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 - Class of 1959

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. 9 ..-.""q i" Y ' ., "3-shim:-5154 , Y .J Ev- -Q-SP' TV? we-41 -1,3-,x., ,, "" ' '. 1- , , .,,?LA4 I Xi f 'Hn-ex' Emil 1 7. " ,fd 75-12 ' sn' ' , " , ,.,, 1, ,,-, A - .. 1- ' A Ml In '91 f Y " J: - 'Leu-: .-"T, M ' . i- "- . . L, 1 1 xx .,,. ,,v:. 'iii "M Nan-N A Z fra? A 1 x VV x , 4 9 wg f -41.-.. ,. - R' mf' V' , yy.. -4.26 41.11" 'xxx .xjfwg ' . .QI -1- 1, nf. '- 34:1 V" V ' 1 f .-y",,' ', vw' . Wh P - ' .-'f Ari 'fffog f ,. sfp , .-fr,-'.f.?f:V'i 122' .. h-U --.....+..5,,,,,4,' ,f'4---44 " . .r-,L A f . ,- -- 1 -- -nv ' - -- ' f, ' I . ' r . .- . . ex.-nz .L , xf AV 'Q 'nj' '- ,-A. is W ', , , 1 f. -fp 1 .- .4 2 ,f ,Y 4 - 7' ' -rl' - ,,.,, "?- ' n - .v I ' ' '-'heir' ff + I2 " 1'f,,'.1lf L ' , 4 , 'N its 'v - K . iv ' V! , 1 -Y , 1 1, , 4 v ' , V I " 'I vp. 4 T ' rx 1, ,. AY' L Q., g--.1 ru, --.-...f buffy: an -4 i QA N 1 1 the clclyfonicln volume thirty-six 0 S Q -,,,, .6-Q 1.5 A I 4 I 5 I s F 1 959 from our hillto P ff -1. .'JLu e- nf: 5124.5 I .ia ' .L zu x ' 'r N 'Ga .34 x 1 . -13 53 ',7:i, 4S?l, . ' - 944. Qi 51 . --...J .1 ,..f-p ,ni -4, ,. ,A 5.1.-ggi,'."f1".-L51-' hp, ,y Q aging-vii-::'1., W V, l , , I N .,z.A.. ,A .T ,. fa t - , V N rrlafq me Gln... :U 1, W Gigi' 5 ',f'5.,,"g,. N - .2 -. , 2, w ig f c i 1 ' M -. ' Pi?-'Q fx rr'-l -uw gpm 'WM' Vg, ' V+ -'- f -'Er L -, T-4 1 oss45VifFsF4im ' s- e- cr 1: - arf' U - - - -- - - ' ,Alix 1:- .iii r Qfx , ff LE, ffl - ' 'f' l.l ,, iz 3 IIE6 5 C? Ill gig fi 1 if sffiff . 1 ' fs ' ?g5, JURY? ugh: 4 8 Was? 701 L' ' if iiiff contents ' administration ' seniors ' departments ' organizations ' activities ' sports 9 nl S :L Ill! I be r xg' ,Y '-' r,: .- Y 1 " fig-Eulmwn HL ! XJYJI'-'vnu 'S i Y'-Y irrr'I""' "- F -2' 'N r 1 I fr' Q I N vs, . .A 4 J " i ' i I Ti W i J J ' ' r ,A PX i N y , W I fi' 'X l 1 X . s i . , o e J A-f'v""'Lfg 5 ep xx I X I E V1 ii O The Daytonian Staff Tom Muth editor James Gates business manager Barbara Leff senior editor Bernard Braun photography editor Sheila James Donna Devoe social editors Jim Haines sports editor Jeanne Pflaum faculty editor KX-,LA From aTop a small hill we view The passing of Time. SomewhaT aparT, we waTch as man moves Through his exisT- ence. The ioys and sorrows ThaT beseT The world seem re- moTe To our hill alThough we know our poinT of vanTage is buT a prelude To an advenfure in The world. Thus we cherish The mem- ories of an academic life as we move from This abandon To Take The worldly responsibili- Ties ThrusT upon us. LeT This book be a Tiber from which we can weave The warm memories of our college days. A true leader must have the power to command men and yet remain human. He must be human and superhuman. That a man can resolve his power of leadership with his human nature is indeed worthy of praise, but a man further resolving his lead- ership with the stark simplicity of the priesthood is truly great. A man of such resolution is the sixteenth president of the University of Dayton, the Very Reverend Andrew L. Seebold, A son of the Blue Grass, Father Seebold graduated from U.D. in 1924. He was ordained to the priesthood at Fribourg, Switzerland, ten years later. Receiving his doctorate from the Catholic University of America, he moved to the presidency of Cathedral Latin School in Cleveland. In 1953 Father Seebold was inauguratedpresident of the University of Dayton. Since his commencement of office Father Seebold has been a constant source of progress. With dynamic effort he has modified and innovated throughout the school. His presence has been felt in the construction of new buildings, introduction of new policies, and an entirely new atti- tude toward education. Here then we dedicate this book in humble gratitude to Father An- drew L. Seebold, who as leader of our hilltop, has bestowed his human personality on the entire University. cl clicca THE VERY REVEREND ANDREW L. SEEBOLD, S.M President, University of Dayton Sena l1eW Oh H 1. 1 ,r y lNl Q 'E , , . W Q 51 gf A -Z f r .., tl 1 ' fg ex 7 ff ff f i Qj pr 'lu W , r ,M ra' gg' cc c "' , Q, Tia hill Rising in bold relief above the drill field stand two symbols of contemporary U.D. The new Science Hall and Wohlleben Hall represent a revolution in educa- tion. Combining the talents of an excellent faculty with these new buildings the University of Dayton moves to the front as one of the finest colleges of science in the country Our new buildings do not merely represent progress in the DUI' rap field ot science education, they are a prediction of tomorrow's U.D. The University has plans for a new activities center and a new school of business. With these plans the University will be able to meet any future edu- cational challenge. We congratulate the College of Science and the entire Uni- versity tor a progressive attitude in building a new U.D. on our hilltop. il if fps l I i I - l 'i il l i l it tal ' j X Q , t X gg, f f W L ' , l I 'S 1 f ga' 01 fm b f V 3 12 it W M0 l Wwe: E nt M. 5 im l a y L L i f 1 X .ff gf l 1-,-i, 1- ll ' 1 l i i ' i 1 : P l . A l ,,.-- - :-+R. l ,,w,,. 4 as-W., fa A-5 3 f -r W W , 1, f. ww! V 2 X 4 , W . . ' "2ff292f "35 l' N. 1. L, -, wa, 'W 1 . 342 ' '1 Rx: 1' 5 ' S 4? , ? ..- Q , Qs 5 gn L L .V n 3 , I- , y' f - is Q, ivy 8' I ax f ,' T. . 1 A A ll' 1 . V3.1 -Mg , I ?,iu X C Q , vnu. ...P M H' fx' if ' V -w ,mfnwil ' J 1 1' 1 -4 wang' "1 Q- 1 , Q 5 5 5356165-ep x 5'2" ' Q12 ' 5 ' r .' 1 ' ff b 1' 4 X fx ta l P fa 9 ig "A al L W 9 'Eff W7 N F! Z Wi TW W X 1 6 Q. 4' ,Q YN 4 ,wr u ' Aa administration ciccicl mic council ' t Reverend George Barrett, Doctor Hilary Beth, Reverend Charles L. Collins, Brother Leonard Mann, Brother Louis Faerber, Brother Joseph J. Mervar, Doctor Maurice Graney, Professor Don- ald Metz, Brother Joseph Panzer, Chairman, Brother Thomas Powers, Reverend Paul Wagner, Professor Kathleen Whetro. THE VERY REVEREND JAMES M. DARBY Chairman board o trustees S 2 . ' 'Q it R 'I 3 ? 5 ' 5 . .W VERY REVEREND ANDREW L. SEEBGLD N. BROTHER FRANCIS X. NEUBECK 112, REVEREND A GEORGE J. RENNEKER rv' BROTHER PAUL A. SIBBING MR. ROBERT S. OEL- MAN, President, Presi- dent of the National Cash Register Co. MR. DAVID L. RIKE, Vice President, President of Rike- Kumler Co. MR. STANLEY C. ALLYN, Direc- tor of National Cash Register Co. MR. WILLIAM KUNTZ, Presi- dent of Peter Kuntz Lumber 1' DR. WALTER A. REILING, Prominent Dayton Sur- geon. MR. EDWIN G. BECKER, At- torney, Becker, Loeb, and Becker. MR. HERMAN C. LEHMAN, Vice President General Mo- tors Corp., General Manager Frigidaire Division. MR. MILTON A. SPAYD, Presi- MR. JAMES M. STUART, MR. SAMUEL L. FINN, At torney, Estabrook, Finn, and McKee. MR. KENNETH C. LONG, President and General Man- ager of the Dayton Power and Light Co. SS dent of Standard Register Co. President and General Man. ager of the Dayton Power and Light Co. MR. LOUIS WOZAR, President of Tate Manufacturing Co. 4 I 1 MR. WALTER H. J. BEHM, Treasurer, President Winters Na- tional Bank and Trust MR. MERLE P. SMITH, Secretary, General Man- ager ot Joyce Gridland 36 . , F MR JAMES M COX JR President and D rector of Evening News Publishing Co MR E D W A R D W GILLAUGH President of Third National Bank and Trust Co MR CLARENCE H GO SIGER President of C H Gosiger Machinery Co MR. GEORGE H. MEAD, Honor- ary Chairman of Board, Mead Paper Co. ate board of lay trustees MR HARRY F FINKE President of Finke En gmeerlng Co MR. GEORGE E. WALTHER, SR., President of Dayton Steel Foundry. DR CARROLL A. HOCH- WALT Vice President of Monsanto Chemical Co. fl... MR. MASON M. ROBERTS, Retired General Manager of Frigidaire' Division, General Motors. MR. DWIGHT E. YOUNG, Edi- tor and Publisher of Dayton Journal Herald. MR. LOUIS F. POLK, President of Sheffield Corp. 2l BRO. JOSEPH J. PANZER Dean of The University REV. GEORGE BARRETT Vice Presidem' of The Universify REV. CHARLES L. COLLINS Dean of Sfudents REV. JOHN G. DICKSON Chaplain of The University Awww' MISS KATHLEEN VVHETRO Dean of Women BRO. JOSEPH J. MERVAR Regisirar REV. PAUL J. WAGNER Director of Admissions BRO. THOMAS POWERS Director of Evening Ciasses 'CZ BRO. ELMER LACKNER MR. RICHARD BEACH Director of Public Relaiions Direcior of Academic ,',11'11 '3 InformaTion MR. MASON BENNER Direcior of Development MISS MARY SHAY Alumni Secretary MR. JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN DirecTor of SporTs lnformafion BRO. FRANCIS J. PERKO Business Manager L BRO. WILLIAM D. BUSCI-I Treasurer MR. WILLIAM SLONAKER Comptroller BRO. AUSTIN J. HOLIAN Supervisor of Construction BRO. JAMES H. KLINE Purchasing Agent MISS SARAH KEYES Director of Clerical Personnel BRO. EDWARD PROCHASKA Director of Buildings and Grounds MR. PAUL C. MICHEL Assistant to Business Manager 27 MR. JOHN B. STEINBRUEGGE Director of the Division of Specialized Educational Services MISS MARY TUITE Assistant to Director of Admissions MR. LEWIS A. JONES Director of Student Placement MR. JAMES E. GALLICO Director of Student Promotion MR. ROBERT E. DONOVAN Assistant to Director of Evening Classes Evening Classes Representative at WPAFB f MR. JOHN R. WESTERHEIDE Director, Research Center fe 59" MY YS. 5- if 1 5 -'xfxi 'Q 534 ""'f'f'5fY ' it Q ,. , . L. 1 :gf 7 - 1 " 5 ' ' :: V' sf ' MR. EDWARD DAILY Director of Veteran Affairs MR. LLOYD A. RENSEL Director, Guidance Center 10" klfvk MR. CYRIL G. PECKHAM Director of Data Processing Division MR. ROBERT R. LUTHMAN Director of Special Projects Division BRO. GEORGE N. MUKITS Manager, U.D. Bookstore Postmaster BRO. ARNOLD KLUG BRO. EDWARD 'ggi' SCHMID + Manager, Cafeteria ' "Plz, FT MRS. JOSEPH UNGER Student Union Counselor .I 'lun-Il BRO. PAUL OMLOR Manager, U.D. Arcade Lunch .aiu wwimvvf'-4 MRS. E. C. FUCHS Secretary to the MRS- O- Ll KRAPF VICE President Secretary to the President Q MR5. G. G. HUXTABLE Secretary to the Dean of the University SITTING: Irene Crigall, Joan Groh, Beverly Sears, Barbara Zimlick, Kitty Kuntz, Florence Kramer. STANDING: Mary Jane Bellert, Elizabeth Achor, Gail Wonka, .lean Little, Katy McCall. SITTING: Daisy Moore, Gladys Clement, Evelyn Pruitt, Julia Howard, Sally Edsell, Margaret Holmes. STANDING: Eleanor Gumm, Pat Payne, Dorothy Elarn. 1 l X55 te ' 'G MISS KATHERINE ANGST Secretary to the Dean of Students 1' , I' 1' 't 'M X IJ' MISS MARY ANN FINN Assistant Dean of Women SITTING: Ann Hose, Gertrude Bell, Mary Ludwig Bar bara Reboulet, Roberta Kirk, Roseanne Scheuermann STANDING: Florence McCubbins, Daisy Mullins, Rachell Martell, Jeanne Walsh, Phyllis Schenking, Ellen Donohue Louise Gibson. --4 IQ-FT x W' 5'-'fx x I, .h xl 1 I I! I. I X and now sifs expecfafion in The air Q SHAKESPEARE' seniors senior class officers ANGI BIANCO Senior Class Secretary CHARLES MILLER Senior Class President WILBUR LANESE Senior Class Treasurer Above: CHARLES WANDA Senior Class Vice President L 85520 4? 43 'fn arts BARNES, ROBERT EARL-Dayton, Ohio BERBERICH, SISTER M. ROSE CARMEL, S.P.S.F.- Dayton, Ohio BOCK, JOHN EDMUND-Rocky River, ohio Secretary of Scabbard and Blade, Sociology Club, Cleveland Club, Rifle Club. CARDILE, THOMAS CHARLES-Rochester, N.Y. Scabbard and Blade, Psychology Club, Knickerbocker Club, U.D. fi Bowling, Intramurals. DALTON, ROBERT-Dayton, Ohio Philosophy Club, Veterans Club. DALY, JERALDINE FRANCES-Pittsburgh, Pa. Keystone Club Publicity Officer, U.D. Players. GLENN, GERALDINE SUE-Cincinnati, Ohio Legion of Mary, Sociology Club, Cincinnati Club, Junior Prom Queen Attendant. GOLDSTEIN, RONALD MYRON-Dayton, Ohio President of Sociology Club, Vice President of Philosophy Club. JOSEPH, GERALD EDWIN-Ronceverto, W. Va. Woo-Mar Club, Blue Grass Club, Intramurals. BONNY, ROBERT E.-Dayton, Ohio U.D. Players. BRUNER, STANLEY JAMES-Dayton, Ohio Philosophy Club, Veterans Club. BURKE, DAVID EDWIN-Jackson Heights, N.Y. Knickerbocker Club, Woo-Mar Club, Homecoming Committee, Intramurals. ' DASE, RALPH LEWIS-Newark, Ohio Cleveland Club, Psychology Club, Intramurals. DENEGRE, BARBARA FREDERICA-DayTOn, Ohio Phi Alpha Theta. DEPASQUALE, EDWARD S.-Garden City, 'N.Y. Sociology Club Treasurer, Philosophy Club. KELLY, DENIS RYAN-Dayton, Ohio Freshman Class President, Student Council, Glee Club, Choir Philosophy Club. KORUTZ, BILL-JOhnSOn City, N.Y. Football. KREBS, LEO FRANCIS-Botkins, Ohio Baseball. 1 LEWIS, WILLIAM H.-Cleveland, Ohio Choir, Glee Club, Current Affairs Club, Political Science Speakers Bureau. LYONS, JEANNE-Dayton, Ohio Mariology Club Secretary, Psychology Club, Bowling Team, Ma- rianist Sodality. NARTKER, JOHN RICHARD-Kalida, Ohio NASH, CHARLES JOSEPH-Wooster, Ohio Cleveland Club, Scabbard and Blade, Flyers Hangar President, Freshman Elections Committee, Intramurals, Woo-Mar Club. O'CALLAGHAN, MARY JO-Cincinnati, Ohio Exponent Editor, U.D. Players, Choir, Sodality, Writers Club, Daytonian, Phi Alpha Theta. RANKER, VIRGINIA ANN-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, Phi Alpha Theta. REICHER, WILMA ANTOINETTE-Dayton, Ohio Exponent, Flyer, German Club, Phi Alpha Theta. RILEY, WILLIAM JOSEPH-Dayton, Ohio Mariology Club President, Veterans Club, Psychology Club, Springfield Club President. HERMAN, LEONARD FELIX-Dayton, Ohio Psychology Club. HUTZEL, JOSEPH BERNARD-Deer Park, Ohio Exponent, Veterans Club, Writers Club. LAVANIER, MARY CLAIRE-Cincinnati, Ohio Mariology Club Secretary, Psychology Club, Cincinnati Club Secretary. MILLER, NANCY ANN-Akron, Ohio Cleveland Club. MOREFIELD, VIRGIL R.-Dayton, Ohio MULLIGAN, PATRICIA ANN-Oak Harbor, Ohio Sophomore Class Secretary, Student Council, Psychology Club Flyers Hangar Club, U.D. Players. PETERS, MARGARET EVELYN-Dayton, Ohio Phi Alpha Theta. QUEDEWEIT, BEVERLY JEAN-Dayton, Ohio ' ' -1 , ,:. wzf,'fa 1" STELMACH, JOSEPH J.-Stamford, Conn. Exponent. SWEENEY, BERNARD FREDERICK-Winter Haven, Florida Football, Cleveland Club, Mariology Club, TV Proiect, History Club. WILLIAMS, JAMES FRANCIS-Dayton, Ohio Phi Alpha Theta. DENNLER, RALPH JOHN-Dayton, Ohio U.D. Players, President, Current Affairs Club, Racquet Club, Political Science Speakers Bureau, etc. BECKER, DONALD J.-Hamilton, Ohio KAUFLIN, THOMAS N.-Dayton, Ohio SMITH, KENNETH JOSEPH-Dayton, Ohio Sociology Club, Philosophy Club, U.D. Players. SPERIE, JOSEPH FRANCIS-Warrensville, Ohio Cleveland Club, Art Club, Pershing Rifles, Intramurals. STEINBRUNNER, RICHARD ARLEN-Dayton, Ohio Psychology Club. TAYLOR, CHARLES ROWLEY-Dayton, Ohio Men's Glee Club, Keystone Club, Speech Club. WRIGHT, GERALD JOSEPH-Lockland, Ohio Psychology Club. ZIMMERMAN, EDWARD JOSEPH-Dayton, Ohio LLOYD, MARY ELIZABETH-Cleveland, Ohio PAVELKA, FREDRIC L.-Dayton, Ohio SANTOS, JOAQUIN S.-Asam, Guam Pershing Rifles, Intramural Softball. GDCD QDQDCQQD , business GDGDGD BURKE, ROBERT MICHAEL-Shaker Hgts., Ohio Vets Club, Cleveland Club, S.A.M., Intramurals. CAIACCIO, WILLIAM THOMAS-Rosedale, N.Y. Student Council Vice President, Chairman,, Homecoming H9575 S.A.C., N.F.C.C.S., Flyers Hangar, Knickerbocker Club, AKPsi, Woo-Mar Club. CASSELLS ANDREW M.-Pittsbur h Pa I Q I ' Keystone Club, Press Club, Pershing Rifles, Sports Editor, Flyer. CECELIC, JOHN JERONE-Dayton, Ohio Cleveland Club, Mariology Club, SAM. CHASTAIN, JANET LEE-Middletown, Ohio Hoosier Club, Beta Upsilon Sigma. CLINGER, ALFRED EMANUEL - Burgoon, Ohio Vets Club, Accounting. CLARK, JAMES DENTON-Da, CLARK, WILLARD C., JR.-Xenia, Ohio AK Psi. COLLINS, GERALD ARTHUR-Dayton, Ohio Pershing Rifles, AKPsi, S.A.M., Dayton Club. ALLEN, FRANK-Dayton, Ohio Intramural Basketball, Baseball, Football. ASHMAN, ROBERT JAMES, JR.-Wynnewood, Pa. Flyer Hangar Treasurer, Keystone Club Treasurer, Halftime Chair- man Homecoming. BASEHARATT, WILLIAM F.-Owensboro, Ky. Frosh Basketball, Bluegrass Club, Retailing Club. BEAU DOIN, LEONARD-Dayton, Ohio Ohio Society for Advancement of Management. BECK, BERTHA MARIE-Dayton, Ohio Flyerettes, U.D. Mixed Chorus, Secretary Accounting Club. BERRY, RALPH EDWARD-Dayton, Ohio Vets Club Secretary, Accounting Club, Springfield Club, S.A.M. BISHOP, JEROME PAUL-Kew Garden, N.Y. Knickerbocker Club, Flyers Hangar, Homecoming Committee K3 yrs.J, Parade Chairman, Junior Prom Committee. BRUBACH, CHARLES FRANCIS-Canton, Ohio Accounting Club, Scabbard and Blade, Canton Club. BECHTOLT, HOWARD GEORGE- Dayton, COLSON, CLIFFORD S.-Miamisburg, Ohio Vets Club. DALY, CHARLES F.-Middletown, Ohio DAPORE, MARY ELEANOR-Fairborn, Ohio Flyerettes, Retailing Club Secretary, Flyers Hangar, Dayton Club. DIRKS, DANNY DEAN-Effingham, lll. Accounting Club, Vets Club. DOUGHERTY, RODERICK M.-Dayton, Ohio DOYLE, FRANCIS T.-Queens Village, N.Y. Pershing Rifles, Knickerbocker, Flyer Hangar, AKPsi, S.A.M., Varsity Baseball, Intramural Football anc Basketball. DRAKE, OTIS-Dayton, Ohio DRY, JUDD FRANCIS-Rochester, N.Y. Football Manager, Social Manager. ELEY, MARION JAMES-Dayton, Ohio AKPsi. BOYER, KIETH R.