University of Dayton - Daytonian Yearbook (Dayton, OH)

 - Class of 1961

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Text from Pages 1 - 312 of the 1961 volume:

' V-3.1 ,. 1' s .1 Aiblej, ,It l - 1 l 4 ' L -,, N -,f L.. W. A - ' 1 -3 .',. - '1 L . .ji l 5,4 ...'1. ,pf ., . . .I 'I G! ,5' Exif! 'g .. 45. I 'P P"-' Jia.. .ur , 5'1f'l 051' ..r Q I ,A uf- , , .--fry was g fftfg: ' D Q... .. .,- - ' N 4 ' , 1 VW' , ' r ' f5'. 4: , 4 ' ff' iff 'W w3,g2'5i L4 ..,-47, Qu 4 Q I. if A .Sl 1 '-. '7'?2xf'fg:' ' ' +f af ' ' ' 'G'r- . W' J .J ' ' , wa U I '. R254 1 ' ,,V'u,4t'L' 'f 'af W 8 "l I, . ,l ' I 3 5. fl- ' ' 'T A '- . 2 K 1,955 ' 5 :rl ' if-W ' 1 , an 5 1 Pike' lv hrnughnur the story nl humanity, words :tml thoughts have germmated. taken growth, anal then, wtthnut the nourish ment of rtleals, have wrtheretl, turnetl gray, .md dretl hefure therr presente could he felt Hut a drc-.un dues hard. Once planted, rt struggles and even amndst .unduly an-l clmus, nt rernrnns Craven .1 mn! mc-nt's encouragement, rt gnms nmpetus, swells, untrl rt can nu longer mntnxn rtsell and bursts out as redlrry. A unrversrty rs a thnutghtg a tlmuglrt tu pruvrtle etlucmon .xml culture. V4'hen the lust class hegms, that thought he- mrnes .1 parucle uf the p.rst, ln tame, rt hewmes tradttron, nl'ulHC'L'un1e .1 great umversnty rs .1 dream. XVhen standutls .ure exteecled, when new and more lnurldrngs .are hurlt, when ni student wears u hlue and retl patket wrth l7lJ l3f.lllLlCLl un rt. that tlrearn he' umm-5 lrfe, rt lvecornes reality, rt he- curnes vrhrarrcy Tim! ns pn rgress l xg, 13 3, .li ll fir I l, AWQ. ,v It .tar ,gur l ""'A3I-21.5 7 1' , sl " y H N l - lllvlln ll I ,N 'ptr ' . HIE A 1 ll 1: it Q. l 'F""'l '1v5f'12r,..f.T.t" ll ll? lfffE5"'5 V ,Anil I 1,5 ,l 'N lvl" "' xl! 'l flfgiul 5' . C., " ll r, 'N EILIQ 5-' 'la It gl lg 6 .r r 1' l -ll lll ' 'e lllftsir l' K up ,g s . , , V ,. .- Y' , , vt I lv! ,ff OLUME THIRTY-EIGHT ,A-, -,F , NX V,,. Qvd., wx, ,ff 'X ,, -V-X . - X 4 X -.X - V4 -NX. X -xx H xx - 1- -,f x, -- 'l- Q 4.1 N jr , -V, ,4--..f-Nao,-,,,'-...... A.- 'g,,.,.--..'-f-1 ' ' Axk. wx .X p'M',:N',N x JL-L f ug. L4f-x,V HVL .L WL' yf LQJLLLL I Q Q is agtnnian 1551 ADMINISTRATION SCHOOLS GRADUATES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS ACTIVITIES Carolynn Duell Ecfilor Arthur Torelli Urlderffaif Judy McCullom Sezziory james Herbert Clzzbf james Thiesing Sporty Patricia McMillan Arlizdlier john Acldeo Arlnzizziiimfiofz Daniel Spillane Art juan Ramos Phofograplay Matthew Rittberg Bll.l'j7lEJJ X- A :ue 1 N' '. v 'lm- WF' x QQ, If Y N X suv' Www 4951, 4 x S' ,H - S- . 'J - D i y J. ,Sf - Q + Q 'x. .S ,N ,LV iQ ' do i,,.,gN"" if 2 ii ggi' ., , img 9 P Yi Q ' W I 55 gi X 533 , .-4. - mfg sg K, 'llraditiun ,TY X ji, fa 5 +1 W JC' -it :rw-L l'5r"""',. EU- Ji J' tc . LE ED-Ig 'BEF G-'gt'-'21- -L- -- U-:L-.V '-zu. vii. E .rf- avi: "lT .,. qs. 4, at-:,:5..,,b .X Ji -LX , :- -..f.,:::- -- X F iw r nr MT? T r-rr-rT vmrngg- X if ,K E "'!'vI 1 - , ,, 1:-:L 1 ,th 'rr W H F 'Try -VR '- ' Ll' 1' I -AT f' f i -uf' +Jg,.4-- ,..-gif ,jf-if 1- an 5,7-'T' "41"l" ggi-wal IZ., , "' - -'I E: -jf! 1:-if 25 E P f f 4' Through the passing of generations, St. Joes Hall has acquired that stately dignity which creates on it a certain romantic and hallowed atmosphere. A focal point of the campus, it reflects the spirit of a bygone era. Glancing at its quiet beauty, one would never guess that it was once the subject, of great controversy. Built at a time when national spirit was especially high, it was felt that American architecture should have a style which would be distinctively its own. Since Saint .loe's was built in the Norman-Tudor, a European style, a great storm of protest arose, which did not subside until sometime after its completion. The hall stands on a site which was occupied by UD's first building-the Stuart Mansion, When the Marianists first came to America, with the purpose of establishing an educational community, they were invited to live with the Stuarts in this mansion. The Stuarts decided to move to Scotland, and knowing that these members of the Society of Mary were penniless, they gave them the property on the collateral of a St. Josephs medal. After the mansion burned down, the building erected in its place was named after St. joseph in commemoration of the Stuarts' act of charity. The most interesting part of St. 'loe's is its dome, which served some very practical purposes. For ex- ample, telescopes were once placed through the small windows surrounding its roof, thus making an as- tronomy lab out of its attic. At another time it was used to house the water tanks which had to be placed at that height so that the pressure for plumbing facilities could be created. St. joseph's Hall is a proud building. Though modern halls may cover the greater part of the campus, St. joe's will never lose this character, because with it are memories of one of UD's most colorful eras. 'if xx'- Tk. -f ,lfgcl-w z."..iA . r ii , I F -.., ., ' . ,- ,3,f.,,11, " r 1 , of 5-' . 4 Q 1 Abs. nil' ,,. , 4 .. 1 s su 4 Q v Q .,, ff. aayla ' WI 4. 7 ii ' F f ' r , i b'il1':',if '-ix ,Ea Y' Xl: ww 6. 'f'f?V.lQi' , A "I fini", rl 'aim gf M ' A ' "Li -' 1 ., . :iff , ffifffvg 931 twill at ' . - n . , ,--'--W, .,,..,. 3- ,4 my , . .f A- ,sv " . 'mf W?" ,iff - Q i' 'Q . 3 r,re,.c.g3.,Mqkf..b, K. il Qsrzgpiprggfnrigom ma? agaggfgwiazgiyf. it If ff .i,,':M.:'S:rggg:J3iNM,i xybfdyl as -..,:'.x',, lil,-kwa, Q. i bl yy-A 237: vi., ,g ' 55?-Sp - ' 1 2' W wi 'r'f1'v' ' ' e 'Q' ' Q an . u. ' ""'5" ff si "tl i sf , tc:-.aa -af -Q af ,' .. W -c. i . W . HW, ..,.. ips.-as -- , 1 1 , re, ' pg, w f- 1-psi, A ii Q 1 fi' f f. WWA,-,5,.,,--X -N., ' " Qi. ax' -,sq Q Y., -T : Q. ' .4 :il . 1 was 'i ' .C ' li fdlfi' L ri W it my 1 . N M 3-alll X r K ' l fl f X ig 4-K r Hula ij L -f-':l ,,.-f'A as DAI Take a coupleof pieces of metal. Bend them around, crimp them, weld them. You've fash- ioned something. It might be a tin can, or a bridge, or an ashtray. Or take a blossom and let the bees fly around it. Find a seed in the Fall. Put it in the ground, water it. Nourish it, take care of it. And you've grown something. Maybe a flower, or a vine. Or a book. Give it to a child. Teach him how to read, how to speak. Raise a social being, and enrich his intelligence. Take a dollar bill. Invest it, buy, sell, earn a business. But take a pencil. Put a line on a sheet of paper. Draw something. Create. fdvu. 158 X,,. 5 9. .-. 5-1? V , j,4,gg,,, ,if 'Ott ' 'Q - '- " , 'Qi 1' 4-...,LJN,fsw" . f,,"nnf"...:i ..: M' .x 1 tt 'L'4"p1: 1 sk .vii 11, 544 . r aC P' .1-swf-'.L,lu.,,9, i affi' ,- 3' we M f , 9' wfw .Ad SI , 43 z z4'f""'5t' 9' 1' ,nr k 2 J fgfg?w, j1 ..X if 3 It 91 5 6' Q an X . '5',.,g :+A . f'?', 'ii ,k 5 ixs g'A 4' o I .f 5 vs I Q 'fem'f 41.4 Q il. h P F Q A' 1 F uf fl 2 A G 5 x A Q S S us 'S " A . ' b 'x 4 fi-M b at x mm ? "'f'5 "'i""" if g 1,Mm!i "-ftg Q . ve W Hb S' gg nes an Scan . -K Qt EW ' v rr M L lg 'li .. ., . ,, . x 4 7 - l i fl ..., 1 5 1: 4? 2 3 f:- f +. eg my fg Ili f1l '4l' M V 335 X .ff 6 X U QQ f DJOITUE WS DORYTIITORY 4..-. , J J,... ---"Hg 'Q X, f- F' r- E' il 5 JM mE 1 E f 1 P! By 1965 the University of Dayton campus will have taken on a completely new look. The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce has accepted a plan for a three million dollar capital fund campaign. The expansion program, including plans for a womens dormitory, will be in excess of 5.5 mil- lion dollars. Located on the parking lot at the east end of the campus by the Mechanical Engineering Build- ing, is the site of the women's dormitory. Ground breaking for this edifice, which will cost 1.75 ' ,JW million dollars, was in May of 1961. The first fA section will be completed by September, 1962, and ' 4 - will house 567 women. After full completion it ,, , li if X will accommodate 900 women students. C i Construction on the men's dormitory will begin K t' 7 f in October, 1961. It is to be completed by Febru- f 1 e X X I V 4 ary, 1965, and it will accommodate 560 students. Q I4 N yi These new dormitories will solve a critical 'Mbit' X Q A g 1 l problem of housing. X X ' J X fx -K Located between Chaminade Hall and the Me- . 5 'I Q7 chanical Engineering Building will be the new 4 Student Union Building. The cost will be in ex- i M cess of 2 million dollars and construction will start in 1963. A public fund drive to finance the Union starts in May of 1962. be-L, i C3 Ei A I l l llZl g s F X If gi VAQ- W E Tr, , K - i li J ....--- '- X FFF.,- l STUDENT uNioN I3 lin ? Af. + ,gy 5 " .-nz, 5, ., crf, , ,A ,Af ' YYCW5 1 l,.r 1, .' SJW. 4. f .rw gt3.fn1f," .QJVQ -uw. A lffagi .ff , 3 J' "- " 2,1 4224123 My dear Graduates, The theme of this year's yearbook is both intriguing and inspiring. Certainly a college education should ever be a blending of both tradition and progress. We say that the heart of every campus is its library where treasured are the lasting thoughts of centuries. Most writings are related to the problems of the day and represent man's best considered solutions at the time. Since human problems do not change much from century to cen- tury, when those manuscripts reflect right reason and flow from an intellectual and spiritual harmony, they are even today pearls of real wisdom. Included therein is our Christian heritage, most ancient and most glorious. During your college days, guided by the analyses and syntheses proffered by your professors, you were in a position to utilize the sagacity of tradition as a foundation on which to erect your philosophy of life. As college graduates, your vision and mo- mentum are ever forward and upward into the future. Early in your younger lives you first met your theme when you discovered that your textbooks-mirrors of tradition-soon become antiquated, and so it became increasing- ly evident to you that knowledge of the past alone was not enough. The necessity of remolding and developing old ideas into new combinations and even totally new con- cepts became the crux of your education and preparation for life. As graduates you are prepared for leadership through intellectual, moral and cultural excellence to take up responsibility in the milieu in which you will live. To be success- ful, there must be a concerted effort to preserve the integrity and the disinterestedness of truth, garnered from centuries of mature thought-in the light of which you can pro- gress confidently into future fulfillment. Such is God's plan. To each of us He gives a nascent potential for greatness, and grants us a lifetime in which to bring it to flower. Life is progress toward our ulti- mate union with our Creator, rendering back to Him the actualized potential-the fruit of our progress through tradition into the newness of tomorrow. May your hours of wrestling with the traditional truth of yesteryear, blessed and augmented by the Divine benediction, yield the satisfying progress of a glorious God- oriented tomorrow. Sincerely, eff M- Very Reverend Raymond A. Roesch, S.M. Prerident 3 - K ,f ," HU. 'ibm f ' ,ff :VW QA mi , 1 Hia." 4 muy In-,-I , I LF- . , - V V . I jx , ,.-Q-1 11, mg V, -W .,, wu.x. "1'-'f":ll!Y,:iilliljg lx- J, .'M'01xkN A 5 X ..- f ' 1 if '.n!!' X: A Krkvlx A ' N XL f , 4- "-' , t -uisqhd I, ' 'J " sf Qin-1, XM ,b 'V-Sify "fh,Qb'vQ.i'Hf 4-'Sf-J, leg! " " C' WJ " v X I fx! I d mi.. i.A.gEm,I44 .. ,gfz , ,qs . If' . Q 1 AI La? tflilfsii .1 F Q if W v XX s I,-5 ff l'ti1g::I-..- I 9 2 A--7 .--w Y IM. ,-5- ,l 14' T 2, --.Jig-V, 'W .M 'A .5231 if, MMEEQ 2.1.5 -.,,4'wN.',1e.2gXv'M 'J -sig Q- , if .www 5, , , ,1 :Eff . 7 11-1. ' .- f ' f-' . 1" Kg . ' K, qt, 16' 'dglfa-K 1' A X -.wauwgjslg al l Q' -1' , v . v ww ' L -. fx -..'.mx- A ,ZZ , 53 , ff Q V "' . LU' - is fffffysfi-Sill 'vi' ' :X f 1. f -f 4 5+-f VH f- DC.. M" '1!."!'-lilflr-'--' -.4 -Rafe:-m- ..f1"'-9X W " -fgf . 1 1 QQ' 421-X ' .f .m?S.f5E?S5"ig- K xi, iff .- 5 if Q3 'mil' - A 1. Q-in ,W ' ,, 41391 " .nv N Q, , HW' cf' ' .Flifa,fi?SfE5 .f ' i"'?3fii5H?f3E55iiiE553'Q N-Mx 1 J, V ll'l - 1' -8- -1 llq E" Q I--V --Q 519' N Q -1 J '. fig' , -f. Mi- , W Wigs. " .W . 1,21 Wgglf gi V TEE- ' blinds ...K - ,Qi A '., figh ultgm get' mf- 412- .,-' ,, lv I Q 15: '13 QNN . 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C, fa -5 H... ,.,u-EIEQQEEI nw-455e5g..: T ,ef - ' rf G+ .1 11' ,, .5 . . ' vw, -asa. 4 ' . -cv. I 1.13: 11 A..--ig! .3j'51'IIgi" W, - A-54,512-iff' 'ii-4 . 5 SE' f' ' QI "- 44 53155551 'QQ qiilshaii 5 'LF 5 , ' .. - 1 j"i ' 'f "3" ' Q f-J-Ls? '1,ni,"f " if '-"IMF 5 f -f' F if I ,X L 3. -,f 1, , Hg! lzfillnqhgg- Miglia .I Q f . f' f. 'P-f:Jl.! --, ' V mv!! 114' .flewise 11 '!. E1 C: " X' fl I 'ig-il-J lf'2!!!Ii! !,'3,.M' ll! u Mjlkllfkirvfai! gi-Lin mx ' 'W' J 4 - NLF!!! " ' f -' -I-bla l 2 OW - e:"""' Yi Rfk Eff.- ' lp if E. KJ. ers? sf, 'iff-"KY 1Yi vY...:1'Q W fx -IJQQH 311723 ,X . 3 gy i C 1 -,miiir if Z :gi 1 iw G 3, V " -C !'l v- 'L II' -I L- .J 'Inf E ', -H Y YI A Jgrgn ' 1 xg' "Q" rzflii ix ,lc af nf f M. 'Lys 4 2' f',..g 7 Q, . 'i M 1 mari!! Film- fifvffi? - f "l1q!g'i!tTLKsxdQi.s'yl 'L N L2 ,J .U X rf' -llifirgl dal' I L dlfstiw-fi. -E --Q ' ,f ..- gb- . 5 gg -. syvfk-4+ -h , -. 1,3',,4.giA k -fu' 'CE 'MTA , ?2?u4n1Q, A'5L.v-Q.. M ' "4 35. - ' B' ' lid 1 'X ,-y 111 - .g'gil!e1'!. .-Q-n1g1-?.fg.,..,.- ,-.. "H - - - K 5 'ff X f 5. ,, ,taxi A 'f i'-sri ' 'n':'A" ks, 'RN ' E- Q , V .1 x'-,gL:z'1"'r' P h gn ,. XF' A Y I ,- V P' 1 QA Alzxt K -' --:44. 2 , X X, H -. ,G - si - if Q Ai n ,. A A Q is- 1 "V, 'i ff ' fl: 'I 5 ,SN 'iq x gg, ' v , ,y,-:- 'f -" ' , ' f lj-fi f W 1 V, 3, . xl fp xl 1 All - I 15"-4-QE, vt:--:Qx 'Q i 5..--,ff 1 ' EEE. X- s -- ,. - -, f' . , I6 'gi-4-f' J -fi x WN' -'Rf lb A f .JUN- . Q hminiairniinn "First came the leaders, the proud ones, and the Grades, and the philosophers All around, L1 hard now soft splash of light and wisdom Touched their feet and burned VERY REVEREND RAYMOND A. ROESCH PRESIDENT THE VERY REVEREND JAMES M, DARBY CHAIRMAN I8 BOARD OF TRUSTEES nw-H-U-1 W 'hi .. -, '- V, .'.,,f -gs 3, El VERY REVEREND S+- ' f RAYMOND A. ROESCH BROTHER N-..f ef---' REVEREND GEORGE J. RENNEKE BROTHER JOHN T. DARBY JEROME MCAVOY ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL mxs I 5 Q I I NJ N14 S.'.IIeI1': Rev. Rxvmond A. Roesch, Chairman SI.IzIII,'fI,q.' Bm. Fmmis AI. Perko, Bro. joseph VI. Pamzkr, Rev. Gwrge B.1rrutt, Ru: Charles L. Collmi. Bn' hvulfy AI I:.16l'bc:I', Bm. Elmer Lnckner, Bm. Austin II. Holian. v 5 'N x x X . 9.,,,,.gf . , I.. .4 REVEREND GEORGE B. BARRETT BROTHER JOSEPH J- PANZER VICE PRESIDENT DEAN OF THE UNIVERSITY Mr. Merle P. Smith Mr. Milton A. Spayd Sec'1'efa1'y Prefideuf Mr. Edward W. Gillaugh Mr. James M. Cox Mr. Mason Roberts Mr. Herman C. Lehman ASSOCIATI OF LAX fa...-sf' 'Nl' 'lin I N Dwight E. Young Clarence H. Gosiger George E, Walther Sr. Edwin G. Becker Er . Kenneth C. Long . David L. Rike Dr. Carroll A. Hockwalt . Robert S. Oelman IOARD fRUSTEES Mr. Samuel L. Finn Mr. Louis F. Polke Dr. Walter A. Reiling Mr. Harry F. Finke ' ,av Mr. Louis Wozar Mr. I. H. jones Vire Prexidezzf T1'ef1.rln'er Reverend Raymond A. Roesch Reverend james M. Darby Brother Francis Perko KH. Mr. Stanley C. Allyn Mr. William Kuntz Mr. Victor Emanuel Mr. James M. Stuart il' :iii 5 5 .,,.?,. x WW T,, V ,V 1,1 . 1' 3 Q, f",.w-M 4 j ' new . mI iw Y, . 'fi An. .Sq C .1 gllzgt .xv ! i 3" .. 'VL .-5 in 4 C- ' ILE WWI wx-nf. . L-'+.lQ't.Y pw, -em 4...v.ul amen-sl. W I "' I Q mi 1 ' av '4 I .. ,Xa gm STUDE T WELFARE COUNCIL md' A 5. Sitting: Bro. John J. Jansen, Rev. Charles L. Collins, Miss Katherine Vfhetro, Bro. Stephen I. Sheehy, Rev. George B. Barrett, Clvazmzw, S1.u1ding: Mr. Charles H. Scheicller, Rev. John G. Dickson, Rev. Paul J. XX'agner. PUBLIC RELATIONS COUNCIL if BRO. ELMER LACKNER MR. INIASON BENNER MR. JOHN B. STEINBRUGGE Clmifnzmz M34 , MR. JAMES E. GALLICO BRO. JOSEPH J. MERVAR DR. MAURICE R. GRANEY 23 DEANS I , . Y 1' mir. x Q V5 Y af" ,Q t , Reverend Charles L. Collins Miss R. Kathleen Whetro Dean of Stzafezzff Dean of Wofnerz ATHLETIC BOARD I-:unsung .--HJ-,' i :tr s 'gg-. Sraflrjx Bro. Elmer Lurkner. Mr. Paul Hackman, Rev. Charles Collins, Chairman: Hon. R. William Patterson, Bro. William Bellmer, Arthur Scarpelli. Sf-1'1lfl'1.H-' Mr. james I..iVimrhe, .Bro Stephen Sheehy, Mr. james Finke, Mr. james Fisher, Mr. Charles Grigsby, Mr. john Nolting, Mr. joseph Poel- lung. Mr. Robert O'Donncll. Al.',fHI1IQ.' Mr. Jack Zimmerman, Dr. Arthur Bok, Dr. George Rau, Mr. Ellis Mayl, Mr. Robert Noland, Capt. William Herlihy. Aff' Mrs. Fredia Hussong Aprimzzzl Demi of IVIOIIIKII N QQ ' 'S' .naw Brother Steve Sheehy Dram of Men RESEARCH COUNCIL Ear 23 is Bro. Austin J. Holian, Research Council Chairmang john R. Westerheide, Dr. Maurice R. Graney, Bro. Elmer Luckner. Bro. Francis J. Perko, Bro. Leonard A. Mann, Mr. 25 PW J 11" ' Brother William D. Busch TI'9zl,fIll'flI' Brother Francis Perko 131112114 ,rl .lI.111.1grr Brother James H. Kline P1m'bf1.ri11 g Agrzzl 2 r N .lull Mr. Paul C. Michel Afxiftazzl 10 Bllfflllilf Manager NWN! I Mr. Mason Benner Direftor of D6.'Z'F!0P771c'l1f Mr. William Slonaker Comptroller Brother George W. Nagel Brother Austin I-Iolian Szxperzfifoz' of Comlrzzdion Diredor of Slzzderzl Aid and Amdemif Reverend John G Dickson Srlaalarfbzjif Chaplain Reverend Paul Wagner Direftor of Adl71fJ'Ii0llJ Mr. Robert E. Donovan Auiflmzf to the Direrfor of Erezzizzg CltZ5J'6J, Ezfening Claffef Reprefezzlalize at IVPAFB Miss Mary Tuite MF- I :Z Ufvhlllf lo X175 Dirermz' of Admiyyiom Df"eff0" 0 28 5 ,f X ames E. Gallico f Sludent Plafement P .. ' 'E 154 .f X 'VN' "UN-f...ggp-it LL N . Brother joseph Mervar Direrfor 0 Ezwliu Sersjmzf and SIHIINZQI' Swfionr f g ' Brother john Drerup RGg.i.ffl'rI7' rx Miss Mary Shay Mrs. O. L. Krapf Alfwwi Seffeff1fy Sefremry 10 :he Premienz X .A PUBLICITY fr' . Mr. joseph McLaughlin Dir'ez't0r nf Sporlf Pfzblifity ,N ...f K, Brother Elmer Lackner A,rJj,fm11t fo fha Pmridezzt in Publif Relfzliom Mr. Harlan Judd Direvmr of Vefermz Affair! Mr. Richard Beach Director of General Publicity Mr. Lloyd A. Rensel Direffor, Glljdlzllll-L' Center 'Qin fe' 1 I W 1 Y 1 E 1 4 -,p E K' Rex erend Bernard C Stueve Adnzzunfz lfll e Dmflm 0 Gzmffzme Cenfef .ff is Mr. john B. Steinbruegge Direrlm' of Ike Dirifiolz of Slbefjalizml Edzmzliofz Serzfiref Mr. Lewis A. jones Direrlor of Sflldellf Plafement sry f' 'X.........- t0 ll ll UO I il CO OO 0 O I I E 5 Q E lnun Mr. john R. Westerheide Direfior, Ravefzzfly Center was sg, v-ssssso 'iwiixx ixqu out els :anoint ff' moougq .-Q-,,, --wa -y ..,, s Q Mr. Cyril G. Peckham Diiwfai' of Diiliz Prouefsizzg Di1'i.Fi0IZJ me Dr. Edward Freeh Ayfiftmzl Direrfor of the Refearfh Imtitute 'z ra 3 i S , "Their new million dollar baby." Miss Mary P. Donisi Dirertm' of Reading Cenler Mr. Robert R. Luthman Direflor ofSperir1f Projerlj Dizifiofz Q, .fri :Q . N Xi: :Hum W KN , 3,-y , -A : If , , , . A 'N 3 ,i 'f :Lal 'YY K . ., T. my ,- y X 4 ' , if? x , , ' R-Q J ' ' -X Q. -M- Mrs. joseph Unger Student Union Counselor Miss Sarah Keyes Dirertor of Cleriazf Perfolzzzel , -.ix s ,,,..N-1 V V..- . ' , Brother Edw.1rd Prochaska Direumr of Bnildizzgr mm' GI'0ZllZff,1' fx Mr. Raymond Clemens Urnzrzger, H"e.ft Cclllllbllj Cafeteria Brother Paul Omlor Manager, Arcade Lzmcla , , E ' . r 7. 1 Y 1 ' I xv ,hx f ' ' Miss Katherine Angst Mrs. Roberta Huxtable Mrs. Violet Sullivan Serretary, Vire President Se'ffflm'y ta 54'f"ff4"J' 10 Demz of Univerrity DFW of Sfudfnff W NIM, www, ' hx ..X, . ., .K Dr. Schneble, Herzllb Cezzfer Brother George N. Mukits Mrzmzger, 130176 Sion' Brother Arnold Klug 1 Porlmafler rs. Mary Alice Fenelon Brother Edward Schmid vrelury to Dean of 'Munir 501001 Mmzager, Cafeteria ff 7 L.f6'J F rhunla "I turned from the parade wandering through the fringing crowd And talked with money changers and beggars Builders and destroyers, Doubters and believers, Artisans and hypocrites, And to those who ask no questions, but merely answer. To all of these, I cried out, where are you going, why? And their voices screamed and howled so that I could not understand . . ART REVEREND GEORGE B. BARRETT DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Brother Leonard A. Mann Auofifzle Dean, Arif and Sfiwzre Reverend Matthew F. Kohmescher A.rJi,rtfz1zt Demi, Arif and SL'f6IlL'E 9 ff' 59 Q A DEPARTMENTAL HEADS .. Qu? :runnin A lg.. it 'uf ' 'NN- ff ? fir? T. ,eg Q A . if 1 Edward A. Huth Maurice R. Reichard Robert L. Noland Wfilfred J, Steiner Sofiulogy Murir: Pxgrbolugy Hnmry Rev. Adrian J. McCarthy Englirb ARTS JU 1oR . Rev. Edmund L. ' '- ' . Rhodes Philumpby Bro, Albert H. Rose Polilifal Srienre 'Sy X., J Ts T! .. ...V gm Y IS THIS THE WAY TO DO IT, GENERAL? Lefz lo rigbz: Paul Speech, Joanne Simonton, Dee Dembeck, Pat McMillan, Bro, John R. Perz Jerry Journalism. Language 39 40 .9 ldv' Eleannfg K, Smckum Rev. Edwin XX'eber Richard Baker CIHFCHCC H4 Ewing E Rev Cl'121fl6'S C Engljfb Rrlfygmu P1'ofe,i-,wr ,if Baxter, jr. Beauregard Bloemer Pbilomphy fI.l'.ff5f,11II Prof n Afrocmie Pro Anzilmzl Pm 0 Speech Hmmm Pbllompby FACULTY lh .. llll llll illl Ill! YOI' TOO CAN BE A SUCCESS IN COLLEGE . . .I THINK Lefl In rigln, fl!! lfw bwzfbx .Lick Edwards, Kathy Mustcrman, Karen Fleming, Cathey Kramer, .lim I-Iirkey, belvnnz' llw bwzfbx Nick "The Snooze" English, George "Sweetie Pie" Helm, and Baby Huey. Ve NP' 'Nuff' - Nano Bro. Lawrence L. Edward Burroughs Bud T. Cochran Rev. Vifilliam j. Rev. Richard J. Rev. -Limes E. Boll A!.l'f,l'fJ2If Prof. IlIJ'l7llL'f07' in Ezzgfifb Cole Dimmbru Donnelly Pwfefwr of Ellglifb of Ar: ,, Pmf. nlmizmf P1-nf, uf fl.l'lIlf.H1f Puff. of uf Religion Pbflifmplwvy Ezzgliwfv SOPHUMORES GENERAL FINK AND HIS STAFFQ General Matthew B. Finkg Left lo right, sealed: Carol Billings, Sue Ritchie, Gayle Schwain, Dee Lewis, J'1arzdi11g.' Hec- tor "Giggles" T. C. Dittamo, III, George "Baldy" Halloran, Willianm "The Bush" Bohne, Gentleman Danny Spillane, and Toots Torelli. 4I rw w"' fi 5137, john Hickey James B. Fisher Bro. Gerard Sullivan Rev. Philip Hoelle Patrick S. Gilvary Edwin R. King Pbilmupfyy Erzgliyb LJIZgll.IgE.l' Religion Speefh Hirlory ARTS FRE HMB i 'Eli -X, l g bi 9 "TL Riagg'-f,g1m - xg ' X ' ' -"J ip,- 'ix 41-1- XWHO SAYS THE MEN OUT NUMBER THE WOMEN! Left 10 rigbz, one: Eileen Wiedenhofer, Mary Sweeney, Cay Wiesler, Carol Curtner, Lucy Coletta, Betty O Leary, nw: Mary Suhwimlnerger, Eileen Flanagan, Bob Evers, Sousy Wong, lbird wuz' Susan Hausmann, Nancy Fitzerald, Iris DE Clement, Kay Mc- ' ' ' M l Lana Schumacher. Cormirk, Pat Briula, Antoinette Suchy, Phyllis Heiligenberg, fnzua' Charlotte Remke, Mary Ann Hartmann, jean erg er, 42 5' U :L k . 