQl1art. MA. 1111111 vnzczlivs Fredrick J. BUl,'L'JlK'. PILD. Plzjsifs Brfv. Joseph N. Crmcurmllort, SM., Biofugj' Homer X. Curyrll, PILD. GFUll7gil' Martinus H. H. Esser, Ph.D. .JI11themf1I1'f5 Sylvester Eveslage. Ph.D. Cfherrzislry Peter J. Faso, MS. Biology Bro. George Geisler. SM., B.S. ChBVI1f5ff'1 Ph.D. Bro, Nlichael Crandy, SM., Ph.D. P113 55155 Kathryn H, Cray. AB. Geology Dwrflthy .-X. Haskin. KLA. f.'f1P1111.s!rVx Rtiflllltlld G. Hitalmer, 31.5. Plzysivs D.1nit-1 Higgins. Pl1.D. Biology Mary E. Hwrrigun, KIA. ,Yzzmuzg Iunvrrrnmf A. Jvlm, MSC. .JlllIl1t'II1llff4'X Brw. Rudd .-X. July, SM., MS. Bffllifgj' Uaxid J. K.11'l. PILIJ. f.,1PIIlI'xlf-8 SCIENCE FACULTY l' by Q-adn 'X 1 'ER Clmrlc- L. Keller. PILD. .Jlf1lf1f'f1111lir'S Horrii J. Krf-idvr. BLA. Jlulfwnmfifs Bm. Jfvlm J. Lucier. SM., Ph.D. C11 ffm mm Pauline Metzger. NI..-X. Home Eruminzffs Carl I. Nlichaelis, Ph.D. Clzrfnziwlrj Dr. Jagdish L. Nanda. Ph.D. .Jl!Ifl1I'l7lIlfilf'S George B. Noland, Ph.D. Biolnglx ,Joseph A. Pappalardo, Ph.D. Cfzvnzislry DJ1111-l U'Hrien. Mb. L 1117711 slrrt Rirltard Peterson. NLS. Jlutlzvnznfics Mr, .-Xllmr-rta G. Prather. IIA. ,Jlr1If14'I71'1!iC5 We-rm-r R. E. Rambauske. 11.5. Plzysics Bro. Robert Schuellein, SM., P11 D Biology Elizabeth Smallwood. NLS. Home Economics Joseph J. Speck, MS. .llazhenmzics Bro. Joseph Stander, SAI.. Pl1.D Jlallzenmtics Gertrude Shay, MS. Biology James Steed, Ph.D. Chemistry Marguerite Vance, M.A. Chemislry Bm. Vincent J. Wottle, 5.11. Physics ARTS AND SCIENCE FRESHMEN H' I , 3 1 ,Y 2 Q? 3 . J -nv 'S P1 f on "n ' 'T ,XXII XXllX'l' lllll Nil' SXX YOPR PHOYE Nl,'XlHER WQXS? Lefl lo right. mu' 0r1r': fXluI'il3'I'1 Surdyk. Katie Ciblmn. Carfvle Ann DRY, Michael llru'x,XXr1lI Flwpif-ru. ll+-wqml lin-mn-: mu llt'0J ,llltlY All-sr-In-r. Put Wuliwvr. Put ,-Xnslcy. Mary Pat White. Theresa David, Gary Haverty, Gerald Dvrwingv-rg mn' lx'11w-w,- Yun-5 llviri. Kitty ll:-rI'y. ,lwyw UdIlZ1'lNt'l1, Ruth .Xnnv Oliver, Carolyn Cray, Slwila Hull, Roy Sparks, Evelyn Lloyd. I' lu- an -.9 -Q WT? 1-5 nn v , Y. 'Q7 3' I Il 'wwnwx XVII Xl ffl! XYX llllllr' 1,1 fl ff, rfgfzll mu- wwf lrun.-N He-mn-, IM- K1-nwuil. .IilCtIUq'iiIl1' Kolme. Rich Mizcial. Thomas DiBGllag row tivo: Charles Cant UI lim llr 1 4 ix X Xxl-X Williun 1' 11 Il l in ull tan rnz mf ' v". L Hn' l ,N U , h ,lr . ml lllg -'xv vg , z- 11 H: Edward Curate-, Louis Gonzalez, Bill llaughan, Larry Klen, David Brownq rw: ffffm- linlvwl lv in-4 r. l..m nn DLILJII, Wiilllkllll Ihulvlg ,lnlln Yun limi-1-rg mu' fizv: ,lnlin Bruno, John Lula, George Schaefer, John Davis, Rob- II Ull 4641. ul. 'W Q- it 'Q--s ,L ac CQ v -v as x l :-':'- 1-"f::""': li -Y T1 ,ll il -H -H WS.. '...n: - Q . IS Tlllh SHXT 'IYXKENY fm!! lu riyhl. mu' mzw: Xlnln-lll l.L1l'l.1l1h-. lhlnjumin l'mlu, Nlary lf-u llwxxll. Rum- Kl.l1if' lYl1N1'l', lr:-uv XX .1ulx, Yin lklllx, Fl'Lll'lt'lS llrfrxvllz run' 11111: .llllilIll' l,i111'l:.u1ul1, xl.llX Nllxml, 5.mvl1'.1 ll.1lllin:. Nlllllwvll 1VXl.1llm, li.lll.ll l:lllI'lU.lIl. ,la-.mnv Xl-111,nl1.m, Xl,ulf-l--inv 4111153 run llrlrvf l..lI'l'j' Kll1l'l'l', .lulm I'-lg--nil-ln. ,lwlm lllulxlf-. Xl.1lI Nlw--vllillu, ,llllly ll'-illx, YlllI'4'lll ll.llvy.lli. l'lI.l!llx Klmlill-lxig llfll fum: Vlllllll linkin. mmm W Svllimllvr, llurnlll lllair. .lwlm lil'-ppml. llluu-k l:l'LllllI4'I'. lfn-flvniv lilu-lull-nl. 5 l 1 W1 L -1 M1 'D C' I l 1 BS U Q -'-R-jd ,nr v!"1' 1 'I 1 PEACE CORPS MEETING. Lv!! to right. mu' ww: Al l'.u'iz41. Wvull NlCJ4l1'4'P. .llfllll Hays-S. Hivll l'llNl1IHLll!. lllnnim- 1lllllIJll'5Q ron' l14'0.' .lu-lm V11-v'l'. Himlulrnl Kuvznm, ,lulm 1l'C11nnur, lfzl KIPIIYQ. lfgnrol lmlllllillll mu' flzrrf: l'lv1'lw1'l U1'l'Nlll'IH. ,lun-pll Dull. L1-4u1:11'fl Xllrn, l,w!4gr 91--inlggv, ll,1yl.- Ti-qllll.-g nm- , four: Will Wmuls. Timotlmy Carl-Un. Dwight Nt!XNI'llLlll. lim R1-vluuckz mu' !i1P: H.1ym-+n1l l'1---n. llwmxlll lie-lt. Karl flllltf, lllll llnom-. Franvie Bulll. l l 47 ARTS A D SCIENCE FRESH EN 3' W N a 1 1 E +V- YN J il W ,Q 'VW' , 2 I . v A yvgf EB 9 , 1 XIII 'HE NTXXIPINKL HX NIH ll X'l'lY Iwi! In rfulzf. mn ww: R.13m-,ml Kuhn, fhxnim-I Turlmvski, .I1-nnifvr Oil, Dvnnis Fripke. Michael Kendig, Robert w I-Xinwh, Fun 4'l1mi1-I-uJxi: mu fllwi l',I'lll.lIllIH Ill-111-llm. Philip Curling. C-'rw C-mm, Uikum- XI:-inking. Clmrlf-s X111-Cntfv. Clmrlu-N ,lc-nki. Gregory Cuul- I1'-rv-, ,lw'm liwx'-umm. 'IU-ny Xvl-v: lffll 1f'1ffw',- ,lf--xv Shu!! lfll, IIN' R.1uvl1A N-frnmn 5lllilil..lJlH1'r15-Bfivll, D:-nis Cuxwxl, 11-N1-pll Hcmlcrswn. Alan Bt'l4Ili11'd, Il--hu NH'iHl'.l.YiIl1"'I1I Ihi--1-. IH-lv1'Y.:.-4-.11-1. 'Q qu. " fwv' I fa.. ,,.,,,,,T,, .. I .,, ,.. -.5 .,, V wiuwggggqp -.Q , Q Q GR' 'R' a - 5 9 :-v ' zfiiqsjffrs Et? .P I! ' - 1' .1 'I' Q.. -If l ul' 'QM A .12 ITN, 4 " F -Q 12 Q' ...,4' YVQ I lf WM X K , . , I A ,. . ,Q I' --e ' ,. ' 1 fy , . v 4' ' - 1 .. . vw , ' .. I . ' , --f . , I - . - ,I ' . - -my X Q . ' j I, E, if 1 ff? 5 . If A I . 'llllg wI'X!IRl"I1l HI' THF 4.IlliIi1iIMl 5E1I'I'ION. lm!! in flxllll, run' un:-: TilT'lYPIlly Kle-iumn,-yer, Willinm Pfnrrur. Joseph Dursten. David McCormick, I ww ru--- Wllzi'-lm: ffm 111115 Ilim Hut. Tw! Ning. Xxlillilllll IM1wx.111. 'l'l11-lmms Cimln-r111.1l1. llrfnuld Hagen: ron' lhrfw: xIiL'llilt'l Murphy, Herb Hentscllel, 7.7"-wr 'T,I1"1-I-Ir. 1-IW-11 NI.mninr. lhuv llryflf-nz r-fn mur: 424-114' fI:.ll'Nl'l'. Tim Dani-. Yimw-nt Vurvas, James Miller. Stvphen Doelkerg row fire: Karen 53111 H. xml FI1II1'.,m. Itlixmlll l'x1-IJ. 5.xlmtu1w- 5.lI1Ql. xxlllllllll Wuull. 48 1 N I Q I 5 I I -f""'w-,L XIX? .wif 1 .1 of. sf -E 1 Si Nail fx Q wwtQiS i ,.,,. J 5 P. , , ,Q 3. W , ""'f'-"" . """x ' '- - .423 X ,b ...I - w-J-- '39 N"". x ,:x4 LM NQQHS -A, -.-:: 5 'iz' , 'W If vi 'fi "' Q f - 'QE' v L 3 S Tj. - - - -12 Q ., A. ,-1 . .4 wa' w f fb IE. 4, :gm 4 I . an I IIIII Wil I I ,II ARTS A D SCIENCE FRESHMENI , zrnlri "U1'H f""'-N!! AIM .Q-.ww dl 'N an an X CHQ' .3 sump ' rlflf 'III YI' llllll. III X 'lilllltll IGH 'l'H,X'l' LINE? LMI In riglzl, run' ww: ,I-,lin Nil-nbcrg, Cvrulil Sevcrinn, Luis Garcia, Kenneth Cr-imcr, Iwl-"ll Xl.II'IIII1 Inn' Inn: Ilvllu-1'l Km-I-Iiill. Llwwrgi- Xl4'lIlljl'ff. liwnulil livlmlllvl. llrvlm l.:-Iimainn. Earl Eifwrt: F0114 llirff: Ray lung. Hullvrt Cronin. I II-ri nixli IIN. I....'pIi Milf--, Xlil-ll...-l llllnlvlllg mn jour: Ralph K1-uh-l, Iluvifl N11-1'iui'ty'. ,lxnncs Hirl. Um Nlardis. William Miller: ron' fire: Lure-n II.Ii:InIi. Ilnn Ii"I'Il.IlIl. KVIIIIVIII Ili'-niling. William l11"vw4llI4:l1m'r1'. Elllllllllll Okiniiglw. Ullf in Irnnl: F1'1?Ll1,'I'Il'li Lillmaln 1 iv.:-3? 199129 ' NIEH- B! QQ ,S Xl II YI' IIII XIII NIIIXN WIC IMHK XEHYUIIS? Lvl! lu right, raw nm-: Sylvia llvckniaii, Put Maloney, Paula Teyher, Terri Morrissey, William Mack, llxillillxx 111114 llinii I '. '-'z ff ff: " -I .x Il.-lam-3, ,Iulm Bi:-rvr, Churlvs Sullivan. ,lwlm Sandi-rs. .lanws We-nner, ,luhn Cusselta, Tom Creenq row three: Donald II null--ru, Mm Nlnwplif-iwl. llII.II'Il'N FI'r1-iilxlv. .lnlm All'l,lill'l', Nnrlmert Wm-lliinglun. l'.iuI llunler. Klicliuel Starr. I 50 I I we- ,if 5..- , 4 ,Q X SNMQSR , Riiikimxkix an Q HS .iff ...- 38. 'SS' LETS llhfll HIM lx!! Lvl! In riulif. mu' ww: ,l.1niv YM-lkcr, ,luilv Ili-iiiswll. lla-v Tliziuln-r1'n. Xnncy Blair. ,hinv llmvd, Betty Kliiluiwy. R43 Erlwig, lllL'1lI'gC Nl Wanfii'1': full' tivo: Sully Sl1v1'iclun,AF.11ifly Whig. iluvli llurluf. Linmlil Xunllxili. Kay Lvalry. l--rrp flip, Clm1'l4-Q I".n-vipimtq-g nm- ihrgng Knnl-,ul Km-Mk ClliCli Sllllilllll. :XllWI'I 5L'l1Il1'i1lf'l'. liulwll l.1-liinmmxlgi. Hula lillflr'I', Nl-illy Wilkin-. l'.lll'll'i.l Slf'WLll'l. Llcivlgi- Wlivlun, Williguii llaus: fuzz' four: ,lim Ryan Terry Slllllfil. Rlllltffl Sli,-ulwr: mu' lin-5 ,lim llnrminiii. Lllniiwk 311-Ellignu, K--xin Lfliflhiwl. K1-n tllinv. THE PEP COMMITTEE. Left to right, row one: John Francis. Joe Muldowney. Ja-rry Pequignot, Augie Barun, Normnn Almraliqm, Ruben Gwinmfr, Gary Savare-se, David Dunham, Dennis Bay, James .-Xrtinn. Jim Mcwilliains, Tumi Succng mw tivo: Nivk Pancul, Larry Dranann, Vernon Lmve. Daniel Torzewski, James Hoefflvr, John Love. Victor Wuinscntt. ,lim Wellin. ,lim Nelson. Svl Serra: ron' three: ,losi-ph Dvlc. Lawrence Hi-nkv, Manirice Gerald, John Michitsch. Charles Sperrick, Bob Mulinaro. .lohn Mizesko. F.-EN ARTS AND SCIENCE FRESH E 'mi K W . S 'X nt . ' sn X III wg A S 3 5 X , in ll! nt X X Q dx, -- -Q 9 . -X : I' s :Fix Y x sig- l 2 tx Ex 0 J f e 3 'gig ' p.....-..............v. Q IIHYT 'lllllil' IMHK S'l'l'lll4ll'S! Lv!! In right. nm' mm: Tv-ny Lvlwn. Pvtt-r lunngn, ll'-nnis Stoker, lliclnu-l Proc. Dale Myffrs: row l1l'0S Claire lluiltxrniin. Suv- lfitvrl. lllttllt' litlkt-. lltlrlv l'll'4'1lt'l'lt'li. ,lnlin Se-tlmy llvnipt- Crynivliz ron' flzrwr Lvw llnss. Paul Luclie, .lames Laughlin. ,lumes Kentg rwzt fum: Xlnrtx lilillin. Hula:-l'l lltgvtg fillrix HLlQll1'. Uill Sillilllllf, ,lm-l Hilcy. Alum' llicrsong. ' -51' .r ilunrlilrin 3111-tml -3-14'-LHS!! li'-i-iiif-W' Q nmmii I ni 1 has 1 3 i 1 5 - 533 :- x ni-' v :lu -if 'f-fiffwgf'-'Q i ,-h-. -: , QQ-Q16 Illivikljf -'A ' liii Zi K -QL -M ulsvrsi . avi A I ilu nw!-rival. - li-ff-we US I, "'llhe..4 sfrecnfuvif ---IA. mail lu'.s.vrznu.u 586113 D: li x 'S' ,Y 'llllf l'Xlf1,l 'l'lXlf4 XXI! 'l'l'llQlR STXFFS. Lfff In right. mtv one: Dwight Bryant, Robert Berardi, Don Kingg row Iwo: James McGuire, Vernfm Iwi". lim., Xllmtg Ili.trw li.-inltttrfll. l'ut Clim,-kt-y, Curult- llorland, Arlliur MCDunz1ld, Rulwrt Gore-yg row three: Daniel Torzewski, Carmine Anastasia, E V7 ll "VW "1 li' ffm: mm' liII'lIll'1 in ' 4' 1 l l . 'llllIlr. lxclwurtl Land l I .C i T 1 T -on THE INSTIGATURS. Lett In riahl. ron' une: Kevin Hclltilinn, Rnlvert Lucintitelli. ,li-lin Oil,-riiiuii. Han' Keitliltiu. .li-lin Win. llive lfufler. Dennis Meri-ditli: mu' l1t'rr: Kink lfJ'O1'5i. llugli lJ1-rmmly, Bill Biwgiiii, Kurvii Mann, Cindy Nlilli. Diana Wnlfvg mn' tlirvv: Frank Buhler, Stew Yinfzv. Tuni l Thornton. Jim NIt'IlZlif'. Ken Dixon. Sliarnn Hunk. Marilyn Mtiftermanz run' four: limi .l.1x.iiiy. lhive Llriffitli. Gewi'g1,- Svlim-n. Cilizirlt-Q Ylllltlvl' lfinlvst-1 ' row fire: Binh Kmft. Mike Fitzgerald, Jerry Murphy. Blick Harrifun, Run Htirrvs, Nit-k Kuntz. W i l E l li l BUT WE WANT TO TAKE ROTC TOO! Left to rigfil, row one: Judy Pearson, Kris Scliurr, Nancy Reiter, Annette Poliquin, iludy Ruetli: rozr tivo: Shirley Marable, Nancy Orazio, Karen Strunc, Jennifer Olt, Terri Morrisseyg row three: Diane BlacAcluni, Valerie St. Jacques, Carole Ning, Sally Sulli- van, Patricia Maloneyg row four: Marijayne Milburn, Mary Saksa, Diane Meinking, Ellen Murpliyg row five: Linda Nadrali, Betty Maloney, Mary Susa. 53 ! 'v jrvftff f f, .5 ai: 'gg' -- li 1 i SSRN i 1 Lg fei i I f N 'V - 1 1 ii QA, W 3 -i '- uiiiid - Q iirw-511 'Sv ARTS AND SCIENCE FRESH E 90 Sl M! 4 Z! ani, Nl ,s,.. . 4, X "ya gif VSA N4 ... , .,,,.L...,.. I , THE Nil1,IKlfY XIULSE CLUB. Left to right, row one: Martin Dense. Amly Lukrso. Paul Wuoclie, J0hn Marcos. Paul Van Master, Tom Buxhman, .lainf-N laying. Kathy Hmxaiwlz mu' nm: Doyle Engle. Tlllflllhlf Xlc-Nil-cc. Hug:-r lhlrlitz, Larry Sullivan, Tony Schirtzinger, Robert Weaver, Joan Hartz, Marlene Fiiilu-ni:-li: mn' three: John OlBI'5'dH, Hoy Diehl, Chairlvs Bronn, James l"ar1'Pll..Ja111es Halley, Dennis Maloy. Y lr ers' za xii, , Wk if ' 36 Jn - P-,fi J' -"i"'vNf!4' . ' T' f. -'N7-.. .. g..t:'2 - ., :l'9'Q"f +?451Q '- -Alf .. - ' T . .- AND THERE HHES THE BASKETBALL TEAM!! Left In right, row one: Willa Griffin, Jacqueline Kehoe, Nadene Hickenbotham, Phyllis Hian, Clwria K1-lli-ln-r. Mary Nlr'AlliFI1'r. Juan Hartz, Kaye Kidd, Carolyn Gray, Paula Nolan, row two: Sue Huber, Felicity Whedon, Larraine Purcell, Cindy Mills, Knlliy ll1m.mli ,Xnn Hililehrunml, Caroll Lohman, Janice Cebele: row three: Pat Kramer, Anne Jenkins, Jeanne Monahan, Sheila Hall, Evelyn Lloyd, Sxlxia llwkriiaii, l,iritlim'1'inf:CL1rlm,i-Xnnvltf' Herres. 54 Wi m bn-Y xf -muh..- . ,.w.,.'m:.-4.+lfs,.-,, ur, .. . ,, . . l DO YOL' ,-XLWXYS TAKE YOVH SHOES OFF? Lvit to fl-gllf. run Huw: 1, li.11'lw Iii-linu. ,lwlin NL-lull. .Indy Rurflt. Dor-,itliy Skrili, Dutiiiy Hwy-r. tlurhiii Spin... Mary llviijm-lc. .lumly Hgivkinnn: run' lu'n.' 'lle-rl Kelli-y. .lulin Yilivsiu. lluln-1-1 lnii. ll1in.1l1l lil-we-4-, Snxnn 'l'i'1'ry. l.iiri'.ii1n- l,lll'i'1,'ll. qlnni- .lvnliing Willa Criflin. Zvki- Zyl-Ii.1l. Rv-n,il1l xl4N'1 mn' llzrvw: Diiw,- Finnrt. Yi-ilwi' lllNVlli'L'l. Hung Xlillvr. D.u'-'lil Svln-iiflieck. HQ-rl, llnyi-5. Cwi'g4,- lfngiimglwii, .lolln .liiiliii-mn. Paul Hulir, Burl? Sullixnn. Usv Slvpllunxlq. ' Wim I . Q . Q ' 4... IS EVERYBODY HAPPY? Leif! to right, row one: Bonnie Klussc-lman. Mary Krunini. Dianv Faulkner, Nancy Orazio. Paula Nolan: row tivo: 'Nrnlenc Hiqkenlyfytlqgm, Lucy Seivi,-r. Margaret Cnrbe-tt, Sue Venhoff, Kay Durbin, Dugan Wu-ndy, Elli,-n Egg.-nscliwiller: row ll1l't"'8.' Paul Hill. Tliunias Wilt. Jw Prasil, Ken Bonder. James Larkin. William Ric-der. 55 A I if L ARTS AND SCIENCE FRESHMEN . ., . AND THREE WEEKS FROM SATURDAY NIGHT . . . Lrft to right. row one: Mary Edwnrnls, June Berube, Pat Hooker, Barb Frederick, Karen Brick Pnl Ulm-If-ku-3. Lynnf- iXllQNlTlll'g1'1'. Joyce Danzviicn, Kay Durbin, Rose Colupy: mu' nm: Sandra Dahling, Jeanne Bene, Claire Bonanno, Margaret Corbett Dianna- l'Iu1lkn1-r. Cylllhirl flnllins. Dulnres Dvrilery, ,lun Cupples, Pat Anslsy, Nanny Ba-1'1'y, Kitty Berryg row three: Ellen Eggenschwiller, JoAnne Camer ivri. Fill' Eiylvrl. Ijirlllt' Fallliz-. Just Students . . . X lwmivling rfrlilqricf-Y v vu i,'C'1, S ,..., 1? -3 f .l l This homework has to be completed now! 4' ' k1.,A-9-Ng .. f if ...wig-vfrw' Y X K, WE. :A ' 5 V' is , 5, v - . -- ---- K-Q ' u -st'---. X ' K .-- , , 'vx . 4 511- Y X lf. I irbw ., , 1 f ' .L . - ' lf' ' ' "' 1 ' ' w W xw'w-- 'Y - - 3? W wk, X ay X ' -JM . .. , I .- 2 -,gq+,u-'N 'NT' ,Q Est? M , ' E "" F A ' X "I wonder if I could cut my next class to finish this?" 'SIS was RW: wr 5 tw 4 1,54 -'X "4 BUSINESS J U IORS 1 px 'K Q11 . rf' if ,Rf - -- -1 -f 9 - . .QW 2,55 s -QQ-, las THE SEAT OF ,Xl'Tl'lOHlTY. L1-jf lu right, row 0110: .lfllm Baldrid, Tum Puckett. Lnuis Lunne, Morris Flaig, Ned Sifferlen, Ken Pimwala, Allen Hizen- 11-1112111 WH' HHH Ulllfll Blvylv. Tuny Pufcullc. Richard Opuluk. Charlie Kcuis. FACULTI X- 'P' 111 ' ' ' I u- N ' 'Q W5 jx, 'Hi' Q V' , Q ' iii X if Q, x 04" E.. . 'NLQ , 1 . 1'-N 1 S1 :ESR ff- Q51 . ff 1 .V,1 - . ' 1 f 141::::ff+ use 1 Y - .1 , 1 s -1 -'v-,-.-'nf 1 n, 41 Eugrnef .l. Turrhia, Dr, Allan N. Nash, Jguhn F, Will. 51.5, Hurry C. Murphy, BLA E,l,D, MA. Bu5f,,,,S5 A11U,mg,?,m,,lt Business illarzugenmnt Eronumifs Business .llunugenient Mary C. Civille, fNI.Ed. Orville Cumcr, NLS. Con .l. Fecher. Ph.D. Robert E. Kriegbaum, Charles Leese, Ph.D. Serrelf1rialSt1z1lies ,Bllsiness gllzznrzgement Economics M.A. Economics Business Management MR HILARY R. BETH, Ph.D. Dean, School of Business Admlnlstratlon MR. WILLIAM J. K , , , HOBEN, JR., M.B.A. A Associate Dean DEPARTMENTAL HEADS Velma Mae Miller, Edmund B. O'Leary, Joseph Updyke, B.S. Charles W. Whalen, Jr., Barth J. Snyder, M.A. M.Ed. Ph,D, Acggunfing M,B,A, Business Management Secretarial Studies Economics Retailing BUSINESS .I U IORS ! 1 as X 'S' P NI 6, 41 '3 x F A ff' ,,.V . -,i. -xv X.: if 0 sr ',Z.l',- , fklrvx. jr.. ' 'ff - "1 " I ., ' IM vt' f if ,, XY: ,N ' 5 ITE HE.-XRD UF GETTING THE AXE . Murphy: ron' lzmg Willy O'Cm111or, Tony Lou Lunne. Tum Klump. and More , Students . . . . . . watrhing all the 'firlu no bv . . BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Le!! to rigfzl. row one: D. Agostinelli, Ches Wheeler, Wilfredo Geigle, Bob Saprano, Rod Mattingly, Russ Tlwmpsun, Ron De-gerg row three: Joe Ricciardi, Roger Romito, Jim Puthoff, BUSINESS SOPHO ORES 'JV , 5, E IVHAT A PARTNERSHIP! Left Io right: Duane Ting, Tim Reis. Frank lxILll'.1SCO. Tony DiNovo. Gary Woodall, ,lim Sienlias. .-- 11-i-'T:L',,,.-f-fn-YAAZLQ-rivyv -f:,':-'H,':,'f:1a1-it-' "'-9 j,,1gII!',avlS- ..-f-"' ,4-nv' ,..--4"'- '.,,.nv"" Q ,-,,,,- I.,--K1 all JAX, 'C 4 4 HERE I AM! Left Io right, row one: Joyce Corioen, Ann Hopping, Ncdra Miller, Nancy Weingart, Marianne Brinkman, Connie Keogh, Mary Stueveg row two: Torn Erlm, Bob Schreiber, Ed Parr, Patrick Coleman, Bill Wilkins, Charles Bartash, Tom Cooneyg row three: Ray Hild:-nlnxind, jolm Phillips. Tom Welister, Ken Karl. Bob lllayers, ,lim Lipetska, Andy Panda: row jour: Rufus Humllc-et. Micliac-l Gleason, John Zore, Tom Schmidt. Rudy Koporeg row fire: Ignatius Hansan Ma, Larry Kapp, Tom Merkle, Jimmie .loe Wolf, Jerry Finn, Skip Leonardog row six: John Boucher, George Mirones, Torn O'Hare, Kenny Stein, Dave Snyder, Ray Dry. 9 1 1 , 'E Lil' 1 , I K i ,. sf, U 1 .if N . - ' ,vm ..' BUSINESS SOPHO ORES n Wx A . -,QQ .W ,y ,3 -wr Q A I' NEXT WEEK WE'l.I. HAVE TO GET ORGANIZED! Left 10 riglzr, row one: Ann Hopping, Carol Holtmang row two: Joe Tobe, Don Novello, Jim Lipet- fku. .lfw B111-rnvy. Rit'llill'4I Uivllvlz row rfzree: Ltxrry Kuwul. .loc Costa, Leonard Formalu. Don Cain, Tom Schmidt, ,lay Vngelmeier, Patrick Mathews, Fuzzy. 8 62 -al GOD SAVE THE COMPANY! Left to right, row one: Richard Hladysh, Mary Ann Mills-r, Meredith McAndrews, Judy Dickinson, Jane Montgomelyg row Izm: Steve- Yun Hvckv. Wwmdy Dugan, Mary Brennerg row three: Jack Dnwns, Harry NIC-redith, Frank Duszak, Frank Marasco. ,Qi-K . wa- K " , l I ,.. THERE GOES THE BL.-KDE . . . SICHY Left 10 right, mu' onv: joe Mullin-y, Ilan- Ki-nr. Len l-'nrnmlm 41.4. Ljmla. .llimfn Hdniffv. .lavk llrngulli mu- mpg ,f Dana Kane, Laurie Ruwles. Mnrilee Tilmerio, Sandy Urine, Hanie- H!lllHl'1', Xlurslm Su-wart, Janie-Q Klfwlv. .lolin Hncrsting: mu' IIIVCEI Luuic Dm-Siniunc. Phntis Daskalukis, Cliarlus lasclivck, Tini Foley, William Dr-ely, Sun L1-lnnan. Rwnulmi Efluill: mu' four: Twin Hr-Ck, Ralph Bciizviilierg. Frank Pawtorlw- vich, Brian Burgh. :ox ,,. S snag, ' QX'...11" 'i UNIFORMITY IS THE BYWORD OF THE COMPANY. Left lo right, mu' one: Duane Ting, Tim Reis, Ccurgo Picadio, Tony Cutunifse, Walt Zagur. N Doug Ridenour, Erik Emmerl, Steve Ryan, ,lim Putlmff, James Neff, Joseph Tobez row two: Bill Long. Arthur Ferriru, Dale Herbft. llichavl O'Neil. Dan Knapke, Ralph Crevenkamp: row three: Bruce Morgan, Joe MCOved, Toni O'Neil, John Kabay. joe Payne. Larry Kelly, Nlarxin Estea Ronald Wilker. Richard Davis, ,lack Fisllbaugh. 63 H 1 F --" final -"f1'.'::-""7'i'-S'- -"' .--' ,,--' X , A ii - K f"5,L:4:v1Q5"f',Qg-s..i- rnfxi, ,..,- -..,.-,.,.-- ,..,,...-- ,..,......1 BUSINESS SOPHO ORES - ... ,ff- ., 1-'-,,--"' .....-,.--4 Y' f - THE EXECLTIYE .XND HIS STAFF. Left to right. row one: Carl Virtuoso, Ediuirdo Lince, Richard Bielot, Juan Camado, Eddie Ramos, Richard Hughes, ,lose-pli llffrc--r. Twin Sullivan: mu' nw: Larry Scllfrath, Paul Bvckvr, Bula Boltmi, Dun Nova-llo, Steve Oliuchoski, Ray Wiebelliaus, Jimmie Joe W-flf: mu- lim-r: Lcwis W1-ringin. ,lnlin Hoon. Patrick Mathews, Larry Sulwler. George C-.11':1sciu. Ray Frankoski, Paul Brosky, Terry Johnson, row four: William MCCarIcri. E. .l. Sufranek, Bob King, Harold Kuhn, Jim Szmaniu. James Minogue. James Lunekcg raw fire: Skip McKinley, Charlie ,loe- riglil, Bill Rvising, Rfvndol Wooftcr. ,lohn Slgiliocli, Gary Shupeg rozc' six: Frank Dusziak, Jack Downs, Ray Hildenbrand, Tom Merkle, Terry Harms, A1 Knelile-r. BUSINESS FRESHME W 1 R fig' L "5 . . AND HOW MANY OIL WELLS DO YOU OWN?" Le!! lo TI-gill, row one: Virginia O'C0nn0r, Lynn Thaler, Julie Sullivan, raw Iwo: Sarah Wyrick, x.1lPI'ir' St. ,lm-qucs, Juhn "XI0neybags" Vc-ntry, Pat Hocker, Mary ,lo Edwards. 64 ,I " -sL1H'akf 5- ,f x, X g X BUSINESS FRESHME Q,1 1SkS -W ,SSN ,,,, R It , X gg., V , . t . ,V 14 I. - - , QQ, sax? 1' ' f - a -vf' .- .-. vii Q' S 4... 'SL ., Q" . '+- wl 4 , ies 4 'S-Q I TENNIS, ANYONE? Lefi Io right, rou' one: Mary Lou Brown, Anne Dowd, Nancv Blair. Kate Cibboni, Carole 'Xnn Day, Karol Coleman, Diane Rein- hardt, Janie Ellsworth. Carole Borland: ron' 11003 Judith Dilfederico, Ruth Conner, 'Terry David, Judy HHlfkH1dH,-AISH' Lou Benjock, Kathy Courtney, Madeline Curry. Margie James. W 1 53 ww iv 'iff 9' ' 5 L A, A. Ji! b'-, - ex W1 4, x l W Qw gk -xv - P' 1 E35 - ' Marg.. ,,:. Q' .g X wa-3, if .- if r xe- 5 Nd' 'Q AN OASIS Left to ribht row one' Vlr ima OConnor Judy Mescher Mary Krumm Su an Michael Cathy Thiem row two' Dorothy Slxrig Ditin Meyer Bonnie Muaselman Miwy Muqterman Sandy Wen row three Irene Marlow Marilyn Surdylx Ruth Anne Olner Sharon O Halley Barb In er Judy Ward, Mary Pat White, Pat Waliorg row four. Jo Ann Spirlto, Marlene Sinkewxch, Liz Small, Suian Venhoff, Sallv Sheridan, Rita TlltS1Hf', Lynne Thalerg row five Sarah Wy'flCk, Diana Wolfe, Janie Voelker June White, Jan Tangemang row wx, Row- Marie Unser, Sue Terry, Wlollw Wilkini, Dee , 6 YNN N' A fx. , , A .2 ix , , A - ' ' '- .. in w- K - Mx is M A . K 2 V . Tigqba. 1 , X , ' ' F35 :K ' ' I ' AAEVQ A- A Xa A Q. ,Sw qi 6 , 1 2' . V' A a i " 'SAQNQ 4 1 ' f --5 if '- M' ' A , ' Q S 1' ilu Q 5 ' ' F S . 2 'E , N Q az? Y , S X ' C 'M' I' ' 4 QF 2 8 51, . T ff we W V t ' ka. Y e" J V " l -152,219 r S wr- V Y wr: ' r1f'1:sf.s.!.q gg.,-1 gm? ' gf Z' i , , if I . - , -: , . -Q, 'h , ' . 1 an -5335 ' -1 ' N -els 1 C my C. W A '- qi. . 2 K . C is l :Q e' X h N ' . ' ,, - i 0 , - A S i l v ' 1 - f 5 U Q i ' - ' - ' 9, T" ' 1 - , A N Q v L gi -' , ' -4 ' 1 ' , - '- I S' 7 Thauburn Dinah Thorpe. 5 Y ' .. ' 'E' I- BUSINESS FRE SI-IMEN Q.: ' NNN Q ,vi YHSSN 1 . s- . 5 .. TJ ik 1: .E gbkd b M , V S 5. W N 3 5' 3 e .. N, K l 5' gl ' Q 2' Q 4' 8 ' - - l..........w.-.-w--' Na F S - - " ' F N. ' fi . A,,, . ,. ,Q X ll' g X.: 3 .Iii N.x, x X. x U ., N. . x . . a' -' Xffiflx S A 'Yi .. X , I " 'ik F ,,,, b N F . ' an V AN .P S .. is Q .V R, M . F' M f A as is all 1. Q, QQ' -H ,, I A ' ' X' -' X . Q: K+' X I "' " "M 5 fm 'si W af l . N if . syfiii -P :Q . X Y .,.., xx .,i.L. .. . X b -- X' L . . -. 3, - F. -.Q N.. -gr Q 3 if 'ii F , . 5 V: . ,-, -. x Q.. N T3 D. .i , 5- , 1 A -in wk gi ALL RIGHT, FELLOW . . . SHOVE OFF! Carl Renneker, Don Ellis, James Grasao, Jerry Patton, Joe Causman, Sue Michael, Rafael de la Torre, H--nal Klarkey, Michael Knvferinan, joseph Fiorillo, D. Weigandt, David Davis, John Coyle, Don Fleischhauer, Mike Best, Ted Hollenkamp. 66 R- x N I O I X X x W Ib sy X V,- xx 'S Q X is Q-.S ,, Q53-xs:.. - . 'iilfw-X.Q ,M X Q, igwxsxax XJNQ 2, . A N Ari-., ' NX . N ' v w X x xg -1 F gi-e iw x... i ,, -Q A Q Se." i VN Q x:,, ix N. . xiii -f-it E W Q 9: Q... by I'M WORKING MY WAY UP! Left to right, row one: Vincent Vavpot, Judy Ward, Don MacHargg row two: Mike Best, Mike Wolf, John G3gl1dl'dl Mike Koverman, Jack Pencziwater, John Ke-aneyg row three: D. Weigandt, Carl Ressa, John Bystrek, Bill Youmell. FACULTY Simon J. Cllavez, D.Ed. Education 'N +'f'U'e- Sr. M. Audery Harry Baujun, Leonard T. Blackburn Bourgeois. C.P.P.S., Pm. of C. AB. ' Pl1.D. Heallli-Physical Health-Physical Education Education Eflucmjon aw. 155 Doris A. Drees, MA. Henry Ferrazza, M.A. Robert C. Fort. MS. Margaret Callico, M.A. Health-Plzysicai Health-Physical Health-Physical Educational Education Education Education P5J'Cl10IUgy S. Mary L. KL-Qtcrinun. ,lame-5 B, LQVHHQQ, lI.l'.P.5.. NIA. MS. Education H?lIlll141Jllj'SiFll1 Education .-1 ST. FE'1iCilLlS Riley, Alma Ruhmgchuggel, C.P.P.S., NI.A. BS, Eflucfflion Coordinator of Student Field Experiences 68 Sr. Julia Mathews, Sr. M. Pelagia, Mrs. Lois K. Ittelson, S.N.D., BI.Ed. M.S.C., Ph.D. M.A. Education Education Dietetics X N MR. DANIEL LEARY, Ph.D. I if Dlrector Student Teachlng s' E BRO. LOUIS J. FAERBER S.M., Ph.D. Dean, School of Education BRO. THOMAS J. POWERS, S.M., M.A. Associate Dean MR. JOSEPH E. WHITE, M.Ed. Assistant Dean EDUCATION UNIORS 35F,:lQ.Qill Q gsm lf' ' wg? ff' 9.15335 555 HW . , E ,y"'q ,Q Eva is is-wad Di RUJCCO .XXD COMPANY. Lei! lo right. row mm: Connie Belnai, Mary Ellen O'Cunnor, Marti Schmid: row Iwo: ,loyce Dillon, .ludy Bruns, Mary Joyce, Burlmru lvrforgcg row Ihree: Cathy Rigolo, Phil Di Ruocco, Pat Mcfllillung rou' four: Bob ,lone-5, Ray Smith, Chris Hickey, Terry Shiver, Bob lJ'Epiro, Gerald Elie. STUDENT COINCIL VICE PRESIDENT LEADS RAID. Lejl to righi, row one: Judy Stonebarger, Julie O'Meara, Margie Hoying, Joyce' Niekamp, Cindy Cuporul. Marcia But-ning, Linda Arvin, Marcia Hasenour, ,loan Ryang row Ytwo: Jo Ann Kennedy, .loanie Chedd, Marcella Reynolds, Georgina Bucharcl. Carol Doolun: ron' lhrw: Don "Babies," Rick Rupert, Ken Pintwala, Bill Donovan, Donald Sommer, ,lim Canea, Pete Swet, Tony Pepitone, Dino .l4iy. A .xv M 'aim 3 A .g-J' , 9' 'Wilt A-S., -A ..wW ,Q, -nina ,E'QP"f-M : 'i-asia. 5 . ,W 3 5 1 P fig. X N N A V,M Wx 'Q' :.,.g 'is swis- qfa Ee w "L A, , 1 g wmv Nh 4 Yi- -.34 Y A , ' v . k m , my, Q - 'Nh su-MQ -.Q -S QNX--' 5' fi vt M-Q fx '3n'..n an xii, , 9 M A s it-Q ZVAS, X X 4 .. W, ,N ,, EDUCATIO FRE SHMEN . si Qs I 5 S T", N I4 at 'Rf- x 'vx fe 'll- R I wwf 4 .AMX THE T.l. STI IJENTS DUNVI' KNOW WHAT THEY ARE MISSING. Lefl 10 right, row one: Martha Soehner, Barbara Condy, Shirley Wilimitis, Mary lLeor,uf-. Nlaxiriv- Johnson, Joseph Fitzgilnlmn. Dennis Heinlyq row tzvo: Judith Marshal, Kathleen McCartney, Linda Pope, Dorie Spires, Joanne Mar- tin, Henry 421-pluvliz ron' three: John Hagan, Timothy Realon, William McCarthy, John Lachat, Paul Krista, Chuck Dodsworth, Kenneth Davenport, Stmen Ifrvi-Lpvrgt-r: ron' jour: Richarml Knapke. Jim Lang, Roland Wagner, William Pierce, Fred Gallo. 4 .ili:'fKm. ,Z K. ' . V-1. .Q u -S . - - -ff 'V .ht I ,-.A N A V--az."-5 "'4'SI::: " ' " ""'Y1' Mfg ' N ' my - , A i J "' 31- a. In 'ss-4554, -- -,-W g-PJ" Lf-Q3f".' fin' -r Q ABI I CLAIJ I'NI IN EDLC.-XTIUlYl Left lo right, row one: Pat Stamm, Mary Timo, Connie Santariello, Georgeane Lekan, Laurita Straub, Ann Barga, Janet fliganflet, Pat Buening, Pat Limburg, Mary Nastas, row Iwo: Sandra Reeder, Rosemarie Lutz, Barbara Schaeffer, Dee Spand, Susan Wynkoop, .lane Sullivan, Carolyn Holton, Carol C1-uglilis, Judy Horny, Maria Mazza, Mary Sue Wendt, June Zehring, Linda Bunn, raw three: Janice Smith, Mary Phil- lips, liurlif- Xlvtc-alle, Kay Horn, Phyllis Smellzer, Linda Young, Dorothy Chambers, Jeanne Hobson, Donna Lopez, Marcia Waymire, Claudia West, Barluira Zimnn-rman, Eileen Daugherty, Penny Bright, row four: Mike McCormick, Kay Umberg, Darla Byrne, Judy Morgan, Ballard Connors, Mike Creigli. Dennis Yi-rlioff, Tum Conley, ,lim Gallagher, Les Todd, row five: Richard Reynolds, Susan Hoersting, Mary Anne Merrick, Larry Ianni, Mike Eclihnut, Marilyn Ifislier, ,lim Flirting. 72 Fix Ask, A A , a . ,X uv- x X NX Nw , -. b A XX, kj if ru: , F- K 'FV' , 'M fr' 'gym .- - A - Q v, 1 " X 4 . X ,XS X! -- - , X X XX ,, Q - ,R .1 r X ,, , , . O P -, S X x EJ R X, .K X. ,. QQ x 5 AQ, an . Q I Q f' X . af.