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Presen ting Y 1 .A If 'X . --A- jiihgt Q tg .- .i5?"f' Q rf- Q I r tm.. .Z 5 l A - L KL: Q, P25 5 5 5 1 E gf l i . ,fx 53 fx' ' 5 .- I ,fl ' "x if ' X: ' x wi 5 i,,. 1 W I -w,. y, -' ff: -r , ik.. fm- Q .L Qi 5.4 OTIVATIO UT of this University and similar ones throughout the country come thousands of men and women each year. Where are they going and what will they take with them? These questions are answered by the students' motivation-what they have set as a goal to be attained during the four years spent in college. At the University of Dayton this motiva- tion takes on a deeper meaning. Aside from the training of minds to fit machines students here learn to seek a more ultimate goal, name- ly, the development of their whole nature so that they may give real meaning and purpose to their particular vocations. They see in this formation the knowledge that develops lead- ers. To each new task in their lives they carry with them the principles learned here on the Hilltop-love and service "For God and Coun- try . Throughout this volume the reader will be reminded and shown about the way this is accomplished. It is the simple formula of a unified student body studying, serving, re- creating, and making new friends-all togeth- er. Add to this the wisdom and counsel of our faculty and the ever-present grace of God and the result is a whole man, a well-developed leader, a person of motivation. ,- X1y.X" Q." --v Q. A.ahi.L.A., .. ,' affix agzx 3 A- 1 V '- V - ,hw 5 ii 'J js' 'Va I 1 ,wi ,1" I? 5 S- 1. ii v -A 0 S 6 15:5 .31 .1 : 1 A l v o 'TL . x .41 v. Y ff! otivation N UNITY there is strength". . ."The Union must be pre- served." These classic phrases dominate the whole tone of this glorious country of ours. Brotherhood under God, Our Father, fellowship and other like words are also characteristic of our religious life here in America. Such motives make our homes, our cities, and our country the great institutions they are. Such is what makes this University a vital force. There is portrayed on our campus the beautiful spirit of the Society of Mary-priest and brother, teacher and worker-unified under Mary their Mother. So also student and teacher, respectively receiving and giv- ing knowledge with that dominant motivation-Unity-work to build the homes, the cities, and the world of tomorrow. X, X X TW N, .,,--, .1 .fx .ff nw'-.Annu -'-.1 A .41 x f' ,QLM ud13','w11' ,y--..-L- ,.J.4---x.z -.- L ,-L f.1 QL-, , -4, !, ,,T,7 P ' fx l T f- 4 f-N ,1 AN- ,M- 1 y fi F313 I 1' in 'AW NN' 3' "J xy ' ' .MM ,L 44- '..fJ.'dLx.."n.fuLJL.'E v4-.'L PERSONNEL EDITOR JAMES MARK v 'W t NM it tw'-swam, -mu-:ummm---W . , X ... is-mmpattrtt X K K A Fr. George Renneker, S M N HIS twenty-fifth year of administra- tive work and fifth year as president of the University of Dayton, Rev. George J. Renneker S. M. is the man upon whose shoulders rest the many and varied respon- sibilities of this executive office. These year of faithful services have given him a wealth of experience in carrying out the duties of his office in a manner befitting the highest standards of Christian educa- tion. Endowed with superior qualities of leadership and humanitarianism, and a quiet, unassuming manner so familiar to us all. Fr. Renneker provides the steady hand which guided the university through the recent war times and which is now di- recting it on the rough road of progress. I Katherine, Ruth, and Dottie compare notes Fr. Charles l'.. Collins, S. M. ONSTANTLY at work to maintain the rank that the University enjoys among the educational institutes of the country is Fr. Charles L. Collins, S. M., vice- president and dean of the University. In his hands rest the problems of educational standards and requirements, administration, campus housing, student problems and the myriad other duties of his office. Gifted with remarkable calm and de- liberation in all matters, Fr. Collins work is characterized by a far-sightedness and careful discernment which has proved in- valuable in the close relationship necessary between administration and student body. Fr. Collins, despite his many duties, has always displayed a spirit of cooperation which has enabled him to work in har- mony with the various groups and organi- zations under his jurisdiction. Opal Paula Rosemary. and Ann, the girls in the Registrar's office. NDER the capable supervision of Brother Elmer Lackner, the tre- mendous job of maintaining the school records and directing the enlarged night school program has been carried out. In his third year in this capacity he is ever alert for new and more efficient methods of administration Work. Assist- ing Brother Lackner is Miss Mary Tuite who as assistant registrar is a familiar face to the students of the University. Miss Mary Tuite Assistant Registrar Bro. Ruhlman and Bro. Verder check the book lists Bro. Jerome McAvoy Business Manager Bro. Wm. Dapper Treasurer S BUSINESS Manager for the Uni- versity Brother jerome McAvoy is the man who must balance the budget, authorize all disbursements, new build- ings, and is in reality responsible for the general supervision of the monetary affairs of the University. With him in this work are Brother William Dapper, treasurer and Brother james Kline, Purchasing Agent. Bro. James Kline Purchasing Agent Miss Ryan, always ready to help Page Thirteen Father H. Kobe S. M. As a former Army Chaplain, Fath- er Kobe is quite capable of handling any situation which his Art Students may present to him. He undoubtedly is one of the better liked men on the campus because of his kindness, sin- cerity and overall ability to help a student make his selection in the field of fine Arts. These qualifying traits entitles Father Kobe a share of the lime- light, but these are overshadowed by another of his many virtues- modesty. Maintaining of high scholastic standards in the Engineering Field is the job of Bro. J. Albert Wehrle. Having one of the largest student bodies on the Hilltop, Br. Wehrle gives counsel and guidance to the Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, and Fr. Kobe and his efficient secretary, Julie Timmer Civil Engineerinz branches. The graduates of this division rep- resent the cream of the crop and Dayton is among the top ranking Engineering Colleges in the country. The problems of lack of space, plans for new buildings and keeping the curriculum up to modern en- gineering specifications are being adhered to by a man capable of ac- complishing the impossible. Bro. J. A. Wehrle S. M. Page Fourteen Barbara and Mary check the engineers Sue and Buena, they handle the veterans DEANS L M . Bro. K. W. Nagel S. M. As co-ordinator of Veterans Af- fairs and Acting Dean of Business Administration, Bro. Nagle's respon- sibility is a terrific one. Not only must he adhere to the many prob- lems of the predominantly veteran student body, helping them fill out various forms, and giving advice freely, but also his is the gruelsome task of guiding, counseling the Busi- ness students in matters of courses. number of hours required, explain the numerous business fields, and how to apply their foundations for future positions. Perhaps one of the most active and versatile men at the University is Bro. Louis A. Saletel. One would think being Associate Dean of Science and Professor and Head of the De- partment of Geology would consume every minute possible. However, Dr. Saletel is the moderator and guiding Anne and Mary pause for a picture hand of the "Daytonian", even to the point of snapping some of the re- quired photos himself. The Science Students look to him for counseling and guidance which he does quite jovially. Let it be understood that Dr. Saletel's Division of Science is no small one and is continuing to grow with the passing of each semester. Bro. I.. A. Saletel S. M. Page Fifteen Dr. Daniel L. Leary May we present the epitome of Deans. "Doc Leary", as he has been laughingly tagged, has been Associate Dean in the College of Education for twelve years. Always ready and willing to do all in his power to help the students academically or in any way the male for femalej may seek guidance. The future instructors and professors have a champion who is constantly working for their benefits. This is not all that fills out Dean Leary's time. Often he's called on as guest speaker at luncheons and since he's Secretary Treasurer of the Teacher Training Division, his time is never wasted. DEANS , Q A 1 Sister Agnes Immoculata Page Sixteen Here is the pride and joy of the ladies of our fair campus. Sister Agnes is the Dean of Women and Moderator of the Mother's Club. Any girl with an Academic problem or otherwise finds Sister Agnes pre- pared to ease the burden on her mind. She is classed by many as the "Mother of the Campus", and well she might be. for hers is truly the task in relation to mother and daughter. Richard R. Baker, Ph. D. Assishmt Professor of Pbilosopby WWIKI 'lb'-ur' Rev. Edmund Baumeister S. M. Ph. D. in Ed. Professor of Edzlmtiou William J. Bellmer, S. M., M. A. Professor of Malbenmtifs Edward J. Baldinger, B. S. Martin K. Barnett, M. A I11.Y1l'1lCf0I'iIl Civil Assistant Professor of Engineering Chemistry Erving E. Beauregard, M. A. William A. Beck Iuslructor of History S. M., M. SC., Ph. D. Professor of Biology Charles J. Belz S. M.. M. C. E. Professor of Civil Engizleeriug This surveying class means to get things done, yu I J ' -ol' M Jr, one Way or the other. -E 1 Rev. Charles Bloemer, S.M., M. A. Instructor in Philosophy Check and double check that record. Anne Rev. Thomas H. Bodie S. M., M. A. Instructor in Religion Lawrence Boll Rev. Joseph Bruder s.M., Ph. D. 5-M--, Ph-1? pmfejwi. of English Instructor in Philosophy Wfilliam M. Canning, M. A. Charles W. Cassel, B. S. Instructor in History Instructor in Mathematics William F. Cahalan, M.A Instructor of Psychology joseph J. Chamberlain, C. E.. M. C. E. Professor of Civil Engineering Page Eighteen MIS. MaryCivil1e, Cletus Chudd S. M., M. S. Janette E. Dolby, B. S. B- S- in Ed. Instrnctw' in Chemistry Instructor in Pbysiml Ed. Instructor in Sec. Studies Rev. james E. Donnelly S. M., M. A. llzstructor in English FACULTY Rev. Florian J. Enders S. M.. M.A. Robert E. Donovan, B. S. Aixistaul Professor of Iustrzrctor in Mail9en1atic.v Pbilosopfyy E. David Etzler, B. S. Iuslrlzclor of Business Organization Sylvester Eveslage, Ph. D. Ifzslrnctor in Chemistry Quite a physics problem you have there Mr. Roth Miss Unger's Field know-how Rev. john Finke S. M., M. A. Instructor in Religion Louis Faerber, S. M., Ph. D. Instructor in Erlucutiorz Peter J. Faso, M. S. Assistant Professor of Hockey Team gets the Biology first handed. Rev. Henry J. Fritz S. M.. M. A. Professor of Philosophy James E. Gallico, B. A. Iusirnrtor in Malhematics , ,- , J. George Geisler. Michael B. Grandy john J. Gedeon, M. A. S. M., B. S., LIC. Sc. S. M, M-. S., Ph.D. Iustrnrtor in Philosophy Professor of Chemistry Professor of Physics Page Twenty Ralph Hafner, M. A. IlIXfI'lH'!0I' in Math enlaticx Gertrude Heckman. M. S. IllXfI'IlCf0l' in Biology John E. Hogan, M. A. Ilzxtrnrtor in Euglixb Robert G. Harder, M. S. Asxisimlt Prafesxor of Chemistry Nelson Harper, M.A. Instructor in Music FACULTY Paul Hickey. B. S. Instructor in Biology Jghbwhhv- Ausrin J. Holian S. M.. M. S. Profesxor of Elertriml Eugirzeeriug '31 , "Always be prepared", is the motto of these two students Mrs. Anna Hiller, M. A Instructor in Speech florence M. Hornback Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Sociology No more worries for thls poor fish", says Mr. Faso Edward A. Huth, M. A., Ph. D Associate Professor of Sociology e, .,.q. ,i ...K ' if ,.,, P A A '.s- .l05UPh laj3kS0H- B- Russel A. Joly, S. M., M. S. lnstrnclor 111 flffllllllflllg A5,f,f,,,,, p,.Ofe5m,. in Joseph Keimig, S. M., B S Instructor in Economics Why Biology CULTY Arnold Klug, S. M. Slzperrisor of R9SidL1I1f Students xx Page Twenty-two Robert Koehn, M. A. Inslrncfor in Philosophy George F. Kohles S.M., M.A. Associate Professor of . qw :. . FST' we . XXX m X. , Wxx. Sw. NS-P English Morris J. Kreider, M. S. Assistant Professor of M ull: ernatics Francis G. McGovern, M. A. Assislanl Professor of Acrounting Sister Genevieve Marie S. N. D. M. A. Assistant Professor of English Here are some gals who know the true value Edward Lynch, S. M. Rev. Edwin M. Leimkuhler Supervisor of Resident S. M., M. A. Sludents Professor of Religion john I. McGrath M-A--, M-50 Of Ofatofl' sister Marie Fidelis Assistanl Professor of S. N- D., M- A. Speefb Professor of English Sister Mary Hilda M. S. C.. M. A. Assistant Professor of Home Economics 'H of a dollar Sister Mary Raphael M. S. C., M. A Assistant Professor of Home Economics 4901?-M Sister Mary Pelagia M. SC., M. A.. Ph. D. Associate Professor of Edncatioiz If it s a typist you want, take your pick Grace E. Morrissey. M. S Il1Kfl'IlL'f0l' ill zllalhenzatifs Michael G. Mattingly Ph. D. Mrs- Velma M- Miller Axsoriale Professor of B-S-C-, M- Ed- Psycbology Asxociute Professor of Secretarial Science FACULTY 1 ' E L XX' N j Y , 3, x - ." 5 ..s it . Andre J. Nadeau, M. A. Mrs. Gladys Nielsen Harold Nielsen, B. S. Iizslrndor in Physical M. A.. M. S. IIIXHHNOI. in Mdtbc,,m1tiL.5 Education Instructor in Sociology Page Twenty-four fi'-X 1 X . Edmund B. O'Leary M. A., Ph. D. Professor of Ecozzormcs Cyril G. Peckham, M. S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Thomas L. Poitras, S. M.. M. A. Professor of Modern Languages 3 all-""' Paul Omlor, S. M. Cafeteria Jerome H. Parr S. M., B. M. E., M. S. Instructor in Mechanical Erzgiueering FACULTY Mrs. Cyril Peckham. M. S. Iustrnrtor in English John Perz S. M.. M. A., Ph. D. Professor of Modern Languages Mrs. Helen S. Peterson M. S. Izzstructor in English Bro. Holian points out the viral parts of these electrical devices Rev. Charles B. Preisinger SBI., M. A. Associnle Professor of F. DeSles Powell, M. A. A ssistfrzt Professor of Pbilosophy "No comprehendi, Bro. Perz", SCCIIIS to be the main theme. Thomas J. Price S. M., M.A. Professor of English Mrs. Alberta G. Prather, B. S. in Educ., M.A. Instructor in Mathematics E. Kemp Prugh, B. S. Instructor in Physics History Rev. Edmund Rhodes Maurice Reichard, M. A. Klafa Reyst- Ph' D' S-MN S'T-L- Associate Professor of Afffffdflf P"0fe55o" of Af-'f5fN'1f Professor Of MMA. Modern Luugmzges Rgligigu Page Twenty-six l We Quentin C- Roche. M-A. Walfef Roesfh Albert H. Rose, S. M., M.A Affi-Vtf"1f P"0ff-WUI' of S,'M" B',L' S1 Assistfm! Professor of Au-0,,,,fi,,g fllflsfalfll I.lbI'!ll'lLHI politiml Sdenfe FACULTY Louis H. Rose S-M-, M- S-. B-E Justus Rosenberg, M. A. Pfvfwoflvf Eleflflwl Imrrmfrm- in Aladem Eugmeeruzg 1-,,,,g,,,,ge5 JK xx f , .34-vw Q 'N gg i - 5 ' Y is f Mrs. Elthel Rose 1 M. S. in Home EC. Assisinul Professor of ' Home EL'01I077Ill'5 l g-,:fEERT:f113f: - w 51.531551 1 5 Raymond E. Roth, M. S. .flsistmzt Professor of Playsifs William D. Ross, M. A. Assistant Professor of History Bro. Saletel, Bro. Wehrle, and Bro. Nagel pose after a conference - s Q 1 'A 25 l'2' is Q 1 1 , m e -1. Francis Ruhlman S. M., B. L. S. Li 12 rzzrialz Father Renneker takes time out to watch a basketball game in the gym .1 Q . .: :,:fi:if- ,"?5QY.'L 'f"-:- " ' f - ' : t- -iss? V . .H is if 1-sn . Bernhard Schmidt, B. E. E. Iustrzfclor in Eleftriml Aleen Schneider. B. A. Ilzsfrucior in Modern Eflgiflffffflg L1llIglhIglIF5 Reeves R. Schwartz M. Educ. H. Troy Sears. M. A. Assistfnlt Professor of Assistant Professor of Pbysiml Edznsution Business Organization WN Page Twenty-eight Dominic de la Salandra M. A., Ph. D. Associate Professor of History Kenneth S. Schraut M. A., Ph. D. Professor of Mathematics Martin Siegel, B. M. E. Iuxtrnftor in Mechanical Engineering i Charles W. Singleton, M. A. Instructor in Business Organization George J. Spahn S. M., M. C. E. Instructor in Civil Engineering Wllfred J, Steiner, M. A. Instructor in History -s A Barth J. Snyder. J. D., M.A. T- P- Soslowski, Associate Professor of Economics and Accounting B. A., B. E. E. Instructor in Electrical Engineering FACULTY ,M-A-i C'P'A' George H. Springer, M, S. Assistant Professor of Assijtmlt pmfejjm. of AfC0llIIfII1g Geology Michael J. Tarantino. M. S. Insfrnclor in Chemistry Bro. Joly's biology class poses for a snapshot Paul S. Townsend, B. S. Instructor in Physics Joseph Toile, B. s. ' M Q , Assistant Instructor in We Accoznztirz Quant Lab under Bro. Geisler Joseph Updyke, B. A. Ilzstrnctor in Arcoimlifzg Madeline Unger, B. A. Assistant -Instructor in Physical Education Thomas R. Trainer. B. C. E. Assistant Inslrnctor in Civil Engineering FACULTY Roy W. Wehmanen, Paul B. Ward, M. S. B. S. in M. E. john Verder, S.M., B. L. S. Assistant Professor of Instructor in Mechanical Assistant Librarian Chemistry ElIgilI6Bl'i71g Page Thirty Adrian J. Westbrock, Kathleen R. Whetro, B. A. Afldfflw Webber B. S. in M. E. Assistant Professor of S- M-s M- M- E' , Inslrnctor in Mechanical English Professor of zllec'hi1111n1l Engineering E'1g1l1e9"1'1S' William O. Wehrle, S.M., M. A. Ph.D. Professor of English a-ve"""' Williaill J. Wohlleben S. M., M. S., Ph. D. Professor of Chemical Engineering FACULTY Robert Wiechlnan, R. T. Instrnclor in Biology 'H Herman G. Wilhelm, M. S. Assistant Instrnftor in si- 2 . Biology 'Q fig. g4f is 1:25 ig. :Ig Stephan Worland, M. A. Inslrnctor in Economics Relaxing at Faculty Christmas Party ss: ,. A Page Thirty-two Veryl Zech, B. A. Instructor in Music ADDITIONAL FACULTY JOHN J. AMBROSE Assistant Professor of Business Organization MRS. FERNE BERNER, R. N., B. S. Instructor in Nursing Education EDWARD BURROUGHS Assistant Professor of Art MISS RITA DUNCAVAGE, B. S., M. A. Instructor in Personnel Work and Counselling MRS. JAMES GALLICO, M. A. Instructor in Psychology WILLIAM GUENSCHE, B. S. Instructor in Business Organization MISS MARY C. HOHL, R. N., B. S. Instructor in Medical and Surgical Nursing MISS MARY E. HORRIGAN, R. N., B. S., M. A. Instructor in Guidance SISTER MINALIA, S. P. S. F., R. N., M. A. Director of St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing ROLAND KINDER, B. C. S., M. A. Assistant Professor of Business Organization ADRIAN MORGAN, B. E. E. Instructor in Electrical Engineering SENICRS sr.. ,fl PRESIDENT Edwin King VICE-PRESIDENT Henry Ferrazza SECRETARY Margaret Ens TREASURER Edwin Seeboeck SENIOR CLASS E were the first post-war class and the largest since 1942. The first ex- servicemen were coming to the campus. With them came a sober and sincere desire to achieve intellectual advancement. We were sophomores before we knew it. Life for the new freshmen became mis- erable as we used our fiendish minds to initiate them. G. I.'s settled down to enter college life with the full sense of "belong- ing". We had our first homecoming queen election and watched the embarrassed men elected for king, dodge the coeds as they campaigned for Turnabout Tag". Base- ball returned to the campus. . .exams, and again we advanced another step. Page Thirty-four Buddy Moreno, furnished the music for our gay junior Prom. Track was born again, and new tennis courts were being built as warm weather found us all walk- ing about with that forlorn look...will june ever get here. Then came the all important senior year. XVe watched a successful season on the gridiron and hardwood, bidding fare- well to all senior members. Senior Prom, the big affair and the last for the forty- niners heard the Ray Anthony orchestra furnish the music. We paid honor to those amongst us who maintained scholastic hon- or for seven semesters. Tears, regrets, fond recollections, unfolded before our eyes as we nervously walked down the long aisle. Roy J. Adviento Business Administrationg Economics Club, Band. Birdie Marie Alexander Science. Gerald W. Andrews Business Administration Wesley B. Albright Electrical Engineeringg Pi Delta Rho. Julia Allison Nursing Education. Annette S. Anduze Eclucationg U. of D. Players R. Adviento W. Albright -I. Alder R. Alder B. Alexander Q J. Allison P. Amann W. Anderson G. Anderson ' i A. Anduze R. Anneser J. Anthony james E. Alder Scienceg Sigma Delta Pi. Paul F. Amann Education Robert E. Anneser Artsg International Relations Club, United World Fed- eration. Robert J. Alder Artsg Mathematics Club. William M. Anderson Business Administration John L. Anthony Business Administration U. of D. News, Econom- ics Club. Suzanne Argast Educationg Flyer Hangar Commit- tee, Beta Upsilon Sigma Club, Spirit Committee, U. of D. Players, Wo- mens Athletics Associa- tion, Central Womens Organization. Katherine N. Baker Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Upsilon Delta Chi. William K. Behler Business Administration. Elmer H. Arling Business Administration, Business 8: Economics Club. Richard S. Barr Education: Junior Varsity Basket- ball, Intramural Sports, Physical Education Club. Stanley J. Blackledge Arts. Richard C. Arndts Civil Engineeringg Mathematics Club, Am- erican Society of Civil Engineers. Dale E. Beatty Business Administration. Joseph V. Boeckman, Jr. Business Administration. Clarke B. Ash Business Administrationg International Relations Club, Sophomore Class Officer, I ntramural Sports. Thomas A. Beckett Science, Mathematics Club. James F. Boff Business Administrationg Economics Club. . ...- A ' "s. S f, .- L S. Argast E. Arling R. Arndts C. Ash , K. Baker l Q R. Barr D. Beatty Q. T. Beckert W. Behler J. Boeckman J. Boff S. Blackledge Elwood E. Booher v if it A . 1 N. .. . ,gi K 'Xi Educationg ' Physical Education Club. K A VVNII .fl?.3'Q,e,1a, - ' ,f , James F. Bordewisch Cyl! Electrical Engineering, V fbi Electrical Engineering Society, Institute of Ra- dio Engineers. Kenneth E. Boxwell Educationg Football, Basketball, Monogram Club. J. David Bourke Electrical Engineeringg Flyer Hangar, C. S. M.C. Freshman Class Treas., Pres., Pi Delta Rhog In- tramural Sports. Nicholas Braun Business Administration: Economics Club Sopho- more Class Treas., Junior Class Treasurer, Flyers Hangar, Spirit Commit- ICC. Clyde R. Brenner Mechanical Engineeringg Mechanical Eng. Society, Pershing Rifles. 'T MEXYI Van Dyke Brown E. Booher J. Bordewisch J. Bourke r sg U- of D- PIHYQISQ K. Boxwell N. Braun C. Brenner Exponent. M. Brown J. Brun J. Burns R. Busic J. Butler M. Caporal Jerome H. Brun James R. Burns Business Administrationg Arts. Rosemary Busic ' , Jerome V. Butler Margie Capgfal Educationg Education, A1-fsg U. of D. Players, Wo- mens Athletic Ass'n., In- terracial Club, Sociol- logy Club. Womens Athletic Ass'n U. of D. Players, Day- tonian Staff, Central W0- mens Organization, Ex- ponent. 'Zim , 2.21 . ' -ss. V i n , M... Q -ss... -. ' '1 . . 7:5-g .. Louis J. Caracci Business Administrationg Business 8: Economics Club, Spirit Committee, Flyers Hangar. Kenneth Ching Science, Sodality, CSMC. Robert D. Collins Scienceg Mathematics Club. Cecilia Angela Carney Nursing Educationg Sigma Delta Pi. John A. Coates Educationg Choir. Joseph J. Connaughton Business Administration, Economics Club. ? s i 5 5 5 5 L. Caracci C. Carney K. Ching J. Coates R. Collins J. Connaughton D. Cummins P. Curtin H. Curtner D. Custenborder R. Dahn M. Davis Phyllis J. Curtin Educationg Womans Athletic Ass'n. Central Womens Organi- zation, U. D. Chorus, Beta Upsilon Sigma. Donald J. Custenborder Business Administrationg Mens Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Economics Club, Economics Club. Treas. Richard W. Dahn Educationg Freshman Basketball, Football, junior Class President, Student Coun- cil, Monogram Club. Dale L. Cummins Educationg Red Cross Motor Corps, Physical Education Club. Harry C. Curtner Business Administrationg Margaret J. Davis Educationg Red Cross, Flyer Hang- ar, U. D. Players, U. D Chorus, Womens Ath- letics Association. Joella Schmidt DeBard Samuel E. DeHart Medical Technologyg 5 Arts. Womens Athletic Ass'n. Sigma Delta Pi, Chorus, Exponent. Bernard J. Doody Science. Margaret A. Ens Science, Mathematics Club Treas., U. D. Players, Sigma Delta Pi, Womens Rifle Club, Junior Class Secy., Senior Class Secretary, Student Council, Wo- mens Chorus, Daytonian. 5 3 J. DeBard S. DeHart J. Dehn i W. Donahue B. Doody i A. Ebert T. Egan J. Elliot M. Ens J. Epstein D. Eynon W. Farren Anthony Ebert Mechanical Engineering, Society. Jerome Epstein, Jr. Arts. Jacqueline C. Dehn Artsg U. D. News, Internation- al Relations Clubs, U.D. Players, Pan-American Club. Thomas V. Egan Science. David F. Eynon Business Administration, Economics Club William G. Donahue Education, U. D. Players, C.S.M.C. Spirit Committee, Foot- ball 8: Track Manager Monogram Club. James H. Elliott Business Administration Flyers Hangar Commit tee. Walter E. Farren Business Administration Economics Club, Daytonian. 'sg-'ye Lois Field Science. Erma L. Fiste Artsg U. D. News, Expbnent, C. S. M. S. Edward G. Fornefeld Business Administration. IP George C. Faulkner Business Administration. Mary Ruth Fletcher Education. Physical Education Club. Womens Athletic Ass'n., Mixed Chorus. Gertrude M. Fremont Nursing Educationg Sociology Club, Sigma Delta Pi. Henry L. Ferrazza Educationg C. S.M. C., Sodality, Fly- ers Hangar, Spirit Com- mittee, junior Class Vice President, Senior Class Vice President, Student C o u n c i l, Intramural Sports. William J. Fletcher Business Administration. Walter G. Fremont Education. ww y so sstio sa e., f if Audrey Fink Arts. Concert Band, Brass Choir, Womens Athletic Ass'n., Interracial Club, Sociology Club, Dayton- lan. Donald C. Flischel Science. Ralph D. Frost Business Administration. I. Field G. Faulkner H. Ferrazza A. Fink E. Fiste M. Fletcher W. Fletcher D. Flischel E. Fornefeld G. Fremont F. Fremont R. Frost uf. William R. Gallagher 4 4 Chemical Engineeringg Chapel Choir, Pershing Rifles, Officers Club. Richard Gardner Science. Evelyn D. Gerdes Science. William E. Gillespie Robert D. Funke Mechanical Engineering, Pershing Rifles, U. D. Band, President Mechan- ical Engineering Society. Howell G. Gano Mechanical Engineeringg Mechanical Engineering Society. Margie J. Garrison Educationg Central Womens Organi- zation. mug.. , 'W 3..1'a: . ""'?T""' Edward A. Gerwe Science. R-'-' f Y??S S5E355t1L 1 ili'5:1i1-' '3"?i'f, 112' ' Norbert E. Giere Business Administrationg Flyers Hangar, Econom- ics Club, Mathematics Club, Treasurer, Spirit Committee, U. D. Band. Business Administration. R. Funke R. Gardner E. Gerwe W. Gillespie William G. Ginn W. Gallagher H Gano M. Garrison E Gerdes N. Giere I Gill W. Ginn E Gmeiner James J. Gill Business Administrationg Economics Club, Flyers Hangar, Spirit Commit- tee. Edward G. Gmeiner Educationg Civil Engineering Physical Education Club, Mathematics Club Monogram Club, Basket- American Society of Civil ball 8: Baseball. Engineers. f if l Z fi' ig: 'Z ' I 4' A 7 l 5 i I l f 'Q .,, ,,, fr. - -.11 2 ,s Q f -KA? XV v ai? J f JA 5 V 1 A . ' as ..21-... ' , 1.4 , . X 'K f '- 1 Charles I.. Goss ' Mechanical Engineeringg Mechanical Engineering Society. Thomas B. Gough Science, Pershing Rifles. Eileen Graham Arts. Warren Estil Greene Arts, Pershing Rifles, Inter- national Relations Club, interracial Club. Richard Y. Greenwood Business Administration. Robert C. Greiner Mechanical Engineeringg Mechanical Engineering Society. Will E. Griffin Eclucationg Alphi Phi Alpha, Gamma Theta. C. Goss T. Gough E. Graham W. Greene R. Greenvyood R. Greiner W. Griffin F. Grimm W. Guckes J. Haacke M. Hagan O. Hale Frederick W. Gramm William L. Guckes Electrical Engineering? Business Administration. U. D. Band. Jack E. Haacke Mary Ellen Hagan Opal O, Hale Business Administration, Education, Education. Economics Club, Daytonian. Womens Athletic Ass'n., Central Womens Organi- zation, Spirit Committee, U. D. Players, Beta Up- silon Sigma, Flyers Hangar. James E. Hanby Educationg Monogram Club, Physi- cal Education Club, Red Cross Disaster, Football. Mary Alice Hathcock Educationg Womens Athletic Ass'n., Gerald R. Helmig Mechanical Engineeringg Mathematics Club, Rifle Club, C. S. M. C., Catho- lic Action Cell, Mechan- ical Engineering Society. J. Hanby V. Handmacher T. Hardin M. Hart M. Hathcock T. Head J. Heck N. Heldwig G. Helmig Victor E. Handmacher Science. Thomas S. Head Arts. Alfred P. Henderson Business Administration. ...W .l.,s., .. . Tressler S. Hardin Business Administration. joseph Heck Business Administration. Christine M. Henderson Educationg Red Cross, International Relations Club. Marjorie Hart Educationg Sociology Club. Norris D. Hellwig Business Administrationg Debate Societyg U. D. Players, Exponent, Persh- ing Rifles, Economics Club. Montford J. Hendrickson Business Administration. . ..., , . , . .,,...-, ., .. . ,. ww. ,,, .,...,,.,, 'IQ 4 A. Henderson is X C. Henderson S A M. Hendrickson 2 We 3 ii gb-35 es ft' .'1'1-Kai' - .3.:.x..,,,5-15,51 .x,,L, 3,5 , nb: J..-.Q f, ear.. William R. Hendrickson Arts, Sociology Club, Econom- ics Club. Edward G. Hilton Artsg Exponent. Geor e S. Hohm S Business Administrationg Economics Club. Bernard A. Hickey Business Administration, Football, Basketball, Monogram Club. Laola H. Hironaka Arts, C. S. M. C., Catholic Ac- tion, U. D. News, Red Cross, Sociology Club, Hui O Hawaii. John T. Hogan, Jr. Business Administrationg C. S. M. C. Donald J. Hickey Business Administration, Chorus. Betty Hodapp' Secretarial Science, C. S. M. C., Homecoming Queen-Fall 1948, Wo- men's Athletic Associa- tion, U. D. Players, Ex- ponent and U. D. News, Beta Upsilon Sigma, Treas.g Home Econom- ics Club, Wornen's Chor- us. Charlotte S. Hollinger Arts, Women's Athletic Ass'n., Flyer's Hangar, Red Cross, Glee Club. is 3 wr. this www, WEN Everett I. Hickman Education. Donald W. Hohler Business Administrationg Business and Economics Club. Janet E. Holmes Science. W. Hendrickson B. Hickey D. Hickey E. Hickman E. Hilton L. Hironaka B. Hodapp D. Hohler G. Hohm J. Hogan jr. C. Hollinger J. Holmes Anne Huffman Science, Sigma Delta Pi, Dayton- ian Photographer. Mary Cathryn Hunt , Education, Mixed Chorus, Interrac- ial Club, Womenis Ath- letic Association. Marilyn L. Jackson Education, Religious Council, Kap- pa Kappa Sorority. Edward johnson Electrical Engineeringg Pi Delta Rho, Interna- tional Relations Club. Harry J. Humpert Business Administration, Blue Grass Club, Cabos, Debate Society, Econom- ics Club, N. F. C. C. S. Frances P. Hussey Science, Sigma Delta Pi, Secretary 1948. Joseph F. Jeffries Business Administration, MH When' fr- 1. ,M . Lois A. Kappeler Home Economics, U. D. Players, Spirit Committee, Gamma Chi, Military Ball Queen, De- bate Society President, Mixed Chorus, Rifle Team, C. S. M. C. A. Huffman H. Humpert M Hunt F. Hussey M. jackson J Jeffries E. johnson C. Jones R Kaiser L. Kappeler R. Kehn Kelble Charles B. Jones Education, Basketball, Trck, Mono- gram Club, Physical Edu- cation Club. Ray Kehn Chemical Math Club. Engineering, R. C. Kaiser Business Administrationg Band--Drum Maior, Or- chestra, Flyer's Hangar, U. D. Players, Spirit Committee. Therese Kelble Science, Cabos, C. S. M. C., Home Economics Club Pres. Q.: ,sv 5 3 X2 I" f 1 l 192- A 1 ,when-4, , i iriggi, . Q fs' ' rf if - M fi f '??:-Hr . ffiiir.. ' 'Q 55v.f,2 7 . . ..,, . . A 1 1 7 ' e 4 "'i.QfG1-fflsdff., Y if .iazftfrfzl-5' .y-:fr if" :ZEN "."' 0 ,r l- P E ff f?33f?i'1Eu... . 1. Q V60 A . ,., ' 1 R. Kelly R. E. Kelly E. Kemp R. Keplinger E. King R. Kirchmer M. Kleinknecht R. Klosterman T. Knapke R. Knee K. Knese R. Knorr Ronald R. Klosterman Business Administration. Robert A. Kelly Educationg Cabos, U. D. Players, tional Relations Club, Chapel Choir, Interna- Men's Chorus. Edward Kemp Business Administration Edwin R. King Educationg Senior Class President Spirit Committee, U. D News, Red 81 Blue Club Flyer's Hangar, Sodality Intramural Sports. Mary S. Kleinknecht Science. Thomas L. Knapke Education, 9 9 3 Meuls Glee Club, Chorus Robert C. Knee, Jr. Scienceg Sigma Delta Pi. Kathryn M. Knese Business Administrationg Flyer's Hanger, Spirit Committee, C. S. M. C., Women's Athletic Assln., Women's Chorus, Eco- nomics Club, Daytonian Staff, Women's Rifle Team, Beta Upsilon Sig- ma. Robert J Knorr Education. Charles E. Kohler, Jr. Chemical Engineering, Pi Delta Rho. Douglas E. Lawson, Jr Business Administration Robert J. Lehman Business Administration. C. Kohler, jr. K. Kroemer, jr. L. Lacey G. Lawrence D. Lawson, jr. J. Leahey D. Lehman R. Lehman R. J. Lehman R. Leonard T. Lienesch D. Lochtefeld Karl F. Kroemer, Jr. Electrical Engineering. John F. Leahey Science. Richard A. Leonard Business Administration. Lelian H. Lacey Business Administrationg Economics Club. Donald F. Lehman Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Society. Theodore R. Lienesch Civil Engineering, Glee Club, Math Club, U. D. Players, Ameri- can Society of Civil En- gineers. - George W. Lawrence, Jr. Artsg Geology Club. Richard H. Lehmang Electrical Engineering, Pi Delta Rho, Math Club, Institute of Radio Engineers. Daniel H. Lochtefeld Educationg U. D. Players, Flyers Hanger, Spirit Commit- tee, Intramural Sports. 'Wx 1 em. Donovan L. Longenecker Mechanical Engineeringg Mech. Engineering Soc. Robert J. Mains Business Administration. Herbert J. Marker Business Administration. 4? Ned W. Lowry Electrical Engineering. Frank C. Maloney Business Administrationg Economics Club, Fresh- man Class President, Football, M o n o gr a m Club. Luis G. Marrero Scienceg Chapel Choir, Sodality. Eldon C. MacCanon Scienceg Sigma Delta Pi. Robert E. Mann Business Administrationg Economics Club. Mervin H. Martin Educationg Physical Education Club, David H. MacPherson Business Adrninistrationg Economics Club, Band. Barto J. Mariscalco Business Administrationg Football. Brian J. McCall Educationg Physical Education Clubg Basketball. D. Longnecker N. Lowry E. MacCanon D. MacPherson R. Mains F. Maloney R. Mann B. Mariscalco H. Marker L. Marrero M. Martin B. McCall William A. McCormick Business Adrninistrationg Football, Intramural Basketball. john L. McGarry Business Administrationg Student Council. Cassie McKenzie Horne Economicsg Home Economics Club. Women's Rifle Team, Women's Athletic Ass'n. Joseph F. Merkle Business Administrationg Lee R. McDaniel Education. Jeannette McKay Artsg Women's Athletic Ass'n., U. D. Players, Mixed Chorus, Gamma Chi. Randall McClelland Scienceg Sigma Delta Pi, Pres. 49-., i. L A, A xl' fmsr' is 1, q'. i 1 1 EC0r10miCS Club- W. McCormick L. McDaniel J. McKay C. McKenzie J. Merkle A. Merrick C. Miller L. Miller Anne Merrick Thomas M. Middleton Nursing Education. Science. Charles R. Miller Lee Miller Robert O. Milord Business Administration. Business Administration. Education, Intramural Sports, Physical Education J. McGarry R. McClelland T. Middleton R. Milord Club. at Ili ,W ,gy ngn--.. nf ,wi 1 I r ij b Q Q i"L": , , .-. ' i . Szxisi ' 5 5 ' V KN- ,,.. - -fissw m tzfzf -SEL? Q I .v,' . . f aivmgl f 1 . f 1 ' ' -' abil X V .. W ' sf 1 ' mm. X g, ,S . .:,. . ""A R. Mitchell G. Moon E. Moorman P. Moosbrugger C. Monforte G. Mudd G. Mumpower C. Munguia D. Murphy J. Myers H. Myers R. Niederman Carlos R. Munguia Chemical Engineering, Chemical Society. James A. Myers Business Administration, Economics Club. Harry J. Myers Business Administration, Debate Society, Econom- ics Club, Bridge Club. Mary C. Mitchell Science. George D. Moon Chemica 1 Engineering, Math Club, President 8: Secretary, Band, Intra mural Basketball . Erl J. Moorrnan Electrical Engineering, 5 Cheerleader, Math Club, Pi Delta Rho. Paul Moosbrugger Business Administration, ' Football. Camilo R. Monforte Business Administration, Pershing Rifles, Rifle Team, Intramural Sports. Gerry Mudd Arts. Glen E. Mumpower Education. David J. Murphy Electrical Engineering, International Relations Club, Pi Alpha Rho. Robert J. Niederman Business Administrati Band, Economics Cl Student Officer Club. on, ub, XVilliam J. Nolan Business Administration. ' Robert J. O'Brien Electrical Engineeringg International Relations Club, Electrical Engineers Seminar, Pres.g Dayton- ian, Assoc. Editor 1946. Alonzo C. Parker James J. Noll Mechanical Engineeringg Math Club, Treasurerg Intramural Basketball and Softball, Flyers Hangar, Mech. Engineers Society. Patricia A. Olcott Artsg U.u.D. Players, Women's A t h 1 e t i c Association, Pan American Club, C. S. M. C. Hans F. Pauls Electrical Engineeringg Pi Delta Rho, 'Rifle Team, Math Club. Mary A. Nutini Artsg ' U. D.' Players. Charles L. Olinger Businessg Sociology Club, Busi- ness and Economics Club. Henry A. Petschelt Educationg Football, Baseball. . .V . George R. Oberer Scienceg Math Club. Philip J. Ostendorf Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers. james Pfeiffer Business Administration. e .. "'I1 :E: -A N ,N if Science. W. Nolan J. Noll M. Nutini G. Oberer S R. o'Bfien 2 P. Olcott C. Olinger P. Ostendorf A. Parker H. Pauls H. Petschelt J. Pfeiffer Kenneth L. Pitzer Education, Football, Basketball, Monogram Club, Physical Education Club. Alfred Puslat Education. Frank J. Rauscher Electrical Engineering. Y Jane D. Pratt Artsg ' Mixed Chorus, Drill Unit. Michael R. Quigley Science, Flyers Hangar, Spirit Committee. Fred J. Rehder Science, Fencing, Softball. Mary G. Pritchard Medical Technologyg Women's Athletic Ass'n., Sigma Delta Pi. John W. Quinlisk, Jr. Electrical Engineeringg Math Club, Pi Delta Rho Rose M. Richards Artsg U. D. Players, Women's Athletic Association. x Norman A. Pudzinski Science, Sigma Delta Pi, Expon- ent, Intramural Softball. Everett W. Quintrell Businessg Business Manager of Football Program. William L. Richards, Jr. Businessg Economics Club. K. Pitzer J. Pratt . Pritchard N. Pudzinski A. Puslat M. Quigley J. Quinlisk, Jr. E. Quintrell F. Rauscher F. Rehder R. Richards W. Richards .,,G.m. r J fr , I 1' .sei we L if , 1 if E. ev V, ,. 'SF' f- '. " nf . .1 'V fn. iff'-.V Evelyn E. Rowan Educationg U. D. Chorus. Louis E. Russell Business Administrationg Band. Robert D. Ruther Artsg Glee Club, C. S. M Cabos, Math Club. -4 ' , Q 3 ,,, . img . N 5 John H. Ryan Business Adrninistrationg Economics Club, U. D. Players. D. Maria Santarsiero Nursing Educationg Sociology Club. Martha Scheffer 3 Business Administration. 3 4 James F. Scheuerman 1 ' Businessg 5 Economics Club, Spirit A Committee. E. Rowan L. Russell R. Ruther' J. Ryan D. Santarsiero M. Scheffer J. Scheuerman J. Schneider D. Schnorr E. Scholz. L. Seitz H. Selz John I.. Schneider David E. Schnorr Science. Business Administrationg . Economics Club, Spirit Committee. Edwin J. Scholz Luke C. Seitz Harold H. Selz Electrical Engineeringg Business Administration. Business Administrationg Economics Club, Secre- tary. Pi Delta Rho, Interna- tional Relations Club. 3 g -515 - X ...L...f................... ....., ,. min., W.. l 5 e l Y f E E Ruth Sengstacken Nursing Educationg Sociology Club. George E. Share Electrical Engineering Pi Delta Rho. Lawrence K. Shaw, Business Administration. janet P. Sheidler Nursing Education. Jiro Shimoda Business Administrationg Economics Club. Wfilliam J. Shine Scienceg Sigma Delta Pi. Jane Slider Science. R. Sengstacken G. Share L. Shaw J. Sheidler Shimoda W. Shine j. Slider E. Sliger H. Smith s. Smith L. srainback J. smug Edward L. Sliger Herbert J. Smith Education. Business Administrationg Economics Club. Shirley V. Smith Lois B. Stainhack John T. Stang Arts. Nursing Educationg Business Administration. Sociology Club. rims "-fri "H I 5 t :ay L 'H Jesse E. Steberl Educationg Aff Freshman Class Pres- ident, Student Council, Physical Education Club, Monogram Club, Mana- gefi Football and Basket- a . Ruth Stevens Education: Mixed Chorus, Women's Athletic N Association, Women's Rifle Team. Robert N. Sturwold Business Administration. j. Steberl M. Steeley V. Stefanek B. Stelzer R. Stevens S E. Stoermer D. Stoff T. Strasse: R. Sturwold A. - 'Thieman H. Thomas S. Thomas Montfort S. Steeley Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering Society. s Edward S. Stoermer Business Administration. Aloysius Thieman Business Administration. Vincent J. Stefanek Business Adrninistrationg Economics Club, Spirit Committee, Flyers Hang- ar, Chapel Choir, Intra- mural Sports. Donald J. Stoff Artsg Math Club, Intramural Sports. Howard W. Thomas Educationg Physical Education Club, Vice Presidentg Baseball. .i Bonnie Stelzer Arts, Women's Athletic Ass'n U. D. Players, Dayton- ian. Thomas J. Strasser Electrical Engineering Pi Delta Rho. Sue Thomas Science. WSE. if Lg. , f 4,551 , 4 Gene M. Thompson Science, Sigma Delta Pi. Carlos A. Urrutia Artsg Math Club, International Relations Club, Political Science Academy, Inter- national Law Society, Club Latino Americano. Edward P. Wack, Jr. o Education: International Relations C 1 u b, Pan American Club N Eduardo Torres I Scienceg , K Rafael G. Valls Artsg ' Chapel Choir, C.S.M.C., Servers, International Re- lations Club, Sodality. Joseph P. Wack. Science, U. D. Players, N.F.C.C. S., Cabos, Men's Chorus, Servers. Q65 s ' .Edmond R. Toscani Education, Monogram Club, Foote ball, Baseball, 1 Physical Education Club. George J. Vida Business Administrationg Joseph P. Warren' Electrical Engineeringg Pi Delta Rho. V Ernest C. Trigg Business Adxhinistration. Jack D. Voehringer Science. Carlton T. Warriner ' ' Business Administration. i G. Thompson I i E. Torres 4 E. Toscani E. Trigg C. Urrutia R. Valls G. Vida J. Voehringer E. Wack J. Wack J. Warren C. Warriner Be! .i- lk . -I"' .v ' i w X , 25' 9. wa- .f gig, .1 ,smile A, , i . h 1. .Q,x1'.'. -.v,5i'ib,y-...if - V -'.xie"I7. ' , F ' ' V., ' . . if-we .,,, ... X Weimerskirk f ff: Arts. .' 2 ,. N. - , qi. A F . '54 AS, eff If.. . 15 . as xl 4. A ' William I. Wheelock n- i ' Electrical Engineeringg ' Pi Delta Rho Secretary. .V q. William H. Weis Business Administration, .U. D. News. f' Wilhelm P. Wick Business Administration. l 5 A 5 James Willis Scienceg Sigma Delta Pi. Robert W. Wolfe Business Administration. 