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Text from Pages 1 - 192 of the 1943 volume:

■ Ci ■•■ .v C.- ' ' ' ' ' ' -V " MJt P ue jentlMf. .... DL 1943 2), t uuLonian u Published by The Junior Class of the UNIVERSITY of DAYTON Dayton, Ohio Editor Vincent Yano Business Manager Jack Homan " Comforting Peace 51 IIB« Natural Beauty i«t ife " ' ■ ■. Hi i a ' ' v.l ' ' 4 ' tHS;;-.iS ' " i m fei W« :. :. m ' M mW:u - Pillar of Wisdom ' ■ ' - %■■ ' ' -1. r •y ' n C t - If, Winter ' s Glamour - " Off we go , Administration Faculty .i :: Silently They Serve Bro. Eugene gladdens heart of Jim Bell. .. .Miss Tuite shows transcript of credits. .. .Bro. James keeps classrooms warm .... John tells an Irish whopper .... Busy moment for Bro. West- brock. . . .Miss O ' Brien and Bro. Frank help students locate references. . .Miss Stevan credits John with first installment. . . .Miss Whetro gives dope on registration. . . .Bro. Paul serves (?) .... Miss Ryan controls the board .... Bro. Leo starts on a pickup .... Jovial Noreen Roth and her stand-bys. Somewhere in the Pacific — Destination, Tokyo! Administration Rev. John A. Elbert, S. M. PRESIDENT QapaIulU4f. WaA. ZcUicaiiaH. Heal Jleaden. The present emergency has found our president, Rev. John A. Elbert, S. M., to be an administrator capable of co- ordinating the various f running machine with perfectly trained citize: in the life-struggL put the University every new situati ernment the best In addition to versify at numero ' part in the gover member of the Nobel nstitution into a smooth urpose — to develop a a responsible burden Ibert ' s endeavor to s(enabled it to meet affd to offer our gov- aining program. presented the Uni- taken an active and he was a ■ard committee. Renowned as a philosoph , Father Elbert nevertheless has conclusively proven himself to be a real leader, forever striving for the betterment of the University of Dayton. Page Fourteen DEAN and REGISTRAR Rev. George J. Renneker, S. M. With twenty-five years of devoted service and achieve- ment behind him, Rev. George J. Renneker, S. M., Dean and Registrar, can justly be proud of his outstanding record. Mod- est and reserved, Father Renneker has played an important role in the growth and development of the University to its present high rank among the educational institutions in the country. As special recognition for his faithful service. Father Renneker was awarded a well-deserved honorary degree of Doctor of Education at Commencement this year. Possessed with keen judgment and unfailing logic, he has been the guiding light behind all campus activities. His kind- ness and quiet, inviting personality has won for him a per- manent place in the hearts of all members of the student body and alumni. C)utiia tcU Uf. Se uMce. eJta iXtnaA4f. 2ie4f tee. Il Uutiutf. PetixtfialLLf, Page Fifteen Rev. Francis J. Friedel, S.M. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Matthias Haas, S.M. Dean of the College of Engineering Rev. Edmund Baumeister, Francis J. Molz, S. M. S. M. Associate Dean, Head Dean of the Graduate School of the Division of Science Daniel L. Leary Associate Dean, Head of the Division of Education Rev. Henry J. Kobe, S. M. Associate Dean Acting Head of the Department of History Sister Agnes Immaculata Charles Leonard, S. M. Dean of Women Purchasing Agent William A. Dapper, S. M. Treasurer Mary M. Tuite Assistant Registrar Page Sixteen Board of Trustees Very Rev. Walter C. Tredtin, S. M., Chairman Bernard T. Schad, S. M., Vice-Chairman Francis X. Neubeck, S. M., Secretary Rev. Andrew L. Seebold, S. M. Rev. John A. Elbert, S. M. Associate Board of Lay Trustees Officers of the Board Carroll A. Hochwalt, ' 20, President, Dayton, Ohio Michael Gibbons, ' 99, Secretary, Dayton, Ohio Hugh E. Wall, ' 98, Treasurer, Dayton, Ohio Alumni and Members-At-Large Harry C. Anderton, ' 09, Dayton, Ohio Edwin C. Becker, ' 11, Cincinnati, Ohio Harry C. Busch, ' 96, Cincinnati, Ohio James M. Cox, Jr., Dayton, Ohio Howard Egbert, Dayton, Ohio Victor Emanuel, ' 15, New York City Harry F. Finke, ' 02, Dayton, Ohio Samuel L. Finn, Dayton, Ohio Martin C. Kuntz, ' 12, Dayton, Ohio Harry A. Mack, Dayton, Ohio Oscar C. Miller, ' 92, Chicago, 111. Joseph F. Odell, Dayton, Ohio George Quatman, Lima, Ohio Charles H. Reiling, Dayton, Ohio W. S. Robinson, Dayton, Ohio Lewis B. Rock, Dayton, Ohio George Walther, Dayton, Ohio Joseph Westendorf, Dayton, Ohio The Associate Board of Lay Trustees was organized in June, 1924. It is composed of alumni, members-at-large, and ex-officio members. The members-at-large are elected by the Board itself, and the alumni members by the Alumni Association at its annual meeting. The term of office is for six years. The function of the Board is to assist the management of the University m an advisory capacity, and to hold, invest, and administer the special ednowment funds of the University. Page Seventeen Campus Bits In perfect stride. . . .False alarm?. . . .Campus beauties. . . .How about that?. . . .Bro. Ed inter- views prospective students .... On the way to evening class .... Love letter .... Cafeteria personnel .... Joint services procurement board .... End of assembly .... Preparing for class .... " Come over here. . . " " Victory through air power ' Faculty Bro. Arns Bro. Bellmer Bro. Bishop Mr. Brennan Bro. Belz Bro. Bobal Faculty CHARLES M. ARNS, S. M., B. S. Head of Department and Professor of Accounting FRANCIS E. BAUJAN, B. A. Instructor in Physical Education; Assistant Coach HARRY C. BAUJAN, Ph. B. of C. Associate Professor of Physical Education; Athletic Director WILLIAM A. BECK, S. M., B. S., M. Sc, Ph.D. Professor Biology; Research Professor, Institutum Divi Thomae, Cincinnati, Ohio WILLIAM J. BELLMER, S. Uj. B. S., M. A. Head of Department aau Prafes r of mathematics CHARLES J. BEL, Head of Departmi ANTHONY B. BI Acting Head of D artm MICHAEL A. B Instructor in Chemistry CHARLES F. BRENNAN, Ph. B., M. A. Instructor in Classical Languages ERNEST O. BROWN Instructor in Civil Engineering CYRUS F. BULLOCK Instructor in Music LILLIAN A. BURKE, B. S., M. A. Instructor in Health and Physical Education JAMES E. CARTER, B. S. Instructor in Physical Education JOSEPH J. CHAMBERLAIN, JR., C. E., M. C. E. Associate Professor of Civil Engineering REV. CHARLES L. COLLINS, S. M., B. A., Ph.D. Instructor in Psychology E. Engineering rofessor of Physics Mr. Chamberlain Fr. Collins Page Twenty Faculty FIRST LIEUT. MELVIN W. DAUER, U. S. Inf. Instructor in Military Scisnce and Tactics URBAN A. DEGER Instructor in Music REV. FLORIAN J. ENDERS, S. M., B. A. Instructor in Philosophy ROBERT A. ENOCH Instructor in Music CONSTANTINE J. FECHER, B. A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics EUGENE G. FRIEDERICHS. S. M., B. S. Instructor in Secretarial Studies, Secretary to President REV. HENRY J. FRITZ. Head of Department and osophy JOHN G. GEISLER Head of Departme SISTER GENEVIEV Instructor in English JEROME H. GIBS Head of Department.. ROBERT A. GILKEY, B Instructor in Bacteriology GARTH E. HECKMAN, B. S., M. B. A. Instructor in Business Organization THEODORE HEIMANN Instructor in Voice THEODORE J. HOEFFKEN. S. M., B. A.. Ph. D. Supervisor of Student Teaching GEORGE ADAM HOFMANN, S. M., B. S. Head of Department and Professor of Mechanical Engineering MARY E. HORRIGAN, R. N., B. S. in Educ, M. A. Instructtor in Health and Physical Education EDWARD A. HUTH, B. A., M. A. Assistant Professor of Sociology (on leave of absence) RUSSELL A. JOLY, S. M., B. S., M. S. Instructor in Biology PAUL KATZ, B. Mus. Instructor in Music REV. JOHN P. KENNY, O. P., B. A., M. A. Instructor in Philosophy Lt. Dauer Fr. Fritz Sr. Genevieve Mr. Heckman Bro. Joly Fr. Enders Bro. Geisler Mr. Gibson Bro. Hofmann Fr. Kenny Page Twenty-one Bro. Klug Bro. Knust Bro. Lynch Sr. Raphaelis Bro. Kohles Bro. Lackner Sr. Fidelis Col. Mcllroy Faculty ROLAND KINDER, B. C. S., B. S. in Educ. Instructor in Secretarial Science ARNOLD KLUG, S. M. Supervisor, St. Joseph Hall Annex GEORGE F. KOHLES, S. M., B. A., M. A. Associate Professor of English EDWARD H. KNUST, S. M., B. S., M. S. Professor of Mathematics ELMER C. LACKNER, S. M., B. A., M. A. Instructor in History EDWARD LYNCH, S, Supervisor, Alumni SISTER MARIE F Professor of Englis! SISTER MARY R. Instructor in Hom DAVID P. McCULLOUGH, M Instructor in Mathematics COL. JAMES G. McILROY, U. S. Inf., B. S. Head of Department and Professor of Military Science and Tactics PETER MICHELS, S. M., B. S. Instructor in Mathematics VELMA M. MILLER, B. S. C M.Ed. Instructor in Secretarial Science REV. LAWRENCE W. MONHEIM, S. M., B. A. Head of Department and Associate Professor of Religion Miss Miller Fr. Monheim Page Twenty-two Faculty TODD C. MUMMA, B. S., C. P. A. Instructor in Accounting GEORGE W. NAGEL, S. M., B. S. in Ed., M. A. Instructor in History NORMAN E. NELSON, A. E. Instructor in Meteorology WALTER F. OELMAN, B. A., M. B. A. Instructor in Accounting ALLAN O ' LEARY, B. A. Instructor in Enginsering Drawing and Mathematics EDMUND B. O ' LEARY Head of Department Business Organizat n FREDERICK G. P Supervisor, St. Jose FRANCIS PATSA Associate Professor of EUGENE A. PAULIN, S. M., B. S., L. S., M. Sc, Ph. D. Supervisor of Student Teaching CYRIL G. PECKHAM, B. A., M. S. Instructor in Mathematics JOHN R. PERZ, S. M., B. A., M. A., Ph. D. Head of Department of Modern Languages; Professor of German and Spanish THOMAS L. POITRAS, S. M., B. S., B. A., M. A. Professor of French THOMAS J. PRICE, S. M., B. A., M. A. Associate Professor of English MAURICE R. REICHARD, B. A. Head of Department and Assistant Professor of Music Professor of ' Finance and Marketing Bro. Nagel Mr. E. O ' Leary Bro. Patsak Mr. A. O ' Leary Bro. Paff Mr. Peckham Bro. Price Page Twenty-three Bro. Rose Bro. Ruhlman Bro. L. Saletel Bro. Schuelz Mr. Rougier Bro. A. Saletel Mr. Schraut Lt. Shubert Mr. Snyder Page Twenty-four Fr. Slueve Faculty LOUIS H. ROSE, S. M., B. S., M. S. Acling Head of Deparlment and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering HA.RRY J. ROUGIER, B. S., M. A. Assistant Professor of Education FRANCIS H. RUHLMAN, S. M., B. A., B. S. in L. S. Librarian ANTHONY L. SALETEL, S. M., S. S., M. A. Instructor in German LOUIS A. SALETEL, S. M., B. S., Ph. D. Head of Department and Professor of Geology Sc, M. S. E., D. Sc. BERNARD T. SCH Supervisor of Sti KENNETH C. SfCHR Assistant Profei JOHN J. SCH Professor of E _ FIRST LIEUT. ROY G. S a ERT, U. S. Inf., B. A. Instructor in Military Science and Tactics BARTH J. SNYDER, B. A., J. D., M. A. Assistant Professor of Accounting and Business Organization IRVIN SPIELBERG, A. E. Instructor in Mathematics LOUIS W. SPRAGUE, Mus. D. Instructor in Piano and Musical Composition REV. BERNARD C. STUEVE, S. M., B. A., M. A. Instructor in Religion Faculty GEORGE A. STURM Inslructor in Music B. BERNARD VANCE, B. S., M. A. Inslructor in Biology and Education REV. J. SIGMAR VON FERSEN, S. T. B., S. T. D., Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Sociology HUGH E. WALL, JR., B. A., LL. B. Instructor in Accounting ANDREW R. WEBER, S. M.. B. S., B. M. E., M. M. E. Professor of Mechanical Er J. ALBERT WEHRLE, S Associate Professor of WILLIAM O. WEHR Head of Department SIEGFRIED R. WE Assistant Professor o: EDWARD G. WESTBROCK, S, Instructor in Secretarial Science rt Institute S., M. B. A. REV. JOHN E. WILLIAMS, C. S. V., M. A., S. T. B., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Political Science WILLIAM J. WOHLLEBEN, S. M., B. S., M. S., Ph. D. Head of Department and Professor of Chemical Engineering VINCENT J. WOTTLE, S. M., B. S., M. S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry VERYL ZECH Inslructor in Music Fr. Von Fersen Bro. A. Wehrle Fr. Williams iui Bro. Weber Bro. W. Wehrle Bro. Wohlleben Bro. Wottle Page Twenty-five ' NSi = It " W.: . f. - ■■ " i :- ' ■: - - n Hi.-: M-r-s • ' - • y Drawing bead on " Japanazis " Graduates Undergraduates Classes, Military Weekly Assemblies A iull house. . . .The " Glacier Priest " poses with Fr. Elbert and students. . . .Homecoming Queen and her court. . . .Maury beats it out. . . . " The Doctor Decides " — one-act play. . . .Bent- ley trio — marimba experts. .. .Vocalist Jan with Graf ' s Gavottes .... Emil Liers, " The Otter Man " , presents his playmates. . . .Brother Schad speaks on Father Chaminade. . . .Frank for- mally presents Queen Pauline. . . . " Football Round-up " by the Music department. . .Scholastic chorus. Graduates SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS President — Jerome Westendorf Vice-President — John Kussman Secretary — Martha Bucher Treasurer — John Murphy- Murphy Westendorf Bucher Qnee i leAiunen Caa ' i So xlttna ' iei, SmIcuU. QiuUo ' U. Mi itiif, Se tiai4. Senior Diary Bewildered and excited, our freshman class of over 250 enrolled in 1939 to take our places as college students at the University of Dayton. We were properly initiated, and loved getting our caps and that feeling of " belonging " that they gave. When we returned as sophomores, we eagerly assumed our responsibility to initiate the freshmen. We retained the flag in the " mud " rush and then settled down to take an active part in campus life. On the gridirion, Bill Knisley, Jim Fenton, and Walter Zach fought for first string positions. As juniors, we began to realize the serious side of college. Came the war and acceleration and college life took on a new sweetness. Our junior prom was the social highlight of the year, with proceeds going to the purchase of a Defense bond. Such names as Al Bagol, Jerry Westendorf, and Ethel Cochran became prominent. Literary lights included Jack Stang, editor of the 1942 Daytonian, and Betty Mayl. Returning for our senior year, we could not help but notice how many of our number had gone to the service of our country. It made us proud, but a Uttle sad. Our year was short and full. We took advantage of every moment of our " borrowed time " . Outstanding among our ranks were John Murphy, Frank Doorley, Martha Bucher, Joe Overwein and Paul Herking. Page Thirty Bagot Becker Becksted Bucher Carson CLASS o£ 1943 BAGOT, ALFRED W. Division of Science Junior Class President; Daylonian Slaff; Student Council; Cabos; Who ' s Who; Officers ' Club; Persh- ing Rifles; Sigma Delta Pi and News; Trick Drill Team; Chapel Choir; Spirit Committee; Dud Staff; Alpha Sigma Tau; Intra- mural Soorts Cochran Collins Day DeWitl Doorley COCHRAN, ETHEL A. Division of Science Phi Chi; Thespians; Sigma Delta Pi and News; Student Council; Who ' s Who; Women ' s Athletic Association; Daytonian Staff; U. D. News Staff; Cabos BECKER, EDWIN G. Division of Arts Upsilon Delta Sigma; Band and Orchestra; Chorus; Thespians; U. D. News Staff BECKSTED, ROBERT J; Division of Science Alpha Sigma Tau; Juni Vice-President; Sigma Pershing Rifles; Band; Choir; Spirit Committae Club; Chorus; Trick Drr Dud Staff DOROTHY I. f Education aff; Epsilon Gamma BUCHER, MARTHA Division of Arts Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Class Secretary; Alpha Sigma Tau; Who ' s Who; Alpha Rho Tau; Daytonian Staff; Cabos; Thespians; Chorus; Psychology Club; Catholic Action ATHLEEN M. vision of Bus. Administration Pershing Rifles Sponsor; Thes- pians; Chorus; Women ' s Athletic Association; Beta Upsilon Sigma; Intramural Sports DEWITT, MARVIN J. Division of Bus. Administration Alpha Sigma Tau; Exponent Edi- tor; Junior Class Treasurer; Chap- el Choir; Spirit Committee; Offi- cers ' Club; Dud Staff; Intramural Sports CARSON, BROOKS T. Division of Arts Pershing Rifles; Thespians; mural Sports Intra- DOORLEY, FRANK JOSEPH Division of Bus. Administration Student Council President; Who ' s Who; Pershing Rifles; Trick Drill Team; Officers ' Club; Band; Cath- olic Action; Intramural Sports Page Thirty-one SENIORS DUNNAM, MARC Chemical Engineering Chemical Seminar; Intramural Sports ECONOMIDES, MARIA Division of Science Sigma Delta Pi and News; Ora- torical Contest; Thespians; Chor- us; Phi Chi; Alpha Sigma Tau ENGLE, PAUL Chemical Engineering Chemical Seminar; Alpha Sigma Tau; Award in Chemical Engi- neering; Rifle Team; Mathematic: Club; Intramural Sports EVANS, JESSE L. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society FAHRIG, CHARLES A. Division of Bus. Administration In the pursuit cf knowledge FENTON, JAMES T. ivision of Bus. Administration arsity Football; Sophomore Class sident; Officers ' Club; Mono- Club; Sodality; Cabos IS, MARY ' on of Arts national Relations Club and Exponent Staff; Catholic Action; Oratorical Contest FLORY, BRUCE Division of Arts FOLAND, ELLSWORTH T. Division of Bus. Administration Pershing Rifles; Officers ' Club; Dud Staff; Intramural Sports Dunnam Economides Engle Evans Fahrig Fenton CLASS of 1943 Campus bridge experts FONDILER, SAMUEL J. Division of Bus. Administralion Alpha Sigma Tau FROIKIN, CHARLES Division of Bus. Administrat: GARLIKOV, MANUEL Division of Arts Spirit Committee; U. D. News Staff; Intramural Sports GEISLER, GEORGE L. JR. Division of Bus. Administration Intramural Sports GEORGIEV, MADELINE A. Division of Arts International Relations Club and News; Alpha Sigma Tau; Dayton- ian Staff; Thespians; Chorus; Women ' s Athletic Association; U. D. News Staff; Psychology Club GLASER, MATHIAS J. Division of Bus. Administration Officers ' Club; Pershing Rifles; Upsilon Delta Sigma; Trick Drill Team ,ES, ELEANOR on of Arts en ' s Athletic Association GREER, BUENA M. Division of Bus. Administration Spirit Committee; Beta Upsilon Sigma; Women ' s Athletic Associ- ation; Intramural Sports GURA, JEAN Division of Education Band Sponsor; Chorus; Psycholo- gy Club; Daytonian Staff; Cath- olic Action; Epsilon Gamma; Woman ' s Athletic Association Fondiler Froikin Garlikov Geisler CLASS of 1943 Hancock Hayes Hayes Heet Henz HANCOCK, ROBERT E. Division of Science Alpha Sigma Tau; Sigma Delta Pi; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports HAYES, HERBERT Division of Arts Officers ' Club; Varsity Golf; U. D. News; Spirit Committee HAYES, KATHRYN Division of Education HEET, ROBERT E. Division of Bus. Administration U. D. News; Daytonian Staff HENZ, EDWARD C. Division of Bus. Administration Officers ' Club; Monogram Club; Varsity Baseball; Intramural Sports Attractive couples HERKING, PAUL W. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society; arsity Football; Varsity Base- Alpha Sigma Tau; Mono- m Club; Chapel Choir; Who ' s o; Daytonian Staff; Officers ' Cljub; Mathematics Club; Intra- mural Sports TON, WILLIAM Division of Education Chorus HOBAN, JOHN T. Mechanical Engineering Officers ' Club; Mechanical Engi- neering Society; Trick Drill Team; Pershing Rifles; Intramural Sports HOLMES, MARGARET M. Division of Science Phi Chi Herking Hinton Hoban Holmes SENIORS JACOBS, JOSEPH A. Division of Bus. Administralion Upsilon Delta Sigma; Chorus; Al- pha Sigma Tau; Chapel Choir; Intramural Sports Concenlration JEHN, LAWRENCE A. Mechanical Engineering Mathematics Club; Mechanical Engineering Society ROMAN, JACK L. Mechanical Engineering 1943 Daytonian Business Managy Alpha Sigma Tau; Pershing Mechanical Engineering Soc Mathematics Club; Spirit mittee; Intramural Sports HORSCH, MARTHA E. Division of Science Sigma Delta Pi; Chemical inar; Intramural Sports HUMMERT, DOROTHY E. Division of Bus. Administration Spirit Committee; Beta Upsilon Sigma :SSLER, ROBERT H. ical Engineering ical Seminar KISPERSKY, PAUL J. Chemical Engineering Chemical Seminar; Ritle Team ISRAEL, KENNETH D. Division of Bus. Administralion Pershing Rifles; Rifle Team; Intra- mural Sports KNISLEY, WILLIAM Division of Education Who ' s Who; Student Council; Varsity Football; Monogram Club; Most Valuable Player; Varsity Basketball Homan Horsch Hummert Israel Jacobs Jehn Kessler Kispersky Knisley Kussman Lause Loges Luthman Mack SENIORS KUSSMAN, JOHN C. Division of Bus. Administration Senior Class Vice-President; Offi- cers ' Club; Trick Drill Team; Day- tonian Staff; U. D. News; Cabos LAUSE, CHARLES J. Division of Bus. Administration Officers ' Club; Dud Staff; U. D. News m m IPIp IN [ i LOGES, RICHARD J. Division of Bus. Administra Officers ' Club; Pershing Rifles Chorus; Band; Intramural LUTHMAN, AMY Division of Bus. Administration Chorus; Beta Upsilon Sigma; Women ' s Athletic Association MACK, POLLY Division of Arts Cabos; Thespians; Spirit Commit- tee: Junior Prom Queen; Alpha Rho Tau; Chorus; Daytonian Staff " The pause that refreshes " MARSCHALL, JOHN M. Division of Arts Varsity Football; Monogram Club; Ik Dancing Club; Psychology Iv ; Intramural Sports MARTINO, ORLANDO F. siness Administration ity Football; Monogram Club; amural Sports MAYL, BETTY J. Division of Arts Student Council; Exponent Staff; U. D. News Staff; Daytonian Staff; Who ' s Who; Alpha Sigma Tau; Catholic Action; Thespians; Alpha Rho Tau; Women ' s Ath- letic Association McDONOUGH, JEROME Division of Science TT -S!! ft tr Marschall Martino Mayl McDonough CLASS of 1943 Free period McINTIRE, ROBERT J. Division of Education Varsity Football; Monogram Intramural Sports McKOWN, ELIZABETH R, Division of Science Sigma Delta Pi and Nev? Chi McMAHON, THOMAS W. Division of Science Pershing Rifles; Chemical Sem MILLER, HERMAN J. Division of Bus. Administration U. D. News; Pershing Rifles; In- tramural Sports MILLER, ROBERT C, Division of Arts Varsity Football; Monogram Club; Intramural Sports MOLL, CHARLES F. Division of Science Who ' s Who; Sigma Delta Pi; Alpha Sigma Tau; Officers ' Club; Trick Drill Team; Catholic Action; Chapel Choir; Spirit Committee MURPHY, JOHN E. Division of Arts Freshman and Sophomore Class " ' resident; Senior Class Treasurer; o ' s Who; Student Council; Pifshing Rifles; Trick Drill Team; ■ psilon Delta Sigma; Officers ' ,ub; Alpha Sigma Tau; Cabos; Intramural Sports MUSSER, MURIEL B. Division of Bus. Administration Alpha Sigma Tau; Daytonian Staff; Intramural Sports NUTINI, CARL J. Division of Science Sigma Delta Pi and Nev s; Alpha Sigma Tau; Intramural Sports Mclntire McKown McMahon Miller Miller Moll Murphy Musser Nutini CLASS of 1943 O ' Rourke Overwein Perky Priske Rains O ' ROURKE, PAUL Division of Arts Varsity Football; Sports Intramural OVERWEIN, JOSEPH H. Chemical Engineering Mathematics Club; Alpha Sigma Tau; Chapel Choir; Catholic Ac- tion; Daytonian Staff; Chemical Seminar; Who ' s Who PERKY, MELISSA Division of Science Sigma Delta Pi and News; Chi PRISKE, LOUIS E. Division of Bus. Administration Varsity Football; Monogram Club Rifle Team; Intramural Sports; Varsity Basketball RAINS, CHARLES F. Electrical Engineering Pi Delta Rho; Mathematics Club; Intramural Sports Last appsarance AYBOULD, HAROLD echanical Engineering hematics Club; Mechanical ering Society; Spirit Com- Chapel Choir HERT, WALTER ion of Bus. Administration Club; Chapel Choir; Committee; Intramural RIST, DON E. Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society; Award in Civil Engineering; Band; Day- tonian Staff; Spirit Committee; Intramural Sports ROTTERMAN, EUGENE A., JR. Electrical Engineering Pi Delta Rho; Band; Mathematics Club; Officers ' Club; Pershing Rifles; Trick Drill Team; Intra- mural Sports " .- , . jW « p f -:-« «• p W Raybould Reichert Risl Rotterman SENIORS SCHMIDT, ROBERT J. Civil Engineering Officers ' Club; Pershing RiUes; Trick Drill Team; Cheerleader; Civil Engineering Society; Spirit Committee; Mathematics Club SEIDENSTICKER, LOUIS Division of Arts Spirit Committee; Pershing Rifles Air corps prospects SACKSTEDER, CHARLES Division of Arts SCHAEFER, ROBERT E. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Sigma Tau; Officers Intramural Sports SCHAUER, PAUL J. Chemical Engineering Chemical Seminar; Rifle Team Intramural Sports SHEERAN, EDWARD F. ivision of Bus. Administration amural Sports ITH, OTTO R., JR. Division of Science Intramural Sports ■3I - mt SCHLEL EDWARD J. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Sigma Tau; Mechanical Engineering Society; Band; Persh- ing Rifles; Trick Drill Team; Offi- cers ' Club STAMM, WAYNE W. Division of Bus. Administration Band; Chorus; Spirit Committee; Day Ionian Staff; Intramural Sports Sacksteder Schaefer Schauer Schlei Schmidt Seidensticker Sheeran Smith Stamm Stang Stoermer StTugarek Sullivan Tempest SENIORS STANG, JOHN E. Division of Arts Alpha Sigma Tau; Who ' s Who: 1942 Daytonian Editor; Band; Chorus; Mathematics Club; Offi- cers ' Club STOERMER, WILLIAM F. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society; Pershing Rifles; Rifle Team; Offi- cers ' Club STRUGAREK, RICHARD L, Division of Education Monogram Club; Varsity Footbaj Varsity Baseball; Varsity Bas ball; Intramural Sports SULLIVAN, MARY ROSE Chemical Engineering 1943 Daytonian Photography Edi- tor; Mathematics Club; Cabos; Catholic Action; Daytonian Staff; Women ' s Athletic Association; Chemical Seminar; Phi Chi; Intra- mural Sports TEMPEST, PATRICIA Division of Bus. Administration U. D. News Staff; Daytonian Staff; Intramural Sports " To a great team and season , HACKER, LOUIS A. i ision of Bus. Administration s ' Club; Band; Trick Drill Pershing Rifles; Intramural UE NG, ROBERT J. vision of Bus. Administration tsHing Rifles; Officers ' Club; ud Staff; Spirit Committee; In- tramural Sports; Varsity Baseball VELTEN, EDMUND M. Chemical Engineering Alpha Sigma Tau; Officers ' Club; Mathematics Club; Chemical Sem- inar; Intramural Sports WALKUP, THOMAS J. Division of Bus. Administration Pershing Rifles; Intramural Sports Thacker Uebbing Velten Walkup CLASS o£ 1943 ft »i t t t t « Faithful members WELLS, FREDERICK A. Division of Science Who ' s Who; Pershing Rifles; Owi. cers ' Club; Sigma Delta Pi WESTENDORF, JEROME Division of Bus. Administrati Senior Class President; Of Club; Monogram Club; Stu Council; Varsity Football; Vafsit Basketball; Varsity B a s eb a 1 1 Freshman Class Vice-President; Who ' s Who WHETRO, KATHLEEN Division of Arts Alpha Rho Tau Adviser; Expon- ent Staff WIGGENHORN, ROMAN H. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society; Mathematics Club WONG, ANTHONY B. L. Civil Engineering Chapel Choir; Civil Engineering Society; Mathematics Club; Intra- mural Sports WOOLLEY, NORMAN L. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society; Spirit Committee; Intramural Sports WROE, JOHN W. Mechanical Engineering Band; Chorus; Mathematics Club; Pershing Rifles; Capt. Williams ' Trophy for Rifle Marksmanshio ZACH, WALTER A. Division of Education o gram Club; Varsity Football; mural Sports ZIMMERMANN, ROBERT J. Chemical Engineering Thespians; Spirit Committee; Chemical Seminar; Pershing Rifles; Officers ' Club; Upsilon Delta Sigma; Chorus; Chapel Choir; Cheerleader; Band; Cabos; Alpha Sigma Tau; Intramural Sports Wells Westendorf Whetro Wiggenhorn Wong WooUey Wroe Zach Zimmerman CLASS of 1943 MARIE S. ANDREWS Division of Education LORETTA A. BERINGER Division of Education JOHN BLANK, S. M. Division of Arts PAUL CHERRIER, S. M. Division of Education JOSEPH CINTRON, S. M. Division of Arts FRANCIS HEYER, S. M. Division of Education JAMES IMHOF, S. M. Division of Arts JOHN KELLEY, S. M. Division of Science FRANK KENNEY, S. M. Division of Arts IGNATIUS KINCHIUS, S. M. Division of Arts RUTH ALICE ORR Division of Education LOUISE T. RAUCH Division of Education KEVIN REILLY, S. M. Division of Arts MARCELLUS ROSS Division of Education URBAN RUPP, S.M. Division of Arts MICHAEL DORSEY, S.M. Division of Arts WILBUR DUNSKY, S.M. Division of Education HARRY L. ECKELS Division of Arts JAMES EBBESMEYER, S.M. Division of Education NORMA FLICK Division of Education FRED FUCHS, S.M. Division of Arts MARY F. KLING Division of Educati Division ation CHARLES LEES, S.M. Division of Arts JOHN SAYER, S.M. Division of Education LUCY SELIG Division of Arts MIRIAM SHIVERDECKER Division of Education SR. HELEN CECELIA, S. N. D. Division of Science SR. M. MARY, M.S.C. Division of Education SR. MARY DAVID, S.N.D. Division of Education PAUL GOELZ, S.M. Division of Bus. Administration LAWRENCE McGERVEY, S.M. Division of Education SR. ROSE AGNES, S.N.D. Division of Education NORBERT GRASS, S.M. Division of Education THOMAS McMAHON, S.M. Division of Education THOMAS STANLEY, S.M. Division of Arts JAMES GRAY, S.M. Division of Education EUGENE MEYER, S.M. Division of Education JOSEPH STEFANELLI, S.M. Division of Arts WALTER HAESSIG, S.M. Division of Education ORPHA W. HASTINGS Division of Education NEOMI R. HATHAWAY Division of Education ROBERT MINGES, S.M. Division of Education JOSEPH NEHER Division of Arts CHARLES NEUMANN, S.M. Division of Arts MARGUERITE J. TAYLOR Division of Education BEULAH B. TEAGUE Division of Education WILLIAM WILDER, S.M. Division of Arts Page Forty-two J«W emopictm Janet Breidenbach, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Breidenbach of 33 Corona Ave., was called by God on December 16, 1940. An enthusiast of dramatic art, Janet majored in elementary educa- tion while at the University. Always ready with a smile, she was gifted with a rare personality that endeared her to all her many acquaintances. Eter- nal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine upon her! Janet Breidenbach Matilda Keaton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Keaton of 17 Hickory St., was called by her Maker on December 30, 1942. Majoring in elemen- tary education, Matilda was keenly interested in the Catholic Action movement here at the University. She was also a member of the Alpha Sigma Tau honor society. Her many friends will always re- member her in their prayers. Matilda Keaton David Connelly, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Con- nelly of 66 E. Dixon Ave., passed on to his eternal reward on April 27, 1941. While a student at the University, Dave was enrolled in the Division of Business Administration, majoring in accounting. A member of the Alpha Sigma Tau honor society, he was liked by all his classmates for his quiet, winning ways. May he rest in peace! David Connelly On the Social Side Pretty wallflowers .... Mothers ' Club Halloween get-together. ... " New " frosh being initiated . . . .Beautiful legs. . . .Make up your mind, Fred. . . " Dancing with you. . . " . . . " Football Round- up " . . . . " Allah " . . . .Kiosk gossip. . . .Just another sideline for " Ace " Sullivan. . . .Mr. and Mrs. Zink listen to a good one. . . .Down the alley! " Sighted tank, destroyed same. Undergraduates JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS President — Vincent Yano Vice-President — Leland Schmidt Secretary — Pauline Zink Treasurer — Michael Connair SEATED: Michael Connair, Pauline Zink. STANDING: Leland Schmidt, Vincent Yano. PicunUtettt Me yiJte u U(Vi P t04n loU4je. S tuice, Three years at the University of Dayton and the junior class looks over time well spent in curricular as well as extra- curricular activities. As freshmen we were warmly welcomed, and by the time football season rolled around, we really felt at home. As sophomores we greeted the newcomers with that friendly welcome which characterizes U. D. Many of our class gained prominence in dramatics, chorus, honorary societies, on the gridiron and hardwood. Among them were Jeannette Hibbert, Marita Sharkey, Robert Seiter, Harold Mouch, and Don Claudepierre. Entering into our junior year, the Junior Prom claimed much of our attention. It was the social climax of the year, with popular Marty Lehman and Lee Schmidt reigning as gueen and king. Outstanding among our active class were Betty Ann Behringer, Mary Margaret Wack, Walter Rugh, George Thoma, Pat Ortengren, Firmin Paulus, William Fitz- gibbon, Don Pinciotti, and Jack Fitzharris. Many of our num- ber were called to active service during the scholastic year. We elected Vincent Yano, president; Leland Schmidt, vice-president; Michael Connair, treasurer; and Pauline Zink, secretary. Page Forty-six Class o£ 1944 BUSINESS SEATED: Virginia Fletcher, Leland Schmidt, Patricia Ortengren. STANDING: Richard Rudnicki, Louis Pohl, Harry Bergmann, John Wrynn, Gerald O ' Grady, Arthur Couture. SEATED: Updyke. STANDING: Jos Marvin Brown, Robef Vincent Yano. er, Joseph John Leibfritz, phy, Firmin Paulus, BUSINESS SEATED: Frank Slilwell, Gertrude Heinz, John Westerheide. STANDING: Don Hoelle, Robert Berner, Stanley Chmiel, Henry Monty, Henry Froelich, John Graf. Page Forty-seven u n 1 o r s MECHANICAL ENGINEERING KNEELING: John Westerheide, Robert Hellmulh, Philip Bauer, George Keller, Erie Mumpower, Robert Luken. STANDING: Newton Lumm, William Fitzgibbon, Robert Schweller, Don Ruhl, Robert Perkins, Charles Freer, John Kenney, Louis Synck. STANDING ael Connair man Lanter, Joh sen, Mich- new, Nor- ' ne Sheidler. CIVIL AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING KNEELING: Robert Wening, William Greenwell, Robert Hess, Michael Fischer. STANDING: William McHugh, Edmond Morri- son, Frank Welch, James Klopf, Marvin Talmage, James Cush. Page Forty-eight Juniors SCIENCE SEATED: George Markus, Mary Margaret Wack, Walter Rugh. STANDING: George Thoma, Thomas Myers, Robert Althoff, Carl Housekeeper, Robert Swartzsl, Dominic Spinelli, Richard Kelly, Robert Millonig. SEATED: Betty Betty Jame ST ANDIN : Orhomai Joseph Goi Ivia Scott, aid ' Hamrock, ARTS SEATED: John Weldon, Richard Kinn, Robert Seiter. STANDING: Jeannette Hibbert, Miriam Loges, Dorothy Savage. Page Forty-nine Juniors EDUCATION SEATED: Adele Unverferth, Gwen HoUencamp, Marita Sharkey, Martha Lehman. STANDING: Robert Reeves, Pauline Zink, Har- old Knapke, Harold Mouch, Milton McGuire, Don Claudepierre, Webb Whitmer, James Hartzell. Patricia Somers, Don Brant. EDUCATION SEATED: Louise Collins, Marvene Davis, Belly Rogge, Anne Pugh. STANDING: Joseph Accrocco, Dorolhy Meyer, Don Pinciotti, Virgil Tank, Jack Fitzharris, Belly Messier, William Goss, Joseph Zoul, Jack Cas- tignola, Lois Stafford, William Sauerman. Page Fifty SOPHOMORES Sophomore Diary Entering our second year at U. D. we reviewed with pride our accomplishments as freshmen and resolved to make our sophomore year an even greater success. Our initial undertaking was the preparation of a hearty reception for the incoming freshmen. Included in the welcom- ing plans were the traditional initiation rules, skating party, court of justice and cap crowning. We emerged from the flag rush muddy but victorious and concluded activities with a gala welcome dance. Athletic laurels came to the class through the outstanding gridiron and cage performances of Bill LaFleur, Stan Groene, Niall Scully, Don Schultz, and Edwin Zwiesler. Mary Jane Driscoll was elected sponsor of the Pershing Rifles and also served as attendant to the Homecoming Queen. Drum major Joe Bange led the marching band and editor Anthony Rodri- gues headed a large group of sophomores on the U. D. News staff. Our class officers were Richard Welsh, president; Ed Zwiesler, vice-president; Clarke Ash, treasurer; and Mary Ann Finke, secretary. We were represented on the Student Council by James Finke and James Whalen. i uU 0 tUicUiati. Oi iit(UicU t Me nUe U. U :e CLASS OFFICERS President — Richard Welsh Vice-President — Clarke Ash Secretary — Mary Ann Finke Treasurer — Edwin Zwiesler Edwin Zwiesler, Mary Ann Finke, Richard Welsh, Clarke Ash. Page Fifty-one Sophomores ARTS FIRST ROW: James Hile, Matthias Lause, Charles Seaman. SECOND ROW: Henry Stich, Edward Foster, Clarke Ash. STANDING: Adele Klopf, Kathryn Kunka. ARTS FIRST ROW: Anthony Rodrigues, William Ken- nedy, James Millard. SECOND ROW: Jack Fenton, Don Zimmerman, Keith Kesling. STANDING: Madonna Wine, Celia Himes. FIRST ROW Benjamin M nton SECOND R Richard Hani THIRD RO STANDING Hoke, Elaine Page Fifty-two a t h a n, H u e 1 s, Haren. mma Jean Sophomores SCIENCE AND EDUCATION FIRST ROW: George Murphy, Arthur Ventura, Frank Ruben. SECOND ROW: Joseph Caserta, Jack Barney, Paul Amann. THIRD ROW: James Archer. STANDING: Lola Lake, Mae Driscoll, Jane Seitz, Miriam Lavoie, Mary Ann Finke. SCIENCE AND EDUCATION FIRST ROW: John McAvoy, Richard Welsh, Raymond Murphy. SECOND ROW: Fred Murabito, Walter del Toro, George Van Harlingen. THIRD ROW: Donald Hochwalt. STANDING: Irene Neher, Ruth Driscoll, Vivian Losh, Sylvia Hayes, Frances Thornton. FIRST RO Guire, Wil SECOND Paul Ameel. THIRD RawW ' STANDINd ( Ruth Brinkman Keyes. s Driscoll, Page Fifty-three Sophomores ENGINEERING FIRST ROW: Edwin Zwiesler, Fred Kroger, George Zimmerman, Raymond Biedenbender, James Woeste, Robert Funke, Joseph Range. SECOND ROW: Howard Preston, Omberto Coc- ca, Richard Davis, Raymond Mantey, Roy Som- horst. Ted Goss, Thomas Murray, Ralph Rohner. THIRD ROW: Albert Diringer, Gene Meyer, Roy Wennemann, Kent Harper, Joseph Colligan, John Kenney, Paul Swift, Fred Grimm. ENGINEERING FIRST ROW: George Petticrew, Norman Krum- holz, Winston Ginder, David Tom, Ted Schuler, James Will. SECOND ROW: Walter Lasar, Mark Hicks, Ralph Outcalt, John Wilker, Roland Weeks, Rich- ard O ' Brien, Richley West. THIRD ROW: Thomas Harvey, Donald Wood- row, Pat Tobin, Thomas Baker, Fred Liederbach, William Holly, Don Schultz. Page Fifty-four FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President — Robert Madden Vice-President — Frank Moloney Secretary — Mary Virginia Malone Treasurer — Matt Roll Mall Roll, Frank Maloney, Mary Malone, Roberl Madden. Freshman Diary We descended upon the campus and solemn place that was the University— we, the three hundred. We were like every freshman class in our bewilderment and anxiety to please the " lordly " sophomores, but when fun and work began in earnest, the U. of D. wasn ' t solemn any more. It became closer to us, as it always will be. Here we had our first taste of college life, a year that gave us something immeasureable, some things that we ' ll never forget. Remember the first time we heard " White Christ- mas " on the cafe juke-box. . . .seeing the boys we had known in grade school assume new importance in khaki uniform. . . . the first experience at taking notes on a class lecture .... as- semblies every Tuesday .... and when the first snow came, how we waded across the campus which was covered with deep drifts, and how clearly U. D. ' s victory march, OUR vic- tory march, sounded on the air. Our first year has meant much to us. We elected Bob Madden president, Frank Maloney vice- president, Mary Malone secretary, and Matt Roll treasurer. ' lltAee. Jtu tcUed Me ftonaJde. IfeoA. OilfU eAA. Page Fifty-five Freshmen BUSINESS FIRST ROW: Sue Boland, Mary Ann Ledger, Jean Argast, Karla Wescher, Frances Kiefer, Marilyn Zimmer, Mary Malone. SECOND ROW: George Milchell, Joseph Elder, Norberl Giere, William McCormick, Vincenl Stef- anek, Bertrand Heckel, Norris Hellwig. THIRD ROW: Robert Zahn, Donald B e r n e r, Michael Zeno, Robert Trockle, William Walsh, William Homan, Joseph Welsh. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Gannon, Nick Braun, Thomas Braun, Joseph Hill, Frank Mahoney, Harry Myers. FIRST RO Douglas Carl John! SECOND Robert D Dante Terzl THIRD ett Quintr Scheuermah. FOURTH ROW Jerome Burke, Frank Thomas Gannon. ent Brod(be, Cv arry Brown, m Ens ey T ilTS m Thoma, obert Ryan, DiCiacco, iler, Ever- ean, James Norman D a h n, honey, Frank Maloney, ARTS FIRST ROW: James Gift, Michael Toohey, Don- old Stoff, Fred Andary, Barto Mariscalco, Thomas Culley. SECOND ROW: Catherine Stich, Mary Ann Glaser, Jean Wright, Donna Breidenbach, Dolores Savino, Ina Stautzenbach, Sue Dudlext, Dorothy Britton. THIRD ROW: Francis Terry, Karl Kellermeyer, Yohn Skarha, Roger Tekamp, Edmond Toscani, Jacque Mintchell, Robert Edlich, Paul Kappes. Page Fifty-six Fresh men ARTS FIRST ROW: Richard McCann, Richard Kahl, Paul Leingang, Roberi Madden, Gerald Andraws, Josenh Dooley, Albert Bailey. SECOND ROW: Ada Kay Bomford, Helen Rich- ards, Betty Lou Fincel, Beverly Tompkins, Eliza- beth M. Ake, Geneva Moody, Phyllis Taylor, Harriet Theodose. THIRD ROW: Roger Thomas, Walter Malley, Nate DiLiberto, Lawrence Davis, Richard Dahn, Jack McDoncugh, John Lothschuetz, Bernard Hickey. SCIENCE FIRST ROW: Robert Hinders pone, William Kemper. SECOND Thurston Ann Fitzgi Herman E THIRD R Hickey, ard Marsh Cron, Mic Sheemon Wolfe, jer, Alfred Ram- Staley, Robert rd Connor, tty Carlton, rt Messier, Thoma, Paul ynn. Rich- er, Thomas SCIENCE FIRST ROW: Mark Moots, Peter Young, Francis Hong, Richard Loeber, James Schuler, Joseph Fitzsimmons, Edw in Everman. SECOND ROW: Arthur Wong, Norman Vocke, Margaret Carroll, Alice Blaeser, Adeline Sherrod, Mary Jehn, Robert Kass, Dean Stuhlmueller. THIRD ROW: Edward Buescher, Edward Sadler, Richard Berry, Albert Dung, Everett Archdeacon, Lou Nutini, Robert Patnaude. aurr M . ' Mivi M ' i A. Pbg£ -Fifty-seven Freshmen ENGINEERING FIRST ROW: James Burns, Harry Theis, James Baumann, Edward Stewart, William Greger, Wil- liam Boesch, Frank Schmidt, Gerald Haury. SECOND ROW: Jack Baudendistel, John Maurer, John McGarry, Edward Stoermer, Ted Aponyi, Edward Wack, Richard Alexander, Bruce Graham. THIRD ROW: Karl Sauer, Richard Kirchmer, Raymond Kehn, Richard Gardner, William Smith, John Howe, James Freeh, Thomas Hug. FOURTH ROW: Frank Aires, Harry Finke, Eu- qene Brown, James Filers, Edward Mestancik, Robert Bihn, Michael Spanglsr, George Igel. FIRST ROW: Ri ert Brennan, Rob Wren, Harley, SECOND R James Bell Clyde Bren THIRD RO mann. Robe neth Walt: liam Timko, FOURTH ROW? James Bordewisch Robert Reef, Robert Timmer, Rob- Talbot, James ok. resnahan. Houston, Chang. ard Kuhl- nninstham, Ken- Lake, Wil- s Beckert, William Schultz, Warren Driver. ENGINEERING FIRST ROW: Alfred Soon, John Stang, Edward Johnson, Charles Milne, Marvin Paulin, Charles Ruppert, Theodore Brown, James Barlow, Thomas Phillips. SECOND ROW: Jerome Oppenheim, Thomas Oppenheim, Edward Gmeinsr, Donald Foley, Ferdinand Meyer, John Duffy, Gilbert Stovicek, Bernard Doody. THIRD ROW: James Carrigan, John Quinlisk, Heinz Murka, John Brennan, Robert Murphy, Raymond Mangus, William Gallagher, Theodore Urban, Irvin Lang. FOURTH ROW: Jack Shaner, David Etzlsr, Fred Henne, Frank Johnston, William Favret, Carl Fischer, Edward Masters, Julius Nestor, Paul Paetz, Harry Gaeke. Page Fifty-eight Frosh Initiation " Hold still, Helen " .... Big-time Operators Jimmy and Frank Frosh dancing talent Annual flag rush. .. .Rolling along. .. .McAvoy, baking instructor A hearty meal for " Freshies " . .. .What ' s up, fellas? .... Frosh welcome dance .... Waiting in line for traditional caps .... Guaranteed to remove dandruff (and hair) .... Frosh registration. Here and There Future home-makers .... Frosh assembly .... Half-time at Coliseum U. D. ' s own " Beau Brummels " . . . . " White Christmas " . . . . At C. S. M. C. gym party. . . .Soph bull session. . . .Mike and Mary try " crashing " . . . .Junior electricals hard at work. . . .Service with a smile. . . . " On the avenue " . . . .Junior Prom committee. " ....And the caissons go rolling along " Classes Division of Education " Doc " Leary end class Dotty conducts art class Marita tells a story Dick leads gym class Pnaciical ' eacUUuf. Qe t uU QiMu ie. With the primary objective of graduating students thor- oughly prepared in the subject matter of their choice, the division of education ai the College iof Arts and Science con- tacts many schools M thSTTvfcmi Wblley to supplement the students ' technical trcjJfMg Af rHh olice teaching experience. The generdfs ' cSfi u i general culture, OTibJlng ' tb at the same tima acqilaint tion of the principles t classroom. Doct Danis sion of educatii pl nA§6l t(B ' ' give the students a irrT their own lives and ' ith the practical applica- cnd tie techniques of the eary S sso yate dean of the divi- Staie. Ge iiifiicatei. The students ar sp iil ra«f)ared to meet the rigid requirements of the State Sep Pt!nent of Education. State cer- tificates can be obtained rfi our academic fields following the completion of the course at the University. Page Sixty-two Division of Science ' Doc " explains infinity (?) Study of marine life Post mortem " Potential rubber source . . . . " Graduates of the Division of Science are to be found in the outstanding medical, dental, and graduate schools in the country. Under the direction of Doctor Francis Molz, S. M., associate dean, this division constantly maintains its high standards. Associated with the University, the St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing took on added importance as our country called hundreds of trained nurses to the colors. Pre-medical or pre-dental students make up the greater part of the division. However, students majoring in mathe- matics or natural sciences are also well represented. Biology and chemistry are the principal majors of the pre-medical and pre-dental students. Prominent technicians in the various fields of science serve as guest speakers from time to time. These afford an opportunity for a deeper insight into scientific professions and are of inestimable value to students. JtixfU Statida ' uU. PlUiaipAL McufO ' U Gueii Sp.eaJz ' B ' ii. Page Sixty-three Division of Arts Music appreciation class Psychology experiments Fr. Kobe tells of World War I " Unaccustomed as I am. ... " Under the supervision of Rev. Francis Friedel, S. M., the division of Arts provide fundamentals of general education, enriches the students ' cultural background, educates for social adjustment, stimulates intellectual activity and develops lead- ership. Each student is required to take at least a minor in philosophy but as their major a large field is offered such as: fine arts, languages, economics, education, English, history, music, political science, psychology, and sociology. , A student, after completing the required number of hours, receives the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Education, or Bachelor ' s degree in fine arts. The latter has just been added since 1937 through the cooperation of the Dayton Art Institute. Page Sixty-four College of Engineering The College of Engineering has certainly been matching strides with the rapid progress and growing importance of the engineering profession. It has becime a modern, highly- technical department aA j _ji k Zjjntiy )the best engineering schools in the countr Jtiait Sta4t lU4a, Lectures and r work in laboratori inspection trips to Ivcrio works to familiarise the engineering practic ' ji by quantitative ft-oSram are frequent plants and construction the) trend of current itptionfe tare acrioi Aiigf 43fc g thi ir isftml tu9(ent ly. Matthias E. Hc i s S. M. » ' neering. He is assisted isv npfjji Engineering; George A. HoRirana . M., head of Mechanical Engineering; William J. WohlreBen, S. M., head of Chemical Engineering; and Louis Rose, S. M., head of Electrical Engineer- ing. College of Engi- S. M., head of Civil 9 Ufi ' eoti ui lifii efKiAii te eeuLi. Practical mechanical knowledge High rod A. C. - D. C. mystery Chem lab experiments Page Sixty-five Graduate School li,ea il ' i£ te. tti ' M uieA. ' i. Jhetyiee. 