9' '-yy . , 4,-md Q 3 . . X I .. Walter Sory BYO. Gwrgff Ruppel Klum Rc-ysf Antns C. Rmcurcllo Rcv. Lawrence XXV I..1z1gu.z,ger Hfxlwly Lu1,qn.1gc,r P1 wlwlfqqy Monhcim Ss fa Bro. Louis Weber Bro, Richard A. Lieblcr Arty Pfflltiml SL'fHIlL'8 Helen S. Pctcrsun Bro. George Kohles Englirb Euglzxlv x iw' Lnrminc M. Murphy Eazylfrlv iqifnl L . 1 ' -5 kv 4 ip, ENE Rex' Edwin M. Leimkuhlcr Lawrence E. 'lllgg Snrah A. ZIININCFINLIFI Rrfigffuz Amm' Ezzglulv V' Vcryl L. Zcnh Raymond Mullnns joseph Duran Aiufir S111 wb Srfflffluugry Uhghfn Roy Maras Laurence Ruff james I-Iurly - Bert:-rli Shattock Bro. George McKenzie joseph Dieska Hiilary Engljylg Puliliml Sfjcllfr? L.121g1mgr.r LII14Qll.1g8.f Pl1il0.mpb-y 43 'krw 'W 2 ARTS FRESHMQE Ni S ' 1 L DO WE NEED A NET Leff lu ugh! on fbe ground Make Evans Ed Kefed Dm Slqne Rxch D1 Mauro Paul Stembruner M1ke Erhart Tom Liles, john Gillmt Clms lxxlkas Bruce Menlxel on lbs nl en :je Bob Lloyd Mxke Kennedy Tom Adams jxm Braun john Glbson John Borgert, Rich Davis Inn Fenelnn Walter Caspel man bemq Ibmzuz of Ronald Bell Rev. john Kelley Religiazz is l 'xx M. .. ,KAN f'4'i'.iq..?Wr -i Lefl In rilqlvf, fir if ruzzx' Lgrry Kipp, Rinli Becker. john Tlmiiux. jim Klucb, iiivfud mug Fixink Dusyiik. Frsd Gibbs. limb Sedluuk. Bob Brown. Bill Turner. George Zdmlc, llifrd rffzzx' -Ifwbn Siiiia. M.1tt Grippi. Due Crowe, -Irrry Finn+STll.L LOOKING FOR GEN- ERAL CUSTER? GOONIZY BIRDS AT REST. Lcf! in ifqlvl, flrif ll'fI1lQ.' jerry Putter. -Ins F.lll.lC.ll'.1, B-wb Bwsl, Al Tadyili. ru'- wzd uiu.q.' Mark Kvnny, Tum XX'c1iwr. Bob Rcnner, jim Krnkcl. Bill Aillcr. C.ii'i'oll W'illi.imS, 1111111 ll'lll.Q.' Tom Hurling, John Thoricn. Piiul RllSLil1.'lXX'. Sy Hughes. Tlwnmis Km-lly, 'l-l1OlTI.iS Gudncr, Afffmllf 11'1214q.' Philip Sclilinmn. Mike V.inAukcn, David DcM.1ttco, Rubtrt XY!', jimscpli Gnrgn. jerry Armington. Charles S.1ntur.i. Dr, Jameg M, H1115 Rocco M. Donatelli Hirlory Hfifvfy Dr. Harold Pctitpas Ezlgfirb 1Y9'5' Robert B, O'Dnnnell Harry j. Rougier Pdifith B- Ldbddk Ezzglirb Erlglirb Ellglfib 4 ,gjffff??'?'f 9 , - -,-f,. ' -a ' 22 1 r ' : z , . ,. , r r' f ' Xl-sg-A ,snv1?' .-m..L,,. -if iii OFFICER WE DIDNT SEE ANI DICE Lefz to Hgh! :ou one joe Vetriclx Bill Grubb john Wallace Bill Hess, Tom Cotter, joe Bartosh, Dave Ball- STANDING ON THE CORNER . . . ? Left I0 right: Ted Kelley, Kurt Schussler, Howard Settna, Edward Lombardo, Jack jssenmann, Pat Radgens, james Bozoech, Stan Strom, Gary Eiben, Michael De Ste- fano, Robert Flynn, Joseph Kopesi, Terry Bride, john Preli, Bill Fitzgerald, Dan Breph, Poley, Patrich, Ronald Tardiff. is x S A Q NN. I LYNCH HIMYY Lg!! In rlgfvl. fllll' ffm-: Henry Bcnsmin Bill Binlwt in Tum Hill Hirrs Parrish E liuuuntl Carton jim Topel David Raqan Edxxar row tum julius Snkas, Bob Di Auono. Tom 'lhihmw Hmlt lritt Iuhn Feminlu 'larry Cash KRE YOU SURE YOURE A BOY? Left o rigbl, rau' ima: Kathy Fox. Curmen Este- 'ez, Kathy Guslaill, Pat Grice, Murgaret Qeltner, ron' lll'u.' Amy Furzigti, -lulie irumm, Peggy Pope, Arlene Reichert, Law- iun, Theclag Pat Drmzga, Pat Puuyn, fuzz' bfee: judy Kimble, Carole Sowers, Stepha- nie Schipper, Margaret-Ann Spurlock, Trish lamlsw, Suzanne Moore, ruu' fuur: Marian iarenorept, Roberta Amato, Senorita An' Dinette Sugar. in ll 1 I! 1 ll IQ Q I- Q ll Q in n lA17?5 1 M 1 gr , 2 .1 w 1 N-' rl' 5 - . L NOTHINGNESS, THE SPECTATORS. Left Io 1-ight, row one: Tom Scarpelli, joe Bolck, Dan Shea, Donald Calloway, Garry Grice, jerry Connell, row izvo: jerry Hurt, Paul Rocleur, Steve Van Hecke, row three: Sam jenkins, Roger Glass, flair vase hoilom Io :ops Dennis Larsen, james Pursley, Frank Trimboli, Dennis Glynn, in phone hoolh: Vernon Bohlander, oo lop of phone booth: Mike Bronder. ""'N ve, Qh 1 WHO'S WHO AT UNIVERSITY HALL. Lifl lo will 1 p 1 ll Bill R5 in lum Minoque Rick Crm cll mu lu 1 incy 1 e ers y Bob Kaufman, Luuy, john Prelli, -luhn Fitzgerald. 7711 Ili lhomis mint H ug Ru XX uhcllwusc Dom lohn Q Citizen Bob Mclxernon Den DeFilippis bullom 1'u11'.' Garry Marino, john Bourne, ,lim Charwnsl-ii Mike Cunruy liek Addei lim Bhclllf' IS THERE A PARADE TODAY? Lefl lu 114251, mu' une: Robert Kutcher, Michael Ealanga, P.iul Thistle-ton, Ronald Meyring, mu' luv: Lawrence Russo, Dennis Rose, Ed Hill, Al Muldrow, Alan Zuehlke, Robert Gecan, run' fling: Donald Cain, Arthur Christie, Donald Saurine, Wfilliam Kemper, Frank Masterson, Bill Vawkat, jack Bushcr. Q x 1 1-r Q1 X "4 1 ---- ---4 : P . . .. +A ' Q 2 f Q E . '- se x V, Mx Q , l Mn.,V N 5 X x QQ f Y AQ E X: Wg nz S Q W, Q 0 , . ,. QQ N ,,.,- , X www N Barth J. Snyder Cbuirmmz of :be Deparlmenl of Buxineu Management AW, FELLOWS . . . Lefz fo right, row Iwo: Thomas Muerder, Dicl-: Niebrzydoeski, Ed Doran, Cathy Rigolo, The pay master, Gene Zientara, mu' Iwo: Wal ter Heazog, Bob Doerr, john Barton, Ricky Nelson, jim Tiffany, Dick Schaverte, Huey Again? BUSINESS JU 1011 Edmund B. O'Leary Charles W. Chairman of 1176 Whalen jr. Deltmrlmenl of Chuirnmn of lbe Erozzomirr Deparlmefzt of Relailing John F. Will Bu,ri1ze.r,r Mtzmzgenlezzl Mary C. Civille Serremrial Sludief Charles Leese Harry C Murphy Emuomzry B11 flllfff M 111 :gems 121 md Relulnzg Con J. Fecher Dr. Eugene J. Emnamiar Torchia Ermzomirr It NW l Li SALES TEAM PROBLEIN1-SELL CHRISTINIAS TREES FOR TI-IANKSGIVING. Leif fo fight: Richard Reis, Thomas Flune- gan, 111.111 in Ireeif Hugo "Tree Cutting" Connely, and Ed Evans. BUSINESS JU IORS BUSINESS SGPHOMORES if I. fra NY., 1 .V ', A H Q s i is . Q- LOOKING AT THE FUTURE . . . BOY, VVHATA SHAPE . . . Lefl Io riglwls No not again , . . but it is Huey, Dan Kaczorowski Mark Sammon Hy mir rin- Hx will Tl um x fvl1'fl liil-in irf ,.,l,i,i gi 5. lg--'axial' .4 ,,1.fff'-Wi Saw, f'T"lf'ff,f A1:1ge.'ff'f'ilf'i,vi Orville Comer Bufim ,fy 52 1'll.u1.ige111u1l .md RL'f.IfljllAQ Ok Q' Robert E, Velma Mae Miller janet H. Wfilson Dr. Allen Nash Kreigbaum SECl'Ef.I?'fi1l Sludier Afcomzzing Buiinen B llffllc' ri Mazmgem ent Minmgemsrzf FUTURE GUARDIAN OF THE BUDGET-Louy, Joe Trovato, mu' one: Dan Miloscrny, Phillip DiRuocco, john Conroy, row Iwo: joseph Riccairdi, Mike Whalen, Mick Colgan, mu' Ihree: Heuy, Ron Finkhciner. R4IITI.ll"'lU Castelli. Larry Butler, Paul Degnan, Bob jones, Dennis Sunclerhaus, Chesley Wheeler, Hirhm Crawford, Duc-y. WITHOUT A BOOK , . . YOU'LI. PASS, Lvff fn rigbl. ,rillizzgs joseph Spin- nato, Don Swan, mu' fwe: Rufus Hum- fleet, jim Gary, Tom Howell, Marvie I-Iouser, mu' Iu'0.' Michael Gleason, Douglas, Torn Maurer, mu' Ilmm' George Garasclia, john O'Leary, john Batey, Dennis Fulmer. BUSINESS FRE HME resel l all S? t X may ffl lf A .5 -Q sf, Q , if I :X 3 f?S ,.r ' . if x THE TYCOONS. Lefl I0 rigbl, row one: Frank Trotta, Terry johnson, Charles Pohl, Harry Di Marzo, Douglas Littrell, Charles joeright, Tom O'Neil, third muh' Armanda Niccolai, Frank Pastorkovich, john Don- zella, Don Kuhlman, Leonard Formato, Walter Buchleitner, Bob Norris, Andy Zych. 1' js. .i W 'Q .- Yr?- rz- b. + D Y., Ss r ik Q QM A . ----H" X., I ,gig A- yi-1i?s,, J,Q,.v5'g' V'f'5 M MZ .27 if frfif' i " ' ls--Wi: 3 - Ka. r. Y. it .,,. U7 lla L' jus-a-hy I JUST DONT LIKE GIRLS, Lefz fo righf, Ibe uiomfu hare:-: Richard McGuire, mu' one: Pat Sika, Nancy Weingan, Ann Westhrock, Edwina Balawejder, Delores Braun, Mary Martha Stueve, mu' frm: Pat Malacane, Dana Kane, Cynthia Keselring, Phyllis Bailey, Sandie Jackson, Connie Keogh, Carole Guess, Marjorie Whipp, Mary Phillips, mu' three: Carol Holtman, Pat NX'est, Astrida Tereris, row four: Pix Benner, Meredith McAndrews, Joyce Corwin. BUSINESS FRESHME i ,ip ,'e' x., X-, YZ? 0' M 1 "" l 1 . ,Q r-. ,M 1 A ww JV ' a fa? Y? 54 -O 'G W 5 ia' QOES ANYONE HAVE ANY GAS? Lefl zo rigbl, row one: Ann Hopping, Phyllis Preybylowicz, Beverly Anderson, Frankie Stark, Mary Joe Unger, Karen Kline, Nedra Miller, Norma Caxin, mn' mio: Mary Ann Wenzel, Carol Bova, Marti Alexander, Mary Ann Miller, Barbara Rudy, Jane Klosterman, Jean Ma- mey, on mr: Estelle Burhheit, jane Montgomery, drizfer: Rucly Andzik. X IF HE WOULD ONLY WRITE A LITTLE BIG- I GER. Left io fight, row one: George Sacco, Chuck 'Y Bartash, Mike Candy, row Iwo: Philip Cunniffe, . josep Tobe. Ron Messerly, Mike Stukenburg. row lbree: Charles Guenther, ardent lookout .filtizzg on Jill: Tom Erb, left quextiorz Jeeker on fill: Mike Zazzarino. fx: hive LOOK, MEN, A NINETY PERCENTER!!!l We were unfortunate when it came to this picture. This rare phenomenon caused these poor gen- tlemen to become speechless, and we found it impossible to acquire their names. We hope that you may know one or rwo of these very happy persons . . . J, , x TN 5 A Q 4 Q Q -in- Q i v . -QF 642+-.sigf 4 ' 411 L 4' 'Sli' r ,' ' , u 4 Y : - A I. I V ' 1? 1' , 4 ,. tl " - A .sf fi s 'i ' ' I o ,' ' 'R I i - V X ' A ' ff i- iii I J " s- '. ' Y ' -. ' -'Hg 'gall I ', 5 31 - 5: ' ' TOSS ME THE ROPE. Left to riglnz. mm in tree: john Harrison. row one. ilton, Pete White, Ferris Terbay. row two: Maynard Krebs, Thomas Heck logh, Edwin Vance. 2: ,fl ,ii Ffh U n . -!":-4 -"'f-- s.-' . , .. .. L .-A.f.'-ii. - A ' S ' 'X' ' ' 5,-Vi ima. V I ALL OF US AND THAT ONE LITTLE ITTY-BII I Y CAN ! Left to figbi, rou' one: John Zorc, Brendan Vana John Knabenshue Kenneth Karl Alan Nrch ols, Mike Best, raw Iwo: George Gierer, Thomas Kirwan, Stephen Ryan, F. Kolo, jim Perozek, jim Cymangroyer Bob Schreiber Denms Krlesen Tom Web ster, row three: Tom Merkle, Bob Brosnan, Paul Bacco, joseph Friel, Walter jawor, Paul Becker, Denme Gunsch James Cnmmel 56 ua Iii. "uf 9:- ""N I' , Q "' ,Y 'SJ wil' SL 5 RIDE 'IM, COWBOY!! Left fo figbf, in frwil: jay Vuglmeier, Mike Lancaster, Charles blascheck, in bark: Walter Zagar, Phillip Bordenkirch- er, john Maher, Paul MrAnerney, john Flanagan, Denny Hueber, Rupert, and Rodney Schwieterman. Frank Kmusc-r, John Theiseni, Dennis Freyvogel, Paul Archer, on top: Rick y THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES. Left la right, bottom: jim Sicalis, Bob Sinclyla, Rudy Kapore, top: Bill Baker, Bob Staley, Mike Hackeet, Lou Somoza, Paul Keke- men, Guido Visioni, Terry Schirack, John Christopher, jim Charters, joe Rose. M. fs" 'E 57 MORE LYNCHINGS? Lefl Io rigbl, mu' one: William Jonas, Pat Coleman, Tony D'Ag- rosa, row luv: Bob Meyers, Den- nis Moore, Thomas Merl-cle, Dirk Olas, Don Tully, Freddy Bruno, David Miller, mu' rlaree: Ronald Edsall, William Deely, Harry Meredith, George Mirones, Richie Kotowski. in free: Tom jeckering, Albert jakubiszen. Left to rigor, row one: Anthony Cazanese, john Boucher, Mike Toner, Kierant Merphy, Ralph Benzenberg, Eddie Ramos, Terry Graham, row Iwo: Tom Ennis, Bill Chmielewski, William Burgess, john O'Grady, john Andrews, row three: Smiling Jack, Carol Holtman, Charles Geible, Suckow, Lenard Formato, Walter Buch- leitner. ,nv wb, if ui -4 Left to right, row one: Dick Baker, Tom Radican, Carl Virtuoso, jack Hutch, row Iwo: Duane Ting, Dick La Rocca, Photis Doskolakis, Miguel Nin, Robert Stevens, Tim Reis, Gerald Gerhard, Thomas Schmith, row zbrees Tom Cooney, Dick Masters, Jack Brogan, on lad- der: Dave Miller. 59 BROTHER LOUIS J. FAERBER DEAN. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION ' Brother Thomas Powers Afxocmte Dean of Edzzcatzofz Mr. Joseph E. White Arriffmzt Dean of Edumtiofz js' :sk P' .-f 1 . ,,.,-. 1 1 6 YV' Y mu X WIC' Sister Mary Pelagia Harry C. Baujan EdllL'.IIl01I PZ7,1.flL'.I1 Edmizlnnz .md Hmffb ., A 'G' x A imap' Leonard T. Mary T, LCUDAIJ Alma E. Blackburn P173 lf,-,II E,Zmg,fjff,1 Ruhmschusscl Hbzd B.1.rhll1.1U .uid Hrufllw C007'dflI.1lUl' nf Cmrb Fifld 1j.x'prriram'r . Q.. EDUCATIO IOR TO STAND OUT IN A CROXVD. Lgfl I0 'figblr Dorothy Tzmgeman, Valerie Laczko, Judy Englert, Ann Stark, Galle Jay, Carol Huegler, boy 011 fork: joe Grossi. P . .. ,N i V. .gif A Sv Lfizf Daniel L. Leary james B. I.aV.1ncc Dimmu' of Pl11.1lf.1f lgdlflllfjflll Slmfrur Trmbnzg .md 114.11111 FACULTY x ' :'f.r :-1-:r x rs? A la. I f I xXx I Simon J. Chaves Edmxzliorz Margaret Gal l ico EJm'.z!mz1 P.l"1'fl7fl1fl42'1' 'QL .S .513 Q Q 2 1 Av . , PEOPLE WHO LIKE PEOPLE Left zo rzghl mu me Tom Kell Ken Pmtwala Joe Grossi, row Iwo joan Chudd Alxce Vogel Peggy Wad Janet Knmtz Marty Elllott Lmda Arvm Judy Van Kxrk row zbfee Mxss F1rst Grade Edwma Cihulka, Donna Somers Marcxa Hasenour Lou1s Walborn Jane Tay EDUCATION SOPHO ORE THE CI-IOPPING BLOCK . . Left lo Hgh! raw one Dons Wigal, Carol Chase Fran Strawkarnp row luo A1 Roemer, The Great Pumpkm and Sr. Julia Mathews Edumfiozz f-xf f N OUR CAFETERIA STYLE LUNCHES Left lo 7125! n It nn Hungry Rzgolo, Marti Schmid, Judy Dapore, ns Helen Fxessmger Georgxa Buchard joan Ryan Ronald Polndora jule1 Henry L. Ferrazza Pbyfiml Edumiiozz and H mlzb -I 'N m .NBR -X . W- - . . ' 1. K eq? fm ., .nggsx , M. x 4 X '. A Connie Wocwdhouse Pbyyiml Edumliozz and Health ,A--.W s PSI "" "'w. P -Ni wabfdb. his M .4 .- 5-sim 'ffw 3 . rw y-:?""f' 'io , xx 1- X -fm Helen Eisenhauer Bob Lampke Peg Mor rv E 9 Y a ,O ff. T. rx fy l f no 1 f 1 p MY A "M if R A All e fan. A ' V A b f f, 'f 0 -. , ln- -' ' 1' ' E .5 Lg! ' , l "P"-'. Q ' f , . 1 , -'Y , R K ,U-cr 1 1 0 .mg-xx 5 5: LL f N :Ah J," ', 1 .' . . l, , A' . ' 'Y. ' new "' ' ' SO WHAT'S WRONG VUITH THE FIRST ROW? Leff fo right, mu' mze: Ann Baker, Put Rauch, Barbra Quatman, Kitty Fischer, Rachel Martone, Marge Ryan. mu' nm: Terrence Byrne. Elaine Schumacher, Cecilia Schiml, Paul Roth. Barb Beckerich, Jack Edwards. Sandy Gross, Cliff Packer, boy in freer: An Upperclassman. EDUCATIO FRE HNLE LIKE SQUARE MAN! Lefz to rigbi, fin! row: Kathy Stebel, jackie Fiermonti, Pat French, Thea Ziembicki, Rachel Biller-man, row two: Rog Mihalik. Pat Goerig, jim Monney, jim Kronenberg, Wilfredo Geigel. MGSTLY BEVERAGES gk rf' K uw- .,- - "Who says a coke is the pause that refreshes ?" . 1, Jw. 1 h Q "I want my bottle" A six. - X l 3 . 'Ss 51" W' s A 9 "join us." Q5 13" "I hearcl of a hollow leg, but this is ridiculous me f.f'E92? ,. Q fifl Q' A , ,xfll 5 . L. ' Y ' xu r Y . DR. MAURICE R. GRANEY, DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING E GI EERI G DEPARTMENTAL Raymond Stith Affiflmzt lo lbe Dean of Efzgnzeerizzg Bro. Louis H. Rose Robert I. Mitchell Eleftriral En gineeriug I zzdlxflriul Engineering Roy -I. Foresti Chemiml Engineering N 2 . , We pr Qh., TH- XX sk E 1 2 . :YNY s- Merle Schmid Howard E. Smith gs.. jesse I-I. Wilder Merbrzniml Ezzgineerizzg HEADS Q Nm i . ' , ' V i V .7 ., ' 324' i i ,.i,i ' 25 1:5 "-' . . -'sl 1, giant, ' X .I r , ru .E s f r Harold Nielson Mechanical Engineering .os N - Channing L. Pao Reinhold XXC Perry A. Borden Kubuch Eieclriml Eir'fli'1L1il Eligilliilillg Ezigmeerizzg Izzduifriai Merbniiiml Civil Eizgirzeering Engiizeerizzg Engineering V . . wr vw Giving i ex 1 , Bro. Robert A. James N. Yakura. Th0m5Qn Eieflrimi Eizgineeriug Erigizzeeriug Merh.zz1ir.r ll. Robert E. Wilsm Cbemiml Engineering KQX mam-1' 5 x K i 1' sf I I Bernhard M. H. Lamar Aldrich Thaddeus Csaky Schmidt Eflgirzrerizzg .Mefbmzimi Eieflrimi Dmzwirig Eizgiizeeriizg EI1gilIeSl'I7Ig ' .'.l' . - . v h X KN X- . ,,,.A , l Q . ,A A ..., " N Hel? ws N xii' : l ! f 4 I f 3 If Joseph J. Harold E. Wright George F. Driscoll Chamberlain lllerlmizirrzl Cizil Engineering Cizii Engizzeeriizg Engineering Adrian J. Morgan Eiefifiml Engineering Oskar Havenstein james P. Hsu Engineering Cbemiral M6fbJIliff Engineerirlg 67 PLEASE, BROTHER MARTIN, LET US IN! Rau' one, Iefz 10 rigbz: Jose Roman, Thomas Trivisonno, Tom Stanton, mu' two: Mike Treon, Dick Meyer, George Hoffman, and last but not least, Heuey. E GI EERI G J IOR 41'- lf. X THE WELLS-FARGQ RIDES AGAIN. Leff fa riglaz, from: Mike Barnowskr, Bob Persongle, Bel-me Rezy, .ff.77ldfIIg.' Tom Bartz, Pete Cerar, Dan Magucic, 68 top: fbe drwer, Danny Weigandt. Lv-...E . 3 4 W .:,.,ia3.' 5' BUSY ENGINEERS! Left to right: Russ Thompson, james Tangler, Fred Zegarski, D. Druffel, Andy Diekutowski, Bob Balcerek, George Kramer, Jim Gialluca. 4 ki ,fr . PRE-ZENT SLIDE RULES! Left Io rigbl: Melvin Schwartz, joe La Susa, Tom Druffel, john Takcs, once more Huey john Mac Aulay, Harvy Smink, Karl Leinberger, Tom Parker, '1:,v is h 42:05 ff V 1 Q--f , ff! A? sHa,.gi'l jf? .,,',w' iw" 'YF . 69 r Xi' MORE BUSY ENGINEERS! In box a devoted house husband, Heuey berto Sabater. i UTM, ,... .g o..,' ' .- E GI EERI G SOPHOMORE AN ORIENTATION COMMITTEE WELCOMES CO-EDS. Left lo right, Sticky fingers Heuey, Ken Dusyn, joe De Palma, john Feldrnann. 1 1 Roger Charlonneau, Pete Frank, Ro- EVERYBODY BACK IN, WE GOTTA GET OUR DATES YET! In mr, Tim Foley, lsfl lo rigbz, l'0Zlf'OI1c'.' Mike Darlett, Dave Mossel, Ed Hennessey, John Fitzgerald, John Haemmerle, Bill Schopps, Mike Moran, Ernie Eyink, rf1u'l1i'0.' Bill Ryan, Dave Toby, Larry Kelly, DAVE Hartnagel, Ted Long, Dave Gra- ham, 1'0zuIl1ree.' Ken Scharding, jerry Russelo, John Nahra, Ed Primozic, Dick Spytek. Andy Reneso, Larry Schafrath, Orrin Elliott, Bill I-Iarber, row four: Ray Grillmier, John Marinak, Ed Zielinski, Steve Schriml, Ken Gray, Steve Hanthak, Bill Einlotli, Tom Rybicki, Larry Kowal, john Grove. 1 TEXT , s 3 ii W' Q IW V: Yo , -2, K ll "X lm ki . "Eff" . vwtifsfswd ' ' . ,-.lvfi 3?rQ,s,2'66Ii" t M I-f N.. H., K a L.. ,,, 5 -- j'- ix, ,I CLOSE KNIT ENGINEERS. Left to iight, row one: Toney Persampiere, Doug Griffin, Ken Lawaon, row lwa: Ken Burr, jack Fishbaugh, Ken Meier, Charles Browske, row ihree: Tim Kowallek, Bill Reckelmarin, Bob Sullivan, Edmund Kleiner, Don Kavulunas, mu' fire: Glenn Cohen, Bill McCarten, Ray Kirschen- Steiner, Ken Wymm, row fix: Ray Smith, jim Luneke, Robert Eichner, Roy Gricar, Bob King, Rich Bonior, row rezfen: Bill Tansky, Norman Stone, Koichi Beckwith, Doug Whelan, row eight: Rudy Hermetz, Paul Marioni Ma Ignatius. 7 I n- F' 'YW in nf, v C af Gm, .V - - " -12 V E". ,F ., . ,J Q ' V. "4 ,I ff :mf ,. , , ,, . , m ' 'wow , f1'.,, 5. avi? - NF. " ' "4 " 4,-z if . 1' P RN. 1, Qi N I 'fm RELAXED ENGINEERS. In the Pftlllrf, Irvin Rennek, Stokes, Dennis, Ronald Hoekzenm, Gary Runice, Ron Walker, Martin O'COnnell, james Peance, Dan Weber, Bill Wabler, Dick Woll, Jim Simek, Gerry Petrak, Bill Mooney, Skip Munn, -Limes Schmid, Dick Poeppelheier, Dick Sherer, Peter Noonan, Pat Mc- Clure, Bob Krupp, James Pickett, Frank Sarich, George XXlC'yI'.lL1Cl1, Roger XVeiss. IA' Qu? sna- gs i'A"..lPr?tEt. .lf T. ., . ,ni ist.-g.y,,5g-+V., gr-, -- f- r 'if'4:H2: e!,.:':ws.:1's "NR, -:ff . .ix -'L ' 8513- . ,-. sw X., 9 f K c ww- ., l M .. 7-.,..1.-4.0 ? M, gzjxh, 'N A-. 3 . - .X ' -... - - Q.. Af.. 1698-+ s FIELD PROBLEMS. Left to rigbl, row one: Bill Blanchard, Dominick Rinaldi, Ron Neikamp, Ken Gray, Jim Ray, Frank De Wald, john Forinash, Tony Di NOVO, row two: Mark Borgerding, Mike Cise, Dave Vaughn, Bob Ciancio, Dick Asebrook, james Keating, Sal Di Novo, john Leibold, mu' Ibree: Park Doing, Ed Gallagher, Bob Anderson, Dick Rismiller, Bernie Fitzgerald, Ed Fielek, Dave Droesch. 73 M 'F 1 ,. xw, - z-'L' ,. 4 A Q ,- , ,gm 4mAn7!413"'g ' f ,Wa 0 et !'p Q , Q um- La af, -. , 1. r " if' ' J K ww. , . Q . Y .1 ,u A 's QR, .ml v N 5 994 '. ar . -.w. -x Q x N Y 4 6 A ,eil :xg-A , 5-2, Y. X I -will 3 gt v I J' A' ,,. 1 i VY. X X Q, 1. 4 P Q "' Q' ' -4"-4 .Q 3: . . L-f 0 A , . 0 1 V x'-xy.. 'ffl A -ff. ' ,15 ., 1 -- 'N-3 A Q.. X ' 1 'Sz - 1 1-..-I , .X f, ,. ,P Y, , Q r fi gfgvg gz I' N ff' A , , 1 rf ' 61 'X 3 . 5, I wr 3 Q 3? A - ., A 1.2 sg! 2 'ii' va F 9 A ' . , , 1 1 if' L 9? u w 4 Q' X ...S Qu. I .A ..... .. : . ,. 'rx' -:v'.. : t r ff .1 .L ..., ..a. ,.IT.??:,,,.L'X'a I . ww 1. i X ,X..,.'S..,...1 , .. ,x,.. Q pk., 3, , 'I N ' '- :gi H X .1 5?mEAEHSR5www f ws wfwf ,....t.IL......,.t,.,,L....a.....,..,..,.,...a....,..T1,.',':.Jil , H 0 x M, V , , - 1 H - 1, f , I .W -ag.: 3 as . 'ri ' ' Q - W :gig 5 , 7 A : M-v 2t?f11' S j I i ' R my Niahwg-, . pgs. a,y,,.o.,,-5-w. -X tux ' sf gfif QESD iiiwdfwkywh .V ax, x -rwlbq '-QQ. . f . f ' H2531 THE MISSILEMEN. Left to rigbl, row one: jim Puthoff, Tom Short, Bob Voehringer, Steve Smith, Frank Welsh, Gregorio Evario, Laurewence Campbell, row two: Dick Winkler, Ronald Witkiewicz, joseph Staron, Tom Kuczkowski, Tom Sullivan, Gilbert Taylor, raw zhfee: Robert Ying, james Lynk, Dick Vaeth, jim Ray, Ronald Wegmann, Anthony Ziehler, row four: Bill Zielinski, Lee Warren, Dick Van Dorpe, Ron Niekamp, David Vaughn, raw fire: Martin Skeele, Dav- id Schweicert, Mike Stellerwalt, Tom Tassia, joe Hammond, Ed Safranek, Clem Saalfeld, Larry Subler, row fix: Raymond Steck, jim Upton, Mack Tierney, Jim Shrader, row reren: Francis Verhoff, john Laux, Gary Woodall, Bob Ireton, Dan Haley, Bill Burkhart, Marvin Estes, row eigbl: Bob Sommer, Bob Zinck, Donald Theurer, Tim Foley, Dick Mink, John Fitzgerald, Frank Vero. ff SCIENCE QFELQ P xx 1' ' 'yr Ann Franklin Nm-,wig 'X BROTHERLEONARD A. MANN, ASSOCIATE DEAN OF THE DIVISION OF SCIENCE DEPARTMENTAL HEADS Elizabeth Payne H 01119 Erwzomifr - 1-'di v-....eB'2 Viv' George H. Springer Geology l Xvfmcf R' E' BIO- GUOYSQ G'i'iSl6f Raymond G. Hieber Carl I. Michaelis Bro, Norbert A. Martmus H M Rumlmuske Climyilzry pbyfjfy Cbevllflfy Sturm Esser 75 P65 .mir i Mallaematzrs 0 'Q X ,X Qi.. SO THATS A BALD EAGLE! Fronf: Martin Cannille, Pat McMillan, Eugene Steinmetz, bark: Elaine Schumacher, Kitty Fischer, Miss Fink. SCIENCE IORS Bro. Paul Machowicz Biology im, x J Gertrude D. Shay Alberta G. Prather Mary E. Horrigan Biology Muhefzztzlici Nunrizzg vw M. NEW' is Robert Wiechmm John J. Lucier Daniel Higgins Biology Claemirtry Biology Q y 3- , f 1? a Y 'I 2 I if . 0 -41. If f 1 Pi' 15' , 3 ,1 - f V 'Nix X .K Jw I'M EMBARRASSED. Leff 10 right: Carolyn fcorkerj Duell, Ed Charnock, ju-:ly McMullom, john Dickens, Joyce Mooney, Hugh Connolly Sandra Sherman, Mary Ann Montgomery, Dick Leimesch. 0-Q.-AN xv' Bqo. RuSSeI A. ,lOly Lawrence A. jchn Peter j. Faso Bro. William Marguerite Vance BIUIUKJ' Al.If!7C7lI.Iljt',f Bjglg-U Bellmer Cbimiilfy Malbemlzlirx 78 . wx . ,Q ,-sif- ,fir ' . X, H- , ,.f 3 , H'-V A - -M., -K K .,g' F I ,L W WM., w , '-et' " .,,, . f . .ww A lv Fgf V. , , . I 'W' + f .- Q 3: If-r H - Q, ffxww wg 'Q!"Fx:, 1 " S xfgkl 41f ' iii, Xe v Q . W, I Q Q.. Xmas-A X --... Q... ...- av- Qs ..- ..,--V .bd- ..-.