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IINUINN QQ theuniversitvuicincinnati Chris Demakes, Editor-in-chief John Watson, Business Manager Cincinnati, Ghio Volume 69 The University of Cincinnati: 1962-it is an aggregate of 9000 day students, 8000 evening students, 1350 teachers, and countless other personnel. I t is also an elaborate physical plant and a tremendous complex of organizations and institutions. It is so vast, so enormous, that most people fall into ruts of varying sizes, ruts which intermesh to form the A s total pattern. Indeed, what else can 0 0 they do? For the university's extensiveness belies real comprehension. Hence it is that to picture in merely 300 pagesnthe entire university, the myriads of facts ' and observations must be resolved into a few basic patterns. ' These patterns are hardly fair: they cut of corners, they squeeze and stretchy but they do throw into relief the ' basic structures of the University of Cincinnati The physical plant is the most immediate fact of UC. It is compelling - beautiful, and continually looking to the future. j ,..-....,,.ntLL,., I 1 ' 1 r, nu. 1 I' 4 ,- .1 V ,sv A LQ. lk f, il W. ,2 There is mach majesty in UCS campus, and an evolution of architectural form and design. ni .N J H 1. 6 r a r r 1 r F r r .L 1 5 5 4 6 f . Tyla- V" , ., S And the campus has its people . . . and they too are the campus. And the people pursue studies, interests, skills, dedications, in search of rewards and values. ,,,. F 1' AA . - vi . Q is ll' I I " -ffl 5 ' ' V ,V . Fx ..,x l 2 :Agp :-131. "-r'?,.i 5. T V . J-rf r 'Q -rre vs if vm, I ,L 'N , g, f:i. ,xi Q . i -:SL lg, , , A', fi' lffr . " ' , 4 J 2f,' - I is And the people also take pleasure in life. W 1 12 I m. Arid life is frantic, life is seriousg living is to be always doing something And the University is people living among the forms and stones of the physical campus. And living is personal. T BLE 0F CONTENTS hh Fhe Year . ....... page I6 The University ...... page 60 Athletics ........ page 314 N Organizations . . . page J 58 K 'X 5' 5 Y h 3' .Z---ilj i 4 Y"N. 1 X W NIV? 'fr 'fi 1.41, 'Xl- haf... '1 K P The year is the temporal arrange- ment. It is UC,s eternal recur- rence. Every year has the same events, with only the people changing, and as individuals, they too are soon forgotten. Sep- arate memories blur into a few impressions and when a few years pass only these fleeting visions remain to capture the year's flow of people, places, and things. ORGA IZED CONFUSION IYPIFIES THE CHO0L YEAR'S BEGINNING Registration is largely a matter of lines-lines to the advisers, lines for IBM cards, lines for ID cards, and the inevitable lines to the cashier. For both students and administration it is a time- consuming and tedious procedure, but somehow the thousands of schedules and fees are straight- ened out and students are ready to resume classes once more. Amid the confusion of registration freshmen and new students are oliicially welcomed to UC at the Orientation Convocation. Immedi- ately following convocation students meet their student advisers, who take them on a campus tour. Faculty adviser lay C. Heinlein renders valuable aid in helping a bewildered political science major plan first semester schedule. 'y T' Wally Seins acquaints incoming freshmen with the campus through the men's advisory orientation tours Fall registration day finds thousands of harassed students waiting in lines to receive class cards. The moving of the registrars, card checkers, and fee assessors to the Union Building shortens the long lines of registration. The final step appears to be the most painful one paying tuition in the cashierlv ojjice. RUSH PERIOD BRINGS NEW IDEAS, FRIENDS - RENEWS ENTIIUSIASNI Alpha Chi's- "AX Calling" summons a winning pledge class for the girls of the golden lyre. Rush is certainly the appropriate term for the two -Week period of fun, excitement, and indeci- sion which introduces girls to the Greek World. It is a time of tired feet, when a smile becomes a physical effort and when the mere mention of cookies or punch is unbearable. The formal teas, casual parties, and formal preferential ,parties are an enjoyable but trying experience for both rushers and rushees. Yet on Pledge Sunday, as the girls rush down McMicken Hill, the recent anxiety and hard work become dim memories. - 1 'vt' lg M 2 I Kappa Alpha Theta's"l2'ai C tl Theta Joame Benham M elcomes rushee to E ry as e." ager hands of rushmen sign up for fraternity rush parties. if rush ends as Brotlzers Fischer, Hartmann, t pledging ceremony of Phi Delta Theta. present a rush which is deceptively +ntrast to the formality of sorority arties take the form of smokers, beer swimming parties. Rushmen are in- e into the fraternity house for a few what fraternity life is really like. 1 Weeks fraternity men must decide will make good brothersg the rush- oide which group they Wish to make ir collegiate life. l A pharmacy senior demonstrates the techniques of his profession. UC FAIR A SUCCESS, BUT BOND ISSUE FAILS This fall Cincinnati was treated to a gala event? the UC Fair. Undertaken to create a better pub- lic appreciation of the contributions of the Uni- versity, the Fair featured displays from virtually every college and department on campus. One of the Fair's main attractions was an authentic replica of astronaut John Glenn's Mercury space capsule. Among crowd favorites were demonstra- tions of UC's computer and a 100 mile relay performance by UC's champion Swimming team. Co-eds Helen Sekinger and Sheila Somers admire the Geography Departmenfs modernistic display. A E7f0E5'f1lJ"W Dr. John Pauls, professor of Russian, describes to students rare books found in the Germanic and Slavic Languages exhibit, regional planning spite.. A fascinated crowd gathers to watch experiments by an Indian graduate student at Chemistry Departmenfs booth. A replica of Col. Glenn's Mercury space capsule attracts the interest of space-minded citizens. 1 W w i .AI 'fund' um-v' 1149! psf HOMECOMING PREPARATIONS STRETCH LATE INTO NIGHT Evenings before Homecoming find Greeks gathering for crepe paper stretching parties. 'es to be most difficult. The Thetas proudly display a finished frame three days before the parade. y each year members of the Univer- unity resign themselves to a sleep- -the occasion is Homecoming tloat :he night wears on someone discov- battery is dead, the crepe paper s been exhausted, and the tarps lp as the inevitable rain begins. tturday morning arrives, and the . down Clifton Avenue under the aze of tired but proud workers. parade down Clifton Avenue on Homecoming Day. At the gay Homecoming Dance at Castle Farms it matters litle that UC lost to Houston that afternoon. Downtown at Topper Club a similar spirit prevails at Acacia's-Overilow Dance. Everybody eagerly awaits the an- nouncement of winning floats. Theta takes top honors among sororities, followed by AD Pi, T ri-Delt, and Alpha Gam. In fraternity di- vision ATO carries oif top trophy, with run- ners-up Theta Chi, Larnba Chi, and Phi Kap. ATO's unusual "Cincy's Vintage Year," made of multi-colored foil paper, cops top honors in the men's division. iii IH ll Ill Thetas take honors again among the sororities with a clever covered bridge and the theme "Cover Up the Cougars." Crowds gather in every available place to witness the popular Homecoming parade. Homecoming Queen Kathy Honnert wins the heart of the crowd with her captivating smile. The infectious excitement of Homecoming is communicated both to the young and the young-at-heart. t ...Y .t-U 1 The Homecoming Queen and her Court are presented at halftime festivities. INTEENATIENAL FESTIVAL FEATURES ACTS 0E EIETEEN EEREIGN NATl0NS On October 28th Wilson Auditorium was the site of UC's colorful International Folk Festival. Spon- sored by the International Club, the Festival fea- tured acts varying from the graceful dances of the F ar East to a spirited highland fling. In addition to presenting the diverse cultures of over Hfteen countries, the performers emphasized the spirit of cooperation and' unity among all nations in their gay finale. The proceeds of the show went to the fund of Higher Education for Lasting Peace. A dancer of Thailand shows the intricacies of the Far Eastern danc The variety Of costumes backstage typijies the international flavor of the Folk Fest val xr . 'yi 'f'--1, 'Q S Y l Q.: " x ,A v K f my W K ilk. H " m x 2 ' if ' 5 f 5 . , .v A X ff. N f I , 5- X ' ' I , 2- n l if ag I - . sv. 5. 5' '09 gk! 'E 2- . 'ffff3'y ' 'Ye QQQQQ Y 92 7 E ,X A . . ,, ,. ,,..V4,,,.,k . . .,ff,:,-5' 'f3':z1I5L,p'zf. J.: ., 3.3,-.317 ,F 97:32-Af, f WL A I I 4 2 s W l ' xN3m I 'xx N WN W "Y . 5,393 ' ..L."'fm AUCTIIIN NETS FUNDS EOR WIIRLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE Small but respectable and solid gains were regis- tered this year by the World University Service. Bothered by the meager returns of previous years, the Cincinnati Branch of WUS Went to work and upped total receipts from seven hundred to well over one thousand dollars. The most signifi- cant increase, however, was in participation in the annual auction, for the first time something noticed and appreciated on campus. WUS representatives record a fratemityls winning bid. R. E. W. PIWGRAM PRIPVIDES STIMULATING DISCUSSION ON "NATURE 0F GOD" Religious Emphasis Week at UC is a time when students are asked to examine their religious convictions and are challenged to consider their relationship to God. Many students have neither the interest nor the inclination to attend the Week's events, yet there are those who go . . . who listen . . . and Wonder. Attempting to help students find their way through the theological maze, Monsignor Robert Sherry, Rabbi Victor Reichert, and Reverend Morris Arnold discussed this year's theme "Exploring the Nature of God." Dr. Anthony Nementz, Ohio State University A humorous note creeps into an otherwise professor of philosophy serves as main serious RE W Evaluation Dinner. speaker at RE W Convocation. Through the Mummers' Guild, UC students rind a creative outlet for their dramatic and musical talents. Each year outstanding performers in Guild productions are awarded Mummies, comparable to filmdom's famous Oscars. There is also tremen- dous opportunity for apprentice work in staging, sets, makeup, and production. It is, in fact, care- ful and dedicated cooperation which leads to the final, polished product. e Ilene Thompson as Mrs. Antrobus nags Mr. Antrobus Marv Vawter, in the G'iuld's of "Skin of Oar Teeth." Alarm seizes the Antrobus family as the fatheris' knock is heard at the door. Marcia Lewis, Miss Mell in "The Play's the Thing," prepares her make-up. Miss Mell looks on as Dick Von Hoene, Mr. Almandy, and Jadeen Barbour, Ilona, rehearse parts for the play within the play. 2 M MMERS GUILD CORE THE E DDUS SUCCESS IN "GUYS AND DDLL " Adelaide, Jadeen Barbour, and chorus girls sing "Take Back Your Mink." Joe Zinuz, Sky Masterson, speaks with Salvation Army worker, Kathie McKee 0 I 'WBIL wouldn't you," replies the chorus to her request. l l Crapshooters line up ready to begin entertainment. Dave Flanders as Rusty Charley, Tom M uth as Nicely Nicely Johnson, and Dave Oberlin as Benny, render "Fugue for Tinhornsf' Thornton Wilder's 4'The Skin of Our Teethn as the Mummers' lirst olfering of the year. Next was a highly successful performance of Molnar's 4'The Play's the Thing." The arrival of spring was cele- brated with the presentation of the ever popular musical C'Guys and Dolls." For the Children's Theater they did "Yankee Doodle Dandy," and the Carousel Theater also a May musical, 6'The Fantasticksf' a current off-Broadway production. THE INEXORARLE MARCH 0E CULTURE PRODUCES CONCERTS, Despite occasional cynics who would speak of 44? me eine V nu. - 4- r , f I. 95 . V I ' . ' 11 5 ' x ., - E.. ' , an ' iikiwia , f 11253- - V - ,495 .Av V ' ' -:. 2 1' ,ff --1 - , 'ii Y ' "EN ucultural voidi' UC has a strong tradition in arts and letters. Indeed, the role of culture at UC is the same as in Cincinnati proper-very subdued, suburban, but very solid. The Elliston poet, this year John Press, delivered his lectures and con- ducted seminars. Likewise, the dramatics group kept up a moderate flow of productions and the College of DAA had its perpetual art exhibits. There is little compulsion to participate. What culture there is, is serious and to the point. Sir Patrick Dean, British Ambassador to the Dr. Langsam confers an honorary Doctor of Laws degree on the UN, speaks at a Graduate School lecture Greek Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Alexis Liatis. on British foreign relations. LES, AND EXHIBIT The Glee Club performs with the 962 Elliston poet, delivers nodern British poetry. Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Students view the Meade Collection, one of the outstanding exhibits to be viewed this year in the Alms Building gallery. . 5 1 A S TUDE T VOTE T0 ELECT CAMP S LEADER During March, the campus comes alive with cam- paign posters, slogans, and reminders to Vote in student elections. Good Government Group, Cam- pus Action Party, and unaiifiliated candidates cam- paign for Student Council, the class omces, and college tribunals. Because the majority of stu- dents failed to exercise their right to vote, many contests for oflice ended in a tie this year. The grill abounds with elections posters of every size and description. At the same time as cam us electio W A A P HS, . . . Design students carefully examine ballots before voting. holds elections for next year's officers. A DAA professor makes sure all ballots are legal before placing them in locked voting bag. UNION CELERRATES SILVER ANNIVERSARY WITH GALA EVENTS Willie Mosconi's billiards exhibition draws hundreds of interested spectators to the Union Celebration. Celebrating twenty-five years of service to the Uni- versity, the Student Union presented two weeks of outstanding events on campus. Seven thousand free hamburgers and cokes were distributed at the Grill Open House. Over one-hundred admini- strators and student leaders were guests at the Silver Anniversary Banquet which featured Dr. Earl Harper of the State University of Iowa as main speaker. Also included in the program were jazz and concerts, a billiards exhibition, and such outstanding movies as "La Strada" and "Hamlet" The Shades provide dance music for the Grill Open house. 37 The Silver Anniversary Banquet provides . Happy Sfudenfs line UP.f0l' free Q an outstanding finish for the Anniversary. hamburgers and cokes zn the Grill. KX GREEK WEEK ATTEMPTS T0 STRENGTHEN TIES 0E BEOTHERHEOD Greek Week is the annual togetherness kick of the fraternities and sororities. Its avowed purpose is to unify all Greeks into a common awareness of their position. Unfortunately it comes so late in the year that everyone is tired of dances. Conse- quently the Greek Week Dance wanted for people. A late snow-the games didn't come off. A Tues- day night feast in the field house-par for deli- cious catered food and suggestive entertainment. And then, mid-terms hit the seminars hard. Like last year, Greek Week had its problems. i S minars set a note of purpose a d mood for Greek Week. Mary Rowe Moore ana' Dean Joe Holliday finish the feast with looks of pleasure. The food proves at least plenti- ' ' ful at the Greek Week feast. 4 f u i Q fl ' X x , Q I R g :A "4l .K 'El .5 , The entertainment chairman takes a brief pause. A strange admixlure of Greek and modern costumes dominates the feast , . ' bination of clothing Barb Keller and Bill Stofjregen bring The curious com L 1 the feast up to date with the Twist. ls Once again self ewdent' Caroline Muster conducts the Kappas in "Climb Every Mountain." Traditionally held on Mother's Day, the Sing is T sponsored by the Alumni Association. Last year's presentation saw the return of sororities, though not for competition. Delt took Hrst honors, while SAE, Phi Delt, and Theta Chi were finalists. Phi Delt voices, under the direction of Earl Fisher, blend harmoniously in "Almighty God of Our Fathers." ' A J' 'Viz' A V -1 13 . C gf xg' 2.3! 4 K M3 l 1 w N Delts explode jubilantly as judges announce them winners of the Robert G. Sarvis Memorial Trophy SIGMA SIGMA CARNIVAL ATMOSPHERE DIILIGIITS THOUSANDS Cotton candy, carnival vendors, and gaily deco- rated booths vie for attention each May, as the fieldhouse is magically transformed into the Sigma Sigma Carnival. Everywhere the carnival booths invite students to try their hand at Winning a prize. For most beautiful, most popular, and most carni- val-like booths, Sigma Sigma presents trophies to sororities and fraternities. Another crowd favorite is the ever popular Sigma Sigma car which mus- cular UC males take turns demolishing with a Sledge hammer. Proceeds are contributed to UC. The Langsams join in the fun The T heta's booth shows the same meticulous care Thg prizbwinning "Pgl1-a-Delf tossing coins into wishing well. and preparation as goes into the homecoming floats. booth is a perennial favorite. The Ugly Man Contest brings squeals of horrors from shocked damsels. I CLEME T WEATHER FORCES RACCAULA REATE, GRADUATION lNDO0R Anxious seniors hurry to find their places zn the commencement processional. The eventful Senior Week, climaxing years of un- dergraduate study, fun, and excitement, is an oc- casion long awaited by all seniors. The busy round of activities include a Senior Prom, senior picnic, Strawberry Breakfast, and Hnally commencement. This year, at the suggestion of the Senior Class Officers, undergraduate and graduate ceremonies were held separately in the iieldhouse. For some seniors graduation heralds the end of collegiate life and the beginning of a rewarding career, for others it is the first step toward advanced academ- ic work. Yet whatever the future may hold, these graduates will meet it with eagerness, tempered by a nostalgia for undergraduate life which is past. Happy seniors file into Wilson Auditorium for Baccalaureate services. F -I - ,MQ-551sa.2,55,s.'1'Ej,..,53:--5-,..-rg,r,Azz 1,13 .fin . .V if ' ' ', "'-'z . " 1 -"' ' -' - ,. . - fi I sa. 4 A Q R 'N ' ,, W Vi? :Av 44, ., 1 ,M .. ss., I - it, , 1' " . 'Y . , fig' . A f is sf f -A ? IES V Q, . f gg 2' -A -gag ,. . R -1 . ' 'i" T , .. t .. : ,-.t . N ' g g '-"i R ,- ' X X Outstanding junior women, bedecked in white dresses, carry the traditional Ivy Chain in the Baccalaureate procession. ,nr ,. ..., 1 1 1 Q 1 1 Q I If f , , x 1 P f A 1 Cla' I fa 1 1 f X , . . Qi' f 'V ni , ' ,, ii .L CINCINNATIAN SELECTS 1962 BEAUTIES lA g sg fx '5 5 -2 H , f'l?x'!1 . suv W 5 ' lil ' L i2M5!5H flI5:'?., gf 'AQ F X X Suzie Lesh, Kappa Alpha Theta Sandy Conner, Logan Hall Carol Tuke, Theta Phi Alpha vi, ,., 11 guns!!! yanuull HG Darlene Wegener, Kappa Kappa Gamma HOMECOMI G C0 RT Mary Jean Scanlan, Theta Phi Alpha Joan Kahn, Sigma Delta Tau Garnet Long, Kappa Alpha Theta HOMECOMlNG QUEEN JU IOR PROM QUEEN AND C0 RT 1961 Junior Prom Queen- Joanna Hill, Zeta Tau Alpha , 1 ff X R A-Af. fi-i I, 51 k 23 -' ia iff Mail K , Nancy Pape Kattus, Kappa Delta Anne Albanese, Theta Phi Alpha Carol Traut, Kappa Alpha Theta T hale Schumacher, Alpha Chi Omega -q:,, . in -'T I l SOPHOS OUEEN AND COURT Mimi Hill, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sue Mullen, Alpha Delta Pi Peggy Rosenberg, Delta Delta Delta Skippy Kahsar, Alpha Chi Omega BAND SPONSOR Theta GODDESS 0F THE GREEKS Julie Shinkle, Kappa Kappa Gamma HONORARY CADET COLONEL SIG EP QUEEN 0E HEARTS KAMPUS KING AND COURT Jim Siler, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phil Davis, Men's Residence Halls Larry Goodridge, Delta Tau Delta Jerry Martin, Phi Kappa Theta ' 12 . . ,gg in -'.5? f'f154f5 if" fr :1f ,Q1-1551231211 f-1 : , w.-- 2-.faq j4,,f.:,,1,- ' . '- ' -QJ1'iK?f?U??.-::- ' , ,, .mx - ,J 1962 Kampus King- George McPeck, Acacia ,gig my I Q . .'M1a'c"w1 ,,.f ,wen xvy' vc . me1'::1'sf, K r . .ali . Wu , 5. , . .lf ini' ' an. Q . was ME?- IQ o'E'!P'5' ,- A ,U Q6 ' ,Y w .5 -1' " xx' 99 5 A-55. T... at Q N. xg., we? ,,. From the first of the countless lines of registration, to the last of the countless forms to be filled out, there are over 750 instructors, numerous classes, and many administrators in the University. Their aim is education and they each have their part to do. Moreover, the pattern they form is the one common aspect of every stu- dentis life at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Walter Consuelo Langsam Dr. Walter Consuelo Langsam, noted historian, author, and administrator, is serving in his seventh year as President of the University. Throughout these years, Dr. Langsam has been recognized as the most active citizen of the University community-cheering at football and basketball games, entertaining seniors at informal buffet suppers at his home, or performing his endless official duties as President after having both studied and taught at Columbia University. Dr. Langsam served as chief administrator at Wagner College and at Gettysburg College. As an active historian, he has published many works including the internationally known, The World Since 1914. THE PRESIDENT 0E THE UNIVERSITY 0E CINCINNATI Ruth LeBaron, Administrative Assistant to the President, and Betty Holt, Secretary B0 RD OF DIRECTIIR BOARD OF DIRECT ORS-Seated: Renton K. Brodie, Chairman Walter C Langsam Jane DeSerisy Earley, Walter M. Shohl, Vice-Chairman, Philip M Myers Vtandzng Arthur W Schubert, M. R. Dodson, Frank H. Mayfield, James P. Walsh William H Hessler Ralph C Bursiek, Clerk. University prestige, expansion, and general policy are the responsibilities of the Board of Directors, the of- iicial governing body of the University of Cincinnati. Specific duties include faculty appointments, student- faculty policies, social and athletic programs, con- struction, and academic standards. Each director is appointed by the Mayor of Cincinnati, subject to the approval of City Council. As a leader in business, civic, or professional fields, each director proudly do- nates his services for a nine year period. Ralph C. Bursiek Mildred Ross, Secretary and Lorrayne Stork, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President VICE PRESIDENTS' 0FFlCES Holding one of the most-all-inclusive positions at UC is Dean Ralph C. Bursiek, Vice President of the Uni- versity and Dean of University Administration. As chief business officer, his position involves financial and business affairs as well as public relations. A graduate of UC and the Wisconsin School of Banking, he first joined the faculty in 1934. Dean Bursiek also serves as clerk to the Board of Directors and as ad- ministration representative to the Board of Publica- tions and the Union Board. Nr...., . Carrying the responsibility for the academic facet of the University program is Dr. Hoke S. Greene, Vice President of UC and Dean of Faculties. Deans of other colleges coordinate their academic functioning through him, including budgets and faculty. Last year he was instrumental in the selection of General St. John as Vice President and Director of the Medical Center. Dr. Greene is well known for research in chemistry and the field of atomic energy. He received his MA and PhD from the University of Georgia. Dr. Hake S. Greene A new addition to the administrative staff this year is General Clement F. St. John, Vice President of the University and Director of the Medical Center. He formerly served in the capacity of commanding gen- eral of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the nation's capital. His present duties at the University of Cincinnati include heading the building program and the administration department at the Medical Center-duties necessitated by the University's recent acquisition of the administration of General Hospital. Dr. Clement F. St. John Dean of Special Services Spencer Shank serves by initiating long range plans for the university. Efforts of his ofiice culminated last fall in the announcement of the forthcoming quarter system. In a personal capacity, Dean Shank acts as adviser to foreign stu- dents, Gmicron Delta Kappa, and Metro. Spencer Sltmzk Charles Mileham Charles Mileham, serving in the capacity of General Administrator under Vice President Bursiek, handles the administration of Student Financial Aid. A former athletic director of this university, he is also chair- man of the Faculty Parking Committee and admin- istrator of the Faculty and Staff Blood Bank. Mr. William Jenike, Assistant Dean of University Administration, is primarily concerned with the build- ing and housing aspects of the campus. One current project is planning the proposed apartments for mar- ried students. Another plan is for the future expansion of UC through the construction of new dormitories. William F. Ienike Frank T. Purdy Mr. Frank T. Purdy, who serves as Executive Director of Development, is officially in charge of the coordina- tion and supervision of fund raising programs, public relations, and alumni activities. Mr. Purdy also super- vises radio and television broadcasts on the university's own station WGUC. Garland G. Parker, Registrar and Central Admissions Officer, is responsible for the students' entrance and records at UC. He is in charge of the supervision of the various admissions oiiicers, the registration of students, the periodic organization of day and night school grade sheets, and veteran education. Garland G. Parker l Robert W. Hoefer As the University's financial controller, Robert Hoefer handles and directs receipts and disbursements, pre- pares detailed quarterly iinancial reports, and keeps an annual record of the University's monetary affairs. He also acts as faculty adviser to Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Sigma, 'and Ulex. BUSINESS OFFICES Arch I. Carson Arch I. Carson, whose new title is Purchasing Agent, has the important task of supervising all purchase requisitions of the University, making sure that the requisitions of the University offices are filled. This year he has the added responsibility of purchasing for General Hospital, a new part ,of the University. M arilou Osinske, Assistant to the Dean Marjorie Stewart, Assistant Dean Lillian M. Johnson, Dean of Women The Dean of Wornen's Ollice, located in renovated Beecher Hall, advises and supervises all girls on cam- pus. This begins on orientation day and continues with supervision of Panhellenic activities, dorm curfews, and grades. The real task is not, however, the neces- sary enforcement of rules and regulations, but it is rather the careful and personal guidance given to those who seek it. The oirice is essentially parental: a strict disciplinarian when necessary, but much more a sympathetic listener and earnest counselor. It is a demanding task requiring much Wisdom and skill, for the strength of a university resides to a great extent in its students and their relations to college. The three counselors, Dean Lillian Johnson, Marjorie Stewart, and Marilou Osinske, have dedicated themselves both professionally and as advisers to the many activities. DEA 0F WOME 'S OFFICE Edward C. Keiser, Assistant to the Dean Lowell G. Kafer, Assistant to the Dean, and James A. Scully, Assistant Dean DEAN OF lVlEN'S 0FllICE The Dean of Men's Office serves as the focal point for all the activities of male students on campus. Although particular attention is paid to the orientation and ad- justment of incoming students, the work of the various deans is concerned with the aspects of upperclassmen as well. Close relationship is kept with those organ- izations, such as Men's Advisory, Student Council, IFC, and GDK, that are concerned with student reg- ulation and policies. Most of the student problems are concerned with academics, but the areas of social and activities are not neglected. Holding the position of Dean of Men is William Nester, with oflices in the newly renovated Beecher Hall. Working under him and having specific areas to control are Assistant Dean Edward Keiser and Assistants to the Dean, James Scully and Lowell Kafer. William R. Nester, Acting Dean of Men PUBLIC RELATIONS Joyce Agnew, Assistant Director An important factor in helping to build and main- tain UC's reputation is the University's Department of Public Relations. By such media as newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio, the Public Relations De- partment spreads throughout the World the UC story- its people, its achievements, its services, its needs. Now that the University has been given full responsi- bility for the operation of Cincinnati General Hospi- tal, Public Relations has opened a full-time branch oiiice in UC's Medical Center. Claire Young, Bruce Stoecklin, and Esther Parker show the busy functioning of the Public Relations Office. John P. DeCamp, Director John E. Small, Executive Secretary William Savely, Field Secretary, and Alan Wright, Alumnus Editor The Alumni Association is the primary link connect- ing graduates to the University. Because of its efforts twenty-seven UC alumni clubs have been organized in the United States. Locally the association co- ordinates student participation in the UC Fund Drive and sponsors the annual Homecoming celebration. Operation Telephone-1961-finds a combination of students, faculty, and alumni, to make this annual University of Cincinnati Fund Drive a-success. The Telathon, lasting one week in the foyer of the Armory Fieldhouse, raised approximately twenty-five thousand dollars. Arthur T. Hamlin, University Librarian UNIVERSITY LIBR RY The University Library, under Arthur Hamlin, is a good indication of UC's position as one of the few mature municiple universities. It is the largest munici- pally supported university library, one of the fifty largest research libraries, and it is the national library for all important Writing in modern Greek. Its facilities include not only the central collection of volumes, but numerous departmental libraries and special collec- tions. With these and the ample browsing and peri- odical rooms, the library supports Mr. Hamlin's con- tention that he is professionally interested in encourag- ing wide and independent reading among students. A deserted campus, but a busy library. Christmas may be a holiday from classes, but not from studying Da. .De. .Du. .Dy. .Card files provide a clue to the whereabouts of books for reference and research papers. Shiela Somers reaches for a volume from the reserve book room shelves. RESEARCH The University of Cincinnati, has been receiving each year about three million dollars in research grants and contracts from the government, foundations, and in- dustry. More than half of this is for work in the University's Medical Center, the remainder in the many field of scholarship on the main campus. From amino acids on, the nature of the research ranges all the way through the scientific alphabet as faculty mem- bers work in the time-honored tradition of universities everywhere-transmitting knowledge through teaching and adding to that knowledge through research investi- gations. The CINCINNAT IAN, saluting this gigantic activity, spotlights four of the many major research projects on campus and at nearby UC Medical Center. l Dr. and Mrs. Caskey point out the area of their archaeological discoveries on their recent expedition. Two important firsts in Greek archaeology-the earli- est evidence ever found of a Greek temple and sculp- tured terra cotta Hgures bigger than anything known in the Greek World of the 12th century B.C.