2 ea t a tcL CUcU UHan, Courses in the Graduate ers and administrator,! Department of EduC ' must have receive They also mus foreign languag EngUsh, education courses are extended t master ' s degreesr Ptequir mum of 24 hours aijgradu and approval of a di ser re offered to assist teach- quirements of the State ies for master ' s degree ree or its equivalent. eqt 5e of one approved ai]fe the fields in which rking to attain their etjree include a mini- the accomplishment Rev. Edmund Baumeislfef S. M., is dean of the Graduate School. Rev. John A. Elbert, S. M., president of the University, serves as chairman. Father Baumeister conducts class Graduate research work Dean of Women teaches Page Sixty-six Business Administration Money and banking class Typing and dictation Explaining shorthand theory Making it balance With accounting, business organization, and economics as the principal majors, the Division of Business Administra- tion offers to students a thorough training in business theory and practice. Realizing the need of sound economists to solve the many post-war problems, many courses in this division are planned with this view in mind. The degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is awarded to those completing the reguired courses. As an important recent addition to the division, the depart- ment of Secretarial Studies trains the future stenographers and secretaries in the business world. Fundamentals common to all businesses are emphasized and the broader aim is to pre- pare those who wish to enter personnel work or other related fields of administrative work. SecneiaAicU St44xlie4, Page Sixty-seven Evening Classes English literature class Bro. Lackner on world history Anatomy lab Bro. Bobal teaches chemistry 9 toauui4tie. SefuUce { ■x pxitulecL Qu i U(iuUun Co itfi ie4 aoulitf. Established over two decades ago, the evening and Sat- urday morning classes of the University of Dayton have ren- dered an invaluable service to the community. The curriculum has been enlarged under the direction of Rev. Francis Friedel, S. M., dean of the College of Arts and Science. The primary purpose of these classes is to extend educational opportunities to adults, especially teachers. Originally confined to an arts curriculum, the evening and Saturday morning classes have been expanded to include all the divisions of the University. The engineering courses were added five years ago. These courses are coordinated with the regular day classes and the reguirements as well as the standards of the day classes are maintained. The faculty of the evening classes is drawn from the regular University staff, augmented by qualified specialists from the industries and professions of the city. Page Sixty-eight Stalingrad — turning point of war Militar Col. Mcllroy Military Staff Col. James G. Mcllroy, Professor of Mili- tary Science and Tactics, served as head of the military department this year. A graduate of West Point, Col. Mcllroy has been in service for forty years, during which time he saw some service in the Far East. Before his appoint- ment here, he was at Omaha, Nebraska, where he served on the staff of the Seventh Corps Area commander. First Lieutenants Roy G. Shubert and Mel- vin W. Dauer assisted Col. Mcllroy as in- structors in military science. Staff Sgt. Emil F. Gleave was head clerk and assistant coach of the rifle team. Sgt. John R. Macy and Pfc. Robert Heidkamp handled the routine duties in the military office. Ll. Shubert Lt. Dauer Sgl. Gleave Sgl. Macy Pfc. Heidkamp Page Seventy • • f. " . .0 k FIRST ROW: Lts. Ellsworth Foland, Louis Thacker. Robert Hancock, Robert Zimmermann, Robert Uebbing, Marvin DeWitt, Frank Doorley, Robert Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Lts. Frederick Wells. Edward Henz. James Fenton, Jack Kussman, John Murphy, Paul Herking, Alfred Bagot, Herbert Hayes. THIRD ROW: Lts. Jerry Westendorf, Eugene Rotterman, Edmund Velten, Matthias Glaser, Richard Leges, Walter Reichert, John Stang, Charles Moll. Advanced Course Upon completion of two year training, a limited number of course. This selection is bas aptitude and discipline, sch " The advanced course iijiclud whose military training is c and two hours of military drilP unit. The officers of the tw the companies in order to ac the different grades. ic R. O. T. C. military „. .j j 4. d for the advanced - ' SeUciuut r leadership, military al fitness. junior members classroom study StucLdf. a4M. JhtlU of the R. O. T. C. rotated through ' with the duties of FIRST ROW: Sgts. Frank Welch, Jack Fitzharris, Stanley Chmiel, Robert Seiter, Robert Luken, Harry Bergmann, George Monnier, Dan Brant. SECOND ROW: Sgts. Jack Leibfritz, Robert Berner, Wayne Sheidler, Don Ruhl: Robert Perkins, Thomas Myers, Hewitt Larsen, Robert Wening. THIRD ROW: Sgts. Richard Rudnicki, Virgil Tank, Don Pinciotti, Gerald O ' Grady, Charles Freer, Don Claudepierre, Leland Schmidt, Harold Knapke, George Keller. i . . i, COMPANY A Lis. Kussman, Fenton, Poland, Lause, Reichert. Sgts. Wening, Leibfritz, Fitzhar- ris, Myers. COMPANY B Lts. Glaser, Stang, Loges, Hayes. Sgts. Welch, Knapke, Rudnicki, Schmidt. B asic ourse MllUaAdf. ' 7Uetvuf and, Piactice. OfUfOtu AtUxn. The two year basic course of infantry training is com- pulsory for all male students of the University who are physi- cally fit. The purpose of the basic course is to teach the fundamentals of militarv drill kpd orgiinizations and the use of the individual weap(( for admission into the. During the fre: versity, the cadets are military organizatiojn anc study, two hours each teach the cadets njfilitary formations. During t sopJj successful completion of boVii examination, can obtainxthdfr? to prepare the cadets sop«Hornipm-jyears at the Uni- Jin jne Ibasic principles of dition to the classroom arft Jsflent in military drill to [Spipline? and ythe basic military oievyeoir tT cadets, by the or Jrcm and a practical stripes. til This year the R. O. T. C. urnt consisted of two battalions of three companies each and one band company. When weather permitted, the regiment formed once each week for ceremonial parades and tactical exercises. Page Seventy-two COMPANY C Lts. Rotterman, Weslendorf, De- Witt, Moll. Sgts. Bergmann, O ' Grady, Pinci- otti. Tank. COMPANY D Lts. Henz, Doorley, Wells, Thack- er, Hancock. Sgts. Sheidler, Whitmer, Berner. BAND COMPANY Lt. Schlei. Sgts. Ruhl, Larsen. Page Seventy-three p I. ■ M f t t « f t i f t COMPANY E Lis. Stosrmer, Uebbing, Herking, Schmidt, Murphy, Hoban. Sgts. Keller, Freer, Seller. Luken, Perkins, COMPANY F Lts. Zimmermann, Schaefer, Vel- ten, Bagot. Sgts. Chmiel, Brant, Monnier, Sauerman. Campus Guard Duty Otttatian. Quand. tMeatLc aAie Qe ie Al Oid U. For the first time since the inception of military on the campus, the R. O. T. C. department inaugurated training in interior guard duty and formed a corps of 22 basic and three advanced students who are assigned daily posts on the Uni- versity premises. The purpose of this training, begun on March 1, is to develop initiative, inspire confidence, and pro- mote discipline in the cadets and to give practical instruction on the duties of the guard. Headguarters for the guard is the off-campus recreation room. The members of the guard report for marching duty ct 6:4D p. m. when assembly is sounded and are reheved ct 10 p.m. The three advanced military officers serve as the staff and assign all cadets to their respective posts. The R. O. T. C. cadet must know the eleven general order:; of interior guard duty and special orders of his post. He may at any time be called upon by the staff to recite these orders and is graded accordingly. Poge Seventy-four Pershing Rifles Founded as a result of a need for a society within the R. O. T. C. to promote better drill standards, the National Society of Pershing Rifles, honorary military fraternity, established Company B, First Regir nt, aA the Ui versity of Dayton in 1932. Under the di: Cadet Lieutenants organization welco: and promptly initii year, the Pershing and also the Milita: Day Parade and n l Father Bernard Hu red Wells and orth Foland, the hman candidates ales. During the ing Pledge Dance in the Armistice t the lecture by The annual drill meet wa am held due to war conditions. Mary Jane Driscoll was elected sponsor of the group with Mary Virginia Malone as attendant. They were both presented on the occasion of the Pershing Pledge Dance at the Dayton Country Club. MiUia uf. MUe uiif SocialUf. lctla Cadet Ca plains Frank Doorley, Fred Wells, Ellsworth Foland. Page Seventy-five Officers ' Club FIRST ROW: Edward Henz, Euoene RottPrman, Ellswcrth Foland. Louis Thacker, Robert Hancock, Robert Zimmermann, Robert Uebbing, Marvin DeWitt, Frank Doorley, Jerry West- endorf, Alfred Bagot, Robert Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Edmund Velten, Matthias Glaser, Jamss Fenton, Jack Kussman, John Murphy, Paul Herking, Herbert Hayes, Frederick Wells, Charles Moll, Richard Loges, Waller Reichert, John Stang. THIRD ROW: Richard Rudnicki, Wayne Sheidler, Jack Leibfritz, Frank Welch, George Monnier, Stanley Chmiel, Robert Berner, Robert Luken, Robert Seiter, Robert Wening. George Keller. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Myers, Leland Schmidt, Don Claudepierre, Jack Fitzharris, Don Ruhl, Robert Perkins, Harry Bergmann, Gerald O ' Grady, Harold Knapke, Hewitt Larsen. " HuAd yean. P xuMoie. Ga tA icLe4Jtifi. Active in both military cers ' Club for junior year with Lt. Jerry W vice-president; an ' Guest speaki meetings, and se J. G. Mcllroy, fac versity military d ' ful candidate fo: gave assistance To further its pufpo; officers, the club held formal dances. 1 affairs, the Cadet Offi- officers began its third dent; Lt. Jack Kussman, cretary-treasurer. he regular monthly ' ussiWs were led by Col. nd head of the Uni- nsored the success- d during the year or military dances. mradeship among the naments, stags, and in- Page Seventy-six Rifle Team KNEELING: Alfred Murabito, Peter Young, William Stoermer, Robert Luken, Roy Wen- neman. Gene Meyer. STANDING: Warren Driver, Carl Glassen, James Hartzell, Sgt. Emil Gleave, John Maurer, Keith Kesling, Harry Meyers. Relatively obscure in the busy school program, the rifle team is nevertheless one of the most active organizations on g ; 0 uia4tlzaiio t the campus. The team was under the direction of Lt. Roy r " " - Shubert and Sgt. Emil Gleave. An integral part of the R. O. T. C, the team engaged eleven other schools in postal matches this year. Among the universi- ties met included Michigan State, Harvard, Pittsburgh, Carnegie Tech, Niagara, Indiana, and Vermont. After a slow start, team j a i members improved rapidly and turned out some of the best Postal MaialteA. scores in years of competition. Among the better marksmen on the squad were Carl Glassen, James Hartzell, Roy Wenne- man. Gene Meyer, and Robert Luken. A total of eleven mem- bers received their letters for faithful service. Page Seventy-seven Trick Drill Squad LEFT TO RIGHT: Matthias Glaser, Alfred Bagot, Edmund Velten, Charlss Freer, Eugene Rctlerman, John Murphy, Frank Welch, Louis Thacker, Frank Doorley, George Monnier, Robert Luken, Ellsworth Foland, Jack Kussman, Robert Schmidt, Robert Wening, Wayne Sheidler, Hewitt Larsen. The Trick Drill Squad, sponsored by the Cadet Officers ' Club and composed of members of the club, performed at filumeA0444. Penj in Ha4tce4. many community and school functions during its third year of existence. Ifea ' 6. l■p pJ ana ux Cltan Se ffUB ice The initial perfor: Fairmont High Sch ' indoor debut at th ' Country Club. Bo With the arrival formed for the be President ' s Birthda through a snapp appearance was tl] - nnual held for the " Minute :r was staged at the he group made its Dmice at the Dayton ■ Mted without rifles. rifles, the squad per- ClJb. At the annual ' tel, the team went tfe rowd. The next he final drill was Under Cadet Captain FrafelcADoorley, the squad changed the sequence of the drill each time and always performed with clock-like precision and efficiency. Page Seventy-eight On the Campus Calm before the storm Fifth columnists? Guess who Human octopus Campus " operators " . . . .Practical jiu-jitsu. . . .Dreaming. . . .Night snack. . . .Contented faces. . . .Versa- tile athletes. .. .Relaxing. .. .Mid-season form. .. . " Sing-Sing " . .. .Horizontal bar expert.... Big John .... Main event. Page Seventy-nine " Mighty U-boat menace? ' Social Calendar Organizations f X A .t ' fi . College Life In the usual way Trick drill climax " Get that knife out, Dan " BuUseye! Chem- ical engineers dominate scene .... Military chatter .... Inquiry on Naval Reserve program Feature bout " Quit pulling my hair " After a brilliant talk Dancing to the swing of the Gavottes .... Collegiate grand march. Page Eighty-two Remember Pearl Harbor! Social Calendar Social Calendar -Registration of freshman class. -Frosh Welcome Dance at Biltmore Hotel. — Skating party at Skateland. -Freshmen cap-crowning program in stadium. -Joint Service Procurement Board visits campus. Sept. 1 Sept. 12 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 25- ' Praise the Lord and pass the pop " Frosh skating party " Juke-box Saturday night " Touchdown! Oct. 5 — First day of students ' annual retreat. Oct. 11 — Holy Name Rally in stadium. Oct. 12 — Pershing Rifle initiation at Hills Dales. Oct. 13 — Assembly: Fr. Joseph Cappel from Korea. — W. A. A. Two-Bit dance at Loretto. -Mothers ' Club social in off-campus lounge. -Assembly: Bentley Trio, marimba specialists. -Homecoming elections — Queen Paul- ine Zink. - " Crisis in Christendom " by Msgr. Sheen at N. C. R. Auditorium. -Assembly: The " Glacier Priest " lec- tures and also shows films on Alaska. -Homecoming Tea Dance at Miami Hotel. -Assembly: Film on U. D.-Tennessee football game. -Assembly: Latest war films featuring " Battle of Midway " . -Beginning Novena for Poor Souls. -C. S. M. C. Party in Gym. -Assembly: Emil Liers, " Otter Man " , presents trained otters. Oct. 14- Oct. 15- Oct. 20- Oct. 23- Oct. 25- Oct. 28- Oct. 31 Nov. 3 Nov. lo- Nov. ll Nov. 18 Nov. 19 Page Eighty-four Freshman Welcome Dance When the lights went on again Sponsored by thej opuiiavjicu 1 iiicii.a- iyjMiv " - y7T ' ' ® Freshman Wel- come Dance, initial s aUmr ofphAschool year, was held OttUuU uba tce. at the Biltmore ,H §t tonASeptemfcer Q2 _Jt ended initiation week and serve J j e q a wqtm p d iendly greeting to the new students More than t-vOtq hun eof coiipl denied to the music of Michael Houer cniM Ji}s orMfestra fc ei) tt to midni With Go unUiee. James Finke as ; ral cl M k the mittee responsible for the highly suCc l J4gtee -tTO up of Mary Ann Finke, Elaine Glossiii fei;». pidt h, Jane Seitz, Richard Welsh, John McAvoy, andBdi Zwiesler. Page Eighty-five i Wf. C. M. M. C. party in gym " D-A..D-A.. " Sigma Deta Pi gathering Graf and his Gavottes Social Calendar Nov. 21 — Pershing Pledge Dance at Dayton Country Club. Nov. 24 — Assembly: One act play, " The Doc- tor Decides " — also mixed chorus and folk dancing demonstration. Nov. 25 — Beginning Thanksgiving vacation. Dec. 1 — Assembly: " Football Roundup " by music department, recording for WiNG radio station. Dec. 2 — Two-bit dance at Loretto with Graf ' s Gavottes. Dec. 7 — Pearl Harbor Anniversary — alumni dedicatory service in chapel. Dec. 9 — Campus party for St. Joseph and Alumni Hall boys. Dec. 10 — Women ' s Christmas Party in wom- en ' s lounge. Dec. 19 — Christmas Vacation begins. Jan. 12 — Assembly: Film on " Vatican City " . Jan. 19 — Beginning of Chaminade Day trid- uum. Jan. 23 — Junior Prom at Miami Hotel. Jan. 26 — Assembly: Chaminade Day Program Guest speaker Bro. Bernard Schad, S. M. Jan. 27— Upsilon Delta Sigma and Math Club initiation of new members. Feb. 1 — Registration of " new " freshmen. Feb. 4 — Mothers ' Club card party in women ' s lounge. Feb. 5 — Assembly: Ava Hamilton presents " Dawn Over Africa " in technicolor. Feb. 10 — Cabos and C. S. M. C. skating party at Skateland. Page Eighty-six Homecoming Tea Dance Grads return home The war caused another depart at the 1942 Homecoming celebration, previous years alway: was held in the aher: the Flyers and Ma, Sponsored b ' Balhoom of the approximately on crowd danced to t from 4 to 7 p. m. were presented number of them in u " game. ure from U. D. tradition The annual dance, in re after the big game, e night game between n» held at the Empfre danqe was attended by cou]jiles. The contented r and his orchestra nd her attendants y alumni, a large bth the dance and the Alte utao i l ai Mcuuf. Altutuu, Louis Seidensticker was chairman of the dance committee made up of members from the Spirit Club. Page Eighty-seven " Otter Man " Gala Junior Prom Lt. Comm. Thos. Sharkey Senior Farewell Dance Social Calendar -Annual Sigma Delta Pi banquet at Van Cleve Hotel. -Assembly: John S. Moore speaks on post-war reconstruction. -Boxing matches and physical fitness exhibition in gym. -Annual Military Ball at Runnymede Playhouse. -Assembly: Karl Maslowski — lecture and film, " Our Heritage in the Rockies " . -Father Hubbard lecture at Memorial Hall, " Alaska in the War " . -Assembly: The " Jesters " — mystery and magic. -Senior Farewell Dance at Miami Hotel. - " A Lucky Break " — Three-act play by Thespians. -Assembly: Red Cross film and Mor- mon male quartet. -Ash Wednesday — Beginning of Lent- en season. -Annual Marching and Concert Band Banquet at Wishing Well Inn. I — Beginning of St. Joseph Triduum. -Assembly: Dr. D. G. Reilly Oratori- cal Contest. Mar. 21— Annual Band Concert at N. C. R. Auditorium. Apr. 4-5 — Ninth Annual Mask Mascara pro- duction. Apr. 18 — Commencement Day at N. C. R. Audi- torium. Feb. 15- Feb. 16- Feb. 19- Feb. 20- Feb. 23- Feb. 25- Mar. 2- Mar. 5- Mar. 7- Mar. 9- Mar. 10- Mar. 14- Mar. 15- Mar. 16 Page Eighty-eight Pershing Pledge Dance Fred presents sponsor and attendant " I ' m wacky over khaki " " When I hear a waltz " Pershing officers and their dates With the presentat; and the performance b evening, the annua Dayton Country and his orchestra couples enjoyed th After the inte: Sponsor Mary J ' Malone. Members honored guests or and her attendant quad highlighting the was held at the Michael Hauer pproximately 1 00 e social calendar. d Welh presented •t Mary Virginia e University were QlaiecL 2icutc« SfuuUat a ui ltte ula4tt Page Eighty-nine 3Ill» is io tertifg ti ni- was an honored guest of the Junior Class of the University of Dayton at its annual Promenade, given at the Empire Ballroom, Miami