- -- -- A A M, 'N , NX' I: H.: I ' if 1 v' lfflwls I' D 'xx W Q V'- Ml fn 2' ' Y AND THEN THERE WERE SIX- I-iff W "fbi, mu' wir: Sue Rudig. Helen Adims, Ann Belangnr, Di.1n.1.Angcr, Barbara Kinzig, M.1ry Ann Schroer, mu' luv: Eymtifll-102. ,lUl7fl4KJ-l'1lfSS. ,loe Klevitt, Tum Gerling, Dmitl H.ill, -lim Tolwmx, lfarl St.1tlil-in, wir .Wfrizx Tom Rau, Jim Anderson, Barrie Hcrclienrmlcr, jim bottlriml, Bill Price. mu' ffinrx Bill Kobe, Clmrlic Cmcn. Llemrd XY'unelerly. P.lLll Henry. Bob Qtlyrr, Tony Bumtlonno, Bill Gntfgrhgll, da ,, Wann' ' 'wake-ire-' mm '-fgfriifize :H warm mm 5. iliili , 1 ' X X N R y 8 2 av , SX - we 3 i we mms- lug :Q A A ' Wi wwe ' ' m , Msg f P ,M we . L , cv f' 'W' t if IF THEY PUT IN A LADDER, WE CAN GO UP TOO. Left I0 rigbl. mu' ana: boy, Bob Pitcher, Gene Makuliniki, row luv: Roger Fitzhxnis, jerry Medley Lee McMillan, Pete Pierron, mu' three: Bill Salmon, Henry Prince, Bob Kramer, Perry Reed, mu' four: George Schwegman, Frank Onofrio, Laszlo Posuvitz 011 roof: Bill O'Sullivan, Rafa Carroll, Frank Marasco, dtuzglizzgx Martin Tassoni, mu' wry. girlr: Roberta Tashich, Mary Bujarski, mu' 11.1111 Katha Horvath Pam McDonald, Sandra Townsend, Carolene Spatz, mul rbrees Patti Olges, Catherine Gocller. 'WM WV Nrxe .rxaegvg r wmgxf- ' X A' ,I Zjgt Q Q 2 Q iff.. fi' Qauuniiil all' '- T fn aff -fr ix mlb? X 'M r A Wil' Qf 1 il X xx 114 1 THE REST OF YOU GUYS CAN GO TO CARES. Leif! In rzlqlif, wir 0116: Terry Vacha. Gcnie Vogel, Teresa Reili, Ray Pierce, Shirley Schneble, Barb Schumailicr, Tom Ricl1.1ri.l5on, mu fzmg -lim Bickcrt, -loc Truglio, Tom XX'chln, D.1n Cole, Larry Collignon, Rnd Bakos. Roger yinci. M, A. Rutkowsky, mu' lbnfx Vince Cimmino, Tom Gr.1ll.1, Bob Safranko, Ronglil Sfnrliin, ,lim Overmun, Lcn Dc Cnpus, L.ury Hoffman, mu' fuur: Bob Nachtman, Dick Falsone, Toni Russell. Dennis Scott. Paul D'Huyvctl'c1', Ray Hubk, lrxin Birtnhetti. FW! 1' W ,,..,.-.- 'Va ALL XVE NEED IS THAT ORDER OF U 255. Lcfff m rigbl, wu' one: Bob Fmner, Sam Lehmann, Kay Tallmadge, Charlie Kyumholtz, Tom Smith, Rzry Ufunkly. Will fwfr -lolm Avcyard, Fred Ililho, Nancy Estock, joel Sculfon, run' flwefs Ron Spezia, Dan Burke, Bill Fuchs, Bob Donley, Merl Powell, Cynthia, bum' Mark. rf-ii fffnr: Duc Riley. joe Dicstel, Clarence Miller, Dick Pickrel, joseph Rohling, rowfi1'e.' Dick Breault, Dan Gaothier. 82 D0f0fl'1Y A- Haskifl Pauline E. Metzger Martha V. Bernhard Richard E. Peterson Sylvester Eveslage Cf1W1l15f1'J' Home Emlmmirs Home Erozmmzar ML1ghg,,1,1fjf5 Cbgmjyffy Bro. joseph Stancler Bro. Paul Machowicz joseph E. Bosshart Horace N. Coryell Kathryn H. Gray Mzllb677ZtlfffI Bi0f0gy' M41fbF77Zt7fjfI Geology Geology 165' f l Morris J. Kreider Joseph A, Pappalardo George B. Noland Ch2flES L.'KCl1CI' Bro. Michael Grandy Mulhemalirr Chemirlry Biology Mdfbffildflfi Phyriu James G. Steed Elizabeth Smallwood Bro. Robert Schuellein Bro. joseph N. Chemistry Home Economic: Biology Concarrnon 83 I s s Z a iq.-IA-ak TECHNICAL I STITUTE Joseph Averdick L. Duke Golden Richard R. Hazen Tfff-'flifdl Iflflilillf' Merlmrzifal Terlmology Electrical Technology Albert E. Staub, Ayfiftmzt to the Director of the Teclmiral Imtitute .Il THIS IS FOR THE BIRDS, Betsy Brant, Alex Dubin, Alvin Tight, Dave XXX-lker, Gerry Nieters fthe individual with the uniform was injected to fill out the picturcj 40395 'Q William H. Loughrrm james L. McGraw Claemiml Terhzzology Ifzdurlrml Terbnulogri Phillip Patrick Bro. Emil Morgana Raymond P Terbmi-.11 Imfimrrf Alf'-'l9J'1fl'-J! Puckett Tfflzrzology I11du.rtrj.zI Terbuology Robert F. Mavger A. Ward Knisley Alfred Fehlmann, ,I Eleffrifizl M8fL7.12IfL'.ll Tefbzziral Terhzzulngli Terbnology Imiilufe 85 -A-..... . gn ' ,....,, - ......., Y ..,. . .. ,,,hNv V, J.T""-1 ' Q ., ,L 1 .M , ,K - - , , ,..-, Q , .. Nw 1 1, fig! ..-. , - 4 -- M... if -5. f-- L , Y .afi- ' . Ol: 'I gn 1.9 Igrhi ns'3ll I A fill Q.- c,. 2 . 1 fg 1 ,, C. -ing, 7.3, L, ,+- . Q-'A - V 'pn' , , , , -A 4, Q. 9? -,,g fy , .:' . 5. il - P' 'vs ,Ja , .' Ps ll.'. my gp 14 I' . VH. - - AAA fi? J' ' -.3 o m ,li I .R nc. 1 i x, . A ' x -V99 fy? it w...-'Y A2 A 1 A' M Af" LA . ' R v si, 5 'E --A-:-1-.5-:-:fir-Af ' A . ,,,,, , Q , A I A A ,, .V ,rf . ! .7 I 'Ax PM .ju li . ' , if - ,ff IU . A' A fffffu , JS' r S I A xy :W Ui A F " I I, i xx N , N ' 1 A, M Q ., .,'f A .Q X A , A , - A AAQA , . sf' 3' 5 Awfxg A M M -N nw 6ksi5fggi'a Ji TI LABORATORY FOR MECHANICAL TECHNICIANS. Lefl to riglafs Jim De Feo, Huey, the English machinist, Jack Cain, Larry Patterson, Notso Sober Also Notso Sober. in-K MM 17" 1' " 'x ggnnn-ross nnnnsnin L ,,.,pv""' la ft NH l. LBLS... x 'Ei Y ruhuatva N "A cantor spoke to me and I turned asking him, Vifhat does this mean? I have found myself wandering while my mind is attacked and pummeled. The This, he said: 'Among men there are good and evil and among the good there are those who try to excel and those who can do no better. But both live with their souls. And among the evil, there are those who create vileness and revel in it, and those who do evil yet woe and gnash their teeth weeping their weakness. Beware this last man, for he is indeed evil for he makes a mockery of conscience and secures his weakness by boasting of a greater weakness. Cantor was gone. And I ran from that place." as .4141 li l AZ 1 l 1. f if l i. D F T I Ariz 'E' I ALESSIE, J. BRUCE-Bridgeport, Connecticut New England Club Pres., Scabbard and Blade, Varsity Baseball, Monogram Club. Intramurals, Homecoming Premiere ARNOLD, ROBERT I.-New York, New York BAYLESS, GERALD R.-Cincinnati, Ohio Dayton Community Theatre f Q CARRIGAN, JOHN FRANCIS-Brentwood, New York Knickerbocker Club, Scabbard and Blade COLETTI, FRANK R.-Canton, Ohio Cleveland Club, Dayton Young Democrats Club CONGER, WILLIAM A.-Cincinnati, Ohio Cincy Club, Flyers Hangar, Intramurals, Players, Carl's Club BERMAN, JAY M.-Springfield, Illinois Commanding Officer Pershing Rifles BOHMAN, JAMES C.-Minster, Ohio Flyer NewsfAssociate Editor BUEHLER, JOHN L.-MCCartyVille, Ohio University Choir. Concert Band, UD Guild of AGO A CONNOLLY, CHARLES P., JR.- gi, Long Beach, L.I., New York A Q Q UD Choir, Band, Glee Club, Players, Upper Classmen, Campaign MPA t ' .. .V Manager 1960 Homecoming Queen, Vet's Club, Closed Circuit .3 TV Director, WLW-D W .. , CYPHERS, ROBERT E.-Dayton, ohio 1 i 'I Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Monogram Club, Intramural A , Basketball, Art Club is ' is DENEKE, A. JAMES, JR.MDayton, Ohio Rifle Club, Speakers Bureau . f , ' w i: ' DETERS, LYNN ANNE-Dayton, Ohio Co-captain and Captain of Flyerettes, Coed Editor Flyer News, 'G xl Psychology Club. Sodality DOWNEY, RICHARD J.-Cambridge, Massachusetts 'nfjQ9?.v N Art Club, Flyers Hangar. Intramurals DUDAS, RONALD PAUL-Dayton, Ohio 'Zv- if 1 i 'ev si -Q4 ETIENNE, MICHEL-Port-au-Prince, Haiti International Club 'Zi-A " FINKBOHNER, DENNIS L.-Dayton, ohio FISHER, JOHN P.-Dayton, Ohio Scabbard and Blade FREEMAN, MARILYN JEANE-Dayton, Ohio Flyer News. Wfriters' Club, Exponent FROST, ROBERT E.-Bellfontaine, Ohio Scabbard and Blade, N.F.C.C.S., Mariology Club Pres. GEIS, TI-IERESE ELIZABETH-Dayton, Ohio Feature Writer Flyer News. Top Twenty Award Winner 1960, Student Writer of the Year Award, Writers' Club Advisory Board, SC. Committee HEITKAMP, SISTER MARIE, S,F.P.-Dayton, Ohio HERLIHY, JOSEPH P.-Dayton, Ohio Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals, Freshman Football, Varsity Football HIPSKIND, CHRISTINE-Chicago, Illinois Illini Club, Sociology Club, Players KRAMER, TERRENCE M.-Springfield, Ohio Vet's Club, Psi Chi, International Club, Dayton Club KUHN, JACQUELINE-Dayton, Ohio Pi Mu Epsilon Fraternity, Dayton Flyer, Math Club, Intramurals LABRUYERE, JOHN J.f-Pearl River, New York Tennis, Men's Glee Club, Sec., Mixed Choir, Flyers Hangar, Knick Club, Players, Variety Show, Homecoming Premiere, In- tramural Softball and Basketball FLANIGAN, RICHARD W.-Columbus, Ohio Scabbard and Blade FOGLE, RONALDfCar1isle, Ohio FOREMAN, HUGH G., JR.-Kettering, Ohio GIBSON, DAVID R.-Tiffin, Ohio Sodality, Glee Club, Chairman Freshman Orientation GILLIGAN, ROBERT M.-Dayton, Ohio Vet's Club, Psi Chi GUDORF, KENNETH F.-Minster, Ohio Phi Alpha Theta, Scabbard and Blade, Intramurals HOOD, BRIAN C.-New York, New York Scabbard and Blade, Knickerbocker Club JACKSON, ALLEN G., JR.-Ashland, Kentucky KELLER, THOMAS E.-Dayton, Ohio M 43, , Q ,N ,,.,., .. J LAH, GORDON G.-Berwyn, Illinois Illini Club, Psi Chi LAMB, ARTHUR W.-XVantagh, New York Knickerbocker Club, Art Club LOUIS, HERBERT-Dayton, Ohio MCCARTHY, JAMES F.-Owosso, Michigan Sodulity, Student Council, Football, Soccer, Server MCCARTHY, LINDA-Dayton, Ohio XX"riter's Club MCDONALD, MICHAEL J.-Dayton, Ohio Vice President of Student Council fD.A,I.J MEDLEY, JOHN A. JR.-Owensboro, Kentucky is Bluegrass Club, Art Club MILLER, MYRTLE L.-Dayton, Ohio MOORE, MICHAEL E.-Dayton, Ohio Scabbgird .ind Blade, Intramurals. Flyer News I. MAIESE, RICHARD R.-Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Keystone Club, Art Club MASESSA, LUCILLE S.-Medinalc Illinois Illini Club MATTINGLY, JOSEPH G.-St Mary Kentucky Blue Grass Club, Freshman Welcome Committee Float Com mittee, Server's Club, Flyer News McGRUDER, BETTY L.-Birmingham Alabama Choir, Sociology Club MCGUIRE, RICHARD J.-Montx ale New Jersey Knick Club, Rifle Club, Basketball Bowling Society for the Advancement of Management MCNEILL, EDWARD J.-West New York New Jersey -0' MYERS, BARBARA L.-Lexington Kentucky Transfer from O.S.U., A.E.R.HO Radio and TV Honorary V. P. A.E.P.H.I. Sorority NEUMANN, SUZANNE-Dayton Ohio Psi Chi, Dayton Club, Flyers Hangar Student Council SAC Prom Court, T-Tag Chairman OSBORN, ROGER D.-Dayton Ohio EI? SHEA, NANCY-Chicago, Illinois Illini Club, Sociology Club SHEEHY, SISTER MARY PAULA, O.P.H Chicago, Illinois SHIRLEY, WALTER L.-Dayton, Ohio RIEDINGER, CHARLES ANTHONY-Cincinnati, Ohio RILEY, CARL T.fDi1yton, Ohio Sc.ibb.1rtl and Blade RUSCHAU, MARY LOU-Dayton, Ohio Players, Art Club, Dayton Club. Flyers Hangar, D,A.I. R tive to Student Council epresenta- s Xw SPOERLEIN, CHARLES R.-Dayton, Ohio STARK, JOHN R.-Chillicothe, Ohio Basketball, Baseball STRATFORD, CHARLES B.-Columbus, Ohio TEMPEST, GALE IT.-Dayton, Ohio TONINI, WILLIAM A.-Dayton, Ohic TRACE, KENNETH-Dayton, Ohio Art Club. International Club. Music Club WAGNER, GREGORY L,-Chicago, Illinois Illini Club, Players, Choir, Glee Club, Homecoming Campaign Manager, Spring Week Committee, N.F.C.C.S.. Pick and Ham- mer, Orientation Committee WILLIAMSON, JAMES D.-Dayton, Ohio WILSON, EUGENE B.-Delphos, Ohio Speakers Bureau, Phi Alpha Theta, Flyer News, Vet's Club W? raw TURGON, MICHAEL O.+Ak1'on, Ohio Art Club, Basketball Intramurals VACCHIANO, FILOMENA-Dayton, Ohio Exponent, Flyer-News, Daytonian, Writers Club, Alp Tau VILLANI, GEORGE-Briclgeville, Pennsylvania Art Club. Daytonian ha Sigma ff , Q ,- wr" ll ' s . if Li I I 0 I if xg - :WZ 23? . lb v BROTHER PAUL'S I' A i .L an A sip at a time will save the lining All right, so it isn't Kosher. XS. ' .1 I What kind of a breakfast is that? 5" .i W ' I Fi' ' . . x sv V 1 ? A x27? E ,-4 V vans mei N' x K Wai XEFSFIHWQ-v ns ,zhffg WJ Mfg Good grief! What did B.P.'s put in this time? Hu. ,-:". v.- 'Q 0 I' lx N Euninrzn "sn ADAMS, JAMES A Dayton Ohio ADKINS, AL Sharon Pennsylvania Football, Keystone Club International Club PR Club AFFOURTIT RENEJ Washington DC Pershing Rifles CO B 1 Scabbard and Blade CSMC ROTC Brigade Commander PIR Battalion HQ N FCCS Rifle Club Fink Club BATES, JOHN C Pennsauken New jersey Accounting Club Society for the Advancement of Management Intramural Softball Basketball BATES, GEORGE A Unix ersity Heights Ohio Homecoming 57 and 60 Clexeland Club Flyer News Photo graphic Editor Rifle Club BENTZ, FREDERICK Dayton Ohio Intramural Basketball Baseball Football 'VR , 0 BRENNAN WILLIAM G Dayton Ohio BROWN, CHARDOR St Petersburg Florida Accounting Club BROWN, MICHAEL L Michigan City Indiana Alpha Kappa Psi Hoosier Club Society for the Advancement of Management CLARK, JAMES Tf-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club. Intramurals CLODFELTER, BRUCEfDayton, Ohio Intramurals, Dayton Club, Accounting Club COLEMAN, WILLIAM-New York, New York Vet's Club, Psychology Club, Bowling 2' CONN, BARBARA-Middletown, Ohio Cincinnati Club, Secretarial Club CRON, JAMES A.fCelin11, Ohio Ve-t's Club, Society for the Advancement of Management CULBERTSON, DAVID VV.-Greenville, Ohio Accounting Club, S.A.M. 3 as-f"" QSM DIBACCO, ROSARIO-Niagara Falls, New York Alpha Kappa Psi, Homecoming Parade Chairman '59, Student Council, National Academic Program, Intramurals DORSTEN, CHARLES R.-Dayton, Ohio DOWLING, THOMAS-Madison, Ohio Dayton Flyer fSp0rts Editorj, Writers' Club, Cleveland Club Q , A gnc COLLING, SISTER M. PASCALINE, S.F.P.- Quinqf, Illinois COMELLA, JOHN S.iClex'el.ind, Ohio Cleveland Club, Society for the Advancement of Management CONLEY, BARBARA-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Club, Dayton Club We 2' ss- S DANNA, RONALD N.-Creve Coeur, Missouri Society for the Advancement of Management, Illini Club DEGER, JAMES L.-Middletown, Ohio DEMARCO, ROBERT-Vifood-Ridge, New Jersey Varsity Football is JQBX Kbx QP' DUBENSKY, PHILLIP A.-Lakewood, Ohio Varsity Basketball, Monogram Club DUNHAM, KATHLEEN M.-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Club, Dayton Club DUPREE, VESTER K.-Hollis, L,I., New York l0I 17 FOCKE, WILLIAM H.-Dayton, Ohio Varsity Rifle Team. R.O.T.C. Rifle Team GAFFIN, SANDRA LEE-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Club GEARY, JEROME A.fWaterw'liet, New York Vet's Club, Society for the Advancement of Management GREENBERG, STANLEY Z.-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania President Student Council, Student Council Rep. 3 Years, Varsity Basketball, Alpha Kappa Psi, Monogram Club, Chairman Spring Week-'59, Scabbard and Blade, Outstanding R.O.T,C. Cadet Soph. and Jr. Years GROGAN, ROBERT F.-New York, New York Soclality, Intramural Sports, Knickerbocker Club, S.A.M. GUY, JOSEPH F.-Lewistown, Pennsylvania International Club, Accounting Club my HECKMAN RICHARD A -Da ton Ohio y - Y i Vet's Club, Retailing Club, Flyers Hangar HELLER, DONALD J.-Norwood, Ohio Varsity Basketball, Monogram Club, Cincinnati Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Fraternity, Intramural Baseball and Volleyball HEWITT, GLORIA A.fD.1yt0n, Ohio Dayton Club, Secretarial Club ,Av l'1"7 FELTZ, NANCY-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Club FERRIS, JOHN R.-Rochester, New York Vet's Club FICALORA, PAUL B.-Bayside, New York Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Knickerbocker Club, C.S M C N.F.C.C.S., Bowling League, Chapel Choir, R.O.T.C. Battle Group Commander GEIGER, RAYMOND C.-Dayton, Ohio Society for the Advancement of Management, Accounting Bowling League GOBOZY, VINCENT S,-Cleveland, Ohio S.A.M., Accounting Club, Cleveland Club, Intramurals GOLDSCHMIDT, CAROLYN H.-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Club HAGER, HENRY E. III-Massillon, Ohio Canton Club, Intramurals, Carl's Social Club HAMMER, GILBERT K.-Fostoria, Ohio Accounting Club Treasurer, Vet's Club, Bowling League HARRIS, PATRICIA A.-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Club HEWITT, WILLIAM G.-Dayton, Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi-Vice President. S.A.M., Homecoming Parade- '59 and '60, Intramural Football HUELSMAN, BONITA-Dayton, Ohio President Secretarial Club, Dayton Club HUNT, RICHARD-Buffalo, New York KLAUS, RONALD C,-Lima, Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi KRAFT, JAMES E.-Nlicldletown, Ohio KRAPF, THOMAS K,-Dayton, Ohio Vice President of Pershing Rifles. Scabbard and Blade. D,M.S. LITTLE, ROBERT J.-Lindenhurst, L.I., New York Marching Band, Pershing Rifles, Knickerbocker Club, Student Counselor Dormitory, S.A,M. LONG, MICHAEL E,-Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi, SiA,M., Chairman of 1960 Homecoming Pa- rade, Cleveland Club, Intramural Basketball LOXWRY, DENNIS M.-Dayton, Ohio 'nw tw Wx?- JEROUTEK, STEPHEN li.-Chicago, Illinois Secretary-Accounting Club. Intramurals, Illini Club, Pershing Rifles, Rifle Club KELLY, CHARLES O.fSpringfield, Ohio Springfield Club. Debate Club KIDD, ORRAN L.-Kettering, Ohio LEE, WILLIAM K,-Honolulu, Hawaii S A M.. Hui O Hawaii Club, Intramurals LEEDOM, DONALDfDi1yton, Ohio Golf LEITZ, PAUL DAVID-Dayton, Ohio Vet's Club l MADDEN, RICHARD-Champaign, Illinois Pershing Rifles, Varsity Rifle Team, Debate Team, Illini Club, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Flyers Hangar MAKLEY, NANCY-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Club MALONEY, JOHN W.-Bondurant, Iowa Chairman S.A.C., Illini Club, Sodality, Chairman-junior Prom, Pep Committee, Rifle Club, N,EC,C.S,, Orientation Committe6, Chairman jr. Trophies Committee 0 I? s 1' .E MCCAMLEY, MICHAEL E.-Royal Oak, Michigan Marching Band, Concert Band, Scabbard and Blade, Wolverine Club, Intramurals MCCARTY, WILLIAM H.-Lakewood, Ohio Cleveland Club, Intramural Softball and Basketball, Society for the Advancement of Management McGINNlS, EDWARD W.-Dayton, Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi-Treasurer, Accounting Club, Dayton Club McKENNY, RICHARD S.-Dayton, Ohio MENCSIK, CHARLES-Troy, Ohio R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Society for the Advancement of Management MENGOS, CHRISTE P.-Piqua, Ohio MOCNY, RICHARD T.-Evergreen Park, Illinois Accounting Club, Freshman Orientation, Illini Club-Treasurer .mil President. Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer MORGAN, HARRY S.-Yellow Springs, Ohio MOUSAIAN, GEORGE-Dayton, Ohio Retailing Club-President, Society for the Advancement of Man- agement, Intramurals IO4 MAURER RICHARD A.--Richmond, Indiana EV' 7 Accounting Club MAZZA, ANTHONY-Indianapolis, Indiana Student Council, S.A.C., Hoosier Club, Sodality MCCAFFERY, HUGH F.-New York, New York MCGRAW, LINDA M.-Waynesville, Ohio McGUIRE, ROBERT M.-Franklin Square, New York Knickerbocker Club, Retailing Club, Speech and Debate, Intra murals, Basketball, Softball. MCKENNY, MARILYN LOUISE-Troy, Ohio Secretarial Club, Closed Circuit TV MICKLEY, CHARLES L.-Louisville, Ohio Society for the Advancement of Management, Football, Basketball Softball Intramurals, Canton Club MILLS, WILLIE R.-Dayton, Ohio MIRRE, VERNON L.-Dayton, Ohio MURRAY, JAMES T., JR.-Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Flyers Hangar, Intramurals, Keystone Club NEU, EDWARD F.-Middletown, Ohio NICHOLS, JOHN L.-Olive Hill, Kentucky PANTEZZI, SILVANO+Bronx, New York Student Council, Band. Class President l .ind 2. Alpha Kappa Psi, Sodality, Knickerbocker Club. Soccer PARTLOW, STEPHAN-Dayton, Ohio PAULUS, EDWARD-Versailles, Ohio Retailing Club, Secretary, Vet's Club, Society for the Advancement of Management RAIN, WILLIAM R.-New Lebanon, Ohio C.S,M,C,, Retailing Club REAMS, HOWARD R.-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club RIESKE, TERENCE E.-Dayton, Ohio Scabbard and Blade, President, Distinguished Military Student ,,,Q-sr OSSEGE, RONALDfD.1yton, Ohio OSTENDORI7, BERNARD A.--Dayton, Ohio Sorccr. Intramural Football and Basketball, Accounting Club PALMERIE, MICHAELfXY7aterbury, Connecticut Varsity Football, Monogram Club, New England Club, Intramural Basketball, Iratk C12 PERKINS, XVILBUR B.fD.1yton, Ohio PILTZ, RANSOM A.-MAul', Hzlwaii Varsity Football. Scabbard and Blade, Hawaiian Club, Monogram Club PIPPENGER, RALPH E,-Dayton, Ohio .s-I, 1 'mt-nv' 'm ROBY, JOHN E.-St. Marys, Ohio Accounting Club ROWE, ABRAHAM I.-Dayton, Ohio ROCHA, EDUARDO-Bogota, Colombia, South America International Club. Student Speakers Bureau 3'- ML 'KY if SCARPELLI, YOLANDE-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Club, Dayton Club. Rifle Club SCHAUERTE, RICHARD-Hamilton, Ohio Intramural Football, Basketball, Scabbard and Blade SCHEIDXVEILER, FRED W. JR.-Dayton, Ohio rp. ' SI-IADBURN, DALE T.-Painesville, Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for the Advancement of Management, Cleveland Club, TV. Proctor SHUTE, ARTHUR J,-Floral Park, L.I., New York Knickerbocker Club, Flyers Hangar, Society for the Advancement of Management, Intramural Baseball, Softball, Football. SIMMONS, KERMIT E.-Miamisburg, Ohio im, t, SWEENEY, CHARLES A. IR.-South Bend, Indiana Football. ,lr Class Presitlent, Student Council, Senior Class Vice President, Community Chest Chairman, Intramurals TETA. PHILIP ANTHONY, JR.-Waterbury, Connecticut S A,M , New England Club, President, Intramurals THEIN, JACK T.-Dayton, Ohio Vets Club. Alpha Kappa Psi, Day-mn Club, S,A,M, RUFFING, ARTHUR L., IR.-Cincinnati, Ohio Accounting Club, Cincinnati Club, Pershing Rifles SATARIANO, ANTHONY C.-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania SAWAYA, LOUISE ANN-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Club SCHIFFMANN, CHARLES A.-Dayton, Ohio SCHILL, EUGENE W.-Cleveland, Ohio Dayton Flyer-News Editor and Editor-in-Chief, Student Council, Student Development Day-Chairman, Spring Week jazz Festi- val-Chairman, Red Cross-Community Chest Committee, National Academic Program Member, Vice President-junior Class, Gen' eral Chairmanajunior Prom, Alpha Kappa Psi, Homecoming Dance Chairman SESNIE, PAUL-Fredonia, New York Vet's Club, Accounting Club. Knickerbocker Club SMOLIK, MELVIN-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, Monogram Club, Intramurals, Varsity Football STANKARD, ROBERT I.-Cedarhurst, LI., New York Scabbard and Blade, Knickerbocker Club, Pershing Rifles, Home- coming Committee, Intramural Basketball, Football, Softball STEWART, HARRY DONALD-Penns Grove, New jersey Society for the Advancement of Management, Knickerbocker Club, Intramural Basketball, Football, Baseball, Co-Editor of S.A.M. Speaks THOMAS, JOHN C.-Richmond, Indiana THOMAS, PAUL A.-Dayton, Ohio Accounting Club ' THORNTON, WILLIAM J.-Cleveland, Ohio Accounting Club, Cleveland Club VEHLEWALD, JOHN J.-Piqua, Ohio VOLK, JOHN F,iDayton, Ohio WAGNER, JOHN K.-Dayton, Ohio WELCH, DONALD JERRY-Vandalia, Ohio WIESMAN, CHARLES-Dayton, Ohio WILLIS, RICHARD F.-Dayton, Ohio Players, Vets Club, Clexeland Club, Flyers Hangar THRUN, LEONARD P.-DGPSW, New York Knickerbocker Club, Flyers Hangar, Intramurals, Society for the Advancement of Management TOPP, DANADayton, Ohio Society for the Advancement of Management VAUOI-IN, VERNON L.-Zanesville, Ohi0 Intramural Football and Basketball, Society for the Advancement of Management Q!!! VUALDENNIEYER, PAUL T.-Dayton, Ohio Accounting Club WALLIN, RICHARD J.-Hornell, New York Knickerbocker Club WATZEK, ALBERT L.fCincinnati, Ohio Football, Hockey, Vice President Monogram Club WINNENBERG, JOHN-Urbana, Ohio Society for the Advancement of Management, VP, Retailing Club, Cleveland Club WINTERS, JAMES RICHARD-Newark, Ohio Cleveland Club. Student Activities Committee, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball WOHLRAB, DONALD L.