-were un- covered during a 1961 summer expedition by UC arch- aeologists on the Greek island of Kea, 42 miles south- east of Athens. An important highly civilized settle- ment older than the temple and statues was also found. Directing the digging was Dr. John L. Caskey, chair- man of UC's classics department. Both he and his archaeologist wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Caskey, hold Ph.D. degrees in classics from UC. Dr. Caskey is finding his hopes justified by the excavations at this once impor- tant trading town on the route from Greece to Asia Minor. Next summer the Caskeys hope to uncover more evidence linking this civilization to the great classical Greek period which started in the sixth cen- tury B.C. The UC classics department, noted over the years for its discoveries at Troy and elsewhere in Greece, received this year a S3 million trust fund from the late Mrs. Louise Taft Semple of Cincinnati. Dr. Caskey studies a slide of an excavation on the Greek island of Kea. w f Dr. Sabin, distinguished service professor of research pediatrics. So many honors have come to UC's Dr. Albert B. Sabin that he is known all over the world as the dis- coverer of the live-virus poliomyelitis vaccine which bears his name. Perhaps the best tribute of all for the University of Cincinnatfs first faculty member to be "distinguished service professorl' is this: By now more than 150,000,000 persons on this earth have been fed the oral Sabin polio vaccine. This is a giant step towards the disease's eventual elimination, a goal for which Dr. Sabin aims. He is now finishing his work on the Sabin vaccine and problems of its manufacture and administration. After 30 years largely devoted to poliomyelitis, during which time he received more than 31.5 million in grants from the National Foundation, Dr. Sabin has turned his attention to cancer. In his laboratories in the Children's Hospital Research F oun- dation, of which he is a fellow, Dr. Sabin is doing re- search on possible relation of viruses to human cancer. Dr. Sabin and co-workers perform experiments with oral polio vaccine on white rats. Much of the equipment used by the Materials Science Laboratory was designed and built by Dr. Hoch for the experimental work. "Wonder" metals in jets, rockets, and missiles are the subject of study by Dr. Hoch through re- search grants from the Air Force. "Wonder" metals which can be used without liquifying in the fantastically high temperatures of space-age motion-in jets, rockets, missiles-are being sought in the Materials Science laboratories of Dr. Michael Hoch. With research grants which come largely from the Air Force, Dr. Hoch and his staff are studying how materials behave and what their properties are at temperatures ranging up to 6000 degrees F. Current projects include research on several metallic systems, including the new material pirolithic graphite which has different properties at different directions and might prove to maintain its strength at high tempera- tures, study of defects which upset the scientists' care- ful calculations of how metals will behave, and a co- operative study with Dr. Prank R. Meeks of the UC chemistry department of counter-diifusion which, they hope, for short periods of time will make it possible to strengthen materials. Much of the laboratory equip- ment necessary for these experiments has been de- signed and built by Dr. Hoch, the field is too new for commercial products to be available. The important discovery of a new amino acid was made by Drs. Ogle Logan and Arlznghaus Scientific textbooks will have to be rewritten to include one of the most important discoveries ever made at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine- a new amino acid, the first found as part of the struc- ture of protein in tissue from mammals since 1925. Only 20 other amino acids had previously been dis- covered since the first was found in 1820. Most scien- tists had considered that was the final count for these acids, smallest building blocks of protein. Three UC biological chemists worked as a team to track down the amino acid: Dr. Milan A. Logan, Dr. James D. Ogle, and Dr. Ralph Arlinghaus, 1957 graduate of UC's College of Pharmacy, who was then a graduate student. They found the new acid present in small amounts in collagen, the protein which makes up the tendons of the body. The UC professors continue to work on the synthesis and distribution of the new acid. with such research on amino acids whose proper order m the architecture of the protein molecule is important to good health, there opens up a wide field of possi- bilities for adding to man's knowledge of certain dis- eases such as arthritis. -the seventh week exam. COLLEGE 0F BUSINESS ADMINI TRATION The College of Business Administration was originally established in 1906 as a separate institution called the College of Finance, Commerce, and Accounts. In 1912 this institution was joined with the University of Cincinnati as the College of Commerce, remaining as such until 1919 when it was united with the College of Engineering. From 1946 to today the College of Business Administration has operated as an autono- mous unit within the University. It offers a five year co-operative Cin which the student learns theoretical problems in the classroom and application at his co-op jobj, a four-year semester program, and a womanls two-year certificate program. All of these plans make it possible for the student to secure the education and professional training essential in preparation for posi- tions of responsibility in the lields of private and pub- lic business, lcommerce, and industry. The final reckoning for accounting lab students Dean Kenneth Wilson , Milan R. Karas, Associate Dean K Business Administration offices and classrooms are found in Hanna Hall. Rfcllflfd E- Ball, Head, DSW- Of Norwood C. Geis, Head, Dept. of Finance, and Henry G. Baker, Accounting, and Raleigh R. Sharrock Head, Dept. of Management Head, Dept. of Marketing Kenneth E.. Lambert, Director of Admissions, and Arthur Taltt, Director of Executive Management Program 1 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GRADUATES AARON, MICHAEL DAVID-BBA Marketing, New York, N. Y.-Alpha Kappa Psi. ALLMAN, THOMAS YOUNG- BSIM Industrial Management, Canton, O.-Soph. Class Pres., Student Council, IFC CRush Chrm.D, Cooperative Engineer CAss't. Ed.J, Orient. Bd., Glee Club, Triangle CPledge Class Pres., Vice Pres.J, Metro, Omicron Delta Kappa CProg. Chrm., Leadership Conf. Chrm.J, News Record, Mens Advisory, ASCE. ARMSTRONG, STANLEY PAUL-BBA Accounting, Cin- cinnati, O.-SAM. ASHDOWN, RONALD HENRY-BBA Accounting, Fremont, O.-Delta Tau Delta CAss't. Treas., Sgt.-at-Armsl, Alpha Kappa Psi fSec.J. AUSTIN, STE- PHEN J .-BBA Accounting, Ft. Thomas, Ky.-Sigma Phi Epsilon CPres.D, Omicron Delta Kappa CPres.J, Beta Gam- ma Sigma, Bus. Ad. Trib., IFC CSec.J. BADGELY, RICH- ARD-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O. BEMILLER, GARY LEE-BBA Management-Economics, Robinson, Ill.-Pi Kappa Alpha fVice Pres., Pledge Tr.J, IFC Rep., Men's Advisory, Alpha Kappa Psi, SAM. BIER- MANN, JEROME T.-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.- Co-Weds. BILLINGS, THOMAS KEITH-BBA Marketing, Dayton, O.-Pershing Rifles, IFC, Sigma Nu CVice Pres., Ed.J. BIRKHOLD, SHELDON C.-BA Accounting, New Carlisle, O.-Sigma Phi Epsilon. BLAKE, THOMAS R.-BBA Marketing, Kettering, O.- Student Council CRep. to Orient. Bd., Calendar Conversion Comm. Chrm.J, Orientation Bd. CPres.D, Sophos, Cincin- natus, Men's Advisory, YMCA Cabinet, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon CRush Chrm., Pledge Tr.J. BLAND, JERRY PAUL- BBA Marketing, New Castle, Ind.-Alpha Kappa Psi CVice Pres.J. BOLINO, RALPH LOUIS-BBA Marketing, Cin- cinnati, O.-Phi Delta Theta. BESS, DAVID ALAN-BBA Marketing, New Castle, Ind.-Glee Club, Zeta Tau Alpha Pledge Prince Ct. BORAEK, ROBERT G.-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O. BREHM, JOSEPH JOHN JR.-BBA Management, Cincin- nati, O.-Pershing Rifles, SAM CPres.J. BREINES, FRED- ERICK LEE-BBA Finance, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Kappa Psi CPres., Ritualistj, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma. BROOME, EDWARD PHILIP JR.-BBA Marketing, Cin- cinnati, O. BROWN, R. THOMAS-BBA Finance, Girard, O.-Theta Chi CSocial Chrm., House Mgr.J, Menls Advisory, Union Comm., YMCA, Delta Rho, Intramurals. BROWN, THOM- AS MATTHEW-BBA Finance-Management, St. Peters- burg, Fla.-Delta Upsilon CPledge Pres.J, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pershing Rifles CFirst Lt.J, SAM. BRUFFEY, JAMES CARRETT-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O. BURNS, JOHN HAGERTY-BSIM Industrial Management, Ro- chester, N. Y.-Men's Res. Hall CUnit Pres., Pub. Relations Comm. Chrm., Councilj, SAM CVice Pres.J, Alpha Kappa Psi CProf. Comm. Chrm.J, Newman Club. BYRNE, CHARLES HAROLD-BBA Marketing, Cincin- nati, O. CAMPBELL, ROBERT S.-BS Accounting, Cin- cinnati, O.-Delta Sigma Pi. CAPRON, CARL RICHARD -BBA Marketing, Lancaster, O.-Alpha Kappa Psi, SAM, Men's Res. Hall Council. CHACE, ROBERT ALLAN- BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Delta Sigma Pi CPledge Pres.J, SAM. - CHISHOLM, RICHARD J .-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Chi, Beta Alpha Psi. COOPER, GLENN BATES -BBA Marketing, Dayton, O.-Student Council CPres.J, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Metro, YMCA CPres.J, Men's Advisory, Cincinnatus, Sigma Phi Epsilon. COOPER, MILBURN-BSIM Industrial Management, Cin- cinnati, O.-Sigma Chi CPres., Vice Pres., Sec., Ed., House Mgr., Stewardj, IFC CScholarship Chrm.J, Purchasing Bd., Profile CCopy Ed.J, SAM. CORNETT, GLENN WILBURN -BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Beta Theta Pi, YMCA, Union Dance Comm. CRUM, JEROME O.-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.- Kitty Hawk, SAM. DECKEBACH, R. ALAN-BBA Man- agement, Cincinnati, O.-Delta Tau Delta. DECKER, DONALD AMBERS-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.- Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi CPres., Program Chrm.J, Beta Gamma Sigma fNom. Comm.J. DELL, DANIEL RALPH-BBA Finance, Salem, O.-Theta Chi CPres., Pledge Marshall, Rush, Social, and Activities Chrm., Out- standing Pledge, Pledge Treas.J, Union Bd. CTreas.D, Metro CTreas.J, Sigma Sigma, IFC, Varsity Track, Homecoming Queen Chrm., Men's Advisory CCollege Chrm.J, Greek Week Comm., Jr. Prom CPro. Chrm.J. DELON, RICHARD MARSHALL-BBA Accounting, Cin- cinnati, O.-Alpha Tau Omega CCorr. Sec., Treas.J, Alpha Kappa Psi CSec.J, Beta Alpha Psi, Glee Club CBusiness Mgr.J. DEMPSEY, TERRY JAY-BSIM Industrial Man- agement, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, News Rec- ord, Union Dance Comm., Union Movie Comm., YMCA. DOBELL, HARRY EDWIN JR.-BBA Accounting, Nor- wood, O.-Phi Kappa Tau CSec., House Mgr.J. DOYLE, GERALD D.-BBA Marketing, Norwood, O.-Delta Sigma Pi. DREYFOOS, MELVIN BARRIE-BBA Accounting, Cin- cinnati, O.-Phi Sigma Chi, Beta Alpha Psi CTreas.J. DUNN, HARVEY-BBA Accounting, Rochester, N. Y.- Pi Lambda Phi CSteward, Treas., Pres.J. ELTZROTH, WILLIAM EDWARD-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O.- Phi Kappa Tau. EVANS, GERALD DEWAINE-BBA Ac- counting, Kokomo, Ind.-Alpha Kappa Psi. FALLS, JAMES J.-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O.-SAM. FANEUFF, CLYDE EDWARD JR.-BBA General Man- agement, Charleston, W. Va.-Delta Tau Delta, SAM CSec.- Treas.J, YMCA, REW, WUS CComm. Chrm.J, Band. FARLEY, DOUGLAS KINANE-BBA Marketing, Cincin- nati, O.- Sigma Chi, Bus. Ad. Trib., IFPC, Intramurals, YMCA. FARRELL, JOHN M.-BBA Marketing, Cincin- nati, O.-SAM. FEDERLE, JOHN NEAL-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O. FISCHER, EARL PHILLIP-BSIM Industrial Manage- ment, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Delta Theta CTreas.J, Cheerlead- er, Mummers, Union Comm., Homecoming Comm., Plan- ning Comm. FORRESTER, BRUCE IRVINE-BBA Fi- nance, Cincinnati, O.-Delta Sigma Pi CHist., Vice Pres.J, Young Reps. FOX, LEO-BBA Marketing, New York, N. Y.-Pi Lambda Phi CTreas., Pledge Class Pres., Social Comm., Intramurals, IFPC, IFCJ. FROST, HUGH OWEN II-BBA Economics, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Kappa Psi CSec.j, Swimming Team. GENSE, CLARK L.-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O.-SAM. GEN- TILE, JAMES ALLEN-BBA Accounting, Bradford, Pa.- Alpha Tau Omega CHouse Mgr., Music Chrm.J. GEORGE, ANTHONY THOMAS-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O. GLAZER, JAMES WILLIAM-BBA Marketing, Cincin- nati, O.-Delta Sigma Pi. GRAD, JOHN JOSEPH-BSIM Industrial Management, Cincinnati, O.-SAM, Football. GRILLIOT, RICHARD EMANUEL-BBA Accounting, Dayton, O. HAAS, MELVIN HENRY-BBA Management, Huntington, W. Va.-SAM CPres.J, Sigma Phi Epsilon CTreas., Vice Chrrn. of Purchasing Bd.J. HAGNER, PHILIP HENRY-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon CTreas.J. HALLETT, A. WIL- LIAM-BBA Marketing, Allentown, Pa.-Beta Theta Pi CPledge Disc.J. HANKS, GEORGE WILLIAM-BBA Ac- counting, Norwood, O.-Phi Kappa Theta CTreas.J. HAR- MANN, ALLEN WILLIAM-BSIM Industrial Manage- ment, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Phi Epsilon CAss't. Rush Chrm., Social Chrm., Vice Pres.J, Union Games Comm., Men's Advisory, IFC, Homecoming Comm. CTickets Chrm., General Chrm.J, Bus. Ad. Trib., Student Council, YMCA, GGG CChrm.J. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GRADUATES HAUSS, EDWARD WELLINGTON-BBA Marketing, Cin- cinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon CRush Chrm.J. HAVEN MICHAEL M.-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O.-SAM. HEARN, THOMAS ARTHUR-BBA Marketing, Indiana- polis, Ind.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon CHouse Mgr., Steward, Rec.J, YMCA, Beta Tau. HEDGER, WILLIAM T.-BBA Management, Buffalo, N. Y. 9 HENDRICKS, RICHARD ROLLAND-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O.-Glee Club, Intramurals, Spirit Comm., Beta Theta Pi. HERMANN, ROBERT JOHN-BBA Manage- ment, Cincinnati, O.-SAM. HERRLINGER, HARRY WILLIAM-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O. HOLTKE, GERALD A.-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O. HOPKINS, DONALD S.-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O. HUNTER, DAVID ROBERT-BSIM Industrial Manage- ment, Dayton, O.-Sigma Chi. HYMON, ARTHUR MIL- LARD-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O. JACOBS, WIL- LIAM MALCOLM-BSIM Industrial Management, Hunt- ington, W. Va.-Alpha Kappa Psi CPub. Chrm.J, Men's Res. Halls Assoc. Treas.J, SAM. JORDAN, ALLEN L.-BBA Accounting, Dayton, O.- Beta Alpha Psi. JUHLMAN, JOHN WILLIAM JR.- BSIM Industrial Management, Cincinnati, O.-Kitty Hawk CComm.J, Joint ROTC Social Bd. CSec.J. KAHN, SAN- FORD RICHARD-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Uni- versity Chorus, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi. KALL- MEYER, LARRY B.-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O. KIRSCH, KENNETH ROBERT-BBA Marketing, Cincin- nati, O.-Phi Kappa Tau. KIRSCHBAUM, HOWARD FREDRICK-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O.-SAM. KOCH, BARBARA-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O. -Kappa Delta fFloat Chrm.J, Intramural Bowling, Home- coming Comm., Marching and Concert Band, Bus. Ad. Trib. CSec.J, Pi Chi Epsilon. KORY, DAVID JOSEPH-BSIM Industrial Management, St. Louis, Mo.-Student Council, Eng. Trib., SAM, Bus. Ad. Trib., YMCA, IFC, Triangle Clntramural and Activities Chrm., House Mgr., Vice Pres., Pres. . KRAMER, ROBERT-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O. LAMMERT, THOMAS BERNARD-BBA Accounting, St. Bernard, O.-Beta Alpha Psi CPres.J, SAM. LANGLAND, WILLIAM BARRY-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O. LEH- MAN, GEORGE BYRON JR-BBA Management, Cincin- nati, O. LEVERING, REX S.-BBA Management, Dayton, O.- Bus. Ad. Trib., Sigma Phi Epsilon CSec.D. LINDSAY, THOMAS JAMES-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O. LOTZ, JERRY KENT-BBA Economics, Cincinnati, O. LUPPERT, DAVID ROBERT-BBA Accounting, Williamsport, Pa.- Varsity Baseball, Bus. Ad. Trib., Alpha Tau Omega CPres., Treas., Rush Chrm., Pledge Tr.J, Greek Week Dance Comm., IFC Rep., C Club, Menis Advisory. MCGLATHERY, HAROLD C.-BBA Management, Cin- cinnati, O.-Cheerleader, Alpha Kappa Psi CPledge Class Pres.J, Sigma Phi Epsilon CHist., Pledge Class Pres.J, Queen of Hearts Dance Chrm., Jr. Class Service Proj. Co- Chrm., Men's Advisory, YMCA. MCGRATH, RAYMOND LEON-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. MCLANAHAN, RONALD LESLIE-BBA Market- ing, Cincinnati, O. MANHEIMER, RICHARD LOUIS- BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Kappa Psi QTreas.J. MARISCHEN, ROBERT JOSEPH-BBA Accounting, Hamilton, O. MARSHALL, DAVID KARL-BBA Ac- counting, Lansdowne, Pa.-SAM, Sigma Nu, AFROTC, MARSHALL, WILLIAM ROBERT-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band fPres., Drum Major, Stud. Conductorj, Bus. Ad. Trib. MARTIN, CAROLE MARGARET-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Phi Alpha fPres., House Mgr., Nat'l. Sr. Service Award, Co-Chrm. of Province Conf., Bd. of Dir. Sec.J, Cincinnatian CBus. Mgr., Ass't. Bus. Mgr., Circula- tion Ed.J, Mortar Board CTreas.J, Pi Delta Epsilon CSec.J, Panhell CStandards Bd.J, Bd. of Publications, Jr. Advisor, Penguins, YWCA, Newman Club, Union Summer Comm., Orient. Comm. MASSIE, HAROLD ELLIS J R.-BBA Management, Ports- mouth, O.-Phi Delta Theta CWardenJ, Alpha Kappa Psi, Bus. Ad. Trib., French Hall Dorm Council, Scabbard and Blade, Union Newsletter, Profile. MAYER, MARILYN JEAN-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O.-Penguins, Alpha Gamma Delta CSec., Pres.J. MERKE, JOSEPH P. JR.- BSIM Industrial Management, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Chi CIFC Rep., Social Chrm.J, Union Music Comm. CPub. Co-Chrm.J, CAP CSec.J, IFC. METZNER, WILLIAM RAYMOND--BBA Accounting, Wheeling, W. Va.-Sigma Nu CTreas.J, Beta Alpha Psi CSec., Vice Pres.J, SAM, Delta Sigma Pi. - MEYERS, MARILYN ANN-BBA Accounting, Cincinna- ti, O.-Alpha Delta Pi CTreas., Scholarship Chrm., Ass't. Treas.J, Pi Delta Epsilon CTreas., Sec.J, Beta Gamma Sig- ma CVice Pres.J, Alpha Lambda Delta, News Record CBus. Mgr., Acc. Mgr., Nat'l. Adv. Mgr.J, Bd. of Publications fChrm.J, Cincinnatian CExchange Ed.J, WAA, YWCA, Jr. Advisor, Ivy Chain, UC Telephone Directory, Union Movie Comm. MILLS, SUZANNE ELIZABETH-BBA Finance, Cincinnati, O.-Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Chi Epsilon, Jr. Ad- visor, Cincinnatian. MOLEN, RICHARD LEE-BBA Man- agement, Cincinnati, O.-Debate Team. MOLL, WALTER NORBERT-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O.-SAM. MUELLER, JOHN A. JR.-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O. NAST, THOMAS WILLIAM--BSIM Industrial Man- agement, Norwood, O.-Soc. of Automotive Engineers CSec., Activities Chrm.,, SAM, Glee Club, Wesley. NIE- HAUS, KENNETH PAUL-BBA Accounting, Ft. Thomas, Ky.-Union CPres., Treas.J, News Record fBusiness Mgr., Adv. Mgr.J, Jr. Class Treas., Men's Advisory, Sophos CDance Chrm.J. Bus. Ad. Trib. CDance Chrm.J, Bd. of Publications, Pi Delta Epsilon, Student Council, Omicron Delta Kappa Fresh. Award, Soph. and Sr. Class Council, Omicron Delta Kappa. NIES, THOMAS MATTHEW-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O.-News Record, Co-Weds, Mummers, UC Telephone Directory, Golf Team, Young Reps., Bridge, Union Newsletter fEd.J, Student Union Comm., Cincin- natian. NOVEMBER, PHILIP BENJAMIN-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Hillel, WUS, Student Religious Council, REW fTreas.J. O'BRIEN, TOM P.-BBA Marketing, Cin- cinnati, O.-Phi Kappa Theta fVice Treas., Social Comm.J. OLIVERIO, LOUIS JOHN-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Delta Sigma Pi CRush Chrm.J, SAM. OLIVERIO, WILLIAM JOHN-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.--SAM. OLSON, LOIS MARIE-BBA Secretarial, Cincinnati, O.- Speakers' Bureau, Co-Ep Club CRec. Sec.J, SAM, Alpha Delta Pi. ORCUTT, CHARLES RICHARD-BBA Ac- counting, Dayton, O.-Acacia CTreas.J, Arnold Air Society fComptrollerJ, SAM, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi. PARK, DUCK SOO-BBA Accounting, Seoul, Korea- Am. Accounting Assoc., SAM, Delta Sigma Pi, Westminster. PARKER, JAMES WILLIAM-BBA Accounting, Peoria, Ill.-Phi Delta Theta CSteward, House Mgr., Ass't. Pledge Tr.D. PATALA, PETER ANTHONY-BBA Economics, Acton, Mass.-Phi Delta Theta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sig- ma. PEASLEE, JAMES RAYMOND-BSIM Industrial Management, Bolivar, N. Y.-Acacia CPres., Jr. and Sr. Stewardj, IFC. PESAKOFF, LEE GARY-BBA Account- ing, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Mu CRush Chrm., Sec.J, Union Activities Comm. PHELPS, CLARENCE EDWARD JR.-BBA Marketing, Middletown, O. PIGG, LARRY MERLIN-BAA Management, Zionsville, Ind. POE, MAURICE WAYNE-BBA Marketing, Cincin- nati, O.-Alpha Tau Omega CPub., Social, Rush Chrms., Pres.J, IFC. PORTER, FLOYD WILLIAM-BBA Manage- ment, Livonia, Mich.-SAM. POTTSCHMIDT, CARL WILLIAM JR.-BBA Management, Finance, Cincinnati, O.4AM. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GRADUATES POWELL, JAMES J.-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O. PUGH, GERALD WILLIAM-BSIM Industrial Manage- ment, Cincinnati, O-AM. RALSTON, ROBERT-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O. REDER, RONALD-BBA Ac- counting, Cold Spring, Ky. REIS, ROBALD ALLEN-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O. -Varsity Basketball. RIGGS, CHARLES ALBERT II- BBA Accounting, Lebanon, O.-Lambda Chi Alpha, Union Dance Comm. ROEDIG, HARVEY PAUL-BBA Finance, Cheviot, O. ROSSELOT, JOHN DAVIEL-BBA Account- ing, Cincinnati, O. ROTHACKER, FRED ROBERT-BBA Accounting, Cin- cinnati, O.-Band, Kappa Kappa Psi CSec., Vice Pres., Pres.J, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi. RUBIN, RON- ALD STEVEN-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Kappa Psi CRitualistJ, Beta Alpha Psi CSec.J, Hillel, Mum- mers. RUST, RALPH D.-BBA Accounting, Eaton, O.- Beta Gamma Sigma. SANDBERG, CARL G.-BSIM In- dustrial Management, Olean, N. Y.-SAM. SAYLER, PATRICIA GARLING-BBA Marketing, Cin- cinnati, O.-Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Ad. Trib., YWCA Soph. Council, WAA. SCHLESINGER, ROBERT BERN- ARD-BBA Marketing, Long Beach, N. Y.-Pi Lambda Phi CHouse Mgr.J, Hillel, Fencing, IFC. SCHNEIDER, FERD RICHARD-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.- BITOA qvice Pres.D. SCHULTZ, STANTON A.-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O.-SAM, Sigma Phi Epsilon. SCOTT, JOHN EMERY-BBA Accounting, Portvillc, N. Y. -Acacia Ur. Steward, Ass't. Treas., Treas.J, SAM, Uni- versity Chorus. SHAMBAUGH, HARRY E.-BBA Ac- counting, Pittsburgh, Pa.-Theta Chi CSteward, Ass't. Treas.J, Intramurals, Men's. Advisory, Union Comm., YMCA. SHOUP, JOHN T.-BBA Management, Middle- town, O.-SAM, Men's Advisory, Lambda Chi Alpha Clntramural Mgr., House Mgr., Sec., Rush Coordinatorj. SIEBERT, ROBERT RIEBOW-BBA Marketing, Cincin- nati, O.-Union Music Comm., Theta Chi CSocial Comm., Pledge Tr., Chap.j, Greek Chorus. SMITH, GERALD WILLIAM-BBA Accounting, Cincin- nati, O. SMITH, PAUL LOUIS-BBA Accounting, Day- ton, O.-Beta Alpha Psi CSec., Vice Pres.J, Beta Gamma Sigma. SNAUFER, LARRY LYNN-BSIM Industrial Management, Springfield, O.-AFROTC, Arnold Air Socie- ty, SAM, Pi Kappa Alpha CVice Pres.J. SNOW, WILLIAM JERRY-BBA Accounting, Indianapolis, Ind.-Beta Gam- ma Sigma CPres.J, Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma Nu. SNYDER, RICHARD STEPHEN-BBA Economics, Lima, O.-Lambda Chi Alpha CPres., Vice Pres., Treas., Steward, Ritualist, Del. to Nat'1 Conv.J, IFC CPres., Treas.J, Greek Week CTreas.J, Sigma Sigma, Metro CPub. Chrm.J, Cin- cinnatus, Cincinnatian CBus. Staffl, Mummers CGreek Co- ordinatorj, Convocations Comm. SPELMAN, JOHN DIL- LON-BBA Accounting,'Reading, O. STANFIELD, PA- TRICIA ANN-BBA Marketing, Cynthiana, Ky.--Beta Gamma Sigma CSec.J, Pi Chi Epsilon fPres., Vice Pres.J, Alpha Lambda Delta, Memorial Dorm CPres., Sec., Fresh. Rep.-J, Ivy Chain, Jr. Advisor. STANBURY, ROBERT J. -BBA Management, Cincinnati, O.-SAM. STEIGLEDER, RICHARD EUGENE-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O. STOFFREGEN, WILLIAM HOWARD- BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Chi, Golf. STONER, DAVID MILLS-BBA Management and Finance, Cincin- nati, O. CSSTORM, JACK RUSSELL-BBA Marketing, Cin- cinnati, . STURGEON, LOWELL STANLEY-BBA Accounting Cin- cinnati, O. SUESS, GERALD-BBA Accounting, Cincin- nati, O. TAPSCOTT, THOMAS MICHAEL-BBA Mar- keting, Indianapolis, Ind.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, YMCA SAM, Beta Tau. TARCHA, NICHOLAS ANTHONY- BBA Marketing, Johnson City, N. Y.-Acacia fPledge Pres., Fellowcrafter Ed., Rush Chrm.D, CAP tTreas.J IFC, IFPC, YMCA fCamp Counselorl. i TAYLOR, NANCY BYRON-BBA Secretarial, Ft. Thomas Ky.-Kappa Alpha Theta CPledge Pres., Deputy Treas., Pub. Relations Chrm.J, Bus Ad. Trib. qseey, YWCA CSec., AWS Rep.J, Soph. 81 Jr. Class Sec., Cabinet, Bear- kittens, Alternate Cheerleader, WAA, REW CCo-Sev.J, Cin- cinnatus, Ivy Chain, Sr. Class Advisory Bd., Jr. Advisor Co-Chrm. of Senior Banquet, Co-Chrm. of Bus. Ad. Dancei TELLER, DAVID ANTHONY-BSIM Industrial Manage- ment, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon CSocial Chrm., Pledge Tr.J, Ulex, Kappa Beta Phi CSocial Chrm.J, SAM, AIChE CSec.J. THAMAN, LOUIS F.-BBA Marketing, Ellisville, Mo.-Varsity Wrestling CCo-Capt.J, Sigma Phi Epsilon. TEPE, RICHARD GEORGE-BSIM Industrial Management, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Sigma Phi CVice Pres., Treas., Sec.J. TKATCH, EDWARD G.-BBA Marketing, Ambridge, Pa. -Football. TOWNSEND, WILLIAM WEBR-BBA Ac- counting, Osage, Wyoming-Band, Beta Alpha Psi. TREON, GEORGE MALCOLM-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.- AFROTC, Kitty Hawk, Beta Alpha Psi CTreas.J. TROTTA, RAYMOND JOSEPH-BBA Management, Cincinnati, O.- SAM. TUMLER, HOWARD DAVID-BSIM Industrial Manage- ment, Cincinnati, O.-SAM. VANCE, RICHARD L.- BBA Accounting, Hamilton, O. VICAR, ANTHONY JOHN-BBA Marketing, Cincinnati, O. VOLZ, JOSEPH RICHARD-BBA Marketing, Dayton, O.-YMCA, IFC CBA Rep. Trib.J, Pi Kappa Alpha CActivities Chrm., Exec. at large, Treas., Pres.J, News Record, SAM. WALWORTH, WILLIAM HARMON-BBA Finance, El- mira, N. Y. WEAVER, JOHN R. JR.-BBA Marketing, Ft. Wright, Ky.-Delta Sigma Pi. WEIDENWEBER, FRED WILLIAM-BBA Accounting, Norwood, O. WEINGART- NER, THOMAS LEO-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.- Phi Kappa Theta Clntramural Mgr.J. WILHELM, A. H.-BBA Marketing, New Canaan, Conn. Qigma Chi CVice Pres., Sec., Rush Chrm., Social Chrm.J, Ulex CPres., Social Chrm.D, All Sports Banquet CChrm.J. WILSON, JOHN DENNIS-BBA Accounting, Rushville, Ind.-Sigma Nu CTreas.J Beta Alpha Psi CRec. Sec.J, Alpha Kappa Psi, Band. WOLF, CHARLES R.-BBA Accounting, Batavia, O. WONG, PATRICIA ANN-BBA Marketing, San Francisco, Cal.-Glee Club CSec., Mem.- at-largel, University Singers, University Chorus, Alpha Lambda Delta, Co-Ep Club, Cincinnatian, UC Telephone Directory, Summer Chorus. WORMSER, SAMUEL J.-B-BA Accounting, Huntington, W. Va.-Dorm Council fSec., Vice Pres., Ed. of Paper, House and Social Comm. Chrm., Disc. Comm.D, Social Bd., SAM CProgram Comm., Mem.-at-largel. WRIGHT, JOHN CLIFFORD-BBA Accounting, Cincinnati, O.- Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Newman Club. WRIGHT, LARRY EUGENE-BBA Marketing, Troy, O.-Sigma Chi CActivities Chrm., Pledge Cl. Sec.J, Alpha Kappa Psi, IFC, IFPC, Jr. Prom Comm. Co-Chrm., Mummers CBus1ness Mgr., Greek Co-ordinatorj, Varsity Cheerleader, Home- coming and Greek Week Comm., Men's Advisory. WYL- LIE, KATHERINE GRACE-BBA Personnel Management, Cincinnati, O.-International Club CTreas., Program Comm. Chrm.J, India Students Assoc., Russian Club CPres.J, SAM. WYMER, WALTER NORMAN-BBA Accounting, Nor- wood, O. YOUNG, NORMAN CHARLES-BBA Manage- ment, Cincinnati, O-AM. ZIMMER, DONALD EL- MER-BBA Economics, Lawrenceburg, Ind.-Delta Tau Delta CPledge Tr.J. ZIPES, MICHAEL P.-BBA Market- ing, Pleasantvlle, N. Y.-Alpha Kappa Psi CPres., SSC-J, Orient. Bd., Men's Res. Halls CExec. Pres.J, SAM, Sr. Class Exec. Comm. Q1. .IN it Mary Grace Matz glances at her partner's intricate etching as they work to complete their projects in ceramics lab. hen taken at first glance, the Design, Architecture, .d Art student seems a rather distinctive personality. 3 dresses in sharp contrast to the other students, rries more tools and instruments than books, and .rsues a balanced course of studies, both in art and e humanities. As a student in D.A.A., he may study ll semester courses in art and art teaching or enter e six-year co-op program in architecture, or the five- ar co-op program in one of the design options. De- gn options, open to the "arty", include advertising, terior, industrial, fashion, and a new addition to e curriculum-city planning, one of the few under- aduate courses of its kind in the country. Separated nm the rest of the campus by University Avenue, the t student is better able to render into physical form e ideas which he feels are not only beautiful but so practical and appealing to the public. M' 7 - L E , to , X gp 4 :, R LQ '- 1 ,L E LLEGE 0E DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, AND ART an Ernest Pickerin 8 l ..,.,.,,..-., 1 Students listen to a progfessofs critique of the work of a classmate Professors C. Leslie Martin, Chairman, Architectural Graphics: Reginald L. Grooms, Head, Dept. of Art,' Mathias Noheimer, Director of Admissions, and Robert A. Deshon, Chairman, Architectural Graphics. Professors Maurice Rhoades, Chairman, Advertising Design Robert Stevens, Chairman, Interior Design, ana' James Alexander, Chairman, Industrial Design Miss Ruth Delarnette, Chairman, Costume Design, helps a student with a pattern. D.A.A. students set up a display for Christmas in the Alms Building Gallery. Paintings receive the finishing touches as students hurry to hand in projects Paper mache masks become more real and life-like as the artist snips and clips. DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, 8: ART GRADUATES ARN, FREDERICK HEIL-BS Architecture, Kenton, O.- Alpha Tau Omega, A.I.A., Men's Advisory. ATKINS, FOREST DOYLE-BS Architecture, Madeira, O.-Scarab CTreas., Vice Pres.D. BALLARD, JANE VALARIE-BS Design, Lyndon, Ky.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Delta, Fresh. Project CDecorations Comm. Chrm.J, Univer- sity Chorus, Canterbury. BARTLOW, MITCHELL M.-BS Design, Felicity, O.- Mummers, Wesley, A.I.D. BEISEL, JOHN TERRY-BS Architecture, Cincinnati, O. BENSON, EDWARD ADOLPH -BS Architecture, Buffalo, N. Y. BERBERICH, DONALD STANLEY-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-Newman Club tDirec. of Choral Arts.J. BERGMANN, PAUL ARTHUR-BS Architecture, Cincin- nati, O.-Phi Kappa Theta, Men's Advisory, Union Music Comm., A.I.A. BLOOM, STEFAN ALAN-BS Design, Springfield, N. J.-Mummers, I.D.I., Delta Phi Delta. BOLLINGER, HOWARD NIEL-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Eta Sigma,'I.D.I. BOLTON, ROBERT MATHEW -BA Architecture, Cincinnati, O. BORN, DOLORES CECILIA-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.- Kappa Delta fHist., Pledge Pres.J, Delta Phi Delta, Ivy Chain, Sigma Phi Epsilon Queen of Hearts, Soph. Class Vice Pres., Cincinnatus, Homecoming, Jr. Prom, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi, Profile, Jr. Panhell., Sophos Court. BOW, PATRICIA SYLVIA-BA Art, BS Design, Kettering, O.