-Centerville, Ohio AKPsi President, Accounting Club. FINGERHOOD, ARNOLD M.-Dayton, .Jhio Student Planning Committee, U.D. Players, Dayton Club, Day tonian. GAUBY, ROBERT CHAS.-Dayton, Ohio AKPsi. GEBHART, GEORGE-Dayton, Ohio S.A.M., Vets. GILLIAND, MERRILL D.-Dayton, Ohio Baseball Captain, Monogram Club. GLYNN, JosEPH EDW.-Dayton, ohio S.P.P.D.J. lDayton Chapterl. GRISMER, CHARLES G.-Dayton, Ohio AKPsi, Accounting Club. HARPER, RONALD JAMES-Dayton, Ohio HEIDENREICH, ROBERT LEE-Dayton, Ohio Flyers Hangar, Dayton Club, Wolverine Club President, Re tailing, S.A.M. HEPP, ROY WILLIAM-Dayton, Ohio Vets Club President, Debate Team, S.A.M. HERRMAN, DAVID JOHN-Massapequa, N.Y. Retailing Club, Knickerbocker, S.A.M., Clabisforrn. HOFF, WILLIAM-Dayton, Ohio HOGAN, WILLIAM CHAS.-Fairfield, Ohio AKPsi, Accounting Club, Butler Co. Club, Intramurals. HOLGATE, RICHARD F.-Massapequa, 'N.Y. S.AM., Freshman Orientation Chairman, Knickerbocker, Vets Club, Bowling, Tennis. HORN, JAMES HARLEN-Dayton, Ohio JACOB, PETER M.-Dayton, Ohio AKPsi. JENKINS, JAMES GERALD-Dayton, Ohio KARLSON, WALTER VINCENT-Selma, Ore. Oregon Club lAppIiciatian Chapterl. KAUFMAN, JEAN-Xenia, Ohio KAUFMAN, ROBERT-Xenia, Ohio KESSLER, RICKARD J.-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, Accounting Club. WILLIAMS, THOMAS E.-Dayton, Ohio KNOTH, NORMAND HENRY-Dayton, Ohio KRAMER, JAMES EDW.-Middletown, Ohio Accounting Club Vice President, Butler Co. Club. KRAUSE, GARY GERALD RAY-Lorain, Ohio Intramural Bowling and Basketball, Varsity Football, Monogram President, Volleyball, Cleveland Club, Assistant Frosh Coach fFootbaIlJ. KROLL, JOHN EDWARD-Fredonia, N.Y. AlfPsi, Knickerbocker, Flyer Hangar, Intramural Sports. KRUEGER, WILLIAM EUGENE-Springfield, Ohio S.A.M. MILLER, CHARLES ROBT. JR.-Rochester, N.Y. Vets Club, Student Council, President Senior Class. MILLER, JERRY SHAG-Middletown AKPsi, Corvett Club. MILLER, JAMES M.-Parsons, Kansas MORIARTY, THOMAS KEVIN-Long Beach, N Y Vice President Junior Class, S.A.M., Chairman Junior Prom, Intramurals, Knickerbocker. MORITZ, THOMAS WILLIAM - Wooster, Ohio Student Council, Cleveland Club, Flyers Hangar, AKPsi, Campaign Chairman Homecoming, Junior Prom Com- mittee Trophy Chairman, Student Council, Intramurals Woo-Mar Club lianitorl. MOULTNEY, DONALD R.-Dayton, Ohio Varsity Football, Monogram, Vets, Springfield Club, S.A.M. MULLIN, BRIAN JAMES-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club. MULLMAN, RAYMOND PAUL-Floral Park, N.Y. Techni Club, S.A.C. Chairman, Men's Glee Club, AKPsi, Knick- erbocker Club President. MURPHY, GERALD PATRICK-Dayton, Ohio Chorus, Glee Club, Vets Club, Techni Club, Political Science Speakers Bureau. LAFFEY, JOHN MURRAY-Monessen, Pa. LANE, JOHN JOSEPH-Lodi, N.J. Knickerbocker, Monogram, Varsity Football. LANESE, WILBUR JEROME-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, AKPsi Vice President, Junior .Class Treasurer Senior Class Treasurer, South Euclid Club. LAUB, WILLIAM CHARLES-Springfield LEWIS, DONALD ROBERT-Dayton, Ohio LODGE, FRANK L.-Dayton, Ohio MALLOY, WILLIAM JOHN-Lakewood, Ohio Cleveland Club, S.A.M. MANCUSO, MICHAEL JOSEPH-Cleveland, Ohio Vets Club, Cleveland Club, Homecoming Dance Committee. MCCALLEEM, EDWARD J.-Dayton, Ohio K.. MUTH, THOMAS A.-Dayton, Ohio AKPsi, S.A.M., Dayton Club, Drabkin, S.C.C.A., Editor Daytonian. NASH, ROBERT E.-Somerset, Ohio NEWMAN, RICKARD DAVIS-Dayton, Ohio NIEKAMP, ANDREW JOSEPH - Dayton, Ohio OBSZARNY, THOMAS JEROME-Chicago AKPsi, Illini Club. O'NEAL, LAWRENCE W.-Dayton, Ohio Accounting Club. ONEREM, JACK D.-Dayton, Ohio PALNIIERI, PETER C.-Belleville, N.J. U.D. Players, Knickerbocker, Wedgewood Society. PARTLOW, DAVID FRANCIS-Vartdalla, Ohio AKPsi, Mariology, N.F.C.C.S., Chief Counselor Gibbons Hotel. PEDROTTY, GERALD J.-Canton, Ohio AKPsi, Canton Club, Intramurals. POWESKI, JAMES F.-Dunkirk, N.Y. AKPsi, Scabbard and Blade. PREVISH, THOMAS JOHN-Ambridge, Pa. Keystone Club, S.A.M. PRIEST, KENNETH A.-Crystal Lake AKPsi. REAGAN, TERRENCE P.-Lorain, Ohio Accounting Club, Cleveland Club. REIDY, LOWELL THOMAS-Kettering, Ohio Accounting, Men's Glee Club, Scabbard and Blade, AKPsi, S.A.M. RICE, ROBERT STANTON JR,-Brookville, Ohio RILEY, LORI ORSCHELL-Brookville, Ind. CoEd Editor of Flyer, Choir, Hoosier Club Secretary, Press Club Secretary, Writers Club, Sodality. ROLL, GERALD ALBERT-Troiwood, Ohio AKPsi. SMITH, DONALD EDWARD-MiddleTOWr1 Accounting Club President, Butler Co. Club, Vets, lntra SPAHN, GERALD-Dayton, Ohio SPAHN, THOMAS-Dayton, Ohio SWEEN EY, ROBERT FRANCIS-Patterson, N.J. Knickerbocker, Pershing Rifles, lntramurals, Volleyball, Basketball. SZINK, RICKARD MAURICE-Dayton, Ohio Cleveland Club, Canton Club, lntramurals. TURNER, RICKARD CHARLES - Dayton, Ohio Huber Homes. UHLENHAKE, WALTER-Dayton, Ohio UVA, NICHOLAS L.-Stamford, Conn. AKPsi, Knickerbocker, Flyer Hangar, President AKPsi, St Council, Founder and President of the New England Cl VAN ATTA, RICHARD JOSEPH-Columbus Vets Vice President, Bowling League President, S.A.M., mural Basketball and Softball. RUPP, RICHARD LEE-Dayton, Ohio RYAN, LAWRENCE A.-Marion AKPsi, Intramural Basketball and Softball, Woo-Mar. SAYLOR, LORENZO LEE-Fairborn, Ohio' SAGE, WILLIAM CHARLES-Dayton, Ohio Bowling, lntramurals. SALM, LEANORD JOSEPH-Sidney Student Council Treasurer, Intercollegiate Committee, Woomar, AKPsi. SCHNEIDER, DONALD JAMES-Middletown SCHOTT, ROBERT EUGENE-Indianapolis S.A.M., Hoosier Club. SCHUMANN, GEORGE RICHARD-New Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals, Bowling, S.A.M. SHULZ, CHARLES H.-Toledo, Ohio S.A.M., S.C.C.A., Homecoming Committee. x.1,.iu.:e, -fe - Brunswick VOLKER, SISTER MARY EDWARD-Dayton, Ohio WAGNER, ANDREW-Piqua, N.H. WAGNER, ROBERT E.-Dayton, Ohio AKPsi, Vets Club. SMITH, DENNY R.-Dayton, Ohio AKPsi, S.A.M. HUSSONG, DEANE-DayTon, Ohio DANIELWICZ, RICHARD I.-Dayion, Ohio S.A.M., Accouming Club, DRABKIN. ffmvggbx , . A Q fi A, , , . , 1, I: 46 .. X , YT :Eh S YS N' WTNMQJ Q T N fx a N I Q education X ANDREWS, RALPH E.-Dayton, Ohio BAUERMEISTER, CAROLINE J.-Kettering, Ohio BELLIN, DOLORES JEAN-Pittsburgh, Pa. Keystone Club Secretary, U.D. Players, Homecoming Attendant 1958. BENSMAN, CHARLES JOSEPH-Celina, Ohio SEA, Physical Education Club, Speech Club. BETZ, GERTHUE MARY-Brookville, Ohio BIANCO, ANGELA JOYCE-Dayton, Ohio Flyerettes, WRA, Homecoming Queen 58, Class Sec- retary 58, Dayton Club. BOWLING, VIRGIL-Dayton, Ohio President Student Association, Education Student Council Member BUCHARD, MARY CECILE-Dayton, Ohio Flyerettes, SEA, Legion of Mary. BUCKNER, GAYLE CHARLENE-Dayton, Ohio BURKHART, RICHARD PAUL-Fairborn, Ohio CALDWELL, NANCY L.-Dayton, Ohio sEA, osEA, osEA Advisor. CARR, MARY ELIZABETH4DayiOn Education Honor Society, OES CERRITO, TERRY ROSE-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club. CHAVKIN, JUDITH BLAZ-Dayton, Ohio UD Players, Education Honor Society. CHONACKY, JOAN MARIE-Cleveland, Ohio Choir. CIOETA, VINCENT GERALD-Stamford, Conn. Veteran's Club, Physical Education Club. COFFIN, SISTER MARY DENISE, C.PP..S. ' -Dayton, Ohio COLEMAN, CONSTANCE HOLMES-Day- ton, Ohio Education Student Council, WRA. COLES, SHIRLEY HELEN-Dayton, Ohio COLLET, JOSEPH F.-Upper Sandusky, Ohio SEA. CONSTABLE, JANE E.-Dayton, Ohio COSGROVE, ROSALIE MARIE - Dayton, Ohio Education Student Council, CWO Sodality. COSIMATI, MARGARET MARY - Middle- town, Ohio SEA. CULLINAN, PAUL ANTHONY-Columbus, Ohio DAVVICKE, MARCELLA ANN-Dayton, Ohio Phi Alpha Theta. DEVOE, DONNA MARIE-Dayton, Ohio CBDTBIH, Co-Captain of Flyerettes, Orientation Committee, Day- tonian Art Staff, Dayton Club, Art Club, SEA, Junior Prom Court, G.R.A,D.U. EDICK, DONALD GEORGE-Dayton, Ohio Football, Basketball, Knickerbocker Club, Monogram Club, FTA. EVANS, LORENA K.-Fairborn, Ohio EVANS, PATRICIA ANN-Dayton, Ohio SEA, Sodality, Mariology. EVERETT, MARJORIE E.-Columbus, Ohio SEA, UD Players. EYMAN, NANCY CAROLE-Pittsburgh, Pa. SEA, Keystone Club, Mixed Chorus, Women's Chorus. FITZGERALD, ANN-Dayton, Ohio SEA, Dayton Club, Junior Prom Court, Homecoming Court 1958. FOLEY, MARY L.-Dayton, Ohio Sodality, SEA, Flyer Staff, Legion of Mary, Daytonian. FOURMAN, LUCY B.-Arcanum, Ohio ln1mgiw FOWKES, WILLIAM JOHN-Bayside, N.Y. SEA, Phi Alpha Theta, Knickerbocker Club, Education Honor Society, Sodality. GRATHWHOL, RUTH AGNES-Cincinnati, Ohio Sodality, Legion of Mary, Cincinnati Club, SEA. HAAS, JOEANN PATRICIA-Dayton, Ohio WRA, NFCCS, FTA, SEA, UD Players, UD Choir, Coed Volleyball, CWO. HAMMOND, GLENORA JO-Spring Valley, Ohio UD Players, SEA. HAMMOND, HATTIE FRANCES- Dayton, Ohio Choir. HANGACH, PETER FRANCIS - Charclon, Ohio Soccer Team, Pershing Rifles, Cleveland Club. HAWKER, DONALD RAYMAN-Dayton, Ohio Intramurals, Physical Education Club. HIGGINS, MARTIN JOSEPH-Harrisburg, Pa. Keystone Club, Rifle Team, Sigma Delta Phi, SEA, OEA. HIGH, RITA GERTRUDE-Dayton, Ohio SEA. HOCHWALT, SUSAN MARY-Dayton, Ohio Student Council, CWO, Flyer Staff, NFCCS, SEA, MRSMC. HOUSE, REBEKAH L.-Clayton, Ohio HOMAN, MARY ELIZABETH - Cincinnati, Ohio SEA, Mixed Choir, Cincy Club. HOPFENGARDNER, JERROLD DALE-Dayton, Ohio Sociology Club, SEA. HUNT, SHARON LYNN-Trotwoocl, Ohio Marching Coeds, OEA. JACKSON, BILLY JOSEPHINE-Dayton, Ohio JAXTHIEMER, RUTH L.-Dayton, Ohio JOHNSON, MARVIN GEORGE - Dayton, Ohio Phi Alpha Theta, UD Players. KARAS, EMIL-Dayton, Ohio Football, Monogram Club. KEANE FRANCIS PATRICK-Dayton, Ohio Phi Alpha Theta President, Vets Club, Education Honor Society. KENNEDY, THOMAS C.-Dayton, Ohio SEA Ph Alpha Theta. KEYES FREDERICK A.-Brighton, Mass. Vets Club New England Club. KOHNEN, DAVID LEE-Celina, Ohio UD Players, Philosophy Club. KRABILL, BELLE Y.-Piqua, Ohio KRAMER, CLIFFORD BERNARD - Dayton, Ohio Vets Club, Dayton Club, SEA. LEYDA WILLIAM NEWTON-Dayton, Ohio LINDNER, GISELA ILSEMARIE-Dayton, Ohio LITTLER ERNEST E., JR.-Dayton, Ohio MacMILLAN, ROSEMARIE-Dayton, Ohio Flyerettes, Education Student Council, Choir, Mark V. MANETTA, VINCENT EDGAR-Linden, N.J. MEYERS, PATRICIA MARIE - Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, SEA, Flyers Hangar. MOELLER, JAMES H.-New Weston, Ohio Concert Band, Marching Band, Glee Club, Chorus. MUNGER, MARION MARIE-Dayton, Ohio MYERS EVELYN F.-Brookville, Ohio NEALON, CAROL OLIVIA-Dayton, Ohio SEA, Legion of Mary. NEWMAN, BARBARA GAY-Dayton, Ohio Choir, SEA, Home Ec Club, ACEI Vice President. O'DONNELL, HELEN ANN-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club, SEA, Daytonian, Intramural Sports. -9' X. ' ....f, PETRIC, JOHN ANTHONY-Cleveland, Ohio Student Council, Cleveland Club, NEA, SEA, LLL, SD Club. PYRON, MARITON-Dayton, Ohio Home Economics Club. RAWERS, CAROL A.-Dayton, Ohio SEA, Mariology Club. REYNOLDS, MARYANN-Dayton, Ohio SEA, Dayton Club. RIES, WILLIAM BARKER-Dayton, Ky. President SAHPER, Education Student Council, Vets Club, Mariology Club, Sports Statistician, UD Flyer, SEA, Orientation Committee, Intramurals. RIGOT, GEROLD JOSEPH, JR. - Dayton, Ohio Football, SEA, Student Education Council, Canton Club, Cleveland Club. RIZER, ROBERT RICHARD-Dayton, Ohio Springfield Club. ROCKWAY, LUELLA A.-Yellow Springs, Ohio ROGERS, GAYNELLE YOUNG-Dayton, Ohio RUMP, DAVID ELMER-Minster, Ohio Band, Choir, Glee Club, Education Student Council. SCHAEFER, MARIAM WILMA - Dayton SCOFIELD, JAMES PAUL-South Charleston, Ohio Band, Choir, Glee Club, Brass Choir. SIMMONS, SISTER M. CORDIS, M.S.C.-Reading, Pa. SKUNZA, MARIE ANTOINETTE-Columbus, Ohio Columbus Club, Mariology Club. SPAGNOLI, RONALD R.-Adrian, Mich. Wolverine Club, Physical Education Club, Dayton Flyer, Intramurals. SPONSLER, CHARLENE ANN-Dayton, Ohio SEA, Education Honor Society. STAUB, BARBARA ANN-Dayton, Ohio Freshman Welcome Queen, Psychology Club, Marian- ist Club, Mariology Club. I Ohio SCHWIETERMAN, TRUDY P.-New Bremen, Ohio UD Players, CWO, President Education Student Coun- cil, SEA. ' 4 .. . STAVARSKI, SISTER M. ROSANNE, M.S.C.-Read- ing, Pa. STOCKS, BARBARA J.-Dayton, Ohio Future Teachers of America, Secretarial Club. STUEVE, MARLENE-Dayton, Ohio Flyers Hangar, S.E.A. TALMAGE, BARBARA LOUISE - Dayton, Ohio S.E.A., Choir. TAYLOR, JOANNE E.-Dayton, Ohio W.A.A. President, PHE Majors Vice President, Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, l.A.A. Council. TAYLOR, PEGGY ELIZABETH-Dayton, Ohio THOBABEN, JANET SMITH-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A. TOTH, CAROLE ANN-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club Secretary, Flyers Hangar, Home Ec Club, Plan- ning Commiflee of S.A.C., N.E.A., Home Manager of the Year. TRUNZO, MARY JOAN-Long Island, N.Y. Choir, Knickerbocker Club, S.E.A. VAN ZYL, BARBARA-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A., Flyers Hangar, Dayton Club, Flyerettes. VORTKAMP, SISTER MARY ALVERIA C.P.P.S.-Dayton, Ohio WALTERMANN, GERTRUDE ROSE-Rich mond, Ind. Legion of Mary, S.E.A., Choir, Concert Band. WANDA, CHARLES PHRED-Euclid, Ohio Cleveland Club, Flyers Hangar, Vice President of Senior Class Co-chairman Queens Float, Manager Flyerettes, 840 Club. WELLMAN, SISTER MARY PAULA, C.P.P.S.-Day- ton, Ohio WELLMAN, JOAN RUTH-Delphos, Ohio Mariology Club, S.E.A. WESSENDORF, BARBARA JEAN-Dayton Ohio s.E.A. WINGLEWICH, VIRGIL-Dayton, Ohio S.E.A., Freshman Basketball, Physical Education Club WINKELJOHN, SISTER MARY ROBERT, C.P.P.S-Dayton, Ohio YOUNGPETER, LEON A.-Dayton, Ohio ZIEGLER, ROBERT WILLIAM-Dayton, Ohio Sports Writer, FLYER, "Of'ficiating Club," SEA. EBERWEIN, DONNA-Greenville, Ohio KING, MARIANNE-Dayton, Ohio Junior Prom Queen, Homecoming Candidate, Religious Activities Council, SEA, Legion of Mary, Mariology Club, Honorary Colonel CROTCJ. MAYO, JUANITO-Dayton, Ohio O'NEAL, CATHY-Chicago, Illinois Illini Club, Homecoming Queen, U.D. Players, SAC, Religious Activities Committee, NFCCS. WOLF, JAMES-Dayton, Ohio Band, Choir. BENDEL, JOSEPH MARK-Middletown BROWN, ROBERT JOSEPH-Dayton, Ohio WALLACE, JOAN ARLENE-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club, SEA, Flyers Hangar, Graduate with Honors. engineering ANKNEY, DONALD C.-Daylon, Ohio A,C.5., A,l.Ch.E, DllNlNlN, MICHAEL ROBERT, JR.-lnclianapolis, lncl. Hoosier Club, A,l.Ch.E., A.C.S., Math Club, Tennis Team, lnira- mural Basketball. FLEMING PAUL BYRON-Chica o lll 1 Q 1 - Illini Club, A.C.S., A.l.Ch.E., Homecoming Halftime Committee. PECK, ARTHUR R.-Brazoria, Texas A.C.s., A.l.Ch,E. WIEDEMAN, THOMAS EDWARD-Bellevue, Ky. A,C.S., A.l.Ch.E. BREEN, BERNARD P.-Cooperstown, N.Y. A.C.S,, A.I.Ch.E., Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals. ROSMARIN, JACK G.-Hamilton, Ohio FULTZ, JACK RICHARD-Dayton, Ohio A.l.Ch.E., A.c.s. FULTZ, JAMES MADISON-DayTon, Ohio A.C.S., A.l.Ch,E. HOOK, THOMAS KUNG-Daylon, Ohio CURNYN, JAMES ALOYSIUS-Mineola, N.Y. A.S.C.E. President, O.S.P.E., Knickerbocker Club, Flyers Hangar, Intramurals DRERUP, BERNARD L.-Auburn, Ind, A.S.C.E., Soccer. FULLAM, DONALD F.-Ozone Park, N.Y. A.S.C.E., O.S.P.E., Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals. HERMAN, GENE L.-Napoleon, Ohio MILLER, JOHN W.-Ottoville, Ohio MCELDOWNEY, RALPH H.-Dayton, Ohio BOETTINGER, JOHN JOSEPH-Watertown, N.Y A.S.C.E. BOUQUOT, DONALD CLEM-Sidney, Ohio A.S.C.E., O.S.P.E., Intramurals. BRENNAN, ROBERT G. JR.-Oneida, N.Y. A.S.C.E. KRAFT, DAVID CHRISTIAN-Marion, Ohio A.S.C.E., O.S.P.E., Intramurals. KREUTZJANS, GEORGE HENRY-Covingion, Ky Bluegrass Club, A.S.C.E. STRACHAN, RONALD T.-Dayton, Ohio A.S.C.E. ACKERMAN, HOWARD T.-Dayton O Dayton Club, I.R.E., A.l.E.E. ALIG, BERNARD MARION-Dayton C Dayton Club, A.I.E.E. Secretary, I.R.E. AN DRES, ROBERT JOHN-Middletowr BECKMEYER, JOHN FRANCIS-Cincinnati A.l.E.E., Cincinnati Club. BONIFAS, GEORGE PETER-Delphos, Ohio A.I.E.E. BRUENEMAN, RALPH HENRY-Cincinnati A.l.E.E., I.R.E. COGAN, JOHN T.-Saint Marys, Ohm Vets Club, I.R.E., Intramural Basketball. DEATON, ION VE-Germantown Ol O.S.P.E., A.l.E.E., l,R.E. EGYUD, RALPH DAVID-Dayton, Ohio GEHLE, RICHARD JOHN-Dayton, Ohio A.l,E.E. GIRAUDI, FRANCO LUCIANO - Dayton Ohio Soccer, Team Captain. HALSEY, HOMER PALMER - Middletown Ohio HARSHMAN, ROBERT R.-Dayton, Ohio I.R.E. HEYWOOD, WILLIAM WEBB-Dayton, Ohio Vice Chairman A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. HOEFFEL, JAMES DONALD-Defiance, Ohio Engineering Honor Society, A.l.E.E.-I.R.E., Intramurals. HOGAN, JAMES JOSEPH-Akron, Ohio Engineering Honor Society, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Iioint stu- dent branch chairmanj. INOUE, MICHAEL SHIGERU-Azabu Tokyo, Japan International Club, O.S.P.E., Engineering Honor Society, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Legion of Mary, R.A.C., Foreign Stu- dents Committee. JOYCE, FRAN KLI N-Cleveland, Ohio KNAPP, CHARLES R.