Hotel, January twenty-third, J943. Therefore, to express the appreciation of the class, this citation is given under my hand, this twenty-third day of January, in the year of Our Lord 1943. ...v_ g .t % » t 6 King of ihe Prom IfVloufcjr ieJL Queen of (he Proia King Leland Schmidt Queen Martha Lehman The Junior Class of The University of Dayton requests the honor of your presence at its ANNUAL PROMENADE Saturday, January Twenty-third Nineteen Hundred and Forty-three At the Empire Ballroom— Miami Hotel From 9 unlil 1 :00 CAMPUS OWLS ORCHESTRA DEFENSE STAMP CORSAGES ONLY Page Ninety Junior Prom Enjoying music by the Owls The 1943 Junior Prom was a boon to Uncle Sam as well as college dancers, the dance was held at on January 23. Only to be worn and th motif. The affair wa limi excellent music produced from Miami Unive: sented his charm led the grand ma: Robert Seiter, Don Hibbert, Pauline Zink, Firmin nair, Dottie Lee Raney, and dance committee. e U. D. social season, cm of the Miami Hotel jrsages were permitted eted the " victory " ho danced to the Owls Orchestra Lee Schmidt pre- after which they Pat Ortengren, Jeannette Pat Somers, Mike Con- Vincent Yano headed a large VixUon4f " lUame. fCUuf. attd, 2.uee t C Ufi Hittee. Page Ninety-one Senior Farewell Dance Final get-together Q ui4ui Succe,i4. With the distinction of being the first senior farewell dance held on a snowy night, the final social affair of the year was a grand success as 150 couples danced to the smooth music of Earl Holderman and his orchestra at the Empire ballroom of the Miami Hotel on March 5th. Co4fu uitee, Jerry Westendorf, senior class president, led the grand march at midnight. Jack Murphy, tickets, Martha Bucher, res- ervations, and Betty Mayl, publicity, headed a large committee of seniors to stage one of the most successful dances of the year. Page Ninety-two ' A hunting we will go. . . . ' Organizations Student Council SEATED: Don Claudepierre, Jeannette Hibbsrt, William Knisley, Leland Schmidl, Frank Doorley, James Finke, James Whalen, Betty Mayl, Vincent Yano. STANDING: Richard Welsh, Alfred Bagot, Jerry Westendorf. Qoa icU tate. Ifca t ' i. ActlulUei. " ... .In order to foster a spirit of closer relationship among all campus organizations, to present student opinions and activities, and to promote a closer relationship between the faculty and students of the University .... " — such is the purpose of the Student Council, organized in 1941. Activities of the Council included all phases of campus life. Since all plans of affiliated organizations for social affairs affecting the whole student body must first be submitted to the Council for its approbation, the Council posts a monthly cal- endar containing all events — academic, social and athletic. For the information of both faculty and students, a weekly campus activity sheet, " Daytoniana " , was edited by Richard Welsh. With the Spirit Club, the Student Council sponsored an illustrated lecture by the " Glacier Priest " , Father Bernard Hubbard, S.J. 6iiice Officers for the year were Frank Doorley, president; Leland Schmidt, vice-president; and James Finke, secretary. Representatives were elected by the various classes following the class officers ' election. Page Ninety-four Mathematics Club The Mathematics Club of the University of Dayton is an academic society estabhshed in 1940 for the purpose of stimu- lating interest in both pure and applied mathematics through !) tl o u tcU iic Ui4X U the informal discussion of those fundamental topics which seldom arise in undergraduate courses. Semi-monthly meetings were held at which members of the club presented papers. Guest speakers during the year included Mr. A. E. Schnaitman of the Warner and Swasey Company of Cleveland, Ohio, and Mr. F. M. Tiller, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Vanderbilt University. Initiation ceremonies for twenty-nine freshman members were held on January 29. Dr. F. J. Molz, S. M., Associate dean of the division of Science, was awarded an honorary membership in recognition of his interest in the club. At the final meeting of the year, the members were addressed by Professor Louis Brand, Chairman of the Mathematics Depart- ment and Fellow of the Graduate School of the University of Cincinnati. At this time the annual Dean of Science awards for the best student papers of the year were presented. Officers of the club were Joseph Overwein, president; William Fitzgibbon, vice-president; and Ted Schuler, secretary- treasurer. Dr. K. C. Schraut served as faculty adviser. Queit SfieeJi ' U. i i u4 il liua ' icLl FIRST ROW: David Tom, Michael Connair, Mary Rose Sullivan, William Fitzgibbon, Joseph Overwein, Ted Schuler, George Petlicrew, Paul Herking, Harold Raybould. SECOND ROW: Ralph Rohner, John Westerheide, Louis Synck, Roman Wiggenhorn, Lawrence Jehn, Jack Homan, John Rauscher, Raymond Murphy. THIRD ROW: Richard Welsh, William McHugh, Fred Liederbach, Don Ruhl, Robert Perkins, Edmund Velten, Robert Schweller, Albert Diringer. Page Ninety-five Who ' s Who Speciai (lecotftUtiiui. BlUtcL Ga K4Hlttee. lUnieen. SB tia 4. " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges " was founded in 1934 to provide special recog- nition for students and to estabhs h a reference volume of authoritative information on the great body of American col- lege students. Each year this publication lists the biographies of those students selected for the honor. The selection is impartial and is based entirely on the student ' s outstanding qualifications of character, scholarship, leadership in extra- curricular activities, and the promise of success and useful- ness to himself and society in later life. At the University of Dayton, Rev. George J. Renneker, ' S. M., dean and registrar, was director of a blind committee of about fifty faculty members and students who made the selections. Senior participants in the honor were Frank Door- ley, Betty Mayl, Paul Herking, Joseph Overwein, William Knisley, Martha Bucher, Ethel Cochran, Charles Moll, Fred- erick Wells, Jack Stang, Jerry Westendorf, Alfred Bagot, and John Murphy. SEATED: Alfred Bagot, Pauline Zink, Leland Schmidt, Jeannette Hibbert, Martha Bucher, Ethel Cochran, John Murphy, Betty Mayl, Paul Herking. STA NDING: William Knisley, Charles Moll, Joseph Overwein, Anthony Rodrigues, Frederick Wells, Frank Doorley, Jerry Westendorf, John Stang, Vincent Yano. Page Ninety-six International Relations Club SEATED: Celia Himes, Robert Seller, Vivian Losh, Webb Whitmer, Frank Welch, Kathryn Kunka, Stanley Chmiel, Mary Ferris. STANDING: Robert Pfeiffer, Roy Caponi, Clarke Ash, James Hile, Robert Brewer, Firmin Paulus, Vincent Yano. Affiliated with the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace, the International Relations Club was organized in 1930 to give students an opportunity to discuss and under- stand national and international affairs in the light of their significance for peace. 9 tU uiilo iai J aliU Outstanding amo potion at the ann at Marshall Coll mer, vice-preside: at the opening se; discussion, " Political Welch, also a del during the year related his exper, exchange prisoner speakers offered papefi after the war. tivities was its partici- 9fial Convention held est Virginia. Webb Whit- ,elivered a message ded over a round table the War " . Frank ct. Guest speakers ribull, S. M., who apan, and as an ripsholm. Student ases of a peace plan R.efio uU CoH4te Uio t Elected as officers were Webb Whitmer, president; Made- QlliceA4. line Georgiev, vice-president; Frank Welch, treasurer; and Jp ® Celia Himes, secretary. Brother Elmer Lackner, S. M., was faculty moderator. Page Ninety-seven Alpha Sigma Tau SEATED: Alice Blaeser, Belty Lou Fincel, Betly Carlton, Ann Fitzger- ald, Mae Driscoll, Betty James, Sue Dudlext, Jeannette Hibbert. SECOND ROW: John Murphy, Eu- gene Rotterman, Edward Schlei, Richard Welsh, John Wroe, Louis Nutini, Edward Buescher, Thurston Batson, Robert Huels. THIRD ROW: John Hoban, Michael Fischer, Harry Brown, Mark Moots, John Stang, Paul Swift, Paul Herk- ing, Samuel Fondiler, Paul Kisper- sky. SEATED: Arthur Wong, Robert Schaefer, Lawrence Jehn, William Stoermer, Leland Schmidt, Don Pinciotti, Frank Welch, Jack Homan, Edmund Velten. SECOND ROW: Norbert G i e r e, Robert Edlich, Paul Engle, Joseph Overwein, Jerry Grismer, James Schuler, Louis Synck, Richard Berry. THIRD ROW: Roger Tekamp, Rob- ert Pfeiffer, Matthias Lause, John Rauscher, Jack Leibfritz, Wallace Chang, James Freeh, Robert Galvin, Roy Caponi. SEATED: Adele K 1 o p f , Kathryn Kunka, Sylvia Scott, Ada Kay Bom- ford, Ruth Driscoll, Betty Mayl, Muriel Musser, Madeline Georgiev, Kathleen Whetro. SECOND ROW: Marvin DeWitt, Richard Gardner, Ted Aponyi, Ber- nard Doody, Richard Alexander, Warren Driver, Raymond Kehn, Albert Diringer, Bruce Graham. THIRD ROW: Charles Moll, Webb Whitmer, Firmin Paulus, John Howe, Alfred Soon, Joseph Bange, George Petticrew, Ted Schuler, George Igel. Honor Society The Alpha Sigma Tau Honor Society was founded by the University of Day top in 1235 to give special recognition linwK a schc g en to the m averAg« to the students who a, 2.5 or better. A certific dent of the Universi ter that he achieves ' istic point average of ip signed by the presi- ient for each semes- The three Grejbk wii d chosen deliberately. Alp and Tau for honoi Re Arts and Sciences Wts fi ntftne qf the Society were Ml ! ' fpmruthj Sigma for wisdom, ancig ' w Frig el, S. M., dean of hy xdirect€ To those seniors Nwhovfiiffl t mcnntained a cumulative point average of 2.5 for WnTsetiiesters, a gold honor key is presented. This year, elev ' nembers received this special award. The following were members of the Delta Epsilon Sigma national scholastic honor society: Betty Mayl, Muriel Musser, Jack Stang, Martha Bucher, Marvin DeWitt, and Samuel Fondiler. GeAillficaied. Qoid Ke fi. Senior Honor Key Winners SEATED: Betty Mayl, John Stang, Muriel Musser, Martha Bucher. STANDING: Marvin DeWitt, Samuel Fondiler, Edward Schlei, Robert Schaefer, Paul Engle, John Murphy, Edmund Velten. Page Ninety-nine Spirit Committee f tmmmm FIRST ROW: Frank Aires, Robert Uebbing, Wayne Stamm, Alfred Bagot, Jack Roman, Harold Raybould, Marvin DeWitl, Walter Reichert, Robert Seiter, John Wrynn, Louis Seidensticker. SECOND ROW: Polly Mack, Buena Greer, Gertrude Heinz, Sue Boland, Mary ,Seddon, Helen Wise, Mary Ann Finke, Mary Jane Driscoll, Elaine Glossinger, Arthur Couture, Robert Zimmermann, Louis Pohl. THIRD ROW: Robert Schmidt, Don Rist, Charles Rains, John Forbes, James Whalen, Robert Edlich, Jack Fenton, Albert Diringer, James Bell, Bart Piccaso, Alex Schoen. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Burke, William Favret, Joseph Dooley, Carl Glassen, Richard McCann, Arthur Dannin, John Graf, Robert Brewer, Richard Kinn. P ie.j ti He. SfUAdi Jtatiteco H4 ia Qa ne. Oyficeni. The Spirit Committ school interest in athle real pre-game spirit w parades, radio bro This year thi successful Homeci campaign preced the halves at the To wind up a b ' annual Homecomi: by the " Glacier Priest esponsible for a lively g the football season, pep rallies, torchlight signs and posters. responsible for a spirited election Queen between Marshall College, o sponsored the onsor the lecture Hubbard, S. J. Officers for the year wet ou Seidensticker, president; Lou Pohl, vice-president; Buena Greer, secretary; Art Couture, treasurer; and Alex Schoen, sergeant-at-arms. Page One Hundred Upsilon Delta Sigma Activities of the University Debate Society were put on a strict war-time basis the past year. The debating tours which annually took teams to all parts of the country were eliminated and engagements were confined to local schools, clubs, and intra-squad competition. Highlights of the year were the Christmas party and form- al initiation of pledges. The annual banquet completed an active year during which the society had supported either side of the Pi Kappa Delta question: Resolved: that the United Nations should establish a permanent federal union with power to tax and regulate international commerce, to maintain a police force, to settle international disputes, and to enforce such settlements, and to provide for the admission of other nations which accept the principles of the union. Officers for the year were: George Thoma, president; Albert Diringer, vice-president; Robert Schweller, secretary; Edmond Morrison, treasurer; Robert Seiter, manager; and Anthony Rodrigues, publicity director. Dr. William O. Wehrle, S. M., completed his ninth year as faculty adviser and coach. Ti 2alU 2 e uUe 2i4eAii(Ut llUx SEATED: Robert Seiter, Anthony Rodrigues, Albert Diringer, George Thoma, Robert Schweller, Edmond Morrison, Richard Alexander, Jack Baudendistel. STANDING: Harry Brown, Benjamin Minton, Edwin Becker, Joseph Jacobs, William Miller, Edward Sadler, Bertrand Meckel. Page One Hundred One Monogram Club tM-Uflt Stcmda ul l UiaUie4. j o IfeaA. 611 ice The Monogram Club, composed entirely of men who wear the varsity " D " , is one of the oldest organizations formed at the University. Now in its eighteenth year of existence, it represents an organized effort to command re- spect for the coveted monogram and to keep athletics at the highest possible standard. This year, as in others, the Monogram Club presented a miniature gold football to each senior football player, the reward for faithful service on the gridiron. The club spon- sored Queen Pauline Zink in the Homecoming Day celebra- tion and also took an active part in many extra-curricular activities on the campus. The different branches of our armed forces claimed many members during the year, with the U. S. Marines claiming an undisputed majority. Jerry Westendorf was elected president of the organiza- tion during the past year. He was assisted by Bill Knisley, vice-president; Richard Strugarek, secretary; and Paul Herking, treasurer. SEATED: Louis Priske, Harold Mouch, James Fenton, Joseph Zoul, Leland Schmidt, Don Claude- pierre. KNEELING: Jack Caslignola, Walter Zach, Don Pinciotti, William Knisley, Orlando Martino, Richard Strugarek. STANDING: John Marschall, Robert Miller, Paul O ' Rourke, William Sauerman, William Goss. William Powers, Jerry Westendorf, Robert Mclntire. Page One Hundred Two Women ' s Athletic Association FRONT ROW: Elaine Glcssinger, PalriciE Somers, Belly Ann Behringer. BACK ROW: Mary Ann Finke, Pauline Zink, Martha Lehman, Patricia Ortengren. The Women ' s Athletic Association is the coordinating center of all women ' s intramurals. Awards are given to those girls who earn the required number of points by participation in soccer, volleyball, bfcwlingA asketfcall, table tennis, base- ball, and hiking. The ing years a coed ma Every girl is The highest awar Memorial Award and outstanding in snortsm service. Announcement banquet held du winner was Paulifie tter, and in the foUow- silver, and gold pins. this organization. Janet Breidenbach who is the most leadership, and lade at the annual .ool. Last year ' s ' k o He td Ot i ui4 uilcUi. Officers for the year w i s follows: Martha Lehman, president; Betty Ann Behringer, vice-president; Patricia Som- ers, treasurer; Pauline Zink, secretary; Mary Ann Finke, chair- C? «3e man; and Elaine Glossinger, corresponding secretary. Miss Lillian Burke served as faculty adviser. Page One Hundred Three EPSILON GAMMA Pat Somers Pauline Zink Jean Gura Martha Lehman Maria Economides Frances Thornton PHI CHI Miriam Lavoie Ethel Cochran Women ' s Groups ScUoiaiiic 3 i4M o U Organization of coed lastic divisions. This f tates the handhng of closer relationship a: sion rather tha the association ing committee wh " Agnes Immacula adviser. Importa establishing of a pate more direct ' e iSoeW ' rnmentjWas according to scho- ommon interests, facili- and aims to develop ame scholastic divi- cted president of irman of the steer- rouy s ' activities. Sister men, was faculty !e women was the he coeds to partici- , The different group «i -ftB- llows: Alpha Rho Tau, liberal arts division; Beta p ilon Sigma, business group; Epsilon Gamma, division of education; and Phi Chi, science group. ALPHA RHO TAU Jeannette Hibbert Betty Mayl Martha Bucher Betty Ann Behringer BETA UPSILON SIGMA Dorothy Hummert Gertrude Heinz Pat Ortengren Lucille Wehrman " Praise the Lord and pass the Ammunition " Literary Organizations The 1943 Daytonian Jack Stang, Jack Homan, Vincent Yano, Belty Mayl, Clarke Ash. With a clear portrayal of the trend of these war times as ecUaatiAH. " ® primary objective, the 1943 Daytonian was dedicated to the hundreds of alumni now in the service of our country. WoA. yea Jtook ' As the year progressed and many of our students were called into service, the 1943 Daytonian assumed greater im- portance and was destined to go down in school history as a " war yearbook " . EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Vincent Yano Associate Editor Clarke Ash Associate Editor Betty Mayl Business Manager Jack Homan Photography Editor Mary Rose Sullivan Copy Editor Firmin Paulus Organization Editor . ; Jean Gura Feature Editor Robert Seiter Staff Artist Robert Heet Make-up Editor Don Hist Sports Editor James Whalen Advisory Editor Jack Stang TECHNICAL STAFF Dorothy Collins Frank Stilwell Pauline Zink Don Pinciotti Alfred Bagot Arthur Couture William Raiff William Kennedy Martha Lehman Robert Becksted REPORTERS Mary Ann Finke Mary Jane Driscoll Catherine Stich John Graf Ada Kay Bomford Elaine Glossinger Albert Diringer Michael Horikawa Madeline Georgiev Don Hoelle Page One Hundred Six SEATED: Arthur Couture, Madeline Georgiev, Jean Gura, Pauline Zink, Firmin Vaulus. STANDING: James Whalen, Robert Seiter, Don Rist. SEATED: Ca y Ann Finke, Mary Jane Driscoll, Mary Rose Sullivan, John Hickey, Elaine Glos- singar. STANDING: Albert Diringer, Don Hoelle, Frank Stilwell, John Graf, William Raiff. Page One Hundred Seven The Exponent Kathleen Whetro, Marvin DeWitt, Belty Mayl, Adele Klopf. Zx pe QuuLattce. Stude tt Pi Hicatia i The Exponent came into existence in December, 1902. Through the years, | nder e expjprt guidance of Brother Thomas Price, S. M., % campus pubhcation. best of student interesting write current topics, e merous features The Women " . This year ' s aided by assist Kathleen Whetro. mer, Paul Cherrier Stanley, George Thoma ded as the outstanding agazine featured the id a wide variety of poems, essays on s. Among its nu- eviews " , and " We, DeWitt. He was Adele Klopf, and s included Webb Whit- Robert Huels, Thomas Ferris. Page One Hundred Eight The I. R. C. News Betty Suman, Clarke Ash, Kathryn Kunka, Madeline Georgiev. The I. R. C. News, in its fourth year of existence, was pubhshed monthly and was of importance for several reasons. It publicized the activities of the International Relations Club, brought out points regarding international affairs which were of great value in timely discussions, and also efficiently cov- ered places of strategic importance in the present war. Though restricted in size due to war conditions, the staff continually produced excellent editions and featured many prominent artices of international interest. This year ' s staff was composed of Kay Kunka, editor-in- chief; Clarke Ash, assistant editor; Betty Suman, reporter; Madeline Georgiev, writer; and Roy Caponi, cartoonist. ' ou UU yea ' JUneLf IniicUi. Page One Hundred Nine University of Dayton News Robert Pfeiffer, Kaihryn Kunka. Anlhony Rodrigues, Belly Mayl, Roberl Hu2ls. utiia uLu Under the direction of Anthony Rodrigues, editor-in-chief, the U. D. News once again proved itself to be an outstanding campus pubhcation with the coveted " All-American " and " All-Catholic " awards. Qo Hfll le■ Ctxae ' iaae. Published bi-weekly, the paper made consistent and com- plete coverage of campus news and was always well supplied with timely topics of the day. Prof. George F. Kohles, S. M., was faculty adviser. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Anthony Rodrigues Associate Editor k A. Il Betty Mayl Associate Editor AV ,57. jZ ,;- • ) Robert Huels News Editor Ky .l 7 7 If, Kathryn Kunka Sports Editor hr Vi • ( A- ■ Robert Pfeiffer Copy Editor " ST. .jX.vNy J. - TV -V Ada Kay Bomford Staff Artist p .Sv. LgBr , ■ |- y - Catherine Stich Columnist .... .. . ' r . A . •■ •■•• Albert Diringer Sports Columnist I V . .Y ' yyV aA I Manuel Garlikov Paul Ameel Mary Virginia Malone Fern Channell Betty Lou Fincel Sue Boland tich Geq Igel Ralph Haren Godfrey Kampner Paul Kappes James Millard Beverly Tompkins Mary Ann Ledger Helen Richards Betty Carlton Page One Hundred Ten SEATED: Mary Ann Ledger, Vivian Losh, Marilyn Zimmer, Karla Wes-her, Adele Klopf. STANDING: Ralph Haren, George Igel, Godfrey Kampner, Omberto Cocca, Paul Kappes. O " ' 7 SEATED: Sue Boland, Catherine Stich, Helen Richards, Betty Lou Fincel, Ada Kay Bomford. STANDING: Frances Kiefer, Paul Amesl, Robert Edlich, Albert Diringer, Benja- min Mintcn, John Wharton, Mary Malone. Page One Hundred Eleven The Sigma Delta Pi News SEATED: Robert Becksted, Mary Margaret Wack, Walter Rugh. STANDING: Melissa Perky, Alfred Bagot, Ethel Cochran, Robert Hancock, Lola Lake, Maria Economides. 