- Cincinnatian iPhoto Ed.J, F.A. II 8: F.A. III CPub. Rela- tions Chrm.J, AA Trib., Kappa Delta CEditor, House Pres.J, House Pres. Council fVice Pres.J, Phi Omega. BURT, RAYMOND JAMES II-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Kappa Tau. CAIN, JERRY ALLAN-BS Design, Troy, O. -Beta Theta Pi CSocial Chrm., Alumni Sec.J, IFPC, Union Comm., Men's Advisory. CARROLL, ABIGAIL-BA Art, BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-AWS fState Dayj, YWCA CSoph. Council, Cabinetj, Mummers, Homecoming Float Comm., Delta Delta Delta fScholarship Chrm., Treas.J, Jr. Advisor, Memorial Dorm tCabinet, Sec.J. CLARKE, JOHN WILLIAM-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Chi CHist.D, AA Trib. CTreas., Beaux Arts Ball Chrm. CONNELLY, PETER-BS Design, Wayne, N. J.-I.D.I., Delta Phi Delta tPres.J. COOKE, GILBERT DAVID-BS Architecture, Staten Island, N. Y.-Scarab CSec., Nat. Conv. Delegate, Pledge Chrm.j, Delta Phi Delta Social Chrm. CROSSEN, CHARLYN LOUISE-BS Design, Newark Valley, N. Y.-Glee Club, University Singers, A.I.D. tRed. Sec.J, Delta Phi Delta CCorres. Sec.D. DAHMANN, JAMES JOSEPH-BS Design, Deer Park, O. DAUB, GEORGIE ANN-BA Art, BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Jr. Panhell. CSec.J, Delta Phi Delta CVice Pres.J, Alpha Chi Omega Clst Vice Pres.J. DEVINE, CRAIG FRANCIS-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-Delta Tau Delta fPres., House Mgr., Pledge Tr., Float Chrm., Deltones Octetj, IFC CRush Editorj, Hermes tCo-Editorl, Greek Week. DEWEY, JOHN LYNN-BS Architecture, Cincinnati, O.- Lambda Chi Alpha, Union Exhibition Comm., Men's Ad- visory, Delta Phi Delta, AIASC, Scarab. DOST, FRANK EDMUND-BS Design, Wellington, O.-AID CPres.J, Del- ta Phi Delta. DRAYSON, DIANE KAY--BS Design, Cin- cinnati, O.-Kappa Alpha Theta CRec. Sec.D, YWCA Fresh. Bd., Bearkittens, Ivy Day Luncheon Chrm., Kampus King Comm., Homecoming Comm., Cheerleader, Soph. Class Exec. Council, YWCA Soph. Council, Jr. Advisor, Jr. Class Vice Pres., AWS CAA Rep.J, Rush Aide, Homecoming Queen Finalist, Jr. Prom Exec. Bd. FISHER, BARBARA JOAN-BS Design, Dayton, O.-Delta Phi Delta CHist.J, Jr. Advisor, Ivy Chain, Memorial Dorm Council CStandards Chrm.J, Zeta Tau Alpha, AID CSec., Vice Pres.J. FLORY, CLIFFORD DON-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.- Sigma Alpha Epsilon CCorres. Sec., Float Chrm.J, Golf Team, Arnold Air Society. FREDERICK, JOHN KUEHN -BS Architecture, Cincinnati, O.-Varsity Golf, AIA CVice Pres., Pres.J. GINSBERG, BARRY ALLEN-BS Architec- ture, Newark, N. J.-Dorm Council CFloat Chrm.J, Hous- ing Comm., A.I.A. GRARE, SUZANNE E.-BA Art, Cin- cinnati, O. GRIMSHAW, GARY LEE-BA Design, Portsmouth, O.- Alpha Tau Omega, AID, IDSA. GUERNSEY, RICHARD -BS Design, Indianapolis, Ind.-Industrial Design Inst. GUTTING, JUDITH ANN-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.- Kappa Kappa Gamma CEiTiciency Chrm.J, Homecoming Comm. HAYES, JACQUELINE ANN-BS Design, Cincin- nati, O.-Kappa Kappa Gamma CPub. Relations Chrm, Pan-Hell Rep.J, Union Comm., YWCA CMem. Comm., Fine Arts Chrm.D, Cincinnatus CSec.J, Profile, Cincinnatian fArt Ed.J, Homecoming CFloat Comm., Publicity Comm.J, AWS CProjects Comm.J, Jr. Advisor, Guidon CVice Pres.J, Mortar Board CVice Pres.J, Ivy Chain, Pi Delta Epsilon, Delta Phi Delta. HEALY, JANACE-BA Art, Charleston, W. Va.-Delta Phi Delta. HEAVNER, WILLIAM ALLEN-BS Architec- ture, Cincinnati, O.-Triangle CHouse Mgr., Corres. Sec., Comm. Chrm.J, AIA, Union Movie Comm. HELSCHER, JACK G.-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-Pi Kappa Alpha CPledge Class Pres.J. HERBERS, DONALD ARTHUR-BS Design, Cincinnati. O. HESSEL, ROBERT KENNETH-BS Architecture, Cincin- nati, O.-Arnold Air Society CAdmin. Officer, Plebe Tr.J. HINKLIN, ALAN DEE-BS Architecture, Marion, O.- Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Phi Delta, AIA, Kampus King Comm., Scarab. HUGGINS, JAMES STANLEY-BS Design, Nor- wood, O.-Golf Team. HUGHES, JERRY W.-BS Archi- tecture, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Chi, Scarab, AIA. HUGHES, ROBERT H.-BS Design, Hamilton, O.-JOHN- SON, JANET LYNN-BA Art and BS Education, Cincin- nati, .O.-Fresh. Project Comm., Fine Arts Comm. JONES, ROBERT C.-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Delta Theta CWardenD, Homecoming Comm. CPub.j, YMCA., KECZ- MERSKI, JOHN JOSEPH-BS Architecture, Cincinnati, O. -AFROTC, ACC, IFC, AIA, Scarab. KELSO, GEORGE JAMES-BS Architecture, Valparaiso, Ind.-Swimming Team, YMCA Cabinet, Scarab CProJectS Chrm.J, Director-U.C. in the Home T.V..SCT1CS on Arctu- tecture, University Diploma Design-Coordinator, Sigma Al- pha Epsilon CPledge Treas., Asst. Scholarship Chrm., Asst. Stewart, Float Chrm.J. KERR, HOWARD CARTER JR.- BS Architecture, Kansas City, Kan.-Alpha Tau Omega. KESSELHAUT, ALAN JAY-BS Design, Newarle, N. J .- Sigma Alpha Mu, Block "C" Pub. Chrm., UIHQU Pub- Comm., DAA Trib., Prod. Mgr. for "Proof Press Maga- zine. KESSLER, WILLIAM ROLLAND-BS.Des1gH, TFQY, O.-Beta Theta Pi, Union Comm., Cincinnatian, Industrial Designers Inst. KOCH, GEORGE HENRY-BS Design, CinCi11I1afi, O-- AID. KOSAR JOHN EDWARD-BS Architecture, I-'YU' ' Dorm Council KREPPS ROB dora, Pa.-AIA, YMCA, , - i ' ERT LEE-BS Architecture, EVHHSVIHG, Ind- KROIN, MATTHEW E.-BS Architecture, Yonkers, N. Y.-AIA, Social Comm., Homecoming Float Comm. -r wg-Y ' '-"3" t--8 -5 DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, SL ART GRADUATES KUHN, CAROLYN ANN-BA Art, Cincinnati, O.- Delta Delta Delta CRush Chrm., Activities Chrm., WAA Rep., Intramural Chrm., House Bd. Councilj Homecoming Pub. Comm., YWCA, Profile CExchange Ed.J, Kampus King Ticket Comm., Young Republicans. LANG, JANICE -BS Design, Dayton, O. LEECH, ELIZABETH ANN- BS Design, Indianapolis, Ind.-Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, AA Trib. Union Comm. LEECH, PHILIP JACKSON-BS Architecture, Indianapolis, Ind.-Delta Tau Delta, Scarab, AA Trib. REW Conv. Comm. LEO, FRANK T. G.-BS Architecture, Hong Kong- Men's Advisory, Dorm Council CExec. Vice Pres.J, Silver Anniv. Comm., Scarab, A.I.A., Soc. Bd. CRep.j, Union Art Exhib., International Club. LIGHT, DAVID-BS Architecture, New York, N. Y. LIGHTER, JUDITH ELAIN-BS Design, Dayton, O.-Cincinnatian,' Bearkit- tens Mgr., F.A. II CArt Exhib. Comm. Chrm.J, Soc. Bd. CRep.D, Jr. Class Advisory Bd., Sr. Class Exec. Bd. LIP- MAN, ROBERT F.-BS Design, Chicago, Ill.-Sigma Al- pha Mu, Delta Phi Delta, Sophos, Proof Press. LOCKWOOD, DAVID E., BS Architecture, Marion, O.- Union Jazz Comm., AA Trib., Alpha Tau Omega, Men's Advisory. MAIER, RICHARD EDWIN-BS Design, Cin- cinnati, O.-Band, Kappa Kappa Psi. MANKOWSKI, LEONARD EDWARD-BS Architecture, Burgettstown, Pa. -Phi Kappa Theta CHouse Mgr., Hist.J, Scarab, A.I.A. QVice Pres., Pres.D. MARKS, PAUL JAY-BS Architec- ture, Plymouth, Ind.-Pi Kappa Alpha, Scarab, A.I.A. MASTEN, JERRY A.-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.. Mc- CARTY, DON CARL-BS Architecture, Anderson, Ind.- Pi Kappa Alpha, Men's Advisory, YMCA, Band. MEDA- LEN, DON GORDON-BS Architecture, New Castle, Ind. -A.I.A., French Dorm Float Comm., Golf Team. ME- LICK, RALPH BATES-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.- IYMCA, Band, AA Trib., Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Kappa si. MEYER, LOIS J.-BA Art, BS Education, Cincinnati, O. -Theta Phi Alpha CPres., Pledge Tr.J, Penguins, Rush Aide. MEYERS, WILLIAM II-BS Architecture, Philadel- phia, Pa.-Triangle CRush Chrm., Pledge Class Treas., Ass't Treas., Treas., Vice Pres., Pres., Hist.D, Scarab, CSgt.- at-Arms, Pres.J, IFC CSec.j, Union CExhib. Comm. Co- Chrmj, AA Trib., Greek Week Seminars Co-Chrm., IFPC CTreas.j. MILLER, HAL E.-BS Architecture, Green Castle, Ind.-Scarab, A.I.A. MILLER, LINDA LUH- BS Design, Charleston, W. Va.-Zeta Tau Alpha, A.I.D. MUNSON, DAVID GAUL-BS Architecture, Norwalk, O. -Alpha Tau Omega, A.I.A. MYER, ROGER LEE-BS Design, Cincinnati, O. NORWAY, ALBERT JOSEPH JR. -BS Design, Arlington Forest, Va.-Rifle Team, CCapt.J NOVAK, ROBERT GEORGE-BS Architecture, Cincin- nati, O.-Sigma Phi Epsilon, A.I.A. PATRICK, ALLEN LEE-BS Architecture, Toledo, O.- Pi Kappa Alpha, Scarab, AA Trib., A.I.A., IFPC CVice Pres.j. PHINNEY, ABIGAIL ANN-BA Art, Cincinnati, O. RICE, LARRY THOMAS-BS Architecture, Indian- apolis, Ind.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROTENBUHLER, JAMES F.-BS Architecture, Toledo, O.-Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Phi Delta. ROXBY, ANDREW DIXON-BS Design, Swarthmore, Pa. -I.D.S.A., Glee Club, Cincinnatian, Sailing Club, News- Record, Proof Press, Beta Theta Pi, IDI. SATKOWSKI, ROSALIE-BS Design, Dayton, O.-Kappa Delta QSOCIHJ Chrm., Ass't Float Chrm.J, Cincinnatian, News-Record, A.I.D., NSID. SCHAUM, DAVID LEE-BS Design, Cleveland, O.-I.D.I. SCHWEIKHART, KENNETH AR- THUR-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-I.D.I., I.D.S.A. SCHWINDT, ROBERT ARTHUR-BS Design, Kokomo Ind.-I.D.I. SHAFOR, CAROLE LEE-BS Design, Cinf cinnati, O.-Kappa Kappa Gamma fAss't Song Leaderj, YWCA, Glee Club, Jr. Advisor, Cincinnatian, Greek Chorus. SCHUSTER, STUART BAUN-BS Design, Louis- ville, Ky.-Pi Kappa Alpha CVice-Pres., Pledge Classj YMCA fSec., Fresh. Club Chrm., 2nd Vice Pres.J, Chrmf Fire Prevention Week, Peace Corp fStud. Comm. Chrm.D Men's Advisory CDAA Chrm.J, I.D.I. CProgram Chrm.Jj News-Record CArt Ed.J, DAA Trib. CTreas.J. SMELTZER LEONARD HORTER-BS Design, Erlanger, Ky. ' SMITTLE, NELSON DEAN-BA Art, BS Education, Ba- tavia, O.4peakers Bureau, Fine Arts, ROTC Cadet Bri- gade OIT. SPENCER, JOHN K.-BS Architecture, Mahno- men, Minn.-Phi Kappa Theta CPres.J, Scarab, AIA, AA Trib., Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Phi Delta, Cincinnatian, Sail- ing Club. STAUB, KEN EDWARD-BA Art, BS Educa- tion, Cincinnati, O.-Profile CArt Dir.J, Student Art Shows CChrm.J. STEARNS, DAVID ALLEN-BS Design, Mt. Vernon, Ind.-Mummers. STIENE, FRANK J.-BS Architecture, New York, N. Y.- Scarab, AIA, Men's Res. Hall QTreas., Social Chrm., Stud. Advisory. STRATTON, GERALD ALLEN-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Eta Sigma, Photo. Work Shop, Teach- ing Ass't. THOMPSON, DAVID E.-BS Architecture, Princeton, Ind.-AIA CProgram and Activities Chrm.J. TOLESKI, SLAVEN-BS Design, Cincinnati, O. TREFZGER, PAUL ANT ONY-BS Design, Cincinnati, O. -Mummers. TRONDLE, LARRY JOHN-BS Design, Toledo, O. ULMER, WILLIAM BARNEY-BS Architec- ture, Indianapolis, Ind.-AIA, Sigma Chi. VOGT, ROB- ERT KEARBY-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.- Pi Kappa Alpha, Cincinnatian, Delta Phi Delta CProgram Chrm.J, IDI. WALTERS, DONALD J.-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.- Phi Kappa Theta CPres.J, IFC fRush Chrm.J, Homecoming Float Comm., Hermes CEditorJ, CAP CConv. Chrm.J. WALTERS, TIMOTHY A.-BS Architecture, Cincinnati, O.-IFPC CRep.J, AIA, Scarab, Phi Kappa Theta CSocial Chrm., Float Chrm., Sec.J, Union Comm., Jr. Prom Pub. Chrm. WERTZ, PHILIP A.-BS Architecture, Miamis- burg, O.-Phi Delta Theta. WHITNEY, PATRICIA ANN -BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-University Chorus, News Record, Delta Zeta CPledge Pres.J. WILKIE, MARY MARGARET-BS Design, Bellbrook, O. -Delta Phi Delta fCor. Sec.D. WILLEY, JAMES LAW- RENCE-BS Architecture, Defiance, O.-Basketball, Cin- cinnatus, Homecoming Comm., Men's Advisory, Metro, Omicron Delta Kappa, CPres.J, Orient. Bd. CPres.j, Phi Eta Sigma CPres.J, Scarab, AIA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fScho- larship Chrm., Assit Pledge Tr., Pub. Chrm., Float Chrm., Intramuralsl, Sigma Sigma CTreas.J, YMCA. WILLIAMS, MARY KATHERYN-BA Art, BS Education, Hillsboro, O.-Alpha Gamma Delta CActivities 84 Social Chrm.J, Greek Week Comm., YWCA, Rush Aide. WILSON, ALEX M.-BS Design, Ft. Mitchell, Ky.-Student Council, CSug- gestions 8a Imp. Comm. Chrm.J, AA Trib. fPres.J, IFC, Men's Advisory, AFROTC Drill Team, Pi Kappa Alpha CSocial Chrm.J. WINE, HAZEL ELIZABETH-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.- Delta Phi Delta CRec. Sec.J, AID CTreas.J.. WOERTZ, RUSSELL E.-BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Kappa The- ta CVice Pres.J WOMACK, EDWARD PETERS-BS Architecture, Cincinnati, O.-Westminster CTreas., Pres.J, Student Religious Council. WOOD, JEAN ANNE-BS Design, Cincinnati, O. WOOD, JOSEPH FICKLING II-BS Design, Alpha Tau Omega, CAP CSec. Photo.J. WOODRUFF, LINDA BS Design, Cincinnati, O.-Westminster, Student Religious Council fPres.J. ZIEGEL, PENNY DIANE-BA Art, BS Education, Cincinnati, O. ZIEGLER, DAVID B.-BS De- sign, Sewickley, Pa.-Sailing Club, Mummers, IDI- '- lflfqil ,QF 35 7 , ' 1. it t a' fu! K Q , J ig, I:-'Egiliii I 'Q .lj .QV - ,xi s -MN I Mechanical engineering students, surrounded by giant machiner in LV lab, check and record vital data. COLLEGE 0E ENGINEERING Founded in 1900, the College of Engineering instituted the iirst plan of co-operative education in the country. Under this plan the students alternate academic studies with practical work experience in various industrial firms. For over half a century the college has been producing competent engineers with degrees in chem- ical, civil, electrical, mechanical, aerospace, and metallurgical engineering. Today Schneider Quadran- gle at the northern end of the campus is the home of the engineers. The still curriculum of the college de- mands long hours of study. "The Cooperative Engi- neer," a magazine published quarterly by the students, features technical reports and articles of interest to future engineers. And, as any U.C. graduate knows, the engineers can be counted on to add a note of boisterous enthusiasm to the otherwise formal com- mencement exercises. For these students, graduation marks the end of rigorous academic training and the beginning of a rewarding career in industry, or study for an advanced degree. Dean Howard K. Justice Cornelius Wandmacher, Associate Dean, and Herbert Dangel, Director of Admissions. Using all available free time for study, engineers End sliderules indespensable. William Licht, Head, Chemical Engineering, Louis Laushey, Head, Civil Engineering, and Daniel Sclzleef, Head, Mechanical Engineering. Paul Harrington, Head, Aerospace Engineering and Albert Herweh, Head, Electrical Engineering. Civil engineering students annually survey the main campus. ENGINEERING GRADUATES ALTER, NATHAN-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. -Glee Club, IRE. ANSPACH, WILLIAM FRANCIS- Chemical Engineering, Miamisburg, O. ASHCRAFT, MICHAEL DUANE-Aerospace Engineer- mg, Selina, O.-IAS, Alpha Phi Omega. AYERS, DOR- SEY W.-Chemical Engineering, Corbin, Ky. BAIRD, JOHN DUANE-Chemical Engineering, Norwood, O. BARR, DAVID JOHN-Civil Engineering, Evansville, Ind. -Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, ASCE CTreas.J, Band, Mum- mers, Sigma Phi Epsilon. B-ARTOL, JULIO R.-Metallurgical Engineering, Monti- video, Uruguay-Alpha Tau Omega, Tau Beta Pi, ASM CPres.J, Men's Advisory, A.I.Ch.E., ASTM. BELL, GEORGE HAROLD-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. -AIEE. BELL, VIRGINIA LOIS-Chemical Engineering, Norwood, O.-Ir. Advisor. BERKS, RICHARD HORTON -Aerospace Engineering, West Hanover, Mass.-Theta Chi fSec.J, IAS fChrm.D. BETZ, JOHN WILLIAM-Chemical Engineering, Cincin- nati, O.-Delta Tau Delta CCorres. Sec.J, IFC CS1ng 8: Cult. Imp. Chrm.J, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Mum- mers, Kampus King, Men's Advisory CEng. Chrm.j, Phi Lambda Gamma, Omicron Delta Kappa. BEVERLY, DAN CARROL-Mechanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.- ASME, Sailing Club, BIDLINGMEYER, VINSON LADD -Mechanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Beta Theta P1 CSteward, Ass't Treas., Pledge Tr., Intramurals Chrm.J,'Jr. Prom Ticket Comm. BIEN, PAUL RAYMOND-Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E. CRepj. ENGINEERING GRADUATES BITLER, V. THOMAS-Civil Engineering, Lima O.- ASCE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Glee Club. BOEHM, JACK F.-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-AIEE, IRE CTreas.D. BOGGS, JOSEPH STANLEY-Chemical Engi- neering, Fairfield O.-Sigma Chi, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E. BOONE, JACK L.-Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. BOWSER, DAVID KEENE-Aerospace Engineering, Springfield, O.-IAS. BOYD, THOMAS EDWARD-Me- chanical Engineering, Lima, O.-ASME. BREECE, HAR- RY T. III-Electrical Engineering, Kenova, W. Va.-IRE, Scabbard Sa Blade, REW, Glee Club. BRILL, KENNETH JOSEPH-Mechanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-ASME, Pi Tau Sigma. BRINKMAN, FRED RICHARD-Civil Engineering, Day- ton, O.-Phi Kappa Theta, ASCE. BUCKLER, RONALD GLENN-Mechanical Engineering, Bethel, O.-ASME. BUECHLER, DONALD GENE-Electrical Engineering, St. Louis, Mo.-AIEE. BUNGER, DAVID ALBERT- Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-AIEE. BURGESS, KENNETH-Electrical Engineering, Cincin- nati, O.-Tau Beta Pi, IRE, AIEE, Baptist Student Union fEnlistment Chrm.J. BURKETT, EUGENE JOHN- Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Chi Sigma CRecorderJ, Newman Club, A.I.Ch.E. BURNS, JERRY WAYNE-Electrical Engineering, Arcanum, O.-Delta Tau Delta, Eta Kappa Nu, Eng. Trib., AIEE. CARTER, ART B.-Civil Engineering, North Fairfield, O.-Lambda Chi Alpha CPres.J. CARTY, RONALD HADEN-Chemical Engineering, Lex- ington, Ky. CASTEEL, ROBERT LOUIS-Chemical Engi- neering, Portsmouth, O.-Tau Beta Pi, Humanities Reading Prog., A.I.Ch.E. CHALK, DAVID L.-Chemical Engi- neering, Hamilton, O.-Tau Beta Pi CVice Pres., Nat'l Conv. Chrm.D, Alpha Chi Sigma CVice Pres., Mem. Comm. Chrm.J, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E., G.E. Exp. Read- ing Prog. CHAPMAN, ROBERT E.-Chemical Engineer- ing, Cincinnati, O.-Beta Theta Pi CSec.J, Omicron Delta Kappa CMem. Chrm.J, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Soph. CSec.J, Metro, A.I.Ch.E., Men's Advisory, Swimming Team. CHATFIELD, DAVID ALAN-Metallurgical Engineering, Huntington, W. Va.-Tau Beta Pi, ASM tChrm.J. CLAG- GETT, MICHAEL BRUCE-Electrical Engineering, New- ark, O.--Sigma Alpha Epsilon CHouse Mgr., Sec-.D, Men's Advisory, AIEE, IRE, Scabbard 81 Blade, ROTC Rifle Team. CLARKE, THEODORE R.-Chemical Engineering, Cin- cinnati, O. CLENDENIN, WILLIAM HARVE-Mechan1- cal Engineering, Massillon, O.-ASME. CLIFTON, WILLIAM JAY-Mechanical Engineering, Charleston, W. Va.-Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASME. COL- GROVE, PHILIP G.-Mechanical Engineering, Wheelers- burg, O.-Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Dorm Council. COOK, PETER WILLIAM-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. -Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu CTreas.J, Tau Beta Pi, Cincy Christian Fell. CVice Pres.J, AIEE, IRE CChrm.J. COPEN, GEORGE DENNIS-Chemical Engineering, Ports- mouth, O.-A.I.Ch.E. CORBITT, GORDON KENNETH-Mechanical Engineer- ing, Parkersburg, W. Va.-Men's Advisory, ASME, UC Radio-TV Dept. CORRELL, LARRY J.-Chemical Engi- neering, Fostoria, O. CORWIN, EDWARD FRANKLIN- Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Newman Club, IRE. CRITTENDEN, JACOB KEITH III-Aerospace Engineer- ing, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Phi Alpha, IAS, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard 8: Blade, Kittyhawk. CRITZER, THOMAS FRANK-Electrica ' ' Dayton, O.-Sigma Phi Epsilon. CROMWEIEL ERISSISEQIE Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-ASCE. DAHINDEN DEAN RICHARD-Chemical Engineering, Massillon O Q Sigma Chi CRitualist, House Mgr., StewardJ, Tau Bi-:ta.Pi CRec. Sec.JgLPEllpha ihi Sigma, A.I.Ch.E. DEEM KEN- NETH WE Y-c emicai En ineerin ' va.-A.I.Ch.E., Acacia. g g' Parkersburg' W' DEMARCO, JACK-Civil Engineering, Covington, Ky.- ASCE. DENMAN, GARY LYNN-Mechanical Engineer- ing, Piqua, O.-Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME CRec. Sec.J. DENNIS, DONALD SCOTT-Chemical Engineer- ing, Cincinnati, O.-Band, YMCA, Kappa Kappa Psi, DIXON, THOMAS NELSON-Chemical Engineering, Uti- ca, O.-A.I.Ch.E., Tau Beta Pi. DRESSING, PAUL A.-Mechanical Engineering, Cincin- nati, O.-ASME CTreas.D. DRIVER, DAN A.-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Band, AIEE, IRE CVice Chrm.J. DURITSCH, DONALD W.-Mechanical Engi- neering, Cincinnati, O.-ASME CChrm.J. EASTERLING, FRANK ALLEN-Electrical Engineering, Ironton, O.- Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE. IRE, Scabbard 8L Blade, Pershing Riiies, Social Bd. EGBERS, PAUL HOWARD-Metallurgical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. ENGEL, W. PETER-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-IRE. EVANS, DONOVAN LEE-Mechan- ical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Pi Tau Sigma CCorres. Sec.J, Tau Beta Pi, ASM CChrm.J. EVERS, MICHAEL FRANCIS-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Pi Kap- pa Alpha, IRE. FANGER, JOHN BARRY-Electrical Engineering, Kalida, O.-Eta Kappa Nu fPres.J, Tau Beta Pi, AIEE, IRE CSec.J. FAY, CHARLES ROBERT-Chemical Engineering, Mil- ford, O.-A.I.Ch.E., Bowling League. FLORIDA, ROB- ERT EDWIN-Mechanical Engineering, Evansville, Ind. FORSBERG, BRUCE ALLEN-Electrical Engineering, Troy, O.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRAKES, JACK GORDON-Civil Engineering, Covington, Ky.-ASCE, Co-Weds. GALBRAITH, JAY R.-Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. GANDEE, GREGORY W.- Chemical Engineering, Charleston, W. Va.-A.I.Ch.E. GARRISON, JAN N.-Aerospace Engineering, Arcanum, O.-Delta Tau Delta, IAS. GATTO, LUCIANO R.-Metallurgical Engineering, Cin- cinnati, O.-ASM, A.I.Ch.E. GECKLE, THOMAS E.-- Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-A.I.Ch.E., Phi Kap- pa Theta. GILBY STEPHEN WARNER-Metallurgical Engineering, Lebanon, O.-ASM, ASTM, Tau Beta P1. GEORGE, FRANK LEE-Aerospace Engineering, Xenia, O.-IAS fSec., Treas.J, Band CTreas.J, Kappa Kappa Psi CVice Pres., Pres.J. GODDARD, WILLIAM MARVIN-Electrical Engineering, Mingo Junction, O.--ACC CVice Pres.J, AIEE, Eta Kappa Nu CCorres. Sec.J, Tau Beta Pi. GOLDICK, CHARLES EDWIN-Civil Engineering, Dayton, O.-ASCE. GOOD- RICH, EDSON FRANK-Aerospace Engineering, Nor- walk, O.-Menis Res. Hall Council, IAS CVice Chrm., Treas.J, Tau Beta Pi. GRAF, JAMES PAUL-Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Glee Club. ENGINEERING GRADUATES GREEN, WILLIAM SIDNEY-Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-A.I.Ch.E. GWIN, DAVID LEE-Mechan- ical Engineering, Hagerstown, Ind.-ASME. HABERMAN, WILLIAM STANLEY-Mechanical Engineering, Cincin- nati, O.-Scabbard 8: Blade, Pershing Riiies, ASME. HAM- ILTON, MICHAEL BRUCE-Mechanical Engineering, Portsmouth, O.-ASME. HAMMOND, CARL ROBERT-Electrical Engineering, Frederick, Md.-Cincy Christian Fell. fVice Pres., Pres.J, ACC CRec. Sec., Corres. Sec.J, IRE, University Chorus. HARRIS, DAVID EUGENE-Electrical Engineering, Day- ton, O.-IRE. HARRIS, ROBERT WILLIAM-Mechanical Engineering, Hamilton, O. HARTMANN, ROBERT FRED- ERICK-Metallurgical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Delta Theta CPres., Pledge Tr., Sec., Intramural Mgr.J, Sigma Sigma CPres.J, Metro CVice Pres.J, Cincinnatus CPres.J, Greek Week CChrm.J, Homecoming Dance CChrmJ, Cheerleader, ASM, YMCA. HASZ, JOHN R.-Mechanical Engineering, Cheviot, O.- Pi Tau Sigma CRec. Sec.J, ASME CTreas.J. HATHAWAY, JAMES LUTHER-Civil Engineering, Marietta, O.- ASCE. HAUGHABOO, GEORGE DAVID-Chemical En- gineering, Covington, Ky.-A.I.Ch.E. HAUVER, RICH- ARD VAN-Aerospace Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-IAS. HAYES, JAMES HARRY-Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Student Council CSec.J, Sigma Alpha Epsilon CProg. Chrm., Social Chrm., Rush Chrm.J, Sigma Sigma CSec.J, Metro CPres.J, Sophos. CVice Pres.J, Cincinnatus CPres.J, YMCA CVice Pres.J, ASCE CSec.J, Jr. Class Advisory Bd., Sr. Class Advisory Bd., Union Bd., Orient. Bd., Men's Ad- visory CGen. Chrm.J. HEBERLING, THOMAS G.- Metallurgical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. HELDMAN, ROBERT HALE-Chemical Engineering, Marietta, O.- Sigma Phi Epsilon, A.I.Ch.E. HENTHORN, JOHN C.- Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. HILL, CHARLES EUGENE-Electrical Engineering, Cin- cinnati, O.-Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE CSec.J. HIOTT, WAL- TER H, J R.-Mechanical Engineering, Indianapolis, Ind.- Lambda Chi Alpha, ASME, Men's Advisory. HUBIAK, RICHARD JOHN-Civil Engineering, Herkimer, N. Y.- Fencing Team, Men's Res. Hall Council CSec.J, Men's Ad- visory, ASCE. HUGHES, DOUGLAS GRANT-Mechani- cal Engineering, Dayton, O.-Sigma Phi Epsilon CIntramu- rals, Rush Comm.J, Men's Advisory, Homecoming Queen Comm. HURST, LAWRENCE, JOSEPH-Mechanical Engineering, St. Louis, Mo.-Theta Chi CHouse Mgr., Chap. Regional Conf. Chrm.J. HYDE, JAMES RUSSELL-Chemical En- gineering, Marietta, O.-Delta Tau Delta CSec., Vice Pres., Treas., Pledge Tr.J, Band, A.I.Ch.E. HYER, LARRY CARL-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-AIEE, IRE. IRICK, HOWARD DALE-Electrical Engineering, Men- tor, O.-AIEE, IRE. JACOBS, RALPH CHARLES-Mechanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Chi CLib., Scholarship Chrm.J, ASME, Men's Advisory. JANSEN, JOHN H.-Electrical Engineering, St. Louis, Mo.-AIEE. JOHANNIGMAN, JAMES B.-Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Pi Kappa Alpha, ASTM, ASCE. JOHNSON, JOSEPH C.-Mechan1- cal Engineering, Troy, O.-ASME. KEELING, WILLIAM LELAND-Mechanical Engineer- ing, Chillicothe, O.-Pi Kappa Alpha fSec., Exec.-at-Large, Stewardj, Pi Tau Sigma fTreas.J, Tau Beta Pi, ASME, ASTM, Student Council, Eng. Trib., Men's Advisory. KING, RONALD JOE-Electrical Engineering, Wapakoneta, O. KIRBY, WARD NELSON-Civil Engineering, St. Clairs- ville, O.-Canterbury Assoc., YMCA, ASCE CTreas.J, Chi Epsilon. KLAUSMEYER, JAMES P.-Civil Engineering, lgayton, O.-Phi Delta Theta CWarden, Stewardl, ASCE, MCA. KOLB, DONN EUGENE-Civil Engineering, Hamilton O. -ASCE, chi Epsilon fSec.j, Tau Beta Pi. KRISHI-ER RALPH EDWARD, JR.-Meeiieiiieei Engineering, Dayton, O.-Sigma Phi Epsilon CP1edge Tr.J, Menis Advisory, ASME. KRUEGER, CHARLES HUSTON JR.-Eieetrieei Engineering, Dayton, O.-Phi Delta Theta CSec., Stewardj YMCA fCabinetJ, Profile, Men's Advisory, IRE, Homecomj ing Comm., Union Comm. KUNZ, WALTER CHARLES.. Mechanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-ASME, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma. LAVALLEE, JOSEPH CHARLES, J R.-Electrical Engineer- ing, Cincinnati, O.-AIEE CSec.J. LAWRENCE, RICH- ARD PAUL-Aerospace Engineering, Evansville, Ind.- IAS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LEE, WILLIAM P. Il-Metal- lurgical Engineering, Brookville, O. LEITER, LARRY LEE -Mechanical Engineering, Centerville, O. LENSCH, GARY ALAN-Civil Engineering, Dayton, O.- Chi Epsilon, ASCE, Sigma Phi Epsilon. LIFER, DONALD EDWARD - Civil Engineering, Danville, O. - ASME. LOWE, EDWARD BRIAN-Electrical Engineering, Ash- land, Ky.-Eta Kappa Nu, IRE. LOWER, DAVID ORAN -Civil Engineering, Springfield, O.-ASTM, ASCE, Band. MARSHALL, WILLIAM W.-Electrical Engineering, Day- ton, O.-Sigma Phi Epsilon CPledge Tr.J, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta, Pi, AIEE, Wrestling Team. MCALPINE, RICH- ARD-Electrical Engineering, Butler, Pa.-AIEE, Res. Hall Advisor, Amateur Radio Club. MCDONEL, JAMES D.- Aerospace Engineering, Camden, O.-IAS CSec., Chrm.J, Eng. Trib., Tau Beta Pi. MCGRAW, DAVID PAUL- Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-IFC, Phi Kappa Tau CTreas., Rush Chrm.J, AIEE. MCMILLAN, JAMES R.-Chemical Engineering, Parkers- burg, W. Va.-Acacia CPledge Tr.D. MENYHERT, STE- PHAN-Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Internation- al Club CVice Pres., Treas.J, A.I.Ch.E. MICHEL, JAMES ANDREW-Electrical Engineering, Reading, O.-AIEE, IRE, Eta Kappa Tau. MOLLOY, JOHN EDWARD--Me- chanical Engineering, Dayton, O.-Phi Delta Theta CPledge Vice Pres., House Mgr., Stewardj, ASME, Union Movie Comm. MRAOVICH, SAM-Electrical Engineering, Weirton, W. Va. MURPHY, JOHN W.-Electrical Engineering, Dayton, O.-Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. NIEMEYER, WILLIAM A.-Mechanical Engineering, Baltimore, Md., ASME, P1 Tau Sigma. NIXON, TRAVIS D.-Metallurgical Engineer- ing, Greenville, O. NOFTSGER, JOHN BOYD-Electrical Engineering, Lees- burg, O.-Eta Kappa Nu CRec. Sec.J, Tau Beta P1, Phi Eta Sigma, AIEE. OCHSNER, DONALD JOHN-Mechamcal Engineering, Evansville, Ind.-Sigma Phi Epsilon. OTTE- WITTE, ERIC H.--Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.- Phi Delta Theta CVice Pres., Sec., Lib.J, Soph. Class Treas., Jr. Class Treas., Student Council, A.I.Ch.E. QSec.J, Co-op Engineer, Homecoming Comm., Greek Week 'Comm.,.Glee Club. PALMER, RONALD LEIGH-Mechanical Engineer- ing, Corning, N. Y.-Union Dance Comm., Men'S AdV1S01'Y, Lambda Chi Alpha. PETERS, ROBERT LOUIS-Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-ASCE. PETRY, THOMAS EDWIN-Mechanical Engi- neering, Cincinnati, O.-Student Council, Eng. Trib. C360-, Vice Pres.J, Pi Tau Sigma CVice Pres.D, Greek Week Comm., Union Comm., Phi Delta Theta Clntramural Chrm., Pledge Tr., Rush Chrm., Treeep, Ce-ep Engineer, ASME- PHILLIPPS, JACK L.-Mechanical Engineering, Cincin- nati, O.-ASME. POTTHOFF, HARRY ARTHUR-Me chanical Engineering, Norwood, O.-ASME. ENGINEERING GRADUATES POWELL, ROBERT PEYTON-Mechanical Engineering, Chillicothe, O.-Theta Chi CChap., Sec., Vice Pres.j. PRAGER, DENIS J ULES-Electrical Engineering, Dayton, O.-Dorm Council CSec.J, Men's Advisory. PUENING, GEORGE RICHARD-Mechanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. QUIGLEY, RICH- ARD EUGENE, J R.-Mechanical Engineering, Dayton, O. -Dorm Council CAthletic Chrm.J, SAE. RADEKE, MICHAEL-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Acacia fRush Chrm.J, Kampus King Court. REY- NOLDS, GARY PAUL-Chemical Engineering, Covington, Ky.-Men's Advisory. RHODES, HARRY ERVIN-Elec- trical Engineering, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.--Triangle, AIEE. ROBERTS, IRWIN B.-Electrical Engineering, St. Louis, Mo.-AIEE, IRE, Dorm Council CPres.J. ROBERTS, JAMES EARL-Metallurgical Engineering, Huntington, W. Va.-ASM CSec.J. ROBISON, JOHN S. JR.-Electrical Engineering, Butler, Pa.-Eta Kappa Nu, IRE. ROLLMAN, EDWARD WILLIAM-Mechanical En- gineering, Baltimore, Md.-Tau Beta Pi CPres.J, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, ASME, ASTM. RORICK, MYRON LESLIE-Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-A.I.Ch.E. ROSE, MARVIN GERALD-Mechanical Engineering, Sut- ton, W. Va.-Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma CPres.J, Pi Delta Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, ASME, ASTM CStud. Mem. Awardj, Omicron Delta Kappa, G.G.G. CCo-Chrm.J, Sr. Class Treas., IFC, Lambda Chi Alpha, Cincinnatian CAss't Bus. Mgr., Bus. Mgr.J, Board of Publications CChrm.J. RYAN, MICHAEL JOSEPH-Chemical Engineering, J effer- sonville, Ind.-Alpha Phi Omega, A.I.Ch.E. CRep.J, Eng. Trib., Pi Kappa Alpha CCorres. Sec., Pub. Relations Chrm.J, ROTC CCadet Major, Intramural Direc.J. SAGE, CHARLES ALLAN-Civil Engineering, Canton, O.-Tri- angle, ASCE, Eng. Trib. CRep.J. SANDMAN, RUSSELL RICHARD-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Glee Club, Summer Chorus, Union Movie Comm. SARVER, LARRY W.-Metallurgical Engineering, New Castle, Ind.-Band, ASM, A.I.Ch.E., ROTC Band. SCHE- IDE, ALFRED W.-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. SCHNEIDER, ROBERT ARTHUR-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-AIEE, IRE. SELMAN, A. NARIF-Elec- trical Engineering, Mansfield, O. SENSEL, ROBERT NORMAN-Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. SHERLOCK, JAMES EDWARD--Mechani- cal Engineering, Indianapolis, Ind.-Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, ASME fSec.J, Men's Res. Hall Council. SISSON, LES- LIE DAVID-Electrical Engineering, Dayton, O.-Men's Res. Hall Council CSec.J, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu CCorres. Sec.J, Tau Beta Pi, AIEE. SMALLWOOD, GEORGE LARRY-Electrical Engineering, Indianapolis, Ind.-Pi Kappa Alpha, AIEE, IRE. SMELKER, JAMES DAVID-Electrical Engineering, Day- ton, O-.-IRE. SNYDER, ROGER WILLIAM-Mechanical Engineering, Dayton, O.-ASME, Dorm Council. SPENCE, JAMES Q.-Metallurgical Engineering, Huntington, W. Va. SPENCER, ROBERT LEROY-Chemical Engineering, Ken- ton, O.-Pi Kappa Alpha CVice Pres.J, A.I.Ch.E. CVice Pres.J, Men's Advisory, YMCA. SPRINGER, GARY MARLIN-Metallurgical Engineering, Ironton, O.-Pi Kappa Alpha fSec., Stewardi, ASM. STANFORTH, RICHARD ALLEN-Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon flntramural Chrm.J, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, ASCE CPres., Vice Pres.J, Eng. Trib. STARR, WILLIAM R.-Civil Engineering, Dayton, O.7Sigma Phi Epsilon, fHist.J, Sophos CTreas.J, ASCE KYICQ Pres.J, Chi Epsilon CTreas.J, Tau Beta Pi CTreas.J, Cmcinnatian, Arnold Air Society CCommanderJ. STEUER- NAGEL, ROBERT GERALD-Chemical Engineering, Cin- cinnati, O.-Bridge Club CPres.J, A.I.Ch.E. CTreas.J, News Record, Tau Beta Pi. STIERS, ROBERT A.-Civil Engineering, New Carlisle 0 STRAUB, JAMES ARTHUR-Electrical Engineering hall timers, Md.-AIEE. STRINE, KENNETH LOWELL.. Mechanical Engineering, Cardington, O.-ASME Pi Tau sigma- STUEWE, CHARLES WESLEY-Chemical Engi- neering, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Up- silon, U.C. Glee Club fGlee Club Bd., Ass't. Bus. Mgr.j University Singers, Male Octet, A.I.Ch.E. 1 SWEENEY, MYLE J. JR.-Chemical Engineering Ft, Alleghany, Pa. THATCHER, JAMES HAROLDJCiVil Engineering, Portsmouth, O.-Phi Delta Theta CHouse Mgr.J, ASCE, YMCA. TURNER, STEVEN ROGERS- Electrical Engineering, University City, Mo,-Triangle fPres., Vice Pres.J, IFC, Soph. Class Council CMemberaat Largel, Kampus King Court, Glee Club, Pledge Class Pres, WAGONER, WILLIAM RICHARD-Electrical Engineer- ing, St. Louis, Mo.-Eta Kappa Nu, Men's Dorm Council, WARNER, ROSS EDWARD-Mechanical Engineering, Bradford, Penn.-Aquaal CVice Pres.j, YMCA, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Experimental Reading Prog. WATSON, DAVID CARL-Mechanical Engineering, Dayton, O.- ASME. WATSON, JOHN THOMAS-Mechanical Engi- neering, Indianapolis, Ind.-IFPC CPres.J, Exec. Council of IFC, YMCA CTreas.D, Men's Advisor Exec. Board, Soph. Class Exec. Comm., Chairman-Pledge Class Pres. Comm., Chrm.-Fresh. Leadership Conf., Greek Week, Homecoming, Sophos CChrm. Dancej, Cincinnatus ASME, Lambda Chi Alpha CP1edge Class Pres., Sec., Rush Chrm., Pledge Tr.J, Student Council, Cincinnatian CBus. Mgr.J. WEAVER, E. LAWRENCE-Electrical Engineering, Harvey, Ill.-IRE, Eta Kappa Nu. WEDEL, THOMAS ARTHUR-Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Triangle CRec. Sec., Hist.J, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society CAdmin. OIIJ. WELLS, JAMES M.- Mechanical Engineering, Sidney, O.-Pi Kappa Alpha, YMCA, ASME. WELLS, WARD B.-Chemical Engineer- ing, Cincinnati, O.-U.C. Glee Club CBus. Mgr.J, Eng. Trib. CSec.J, A.I.Ch.E. CChrm., Jr. Class Rep.J, Triangle, Bridge Club. WELLS, WAYNE EDWARD-Metallurgical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-ASM, Eng. Trib. WESSEL, JAMES KENNETH-Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-A.I.Ch.E. WESTRICK, JAMES J.-Civil Engineering, Hamilton, O.-ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi. WHALEY, THOMAS EDWARD-Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon CPres., Vice Pres.j, ASCE, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon. WHITE, LEE JAMES-Electrical Engineering, Merrill, Mich.-Tau Beta Pi CCatalogerJ, Eta Kappa Nu, Men's Res. Hall Council QVice Pres.J, Student Religious Council. WIEHE, IRWIN A.-Chemical Engineering, Lockland, -A.I.Ch.E. WILEY, NORMAN H.-Metallurgical Engi- neering, Cincinnati, O. VVILL, RICHARD HARRYfMe- chanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Eta Sigma, P1 Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, ASME, ASTM. WILLINS, RICHARD EMORY-Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma CPres.J, Tau Beta Pi CCorres. Seo. 8a Advisory Bd.J, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E. WILLIAMS, ROBERT C.-Metallurgical Engineering, Van- dalia, O.-Theta Chi, ASM, A.I.Ch.E. WILSON, DONALD EUGENE-Mechanical Engineering, Portsmouth, ASME, Pi Tau Sigma. WISE, HAROLD J .fMechan1cal Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-ASME, Engineeflllg ,Rea-41113 Prog. WISE, JAMES LAWRENCE-Chemical Engineering, Felicity, O.-YMCA, A.I.Ch.E. WOOD, HALBERT MURRAY-Mechanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-ASME. WRENN, KENNETH FREDER- ICK-Mechanical Engineering, Charleston, W. Ve.-ASME ZALLA, A. MARTIN-Civil Engineering, Covington, Ky. -ASCE CSec.J. ZIMMERMAN, CAROL SUSAN--Chem1- cal.Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-A.I.Ch.E., Newman Club CHISLJ, Jr. Advisor, Ivy Chain. THE C0-0P The co-op system at UC is a combination specifically designed to bridge the division between academic learning and Work experience. Within the co-op col- leges the seven week alternations between Work and school result in class-room learning being applied to practical problems soon enough to make it relevant. This eliminates the relearning period usually experi- enced With a job right after college. At the same time the school provides an ordering and a foundation so that the Work experience is not simply haphazard and blind. The result, in the ideal, is a student who has had five years of carefully integrated Work and college. The results of this are manifold and extend beyond class and work to college life and outlook. The seven Week periods necessitate a mobile status and put the campus and practically all its activities in a state of constant flux. The result is in many ways a greater maturity-students who have seen some of the world as well as school. To the variety in appearance, to charge and counter charge can only be put the test of fact and it is in the photographs of this section that the patterns of work, school, and amusement emerge. Co-arclinators such as Graham Smith interview students for co-op jobs fleftj. Co-ops are placed in such diverse jobs as pertain to their field of study. Charlotte Manger and Anita Stitlz of DAA do engineering drafting for the government fmiddle rightj. Carol Rothman, a marketing major, sells women's clothes at a local department store fmicldle leftj. Architectural students flower leftj work for the City Planning Commission. Other engineering co-ops are employed by the Cincinnati Milling Machine Company flower rightj. In such distant places as the U.S.A Steel Corporation in Pittsburgh, civil engineering co-ops gain first hand knowledge of plant construction Charles Ellsworth, Bus. Ad. co-op, handles microfilming for Cinti. Bell Telephone Company. Dave Oberlin checks student data sheets in the Machine Records Department of the University. Mechanical engineering co-ops record pressure readings at a local manufacturing concern. H .,,, ., . 'i'l.Lf. , . 1 V 7.1 '1 .Ax ,F . Mr. Tappe leads a session on maps for a geology lab section. The U.S. map helps a geology student complete her lab exercise. Dean Charles K. Weichert The McMicken College of Arts and Sciences attempts to achieve a liberal education: understanding and wisdom as opposed to knowledge-about. It has exten- sive pre-profession programs leading to law, medicine, teaching, and theology, and these programs attract many earnest students already decided on a career and a goal. But at the same time there are many students drifting, looking for a field. To these the college pro- vides its real service of requiring something, and offer- ing much more, in the way of a general education. The chief function of this college is, in fact, not to offer specialized knowledge but rather to view knowl- edge itself and to give training and discipline in thought, so that its students acquire the mental range and flexibility characteristic of a truly educated man. The diversity, thus engendered, is the mark of both the variety and unity of the College of Arts and Sciences. COLLEGE 0E ARTS AND SCIENCES Joseph E. Holliday, Assistant Dean and Charles Brigham, Assistant to the Dean Dr. William Hewett, Head, Dept. of Economics. Dr. Gustav Carlson, Head, Dept. of Sociology 62 Anthropology, and Dr. Harold Vinacke, Head, Dept. of Political Science Dr. Hilmar C. Krueger, Head, Dept. of History, Dr. William S. Clark, Head, Dept. of English, and Dr. Van Meter Ames, Head, Dept. of Philosophy Dr. George C. Schoolfield, Head, Dept. of Germanic 62 Slavic Languages cf: Literatures, and Dr. Wesley Allinsmith, Head, Dept. of Psychology Dr. H.. David Lipsich, Head, Dept. of Mathematics, Dr. Milton Orehin, Head, Dept. of Chemistry, and Dr. Dare A. Wells, Head, Dept. of Physics Dr. John L. Caskey, Head, Dept. of Classics, and Dr. James Doolittle, Head, Dept. of Romance Languages liam A. Spoor, Head, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Dr. William F. Jenks, Dept. of Geology, Dr. Paul Herget, Head, Dept. of Astronomy, and zr Nash, Head, Dept. of Geography and Regional Planning sl, r In embryology lab, Dale Wolf carefully compares the image ln the microscope with the descriptions in the text book. ARTS 8c SCIENCES GRADUATES AMBROSE, JAMES L.-BS Physics, Cincinnati, O. ADAMS, JANE BEE-BA, BS English, Cincinnati, O. ADAMS, ALLAN D.-BA History, Gary, Ind.-American Commons, Club CPled,f1e Pres.D. Canterbury, Cincy Chris- tian Fell., AFROTC, AF Social Bd. CSec.D, Kitty Hawk CExec. Officer 81 ComptrollerJ, Arnold Air Society CChap.J. AHLBURN, THOMAS EDWARD-BS Zoology, Cincin- nati, O.-Speakers Bureau. ALLEN, DEENIS ROBERT-BS Physics, Cincinnati, O. AULT, DONALD C.-BS Geology, Amelia, O.-Men's Advisory, Alpha Tau Omega CPledge Class Vice Pres., Co- ordinator, Palm Reporter, Athletic Chrm.J. BADEN, NA- THAN-BS Economics, New York, N. Y.-Pi Lambda Phi. BAKER, HAROLD DEAN-BA Zoology, Cincinnati, O. BARBER, DONALD A.-BS Physics, Felicity, O. BARK- ER, TAYLOR WALLACE-BS Psychology, Cincinnati, O. -Lambda Chi Alpha CPledge Tr., Pledge Class Pres.j, Cin- cinnatian CAss't. Business Mgr., Circulation Mgr.J, Greek Week Convocation Comm., Pi Delta Epsilon, IFPC Rep., A8aS Trib. CVice Pres.j, Caducea CTreas.J. BAUMAN, JON E.-BS Zoology, Newark, N. J. BECKER, JAMES LEROY -BS Mathematics, Cincinnati, O. BENTZ, WILLIAM FREDERICK-BA Economics, Cov- ington, O.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon CSec., Ass't. House Mgr., House Mgr., Vice Pres., Pres.J, Track Team, Men's Advi- sory, IFC, Fresh. Proj. Co-Chrm. BERESFORD, PATRI- CIA ANNE-BA English, BS Education, Ludlow, Ky.- S-E Club fHospitality Chrm., Program Chrm.J, News Rec- ord, English Club. BERTE, NEAL RICHARD-BA Poli- tical Science, St. Bernard, O.-Jr. 8: Sr. Class Pres., Sigma Alpha Epsilon CPres.j, Sigma Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Metro, Cincinnatus CTreas.J, Sophos CSec.J. Co-Chrm. YMCA Fresh. Camp, News Record -CNat. Adv. Mgr.J, Men's Advisory, A8tS Trib. Vice Pres., Homecoming Float Comm. Co-Chrm., Pi Delta Epsilon. BERWALD, DAVID MOR- TON-BS Zoology, St. Louis, Mo.-Caducea, IFC, P1 Lambda Phi CSec., Pledge Tr., Social Chrm.J. BIEHLE, MARIANNE J .-BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O.- Delta Delta Delta CPledge Class Pres., Social Chrm.J. BIKOFF, JAMES L.-BA History, Roslyn Harbor, N. Y.- Phi Alpha Theta CVice Pres.j. BINEGAR, GARRY NEIL -BS Zoology, Hailton, O.-Theta Chi CPledge Sec., Scholarship Chrmj, Men's Advisory, Caducea. BISHOP, CATHERINE ANNE-BA Spanish, Cincinnati, O. BISHOP, MARGARET ANNE-BA Political Science, Evanston, Ill.-Zeta Tau Alpha, U.C. Telephone Directory CBusiness Mgr.J, Board of Publications. BLACKBURN, BEN E.-BS Physics, Cincinnati, O.-Am. Institute of Physics, CVice Pres.D, BLANTZ, ROBERT ALLEN-BS Botany, Massillon, O. BLATT, MARGARET CHRISTINA -BS Chemistry, Cincinnati, O.-Chemistry Club fSec., Treas.J, Alpha Lambda Delta, Iota Sigma' Pi. BLUESTONE, JUDITH-BA Political Science, Cincinnati O.-Cincinnatus, Sigma Delta Tau CRush Chrm.J Jr, Adi visor, Mummers CGreek Coordinatorl, A845 Rep, fS0ph, and Jr. Class Cabinetb, Guidon, Hillel. BLUTH, HOWARD -BA Philosophy, Bronx, N. Y. BOCKLET, ALBERT ARTHUR-BA Psychology, Cincinnati, O.-Cincinnatian YMCA, Delta Tau Delta CPledge Class Pres., Rush Chrnmji BOLAN, BARBARA-BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Phi Alpha CRush Chrm., Pledge Tr., First Vice Pres.J Union Social Comm., Sophos Court, Homecoming Dance Co-Chrm., Kampus King Comm., Jr. 'Prom Presentation Co-Chrm., Jr. Advisor, Sociology Club CSec., Pres.D, REW Co-Treas., Cincinnatus, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl. BONTRAGER, AMOS-BA History, Cincinnati, O. BON- VILLAIN, WALTER ADDISON-BS Physics, Cincinnati, O.-Co-Weds, Am. Institute of Physics. KINGSTON BOW- EN-BA History, Cincinnati, O.-Glee Club. BOWLING, BARBARA ANN-BS Zoology, Cincinnati, O. -News Record CCopy Editorb, Union Newsletter fAssoc. Ed.J, Alpha Lambda Delta CPres.J, Soph. Class CVice Pres.J, Ivy Chain, Caducea, Guidon, Mortar Board fSec.D, Pi Delta Epsilon, Jr. Advisor. BRAUER, RONALD OTTO-BA History, Cincinnati, O.- News Record. BREGMAN, ALAN DAVID-BA Sociology, Pittsburgh, Pa.-Hebrew Union College Choir, Undergrad. Ofiicer. BROWN, LARRY CADAGAN-BA English, Cin- cinnati, O.-Band CVariety, Marching, Concert Vice Pres.j, Kappa Kappa Psi CSec.J, Men's Advisory CAss't. Chrm.D, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, News Record, Profile, Union Comm., Jazz Workshop, Intramural Football, Baseball, English Club, Mummers, YMCA. BROWN, ROGER EARL-BA Person- nel and Industrial Relations, Dayton, O.-Pi Kappa Alpha CPledge Class Treas., Rush Chrm., Social Chrm., Sec. Ac- tivity Chrm., Pres.J, Cincinnatian CExchange Ed.b, Men's Advisory, Social Bd. Treas., YMCA fTreas., Fresh. Camp Chrmj, IFC Mother's Day Sing Chrm., IFC Vice Pres., Orient. Bd., Cincinnatus, Central Comm., Greek Week Seminar Leader, Homecoming Comm., Jr. Class Advisory Bd., Jr. Prom Comm. BROWN, T. GRANT-BA German, Cincinnati, O.-Delta Phi Alpha, Wrestling Team. BRYANT, HAROLD LEE- GS Geology, Cincinnati, O. BRYANT, LENVILLE M.- BS Zoology, Cincinnati, O. BUCKLEY, GERALD W.-BA English, Cincinnati, O. BURTON, LINDA LEE-BA Zoology, Cincinnati, O. BUSCH, HAL JOSEPH-BS Zoology, Cincinnati, O.- Varsity Tennis Team, Men's Advisory, Caducea. BUSH, MARGARET MORRIS-BS Mathematics, Cincinnati, O.- Delta Delta Delta CChap.J, Float Comm., Band Sponsor Candidate. BUTT, WARREN LEE-BA English, Johns- town, O.-News Record, Cincinnatian 'CPhotography Ed.J, English Club. CALDWELL, RICHARD V.-BA Psychology, Cincinnati, O.-Baseball Team. CALLARD, DANIEL WARREN-BA English, St. Albans, W. Va. CANNY, BENNY JAMES- BS Zoology, Cincinnati, O. CHRISTY, RICHARD JAMES -BA Economics, Cincinnati, O. CINNAMON, CHARLES GERALD-BS Geology, Cincin- nati, O.-YMCA Intramurals. COLWELL, JACK DANA- BA History, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Chi. CONNELL, CHARLES W.-BA History, Charleston, W. Va.-Sigma Phi Epsilon fPledge Vice Pres., Pledge Tr., Social Chrm., Rush Chrm., Scholarship Chrm.D, Phi Alpha 'Theta CSec.J, Greek Week Games Comm. COTTRELL, JACK WARREN -BA Philosophy, Cincinnati, O. CRAMER, NANCY JANE-BS Bacteriology, Cincinnati, O.-Union Bowling League. CRANDALL, ROBERT W.- BA Economics, Cuydhoga Falls, O. CRAUDER, KAREN ANN-BA English, cincinnati, o.-Kappa Delta CCW- paign Chrm.J, Glee Club, Mummers CState MEF-J, F1'C?h- Proj. Co-Chrm., Jr. Advisor, Alpha Beta Gamma, English Club CPres., Sec., Treas.J, Ivy Chain. CROSBY, THOMAS GILES-BA Spanish, Cincinnati, O. -J W-2,7 ARTS 8a SCIENCES GRADUATES CUNNINGHAM, R. HUGH-BS Chemistry, Wyoming, O. -Alpha Tau Omega CPledge Tr.j. DAVIS, BERNARD RICHARD-BA History, Deer Park, O.-ROTC Colonel, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles. DAVIS, GALE CHARLES-BS Physics, Cincinnati, O.-Kitty Hawk, AFROTC. DAVIS, ROBERT HUTCHINSON-BA Politi- cal Science, Cincinnati, O.-Co-Chrm., Greek Week, Delta Tau Delta fPledge Class Pres., IFC Rep., Vice Pres.J. DEAN, ARVELLA SCOTTEEN-BS Medical Technology, Cincinnati, O.-AWS Rep., Delta Sigma Theta CHist.J, Pyramid Club CSec.D, Kappa Alpha Psi Sweetheart, Med. Tech. Soc. DECKER, C. LARRY-BS Zoology, Alexandria, Ky. DEMAKES, CHRISTOS P.-BA Political Science, Cin- cinnati, O.-Cincinnatian fEditor-in-Chief, Copy Ed., Or- ganizations Ed.J, Glee Club fPres., Business Mgr., Pub. Mgr.J, University Singers, Men's Octet, Pi Delta Epsilon CVice Pres.J, Brd. Of Publications, Sr. Class Exec. Council, Eastern Orthodox Fell. CPres.J, Student Religious Council, Young Dems. DENMAN, JUNE JUDITH-BA English, Cincinnati, O.-Dance Club. DILS, JOSEPH P. JR.-BA Zoology, Cincinnati, O. DIM- OND, KEITH ALLEN-BS Chemistry, Cincinnati, O.- Swimming Team CCo-Capt.J, IFC, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EBBERS, RICHARD EARL-BA Economics, Cincinnati, O.-Beta Theta Pi fAlumni Sec., Intramuralsj, Home- coming Comm. EGGENA, PETER HELMUTH-BS Phy- sics, Cincinnati, O. EISENSTAT, MICHAEL BARRY-BA English, North Woodmere, N. Y.4igma Alpha Mu, A8zS Trib., Hillel. ELLISON, NICHOLAS CLAY-BA Economics, Ft. Thom- as, Ky. ERVIN, EDWARD L.-BS Botany, Cincinnati, O. -Scabbard and Blade, Journal Club. EVANS, VICKI BARBARA-BA Psychology, Cincinnati, O. FARR, WILLIAM CHARLES-BS Zoology, Port Murray, N. J.-YMCA, Caducea. FESSENDEN, JANE ELLEN- BA French, Cincinnati, O. FETTNER, SAUL ALAN-BA Economics, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Mu CPledge Pres., Pledge Tr., House Mgr.J, Union Music Comm. FICHMAN, NANCY LEE-BA Sociology, Indianapolis, Ind.-Panhell Vice Pres., Sigma Delta Tau, Sociology Club, Hillel. FINDLEY, DAVID FRANCIS-BS Mathematics, Dayton, O.-News Record, Canterbury, Cincy Christian Fell. FIS- CHER, SHARON LEE-BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O.- Sociology Club fVice Pres.J. FORSTEIN, ROBIN G.-BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O.-Sociology Club CPub. Chrm.J, Young Dems. FOX, STUART HAROLD-BA English, Cincinnati, O.--Pi Lambda Phi, News Record, Band Equip. Mgr., Kappa Kappa Psi, English Club CSec.J, Union Film Society Chrm., Cultural Comm., Hillel fCorr. Sec.J. FRANCISCO, SHARON M.-BS Bacteriology, Cincinnati, O. FRANKLIN, DANIEL ALLEN-BS Zoology, Cincin- nati, O.-Sigma Alpha Mu, Union Music Comm. FRICKE, FRED LOUIS-BS Chemistry, Cincinnati, O.-Baseball. FRISARLINDA RUTH-BA English, BS Education, Cin- cinnati, . FRY, CAROLYN ANNE-BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O.- Bearkitten, Guidon, Jr. Advisor, Jr. Class Sec., Sr. Class Sec., Kappa Kappa Gamma CPanhel. Rep.J, Glee Club, Sociology Club, Kampus King Comm. FRY, WILLIAM ROGER-BA Political Science, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Delta Theta, IFPC CTreas.J. GALVIN, DON ARTHUR-BS Physics, Cincinnati, O.-Am. Institute of Physics CTreas.J. GAN, ROBERT T.-BA History, Belmont, Mass.-Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel. GARDNER, MARY HELEN-BA American History, Cin- cinnati, O.-Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ir. Advisor, Speakers' Bureau. GEHRINGER, KATHLEEN ANN-BA Mathema- tics, Cincinnati, O. GLASS, RONALD WILLIAM-BA Economics, Covington, Ky. GLAZER, BRENDA RAE- BA Psychology. Norfolk, Va.-Hillel. GLAZER, ELAINE ETTA-BA Psychology, University Hts., O.-Hillel, Glee Club. GOLDBERG, MARTIN MEL- VIN-BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O.-Pi Lambda Phi. GOLDBERGER, RUTH-BA Bacteriology, Cleveland, O. -Sigma Delta Tau fPres., House Pres.J, Mortar Bd., Ivy Chain, Panhell, Jr. Advisor, Hillel fSec.J, House Pres. Council fPres.J, Jr. Class Advisory Bd. GOLDMAN, MARK NO-RMAN-BA English, West Hart- ford, Conn.-Phi Eta Sigma CSec.J, Hillel, Ford Founda- tion Honors Program, Hebrew Union College CPres. Under- grad. Student Bodyj, GOLDSTEIN, SHELDON BENNETT -BA English and Theater Art, Minneapolis, Minn.-Alpha Epsilon Pi CAdvisorJ, Hillel, Hebrew Union College CUnder- grad. Social Comm.D. GRADEN, HENRY EUGENE-BA Sociology, Vandergritt, Pa.-YMCA, News Record CSports Ed.J, Sociology Club. GREENBERGER, IMARK ALAN- BA Political Science, Sharon, Penn.-Hillel, Debate Club CPres.J, Pi Kappa Delta CTreas.D, Speakers' Bureau, Speech Books Abroad Chrm. GREENERT, STACEY-BA History, Cincinnati, O.-Ca- ducea, Canterbury, Phi Alpha Theta, Student Religious Council. GREER, JOHN WILLIAM-BA History, BS Edu- cation, Cincinnati, O.-Rifle Team, Baptist Student Union fVice Pres., Pres.J. GREVE, J, TERRENCE-BS Chemis- try, Cincinnati, O.-Chemistry Club. GROW, JOHN AL- LEN-BS Geology, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Delta Theta CVice Pres., Pledge Class Pres., Pledge Tr.D, Omicron Delta Kap- pa CSec.J, Metro, Cincinnatus, Sophos CVice Pres.J, Soph. Class Pres., Arnold Air Society, YMCA, Men's Advisory, IFC CRush Chrm.J. GRUBB, ELIZABETH ANN-BA, BS French, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Kappa Gamma CTreas., Pres.J, Pi Delta Phi, Panhell. Rush Comm. GUP, JOANNE-BA History, Cin- cinnati, O. HAFT, CHARLES H. IR.-BA Georgraphy, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Delta Theta, Ulex. HAMBURG, PA- TRICIA LEE-BA History, Cincinnati, O.-Mummers CGreek Coordinatorj. HARDY, ANN V.-BA American History, Washington, D. C.-Alpha Chi Omega CPanhell. Rep.J, Phi Alpha Theta. HAYES, SIUSANNA R.-BA, BS Spanish, Cincin- nati, O.-Jr. Advisor CProgram Councill, Ivy Chain, Social Bd. CTreas.J, Union Bd. CSec.J, Bd. of Publications, Pi Delta Epsilon CPres.j, News Record CAss't. News Ed., Assoc. Ed., Ed.-in-Chiefb, U.C. Telephone Directory, Home- coming Comm., Jr. Prom CPub. Chrm.j, Kampus King CPub.' Chrm.D, Greek Week, YWCA, Alpha Chi Omega CPub. Chrm., Lyre Ed., Wardenj. HEISEL, PEGGY ANN -BS Physics, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Chi Omega CTreas., Pres.J, Alpha Lambda Delta, Guidon. Kampus King fDance Chrm.J, Jr. Prom, Mortar Board, A8tS Trib., Sr. Class Exec. Council, YWCA CFresh Leadership Conf. Co- Chrm., Soph. Councilj, Ivy Chain, Jr. Advisor. HEIT- ISAMP, LAWRENCE WALTER-BA German, Cincinnati, HIGI, RAYMOND MICHAEL-BA Zoology, Muncie, Ind. HILL, JOANNA-BA English, Cincinnati, O.-Zeta Tau Omega CPanhell., Pres.J, Profile CExchange Ed.J, YWCA, Ir. Prom Queen, Sophos Court. HINSON, DARRYLL L.- BS Botany, BS Education, Mt. Healthy, O.-Men's Chorus. HISRICH, LLOYD WILLIAM-BA American History, Batesville, Ind.-Intramurals, Varsity Baseball Mgr., Men's Residence Hall Exec. Council. HOCH, CLAIRE-BA French, Cincinnati, O.-Pi Delta Phi. HOLLOHAN, ROBERT-BA History, Ft. Thomas, Ky. HONROTH, PENNY VIRGINIA-BA Modern Euro- pean History, Cincinnati, O.-U.C. Telephone Directory. HORNBY, PETER-BS Physics, Cincinnati, O.-Interna- tional Club CVice Pres.J, International Folk Festival CStage Mgr.J, Co-Wed Club, Am. Institute of Physics CPres.J. ARTS 8a SCIENCES GRADUATES HUMMEL, DAVID JOHN-BA Math, Cincinnati, O. IZENSON, LAURA N.-BA Political Science, Cincinnati, O.-Hillel CSec.J, JAEGER, RALPH ROGER-BS Chem- istry, Mt. Healthy, O.-Chemistry Club. JONES, LYNN E. -BA Russian, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Delta Theta CVice Pres.J, News Record fCopy Ed., Feature Ed.. Managing Ed.D, Proiile CEditorD, Union Newsletter, Pub., Music, Variety Comm., Omicron Delta Kappa CSec., Vice Pres.j, Mummers, Cincinnatian, Homecoming -Comm. CPub. Chrm.J, Chrm. Soph. Mum Sale, Intramural Track, Sophos, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon, Student Council CChrm. Grievancej, Soph. Class Cabinet, Russian Club CVice Pres.J. JONESKU, MATTHEW LEON-BA Economics, Cincin- nati, O.-Westminster. KABAKOFF, TOBY MAY-BS Bacteriology, Cincinnati, O. .KA.MINSKY, GARY STUART -BA History, Forest Hills, N. Y.-Pi Lambda Phi CSec., Rush, Social Chrm.J, Intramurals. KAPLAN, MORTON- BA History, Asheville, N. C.-Hillel, Alpha Epsilon Pi. KARTYE, EVA JANE-BA, BS History, Cincinnati, O.- Zeta Tau Alpha CRitual Chrm., Corr. Sec.J, S-E Club CProgram Chrm., Pres.J, Jr. Advisor COrient. Comm.J. KATTUS, MICHAEL-BA Political Science, Cincinnati, O. KELLY, ROSLYN LOUISE-BA French, History, Cincin- nati, O.-Young Dem's, Pi Delta Phi CPres.j, Phi Alpha Theta. KENNEDY, PATRICIA MINSHALL-BA Spanish, Troy, O. KEYS, IRENE IUDITI-I-BA Chemistry, Cincinnati, O.- Fresh. Proj., AWS CPub. Chrm., A8aS Rep.J, Kappa Delta fWays and Means Chrm., Scholarship Chrm.J, A8zS Trib. CCO-Chrm. Thanksgiving and Christman Open Housej, GAA Clinic, WAA fBadminton Chrm.j, YWCA CMem. Comm., Fresh. Camp Counselorj, News Record fTyping, News Staffl, Guidon CTapping Chrm.J, Glee Club, Chemis- try Club, Fresh. Leadership Conf., Upperclass Leadership Conf. CA8rS Trib. Del.D. KING, JOHN LOUIS JR.-BA American History, Cincinnati, O. KIRBY, GRANT W.-BA Economics, Cincinnati, O.-Young Dem's, Newman- Club. KLAPPERT, JOHN LOUIS-BA Modern European His- tory, Cincinnati, O.-Pershing Rifles. KLEEMANN, JUDITH ANN-BA Political Science, Cin- cinnati, O.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Young Repulicans, YWCA. KLINE, JOHN ALFRED-BS Geography, Mans- field, O.-Tennis Team fCapt.j, Phi Delta Theta. KLOCKE, MARGARET ANN-BA English, Cincinnati, O.--Theta Phi Alpha. KOENIG, MYRON ROBERT-BA Psychology, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Men's Advisory, Greek Week Comm. KO-EPPEL, CHARLES R.-BA Zoology, Middletown, O.- Lambda Chi Alpha. KOFFLER, HERBERT-BS Zoology, Cincinnati, O.-Men's Advisory, Intramurals. KOIZUMI, GAIL KAZUE-BA History, BS Education, Cincinnati, O. -WAA CPenguinsJ. KOLOZS, PETER-BS Physics, Cin- cinnati, O. KRAUS, VERNON JAY-BS Chemistry, Cincinnati, O.- Union Games Comm., Sigma Alpha Mu CTreas.J, Phi Eta Sigma. KUEHNER, VIRGINIA ANN-BA English, Ft. Thomas, Ky.-WAA CCorr. Sec.j, YWCA CCabinet Vice Pres.J, Alpha Gamma Delta CCorr. Sec.J, Guidon, Home- coming, Greek Week, Jr. Advisor, Mortar Board. KUNZ, ARTHUR ERNEST-BS Zoology, Middletown, O.-Phi Delta Theta, Tennis Team. LANCE, CAROL JEANNE- BA Geology, Cincinnati, O.-YWCA, WAA, Penguins, Westminster, Chi Omega CAss't. Treas., House Mgr.j, Jr. Advisor. LANGE, DAVID WILLIAM-BS Chemistry, Cincinnati, O.-YMCA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LAPIROW, SUSAN- BA Classics, Cincinnati, O.-Ford Foundation Honors Pro- gram. LAPPIN, JOSEPH STEPHENS-BA Psychol-ogy, Cincinnati, O.-Psi Chi, YMCA, Sigma Alpha.Eps1lon. LARKIN, DEHAVEN SALLIE-BA French, Cincinnati, O.-Pi Delta Phi CPres.J, Kappa Kappa Gamma CMarshal, Vice Pres.J, YWCA CAll Mem. Chrm.j, AWS CJr. Advisor Rep.J, Jr. Advisor CExec. Bd.J, Greek Week CDance Comm.J, Kampus King CDance Comm.J, Fresh. Proy. WAA. LAWRENCE, JAMES CARTER-BA Classics, Cincinnati 0,-Mummefs qPub. Mgr.J. LEE, DAVID ALAN-BA Political Science, Cincinnati, O. LEWIS, BEVERLY JEAN ..BA American History, BS Education, Cincinnati O, LIPPERT, RICHARD HENRY-BA History, Cincinnati O,-Sigma Phi Epsilon CSec., Social Chrm., Pledge Bdj, REW, Jr. Prom, Young Republicans, YMCA, Intramurals? LOUEY, JULIAN P. H.-BS Chemistry, Cincinnati, O.- YMCA, International Club. LUTTERBEI, KATHE LOU- ISE-BS Zoology, Cincinnati, O.-WAA CSocial Chrm.J, Zeta Tau Alpha CStandards Chrm.J, Jr. Advisor, Caducea fTreas.J. MANDELI., STANLEY-BS Mathematics, Cin- cinnati, O. MARTIN, RONALD CHARLES-BS Physics, Newport, Ky.-Ford Foundation Honors Program. MARX, DAVID K. JR.-BA Economics, West Orange, N. J.-Pi Lambda Phi CTreas., House Mgr., Social Chrm., Greek Week Chrm.J, MATTHIS, ROBERT LEE-BA Phi- losophy, Cincinnati, O. MAZIN, HELAINE-BA French, Louisville, Ky.-Alliance Francaise, Hillel, Sigma Delta Tau, International Club. MCCAULEY, JULIA BAUER- BS Medical Technology, Cincinnati, O. MCKENZIE, ROGER LEE-BA History, Williamsburg, O. -YMCA, Young Republicans, Scabbard and Blade CCapt.J. MENDE, ERICH FRITZ-BA Economics, Cincinnati, O.- Alpha Sigma Phi CRec. Sec., Intramural Mgr., Soc. Chrm.J, News Record CPhotographerJ. MEYER, PAUL STEWART -BA English, Cincinnati, O.1Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scab- bard and Blade. MEYER, WINIFRED JANE-BS Chemis- try. Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Chi Omega CAss't. Treas., Chap.J, YWCA, WAA, Homecoming Comm., Kampus King Comm., Chemistry Club, Jr. Advisor, MILLER, KENT S.-BS Chemistry, Reading O.-Pershing Rides, Scabbard and Blade CFirst Sgt.D. MINSON, MI- CHAEL E.-BA Sociology, Anthropology, Cincinnati, O. MONIS, BETSY SUE--BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O. MOORE, CHARLES HOBART-BA PsycholOgY, Cincin- nati, O.-Beta Theta Pi. MORRISON, JOHN AINSLIE-BA Economics, Cincinnati, O.-Beta Theta Pi, Cincinnatian, Greek Week Comm., Bridge Club, Canterbury, Ford Foundation Honors Pro- gram. MOSKOWITZ, JOEL S.-BA Economics, Cincinnati, O.4igrna Alpha Mu, News Record CSports Ed.J. MUHLE- MAN, ALBERT FREDERICK JR.-BS Chemistry, Girard, O.-Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Caducea, Canter- bury, Alpha Kappa Kappa. NIEMILLER, JEAN ELIZA- EETH-BA Philosophy, Cincinnati, O.-Modern Dance lub. NORTH, MYRNA LYNN-BS Chemistry, Cincinnati, -Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Iota Sigma P1, Chemistry Club, YWCA fSoph. Council, Exec. Comm., Cabinetj. O'CONNELL, JEROME MICHAEL-BA Psy- chology, Cincinnati, O. PIES, GARY GEORGE-BA Psy- chology, Cheviot, O.-Cincinnatus, Pi Kappa Alpha CAC- tivities Chrm.J, Psi Chi, Greek Week Feast Co-Chrm., YMCA CSec.J, IFC, Men's Advisory, REW CPub., C0- Chrm.J. POTASH, STEPHENS J.-BA Political Science, Swampscott, Mass.-Pi Lambda Phi CHouse Mgr.J, Wash- ington Semester Prog., Intramurals. PRATHER, ROBERT C.-BA Economics, Cincinnati, O.- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Men's Advisory, Intramurals. PROULX, MARIE ANTOINETTE-BA Psychology, Cin- cinnati, O.-Psi Chi. PURCELL, ROBERT DENNIS-BA Personnel Pre-Industrial Relations, Cincinnati, O.-YMCA. RACK, JOSEPH VINCENT-BS Bacteriology, Cincinnati, O.-ROTC. El a- if -0 ". '." ARTS 8a SCIENCES GRADUATES RAHE, J EANNETTE CATHERINE-BS Bacteriology, Cin- cinnati, O.-Kappa Delta CPres., Sec., Scholarship Chrm.j, Jr. Panhell., Sr. Panhell. CRush Chrm., Scholarship Chrm.J, Alpha Lambda Delta, Guidon CPres., Capt.J, Mortar Board CPledge Tr.J, Cincinnatus CVice Pres.J, WAA CLeg. Bd., Softball Mgr.J, Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Vollyball, Soft- ball, Tennis, Badminton, YWCA CCabinetJ, AWS, Co- Chrm, of Greek Games, REW, Union Silver Anniv. Comm., Phi Omega fPres.J, Kampus King CProgram Chrm.J, Ivy Chain. READE, ROSALIND AUDREY-BA Foreign Af- fairs. Cincinnati, O.-WAA, YWCA, Union Comm. REICH, SUSAN DORIT-BA English, BS Education, Cin- cinnati, O.-Hillel CSocial Action Chrm.J, Sigma Delta Tau CRec. Sec.J, Jr. Advisor, News Record. RINEHART, JAY KENT-BE Chemistry, Cincinnati, O.-Chemical Soc. CStud. Aifiliates Pres.J. ROGERS, CHESTER BENJAMIN-BA Foreign Affairs, Cincinnati, O.-Social Sciences Club fVice Pres.J, Union Rec. Comm. CAss't Game Room Chrm.J, Chess Club CTreas., Adviserl, Ford Foundation Honors prog. ROSEN, BARRY STEWART-BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Mu CChap., Rush Comm., Pub. Relations Comm., Chrm.J, Union Music Comm., Yavneh CVice Pres.J, So- ciology Club CVice Pres., Prog. Chrm.J. ROSENBERG, ALAN LEE-BS Zoology, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Sigma, Metro, Ulex, Cincinnatus, Sophos. CPres.J, Student Council, A8zS Trib., Freshman and Varsity Tennis, Sigma Alpha Mu CPres., Social Comm., Campus Activities, Elections Comm.J, Union Program Council CTreas., Pub. Coordinatorj, Union Board fPres., House, Budget, Elections Comm.J, IFC, Men's Advisory, Block C, Chrm., Greek Week Goddess Comm., Caducea. ROSENSWEIG, MARJORIE GURAN- BA French, Cincinnati, O.