-Rochester, New York Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for the Advancement of Management, Knickerbocker Club, University Choir, Glee Club, Intramurals YANO, WILLIAM H.-Honolulu, Hawaii Hui-O-Hawaii Club ZAHORSKY, EDWARD V.-Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Accounting Club, Vet's Club ZINNER, BRADLEY-Dayton, Ohio Intramurals, Transfer Student from Western Reserve University, Cleveland. Ohio LINES AND f S 1 LINES 000426 'ggiiv 'gfw-1 G 'Q Q CCC ,Pac if fs "NOW 18 Credit Hours 'lt CQCCZ U C070 H "If only . . .' 7 few I09 l l1 -.-it 7 Ehuratinn 1 75 K,- J, f 4' AMMANN HARRIET-Da ton Ohio Q Y Writer's Club, Sodality ARTS ARNOLD M.iWallington, New Jersey Freshman Orientation, A.I.C.H.E., Marching Band, Choir Men's Glee Club ABNEY, GLEN W.-Dayton, Ohio Transfer Student from St. Viator College, Illinois ALLEN, JOAN C.-Dayton, Ohio National Education Association AMANN, DIANE L.-Dayton, Ohio International Club, S.E.A. ,131-fs at , N i Ars, 1, V i I L I I V V ., American Chemical Society, Players, Education Honor Society, r Y f ,K .i X2 BALSOM, BARBARA A.-Dayton, Ohio S.E,A., Dayton Club, C.W.O., Orientation Activities x- -:wr-.-is L :aaya ,A +' igl wwf, 5: -Q .M xifmitsw :S- BLESI, JOYCE ANN-Dayton, Ohio Flyers Hangar, NX'.A.A., C.W.O., Coed Volleyball, Hockey, Bas- ketball, N.E.A, BONNY, JAMES C.-Ravenna, Kentucky BOYERSMITH, JOSEPH C.-Meadville, Pennsylvania Varsity Football, Student Council, Scabbard and Blade, Sodality BARRY, MICHAEL E.-Dayton, Ohio N.F.C.C.S. BELLAFIORE, FRANK J.-Rorlkonkoma, Ohio Band, Intramural Softball BERGMAN, CAROL LEE-Yorkshire, Ohio S.E.A., C.S.M.C, BULLER, IRMHILD-Dayton, Ohio Choir, S.E.A., International Club, A.C.E,I., Sodality BYERS, DOROTHEA Ef-Dayton, Ohio Art Club, Homecoming Attendant CAITO, NANCY JOANNE--Cleveland Heights, Ohio SE.A,, C,W.O., Field Hockey, Cleveland Club, SeC'y, Omega, Education Honor Society Il2 BRENNAN, MARY JANE-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A., Art Club BUCHARD, PATRICIA ANN-Dayton, Ohio Flyerettes, C.W.O., Class Secretary-Jr., Junior Prom Attendant Freshman Welcome Queen, Education Honor Society BUHL, YVONNE-Dayton, Ohio CAMBRIA, CARMEN M.-Reading, Pennsylvania Keystone Club, Biology Club, Education Student Council, Chair- man, Homecoming Elections and Committee, Rifle Club, Players CAPELLA, JOSEPH A.--Hammonton, New Jersey CSSVLC., Knickerbocker Club, Biology Club, Sodality, Chemistry Clu COBEY, THOMAS J.-White Plains, New York Flyers Hangar, Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals, S.A.M., Vet's Club, S.E.A. Yr' DALE, SUE ANNfDayton, Ohio S EA., International Club DANKO,, Ohio NEA., Players, Cleveland Club, N F,C.C,S. DAVIS, VELMA A.fSpringfield, Ohio 6' DININO, ALEX, JR.-Everett, Massachusetts Varsity Football, N,E. Club, S.E.A. DIRCKX, CHARLES D.-Dayton, Ohio SISTER M. DOLORA, M.S.C.-Dayton, Ohio COMER, GERALD-Lorain, Ohio Clexeland Club, Vets Club, Intramurals CONNOR, PATRICK T.-Cleveland, Ohio Varsity Football, lllonogram Club, Clevc-land Club, Education Stu- dentCwunc1l. Players, Iflfl'.ll'l1llI'.lli CURTIS, ANN A-Dayton, Ohio S DECKER, RONALD F.fD.iyton, Ohio DIETRICH, GEORGE XV.-Dayton, Ohio DILLER, MARY M.fColdwater, Ohio SISTER MARY DOLOROSE, M.S.C.-Dayton, Ohio DONLAN, SHIRLEY-Chicago, Illinois Illini Club DUNN, GERTRUDE-Dayton, Ohio Social Workers Guild 'Q' FLINT, LOUIS S.-Dayton, Ohio Education Student Council FREAD, MARTHA-Germantown, Ohio S.E A,. Choir. A.C.E.I. FREEH, REGINA M.-Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania SEA., N,F.C.C.S., Social Service, Confraternity of the Holy Rosary fs... II4 GOELZ, JULIA ANNfZanesville, Ohio 3 Illini Club Secretary, Flyerettes, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Secretarial Club GORDON, MARY-Dayton, Ohio GRIESHOP, BERNADINE-Minster, Ohio Choir, SEA. QQ' HALL CHARLENF M Da'ton Ohio t . .- y , Concert Band, Marching Band, Choir, Variety Shows HARRIS, KATHLEEN M.-Dayton, Ohio , 5 i SEA., Student Education Council, Mariology Club, Phi Alpha Theta HART, DENIS L.-Cleveland, Ohio SEA., N.F.C.C,S. EVANS, JACK-Germantown, Ohio FELTNER, BARBARA-Cincinnati, Ohio Intemational Club, A.C.E.I., Choir, S.E.A., Sodality FLATBY, SISTER M. AGNES, MSC.- Reading, Pennsylvania 45' 5 FURNAS, ROLLIN A.-Brookville, Ohio Marching Band. Concert Band. Glee Club, Music Conference GEORGE, BARBARA M.-Canton, Ohio Marianist Sodality, S.E,A,, Choir GIBSON, DOLORES ANN-Dayton, Ohio Educators Natl Senior Class Secretary, S,E.A., Sea Scope Editor, junior Prom, Co-Chairman, Dayton Flyer4Circulation Manager, News Editor, C.S.M.C,, Dayton Club, Education Honor Society in -G GROCE, WILLIAM R.-Zanesville, Ohio Legion of Mary HAGAN, JUDY A.-Middletown, Ohio W.R.A., Varsity Tennis, Basketball HAHN, GARY-Dayton, Ohio Intramurals, Recreation Survey Committee rv- Q , HODELL, ANNA J.-Dayton, Ohio HOMAN, JOAN 1.-Chickasaw, Ohio Glee Club, Concert Band, W.R.A., S.E.A.,-interscholastic Women's Athletics HUELSKAMP, WILMA-Fort Recovery, Ohio S.E.A., N,F.C.C.S. KIBLER, BETTE LEE-Chicago, Illinois Illini Club. Junior Prom Court KING, RUTH E.-Fort Recovery, Ohio S.E,A., Legion of Mary-President. Sociology Club HUNTsBERGER, IERALD-Tipp city, ohio Intramurals KEHL, JUNE G.-Dayton, Ohio KENDALL, STEVE-Dayton, Ohio LAHRMAN, LAYNE LYANN-Southgate, Kentucky Flyerefttes, Players. Soclality, S.E.A. V. ' am- A i 33 LAKE, JOSEPHINE A.-Dayton, Ohio 'CV' , 5 5, , P if' LA MARCA, ANTHONY-Brooklyn, New York H i K Knickerbocker Club, Student Supervisor-Founders Hall LARKIN, BARBARA-Chicago, Illinois LATELL, ANTHONY A.-Girard, Ohio 1 Varsity Football, Asst, Frosh Coach LOMBARDO, VINCENT-Brooklyn, New York Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals LYDEN, RICHARD A.-Dayton, Ohio inn..- K Eg . Illini Club, Players ai AH' fw- LYLE, CAROLE J.-Dayton, Ohio Flyerettes, Dayton Flyer, Biology Club. Brother George's.Bookstore Crew, Homecoming Court '59, S.E,A. MAGNOTTI, PHILIP D.-Elizabeth, New jersey MANKER, JUDY-Dayton, Ohio Marching Coeds, Co-Captain, Dayton Club, Choir, Variety Show X fe.-we MAYER, JUDITH ANN-Dayton, Ohio W.R,A,. Math Club, C.XY'.O. MCCLELLAN, MICHAEL FRANCIS--Tiffin, Ohio Homecoming Float Chairman, Halftime Committee, Cleveland Club-President, Sodality, Intramural Sports MCCLELLAN, 'IOYCEfDz1ytOn, Ohio Home Economics Club MONNIN, ERNEST L.-Versailles, Ohio Scabbard and Blade, Glee Club, Choir, Concert Band, Education Honor Society MONNIN, YVONNE R.-Versailles, Ohio Marching Coeds tCaptainJ, S,E,A., Debate Team, Education Hon- or Society, Mixed Choir, Phi Alpha Theta MORAN, SISTER MARTIN MARIE, S.N.D.- Chicago, Illinois MYERS, RICHARD E.-Dayton, Ohio NIEKAMP, JOYCE J.-Maria Stein, Ohio SEAI, Concert Band, Chorus O'DONNELL, LAWRENCE F.-Dayton, Ohio SE A. ' l N MARINAK, RITA-White Plains, New York SEA Education Honor Society, W.R.A., Knickerbocker Club- 5 5 sgfieiiify MARKLAY, GEORGE-Hartsdale, New York Varsity Football, Knickerbocker Club, Education Student Council, S.E.A., Monogram Club, A.A.S.P., H.E.R., Intramural Assistant, Sodality MAUK, WILBUR M.-Portsmouth, Ohio T.V. Assistant-Health Course 4- s McKEE, M. LOREEN-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A. MILLER, VICKY L.-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A, MITCHELL, BEVERLY ANN-Miamisburg, Ohio A.C.E.I, tSecretary-Vice Presidentj MORRIS, ELIZABETH FRANCES-Eaton, Ohio Players. Flyers Hangar, Freshman Attendant CXYFO.. S.E.A., Omega, Dayton Club MRAZ, JO ANN-Garfield Heights, Ohio Mission Club, Players, Cleveland Club, S,E.A. MURPHY, JOAN EILEEN-Cleveland, Ohio Secretarial Club, Flyerettes, Cleveland Club tSecretary '59-601 OLGES, RUTH ANN-Shively, Kentucky Sodality, S.E.A., Bluegrass Club, Rifle Club PAUL, FRANCES ELIZABETH-Massillon, Ohio Student Council Secretary, Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen '59, S.E.A., O.S.P.E., Keystone Club, Canton Club, Sodality PETERSON, MAXINE T.-Jenks, Oklahoma is-fll""""' ROGERS, TED Lwjamestown, Ohio Bio Club CVice Presidentj, Scabbard and Blade, SEA, SALZGEBER, ALAN J.-Parma, Ohio Cleveland Club, Intramurals SCANLAN, SHARON-Dayton, Ohio SEA., Maiorette, Secretarial Club, Players SMITH, JACK M.-Dayton, Ohio SMYKOWSKI, JOHN P.-Brentwood, New York Varsity Baseball, Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals, Monogram Club SOBOTA MICHAEL Cleveland Ohio . I- , R.O,T.C. Rifle Team, Varsity Rifle Team, Players. Homecoming Eledions Committee, Cleveland Club, Scabbard and Blade iw x X N X -it 1s'2i51Qs:f1QZQ, QB:-' ' POHL, JUDITH MAE-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club, S.E,A,, Flyer News, Women's Recreation Associa tion fV.P. and Presb, C.XX'.O., Education Student Council, Co Rec Volleyball ROBINSON, RICHARD L.fDayton, Ohio S.EA, Players, Art Club, A.T.A. ROGERS, CECILE C.-Chicago, Illinois Illini Club 9088 scH1NDLER, EILEEN j,fDayton, ohio scHo13NBERoER, JUDY-Dayton, ohio Dayton Club, S EA,, Pep Committee SHEAFFER, GARY N.-Germantown, Ohio Nun, SODDERS, ANN-Arcanum, Ohio STEIN, JANE-Lima, Ohio S.E.A,, junior Prom Nomination, Players SULLIVAN, CHARLEEN Y.-Dayton, OhiO Dayton Club, Secretarial Club, W.R.A. TROTTMAN, CLARA L.-Dayton, Ohio American Chemical Society, C.S.M,C., Choir Homecoming Queen '6O. Math Club, S.E.A., C.W.O. TRZOS, SANDRA-Denver, Colorado Daytonian, Illini Club, Student Council, SAC junior Prom Queen URIAH, JOHN P.-Briclgeville, Pennsylx ania Football, Soccer, Monogram Club, Soclality fin '14 WEIR COLLEEN ANNE Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Keystone Club Home Economics Club S E A WETHERILL LOLITA Toledo Ohio Kr vs as Kan "tl-. ...SS "' .St .gf u Meanwhlle back at the lab Oooo! Who would ever want to eat thxs ' H s H 'Enginrvring CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ABNER, ELISI-IA, JR.-Middletown, Ohio A.I.C.H.E. AUSTIN, THOMAS-Columbus, Ohio American Chemical Society-Vice President A.I CHE -Vice President, Columbus Club, Intramurals BEER, WILLIAM JOSEPH-Hamilton, Ohio A.C.S., A.I.C.H.E, KING, JAMES EDWARD-East McKeesport, Pennsylvania Keystone Club, A.C.S., A.I.C.H.E. LANGE, PAUL-Dayton, Ohio A.C.S., A,I,C.I-IE. LUTZ, ROBERT E.-Troy, Ohio SAXVDEY, NORMAN J.-Dayton, Ohio A.I.C.HE,, A.C,S. SCI-IMEING, WALTER ANTHONY-Erlanger, Kentucky ACS, A.I.C.H.E., Bluegrass Club WEIDNER, RICHARD A.-Miamisburg, Ohio A.I.C.H.E., A.C.S. 'Y-gr? BLOUNT, JAMES D.-Dayton, ohio A,I,C.I-IE. CARLETON, JAMES J.-I.3.lCCWOOCl, Ohio Cleveland Club, A.I.C.H.E., A.C.S. CORPSTEIN, ROBERT R.-Norwood, Ohio A.I.C.H.E. MCKALE, JAMES E.-Piqua, Ohio A.C.S., A.I.C.H.E. MILLER, JOHN H.-Newark, Ohio A.I.C.H.E., A.c.s. ROLFES, THOMAS R.-Erlanger, Kentucky Tau Beta Pi, A.I.C.H.E., A.C.S., O.S.P.E., N.S.P.E., Lambda Fraternity Sigma Alpha ZUSCIK, EDWARD J.-Cleveland, Ohio CIVIL ENGINEERING lg, I 45 BELL, R. R.-Elmsford, New York BROEKER, JAMES C.-Coldwater, Ohio A.S.C,E, CAMPANELLI, ANTHONY T.-Cleveland, Ohio Scalnbarcl and Blade, A.S.C.E., Cleveland Club A A.C,S., A.I.C.H.E.. 'Tau Beta PisTreasurer, Flyer News, Intra- ANTES, RONALD E.fH.1milton, Ohio A S C E. Club. Latin American Club, Sorcer BECKER, NED PAUL-FortXX7.1yne, Indiana resenmtixe-Pep Committee AREVALO, JUAN VICENTE-Caracas, Venezuela Senior Class President, A.S,C,E,, Scabhard .ind Blade, Junior Rep- Qgw ,rv Q' HOUK, WILBUR J., JR.-Dayton, Ohio A.S.C.E. LOCKHART, JAMES J., JR.-Hempstead, L.I., New York A.S.C.E., Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals MEYERS, CHARLES LEE-Covington, Kentucky L CHOY, CHRISTY C. K.-Hong Kong, China FRANCIS, CHARLES J,, JR.-Dayton, Ohio VE ' A.S.C.E. HORN, NORMAN G.-Cincinnatti, Ohio A.S.C.E.. Cincinnati Club-Treasurer K, f POPE, HENRY-Mt. Sinai, L.I., New York Math Club, A.S.C.E.. Intramural Volleyball, Student Boosters ROMES, DONALD JOSEPH-Holgate, Ohio A.S.C.E. WIREBAUGH, JOHN I.-Dayton, Ohio A.S.C.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BEREDA, EDWARD I.-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club. Players. O.S.P.E.. A.I.E.E., Intramurals BOCKHORN, TERRY L.-Campbell Hill, Illinois Varsity Basketball, Sophomore Class+Treasurer DANIELLO, VINCENT-Locust Valley, New York Beanie Committee Chairman '58, Assistant Chairman Homecoming Dance '59, Intramural Sports, Varsity Golf, Knickerbocker Club I DOYLE, EDGAR A.-Rome, New York I.R.E, DUBRUL, JAMES M.-Columbus, Ohio Columbus Club. Flyers Hangar, Cleveland Club, Daytonian, Flyer News, Glee Club. Variety Show, junior Prom Committee, A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Homecoming Committee DUGAS, EDWARD-New York, New York FARREN, JOSEPH M.hKettering, Ohio LRE., A.I.E.E,, E.E. Field Trips FORD, ROBERT-Dayton, Ohio GOLONKA, KENNETH A.-Cleveland, Ohio Intramurals, Choir, Pershing Rifles, I.R.E., Cleveland Club i-.a .' X l GUTMAN, LAWRENCE L.-Dayton, Ohio Tau Beta Pi, I.R.E., Pi Mu Epsilon, Engineering Honor Society GUZMAN, PEDRO T.-Fajardo, Puerto Rico Latin American Club-Vice President '58, '60, A.I.E.E., Intra- murals JACOBS, RUSSELL L.-Dayton, ohio KRUPAR, JOSEPH J.-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, Daytonian LAMMERS, DAVID G.-Davenport, Iowa O.S.P.E., A.I,E.E.. I.R.E. LEIBOLD, E. B.-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Daytuniari, Intramurals. Keystone Club, I RE. 46" OFM Q MILLER DAVID A.-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Keystone Club-Vice President, Choir-President, Engineering Honor Society A.I.E.E,, Intramurals MILLER GERALD H.-Ottoville, Ohio A I E E Intramural Football, Basketball PANG ALBERT Y. K.-Honolulu, Hawaii P1 Mu E1 silon, Vet's Club, Hui O Hawaii Club-President, f SANTO JOSEPH CAESAR-Phoenixville, Pennsylvania SEITZ DENNIS J,-Kettering, Ohio Research Institute, Math Club, A.I.E.E., I.R.E. TREVELLINE, RAYMOND R.-Boyers, Pennsylvania A I E E Intramurals, O.S.P.E. , -ik KACZKOWSKI, TIMOTHY E.-Milwaukee, WiSConSin XWriter's Club. Dayton Flyer, Press Club-Treasurer. Best Dressed Coed Committee, XY'ho's XX'ho Committee '59, jazz Concert '59, Scnbbartl .incl Blade, O.S.P.E., N.S.P.E.. A I.E.E., I.R.E. KIERNAN, XYJILLIAM M.-Asbury Park, New jersey KOELLER, CHARLES WILLIAMAWengerlawn, Ohio O.S.P.E., I.R E.. Vice Clmirinan of Student Electrical Seminar WN-sw LENNON, RICHARD N.fM.iple Heights, Ohio Cleveland Club, Choir, Intramurals LOFTUS, KEVIN A.4Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey AI EE. MAUS, GEORGE L., jR,fH.1milton, Ohio Vet's Club iii af' ,we tw, PYTOSH, A. EDWARD-D.1yton, Ohio I.R.E., ASE RAIFF, LAWRENCE C.-Dayton, Ohio AIEE. Math Club, Engineering Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon-President RICHARD, ROBERT L.-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pershing Rifles, Intramurals, I.R.E., A.I.E.E. ,' .an gs, W TRICK, TIMOTHY N.-Dayton, Ohio A.I.E.E., Pi Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi-President, National Engineering Honor Society UMANA, RAFAEL-Bogota, Colombia I,R.E,, A.I.E.E., Soccer WYSONG, JEROME I.-Dayton, Ohio Intramural Baseball, Dayton Club, A.I,E,E,, I,R.E., O.S.P.E., Flyer Engineering Senate INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING . MURPHY, WILLIAM J.-Dayton, Ohio Industrial Engineers Club NICHOLAS, RICHARD ALLAN-Orrville, Ohio Industrial Engineers Club, Cleveland Club, Scabbarcl and Blade, Director of Flyerettes PALCIC, PAUL J.-Gowanda, New York Industrial Engineers Club, O,S.P,E., Marching Band, Pershing Rifles !". YOST, RAPHAEL P.-Sidney, Ohio A.I.E.E. ZIMMER, EUGENE L.-Rochester, New York IRE.. Vet's Club ZULASKI, JOHN ANDREW-Chicago, Illinois Pershing Rifles, Illini Club DALEY, MARK F.-Middletown, Ohio Intramural Basketball and Softball, Scabbard and Blade, Rifle Club, Delta Chi GREEN, GARY RICHARD-Cleveland, Ohio Student Council, S.A.C., O.S.P.E.--President, Homecoming '57, Cleveland Club, Flyers Hangar, Rifle Club, Intramural Bowling, Football, Basketball, Orientation Committee, N.F.C.C.S. MARINAK, STEPHEN J., JR.-Steelton, Pennsylvania Industrial Engineer's Club-President, Program Chairman Engi- neers Week, O,S.P.E,, Vet's Club, Keystone Club l S PONCE, FERNANDO-Merida, Yucatan, Mexico Industrial Engineers Club, International Club, Latin American Club, Soccer, Tennis PRINCEHOUSE, JOSEPH BRESLIN-Sidney, Ohio O.S.P.E.-Vice President, President of Student Body, Industrial, Engineers-Vice President, General Chairman N.F.C.C.S., Intra- murals SMITH, JAMES FRANCIS-Edgewood, Kentucky Industrial Engineering Club-Secretary SWEENEY, CHARLES K.-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania O.S.P.E., Keystone Club, Scabbard and Blade, Industrial Engi- neers Club, Pep Committee, Intramural Basketball VAN TASSEL, LLOYD A., JR.-Warren, Pennsylvania l.E. Club MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BOONE, JOHN R.-Dayton, Ohio EIFERT, MELVIN C.-Dayton, Ohio A.S ME., Math Club, Scabbard and Blade, Intramural Basketball GERDEMAN, DENNIS A.-Glandorf, Ohio AKEN, KENNETH J.-New Philadelphia, Ohio A.S.M.E., O.S.P.E., Intramurals ALLISON, JOHN H., JR.-Dayton, Ohio O.S,P,E.-President, A.S.M.E.-Vice President, Intramurals BAKAN, CHARLES N.-Dayton, Ohio A.S.M.E.-President, Recipient of Martin C. Kuntz Award '59- '6O, Wlinner of First Place Technical Paper Award .aft HENNESSEY, MICHAEL-Dayton, Ohio A.S.M.E,, O,S.P.E., State Delegate, Chemistry Club INOUYE, GEORGE-Tokyo, Japan International Club, President, A.S.M.E., Engineering Honor S0- Ciety, A.S.T.M. JAUGH, JOHN L.-Dayton, Ohio Engineering Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi, N.S.P.E., O.S.P.E., A.S.M.E,, A.S.T.M., S.A,C., Intramurals K5 A.S,M.E.-Secretary A.S,P.E. 3 GRINDSTAFF, CHARLES E.-Dayton, Ohio HAMPLE, JOSEPH M.-Dayton, Ohio HEARNEY, JAMES J.-Trenton, New Jersey al gc- LEWICKI, RICHARD AI.I..ANfElyria, Ohio A.S,M,E., Bowling League MACORITTO, WALTER Ll-Cincinnati, Ohio A.S,M.E.-Vice President. Cincinnati Club. O.S P.E. MCALLISTER, THOMAS RICHARD- Central Islip, New York Rifle Club Varsi Rifle Team, R.O,T,C. Rifle Team, O.S,P.E., - ' YY A.S.M.E. PARSAKIAN, ALBERT-Jerusalem, jordan International Club. A.S.M.E,, Soccer ROBBINS, THEoDoRE w.-Tipp City, ohio A.S.M.E,, Engineering Honor Society RUANE, JOHN P.-Fishkill, New York MCFEATERS, EARL W.-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Varsity Football, Monogram Club, A,S.M.E. MURPHY, TIMOTHY C.-Crittenden, Kentucky A.S.M.E. NIGHAN, WILLIAM L.-Lansdale, Pennsylvania A.S.M,E., Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi SEPELA, MICHAEL J.-Dayton, Ohio Intramural Baseball, Basketball SNIDER, WILLIAM H.-Greenville, Ohio Band, O.S.P.E., A.S.M.E. SZWARC, RAYMOND T.-Newark, Ohio A,S.M.E., Scabbarcl and Blade, Cleveland Club, Committee, junior Prom Committee, Intramurals Q: 6 gg-'W 'f fs 'ef Homecoming TAORMINA, LOUIS nl.-jackson Heights, New York . , . ,f A.S.M,E., Knickerbocker Club TESTA, JAMES V.-Florham Park, New Jersey O.S,P.E.. A.S.M,E,, Scabbard and Blade, Intramurals WOLFE, I-IOXVARD F,-Dayton, Ohio Scabburtl and Blade, A.S.M.E., O.S.P.E. I ...wa ......,,...N elk J M, FQ.-1 .- 1 f1 vis30x.. up cumin A'-sua. 5:""g Srirnrv AKERS, TREVOR V.-Bluefield, West Virginia ANTHONY, JAMES R.4Fort Loramie, Ohio BART, BRENDA ELIZABETH+Di1yton, Ohio Home Ec Club. Omega BELLO, DOMINADORAWaipahu, Hawaii Sigma Delta Pi, Hui-O-Hawaii Club, Legion of Mary BERGER, THOMAS-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Concert Bancl. Student Activities Committee BOLLENSEN, JAMES G.-Crystal Lake, Illinois Illini Club, Geology Club BUTLER, BROTHER KEVIN, F.M.M.- Clarence, New York CASHIN, JOHN L,. JR.-Springfield, Ohio Varsity Baseball, Vf:t's Club CLEARY, JAMES J.- Sigma Delta Pi BECK, PAUL-Enon, Ohio BEHRENDS, JAMES ARTHUR-Dayton, Ohio BEISEL, RONALD L.-Dayton, Ohio Mathematics Club, Intramurals BRADY, BRIAN THOMAS-Rochester, New York Pi Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Club, Physics Club, Geology Club Pershing Rifles BROCKMAN, WILLIAM-Dayton, Ohio Mathematics Club, Physics Club. AIP. BRUNSWICK, ARTHUR R.-Fort Recovery, Ohio Math Club DALEIDEN, PAUL JOSEPH-Chicago, Illinois Scabbard and Blade, Illini Club DEGER, GRANT E.-Dayton, Ohio Marianist Sodality, Sigma Delta Pi, Server's Club DIEHL, LEWIS L.-Chillicothe, Ohio Rifle Team, Scabbard and Blade EORTMAN, JOHN J.-Dayton, Ohio Marching Band, Concert Bancl, Variety Shows, Pres, A.C.S., Glee Club, Choir, Intramural Basketball, Softball. Bancl Treasurer, Pep Committee Band. GACCETTA, JOSEPH V.-Dayton, Ohio GAITI-IER, RICHARD A.fWaShingtOn, D. C. Scubbard and Blade, Intramural Bnsketbiill, Football, Softball, American Chemical Society HARTKE, EDWIN JOSEPH-New Carlisle, Ohio Baseball HARTIAGE, JAMES-Zanesville, Ohio Legion of Mary, Mathematics Club HEGMAN, BERNARD A.-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Se-rver's Club A D529 itat, .- HOWARD, JAMES E.-Owensboro, Kentucky Flyer News, Bluegrass Club HOGENKAMP, JON M.-Minster, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi KANOUFF, JEANNE-Scio, Ohio DOLAN, JOHN P.ffCli.1rleston, XY'c'st Virginia EVERS, ROBERT C,-St. Henry, Ohio American Chemical Society FIANAGAN, SUSAN E.fD.1yton, Ohio Sigma Delt.1 Pi GATES, XVILLIAM H.-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delhi Pi-Vice Presiclent GENTILE, SAMUEL JAIVIES-Dayton, Ohio Servers Club, C SMC. GITZIIXIOER, DORIS ANNfD.1yton, Ohio Pick aincl Hummer Club, M.ithem.1tics Club HERRMANN, JOHN W.- South Farmingdale, L.I,, New York Rifle Club, Knickerbocker Club, Scabbard and Blade HIRSH, MICHAEL STUARTfNorth Bergen, New Jersey Knickerbocker Club HOUOH, RONALD-D.1yton, Ohio KENNY, RAYMOND E.-Matamoras, Pennsylvania Keystone Club KOEHL, GEORGE W.-Ottawa, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Marching Band KOKENGE, BERNARD R.-West Carrollton, Ohio American Chemical Society, Intramural Sports LUCE, EDWARD A.-Florence, Kentucky Intramural Sports, Sigma Delta Pi, Psi Chi-President MICHEL, JOHN-Fort Jennings, Ohio Math Club, American Chemical Society, Marching Bancl, Cleveland Club, Concert Band MOTT, CHARLES F.-Urbana, Ohio Mathematics Club-President - REILING, WALTER A., JR.-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi-President, Server's Club, Intramurals RICE, JAMES R.-Waynesville, Ohio ROSE, JANET PAULINE-St. Henry, Ohio 9115. '- ,,,a0' KOVERMAN, KATHERINE-Dayton, Ohio Geology Club KRAUS, EDMUND C.-Hempstead, New York Debate Club, American Chemical Society, Intramural Bowling KWIATKOWSKI, JACK C.-Chicago, Illinois Illini Club, Math Club PHILLIPS, JOHN C., JR.