-N X ' IN- F' MY: I i, I Xf , , -ww 'Z V wxtfx 1 ,ff x 5,-13.1 X M t . Q Soi .X x, - Q - rw' -5 j, f X , 5' Q 2 , A ,Q Q . N X-.X -Egg-' ,psi--1 X X , .sr ' X 5 I .X' if Ii- Q' 5811s X-'Y' swf I , X i 'i ' ' XX. 9' T, I' Q X2 ' I TYR was r - fx' L U-gf, Q-,- KSQWQ' 'XX' N2 ,,.,, H X'- X. . -X . - Am. vXr'X-.wh , 3 .2 .psf , .. X X X W, X. W X X X f A, x X, X, X. X at XP X. SAE , ' w5f'+eba .X PM x+- XX- ,X X Y X' ' XX: ,yy-, X 5' 'B vw -x XXI-3 .XXX . X . X fr.. fi- . X I XX . X , X. XXX XIX XX A QXXX X. X Q1 " A. Q t Sw--'.w' X X 'wi -J , f X N X ' ' Q X. ' r- vii ,sv r ' X A THIS IS COEDITC.-XTION? Le!! 10 rfghl, mu' mm: .IJIHHS xlllfrll, loc Fritz, Ilene Ciolli, Lt-titia l.oj1-wfki, Judy Stockert. Hurrivt Hiirvi-y, Tom Muttey, Kenny Koontz. TIIIIIIILI5 Nowukowzki, Pat Reprilty, Ton! Lotlovico. Vim-mit Suliuld, lilliurlies Zurlnuclien. Dennis Divgns: rout luv: Ottie Kay Coop- er, Marlene- Koi-str-rs. Sue Shipley. Maynard C, Krvhhe Ill, Nlury Lou Hubert, ll.iry Kay lmilwrfimlorf, Ciilvin Koolidgzc, Kathy Keyes, Ptitti Drvhs, .Xmlreti McDonald, Burlmra lfratiaiilw. 'W S WX fs' .X , If V X . -wg, 3 -.1-N '48 Q PM 5,..fX -...J-xx ,X X TOUGH DECISION . . . WHICH GROUP TO JOIN? Left to right, row one: Don Dailey. Tony Lodnvico, Nick Lapcevic, Dick Evankog mu' 11005 Barry Laravie, George Solomon, Frank Chew, Erwin Will, Dug Zimpter, Tum Skowron. Gene Ciollig run' three: Donna Scherzinger, Mary Ellen Kehot-, ,lane Raiff, ,lean Ann Edwards, Elaine Rudzinski, Ralph Ft-rrill, Mascia Vita, Judy Hcueisen, Kathy Simes. Sue Spangler, Becky Cirton, Betty Porkins, Dawn Sakada, Mary Anne Walters, Pam Johnson, Shirley Bachelor, Carol Papp. we X gjgkx 5: X A X X AX P 3:4111 I' fly .,f::Y'lwi'1E-M ' X-.Q .Q X X i I i . I A S I Xl ! E . 1 si Qi 73 . 5-5 EDUCATIO FRESHMEN Q1 NIAN, l"UL'R TO UNE! Lrjlt to right, row one: Mary Filipowicz, KathyBuyansky. Dawn Miller. Reg Rankin, Loreene Lunper, Gladys Watrob, Bonnie Sit-polls. .lufly llif-gl:-3 mu' may Nlary Knorr. Joanne Ort-skmicli, Sharon Romie, Regina Trick, Carol Sullivan, Micki Kantor, Stephanie Hale, Barbara Daxis, Santlra l.vavl1. Nant-3 llolnltsg mu' llmfe: .lames Dalton, Robert Di Brienza, John Caldarella, Joe Fritz, Theresa Otto, Margot Plant, Jeanne Mack, Great Fiessing--r, Rollin Wm-iss, Karrir Rontog mu' luur: Thomas Rau, ,lack Washington, Kenny Koontz, Charles Wagner, Tom Mattey, Cecil Bowes, Judy Willis. Yickr-3' .lone-. ,ls-scpli Koltlerz ron' fire: Ralph Stelzer. Andrew Soluin. 74 f it Vx -S LR V ' '54 aj -ti,-' .1 . V ,' . i 1' ' in-2' Q55-N"'x." 'Q ".-, ,,aa....' lf'-li CET THIS PIIQTURE OVER WITH! Left In right, row one: Robert Ross, Lurama Nliwliavl. Mary Lynn Reim-ck, ,loan Minnich, Carlotta Ashburn, Mary Ann Kurtz, Gloria Koester, Dolores Simon, Reta Wagner, Joyce Schneble, Lawrence Daly, row two: Tom Dryfuse, 'Tanya High, Marilyn Johns, Walter Xlikols, Claudia Wells, ,lacki lfrn:-3, Hill Krunki, Carol Smith, Mike Schmid, .lane Zammikiel, Nancy Alhano, Barbara Brackett, Paul Sestina, Harry Winters, Barlvara Etta: rou' lhree: ,lim Cooper, Carol Bolan, Terry Thomas, Richard Knecht, Lynn Hoffman, Paulette Fella, Anne Rau, Sandy Deger, Nellie Burg:-r, Henry Moyer, Marilyn Bezona, Evelyn Bany, Donna Hartzg-ll, Martin Trentg row four: Richard Almanrode, Virginia Brennan, Don Scar- cello, Tom Quinn, Frank Soflnicar, Diane Ellis, George Donohue, Douglas MacPherson, Bob McCloskey, Anne Felt, Thomas Jezewski, Robert Neff, Walter Rogers, Dah- Floyd, ,lohn 5t1-fanikg row fire: Dick Funke, .loe Fiordelisi. C . slid, 4 4 2 l li -I -QS 1 ll .,-3x l THIS IS THE WAY TARZAN STARTED. Left lu righl. run' one: l'.1t Wialxh, Sump- Wurlaml, K:-nny Kmmlz, l,ynn l'ivl.ig1e. Shirli-y Cuvilg rozv 11005 Francis Sr-er, Fran Arnett. Susan Hunier. Dori llailvy. Larry Cillwrt. Lymla Fnrm-y. llaw Xlaygg In frwg Tarzan. lfliwftali, and ,lam-. i 5 il i l l 5 i in il T WHO ARE THOSE NUTS ON THE END? Left 10 righl. mu' one: The Big Twkter, Fruity Ihr- Snnwnian. Qlwrry Hamilton, Mary Lee Rugs, Tlir-rcia l Hageman, Pat Slruushaugh, H:-lvn Mathew. Barham Doulan, Ruthiv Hnhne, Barhara Wvilhaus, Carol Ann Dull, Kathy l-lnjmrq-kig mu- nw: Thv Bohfvy Twins, Joan Leen, Juanne Krul. Brad Driesen, Bill Limuncslli, Chuck Maslruriy, Jack llynu, ,luliv Ccrnwly. Carol Cunne-lly. Carolyn Fader, Shirlvy ' Osswald, Sandy Crillux, Carul Guttsclilirll, Carolyn Bohnertg row lhree: Mickey House. Llhris Rin:-ckrr. ,-Knita Wycn. Judy Scliwindenian, Carol Vnn Kaenel, Linda Bair-5, Lois Hari, Barb Clcmg-ng, Cgml Zimmerman, Bn-nda Young, Lois Wendling, Sue- RlCTlilI'dS1lIl, Ann MQ-lx. Camlr- Oberlander, Bunnii- Shuman, Xavier Cugat: row four: Mike Colavita, Dennis Elliott, Dic'k Hackett Paul GTOSS, Marty' "TLlIlk', Zvldll. Chdrlvi H3dfliX. Wally .lwl1nSur1, Sami Burn, Vernon Gall, Thomas Pennock, Philip Indovina, Phyllis Zielinski, Nancy WSHTSCII. PL1lKC'llL'l'. MBU' Swirl. 75 i , FACULTY . . . J il 1 . w , i 3 3 gg ,os ' 9 4 4 .go- H, Lgmirr ,Xldl-iglq, PL'l'f,' A, Burden. BSC, Thaddeus Csaky, Joseph J. Chamlierluin, Paul Dierker, Ph.D. RIS. Electrical Engineering Dipl. Eng, lr.. M.C.E. Engineering Engimfgrjng.lJm1U',1 .llerlranical Ciril Engineering Engineering E George F. Driscoll. Allan J. DuBosar. Roy J. Foresti, Ph.D. Oskar Hauenstein, MS. Henry M. Josefczyk, CE. MS. Chemical Engineering Engineering Mechanics Ciril Engineering Cii'ilEngineer1ng Electrical Engineering l 'J' if Reinhold W. Kuhuch. Adrian J. Morgan, NLS. Elmer H. Payne, MS. Merle Schmid, Ph.D. Bernhard M. Schmidt, B.F.lf. Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Industrial Engineering MSC. Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Y am -it Howard Smith, B.M.E. Bro. Robert A. Jesse H. Wilder, MS, Harold E. Wright, James N. Yakura, M.A. Mechanical Thomson, SM., Ph.D. .Mechanical M.S. El6L'lfiClll Eflgifleefiflg Engineering Engineering Mechanics i Engineering Mechanical Engineering 76 I ll l Dean, School of Englneerlng MR. RAYMOND J. STITH, Ph.D. Assistant Dean DEPARTMENTAL HEADS Raymond J. Srirh, Robert I. Mitchell, Harold Nielsen, B.S. Seymour J. Ryckman, Bw- I-Ouis ROSQ, 5-M.. Ph.D. M.S. Mechanical M.S. B.E.E. Civil Engineering Industrial Engineering Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering MAURICE R. GRANEY, Ph.D. ENGINEERING J U IORS as .-U ,. .5 - Q I WI ' N , f L A : - ' 1 0 ,rl sp ', 1 v. x - 1. , ,v n. f ' 3 I I FIIRE HOPE NIT HOIFE NEVER CATCHES ON FIRE! Lei! to right. row one: Andy Kuns. Cav .J 1.53. , X -" N 00 335- ,Q 'LQ' r N... 'N IIA. e-V . wx" ir. -1 ,XA - fam- vfargfq, N ,A ,X rv A - , Q41 ry, 1 K 'J' Y rv' .f WU? Q 'L T' . -- Sq 2.1: - - 3 "T 'L '-Q. at . Wieslvr. Ray Montgomery, Larry Schafrath, Con- rrul Kfvpf-4-1 mu' lim: Rwlwrl Hvry. Huger Svlmenik. Dennis Farrell, john Feldman, julm Birnes, Al Leiser. -age.-.H Nc I pg HI-"Q 1 Y ws 78 SLIDE HlfLES-HOW DO YOU BAKE WITH THOSE? Lei! Io 3s..2 I , I we righl. row one: Joseph Petrie. Tom Connelie, George Driscoll, Pete Frank, Larry Hor- yath: run' tzvv: Arthur Keffler, Sally Slide-rule, Boyd Ale-Q, Susie Sliderule, Sid Louirkg row three: James Daxon, ,lohn Stelzer, Gerald Cadawski, James Qin-fring, Tony Hnefff-l. Ruin-rt Smith, Mike Treon, Robert Diller. ,- ' 1 1 ENGINEERING SOPHOMORES .., jr I 5 V - .. ' MQ QE QC -Y X - . ,xxx Q. ' .X xx 1- - ,N , M-wi-8155: .EMM X M xx E, QE - ,X 3 K '.,XKli .3 NN new bv .4 x R . X r 5 A M! ,, b Q , ,.. ,.,-Q-if - 'f -1- i - X . , "' "ev i .1- ' V -nv. ' mmf, lkml X 5- NX x NX - xx xl EACH GUY STUDIES ONE DAY A WEEK. boy with books: Vito Cappelln. X Left Io riglzl: Edward Schlauer. Doug Christian, Ton 1 Lift. Rug:-r W1-iw, Fred ldrr-Ck:-r. Edu: L V ,Q W., , Q , ,I .. Q T Q E 0 ' E . E vm.: r .2 g S E ' 3' ffl E, is O S .em A 5 T? X f f ' ' ' ml Y" as 'HK'-W .-fy Q W-Q i S, in 'W pf , 'ff ' , 3 , , - N- 'W iilffl S ' -'4 3 ' 'N ifaigzv " is' , x Q 1 x x x ' l FIM' ' D ' Q . L", , Q - Egg' X .'u ' , '?"'wN X if .Q , V. , ' ' J... . if Ly fr ' 7 'Y' A i in E fray- K M,ih QQL .f K flixr, ,XTR ' . L 'fl 3 . W' 4-fq ' wk, 5, ,Q 4, " . Y . X' .x f 1 ' I EIMI E - 1 V. 1, . . rx sf .1 N , ' -Q- S - .1 iw., 4, . : wg ' 'i w .. in l Q . P X 1 GEOMETRICALLY SPEAKING . . . Left lo right, mu' one: Raymond Posner, Paul Ulrich, Douglas Griffin, Rich Winkler: mu' Ill'0J Rim NI ull Mike Moran: row three: Walter Porembski, Tom Kuczkowski, Moggie Neltner, Edward Murray: ron' four: ,lerry Candrilli, ,lim Luehkcr. ji hn Br dericlx Mike Sutherland, Dennis Gascoyne, Charles McCrery, .lohn Forinash. ENGINEERING FRESHM N Qin? 1-J 'El ,st A I - .V ,-. ' - if fx R 3 lf ' ' ' ' N' ",gI'4lQ5'..,f J " -if? . . 3 l r, :L fi hh Y f ' A 'E N + as ., M. N N, WL QM? W X . ,bv 3 9- 9' " Ha- h -1 Q ' Aw li :Ulf ' ary. Q . lil r W 1 W , ff: l P 'ix Ld' 3 L : N Q K yi. ,M A' """'w-x.,,,,-N H,4,,5fKffl1 A" E 1 -sci F. rv 5 X -I , Jmglzweg I ' ,r .XlxE mwnd ll:-utwli. Jan Sll'lI'lllLlUtlll, Tllmnus Heniglmn, William Kessinger, Patil Ce-rdf-man, lnlm Augustin, M. Carciag row three: Roger Chalousku. .lim Ulu-st.-Q, Bolt Wunm-inent. Wolfgang ,-Xppulln. William Keck, ,lumes Rlanknleyer, Al Mizz-nku, Edward Dc-lbrovicll. ' YOU SURE 1213? Lair In right, row une: Paul Ltly, , Q if in . X 4 All .K Miran Ivkunez: row tzvn: David Hendy, Bill Miller. Wilbert Sbuback, Hubert Flannery, Ray- .XNIJ MYER THERE WE HAVE THE NEW . . . Left lo right, row one: Rich Murano. .luck Campbell, John Oetzel, Robert Drerup, Andy Aughlis, Joe l'+I1lf'. ltvnnis llvllrw-fs, flwvrgxm- R1-inkeg row Iwo: Robert Harris, Paul Zugger, William Zisu, .lulln Cervay, .lim Candy, Lynn Jones, David Hines, lm- Dilgvr: mu- IIIVBRJ Terry Parker. Denis Brown, Herbert Cline, James Aslltun, Orville Bantz, Larry Denlinger, Robert Easton, Douglas Hettersley, lfrunk l,i:,l. 80 W, Q03- i""'g-. Yv F' rr 'N .Q y. qv. N 'kir A....s- if H Aw .L I .1 IS THIS REALLY WHERE THEY H.-KNCED TOM DOOLEY? Lvfl In right, mul UHPI ,luhn Marino, Bull llriscfw, Pvtcr Schappa, DiCli Alnlfmg run' Iu'0.' john Pandosh, James llcsar, Di-nnis McDowell, llan l'alQ-iicliar, K:-nnetli Schulte-, Antliuny DiXIarzng ron' llirwvf J. Aiidrcws. ,lim Duylr-, Tom xl1'xl.lllllN. Michael Hartke, Paul Messina: row four: Tony Wt-isgram. Dunald Clark, Charle-s Sclivigvr. 'Q' Y' V, ,ifq ,Jf,'s!,,.,,.... - , if via Y Nl.: Il 'If 1 Q- E, fa, :W an ff' f al. . KEEP 'EM BUSY . . . I'LL OPEN THE REGISTER. Left to right, row one: Tony Lodovico, Bill Limoncelli, Marianne Brandenberg. George Wanda, Al Schneider: row tzro: The Jolly Green Giant, Rafael Tactuk, Dick Funke, Bob Fingerhut. 8l i 3 i ENGINEERING FRESHME i L QIWG3. i Q Q E F l 14 'v 4 ,MQ .nn-f"N ??f"" I'NI FHY! Lv!! 10 right. mu- onvg Rich Fishman. Doug Hannaman, Judy Heueisen. Michael Angelo, ,lohnie Walker. Ron Hemnielgarn: row two: Frank 1 H4-nry. ,luv Smith. ,lr-rry fiundrill, Fernando R1-lmllar, Al Schneider. l f . '--1 v" r as -o xv' 4 if 4 yy abs lT'I,l. NEVER CET OFF THE GROUND! Left to right, row one: Tom Schlater, Jack Reau, Joseph Zenovic, Bert Shramko, Larry Wright, David Leig, P:-te-r Wim. Sidnf-y Bart: mu' lll'OI Mark Wilheim, William Ze-ck, Albert Nillis, Bob Wehzbacher, Don Raigf, John Walshg row three: .lim Fischer, I .lvrry Sc-li--pi-r, Curl Anmh-rson. Mivllael McNulty, Bob Roggio, Tom Blome. I l , 3 I i "' X G X THIS OUGHT TO SUPPORT THE WEIGHT OF THOSE GIRLS. Lv!! 10 fllgllff Herald Aired. .lim All, Le--tr-r liurtin1:15'fl. .lallm-N llwrcvlvy. Sltillllvll fjglhll. Thmnas Gr-hilirh, 1. T. Aridrvws, Gem- Scliildkucvlit. Jann-s Bryant. lhnnivl Halter. Rnln-rt Spy-lml-ky, ,lnwpli Lynml, Nlikp Hunk, 1 121 at' 5, W i :fig lf- f E51 NNN: ff .X ig - -not more IF YOU THINK WERE GOING TO WORK, YOIVRE CRAZY! Left to right. row orzv: Bill Hultquist, Ronald Runlnlo. .lim Slim-rners. .lr-rry l-Iudock. Frank Francis, Vincent Wagner, John Andrews, David Abell, Bill Leahy, row two: Robert Rietmun, Dennis Bushnell, Rohvrlu Gonzalez, William Pynf-. E41 Priore, Andres Conzalezg row three: Denis Lentsch, Philip Kleckner, Vance Skowrnnskiulolin Ciun1a.lnsepl1Frunk. tkii-I,,,,,5. V nh .Y-F ----1,---mg-M fun-an "" " "M ' uf TECHNICAL INSTITUTE FRESI-IMEN i e - 1 l Y 1 if Q 1 3 Xt IL-Q -45 . l'l"S NUT .X QIHHYETTE. BUT IT GETS US THERE! L 'ffl elf to flbll. run' une: Miki- Kuvsrnlan. Bill Hullsert. Charles Carle Boli Brcmvr Paul Kefcrl' mn- inn: llnnp Bnrnliurt, Vinny Yuvpnt. I-'rank Hin-gl:-r, Cliucli Hunncll. ,lannes Hutsvll. .lcrry Munnin, Bud Huglics. Charles R0ilil1SOIl,lL0lllS Micht-ll mn' lhrw: lhnitl Curltnn. Uivk Btirlrcr. Paul Spurgeon, Don Curdill, ,Innics Phillips, Tlimnas McGrath, Marvin Brooke. -Q-wx l'liillipl'c11rick. AMB. 7'wrl1r11'1-nllnslilutv I4 A. Ward Knisley, B.S. lluchanicul Technologi 84 NIUHW.. ga-sf' A lf Albert Pct:-rson, BS. Raymond B. Puckett, jerry D, Strange, B,S, Rgbert L, Wolff, B.S, Electrical Technology B.I.E. Technical Institute Mechanical Technology Industrial Technology Af 5 lf Frederick J. Kretzler, William Loughran, James L. MCC-raw, Robert F. Manger, Bro. Emil Morgana B.S. M.A. , M.B.A. B.S. S.M., B.S. Jlechanical lnslizuze Chemical Technology Industrial Technology Electrical Technology MR. DONALD C. METZ, M.S.I.E Dlrector, Technical Instltute MR. ALBERT E. STAUB, A.B. Assistant to Director rn.-,gr FACULTY . . . Joseph Averdick, B.S, Alfred B. Fehlmann, L. Duke Golden, Douglas A. Hanneman, Richard R. Hazen, Technical Institute Jr., M.A. B.S.M.E. B.E.E. B.E.E. Technical Institute Mechanical Technology Technical Institute El6ClfiCl1l Tfvllflvlvgy TECHNICAL INSTIT TE FRESHME 'Pl ff? ,L N R lavrsfaalsw-fzzv-ef Hb :Q M' Q as T ..,,, , In ks xii ESKW ' V 1 i x x S+ HRX I Q' , 5 ' v . O Q .Q in E 'awltsiyf . YEAH. LOOKS LIKE A RUBBER BAND SNAPPED. Left to righl. row one: Owen McAfee, Skip Knowles, Bob Lucas, Tom Keenan, James Trey, .lohn Yinglingg ron' mu: Tom Moss. Dave Koshl, Ale-x Anderson, Paul Reboulet. Art Frei, Donald Peter, Donald Rowers, Bob Dandreag under truck: Matt Dillon. QQ 4251 lfj 1 86 Knights of the Square Table. Doughnut dunker . . . CAMPUS UNCTIO . . . X n 1:2 fi .. .. 'zz E T2 3- gi .Q Ii, -7-3 :::i 1-1 Q I l 1 y .' ss - .rg X-A-Q A ' ' Y . -. . ' 1 Making u pnint . . . Q... Q, 1 51. g X g X 3' Q. S Z Annual strut Hmxwmxlling ill gimme V. xx V A , .fexmihiuw 16,44 . - . 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Then within my lmosom Softly this I heard: "Each heart holds the secretg Kindness is the wordf' John Boyle O'Reilly - 4' - :r",.' - ' ,.1.Kq-. -, - ei- 54: i' if 1 1- 53' f ,.. -.f ' 'L' ' .. ,. h 15. 5,5 .La zy 1, --y, - 'hi g -if ..f.,-, ,.-A-5-H J M.-. . 0 . , . .1 n- 4 f r , 4 . -Ffh .' 'ffl J J. v -Q1 -' - 'fa 42. g. 53.7.7 Ml, . -F H- - gi. T. I .Tx :- ,.f!'!?"' .. : 5 Z. v .:Y,g" , , vs-f I -I.:-,Jw .- if ,315-, -' 7' " .,'-- ,, 3. .. - 3 Z . ." ' ' Ch. 1 A Quzgf- '.1 44177: 1-Exif' Q.a1'ai? 5 111- .-. - ' ' iQ3?"' - .-' f' ' mi-. . - J--1' I. ' RIT? 451-:U "J , ,Lian gf- Q' a 2.255-': , -,fe'Q- T lst' ':n'.1.1 , - -5, - '55, kjlg. -.'-'zf-LZ. 1jL?!xL'.'-a .gg -1:3 15411. xiii.. 1- 1-1-'U':Zf.fgf, ,rj in jr '- ,zz 2 .-i-----1153.55-.45-124' . ' --if ff' 5 ff.--' ig 4 f .-..-ps -. 4,..,.gf2e-kc '- -. gg. ,vp n 5113 ' - - . -2- 'J ' - . '-- " - " ' - -- . ,r ., , .aff :L ' - - 1 LS' ...M -1' ...rv W- . -11 ' ' ' '-" .2 -' ef- 521' f rm- ' '. - A ' - -wx -4 H.: - -1. 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I-' 'iijiiz' V . 1-"--- trhiii . . 'rg .f - ' P-2 - - .--+2-1 . -"i- .' ' ' -H 1 'J 1 .. 1:-:iff 5 fi' Qffig. . ' in" f -5 iplyfsy. +.. , ' ,, Q. , ux:3?.- .4 . 4, , Q, V. i 1 "'T'?.g, '2'p.,J,-5 -' . Y f'-'1'-i:'R1.. -:iw 'fi . f X 1-'Q..:?' R 5, KLIL-'Lg - - t . . aus'---J.?. 'N --: -T31 'HL '11 -M'-:fa-..vv -. -'lv .. . 15':f5C 'G 'J-Xfvr nt '-!43'1-' - . A V 1, W J' .- "MJ-gzf -f'P:5:- f. . "L 'Sci 'kv' - i'-Fir 5' ra' ' -" P '- ' "Tv-.. ... "' -1"-.'53-'SQ'-?Q"l'f.-L I ' .. -. 'Y' , "fn: . -.1-if - -.' 'gg 1 '-1' . ' -"-' -: - -.1 --fq-fwv '- - 's A- - -ew-4-nr 5-fy, --..-- . .. . . mf . A, 1 , 5. .i "x x ,Q.,,j"'-'J-. 4, A..g,fu,,:f- :- l 'J' I 'v 'tk' . 1 A 'j . 135. ,- F. -3- ' 54 fix, H11-47?-' ' ftpxx K H 5 t' ffl , , , UNIYERSITX OF DAX TON DAYTON 9, 01110 My dear Graduates of 1962, The theme of the 1962 DAYTONIAN is a particularly thought-pro- voking one, and the editor is to be congratulated for stimulating such a train of reflection. Your book portrays the tremendous growth and development of your Alma Mater to the point where, today, the Univer- sity of Dayton is the largest private institution of higher education in the State of Ohio. During the pa st thirteen years alone, the physical facilities of the University have trebled and current planning will raise that to quadruple before the end of the next three years. But what is behind all this costly expansion? Surely, it isnlt the glory of brick and mortar, or the spiking of the skyline with new ar- chitectual creations. No, it is extremely more important than that. ln fact, the prime motivating force behind all our efforts is YOU, the student. ln you is a precious God-given potential of intellectual, phys- ical, emotional, and spiritual talents, which will make possible the welfare of society here on earth and the eternal reward of the individual in eternity. The unfolding of those capacities is the work of education, and an institution of higher learning has the charge to present the op- portunities for the maturing of talent of the highest order. ln order to guarantee that goal, the University of Dayton is intense- ly interested in enhancing its own excellence, in order that its graduates, like yourself, may fully realize those heights which God intended you to reach. It is toward that purpose that all our planning, our philosophy of education, our curriculum, our dedicated faculty, in short, all our efforts are directed. May both you and we find perfect fulfillment through the medium of our beloved University. May God bless you always -- ad multos annos! Sincerely, ,7 mg-MJJJW Very Reverend Raymond A. Roesch, S President RAR:mak "Faith, Wisdom, and Courage,-the utmost faith in Cod, and in ourselves, the wisdom of an enlightened mind, and the courage to act no matter what the cost,-these are the marks of a truly educated man, and the req- uisites of true Christian leadership, and the great need of this dayf' Brother Leonard Mann, S.lVl Dean, Arts and Sciences 02,11 .. " W. .lv 4. . 45655, rg: :xx-, L., -w -. -. .- ,,ag,,giL.2,.-. -Q -:rg 1. ,. ,xg s i E, r -5. 4 "1 ,E4'a- ' 'F?1"A ,'4l52b?3'! :' ,533-' '1--'f, - - .- . 51435 ..e. . ' 3, f.'R' ""'," : x. f if .- " ar . 4' J ' " if ff, N , ' 'A r' - Q' v:-Srl' ,g ' HST' . ,2lQ'i-ff 1-' Mar- 17? f .uv -, fl. -- 'Q - n,g.,,.1-fr , I 'H y 3' UL' 1 -:EW - , Q.: .1 25.75. . xg 6 I + .3 I l X ",, . ,cf?"" A X .L 1.3 fx ,F if. -I A K X ' ' , ' fu 5 .. 1 1-..-.uf , 1 u , '-::.'w:xf- - rf . 4' ' ,Q . -. ix Ss 'Q I L l l' . P .H 'uf ..' . 7' , . , ,f .- Q f Q J X a -X if JJ' E' ' ffzf' 134 J- ',.x - ,tx ' Fi: -, N in A L QIQ, ,.?.g:I . 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I N .",y :C .J a ' I 1-JTJ:-ta'-. :AJ F 5 ' C4 -w :wemrby-752' - ra ' fri-:F ff Q, Y 1 i' aww"-"f ' 4 'fi L m f S 5' , . 3 4. 2 xf E ' it A I 'X r 2 S A' 3 if 7-:V if-ts xl J' E . is f X I .. W S M 'v ga I 5 , 2 5' 5 f JL ' as 4rZ""'f" , , . N., L 4 f f . ,U .f x 9 :' 'Q Y , Vf sv ,pil .f J, wi Nash? Q was ALLEN. PATRICK YV.,-New Lexington, Ohio Iiaslv-tliall, AIUIIIINSI' of Varsity "D" Club ASBURY. BLANCH B.-Dayton, Ohio I'-i Chi, CSNIC, Intcrmrtional Club, Senior Class Secretary, Junior Prom Queen BALDRIDGE. JOHN W7.-Miamisburg, Ohio N- it. BEATTY. MARY E.-Dayton, Ohio Art Club, Dayton Art Institute, Student Council Secretary BRIEDE. MARTIN A.-Cincinnati, Ohio CLIFFORD. BROTHER THOMAS S., SM.-Cleveland, O. .inf 'NWN W' DEMBEK. DOLORES R.wL0rain, Ohio Clt-it-land Club, Freshman Orientation, Pep Committee, Omega, Play- ers, Publicity Chairman oi Junior Prom, Mission Club, Debate Club DERIVAN. I-IUBERT T.. JR.-Middletown, Ohio Golf 'Team DIERKS. MAX M.-Stayker. Ohio 94 ALEXANDER, R. EDWIN-Dayton, Ohio Sodality, President of Dayton Club, Student Council, Varsity "D" Club, Secretary of Flyers Hangar, Top Twenty Award, Varsity Golf Team, Intramural Basketball, Psi Chi, FLYER NEWS Staff ALBRICI-IT, DEL-Dayton, Ohio ALLEN, LILLIAN H.-Dayton, Ohio Bvi. Q 'K Ig BERENDA, ROBERT MICHAEL-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Keystone Club, Rifle Club, Intramurals, S.A.M. BETZ, ROGER H.-Seaford, New York Rifle Club. Knickerbocker Club, Flyers Hangar Club BODIE. THOMAS G.-Baltimore, Maryland Psi Chi, Communism Discussion Group, Senior Class Treasurer, Intra murals, Mountaineer Club uhm CROWLEY, EILEEN A.-Dayton, Ohio International Club, FLYER NEWS, Psi Chi DE VITO, BROTHER JAMES D., S.M.-Dayton, Ohio DEITZ, HELEN A.-Dayton, Ohio Phi Alpha Theta, Writers Club DIRKS, BROTHER PAUL A., SM.-New York, N. Y. DITTAMO. HECTOR T. C.-West Paterson, New Jersey Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Military Annual, FLYER NEWS, SOUND OFF. Knickerbocker Club, American Chemical Society, N.5.P.E.. A.S.C.E. DONOVAN, BROTHER DANIEL, S.M.-Cincinnati, Ohio 'L EISENHALER. BROTHER ROBERT B., SM.-Hunting, Long Island, New York FITZIVIAURICE, KATHLEEN NI.-Union City, Indiana Ori:-ritation Committee, Omega FRUEAUF. GARY LEON-Dayton, Ohio 1. , za. aa, 1 ir- HACEDORN, BROTHER JOHN, S.M.-Cincinnati, Ohio HALE ROBERT E.-Da ton. Ohio . J . Chapel Choir HEFFERNAN, WILLIAIVI M.-Hartford, Connecticut New England Club my , DLNIFORD. SALLY ANNE-Middletown, Ohio Choir, Flyers Hangar DKRR. JOHN L.-Springfield. Ohio EDWARDS. JOHN F.-Rochester. New York Intrrimural Spur!-. Kni-,-lu-rlmckt-r Club, Psi Chi A my ,V GOECKE. MARY LYNN-Dayton, Ohio Psi tIlii GONIEZ. PALL-Iienvil. New York Knickwrliimker 1llub.Yf-t--r.ins Club GUNSTON. DONALD WAYNE-Dayton, Ohio Scablnirfl and Blind:-. Nlilittnry Annual 'GSB HENKEL, GEORGE E.-Queens, New York Olee Club, Intramurals. Chapel Choir. Knickerbocker Club HICKEY, THOMAS M.ADayton. Ohio Intramural Basketball and Football HODGE, RONALD L.-Kettering, Ohio Physics Club. Intramurals Q38 . y., 95 J KENT. JUNE ROSE-Dayton, Ohio KIOER. DAVID C.fLancaster, Ohio Speakers Bureau, Political Science Department KITCHEN. RONALD E.-Urbana. Ohio sf. 'Tumm- LAMBERJACK, JOHN F.-Fostoria, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, International Club, Legion of Mary LEDINSKY. BROTHER RAYMOND, S,M.-Euclid, Ohio LEIBOLD. ARTHUR J.-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Keystone Club, Chapel Choir, Intramural Basketball, Chairman of Elections and Campaigning Homecoming l96l NIATTINCLY. MARY R.-Dayton, Ohio Secretary of tht- Delta Eta Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, Writers Club, FLYER NEWS, EXPONENT MCNEIL. BROTHER JOHN, S.M.-Torrance, California MCVVALTERS, ROBERT T.-Rockaway Beach, New York Vice President of Psi Chi, General Chairman of Senior Endowment Fund, Speakers Bureau, Psycholog Club HOFFMAN, BROTHER PHILIP H., S.lVI.-Dayton, Ohio HOPKINS, DAVID L.-Endicott, New York Sports Editor of the FLYER NEWS, Knickerbocker Club, Intramural Football, C.S.M.C. KAPLAN, JEROME H.-Dayton, Ohio President of Sigma Delta Pi, General Bacteriology Assistant ' it s ,wait it 9 2' we ' KRAMER. CATHERINE E.-Dayton, Ohio C.S.M.C., Sociology Club, Psychology Club, Dayton Club KRUMM, WILLIAM T.-Dayton, Ohio Concert Band, Variety Show, Rifle Club, Art Club, Men's Glee Club KURTZ, SUSAN MARIE-Cleveland Heights, Ohio W.R.A., N.F.C.C.S., Co-Rec. Volleyball, Cleveland Club, Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Intramurals, Intercollegiate Basketball and Volley- ball, C.W.O. -f",,,f5' LETTERIO. EUGENE JAMES JR.-West Newton, Penn. Keystone Club, Intramural Sports, Psi Chi Club LEWIS. DEANNA L.-Cleveland, Ohio Flyert-tres, Cleveland Club, Psi Chi, Mariology Club MARTI, GERTRUDE AUSTIN-Dayton, Ohio MERRICK, PAUL F.-Dayton, Ohio Sociology Club IVIENSTERMAN, LOREN R.-Dayton, Ohio Art Club MURRAY, W. PATRICK-Sandusky, Ohio Psi Chi Society, Cleveland Club, FLYER NEWS, Vice President of the Senior Class, Speakers Bureau ROYER, MILTON YV.-Dayton. Ohio SALIVI. THOMAS R.-Sidney, Ohio Student Council, Head Resident of Founders Hall SHANNON, BROTHER DANIEL. SM.-Dayton, Ohio THEODORAS, MARY ELIZABETH-Dayton, Ohio THIES JAMES PATRICK-Da ton Ohi Football: Intramural Basketball, Cincy Club, 0 THOMAS, BROTHER DANIEL, S.lVI.-Dayton, Ohio l NESS. PATRICIA E.-Dayton. Ohio Cone:-rl Band. Cboir, String Ensemble, Marching Co-Eds O'DONNELL. RALPH ,lf-Glenshaw. Pennsylvania I-Hmtlwall, Intramurals PILDER. BROTHER RICHARD I.. S.M.-Cim-innati. Obit. l l l 5 SIMONTON. JOANN M.-Dayton, ohio Writers Club, International Club 1, SOMECK. MICHAEL S.-New York. New York Intramural Softball and Basketball. Knickerbocker Club, Latin American 1 Club, Ps-rsbing Rifle-s STREISEL. LEONARD VVIIJLIAKI-Fairland. New Jersey Kniekerlmcke-r Club. Sfabbard and Blade l 1 l l V- l gl t USTICKE, GORDON W.-New York, New York VILSON, BROTHER PAUL, S.lVl.-Cincinnati, Ohio l VILLANI, GEORGE-Bricleville, Pennsylvania Art Club. DAYTONIAN 97 J 1 ADAMS. SISTER MARY JUDE. O.P.-Philadelphia, Penn. L ANDERSON, ELEANOR JEANfDayton. Ohio BENDER, DONNA F.-Orrville, Ohio . Upsilon Delta Chi, Cleveland, ohio -'fl' '- ""'1"' Q, gi as 6 y 'Q-'Xtf BLACK. ROBERT B.-Aurora. Illinois Sigina Delta Pi. President of Illini Club. Intramural Softball and Foo!- l ll IRQ BOEHNIER. ROBERT-Sandusky. Ohio A BOELE. JOSEPH R.-Chllllcolhc. Ohio BRENNAN, MICHAEL E.-South Fort Mitchell, Kentucky . I American Chemical Society BRZOZOWSKI. JOSEPH PAUL-Dayton, Ohio Math Club, Mens Chapel Choir BURNS, MICHAEL E.-Dayton. Ohio American Chemical Society 4 ugasf' W BYRNE. JUDITH C.-Cincinnati. Ohio W el - ftbllilllly. Honn' Eff. Club CHARNOCK. EDWARD L.-Dayton. Ohio Dayton Club. Signni Delta Pi an CAMPBELL. DENIS P.-Alexandria, Virginia .. -,. Ngirnu Delta I 1 we 'lg N Q ,V 2 X CAMPBELL. BROTHER JOHN. S.M.-Brooklyn, New York 0951" s CLEMENS, DENNIS D.-Warsaw. Indiana c 5 Delta Epsilon Sigma, Math Club, Engineering Club, Intramurals COLEMAN, DAVID H.-Pasadena, Maryland gxsuvi' 'N-nw' COOL, DONALD R.-Dayton, Ohio l Choir, A,I.P. l CORRIGAN, FRANK CHARLES-Overland Park, Kansas Intramurals, Rifle Club, Knickerbocker Club 5 CUNNIFFE, MARTIN J.-Ridley Park, Pennsylvania l Flyerette Musical Director, Keystone Club, Hockey Club, Math Club 99 ECK. MARY PATRICIA-Portsmouth. Ohio Lf-ul--n of Alttrv. Nu lip-ilon IL-lt.1 ECKNIAN. JOHN R.-Chester. Pennsylvania Aim-i'i1-.tit Institute of Physivs. 3I.tIl1 Club. Student Dormitory Advisor, Lt-gi-tri 1tfAI.ll'y, Communism Discussion Croup FELLI. A. JAMES-Clarence. New York Club. Knivlu-rlmeliv-1' Club Emi g N 'R'- GAYLORD. HELEN COSSlTT4Dayton. Ohio HACAN. JOSEPH R.-Louisville. Kentucky Hltiogmss Club. Intramural llusko-tltttll unfl Football. Rifle Club, Ameri- can tjlmiiitqil Sovivty HORWATH. DARRELL J.-Dayton. Ohio Blurvliing Iiiml. llutli Club. Researvlt Institute hi 5A ,fx KARSICK. ROBERT'V.-Detroit. Michivan - 4 . V . .D Institute nf Pby-ies. btuflent Section Hath Club, Hockey, YT l rin Vlub nu' 1' , KALJFLIN. JOHN E.