2 eef2.en. OtviUflU AUnuU N Ue4. ' The primary purpose of the Sigma Deha Pi News is to give the pre-med students a deeper insight into what hes ahead in their chosen profession. Articles which are of such a nature as to show the latest advances in the field of medi- cine are featured in each issue. Medical boners, reviews of current scientific books, and interviews with practicing physi- cians, pathologists, laboratory technicians, internes, and nurses form an important part of the News. Connection between alumni and present students is maintained through the " Alumni Notes " , which gives information concerning the location and activities of former members of the pre-med society. Editor-in-chief was Mary Margaret Wack. She was ably assisted by associate editor Walter Rugh. Dr. Francis Molz, S. M., associate Dean of Science, served as faculty adviser. Page One Hundred Twelve The Dud " " TffTfTTTTn } ffe a ■ « p « fi r T r T T 1 ■ ' T TTT 7 T 7 T T SEATED: Ellsworth Foland, Webb Whitmer, Charles Lause. STANDING: Marvin DeWitt, Robert Uebbing. The Dud has now the more well establishe; ized in 1940, it is an o; fundamentals, spec The publication h " Remarks from tb on the various R. spirit of cooperation wartime strategy, Issued three edited by Sgt. Webb Foland and Marvin iroper position among the campus. Organ- n of military humor, terest to the cadet. s regular feature. The latest news d to promote the al in the present publication was by Lts. Ellsworth ts. Robert Wening and se was staff artist. Its distri- Stanley Chmiel. Lt. Charles bution is limited to members of the military department and the cadet corps. MilUa itf. ( ' XypA e44ia t JlUtuied jbi U Ui tiio i Page One Hundred Thirteen Campus Doings Dud staff at work .... Math Club gathering. .. " Rabbit " tells a big one... Ace photographer Sullivan .... Fred discusses Military Ball .... Turning out I. R. C. News .... Four-year women ' s bowling champions. . . .Proofreading Sigma Dsha Pi News. . . .Exponent editor and adviser. . . I. R. C. informal discussion. . .Debating society initiation. . .Bob presents their royal highnesses. Mighty " Mosquitoes " Musical Organizations Marching and Concert Band FIRST ROW: John Graf, Henry Froelich, Frank Doorley, Thomas Oppenheim, Nicholas Ruef, Fred Liederbach, Don Ruhl, Adele Klopf, Joseph Bange, Richard Weslendorf. SECOND ROW: Maurice Reichard, Director, Richard Alexander, Ted Brown, Richard Anduze, Everett Archdeacon, Don Rist, Alfred Rampone, Jerry Oppenheim, Richard Kuhlman, Gerald Haury, William McHugh, Alan Wurstner, Wayne Stamm, Betty Suman, Philip Ostendorf, Robert Kemper, John Stang. THIRD ROW: Robert Pemberton, Fred Grimm, Marvin Paulin, William Gallagher, Robert Zimmer- mann, Robert Becksled, Hewitt Larsen, James Klopf, Anthony Rodrigues, Edmond Morrison, Arthur Dannin. FOURTH ROW: Lois Stafford, Robert Funke, Thomas Cron, John Thoma, Edward Schlei, John Wroe, Herman Eichel, James Will, Robert LeMaitre, Edwin Becker, James Freeh. In its initial appearance of the year, the band performed the opening football game against Hillsdale and was Jrum-Major Joe Bange at " rained out " after playi: regular appearances at colorful original drills a: the capable directi ' by Drum-Major Ji Due to war the usual out -of- members was he! The twentiet earnest practice ( lights of the year. Liederbach. Anthem. They made games and presented the halves under and on the field annette Hibbert. unable to make tribute to senior were awarded. inated weeks of outstanding high- James Will and Fred Officers for the year w«e Jack Stang, president; Fred Liederbach, vice-president; and Frank Doorley, secretary- treasurer. Sponsor Jan Hibbert Mixed Chorus ' ' ooUaU ll(M tdup. ' With the dissolution of both the men ' s and women ' s chorus groups because of the acceleration program, the mixed chorus group came into existence. Practice sessions were held twice weekly. During the year, the group sang before the student body in several assemblies and also participated in making a transcription for the radio of the " Football Roundup " . The chorus also performed for the nurses at the St. Elizabeth Hospital. During Christmas vacation, they sang Christmas carols at the monthly Mothers ' Club meeting. Officers for the year were Edmond Morrison, president; Jean Gura, vice-president; Miriam Loges, secretary-treasurer, n ij y Mary Virginia Malone accompanied the chorus on the piano. s.edfo. Active four-year members receiving a gold key included Jack Stang, Joe Jacobs, Jean Gura, and John Wroe. SEATED: Mary Malone, Catherine Slich, Lola Lake, Adeline Sherrod, Miriam Loges, Maurice Reichard Director, Fern Channell, Kathryn Kunka, Jean Wright, Ada Kay Bomford, Mary Ann Finke. SECOND ROW: William Hinton, Jack Stang, Jeannette Hibbert, Madeline Georgiev, Jean Gura, Patricia Ortengren, John Weldon, Thomas Rolterman, Dorothy Meyer, Lois Stafford, Martha Bucher, Mary Margaret Wack, John Graf, Robert Kemper. THIRD ROW: Paul Kappes, Richard McCann, Robert Seiter, Marvin Talmage, Joseph Jacobs, Rich- ard Kinn, Albert Diringer, John Wroe, Richard Westendorf, Michael Fischer, Arthur Dannin. Page One Hundred Seventeen Th e spians T tAe Plcufi. Mulical SUtuu Under the direction of Maurice Reichard, the Thespians, organized in 1938, presented three plays and cooperated in the annual musical show during the past year. With an all-fres! initial play, " The D student assembly, despicable " Dea another assembl entertaining royal ing " and " Christ Club. In the fin the Thespians C ' ance. Jeannette leading roles, with tured roles. Combining the Thespians lent talent to rming brilliantly, the was a success at a the show as the " next presented at with Sue Boland " Railroad Cross- n for the Mothers ' A Lucky Break " , superb perform- mann played the Bob Seiter in fea- er musical organizations, annual musical show. Officers for the year were Robert Seiter, president; Jean- nette Hibbert, vice-president; and Adele Unverferth, secretary- treasurer. " THE DOCTOR DECIDES ' " MOON SIGNS " -J -hI - i FIRST ROW: Elaine Glossinger, Ina Stautzenbach, Jeannelte Hibbert, Ada Kay Bomford, Elhel Cochran, Mary Malone, Jean Argasl, Sue Boland. SECOND ROW: Miriam Loges, Adele Unverferth, Mary Jane Driscoll, Betty Mayl, Betty Ann Behringer, Mary Ann Ledger, Margaret Carroll, Fern Channell, Sue Dudlext. THIRD ROW: Helen Richards, Kathleen Day, Marita Sharkev, Martha Bucher, Ann Fitzgerald, Catherine Stich, Marilyn Zimmer, Kathryn Kunka, Jean Wright, Ruth Driscoll. FOURTH ROW: Jack Fenton, Ralph Oulcalt, Nor ' -is Hellwig, John Wrynn, Robert Zimmermann, Albert Diringer, Robert Seitsr, John Graf, Thomas Beil, Walter Rugh. STAGE CREW ' A LUCKY BREAK " Mask and Mascara Leading players Vital factor in show The " Maestro " and assistant Stage setting board Musical Qanteoif 6 UfUuU Plot P ' ui U4ce U. The Mask and Mascara production is the annual original musical comedy presented by the Mixed Chorus and Thespians under the direction of Maurice Reichard. Robert Kemper and Jeannette Hibbert played the leading roles in this year ' s production. The opening scene is laid in a radio station a few minutes before starting a new broad- casting day. During the broadcast, the engineer overhears a foreign station delving in important information concerning a new secret Axis weapon. This is relayed to the F. B. I. and the plot centers around the hunt for the guilty foreign agents. The Oppenheim twins cause much confusion and comedy in the play. The script was written by Maurice Reichard and Jack Stang. All music in the production was written especially for the musical by Maurice Reichard. This was the ninth annual Mask and Mascara production. Page One Hundred Twenty ' Here comes the Navy " Religious Organizations Cabos FIRST ROW: Elaine Glossinger, Betly Ann Behringer, Jack Fenton, Alfred Bagot, Sue Boland, Mary Ann Finite. SECOND ROW: Ralph Haren, Robert Brewer, John Wrynn, Alberl Diringer, James Whalen, Firmin Paulus, Robert Pfeiffer. THIRD ROW: Mary Rose Sullivan, Martha Bucher, Mary Jane Driscoll, Marilyn Zimmer, Ann Fitzgerald, Frances Kiefer, Dorothy Meyer, Lucille Wehrman, Betty Lou Fincel. 6U ilUia t lieHtUUi SUee t Xeotu e. The Campus Activities Board of Service was organized by Rev. Lawrence Monheim, S. M., in 1938 for the purpose of rendering spiritual, charitable, and intellectual service to the campus activities and foster a deeper spirit of Christian friend- ship on the campus. This year the CABOS sponsored the magazine distribution to students and the U. S. O. An important highhght of the syear was the arrangement of a lecture by the renowned Rt. Rev. Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen on " A Crisis In Christendom " at the N. C. R. Auditorium. Christmas cards were sold, proceeds of which were given to the aid of the poor. An assembly and triduum in honor of Father William Chaminade was made possible by this organization. A significant donation to the school was made in the form of a ship ' s lamp which will burn for the duration — a symbol of constant prayer for all the alumni in the armed forces. Officers of the organization were Alfred Bagot, president; Betty Ann Behringer, vice-president; Jack Fenton, treasurer; and Sue Boland, secretary. Page One Hundred Twenty-two Students ' Mission Crusade SEATED: Ralph Rohner, William Holly, Catherine Slich, John Forbes, Benjamin Minton. STANDING: Ralph Haren, William Donohue. James Schuler, Alfred Rampone, Robert Edlich, Carl Glassen, Joseph CoUigan, Mark Moots. The Catholic Students ' Mission Crusade has for its pur- pose, " To sell the missions to o selves and to others " . Prayer, sacrifice, and study a member subscribed to amount of time each Communion is r The C. S. M. scapulars for the the group sponson were Catherine party were donat the army, navy corridor of the Adminr member of the group, was their program. Each devoted a certain the missions. Holy r drive to secure n the social side, bree. Co-chairmen roceeds from this nting representing angs in the main Bruce Graham, a P ' uufia ' i, cutd Stitdif. canJut ee. " Serving as officers for the year were John Forbes, presi- dent; Ralph Rohner, vice-president; Catherine Stich, secretary; William Holly, treasurer. Faculty moderator was Rev. Law- rence Monheim, S. M. Page One Hundred Twenty-three Sodality SEATED: Ted Schuler, Roberl Huels, Anthony Rodrigues, Albert Diringer, Paul Kappes. SECOND ROW: Richard Alexander, Fred Liederbach, Raymond Murphy, Charles Seaman, Robert Edlich. THIRD ROW: James Cush, Godfrey Kampner, John Rauscher, Richard Welsh, George Igel. 10eeM f. MeeiUt ' J ' UcUuuni. The Sodality of the Immaculate Conception, in accord- ance with its particular aim, the promotion of special devotion to Mary, held weekly meetings at which the life and virtues of the Blessed Virgin were the major topics of discussion. During the year, triduums in preparation for the feasts of the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Lourdes, and one for the beatification of Father William Chaminade, founder of the Society of Mary, were sponsored by the Sodality. A special committee formulated a list of personal practices for the Sodalist which included filial love for Mary, constant pos- session of a rosary, scapular, and miraculous medal, the assistance at Sunday Mass with a missal, and the reception of Holy Communion at least once a week. Anthony Rodrigues, president; Ted Schuler, vice-president; Robert Huels, secretary; Richard Alexander, corresponding secretary; and Charles Seaman, sacristan, served as officers for the year. Rev. Lawrence Monheim, S. M., was faculty ad- viser. Page One Hundred Twenty-four Chapel Choir FIRST ROW: Robert Becksled, Charles Moll, William Miller, Ralph Rohner, Thomas Braun, Palrick Tobin. SECOND ROW: Joseph Overwein, Charles Seaman, Alberl Diringer, Roberl Zimmermann, William Gallagher, John Weldon, Edmond Morrison. The Chapel Choir is exclusively a campus organization. Its sole purpose is to furnish the vocal music necessary for chapel services. These include the regular Sunday High Mass, Benedictions during the week, and on special occasions such as First Fridays and feasts of the Blessed Virgin. QUofi Se u ice In acquainting the members with some of the best in Church music, there was fine collaboration between choir members and the chapel organist, Bro. Thomas Poitras, S. M. This year a fine repertoire was arranged; masses of Stehle, Mitterer, Singenberger, Gruber, and Biggs were included; i te. Kefie uai ie. motet compositions by Witt, Carnevali, Ferro, Thielen, Rossini, and Schehl were added to the library. Both solo and chorus arrangements of the various compositions were acquired for the year. Liturgical requirements were honored at all times. Serving as officers for the year were Joseph Overwein, president; Edmond Morrison, vice-president; and Albert Dir- inger, secretary and librarian. Page One Hundred Twenty-five Religious Activities " In nomine Patri " . . . .Heart of U. D " My Lord and my God " . . .Alumni dedicatory service . . . .End of a great ceremony. . . .The distinguished Trapp family choir. . .Rt. Rev. Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen. .. .Ship ' s lamp — symbol of prayer for those in service. .. .Father O ' Neill, C. S. C, preaches annual retreat. " Anchors Aweigh " Professional Organizations Chemical Seminar hi !■■ J M ' wm WF 1 1 ault - Y ' 1 1 .y. - -. » 1.;.; ■■■ -- -:- -i " KNEELING: Thomas McMahon, William Raiff, Wayne Sheidler, Hewitt Larsen, Charles Keller, Edward Agnew, John Rauscher. STANDING: Mary Rose Sullivan.. Edmund Velten, Paul Kispersky, Michael Connair, Paul Engle, Robert Zimmermann, Paul Schauer, Joseph Overwein, Robert Kessler, Norman Lanter. PofiefU. a4ul ' lalk A e u 2 eoeIofi He tii. Comprised of junior and senior students of chemical engi- neering, the Chemical Seminar held weekly meetings on Saturday mornings to discuss the problems and new develop- ments of the field. Papers and tal members. These subjects such as rei from petroleum, pre lDara forensic chemistry war conditions, tr: tailed. presented by the ing contemporary mulsions, toluene s, wetting agents, isorption. Due to ere greatly cur- Faculty adviser wb Dr. VlRUiaiS J. W6Mleben, S. M., head of the department of CnfetQjmijBnffirfeering. Officers for the year were Paul Engle, presmgm; Paul Kispersky, vice-presi- dent; Norman Lanter, secretary; and Michael Connair, pub- licity director. Page One Hundred Twenty-eight Sigma Delta Pi The purpose of the Sigma Delta Pi premedicol Society is fourfold: To create enthusiasm for superior scholarship; to promote exemplary qualities of character; to acquaint the members with modern advances in medicine and research technique; and to engage in formal and informal discussions. Meetings were held bi-weekly and feature talks by guest speakers on subjects pertaining to the medical profession and allied fields were arranged regularly. Activities included a get-together for the members ' parents and friends, a Christmas parly, the annual banquet, and traditional outing for seniors. The society sponsored Jane Seitz for Homecoming Queen. The year ' s officers were Charles Moll, president; Robert Becksted, vice-president; Walter Rugh, treasurer; and Mary Margaret Wack, secretary and publicity director. Faculty ad- viser was Dr. Francis Molz, S. M., head of the Division of Science. au ipUd Pi4Afto4e. ii,1iJeeJzltf. M eiitUf. SEATED: Walter Rugh, Alfred Bagot. Charles Moll, Robert Becksted, Robert Hancock, George Thoma. KNEELING: Miriam Lavoie. Mary Margaret Wack. Maria Economidss, Melissa Perky, Frances Thornton, Ethel Cochran.. Mae Driscoll, Elizabeth McKown. STANDING: Raymond Murphy, Richard Welsh, Lola Lake, Niall Scully, Frank Hollencamp, Irene Neher, George Markus, Thomas Myers, Carl Nutini. Page One Hundred Twenty-nine Society of Civil Engineers t34u lt 6i liLute. £ ' ufi tee ii.4 I4yp4. Affiliated with the American Society of Civil Engineers, the University of Dayton Student Chapter was chartered in 1926 for the purpose of maintaining a high professional stand- ard among its members and encouraging intercourse between men of practical science. Three times during the past four years, the Dayton Student Chapter has been awarded a Letter of Commendation from the President of the national organization, the highest tribute paid to any student chapter. The Chapter sponsored bi-weekly meetings featuring student lectures, guest speakers, slide talks, and movies. In- structive engineering trips, under faculty supervision, were made weekly during the second semester. Fraternal contact with members of the Dayton Local Section was particularly stressed. Don Rist, president; Robert Wening, secretary-treasurer; and WiUiam McHugh and Robert Schmidt, Committeemen, served as this year ' s officers. Bro. Charles Belz, S. M., was faculty adviser; Mr. Jos. J. Chamberlain, Jr., Senior Contact Member; and Mr. Robert E. Gates, Junior Contact Member. KNEELING: David Tom, Richard Davis, Howard Preston, Ralph Rohner. STANDING: Robert Schmidt, Anthony Wong, Don Rist, William JMcHugh, Robert Wening. Page One Hundred Thirty Pi Delta Rho KNEELING: Robert Hess, William Greenwell, Charles Rains.. James Cush, Melvin Crosby. STANDING: Marvin Talmage, Frank Welch, Eugene Rolterman, Edmond Morrison, James Klopf. The Pi Delta Rho, electrical engineering society, now in its third year of existence, was formed for the purpose of offer- ing to the upperclassman the opportunity of familiarizing him- self with contemporary advancements in the field of electricity and radio. Bi-weekly meetings presented by senior shooting in industi tion and lighting design of radio tu of wire tables, an demonstrations of these seminars was held during were curtailed becaus " at which topics were b| :oncerning trouble- phone, illumina- manufacture and e ccibles, development intenbnce. Movies and wersf also features of fqjiT llectrical engineers ipsyana inspection tours :onaJ einergency. The officers for the yeap ere Eugene Rotterman, presi- dent; Frank Welch, secretary-treasurer; and Edmond Morri- son, publicity director. The seminars were conducted under the direction of Bro. Louis Rose, S. M., head of the department of electrical engineering. CUoOUcal 9tiie i Ca4 t nu tuxUia4i.i, Page One Hundred Thirty-one Mechanical Engineering Society FIRST ROW: John Hoban, Edward Schlei, Robert Schaefer, William Stoermer, Robert Perkins, Don Ruhl, Charles Freer.. Robert Luken.. George Keller. SECOND ROW: Jessa Evans, Norman Woolley, John Wroe, Paul Herking, Jack Homan, Harold Raybould, Roland Weeks, Lawrence Jehn, Roman Wiggen- horn, Robert Schweller, Robert Hellmuth. THIRD ROW: Louis Synck, Robert Colby, John Westerheide, Jack Kenney, William Fitzgibbon, Don Schultz, William Olsen, Newton Lumm, Erie Mum- power, Ernest Jackson, Philip Bauer. SolidaAiiu. Queii Sjxe4ih i Organized in 1936, for the purpose of acquainting the students with the experiences of practicing engineers and to promote a reaUzation of the responsibihties of their profession, the Mechanical Engineerinig Society endelpvors to develop a solidarity among the mecljwinijSir eamneming students. The society sponsi regular monthly meetr in Kelly, Mr. ' ihoma Lingler. Due to war conducted. The societ ties, winning first priz annual Homecomin ' the campus clubroom on March 17. eakers at its ed Mr. Mack- and Mr. Lou ction trip was campus activi- uilding for the a party in nt, St. Patrick, Officers of the past year w fe Paul Herking, president; John Westerheide, secretary-treasurer; and Edwin Zwiesler, publicity director. Bro. Andrew Weber, S. M., served as faculty adviser to the group. Poge One Hundred Thirty-two All In a College Education Civil engineers .... " Take your choice " . .. .Pre-meds show parents .... Electricals discuss problem .... Grand prize .... Sodality leaders talk it over with Fr. Stueve .... Mixed chorus rehearsal .... " Gloria in excelsis Deo " .... " Did you hear about the moron who.... " .... Monologue at C. S. M. C. party.... " A bit of (?), please " .... Important cog on campus. LIFE IN THE " Dear Lord " Seat open Who ' s fighting who? That eight ball Waiting for the boys. . . .U. D. ' s own mountaineers. . . .Cute, eh?. . .Buddies. . .Zoot suit Paul. . .Three roomies .... " Let ' s see " . .That letter from home .... Friendly chat. .. . " Come on, now " . .. .Hawaiian melodies. .. . " Doc " Alvarez and his pals. .. .Campus party.... 3.0 in the making. Page One Hundred Thirty-four DORM " Never a dull moment! " This describes the life in the dorm — a life crowded with count- less incidents, some happy and gay, others amusing and comical, and still others sad and gloomy. Here is the campus workshop, where the characters of the students are guided into various channels and from whence come our future leaders. Each day is but another hnk in the long chain of an active campus life — the despised rising in the morning — friendly pool games — bull sessions in various room s — midnight snacks — Httle tricks and practical jokes — long, strenuous nights of study — submission to strict discipline — sharing that package from home — the occasional howling and yelling sprees in the sacred guiet of the halls — all stir up cher- ished memories of a life which put education to a practical test. Page One Hundred Thirty-five Defense Council lUST-NOw " ■ -1-i 1 ■- ■ " nm i l " - j H Hhf -.-,,. " " sff. iii ' tti l I Bro. G. W. Nagel, S. M. JiUii4o i li.ed.e ' iue. Pno yui H4. K ' s, official representative of the joint Army-Navy-Marine Corps-Coast Guard Personnel Procurement Board in Wash- ington, Bro. G. W. Nagel, S. M., history instructor, assumes an important role in tl cou sfry ' s wjpr effort as director of the defense council. 