-Pi Delta Phi. RUBIN, WALTER IRVING-BA Economics, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Mu. RYAN, AILEEN ELIZABETH- BA English, Cincinnati, O. SANTORA, PHILIP J. JR.- BS Zoology, Newark, N. J.-Theta Chi CPledge Class Pres., Pledge Tr., Mem. at Large, First Vice Pres.J, Cin- cinnatus, Sigma Sigma, YMCA Cabinet, REW Chrm., Cad- euca, Greek Week fGoddess, Skit Chrm.D, IFC Smoker Chrm., Alpha Gamma Delta Man, Kampus King Court, Men's Advisory CA8zS Chrm.D, Fresh. Proj., Track, Fencing Team CCapt.D. SCHANBACHER, KAY-BA History, Cin- cinnati, O. SCHMERR, CAROLYN ANN- BA Zoology, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Alpha Theta CDeputy Corr. Sec., 2nd Vice Pres., Chap.J, Jr. Advisor, Chrm. Fresh. Proj., Bearkittens, YWCA. SCHMIDT, LEEANNE B.-BS Medical Technolo- gy, Ft. Thomas, Ky.-Zeta Tau Alpha. SCHULZE, NAN- CY-BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O. SCHULZE, SUSAN J. -BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O.-Westminster CSec.j. SCHUMANN, JANE LOUISE-BA Psychology, Cincin- nati, O.-Zeta Tau Alpha fRec. Sec.J, U.C. Telephone Directory Editor, Jr. Advisor, Greek Week Comm., Bd. of Publications, Psi Chi, Senior Class Advisory Bd. SEITER, DOROTHY MARIE-BS Bacteriology, Cincinnati, O.- Theta Phi Alpha. SELTZ, NANCY STRIKMAN-BA Clas- sics, BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Seakers, Bureau, Kappa Delta Pi. SHANKS, CARROLL RUDOLPH-BA Chemis- try, Kenton, O.-Pi Kappa Alpha. SHORR, HOWARD LOUIS-BA Psychology, Cincinnati, O.-Pi Lambda Phi CVice Pres., Steward, Marshall, House Mgr.J. SIPPEL, DONALD VERNON-BA Medieval His- tory, Cincinnati, O.-Phi Alpha Theta. SMITH, ESTELLE R.-BS Bacteriology, Cincinnati, O.-YWCA, Union Bowl- ing League. SOMERSTEIN, MICHAEL L.-BA Zoology, Trenton, N. J.-Pi Lambda Phi CPledge Tr.J, Caducea, Young Dem's. SONTAG, SUSAN ANN-BA Modern European History, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Phi Alpha fPub., Hist., Rush Aidl, Cincinnatian, News Record, Union Social Comm., Fresh. Mixer Co-Chrm., Homecoming Float Comm., Mummers fGreek Coordinatorj, WAA, Best Dressed Girl. SPRIT- ZER, RONALD IRWIN-BA Biology, Cincinnati, O.-P1 Lambda Phi CPledge Tr.J. STANLEY, ROGER B.-BA English, Fredonia, N. Y.-Alpha Sigma Phi CRush Chrrn., Assoc. Ed.J, News Record CAss't. Sports Ed.D, Union Bowling League. STAUBITZ, DAVID HARRY-BA Span- ish, Cincinnati, O.-International Club. STENGER, MARY MARGARET-BA Spanish, Cincin- nati, O. STERCHI, JOHN MICHAEL-BA Psychology, Cincinnati, O.-Baptist Student Union CVice Pres.J, Scab- bard and Blade, Caducea, YMCA. STOCKER, ROSS RUS- SELL--BA English, Cincinnati, O. STONER, O. WAYNE -BA Pre--Personnel 8: Industrial Relations, Cincinnati, O. STRASSER, MICHAEL PAUL-BA Psychology Cincin- mi, O.-Beta Theta Pi CPledge Tr., Co-rush chimp Psi Chi, Union Dance Comm. STRAWBRIDGE, WILLIAM JOSEPH-BA Sociology, Cincinnati, O.-Delta Tau Delta fRec. Sec., Activities Chrm., Pub. Chrm., Co-rush Chrm.J News Record CCopy and News Ed.3, Cincinnatian fCopy Ed.J, Profile, Sophos, Pi Delta Epsilon, Canterbury Soci- ology Club, Homecoming CTicket Comm.J, Men's Adyisory Omicron Delta Kappa, YMCA. SUESS, JAMES HER: BERT-BS Zoology, Cincinnati, O. SWENFURTH JOHN RICHARD-BA Sociology, cincinnati, 0. ' TALLENTIRE, THOMAS L.-BA Political Science, Cin- cinnati, O. TANSEY, JOHN TERRY-BA Political Science Pittsburgh, Pa.-Delta Tau Delta CCorr. Sec., Social Chrmf YMCA CVice Pres.J, Homecoming Comm. TAYLOR, LILLIAN M.-BA Philosophy, Hamilton, O. TELLER: JAMES TOBIAS-BS Geology, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Phi Epsilon CRush Chrm., Activities Chrm.J, YMCA QPres., Treas.D, WUS, Metro, Men's Advisory, Jr. and Sr. Advisory, Homecoming CDance Chrm.J, Jr. Prom Dance Chrm., Sigma Gamma Epsilon. THORNELL, PATRICIA J OAN-BS Medical Technology, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Mummers, Assoc. of Med. Technologists. TIDD, MICHAEL ALLEN -BA Pre-Personnel and Industrial Relations-Sigma Alpha Mu. TOWER III, FRED EVERETTE-BA Political Science, Cincinnati, O.-TUERTSCHER, JO ANN-BS Mathemat- ics, Cincinnati, O.-Zeta Tau Alpha CTreas.J, Kappa Delta Pi, WAA fHockey and Golf Mgr.J. VAUGHAN, CHARLES DUFFEY-BA Economics, Hills- boro, O.-Theta Chi CRush Chrm.J, Canterbury, YMCA, Greek Week Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., News Record. VAWTER, MARVIN L.-BA English and Theatre Arts, Cincinnati, O.-Mummers, Lambda Chi Alpha. WAGNER, DAVID CHARLES-BS Zoology, Cincinnati, O.-Caducea, Union Social Comm. WALTERS, GORDON BUTLER JR.-BA French, Norwood, O.-Phi Delta Theta fWarden, Hist.J, Menis Advisory, Co-Art Ed. Co-op Engineer. WARDEN, MARY L.-BA English, BS Education, Cin- cinnati, O.-Alpha Lambda Delta. WEBB, VIRGINIA LEE-BS, BA History, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Chi Omega fPledge Class Rec. Sec.J, Modern Dance Club, YWCA. WEISS, ANDREW E.-BA Zoology, Wyoming, O.-News Record, Caducea, Canterbury, Lambda Chi Alpha CSec. Chap., House Mgr., Steward, Corr. Sec., Intramural Mgr.J. WEISS, HERBERT BEN- BA Political Science, Cincin- nati, O.-Sigma Alpha Mu CVice Pres., Pledge Tr., Intra- mural Chrm.J. WIGGINS, VERNON R.-BA Political Science, Norwood, O.-Young Dem. Exec. Bd. WILEY, RONALD EDWARD -BA Pre-Personnel and Industrial Relations, Milford, .O. WILLIAMS, THOMAS WESLEY JR.-BA English, Cm- cinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Trib. WILLIAMS, SHA- ROIEIDITAYE-BA, BS History, Ashland, Ky.-Alpha Gam- ma e ta. WOLF, EDWARD ALLEN-BA Psychology, Deer Park, O.-Football, Baseball fCapt.J, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sig- ma Sigma. WOLK, IAN LEONARD-BA English, Pitts- burg,Pa.-Phi Eta Sigma, Hillel, Hebrew Union College, CChoirJ. YALES, CARY DAVID-BA English, Jackson- ville, Fla.1Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel. YORK, ROBERT W.-BS Physics, Cincinnati, O.-Am. Institute of Physics. YOUKILIS, SANDRA ELLEN-BS Medical Technology, Cincinnati, O.-Kampus King Comm., Sigma Delta Tau fPres.J, Panhell. ZIMA, JOSEPH PAUL-BA Economics, Lorain, O.-Mummers, Varsity Football. ZIMMERMAN, RUTH-BA Zoology, Cincinnati, O. ZOLLER, NORMAN E--BA Political Science, Cincinnati, O.-Pershing Rliiles, AROTC Rifle Team, Telephone Directory. Student teacher, Janet Kirnery, helps students at Woodward High School form typing skills in her business machines course. V- Govd Robert Price, Assistant Dean IE OF EDUCATION AND HOME ECO 0lVlICl 1 of Education has steadily progressed from ginnings in l905. Students in the college :fit especially from a dual program of an and practical nature. A sound general edu- supplemented by student observation and Jn in the public schools of greater Cincin- Jrdinary classroom situations prospective ace problems that they must solve in the av to teach a song, how to handle the unruly 1 to motivate a class. Indicative of TCS recent progress is the provision for such specialized programs as teaching the slow learning child and Speech and Hearing Therapy. The School of Home Economics also emphasizes laboratory practice along with basic academic preparation. In keeping with this goal, the college strives to maintain close relations with business and industry. To gain practical experi- ence the students Work in local retail stores, plan and prepare meals, design and tailor clothes, and even operate a nursery school. ,. 41 Regina Leimenstoll demonstrates proper rise of the blender to seniors in the Home Economzcs School. Emma B. Whiteford, DireCf0f', School of Home Economzcs An integral part of the home economics studenfs freshman year is learning to design decorations and patterns for home use. EDUCATION AND HOME ECONOMICS GRADUATES cation, Cincinnati, O. Arete CSec.D. ABBOTT, SONDRA SUE-BS Physical and Health Edu- ADLER, MARJORIE LOUISE-BS Educ ' ' ' nati, O.-WAA, Varsity Basketball, Bowliligonangugbllf fMgr.J, Arete CScholarship Chrm., Pres.J Alpha Delta pi mcuvities Chrm., Parlia.J. ALBANEsE,'ANNE-LOUISE -BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Phi Alpha WAA CActiv1ty Chrm.J, Homecoming Comm., Jr. Prom, Court BARTEL, CAROL FIALCO-BS Education Cincinnati' O.-HEC Club. BENJAMIN, HELEN DEBRA BS Ed 3 cation, Cincinnati, O.-K-P Club, Union Hosp. Cbmm. U BETTINGER, RONALD GENE-BS Education Cincin- nati, O.-Scabbard and Blade CTreas.J. BLACKBURN .TUDITH ANN-BA English, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Alpha Theta CSocial Chrm., Rush Aidej, S-E Club CRec, Sec, Vice Pres.J, YWCA, Greek Week fPub. Comm.D, Speakers? Bureau. BLASICK, FRANCIS THOMAS-BS Business Education, Shamokin, Penn.-Football. BOWMAN PA- TRICIA KAY-BS Business Education, Cincinnati,, O.- Trianon CCorr. Sec., Treas., Vice Pres.D, Business Ed Club. BROCK, JUDY MARGARET-BS Education, Cincinnati O.-Delta Delta Delta CRush Chrm., Pres.J, Cincinnatusf BUCHANAN, SUSAN M.-BS Education, Indianapolis, Ind.-Alpha Chi Omega CWarden, Float Chrm.J, Union Variety Comm. BUNTE, CONNIE M.-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Delta Pi, Wesley, K-P Club. BUSCH, BONNIE JANE-BS Home Economics, Miamiville, O.- HEC Club. BUSH, MURIEL A.-BS Home Economics, Cincinnati, O. -Alpha Delta Pi, Fresh. Proj., YWCA, HEC Club, WAA. BYERS, KENNETH VERNON-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Chi, Ulex, Varsity Football. BYRD, ELIZA- BETH GAIL-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. CASS, GEORGEANN WILDA-BS Home Economics Education, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Delta Tau CCorr. Sec., Vice Pres.J, Glee Club CAss't. Public Ngr., Vice Pres.J, University Singers, Hillel CHouse Chrmj, Kappa Delta Pi. CASSINI, DEANNE RAY-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. -Theta Phi Alpha CCorr. Sec., Scholarship Chrm.J, Pen- guin, Kappa Delta Pi, Sailing Club CRear Comm.J, REW Comm., Union Dance Comm., Rec. Comm., Homecoming Comm. BLADOWSKI, PAULA CASTELLUCCI-BS Phys- ical Education, Staten Island, N. Y.-Arete, Mem. Dorm Social Chrm., WAA, Student Directory. CHESHIRE, JEANNE LOUISE-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Zeta Tau Alpha. CHIODI, ANDY-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. CLEMONS, GLORIA-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. CLORE, EVELYN JEAN-BS Education, Southern Hills, Ky.-Zeta Tau Alpha CPledge Pres., Rush Chrm.J, Jr. Panhell. CProgram Comm.J, HEC Club. COHEN, DOLO- RES M.-BS Education, Child Development, Cincinnati, O.-Child Devel. Club, K-P Club. CONATSER, KEN- NETH DILLARD-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Football, Sigma Sigma. CURRENS, WENDY I.-BS Education, Child Develop- ment, Cincinnati, O.-Chi Omega, Child Dev. Club fSec.- Treas.J. DANFORTH, SUSAN POSEY-BS Physical Edu- cation, Cincinnati, O.-Ir. Advisor, Kappa Alpha Theta CActivities Chrm., Alumnae Relation Comm. Chrm., YICC Pres., Pledge Tr.J, Arete, Homecoming Comm., Penguins, Modern Dance Club CTreas.J, Bearkittens, Cheerleader, Angel Flight. DEITERS, NANCY RUTH-BS Health Education, Cincinnati, O. DETMERING, MARCIA SUE- BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-YWCA, K-P' Club, Home- coming Comm., Union Summer Bd., Ivy Chain, I r. Advisor, Kappa Alpha Theta CI-list., Rec. Sec.J, Greek Week CFeast Co-Chrm., Gen. Co-Chrm.J. DIERKING, FREDRICK HENRY-Bs Physw-H1 EGHCHUOHQ Valley Stream, N. Y.-Varsity Basketball, Phi Epsilon Kappa. DIXON, ANN LOUISE-BS Education, CIHCIU' nati O.-K- Club Zeta Tau Al ha CHOUSG MST-I , P , ,P , , . DRAKE JULIA ANN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.- YWCA,,K-P Club, Kampus King Comm. IDIROHAN, JODY-BS Physical and Health Education, Cincinnati, O. -Delta Delta Delta, Bearkitten, Arete, Jr. AdV1S0f- ELLIOTT, PATRICIA ANN-BS Education, Madeira, O. -Delta Delta Delta CHouse Pres., Honor Pledge, Panhell.J, Social Bd. CPres.J, Bearkittens, House Pres. Council, Cin- cinnatus, Greek Week CDance Chrm.D, Panhell., Ivy Chain, Kappa Delta Pi, Jr. Class Advisory Bd., Sr. Class Advisory Bd. ENGELHART, RUTH E.-BS Education, Kettering, O.-Alpha Delta Pi CPledge Pres., Ass't. Treas., House Pres., Rec. Sec.J, Jr. Panhell., S-E Club, WAA, YWCA, Greek Week Ticket Chrm., House Pres. Council. FAR- RELL, THOMAS HARRY-BS Physical Education, Bethel, O.-Football, Baseball, Phi Epsilon Kappa CSec.J. FAUL, BILL-BS Physical Education, Pleasant Plain, O.-Baseball CCapt.J, Phi Epsilon Kappa. FELLER, HARRIET ANN-BS Dietetics, Nutrition, Cin- cinnati, O.-Kappa Delta CCorr. Sec., Panhell., Ass't. House Mgr.J, Jr. Panhel., WAA, Intramurals, HEC Club, Jr. Ad- visor CProg. Comm.J, Young Dems. FLEMMING, PAUL JOSEPH-BS Physical Education, Cincinnati, O.-Wres- tling, Baseball, Phi Delta Theta, Education Trib., Student Council, Ulex, Men's Advisory, Phi Epsilon Kappa. FLINCHPAUGH, OTIS B. JR.-BS Education, Cincin- nati, O. FOSTER, VIRGINIA ANN-BS Home Economics Education, Cincinnati, O.-Bearkittens, Home Ec. Trib. CVice Pres., Sec.J, Jr. Advisor, Student Council, AWS, Panhell. CVice Pres.j, Bd. Of Pub. CSec.D, Ivy Chain, Kappa Delta Pi, Cincinnatian, Alpha Delta Pi CPres.J, HEC Club. ' GERSTNER, JANICE M.-BS Business Education, Cincin- nati, O.-Delta Zeta, Newman Club, Co-Op Club, Cincin- natian, Jr. Prom Comm., Bus. Ed. Club. GREEN, MAR- GARET ANN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Chi Omega, Jr. Advisor, WAA, Chrm. Fresh. Proj. GREEN, NANCY JOAN-BS Education, Norwood, O.-S-E Club fHosp. Chrm., Orientation Chrm.D. GRIFFIN, HARRELL EU- GENE-BS Education, Lockland, O. GROOSE, MARIAN CAROL-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Chi Omega, WAA, K-P Club. GUDGEON, CAROLE ELIZABETH-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Kap- pa Gamma, Sr. Class Council, Speakers' Bureau, WAA CRec. Sec.J, Greek Week Co-Chrm. GWINNUTT, LEE ANN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Union fSocial Co- ordinator, Bd., Vice Pres., Program Council Chrm.J, YWCA CAll-Mem. Comm.J, Jr. Advisor, News Record, S-E Club, Homecoming Comm. I-IARDING, EDNA JAC- QUELINE-BS Physical and Health Education, Cincinnati, O.-Arete, WAA. HECKER, JOYCE ANN- BS Education, Cincinnati, O.- Alpha Gamma Delta CChap.J, Kappa Delta Pi, Jr. Advisor, Greek Week Comm. HEIL, MARILYN A.-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Bearkittens, Cheerleader, Jr. Advisor, Cin- cinnatus CSec.J, Kappa Kappa Gamma CRush Chrm.J, Homecoming Queen Court, Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. HENNJES, BETTY CAROL-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Alpha Theta CAss't. Pledge Tr., Corr. Sec.J, Bearkittens, UC Telephone Directory, K-P Club, TC Trib., Jr. Advisor, Ivy Chain. HEPP, PENELOPE-BS Educa- tion, Norwood, O.-Kappa Alpha Theta CActivities Chrm.J, AWS, WAA, Dorm Council CActivities Chrm.J. HERBERT, PAUL DAVID- BS Education, Rossmoyne, O. HERBERT, ROSEMARY ANN-BS Education, Cin- cinnati, O.-Alpha Delta Pi, K-P Club, Newnan Club. HESS, BARRY KENT-BS Education, St. Clairsville, O.- Football, Mummers. HITE, NANCY SUE-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-K-P Club. HOCK, JUDITH MARIE-BS Home Economics, New A1- bany, Ind.-HEC Club, AWS Rep. HOFFELD, CAROL LUISE-BS Education, Birmingham, Mich.-Guldon, Cheerleader CSec.J, Jr. Advisor CSec.-Treasj, K-P Club, Penguins, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Kappa Gamma CCorr. Sec.J, TC Trib., Ivy Chain. HOSEY, ANN JULIAN- BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-K-P Club. HUBER, JAMES CARL-BS Health Education, Cincinnati, O.- TC Trib. CExec. Comm., Treas., Pub. Chrm.J, S-E Club CVice Pres.J, Phi Epsilon Kappa CHist., Treas.J. HUTCHINSON, MARGARET ANN-BS Physical Educa- tion, Middletown, O.-WAA, Arete CSocial Chrm.J, Dance Club, Dorm Cabinet fStandards Chrm., Judiciary Chrm.J. INMAN, JAMES-BS Business Education, Cincinnati, O.- Business Club CPres.D. ITIN, JULIE ANN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Alpha Theta CAss't. House Pres., Social Chrm.J, Greek Week Comm., Homecoming Comm., Fresh. Mixer Comm., YWCA. JOHNSON, NANCY JOAN -BS Education, Los Angeles, Cal.-Lutheran Foundation CPres.J, YWCA QCabinetJ, Delta Phi Alpha, S-E Club. KEHAN, DORIS-BS Education, Cincinnati - Delta Pi, Child Dev. Club tTreas.D, Cincinnzgianlalllilillial Club. KIMERY, JANET-BS Business Education, Cincin- nati, O.-Penguins, Glee Club fBus. Mgr., Pres. Soloistj University Singers, OBTA, Business Ed. Club CSec.J Mum: mars. KIRBY, ANN PATRICIA-BS Food and Nfxtrition Terrace Park, O.-Alpha Lambda Delta, HEC Club qvicg Pres., Pres., Hist.D, Omicron Nu CPres.D. KNOX AR- NOLD-Bs Education, cincinnati, o. ' KRUSE, JUDITH ELAINE-BS Education, Cincinnati O. -Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, K-P Club. KRUSE, SHIRLEY ANN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Chi Omega CPledge Tr., Vice Pres.. of Pledge Classl, Student Council fRec. Sec.Q, TC Trib. QCorr. Sec.J, YWCA CSoph. Council, Cabmetj, Jr. Advisor, WAA CSocial Chrm.J. LAFOR- TUNE, LURA KATHARYN-BS Education, Cincinnati O. -K-P Club. LASONCZYK, MARY GAEFE-BS Educa- tion, Cincinnati, O.-Glee Club, K-P Club, YWCA, LEATH, ELENETTE ROSE-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. -Trianon CPres., Treas., Hist.J, K-P Club tTreas.J. LEI- MENSTOLL, REGINA M.-BS Home Economics Edu- cation, Cincinnati, O.-Home Ec. Trib. CPub. Rel., Pres.J, HEC Club CTreas., Conf. Chrm.J, Kappa Delta Pi CVice Pres., Pres.D, AWS CLegislative Chrm.J, Kampus King Dance Comm., Voting Comm., Ticket Chrm., Homecoming Queen Comm., Co-Chrm., Cincinnatus, Food Service Comm. CSec.J, Jr. Advisor, Ivy Chain, YWCA CSoph. Conf.J. LEWIS, SANDRA JEAN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.- Canterbury, K-P Club. LOEBKER, RONALD HENRY- BS Education, Madeira, O.-TC Trib., Phi Epsilon Kappa. LUND, BEVERLY ANN-BS Business Education, Cin- cinnati, O.-Alpha Gamma Delta CTreas., Rush Chrm., Song Leaderj, Cincinnatian CTyping Ed.J, Business Ed. Club, Greek Week Dance Comm., Co-Rec. Volleyball. MADDUX, KATHLEEN MARY-BS, BE Home Econ- nomics, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Phi Alpha CChap., Cultural Chrm.j, Union Comm., WAA, HEC Club, Penguins, Mum- mers, Newman Club, Homecoming Comm., Home Ec. Trib., UCCEP Bd. MARSH, EUGENIA MARILYNN-BS Edu- cation, Covington, Ky.-S-E Club, YWCA. MCCOY, SAL- LY-BS Food and Nutrition, Burgettstown, Pa.-Student Council, Home Ec. Trib., Mem. Res. Hall Cabinet CPres.D, Jud., Mortar Board CPres.J, Omicron Nu, AWS, Res. Hall Comm. Chrm. MCFARLIN, DOROTHY MARGARET-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Chi Omega CHouse Pres.J, YWCA, House Pres. Council Uud. Chrm.J. MCGOWAN, MARGO MARIE-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Kappa Gamma CFloat and Rush Chrms.J, Bearkittens, Jr. Advisor, Ir. Panhell. CPres.J, Spirit Banquet Co-Chrm. MCGUIN- NESS, JOAN MARGARET-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. -Kappa Delta CEd. Chrm., Ways and .Means Comm.J, K-P Club CPres., Vice Pres., Sec.J. MECKSTROTH, BETTE JOAN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Fresh. Proj. Ticket Comm., Soph. Proj., YWCA, S-E Club CCorr. Sec.D, Homecoming Queen Comm., Kappa Alpha Theta CHist., House Pres.J, House Pres. Council. MEHMERT, MARSHA KAY-BS Education, Huntington, W. Va.-Alpha Chi Omega fHouse Pres., Social Chrmj, Angel Flight, Kampus King Comm., Homecoming Comm., Mem. Dorm Fresh. Rep. MEISTER, JANET HELEN- BS Education, Cincinnati,,O.-Alpha Delta Pi, S-E Club, YWCA. MEYERS, MARILYN-BS Business Education, Cincinnati, O.-Glee Club, YWCA, S-E Club, Alpha Delta Pi CSongleader, Pledge Chapj, WAA. MILLER, ROBERT D.-BS Education, Vermillion, O. MILLER, SANDRA RUTH-BS Physical Education, Bay Village, O.- Dance Club CVice Pres.J, Arete CPres.J, Chl Omega. MINSON, ESTHER HELEN-BS Education, Cin- cinnati, O.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Tau 12nd Vice Pres., Scholarship Chrm., Cultural Chrm.J, News Record COffice Mgr.J, Kampus King Comm. Chrm., Greek Week Comm., Ivy Chain. MOELLER, DOROTHY ALMA -BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Band CHead Marjorette, Feature Twirler, Council, Recruitment Chrm.J, Bearkitten, Band Camp Comm., Dance Club, K-P Club, Chi Omega CArt Chrm.J, Fresh. Proj. MOONEY, 'LOIS ANITA-BS Education, Deer Park, O.-Christian Science Org. MOORE, JANET ALBERTA-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. -Delta Sigma Theta CRec. Sec.D, S-E Club, YWCA. MOR- GAN, RUTH STAHLMANN-BS Physical and Health Education, Cincinnati, O.-Arete CFresh. Rep. and Jr. Rep., Vice Pres., Treas.J, WAA CArchery Chrm., Hockey and Basketball Varsityj. MUNZ, ROBERT EDWARD-BS Education, Deer Park, O.-Varsity Football, Phi Epsilon Kappa. MUSTER, CAROLINE LOUISE-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Sr. Class Vice Pres., Jr. Class Vice Pres., Mortar Bo-ard CTreas.J, Kappa Delta Pi, Mummers C590-J, Greek Week Co-Chrm., Glee Club, Kappa KHPP9- Gamma CSong Leader, Social Chrm.j, Jr. Advisor, Chrm. of Fresh. Proj., Homecoming Queen, Cincinnatus. ag EDUCATION AND HOME ECONOMICS GRADUATES NEFF, CHARLES ANDERSON-BS Education, Duquesne, Pa.-Beta Theta Pi CPledge Class Pres.D, Football, Student Council, YMCA, Bus. Ed. Club, S-E Club. NEWCOMER, VIRGINIA SUE-BA Special Education, Cincinnati, O.- Baptist Stud. Fellowship, K-P Club, YWCA, Cincy Chris, Fell. CTreas.D, Glee Club, University Singers. OBLAK, FRED JOHN-BS Business Education, Cleveland, O.- Varsity Football, Business Ed. Club. ORCUTT, NANCY MORTON-BS Home Economics, Vandalia, O.--HEC Club, Home Ec. Trib. CTreas.D, Mem. Res. Hall Jud. Council, Jr. Advisor, Ivy Chain. POTTISHALL, VIOLA F.-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. PHELPS, IRENE-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. POL- LACK, LEE C.-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Panhell. Rush Chrm., Sigma Delta Tau CVice Pres., Rec. Sec., Standards Chrm., Chap.J, Hillel, Homecoming Comm., Kampus King Comm., YWCA. POLSTER, GAIL LOUISE -BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-YWCA fSoph. Councilb, News Record, WAA CCo-Rec. Volleyball Mgr., Volleyball Mgr., 2nd Season Sports Headj, AWS, Young Republicans, Chi Omega CPub. Chrm., Ass't. Sec., Float Chrm., Treas.J. POWELL, JACKIE ALEXANDER-BS Education, Cincin- nati, O. PRATHER, MARYSUE-BS Education, Cincin- nati, O.-Chi Omega, Cincinnatus, Jr. Advisor. RANKIN, NANCY JEAN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. REED, JANE E.-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA fSoph. Councill, WAA. REINHARD, ALBERT F .-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.- Magic Club CCO-Founder, Pres.D. REIS, MARY LOU- BS Education, So. Ft. Mitchell, Ky.-Chi Omega CPerson- nel Chrm., Pres.j, YWCA CSoph. Council, Cabinet, Sec.J, SRC CSec., Vice Pres., Orient. Booklet Ed.j, REW CSec.J. RICHTER, ROBERT CHARLES-BE Education, Cincin- nati, O. RINSKY, ELAYNE BEATRICE-BA Education, Cincinnati, O.-K-P Club. RITCHIE, DAVID FREDERICK II-BA Business Educa- tion, Cincinnati, O.-Fresh. Basketball, 'Fresh. Football, Varsity Football. ROBIN, ETTA ADELE-BA Education, Cincinnati, O. ROBINSON, MARY ANN CLARA-BS Education, Hamilton, O. ROCKWOOD, STACY E.- BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Delta Pi, TC Trib., Theta Phi Alpha. ROE, BARBARA L.-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Kappa Gamma CVice Pres.,'House Pres.D, House Pres. Council CPres.J, WAA, Penguins, Jr. Advisor, Block C Club. ROOTS, CAROLE ANN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Kappa Gamma, K-P Club, Bearkittens, Home- coming Comm. RUSSELL, ANNA MAJA-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Penguins, Sailing Club, K-P Club, Student Council CFresh. Rep.J, WAA, YWCA. RUTENSCHROER, GLORIA RAE-BS Home Economics Education, Cincin- nati, O.-Band, YWCA CCab.D, Wesley CPub. Rel. Chrm.J, Alpha Delta Pi fGifts Chrm., Chap., Vice Pres.j, Ivy Chain, K-P Club, Jr. Prom Comm. SANDS, SANDRA LEE-BS Education, Southgate, Ky.- Alpha Chi Omega CStand. Bd., Ass't. Treas., Ass't. Rush Chrm.J, Homecoming Queen Comm., Union Dance Comm., YWCA, Jr. Advisor. SANTANGELO, GLORIA M.-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Theta Phi Alpha CHouse Pres., Rush Chrm., Social Chrm.J, Homecoming Comm., Kampus King Comm., Greek Week Comm., House Pres. Council, Jr. Advisor. SAUER, MARY LOU-BS Education, Cin- cinnati, O.-Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cin- cinnatian, Profile, K-P Club, Sailing Club, SCHEAR, MARILYN MINETTE-BS Education, Cincin- nati, O.-K-P Club. SCHEHRF, MOLLY JO-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.- Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. SCHMIDTER, CAROL BRINKER-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.- Cin- cinnatian, Greek Week Comm., Theta Phi Alpha CPub. Chrm., Hist.J. SCHOMBURG, MARSHA LEE-BS Ed- ucation, Cincinnati, O.-Delta Zeta CPledge Sec., Social Chrm., Panhell. Rep., P1'es.J, Tau Beta Sigma, Band, Bus. Ed Club, Kappa Delta Pi CTreas.D, Jr. Advisor, Kampus King Comm. SCHRIEVER, MARTHA REY-BS Physical Education, Cincinnati, O.-WAA, Dance Club CPub. Chrm., Costume Chrm.J, Penguins CCostume Chrm., Pres.D, Varsity Hockey Team, Volleyball, Softball, Kappa Delta CAs.s't. Rush Chrm.J, Kappa Delta Pi, Jr. Advisors, Kampus King Comm. SCOTT, DAVID L.-BS Education, Covington Ky,-CO- Weds. Club. SENSEL, FLORENCE ANNE-BS Food and Nutrition, Cincinnati, O.-Zeta Tau Alpha, HEC Club Food and Nutrition Club, Jr. Advisor. SHINKLE, J ULIEQ BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Kappa Gamma CP1edge Tr., Rec. Sec.J, AWS CRec. Sec., Stand. Chrm.J Mortar Bd. CVice Pres.l, Jr. Panhell. Advisor, Bearkittens, Homecoming Queen Ct., ROTC Hon. Cadet Colonel Gui- don, Jr. Advisor, TC Trib., Kappa Delta Pi, Cinciifnatug Speakers' Bureau, Kampus King Presentation Chrm. Ivy Chain. SHUFF, CHARLES ALLEN-BS Education, Mt. Vernon, o.-sigma chi, Football. ' SIBERT, SHIRLEY-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-West- minster, S-E Club. SIGNER, BARBARA LEE-BS Home Economics Education, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Delta Tau CCorr. Sec., Parl.J, Hillel CCorr. Sec.J, HEC. SIMKO, RUDOLPH JOHN-BS Physical Education, Duquesne, Pa. -Football. SIX, DAVID CAMERON-BS Physical Edu- cation, Milton, Pa.-Football. SPEER, BARBARA LEE-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.- K-P Club. STACEY, JAMES GILBERT-BS Physical Education, Reading, O.-Phi Epsilon Kappa CSec., Vice Pres.J. STONE, JO LYNNE-BS Business Education, Cin- cinnati, O. STRICKLAND, CAROL MARIAN-BS Edu- cation, Cincinnati, O.-Chi Omega, K-P Club. STRIFLER, BONNIE JOY-BS Business Education, Cin- cinnati, O.-Bus. Ed. Club. THORMAN, WILLIAM-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. TRAUT, CAROL LOUISE- BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Alpha Theta CJr. Panhell. Rep. Panhell. Rep., Rush Capt., Pledge Tr., Pres.J, TC Trib. CVice Pres., Pres.J, Soph. Class Sec., YWCA CWorship Chrm., Chrm. of Noon Group, Chrm. of Mar- riage Seminarsj, Fresh. Camp Chrm., Jr. Advisor, Guidon fSelection Chrm.j, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Leadership Conf. Chrm., Social Bd., Panhell. Bd. Chrm., Hermes Co-Ed., Sr. Class Exec. Comm., WAA CPub. Chrm., Badminton Mgr.D, Union Comm., Homecoming Exec. Comm. CSec., Dance Comm.J, REW CCo-Chrm.J, Kampus King CChrm. of Invitations Comm.J, News Record, S-E Club CSec., Treas.J, Jr. Prom Queen Ct., AWS. TUERCK, BARBARA ANN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.--Kappa Kappa Gamma fMarshallJ, AWS Rep., Jr. Advisor. TURNER, ANN LOUISE-BS Education, Reading, O. ULFERS, GLENDA MARIE-BS Education, Cincinnati, O. UTTER, VIRGINIA E.-BS Home Economics Educa- tion, Cincinnati, O.-HEC Club, YWCA CMem. Comm.J, Alpha Delta Pi CAss't. Social Chrm., Ass't. Rush Chrm., Corr. Sec., Stewardl, Panhell. Sing Chrm. VENNEMEY- ER, JEANNE ANN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-K-P Club, Theta Phi Alpha, Sailing Club. VON HOENE, RICHARD A.-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Mummers Guild CVice Pres., Pres.J, Magic Club CTreas.J, S-E Club, Menis Advisory. VON NATTING- HAM, NANCY RUTH-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.- K-P Club, WAA. WAGNER, THOMAS EDWARD-BA Education, Cincinnati, O.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon CAss,t. Social Chrm.l, Phi Epsilon Kappa. WARE, BRUCE CARL- TON-BS Physical Education, Cincinnati, O.-Fresh. Track, Varsity Wrestling, Alpha Phi Omega CSec.-Treas.J, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Delta Tau Delta, TC Trib. WARTHEN, B-RENDA KAY-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-YWCA CCab., Pub. Affairs Chrm., Lenten Booklet Chrm., Fresh. Camp Comm. Chrm. and Counselorj, Alpha Delta Pi CReporter Hist., Pledge Tr.D, Jr. Advisor, Ivy Chain, K-P Club CSec., Profile Chrm.l, Wesley, Greek Week Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Kampus King Comm. Chrm., Homecoming Queen Comm., Jr. Class Exec. Council, Sr. Class Exec. Council, News Record CAd Layout Mgnl. WEISE, JOANN ELIZABETH-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Trianon fSec., Vice Pres., Pres.J, K-P Club CSpec1al Events Chrm., Sec., Treas.J. WERNER, MARILYN L.- BS Home Economics, Versailles, Ind.-HEC Club CTISQS-I WILLIAMS, MARY MARGARET-BS Education, Spring- dale, O. WILSON, PATRICIA ANN-BS Education, Cincinnati, O, -S-E Club, Jr. Advisor, Union Silver Anniversary Comm., TC Trib., Delta Zeta fPres., Pledge TLD, Ivy Cham, Pan- hell. CSec., Treas., Pres.J, Kampus K1Hg.C0mm. WORK, SUSAN EVANS-BS Education, Memphis, Tenn.-Mum- mers, Soph. Proj. WYATT, SHIRLEY BILLINGS-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Delta Sigma Theta CPres.J, YWCA CCouncill, News Record. ZIMMERMAN, EMMA CLAIRE-BS Education, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Delta P1, K-P Club. , .gg ...J Seniors Glenys Abbott, Myrna Moore, and Sue Moodler consult Dean Rosnagle on opportunities after graduation. COLLEGE 0E NURSING AND HEALTH Since the establishment of the College of Nursing and Health in 1889 as the Cincinnati Training School for Nurses, there has been steady improvement in keeping pace with medical and scientihc progress. Its facilities, available through the University and through Cincin- nati's General Hospital, are among the finest in the nation. Clinical experience constitutes the greatest part of a nurse's program, whether seeking a four-year diploma or Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. Although housed in Logan Hall nearly a mile from campus proper, the students participate in all University func- tions and activities. The college is now distinguished as one of the few nursing schools in the country operat- ing as an autonomous college within a university. This arrangement not only makes the nurse a real part of campus life, but also provides her with an integrated program of general and professional education, includ- ing experience with the Cincinnati Health Department. Mable Darrington, Assistant Dean Clara Gilchrist, Head, Dept. of Graduate Nursing Dean Laura Rosnagle The importance of a well-balanced meal is pointed out to Emily Schmidt by Mrs. Rena Gazaway, Head, Public Health Nursing, and student nurse, Jan Stickney. fo Louise Dingwerth, Nursing Fundamentals Head, trains student nurses in the examination of hospital patients. K!! , fzif ."- if .11 Mrs. Ruth Woods, Head, Maternal and Child Health Dept, looks on as student nurse Jerri Baker instructs a yo mother in the feeding of her baby. ung , Q . I . 