-Dayton. Ohio Altttli Club. Rt-sf-urrli Institut.- KALFAIAN. STEPHEN LEE-Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania II'llI'11IlIl1I'.lI Sports. Keystone Club IOO I DAVIS, RICHARD H.-Dayton, Ohio l Sigma Delta Pi DAWICKE, SUSANNE-Dayton, Ohio Home EC. Club DUELL. CAROLYN MARIE-Dayton, Ohio Student Council, Pep Committee, Home EC. Club, Chairman of De- velopment Day '60. Debate Team, Pi Kup'pa Delta-Secretary, T-Tag Committee '60, Frosh Orientation Committee, Top Twenty Students, DAYTONIAN-Editor. Hon. Lt. Col. Pershing Rifles Battalion FITZGERALD. MARGARET A.-Dayton, Ohio Home Ee. Club FUCHS. WALTER PAUL-Dayton, Ohio Physivs Club. Math Club. Pi Mu Epsilon, Research Institute GANTNER. THOMAS E.-Brookville, Indiana Hoosier Club. Math Club. Pi Alu Epsilon HUENTELMAN. JOHN KENNETH-Hamilton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Concert Band. Dance Band JAMES. MARY L.-Dayton, Ohio Vice President Home EC. Club and Social Chairman SISTER M. JOSEPHA, O.P.-Joliet, Illinois KOLESAR, JOSEPH D.-Sewickley. Pennsylvania American Institute of Phyiscs, Student Section KONRAD, MICHAEL L.-Ketterinff. ohio , r 5 ' Q- F Siglna Delta. Intramural Basketball and Foiitluall Q .Q W Y KOROSEC. PHILIP S.-Euclid. Ohio A I Q A.c.s, C.s.M.C.. Ctt-I-I-tm cztut. -1-f 'YW gd, .. Wav' Nl-...av-A LIENESCH, RICHARD C.-Dayton. Ohio Sigma Delta Pi. Psi Chi. Dayton Club. FLYER NEWS LO PATO. BROTHER VINCENT. Sfll.-Dayton. Ohio Pershing Rifles. Scalvlmrd and Blade. Geology Cluli, American Clivniieal Society. Intramural Basketball LOTIS. HARRY A.-Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania T , X1 MARTIN, JAMES K.-Willowick, Ohio Intramural Bowling. American Chemical Society NIATTINGLY. THURMAN J.-Dayton. American Chemical Society MATTA. MICHAEL S.-Dayton. Ohio American Chemical Society Pa' wt, N A I .41-ll? -""" K ,vi LAKINIERS. GREGORY W.---I.e-ipsic. Ohio LANE. FREDERICK C.4CCIlIt'I'YIll6. Ohio Math lflult LARSEN. CARL RANSDELL-Norwotul. New Jersey Sigma Do-Ita l'i. Svalrlvartl .Intl Rlatlv. IiIII1'lit'I'lNH'Ixk'l'c,iIIll1 ii'i -f ndlf':.'i. 'Inv NIACHOWSKY. HELNII'Tiliettering. Ohio , ' C Figma IVIr'lI.1 Ili MARESSA. JOHN F.-Newark. New York Knit'kerl1o:'Iu-rIilulr. Intramural Sports. Rifle Clulr MARSHALL. ARTHUR L.+Brookville. Ohio lm 'flL'LIIl Clin-inival Sowif-tx' I an 'Q ,fi f.. 0 l f? Ohifl 1 . yr -X-N 'P way xi :MN Q I ' ,E -N. at I MESOLELLA. KENNETH J.fRochester, New York Geology Cluh. Kniel-ierlmocker Cluli. Intramurals MEYER. JOHN W.YCincinnati. Ohio Cinrinnati Club, Intramural Basketball, Debate Team MILLER. PATRICIA ANNE-'I'ullahoma. Tennessee iii -yi MOREY. PHILIP R.-Cleveland. Ohio Ann-ricun Clicinical Society, Biology Club OLIVER. ,l. RICHARDfPittsburgh, Pennsylvania Keystone Club, Pershing Rifles, Rifli- Club ROGERS. PAUL WALTER-Dayton, Ohio 4' w' A ,,..i .4-nr' SMITH. JOSEPH IGNATIUS. JR.-Baltimore, Maryland Pvribing Rifle--, Anwririin Chemical Society, Sigma Delta Pi SNYDER. CARL E.. JR.-Dayton. Ohio .hIlIt'1'ltdIl Llirmit ll we irfty W STEINLAGE. RALPH C.-St. Henry, Ohio Math Club President, Ohio Zi-tu Chapter Pi Mu Epsilon, Honorary Xlatliwriiutiw Society Sw,-y.-Tri-tis.. Soph. und Junior, Director Senior Year 93.1 ii' 19' TURNER. JAMES D.-Dayton. Ohio VEGA TOSADO. GILBERT ELI-Bayainon, Puerto Rico Sigma Delta Pi. International Club VUKOVIC. PHILIP-Dayton, Ohio Math Club l02 MOHA, SISTER VIRGINIA MARIE, O.P.-Springfield, O. MONTGOMERY. MARY ANN-Lakewood, Ohio Cleveland Club MOONEY. JOYCE-Dayton, Ohio Siginu Delta Pi 3 ,ii bv., Agnus' ,-an-0' SCALIA. ANTHONY J.-Staten Island, New York Frcsliman Basketball, Basketball Manager, Soccer Team C0-Captain, Ti-nnis Team SCHNEBLE. BARRETT D.-Dziyton, Ohio SHERMAN. SANDRA J.-Ludlow Falls, Ohio Signiai Dr-Ita Pi xg STEINMETZ. EUGENE PAUL-Tiffin, Ohio American Institute of Physics, Amerir-un Chemical Society, Communism Discussion Group STOLZ. PAUL ROBERT-Westbury, New York Math Club, Intramurals TOFE, ANDREW J.-Valley Stream, New York American Clit-mical Society, Knickerbocker Club, A.I.C.H.E. wil' .4 . . ,hu D Q , Q, ,I S WEBER, MARGARET M.-Dayton, Ohio WEGENAST. KATHRYN M.-Louisville, Kentucky Blue Grass Club. Pep Club. Sociology Club WILLIAMS, CLIFFORD L.-Dayton, Ohio FILED UNDER "M" QQ c Q i f- PHL N, i 1 1 1 1 NN X SX ,xx T 'Q 'X 3 School isn'l ALL hook learning! Q t , if Y ' ff ii X .1 A A " Q Did someone say king size? 1 I l "Juliet, where art thou?" '03 'GAS liusinessmen you must never forget your obligation to deal with others honestly and fairly at all times. yn Dr. Hilary R. Beth Dean, Business Administration JJ! --N I., im. ' J. ., ,.v41f:.,, an XJ' H 1 I 5' I 'I I""w,, gf- V I ' H' N wk QL, uw' "',w- .,j-m , -. 1 - k ,x H Afitlwrf-L?"n"':Z M" N N- R Q41 'xi if X ., ,waz - - v ww-mag., ' W - 'Nw X ..:, -, X 1 ,,.,z,.5.w,i: I. 'mx l If I .. . Y If 'wk 1 K I ,, Mn. ,.v---:g'7f'ff.,, ,J 3 "fi ' - 1 , - EQFE4 137'i. ' 4 1- k .ff vi" . - x 'xi gn- V . ,,.., x, .S x 1 l 5 , J . -IL, I ll 1' I up-, M V . P c ,-.4 5 . u.,.yL 1- wiht I . ,a Q i, , -. .L . ' win 5 5 1 .. I5 .Q If 5 r' 4- ' 'tl . A H n fb., I . 3' x , x. I' . . XX ,nj I. Q 4 E uwh. . "--fs --f' ,f 'x V 25.jffb".:'-:higir my X My-,, : I --A ""'X ' Asa, . Ax l f If I z I ,K . . I X I """1t. Az, IOS IO6 ADAMS. LAVERNE D.-Connersville, Indiana Vt Club CS . ALLAIRE. JEROME-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club. Hoosier Club. Intramurals. Flyers Hangar, Psych. Club, SMXJI. ARBER. ALAN TV.-Dayton. Ohio BAXTER. JAMES L.-Port Washington, New York Intramurals. Gln- Club. Choir, Knickerbocker Club, Theta Pi Bela BEDXAR. RALPH J.-Lorain, Ohio .Xlpha Kappa Psi. Cleveland Club BELANICH, WILLIAM M.-Euclid, Ohio ljlewlaml Club. Varsity "D" Club. Intramural Basketball, Soft- ball. Fimtliall Manager saw' BLATZ. RAT D.-Dayton. Ohio E, Dayton Club. gieeouiiting Club uhlx N l A . - , , - A I T ' Q BORNHORST. THOMAD J.-Shelbyville, Indiana 1 if ' Q fast I Alpha Kappa Psi. Psi Chi. S..-LM.. Hoosier Club, U. D. Bowling "5 Q League. Intramurals X W h Q BOVA. CAROL VANITA-Dayton, ohio Q Q Nlqbkt y Phi Bt-ta Lambda. L. D. Players .XRS 'il' t Q ,, agagi R " NSU BRENNER. MARY REBECCA-Dayton, Ohio Frey of Flyert-ttes. Dayton Club. Secretarial Club BROERKIAX, JOHN H.-Columbus. Ohio Dayton Club. Central Ohio Club BRUNS. BONNIE C.-Celina, Ohio Phi Beta I.LlIl1lJl.l.l BUCHHEIT. ESTELLE A.-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Majorette. Secretarial Club. N.F.C.C.S., C0-Recreation Volleyball BUTLER, JOHN E.-Portsmouth, Ohio .-X.K.Y.. Flyers Hangar. Intramural Football. Basketball, Softball, Legion of Mary. fl.5.XI.C.. Alpha Kappa Psi CAMPBELL, RAYMOND J.-Dayton. Ohio CIAMBRO. MARY ANN-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club, Phi Beta Lambda CLAPP. BRADLEY E.-Dayton, Ohio l'. D. Varsity. R.O.T.C. Rifle Teams, Scabbard and Blade, Day- ton Club. President. U. D. Rifle Club COONEY. PATRICK J.. Jr.-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club. Intramurals. Theta Pi, S.A.M. New .R ngvf CORWIN. JOYCE-Dayton. Ohio Hecretarial Club. Dayton Cluln COUGHLIN. DANIEL EDVVARD. II-Chicago, Illinois Alpha Kappa Psi. Intramural Sports, .M-couiitiiig Clulm, Illini Cluli, SAJI, CSOLTKO. E. RICHARD-Cleveland. Ohio Nlarcliing Band. Convert Band, Choir, lilm-1' Cluliv Cluvclantl Clulw, 'acahhtirtl and Blade-. Rifle Clulr, S..eX.IX1. DAMEWOOD. LARRY O.-Dayton. Ohio DAUDT. JOHN W.-Nliddletown. Ohio DETERS. JOHN P.kOttawa. Ohio N.I'7,C.C.S., Intramurals DIETSCHE. ROBERT L.4Newark. Ohio Intramural Raxketlrall. Rifle Club ww DOTTO. J.-XNIICS D.ANew Kensington. Pennsylvania Alpha Kappa Ili. SAJI., Keystone Clulw. Freelnnzm Oriontali-in EICHELBERGER. THOMAS I.-Raltimore. KIaryland Retailing Clul1.5ig1nia Nu Fraternity. Thr' Nlountdillffvi' Clllll ELSASS. ANTHONY L.-Vandalia. Ohio Sodality, Pvreliing Riflws. Scahhard and Blade. Dayton Club EYLER. JOHN M.-Xenia. Ohio Retailing Club FILBIN. ROBERT W.-Cleveland. Ohio FILBLRN. KENNETH j.fEort Loramie. Ohio Accounting Club. The-ta Ili Beta FINN. DOUGLAS E.-Indianapolis. Indiana Theta Pi Beta-Senior Vice Pr:-Nident, Homin-r CIul1APresident, Eval: hard and Blade, Intramural Baseball, Footliall, Basketliall, Rowling SAJI., H1-lnecoiiiing Parade Committee FINNAN. GREGORY G.-Long Beach. New York Knickerbocker Clult. VetQ Cluh. Intramural Rasketllall, Yarsity Have ball FLAUTE. JEROME I.-Dayton. Ohio FRIGERI. EDWARD-E. Northport. Long Island New York FRONING. KARL C.-Coldwater. Ohio Knickerhotrker Club 'A QQ1 Il- -Q' 9k 24' ww px Q, as ,af- ilk' wg' M GENOVESE, RALPH .l.-Niagara Falls, New York Alpha Kappa Psi, Knickerbocker Club, Accounting Club, Varsity Baseball, Intramural Sports GEORGE. KENNETH JAMES-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club. Retailing Club GERGELY. DONALD A.-Fairport Harbor, Ohio Intramural Bowling, Theta Pi Beta GESCHKE, JOSEPH K.-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, Delta Sigma Pi, S.A.M., Intramurals GILLOTTI, GERALD L.-Dayton. Ohio Vets Club GRAVENKEMPER. HENRY F.-Dayton, Ohio GREENE, DAVID Cf-Tipp City, Ohio GUISE. NORMAN D.-Bryan. Ohio HALAS, RONALD E.-Dunkirk, New York Retailing Club, Intramural Sports HAMM. JAMES C.-Dayton, Ohio HARDINC, JACK L.-Dayton, Ohio HAWKINS, MARTHA F.-Dayton, Ohio lg K HELMER. KELSEY E.-West Alexandria, Ohio HENRY, LAWRENCE J.-Steubenville, Ohio Freshman Orientation. Alpha Kappa Psi, Keystone Club, T.I. Club S.A.M. HERLIHY, ROBERT JOHN-Mansfield, Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi HERZOG, WALTER H.-Hamilton, Ohio Intramurals, Sodality, U. D. Players HILL, DALE E.-Dayton, Ohio Marching Band, Concert Band HODDER, CLINTON A.-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania bard and Blade, N.F.C.C.S. Keystone Club, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Scab- HUGHES. CHARLES E.-Morrow. Ohio HVIZDA, VINCENT C.-Lakewood. Ohio Cleveland Club. Theta Pi Beta. S.,-XJI., Pep Committee JUCHEM. KENNETH E.-Lakewood. Ohio Cleveland Club, S.A.M. KADELA. JEROME-Pleasantville. New York Knickerbocker Club, T.l. Club4Treusurer, S.A.lNI.-President KEIL. HERBERT M.-Portsmouth. Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramural Basketball. Softball KENNEDY. DANIEL J.-Covington. Kentucky KEOGH, CONSTANCE M.-Dayton. Ohio Marching Co-Eds. F.B.L.A., Secretarial Club KILBANE. MICHAEL J.-Cleveland. Ohio Cleveland Club, Theta Pi Beta, Intramurals. Accounting Club KING. DLHWARD L.4Dayton. Ohio KING. NIILLARD-Dayton. Ohio KITZEROW. CLALDE-Two Rivers. WLISCOIISIII KIRBY. RONALD W.-Colp. Illinois KLINE, KAREN L.-Dayton. Ohio Phi Beta Lambda KOSTELNIK. LEONARD A.-Lorain, Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi, Retailing Club-Treasurer, Cleveland Club, Scabbard and Blade, Bowling League-Secretary, Intramural Softball KBUIVIM. THOMAS B.-Dayton, Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi-Treasurer LANGLEY, WILLIAM JOHN-Hartford City, Ind. Hoosier Club. Editor-U.D. FLYER NEWS LEVATO, JOSEPH-Morristown, New Jersey Student Activities Committee, Homecoming Committee, Knicker- bocker Club LAWRENCE, JOHN W.-LaGrange, Illinois Illini Club, Retailing Club LEIS. LEROY L.-Aionroeville, Ohio Theta Pi Rt-ta, Cleveland Club LEDWEDGE. PETER J.-Lima. Ohio Kappa P-i. ,Xtfuotlritirig Club LONG. WILLIAM E.-Sewickley, Pennsylvania Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramural Basketball, Softball LYNOTT. ,IOHY A.-Mt. Lebanon. Pennsylvania S.A.M.. Ye-ts Club. .Xlpba Kappa Psi MACK. LAMBERT A.-Cambria Heights. New York Alpha Kappa Psi, Accounting Club, Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals MAHLE. DAVID C.-Dayton. Ohio Ye-is Club. .'X1'lQ'UUIlllIIg llub MARTIN. MARVIN L.-Kickapoo. Illinois Alpha Kappa Psi. Intramurals. Illini Club MATHEWS. RICHARD D.kSyracuse, New York Pershing Rifles AICANDREMS. MEREDITH A.-Cincinnati, Ohio l"lyvr'etlv-- Co-Capt.. Cinvy Club, Secretarial Sorority MCCARTHY. JEROME R.-Dayton. Ohio AICGOIIAX. ROBERT L.-Dayton. Ohio MILLER. MARY ANN-Dayton. Ohio Secretarial Club. Uayton Club MILLER. XEIJRA ANN-West Carrollton, Ohio Phi Beta Lambda MILLER. PETER C.-Lake Success. New York Knickerlwn-kers. 9.A.M., Tlwta Pi Beta MITCHELL. NORMAN E.-Dayton, Ohio Pres. Pi Kappa Delta. Alpha Kappa Psi, U.D. Band, U.D. Play ers. 5.A.M. MORT. RICHARD E.-Dayton. Ohio MLTLL. EDWAARD E.-Celina. Ohio Rifle Club MLTSCHLER. LARRY R.-Dayton. Ohio IIO IYIEBRZYDOWSKI. RICHARD S.-Steubenville, O. Alpha Kappa Psi, SAJI. OANEAL. DENNIS-Elyria. Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi. Intramurals, Cl:-xt-lanfl Club O'HACAX. PATRICK J.-Chicago. Illinois Student Counril--Yice President. Svabbartl and Blade, U,D. I'laytf-rs, Illini liltllt. IKD. Ilull-Tf-g1111 ODONNELL. ROBERT V.-Niagara Falls. New York I Alpha Kappa l'si-Ft-cn-tary. Knickvrbockvr ClubiTreas., Intramural Basketball, 5.A.Xl. PACORIA. NICHOLAS P.-Chicago Heights. Illinois Theta I'i Beta. lllini Club PAYNE. RICHARD L.-Dayton. Ohio PEIFER. PATRICK K.-Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Key-tone Club, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball PHILLIPS. DAVID C.-Alialnisburg. Ohio PISTONE. ROY R.-Mineola. New York lQlllt'lit'llDllCl'iPl' Club, Intramurals PYLE. JOHN D. L.-Dayton. Ohio QIIINN. ROBERT T.-Rockville Centre. New York Intramurals. Knickerbocker' Club REIS. RICHARD J.-Columbus. Ohio Central Ohio Club. Intramural Basketball TOOMEY. RICHARD S.. JR.-Willoughby, Ohio Clexelancl Club. Theta Pi Beta RIPP. ROBERT J.-Babylon, New York Knivkerliovkvi' Club, S.A.AI., Psi Chi ROBBINS. BEVERLY L.-Dayton, Ohio ROCKELIVIANN, JOHN A.-Chicago, Illinois Illini Club, Retailing Club, Sigma Nu RODERER, RICHARD A.-Dayton, Ohio ROESCH, RICHARD-Elmont, New York 54 ' '. . .I ' ' C Alpha Kappa P-1 Vice Pres, SANI., Kmckerbo ker Club, Rifle Club, Pershing Rifles, Freshman Orientation Committee ROGERS, WILLIAM A.-Dayton, Ohio Theta Pi Beta, Choir, Flyer Hangar, Dayton Club, Intramural Baseball, Football, Basketball, Pep Committee ROSE, MARY MARGARET-Dayton, Ohio W.R.A., Retailing Club, Dayton Club ROZAK, KENNETH J.-Cleveland, Ohio Band RUDKIN. ROBERT--Warren, Ohio S.A.M., Cleveland Club, Intramural Basketball SALERNO, EUGENE J.-Old Westbury, Long Island, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi, Knickerbocker Club SANTORO, CARMINE-New York, New York Knickerbocker Club SCHNIDT. CARROLL J.-Harrington, Nebraska Accounting Club, Vets Club, Hawaiian Club, President, U.D. Bowling League SEVERINO. ENRICO U.-Dayton, Ohio SHEEHAN, RICHARD D.-Waynesville, Ohio SHIREY, JOHN R.-Kettering, Ohio SHUTZ. ROBERT W.-Dayton. Ohio SHARKE. RICHARD J.-Coshocton, Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi-President, S.A.M., Intramurals STEFFEN, WILLIAM L.-Dayton, Ohio S.A.M., Dayton Club STEWART, JOHN-Dayton, Ohio SULLIVAN, JANE ANN-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Club, Dayton Club TIFFANY, JAMES-Buffalo, New York Student Council-Treasurer, FLYER NEWS Staff, Flyer Hangar, Knick- erbocker Club, Intramural Basketball, Theta Pi Beta TOTH, ROGER F.-North Haleden, New Jersey 0.S.P.E., Industrial Engineers Club, Varsity Rifle Team, Bowling Team, Scabbard and Blade, Knickerbocker Club TRAISTER, LARRY P.-Brookville, Pennsylvania Vets Club TUMBUSCH. THOMAS E.-Dayton. Ohio UD. Players-President. Hockey, Variety Show TURNER. DONALD C.-Fairborn. Ohio Dayton Club, Sociology Cluh. Accounting Club LNGER. MARY JO-Dayton. Ohio International Club, Phi Beta Lambda WAGNER. JOHN F.-Detroit. Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. Wolverine Club. Intramural Baseball WEBB, DONALD F.-Celina. Ohio K Q Alpha Kappa Psi, Acvounting Club. Intramural Volleyball, Softball N WEGLEWSKI. JAMES F.-Chicago. Illinois S.A.M., Hoosier Club, Psi Chi Club, Bowling League, Intramural Ba e ball, Football. Basketball WEHNER. RONALD ,l.WDavton. Ohio ,. Nets Club ' Y WEINGART. NANCY T.-Piqua. Ohio Phi Beta Lambda 45:2-' WALSH. HAROLD J.. Jr.4Barberton. Ohio FLYER NENVS WESTBROCK. WILLIAM B.-Davton. Ohio Dayton Club. s.A.M,. sfammd and Bladez Choir 'Qt ,gt " -R ,,,.. WHELAN. WILLIAM M.. JR.-Owensboro. Kentucky Bluegrass Club, S.A.M., Intramurals, Dorm Supervisor WHITWORTH. LESTER+West Carrollton. Ohio WICKES. CLEIVIENT VV.-Cleveland Heights, Ohio Cleveland Club. Intramural Football WILLY. DEAN ALLEN-Camden. Indiana Hoosier Club, Accounting Club. Vets Club, Alpha Kappa Psi WILSON. GARY O.+LoS Angeles, California Vets Club. Psychology Club WISE. DANIEL .l.-Middletown. Ohio YOAKUNI. RONALD E.-Dayton. Ohio YOUNG. CHARLES L.-Cleveland. Ohio "You are more than professional teachersg you are apostles of the Divine Word. You are gstewards of God's mysteries' dedicated to highest service through the hundreds of young lives you will touch." Brother Louis J. Faerber, S.M. Dean, School of Education ffm - My V ,f...f:-- -. , NX A 'X 1 x ' X A 50, . ,K .,f- f! x K w X' xx x Il -as-Il r 13?-6751, ' X NN., w 5. if 'N R , 5 '-Hs., , Xl 'S-.M WL ,...Y a Fw 'Q NM, I 'f J! X x S, X As' H N X ,rw I X, 'A-N., ,s Q . x t X xx KX X X J 4, 5 xx ff W X in XXX f x X 5 X '-ff, ,E XX NJ fn 2 3 2 K 5 :f u xi , 5 4 . 1 -., , Rx V 1 5 8 ? "fi , s. xx ' E . 325 5 , , , ix y XXX : - A BARTOLOMEO. RICHARD JAMES-Syracuse, New York Intramurals. I'.D. Bowling League, U.D. Track Meet BLACKETT. YVONNE L.-Yellow Springs, Ohio BREKIKE. PAUL H.ACelina. Ohio f. BRLNO. NATALE ROBERT-Asbury Park, New Jersey Intramural Softball, Basketball, Intercollegiate Football, Varsity "D" Club BIQCAY. BEATRICE MARY-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, SEA., N.F.C.C.S. BLRKHARDT. MARY KATHRYN E.-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club 'sv COLEMAN. ROBERT PATRICK-Eaton, Ohio Scahhard and Blade COLLINS. BROTHER WILLIAM V., S.M.-Merrick, N. Y. CONTADINO. BROTHER J. EUGENE, S.M.-Cincinnati, O II6 ALBRIGHT, JANET RAE-Miamisburg, Ohio Marching Coeds, S.E.A. ANGERER, CECILIA A.-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A., W.R.A., International Club ASHBROOK, JAMES DONALD-Dayton, Ohio BREMKE, ROBERT-Celina, Ohio S.E.A., N.E.A., Delta Sigma Pi, Theta Pi, Beta Chapter BRINKER, MARY CLAIRE-Cincinnati, Ohio Chemistry Club, C.W.O. Board Representative BRINKMAN, LOIS E.-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A., Co-Rec Volleyball BUSSE, E. HOPE-Fort Thomas, Kentucky Bluegrass Club, Flyers Hangar, W.R.A. CHASE. CAROL ANN-De Bois, Pennsylvania S.E.A., Keystone Club, Edu. Student Council, Candidate fo Queen, Homecoming Queen, 1961 CLARKE, MARY FRANCES-Columbus, Ohio Central Ohio Club, S.E.A., Sodality, Omega I r Junior Prom CROY. LINDA B.fTrotwood. Ohio Home Economics Club CYCHLER. JOYCE-Pemberville, Ohio Cleveland Club, SEA. DAVIS. WAYNE R.-Dayton. Ohio S.E.A. 5.1 A DORSEY. SLTZANNE NADINE-West Alexandria, Ohio Future Teachers of America DOVVNS. ,IANIES J.-Vlfest Carrollton. Ohio S,E.A., Dorm Counwlor EMERY. ELON-Dayton. Ohio Home Economics Club ',,.--um FISHER. PARTICIA TAGGART-Davton. Ohio FULKS. JAMES B.iDax'ton. Ohio GARIBALDI. LOUIS ANTHONY. JR.-Union City, N. .I. Knickerbocker Club, Flyers Hangar, Hockey Team, Intramural Basket- hall Football Softball . it RITE' DE ANNA. WALTER ANTHONYAYVind5or. Ontario, Can. President--Education Student Vouncil, Captain-Ice Hockey Team, In- tramuralf, SEA.. 'Ill'PilSl.ll't'T-NvllllPYIIIC Club, Dorm Supcrvisor DIETL. RICHARD S.-Stamford. Connecticut Student Education Association DONAHUE. DAVID E.-Lakewood. Ohio UD. Players. IKD. Band. Scahhard and Bludv, SEA., Cleveland Club Illini Club, Homecoming Float, Premicrc, Springweck Committee, DAY- TONIAN 1 EUERINC. CAROLYN-Springfield. Ohio Marching Coeds, Choir, Sodality, SEA. FINK. BROTHER JOHN FRANCIS. S.M.-Cleveland. Ohio FINNERTY. SISTER MARY JEAN ANDRE. C.PP.S.-St. Paris. Ohio 3 GEIGER. LORETTA RIEPENHOFF-Dayton, Ohio GESWEIN. MARY R.4Xenia. Ohio S.E.A.. Marching Coeds GILBERT. ,IUDITH E.-Vandalia. Ohio S.E.A., Education Students Council II7 GILNIORE. JLILIE ANN-Dayton.. Ohio SE.,-X., Pres. of Ohio Student Education Assn., Phi Alpha Theta, Edu cation Student Counvil, Dayton Flyer, Dayton Club GNIAZDOWSRI. FRANK-Classport. Pennsylvania Football. Keystone Klub, Varsity "D" Club GORDON. ANITA MAZINE-West Carrollton, Ohio Education Honor Society, National Education Association 86. , 1- HALPIN. CAROLYN M.-Dayton. Ohio American Chemical Society-Treasurer, W.R.A., S.E.A., E.S.P.A.- Tr:-a-urer, Education Honor Society HARIJT. JERONIE D.-XVIDfVirgil. Illinois Varsity Football. Varsity "D" Club, Illinois Club, Scabbard and Blade, Freslnnan Football HARTKIAN. MARY ALICE4YVilmington. Ohio SEA. Qi' - , HOBBS. FLORENCE SELLERS Home Economies Club HOCEVAR. LAWRENCE Cleveland. Ohio J .- Cleyeland Club. Student Education Association HOECLER. CAROL ANN-Painesville, Ohio Choir, Marianist Sodality, S.E.A. gl' . I ' Q I ,gf ?' Z . iv V .. +1 5.2.2. b V , 1,1 E GREEN, CHARLOTTE W.-Miamisburg, Ohio GRILLIOT. GERALD L.-Anna, Ohio S.E.A., Student Education .Association GUTMAN. FRANCES C.--Ridgewood, New York HEENAN, JOAN M.-Cincinnati. Ohio Top Twenty Students, Candidate for Queen-Junior Prom, S.E.A., So- dality-Secretary, Cincy Club, Education Student Council HENRY, ELEANOR A.-Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Orientation Committee, Omega, P.R.'s Honorary Captain, Campaign Manager-Turn-About4King, C.W.O. HEYWOOD. JUDITH A.-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A. HOFF, FLORENCE S.-Dayton, Ohio HOFFMAN, MARY A.-Madison, Indiana S.E.A., Hoosier Club HOFFMANN, SISTER M. VINCENT LOUISE, C.PP.S.- Ramona, California ' l 1 1 HERST. ANN BURCIX-Dayton. Ohio JABLE. JOHN THOMAS. JR.-Trenton. New Jersey s f ' ' 1- R'fle Clulw Student Director of 1ntramurals f.E.A.. Kmckerlxcker Club. 1 . -Baseball, Basketball. Football. Phi Alpha Theta JONES. THEODORE Nl.-Dayton. Ohio S.E.A. KOENIG. MARY ROBERTA-Cleveland Heights, Ohio Homecoming Attendant 1958, Homccoming Court 1960, Secretary of Junior Class. l'ilyerettes-Secretary 1960, Captain 1961, SEA.. Educa- tion Players Assoc.. Cleveland Club. Omega KOENIG. JOHN 1.,.+Botkins. Ohio SEA.. Communism Discussion Group. Education Student Council KUTTER. FRANCES KATHLEEN-Dayton. Ohio HOGAN. VINCENT C.-Auburn. New York Knickcrlwckcr Club-President, Biology Cluh, Rcaliliartl and Rladih- Trvasurer, S.A.C.--Prograrnrning Chairman. Education Student Count-il HOPKINS. JACQEELINE-Cleveland. Ohio Cleveland Cluh. SE.,-X. HOYING. CONSTANCE-Celina. Ohio KIELBASO. JULIAN JAMES-Dayton. Ohio KING. ANITA ROSE-Xenia. Ohio Legion of Mary. Intcrnational Club KIPP. JEAN LEE-Louisville. Kentucky Bluegrass Chili. N,F.lf.C,F.. SEA., Omega LEVEY. BROTHER ROBERT B.. S.lVl.-Levittown, N. Y. LOOS. BROTHER DONALD. S.lVl.+Cincinnati, Ohio lVlacLEOD ALEXA-Ti Cit Ohio - PP ya Home Economics Club, Student Education Association LAMENDOLA. ROBERT A.-Little Neck. Long lsland, New York S..-X.C.-President, C.S.lI.C.-President, E.S.C., Servers Cluh, Knickcr hooker Cluls LAMENDOLA. THOMAS-Lcvittowri. New York 1ntramurals, Knickerbocker Club. Physical Education Cluli, Homec min Campaign Manager LEALEY. JOSEPH E.-Xenia. Ohio Intramurals J?" 4!F""' KIENNINGER. NIIRI.-XXI K.fI7ayton. Ohio MILLER. CHARLES WILLIANIwTipp City. Ohio NllI.l.l'lR. I.-XNlClf--lluylori. Ohio S.I-TA., Girls Tvnni- Te-uni, Sr-t'ret.1r'ial Club l NIOHR. C,-XROLYN S.-Dayton. Ohio SEA., Student Chapter of A.G.O., Marching Coeds. U.D. Mixed Chorus, Dayton Club. 3I.E.N.C. MOSES. DORIS SWEENEY-Roanoke. Virginia Trtmsft-r Student: Rf'IHPI'lt'l"EI'lll't'IIU'Il1'llI'Y Club. Kappa Delta Epsilon, Nluslt' fllllll NIOYERS. GEORGIA LOLiSBonneville, Kentucky SE..-X.. Visual Aids Society 'C .. O'H.ORA. JAMES B.-Vestal. New York Senior Class President, U.D. Bowling-President, Knickerbocker Club, Pep Committee. Stud:-nt Council Representative OT'l'. CHARLES I.. IR.-Catskill. New York PEARSOX. GRETCHEN-Dayton. Ohio NEA., Kluslf' Club I20 IVIARTINO, RICHARD C.-Valley Stream, New York Knickerbocker Club, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Flyers Hangar, Float Construction, Homecoming Publicity MAUS. FRANK C.-Hamilton. Ohio Scabbard and Blade, U.D. Players, S.E.A., Intramurals IVICNEILL. SALLY M.-New Paris, Ohio MILLER. KAY+lronton. Ohio E,S.C., Bluegrass Club, S.E.A., Pep Club, Psi Chi Club MILLER. BROTHER WILLIAM, S.IVI.-Cincinnnati, Ohio IVILODZIK. EDWARD I.-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Flyers Hangar, Keystone Club, S.E.A., Intramurals, Basketball NAGLE. JOHN F.-Boston, Massachusetts Varsity Soccer, Intramural Sports, V. Pres. New England Club, Vets Club, Sodality Club, Varsity "D" Club, Homecoming Premier, Senior Prom Court, Freshman Orientation Committee NAPORA, DOROTHY ANN-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A., N.F.C.C.S., Intramural Volleyball NEUIVIANN, CAROL A.-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A., Dayton Club PFEIFER. DAVID I...4I,awrenCelJurg. Indiana PICI. JOSEPH R.-Turtle Creek. Pennsylvania PIEKLiTOWSKI. JOSEPH J.-Dayton. Ohio Hockey Team. Dayton Club RENAKER. LORETTA E.-Dayton. Ohio ROENIER. ALBERT JOHN-Columbus. Ohio Pre-side-ntAU.D. Bowling League ROMER. MARY ELLEN-Dayton. Ohio Dayton Club, Flyers Hangar. Marifmiet Sodality, Education Honor Ciety 1 PIZZA. JOSEPH L.-Nlasiapequa. Xen' York Klarvhing Iitmtl. SEA.. SEXY. RANKIX. ROBERT ILXYID-Lima. Ohif. SEA. RASPER. CIIARLES A.-Dayton. Olliu Ifgiuri uf Nlury. Fvvretairy Clull. SEHK. L l ww. 'Cliff RUSCH. FREDERICK OTTO-Euclid. Ohio 5c.1lilv.1rtl and Rl.1th-. Clevehtnd Club. Intramurtil Rtisketball N.F.C.C.S. S.E.C.. Intramural Us-ketlmll. SEA. SAMS. IJVIVIOHT-Daytori. Ohio r.E.4I.. IllII'.lIIlIlT.ll IX.:-lv-tlmll. SEA. SANIIOR. RICHARD JOHN-Stamford. Connecticut Mureliing Barrel, Ifnrivert Bind. Mixed Chorus. XIen's Clee Club, S.E.A., Education Student 1fuur'Cil.S.'X.C. SHADOWENS. ELIZABETH LOUISE-Dayton. Ohio SHADOWENS. LARRY THOMAS-Dayton. Ohio SNYDER. ELEANOR RUTH-Callipolis. Ohio SPISAK. EDWARD JOSEPH-Cleveland. Ohio STABLER. RUTH E.jSpringfielcl. Ohio S.E.A., Home Economics Club STARK. ANA C. E.5.l'f., SE..-X.. Sodallity. Intiunmural Volleyball I2I I STEIN. JOHN C.sDayton. Ohio SE..-X.. Nl-'.C.C.S. STOECKLEIN. MARILYN S.-Dayton. Ohio SE..-X.. Dayton Club S'l'RAL'KAMP. FRANCES M.fDayton. Ohio Flyerettes---Vice President and President, W.R.A., Women's Intercol- legiate .-Xtblr-tics 3' of XI I ' --r 'N Q I Nw . Q. TIQLLENERS. HARRY WERNER-Groot Kwaktierwec Wiillenstacl. Curacao. N. A. N.S.P.E., I.R.E.. Intvrnutional Club TL'LLY. MARY ANN-Englewood. Ohio Dayton Club, SE..-X. VEIT. SISTER MARY ROSE. C.PP.S.-Wapakoneta, Ohio TEMPLIN. BROTHER KENNETH A., S.lVI.-Cleveland, O. TETZLAFF. HAZEL VIRGINIA-Dayton, Ohio TUCKER. GENEVIEVE-Centerville, Ohio I i I S it 9 li 5 1 , 1 1 L I VVEAVER. CICILY A.-Dayton. Ohio SEA. WEILER. MARY LOUISE-Fairview Park. Ohio Sodality, Clee Club, Sec. N.F.C.C.S.. National Academic Program, Cleve- land Club, Omega. W'riter's Club, N.E.A. WENING. EILEEN R.-Dayton, Ohio VORNDRAN. BROTHER JAMES. S.M.