-Hamilton, Ohio KOESTERS, RONALD L.-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club. LAWRIE, RICHARD EDWARD-Dayton, Ohio MCENROE, PAUL-Dayton, Ohio Engineering Honor Society, Debate Team, Dayton Club. MARUS, JOSEPH-Dayton, Ohio MATSON, RICHARD-Dayton, Ohio MEYERS, JOHN WILLIAM-Fairborn, Ohio MULLINS, JOHN J. JR.-Stamford, Conn. Math Club, New England Club, Rifle Club, Intramural ball, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. PATTERSON, HAROLD-Steger City, lll. PENNINGTON, ROBERT E.-Dayton, Ohio Vets Club, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. PETERS, DAVID LEDON-Elyria, Ohio IRE-AIEE, O.S.P.E., Engineering Honor Society Treasurer SARRIA, ANTHONY E.-Dayton, Ohio Varsity Baseball, Monogram Club, AIEE. SHOVVALTER, ROBERT ALDEN-Dayton, Ohio Band, Rifle Team, Scabbard and Blade, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. SMITH, JAY VINCENT-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club, Math Club, IRE-AIEE, Engineering Honor Society Vice President. STELZER, DONALD-Dayton, Ohio iRE.AiEE, Dayton Club, O.S,P.E. SCHWARTS, WUGEN E-Brookville, Ohio TRUMBLE, JOHN HOWARD-Dayton, Ohio Vets Club, Dayton Club. TRUMBLE, TERRY M.-Dayton, Ohio U.D. Players, IRE. WARNER, LARRY LEROY-Dayton, Ohio AIEEAIRE. WATREN, PAUL-Dayton, Ohio WHITTERBERGER, DONALD-Dayton, Ohio WILLIAMS, ROBERT- Dearborn, Mich. WINK, JAMES BERNARD-Owensboro, Ky. AIEE-IRE, Bluegrass Club, Vets Club. WUERSTL, JOHN DALE-Dayton, Ohio AIEE-IRE, Dayton Club. ZIMLICH, DONALD CHARLES - Dayton, Ohio IRE-AIEE, Vets Club. .-.,. . X Brother Lawrence Boll an author nature. HARRIS, JOHN D.-Conneaut, Ohio Cleveland Club Vets Club Industrial En ineers Club Vice Presi- I 1 9 dent, Mariology Club Treasurer. HONIOUS, HARNOLD-Dayton, Ohio KURZ, JOHN-Owensboro STAUDTER, DONALD V.-Dayton, Ohio STIDHAM, FORREST R.-Dayton, Ohio WETZEL, PHILIP D.-Minster, Ohio Industrial Engineers Club. GERHARDS, FRED D.-Pittsburgh, Pa. Keystone Club, Industrial Engineers Club. GIANNETTO, FORTUNATO A.-New York, N.Y. Knickerbocker Club, Industrial Engineers Club, Intramural Bowling. HARRIGAN, JOHN Nl.-New York, N.Y. Industrial Engineers Club, Knickerbocker Club, Vets Club. -eq? Si LAVELLE, STANTON P.-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, Intramurals, Flyer Hangar. RABY, ARTHUR J.-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, Intramural Bowling and Basketball, Industrial Engineers Club. STACK, NICHOLAS S.-Waterbury, Conn. Industrial Engineers Club, Math Club. WILHELM, LAWRENCE J.-Tiffin, Ohio Industrial Engineers Club Treasurer, O.S.P.E. WOLF, PHILIP-Dayton, Ohio 4 A 5 -ZZ '27 .Z- wr? ,TF1 f -I 'T' z. , , Jw , ... .ii 75,914 ,, DELANEY, CHARLES-Bardstown, Ky. DURBIN, DAVID-Doylestown, Ohio A.S.M,E., Intramural Sports. GREGG, DONALD J.-Louisville, Ky. O.S.P.E., A.S.M.E., Bluegrass Club, Intramural Baske HATTER, JOHN L.-Cleveland, Ohio A.S.M.E., Cleveland Club, Mathematics Club, Intra- mural Basketball, Intramural Football. HISER, DAVID A.-Lorain, Ohio A.S.M.E., O.S.P.E., Cleveland Club, Flyers Hangar, Intramurals, Student Prefect CFounders Halll. HORNER, WILLIAM D.-Xenia, Ohio O.S.P.E., A.S.M.E., Scabbard and Blade. KAWAMURA, RICHARD-Aiea, Hawaii KELLY, MARK A.-Cleveland, Ohio Freshman Class President, O.S.P.E., Student Council, Cleveland Club, Colony Club. KOWALSKI, WALTER C.-Dayton, Ohio A.S.M.E. an Q'.,1 AGGARWAL, KANWAR-Bombay, India A.S.M.E., O.S.P.E., Flyers Hangar, Philosophy Club, Psychology Club, International Club. AGNEW, THOMAS-Dayton, Ohio BERNER, GEORGE JOHN-Dayton, Ohio A.S.M.E., Pershing Rifles. BOLDRICK, THOMAS J.-Owensboro, Ky Bluegrass Club, Flyers Hangar, A.S.M.E., O.S.P.E. BRITT, EDWARD W.-Sea Cliff, N.Y. BURGER, WILLIAM R.-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club, A.S.M.E., Intramural Sports. BURKHARDT, DANIEL F.-Dayton, Ohio CANDLER, EDWIN M.-Dayton, Ohio CULLITON, JAMES P.-Lakewood, Ohio A.E.M.E., O.S.P.E., Bowling, Cleveland Club. SUGERIK, JOHN T.-Lorain, Ohio Cleveland Club President, Flyers Hangar, O.S.P.E., A.S.M.E., Stu- dent Prefect Founders, Intramurals, Homecoming Halftime Chair' man, Sug. UTZ, JAMES A.-Ludington, Mich. Math Club Treasurer and President, Engineering Honor Society Secretary, A.S.M.E., Wolverine Club Treasurer, Intramurals. WAGNER, PAUL-Detroit, Mich. WOLFELT, JAMES A.-FOSTOYIB, Ohio A.S.M.E., O.S.P.E., Flyers Hangar, Math Club, Club 105. WOODSIDE, JOHN R.-Fostoria, Ohio Cleveland Club, O.S.P.E., A.S.M.E. ZORA, EUGEN E-Dayton, Ohio LEAHY, ROBERT C.-Tiffin, Ohio O.S.P.E. President, A.S.M.E. Treasurer, Flyers Hangar, Intram' Basketball, Cleveland Club. LEONARD, LUKE J.-Dayton, Ohio NASH, DALE-Dayton, Ohio OBERGEFELL, RONALD F.-Sandusky, Ohio A.S.M.E., S.A.M. PRIEST, RICHARD E.-Dayton, Ohio A.S.M.E. RANSICK, JOHN H.-Dayton, Ohio A.S.M.E. SCHEIDLER, RAY T.-Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati Club, A.S.M.E. SCHVVARTZ, ROBERT B.-Fremont, Ohio Math Club, O.S.P.E., A.S.M.E., Engineering Honor Society. SMITH, DAVID C.-Owensboro, Ky. A.S.M.E., O.S.P.E., Math Club, Bluegrass Club, Intramurals, C.S.A. to satisfy a basic passion. But a square pizza! QE. of And Ray Mullman delivered mail every Christmas. seniors incidentally . . . I Cavities? We got a million of 'em, all chipmunks do. You have a great future, Shag. Do all blind men Corvettes? wo views of .loe Stelmach and his attempts l Birdie Rood, alias John Dircks, amanuensis of the DRABKIN performed the penance of the pole for -sixteen days without pork or water. drive White Below: The delightful Miss Patricia Myers of Hollywood, New York, and South Euclid, cele- brates the opening of her new picture at Wong's Garden, Centerville's newest opium den, 2 Q 1 SCIENCE o xl ' il QB . : 2 -1 Q EL ARNOLD, LAWRENCE EUGENE-Zanesville, Ohio Legion of Mary, Sigma Delta Pi, Exponent. BEACH, THOMAS PATRICK-Springfield, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Springfield Club. BERGER, OMER GENE--Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Secretary Intramurals. COURTAD, CHARLES LEE-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, Pick and Hammer Club, Student Activities Com- mittee Vice President Fl ers Han ar Intramural Basketball, Vol- , Y 9 1 leyball, and Football. CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS AUGUSTINE, Jr.- Stamford, Conn. Knickerbocker Club, New England Club, Rifle Club, Sigma Delta Pi, Junior Prom Committee. DAUGHTRY, BETTY BROWN-Raleigh, N. C. . .X ,.., Y K FEHRMAN, GARY ANDREW-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Flyers Hangar, Dayton Club, Volleyball and Softball. GOLDSCHMIDT, JEROME-Dayton, Ohio Math Club, Physics Club, Dayton Club, Grillot Club. GRAY, ROSALIND M.-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi. BIRKMEYER, WILLIAM JOSEPH-Coldwater, Ohio American Chemical Society. BOHSE, JEROME RAYMOND-Dayton, Ohio Physics Club, Math Club, Dayton Club. CLARK, SISTER MILDRED-Dayton, Ohio DOERFLER, THOMAS E.-Dayton, Ohio Math Club. DIRCKX, JOHN HENRY-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Flag Pole Sitter, DRABKIN. ELIAS, KARL WILFRIED-Dayton, Ohio Rifle Club, Philosophy Club. HARTKE, CAROL ANN-Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati Club, Girls' Rifle Team, Home Ec Club, Bowling League, Chief Woodpecker. HAZLETT, NANCY ELIZABETH-Dayton, Ohio Dayton Club President, Flyers Hangar, Junior Prom Court, Re- tailing Club, Intramurals, Flyerettes, Student Activities Committee Secretary, T'about Elections Chairman. HOFFMAN, HARRIET R.-Dayton, Ohio Nu Epsilon Delta. KALAVSKY, JOHANNA-Youngstown, Ohio Flyerettes, Rifle Club, Home Economics Club, Mixed Choir. KELLY, THOMAS E.-Wichita, Kansas Vets Club, Pick and Hammer Club. KLOSTERMAN, HOWARD, Dayton Ohio Sigma Delta Pi. LIENESCH, JAMES HENRY-Dayton, ohio Physics Club, Math Club, Dayton Club, B.H.A. MACKLIN, NANCY JANE-Dayton Ohio Dayton Club, MCDONALD, EDWARD GERARD-Briclgeville Pa. Sigma Delta Pi, Keystone Club. MESSENGER, JOHN C.-Marion, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Class President iSoph and Juniorl, Student Council President, Woo-Mar Club iCharter Memberj, "Great Pretenders," Intramurals, Vetinarianj Club. IGO, SISTER MARIE MONTFORT, S.P.S.F.-Dayton Ohio IZZO, PASQUALE JOHN-East Norwich, N. Y. Woo-Mar Club JACKOWSKI, LAWRENCE Nl.-Syosset, N.Y. Choir, Vets Club. LAGNESE, JOHN EDWARD-Pittsburgh, Pa. Math Club, Physics Club. LONGO, ALICE BURKE-Cincinnati, Ohio Home Economics Club, Cincinnati Club, Girls' Rifle Team. LEVY, ELLIOT LEE-Dayton, Ohio MATHEWS, JAMES ROBERT-Dayton, Ohio McDOWELL, ELAINE ANN-Defiance, Ohio MCLIN, RONALD WILLIAM-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Philosophy Club. L MICK, THOMAS CHARLES-Hamilton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Legion of Mary, Religious Activities Council, Dayton Flyer, Exponent. MILLER, RICHARD CHARLES, JR.-Dayion, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Drabkin. MORAN, JOSEPH A.-Rockville Centre, N. Y. Knickerbocker Club, Pick and Hammer Club. l J POE, DIANE E.-Dayton, Ohio Home Ec Club, Bowling. PFLUAM, JEANNE-Dayton, Ohio Flyers Hangar, Dayton Club Secretary, Home Ec Club, Sodality, Religious Activities Council Secretary, DAYTONIAN Staff Editor. RITTER, CHARLES JOHN-Verona, Pa. Vets Club Secretary, Geology Club. WOBBER, FRANCIS J.-Queens Village, N. Y. Scabbard and Blade Vice President, Legion of Mary Treasurer, Knickerbocker Club, Pick and Hammer, Psychology Club, Rifle Club. WIGGENHORN, WANDA JANE-Dayton, Ohio Nu Epsilon Delta President WIEDEMER, DONALD FRANCIS-Louisville, Ky. MORRIS,.CHARLES BRUCE-Mitchel A.F.B. Varsity and R.O.T.C. Rifle Teams, Rifle Club Vice President Knickerbocker Club. MURRAY, JAMES FRANCIS-Dayton, Ohio MURTAUGH, JOHN GRAHAM-Dayton, Ohio Pick and Hammer Co-chairman. ROSSI, NUNZIO JOHN-Middletown, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi. SABO, WILLIAM J.-Highland, It'tCI. Sigma Delta Pi. WUEBKER, SISTER DOLORES MARIE, S.P.S.F.- Dayton, Ohio WICKS, HAROLD WILLIAM-Dayton, Ohio WEHNER, SR. MARY BARBARA, S.P.S.F.-Dayton, Ohio WATERS, JEROME EARL-Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Club, Intramurals, Flyers Club, Mariology Club. TAYLOR, PAUL-Cleveland Heights, Ohio Cleveland Club Treasurer, Flyers Hangar Vice President, Chairman Homecoming, Frisbee Intramurals, Geology Club, Junior Prom Dance Committee, Chairman Pep Committee. TARLANO, JOHN P.-Dayton, Ohio Glee Club, U.D. Musical, Physics Club, Math Club. STUKENBORG, JAMES LEE-Coldwater, Ohio Chemistry Club. SMITH, MYRNA JEAN-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi. SMITH, DALE JOSEPH-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi. SIERADSKI, LEONARD M.-Birmingham, Mich. Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Math Club, Wolverine Club. KUNTZ, CHARLES-Dayton, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Drabkin, Dayton Club, Club Catalpa. HAZLETT, DAN-Dayton, Ohio SHANLEY, LEO BERNARD-Merion Station, Pa. Keystone Club President, Pick and Hammer. WAGGONER, MARJORIE ANNE-Brookville, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi. TURNER, BARBARA ANN-Bellbrook, Ohio TIRPAK, GEORGE JR.-Perth Amboy, N.J. Knickerbocker Club. .-agp' X wand SPIRES, NANCY NELL-Dayton, Ohio Intramurals, Chorus, Dayton Club, Chemistry Club, Flyers Han- gar, Sodality. SMITH, STANLEY STANFORD JR.-Dayton, Ohio Weight Lifting, Ice Skating. SMITH, RAYMOND-Dayton, Ohio U.D. Band, Physics Club. SEVER, JOSEPH GEORGE - Washington Court House, Ohio Sigma Delta Pi, Legion of Mary. SCHERER, CAROLYN EMMA-Canton, Ohio Nu Epsilon Delta. DEBORD, DANIEL-Dayton, ohio 3 and The dawn breaks, fhen the beauty of a hill 0 MAYAR 0 0 departments as an x, 2 x x CII' REV. JOHN G. DICKSON EDWARD A. HUTH BRO. JOHN R. PERZ Assistant Professor Professor Professor Chairman of the Department of Religion Chairman of the Department of Sociology Chalfman Of The Depafimenf of Languages MAURICE R. REICHARD REV. EDMUND L, RHODES REV. RAYMOND A. ROESCH Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Chairman of the Department of Music Chairman of the Department of Philosophy Chairman of the Department of Psychology BRO. ALBERT H. ROSE REV. ADRIAN J. MCCARTHY VWLFRFD J- STHNER Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assomale Professor Chairman ofthe Department of Chairman of the Department of English Political Science Chairman of the Department of History RICHARD R. BAKER CLARENCE H. BAXTER, JR. ERVING E. BEAUREGARD GEORGE C- BIERSACK Associgfe Professor gf Instructor in Speech Associate Professor of History Assistant PI'0f6SSOf Philosophy 0+ 5PeeCl'1 REV. CHARLES C. BLOENlER BRO. LAWRENCE L. BOLL BUD T- COCHRAN REV- WILLIAM -l- COLE Assistant Professor of Professor of English lf1STI'UCTOI' in English A55l5l5l'lf PfOfeSSOr Philosophy of Religion LESTER l. CONNER REV. RICHARD J. DOMBRO ROCCO M. DONATELLI REV. JAMES E. DONNELLY Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor Assistant Professor ASSiS?ar1T Pl'0f95SOl' of Philosophy of History of English REV. JOHN A. ELBERT JAMES B. FISHER REV. FRANCIS J. FRIEDEL MARGARET GALLICO Professor of Philosophy Assistant Professor Dean Emeritus of Arts Assistant Professor of English off Psychology PATRICK S. GILVARY EDWARD W. HARKENRIDER REV. PHILIP C. HOELLE REV. CI-1AkLEo J. I-1OFbTt:'I It:R Instructor in Speech Associate Professor Assistant Professor of Religion Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Religion EDWIN R. KING BRO. GEORGE E. KOHLES REV. MATTHEW F. KOHMESCHER PHILIP A- LAKE Assistant Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor IUSTYUCTOV in of History of Religion of Religion English and Speech HOPE LANDRUM BRO. RICHARD A. LIEBLER REV. EDWIN M. LEIMKUHLER REV. LAWRENCE W. MONHEIM LORRAINE M. MURPHY Instructor in English Associate Professor of History Professor of Religion Associate Professor of Religion Instructor in English and Political Science t, rr. S ' x L. REV. BERNARD A. NEUBAUER ROBERT L. NOLAND ROBERT B. O'DONNELL HELEN S. PETERSON Assisfanf professor Assisfanf professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor of Religion of Psychology Of English of English BRO. THOMAS J. PRICE ANTOS C. RANCURELLO KLARA REYST BRO. GEORGE J. RUPPEL Professor of English Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor of Psychology of Languages of History CHARLES H. SCHEIDLER Associate Professor of Psychology WALTER SORY BRO. GERARD J. SULLIVAN JAMES A. SUMMERS Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Languages of Languages of Philosophy LAWRENCE E. TAGG Associate Professor of Music ,ffr"""' it ii o i I BRO. WILLIAM O. WEHRLE Professor of English BETTY J. THOMAS JOSEPH V. VERSAGE BRO. LOUIS WEBER Associate professor Assistant Professor Instructor in Art of Music Of Sociology NOREAN F. WRIGHT VERYL L. ZECH SARAH A. ZIMMERMAN Instructor in English Associate Professor Instructor in English of Music qv ' I-.-v-sqm... .. FIRST ROW, left 'ro right: George Zilba, Dick LaPera, Marcea Bulz, Claradell Carpenter, Ruth Gattes, Mary Scherer, David Dunson. SECOND ROW: Marnane, Bill Healy, John Schramm, Frank Colefti, B. Trapp, Anabelle Lee, David Gibrar, l. Lion, Jack LaBruyere. Tom Cahill, Joseph Q f-v My qv vi' -'G , FIRST ROW, seated, left to right: Donna Judd, L.L.L., Jim Smith. SECOND ROW: Marty Swetman, Mary Lou Schwartz, Andrea Seiver, Sally Bringrnan, Anita Marting. THIRD ROW: Betsy Ross, F. Tuck, T. Quila, Carolyn Stueve, Inn O'Cense. FOURTH ROW, standing: Paul O'DonnelI, Bill Macbeth, T. Rifleman, John Bourbon, Pete Peterson. ,V , 1 in 4' V: ,e,5z",, V W av w f 2 an J f 1 af " ,111 ue' V f - 2 are ff xg, ' i 53. 5573 4 2513 Q. iff 51,11 . W, M .. ff , A 3,4 ,I -1 " ,"Zj' , - Q r ,-4 1 V ., . , y , 6: lf., A ', f: ',.,, .a' o: :,,,v:.' J arts sophomores -1 is - 3- , 4 1l'i 1 I , N. 1, L., 4? , awe . .sq ..- s.. . --.:,. , L.. .ff V .aug ' ' -"4. -' .1 , .. ' QS' F . arts sophomores ,151 3 yj- : 1 .,.,. R, vim , ' as 1,1 r --' 9. 4g.v. , Q... , ., 1 ,L ii-3' r 'gg' 3,5-sijfxf .5 1 '-,sf,:.3g2' Q 4 . r ...osx , ' QU., wg Q - ' I ,Sb F Ywgxb' w 'NN I z:Y,.,.N Q J , ,W , . . .N sy - e-m61:l"44Q:g' - 'L-fmmsfr-:::.' X - " msn J ' 1 w o '-,ff ww, .ws-, 1, to of-'W 'A ' was -X Xu.2v5'nh-, r. ., - x RA- ..m:i:w" ,ri s XM . X. NT N-NX. we , : w- - x Q. E was .Q-5 :Y ' 5 A-5' S N 'g'M"1 . 0 arts freshmen wi wqkkx 5' ,fs . , e gy.. V r--Q arts freshmen .,.. A., A e Z NVD . U: r. E ' W qv x 3 4' ' If X." .Mel ,ll I . s - D 'K X Q 8 k if 1 si . L 'f L , , ,Nw- fa J s, 3 ips .. . ...- X If X X X x f ,, ,V i inn arts freshmen .. K, X, fi V an 'ze 'S 1- ' ,Eff 1- 4 . --UAW vw , :. K-4 1 V.-,iw -,., V, 25? Flux D . I 3 . FW . , QU 'sr FA. arts -X freshmen W Above: Our campus always takes on a festive air during homecoming week. This has often been likened to D-Day at Normandy Beach with Billy Grahm in command. Right: Many scholars 'find visual aids, such as flash cards, a boon to education. .