-San Francisco, California Pershing Rifles, Illini Club, Pick and Hammer Club, Geology Club-President, Players POHL, KENNETH P.-Versailles, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Intramural Sports, Tappa Kegga cla. RECK, PLO E.-Tipp city, ohio W' 3 SCHWAB, JAMES A.-Louisville, Kentucky SKUNS, GEORGE J.-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, Sigma Delta Pi, Student Dorm Supervisor, Altar Club, Sodality, Intramurals, 1960 Homecoming Float Committee SMITH, JAMES T.-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi SMITH, PATRICIA A.-Anna, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Flyerettes SPIELES, JAMES il.-Delphos, Ohio Stahbard and Blade, Geology Club SOMMER. HENRY C,gSmithtown, LI., New York V Geology Club-Vice President, Pep Committee I? 15' ' N If si STEINMETZ, EDWARD A.-Tiffin, Ohio American Chemical Society STICKEL, GAIL EILEEN-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi3Secrerary TRZOS, FREDERICK-Riverside, Illinois Varsity Rifle Team, Illini Club-Vice President and President, R,O.T,C. Rifle Team, Rifle Club, Scabbard :ind Blade, Pick and Hammer Club, Homecoming Elections Committee WEDDLE, ELOISE-Xenia., Ohio Sigma Delta Pi WELLER, WILLIAM J.-Naperville, Illinois Illini Club, Sigma Delta Pi WELLS, JOHN MAURICE-Franklin, Ohio A.C.S., Physics Club, A.I,P., Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon-Vice Director, Honorary Mathematics Fraternity are ff' WOZAR, DOROTHY-Dayton, Ohio Home Ec Club YOLLES, ROBERT S.-Dayton, Ohio Chemistry Club YORDY, CAROL AN'N-Hamilton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, W.R.A. i:-.,3:lggN:.,.:' . , 1 v - va -'am ,. 1 afif?.'f.i5?i55?ls:::1 " i UNGERLIYIDER, JAMES S.-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi VARGA, RICHARD S.-Cleveland, Ohio ACS- -Treasurer, Cleveland Club-Treasurer, Rifle Club, Frosh Class Pitnit Committee, Student Teacher WIZAVIEIR, JUDITI-I RAE-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi 'i X t 1 I 6 A x. Y' ' WESTBROCK, MARY LOU-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi,Cl1oir, Marthing Coeds, A.C.S. WILLIAMS, EDWARD T.-Dayton, Ohio Scabbard and Blade, Geology Club WOODS, JANET ANN-Cir1Cinr1.1ti, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Cincinnati Club, Hui4O-Hawaii Club, Sodality, Flyers Hangar 'fm .-. U 'J f hu-'I Efvrhniral Zlnntitntv ALDERTON, PHILIP C.fD.1f,'tOD, Ohio ARMBRUSTER, ROBERT DAVID-Athens. Ohio ARNOLD, RUDOLPH I.-New Hyde Park, New York Ixnukcrhmkcr Cluh. Pep Cornnutruu. 'I',I. Cluh, Intramurals. Soccer 'I erm BARKOCY, EDWARD I.-Allentown, Pennsylvnnir TI. Cluh-Vice President. Keystone Club, Rifle Team BEARD, DONALD If.ffAuburn, New York BECK, DAVID EDWARD-Mldclltovkfn, Ohio Intr.1mur.1l Sports, Marianist Sodality BOWLING, WILLIAM J.-Dayton, Ohio BREWER, BERNIEAMi41misburg, Ohio BRUENING, RALPH G.- 'I'cuhni4Club, Cleveland Club CZAJKOWSKI, ROBERT+P.1rm:1, Ohio Clevelmd Club, Techni Club, Intramural Basketball DAGIAU. JOHN L.-Sunclusliy, Ohio TI. Club D'AOOSTINO, XVILLIAMfNeW.1rl4, New York Soccer. Wfolverine Club, T.I. Club FISH, WILLIAM L.-Norwalk, Ohio Techni-Club FLINN, WILLIAM M.-Dayton, Ohio FOSSELMAN, DONALD C.fClevel.1nd, Ohio Cleveland Club 9 HAMMER, DALE F.-Fostoria, Ohio HAPNER, HAROLD M.--Dayton, Chio T.I. Club HARTMAN, MELVIN L.-Lewisburg, Ohio COOHILL, TIMOTHY L.-E.1stl.1ke, Ohio Clevelantl Club, Tech-Ni-Club COLE, ROBERT B.+Lewisburg, Ohio CRON, CARL J.-St. Henry, Ohio Sophomore Class Vice President '4-yum Whos DENLINGER, GLENN4Fnrmersville, Ohio DENNIE, RICHARD Maceulon, New York Knitkerhucker Club, Tech Ni Club DROESCH, LOUIS A., JR.fHollis, L.I., New York Knitkcrhockcr Club, Pershing Rifles GARLAND, CHARLES V.-Tipp City, Ohio GIBB, ROBERT C.-Kirkwood, Missouri T.I. Cluh, Dayton Club, Pep Committee, Intramurals GRICE, ROBERT N.-Xenia, Ohio HARRIS, ARLO D.-Dayton, Ohio A C S.. Resenrch Institute. Student Instructor' HAWN, PAUL DOUCILAS-fgplezlsilnt Hill, Ohio T,I Club HELD, MARTIN J.-Lalqexvuod, Ohio Vice President Junior Cl.1ss. Clmiinan Pep Committee, President Flyer's SA C., Publicity 1960 Homecoming. TI. Club, Cleveland Club. Intr.1mur.1l Basketball, Football, Soft- ball. Rec. Improvements Committee, O.S.P.E.. S.A.M,, Business Manager of Hotkey Team -5.9: up '15, I-IORTON, MELINDA4D.1yton, Ohio T.I. Club JOHNSON, LAWRENCE JAMES-Dayton, Ohio LENZ, XVILLIAM J,fRoslyn, L.I., New York T I, Club, Knickerbocker Club MELONI, ROBERT A.fYork, Pennsylvania T I Club, Keystone Club MISSIG, JAMES ROBERTW-Monroeville, Ohio T.I. Club. Cleveland Club MISSIG, MARVIN J.f TI. Club. Cleveland Club HENN, CECIL B.-Dayton, Ohio HILLS, RICHARD H.-New York, New York HOERICHTER, WILLIAM-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania TI. Club, Keystone Club LOMBARDO, ANGELO, JR.-Dayton, Ohio LONG RICHARD W.-Pitsburg Ohio MASSEY JOEL Dayton Ohio MILLER, MICHAEL B.-W. Portsmouth, Ohio Band, Daytoriian '59 MILLER, ROY D., JR.-Dayton, Ohio IVIOONEY-, RICHARD T.-Dayton, Ohio O'DANIEL, WILLIAM F.-Bardstown, Kentucky Bluegrass Club, Tech Ni Club PITSINGER, JAMES ARTHURfDayton, Ohio PROSSER, RICHARD L.fBelle-ville, Illinois O.S.P.E. MORGAN, XVILLIAM S.M-Dayton, Ohio Ve-t's Club NANCI, JAMES R.APittsburgh, Pennsylvnnil Keystone Club. Tech Ni Club NORVELL, HAROLD L.-Xenia, Ohio ROBINSON, ORVILLE D.-New Lisbon, Wisconsin ROGERS, ANTHONY-Dayton, Ohio RUSSELO, WILLIAM B., JR.- Sodality, Intramurals RAAB, LEONARDfPittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tech Ni Club, Rifle Club, Keystone Club RAVENCRAFT, FRANKLIN D.-Dayton, Ohio RAYMOND, CHARLES-Trenton, New jersey tee. Intr.1mur.1l Sports Varsity Soccer, Knickerbocker Club, Tech Ni Club, Pep Commit- wiv -YQ' 5' SOMMER, WILLIAM E.-Xenia, Ohio STEELMAN, THOMAS E.-Collinsville, Ohio T.I .Club SUSOR, THOMAS S.-Toledo, Ohio T,I. Club. Cleveland Club 43 SHANK, R. DAVID-A-Munhall, Pennsylvania X T.I, Club, Keystone Club iw, ' SHULTZ, OAVID L.-Portsmouth, ohio SMITH, STEPHEN B.fDnyton, Ohio 'fb- ,W , l THOMPSON, XVILLIE l.fDayton, Ohio VASCSINEC, lOHN4Port Beading, New Jersey T,l. Cluh. lntmmumlx XVEAVER, XVARREN D.---New LCb.lf1OI'1, Ohio 'Er' ZUEHLKE. ROBERT jOSEPHfMicldletown, Ohio ZIMMER, MICHAEL JAMES'-Dayton, Ohio l'lENTRlCH, ROBERT L., JR.-Dayton, Ohio Tl Club WINGER. CHARLES E- lR.gDayton, Ohio T.I. Club FQ WOLF ,CHARLES CLYDEiDaytor1, Ohio YOUNG. DONALD E.4Uni0n. Ohio XJ ,ii y-P' .ii-9 REX To commemorate the severity of the winter some of our technically minded students decided to reproduce 21 victim of past severe winters. After finding a model with the physique and mentality of this poor victim Qsee opposite pagej our schoolmates created this memorial . . . REX? If F f JN X X X jf HQ E 0 Q D 01 11111111 211111115 "At last, I entered a vale of wooded slopes and proned myself on the ground. Far had I traveled, far from those taunting voices with empty words that rang incessant. As I rested, people drew near Who had learned fat last, I thoughtj to accept life without philosophy and to live in truth." In Memory of . . . KK 1 RF' vs" 5' ,yqgg MISS MARY ELIZABETH JONES Died. November 20, 1960 LAL . I .f'wf" ac Q Q , ff .4 '21-16.1, W f- 1 f 2 ' yjfgjfg, 1-if 'f'?5':,: the ,rudden flafh of headlight: the helplen Jcreefh of hrahef the hopeleff ery of glam and Jfeel the Jhouff . . , the .frreamf . . . the nothing a day of triumph drowned in a moment of tragedy a life of love ended in afz imtarzt of eterfziiy you tazzghl Jpeahizz g hu! fhozred gizfizzg you gazfe yozlrfelf we learned lore we may forget your fare we fazz never forge! your heart EDMUND C. KRAUS Died, November 22, 1960 . . Ami These Carry On PI KAPPA DELTA HONGRARY FORENSIC FRATERNITY Left: Carolyn Duell, Norman Mitchell, Bruce Dungan, William Schopps, Hiram Crawford, rigbz: Kay Tallmadge, Kathleen Deger. James Herbert, Robert McGuire, James Thesing. . Home, But Coming Back l .Q i fx, 7' fr! '4 Fred McKool and family. Norman Mitchell fPresidentj, Kathleen Deger 1Treasurei-J, Carolyn Duell QSecreta.ryJ, james Her- bert fVice Presidentj. Oar Leaders . STUDE T COUNCIL , .2 , . 1 .A Sa.11rfd.' jim Bulger, Sue Neumann, Stan Greenberg, Ross DiBacco, SI.z2zdizzg: Larry Brown, Mike Brogen, Dan Mueller, Linda Benjamin, Bill Verkamp, Mary Sweeney. -loy Boyersmith, Ed Alexander. Maureen Murphy, Dave Kelly, jim O'Hom, Ned Becker, Absea11.' Fr. Barrett fModerat0rj, Pat O'Hagan. tax COUNCIL OFFICERS l48 . . And Our Leaders' Leaders Ammzd Ike strafrb sbeel: Jim Bulger fTrea.surerj Stan Greenberg QPresiclentj, Sue Neumann QSecre taryj, at the H-m:k.' Pat O'Hagan fVice Presidentj. Ami M ore Leaders TUDE T ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE ., ,. , .., .ie ' XY.- 1I,. M, -- Q- wwe- Q .j-,- N, .fm A A f ,, v mu -Xxx - I ' ' . ,. X , X., .NM ,. X, . , ,,. . a-Q, xuwmsa -nm: .N X, , -N V P3 Q- - --XA' Q.. I fbi ,- Firvl Roux' Tony M.12z.1 KSC-rrc-mryl, Linda Beniamin fStuden! Council Representativej, Vlnhn Maloney fGenernl Chairmanl, Srrmm' Roux' Bill Geir. Tnm Burger, john ulaurck. Mark Summon, Marty Held CENTRAL OMEN'S ORGANIZATIO rss ,- .., A ,E Rau' One: Miss Kathleen W'hetro, Mrs. Freda Hussong. Clara Trnttman: Public Relations, Judy Pohlg Senior Rep, Row Two: Mary Claire Brinker, Pinky Henry, Beverly Huston. I49 . . . Ami Old Leaders .I K, , 31 , I H3 -f 'Eff , e ww A g,' fv Ex ,PQ Ig 64-is ' 4X 1 Q51 X , Y, K , XY -22" . Arvlmiif- 1 1 M :ini ':':"' ' . M ' Left to right: Ned Becker fPresidentj, Dodie Gibson KSCCIEYHIYJ. Chuck Sweeney fVice Presidentj, Bill Cramsey ffreasurerj, Ami New Leaders Around B. P.'.v Tublex Wfilliam Verkamp QPresi- denty joe Rose QTrcasurerJ, Peggy Follick QSf:c- retruyj, R1ch Hladysh fViCe Presidentl, ww ' 55 C . 'Lf' wt. -.., 4 K' --.f"i- Ewa - . Q' HM OFFICERS I50 ,,,.X l SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Am! in the Middle Smledx Linda Arvin fSccretl1ryj, Bob Goethie ffrcasurerj, Snvzdings Chris Hick- ey fVice Pre-iidcntj, Mike Brogan fpresidc-ntl. JUNIOR CLASS QFFICERS - -V I - V , A fl,f. ,. . ll 5,--1 Afrox: the munfer: Dave Kelly fPresidentJ, Bobbie Koenig fSeCre'taryj, Dennis O'Neal fTreas- urerj, Marty Held fVice Presidentj. MARCHING B Firrt Raul: R. XX'orth, S. Scanlon, S. Neuhard, E. Buchheit, S. McPherson. Second Roux' L. Otto, M. L. Westbrock, R. Myers, B. Baker, M. Schmid, M. Rodg- ers, J. Albright, Y. Monnin, P. Brinkel, P. Gmaz, J. Hammant. Third Row: S. Sutton, C. Sowers, J. Sheridan, M. Geswein, B. Barth, B. Houston, K. Horvath C. Lawson, C. Keogh, S. Schipper, J. Welch, T. Whitt, Faurlh Roux' C. Hall, B. Nolan, F. McKinley, F. Levora, E. Romaguera, N. Kauffman, W. Nowak, J Peck, R. Caden, Fiflh Rouu' E. Szeman, E. Flamm, S. Stout, M. Flaugh, R. Shimoda, D. Cochran, D. Sommer, R. Furnas, C. Popelka, R. Sandor, D. Ragan S. A. Michael, C. Mohr, Sixrh Rout T. Keil, L. Walborn, F. Minger, J. Minogue, T. Ausenbaugh, J. Luneke, R. Glass, T. Gagel, M. E. Webster, T. Borling J. Szmania. G. Schubert, F. Kutschback. W. Stout, Sezwzlh Roux' M. Reichard tDirectorJ, R. Csoltko, J. Risko, K. Artl, J. Barklow, N. Wolary, J. Keating T. Schwerer, J. Dresher, T. Pepitorie, J. Walters, J. Watters, R. Wfiggenhorn fDirectorJ, Eighth Roux' C. Wuebker, M. Miller, F. Koehler, T. Andrews, D Cicon, E. Klosterman, R. Perez, J. Fortman, R. D'Epiro, J. Pickering, K. Hemmelgarn. Y M 1 4- l 1 ,Q .. v Demonstrating New U nifowns 'M' ' .s . ll TOM WHITT SHARON SCANLON Drum Maior Maiofette IS? THE NEW LOOK For the first time the U. D. Marching Band included women musicians. Directly related to the addition of women to the Band roster is the complete outfitting of the entire group with new uniforms, Other new features are a line of six majorettes and the employment of an assistant director. All in all, these changes contributed to the sparkling new look at half-time. phi , M ,ic wx its fins EDWARD SZEMAN President MAIORETTES-Rita Wirth, Sharon Neuhard, Estelle Buchheit, Sharon McPherson FLYERETTE .41 'x Fir-51 Roux' Meredith McAnclrews, Carol Chase, Judi Goelz, Phyllis Bailey, Maureen Murphy, Sharon Fitzgerald, Eddie Balaweider, Pix Brenner, Lynn Deters, QC.1pt.iinj, Second Roux' Mary Schwaumberger, june Issenmann, Diane Parrincllo. Lynne Bracken, Layne Lahrman. jane Taylar, Kathy Hoffmann, Fran Strau- kamp, Third Rffnx' Suzanne Moore. Mary -lo Brinkmaeller, Susan Racie, Loretta Yano, Carol Penske, Marsha Buelcer, joan Murphy, Barbara Breault, Mary Opal. :Ilan 111: Clwfeogr.1pbfrMrs. Sonja Marsh. sf vi" ' fav' ll W 3 X 'Hifi 'Mali X X-,Njf , LJ IS4 . -1' xs.,, , A .- F Q ' k My if is I 1 yr L, ' ' ' '--Q--ug' D qi 9 X S " n . I K 5 S, V V .,,, K- 'Q-ew . m .- I Q H J Well, Not T00 Bad MARCHI G COEDS 4 i Fin! Roux' Regina Myers, Pat Brinkel, Linda Otto, Pat Gnmz. Sammi Ruuz' Marti Schmid, Yvonne Monnin, Beverly Houston, Brenda Hatch, Judy Wfelch, Third Rffui: Connie Keogh. june Sheridan, Becky Barth, Phyl- lis Romie, Connie Lawson. Wbadaya Mean, N015 T00 Bad?" l55 ODALITY ff? l han Firfl Roux Beverly Biersaik, Kay Tallmadge, Antonnette Suchy, Carol Hoegler, Lis Castellini, Sharon Ruchschelling, Mary Sweeney, Judy Boyne, Kathleen Ann Flynn, Eunice Edwards, Stroud Roux' Earl Starlden, Mike McTeague, Bill Wabler, Tony Mazza, Tony Ziehler, Paul Ulrich, Ken Duysn, Paul Becker, Geurge Kramer, Sal Panrezzi, jim McCarthy, Third Roux' Paul Tangerman, Charles Popelka, Ron Versia, Pam McDonald, Caraline Spatz, Patti Olgen, Joan Hunan, Barb Kinzig, Betty O'Leary, Paula Bova, Pauline Sullivan, Carmilla Geambrune, Cecila Schiml, Barb George, Mary Ann Hartman, Genie Vogel, Teresa Reiling, Eileen Wiedenhcwfer, Anne MacNamara, George Markley, Mike McClellan, Charles Sweeney, Fourlla Rauf: J. Balcerek, Harvie Houser, Jim Riley, Don Kalfas, Harold Nielsen, Charles Sweeney, jack Owens, Bill Burkharclt, Norm Lulnnick, Ed Stocken, Ray Kerchensteiner. Lefl 10 rigbls john Lamberjack, Bill Groce, Louis Vitacco, Yvonne Didier, Agnes Marchiori, Ray Tanguay, Aspasia Phillips, Cecila Schiml, joan Briggs, jim Hartlage, Mar- cella Liebel, Ruth King, Fr. Hoelle QModer-atorj. LEGIO OF MARY l56 gl 1 ll 5 FITII Run: Patricia Baumer, Edwiria Cibulka fSecrc-taryj, Robert Lnniendulii lllrcsillcntj. ,ludy Baker, Blanche Asbury, Swwzd Roux' james Ri- Icy. Vince Knipfing, Dan Spillane, Ira Fiscus, joe Cochran jr- 1'1l7,lgUf' Clam 'l'ruttm.1n. Fin! wuz' Tom Gerling, Charlie Glumski, Nelson Martin, Dick Maes. Tom Brzozowski, joe Brzuzow- ski, Sefwzd Rauf Nick KJUlYH1JH, john Peck, Art Keffler, Mike Brogan, Henry Romagueru, Joe Kolesar, Third Rau: Dave Miller, john Feldman, Stan Chichanowicz, Ken Maragi, jerry Hanclurf, Lou Lunne, Fuurlla Row: Wendcl Maegley, Bob Hale, jim Riley, jeriy Smith. 0,1 .EE CHAPEL CHOIR l57 'FAU BET PI NATIONAL ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY , . Ann Soo, Honorable Engineers . . Fifrf Roux' john jauch fViCe Presidentj, Timothy Trick QPre5idc-nth, Ken Walter fSecretaryJ, Edward Zuscilc fTreas- urerj, Sfrfnzd Roux' Dr. Foresti QF.1culty Advisorj, Richard Kleiner, Lawrence Raiff, Lawrence Gutman, George Inouye, Tomi Roux' David Miller, Theodore Robbins, Lawrence Kramer. Ronald Mulholland, Prof. Ryckman QFaculty Advisorj, Dr. W'ilsOn tF.1culty Advisorj, Abrwzfx William Nighan, jerry Kendall, Thomas Rolfes, Fred MCKOOI fhurry back, Fredj, Dr, Null tliaculty Advisorj. . And Proverb Pnrzfeyors A ..,,-J XVRITERS 5, I' A 'ir" 2 CLUB Around fhe Cirrle: Mary Mattingly, Therese Geis, jim Cain, Harry Rougier fModeratorj, jim Lauricella, Mary Altick, Nick English, Helen Peterson fhloderatorj, Edward Blunt, Helen Deitz, Anita Amato. use ' PSI CHI NATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY HONOR SOCIETY Around Ihe Tahle: jim Cleary, Marty Smith, John Lambuiack, john Collins, Sue Neumann, Bob Gilligan, Dick Lien- esch, Deanna Lewis, Chuck Compolo, I Sue Ritchie, jay Vogelmeier, Peggy - l Leach, William Woodraska, Roger Du- Mars, jack Edwards, Blanche Asbury, Ed Luce. Occupation: Nuts . MERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGI EER Fin! Row: Charles Bakan fPresidentJ, Walter Macoiritto fVice Presidentj, William Snider fTre-asurerj, Charles Grindstaff fSecretaryl, Professor Harold Nielsen fFaculty Advisorj, Second Roux' Albert Parsakian, Kenneth Aken, Leon Vorst, Rich- ard McLane, Thomas Druffel, James Heamey, Howard Wolfe, Third Row: Seiya Sakurai, john Allison, john jauch, Donald Morris, Melvin Eifert, Raymond Knight, Fourth Row: Wendel Margley, Dennis Gerdeman, Richard Lewicki, Terry Szwarc, john Hennessey, William Nighan, Fifth Row: Jerome Burger, Paul Troin, Houston Loveless, Earl McFeaters, Edward Schultz, Jr., George Inouye, Sixth Row: Alex Occhioero, Dan Maglicic, Theodore Roubins, Timothy Murphy, John Ruane, Seventh Row: Tom McAllister, Wes Scoates, john Waitzman, James Quinn. And Bolts l59 Computeifs . MATH CLUB Fir!! Roux' Darrell Horwath CPublicity Secretaryj, john Kauflin CVice Presidc-ntl, Charles Mott fPre-sidentj, Doris Gitzinger fRecorcling Secretaryj, joe Brgozowski fTreasurerj, Sammi Roux' Jackie Kuhn, Larry Rniff, Ron Beisel, Art Brunswick, Bill Brockrnan, Third Row: Phil Vukovic, Ralph Steinlage, Tom Gantner, joe Boeke, Mike Barnowski, Fourzh Raza: Koichi Beckwith, john Bodner, Roger Sebenik, john Stel- zer, Dr. K. C. Schraut fAdvisorl. . And C ommuteifs I TER ATIO AI. CLUB li Rx . Fnxfl Roux- Eileen Crowley fVice Presidentj, George Inouye fPresidentj, Dr. Edward Harkenricler fFaculty Advisorj, Joann Simonton fSeC- fGfH1'Yl. Albert, Seward Rauf: Sue Dale, Ali Goochani, Edgar Araish, Edvardo Rocha, Irmhild Bullet, Anita King, Third Row: Michel Etienne. I-lmsan Firouzabadian, Seiya Sakurai, Donald Moses, Harry Tulleners, Thakor Tailor, Fourth Row: Barbara Feltner, Sue Ann Romie, john lX.ll'lf.l, Emmanuel Karam, Pat Pruyn, Betty O'Leary, Ronald Vanatsky, Henry Rupert, Fifth Row: Cecilia Harclesty, Koichi Beck- with, Enrique Ronmguera, john Lamberjack, Patrick McClure, Bruno Greco, Simon Yang. l60 Ce-lztwzl Ohio . . CENTRAL OHIO CLUB -- Firil Roux' Anne Belanger, Roberta Toshich, Sue Hausmann fSecretaryj, julie Jacobs, Second Roux' Ed Ferris fPresidentJ, Marty Skeele, T. K. O'Mn, honey, Tom Weaver. . . . Ami Centml Paci ic Fir!! Row: William Lee, Albert Pang, Dom Bello, Manny Cadiz, Serorzd Row: Stu Brissette, Duane Ting, Nelson Nakagawa, Frank Nicolas, Raynor, Ron Kunihiro, Art Ferreira, Mike Lum, Milton Shimabukuro. HUI-O-HAWAII l6I Where the Boys Are . Firfl Razr: Chuck Raymond. joe Belanich CVice Presidentj, Ralph Harper fSecretaryJ, Al Watzek fPre-siclentj, Phil Dubensky fTreasurerJ, jack Parnell, Pat Connor, Sammi Raul: Tony Latell, Bruce Alessie, Greg Finnan, George Marklay, -lim Pistana, jack Uriah, Bill Cramsey, Tbird Row: Bob Cyphers, Ray Za- waozki, Mike Palmerie, Don Heller, Earl McFeaters, Pat Allen, Stan Greenberg. VARSITY D Firm' Razr: Franlq Gni.udow5ki, Mtlze Monaghan, Gary Roggenburk, Earl Spivey, jim Sieffert, Tony Scalia, Serand Row: John Cashin, john Smykowski, Dani Laughlm, Mr. -llIH Fnher QClub Modcratorj, Mike Craffey, Tom Hatton, Third Roux' Dick Pagliarie, Ron Budzik, George Kelly, Jack Unverferth, Myron Da. vn.lotf, Bob Heckmm, Boh hllCl'lI3l-ID, Ftfnrflv Roux' jerry Hardt, Andy Trimura, jerry Me-lzer, jack Labruyere, Bob Bauer. I62 ...--1 . Ami Where the Boys' Eyes Are HOME EC CLUB I Q7 1 tvlfy Fir!! Row: Carolyn Duell four bossj, Brenda Bort, Alexa MacLeod, Vicki Bringman, Sefond Row: Mrs. Bernhard fFaculty Advisorl, Suzanne Dawicke fSec- retaryj, Carolyn Hughes fVice Presidentj, Margret Weber Cfreasurerj, Miss Smallwood fFaculty Advisorj, Tlaidr Row: Judy McCullom, Marcella Reynolds, joan Henn, Donna Bender, Judy Byrne, Elon Emery, Cindy Hall, Linda Croy, Fourth Rauf: Margret Wray, Ruth Stabler, Dorothy Wozar, Mary Ann Schroer, Becky Barth, Kay Goeller, joani Helmers. l63 Series Wimzers . KEYSTON E CLUB Firrt Roux' Pierre Grimes, Chuck Sweeney, Dave Miller, Paul Ley, Ssrozzd Roux' Elaine Shumocker, Agnes jones, Lucy Coletta, Lois Honerlaw, Larry Henry, Rich Niehzydowski, Richard Skurke, judy Dickinson, Art Liebold, Third Row: Jim Dado, Frankie Lane, Kathy johnson, Frank Spehar, Pat Goer- ig, Norm Stone. jerry Wunderly, Ted Michalczyk, A jealous Yankee Fan, J. F. Kennedy, Fam-fb Row: john Turkaly, Paul Neidhardt, Bob Mc-rther, Paul Brosky, john Andra. I64 . Ami Losers KN ICKERBOCKER CLUB Firart Ruuu- jane Ifcngsel, Bob O'Donnell, Vine Hozn, Bob White, E. Presly, Don Knox, Second Rauf: Red Burton, Castro, Pete Cerere, Deny DePhillipi Michy Movelle, Izrving Click, 'lilwmz' Raw: juan Remon, The Umbrello Man, Goofy, jack Meayuore. N ei ghhors North . NN. WCLVERIN E CLUB Up fha Lrffx R. Doerr QPrcsidcntJ, XV.1Itcr DSADHH fTre.asurerj, Nel- son Martin, Rirlmrd McBride, Lee McMillan, F11 iff? Alzddlex Pattic Pepp, cSCCl'6f.1l'Y,, Kay MLCormick, Peggy Pope, Barb Sclumberg, .md Up Ihr Righf: Charlie Keyes QVicc Presidcntj, Mark Sammon, Pat Hgmkerd, Russ Tlwmpsun, Vifilliam D'Agostino, . Am! Neighbors West .va Q -3' . X V? X Firxt Row: Jim Weglewski, Doug Finn QPresidentJ, Rose Ann Knoe-bel fSecre'taryj, Tom Bornhorst, Dave Voglewede fVice Presidentj, Serond Row: jerry Finn, joe Stetzel, Tony Becker, Dan Kaczorowski. HOOSIER CLUB Alpha Kappa Sigh . Firrt Roux' Stanley Greenberg, Dr. Hilary Beth, Edward McGinnis, Robert Herliehy, Dale Shadburn, Michael Long, William Hewitt, Mr. S. C. Allyn, Second Row: Donald Wohlrab, Richard Skarke, Ross DiBacco, Robert O'Donnel, Sal Pantezzi, Richard Niebrzydowski, Donald Webb, Lenard Klostelnick, Thomas Bornhorst, William Long. ... .. -A Fin: Rout: Ralph Steinlage, Lawrence Raiff, john Wells, Second Row: Brian Brady, Albert Pang, Charles Koeller, Thomas Grillot, Third Ruux' Dr. Schraut fhioderatorl, Timothy Trick, Walter Fuchs, Lawrence Gutman, Richard Kleiner, Fourlb Roux' Mrs. Prather, Mr. Peter- son, Mr. Rice, Mr. Smith, Dr. Esser, Mr. Kreider. PI MU EPSILO lbb HONORARY MATHEMATICS FRATERNITY Fin! Rauf: james Dotto, Lawrence, Norman Mitchell, Richard Roesch, Daniel Couglin, Lambert Mack, Ralph Genovese, Russel Borelli, Semnd Raw: George Smith, Donald Secrist, Michael Case, David Sanders, Dennis Sunderhaus, Norman Reinhard, Ronald Deger, Peter Leolwedge, Herbert Keil, Patrick Georig, john Turkaly, Eugene Caselle, Roger Romito, Marvin Martin, Allen Mihalik. LPHA KAPPA PSI HONQRARY BUSINESS FRATERNITY . . . , . , . AL! sf.. 5 K A .:,, X al, kt I , , V, 44. . , . ', X , 1 , .P V.. -.,' '- ' , , ., Lyn, , .M .f , . Q 'N l av? . Vai, . t-Wm 'af 1 Fin! Row: Bill Hofrichter, Tom Susor, Ed Barkocy, Len Raab, Mr. Fehlmann, Second Row: Mike Mil- ler, John Polavics, Bob Meloni, Tom Steelman, Frank Smith, john Pier, Patrick Henry. TE CHN -I-CLUB xr W- xv Healers . . . 