-Pittsburgh, Penn. WARD. MARTHA P.-Ashland, Kentucky Psi Chi, S.E.A., Bluegrass Club WATCHLER, MARTHA ANNE-Cleveland, Ohio s.E.A., UD. choir WERNERSBACH, BROTHER DENNIS, S.lVI.-Covington, Kentucky WHITE, JOHN ROBERT-Rockaway Beach, New York Senior Representative Student Council, Vice Pres. Knickerbocker Club, Public Relations, Director Varsity "D" Club, S.E.A.. Scabbard and Blade, Varsity Football Team WIGAL, DORIS-Jamestown, Ohio S.E.A., U.D. Choir Q. 51 Qs' x 'i . iff mmf. . Y, WOLF. SANDRA-Dayton. Ohio Woun-n's Rr-Creation Association, NIajor's Club YANKA. RUTH-Cleveland. Ohio SUM ERTI E . . . 1961 ,1 , -A-.gif X 1' If 7, : , .gf f YVILLIAMS. BEVERLY MARIE--Dayton. Ohio C.W'.O.. SEA., Marching Cmfdn WIRTH: RITA fx.-iEIlgll"YYt,l1Nl. Ohiu Hunl Xl.1Vywl'1-Il1---XI.nr1'l1111,u lglllhl. lflwir. Sllllifill Ellmxll Vurin-ly SIIHYY. On Parade Show WOLF. EIJWIN A.-Xenia. Ohin All-7? Did somebody say. "NO CURTAINS? '?" "Car 51, WHERE YUI' ARE??'!" "Since the Age of Stone, human progress has been conditioned by the genius of the professional forebears of today's engineers as they rendered usable to mankind nature's vast resources of material and energy. It now falls upon our shoulders to carry on this task in the best tradition of our profession and with a prayer that we may have God's guidance and direction." Doctor Maurice Graney Dean, School of Engineering H .J-1, . :....,x .fry -.-, A -v I ' 'I '-39. ,Nr "ffm"-I...-I ,Y H.-,d?., .I . N 1 ea-L Rfk V.:anc:. .V ' '-.4 ,.:...:'.,: ' V ,pa-:rf .- A V ., .ixifn-A, - ':'..,g , ,fifr .V " Tig, 'TV' -ffl' iff' '25 V1 -5' ..'V "'5r"4' ff. 1- 47. ,- ix -1: V f . '-,- ,aj 5370 " ,Ms "":"f'f " '-Ki, V , .v , fir' .' f., fx if f' ,. - I-1.-5 .1 .V V V 1-V -Q ,V , ., V 4- -17,1 V, T.. Je. V VV. ...AV 8 , ., , 'Jr-L '4 Z' 211' . W, "CQ Su? 'af 5. -e. 2. T V. I - ,VL-5-.TB .In J" V --L . Leif. 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An-'X was Ni' i I l CHEMICAL ENGINEERS 452 E I a Q ' CARLETON, JAMES J.-Dayton. Ohio A.C.S., A.I.C.E. GLOWE. DONALD EDWARDS-Chicago, Illinois A.I.C.E., A.C.S,, Rifle Team, Illini Club MULHOLLAND, RONALD F.-Cambria Heights, ' New York V A.I.C.E.-Pres., Tau Beta Pi-Sec., A.C.S., Rifle Club, Knick- 1 1 l erbocker Club 1 SANTEN. ROBERT W.-Huntingberg, Indiana A.I.C.E., Intramural Rasketliall SMITH. LEONARD-Euclid. Ohio A.C.S.. A.I.C.E. WINIBIERS. JAMES E.-Coldwater, Ohio A.I.1'1.E.-Vive President, N.S.P.E., Rifle Club CIVIL ENGINEERS BARLACE. ELMER. E.fDayton, Ohio BLAKE. GERALD J.-Dayton. Ohio SCCf?ldIj'f.'X.f.C.E. BLANCO. JORGE LUIS-Santurce, Puerto Rico A.S.C.E., O.S.P.E.. Sumter Team, International Club BUCKINGHAM, ROBERT G.-Dayton, Ohio ELDER, PATRICK-Clarksburg, West Virginia Sodality, Intramurals, A.S.C.E., Mountaineer Club FERRIS, EDWARD P.-Columbus, Ohio A.S.C.E., O.S.P.E., Rifle Club, N.S.P.E., Central Ohio Club- President, International Club, Student Dorm Advisor, Pep Com- mittee, Intramurals W 'IF' KRAMER, LAWRENCE J.-Louisville, Ohio Tau Beta Pi-President, A,S,C.E.-Treas., Scahbard and Blade, Intramurals MEYER. RICHARD WILLIS-Kenmore, New York A.S.C.E.-President, Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals, Softball Basketball, Bowling ROMAN CRUZ. JOSE RAFAEL-Toa Baja, P. R. Latin American Club, Intemational Club, Intramurals 1 WEISS. TINIOTHY FRANCIS-Harrisburg, Penn. A.S.C.E,. Sodality, Intramurals, A.S.T.M. 2 is HARRISON. THOMAS R.WSvosset. New York A.5.C.E., Intramural Athletics HARTNIAN. CARL C.-Ivilrningtun. Ohio A.S.C.E, HOFFMAN. GEORGE R.SW3IItJIl. Kentucky Bluegrass Club. fX.S.C.E. 69, 'qw F ..- 5CI'IINlNlOl.l.ER. VINCENT F.-Fort Jennings. Ohio N.S.P.E., A.S.II.E. STANTON. THOMAS R.-Cleveland, Ohio Committvc-.-X.S.C.E., Cleveland Club, Sodality, Student Dorm Advisor Intramurals TRIVISONNO. THOMAS NI.-Wickliffe, Ohio Cleveland Club, A.S.C.E., N.S.P.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS ALBERS. EDWARD W.-Covington, Kentucky Tau Bt-ta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, If.D. Engineer-Editor, I e Club, I.O.R.E. ARAISH. EDGAR J.-Jerusalem, Jordan I.R.E.. International Club, Soecer Team BARNOSKI. MICHAEL K.-Elmira, New York Math Club, Knick Club, Intramural Basketball, Football BAECH. CHESTER Fl-iEORlCKfDayIOl1. Ol1i0 Vets Club BOEPPLE. ROBERT C.--Dayton. Ohio Institute Rutlio Enginw-rs BRADY. FRANK J.-Joneshoro. Arkansas DONOHKE. JAMES P.-Eairlnorn. Ohio EARHART. RONALD E.+Dayton. Ohio Institute of Rurlio Eiiginm-rs GERDINC. JAMES l'l.fOilawa. Ohio JEFFRIES. RUSSELL L.fOlympia. Washington JOLLEY. JANIES ll.,-llaytmi. Ohio KASTLE. JAMES J.-Dayton. Ohio A.I.E.E. ig " J J WW COLADO, RAMON E.. JR.-Fairborn, Ohio DALBEY. JOSEPH P.-Dayton, Ohio DeJACO. NORBERT F., JR.-Alexandria, Kentucky Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E.-Chairman, I.R.E., N.S.P.E. CRIMES. ALTON-Troy. Ohio HOLDEN. LARRY O.-Delphos. Ohio I.R.E. HUDSON. ROBERT L,-Dayton. Ohio KRAMER. GEORGE H.-Dayton. Ohio A.l.E.E., l.R.E., Sodality, Intramurals, Chairman of Freshman Orientation Committee-61 LaSUSA. JOSEPH I.-Poughkeepsie, New York l.R.E., Knickerhockers Club LEINBERGER, KARL G.-Dayton, Ohio Electrical Engineering Honor Society NIENBERG. MELVIN J.fGl3l1fIOI'I. Ohio I.R.E.. N.S.P.E., O.S.P.E., A.I.E.E. NIETERS. JAMESAHamilton. Ohio Rifle Club, Institute of Radio Engineers, Soclality NIST. RICHARD J.-Cleveland. Ohio I.R.E., N.S.P.E., Cleveland Club. Rifle Club, Intramurals -wr""' SCHNEIDER. JOHN F.-Indianapolis. Indiana I.R.E.. N.S.P.E.. Math Club, Hoosier Club SCHLNIIIER. WILLIANI L.-Covington. Kentucky Bluegrass Club, N.S.P.E., Rifle Club, I.R.E., Intramurals SIEVERDING. FRED A.-Fort Thomas. Kentucky A.I.E.E.. O.S.P.E. THOMAS. RONALD VV.-Dayton, Ohio Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, A.I.E.E,, Tau Beta Pi, Intramural Softball ' qt ., VAGRIN, ANTON JOHN-Foras, New Jersey I.R.E. VOGLEWEDE. DAVID A.-Decatur, Indiana O.S.P.E., A.I.E.E., Hoosier Club, Debate Club, Christian Ca- reers Unlimited llIaCAULAY. JOHN D.-Covington. Kentucky MICHEL. THOMAS-Dayton. Ohio A.l,E.E.. I.R.E. MOSES. DONALD J.-Syflney. Australia A.I.E.E., I.R.E., International Club N ai-:za ,. NOSER. JOSEPH E.-Alansfielcl. Ohio .X.l.E.E., Connnnni-in Dist-u-sion Group, Tau Dr-ta Pi PARCH. JAMES DONOVAN-Cleveland. Ohio Cleveland Club. Rifle Club, l.R.E. PLIVOCEL. JOHNfDayton. Ohio f in SNYDER. JOHN L.-Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania SOLLER. STEPHEN YV.-Shelbyville. Indiana A.I.E.E., I.R.E.. Nlzttli Club. Pershing Rifles, Hoosier Clu TAKACS. JOHN J.-Dayton. Ohio Sodality, Math Club. N.F.C.C.S.. A,I,E.E. I , b, Rifle u xii -NV' I30 WENTHE. FREDERICK I.-Chicago, Illinois Illini Club, Pershing Rifles, N.S,P.E., I.R.E. INDUSTRI L ENGINEERS ANGELOPOVLOS. MIKE P.-Dayton. Obio BARTZ. TOM C.-Northbrook. Illinois Industrial Engineers Club-Vice Pres., Illini Club, Intramural Football, Baseball BECK. CHARLES W.-Clex'eland. Obio President-Industrial Engrs. Club, Tau Beta Pi, Varsity Soccer Team, O.S.P.E., Clexe-land Club, Rifle Club, Student Dormitory Supervisor HAMMER. WILLIAM E.-Kettering, Ohio N.S.P.E., Industrial Engineers Club-Sec. O'DONlYELL. JOHN E.-Connellsville, Pennsylvania Keystone Club, O.S.P.E., N.S.P,E., I.E. Club SCHROTH, WILLIAIVI E.-wDayton. Ohio Industrial Engineers Club, Tau Beta Pi. O.S.P.E. CERAR, PETER V., JR.-Huntington, New York Flyers Hangar, Knickerbocker Club, N.S.P.E., Scabbard and Blade-Sec., O.S.P.E., Intramurals CERVERA, FERNANDO J.-Merida, Yucatan, Mex. Industrial Engrs. Club, International Club, Tennis Team, Mono- gram Club, Latin American Club GREEN, GARY RICHARD-Shaker Heights, Ohio Pres. O.S.P.E., Student Council, S.A.C., N.F.C.C.S., Cleveland Club, Flyers Hangar, I.E.C., Intramural Baseball, Football, Basketball SHERWIN, EDWARD R.-lVIcKeepoIt, Penn. Band, A.I.I.E., Keystone Club WITTE, PAUL L., JR.-Indianapolis, Indiana Industrial Engrs. Club, Intramurals MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BALCEREK, ROBERT F.-Oil City. Pennsylvania N.S.P.E., Sodality, U.C.S.C., Keystone Club BURGER. JEROME E.-Dayton. Ohio A.S.M.E.-Secretary DANON. JOSEPH S.-Dayton, Ohio JANKOWSKY. HEINE B.-Dayton, Ohio KLUJBER, FRANK-Kondorfa, Hungary KNIGHT, RAYMOND M.-Jeffersonville, Indiana A.S.M.E., Tau Beta Pi MAGLICIC, DANIEL J.-Cleveland, Ohio A.S.M.E., Intramurals GROSS, NORMAN E.-Dayton, Ohio OCCHIONERO, ALEX J.-Cleveland, Ohio Pershing Rifles, Dayton FLYER NEWS, Sodality, Intramural Sports, President A.S.M.E. Nr ,,,gvR"' GRINDSTAFF. CHARLES E.-Dayton, Ohio President A.S.M.E,, Feldman Award '60, Engineering Student Paper Competition HARTKE. GERALD WILLIAMfDayton, Ohio A.S.M.E., N.S.P.E. HAYDE. VINCENT Rflilineola. Long Island, New York Knickerhocke-r Cluh, Intramurals. A.S,M.E., N.S.P.E, LITTLE. FLOYD W.-York, Pennsylvania LOVELESS, LEE H.-Springfield, Ohio A.S.M.E. MAEGLEY. WENDEL JOSEPH-Cincinnati, Ohio A.S.M.E., Tau Beta Pi QLTINX. J.-DIES C.-Covington. Kentucky A.5.1I.E. QLINTAN,-X. JLYAN-Loquillo, Puerto Rico Intramural Yi-ll:-ylull. Bafkctlmll, Latin American Club, International Club SJXKLOR.-Xl. SElYAfToky0. Japan Btmds, lnwrnutionul lfflulv. .-K.5.Nl.E. WEIGANIVII DANIEL R,-Sidney. Ohio Cliairn1anfNS.l'.E.. Flint Committee, Sgt. ut Arms-A.S.M.E., Scabburd and Blade. lntrrnmurul Suftlmll. llusketbull SOOATES, WESLEY MARVIN-Jacksonville, Fla. A,b.M.E. TROIN. PAUL ElVlILEfdGlen Cove, New York A.S.M.E., Intramurals, Knickerbocker Club VORST. LEON A.-Middle Point, Ohio O.S.P.E., N.S.P.E., Math Club 1 . . Nunry Huzlf-lt ww preeidenl of Omega . . . Tom Muth really Qtudied? I32 N -xii ...1 l ' -'XA f. " 1-N1 1 -,V-'Y 'SR this was the Flyer Staff . . . ,egg 'vb Q. 'xt I , ,amz Q v 1 1 xl I Y 5 g -. .' I 1 e ' F' S Q, eafjl fr U 52 -. s.. K 3 3 E 9, 9 i HMost of us realize that new programs of edu- cation such as these embodied in the offerings of 'the Technical Institute are too often not recognized for their true value. The outstand- ing performance on the job of past and future graduates is a most potent force in enhancing the understanding and recognition of the As- sociate Degree." Donald C. Metz, Director Technical Institute , J, ,,se'f"vwx M, ,L , ,, '5.1,...,.v3 X9 I M,,.,--...N H" 'xx . f N-- K x" r' ' ' ' .a RR, -G L 1 ZIFQVI 'wx-, J '53, Z ',v"":' 'lik .JW p. - A .fs . ' "W . 'Q ' -,,R L. gpif' N ,KX I sr Nu. L V x YL ay- ' . . . 'X x,,,,,,:'. Q 4 ,vi M 1, r.-.fb---aa .K ,, Q Y - x I fa ., - N V , N W . f' A. W 5 Q 1 if I ' 5 . ' 'Q 'X M' " . x J 'Uhr' ' 7xQf'Q W 54 H ?f of .- 2 u 2 xx W E if E ? 4' ' ' HSV!!! F X I , 1 ,fyw . A f',:.,:f 't'Q'x..,tlPr1 ,Aviv N n-gl af W-. g x 'MNg,,Q?2E?V : MM K ibm" A --'fl' ILNMZY' 'dg,3a,,f L- F 1 L ' I ' QM . -.Y 5,,,w2.w,- - if 455 Y 4 , , ' 5 in 4' nnfa .5 4' cz. ' . 7 1 :.. 'X E , ff . , vi. 1 k ff ' I36 ANDERSOX. HERMAN D.-Dayton. Ohio BALSTER. RALPH A.-St. Henry. Ohio BEGGS. MAX K.-Sweetwater. Tennessee Treasurer of T.I. Club l96O BELLANCA. CHARLES-Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania LLD. Players, Keystone Club, U.D.. Rifle Club, T.I. Club-V. Pres. BILTZ. RAYMOND J.-Tipton. Indiana Hoosier Club, T.I. Club CAMPBELL. ADRIAN D.-Dayton, Ohio CAMPBELL. THOMAS W.-Dayton, Ohio CASARELLA. CARY A.-Harrison. New York Pershing Rifles, UD. Players CLARK. THOMAS J.-Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania T.I. Club, Intramural Softball COLLINS. JAMES R.4Dayton. Ohio T.I. Club COLGHLIN. BRIAN YV.-Stamford. Connecticut New England Club, Institute Radio Engineers, T.I. Club CROOK. ALLEN E.-Dayton. Ohio DARLING. JEROME P.-Dayton, Ohio DEMPSEY. DAVID V.fCleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, T.I, Club DINIZO. RONALD ANTHONY-White Plains, New York DOLSAK. KENNETH J.-Cleveland. Ohio Servers Club. Sodality, Intramural Basketball, Football, Cleve- land Club, T.I. Club FINK, WILLIAM Cv.-Cleveland. Ohio T.I. Club, Cleveland Club FOWLER. CHARLES W.-Dayton, Ohio GATCHELL. FLOYD Nl.. IR.-Greenville. Ohio GORMAN. JAMES L.-Lima. Ohio T.I. Club, l.R.E., Student Branch GOTTSCHACK. RICHARD-Wasliiiigtiiii. Pennsylvania T.l. Club Nusa-wg QF 'AQ WFP' M A 4 'K'-Qfggr sv gi HANIANT. THOMAS-Dayton. Ohio HLTFFMAN. JAMES R.-Nlicldletown. Ohio HUNT. TERRY G. S.-Dayton. Ohio WILSON. JOHN A.-Dayton. Ohio JAKUBOWSKI. BENJAMIN J.. IR.4Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Intramurals, Cleveland Club, T.I. Club KEAIS. KENNETH CHARLES-Detroit. Michigan Wolwrine Club, T.I. Club, I.R,E. KIMES. ROBERT H.. IR.-Dayton. Ohio KIRSCH. DAN J.-Clearfield. Pennsylvania Keystone Club, T.I. Club, Intramural Baseball KUZMA. EDWARD-Cleveland. Ohio Intniniurinls. 91-ru-rs Club, T.I. Club LEITELT. RICHARDfChicago. Illinois LINSLEY. PAUL H.-Thomaston, Connecticut FLYER NEWS, T.I. Club, Inetitute of Radio Engineers LUCKETT. CARROLL S.-Lebanon, Kentucky MAAHS. HENRY H.. IR.-Dayton. Ohio MAHLTVIEISTER. RICHARD LOUIS-Dayton, O. I.R.E., Vets Club MATHEWS. JAMES A.fCleveland, Ohio Secretary-T.l. Club, Cleveland Club, I.R.E. MILLER, SHERMAN C.-Dayton, Ohio Intramural Basketball, T.I. Club MORRIS, GEORGE E., JR.-Dayton, Ohio MURRAY, MICHAEL, IR.-Stamford, Connecticut T.I. Club, New England Club, Intramural Baseball NEVITT. JAMES S.-Dayton, Ohio O'KELI..EY, MICHAEL E.-Delaware, Ohio T.I. Club, Intramurals, Chairman of Student Associate Chapter of Institute of Radio Engineers OPALEK. RICHARD L.-Cleveland, Ohio Intramural Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Dayton Hock- ey Team, Cleveland Club, T.I. Club PAHL, DAVID C.-Tiffin, Ohio T.I. Club PASCALE, ANTHONY M.-Bradford, Pennsylvania Treasurer T.I. Club, Wolverine Club, Bluegrass Club, Varsity Manager, Monogram Club POEPPELMAN, MYRLE J.-Maria Stein, Ohio T.I. Club RATHKE, THOMAS S.-Napoleon, Ohio I.R.E., Technical Institute Club RUETH, KENNETH M.-Sidney, Ohio Treasurer T.I. Club, FLYER NEWS Staff, Intramural Baseball, Basketball SANFORD, WILLIAM H.-Utica, New York '62 DAYTONIAN SCHMITZ. RONALD L.-Fort Recovery, Ohio T.I. Club SHARP, BILLY G.-Dayton, Ohio SIMMS, STAN--Xenia, Ohio SMITH, FRANK W.-Dayton, Ohio Intramural Tennis, Vets Club, Dayton Club, Associate I.R.E. President T.I. Club STODDARD, JAMES E.-Dayton, Ohio STUEVE, MARY MARTHA-Dayton, Ohio International Club, Phi Beta Lambda TOMASSOXE. TONY-Blue Anchor. New Jersey U,D. Collegiate Bowling League. lntiuinurals, T.l. Club l Voss. ROBERT H.-Dayton. ohio , S91-N'-' 3 WHEELER. LAWREXCE J.. JR.gGreenville. Ohio l i I wr-:.wx:'ifXT"Nxw ' ...NNN L - e KM 1-xx . . aw- ' 1,-gf-s b C . . . ,. .-gee? -1'-if? N""s---- Sm' -- ' - .. . . . Q i ' . .V of A MEX N....,. E ' ' " ' ' . "--eww.. ""'f- ' xx ,N ' -X 5 --Q-.. .M ' -- -, : 2 fx. .1 .. NN'-M -W -..N 5 ' ' - -N' f --- ., -..,x--N -' --s. 'o-- ,. I ' . 4 2 . 5-M -2 ,F fx E--N 'XXQN N---.4,,,, Q. S eo"-W .5 "ee--M.. .. ...W P i z ' ve' -N 1 N -.msn-W, X- .. Y N 'N'-M---4. - ,sw - - R K ,gk LK ' X +-....,-M.. ...N E XS ,A i -M - nw- .s ,K ew- .. -sm... -+R '--S, ,f""i-if k fn" W"-A-N-5 -' -,, - . ' - ,alsv-is.-N135 ,F ..-...S ers" "" --,,,1N""""""A' --- N W"-----... " 'M' ---N. szfn X i- . -- . S Qu S? ' X ' " , 'MN' lf"N-. in 5:. 'fl N5 'i - 5 -X -. J... 4 " X 5 W- W- sim - -7 .... w ,n,s, 'FREE 'ik Tj' -'. . xl 3 ,gi . .4 ir A " X N ix NN, A. ' i Q. . ---RN-. "2 A. 1-Q-M' SM' Q ' H-+,..., . ' -N . "1-...W ""' ----N.. """ 'N-aww.. -.. . , -1.. ,M l Y, WnWwwAMKwMWM-eeu -.-K ' ..... o'M'W1i---A-......,,-M M ., sn. ,.-....,-an V K fn, -...... xx.. ku 4-W .... kyuhus , lf ----........,. .N Nvv- 5 I -A-,Y..i.Nx,g,: Wd. .. :-ef-1n.N-- "'. . X NN --...,. Ms'.""" . . .. ... R W., ,ga .A-45' x j-A-v'c..,.,,,-M, Ng, .X k- . . . . Or do you remember when the Gibbons Hotel reigned supreme . . . I . 5. .g. :..1:'-1,,A1.' W ,h Y .. A - A .- V I if bf EW? ' eg-is 'fs .li E f .31 X '- 1 f-we -. 0 Fifi L 'fi il .W A V l :wh N - I. Q S SPWH MEM J IFIXVXN G ,. . ' .Q 4 . N . r E 55? . . . The Book Store looked like a . . . and this was the Pep Committee. saloon in a Wild West movie . . . IB9 0 mf l 9, G z - Hr A haw ' ' iii! if l " -'f. 1 . 'fii ' ' 'L fz7",.,......H ,N F ,- ,...,2 ' .4 fi ' "1' '-- 1 r' :Zilla :xy dx,-. Lyn L? A2413 ' 4v.-'ff' ".Q'.g'A1 gf' l . , YI, 'sf ' r ll J 5 T, ' 14.2 O. 9 . ers Q J, Q , 4 5 EF! 1 .9 haf' ' ' ' ' A 4 7? A' - 4 J Q9 r J v G 4- G Iv - A Q , " ' Au? af' , . 's 'Y' ' ' rn qt . , ,fm q A' . s O ' 0 0 ' W 'I 1 ff: - 4 'fx ' ' f ' W 4 ,cs x-5 if Th ,i 14+ L' ii X yt' 'i GJ!-lN lt Z ll Wltl lt UN "But let, secondly, a dozen, or fifty, or a hundred journeymen say to one another: It is Competition that is ruining us, and Competi- tion is division. disunion. every man for him- self. every man against his brother. The reme- dy must he in association, cooperation, self- sacrifice for the sake of one another." Parson Lot 5 -ag EF . N l X .X LA ' Q xx rim. .r ' ' 2-'bi QE? -'-'M '72-'-ia:--' fuss?-:eww '- -si . M.-,Swv .-z+.x.qf:--fm-,-ff-gy.. , , 1 x 'M-:-:-:4','S'-,'cX5--fi.. - A r. - ' 45. 'orkg:3'g9f ' I . 5 4" H L 53:1 ' " ' is S ! ,I , I ! , iq. 1. i- , C 'yy ' '+I U 8, ? L ,V -jj: 1 J? x 5 I f 1 I f-Q, KLARJ: R. I.uNIe'nclolu. R. D'Eparu. L. Benjamin, L. Lunne, J. Le-vnto. Absent: Hng.1n,J. Handurf. R. Suminr. ilu'- QQQIUI po. f-.1si f ' 'Ni --as MLA' 'Q' A, il ,xx - Ami: iv , ,. -if -f 5 :Y i , 4 ,V I, h 3 1 STUDE T ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE 5 f 3 ,Q - 2 Q .4 5 i ug .1 ii f' wr 'Ni 598 ln .- fL-RJ Row 1: E. Henry fPublic Relationsj, Mrs. Hussong, Miss Whelro, K. Flem- I ing Uunior Rep.Jg row 2: M. Brinker iSenior Repj, K. Sims iFreshman Rep.i, B. Houston fSophomore Rep.J. ORGANIZATIO '43 it li. ,., -3' II' F3-,Q-wg-' S . yu 'N , -4- C kg N M wa K KF X: x -X Q X f ,X ' ra- if mx . . 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'v " 'f' ' 1 V" W3 "avi", . ' . 2' x ' A I .Q x : V . 5 ' X -Zi '- ' V "f 'WZ 5 '- V . - ' ' - - Y, Q4 ' W, 5 -Q :R C f Q: I X' Nw .X . Y ' ff-fs-'Am - N.. Qiiggfs-Q X ggw Q' ' 'hr N ' Q. Q . .fwf"' . V. 1 , 22. "ff , ' .' - ,ii , ,, , W X-X..Mu, U - X. , Q- .27 i UI, W Q Q RS gigs? Q s X . 5- ii - X,-jT'E'g - Q -951,9 .'-"Q"i-- 'SKS L ' ' ' , e.. 5, - qv, ww- . .. . f 2-,Qi Sw v f ' : N V. H ' ' s 'A--x.. lf'-,Q...Q3,'.. i X 'YI T, K -, 'bw W farf' . fis-aggf ' , wwf -Y Iv -Hx N . wx. .Q-' - , gm 1 -N wig kg. t. 'x ' Q9 SRF' QQNNF' . " I' v ' . 1 ,:-A :QS if x ' . ,win qz -..Kx..j.. . -- ,. ,X X 4:-:pq , ' V' " fa - , Q A ' X". 1115" Q 'xsffffeff , MF' N, 1 . v Y f L Y.: V .-1 - I l l l JE i s E . .... .,,,.,,. ' 5, :. . 1 4 Q i 1 KL-Rl Row I: Dr. C. Mivllavlif Iftlmle-r.1torl. E, 5Il:'iflllll'IL IY. Pre-f.I. R. SVLIIIILIH 1l're-NJ: ron' 2: Nl. Brinkvr. T. I-111-tal, R. Massey, M. Frisong lou' 3: L. Smith, C. Hullurun. A. Tufe, C. Lllnmiki. J. Hogan: mu' -1: V. Hricv. ,l. llupplrfx, IP. tllaggw-tl, I. Nlarl-ww. Lf. Lnhnmn: mu' 5: D. Alu-ll, 0, Buzzvlli tTreas.i, C, Balash 1SeCy.t, J, Smith. llxul Fmnvis Buni. I.. Kinu-r: ruu' 0: .X. Fwimki. .l. Nlqrtin. IL-Rl Rau' 1: J, Feldmann, J. Olt, M, Hupkins: mu' 2: F, Clark. l'. Anslvy. 41. II4'I'hll44'Il. L. Env mu' 3: K. Kauffman. XI. Fluugh, R. Donovan, T. Mapper. W, Pon-rnhkig mu' 4: I.. Brown, C. Cutticltlivll. XI. Kllllld. II. Burn-. Lf, SIlf'l1l'I' jr.. 41. 5ll'YtAl'1NllIl1 mu' 5: D. Guitlter. P. Knmst-c, C. Cow-n, XI. Brennan. D. Papesh, T. Mattingly. I 1 1 ..g4,--9 f "' ,' Qigvi .Y mx -fm li IQ V 0 ,Q H' ' F a ' E N - aw 6 'Rr' S E Q ., ' 3 1 ' ' ,J .1 ' 5 A ' X 'M .4 U .JV X ' X 3 XY? U , a Y M Q ..,..X q 'bf' 4 X x ' S 'X as 'Q ' "SH 3 , I 5 gg .-x UNIVERSITY OF DAYTO MARCHING BA D MARCHINC BAND OFFICERS: Richard Sandor tPresidentl, Charles Wuchker lVice Presiclentt, William Stout 4Busincs5 Manaverl. DIRECTORS: Prof. Richard Wiggenhorn Glarching Band Dire-ctorl, Prof. Maurice R. Reicllard lDirector of Bandst. D J. Andrews, T. Andrews. J. Aviles. J. Barklow. J. Beirer, R. Bickert, T. Berling. D. Bushnell. W. Cahill, R. Colopy, R. Csoltko. R. D'Epire. E. Flamm M. Flaugh, T. Gagel. T. Glaser. T. Hageman, B. Harlow, K. Hemmc-lgarn. A. Herrcs, K. Horn, R. Hoss. E. Hungreford. W. Jann-s. L. Jones. T. Keil A. Koehler. R. Kordel. F. Levora, J. Luneke, J. Malcy, M. Mangan. N. McWilliams. M. Miller. J. Minogue. C. Mohr. A. Muldrow. J. Nevures. B. Nolan C. Paumier, J. Peck. D. Polmosky. C. Popelka. F. Rachford. D. Ragan, J. Reed, E. Romaguera. K. Rozak, R. Sandor, T. Schif-rlrh. R. Schulwrt. T Schwerer, P. Smeltzer. D. Sommer, W. Stout. L. Swift. K. Thiem. I.. Walborn. J. Wallace. W. Waymirc, R. Weaver. ll. Webster. R. Wt-igandt. l.. West morland, J. Whitton, N. Wolary, C. Wuebker. D. Youngman. ' xgxsuh Tx-x g v x vu -A 'f1l'ffi9gg1" , f. , 5 X Rss' '-,fn-' 5' A g3:,,-V EI 4 X1Q"5XfXf?":"' QFV ' Q ,I :fi 125: H. 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I A r . 99 V' , 4 . . , .ar ' X - 425 " -' "'- ef -"'-Q. F 1 ' 5 Q .X :J 2 sr., Q Q P I V, NX xx X ' I Q .5 X ig X AK S 0 its I A ia , N - " G 41'- mfg- 'I ..,,.. S: ' s Q ,q.fH , :swf if 'Q I v x ,ki Rf-:,..,...?6ftY: Sf Q.-- ' - A an 5 I J 1 '9' .. if I1 5 x 3 ?- ' 2 . i X . G 5 Q ' 3 I 5 V' l', T s'1 4 H- I 1 1. T ' 1 1 D B IL-R1 Row I: T. Smith, F. James, R. Opalck, D. Dempsey: row 2: G. Sucky, M. " Hihn. J. Mujni, T. Ratz, I. DeClement3 row 3: J. Szmania, R. Frabotta, J. Raymond, W. Kobe. L. Nudiuk, A. Dowd: row 4: F. Herlvik, P. Bicala, C. Castellano, J. Muntgomery, D. Nrwello, T. Cutter: ron' 5: T. Coreno, J. Edwards, M. Kehoe, M. Toner, K. Kurtz, E. Sweeney: row 0: S. Spisuk, T. Simeone. - .fly : Q 5 Nm.: .3 A wsf It . U X xv, .- ' 'L' '., A 1:1 .1 N .Pdf Ya 'J DAYTON CLUB "'AD1'fk?,' I54 CJ ff' p-X 47. N. dx? A l IL-R2 Rau' 1: T. Camoru lTrcas.b, T. Zivmlvivki JSCCFIJ, Y. Hvizdu 1PrL-SJ, T. Llralla: mu' 2: V. Bruce. J. Kalman, R. Nluiser, W. Johnson. R. Aufmulhg run' 3: L. Bcndrr. T. Pvnnuck, E. Eiht'l1l.Hll'Tl, ll. Wmui, "B" Gus-nllnfrg ron' 4: M. Dense, K, Leary. R. Novak, J. Murray. L. SCTHITTLIITI. CLEVELAND CLUB IL-R! Run' I: W. Zagu. X. Fvhrciln-r, li. Frathmm-. R. Runkill. A. Tadyvhz mu' 2: F. Ruwll. J. Smith. V. Yavpot, W. Youmell, H Prinvvg mu' 3: 'SKIN-nl NIin4ie'd" ifrurgrrl hig :mlm-l. J. Hurkv. S. Sullixun. F. Hm-gler, IJ. llilgcnlbacllg mu' 4: I. M. Horncy, 5iI1kWil'Tl, E. Ilulnrmich nr I.. Daly. S. U'lIullry. H. Hvtzcrz row 5: E. Ilull.1gl1vr. D. Symun, "Tl1v Iii-ak" Pulnnmsky, S. Plaulz, K. Piata X. 6 i FLYERETTES Bark of MD"-Top left zzroulzd to bottom left: K. Leary, .l. Rueth, B. Breault lTreas.J, M. Johnson, M. St'llWZ.ll'l1l'!t'l'gt'I', D. Parinello, ,l. Dickinson, J. Scudder, M. Stewart, M. George, BI. Foley, B. Kolentus, M. Russo, J. Leff, E. Balawejder, M. Brenner lSecy.J, N. Reiter. V1-nhoff, P. Buening, F. Struukamp lPres.3, M. Oppelg stem of "Dug top to bottom: M. Koepnick, M. Brinkmoeller, C. Fenske. J. Edwardsg center-left: B. Koenigg right: NI. McAndrews. .4 bsenl: 31. Murphy QV. Pres.P, .lune Beruhe. us- T7 if Tux '11 E-r 1 I 1 KL R2 Rowl J Linebau h E Murphy M Surdyk .l Germely row 2' B Unger L H0 E Purcell, C. Jzlmee, G. Bearlly 1Bres.t, .l.YMctullom lSel:y.D9 row,3: A. l7apiJa1ardo,,.M: I56 Reynolds, Mrs. Bernhard, MISS Smallwood, Elon Emery, A. MacLeodg row 4: An Edltor l?J, J. Nelmers, M. Saksa, P. Kramer, M. Brown, D. Burgoon, C. Day, M. Curry. r r., KL-Rl Row I: J. Dickens, XI. Kline lTrez1s.l. XI. Held 1Pres.I, E. gxlf!X1lI'ldlTI' lbecyxi. C. H N R Hickey, row 2: J. Tiffany, P. Cerar, F. Langmun. M. Boyle. G. Yassy. 31. Gancig ron' 3: A 1 D A W. Bohne, B. Johnson, F. Re-da, KI. Lurnier, J. Meaglwr. H. Cnnmvlly. .3 'Y T7 ir ,ar ,,k,,,,. M: w X? w4v-we Qwm fb Ze -iw 4-QL. x'a'4"k-ee-:cis-x-as-as if-mfr Q Drflxal J . IL-R2 Sealed: D. Dryden lTreas.l, K. Howard lSeCy.l, F. Krauser 4V. Pres.J, D. Kaczorow- ski lPres.Jg row I: R. Zimpfer, J. Weglewski, R. Biltz, P. Ruce, P. Him, V. Lowe, D. Tarnowski, S. Worlandg row 2: T. Bornhorst, J. Finn, D. Tarbowski, P. Onme, R. Koporc, T. Fogarty, L. Toddg row 3: C. Favrot "I lost all my marbles," D. Straub, L. O'Brien, M. Creigh. 4' I57 l -of IL-R1 Run' I5 E. :Xraish IV. Prvs.l, E. Crowley lPre5.l, Dr. Harkenriller Uloderuturl, Yang lTreas.l. J. Simonton lSeCY.lS row 2: M. McCrery 1, Nlnr.-lm, S, Sgkurui, AR 090-14-3 ICD. A. Pursukiun. H. Tullenersg row 3: C. Collins. L. McMillan, D. Muses, A. Nashif. , I TER ATIO L CLUB KL-R! Run' 1: B. Fu-rlf-rick. Iggy Ma, 5, Rmniv. Ali Yazdian lTl1c Camel Merchuntbg rou' 2: C, Samaria-llo. B. Tansey, S. Dunham, C. Ashburn, A M-ung Vflw Aurdsurk xlt'I'I'llL1IlIl1 rou' 3: ,l. llr-Hmlx. J. Dillon. C. Hurd:-sty. J. Danzvisen, George "DappPr" King. ,- -vw B V ,.f s Q cg l N 1 - Q N IL-Rl Row If P. Crimes 1V. Pre-5.b, P. Ley Il'res.t, J. Lielmld 1Treas.P: IIIf'ZZlllIf71t'f J. Dickenson. C. Chase: mu' 2: ll, Ricketts. P. Luungu, L lIttllI1Ql'tI'l, H. Meredith. R. Welsh, B. Petruk, W. Fuhritiusg mu' 3: 5. Cuziak. U. Ymt. J. Sieffert. ll. Pivumlin, T. Gare. IL-R! Rau' I: C. "Gotta Ce! In Two" Picudiu. D. Freyvogel, A. llutulmcfe, M. Tilveriu, B. Duulan, H. Hullnv. NI. Mazza, M. Corbett: row 2: M. Wagner T. Bride, J. 0'Conn0r, R. Costello, C. Conn, J. Wunderly, N. Stone: T01"-gf J. Patton, C. Koepp, S. Nncvarato, J. Sieaiias, J. Pearce, R. Cianciog row 4g J. Barhmeyer, J. Audra. P. Brosky. FN ""'Nu., S '-.NN A35 ' ,, , N J1 3 , Q in NM- K+ S ' ' X A , Q' X: ' A , nf,-N.,,XTs"w.,,x?.-Mb' "IW '-wif ., h 'Q A Y -lk 'f x' "Nix-w Q s4i,:QT'N it in X 1 5 v . an 'LW Q , .,LA. tx M Y- '-- 1, N - I 'Q--. 'wwf 1 wwf- , A x h A i Xlk. t Q i,-'- fk,M . ,f Q S ' 5. I N, I ..., gi-L-f,,N1-Anim-,bin 1 , W N' Q i V ' "" ' 'G' ' 1 ' . ,NL . -wX...,,.,.,,,,,x.M 4 P 14 ' ! Nw W Nkmxw .v I , f ' ,u"gEg 1 SW ' 'W' 52 Q xx X1 X3 0 qi' -9' ' -t 5 Q h misss! ESL N- -"Miss-fy?" ffifiif V us 1 'N Q' ' . 'f+--,Q K N f4 -'X ' s fi K . 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Greene A. Ferreria D. Tinv. .-9' -o-0' -sp- I KL RJ Rowl Pruf P J F1Qo 1ModeratorJ B Black lPreQJ T Michalak QV Pres? D.'Sarleyg TOIQJ 2: B.ay,-R.gi3iehl, T. Willia1ns,.K. Bonder, ,Mcintyre, E. Flangxgan, Kasner, D. Kilgallon, P. Mohr, G. Feddor. .ix .Ja S. . . N x E if: egg Q5 gp. YR , , , xx 9 R. E ' Y ' 7 ' fr 3 fx ' wi, N we 1 tw, 0 wrx 1 Q X. Q -4. y. 5 fm - tix isa M 1-at 0. 'k , 3,41 C p. . ' VV mm ,ag - 0 J A 5' n N: v .1 Q i V' Q- .17 QQ 4? .if NH I 'f-A 'fir A sb ' . T' if V Q ' .f ' K .G ,A 5 , v gxixgl., mf-.V-, x x X J vi-if I m f W, , .,1: i D .Q , f f R xg! 'a?' ia! 'W' i , my I ,, , , Q xx ayf I f xp- -' 1 '. .J .AK 5 Lx V . , i. Nay,-. - - Ku' ' , , U A- 4 QWWQUUUU N, wr iq Q, i' I5 UU .. .X -f -' '-4 Q 'Y' "" ' " 'X "A' . " X f ' A Q"' If X , - N XIFFW Q A' 5 CL it gud", xj , b?"flY 4' . 6 'S ' 35' ,Q Wim J, n ,,, fQ W H, .Q .. . P 5 , r ,V, h . I5 , '- x V 5' U . 4 - Si, Q ' X ,. KL-' i.,f L--1 19 S if I 1 , it 1' ,F i J as is AL if L - IA - Y l x . wa . 1 - X X -, ,-vfnaz' ,, , , . ,A ,, .4 wr.. F fi S X ' -g 1 - .sk .,,, X A Qi.. .3 .J 3 7 V, , Ghent aawkigi 'V' A .vm , Y -. i .N S ,Q 5 .., E gm x-45.9, A h ,,. X .,.-, .MQ ., 1' Q. v- , . 1. X ,we Y .Q , A ' '.i , , . - - 1 , I. "!,'.,' H N ' 31' ' .. ' Y- AA ' , L ,: 1 fr . ' ' ": 1' m ' Q. ,Qu M 1 , .1 '.f-V. ' lf mi ' , 'NNN .Q I i A 'J f .