-M' "--fx " Left: Divided we fall. Note the Crafty Kevin O'Neill who cautiously eyes Generous George Markley's exam for another vic- tory in the quest for knowledge. NWN wx' mwawww, 53:2 ,,QXQxg,v?vg54qN1:WIQ X'-MIME-vJ.05exN' N W 1. W mgrm,yG5,v1.igIN, WNYRN MSU-xx ' 5 W.. , , -- ' af 45? ,fm-3 pf qx Ji . ,f :iv-X1 -'X' 'lbw' Eg- dyvkb' My pf ,qt A. rv N ww M Www- xsmwx Wwww MLW 'WW :v,w3,w 'faswwvsw wywbwzzxizwNw " w..s'e'N1:1q:X rvf-,QQ,'W1',.A wg QE wa, 1- 'x-' .3 3 34fi:HN'Fy WM' nv' rf fwiskiiw A1,f'7XX1n:"'L wNH"M'.-., vw, fqgqx ' ww .mm MN ww ny, X, ,N 'bmw Af.1Q2'iwM ,, .wxAWN'-b'NXr19'x s we 'fy X1 wx' i ' ' '- J 1 'msxw xm- ,. vf X M 591 V3 ., VM, X,vW5,yM Q ,. ,.- , -V P xv-,ws-iw .J xx., 3 1 . ' WQWA .A- . -1 E11:Q?fL2 'wi' Riff? 'M' L,.AQm,,e-,N.Q 1 , A ,,,x'X M., X .,,, H f 25941l.,NvXj'H9x"x -M H , , Q' Y 35311, ., A- ,J My ww, ww-... Wg, ,QA X J, '-AX usb M1,.q.wgwqQ, wmf,1o',u M wg Qmffw-'wfQ29 'A'-mf X4"WWN1'g:q M lQWM',XxlW,9x QWNXXM fl' if NNUU .NM ',w.x:fx-W M, xg fy - PV1?TfWw M50 xxx. wax X lmnimsmigx. -'::"mM9QQ:.N , Wfwwvx. gsxaif2KXQMNQEMQk -X5xvwiwvxmskxjbws W, , X .V X, fwffimlcXtsm, QLPQL "".- W. ,-Q, firwmwfx-W X EDMUND B. O'LEARY BARTH J- SNYDER CHARLES W. WHALEN, JR. Professor Pf0feS50l' Associate Professor Chairman of the Department Chaifman Of the Depaffmenf Chairman of the Department of Economics of BUSIHQSS OVQBHIZBTIOV1 of Retailing MARY C. CIVILLE U ORVILLE COMER CON J. FECHER Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor of Secretarial Studies of Business Organization of Economics i ' Q .:'-ff: 'I ' ."':i 'i' : - :::r:1::::::::m -2.1:-.-' '- 2- -. ' V- 411+-V - ' ' R .1.:,g.,.g.:.g.xq.:.:.- ,R , xg: uf, . . Z. 2e1ze:s1sa:.2-252552.35 , it it 315 -rms:-1-zs, 1. 26:41 , x .. aa., - .f:':5:::1:s:-'::a-3 2:f::1:'-: 3:-QS. : L ROBERT E. KRIEGBAUM Associate Professor of Secretarial Studies FRANCIS G. MCGOVERN vE1MA M. MILLER HARRY C. MURPHY JOSEPH F. UPDYKE Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor of Economics of Secretarial Studies of Business Organization of Accounting Acting Chairman of the Department of Accounting JOHN F. WILL JANET H. WILSON Associate Professor Assistant Professor of Business Administration of Accounting ,t BRO. GEORGE W. NAGEL Past Associate Dean of Business Administration Mr. Glenn Massman QLJ with Doctor O'Leary doctor o'Iec1ry thirty-five years Most hearty congratulations are offered to Doctor E. B. O'Leary, who in 1959, completed his thirty-fifth year at the University. Serving both as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Economics, and as a Director of the Winters Bank, Doctor O'Leary exemplifies the ideal of intellectual pursuit and com- munity service. The venerable Doctor is shovvn here with Mr. Glenn Mass- man, Management Consultant, after a successful Alpha Kappa Psi Conference. .-5 'asm 5' N XWYFXAY X . fr F.,:?',:f:3'1.'- T2 vi - ' ,QT 5 R xv Z X may .Q A 'W ,fm-s fg business lumors F3551 .aa , s 1? . , KA I , . f 1"--ww ' - .,.5:,5g.::: ' - fl' "" "" : iw gf , v 1 Z, l::.?1 - x A wa ' " A' K w . I MY . 4 ,nv Q xi wr F i -V , ll, f ,. -sg -,qi A , - gg , A -wr , - gf , .5 V' 4 aux Q g- 1- ,- N' , N .v .. ' ' Q I . 4 K , A - 51 'Qi V jr 1 ,f'f. 'jf' : ...I 'J !' 0' , ' g , 1 sf fi Q.w 'ff busmess lumors 5 f ., X4 -a- . A 7 'Q . lm- eaffvi-so .N . Y' y ,,,-, 'Qi v 3 V 3 WP- iv f .N A N 'N 7 ""- ' . x. ' J.. fvvffbv 75-- Tff ' Y ' . .,.,,1.,-X W , : 3 ' 2? + . '- ,- , X K I Q x . 794 3- - A ' -9 5,F'f"33 ful if - Q ' t -ggmEiSZf2? " QQ ' -5vfwsgf:f,,x1f.f',..K . - ,:.:,,g:n,rz.- - -V , x '15, tj' : Agggiaggi iiggff ,qs ' . 5 ' ., ,V,w,, . ,gut 4:-xy5.:li'-V 2 ' Ei S , . Six i 1-A Sain . H .S X PGY-f'. - W- .NN V 1' .. -K... ' ' ' mu ' 'X X - 1 , Q"'Q'?:2Q-'9'-I" , . N f- f if .1 - - : ::.w.g,s4xw5 ,i , li: .. .M 3 ' I H I K Qs w r 25 K' Q ,..,, 3 A Q ,Q A ng, Pl- Q ,,,, ,.'1 N if 5 W Q fins GX ggw .. , '53 - 1--. gg Wm- ' V V-lu K ez.- ,g'N1' A Y N' . - ev ' -:Rina qs, . .u : 3 'Si'-Q 1- U ' :EE ' - ' 1. : u 4 ,, . , I ., A. i D: ' Q ,N ' 'FV ' wil. "ISU: 5',:' -1 hs: ,:a. .MEI flaw 6, N Alf . Ja. li: 'ir 1 ,1 uf 5 if nf: 13555 iv-' 1 1:5 5 V1 1-, ,, MA: gs. sg 2' ' K VW' whi' 12. .. , eSef2.-- ,,::"3 ' - ' -ws 1-asus' 5 is-5, .Yr-fy., .' 4: '1f"" ff N7 W SE: I :iv 1 175,533 Q xr 1 " f'3alw'a JN' In Rizlf gil' vga K tg QU in , se 3is2u2i5afgfxf?s!:,' ,,,.,. 1 3314253 K . ',. Q X li 1 , E ii -'sig an Www z business freshmen eww I 3 Y f . 1, freshmen W k 3 ff business yl ' E Y ' 4 I W 4 Q4 f x SS- 1' N up fflla . N Y vw 4. v ig business freshmen - Q ,1- 1-. Q' , v A 'M s' "s 4, ' I :Q s-if -Q." . k..' 'f' 1 -A . N. L M., ,V , 3 X5 -Jw S5 ik. ,, .X ,. ,, 4 " A 1- a-5 Jvzf. 5, ' 14" -, -A 1. . N., ,. , - QF, ,ll ,l JF , wi? U gi: :m pg 4.1 X We S--:Q -, "' S 1 .V K ' r I M Q-A 'fs 1 44 , al, ' ' ,W fag. ' - as f, ty Q, .. Z f ' ,. av , si ' :eff it Hx ,. -. .1 - r i A wa -,. 'fxf' 1. 1 x i ' ' A ,. , J Q n:'i,s.,Qx X 1 X! .. .Vg t Q .. - 4 . . -04 1- 7 .. J .. 5- Tffi ' -V1 Sitka 9 4 . X, - , x S' " fx H x X X . Q 1 Qi 2. Qs N W X I ,Wx X Ng? X Y X kj X. , X A : I A QS 1 Xi' w a s sa Q X x X 1 -in ,Q t N A. Q tw 5 N x X xx X X . -any '- WRX awxwrrw .X if: . -5 S fe usmess eshmen SQ' 5.. 1, A qyii 'Wt DOO DCO O0 freshmen initiated Right: A pocket full of Freshmen. Phy Ecl 326 Games and Fundamental Rhythms 3 Credit Hours Below: Bear Peterson calls first Flyerette practice of 1958 Below Right: The death of Chivalry or when knight- hood came to flower and bloomed dandelions. 1 ,ff . Q' V , ' .2 - I svv:4:1, V.. bs ., l ll ' 'Q 1. ' it c ai""""' E Q. K: L8:M Said . . . "lt couldn't be done" Voices in Bronchifis . . . The Upperclassmen xx ix ' PS' xx xxxx xx-xxx. 1 x , 'xx' x x xxx, -x x Wxgxxxwxxx . xl-xx,:x.xi- "- x xxx- A ,W x wxxxxxx x' xxxxw xxxxx Xxx? ' xx x xxxx x xxxxxkv ww g A x xx a -xxx, x .x x x x'x"'. 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'!'x'?x' ' xxxg,xxx'xx1x,-95 .xx , 'xxx-xx-xxxxxxxx'-x:'xx-xxx xxxxxxxxxxfxgxxx -W xx.xxxxx,,xx-xxxxx.xAx'- 'xx -xxxx .xx x ' M c .. xi. A s SIMON J. CHAVEZ HARRY C. BAUJAN LEONARD T. BLACKBURN DORIS A- DREES Associate Professor of Education Associate Professor of Health Assistant Professor of Health ln57"UCf0f in Health and and Physical Education and Physical Education Pl"Y5lC3l EdUCaTiOf1 ,mg BRO. JOHN F. EMLING SISTER M. FELICITAS HENRY l-- FERRAZZO ROBERT C. FORT Assistant Professor in Education C.PP.S, Assistant Professor of Health Assistant Professor of Health Assistant Professor in and Physical Education and Physical Education Chairman of the Department of Physical Education Elementary Education - . ' ' + ' as M . A 1 ' ff BRO. JOHN J. JANSEN WILLIAM H. KERR PAUL J. KEYES JAMES B. LAVANCHE DANIEL L- LEARY Assisqam Professor of Edugation lnsfrucfor in Healfh and Assistant Professor of Education Assistant Professor of Health l PI'OfeSSOI' of Education physical Education and Phy5iCaIEdUC31i0n Director of Student Teaching MARY T. LEONARD SISTER MARY PELAGIA, M.S.C. AUVlA E. RUHMSCHUSSEL JOSEPH -E. WHITE Assistant Professor of Health Associate Professor of Education Coordinator of Student Field Instructor in Education and Physical Education Expeflenfes ' n u "" v Q . Q ,+ v- "fi W"x ,Z ,A x 51,4 Z37':'f2'5' ,-. s , A 5 IX: '12 4 ' ., a 4. - 1. wa. ,ja ,-Q education lumors lumors education 'up . ' 'T ' Engl! 4 -:al g Q 'rl' 3 z 40. 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DRISCOLL OSKAR HAUENSTElN JAMES P. HSU REINHOLD W. KUBACH Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor instructor in of Civil Engineering of Engineering Drawing of Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering JOHN R. MacFARLANE ADRIAN J. MORGAN HAROLD R. NULL BERNHARD M. SCHMIDT Instructor in Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Industrial Engineering of Electrical Engineering of Chemical Engineering of Electrical Engineering WALTER A. SPURGEON BROTHER ROBERT A. THOMSON HAROLD E. WRIGHT JAMES N. YAKURA Instructor in Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Drawing Engineering of Engineering Mechanics of Mechanical Engineering of Electrical Engineering 3 all-'wx ' l: - 1- 69 ., v f A a- ' mil- K Q D+ I :.N' x . . .C ff 54? -""Y vi 331 5 .1 ,Q mv gli x- 'F " W' X T . X -,.' xi 1, 'SQ . ,hifi ":,,3,:-N3 4. -1.,,,, . -H ' N We , .'-5: '.'1"I?',iw,g Wiiim kr. 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FOURTH ROW: Bob Raczkowski, Jim Schroder, Bob Santen, Keith Klopfenstein,.Iim Parach, Ken Rueth. 0 ,fmt 'I .ill I , . .111 1 1 ' -, wif: rf., Ax 1,18 :Y 33' M. +P if F 'N Y 4 - I H ,w fvfw,-2 ,pu ,N as w,gq,,x.' . Ny- Wg' ,. 1, 'Q,T1Q1g,f2 ,, MQ A -1' ww I ffi S .4515 H N f '- - ,k X ffjufi if' . ULALQL- .m'f.wwf ,M-.N ,JW5NQ:wMi3X1QfAQ.k-, -f - ff' if 'WQXWQSTWQR W ' " , 53" X v ' , ' M ,wih bu-r'iJ1w.ww,:.i5X ,:w'9Y,f J ' ff? Wx y3.1w-W ' ,W,u:,M,N, f ww Y, X. u, , vfQ',W,,, W"hU1J,"1V, . V 1'g,'2Nwi1","'M "ff", fs: ' GHZ N'f'W'fXf U ' ' N Y ' 'D A 1 , h X scienc ROBERT C. WIECHMAN Associate Professor of Biology Assistant to the Associate Dean of Science, in charge of Pre-Medical Students BRO. CLETUS C. CHUDD Associate Professor of Chemistry Chairman, Department of Chemistry ANN FRANKLIN Assistant Professor of Nursing Chairman, Department of Nursing BRO. PAUL MACHOWICZ Assistant Professor of Biology Acting Chairman Department of Biology GEORGE H. SPRINGER BRO. THOMAS P. SCHICK KENNETH C- SCHRAUT EWHEL ROSE Professor of Geology Assistant Professor Professor of Mathematics Professor of Home Chairman, Department of Physics Chairman' Depaffmem EC0"'0m'C5 of Geology Acting Chairman of Mathematics Chairman Department Department of Physics BRO. WILLIAM BELLMER JOSEPH E. BOSSHART STANLEY BRAUN HORACE N. CORYELL Professor of Assistant Professor Instructor in Professor of Geology Mathematics of Mathematics Mathematics SYLVESTER EVESLAGE PETER J. FASO ANTHONY R. FRAGALA BRO. J. GEORGE GEISLER BRO. MICHAEL B. GRANDY Associate Professor Associate Professor Instructor in Chemistry Professor of Chemistry Professor of Physics of Chemistry of Biology KATHRYN H. GRAY DOROTHY A. HASKIN RAYMOND G. HIEBER MARY E. HORRIGAN Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor of Geology of Chemistry of Physics of Nursing LAWRENCE A. JEHN BRO. RUSSELL A. JOLY CHARLES L. KELLER THOMAS G. KNORR Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Instructor in Physics of Mathematics of Biology of Mathematics MORRIS J. KREIDER BRO. JOSEPH A. KUNTZ BRO. JOSEPH LUCIER CARL I. MICHAELIS Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor of Mathematics of Biology of Chemistry of Chemistry I J I ,, X, I GEORGE B. NOLAND JOSEPH A. PAPPALARDO ELIZABETH PAYNE RICHARD E. PETERSON Assistant Professor Assocgafe professor Assistant Professor of Instructor in Mathematics of Biology of Chemistry Home Economics ALBERTA G, PRATHER WERNER R, E, RAMBAUSKE BRO. VINCENT J. RATHBUN BRO. ROBERT J. SCHUELLEIN GERTRUDE D. SHAY Associate Professor Professor of Physics Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor of Mathematics of Physics of Biology of Biology ' 1 'ia- 1 . . ELIZABETH SMALLWOOD JAMES G. STEED MARGUERITE F. VANCE BRO. WILLIAM J. 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Wan-., 'Mmum 3413525 "Whadda ya mean, he only gets to vote once?" lt's the impression that counts Left: The other 'IO per cenf "Mom always does this at home" MENU 4 NU Too bad he wasn'f a gold statue ww Www ,M .k X, nv WV: -X QXXWSNX 35: 'QNX M .Y-. ,, X . Aw,-ug ,mx---rX ' fzzf ,Y 3' Sf :' 1 X' 159 X 5,-,9X,-'f"iXv1X55Ykf J X -.-XN-Nm - X X x -Q r. x , W,m,x. .Nz-wvpqx:fsXa.+xX X QMHQ -, xxx XM ,. x-4x9.N,,5.: .A xxx gNgxxNSN?X.5+:1 qxxyx QNX- mi qf X X 2?'vARXXfgXx:N:xgX X XffQ:X:i:zi'15X2K X N5l3:'Q2WI:X:Xj1S'If''1 14691-fggg. XXX NNW W- SMNXAXX X-W XNWW1:ia'1f-X't'p- Xw1s'i1Xz's1v.f:ixX XX ' XNXX '-W xQ5QXXN M 'NX---N-NXXX -- M x1-- Y L , . ,. WNW, XkX:X:Sf?fXi'XNf5x,:1 W X Q0 X: Xxx-rl W 5-:X ING?-ucs:w:1r2xX.sf'X :Mi NX' f5:5X?,w:, X 1. -- my-me-,X M .ww 'X - A. " -'WX' 'XLX' g,XX?v ii5- 1 ,Q ,,Qgmg.j 1: :X N :s1.'iNxXfQ'fr-" -QA sy.-sarx -f :ww WQLW W- WfXiXQv'w.11?k. .QXNfXQMfW Sw X1 W A X X. , .-..X-Www'-.--. M-Q.-,...'Q ' mm-XI .xv . . .X- wx ,vxwx R' W, 2 - VR N .Q"Y2YfNN Q-W 'wx , 9 Xxx KRW-5 ::,gd 5iXxg::5 My-Av. ,s.1q55Q,:5.-1.i 2 . wk 15-:xg arg-.:.Xw:,, nw-xsf, X X1AXXXg5QSiX3:32s3rl"' XXXW QSPQZX' X 2,-1: X, ' k,SI':F1?Q55 H1 'riff5.Q-RYXZEEYX ' ,A.X. Q, A ...VX .. X H. .X 4. XJ, , 'uw X-M vm. 1..x:.w ,N 5-E Q: XXXf3X1f:w R V5 51 xc arm. -M 3:1233 rv x X x M4 . X .X- X- V55-1,5 Mx X time saga me JOSEPH E. AVERDICK Assistant Professor in Technical Institute ALFRED B. FEHUVIANN, JR. Instructor in Technical Institute L. DUKE GOLDEN Assistant Professor of Mechanical Technology Chairman, Department of Mechanical Technology DOUGLAS A. HANNEMAN Instructor in Technical Institute QL: K A-'vm RICHARD R. HAZEN A. WARD KNISLEY ROBERT D. LANDRUM WILLISAM H. LOUGHRAN Assistant Professor Instructor in Assistant Professor ASSiSfarlt Professor of Electrical Technology Technical Institute in Technical Institute in TeChniC6l Institute Chairman, Department of Electrical Technology ROBERT F. MAUGER Instructor in Electrical Technology JAMES L. McGRAW Assistant Professor off Industrial Technology Chairman, Department of Industrial Technology BRO. EMIL MORGANA RAYMOND B. PUCKETT Assistant Professor Instructor in in Technical Institute Technical Institute , . NSA ' 'f ff'-'111ii4ff2La 1 if fu ! fav 33. ,ggi i' 'fx '31 ,fh- - 34Q! 4 .J,:- L :gt V152 V, EMIS Q3-'E b 3 - 4 N afkii' fviqgrf ff ,X f -ffm 12,65 , .4155 Qgv i ff " Q- f'fTg52i,!'f'f?'1f,L',. ,5f,...2i. QQ f ' 4, izt' P. .iff V fy ' by. 5 'gwsifg .aw L3 yn A . M bran, -on M , .. 74. 1J.v,',f!'p.afa-. F. my A h wt. 'wr tg M, f. W 9- - if 'Q Vly' ,, , ' A 5' - f' Z' 0 F I f . . 1 . ivy'-V iq- f :J 4 .Mi f I 1 : ,W N' 4 I 3,4 4,7163 ,ix .gy H J 'ff x -ll -. 1 'f, . f-ug , . . : vw , N ,A 2 4 "M ' s .. '4 , .i,, , Yury: .. , z r Q L ' X 2 " 1 'Qs i Q v A ,, fn .: ,U Q X f, , 1 aw - Q -.... ,, .32 ' , . E .H1Zf1 ,. , 2 9 Q . Zi' Y- A ' , I ' V' " ', Z'. f 523- .',, fly. M- : WMM.. V ' I' Q, H x V -:H .." .,,- 1 ' g4,fffgZUk"- 4 ' ff 'pf .-"- , 1:71 2 -1 . 6 4x 'R Arif. V ,f lg 2 E' ' , -V 'T 'ff' is J VV I ' ' . x " ' Wm, I A . I -X 5 X' '-"' 'V ' f - Q is J - V 1 5 wh f... VQQQ '1, freshm ' A ,, Y X F' --"' , W . X y igx 4 55 s. l .,:.,,Vf-, f '3. -f u 'Wu'-,, 2 ' mf A-: X I-4. . i H 'hc 're ,aa .,g eg.. P .4 ,ljxzv I' W. EJ, x t 4. .1 1. 'Y -, I 1 7 -' . rf ' C"" 1 '. F W 79, wi? wg . 2:2 . R freshmen 4 .1 N, , YS A W X ft'- xy. ai 'iw ' Q 'J 5 .' - , 4 2. Q., .Q ' xi 7' .gg 515 '. 3 Bin , '54 225241. 6 ef-qffv " fiiivla , JN.. 13 A :- .A xx -. , 'ft rIv:'QS',,: fy ' "is ,iff x.Qv . . 'ZX 1 ,.4 51,5 'N , M!! -.-,1 reserve officers training corp ' "'X,fY COLONEL JOSEPH O. GEROT Professor of Milita ry Science and Tacfics LT. COL. LLOYD C. HALL LT. COL. JOHN R. FAWCETT, JR. CAPTAIN LAWRENCE E. BUTLER CAPTAIN DAVID S. MEREDITH III 'gnu-f4'S""'A" 'T 1 CAPT. FRED S. MOORE CAPT. NORMAN G. POHLER CAPT. ROBERT G. YERK5 IST LT. PAUL D. SONTAG MISGT. JOHN J. ENGLAND MXSGT. LEWIS C. GARDNER MXSGT. CHARLES R. HAWKINS MXSGT. JOHN A. LINDEN MXSGT. ALFRED E. RICHARDS NVSGT. WILLIAM C. SULLIVAN Mf-SGT. JAMES L. WEAVER SFC. BILLY D. ADDISON SFC. ROBERT D. BUNKER SFC. WOODROW E. MOBLEY RUTH I. KUBYLACK Secreiary I I SFC. JOHN J. SUI-LIVAN, JR. SGT. E 5 ELDON E. MILLER SP5 PETER P. ZIAUKAS if I Q. L "Are you sure we got a class here this semester, Charlie Hifi 352' My 1 JI, llx ---G--, u if' ' I Brothers Left: What's a campus without the Brooks l 53- Ml! L+-P "A bowl full of ieIIy"-Ha!!! A flicker of flaming youth Huini Hu Nue Caliboso Cha Cha ZX X, associate N4 "sg X11 X vin Ad X ' . ,f . If V 5 5 f graduates 1 BENNETT, GEORGE THOMAS-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club. BENSMAN, MARY-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet BENTLER, WILLIAM C.-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute Intramurals, Cleveland Club, Tech-Ni Club. BORHORST, CARL-Ft. Lorarnie, Ohio Technical Institute BURKHARDT, MARY KATHRYN-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA, Dayton Club. CAITO, NANCY-Cleveland, Ohio Education Cadet Cleveland Club, SEA, Queen's Court, Cleveland Club Dance. CLARKE, DORADEAN-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet DOOLAN, CAROL ANN-Springfield, Ohio Education Cadet Marching Coeds, Choir, Springfield Club, SEA, Dayton Flyer, Legion of Mary. EISENLOHR, SUE ANN-Clayton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA. BRADLEY, EDGAR R.