1 t WC , 1 e 7 .,, ,,-..1.. up-rr .. Awww -e T, I-,,,f,,.,...,. , 05. W Y I' it -' N- Ml 2. t . i. ff. of 1.,, f 1 -,ff -1 1. ft get f uf. -2 -1'-f ef---v H, 'v .L .1 .. ' '- - , ' f .'g.--'npr-.'.-,,2-gaf"' - , .9 533 ,, guise r-ni -., :y- hq,A . , g,,g,3- j.-rf? ,. ,544 I ' 1 f I 4, --.Aftfk 1' 3 1 3, W jf ,gferg V. - - wat? 1:35-5 ' 1 . 5 ' it . xg? - 1, 5 . -4. at . J , .X - sa ' V- - , 'Ai 2" f , . 1 e ft ,f w,ti:1, ,-:Q-eij gz "Hz X u Wi, Xml! .- , . .7 Z ,,, ,J,h,f r r 1 '15 1 2 f' . It ff . fa., , H VA., , 1 I if- f V A . tg vm-.1 ' 'I' . , ,I " .,.,Qf'. ,, Q .t 1 - V f. ' mm AQ " f" U ' ' I 'f' "lift . I ,W A ,e ' f 4 f I W .. Lf, .l ,a f- fi: 5 ., ,V ll' . 1' f eva- J W ,, ' 1 f ' l ' dd! f ,ff 'Wf W 4' xp W r fs 1 f - W fa. f V 63' yi' X i , 'ea 1 ft f fa, a K5 I :1 ' NN S: X 'ef e- - Mrs. Ruth Bunyan, Medical-Surgical Dept. Head, Watches Diane Ingle draw medicine into a syringe. Pat Wahl, Psychiatric Head, and a student interview patients NURSING AND HEALTH GRADUATES ABBOTT, GLENYS JEAN-BS Nursing, Akron, O.-Kap- pa Delta CPledge Pres., Hist., Asst. Pledge Tr., Vice-Pres., Pledge Tr., Song-leaderj, AWS CCorr. Sec., Treas., Pres.J, Jr. Panhell, YWCA, LHA fTreas., Jud. Chrm.J, Cincinna- tus, Jr. Advisors CChrm. of J. A. Breakfastj, Jr, Class Sec., Greek Week Seminars Comm. CChrm.J, Young Americans for Freedom CFounder and Co-Chrm.J. BACON, KATHE- RINE ANNE-BS Nursing, Short Hills, N. J. BECKER, GERRY LOUISE-BS Nursing, Steubenville, O. -SNO CVice Pres., Pres.J, SNO fProgram Chrm.J, LHA fVice Pres.J, AWS, Jr. Advisor, N8zH Class Pres., N8zH Trib. BEVER, JULIA ANNE-BS Nursing, Newbury- port, Mass.-Band CAss't. Lib., Lib., Band Council, Band Camp Comm. Vice Chrm.J, Tau Beta Sigma, Baptist Stud. Fell. CSec.-Treas.J, Cincy Christian Fell., REW CPub. Comm.J, UCSNO, N8zH Trib., Ivy Chain, Alpha Alpha Pi CPres.J, LHA CNom. and Elec. Comm., Soc. Comm., House Comm.J. BLACK, MARY CAROLYN-BS Nursing, Iron Mountain, Mich.-Band fMgr., Admin., Comm. Chrm., Band Councilj, Tau Beta Sigma fSec.J, SNO. CLEMONS, BARBARA A.-BS Nursing, Cincinnati, O. COOK, PHYLLIS ANN-BS Nursing, Cincinnati, O.--Al- pha Chi Omega CSec.J, Alpha Alpha Pi CSec.J, Honorary Captain Pershing Rifles, Bearkittens, NSLH Trib. DAVIS, SANDRA SUE-BS Nursing, Hamilton, O.-N8LH Trib. CVice Pres., Orient. Comm.j, LHA CVice Pres., Sec.J, Ir. Advisor, Cincinnatus, AWS, Ir. Prom Exec. Comm. Clnvi- tations Chrm.J, YWCA, SNO. ELLISON, MARILYN ANNETTE-BS Nursing, Cincinnati, 0. ENGEL, JUDITH ELIZABETH-BS Nursing, Mt. Vernon, O,-N8tI-I Trib. fSec., Orient. Chrm.J, Zeta Tau Alpha, LHA CSenateJ, Homecoming Float Comm., Ivy Chain, Jr. Class Pres. FEDERBUSH, BARBARA JOYCE-BS Nursing, Cincin- nati, O.-Glee Club, Ir. Class Vice Pres., Honor Bd., Jr. Advisor, Jud. Comm. CRec. Secj, SNO, AWS. FOGLE- SONG, MARILYN ANN-BS Nursing, Mason, W. Va.- Wesley CSun. Eve. Chrm., Prog. Area Chrm.J, Angel Flight fAdmin. Ollicerj, N8zH Trib. Chrm. of Comm. on Religion, Alpha Alpha Pi CTreas.l, Jr. Advisor, Alpha Lambda Delta. GANDEE, NANCY O'HAIR-BS Nursing, Cincinnati, O. -SNO, Wesley, LHA. GEARING, ANN L.-BS Nurs- ing, Cleveland, O.-N8LH Trib., Soph. Council, SNO CPres.J. HILL, BARBARA L.-BS Nursing, Harvey, Ill.-Glee Club, LHA. HUFFMAN, PAULINE-BS Nursing, Cincin- nati, O. JACKSON, SHIRLEY CATHERINE-BS Nursing, Lyndon, Ky. JOHNSTON, MARY ELAINE-BS Nursing, Lebanon, O.-SNASO, N8zH Sr. Class Sec. KANALZ, MARY REBECCA-BS Nursing, Columbus, O. KENNETT, JOYCE STEPHENSON-Bs Nursing, Dayton, O.-Jr, Advisors, Bearkittens. KIRCHER, SUE MARIE- BS Nursing, Cincinnati, O.-Newman, N8zH Trib. KUR- MAN, SALLY-LOU-BS Nursing, Bay Village, O.-NSLH Trib., LHA, SNASO, N8zH Class Vice Pres. LEWIN, DELORIS ROBERTSON-BS Nursing, Cincinnati, O. LOUTZENHEISER, ANN LORRAINE-BS Nursing, Arlington, Va.-N8zH Trib. CTreas., Pres.J, Kappa Delta CSgt.-at-Arms, Parl. Stand. Chrm.J, Soph. Cabinet, Jr. Ad- visory Board, Ivy Chain, SNO, Homecoming Comm. YWCA. MALLARD, LULA J.-BS Nursing, Lexington, N: C.-Ass't. Res. Council fSimrall Hallj, Chrm. Orient. Comm. fLudlow Hallj. MILLER, LUCY HEIM-BS Nurs- ing, Cincinnati, O. MOELLER, BONNIE ANN-BS Nursing, Ames, Iowa- Glee Club, YWCA, NSLH Trib., LHA fHouse Comm. Treas.J, AWS fVice Pres.J, Angel Flight, Co-Ed Fresh. Camp Coun., SNO, Jr. Advisor, Block C, Ivy Chain, Jr. Prom Clnvitation Comm.j. MOODLER, SUSAN ELOISE- BS Nursing, Dayton, O.-Chi Omega CRush Chrm., Per- sonnel Chrm.J, Cincinnatus, Jr. Advisor CBoardD, Jr. Prom CDecoration Co-Chrm.J, Guidon fProject Co-Chrm.D, Glee Club, Lambda Chi Sweetheart. MOORE, MYRNA RUTH- BS Nursing, Ashland, Ky.-Fresh. Class Sec., Cincinnatian, Glee Club CExec. Brd.J, YWCA fCab.J, SNO, Ivy Chain, N8cH Trib. COrient. Chrm.J, LHA CPres.J, YAF, Kampus King Comm. MURCHISON, HELEN JEANNIE-BS Nurs- ing, Athens, O. OVERLEY, MARIANNE S-MILEY-BS Nursing, Cincin- nati, O. SCHARE, BARBARA LEE-BS Nursing, Cincin- nati, O. SCHILL, MARGERY SHANK-BS Nursing, Cin- cincinnati, O.-Zeta Tau Alpha CPledge Chrm.J, Co-Rec. Volleyball, SNO CBasketballJ, Homecoming Co-Chrm. SCHMIDT, EMILY RUTH-BS Nursing, Reading, O.- Band, Chi Omega, N8zH Trib. CSec.J, LHA, YWCA fPres., Pub. Affairs Chrm.J, Alpha Alpha Pi CPledge TLD, Alpha Lambda Delta, SNASO, Jr. Advisors, Mummers. SCHROEDER, DONNA JEAN-BS Nursing, Cincinnati, O-NASO, Wesley, Angel Flight CCommanderJ, N8cH Jr. Class Treas. SHOPE, JACQUELINE ROSE-BS Nursing, Greenfield, O.-N8cH Soph. Class Pres., SNASO, LHA. SIMMONS, SUE A.-BS Nursing, Ashland, Ky.-Glee Club, Wesley, SNO, Cincinnatian, N8zH Trib. CConvoca- tion Comm. Chrm.J, Jr. Advisor. SPAITE, REBECCA ANN-BS Nursing, Dayton, O.-SNO, N8zH Trib., Sr. Class Pres., Jud. Comm. STEINLE, SUSAN LEE-BS Nursing, Cincirmati, O.- LHA fLib. Comm., House Comm.J, SNO, Wesley, Glee Club. STICKNEY, JANET LOUISE-BS Nursing, Spring- Held, O.-Chi Omega CSec., Treas., Song-leaderj, N8zH Soph. Class Treas., YWCA, SNO, LHA fStudent-Faculty Comm. Chrm.,. SULROW, MARGARET RUTH-BS Nursing, Silver Spring, Md.-SNASO, LHA CReligious Comm.J, N8aH Trib. CSoc. Chrm.J. TEDRICK, LAURA JANE-BS Nursing, Parkersburg, W. Va.-Kappa Delta fMagazine Chrm., Song-leaderj, Angel Flight CComptroller, Drill OflicerJ, SNO CWorkshop Chrm.-State Conventionl, N8zH Trib., Queen of Hearts Cand. Ze ...Q -X - If IF' ' ' fl! 1 lift, ri' 2-an fl, x. ff f if -f . iz -, ,. ' ff 1, ,- ffl..55:5:::g.f T U! 'Q Precision measurements in liters and grams are necessary to fill a test prescription. . COLLEGE OF PHARMACY The College of Pharmacy, fourth oldest of its kind in the United States, was granted a local charter in 1850. In 1954 the school became an integral part of the Uni- versity and established residence in its present location on campus. Contrary to a general belief, the college is not merely a stepping-stone to the corner drugstore. Pharmacy students may prepare for careers involving medicine, dentistry, chemical and hospital research, government Work, and the regulation of narcotics. The live-year curriculum olfered by the college includes many subjects of a general educational nature in addi- tion to the courses leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy. This program is climaxed by the senior student's opportunity to apply his knowledge through work with a registered pharmacist. The Col- lege of Pharmacy encourages practical skill and ap- preciation of high ideals in an age when pharmacy plays an extensive and important role. Even in these modern times, the Dean Joseph F. Kowalewski usage of the mo,-mr and pesfle in making drugs has survived. 133 Contznuous research on whzte mzce is an zntegral part of the pharmacy studenfs life. PHARMACY GRADUATES ANDERSON, WILLIAM MICHAEL-BS Pharmacy, Cin- cinnati, O.-Intramural Football, Volleyball, Handball, Wrestling, Track, Phi Delta Theta, A.Ph.A., Kappa Psi CPres.J, Pharmacy Trib. CParl.J. BODMER, DALE FRED- ERICK-BS Pharmacy, Ironton, O.-A.Ph.A. BOWEN, DAVID SPENCER-BS Pharmacy, Marmet, W. Va.- Kappa Psi, Intramural Basketball, A.Ph.A. BROWER, WILLIAM W.-BS Pharmacy, Hamilton, O.- Pharmacy Trib. fTreas., Vice Pres., Pres.J, A.Ph.A. BROWN, VERNA LEE-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.- Pharmacy Trib., Kappa Epsilon. BUDDE, JAMES E.-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.-A.Ph.A. CARTER, WILLIAM HAROLD-BS Pharmacy, Manchester, O. COLE, JEROME F.-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Psi CHist.J, Pharmacy Trib. EVANS, JOHN MARTIN- BS Pharmacy, Hamilton, O.-Beta Theta Pi fSch. Chrm.J, Rho Chi, Concert Band, A.Ph.A. GEOPPINGER, JAMES CARL-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Psi. HALL, EDWIN C. JR.-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O. HARTMANN, DAVID GRAF-BS Pharmacy, Riverside, Ill.-Phi Delta Theta. HICKMAN, ROBERT EDWARD- BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.-Pharmacy Trib. CTreas.J, Kappa Psi CVice Pres.J, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Chi, A.Ph.A. HOLTEL, JEROME F.-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O. HUGHES, JAMES CLARK-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O. -A.Ph.A. CPres., Vice Pres.J, Pharmacy Trib. CTreas.j, Student Council CTreas., Convocation Chrm.D, Kappa Psi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon CScholarship Chrm.D, Omicron Delta Kappa CCo-Chrm. Leadership Conferencej, Sophos, Budget Board, Men's Advisory. IRVIN, RONALD K.-BS Pharmacy, Hillsboro, O.-Band CConcert and Marchingj, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Psi, A.Ph,A. KEUPER, WILLIAM EARL-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.-A.Ph.A. KREIMER, JOHN LOUIS-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O. MAAS, ELMER JOHN-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O. MARTIN, CLARENCE JOSEPH-BS Pharmacy, Fort Thomas, Ky.-A.Ph.A. MCQUAIN, PETE H.-BS Phar- macy, Centerville, O.-Kappa Psi. MEADOWS, DANNY L.--BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.-Kappa Psi, A.Ph.A. MEIER, THOMAS JOSEPH-BS Pharmacy, Highland Heights, Ky.-Kappa Psi, A.Ph.A. MUELLER, RONALD LEE-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O. MULLANEY, MARTIN JAMES-BS Pharmacy, Cincin- nati, O.-Lambda Chi Alpha. MURPHY, JAMES--BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O. PARMENTIER, LASZLO J.-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.-A.Ph.A. PAVLOFF, LOUIS G.-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.- Theta Chi CRush Chrm., Corr. Sec.J, A.Ph.A., Pharmacy Trib. CVice Pres.J. RAFOTH, CARL DAVID-BS Phar- macy, Youngstown, O.-Kappa Psi CSec.J, A.Ph.A. RATZ- MAN, GILBERT J OSEPH-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.- Student Union Leathercraft Instructor, Alpha Zeta Omega, Hillel, A.Ph.A. RAWERS, THOMAS-BS Pharmacy, Cin- cinnati, O. REED, SANDRA JANE-BS Pharmacy, West Carrollton, O.-Kappa Delta CAsst. Treas,, Treas.J, Kappa Epsilon, Pharmacy Trib. CSec.J, A.Ph.A., Block C CTreas.J, AWS fElections Chrm.J, YWCA CCabinetJ, Ir. Advisor CCO- Chrm.J, Guidon, Ivy Chain, Jr. Prom CTicket Chrm.D, Advisory Council CSoph. and Jr.J. SETA, CANDELU-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.-A.Ph.A. SHEARER, WILLIAM ROBERT-BS Pharmacy, Lawrenceburg, Ind.-Kappa Psi, A.Ph.A. SHRIVER, KENNETH LAWRENCE-BS Phar- macy, Cincinnati, O.-Biochemistry Lab Inst. SPACCARELLI, PAUL ANTHONY-BS Pharmacy, Cin- cinnati, O.-A.Ph.A., Kappa Psi. SPENCER, ROBERT GEARY-BS Pharmacy, Huntington, W. Va.-A.Ph.A., Kappa Psi CAss't. Treas.J. TOMASELLA, JAMES JOSEPH JR.-BS Pharmacy, Wyoming, O. TARLANO, PAUL GERALD-BS Pharmacy, Dayton, O.-Phi Kappa Theta, A.Ph.A., News Record, Sailing Club. TRAPP, CAROLYN JEAN-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O. -Kappa Epsilon CTreas.J, A.Ph.A. VALENTINE, ROB- ERT W.-BS Pharmacy, Cincinnati, O.-A.Ph.A. LOKEREN, GEORGE PHILLIP-BS Pharmacy, Cincin- nati, O. WILDER, HUGH PATTON-BS Pharmacy, Mid- dletown, O. I U IVER ITY COLLEGE The University College, while quite new to our cam- pus, is already iilling a former void at the university. This void was the need for a two year college to provide occupational programs, a two year general education, or a stronger background for further col- lege work. It offers the degree of Associate in Arts or Science in ten different fields: arts, chemistry, home economics, biology, nuclear science, industrial man- agement, retail management, executive secretarial, medical secretarial, and nursery school training. One of the very few university colleges in the country to be located on a full university campus, it therefore benefits from the diversity and activity of the parent institution. So enthusiastic is the general reaction to this recent addition to our campus that in this, its second year, itis enrollment is nearly seven hundred, more than double last year's. Dean Hilmar C. Krueger ff" UNIVERSITY COLLEGE GRADUATES BERNDSEN, JUDY ANN-ASS Science, Cincinnati, BETTINGER, ROGER LESTER-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. BINKLEY, JACK E.-ASS Arts, Cincinnati, O. BORCHELT, JUDITH ANN-ASS Science, Reading, O. CARAMANIAN, JOHN ARA-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. COLLINS, ANN KATHERINE-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O.-YWCA, WAA, Young Dems, Alpha Delta Pi. DAB- NEY, ROBERT EARL-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O.-Un1- versity College Trib. CPres., Vice Pres.J, Social Activities Chrm. - DUMONT, HOWARD JOSEPH-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. FOX, CAROL ANN-Executive Sec., Cincinnati, O. HAAG, JUDITH CAROL-ASS Arts, Cincinnati, O.- University College Trib. CSoc. Comm.D, Decorations Chrm. HAMBEL, JOHN WILLIAM-ASS Applied Science, Pel- ham Manor, N. Y.-YMCA Cabinet, Union Bowling. HARPER, LYDA RAY-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O.- YWCA, Wesley. HARTMAN, WILLIAM LAW-ASS Arts, Cincinnati, O. HENDERSON, JOYCE-ASS Science, Har- rison, OOIUSTEN, JOSEPH JEROME-ASS Science, Cin- cinnati, . KNOLLMAN, PHYLLIS ANN-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O.-Newman Club. KOPPENHAVER, KAREN LEIGH- ASS Science, Cincinnati, O.-Sophos Queen, Alpha Delta Pi, Bearkittens. LINGO, CHARLES R.-ASS Science Ter- race Park, O.-Band, Rep. to Band Council. LOTZ, DARLENE EDITH-ASS Arts, Mt. Healthy, O.-Delta Zeta. LUTCHIN, HOWARD LOUIS-ASS Arts, Cincinnati, O.- Young Republicans, Alpha Epsilon Pi. Hillel. MENRATH, PATRICIA A.--ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. MILLER, MICHAEL STEPHEN-ASS Science, Hartford, Conn.-Pi Lambda Phi. Union Social Comm., Hillel. PLANES, DEANA MARTHA-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. PRICE, CAROL ANN-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O.-Al- pha Delta Pi, WAA, University College Soc. Comm. RED- DERT, CLAIRE ANN-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O.- RICHARDS, PATRICIA ANNE-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O.-Bearkittens, Student Council, University College Trib., Ir. Advisor. ROTTER, MADALYNN DIANE-ASS Arts, Milwaukee, Wisc. RYAN, COLLEEN ELLIN-ASS Arts, Cincinnati, O.- News Record, University College Trib. Soc. Comm., Cin- cinnatian, Delta Delta Delta CPledge Class Sec.J. SAUER, PAT CAROLE-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. SCHUMA- CHER, RON ERVIN--ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. SEDG- WICK, FREDERICK W.-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. SEIBERT, MICHAEL DAVID-ASS Arts, Cincinnati, O. SMITH, DOROTHY LEA-ASS Arts, Cincinnati, O. SMITH, GAYLE JOAN-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. SPARKS, DONNA .TANE-ASS Arts, Cincinnati, O.- Fresh. Leadership Conf. CCo-Chrm.D, WAA, University College Soc. Comm. STUCKEY, RUTH E.-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. SUB- LETTE, LIZA SCOTT-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. THEILMAN, MARITA RUTH-ASS Arts, Cincinnati, O. -WAA, Dance Club, YWCA. TOWLE, KAREN ANN- ASS Science, Cincinnati, O.--WAA, Newman Club, Fenc- ing, University College Soc. Comm. VENNEMEYER, MARGO ELIZABETH-ASS Arts, Cin- cinnati, O.-News Record, University College Trib. CSoc. Comm.J, Cincinnatian. VOSS, EDWARD C.-ASS Arts, Cincinnati, O.-News Record, Student Council, University College Trib. CPres.j. WEIGEL, CHARLES I.-ASS Sci- ence, Cincinnati, O.-Kittyhawk. YEOMANS, MYERS TIMOTHY-ASS Science, Cincinnati, O. XX-EIL Dean Robert W. Bishop Jack L. Gottschang, Assistant Dean SUMMER CHO0L The Summer School had its beginning in 1900 as a faculty project of the McMicken College of Liberal Arts. An integral part of the University since 1948, the college now offers all regular, special, and short- term courses in the various fields open to winter-term students. Also available to Summer School students are Workshops, exhibits, and cultural features. Activities unique to the summer months include the opera at the zoo, band and choral concerts, and the traditional "Discussions at Noonf' In addition to UC faculty members, the schoolis staff is composed of represen- tatives from various organizations and professions. The student body is also a diversified one, for it includes candidates for graduate degrees as well as undergrad- uate students. Having successfully completed their credits, graduates of all participating colleges are awarded their degrees in a special commencement exercise held each August. 2 summer play school, prospec- eachers face practical situations. An outdoor philosophy class characterizes the informality of summer school Summer sets the perfect tone for cz biological held study. Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Dean Campbell Crockett GRADUATE CHO0L Established as a distinct college in 1916, the Graduate School has become one of the most extensive colleges on the University campus. In addition to the forty- three different departments open to day students, the college maintains ten departments in its evening divi- sion and several others throughout the summer months. Through the graduate program, students who have suc- cessfully completed the basic requirements for a bache- lor's degree at U.C. or any other accredited college, may become candidates for master's or doctor's degrees in varied fields. From its U.C. oilice the Ohio State University School of Social Administration offers a graduate sequence in social work, a course otherwise unavailable to Cincinnati students. After acquiring a sufficient number of undergraduate credits, persons seeking graduate work must obtain a recommendation from their undergraduate department. Once he is a part of this school, the graduate student is faced with months and, more often, years of tedious study and research. GRADUATE COUNCIL Van Meter Ames Dana I. Crandall Russell Dunholter Clara M. Silchrest Dean Carter V. Good Dean Milan R. Karas Carl A. Ludeke Robert O. Payne William A. Spoor Carl A. Swisher John A. Winget FELLOWS OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL Dr. Van Meter Ames Dr. Isaac A. Barnett Dr. Carl W. Blegen Dr. Louis Brand Dr. John L. Caskey Dr. Kenneth E. Caster Dr. William Smith Clark II Dr. Roger C. Crafts Dr. Campbell Crockett Dr. Margaret H. Fulford Dr. Hoke S. Greene Dr. Paul Herget Dr. Robert A. Kehoe Dr. Milan A. Logan Dr. Reginald Charles McGrane Dr. Charles N. Moore Dr. Milton Orchin Dr. Boris Podolsky Dr. Albert B. Sabin Dr. Harold M. Vinacke Dr. Edwin H. Zeydel Dr. Trahman illustrates copies of ancient literature inscribed on stone to a graduate semmar. A Q. ' g. 553 ,M ,wwx-MM " ,,,,...N...w-Mwww .www .,g.,,. ,,.-..x.....w5,,..,pwN""' 'U 'N . X g 1' - , i 3 R' YQ K I' '1 X- t f 1 1 g :ii i Q i' P " In vii" -fi , Q - A law student makes use of the reference material found Stanley E- HGFPGF, ASSiSf0f1l' Dean in the Rufus Smith Memorial Library in Taft Hall. Dean Roscoe L. Barrow COLLEGE 0F LAW Founded in 1833 as a private school, the College of Law merged with the Cincinnati College in 1835 and became a part of the University in 1918. From its halls have come many of our country's leaders, during the days of the Civil War as well as those of World Wars I and II-men like William Howard Taft, alumnus and former Dean, who served two terms as President of the United States. In 1925 the college took up its present home in Alphonso Taft Hall. There students have access to almost 150,000 volumes from the combined libraries of the Cincinnati Law Library Association and the Rufus B. Smith Libraries. Today the college seeks to train students clinically, through working primarily with actual legal problems and cases, rather than by lectures. In this way students develop a greater power of legal reasoning and the ability to evaluate legal data actively and critically. Small classes, where students have an excellent op- portunity to express views informally, are an im- portant part of this highly individualized instruction. LAW GRADUATES ASPINALL, BRIAN E.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. ATKINS, CHARLES G.-L,L.B., Cincinnati, O.-Phi Delta Phi CSec., I-l1st.J, Legal Aid Clinic, Sr. Class Pres., Student Bar Assoc. CRep.J, Honor Council fRep.J, Restatement CAssoc. Art Ed.J. BELLMAN, HOWARD S.-L.L.B., Toledo, O. BERTRAM, PAUL GATES JR.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O.- Law Review fBus. Mgr.J. BROWN, EDDIE WAYNE- L.L.B., Florence, Ky.-Honor Council, Moot Ct., Phi Alpha Delta. BRUNE, EDWARD IRWIN-L.L.B., Hamilton,O.- Stud. Bar Assoc. CRep.J. BUDD, DAVID G.-L.L.B., Dayton, O.-Fresh.-Soph. Class Pres., Law Review. BURRESON, ALLEN DOWELL-L.L.B., Milford, O Law Review. Moot Ct., Phi Alpha Delta, Stud. Bar Assoc. fSec.J, Jr. Class Sec.-Treas. CARRERA, NICHOLAS AL- LEN-L.L.B., Xenia, O.4tud. Bar Assoc. CONNER MICHAEL-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O.-Law Review CEditorJ, Phi Alpha Delta. CROUSE, JOHN O.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, oi ERHARDT, CHRISTIAN, III-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. FITZGERALD. WILLIAM F.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. GOODMAN, RONALD JAY-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. HILD, GUY M.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. HOFFHEIMER, LAWRENCE, S. JR.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O.-Legal Aid Clinic, Law Review, Phi Delta Phi. HOL- COIMB, JOHN FREDERICK-L.L.B., Hamilton, O.-Stud. Bar Assoc., Legal Aid Clinic, Phi Delta Phi. HOLCOMB, S. RICHARD, JR.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. KNEISLY, L. DOUGLAS-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. KOHNEN, DAVID A.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. KOLOD- NY, VICTOR MARTIN-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O.-Legal Aid Clinic, Law Review, Phi Delta Phi. KREIDLER, ROBERT L.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. LISNER, DONALD HUBERT-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O.-Phi Alpha Delta CRush Chrm.J. LOWERY, ROBERT R.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O.-Stud. Bar Assoc. fPres.J, Restatement CEditorJ, Young Repub- licans, CPres., Vice Pres.J, Phi Alpha Delta. MELVILLE, CHARLES H.--L.L.B., Cincinnati, O.-Law Review CEdi- tor In Chiefj. MESSITE, MICHAEL FREDERICK- L.L.B., Bethesda, Md.-Legal Aid Clinic, Honor Council. PERRY, JAMES NEWELL-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. PHELPS, JAMES KAY-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. PLATE, ARTHUR CHARLES- L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. REIFIN, MELVIN H.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O.-Law Review, Student Court Uusticej, Phi Alpha Delta Uusticej, Restatement CCO-Edj, Legal Aid Clinic, Stud. Bar Assoc. fSr. Rep.J. RICHARDS, STUART L.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, Oi. Phi Al- pha Delta. ROELLER, ROBERT KENNETH-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O. -Phi Alpha Delta, Stud. Bar Assoc. SCHENCK, DON- ALD ARTHUR-L.L.B., Dayton, O.-Stud. Bar Assoc. CTreas.J, Law Review, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Aid Chmc, Jr. Class Treas., Honor Council Rep. SCHWARTZ, BAR- RY-L.L.B., Chattanooga, Tenn.-Phi Alpha Delta,.Ath- letic Chrm. SUERE, WALTER A., JR.-L.L.B., Cincin- nati, O.-Law Review fAssoc. Ed.J, Moot Ct., Student Court Uusticel. TENWICK, DAVE-L.L.B., Lakewood, O.-Phi Delta Phi, Legal Aid Clinic, Intramural Mgr., Varsity Basket- ball 81: Tennis, Kampus King Court, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Sigma, Metroe, Ulex CPres.J, News Record, Bus. Ad. Trib CVice Pres.D, French Dorm Res. Council. VALLEAU, RICHARD J.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O.-Sr. Class Sec.-Treas. WECKSTEIN, DONALD-L.L.B., Canton, O.-Stud. Bar Assoc. CFresh Rep.J, Phi Alpha Delta. ZINS, THOMAS A.-L.L.B., Cincinnati, O.-Law Review, CEd1torJ, Honor Council CPres.J. 3 Dean Stanley E. Dorst COLLEGE OF MEDICINE The Medical College is one of the 1 the thirteen in the University. Intc studies must be packed suliicient knox human body so that the practicing immediately with almost any illness dom. The high national rating wh school has consistently received is pro with which this challenge is met. 'l standard of excellence over live hunc professors, more than the total stu' conduct classes, labs, and research addition to their Work as doctors. A are three things fundamental to the c sphere of research and investigation study, an exposure to a vast number practices which are the result of da: practical problems, and a reservoir C tending into all realms of medicine. ties with a high standard of admiss the medical school of unsurpassed qu I Med students listen attentively to Dr. Hia! at TSW was Us , XFX 3 Qs? Slides engross these pathology students in www Dr. Black-Schajfe Med School. r answers the questions of a pathology student in the midst of a lab problem Dr. Edward Gall, Head, Pathology Dept., Dr. Arthur Ogden, Head Anesthesiology Dept., and Dr. Charles Aring, Head, Neurology Dept. Dr. A. Ashley Weech, Head, Pediatrics Dept., and Dr. Lester Bossert, Head, Gynecology Dept. Dr. Samuel Trufant, Associate Dean, and Dr. Charles E. Kiely, Assistant Dean. Dr. Milan Logan, Head Biological Chemistry Dept Dr. Roger Crafts, Head, Anatomy Dept., and Dr. Herman Lichstein, Head, Microbiology Dept. Dr. Benjamin Felson, Head, Radiology Dept., Dr. Mau" L ' D . V' t F' hb h H d 0 1 l Head, Psychiatry Dept., Dr. William Alterneier, Head, Szlrigjry ggffi r. lc or ISC I ac ' ,ea , to aryngo ogy ?ept and Dr Donald Lyle Head Ophthalmology Dept MEDICAL GRADUATES B A U E R, I I M M I E O W EN-M.D., Cincinnati, O. BROOKS, STUART MERRILL-M.D., Cincinnati, O.- Mitchell Pediatrics Society CPres.J, Phi Delta Epsilon. CARSON, JOHN PAUL-M.D., Youngstown, O.-SAMA, Phi Cl1i6Pres.J. CATO, JANE REPLOGLE-M.D., Cin- cinnati, . CLARK, DANNY MILES-M.D., Lexington, Ky. COWEN, RICHARD LESLIE-M.D., Cincinnati, O.- Phi Delta Epsilon, Pi Kappa Epsilon. COX, JOSEPH ALLEN-M.D., Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Kappa Kappa. CULBERSON, JOHN LLOYD-M.D., Cincinnati, O. MEDICAL GRADUATES DANNER, PAUL KRUGER-M.D., Cincinnati, O.-Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Kappa Epsilon. DEVILLE, STANLEY BRUCE-M.D., Rocky River, O.-Nu Sigma Nu. EHR- HART, JACK THOMAS-M.D., Cincinnati, O. EPSTEIN, MARK JERRY-M.D., Cincinnati, O.-Phi Kappa Epsilon, Debate Team, Mitchell Pediatric Society. EVANS, BURTON WARREN-M.D., Cincinnati, O. GERARD, ROBERT DONALD-M.D., Greenhills, O.- Nu Sigma Nu, SAMA. GILLEN, JOHN BERNARD- M.D., Pittsburgh, Pa.-Alpha Kappa Kappa fRec. Sec., Vice Pres.J, SAMA. GUNDERSON, EDWARD L.-M.D., Big Timber, Mont. GUSTIN, RAYMOND STEWART-M.D., Cincinnati, O. -Phi Delta Epsilon. HEHMAN, KENNETH NORBERT- M.D., Ft. Thomas, Ky. HEPLER, JAMES KNOBLOCK- M.D., Bremen, Ind.-Phi Chi. HUESMAN, ALVIN A.- M.D., Cincinnati, O. HULL, JAN KEITH-M.D., Cincinnati, O. JACOBS, EDMUND BURKE-M.D., Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Kappa Kappa. JOHNSONBAUGH, ROGER EARL-M.D., Cin- cinnati, O.hlJONES, WALDO SHANK-M.D., Lakewood, A.-Phi C '. KANTER, JULIAN RICHARD-M.D., Cincinnati, O.- Phi Delta Epsilon, SAMA. KAUTZ, LAWRENCE G.- M.D., Deer Park, O, KERSH, JOANN HECK-M.D., Cincinnati, O.-AMWA CPres.J. KIELAR, RICHARD ANDREW-M.D., Lorain, O.-Pi Kappa Epsilon, Phi Chi. KREINDLER, ALFRED MICHAEL-M.D., Cincinnati, O.-Phi Kappa Epsilon CTreas.J, Phi Delta Epsilon CPres.J. KISKER, THOMAS CARL-M.D., Cincinnati, O. LAUGH- LIN, ROGER ALLEN-M.D., Wilmington, O. LEVINE, JOSEPH P.-M.D., Cincinnati, O. LUNDGREN, RALPH JOSEPH-M.D., Cincinnati, O. MALTZ,' ROBERT-M.D., Cincinnati, O. MARMET, RUBEN-M.D., Cincinnati, O. MAZER, MYRON SHEL- DON-M.D., Boston, Mass. McCAMMON, ROBERT EDWIN-M.D., Athens, O.- Phi Chi, Pi Kappa Epsilon. MCCARTHY, CHARLES EUGENE-M.D., Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Kappa Kappa, Pi Kappa Epsilon. MCCREARY, JOHN ROBERT-M.D., Ciucinnag, O, MICHAEL, JOHN JOSEPH-M.D., Cin- cinnati, . MILLER, WILLIAM B.-M.D., Portsmouth, O.-Nu Sig- ma Nu. MODE, ARTHUR S. JR.-M.D., Cincinnati O.- Phi Delta Epsilon. MOLFENTER, GERALD ALFRED- M.D., Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Kapp K , M0 CARL LEE-M.D., Ft. Thomas, Ky? appa ORE, MUELLER, CHARLES FREDERICK-M.D., Dayton O. MULLICAN, CHARLES N.-M.D., Cincinnati, SAMA CTreas.J, Mitchell Pediatric Society CVice Pres.J Pi Kappa Epsilon CVice Pres.J, Alpha Kappa Kappaf NEWELL, LELAND C.-M.D., Greenhills, O.-Nu Sigma Nu, SAMA. OLDS, RICHARD CHARLES-M.D., Clear- water, a. PUTERBAUGH, MYRON RANDALL-M.D., West Mil- ton, O. RAKO, JULES-M.D., Cincinnati, O. RAUSCH, DAVID C.-M.D., Ravenna, O. RITZI, ROBERT WIL- LIAM-M.D., Cincinnati, O. ROBINSON, PAUL D. JR.--M.D., Cincinnati, O., Pi Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Kappa. ROGERS, JOHN HARTWELL-M.D., Pewee Valley, Ky. RUDD, DONALD E.-M.D., Cincinnati, O. SALEM, ANTHONY JOSEPH- M.D., Cincinnati, O.--Alpha Kappa Kappa. SAVOLAINE, EDWARD R.-M.D., Cincinnati, O.-Phi Chi. SERRAGE, JOHN CHARLES-M.D., Cincinnati, O. SILVERMAN, STANLEY ROBERT-M.D., Cincinnati, O. -Pi Kappa Epsilon, Mitchell Pediatrics Society CTreas., Sec.J.gIMSON, LAWRENCE ROBERT JR.-M.D., Cleve- and, . SPITZ, LOUIS-M.D., Cincinnati, O. STRAWN, ROBERT LESTER-M.D., New Lexington, O.-Vice Pres. Medical Class C4 yearsj, Student Council CTreas.J, Pi Kappa Ep- silon, Phi Chi, SAMA. STRIKER, THEODORE WOR- KUM-M.D., Cincinnati, O. SUGARMAN, DAVID LEE -M.D., Cincinnati, O.-Phi Delta Epsilon. SUYEMOTO, ROY-M.D., Cincinnati, O. TELLER, THOMAS F.-M.D., Cincinnati, O.-Nu Sigma Nu, .Pi Kappa Epsilon. WACKSMAN, STANLEY J.-M.D., Cm- cinnati, O. WIDEMAN, FREDERICK EDWARD-M.D., Cincinnati, O. WIERWILLE ANN SOUTHARD-M.D., Cincinnati, O.- Class Sec., Student Council. WIERWILLE, GEORGE HERMAN-M.D., Cincinnati, O. WIETHE, DALE RICH- ARD-M.D., Cincinnati, 0.4-Nu Sigma Nu CRush Chrm.J. WILLIS, RICHARD REED-M.D., Elyria, O.-Nu Sigma Nu, SAMA. - fn - 1 rug, z f Q' , - . :5f'ZQgi,1.',Z- , , , -w,L.L..N l EVENING COLLEGE 150 Kenneth B. Settle, Assistant Dean ,aes Tully J. Waggener, Assistant to the Dean, Bee Day, Assistant to the Dean, and Gail A. Nelcamp, Assistant to the Dean. Dean Frank R. Neayfer The Evening College originated about fifty years when the College of Engineering and Commerce the McMicken College of Liberal Arts began to 4 their courses to those employed during the day. It grown to one of the largest evening colleges in country, providing educational opportunities to r than eight thousand men and women from the Gre Cincinnati area-industrial workers, teachers, busi men, housewives, and clergymen. The bulk of stud range in age from 20 to 34, but some attempt str after their sixtieth year. Rated as an outstanding lege of its type in the nation, this branch of unive learning oifers undergraduate degrees in engineei commerce, industrial management, general studies, the arts and sciences. Besides these fields, a certifi program, which constitutes one-half a degree, graduate programs in business administration science are available. Non-credit, short term col on such subjects as art, flower arrangement, and n are also offered for the benefit of Cincinnati resid oifered. EVENING GRADUATES ALDERSON, RICHARD O.