- A X, Y 'Y,- 'st . ' THE UNIVERSITY CHOIR I z is .paw fL-RI Run' I: F, .-Xrm-ll, I., Pivlugi.-, R. Wirth. J, Krumm. C. Euering, E. Scllumucher, S. Worland. P. Ness 1S6cy.l: row 2: S. Munier, K. Tehan, I Dalim. B. Pali-I. li. Huustim. P. Wdl-ll. L. Forney. W. 'fre-un, M. Schmid. C. Doulang rou' 3: M. Clayton, B. D'Epir0 lPres.l, R. Csoltko lPubl.J i T. 5f'llWt'I't'I'. E. lflumm 1V. Pr:-s.r. B. Crm-gg, J. Ray. I.. Wallmrn, R. Lucinatellig row -I: 5. Pflaum, F. Taylor, F. Levora, D. Sommer, E. Roma gui-r.i. J. N1-xurrsg ww 5: ll. l'limvrr ITreas.l, D. SCllI'3H1lH. F. Seer, S. Uavit, B. Ervin. L. Small. C. Castellano, C. Hohr. I66 x Q i THE ME ' GLEE CLUB V49 8' 6 '35 6- ,: Q Qi 5 Nlfg, 'Q 3 -env IL-RJ Row 1: E. Rmnagueru, J. Hman-s, A. Pepitonc, W. Smut. J. PL-ck: mu' 2: R. lrlrvgg. R. Lllrilluu-Ili, J. Ray, J. Micllitsvhg mu- 35 R. Kupurc We lxu r R Ca ltlw R Dllpxru l'T1't'I14P' not Xhmvz' F Tuvlur 1Y Pr-'P W K--he lTI't"li7 I' '- " if G K'll' cy.3.J. fsc. . "su gf . , U, . nf., . .5QI,H.5.1IltfI'. . Q y. I67 i vxvl' NATIONAL SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS 'KWHO'S SHE TRYING TO FOOL WITH THAT S25 RULER J. SNIDER 1Pn-5.7 R. KOHLS IV Pre' P B. REZY 'TILA I L HOUTUIN Meng P ,,- , ,. ,. I68 4 ll V r s l ' . Nu-"S l l l e- Seatvd on floor: Bruce "The Stinkeru Allessieg IL-RJ Row I: W. O'Connur E 1Pres.l, J. Addeo lTreas.J, P. Conklin lSecy.l. R. Charbonneau lV. Pres,lg row W B 2: P. Pope, P. Morris, B. Breault, A. Vogel, K. Flemingg row 3: ll. Bunk, W. Priestley, R. Bielot, G. Mulvaney, J. LaBaugh, A. Olssong row 4: J. Lushinks, H. Houser, J. Keating, G. Salmine, J. Wjesko. Q. Q? "YW-' lL-Rl Row 1: J. Marrinan 1Secy.J, M. Druffel CPres.l, P. Eck lV. Pres.Jg row 23' V. Ryan, M. Clayton, J. Rammel, M. Horrigan, L. Tielg absent: J. Rose I l l reas.J. HONORARY NURSE SORORITY 169 ' f ffils' -Q' .R' -Q my AQ 'Nm WH wx! A, -ling v. XA , - M... N 'A ' Q g - n if U ' J . Q5 ' ' Hilfnqr .." V '- Q.. ' 'L 1 v- " '..' ' . 'A . ' N k - "-' . . ir Q 1 -'V' i-'ni 55" Q, . r .V , 'ixx N ', 1 L Q u 1. 5 gs- 'P f w fe-' ' 'Q Q AS , Tay , . 5 3 4... 1 , N be ll I - ' ' ,, Q, rx:-'fl 5 - V- XL I pi-il h - . .: - . Q .. . -A 0 U t O . - . . no 0 0 O . Q . .129 .lm ,,. i 5 . ...,. if . fseuledl: C. Billings, Dumforml, Ritchie 4SeCy.l, B. Asbury: Kstemdfngl: L. Kcrnpel, M. Smith 1Prf1s.l, R. NLiClllIll3I'l, R. Mcwultcrs 1Y. Prcs.P, K. I Y 0 T H'ind"f'R' 'T' NATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY HONOR SOCIETY 1 YI: 'jig ,KG QQ' X 45 'Sa ,M 4- -fxu .Y ,ep NI Y...--1 IL-R2 Row 1: T. Grilliot lSecy.-Treas.J, R. Steinlage 1Dir.l, Dr. K. C. Schraut ' Qloderatory, W. Fuchs QV. Dir.Jg row 2: Mrs. A. Prather, T. Cantner, Bro. T. U Clifford, L. Houttein, D. Horwatlig row 3: Dr. M. Esser, Mr. P. Dierker, Mr. B. Rice, Mr. R. Peterson, Mr. S. Bach, Dr. J. Lal Nands, Mr. C. Speck, Mr. L. Jehn, J. Kolesar, M. Gruendel, J. Kauflin. HONORARY MATHEMATICS FRATERNITY I7l .rx :Si?fffi's1: 4 x ,gif ' e I 4 Q r 'T xi , rg'-. .,x .1 4- ' IK x ...,, . 3 4 22 .. ,N rl,-R 'sd ,Q fv- ,Q xr' 'NJ' 'S NYY. 'W'-vi' :X Q 'Q .. ga 3? xlit'llLl1'HN 1NludvruI1-ri, J, Hll+'HIQ'llllLlIl. lf, llurlving mu' fi: R. Egglvfrnrm, R, Bluvk, Nl. Kfmrmi. 11. Y:-g1u,,l. l..11nln-rjdck. rL-R Hu fn. -v X X12 SIGMA DELTA PI PREMEDICAL HONORARY SOCIETY mpvrl. J. Murphy, ll. Niall:-rs. R. YVL'itIIlf'5t'I', ll. Smith. .vw 5. :U yin LM v-. ,fx 7 RUN' If R- Rdlinil 'Tffdf-P. J. Kuplun lI'r1'N.V. .l. Tllallf-r 15vCy.b, R. Livllt'-l'll KY. l'rv-.IL mu' 2: E. t:lll1I'H1Wk, R. Davii, Dr. I. Hvlfert, Dr. L. I Ron' I: llurgu Jung, C. Billilill, P. Lf-4--rg S. Svllmlllvg mu' LJ: R. Lipp. W. ,l.u'kwn. 'If IQHIIF. R. Lain, LI. Pwpvlku, A. Duhinz mu' fi: T. Rur-th, E. .1-. -33? 1 A 1 V in I . l ,,.,-,, C3 ,f . mr 0 Q U' Q3 '! K o Q 1 0 ' fa Q ' a I O 7 . C 1 0 - - 1--1 A -, ' - 4. ' v 'f ' ' AW, , V Y' ""'Q , X.-sy , --rf Xvxx - X XP QSFQ: I 4 - Vg ' 1' ' K. x 1 - 'h -5, -' -, ' Q - .J-j'5.,,:, " . x , - 1 I , 'Q Q' -o O f 1 '-V 3 SQL" 1.x lug HQ X, B ' 0 0 T X ' I O 1 1 ., .0 Z '. xv x fs 'X 0 K 'Q' fu so .4 S, .iii 'C-'Gs .R . , ,Cu nn! Qh - N4 K fgx-M 'E F M W ,xv Hs .f KL-Rl Row I: T. Ratlike lV. ClIr1IIn.9, J. Mathews 1,Treas.J, M. 0'Ke1ley lCllI'I1lIl.l, T. Yveller lSeCy.lg row 2: F. Smith, A. Peterson lAss't. PrOf.J, e E Q 5 . I i x , 'CZ' STUDENT ASSOCIATE CHAPTER R. Hnga , Prnf. R. Blauger, D. Hunnermang row 3: R. Strable, J. Gorman, R. fllahlllile-isler, B. Saletalz row 4: J. Spacek, D. Roth, J. Kleinlic-rg: rozv 5: K. Ruetli, G. Ge-rlacli, W. Ballard, B. Linsley. me mg, gm -C au, -ep 0 .5 -I -'J -'K . lr lil Vs IIN! mn ' 'Fine ll ' ll M IW ml' AC Dv HQ if I A 'R . . m ' Lie 'ern my mg ,kev- ummm, IL-Rl Row 1: J. Overwein lMOderatOrJ, J. Wilder lModeratorJ, H. Josefczyk fMOderatorJ, Dr. M. Granney lDean of Engineeringlg row 2: L. Kramer lPres.J, E. Albers, J. Cehrich, R. Mulholland fSecy.J, K. Walters LV. Pres.J, R. Thomas fTreas.Dg row 3: N. De-Jaco, R. Colado Jr., G. K. Leinberger, J. Cain, L. Smitlig row 4: C. Beck, R. Meyer, P. Witte, R. Knight, W. Meagley, D. Mullendore. BETA PI NATIONAL ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIEIQ? I , 4 Kgs? Km, 46 va if lg! 5 by ix, X i I ,X .S , t . V F ,. , , ' w .ge-f 1 V ' I Q H X in QP' i - 'Q W W w e L F' W -Q' Q' 'QT .f X K? x- 1 1 gr- N K .,. . f :Si A, H 5 . IL-R! Rau' I: E, Edwards. J. Chudd, T. Quinn. E. Cihulka, D. Dir-tlv, I., Lund:-r. C. Xlinzyg lmmfnz ruzf: I", Rnzzu, J. E. Genovese, R. Stand, C. Ober lander. fL-Rl Rau' I: B. Oif. .-X. Dix, F. Rum:-r. B. Erwin. B. Slllllllllfl, A. NIcDmuld, P. Wnlflnz IIUIIUVII rnzv: IT. Miller, C, Parker, D. Stir-lxemueller, J. Sengl. of" af-Nb' vb ,,-1 41? 'N '19 fr, ltr 1009 J.. 5, e Wk. W' r.+-WWW X . . 1 . - 1-:fTf.::' . g.- - .. Q.:-. ' 'Q , . 3 - ,.., . K, po- F N ' V Atgjrisdye .,4s.q.'.., f wif:-3: I - ' wr.-.-2221. id' Wt. .. . ax-...... - N , . I , ,A,:,,,.. N , .. .,. R, , ,- -'gf -:JJ-f?.s.fHw"i.. . ' f- , 'fi x kg. ,Y f :X " 5" ' .W .. '. . " I., X, fy: X My x. Ng,-,. ,,. . ' f ds. Q if in J., ,V X 3. Y -A, 5,1 K, :SAW X NN .X 'i YV ' ' W. A. ' F ' 1 X . 1.1 fL-Rl: J. Swlfranco, J. Hyde, ran' 2: G. Cerlach, K. Lawson, D. Koehl, J. Yingling, F. Caton I I J. Trey, G. Zimmer. J. lhillipsg mu' 3: J. Andra. D. Hawers, J. Gorman. H. Fox, D. Furry, Ci Schultz, C. Sullivan, T. Hunt, J. Bausman, W. Englm-hart. J. Spouottu, J. Colv. S. Hanchakq row -I: W. Hulbert, I". Spehar, F. Smith 1Pres.l. J. llutllcws 1Se-cy.J: rou' 5: C. Bellanca 4V. Presj, K. Ructh 1Treas.D. .X -1 5 ixwxp, 'Z' ,.' QQ fu- '57- F! . rV' 5514 fl.-Rl Row 1: R. Mangin, G. Garasvia, D. Long, row 2: M. Capalcli, C. Keais lTreas.,J, K. Kuzon 1Prcs.J, S. Moss 1Secy.P, J. Eaton: row 3: D. Coyle, T. David, II, Kehoe, M. Susa, K. H0gH3Ckl, P. Cunningham, J. Wagner, row Al: F. Plecas, B. Berincer, F. Maraslo, J. Handorf, K. Cooney. l78 R. Thompson. ' I L? if 7 E5 w W f W W WW www -1 ' L w Fr Jams D nnc-Hx NNI Under 1I0r F 155 STAFF s Q 4 fx" g x i 1 6,21 K EXPONENT Q, Dan SPH-13-UC Anlta Almato Jim Cain Af! D1'f6'Cf0f , Co Edilor C0 Editor mu NI' I79 , 4 ,ax rv AQQVIKEX 'X 'vm F4 'E ,I Z ' 5 I :1 - VIZ Q 5 X - lf: 2 P1 E1 - 3. S fa F' P1 5. 5 ii 111 E1 S , :f er 'F cc 90 E' 4 " ,f 9 Q 11 Q. X 2.1 4' ' 3 5 5 I A 5 ,4, . 1' . ' ,fa u I: - fi - F Zaagf 'Ig f Q i rf-' ' f , " L 2 1,1 x Z? Q2 , P P1 2 , 1 7 2 J 4 'BY 1 ' 9 ' 5 6 tl rg A gh - 4-asanhhiqf-vyg,it,Q' 1 A P 1 E Q 4 .f - 1 A' 5 T gf. if :.- , 1 4 C5 .:.L A iq, 2 ' A ' . 1 71 U1 j"- A .3 5 .Il . ' ' ' 4' 2' X 5 1: : . ' " f .': 'ij s f - , - fx'-V 'S' ' 3 rl Yiffz -' 1- Lz.-. ,, .." 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I i f-QQ It n arg . ,AV I -r f 'I "' . Q 1 vw , f--Q rm " I na- I " f - f E 5 - I' ' I . 3.0 '7 , ,, 'I 1? v I 4 , , 9 1 3 I, A at , k,.. ..,. ,,., , , I I ' "" ' ' ' 'Q fs I ---- -f I It -B of I -1 - 1' 4 a- .. sm 4 - rg, I ' ,ls 1 ,B ' 2 I '- B , V .- I azz? 1 -P' . 1 - -, ' ' . J a,, ff .,' .- ' ' ' ,,g:- V, x My 'J '1 :M it '7 fl 1 4 'B S I Q 1- s . B fi ' ' ' 1 i 'J f l I If 'X ft 'ff B ' P . l . . lug N' I . .- - t - ' I ,: 3 Q51 J' "f 42 R91 A1915 94 .Q I E79 ' F ff fs gg, I fs 2 'W' ?f- 113704 4 . Mak N- - ...TV A fe' 1961 UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Row I, left to right: Ron Budzik 1791-tackle: Toni Gray 4671-guard: Andy Timaru 1201-halfbackz Frank Gniazdowski 4331-fullback: Captain Dan Laughlin 1111-quarterback: Earl Spivey 1221-halfbaekg Larry Klingensmith 166i-guard: John O'Connor 1741-tackle: Head Coach Stanley Zajdel. Row 2: Head line coach Glenn Dillhoffg George Kelly 181i-end: Mike Monaghan 18Tbfendg Ralph Harper 11-Dfquarlerback: Jerry Hardt 1521- Center: Bob Wliite 1411-halfbackg Joe Crieco 4341-halfbackg Dick Pagliari 1861-end: B41DlTHt1l'kll1HH 184-J-end. Row 3: Larry Case 1303-fullback: Dan Miloserny 1251-halfbackg Dan Kosak 165i-guard: lim Thies 1701-guard: Jack Lnxerferlh 1121- quarter- back: Bob Michigan 1321-fullback: Dave Mitro l681kguard: Chuck Sweeney ITT!--tackleg Backfin-ld coach Billy Smith. Row 4: Bob Donley 1501-Center: Torn LaBeau 1231-halfbackg ,Iini Owrnun 4361-fullbaekz Ken Meier 1401-fullback: Bob Fosnaught 1541--center: Carry Starr 1533-guard: Jim George 1241-endg Julian Conrad l1Otfquarterbavk. Row 5: jack Kasprisin 1451-end: Len De-Capua 162i-guard: Bob Katcavage 164-P--tackle: Bob Ireton 4-I-21-halfbackg Mark Rutkosky R151- quarterbackz .Iohn Tarnovecky 1723-tackle: Toni Costello 1853-end: Bob lleRoma 1801-end. Row 6: Assistant line coach Mario Russo: Manager Bill Belaniuhg Steve Bla-s Giilftai-kleg Jack Busher 163i-center: Dave SlCI'lf3liLlf 1011-center: Bob Cannarozzi 1781-tackle: Assistant manager Tony Pascal-ez Freshman 4-oavh Paul Lanham. 1 . I 4 1 l85 .""l .,a-.sswtgs Q Q X If , . 5 ' H ss . . I . if X.,-1 E xxx.-QP, a i A .. . i X 1. ., , . X N l - Y ' H - V V A -lv"-i Dan Laughlin. Flyer captain and quarterback, checks his line while belting out signals during one of varsity's 1961 games. October 21, 1961, was a cold, overcast, rain-threatening day in Dayton but the capacity crowd sitting in the stands to witness the Flyers' annual homecoming game was not concerned with the physical elementsg they were in a festive spirit as they watched the pregame entertainment down on the field. Most of the 12,000 fans assembled in the UD Stadium frenamed Baujan ffield in Decem- ber! on that 'day were in an optimistic frame of mind because the Flyers had won their first game of the season the week before after four straight defeats, and chances looked good that they would extend their winning "streak" to two games with a victory over Xavier that afternoon. Then it happened. Dan Laughlin, the Flyer quarterback and team captain, didn't see the big Xavier lineman coming at him as the visitors kicked off following the game's first touchdown. But when he finally did manage to catch a glimpse of the Xavier opponent it was too late for Dan. Laughlin suffered a broken ankle on the play and, when attendants carried him off the field on a stretcher, most of the 12,000 witnesses knew that the Flyers' winning chances were on that same stretcher with him. The play proved to be a severe damage to the Flyer offense and team morale because Laughlin was the squad's only experienced quarterback. Dan's value to the Flyers can be seen in the following: of the five games that he played, only two of the four Flyer defeats could be termed Hrompsn for the opponents. The other losses during Dan's '61 season tenure were by a total of only five points. And he engineered Dayton's first victory of the season in his last full game at Louisville. After Laughlin's departure, however, football at the University of Dayton sank to a low ebb. The Flyers were beaten by 52, 29, 28, and 1-L points after Dan's misfortune and in two of the defeats, the luckless gridders of UD went scoreless. The team did manage to bring smiles to their faithful following in their last game when they beat Wichita, a team which came to Dayton with an impressive 8-1 record and an invitation to a post-season bowl game. Post-season accolades went to: Bob White-the Lt. Andy W. Zulli Jr. Memorial Awardg Bob Heckman and Jack Unverferth-the 1IcBeth Award for Academic Excellenceg George Kelly-the White-Allen Most Valuable Player Award, and the Lt. Stan Kurdzeil Memorial Trophy for the Top Linemang Heckman-the Junior Class Trophyg Dan Laughlin- and Larry Klingensmith-the Herle Awards for Top Back and Top Lineman. I 186 Halfback Andy Timura runs lieadon into opponent. 12 .. ,. ,,,,,,, .. . ,,,,,, CINCIXNATI . , lo The Flyers' first '61 season test proved to he a strict one as Coach Stan Zajdel's charges alisorlnetl a four point defeat. KC held a narrow 2-O advantage at halftime and extended that margin to U-O after the first series of plays in the third quarter. Dayton closed the gap to 'J-0 a few minutes later when Flyer end Boll Heckman intercepted a Cincinnati pass and raced 62 yards for his teamis first points of the young season. LYC took its biggest lead of the night in the fourth quarter 116-01 but the Flyers fought hack and scored their second touchdown of the game on a 62 yard Laughlin In Timura aerial. Timura forces opponent to fumble. Timura carries hall in this play. too. only this time ,lack Unyerfertlt heads upfield hut opponent ha he has blocking. .QD Things didn't look too promising for the Flyers on this play as Joe GI"iECO gets swarmed under by opponent's defense. other ideas. lei ........ ,, ., , ,KENT STATE. .. . 38 Kent scored two touchdowns in the first quarter and an- other in the second stanza in the Flyers' second game to take a 22-8 lead into the dressing room at the half. Quarterback Laughlin was responsible for both Dayton TD's. UD's first scoring play came in the second period when Laughlin coni- pleted a 67 yard aerial to Frank Gniazdowski. Earl Spire-y's pass interception had set up the opportunity. Laughliifs 33 yard pass to Bob Hecknian resulted in the Flyers' second scoring play in the fourth quarter. Dayton was never really in this game and at one point K-State held a 38-8 lead. I87 xx X B 'lf Frank Cniazdowski fights his way through a resistant Bowling Green line. II .. , ,. ,.rY, . ,r,, BOWLING GREEN ,,r,r7,r.r,r 28 This was the first game in the '61 season in which the Flyers held a lead on their opponent. UD took an early 3-0 lead in the second quarter when Gniazdowski kicked a 20 yard field goal. Their slight advantage was short- liyed. however. for Bowling Green scored I0 minutes later to take a T-3 lead at halftime. BC scored first in the third period but Dayton catne right back with a touchdown of their own when Laughlin swept BGS right end on a 1-l yard play. This was not to be the Flyers' day, however, because the home team racked up two more TD's in the game's fourth stanza to put the contest beyond the visitors' reach. Andy Timura sees an opening in Ohio Il. line and hopes wliite-sliirted Bobcats 48T and 67? will he susceptible to his fakes. .X cautious Tom Laficau warily eyes Ohio L. defender during 23 yard, first down gain. I88 13 , , ,, ,,.o,, . OHIO UNIVERSITY . ..... ...,. .... . . .. I4 This game, the Flyers' first home tilt. saw Dayton take a I3-0 halftime lead. Laughlin accounted for UD's first score when he swept Ohio's right end for seven yards in the first quarter. Cniazdowski added another touch- down on a short two yard nun but his attempt for the extra point was blocked. a play which proved extremely important for the luckless Flyers. Ohio U. scored their first TD in the third stanza and their second in the fourth period with only 1:26 showing on the scoreboard clock. Unfortunately for the Flyers, both O.U. PAT's were successful. T ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, . , ,,Y,, L OLTISVILLF.. . ,, - .. , 6 Outweighed and outmanned the Flyers travelled to Derby Town to play the UL Cardinals. Louisville struck paydirt first and took a 6-O lead at halftime. The closest UD got to their opponents' goal line in the first half was the UL 24. The teams failed to score in the third stanza and the game remained 6-O in Louisvillels favor until the last two minutes of the battle. With only 1:15 to go in the fourth period Laughlin found Heckman in the end Zone for the KD touchdown and Cniazdowski's all- important try for the extra point was successful. i'ViC- tory is sweetfl commented a jovial Stan Zajdel after- wards in the Flyer dressing room. Indeed it is. Beauty and the Beast 0 ,ss,,,sss.s,...,i,....i,,,ss,,, .. XAVIER H ss,,,,,,,,ss,,,,,, ,r,,.,i,, . 14 The 1961 Homecoming crowd didn't have too much to shout about as the Flyers went down to defeat at the hands of Xavier's Musketeers. Xavier got their first seven points in the second period with 13:16 left on the clock. Laughlin was injured on the kickoff following this TD and had to leave the game. Tom LaBeau, who had been playing halfback. and Jack Unverferth, who had a painfully sore shoulder. were unable to direct the Flyers to the Muskie goal. The Flyers got inside Xavier territory only once all afternoon and that came in the third quarter when they advanced to the X43. The visi- tors from Cincinnati added another touchdown early in the fourth quarter to ice their victory. . l,m so mi Lv . 1 . .-?g24"""" 'Qt' X at X gil' si S G. Earl Spivey eludes three would-be tacklers for a substantial gain against Bowling Green. Y l I l P , ' l 'fa Q ,E W' I Premiere QP Frank Gniazdowski 1331 hunts for opening for teammate Tom LaBeau 1231 during homecoming tussle. I89 12 DETROIT , ,, .. , .. . , 41 Sophoinore quarterback llark Rutkowski started his first game of the season against the Titans but. unfortunately. Lady Luck was not with him nor his team. Detroit held the Flyers seoreless in the first half while rolling to a 20-O lead. The llaytoniansi offense was paced by halfback Timura who scored two touchdowns. :Xndy's first score Came in the third quarter on a fire yard dash over right tackle and his second came in the fourth stanza on a beautiful 37 yard run over right guard. Xlost of the Flyer offense was Confined to the ground as Rutkowski managed to complete only one of 10 passes for ll yards. .lim Overman is swamped by a host of Detroit Titans and hopes he can regain possession of football before his rough opponents discover his fumble. "Last one down there? .1 rotten egg." says halfback Bob lreton 1423 as Bob N38-24-36"--Flyer quarterback "Fay wl1o's the gardener around Michigan 432k Larry Klingensmith 4661. and Tom Cray t6Tt lead the way. Dan Daughlin calls signals- hm-9? Hg- really grows a beautiful H HOLY CROSS . 28 The Crusaders administered the second whitewash job of the 'ol season on the Flyers on their home field at Wcvr- cester. Nlass. Holy Cross possessed the finest defensive line the Flyers faced all season and their offensive attack over- whelmed the outclassed Dayton team. The Flyers' only bright note in this Contest was their defense in the second half. The Crusaders scored all four of their touchdowns in the first half but were unable to do much offensively against the tightened Dayton defense in the second 30 minutes of the battle. I90 tt'igures?l lf '85 "Whew! It sure is hot out here"-Flyers take time out during sultry aftemoon game. Andy Timura plunges through hole which teammates han- set up for hint during Miami game. 6 , . . , NIIANII lf! The Flyers kept elose to the Redskins for the first 15 min- utes hut hy the time the halftime gun sounded Nlianii had rolled to a 20-6 lead. Dayton scored the garneis first toueh- down when Cniazdowski plunged into the endzone from one yard out. But then Nliami started their own offensive rnaehine to the I-13 goal and scored once in the first and fourth quarters and twive each in the ser-ond and third stanzas. Seven different Redskins l'l'tIS56tl the Dayton goal and the yisitors outgained the Iflyers. 311-123. in one of the worst defeats for the liwals in revent years. - 'als field of grass. doesn't he?" "Come on, legs, work-I don't want to he the rotten egg." Frank Cniazdowskfs block on Wichita player at right proved ineffective on this play as ball-Carrier Timura gets tackled by Schocker at left. "NI.1ylir- if I van kivk this high enough into the sun they' won't he alile fn :ev il." says fullliavk llniazdow-ki as fans. Flyw-r lwrrvlr look on. 23 - - WICHIIIX . . 12 The Iflyers looked as good in this game as they had had the week he,-fore against Nliaini. Torn I.aI3eau direvted Iilay- ton tn its upset win of the year and proved that he was a eapahle field general. :Xfter a sfforeless first quarter. the Flyers scored the ganieis first TD early in the sec-ond stanza on a run oyer right taekle hy' Tinrura. Cniazdowski added a field goal with only' three seconds remaining in the same period for a IU-0 Dayton lead. Wit,-llita. which Came to Day- ton with an U-1 ret-ord and an imitation to the 1961 Sun Bowl game. scored their touchdowns in the third and fourth periods. Cniazdowski scored six more points for the Flyers on a brilliant 63 yard run in the fourth quarter. Timura ended the season on a happy' note for the Flyers when he Crossed the Viiehita goal from two yards out with 17 see- onds left in the game. I9 FRESH FOOTBALL 'BF.TLl'l Z "2 """"' 'arm MM '11 wt- ww: 1 ssipimb 1961 UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON FRESHNIAN FOOTBALL TEAM Rau' 1.lpff to right: Cliuvk 3I1fEllig0tt lfllr-llulflvuvkg Rnhert Winters 120i--lmlflrnukg Erwin Will lwlftackleq Pat Toye M121 halfbzlclv om XI--riwy noir-tmilcl--: ,lfvhn llnklgy 110i-'qtiurtw-rluu-la: Bill Ross I6-ll-guard: George Soloman l1+1-l-quarlerbackg Steve Rafac f36l full aclv Run' 2: .life Lwns 1321-wnter: ,lim tlurrnrtui 124i-luilflwuvk: Llurrudn Vonu 14-ll-liulfhuek: Hike Brayshaw L3-ll-fullbackg Tom ko emc h.lll'lr.14li: llenny l.ursm'n WSOP--4-ml: Ken Xl:-in-r 1312!-lllillliut-li: Barry Lumxie 4861-entl. Ron' Lfhuek Holm MTI gutml: Tmn Bushman 123i--lialfluick: Ralph Terrill 1T3t'-tmrklez Tom M1iI1CtC i723-i3Clilf?2 Joe Rudolph 112D quirter we Tr,-tl Wiwilvlvslti 1811 -v'n1l: Twin Slwvxrwn l85l- end: Etl Fay IST!-end. Run' -1: L1-u Rulfskv 133'--fulll1.1:,'k: Tvrry Whalen 1151--qtiarh-rlmelcz Chuck Bronzi 122i-halfhuckq Dick McElroy 1255-llalfbcick: Niels Lxpevic 1 6P f-311.11111 llif-lc lfxtiiilw IHOP- ftilllmvkz Luriy l,lllIlItlIlQ1ll.ll1l IST!-entl: .li1nLutlwig1401-liulfhaick R1m'5.' llUlY.l.l44lI1 'SOI wnter: IL-li 54-hwtih H89 t.n,-klvg I-'rank Chew 155IfAc-filter: .luhn Pugni 1707-tackleg Doug Zimpfer 160 uard ea Muir-li ljtllll l.LlI1lI.llUI Nltiiingt-r lim- Stwplhiriskv. .Ks-I. lhnivli Tum Yinvent, The 'ffl Flyer lireslnnun griflclers wun three of the four games that they playe1l. The lwne hiss rfnnie at the hands of the Ohio University Bobkittens in 34 lhe last outing ul the yenri Offensively. the first year Flyers scored 39 points 27 while hf-lcling their nppnnents lu 15 tallies. 21 T l92 SEA SON RECORD Miami lOl University Xavier IOI lfniversity Cincinnati University Ohio University Flyer freshman Doug Zimpfer has enemy hall-carrie-r dead to rights. Coach Paul Lanham's de- fensive unit proved they could maintain the standards estab- lished by the boys on offense. Linemen like Bob Schwab. Mick Ciccolella. Doug Zimp- fer. Frank Chew. and John Pugni kept the opposition away from their teams' goal and gave the Flyer offense more time in which to do their attacking. It wouldnit be too much of a surprise to see some of these freshmen-next year's sopho- mores-in the starting lineup when the gun sounds on the 1062 varsity season. It will he hard for Coach Zajdel to keep them on the bench. Football enthusiasts at the liniversity of Dayton in the 1961 season spent most of their time rooting for the Flyer varsity. losers in eight of their ll? contests. The handful of fans that turned out for the freshman foothall games. though. were well rewarded for their vocal encouragement. The frosh came out on the right end of the score three out of four times and their fine over-all play gives varsity mentor Stan Zajdel hope for the 1902 campaign. lfrosh performers such as Chuck Nlclflligott. Tom Kose- wic. Steve Rafac. and Pat Toye. who each scored 12 points. Nick Lapcevic. who converted nine out of 10 extra points. Dick lfvanko. who paced the team in punting. and Terry Whalen. the squads most promising quarterback. gave the '61 yearlings a devastating offensive attack. The team crossed the goal line 13 times in the four games they played and amassed a total of UU points. Three opponent tacklers move in to help teammate who has Flyer hack Dick Eyanko in hi- grasp Steve Rafac forges ahead to paydirl. Frank Chew arrives too late to help Tom Kosewic. .N I93 The frosting for the Cake awaits Tom Blackburn as he runs to accept his laurcls after bringing the Flyers from re-lutiw obscurity to the throne of a national Championship. This past season marked Tom's fifteenth year ns Coach at UD, his tenth uppvarunvs- in the Natinnul Invitational Tournament. which celebrated its twenty-fifth lwirthday. VARSITY BASKETB LL 5 N E ti THE 1961-62 UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Seated, Ieftlto right: Bill Westerkamp, centerg Gordon Hatton, guardg Tom Hutton. guard: Carry Roggenburk, forwardg Hal Schoen, forwardg Bill Chmrelewskl, centerg Stan Greenberg, guard-forward. Stqnding, left to right: L: Thornas Blackburn, coachg ,lim Powers, guardg Chuck Izor, forward: Hal Smith, guard-Iorwardp Ron Anello, forward: Paul Winterhalter, guardg Toni Scalia, managerg Harry C. Baujan, .Athletic Director. l THE SEASON IN BRIEF 95 Christian Brothers College 72 University of Toledo 78 St. ,Ioseplfs College 86 Miami IOP University 76 New Mexico State College 62 Regis College ECAC HOLIDAY FESTIVAL, 75 New York University 93 Wisconsin State University 81 LaSalle University 64- Xavier University 68 Canisius College 59 Duquesne University 72 University of Louisville 61 University of Cincinnati 97 Eastem Kentucky State College NEW YORK 54 57 67 7 60 45 67 5 67 -I8 78 79 64 0 66 DePaul University Drake University Xavier University University of Detroit Portland University Duquesne University Memphis State University University of Louisville Miami 103 University Kent State Lniversity DePaul University NATIONAL INVITATION University of Wichita Houston University AL TOURNAMENT Loyola University, Chicago St. ,lohn's University 1 "He-5'. Coach, what do l do now?" 5 Use Ban, it rolls on too. Right: "Hey now, fellas, if you don't let me have my ball, l'm gonna' go home." I96 Scientists in Cape Canaveral, Fla., and basketball fans in Dayton. O., both witnessed long hoped for. though separate. dreams become reality in the early months of 1962. Years of effort finally paid off for the space scientists at the Cape who reached a high rung on the ladder of success by placing a man in orbit around the earth. Of equal success lat least to their fans and coachj was the 1961-62 Flyer basketball team which, after nine previous attempts. captured the winner's trophy in the National Invitational Tournament. But, just as the space explorers in Florida had experienced many frustrating experiences and failures in the months preceding their eventual success, so too did the Flyers go through a season which had its errors and reverses. At least Coach Tom Blackburn's charges got started on the right foot when they came out of their first seven games vic- toriously. But that winning skein faded into the background when they slid into a rut and played only .500 ball in the 12 games that followed. The six tilts lost in that span tDec. 30 to Feb. 101 proved to be the only setbacks for the team as they won their final seven regular-season games plus four NIT sorties to finish with a 24-6 record. Blackburn's starting lineup. which didnlt become solvent until the Flyers were well into their season, included Bill Westerkamp at center, Ron Anello and Garry Roggen- burk at the forward positions and the Hat- ton brothers. Tom and Gordie, at the guard QA Maybe Ron Anello isn't a prima ballerina, but just show us a danc- er wlio can handle a basketball as adeptly as lanky Ron. spots for the season opener against Christian Brothers College of Memphis, Tenn. Blackburn was forced to adjust his starting five numerous times in the early games and it wasn't until late in January that the starting group of Bill Chmielewski ict. Hal Schoen tft. Roggenburk tfl. and the Hattons tgt was decided upon. Dayton opened its campaign with a rousing U5-5,1 romp over their visitors from Tennessee and one writer remarked that it was analogous to "throwing the Christians to the lions." Eddie Melvin. Toledo coach. Called the '61-62 Fly ers "one of Blackburnis bestii after the Daytonians had disposed of his team. T2-57 for their second victory. The Dayton coach reached a personal milestone in victory No. 3 over St. ,losephis College of Phila- delphia. That game marked the 300th win in Black- burn's career at the LYD helm and placed him among the elite of the college basketball coaching ranks. The Flyers handled their next three opponents. Miami. New llexico State. and Regis College. easily but. even though they carried a 6-0 record into the Holiday Festival Tournament at New York. some doubt as to how well they could do against highly-rated teams in the tourney was in evidence among Flyer followers. One fellow. Regis coach ,loe Hall. whose team had been beaten. 