-Vandalia, Ohio Technical Institute BRIDDELL, ROBERT EDGECOMB-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute BRINKMAN, LOIS ELIZABETH-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA, WRA, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball. CARITO, SYLVIA RAE-Hamilton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA, Butler County Club. CARROLL, GERALD CLARK-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute CATANZARO, CARMEL RITA-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA, Dayton Club, Mariology Club. ERNST, JOHN CLARENCE-Ft. Loramie, Ohio Technical Institute EVRARD, WILLIAM EUGENE-Louisville, Ohio Technical Institute Canton Club. EURING, CAROLYN-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet FLAUTT, MARTIN CHARLES-Somerset, Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club, Intramurals. FLOWERS, DONALD JOSEPH-Oakmont, Pa. Technical Institute Keystone Club. FUGATE, DORA CHRISTINE-Germantown, Ohio Education Cadet SEA, Acer. GEDRA, SUE ANN-New Lebanon, Ohio Technical Institute Rifle Club. GIESIGE, RICHARD JOHN-New Bavaria, Ohio Technical Institute GLADEN, ROGER EUGENE-Delphos, Ohio Technical Institute GRIESHOP, BEVERLY GAYE-New Lebanon, Ohio Education Cadet SEA, WAA. GROH, ANDREW PETER-Hamilton, Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club, Band HARRELL, WILLIAM L.-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club FINKE, DANIEL CHARLES-Cincinnati, Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club Vice President, Cincinnati Club Treasurer. FLANIGAN, CONNIE-Springfield, Ohio Education Cadet Springfield Club, SEA Student Council Rep. FLANAGAN, PATRICIA-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet Legion of Mary. FOUSHEE, CHARLES-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute FULTON, THOMAS A.-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute GASKILL, WILLIAM-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute GOELZ, JUDI-Zanesville, Ohio Secretarial Studies Illini Club, Secretarial Club, Daytonian Flyers Hangar. GOODE, D. BRIAN-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute Concert Band, Marching Band, Glee Club, Variety Show, Dixie Dynamos GREGER, JAMES-New Lebanon, Ohio Technical Institute HEGY, KENNETH CLARENCE-W.P.A.F.B., Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club HEMMELGARN, JANICE MARY-St. Henry, Ohio Education Cadet SEA. HERZ, CHARLENE ANN-Waynesville, Ohio Secretarial Studies Dayton Club, Secretarial Club. KASER, ROBERTA ANN-Dayton, Ohio HOLMES, GEOREANNA-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet LINDSAY, JOHN-Dayton, ohio Technical Institute MCCORMICK, CAROL ANN-Centerville, Ohio Education Cadet SEA. Secretarial Studies Secretarial Club, Dayton Club KARALEVICZ, JOHN MICHAEL-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club KECK, CAROL DAWN-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA. MCGLATHIN, RONALD-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute MALONEY, CAROLE-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA, Flyerettes. MANCHESTER, FLOYD L.-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute KEENAN, WILLIAM VINCENT- Rockville Center, N. Y Technical Institute Knickerbocker Club, Intramurals. KENEAVY, PATRICIA-Columbus, Ohio Education Cadet KING, VICTOR-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club. MANKER, JUDY MARY-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet Dayton Club, Secretarial Club, Marching Coeds. MEDLEY, SARAH JANE-Owensboro, Ky. Secretarial Studies Blue Grass Club, Secretarial Club. MENCSIK, JOSEPH LOUIS-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute OLSZEWSKI, CAROLYN M.-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA, Publicity Chairman Getting to Know Your Future Pupil. O'TOOLE, THOMAS J.-McKeesport, Pa. Technical Institute Keystone Club, Woo-mar Club, Cleveland Club, Intramurals. MURPHY, JOAN EILEEN-Cleveland, Ohio Secretarial Studies Flyerettes, Cleveland Club, Secretarial Club. MORITZ, MARGARET JUDITH-Wooster, Ohio Secretarial Studies Class Secretary, Secretarial Club Vice President, Cleveland Club, Flyers Hangar. OSTERDAY, MARY JEAN-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet POTTER, CAROL ANN-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet Marching Coeds, SEA, Dayton Club, Flyer. ROMER, MARY-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet RooNEY, vicroiz-Dayton, ohio Technical Institute SANDERS, GAIL-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA. SMITH, ROBERTA-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Studies Dayton Club, Secretarial Club. SNYDER, DANIEL E.-LaRue, Ohio Technical Institute Marching Band Concert Band, Tech-Ni Club, Intramurals. SOMMERS, LYNN-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Studies REICHARD, JAMES-Troy, Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club. REIFF, FREDERICK VINCENT-Hicksville, N. Y. Technical Institute Knickerbocker Club, Junior Prom Committee, Tech-Ni Club. ROBINETTE, HAROLD-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute SANDERS, ROBERT THOMAS-Ft. Loramie, Ohio Technical Institute SMITH, JOHN HOWARD-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club. SMITH, JOSEPH PATRICK-Owensboro, Ky. Intramurals, Blue Grass Club. STEINKE, CARVEL RAYMOND-Wapakoneta, Ohio Technical Institute SULLIVAN, MAUREEN THERESE-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA Vice President TANGUAY, CHARLES RAY-Nelsonville, Ohio Technical Institute WENTLING, WILLIAM EDWARD-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute WINKELJOHN, ALAN-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute WOJTENA, JANICE VICTORIA-Calumet City, Ill. Education Cadet Flyerettes, Illini Club, Sodality, SEA. ZEBROSKI, LEON BERNARD-Stamford, Conn. Technical Institute Tech-Ni-Club TRENTMAN, DONALD JOSEPH-Delphos, ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club. WEBER, MARY ANN-Dayton, Ohio Secretarial Studies Marching Coeds, Flyers Hanger, Dayton Club, Secretarial Club Treasurer WILDENHAUS, ELAINE-Dayton, Ohio Education Cadet SEA, Dayton Club. WURST, LARRY CARL-Ottoville, Ohio Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club. YAHNER, PETER DONALD-Founders Hall Technical Institute Tech-Ni Club. ZANDER, DENNIS-Dayton, Ohio Technical Institute The first man In The cafeteria line. 'And as soon as you find fifty an? holes you can leave." Serenade to a hardwood floor Left: "Now lei's try if without the music." lk , lllflllf A , - 1 A' nun yn. Jf11111W" " 1:-hjW,, 1 1 11 rqmvgflllmfmv, X X9 ,r V 'biz' 5020, QM yl nmnu 5 7 f 1 X :, fi V 1'l 1 f-T3 ,L 1 1 , A . 11111 11 1 1 111111 111 U"l", Hi , ' X W, 11' l'?:i I n , , " I M fl it 2 ft 'f"U' W- 'Q I f J I-f he 1 1 1 111, 1 if of 1.1111 ,, 1 1 f 111 WW- ,HI l , i f ff X 1 41' 1 4, 4 ' K To organize, one rnusf have a goal and Thaf goal, perfection ' BACON organizations .525 'i , ' .I S". A Gif I- -2if'y.,- Z: The proiects of the Student Council for the year 1958-1959 were summed up in a statement by the president, John Messenger. It is his firm belief that the organization has definitely lived up to the student's expectations and accomplished the goals which it set up at the beginning of the term. Basically, the council has continued along the lines that were determined by previous organizations. John believes that even more has been accomplished, particularly the filling of the gap between the student and the administration. Besides the regular routine work, the council has promoted several new proiects. There has been set up a tentative athletic campus program that deals with a greater participation in intramural sports. And, of course, there are the plans for the Spring Week. This year it was greater than ever, including lecture series, field day, Bermuda shorts day, a iazz concert featuring Stan Kenton, and terminating with the crowning of the king and queen at the Senior Farewell dance. Another project not to be forgotten is the Big Four Inter-collegiate Committee. This is a unique organization on campus level. All in all, it is the thought of the organization's officers and the student body itself, that the Student Council has done a good iob in governing their campus this year. Vice President: NORB YOUNG President: JOHN MESSENGER Treasurer: JOE SALM Left io right: Joe Salm, Norb Young, Fr, Barrett, John Messenger, Joan Hollencamp, Carolyn Due-ll, Sal Panfizzi, Connie Flanigan, Tom Moritz, Chuck Miller, John Pefric, Sue Hochwalf, Gary Green, Dave O'Conner, Tony Asher. STANDING: Stan Greenburg, Bob Frost. Gene Schill, Dave Kelly, Tom Rain. Secrefary: JOAN HOLLENCAMP Senior members of council: JOHN PETRIC, TOM MORITZ, rm- fff f lx l 1 i l i ..4h in L K l. ' f Senior council member SUE HOCHWALT l37 class officers sophomore . ' ,-11'12:,I ff'TQ'5 'i'7"'1'If'3-.AiXf1',",-ff? , ,- -g.g14.:1,4L: M, , ...A-4,,,f.,....,:..3. ., v,. M V ,.. :fsg '-Q51-,A why, 1: 421 " .if ' ' X. -' 5- .Ak ' 3' " K fe ' freshman SEATED: Judy Miller, Dave Kelly, Carolyn Duell, STANDING: Pat O'Hagan, John Lavelle, Tom Rain. l38 ,fu Bill Cramsey, Margie Moritz, Sal Panfezzi, Pat Murphy iunior Tony Asher, Molly Payne, Jim Smith, Paul Braun. student activities committee 'Q SEATED: Sue Neumann, Dick King, Nancy Hazelett. STANDING: Joe Lienesch, Dick Winters, Irene Kramer, Bill Healy. l39 Marlon Reasor Sue Hochwalf, Miss Whefro, Miss Finn, c e n fr cu I wo m e n s dar organization '-'3?Izf55Si1'fiE5. fzi ' I . A -' K AQ PES? wg, , .. - '-Q .l4:1-:rfs1S- Liv '-IM.-Ti 3J'.::EiSS:i,Q.,, .5'?f5'Q:-32:24 1?-J ,.74:-', ,.g.2,5E"2222.5.iiifr-:Z75:':g:7:'.,.g:73.Z SEATED: Dick King, Mary Scherer, Joe Lienesch, Barbara Leff, Nancy Hazeleti. homecoming committee SEATED, left to right: John Sugarik, Jerry Bishop, Chuck Wanda, Paul Taylor, Jim Cooney, Charles Shultz. STANDING: Norb Young, Dave Burke. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Cooney, John Bertrand, Molly Payne, Bob Von Alt, John Bomrick, Jim Smith. SEC- OND ROW: Tom Colby, Bear Peter- son, Paul Finorin, Paul O'Donnell, Dave O'Conner. pep commission Q5 QNX X - 5,21 4. 'Ex R5 Q 'Q' YW rf NX, W 1' wc 3,5 , . 1 x V ..g' - u. ? 1 1 ,pf f J ,I N. xg 5 , 4 'QQ 'v -,li f 9" ii f V 1 21 V " lv '11, 7 rw n 990 "L"i'5'f'ii' N 1 8 'W'- ? I Dlx 3 'Ewa 4 ix 69: 1, g.B+ university choir FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Ann Heineman, Carolyn Mohr, Nan Rothenberg, Mary Weiler, Rosemarie MacMillan, Carol Doolan, Josephine Bryant, Joe Leigh, Don Wolrab, Gorslon Simmons, Ed Zeman, SECOND ROW: Jean Womersley, Pat Rialey, l. Sung, Janice Clune, Carolyn Brown, Clare Callaghan, Joan Chonacky, Clare Trottman, Mary Lou Westbrock, Martha Sue Fried, Earl Klostemwan, Bill Stout, Jerry Lonsway, Jack La Bruiere. THIRD ROW: Marie Ann Winifield, Joyce Mitchell, Barb Faulkner, Mary Lou Schwartz, Mary Fecke, Nancy Thirifay, Sandy Sutton, Yvonne Monnin, I Singing, Ruth Yanka, Dave Dunsun, Charles Connolly, Bob Barnese, Ron Meyer, Ron Reynolds. FOURTH ROW: Connie Leymayn, Pat Gifford, Judy Jacobs, Geraldine Dickson, Berdie Beck, Mary Jo O'Callaghan, Carol Eurhing, Pat Egan, Dianne Hennessy, Jim Wolfe, Bob King, Jerry Steigen- wald, Jim Scofield, John Buehler. men' glee club in-q' if Q f FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Tagg, director: Earl Klosterman, Joe Leigh, Bill Stout, Gordon Simmons, Jack Keelinski, Tony Pepetone, Jose Nevares. SECOND ROW: Bob King, George Kiebler, Charles Connolly, Dick Sandov, Jerry Lomsway, Ed Zeman, Arvie Ants, Jim Scofield. .fir .. .Mer Q ii! ia '- . ali ' Fran Paul Y X f -f R. AI Reynolds Sharon Strange -4 v, ya M-aff 4 y 4 'Ui -fr" ' ,,, J sc A . 4. Qi, . 5531... x? K 4 , ,-.., 'J rr ' ,, --- 1 f J.. M- fr J . N s'- . ,A-, f , 4 'A , 15,2 . A 7 iff , " .J ali' 1 , :L , '34 , , K . -w -. Q, 'KO 4 'K X ff ,.'Q - 1 fi . I 55594: ff' x ,Q . Q' Q - lx Tony Palazzolo :k111"S:a wv,::1,.i Sally Yenger Jack Fronmg .A, .9 A 1. im,i.-,gg nf- Z 34, .Q'-141131 I. gf 1: , -2- . .- ' Lg y Q, -1 " . ' ia: 1 - ff'-I ,rp -- - ,. -. M-- fgy ,cuss ,i ,a,1,,.r.r " I ,1 'T-ff r .U , --:fi ., ,uw " - , ,ff i. UVA. f. ' -A' ---' -FL- B M A ' -J..,-g?'-f---iiiixgizfg-iii' r Y -" - 'if a,a,5,:?i.:.r,U.. M: ,S mm . A y TLT:-Q va . .. - .. V.--4 A. 4,- Wx, I 5 if LEFT COLUMN: Carolyn Srueve, Molly Payne, Angie Bianco, Gerri Grevat, Maureen Murphy, Nancianne Simons, Pat Buchard, Janet Bechfol, Sue Willis. ACROSS: Marcella Sal-calas, Rosemarie MacMillan, Joanne Kaulaski, Mary Depore, Marilyn Brune, Joyce Koeller, Lynn Deters, Kathy Liddy, Sheila Bueker, Helen Daly, Doitie DeVoe, Martha Cotter, Berdie Beck, Nancy Brune, Irene Kramer. RIGHT COLUMN: Donna DeVoe, Pam Whetherill, Jan Wafoona, Joan Murphy, Barb Hamanf, Nancy Hazleff, Carol Lyle. OFFICERS: Irene Kramer, Carolyn Srueve-Pre'sident, Sheila Bueker, Gerri Gs-mat Rosemarie MacMillan. MRS. BETTY KIRCHIMER Director x SENIORS, left to right: Berdie Beck, Donna DeVoe, Nancy Hazlert, Mary Depore, Joanne Kauiaski, Angie Bianco, Rosemarie MacMillan. flyerettes F- " ' D Dual l X V7 'z-M2 ' asv ' , I Q c L Captain: DONNA DEVOE Co-Captain: MOLLY PAYNE ff ,A 45 .-P' ff A L M, F- ,- A M 55:5 , mi., '.: , - 1 ' , W SUBSTITUTES Right: Frances Straukamp Pat Stippach Margie Moritz I ' 4 ,xv if ali 5 1 th clayton flyer ln the four short years since Jocko Hussong revamped the University newspaper and the first issue of the "Dayton Flyer" appeared, many fine things have sprung from suite lll-l 12, Liberty Hall. This tradition continued to i959 when Mr. Eugene Schill and his staff presented a year of "Innovation." New columns, poignant editorials and keenly perceptive articles provoked a reexamination of cultural and literary views on the "HilItop." This year will un- doubtedly mark a iournalistic transition at U D. Congratulations, then, to Gene Schill, the editors, and the entire staff of the "Dayton Flyer" for their effort and persistence in the producing of one of the truly remarkable publications on any campus. Editor In Chief: GENE SHILL News Editor TIM KACZKOWSKI Sports Editor: RON SPAGNOLI ivxM: Features Editor: SALLY KUNTZ Coed Editor: LORI RILEY "5. Business Manager: DAVE DEVVINE DODEE GIBECN Photo Staff: JlM HOWARD Photo Editor: GEORGE BATES THE DAYTON FLYER STAFF: STANDING, left to right: Ann MacNamara, Julie Gilmore, Tcm Dowling, Mike Kline, Bill Langley, SEATED: Sharre Lawson, Betty Fleischmann, Carolyn Duell. C fcul1t,igix Jim Bohman exponent Seated crosslegged on the bare floor, she poked at a battered old-"Under- wood." Without pausing she motioned with her head, "lt's a good typewriter -really broken in-but it's so difficult to find words that aren't spelt with an "f, i, or e." Her office was very functional, however l thought it very odd that she had no desk. "Oh the Flyer needed more space for its editorial writers so they preempted our desk one night. But I really don't mind and Joe lStehlmachJ sits on the floor at home anyway." Joe was on the back porch getting ideas for the Winter Issue. As I ap- proached he started and almost fell into a caldron of Expresso he was brew- ing. "Guess I better go inside with you, this snow plays heck with my sandals." We sat crosslegged on the bare floor and drank Expresso. Mary Jo and I talked of our favorite writers. Was J.J. Tripp still living beneath Liberty Hall? Did August K. Drabkin ever get out of the bottle? Had O. Farrington Nutley become a Dilettante? I became restless and decided it was time to depart however as l left the room I tripped on a large hatbox which overturned and revealed six cockroaches which were completely soaked with in-k. "Oh no" said Mary Jo "we've lost our art staff." 1 Staff: RON LARCINESE Art Editor: JOE STEHLMACH all ' Editor: MARY JO O'CALLAGHAN Left to right: Tom Muth, Ralph Dennler, Gerald Murphy, Bill Johnston. political science peakers bureau Lett to right: Mr. Baxter lCoachJ, Delores Denbeck, Fred Cool, Carolyn Duell, Dick Madden, Paul McEnroe, Fred Blackwell, Peter Ziaukas, Bill Fast, Byron Trapp, debate team V YH 5 Sm 3 ,Si X -A Q -P. B -lj: "inns: i Ji. u ,.,.,, ...H , -B-,Nara I ' 1- 7 'E' sw X vu L, ' vz. I Ek A. .. W X X - x Aamir., xii, L-C ' A X 4 , 'MX sy! V 'Q 2' ' 1, 'z ., I W rg - , F K 1, ,J ' lf" 14,1 It ' I 'K sz IA" V Q 215 -, N 2-3 religiou activities committee J,-. Xmf ,f 1 3 5 Left to right: Tony Palumbo, Jo Ann Fisher, Rose Ann Hickey, Jeanne Pflaum, Jim Bulger, Kathy O'Neill. SECOND ROW: Fr. Dickson, Mike Inoue, Ruth Grafhwohl, Bill Sabo, Tom Mick, Donna Judd. ,A ae- J aa. .vw .Q Kiwi ' c FIRST ROW, left to right: John Lamberiack, Clara Trottman, James Bender, President, Tom Morrow, Joan Krantz, Nancy Dichito, Jim Gearing, Roseanne Hickey, Fr. Monheim, Moderator, Martha Schook. SECOND ROW: Bill Fronek, Joe Capella, George Brown, Tom Austin, David Kiger, Walter Miller, Bill Rain. l54 mclriology club Left To right: Bill Riley, Mrs. Riley, Jo Ann Fisher, Fr. Cole, Bob Frost, Jeanne Lyons, Tony Palumbo. I LO, Thx, I Y Au - 0- Q .A , , 5" OUR LADY OF THE PILLAR FIRST ROW: Ann Evans, Madeline Albers, Carol Doolan, Bill Gross. SECOND ROW: Rafael Unana, Katie McCall, Mary Foley, Gertrude Waltermann. THIRD ROW: Fr. Holle, Mike Inoue, Jean Remy, Min Hee Won, Gene Arnold, Jim Hartledge. psyc h o Iogy club SEATED: Nlary Lavainer, Mary Scherer, Pal Shppaclw, Lynn Delers, Andrea Sewer, Sally Bringman, STANDING: Virginia Bacliner, Jay Berman, Don llllclieclwnie, Marty Payne, Pat Mulligan, Dick I-liggenbotlwen, Bill Riley. SEATED: Barbara Slaub, Jean L Q, yons, Ruth Gates, Rosemarie Schrader. STANDING: Dick Steinbrunner, Tony Palumbo, Fr. Roesch, Bill Wake . N.