-BS Chemical Engineer Morrow, O.-Am. Chem. Soc., Am. Oil Chem. 5 BAUER, WILLIAM L.-BS Electrical Engineering, Cin natl, O.-Sigma Delta Gamma. BURNS, GEOR MICHAEL-BS Commerce, Newport, Ky. CAI CHARLES E.-BS Commerce, Independence, Ky. CONDON, VIRGIL EUGENE-BS Commerce Middle- town, O. ERSTERLING, HANNS OLAP-BS dommerce Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Sigma Lambda. GERSTER LARRY RAY-Bachelor of Industrial Management, Lawrenceburg Ind.-Alpha Lambda sigma. GREGORY, DONALD JJ BS General Studies, Cincinnati, O. ' HEIDEMANN, DONALD ANTHONY-BS General Studies, Cincinnati, O. HINSHAW, LOUIS DONALD- BS Chemical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. HUNT, RAY- MOND MILTON-BS General Studies, Cincinnati, O.- Triangle, Delta Mu Delta. HURDLE, GEORGE J.-BS Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Student Council, Mu Pi Kappa CPres., Treas.J. LOUGHRY, DONALD JAMES-BS Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Tau Omega. McFADDEN, DOUG- LAS B.-BS General Studies, Mt. Vernon, Ind.-Sophos, Beta Theta Pi, Student Council, News Record, Cincinnatian, Young Dems., Debate Team, Speakers Bureau, Football. MATTEOLI, WILLIAM R.-BS Mechanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. MAZZEI, PETER FRANK-BS Com- merce, Cincinnati, O. NOLTE, WALTER C.-BS General Studies, Reading, O.- ASM. OLIVER, KYLE T. IR.-BS Commerce, Cincin- nati, O. PETERSON, ROBERT G.-BS Mechanical Engi- neering, Cincinnati, O. PFAFFMAN, WARREN GEORGE -BS Electrical Engineering, Fairfield, O. PHILLIPS, ROBERT-BS General Studies, Park Hills, Ky. REEKERS, DONALD E.-BS General Studies, Erlanger, Ky. ROHNER, PAUL E.-BS Commerce, Hamilton, O.- Delta Mu Delta. SCHUSTER, I OSEPH E.-BS Commerce, Erlanger, Ky. SELLINS, WARREN LOUIS-BS Commerce, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Sigma Lambda. SMITH, LEONIDES D.-BS in Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, O. STAUVERMAN, AL- FRED WILLIAM-BS Commerce, Cincinnati, O.-Alpha Sigma Lambda. STEINECKER, HAROLD F.-BS Me- chanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. . STEVENS, FRANK HERMAN-Bachelor of Philosophy, Sharonville, O. TAYLOR. LILLIAN-Bachelor of Philoso- phy, Hamilton, O. TILLINGHAST, DAVID G.-BS Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, O. TOON, JOSEPH CONRAD- BS General Studies, Cincinnati, O. WALKER, ROBERT F.-BS Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, 0. WEAR, MAXWELL NORMAN-BS Commerce, Hamilton, O.-Delta Sigma,Pi. WILKINS, WALTER X.- BS Mechanical Engineering, Cincinnati, O.-Mu Pi' KHRPH- WILSON, RICHARD ALLAN-BS Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati, O. Twenty-nine seniors have been chosen as outstanding seniors by the editorial board of the CINCINNATIAN from nominations made by members of the senior class. The choices were made as objectively as possible with each considered on the basis of personality, char- acter, and service to UC. These were the people who contributed time and eifort above and beyond the call of duty-the queens, the leaders, and the workers. CINCINNATIAN SELECTS . OUTSTANDING SllNIORS A little girl always on the go-that's the best way to describe CAROL TRAUT. As president of Theta and TC Tribunal, and a member of Guidon, Mortar Board, WAA, and the Y, "Trautie" is known as the girl who can get a job done. Boundless enthusiasm coupled with a warm sense of humor have gained her widespread admiration. ' NEAL BERTE has rightfully earned the title of Kampus King. As president of the Junior and Senior Classes and SAE, and as an oflicer of the Y, A855 Tribunal, and Cincinnatus, he has been honored by Sophos, Metro, Sigma Sigma, and ODK. In addition Phi Beta Kappa has recognized his scholas- tic achievements. 0 Metro, Sigma Sigma, Cincinnatus, and Mummers have benefited from the quiet eiiiciency of DICK SNYDER. "Snitch" has also served as presi- dent of Lambda Chi and IFC and treasurer of IFC. His deep consideration and eloquence have aided many campus organizations. 0 An all-around campus favorite, LARRY WILLEY has demonstrated out- standing scholarship and an interest in campus activi- ties. A six-year architect, Larry found time to preside over meetings of ODK and Orientation Board and to play on UC's varsity basketball team. This affable SAE was honored by membership in Phi Eta Sigma, Metro, and Sigma Sigma. 0 There is an air of unruflled composure about JENNY RAHE which has enabled her to succeed in her many important positions on campus. This poised president of KD has been honored by Guidon and Mortar Board for her ability to take charge of situations. 0 PHIL SANTORA is a gentle- man in every respect. His quiet charm, winning the respect of UC coeds, earned him a place on Kampus King Court and the title of Alpha Gam Man. His ef- forts in Cincinnatus, REW, Greek Week, and the Y were rewarded by membership in Sigma Sigma. ' Easy going with a ready smile, BOB HARTMAN has a friendly "He1lo', for everyone. Both Sigma Sigma and Phi Delt have claimed him as their president. "Turtle J oe" has given his time freely to Cincinnatus, Menis Advisory, and Metro. ' Likable GLENN COOPER has exhibited sound judgment in serving as president of Student Council and the Y. Earnest in both scholar- ship and campus activities, Glenn was selected for membership in Phi Eta Sigma and Beta Gamma Sigma, as well as Metro and ODK. 0 As gracious as she is attractive, CAROLINE MUSTER was chosen Homecoming Queen in her sophomore year. This ac- tive Kappa has served as vice-president of the Junior and Senior Classes and secretary of the Mummers Guild and was tapped by Mortar Board. Carol T rant Neal Bene Dick Snyder Larry Willey Jenny Rahe Phil Santora Bob Hartmann , , by 5 ' 151 . J :www :f.,. 4: . A- mflhls' : V1.1-7: - -1- 'wx .... -4 1,-r. aawmw- . ' Q . 1.6 :.'61-..:1"j'-:SJ-Q ., f:g,5xw giwwj . ,x.'fb" . 1 ' " x 'ii ,f,-:W-:, V -, wgi.m5::2,., 'Www .fmw ,f:f,.,,jw . f , Q ,,,,sa:e:.f,-,Q','g "'5ii1:L.: Caroline Muster Glenn Cooper Equally at ease presiding over Union Board meetings or managing News Record business alfairs, KEN NIEHAUS is admired for his energy and ability to get things done. His achievements have brought him recog- nition from ODK, Sophos, and Pi Delta Epsilon. 0 Abounding with vivacious energy, NANCY TAY- LOR has made a name for herself as a willing and cheerful worker. Theta, Cincinnatus and Bus Ad Tribunal have shared her great sense of humor. Her talents were also added to Bearkittens and the Sopho- more Class. 0 JERRY ROSE has an ambition-an ambition to succeed in whatever he undertakes. His business-like manner has been extended to GGG, Lambda Chi, the 1961 Cincinnatian, and the Senior Class. ODK and the Board of Publications have also benefited from his many capabilities. ' For CHRIS DEMAKES the secret of success has been a ready smile and a willingness to assume great responsibility. As editor of the 196-2 Cincinnatian and president of the Glee Club, Chris has set an example of devoted work. His enthusiasm was also imparted to the Board of Publications, Pi Delta Epsilon, and the Eastern Orthodox Fellowship. ' Cool, competent, and un- assuming, SUSY HAYES was completely unruiiied by the many problems involved in editing the News Record. An active Alpha Chi, Susy would often be found in the Union, at the Union Board, Social Board, Publication Board, or presiding at Pi Delta meetings. t Chris Demakes Susy Hayes Alan Rosenberg Lori Born I , if 6. Capable ALAN ROSENBERG has wielded the gavels of Sigma Alpha Mu, Sophos, and the Union Board, and has served on Student Council and A8cS tribunal. Outstanding as a tennis player as well, his achievements have been recognized by Cincinnatus, Ulex, Metro, and Sigma Sigma. 0 A striking beauty, the charm and poise of LORI BORN have won her the titles of Sig Ep Queen of Hearts, Rose of Delta Slgma Pi, and a place on Sophos Court. Unassuming and modest, she imparted her spirit to KD, Cincin- natus, and the Sophomore Class, which she served as vice-president. ' With sincerity and dedication GLENNY ABBOTT wielded the gavel of AWS and the Young Americans for Freedom. An efhcient nurse, she lent her enthusiasm to the Y, Cincinnatus, and the Logan Hall Association, and Kappa Delta. 0 Well liked by all who know him, JIM HAYES has served the University, the 'Engineering College, and SAE well. As an oiiicer of Student Council, president of Metro and Cincinnatus, chairman of Menis Advisory, and a member of Sigma Sigma, "Magoo,' has displayed rare good judgment, tempered by a good sense of humor. ' With a big smile and unusual friendliness, JACQUIE HAYES has made herself known to the entire campus. In Kappa, the Cincinnatian, the Y, and Cmcinnatus, she has demonstrated her sincerity and hard work and, as a result has been honored by Gurdon, Delta Phi Delta, and Mortar Board. Glefmy Abborf Jim Hayes Jacquie Hayes 5 4 I I ION WFORMATION DESK Campus Inforgxmagxqxx Cut rate tickets , N.X, John Watson Jim Hughes D671 Dell Peggy Heisel Marilyn Meyers , Roger Brown Steve Austin Lynn Jones Ginny Foster Carole Martin Many campus organizations have discovered in JOHN WATSON the ability to get a job done. Active in IFC, the Y, Cincinnatus, and Menis Advisory, John has made full use of his executive qualities. Lambda Chi and the Cincinnatian have also claimed his time. ' An outstanding pharmacy student, JIM HUGHES served as president of A.'Ph.A. and treasurer of the Pharmacy Tribunal with great ability. This capable SAE gave his talents to Student Council, Budget Board, and Men's Advisory and was rewarded by membership in Sophos and ODK. ' Soft-spoken and suave DAN DELL is best known as president of Theta Chi although he has served well as treasurer of the Union Board, BA chairman of Men's Advisory, and Homecoming Queen chairman. Metro and Sigma Sigma have recognized his many campus contribu- tions. 0 A quiet Alpha Chi with a high sense of duty, PEGGY HEISEL has made a name for herself scholas- tically and activity-wise. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Guidon and Mortar Board have honored her with membership. 0 Known for her organizational ability and eliiciency, MARILYN MEYERS was will- ing to undertake many behind-the-scenes jobs. Known as "Moneybags,' to the groups she has served, Marilyn has been treasurer of Alpha Delta Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, and business manager of the News Record for two years. Beta Gamma Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta have recognized her outstanding scholastic achieve- ments. 0 A responsible student leader, GINNY FOS- TER has guided Alpha Delta Pi and served as vice- president of Panhellenic and Home Ec Tribunal. A serious student, Ginny gave her time freely to Student Council, the Bearkittens, and the Cincinnatian. ' Good natured ROGER BROWN has devotedly served as president of PiKA, treasurer of the Y and Social Board, and vice-president of Cincinnatus and IFC. "Moose's" willingness to laugh as well as work has added much to GGG, Men's Advisory, and Orienta- tian Board. 0 With a success measured by her obvious pleasure, CAROLE MARTIN skipped gaily through the Cincinnatian business managership, Mortar Board, and the presidency of Theta Phi. Easily known by her cheerful laugh, Carole brought gaiety to Panhellenic, Junior Advisers, and Pi Delta Epsilon. 0 A man of few words, STEVE AUSTIN has wielded the gavels of Sig Ep and ODK with quiet authority. His forth- right sincerity has inspired others to put forth their best efforts. Beta Gamma Sigma, IFC, and Bus Ad Tribunal have benefited from his participation. ' Of- ten a center of controversy, LYNN JONES is known for his outspoken views on campus customs and poli- tics in the Profile. A leader in Phi Delt, Student Coun- cil, and Cincinnatus, Lynn has been recognized by Sophos, ODK, and Phi Beta Kappa. wg " Qx J, - A' .' Q -:,- X nf' , wi. x 'K ". W +43 ,. Q i M x ' f K sg., There is an organization for the for- mal perpetuation of any human en- deavor. This accounts for the quantity of professional joining Which appears With, and seems to often envelope, otherwise serious, useful organiza- tions. It also accounts for the profu- sion of organizations With the same goals, or no goals, or both. Neverthe- less, groups are founded on serious purpose and endeavor too. This dual nature merely means one must some- times read between the lines. HONORARIES AND SERVICE GROUPS MORTAR BQARD-Bottom Row: S. McCoy, Pres., C. Traut, R. Goldberger, A. Kuehner S. Lesh, J. Shinkle, Vice Pres.g C. Muster, J. Rahe, B. Bowling, Sec.g C. Kuwatch, P. Heisel B. Badertscher, Adviserg Dean Holliday, Adviser. MORTAR BOARD The "Mystic 13" girls, walking the campus attired in distinctive outfits, are members of Mortar Board, a national women's honorary society. Founded at UC in 1912, Mortar Board selects those women who have consistently shown outstanding leadership and service to the University and achieved high scholarship. The new members, tapped on March 13, wear red poppies with flowing ribbons and mortar boards. The beneficial program of Mortar Board, designed for the intellectual advancement and welfare of UC students, consists of a lecture series and the Leadership Conference, cospon- sored with the menls honorary, Omicron Delta Kappa. 5 ODK President Steve Austin congratulates Bill Struwbrzdge upon bezng tapped for membership. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA-Bottom Row: J. Lower, Dr. Lewis, Fac. Sec.g R. Clark, Treas.g S. Austin, Pres., L, Jones, Vice Pres.g E. Reuhlman, Dr. Bishop, Nat. Sec. Second Row: B. Strawbridge, K. Seidelman, B. Starr, T. Allman, B. Chapman, J. Rose, P. Miller, K. Elder. Thzrd Row: Dr. Curry, Prof. Lambert, K. Niehaus, D. Chalk, D. Stanforth, Dr. Vogel. Omicron Delta Kappa, a national men's honorary, rec- ognizes those men who have made outstanding contri- butions to the University in leadership, scholarship, and activities. Men wearing the ODK key are known as re- sponsible student leaders and hard workers. With Mor- tar Board the group sponsors the annual Leadership Conference, held this year at Camp Kern on the theme "Liberalism and Conservatism." The members also co- sponsor the Honor Day Convocation in May. Projects of ODK include presentation of an undergraduate schol- arship, a senior athletic award, and the fraternity schol- arship trophy, presented at fall tapping of new members. OMICRON DELTA K PP 1398 Walter Eberhardt Robert Humphreys Parke Johnson Russell Wilson 1899 Charles Adler 1900 Adna Innes 1901 Henry Bentley Andrew Hickenlooper Smith Hickenlooper 1902 Coleman Avery Hugh Bates Earl Gold Stanley Granger Edwin Hutchins Robert E. Kreimer Charles Peters William Probasco Stuart Walker 1903 Albert Baker Eustace Ball William Fillmore Edgar McCallister Harvey Shepard William Strietman 1904 Robert Buck Lester Collier Adolph Fennel Carl Gantvoort Walter Heintz Howard Jones Willie Kirkpatrick 1905 Bert Lyon Fred Mehlhope Paul Richardson Calvin Skinner Arthur Wadsworth 1906 Frank Buchanan Robert Caldwell Edward Forbes Alfred Kreimer Walter Shafer Curtis Williams Frank Wilson 1907 Edward Hurley Thomas Kite Walter Markwortb Brown McGill Robert O'Connel1 Frank Payne 1908 Merwin Aultman Norman Conway Fred F lach William Foley Bates Williams 1 909 Hayward Ackerson Ernest DuBray Fred Hooker William Kite Edward Rowe Charles Williams 1910 Ted Hundman Walter Houck 1911 Clifl' Porter Hall Aldan Hart Ralph McComas James Taylor 1912 Harry Buchanan William Hall Lesley Johnson Wm. F. Mitchell Vance Towler 1913 Richard Goettle Robert Heuck. Sr. Walter O. Hill Chester Klein John Maescber 1914 William Engdahl Chauncey Hand Jerome Howard Bert Stansbury John Sheriff Chauncey Tilden Neil Wright 1915 Leonard Baehr Arthur Gordon Norman Kohlhepp Norman Lyon 1916 Howard Behle Victor Fischbach Henry Hoppe Roy Palmer Harold Payne Harold Porter John Reece Edward Robinson Herbert Schroth 1917 William Ellis Karl Hetsch Carroll Lewis Joseph Morris, Sr. James Pease Bayle Richardson Anton Schneider 1918 Harold Altamer Walter Haehnle Herbert Jones Carl Lund Carl Markgraf William Myers Carl Rogert Millard Romaine Harold Talcott Earl Widau 1919 Howard Justice Edgar Powers Bradley Roberts Herbert Winans Francis Wright 1920 Robert Dorsey . Cornelius Petzhold Alfred Wenzel 1921 Hugh Cowen Willard Breiel Carlton Brown Carl Frey Edward Meyer Philip Meyers Cyrus Osborn 1922 Edgar Coons Chase Davies Daniel Fries Edward Gabriel Allison Ideson Arthur McClure Howard Metzger Robert Ssrvis Frederick Schierloh Wylmer Scott Edw. Stietelmeier Robert Todd Edward Wagner Randall Walker 1923 James Beaman Lewis Gregory John Harrod W. C. Havelaar Rossiter Hobbs Ellsworth Ireland Joe Linneman James Nippert Mike Palmer John Petzhold 1924- Nathan Bachman Walter Becker Ben Bryant Morton Francis John Heizer Robert Hunes Oliver Rhodes Ed Roth Erwin Wolfson 1925 Lynne Barber George Bradner Warren Marvin Anthony McAndrews Louis Nippert William Schmid Kelly Siddall 1926 Fred Berger Charles Franklin Edwin Levi James Paisley Wesley Schmid 1927 John Baohman Harry Franklin Richard Jarvis Robert Maddux 1928 Richard Bryant Arthur Ferinekohl Albert Mayer Ronald West 1929 Evan Charfield Ellis Crawford Richard Dial Daniel Earley Daniel Lawrence 1930 Charles Adams Harry Anderson Richard Bolton Thomas Clifton Donald Crone Frank Dost Richard Franz John Gayman Jack Grieshaber William Hammond Ralph Holterhoff William Nieman Frank Owens X 1931 Bradford Allin William Berwanger Harold Bohl Ralph Bursiek Frank Chandler Robert Gowdy Erle Hanson Paul Heckel Silnerius Kunz William Leach Lawrence ,Levi Carl Muth Earl Sosebe Herbert Starick Richard Steves Fred Tower 1 932 William Atkinson Herbert Brown Walter Conner Richard Dexter Duncan Frame John Griffiths Paul Grischy Arthur Hallett Phillip Heil William Hill Ed Lidssen Carlton Lunsford Louis Mendel Robert Nau David Porter Harry 'Rabe Edward Simrall Nathan Solinger Dan Tobin Alan Walsh Robert Wright 1933 Mel Bernstein Ged Brown David DeVore Robert Galbraith William Silliland Cliiiord Goldmeyer Wm. Groppenbacher Fred Hoehler Robert Johnson Kosciusko Kemper Bernard Levin Louis Levy Sofield Sidney Mullikin Leon Saler George Smith Gordon Strauss Robert White Carl Williams 1934 Carl Austing Robert Eagen Robert Hoefer George Kramer George Levengoocl Fred Pressler Donovan Sayrs Victor Strauss Walter Tuttle 1935 James Cook Harry Duncan Donald Gilbert John Hellebush William Lloyd Clyde Nau Kenneth Parker Frank Purdy William Rhame Wayne Rich Russell Towers Larry Trame Wilbur Wright 1936 Robert Bachmeyer John Findlay Jack Keefe Walter Knocke Charles Weichart Harry Wilkerson Ralph Yeager 1937 Douglas Day William Feldhaus Larry Gibboney Charles Gillett Don Caddis Robert Hauck, Jr. Charles Mileham Clifford Mueller Gordon Orr 1938 Robt. Biedenbender Milton Brooks Robert Delton Bill Ferguson Robert Kamp Bud Kelchner Frank Mollay Wes Newkirk Richard Powell Jed Small Charles Sulau 1939 Ed Alexander Roger Anderson Lloyd Gysin Joe Lowry Bill Pettit Roger Van Schoyck 1940 Sid Friedman Charles Grimm William Parchman Robert Kreimer Kenneth Pitt Marty Scheider Merrill B. Van Felt 1941 Mac Benedict Fred Caniell James Fuller Kenneth Hauck William Kelchner Ellis King Jose Morris, Jr. Lloyd O'Hara Nick Skorich Ray Virgin 1942 Richard Anderson Jack Bade John Badway Linus Haby Elbert Nickel Verne Ullom 1 945 Kenneth Guise Richard Hanford Gordon Hughmark Leonard Klusman Kenneth Miller Albert Strasser 1946 R. A. Cromer Fred Ebeling Bob Kraushar George Koch Bob Sarsfield Bill Smyth 1947 William Anderson Bert Bauer Robert Bauman Robert Fenlon D. B. Kee Dick Langenbeck George Moore Alkie Richards Irv Scharfenberger Robert Siekman Roger Stephens Jack Strubbo Brewster Sanders Bob Weber 1943 Tom Blake Charles Crozier John Fuhrman Earl Hob! Robert vHuber Orville Retzsch Floyd Shorts William Westerfeld 1949 ' Richard Dallmer Irvin Behrendt Thurman Owens Harold Johnson John Pramik George Paul Don McMillan Don Gaddis Sidney Carroll Pete St. Clair Tom Kinder Tom O'Malley Lowell Storm Robert Montgomery 1950 Robert Frith 1 Jack Tracy Nick Shundich Jim Kelly Bill Clements Jerry Friedlander Jack Laub Joe Luchi Jim Brownell 1951 William Smart Ralph Staub Lee Haslinger Jim Holstein Tony Trabert Ray Campbell Jim Wuenker Bob Davis Jack Drake Ted Geier Bob Rau Frank Middendorf Tom Osterman Bob Stratton Bill McDonald Glenn Sample 1952 Ron Brill Dom Del Bene J. C. Evans Don Grammer Jim Kautz Judge A. K. Nippert John O'B'rien Bob Rain Bill Shalosky Ken Stevenson Paul Yelton John Zeigler 1953 Carl Aufdermarsh Ralph Brockmeier Marvin Cohn Barry Cors Don Fritz Dick Goist Ronald Goodfellow Gail Hersch Paul Mayer Gilbert Kinsky Jack Twyman 1954 Irish Condorodis Willis Conatser Bill Lammert Ian MacGregor Tom McCormick Joe Miller Richard Orth Erv Single Ken Wolfe 1955 Evan Adrien Bruce Amand Charles Brogdon Otto Budig Tom Gerrard John Hattendorf Gene Henninger Mike Kausch Bob Maltz Nick Nicholas Don Presley Pete Seybolt Phil Wheeler Dick Wilson Ben Yamaguchi 1956 Art Clark Matt Diana Paul Gosinger Gordon Green Wally Holzman Sig Lawson Gene Mapes Brad Perkins Ron Perkins Don Seilkop 1957 James Blakeney Mac Cato Allan Cors Ronald Couch Chuck Crumrine James Gentil Jack Hallerman James Teger Tad Achroeder Gary Wachs Donald Whipple 1958 Gil Born Jack Brinkley Dave Canary Richard Chalfin Dick Devore Gene Johnson Mike Mendenhall Don Reinhold Terry Whelan Dave Woody 1959 Dick Anstaett Ed Denk Bill Graves Carl Hagberg Robert Holzman Dick Schwab Dave Tenwick Ron Walker Jim Woodard 1960 Neal Berte Carl Boulding Jay Green Bob Hartmann Jim Hayes Jerry Leimenstoll. Alan Rosenberg Larry Willey 1961 Ken Conatser Dan Dell Ken Elder John Grafton Barry Hess Phil Santora Gus Schmidt Charles Shui? Dick Snyder Max White Ed Wolf Hoodedi Sigma Sigma members huddle before summoning new pledges at a football halftime. SIGMA SIGMA-Bottom Row: D. Tenwick, B. Hartmann, Pres.g A. Rosenberg, G. Schmidt. Second Row: M. White, E. Wolf, I. Hayes, N. Berte, D. Snyder. Third Row: L. Willey, K. Conatser, D. Dell, C. Shuif, B. Chapman, B. Hess. CONSTITUTION SINCE 1898 The name of the organization shall be Sigma Sigma. All matters transacted shall be for the good of the order and of the University of Cincinnati. This constitution shall not be amended. Q Founded at UC in 1898, Sigma Sigma is an honor soci- ety for junior and senior men. Service to the Univer- sity, participation in campus activities, character, and personality constitute the basis for selection of mem- bers. Huck Hall is the gathering place for all members, but Sigma Sigma's many events are held through- out Cincinnati. The traditional Final Gun Dance fol- lowing the UC-Miami football game, the coveted "Mr, Bearcat" award, and the Sigma Sigma Carnival, held each spring, are the favorite highlights of Sigma Sigma's program for promoting UC spirit. Tapping of new members is held at the Carnival and UC-Miami game. 0PHO '3 .pf 'M SOPHQS-Bottom Row: W. Nester, A. Rosenberg, N. McCauley, Vice Pres.g J. Siler, Pres.g J. Lewis, Treas., P. Marshall, Sec.g N. Berte. Second Row: P. DiSalvo, S. Isaac, D. Argabright, D. Itkoff, B, Miller, J. Nelson, B. Felts, S. Lieberman. Third Row: M. Doyle, G. Herfel, R Hlll, J- Hughes, J. Hayes, C. Yarbrough, J. Sayler, A. Fisgus, L. Freeman. Fourth Row: P McCleary, R. Schwartz, L. Blakeney, T. Blake, B. Chapman, B. Donohoo, B. Risch, D. Ramge, B. Starr. Men who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, potential leadership, and character are selected for Sophos at the end of their freshman year. The group originated locally in 1932 and has prospered under the guidance of its founder, Dean Joseph Holliday. The Sophos Dance, sponsored annually by the members, was held this year on December first. Bev Jones of Zeta Tau Alpha was elected Sophos Queen by male students attending the dance. Other activities of Sophos are the scholarship award to an outstanding sopho- more and service projects for the University. Supervis- ing the groupls projects is the adviser, Dean Nester. CINCINNATUS The CINCINNA TIAN proves to be a conversation piece at a Cincimmtus summer neighborhood coke party. CINCINNATUS-Bottom Row: T. Blake, J. Holliday, N. Berte, Treas.g J. Rahe, Vice Pres.g B. Hartmann, Pres.g L. Heil, Sec., I. Hayes, G. Abbott, L. Willey. Second Row: J. Picken- scher, S. Conner, R. Leimenstoll, N. Carey, B. Neel, B. Bolan, L. White, E. Bidlingmeyer, J. Benham. Third Row: S. Heil, K. Elder, K. Ferguson, I. Grafton, S. Lesh, J. Siler, P. Elliott, R. Felt, S. Allen, P. Ziegel. Fourth Row: J. Mills, G. Lewis, W. Nester, A. Fisgus, N. McCauley, D. Snyder, I. Sayler, G. Pies, M. Johnson. Fifth Row: P. McCleary, P. Marshall, L. Mueller, B. Starr, M. White, J. Lewis, P. Santora, B. Gaines, A. Rosenburg, S. Isaac. Cincinnatus Society is a University service organiza- tion, formed in 1917, and reactivated in 1952. The purpose of Cincinnatus is to maintain good student- alumni relations and to act as host to the incoming freshmen and visitors. Coke parties, Collegiate Day, University Night, and UC Open House are orientation events conducted by the Society. Cincinnatus also handles campus information booths on fall registra- tion days and tours for the World Affairs Institute. 'Students interested in joining Cincinnatus petition in the spring and are selected for membership on the basis of service to UC, personality, and interest. METRO l li 2 : If V . V 1 . . .,v Q f 5 4 if: . ri ' -mms-mvywsxwz METRO-Bottom Row: T. Allman, B. Chapman, Sec.g'B. Hartmann, Vice Pres., J. Hayes, Pres., D. Dell, Treas.g N. Berte. Second Row: B. Neel, A. Rosenberg, B. Starr, L. Willey, I. Teller, D. Snyder, M. McLaughlin. "Active All Year" is the policy of Metro, Whose mem- bers serve the University and create spirit among the students. The honorary is composed of upperclassmen who are prominent in campus activities and outstand- ing in service to their school. 4'Metro is taking at- tendance" is often heard from members of Greek groups at University convocations. Each year the Metro Spirit Award is presented to the group having the best attendance record. Metro's service activities include Dad's Day for the fathers of varsity football players and a basketball convocation. Proceeds from the annual Metro Benefit Show are given to charity. ULEX-Bottom Row: Rogers, D. Walldorff, J. Rice, T. Carinci, G. Ratterman Second Row: C. Palsey, A. Wilhelm, A. Rosenberg, A. Niti, A. Capone, E. Ness Third Row J Suess, G. Schmidt, D. Wood, C. Haft, C. Hound, H. Hound, L. Ranger, Tonto Good sportsmanship, school spirit, and above all, a sense 'of humor are prerequisites for the members of Ulex. Easily' recognized by their gunny sack suits and pails, Ulex pledges collect funds which are used to give a party for orphans. The honorary also awards trophies tooutstanding members of the varsity teams. Each spring, under an arch of sabres formed by Scabbard and Blade, sophomore women with outstand- ing records of scholastic achievement, service to the University, and potential leadership are tapped for Guidon. The honorary participates in military re- views and ushers at all the University convocations. G 'LEX UID GUIDON-Bottom Row: Mrs. Rose, Adviser, J. French, C. Kohsin, V. Rapp L White C Sullivan, B. Morris, Adviser. Second Row: J. Benham, B. Bowling, B. Triplett A Damon L. Shoemaker, G. Schirmer, C. Hanson, I . Mills, B. Woellner, B. Coghill Joyce G. Agnew Jane Bertenshaw Arthur G. Bills Carl W. Blegen Melba P. Bowers William C. Boyce Gustav G. Carlson John L. Caskey William S. Clark Herbert Curry Violet M. Diller 19 60 INITIATES Clifton Ashcraft Margaret A. Carson Arthur H. Dornbusch Jane M. Dotson Carol M. Fay Dale D. Feist 1961 INITIATES Edwin K. Annavedder Margie C. Blaney Thomas Borcherding Joyce Bothwell Clark Cook Harry Danziger Bonnie O. Dorna 1962 INITIATES Neal R. Berte Margaret Blatt Howard Bluth Barbara Ann Bowling Hal J. Busch Richard J. Christy Jack Warren Cottrell Robert W. Crandall FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE IN DELTA OF OHIO George B. Engberg Isabelle E. Fisk David C. Freytag Audrey S. Gomes Louis R. Harlan Paul Herget Charles Holiing Estelle Hunt Milan R. Karas Othilda Krug Walter C. Langsam Lesta J. Freytag Charles E. Ganote Donald T. Gordon William W. Hewett Henry F. Hoeile Marietta Ginocchio Nahida Halaby Thomas Harsham Robert Kamp Patricia Laping Melvyn Lieberman Joanne Melillo C. Larry Decker Ann Fry Norman Goldman Nina J. Gruen Hendrik Hartong, Jr. Peggy Ann Heisel Claire Hoch Lynn Jones PHI BETA K PPA Carl A. Ludeke Louis A. Lurie Walter T. McDonough William C. Mann Archimede Marni Gaylord Merriman Harry R. Muegel Milton Orchin Helen Osborne Robert O. Payne Stuart A. Safda Robert L. Ingberg Stephen R. Kimbleton S. Evonne Lorton Thomas E. Minnish Louise P. Mullikin Joyce A. Mortison William Naylor Leslye Osborn Sulema Polasky Joseph Rebholz Anna Ritterhoff Richard Sherman Toby M. Kabakoff Roslyn L. Kelly Judith Kleemann Susan Lapirow Pak-Him Louey Victor Margolis John Paul Morgan Albert F. Mulheman, J I'. George C. Schoolfield Keith Stewart Carl R. Trahman Peter Topping Martha C. Usdemir William S. Wabnitz Charles K. Weichert Harvey M. Weitkamp William R. Wright Jean Winston Helen M. Perry Zuska Polesny Jay L. Sappersteiri Charles M. Schneider Kathleen T. Statman William D. Staubitz George Soete Rose Ann Spaith Gail Spencer Karen Springmyer T. L. Eynden Joyce T. U etrecht Paul Wilson Myrna Lynn North Marie A. Proulx Nancy Strikman Seltz Judith A. Theile Gordon B. Walters Mary L. Warden Carolyn Neller Winget Ian Leonard Wolk President-P. W. Casper I st Vice President-George Engberg 2nd Vice President-Jess Bolan 3rd Vice President-Milan Karas Secretary-Treasurer-A udrey Gomes Archivist-Marjorie Gebhart Throughout the academic world Phi Beta Kappa is synonomous with the highest achievement in scholar- ship. The oldest Greek letter society in existence, Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary. Ohio Delta chapter was established in 1889. Only seniors in the top lifteen percent of their class in the College of Arts and Sciences are considered for membership in the society. Each spring new initi- ates proudly receive the society's golden key, inscribed with the motto "Philosophy, a guide to life." This year the 32 new members of Phi Beta Kappa were an- nounced in March. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA-Bottom Row: J. Schoenberger, Vice Pres.g N. Heisel, Treas.g B. Landmann, Pres.g B. Bizzarri, Sec.g M. Groen. Second Row: P. Elder, J. Ringhauser, H. Byrd, M. Arthur, B. Steelman, S. Tobin. Third Row: L. Kohl, K. Hayslip, D. Schumann, S. Somers, S. Imhotf, V. Fouts, M. Johnson. To attain membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, the freshman women's honor society, a girl must maintain a 3.5 average for the Hrst semester or both semesters of her freshman year. Members give a Smarty Party for Freshmen on the Dean's List and present an award to a senior Alpha Lambda Delta on Honoras Day. ALPHA LAMBDA DELT Phi Eta Sigma is the freshman menis scholastic hon- orary on the UC campus. A 3.5 average for both semesters of the freshman year is the prerequisite for membership. To honor all freshmen who have attained the Dean's List in their respective colleges. Phi Eta Sigma sponsors an annual smoker. PHI ETA SIGMA PHI ETA SIGMA-Bottom Row: J. Noftsger, L. Freeman, Pres.g J. Steuernagel, B. Chapman, P. Cook. Second Row: B. O'Neil, L. Goodridge, P. Marshall, M. McLaughlin, D. Chalk, R. Willins. f 'NP' 1.