62-45. by the Flyers. expressed his feelings about the team by saving. "If I thought we would shoot the wav we can shoot at our best. lid love to play 'em tomorrow." No one. it seemed. was overly impressed by Davtoifs performances to this stage in the campaign. "Whit till llc comes down. then we can pounce- on him." ,,-N mtv Xt QA Fleet-footed Stan Greenberg poses in mid-air for a publicity picture while several summed competitors look on. fingertips. ltvliy - Kitclly Garry Roggenhurk shows how versatile he is by balancing a basketball on his A I97 1 L. Top lejl: "Hey, you up there, did you see that girl in the front row flirting with you?" .lliddle right: "Who does he think he is, the Lone Ranger?" Lower left: "Don't you think that they are old enough to know?" l98 So, ready or not. the up-and-down Flyers travelled to the Big City for the 1961 Holiday Festival. Some of the pessimism pre- vailing before the tourney was squelched when the Flyers whipped their first foe, NYU, T5-67, to become the Tournamentls only undefeated team. People began to sit up and take notice of the men from Dayton after they had disposed of the Purple Violets and they were being considered for the "top ten" in national polls after their seventh consecutive win. These high expectations were dashed in the second Festival game, though. when the Wisconsin Badgers, who eventually fin- ished second to powerful Ohio State in the Big Ten race, floored the Flyers. 105-93. That Dayton beat LaSalle for third place in the tourney was little compensation considering the team from Philadelphia had its top two players on the bench with injuries. The Flyers whipped Xavier in their first '62 tilt but only co-captains Roggenburk, who scored 26 points against the Muskies. and T. Hatton had shown any consistency to this stage of the season. UD's troubles really began at Canisius in their 11th game when the Flyers dropped a 78- 68 decision to the underdog Criffins. When they dropped a 20 point decision to Duquesne four days later some of the team's followers began to question the competency of their coach. Blackburn was hung in effigy at two sites in Dayton after the Duquesne tilt and a sign which read, "The Blackburn Era ls Deadn was pinned to one of the dum- mies. An eight point win over the Louisville Cards calmed the storm for a few days but, three days later, the Flyers dropped an 80-61 verdict to the Cincinnati Bearcats, No. 2 ranked team in the country. "We simply can,t handle the ball well enough to play a real good club," Blackburn commented after watch- ing his team blow a seven point halftime advantage. Eastern Kentucky, DePaul. and Drake became victories ll. 12, and 13 for the Flyers but even Roggenburk's 33-point performance at Xavier was not enough to pull his team out of the teeth of defeat. The locals almost overcame a 13 point halftime disadvantage against the team they had beaten by 16 earlier but the Nluskateers held on for a one point victory. The worst defeat in the 12 year history of the UD Fieldhouse was administered the Flyers by the Detroit Titans in their initial February '62 home game. Detroit's Dave DeBusschere turned in the greatest performance by an opponent in Dayton's history. scoring all points in leading the Motor City to a 97-T5 runaway. The Flyers managed to squeak by the Portland Pilots in their next game but still the fans. particularly the student followers. weren't exactly impressed with the team's ll-6 record. It was at this time that Coach Blackburn took the students to task. He said that every- one expected too much of the Flyers whereas "at no time did l rate the team highly." He pointed out that the players "come back and win after a loss while student support remains at the same low levelf' Blackburnis comments roused the students out of their lethargy and. while the Flyers were slamming Duquesne in a return match by the merry score of T1-4-3. thunderous applause and shouts of encouragement brought bedlam to the fieldhouse scene. Blackburn and his team had regained their deserved support. After Roggenburks 25 points helped his team to a T8-67 win over Memphis State. Dayton received its 10th bid in 12 years to partici- pate in the NIT. By this time the Flyers had matured into a well-balanced. potent- scoring. and sound defensive ball club. Schoen. though not a big scorer. developed into a fine defensive forward: Roggenburk's gracefulness made him the team's high scorer. best passer. and smooth rebounder: Chmiel- ewski became the player Blackburrfs style of offense demanded at the center post: ' and Cordie and Tom Hatton provided the Flyers with the best brother combination at the guard positions in college basketball. Daytonls powerful offensive machine chewed up the last four teams on its regular-sea- son schedule-Louisville, Mi- ami, Kent State, and DePaul in tune-up games for its post- season XIT engagement in New York. A 'K ,1 f" X X af Top: "Don't worry, boys, it's not going to explode. Fm the one you gotta worry about," says "Moose" Chmielewski. Center: "Alright, alright already . . . l give up, now get the "lp"-?:Sx:'l' off me." Left: "He might score on this lefthander but Fm gonna make sure his right shoulder is sore." I99 bb "C-ee-this is like taking candy from a baby," Chmielewski. all alone under a basket during Loyola ganw. says. "Take it easy, boys, you'll crush me if you don't watch out," Roggenburk says as The Moose, Loyola foe, twists toward 200 Even though the Flyers had a 20-6 record under their belts going into the twenty- fifth NIT, only a daring few predicted they could win. They were not seeded and most observers felt that Dayton would be lucky to get beyond the semifinals. Even Coach Blackburn predicted many-times NIT champ St. John to win again. With Chmielewski out-duelling opposing center Len Wiley, 24-11, and C. Hatton potting 19 points, the Flyers chopped the Wheatschockers of Wichita 79-71, in the opening game. Hope was not bustin' out all over after the victory over Wichita, though, because Houston, a seeded entry, and the best team in the Southwest during the season, loomed as big obstacles in the Flyers' victory path. Sophomores Chmielewski and G. Hatton had little trouble in scoring 2-L and 19 points respectively while leading their Ohio buddies to a 9-1-77 victory over the Cou- gars from Texas. By this time New Yorkers began to take Dayton as a serious contender and they viewed the Flyers, semifinal game with Loyola of Chicago as a tossup. Chmielewski and Hatton should have been wearing professional uniforms for their performances against the Ramblers 'Fr from Chicago were truly magnificent. Scor- ing 60 points between them, the two guided the Flyers into the finals with a 98-82 win. "Now where in the devil did that guy go," St. ,lol'm's player ffore- groundb wonders. Tournamenfs most valuable player sizes up situation as teammate Tom Hatton gets set for break down court. St. Johnls, Dayton's foe in the final, was picked to win the coveted championship cup because. the oddsmakers said, the Flyers had a mental block due to the fact that, in five previous NIT championship contests, UD had been unsuccessful each time. This Flyer team wasn't content to settle for a recurrence of the past, however, and calmly grabbed an early lead on the Johnnies and held out to win by six points. The feelings of patient UD fans on the Flyers' NIT accomplishments were best summed up by Rev. Raymond A. Roesch, university President, when he said, "This is so much better than second place. It was nice in the past to be called Cinderella, but now we're queen and that's what we want to re- main." Coach Blackburn. never one to dish out praises on silver platters, commented. "We've never played as many tough teams in the NIT as we did this time. Wichita. Houston. Loloya. and St. ,lohn's are all good clubs and my boys should be proud. Yes, this is by far the best team I ever coached." And so ended a new beginning in athletic ex- cellence at the Ilniyersity of Dayton. Below: "Go ahead, Bill, pounce on him. I've got him blocked off on this side and my brothers waitin' for him behind." hm--N 1 little nap." St. ,l0hn's player watches Carry Roggenburk put Flyers nine points ahead in championship tilt. i Hal Schoen bat- tles two Loyola opponents fo r possession o f loose bull carly in semifinal game. "Oh to heck with all this running around. I'm gonna lay down here and take a ZOI FROSH BASKETBALL For the first time in his career as freshman basketball coach at UD, Herb Dintaman experienced a losing campaign. After a 36-sl-1 season with the Dayton AAU League champions a season before, Dintaman's 1961-62 group finished last in the amateur league and were able to win only eight of their 27 season games. Playing one of the toughest of any college freshman schedules in the country, the first-year Flyers showed improvement during the second half of the season, Win- ning six of their last 14 games. That fair finish enabled the team to prevent what had begun to be a totally disastrous season. In their initial 13 tilts the frosh were able to win only two, and suffered a seven game losing streak. With only six scholarship players on the team, Coach Dintaman was forced to use players recruited from the student body and their play often left much to be desired. Top prospects for the varsity include Bob Sullivan, Earl Lindholtz, Phil Sherer, and Ralph Steffano. Sullivan and Lindholtz finished 1-2 in scoring C172 and 10.5 respectivelyj and rebounding t268 and 2301 among this y63l'i5 Flyer freshmen. Steffano and Sherer, who maintained scoring averages of 9.0 for the '61-62 freshmen, should help next year's varsity. l I I "This is what is known as a layup, boys X, it I3 t'Come to Mama" "You guys can have the ball . . . I see something "Let's choose up sides and . . . 202 better over here." CRX "1 hope this is the right Flyer manages to knock ball out of Xavicr 1665 hands. basket." e xx X XRS! "Drop that ball . . . y0u're under arrest." L. .1-H KD 95 TU 52 68 6 '7 51 63 65 T2 61 67 50 63 66 T5 53 T5 59 80 63 523 90 63 T3 65 T9 Tl SEASON RECORD Aramco Steel Deaifs lluvers lvriglit-Pattersoii NLC. Wiines Miami 101 Frosh Bmlis Cafe National Cash Dt-an's lluvers Xavier Frosh lnlancl Steel Wright-Patterson lnluncl Steel 11. of Cinn. Frosh Wills Electric Dc-anis Nlovers lnlancl Steel Dc-an's Nltwer 1l.C. Vllines Xavier Fmsli National Cash Wlriglit-Patterson Billis Drive-In National Cash Wright-Patterson Miami LO! Frosh Bill's Drive-ln National Cash Wlon 8-Lost 19 O PP. 60 80 T5 T3 61 62 97 66 T3 82 63 85 68 61 69 92 62 56 3'1- 65 88 61 80 T8 73 62 79 SOCCER ll Juv ' '- A on as x V 1:3 B' 1 . -fe.-V-..sf-V -W' .c"1"fE.-K 1. ' 1 :Rf,3.?,ff!sibML'-'G' H.. - ' ---V N'-fi -." .W ,ik:i., -HQ up y -wa. , A., c , - -.... 9 y , , - ., ffm- -3-' srw- -- -- -- ' ' ' .. 5 - T ,..'a':-?'4""W"55? "5 'Q' --fr -- figi-wg 's ' - -0 as .. 1. 1 .N-. ., THE 1961-62 UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON SOCCER TEAM L'D SEASON RECORD OPP. 5 Indiana Lvniv. 2 1 Earlham Coll. 2 6 Ohio State U. 1 1 Ohio Wesleyan 2 3 Rall State Coll. 5 4 Wfilmington Coll. O 2 Ohio Iiniversity 3 1 Denison Univ. -1- 4 Wilberforce O Tvon -l-Lost 5 Though Hidalgo and Yeung failed in their attempts at new offensive records. one member of the '61 soccer team, goalee Toni Scalia. made sure that the defensive phase of the game did not go unrecognized. Scalia established not one, but two marks for future UD soccer men to shoot at. Scalia guarded the nets like a Mother Lion. knocking down 162 opponent shots in the nine games. Against Earlham. Toni diverted 31 shots aimed in his direc- tion. a new UD record. 204 The University of Dayton soccer team won more games in the 1961 season than they had the previous two campaigns. Coach ,Iohn Weisleris squad registered a 4-5 record in 561, representing three more victories than in the 1958 and 1959 seasons when they com- piled mediocre 1-5-2 and 1-8 records respectively. Three big reasons for the Flyer kickers, turnabout play in '61 were the offensive efforts turned in by Ed Hidalgo and Al Yeung and the outstanding, often spectacular goaltending provided by Toni Scalia. Yeung just missed setting a school record for most goals scored in one season. The Hong Kong sophomore slapped 11 scores into the nets, one short of tying the record. Hidalgo contributed 10 goals to the Flyers' cause. Together, the foreign flashes, accounted for 80 per cent of the team's total of 27 goals scored in the season. Injuries cut into the team's effectiveness midway in the schedule or it might have been a winning season. Players like Maricio and Ramiro Nieto, Rich Winkler, Jerry Lau, Andrew Evwaraye, Chuck Zubuchen, Yeung and Hidalgo could give Coach Weisler his first winning season next year. Soccer at the University of Dayton shows definite signs of rising up to its 1956 level when the Flyer booters held the No. 1 ranking in Ohio. A step in the right direction in reference to next year's team came in the 1962 springgame against Miami. The Flyers whipped the Redskins. 6-2, and gave indications that brighter days lie ahead. N . , v vb . - N . .. ,N .si N .' 1 -- - 0 , ff .. K , efg,?2fg:+-f . Y-A 5- V: ,'+:X,.,'V.-v.. -l5.a'? 2 - -ww . . G, f.1. ,I 'el 'I ' " aa- ' 'ik -W n., -51 ,. s.. F-4 +R. JL .I www N 'vw .r if v- I' ' K 9.11: -.. Auf. . S 4 ,323 .maxi n ,. ,.,, Aa, . fbi. we ,Q xi-iQw'f" ,a Q-egg V"',' QQ X 3. 1' I Qs' -sei' s e . Q2"jAi ,R 'Aa- Qxux. i.'f, 4' ll ' A lk?-PX-S . .. . . w -1. 01 .,-,--1 U.. fs.-...wr . .., . --N A .ini -ey K ' Qi Qi 5" A , . . K -c . A Lejf: "Heyl Take it eafy, fella. I'ni sure we can sf-Itle this peacefully." Belair: Al Yeung outsniurls two Ohm If players hy hnoling hall on-r their hemla. ' s"Sggggx9' W fu , advent-an X--' :Q-F N 4 , . .- .- A N,-Q .' Y 3"'1V 5 ix '01, ' .. , . -0 K ,, Au al -P N V Q. V .M S31 +A wqqa Q., c.wM.f.1 . X r Q 's , 5 " ., Q Q. 4. ,, u SZ, Dx .- V .- ,K-ffl s ,Q N M v., l "' W .f lo-A Teslfu -s,.,- Ay ' . . - v. ,f"5f,4' I ..-.fe . ,,.x, if, V 1 yt- n x . 'if -A-. -.M.. ,1- QN- .- ,. -..,. 1-.A ,U V-zv ., QWM-F i .1 A ol . . r-"?"'f,5r'vg' . A, J' ...Ai usp gf Q?-U" ,'- U--' ,- .. 5, ' ff'::?'Es"f " 15:8 "ff --f,'N'f-2-" "' -aw-. .' 4 , "f3',.., --L A' , '-.X 3 , 1 1 4 . i Left Center: "I ni glad Im behmrl this guy. That look: Z like ci mean kick." . . H Left: Flyers outnumbered, four to three, by Ohio Wes- leyan players hut maintain Control of ball. 205 1 .fuk Begum. ,ur begun- A wus... .. . 1. wgv' ,arf f.-' , ..,, . . . , -A180 - - vCW 0's.- 4 Opponent displays fine form but UD goal good. Al Yeung, foe, eye ball. fi A A if .Q H "f9' W li, Qtagg ' ' 5- ls 1 L ff: ,Ag-1'lJ 5 0 ' 1 1 ' . g 1' . in - eilll 5 g, 'Tll have it made if I get by him." "Well, maybe I didn't score a goal but l1e'll have a sore knee." 9 Yr" -'QQ' f .- vw,"-f-IFJ. ol 4 ff' f N Q .F "--L, 5- we, - k , f, ' A 2131 7. f4 . ,. Yggx P 1 1 , A 0 2 1' l if? 206 "I'1l bet you guys a beer I can skate down to the other end faster than you." an ...' h. tv HOCKEY IF' y THE 1961-62 UNIVERSITY OF l1fXY'l'OX HOCKEY TEAM Kneeling. left Io right: lan Kopis, Bob Karsick. Marty Kraimer. Kevin Jaffe. .lohn Franko. Mario Dejnna. Walt Deghiria. Nlarty Cunniffee. Sltuzding fl.-Rl: Coach Nate Hawkes. .lay Lushinks, Bill Johanns. Chuck Fperick. Nlikf- tlapaldi. .lf-try Ctlll-Ill-1l'l. .lnllll Wallace. and George 1,131-.N-i.r, All-ent when picture was taken were Joe Raymond. Ray ,lung and Mike Case. CD SEASON RECORD OPP. 3 Denison 5 1 Ohio Lvniversity 17 15 Ohio Northern 0 2 Ohio State Ll. 6 1 Kenyon College 0 5 Case Tech 3 -L Fenn College 6 2 Ohio State li. 14 5 Denison T 6 All Star Alumni 3 Wlon 3-Lost T A strong determination to play the sport they love and the ability to overcome seemingly unsurmountable odds saw the CO Flyer hockey team through its fifth year of existence. Though ice hockey is not recognized by the University as intercollegiate sport. the 29 members who comprised the 1961-62 team were UD students. Playing in the Ohio Intercollegiate Hockey' Association. the Flyers' expenses were paid from the profits received in a raffle Inet: 554101 and hy contributions from the team members l average: 5301. Besides their financial difficulties. the Icers had the proh- lems of transportation and conditioning. They had to travel all over the Buckeye State by automobile to play their 10 season games and had to hold their 'home matches' at the Ohio State rink. 00 miles from Dayton. That the Flyers were only able to practice once a week proved deleterious to the111 because their opponents were al1le to stay in good condition. "Klan for man." says team spokesman jerry Callahan. "were as good as any team in the league but we just donit have the ice to practice on. We were ahle to keep up with our opponents in the first couple periods hut our lack of conditioning hurt us in the late going." Despite its mediocre 3-T record. the Flyers provided strong opposition to the other members in the league and in only two of their matches did the locals prove to be 'patsiesi to their foes. With only seniors Marty Cunniffe. Bob Karsick and captain Wialt lleAnna gone from the '61-62 group. next year's Flyer hockey team could form a winning nucleus around the frosh-sophomore group that displayed sound hockey know-how during the last campaign. RIFLE TEAM iv as-'O ,vw , x,,.:w+"W Front mtv: I,eo Rt-uss, M Sgt. Pierce. George Sacco. Sntttdittg: Dt-rt Tomon. Brad Clttpp. Hike Romer. Iolin Dinei The Lniversity of Dayton ROTC rifle teatn won three of its five season matches to cap second place in the seven metnlwr Ohio-Kentucky Rifle League. Paced hy arts junior Leo Ruess and business senior Brad Clap. the Flyer Rifles turned what was termed at the heginning to he a "rehuilding yearn into a successful season. Ruess maintained a 280 average for the Daytonians Io finish third among O-K league shooters while Clapp shot at a 278.6 clip to nail down fifth place among the loop ntarksmen. Next years team should hate the potential to overtake Ohio State's strong Air Force defending champs because only Clapp will he gone and returnees such as Ruess. sophomores George Sacco, Jerry Finnerin, and Bert Toman, and freshmen John Dine and John Reed. hy the experience gained this year, will present tough competition to their opponents. FINAL STANDINGS- UD RESULTS OPP. OHIOKEYPLQCKY RIFLE LEAGUE 137-1 University of Cincinnati 1364 I-Ohio State Uiiversity Air Force 6985 1398 Ohio State Univ- Air Force 1409 12-Lniversity of Dayton 6871 1390 University of Kentucky 1343 3-Xavier Ltiiversity 6812 1377 Xavier University 1370 1-University of Kentucky 6718 1339 Ohio State Univ. Army 1369 neOhio State Lniversity Army 6717 6-University of Cincinnati 6702 7-Ohio Lniversity 6576 GOLF TEA mu mm 44 WE! al- N ,Q vs X , - v E-N-' 1. ' AE ws MQ' . et l .- ' '1 "iff -5 -"' 1 5 v John Huber sizes up l THE 1961-62 UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON GOLF 'lil-LXNI 5 Kneeling, left to riglit: Ed Alexander. Jerry Murphy. Bob fXlcClo-key. llohn llulwer und Jim Etter. Standing: Coat-li Hank FVIRILII Mike McTeagup. jim Lip,-yekg, and Bob Blesi. Absent when picture was taken was lloli Dausman. ,' W f-Season Re-ults-p. 212- - Golf coach Hank Ferazza. the only coach on the KD Spring sports scene who could boast of maintaining winning or at least break-even records for I the four seasons preceding the 1962 campaign. saw his latest group of V duffers scrap their way to a T-T season. beating some of the finest college teams in the state in the process. It looked for awhile that the team would turn in their first losing season I in five years. for they lost six of their first seven matches. Determined effort and fine play meant the difference in the second half of the season 5 as the UD linksmen reversed their poor starting record and came out on top six times in seven outings. including four victories in succession to ' finish the season. 'l Six Flyer golfers maintained scoring averages of below 30 strokes per .. 52 round 1n the 62 season and their skills were mainly responsible for the if team's success. ,lim Etter tT6.5t carried the lowest average and was fol- F lowed closely by Jack Huber lT7.5t. ,lim Lipetska lT8.2t. Bob Blesi '1 tT3.3t. Bob McClosky 4T3.8t and Bob Dausman 179.-lt. Sophomore Blesi carried the lowest single round score for the Flyers when he turned in a 63 against Villa Madonna at Covington. Kentucky, in a 12-6 UD victory. N2 N2 Chances for a winning season next year seem bright because only Senior Ed Alexander will be missing and, for the first time in UD golf history. -e a S200 scholarship award will be given to a deserving freshman student if 44 from the Dayton area. l l Jim Lipetska blasts off 209 BA EBALL THE 1961-62 UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON BASEBALL TEAM Rau' I. left lo right: Billy Vanliat. Chuck Faceiponte, ,lunie Del.eo, Brad Driesen, Ralph Genovese, Joe Girard, and Billy Hendersong row 2 KL-RQ: Steve Sclium. .loe Fitzgerald. Bill Wharton, Tom Rau, manager, Pete Scliappa. Bob Winters, and Dennis Lane: row 3 KL-Rl: ,lim Sieffert, Harry Baujan, Ath lv-tic Dire:-tor, Ht-rb Dintaman, Couch, Garry Roggenburk. Earl Lindlioltz, and Frank Kolo. After getting off to a slow start. the '62 Flyer baseball team won six of its last seven games UD to register its first winning season in a decade. The team's T-5 mark in 1962 was the best of any nine preyious 1-D diamond squads: no other Dayton baseball team since Harry Baujanis 1952 group I8-Ol enjoyed the thrill of winning as often as this seasonis. Though they didn't exactly knock oyer their opponents' fences en route to their seven triumphs. the Flyers learned to capitalize on their foes' mistakes. got fine pitching perform- ances out of their ace hurlers. and tightened up their defense during the last two-thirds of their season. The Flyers managed only T2 hits tayerage: O per game! for the season and could boast of only two .300 hitters but the season total of 41 errors plus numerous walks, passed balls and wild pitches on the part of their opponents meant runs galore for Coach Herb Dintaman's 10 Dayton athletes. ln addition. the Flyers' defense settled down in their last eight games and was charged with only 12 errors as compared to 17 in their first four. SEASON RECORD OPP Cincinnati 4 Ohio Univ. 13 Central State 6 Cincinnati 4 Ohio Univ. 12 Marshall 1 Xavier Univ. 1 Wright-Patterson 4- Miami Univ. 10 Central State 0 Xavier Univ. 3 Miami Univ. 0 Won 7-Lost 5 While their teammates were handling things in the field and on the bases lefthanders Garry Roggenburk and Earl Lindholtz carried the Flyers on the mound. Roggenburk. destined for a career in the major leagues, won all three games he pitched in and limited the opponents to only eight hits and one run in 27 innings of toil. Garry was at his finest against Central State, no-hitting the Maraud- ers and permitting only three runners to reach base. Lindholtz. in his first season with the team, won two decisions and gave good indication that he may be ready to replace Roggenburk as the Flyers' No. 1 hurler come next season. Outfielder Andy Timura topped the Flyers in batting with a .368 average. The only other player on this year's squad to hit over .300 was sophomore first baseman Frank Kolo. He stroked the ball for a .321 average despite a mediocre start. 210 t. NY ,. .HF Nh i 'WHST " 1 . it ' ii, XSQN N: -X N 'f Q wk., - '-L- Qan- X Q ' g 'X Q t .X , - sg as i , .T : -.aww A Q. NX?-Q? X it , gif: x .SNQFQYN ' A x M, ' ,1,.Me,Qv-wwe?-xx-uit,-. tN,.5S'c+ A .W xx X x www 'JJ ' ieiwg Q . . ' u Q ' .- ' . '- 0 't " - Mklliemggf'-Q Sift f' ' . it gg, --- -r if , Q ,, PNN A' . k xx N N . away ..-'gkfi , T-..v1..-Lg., X .1 Z kill. Carry Roggenburk shows why he's lmudcd fur majors as he hits, pitches way to victory over Central State. - v Ni N ' in . H'x is' ,N '. -4 . .. X 1 .3 X ' s N. ' '. Q ' in W ,nf 'ix ' L x P2 S ., it ,va fs ' I .. K 5 F -K it A 1 . f X , r th rs , , A 5 x V -X, 1 I' .gs-,. . , F X 1 g X K A I 4. E 5 Xa. " AA W ' -P' . ,la , f , . Ak X s Q. A, A,w 5 H Q , Q v g.. .I , N?,'3,g, 'P fr. QQ X .xtxtw-Q. . X- Jim Sieffert lofts foul to right during UD-UC game. -V W5 rg- -, P " wil L . .,...mfN.t- .N i ' -Q l +3 Sllurtstup Joe lfilzgt-iulltl 1-yt-2 notion .xt firwt. 