-N:-, X. .A+ med v :x 'Il . S I , Q' . x. , 95. "" -- S? .ui 2 , ,wr -, 9 uf.. Q If FIRST ROW, left To righfz Mrs. Chrisles, Harriet Hoffman, Jane Wiggenhorn. STANDING: Mrs. Plafhe. SECOND ROW: Mrs. M Folin, Rose Marie Ogle, Marilyn Bell, Sister .loan Paul. STANDING: Mary Harrigan. NEA professional nurses womens recreation association STANDING, left to right: Miss Drees, Sue Hager, Carol Kies, Sharon Strange, Diane Swisshelm, Judy Mayer, Jewelyn Middlebrook, Mary Schmid, Connie Coleman, .lo Taylor, Frances Sfraukamp, Mary Jo Wifhrow, Rhoda Gramhan, Miss Leonard. YAX ,,.m..,,....-f-- SEATED: Margaret Fitzgerald, Sandra Kennard, Matilda Stephens. l. Judy Munsel, Kathleen Eircksen, Ingrid Emmert, June Miller, Johanna Kalavsky, Sue Ellis, Carolyn Brown, Barbara Sanderman. 2. Darla Ray, Carol Ehemann, Bonnie Wegner, Rosalie Roderer, Sara Hart, Diana Poe, Ruth Stabler. u.c.e.i. l i l I FIRST ROW, left to right: Dora Fugate, lrmhild Butler, Barbara Newman, Nicoline MacGreyor. SECOND ROW: Gertrude Waltermann, Carol Keck, Beverly Mitchell, Martha Fread, Barbara Feltner. T7 SEATED, left to right: Hugh Becker, Jim Gates, George Cooper. SECOND ROW: Ralph Berry, Vince Riccio, Pete Hart, Paul Finorio. THIRD ROW: Frank Naughton, Joe Zumello, Bill Hepp, Maurice Doyle. FOURTH ROW: Ray Geiger, Ron Obergefell, Jim Dugan, John Marr. society for the advancement of management accounting club FIRST ROW, left to right: Dick Macny, Harold Grilliott, Chas. Bruback, Son Smith, Jim Kramer, ,Mr. Updyke. SECOND ROW: Dean Willy, Bill Hogan, Terry Reagan, Larry O'Neal, Mary Trepeta, Ed. Sanders. THIRD ROW: Jim Scholes, Bob Stack, Conrad Skarha, Cledieth Middleton, Bob Kastner, Dick Kessler, Jim Miller. scobbcircl and blade l l Frank Wobler, Tom Cardile, Ron Napp, John Bock. 2. McCain, Bill Horner, Don Riddle, Charles Brubach, C. J. Nash, F. Pavelka. 3. Bob Hoover, Tom McAlis1er, Bob Stankarcl, R. Schwairz, R, Deil, R. Deliaden. 4. Bob Foil, G. Kalinaski, Philip Hoover, Dick Nicholas, W. Mullins, H. W. Healy. pershing rifles FIRST ROW, lef1 to right: Fredric Pavelka, Dick Mathews, Louis Droesch, Robert Zerbe, Steve Kain, Andrew Scislowski, John Verel, Hector Diftamo, Donald Ricldle. SECOND ROW: Tony Groeber, Mike Tarnowski, Joe Raguso, Clement Etrick, Roy Wohlgemuth, Mike Romer. THIRD ROW: Mike Schimil, Joe leracitano, Don McPherson, Rene Affounit, Frank Cedeno, Dick Dietl, George Helm. ii 5 9XMg 5g,:.,. V 'Q P.. af121:l?k1.f as .22 Q? f ' as N v N f ws 1 4-z' y gg Q 'R' .3 ',-'-. 1' ' " ' ' " ' KL, it Ai Avi Q F . ' V . t A . . ,.- . 'kZff f 55 , , , JA 2-f 5 ff MWA 1 f ':- 2 "" ' A "': -ig 'A1'Q':N "V 11: .V 1 . In N A . ..... 2 A if '- " A 1 N ,. ' I E - X 3? ' + - E 2 .b , , 'qi ..-t V, It , , s 5 'Wk' Q7 1 as 5 : .E I , 'N' Q ue. :fi , .,:,5w,a? um i x ' , -' KT ' ,' " xi 1 N . 7 1 - '1 ' , 1 ,am ' mb- . - 1 J". :ax 7 , - ' L i . 'J oi? LQ 'J K :I , ' 2 X X ,,.: ., lc? sk Tea i. QL. x JJ. ,, ,,. ,, N. ...,. ,, ,,,A ' A V- '- -W. n 3 . . .,.X .g t : t .ar 3 - J 7' N .X A 1 al . Aw .X -as .ww , N 51 ', - : . 5 . R x ' OSOCO O uf X- i Left to right: 'l. Dave Kraft, Gene Hekman, George Kustchens, Dave Solar, Don Bouqvot, Nonn Horn, John Boehlnger, Ron Strhchen. 2. Dave Pope, Bernard Drurp, Ralph MacEldowney, G. Bell, Donald Fullam, James Curnyn. f chn-i-club Lef11o right: Cain, Karalevicz, Daniel, Meloney, Frye, Barry, Rosperf, Bauer, Gaskill, Mr. Pucket, Clark, Simon, Mons, Koch, Temple Gehle, King. flyers hangar SEATED: Twinkle Longo, Gus Weisler, Becky Bechtol, Barb Balsom. STANDING, Row I. Norb Bates, Maverick, H. Willy Healy, J. Messenger, John Krol, Cuck Nash, R. Mullman, Mayor Greenburg, Tony, S. Fella, M. Payne, C. Duell, Fran Morris. 3. Amos, Andy Burke, lgnod Schlob, Dave O'Connor, Charlie Rambler, Joe Slam, Tom Seller, The editor, Belgen Congo, Tom Mortimor, Paul Brain, Bear Animal, McGuire Sisters. Passer-By. Park Bench. international club FIRST ROW, left to right. George Inouye, Kanwar Aggarwal, Michael Inoue, Don Connor, Fr. Monheim, Dr. Harkenrider, Nick Argeros. SEC- OND ROW: Jorge Blanco, John Tschirhart, Mark Mergler, Michel Etienne, Jean Remy, Seiya Sakurai, Harry Tulleners. THIRD ROW: H. G. Marti- nez, Jay Kapadia, June Jacobs, Sue Romie, Anita King, Henry Rupert, Eduardo Rocha. FOURTH ROW: Rafael Umana, Jorge Anibarro, Jorge Mendizabel, Carlos Mendizabel, Jorge Menendez, Herb Weinzerl, John Lamberiack. FIFTH ROW: Ken Smith, lrmhild Buller, Joann Simonton, Eileen Crowley, Celie Angerer, Emmanual Karam, Edgar Araish. SIXTH ROW: Erma Dosha, Alma Eruat, Margaret Ping, Jim Lichon, Helmut Guetler, Albert Parsakian, George Scourtis. W N sk -sw ' Affim Q., XE' N Q41 f 5, gh! 5 .l,A W A,: 1 X if V In Q b X , x i 'Q: 1' ,c 5 .1 ,- 1 'F' Sf K Q. , - ' x..'..f Q 'fsgzm ,, ffygiggva X . , :.,. X ' , 1 X N 1. .iv - in .1 W k Sf wr' af pick cmd hammer SEATED, leh to right: Joe Moran, Ed Williams, C. Doebler, J. Adoly, K. Koverman. STANDING, left to right: J. Murtaugh, C. Ritter, T. Kelly, L. Shanley, J. Spieles, D. Kalinow- ski, J. Corrireau, E. Littler, J. Walsh, F. Wobber, Mr. Springer. secretarial club fs ...N YC? 43 1 i. Sue Hager, Jean Leedom, Mary Ann Weber, Joan Murphy, Els ln't Veld, Maureen Murphy, Shelby McNeely. 2. Elaine Fosnot, Mona Lee Joseph, Judy Manker, Charlene Herz, Bobbie Kaser, Lynn Somers. 3. Jeannette Frantz, Stacie Bulugoris, Margie Moritz, Bobbie Smith, Sandi Spurgeon, Judith Miller. 4. Muriel Freeze, Charlotte Joseph, Charleen Sullivan, Kay Schaaf, Judy Stein. 5. Charlotte Harper, Terry Cerrito, Sarah Jane Medley, Penny Weller. 1 he ,-gg .2 , TZ :. V 34. :V . 1 R. .4 5 Q ar 5 rw Bri -ibut Q X Aw 5, V. Y . , ff 'S . -'-. xg ,. ,,,V in 'i I. J -ff -.ff-' - Pifcgktii . ,af -:Q yr V 5553i f fwf .:. ,, 'b Q 'f 11? in 42:5 3 fi 19 'fi 25:15, Jw ' fwfr ' , , 'Wim r--' vv ng, 'S .fxlfg J-1 355' ig. 5 1 1,- ff- 1' jf? 7 ' 1? 4' A 5332 A 5 Iglqp, ,mx I sy. if Q, rfgsfw gif' 4 fa? . x . Y., 1 fhffgs. Q I x- iv lang, 1 F If . 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Lou Capa- zinski, Art Lamb, Dennis Fritz, Char- lie Hal Berdahl, Jacker Oberlies, Mari- lyn Olchensky. 4. John Mike Mc- Donald, John Medley, Dick Maise, Jim Fullerton. 5. Mike Turgen, Ed John Petric, Phil Carney, Chuch Wanda. 6. Curtis Beckner, Charles Ridinger, Ed Wolfe. 7. John Fryman, Dick Downey, Jim Williamson. educcltion student council SEATED: Bette Ann Haley, Francis Longo, Ann Rawers, Rosa- lie Cosgrove, Jane Gagel. STANDING: Ed Szeman, Pat Connor, Carol Nomina, Jerry Rigot, Ann Evans, Dick Scheuermann. sociology club Left to right: Kenneth Smith, John Boch, Richard H. Lee, Mr. Versage, Rosalie Schraeder, Judy Jacobs, David Dunson. CDAG SEATED: Mr. King, Wilma Reicher, Mary Jo O'Callaghar1, Rose Byrd Marcella Dawicke, Caroline Bauermeis1er,'Mr. Steiner. STANDING: Dr Droemer, Mr. Beauregard, Bill Fowkes, Francis Keane, Dick Dixon Tom Kennedy, Bro. Ruppei, Bill Macbeth. - f'N dayton club I. Nancy Hazleh, Jeanne Pflaum. 2. Bill Conger, L. Lovely Lyons, Flake Fell, Carolyn Duell. 3. Ronald Koesters, Jay Smith, E. Rosevelt, Sue Horstman, Mary M. Rose. 4. Jim Hoagan, M. Antionette, Sherry Lawson. 5. Louie Kappizinski, Bill Burger, Sally Kuntz. 6. Jim Liensch, Mary Kronauge, Sweetie Ackerman, Julie canfon club l. Ruth Grathwohl, Tom Hubert, Tom Mulcahy, Fran Paul. 2. Frank Colehi, Gary Pedrohy, Chuck Brubach, Larry Gohshall, Bill Evrard, Chas. Maverick. my - ss- ' Gilmore. ll. - . ,gl A: fr-j A L -V , 9- columbus club i. Ruddy August, An Welfrom, Ed Ferris, Judy Jacobs, Dave Dunson, Tom Austin, Dick Von Aha. 2. Jim DuBruI, Sfeve lgel, Don Conner, Dan Connor. bluegrass club STANDING, left to right: John Kruetzkamp, Ed Clark, Bill Whalen, Jim Howard, Jerry Middendorf, John Medley, Bert Higdon, John Karem, Joe Hagan, Jim Eaton. 55,4 Wg Q 16? woomar club 'l. Bill Ciaccio, moderator, Pat lzzo, chaplain, Chuck Nash, comptroller, Gus Wunderly, founder, Tom Moritz, janitor, John Messenger, member, Joe Salm, also ran. 2. Whitey Ryan, administrator, John Kroll, lover, Jim Poweski, sergeant-at-arms, Dave Burke, historian, Jerry Joseph, member. a t X cincinnati club Left to right: l. Don Heller, Paul Mayer, Mark Scherzinger, Mary Schweitzer, Bob Corpstein, Norm Horn. SEATED, Ann Stark, C. Ehemann, Joan Neenan, Rita R. Sheila James, Jill Edleman, Janet Griffin, Mary Ann Cassel, STANDING: Just Jack, T. Schriedler, Bill Yee, Dan Finke, Ray Schnedler, Carl Welage, Funny Face. E lr' 3-1.n2.'v.1z:1llI1n x 'F Q M..- keystone club 1. Fran Leibold, Leo Shanley, Herb Die1rick. 2. Charles Sweeney, Jim Riesmeyer, Tom McDonaugh, Dave Miller, Bob Leitzinger. 3. Al Adkins, Chuck Cambria, Tony DiPietro, John Donnelly. 4. Tom Smith, Dave Schaffer, Tom Coyne. 'K 22,2124 nie' 2 522 J 1 "EJ Zigi. illini club FIRST ROW, left io right: Sandra Carlile, Judy Goelz, Jinny Bachner, Janice Wojtena. ROW TWO: Greg Wagner, Bob Black, Andy Gantney, Gordon Lah, Clem Etrick, T. J. Molvi- hill, ROW 3: Don Glowe, Wyatt Earp, Dan Smaianick, Rich Mocny. ROW 4: Tom Rain, John Maloney, John McCall CPresiclentJ, Jim Ballinsin, Tim Michaelak. 6 builer county club FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Smilh, Ron Knapp, Hugh Becker, Dick Scheurte. ROW 2: Jack, Rosmarin, John Marr, Ron Ames, Frank Wilke, Leroy Huff. STANDING: Bill Hogan, Moderator-Bro. Perko. .datum-"wr, : " 'vm 1 f' . Y: -.. I hui-o-hawaii Albert Pang, Dick Kawarnura, Bro: Belz, Robert Caliboso, Melvin Lee. STANDING: Mann, Cadiz, Bello, William Lee, Larry Ng, Reg Lee, Paul Hgrig, Bill Yang. SECOND ROW: Ho, Mil1on Kam, Ed Bush, Randy Piltz, Ezra Hili, Art Ho. rifle club FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Leff, Tom McAllister, Frank Maker, Howard Herolozer, Lou Diel. SECOND ROW: Mike Romer, Mike Saboia, Roger Toth, Barney Dansock. THIRD ROW: Brad Clapp, Mike Madden, Bruce Morris, Bill Focke, Harold Harrigan, Sam Stout. q 29 ,Agfa QS . W U 7 gm +3fw-'IV A I E ' MQ V , ' '- +1 N 1 I I Q' 5' ,uk X' fi X -A im ' f 75 come, and Trip if as y g on The light fanfasfck foe activities v 4 4 A , 1-. .-.-.nn-tr.:-''m.:-fvzma'-Lm.:xwanuXrw.Q+'1SA-xnyrsxzexw-uf , . +A- W. -Xs,..smbxe1xw,rQh ws.':1MX.xr mmvvm mumwwmmNwmmxxm wm: m:mwkmAmmm " -' ' . , r - 3 K . I, kr K' V ' , I." . Q N- . . , V. J : - .- ,v -, I , af- ' FW . X A , , U +5 , 24. , ., ,W -ff Y 5 1 4 .1 f 'r':m322iS.E-::':,'fZ5.2.:,:I'rf f :W-5:-'36".fZI1.:i',M??'4 r - . f umm. Qsevsnaf fxnxwxam-xn:,xmuwwlw:zmRna.wm:wx .f 2,6 f": . 2224? ,. 4, ,W wig: Z 5 'T'.1T-YE-1" ':' W1 ., 4, I-L.: 4 f, f ,. , Q 'M' 'iix fs :1ii . ' J E e2?'S'4 MQ S- ' X 1 1 ' , ' 4. 4 "' 0 ' qv A SL lx 1 f if 1' T1 Ly Q Aw X' X tx w Y Vg Q71 - Ni ' ,5 iv f 1 f ' f 4? 'L-fl Q' '57 ,I 1 iff Z ' M219 I" r '22 M X. I dis. 1 vofs ' VOTE MMMA HRH3 QUE EFI JUDI MUSLEY ATZD. W fofi .1 -,Je':e-:im -:1.f:f:: f: . . :za s.: is Leaf, vw-' B.S. in Advertising? l L'tt " 43090 THQNGS P ages, L, Wvwi Q DUNN N-lu .k. Big banner for small packages. is . 22' E i Don't be half saf E.., Q Win, Place or Show, but still by a nose. A write-in landslide ,V ' 1 MJ, I 1 F . 44-A YM M' f l VJ ly' 'J l 4,,... 1: 'alll lf X. X .llllxlllxxllllxllll -,lllllll ,,, I . lll EFX - Y x9 ll J -, 'sq' T l85 O I 9 'S half mllllon 3 . A l v V-cr 59 1 A couple of people from Kentucky. "Na, we're gust frying to find a place to sleep. use l N X. u 1, A 2 first prize 'three coins in the fountain" by the cincinnati club second prize "helen of troy" by the art club third prize "cat on a hot tin roof" by sigma delta pi ' ' D N5WKT'Qx'X" x 'V ,'-Nnaqrem N-irwiw -1296? . " Y, K NNW w...w:f.,-.4.4.N.-:ai V N Sr WRYR Y GMM-M X .L , e N ff, Q G ' e ig Q eg,,Qi,x.1 K ' 'f-g5q:Q,:,,5M.5:5N,,,gg-5 V 4 R X- ,Rpxx-K, in ,N .., .,.. ,...,x.fuxx.,,, x X X lkwwuwm S-, ' Nw?-N fx Queen surveys her realm. N ,,n4: ,:- ,z .-f. N -, 4, , f ,, 1:5 ,T .,. fs 'fi fag: :Y -,wi 0 a ,, if W ' :F Klux.. . ,J-un ,J 4 :1""Br 1 1 I ' M9 if 'l 534. M 3 . ' rl-?.':,g ' . i. Q Y- . 4, I V uf- i 'A ' qs ,R . A , fr A f I Vg' " -'fr' " V . kd . i , V lag . 4, v ,V ' 1-, - l , . . A ,a s. K .' Y ,rf I -1 ' Fi ' 5' if 1 ' . A K ' . '., . A U,-Jr ', . I ' , ,. ' ff -Fl' ' .5 'Q-. .,"' Q 2 N.,-flf.i34fuv E, M., -,sf-pf A x , up ' x, . a , , . ,K 5' -l, -'YQ kktyb ixix A 1 Q'L,?f1-1-'fl' X A if 'UC uv' "THE FLY"-American Society of Civil Engineers W' il H My M .' if 3 1 Y lag , f . A ' .i ..l I A . . 'JN' v 1. '. 1, is ., ', '41-2 "1 ' L vs, 4 l ll. -I .Z-F, Q Q 'F 1 1 i 1 '-4 s 1 "20,000 Leagues under the Sea"-Knickerbocker Club l88 1 '- -p.nifw'?lx.l ! 4 J' "THE VIKINGS"-Illini Club ' is T 1, Ii iff , ilgfiu--15333 Q' ,, Wai ii' Q uf" ' ' 5' "Bridge on the River Kwai" YQ , Nz 'A' + sf!" H5 ' - . W . V N L ' li' 1 ADX.. ? Fix 'ku E , Y .. -wap ' , . 9 Q 94 l 2 . "Perry"-Accounting Club ,ir A io" 4 K, fi ,, 6 .V . . Efrfizl-5 V .gl 5, 1 'Q A -- - -fry ' 'Q 1 2 0 go: ix 'if s 5, "Song of the South"-Bluegrass Club af" "Harvey"-Dayton Club 'J ?.xJ'5lg9-6,1 F. W-z,f'3i'q.a, , " 1 .N "Show Boat"- Keystone Club lIlnl-o fE:?'2,- . "Shangri-La"-Women's Athletic Association Around the World in Eigl-ny Days"-Cleveland Club "Caine Mutiny"-Psychology Club .,f"" rlxfl' Y, '. 2 'V I89 ha 4 o Jean and Ann entering 1he stadium Artendant, Bobble, is honored Judy, Marianne and Judy overlook the crowd i ixg xg yi Q ..,. . ,. W l A :sf 53' 2 " -X A '11 -b g X1 fs 4' ' aw. , x N ' E 4 W Ani K 5 . , l , I , , , WM Rm ,xr 2:1 325, rg w,1.f3.,:E.'fjQ x. W f ,-.:., .. ., QQWQ' ' . ' 1' f.g542f1 ' N aw V- -iw-.faxXw3fs.a.'Q-.fp,qw ,- ,. X V , . . N .1 Wxrpx :aww fy:M.w.rsawsvu1uu.4 if Y Q. m,a:e"mwm1 af :emu-swnNar7'f 1 .. -z ,bu-:J xwnw-v.'-5 nz'-51:4 'f'A.-1'j',1- -Zi5"2fi1g'1?R" . N Y? 'I :. .:'--fan-':af:':',-,f:,:-Qbrv-. 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Q'i'35Al1i ,.,f'gfgl -f F W'-' milfs ff -'gg '--:13'a:2.-. :J-5 .z -M - ,gee - A . :Ly . .6.jz?!i,A.-va n. he J I-T953-W ' 'X 1 ,E .. .1 M .1221 me 1 -3' - ','vg,'f . . K K r V f wb 5 ,R 3-i I97 'Sf Hama 'PNA c1,T,..A1,,k WWA JL M1f7.,f,,,W Stan Kenton provided an opus on campus 4, 4,-g-v is.: .. ,..,. - .. - .Ju-.Q f-A-.,. ., . -mma,.-s- .r.,,.- M5-.-svfgw.-53: sw Y ma. we s. i ,W re i 1 - 1' , . - J r :ar-:-f,-. ge fiat' SE r W One of The mosT popular evenTs of The year is com- monly known as Spring Week. Commencing on 10 May, The Week included such acTiviTies as culTural lec- Ture series, a Bermuda shorTs day, The jazz concerT wiTh STan KenTon, and TerminaTing wiTh The Senior Farewell dance. IT was of parTicular inTeresT To The seniors, as The Week was Their lasT real campus acTiviTy, louT everyone agreed iT was packed wiTh Tun and hilari1y. Spring Week Committee: Jim Cooney, Joan Hollencamp, Gene Schill, Paul Taylor, Tom Moritz, Norb Young, Dave O'Connor. ALWAYS IN voGuE MW X W' 2555 1 - PQ fff 1 H W 1?,,,,f 23,194 f 4 , :ff21sf1c'f2?'2-3 '-'-::: v::1" :"Ef'?f:1f..5" -Q 1 .5151 ,W , - , fs ,M 2' ,Q 1 f' .v 5 Y Zh Z- g,fgx,+Qj,32 f 4' . ff . , " I: ' x W'-"'-""" -' .- 'ww ' 'QQ-. '02 - M1525-Q11-:V ' : ':- I ' 'if , mm, , WW WW' 202 'avi-. .11 ww vw ' ,"'F'L:e ,.u5?'d'u3k 7g7N,, ia. M-M ,+-f.wgwj.3L- 4 . 1 ,. 'W 'M el 45554.24 1 -'ez , . mf in ,ru .-v' gg L -N, 'A ,pf .T 5 144 .A . Jw '3ig,'f,9,g?2'w+ W Q W mn M 118' by af .. , vu- Q 4 W Tgjgpn E gy 6 HW 0 ""' vi-if! .I-,M ", .. 'U' ,. 1' nr. 'f' 1. ' i if 3' 4 , ,N mi' 3 - 4.4 ffgy., f 'dw " 'I fi ,I A fb.. 3' Q 1 ,. 1 t 1 7' ,wif v jf f r -, 4 ,J K iw' M' 'Q ol' " ' A Q .' . K' ,, Qs ,, -f' ' " M wp ., 5, ,Q ,, t . f . 6 U 'V Q ' A X44 f J I A J' :rf ,4 I H, up-' dsx BMD . JW' " 2',2h i - -6 George Bates hesitates. wx YI?" A successful Safari. Arbiter bibendi Col. Medley and the women folks. sg 375 X.,-L. I Wong-I solly. .HV 1. 1, r, sr., "YET ,E . .rg .-Q S , N A .-gr. lg i Q Wg, X F -i fv CQ ' tl-132. Elf' fs: Flyers final!y get of'f ground. H 'se ogg U if 'V Marianne King!!! . un?- of wx-1' , cfjjrif- 'N , 56 .x5.s,., -f-rfs" . Y Njkrf Q, ng :' "FH '- - 'rhnib .rr "But why do you deal from the bottom Turnabout for John Jones. "But you can't cash a W-2 form." I know I can't see 1he game but it's a good place to meet Snookums. ' -t ' '-"- ' 1 --1 7 -A yy, -' - I--1-:tt H . 