2 'Herbert Y. K. Wong ' Scienceg . International Relations l- Club, Sigma Delta Pi. M. Weirnershirk W. Weis W. Wheelock W. Wick Willis R. Wolfe H. Wong 1 H. Wright R. Wright D. Yee J. Yerger R. Young Harold Wright Robert UL. Wright Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration. Society. if'R, - Daniel Yee james R. Yerger Robert L. Young Science. Chemical Engineeringg Business Administration. pigs. 1.1.5. Sigma Delta Pi, Chapel U. D. Players J' Choir, Orchestra., Hui O Q' . .. ., , Hawaii. lowes - ug' . . . era Q I :p-f..'-e , ,V""'22 .J 'Wi' Edwin J. Seeboeck Business Administrationg Interracial Club Treas., Debate Society Secretary, Economics Club, Day- tonian Sports Editor 1946-47, U. D. News, Pershing Rifles, Student Council President, Sen- ior Class Treasurer. Vinton C. Young Scienceg Sigma Delta Pi. Bernardine T. Zakutny Nursing Educationg Sociology Club. E. Seeboeck V. Young B. Zakutny M. Zeno C. Zimmer W. Zimmerman Michael R. Zeno Business Administrationg Sophomore Class Pres., Student Council, Spirit Committee, Flyers Hang- ar, Economics Club, In- tramural Sports. Charles E. Zimmer Scienceg Math Club. William J. Zimmerman Educationg Physical Education Club. DDITION AL GRADUATES George Abmayr, S. M.-Educ. Edith C. Arnold-Nurs. Educ. Ernest Avellar, S. M.-Educ. Robert E. Backherms, S. M.-Educ. Maria Baiseler-Educ. Charles Bergedick, S. M.-Educ. Page Fifty-eight Robert Bockrath-Bus. Ad. Robert Boughton-Arts Evelyn Braun-Nurs. Educ. Mary F. Cahill-Educ. Langdon A. Campbell-Bus. A james Clampet-Bus. Ad. ADDITIONAL GRADUATES Lucy L. Darnell-Educ. Donald P. Davidson-Bus. Ad. Lawrence Davis-Bus. Ad. james Donovan, S. M.-Educ. Douglas C. Dorrough, S. M.-Educ. Ralph Drees, S. M.-Science Warren Driver-Science Wallace Ellifrir-Bus. Ad. Stephen J. Emerick-Arts William M. Pakovec, S. M.- Howard Flatean-Bus. Ad. jane Flaugher-Educ. Educ. Margaretta Fowler-Nurs. Educ. Augustine Furumoto, S. M.-Educ. Harry Gaeke-C. Eng. Bernice Gamble-Educ. Clement Grilliot, S. M.-Educ. Marguerite Gulley-Educ. james E. Hartzell-Educ. Bernard Hickey-Bus. Ad. William I. Houghton-Bus. Ad. Philip Lang-Bus. Ad. john Long, S. M.-Educ. Edna Magruder-Educ. Richard Mason, jr.-Educ. Roy Mayer, S. M.-Educ. Mathie McDonald-Educ. james McGloin, S. M.-Educ. Herbert Meyer-Arts Eugene Meyerpeter, S. M.-Educ. Page Fifty-nine ADDITIONAL GRADUATES Raymond Middledorf, S. M.-Educ. Stanley G. Misrach-Arts Andrew Mitakides-Bus. Ad. Jack Moody-Arts Edward Morrisey-Science William Neel-Arts Gladys O'Camp0-Educ. William O'Connell, S. M.-Educ. Sister Marie Bernard O'Toole-Nurs. Educ. Ralph Pranger, S. M.-Educ. Nicholas Rabke, S. M.-Educ. Robert A. Rauh-Science Paul Reich-Educ. john Ross, S. M.-Educ. Russell Seabold-Arts Page Sixty Lester E. Schlafman-Arts john T. Scholey--Arts Barry J. Shillito-Bus. Ad. Thomas Shillito-Educ. Martha Shockney-Educ. joseph Stander, S. M.-Science joseph Stevens--Science Robert W. Thygerson-Arts Richard J. Trainer-Arts Alfred E. Voigt-Science George M. Weddington-Bus. Donald Wehner-Bus. Ad. Bonnie Welday-Educ. john D. Wharton-Science Raul M. Zurita-C. Eng. A UN DERCLASSMEN ,. .. ., ,. PRESIDENT Peter Kuntz VICE-PRESIDENT Arthur Bok SECRETARY Vera Seiler TREASURER Lawrence Fitzgerald IUNIOR CLASS FTER three years of school life the junior Class looks back on many pleasant memories. Arriving here we were oriented amidst the biggest enrollment the school had seen to date. We were welcomed in traditional style-bean- ies, welcome dance, and initiation. No one will forget the march to the courthouse. In athletics several bright lights were appearing on the gridiron horizon. Page Sixty-two Our sophomore year brought with it the "cool" reception we gave the incoming fresh- men. More of our number began to assume leading roles in activities and athletics. Our number had shrunk but our service was in- creasing. This past year under the present officers the "anniversary" class rings sales were cap- ably handled as was the junior Prom. The lat- ter attracted some 600 couples who swayed to the "music that's sweet with a beat" played by Elliot Lawrence and his orchestra. 711 3 F1 TQ . . First Row-Naurer, R., Dixon, D., Stewart, J., Murray, J., Neff, M., Deerwester, M., Pohlmeyer, S., Wheelock, L., Bucher, N., Merrinan, E., Woolf, M., Rosta, S., Second Rau'-Schinbeckler, G., Mee, R., Folino, T., Williamson, R., Tormey, R., Valley, G., Sheetz, T., Schroeder, C., Gauthier, J., Plumer, E., Glennon, R., Moylan, J., Third Row-Ellis, G., Dekom, A., Stauffer, M., Kenney, W., Tuite, F., Devine, F., Minch, R., Wolff, H., Kelly, J., Petty, J., Murphy, J., Bowser, H., Fourth Row-Ambrose, B., Mason, L., Webster, R., Keck, T., Stewart, D., Lawrence, G., Walsh, J., Pfeiffer, F., Madden, J., Wehner, J., Bayer, B., Hungling, T. J f, T -3 . ,Q T-TL.-,-.V ,th .m,!.. ., , Cf ...vt First Row--Dowclell, G., Arnold, C., Montgomery, R., Pfeiffer, E., Duffy, M., Henne, M., Frank, M., Dehn, B., Day, R., Anderson, L., Boland, E., McCloskey, W., Smith, C., Gusman, E., Third Row-Buckel, C., Kenny, C., Kessler, L., Paulick, R., Krouse, A., Flana- gan, J., Crnovich, N., Walker, P., Poff, N., Lewis, R., Romer, H., Schmidt, J., Wagner, B., Fahrer, A., Hamm, C., Sheaffer, J., Becker, D., Kramer, W., McGarry, J., Second Row-Gallo, D., Hickey, R., Bowman, T., McMahon, R., Justice, N: Page Sixty-three ,' , W .Vw 7 A,--,N 1. - - 1 , td L l..,,... ., ,,',r,l l.,,e'ef J First Row-Stueve, J., Slonaker, W., Matre', E., McDonald, J., Wilkens, P., Ware, M., Toerner, J., Strain, E., Lowell, G., Second Row-Strehle, F., Krach, E., Babione, D., Myers, D., Lemming, R., Groser, J., Moore, H., Ames, R., Tuke, F., Leary, D., Mfr li. Q2 .L ...Lil liilsgl First Row-Erhart, T., Zapotocny, J., Weber, R., Kirchmer, G., Tegeder, R., Ludwig, A., Whittmann, M., Lonsert, E., Moors, H., Mayer, W., Gaier, R. Second Row-Kuntz, P., Abbott, D., Smith, O., Gordon, G., Hahnel,J, Harmon R., Graham, T., Garneau, J., Minnerup, B., Scianamblo, J., Worman, J. Garneau, J., Third Row-Redder, H., Oppenheim, B., Kimmel, J., Klebba, J., Shaeffer, J., Wayt, D., Caras, L., Shroyer, G., Delp, J., Arndts, J., Lorencz, L., Keys, B. Fourth Rozc'-Wiekel, J., Attenweiler, A., Besanceney, J., Hockwalt, G., Madigan J., Collins, C., Ranson, T., Beck, B., Chirco, A., Adams, R., Hodapp, A. Hickey, P., Page Sixty-four 3 9 wvk. -f,-. ws q..--, .1 --,N First Row-Cashman, V., Osterfeld, M., Seiler, V., Burgess, D., Dershem, F., Bell, J., Hall, M., Bushbaum, G., Routzahn, N., Parsons, A., Second Row-Skelton, R., O'Connell, G., Stringham, B., Stoermer, M., Sherer, C., Bradford, C., Huth, M., Van Fossan, W.: Youngman, M., Boehm, B., Spelman, W., Third Row-Hunt, M., Butts, A., Lutz, J., Fleischman, H., White, J., Matheney H., Sherer, W., Shroyer, D., Dunnick, M., Alvarez, M., Moore, R., Burger, G., ' - i 4 . 1 , First Row-Lau, D., Ho, E., Burtner, R., Dorian, C., Wagner, F., Roth, B., Cline, C., Lechner, T., Salzarulo, M., Ponce, A., Second Row-McGree, T., Winemiller, R., Unterburger, J., Recher, XV., Reuther, A., Rose, M., Smith, R., Elliott, J., Walsh, J., Phelan, D., Andrews, J., Thompson, J., Third Row-Maj, E., Fitzgerald, L., Rost, R., Clune, C., Hoeffel, T., Zimmer- man, J., Katsicadamas, N., O'Brien, P., Mudd, L., Rauscher, E., Horning, A. Loeb, R., Kohner, A., 9 Page Sixty-five Page Sixty-six 5 ? - JUNIOR ENGINEERS First Row-Smith, A., Runckel, A., Nunez, J., Klamo, A., Smith, D., Suttman, L. Chong, A., Cichanowicz, H., Cochran, J., Horner, W., Second Row-Smith, K., Holloran, T., Hoffman, W., Bowman, C., Mills, G. Earnhart, C., Kirsch, B., Westerfield, C., Gooch, E., Dapper, J., Tbird Row-Tartaglione, J., Muth, J., O'Brien, D., Schmalstig, J., Harmann H., Cooper, R., Beirise, J., Renaker, J., Meyers, W., Gordon, D., Thomp- son, H., JUNIOR ENGINEERS u Firsl Row-Corbett, H., Tanis. R., Fowler, Stitt, B., Thome, R., Mueller, J., Kohl, R., Riley, J., Gibbons, C., Tremblay. D., Link, R., Second Row-Beatty, C., Wendeln, D., Van Atta, A., Hauck, N., Pritchard, H., Kruskamp, L., Gallagher, J., Nye, H., Wendeln, M., Hartman, M., Holz- mann, W., Vehr, T., Third Row--Cronotte, R., Dinan, T., Medisch, J., Parenti, F., Baumgarten, J. Ryan, C., Uth, C., Fulton, R., Bell, J., Hose, R., McDonald, E., Fourth Row-Lauer, T., Kress, O., O'Connell, J., Connor, E., Dickman, R., Saide, J., Prather, M., Simon, E., , I 3 :fl 7" 1 il lf? First Row-Rindler, W., Foster, T., Bishop, R., Bastian, J., Hieber, M., Fahey P., Logel, J., Weaver, R., Fitzpatrick, W., Betrams, C., Second Row-Menker, D., Eubank, K., Hannah, G., Fecher, C., Melia, L., Romer, D., Bowers, W., Janning, E., Schieman, R., Schell, J., Power, M., Third Row-Hoban, R., Cirillo, A., Gurnick, J., Danford, J., Hennessey, R. Froning, L., Bok, A., Blanford, XV., Harshbarger, R., Bragone, J., Meredith G., Wolery, W., ,mi iff ,ii 3,1 First Row-Scholl, K., Cleveland, N., Bourquin, N., Hagans, M., Ventura, M., Rapp, R., Nyhan, Brey, V., Knepper, H., Vorhess. G., Huffman, E., Second Row-Francis, R., Dooley, H., Lee, E., McFall, P., Lee, R., Rodrigues, A., Nelson, R., Finke, J., Schrimpf, C., Murphy, D., Zonars, D., Third Row-Brown, C., Spyridon, S., Segers, A., Bors, C., Riney, D., Bieden- bender, D., Cook, G., Wickham, R., Loeber, R., Turner, R., Kovach, R., Fourth Row-Fiel, R., Vogel, J., Fricke, D., Pain, J., Weis, J., Torrence, J., Hochwalt, J., Schumacher, P., Shampton, V., Luthman, R., Fiel, N., Vari- din, P., 1 Page Sixty-seven PRESIDENT Ralph Eleischman VICE-PRESIDENT james Leary SECRETARY Marianne Roll TREASURER james Dooley SOPHCMORE CLASS NTERING the U. D. as a veteran stud- ded class, the graduates of 1951 managed to escape the usual initiation but did secure the frosh caps. We were officially inaugurat- ed by the Freshman Welcome Dance at the Circle Park. Our young minds were not en- tirely centered around schoolwork as we did our part toward extra-curricular activities, pep rallies, dances, football, basketball, and base- ball games and track meets. We returned for our sophomore year min- us our green look and got into the swing of things by successfully giving the freshman initiation we missed. Attention was focused on the procession of well-floured and lipsticked Page Sixty-eight students as they made their way to the court- house steps at Third and Main. Later we a- toned for our folly by giving the Freshman Welcome Dance at the Miami Hotel. Again we selected many from our ranks who par- ticipated in the various campus activities, so- cials, and sports. We wound up two happy and full years on the hilltop with a well at- tended and eventful sophomore class picnic. With this we looked ahead to our junior year which will be centered around the centenary. The officers for the year were: Ralph Fleischman, presidentig Jim Leary, vice-presi- dentg Marianne Roll, secretary, and Jim Doo- ley, treasurer. ' - i . 1 i First Row-Aufderheide, M., Favorite, M., Rohr, C., Hauer, M., Purinton, B., Rhoads, J., Lienesch, M., Anderton, A., Roll, M., Shroyer, V., Buer, G., Combs, J., Second Row-Weaver, D., Hoff, R., Weaver, H., Vicario, J., Curran, J., Staley, J., Cofer, N., Susco, M., Aldredge, T., Paghi, P., Murphy, L., Hilton, R., Irizarry, A., Third Row-Lehman, M., Peguillan, E., Farrell, J., Walsh, J., Malone, XV., Horvath, J., Cosgrove. D., White, R., Osterday J., Lachey, M., Campbell, R., Jablinshi, E., Fourth Row-Woodward, G., Quinn, R., Hennessy, M., Spreng, R., Bertsch, T., Buchner, L., Vanderhorst, J., Stich, L., White, R., Lodge, M., Gilvary, J., Mott, J., f 1 ' ff First Row-Nakama, H., McConocha, P., Montague, R., Koller, O., Regan, B., Stachler, R., Zimmerman, T., Hanlon, W., Second Row-Callahan, J., Flynn, F., Westbeld. C., Tobin, R., Phillips, T., Gates, T., McGee, F., Thome, W., Begin, F., Third Row-Singler, D., Macko, E., Ednie, E., Peitz, L., Ramas, J., Hartshorn, R., J-9 Gras, D., Brinkman, F., Parr, H., Riedy, E., Flick, G., Csizma, E., Deger, 1- .Y .- f y Page Sixty-nine 1 Page Seventy X' 2 Lf' "' C9 'F C' il' l'l'f F' Tvlf' ur-. ,. . la.--.L . ..., .., -., tv. L ,lacltg First Row-Kelly, N., Skelton, 1.3 Snow, 1.3 Redmond, 1., Yox, B., Lukey, R., Flanagan, F., Bordenkircher, R.3 Mayer, R.3 Latham, H., Stoermer, A., deRoziere, R.3 Stefanek, A., Third Row-Porter, G., Common, 1., Roof, R.3 Schwindler, 1.3 Haber, 1., Poh- label, T., Magin, P., Kaminski, R.3 Gilbert, C.3 Marshall, R., ' 1'- 'N1.,'fi 'PQ if" 1'-"1 ICQ ' LWLJ.. -.x.1 rf. H., ,L--M ,ca L LM. , .LJC'k' First Ron'-Grolemund, R.3 Duckro, R., Wilson, E., Hull, 1.3 Hess, M., McAnes- pi, D., Mensik, K., Crotty, M., Watts, L., Hussey, W., Coleman, R., Second Row-Teyber, R., Granato, 1., Asato, R., Taylor, R., Spitzig, T., Brock- man, R., Schoch, M., Scholes, M., Adams, W., Kalman, G., Yosick, R. Popik, 1. Ryan, R., Fourth Row-Miller, C., Probst. H.3 Beecroft, W., Hamper, E., Bossell, S., Huber L., Imber, D., Sanchez, 1., Helmkamp, E., Fernandez, 1., Imber, C., Cray- croft, G., O'Connell, D., McNamara, F., Second Row-Rieger, R.3 Mark, 1., Keck, V., Ahlquist, F., McFarland, D., 7 Third Row-Mescher, D., Zenz, A., Harris, L., Roberts, 1., Velten, 1., Leist, T.3 Aller, R.3 Koenig, D., Quinn, Flaute, B., Davis, R., Montgomery, S., if1llj'fl1,ilWl cf Fifi Qi'ffU'l1Qf ffl Q1 T First Row-Boland, C., Coberly, A., MacMillan, V., Griffin, A., Montague, B. Serrer, P., Spring, P., Crosley, V., Wirth, G., Rasnick, C., Second Row-McMullen, C., Schmatz, F., Koogler, R., O'Donnell, J., Aner, J. Alexander, C., Huelsman, L., Allison, P., Williams, R., Ferazza, D., Paul lin, M., Third Row-Murphy, B., Kurdziel, S., Kilbane, F., Kelbley, T., Gleason, J. Becker, F., Levacy, P., Kling, J., XVehner, H,, VanDegrift, W., Lemmel, G. Weaver, D., ,'., fx .,,....-,..,,...J First Row-Onderconk, M., Greaser, XV., Schulze. R., Schaff, T., Thomas, M. Chung, J., Gibbons, J., Reicharcl, T., Seifert, D., Baltzer, N., Second Rau'-Otto, H., Bother, J., Scheidler, N., Miles, R., Blaes, R. 7 7 7 3 1 3 Krebs, F., Passalacqua, L., Goubeaux, D., Tumbusch, J., Minarcli, J., Spen- cer, D. Third Rou'-Troin, H., Kirkpatrick, R., Ridgway, M. Moorman, G., Reiger, A. Sherman, R., Snell, R., Mort, C., Shell, R., Kappeler, R., Ross, J., Lucier, NW. Moore, D., 9 9 Page Seventy-one SOPIRIOMORIZ SCIENCE First Row-Hamer, D., Wilson, P., Mellas, H., Richards, M., Hayden, M., Rem- nant, A., George, E., Grosse, J., Slattery, M. A., Second Row-Adams, R., Clark, E., Lowery, D., Kelso, H., Balsom, M., Olt, C. Slick, R., Lambert, T., Wong. H., DeVol, S., Third Row-Hook, R., Slayton, J., Vogue, L., Gounaris. G., Gretzinger, B. Hedges, R., Rudick, XV., Monington, G., Lyden, R., Carr, R., Gibson, J. First Row-Logan, J., Barnhart, E., Williams, J., Stoshak, W., Zuzolo, A., Young, G., Jackowski, E., Graul, T., Klosterman, W., Lucid, D., Second Row-Achbach, A., Omietanski, G., Kelble, J., Knowlan, D., Weisman T., Connair, R., Skinner, R., Moyer, C., Oshiro, G., Castle, T., Heck, R. man, A., Waugh, D., Schweller, W., Schweller, H., Dooley, J., Page Seventy-two Third Row-Shaw, G., Condon, J., Lindon, R., Frounfelker, F., Leary, J., Her: 1:'1f . ' -Q-A - ...-.-rc PRESIDENT Anthony Kramer VICE-PRESIDENT john Bramlage SECRETARY Rosemary Schmidt TREASURER Tom Fitzgerald FRESHMAN CLASS S THE newest class to the U. D. campus freshmen were initiated into the ranks of the student body of the University by the activities of Freshman Week. This wild- wild week was climaxed by a dance at which two of their members were crowned king and queen. Although they had been on the campus for a short time, their officers took several progressive steps in order to strengthen the class organization. The officers of the freshman class tried to promote a feeling of unity in their class by forming an advisory board which consist- ed of a member from each division represent- ed in the freshman class. Tony Kramer, presi- dentg jack Bramlage, vice-presidentg Rosie Schmidt, secretaryg and Tom Fitzgerald as treasurer planned a picnic for the later Spring months. Tom Hagan was the freshman rep- resentative on the Student Council. The main event of the year was the Fresh- man Party held in the Student Union. Plans were begun for an organized freshman initia- tion next year. Page Seventy-three FRESHMAN ARTS First Row-Ventura, S., Agne, P., Trigg, 1., Sacksteder, L., Nagle, M., 1ohns- ton, 1., Clarke, K., Shepherd, L., Reed, D., Rhoades, O., Second Row-Hauer, E., Baldasarre, T., Barnhart, 1., Dison, A., Ruggles, G., Skyhawk, H., McCarran, R., Liesenhoff, 1., Everman, G., Third Row-Houston, B., Daler, W., Horvath, 1., Osweiler, P., Crossley, D., Floyd, R., Clinard, W., Clark, H., FRESHMAN ARTS First Row-Barker, P., Hofferbert, M., Batsche, 1., Frangella, M., Smith, C. August, A., Kohnekamp, M., Dildine, D., Huesman, G., Marzolf, G. Welday, M., Vardalides, T., Second Row-Frain, 1., Crocco, R., Sheridan, 1., Guenther, R., Carrington, W. Boule, P., Moore, 1., Oberst, C., Dunn, E., Moloney, 1., Daniszewski, R. Nyhan, 1., Third Row-Lewis, Suhr, C., Schweller, D., Harris, C., Bramlage, 1., Cannon C., Hanes, T., Pfander, R., McQuillen, R., Kirkham, R., Warning, D., Fourth Row-Selley, R., Hypes, A., Berardi, D., Zimmer, C., Peters, T., Kulinski A., Beckley, G., Page Seventy-four 7 7 7 7 'TL' 'Pf"L'i I-1 f ' 'I' 'DT' 'ff' oc ' . iff.f.,l J ..L-,x T First Row-Curley, W., Caesar, N., Cacchiene, G., Delaney, P., Waddell, G Whisler, B., Stelzer, J., Hand, P., Gober, B., Gousby, M., McCloskey, A Second Row-Mantia, T., Graham, D., Caldwell, A., Heberle, W., McManus, K Pfeiffer, D., Mueller, J., Huth, B., Spatz, W., Blessing, J., Sullivan, R Buchholz, J., T bird Row-Kreidler, J., Reynolds, G., Perreira, G., Mitchell, I., Watercutter, Carter, J., Dineen, R., Kline, W., Hageman, R., Gombert, W., Fitzgerald, Smith, M., Shafer, J., Fourth Row-Kalleda, G., Graycroth, B., Burnich, W., Mehary, J., Schulte, Cooper, M., Hoefler, G., Fulwiler, J., Girard, T., Mauch, E., Koehmen, Creager, E., L. T. R J an r'vf'Qvgf. 1' Y his f"' 'CTC' if has ll f' lil I ,., ',.lQ1,l'T 1,1-, 7 -1 9 -9 Y 1 -9 -3 First Row-Stanch, J., Griffiths, W., Janney, J., Lee, P., Stonebarger, P., Argast, M., Carroll, A., Dwenger, D., Limbert, S., Reardon, E., Siegel, J., York, G. Second Row-Holsapple, D., Reid, R., Ryan, J., Seuffert, T., Kilbane, J., Rape J., Sommers, N., Crotty, L., Norris, R., Gosset, R., Zamorski, D., Pinto, J. Third Rau--Richards, J., Marrero, C., Clark, C., Howe, R., Klein, W., Voss, L. Zimmerman, D., Zengel, J., Todia, J., Smith, M., Krusen, D., 9 9 7 5 Fourth Row-Kennedy, R., Shepard, I., Riley, J., Anticoli, A., Pfeiffer, J., Harr, G., Shelton, E., Elliott, T., Carroll, J., Price, J., Page Seventy-five FR ESH M AN BUSl NESS First Row-Douglas, R., Carbonell, M., Cramer, P., Beyke, C., Seremetis, V., Hawkes, J., Beans, M., Dell, N., Aiello, P., Henz, J., Luke, K., Second Row-Wfestendorf, R., Borgert, T., Hornick, W., Weaver, P., Keegan, A., Barnwell, R., Maggiacomo, A., Mendoza, N., Cadle, C., Chase, W., Sauer J., Bertino, J., Third Rou'-Bailey, C., Meyer, J., Wiedemann, E., Hgoston, L., Marsico, F., Miller, J., McNamara, R., Kramer, A., Falke, L., Roth, K., MacNaughton R., Lee, P., Hilbert, W., lflRliSlJlMAN lZDlTllA'l'lON First Row-Finney, L., Culp, A., Monaghan, I., Tangeman, J., Cress, N., Oldiges J., Toombs, M., Hickey, S., Mountjoy, M., McAvoy, R., Hicks, W., W'hite, B. Second Row-Hess, E., O'Neill, A., McDonough, R., Willoughby, R., Carriker, D., Booher, J., Williams, B., Crowe, J., Deming, R., Baxter, C., Walter, M. Mason, W., Third Ron'-Quinlan, O., William, J., Tucker, S., Lehner, R., Grigsby, C. Friedlander, R., Coleman, N., Kelley, R., Poliquin, J., Moorman, C., Kehl W., Meyer, C., Fourth Row-Thomas, V., Stewart, F., Seyler, G., Cutcher, W., Brown, R. Houston, R., Page Seventy-six 1 1 9 7 7 . 7 ,,..,,. l i., ,.l ,,.r ,.,...r First Row-Breidenbach, H., Kurfiss, N., Reinhard, W., Aufderheide, M., Fitz- gerald, J., Greene, J., Eisenhauer, R., Second Row-Ireland, F., Fleming, D., Barriteau, R., Searle, J., Moeder, J., Weber, J., Yost, R., Bricker, T., Third Rau'-Rieger, W., Recher, E., Smith, D., Fitz, C., Garwood, D., Gay, D., O'Donnell, M., Winter, R., Herald, J., fF'Y7.SfflT. I 'S il T Tl Vffl, First Row-Reisch, J., Kraffmiller. S., Reibold, R., McQuaid, Knese, D., Jurena, F., Cunningham, J., Bottorf, G., Second Row-Romer, C., Petkwitz, P., Kelble, D., Wehinger, R., Braun, J., Buscher, C., Yanada, T., Doland, J., Schulbert, F., Third Row-Cunningham, T., Loe, W., Rutledge, R., Rynn, J., Kaiser, D., Spieller, R., Carmer, C., Caldwell, F., Brown, J., Page Seventy-seven E3.ESIil.fQAl. T .El IQQIS-TEE.EiL. First Row-Allen, D., McGrath, R., Thoma, T., Weaver, C., Chenez, G., Walker W., Cordell, G., Krug, M., Miller, XV., Second Row-Hoberg, P., Reddy, D., Grimme, D., Drescher, O., Chasteen, W., Osborn, W., MaHoney, J., Bottin, F., Ho, J., Third Row-Dixon, R., Hemm, K., Mortimer, E., Vannorsclall, J., Hennessy, P. Luthman, E., Thomas, R., Jordan, W., Hoke, R., Meyer, J., Fourtb Row-Antunano, E., Troxel, R., Jauch, E., Kink, C., Hovey, W., Fu, C., Pax, A., Walsh, W., Mulanovich, E., Andrews, F., Howard, C., Walsh, J., ii',f.iS,i l.,.f.l F LjfQQ.fl iflj First Row-Yim, H., Schmidt, R., Hilgeman, C., Garret, H., Howley, M. Hochwalt, R., Brun, M., Koehler, J., Rauscher, R., Weaver, C., Brown, H. Heimann, C., Russell, J., Second Row-Tegenkamp, T., Schilforth, J., Hafner, W., Ryan, L., Scalzitti, C. Siemer, W., Shroyer, R., O'Neill, A,, Schaefer, F., Plunket, C., Warren, J. Pustinger, J., Third Rw-Oakes, W., Razzano, F., Sasala, F., Shaner, W., Telek, J., Wade, W. Pruzzo, J., Salamon, T., Wilson, W., Plyes, B., Whitson, W., Schuler, R. Fourth Row-Watson, L., Ballentine, R., Hock, XV., Rose, R., Sparks, J., Delp D., Johnson, O., Huston, R., Koverman, J., Peltier, T., Mills, R., Wooley, E. Kronour, C., Page Seventy-eight 7 7 7 7 3 7 7 FRESHMAN SCIENCE First Row-Leonida, D., DeSaro, C., Duffy, A., Johnson, H., Moore, J., Bielitz, G., Dugan, M., Dale, K., Theodoras, M., Hoying, E., Brown, C., Second Row-Bravo, E., DePedro, A., File, T., Baujan, G., Freese, E., Barker, P., Lazarony, L., Johnson, A., Loeffler, D., Lehman, J., Cannarozzi, L., Eche- mann, R., . Third Row-Schoeffman, J., Hagan, T., Boggan, J., Baumgarten, J., Omlor, Mahon, F., Maclvor, J., Altmeyer, J., Cronin, J., Ferris, W., Gerhart, Bean, L., Kinkade, P., Fourth Row-Carmoega, R., Cooper, D., Duncan, J., Like, L., Banford, Loveland, XV., Ford, D., Busse, B., Burroughs, E., Hoover, E., Anderson, Schwartz, N., Curtis, R., G R D T -7 -9 'Y -s Page Seventy-nine Zn Memoriam james Brennan "As we live so shall we die"-and how did james Brennan live? jim was an ideal U. D. student, cheerful, spiritual, and gen- erous. His cheerfulness was portrayed by his spirited and infectuous smile, and many times he walked out of his way to greet a fellow student with a friendly "hello" and a few other appropriate words. We all had occasion to be favored with his good nature that beamed from a beautiful soul. Many a time jim stopped on his way down town to fill his car with students who needed a ride. That little quality portrayed the kind of friendliness and Christian charity that should be seen in all U. D. students, a genuine and useful family spirit. Page Eighty Jim Brennan realized so well that a healthy intellectual and religious life is impossible without self-restraint in the physical life. He therefore resolved his life in accordance with his ideals. God was pleased with the efforts and he took jim home to Himself. This little but powerful resolution should be a strong incentive to those who grow weak in their good resolutions during their student days. Looking back into the pages of his book, of life, we realize in the life of james Bren- nan the fulfillment of the promise of our Lord, "Well done thou good and faithful servant. Because thou has been faithful in a few things, I shall place thee over many things." Excerpts from a sermon delivered by Rev. Thomas H. Bodie, S. M. ,, .1 ' '1. 2, I1 H f?'Wf'?"ff"V" " ' Jf"f'?."'5K, YI? V 4B'f'Y 5 1.1. mgyg- - Vrlw, X - ' -mg. Nj 'N ' . r , 4 ,g . , 5 rf , ? . E 6 . E. . I 2 -1 1 1 1 , ,H 3 I M. 3:1 ' 'lin' A - '-.m 1 - - .w,'I:,..,- xl ' ' 1 v 'L my .' !' I . :H-P? w l CHVHIQS otivation SER NE USUALLY judges the worth of an object by its service. A citizen may be measured by the service he renders to his community-a soldier by the service he renders to his cause. Serv- ice is expected of all of us at some time in our lives and we should be ready to give our best to meet the call. Realizing this, the students and faculty at the University of Dayton heartily endorse all extra-curricular activities, be they academic or social. Teachers believe such activities provide prac- tical application of knowledge gained which will enable a stu- dent to perform a greater service in his chosen field. Students, likewise, sense the feeling of pride that comes with serving well and also the burden of responsibility that is imposed by an assigned task. Thus the campus activities at this university play no small part in the student's development. They are the proving grounds of college education. I w g fr ' 1 I Q .' I 4 . .4 1 5 V F e -,nail '1 E i I ' 5 f 'X I 1 N1 V4 e I L1 lg NQS .,1.J if ff" , A 0 ,,j KSJHLITCELDWJS Liirggmmnzzmwms Mfusis :md Ummm FPIMIDMQQMUHS lE4MiQa'3211'fw ACTIVITIES EDITOR JAMES LEIST Left to riglal-J XValsh. R Munger, M. Ens, P. Kuntz, A. Coberly, E. Seeboeck, J. Wagner, E. King, V. Seiler, H. lferrazza, T. Hagan, R. Fleishman. Student Council HE Student Council of 1948-1949, guid- ed by president Ed Seeboeck, vice presi- dent jack Wagner, secretary Anita Coberly, and treasurer Leo McGarry, will be remem- bered as the one that brought the Student Senate into being. This, the most important accomplishment of the year, came about as the result of work done by the Council's Committee for constitutional Revision. The project was originally conceived to accomplish only the revision of the Student Council Con- sitution. However, it grew and developed until it had created a completely new represen- Page Eighty-four tative body for student legislation, to work in conjunction with the Student Council. Members of the Revision Committee were Frank Ferrazza, Pete Kuntz, Leo McGarry, Ray Munger, and jim Walsh. The Council's other activities included the sponsoring of various social affairs, provid- ing financial backing for several dances and other activities, making recommendations to the administration concerning desired im- provements on the campus and within differ- ent organizations and among the student body in general. Firrt row-A. Chong, G. Schinbechler, N. Routzahn, J. Momaghan, C. McMullen, J. Kelly, j. Whartong Second mu'-N. Cofer, D. Custenborder, R. Reidy, G. Klosterman, D. Burke, D. Rineyg Third row-L. Fitzgerald, A. Krouse, I. Sheplhard, J. Leist, B. Hulsopple, N. Nye, R. Hennessey X . c, , Y.- ..- ,V .,,, , ,, ..,,, ,, , V "Senate Members at work" TUDENT Senate was com- posed of a representative from every active organization on campus. The officers for the scholastic year '48-'49 were Ned Cofer CU. D. Playersb, presidentg Dave Burke fElectrical Engineersb, vice presidentg James Leist CDay- tonianb, treasurerg and Joanne Monaghan CC.S.M.C. D , secretary. The main activity for this year was to raise S1000 for Student Relief principally by sponsoring the Spring Music Festival at the Memorial Hall. After the revision of the Stu- dent Council, Student Senate will take an active part in Stu- dent government. Page Eighty-five First row-C. Dorian, J. Nunez, H. Cichanowicz, R. Burtner, R. Biedenbender, G. Moon, Dr. Schraut, L. Fitzzgeraldg Serond row-R. Henessey, J. Schnell, J. Quinlisk, J. Cochran, H. Pritchard, E. Jamming, R. Collinsg Third row-D. Smith, R. Alder, R. Lehman, D. Croszew- ski, D, Moore, R. Segers. B. Rothg Fourth row-D. Kahle, E. Duane, J. Wehner, H. Alle- meier, D. Riney, H. Hormanng Fifth row-J. Gallagher, G. Mills, L. Kruskampg On wall- M. Ens, P. Northrup, A. Renther, E. Morrisey, J. Baumgarten, G. Ryan, R. Luthman, K. Cramer. "Lecture By George Moon" Page Eighty-six ath Club HE Mathematics Club has as its purpose the discussion of some of those topics of mathe- matics which are not ordinarily treated in under- graduate text courses. During the year the club heard a number of student papers which were entered in the com- petition for the Dean of Science Award. This award is given each semester to the student who has delivered the best paper to the club. During November the club traveled to Cin- cinnati Observatory where Professor Paul Her- gert delivered a talk and demonstration on "The Application of Electrical Computing Machines to Astrononical Calculations." George D. Moon, senior chemical engineering student, was president of the club. John Quinlisk was vice president, Joseph Schell secretary, Jorge NuNez, treasurer, Robert Hennessey, publicity secretary during the first semester, and Richard Segers during the second semester. PONSORED by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the M. E. S. has been active on the U. D. campus since 1936, when it was founded, largely through the ef- forts of Brother Andrew Weber. Its purpose was threefold: educational, fraternal, and char- itable. Lectures given by men prominent in all the fields of engineering serve to acquaint the members of the society with some of the problems encountered in their careers as mechanical engineers A spirit of fellowship was fostered by consolidated effort of the members in various campus activities through- out the year, and by the annual St. Patrick's Day party, given in honor of the patron saint of mechanical engineers. The M. E. S. was unique among the organizations at the U. of D. in its charitable activities. Each year at Christmas time donations are made, through solicitation of the members of the society, to several charitable organizations. Brother Jerome Parr acts as faculty ad- visor for the M. E. S., this year's officers were Bob Funke, president, Paul O'Brien, Secre- tary-treasurer, and Jim Riley, publicity chair- man. Mechanical Engineers First row--H .XVright, H. Gano, C. Brenner, D. Longnecker, A. Ebert, M. Steeley, C. Hel- mig, M. Hartman, J. Renaker, R. Rostg Second 1-ow-D. Trembley, J. Riley, T. Lechner, J. Zimmerman, M. Salzarulo, N. Breesman, H. Monnin, R. Puterbaugh, C. Cline, Third row-C. Dietz, J. Mueller, J. Walsh, D. Wendeln, R. Link, J. Medisch, R. Fulton, R. Funke, E. McDonald, Pozzrlb row-B. Stitt, O. Uth, W. Walter, R. Loeb, M. Prather, J. Habig. J. O'Conne1l, J. Baumgarten, R. Wourms, R. Hahn, M. Lewis, E. Rauscher, P. O'Brien, G. Goss, E. Connorg Iiiftb row-N. Holzmann, L. Fitzgerald. W. Horner, L. Kruskamp, J. Gallagher, L. XVatson. R. Schaefer, J. Noll, G. Ryan, B. Turner, K. Cramer, J. Pernik, W. Meyers, J. Bell, T. Skelton, D. Phelan, J. Elliott, R. Greiner, C. Beatty, D. Lehman. 5.,g,L,,3,,, Mi,-M A A ,M H My ,, ' Page Eighty-seven picture of medical significance, to be hung First row-R. XX"eaver, R. McClelland, F. Hussey, A. Huffman, J. Logel, R. Rapp, P. Fahey, I. George, N. Cleveland, M. Slattery, T. Foster, D. Yee, H. Kelso, Second row-C. Fecher, D. Menker, M. Wohl, H. Wong, V. Young, J. Schell, R. Wickham, A. Rodriguez, G. Hannah, R. Lee, M. Powers. C. Berthams, W. Fitzpatrick, H. Wong, Third row-G. Oshiro, J. W'harton, T. Graul, L. Melia, G. Young, R. Knee, R. Kovach, G. Thompson, P. Schumacher, J. Alder, G. Cook, T. Cirillo, K. Scholl, J. Finke, R. Hoban, J. Leary, Fourth row- D. Waugh, YV. Schweller, R. Turner, T. Weisman, N. Rose, L. Froning, J. Gurnick, J. Lochte- fold, R. Connair, XV. Shine, A. Bok, N. Pudzinski, D. Fricke, J. Danford, E. Jackowski, L. Vogue, V. Shampton. Sigma Delta HE Sigma Delta Pi Honorary Premedical Society finished another year in its series of successes since its origin in 1936. The fall and spring picnics, the Christ- mas party, and Annual Banquet were the four social events of the year's calendar. The departing seniors perpetuated their memory through the donation of a suitably-framed in the third floor corridor of St. Mary Hall. The officers responsible for the high in- terest this year were: Randall McClelland, president, Victor Shampton, vice-president, Alan Wickham, treasurer, and Frances Hus- sey, secretary. The moderator of the club is Dr. Louis A. Saletel, S. M. dean of the division. Institute of Radio Engineers Front rou'-A. Chong. J. Kelly, R. Kral, D. Northrop, D. Smith, Second rou'-R. O'Brien, T. Holloran, D. Groszewski, J. Quinlisk, B. Horst, Third row-H. Prit- chard, R. Lehman, R. Cooper, F. Raso, O. Kres, Fourth rou'-E. Johnson, F. Rauscher, T. Dinan, D. Murphy, J. Berise, E. Schole, Bark row-G. Share, T. Lorenz, B. Wheelock, F. Grimm. D. Thome, E. Moorman, Bro. L. H. Rose, J. Their, K. Smith, C. Clune. HIS year has been the beginning of the University of Dayton Stu- dent Branch of the Institute of Radio Engineers. As a part of the year's program of activities, a number of distinguished guest speakers from the I. R. E. and the lndustry were presented to the weekly sessions of the branch, a series of technical papers prepared by stu- dent members were also presented weekly. Assisting Mr. Groszewski on the executive committee of the organiza- tion were Robert O'Brien, vice-presi- dent, John Quinlisk, secretary, Thom- as Halloran, treasurer, Dr. Paul Tay- lor, chairman of student activities of the Dayton Branch of the I. R. E. and Brother Rose, faculty advisor. I DELTA RHO, the Electrical Engineering Society was official- ly founded in 1940. It is an outgrowth of the seminar class for Electrical En- gineering students, the prime purpose of which was to familiarize its mem- bers with the profession through lec- tures and field trips. Pi Delta Rho is the parent organi- zation of the Student Chapter of the Institute of Radio Engineers which was founded this school year on the campus and now functions as an al- ternate for Pi Delta Rho. The officers of the organization for this year were Dave Bourke, president, and Joe Warren, secretary. Brother Louis rose serves as faculty advisor. ' lf- .-,. ,- A -- f f ... 1.-.-. IRST among the University's Engineering Societies to be nationally affiliated is the Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. This year's ambitious program of lectures, inspection trips, ASCE Meetings and Conferences promoted many contacts with practicing engineers and encouraged the de- velopment of professional ideals. Junior and ,Vg ,W-ve .fy U , .. ' ff-' . ww , ' gg 'Ter' ... :wh is lie' 'wtf First row-J. Thompson, R. Hose, R. Burtner, H. Cichanowicz, A. Klamog Second row-N. Hauck, D. Bourke, T. Lauer, R. Tanis, D. Kahle, H. Corbett, L. Suttmang Third 1-ou'-W. Albright, N. Lowry, C. Kroemer, O. Lake, A. Ruether, D. Gordon, G. Mills Wfall and last rou'-H. Pauls, J. Warren, T. Strasser: H. Trigg, Bro. L. Rose, C. Steele, C. Kohler, M. Wen- deln, T. Vehr, T. Hoeffel, R. Gronotte. Senior Civil Engineering students constitute its membership, Bro. George Spahn is faculty Advisor and Prof. Joseph Chamberlain is Con- tact Member. The officers and committee chairman were: Seniors Harry Gaeke, Edward Gmeiner, Theodore Liensch and Philip Ostendorf, and Juniors Charles Dorian and James Tartag- lione. First row-J. Cochran, A. Smith, A. Runkel, G. Vance, F. Wagner, C. Dorian, T. Hug, R. Ruschau, E. Goochg beczmd rou'-P. Ostendorf, B. Kirsch, G. Tallman, C. Earnhart, J. Andrews, J. Unterburger, R. Winemiller, E. Gmeiner, T. Lienschg Third rou'-H. Gaeke, J. Tartaglione, C. Wfesterfield, E. Mai, J. Muth, N. Katsicadamas, R. Arndts, R. O'Brien, M. Rose, L. Mudd, Bro. G. Spahn. L Y -,, . l , -H , First row-J. Redman, J. Hull, F. Fiste, D. Dixon, B. Yox, D. McAnespie, L. Kappeler, J. Monaghan, K. Knese, M. Hieber, M. Crotty. P. Aiello, V. MacMillan, T. Kelble, M. Paullin, Rev. J. Finke, .Seuronrl row-P. Cashman, M. Hess, P. Schmidt, M. Favorie, M. Huesman, M. Brun, B. Montague, M. Nagle, A. Griffin, I. Monagham, L. Hironaka, K. Mencsik, C. Mclwlulleng Third row-B. Klein, J. Farrel, M. Susco, J. Sheridan, J. Mueller, N. Crnkc vich, D. Seifert, R. Slick, D. Knese, P. Kinkade, C. Arnold, W. Curley, S. Kraff- millerg Fonrlb rms-I.. l-luelsman, J. ..unez, A. Kulinski, W. Kelin, J. Walsh, P. Hankel, C. Cannon, A. Deliom, J. Quinn, J. Keil, J. Sasala, W. Ferris, Fiflb mu'-W. Bombeck, G. Schinbeckler, T. Reichard, J. Ramus, L. Buchner, T. Bertsch, R. Schulte, C. Miller, F. Becker, KW. Tllome, H. Probst, T. Pohlabel. UE to a phenomenal increase in membership of 25092 the scope of activities of the Catholic Students Mis- sion Crusade included new features of weekly executive meetings, monthly panel discussions with outside speakers, and membership cards. A national organization with veter- "A Weekly C. S. M. C. Meeting" an, college, and junior units, the main objects of C. S. M. S. were to study, work, and pray for the missions. Traditional to C. S. M. C. were spec- ial first Friday masses, "Halloween Har- vest" dance, several social gatherings, and a "Mission Treatf, The Paladin jewel, a national award, was for the first time awarded publicly in the University chapel to Joanne and Immaculata Monaghan, Alvin Neff, Lois Kappeler, and Patricia Cashman. Officers were: Joanne Monaghan, president, Daniel Palmert, vice presi- dent, Lois Kappeler, recording secretary, Nancy Niswonger, corresponding sec- retary, and Alvin Neff, treasurer. Page Ninety at which current problems were dis- cussed by business leaders. better understanding of business result- Serond rou'-N. Crinkovich, L. Kessler, B. Lewis, V. Stefanek, E. Flaherty, P. Walker, J. Schlemmer, R. Neff s A. Gordon, P. Michel, Doctor O'Leary, moderator, Third row-W. Gickes, J. Shimoda, A. Krause, J. Flanni- gan, T. Earheart, P. Meyers, R. Stevens, D. Schnorr, G. Andrews, M. Scheffer, B. Nolan, N. Wilbur' 1 Fourth rou'-B. Richards, J. Merkle, D. Frost, K. Knese, T. Johnson, J. Mallory, B. Wright, C. Olinger, R Kaiser, E. Stoermerg Fifth row-H. Humpert, J. Haacke, L. Lacey, R. Macmahon, H. Romer, R. Wiederman J. Elliot, D. Eynon, Campbell, R. Fulwiler, R. Luthman, J. Boechman, R. Kilchnerg Sixth ron'-J. Ryan, W Farren, J. Kimmel, F. Hickey, D. Meyers, R. Oppenheim, Standing-H. Sills, J. Reynolds, P. Hester, H Tressler, H. Curtner, J. Tully, J. McGarry, J. Jeffries, J. Shroyer, J. Moore, W. Weis, On wrzll-W. Elli: frit, J. Moorman, D. Custenborder, R. Lemming, H. Meyers, P. Hickey, H. Curtner, G. Hochwalt, B. Mann J. Schaefes, R. Abiento. HE objective of the Business Or- ganization and Economics Club was - F - to broaden and intensify the students' . knowledge of Management, Banking, Fi- nance, Marketing and economic prob- lems. Activities of the group included plant visitation, informal discussions, showing of industrial films, and dinners ,Officers of Economics Club, Students gained and profited from a ing from their participation in the ac- tivities of the club. Dr. E. B. O'Leary, Professor and head of the departments of Business Or- ganization and Economics served as mod- erator of the group. Officers of the club were: L. H. La- cey, presidentg Ed Seeboeck, vice presi- dent, Harold Selz, secretary, and D. Cus- tenborder, treasurer. Page Ninety-one First row-G. Stoicek, J. Hogan, J. Meyers, D. Hickey, T. Trigg, R. Young, C. Montforte, R. Mains, J. Stangg 9 9 ---4, NX! Ne.. J W A 1 Fust rou'-D. Voss, B. Malone, Second row-R. Westendorf, M. Stauffer, Third rou'-H. Humpert, Bro. Wehrle, S. M., F. Hickey, J. Vandersorst, C. Zimmer, ll"all-J. Walsh, J Mark, J. Kelly, T, Berger. HE highlights of the debate season were the Eastern Tour and the Regional NFC- CS Debate Tournament held in Cincinnati. De- parting from the usual custom in the past, Upsilon Delta Sigma sent both an affirmative and a negative team on the tour. The affirma- tive team was made up of james Kelly and William Hulsopple, the negative team, james Gilvary and David Voss. These men debated at John Carroll and Case Institute of Tech- nology, Canisius and the University of Buf- falo, St. Bonaventure, Manhattan, Seton Hall, LaSalle, and St. joseph, The Catholic Univer- sity, St. Vincent, and Duquesne. Two fresh- man teams, Charles Zimmer, Donald Schwell- Debaters er, Robert Westendorf, and Theodore Bor- gert took part in the Regional NFCCS Tourna- ment and placed second despite the fact that they competed against varsity teams. All in all Upsilon Delta Sigma engaged in some 31 intercollegiate debates this season. The Presi- dent's award for excellency in debating was won by Bill G. Hulsopple. The season closed with the traditional banquet. Officers of the organization were, presi- dent, james Kelly, vice president, David Voss, secretary, Donald Fahrig, treasurer, james Gil- vary, manager, james Walsh, publicity, Bill Hulsopple. "Tour Gang" fl "In the Kitchen" PSILON DELTA CHI, the Home Econo- mics club used for its theme this year, "Education for Family Life". Although the department was small, the members of the club undertook several large projects for the year. Among them were the ice cream socials Home Economics voted to the Bridal Consultant of the Rike Kumler Company. In December the society was hostess to delegates of five other colleges at the Southern Region Conference of Home Economics Students. Therese Kelble, presi- dent of the U. D. chapter presided over the conference. which netted them a profit to help carry on , n an extensive Program. .Officers were, Therese Kelble, president, Lois Kappeler, vice president, Helen Mellas, recording secretary, Jayne Nyhan, correspond- ing secretaryg Patricia Wilson, treasurer, and Sister Raphael, faculty advisor. Suggestions for Christmas decorations, hair styling, and dress designing were discussed at the monthly meetings. One meeting was de- Firsl rou'-P Hagans, H. Mellas, J. Nyhan, L. Kappeler, T. Kelble, P. Wilson, M. Sprauer Second mu'-H. Brown, M. Hagans, N. Bourquin, M. Ventura, H. Knepper, B. Rauch K. Dale, D. Hamer, Third row-Sr. M. Raphael, M. S. C., P. Hochwalt, P. Howley, J Koehler, M. Brun, A. Remnant, C. McKenzie, S. Pohlmeyer, B. Stringham, C. Heimann. HE University of Dayton Red Cross Col- lege Unit was active in supplying enter- tainment for various community centersg it was active in Water Safety programs and Fund Drives. This year, however, marked a direct expansion in many fields. With an en- rollment of over 60 students on the follow- ing projects, Disaster and preparedness Re- lief, First Aid, Entertainment for community needs, Spring Fund Drive, Goodwill Indus- tries, Home Service, An International Project to acquaint foreign students with typical life scenes of American College students, Motor Service, Water Safety, and in addition to the Unit's own workshop and publicity, featur- ing a College Unit monthly publication. The Unit is a member of the Southern Ohio College Unit's Council. U. D. was host for the Council on February 19, 1949. The Schools attending were, Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio University, University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, and Wittenberg University. The Officers for the year were Bill Huls- opple, president, Guy Porter, vice-president, and jean Kaeppel, secretary-treasurer. Sister Agnes Immaculata was faculty moderator. Mrs. Mildred Lowes was Director of School and College Activities for the Montgomery County Red Cross Chapter. Red Cross It 1 it lou'--P. Davis, J. Vorhees, K. Rasnick, J. Johnston: Second row-G. Porter, F. Schaeffer, P Levacw. C. Rohr, F. Becker, Viva!!