1 M , . l R . "Wi "r " . lE" ,1w ,, lf' .' iz- Q . ' -' ,TR v' V ., A: .. ig .N H Q .x Q ' x"'?f2ff1"i"7S'1fj, ' f , s .L ,,, L' ' 4 1 . '. Q 1 .i . I V ,1 g . ,Q .K 1 , :r a-,Q h R V w i- wry Q . M: 4E +3.,.,.11 ix ' X 53 T ' z "' - x A ., x. p ly SEX ' 9 'Q 5--"" in '. ws.L.- i , 1 'ggi 3 . m- iq- LL 'Ti 5 'wt,il"""b A ' f, ' .Rl Q 5 5'Q9?"ft'1 ik" Lx'5- A l ,ive Qs., s M ,3 J .l L-I l . h , 1 Q, n K . ,A v,.i-gwfrgi - .-JV' V ' " 5 ,- naw w "A: , 4 'ii K' "v QM! as l .lunie Del.eo bears down with long stride, determined expression. Hutless, hopping Flyer tem late at first. , v. 1 2II i 0 Standing, left to right: Rauch. TENNIS ,R . TENNIS Mak 3 .x N, i t -af U if ,GTM I ' and THE 1961-62 UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON TENNIS TEAM LD SEASON RECORD OPP. l Bovvling Green l Louisville 1 Miami Liniv. 1 Ohio lfniv. 2 Central State 3 Earlham Coll. 5 Xavier fniv. 6 Xavier lfniv. -1- Louisville 1 Ohio Lvniv. 1 Central State 2 Cincinnati 5 Earlham Coll. Ivon 3-Lost 10 Even though the UD tennis team turned in another losing season the out- look for the future became considerably brighter during the course of the latestneit campaign because the Flyers did manage to win three matches and score 33 points. which is three more than they won the year before when they scored Z1 mere five points. The prime factors in the Flyers' improvement on the courts were scholar- ship players Jerry Scheper and Joe Rauch. Scheper came out on top in six of the 13 singles matches he played in and was T-6 in doubles competition. Rauch was injured a part of the year and wasn't as sharp in the singles. Joe won only two of eight but he had a 4--I doubles record. For a team on its way up the victory ladder. keep your eye on the Flyer tennis team. Foes beware! Q AW.. ","" K2 I 7' 1- N xv sv- N x xv .' E 'M Q J .S me ,X 1 NW A 1- "" x f 5 w N. Q K .N 1 0 . . cg Q' Kneeling, left to right: Craig Egbert. Fred Cevera, captain Bob Bauer, and Toni Scalia. Jerry Scheper. Coach Shaw Emmons. John Martin. John Keaney. Larry Cannon, Jim Goldsmith, and .loe GOLF UD SEASON RECORD 12 Miami Univ. -LM Cincinnati 17W Villa Madonna 6M Bowling Green IOM Wittenberg 5 Cincinnati 8 Denison 1-I Bellarmine 18W Earlham 3 Ohio Univ. 15 Xavier Univ: 13 Miami Univ. 12 Villa Madonna 16 Xavier Univ. Won 7-Lost 7 OPP. 15 225 M' nu, 135 22 16 13 lk 24 7 11 6 11 212 Fred Cevera 1.13 and Jim Goldsmith use different styles for same purpose: hit hall by foe to score. 1 I Q .Ll 2 X ,x Www f, WQ. H32 3 s I, wx ,xx ,X v 9352 r Q l :W A fu- -4-I ' o Y fp , A A 3 4 1 sz! , , ,?..ixff.,'g.jy "5 , , V ygv-sifvffifn, vim- , 'fb' ,yy 4' 4 1 , : H -'P gf-wr? Q1 992102 V1"wif2f'-w "1 . , ' -f5:,1g4r:f. , 2fff,. 1:-iff' fi fi . A 1 +'fP-fi'if-412-'Qif.: 'cf'-:fd . 1f1z -f-wzfi' ' 'Q I 15- ew., LJ ,1,.,.sw ff11,,aa:A:1n1e-.u-nm'-nar:,m,Lniu,:.z.-r as b - Cf- 4 2- ' '+ s F' - 5533. Y 5 'R W 5 0 5, I P 4 --Q Q L Q n , . ov 'X in it I wa' . .' .' 'v 1. ': - f ' ' , ws, ,, ,T 5.-f '- l . . s - x ', Lx, x , ' V . Q gl 14" OS 1 1 CTMWJIITIFJI HES or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast 01' a god. he is no part of a state." Aristotle I i i i i 2I5 ' G - 1 X E1 1 xi i it H a t Q t 1 D 1 Nui :if 'Ai'-ull' W N tax - il 3 , .. , .XX Ak' X . n :X .xiii -0, X, T- N ' x QHTTTITIQ tl so .Q il SQL: uihf-A t X it D I' f, I 1,01 I Xi . x, ., 1 .ZA , '-'X 'TJ J.. -I 'Q Now there lived the Wise One. Many students went to him for counsel and advice. One day 21 young student troubled by the thought that he received too little education for what he paid Came to him and asked, 'Tell me, Wise One, what shall I do to rem-ive the most from my education?" Said the Wist- One. "A good educ-.ition contains that which cannot be bought or sold. Look for the ipriceless ingredientsf' The young man asked, "What are the priceless ingredients?" Replied the Wlise One, "The 'prireless ingredients' of education are the combined efforts of the professors and you the student working behind the age old name of the University-consider what lies behind the name University of Dayton. There in you find the 'priceless ingredientfn ZI6 Hi ho, Hi ho, to the Treasurefs office we go . . . After endless lines the next stop was a visit with 'his fav- orite Uncle Sam-"keep mov- ing-but Sarge. these shoes are too big-keep moving- but. Sarge, this uniform fits like a sackAkeep moving!" Now the bewildered Fresh- men went to class and began to feel at home. and accept- ance was just around the cor- ner. Freshman Welcome-and now you are a college student! Below: September came once again-upper classmen looked for excuses to return to campuses early as Freshmen wanted to stay home until the last minute. With UD being no exception. the upper classmen looked forward with happy anticipation to the arrival of the Freshmen. "Hey, Frosh, where's your beanie-do you have any gum- light my cigarette and call me Sir." As the timid Frosh squeaked out a "Sir.i' his college career began. Upon conclusion of this ordeal the poor. innocent Freshmen were led to that well known obstacle course- REGISTRATION I in -a-.-givin They should start Look, the answers for the first test! ,qzbau-n uu- over. L . Q ? , ....t . X-N W X T ,,t,.,g........3-M t 1- x - ix Y' i N as X9 L M 'U "1 v M QW Q Q TI :ling " l If vw A ? '..f 5 1, fb Q-.X , kim ' . S I' 3 A '1 W l 'ix ' ln' fm:-F Il r le art of Qm S Fl .loin the army and WOW! Rolling the bones . . . at Ili 3 ww.,- Jnitiafivn ' 41 0 Q. '.Y. Hula with tr twist . . . Practice three times a week??? SX ,lx 9 re there any I'llOI'8 al home like you? O O O NLE., i TL fe Is Ben Casey a charter member? , . .Y .- fy fi- 1 3 1 i P i ! I 1 I 1 1 W lm? I-11116 wld IUCN Four yeari of tlue V V Penny Bright FRESHMAN WELCOME Queen . . . Fanny l6'rignf ldng... ?rnnk L If .a-is tllholdit... l 1 3 T- use 3 in-"""" 1-.inasunri Mi ' 1-ij -J", 4.,4.,, .4 iw, ,' .I Z I -. 16 W i -N , ,. ,il ix Q. : p Q -F is 'N GY' www 1 5 r s 5 H O' 'O Ai L, . 1 9' .mf QF' . is E ng lllltil Y W 225 W' 'QQ Q Q XINAIQ 1 I Q Mx. H K """Niuwv ' 'R I 1-Q: 'X W: is T X"' X My ' 'gk-:-3.,. xl W X 3, ' ,N x MES? E Xia N5 if Mfgx I W that refreshes xl , f 4 . -. .wgigyks '45 f' V' -l f' R . lsr ."'- I i'E?2.QfQ ff: lsiljx in--f rmgf gs, W 3 x. H., , , , 4 1 E I ili- f? . Q ' - Q- xss' 1, I w f " g ' QQ x I Should be so lucky We did??? We can dream . . . I see them come and I see them go D up J A, tie Daisy inverted Modern Cinderellas Hampaigniug Rivht from the "Old Country" Honking of horns, shin- ing new Cars mark the begin- ning of campaigning. De- vices of all shapes and man- ner were used to influence the minds of the UD males. The girls made their second annual pilgrimage to the West Campus. and they help- ed the impressionable Frosh get their dinners. 45 ! f , F' x N 1 :- K 5 ,ff is - Y T436 A .lv I1 + 'F .1 Q X' 'A .E I ,N f 1' , if V 3 ,- vJ1.k vy .1 I '56 'f Q' T 'w- 6 ,R 5 'Y AWN. .1 Q, , F3 gf. we 5' 4" in ff? ix, Q V ,J A-"':,f': .Z Song without words John IIIGCIS X I 'Q-x slr 65: E Tvs, Book buming, 1961 if N Q, Q-is in ,sux- X .Q ' b 1 L t X' ' i N X x X Q.- X mf in ' S ,. ' 'Q 3 x ' gmgvlmv g A ,. ' L i ev-4., ., Q ,t .- f s.z,C ,. -1, Q- .. In the dog ,:, I A V e i v I . -'tbubi' house -'SRM '. fi 1.41 -L. 1 Onward, Christian soldiers . . . .?lmf Huilding "Hi ho. hi ho. it's off to work we gof' This was the theme song as the annual all night marathon to build floats got under way. Twisting napkins, placing them in chicken wire. painting them. and praying they look like Walt Disney characters was the hope of float build- ers. Q1 MAYFAIR Buktestc X Rib in :MMM Num Pl lylllfl' "l 933, With her we can win the NCAA 229 Nd Her Majesty . . I 96 I J-lame 'GM xl Hare! Hnnse eelning Qneen ...AVN .if "!' G - 11 1 lgfj f issae .V if - Zfeenrnnn Attendant Knrbnrn Davie "m 'I Qui. f., I I 1 5 Q s 5 5 I l !g1 .- , 4 J v V Q A - ,,,.-..V,- V ' E3 ,' fl vie- U, - ' , . .9- . P . "fy ' pt,i. 'W' ' ' 1 ' a fx , ' A .fipil - K '- ' 1 W..- , . g -- NA'-g' A ,-F, A fm. a . . V I 9 'Q "2 .3 'Y 'AQ ' SDJ v A W .. . . 9+ ' Jim?" 1 , an-1 ,. ,.vfS,, X A" Qx . . ,J 4- . -Ch' :Hi , cv.. - ,un ' " ' aff' ' Ev: -'ERN X' N , ,K - Y , i 5,5 Jil, X -awww - - N," gf - 'ig y . . ' ' ' . f l, - QR' ht Q I , l 1 . .- ', 1 4 I 6 F . w .,.' . - iv V 'Q' Y K4 . v - "sf"-.,:Hw'P"k tp, T ' .. Q uf, T'-.fvf"- faq -- 'if' wg ' -1' j' N flf A P 3354 SF ...ELK G -519.3 .nv ,I A ff- X V i , H X , . qi 1 M , ' , . Q . 1 , h .r .may , 1 -'Q' 1 ' I 'Q y 1 1 ! ., AQ .. A . ' ' 5' - , '7'V V 'l '59 ""'vs....,,A.Mhm A. Y! 4:-L1,,. 1 XX I bv J '4,, wig. x , .3 as Q. Qin Q. I lm :SLN r 3 4,9 Mary Kaye Anaspnraer Ginny Keaffy jlflanreen Mnrpny HER MAJESTYS COURT Kaye Mad jnne Karan Mary Knarr QS 'Oi "YQ: 1114 ,'!n ox... qi, 234 0 Wo' " in , :fa The formal presentation of the Queen and her Court was made by Father Raymond as Roesch, President of the University. Homage was thus paid to the Queen by students, alumni, and friends of the University. Get off your tiptoes . . . Wonder if we can duck out on this side . . The annual Homecoming activities ended with the Homecoming Dance at Wamplf-r's Ball-arena. As students began to grope their way home to a good days sleep. the University's life returned to normalcy. 1 Behind the eight hall Just stay back, big boy . . . 235 Know any go xi,- T Mffi' .,'i A fff ' ml jokm Wlm1.rwsp.ngl1etri'! just sign on the dotted line . . . 236 . . . Ervin Kms tv Campaigning can be fun . . . ff ,fx ! I .-ui' -g I 1 . 'H N 4 Q1 1 - .V A . -... f-ill 1, , ' 11 N-Jw ln-fs try it in Spanish . . . Memorial Strictly KOSh5l'- f 1 libraries ,Z Tha1t's inspirutiunal! if H55 cluzy-!l1Q1'r"f no blffvp Hllllllgf Surll artivle. Heel me in the Library at nine- Ss- ' T ilk -L. 'P x X Xl. wx, I -an W x .Q I 9 ff 'N mv 'NN ,K "But square wheels I I" Studying for curve-ology test? Whistle while YOU work 'Q 7, Mm 1 9 A f 237 -.-., U 'PJ' .J ,.... .za t- LECTURE SERIES Billed as an effort to contribute to the 'liberal Christian education of the stu- dentsi' and to build their cultural appre- ciation. the program has included lec- tures and vnrieerts by a number of out- standing persons and groups. and plans are now being completed by a commit- tee under Father Barrett for an even more ambitious program for next year. The series. usually presented at the regular Wednesday one oiclock student s 3 Top rate: Marian Anderson Right: Dr. l'aul Katz and the Dayton l"liill1ttrtn41nic Below: Miss Muriel Monst-ll 5 S 'N-. A ----- -fs D m,44 1 ,..-' X". -A-m.,-LLL, .W convocation period in the Fieldhouse, got under way in October with a pres- entation on "Berlin-Test of American Determinationw by retired Gen. Frank Howley. one-time connnandant of Amer- ican forces in Berlin. The noted pianist Robert Goldsand presented a concert in November and Actress Muriel Monsell spoke on "Broad- way. U.S.A.,' in January. Poet Louis Untermeyer lectured on modern poetry two days before Miss Andersonis recital, and concerts were presented in subsequent weeks by the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra and the University's concert band and choir. , .l Top Rolf: Robert C--ldsand The acceptance of the series on the part of the students is best portrayed in the picture on the right. Toward the end of his lecture Mr. Oltsmans volunteered his services to stu- dents by answering their questions. Numerous students took this opportunity to further their knowledge of contemporary world affairs. wvmvmesm ln March. llutvh Journalist Wi flltsrnans lvrought an intviestwl student hody up to date on "'l'l1v World See Through a RPIWHI'lf,'I'-F Hy Vi Scheduled for April uerff two presen tations of Klozatts 'Tfftsi Fan 'llutteu hx the Nletropulitan Opera Studio Corn pany. which the liniwrsitx is Coaspo soring with l,ll'l: tnngnzine. lwringin the 1961-62 series to ti vlosf- LPI! 10 rigfzlf fit-nf'r.1l Frank lltm lm-y, l-HllIs Limer- nieyer. Willem Olts- nuns. is llem ne Mr. Taylor accepts the award from Father Darby. Chairman of the Board of Trustees. RIANIST ARD The llarianist Award is conferred annually by the Uni- versity of Dayton to honor a person who has rendered an outstanding service in our Country to the Immaculate Mother of Cod. the Patroness of the Lvnited States of Amer- ica and of the Lhiversity of Dayton. This year the Award was presented to Coley Taylor of llexieo City. l'nited States of Mexico. Mr. Taylor is one of the founders of the English lnformation Center at the famous Cuadalupe Shrine in Mexico City. and is co-author with Donald Demarest of the book. i'The Dark Virgin- The Book of Our Lady of Guadalupe." Mr. Taylor thanks the University for the honor bestowed upon him. cv X If: SN . 5 K. -X 0 au, 'Y V , P x! f'- f, I li . , , 1 1,4 V. 5 l. ,. - J, .. I . 4 ' I as KY X , 5' f AN ws, , .. , , 1 5. - , .X 3 Q S - , K' N f u x I MILITARY BALL Zrflvuel Kasper Elvugh, ZZMS Z7 Frvscnts . . . sw-' ,E 1ft qs- nk x N 5 'SS ga :,' , ,VA-Q V ' X , .-:.?":f1Q:l3i??i' -- ffzwrfrary Cjadef Cfapfaiu judy Dc' Zfdrico wffsglk-1:-2.11111 A ,2,..v NW . Honorary Kzzdef 60101451 ,711 jllfllfl Kennedy 3 ww .-., G R-2 5 M 4 Q xx . N J , v J sh la ls . 1. yi., I 1. sf A 'Z X - .av X I 'Q , X1 f , 5 1 i- 0 g x -' Y ' 0 x x f lux-. . fi' gr' X X 3 QW' QW .I , .1 vs-. ' , , V, -A 1 - V ' , , . I , V 1 A ' . , f, . ' V . , ' I I 0 u , , . , . ff. I E ' as X. Q' , may nf-fl" L f' 1 +, lJ.1nn.1 Scllerzingcr. .F .T - .fa Q t ' if U ,-' 53' X r ff 1-K . .sam "Mansion II" Holding up the phone: Sandy Gross: row oneg Kathy Mustrnlan, Sharon Fitzgeraldg row two: Marty Vogelsang. Mary ,lo Brinkmoeller, Diane Burgoong row three: Mary Clarke, Cay Shea, Carol Wagnerg row four: Eddie Balaweiclcr. "The Colden Sliunlyu Front 58111: Ruth Snelling. Pat Sckag burly sent: Ellen Britz, C. C. Sugar, ,ix X "l22l A ,'hllJEl'lilN Left to riglil: lletly Hooker, Toni Suvliy, Kathy Kl'.llIl1'I', ,lunv Bnulme. ,lane Mont- Q.C4Plllt'l'Y, Peggy Winkle. Junivc Ge-lrelc "Cleveland 5 plus 1" Front. L to R: ,lean Ann Edwards, Karen Strune. Ginny Stanton: Second row: Barb Fratianne, Carole Castellano, Carol Dietz. "l17 Lawnview" L to R: Jo Ar Je Kennedy, Ruth Dysweg, Mary Carroll Dane, Marilee Fiberio, Susie Fogelsong, Pat Henrich, Beth White. Women is' flvuszhg n,-9 "The Apartment" L to R: Marcin Hasenour, Estelle Buck- heit, Sue Kurtz. 245 w A H .V Q i v 3 sfffe- ' X MK' "The Pink Elephant" L to R: Roger Charhonneau, Rick Fox, John Mizesko, Pete Connelie, Ron L Finklwirier. "The Islanders" Silting: Tony D'Agrosa, Bill Vankatg L. to R: "House Motl1er?", Chuck Di Polito, Jim Boolins, Rick Tlioinas, Tom Keenan. H1608 Clarence" Front row: .lim Dotto, Larry Henry: back row: Ned Becker, Dick Diebrzydowski. Men iv Housing 1 L i P "The Hub" First rozc, L lo R: George Perk, Bob C-othie, Howie Stevens, Dick Dacey, Frank Master- song second row: Jim 0'Donnell, John Boucher, Jim Powers, Rick Falcott, Allen Hipanbau . Uissing: Hugh Murphy. .i. "The Rat Trap" L lo R: Bob Bertino, Dick Polachek, Steve Kaufman, Frank Corrigan. "Stagger Inn" F. R.: Tom Cooney, Jim Perozek, Rear: 246 Mike Toner, Kevin Kurtz, Tom Cutter. 1 1 ,.-w-'Qs' x .N.,. 35 an A ff! , Q l I E rl Ml lwl I . ..x. u 2 4 -L. 5 1 1 1 if 5 l lllllillllnlllxuln "X A ' 1 ,, I 3 5:3 Q N5 Q. X , frimx "MaIl1ilda" Q' ,, 1 ':-0125 I' N. ... .1 sg, l xl l ' 1 ' . X if hlx, N- ' . I Q' X ff. - 6 . , . Tlw wlxllx qllw lun' eu-Q 1 D' Got an extra nickel? E Dorm Lie C'-f 'il , Where! the goal posts? I-R97 Next time try the goldfish bowl For who's a jolly good fellow . . . 247 ' ' V tr i.. . , - L ij-'.s,-f. ' 0 . ,pmt .- Uzis Wa 1670. Paul 14. . . tif-v-. ii- 'lding int-my UD Primer W VN Prugress is xmnflerful. hut with its advance Comes the clestruvtinn uf many memurable sites. Thus was the fate of Bro. Pauls For thirty-three years Bro. Paul's serxecl as the social apex nf the Campus. Dates r were to he secured there. and post mortems of the social X events were he-lcl mer a glass of tomato juice thc The ew, presemsymbol, morning after. The vlusing days also brought to an enrl the small select female dynasty uf the Campus. vu. ht X .. it ' Cnsnieties, rain hat, bubble gum-where's LOSI C3US6YSlUdYil'1g the drill Of the dat' What, no 0ni0Il? 248 my nmncy? OOO 1 X 'N 5 and S. wsu f M ,Mix N f, i ,Mita- 'fe 1 I , jam: , , r. - W, X, t41.,ipgsA.-,fn , v Y ' A, 12 A L- I 403, Here -Homes Brother. hide the chips . . . Ii 1 Nlllaltlfli tli-pcnwr "Nu more Smoking cigarettes under the tablei'-with this statement the Flyers' Hangar opened. The number une tahle Came In an enrl and the larger area integrated The money tmp A D . the whule student lmfly. Thus in its short life the Hangar heearne a monument to sehuol spirit as the feeling of ' If jj heionoinff reallv heuan tu Hruw. 1555 augur . KB N. 'Wm " ft XI in tu tll n E r-..-,,,- .X gt nl L 7' bl f 3 - e v ' X - , e-CL L' t . "'ee M g " "li V -mmf' Here comes the crib sheet . . . I wonder how many calories?? This beats writing it on the cuff 249 K. ,V VK: V . ,5.,x, X Q .- -f' -f1-: . - .I5,.m:'-i' X' D 51 W- M: .. YRS: . , .ff :ff-r: . , p:1f,f,fqf, z " I v , AFX? Queen Haro! Wagn r M fl'0"' ' 6,0 xW -5 Lpnlicl . sp 'Iii 1l ka,,-x. V Sf . is Xxx ... X NS , S Q X S N 1 .5-Az.: .fx ,. fre 1, :xx- ,, ,. X W., NX X X V, 1 t f Linda ,llrvin Zindn l6'c'njn1nin 5 1 S "Every inch a Queen" lnnnc' Hrnvkcn "Anil the rain Caine." This was the urnfurttrrlate stnry uf the ,Iuninr Prmn. Freezing rain and tat-k of electriral power in the in-rntty uuusetl 1-aneellatlmr uf the fnrrnal clanee. Partles and small hurne dances were held hy ff8.Ildlt'liQll1l. nr in lnnnes in nut- lying areas that had electrical power. 'lille furrnal cruwning of the Queen. Carol Wagner. and her Court was held at Hub Heck- Illillt-S hnxne. Every one ClPIl1I1tE'ItlCCl on the wonflerful night they had: maybe we mlnnit need dancing-at least rhafs a thought. 5 Q: ' s'1-.urrrva-rf'w-'N-"ff'.f12"'1rN nf, ,, . QQ: 46 ,- YS The Queen and her court. 25l r J' fn A s N - ., X -- . I V , it r V , fix 'N A - ' I ' Cl A X HIDXN'l1lU4,'llfl'IflllB gypsl1er't'? "The Seven Ghosts" On floor: Dee Thauburng L to R: Carol Doolan, Carol Fenske, Suellen Hoeft, Sally Zinnnerman, Beth Smith. Mary Ellen O'Connor. on 'Leer This is a put up job Rock Hudson! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . v.neniQ fr 1 e my fs... --an . V e, -er 'J Nl , 1 ' N Ill W..--.. -as r YD Dir' 1 X I, f lx f 41 aff K .. I V l 65' - bb L f, ,- ' Q , - "Alberta Street Cronies" Firsl row: Duve Dryden, U-E Connelly, Mac Larimer, Gene Vassey, Joe Wilkinsg second row: Tom Lyons, Fred Brown, Ed Stocker, Frank Krauser, Jerry Callahan, Dan Wanna buy a wooden leg? T31'l0W5ki- 252 w I 1 with 'S fl-H.. A -'Drink 1110 1w,n1m,k" Thvy Wtrllll luke Ruxsikinl W J" ,f Xifatglm dd meal I ! lllnwk for lhw lain,-1 "SANFORIZED" "The Highlander's" Top: Laurie Rowles. Mary Flannery: boltom: Ruth Yanka fsllyj, Jeanne Kipp, Maureen "Mo" Murphy. IFS for the buzzurd , f X., tra 2: -if 4 pix I ll IC . S If IQ X, I 6 J 1 3 Each year the FLYER NEWS sponsors a contest to determine UD's Best Dressed Coed. The ten nominees are chosen by a student-faculty committee, with the entire stu- dent body choosing the Best Dressed Coed. This campus contest is held to help GLAM- OUR MAGAZINE in their search for the 6'Ten Best Dressed College Girls in Americaf' The winner of our campus contest this year was Carolyn Duell. I Jlflirrrfr an the 1 2 'f LINDA ARVIN BARBARA DAVIS CAROLYN DUELL Wall Wim .79 1565! Dressvd :ff ,411 ? kg 'A' v Q: GINNY BEATTY BARBARA BECKERICH MARY CLARKE , I , - li "7 -L, MARTI ELLIOTT JULIE O'MEARA JUDY STONEBARGER SHARON REUTSCHILLING 255 S .565 A x .K.,.. . , V QW Q EE Yw Q, ,gg ,- - X Cfarolyu Duel! BEST DRESSED COED 1962 .N .w Q 1 1 ,,, . X-f' 3 N l...- Did Someone Say Party? Hail. lmil . .. , ' K: -,usp-:-s -1 N1 ...tlle gangk . .. ...ull l1v1v?'!. 'FI if xii? gf .1 .. . ,, J. Hop sCotch??? Peek-a-b00??'? Hula without lump!! 'H 7 L57 ' .J Students Top Men on the Totem pole Wark?? I S if ff Q Us K e A W------H 1' 9: ,.,p,.,:35:: : ' r '-"'- Why don't you guys crack the books sn I "Punch nne, louse two" Now which drawer did I put my peanut can watch the screen. butter sandwich in? r'wN Look what Brother got. an F in religion! "And they flunked us out of pre med . . ." 258 S- Wk 1 ,,.,.,....,......f.. x-x,.,ns......X..x...x . . . I , rm 8 -5 I ' s X H i 4 i 4' H .VZ . 1-, if ' Q 8 :-" V! fix Adi K ig ,AQ w s nu J , ff' F ' 1 Niu- f G www X . . .2 tg, ig x gf: 4 1-f.i,q.. rf .sw Q , V r" 5 . ff? , . :P 6 'I' .5 'sf A I, VA ,t 3 I is 6 if ff' 6 gy c ,- 1 f-fm, . -A M ,- A -yr.. ' "Sli A "IA --V If 'E Y if 4 uf Q- i' als- 'P ml' .nw I-'Q ' ' ' ..'. i I A d . 8 km V J 1 uf w 1. .,'-. - . 5 "'. 'R Q wx .jf ' ' - P3 R I ' " x I ' :RJ K 6+ 'SNK -:av S-S 59 A.: :A 7: ' Q M' .3 -gg 1 ,A f A b, , x'u- f'-x"T:'N- 90, M. 1f. 5 o + an ...WE N! I -1' , , .' .Q Q A L f x Q x rf 5 J 'V 'A S' " ' " . is . - ' v -'N' X .b i as H, ss , vf .Q """ . JN' ' -.,. -' - - - ... .,,. 2'-."""""'f ' ' S .,... .. ,, . ., 0' X V ,,,.,x. N W.. Q ,...,p..m..x....,L.A . ,J ug-gm zg -...M,..,.-.,,,, X aw . ... Q N ,, C 'Ni .,.,. ww. x4 .sn A R. RTN x f K 1 ' H.. Q 'N , '-Q.. sv-if-v 1 vm- R'wfXfw'ff"- W2 my , -,nw-fg--rms.. , .. .- f:v?s'kmva+-c-A-xg-Y.. .. .,... V E, " 'Sak-x43Lg.,.-'lu -. FXS . b , .jg .EEA ,Q ig? N' ., I b. , X f , 3, Q g 5: , 5 Q C 4 -iii ' Ps 6 if , . 1'- ., ,Pi '-v, "Ng 'ii 1 5' Y E l 2 5 ,iff 3 'gb iggfxx-' V .' t- - ' t 1 f I -' r NO 45 .Q 5 Ffwm. x f ' as-.B '- ' - rm, - 1 'lu E 5 ff ,dai :da Fi, A... .ifw 5 we 'I' J 0' I ' 1 , :x - Q. .sx 5 N At. ,, xx fy M x.. an ., '5 4 . MQVSN wizw.. "C?fuf'Q R mo ' SSQQ ii? .'iiJ!?1535 vi 1,2 fx' 6 Hfli' ,m' fi ky? V.-f i 'Q iff v.,. sk YN C,AX , 'Y V V' , , NM.,-f,,, Q 1'-af as V 'F' " if , ' 1 1 ,J A, ,X Min+, ....,-Qf.,QN al - l ai J - ' 1 , N-X.. ,711 ,xg -Q N X Wg H ECAM ...WESAW... 'girlggfl' , ' N. ' ' Q 0 m x T 51 f vga, .Qu - aw ' uf' 5 ' , Ah ' ' 4 ji . f. .. I 3,4 X 'xi an 3 . . flu, if' z 'X w 1 .J ,f 1 K V 1 ' 'bm 1 I : Q , :lu wlfxx P sl X. ' " ' x ' C X 'R r 'xg H - ? .V l X + -.y 5 - -'1' , 9 X I r N' Sgr d , -2 1 gy ,A . WV ,, " n j .sw-3 .lu-S-.Q-al-1 .1 ms! ,ww 1 ww-' :xx ' 'M ,V . Q Il- K . J L 45 9' vi- KAW . ' lx 'gnc WE CONQUERED . . . F INALLYIJ 1 NS-sf si-' ax I 4 . L ' y W ,Q 'qu , ,bk ... ., fx, 'i vfiu Q ' V , N , K 5 5 n. 3 it Q Q A . ,iii l .I A Mu X , Q' , 'ggfl N L f n . TURNABOUT TAG Mug jim Uzies Daisy, Daisy, won't you pick me !9az1,vc'r.Q jim O Llfmz jack llmferfcrfh Here mines the king! G' Mme p Once again it was possible for a coed In get even with that special guy who wouldn't ask her outsshe asked some one else. This action is com- rnonly called Turnabout Tag. Fur this affair the girls are "King" and it is the male who impatiently sils back hoping tu be asked fur a date. The re- ject males joined the Annual Stag Party at Carlis. "I'm broke. How about you?" it I!! Phe! We'll do anything for a free mening- 267 ALL SUMMER Willie-Greg Wagner Und-Henry Cepluch IIUII-Jifll Cain ,llollzer-Barbara Bills Rullz-Shar-tm Evans Harry-Jiin Theising Tlieresefsusie Nlunier The play is set in a small Midwestern town, and tells the story of the maturing of a very young boy and the consequent breaking-up of his family. The family includes the father, a man who has reached that time of life where he realizes his dreams will never come trueg the mother, with undying faith in God and the belief that as long as the family stays together, there will be happiness: Don. the older brother, a bitter cripple as the result of an auto accident: Ruth, the sister, who knows of her great beauty. and is determined to maintain it at all costs. Adding to this is the problem of the river. which -is slowly eating away at its banks, threatening the house. 2 ii LONG f -'ww P . 'i j SX-fra ! 4 J Q' - N x N .5-:V-Q VS, .1 -"FW" 'r W fi X5-Fi 5551, s.. Y , fs -if ,i - ' ' h 'wx ' . ' ISR' ' V . S' 1 -"" ,Q ' 000, slle did it! Hmm- win nexer like this Bf'I0U'f HW" 31,0111 3 little TUP? Below: . . . And wlinl ilu iw do nmw ff? i WORKING??? "For you I got ri bargain . . ." 269 I-IEAVE I 1 1 r tllr. jordan-Louis Rowe foe Pendleton-Robert Bonny Messenger T013-Enrique Romaguera .Yurse-vlacquline Sandlin Tony Abbot-Jinx Cain fulia Farnsworth-Colombe Nicholas llrs. .flmes-Janet Leff Bet!-V Logan-Ginny Beatty tllax Lerene-l.ouis Vitacco Ann. .llaifl-Carol Mahan Worlrnien-,Ioe Vetriclc. N. Stratford Susie. .l1'c1z'd-Nlary Altick Willifzrns--Henry Cepluch Plairzclolhesman-Brian Nolan AIIIIOIIIICCI'-JlI'!1 Lauricella RCf6f?8+NOI'Hl Stratford Leftygldill Fitzgerald Doctor-Jim Lauricella The UD Players' second production of the year was Harry Segallis comedy-fantasy HHeaven Can Wait.'7 What do you do with a spirit who has been claimed by an inexperienced heavenly messenger sixty years too soon? This was the problem Mr. Jordan. address: Heaven, had to solve. The wandering spirit of Joe Pendleton, of late a fighter, only wants a body that is in the "pink.7' Love and intrigue follow Joe through the play until he finally found a body that made his love for Betty Logan possible. Y T00 much too soon . . . Swim' your partner . . . 1 ni f if Wk You mean he really ghould? "Five bucks if you dm:-n't play that again." Speak to me, baby . . Drop dead, you idiot , , , A11 I did was breathe on her . . . Kangaroo bounce 27l MAY DAY Queen Maureen Murphy 5 9' I ATTENDANTS . . ' if 'QR' Af-9 -X I xi i : ,N Q zz z, , ,A It 5 AI,-, - .wx X if-3.15-,, .fix . Blanche Asbury Mary Augspurgcr 6arol6l1usc' Dvrvflzy Naparu W ,Jw my 5 NFA 51. .- 273 I Jlflzfuduy Cfnrmml There lllllil lie wniething you it IX about tn .AQ' ,rg . I' H H' 'l I . - p i Liquid refrf-Qllment? The Spring Week Carnival started last year was con- tinued this year. The Carnival was moved out of the Fieldhouse onto the Soccer Field. The number of clubs participating doubled and amusement rifles were acldecl. jazz Kcfnccrf . . . Wednesday Q, I I I I if I sw Now let's try and play togetlier . . . The Spring Concert brought Buddy Mor- row and his "Night Trainli Orchestra and The Four Freshmen to our campus. After the concert. Morrow and his band played for a dance in the Fieldhouse. Featured at this dance was the announcement of the winner of- the Corvair, donated by White- Allen for the Building Fund drive. The winner was William Youmell. PP' 5. 5 .- .af y ,a ' "-QP l l l i . l L., W 1 l l l l l 000-. It tickles . . . l l Sit down, you're rocking the hoat . . . J 2 l , .nerr 'Sgr -Y 8 ,ga--..-iq X -Y, 4 1 it MN, 1 l l 1 'Z if 'Y . at N N' r -be t 5' ,. I 15 Q - . NCQ 1 ' ,,- g. M .. - ' K .x i QNNQ, V ,. xr. ., f", 53' u .E 'i'5-FZ' 5 Q i' ' il NW Q r i ee et f Q 1 an M. .. will it ff' IH 4 J' 'qy I-...I H 5 R A. . E Oops! cadszrlwy 1-.