1 With the acguij relative to the va " ' service program liaison officer betvfreen and the student boiy developments on t periodical reports reserve students. The director is authorize in the following programs: corps, medical administrative corps; Navy — V-1, V-5, V-7, V-12, and specialists ' corps; Marines — candidates ' class for com- missions; and the Coast Guard. of all information and the selective o. Nagel acts as chool authorities, posted on latest rams and makes g of the enlisted ndle enlistment procedures y — E. R. C, electronics, air Page One Hundred Thirty-six News Service Bureau Clarke Ash and Betty Mayl The function of the News Service Bureau is the interpre- tation of the University, its activities and pohcies, to the gen- „ , , ,, eral pubhc through releases and services to newspapers and - ' ' s other publications. Academic, extra-curricular, and athletic activities are interpreted and presented in their proper per- spectives. R. C. Brown, ' 34, alumni secretary, heads the bureau and Su-a,eAM4AaA. supervises all its activities. Assisting him in the interpretation ' of the Unive rsity news is a student staff consisting of Clarke Ash and Betty Mayl. The aim of the bureau is a continuous program of active and effective interpretations to all who are concerned with or Cllecti. ol 1i a interested in the University. Largely due to war conditions, the releases to home-town papers of students, nearby cities, the Catholic press, and even to the local Dayton papers were somewhat curtailed this past year. Page One Hundred Thirty-seven Alumni Association Mr. R. C. Brown Me tMe uUifi4. ' iuuH uti. " MaCfCi A, ie. Oljfice at d BoaAcL Including in its membership more than three thousand men and women in thirty-eight states, six foreign countries, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia, the Alumni Association had its beginnings in 1893 at what was then St. Mary ' s Institute. R. C. Brown, ' 34, full-time alumni secretary, directs the organization activities and also edits the " Alumnus " magazine, a monthly devoted to news of the alumni. This year the armed forces claimed many of the University ' s sons, for whom an attractive honor roll was erected in St. Mary ' s Hall. Officers of the association include the Hon. William H. Wolff ' 31, president, Charles Pfarrer ' 27, vice-president, Wil- liam J. Reynolds ' 29, treasurer, and R. C. Brown ' 34, secretary. The board of directors include Joseph Goetz ' 31, Elmer Will ' 37, Dr. Leon Deger ' 10, Dr. Waher Reiling ' 30, Paul Moorman ' 30, and Hugh E. Wall, Jr. ' 34. Page One Hundred Thirty-eight Student Guidance Directed by Bro. Edward Knust, S. M., the Student Guid- ance office is concernqU chi v withA the selection of new students. By the prepa informative literature, the curriculum, s University. Brother Knust University represeritative; school seniors con in his position as Knust in these act ution of colorful and are informed of activities of the high schools by ' erviews with high eers YMaurice Reichard, ted with Brother Aleut Stude tti. OfUe ' utieiA A series of scholarship coht and awards are conducted by the Student Guidance ofiice in Montgomery and seven ScUola iAJiiixi. nearby counties and in several of the larger cities. Other c:«o« -m « m. University scholarships are administered through the office. Bro. Edward Knust, S. M. Page One Hundred Thirty-nine " To the shores of Tripoh " Athletics Advertising Indices Athletic Director 7we4iiifj(ute. 1fea t4. AlaiiancU a t itkUiic Boand Mr. Harry C. Baujan Mr. Harry C. Baujan enjoys an enviable reputation as a winning football and baseball coach and a perfect gentleman. A graduate of Notre Dame, he was an ardent pupil of Knute Rockne, playing at end for the great " Rock " . He was named " All- Western " for two straight seasons. In his 21 years as Dayton coach, his football teams have won 124 games, lost 64, and tied eight. Flyer football teams have acguired fame from coast to coast. Basketball, baseball, and other minor sports have pro- gressed steadily since Mr. Baujan took over as athletic director in 1928. Extensive intramural programs have been developed under his expert guidance. Mr. Baujan is advised by a board consisting of Aloysius Doyle, S. M., Francis Molz, S. M., William Dapper, S. M., Wil- liam Wohlleben, S. M., Martin Kuntz, J. Ellis Mayl, Leo Spatz, Robert C. Payne, Louis R. Mahrt, Merle P. Smith, and Hon. William H. Wolff. Page One Hundred Forty-two Faculty Manager Aloysius Doyle, S. M. . . On the land as on the sea " Football Page One Hundred Forty-four Varsity Football Priske off on a long gain DAYTON 24 19 6 — 49 FINDLAY 0— Flyers score on opening kick-off when Miller falls on ball in end zone. . . . Dayton overwhelms Oilers by scoring two more touchdowns in first period, one each by Knisley and Priske .... Zach thrills fans by making good a 46-yd. field goal .... Flyers sew up game in third and fourth quarters with four touch- downs .... Frosh team gives rise to bright prospects. DAYTON 7 WESTERN MICHIGAN Western Michigan long winning streak Knisley finally scores after beini pletely stops Coleman, flashy M: again scores, this time fro comes in fourth period on scoring and Rudnicki con 21 ended. by Flyers in muddy battle . . . line .... Stellar line com- ith perfect blocking, Knisley converting .... Final score Dayton 35, Castignola DAYTON 1 - • ' 0 Y f7 I 6 7 — 20 HEIDELBERG ... ..... lL,0 , ' ' ' 0 a 2—2 Flyers take Heidelberg intof-C mp inmMd. n ht Otofe of season. . . .First score comes on a bullet pass fromsKni («p ' ;)j{p Sjjtfgarek. . . .Zach converts.... Knisley scores from the 5-yd. lineitHthfraacJsKlto . . . .Plucky Heidelberg forward wall rushes Priske who steps out of «4 zone on an attempted punt to give Student Princes 2 points. . . .Milt McGuire scores final touchdown, Zach again converting. . . .Flyer Frosh squad play final minutes. DAYTON 6— 6 TENNESSEE 13 7 7 7 — 34 Dayton invades Knoxville and makes creditable showing against powerful Tennessee .... Gaffney and Nowling score for Vols in first period on two well- executed reverses. . . .Fenton ' s touchdown run is called back. . . .Gold scores for third Vol touchdown. . . .Knisley ' s accurate aerials thrill fans. . . .Fuson hits center of Dayton line for third stanza touchdown .... Pinciotti passes to Fenton for Flyers ' lone score. . . .Long scores against a tired but fighting Dayton eleven for final touchdown. .. .Dayton leads in first downs, 13 to 11. Page One Hundred Forty-five l lf ;5iiVii y !» .. BHM Iife ' J E B |i ™ K : MARSCHALL .% • vy » ; U 3; ' ■• ' ' •vTP ' T, HERKING , .» ••■ 7 MclNTIRE KNISLEY Page One Hundred Forty-eight Varsity Football Don goes over for six points DAYTON 7 6 7 — 20 MIAMI 0— Flyers trek to Oxford to notch fourth victory .... Pinciotti scores on a plunge after Dayton launched a sustained drive from their own 39 yd. line. . . .Zach converts. . . .A penalty against Dayton and an attempted field goal which was wide prevents two more scores in the second quarter .... Knisley scores second Flyer touchdown on an end run .... Castignola scores in fourth quarter with Goss converting to terminate scoring .... Game well attended by Dayton rooters who give team plenty of support. DAYTON XAVIER Capacity crowd of 11,000 blood when Zoul catches with an 80-yd. march to a t9Uchdoi ( . . . .Flyers come back strdng i: passes to Schmidt for one a: id for the other, with Zach an quarter with a touchdown DAYTON MARSHALL Homecoming game for Flyers. . . touchdown after a sustained drive — 20 6 — 13 ame. . . .Flyers draw first avier comes right back and Donadio converting score twice .... Knisley is arm and runs 54 yards keteers rally late in final 13 — 20 6 — 13 . Kn4:gT drives over for the first Dayton .The Queen and her attendants are pre- sented to the large Homecoming crowd at halftime .... Fenton, replacing the injured Knisley, sparks the Flyers to another touchdown, scoring himself from the four. . . .Priske scores minutes later to give Dayton a 13-point lead. . . .An intercepted pass sets up the Thundering Herd ' s final touchdown with McCuskey scoring three plays later. Fans get a kick out of plucky Marshall squad. DAYTON CHATTANOOGA 7 7 — 14 6 6 — 12 Flyers ' first encounter with a tough Chattanooga eleven .... First quarter is scoreless, with Dayton threatening twice .... Strugarek scores on pass from Castignola and Zach converts .... Moccasins score next on a short pass from Courley to Brady, but fail to convert .... In fourth quarter Chattanooga scores again on a tricky criss-cross punt return by Kovacevich. . . .With 20 seconds remaining in game, Priske returns a punt 61 yards for the most spectacular run of year and pulls game out of fire .... Zach again converts. Page One Hundred Forty-nine Gridiron Flashes Touchdown! For the last time " Fifty-six right on two! " Bringing him down Mighty U. D. defense Varsity Football DAYTON 0— CINCINNATI 7 7 6 — 20 Flyers travel to Cincinnati to absorb second defeat of season. . . .Stargel, rangy Bearcat end, blocks Knisley ' s afeempte pass. icks it out of the air, and runs unmolested over the Dayton gcoL-iim, f Cn w tallies again on a sustained drive of 50 yards with Schneid Nhicffly hittmmpqy dirt in the second quarter .... Bearcats ' final touchdoj ddrnAs after ng iAjpng drive, Schneider scor- ing from two-yard line. iv . DAYTON OHIO U.. Last game for 12 Flyer serhfi . with Zach converting .... Hnrftajti cli ' with a touchdown from one-yar . After scoreless third period, Dayt 7 — — 20 ore Qfi a plunge to open scoring a sustained drive in second period ends with Flyers leading 13 to rakes its final six points when Fenton scores on a fake pass play .... Zach again converts .... Game climaxes one of most successful seasons in U. D. history with a record of eight wins and two losses. Freshman Football Squad FIRST ROW: Carl Johnson, Robert McDonald, Barlo Mariscalco, Jack Francisco, William McCormick, Danle Terzi, Roberl Ryan, John Culley. SECOND ROW: Coach Frank Baujan, John Lolhschuetz, Robert Mislan, Edmond Toscani, Lawrence Davis, Nate DiLiberto, James Scheuerman, Robert Madden, Wendell Cultice. THIRD ROW: Richard Marshall, Roger Thomas, Kenneth Pitzer, Robert Trockle, Richard Dahn, Bernard Hickey, Robert Dunn, Patrick Hill, Nick DiCiacco, Walter Malley, Karl Kellermeyer. Page One Hundred Fifty-one Managers and Cheerleaders FIRST ROW: Richard Kahl, Thomas Harvey, Jack Kenney. SECOND ROW: Frank Aires, Carl Johnson, Michael Quigley. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerome Burke, Marvene Davis, Roberl Schmidt, Elizabeth Ake, Don Hoelle. McutcUf,en4. Performing a thousand incidental jobs such as issuing uniforms, caring for aquipmAnt, " fating up " the boys, and serving the athletes qtvdjspc g, tlia football managers are the " silent heroes " bjijl fl « ucqjB ul gridiron season. Al- ways handy, the rtiefnagek-s unselns time to be vital oSS Sn Othe athletic Jack Kenneyj heac mqijac Johnson, ThomaslHarv nronJi Richard Kahl. U vIS (i, ' ,) ' . Hevoted much of their Fam. is a4ly assisted by Carl 3S, Michael Quigley, and QUe tleade Helping to infefiftsthat dk WJfjdJJ ' injfeTAe crowd of students and faithful rooters, tn s;hePf}i cwrerg ere likewise an essential part of the football seasonS TaSy continually won the hearts of the crowd with many noveT stunts and routines. Robert Schmidt, veteran cheerleader, led a capable group consisting of Marvene Davis, Elizabeth Ake, Jerome Burke, and Don Hoelle. Poge One Hundred Fifty-two Set for a strike Play ball! Keen competition Between games Intramurals With the accelerated scholastic program and the newly- inaugurated physical fitness set-up occupying most of the students ' time this year, the ever popular intramural program had to be greatly curtailed. Intramural activities had to be limited to bowling and basketball for both men and women. Frank Baujan, men ' s intramural director, capably con- ducted a basketball program consisting of two leagues of six teams each and also a bowling league made up of eight teams. He was assisted by Don Pinciotti, Frank Aires, and Jack Castignola in basketball and by John Marschall in bowl- ing. The coeds found enough spare time to enjoy a spirited race in both basketball and bowling under the able direction of Miss Lillian Burke. Buena Greer in bowling and Martha Lehman and Pat Ortengren in basketball assisted Miss Burke in the smooth functioning of a limited but enjoyable intramural program. J itnUecL P uufAxi n Me4i. ' i. ActUUiieA. ' Wa He t ' i. AoUoltiei. Mr. Frank Baujan Miss Lillian Burke Homecoming Memories Betty Lou casts winning vote. . . . " Little Joe " . . .Hike-one-two-one-two. . .Queen Pauline, escort Al, and attendants .... Candidates for Queen .... Frank presents bouquet to a real queen .... " Pretty as a picture " . . . .Attendants Mary and Mary Jane. . . .Queen Pauline and Attendants Polly and Dottie .... Attendants Jane and Adele. Pagee One Hundred Fifty-four ' . . . . and in sunny tropic scenes " Basketball Varsity Basketball QoocL Seaifut Marking his fourth season as Flyer basketball coach, Jim Carter produced another outstanding five this year with a record of nine wins against eight losses. Though not always consistent, the Hilltoppers made up for it by brilliant wins against such highly touted opponents as Bowling Green, Xavier, Cincinnati, Ohio U., and Marshall. tM-Uflt loen i(fe. 9tvLuUcUiai (u xvU, Averaging 44 points per game as against 42 for their rivals, the Flyers tallied 305 field goals and 143 free throws for a total of 7o3 points as against 721 points scored by the opposition. Scoring 149 points, Bob Swartzel, junior forward, grabbed individual scoring honors this year. Sophomores Don Schultz and Eddie Zwiesler surprised by scoring 125 and 98 points respectively. Captain Jerry Westendorf, not playing in three games due to a broken nose, came through with 88 points. Kenny Pitzer and Don Claudepierre thrilled crowds all season with their outstanding defensive play. FIRST ROW: James Finke, Wendell Cultice, Roberl Swartzel, James Gift.. Roger Thomas. SECOND ROW: Jerry Westendorf, Don Schultz, Lawrence Davis. Harold Knapke, Robert Mislan. THIRD ROW: Kenny Pitzer, Richard Dahn, Coach Jim Carter, Richard Kelly, Bernard Hickey. Page One Hundred Fifty-six Kenny hooks one in Mad scramble Two points? Nice follow-up Foul! Eddie fights for ball Season ' s Record Dayton 33 Wittenberg 56 Dayton 59 Wilmington 38 Dayton 45 Ohio Univ 32 Dayton 49 Wittenberg 70 Dayton 52 Marshall 45 Dayton 33 Miami 57 Dayton 51 Cincinnati 34 Dayton 69 Cedarville 39 Dayton 30 Miami 42 Dayton 35 Patterson Field 44 Dayton 51 Xavier 28 Dayton 48 Marshall 52 Dayton 43 Ohio Univ 45 Dayton 28 Patterson Field 27 Dayton 47 Cincinnati 34 Dayton 41 Bowling Green 24 Dayton 39 Xavier .61 A - " " Don Claudepierre Jerry Westendorf Robert Swartzel Kenny Pilzer Wendell Cullice William Knisley James Gift Edwin Zwiesler Don Schultz Flyer cage squad opens season at Springfield and loses to a more experienced Wittenberg team .... High scoring game .... Wittenberg ' s Fisher contributes 24 points to the 33-56 score. . . .Dayton smothers Wilmington College 59-38 for first win of season .... Bob Swartzel, Flyer forward, is high point man with 13 points. . . .Ohio U. is humbled to the tune of 45-32 at the Coliseum. . . .Soph center Don Schultz shows promise by sphtting the mesh for 13 markers. . . . Wittenberg repeats win over Flyers with 49-70 score .... Dayton uncovers bril- liant freshman in Kenny Pitzer who scores 13 points. . . .U. D. jumps back into win column by walloping Marshall 52-45. . . .Game hotly contested and marked by many fouls on both teams. . . .Swartzel and Knisley get 18 and 12 points respectively .... Dayton loses to Miami at Oxford 33-57 .... Brown, giant Red- skin center, controls ball all evening and gets 14 points .... Captain Jerry Westendorf and Swartzel divide scoring honors for Flyers. . . .U. D. takes Cin- cinnati into camp by a score of 51-34. . . .Dayton makes up for Bearcat height with speed .... Knisley and Westendorf each score 1 1 points .... Freshman guard Roger Thomas leads U. D. to a 69-30 victory over Cedarville with 13 markers .... Flyers lose again to Miami 30-42 in a rough game .... Brown leads Pagee One Hundred Fifty-eight f r- f ' . Robert Mislan Lawrence Davis Frank Aires James Finks Bernard Hickey Robert Perkins Richard Dahn Roger Thomas Harold Knapke Redskins with 12 points while Schultz is high for Dayton with 7 points. . . .In a charity game at Xenia, Dayton loses to the Patterson Field All-Stars 35-44 .... Schultz and Pitzer lead way with 1 3 and 1 points respectively .... Swartzel leads a brilliant Flyer team to its sixth win of season by scoring 13 points against Xavier. . . .Final score is 51-28. . . .Westendorf receives broken nose and is put out of play indefinitely .... Flyers take to road and run into trouble at Huntington as they are defeated 48-52 by Marshall .... Swartzel gets 16 points. . . .Game tied at half. . . .Dayton drops another close one at Athens OS Ohio U. outscores them 43-45 .... Zwiesler and Swartzel tally 26 points between them . . . . U. D. avenges previous loss by a close win over a tough Patterson Field outfit .... Jimmy Gift scores winning basket 28-27. .. .Zwiesler leads Flyers to second victory against Cincy by bucketing 16 points in 47-34 score. . . .Dayton upset dope sheet by trouncing highly touted Bowling Green five by 41-24 score. . . .Schultz holds Wyndol Gray, state ' s leading scorer, to 10 points as Swartzel and Zwiesler toss baskets from all angles. . . .Flyers end season with a loss at the hands of Xavier 39-61. . . .Game is final appearance of Captain Jerry Westendorf, outstanding Hilltop athlete of past year. . . . Season record stands at 9 wins against 8 losses. Page One Hundred Fifty-nine Physical Fitness VvMfiJ A Obstacle Course Swimming Gymnastics Calisthenics Znliiiea. li. i ' e t4A R. uUi te. Bo Utu MaicUe4. In response to the requirements of the various Enlisted Reserve programs, the physical fitness program was organized under the direction of Harry Baujan, athletic director, and Frank Baujan, freshman coach. Calisthenics, running the mile and obstacle course, box- ing, tumbling, jiu-jitsu, rope and ladder climbing, gymnastics, and other body-building activities were all indispensable parts of the program. The main purpose was not so much the con- ditioning of the men as the acquaintance with the routine of future combat training. Benefit shows featuring boxing matches and various exhi- bition stunts of the different phases of the physical fitness set-up were held with great success. The seriousness so evident reflected the grim determination of our future fighting men to achieve the quickest possible victory. Page One Hundred Sixty " Until that Rising Sun is down " Advertising and Indices PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS The 20 S. Ludlow St. MAXWELL FINANCE Owned and Operated by DAYTON I ANS FU. 2153 CO. DAYTON, 0. M.J. GIBBONS SUPPLY CO. WHOLESALE PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES " Standard " Plumbing Fixtures 601-631 EAST MONUMENT AVE. DAYTON, OHIO Page One Hundred Sixty-two SUBJECT INDEX Alpha Sigma Tau 98 Alumni Association 138 Arts, Division of 64 Athletic Director 142 Band 116 Basketball 156 Board of Trustees 17 Business Administration, Division of 67 Cabos 122 Campus Guard Duty 74 Catholic Students ' Mission Crusade 124 Cheerleaders 1 52 Chemical Seminar 128 Choir, The Chapel 125 Civil Engineers, American Society of 130 Chorus, Mixed 117 Daytonian, 1943 106 Dean and Registrar 15 Dedication 4 Defense Council 136 Dud, The 113 Education, Division of 62 Engineering, College of 65 Evening Classes 68 Exponent, The 108 Faculty 20 Football 144 Freshman Welcome Dance 85 Freshmen 55 Graduate School 66 Homecoming Tea Dance 87 In Memoriam 43 International Relations Club 97 I. R. C. News 109 Intramurals 1 53 Junior Prom 90 Juniors 46 Managers 152 Mask and Mascara 120 Mathematics Club 95 Mechanical Engineering Society 132 Military, Advanced 71 Military, Basic 72 Monogram Club 102 News Service Bureau 137 Officers ' Club 76 Officials, Administrative 16 Patrons 182 Pershing Rifles 75 Pershing Pledge Dance 89 Pi Delta Rho 131 President 14 Rifle Team - • . 77 Science, Division of 63 Senior Farewell Dance 92 Seniors 30 Sigma Delta Pi 129 Sigma Delta Pi News 112 Social Calendar 84 Sodality 123 Sophomores 51 Spirit Committee 100 Student Council 94 Student Guidance 139 Student Index 165 Thespians 118 Trick Drill Sguad 78 U. D. News 110 Upsilon Deha Sigma 101 Who ' s Who 96 Women ' s Athletic Association 103 Women ' s Groups 104 Page One Hundred Sixty-three PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments Of HANK NIDES • • • • DU N H 1 LL ' S 1 NC. Fourth At Ludlow HOME OF KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES — MANHATTAN SHIRTS THE KLINGER ELECTRIC CO. 481 Eost Third Street DAYTON, OHIO Your Nearest Drug Store SLADE ' S PHARMACY Brown Street at Fairground Avenue DAYTON, OHIO THE ELITE MACHINE CO. TOOLS - DIES - DRILL JIGS - FIXTURES 10 NORWOOD AVE. DAYTON, OHIO R. C. Young Agents: J g " ' ' YOUNGS CLEANER DYER Quality Cleaning 1227 S. Brown St. Dayton, Ohio DIMCO PLASTICS Molders Of All Plastic Materials 207 East Sixth St. DAYTON, OHIO Page One Hundred Sixty-four STUDENT INDEX A Accrocco, Joseph Bellaire, O. Agnew, Edward P. . .65 Stoddard Ave., Dayion, O Aires, Frank 160 Hendrickson Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Ake, Elizabeth M 4200 N. Dixie Dr., Dayton, O. Albright, Ross 118 Marathon Ave., Dayton, O, Alexander, Richard E. 37 Hawthorne Drive, Osborn, O. Althoff, Robert F 211 W. Main St., Xenia, O. Alvarez, Roberto Betances -41, Caguas, P. R, Amann, Paul J 20 Caho St., Dayton, O. Ameel, Paul 14180 Cedargrove, Detroit, Mich. Andary, Fred V. . .825 St. Agnes Ave., Dayton, O. Anderson, Horace C. .631 Randolph St., Dayton, O. Andrews, Gerald W. 1029 Philadelphia Dr., Dayton, Ohioi Aponyi, Theodore J. 633 Ferguson Ave., Dayton, O. Archdeacon, Everett E. .N. Main St., Centerville, O., Archer, James R 422 Seventh St., Marietta, O. Armstrong, Eula Miami Valley Hospital, Dayion, O. Arn, E. Raymond. .429 Ridgewood Ave., Dayton, O. Argast, Jean M 119 Marathon Ave., Dayton, O. Ash, Clarke 1619 Westiield St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Austin, Ray J. . . .2416 Fairmount Ave., Dayton, O. Averick, Bradley 315 W. Market St., Long Beach, N. Y. B Bachus, William J. .4149 Jamestown, Cincinnati, O., Bagot, Alfred W. 614 Leadale Dr., Webster Groves, Mo. Bailey, Albert. . . .720 W. Main St., Wilmington, O. Baker, Thomas J. .80 E. Norman Ave., Dayton, O. Bange, Joseph B. 521 Ridgelawn Ave., Hamilton, O. Barlow, James R. .105 S. Torrence St., Dayton, O. Barney, Jack W. .309 N. Western Ave., Dayton, O. Bassett, Charles R. 873 Riverview Ave., Dayton, O. Batson, Thurston K. 635 Delaware Ave., Dayton, O. Baudendistel, Jack C. . .418 Brandt St., Dayton, O. Bauer, Philip H 22 N. Ninth St., Belleville, 111. Baumann, James S 520 Orr, Piqua, O. Beaumont, Julius E, .1406 W. Fifth St., Dayton, O. Becker, Edwin G. Dana Vic. Pkwy., Cincinnati, O. Becker, William 1616 Suman Ave., Dayton, O. Beckert, Thomas A. . .220 S. Wayne St., Piqua, O. Becksted, Albert 3135 E. 98th St., Cleveland, O. Becksted, Robert J. .3135 E. 98th St., Cleveland, O. Behringer, Betty Ann. . 