1 . c sgvfgy gym: ,V .gig-6 f' A - P K, xg Q Q '-?I'f'f'f f'1f'f'. A1iJ9Wf"f- tm Q .ml 1-'fait .x WT, - ,,,,. T 8--In X , -V V,.g:' .,-I L A 2 Et. A H fffkn A- 011 4, N "e z wd-f1"q 'I Q, A - .- ' . " V ' . ',:-f 2 It .-ug .0 Q: GAG - " X '- ' uf" M ,v. ,Q L .,s. ,tg My :H - ' , + - pa, f v .,ff....v,!': 11.5 at " I . ? g ' . . ,,.,.. f ,- 2- l f ' If . . m albert emcinuel library BRO. WALTER ROESCH Librarian BRO. RUHLMAN Librarian Emeritus BRO. JOHN 'VERDER Assistant Librarian BRO. FRANCIS DEIBEL Assistant Librarian W' 2 Qi BRO. STANLEY MATHEWS Librarian of Marian Library REV. PHILIP HOELLE Director of Marian Library Wmwwwm lg , iq . IQ . A I X k .J V? xi' student unl brother pclul's fountain si. ioseph ha Wai? Q? A ,- X Q x -,ex .r gf K- w ew v x ., xxx' wx sf " if .usa 1 51' 3 nip: Sf. f' Q '- " :GY i i eps- Q. .: . E: Q ,A , kk Teil mi S wifi M., fwfr? 55355 f Ailas 8: Co Raul Cas1ro Q Alias George Biancoj b Prepares tc fight Q pri' K '-an ff.. I ,sf-., 1 i F' i S 'X 2 Effszfl 32:1 Gi is-E151 L ffgrg NV?-rl Q, f ,S Q 3, 5 bmi . , - :A :,, ,45-M if. , ,, xi iff f -A 5:9 . :jf I A -:T X. - fi f ' FQ.: -.mgbix 9: 5 rg ,. 1 TGS: K-,gg ' 21'2?rfW ES 'I Nazi QS? :ax 'ax x N B N3 .Y Q , x .Q-. ur- 1- JI? hotel gibbans fi 1 Y X. ,-.- pot pourri 227 KIEFABER GIRLS-Mary Lloyd, Marty Payne, Carole Toth, Pat Meyers. r .JQL "L, UMTS- MU"PhY'S Kids"-Maureen Murphy, Margie Moritz, Joan Murphy. 2I6 Q 4 r' E It 1 Hungry??? Dig in!!! 4 Q A S 1 Wi h 'll 2 . , ., l ' ' .Jai or VL ,Ig 41921 hi' N 2515 if v X fi x 1 I Q41 ' Q 1 4 ' X 7? Eff, i 2 f ""-N , .f 16" ,ZS-51 K 2.52" Y 'SXM-M f- X. X NX,,f-ff g 0 j -xx, " f --f .4 ff 'SN A ' 1 ww ., W. 5 , V , 4 fx' -y . . , s"'K'g,x .,-.,. S ', fi . XJ QA' ... ' I , fi, ,i wg: ' x ,. . .Q- f 1 Sim '59 'xl NX I s A H rf 5 Y f - J ,W - Q- ' A- , 4- .1-.. I em Sweeny .,, A .. , fag.: s-5 an Z ', x g-fr ?:i?e:f4LW,g P mv ?-'Q guys 'n dolls in .K Q A M 'ii F 4515 BURKHARDT-Paul Fleming, Arnold Arts, Fred Harham, Don Stollenmeier, Dave Diedrick Leo Shanley. I Anna Rue Apt Ed Szeman Con doorl Jerry Lonsway. "Anna Rue Apt." Jose Nevares, Dick Sandor "Fa1her Flanagan's Boys Home" 1229 ALBERTA STREET ,.vv g "Stewart Streei Seven plus One"-310 STEWART ,QQ- P My Q VI STREET-lseatedb Jill Edelman, Mary Ann Cassil, ' ' -kv , lcounferclockwisei Nancy Thirifay, Gladys Huber, 5 .I g ..VA 2,5 h Q X Joan Chonacky, Miss Mary Ann Finn, House ,fllaf E ' N ai Molher, Janet Griffin, Mary Jo O'Callaghan. M WHNW N-IANA- VM,--W my . 1 :gy I 'Q , ev , .5,... ., V- ----- . .V.. J 5 . H -N... .N A H M .., gs K , ,, . , W' 4 ' ' N ' mx l 'M' .' WN4' 1: . . ' ... " , i ' ' If Q - - ' s.. V' .... . 'SK f 'Il , vi A Q--V 2-,eg-ifigaff 1241.1 -fix-.ae3fsig,, '?'.4gs,A-suv?-W:"Wfi -. - .152-. fb - ,,. 1 J N. - , k Jaya. - . , V . ,"'?.".-V9 . .Q .V "f Q -. 5-5, 4, T .1 .. ,J , ,X i ' X. .,',,?.-'ff .f .Z 1,-"3,,A2,4 fue -mxYj.J"Wf-.. 'K 4'-.... .my www ww S' "ww, X , as., M www i , s 1 K 6 . R an 5 K X? 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"College House"--Part Two-Mary Schwehzer, Martha Walchler, Connie Flanagan, Jane Joyce, Valerie Laczko, Deanna Lewis, Ruth Yanka, Pat Mulligan, 311 FIRWOOD- b.m.o.c John Wolfhers Pat Izzo Joe Salm John Messenger Gary Krause -4. T , P "The Ranch"-6600 TIMBERLINE DRIVE-Jerry Kadela, Paul O'Donnell, Bob VonAl1, Tom Colby, John Bedrand, Clark Bamrick. 355 STEWART STREET- Dick Hunt, Paul Braun, Bill Beniz, Ed Harvey, Norbert A. Young ,nv 4 iq, "The Bush"-1321 ALBERTA-Dick Lawrie, Jerry Bishop, Dick Holgate, Bob Ashman, Lou Kapizinski. Q, S N X BROWN 81 KIEFABER Marfy Plaige Denny Fritz Shag Miller Dick VonEt1a Larry Kedzig Dick Downey x +..,,, -'unsung 243 ILLINOIS--Chuck Nash, Tom Moritz, Dave Burke, Whitey Ryan, Bill Caiaccio, John Kroll fabsentj. 22l ff' My Q e g zgg y I .gl -X V I i lk' X W Q rv' 0 to love the game beyond the prize O HENRY NEWBOLT 8888539 GERD sports CZEKZQZD GERD FATHER CHARLES L. COLLINS, S.M. Chairman of the Athletic Board 0101010 010101010 N GEORGE J. RAU, M.D. Athletic Physician MR. HARRY C. BAUJAN Athletic Director MR. EDDIE KWEST Athletic Trainer STANLEY ZADEL Assistant Football Coach ib.V ,'-a- tfolp ,,...---v . ,. 4.5: fr 12' ,av- fjf 'ff A-2 ,, ,,,.. i V. 7 -A'A : Y "" 1. E413 f Q , H "gf ---:g3.:,kV,.:,-.1,,:5fzf -4' Q 4 , .xiii il , A ,. Q 1-y ..,- A if.: A - I FIRST ROW, lefi 10 right: Ted Kramer, Jack Davenport, Vince Palyan, Joe Tache, Mike Palmerie, Chuck Malloy, Nate Bruno. SECOND ROW: Jim McCarthy, Tony Sperandeo, Cliff Harested, Chuck Sweeny, Brendan O'Leary, Alex Dinino, Frank Bongivingo, Ray Mechen- bier. THIRD ROW: Tony Latell, Pat Connor, Joe Belanich, Harry Becker, AI Adkins, John Molitoriss, Bill Korufz. FOURTH ROW: ' I S 5 i ..,., ' l L 1 4 , . E X I . K Q , , ' ' ' l -.V . t 4 C uf 4 1, 5 1 'Z 5 A A , , A -x.YLUX'.:Uxz9:uvrQNQb w N E1 ' ' an X ri - .-:rv -fgffgffjfj, - ff. .' r ', ' . A' I . .1 Q N MN., I, Q I W '. It .r' ,fllxffl E' . X , la A, 4-haw. i Rxifhefs 7. 2. .Z S '. ' Joe Boyersmith, Ransom Peltz, Jack Uriah, Tom Lyons, Ed Buzzelli, Don Edick, Dan Connors. FIFTH ROW: Al Watzek, Earl McFeaders, Mel Smolik, Steve Palenchar, George Marklay, Bob Cyphers, Manager Bill Ward. ABSENT: Emil Karas, Jerry Raiff. FGOTBALL SEASON The University of Dayton and the University of Cincinnati opened the football season for both schools tonight in a continuous down- pour. The weather conditions were so bad that Coach Kerr said that the weather along with Cincy's depth were the decisive factors in the game. With only 5:51 gone in the game Cincy scored after recovering a fumble on the UD 8 yard line. Then iust 62 seconds before halftime they scored again on a long run. On the bright side for Dayton were their quarterbacks who looked exceptionally good considering the conditions they were forced to play -U! xsewssalw f Q54 Us A lm '1 7 .' A t 31n1m mtxilllti.. ti f at -, , .fy 'ggi under. Mel Smolek and Pat Connor completed 8 of 18 passes and actually outpassed the Bearcat quarterbacks. The score was 14-0 at halftime and that was the extent of the scoring as Cincy got no further than UD's 15 and UD got no further than Cincy's 21. UD 13, RICHMOND 12 Dayton won their home debut from Richmond, 13-12. After having a tough time getting started, in which they allowed Richmond to score first, the Flyers finally scored on a pass from Mel Smolek to Vince Palyan. Jerry Raiff's kick gave UD a 7-6 lead at halftime. Dayton took the second half kickoff and staying strictly on the ground, scored on 13 plays with Smolek going over for the TD. Raiff missed the extra point attempt. Richmond scored with 7 minutes left in the game on a 27 yard run. A 2 point attempt, which would have put Richmond up by 1, failed. The score now read 13-12 in favor of Dayton. The Flyers were driving for another touch- down when time ran out. UD 8, OHIO U. 23 Nothing went right for UD on a day when doing Things right meant so much to The Team. Today was Homecoming Day and a crowd of 8917 hopeful fans were on hand To watch The game. Even Though UD lost 5 fumbles and com- miTTed various other miscues, OU had only a 7-O lead at halftime. The second half, however, was a different story as The Bobcats scored 20 big points To put The game out of reach as far as The Flyers were concerned. The Flyer's lone score came with less Than 2 minutes remaining in The game when a Smolek To Dillon pass put The ball on OU's 5 and Bucky Staggs scored 2 plays later. Following The Touch- down Smolek passed To AI Adkins for The 2 pointer. Sophomore PaT Connor looked especially good going both ways for UD and you can be sure Coach Kerr has plans for him in The future. UD 26, LOUISVILLE I3 Dayton scored in every quarter tonight to defeat The Louisville Cardinals, 26-l3. The Flyers combined an adequaTe passing game with an awesome ground gaining attack To notch Their second win of The year. Led by Chuck Malloy and Vince Palyan who picked up 91 and 77 yards respectively, The Flyers gained 280 yards on The ground which easily Topped Their previous high. UD 0, BOWLING GREEN 25 Bowling Green ends DayTon's seven game home winning streak with a 25-O victory. DayTon's defense excelled early in The game, as The first half ended with neither Team scor- ing. UD's offense even penetrated deeper Than BG's, as The Flyers came within six yards of a Touchdown late in The first half. The second half was altogether different as Bowling Green seemed to have no Trouble solv- ing DayTon's defense. The Falcons scored Three quick touchdowns and completely dominated The second half. The Flyers were unable To generate any Type of prolonged drive even Though Mel Smolek quarterbacked The Team very well, com- pleting I5 passes. 7-.. Q,-S DayTon's first Two scores came on 2 yard plunges, by Dillon in The first period and Palyan in The second. Kicks by both Raiff and Kramer were good following The Touchdowns. Louisville's firsT Touchdown came on a 45 yard pass play midway in The second quarter. The Flyers scored another Touchdown as Moli- 229 toriss carried over from 2 inches out after a previously fine run by Connor. The attempted kick was wide. Both Louisville and Dayton scored in The last quarter. UD's touchdown coming on a Connor to Dillon aerial which covered 26 yards and Louisville from 1 yard out to make the final score read, 26-13. UD 0, XAVIER 16 The Flyers were shut out for the Third Time This year, 16-0 by the Xavier Musket- eers. The Flyers had absolutely no running attack as they ended up with a 4 yards rushing against Xavier's aggressive defensive line. The aerial route proved not much better as they gained only 45 yards. This was far from an exceptional team Xavier fielded tonight, but what they lacked in football know-how they made up for with desire. The Flyers had some standouts of their own in Pat Connor, Emil Karas, Cliff Harestad, Steve Palenchar and Joe Tache. UD O, HOLY CROSS 26 12,000 fans saw Holy Cross win their fourth straight game as they scored on the first play from scrimmage, a 37 yard pass play, to beat UD, 26-0. The Flyer offense was hurt today with the absence of Vince Palyan, gaining only 11 yards throughout The entire game. UD equalled a school record by attempting 37 passes. They completed only 14. DayTon's de- fense held the Crusaders to midfield during most of the second and third quarters. UD's top groundgainer was sophomore Jim McCarthy, UD 7, VILLANOVA 9 A Dad's day crowd, reduced to 2500 because of rain which fell throughout the entire contest, saw Smolek connect with Cyphers for a 33 yard pass play, the first score for either team, with 4:07 gone in the first quarter. Following the Touch- down, Jerry Raiff's attempted point after was wide of its mark. Most of the action was centered in the first and last quarters. UD's only touchdown came in the first quarter and Villanova's safety and touchdown came in The last quarter. ln the second quarter UD could penetrate only as far as the Villanova 48 and although Villanova came much closer to UD's goal, fthe 5 and 151 they also were unsuccessful at moving the ball. The turning point came, when with 2:15 gone in the last quarter, and UD having the ball, fourth and 31 on their own 2, Coach Kerr elected to give Villanova a safety instead of chancing a blocked punt and the possibility of a Villanova touchdown. Villanova got the safety, and then when UD kicked off, Villanova put together its one sustained drive of the day. On 13 plays, with lntrabartolo being the main ball carrier, they scored the touchdown which gave them the margin of victory. The Flyer's best ball carrier was Harestad who was playing his first game as fullback. UD O, MIAMI 34 The Flyers never got over George Scott's runback of the opening kickoff of 90 yards for Miami. Miami scored another touchdown on a punt return and three others on intercepted passes. Miami's offensive punch was through the air today as UD's line did a wonderful iob containing Miami's hard running attack. Edick, Karas, Latell, and Lane played exception- ally well. UD 7, DETROIT 27 Detroit scored in every quarter to- day to give Dayton its eighth loss of the year. Detroit scored the first time they got the ball on a 41 yard drive. They scored later after a UD punt died on the 40. A wild center by UD gave them a safety and their other 2 touchdowns resulted from UD fumbles. Dayton's lone touchdown came when Jerry Raiff took a lateral from Pat Connor and tossed a perfect pass to Tony Latell on the Detroit 15 where Tony took it the rest of the way. Raiff converted. frosh 'Ms "53"5Wm Af, L uf - , N F ' "fha 1 Q is X-.4 - FIRST ROW, left to right: Jerry Huelsman, Jerry Schmidt, Bill Sullivan, Jim Thies, Bill Kucera, Ray Baumbick, Ralph O'Donnell. SECOND ROW: Joe Grieco, Milton Kam, Earl Spivey, John White, Dan Laughlin, Fran Gniazdowski, Mike Monaghan. THIRD ROW: Ed Buchanan, Jerry Hardt, John Koch, Al Owens, Pat O'Leary, Frank Kosco. FOURTH ROW: Ron Bueter, Sam Trunzo, Dave Zapico, Bob Perna, Jerry Melzer, Joe Poellcing, Ralph Zellers. FIFTH ROW: George Hohman, Ralph Smedley, Ralph Harper, Charles Cocuzza, Bill Belanich, Tim Ansberry. SEASON RECORD Cincinnati Frosh .... .... l 3 34 Miami Frosh .,e,.. ..,, l 3 26 Detroit Frosh ..... .,.. l 5 i4 Xavier Frosh ...,, O 45 SEASON REVIEW The 1958-59 basketball season began with high hopes for the Flyer players and fans but cautious reservation by Coach Tom Blackburn. The sophomore-studded flyers began the season with an unimpressive 54-50 triumph over their scrappy neighbors from Central State. Unknowingly to most UD fans this contest was an ominous sign of things to come. In an interview after the game, Coach Blackburn stated what most fans were not willing to admit, that this Flyer team was to be inconsistent and heir to the many mistakes that are apt to befall a young ball club. Regardless of this dire prophecy the Flyers kept rolling along with a 75-43 victory over listless Ball State of Indiana. The hoopsters were then tested by an equally untried Miami Redskin five and Hank Josefczyk's timely baskets and fine all around play enabled the Flyers to emerge the victor, 54-50. Next the hometowners recorded a none-too-impressive 66-53 triumph over the Stetson Hatters from sunny Florida. f1"'1':f+:-N, -, . - ' " .. 'f ,,.1v:r1f,1:5-.:2I2. . :-'ez-, U -r1.:I1:IE-Q: , , .fgxljazi Q' I :'g3'?f Qi I ' i i 42217 A - . WS? 322152552 Q . kv gg' QW' , . 