- .11., t in 11 mhi Uzursdfzy . . . Spring Olympus Bagged . H I just Can't keep them down on the firm The annual "once a year muscle flex" saw the Contestants hraving havoc causing condi- tions flue to rain. Nothing could stop our mighty contestants from taking their place in the annals of UD sports. Joint pooling of par- ticipant points saw the Knickerbocker club walk off with first place followed by the Cleve- land club. Queen jlflaurcwz Murphy X. 3. X12 W., im 1 Wk is ' Y N xr- g ' ' ,. .X., . E M A i Q xi 1' fl lQqqA4HkT ,A4b6fZhznnan p :: ' 'Y 1? .S 5 - F 4 i x, . x Q i K- . .. , -Q A 44, X K .s 4 - 'fx x , 29anMhy,Nhwun1 ,4nu.Snnk ICR IUMQEWVELL ZhmuqfC7QNhal Zkhfckmar Q?-rx V bl b L ..,.A, X i.b . .1-: ,.'-Q q.:: . X -5 I .af Y N 1. 'YL , P "Q 3 545, 9' YL KUNTZ S ADVONDAIE ,M in QUE The end of me line l - D4 mars Helebrafc' S IP 7. 4704.-D4 KM r Yee. you handsome devil-I'1I share it with Money talks . . . They don't play hockey the way they used you... IO... is ' mnnlhlfwf-f Lui .95 A .1 33? india' DEAN i "-' OF WOMEN - 1 ,......,..-ar . ,,Y,Y A , F .,,..., Naw Wwe Seen t7cferyfl1i14g.f fx 14'r, Ak E zg cf V . 1 P 5 5 Wy A X , 45 if H ff' Jr 1 + Y I +753 WELCOME T0 R BROT H,E PAULS ff if-ui , 1 1 9 ,f ,f 1 1 ,f an 'I , vffiak, CT, X XP K s if '17 - J , T V . , x ' gmt Nur' Anita Amato Ginny Beatty Linda Benjamin Eileen Cllmlcy Rohcrt Herkman J-llnvs l"l-:rbert P---S 'va W TOP T E TY STUDENTS CAMPUS Q-my Arthur Keffler George Kramer Mary Mattingly John NICilgIl1t'I' Each year twenty students are selected by a faculty. ad- ministration. and student com- 'F A mittee on the basis of grades and devotion to extra-curricu- VCR' lar activities during the past 'xv -'-' year. Receiving this honor for the third time was Carolyn Duell: and for the second time Norman Mitchell, Maureen Murphy, and Patrick O,Ha- gan. Carolyn Duell Norman Mitchell Maureen Murphy Patrick O'Hagan James 0'Hora Sharon Ruetschilling Daniel Spillane Ralph Steinlage Pete Swet Jack Unverferth 283 .I ELI AO. EGBERT-Aruba 1Neth-Antillesj 284 BLLNT. EDWARD LOUIS-New York, New York II X QIVPCIIVPIFIUY s.p .. L, ,- BEERHALTER. SR. ANN LOUIS. O. P.-Dayton, Ohio BS.. Nursing BOLTRCEOIS. MARILYN JANET-South Bend, Indiana BS.. Nursing BRANDENSTEIN. DONALD C.-Miamisburg, Ohio Secondary Educution BROWN. LAWRENCE EUGENE-Dayton, Ohio B.5.. Chemistry BRIINXER. WILLIAM RALPH-Queens Village, New York Asfociatc Ilegree. Mechanical Engineering Miki N NMR' BL'Rc,RT. FRIAR JOEL R.. om Conv.-Terre Haute, Indiana ...N w X BA. 5. CATAXZARO. CARMELAD -1 ,oh' ' ,,,ii it tag Af BS.. Education ai on IO " COBBS. FRIAR. PLACID R.. OEM Conv.-Minneapolis, Min- Dai ncsota COOK. FRIAR EMIL W., OFM Conv.,-Salina, Kan- DECKER, JOHN EDWARD!Day'ton, Ohio B.A., Political Science DRUFFEL. THOMAS HENRY-Dayton, Ohio B.NI.E. DUNN. FRIAR LEON R.. OFM Conv.,-Louisville, Kentucky DIQRKIN. MICHAEL THOMASADecatur, Indiana Associate Degree in Technology EDWARDS, BARBARA-Dayton, Ohio Bb.. Education Bb.. Pre-Mcd ERYST. ALMA LEE-Dayton, Ohio BS., Education FRANTZ. JACOB ROYAL-Kettering, Ohio BS.. Electrical Engineering ri GACCETTA. CAROLYN MARIE OLSZEWSKI-Davton. Ohio HS., Elementary Education I HALLORAN IR.. GEORGE FRANCIS-Pittsburgh. Pennsyl- vania B., Chemical Engineering X HERRMAN. ,IAXICE MARIE-Dyer. Indiana BS.. Nursing , , . Q N Q N 1 W H I W 5 fx HLGHE5. CAROLYX-br. Louis. Missouri E X' BS.. Home Economics W 'ri X HUGHES. FRIAR JEREMY M.. OFM Conv.-Lan- , - N...- H .X--.v2.N:L5S37' XS 3 nie-v ' ,: me :I-I r . sz -X MW -, .J , ff I :2'L5"Zf-'- -1 1 'Q tg .-, xc--,mf 1 X emi, 1 K sing. Michigan RA. HURST. FRIAR JEFFREY R.. OFM Conv.-Flint, Michigan B.A. JASINSKI. FRIAR THADDEUS OFM Conv.-Cicero Illinois R.,-X. KAISER JR.. ALBERT A.-Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania BA.. Sociology KILCORE. NORMAN DOUGLAS-Hot Springs. Arkansas BA.. Political Science KRICK. LAWRENCE G.-Blue Island. Illinois A.E., Electronics KUCIN. FRIAR ZACHARY J.. OFM Conv.-Cicero, Illinois B.A. LARIMORE. RICHARD ARDEE-Dayton. Ohio BS.. Chemistry LEBLTS. WILLIAM CHARLES-Cleveland. Ohio A.E.. Chemical Technology LUKING. WILLIAM F.-Dayton. Ohio Dayton. Ohio LORIMER. IIJLIA LOUISE-Dayton, Ohio B.E.. Education MICHALAK. THOMAS ANTHONY-Chicago, Illi- BS., Ihglilitrial Management MURPHY. MAUREEN ANN-Cleveland. Ohio B.S,, Secondary Education NELLIS. JAMES CARL-Dayton, Ohio Associate Degree, Mechanical Engineering 285 NIEBERDING. JAMES R.-Dayton. Ohio BS.. Rusinvss .Xdlninistration ONEILL. FRI.-XR KEITH J.. OFM Conv.-Toledo, Ohio I3. X, ROCGENRIRK. CARRY E.XRL-Cleveland. Ohio R-.5..PI1x' Education ROSENDALL. FRIAH BRENDAN D.. OFM Conv.- Joneshoro. Inciianu REX. SALETEL. BERNARD JOSEPH-Clevelanci. Ohio .514-Uk'l.lIt' Drgree. EIt'CiI'HIIlF4 SCHLAGHECK. FRIAR REGIS T.. OFM Conv.- TOTGCIU. Ohio B..-X. SCHNEIDER. ERI.-XR GENE E.. OEM Conv.-Lansing Mich- igan BA. SCHNOOR. MARY I.-XXE-Dayton. Ohio BS.. Edunuilion SEAM.-XX. RICH.-XRD .-XL.-XX-Sp1'i1igfieIci. Ohio ES.. Chemistry' SMITH. FRIAR COLMAN G.. OFM Conv.-Clarks ville. Indiana BA. STEPLOWSKI. STEVE ,I.-Fairborn. Ohio BS.. Business Administration TAYLOR. ERIAR WILSON M.. OFM sing. Michigan B..-X. VOCHRIXGER. BETTY LOL' MCWILLIAMS--Dayton. BS., Elenic-mary Education YORK. MARION ELIZABETH-Eaton. Ohio BS.. Nursing 286 Ohio 6. -nn-ug. 'Q ffcfmfr Hanvacalivn fl lf' 45 gl LL ffl .M kffy xl Marv Xlalkmzly 3.990 Ralph Swinlqgf- 3.966 .Xnlla Cwnlnn 3.922 ,:- rgslpfn cf..u1.-, 3.972 Walter Fuchs 3.860 Huh-n D1-ilz 3.851 Allan Sivraclsky 3,311 Tlmmas Qimpll.-11 3.759 Tlmnm: Ganluvr 3.757 .lnmcs Nr-llu 3.727 Maxine Pwr-Arwn 3.T2J Nlarv Brinkwr 3.693 .lamvs Huffman 3.691 7 Ann Rabv 3.656 Rrwbrn Yrvgr 3.666 Plulip xxnm 3.656 1' l.nwrvn-'v Wluw-ll-r 3.610 Juan 3.642 A, Thomas Krumm 3.610 Nlary Ronwr 3,603 Eduard Alhf-rx 3-STU Dwight Samx 34553 Lawr-rnfc Anon 3,551 Xlargarwl Ping.-rald 34500 Kaxhlean Fimnnuricl- 3-500 - Xlnrtin 3vj"!3 wg I f l J 11' X!! 4 - Sb 15' l .12 , l l JK 1. Pl 5 I l l ll l l 9 l ll fi l 'l ll Q 's 1 l I Il li '1 , 5 I 1 l l 1 4 5 787 .., ,. - . .-Qrrfw. 4, ' -- 2 'EL' --W V 22 L im- ' Ralph C. Steinlage was valedictorian when 484- graduates received their Bachelor and Associate degrees at the University of Daytonis 112th commencement. Honorary degrees were presented to I. H. Jones and Major General Cecil E. Combs. Principal speaker was Barry Ulanov, a member of Barnard College faculty and President of the Catholic Renascence Society. 4711146 Qraduaficfn drift" Q , " yr" . 3 '- A ,ff - . - - QQ K Q , i i 1L"i'lf iam ,J i 51 H .L ' si? 1 's .iv-, J. w gig .g ,ggxx H ' ,NV . si Q 5 -- ' 5:4-nf 'l "'-- -3 , - '- V BRO. MICHAEL MORRIS, S.M. Literary Advisor H GEORGE GOUDREAU Housing DAVE HOPKINS Sports A . -5 'A ,. ,Jaw - ' RENE AFFOURTIT PAUL FICALORA Organizations -xrTn-"'- 4 YJ, 21 i ,f"'f Ei ' A xl 'A ' I PAUL BUZZI Pholographerlfw' KATHY RIGOLO Administraition. PAT McMILLAN Senior JUDY MCCULLOM Social 5 E E i i . S 5 4 3 ' 1 Nxwf JACK ADDEO Associate Editor ' is il fg., rm XR Eff 4 Zh S ' m DAN SPILLANE Art 275 ACTIVITIES "All Summer Long" Best Dressed Coed Brother Pauls-Flyer Hangar Christmas Dorm Life Flyerettes Freshman Activities Graduation "Heaven Can Wait" Homecoming Bonfire Rally Campaigning Court of Queen Crowning Dance Float Building Parade Premiere Queen and Attendant Honor Convocation Junior Prom Lecture Series Library Marian Award May Day 11en's Housing Military Ball NIT Registration Spring Week Carnival Concert Senior Farewell Spring Olympics Variety' Show Top Twenty Turnabout Womens Housing ADMINISTRATION I DEX 217 268 254 248 241 247 222 218 288 270 229 227 233 234 235 228 232 226 230 287 250 238 236 240 272 246 242 259 244 276 278 277 274 282 266 245 18 ORGANIZATIONS 142 Alpha Kappa Psi A m Am. Am Am. Art Chemical Society Institute of Physics Soc. of Civil Engr. Soc. of Mechanical Club Biology Club Bluegrass Club Central Ohio Club Central Women's Org. Cheerleaders 292 E 146 147 148 153 164 148 150 151 152 143 153 Cincy Club 152 Cleveland Club 155 C.S.N1.C. 151 Dayton Club 154 Exponent Staff 179 Flyer News Staff 180 Flyerettes 156 Flyer Hangar 157 Freshman Class Officers 145 Home Economics Club 156 Hoosier Club 157 Hui-O-Hawaii Club 162 Illini Club 162 Industrial Engineers Club 160 International Club 158 1.R.E. 175 Junior Class Officers 144 Keystone Club 159 Knick Club 161 Nlajorettes 165 Marching Band 149 Marching Coeds 165 Math Club 163 Mens Glee Club 167 The N1ountaineer's Club 163 Nat'l. Soc. of Professional Engrs. 168 New England Club 169 Nu Epsilon Delta 169 Pershing Rifles Bn. Staff 150 Pershing Rifles Co. B-1 170 Pi Beta Lambda 172 Pi Kappa Delta 170 Pi 11u Epsilon 171 Psi Chi 171 Scabbard and Blade 174 Senior Class Officers 144- Sigma Delta Pi 173 Sodality 174- Sophomore Class Officers 145 Student Activities Committee 143 Student Council 142 Student Education Association 177 Tau Beta Pi 175 Techn-I Club 178 lfniversity Choir 166 Varsity MD" 176 Wolverine Club 178 STAFF 290 SPORTS 184 UNDERCLASSMEN 36 DIRECTORY OF GRADUATES Adams, Sister Mary Jude, O.P. Addams, LaVerne Albers. Edward Albright. Del Albright. Janet Alexander. Edwin Allaire. Jerome Allen. Lillian Allen. Patrick Anderson. Eleanor Anderson. Herman Angelopoulos. Mike Angerer. Cecilia Araish. Edgar Arber. Alan Asbury. Blanche Ashbrook. James Balcerek. Robert Baldridge. John Balster, Ralph Barlage, Elmer Barnoski. Michael Bartz, Tom Bartolomeo. Richard Bauch. Chester Baxter. James Beatty. Mary Beck, Charles Bednar. Ralph Beggs. Max Belanich. William Bellanca. Charles Bender. Donna Berenda. Robert Betz. Roger Biltz. Raymond Black, Robert Blackett. Yvonne Blake, Gerald Blanco, Jorge Blatz, Ray Bodie, Thomas Boehmer, Robert Boeke, Joseph Boepple, Robert Bornhorst, Thomas Bova, Carol Brady, Frank Bremke, Paul Bremke, Robert Brennan, Michael Brenner, Mary Briede, Martin Brinker, Mary Brinkman, Lois Broerman, John Bruno, Natale Bruns, Bonnie Brzozowski, Joseph Buckheit, Estelle 99 106 127 94 116 94 106 94 94 99 136 130 116 127 106 94 116 131 94 136 126 127 130 116 128 106 94 130 106 136 106 136 99 94 94 136 99 116 126 126 106 94 99 99 128 106 106 128 116 116 99 106 94 116 116 106 116 106 99 106 Buckingham. Robert Bugan. Beatrice Burger. Jerome Buckhardt. Mary Burns. Michael Busse. Hope Butler. John Byrne. Judith Campbell. Adrian Campbell. Denis Campbell Bro. John. S.M. Campbell Raymond Campbell. Thomas Carleton. James Casarella. Cary Cerar. Peter Cervera. Fernando Charnock. Edward Chase. Carol Ciambro. Mary Clapp. Bradley Clark. Thomas Clarke. Mary Clemens. Dennis Clifford. Bro. Thomas. SM. Colado. Ramon Coleman. David Coleman. Robert Collins. James Collins. Bro. Yvilliam. SM. Contadino. Bro. Eugene. SM. Cool. Donald Cooney. P31fiCli Corrigan. Frank Corwin. Joyce Coughlin. Brian Coughlin. Daniel Crook. Allen Crowley. Eileen Croy. Linda Csoltko. Richard Cychler. Joyce Cunniffe. Martin Dalrey. Joseph Damewood. Larry Danon. Joseph Daudt. John Darling. Jerome Davis. Richard Davis. Wayne Dawicke. Suzanne DeAnna. Walter Deitz. Helen DeJaco. Norbert Bembek. Dolores Dempsey. David Derivan. Hubert Deters. John DeVito. Bro. James, Dierks. Max S.M. 1126 116 131 116 99 116 106 99 136 99 ljlj 106 136 126 136 130 1311 99 116 106 106 136 116 99 94 128 99 116 136 116 116 99 106 99 107 136 107 136 9l 117 107 117 99 128 104 131 107 136 100 117 100 117 94 128 94 136 94 107 94 94 293 Genovese. Ralph Bro. Philip, S.M. Dietl. Richard Dietsehe. Robert Dixizo. Ronald Dirks. Bro. Paul. 5.11. Dittamo. Hector Dolsak. Kenneth Donahue. David Donohue. James Donovan. Bro. Daniel. Dorsey. Suzanne Dotto. James Downs. James Duell, Carolyn Dumford. Sally Durr. John Eahart. Ronald Eck. Mary Eckman. John Edwards, John Eichelherger, Thomas Eisenhauer, Bro. Robe Elder, Patrick Elsass, Tony Emery, Flon Euring. Carolyn Eyler, John Felli. James Ferris, Edward Filbin, Robert Filburn. Kenneth Fink, Bro. John, S.M. Fink. William Finn. Douglas Finnan, Gregory rt, S.M. 5.31. Finnerty. Sr. M. Jean Andre Fisher, Patricia Fitzgerald, Margaret Fitzmaurice, Kathleen Flaute, Jerome Fowler. Charles Frigeri. Edward Froning. Karl Frueauf. Gary Fuchs. Walter Fulks, James Gantner, Thomas Garibaldi. Louis Gatchell. Floyd Gaylord, Helen Geiger, Loretta George, Kenneth Gerding. James Gergely, Donald Geschke, Joseph Geswein, Mary Gilbert. Judith Gillotti, Gerald Gilmore, Julie Glowe, Donald Gniazdowski, Frank Goeeke. Mary-Lynn Gomez. Paul 294 117 107 136 95 95 136 117 128 95 117 107 117 100 95 95 128 100 100 95 107 95 126 107 117 117 107 100 126 107 107 117 107 107 107 117 117 100 95 107 136 107 107 95 100 117 100 117 137 100 117 108 108 128 108 108 117 117 108 118 126 118 95 95 Gordon, Anita Gorman, James Gottachalk, Richard Gravenkemper, Henry Green, Charlotte Green, Gary Greene, David Grilliot, Gerald Grimes, Alton Grindstaff, Charles Gross, Norman Guise, Norman Gunston, Donald Gutman, Frances Hagan, Joseph Hagedorn, Bro. John, Halas, Ronald Hale, Robert Halpin, Carolyn Hamant, Thomas Hamm, James Hammer, William Harding, Jack Hardt, Jerome Harrison, Thomas Hartke, Gerald Hartman, Carl Hartman, Mary Hawkins, Martha Hayde, Vincent Heenan, Joan Heffernan, William Helmer, Kelsey Henkel, George Henry, Eleanor Henry, Lawrence Herlihy, Robert Herzog, Walter Heywood, Judith Hickey, Thomas Hill, Dale Hobbs, Florence Hocevar, Lawrence Hodder, Clinton Hodge, Ronald Hoegler, Carol Hoff, Florence Hoffman, Mary Hoffman George Hoffman, Sr. M. Vincent, C.P.P.S. Hoffman, Hogan, Vincent Holden, Larry Hopkins, David Hopkins, Jacqueline Horwath, Darrell Hoying, Constance Hudson, Robert Huentelman, John Huffman, James Hughes, Charles Hunt, Terry Hurst, Ann 118 137 137 108 118 130 108 118 128 131 131 108 95 118 100 95 108 95 118 137 108 130 108 118 127 131 127 118 108 131 118 95 108 95 118 108 108 108 118 95 108 118 118 108 95 118 118 118 127 118 96 119 128 96 119 100 119 128 100 137 109 137 119 Hvizda, Vincent Jable, John Jakubowski, Benjamin James, Mary Jankowsky, Heinz Jeffries, Russell Jolley, James Jones. Theodore Josepha. Sr. M., O.P. Juchem. Kenneth Kadela. Jerome Kaplan, Jerome Karsick. Robert Kastle, James Kauflin, John Kaufman, Stephen Keais, Kenneth Keil, Herbert Kennedy, Daniel Kent, June Keogh, Constance Kielbaso. Julian Kiger. David Kilbane, Michael Kimes. Robert King, Anita King, Durward King. Millard Kipp, Jean Kirby. Ronald Kirsch, Dan Kitchen, Ronald Kitzerow. Claude Kline. Karen Klujber, Frank Knight, Raymond Koenig. John Koenig, Mary Kolesar. Joseph Konrad. Michael Korosec, Philip Kostelnik, Leonard Kramer Catherine Kramer George Kramer, Lawrence Krumm, Thomas Krumm William Kurtz. Susan Kutter, Frances Kuzma, Edward Lamberjack, John LaMendola, Robert Lamendola, Thomas Lammers, Gregory Lane, Fredrick Langly, William Larsen, Carl La Susa, Joseph Lawrence, John Leahey, Joseph Ledinsky, Bro. Raymond, S.M. Ledwedge, Peter Leibold, Arthur 109 119 137 100 131 128 128 119 100 109 109 96 100 128 100 100 137 109 109 96 109 119 96 109 137 119 109 109 119 109 137 96 109 109 131 131 119 119 101 101 101 109 96 128 127 109 96 96 119 137 96 119 119 101 101 109 101 128 109 119 96 110 96 Leinberger, Karl Leis, Leroy Leitelt. Richard Letterio. Eugene Lavato, Joseph Levey, Bro. Robert, S.M. Lewis, Deanna Leinesch, Richard Linsley. Paul Little. Floyd Long. William Loos, Bro. Donald, SM. Lo Pato, Bro. Vincent, S.M. Lotis, Harry Loveless. Lee Luckett. Carroll Lynott, John Maahs, Henry Macaulay, John Machowsky. Helmut Mack. Lambeat Macleod. Alexa Nlaegley. We-ndel Maglicic. Daniel Mahle. David Mahlmeister. Richard Marissa. John Marshall. Arthur Marti. Gertrude Marlin, James Martin. Marvin Martino, Richard Mathews. James Mathews, Richard Matta, Michael Mattingly, Mary Mattingly. Thurman Magis, Frank NlcAndrews. Meredith McCarthy, Jerome Mcflohan. Hobert McNeil, Bro. John, SM. McNeill, Sally McWalters. Robert Menninger. Miriam Merrick, Paul Mesolella. Kenneth Meyer, John Meyer, Richard Michel, Thomas Miller, Charles Miller Janice Miller Kay Miller, Mary Miller, Nedra Miller Patricia Miller, Peter Miller Sherman Miller, Bro. William, Minsterman, Loren Mitchell, Norman Mlodzik, Edward Mohr, Carolyn S.M. 128 110 137 96 109 119 96 101 137 131 110 119 101 101 131 137 110 137 129 101 110 119 131 131 110 137 101 101 96 101 110 120 137 110 101 96 101 120 110 110 110 96 120 96 120 97 101 101 127 129 120 120 120 110 110 101 110 138 120 97 110 120 120 25 Mohr. Sr. Virginia Mari Montgoinery. Mary Mooney. Joyce Morey. Philip Morris. George Mort. Richard Moses. Donald Moses. Doris Moyers. Ceorgia Mulholland. Ronald Mull. Edward Murry. Michael Murray . Patrick Mutschler. Larry Xagle. John Xapora. Dorothy Ness. Patricia Xeutnann. Carol Nevitt. James Niebrzyaowski. Richard Xienberg. Melvin Nieters. James Xist. Richard Noser. Joseph Occhionero. Alex OtDonnell. John O'Donnell. Ralph O'Donnell. Robert O'Hagan. Patrick O'Hora. James O'Kelley. Michael Oliver. Richard O'Neal. Dennis Opalek. Richard Ott. Charles I Pagoria. Nicholas Pahl. David Parch. James Pascalo. Anthony Payne. Richard Pearson. Gretchen Peifer. Patrick Phillips. David Pici, Joseph Piekutowski. Joseph e. O.P. Pilder, Bro. Richard. S.M. Pistone. Roy Pizza. Joseph Poeppeltnan. Myrle Puvogel. John Pyle. John Quinn. James Quinn. Robert Quintana. Juan Rankin, Robert Rasper. Charles Rathke. Thomas Reis. Richard Renaker. Mrs. Loretta Ripp. Robert Robbins. Beverly Rockelmann, John Roderer. Richard 296 102 102 102 102 138 110 129 120 120 126 110 138 97 110 120 120 97 120 138 111 129 129 129 129 131 130 97 111 111 120 138 102 111 138 120 111 138 129 138 111 120 111 111 121 121 97 111 121 138 129 111 132 111 132 121 121 138 111 121 111 111 111 111 Roemer, Albert Roesch. Richard Rogers. William Roman Cruz. Jose Romer. Mary Rose, Mary Royer. Milton Rozak. Kenneth Rudkin. Robert Rueth. Kenneth Rusch. Fredrick Sakurai, Seiya Salerno. Eugene Salm. Thomas Sams, Dwight Sandor. Richard Sanford. William Santen. Robert Santoro. Carmine Scalia, Anthony Schimmoller. Vincent Schmidt. Carroll Schmitz. Ronald Schneble. Barrett Schneider. John Schroth. William Schummer. William Scoates. Wesley Severino. Enirco Shadowens. Elizabeth Shadowens. Larry Shannon. Bro. Daniel, S.N1. Sharp. Billy Sheehan. Richard Sherman. Sandra Sherwin. Edward Shirey, john Shutz. Robert Sieverding. Fred Simms. Stan Simonton, Joann Skarke. Richard Smith. Frank Smith, Joseph Smith. Leonard Snyder. Carl Snyder, Eleanor Snyder. John Soller. Stephen Sonieck, Michael Spisak. Edward Stabler. Ruth Stanton. Thomas Stark. Ann Steffen. William Stein, John Steinlage, Ralph Steinmetz. Eugene Stewart, John Stoddard, James Stoecklein. Marilyn Stolz. Paul Straukamp, Frances l 121 111 , 112 F 127 121 E 112 f 97 112 112 138 1 121 132 112 97 121 121 138 126 112 102 127 112 138 102 129 130 129 132 112 121 121 97 138 112 102 130 112 112 129 138 97 112 138 102 126 102 121 129 129 97 121 121 127 121 112 122 102 102 112 138 122 102 122 1 1 I 1. Streisel. Leonard Stueve, Mary Sullivan. Jane Ann Takacs. John Templin. Bro. Kenneth. S.M. Tetzlaff. Hazel Theodoras. Mary Thies. James Thomas. Bro. Daniel, SM. Thomas. Ronald Tofe. Andrew Tomassone. Tony Toth. Roger Traister. Larry Trivisonno. Thomas Troin, Paul Tucker. Genevieve Tulleners. Harry Tully, Mary Tumbusch. Thomas Turner, Donald Turner. James Lvnger. Mary Lsticke. Gordon Vagrin, Anton Vega Tosade. Gilberto Veit. Sr. M. Rose Vieson. Bro. Paul. S.M. Villani. George Voge. Robert Voglewede. David Vorndran. Bro. James, S.M. Vorst. Leon Vukovic, Philip Wagner. John Wlalsh, Harold Ward. Martha Watchler. Martha Weaver. Cicily Webb, Donald Weber. Margaret Wegenast. Kathryn Weglewski. James Wehner, Ronald Weigandt, Daniel Weiler, Mary Weingart. Nancy Weiss, Timothy Wening, Eileen Wenthe, Frederick Wernersbach, Bro, Dennis, S.M. Westbrook, Gerald Westbrook, William Wheeler, Lawrence Whelan, Bro. Kevin, SM. Whelan, William 'White, John Whitworth, Lester Wickes, Clement Wigal, Doris Williams, Beverly Williams, Clifford Willy, Dean 97 138 112 129 122 122 97 97 97 129 102 139 112 112 127 132 122 122 122 113 113 102 113 97 129 102 122 9T 97 139 129 122 132 102 113 113 122 122 122 113 103 103 113 113 132 122 113 127 122 130 122 98 113 139 98 113 122 113 113 122 123 103 113 Wilson. Gary Wimmers. James Wirth. Rita Wise. Daniel Witte. Paul Wolf. Edwin Wlolf. Sandra Yanka. Ruth Yoakum. Ronald Yohman. Joseph Young. Charles Young. Robert ADDITIONAL Blunt. Edward Beerhalter. Sr. Ann. O.P. Bourgeois. Marilyn Brandenstein. Donald Brown. Lawrence Brunner. Mfilliam Burget, Friar Joel, OFM Conv. Catanzaro. Carmel Cobbs. Friar Placid, OFM Conv. Cook. Friar Ernil,'OFM Conv. Decker. John Druffel. Thomas Dunn. Friar Leon. OFM Conv. Durkin. Michael Edwards. Barbara Juliao. Egbert Ernest, Alma Frantz. Jacob Gaccetta. Carolyn Halloran. George Herrman. Janice Hughes. Carolyn Hughes. Friar Jeremy, OFM Conv. Hurst. Friar Jeffrey, OFM Conv. Jasinski. Friar Thad. OFM Conv. Kaiser, Albert Kilgore. Norman Krick. Lawrence Kucin, Friar Zachary, OFM Conv. Larimore. Richard Lebus. William Luking. Williaiii Lorimer. Julia Michalak. Thomas Murphy, Maureen Ne-llis. James Nieberding, James O,Neill, Friar Keith, OFM Conv. Roggenburk, Garry SENIORS Rosendall, Friar Brendan, OFM Conv. Saletel, Bernard Schlagheck, Friar Regis, OFM Conv. Schneider, Friar Gene, OFM Conv. Schnoor, Mary Seaman, Richard Smith, Friar Colman, OFM Conv. Steplowski, Steve, Taylor, Friar Wilson, OFM Conv. Voehinger, Betty York, Marion 113 126 123 113 130 123 123 123 113 98 113 98 284 284 28-1 284 284 284 284 284 284 284 284 284 284 284 284 284 284 284 285 285 285 .705 O 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 286 286 286 286 286 286 286 286 286 286 286 286 286 286 297 u , 1 t ,,,1 ga' ' . y E1 , ggi Jw Em D D Q 5 T C7 SYNCH RQ 7, '2 f -s Q s 9 I' 1 Q N MAKE YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER N 'WV vsn .1 47 B 1' I l iq ' Mm YOUR MASTER OF CEREMONIES ,139 I 'ly 't ,. ' I Let us be the official photographer ot your lil:e's important A I vxlvlx events . . . For the really good picture you need to land that I First big job . .your engagement and wedding photographs... i 1 those priceless portraits ot your First child land the others ,wx that tollow.l Only truly professional studio portraits can WM Q Sjjll give an individual and distinctive dignity to the visual record if 'i I ll Q ot your lite. . .and our artist-photographer is a true professional, I We are proud to he the ofhcial ' photographer of your graduating Qi ' s ' ' r class, and we hope that this is the f M beginning of a lifelong relationship. YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Jean Sarclou Studio 5th Floor ELDER 8: JOHSTON Day+on, Ohio oft 3 3551 1 I. O L' N X , Q vg f ,., f-5 's'i,2f'f How will ou use Today the Class of '62 joins a distinguished group of graduates throughout the nation. Your most priceless graduation gift is TIME. You can look forward to approximately 100,000 working hours before you reach retirement age. YOUR 100,000 HOURS? Actually, 100,000 hours is not a great deal of time. You cannot afford to make many false starts. You should do some hard thinking right now, decide what you want to do in life, and then plan how to achieve your goal. No matter what field you choose . . . business or medicine, electronics or finance, engineering or the social sciences . . . fantastic changes are being made. Trained minds are needed more than ever before to maintain this progress and make the World of Tomorrow a better place in which to live. How you invest your 100,000 working hours will be the answer to how successful you become in whatever field of endeavor you select for your life's work. THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER COMPANY CONG RADuLATloNs Yes, we lcnow i+'s spelled wrong! Bul' YOU won'+ go wrong if you visil' any of Vic and Mom's 22 Pizza Kings. Don'+ forgel' 'rhe one nearesl' UD a+: 22I0 S. Patterson Blvd. AX-8-I48I Vic Cassano Z O 5 2 U ci. O E. 2. 5 ll yy- PIZZA KINGS KING Yy1,lA Q A COMPLETE LINE OF Ar+is+'s Malerial Signwrifers Supplies Raw Wood Frames Silk Screen Supplies BERT L. DAILY, INC. I26 Eas+ Third S+. BA 3-4I2I DAYTON, OHIO SAN RAE MOTEL IN DAYTON, or-no Six Miles Soulh a+ Enlrance +o ln+ers'l'a+e 75 Phone UL 9-360l 5600 Sou+h Dixie Highway Complelely Air Condilioned Member-AAA DAYTON MONUMENT CO Designers and fllanufacturers of MONUMENTS, MAUSOLEUMS, MEMORIALS GRANITE, MARBLE AND BRONZE l424 Alberla S'l'reel' BA 8-l362 Soulh of UD Sladium SOUTH PARK BARBER SHOP 930 Brown Slreel' CARL F. BRANDING BA 8-2832 Compliments RESTAURANTS MEAD aipeimnrnai ers to mrneimincfu O O 0 . . . was founded in Dayfon by CDI. Daniel E. Mead in I846. . . . Iuasgiprincipal execufive offices in Dayfon and has six manufacfuring operafions In IO. is one of fhe fen Iargesf and one of fhe mosf diversified in fhe indusfry. . . . foday has 40 operafions in I7 sfafes where paper, paperboard, wood pulp, cor rugafed confainers, folding boxes, packaging carfons and fecI1nicaI papers are manufacfured. ' MEAD f - D' A fi I I , A I it I ' l 1 I Q so iss .1 sw, I -1 XJ MEAD fi! - v I gf . I . I 'ff ' 4 ls 14,75 , MEAD 2 9 y-.gk QD ,eg ,X 5 ff ig.. If xr ' -1 IZ ' To MI-PM pf DZJI D Xl MEAD Ii .DQ P 2 ' - f , 5 E- f 'ff fs ui ' I -if 4,6114 1 ', E-'fig 41524 . .X in -- I V 'X " ' sh ' V - -f Z!-JL ,D , 9 , .lf Wh THE MEAD CORPORATION DAYTON. OHIO Our Compliments and Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 1962 STANDARD REGISTER . . . one of Dayton's prominent in- dustries and an outstanding leader in the business forms industry, is reaching a milestone of its own this year - its 50th Anniversary. Founded in 1912, by John Q. Sher- man and William C. Sherman. For 50 years we have pioneered in the field of Paperwork Simplifica- tion. Through our products and serv- ices, we have been instrumental in making business record-keeping faster and more efficient. THE STANDARD REGISTER COMPANY DAYTON 1 OHIO Fifty years of p oneermg n paperwo k s mpl fcat on 19121962 'STANDARD REGISTER ISSIUJSUINIIESE FEGJIEQUVIIS B. G. DANIS CO., INC. General Contractors I5I8 EAST FIRST STREET DAYTON Contractors for SHERMAN HALL ALUMNI HALL STADIUM LIBRARY DRILL HOUSE FIELDHOUSE R.O.T.C. BLDG. WOHLLEBEN HALL 'YIQQ-iaglsz IQ- xxx' -1" JU 4 22213 TAYLQRV I N9 'CQMHPANY 1 E, .- H 1 1 V 5 J I . . I. I L" ,Nl N 1 I V ' im. 4 f N . I . . '. 1 V H. I ' 'I- v' ' ' . 1.'- ' - 'N 5.32 -gills ,wr 1' - . t 'll-1' . 1 1 . " " z pg - f. 3 5 0 'i X, - -vnu Ji' ..-.., s W' fi' ,. '59 5' 1 ?., ,.k, NN ' ' 2 ns' X' 3 Q O- I ,lv EX I' gl. ww' Q x.4" 61,61 .. Q ., fx 1 4 ' F 'W X s:, Wm 5, ' " . Q qw '5 rw 'W . lr ' 6 W' S' X . M L 'cv ., gr- jfff ' ' Xu 4 S M- il :FW " u ', 1 -ex, , '35-Q X, 1 Q -.N . . :wx FASV? f .5319 xxx My -im ,X 1 W 'O - .,-X ,X X N ' f 'lf , AE Er '6 ' ' - A 1- . ' V JJ -. x.

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