-K. Clark, S. McNeil, B. Purinton, M. Henne, B. Hulsoppfle L. Dugan. J. Kaeppel, 5 XXX W NR .kairtg 'Fw . f ,t...,,v - .. ,s .ml . ' as isis- , 'Ntxlg sv, Wax-Efg 5,,,-egfg . e X, Q., " K t . , , -. , s.. rata ft t . r W .4 'fr ,. -s:2..,.3 f' ..,' First ron'--J. Redmond, B. Hodapp, S. Argastg Seconf mu'-B. Stelzer, M. Hagen, M. Crotty, M. llennc il. Kaeppelg Third mu'-M. Hess, K. Knese, B. Behm, P. Curtain, D. McAnespie, B. Yox, L. Watts, B, Purinton. Mrs. M. Hires. HE business club, Beta Upsilon Sigma, is an organization founded for four def- inite purposes. There are: to further the in- terest and cooperation in business and secre- tarial studies at the University of Dayton, to create and further social contacts among the students of the Business Department, to con- tinually improve in knowledge concerning the various fields in business and to keep in touch with the developments in that field.. .and, to train young women to be efficient in their business positions as well as active and ef- ficient leaders in the community. "Gathering of the Business Women's club" ,, ,X-., rw - - 'A- . . 1 u, .f.i...f Its membership is open to all women students taking commercial subjects whose character and scholarship attainment meet the necessary requirements. The year's social events were the Fresh- man Welcome Party, the Christmas Party, Membership Teacher Party, and the Annual Spring Picnic. Officers for the year were Barbara Yox, secretaryg Betty Hodapp, treasurerg Beverly Dehn, vice-presidentg Sue Argast, presidentg Mary Ann Duffy, publicistg Mrs. Mabel Hires, entertainment chairman. Page Ninety-five -'N 'Q Fir-sl ron'-J. Fowler, Second row-R. Hennessey, J. Nunez, B. Roth, Third row-R. Klee, F. Wehner, H. Allemeierg O11 wall-E. Morrisey, I-I. Hofmann, M. Luthman, J. Turmbusch. F. Krein. Page Ninety-six hemistry Society Professional Engineers First row-W. Stitt, H. Chichanowicz, J. Quinlisk, R. Burtner, G. Mills, D. Bourke, D. Wendeln, G. Moon, A. Chong, H. Corbettg Second row-Bro. A. Weber KS. MJ faculty advisor, W. Horner, T. Holloran, R. Kehn, C. Clune, R. O'Brien, D. Gordon, R. Hose, J. Their, R. Gronotte, Bro. J. A. Wehrle KS. MJ Dean of Engineering, Third rou'-A. Elhert, J. Bell, J. Yerger, R. Puterbaugh, D. Dietz, B. Gallagher, D. Smith, J. Mueller, N. Brees- man, F. Parentig Fourth rou'-C. Beatty, J. Thompson, D. Smith, R. Thome, A. Reuther, D. Grozcewski, J. Baumgarten, J. Pernik, D. Kahle, O. Weber, W. Walters, Fifth ron'- B. Horst, N. Hauck, R. Cooper, J. Berise, B. Turner, R. Smith, R. Link, R. Wourms, L. Krus- kamp, G. Ryan. G. Schlagbaum, G. Vance, C. Buckel, L. McGreevy, T. Brost, G. Klos- terman, R. Alberts, W. Baker, T. Peters, A. Ponce, R. Ostwisler, S. Schram '-,J , QM- -. ,1,.,. ,- Firxt row-J. Nunez, R. Connair, A. Bok, J. Wagner, R. Hennessey, P. Barkerg Second row-D. Ferrazza, J. Browne, E. Mag, E. Csizma, B. Hoge, J. Keil. Page Ninety-seven lies First rou'-M. J. Huth, L. Murphy, S. Rosta, Dr. E. A. Huah, G. Schinbeckler, A. Remnant, W. Housting Second rou'-L. Stainback, B. Zakutny, V. Brey, Thomas, Santorsiero, Fremont, B. Edwards, A. DeKom, J. Hankelg Third rou'-Dr. F. Hornback, L. Bowman, G. Nielson, J. Walsh, R. W'ebster, Y. Skarah, M. Sprauer Sociology HE Sociology Club was organized in 1946 under the guidance of Dr. E. A. Huth, to discuss and attempt to understand existing problems in the social field. Under the capable leadership of Grover Schinbeckler, presidentg Anton K. Dekom jr., vice-presidentg jim Walsh, secretary, Sam Houston, treasurer: and Larry Murphy, pro- gram chairman, the club discussed various problems that confront our society. Adding another activity to its schedule the Sociology Club also started issuing a monthly publication, The U. D. Sociologist, which attempted to give the members of the club the opportunity to bring to the attention of all the students the views and possible solutions on problems discussed. I R C First row-G. Schinbeckler, W. Houston, J. Staley, W. Hilbert HIS organization offered all the students of the University an opportunity to study and discuss questions on national and inter- national significance. A competent and well- versed moderator assisted in the promotion of interests in international affairs. Veterans offered personal observations and experiences in the fields abroad. XVarren Grien was president, Grover Schinbechler, vice-presidentg and Irvin Shep- ard, secretary and treasurer. Page Ninety-eight M Strattner Second iou P Lubey C Bors T Elliot I G Shepard, J. Monaghan, Third rou'-B. Minch, D. Carter. ii. Tia P., ,gr-. First rou'-L. Bohman, E. Beauregard, Y. Skarag Second rou'-D. Carter, G. Cook, B. Funk, B. Hilton. HE Nu Epsilon Delta, nurses' honorary society, was organized in 1948, the year celebrating the Diamond jubilee of Nursing. The purpose of the society was to create en- thusiasm for superior scholarship and to de- velop leaders who will advance nursing edu- cation and the profession of nursing. The monthly meetings presented interest- s 'fs 'C' u, HE United World Federalists was an organization started on this campus within the last year, with a united world as their goal. Meetings were held every two 1 1 weeks and many points were discussed. iw Movies were shown and talks were ' given by prominent national and in- ' ternational individuals. Activities such as radio schools were planned. The officers were: L. J. Bohman, chairman, Martha Favorite, vice- chairman, R. Rinke, secretary-treasur- er. Mr. Beauregard was moderator. ing and prominent speakers in the field of nursing and were enlivened with various so- cial activities. Officers of the group were Lois Stainback, presidentg Gertrude Fremont, vice-presidentg Virginia Boez, secretary: and Bernadine Za- kunty, treasurer. Sister Menalia is moderator of the group. I"1'r.vt mu'-Miss Eadler, Miss Langman, Mrs. Fremont. Sister Marie Bernard, Sister Minalia, Sister Teresa Joseph, Sister Bertha. Miss Brey, Mrs. Sliderg Serum! mu'-Miss Herring. Mrs. Anderson, Miss Merrick. Miss Lambers, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Scheidler, Miss Stainback. Mrs. Zatutny, Miss Reed, Miss Thomas, Miss Breighton, Miss Holmes, Miss Horrigan, Miss Sengstacken, Miss Santorsiero. Ifiryl rou'-M. Roll, J. Stewart, E. Boland, L. Fitzgerald. E. Maj J. Walsh, N. Crinkovichg .Second row-L. Sheppard, A. Anderton: T. Erhart, J. Kelly, H. Ferrazza, C. Crowley, R. Paulick, C. Imber "M---s...s.,,,,.LQ-A " ""'! Third ron'-M. Sullivan. G. MacMillan, S. Pohlmeyer, A. Young: J. Rilley, L. Ciracci. D. Imberg Fourth row-A. Griffin, V. Seiler, J. Bell, S. King, D. Ferrazza, M. Quigley, B. Weigel, P. Levacyg Fifth row-M. Whitnian, F. Dersham, K. Knese, G. Vance, S. Vargo, N. Justice, A. Kruse, J. Kimmel, D. Sallo. HE Flyer's Hangar has become a regular feature of the University's social life. It was established in order to further the social contacts among the students and their friends. Dances were held every week at the Loretto with a special dance being held in February celebrating the Hangar's fourth anniversary. The special features of the Flyers Hangar "Present and Past Officers" dances this year were in its decorations which consisted of a different theme for each dance. This work was done with the cooperation of the members of the Flyer's Hangar Committee. The Flyer's Hangar was operated by a committee of 83 students headed by chairman, Ed Bolandg vice-chairman, Dom Gullog Joanne Bell, secretaryg Sue Pohlmeyer, treasurer. "The Sweepersu Page One Hundred Spirit Committee First rou'-M. Whitman, A. Young, T. Erhart, W. Weigal, N Crainkovichg Second row-M. Sullivan, S. Pohlmeyer, E. Boland D. Ferrazza, N. Justice, J. Walsh, J. Kimmel, Third row-L Shepherd, M. Roll, E.King, H. Ferrazza, C. Crowley, L. Fitz gerald, A. Krauseg Fourth row-J. Bell, K. Knese, L. Caracci, J URING the football season, required pep rallys were held for every game and the Spirit Committee saw the team off at the train when the games were away from home. Posters were painted and put in various places around the campus. During Homecoming, the Spirit Committee did a big job in decorating the queen stage, float, and passing pennants throughout the downtown area. Rilley, M. Quigley, D. Gallo, E. Maj. They also arranged an excursion to Cleve- land and one to Toledo under the general chairmanship of Hank Ferrazza assisted by Dom Gullo, Chuck Crowley, and jack Walsh. The officers were: Hank Ferrazza, presi- dentg Dominic Gullo, vice-president, Jack Walsh, treasurer, Marianne Roll, secretary. Page One Hundred One rigs Truman Stewart, Mrs. Mirian Scheuerman, Robert Misland, Lloyd Rensel. NDER the directorship of Lloyd A. Rensel the University Guidance Center assisted individuals in selecting future employment objectives and rendered aid in attaining these objectives. Interviewing, testing, and counselling techniques were employed in obtaining the results necessary for proper vocational selection. The Guidance Center's functions were to serve the students of the University, students in the various high school classes, industrial firms, social agencies, and individuals in the community. Besides placing the students the Center also assisted deficient or withdrawing students at the Dean's request. Guidance was extended in admission and placement, so- cial and religious adjustments, physical examinations, and occupational information. Mr. Rensel included on his staff Marion Scheurrnan, assistant directorg Robert Mislan and William Cahalan, vocational counselors, Charlotte Flory, secretary, and Vera Protsman, clerical worker. Student assistants were Rosemarie Richards, Patricia Olcott, and Susan Waddell. The Veterans Administration Guidance Program, continued as prescribed under M7-2, explained to the veteran his rights for training institutional and on the job training. This division of the Center was headed by Deward Rieck, chief of advisement and guidanceg and assisted by Lou Tschudi, vocational advisor, Don Malloy, train- ing officerg and Margaret Crooks, secretary. Mr. Malloy also supervised all disabled veterans attending the Uni- versity. jim Leist consulting with Don Malloy while Margaret Crooks takes notes" ,R , ,. .. ,- f - ,-f,,-,- y If b,.., "Re Richards busy at the I. B machine" "Charlotte Flory and Vera Protsmanu "Marge Caporal amid the papers" UH h B d M Eu H d gl' 5 ug rown an ary en agan igging up publicity" ITH the enrollment this year at the highest point in the ninety-nine year life of the University, intense demands were placed upon the Publicity De- partment. To produce and place publicity originating on cam- pus, Hugh N. Brown, Director of the Department, had a staff of one full and three part time assistants. john "Stretch" Mahoney, U. D. '48, covered the athletic pro- gram, Clark Ash, Senior Business, was the staff secre- tary, and Marjorie Caporal, Senior Arts, acted as utility clerical assistant. Brown coordinated and supervised the program. Publicising the academic and athletic program of the University was the responsibility of the department. Football being a major sport, required considerable office activity during the fall. Preparation of the sport press book, the official game program, supervision of the press box, routine releases, picture spreads, and tie-ins with special events such as Homecoming were only a few of the many details arising from the grid sport alone. Academic publicity consisted of covering routine spot news, arranging for features, maintaining the best possible press relations, and in general doing the cursory work of the local newspapermen and serving as corres- pondent for area and regional newspapers. "Clarle, Ash running through the "Stretch Mahoney checking the story details .. 1- -..,-.., .J Fin! row-U .Dunn. B. Arnzen, R. Munger, B. Flynn, F. Miller, B. Ginn, J. Moylang Second mu'-I Quinn, J. Vlfagner, B. McKinley. J. Stoerner, L. Ka-ne, J. Banister, F. Toohey, V. Dalyg Thin! mu'--J. Cleary, G. Wolke, R. Wagner, W. Donahue, J. Delp, J. Utermoleng Fonrlb row-S. Kurdziel. F. Kilbane, B. Cochran, J. Zimmerman, B. Gutbrod, D. Babione, B. Lange, B. B. Beckg Fifth ron'-A. Speth. M. Maier. E. Reidy, R. Janaszek, A. Bok, B. Saelzler. ISTINCTIVE of the Monogram club is the cardinal-sweatered athlete who ap- pears on the University's campus. Composed entirely of men who wear the varsity "D", the Monogram club represents an organized ef- fort to increase respect and regard for the coveted Monogram and to uphold the prin- ciple, "Keep athletics at the highest possible standard." Page One Hundred Four Since its conception 24 years ago, the Monogram club has created a cooperative spir- it of loyalty in upholding the athletic prestige of the University of Dayton. This year's of- ficers were Bill Ginn, president, Bob Arnzen, vice presidentg Fred Miller, treasurerg Ray Munger, secretaryg Bob Dunn, sergeant of Arms. RCHESIS, a Greek word meaning dance, a newly founded organization on campus under the direction of Miss Madeline Unger. Its members consisted of twenty Coeds who were studying dance as an art form, and who employed their talents in dance creation and interpretation. Several programs were given during the second semester with the University Chorus providing a background of music for the dances. The University Chorus and Orchesis were the first groups to combine choral ac- companiment to dance in this city. Active members of Orchesis were: Ann Anderton, Pat Serrer, Mary Toombs, Cynthia Smith, Anita Coberly, Carol Hilgeman, Nancy Routzahn, Lynn Showalter, Dorothy Dixon, joy Vorhees, Mary Argast, Rosalie McAvoy, Gloria Cacchione, Dorothy Dwenger, Jeanne Stewart, joyce Phillips, Jeanne Moore, Mary Ann Paullin. Page One Hundred Five First rou'-Marianne Roll, Pat Serrer, Frances Dershem, Ann Anderson, Dorothy Dixon, Charlotte Hollinger, Second row- Virginia MacMillan, Dorothy Shartle, Ruth Stevens, Mary Hunt, Janette McKayg Third row-Carol Hilgeman, Nancy Routzahn, Rosalie McAvoy. Joan Oldiges. Shirley Limbert, Dorothy Dweng- er, Suzanne Hickey, Mary Ann Paulling Fonrtb rou'-Peggy Davis. Jane Hixon, Lynn Showalter, Wilma Van Fossan, Caro- line Weaver, Margaret Howley, Mary Ann Hess, O11 the wall- Miss Janette Dolby, Paula Hochwalt, Joan Kolhler, Mary Lou Lienesch, Pat Stonebarger, Ann Griffin, Celeste McMullen, Catherine Knese. .A. A. PENING the season with hockey the Wo- men's Athletic club staged an active campaign this year. In- cluded in the program was basketball, volleyball, soft- ball, tennis, ping pong, bad- minton, archery, golf, and fencing. Basketball season was cli- maxed by the All Star game, while Play Day at the Univer- sity of Cincinnati held early spring interest. Picnics, dan- ces, and weiner roasts com- prised the social activities. Officers were: Charlotte Stout Hollinger, president, Frances Dershem, vice presi- dent, Virginia MacMillan, secretary, Nancy Routzahn, treasurer, and Lynn Showalt- er, chairman of awards. HE Physical Education club was organized this past year to promote interests in physical education and rec- reational activities in and out- side of the university. These activities included motion pic- tures of the different football games, an orientation program of the rules and regulations of boys and girls basketball, guest speakers, and papers by students. The requirements for the club were that one be a sec- ond semester freshman with a physical education major or a minor with scholastic stand- ing of 2.5 average. The officers were Jim Han- by, president, Howard Thom- as. vice presidentg Kenneth Pritzer, treasurerg Mary Ruth Fletcher, secretary. Page One Hundred Six - and Physical Ed. First mu'-H. Ferrazzo, L. Cumminjs, M. Casey, B. Otten. Joe Runkel. D. Smith: Seromi rozz'-J. Borchers, E. Booher, G. Burger, D. Weaver, F. Tuite, H. Thomas: Third row-M. Mar- tin, J. Streberl, W. Zimmerman, B. Campbell. J. Scheidler, R. Gossett, R. Galbraith: Fonrlb row-J. Keplinger, B. Ginn. J. Hanby, B. Gutbrod, K. Pitzer. MUSIC and DRAMA .f f mi -jf 4' -,K We First row-C. Smith, N. Cleveland, H. Matheny, W. Fitzpatrick, R. Thoma, W. Mayer, J. Dakin, T. Lorenz, R. Echman, E. Darr, J. Hull, C. Heimang Second row-M. Theo- doras, M. A. Hess, M. Balsom, J. Schubert, F. Raso, L. Melia, R. Cooper, T. Kelbley, F. Frounfelker, T. Downey, H. Melia, P. Davis, F. Valley, J. Burton, O. Rhoades, J. Crowe, N. Routhzahng Third row-R. Deforrest, W. Wagner, R. Hilton, R. Campbell, G. Moor- man, R. Sherman, C. Perrotta, F. Brown, Fourth rou'-N. McNeal, C. Weaver, R. Rieger, J. Mueller, T. Sheetz, A. Barnhorn, T. Seuffert, R. Troxel, R. Adviento, W. Schneberger, J. Dollan, P. Souch, F. Walsh, R. Thygerson, J. Meyer, E. Weimer, K. Dale, C. Beykeg Fifth mu'-S. McNeil, J. Pratt, L. Schlafman, T. Cunningham, T. Thoma, G. Schmidt, R. Minnerup, F. Dale, XV. Thornton, J. O'Neil, F. Freauf, J. Smith, G. Bottorf, C. Plunket, J. Duncan, F. Becker, W. Beecroft, J. Batsche, R. Hunkelerg Sixth row-Nelson N. Harper, fJr. Asst Directory, D. McFarland, K. Morrissey, E. Flick, R. Dawson fDrum Maiorl, C. Moorman, W. Ferry, T. Reichard, M. F. Heichard fDirectorJ THE BAN OMPLETING another year of double- duty as a marching unit and a concert group, the University of Dayton Band looks back on a highly successful season with justi- fied pride. Concentrated practice and drill shaped the Band up for the first football game, played with John Carroll at Cleveland. Before the season was completed, the Band had cheered the Flyer team on in nine of the ten contests, including Toledo, Xavier, and long-remembered Chattanooga trips. The sou- thern jaunt was the crowning achievement of the year. Dayton boosters won't forget the reception accorded the Band by the hospitable Tennessee partisans. "Dixie", "St, Louis Blues", and "Tennessee Waltz", all played on the field with appropriate formations led by All-American Bob Dawson, might have had a little to do with the hearty welcome. While practising for the concert season, the Band livened up the Flyer basketball games at the Coliseum. , , " - K- f The Twenty-third Annual Concert, played 'r a- ' W X r -t-t - - - - in the NCR Auditorium, climaxed the year s concerts, which included performances at the 2 Soldierls Home and local high schools. Soloists ,1. .-'Ie -. , "T"f..'q'.3xg-.' -'jj 1: ,...... ' . -11.3,-gf ff ':" r yggiiufff-I ' 1fE3:,ig?p,I'1fi:.:j55Ig.:1'fsigflgfgsiii . is t- , '. ,.,i Xxstgz ei' ,, se 'Pi xxx "i..tffi: 1 t Rx., ,' lixsf 1' ?'X1tL'3 '. -X of , su .- '- z ta., sr '- ' 1 ., stalls 3 .. . X 2 X Q -A f-.uw "fi NJ. vm sts. . -J .. Q NX. ., V.: seas. .V . wat- .1 ..+z.'1.-we ...waves - was . X . W .gr wif A f K fa A . . . .i..,- h , .ye Q . M Q, ,wa .S t. s ,K ,L mf ss - - N E' V " ' ,Y ,. 1' '-fr N- we xpisli . ,s Hp- -1 1 . I 'cj ,,,g','- ,.. Q.. f . - ,NN T 'M' ff.. -7-vi SEO ' ,Q Sf 'I i A U F5357 'W""'?'.'1' PP -, . -as S . , Q F V fwrrw A me . 5 K f 4 F HIS year the U. D. chorus looked back over the fruitful activities of twelve years. Reorganized in 1947 under the leadership of Mr. Nelson Harper, Jr., the chorus became an independent organization with the pur- pose of devoting its activities in studying and presenting choral music, and to promote bet- ter public relations for our University. Inaugurating this new policy were a series of concerts in Dayton and outside this city. The present officers of the chorus, Bill Risch, president, Luke Knapke, vice-presidentg Bill Thornton, business managerg Anton K. DeKom, Jr., publicity manager, Nancy Rout- zahn, secretaryg and Jane Pratt, librarian, and the members, together with Mr. Nelson Harp- er, conductor, hope to be the true exponents of choral activity on this campus. Mixed Chorus Fin! rou'---M. Hunt, R. Stevens, C. Smith, M. J. Huth, M. McNeil, J. Pratt, K. Clark, N. Roulzahn, A Arnold, Carrington, E. Rowan, B. White, N. Harperg recom! row-M. Welday, B. Jackson. M. Aufderheide, S. McNeil, C. Heiman, N. Brenner, R. Rauscher. N. Cress, J. Hixson. N Cleveland, M. A. Hessg Third row-D. Carter, T. Reichard, W. Breen, D. Matheny, C. Clunc, C. Moorman, J. Gleason, J. Valley, C. Moorman, B. Thorntong Fourth row---B. VVebl'-er, A. Dekom, L. Knapke, B. Rish, T. Knapke, J. Schilforth, B. Thygerson, T. Lorenz, H. Moots, B. Spellman. - 2 ji., ' 'vw , . L J. Mi V ,MM ,WM M ., .-.. 1' W: .5 SQL? 1 . . .- A, Q lt :ax .31 Y f ii ss fl , Page One Hundred Ten ts -sf . Xx.XX cut, . First row-Mr. Harper, T. Reichard, D. Carter, C. Moorman, J. Abele, J. Schmaltzg Second row-B. XX'eber, D. McFarland. G. Schmidt, F. Freuf, J. O'Neil. E. Moormang Third row- T. Knapke, K. DeVore, G. Moorman, S. Tucker, L. Like. "Practice" .,-K.. . , X .--. it M 2.2 in 4 1 ,ac Y.- M' The Men's Glee Club, first organized in 1920, has marked another eventful year on its calendar. Although small in number, it pre- sents music in keeping with its high traditions. Under the direction of Nelson N. Harper, Jr. the Glee Club appeared in the Annual Christ- mas Concert and other campus programs. Several programs were given at nearby high schools. The final appearance of the Glee Club was as a part of the May Festival pro- gram given at Memorial Hall. Officers for the year were Thomas Reich- ard, President, John O'Neil, Treasurer, Ger- ald Schmidt, Business Manager, Fred Freauf, Librarian, Terrence Lorenz, Accompanist. Page One Hundred Eleven URTAIN in two minutesp, NIS that e- Norris Hellwig left responsible places to be Firxt row--WX Ellifrii, J. Combs, J. Rhoades, J. Schwindler, J. Auerg Second 1-ou'-M. A. Hess, N. Cofer, P. Dr-vis, T. Aldrerge, M. Brown, P. Ens, Mr. J. McGrath, Third row-J. Sheridan, T. McDonough, C. Uher, Fourth rou'-C. Heiman, A. Kulinski, J. Hull, J. Ferrell, B. Cochran, H Mootsg Fifth row-A. Anduze, M. Susco, J. Walsh, G. Daly, N. Hellwig, M. Stauffer: Sixth rou'-M. Wittman, L. Kappeler, R. Busic, J. McKay, N. Nutini, J. Glea- son, B. Funke, R. Mullins, T. Mantia, P. Lee, F. Hickeyg Seventh row-G. Stovicek, J. Kelly, B. Donahue. C. Brandt. ....,-sr, ,. nough eyebrow pencil?" "The nails, stu- pid, the nails!" With these and similar agitat- ed expressions, the University Players skyrock- eted thru their third successful season. Staged this year were the sophisticated comedy "Blithe Spirit," Thornton Wilder's imagina- tive "Our Town," and the religious pageant, "Lady of Fatima." An Executive Committee consisting of di- rector John McGrath, assistant professor of speech, and five student members, Sue Pohl- meyer, Bob Cochran, Ned Cofer, John Kelly, and Harold Moots, governed the group. These six discussed plays, drew up committees, and wielded the axe when the time came to drop someone. Seniors Peg Ens, Rosemary Busic, Peggy Davis, Mary Van Dyke Brown, and Page One Hundred Twelve filled, while George Biersack, Tom Aldredge, Ned Cofer, and George Daly showed poten- tial lead material. . The men and women behind the scenes re- ceived little credit for their noteworthy achievements with paintbrush, hammer, and switchboard. Laurels should go to Harold Moots, Bob Funk, and George Uher for their superb scenery, and to Annette Anduze who handled a vast amount of administrative work. High point of the Players' year was "Lady of Fatima," six performances of it being given -two more than were originally scheduled, and four more than other productions. Pub- lic opinion was that this was one of the finest amateur plays ever produced in Dayton. Electricians UD , zz. , ay R51 2 'Scene from "Blithe Spirit "Our Lady of Fatima"-This year's crowning achievement Dress rehearsal for "Our Town" ,,.-, P1-Q "Mrs Sears" HE Student Union is a home, be- tween classes, for all students and faculty members of the University of Dayton. It serves as a center for extra-cur- ricular activities of the school. The Union houses the headquarters of two publica- tions: The Daytonian and The Marianist. It has a Red Cross Home Service room, special meeting rooms for clubs con- nected with the University, both on and off campus, and the office and work room of the Dramatic Department. The Student Union also affords some features of a well-equipped club, pro- viding a study room, faculty lounge, magazine reading room, game tables and musical facilities. The Dean of the University plans and approves all policies. The counselor, Mrs. Troy Sears, plans and executes these policies. Equipment for the Student Union building is purchased through the kind efforts of the Mothers' Club, the business manager and the purchaser of the Uni- versity. "The Thinker and the Dreamer Student nion HE duties of the counselor are numerous and varied. Mrs. Sears acts as an advisor, a supervisor, a sponsor, to the students and several organizations. She arranges all the tournaments such as billards, bridge, ping-pong, pinochle, etc. She plays the part of a secretary, teacher, and director. She sets up plans for the noon time Talent Shows and through these shows she acquaints the students with all the extra-curricu- lar activities and all the clubs of the campus. The Student Union serves as the student club for all social activities of the campus. It pro- vides a congenial atmosphere and unifies the student body. All this adds much to the life of the college. "Billiard Team" First rou'-T, Kenney, R. Wright, W. Sherer, I.. Hart- shorng Seroud rou'-D. Scurlock, M. Seithel, P. Wil- kens. R. Ullum. "A Hot Game" PUBLICATIONS if R XY, 1 Fi:-.rt mu'-F. Dershem, Bro. Tom Price. V. Seilerg Second row- J. Kelly, R. Busic, J. Wharton, M. Huth. B. Fitzpatrick. HE Exponent is the oldest literary pub- lication on the campus. The first numbers were mimeographed and they appeared dur- ing the school year of 1902-05. Consequently the present volume is number forty-seven in an unbroken line of publication. The staff of this year attempted to keep the level of the Exponent up to the same high literary standard of p2lSt years. Essays and stories and character sketches and humor- ous writings were handed in by students from all the divisions of the University. The pages of the Exponent are open to all who have a talent and the desire to write. Page One Hundred Sixteen The editor-in-chief of this year was John Wharton, a junior in the science division. Assisting him on the staff were Erma Fiste, Vera Seiler, William Fitzpatrick, john Kelly, and Mary jo Huth. Brother Thomas Price, professor of English, has been faculty advisor of the Exponent for the past twelve years. Collaboration with john Wharton on the Book' 1 HE University of Dayton News, for over a decade consistent winner of "All-Catholic" and "All-American" honor ratings, continued its roll as a leading col- lege newspaper and upheld the highest traditions of the field of journalism. Under the able guidance of Prof. George F. Kohles, S. M., Editor Richard Trainor and Sports Editor Mike Hennessy headed an earnest and diligent staff of tyros in the detailed tasks of writing, editing, and make- up. Aiding in this work in the capacity of Associate editors were Bernard Ambrose and Walter McMahon. In any modern newspaper the presence of well-composed and interesting features and columns is a necessity. The News was ably represented in this department by skill- ful authorship of Feature Writers Erma Fiste and Helen Duderstadt and Columnist Jacqueline Dehn. Ins! mu Bro lxohles QS. MJ, R. Trainor. B. Ambrose, C. McMullen, J Frain B Purlnton J Batche, A. DeKon, S. McNeil, J. Cooney, J. Dchn O11 u :ll P Barber, L. Shepherd, J. Johnston, M. Huth, M. lqi le Second mu ou null-G. Daly, A. Kulinski, J. Sheridan, T. Peters, H Duderstadt D Williamson. 5 -5- "The Staff at Work" Business manager, jack Haacke tcenterlg assistants, L. to R "THE DAYTONIAN STAFF" Cl0fkll'iS6-R. Tyler, P. Kuntz, A. Huff- man, H. Honius, J. Mark, J. mmm Chuck Kenny, Ed Ferren, Jack Ryan, jack Norman Schell, H. Parr, -I. Kelly, R. Bis- hop, I. George, J. Muth, R. M ' Hennessey, L. Buchner Page One Hundred Eighteen J ANDLING this years vast project was Harry Parr, veteran of the previous year book. Assisting him was Pete Kuntz who handled the theme and layout work. The section editors, Bob Bish- op, sportsg jim Leist, organiza- tionsg Jim Mark, personnelg and john Kelly and Bob Hennessey, social life. All cooperated to make this as complete a record for 1948-49 as possible. Sports Editor: Bob Bishop Assistants: Lou Bnchner and Jerry Muth Photographers, julia Wissell, Anne Huff- man, Harold Honius" ESPONSIBLE for the can- did shots and some organi- zation pictures were Anne Huff- man, john Moreau, Harold Hon- ius, and julie Wissell. The lettering and art work was capably done by Margie Ca- poral, and Dick Miller. Last but not least for their much needed secretarial work, the staff had Joanne Combs, Celeste McMul- len and Katherine Knese. X. 5 fllg Q10 14 X .r S 2 I92I 'V Q if S JJ' ybx A 5 sn! 1' f f ' ' ' at fin-,, ' Left to right: P. Kuntz, asst. editorg Harry Parr, editor-in-chiefg Jack Haacke, bus. mgr. Organizational Editor--jim Leist Social Life Editors-Bob Hennessey and Personnel Editors-jim Mark and Walt McMahon John Kelly "5"--.. "Board Meeting" Left to right-Elmer Will, Fr. George Ren- neker, Edward Breen, Mary Shay, Dr. John Duchak, Bro J. McAvoy, Bro. E. Lackner. Alumni Association r HE Alumni Association of the University of Dayton is an organization for the purpose of maintaining and perpetuating the memories of school days as well as a fraternal spirit among the alumni and former students. The establish- ment of good public relations between the uni- versity and alumni is another function, and more particularly the promotion of the interests, influence and usefulness of the University of Dayton. Miss Mary Shay, '44, has served in the ca- pacity of secretary of the Alumni Association since 1945. The officers are president, Edward G. Breen, '50, Dayton, Ohio, vice president, jo- seph Quatman, '58, Lima, Ohio, treasurer, Thom- as Hoban, '35, Cleveland, Ohio. Members of the Alumni Association Board are: F. G. Balanich, '27, Cleveland, Ohio, Frank Marshall, '31, Sidney, Ohio, joseph Hollenkamp, '41, Dayton, Ohio, Charles Reiling, Sr., Dayton, Ohio, Dr. john Duchak, '51, Dayton, Ohio, Elmer Will, '57, Osborn, Ohio. Page One Hundred Twenty 'mmm "The Ever Working Mary" "Alumni Dinner" at , E M ff T?'v,'4" ,. N' rv .5 ,5 'iw X015 QW i M Reiling Sr., Edward Breen, Fr. George Renneker, Mary Shay, Bro. E Iachner, H. Brown, Joseph Quatman. Will, Frank Marshall, Bro. J. McAvoy, Charles MILITARY i T. Sgr. Allen, Sgt. Major W. Rehister, Sgt. Baily, T. Sgt. E. Hunsacher, Sgt. Rayner, Capt. Regan, Capt. Brnuer, Lt. Col. Machery, Major DeLoache. ilitary Staff ITH an increase of 175 ROTC stu- dents, Headquarters Company was add- ed to the Cadet Battalion during '48-'49, From the issue of uniforms during fall registration week to the final examination in june, the theoretical and practical training program moved along smoothly and business-like. The first full-dress parade was held on October 16, by which date all cadet appointments had been made. Advanced Course students taught Basic students the rudiments of drill and guard duty. Page One Hundred Twenty-two With the advent of winter, Basic instruction was discontinued on Saturday, a fact which greatly depressed some 500 Basic students. And the ROTC Rifle began a season which carried it into the National Intercollegiate matches. The Army Day parade, the annual formal inspection, and the award ceremony complet- ed the year's formations, while the Military Ball in April highlighted the social calendar. The Military Department officially certified for deferment some 200 basic students. First ron'--Capt. Fitzpatrick, lst Lt. B. Ambrose, lst Lt. D. Meyers. lst Lt. W. Ellifrit lst Lt I... Kessler, Znd Lt. R. Lemming, Znd Lt. R. Beck, Znd Lt. J. Klebba, 2nd Lt. E. Matre 2nd Lt. B. Stitt. lst Sgt. C. Westbeldg Seroud ron'-W. Reinhard, M. Krug, D. Spencer, J Koegli, D O'Connel. M. Smith, R. Krusan. F. Becker, W. McMahon, P. Lacey, D. Gras Thin! rrfzt'--Ll. Lucid, H. Kelso, H. Otto, N. Nakama, F. Shaeffer, J. Cunningham, J. Kelble D. Ball, O Kohler D. Waugh, T. Phillips, J. Leary, Fourth ron'-D. Fleming, G. Beckley J. Lehman, J. Kendale. C. Zimmer, R. Eisenlohr, D. Schweller, R. Williams, T. Fitzgerald J. Donovan. R Heck. T. Kramer, W. Schwellerg Fifth rou'-H. Parr, J. Williams, R. Reiger J. Mark, R. Eisenhauer. R. Ryan, H. Weaver, E. Freytag, W. Jordan, J. Sasala, T. Castle W. Gomlwert, R. Sage. Pershing Rifles v HIS year marked the ending of the reac- tivation period of Company B-1. The highlight of business activities of the organi- zation was the revision of the pre-war by- laws of the company. Striving for closer alliance with other companies of the First Regiment, business meetings and social events were held with open invitations to these units. Several tro- phies were garnished by B-1 at the Regimental Drill meet. 2nd Lt. Ray Lemming served as Delegate at the National Convention of the Pershing Rifles held in New York City. Headlining the year's social events were the Christmas Ball and the Military Ball. Under the leadership of Captain William Fitz- patrick, Company B-1 once again proved it self to be one of the outstanding campus or- ganizations in all its activities. "P. R. Initiation" Page One Hundred Twenty-three Ifrout and ceuier-E. Maj. Left lo right-B. Ambrose, L. Kessler, W. Ellifret, H. Pritchard, W. Fitzpatrick. f ,W-f. f ,., .---,f. 1. ,-,f.1,,- "Presentation" Page One Hundred Twenty-four "Passing Review HE major competition facing the ROTC Rifle Team during the 1948-1949 were the two national mat- ches-the Hearst Trophy Match and the National Intercollegiate Matches. The latter was the chief event, and resulted from the fine showing made by the team in the Army Intercolle- giate Match against other institutions in the Second Army Area. In addition to these big-time matches, the team fired competition matches against Toledo, Fordham, Xavier, Ohio Uni- versity, all of which U. D. won. Re- sults of the national matches had not been announced at the time this went to press. High scoring went to the three Roberts-Minnerup, Eisenloh- rand, Tribby in that order. HE Flyer Rifle Team outshot some of the nation's top teams during the 1948-1949 season. Begin- ning in October, the small indoor rifle range under St. Marys resounded with the crack of .22 calibre rifles. There were 93 try-outs for the team, which number had to be reduced as quickly as possible to team size. The first matches were held on 11 December, with the season closing 19 March 1949. Of the thirty matches sched- uled, the Flyers won seventeen, lost nine, and four of the opponents scores had not reached Dayton when this was written. High lights were Frank Valley's 96 standing, and Bob Min- nerup's 586. .av ... - First row-R. Wickham, W. E. Ellifritt, R. Maurer, E. Valley F. Krein, B. Ambroseg Scfcoml row-R. P. Tribby, R. Minnet- up, D. Meyers, H. Pritchard, E. Matre. "Col. E. J. Macheney and M. Sgt. C. E. Ray- ner" First 1-ozz'-W. E. Ellifritt, B. Ambrose, J. Kendall, N. A. Somers, D. E. Holsaple, E. Burroughsg Second row-R. P. Tribby, R. Minnerup, D. Meyers, H. T. Pritchard, E. F. Matre. Co. Commander ................ Pritchard, H., Capt. Ex. Officer .................... Quintrell, E., lst Lt. lst Row: Buchner, L., Beck, R., Lemming, R., Larish, J., Babione, D., Wayt, D., Arndts, J., Bok, A., Yar- nell, L. "Hq.,' Company "A" Company Co. Commander ...... ............ M yers, B., Capt Ex. Officer ..................... Tormey, R., Ist Lt lst Row: Mott, J., Bombeck, W., Leary, D., Macho D., janaszek, R., Klebba, J., Walsh, J., Harshbarger, R Co. Commander ................ Ambrose, B., Capt Ex. Officer .................. Cummings, J., lst Lt lst Row: Williams, R., Morissey, K., Mayer, W., Stachler, R., Kahle, D., Riedy, E., Callahan, J., Wil- liamson, R., Kuntz, P. T - .,-' X. ,Y J Co. Commander .... ....... .... E 1 lifret, W,g Capt. Ex. Officer ...................... Ware, M., lst Lt. First Row: L. Caras, Baumgarten, Klebba, R. Wagner, E. Matre, B. Stirr. 3 av' Co. Commander .............. Fitzpatrick, W., Capt. Ex. Officer .................... Cooper, W., 1st Lt. lst Row: Nakama, H., Gibbons, C., Gaier, R., Otto, R., Melia, L., Palmert, D., Mescher, W., Daly, G., Paulick, R. D" Cfompan v AIilifal1'V Band Minnerup, R. In charge Ez .W wr.-2' MN ,J5 -- fl ff. il-mf. ' 4 I .. A .v Q., 4' I ., , , V 5' f. Q . ' V .1 gui fe? , . , Hi- ' 1' 1 H , ,iq i I P RW-I nf w lv, JL - fu fl, ,, ,. f . .I . V . rl ., "Wa .fy 171 1 f H 4, .X . 'pmf .., ff fa -T , . 'pw .M d 1 4553 ,f ...r 3 9 I . 4, ' ,L,v"ae1: 3, .' , ,Um ., . K .I fb , O., K1 I ,. S . .' v 'x Y ?.., . ,1 Motivation TEAM EAMWORK was the vital factor in ridding the world of the evils of Nazism and Fascism during the past World War. This is but one graphic portrayal of the value of teamwork. Bigotry, Greed, Atheism-Evil in general stalks the world to- day as well as a well-knit team. It is the institutions-which are only the results of concerted efforts of teams--which today are evil. Communism, the most outstanding example of teamwork today can only be conquered by an opposing organization-a real team for Good. To achieve this spirit of teamwork, there is no better train- ing than that which athletics provides. One learns that it takes eleven men to win a football game or nine men to win a shut- out victory in baseball. The sting of defeat is more easily ex- perienced as is also the flush of victory if it is shared. Team- work builds champions. It is the motivation that leads to success. I 2 J ,gi . -D ww,-. 1---Q I N. w , , , , W L Q 1 -.., - l xxx . , , f ' 2 ylxxg-,X w T-- el A. F4 1f7+r'fB' if 1 E . 'gf 0 1 B ? 1 1 1 i x 4 l x K Y i B l .1 1 521 Jef Wa , swf' H ef? Pg I X 1 5 E x v A F Y N A 1 I f f T l 1 i 1 E F 2 3 1 I VO' J 1 M I ' JL UHJ L Lf 6-1km I 1 I ,, 1, ,,.,A - ,, Am, -4 :L,,fm-5-T!,7,-1-M ,Nr 'm"'n'l'k"Ql A 4.1L .LA -wx HA , ,L Q.a.A..x 1 1 ' 55+-O -'frv-Qfkffm l .Q " uQLQ'.:L"xX3.., L, LJ JJ, I . :1 I? A Z if ' T '--Q,-7nfx:A,.,,,1 ,-..V-,f- p 1,-.q,qff,g4f , A vLJcLQQ'fJc1Li,Q. cLii1lfa,i JL 1 ci-wifx, , E l SPORTS EDITOR BOB BISHOP x n'x an 1 4 ij " K-. Q-r . ii Miami Midfield Congratulations Dayton Dayton Dayton Dayton .... Dayton 26-john Carro11...18 6-St. Bonaventure 7 33-Marshall ...... O 20-Toledo ........ 0 41-St. Louis ...... 0 Dayton Dayton 7-Xavier .. .. .. 0 7-Miami ........ 0 Dayton .... 13-Oklahoma City 13 Dayton Dayton . . . .33-Iowa Teachers. . 7 6-Chattanooga . . .21 Page One Hundred Thirty-three Harry Baujan Football Coach URING his second year as a college mentor, hardworking joseph Gavin brought honor rating laurels to the Flyers gridiron with his sparkling strategy. Joe fielded an aggregation so fundamentally sound that even before the season was hard- ly underway sportsmen and fans alike held high hopes for the brilliant season that was to come. A Notre Dame prodigy of '51, joe spent the following 15 years as head football and basketball coach at Holy Name High School in Cleveland. His success in the high school circles brought his recognition to a point where the Flyer system realized that here was the man that they sought. joe's first college action was to install the quick moving "T" system. A resounding initial season answered all doubts to the new tactics and after this year's gridiron action had ceased, everyone acquainted with the per- sonable Joe Gavin acclaimed him with ad- miration and respect as an efficient, hard- working, enthusiastic leader in college foot- ball. Use of joe's instruction climaxed Bill Gut- brod's brilliant season with his election to captaincy of next year's squad. All Flyer fans anticipate another season comparable to the one just past and applaud the elevation of the efficient end to captain of the 1949 team. Page One Hundred Thirty-four Athletic Director N ASSUMING the Athletic Director's dut- ies at the University of Dayton, Harry Baujan became the first fulltime athletic ad- ministrator. Twenty-five years of successful coaching has established the skillful under- standing knowledge which Harry is devoting to the development and expansion of the Flyer athletic program. Throughout his coaching career Harry achieved an outstanding University record gaining national recognition of the Flyers' athletic prowess. A graduate of Notre Dame in '17, Bau- jan served as assistant coach in 1922 and rose to head mentor in the following year. Much to the amazement of the men in this hazardous profession, Harry remained in this capacity for a quarter of a century until his elevation in 1947 to Dayton's Athletic Director. His presentations of this year's outstand- ing schedule and those of the future seasons are almost certain to place the University of Dayton high in the prestige of the small colleges throughout the nation. Coach Gavin Instructs Gutbrod ' : A . ' if as '-', X 1 - UAYTUN DAYTON 'F' r i .Q. V It Qugul M i H 99vf'V'.P.