1630 S. Main St., Dayton, O. Beil, Tom A. 46 E. Ravenwood Ave., Youngstown, O. Belazis, Athanassios T. 326 Telford Ave., Dayton, O. Bell, Helen M. 417 Hendricks Ave., Jeffersonville, Ind. Bell, James A 533 Van Horn, Zanesville, O. Benke, Mary L. . . .1849 Gummer Ave., Dayton, O. Bergmann, Harry J. 236 E. Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, O. Berner, Donald T. .235 Aberdeen Ave., Dayton, O. Berner, Robert M. .235 Aberdeen Ave., Dayton, O. Berry, Richard. .2509 Talbott Ave., Louisville, Ky. Biedenbender, Raymond F. 523 Baltimore St., Middletown, O. Bihn, Robert R 1370 Jordan Ave., Dayton, O. Blaeser, Alice R. . . .357 Bolander Ave., Dayton, O. Black, John 28 Macready Ave., Dayton, O. Boesch, William C. 108 E. Parkwood Dr., Dayton, O. Boland, Paul. . .6748 Cambridge St., Cincinnati, O. Boland, (Sue J 27 Evanston Ave., Dayton, O. Brant, Dan A 312 Warren, Lebanon, O. Branstiter, Eugene A. .931 S. Main St., Urbana, O. Bomford, Ada Kay 601 Bowen St., Dayton, O. Borchers, David 515 Forest Ave., Dayton, O. Bordewisch, James F. . . .4001 E. Third, Dayton, O. Bowman, Donald. . .2109 Auburn Ave., Dayton, O. Bralten, Robert C 51 Gebharl St., Dayton, O. Braun, Nick J 504 E. Franklin, Troy, O. Braun, Thomas N R. R. 2, Troy, O. Brennan, Robert L. . . .1535 9th St., Portsmouth, O. Brennan, John D. . . . 152 Virginia Ave., Dayton, O. Breidenbach, Donna M. 144 Lexington Ave., Dayton, O. Bresnahan, Thomas J. 81 S. Hickory St., Chillicothe, O. Bulger, Lois B 308 W. First St., Dayton, O. Brewer, Burdell E. .1024 Randolph St., Dayton, O. Brewer, Robert B 741 W. Main St., Xenia, O. Bridges, Alvin L 520 Hartford St., Dayton, O. Brinkman, Ruth D 1900 Adirondack Trail, Dayton, O. Britton, Dotty M. .811 Ferguson Ave., Dayton, O. Brodbeck, Robert C. . 121 S. Perry St., St. Marys, O. Brooks, Virginia. Bonebrake Seminary, Dayton, O. Brown, Eugene R. .1516 Emmons Ave., Dayton, O. Brown, Harry C Samuels, Ky. Brown, Marvin J. 611 W. Norman Ave., Dayton, O. Brown, Theodore J. .2805 W. Second St., Dayton, O. Bucher, Martha A. 1028 Walnut Hlils PI., Dayton, O. Buchman, Robert M. 145 W. Peach Orchard, Dayton, O. Buddie, William. .45 E. Mumma Ave., Dayton, O. Buescher, Edward L. .3345 Meyer PI., Cincinnati, O. Bullock, William A. .2312 Shroyer Rd., Dayton, O. Burke, Jerome J. 45 Jarvis PI., Lynbrook, Long Island, N. Y. Burns, James R .. . . 1049 Farlow St., Springfield, O. Burris, Raymond 216 Lowes St., Dayton, O. Busse, Frank 254 W. Third St., Minster, O. Butler, Donald. . .3605 Woodbine Ave., Dayton, O. Butz, Thomas H 1928 E. Fifth, Dayton, O. C Campbell, Hortense. . 12 N. Sunset Ave., Dayton, O. Campbell, Lillian J. . 12 N. Sunset Ave., Dayton, O. Campbell, Lorraine. R. R. = 8, Box 176, Dayton, O. Campbell, Mrs. Mildred. .515 Smith St., Dayton, O. Capacete, Jose. .30 Sagrado Corazon, Santura, P. R. Caponi, Roy P. . .3119 Montrose Ave., Chicago, 111. Carlton, Betty K 39 Mann Ave., Osborn, O. Carrigan, James J 9917 - 208th St., New York, N. Y. Carroll, Margaret R 125 E. Market, Xenia, O. Carson, Brooks T. 1304 W. Fairview Ave., Dayton, O. Carter, Virginia. . . .601 Bolander Ave., Dayton, O. Caserta, Joseph C 616 Wood St., Piqua, O. Castignola, John R. 152 St. Clair Ave., New Philadelphia, O. Chang, Wallace 1223-B N. School St., Honolulu. T. H. Channell, Fern L . . .62 Chambers St., Dayton, O. Chmiel, Stanley A . . . 1096 Valley St., Dayton, O. Church, Marguerite L. 614 Randolph St., Dayton, O. Church, Robert. .400 E. Sharon Ave., Glendale, O. Clark, Donald E 8200 W. Main, Belleville, 111. Clark, James 227 Mercer St., Dayton, O. Claudepierre, Don J. . .325 N. 4th St., Hamilton, O. Cocca, Omberto A 52 Green St., Fairfield, O. Cochran, Ethel A .. . .921 Rosedale Dr., Dayton, O. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS BERINGER PRINTING CO. 124 East Third Street DAYTON, OHIO PURE - WHOLESOME - DELICIOUS TELLING ' S ICE CREAM ICE CREAM You can always be sure that Telling ' s Sealtest approved ice cream is pure, rich and wholesome. Telling ' s Sealtest approved ice cream is carefully tested in order to conform to the rigid, high stand- ards of The Sealtest System of Laboratory Protec- tion. That is why Telling ' s Sealtest approved ice cream is famed for its high quality, absolute purity and delicious flavor. THE Telling-Belle-Vernon Co. DAYTON, OHIO Your Neighborhood Store LUMBER - MILLWORK BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES THE KUNTZ-JOHNSON COMPANY Central — 10-100 Mead St. South — 1700 E. Dorothy Lone East — 1940 Linden Ave. West — 1048 N. Gettysburg Ave. Complimenfs Of APEX MACHINE TOOL CO. 1025 SOUTH PATTERSON BLVD. DAYTON, OHIO Page One Hundred Sixty-six STUDENT INDEX Colby, Robert W. . .301 Superior Ave., Dayton, O. Colligan, Joseph F. . .11007- 198th St., HoUis, N. Y. Collins, Dorothy J. .300 Westwood Ave., Dayton, O. CcUins, Ella Louise R. R. =i, Dayton, O. Connair, Michael J. .610 Hodapp Ave., Dayton, O. Connor, Leonard, Jr. 27 Adams St., W. Hempstead, N. Y. Connelly, Joseph F. .66 E. Dixon Ave., Dayton, O. Cooper, William 129 Van Lear St., Dayton, O. Correll, Sidney N 51 Best, Dayton, O. Couture, Arthur A. .16571 Princeton, Detroit, Mich. Cox, Lloyd 438 W. Fifth St., Dayton, O. Coye, Carolyn A 138 Greenmount, Dayton, O. Craver, Lewis F. . .300 S. Main St., Richmond, Ind. Cron, John E 214 E. Herman, Dayton, O. Cron, Thomas H. . . .318 N. Walnut St., Celina, O. Crosby, Melvin A. . . .49 S. Horton St., Dayton, O. Culley, John L 129 Lincoln Ave., Urbana, O. Cultice, Wendell W Birch Rd., Xenia, O. Cunningham, Joseph F. 807 Ohio Ave., East St. Louis, III. Cush, James A 27 N. Fifth St., Newark, O. D Dahm, Norman G 532 Kenwood, Dayton, O. Dahn, Richard W..3537 Mapleway Dr., Toledo, O. Daley, Charles 116 W. North St., Lima, O. Dannin, Arthur E. 350 E. 60th St., Indianapolis, Ind. Davis, Carl J 2176 E. 4th St., Dayton, O. Davis, Lawrence A. .109 ' 2 E. Church St., Xenia, O. Davis, Marvene J. .415 Watervlist Ave., Dayton, O. Davis, Richard E 2716 E. 4th St., Dayton, O. Day, Kathleen M. .340 Pointview Ave., Dayton, O. Del Toro, Walter 113-10 200th St., Hollis, N. Y. De Saro, Charles J 119 Washington St., Dayton, O. Detling, Esther A. Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, O. DeWitt, Marvin J. 525 S. Bennighof Ave., Evansville, Ind. DiCiacco, Nicholas J. 1718 McClellan St., Phila., Pa. DiLiberto, Nate 17817 Dilliwood Ave., Cleveland, O. Diringer, Albert L 7 Coa, Tiffin, O. Dodsworth, Mary. .315 Lexington Ave., Dayton, O. Donohue, Wm. G. 601 E. Sandusky Ave., Belief ontaine, O. Doody, Bernard J 1014 Pritz Ave., Dayton, O. Docley, Joseph A. 8921 — 210 Place, Bellaire, L. I. Doorley, Frank J. . . .149 Virginia Ave., Dayton, O. Driscoll, Mae A . . R. R. =5, Box 451, Dayton, O. Driscoll, Mary Jane 1124 Salem, Dayton, O. Driscoll, Ruth A. . Box =451, R. R. =5, Dayton, O. Driver, Warren W. .728 Elberon Ave., Dayton, O. Drysdale, Andrew 24 Greenmount Blvd., Dayton, O. Dudlext, Sussana M. 2432 Ravenwood Ave., Dayton, O. Duffy, John A =9 Phillips Ct., Elyria, O. Dung, Albert Q. C. 566 E. Road, Damon Tract, Honolulu, T. H. Dunnam, Marc P Blue Ridge Dr., Dayton, O. Dunn, Robert T 514 Ohio St., Toledo, O. E Eckels, Harry 1979 Litchfield Ave., Dayton, O. Economides, Maria. . 232 Telford Ave., Dayton, O. Edlich, Robert L 115 N. 96th St., Belleville, 111. Edman, Clarence Bonebrake Seminary, Dayton, O. Edmondson, Jack E. . .208 Fillmore St., Dayton, O. Eichel, Herman J 725 Heck Ave., Dayton, O. Eilers, James P 716 Hodapp Ave., Dayton, O. Elder, Joseph S. 2018 Sherwood, Louisville, Ky. Engle, Paul M. Jr. . .R. R. =8, Box 24, Dayton, O. En sley, John R R. R. 1, Dayton, O. Estabrook, Hubert A. 318 Southview Rd., Dayton, O. Etzler. David C Verona, O. Evans, Jesse L 54 Broadway, Tipp City, O. Everman, Edwin E. . . Main St., New Madison, O. F Fahrig, Charles A 43 Burlington, Dayton, O. Favret, William E. .314 Oakland Pk., Columbus, O. Fenton, James T. 433 — 32nd St., N. W., Canton, O. Fenton, Jack L. . .433— 32nd St., N. W., Canton, O. Ferrara, Fernando. . Bolivar 199, Monterrey, Mex. Ferris, Mary C 316 S. Main, St. Marys, O. Fincel, Betty L 1720 Broadway, Piqua, O. Fink, Norman 62 Bond St., Dayton, O. Finke, Harry F 208 Squirrel Rd., Dayton, O. Finke, James H 241 Wroe Ave., Dayton, O. Finke, Mary Ann. . . .208 Squirrel Rd., Dayton, O. Fischer, Carl W 3605 Woodbine, Dayton, O. Fischer, Mary E.. . . .149 Grafton Ave., Dayton, O. Fischer, Michael J. .1936 Richard St., Dayton, O. Fischer, Philip P 608 Xenia Ave., Dayton, O. Fitzgerald, Ann 257 Wroe Ave., Dayton, O. Fitzgibbon, William P. 21 Valentine St., Glen Cove, N. Y. Fitzharris, John W. 215-04 UOth Ave., Queens Village, N. Y. Fitzsimmons, Joseph... 48 Victor Ave., Dayton, O. Flanagan, Emmett J 3309 E. Fifth, Dayton, O. Fleming, Evelyn 233 Lowes St., Dayton, O. Fletcher, Virginia L. 1816 Hillsdale Ave., Dayton, O. Flory, Bruce E. . . .525 Plymouth Ave., Dayton, O. Flynn, James R. . Brookside Ave., Wantagh, N. Y. Foland, Ellsworth T. 258 Fountain Ave., Dayton, O. Foley, Donald W. 558 E. Northern Ave., Springfield, O. Fondiler, Lester G ...515 N. Williams, Dayton, O. Fondiler, Samuel J . .515 N. Williams, Dayton, O. Forbes, John J. 27 DeMott Place, Rockville Centre, N. Y. Fester, Edward F Springfield, Ky. Francisco, Jack E. .275 Stewart Ave., Columbus, O. Freeh, Edward Pleasant Valley, Pa. Freeh, James L 325 Lincoln, Fremont, O. Freer, Charles R. . .714 Otterbein Ave., Dayton, O. Froelich, Henry M. 15405 Lake Shore Blvd., Cleveland, O. Froikin, Charles 42 Rogge St., Dayton, O. Froikin, Norman M 42 Rogge St., Dayton, O. Funke, Robert D Poison, Mont. G Gaeke, Harry F 400 Pritz Ave., Dayton, O. Gallagher, William Mantua, O. Galvin, Robert J. .301 Front St., Hempstead, N. Y. Gannon, Thomas F. 3561 Pennington Rd., Shaker Heights, O. Gardner, Richard J. 11 12 East Main St., Troy, O. Garlikov, Manuel L. 162 Oxford Ave., Dayton, O. Gay, William C. .R. F. D. =8, Box 685, Dayton, O. Geiler, Eleanor 249 Dixon Ave., Dayton, O. Geis, Jack W....1525 Bryn Mawr Dr., Dayton, O. Geisler, George L .75 W. Weber Rd., Columbus, O. Georgiev, Madeline A 434 Grand Ave., Dayton, O. Gerling, John H . . .962 Ferndale Ave., Dayton, O. Giere, Norbert E...406 S. First St., Coldwater, O. Gift, James E 1916 W. Second St., Dayton, O. Gillett, Loren N. 2010 Hiawatha Dr., Northridge, O. Ginder, Winston L R. R. =5, Dayton, O. Glaser, Mary A. . . .1S19 Cincinnati St., Dayton, O. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ■NMiiiJ B »n7»™eCT»ii y A ' ij.iJ H .i ' .i ri BEST WISHES Compliments Of GENERAL TOOL AND ENGINEERING CO. Dayton, Ohio Sidney L. Brown - Pres. BEST WISHES to the FLYERS from on OLD-TIME ROOTER Page One Hundred Sixty-eight STUDENT INDEX Glaser, Mallhias J. .144 Avondale Dr., Dayton, O. Classen, Carl G. 8414 Midland Pky., Jamaica, N. Y. Glossinger, Elaine A. 405 Kenilworth Ave., Dayton, O. Gmeiner, Edward G. 661 E. 109th St., Cleveland, O. Goss, Ted H 209 N. Broadway, Dayton, O. Goss, William J ...19 Weiss Ave., Flourtown, Pa. Goubeaux, Joseph G. .317 Vine St., Greenville, O. Gould, Louis 311 East Dr., Dayton, O. Graf, John E 411 Sherman PI., Mansfield, O. Graf, Thomas R. . . .411 Sherman PI., Mansfield, O. Graham, Bruce J. Calle Colon, Villa Oru, Santurce, P. R. Graham, Yerd 403 Stonemill Rd., Dayton, O. Green, Arlene 115 N. First St., Tipp City, O. Greene, Ray C Medway, O. Greenwell, William J. 408 Walnut, Owensboro, Ky. Greer, Buena M. . .418 Aberdeen Ave., Dayton, O. Greger, William J 100 Livingston, Dayton, O. Griffin, John 140 N. 78th St., Belleville, 111. Grimes, Adele Kramer Rd., Dayton, O. Grimes, Eleanor Kramer Rd., Dayton, O. Grimes, Burleson Kramer Rd., Dayton, O. Grimm, Fred W 409 Shroyer Rd., Dayton, O. Grisak, Fred 532 Westwood Ave., Dayton, O. Grismer, Jerry T 532 Forest Ave., Dayton, O. Groene, Stanley C. .4134 Jamestown, Cincinnati, O. Gruenwald, John T. 1413 Section Rd., Cincinnati, O. Gura, Jeannan 1710 Leo St., Dayton, O. H Haas, Edwin H 8707— 184th St., Jamaica, N. Y. Hall, Carl 172 McLure St., Dayton, O. Hammersley, Walter L. 1110 Wayne Ave., Dayton, O. Hammond, Louise C. . . .1044 Boone St., Piqua, O. Hamrock, Don J. . . .149 Rockhill Ave., Dayton, O. Hancock, Robert E. .2126 Fauver Ave., Dayton, O. Hanlon, Thomas P. 4225 Stanley St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Hanousek, Richard G. 3541 Pennington Rd., Shaker Hts., O. Haren, Ralph J 10424 Elmarye, Cleveland, O. Harmon, Paul J 800 Morse Ave., Dayton, O. Harper, Kent L 2202 N. Main, Dayton, O. Hart, Arthur 438 S. Euclid, Dayton, O. Hartzell, James E. .729 Burleigh Ave., Dayton, O. Hartzell, Katherine. . 1217 Xenia Ave., Dayton, O. Harvey, Tom J 353 Lawton, Riverside, 111. Hatfield, Gerald E 2 Illinois St., Lemont, 111. Haury, Gerard. .1704 Dundee Way, Louisville, Ky. Haws, Virgil E 2504 Valley St., Dayton, O. Hayes, Herbert W. . .2117 Windsor Rd., Dayton, O. Hayes, Kathryn M. . .709 N. Broadway, Dayton, O. Hayes, Sylvia M . . .2117 Windsor Rd., Dayton, O. Healy, Michael J. 5835 W. Superior, Chicago, 111. Heckel, Bertrand B .3315 E. Fourth St., Dayton, O. Heet, Robert 2020 Elsmere Ave., Dayton, O. Heinz, Gertrude C. .55 W. Bruce Ave., Dayton, O. Hellmulh, Robert L. 1231 N. Limestone St., Springfield, O. Hellwig, Norris D. . .46 Gerlaugh Ave., Dayton, O. Helmig, Gerald 700 Hodapp Ave., Dayton, O. Henderson, George Ansonia, O. Henne, Fred M . . .3903 Eileen Dr., Cincinnati, O. Henz, Edward C . . 312 Briarcliff Rd., Dayton, O. Herking, Paul W . . 4300 34th Ave., Cincinnati, O. Hess, Fred L 405 Red Haw Rd., Dayton, O. Hess, Robert D 1327 Forest Ave., Piqua, O. Hibbert, Jeannette M 308 E. Main, Xenia, O. Hickey, Bernard A... 2434 Broadway, Toledo, O. Hickey, John 5525 Salem Ave., Dayton, O. Hicks, Mark W 310 Sandalwood, Dayton, O. Hicks, William. 357 Kenilworth Ave., Dayton, O. Higgins, Helen 704 Pritz Ave., Dayton, O. Hile, James F 120 Main, Centerville, O. Hill, Joseph P 36 N. Maple St., Akron, O. Himes, Celia M. . . E. Franklin St., Centerville, O. Hinders, Robert F. 2513 St. Charles Ave., Dayton, O. Hinton, William G., Jr. 2514 Wayne Ave., Dayton, O. Hischmiller, John H. 1337 Greenup St., Covington, Ky. Hoban, John T 716 Bowen St., Dayton, O. Hochwalt, Donald E. 1235 Mt. Vernon Ave., Dayton, O. Hochwalt, Robert E. .1220 Danner Ave., Dayton, O. Hodous, Shirley. . . .3814 Riverside Dr., Dayton, O. Hoelle, Don E 1615 Warner Ave., Dayton, O. Hofferbert, Charles. .3225 Ridge Ave., Dayton, O. Hoffman, Charles 1222 Salem Ave., Dayton, O. Hoke, Emma J 27 N. Grand Ave., Osborn, O. Hollencamp, Gwen 427 W. Norman Ave., Dayton, O. HoUenkamp, Frank C. 309 Schenck Ave., Dayton, O. Holly, William M. 601 N. Village Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Holmes, Margaret M. 105 Collingwood Ave., Dayton, O. Homan, Jack L 414 Irving Ave., Dayton, O. Homan, William V 414 Irving Ave., Dayton, O. Hong, Francis K. W. 90 New Era Lane, Honolulu, T. H. Horikawa, Michael 2065 S. Beretania St., Honolulu, T. H. Horsch, Martha E 124 Floral Ave., Dayton, O. Horvath, Allan. . . .805 Manhattan Ave., Dayton, O. Housekeeper, Carl E. 714 Five Oaks Ave., Dayton, O. Howe, John 3111 Cherry St., Maplewood, Mo. Houston, William W. 107 N. Orchard St., Dayton, O. Huels, Robert J. .1120 Offnere St., Portsmouth, O. Hug, Thomas J. .35 W. Chestnut St., Cleveland, O. Hull, Robert 4244 Philadelphia Dr., Dayton, O. Hummert, Dorothy E. 1404 Grand Ave., Dayton, O. Hummert, Suzanne. . 1404 Grand Ave., Dayton, O. I Igel, George J. 1695 Franklin Ave., Columbus, O. Israel, Kenneth D 2 Forrer Blvd., Dayton, O. J Jackson Ernest A. . . .1151 Arbor Ave., Dayton, O. Jacobs, Joseph A. 415 S. Drexel Ave., Columbus, O. Jacobs, Raymond L. 415 S. Drexel Ave., Columbus, O. James, Betty L. .2605 St. Charles Ave., Dayton, O. Jehn, Lawrence A. . .412 Winden Ave., Dayton, O. Jehn, Mary E 412 Winden Ave., Dayton, O. Johnson, Carl B 387 Wabash Ave., Akron, O. Johnson, Edward 1133 Holly Ave., Dayton, O. Johnson, Edward 325 Kenilworth Ave., Dayton, O. Johnston, Frank S. 35 Shiloh Springs Rd., Dayton, O. Jones, Martha 248 Boyer St., Dayton, O. K Kahl, Richard R 1766 Belmont, Bellaire, O. Kampner, Godfrey A. 1202 Central Ave., Sandusky, O. Kappes, Paul J. . .1777 Moobery St., Columbus, O. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments Of • ••••• DAYTON ECONOMY DRUG CO. Compliments of THE LINCOLN ENGINEERING AND TOOL CO. 8 Norwood Ave. DAYTON, OHIO WITH There is no Substitute for Knowledge equally true is this US " THERE IS NO REAL SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT " a lavorN f60VERNMEMT YOU ' LL INSPECTION ] — Tr7=r:rT — f vor BEEF, PORK, VEAL, LAMB and LARD tlts-s- MEAT PRODUCTS ™i Cflis. SucHER Picking cc. dahon, Ohio. SAUSAGES AND READY TO SERVE 4i- MEATS THE CHAS. SUCHER PACKING CO., DAYTON, 0. KEEP YOUR FIRE EXTINGUISHERS EFFICIENT The scorcity of copper, brass, steel, and other Your present extinguishers, regordless of make, con materials, coupled with the demand from militory be serviced annd put into first-class operative eon- production plants for fire fighting equipment, elimi- n; „_f f is service and without obligation on notes the sole of new extinguishers for civilian use. This makes the maintenance of fire fighting equip- ) " " " port, ment doubly importont. CALL FULTON 1181 FRANK DE PRIES — DAYTON DISTRIBUTOR OF FYR-FYTER PRODUCTS COMPLIMENTS OF THE DAYTON PNEUMATIC TOOL COMPANY DAYTON, OHIO PRESERVE YOUR DIPLOMA Hove It Framed at BERT L. DAILY, Inc. 126 E. 3rd St. ADams 4121 Complete Picture Framing Dept. Artists ' Material Headquarters Page One Hundred Seventy STUDENT INDEX Kass, Robart E 139 W. Third SI., Mansiield, O. Kauffman, Daniel 6326 Washinglon St., St. Louis, Mo. Kehn, G. Ray 2456 Grantwood, Toledo, O. Keith, Robert .760 Woodbine Ave., Glendale, O. Kelble, John A 3027 E. Fourth St., Dayton, O. Keller, Charles L 101 Holt St., Dayton, O. Keller, George R 42 N. Horton St., Dayton, O. Kellermeyer, John R. 1337 S. Champion, Columbus, O. Kellermeyer, Karl J. 1337 S. Champion, Columbus, O. Kelley, Frank 1341 E. I241h St., Cleveland, O. Kelly, Dick F. ... 14 Woodrow Terrace, Dayton, O. Kelly, Roger E 179 Bridge St., Chillicothe, O. Kemper, Robert A. . .49 S. Main, Germantown, O. Kennedy, William J .1524 Plain Ave., Canton, O. Kenney, John T. 824 Fakon Pkwy., Williamsport, Pa. Kercher, William C .354 Cherrv Dr., Dayton, O. Tfesling, Keith K 723 Dixie Ave., Dayton, O. Kessler, Robert H. 148 Baltimore St., Dayton, O. Keyes, John C. . .905 E. Schantz Ave., Davton, O. Kiefer, Frances 1 629 W. Grepn St., Pioua, O. King, John L . 1200 S. Main St., Bellefontaine, O. Kinn, Richard T . 349 W. Tiff in St., Fostoria, O. Kirchmer, Richard T 14 ' 1 Viola Ave., Davton, O. Kispersky, J. Paul .410 St. Paul Ave., Dayton, O. " " lipstine, George Ansonia, O, Klopf, Adele M 1500 Grand Ave., Dayton, O. Klopf, James A 1500 Grand Ave., Davton, O. Knapke, Hsrold J. . 1619 Nelson Ave., Dayton, O. Kni° ;z, Rob°rt P. . .2855 Ferndiff Ave., Davton, O. Knisley, William A 11 Chprles. Xenia, O. Korte, Esther L 23 Buckeve St., Davton, O. Kosater. Norbert 21 Baltimore St., Davton, O. Kosta, Jim P Keith Bldg., Dayton, O. Kramer, Arnold H. 406 E. South St.. Coldwater, O. Krause, Vadna G Npw Carlisle, O. Vroaer, Fred J 407 Brandt St., Dayton, O. Krumholz, Norman A. 1633 Pbiladelohia Dr.. Davton, O. K ' uV ' lmann, Richard E. .852 East Ave., Hamilton, O. Kunka, Kathryn A. 638 Wollmeier Ave., Davton, O. Kunlz, Martin C, Jr Tbruston Blvd.. Davton, O. Kuntz, William. 440 Wellmeier Ave., Davton, O. Kussman, John C. .1318 Demphle Ave., Dayton, O. L LaFleur, William J. 2106 Arlington Ave., Toledo, O. Lake, George R. . .817 Westwood Ave., Dayton, O. Lake, Lola M 233 Shroyer Rd., Dayton, O. Lake, Lynn J 1409 Schaeffer St., Dayton, C. Lanter, Norman A Route =2, Belleville, 111. Lang, Irvin E 66 N. Main, Fairfield, O. Larsen, Hewitt C 323 Anna St., Dayton, O. Lasar, Walter H .86 Foxhurst Rd., Oceanside, N. Y. Lause, Charles J . Box 266. R. R. =7, Dayton, O. Lause, Matthias A. .715 Huffman Ave., Dayton, O. Lavoie, Miriam C . 9 Rumson PI., Red Bank, N. J. Lawson, Douglas E. 1520 Kumler Ave., Dayton, C. Layton, Paul E. . . R. R. -1, Box 248, Osborn, O. Lazaron, Philip 931 Grand Ave., Dayton, O Ledger, Mary Ann .615 Orlando Ter., Dayton, C. Lehman, Martha M. 2523 Malvern Avs., Dayton, O. Lehnert, John Route =1 — Bowman Rd.. Massillon, O. Leibfritz, John C . 30 Granite St., Mansfield, O. Leingang, Paul C . 1606 Shroyer Rd., Dayton, O. Lemhaus, Betty 431 Irving Ave., Dayton, O. Less, Richard J 1105 Olson St., Toledo, O. Lewis, Bruce A 915 Croyden Dr., Dayton, O. Liederbach, Fred J. 6136 Chea St., Philadelphia, Pa. Loeber, Richard C . . 838 Xenia Ave., Dayton, O. Locker, Joseph R. .2512 Seventh N. W., Canton, O. Lofland, John 2850 Revere Ave., Dayton, O. Loges, Miriam J 85 Baltimore St., Dayton, O. Loges, Richard C . . .85 Baltimore St., Dayton, O. Longstreth, Joanne B .58 Laura Ave., Dayton, O. Losh, Vivian E 1258 Kumler Ave., Dayton, O. Lothschuetz, John M. 152 Parkwood Ave., Springfield, O. Lounsbery, William 100 W. Maplelawn Dr., Dayton, O. Lowe, Charles 2452 Seventh Ave., Dayton, O. Luken, Robert E .727 Hampshire Rd., Dayton, O. Lum, Edward C. K. . 