1 U' 5 - v - ' it -fame Fir!! Roux' Sue Flanagan, Pat Smith, Pat Leese, Carol Yordy, MaryLou Wlestbrook, Eloise Weddle, Joan Thaler, Dr. Michaeles fModeratorD, Second Row: Ed Charnock, Grant Deger, George Koehl, Bill Gates, Gail Stiekel, Dick Lienesch, Robert Lipp, john Lamberjaclc, Third Row: Tom Ruth, Ed Luce, Tom Bro- zozowski, Tom Berger, Gerald Nieters, Ben Hegman, jim Smith, Walt Rieling, Fourlh Roux' Gerald Smith, Dick Reiling, jon Hogankamp, Ken Pohl, Joe Smith, Ray Barthlowrneu, Fifzb Roux' Tom Hibbelri, jerry Kaplam, George Skuns, Leonard Gosink, Jack Vangrow, Egbert juliao, Ed Humput. SIGMA DELTA PI HONORARY PRE-MEDICAL FRATERNITY . Ami Helpers Se.z1e:2': Eloise Evans, Helen Kurz, Louise Woods, Sfafzding' Lenore Takin, Jeanne Kanouff, Mary Druffel, Patricia Eck, Miss Horrigan fModerat0rj, Suanne Speece, janet Rose. U EP ILO DELT HONORARY NURSES SORORITY I68 AMERICAN INSTIT TE OF PHYSICS Bombs . . Dr. Stephen Eros explains the vacuum system to the American Institute of Physics members who were unable to identify themselves in this AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Firft Row: james Mabacak, Edward Zuscik, Richard Varga, Eugene Poel, Bernand Kokenge, Richard Seaman, Serond Row: jim Martin, En- rique Romaquera, Lynda Toth, Ariadna Reshityto, Arlo Harris, Third Row: Leonard Smith, William Price, Carole Balash, Clara Trortman, Joe Rohling, Fourth Row: john Miller, James Kill, Dr. Carl Michaelis fAdvisorj, Edward Steinmetz, George Halloran, Fiffb Raw: Gene Steinmetz, Tom Austin, Nick Marinelli, Steve Mizsak, john Fortman. . . Ami Bootms I69 gpm . INSTITUTE or R D10 ENGI EERS .f lf' Fifi! Row: Jerome Wysong, Vincent Daniello, Kenneth Golonka, Eugene Zimmer, Ralph Biscoe, Charles Koeller, Semrzd Row: Gene Dietz james Donohue, Edgar Araish, Josph Krupar, Melvin Nienberg, Donald Yauch, Third Roux' Bill Schummer, Dennis Seitz, Donald Moses, Ste: phen Soller, joseph LaSusa, Fozzrlb Rauf: Tim Kaczkowski, Larry Gutman, john Schneider, George Kramer, Frank Brady. . Smzesmen E W EN GLA D CLUB -A.. Fir-if Rfwu':'Bill O'Connor, Mike Palmerie, Amy Forziati, Philip Teta, Jack Addeo, Second Row: Jay Lushinks, Irv Glick, Roger Charbonneau, Kathy Kreiss, I-Iarvie Houser, Third Row: jack Andrews, jack Kennedy, jim Keating, Richard Bielot, Ronald Szarlan, Douglas Suckow. l70 AMERICAN INSTIT TE OE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Nz: Fim Roux' Jerome Wfysong QChairmanb, Ralph Briscoe, Perry Borden, Sz't'0l1d Raw: Edward Bereda, joseph Santo, David Miller, David Lammers, Third Roux' jim DuBrul, Harry Tulleners, Albert Pang, Thomas Michel, Lawrence Raiff, Faizrth Roux' john Hear, John O'Lakacs, Ron Thomas, Ray Norbert Dc-Jaco, Timothy Trick, Fiffla Row: Pedro Guzman, Gene Dietz, Tim Kaczkowski, Howard George. And Secessimzists BL EGRASS CLUB .. . ,.,,Q,,,,y.. First Row: Rod Mattingly, Marcia Hasenour, Bro'. George McKenzie fModeratorJ, Bert "Reb" Higdon, Bill Way- land, Serand Row: Tom Klump, jim Hazel, R. E. Lee, Carol Wagner, Kathy Flynn, Kathy Musterman, Carol Billings, George Hoffman, Third Row: Al Clark, Clem Yokum, johnny Yuma, Harvey Hatfield, Peter Gunn, Foufzh Row: Rich Schulter, Dennis Scott, Mike Sutherland, joe Hagan, Frank Rue. AIVLERICAN SOCIETY GE CIVIL ENGINEER Firfl Row: Prof. Ray Stith, Charles Lee Meyers, Norman Hom, Gerry Blake, Ed Ferris, jose Roman, jr. Sewnd Roux' Tony Campanelli, Larry Kramer, jim Schrader, joseph Peitric, Don Romes. Third Roux' Henry Pope. Gus Boland, Ed Kuzma, Richard Meyer, Robert Diller. DAYTON CLUB 'W 'Qs Frou! Roux' Katie Sachs fTreas.J, Ed Alexander fPres.j, Judy Stonebarger fSec.J. Second Rauf: Carole Guess, Mary Ann Ciambro, jane Sullivan, Carol Goldschmidt, Janet Kuntz. Third Roux' Martie Loges, Nancy Makley, Mary Ann Hartmann, Trish Wagner, Genie Vogel, Teresa Reiling, julie Norman, Marty Elliott, Barbara Kroger, Pat jehn, Helen Eisenhauer. Fam-lb Rana' Dave Leff, Dave Bolend, joe Piekutowski, Mike Thill, Tom Druffel, Tom Zobrist, Bob Sparks. BEFORE . BATTALION STAFF g Silfizzg: Rene Affour-tit, Thomas O'Brien. Smr1di1zg.' George Helm, Louis Ahlers, Barry Mainardi. Rich- ard Baker, James Bauman. Rod Bakos, Nicholas Kaufmann. Charles Steuer. Smlue: General john J. Pershing fl-le's dc-adj. VETERANS' CLUB . AND AFTER 0 1 Sealed: john Payne, Frank Bonanno CPresidentJ, Father Powers, Brother Nagel 1Mocle-ratorj, jack Thein fVice Presidentj. Standing: Tony De Carlo, John Blake CSecretaryJ, Doug Browning, Dave Monaghan, Harlan Judd 1Tre-asurerj, jim Clancy, Ed Zahorsky, Charlie Connolly, Hal Nielsen, Paul Schmidt, Percy Vera, john Radican, Bob Walther, Chuck Cubelka, Joe Kramer, Ed Caulfield. Alnxenzp Tony Monnin. I73 MILITARY STAFF THATS RANK . . WITH EXCEPTIONS -if Lt. COl. Fawcett Col. Clough Lt. Col. O'Hara 1552 kv Capt. Herlihy Capt. Greeley Capt. Sontag Capt. Cannon 9 h S M,"Sgt. Sullivan Sgt. Miller Sgt. Miller Capt. Smith Maj. Rainey F2 9w7""'- ry' Sgt- Perry S.F.C. Creed Mfsgr. Scott Sgt. Jones SP4 Hill We . i l. - V w , Q 5 '74 M7585 Pierce Mfsgf- Sl0Wik Capt. Noble Sgt. O'Keefe MfSgt. McGuire SCABBARD BL DE Rau' I: john Herman. Richard Gaither, Col, Casper Clough, -lr., Lt, Col, Lloyd C. Hall, Terry Rieske. Brian Hood. Rim 2: Dave Don.ihue, Clint Ht-dder, George Helm, Don Gunston, John Fisrher, Robert E. Lee, Gerald XX'e-sthrock, Edward Xxfilliums, William Stout, Flash Gordon, Rau' 3: George S. Pdtton. Thomas Kmpf, Al Clark. Mayor Toth. Robert Frost, joe Stillwell, Ron' 4: William Streisal, Robert Personals, Steve Canvon, Martin Smith, George I-Ialloran, Tecumseh Sherman, Peter Cerar, Frank Maus, Kansas City, fAny lack of sii'nil.1rity between this identification and its popular counterpart is entirely the praise or blame of the oft'ici.1l identification of the group by its membersj PERSHIN G RIFLE THE LEADERS ARE: Capt. Whitn10re, Marcia Maugle, J. Berman. I75 ,.f'4- The University of Dayton FLYE 4 ws ,ff ,,,,,,.... Second Semester Editor Bill Lzmgley TAKES AIM . . . AT First Semester Editor Marty Payne ew . , .' " ,, - - . ,,.f , . 4 N ,. . ' -vi. 4- . .-. -A . TOTIN' BIG GUNS: Sharon Freeman CNews Eclitorj, Mike Steuerwalt fCopy Editorj, Gayle Sclnvain and Anita Amato fFeatures Editorsj. TT? .K FA may 5.58 ,.4mr' l ll. If 1 ON THE IVING: Jim Meyers fBusiness Managed, Bert Amntu fSoc1.1l Editorj, Ken Rue-th fCirCulation Managerj, Valerie Laczko fLibr.1rianJ. Dave Hopkins lSports Editorj. FLYERS TAKE OFF . . . OVERLOADING: Gene Mack, Carmen Estevez, Amy For- ziati, Dave Brown, Mike K:-Lminski Marilyn Schneble Ed Esch. -r vm. 143' IN THE DRIVERS SEAT: jim DeFe0, Jim Cain, Ken Knisely, Paula Bova, Barb Schumacher, Roger Romito. E PDDEITCEYS Fyl Vacchiano, Expmzenl'J Edito 'A WORD IS DEAD WHEN IT IS SAID, SOME SAY. I SAY IT JUST BEGINS TO LIVE THAT DAY." l' AND ANOTHER SORT OE WRITERS . . . SECRETARY CLUB ., ,Ns , "P- 5955 Q. V 5 S A ' s i ."f x ,gl Row 1: Sue Miller, jane Sullivan, Marty Alexander, Mary Brenner, Rim' 2: Marjorie Wliipp, Nancy Xweingert, -lane Montgomery, Rau- 3: Estelle Bucheit, Betty O'Leary, Bonnie Burns. Karen Kline, Fra.n Accrocco, Ron' 4: Beverly Anderson, Mary Ann Ciambro, Carol Guess, jean Manning, jill Hawker, Susan Racie, Nedra Mieter, jane Tayler, Sandy jackson, Jannice Miller. Row 1: Phyllis Bailly, Gloria Hewitt, Bonnie Huelsman, Cathy Dunnam, Nancy Makely, Sandy Gaffin, Barb Conley, Raw 2: Louise Sawaya, Marilyn McKenney, Carol Goldschmitt, NHDCY Felfl, Row 3: Carol Bova, jane Klosterman, Phyllis Przybylowiz, Eddie Balwejcler, Barb Conn, Connie Keogh, Row 4: Joyce Corwin, Mary Ann Miller, Fran Lombardy, Micky McAndrews, Mary Steve, Nancy Weingert, Mary Jo Unger. I79 1 I, . J '1 1 .gl .,, ,. .uw , , "gf: f 'ffxmf ,fx nf1.1'l,.QA.,xH sw 4.x ,.,'.v,.w .,.- .,,, xy.-.A. ,,.,,,,, . . . gf fp' vr-mg. 5 ..f.L AM., M 5.35 A 15", BLK-f'X'x :LL "J ,. ei ng, 'Qfg X ' '.:f1 -fm 4f . '?'2,Zf'3' 2 -ffg.,1L-1g52fufi? 5tg Tv- T1 . , swf ' I 1'f' .T 'FJ ' GMEJT- " x ,gg "QEx,w5AA'-- ,. -v wif ' -' ' 2 :Wynn Q! 3551-s w g i if fx W 41 X61 . i -, 9 4 'X 3 lil I , 52 ?-. '1 AU ' Xiu! Yi 51 X ' K I l F wa X se., H Q I ! ? ,Q ..f0"" pnrtn Full 'round had my vision turned. for as I reclined there in that grassy vale, Come sauntering with voices that sang strongly 'til the hedges qualled and the very ground began to tremble, Gladiators, those men who gamble with sinew in sake of the awesome name of sport Q.. gr-.. ,.L ' we, -. . TQ.-'fain -N ' r ' x-'H--srA,' . Q , fx 1 A ,-. fs... aff' X gzgix V i f 'T ,45 - : , A-ix 5 1305-Mi . Q w RK . 1 - -,M -was 5' QS' , K f -'Hi 5 qt 9 5 4 wx X 'CY . V .,..: -,. ......... .. ,M,m,,,,,4, ---A V .M . -f 4... ' ' .,,...f--' , Q A First Roux' Jack Parnell, Pat Connor, Earl Mclieaters, Al XY'.1tzek, Bob DcM.irw tCapt.l, Bob Cyphers, Joe Belanich, Ransom Piltz, Bill Belanich fMgr.J, Second Roux' Frank Kosco fMgr.J, Nate Bruno, Mike Palmerie, Ralph Harper, Tim Ansberry, Mike Monaghan, Frank Gniazdowski, George Marklay, Third Raw: Dan Miloserny, Jerry Hardt, joe Grieco, Earl Spivey. -loc Boyersmith, Dan Laughlin, Bob White, jerry Melzer tMgr.J, Fourth Row: Larry Case, jack Unverferth, Bob Mithigan. Dick Pagliari, Larry Klingensinith, Dah Kosak, John O'Connor, Fiflb Roux' Bob Fosnaught, Andy Timura, Don D6LLllXlBf, Ron Budzik, George Kelly, Tom Gr.1y,Mike Craffey. Bob Heckman. 'sq fa J ' url .. e g My 3 September had arrived. As the University of Dayton stu- - Y W U' dents returned to the hilltop, their attentions were directed to the young man who had recently assumed the position of 'B' 2 head football coach. Much work was in store for Stanley Zajdel. Plagued by one of the smallest teams in Dayton's history Q38 membersj, Stan was faced with a situation which left him virtually no reserves at certain positions. No fewer than four games were partially or completely lost due to this inherent weakness. Dayton fans were to realize that the Flyers would not automatically begin winning games with the installa- tion of a new head coach. The fans had faith in the new coach, however, and they knew that, given some time, this new coach would lead the Flyers down the path of victory. Coach Zajdel confers with aide in pressbox about overall prospects of game. .". YE 55 A 'Yew X, H , fa I , 1 -T ., 539 ,gkjqte X an Y ,gf ,VB A G, X. X 2: 7' " ff "' ,X In M I af X 'Z K 3 F W' J f 'X X X up !A-,f Q J 3 ' 'si 'W' vw.-r' ' MQ A 1 1, I, 2 L. ,a wg! is if' X . .,-L..-x 'f Overheard: "The next time we play you guys, take that damn steel plate out of that arm brace." 14 VILLANOVA 0 While not playing up to their capabilities, the Flyers' efforts were sufficient to overcome Villanova's Wildcats. Dayton broke into the scoring column in the first quarter as Earl Spivey skirted right end. In the third quarter, Frank Gniazdowski tallied on a plunge from the seven. Victory had come to Zajdel's charges at last. Timura gains five against Villanova. 0 ,,,,. .. .. LOUISVILLE ,. . . 36 Riding on the crest of their victory, the Flyers ran head- long into one of the finest Louisville teams in years. The first half was nip and tuck with Louisville holding the edge, 7-0, when the horn blew. As the second half began to slip away, the Flyers began to tire. Once again, sufficient replacements were not available. Louisville capitalized on the Flyers' weakness for two touchdowns in each of the remaining periods. Pat Connor appears to be trapped by the hard-charging Louisville Cardinals l85 12 XAVIER 18 Arch-rival Xavier provided the Flyers with a close, well- fought contest. Gniazdowskfs attempted field goal was blocked and the Flyers went scoreless for the first 30 minutes. Dayton's offense came to life in the third quarter. Danny Laughlin passed to George Marklay for the first Flyer touchdown and Spivey broke away on a trap play for 80 yards and the second TD. A fourth quarter drive to the X 17 failed to cross the goal as the Flyers came up on the short end of an 18-12 decision. Gniazdowski and friend discuss strategy. Michigan grinds out needed yardage. ,fig .. Q an "ir ?-:ill Theclieerleaders try to create some emhugiagm for the Flyers on Home, coming Day. I86 'K- O , ,, ,, DETROIT , ,. . . ., .. 13 The Homecoming crowd saw the Flyers' first-quarter drive stopped by the stubborn Titan defense on the Detroit 2. This was the only sustained drive that the Flyers could mus- ter. A Flyer fumble on the Dayton 23 set the Titans up for their first touchdown. Detroit added a second touchdown in the third quarter as Dayton went scoreless for the third time of the season. V, ,C Xa N .ii 4 gv 5 x -14 x Q ' " ' v- 3 1' . affix X iqwg: , X W t x ' F we l 'Qs t4-.g"",s ,. , R K . ,t r , - . A, 'A 5 -'Q - X . .V Q., .rv H shi- .' t . " .mf '5 fs -l - ' ' ,' C , . V s -- '- . it ' X Spivey halted on the one yard line. 6 XVICHITA 7 The Flyers sloshed through the mud to lose it close one. A b.1d pass from center in the first quarter set Wichitgl up for their first TD on the Ddyton 7. Later in the period, Michigan quick-liiclaed deep into Shocker territory And, after the series of downs, the Flyers tool: over on the XVichit.1 17. A Connor pass to Bob Hecknmn set up the hall for Timum who ran it over from the one, Both teams were unable to move the lull tlieresfter, owing to the mud .md the min. Mithigan nukes it Across the goal. 6 . HOLY CROSS 36 The trip to Wforcester was made with high expectations, Holy Cross's Crusaders started their season slowly, and Dayton had hopes of pinning 41 defeat on their Massachusetts rivals at last. However, the Crusaders finished their season as one of the top powers in the East. Passes by Connor and runs by Timura combined to give the Flyers their one touch- down of the afternoon. Mia' A I - 1 "s'f."v,-as-,' Timura runs one iuross. I87 7 . will :uf 8 . MIAMI .. .. 23 A fumble on the Dayton 50 set Miami up for their first touchdown of the afternoon. Connor passed and Timura and Spivey ran for UD's drive in the second quarter which was climaxed by a touchdown plunge by Timura. A third quarter Flyer fumble on the Dayton 13 set up the Redskins for their second touchdown. Miami scored again in the final period to put the game on ice. George Marklay receives the Most Valuable Player trophy from Stan Greenberg. l88 jack Parnell searches for "the hole that wasn't there." 7 .............................. KENT STATE .........,.,.............,.... 14 The Flyers started out strong, Gniazdowski scoring half- way through the first quarter. Several minutes later, a Dayton drive was stopped on the Kent 7. The Flyers' lack of depth began to tell as the game wore on. The Golden Flashes' offense crashed through Dayton's tiring defenders for two touchdowns and the victory. 1 x .4- ,,. I. ,f s I 1 ff-vw M 54-9 'E Q -,3 xv' ,F 2 ,T . .Q .qvhx " 1 ' -"RMT ' ,5 w 4 ,Wx QQ'-X ' .-Q' -wx, k -, . w X ' My x QNW' I Fw is ' i W X, , N F5 -2' rw F ' F ' 'elf-fy' gi seg: , l QW' x get i 5' 1 1 F Q st 1 i YN' C ' K "X A xl FN ,Q h ... .. 'aw . ., Q , I , 'I , me 1 ""-ai. if T551 , '41-,riff Ns, asm' XF av V ,, ix 'sf FY TU? gm if! lr at W 25 ff 2 litre 'X ef is ,-2 m , . r rw 1 5 ll l ffl 'QQ' T05 !'5?"' -sljvnff Sealed: Dan Mueller, Tom Hatton, Bill Cramsey fCapt.J, Phil Dubensky, Paul W'interl1.1lter, Sl.ll1LZlffl4Q.' Coach Tom Blackhum, Ron Anello, Hal Schoen. Pat Allen. Bill Wfesterkamp, Garry Roggenburlc. Goose Heller, Ray Zawaclzki, Tony Scalia fMgr.J. The University of Dayton 1960-61 basketball season can be divided into two distinct campaigns. The first campaign embraced the initial 15 contests when the Flyers' record was 10 victories and 5 defeats. The second campaign took in the last eleven games of the regular season when the Flyers went 9 and 2. With captain Bill Cramsey hampered by an arm injury suffered in the Toledo game, the Flyers were frustrated once again in their attempt to win the elusive NIT champion- ship. Captain Bill Cramsey addresses the student body at the NIT rally. if if THE SEASON IN BRIEF: UD OPP. 88 Manchester College fInd.j 75 Lamar Tech QTexasj 75 Kent St.1te 67 St. Josephs fPhila.j 84 Miami fOhioj 62 Drake 66 Seton I-Iall 61 Cincinnati 86 Canisius 64 DePaul 60 Duquesne 84 Central State fOhioj 57 Detroit 46 Wfittenberg 50 Louisville 87 Xavier 58 Miami COhioj 96 Memphis State 112 Seton Hall 98 Creighton 70 Duquesne 91 Louisville 94 Xavier 79 Eastern Kentucky 85 Toledo 85 DePaul NIT 62 Temple 60 St. Louis 76 Holy Cross Roggy demonstrates the form which has paced the Flyers this year M I Smilin' Bill Cmmsey, 9UIllC'XVll.lf posse-wixe now, seeks to protett lull from the ClLllCl1CS Smilin' Bill Cramsey looks on benevolently as CS. player Seton Hall predator scrambles. Phil Dubensky launches his favorite shot after a drive down the baseline. Little can he s.1itl about the Flyers' seison- the reforcl speaks for itself. You yourselves went to the games, -or listened to them. You know what lmppened, Therefore, I won't w.1ste your time and mine with useless yerlwiage, Instead, the D.iytoni.1n will present on the following pages your own personal album of the sights of the '60-'61 Flyers. s . .-,L Ag D' fv- ww la EFT 'fff' 1nL Y-4 vw Q 1- HSS. ' 6491! ' - 46 -5-: e ,Q 'N gk tv , 1 eg- , ,, , 51:1 pf ?' 5 Q f?'p1-ii? A ,V r- - .gy x . --sw .Qs is 'Simms new CKY 1 V3 l . Q ,, li Wt .. i ..- ' 0 5. bi' iii. 7 , A K -v WWW? -Q. - ,.. -Q ' ..'Q 4 ...N ' , ""' 3 Z' " I Rv., :swf . u , "1 ', sg' 1 K 7 I . y 9 S Qs" 3 KK 'O mb Q 42 gb x xx in f 4 ' . -I L S D NS, 9' i i ! 5' 1 X 5 QQ X W?-e2 180: Ween two Rockets. E Y' was f H lf ' ' n 9 4 ig!! - . -' 9 N 3, ww.-Q W-Munn. 'X P gk! ,Q 7 ' sm, G gum. 'v gf The one group not to be forgotten is you, you the fans th.1t cheered them on. To you, in tribute, we di- rect this page. The fans that spent a cold afternoon at the airport to see the team off for another N.l.T., the Pershing Ri- fles, who dropped their rifles to form .1 unique tributeg and one or two leftover from the foothall season. 5 1 I99 4. H: 551 I Q. aff' .X 1 vp, y , 1 ,Sz N jx 3 x . A: . 1 4 H, P , , ,ly Xi 3 IKM' ' yu. 1' as hun- if ,. M if x 1 4 X .X qt , vw, 'v W .. x . ' Q , I KN :sk X lk! I :XX Fx' rf 1 Q : X if b 4 5 X g lik S X Q. QI 5353 4 4 n 'F 1 N Z ,.-as., S Q Q I ' vi .X-2. J' spill: 15 11149 ICE HOCKEY First Razr: jim Smith, jerry Callahan, john Luchinks, Captain-Wfalt De Anna, Al Nichols, Mike Case, Bob Karsick, Marty Cunniffe, Second Rau Coach Nate Hawkes, john Wgillacc. Guy Packer? Sam Edson, john Rowles, john Cornell, Dennis Lang, George Garascia, Kevin Jaffe, Marty Kraimer Dayton Dayton Dayton Dayton Dayton Dayton Dayton Ohio State University 7 Ohio Northern University O Dennison University 3 Kenyon College 3 Case Institute 3 Ohio University 5 Fenn College 10 Hockey is one of the newest sports to grace U.D. campus, in- fact it is one of the newest sports in the state on an all state level. The season started out rightfully optimistic, but injuries and other unfortunate occurrences caused the team to have a losing season. The most noticeable loss to the team came when Marty Kraimer was forced to cease playing due to an appendectomy. All was not dark for the team, for in one game Captain XY!alt De Anna scored five goals and concluded the season by scoring more goals than two of the teams in the league. This team is truly the orphan of the U.D. sport program and until the University is willing to provide more aid to the team they will never be able to reach their full potential. To these valiant gladiators we sayE"The best of luck in the forthcoming year." . .. Sk Q Captain Walt De Anna squares off .A- 5' ,ff 5: .Q T :', ll X ' .., i, A N ,, .: I , Q5 gi" g ' 'B a tv .gtg gps. 5. . , Q' v -f- 2 1 iv W if ,. ' if by QVQ: 'i .5 cy A U . 4.-QM '59 'S E r "-in 3 SOCCER L.1rz Row, L-R: Coach john Weisler, Mark Sammon, Richie Winkler, jimmy Karam, Bob Scott, Dave Leung, Ray Aufmuth. Steve Lansing, Bruno Stipetz, Bob Gothie, Ditmar Wfeiss, Hans Ma, Harold Winters, Robert I-lansenson, August Buchhalter, Alfred Lee, Denis Kelruin, john Nagle, Sal Pantezzi, Lou Lunne, Abferzz: Co-captains Toni Scalia, jack Uriah. Bob Ling. AS I l .W I 1 by Ohio University Ohio Wesleyan Ohio State University Wilberforce College Dennison University Wilberforce College Ball State College Wilmington College U.D. 1-5-2 5 g 'sa,a.' f The University of Dayton soccer team was plagued by a lack of substitutes. This caused many of the players to play the whole game without a rest. A poor season resulted because of this. Hope, this was the byword of the Spring campaign as many prospective Freshmen came out for the team, but due to bad weather they were unable to prepare for the season. With more time to prepare for the Fall schedule it looks like the soccer team may finally be on the way to a winning season through the aid of these Freshman prospects. SF, Q I D-vang, 208 BA EBALL Fn-.ff Rout' Henderson. B., Alessie B., Genovese R., DeLucia G., Fitzgerald J.. Second Row: DeLeo J.. Pistana J., Thomas J., Plecas F Sieffert J.. Third Roux' Dirienzo J., Costello B., Cashin J., Yatauro A., Smykowski J., Wojciechowski K.. Abferzl: Roggenbutk, G., Hatton T.. Tlmura A., COACH: Herb Dintamin. UD UD U.D UD UD UD UD UD UD """" ' UD UD UD U.D t "" ff .' ' 'wife .aa . -.Q . ix 'ft-' .ge -,c ...Q . an :WL W . - . .... QQ 1. MMM .. M " ,2iw..'r'. nun., , Y. . -- 75 'f N. H N. . ..,',' 'X '- C ' s - 3' ... - ' . ' ,. .'g:.A:w,,. 'g.,' . -, . - . - ' "' 4 "".' .fx FT " ,, A V- ., , .. 1 1. ",..g.U'Q,", .- in ' .sr i--'L .""'l " l - University of Cincinnati Marshall College Xavier University Central State College Wright Patterson Air Force Ohio University Marshall College Miami University Xavier University Miami University Central State College University of Cincinnati Wright Patterson Air Force U.D. 5-8 Base Base Q '+V M. ik-S Q-uvvr' .,, f1fi?f?'?2Q 'tw . i . W . A X -V . r mg S- ,Q , ' 1' ,2'i'le:9': Rav -x Rv 3'4" L,-aaa- Q . 5...f'V:-QM T--jj F- ,Q , 45 ' iff L ' ' - " 'H ' , V - .1 t 7, V, I. .- :yas-A-rg! . - V , .. ., .1 4' -, 1' -:. an-1 33.1. . r . z X3 '5-iw.: ,hbvfxa 1, u - .f 4 K ?"iyg1ff.i:'..q,wN K. K q.- aaw "' me.-an-. Masta., ...4...-l . ,as :wL'2fff'fj1- 't'jMl5::,' mtg we 1-Ha, X1 , X1 -1 m a ti cwwlligif .. . ' P s i ,,.,,. i , , ..