- w . DAYTUN 9 0 AYTUN john Marschall, Dan Piloseno, joe Quinn, joe Gavin fs- f-1 ax - V - ----- -,. ,--1 . -, ,.,K,x, ' HOUGHOUT the season in thrilling demonstrations of power, the Flyers for- ward wall completely overshadowed the ver- satile backs in game domination. This bril- liant phase of the season can be attributed to Daniel Piloseno, head line coach, who pro- vided a valuable addition to the Dayton coach- ing staff. Danny, a graduate of North Carolina State in '38, and holder of a Master's Degree in Physical Education from Western Reserve came here from Cleveland Heights High School where his record of 54 wins, 4 ties, and 5 losses speaks for itself. joining the Flyer coaching staff in '46 as Freshman coach, joseph Quinn is the only holdover from the previous regime. Upon Gavin's arrival Joe was switched to back- J -, ,-- . i -R, ,- N field coach where his efficiency as an out- standing Dayton back could be used at a more useful advantage. As a graduate of the University of Dayton in '-il, joe's ability on the field earned him the position of a college coach in his first coaching assignment. One of the toughest jobs of the Freshman coach is the assignment of the future grid prospects to their best positions and to this task John Marschall placed every bit of his enthusiastic energy. His last squad, upon graduation to the varsity, gave tremendous support and depth to this year's successful campaign, and in viewing the prospective tal- ents of johnny's recent team, next year's season can again be looked upon with high hopes. Page One Hundred Thirty-five James Hanby, retiring captain, leaves quite a gap in the Flyer ranks not only for his tough aggressive- ness as a player but also for his dy- namic leadership ability. Jim, a Physical Education major and old- est man on the squad, was outstand- ing both offensively and defensively. His aggressiveness was always an in- spiration to his teammates and his presence was felt outstandingly in the familiar goal line stands of the past season. Jim is married and has one child. k . .... Q' J wg . , I . , 'f?fF:i:'-f?.,r-Xf- '-2'2" ,.:,.q...Q::.. ...N . X X z., -- " .ew xiii: T- Timfaf: as . ,.,.. - '7!':: ' H' Q 5 Qi " .f " " R s,,.- - . 5 e 3,13 1 -. .R .- rf. " .. - ' ..- -,.. -. A .f-H. -'- ,-1-1 cv , vi, AXA K, XY . X N XX X X X X X , X , f- in A . .3 . X X X Xw ' 1: N .n X If - 7 XX . X! JAMES HANBY-Retiring Captain '47 All Ohio Zncl Team All Catholic Honorable Mention '48 All Ohio Honorable Mention .. ,i ,.. ..--J. ..-LQ ...R -- -- Bottom Row-Left to Rigbf: A. Bok, J. Bannister, D. Babione, W. Lange. G. Shroyer, K. Botwell. XV. Saelzler. W. Gutbrod Middle Ron'-R. S chaefer, R. Maier, R. Stachler, D. Mills, E. Reidy. R. Janeszek. B. Otten, F. Quinn Top Row-F. Flynn, J. Sheidler, R. Fleischman, R. Dunn, R. Glennon. R. Munger, F. Miller l F Kilbane R Dahn, J. aes Z l ki, J. Wagner, Ron' Left 10 Right: W. McKin ey, . , . h Bottom - R F. Maloney, Toscani, J. Hanby Middle Ron'-R. Vfagner, E. Csizma, J. Callahan, B. Hoge, S. Kurdziel, A. Spet , J. Cleary, J. Delp Top Row-R. Begley, J. Uttermohlen, B. Murphy, R. Johnson, G. Lemmel, J. Vander- Horst, D. Weax'er. -ix ,,.. A ,..e....... .. - - - IL ..l -- ..... ,L -- ---'-...ff -.. S.. v.- Edmond Toscani, most valuable f player of '48, was ranked as one 0 the best UT" quarterbacks in this sec- tion of the country's small college ball clubs. His vicious tackles still re- sound within the stadium and "Chief's,' memorable touchdown pass to Art Bok bringing victory over Miami will never be forgotten by players or fans. "Chief's" left-handed bullet passes and smoothness in ball handling was a constant source of de- l' ht to coach and spectators through- 18 out his entire collegiate playing. EDMOND TOSCANI Most Valuable Player '48 All Ohio 5rd Team Pa ge One Hundered Thirty-seven It's O. K.. Ripper. you're over! john Carroll RAVELING to their initial fray under the lights of Cleveland's Municipal Sta- dium, the Dayton Flyers edged the aerial- minder Blue Streaks of john Carroll with a 26-18 triumph. "Rip" janaszek punched across the first rally while "Chief" Toscani and -Ioe Zaleski capably matched the Streaks with two scor- ing pitches of their own. Art Bok further un- nerved the Carroll squad with a 75 yard sprint to pay dirt. One of the deciding factors of the win was the Flyer's forward wall which effectively rushed the Streak's passers while giving ample protection to their own tossers. Art Bok john Delp Bill McKinley Ka-Ne makes and end sweep W.. 1,3 EAKENED by injuries to three key players, the Flyers entrained to Olean, New York, to tackle the St. Bonaventure Brownies. The hopes of the Dayton rooters re- ceived a jolt as Bonaventure rolled to a T. D. and an extra point early in the second period. To add to their dismay, a 45-yard sprint to the gold line by Delp was called back be- cause of a Dayton offside. The second half produced magnificent line play and fine punt- ing on the part of the opposing backfields. The Flyer "T" began to click early in the fourth period where the team made a sus- tained 58 yard march featured by the fine passing of Joe Zaleski and the inside-outside running of Delp and Ka-Ne. Zaleski termin- ated the march by passing to Delp for the Red and Blue's only touchdown. The extra point was missed and the final score was Bonaventure 7, U. D. 6. Callahan picks up five sm ww-fwf-r fmt' 'wx vas-Kz1.,: r s " .X X.: . 5 .. Q, 3.3 , sx Y . BH if i Q s McKinley takes to the air FE!! ' fa Oops! Somebody got through Leroy ETALIATION spelled a 55 point spree over a stubborn but hapless Big Green of Marshall as the Flyers went into high gear despite the long injured list remaining from the previous week. Leroy Ka-Ne led the squad with three tallies while "Scooter" McKinley ground out the remaining two scores. "Killer" Kilbane had a terrific afternoon at his line- backing chore and his "heads up" game proved a spark that set the Flyers forward wall into an immovable barrier before the Thundering Herd. "Pop" Dunn, Don Mills, Fred Miller, and Bob Wagner were shining lights all dur- ing the contest as they continually gave Mar- shall a five man backfield. Gavin opened the gates of Mercy early in the last half allowing every uninjured squad member to aid in the 33-0 conquest of the "Flying Cleat", newest of the U. D. game trophies. johnny goes right through them PARKED by Quarterback's Ed "Chief" Toscani and Joe Zaleski, the visiting U D. Flyers ran up a 20 to 0 rout against the To- ledo Rockets in a waterlogged evening mud- fest at Toledo. Bill McKinley, johnny Delp and Leroy Ka-Ne ground out a formidable 309 yards despite the slippery footing, while Dale Babione and Gus Shroyer retained their glue-fingered talents surprisingly well on the receiving end of the Flyer aerials. After a scoreless first quarter Dayton rammed the initial tally across via a Delp plunge with five minutes remaining in the second period. Roughness, typical in Toledo- Dayton contests, predominated the uneventful third stanza. In the final quarter Zaleski and jim Uttermohlen each broke loose on splash- ing end runs for their respective scores. Bernie Otten's kicks registered on the two final T. D.'s after his initial failure in the first half, and Dayton claimed their 20 to 0 victory. Page One Hundred Forty-one V-A sa . le" QP Killer" Kilbane Dick Dahn Bill Gutbrod Ray Janeszek St. AVIN'S gridders rumbled over a vaunted St. Louis squad in an afternoon filled with sparkling Flyer talent. jumping johnny Delp, aided by Rip janaszek and Leroy Ka-Ne turned the game into a shambles with their slashing jaunts which propelled the U. D. aggregation to a 41 to 0 victory over the Bili- kens in the Flyer stadium. Delp and janaszek powered over the only Louis Zaleski returns a punt first half scores early in the initial period with Otten connecting on both point afters. Aerials dominated all second half scores with Shroyer hauling in an 18 yard flip and Ka-Ne galloping 55 yards on an interception. Toscani hit Delp for an early fourth stanza score and a Murphy to Bannister toss tallied the final marker. Bernie Otten had a field day as he successfully hit five out of six conversions in the 41-0 rout. r l Lange stops a potential drive AY JANASZEK pounded a 75 yard scor- ing sprint into a 7 to 0 victory over a stubborn Xavier squad on a field turned into a sea of mud by constant rain .The Musketeers had just previously forced an aroused Flyer defense into a story-book goal line stand that saw "X" falter on the one foot line after hav- ing gained a first and goal on the U. D. five. The 14,000 rain-drenched fans saw Dayton display brilliant defensive ball against a driv- ing Musketeer team that gave Gavin's Squad almost no opportunity to unleash their vaunt- ed air attack or even a serious ground threat. Defensively, Don Mills, Bob Wagner, Gus Shroyer, Killer Kilbane, Pop Dunn, and Art Bok gave outstanding performances for the close contest in which Dayton racked up 211 yards against 209 yards for Xavier. Joe Zaleski Don Mills Bob XVagner A , -A , - ,QSM-v , an-f, Page One Hundred Forty-three Oh! - Hang on, Art! A terrific Flyer line McKinley goes over again Nllllllll O AN estimated crowd of 15,000 the Flyers turned in one of the most out- standing victories in the annals of Dayton football. Knowing how to dig in when backed against their own goal line paid off for the second consecutive week, as the U. D. ag- gregation relinquished a mere 6 yards after Miami had launched their most serious threat from the Dayton 9. Taking over on their own 5, Gavin's charges rebounded 61 smashing yards in three thrusts with Box, Calahan, and Delp lugging the leather deep into the 'Skin's' territory. Delp hit for three and then for 17 more to the Miami 16. On a handoff Bok plunged to the 9 but here the surprised Redskins found themselves and held for downs. But Dayton felt the nearness of victory and Zaleski's leap- ing interception set the Flyer squad up again on the Miami 28. The third play saw "Chief" Toscani drop back and flip his southpaw aerial into the waiting arms of Art Bok, alone on the 4 where he easily stepped over for the momentous and deciding tally. Silence reigned as Bernie Otten applied his reliable toe to the important and unerring conversion. A dis- couraged and desperate Redskin band tried to unleash a score during the remaining 9 minutes and 35 seconds but again the mag- nificent Dayton line dispelled all Miami hopes. Final score Dayton 7-Miami 0. 1 Delp hits 'em hard . ,N 5- fs ,t-5 f ff- Look! Chief's got it fx. c, .,-an tu.-., anna, OMECOMING spectators numbering 10,000 saw the Flyers settle with the Oklahoma City Chief's for a 13 to 13 tie. Day- ton, a pregame favorite by several T. D.'s, found the mammouth line of the Chief's al- most impregnable, and despite their best pass- ing game thus far in the season, they bogged down before an underestimated and highly charged Oklahoma squad which used its bulky weight to every advantage on the muddy field. Only one score came in the first half with the Chief's mighty warrior Wade sweeping his right flank into the end zone during the 'Pop" Dunn Bill Lange second period. johnny Delp's powerful run- ning in the third stanza set joe Zaleski up for his famous "bootleg" pass to Bill Gutbrod standing alone in pay territory and Bernie Otten's kick made it a new game at 7-7. The fourth quarter saw Oklahoma's Wade again bounce through the line and on to score from his own 20 yard line, but a miss on the point after kept Dayton's chances up. These hopes proved not to be in vain as a barrage of Za- leski passes netted Dayton its second and tying tally, but a high pass from the center rushed Otten into a wide try for the conversion and the scoring for the day was finished. Frank Maloney Stan Kurdziel N21 Q u ,. A . ' 31- t . 5-, 'aw qt " ...N gg, A -eff . i'- ac ,ff- vuf . V: . 4. , X s Berne Otten Frank Quinn Iowa State Teachers AYTON'S 13 points in the last 19 sec- onds of the afternoon's clash brough to a peak the final quarter's devasting rampage over a light but fast Iowa State Teacher's squad. Seemingly Dayton had again under- estimated their foes and were on the short end of a 7-6 count until the spectacular final quarter where 27 points were amassed. Za- leski's earlier quarterback sneak furnished the Flyers their sole scoring in the former per- iods of the game and the Panther's seven points were looking mighty big. But Art Bok's 20 yard sprint to pay dirt on the fourth stanza's initial play opened the tally gates to U. D. After a quick ball exchange "Chief" Tos- cani rifled a pass to joe Bannister on the 11 from where he scampered over and Otten's kick made it 20-7. With four minutes to go the Flyers started from their own nine and ad- vanced to the Panther's 17 where Toscani found Bob Schaefer alone in the end zone with but 19 seconds left. Otten's placement ate up 5 seconds making the score 27-7. Otten's kickoff was fumbled on the Teacher's 23 and Dayton took over. With one play remaining both quarterbacks combined a lateral, Tos- cani to Zaleski, and a forward pass, Zaleski to Weaver, standing in tally territory, thus creating one of the more memorable events of the season. Otten's busy toe missed and the as- tonished Teachers found themselves under a 33 to 7 count. Leroy Ka-ne Otten's reliable toe pays off Callahan makes a short gain D. OUTGAINED the Chattanooga Moc- casins in all departments except rushing, but the Mocs, capitalizing on every Flyer mishap, mainly fumbleitis, scored on their first play which set the stage for the evenutal outcome. From then on Dayton's "Old Man Luck" had seemingly turned his back, as the Mocs stifled Flyer drives with interceptions and recoveries, and ground out two additional tallies through a dazed Dayton defense. In the game's last stages Joe Zaleski began to connect his aerials, and Kenny Boxwell, jim Dale Babione Ken Boxwell Utermohlen, and joe Bannister romped down the field with Bannister finally squeezing over with but inches to go. Otten further proved the Dayton jinx with a wide conver- sion and the scoring for the day ended at Dayton 6-Chattanooga 21. All five seniors, Capt. jim Hanby, "Chief" Toscani, Kenny Boxwell, Dick Dahn and Frank Maloney fought outstandingly in their last U. D. fracasg no Dayton fan is apt to soon forget their many feats on the Flyer gridiron at home or away. Bill Saelzler Gus Shroyer Kf"'t':'it A tense moment for the Frosh .4 .- -ji - 'V gf VL. ,rx I 55 ,Q ,Q -.. .. X Y, A t . j w -4 'M' X- ,..f',,,-- - .....L ,-,- -, V -,. ,- ,,.,.,r,....,.Q P LAYING against stiff opposition all the way, the Dayton Freshmen compiled a record of one win and four losses under the capable tutelage of coach johnny Marshall and aides Ray Munger and Dick Glennon. The freshmen led off the season with a l-1-6 decision over the Cincy Bear Cats, Du- prey scoring in the second quarter and O'Brien scoring in the last quarter. Traveling to To- ledo, the freshmen met a strong Rocket squad and were beaten 19-0. The Musketeers of Xavier were the opposition for U. D.'s next encounter, and they proved that a heavy team wins ball games. X.-14-U. D.-0. Toledo came to Dayton feeling very confident and was held to a 2-O score by an inspired Flyer squad. A U. D. fumble was the break of the game. Day- ton then traveled to Miami for their last game of the season and was overpowered by a strong Redskin eleven Page One Hundred Forty-eight They hit just as hard IN TRAMURALS ED by Bob Arnzen, the Sharpies took the intramural crown by defeating the Moon- beam Kids 50-32. In a preliminary game the On Campus All Stars took the measure of the Off Campus All Stars 55-44. In the post season tournament the Original Sharp Shooters romped through all opposi- tion to defeat the Original Bombers 58-37 in the finals. The consolation game was hard fought but the Sharpies were victorious over Elders 41-37. ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM Otten-Original Sharp Shooters Hunt-Sharpies janeszek-Original Sharp Shooters Zaleski-Original Sharp Shooters Duffy-Elders On-Campus vs. Off-Campus MEN BEHIND THE SCENES Left to Right: W. Donahue, J. Condon, J. Siegle, R. Beck, R. Gaier, D. Smith. AVING watched the football team, did you ever happen to think about the men behind the scenes and their con- nection with the U. D. squad? During this past season there were eight men manag- ing the grid squad with several of these continuing on into the successive seasonal sports. Robert "Boom Boom" Beck, as head manager, directed this able staff of Denny Smith, Robert Cochran, Ray Gaier, Wil- liam Donahue, jim Seigle, johnny Condon, and trainer Bob Conair. These were the men you saw on the practice field lugging and holding dummies, bringing towels to the tired players and giving aid to those who were injured. Many a long hour of their free time was put in handling thou- sands of dollars worth of equipment and they did a good job of it. To these men, led by ole "Boom Boom", we say thanks a million for a job well done. Page One Hundred Forty-nine Ginn fights for a rebound LSO in his second season as a college mentor, Leonard B. Blackburn, first full time basketball coach, has rounded out one of the best teams in the annals of the Hilltop school. Tom, a Wfilmington graduate of '31 brought 12 years of high school experience with him, the climax riding with the Xenia Central Buccaneers of '42 who copped the State Class A Championship. Upon arrival at Dayton, Tom immediately molded together a superb unit which has al- ready claimed the accomplishment of scoring the most victories, 16, during a single sea- son, and has also seen the individual scoring laurels toppled two years running. Right lo Left: Coach Blackburn. G. Wolke, R. West, R. Flynn, R. Campbell, B. McCall, W. Ginn, G. Joseph -----,-,.-X ... -.. -....- .3 f ,. ... ,. ,- ---- .. f- -. --A P-.-.K ,-N f , -- -:..,' ,...,' lt, For the first time in the history of the school he entered the Flyers into tournament play in the All Catholic League in Denver, Colorado. Dayton made a major upset in its first game with a thrilling 53-52 victory over Loras College of Dubuque, Iowa, via a push shot by Flynn in the last 25 seconds. In their second game the Flyers ran into trouble at the foul line and lost a close contest to St. Benedict 59-55 and were eliminated. In the season's opener the Flyers played host to Cedarville and walked off the court with a thirty-six point lead, 69-35. Eastern Kentucky State made a visit to Dayton and handed the Flyers their first loss, 48-40. Louis- ville, Olympic semi-finalist, were admonished by the amazing Flyers, 58-55. Playing their first away game, U. D. met john Carroll and handed the Blue Streaks their first defeat, 48-46. From here Dayton traveled to Cedar- ville and won another close one, 70-64. The Redskins of Miami invaded the Coli- seum and took the Flyers down a notch with the final score showing 41-57. The Red and Blue then took their first eas- tern trip in many years. Niagara Uni- versity of New York was the first foe and in a very close game all the way the Flyers failed at the foul line and took their third defeat 62-59. In a double overtime the Red and Blue lost a tough one to Bonaventure in a heartbreak 51-49 score. Pepsaul of Seton Hall pulled his team over the Flyers in a rough floor game 55-47. Gene Joseph Oops, 'scuse Me! ETURNING home the Flyers met with jumping johnny Wilson of Anderson and sent them home with a 65-49 drubbing. Another Indiana team, Manchester, with an eight game winning streak, encountered an inspired Flyer squad which broke their record by handing them a 57-48 defeat. The Big Green of Marshall fell to this same en- thused team in the first of a three game ser- ies 67-55. Ohio Wesleyan came as far as Xenia to play the Flyers but that was far enough to send Dayton into a 51-45 loss. U. D. then Fairce Woods, with an average of 25-5 points per game, came with his Kentucky Wesleyan team to Dayton and with Gene joseph do- ing a remarkable job of holding Mr. Woods down, Kentucky went down before the Flyers 60-45. In a return match the Blue Streaks of Carroll were snowed under by the Red and Blue 61-40. Dayton then traveled to Athens and Ohio Uni- versity who took the Flyers in hand and won 57-40. After having suf- fered nine straight losses to Toledo, the Hilltoppers broke the jinx with a 48-42 victory. The Musketeers of Xavier, traditional rivals from the Queen City, with McMullin and Cady, impressed the Flyers with daazling play and won a 66-48 de- cision. Traveling to Anderson, U, D. won easily over the home team 75-57. Gene Wolke met Ohio U. and in a hard fought game the Flyers emerged victorious 52-47. Moving on to West Virginia the Flyers met the Herd for the second time but Marshall's fast break proved a little too much this time and Day- ton fell under a 60-54 Conquest. Bill Ginn Dick Campbell Bob Flynn Brian McCall ATED tenth in the country, the Falcons of Bowling Green met Dayton on the Oakwood Gym floor and not until the second half were the Flyers run down by the twin giants Share and Otten. Though the Dayton team went down 56-38, the staunch squad was given a deserving ovation at the final gun, as they held the Falcons to their lowest scoring game of the season. Visiting Miami, the Red- skins tasted a powerful defeat from the revenging Flyers aggregation who, at this point tied the all-time U. D. record of games won in a single season with the total of 14. Making their last trip of the season, the Flyers again met defeat at Xavier 49-44. Kentucky Wesleyan proved an easy foe and the Flyers romped 80 to 56. In the final season- al contest Marshall played host in the last of the three game series and the Flyers bowed in the rubber game by a close 60-57 count. As for the members of this outstanding squad, Capt. Bill Ginn, Brian McCall, and Gene Wolke were the only seniors, but their loss will be heavily felt in the ensuing seasons. Captain Ginn, with the team for four years, again proved to be a good leader for his team with his dependable scoring and good de- fensive play. Brian McCall, starting center for U. D., broke the all time individual scoring record in seasonal play with a total of 307 points plus 20 points garnered in the tournament games. Gene Wolke, an excellent rebound artist and playmaker added much strength to the team both at the guard and occasionally center positions. Dick "Razor" Campbell, in his initial season for U. D., became one of the Hilltop's best rebounders and also a top scorer, ranking second in scoring hon- ors. Little Bobby Flynn, fastest man on the squad, broke loose for 27 points against Kentucky Wesleyan for top honors in scoring during a single game. Gene joseph proved a wonderful defensive man and though small throttled the talents of many outstanding men on op- posing teams. Richley West, last year's high point man, got off to a slow start but around midseason rumbled back into form and copped more than 200 points for the year . Long after the nets have ceased swishing, this aggregation will be remembered for its gameness and determination. The records set during the season were not by accident and any team which surpasses them will have to be of the highest caliber. Rip WTS: Bollom Ron'-Left 10 Right: Coach Blackburn, R. Flynn, R. Campbell. R. Wfest. B. McCall, G. Wolke. W. Ginn. G. Joseph, R. Arnzen, Mgr. Top Rou'-R. Davis, D. Davis. F. Holland, J. Arnts, V. Watrercutter. j. Zimmerman, J. Bunger McCall gathers a rebound Joseph starts the Rally West Goes Up High Campbell takes over Page One Hundred Fifty-three junior adds two points The U. D. frosh, playing under the sponsor- ship of a local concern, competed in the A. A. U. tournament in Dayton, Cincinnati, and the finals in Oklahoma City. They sur- prised many of the experts in the West by winning two out of three games in the finals. Gklahoma City University defeated them by a small margin in the third game. But, hav- ing established a strong reputation in the Midwest and Southwest, Tom Blackburn's junior Varsity has greatly increased the re- spect of the University of Dayton's basketball. -4- - QL wa- For the first time in many a long year the Varsity prospects from the freshman squad look exceptionally bright. Having amassed a record of 20 wins against three losses, the frosh became known as the scourge of the Midwest. Of the three teams that defeated them, all three were beaten in return matches. High scorer for the starting quintet was Don Meineke with junior Norris, another Day- ton standout, close behind. Pete Boyle made quite a showing as an all around floor man and Chuck Grigsby's ability to score in the clinches paved many a road to victory. Smooth playing Don Bolton made his defensive ability felt upon arrival at Midseason while Dick Zimmerman and Clet Oberst established them- selves as scoring threats throughout the entire year. Bottom Row-Left lo Right: Coach Tom Blackburn, J. Hough. R. Lehnert. D. Meineke, C. Grisby, R. Busse, P. Boyle, E. Seyler: Top Row-B. Kiely, E. Dunn, B. Pyles, W. Hornick, T. Polisino. C. Oberst, L. Norris, R. Zimmerman Page One Hundred Fifty-four -...X..,. A f-,--- --- fx, ,,x-7... a- ---..,k,---- CJL-. ..,f--J-- WGME 'S ATHLETICS URING the fall season, the hockey squad of the Women's Athletic Association met five foes on the battlefield and deserved their opponent's respect in both victory and de- feat. Two encounters with Wittenberg re- sulted in one tie and a defeat to Dayton, and a victory over Mt. St. joseph brought the team into the final stretch where, in two valiant contests, Dayton lost to Miami and Ohio State. In a post season game the Upperclass- men rallied to down a determined Freshmen team. In the intramural basketball a thrilling battle for first place laurels between the all freshmen "Hot Rods" and the "Villians" dom- inated the tournament with the "Hot Rods" edging the "Villians" 18-17 in a tensioned playoff game. In intercollegiate competition U. D. met Wittenberg, Miami, and Antioch on the hard- woods with -wins and --losses resulting. Many a thrill-packed moment! Practice Session Weather permitting, tennis, softball, ar- chery, and badminton will predominate the spring sports, with tennis the only possible intercollegiate competition. All others will be intramural activities with tournaments ter- minating the season. Bottom Row-Left to Right: A. Coberly, A. Griffin, R. McAv0y.. J. Stewart, F. Dershemg Top Rau'-R. Weaxfer. G. Daly, A. Pence, D. Romer. Page One Hundred Fifty five Here's the pitch The approach of spring saw the shaping of baseball hopefuls by Coaches Harry Bau- jan and Andre Nadeau. Nadeau, a newcomer to the Hilltop, is coach of the freshman ball club. A tentative schedule of twenty-CWO games, fourteen at home and eight away, gives the impression that Baujan and Nadeau, have high hopes for their batterymen. BASEBALL Pre-season outlooks are good, returning lettermen including Dean Matheney and jack Bungler as pitchers, Mike Toohey at short, Vince Daly at third, and Norm Justice and Bob Skelton in the outfield. joe Sullivan is the only returning catcher, but there are a number of aspirants jockeying for regular berths in the remaining positions. Intercollegiate home games will be played at Wood City, a diamond at Wright Field. It's a hit Page One Hundred Fifty-six TRACK Bottom row, left to right-J. Snow, W. Carroll, J. Pegg, F. Jurnea W Five dual meets and one triangular en- counter comprise the Flyer Cinder schedule, with Joe Quinn coaching the tracksters for his second year. After a few years of inac- tivity, the U. D. thinlies ventured again into competition last year and under the helpful direction of Coach Quinn developed into a potential squad near the end of the season. With practically the same squad returning this year, plus several outstanding newcom- Go! l Q V . L l'-ruff I fi. 5..1.5N' Rieger, W. Cutcher, E. Clemmons, J. Mitchell, D. Obrien, XV. McKinley, R. Bishop, Coach Quinn, Top rou'-R. Shaefer D Stoff J. Tulley, J. Currin, D. Meineke, J. Tibbs, F. Gombert, J. Bannister Horvath, A. Ehlert, L. Ka-Ne, D. Leary, E. Marinan. ers, the Hilltoppers are expecting a successful season this spring. Topping the schedule for this season is Wilberforce University at Wilberforce, April 30. Following close behind is Louisville, at Louisville, May 6, Toledo at Toledo, May 14, Ohio Wesleyan at Delaware, May 175 Xavier at Dayton, May 203 and the triangular meet with Wilmington and Cedarville at Dayton, May 26. Page One Hundred Fifty-seven J. Zimmerman, P. Lacey, T. Kenny, C. Alexander, N. Duffy, Coach Blackburn GOLF Tom Blackburn's golf team will endeavor to bring its fourth Ohio in- tercollegiate championship to U. D. on May 16 at Columbus. The pros- pects are high with four returning regulars in the personages of jack Zimmerman, Tom Kenny, Perry Lacy, and Ned Duffy. Newcomers to the link squad are Bob Wise and Buddy Alexander. Highlight on the schedule is a tri- angle meet, with Ohio State and the Quantico Marines furnishing the op- position. Ohio State was one of the three teams to defeat the Flyers last year. Home course for the flers will be either Madden Park or Walnut Grove. Miami at Oxford Xavier at Dayton 7 Triangle match 13 Marshall at Dayton 16 Ohio Intercollegiate 17 Miami at Dayton 23 24 27 May 3 5 Marshall at Huntington Ohio U. at Athens Xavier at Cincinnati FLYERS FAITHFUL FANS Bottom Rau'-Left to Riebt: A. Coberly, A. Griffin, R. McAvoy, J. Stewart. F. Dershemg Top Row-R. Weaver, G. Daly, A. Ponce, D. Romer. Page One Hundred Fifty-eight The cheerleaders, ably captained by Earl Moorman, had a very active year, operating at every football game except the St. Bonaventure and Chat- tanooga games. The squad, which con- sisted of thirteen members, split up into groups of three or four to con- duct the cheering at the home basket- ball tilts. Members of this years squad were: Varl Moorman, ,Io Murray, Frannie Dershem, jean Stewart, Dan Romer, Rosie McAvoy, Ann Griffin, Al Ponce, Charlie Keiser, Anita Coberly, George Daly, Bill Montague, and Dick Weav- er. Next year's captain will be elect- cd from nominees Dan Romer, Al Ponce, George, and jo Murray, all ol whom will be senior students. I 1 ,pf .. hif i., -, 'w f , 1 , ,,v,,..,,,x ..A, , , 1' f 1 , . ' , . . . . -:rf 44.. ':".1wg..z . 2 , V ' - Motivation FRIE I T IS not good for man to be alone. . ." So says Holy Scrip- ture. Experience makes this clearer. Sad indeed is the man with no friends. Man must live with his fellowmen and converse, recreate, in short, be a vital force in his society. Friendship is the result of all this activity. So too, in school, students find a common ground for close association through their classes, but more, through their as- sociations at dances, plays, and sports events. The joy of pleasant company and the presence of friends is a feeling that makes graduation all the more difficult. Yet this meeting of student with student, this forming of warm friendships does not end at graduation. Rather it molds the basis of further association which will more than ever develop the whole man. The process may be beautifully likened to a rough diamond that is polished into fl gem through its "rubbing" with the grinder. Man is worth more for having "rubbed" shoulders with his fellow men. A z, .L by A, all 11 v. :- SHIP Autumn Winter Spring , E SOCIAL EDITOR JOHN KELLY ' 1 4 X V - ff j 7? 5X X 1,13 ji jf- ?' F-?"f XF Q tk fl! y A ff? ASX f 1i f b MH Eff! 5' DJ fxxl W N V fffy W M fy! Of df 6527, X xx.-N . " QM X QU ? ,D 1 jfg21e2fgu fhaffgk MN arising h ld d XI newpglg dfhp 5 id h u f bll d W X MQ 4 gat V WWW fffll 5 , fQ.MH ,,, , Xff H 'f-'57 XV QQ Z I aj Q -I-MWJV NIM , iw Z WA . Everything but a flute Bonner, Batsche, and Beelzehub E found many activities to take up our free time. Flyers' Hangar started things rolling with a dance at the Loretto on Sept. 19th, and the plucky souls who ventured there were alternately mouse-trapped on the dance floor and soaked in perspiration at the coke bar. Hell Week and Frosh Initiation took over the limelight then, and the "beginners" were floured, watered, and marched from the stadium to the courthouse downtown. For those who came thru this ordeal, there was the Frosh Welcome dance at the Miami hotel on Oct. 9th. Eddie Hess and Susie Hickey were voted King and Queen by their classmates, and reigned during the evening. "I can't lookin Who hid the bottle? Birdie-watchers ,, lt. UT-of-town football games called for migrations, and many of us boarded the train for Cleveland and John Carroll, three weeks later we took along our webbed feet and the Flyers Special rumbled into Toledo. With two trips under our belts, we decided that we should migrate more often. The Student Union bustled all year, es- pecially during "talent show" periods. After billiard artist Charles Peterson showed the boys the hows, why's and when of making their shots, the pool-table ranks were four deep. jim Losh's weiner roasts out Bellbrook- way lured a fair percentage of U. D. people in that direction, and hardly a week went by without a small army descending upon genial james. We Migrate It might be cider... NNW This is the chorus primeval Divided attention Wherditgo? It might be music K f I3 2 l 1 3? 5 Z5 3 'ix Eg ,aifg ss.: 33 gg FEL nu ml K s' .f,. A Some danced. . . OT TO be outdone, the C. S. M. C. gave a Ha1lowe'en dance on Oct. 30th. We trekked to the Miami hotel crackerbox to listen and dance to the music of Bill Rish and his Campus Flyers, at intermission Nancy Niswonger and Ann August, C. S. M. C.'s candidates for Homecoming queen and at- tendant, were introduced to the crowd, with audible and visual effect. The Sadie Hawkins theme predominated at the Nov. 7th Hangar, with the fair sex bidding to trip the light fantastic. Anyone who has seen some of the dancing at the Loretto will agree that "fantastic" is an ap- propriate term. Numerous parties sprang up on the slight- est pretext, especially on the night after Day- ton scalped Miami's Sun Bowl champs. ...and some sat CSMC's Homecoming candidates Bench-warmers Look, ma, I'n1 dancing! HOME ff,,w,g Nancy Bourquin Nancy Niswonger Joyce Rhoads The Court Ann August Page One Hundred Sixty-six Mariha Scheffer Prcshnmn Attendant , I , U - -.. ,,.L. 'K .y 3 Vera Seiler fs 1--fx,-5 -.1 -,f sw, g Jeanne Stewart :Rn Xn X. Marjorie W ittmann Marianne Roll Page One H 1 undred Sixty-seven , The passing of the lei Coronation "Men and Women of U. D, .... 'l THE BIG HE Homecoming campaign opened on Oct. 25th. For ten days the halls, the cafe, the campus, and even the air above the school was stirred by broadcasts, goats, parachures, airplanes, "blind" men, parades, bands, and anything else that would get attention. Every conceivable means of phenagling another vote for a particul- ar candidate from eligible balloteers was used. Then the men of U. D. named their choice for Homecoming Queen and Freshman Attendant. When the slips were counted, Marianne Roll was elected Queen, and Ann August her attendant. Marianne and her court were presented to the student body on the night of the 12th in the stadium. Betty Hodapp, last year's royalty, pre- sented the queen with a bouquet, and things settled down until the game and the dance on the following day. Interest in Plymouths went up 84? To the victor goes the spoil .x 537, Buttons and beaus To dance or not to dance f'-pf'i"f's'c'-'I A -1 -Q. f ..-."--."..- -- ...'-- ,-.2 ATURDAY the 15th, Homecoming 1948. Drear skies and chilly weather provided a contrast for the colorful festivities during the game, and gave students and grads alike an ex- cuse to imbide frequent draughts of 90-proof "cough medicine." Formal presentation of the queen and her court was made at game halftime, with Father Renneker doing the Coronation hon- ors. Addresses were made by several dignitaries, and then the stands were rocked when a P-80 jet buzzed the gridiron at not more than ten feet altitude-or so it seemed. Some people said of the dance: "It wasn't as crowded as last yearis-I still have both arms." Attendance was a moot question, with numerous parties blossoming in the Biltmore's rooms, and then moving to the dance floor. . . and vice versa. Beauty and the brass Believe it or not, there were tables and a band, too . fi. Z 4 ZW ff I' 4',,z- I 15155 I f f X21 I ,g-kg. t- f 24 - ' ffmf we 47 W 2: we 2 ,ff A -4433 f5f7Zff4 f ff "Ill Xbxe ' . ,. f 'fy95,'gZ ,,7, r f . 151 I f, , IW' f 5' f'i'4' wif ,iw 15- 27 ' X ff V f ff E? , t- -D 7 If .f X 2 f X 2 g f ,ff , .f " 221 , f f ' Settled by now in the pursu1t of Educa- - 1 tion, our association with fellow students began ' ' ,Zi f to take on a more concrete form. As the snow- Y ,, ' -,9s4Lf7fy flakes fell, and evenings were tinged with quiet, ,Y 1 5f! f ' g 99 we grew more appreciative of companionships V1 fplgfjgf 7 6 i .1 formed in the semester's early daysg knowing gi A , , Q what paths to follow, we derived more pleasure fa - :ff e 1 X 7 f ' ' d . r Aifqffrclf' f if f X f rom our university ays f 75, 1? Y f , Liv' 'Y l , , f " ,4A .Z11 0 47 iff !!! 4 ' ,f -i-'pf ', : " ' f e Lf ,,.e.,4 ,' 1 ' -V ',..gnlH"" gf- , ', gp W . V u.Y.?,F r, 3-,U . . ,, H-K K .--xi"5-:gM"iE.'Qu'5'ui ' M ff e 'Z 'Mr I If I A ff ,..e,,. " vi W ,N-4"'n!',' .44 -' -r. bfi: H ' "' .9 3 'Yip 'S , ,,nt Huw ' 'V jf! 'S v f j 3 Framed Ten-minute hreak The first big dance of the winter was the Persh- ing Rifles' Christmas Ball. Formals were taken from closets and pressed, and tuxedos were de-moth- balled and surveyed with many a rueful glance. Karl Taylor provided excellent music, and Lakeside's ball- room was filled with coup- les dancing until the wee hours. Who could ask for more? You don't say! Youn man with S a band "And here we have. . ." Duuhhl! The committee-wheels revolving AVING had but a few parties and basketball games to hold us, the classic junior Prom was something to point for. General chairman Pete Kuntz, master-of-ceremonies Bob Tormey, "Doc" Krause, Leo Kessler, and Vera Seiler worked hard and long to make this dance a remembered one. Elliot Lawrence brought his superlative music to Lakeside Feb. llth, and the proceedings were just this side of heaven. The Junior class voted Frannie Dershem queeng princesses were Molly Bucher, Sue Pohlmeyer, Mary Frank, and Georgia O'C0nnell. At intermission Bob Tormey presented Frannie with a rose bouquet, and all the court received autographed Elliot Lawrence record- ings. Grand march gmdgfm, M 1 S S FRANCES DERSHEM Ht UUGSSGJ, Inu St S 'Wall Owe d 3 goldlivly ONSENUS of opinion was that the Prom was the best dance yet. After all the work and strain was over, Pete Kuntz took a week off to recuperate, and that dazed look left his eyes. Bill "Duff" Donahue gave Mary Frances Cavanaugh some third-finger, left-hand- ed ice, and the two spent most of the fTopJ Danny Perrazza getting the cold eye evenlng a Inllhon nules away' QBottom9 Public relations shot And the band played on When big wheels get together The 7-Up business is booming --,--W W-' ,S .A ,-,,- L .- 1-7, 3-,.- ,,'C4,,., ,f --. xx' IGHT on the heels of the Prom-just two weeks later, in fact-and again at Lakeside, came the Flyers' Hangar fourth anniversary dance, featuring not one but two orchestras- Bill Rish's and Eddie james'. As a tribute to founders Eleanor Kurtz, Kenny Trimbach, and joe Mori, chairman Eddie Boland pulled out all the stops to make the evening a success. Past presidents Chuck Crowley and Hank Ferrazza were introduced, not to be slighted, Larry Fitz- gerald and Ed Maj came in for the credit due them as chief Hangar sweeper-outers, being pre- sented with rose-and-straw-topped brooms as staffs of office. At any given moment from 8:30 to 12:30, at least one member of the committee could be seen dashing around checking on music, reservations, ticket sales, and tables. All told, it was quite a night. "Awww, gawsh-ya shouldna dunnitf' Ipana ad L , M C'mon, Con .513 S a p42 f q!! ,bf-HV" Lf WJ? -' Q' 'Q-x '14 :rp ,Z +1 1 X X '1- ,wf ,f ,rf wif E, By X xy v -41 1' W 3-1 X X X ' " may J afasfcffws 7 f L 5 ' es-Lv -riff-ffl' f 'fi 1 fy 1:43 -sk-LPXQ 0-J X ' if 57? "1-yr 'ef-e--as ei' .Q -Q X N ' -,L V-X X J,--f A niyfiy, N I QA 'O ,, H 45 'Sf maijjffffffikxlfi ,V X. N Pfjjf 'iggmfy 131,65 ,EJ of ' 1 3, 4 ,gf iff ff a x 5 . wif' D f iw! WML? X . 'gf N! , ' 4 J is 21' 1 'i fl X wr 'f J- ri fl , Blossoming as the bushes on the campus, K wr contacts made during the year bore fruit. For l some, it was the homestretch of a college year, for others, it marked the twilight of our days , 1 in , 'X 4,..t - V. -,ggi at U. D.-days remembered for association with friends. But, whether beginning or ending our education, we profited immensely by having ,I i that priceless gift--Friendship. 