1605 Fort St., Honolulu, T. H. Lumm, Newton J. Box 185-F, R. R. =1, Dayton, O. Luthman, Amelia E. . .364 Xenia Ave., Dayton, O. Lynd, Benjamin H .21 N. Perry St., Dayton, O. M Madden, Robert J 235 Central Ave., Dayton, O. Magin, Margaret 743 Belmonte Park, N., Dayton, O. Maher, James M. .211 E. Wood St., Versailles, O. Mahoney, Frank B. 110 Wallace Ave., New Castle, Pa. Mahoney, John C. 110 Wallace Ave., New Castle, Pa. Maier, James M. 107 Eleventh St., S. W., Massillon, O. Malley, Walter J 3879 Harrison, Bellaire, O. Malone, Mary V 34 Chatham Dr., Dayton, O. Ma lcney, Frank C..739 Grafton Ave., Dayton, O. Mangus, Raymond V 1215 Weng Ave., Dayton, O. Mann, Robert E . 150 St. Andrews Blvd., Lima, O. Mantey, Raymond N Barshar Rd., Venice, O. Mantis, Margaret E 329 Jones St., Dayton, O. Mariscalco, Barto 135 Montgomery, Dayton, O. Markus, George W 541 Ohio St., Dayton, O. Marschall, John M. 1246 N. 3Qth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Marshall, Richard G. 2822 White Oak Dr., Dayton, O. Martino, Orlando F. 418 N. 65th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Masters, Edward B. 2541 Indian Mound Ave., Cincinnati, O. Maurer, John A 276 Grace St., Mansfield, O. Mayl, Betty J 29 Shadyside, Dayton, O. McAvoy, John R 3707 Berkley, Toledo, O. McCann, Richard. .722 Vernon Rd., Coldwatsr, O. McCauley, Milton. .622 Watervlist Ave., Dayton, O. McCormick, William A. 404 E. North St., Morris. 111. McDonald, Robert J. 319 Hamilton St., Lockport, 111. McDonough, Jack T. 20390 S. Lake Shore Blvd., Euclid, O. McDonough, Jerome C. 229 Berdan Ave., Toledo, O. McGarry, John L...514 Grafton Ave., Dayton, O. McGree, William F. 407 College Way, Urbana, O. McGuire, Blaine T 5648 River Rd., Cincinnati, O. McGuire, Milton T . .507 Maumee Ave., Toledo, O. McHugh, Joseph A. 1828 Crescent Dr., Springfield, O. McHugh, William 1828 Crescent Dr., Springfield, O. Mclntire Robert J 942 Detroit St., Xenia O. Mcintosh, Donald HI Main St., Englewood, O. McKown, Elizabeth R. 430 Schantz Ave., Dayton, O. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments Of JIMMY ODELL ACME SPRING and WELDING Spring Suspension And Wheel Alignment Specialists 112-14-16 Keowee Street DAYTON OHIO THE GEM CITY ENGINEERING CO. Designers and Builders of Tools, Dies, Jigs, Special Machinery And Die Casting Dies East Third at Patterson Blvd. DAYTON, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF THE SHEFFIELD CORPORATION DAYTON, OHIO, U.S.A. MASTER CRAFTSMEN MANUFACTURERS OF PAPER MILL MACHINERY MIDWEST-FULTON MACHINE CO. DAYTON OHIO Page One Hundred Seventy-two STUDENT INDEX McLain, Richard P. .722 Vernon Rd., Columbus, O. McLaughlin, David Middlelown. O. McMahon, Thomas W. 1461 Kohr Place, Columbus, O. Menninger, John. .2005 Hewitt Ave., Cincinnati, O. Merkle, Joseph. ... 1837 Coventry Rd., Dayton, O. Messier, Betty J. R. R. 11, Box 586, Dayton, O. Messier, Robert H. . .825 Blanche Ave., Dayton, O. Mestancik, Edward A. 2905 E. 104th St., Cleveland, O. Meyer, Dorothy R Ft. Loramie, O. Meyer, Ferdinand G. 6712 McCune Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Meyer, Gene N 204 Odlin Dr., Dayton, O. Meyers, Charlotte. . . .159 Oxford Ave., Dayton, O. Millard, Ji m H 303 Schenck, Dayton, O. Miller, Jack 527 Oxford Ave., Dayton, O. Miller, John M 38 Missouri Ave., Dayton, O. Miller, Robert C. 16895 Raymond St., Maple Hts., O. Miller, William G Rt. 4, Zanesville, O. Millonig, Robert C 71 Bell St., Dayton, O. Milne, Charles W. . .70 W. Bruce Ave., Dayton, O. Mintchell, Jacque E Pleasant Hill, O. Minton, Benjamin G. 1894 Rutherford Ave., Louisville, Ky. Mislan, Robert M. . . O. S. S. O. Home, Xenia, O. Mitchell, George H. 1803 So. Limestone, Springfield, O. Mitchell, Robert W. .5656 W. Second St., Dayton, O. Moll, Charles F 246 E. Main St., Norwalk, O. Monnier, George. . .36 Brooklands Rd., Dayton, O. Monty, Henry D 264 Shaw Ave., Dayton, O. Moody, Geneva M. .404 Groveland Ave., Dayton, O. Mocsbrugger, Paul H. .415 Warren St., Dayton, O. Moots, Mark F. 720 McKinley Ave., S. W., Canton, O. Morefisld, Mary E. Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, O. Morrison, Edmond J. 2981 Madison, Granite City, 111. Mouch, Harold J. .408 Rockingham St., Toledo, O. Mueller, Mary J. . . R. R. a9. Box 686, Dayton, O. Mumpower, Erie R. .4001 Linden Ave., Dayton, O. Murabito, Alfred C. . .952 E. 76th St., Chicago, 111. Murka, Heinz P 528 Alameda PI., Dayton, O. Murphy, George E. 265 Springbrook Blvd., Dayton, O. Murphy, John E....434 Central Pk., Chicago, 111. Murphy, Raymond P. 434 Central Pk., Chicago, 111. Murphy, Robert E..434 Central Pk., Chicago, 111. Murphy, Robert J. R. R. " 2 Jackson Lane, Middletown, O. Murray, Thomas E. 29 Margaret St., Glen Cove, N. Y. Musser, Muriel B. . . .206 Telford Ave., Dayton, O. Myers, Barton 410 Ridgewood, Dayton, O. Myers, Harry J IO431 2 W. 3rd St., Dayton, O. Myers, Richard 2455 Lynn Ave., Dayton, O. Myers, Thomas M. 205 Shiloh Springs Rd., Dayton, O. N Nathan, David B 2626 Roanoke, Dayton, O. Nathan, Simon M 2626 Roanoke, Dayton, O. Neher, Irene R. R. -1, Union, O. Nestor, Julius A. . . .1044 Croyden Dr., Dayton, O. Nutini, Carl J. 14 Virginia Ave., So. Ft. Mitchell, Ky. Nutini, Louis J So. Ft. Mitchell, Ky. o O ' Brien, Richard C . . . 26 Wisteria Dr., Dayton, O. O ' Connell, Patrick J... 2156 Malvern, Dayton, O. O ' Donoghue, Thomas J. 5414 Magnolia Ave., Chicago, 111. O ' Grady, Gerald D. 8772-94th St., Woodhaven, L. I., N. Y. Olsen, William C. .18 E. Emerson Ave., Osborn, O. Oppenheim, Jerome E. 321 South First St., Coldwater, O. Oppenheim, Thomas N. 321 South First St., Coldwater, O. O ' Rourke, Paul M 44 Jervis St., Toledo, O. Ortengren, Patricia M. 216 Oak Knoll Dr., Dayton, O. Outcalt, Ralph R. R. 5, Xenia, O. Overwein, Joseph H. 1110 Locust St., Covington, Ky. P Paetz, Paul E R. R. 1, New Lebanon, O. Pater, John A . .3504 Pleasant Ave., Hamilton, O. Patnaude, Robert A R. R. «2, Wolcott, Ind. Paulin, Marvin E R. R. 4, Dayton, O. Paulus, Firmin A Russia, O. Pean, Fred E 215 Indiana Ave., Dayton, O. Pemberton, Robert E. 900 Watervliet Ave., Dayton, O. Perkins, P. Elwood 329 Jones St., Dayton, O. Perkins, Robert J. 1936 Courtland Ave., Norwood, O. Perky, Melissa 912 Harmon Ave., Dayton, O. Petticrew, George A. 2609 Columbus Ave., Springfield, O. Pettiford, Edwin E. 3726 S. Gallatin St., Marion, Ind. Pfeiffer, Robert M. .921 Ferndale Ave., Dayton, O. Pflaum, Joan R. .326 W. Norman Ave., Dayton, O. Phillips, Thomas F. .2138 Pierce Ave., Chicago, 111. Picasso, Barth D Crevecoeur, Mo. Pinciotti, Don J 1018 Detroit Ave., Toledo, O. Pitts, Richard M. .2800 Kingston Ave., Dayton, O. Pitzer, Kenneth L...2606 E. Fifth St., Dayton, O. Planinshek, Alice A 1 North Lima, O. Pohl, Louis G. . . .1884 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, O. Powers, Wm. H 1631 Xenia Ave., Dayton, O. Preston, Howard W. .832 Hodapp Ave., Dayton, O. Priske, Louis E 38 Neal Ave., Dayton, O. Prosser, Duane N 1400 E. Third St., Dayton, O. Pugh, Anne J 214 Central Ave., Dayton, O. Q Quigley, Michael R 80 Hall Street, Akron, O. Quieslan, James J. 4798 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati, O. Quinlisk, John W 623 Neal Ave., Dayton, O. Quinn, Bernard J. . . .5 Glenbeck Ave., Dayton, O. Quintrell, Everett W. 109 E. Hillcrest Ave., Dayton, O. R Raiff , William J 29 Colorado Ave., Dayton, O. Rains, Charles F. . .10 Lawnview Ave., Dayton, O. Rampone, Alfred F. 1730 W. End Ave., New Hyde Park, N. Y. Raney, Dorothy L. . .516 Red Haw Rd., Dayton, O. Rauscher, Frank 1938 N. Kedvale Ave., Dayton, O. Rauscher, John A. 1938 N. Kedvale Ave., Dayton, O. Raybould, Harold. . 178 W. Fourth St., Mansfield, O. Reef, Robert W 121 Heaton Ave., Dayton, O. Reeves, Helen L 2504 Hilton Dr., Dayton, O. Reeves, Robert P. 377 E. Fourth St., Chillicothe, O. Reichert, Walter A Osgood, O. Reindl, Lloyd 128 Wolfe Ave., Mansfield, O. Richards, Helen L 21 16 Rugby Rd., Dayton, O. Richie, Philip J R. R. =1, Tipp City, O. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS LAUREL CRACKERS AND CAKES Baked in Dayton by The LAUREL BISCUIT COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADS THE BnOWN ' BROCKMEYER CO DAYTON , OHIO Man ' s Progress Measured In Terms Of Service Our company had it ' s origin in service to its customers. It has never deviated from this responsibility. Now in days of global war it is our job to furnish natural gas and electricity for operation of the home and the industries in our territory. We shall do our job to the utmost THE DAYTON POWER LIGHT CO. Page One Hundred Seventy-four STUDENT INDEX Rihm, William. .233 Notre Dame Ave., Dayton, O. Riffle, Herbert 420 Hadley Ave., Dayton, O. Risacher, Gerald .147 Dawson Ave., Mansfield, O. Rist, Don E 621 S. Sixth St., Ironton, O. Robinson, Eugene F. .625 Irving Ave., Dayton, O. Rodgers, Virginia 518 Cedarhurst, Dayton, O. Rodrigues, Anthony V. 1471 Pukele St., Honolulu, T. H. Rogge, Bette B 722 Carlisle Ave., Dayton, O. Rohner, Ralph J 912 Hereford Dr., Akron, O. Roll, John M 415 Homewood Ave., Dayton, O. Rose, Letitia E....207 S. Summit St., Dayton, O. Rossiter, Robert W. 1437 N. Euclid Ave., Dayton, O. Rotlerman, Eugene A. 327 Kenwood Ave., Dayton, O. Rotterman, Thomas R. 823 Wilfred Ave., Dayton, O. Rozelle, George M. .227 W. Babbitt St., Dayton, O. Rubin, Frank 400 Oxford Ave., Dayton, O. Rudnicki, Richard J. .710 Junction Ave., Toledo, O. Rugh, Walter B ... 17 Oaklawn Dr., Cincinnati, O. Ruppsrt, Charles F. 1906 Far Hills Ave., Dayton, O. Ruppert, Shirley. .1906 Far Hills Ave., Dayton, O. Ruhl, Don E 3415 Far Hills Ave., Dayton, O. Ryan, Robert M...162 Aldrich Rd., Columbus, O. s Sacksteder, Charles R. 816 St. Nicholas Ave., Dayton, O. Sadler, Edward N. .723 East 118 St.. Cleveland, O. Sauer, Karl F. . . .1037 Wilbert Rd., Lakewood, O. Sauerman, Wm. D 415 Dixie Ave., Dayton, O. Savino, Dolores M Old Troy Pike, Dayton, O. Savage, Dorothy E. 6307 Renwood Dr., Cleveland, O. Bayer, William 911 Bowen St., Dayton, O. Schafter, Arnold. . 121 W. Hillcrest Ave., Dayton, O. Schaefer, Robert E. 1200 Demphle Ave., Dayton, O. Scheidler, Donald 1732 De Sales Lane, Cincinnati, O. Schenck, Maurice 423 Greenmount Blvd., Dayton, O. Schlei, Edward J. 708 Miami Chapel Rd., Dayton, O. Schauer, Paul J 47 Wright Ave., Osborn, O. Scheuerman, James F. 5937 Rambo Lane, Toledo, O. Schmidt, Frank L. 2340 Newburg Rd., Louisville, Ky. Schmidt, Leland C. . . .526 E. B St., Belleville, 111. Schmidt, Robert J. 710 Carlisle Ave., Dayton, O. Schneider, Robert ... 1438 Euclid Ave., Dayton, O. Schncrr, David 508 Robinson Ave., Piqua, O. Schuler, Jim A 427 Main St., Marion, O. Schuler, Ted E 427 Main St., Marion, O. Schultz, Donald G 3454 Eads, St. Louis, Mo. Schultz, Sidney M...1534 Salem Ave., Dayton, O. Schultz, Wm. C. . .3211 Kenmore Ave., Dayton, O. Schweller, Robert J. 1312 Princeton Dr., Dayton, O. Scott, Sylvia C . 143 S. Wilkinson St., Dayton, O. Scully, Niall M. 509 N. Fess Ave., Bloomington, Ind. Seaman, Charles L. 178-14 Henley Rd., New York, N. Y. Seddon, Mary R 212 Oxford Ave., Dayton, O. Seidensticker, Louis J. 646 Bulen Ave., Columbus, O. Seiter, Robert F . 705 S. 10th St., Richmond, Ind. Seitz, Jane E. . .1912 Ravenwood Ave., Dayton, O. Shaner, Harold J. . .28 W. Whittier St., Osborn, O. Sharkey, Marita 133 Grafton Ave., Dayton, O. Sheehan, William 7911 Bingham Ave., Dearborn, Mich. Sheeran, Edward F. .231 Triangle Ave., Dayton, O. Sheidler, Wayne C. .1602 Hearthstone, Dayton, O. Sherman, Mary C 2720 Philadelphia Dr., Dayton, O. Sherrod, Adeline H Box 53, Miamisburg, O. Skarha, Yohn D. 1100 Pennsylvania Ave., East St. Louis, III. Smith, Donald. R. R. 1 , Lebanon Pike, Dayton, O. Smith, Eleanor 645 Delaware Ave., Dayton, O. Smith, Herbert 607 Forest Ave., Dayton, O. Smith, Joseph 272 High St., Dayton, O. Smith, Raymond O R. R. =3, Dayton, O. Smith, Thomas 345 Delaware Ave., Dayton, O. Smith, William C. 409 Baltimore St., Middletown, O. Sokolowski, Joseph J. 328 Lawrence St., Perth Amboy, N. J. Somers, Patricia A. . .209 Linden Ave., Dayton, O. Somhorst, Roy. .2911 Glendora Ave., Cincinnati, O. Soon, Alfred C Kaupo, Maui, Hawaii Spahr, Ellen L. Miami Valley Hosp. Nurses ' Home, Dayton, O. Spangler, Michael E. 1149 Fourth St., Portsmouth, O. Spinelli, Dominic 646 Ludlow, Hamilton, O. Stafford, Lois A R. R. =1, Dayton, O. Staley, Joseph H. .310 Watervliet Ave., Dayton, O. Stamm, Wayne W. 411 W. Jefferson St., Sandusky, O. Standish, Raymond. ... 11 Drake Ave., Dayton, O. Stang, John E. . 1308 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, O. Stang, John T 5560 Markey Rd., Dayton, O. Staulsenbach, Ina R. .1615 Salem Ave., Dayton, O. Stefanek, Vincent J. .3224 E. 121 St., Cleveland, O. Stevens, Betty J 51 Best St., Dayton, O. Stevens, John Robert 51 Best St., Dayton, O. Stewart, Edward J. .1301 Patterson Rd., Dayton, O. Stich, Catherine E. .240 Maryland Ave., Dayton, O. Stich, Henry A 240 Maryland Ave., Dayton, O. Stilwell, Frank R. .112 Stockton Ave., Dayton, O. Stoermer, Edward S. 747 Belmont Park, N., Dayton, O, Stoermer, William F. 747 Belmont Park, N., Dayton, O. Stoff, Donald J 425 Campbell St., Dayton, O. Stone, Louise 991 Washington St., Dayton, O. Stovicek, Frank G. 3293 Berkshire Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. Strader, John. .918 N. Thomas Rd., Columbus, O. Streb, Robert. . .1433— nth St., N. W., Canton, O. Strugarek, Richard L. . .710 Hudson St., Toledo, O. Stuhlmueller, Dean C. .546 Dick Ave., Hamilton, O. Sullivan, Mary 625 Rockford Ave., Dayton, O. Suman, Betty J 1401 Phillips Ave., Dayton, O. Swartzel, Robert L... Center St., Germantown, O. Swift, Paul F. Jr. . .1115 Old Orchard, Dayton, O. Switzer, Donald W., Jr. .623 Yale Ave., Dayton, O. Synck, Louis J. . .413 S. Market St., Coldwater, O. T Talbot, Sterrett T . .952 Ferndale Ave., Dayton, O. Talmage, Marvin M. 561 Kenwood Ave., Dayton, O. Tank, Virgil W R. R. =1, Curtice, O. Taylor, Phyllis J. . .45 Grosvenor Ave., Dayton, O. Tekamp, Roger 2941 Lansing Dr., Dayton, O. Tempest, Patricia J 326 Troy St., Dayton, O. Terry, Francis J 5046 St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Terzi, Dante A. .41-04 249th St., Little Neck, N. Y. Thacker, Louis A. . 1926 Catalpa Dr., Dayton, O. Thalheimer, John. 242 Fountain Ave., Dayton, O. Theis, Harry W. .117 Quincy Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS LIQUOR WINES Follow the U. D. Crowd To TOMMY LONGO ' S Spaghetti House 1301 East Third St. DAYTON, OHIO " We Cater To Private Parties " NIGHT CLUB FUlton 0539 STEAKS CHICKEN CHOPS, ETC. THE GREEN VI LLE-DAYTON TRANSPORTATION COMPANY OFFICE PHONE 141 GARAGE PHONE 940-R GREENVILLE, OHIO Page One Hundred Seventy-six STUDENT INDEX Theodose, Harriet 212 Peach Orchard Rd., Dayton, O. Thoma, George E..137 Plumwood Rd., Dayton, O. Thoma, John H 36 Dover St., Dayton, O. Thoma, William T 36 Dover St., Dayton, O. Thomas, Betty J Ludlow Falls, O. Thomas, Roger R 12 S. King St., Xenia, O. Thornton, Frances L..112 Haynes St., Dayton, O. Tidwell, Elsie 1022 Gard St., Dayton, O. Timko, William J Barton, O. Timmer, David. 30 1 Kenil worth Ave., Dayton, O. Tobin, William P Oak St., Marion, O. Tom, David 2911 Koali Rd., Honolulu, T. H. Tompkins, Beverly C Centerville, O. Toohey, Frank M 28 Central Ave., Dayton, O. Toscani, Edmond R. 2132 S. 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Trimbach, Rosemary ... .629 Bolander, Dayton, O. Trockle, Robert A 498 AUyn St., Akron, O. Turner, Harry C 33 Bond St., Dayton, O. Turner, Lucille. .. .737 Dennison Ave., Dayton, O. Turner, Mary M 139 Boltin St., Dayton, O. Turner, Robert W. 1040 Cumberland Ave., Dayton, O. u Uebbing, Robert J. 12701 Christine Ave., Cleveland, O. Unger, Robert 808 Hodapp Ave., Dayton, O. Unverferth, Adele L. . . .20 Plumwood, Dayton, O. Updyke, Joseph F 7 Ivahnoe Ave., Dayton, O. Urban, Theodore J. . .5177 Cato St., Maple Hts., O. Utz, Harley D R. R. 3, Arcanum, O. V Van Etten, Robert M. . .24 Edgar Ave., Dayton, O. Van Harlingen, George 148 Potomac St., Dayton, O. Velten, Edmund M. 3311 Wellington Dr., Dayton, O. Ventura, Arthur L. . .3901 E. Third St., Dayton, O. Vocke, Norman G 627 Xenia Ave., Dayton, O. W Wack, Edward P 40 Central Ave., Dayton, O. Wack, Mary Margaret 40 Central Ave., Dayton, O. Walkup, Thomas J. .3000 Ridgeway Rd., Dayton, O. Walsh, William 314 Fernwood Dr., Akron, O. Walter, Mary 1351 First Ave., Dayton, O. Walters, Kenneth 316 S. 50th St., East St. Louis, 111. Ward, Walter 17205 Lake Ave., Lakewood, O. Weaver, Robert 2117 Ewalt Circle, Dayton, O. Webb, Thurman L 330 Richard St., Dayton, O. Weeks, Roland R. 135 Shiloh Springs Rd., Dayton, O. Wehner, Marjorie L. .317 Volusia Ave., Dayton, O. Wehrman, Lucille R. 134 E. Bruce Ave., Dayton, O. Weiss, Edmund D. . .700 Bolander Ave., Dayton, O. Welch, Frank R. . . R. R. 5, Box 151, Dayton, O. Weldon, John 409 W. 8th St., Owensboro, Ky. Wells, Frederick A. . .131 Indiana Ave., Dayton, O. Welsh, Joseph R. . .337 Lafayette Ave., Urbana, O. Welsh, Richard A. 1243 N. Plum St., Springfield, O. Welsh, Stephen J 319 East 6th, Peru, Ind. Wening, Robert J. 2508 St. Charles Ave., Dayton, O. Wennemann, Roy W. Creve Coeur, St. Louis County, Mo. Wescher, Karla J 105 Brydon Rd., Dayton, O. West, Richley D. .242 Ferguson Ave., Dayton, O. Westendorf, Jerome E..216 Henry St., Dayton, O. Westendorf, Richard J. 118 Fillmore St., Dayton, O. Westerheide, John R R. R. 2, Anna, O. Westerheide, John T. 124 N. Frankfort St., Minster, O. Wetja, Harriet N. Main St., Germantown, O. Whalen, James D 228 Beverly PI., Dayton, O. Wharton, John D 48 E. Hudson, Dayton, O. Wheat, William 1733 Banker PL, Dayton, O. Wheelbarger, Joseph H. 3514 Woodbine Ave., Dayton, O. Whelan, Joseph 322 Third St., Massillon, O. Whetro, Kathleen. .105 Elmwood Ave., Dayton, O. Whitmer, Webb G 1367 Cory Dr., Dayton, O. Wiggenhorn, Roman H. .337 Clover St., Dayton, O. Wilker, John J 16 Hadley Rd., Dayton, O. Will, James A 1250 Demphle Ave., Dayton, O. Wilson, William .. .2038 Emerson Ave., Dayton, O. Wine, Madonna J 4127 Midway, Dayton, O. Wise, Helen M 631 Five Oaks, Dayton, O. Wissel, George J. . . .125 Saw Mill Rd., Dayton, O. Woeste, James W. . R. R. 1, Box 178, Dayton, O. Wong, Anthony B. L. 1709-D Iliahi St., Honolulu, T. H. Wong, Arthur. .. . 463 Paul Place, Honolulu, T. H. Wood, Donald E. .12711 Gruss Ave., Cleveland, O. Woodrow, Don 20 S. Horton, Dayton, O. Woolley, Norman L. .52 Bowman Ave., Dayton, O. Wren, James C 15 Marion, Dayton, O. Wright, Jean M 25 Gilbert Ave., Dayton, O. Wroe, John W 503 Grafton Ave., Dayton, O. Wrynn, John W. . 1826 Stephen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Wurstner, Alan 47 Margaret St., Dayton, O. Y Yano, Vincent H . . 566 N. King St., Honolulu, T. H. Young, Peter L. .3721 Old Pali Rd., Honolulu, T. H. Z Zach, Walter A 2847 La Grange, Toledo, O. Zahn, Robert L 722 McLain St., Dayton, O. Zeno, Michael R. .683 S. Hawkers Ave., Akron, O. Zimmer, Marilyn M. .32 Virginia Ave., Dayton, O. Zimmerman, Don W. 1003 Riverview Ave., Dayton, O. Zimmerman, George A. 1912 Demphle Ave., Dayton, O. Zimmermann, Robert J. 912 Linden, Oak Park, 111. Zink, Pauline M. .344 Patterson Blvd., Dayton, O. Zoul, Joseph.. .1370 Larchmont Rd., Cleveland, O. Zwiesler, Edwin J... 119 Lincoln St., Dayton, O. (U. ' m.oy i S-A..i,u.n W li - - yV- y H-N KsrA.KU),LK0P M ' e- y i Ajd T% f ffU-4 Qa.,,tji ? ' C -m.-c 9n • %JU. ' h jt zy a a JL yy r,iy hijUy (L -A - ;% y 4 a.,Utfuk 7? )- ' 1, 77?rs ]. TrocKh I a z... a . 7 »m . ;-A «- _- r| ' + 1«5. Cifw £■. i oHL (S-L.1. ja 4 4«v j Fvssi .ar ' 7ha ■ ' 7;fc3 llwuJc ' St H . » 5 Jvo.G- HfRKifv ' cS- Tru k Oi ' X hU im M " JJln- 7H J. Eo ' i ' KO Hirnz. - „ TrU i% ;i-» €il 3 1 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments Of MONARCH DIE ENGINEERING CO. NORWOOD POWER BUILDING 8 NORWOOD AVE. DAYTON, OHIO NEWBAUER ' S SANITARY MILK CO. 1205 EAST HERMAN AVE. — DAYTON, OHIO To Safeguard Your and Your Family ' s Health BETTER MILK IN A BETTER BOTTLE HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN SOFTCURD MILK Call FUlton 9071 Compliments Of THE OHIO METAL MFG. CO. DAYTON, OHIO STEEL BARS — SHEETS — WIRE PRODUCTS Page One Hundred Eighty PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS BEST WISHES from GEIS BAKERY Diamond Watch and Jewelry Specialists BEIGEL JEWELERS, Inc. 20 North Main Street Dayton, Ohio Phone FUlton 8791 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the " Grads " of ' 43 THE STANLEY MANUFACTURING CO. DAYTON, OHIO SOUTH PARK BARBER SHOP 930 Brown St. CARL F. BRANDING FU. 2832 Compliments Of BRINKMAN ENGINEERING CO. 300 Kiser Street DAYTON, OHIO CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1943 Page One Hundred Eighty-one PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ACKNOWLEDGMENT The various service scenes used in the divider pages throughout the book ore credited to the following branches of the war deportment: U. S. Novy Poges 10, 13, 80, 83, 93, 105, 115, 121, 127 U. S. Army Air Forces Page 19 U. S. Army Signal Corps Pages 26, 29, 45, 61, 69 U. S. Marine Corps Pages 140, 143, 155, 161 The background scene in the dedication page is accredited to: Warner Bros. Studio Pages 4-5 THE H. OFFICE BROTHERS CO. 20-26 South St. Clair St. DAYTON, OHIO Phone FUlton 5137 FRUITS VEGETABLES THE PEERLESS FISH MARKET 213 Bruen Street DAYTON, OHIO Phone FUlton 4033 FISH SEAFOODS Compliments Of DAYTON BREAD CO. Makers Of MIAMI-MAID BREAD Compliments Of THEO. E. FISCHER FISCHER ENGINEERING CO. TOOL DESIGNERS INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS 322 EAST THIRD ST. FULTON 7362 DAYTON, OHIO Page One Hundred Eighty-two : " ' :

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