-gsgr , - it t Q mgjs .X t X X x Q K X NN 'S XR I SX fwtgxft t M, ty., -tt,-:,tSi'x:,. y " -Q - , N , ' N ' -K :gg , r - ,111 W A., V mst:-,Q ix X X. M pus .it . X ?,Kv,. . x vcb my ,, , N 'i X X X xx xii X 'QQ we 3' X tt ,, ww ' X 'o Xa X X v X . a X W Y X xg ' 5 X, ,V -Xi: -i - .I 6- t' Q' ' - N -- - f ' , 4 wt Y -- 4 1- 3" .X 1 ,iw Q yi te 1 'N Y, i . .til ..x.f,.,,,,.x,i,. S W L V 1, ,dw ,- t -2 ',,, . . ,,s.,g..r 'fli -Q. QAYIA She 'bt 'Q-lx ' " B, The second year of the rebuilding program of the U.D. baseball team followed close to pre-season predictions. Al- though the team had a losing season, there were many moments to brighten it up. One of these bright moments came when we defeated University of Cincinnati behind the outstanding pitching of Garry Roggenburkg up until that time U.C. was undefeated and preparing for its journey to the N.C.A.A. finals representing the Missouri Valley Conference. Next year will prove to be the big season of the rebuilding program as most of the lettermen will be returning. 'X 'ix , .,:- .4 ,,A1f X r s A ,sys -yt ,. -f..s,,S.9sg,s.X ,M T, an lv fM,,:1i.-v - . , , A ,gf " t fp 4 V ,f ' S 'Y' Y, .Z , gg . A -- . - ''ii'1S'gf1'::1iziof5."'?:"',i f 2, I , ' .0 '+ X .. ' 1 5 - '- t 2 M s.. Rounding first and heading for second. Dig, Bruce, Dig! 209 GOLF new-iv ---- , - -vrfrxfmwg, rrfrfvw vrr' v it - ,ii . flilf'-i' -E,7?l, i"f':v 'Z kiliyfl vu, A ,stew Y- 45221: iv ,-mms., lie' -. -, .,ii1,mii.ixi may V, . Ni:.,1fii5' :,' ' ' , ,H I fl 1 l il!!! lli Firff Row: jim Lipetska, Jim Wannamaker, Don Ludom. Art Dunlap Mike McTeague Semnd Row Pat OHagan Mike Best Hank Fer raza-coach, Tom Cash, john Huber, Abrezzz: Ed Alexander, Dick Kleiner UD 15 Bowling Green 12 UD 17V2 Miami University 9V2 UD SV3 University of Cincinnati 21V3 UD 21V2 Villa Madonna College IVZ UD IVZ Bowling Green ZIZVZ UD 1 Ohio University 23 UD 18 Xavier University 9 UD 8 Bellamine College 19 UD 12 Miami University 12 UD ISVZ Earlharn College IVZ UD ZOVZ Villa Madonna College 6V2 UD 5V3 University of Cincinnati ZIVZ UD 6-5-1 The 1960-61 Golf Team had a winning season. The main load of the season was carried by six men, three of whom will be returning next year. To augment the three lettermen will be many hopeful prospects from this year's freshman class. The outstanding member of the team was Don Leedom who also represented Dayton in the N.C.A.A. Finals at Purdue University. Next year's team will continue to help the Golf Team turn in a winning season under the direction of Coach Hank Ferraza, RIFLE TEAM Unfortunately we were unable to obtain any pertinent information pertaining to the University of Dayton Rifle Team. Through the able assistance of Captain Clardy and Master Sergeant Miller, the rifle team was prepared for a year of shooting. Competing, mainly against schools in Ohio, the team came up with a winning season. Outstanding members of the team were Roger Toth and Mike Soboth, who graduate this year. Since most of the members of the team will be returning, it looks like the rifle team is head- ing for another winning season. MEN'S TENNIS f"4anv-J Saf L za R: Toni Scalia, Frecl Cev'..i, John Martin, Larry Cannon, jim Goldschmidt, Kzzeelizzg: Bob Bauer Captain A pa, B . . 5, 4 lg! . tm' ' "A ., Captain Bob Bauer anxiously awaits his oppo- nents return. 2l2 U.D. U.D. U.D. U.D. U.D. U.D. U.D. U.D. U.D. U.D. University of Louisville University of Kentucky Earlham College Bowling Green State University of Toledo Central State College Ohio University University of Detroit Earlham College Central State College University , hm. t ., .,. . 5 : i ,t.zwn OMEN'S TENN S Ot N .3 L fo Rf Coach. Mrs. Koehler, Carolyn Grilliot. Janice Miller. Judy Hagan Mari Jam Connelly. Sue Ratie. Annette Dix and Rosie Grivel-wer. "The meek shall inherit the earth." Well this may not be true in all cases, but it did occur in the field of intercollegiate tennis at U.Df, for the women had a better season than the men, in fact 10052 better! The highlight of the season came on May 5, 6, and 7, when the U.D. team competed in the 16th annual Ohio College Won1en's Tennis Tournament at Ohio State. Fourteen different colleges competed from all Dayton Dayton Dayton Dayton S lfarlham 5 Ohio State 3 Wfi ttenberg 4 XY'estern Dayton 5 -0 over the state. The University of Dayton walked away with three of the top honors. Judy Hagan took first place in the womenls singles, while Jan Miller and Rosalind Groeber took second place in women's doubles. Judy Hagan serves it up in championship form .IQ '4.p"'?" D . V 1.- -. YS - L, 515234. ,X 1.65 , I- -1: .L 11,5 X. V-2'-gs' ri c 2 . I ,ff I-rj " ' ':'3:3,? . 'LI Ifkk, ,- Y' .x, ' vi Ilqq Ci- , x 'N .I 1 :C-1 II f6?'!iI "a1'L ' 3337, nu J ,-4 ux' ,- 1 ' ,sf ga' Yi 01' N-i"Q' ' A' -'QI I. 'X , 4 .' N5 ,-" , . . 5 3' L. x 'IL f,1 lf 4-45' , .,-,rg I. 74, ...Ip I 4 .Y 'Q . 'lj If ... w N1 9 sh' " - ..1A, '41 Ix',:7 f,, 'Q .pdf 'B r -K . .I ,, I. If:I4, . A " "IF: - . ,.'g','. Y -. .-- 'Aj .Q Qvg, 4, , , . "f.Q,t- ' I . f-If 4 . I I . I . :hiv ' 'L' If I .hx ' II I'-. l , - Q , ,I f . I , .. Q Q ' 'I , -Q, 0 ' '-':".u.--'12 :V 1' 4 in "R - -4 bg ' . 'V I o ' II --' -,I . ':- - -, x .,., 'J-' ' ' -.NX j' ' - .',ii .-.S I I ff , I .I,1I I 1 1. iv , .1 A-4 fax Q 1' ' I, I "V P uv!! A , I. . I' ll I I 1 ,... ' v A , , Q , Q M A, 3 Elf 4 1 4' I f" . E ' 'Im' I 'I - , L ,I I ,. r' -- O v ,f NA 'qc-Q ,1 Quan II 5 fx. N -is 5 - I , ki F -vv1'- H - I - I I rv, 0,1- Wax 1 ' I , vi' f' "7v-"1i- - P"g'x 'aff A 4 4, r ' r ' 232' Y' Y w. , 4X ' N N X, V X ' ' 'x., N , gif. N - - glf 9? 95"L'!f5f'-f if, , . . V 'T' N L 05 , U gffi -'4'-,WI -A X ' A ff- ' V 'fi-- -- af .A - -1 . -,-- - , - k 'f f X -- N. - ' "N ' v 'X ' '-5"gT!-'?5'lh'?-'J ' , ' -- :M . , px:-i'I"ez,'-, NR - gf uv , X .if 4 '-f - r - 'gf -' A 'fx , 1 IIII3n.If,L ,M .455 3 "5 GIL 'LW ' 'X xi' JD' 31"-I '1 - Ig ' wa,--17, "'k-Qfifg-"5:,.I,y. 'F' - "-"'f'!. '- sf Wx- " -- N . pr' . 'hw Sfnfx Sfwm , fan- 'Y--V 1' . .. I .. ' '- M'- .a,, J . . ., 1,4 gl . .r ,I .lj , Ilia- .3 g, . .. lf -.. , ,r . . s - 4'- I I . , I z , I.n.! - , -ls'7.I 4I Iia xwx ,, I III I -,I 'E xg.-QII , N., I . I ,I II, ..I..-,' I.. .I -Vw Q III - II, I I: F It '." ,' -1 4 'f f J P-, '.- A' . A -. N' ' v A 'UM V L'f"""', 1 " " ' Af' . x,.Yv,:'fI P' I :jeff I' 1:5 f 5-' ' I NI II .' NQIRQ I "G ,I I If-"III-K. '1'.Q:" -1 Qr"ck' - 's -'lvl -H ' K I 'IX Vx 6' 'xx . Jef I ,'I '-"Q4'f?K'IfEe1 II ,,' X X, 1' 'kin gf , "f "' ,' -5 xf Xl' " , Q 'I ,f '..'. lf. -, ' .f It . x - 4, -' I .,' jr: ,QI H ' - af-,V . , '1.-I 4 1 --f - I, 5 gd I g , I' II, A --I -,I. hx. J' NJ-O Jfff Xi KN-1"'. ' N .f N-rx?" t"',7U', -'4x!.F"',gI I 'T' 'fx it V vxyqt' "X -" X . "'k.k': 'x'f- - A' 1 -,Izif-IAy,tyILxI ,Ik QIIQI,---.-.-'-' "t,4II 'Rig "w.-N 6 4".I' "' 4-01 II' I, 5,9 x . I I ISI Q5 -I. fr I I .I I I ..,.I I Q I I, . XIII I .I I I I.. II I 4 x MJ . I ' I-A If , , I Ix X I I I . ' 'r 1-ky 5, r 1,4 -f,,b 1,01-Vx 'L M' ..f. up N , ,If -IF - -12,1 - -P" 1 ' -, - -'MQN' 2 -'-. -:, wi -x. " W f" ' 1.. qi 1 -1 b , - . ' . I I 'Il I Irskx, xgjfr., 1, -, I Ar- I II 1 I , I . og .-v ,xr x2Ib,QI, f If ' ' MQ' . gf ' ' N K". " f . F- X 5 Y "' 1 eff'-Q ,j rl- ,- rv, +,."1.'N'- ., P 4 Ivwsa, - I . 4.1 1 A- Trjxq -Ii 1- 1511 ' .II 1.1! t,x...,h wifi 4 vI ,- CI 1 II I ..- II -I s .., 'EI' I I' x , I! "Ty I'-I I 4 'I. - I I . V' Ax I-" vm "" 5 - . I g . ,, I . -, .. I -A-1 v , I I -I x 'A' x Iv I - -, Iv., 1 n J Mg' N 9 lo, J --'xr in 'L - -fffj, A-, F J' D7 . .K M ,H -I .-L I ,. p I I --- " .A ' I H '- WA- ' ' 'N an ar ',.', F. ., f, -" ' x . NY x-' ' st. ,. sf If .ffl . Q aw- - x ., gg- . --H, " A f- 4 'I -f' ,A-,. ,mx -- - ww - 4- '. ' +. . , g X 'K - i K xl -. 5. ' ' ':- ' wa.--,Q L -A' 15-. x -',4. ' , ' A - ' 09 Q' If ' A I " -if .Y ff' - .. xgf 1 - . .' ' - ' .1-Xxx 'f'!',Nx7 ,.-. 2 ,QRIA -.1 x '- .--- '. ,I xr, I .,- flfI fx I . J I' 7 I NI I.I, X. I9 K I , ..- I,,' IP I , M I -4 ' '-,. . V- I- '. ' - . 1- ' J VI A . .II-: , I If ,. K 2 ,IW I ,I II III MCIIJI If INI - YI 9 I II1Ij gl str is "fa xA J C W". IIf-'IIAI' ' ' ' 'J' ik 5 ' I 'Q I r' I jx' 5, I " EEL' I X 1 A ' " NV 'V' L ' I 'V 4 4 vo ' A .J li' 5: Ra. vm- 'F 'XA hw J gn' xr' a Al . I ' .. .III-.4 - 1 . ,JN , I- I .I " , XI, ' . A " .I ng- - xv I - .A Q '14 " V' 'XFVQM4 ' ,-1 ,. u-I . " A- X 'N N- -- slut V-3 ' A . A V . ," Y , I. . A A s ' . - ' ',- 'lq Tx 1 I-fy' , 5 1- ' ' . 't-'lg ' ' W, f' In ' ff 1. - .f Q. mf - x - I. N X , A+- x A I , I ,. Q -.IW ,gf - f m I .I - ' ' ,ff ' . 'QF' ff I I I X . " 4 'L ' " .D 'Ti lf 1. ' I '. y - gf - ' " - ' . f,I.Iv I I.'I I I I I I A I I In-. 1 I . N .I . ' Q' II - I V, I ' , 'X' x ,crif,""7' ' , -, " '-,"p,'-'H 1 , x .1 ' 4 , M - - ' ' Ili if .L . I ff 1 "' T G- ff' ',' 1, Xfalx' " ur, ' I Ju N . ' - Q . ' N f- ' ' , f '.. ' ' u .f .-"ln ' Q f-513, qwQf:Q.V gf' F"'X"1t N?"'.g" jf fu ' .1 ' 19 f ." t ss ' ' "' ,- P L -is 3I'LQf'.IQ- 'x' Iffxw ' . 0 ,I.?"'1R,w fy- 9 Ql4,i.l,II,IQ I K. f- . ' ' IT. ' x I s Us - 1 Z-pw-Ii:gQgU1,', : X ' Q- li' .1 , ,Ia I, Q, 2 , N3 I. .. I I N I k ' Y 1 ' x ?l35tf'f' if-f ' - ' . ' A " 1" ,' '- ' '- . '::7v'v3'::f'i'wgiia' . ' -Ks-'A - 5'-V" 'Ma I' Y: "' .7 X - I ' ,IU-X-4 o 4 O rtimiwn And then, like unto the sound of scissored glass. like the wrenching of a new-born babe from its mOther's womb, like hail and a burst of tropic, my vision ended, my second life writhed and died. I awoke. Before me, fading like a nights laughter. hung the wise men and fools I had witnessed. Then, they too were gone and I lifted my head and nodded and found myself alone. From there, did I step forth i 'um oacm nr1'0" X S rm 'WAY 'Ai V i w - x is TOC ?qae91' amz ni rece 2 0 i ax,-Qlgyjfgtrok ongml 'S S 2 'K-"21if2'lr Y me iw El Mos "5 xo I Q ii I M i v, X 'Lit 9: in NX: YW' A ,fx Y oi X r M 'm we E 9 ix O5 X axe SW' 'I O V f ' C N O f Q1 V' . ,QENV WN X410 gn 02 QB, eigwi Gil at 'labs I0 it 9 41 M Gt 950 nt Xiu Gi WW X F H NW' G NWA C Nc V5-We WN? x 9 129 410 26 X QNQWQ, 9361 Ma 199. X E rg " 1 evils R066 002 1 5 1?- vffeec A vi XHXLL QPU' 09 c 192 The campus was silent. Peace had reigned for three months. Now, gradually the students returned from far and near. Old friendships were renewed and new ones made, too. Then came the Frosh-wide-eyed and be- wildered, but not for long. The Orientation committee, chairmaned by Dave Gibson, took over. Tours of the campus, picnics, dances and style shows crammed their agenda wiping out the touches of homesickness. Soon they would be part of the University. ZI6 O Q?- 5 OS xSSiSEims,-' V - T - Welcome ! 'QM cz Clk Wednesday . . . Their parents gone, the frosh were on their own. Mixers like the tennis court dance aided the freshmen to meet their classmates and upperclassmen, tool! Thursday . . . To wipe out touches of homesickness, the frosh could meet students from their own local and some- times a campus fixture like Manny Cadiz, This, plus various interest clubs, comprised the first Club Day included in orientation. 3 IN g'H'1'r'-Q Sunday . . . The Frosh parents turned out in full force to view the campus with their son or daughter and to listen to the encouraging words of Fr. Roesch and Stan Greenberg. Lovely Coeds added a touch of glamour to the court dance by modeling the latest styles for full college wear. 'W 4 A 5. Frosh are no exception when it tomes to Registration lines, J -"'-T.-mx Qt- By the end of registration the average Frosh is flat broke and finds in his possession everything from L1 womans phys ed card to the fall drill schedule. For these poor "darlings" it may take anywhere up to two days to finish this ordeal, or at least this is what we found .ifter following Frosh Shimoda. through the trials .ind tribulations of Freshmanhood. 2l8 X 1 "Of course you realize those shoes will be two sizes too small." Ah! Peace at last. 7 r "You should be happy. Bob Hope can't do this." .af-L i r ' . f-'Pl ,l l rf- 1'ssli,,r4 2 1 i f A X if - ' w N' v u ' 'Lf J' I l Us il-V A -A ' T5u llls ' mf! . . l "Getting to class like this is going to lead to 3 lot of wear .md tearY" "All right, you Frosh-MOVE-remember you are the lowest of the low." sf - ,il ' .-'F "I mint my mommy V' The tr.1dition.1l mud fight was missing, but not the rest of the hazing. Frosh could be seen bunny hopping the length and bretith of the Campus, rowing down fire escapes, carrying books, proposing to upper- Class Coeds rind, of Course, Sporting the little blue beanie. J lg Qgli ' li' - ...ll .,,s This is chivalry? blk -,LQ 'MJ l M- 5 4' .N 1:41 Q55 , 'mf 'Nil 1 Ll -.Ji -Q P .4 A ,tw H A 45+ X .N .1 sl U V K R Q .s- k .. if Eegxm X XS: ,. 4 gf x 'QPN .n-,nw,, ,- s W 'E' K -.-f,.3Q'a?'fv v , 4 24 V- , "fAx,, MM, " -+ N. Ervnhman mrlrnmv QUEEN. . . BARBARA BECKERICH ' 1' ' -, 1, gg' ' wg . KX SAA ff' ,A A . XS , KING . . . BILL VERKAMP S l Q ' -an 55 is if ,, if i ,.-. ef Yfk B Another one of those loxely aasemblres u 1.4 A ,- A . 'wr e 'lar ' , , -V . . ff- u p,,g,z1m 'Img ,f y Signing up for grief . . Coffee break ' 'f -,Q .- ., F , H53 N, ,. 5:2 Q ' if f 194 In Q " ,ww--.3 . V A Q 3 ff?-1 J' "Z eff ' :'wA:?f"X ' . 'K 3' 1 ..f. , N. e 'ff ru e .:'f: " ,Q " - - ww 4 H ,QM r 5 :Ll U ' . :1-1:-An: s x 'N 351,-,E-., , Q Y -' -' X' gif yy. '.. I Win?--5 Q l 3 SQ. " " , .- 4, .. . g , ef . , .1 A . .. , -., ,L . ! 5 ffm! - :v , r- E gg. if , v., A A , ,K '.! '2 V . H a' V. Y 4, , .L , , ,. 'A V . at ,. ayg, Vx. W , , . . W' .l A- 1 lx l, -.ff 1. ,Sn . E 0 Q x , . M . x 3 ' g- sf --2 - J f - , W x A N U-af , fd . ff . l ,v 4' ' ' . Ark- ' 1 ., W, M.,-jeg Q , UMM , r ' b css.. f V'-41 , ,-',-.px -lhfisfl.. mi-irffv' .p 1L"kE4 'Q " f., f'v'!'.:.rf'v.-'Aung ,N . fs --1-'-'e"7f7fmfa'f'+1f,'A1'wfrwx - 1414- 4- .J .11 A' ,5 ,.xt,,-:-...w ,L 3511 I if if , A Mn' l 's 1.-v -A - Fort Lauderdale, Ohio. 1,-4 ,h -.1 ,. . ,.. ,, 1 wx 5 N, r , ,, I -. fu- S 7 -. . , :L ' .V -uf 'l ' 'li 1' - , ,.? I 3 . ,umm-znwnmmx --'- - 4 -15, .. If--.-.... - if 1 J ,fx , ,ff ,Ju ,Q . 54- .' 5 Q!! Q ff' 'X . 1 , If 1? Q 8 A 1 X :la ,M ,......L.. fl f9 C? fy 5x .., if M .. W S-Ae.. ' 40 roam: 1lJsvns'D0'l'H ' 1 rmfmrmswmf a . R ivexxn1aLw Q 1 M, 5- , , - ff-faumn' -i S -'ix v-A-I." ' fr? w ' , 551, ..1 xikui-v'fl,,Q,Q,.--'V-A14 J xg .N . A YA-A Hula or Othel-Wlsen Let s see them take these "VY, r Do you give out tickets too? Wh want t look t ou? We're off to see the Wizard The campaign managers must have schemed for months a.s the posters, favors, and campus parade antics proved the MOST! Brinks Trucks, stage coaches, fire engines and assorted vehicles with Cain raising students created the usual bedlam that harasses the profs at this time of the year. g fy.. 1 ug ,3.f,-Y -mfg- .,-1'2214l1'1i'a,a1'i :if15:.f5w.4 . ' -:Q ,mfg f-: 1. A f ' 'wzmgmfk-W 1- ATTE DA T... WA DA BILBREY .xt a X 1 , S Q ,,1,,.! xg.. 1 ' zxuukqbs W' .. 1 L gr . 1-.X 1 :5 fp. -.d'+?i'1'- .1' ' -'Q -fic." Q.-.f..,.-. :,. -. LJ'-,-.rf NX,-K 2 1-3, . ihfna' 13' Y Y 9 4'- il X 'r .2-,gm -Q-xx. ., 3 . . 1 ' ,',Jf2, :a.z,.,g - rv ' 6.2 x-'r -. Y' m :wx QF" ix .lx .. We 1.-mf -. mv . .,,, X,x.! Q . gl Y fb? , ,Q H Q21 "1Tjj f :ni : if if , ., up ,zp .ff N5 ,,., x ,G 'ef X x QXQH N X9 + N X .r:,.,.x, ..L... M QS? , 'ifilrf X- si: -' 'X z X 36 , X 25. 'Q , , , 44 . W. 1. ,W k ,R --:K ,Vx- c fm-v,,. Q ! x DOTTI B YERS JUDY GOELZ NICHOLAS JUDY DICKINSON ...HER CQURT - -- .Ag . BOBBIE KOENIG MARY SCH WAMBERGER is-. Y 5 , 3 W 3 ' - 5 '. it . 'Q-0 . Q ii' f ' 511:27 it 'A 5 Y - fi S N . -q- rg gszxiiw g ".! '- . A f , , I ' 2 if K x ' V. Q K i ' . 1 W 7 1 V "It's 2 AM.! Dont lust st.1nd there-do something." N -. N -X. iq?" 'JU . S-fl:-P 1" as x J t 3 "' , ' h "AY, ,ob 52? fi ., W . ' U-'L' V-.4 , , -Y XLR- 4'7" ' " E' ' ii l A ng 7 LJ- X -.iiexx - 'Ng f - , ff' .. 5-Q ' f ws l ML., . . '. ....t: .. x "M i- Fold one . . . Twist two . . . Napkins flew and dispositions, too, but by parade time they were through. . Upper Lsfl: "Your coffee break was over an hour ago, . . and one over here." Q", 'Q n-.millili- "You think it's fun? X5C'hy don't you come out .md join us." .-- A. ,:.. gg ..,.'.. I V HIVV A ' ' v 'Q , LMS' -. x e ' f v J have mir' g ...A14.,.,,z..g.p: X....rfi,i., '- .Lp - V I SECOND PLACE: AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY W . ,,.5, 4:1,..:-sf: . Sure hope they dont gamble when It mes to mlxmg Chemicals. 232 Bmth hands on the steering wheel, please! 9" .Fi FIRST PLACE: INTERNATIONAL CLUB THIRD PLACE: SIGMA DELTA PI i "v I UK Q ' - 'f"""'- ,, x f ,,1x rig? lixsi ii A-1.4 Everybody enjoys a parade from the wide eyed child to the shutter bug and this year's Homecoming was no exception. It was a parade to honor our Queen, Clara, a parade to depict the cities of the world for the City of Dayton. Q ' .l Xl XKNQ.. exyiy 1 'S n How the parade looks to those who built the floats I YABLE CREDIT Av? fx ,A if-.- -3 r Yfiii 45 !n 5 'O to IQ? I, Nt! Lf, Stan Greenberg escorts Queen Clara ' Q Y? .zr , -1 'H "hs m 19 0 . your attendant Miss Bi1brey" 1, Qgfn-.ny Wlrile the crowd looked on . . . 3633 U -as 4lIs.NQf sn'-I , Y' F41 Judy, Mary and Nicki rt-tcive their mementos. ig' .7 as f it Q' f 'I ' A W 9 g -- tr I 'W x I be l 0 Q: T X 4 11 vfg-Y:-gy . A x 5 - I rv. H , eww f N AA Y -it Al - 3 ' wwlgw if , A 4 Q -. S r. Q K , ,i f A 0 . V .rm 2 - x. Q 'Q A 0 5 ., X.-, N l v Q Q ,W , I 4 P,'v 41 I I.. aww, 4 mam lffamfa, f X960 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE Pat O'H.1glH Gezzeml Chrzmzzmz Dave O'Connor Prmzjer Chuck Cambria Eferfimzr Mike Long P,1r,1,!e Mike McClellan Fforzfx Judy Hamant Half Time Gene Schill Dame Marty Held Publicity Homecoming was indeed .1 success, so much so that L1 second hall was needed to hold the overflow. But, time passes and Homecoming was tucked away in each persons mind with its special meaning. The Queen receives her subjects, The "Beard" came and that was all. Clara .md her court dance. Hey, I think we are going to make the yearbook." "Maybe if we act natural he'll go away." 235 A. I 1 .' ff' K. PM ,-5" 5? CHICAGO . . . , I a Go. ion JERE Gonva in THE WITH THE FL S . . . and lust how long do you think that sign is going to stay there?" if Traveling light, eh, John? Wliut a way to travel. 'gg FQ' -1, aj i " ' k Yea. chivalry is dead, he won't even carry a X suit case. "I this 236 .K-QE? ii "M-Squad"-be on the lookout for this group. lwpe there are more girls going along than What's there to do in Chicago anyway? .VP-. .s,. .t s 'e is 1-6- ga . lp -'Ta-F 45 F ii J ,gg 'ff rf . v- S53 h 4 Q., -S, .nn . g .'7 -af ., . ,SY 1,1 U' U 4 qw 'Q 1 .Kea 4 I Q we 115' 5 fmii. 332 f-g fir' ? X - 1 I 'Q ' K mp: 4 , K .,., ,.., 'x i fha Us I l :Gi E I 1' Lev ff -xxx bA'Ak 1 . xl X SQ fi K-A L 30 'ff " ' .. E ' , M25 6 'K !": Jr- ,. "i,'x - ' 5, 5 12 . V 'F . AT' . V , ls-wg X 1 n X . , ww. L E Q 13 ,f H P Fifi 1 uf-1 4 . , . ji -M239 w 40" HON ORARY CAPTAIN MARCIA MAUGEL x , ilililitnrg Ball HON ORARY COLONEL . . MAUREEN MURPHY H ON ORARY LT. COLONEL CAROLYN DUELL Q 9 isa :E '4 " O N . , 1:7 . . "-gi, , , .N sqfiglb Q N, ' X fx" ,J ' , 1, Q, " I - . 'V .IJ f w- " x , 5 .., - Q 'N' - Q X I X X Q Q x t Q . U . 1 NN 5 V' 0 as Q N f f :i" fx.. f Q i V SLA? 'v . Ex ,Q 3. 1 1 I jg t QF: 3: A v . S33 " 2 ,A :mg 1-D X S A X i . E S K , ., ' ' 2 ? ff' if? A 3' ' -s .5 :- 1 1 ,fy ,, ,A . . 11 , 5 ' Q KM! QQ' 5 ' W JH 4 .. - N tg ze, 'K , of ,Tc ,, 2 Q Z, fg, 241' : f ' 42?w.'- , V' "f 3 - " :,:,,-,...:-jkexl Q . Q -M gg Ex , 4 51,5 ,QM 2 Hup, two three, four '.. Q ..N R XX N KSN 115 ,gi ' . Q X . , . 6- - l YP 'M'-Q-'---2 J O QW Q- xx' 11 24 5' Sn L P I Y I x , K WX ,IE X 1' x ws 2.1 Self chagnosxs Arm plrallel to the ground elbow m at the smde But I m too young to dxe Come IH Clptilfl V1deo Whose for real? just once more and pow nf. 'ls 5 df if -1-if-T-. .. x-,yfzii '-: X - ,, ,, 1--w, ,n , 4 Eff ? f is KW 51 r-1.1 L, New ' 6 6 . N K-:tai - . . Af- C' A 5 'X s , ,..A. .V R, 311 " I ,gl .7 5 V ""A I, 2. , 2 X ' V if .V A I . , AK . x : gn, 'T ' 'T Qv 1' ., Hgfm M, My 9' wg 4 if x .AH . ' C .- f 1 Q5 ., S .ag 1 X 'L Q I Now, get out there and fight! If you think this is bad, try it every morning. Smit hard, You will never ge ' ri . ."' I Q V' f ' 'V S " . L , ' if 1' ' V . , , .p' i " 1 'l ps- ., X 2.-,. 1-fi ' . M ny ' Q, fffrl- B. Pfs new Ll9SlSI.1Dl, Beluzv, rilqblf Bath, anyone? 5 I 5 i l 1 s t the thante again L6't's all get into the .ict 4 a L ' 'Vi-ww chy 1 Q '-fe. ff' V iff W. .Q Vw., , we -2 A ' 'H' .Af ' f:f:2,,2f?5i' :5f7f"'5r7i9yI t .Aw 1. 1- u wgia. ,, ., J-fn: " , ' ,sav- if M 8 . AW' x 4 ' ' H- ww.. ' U 5 I fr 4. Q 5 V 4 'wdw - Q-, r".,gv- ,L '-w 'R 1 f.,, Q Q J N 1 I i . I K 'Q S 5 Q - x v-54 5 'W' 5 X Q-.. 2- N33 ix PM J' 'H ' we 3' 'SN' Q- uf QL? : u '-ci Science 6' , 4 I , Q - go l Z' ii- f ,f- 2 !9 . fir gags lat... 'N f in R , w., 3 -J' ps. , ..,, 41, '- ,A g:.:,w v 2:22 S. x , ' W'?1S:4:r..- Yi ...I D N., Q- af A . , 4 2, .. ,P .JT f - ' 13714.-.zms X T51 153 94 ' sfsx '98 N 4 5 ' 'wish X Q It s Q. Y 1 XX I' .rf-KX 'wee 4' 0 " 'O W U - ' 1 2 . 11 f , gg,-.,, fa .- 'ff?.,:,5.g4g ' -5 to -,,:rf7sgVf -",, ,Q -f - .. H ia- ,5- ,- J-rf ., H--1 ,. v ' PM Y' " 1'54.. ,v V .ga . V ,Q- .my g ffgvfk .. , . ,ll , , 1 vc x 945 - I . , ,A ,. aqg,f::" 4 : 1 , . ' 5 'ly " . ,filff '1r,3fX,' A A, uf' .':Y'wQ,., Iluninr 1Hrnm 1? QUEEN. . . BLANCHE ASBURY , , ATTEN DAN TS CAROL CHASE JQAN HEENAN MARY KAY AUGSPURGER Ns .U 'iomething for nothi Wx Wg 'af 5.26-M5 Riglvlx Crm you see who is un the other side? The grass must be greener! ,....... . Below: Our Queen, Blanche, es- ii corted by campaign manager. ,lim O'H0ra and clate, Tom Miller. ' T .,,. l, r f x f 'S Right: Seven Up and what else? , , Umfmrv ef J , f ' reef, V , , L. J' 'Sig' UNlQp P POA. F'-ut. - , "r 'L v im The .luniors Stole the limelight tempomrily with their Prom, Mardi Gras, Closing thc pre Lenten social season. Queen Blanche Asbury reigned over the night that All agreed was just wonderful. Dave Kelly crowns Blanche junior Prom Queen , Q L wr ,N , f " v v f Shop talk ' ' ' And if I can just swing a C in the course job well done, Kelly .i Q Personally I prefer them strapless. Like the Physics, Biology or Chemistry students, the Home Ec majors have their displays, too. But the difference is delicious. Spaghetti dinners and punch hours prove most enjoyable and different. s-I-1 Watch the thumbs. W hat this dish needs is some good t ld fashioned herbs The trick is in not bending the elbow. And with disposable ones dirt cheap . ' I ft Pattycake . . . Class of 1980 253 ' Iii!!! Q " P Qi 1, 'B ' "'sx"?"' r Q "I 'ESI KiP"'1 ' 19 ' lim EIE Fig 9 s. -lv i'K Q .2 Y 9 my, I3 .Af A we xx ,...---...K .. ,,. .A x A, - - V Q , - I " y ab .1-I I f - B. 'SPA 4 vs 5 L. 5 fr , "'wM., .N I - " V 0 fi- use Ill E nl 535 Q' K , ti' - A- 1 2. 1 V Qx WS . . nf. -'dw Avon.- ll 3 X ..'o" ' C 'iQrQGi?,'5' I vs 1 K, 6 I i I l ,I+ F f : 1 E fy! 'Fix x I' 1 1 A M ., x 'i ---..