1': ,9QQ5'i5?,54'if'gx X ,ffl .aaig ',i' fs 1-' -in i?2Si:Ji?fa'?4- ' fx A X X J tlnnni ,,,,,,,, i in 1 ' .1 i i 1 AgggFQiEflF?E"f5iliv u f:,,ffjf .,,, bi- in 5 'i,'i V .. .. H 1 N ff in i X5 wx f Y ' ".' ,Ewa f f ff I Xxx . f L ".. lj., Q.,-fy! J X9 X "5 X iw' i tx e t ,' Rf wwf ' i 11 pw - W X , ,X lxX iX if! 6 Lf I I NY Q A I 1A X XXX Vffif x 'XNXXR ' Xu i L llkliivhllii Intermission riff, loud and brassy UR coeds pulled another ace from their sleeves when the Womenis Athletic As- sociation took over the Towers for a dance, and the lady basketeers and hockeyettes asked the men for an evening out. A capacity crowd turned out to make the affair a profitable one, in more ways than one. "Just a-sittin' and... Lent cut down the number of "official" functions, and even hallowed elbow-bending sessions at Sutt's and the Heid went into reverse. Came St. Patrick's Day, and things took a 24-hour vaca- tion from penance and sacrifice, the Double K was the scene of one of the most stupendous blowouts in history. For over twelve hours the door swung in and swung out, and part-and full-time Irishmen passed in and passed out. As long as a person put an "O' " or a "Mc" in front of his last name, he was automat- ically entitled to green beer, green bread, a green hat, and a green face the next morning. Sez Dottie: ,- M- Seven no-trump. doubled and wulnerablf. Hangar dances were still going strong, as per usual. Opportunities to play cards, make dates, sip cokes, meet people, and see how the other guy made out presented themselves. Some people Ca one-third minorityh even danced-provided that a path could be blast- ed thru the standing army of stags at the doors. pw. v ll ,fff Q- WF.4Q,--eLQ- Lljgl lf 1' 1 N . . l , NR' N" 'J 1 ff ,x 1.1:-'llf 1vL.n1.x Pomp and circumstance ffwith this crown. ' If Tables for royalty, past and present Smile by Stelzer, grin by Tormey, Lookee there, you-all!" forehead by Cofer "Smile purty! 'LN Sitter-outters fRiglJi above! Pat's man was behind the camera ITH just six weeks till the end of school, a rash of dances broke out. The first of these was the Pershing Rifles' Military Ball on April 22nd at Lakeside. Dancing from 9 till l to the orchestra of Karl Taylor and Les Shephard, the crowd paused at midnight to watch a picked squad of Rifles perform the intricate Queen Anne drill. Climaxing this was past regent Jeanne Ste- wart's coronation of Anne Griffin, who will preside over all Pershing Rifles activities dur- ing the next year. Da iRiglJt belowb "They also serve who Hou too can bc. a sergeant le, Dan, and date sit and wait." S gm. X 239' 1 .. ig.-'J 3 Q' f .QN New Business course: Introduction to Pinochle Proficiency at billiards is the mark of an ill-spent youth Waltz me a- round again, Henry S SOON as everyone had run down from the Military Ball, along came the Turnabout Tag to wind us up again. Completely reversing standing operating procedure, coeds asked for the date, bought the tickets, called for the male, presented him with a fantastic corsage, and hied to Wampler's and Elton Dale's music. The men remarked slyly that turnabout could be fun-if it was for every dance! Nine days later the curtain came down on the social season when the Sen- ior Farewell was held at Lakeside on May 15th. The orchestrations of Ray Anthony added an "Auld Lang Syne" to the end of a wonderful evening, and to a year of cherished memories of parties and dances. 4Lcft belmvl Mantia! "He takes Hemof' April study period WT" is fi YF, H4 i f-ft M kk .. A . ., I 5 L,fgL .4 LLL ig! - X ,- fffwww' TVTQ T-'H it ' W Q ,. X LJ' ' ' 'N 4-, ,,-4-.- , 5.2 Lx Someone stole the Vigoro Railbirds Two Coy gentlemen getting the frigid clavicle Toey at the bat "'Six bucks for that thing?" N-ff Abam, Mrs. M. Adams, Mr. 6. Mrs. W. H. Ir. Aldredge, Mr. 6. Mrs. W. I. Ames, Mr. 6. Mrs. C. L. Antunano, Emilio Argast, Mr. G Mrs. W. I. Arndts, Theodore I. Arnzen, Mr. ci Mrs. Harry I. Asato, Sadao Atkinson, F. D. Au. Mr. 51 Mrs. Francis S. August, Mr. 6. Mrs. Charles Awalt, Mr. 6. Mrs. Iames A. Baily, Mr. 6: Mrs. Sydney Baumgarten, H. E. 6. Family Bell, Mr. G Mrs. Loyd E. Bernardi, Mr. Ohmer Berg, I. W. Beyk, Mr. ci Mrs. I. G. Bishop, Mr. 6. Mrs. Alfred E. Blaes, Mrs. Helen PATRCNS L. Boardman, Mr. :Sf Mrs. W. M. Boggan. Tim Bok, Mr. ol Mrs. Arthur Booher, Elwood E. Borchers, Dr. W. H. Bottini, Mr. G Mrs. Bottorff, Mr. George R. Bourke, Mr. 6. Mrs. W. T. Braumiller, Mr. 6. Mrs. Chas. Brown, Mr G Mrs. Ralph A. Buchner, Lou Burati, Louis Burnich, Francis I. Busse. Mr. 6. Mrs. Robert Caldwell, Mr. QS Mrs. C. W. Calahan, Mr. 6. Mrs. Frank I. Campbell, Ios. E. Pa e One Hundred Eighty-two E. Caporal, George C. Carol, Sam Carmer, Mrs. Iohn Clarke, Mr. 6: Mrs. F. R. Clinard, Florence E. Cochran, Mr. 6. Mrs. E. W. Condon, Mr. 6. Mrs. Iohn Collins, W. A. Connor, Mr. :S Mrs. Leonard F Sr Corbett, C. G. Corbett, Mr. df Mrs. P. L. Creager, Mr. df Mrs. Earl D. Crnkovich, Mr. df Mrs. George Cunningham, Mr. 6. Mrs. Arthur Cunningham, Mr. 6. Mrs. Thomas Custenborder, Mr. 6. Mrs. L. R Crocco, Miss Angela M. Dahm Bros. Co. Inc. Dakin, Frank V. Daley, Vincent Dell, Mr. :S Mrs. Leander I. Donovan. Mrs. Helen Dorian, Mr. 6. Mrs. Iohn Duffy, Dr. G Mrs. E. I. Dugan, Mr. 6. Mrs. Duncan, Helen P. Ednie, Mrs. Francis X. Ehalt, Ias. F. Sr. Ehlert, Mr. 6. Mrs. A. Eisenhauer, Mr. :Sf Mrs. Chas Emrick, Mr. 6. Mrs. Iessie M. Erhart, Mr. 5. Mrs. Charles Ferrazza, Mr. 6. Mrs. Buffino Finke, H. F. Flick, Mr. 6. Mrs. G. W. Frangella, Mr. 5. Mrs. Dominic Fulwiler, Mrs. A. S. Funk, Edwin I. PATRO Garneau, Mrs. Iames F. Gill, Mrs. Mary Iane Graham, Mr. G Mrs. Norval E. Granato, Mr. L. Greaser, Mr. 6: Mrs. C. A. Gutbrod, Iohn I. Hafner, Mr. 6: Mrs. P. S. Hagans. David Haner, Mr. Phillip Hanlon, W. P. Sr. Hartman, Chas. F. Hayden, Mr. df Mrs. Louis Heil, E. I. Heiman, Frank A. Helmig. R. G. Helkamp, Mr. Fred P. Henderson, Mr. 6. Mrs. A. P. Ir. Henne, Mr. 6. Mrs. W. A. Herman, A. G. Hickey. Mr. Highfill, Mr. df Mrs. I. O. 6: Mrs. W. H. Sr. Hill, Mr. 6 Mrs. Robert Hogan, Iohn E. Hixson, Harry W. Hoban, E. Hochwalt, Dr. df Mrs. N. C. Hoefler, Mr. 6: Mrs. Carl T. Hoge, lVIr. 6. Mrs. Ludwig Hoke, Mr. ci Mrs. Ronald Holsapple, Ellis Holzman, Mr. 5: Mrs. George Howe ci Son Ins. Agency. C. F. Humpert, H. I. Hussey, Mr. 6. Mrs. Pierce A. lrizarry, Pedro Iauch, Lawrence I. Iohnston, Mr. ci Mrs. Earl Iordan, lVlr. G Mrs. W. D. Iustice, Mr. 6: Mrs. N. H. Iuvena, Mr. 6, Mrs. Paul Kahle, Mr. G Mrs. A. L. Kampf, Henry A. Sr. Karavish, Mr. G Mrs. Kenny. Thomas L. Kepler, Robert I. Kilbane, Iames L. King, Carl D. 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Santelle, Mr. 6. Mrs. Thomas Scalzitti, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Schaff, Theodore T. Scheffer, Carl T. Schell, Isadore N. S. Schinbeckler, Mr. 6. Mrs. Iohn Schock. Mr. 61 Mrs. Arnold Schweller, S. M. Schwenker, Mrs. H. G. Seifert, Mr. 6. Mrs. Frank Sengstacken, Olga E. Seyler, Mr. 6. Mrs. Ezra R. L. Shane Co. Sharp, Mr. 6. Mrs. Morris Sherman, Mrs. I. O. St. Elizabeth School ot Nursing and Department oi Nursing Education affiliated with the University of Dayton Schervier Hall, St. Elizabeth School osf Nursing Conducted by I Sisters of the Poor of St. Franc I 41 l w THA In sincere appreciation, I wish to thank all those on the staff who aided me in publishing the 1949 Daytonian and es- pecially wish to thank Brother Louis Saletel, S. M. the moderator for his coopera- tion and patience throughout the year. Mr. Wm. Amos and Mr. Chas. Magee Sidney Printing and Publishing Company Mr. james Oldham jahn and Ollier Engraving Company Mr. Jim Harlan Dayton Daily News Mr. John Morreau Photographer Marvin Lehman Dr. Richard Miller Jorge Nunez Brother Arnold Klug, S. M. Brother William Dapper, S. M. And to all others who have in any way assisted in the pro- duction of this book. Harry Parr, Editor Page One Hundred Eighty-six ADVERTI ERS The Daytonian wishes to thanle those advertisers who have shown interest in the University by aiding financially with ads to help publish this l949 Daytonian. Abell, STUDE T DIRECTORY A Iames P., 4097 E. 104th St., Cleveland, Ohio ,,,, Fr. Arts Abbott, Donald E., 105 Brandt St., Dayton, Ohio . Ir. Bus. Aberle, Harry T., 228 Lorain Ave., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Bus. Achbach, Allen Edward, 5640 Markey Rd., Dayton. O. Soph. Sc. Adams, Marion Herbert, 515 Watervliet, Dayton, O. Soph. Arts Adams, Robert Franklin, 406 Oxford Ave.. Dayton, O. Soph. Sc. 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I 1'lC-EYlg- Blackledge, Stanley I., 521 Hickman St., Cincinnati, O. Sr. Arts Biaes, Richard Peter, 13 Wentz St., Tittin, O.. ............ Soph.E.E. Blanco, Eladio Salesa, Habana Vibora, Cuba .. ...... .......... F 1'.A1'tS Blantord, William F., 135 S. Monmouth St., Dayton, O.. lr. Sc. Blessing, Iean H., 4224 N. Dixie Dr., Dayton, O. ............. Fr.Bus. Block, Clittord H., 702 Superior Ave., Dayton, O. .. Soph. Bus. Boardman, William M., 82 E. Burton Ave., Dayton, O.... Ir. Bus. Bockrath, Robert H., 50 Baltimore St., Dayton, Ohio ..... Sr. Bus. Boeckman, Ioseph V., Ir., Cor. 17th G Mound, Panama City, Florida ..... Sr. Bus. Boehm, Beverly Marie, 2 E. Hudson Ave., Dayton, O. .. So. Educ. Bott, Iames F., 275 West Fourth St., Fostoria, Ohio Sr. Bus. Boggan, Ioseph Roy, Ir., 1458 Glandale Ave., Dayton, o. . . Boggess, Henry F., Ir., 636 Wayne Ave., Dayton, O. Bohland, Richard Louis, 1239 Palmwood, Toledo, O. .. So. Educ. Bohman, Lester Iohn, R. R.:pf1, Houston, Ohio . . ........ llgngrrts l'. LIS. Boise, Iames W., 324 Hartford St., Dayton, Ohio . Bojanowski, Clement I., 6731 Chambers, Cleveland, O. Fr. Ch. E. Bok, Arthur B., 845 Walnut St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. ..... .... ..... I 1' .SC. Boland, Claire, 1305 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, O. Soph. Educ. Boland, Edward M., 1305 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio .1r. Bus. Bolton, Louis F., 4547 Dayview Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...... Ir. Arts Bombeck, William L., 321 Chushing Ave., Dayton, O.. Ir. Educ. Bonner, Alfred E., 2818 Kenmore Ave., Dayton, O. .... Soph. Sc. Booher, Elwood E., Box 261, R. F. D. 35, Dayton, O. .Sr. Educ. Booher, Ioyce Elaine, 15 Proctor St., Dayton, Ohio ...Fr. Educ. Borchers, Joe Stokes, 20 Pointview Ave., Dayton, O. Ir. Educ. Bordenkircher, Richard Fm., 1409 E. Main, Coshocton, O. So. Bus. Border, Robert T., 2907 Oakmont Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Sc. Bordewisch, Iames F., 4001 East Third St., Dayton, O. Sr. E. E. Borgert, Theodore E., 321 Haynes St., Dayton, O. .Fr. Bus. Malone Camera Stores, Inc. "Everythinq Photographic" OHIO"S COMPLETE CAMERA STORE 30 N. Main St. 11 - FU 8423 This Could Have Been Your Trip You will have more fun and enjoyment ii you charter one of our Modern DeLuxe Coaches for your next trip. CALL US FOR RATES AND RESERVATIONS The St. John Transportation Co. 1903 Northwestern Ave. I PHONE ME 2603 DAYTON, OHIO I 31.11 1 1 l Page One Hund cl Eg ST DE T DIRECTORY Born, George E., 2501 Ritchie St., Portsmouth, O. Soph. M. E. Born. Richard Albert, 4063 Rhodes, New Boston, O. So. Ch.E. Bornhorst, Frank Kenneth, 327 Shadowlawn, Dayton, O. So. E. E. Borrelli, John Joseph, 179-26 142 Ave., Springfield, N. Y. .Fr. Sc. Buschur, Robert J., 416 E. College St., Coldwater. O. .. Jr. Bus. Burke, Emerson F., 119 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, O. ,.,.. Jr.Bus. Burkhard, John R., 1343 Woodland Ave., N. W., Canton .. So. Sc. Burkhardt, Paul E., 901 Gainsborough Rd., Dayton, O. .. Sr. Sc. Burneka, Charles R., 20 Baltimore St., Dayton, O. Jr. E. E. Burnich, William A., 47 Stratford, W. Hempstead, N.Y. . Fr. Bus Burns, James R., 1049 Farlow St., Springfield, O. ...... Sr. Arts Burrer, Frank, 115 Knecht Dr., Dayton Ohio . ....... Unc. Arts Burroughs, Edward, 2079 Rustic Rd., Dayton, O. .. Pr. Sc. Burroway, William E., 607 N. 2nd St., Dennison, O. .. Soph. E. E. Burtner, Robert K., R. R. 1757, Box 183, Dayton, O. .. Jr. E. E. Burton, James A., 2366 Brixton, Columbus, Ohio , Soph. Arts Busch, Gerald E., 3020 E. 4th St., Dayton, O. . . ,. Fr. M. E. Busch, Kenneth A., 3018 E. 4th St., Dayton, Ohio Pr. C. E. Bors, Carl M., 6255 W. Newport, Chicago, Ill. ....... .. Jr. Sc. Bossell, Stephen John, National Rd., Blaine, O. Soph. Bus Bothe, James V., 15 W. 6th St., Franklin, Ohio Soph. Ch. E. Bottini, Francis A., 331 East 146 St., New York, N. Y. Fr. E. E. Bottorff, George Lee, 4743 Leduc, St. Louis. Mo. I-'r.Ci.E. Bouck, Joseph E., 209 W. Jackson St., New Carlisle, O.. Fr. Bus. Boughton, Robert, 1248 Arbor Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Sr. Arts Bourk, John D. Jr., 533 W. Grand Ave., Lima, O. Soph. Arts Bourke, John D., 728 Xenia Ave., Wilmington, Ohio Sr. E. E. Bourne, Richard A., 1722 San Rae Dr., Dayton, O. .. Soph. Arts Bourquin, Nancy L., 42 Shopping Court, Ohio .. Jr. Sc. Bowers, Kenneth F., R. R. 1113, Troy, Ohio ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Jr. Sc. Bowman, Charles P., 1121 Riverside Dr., Dayton, O. Jr. E. E. Bowman, Phillip L., 327 Watervliet Ave., Dayton, O. Sooh. Sc. Bowman, Thomas H., 600 W. Norman Ave., Dayton, O.. Jr. Arts Bowser, Harry, Jr., 218 E. Siebenthaler, Dayton, O. . Jr. Arts Boxwell, Kenneth E., 17 Dayton Ave., Xenia, Ohio .... Sr. Educ. Boyle, Peter J., 157 Cherry St., New York, N. Y. . ..,, Fr. Arts Bradford, Charlotte Mae, 248 Beverly Pl., Dayton, O. Ir. Educ. Bradford, Edward L., 134 Carrlands Dr., Dayton, O. So. Arts Bragone, John J., 803 West Gambier St., Mt. Vernon, O. Jr. Sc. Bragone, Louis, 803 W. Gambier St., Mt. Vernon, O. ,,.. Fr. Bus. Bramlage, Iohn C., 717 Wellmeier Ave., Dayton. O... Fr. Arts Brandt, Gerald D., 33 Carrollton Ave., Dayton, O. .. ..Soph. Sc. Brandt, Thomas G., 216 Chushing Ave., Dayton, O. .. Soph. Sc. Brann, William J., 162815 Grand Ave., Dayton, O. . Soph. Bus. Branner, Norma L., 19 Shannon, West Carrollton, O. Sr. Educ. Brandt, Charles E., 1015 Old Orchard Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Arts Braumiller, Charles C., 305 W. Madison St., New Carlisle, Ohio ,,,, Fr. E. E. Braun, James R., 2533 Malvern Ave, Dayton, Ohio ..... Fr. E. E. Braun, Nicholas J., 415 E. Franklin, Troy, Ohio ....... Sr. Bus. Braunlin. Edgar, 1900 Wayne Ave., Dayton, Ohio . .Jr.Bus. Bravo, Eleuterio DeDiego 108, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Fr. Sc. Breen, John P., 236 Clinton Hats., Columbus, Ohio ,,,, Fr. Arts Breesman. Neal, 1933 Riverside Dr.. Dayton. Ohio Jr. M. E. Breidenbach, Henry L., 33 Corona Ave., Dayton, Ohio Fr. E. E. Breig, Charles R., 1252 Epworth Ave., Dayton, O. . Soph. E. E. Brenberger, Nancy L., 306 Spring Grove, Dayton, O. Ir. Sc. Brennan, James A., 9 Chatham Dr., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Sc. Brenner, Clyde R., 834 Wilfred Ave., Dayton, O. Sr. M. E. Brenner Robert L 204 Central Ave Da ton O So h Ar . -. -, Y , . p . ts Bressani, Valentin, Colonia Granada i:t7, Guatemala, Central America Soph. Sc. Brewer, Carol C., 2009 Van Ave., Middletown. O. Soph. Arts Brewer, James R., 136 Illinois Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...... Fr. Bus. Brewer, Raymond T., 136 Illinois Ave., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Bus. Brey, Virginia A.,539 Hamilton St., Allentown, Penn., Jr.Sc. Bricker, Theodore R., 56 Oxford Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. M. E. Brill, Kenneth H., R. R. 318, Dayton, Ohio Soph. Educ. Brinkman, Frank J., 147 N. Hanover St., Minster, O. Soph. Bus. Brinkman, Ray H., 859 N. Euclid Ave., Dayton, O. . Soph. Bus. Bushbaum, Gloria J., 803 Huffman Ave., Dayton, O. .,.. Jr. Educ. Busic, Ros Butler, Wi .. . Sr. Educ. Fr. Sc. . ,.,, Sr. Educ. . Fr. Bus. emary, 114 Cambridge Ave., Dayton, O. Busse, Robert J., 131 N. Main, Minster, Ohio Butler, Jerome, 3605 Woodbine Ave., Dayton, O. lliam J., 1243 Wilson Dr., Dayton, O. Button, Donald E., 219 Aberdeen Ave., Dayton, Ohio Fr. Bus Butts, Arthur J., 18 N. Mathison St., Dayton. O. . . ll'-Ei Buxton, Herbert, 1719 Attucks Pl., Dayton. O. ........ .. SODh- Educ. C Cacchione, Gloria S., 509 Homewood Ave., Dayton Fr. Bus Cadle, Clarence C., 1180 Lake Rd., Webster, N. Y. ,,..,. Fr. Bus. Caesar, Nancye L., 357 Adelite Ave., Dayton . ,,.,....... Fr.Bus. Caldwell, Allen B., 94-20 Hollis Ct. Blvd., Queens Village, N. Y. ..,. Fr. Bus. Caldwell, Frank J., 660 Wilfred Ave., Dayton . . Fr. M. E. Caldwell, William J., 225 Oakland Blvd., Roanoke, Va.. Sr. Sc. Callahan, John R., 419 W. McKibben, Lima, Ohio .. Soph. Bus. Campbell, Benjamin H., 139 Park Dr., Dayton. Soph. Educ. Campbell, Langdon A., 458 Delmonte Pk. N., Dayton .. Sr. Bus. Campbell, Richard George, 501 S. Limestone Springfield, Ohio .... Soph. Arts Campbell, Richard Gordon, 1265 Michigan Ave.. Columbus, Ohio Soph. Arts Cannarozzi, Louis J., 856 London Rd., Cleveland. O. .. Fr.Sc. Cannon, Allen J., 127 Rubicon St., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Bus. Cannon. Charles E., 75 E. South St., Painesville, O. Fr. Arts Caporal, Margie I-. 249 WY06' AVO-. DGYYOH ffrr - 51'-AHS Caracci, Louis J., 29 Hudson Rd., Bellerose, N. Y.. .... Sr. Bus. Caras, Louis S., 14 Floral Ave., Dayton, Ohio ....... Jr.Bus. Carboneel, Miguel Jose, Box 277, Utuado, Puerto Rico Fr. Bus. Carmer, Chester B., 814 Victory, Dyersburg, Tenn. Fr. E. E. Carmoega, Raefl, Carrion's Court 3I3, Santurce, .,Fr. Sc. Carney, Cecelia A., 1744 N. Limestone St., Springfield Jr. Sc. Carr, Russell L., 1670 Russett Ave., Dayton Soph. Sc. Carriker, Dorothy D., 54 Horace Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Fr. Educ. Carrington, William, 522 Grand Ave., Dayton, Ohio Fr. Arts Carro, Salvatore, 145-17 Sutter Ave., S. Ozone Pk., N. Y. Fr. Sc. Carroll, A nne J., 37 Ashwood Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Fr. Bus. Carroll, William P., 1203 Lincoln Rd., Columbus, O... Fr. Bus. Carroll, William R., R. R. 7, E. David Rd., Dayton, O. Fr. Educ. Carson. C harles J., 220 S. Maple St., Eaton, Ohio ,. .... Jr. Bus. Carter, Joseph R., 202 E. Benton St., Wapakoneta, O. Fr.Bus. Carter, Ray Douglas, 116 E. Court, Harshman Homes, Dayton, Ohio Fr. Arts Caruso, Jean E., 842 Bedford Ave., Dayton, Ohio Jr. Educ. Cashdollar, John E., 737 Parkview Ave. Dayton O. .... Fr.Bus. Cashman, Agnes P., 402 Edgewood Ave., Dayton Soph. Educ. Cashman, Vincent J., 402 Edgewood Ave., Dayton Jr.Educ. Castle, Thomas D., R. R. 11, Box 172, Dayton, Ohio .. Soph. Sc. Castle, William L., 71 S. Torrence, Dayton, Ohio ..... Soph. Sc. Cantanzaro, Cosmio G., 2346 St. Louis Ave., . I-, Chapman, Leonard N., 2124 Needmore Rd., Dayton .... Sr. Bus. Brockman, Richard J., 53 Portland Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Bus. Brodbeck, William, 121 S. Perry St., St. Marys, O. Soph. Arts Brooks, Robert B.,B22 W. High St., Piqua, Ohio . Soph. Arts Brost, Thomas H., 31 Ridge Ave., Dayton, Ohio ....... Fr. Arts Brown, Charles R., 125 Bonner Ave., Louisville, Ky. .... Fr. Sc. Brown, Charles, 1516 Emmons Ave., Dayton, Ohio . . Jr. Sc. Brown, Clifford J., 360 Hamilton St., Fairmont W. Va. Jr. Educ. Brown, Fred D., 1803 Kentucky Ave., Springfield, O. Fr.Sc. Brown, Helen A., 202 Wolf Creek St., Brookville, O. ..... Fr. Sc. Brown, James W., 167 Park Dr., Dayton, Ohio ..... .... P r. E. E. Brown, John E., 167 Park Dr., Dayton, Ohio . ........ Jr. Educ. Brown, Mary Van Dyke, 840 Brown St., Dayton, O. . Jr. Arts Brown, Ralph D., 882 Tiffin Ave., Chillicothe, O.. .. Fr. Educ. Brown, Robert A., 319 Central Ave., Dayton, O. . ...... Jr. Bus. Brown William P 822 Cedar St Owensboro Ky Jr. Bus. Brubaker, James E., 1129 Oakdale' Ave., Dayton, O'.W.HSoph. Sc. Bruggeman, Robert J., 713 Charles, Middletown, O. . Fr. E. E. Brugler, Jock S.. 717 S. Main St., Bellefontaine, O. Jr. Educ. Brun, Jerome H., 1304 Linden, Dayton, Ohio . ...Sr.Bus. Brun, Margaret L., 138 Northwood Ave., Da ton Ohio Fr St. Louis, Mo. Soph. Educ. Cavaioli, Raymond J., 132-36-58th Rd.,Flushing, N. Y. Fr. Arts Centrackio Armond 11128 Mt. Carmel Rd., Cleveland Fr. Sc. Chase, William S., 59 W. Main St., Webster, N. Y. .... Fr. Bus. y , .Sc. Bucher, EPMI? 1028 Walnut Hills Pl., Dayton, O. Fr. E. E Bucher, woo S, 907 W. Third, Dayton, Ohio . Fr. Educ. Bucher, Joseph G., 728 Grafton Ave., Dayton, O. . .. Jr.Bus. Bucher, Molly 1028 Walnut Hill Pl., Dayton, O. .... Jr. Arts Bucher, Thomas A., 1028 Walnut Hill Pl., Dayton, O. Jr. Bus. Bucher, Thomas J., 2072 Ravenwood Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Arts Buchholz, John Frank, 5548 Markey Rd., Dayton, O. ..... Fr. Bus. Buchner, Louis A., 61 Dover Pkwy., Stewart Manor New York Soph. Arts Buckel, Charles W., 1653 Huffman Ave., Dayton, O. ..... Jr. Bus. Buehler, Robert, 1800 Wyoming St., Dayton, O. ,. ...Ir. Arts Buer, Geraldine L., 205 Alliance Pl., Dayton, O. , Soph. Arts Buhl, Joseph N., 2312 St. Charles, Dayton, O. . Soph. Arts Bulpin, Charles W., 2225 Revere Ave., Dayton, Ohio Fr. Educ. Bunger, Jack Dale, 208 Lewiston Rd., Dayton, O. Soph. Educ. Bunker, Carl M., 1132 Lockland Pl., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Sc. Burati, James L., 2524 Piedmont Rd., Charleston, W. Va. So. C. E. Burbrink, Donald W., 3427 Corrine Ave., Cincinnati. O. So. E. E. Burger, George J., Box 300A R. R. 23, Brookville, O. Jr. Educ. Burger, Rudolph, 2225 Victoria Ave., Dayton. O. .... Fr.M. E. Burgess, Dorothy E., 4 Messina Pl., Dayton, Ohio . Jr. Educ. Buriff, Iohn A., Route 352, Dayton, Ohio . .. Fr. Educ. Burk, Robert D., B04 E. Water St., Portland, Ind. . Soph. E. E. Page One Hundred Ninety Chasteen, William L., 606 Smith St., Dayton, Ohio ...... Fr. C. E. Chen, Fu, 8 Tas Ti Rd., Tsinan, Shantung, China ..... Fr. M. E. Chenez, Gordon H., 2662 N. Main, Dayton, Ohio Fr.M. E. Cherry, John A., R. R. 2, Waynesville, Ohio .. Soph. M. E. Childs, James M., 1736 Germantown St., Dayton, O. ..... Sr. Sc. Ching, Kenneth, 1147 Pinkham St., Honolulu, T. H. ......... Sr. Sc. Chirco, Anthony J., 3244 McCall St., Dayton, Ohio ...... Jr.Bus. Chow, Shao-yu, Hong Kong, China .. .... . .Unc. Christensen, Norbert M., 213 4th St., Oconto, Wisconsin Jr. Arts Christensen, William G., 2033 Burroughs Dr., Dayton .So. M. E. Chong, Albert S. C., 1654 A Fort St., Honolulu, T. H...Jr. E. E. Chung, James M., 532 Ahua Rd., Honolulu, T. H.. ........ Fr. E. E. Ciaiola, R. N., 414 W. Spruce St., Titusville, Pa. Unc.Bus. Cichanowicz, Henry J., 550 Deeds Ave., Dayton, Ohio .Jr. E. E. Cirillo, Anthony A., 192-09 104 Ave., Hollis, N. Y. ....... Jr.Sc. Clampet, James V., 544 Superior Ave., Dayton, O. Sr. Bus. Clark, Charles H., R. R. 4, Owensboro, Ky. .. .. .. Fr. Bus. Clark, Ernest H., 3024 Lakeview Ave., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Sc. Clark, Herschel M., 240 W. Clark St., Springfield O. Fr. Arts Clarke, Kate S., 1085 W. Main St., Richmond, Ky. Fr. Arts Class, Philip Lee, R. R. 1, Lebanon, Ohio .. . Fr. M. E. Cleary, John W., 84 E. Longview Ave., Columbus SoDh.Bus. Clements, Iohn R., 509 Ethel Ave., Dayton, Ohio Unc. Sc. Clements, Thomas H., 1664 Indiana Ave., Louisville, Ky. Fr. E. E. Cleveland, Nadine J., 307 S. Walnut St., W. Carrollton, O. Jr. Sc. Cline, Carl E., 67 N. Longview St., Dayton, Ohio .. ..... Jr. M. E. Ibccdzcctccf la Mc me 4 Maw, Mm Wz 5611.4 740,94 fam Mme People A rod ts , Delco Products ff Frigicl ' I I cl M F cturing D7 Mcrcinc Produc EMMA of GENERAL MCDTCRS in Ewan STUDE T DIRECTORY Clinard, William F., 708 Ferguson Ave., Dayton, O. ... Fr. Arts Clune, Carmel R.,622 W. Ash St., Blytheville, Ark... Ir. E. E. Coates, Iohn A., 25 E. Charlotte. Ecorse, Mich. . Ir. Educ. Coberly, Anita M., 1023 Dodgson Ct., Dayton Soph. Educ. Cochran, Iohn I., 287 N. Prospect St., Marion, Ohio ee lr. C. E. Cochran, Robert T., 220 Oak Knoll Dr., Dayton, O. .L Ir. Educ. Coter, Ned R., 205 Monteray Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Soph. Arts Coiiroad, George W.. 215 Shroyer Rd., Dayton, O. . Soph. Educ Coleman, Neil C., 2094 Auburn Ave., Dayton, Ohio Fr. Educ. Coleman, Robert G., 2339 E. 5th St., Dayton, Ohio ,.. Soph. Bus. Collins. Charles F., 9 Hauenstine Ct., Troy, Ohio .. H-.. Ir. Bus. Collins, Donald E., 502 S. 4th St., DeSoto, Missouri - Ir. Bus. Collins, Robert D., 3910 E. Third St., Dayton, O. .-.. Sr.Sc. Combs, Ioanne C., 1573 Wayne Ave., Dayton, O. .. Soph. Arts Common, Iames H., B51 St. Agnes Ave., aDyton, O. Soph. Bus. Condon, Iohn E., 518 N. Braddock, Mt. Vernon, Ohio Soph. Sc. Condron, Henry I., 103 W. Great Miami Blvd., Dayton Ir. Bus. Conn, Calvin E., Kistler, W. Va. - ...... ...s-Y... .... Soph. M. E. Connair, Robert I., 610 Hodapp Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Soph. Sc. Connojr, Thomas L., 610 Hodapp Ave., Dayton, Ohio ,Ir. M. E. Connaughton, Ioe I., 1340 S. Preston, Louisville, Ky. ...... Sr. Bus. Kermit Byron, 2835 Grace Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Ir. Educ, Davis. Lawrence A. Ir., 120 West 3rd St., Xenia, O... Sr. Bus. Davis. Peggy Iane. 3619 Riverside Dr.. Dayton, Ohio , Sr. Educ, Davis, , . . ., . . Davis, Robert Lee, 3515 N. Dixie Dr.. Dayton, Ohio Prince 241 S Conover St Dayton Ohio n Soph, Sc, ,Soph. Bus. Dawson, Robert B., 1239 Lockland Pl.. Dayton, Ohio Ir.Educ. Day, Ioe Gene, R. R. :6, Box 359, Dayton. Ohio .. Soph. E. E. Day, Robert I., 2912 Smithville Rd., Dayton, Ohio -Ir. Bus. Dean. Henry C., 2826 Germantown St. ,Dayton, Ohio Ir.Arts Deardort. George R., 2014 Park Place, Dayton, O. Soph.M.E. Debard, Ioella Marie Schmidt, 2100 Shroyer Rd., Layton, Ohio -N Sr. Sc. Deerwester, Mary Lou, 945 Brookview Ave., Dayton O. Ir.Arts Definer, Iohn F., 2230 King Ave., Dayton ,Ohio ..Soph.Arts DeForrest, Robert N., 403 Valley St., Dayton, Ohio Ir.Bus. Deger, DeHart. Samuel K., 15 Knecht Dr., Dayton, Ohio ..,,.'Sr Dehn, Beverly' Lou, 39 Greendale Lr., Dayton, Ohio .Sr Denn, Iacqueline C., 39 Greendale Dr., Layton Ohio .Sr Derter, Dekom, Anton K, P.O Box 451 D on Ohio 5 F' E 3 5 5 2 5 Q time Raymond E., 924 Vernon Dr.. Dayton, Ohio .n Connor. Eugene T., 1038 N. Main St., Dayton. Ohio .W Ir. M. E. Connor, Leonard F., 484 Adams Ave., W. Hempstead, L. I. N. Y. ,.... Ir. Educ. Cook, Glenn E., 222 S. Church St., New Lebanon, O. -D Ir. Sc. Cooney, Iames M., R. R. 4, Delaware, Ohio -..,.-. .... Soph.Arts Cooper, Arnold R., 560 W. 4th St., Dayton, Ohio ,..,,. , .,.. Fr. Sc. Cooper, Michaei H., 28 E. Bruce Ave., Dayton, Ohio .n Fr. Bus. Cooper. Robert E., 28E. Bruce Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...,Ir. E. E. Cooper, Wendell E., 44 Greenwood Ave., Dayton, O. s. Ir. Bus. Cople, William I., 519-49 St., Brooklyn, N. Y. ., .... ,.. Coppock, Eugene S., 2345 Haig Ave., Dayton, Ohio ..-U Fr. Civil Bus. Hs. Sr. Corbett, Henry A., 2515 llst N. W., Canton, Ohio .... lr. E. E. Corcorran, Thomas S., 4400 Daleview Ave., Dayton Cordell, Gu R. 718 Dordon Terrace Chica o Ill Fr. M. E. .. Fr. C. E. Arts Y , . q , .. Cosgrove, Don I., 4000 Grove Ave., Norwood, O. .... Soph. Countryman, Robert F., 3628 Mosmer Ave., Dayton .Soph. Bus. Coy, David E., 779 Greenlawn Ave., Dayton, O. .. . .. . Soph. Sc. Coy, Roscoe I., 779 Greenlawn Ave., Dayton, Ohio .Soph. Bus. Cramer, Kenneth R., 2127 Mapleview Ave., Dayton Ir. M. E. Cramer, Patricia Ann, 639 Hodapp Ave., Dayton. . ,... Fr. Bus. Crawford, Robert E.. Box 175, R. R. 1, Asborn. Ohio .. Fr. Educ. Craycrott, Bernard L., RFD l, New Haven, Ky. . .. .... Fr. Bus. Craycrott, George P., 163 lndiana Ave., Dayton, O. .. Soph. Arts Creager, Earl D., 301 Far Hills Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Bus. Cress, Naomi A., R. R. :2, Miamisburg, Ohio .. ..... Fr. Educ. Critchtield, Leroy B., 102 S. Garfield, Dayton, O, .- ...... Fr.Bus. Crnkovich, Nick G., Box 223, Thorpe, W. Va. .., ......... i.. Ir. Bus. Crocco, Robert N., 275 Bishop St., Waterbury, Conn. ... Fr. Arts Cronin, Iames R., 273 Wrexham Ave., Columbus, O. .... PFI. Sc. I Crosley, Varna Lee, 4401 Kenneth Ave., Dayton, O..,., . Arts Crossley, Donald R., 49 Park Dr.. Dayton, Ohio .mn Fr. Arts Crotty, Leo W., 1935 Adirondack Trail, Dayton, O. ...... Fr. Bus. Crotty, Mary F., 815 W. North St., Piqua, Ohio Soph. Bus. in 5 Ir - , I GY! . ..... 4.11 Delcniey. Patricia A., 827 Superior Ave., Dayton, O..., Fr Er Dell, Norma I., 6 South St., Shelby, Ohio . UU 552. 'PF F9 Hu Fi 5-04 sf" OJ Nu-1 Luv- ID gf? S fiat ind ' :D H. gt? EE O. ETC z 51 1 I V l il I""'.1. mflm DeMarco, Rocco Charles, 11213 Mt. Overlook Rd., Cleveland, Ohi DeMartino, Nicholas I., 134-10 32nd Ave., omlr. Arts Flushing, N. Y. ...... Soph. Bus. Deming, Robert E., 1005 Colwick Dr.. Dayton, O. Demmer, Harrold F., 236 Lewiston Rd., Dayton, Ohi Demmhaus, Carl George, 1513 Kavanaugh, ..,, Fr. Educ. o .. Soph. Sc. . Covington, Ky. .nn Ir. Bus. Denlingeh, Ned. B., 253 Sandhurst Dr., Dayton, O. ..,. Ir. Bus. DePedro, Antonio I., Alberto Ricci, Patillas. Puerto Rico-Fr. Sc. DeRoziere, Robert C., 889 Columbus Ave., New York, N. Y. ...... Soph. Bus. Dershem, Frances Marian, 37 Otterbein Ave., Dayto n, Jr. Educ. DeSaro, Charles I., 115 S. Findlay St., Dayton, Ohio .s.. Fr. Sc. Desch, Iames B., 301 Kenwood Ave., Dayton, Ohi Devine. Francis 419 E. Fifth t M vill omIr.Arts omIr.Arts I-, S., arys ' e. Ohi DeVol, Stephen A., 751 St. Louis Ave., Zanesville O. Soph. Sc. DeVor, Kenneth R., 2138 Pershing Blvd., Dayton, O. . Soph. Arts DiCiacco, Nocholas I., 456 Watervliet Ave., Dayton, Dicken, Cornelius R., 55 VV. Mumma Ave., Dayton, Dickman, Richard L., 43 St. Iosephs Lane. U Covlngton, Ky. Dickman, Thomas H., 52 E. Hudson Ave., Dayton, O. L Sr. Bus. O. , Ir. Bus. nn Ir. Ci. E. O.... Ir. Bus. Dietz, Charles H., 3 Grenield PL, Dayton ,Onio .... A Ir. M. E. Dildine, Doris M., 55 Palmer St., Dayton, Ohio ..,YFr. Arts Dils, Kenneth E., 2456 Nill Ave., Dayton. Ohio .,..nm.Ir. Bus. Dinan, Thomas I., 2927 Minnesota Ave., St. Louis, Mo.,Ir. E. E. Dineen, Robert D., 701 Grafton Ave., Dayton. Ohio .s..Fr. Bus. Dixon, Andrew D., 201 S. Main St., Englewood, O..mFr.Arts Dixon, Dorothy H., 201 S. Main St., Englewood, Ohio ,..Ir Arts Crowe, Ioan L., 2105 Martin Ave., Northridge, Ohio Fr. Educ. Crowe, Thomas A., Box 84, Magnolia, Ohio -... ...... Soph. Educ. Crowell, Willard D., 1 E. Stewart St., Dayton, Ohio.. Soph. Arts Crowley, Charles, 73 Monroe St., Zanesville, O. .WY Sr.Arts Csizma, Emery I., 11807 Parkhill Ave., Cleveland. O. Soph. Bus Cuff. Thomas S., 700 Park Ave., Piqua, Ohio Soph. Educ. Culp, Alma Louise, 552 Brightwood Ave., Dayton ni., Fr. Educ. Cummings, Iohn T., 1609 Columbia, Middletown Ave. O. Ir. Bus. Cummins, Lewis D., 370 N. Iay St.. W. Milton, Ohio .. Sr. Educ. Cunningham, Iames H., 114 E. Peach Orchard Rd.. Dayton, Ohio .... Fr. E. E. Cunningham, Thomas V., 205 N. Sixth, Connellsville, Pa. Fr.E. E. Dixon, Iohn E., 9 E. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio .- Fr. M. E. Dobberstein, Marvin H., 35 Vermont Ave., Dayton. Soph. M. E. Dolan, Iohn P., 827 Oakwood Rd., Charleston, W. Va. Fr. E. E. Dobrozsi, Mary Ann, 316 Baltimore, Middletown, O.-Soph.Sc. Dolmski, Stanley R., Box 870 Brandt Prk., Dayton Soph. M. E. Donahue, G., 601 E. Sandusky Ave., Belletontaine, Ohio nn Sr. Educ. Doody, Bernard I., 112 Park Dr., Dayton. Ohio .ms.mSr. Sc. Dooley, Iames F., 446 E. Liberty St., Cincinnati, O.,Soph. Sc. Dooley, Robert H., 220 N. Elm St., W. Carrolton, Ohio,Ir. Sc. Doolos, Iames W., Box 27, Union, Ohio .e....i.,...vwSoph.Sc. Doran, Iohn F., 221 Parma PL, Dayton, Ohio .... ,s-.Soph. Bus. Curley, Williarn F., 8714 Dorchester St., Chicago. 111. 4 Fr. Bus. Curliss, Robert G., Michigan Ave., Wilmington, O. .Soph. M. E. Cu.rran, Iohn I.. 17409 Oxford Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Soph. Arts Curry, Ierome I., 696 Eastern Pw., Brooklyn, N. Y. Fr.Arts Curt:i.n, Phyllis I., 1505 Neva Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Sr. Educ. Curtis, Robert F., 740 Geneva Rd., Dayton. Ohio ....... Fr. Sc. Curmer. Harry C., 321 Niles Pl., Dayton, Ohio ....... .,,.Sr,Bu5, Custenborder, Donald I., 434 S. Ohio Ave., Sidney, O. Sr. Bus. Cutcher. William D., 320 Church St., Oak Harbor, O. D , Fr. Educ. Dahm, Norman F., 532 Kenwood Ave., Dayton, O. ..,..Ir. Bus. Dahm, Richard, 3537 Mapleway Dr., Toledo, Ohio... ,. Sr. Bus. Dorian, Charles P., 858 N. Euclid Ave., Dayton, O.,,n. Ir. Civil Douglas, Richard R., 615 W. Tait Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. .nn Fr. Bus. Dover, Iesse W., 303 Shadowlawn Ave., Dayton, O..-Soph.E.E Dowdell, George A., 1118 Lockland Pl., Dayton, Ohionlr. Bus. Downey, Thomas P., 381 Willow, Waterbury, Conn. Soph. C. E. Doyle, Thomas R., 928 Xenia Ave., Dayton, Ohio 7. Soph. C. E. Drees. Harold A. Drees Harold 431 E. Walnut St., Coldwater, O. , 536 Culvert St.. Sidney, Ohio .... m.Soph.A.rts sopn Btn. , I., Dresbach, Leroy E., 2041 8th Ave., Dayton. Ohio .. Soph. Educ. Drescher, Otto I., 415 Ruth Ave., Dayton, Ohio ,nm Fr. C. E. Driscoll, Carl W., 1232 Windsor Dr., Dayton, Ohio .. Soph.Arts Driver. Warren W., 728 Elberon Ave., Dayton, O Duane, Eugene W., 52 Geranium Ave., hionSr.Sc. Floral Park, N. Y. .,,. Ir. Arts Dakin, Iames D., R, R. :9, Box 734, Dayton, Ohio .. Soph. M. E. Dale, Kathryn V., 2525 Roslyn Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Sc. Daler, Wilbert A., 1423 Carlisle Ave., Dayton, O.v..Fr.Arts Daly, George Wm.. 812 Lorain Ave., Dayton, Ohio -.. Ir. Arts Daly, Vincent DePaul, 197,03 McLaughlin Ave., Hollis, N. Y. ...... Soph. Educ. Daniord, Iames Arthur, 921 West Ash St., Piqua, Ohio Ir. Sc. Daniszewski, Robert I., 276 Alton Ave., Dayton, O. wFr.Arts Dapper, Iames C., 1309 Wm. H. Taft Rd., Cincinnati, O. Ir. E. E. Darling, Donald E., 519 Piqua Pl., Dayton, Ohio W., .... Fr. Educ. Darr, Elbert R., 314 Kammer Ave., Dayton, Ohio ..... - Ir.Arts Daum, Robert R., 2123 Revere Ave., Dayton, Ohio ....Unc.Arts Davidson, Donald, 3525 E. Second St., Dayton. Ohio Sr. Bus. Davidson, Thomas E., 54 Laura Ave.. Dayton ,Ohio Soph. E. E. Davis. Donald I., 916 Campbell Ave., Hamilton, O. Soph. Educ. Davis, Evelyn Ann, 3519 Riverside Dr., Dayton, Ohio Ir.A.rts Davis, Iames T., 241 S. Conover St., Dayton, Ohio ..--. Fr.Arts Page One Hundred Ninety-two Duckro, Raymond E., 357 Xenia Ave., Dayton ,Ohio Soph. Bus. Duderstadt, Helen R., 640 Bowen St., Dayton, Ohio ,...Ir.Arts Duny, Alice M., 1554 Cornell Dr., Dayton, Ohio .mm Fr. Sc. Duffy, Mary Ann, 219 S. Torrence St., Dayton, O.mIr. Bus. Duffy, Thomas E., R. R. :8 .Box 476, Dayton, Ohio W. Ir.Arts Duffy, William E., 41 Vincent St., Dayton, Ohio .n. Soph. Educ. Dugan, Laurence I., 97 Grover St.. Springfield, Mass...Ir.ArB Dugan. Mary Icnie, 610 Eagan, Charleston, W.Va.-, Fr. Sc. Duggan, Robert E., 2854 N. Belaware, Indianapolis Ind. Ir. Bus. Duncan, Iohn R., 729 N. Wayne St., Piqua, Ohio, A Fr.Sc. Dunn, Edward W., 2201 Elmwood Ave., Springfield, O. Fr.Arts Dunn, Robert T., 554 Eastern Ave., Toledo, Ohio nn. Ir. Educ. Dunnick, Millard C., 423 Stoddart, Columbus Ohio.. Ir. Educ. Dupre, Robert O., Walhalla, South Carolina . ..... Soph.Arts Dutro, Richard F., 1239 Wheeling Ave., Zanesville, O.. Ir. Educ. Dwenger. Dorothy, 340 Burleigh Ave., Dayton, Ohio .FL Bus. Dwyer, Francis D., 306 Washington. Urbana, O. .. Soph. M. E. For Dry Cleaners for Artist and Finished Laundry Service Professional or Student Q0 I0 Also Drawing Materials f BERT L. DAILY, Inc. There is cr I in your neighborhood 125 E- Thi-fd ST- AD- 4121 The F. H. Bickford Company Est. 1920 PRECISION SCREW PRODUCTS Dayton Ohio Ccmpliments The C. N. STEMPER Co. INSTITUTIONAL of Foon DISTRIBUTORS A 999 East First St. DAYTON, OHIO P O Hddf' h .Ir. M. E. STUDE T DIRECTORY E Earnhart, Clarence E., RFD 22, Miamisburg, Ohio ,.,,, Ir. Civil Ebert, Anthony, 6 N. Findlay St., Dayton, Ohio . ,,.A,. Sr.M.E. Eccles, Gerald T., 2026 Grasmere Dr., Louisville, Ky. ..Fr. E. E. Echemann, Raphael A., 829 MciKnley St., Sidney, O....Fr.Sc. Ednie, Edward A., 256 Vanderbilt, Floral Park N. Y. Fr. Bus. Edwards, Barbara, 27 W. Gr. Miami Blvd.. Dayton .. Soph. Arts Egan, Thomas I., 715 Superior Ave., Dayton . Egan, Thomas V., 220 Monitor St., Brooklyn, N.'Y. .....,. Sr.Sc. Ehalt, Robert E., 384 W. 3rd St., Mansfield, Ohio .. Soph. Bus. Ehlert, Allen A., 1127 Sunset Rd., Mansfield, Ohio .. Soph. Bus. Eisenhauer, Richard I., 530 Grafton Ave., Dayton ,..., Fr. E. Eisenohr, Robert R., R. R. ill, CICIYIOH, Ohi0.... -...-..VV --.FL CLE- Elking, Robert P., 212 Notre Dame Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Ir. Bus. Ellifritt, Wallace E., R. R. 113, Box 476, Dayton, Ohio .. Sr. Bus. Elliott, Iames H., 111 S. Beech St., St. Marys, Ohio ,,,., Sr. Bus. Elliott, Iohn R., 111 Beech St., St. Marys, Ohiox ..,.,.... Ir. E. Elliott, Robert G., 1026 Colwick Dr., Dayton, Ohio ,.., Fr.C1.E. Elliott, Theodore, 5425 N. Main St., Dayton, Ohio .,...,, Fr. Bus. Ellis, George Wm., 660 E. Second St., Xenia, Ohio Ingrts r. us. Ir. Bus. Ellison, Oscar M., 233 Oxford Ave., Dayton, Ohio ....,, . Emerick, Steve I., Ir., 115 Woodland Ave., Dayton, O. Sr. Arts Emrick, Kenneth F., 139 Mulberry St., Germantown, O. Ir. Educ. Enouen, William Albert, 13605 Edgewood Ave.. Cleveland, Ohio ,.... Fr. Bus. Ens., Margaret Ann, 927 Rosedale Dr., Dayton, Ohio Sr.Sc. Epstein, Ierome, Ir., 949 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio .. Sr. Arts Erhart, Thomas I., Kalida, Ohio . ..... .... . . .. .... Ir.Bus- Ernst, Iohn F., 1254 Wisconsin Blvd., Dayton, Ohio ,,,,,, Ir. Bus. Eshman, Thomas H., 234 S. Miami, Sidney, Ohio.. Soph. Arts Esser, William H., 25 Dover St., Dayton, Ohio ,....,.. Fr. Educ. Eubank, Keith E., 1064 Brown St., Dayton, Ohio ........... Ir.Sc. Evans, Virginia, 2815 Kenview Ave., Dayton, Ohio Unc.Sc. Everman, Walton Gale, 123 W. Rabbit St., Dayton, O. Fr. Arts Ewry, William H., 301 W. George St., Arcanum, Ohio .. Ir. Bus. Eynon, David F., 831 South 18th St., Columbus, Ohio .. Sr. Bus. F 1. Fagler, C. Margaret, 128 Hopeland, Dayton, Ohio ..... Sr. Educ. Fahey, Patricia L., R. R. 1758, Box 324, Dayton, Ohio ,...... Ir.Sc. Fahrer, Armand, 901 Superior Ave., Dayton, Ohio. ..... Ir. Bus. Fahrig, Donald L., 949 Troy St., Dayton, Ohio . .. ..... Ir. Educ. Fairchild, Ruth E., 114 S. Garfield St., Dayton, Ohio..Ir. Arts Falke, Lee C., 835 Hampshire Rd., Dayton, Ohio . Fr. Bus. Farrell, Iames T., 143 N. Walnut St., East Oranga, N. I. So. Arts Farren, Walter E., 904 Brown St., Dayton, Ohio ..,... Sr.Bus. Faso, Margaret, U.D. Apt. 12, Campus . .... .. . .. Unc. Sc. Faulkner, George, 1005 Neggley Place, Dayton, Ohio Sr. Bus. Favorite, Mary M., 121 Brooklyn Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Soph. Arts Fecher, Con Iohn, Swigart Rd.. Dayton. Ohio .... .............. I I-Sc. Federspiel, Gerald T., 1246 Vernon Dr., Dayton, Ohio .Ir. Ci. E. Feight, Ieanne W., 100 Springgrove Ave., Dayton, O. .Ir. Arts Felman, Edith Mayer, 79 Central Ave., Dayton, O. ........ Ir. Bus. Ferguson, Harold A., R. R.iI1, New Lebanon, Ohio Soph.Sc. Fernandez, Iose Luis, Ave. Fernandez Iuncos 702, Santurce, P. R. . Soph. Bus. Ferrara, Iose V., Roma 1r214 Cd. Mir, Monterray, Mexico .. Fr. Ch. E. Ferrazzza, Daniel E., 11020 Woodstock, Cleveland, O.. So. Educ. Ferrazza, Henry L., 11020 Woodstock, Cleveland, O. .Sr. Educ. Ferris, William E., 190 Lake St., Delaware, Ohio ...... Fr.Sc. Fiedler, Norbert C., 3654 N. Whipple St., Chicago, lll. .... Fr. Sc. Fiel, Nicholas I., 163 Santa Clara Ave., Dayton, Ohio .... Ir.Sc. Fiel, Russell Wm., 163 Santa Clara Ave., Dayton, Ohio Ir. Sc. Fields, Iohn M., 812 Dennison Ave., Dayton, Ohio Ir. Educ. Fiely, Edward A., 103 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, Ohio Ir.Bus. File, Thomas M., 51 Gambridge Ave., Dayton, Ohio Fr.Sc. Filsinger, Alfred C., 427 Shroyer Rd., Dayton, Ohio Fr.M.E. Fink, Audrey M., 705 Fairview Ave., Dayton, Ohio Sr. Arts Finke, Iohn E., 208 Squirrel Rd., Dayton, Ohio ........... Ir.Sc. Finke, Thomas L., 241 Wroe Ave., Dayton, Ohio Ir. Bus. Finney, Lois Anne, 14 N. Delmar Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Fr. Educ. Fischer, Carl H., 4 Race Rd., Fairvield, Ohio. ,......, Ir. Bus. Fisher, Dale E., 248 Grove Ave., Dayton, Ohio . .... Fr. Educ. Fisher, Samuel W., 108 Bank St., Dayton, Ohio . Soph. Educ. Fiste, Erma L., 4514 W. Second St., Dayton, Ohio .......... Sr. Arts Fitz, Cyril I., 527 Clinton, Sandusky, Ohio . ......... Fr. C. E. Fitzgerald, Iohn B., 5100 Maffitt Ave., St. Louis, Mo. .Fr. M. E. Fitzgerald, Lawrence I., 16824 Chatfield, Cleveland, O. Ir. M. E. Fitzgerald, Thomas I., 733 Gondert Ave., Dayton, Ohio Fr. Bus. Fitzpatrick, Wm. Ioseph, 122 Mutual Home Bldg., Dayton Sr. Sc. Flanagan, Francis P., 21 Osborn Pl., Rockville Centre, N. Y. . Soph. Bus. Flanagan, Iohn I., 21 Osborn Pl., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Ir. Bus. Flaute, Robert B., 20 Patterson Rd., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Bus. Fleischman, Harlow Ioseph, 1131 Irving Ave., Dayton Ir. Educ. Fleischman, Ralph E., R. R. Jil, Box 264, Dayton, O.. Fr. C. E. Fleming, Daniel M., 113 Cambridge, Dayton, Ohio .Fr.C.E.' Flenner, Thomas C., 559 Greenlawn Ave.. Dayton, O. Fr.Sc. Fletcher, Howard L., 809 S. Summit St., Dayton, O.. Fr. Educ. Fletcher, Mary R., 425 W. 2nd St., Dayton, Ohio Sr. Educ. Fletcher, William I., 334 W. 4th St., Dayton, Ohio . Sr. Bus. Soph. Bus. Sr. Sc. Flick, Gene G., 232 S. Columbus St., Galian, Ohio Flischel, Donald C., R.R.1T1, Germantown, Ohio ...., . Floyd, Roscoe S., 23 N. Perry St., Dayton, Ohio . Fr. Arts Flynn, Francis E., 2318 Dunham St., Toledo, Ohio. Fr. Bus. Flynn, Robert D., 1414 Versailles Rd., Lexington, Ky. ..So. Educ. Page One Hundred Ninety-four Flynn, William O., 2318 Dunham St., Toledo, Ohio ..... Fr. Bus. Focke, Constance C., 1150 Oakwood Ave., Dayton, O. .Fr Bus. Foley, Donald W., 558 E. Northern Ave., Springfield, O. . Bus. Folino, Thomas F., 184 Wabash Ave., Dayton, Ohio Ir Ir . Arts Fondiler, Lester G., 4210 Merrimac Ave., Dayton, O...Ir. . Ford, David L., 216 E. 24th St., Owensboro, Ky.... Fr.Sc. Ford, Robert I., 1003 Akron Pl., Dayton, Ohio ....... Soph. C. E. Fornefeld, Edward G., 113 S. Monmouth St., Dayton Sr. Bus. Foster, Harris, 701 Forest Grove Ave., Dayton. O. .Soph. Arts Foster, Thomas D., 44 W. Church St., New Lebanon, O. .Ir. Sc. Fowler, Ianet W., 100 E. Woodburn Ave., Dayton, O.. Soph. Sc. Fowler, Iohn C., 129 Massau St., Dayton, Ohio ....... Ir. C. E. Fox., Ioseph E., 601 Vine, Portland, Ind. .......... .. Fr.E.E. Fox, Kathryn O., E. Center St., Germantown, Ohio .. Unc.Sc. Frain, Iohn D., 5145 Cote Brilliante Ave., St. Louis, Mo. So. Arts Fraley, Almar S., 239 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, Ohio Ir. Bus. Francis, Robert W., 4238 Corinth Blvd., Dayton, Ohio. Ir.Sc. Frangella, Mary Rose, 16 Ienning Ct., Shelby, Ohio Fr. Arts Frank, Mary Helen, 2235 Salem Ave., Dayton, Ohio .... Ir. Bus. Frantz, Alfred I., 122 Berea Pl., Dayton, Ohio .... Soph. E. E. Freauf, Freddie E., 820 Richmond Ave., Dayton, Ohio .Ir. Arts Freese, Eldon M., 2228 Nill Ave., Dayton, Ohio . .......... Fr.Sc. Fremont, Gertrude M., 112 Park Dr., Dayton, Ohio Sr.Sc. Fremont, Walter G., 112 Park Dr., Dayton, Ohio . Soph. Educ. Bus French, Darrell E., R. R.it1, W. Alexandria, Ohio Soph. Bus. Frengen, Robert D., 834 Heaton St., Hamilton, Ohio .Soph. C. E. Frenk, Donald R., 1203 Mayfield Ridge, S. Euclid, O.. Soph. E. E. Freytaq, Edward C., W. Main St., Ft. Loramie, O. Soph. Ci. E. Freytag, Iames I., W. Main St., Ft. Loramie, O. Soph.Sc. Fricke, Donald E., 300E. Dixon Ave., Dayton, Ohio Ir.Sc. Friedlander, Richard S., 204 Wroe Ave., Dayton, Ohio Fr. Educ. Friedline, Donald E., 132 E. Center, Germantown, O. Ir. Ch. E. Froning, Louis G., 201 E. College St., Coldwater, Ohio Ir.Sc. Frost, Ralph D., 3333N. Main St., Dayton, Ohio . Sr. Bus. Frountelker, Frank E., 531 Lexington Ave., Dayton Soph.Sc. Fry, Catherine W., 235 N. St. Clair St., Dayton, Ohio Unc.Sc. Frye, Clarence C., Ir., 1516 Winton, Lakewood, O. .So. Ch. E. Fulton, Robert E., 324k W. Fairview Ave., Dayton Ir.M.E. Fulwiler, Daniel E., 1242 Riverview Ave., Dayton Soph. Arts Fu1wiler,Iohn E., 300 Cherry Dr., Dayton, Ohio. . .Fr. Bus. Fulwiler, Richard E., 105 E. Maplewood Ave., Dayton Ir. Bus. Funk, Robert I., 2517 Woodbridge, Cleveland, Ohio Soph. E. E. Funke, Robert D., 122 Volusia Ave., Dayton, Ohio .Sr.M.E. Funkhouser, Iames W., 440 Lowes St., Dayton, Ohio Soph.Sc. G Gaeke, Harry F., 124 Evanston Ave., Dayton, Ohio Sr. Ci. E. Gage, David N., 226 Kietaber St., Dayton, Ohio .. Soph. Ci. E. Gahagan, Harold F., 62 E. Elm St., Norwalk, Ohio Soph. Bus. Gaier, Raymond H., 737 E. Madison Ave., Springfield, O. lr. Bus. Galbraith, Harold H., R. R.i1'l0, Box 197, Dayton, O. Fr. Arts Galbraith, Robert L., R. R.Lt10, Box 197, Dayton, O. Gallagher, Wm. R., R. F. D..7,T1, Mantua, Ohio. Gallagher, Ioseph G., 1218 Senaca Dr., Dayton, Ohio .. Ir. Educ. . Sr. Cr. E. Gallagher, Iohn E., R. F. D.1Il, Mantua, Ohio .... .. .. Galligan, Robert I., 2619 Swain St., Philadelphia, Pa. Ir. E. E. Fr. Bus. Gallo, Dominic A., 1513 Maryland, Steubenville, O... Sr.Bus. Gano, Howell G., 135 Aberdeen Ave., Dayton. Ohio Sr. M. E. Gantner, Clayton H., 453 N. Kilmer St., Dayton. Soph. Educ. Garcia, Ioseph M., 4138 Farnham Ave., Dayton.. Soph. E. E. Gardner, Iohn R., 1112 E. Main St., Troy, Ohio ...... Soph. Ci. E. Gardner, Richard, I., 1112 E. Main St., Troy, Ohio Sr.Sc. Garneau, Iames F., 1949 E. 23 St., Brooklyn, N. Ir. Bus. Garneau, Iohn I., 1949 E. 23 St., Brooklyn, N. Y.. Ir. Bus. Garrett, Ernest H., 1041 Danner Ave., Dayton.. . .Fr.Sc. Garrison, Margie I., 341 Monteray Ave., Dayton .. Sr. Educ. Garwood, Donald Wm., 39 Farmside Dr., Dayton .. Fr. Ci. E. Gates, Thomas E., 1634 Windsor Pl., Louisville, Ky. .Soph. Bus. Gay., Donald I., 2319 Curtis St., Saint Albans, W. Va. .Fr. M. E. Gauthier, Iacques N., 15 Louisiana, Alexandria, La. Ir.Arts Gehrisch, Donald A., 201 Washington, Crestline, O. Fr. Educ. Geile, Iames H., 2516 Oakridge Dr., Dayton, Ohio Ir.Sc. George, Evelyn F., 108 Dayton Ave., Xenia, Ohio .Soph.Sc. Gephart, Iohn L., 12 W. Helena St., Dayton, Ohio. Ir. Educ. Gephart, Richard L., 751 Maplehurst Ave., Dayton, O. Fr.Sc. Gerrard, Doyle W., 126 E. Hudson Ave., Dayton, Ohio Fr. Arte Gerwe, Edward A., R.R.it10, Box 286, Dayton, Ohio Sr.Sc. Geyer, Paul L., 63 N. Bromfield Rd., Dayton, Ohio .. Ir. Educ. Giambrone, Harry I., 122 Commercial St., Dayton Vlr. Arts Gibbons, Charles E., 2409 Sherman, Middletown, O. .. Ir.M.E Gibbons, Iames A., 71 Magnolia, Floral Pk., N. Y. Soph.M.E. Gibson, Iames W., 625 Wellmeier Ave., Dayton ..... Soph.Sc. Giere, Norbert E., 406 South First St., Coldwater, O. Sr. Bus Gigliotti, Angelo, 133 Bruen St., Dayton, Ohio - fe lr. Arts Gilardi, Matthew R., 703 Lynn St., Sidney, Ohio . Ir. Educ Gilbert, Charles R., 17 E. Norman Ave., Dayton. Soph. Bus. Gill, Iames, 82 Charlotte St., Akron, Ohio . gngu . r. us. Gillespie, William E., 1863 Salem Ave., Dayton Gilmore, Clyde E., 110 Yellow Springs Ct., Dayton, O.. Ir. Arts Gilvary, Iames I., 3612 N. Main St., Dayton, O. ...Soph. Arts Gilvary, Patrick S., 3612 N. Main St., Dayton, O. ....1r. Educ. Ginn, William C., 904 Chelsea Ave., Dayton, O... .Sr. Educ. Girard, Robert A., 114 Colorado Ave., Dayton. Bus. Girard, Thomas G., 114 Colorado Ave., Dayton, O. .. Fr.Bus. Glasener, Guy Wm., 300 Pontiac Ave., Dayton, O....Soph.Sc. Glaser, Vernon M., 734 Schantz Ave., Dayton, O. ........ Ir. Bus. Glasscock, Robert O., Ir., 335 W. Monument Ave., Dayton, O .... Soph.M. E. I SERVING DAYTON Fine Meats Since 1875 Best Wishes to the CLASS OF '49 DAVID H. MARGOLIS CLASS OF '23 OTTERBEIN PRESS 230-250 W. Fifth sf. PRINTERS - LITHOGRAPHERS W Qnnlf Iorfegod auf WM 5 BOOK BINDERS WI' DAYTON' OHIO 219 E. Fifth KHIQQIY3- HE. 1275 Laughter Corporation 319 Leo Street DAYTON, OHIO DIES - IIGS - FIXTURES - TOOLS Compliments of IIMMY ODELL Acme Spring 61 Weldinq. Inc. SPRING SUSPENSION. BRAKE AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT SPECIALISTS 527 East Second St. DAYTON, OHIO Page One Hundred Ninety f STUDE T DIRECTORY Glatterman, Ioseph R., 54 Rogge St., Datyon, O. Soph. Educ. Gleason, Iohn P., 571 N. Spring St., Wilmington, O. Soph. Educ. Glennon, Richard F., 2338 Hollywood Ave., Toledo. O. Ir. Arts Gmeiner, Edward G., 224 Heaton Ave.. Dayton O. . Sr. CLE. Gober, Betty Ann. 1034 Robeson Pl.. Davton. O. .. ..,. Fr. Bus. Golimitz, Robert R., 310 Central Ave., Davton. O. ,, lr. Bus. Gombert. Walter W.. 640 Delaware Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Bus. Gooch, Elmer, 1403 Oakridge Dr., Dayton, O, . . .. lr. Ci. E. Goosby, Margie I., 1614 Howell Ave., Davton. O. Fr. Bus. Gordon, Benjamin H., 814-E 17 St., Des Moines. Iowa Ir. Educ. Gordon, David R., 5100 Philadelnhia Dr., Davton. O. .. lr. E. E. Gordon, Gilbert H., 3205 S. Dixie Ave., Dayton, O. . lr. Bus. Gorsuch. Alice Christine, Bonebrake Seminary, Davton Ir. Arts Goss, Charles L., 620 Shadowlawn Ave.. Dayton. O. Sr. M. E. Gossett, Richard A., 1730 Cataloa Dr., Davton. O. Sooh, Bus. Gossett, Robert L., 127 Fourth St., Brewster. O. ..... Soph. Educ. Goubeaux, Dale C., R. R. itl, Versailles, O. Soph. Ci. E. Gough. Thomas B.. 1128 Grand Ave.. Dayton, O, .. .. Sr. Sc. Gould. Louis E., 311 East Dr., Davton. O. ...c Unc.Sc. Gounaris. George I., 618 Grafton Ave., Davton. O. Sonh. Sc. Grafton, Richard l., 517 Brightwnocl Ave., Dayton, O. lr. Bus. Graham, Donald E., 838 Union Ave., Davton. O. . Fr. Bus, Graham, Eileen Mae., 838 Union Ave, Dayton, O. Sr. Arts Graham, Thomas I., 434 Clark St.. Bellevue, Ky, lr. Bus. Granato. John P.. 330 Pierce St., Dayton. O. . Soph. Bus. Grant, Edward R., 1235 Orange Ave., Winter Pk., Fla. Fr. Sc. Grant, Edwin D., 1235 Orange Ave.. Winter Pk., Fla. Fr. Sc. Gras, Donald C.. 1557 Salem Ave., Davton. O. Sonh. Bus. Gratsch. Walter E., 117 Van Buren St., Dayton, O. Sooh.M. E. Graul, Edward H., 1425 Creighton Ave., Dayton, O. Sooh. Bus. Graul, Thomas C.. 1425 Creighton Ave., Dayton, O. Sooh. Sc. Gray, Eugene, 322 W. Main St., Troy. O. ..... .... F r, Arts Grosse, Io Ann, 80 W. Peach Orchard Rd. Dayton, O. Sooh. Sc. Grden, Wilfred F., 3554 E. 81 Sf.. Cleveland. O, Greaser. William T., 8458 Avon St., Iamaica. N. Y. Green. Charlene H.. 2240 Lakeview Ave., Dayton, Sovh. Sf. Soph. M. E. O. lr. Arts Greene, lames P.. R. R. itl, Miamisburg, O. ........... . Fr. M. E. Greene, Marvin E., 602 Pritz Ave., Dayton, O. Greene. Warren E., 21 Locust St., Davton. O. Greenwood, Richard, 110 W. Bataan Dr.. Davton. Freiner Robert G R F D t6 Sorin field O Tr. Bus. . Sr. Arts O. Sr. Bus, Sr. M. E. 1 , , ,, . , , , Q , . . Gretzinger, Beniamin l.. 157 S. Terry St., Dayton, O. Soph. Sc. Gridley, lohn F., 625 Wilfred Ave.. Dayton, O. Griffin. Anne Catherine. R. R. 322, Miamisburo O. Griffiths. William C.. 2220 Nill Ave., Dayton, O. Griffin. Willie E., 727 Lagoon Pl., Dayton. O. Sonh. M. E. Soph, Educ. . Fr. Bus. Sr. Educ. Grigsby. Charles L.. 112 Potomac St., Dayton, 0.77 . Fr.Educ. Grimm, Fred W., 409 Shroyer Rd., Davton. O. Grimme, Donald E.. 126 Tremont, Ft. Thomas. Ky. Sr. E. E. .. Fr. M. E, Grismer, Iohn H., 2221 Far Hills Ave.. Dayton, O.. ...... lr. Bus. Grolemund. Robert H., 146 California Dr., Rochester, N. Y, Soph. Bus. Gronotte, Robert H., 19 W. Crittenden Ave.. Ft. Wright. Covington, Kv. lr. E. E. Groszewski, Daniel I., 4806 Hammett Pl.. St. Louis, Gruenberaev. Eugene, 1225 N. Broadway. Dayton. Guckes. William L.. 220 E, Helena St.. Davton. O. Guenther, Robert H., 1285141 W. Main St.. Trov, O. Guido, Anthony C., 2126 Hill Ave., Middletown. O. Guilfovle, Bernard I., 88-44 208 Stn Bellaire. N. Y. Gurnick, loseoh R.. 2'-34 Fairmont Ave., Dayton, Mo. Sr. E. E. O. So. Educ. . Sr. Bus. Fr. Arts Sonh. Bus. Sooh. Educ. O. lr. Sc. Gusman, Edwin, 630 Emnire Blvd., Brooklyn. N. Y. Tr.Educ. Gutbrod, William I.. 11010 Miles Ave., Cleveland. O. Ir. Educ. H Haacke, lack E.. 2803 N. Main St.. Datvon, O. Haber, lames M., 18 E. Third St., W. Alexandria, O. Ir. Bus. Sonh. Bus. Habig. Iohn E., 139 Rapid Run Rd.. Cincinnati, O. Soph. M. E. Hackett, Lawrence R., 345 W. Warren Youngstown, O. So. Bus. Hackman. Richard H., 606 Lexington Ave., Dayton, Hafner, William P., R. R. it7. Box 135, Dayton, O. Hagan, Mary Ellen, 1332 W. Fairview Ave., Dayton Hagan, Thomas E., 1332 W. Fairview Ave., Dayton: Hagans, Marilyn, Clavton, O. .. . . . . .. Hagans, Patricia L., Clavton, O. . Hageman. Richard E., 2028 Koehlar Ave.. Dayton, Hager, Rosemary, 300 Auburn St.. Mansfield. O. Hahn, Robert G.. 1503 Burlington Rd.. Cleveland Hts. Hahnel. Iosenh L., 175 Lookout Dr., Davton, O. .. Hale, Ooal O., 36 N. Plum St., Germantown, O. . O. So. Arts Fr. Sc. O. Sr. Bus. O. .. Fr. Sc. .. lr. Sc. .. Sr. Sc. O. Fr. Bus. Unc. Sc. Ir. M. E. lr. Bus. Sr. Educ. Harrigan, Thomas F., 8923-204 St., Hollis, L. l., N. Y. Soph. C. E. Harris. Clyde, 1135 E. Herman, Dayton, O.. ,,,.,, Fr. Arts Harris, Lorenzo, 202 Norwood Ave., Dayton, O. ..... .Soph. Bus. Harshbarger, Ralph E., 827 N. Market St.. Troy, O. ...Ir. Sc. Hart, Marjorie I., 2017 Mayfair Rd., Dayton, O.... .... Sr.Educ. Harter, Iohn I., 33 Folkerth St., Dayton, O. ...... . ..Fr. C. E. Hartman, Martin A., 1308 W. High St., Springfield, O. Ir. M. E. Hartman, Ronald R., 39 W. Babbitt St., Dayton, O. Soph. Sc. Hartshorn. Lawrence E., 626 Carlisle Ave., Dayton. O. Ir. Ch. E, Hartshorn. Russell E., 201 Reisinger Ave., Dayton, O. Sooh, Bus. Hathcock, Mary Alice, 294 Oxford Ave., Dayton, O. Sr. Educ. Haubach. Walter I., 1205 Superior Ave.. Dayton, O. .Sooh. Sc, Hauck, Nelson A., 652 Brooklyn Ave., Dayton, O. . .... Ir. E. E. Hauer, Edward Philip. 2124 Maple Grove, Dayton, O. Fr. Arts Hauer, Margaret L., 816 Ferguson Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Arts Hawkes, Jamie C., 3815 E. Third St., Dayton, O. ...... Fr. Bus. Hayden, Muriel E., 508 S. Williams St., Dayton, O. . Soph. Sc. Hayes, George Dewey, 1103 Randoloh, Dayton, O.... Sr. Educ, Head, Robert E., 241 Wisteria Dr., Dayton, O. ..... .. lr. Arts Head, Thomas S., 241 Wisteria Dr., Dayton, O. Sr. Arts Heberle, Walter I., 424 Neal Ave., Dayton, O. . ,,,, Fr. Bus. Heck, loseph S., Box 279, R. R. l, New Lebanon, O. .. Sr. Bus. Heck, Robert F., R. R. 7, Box 266. Dayton, O. Sooh. Sc. Heckman, Dean Eugene. 4750 N. Main St., Dayton, O. Fr. Bus. Hedges. Robert M., R. R. 7, Box 38, Dayton, O. .. . Soph. Sc. Heil, Martin Francis, 1401 Morton Ave., Louisville, Ky. Fr. Ci. E. Heiman, Patricia Margaret, 1606 Rosemont Blvd.. Dayton, O, Sooh. Sc. Heimann. Claire C., 1128 Windsor Dr., Dayton, O. ..... Fr. Sc. Hein, Charles I., Elizabeth St., Coldwater, O. .. . Fr. Bus. Heitzman, Charles A., 5701 Huberville Ave., Dayton, O. So. Arts Heller, William Paul, 422 Richard St., Dayton, O.. .... Fr. M. E. Hellwig, Norris D., 46 Gerlaugh Ave., Dayton, O. ....... Sr. Bus. Helmig, Gerald R., 700 Hodapp Ave.. Dayton, O. . .Sr. M. E. Helmkamo, Elmer I., 427 N. Iefferson St., Delphos, O. Soph. Bus. Hemm, Kenneth I., 524 S. Downing St., Piqua, O. . ..Fr. E. E. Hemmert, Richard L., 130 S. Sperling Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Bus. Henderson, Alfred P., 55 E, Mumma Ave., Dayton, O. Sr. Bus. Henderson, Christine, 2511 Lakeview Ave., Dayton. O. Sr. Educ. Hendrickson, Montford I., 1105 Brennan Dr., Dayton, O..Sr Hendrickson, William R., R. R. 2, Middletown, O.. Sr Henne, Mary Louise, 3903 Eileen, Cincinnati, O., ,, N lr Hennessy, Michael F., 21 Locust St., Floral Pk., N. Y. Sooh Hennessy, Paul Raymond, 115 N. Gettysburg, Dayton Fr. E. E. Hennessey, Robert G., 445 Van Horn Ave., Zanesville, O. Ir. Sc. Henz, Iohn I., 1242 Catalpa Dr.. Dayton, O. . .. . Fr. Rn: . Bus. . Arts . Bus. . Arts Henry, Hattie W., 1328 Tampa Ave., Dayton, O... .. Sr. Educ. Herald, John B., 244 Proctor St., Dayton. O. ....Fr.C1.E. Herlihy, William I., Ir., Apt. 6. Wright Fielde- A. F. B., Dayton, O. Sooh. Arts Herman, Alfonso D., Herman Farm, Waynesfield, O.. Soph. Sc. Hermiller, Robert I., 628 E. Fourth St., Ottawa, O. .Soph. Educ. Herrman, Thomas E.. Ir., 1258 Highland, Dayton, O. Sooh. Educ. Herzog. Richard W., 434 Grand, Apt. 38, Dayton, O. Unc. Bus. Hess, Edward I., 3815 Addison Ave., Dayton, O, Fr. Hess, Mary Ann, 111 Indiana Ave., Dayton, O ..... .So Hester, Glenn D., 322 Park Dr., Dayton, O. .. Educ. ph. Bus. Fr . Bus. Hester, Paul I., 61 N. Hudson Ave., Dayton, O. ..... Sr. Bus. Heuser, Richard D., 35 Ohio St., Fairfield, O. ...... Fr. Bus. Hibbert, Paul I., 308 E. Main St., Xenia, O.... .. . . Ir. Arts Hickey, Anthony Wm., 5525 Salem Ave., Davton. O. .Fr. Bus. Hickey, Benard A., 2434 Broadway, Toledo, O. Sr.Bus. Hickey, Donald I., 5525 Salem Ave.. Dayton, O... .... .. Sr. Bus. Hickey, Frank G., 4020 Riverside Dr., Dayton, O. . . . Ir. Bus. Hickey, Patrick R., 448 Irving Ave., Dayton, O. . . Soph. Bus. Hickey, Richard P., 5525 Salem Ave., Dayton, O. .. . Soph. Bus. Hickey, Robert E., 1108 Brennan Dr.. Dayton, O. . Ir. Bus. Hickey. Suzanne A., 152 Elm St., R.R.ifl, Dayton Fr. Educ. Hickman, Everett l., Spring Valley, Ohio ....... .. Sr. Educ. Hicks, George R., 572 S. Broadway, Dayton .... . Ir. Bus. Hicks, Willa Mae, 2020 Home Ave., Dayton . Fr. Educ. Hieber, Mary E., 331 College Park Ave.. Dayton .. Ir. Sc. Hall, Mary Ieannette, 223 Oakwood Ave.. Dayton, O. Ir.Educ. Hall, Thomas B., 243 N. Williams St., Dayton, O, Sooh. C. E. Hamer, Doris A., 3103 Courtland Ave., Dayton, O... Sooh.Sc. Hamm, Carl T., 2020 Ravenwood Ave., Dayton, O. . Ir. Bus. Hammond, George H., R. R. ffl, Miamisburg, O. .Soph.Sc. Hammond. Hubert E., 4624 St. lames Ave., Davton. O. Fr. Educ. Hamoer. Eugene I., 12 Edgar Ave., Dayton, O. Sooh. Bus. Hanbv, lames E., 1113 Lockland Pl., Dayton, O. . Sr. Educ. Hannah. George A., 3821 W. Znd St., Dayton, O. Hand, Phyllis. 1029 lola St., Dayton. O. . Fr. Bus. Handmacher, Victor I., 127 Nimitz Dr.. Dayton. O. Sr. Sc. Hanes, Thomas C.. 109 W. South St., Arcanum, O. . Fr. Arts Hankel, lack B., 15 Dee Apts., Fort Dodge, Iowa Fr. Arts Hanlon. William P.. 25 Thompson St., Waterbury. Conn. So. Bus. Ir. Sc. Hardin, Tressler S., R. R. ii3, Waynesville, O. ....... lr.Bus. Harlan, Rogers C., 2258 Blem Ave., Dayton, O. Arts Harmon, Richard, 6 Huron Rd., Bellerose, N. Y. . Soph. Bus. Harr, George E., 2806 Hoover Ave., Dayton, O. .. .. .Fr. Bus. Page One Hundred Ninety-six Higgins, loseoh H.. 414 W. Broadway, Loganoort, Ind. Sr. Educ. High, Richard, 2731 W. 3rd St., Dayton, Ohio . Fr.Sc. Hilbert, William F., 1180 Gonder St., Springfield ,.... Fr. Bus. Hildebrant. Donald V., 35 Bond St., Davton. Ohio . , lr.Bus. Hildebrand, Thomas W., 915 Ridgelawn, Hamilton, O.. So. Arts Hilgeman, Carol Ann. 501 Kenwood Ave., Dayton .... Fr. Sc. Hill, Ioseoh P., 36 N. Maole St., Akron, Ohio . . lr. Bus. Hilton, Edward G., 245 Aberdeen Ave., Dayton Sr. Arts Hilton, Robert E., 247 W. Bataan Dr., Dayton.. Soph. Arts Hime, George W., 313 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, Ohio lr. Bus, Hironaka, Laola H., 951 lst St., Pearl City, Oako, Hawaii . . Sr. Arts Hites, Mable H., 2308 Troy St.. Dayton, Ohio Soph. Bus. Hixson, lane L., 220 W. Herman Ave., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Arts Ho. Earl K., 127 16th Ave., Honolulu. T.H. Sooh. E. E. Ho, Iames C. Y.. 1 Chi-Chao-Li, Nanking, China Fr. Civil Hoban. Robert E., 734 Grafton Ave., Dayton. Ohio. Ir. Sc. Hobbs, Jack A., 332 Iohnson St.. Dayton, Ohio .Fr. Civil Hoben. William I., R. R. 115, Box 505, Dayton, Ohio Ir. Bus. Hoberg, Charles E., R. R. 113, Box 440, Portsmouth, O. Fr. Chem. Hoberg, Paul F.. R, R. 113, Box 440. Portsmouth, O. Fr. Mech. Hochwalt, George E., 418 N. Park Rd., LaGrange, Ill. Ir. Bus. Hochwalt, lohn R., 1235 Mt. Vernon Ave., Dayton, O.. lr.Sc. Hochwalt, Paula M., Rahn Rd., R.R.,t'7. aDyton Fr. Sc. Hochwalt, Thomas C., 1620 Cataloa Dr., Davton. O. Ir. Bus. Hook, William I., 1107 S. 7th, Ironton. Ohio .. Fr. Sc. I 1 Adi vm fum? I Tomorrow is the day after graduation. What will it be like? Tomorrow can be a friendly place-a bright attractive office where you'll find old friends and make new ones. Tomorrow can I be interesting, important work, good pay and a chance to ad- vance. L Tomorrow can be a pleasant. profitable Telephone Iob-IF you can measure up to the fine standards of communications work. ecuneinanclfa-fA4ll'! I WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Congratulations ' CLASS OF 1949 Henry Breidenbach Electric Co. Page One Hundred Ninety-seven STUDE T DIRECTORY Hodapp, Albert I., 841 Belmont Pk. N., Dayton, O. ,,.,, . Hodapp, Betty, 841 Belmont Pk. N., Dayton, O. .. . Bus. Ir Sr. Bus. Hodge, Leo C., 241 W. Herman Ave., Dayton, Ohio ,,,,,, Fr. Sc. Hoeftel, Thomas L., 810 Perry St., Defiance, Ohio ..,,. gr. E. E. r Hoefler, Giles M., 2101 Riverside, Dayton, Ohio . Hoff, Robert B., 2037 Grand Ave., Dayton, Ohio ,,,, . .. . Bus. Soph. Arts Hoiferbert, Mary Ruth, 3225 Ridge Ave., Dayton. O. .,..,, Fr. Arts Hoffman William O. R.R 2 Lebanon Ohio. r Civil , . - if . , . . - . 1 . Hogan, George W.. R. R.it8, Box 475, Dayton, O. .... ..Soph. Sc. Hogan, Iohn T., 76 Central Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. .,... Sr. Bus. Hoge, Bernard G., 1001 Howard St., Bridgeport. O. Soph. Educ. Hohler, Donald W., 2325 Philadelphia Dr., Dayton, O .... Sr. Bus. Hohm, Elmer I. 19 S. Hedges St., Dayton, Ohio ........... Ir. Bus Hohm, George S., 19 S. Hedges St., Dayton, Ohio ....... Sr. Bus. Hohne, Donald I., 407 St. Nicholas Ave., Dayton .,.., Fr. E. E. Hoke, Ronald C., 259 Alton Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. .... Fr. C. E. . Arts Holland, Fred L., 517 Hodapp Ave., Dayton, Ohio ........ Fr. Bus. Hollinger, Charlotte E., 206 Maryland Ave., Dayton Iohn, George H., Rt. 113, Medina, Ohio.. ................,.... Soph. Bus. Iohnson, Alan H., 639 Eldora Rd., Pasadena, Calif ........ Fr.Sc. Iohnson, Edward G., 529 Kenwood Ave., Dayton, O ........ Sr. E. E. Iohnson, Iohn N. 128 Grafton Ave., Dayton, Ohio ..... Soph. Bus. Iohnson, Omer T., 28 Lorenz Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...... Fr. Educ. Iohnson, Russell Lee, 717 N. Euclid Ave., Dayton .. Soph. Bus. johnson, William McDuff, Hill Street, Brookville, O .... Soph. Sc. Iohnston, Eugene B., Ir., 63 High St., Dayton, Ohio .......... Ir. E. E. Iohnston, Ioanne L., 30 E. Hillcrest Ave., Dayton, O. .... Fr. Arts Iones, Charles B., 248 Boyer St., Dayton, Ohio ............ S1'.Edl1C. Iones, Dennis C., 40 Baltimore St., Dayton, Ohio .......... Ir. Bus. Iones, Ueroy, 1525 Lincoln Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Fr.Educ. jones, Lois l., 406 Spirea Dr., Dayton, Ohio ............... Soph- SC- jordan, Mary C., 14 Weller St., Dayton, Ohio ........ ....... F 1'-A115 Iordan, Silas V., 143 Wisteria Dr., Dayton, Ohio ........ .Fr. Bus. Iordan, William M., 1:19 Terrance Ct., Lima. Ohio ...... Fr. Cr. E. Ioseph, Eugene C., 505 Center St., Martin's Berry, O. .. Fr. Educ. Judd, Ighn vV,, 230 East Drive, Dayton, Ohio., ............ Soph.SC. Jurena, Prank C., 343 Barclay St., Newark, Ohio ........... FLIVLE- S Holloran, Thomas P., R. R. i,t3, Box 149 Dayton O., E.E. Sr. Sc. Holmes, Ianet E., 58 Frank St., Dayton, Ohio..., ..... Holsapple, Donald E., 300 Rockwood Ave., Dayton .... Fr. Bus. Holzman, William N., 91-16 89 St., Woodhaven, N. Y. .. Ir. M. E. Honious. Harold B., Box 426, R. R. 115, Dayton, O. . Soph. C. E. Hook, Richard L., 1769 Lockbourne Rd., Columbus, O. Soph. Sc. Hooper, Sanford P., 1423 Gaines St., Little Rock, Ark..Soph. Bus. Hoover, Ernest, 415 Brightwood Ave., Dayton, O... ........ Fr. Sc. Hoppel, Paul F., 925 Maplewood Rd., Dayton, O.. Soph. Educ. Hopping, Richard, 27 Deeds Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...Unc. Sc. Hofmann. Harold H., 506 W. Pearl St., Wapakoneta, O. Ir. C. E. Horner, William, 42 Lawn St., Dayton, Ohio . ....... M. E. r Hornick, William M., 270 Chestnut St., Xenia, Ohio. . Bus. Horning, Alfred P., 88 Pioneer St., Dayton, Ohio ..... Fr. Bus. Horst, William R., 701 Heck Ave., Dayton, O. ..... ...,. I r. E. E. Horvath, Iames L.. 3808 W. 157 St., Cleveland, O. .. Fr. Arts Hose, Richard L., R. D. .'Z4'f3, Massillon, Ohio ...... ....... I r. E. E. Hough, Iames L., R. R. 32, Lebanon, Ohio . . .. Fr. Educ. Houghton, William 1., 137 Marathon Ave., Dayton, O. . Sr. Bus. Houston, Bill I., Hattieville, Ark. ........ ........ . .... ....... .... F r . Sc. Houston, Robert B., 1301 Arbor Ave., Dayton, O......Fr. Educ. Hovey,Wil1iay I., 2656 Norton Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Fr. C. E. Howard, Charles W., 30 Little St., Dayton, Ohio. ...... Fr. Civil Howard, Richard I., 1222 Creighton Ave., Dayton, O .... Soph. Sc. Howe, Robert F., 18 Cambridge Ave., Dayton, O. Fr.Bus. Howes, Thomas V., 44 S. McGee St., Dayton,O. Soph. Mech. Howley, Marjuerite A., 96 Fernwood Ave., Dayton ...... Fr. Sc. Hoying, Eugene I., R. R. 122, Anna, Ohio..... .. .. .... .....Fr. Sc. Hubbard, Charles W., 1344 Grand Ave., Dayton, Ohio Ir.Sc. Hubbard, Herman F., 16 Grosuenor, Dayton, Ohio .....Sr. Arts Huber, Lester A., Burkettsville, Ohio. ...... .... . Soph.BL1S. Huckeby, Kenneth R., 18 Gerard Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...Unc. Eng. Huelsman, Louis C., Carthagena, Ohio Soph. Educ. Huesman, Germaine A., 715 Hodapp Ave., Dayton Fr.Arts Huffman, Anne, 735 Lexington, Dayton, Ohio .... ...... Sr.SC. Huffman, Eugene, 1036 Warwick Pl., Dayton, O. .. ..lI.Sc. Hufziger, Otto C., R. F. D. itl, Box 305A, Dayton . .. Ir. Educ. Huffman, Lawrence S., 735 Lexington, Dayton, O. Soph. Educ. Hufziger, William H., R. R. 115, Box 155, Dayton. O .... lr. Bus. Hug, Thomas I., 35 W. Chestnut St., Norwalk, O. . Sr. Civil Hull, Ioan T., 2915 Oakmont Ave., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Bus. Hulsopple, Bill G., 431 Iewell Ave., Topeka, Kansas ..Ir. Educ. Hummer, Raymond, 852 Washington St., Dayton ,.... Ir. M. E. Humpert, Harry I., 1339 Greenup St., Covington, Ky. Sr. Bus. Hungling, Thomas C., 42 Riverdale St., Dayton ...... Ir. Arts Hunt, Iulius M., 805 Metcalf St., Lima, Ohio .... lr. Educ. Hunt, Mary C., 170 Garst St., Dayton, Ohio . .Sr. Educ. Iustice, Norman H., Ir., 1900 B. Washington, K Kaeppel, Iean Marie, 304 Wyoming St., Dayton .... ,.Soph.Edu:. Kahle, Donald A., l22VQ N. Oak st., Ottawa, Ohio ...... Ir-E-li Kaiser, Donald A., 1399 Studer Ave., Columbus, O...Pr.M.l:.. Kaiser, Ralph C., 2074 Banterly Ave., Lakewood, O ....... Sr. Bus. Kalman, George I., 243 Grandview, MS-Cldvllle, Pf1-...S0- B115- Kaminski, Robert Iohn. 6003 Allenwood, Parma, O. So. Fr. Bus.. Kamm, Wunhilcl U., H.Q., AMC, Wright Field, O-,V SOPI1- SC- Kampi, Henry A., 159 Bartley Ave., Mansfield, Ohio .. Ir. E. E. Kane. Leroy G., 1116 N. School St., Honolulu, T.H .... Soph. Educ. Kanzler, William L., 101-23 126th, Richmond Hill, NY. So. Bus. Kappeler, Lois A., 25 E. Peach Orchard Rd., Dayton ...... Sr. Sc. Kappeler, Robert I., Ir., 221 Shaw Ave., Dayton, O- -V SOPT1' M' lf-- Karavish, Mike. 711 N. 4th St., Toronot, Ohio ........ Soph. Educ. Karl, Richard Lee, 2626 E. Fifth St., Dayton, O. ...... Soph.B. Kqrns, Iewell M., Box 94, Trotwood, Chl? ----'f'--------f---ff--"' FLSC' Kartavich, Francis V., 2613 Milton Rd., Middletown., O... Fr. Sc. Kasavan, Harold, 624 N. Broadway, Dayton, Ohio. FLEE- Kastner, Bernard A.. 1117 Superior Ave., Dayton, Oh1O.flT- Arts Katsikadamas, Nickolas E., 514 W. 4th St., Dayton, O. ..Ir. Cl. E. Kawsky. Arnold Leo, 611 Rockford Ave., Dayton, .... Soph. Bus. Keck, Thomas E., R. 171.115, Bax 575, Df1Yf0n. Ohio ......... Ir-AHS Keck, Victor Wm., R. R. 115, Box 575, Dayton, Ohio ..SOPh- BUS- Kee, Deane Alfred, 3206 S. Dixie Ave., DGYtOnf, 'f-'-' Soph-Ed'-10 Keefer, Herbert D., 129 Knecht Dr., Dayton, Ohio ....... Soph. Sc. Kehl, William R., 831 Grand Ave., Connersville, Ind. ..Fr. Educ. Keegan, Albert V., 822 Princeton Dr., Dayton, Ohio .... .Fr. Bus. Kehn, G, Ray, 2455 Gmnrwood, Toledo, Ohio ............. Sr. Ch- E- Keighley, Arthur M., 101 Pointview Ave., Dayton, O .,.... Ir.Sc. Keighley, Richard M., 424V2 Walnut St., Troy, Ohio .... So. Arts Keil, Iames I., Box 558 Byrnes Rd., R. R. 114. Toledo, O. ..Fr. Bus. Kaiser, Charles W., 17 N. Sperlinq, Dayton, O .-.------...---f FI-B'-IS Kelble, David L., 3027 E. 4th St.. Dayton. O- ..,.........--- --Fr-M-H 1qe1b1e, Jerome M., 3027 E. 4th St., Dayton, O. ............ SOPILSC- Keible, Marie T., 3027 E. 4th Sl., Dayton. O -...................-- Sf-Se Kelbley, Thomas W., Bax 128, Bascom, O. .................. Soph- Educ. Kelley, Robert L., P.. R. 125. Box 98, Dayton. O ............ Fr-Eduo Evansville, Ind. ...... Ir. Bus. Kelly, Iames 1,, 1039 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, O. ........ ..... I r.E-E- Keuy, Iohn E., 524 s. Main. Sidney, O. .. ..................... Soph- BUS- Kelly, Iohn T.. 40 Plumwood Rd., DUYYOH, O. ..--..-,,--------- ll'-A115 Keuy, Norbert B., 524 S. Maia st., Sidney, O. ........... Soph. Bus- Kelly. Robert A., 1039 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, O. .......... Sr.EduC. Kelly, Robert E., 63 Warcler St.. Dayton, O. ........... Sr. Bus. 1 Hurst, Iohn F., 2101 Saratoga Dr., Louisville, Ky. Hussey, Frances P., 719 Belmonte Pk. N., Dayton, Hussey, William I., 719 Belmonte Pk. N.. Dayton Huston, Robert B., 3330 Lenox Dr., Dayton, Ohio Huth. Mary Io, 1516 S. Brown St.. Dayton, Ohio . . ,,.. Fr. Sc. O. . Sr. Sc. Soph. Bus. . Fr. Sc. Ir. Educ. Huth, William E., 1516 S. Brown St., Dayton, Ohio ..Fr. Bus. Hutzelman, Harrv V., 2036 Pershing Blvd., Dayton Fr.Arts Hypes, Asbury H., R. R. girl, New Lebanon, Ohio . ...Fr. Arts I Imber, Carrol D., 129 E. 4th St., Delphos, Ohio Soph. Bus. lmber, Darrell E., 129 E. 4th St., Delphos, Ohio. Soph. Bus. Ireland, Frank T., 1639 Tuttle Ave., Dayton, Ohio ..... Fr. M. E. Irizarry, Amando L., Mayor 6, Guadelupe, Ronce, Puerto Rico Soph. Arts Irizarry, Natalio, Box 206 Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Fr. Bus. Kelso, Harold G., 905 Bellaire Ave., Dayton. O- .......... .5OPh- SC- Kemp, Edward M., 1207 Acorn Dr., Dayton, O. ........... Sr. Bus. Kennedy, Edwin D., 18 S. Central Ave., Osborn, O. ,.... . Fr. Sc. Kennedy, Robert T., 53 N. Quentin Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Bus. Kenney, Thomas B., 152 lllinois Ave., Dayton, O. .. . lr. Bus. Kenney, William B., 882 Englewood, Kenmore, N. Y. .. Ir. Educ. Kenny, Charles I., 170 Westwood Ave., Mansfield, O.. Ir.B-us. Keogh, Iames A., R. R. 24, Swanton. O .... . ............ Soph- ClV1l Kepler, Robert I., 542 Grafton Ave., Dayton, O. .... ..... S oph. Bus. Keplinger, Robert L., 1804 E. Fourth St., Dayton, O. .... Sr.Educ., Kerrigan, Thomas W., 135 Mound St., Sidney, O. .... Soph. Arts Kessler, Clarence W., 660 E. King, Lancaster, O. ..... Soph. E. E. Kessler, Leo A., 1241 N. Lockwood, E. Cleveland, O. Ir.Bus. Kester, Iack E., 152 E. Hillcrest Ave., Dayton, O. .. .. .. Fr. Civil Keys, Boyd, 1739 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, O. ............ .... I 1'.Bl-IS. Kilbane, Bernard W., 3635 W. 128 St., Cleveland, O. .... Fr. Arts Kilbane, Francis I., 2183 W. 63 St., Cleveland, O. ..Soph. Educ. Kilbane, Iames P., 16405 Sedalia Ave., Cleveland, O. .. Fr. Bus. Iablinski, Eugene A., 2163 Bickmore Ave., Dayton Soph. Arts Iackowski, Edward F., 455 Union Ave., Westbury, N. Y. So. Sc. Jackson. Betty I., 958 Gard Ave., Dayton, Ohio . . Ir. Arts Iackson, Marilyn L., 421 E. South St., Winchester, Ind. Ir. Educ. Ianaszek, Raymond I., 610 Altmeyer, Sharpsburg, Pa. Ir. Educ. Ianney, Iames H., 57 East Dixon Ave., Dayton, Ohio .Fr. Bus. Ianning, Edward A., 3400 W. 130 St., Cleveland, O. .... .Ir.Sc. Ianotta, Ralph I., 39 State St., Norwalk, Ohio Soph. M. E. Iansen, Ioseph G., 6251 84th, S. Elmhurst L. I., N. Y. Unc.Educz Iauch, Edward F., 107 Amherst Pl., Dayton, Ohio . .Fr.M.E. Ieifries, Ioe F., 30 Ingleside Ave., Dayton, Ohio.. . Sr. Bus. Iennings, Ralph W., 335 W. Monument Ave., Dayton Fr. Educ. Iindra, Leonard F., 4319 Behrwald Ave., Cleveland, O. So. Bus. Iohnson. Helen R., 67 East Helena St., Dayton, O. Fr.Sc. Ioefreda, Matthew E., 1611 Burroughs Dr., Dayton Soph. Bus Page One Hundred Ninety-eight Kimmel, Iohn R., 5 St. Iohn's Pl., Wayland, N. Y. ........ .Ir. Bus. Kinder, Irene E., 121 Brooklyn Ave., Dayton, O. .... ...Unc. Arts King. Carl D., R. R. 113, Xenia, O. . ........... . Fr. C.E. King, Durward Leo, 12 Doolittle Dr., Dayton, O. ......... Fr. M. E. King, Edwin R.. 459 N. Elizabeth St., Lima. O. ......... . Sr. Educ. King, Frank D., 256 W. Fountain Ave., Delaware, O.. Sr. Arts Kinkade, Patrick I., 935 Blue Ave., Zanesville, O. ........ Fr. Sc. Kirby, Donald E., 217 Lowes St., Dayton, O.. ..... .... . .. Fr. E. E. Kirchmer, Eugene W., 744 N. Main St., Dayton, O... ..... Ir. Bus. Kirchmer. Richard I., 4001 Lenox Dr., Dayton, O. ....... .Sr.Bus. Kirkham, Robert W., 400 Washington Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Fr. Arts Kirkpatrick, Robert M., 2610 S. Smithville Rd., Dayton So. M. E. Kirsch, Bernard I., 1661 S. 12th St., Hamilton, O. ......... Ir. Civil Kirsch, Kevin B., B35 Woodbury Rd., Altadena. Calif...Soph. Bus. Kissell, William F., 3118 Elliott Ave., Dayton, O.. ...... . Fr. Bus. 'The G. 'E. L. Electric Co. Electrical Wiring - Fixtures Supplies and Appliances ll W. First St. FU 8312 Compliments of Murphy, Murphy. lVlayl Suite 708 Winters Bank Bldg. DAYTON, OHIO CGNGRATULATIONS FRCIVI Morgan Sales Inc. Kaiser-Frazer Dealer and Distributor Advice to the Graduate before buying a new car r 'TRY A KAISER OR A FRAZER 355 S. Main St. HE 5524 INLAND MARINE HOSPITALIZATION PLATE GLASS Compliments LIFE FIRE M1wn.Eu.,vNN UNQMMNQE Answer Offfmfgwfw Qrftfr' Ott BEIGEL IEWELERS INC. InC0'Pof"'ed zo N. MAIN sr. DAYTON, oH1o Accident A t mobile Bu,-glary B d L- bliy Phone FUlton 8791 Page One Hundred Ninety STUDE T DIRECTORY Kittredge, Iohn B., Munger Rd., R. R. 157, Dayton, O. .Unc. Sc. Klamo, Andy E., 1500 Taylor Ave., Middletown, O. Soph. E. E. Latham, Haldron G., R. R. 413, Box 491, Dayton. Ohio .. Soph. Bus Klatt, Gerald W., 63 Graltorn Ave., Dayton, O. .. .Soph. Bus. Klebba, Iohn H., Box 95, Linn, Mo. ..... ..... .. ..... Ir. BUS. Klee, Richard F., 5250 Broadway, Lancaster, N. Y. ,,... Ir. C. E. Klein, Ernest R., 129 Gull Rd., Elyria, O. .,,,, .. ,,,, Fr.Bus. Klein, William F., 129 Gull Rd., Elyria, O. .. ...... ......... F r.BuS. Klemm, William I., East David Rd., Dayton, O. ,,,,,.. .. Fr. Civil Kline, Wilbur R., 322 Cherry Dr., Dayton, O. ,,,..,,,,., Fr Klinq, Iack C., 1409 Ohmer Ave., Dayton, O. .... ,. Soph. . Bus. Educ. Klosterman. Gregory E., 1021 Haynes Ave., Dayton, O. Ir. Sc. Klosterman, Iohn V., 423 Oakview Dr.. Dayton, O. . ,,., Ir. Bus. Klosterman Ronald R., 18 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, O. Sr. Bus. Lau, Donald, 1244 Ekaha Ave., Honolulu, T. H. ,,,,,,,,,,,,., Ir. Civil Ir Lauer, Rosemary, 408 S. Main, Sidney, Ohio ,,,,,,,,,, . Arts Lauer, Thomas B., 257 Linden Ave., Dayton, Ohio ,,,,, Ir.E.E. Lawrence, George W., 5209 Atlantic Ave.. Atlantic City. N.l. ,,,,,, Ir. Arts Lawson, Douglas E., 1520 Kumler, Dayton, Ohio .,,,......., Sr. Bus. Lazarony, Lorito C., 531 Iackson St., Sandusky, O. Fr. Sc. Leadbetter, Harry R., R. R. itil, Brookville, Ohio .,.... Arts Leahey, Iohn F., 220 W. 3rd St., Xenia, Ohio ,,,,,,.,, . Sr. Sc. Leary, Daniel L., 1518 Delain Ave., Dayton, Ohio ....,,,, Ir. Bus. Leary. Iames F., 1518 Delain Ave., Dayton, O. ..... . Soph. Sc. LeBoeut. Martin G., 414 Alameda Pl., Dayton, O. .... .Ir. Sc. Klostermani Walter E., 1021 Haynes St., Dayton ...Soph. Sc. Lechner, Thomas P., 208 E. South St., Coldwater, O. Ir. M. E. Knapke, Luke, 55 N. Hanover St., Minster, Ohio . Ir. Arts Knapke, Thomas L., 55 N. Hanover St., Minster, Ohio Sr. Educ. Knapschaeter, Myron M. 216 W. North, Coldwater, O...Ir. Bus. Knee, Robert C., 604 Shator Blvd.. Dayton, Ohio ....... Sr. Sc. Knepper, Helen M., 208 W. Norman Ave., Dayton ,,,, Ir.Sc. Knese, Kathryn M., 346 Telford Ave., Dayton .. , ...,.. Sr. Bus. Knese, David A., 346 Teltord Ave., Dayton, Ohio . .. Fr.M.E. Knorr, Robert I., 48 Warder St., Dayton, Ohio . . Sr. Educ. Knowlan, Donald M., 11 Spyer, Baldwin, L.I., N. Y. ...... So. Sc. Koehler, Carolyn I., 1516 N. Main St., Dayton, Ohio ..... Fr. Sc. Lee, Eugene 1. W., 3516 Pakoa Ave., Honolulu, T. H. . Ir. Sc. Lee Gerald E., 2112 W. Second St., Dayton, O. .....,.... .. Ir.Sc. . Lee. Iames A., R. R. 112, Dayton, O. .. .............. ....... . Ir. Bus 1, Lee, Paul A., 3210 E. 3rd St., Dayton, O. .... ..... .... .... . Lee, Paul M., 917 Ferguson Ave., Dayton, O. . ........ .. Fr.B's Lee, Robert, 1126 Punchbowl St., Honolulu. T. H. ........... Ir.Sc. Lehman. Lehman. Lehman, Lehman Donald F., 817 Auburn St., Middletown, O...Sr.M.E. Marvin I., 1813 Glen Rd., Dayton. O. ......... Soph. Arts Richard H., 1810 Tytus Ave., Middletown, O. .. Sr. E. E. Robert I 13 E Riverview Ave Dayton O. .. Sr. Bus. Koehnen, Francis I., 1364 Philadelphia Dr., Dayton, O.. Fr . Bus. Koehnen, Iohn I., 1364 Philadelphia Dr., Dayton, O. . Fr. Bus. Koenig, Donald I., 1139 Highland Ave., Dayton, O. .Soph. Bus. Koester, Hubert P., 418 Stonemill Rd., Dayton, Ohio Fr.M.E. Kohl, Raymond, 265 Niagara Ave., Dayton, Ohio ,,.., Ir.M.E. Kohler, Charles E., 203 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, O. ,... Sr.E.E. Kohnekamp, Maryann K., 45 S. Quentin Ave., Dayton .Fr. Arts Kohnen, Anthony H., St. Henry, Ohio . .. ..,,,, Ir. C. E. Kokkinoy, Fanny C., 617 Patterson Rd., Dayton, Ohio tGreeceJ ,.,, Fr. Arts Kolleda, Glenn W., 402 Troy St., Dayton, Ohio Fr. Bus. Koller, Oswald E., 2118 Fauver Ave., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Bus. Lerke, Roland L. 159 Baltimore St Da ton Ohio Koogler, Robert, 485 N. Miami St., West Milton, O. Soph. Educ. Kopp, William D.. 1402 Epworth Ave., Dayton, O. Unc. Civil Koprowski, Edwin A., 6809 Sebert Ave., Cleveland, O. ..So. Bus. Levacy, Paul C., R. F. D. 314, Box 11135, Ionesville, Va.nSo. Educ. Kosater, Betty L., 1825 Riverside Dr., Dayton, Ohio ,.,.. Ir. Bus. Kovach, Ralph I., 2862 E, 100 St., Cleveland, Ohio . ..,, Ir.Sc. Lehmann, Iames 731 St. Nicholas, Dayton, O. Lehner, Robert H., 1404 E. 221 St., Euclid, O. ,......... . Leist, Iames B., 815 Ferndale Ave., Dayton, O. ....., .. Leist, Thomas R., 815 Ferndale Ave., Dayton, O. .,... . Leiter, Iack O., 9 Sunrise Ave., Trotwood, O. .....,.. ,. Lekan, Anthony F., 3568 E. 81 St., Cleveland, O. ...,.. 1. LeMaitre, Robert I., 2900 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton Lemmer, George M., 5915 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati Lemming. Raymond L., 43 Haynes St., Dayton, O. Leonard, Paul R., 240 Aberdeen Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Sc. .. Fr. Educ. Soph. Arts Soph. Bus. Ir. Bus. Fr. Educ. Soph. Arts Soph. Bus. Ir. Bus. Ir. Bus. Leonard, Richard A., 2442 Wayne Ave., Dayton. O. ....,, Sr. Bus. Leonard, William E., R. R. 34, Box 292, Dayton, O. Leonida, Domingo D., 1768 Silva St., Honolulu, T. H. . ., y , Leschansky, Edward I., 1626 Weston Ave., Dayton Lesqik, Donald R., 4560 south Hill Dr., cieveiend, of . Ir. Sc. .. Fr. Sc. .. Fr. Educ. Fr. Sc. Fr. M. E. Koverman, Iohn V., 1728 Brown St., Dayton, Ohio Krach, Edward I., 29 Syracuse St.. - Williston Prk., L. I., N. Y. .. Ir. Bus. Kratmiller, Stephen E., 220-14 Hempstead Ave., Queens Village, N. Y. Kral, Robert, 2039 East 4th St., Dayton, Ohio .. E.E. Fr. Sc. . Fr. Civil Lewis, Augustus. 3307 Wayne Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...Unc. Arts Lewis, Frank, Ir., 2702 McCall St., Dayton, Ohio ...,., Fr. Educ. Lewis, Iohn L., P. O. Box 361, Bessemer, Ala... .,...,..,, Fr. Arts Lewis, Max Edward, 13 N. Marion St., Dayton, Ohio. Ir. M.E. Lewis, Robert M., 510 Kenilworth Ave., Dayton, O. . .. Ir. Bus. Kramer, Anthony W., 229 Volusia Ave., Dayton, O. Kramer, William E., 124 Rebecca St., Dayton, Ohio Kraus, Patricia I, 2201 Wyoming St , Dayton Ohio Ir. Fr . Bus. .. Ir. Bus. . Arts - . . ' So h Krebs, Frederick G., 341 Bolander Ave., Dayton, Ohio Sep, M. E, Kreidler, Iacob L., 1322 Central Ave., Sandusky, Ohio Fr. Bus. Krein, Frank P., 634 Pritz Ave., Dayton, Ohio ,,,,,, . ., Ir. C. E. Kreitzer, Roderick G., 12 E. Mechanic St.. Wapakoneta, Ohio Ir. Arts Kremer, Carl William. 327 Willowwood Dr., Dayton Fr. Educ. Kremer, Iohn D., 327 Willowwood Dr., Dayton Kremer, Robert E., 327 Willowwood Dr., Dayton Kress, Orian, 721 Willmeier Ave., Dayton, Ohio Kretzler, Carl D 537 Pi ua Pl. Da ton Ohio Kroemer, Karl F., 3725 Patterson Blvd., Dayton, Ohio Ir. Educ. Ir. Bus. . Ir, E. E. I -, q , y , .,.. Soph. E. E. Krich, Ardell P., 141 Stonemill Rd., Dayton, Ohio , . . Bus. Ir Sr. E. E. Kroenberger, Earl l.. 1022 Pritz Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Educ. Kronour, Charles E., 348 Sherman St., Dayton, O. ,,,. Fr. Sc. Krouse, Albert C., 1467 Kohr Pl., Columbus, Ohio .. Ir. Bus. Kruer, Edward L., 35 Fairgrounds Ave., Dayton, O. Ir.Educ. Krug, Maurive F., 105 Illinois Ave., Dayton, Ohio Fr.M.E. Krumholtz. William R., 1020 Superior Ave., Dayton ,,,, Ir. Bus. Krumpe, Frederick W., 1950 Demphle Ave., Dayton So h, Bus Kruskamp, Leo T 159 Bellaire Ave. Da ton Ohio p . Ir. M. E. ., , y . Krusen, Melville R., 3309 Rocky River Dr., Cleveland, O. Fr. Bus. Kucharski, Leonard I., 3194 E. 66 St., Cleveland, O. Fr. Sc. Kuhl, Neven E., 1238 Wabash Ave., Dayton, Ohio Unc. Sc. Kulinski, Clarence A., 2707 Van Buren Ave., Erie, Pen. Fr. Arts Kuhn, Irvin M., 609 W. Pearl St., Wapakoneta, O. Ir. Bus. Kunkemoseller, Laurence B., 6805 Sampson Lane. Silverton, Ohio . .Fr. Arts Kuntz, Peter H., 111 Thurston Blvd. Dayton, Ohio . Busf . Ir Kurdziel, Stanislaus N., 3810 Schiller, Cleveland, O. So. Educ. Kuriiss, Neal T., 531 E. Market St., Germantown, O. L Fr. M. E. Lacey, C. Perry, 1511 N. Euclid Ave., Dayton, Ohio Soph. M. E. Lacey, Lelian H., 125 S. Second St., Fairfield, Ohio Sr. Bus. Lacey, Walter D., 2227 E. High St., Springfield, O. Soph. M. E. Lachey, Marcellus H., S. Main St., Ft. Loramie, O. Soph. Arts Lake, Otis F., 4020 Pleasantview Ave., Dayton, Ohio Ir.E.E. Lambers, Norene H., 38 Ashley St., Dayton. Ohio . Sr.Sc. Lambert, Thomas R., 49 Richmond Ave., Dayton Soph. Sc. Lander, Richard C., 207 Second Ave., Wayland, N. Y. So. Bus. Landreville, Ernest I., 830 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, O. Ir. Educ. Lang, Philip I., 1415 W. 20th St., Sioux City, Iowa Sr. Bus. Lange, Donald H., 112 Evanston Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Educ. Lange, Edward B., St. Henry, Ohio , ,, ,, Ir. Bus Lange, William H., 712 N. McDonel, Lima, Ohio . Ir.EdLg1. Langen, Walter A., 330 Fountain Ave., Dayton . Soph. Bus. Larason, Charles S., 3300 Kings Highway, Dayton Ir. Bus. Lore, Lawrence W., 420 Stonemill Rd., Dayton Ir.Arts Larish. Iohn I., 11021 Revere Ave., Cleveland, O. Soph.E.E. Page Two Hundred Leyes, William I.. 317 Lonsdale Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Fr. Arts Lienesch, Mary Lou, 2941 Atherton Rd., Dayton ...... Soph. Arts Lienesch, Theodore R., 219 Beverly Pl.. Dayton ........ .Sr. Ci. E. Liesenhoti, Iames R., 121 Monteray Ave., Dayton ..,,. Fr. Arts Lieser, Iohn C., 1310 Damphle Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Soph. Bus. Lightfoot, Harry Leonard, 1313 W. Fifth St.. Dayton. .Fr. Bus. Like, Leopold W.. 562 Wyoming St.. Dayton, Ohio ,......,. Fr. Sc. Limbert, Shirley Mae, 1140 Wilson Dr., Dayton, Ohio. Fr. Bus. Lindon, Robert G., 40 Iackson Ave., Rockville Center, N. Y. ..... Soph. Sc. Link, Ralph I., 2225 Rosemont Blvd., Dayton, Ohio .... Ir.M.E. Liu, David C., 2464 Nuuanu Ave., Honolulu, T. H. .... Soph. Sc. Lo, Hung K., No. 6, Gak Quei Low Lane, Canton, China Unc. Sc. Lochtefeld, Daniel H., 516 E. Main St., Coldwater, O. .... Sr. Educ. Lochteteld, Ioseph V., 516 E. Main St., Coldwater, O. .. Soph. Sc. Locke, Iohn Wm., 65 Ietterson St., Uniontown, Pa. ..... Soph. Arts Lodge, Myron B., 423 Westwood Ave., Dayton.. ..Soph. Arts Loe, William E., 125 Catherine St., Springfield, Ohio..Fr.E.E. Loeb, Robert Wm., 1313 Holly Ave., Dayton, Ohio-.. Ir.M.E. Loeber, Richard C., 838 Xenia Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...... Ir. Sc.