'Hisfgziiai V, 55:21 ,Q f ,A. A, r 5 llilziillllzll 4 ' if . f::.5:gg:g:-1-7-3-,... V-J ,QM-.I Hfgxmrxa-1 Left to right: Tom Boykin, Phil Dubensky, Bob Jones, Frank Case, Hank Joseczyk, Joe Kennely, Coach Tom Blackbum, Manager Bill Brennan, Mike Allen, Pat Allen, Don Heller, Ray Zawaoski, Terry Bockhom, Bill Cramsey The hot-shooting Texas Southern team then invaded Thrombosis Fieldhouse, but the Texans shabby defense was bombarded by Frank Case, whose 37 points led The Flyer five to a 93-77 victory in a phenomenal shooting exhibition. Coach Ed Diddle led The Maroons of Eastern Kentucky onto the Flyer hardwood and Dayton edged Eastern 69-68 in a hotly contested ball game. With six straight home victories the Flyers flew to the big city with visions of capturing their first ECAC holiday festival crown. They started well enough with aggressive' Bobby Jones coming through with l8 of his 20 points in The second half, backing Frank Case's 26 for a hard fought 84-79 triumph over game but out- manned Niagara. The inevitable finally occurred when Tony ' Jackson led a strong St. John's team to a 76-63 conquest over The Flyers. Rough-tough Utah pushed the less ag- gressive Flyers all over the court as well as out of a third place finish in the Holiday Festival by defeating them. The Flyers found home ground no more fruitful as Brigham Young became The second straight team from the state of Utah to defeat the Flyers. The Cougars topped the sliding Flyers, 70-62. Dayton returned to their winning ways with a 57-47 victory over cold-shooting Du- quesne. Then they iourneyed to the windy city for a contest with DePaul and their highly touted sophomore, Howie Carl. They emerged victorious, 62-60, in a tight ball game with Terry Bockhorn's T8 points and impressive outside shooting performance leading the way. ..,v sl 1 ' "1" ' 11 'X'Hlg.t The Flyers returned home for a game with down state rival, Xavier. Frank Case's clutch foul shooting and Joe Kennelly's fine rebounding per- formance enabled the Flyers to avenge last year's NIT defeat with a 60-56 victory over Jim McCafferty, Hank Stein, and Co. Whatever thoughts Dayton fans had of the Flyers finally finding a jelling combination were quickly dispelled when Louisville's fast moving Cardinals gave the Flyers a sound 76-59 thumping. Dayton continued in their up and down ways with a 67-54 triumph over Canisius of Buffalo with Frank Case hitting 26 points including 7 straight second half shots. Little St. Francis of Loretto, Pennsylvania, with big Wilbur Troach exhibiting a deft scoring touch imposed an untimely 56-53 defeat on the Flyers. Cincinnati's fourth-ranked Bearcats quickly deflated any hope of a Flyer upset by building up a 23 point second half lead, then breezing to an easy 96-74 victory over the out-manned Flyers. The fabulous Big-O, Oscar Robertson, led his nearly equally fabulous teammates with 38 points in one of the finest overall performances of his career. Sophomore Phil Duben- sky's hustling play and 19 hard-earned points helped to give Flyer fans confidence of a better showing next year. The Flyers then iourneyed to Oxford for a contest with traditional rival Miami in packed and partisan Withrow Court. The Flyers overall performance was good but poor foul shooting plagued them here as m. '1 .1' ,nn 'Noi it had many times before and Miami emerged a 72-68 victor. Sophomore Bill Cramsey showed his metal in this game and tied Frank Case for high point honors with 17. The Flyers returned to their winning ways with an 88-69 win over DePaul. Frank Case led the way with 34 points and was helped with a 13 point performance from Mike Allen, the senior center returning to the lineup after a prolonged iniury. The Flyers next copped a hard fought contest from an ex- plosive, and well drilled Portland team, 66-57. The Flyer NIT hopes now loomed brighter but it seemed as it the prospective spring trip to New York depended on reasonably impressive wins over Duquesne and Louisville. quesne as Bob Slobodnick and Bernie Matthews combined to overcome the Flyers. Phil Dubensky came off the bench to fire in six straight shots but all for nought as the Daytonians fell, 65-58. The revenge motive was a strong in- centive for the Flyers to bounce back against Louisville and the home team ' - , r' ,, H seemed well on their way to victory after 'xf' rf D 4 building up a 27-18 lead. But Louisville's QQ- ' 1 fine outside shooting broke up the Flyers 'C ' zone and the Cardinals came away with A F' l lk - 'fl a 58-54 victor lx X A ,r ' f' Y' Tf ' ' 1 238 Q , , B -ea Lil E Dayton started off badly against Du- Coach Blackburn was noT complefely saTisfied wiTh The hospi- TaliTy of The souThern referees aT Wake ForesT, as The Deacons scored 34 of Their 66 poinTs aT The foul line and defeaTed The Flyers, 66-57. March sTarTed off on a happier noTe wiTh Mike Allen scoring 20 poinTs and leading The Red and Blue To an impressive 81-52 vicTory over an almosT ToTally inepT DeTroiT Team. DeTroiT was To be The Flyers lasT TasTe of vicTory in The '58-'59 season. The Toledo RockeTs wiTh a surprising performance by sophomore George PaTTerson, spoiled The lasT game of The year before The home fans wiTh a 68-65 upseT of The Flyers. The season ended on a sad noTe as Bobby Jones' 21 poinTs were noT enough To offsef The MuskeTeers laTe game rally. Hank STein, a disappoinTmenT mosT of The year, sTarred for Xavier as he did in lasT year's NIT championship and Xavier came Through wiTh a 71-69 comeback vicTory. This was noT an enTirely happy season for The Flyer Team, coach or fans. lnconsisTency and inexperience plagued The Team Through- ouT The year buT The flashes of brilliance which The Flyers showed aT infrequenf inTervals during The year holds promise for much, much beTTer resuulTs in The near fuTure. An ouTsTanding freshman Team led by Gary Roggenburk, Tommy HaTTon, and Norm SchmoT- zer may add The needed balance and ouTside scoring punch. Here's To brighfer horizons for The '59-'60 Flyer hoopsTers and well, how many Times can one Team lose The NIT final. FIRST ROW, left to right: Joe Bruken, George Hohman, Tom Hatton, Bob Howard, Toni Scalia. SECOND ROW: Tom Smith, Sheldon Raiken, Walt Celusta, Gary Roggenburk, Nom Schmotzer. 'O L. Nfl FRESHM frosh W-P Kittyhawks ..........,.... - ....... 99 Wright Flyers ..,... M.C. Wines ....... Miami Frosh ........ , ....,...... 8I 76 6I Inland ......................., ...... 8 4 Lockland All-Stars ....., ...... 8 9 N.C.R. .,............,............ ......... 8 3 Eaton Merchants ........................ 75 N.C.R. ,a............. -- Bliss College ..... Inland .,.....,.,........ 78 I 04 72 Sweeney's Auto ..,,. ...... 8 2 Xavier Frosh .,.,.... 76 w-P Kinyhawks ..... ...... 7 7 M.C. Wines ....,-....... .....,. 7 0 Lockland All-Stars ...... ......... 7 5 Sweeney's Auto ..... ............ 6 9 W-P Kittyhawks ..... - ....... 98 N.C.R. .....,,.............. ......... 8 0 Cincinnati Frosh ...... ............ 7 2 Miami Frosh ......... - ....... 84 Inland ........... - ........ ...... 7 O Wright Flyers ...... ...... 9 4 Inland ...,.................... ...... 8 6 Sweeney's Auto ............. ..... I OI Cub Cafe ............ - ......., ...... 9 I N.C.R. ...,....... 69 N.C.R. ....... - ,.,........, ............ 9 4 Inland ........ . ............... - ....... 8I Alpha Pizza House ....... ....... 8 4 Bliss College ..........,... ....... 7 I Lockland All-Stars ...................... 89 Xavier Frosh ...,....., - .........., 74 -,,,pv:fce-.lm.,.,.-A-x:v-.Q ,.'1sx4:a-, egI'v2M:', -' 4. 4: 13, -1 ' X f1.:,,m:..ff'1-,,.,,,,,,.-Je1v-R-.,.1-fwfr, , ,-ff' tennis team Left to right: Fred Faust, Ed Trapp, Dick Craney, Mike Dinnin, George Bates, Fred Ponce. --N 'TW' ,fY7"Tf3TP:n ff: . , :ef :X : We-xN.,x,.vg-Q2-Q KWH f v Q- x. . X, ,,.-ucv.. 15 --JL wmhw Xsgtuz Sv fgeg, Six ' 1 MI , 1 f we-' Hr r. X,-,M L X- eff-, if: :fear r"':f5If 'gb Left 10 right: Shag Mil ler, Jim Poweski, Bill MacBe1h, and Charlie Schuliz. .f .NA 'mx Wy fx, x is L 1 mm- rs JZAITQKL. 4 'ISIS Q . lb. L FIRST ROW, left to right: Carlos Menclizabal, Anibal Urleaga, Franco Giraudi, Jorge Menendez, Arturo Cordova, Honore Dutrey, Jorge Blanco, Rafael Umana. SECOND ROW Silvano Panfezzi, Joseph Krisiak, Jorge Mendizabal, Toni Scalia, Hans Kuppers, Fernando Cervera, Daniel Becerra, M. Solis. COXOXOIOXOD 242 SEASON RECORD Opponent UD Opp. Denison ..,,,.,.,,,. ..... 4 3 Indiana Tech ....... ...... 2 l Ohio Wesleyan ....... ............ 5 3 Antioch College .... - ....... 4 O Indiana Tech .,..... ...... 3 2 Ohio U. ..........., ...... 2 l Ohio Slate ---- ....... ...... .... - l 2 Earlham ..... - ....... --- ......... 4 6 png, XJ' W. 355 N . FIRST ROW, left to right: Nate Hawkes Qcoachl, Bill Schneble Ccaptainl, Bob Sweeney, Tom Tombush, Bob Karsick. SECOND ROW: George Ruestow, Walter DeAnna Joe Piekutowski, Charlie Cradel, Marty Cunit"fe, Tom Byme. ABSENT1 AI Watzek. IOIOIOXOXOXOXOIOI Dayton Dayton Dayton Dayton Dayton Dayton SEASON ----- 3 ----- 0 RECORD Denison ..... Ohio U. -- Ohio State .,... Ohio Northern Fenn ........... -- Denison 'FX ur ,qw .5-:N O6 .ff fi Yi is xnwi W., X 1 -Y ig V' di ' "f'-anixd Q m1sv'sffiili!"'7'f?'7"' 'L 1 , ' yi . 715 WN ig , I si 5" fi fr ,fjbf gf iff 'Q x e 4av-,, :?lff""9Q " Q.-X : g 3 QQ .L .3 1 C17 -3 5--W., P s . 1-A :hx 'F' . 'asf Q Q ' V, 'j-1"'1"X'.Il api. Qu, 1 4,2 :T 4' 9 A 4 A . J -1 ., ag-u Uxfxgf 4.1. A T 1 Q 2 5 'F ,..,xw,...-n-as -1-1 . 1 I ,S ., ,,..' bf .fx-.: - .,wf?'7!'. -5' AEN -9-ff ' 1 M-.5, - ,ar 55555 rr, f " ' ' 2 iz. iiififfmz ' ' 1.' 25? 1, M - , .:n,..,::.v. xt 1... :. ,: gas. ,g ' gl,- Afff ' 5 I 1 flew .j,tj1ii3ifii:-ml' 3, TW! psi Q X xi f f' FS' .Eifi V -gigg3,fi1azglg:isi2iif- 1215! giiiaazg fimiasnlieis. AQEQ 'iiiliiil wail: pihzii W 11111: Sang, pf:am1aagz ff,-f:n.e:.. ku -:gig-:s . 'V f f l 1: pier BL l "Eff" ,1 E1 ' ' xgigigeie K 1 ' -was ,Ewwigd S gn +glx1i'xYx::.. N153 .sm- viailfiil V -1,- wa F .A s? "31+fi':g4: Q 1 f. :if .,,. 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Fultz,James M. Gedre, Sue Ann Gehle, Richard J. Giraudi, Franco L. Glenn, Geraldine A. Goldschmidt, Jerome Goldstein, Ronald M. Gregg, Donald J. Harrod,'Robert L. Hazlett, Nancy Hepp,JJr., Roy W. Herman, Gene L. Herrman, David J. Hassler, Thomas E.. Hieber, Thomas E. Hoeffel, James D. Hogan, James J. Hogan, William C. Holgate, Richard F. Inoue, Michael S. Jerkins, James G. Joyce, Franklin J. Kauflin, Thomas N. Koesters, Ronald L. Krause, Gary R. Krebe, Leo F. Kreutzians, George H. Kroll, John E. Krueger, William E. Lagnese, John. E. Lanese, Wilbur J. Lechy, Robert C. Lewis, William H. Lienesch, James H. McDonald, Edward G. McEnroe, Paul V. McLin, Ronald W. Marous, Joseph J. Messenger, John C. Mick, Thomas C. Miller, Jr., Charles Miller, Gerald H. Miller, James M. Morfarty, Thomas K. Moritz, Margaret J. Moritz, Thomas W. Mullman, Raymond P. Murray, James F. Muth, Thomas A. Nash, Jr., Charles J. Nevares, Jose Rafael O'Neal, Lawrence V. Reck, Arthur R. Fennington, Robert E. Peters, David L. Petric, John A. A Powsaki, James F. Quadeweit, Beverly J. Reagan, Terrence P. Reidy, Lowell T. Riley, William J. Ritter, Charles J. Rosmarin, Jack G. Sabe, Jr., William J. Salm, L. Joseph Schulz, Charles H. Schwartz, Robert B. Shafer, Paul W. Shanley, Jr., Leo B. Sieradaki, Leonard M. Smith, Jay V. Smith, Kenneth J. Spires, Nancy N. Stelzer, Donald L. Stoaks, Barbara J. ' Strachan, Ronald T. Tarlano, Paul A. Taylor, Paul A. Thompsonjlll, Samuel Trumble, John H. Utz, James A. Uva, Nicholas L. Vanitta, Richard J. Wagner, Paul M. Wagner, Robert E. Wanda, Charles P. Waters, Jerry E. Wiedman, Thomas E. Wiedemer, Donald E. Williams, Robert AJ. Wink, James B. Zimlich, Donald C. , Zimmerman, Edward J. ,i 3 I x,, x ff-in XXX Qi ni fm fail-l fl Mtg s Ku 1 - ll ,t...x ffi-X, g- , .f T . I O -fm! . ,A an X Une "Thomas Edison" in a generation is not enough... If America is to maintain its present leadership, we shall literally need thousands of well-educated young people with the vision, the imagina- tion, and the courage that our pioneers used in the conquest of the unknown. The future progress of our nation rests squarely upon how well its young people measure up to their responsibilities. This means that no matter what your ambitions may be . . . whether your particular talents fit you best for careers in medicine, business, engineering, finance, government, or the social sciences . . . great oppor- tunities await you in these fields if you qualify for leadership. Make full use of every opportunity for self-improvement and con- tinue your education all through life. University of Dayton has given you an excellent foundation for your development into an admired and respected leader of the community. The National Cash Register Company C1 azpermafiers ea. io America The Mead Corporation, an outgrowth of a paper manufacturing busi- ness founded in Dayton by Daniel E. Mead in 1846, has 31 operations in Twelve states in the Eastern United States. The Corporation, one of the more diversified paper companies in the country, has its principal executive offices in Dayton. in ' A44 ' MEAD MEAD F board f mn T 4 f 4 , N A lr ' + f ' T C9 X -ll IW-ef, V I K 1 1 - is .filo sfyx N fy .I t Mui- 1 '7 i Y. Al' N lx 7 as 1 ai u nfs " ' Y Wi lb- 1 2 L 1 XJ MEAD it id? I Af O MEAD V Packaging K vi 0' fb mg X i W kk f -r if Qi ,j 6. MEAD A- - --ef!-1 papers , -A , THE MEAD CORPGRATION DAYTON, oHio COCKTAIL LOUNGE FINE FOOD AIR CONDITIONED . ROOM SERVICE . TELEPHONE IN EVERY ROOM KEY MOTEL 222 EAST FIRST STREET BAIdwin 6-2711 DAYTON 2, OHIO FREE PARKING AND TELEVISION DOWNTOWN DAYTON I.. ..- BI LDER'S-A-TEL-YA 1525 WESLEYAN DAYTON HOME ATMOSPHERE FOR PRIVATE PARTIES - DANCES WEDDING RECEPTIONS CR 8-3171 SEITZ 84 GEORGE OFFICE EOUIPMENT CO. II4 N. ST. CLAIR ST. DAYTON 2, OHIO PHONE BA 4-5658 QUALITY PRODUCTS SUPERIOR SERVICE RENT A NEW CAR, TRUCK OR STATION WAGON I-IERTZ Rem a Car SysTem 117 W. SECOND ST. BA 2-6301 251 SOUTH PARK BARBER SHOP 930 Brown Street CARL F. BRANDING BA 8-2832 A Complete Line of Artists' Materials - Signwriters' Supplies - Raw Wood Frames BERT L. DAILY, INC. 126 E. Third St. BA 3-4121 DAYTON, OHIO RUBICON LOUNGE 1816-1818 Brown BA 4-3634 Dancing - Entertainment Nightly EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC MALONE CAMERA STORE, INC. CHICAGO STEAK HOUSE 4 Stores FINEST STEAKS IN DAYTON for DOWNTOWN EASTOWN S1 .QQ 21 E. Second St. 3896 Linden Ave. 40 W. Third St. TOWN AND COUNTRY WESTQWN 62 E. Stroop Road 4309 W. Third St. Since 1916 lk THE MIAMI STATIONERS Complete Line of MH 5 Office Equipment and Supplies E Greeting Cards Dj- i T i ' Gift Items and Party Favors Z ?iI " """"' '0""'-f""""' ...LOOKING FORWARD 27 E SECOND AND ARCADE MARKET "Where Fine Fashion ls a Family Affair" 252 DUNHILLS Special Students Charge Accounts Allow You 6 FULL MONTHS to Pay . . . No Carrying Charge DUNHILLS, INC. FOURTH AT LuDLovv EASTOWN WESTOWN 3940 Linden 4291 W. Third ppm 11 p 1 II ddt d 1 1 y th ft 1 b 1 blty C tions to the CI of '59. 2 Vic Cassano Pizza Kings Near School k- . l vv. Schantz af s. Patterson Blvd. AX 8-1481 ' 'QA ' I 4021 Far Hills Ax 9-3568 0-f-.33 ,Q 1....,.B,La,m,, DOWNTOWN . , n g+?f:Qj,Z3fB+-q - w - R 24 s. LuBLovv fGibbons Hotel BIdg.J M 'ww' -A-I 1- BA 8-9135 nf Th F fl th T t Mite. .- wc cassav- Congratulations to the 9124 Class of '59 KING - MIAMI CIGAR 'I VIC MOM AND TOBACCO CO. 407 E. Fifth 81. BA 8-8196 CASSANO DONISI PIZZA HOUSES, INC. THERE'S A PIZZA KING NEAR YOU COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE A. PFLAUM PUBLISHER, INC. PUBLISHERS OF The Catholic Messenger Treasure Chest fff fhkffh tclt d Compliments of REEVES BROS. BARBERS IO47 Brown Street DAYTON, OHIO SOUTH PARK WESTINGHOUSE LAUNDROMAT Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Shirts Finished-I Day Senfice BA- 8-7821 open 7 A.M. - 6 P.M. Daily 852 B wn St. D yt 9 Oh' CAROL LINDERMAN GLORIA TIPTON Compliments HASTY-TASTY DRIVE IN RESTAURANTS Brown Street 't I oodland Ave. WHERE A 3. D. MEETS SPECIAL ST D T DINNERS Luncheons STGGICS Dinners CIWOPS SAN RAE MOTEL IN DAYTON, OHIO Six Miles South on U.S. 25 Phone UL 9-3601 5600 South Dixie Highway Completely Air Conditioned Member-AAA KAYLOR'S SERVICE STATION I 161 BROWN BA.3-4502 Featuring Sinclair Products DOlVIINIC'S 1066 S. Main Italian-American Food SPAGHETTI - PIZZA STEAKS - CHICKEN COMPLETE CARRY-Out SERVICE SKINNY MANTIA LEE HAMMOND Prop. Prop. BA 4-3432 "Beef at Its Best" ' Zzfedmwlf JUN 6-cm I A l l su., H I 1064 BROWN ST. BAldwin 2-2l5l "Best in Accommodations" Dayton's Most Beautiful MOTEL CAPRI 3 Miles South on U.S. 25 Complete Motel Facilities Dining Room Cocktail Lounge Heated Swimming Pool Free TV and Telephones "Closest to Campus" Ax 8-I4II 2700 S. Dixie CONGRATULATIONS to THE CLASS OF '59 NICCABBS RESTAURANT U. D. Students Are Always Welcome 1126 Brown St. PORTRAITS AND COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY by DON TUCKER nLQ,,Q,.L-"' ?1f YW? TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPAN "Uh: World'l Bell Vnlbonh Ave hylnv-made' '-6" ':N ' ii- "1 J, vw ff, lx H fr. . . v nf. if - f u. V. - q, aa' Q' I , " 4 ,,w,:h , 4 5-'C' ,' ' I I -lxmfrj , Mew fa, t s IVNQQY ' . . X , .,v:lI 4 4 'A . --zl?f. '-U. fi yu' lb 'fr' A . ' 1 L -. . z I. w, t"k'r'h-M ' '71-11, . A- -- "0 -x v 'I . - A,-eizfffl-" Q L , 4 Vx z , E 'F -f. fl j. ' ll. , A V-sdhagh. H- ' . "'4 1, ' " . , X M x ,":',g, f2f..f-fy X ' "'it3,"x b , ' '7"f3-f' A' '-?f"fT:- ,f-- .2 if ' A ' ' ,f B . 4' A . :- . , -- . , . ,Q X , . -' f-- , - " - N Y ' 4 - . 5 ?fl1'P. !"I5"l' , I 11- ' X V I A. . ' . ' J 4 T4 ' ' ' r ,-, 3151. ',.A. ' 'I ,L ,Tu :k In Auhu, A l af , :,. ""A ':- L " ",": 1 ' K' I R ', M4,,:',Q'-' 3.5 1 ,. ,, A I 5 7 , .4-ge-g,i,4.,,f -, ,Q , A ' ,J A , Q j I , N n "5" A l ' ' -, ' T. Y ' l ' ' Cl. F . - 1 ' iszggfssil : ' ' .JAN ' . .7 ,L ' -- 4 ' "i1lf615'F,iqf "' 1 'W'-"f v - - . A 5 Y . rl. . 5 .4'.'.L-'. - ' , ' A l V4 ' , I". . -. . rx --L-5 v , D it - . . p Q4 0 ' ' CQ' 43, Q' 7 N Rx lc' f V Ax LL, O x N x 2. -7. 27 f 'v Z.. Q Z 'Y K- Ln 1' A ,,.v uv- A KX .-. f" 1 - ' x A, X A xx... 0 , D if 1 ru C5 A f 1' l ,512 V I ' I F ' . , ,.' Ti r - 9, A , R ' ' ,- " - . Us . 'X e ' ' I ' " l .. .V 'Lx 4 . F'r-EQ? IQ , ...ff 1 A - - 4: , ,U-1 -3' -' 14 f' fS?m. :i2 Sf1 . L3 5 ,U 1' l I' H. "' --U., 1 , . - 1 .TA . 9 ..-.""q i" Y ' ., "3-shim:-5154 , Y .J Ev- -Q-SP' TV? we-41 -1,3-,x., ,, "" ' '. 1- , , .,,?LA4 I Xi f 'Hn-ex' Emil 1 7. " ,fd 75-12 ' sn' ' , " , ,.,, 1, ,,-, A - .. 1- ' A Ml In '91 f Y " J: - 'Leu-: .-"T, M ' . i- "- . . L, 1 1 xx .,,. ,,v:. 'iii "M Nan-N A Z fra? A 1 x VV x , 4 9 wg f -41.-.. ,. - R' mf' V' , yy.. -4.26 41.11" 'xxx .xjfwg ' . .QI -1- 1, nf. '- 34:1 V" V ' 1 f .-y",,' ', vw' . Wh P - ' .-'f Ari 'fffog f ,. sfp , .-fr,-'.f.?f:V'i 122' .. h-U --.....+..5,,,,,4,' ,f'4---44 " . .r-,L A f . ,- -- 1 -- -nv ' - -- ' f, ' I . ' r . .- . . ex.-nz .L , xf AV 'Q 'nj' '- ,-A. is W ', , , 1 f. -fp 1 .- .4 2 ,f ,Y 4 - 7' ' -rl' - ,,.,, "?- '

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