---....4,- X fx I V w I just got back from the health clinic Come on, let's go to bed . . . Anyone feel the draft?? X 'Q NX'under if Mother Came through. ,x I 44 -.f ' ' "'x" FOUNDERS OF COURSE -- -1 - .. . f ix Dm lin YR Hi q Igl- lmv m N lik e I 1 Q It's just penn S y ante HSI 'N X R N, I Y: ' - J f xv, . 258 I But three dark lwmi-A What ya got, Brother ?1?2 ,M ,W.,,.. ., E i A. ,AA,. X . ' . V155 'F if f Rah, rah, raw, Easy Un the CFENISCS . 4 . Getting high on the phone 'I ii ST- JOE 5 Q Y XX'hat .1 line! Y Y F . 1 x , X 'fix V-4 nfl Stiff shift. A YW? ' iff' X - . Nr Drip, drip, drip . Father Flanigan's Boys? 259 ,sn-, A J ., 1 I Lefi- The shepherd of West Campus R Rigbz- Quit drooling WEST CAMPUS Left- Ear plugs, that's how . . . Right- Who washed the wall ? ? ? QA' Leff- Has he got iff: cold feet! KN , I Rfgbf- Dream ? 'wgfq K f I rq',"""1 .l , 6 . 1 Rigbl- Off balance Kr ,ggi if -- . A Q ...l X: nu, . ei - ,re - , , X.. 45- " 2.3 ,. fi ' ,ln iam w e E C I we V-we: 9' Q A Qs R l i N , . t, 1 Its , is l t.-! A if ' L . W ' J' ' w' L ,. A ' " Nm ' VL ,rf I 'il -I' Q . f X - ww 'Yr-'55 ' Z igi' ,Nu Q ' X, ' t A X .jg si..-W K Q Q ,l 'ii 'lf - ' " we - A 4 . iszgf Q ...if f ..., 5 . I 3.. . L .4-"1f?fT"T i r'T:'f.i.,, 5A9ffaPi'l"' -A ""' .fZ3:Jz:l2i"fL"i. life! - ' . I. 'L 7 S QE 5 Q-'f . - W.. J., 'L if 1 . s I 'f',, LefI- 31-i Irving Street Pete Swet Ahle john Cullins ,lim Cain MEN'S HOUSING Linda Vista, Apartment -A. .lim Lilly, Ben blnkuhowski, Mike -lilck, .Lick lNIe.1gher Luff- Alherta Street Tom -label, Arthur Shure, Wfalter Griener, Tim Toley. Bob Wliite. Bill Lung. Lefz-521 Forrer Vince Gobozy, Bill McCarty, Marv Martin, john Vifinnenberg Blvd. Tony C.1t.inesc, Denny Freyuogel. George Picado. 1608 Highland Avenue jack S. Smith, Billy Goat, Mark Daley, Ned Becker. Chuck Sweeney. 26I i WOMENS HOUSING ig 'Lat lll 'Yr l- Hen Den 310 Stewart Street L-R: Judy MCCullom. Candy Hughes, Carolyn Duell, Pat McMillan, Colleen XX'eir. 237 Caldwell Street L-R: Eddie Bale-jweder, Cay Shea, Mary jo Brinkmoler, Friend. We A 1? Take a gander at Gandhi. Filthy Forty. P 'l Q lr-f hir' Gt , T viii?-c-tk, Kixren Fleming, Mix, Iziriq-mation, Janet Leff, Ruth Snelling, if i iii-mug. Danni Bentlr-iq Pink Henry, Miss Fitt, Jane Doe, Puddles, 301 Irving gtfeet V Peggy Pope, Mick McAndrews,, Barb Schoenberg, Judy Dickinson, Mary Schwam- Zbf burger. Y 1 .9 ,G ' V .1- Q ' f' N. ff' ir' mf, Q 'Q ,Ku I4 Q A-1 6 lg' 45.5, v .ls l 1 J Q ' I J -P mr- T .HQ A 10 U1 . , ,V vw wiki A . X , Rm...-1wA. . --fs-'r""' ,ww if The perennial dream. is and then some of the rooters were flying too" What'S the matter. Dan . . . first time flying? . . Q? v Q f I ' "Anybody see my namesake?" ,- ..,-M A .' 11 7 " .'.-. ii SF X Q 'Q rm The long joumey begins once again. if- 2 gf E5 me afsglfgigx ww , "Doesn't anybody have a 2 o'c1ock class?" The hope of the university. 265 Glurnnhnut KING... DON "GOOSE" HELLER LE ATTENDANTS . . . QQTONY MAZZA BILL CRAMSEY L DAVE KELLY r"'!x E3 sl' 'X k t, , - A 9. 69- LIUHJQVL X 1 - Q11 ' 5 E a - 1 I X L .,,-, Q ,- V . N ,, .. . M' x 17' 1-' 1- " 46. Y ff 'QA 3 gg J' ..- A .135 A . H Q -1 ":'f"x ' - I, Z' ? 3.1.3 l , A 'QFV 'LP . 'hifi , ,f M ,ff f'1 3w! I . 4 ag H? ,fm . , . ff" .- A, N 1 . 2 fs' .- SST Q, im Q 1 L NL , Aga.. ?w-'gm' 1-:ii '5 Q jd I' I A 4 , P f B . qi ,ws A ' x ,t, :xg i 'T .. s,-, 1 I .P 6 t - 'QAQEJT 24,3 'Lx X , ' ' W x I Q, ' lj! ' " 9 r l 1 " E 17011 ' W .r I , 3 1 i 1 GU 5 1 xx 1.4 I . Wx., X 'xt Bakr X .X I X ,Vx CCP' W E 9 A fs S 5 5, . 4 5 5 1 XX 3 6 Wm Barb Beckerich jane Sullivan Dotty Byers Y ww A ,,,., 4. -. a 'Q ' ' .If ,Q it R79 lt K 'ff . CN Nw 1 4 W it J rt 3 is X ' ' 1N'i1ll1-ful' Q Q 1 -'X Q wr 5 110 ,K lu tyageswd wil,-L-kjivliv X ' Vi ni-vivu . ,. ud Sto eb J fl I.' y Kathy Creager Elfge In September of 1959 U.D.'s Liz Fleming 1' was listed as one of the ten Best Dressed Coeds in the Nation. Following tradition, from these ten hope- fuls, our new candidate was chosen. Mary Arm Ciambl-O Kathy Musterman 11 , 'if' E . Q7 l L 'N . - -Ag. V 6 7-5 I A 7 5 t trrs ' B X ' ,1 , la , f f . -Q " L fx ., ki by .E if I "" N as 1 Ginny Beatty Darlene DiPasquale Lynn Bracken 269 1 MQ" 4- LQ 4211... i 7 1 gov i 1 1 I 102 JA E S LLIVA Ag 1. V32 L.-. 7- Cx X? is WW -,L ltgurfff. 3 NG -X . -N , vi Gp , . ' N ' F9 Y ' ,ax . -x .,, .. . , ' f? ' . " Q 9 4 Y - 4 J 2 - 1 'Q , xi , I I A H , 0'-R "Sf " can K' ' ' - 25' I 1 X - AS- J iv' 2 .... :ga - 1 . sf T51 5? 1 an-li' .L a KW ' Zvi "V 'L ,Q-,gif , B, L X K Q ,r . Q. ww, 4' "x"'1Pvp.. """'t-ww ..-, 'Q ay i M X., K i , . ' ' " " ERLXXIM Q- L ' -W L, Q03 , mx! 5 wr f + Come on, fellows-let's get together, f x-, 'M , Tr. , A ,f f C. wk, x,: -.2 Agn -1 'H . xy rv '1 4 S. iff ff '5?. i' f.' , 1 5' S . 'Y' 5 . . al. .gm K . b. ,A ,Z .E 5 1 fh lan B -ll ,Al!"" . QTY ii-iff E, I i , xl rlilllfl WE I-Rislpflll :mMW 'il 'ii SECREIAIU , - iq , js. i 4 1" 'x , A ' ,,,...,Y Q W' 43 I ' - i ioiwiuiiv wff"""" limi iliiivfflf will . H llll!AG"iA'l will E lllilliiificiillllll f' just a little more to the right and we can get this fiasco underway." Politics may he dug eat dog, but this is one clog they don't get, fhclion li l PICK Tmsi-4 N gp! oi Fkori THE P .N Pmrrs 1 Ag? plgKl TRl5H iw ., QDPHUMURE NYQPTSENTATIVI ,I ,l c rf' f 0 Q-', ,N ' Q, If sw 'f-was ,S ' x 1' ' I ,. v Q. Q. X , 35' ' :QQ 1 f 5 Q49 1 G V we .f 1 Q i 1 iv ul 9 Z FS L' . 480 .N 4 ii x 1 A K 6 .2 as 'Gif 9 'N Wa "' ,,,.,"""' Q ,Qs . J ,Q A ,Q ei.. Q. ex N al '13 fya, h Hold that Lme Q' 1 -5,,,f-- .Al s 5 ,na 9 N- 2,1 sv Q., -. , ts, Wig: QQ: f 4 fi' ,Je , ,sf " Eiga' l 'X K N 1 x I If . 1 J, ! f , if 'WL ft' Attendants, Theresa Geis and Sue Neumann escorted by Varsity D members , , x 1 -v, 4... ly la M ,Z 1' w V' aff s 'fx x X Ml 45239 M sri! x QUEEN A. . . OUR LADY CROWNED BY. . . AAA CLARA TROTTMAN One potato. two potato , . . -52' ,Lf m x. ' ,151 . Clam diggers on parade. ITN 1' - . . T 1 y I W . ' v ' f lp 4 I , f 3. A' ' 5 . I .3 NK J , Q 1 6 Q. 1 iff V 'Xa -V-.-qfi " or ti 1 r-1 f I . ah a Q , , - ' .52 1 - - Q' 3+ . - t 4 hx . "T, M.. t ' w 1 -. jew- J i 44-3 ,, l i cf' 'wel I , E' I qt . ,Lf p ' Y , , ,t up i. .MH . f4.i4::5 if --.2-1+l"'Q,J ' ., -N .Y :gtk -Ju, 1.5.1 rf' Qsxv - -- .- - . . t . , , - "lust t.m't lteep them down on the farm , 278 l PRIN G WEEK Spring Week arrived with all its picnics, parties, dances and farewell wishes. With little thought of finals, only two weeks away, students donned their picnic clothes and officially opened the festivities, Sunday, at the junior picnic. HEY ! ' he m WATER! UGH ! C. t EE, ,lol 5 ,,. "muy, . Now le't's talk about girls "Bringing home the bacon." Q . ry I .' lf? Q.: ' "2" ' f, N PQQg?,.:v'v 5 1 1 X ". ,gt axis. -fwaq J 13 I it QVTLW1 .1 1- uanrnv gr' 'hi .f serif, J' 'law' '. ,. if - - fi? I 1 , . -A ' ' ll' QT' , . f -ii W1 . .fp ' . 1,1 s si M " -O 9' jlf in -sq ', -4 " Qs, f .I A fx 'xxx -' ', A tub full of suds. More guds ,M l , , ,,.:,-'fr,- W6 'V-in "wr - l " Y ' , - I ,:x.,f .1 2, alia,-Nic,-5 I 4 '-59. x, , . . 5 " 'b'A,b'-JS ,i V' 1 1 h :iff I +- ,-gf: :E -I-xr 4. ' R'-j ' ' -,' - ,--1 5-A X f' 'tbis' J ' af 7. ,. '-:crazy .ff . ' -ff'--A ?':f7i:L,k'if3f: . 1 'E ' f"'1 . Q, U ,, ' 1 X ,H L -.3:-X 6 Q t .I V ,, 4, U WJ 65,14 , 'A . V1 V 3 0. . N. x , ., . . r "4 4 ff z 1 Q l v , B: Q53 1. -.,kxi1b4- N-1,.,gap'..f I f . " J-:..' 'Q ,f?f4f:weQ,,' ' .4 5 The start Home stretch n ,. The lunge Do or die Push, Randy, push 9 V X, P Disc i0Ckf:y . . . Wfho put glue on the haton??E' HW .TQ A H' 'h H . 5' , - o" - ' -4, . is 4 4b'1f,',3" AV, '- 45, ' rf J, A.: ' TQ.-in m::.f'+.-, ., -I ,."Q .awp-aug H Y ,,.-1 , 9535 .- gm , .fine A. Q- 'x I practice at Bounceland. Q Rxxx XXn1t tzll I gct mv hands on him , 1' ' f 4 'P' r 1 . xb':"' K Q ' I s A Nfl .' mi 1 ff -,,.. fl , I' 'U-ls 1 iq. S 5 +7 , y, .5 :..q 8 w R -N... -I X'i i --..f ,Q-sl' N1 . , - X I Xl d nf elected T 'nv X W. N-. sf' js wwf- . ,.,.. ,J 3.x 7" 1:- :J 'ff' T--A nn. Clffff' ,W ' -r , 1 .-Q 1-, . ' f sf- l hiv 2' -',- 13.55-1,z': YI? ll L l 'X 1 E I 5 'a '. 49: :.,' 7 , J,--,-:,9, f 1, Y 4 ...ry L' .K -.9 f.' ' A a 5. .-.4 't w L 'f55fif4f'QMi?f'i1ff',?i?'fQ " ,---V . .As A-.-1. f:Q.4jf Q' I V , J. ..-Q,,. , ' v N L , ,.,y- .-T ,LY , V -wr?-+S4." 5: 1'-f ,JF-. ., , ,A - 4'4Tf5' 5'7X?1,X5' Ziff:-' 55" ,sf ' so. -'T pi KING CHUCK SWEENEY QUEE LYNN DETERS : . ,gif-. --.g-,Nz ', A -, - QP '--qi. iq- .v Q I 5'-4-S.. L.-. ,, .. 4 "QA ,, ,,.x, X 5 . A - Wi.,-,N J, .QQ .jg 52,5513 , . n ikwxrsf , xi' 2. '+'fi3?d'1. ' ,'5-P' , 2"gjg1iffE.ef, V 3 'ff+Q53.' f ' ' ' 1 'f-' f fK:'El."'? L- K Svvninr Farewell COURT if ,. it ,jr JOHN NAGLE CHUCK BETTIE KILDER SUE NEUMANN DOBIE GIBSON LYNN TONY MAZZA NED BECKER 283 N'N""w-asus... ...lg 1 Q' - M,,,n A 1 .n K V ow ww i x f - N sax ,v -gr. , . fum, h , ,mth K, A v mx X' X- wi ' su x' 954- 1 v ? ... WY iw , I Xsuy 1 'V WW, x -.S vdsglii- ... , iff" Nha Sf Rx 4 5-5, F 3 y V 3 an Q X. rf Q. -- N5 4x5 A X I SK A P1 ,,.,if,'v1, mi' LW wig gi gl If -7? . fy, ' .0 h 4' - ,..r ' . .. g'-' 4:1 . . '3'-24 , .7 P I A ' 4 , - Q:-I ,ik ' . -3'-"5 I-'r ,Q ' , - ---Y 1' x QA 'S , l:" " . . .. J ,.. . . ,. .. . 1 f'-ft ' n . u . -' .'- ' " 1 . .,,' , :aft 'er N' . 1' ' ." 'I' .QL Ynvf. - ,, Q '1 . - - 5-. fr", 'ax-, '.'f'- "' ' - 1 ,f' -.Q were ir - ' 'LL I . . .gi Q' qflfl '1 :C -' - F fa - M!-'fa' -F 'z:'?1-uri' --.N -.-N1 vu, vq -. 4-I - 1: ' , ff . on , . N N -Q: . . V -f S. Hs., , Y ? 5 X. ' 7 XIV. , I N' f J :f.y,,xW,T 9 f ' - ' ' Q wggzgrfsa!-1 ' 4 'f firm: .. ' s 3' 54751. F ff xr . ' 45, ' .4 .X eg 'Z ,,L,.i. P .A 1 ' ' S ' -., - 5 ,A g. Q m L -N ' 1, Q , -k El ' 'xi ,f 1 . ,4-1-,.' .' " v . Q - K Nyx x' P s , kiwi' f 'P t S ,Q 4 ' X7 -HJ .HALL-' .- l A 'H W an YQ ' J W- Q.. 1 :xii --J Q.. W v' f ff i 1 'Ya A A., ., ,,,,-.Q,syi .Y 't .N Eiga , 1 ,giiia 4, , ,.1 V " 1 ,3 ' fx -' , , - iv , 4.2 ,A . ' 1- ff:-Y' wif. ' .5 , Q 1 .- bf ' ,'v i I . 'N M 5 f if 5 Q 2. 4-A xy M , K. , . . QI, I ,,s'x ,. :UF X If N' x-X " 2,1- J ll xx 5 X 1 .' I. L' 5' lA , I scholarship A , 4... 1 , N'l:'j'Axa5bi' r :N- Q. tc, -5 A an -......,.,, 1 wmiwfgvl W W genus ff t X , X Patrick O'Hagan Dale Shadburn ,Ioan I-Ieenan Norm Mitchell Filomena Vacchiano Ned Becker TOP T ENTY ,... df STUDENTS ,W N CAMPUS julie Gilmore Bill Langley Clara Trottman Ed Alexander Student Council, with' the cooperation of the ad- ministration, chose these ' 3 . twenty students tops on -J. campus based on activi- ties and an accurnulative point average of 2.5 or better. Receiving this honor for the third time was Stan Greenberg, sec- ond, Theresa Geis and Carolyn Duell. Surf-"' 3 Silvano Pantezzi Carolyn Duell Ross Di Bacco Stan Greenberg d 'aff' JOE 3 Theresa Geis Ed Szeman Maureen Murphy Timothy Trick Sue Neumann Gene Schill 287 ,REQ Le 1-Gene M.C.s . 41 W . Q --at ' f , ... , S N V, ,. the 1960 Homecoming 1 fg dance 'ha w it 5 3 3 that he organized. Rzgbl-Clara Trottman and Gene at her crowning. l To each institution-no matter what it may be--comes an individ- ual who doesn't care what the in- stitution thinlts of him, but who works for the betterment of that institution. Such a person is Gene Schill. To try to mention all of the activities and projects that Gene has taken on .ind completed in the name of the University is almost im- possible. . - -sn Gene has edited the Flyer News, was the originator of the Top Twen- ty Students on Campus, and has worked to bring more big name entertainment to U.D., especially in the field of jazz and has earned the right to be affectionately called Mr. Jazz by U.D.'s students. With grateful hearts, though many of us will not admit it aloud, THANKS, GENE. 'Q i i 'E , . 288 Ab0z'efGene being acknowledged as U.D.'s Mr. Jazz by Duke Ellington. Left-Making a plea before the student body fOr the crippled children of Dayton. Right-M.C.'ing the half-time ceremonies at the Homecoming game. If Miss Whetro breaks ground, Fr. Collins digs in, too! is l F I is l ll i it .3 -e - ,eo l all in rm im in ri Pl iuinmnmiu 1 an in im in iw ri e i 5 in ii in in 4 f V ni n ri in t llllll!l!!,!! l l ll ll M r M so IJ, J. Artist conception of the one and a half million dollar strudure. With the words, "I have been wait- ing ten years to do this," Miss Whetro breaks ground for the first wornen's dorm to be located in the old M.E. parking lot. Students, Mo Murphy, representing the Coeds and, jim O'Hora, the men, com- pleted the ceremonies. I Maw 'rbi' Q all avi Aki ' o 1 , Qggsl ' sf' A . 9 ' ,. , . . , 1 .A 5 I fir- -N" l 'Q Y ' 1 1 "' B' Q ,.,,. 'L, X 'lil A Nb -.,,,,'..13 .. U 1 4 h'v -.. ., x.,-2' "" .Kiln ,N Q. --Q ' 55. ' 4b-'r' va V 'L 4' I. Nsf. V.- 1. -RTL" 'a 5 4 . 5 v, 'K x . ,1- - ,., A, . t N., xy, 41, 1- . , ,. , . -Q: r - fry Z .. , I f- eb' F . x K" ""1 J 1 ff 'V on 'mix' 'L 6... +xs, IIT' .4' .RVW ww. .D ,xl A. .... .v , nl' .. L, -r-'o L. 6"'6 QV' rn ' .- H , LT! V 5 , ' K . M1 .QV mx u I 1 rv - I 1 5 .- X 1 'x 31. ,, A 5-l?,.?'r'x. 773 I xg if X i, '- ,. n 0 x K, fi? .. -1 .QW 19 ' QA - . fifrla : : ,.g -S, - , , t Y ', TW . ' . , ,, f rw fy- M . ' 'V if '- Y ' ' , K , , , , . A 1 .54 N IQ FNX NJN, - . 1 vf dx Y , s 'S5,.E: "wx ,R , 'Q L- ,S an : Q, 5 . , 4- df 1 , W Q w R Xl ' xx' L 7 wi ' f. W, s 2 Aawb- P1 gif , an X 7 C . A fwzfhx- gn- ' 'lb . . f ' ' k I Pie, 'B 11.5 5-if I ni- ,,.1R, ., -iff f-64? Ai 3 I 1 O 1,31 f .K . Y Aw. STAFF IN ACTION. . . L' A 1 K ,C Yogi, but not bear , , , Whose getting whose goat? , .g, , WT Boy. have we got modem equipment! Mug paint for mugs. 2 .Z , i , 2 . I . I, I Is it for real ? ?? Calamity jane Lf-f"' Mi ,292 Peek-.1-boo . I see you . . . . we N ' ...Me .A-:AS N 4 i A-X J. C v ""' 4.f 1 ,,,.. If nn. 1- I KVI - ' ' o .,,,,ff W .ALJ 'is . , x ,f 1' '13-' 35. ,- N. . , 11.45 ru u TIM: menu- ,.. "" P-1-"' ""' FIL5Rll4lEE, Y.. nn ,zz rzsnvu. -W 'H smut J funn MEET H' mm ras: nn cmnlvn f-H FW rm snunn FAIEIELL Q vw ' sn ssmnn cmsin PARTY smus FUDTIALL SAME H. sun 9IClIC um rssnvgl, EVERY ply EK P IIITV TIME .A V-, ,., ., :.. ' fv AYTO IA STAFF761 K 'J ., . ,m', ' K r wi' 1-'Z 13.55 W.-eq, ,, -.-,D v ww vw .fs-, ...,, - za, far- ' I n Memory is a priceless treasure. It can be called upon at will. Segments of it may be lived over and over again. Years of activity may dim the memory but tokens and mementos can bring back the treasured past, Wfith this in mind we have contrived to capture this year of your life on the Campus of our Alma Mater. Peace comes to the Daytonian office. The deadlines have heen met thanks to the large staff of loyal workers who lightened the load and added personal touches of genius to their sections. Sincerest thanks to Fr. Wfeber, our Moderator, who guided us through so "many" straits. He never failed to give just the right type of assistance when it was sorely needed. Then there were people like Dick Beach, Gail Wfonka, and joe McLaughlin who filled the gaps we couldnt Our sincerest thanks to them, too. In every project one person stands out because ot' their unfailing service. This year found Matt Rittberg in that capacity. The DAYTONIAN '61 now joins Tradition. Carolyn Marie Duell Edifor .pl 1235.5 X 1 Svmci-:RQ 1,-2 0 s s I 7 S , X I Si 7XN - Vgn 6 fi QQ' f V Sq 4 V..,, Si 'f IVIAKE YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER f I llc. ties? ff ., YOUR MASTER 0F CERENIONIES f ' XT!! i ' ll A i i l l Let us be the oiticial photographer of your IiIie's important I l vtlv I events . . . For the really good picture you need to land that I QE I First big job . . .your engagement and wedding photographs . . . xv i 1 O those priceless portraits ot your First child land the others l that ioll0w.I Only truly professional studio portraits can I R, r W give an individual and distinctive dignity to the visual record ,Z X 'i ' 5 of your lil:e...and our artist-photographer is a true professional. l We are proud to he the official - photographer of your graduating gi ' t ' ni - class, and we hope that this is the f if Im beginning ofa lifelong relationship. YOUR OFFICIAL PHCTCGRAPHER Jean Sardou Studio 5th Floor ELDER 8: JGHSTON Dayton, Ohio oft gf2??iQ vs as ar92f'f I I SAN RAE MOTEL IN DAYTON, OHIO Six Miles Sou'rI1 on U.S. 25 Phone UL 9-36OI 5600 Sou+I1 Dixie Highway CompIe+eIy Air Condi+ionecI Member - AAA Complimenfs of REEVES BROS. BARBERS I047 Brown SI'reeI' DAYTON. OHIO CONG RADULATIQNS Yes, we Icnow i+'s spelled wrong! Bu+ YOU won'+ go wrong if you visif any of Vic and Mom's I9 Pizza Kings. Don'I' forgei' II16 one nearesi' UD a+: 22IO S. Patterson Blvd. Ax-8- I 48 I Vic Cassano and Mom Donisi PIZZA KINGS DAYTON MONUMEN T CO Designers ana' Manufacturers of MONUMENTS, MAUSOLEUMS, MEMORIALS GRANITE, MARBLE AND BRONZE I424 AIber+a S'rreeI' BA 8-I362 Sou+I1 of UD Sfadium 297 Your diploma doesn't look heavy! It's only a bit of paper with a few drops of ink. It doesn't weigh much. Nevertheless your diploma IS heavy. . . heavy with possibilities . . . heavy with high hopes of friends, neighbors, teachers and, above all, your families. As the bearer of a diploma, you are suddenly thrust into an arena of greater responsibilities and larger opportunities. Your friends and neighbors expect you to be a good citizen, informed about the world, yet always loyal to America. Your teachers and parents want you to continue your academic progress so you will grow in wisdom and understanding. Yes, a diploma is heavy. May you always look upon your diploma as a challenge and a constant reminder of your obligation to live up to the ideals taught you at the University of Dayton. The National Cash Register Company Sfudenfs Always Welcome Howard 81 Betty's CORNER GRILL air condifioned IOOO Brown Sfreei ia'r Wyoming, Dayion, Ohio BA 3-0609 Everyfhing Pho+ographic MALONE CAMERA STORE, INC. 4 S+ores DOWNTOWN EASTOWN 2l E. Second S+. 3896 Linden Ave TOWN AND COUNTRY WESTOWN 62 E. S+roop Rd. 4309 W. Third S+ Since l9I6 HURRY DOWN TO 1 NL .W f .- 'I .Nm .- ,vv Qi-mLR'5 0 ' fmxmv ,, -' w WERMYMQK 'ff v' " ' ere Al UD Mee+s 918 ITE CLUB Specialisfs in Home-Fried Chicken Liquid Refreshmenfs 9l8 BROWN STREET BA 4-9l94 CG? apemmam ers to imceimicca 0 0 0 . . . was founded in Dayfon by Col. Daniel E. Mead in l846. . . . has i+s principal execulive offices in Dayfon and has six manufacfuring operaiions in Ohio. IS one of 'I'l'1e len largesf and one of +l1e mosi' diversified in +l1e induslry. . . . foday has 38 opera+ions in I6 s'ra+es where paper, paperboard, wood pulp, cor- rugafed confainers, folding boxes, packaging cartons and fechnical papers are manufaciured. MEAD A ...EAD f - fi f' Q 5 4 I Q Q3 XX .4 6557 ' vi MEAD will lm E,- f r 9 MEAD ,ul ,N 5 J V WU Z 'fl' A X ,E ' ' As ill- la Y ,,SL.i ,ia ,z,:f" ', 1 Vw 7 il-.J.,,g, luf.-' Q fvgLNgi?l' 7 .1 f - -f'-f 2- -- I " L. 'Z-.iff-fr - .i . 8 .1 Wh THE MEAD CORPORATION DAYTON. OHIO COCKTAIL LOUNGE FINE FOOD AIR CONDITIONED ROOM SERVICE TELEPHONE IN EVERY ROOM KEY MOTEL 222 Easi' FirsI' S'I'ree'I' BA dwin 6-27II DAYTON 2, OHIO Free Parking and Television DOWNTOWN DAYTON A COMPLETE LINE OF Ar'risI"s Maferial Signwrifers' Supplies Raw Wood Frames BERT L. DAILY, INC. I26 Eas+ Third S+. BA 3-4I2I DAYTON, OHIO Compliments RESTAURANTS Oni' Compliments and Congratulations . TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF l96I . . . STANDARD REGISTER one of Dayton's prominent industries, an outstanding leader in the U. S. business forms industry. ag I Founded inA1912 by John Q. Sherman and William C. Sherman. Through our products and the services of our sales representatives in applying them, we provide "Paperwork Simplincationn to the business world. TH E STANDARD REGISTER COMPANY, DAYTON 1, OHIO Sales and Service offices in principal cities. Plants at Dayton fNos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 83, Oakland t6l and Glendale l7l Calif.g York, Pa. t5l and Fayetteville, Ark. 191. "Best in Accommodations" Dayton's Most Beautiful MOTEL CAPRI Rent o New Car, Truck -76 Unlis- . Complete Motel Facilities or Station Wagon Dining Room Cocktail Lounge Heated Swimming Pool Free TV and Telephones "CIosest to Campus" AX 8-I4lI 2700 S. Dixie Drive ' It 0 Yourself, Inc. I I 7 W. SECOND ST. BA 4-4774 DAYTON 2, OHIO BARNEY'S BARBER SHOP IIO9 Brown Sfreei' Day+on, Ohio Jusr A JUMP AWAY FRoM ui: ANGELINA 'S PIZZA HOUSE lI27 Brown S+. 205 Salem Avenue 4028 Sourln Dixie Drive TASTE DOESN'T LIE: The Bes+ ls in AngeIina's Pizza Pie. Tried One Yer? SOUTH PARK PASTRY SHOP I033 Brown S'I'ree+ Day+on, Ohio BA 8-I032 SOUTH PARK BARBER SHOP 930 Brown Sheer CARL F. BRANDING BA 8-2832 303 I I : 54. . I ' uns, 1 A xi 0 A nl Q:f:h'N,1'r'. . Q p S. 14,4 A 2.'QE-'.T-- if- , X 0 ff' g' .-P gn . X E - 1.9. k.4 h. U. ,910 U" B ' 3' f'-'X' " A 1 i., . .,,.::: .Av ,- A- 21 1 . fb- H V., 'QA ,N A QA, n if . .- --fs ' -1 'img' "" - - ' 1-'11 .' 1" Fi ,Q ii ' .kfgf fir: , A 1- ' ' " If , "X: -'HP ff' fa J -:' ,gw- . vw, s ,P O l,A 8 ' ' 5 f 4 3 ' Ls- I. L Ll '4 -5, ' 'af 0 Nu X , 'Wi'-A . , Nw n-4' " ,,,,.,,u 1 'hw gq43,x.aa8 5' 1 A wut . at -:HM . w '. ff ' L . ,Af- .V 5 ' S v w lr, 'v J a dn My ,' z" f H 5 r 4 L X gm F' 5, iv 1 0 ,P 1 x 1 4 J I . x f n I O I ' I I I 1 1 l A " ' , Q :ff , , ! 1 q':"'' V 1 1 1 X Xi mx, .5 'xxx xr ' X ' '., N x N , 1 ' 1 3, lvgg--. . in 4 K- " X X ' l : 1 -. . 3. , xzqll ,I - - - z X-r-Qs Q ' ' X T'-.N f"'i,tx ' - ' s s -.'- 5 iffhvg - K 1 V I, 1 3 l Tk .xy 1 . I i I . Ll I I "M 4 :l NNN'-,Q K I 54 . i 5 ' .5 il . ' T Q N 'Nl - : . -!'LQ'ff'i- Ll r ,L V RL :df-1A ' rf? , , K Q l f sig. A I . . ig' 4 1 if b 'E at W V V l ! Et. . , M I, Il - f w 1 l i H If . l M N . .1 ' f .I .-frm.-l1'.L, . yfjlur- 1 ij? 1? 3: ,I I.: ,gn-. A .?- ,Wg r w...- V-, Q '..' . ' at w-rt., . A i QQ, Dv S T.,- . 11 6 ..'-gr-543' .7 -1, 1 , Y. , '...j.,.e-5, - B Q: Q., f- Y .aw 'emi' -' we A A -' , H, . L A-.1 , .V . :NA J-3 f . ,s ., , L . Q, -. ,- , .- , , vi r., A xg - . 3.1, ,. I , " ' ' . , 4. 1 A' iff sl- 3' ' 2' 5',e. "'l A A A .pk I A , 45142, ' ,. ' J I : .':. ' - '-ff - .. Xl Y! - r .1 z.,-V - i I!! A' l J' l -gg ,f..' . ..-.? 1'-,I , ..-5. s, x.,- -V. ' V-3.1 ,. 1' s .1 Aiblej, ,It l - 1 l 4 ' L -,, N -,f L.. W. A - ' 1 -3 .',. - '1 L . .ji l 5,4 ...'1. ,pf ., . . .I 'I G! ,5' Exif! 'g .. 45. I 'P P"-' Jia.. .ur , 5'1f'l 051' ..r Q I ,A uf- , , .--fry was g fftfg: ' D Q... .. .,- - ' N 4 ' , 1 VW' , ' r ' f5'. 4: , 4 ' ff' iff 'W w3,g2'5i L4 ..,-47, Qu 4 Q I. if A .Sl 1 '-. '7'?2xf'fg:' ' ' +f af ' ' ' 'G'r- . W' J .J ' ' , wa U I '. R254 1 ' ,,V'u,4t'L' 'f 'af W 8 "l I, . ,l ' I 3 5. fl- ' ' 'T A '- . 2 K 1,955 ' 5 :rl ' if-W ' 1 , an 5 1

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