- Loetfler. Donald Lee, 323 N, Wood St., Fostoria, Ohio Fr. Sc. Logan, Ierome A., 138 Ashwood Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Soph. Sc. Logel, Ioan E., 720 Bowen St., Dayton, Ohio ...., .Ir. Educ. Loyewski, Stanley, 49 Pinehurst Ave., Dayton, Ohio Unc. Sc. Lomax, Edith Mae, 95 Benning Pl., Dayton, Ohio .... Ir. Educ. Long, Gerald W., 110 Harrison St., Middletown, O. ,. Soph. Ch. E. Long, Paul C., it6 Dodds Apts.. Xenia. Ohio . ..... Soph.M.E. Longenecker, Donovan L.. 105 S. Main, Germantown, O. Sr. M. E. Lonsert, Elmer F., 1715 Ewalt Ave., Dayton, Ohio ., .Ir. Bus. Look, Willard Wm., Ir., 248 W. Hillcrest Ave.. Dayton Fr.Sc. Lorencz, Louis, Ir., 300 Park Dr., Dayton, Ohio . . Ir. Bus. Lorenz, ,Terrence I., 1050 Broadview, Columbus, Ohio .Ir.E.E. Losh. Virginia, R. R. 112, Box 199, Dayton, Ohio ..... Unc. Arts Losh. Werner I., R.R.ir2, Box 199, Dayton, Ohio .... Ir. Arts Loveland, Walter C., 161 Community Dr., Dayton .. ..,. Fr. Sc. Lowell, Gordon F., 1570 Nelson Ave., Dayton, Ohio Ir. Bus. Lowery, Donald R., 346 Kilmer St., Dayton, Ohio ..... Soph. Sc. Lowry, Ned Wm., 39 Water St., West Milton, Ohio .. Sr.E.E. Luby, Patrick I., Route 2, Zanesville, Ohio . .... ..... F r. Arts Luchsinqer, Clarence Winn, Ir., 302 Fountain, Dayton Unc. Engr. Lucid, David P., 1522 E. Second St., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Sc. Lucier, William E., 9455 Monistique, Detroit, Mich. .Soph.M.E. Ludwig, Audrey Mae, 333 Monteray Ave., Dayton ...... .. Ir. Bus. Lui, Peter Ching Fai, 307-A N. School, Honolulu, T. H. So.E.E. Luke, Kenneth K. C., 1058 Wayne Ave., Dayton ..... Soph. Bus. Lukey, Robert I.,Ir., 1105 Wayne Ave., Dayton ....... Soph. Bus. Lust, Philip, Ir., 5 Huffman Ave.. Dayton, Ohio ...Soph. Educ. Luthman, Elmer H., 1564 Emmons Ave., Dayton, Ohio .Fr. E. E. Luthman Merrill I., 418 Alberta St., Dayton, Ohio ....... .. Ir. Sc. Luthman, Richard, 1564 Emmons Ave.. Dayton, Ohio .Ir. Bus. Luthman Robert R 2030 King Ave Dayton Ohio Ir S Lutz, Iohn R., 1227 iii-merson Rd., Dayton, oitib .......... ihiadiicf Lutzweit, Walter F., 59 High St., Dayton, Ohio ...... Soph.E.E. SUCCESS To '49. .. . . . and good luck in the years ahead! The same opportunities for success that helped The Standard Register Company become the leader in this community are beckoning to you. May the rewards for enterprise always remain to stimulate the birth of new ideas-and strengthen the courage to put them across. The Standard Register Company Page Two Hundred One STUDE Lyden, Richard A., 140 Frank St., Dayton, Ohio ,,,,,,.,,. Soph.Sc. Lykins, William G., 87 Grand Ave.. Dayton, Ohio ....,,.. Jr. Bus M Madden, John E., 2258 Emerson Ave., Dayton ...,,..,.,.. Jr. Arts Madigan, James P., 1304 E. Main St., Troy, Ohio ,,,.,,,,,, Jr. Bus. Maggiacomo, Alfred J., 410 Irving Ave., Dayton ,,,,,,,,,,,, Fr. Bus. Magin, Philip J., 743 Belmonte Pk., N., Dayton .,...., Soph. Bus. T DIRECTORY Miller, James Michael, 1553 Weston Ave., Dayton, O,-..Fr. Bus. Miller, LeRoy E., 137 Dover St., Dayton, O, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sr.Bus. Miller, Raymond F., 51 Cromwell Pl., Sea Cliff, N. Y..- Jr. Educ. Miller, William F., 732 Brooklyn Ave., Dayton, O ..... ...,, F r.E.E. MillS, Don C., 522 Grand Ave., Dayton, O. ,,,,,,.,,,...,,,,,,,, Jr. Educ. Mills, Gordon W., 132 Seminary Ave., Dayton, O ............. Jr.E.E. Mahon, Francis J., 1263 Boland Dr., St. Louis, Mo. ,.,.,, Fr.Sc. Mahoney, lohn P., 130-35 229 St., Laurelton, L. I., N. Y. Fr. C. E. Maier, Robert H., 1416 Carr St., Sandusky, Ohio .....,,... Jr. Educ. Mains, Robert J., 1527 Shawano Pl., Dayton, Ohio .,,..,.... Sr. Bus. Maj, Edward S., 12021 Revere Ave.. Cleveland, Ohio .. Jr. Civil Malone, John F., 1920 E. Third St., Dayton, Ohio ,,,,, Soph. Arts Maloney, Frank C., 739 Grafton Ave., Dayton, Ohio ,,,,.,. Sr. Bus. Mills, Ronald E., R. R. 111, Lynn, Ind. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,, Fr.Sc. Mills, Walker, 842 W. Main St., Troy, O. .,.,,.,...,.,.......,..,.,,,, Fr.Sc. Milord, Robert O., 1822 Wabash, Dayton, O. .,,,.,,,,.,,,,,... Sr. Educ. Mlnardi, John E., 62 State, Norwalk, O. ,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,, Soph.M.E. Minch, Robert J., Burkettsville, O. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, J r .Arts Miniear, Walt L., 223 W. McPherson, Dayton, O. ....,,.,., Fr. Bus. Minnerup, Robert E., 3210 Athens Ave., Dayton, O .......... Jr. Bus. Minnich, James I., 211 Livingston Ave., Dayton, O.., ,...,, Fr. Bus. MiSraCh Stanley G., 1721 Benson Dr., Dayton, O ..,..,....,.. Sr. Arts Marker, Raymond D., Route 112, Germantiwn, Ohio ,,,,,, Jr Malott, Gordon K., 288 E. Center St., Marion, Ohio ,,,,,,,, Fr. Bus. Malone, William J., 3323 E. 93rd St., Cleveland, O...Soph. Arts Malowan, Margaret E., 3801 N. Main St., Dayton ,,...,,., Unc.Sc. Mandel, Cornelius E., 230-15 139 Ave., Laurelton, N. Y. .. So. E. E. Manessier, Ray V., 4212 Ellery Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Soph. Arts Manker, William M., 736 Xenia Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Soph. Arts Mankin, Phyllis A., 6905 N. Dixie Dr., Dayton, Ohio..Jr. Educ. Mann, Robert E., 150 St. Andrews Blvd, Lima, Ohio .... Sr. Bus. Mantey, Joseph A., Barshar Rd., Venice, Ohio ........... Jr.M.E. Mariscalco, Barto J., 105 Garfield S., Dayton, Ohio ...... Sr Mark, James J., 63 Pinehurst Dr., Dayton, Ohio .............. Fr . Bus. . Bus. Marker, Herbert J., 300 S. Dixie Dr., Dayton, Ohio ....... Sr. Bus. . Bus. Mitchelli Eugene M., 325 Forest Ave., Dayton, O. ............. Ir. Bus. . Educ. A . Robert I., 1619 McCall St., Dayton, O ..... ........... F r. Bus. Modhch, Linus I., 46 Ivanhoe Ave., Dayton, O ..... .......... J r. Educ. Moeder, Joseph A., R. R. 5, Celina, O. .....,..,.,,.,,,,.,.,......... Fr.Eng, Mitchell, George W., 982 Broadview Dr., Pittsburgh Soph Mitchell Moler, Floyd R., R. R. 2, Brookville, O. ................ ......... F r. Arts Moloney, James A., 449 N. Prospect St., Marion, O. .... Fr. Arts Monaghan, Immaculota. 304 Kenwood Ave., Dayton Fr. Educ Monaghan, M. Joanne, 304 Kenwood Ave., Dayton .... Soph.Arts Monforte, Camilo R., Box 1724, Ponce, Puerto Rico .......... Sr. Bus. Monnin. Howard J., Box 166, R. R. 1:51, Dayton, O. ......... Jr. Eng. Monington, George D., 401 S. Main St., Dayton, O ..... Soph. Sc. Montague, Billie M., 2032 Shaftesbury Rd., Dayton Soph. Educ. Markowski, Carroll F., 30 S. Garland Ave., Dayton .. Soph. E. E. Marrero, Carlos E., 1604 Fdez. Juncos Ave., Santurce, Puerto Rico ....... Fr. Bus. Marrero, Luis G., 1604 Ddez. Juncos Ave.. Santurce, Puerto Rico ...... Sr.Sc. Marrinan, Edward L., 547 Hadley Ave., Dayton ...... Unc. Educ. Marsden, Omer R., 1010 Wyoming St., Dayton ...... Soph.M.E. Marshall, Calvin C., 143 S. Sugar St., St. Clairsville, O. Fr. Educ. Marshall, Robert E., 2822 White Oak Dr., Dayton ........ Fr. Bus. Marsico, Francis P., R. R. 33, Box 61, Dayton, Oh1o...Soph. Bus. Martin, Mervin H., 640 Cincinnati St., Dayton, Ohio .. Sr. Educ. Kenesaw Ark Da ton O Fr Educ Martin, Shem G., 3515 -, Y , - - A Marvin, James G., 404 Wiltshire Blvd., Dayton, Ohio .. Fr. Bus. Marzolf, Geralding E., 1037 Lincoln, St. Paul, Minn ..... Fr. Arts Maslar, Adolph R., 75 E. Somerset St., Raritan, N. J. ...... Jr. Bus. Mason, Leon B., 1426 Germantown St., Dayton .......... Sr. Educ. Matheney, Harold D., 2201 Mapleviewr Ave., Dayton .. Jf. Educ 1' Matre Earl. 6441 Lakewood Ave., Chicago, Ill.. ....... .. . Bus. Mauch, Eugene E., 915 Patterson Rd., Dayton, -Ohio .... Fr. Bus. Maurer, Donald J., 220 Haynes St., Dayton, Ohio .T .... Fr.Bus. Maurer, Robert W., 187 Lakewood Ave., Lima, Ohio .. Jr. Arts May, William F., 816 E. Central Ave., Miamisburg, O. .. So. Bus. Montague, Richard H., 2032 Shaftesbury Rd., Dayton Soph. Bus. Montgomery, Raymond E. Jr., 1800 Roanoke Ave., Louisville, Ky. .,...... Jr. Bus. Montgomery, Schumann A., 1800 Roanoke Ave., Louisville, Ky. ...... Soph. Bus. Moody, Jack H., 1521 Tennyson Ave., Dayton, O. ........... Sr. Arts Moon, George D., 319 Sandalwood Dr., Dayton, O. ........ Sr. Eng. Moore, Barnett W., 150 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, O. .......... Jr. Arts Moore, Darrell R., 1217 Spinning Rd., Dayton, O. ...... Soph. Eng. Moore, Donald, R. R. 1110, Box 886, Dayton, O ............ Soph. Eng. Moore, Donald E., 30 Bonner St., Dayton, O. ......... .......... F r. Bus. Moore, Gerald E., 2802 Horlacher Ave., Dayton, O ........ Fr. Arts Moore, Horace C., 2339 Elsmere Ave., Dayton, O. .......... Jr. Bus. Moore Jeanne R. R. 3:8 Box 327, Dayton, O. .Fr. Sc. Moore, Ralph D., 56 Constantia Ave., Dayton, O .......... Jr.Educ. Moore, Willis W., 1207 East 5th St., Dayton, O. ......... Soph. Bus. Moorman. Cletus A., R. R. rtl, St. Henry, O. ............,.... Fr.Educ. Moorman, Earl J., 200 Lookout Ave., Dayton, O. ....... -... Sr. Eng. Moorma n, Gerald, R. R. 311, St. Henry, O. ................ Soph. Eng. Moosbrugger, Paul H., 415 Warren St., Dayton, O .......... Sr. Bus. Moorman. Eugene, 204 South Main St., Minster, O. ........ Fr. Arts Mayer, Richard E., 16606 Ferndale Ave., Cleveland, O..So Mayer, Richard T., 3015 Coleridge Rd., I Cleveland Hts., Ohio ....... Soph Mayer, Mayer, William H., S. M., Roy 3015 Coleridge Rd., Mayl, William C., Mays, Lawson W., 1811 Banke ., y , Q p . Medisch, Joseph C., 1055 N. Gettysburg, Oayton, Ohio .. Jr. . Arts . Bus. W., Millstadt, Illinois ............... ...... ..... S r . Educ- Cleveland Hts., Ohio .... Soph. Bus. 1124 Seneca Dr., Dayton, Ohio6Soph. Bus. r P1 Da ton Ohio So h C. E. M. E. Mee, Richard A., 90 Beech St., Floral Pk., New York .. Jr. Arts Mehary, John W., 266 Raymond St., Rockville Centre, N. Y. ...... Fr. Bus. Moots, Harold J., 2541 Mundale Ave., Dayton. O. .......... Jr. Bus. Soph. Bus. Morales, Joseph H.. 61 Keene Ave., Floral Park, N. Y. Morrisey, Edward J., 3578 Michigan Ave., Cincinnati, O. Sr.Sc. Morrissey, Kenneth, 1539 East Boulevard, Cleveland, O. Jr. Arts Mort, Charles B., R. R. 1155, Box 271, Dayton, O. ..... Soph. Eng. Mortimer, Earl E., Jr., 118 River Bend Dr., Dayton, O... Fr. Eng. Mosconi. Joseph V., Powhatan Pt., O .,... ......................... . .Fr. Educ. Mosey, Martha C., 312V2 So. 12th St., Richmond, Ind. .. Fr. Arts MOSS, Edward B., 708 Maryland St., Gary, Ind. .............. Jr. Bus. Mott, James E., 5866 Redbank Rd., Cincinnati, O. ...... Soph. Arts Mountjoy, Martha L., 3626 Linden Ave., Dayton, O ...... Fr. Educ. Moyer, Carl E., R. R. 118, Box 539, Dayton, O ,....,..,..,,, Soph.Sc. Moyer. Jack. 56 Oakview Dr., Dayton, O. ....... ............ F r. Educ. Mumpower. Glen E., 4001 Linden Ave., Dayton. O. .... Sr Meier, Herbert J., 504 E. Anthony St., Celina, Ohio Jr.E.E. Meineke, Donald E., 248 S. Torrence St., Dayton ...... Fr. Educ. Melia, Louis D., 1134 Carlisle Ave., Dayton, Ohlo ............ If-SC, Me11as,Hellen, 921 Manhattan Ave., Dayton ............ Soph-SC. Mellas, Samp P., 921 Manhattan Ave., Dayton Soph. Bus. Mencsik, Kathleen I., 727 N. Broadway. Dayton ..... Soph. Bus Menker, Donald F., 832 St. Nicholas Ave., Dayton. ........ Jr.Sc. Meredith, Glen, 40 Daniel St., Dayton, Ohio. .................... Ir.Sc. Merkle, Arthur C., 2239 Rustic Rd., Dayeon. Ohio ,, ,... Fr.Sc. Merkle, Carl Lee, R.R.iI9, Box 681, Dayton . ...... Soph.E.E. Merkle, John C., 1526 San Rae Dr., Dayton, Ohio ..... Soph. Bus. Merkle, Joseph F., 1837 Coventry Rd., Dayton, Ohio..Sr. Bus. Merrick, Anne E., 105 S. Center St., W, Jefferson. O. ...... Sr. Sc. Merrifield, Richard E., 267 Windsor Lane, W. Hempstead, N. Y. ...... Fr. Arts Merrinane, Eileen M., 1013 Third St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. Jr. Arts Mescher, Donald P., 1320 Pursell Ave., Dayton, O...Soph. Bus. Moylan, Joseph J., 16 High Ridge, Ridgefield, Conn. Soph. Arts Mudd, Charles T., 741 Locust St., Owensboro, Ky. ..... .... J r. Bus. Mudd, Donald Eugene, 100 Stone Bridge Rd., Dayton, O. Fr. Bus. Mudd, Geraldine M., 100 Stone Bridge Rd., Dayton, O .... Sr. Arts Mudd, Lloyd E., Jr., 55 Hilton Dr., Dayton, O .,..,....,.....,.,., Jr.Enq, Mudd, Patricia A., 55 Hilton Dr., Dayton, O. ............... .... I r. Arts Mueller, Charles E., 1232 Vernon Dr., Dayton, O ..... .Soph. Eng. Mueller, James W., 560 S. Second St., Coldwater, O. .... Jr. Eng. Mueller, John E., Jr.. 2130 Douglass Blvd., Louisville, Ky. Fr. Bus. Mulanovich, Eduardo J., Agricultura 268, Lima, Peru, S. A..- .... Fr. Eng. Mulhaney, Thomas P., 37 Halleck, Youngstown, O. .. Soph. Bus. Muller, Richard Rudolph, 1931 Wood, Lacrosse, Wis. Soph. Arts Muller, Robert J., 49 Behan Ct., Staten ls., N. Y. ....... Soph. Eng. Mullins. Raymond J., 2119 East Third St., Dayton, O. Er. Arts duc . E . Munger, Raymond J., 1000 Broad Blvd., Dayton, O. ....... Jr. Educ. Meyer, Charles U., R. R. itl, Ottawa, O. .. .... ............. F r.EduC. Meyer, Eugene J., 27 W. Bruce Ave., Dayton, O. ..... Soph. M.E. Meyer, James M., 1028 Pine St., Springfield, O. .... Fr. Bus. Meyer, Joseph S., 4407 Raceview Ave., Cincinnati, O. ..Fr. M. Er Meyer, Philip J., 637 Wilfred Ave., Dayton, O. ................ Jr. Bus. Meyer, Robert L., 27 W. Bruce Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Educ. Meyers, William M., 5977 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati, O. Jr. M. E. Michael, Donald F.. 517 W. 2st, Connersville. Ind. .. Soph. Civil Michael. Nicholas G., 1 Old Lane, Dayton, O. ......... Soph. Bus. Michel, Paul C., 101 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, O. .. .. Jr. Bus. Middleton, Thomas M., 625 Ridgedale Rd., Dayton, O. Sr. Sc. Miles, Roderick B., 4146 W. Ky. St., Louisville, Ky.. . Fr. Civil Munguia, Carlos R., Pete Carranza 37, Coyoacan D. F., Mexico ...... Sr. Ch. E. Murphy, Daniel T., 1945 Victoria Ave., Dayton, O ...,.....,.. 1r.Se. Murphy, David L, 412 Holt St., Dayton, O. ...................... Sr.E.E. Ml1l'Pl'tY. James I., 14 Elm Ave., Floral Pk., N. Y. .........., Jr. Arts Murphy, Laurence J-, 331 E. Walnut, Lancaster, O .... Soph. Arts Murphy, William C., 336 Orchard Lane, Highland Pk., Ill. .... .Soph. Educ. Murray, Joan Katherine, 141 Stonemill Rd., Dayton, O. Jr. Arts Mushett, James Wm., 60 Jefferson St., Norwalk, O. ..Soph. M.E. Musselman, James E., 2226 E. Fifth St., Dayton, O. .. Soph. Arts Muth. Jerome E.. 441 East Dr., Dayton, O. ...................... Ir. Ci. B. Millard, Robert N., 303 Schenck Ave., Dayton, O ..... .Soph.Bus. Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller Charles R., 500 Piqua Pl., Dayton, O... .. Sr. Bus. Cletus J., Rt. itl, Caldwell, O. , .... ............ Soph. Bus. Frederick R., 51 Cromwell Pl., Sea Cliff. L. I., N. Y. .. .. Jr. Bus. Harry M., 735 Xenia Ave., Dayton, O. ......,,... Soph. Arts James J., 2001 Broadway, Springfield, O. .. .Soph. Arts Myers, Daniel J., Hotel Alms, Cincinnati, O. .... ............... J r. Bus. MYEIS, Edmund, 556 Ballentine Ave., Marion, O .....,,........ Jr.E.E. Myers, Harry J., 516 Washington St.. Dayton, O. ............ Sr. Bus. Myers, Myers, James A., 527 Marian Ave., Lima, O, ,...,,,. ,,,, Sr.Bus. Loren H., 715 Keowee St., Dayton, O. .,,,,.,, ...,,, F r.EduC, Maclvor, James J., 1221 East 86th St., Cleveland, O. ......., Fr. Sc. MacCanon, Eldon C., 162 Marathon Ave., Dayton, O. ........ Sr.Sc. Millerf James L., 136 E. Parkwood Ave., Dayton, O. .... Jr. Page Two Hundred Two M. E. MacMillan, Virginia Lee, 221 Geneva Rd., Dayton .. Soph. Educ. 442 N. WHITE-ALLEN CHEVROLET "BEST DEAL IN TOWN" Main SI. H Dayton, Ohio THE ROTH OFFICE LEQUIPIVIENT CO. 113 E. THIRD sr. DAYTON 2, or-no FU-4138 "As Near As Your Phone" 0 COMPLETE COMMERCIAL STATIONERS E. 4611 0 OFFICE and FACTORY EQUIPMENT 0 DRAFTING ROOM SUPPLIES 0 A. B. DICK MIMEOGRAPH DUPLICATING MACHINES Complele l I ll Bulldmg S rvlce LUMBER - MILLWORK - BUILDING SUPPLIES KITCHEN CABINETS CORNER CABINETS I BOO KCASES 00 M 9 Qf'4o .ff 0 W-W 2 0 0 'W Af-'gas C U M Q agvsfcqf . ' - 0 O 690V:4,Q' YIIUR IIEIEHBURHUUD STORE jg3,Q"-me - 4 ' I . i 4- 5: .9 V ' ' I 'Z?1'i'?Z,?:I'0ffrr A .- M Gsr . 4' 7,1 . - H 17590 5-fr ' H - - ' ' 611 K ozlgyafbuyf gall altdbftlbfbf .f5Cdi4bnd- . ""'4'ff:a4Z,'f,?:4 . fo Page Two Hundred Thr STUDE T DIRECTORY Macko, Erwin D., 151 E. 197 St., Euclid, O .,.....w,V.Y YVYVVV YYVV. F I - MacNaughton, Raymond Wm., 89-46 218 St., Queensvillaqe, N. Y. .. Fr. MacPherson, David H., 702 Wellmeier Ave., Dayton, O. Sr. McAnespie, Dolores Ann, 361 Kenwood Ave., Dayton So. Bus. Bus. Bus. Bus. McAvoy, Rosalie Maria, R. R. 113, Box 350, Dayton ., Fr. Educ. McBride, Gerald A., 1897 E. 69th St., Cleveland, O. ,,., Jr. Educ. McCall, Joseph B., 492 W. Market St., E. Palestine, Ohio ,,,, Sr. Educ. McCarthy, Daniel J., 1837 Rosemont Blvd, Dayton .. Soph. SC. McCartan, Ronald W., 608 Shoop Ave., Dayton ,,,,,,, Fr. McClain, Raymond, Jr., 648 Cambridge Ave, Dayton Arts Jr. Educ. McClellan, Schuyler N., Jr., 107 W. Second, Xenia, O. So. M. E. McCloskey, Alfred H., 300 Kenwood Ave., Dayton ,.,, Fr. McCloskey, Wilbur C., 300 eKnwood Ave., Dayton ....Jr. Bus. Bus. Olcott, Patricia L., 1023 W. Hillcrest Ave., Dayton ......,. Sr McClure, John F., 1739 Harvard Blvd., Dayton.. Jr. Bus. McColligan, Earl D., 2035 Rustic Rd., Dayton . .. Fr.M.E. McConocha, Paul Roger, 5021f2 Oxford Ave., Dayton Soph. Bus. McCloskey, Wilbur C., 300 Kenwood Ave., Dayton .. Jr. Bus. McCoy, James J., 152-02 85 Dr., Jamaica, N. Y.. ..Fr.M.E. McDaniel, Carlo Britton, 2620 Riverview Ave., Dayton Unc. Sc. McDaniel, Charles S., 1033 Wawona Rd., Dayton.. .. Sr. Educ. McDaniel, Lee Roy, R. R. 116, Box 232, Dayton . . Sr. Educ. McDevitt, Joseph E., 316 E. North St., Coldwater, O. ..., Fr. Arts McDonald, Eddie H., 423V2 W. Dow St., Tipp City, O. .Jr. M. E. McDonald, James H., 3910 Walter Ave., Parma, Ohio..Jr. Bus. McDonnell, Ronald H., Jr., 317 Lexington Ave., Dayton .So. Arts McDonough, Robert T., 105 Webster St., Middletown, O. ..Fr. Ed. McFall, Paul N., 102 S. Willowgrove Ave., Dayton .... Jr.Sc. O Oakes, William W., 28 Hallwood Ave., Dayton ............., Fr. Sc. Oberer, George R., 441 E. Siebenthaler Ave., Dayton .... Sr. Sc. Oberst, Cletus E., 1416 W. Fifth St., Owensboro, Ky ...... Fr. Arts O'Boyle, Edward T., 3779 W. 135 St., Cleveland, O. ...... Fr. Sc. O'Boy1e, Frank J., 3779 W. 135 St., Cleveland, O ............ Fr. Sc. O'Brien, Paul D., 718 McCleary Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...... Jr.M.E. O'Brien, Richard J., 818 E. Blackford, Evansville lnd .... Jr. Civil O'Brien Robert J., 664 Bowen St., Dayton, Ohio .....,...... Sr. E. E. O'Brien, Walter D., 512 Rawlings St., Washington C. H., Ohio ........ Soph. Educ. O'Conne1l, Daniel J., 124 Linsan Ct., Dayton, Ohio .Soph. Bus. O'Connell, Georgia M., 222 Kenilworth Ave., Dayton ,... Jr. Educ. O'Conne1l, John J., 591 Water Works Rd., Ft. Thomas, Ky ........ Ir.M.E. Oda, Mildred, 1511V2 Riverside Dr., Dayton .... ..... S oph. Educ. O'Doherty, Bernard M., 1112 8th St., Lorain, Ohio .... Jr. Bus. O'Donnell, John T., 210 East 5th St., Delphos, Ohio. Soph. Educ. O'Donnell, Michael J., 4753 Glenway, Cincinnati, O...Fr. Offenbacher, George E., 629 Oak St., Dayton, Ohio ...... Fr. M. E. M. E. I' O'Hearn, Robert H., R.R.1r8, Box 476, Dayton ....... Soph....E. Ohmer, Barbara A., 227 Belmont Pk. E., Dayton ...... Unc. Arts Ohmer, Frederic L., 437 Talbott Dr., Dayton, Ohio . ..Soph. Bus. Ohmer, Martha K., 437 Talbott Dr., Dayton, Ohio ....... Unc. Arts Ohmer, Paul P., 1549 Joseph St., Cincinnati, Ohio .... Fr.E.E. Ohmer, Peggy, 525 Brookside Dr., Dayton ......... ,....... S oph. Arts . Arts McFarland, Donald R., 6011 N. Dixie Dr., Dayton Soph. Bus. McGarry, James L., 1000 Lackland Pl., Dayton, Ohio .Jr. Arts McGarry, Jerome J., 514 Grafton Ave., Dayton, Ohio... Jr. Bus. McGarry, John L., 514 Grafton Ave., Dayton, Ohio ..... Sr. Bus. McGee, Floyd P., 411 Catherine Ave., W. Carrollton, O. So. Bus. McGiffin, James G., 702 Roxbury, Youngstown, O.. oSph. Bus. McGill, William F., R. R. 119, Box 564, Dayton Soph. Arts Oldiges, Margaret J., 108 Seminary Ave., Dayton .... Fr. Educ. Olinger, Charles L., 220 Yale Ave., Apt. 16, Dayton .... Sr. Bus. O'Lough1in, Martha A., 64 Ashley St., Dayton, Ohio ...... Fr.Sc. Olsen, Barbara, 563 Daytona Pkwy., Dayton .......... Unc. Educ. Olt, Clifford I., 1002 Lackland Pl., Dayton, Ohio ........ Soph.Sc. Omietanski, George M., 49 Light St., Dayton .............. Soph.Sc. Omlor, Gene P., 234 Rita St., Dayton, Ohio... ................. Fr.Sc. Ondercin, John S., 110 Meodow Rd., Skyway Pk., McGrath, Richard J., Box 194, Dalton, Pa. ..... Fr.M.E. McGree, Tomas J., 231 Lincoln Ave.,, Urbana, Ohio. Jr.E.E. McGreevy, Lawrence J., 929 Broadway, Piqua, Ohio .Soph. Sc. McGurk, Joseph B., 25 Welton Pl., Waterbury, Conn. ..Fr. Bus. Mclilton, John C., 3115 Salem Ave., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Bus. .Arts McKay, Jeannette, 4310 Woodcliff Ave., Dayton .... . Sr McKee, James R., 1636 Emmons Ave., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Arts Onderd O'Neil, Osborn, Ohio ..... Soph. Bus. onk, Melvin D., 124 Walnut, Yellow Springs, O..Fr. M. E. John T., 129 Ashley St., Dayton, Ohio ............ Jr. Arts O'Nei11, Alfred S., 5209 N 3rd St., Philadelphia, Penn. .. Fr. Arts O'Neil1, Aloysious L., 815 Garrison St., Fremont, Ohio ..Fr. Educ. O'Neill, Thomas R., 182 Whittlesey Ave., Norwalk, O .... Fr. Civil O'Neill William S. 1402 Holly Ave., Dayton .......... Soph. Educ. McMullen McKeena, Francis H., 1328 Campbell, Sandusky, Ohio .Jr. Bus. McKenzie, Cassie M., 240 S. Summit St., Dayton, Ohio Sr. Sc. McKinley, William J., 484 E. 110 St., Cleveland, O. ..Jr. Arts McMahon, Robert L., 124 North Ave., N. E., Massillon, O. Jr. Bus. McMahon, Walter L., 2225 King Ave., Dayton, Ohio Soph. Arts McManus, Kevin P., 58 Marvin, Rockville Center, N. Y. F. Bus. L. Celeste, 52 Chambers St., Dayton . Soph. Educ. McNamara, Robert L., 499 N. Jameson Ave., Lima, O.. Fr. Bus. McNamara, Francis Q., 135 Volkenand Ave., Dayton So. Bus. McNay, Robert J.. 3204 W. 3rd St., Dayton ......... ...... S oph. Arts McNeal, Naomi M., R. R. itl, West Milton, Ohio ..... Unc. Educ. McNeese, Jack S., Box 532-D, Route 1, Dayton . . Jr. Bus. McNeil, Shirley A., 103 Horace Ave., Dayton . .Soph. Arts McQuaid, John P., 960 Mentor Ave., Mentor, Ohio ..... Fr. Eng. McQuillen, Richard T., 235 Cochran Rd., Pittsburgh, Penn. Fr. Arts McWain, Clyde D., S6 S. Alder St., Dayton .... Soph. Arts McWilliams, Hobart F., 115 E. Siebenthaler, Dayton ..Fr.E.E. N Oppenheim, Robert R., East Main St., Coldwater, O. .... Jr. Bus. Osborn, William P., 2361 Emerson Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Fr.E.E. Osborne, Joseph C., Jeffersontown, Ky. .................. Jr. E. E. Oshiro, George T., 1289 River St., Honolulu, Hawaii .. Soph. Sc. Osterday. Joseph J., 549 Burns Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Arts Osterfeld, Henry J., 433 Forest Ave., Dayton, O. ............ Jr. Bus. Osterfeld, Mary Ann, 433 Forest Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Jr. Educ. Ostendorf, Philip J., 3226 Merrimac, Dayton, O. .............. Sr. Civil Osweiler, Paul J., 2824 Patterson Blvd., Dayton, O. ..... Fr. Arts Otten, Bernard J., 50 Wabash, Pittsburgh, Penn. ...... Soph. Educ. Otto, Howard R., 624 Dearborn Ave., Dayton, O. .... Soph.M.E. P Paghi, Paul, 2318 East 32 St., Lorain, O. .. ......,. Pain, John F., 240 Kenwood Ave., Dayton, O ......................... Jr. Sc. Palmert, Daniel F., 1125 Vernon Dr., Dayton, O. .,............. Jr. Bus. Fr. Arts Pappas, George, 1141 N. Main St., Apt. 4, Dayton, O..Soph. Bus. Parenti, Frank V., 159 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, O. .......... Jr.E.E. Parker, Alonzo C., 3626 Woodbine Ave., Dayton, O. ........ Sr. Sc. Parker, William F., 238 Hillside St., Osborn, O ............ Soph. Arts Nagle, George D., 30 Dunning Ave., Webster, N. Y. Fr Nable, Mary Ellen, 320 Kenwood Ave., Dayton .... . . Fr. Nakama, Harry S., 2035 Aoao Pl., Honolulu, T. H .,.. . Soph. Neel, William M., 20 Alberta St., Dayton, Ohio . Jr. Neff, Alvin G., 705 Rockford Ave., Dayton, Ohio .Soph. Neff, Mary Ellen, 104 N. First St., Tipp City, Ohio .... .Jr. Neff, Richard D., 35 Stillwell Dr., Dayton, Ohio Sr. . Bus Arts Bus. Arts Bus. Arts Bus. Nelson, Richard F., 118 Edgewood Ct., Dayton .... ...... J r. Sc. Netherly, James J., 768 Miami Chapel Rd., Dayton ....... Fr. Sc. Neugebauer, Christophe J., HQ AMC Wright Field, Ohio JGermanyJ ..... Sr. Sc. Neugebauer, Constantine A., 614 Lexington Ave., Dayton, Ohio lGermanyl . Fr. C. E. Nevels, Raymond R., 22 Gerlaugh Ave., Dayton Soph.M.E. Nicholas, Richard H., 143 Holmes Dr., Osborn, Ohio Soph.Sc. Nickell. Harold R., 2101 Wayne Ave., Dayton .... Soph. Bus. Nickolas, Dan J., 236 Shaw Ave., Dayton, Ohio.. ..... Fr. Bus. Nicol, Thomas M., 309 Clark St., Middletown, Ohio . Jr. Bus. Niederman, Robert L., 49 Edgar Ave., Dayton, Ohio ..Sr. Bus. Niles, Curtis E., 714 E. Somers St., Eaton, Ohio .. Soph. Educ Niswonger, Nancy R., 225 Kenwood Ave., Dayton. Soph. Educ. Nolan, Clemon R., 55 Ashley St., Dayton, Ohio .. ..... Fr. Arts Nolan, William J., 655 Superior Ave., Dayton ....... Sr. Bus. Parr, Harry Edward, Jr., 160 Fillmore St., Dayton, O. Soph. Bus. Parsons, Alva M., 103 E. Walnut St., Tipp City, O ........ Jr. Educ. Passalacqua, Leonard N., 3458 Evanston, Cincinnati Soph. M. E. Patrick, Robert D., 3521 Kenesaw Ave., Dayton, O. ........ Jr. Bus. Paulick, Robert L., 49 Anna St., Dayton, O. ......... .............. J r. Bus. Paulin, Mary Ann., 431 N. Galloway St., Xenia, O. Soph. Educ. Pauls, Hans Frederick, 1967 E. 34 St., Brooklyn, N. Y .... Sr. E.E. Pax, Alfred C., New Weston, O ..... . .. . .. . ................... . .. Fr. Engr. Pegg, James A., 712 Linwood St., Apt. 422, Dayton, O....Jr. Bus. Pegg, Joe Daniel, 49 E. Hillcrest Ave., Dayton, O. .... Soph. Bus. Peguillan, Edward J., 174 Locust, Floral Park, N. Y. Soph. Arts Peitz, Leo Francis, 627 W. Main St., Elwood, Ind..... Soph. Bus. Peltier, Theodore E., 1333 E. Third St., Dayton, O.. ........ Fr. Sc. Pemberton, Robert E., 4239 Corinth Blvd., Dayton, O ..... Jr. Bus. Penick, Marion S., 238 Commercial St., Dayton, O.. Soph. Ci. E. Penn, Nethan Forrest, 448 Shoop Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Fr. Educ. Penrod, David L., R. R. 113, Box 287, Dayton, O. ........ Jr. Bus. Pentaudi, James J., 44 Garden St., Dayton, O. ............. .Jr. Arts Pepiot, Joseph H., R. R. 1, Houston, Ohio ............... .. ..... Fr. Educ. Pernik, John F., Ir., 57 Fountain Ave., Dayton, Ohio...Jr.M.E. Perreira, Gilbert F., 2117 Kachu St., Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii ...... Fr. Bus. Perrotta, Christopher J., 236 92nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. .. Fr. E. E. Pestian, Frederick J., 481 Dresden, Steubenville, O .... Soph. M. E. Peters, Thomas H., R. D. 112, Elyria, Ohio .... .... ....... ...... F r . Arts Noll, James, 204 E. Walnut St., Coldwater, Ohio ...Sr. M. E. Norman, Floyd G., 3600 Hoover Ave., Dayton . .... Jr. Educ Norris, Leland V., 452 W. Stroop Rd. Da ton .Bus. . Y ....... f FI Norris, Ray L., 2927 Martel Dr., Dayton, Ohio.. .. ..Fr. Bus. Norris, William E., 69 Maple St., Osborn, Ohio.. Jr. Bus. Northrop, Paul G., 1728 Gummer Ave., Dayton, Ohio Jr.E.E. Norton, Richard O., 742 W. Wayne St., Lima, Ohio Soph. Bus. Nunez, Jorge, Av. Veracruz 11178, Guadalajara, Mexico Jr. C. E. Nutini, Mary Ann, 14 Virginia Ave., S. Ft. Mitchell, Ky. Sr. Arts Nye, Henry A., 835 20th Ave., Honolulu, T. H. . .. . Soph. E. E. Nye, Oma E., R. R. 314, Box 44, Dayton, Ohio.... .. .Unc. Sc. Nyhan, James E., 2142 University Dr., Dayton . Fr. Arts Nyhan, Jayne, 2142 University Dr., Dayton, Ohio .............. Jr. Sc. Page Two Hundred Four Peterson, Robert L., Gilcrest Rd., R. F. D.i,fl Mt. Vernon, Ohio ...... Fr. Bus. Petkwitz, Paul E., 800 Valley St., Dayton, Ohio .......... Fr. M. E. Petry, John G., 1113 220 St., Portsmouth, Ohio ......,..... Jr. Bus. Petschelt, Henry A., 1923 Cuyler Ave., Chicago, Ill. ...... Sr. Educ. Petty, James H., 1913 E. Fifth St., Dayton, Ohio .......... Jr. Arts Pfander, Robert Wm., 324 Smith St., Dayton, Ohio ...... Fr. Arts Pfeiffer, David L., 921 Ferndale Ave., Dayton ,..,.......,. Fr.Bus. Pfeiffer, Edna, 2138 Malvern Ave., Dayton ..,.... .... ........,, J r .Bus. Pfeiffer, Frederick R., 91 Highland Ave., Port Washington, N.Y ........ Soph. Arts ,ii Y irii H my Ttiw I X "" ..........,................ W ill ' liif 5 X 'W' l l i - l :Sf two ' 1 mmf it E, in -... .... . .... MOI K . w t X Smwlc g H+ is --- ....,. ..... ,--- I '--, ' ..... ....-'4 'op 2 . V ., - for Q f life, 1 1 X 4' 3 I V f' Cf i t s 'KIAHN S CLLIER AGAIN" A slogan signifying a service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design and engraving. We have found real satistactionin pleas- ing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photographer ancl your printer. JAHN S CLLIER ENGRAVING CO 8I7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. Pa geT W STUDE T DIRECTORY Pfeiffer, James C., 2430 Wyoming St., Dayton, O .........,,. Sr. Bus. Pfeiffer, John J., 2430 Wyominq St.. Dayton. O, VV,, .vYYY Fr-Bus Phelan, Don Edward, A 36 St., Apt. 135, Vandalia, O.. Jr. M. E. Phillips, Joyce Joan, R. R. nfl, Box 163, Brookville, O .,,,, Fr.Educ. Phillips, Thomas E., 303 Wayne Ave., Kirkwood, Mo...So. Bus. Phipps, Aaron C., 823 Kumler Ave., Dayton, Ohio .... Soph. Arts Pinto, Juan Bautista, Car 8a H40-86, Bogota, Colombia, S. A. ...., Pr. Bus. Pitsinger, Ronald K., 18 Guncl-:el Ave., Dayton .............. S0pl'1- SC- Pitzer, Kenneth, 114 E. Babbit Sl.. DCIYJOH .....A,----,A--- -- ST-Edl-10 Pixley, William S., Jr., 355 Kenwood Ave., Dayton ..., Soph. Arts Plonka, Chester P., 310 Deeds Ave., Dayton, O. ,,,., Soph.E.E. Plumer, Edward F., 4609 Bayonnne, Baltimore, Md. .... Jr. Arts Plunket, Chester B., Jr., 303 Morton Ave., Dayton ,,,,,.,,, Fr. Sc. Poepplemeier, James R., 711 Far Hills Ave., Dayton .. Soph. M. E. Poff, Nevin W., 226 Johnson St., Dayton, Ohio ............. Jr.Bus. Pohlabel, Thomas I., 438 W. Grand Ave., Lima, Ohio..So. Bus. Pohlmeyer, Suzanne M., 96 Winding Way, Dayton ........ Jr. Arts Poling, Kenneth E., 518 Piqua Place, Dayton, Ohio Jr.Arts Poliquin, James A., R.R.i1'4, Xenia, Ohio .......,,.., . .,.,. Fr. Educ. Poliseno, Thomas J., 311 Buttles Ave., Columbus, Ohio .. Sr. Bus. Ponce. Alvaro, Calle 21 No. 107 Itzimna, Merida Yucatan Mexico So h Ci E Reid, Robert V., 336 Bolander Ave., Dayton, O, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,Fr,Bu5, Reidy, Edward J., 189 Buckingham St., Waterbury, Conn. ...... Soph. Bus. Reidy, Edward T.. 233 Park Blvd., Glen Ellyn, 111 .,,,,,,,,,,, Jr. Bus, Reiger, Arthur C., 920 Wyoming St., Dayton, O ........ Soph.M.E. Reineck, Thomas A., 34 Jefferson, Norwalk, O. ,,.,,..,,,,,,,,, Jr.Bus. Reinhard, Walter J., 631 Wilfred Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Fr.M.E. Reiniger, Burtcher F., R. R. 312, Lebanon, O. ,,.,,,,,,,.,,..,,r,, Sr.Bus. Reinmuller, Ernest, R. R. i1:5, Johnson Rd., Dayton Soph.C.E. Reisch, John L., 1416 Collins Ave., Richmond Hgts., Mo.,Fr. Civil Reisch, Roger E., 1416 Collins, Richmond Hgts., Mo .,... Jr. Arts Remnant, Alice I., 820 Manhattan Ave., Dayton, O ....,. Soph. Sc. Renacs, Steve J., 828 Faulkner Ave., Datyon, O .,,,,,,,,,.,, Jr,Educ, Renaker, John N., 27 Davis Ave., Dayton, O .,.,,..,.,,,,.,,,,,,, Jr.M. E. Reuther, Albert H., 27 Greendale Dr., Dayton, O. ,,,,,,.,,,,, Jr.E.E, Reynolds, Edward E., 24 W. Emerson, Osborn, O ....,,,, ,,,, J r,Bu5. Reynolds, George H., 2422 Rugby Rd., Dayton, O .,,,,,..,.,, Pr. Bus, Rhoades, Catherine P., 430 Schantz Ave., Dayton, O ........ Ir.Sc. Rhoades, Otis C., 4310 Midway Ave., Dayton, O ...,...,,,,, Pr. Arts Rhoads, Joyce A., 2817 Ferncliff Ave., Dayton, O ..... Soph. Arts Rice, Eugene E., 62 Spring St., Glouster, O. .....,.,,,,,,.,.,,, Fr. Educ. Rich, Rodney A., 1100 Kemper Ave., Dayton, O, ,,,,,.,,,,,, Fr, Bus, Richard, John C., 562 Corwin St., Dayton, O. ,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, Fi-,Bus, , ,.,,., p. . . Ponder, Ervin J., 34 Weidner St., Dayton, Ohio ..,,,,,,,, Fr. Arts Ponder, Margaret M., 34 Weidner St., Dayton, O. .. Soph. Educ. Pontius, John G., 317 Northview Rd., Dayton ............. Soph. Arts Poole, Calvin K., 46 North Maple, Osborn, Ohio ,....,,... Fr.E.E. Poor, Robert C., R. R. 313, Celina, Ohio ............................. Jr Arts Popik, Joseph F., 10107 Gibson, Cleveland, O. ........ Soph. Arts Porter, Guy H., 405 Redwood Ave., Dayton ,.,..,,,,.. Soph Bus. Porter, Robert P., 2700 East Fourth St., Dayton, O .... Soph. Bus. Potts, Thomas E., 544 Rauth St., Sidney, Ohio .............. Fr. Bus. Pounds, Lloyd H., 687 Randolph St., Dayton .,.,,,,,, Soph. Arts Richards, Mary Ann, 370 Kenwood Ave., Dayton, O...Soph. Sc. Richards. Rose Marie, 370 Kenwood Ave., Dayton, O .... Sr. Arts Richards, William L., 245 Valleyview, Dayton, O, ,,,...,,,,,, ,Sl-, Bus, Richeson, Robert E., 23 N. Woodward Ave., Dayton, O..Jr. Bus. Ridenour, William H., 19 E. Market, Germantown, O. Unc. Educ. Ridgway, Charles W., 1721 Auburn Ave., Dayton, O. ..... Jr. Sc. Ridgway, Glen E., 2426 Robin Rd., Dayton, O. .......... Soph. M.E. Ridgway, Merrill L., 2104 Demphle Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. M. E. Riedy, Richard V., 1040 Tiffin Ave., Sandusky, O. Soph. Arts Powers, Edward M., 46 Clover St., Dayton, Ohio .,.....,.... Jr. Sc. Prather, Maurice R., 4216 Floral Ave., Norwood, Ohio .. Jr. M. E. Pratt, Jane D., 35 McOwen St., Dayton. Ohio .............. Sr. Arts Preston, Gus E., 8 Taranto, Dayton, Ohio ................... ..... F r.Sc. Pretzinger, Albert, II, 204 Forrer Blvd., Dayton ..... Unc.Engr. Price, David W., 412 E. 13th St., Chester, Pa. .... Soph. Ci. E. Price, James E., 815 McCleary Ave., Dayton, Ohio .... Soph. Cc. Price, John A., 111 E. Broadway, Shelbyville, Ind. ...... Fr. Bus. Pritchard, Mary G., 53 Second St., Fairfield, Oiho ..,....... Sr. Sc. Pritchard, Howard T., 1842 Beresford Rd., E. Cleveland, Ohio .... Jr. E. E. Probst, Harold A., 45 Huffman Ave., Dayton ........... Soph. Bus. Procuniar, Robert Wm., Jr., 4310 Corinth Blvd., Dayton So. Ci. E. Protzman, John M., Box 41, R. R. 112, Brookville, O. Fr. Ch. E. Pruzzo, John L., 127 S. Delmar Ave., Dayton, O .. ....... Fr. Sc. Pudzinski, Norman A., 13913 Harvard. Cleveland, O. S.Sc. Purinton, Barbara May, 115 W. Main, New Lebanon, O. F. Arts Puslat, Alfred, 4102 Cleveland Ave,, Dayton. ............ Sr. Educ. Pustinger, John V., Jr., 413 4th St., Monessen, Pa. ..,,... Fr. Sc. Puterbangh, Richard L., R. R. i,f10, Dayton .................. . Jr. M. E. Pyle, Jane K., 515 Corona Ave., Dayton.. ...... ..... ..... J r .Arts Pyles, Harley B., Enon, Ohio ...... ...................... ....... F r .Sc. Q Quigley. Michael R., 80 Hall St., Akron, O. ,..... . ,....., . Sr.Sc. Quinlisk, John W., Jr., 623 Neal Ave., Dayton, O. ....... Sr.E. E. Quinlan, Owen M., 940 Donner Ave., Monessen, Pa. ,.Fr. Educ. Quinn, Francis X., 79 N. Diamond, Clifton Hgts., Pa. Soph. Educ. Quinn, James R., 154 Church St., Dayton, O. ............. Soph. Bus. Quinn, Robert F., 1112 S. Main St., Dayton, O. .......... Soph. Arts Quintrell, Everett W., Y. M. C. A., 117 W. Monument R Raab, Harold W., 1009 W. Fairview Ave., Dayton, O. ...FL Sc. Rabke, Nicholas R., 403 Matagorda, San Antonio, Tex. Sr. Sc. Ragland, Katherine L., 1526 Home Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Educ. Ramus, John C., 222 Clinton St., Adrian, Mich. ..., Soph. Bus. Ranson, Thomas J., 902 N. Downing St., Piqua, O. ....... Jr. Bus. Rape, Joseph J., 6018 Dryden St., Cincinnati, O. .. ..Fr. Bus. Rapp. Rita, 430 E. Greene St., Piqua, O. ....... .............. ....... J r .Sc. Rasnick, Catherine F., 55 Grafton Ave., Dayton, O. .Soph. Arts Raso, Frank A., 630 Wyoming St., Dayton, O. ..... ....... . .. Jr. E. E. Raterman, Thomas L., R. R. girl, Minster, O... ..,,.. ,..... S oph. Sc. Rauch, Barbara L., R. R. 1153, Box 282, Taylorsville Rd., Dayton, O. .... Fr. Sc. Rauscher, Edwin H., 1938 N. Kedvale, Chicago, Ill. ..... Jr.M.E. Rauscher, Frank J., 1938 N. Kedvale, Chicago, Ill. Sr.E.E. Rauscher, Rosemaire E., 1938 N. Kedvale, Chicago, Ill. ..Fr. Sc. Razzano, Frank A., 455 Union Ave., Westbury, N. Y. .... Fr. Sc. Reardon, Edward Wm., 915 W. Green St., Piqua, O. Fr. Bus. Reardon, John J., 1875 Selma, Youngstown, O. .......... Soph. Bus. Recher, Everett P., 2222 Troy St., Dayton, O. ....... Fr.M.E. Recher, Walter E., Jr., R. R. 312, Miamisburg, O. Jr. Ch. E. Redd, Mary Magdalene, 637 Fenger, Louisville, Ky. Sr. Educ. Redder, Howard J., 45 Grafton Ave., Dayton, O.. ...., Jr. Bus. Reddy, Philip D., 7138 Roselawn Dr., Cincinnati, O.. Fr.M.E. Redmond, Joann L., 317 Oak St., Dayton, O. .... Soph. Bus. Reed, Donald G., 1013 Covington Ave., Piqua, O. ...,... Fr. Arts Reed, Howard J., 2258 Catalpa Dr., Dayton, O. ,... .. Jr. Educ. Reese, William H., 38 Canterbury Dr., Dayton, O. ....... Fr. Engr. Regan, Paul C., 1535 Lincoln Ave., Lakewood, O.... .. Fr. Bus. Regan, William L., 111 E. Schantz Ave., Dayton, O. ..Soph. Bus. Rehder, Fred J.. 318 Park Dr., Dayton, O. ..... .. ....,. ...,.. S r. Sc. Reibold, Robert F., 1004 N. Limestone, Springfield, O. .. Fr. C. E. Reich, Nathaniel K., 36 W. Norman Ave., Dayton, O. ..Fr. Civil Reichard, Thomas E., 2909 Ida St., Dayton, O. , ...Soph. M.E. Ave., Dayton, O. Sr. Bus. Page Two Hundred Six Rieger, Raymond E., 205 Canterbury Dr., Dayton, O. Soph. Bus. Rieger, William J., 4659 Landchester Rd., Cleveland, O..Fr. E. E. Riley, James A., 644 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, O, ..,..,,,,,,,,, Jr.M.E. Riley, John E., 944 Vernon Dr., Dayton, O. .....,,,rrr,,,,,,.,, Fr, Bus, Rindler, Aloys, 30 Johnson St., Dayton, O. ,.........,...,... Soph.Bus. Rindler, William G., R. R. 333, Versailles, O. ..,,,,,,,,,.. , Riney, Thomas D., 614 St. Ann St., Owensboro, Ky.. Jr. Sc. Jr. Sc. Rish, William R., 227 Caldwell St., Dayton, O ..,,,,,r,,.,.,., Jr, Educ, Roberts, John L., 3242 McCall St., Dayton, O. ,..,,,,. Soph.Bus. Roberts, William M., Box 327, New Lebanon, O. ...... Soph.E.E. Robinson, James A., 933 Danner Ave., Dayton, O, ,.,,,,, ,,,, J r, Bus, Robinson, Philip E., 350 Wiltshire Blvd., Dayton, O. ...... Jr. Bus. Rodri uez, Martinez A Box 87 a u a P. R Jr. Sc. Cf -, . I Y Y . - .................. .. Rogers. Robert W., 1842 Kipling Dr., Dayton, O. ........ ,,.Jr. Civil Rohr, Clara J., 930 Wyoming St., Dayton, O. ...........,.. Soph. Arts Roll, Jack W., 233 Watervliet, Dayton, O. ..................,.....,. Jr. M.E, Roll, Marianna C., 415 Homewood Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Arts Roll, Richard J., 415 Homewood Ave., Dayton, O. .......... Jr. Bus. Romer, Daniel M., 208 Willowwood Dr., Dayton, O. ...... .Jr. Sc. Romer, Daniel C., St. Henry, O. .........,...... .........,,.......,.., F r.Eng. Romer, Harry J., Jr., East Main St., St. Henry, O. ....,,......,. Jr. Bus. Roof, Rud F. 237 East 4th St. Ottawa O Soph. Bus. y , . , . ............... Rose, Richard C., R. R. itll, Box 388 R, Dayton, O. ........ Fr. Sc. Rose, Manville B., 21 Huffman Ave., Dayton, O .....,......,, Jr.Eng. Rose, Norman, 209 Baltimore St., Dayton, O. ...,..,.,.,.,,,. Soph. Sc. Ross, Arthur, S55 Gard Ave., Dayton, O. ........ ................. J r. Educ. Ross, Donald F., 3110 N. Dixie Dr., Dayton, O. ................ Jr. Bus. Ross, Jack E., 1233 So. Broadway St., Dayton, O. ...... Soph.Eng. Rossbach, Bill T., 27 Bradford St., Dayton, O. .................. Fr. Arts Rfassmann, Kurt, 308 Sherman St., Dayton, O. ................... Pr. Sc. Rost. Richard F., 203 Summit St., Defiance, O ............., Jr.Eng. Rosta, Samuel Charles, 167 Underwood, Zanesville, O..Jr. Arts Roth, Bernard F., 828 Kammer Ave., Dayton, O. .............. Jr.Eng. Roth, Kenneth M., 244-24 90th Ave., Bellerose, L. I., N. Y ....... Fr. Bus. Routzahn, Nancy Lee, 40 E. Woodburn, Dayton, O ...... Jr. Educ. Rowan, Abgial, 100 So. Broadway, Dayton, O. ......... Unc. Educ. Rowan, Evelyn E., 100 S. Broadway, Dayton, O. .......... Sr. Educ. Rowe, Clement I., 1327 W. Fairview Ave., Dayton, O. Jr. Educ. Royce, Gordon L., 26 N. June St., Dayton, O. .............. Soph. Arts Rudick, Walter J., 25 Van Cleave St., Dayton, O. .. .. .... Fr. Sc. Rudnicki, Norman F., 1013 Brookley Blvd., Toledo, O. So. Educ. Rueger, William J., 918 Chelsea Ave., Dayton, O. .......... Fr. Sc. Ruggles, Gene E., 1853 Wayne Ave., Dayton, O. .......... Fr. Arts Ruhl, Walter F., 137 Edgewood Ct., Dayton. O. ....... .... I r.EnC1- Ruja, Theodore S., R. R. itll, Box 36, Dayton, O. .. Soph. Arts Runkel, Augustine J., 8652 4111 St., Richmondhill, N. Y. Jr.Eng. Runkel, Joseph H., 8552 - 111 St., Richmondhill, N. Y. Soph. Educ. Rupert, James S., 50 E. Bruce Ave., Dayton, O. ................ FT. Sc. Ruschan, Jerome J., Maria Stein, O. .... ...... ....Fr.EI1Q- Ruschau, Richard, 1155 Keowee St., DC!YtO!1, O. ....... ..... l 1'-Ehq. Russell, John, 299 Wrexham Ave., Columbus, O. ..... .... F r. Sc. Russell, Louis E., 79 Wainwright Dr., Dayton, O. ...... Sr. Bus. Russell, Theodore R., 724 Rockford Ave., Dayton, O. .Soph. Sc. Ruther, Robert D., 1930 Rugby Rd., Dayton, O. .... .. .... Sr. Arts Rutledge, Richard, 3730 Lindrell Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. Unc.Eng. Ryan, Gerard T., 225-19 105th Ave.. R an James Eugene, 1902 Riverview Ave., Dayton, O. Queens Village, N. Y. f lr. Eng. Fr. Bus. Y 1 Ryan, James J., 1033 Alcott Ave., Toledo, O. . ................ gr. Enq- r Ryan, John H., 132 Evanston Ave., Dayton, O. .... .. . Bus. Hyun, John M., 47-20 41st st., Long Island City, N.iYiiTJ? Eng. Ryan Lowell R., 51 Napoleon Dr., Dayton, O. r. Sc. Ryan: Richard J., 331 Forrer Blvd., Dayton, Bus. ii Ryschewitsch, George E., 43 Drake Ave., Dayton, O. .... r. Sc. S Sachs, Carl, 155 Annandale Rd., Pasadena, Calif. .... Soph. Bus. Sacksteder, Louis R., 417 Kenilworth Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Arts Budweiser Michelob Wiedemann's Fine Beer Royal Amber Drewry's Virginia Dare and Garrett Wines Compliments Service Distributing Co.. Inc. Iohn T. Shinko, Pres. HE 4019 Compliments of THE CLASS OF 1905 TELEPHONE: Day: HE 5441 Night: TA 2848 DOROTHY FLYNN IFAHY Insurance Agency Courteous - Cooperative - Complete Insurance Service 401-4 Miami Savings Building DAYTON 2, OHIO BORCHERS AUTO CO. 360-66 South Main Street DAYTON 2. OHIO Your FORD Dealer Compliments LYONS ELECTRICAL CO of the 800 N. Main Sf. DAYTON 'DRESS CO. 38 W. F iith St. DAYTON. OHIO The Best Place to Buy Your Electrical Appliances and Supplies Phone: MI 6561 Page Two Hundred STUDE T DIRECTORY Saelzler, William J., 1510 Cherry St., Toledo, O .,,,,..,,, Soph. Bus. Sage. Redmond T.. 126 E. Hadley Ave., Dayton, O .,,,,.... Fr. Eng. Saide, Jose Luis Nlorelos .7!',tl49 Pte., Monterrey, N. L., Mex ......... Fr.Eng. Sakal, John, 1515 Mariline Ave., Dayton, O. ,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,, Jr. Arts Salamon, Robert C., 1405 N. Main St., Dayton, O. ....,. Soph.Sc. Salomon, Thomas W., 210 Kammer Ave., Dayton, O. Fr.Sc. Salzarulo. Marcellus, 121 N. 15, Richmond, Ind. ,,,,,,,,,,,... Jr. Eng. Sanchez, Jesus R., Box 3629, San Juan, P. R. ,.,...,, .,,, S oph. Bus. Santarsiero, Domenica, 1011 So. Main, Waterbury, Conn. Sr. Sc. Santelle, Thomas, 1431 Homer Ave., Canton, O. ,,,,,,,,,, Soph.Sc. Sarver, Bernard Lee, 8209 Sunbury Rd., Westerville.. Fr. Ci. E. Sasala, James S., 4327 Baintree Rd., University Hgts., O. Fr. Sc. Shaw, Lawrence K., 179 N. Ardmore Ave., Dayton...-...Sr. Bus. Shealter, John R., 5030 Wilmington Ave., Dayton .,,,,,,,,,,, Jr,Bu5, Shearer, Donald F., 917 W. Woodrutf Ave., Toledo, O...Fr. Educ. Sneetz, Thomas S., 1820 Brookline Ave., Dayton, O.....Jr. Arts Sheldler, Janet L., 50 Glenbeck Ave., UUYIOH ,....,........, ,...Sr.Sc. Sneldler, John C., 1021 Chelsea Ave., Dayton ,,,,,,, Soph. Educ. Snell, rllchclrd G., 1038 Shakespeare Ave., aDyton ,e,, Soph. Clvll Skelton, Earl E., 28 Lorenz Ave., Dayton, Oh.1O .,............., Fr. Bus. Shepard, lrvln G., 22Ul Wayne Ave., Dayton ...,...,....,..,,... l-'r.Bus. Shepherd, Lols lVl., 527 1-'lqua Pl., Dayton ........,.....,....... Fr. Arts Sherer, Wllllam C., 86 Notre Dame Ave., Dayton ........ Jr. Educ. Snerldan, John P., 4336 lVlartna Ave., Bronx, N.Y ....., Fr. Arts Sherman, Charles F., 2120 Phlladelphla Dr., Dayton, O. Sr. Arts Sherman, Nancy L., 'lld Sunnyvlew Ave., Dayton ......... 1-'r. Arts Sherman Robert J., 82:1 Spruce St., Sidney, OHIO ....... Soph.E.E. Sauer, John C., 16 S. Smithville Rd., Dayton, O. ........,... Fr. Bus. Scalzitti, Carmine J., 2606 Landor Ave., Louisville, Ky. .Fr.Sc. Scarpelli, Joseph A., 320 St. Nicholas Ave., Dayton, O.. Jr. Educ. Schaefer, Frederick E., 2213 Home Ave., Dayton, O. ,,..,,,. Fr. Sc. Schaefer, Robert L., 7 Oakwood Ave., Dayton, O.. Jr. M. E. Schaefer, William J., Jr., 628 Rockford Ave., Dayton. O. Jr. M. E. Smith, Schaff, Theodore E., 186-11 Henley Rd., Jamaica, N. Y. So. Ci. E. Schaffer, Arnold, 121 W. Hillcrest Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Jr. Bus. Schetfer, Martha Louise, 252 Wroe Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Sr. Bus. Scheidler, Neal Leo, 3104 Fairfield, Cincinnati, O. .. Soph. M. E. Schell, Joseph F.. 19 E. Pearl St., Miamisburg, O.. ..,.... . Jr.Sc. Scheuerman, James F., 27 Yale Ave., Dayton, O. .......... Sr. Bus. Schieman, Richard D., 1600 Fauver Ave., Dayton, O .,..... .Jr.Sc. Schilforth, John, 1087 Summit Ave., Lakewood, O. .......... Fr.Sc. Schiller, Frederick, 153 S. Hedges St., Dayton, O. Soph. Ch. E. Schinbeckler, Grover F., R. R. 115, Ft. Wayne, Ind. ........ Jr. Arts Schlafman, Lester E., 410 Burns Ave., Dayton, O .... ..... S r. Arts Schlagbaum, George A., 302 Kiefaber St., Dayton, O. ...... Jr. Sc. Schmalstig, James J., 666 N. Sugar St., Celina, O. ......Jr. M. E. Schmalz. Francis H., 903 Harper St.. Utica, N. Y. Soph. Educ. Schmidt, John G., 1423 Philadelphia Dr., Dayton, O. .. Jr. Bus. Schmidt, Rosemary E., 1423 Philadelphia Dr., Dayton, O. Fr. Sc. Schmitt, James H., 3845 Evergreen Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. ..Jr. Bus. Schmitz, Francis H., 619 Jefferson St., Miamisburg, O. Fr. Bus. Schneider, John Leo, Box 61, R. R. 115, Wapakoneta, O. Sr. Sc. Schnorr, David E., 509 Robinson Ave.. Piqua, Ohio ........ Jr. Bus. Schoch, Dennis F., 222 Clover St., Dayton, Ohio .......... .... J r. Bus. Schoch. Michael S., Coldwater, Ohio ...., .. ,,,.. Soph. Bus. Schoeffmann, James G., 325 Westbrook Rd., Dayton ,,... Fr.Sc. Scholes, Clifford R., 215 Livingston Ave., Dayton Soph. Bus. Scholl, Jack E.. 2249 Valley St., Dayton , , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fr, Ci, E, Scholl. Kent K., 30 West National Rd., Vandalia, Ohio .. Jr. Sc. Scholz. Edwin J., R. R. itil, Urbana. Ohio ..............., Sr. E. E. Schran, Allan R., 2372 Wayne Ave., Dayton ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, S 1-,EduC, Schreiber. Paul, 940 E. Central Ave., Miamisburg, O...Jr. E. E. Schrimpf, Charles F., 3540 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, O. ..So.Sc. Schroeder, Clair E., R. F. D. gttl, Leipsic, Ohio ,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,,, 11-,Arts Shllllto, Barry J., 44:1 Shroyer Rd., Dayton, Onto .......... Sr. Bus. Shtlllto, Thomas L., Z1U Klee Ave., Dayton, Ohio ........ Jr.Educ. Snlmocla, 1110, 20.1 Central AVG., Dayton ........................... Sr. bus. Shine, Wllllam J., Zu Revere Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y ............. Sr. SC. Snlvely, Lawrence A., 5724 Cleveland Avev., Dayton .... Fr. E. E. Showalter, Lynn l., 123 lndtanola Ave., Dayton ....... Soph. Educ. Snroyer, Dean E., 141 Beverly H.. Dayton, Unto ............. lr.Educ. Shroyer, John F., 'lll5 N. U1Xle Dr., Dayton, Ohio .......... Sr. Bus. Shroyer. Robert J., 223 lvlcClure St., Dayton, Onto .......... Fr.Sc. Snroyer, vlrglnla lvl., 22:1 lvlcClure St., Dayton, Ohlo .. So. Arts Snull, rranlc W., 2849 Dwlght Ave., Dayton, Ohio .. Sopn. Educ blegel, James lzj., 1ZUd lilg Bend Blvd., St. Louls lvlo ..... ..1"r. Bus. Slemer, wllllam F., bol St. Nicholas Ave., Dayton, O ....... 1-'r.Sc. Simon, Edward Louls, 422o-28th St., Clnclnnatl, O. ....... Jr. Eng. Slmon, Norbert L., l1.R.izl, rloustorl, Ohlo ................... Fr. Educ. Slmpson, UGIOLG, 3521 Lenox Dr., Dayton, Ohio ........... r'r.kJduC. Simpson, Gralnger 1. Jr., West 4th St., Central City, Ky...So. lang. Slngler, Davld rldgar, 216 Decator St., Sandusky, Ohio .... So. Bus. Slvtls. Charles E., 2330 N. lvlaytcllr na., Dayton, OhlO...FI. Educ. Skalland, Dean O., 4d ovvoclcrest Ave., Dayton, O ....... Jr.Eng. Skarha, Yonn D., 1LUU Pennsylvania, E. St. Louis lvlo .... So. Arts Skelton, flank C. Jr., 1:25 l-tlverslde Dr., Dayton ......... Jr. Eng. Skelton, Joseph, 801 Chestnut St., Coshocton, Unlo .. Soph. Bus. Skelton, Robert C., dUl Chestnut St., LOSROCIOH, On1o..Jr. Educ. Skinner. HGIPH E., n.R.q1u, Box 34, Dayton ................ Soph.Sc. Slack, Joseph F., 320 L. rranklln St., 'lroy, Ohio ........ Soph. Bus. Slattery, IVJGKY Ann, 222 lrvlng Ave., Dayton, Ohio..Soph.Sc. DIGVKOVSKY, Joseph A., 2871 Last Blvd., Cleveland, O ..... Sr.Sc. Slayton, Jack E., Sycamore Apts., Brookville, OHIO .... Soph.Sc. Slick, Robert C., 1410 Ansel Road, Cleveland, Ohio .... Soph.Sc. Slider, lvlrs. Jane, 457 Arcade Bldg., Dayton, Ohio ............ SI.Sc. Sllger, Edward L., 130 Riverbend Dr., Dayton, Ohio .. Sr. Educ. Schubert, Francis J., Jr., 48 Gordon, New York, N. Y .... Fr. M. E. Schubert, James R., 121 Rid e Ave Da ton Ohio So h Bus g ., , . . . Schuler, Walter R., 427 North Main St., Sllflarion, Ohio Fr.Sc. Schulte, Richard J., 8710 Birchdale Ave., Cleveland, O. Fr. Bus. Schultze, Richard J., 42 Elizabeth St., Coldwater, Ohio So. M. E. Schumacher, Philip K., 2600 Far Hills Ave., Dayton ...... Fr.Sc. Schwartz. Noel F.. 204 Kammer Ave., Dayton ,,,.,,,...,.,.,,,, Fr.Sc. Schweller, Donald G., 1502 Gummer Ave., Dayton ...... Fr.Arts' Schweller, Harold E., 1312 Princeton Dr.. Dayton ...... Soph.Sc. Schweller, William C.. 1460 Gummer Ave., Dayton..Soph.Sc. Schwenker, Herbert, 870 Franklin Ave., Hamilton, O. So. Ch. E. Schwindler, John E., 32 Liberty St., Dayton... ,........ Soph. Bus. Scianamblo, John M., Apt. 4 Edgewood Ct.. Dayton .. Jr. Bus. Scott, Russell W., 1814 Locust St., Toledo, Ohio .......... Fr. Educ. Eng. Scully. Owen A., 35 N. Williams S., Dayton, Ohio..Soph. Bus. Seabold, Russell E., 741 E. Central Ave., Miamisburg, O..Jr. Arts Searle. James E., 1720 Emerson Ave., Dayton. .......... Fr. E. E. Seeboeck, Edwin J., 1426 N. LaSalle, Chicago, Ill. ....,... Sr. Bus. Seeds, Henry, Y.M.C.A., Monument Ave., Dayton .....Unc. Bus. Seeley, Robert L., 4640 Oakdell Ave., Dayton .... ,........ F r. Arts Seer, Mitchell I., 427 Sorin field St., Da ton Fr. Bus. Segers, Richard G., 613 S. 2nd St., Hamillon, Ohio ........,, Jr.Sc. Seidel, John W., R. 32, Box 175, Sciotoville, Ohio ...... Fr. Bus. Seifert, Donald N. 227 S. 5th St., Upper Sandusky, O .... So. E. E. Seifert. Robert L., 6 Catherine St., Dayton, Ohio ,,....,...,, F1-,Arts Seiler, Vera L., 659 Carlisle Ave., Dayton, Ohio .......... Jr. Educ. Seitz, Luke C., 69 Illinois Ave., Dayton. Ohio .............. Sr. Bus. Selz, Harold H., 4146 Landsdowne Ave., Deer Park, O. Sr. Bus. Semler, Jack W., 131 Glen St., Yellow Springs, O. ..Soph. M. E. Sengstacken, Ruth J., 35 Park Ave., Maugatuck, Conn. .. Sr. Sc. Senseman, Rodney H., 232 S. Second St., Tipp City, O. Fr. Educ. Seremetis. Voola G., 337 Neal Ave., Dayton, Ohio .......... Fr. Bus. Sergent, John D., 123 Hillside, Skyway Pk., Osborn, O .... Sr. Bus. Serrer, Patricia J., 2425 E. Fifth St., Dayton ..,....,.. Soph. Educ. Seuftert, Thomas W., 3410 Wellington Dr., Dayton ....... Fr. Bus. Sewell. Rainey, 123 Gale St., Dayton, Ohio .......,.,...,.,., FLA1-t5 Sexton, Lloyd S., 24 Klee Ave., Dayton. Ohio . ....... ,.Soph. Bus. Seyler. Gene W., S. Milford Rd., Milford, Ohio.. ........ Fr. Educ. Shaeffer, John C., 500 N. Summit St., Dayton, Ohio ...... Jr. Bus. Shafer, James P., 12 E. Mayo Rd., Dayton, Ohio .......... Fr.Bus. Shampton, Victor M., 419 N. Conover St., Dayton, O ........ Jr.Sc. Shaner, William H., 314 Smith St., New Carlisle, O. ..... Fr.Sc. Shapero, Sanford M., 1224 Everett Dr., Dayton, Ohio .. So. Arts Share, George E., 33 W. Main St., Phillipsburg, Ohio .Sr. E. E. Sharp. Richard M., 320 West Main St., Xenia, Ohio .. Soph. Arts Shartle. Charles M., 27 Huffman Ave., Dayton, O. .. Soph. Arts Shartle, Dorothy K., Box 52 H, R. R. 317, Dayton... ..... Fr. Educ. Shaughnessy, Charles A., 101-09 221st St., Queens, N. Y. C. . Soph. M. E. Shaw, Glenn R., 7108 Xenia Pike, Dayton, Ohio Soph.Sc. Page Two Hundred Eight Smith, Smith, bmlln, Smith, Smith. . Bus. Slonaker, Wlltlam G., 1025 Brennan Dr., Dayton, Ohio .... Jr Smart, Donald lt., 2UUO Wayne Av., Dayton, Ohio ......... Jr Anthony L., lU8 East 'lth St., Owensboro, Ky ..... Jr. Eng. Charlene A., 225 Burleigh Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...... Fr Clyde r'., 4422 Elliott Ave., Dayton, Ohio ............ Jr . Bus. Eng. Clarence C., Box 425 Holden, West Virginia .... Soph. . Arts Bus. Cyntnla J., 580 Acorn Dr., Dayton, O11lO .......... Fr. Educ. Dale Andrew, 1133 Brennan Dr., Parkside Homes, Dayton ........ Jr. Eng. Smith, David R., 333 South Third St., 'l'lpp City, Ohio .... 1"r.1:1ng. Smith, Dennis J., l1.R.1,t1 Sprlngvalley, Ohio ................ Jr. Educ. Smith, Donald E., 1320 Wayne Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...... Fr.Eng. Smith, Herbert J., bU'l Forest Ave., Dayton, Ohio ............ Sr. Bus. Smith, Smltll, l-toward E., 1594 Woodman Dr., Dayton, O. .... Soph. Eng. James H., 345 Delaware Ave., Dayton, O. ............ Jr. Bus. Smith, John M., Suv Forest Ave., Dayton, Ohio ........ Soph. Educ. Smith, Joseph R., 50 N. Main, West Alexandria, O .... Soph. Bus. Smith, Kennenth P., E. Center St., Germantown, Ohio ...Jr. Eng. Smith, Margaret, 63 Central Ave., Dayton, Ohio .......... Soph. Arts Smith, Mark, 1245 Cumberland Ave., Dayton ................. Fr Bus. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Michael T., 37 Woodland Ave., Dayton ............... Fr Orion E. Jr., 305 W. Market St., Germantown, O...Jr Bus. Bus. Richard J., W. Walnut St., Coldwater, Ohio .... Jr. Eng. Robert R., 80 Englewood, R.R..1t1, Clayton, O ..... Jr. Eng. Smith, Shirley V., 912 Xenia Ave., Dayton, Ohio ...... Sr Art.. Smith, Walter E., 727 Wilfred Ave., Dayton, Ohio... Soph. Bus. Snell, Ray W., R. R. 39, Box 690, Dayton, Ohio ........ Soph. Eng. Snow, Henry J. Jr., 753 Hudson Ave., Newark, Ohio...Soph. Bus. Snyder, William E., 15 Lathrop Ave., Dayton, Ohio .... Soph. Eng. Sommer, John G., 502 Adams St., Portsmouth, Ohio... Soph. Sommers, Neil A., 813 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, Ohio .... Fr. Bus. Sanger, Robert J., 24027 Amherst St., Dearborn, Mich .... Fr. Bus. Souch, Peter J., 782 East 5th Ave., Columbus, Ohio .. Soph. Sc. Southard, Orville M., South Elm St.. West Carrollton, O. So. Arts Spahr, Frederick L., 2440 Wayne Ave., Dayton ............... Jr. Educ. Sparks, Jackson M., Sabina, Ohio .................. ........................ F r.Sc. Spatz, Wilbur J., 704 Bowen St., Dayton, Ohio ............. Fr. Bus. Specht, James H., 102 S. Irwin St.. Dayton ......... ............ J r.Erlg. Spelman, William J., 119 Eugene Ave., Dayton. O ......... Jr. Educ. Spencer, Dale F., R. R. 1:68, Box 478, Dayton, Ohio .... Soph. Eng. Spencer, Elmer, 238 Edgewood Cts., Dayton .............. Soph. Arts Speth, Albert W., 511 E. Welch Ave., Columbus, O. ...Jr. Educ. Speyer, William E., 2309 Emerson Ave., Dayton ........... Fr. Arts Spieler, Raymond J., 811 Highland Ave., Dayton .., .... Fr. E. E. Spillan, Edward J., 314 W. High St., Springfield, O...Soph.Sc. Spitzig, Thomas J., 152 Laura Ave., Dayton .............. Soph. Bus. Spraley, Clement F., 1025 Ferguson Ave., Dayton ....... Jr. Bus. Sprauer, Mildred A., 1035 Harvard Blvd., Dayton ........ Fr.Sc. Spreng, Robert P., 68 Mary Ave., Dayton ................... Soph. Arts Spring, Pauline A., 48 E. Fairview Ave., Dayton.. Soph. Educ. Spyridon, Sophocles K., 1525 Rosemont Blvd., Dayton .. Jr. Sc. Squires, Wayne M., 333 Verona Rd., Dayton ............... Unc. Educ. Stachler, John T., 316 E. Herman, Dayton ........ .............. F r. Bus. M. I. Gibbons Supply Co. Wholesale Distributors of SINKS AND KITCHEN CABINETS COMPANY BATHROOM FIXTURES PUMPS OFFICE FURNITURE WATER SOFTENERS WATER HEATERS Wood and Steel STOKERS SAEES - LOCKERS OIL BURNERS STEEL SHELVING GAS BURNERS VISIBLE SYSTEMS FURNACES FILING SUPPLIES BOILEES AUTOMATIC CONTROLS Q b 18-20 S. Iefferson Street QQ. VISIT OUR SHOWROOIVIS '53 DAYTON 2, OHIO 619 E. MONUMENT AVE. DAYTON, OHIO PHONE FU. 5371 Best Wishes To UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON S'TU'DEN'TS The Sidney Printing and Publishing Co. SIDN EY, OHIO Page Two Hundred N STUDE T DIRECTORY Stachler, Robert G., 203 Xenia Ave., Dayton . Soph. Bus. Stack, Robert A., 2951 East Erie Ave., Lorain, Ohio .Soph. M. E. Stainback, Lois B., 952 Navel Ave., Portsmouth, Va. ...... Sr. Sc. Staley, lack E., 51 Chambers St., Dayton ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, S oph. Arts Stamas, Paul I., 333 Holt St., Dayton .... .. .. ,,.,,,,,, Fr. Arts Stanch, Iohn M., 4804 Yellow Springs Rd., Dayton ....,. Fr. Bus. Stang, Iohn T., 5560 Markey Rd., Dayton .,,,..,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Sr. Bus. Stapp, Charles I., 2004 Grand Ave., Dayton . . ...., .. Fr.M.E. Starr, Myron M., 2214 Lagonoa Ave., Springfield, O. .. Fr. Arts Stauffer, Merrick L., 299 Park End Dr., Dayton ,,,,.,,,,,, Ir. Arts Steberl, Iesse E., 2048 Colonial Village Lane, Dayton. Sr. Educ. Stechschulte, Iames A., Box 107, Columbus Grove, O. ..So. Educ. Steele, Charles W., 560 W. Second St., Dayton. ,,,, ,,,..,., S r. E.E. Steeley, Montfort S., 309 Warren St., Dayton ,,,,,,,,,,,, Sr.M.E. Steere, Edith M., 131 W. Bataan Dr., Dayton ..- .. Soph. Arts Stefanek, Augustine A., 11400 Buckeye, Cleveland, O. So. Bus. Stefanek, Vincent I., 11400 Buckeye Rd.. Cleveland, O. Sr. Bus. Stefanics, Ethel I., 144 Columbia Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. Ir. Sc. Steffan, William E., 1118 Oak St., Mt. Vernon, O. .,,.,,,,, Fr. Sc. Stein, Alvin B., 265 Niagara Ave., Dayton ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ir Steinbaugh, Ralph W., 47 W. Burton Ave., Dayton .. Soph Steiner, Robert F., 136 Beverly Pl., Dayton, Ohio ...., Ir Stelzer, Bonnie R.. 1258 Arbor Ave., Dayton ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,., Sr Stelzer, Iudy, 1258 Arbor Ave., Dayton, Ohio .,....,...,. Fr Stenger, Thomas, R. R. IIZ, Lebanon, Ohio ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, S oph. Bus. . Bus. . Bus. Arts Bus. Arts Stevens, Ethel R., 900 Randolph St., Dayton . ,,,,,,..,, Sr. Educ. tev n illiam H 4236 N Main St Da ton S oh Educ S e s. W ., . ., y .. .. p . Stevenson, William L., Box 182-A, R. R. itll, Dayton .So.Educ.. Stewart, Anita I., 440 Pearl St., Leetonia, Ohio ,,,,,,.,,. Soph. Sc. Stewart, Donald E., 2052 Rugby Dr., Dayton ,,,. ,,.,,,,, I r. Arts Stewart, Frederick W., R. R. 327, Box 629 Aero, Dayton Fr. Ed. Stewart, Iames R., 1614 Richard St., Dayton ..,. ..Soph.C.E. Stewart, Wanda I., 707 Grafton Ave., Dayton ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, Ir. Arts Stich, Lawrence P., 240 Maryland Ave., Dayton ,,,,, Soph. Arts Stines, Mrs. Charles, 408 Red Haw Rd., Dayton Unc. Arts Stitt, Billy E., 1513 Brown St., Dayton ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ir,M.E. Stoecklein, Iack H., 328 Orchard Dr., Dayton ,. ,,,. Ir. Bus. Stoermer, Albert E., 617 St. Paul Ave., Dayton . Soph. Bus. Stoermer, Edward S., 747 Belmont Pk. N., Dayton ,,,, Sr. Bus. Stoermer, Mary M., 747 Belmont Pk. N., Dayton ,.,, Ir. Educ. Stoff, Donald I., 1119 Akron Pl., Parkside Homes, Dayton Sr. Arts Stonebarger, Patricia A., 739 Irving Ave., Dayton .. Fr. Bus. Stonecash. Robert O., P. O. Box 25, Franklin, Ohio Soph. Educ. Stoshak, William G., 12348 Saywell Ave., Cleveland, O. So. Sc. Stovicek. Rrank G., 3293 Berkshire, Cleveland Hgts, O. Ir. Bus. Strain, Charles E., R. R. 32, Brookville, Ohio ,, ,,,,, Fr. M. E. Strain, Edwin C., 2061 Aubrun Ave., Dayton . . Ir. Bus. Strasser, Thomas I., 409 Wyandot, Upper Sandusky, O. Sr. E.E. Strattner, Marilyn E., 31 Sandhurst Dr., Dayton Soph. Arts Stratton, Richard L.. 2307 W. 2nd St., Dayton Soph.E.E. Streckenbach, Iack M., 415 Shadowlawn Ave., Dayton Sr. M. E. Strehle, Frederick B., 2618 E. 4th St., aDyton . , ,, , Ir. Bus. Stringham, Bettie I., 452 Irving Ave., Dayton . Ir. Educ. Stroop, Harold E., 137 Salem Ave., Apt. 1, Dayton. Soph. Bus. Stueve, Iohn I., 45 Patterson Village Dr., Dayton , Ir. Bus. Sturm, Thomas A.. l Glenbeck Ave., Dayton . . . Sr. Educ. Sturwold, Robert N., 3001 lda St., Dayton Suhr Carl . 17 Woodsdale Rd. Da ton . Sr. Bus. . . .Fr. Arts T . l , - Y 7 -V Sullinger, Elvia L., 1142 Brazil Lane, Dayton ,,,,, ,,,, S oph. Bus. . . Ir. Educ. Sullivan, Ioseph M., Hanes Rd., Xenia, Ohio Sullivan, Mary, 55 W. Hillcrest Ave., Dayton ,,,,,, ,,,,, I r. Educ. Sullivan. Robert P.. 769 Heck Ave., Dayton . ., .. Susco, Milton L., Rt. 112, Hartville, Ohio . Fr. Bus. Soph. Arts Suttman, Louis L., 803 Buckeye St., Miamisburg, O. Ir.E.E. Sweitzer, Iohn N., N. Church St., Pleasant Hill, Ohio Soph. Sc. Tallman, George R., 6780 Marvin Ave., Cincinnati, O. Ir. Civil Tangeman, Ioanne A., R. R. itl, Farmersville, Ohio Fr. Educ. Tanis, Robert R., 625 Creighton Ave., Dayton ,,,,, Ir.E.E. Tartaglione, Iames P., 162 Poplar, Meadville, Pa. ,,,, Ir. Civil Taylor, Iohn O., 1341 W. Silver St., Philadelphia, Penn. Fr. Bus. Taylor, Robert G., 607 Hall Ave., Dayton .. . ,.,., Soph. Bus. Tegeder, Rita M., 42616 Pritz Ave., Dayton ....Ir. Bus. Tegenkamp, Thomas R., 635 Smith Ave., Xenia, Ohio . Fr. Sc. Telek, Iohn S., 1009 Edison St., Dayton .. . . Fr. Sc. Tarbay, Catherine I., 68 Cline St., Dayton ,,,, .. Fr. Educ. Termini, Marlo M., 1494 E. 66 St., Cleveland Fr. Educ. Teyber, Robert N., 401 Claranna Ave., Davton Soph. Bus. Theodoras, Mary L., Box 267, Vandalia. Ohio ., Fr. Sc. Thieman, Aloysius. 415 Yankee Rd., Middletown, Ohio. Sr. Bus. Thier, Ioseph E., 1107 Kunz Ave., Middletown. Ohio .. Ir.E.E. Thoma, Richard F.. 525 Fair Ave., Sidney, Ohio ,. .Fr. C.E. Thompson, Gene M., 393 W. First St., Dayton ....... ..... . Ir. Sc. Thoma, Thomas A., 36 Dover St., Dayton . .... Fr.M.E. Thomas, Harry I., 1907 W. Third St., Dayton Ir. Bus. Thomas, Howard W., 28 E. Pease Ave., W. Carrollton, O. Sr. Ed. Thomas, Iames W., 403 Van Wert Pl., Dayton Soph. Sc. Thomas, Richard F., 25 Fountain Ave., Dayton ..... Fr. Civil Thomas, Susan E., 123 S. Franklin St., Dayton, Ohio Sr.Sc. Thomas Vernon E., R R. 1722, Birch Rd., Xenia, Ohio Fr. Educ. Th0me,'Richurd I., 2151 cosilewood Dr., Toledo, ohio 1r.E.E. Thome, Walter T., 2151 Castlewood Dr., Toledo, O.. Soph. Bus. Thompson, Charles R., 1020 Waller St., Portsmouth, O. Fr. Bus. Thompson, Henry E., Rt. 322, Lebanon, Ohio, . .. ..Ir. M. E. Thompson, Iames P., 123 Neal Ave., Dayton ...... Ir.E.E. Thornton, William D., 10 Haynes St., Dayton Thygerson, Robert, 21 Sacramento Ave., Dayton, . Ir. Educ. . Sr. Arts Tibbs, Iohn W., 195 Yellow Springs Ct., Dayton . .. Fr.C.E. Page Two Hundred Ten Tierney, Ioseph B., 319 W. Fisher Ave., Philadelphia, P. Fr. Ed. Tilson, Lester C., 331 Lexington Ave., Dayton .......... Fr. Chem. Tischer, Raymond L., 241 Harmon Blvd., Dayton ,.,,,,,,,,, Ir,Bu5, Tobin, Robert V., 498 Oak St., Marion, Ohio ............. Soph. Arts Todia, Ioseph A., 1253 Belle Ave., Cleveland, Ohio .,....,... Fr. Bus. Toerner, Iohn Wm., 1054 Winfield Ave., Cincinnato, O.. Ir. Bus. Tomas, Marcos L., Ave. Fernandez Iuncos 441-702, Santurce, Puerto Rico ...... Soph. Ch. E. Toohey, Frank M., 28 Central Ave., Dayton ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Ir.Educ. Toombs, Mary H., 922 Grafton Ave., Dayton ............., Fr.Educ, Tormey, Robert, 14 31st St., Nitro, W. Va. ................... .Ir. Arts Torrence, Iohn F., 33 East Market St., Germantown, O .... Ir. Sc. Torres, Eduardo G., 1245 W. St. Charles, Brownsville, Texas .. Sr. Educ. Toscani. Edmond R., 428 North 66th St., Philadelphia Pa. Sr. Ed. Townsend, Marie, U.D. Apt. ll, Campus ...... ........ ,,... U n c. Sc. Trainor, Richard I., 1130 Harshman Rd., Dayton .......... Sr. Arts Tremblay. David B., 1855 Windsor Rd., Dayton .......... Ir.M.E Trentman, Iames I., R. R. 112, Delohos, Ohio ....... Soph.Bus. Tribby, Robert P., 130 Gillette St., Painesville, Ohio ..Soph. E. E. Trichler, Thomas R.. 118 Sander Ct., Dayton .................. lr. Sc. Trigg, Ezines! C., 829 N. Broadway, Dayton ................ Sr.Bus Trigg, Harry W., 4505 Genesee Ave., DCIYYOII ................ SI.E.E. Trigg, Iohn R., B29 Broadway, Dayton ................ ........... F r. Arts Troin, Henri Iean, 12 Wolfe St., Glen Cove, New York So. M. E. Troxel, Richard B., 65 Emmet St., Dayton .................... F1'.Cl'l.E. Truegdqle, Roy B., Z1 Helena Homes, Dayton .............. Soph.E.E. Trusler, Ralf Barth, 4210 Ridgeway Rd., Dayton .......... Soph. Arts Tsukiii, Ted, 5141!g "P" St., Sacramento, Calif .... ...... S oph.M.E. Tucker, Shirley Rudolph, 518 E. Spruce, Princeton, Ind. .. Fr. Ed. Tucker, Marguerite H., 909 Euclid Ave., Dayton ...... Soph,Educ. Tuite, Francis H., 201 Santa Clara Ave., Dayton .......... Ir. Educ. Tuke, Fred H., 6315 Grand Vista, Cincinnati, Ohio ...... Ir. Bus. Tully, Iames F., 193 Yellow Spg. Ct., Harshman Homes. Dayton, Ohio ..... Ir. Bus. Tumbusch, Iames I.. 4221 Merrimac Ave., Dayton .. Soph. Ch.E. Turner, Barbara Ann, Box 78, Clavton, Ohio .. Soph. Educ. Turner, Ben F. Ir., 521 Rice Ave., La Iunta, Colorado.. Ir. M. E. Turner, Richard P., 605 lmo Dr., Dayton ............. ............ I r. Sc. Twiss, Iohn E., 1825 E. Broadway, Logansport, Ind ..... Ir.E.E. Tyler, George L., 1823 Gondert Ave., Dayton ............... Unc. Sc. U Uher, George A., 3936 E. 42 St., Cleveland, Ohio .Soph. Ci E. Underdown, Guy Wesley, R. R. 32, Box 49, St. Clairsville, Ohio ...., Fr. Sc. Unger, Iohn L., 1212 Windsor Dr., Dayton .............. Ir. Bus. Uterburger, Iack S., 1234 Brennan Dr., Dayton .... ..., I r. Ci. E. Unverferth, Paul C., 302 Peach Orchard Rd., Dayton..Soph. Sc. Urrutia, Charles A., 2a Av. de Ciudad Vieja 1,t3, Guatemala ...... Sr. Arts Uth, Carl T., 633 North Ave., Dayton ............. .........,... I r.M.E. Uttermohlen, Iames E., 361 East Northwood Ave., Columbus, Ohio ...... Soph. Educ. Utzinger, Fred I., 612 Irving Ave., Dayton ....................., Fr. Arts V Valley, Frank E., R. D. irl, Springfield, O. ...... .. ..... ....... I r. Bus. Valley, Gerald A., 1001 Tibbetts Ave., Springfield, O... Ir. Arts Vallo, Iohn R., Ir., 3001 E. 4th St., Dayton, O. .,,...,,,,,..,.. Fr. M.E, Valls, Rafael. Salud 73, Ponce, Puerto Rico ,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,, S r, Arts Van Atta, Albert D., 653 Wilfred Ave., Dayton, O. .... Ir. Ci. E. Vance, George T., 1030 Sherman Ave., Springfield, O. So. Ci. E. Van DeGrift, William R., 31 Erie Ave., Dayton, O. Soph,Educ. Vanderhorst, Ierome P., 350 Webb St., St. Marys, O. Soph. Arts Van Fossan, Wilma Marie, 907 Weng, Dayton, O. ...... Ir. Educ. Vannorsdall, Iames W., R. R. tl, Ietfersonville, O. .... Fr.M.E. Van Skyhawk, Hugh Charles, 1524 Shawano Pl.. Dayton, O. ...... Soph. Arts Van Zant, Norman Earl, 538 Aberdeen Ave., Dayton, O. Ir. Bus. Varadalides, Tula, 300 Grafton Ave., Dayton, O. .... Fr.Arts Vdridin, Plato E., 221 Wroe Ave., Dayton, O. .. ........,...,,,, Ir. Sc, Vargo, Steve U., 9620 Manor Ave., Cleveland, O. ........ Ir. Ch.E. Vehr, Thomas I., 3210 Culver Ave., Dayton, O. ......... ...Ir.E.E. Velten, Iames E.. 125 S. 17 St.. Richmond, Ind. . Soph. Bus. Ventura, Mary Carmen, 3901 E. Third St., Dayton, O.. Ir. Sc. Ventura, Samuel I.. 164 Ninth St., Newark, O, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fr,An5 Verrett, Earl F., 130 Dover St., Dayton, O, ,, , ,,,,,,,, I-'r,15,1-tg Vicario. Ioseph S., 320 E. Brown St., Bellefontaine, O. Soph. Arts Vida, George I., 132 GroveAve., Dayton, O. .. ...... .. Sr. Bus. Voehrinaer, Iack D., 1136 Wilminaton Ave., Dayton. O. .. Sr. Sc. Voelkl, Robert N., B49 Creighton Ave., Dayton, O. .... Soph. Bus. Vogel, Ioseph C., 404 Elm St., Greenvilleu O, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ir, SC, Voat, Thomas E., 4146 E. 116 St., Cleveland, O.. .... Fr. Bus. Voaue. Larry Leon. 53 S. Main. West Alexandria, O. Soph. Sc. Volk. Richard C., 130 Puritan Pl., Dayton, O. ,,,,.,,,,, Ir. Educ. Von Derau, Frederick C.. 240 Illinois, Dayton. O. ...... Unc. M. E. Vonder Embse. Norman F., Kalida, O, W ,,,,,,,,, U Soph. M, E, Vonder Haar, Bernard L., Box 322, Ft. Recovery. O. ...... Ir. Educ. Vorhees. lov R., 819 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, O, ,,,,,,,,,,,,-,, 11543, Voroe. Stanley C.. 230 S. Plum, Troy, O. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, U F1-,Sq VOSS. Larry H.. 1402 Dewev St., Anderson, Ind. ..........,,, Fr.Bus. Voss, Iames D., 1520 San Rae Dr., Dayton, O. ......... Soph. Arts W Wack. Edward P., Ir., 40 Central Ave., Dayton, O ........ Sr. Educ. Wack. Ioseph P., 40 Central Ave., Dayton, O. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, SLSC, Waddell, Gloria Mae, 1333 Ohmer Ave., Dayton, O ...... Fr. Bus. Waddick, William K., 10317 S. Oakley, Chicago, Ill ........ Ir. Bus. Where will you invest YCUR l00,000 HOURS? At 25 years of age, you have about 100,000 working hours until you reach retirement. Your success in life depends upon how and where you invest those 100,000 hours. Choosing the field in which you are going to work and choosing the organi- zation of which you will become a part are two of the most important decisions you must make. In order to arrive at the proper deci- sion, you should know the answers to many questions . . . some about the field, some about the organization. You should be just as interested in what a specific company has to offer you as the company itself is interested in your qualifications. To answer some questions about one field . . . selling . . . and about one com- pany . . . The National Cash Register Company . . . is the purpose of a booklet entitled "Your 100,000 Hours." It is published by The National Cash Register Company. A copy is available to you, gratis, at any NCR branch office, or you may secure one from the Sales Training Division at the factory. THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER COMPANY Dayton 9, Ohio Page Two Hundred Eleven Wagner Wade, William L., 446 Mulford Ave., DClylOn, O. ,,,A,....-., FLSC- Wagner, John Leo, 4010 Elmwood Rd., Cleveland, O. ..,,, Jr. E.E. Wagner, John R., 3113 Parkside Dr., Columbus, O .,1,A.., Fr. Ci. E. Wagner, Lester F., 439 N. Kilmer St., Dayton. O. .... YYYYYYV F T-A115 Wagner, Robert J., 4010 Elmwood Rd., Cleveland, O. Jr. Bus. Wagner, William F., 558 Summit Ave., TIOY. O -,.YV,V.YVYY JI- CLE- Wagner William G., 102 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, O. ..,, Sr. Arts f William P., 511 Ninth. Royal oak, MtCh..soph..EduC. Wald, Carl B., 1315 Old Orchard Ave., Dayton, O. ........ Jr. Bus. Walker, Phillip E., 1716 Windsor Rd., Dayton, O ....,....... Jr. Bus. Walker, Wilmer C., 26 Cushing Ave., Dayton, O. ........ Fr.M.E. Wall, Lester E., 135 N. Clinton Ave., Richwood, O. .......... Fr. Sc. Wallace, Vera Ann, 34 West Fairview, Dayton, O. ..... Unc. Arts Wallace, Robert E., Jr., 2500 Philadelphia Dr., Dayton, O. Jr. Sc. STUDE T DIRECTORY Williams, Bertie M., 1640 Weaver St., Dayton, O. ...... Fr. Educ. Williams, Donald S., 268 Ridgewood Ave., Dayton, O. Fr.M.E. Williams, Dwan R., 3620 Wayne Ave., Dayton, O... Soph. Bus. Williams, Earl R., Box 503, Zimmerman Rd., Dayton, O..Fr. Arts Williams, James M., 411 Alliance Pl., Dayton, O ..,.,..... Soph. Sc. Williams, Jerome M., 527 Sherman Ave., Springfield, O. Fr.Sc. Williams, Joseph E., 836 Kumler Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Soph. Bus. Williams, LeRoy, 1153 Wisconsin Blvd., Dayton, O..Soph.Educ. Williams, Richard F., 9 Wilmington, Dayton, O ...... Soph. Educ. Williams, Robert F., 316 Monteray, Dayton, O. ...,... Soph. Educ. Williamson, Richard E., 131 Marson Dr., Dayton, O. .... - Jr. Arts Willis, James G., 224 Floral Ave., Dayton, O. .................... Sr. SC. Willman, John F., 131 Xenia Ave., Dayton, O. ...........,. Fr. Educ. Willoughby, Russell H., 252 High St., Dayton, O. .......... Fr. Educ. Wilson Walsh, Francis B., 9 E. Riverview Ave., Dayton, O ...., Jr. E.E. Walsh, James E., 219 Wrights Ave., Conneaut, O ...... Soph. Arts Walsh, James E., 235 N. Galloway St., Xenia, O.. .,..... Fr. C1.E. Walsh, John J., 864 Brice Ave., Lima, O. .......................... II-M-R Walsh, John V., 225 Portmon Ave., Cleveland, O. .... Soph. Arts Walsh, William B., 219 Wrights Ave., Conneaut, O. ..Fr.M.E. Wilson, Eugenia E., 306 Kiefaber St., Dayton, O ...,.... Soph. Bus. Wilson Jack P., 243 Niagara Ave., Dayton, O. .......... Soph. M.E. Wilson, Patricia A., 912 Harmon Ave., Dayton, O ........ Soph. Sc. Wilson, Thomas L., 2005 Wyoming St., Dayton, O. ...... Fr. Educ. William W., 918 Virginia St., Zanesville, O. Fr. Sc. Walter, Jack A., 852 Hodapp Ave., Dayton, O .............. Soph. BUS. Walter, Marcellus, 213 Hall Ave., Dayton, O. ................. Fr.Edl1C- Walter, William F., 520 Corona, Apt. D., Dayton, O ...... Jr. M.E. Walters, Earl C., Jr., 101 Oaklawn Ave., Dayton, O. Fr, M.E. Wannemacher, Howard H., R. R. 113, Ft. Jennings, O...Jr.E.E. Ware, Murray, 341 Corona Ave., Dayton, O. .................... Jr. Bus. Warning, Donald Wm., 440 Truman Ct., Dayton, O. ...... Fr. Arts Warren, Jerry S., 253 Chestnut St., Dayton, O.. ................ FLSC. Warren, Joseph P., 1013 Lockland Pl., Dayton, O ............ Sr.E.E. Warriner, Carlton T., 2470 Rugby Rd., Dayton, O ............. Sr. Bus. Watercutter, Lavern L., R. R. 112, Anna, O. ...................... Fr. BUS. Watson, Avery D., Jr., 1330 Home Ave., Dayton, O. ....... Unc. Sc. Watson, Lewis S., 1725 Benson Dr., Dayton, O. ............... Jr.M.E. Watson, Lloyd P., 1026 Gafsa Pl., Dayton, O. ..................... Fr. SC. ,, y , , ...... . . . Weisman, Thomas H., 1014 Wyoming St., Dayton, O. ,Soph. Sc. Watts, Lillian A., 740 Manitaba Pl., Dayton, O. .......... Soph. Bus. Waugh, David E., 218 College Park, Dayton, O. ......... Soph. Sc. Way, Robert C., B9 Anna St., Dayton, O. ................... Soph. Arts Wayt, David W., 219 Kilmer St., Dayton, O. .......... ......... J 1'. BUS. Weaver, Dale E., Blue Rock, O ........,........... ......... ................ F r .Bus. Weaver, Calvin D., 319 N. Maple St., Osborn, O. .......... Fr. M.E. Weaver , Caroline A., Star Route, Box 35, Myrtle Grove, Fla. ...... Fr. Sc. Weaver, Donald J., 54 Frank St., Dayton, O. ............. Soph. Educ. Weaver, Harrison H., Star Route, Box 35, Myrtle Grove, Fla. ..... Soph. Arts Weaver, Paul J., 109 Washington Ave., Evansville, Ind..Fr. Bus. Weaver, Richard I., Box 67, W. Manchester, O. ............. .... J r. Sc. Weber, Joseph P., 2138 Mapleview Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Ch.E. Weber, Norman W., 1314 Demphle Ave., Dayton, O .... Soph. Bus. Weber, Orville J., 159 Bellaire Ave., Dayton, O. ....... Jr.M. E. Weber, Robert A., 615 West Fifth St., Delphos, O. .. Soph. Bus. Webster, Ronald C., 120 Rockwood Ave., Dayton, O. Jr. Arts Weddington, George M., 34 Huffman Ave., Dayton, O. Sr.Bus. Wehringer, Robert F., 964 Burger Ave., Mansfield, O. Fr. Ch. E. Wehner, Wehner. Wehner, Wehner. Wehner, Weikel, Donald W., 101 Yale Ave., Dayton, O. .............. Sr. Bus. Harold E., 101 Yale Ave., Dayton, O. ........ Soph. Educ. John F., 508 W. Mechanic St., Wapakoneta, O. ..... Soph. Ch. E. Joseph E., 101 Yale Ave., Dayton, O. ,... . ...... Jr. Arts Richard E., 223 Hopeland St., Dayton, O. .... Jr. Educ. James Wm., 416 W. 7th St., Owensboro, Ky.. Jr. Bus. Weimer, Duff E., 133 Westwood Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Educ. Weinert, Herman Earl, 821 Keowee St., Dayton, O. ...... Unc. Sc. Weis, James C., 321 Kenwood Ave., Dayton, O. ......,...... .Jr. Sc. Weis, William H., 321 Kenwood Ave Da ton O Sr Bus Wimsatt, James E., 1921 Monarch, Owensboro, Ky. Soph.E.E. Winemiller, Robert L., 602 Linwood St., Dayton, O. ...... Jr. Civil Winkeljohann, Albert A., 987 Harmon, Hamilton, O. ...... Jr.E.E. Winter, Richard E., 50 Worth Ave., Hudson, N. Y .......... Fr. C. E. Wirth, Geraldine M., 353 Cherry Dr., Dayton, O. ......... Fr. Educ. Wise, Robert L., 424 Elmdale Dr., Dayton, O. .................... Fr. BUS. Wissing, Richard D., 1119 Rommers Ave., Louisville, Ky. Fr. Sc. Wittman, Marjorie A., 226 E. Peach Orchard Rd., Dayton Jr. Bus. Wohl, Milton J., 2216 Mt. Royal Terrace, Baltimore, Md. Sr. Sc. Wolery, Walter W., 4440 N. Main St., Dayton, O ................ Jr. Sc. Wolf, John R., R. R. rtl, Farmersville, O. .............................. Ir. SC. Wolfe, Robert W., 92 Jones St., Dayton, O. ...................... Sr. Bus. Wolff, Donald H., 1 S. Miami Ave., Miamisburg, O. ...... Fr. Arts Wolff, Hubert L., 1910 Pershing Blvd., Dayton, O. .......... Jr. Arts Wolke, Eugene E., 1826 Grand Blvd., Hamilton, O ........ Jr. Educ. Wong, Harry, 4223 Sierra Dr., Honolulu, T. H. .............. Soph. Sc. Wong, Herbert, 4223 Sierra Dr., Honolulu, T. H. ............, Sr. Sc. Wong, Lionel L., 1523 Paldo Ave., Honolulu, T. H. ...... Fr. Civil Wood, Frederick, 308 Kiefaber St., Dayton, O. ................ Fr. Bus. Woodward, George D., 3340 Culver Ave., Dayton, O. Unc. Arts Wooley, Eugene H., 667 St. Paul Ave., Dayton, O ............ Fr. Sc. Woolf, Margot A., 3955 Riverside Dr., Dayton, O. ..,....... Sr. Arts Worman, John H., 1106 Brennan Dr., Dayton, O. .......... Jr. Bus. Wourms, Robert J., 51 Rockwood Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Jr.M.E. Wright, Harold E., 1647 Gummer Ave., Dayton, O ........ Sr.M.E. Wright, Robert L., 658 Richard St., Dayton, O ................ Sr.Bus. Wyrostek, Thaddeus S., 11 Summer St., Warren, R. I. Soph. Sc. Y Yamada, Thomas S., 642 Ala Moana Rd., Yarnell, Yates, H Yeazell. Honolulu, T. H. .. . Fr.E. E Lloyd D., Box 55, R. R. intl, Germantown, O. Soph. M. E. enry B., 4405 Queens Ave., Dayton, O. .............. Jr.C.E. Robert W., 1418 S. Limestone, Springfield, O. Soph. Bus. Yee, Daniel J., 1217 Palolo Ave., Honolulu, T. H ................ Sr. Sc. Yerger, James R., 1324 W. Beach, Biloxi, Miss. .............. Sr.C.E. Yim, Henry, Kaneohe, Oahu, T. H. .......................... .....,,... F r.Sc. York, Gerald P., 4612 Canyon Rd., Dayton, O. ................ Fr. Bus. Yosick, Robert L., 83 S. Gamble St., Shelby, O. .......... Soph. Bus. Yost, Richard C., 727 Foraker Ave., Sidney, O ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Fr,M,E, Young, Albert B., 346 W. 10th, Tarentum, Penn. Soph. Educ. Young, Gene Rae, 321 W. Hillcrest, Dayton, O. .,.. ...... F r. Arts Young Gregory G., 1816 Rosemont Blvd., Dayton, O. .. Soph. sE Young: Howard W., H. R. ri, Osborn, O. .............. ..Soph.M.E. Young, Robert L., 145 E. Parkwood Dr., Dayton, O. ...... Sr. Bus. Young. Vinton C.. 115 Berea Pl., Dayton, O. ..............,..,,, ,Sr,Sc, Welday, Martha N., 905 Leland Ave., Dayton, O. ,......... Fr. Arts Wells, Charles H., 416 Southlyn Dr., Dayton, O. .... .... F r.M.E. Welsh, Huber Wm., 1249 Arbor Ave., Dayton, O. Soph. Ch.E. Wendeln, Donald E., 80 West Fifth St., Minster, O. ...... Jr. M.E. Wendeln, Melvin F., 80 W. Fifth St., Minster, O. ...... ..... J r. E.E. Wenninq, Paul C., R. R. 111, Coldwater, O, .......... ..... S oph. Bus. Wenstrup, John A., 4354 W. 8th St., Cincinnati, O. ....... Jr.Bus. West, Richley D., 742 Ferguson Ave., Dayton, O. .... . Jr. Educ. Westfield, Clifford W., 739 Creighton, Dayton, O. Soph. Bus. Westendorf, Robert J., 19 Seminary Ave., Dayton, O. .. Fr. Bus. Westerfield, Charles U., 318 Cedar St., Owensboro, Ky. Jr. Ci. E. Wharton, John D., 48 E. Hudson Ave., Dayton, O.. ....... Jr. Sc. Wheelock, Ladeen V., 236 Hawker Ave., Dayton, O. .... Jr. Arts Wheelock, William I., 301 Edgewood Ct., Dayton, O. .... Sr. E. E. Whisler Beverl ean 702 Ha nes St. Da ton O .......... Fr. Bus. Youngman, Martha E., 615 Elberon, Dayton, O. ...... Soph. Educ. Yount, John W., 1003 Park Ave., Piqua, O. ..... ..... .... S o ph. Bus. Yox, Barbara Ann, 237 Kenwood Ave., Dayton, O. .. Soph. Bus. Z Zach, Emil J., 2847 Lagrange St., Toledo, O.... .... Soph. Educ. Zuzola, Albert C., 306 N. 21st St., Richmond, Ind. ....... Soph. Sc. Zaenglein, William C., 47 Chambers St., Dayton, O. ...... Jr.Bus. Zakutny, Bernadine T., 532 N. Fourth, Allentown, Penn. Sr. Sc. Zaleski, Joseph J., Box 103, Tiltonsville, O. ..... .. Soph. Educ. Zamorski, Daniel M., 111 Feltus St., S. Amboy, N. J. .... Fr. Bus. Zapotocny, Joseph M., 842 N. Penna, Wilkes Barre, Pa...Jr.Bus. Zechar, Helen C., 135 N. Plum St., Germantown, O .......... Jr. Sc. Zeno, Michael R., 683 S. Hawkins Ave., Akron, O. ...... Sr. Bus. Zenz, Albert W., 1145 Wayne Ave., Defiance, O. ...... Soph. Bus. . Y I . Y 1 Y , White, Betty Mae, 414 Lowes St., Dayton, O. .... .......... F r. Educ. White, Joseph C., 1102 Superior Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Soph. Bus. White, Joseph E., 130 Spratt St., Ottawa, O. .... ......... . Jr. Educ. White, Maurice G., 120 Durner Ave., Dayton, O. ...... Soph.E.E. White, Robert L., 32 Lorenz Ave., Dayton, O.... ....... Soph. Arts White, Robert L., 2926 North Main St., Dayton, O. . Arts Soph White, Tedford R., 77 Ash Ave., Dayton, O. ..... .... . Fr. Bus. Whited, Patricia Ann, 41 E. Middle St.. Apt. C, Fairfield, O. ...... Unc. Sc. Whitmore, David V., 13 W. Emerson, Osborn, O. .... Soph. Ci. E. Whitson, Walter F., R. R. it4, Xenia, O. ..... .. Fr. Sc. Wick, Wilhelm P., 1150 Holly Ave., Dayton, O. .... ........... S r. Bus. Wickham, R. Alan, 143 W. Hudson Ave., Dayton, O. Jr. Sc. Wiedemann, Ernest H., 657 Probasco St., Cincinnati, O. Fr. Bus. Wilbur, Nicholas A., 1204 Lexington Ave., Dayton, O. .Jr. Bus. Wilcox, Thomas M., 106 E. Hillcrest, Dayton, O. ...... Soph.C.E. Wilkens, Paul L., 2441 Lynn Ave., Dayton, O. ,........ .... . Jr. Bus. Williams, Benjamin H., 1859 Germantown, Dayton, O. Jr. Educ. Page Two Hundred Twelve Zengel, John A.. R. 357, Box 295A, Dayton, O. ......... Fr. Bus. Ziegler, Richard ., 822 Shroyer Rd., Dayton, O. ........ Fr.M.E. Ziehler, Bernard T., 817 Audrey Pl., Dayton, O.. .......... Fr. Bus. Zimmer, Charles E., 32 Virginia Ave., Dayton, O. ....... Fr. Arts Zimmer, Charles E., 364 Bolander Ave., Dayton, O. .... .... S r. Sc. Zimmerman, George E., 58 S. Ardmore, Dayton, O. Soph. Arts Zimmerman, Jack E., 1912 Demphle Ave., Dayton, O...Jr.M.E. Zimmerman, Richard C., 1023 Carlisle Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Bus. Zimmerman, John A., 1023 Carlisle Ave., Dayton, O. Fr. Educ. Zimmerman. Thomas E., 1023 Carlisle, Dayton, O. Soph. Bus. Zimmerman Wilbur J., 816 Patterson Rd., Dayton, O. Sr. Educ. Zinck, Thonias N., 151 Oakview Dr., Dayton, O. ..... Soph. Arts ZOHGYS. A-Sptrsifl C., 201 Forrer Blvd., Dayton, O. ,,,..,..,,.,, Jr.Sc. Zonars, Demetrius C., 201 Forrer Blvd., Dayton, O. .......... Jr. Sc. ZOHCIIS, Mae E., 207 Forrer Blvd., Dayton, O, ..,.,,,,,,,,,,, Ung,Art5 Zumbusch, Hildegard, 1260 Warder St., Springfield, O. lGer.J .. Soph. Sc. Zummo, Anthony J., 1023 Lexington Ave., Dayton, O. .... Jr. Bus. CURPUMTIUN LL UA Mu M. ful: J: nf? X 221112.-F' ' 'af ,J -..-.-.,...-... --.W--M -- - E:-.xi all ,xr xox, 9' ""x!. 1,1 BEST WISHES GRADS FROM The Wehner Roofing and Tinning Company Vincent I. Wehner Sr., President 1850 100 Years Of Service 1950 ALL TYPES Roofing - Heating - Ventilation - Siding Sheet Metal Work WE CARRY Ohio State Workmen's Compensation. Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance 557-559 RICHARD sr. FU 6095 5. FU 3751 DAYTON 10, OHIO Page Two Hundred F Conqratulations to the Class of '49 MUTH BROS., INC. MACHINERY MOVERS Double K Cafe 1818 Brown Street Finest of Food and Drinks and RIGGER5 "Go WHERE THE CROWD GOES" Ierome I. Muth Howard W. Muth AD 0557 GENERAL CONTRACTORS BARBER SHOP 930 Brown Street 1518 East First Street DAYTON, OHIO CARL F' BRANDING Institutional. Industrial, Commercial FU 2832 and Public Works Compliments HENRY IERGENS of General Excavating - Contractor KE 4408 sr. ELIZABETH HOSPITAL We Move the Dir' Patronize Your Nearest Drug Store MILI.ER'S SOUTH END PHARMACY Drugs - School Supplies - Ice Cream BROWN STREET AT FAIRGROUNDS AVE. Ned B. Miller, Pharmacist Page Two Hundred esl Cmskes for every saccessl We of Clnysler Airtenzjz offer our congratulations to all members of llze Graflualing Class of 1949, and send along om' best zuislzfes fm' evewy success in the year alzeael. rom all zflze folks al Glzrysler Gfirfemp R5 1 1 U, .. 5: ?l. rv f Q44 f ' w M- MQ., 01 ., J. r ef? An an 1 ,,.V., I V, v, 4. Q. Ml X fi N "rf 515. r V X ' ' A , 1 f I r A 9, X u x 4 1 L . X., 'Up xg , I 1 4 x 0 1 an . J 4, w O , 1 v M. , , r L 1 ' Q ,, .1 . ,v A- , J , , v 7 "N ' W r r . , 1, ' 21 0 n ' ' ', . lx 1 , Y U , 1 - , r 1 K ., V - V , , ,-x' Ye fi h X .1 ..H'W ' 'n' '.' ,',.'4u4 1 - 'V , .41,.nx,!vz,Y:: s,'..C , l ' I 1 ' V .'-5 I H h 1 m . 1 I 1 . 1 O y xv 1 ff ' . Q . 'Q' '1"s!',w I W V n 'N , ,I I X V , Qu-Lyn... w ' f 'N '..f"' 2f'.'li""l,."-fx! all-1 'E "lm . , 1 1- ' VIN rw . 1 .--' 1 .,n 'Al , 'A - . Q.: -+V ,A V :. , - W .,, I 4 W 4 1 .xx-,, v '.,,

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