-'I 804 vm- Clark Aumend Clarence Avery Walter A. Baude Francis H. Bird Ralph C. Bursiek Wilbur P. Calhoun Earl C. Case David G. Davies 1960 INITIATES Stephen Bass Robert Carr James Fischer Dale Gundelfinger Gerald Harty Daniel Heineman 1961 INITIATES Stephen Austin Frederick Brienes John Brauninger Donald Decker 19 62 INITIATES Thomas Y. Allman Hugh W. Brandt Glenn B. Cooper Bruce I. Forrester James S. Freeman John J. Grad FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE IN ALPHA OF OHIO Robert E. Dillon Edith A. Elliot Norwood C. Geis John B. Goering George F. Hartman Arthur W. Holmes Milan R. Karas Dale L. Kiefer David Hoffman Helene Holtkamp Robert Hullinger Bernard Jump James Price Charles Ray David Graham James Heck Kenneth Johnson Barbara Keselowsky Jack A. Hale T. David Kintler Robert O. Kramer Rex S. Levering John L. Martin William A. Kiley John Kuhlman Kenneth E. Lambert Clara LeLievre Thomas LeLievre Wanda B. Mosbacher Frank R. Neuffer Wayne S. Overmyer Thomas Rickley Robert Riley Theresa Riley Richard Roberts James Robeson Joseph Robinson Jerome Kiley Marilyn Meyers David Nordhoff Ralph Rust William R. Naylor Robert D. Palmer Peter A. Patala Gordon G. Penning Gerald W. Pugh Herman Pfaltzgraff Leslie J. Schwallie Raleigh R. Sharrock Gordon S. Kinner Freeman F. Suagee Lloyd Valentine Heiskell B. Whaling Kenneth Wilson Wayne Schmiedeknecht Nancy Smith Carol Ann Thompson Larry Waggoner Robert Westerkamp Paul Smith William Snow Patricia Stantield Jesse Stock David D. Ramsey Terrence W. Ravenscraft Fred R. Schneider Lowell S. Sturgeon Howard D. Tumler John C. Wright President-Jerry Snow Vice President-Marilyn Meyers S ecretary-Pat S tanheld T reasurer-Dr. Robert Dillon Seniors in the upper ten per cent of their class and juniors in the upper four per cent of their class in the BETA GAMMA SIGMA College of Business Administration are eligible for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. Founded in 1913 this national honor society encourages high scholar ship among students in the business administration program and fosters high ideals in business. Faculty members may be elected to active membership and alumni who have made outstanding contributions to the profession may be elected to honorary membership The Cincinnati chapter, Alpha of Ohio, initiates new members in the fall and spring. .A .fv- ALPHA ALPHA PI-Bottom Row: M. Fogelsong, Treas.g E. Schmidt. Nursing and Health students in the upper iifth of the junior and senior classes are eligible for Alpha Alpha Pi. Selection of members is based on professional competence, leadership, and scholarship. In keeping with its objective of promoting high standards in nurs- ing, the group honors the outstanding freshman nurse. Education 'majors having an accumulative average of 3.0 or higher are eligible for Kappa Delta Pi in their junior or senior year. Proper professional attitude is also a factor considered in prospective members. The initiation of pledges in the spring is climaxed by the Spring Banquet, held jointly with the alumni. 'W J. Bever, Pres.g P. Cook, Sec.g ALPHA ALPHA PI K PPA DELTA PI KAPPA DELTA PI-Bottom Row: M. Schere, Sec.g R. Leimenstoll, Pres.g M. Schomburg, Treas. Second Row: I. Singleton, K. Holt, B. Camp, V. Foster, T. Turner, Vice Pres. 52 'V 1 SAN g -.Q ,-N PI TAU SIGMA-Bottom Row: L. Strine, T. Petry, Vice Pres.g I. Rose, Pres., E. Rollman. Second Row: J. Sherlock, P. Colegrove, R. Warner, W. Kunz, R. Will, W. Niemeyer. Pi Tau Sigma, a national mechanical engineering hon- orary, bases its membership selection on engineering PI T A ability, scholarship, and character. Spring and fall ini- tiation, tours through local industries, the spring banquet, and an award to the outstanding mechanical engineering sophomore are among the group's activities. PI TAU SIGMA-Bottom Row: D. Evans, Corr. Sec.g J. Hasz, Rec. Sec.g B. Keeling, Treas.g G. Denman. Second Row: D. Pitocco, D. Conaway, R. Henke, B. Kramer, T. Epley. TAU BETA PI-Bottom Row: R. Shafer, B. Starr, Treas.g D. Chalk, Vice Pres., R. Willins, Corr. Sec.g J. Steuernagel. Second Row: D. Kolb, R. Lang, T. Dixon, B. Chapman, J. Noftsger. Third Row: J. Murphy, B. Keeling, G. Denman, P. Cook, W. Goddard. Tau Beta Pi is composed of engineering students in the top eighth of the junior class and the upper fifth of the senior class. In addition to annual events, T U A Ohio Beta chapter sponsored the national Tau Beta , Pi Convention which national oiiicers and delegates from over one hundred collegiate chapters attended, TAU BETA PI-Bottom Row: J. Boggs, L. White, D. DaHinden, Rec. Sec., E. Rollman, L Sisson, J. Sherlock. Second Row: D. Evans, S. Gilby, E. Goodrich, L. McCune, D. Donald R. Will, J. McDone1, T. Whaley, J. Westrick. Third Row: R. Stanforth, J. Fanger, R. Henke I. Rose, R. Casteel, K. Burgess, D. Barr, D. Chatfield, W. Kunz. 21 T 3 T 3 is - iz! ' . Q. K 3... 3-e zftmf 4 -pd" 'gf ETA KAPPA NU-Bottom Row: J. Noftsger, Rec. Sec., P. Cook, Treas.g J. Murphy, Vice Pres.g W. Goddard, Corr. Sec. Second Row: C. Hill, E. Lowe, L. Weaver, J. Robison. Eta Kappa Nu is an honorary electrical engineering fraternity whose members have demonstrated outstand- ETA K A ing ability in their profession. Each year the frater- nity presents an award to the outstanding sophomore electrical engineering 'student and honors a distin- guished professional engineer who graduated from UC. CHI EP ILO In 1950 the Cincinnati chapter of Chi Epsilon was founded in order to supplement the training of suc- cessful civil engineers. The chapter is composed of members from the top sixth of the junior class and upper third of the senior class. This year initiation was held in January at the Kemper Lane Hotel. A CHI EPSILON-Bottom Row: R. Lang, Vice Pres.3 D. Kolb, Sec. H -- ' Second Row: D. Bumb, L. Palmer, Adviser, B. Starr. DELTA PHI DELTA-Bottom Row: F. Dost, J. Hayes, P. Connolly, Pres., C. Crossen, Sec. B. Wulff, Treas., J. Lightner, G. Cooke. Second Row: C. Collins, L. Tarpin, D. Meece, I Gaynor, J. Holshoy, S. Landt, A. Willman, J. Price. Third Row: T. Fehr, G. Harley, C Kuwatch, C. Busener, N. Ahrat, K. Keiser, S. Wiegand, S. Sasser. Fourth Row: R. Berger, B O'Neil, C. Simmons, G. Rofopoulos, R. Radford, J. Brust, J. Goodling, M. Pinto, P. Brookshire To promote the arts, recognize scholarship and pro- fessional ability, and foster friendship with those of similar interests are the objectives of Delta Phi Delta. A A This honorary art fraternity annually sponsors a ' , Union Christmas Sale where articles ranging from ceramics to original Christmas cards are sold. DELTA PHI DELTA-Bottom Row: S. Lesh, B. Fisher, M. Wilkie, Corr. Sec., G. Daub Vice Pres., H. Wine, Rec. Sec., S. Bloom. Second Row: A. Stith, J. Threm, I. Ballard, T Schumacher, J. Rowan, N. Updike, C. Hulbert. Third Row: M. McMullen, J. Swedes, J Brown, J. Tener, A. Kattman, W. Duchek, J. Glatting. a JU IOR ADVISERS JUNIOR ADVISERS-Bottom Row: J. Mills, A. Stuart, J. Bockhorst, C. Hanson, Chair.g I. Norton, P. Moenster, M. McCann, B. Shure. Second Row: K. Bennett, P. Richards, B. Byrns, B. Browne, B. Thayer, C. Watanabe, L. Glassman, E. Bidlingmeyer, J. Benham. Third Row: B. Triplett, J. Diers, A. Meyer, C. McLaughlin, R. Gallagher, B. Woellner, L. Calvin, S. Conner, J. Fickenscher, E. Betz. Fourth Row: J. Maschmeyer, E. Herbert, C. Kohsin, L. Kohl, J. Woodcock, L. White, B. Schwarz, M. Schuerman, G. Marioni, S. Korn. Fifth Row: L. Shoe- maker, M. Sweet, I. Gard, C. Munger, S. Schwarz, E. Hackman, P. Heitz, K. Hayslip, I. Stephenson, C. Conrad, C. Bertsche. To acquaint freshmen women with the activities and functions on the UC campus is the purpose of Junior Advisers. Qualified freshman and sophomore women are selected in the spring to enter the Junior Adviser's training program, which is planned in advance by for- mer advisers and the Dean of Womenis Oflice. Fresh- men meet their advisers on Orientation Day and con- tinue to meet on a weekly basis for one month. At these meetings UC organizations, activities, social standards, and scholarship are discussed. Each year the freshmen undertake a fashion show. Selection of new advisers is the group's final function. NIE 'S ADVI ORY COUNClL MEN'S ADVISORY-Bottom Row: R. Nugent, M. McLaughlin, G. Scheuernstuhl, P. Santora J. Hayes, J. Scully, Adviser, S. Shuster, L. Mueller, B. Chapman. Second Row: G. Armstrong M. Doyle, M. Hayes, R. Muckenfuss, B. Davidson, N. Sanford, B. Broen, P. McKittrick, D Itkoff, D. Washburn, N. Berte. Third Row: S. Isaac, M. White, B. Gaines, P. DiSalvo, R Elmore, G. Pies, K. Smith, J. Ames, T. Fisher, D. Fulk. Fourth Row: J. Hughes, B. Bentz R. Crandall, R. Irvin, D. Oberlin, J. Lewis, J. Pitstick, J. Comer, D. Beineke, H. Busch, B O'Neil, S. Fountain. Fifth Row: L. Willey, P. McCleary, P. Marshall, R. Lane, H. Krueger A. Wilson, S. Niswonger, D. Mileham, D. Ramge, J. Tyler, D. Marsh, J. Evans. Helping freshman men make a successful transition from a high school to a college atmosphere is the function of the Men's Advisory Council. Each fresh- man meets With his advisory group, composed of men from the same college, for informal discussion of the problems in adjusting to college life. The adviser in- forms his group of UC traditions, scholastic require- ments, and campus social conduct. Since the job of an adviser entails great responsibility, only upperclassmen who have maintained high scholarship and have evi- denced an interest in the University are selected. The new advisers attend a training session in the fall 7 DEPARTMENTAL AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIGNS DELTA SIGMA PI-L. Oliverio, Sec., B. Forrester, Vice Pres., D. Muir, Pres., R. Zimmer- ' man, R. Haley, Treas. Second Row: G. Doyle, R. Campbell, C. Longini, G. Hendricks, F. Dietrich. Third Row: W. Evans, M. Schloss, I. Glazer, R. Chace, M. Offutt. DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi, international fraternity in the field of business and commerce, was founded on the UC campus in 1924. Its primary purposes are to foster the study of business in universities and to promote high standards of commercial ethics. Delta Sig's annual professional activities include a tour ofthe Ford Motor Company, a tour of the greater Cincinnati Airport, instruction in the use of IBM high speed computers, and speeches by prominent Cincinnati business and professional men. Annual social events of Delta Sigma Pi include Founder's Day Dance in the fall, the Rose Dance in the spring, and a picnic in June. PI CHI EPSILON-Bottom Row: L. Cahill, P. Stanfield. Second Row: S. Fels, S. Mills, S. Fels. Pi Chi Epsilon serves to stimulate the interest and enthusiasm of junior and senior Women in the fields of business administration and engineering. Annually the group gives a Strawberry Breakfast for all busi- A ness administration senior Women, and a scholarship to a freshman girl in the field. Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary-professional account- V ing fraternity, was established at UC in 1955 to pro- mote the profession of accounting and its standards. ' Meetings provide a forum for discussion of the field P of accounting among students, instructors, and pro- ' fessional men in the Cincinnati area. BETA ALPHA PSI-Bottom Row: M. Treon, T reas.g W. Metzner, Vice Pres.g T. Lammert, Pres., R. Rubin, Corr. Sec.g K. Lambert, Vice Pres. Second Row: L. Freeman, I. Kyle, A. Jordan, H. Tate, J. Snow, F. Rothacker. Third Row: J. Wright, S. Kahn, M. Rose, J. Sedgwick, M. Davis, D. Decker. , X 'ff ALPHA KAPPA PSI-Bottom Row: R. Rubin, H. Frost, Sec., F. Breines, Pres., I. Bland, Vice Pres., R. DeLon. Second Row: W. Jacobs, E. Freeman, J. Allen, M. Zipes, M. Davis. Tlzzrd Row: I. Burns, C. Capron, S. Raine, B. Brenner, J. Wright. A professional fraternity for upperclassmen in Busi- ness Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi affords its K A P I members an opportunity to further investigate the realm of business. This year Eta chapter presented a well planned program at which speakers discussed various phases of business operation. As its second national award for highest increase in membership indicates, the Society for the Advancement of Management provides a stimulating program for bus- iness students interested in learning management skills. Close contact with local businessmen and industry is responsible for the success of SAM on this campus. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT--Bottom Row: Dr. Gore, Adviser, C. Faneuff, Treas.g I. Burns, Sec.g J. Brehm, Pres., W. Jacobs, D. Mast, S. Klee. Second Row: D. Allen, D. Ramanathan, M. Zipes, S. Wormser, N. Humphries, B. Zerkle, R. Reed, J. Dailey. Third Row: B. Kim, C. Capron, W. Peak, D. Aukerman, D. Hawthorne, R. Borst, J. McDonald, L. Oliverio. Fourth Row: R. Chace, W. Oliverio, F. Herschede, T. Lammert, W. Moll, C. Sandberg, D. Urton, J. Scott. ALPHA CHI SIGMA-Bottom Row: R. Rodefeld, C. Wehrfritz, Treas.g R. Willins, Pres., T. Becker, Vice Pres.g D. Seifert, Rec. Sec. Second Row: M. Richman, L. Engel, D. Wenner, T. Leonard, D. Chalk. Third Row: B. Meyer, R. Deddens, D. Vieth, R. Shafer, E. Burkett. The student branch of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers provides technical discussions on problems of interest to students in the chemical and metallurgical engineering programs. In addition to Weekly meetings the group participates in guidance programs and a career symposium for seniors. Advancement of the professions of chemistry and chemical engineering is the goal of Alpha Chi Sigma fraternity. Alpha Delta Chapter sponsors an annual Christmas dance, picnics, and bowling parties. In addi- tion, Alpha Chi Sigma presents an award each year to the outstanding freshman in chemical engineering. ALPHA CHI SIGM .l.CH.E. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS-Bottom Row: R. Shafer, P. Hemker, B. Deddens, Treas.g C. Zimmerman, D. Vieth, W. Wells, Chair.g C. Stuewe. Second Row: T. Dixon, J. Deam, P. Russo, D. Haughaboo, G. Reynolds, W. Eister, G. Copen, M. Rorick. Third Row: R. Willins, D. Chalk, C. Wehrfritz, R. Rodefeld, T. Leonard, G. Gandee, Sc D. Seifert, L. Moody. Fourth Row: I. Wiehe, R. Fay, L. Wise, B. Meyer, I. Steuernagel, I. hroy, B. Chapman, E. Burkett. l:fi'4l 1 Z, I . ..,ct ' AMERICAN SOCIETY OF METALS-L. Sarver, Sec., R. Williams, Treas.g D. Veeth, J. Bartol, Pres.g A. Cedilote. Metallurgical engineers lind an informal atmosphere to Widen their knowledge and meet their fellow stu- dents in the American Society of Metals. Trips to industrial sites, lectures, and Hlms are all in the OF UC metals club agenda, aiding its members in fur- thering their technical and social interests. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF METALS-Bottom Row: D. Chatiield, Chair.g J. Roherts, Sec.g S. Gllby, W. Tholke, Adviser. Second Row: W. Wells, B. Lee, G. Springer, N. W11ey. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS-Bottom Row: D. Barr, A. Balph, Sec. R. Stanforth, Pres.g T. Swartebaugh, Vice Pres., R. Will, Treas.g T. Whaley. Second Row: J Lathrop, R. Block, A. Gaskill, T. Sehwiers, R. Thomas, C. Sage, W. Kirby. Third Row J. Westrick, J. Hathaway, G. Whipple, J. Gant, W. Ford, L. Hill, T. Lifer, D. Lower. At the sectional meetings of the American Society of CUE' t' fl l'dtd'- C5221 IIEEZIYSZSICEIZZZE Zwieocivifaenglniiffg 155. AMERICAN SOCIETY ' h bl' ' f . fifiifniiafifiiffI.1C5521ISCESSEIEIHZVZZEISTZ, 0E CIVIL ENGINEER and various social functions throughout the year. . AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS-Bottom Row: J. Hayes, C. Dial, Sec., G. Scheuernstuhl, Vice Pres.g R. Lang, Treas.g R. Cromwell. Second Row: R. Swisshelm, I. Gilmore, D. Kolb, N. Brookhart, H. Newhouse. Third Row: I. Lestyk, D. Warrener, B. Starr, I. Tonweber, R. VonFange, J. Jacob. 'Q . ' I 5 l Vg- .T I , . i A - I I I len E' AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS-Bottom Row: W. Kunz, D. Evans, Chair., J. Hasz, Treas.g I. Sherlock, Sec.g P. Colegrove. Second Row: L. Strine, J. Wells, W. Niemeyer, R. Jacobs, R. Snyder. Third Row: R. Will, T. Petry, F. Wrenn, J. Rose, E. Rollman, R. Warner. Open to all students in good standing in the Mechan- . . . , h A ERICA SOClETY 0F E..i?5Zit1?S3ZtSfOE llieioiliiil fnfilfilf ZEESQVZIZ ' ' h f h ' - MECH NICAL ENGINEERS lisifflallt Zliiliillihifs TEZiEZS?3.?ZftZFOQf.?,PIE. society sponsors sectional parties and a spring picnic. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS-Bottom R0w.' D. Wilson, W. Hiott, Corr. Sec., P. Dressing, Treas.g D. Duritsch, Chair., G. Denman, Rec. Sec., B. Keeling. Second Row: A. Easterling, M. Claggett, M. Hamilton, W. Haberman, A. Iaisle, E. Warwick, N. Pitocco, D. Gwin. Third Row: N. Norkaitis, D. Watson, H. Wise, W. Clendenin, K. Brill, R. Henl-ce, G. Puening, D. Beverly, H. Creece. The American Institute of AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS-INSTITUTE OF RADIO EN- GINEERS-Bottom Row: J. Boehm, Treas.g J. Fanger, IRE Sec., J. LaVallee, AIEE Sec., D Driver, Chair., D. Prager, R. King. Second Row.' G. Bell, L. Sisson, E. Corwin, M. Evers L. Hyer, J. Michel, J. Straub. Third Row: J. Jansen, D. Bunger, W. Wagoner, L. White, S Mraovich, D. Nieman, K. Burgess, H. Irick. Electrical Engineers-Insti- tute of Radio Engineers provides information on ca- reers in these two fields. The institute's program con- sists of movies, lectures, a graduate school symposium and senior thesis panel meetings. Providing recre- ation for the members are the section change parties AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS INSTITUTE OF RADIO EN GINEERS-Bottom Row: J. Nelson, D. Zevan, P. Listerman, IRE Sec., P. Cook, Chair., W. Goddard, C. Hill, AIEE Sec. Second Row: J. Robison, T. Clem, I. Murphy, I. Roberts, J. Smelker, J. Noftsger, D. Buechler. Third Row: E. Lowe, T. Woll, M. Barker, J. VanDyke, J. Jacobs, B. Heile, J. Lampe, D. Roscoe. 3 . r P ""'5 N all NJ SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS-Bottom Row: T. Aultz, F. Yauch, Treas. Second Row: I. Avner, G. Bacon, D. Remke. OCIETY 0E AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS The Society of Automotive Engineers is an organiza- tion for those interested in the research, design, and production of vehicles. SAE's activities include spon- soring an essay contest on automotive engineering, a gas mileage run in cooperation with Tresler Oil Company, and inspection tours of local industries. SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS-Bottom Row: I. Peters, S. Shafer, Vice Pres.g N. Adams, Pres., T. Nast, Sec.g B. Schnyder, Treas. Second Row: R. Snyder, D. Lee, T. I ohani, J. Trudicks, B. Bishop, D. Turner. INSTITUTE OF AEROSPACE SCIENCES-Bottom Row: J. Garrison, J. McDonel, Chair. E. Goodrich, Treas.g D. Bowser. Second Row: J. Collier, M. Schira, W. Moyer, R. Lawrence S. Powers, R. Guile. The society for engineers, designers, and technical specialists in the field of aviation is the Institute of Aerospace Sciences. The objective of the student chapter is to acquaint the student with recent de- velopments in the lield through lectures, films, and E field trips to aviation industries. INSTITUTE OF AEROSPACE SCIENCES-Bottom Row: F. George, Treas.g R. Berke, Chair., M. Ashcraft. Second Row: T. Rebbin, I. Crittenden, B. Arend. . 1 .. l I I ll! l 1 3 .I 2 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION-Bottom Row.' L. Shoemaker, A. Lich- tenberg, C. Raforth, F. Silberstein, Vice Pres., J. Hughes, Pres., C. Swisher, Adviser, V Stitzel, Sec.-Treas., L. Dunham, C. Trapp. Second Row: M. Owens, V. Brown, P. Krombach M. Lowenthal, J. Lance, B. Koch, J. Raeder, S. Reed, J. Neckel. Third Row: G. Ratzman J. Youngblood, P. Durbin, E. Mass, M. Brown, W. O'Keefe, L. Pavloif, W. Anderson, I Geoppinger, H. Poessel. Fourth Row.' J. Strickmeyer, D. Ocleck, E. Walker, R. Irvin, J Jansen, N. Macoudor, B. Hagan, B. Brower, R. Hickman, J. Cole, I. Simkins. Fifth Row B. Kreyling, R. Tole, W. Shearer, J. Holtel, J. Budde, I. Murphy, J. Evans, V. Cable, M Edwards, D. Blettner. Sixth Row: D. Bawen, M. Schepman, G. Spencer, W. Crawford, G Shrive, D. Harrington, T. Duvall, D. Schneider, D. Meadows, P. McQuain. A. PH. A. K PPA EPSILON Founded at UC in 1949, Kappa Epsilon is a profes- sional pharmaceutical sorority. Rho chapter is active in promoting high scholarship, cooperating with the fac- ulty of the college, and providing social events for the enjoyment of its members. Each year the group presents an award to the outstanding sophomore in Pharmacy. The many activities of the student branch of the Amer- ican Pharmacy Association are designed to create greater interest in the profession of pharmacy. Pub- lication of the pharmacy newsletter and open houses during Pharmacy week and on High School night are annual projects of the association's members. KAPPA EPSILON-Bottom Row: L. Shoemaker, Vice Pres., I. Lance, Sec., A. Lichtenberg, Pres., C. Trapp, Treas., J. Raeder. Second Row.' S. Rud, B. Koch, L. Dunham, M. Lowenthal, P. Krombach, V. Brown. KAPPA P I KAPPA PSI-Bottom Row: G. Spencer, C. Rafoth, Sec., R. Hickman, Vice Pres., W. Ander- son, Pres.g R. Irvin, Treas., P. Spaccarelli, I. Weaver, Adviser. Second Row: R. Blankenbuchler, W. O'Keefe, J. Geoppinser, M. Brown, I. Jansen, I. Strickmeyer, J. Simkins, B. Hagan. Third Row: D. Bowen, N. Macondas, B. Kreyling, M. Schepman, I. Hughes, D. Blettner, M. Edwards, I. Cole. Fourth Row: D. Meadows, P. McQuain, R. DuVa1l, W. Crawford, D. Harrington, D. Gackouheimer, G. Shrive, V. Stitzel, V. Cable. To promote the ideals of pharmacy, to practice fel- lowship, and to foster scholarship and pharmaceutical research are the goals of Beta Phi chapter of Kappa Psi, a national pharmaceutical fraternity. In keeping with these objectives the group provides a means for the exchange of ideas and information. Question and answer seminars, smokers, the Christmas dance, spring formal, and initiation banquet unite the members socially and professionally. Gifts of textbooks, food for needy families, and awards to outstanding phar- macy students are service projects of the fraternity. 43- 1'1" 'VT' 7D- 'V' 'iffy' CO-EP CLUB-Bottom Row: M. Schimpff, Treas., J. Huston, Pres., D. Topper, Vice Pres. Second Row: M. Hauck, C. Steinbach, L. Olson, Sec., C. Bonnell. CO-EP LUB NATIONAL SOCIETY OF I TERIOR DECORATORS Providing social fellowship for women in the colleges of Engineering, Applied Arts, and Business Adminis- tration is the function of Co-ep Club. Founded on the UC campus in 1920, the club plans various activities at informal meetings. Among the group's social func- tions are card parties, swimming and skating parties. The UC chapter of the National Society of Interior Decorators is open to all students in the College of De- sign, Art, and Architecture. Acquainting members with representatives of the decorating profession by providing field trips in the tri-state area is the funda- mental purpose of the society. NATIONAL SOCIETY OF INTERIOR DECORATORS-Bottom Row: J. Brown, T. O'Brien, J. Mundy, Treas.g D. Ashe, Chrm. of Bd., T. Dewey, Pres., I. Sukedes, Sec. Second Row: M. Stoppleman, N. Bodenheimer, J. Young, S. Lantt, H. Wine. Third Row: I. Kattman, R. Meede, K, Elliott, M. Richer, R. Schultz, W. Greeman. Fourth Row: G. Smith, Adviser, D. Accito, Adviser, G. Hart, Adviser. ASSOCIATION OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS-Bottom Row L Miller Corr Ses B Fisher Vice Pres., F. Dost, Pres., H. Wine, Treas.g D. Crossen, Rec Sec Second Row I Masten T. Schumacher, B. Brown, M. McMullen, M. Bartlow, S. Landt M Pinto Thud Row R Schultz, G. Koch, C. Busener, I. Brown, R. Berger, D. Marsh W Freeman At monthly meetings of the Association of Interior Designers well known speakers from the Cincinnati area discuss various problems encountered in the de- signing profession. By providing a forum for discus- sion of new ideas in the field, the association seeks to interest students in designing careers. The University of Cincinnati chapter of the Indus- trial Design Institute provides additional educational material to students interested in careers in indus- trial design. Meetings feature symposiums and lively student debate on design problems. Design seminars and a Christmas display are projects of the group. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN INSTITUTE-Bottom Row: R. Guernsey S Bloom Pres Bollinger, D. Zeigler. Second Row: H. DeBahn, I. Luenberger R Whipperman S Waechter T. Binzer, D. Laughridge. ARETE-Bottom Row D Ring L Glassman, M. Patterson, Sec., C. Watanabe, Vice Pres., M Adler Pres I Bischoff Treas Second Row: S. Abbott, I. Dreskin, C. Burton, I. Rolfert, M Pleasants C Naish S Mayer Third Row: R. Morgan, P. Punch, P. Turner, J. Rabe, C. Arete emphasizes development of a professional atti- tude in Women majoring in physical and health educa- tion. This year found members enjoying activities in the new ubumming room" in the remodeled Women's Gym Building. Traditional activities include the Mother- Daughter Banquet and the Christmas and spring parties. The Home Economics Club is composed of two repre- sentatives from each of the college's four areas of con- centration: child developmentg textiles, clothing, and business, food and nutritiong and teachers' education. The program of the club is highlighted by the Spring Fashion Show and a Senior Mother-Daughter Tea. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Bottom Row: C. Coyne, C. Sandman, Treas.g J. Parkins, Pres.g R Leimenstoll S McCoy Second Row: W. Mattox, R. Barth, C. Prendergast, R. Heisler, I. Hock T hzzd Row M Wessel S Korn, C. Goetz, L. Jackson, C. Hollaendar, P. Alloy. KINDERGARTEN PRIMARY CLUB-Bottom Row: A. Manney, Adviser, N. Riehle, J. Weise, Treas.g J. McGuinness, Pres., J. Byers, B. Warthen, Sec. Second Row: L. Roth, S. Sondergelt, A. Bullock, J. Klappert, S. Hillman, J. Hathorn. Third Row: K. Rockhold, M. Tracy, P. Genung, G. Latham, J. Woods, J. Vennemeyer, J. Greenfield. To prepare future teachers to understand and meet the needs of young children in the classroom is the goal of the Kindergarten-Primary Club, a student branch of the National Association for Childhood Educa- tion. KP meetings vary from panel discussions and idea sessions to informal lectures by faculty members. Secondary-Elementary Club strives to develop proh fessional attitudes in its members, improve student- faculty relationships, and familiarize members with typical problems in education. Serving also as a social organization, SE Club fosters new friend- ships through luncheons and philanthropic projects. KI DERGARTE - PRI RY CLUB ECO DAEY - ELEMENTARY CL E SECONDARY-ELEMENTARY CLUB-Bottom Row: N. Howe, C. Sullivan, Treas.g E. Kartye, Pres., . Blackburn, Vice Pres., B. Meckstroth, Corr. Sec.. Second Row: H. Schroeder, E. Hackman, N. Johnson, E. Marsh, B. Triplett, C. McLaughlin. -09" 'Q I I a 1 ., x L 'Y F A l r i L 'l PHI EPSILON KAPPA-Bottom Row: B. Ware, R. Munz, R. Loebker, Pres.g J. Stacey, Vice Pres.g T. Farrell, B. Lucy. Second Row: J. Mahan, B. Faul, F. Shaut, D. Six, J. Glensman, J. Faul, L. Mullins, T. Chambers. PHI EP ILO KAPP TUDENT NURSES ORGA IZATIO Any male student majoring in physical or health edu- cation, with the required grade average, is eligible for membership in Phi Epsilon Kappa, a national fra- ternity. The group serves as a service organization by taking underprivileged children to UC athletic events. Alumni host visiting teams at the Bearcat games. Open to all nursing students, the UC Student Nurses Organization seeks to develop leadership potential and create interest in the profession of nursing. Bi- monthly meetings feature speakers from many Helds of nursing. Members are also making preparations for the State Convention of SNO to be held in Cincinnati. STUDENT NURSES ORGANIZATION-Bottom Row: L. Reif, B. Miller, C. Reynolds, Pres., A. Cook, Sec. Second Row: S. Johnson, B. Rogers, B. Lever, L. Tyson, J. Kreider. CADUCEA-Bottom Row: M. Wilhelms, E. Stuebing, Vice Pres., A. Weiss, Pres.g J. Frey Sec., A. Plohr. Second Row: K. Lutterbei, I. Gallagher, T. Barker, Treas.g T. Solomon, M Kundrat. Third Row: S. Greenert, N. Cline, P. Hock, J. Bast, L. Burroughs, J. Burkhart. A local organization for pre-medical students, Cadu- cea endeavors to stimulate interest in the study of medicine and to promote understanding between stu- dents and faculty. In addition to monthly meetings Caducea sponsors social events including a Christmas party and a picnic. The varied program of this newly formed club fea- tures speakers from the UC department of English. In an endeavor to stimulate the creative talents of its members the club frequently has student speak- ers. The highlight of this year was an informal meet- ing with the 1962 UC Elliston Poet, John Press. C DUCEA ENGLISH CLUB ENGLISH CLUB-Bottom Row: J. Robinson, Adviser, S. Fox, Sec., K. Crauder, Pres., P Meyer, Treas. Second Row: W. Butt, J. Hill, D. Dreidame, T. Niehaus. Ken Elder, corresponding secretary Jan Mills, recording secretary Judy French, vice president Glenn Cooper, president Kent Mergler, treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL-Bottom Row: K. Mergler, Treas.g J. Mills, Sec.g G. Cooper, Pres.g I. Hayes, K. Elder, Corr. Sec. Second Row: S. Lieberman, M. McCann, J. Krieg, I. Grafton, L. Thielen, L. Kissel. Third Row: E. Voss, N. McCauley, B. Gaines, T. Petry, R. Seifried, T. TUDE T COU CIL It is the purpose of Student Council to supervise ac- tivities within its scope and to coordinate student affairs for the welfare of the University. In the spring council members are elected from all colleges to rep- resent student viewpoints at bi-weekly meetings. To the various committees of Student Council are dele- gated duties which cannot be efliciently handled by a large group. Among these are the Budget committee and the Grievance and Suggestion committee. In its second year as a branch of the Student Council is the Student Court, composed of students from UC's law school, who handle disputes over driving and ID card violations. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS It is the difficult task of the Sophomore Class officers to unite class members from the various colleges and to carefully plan and organize activities for the enjoyment of all students. A traditional event on the UC campus is the Sophomore Class Mum Sale. Committees appointed by the class oiiicers purchase the mums and make corsages, which are sold to stu- dents and faculty for the UC-Miami football game. This year the sophomores also sponsored a Wash- ingtonls Birthday Blast for all members of the class. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS-Seated: D. Range, Pres. Standing: S. Tobin, Vice Pres.5 A. Fisgus, Treas.g B. Schafer, Sec. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-R. Hill, Pres. Seated: S. Pathe, Vice Pres I Siler Treas T. Sillman, Sec. ' Endeavoring to increase class spirit and participation in class functions, this year's Junior Class officers planned an ambitious program. March 3rd marked the occasion of the annual junior class party. Intensive planning resulted in an enjoyable time for all who at- tended the Sock Hop. The traditional Junior Prom was held this year on May 18th. Arrangements for the Prom were made by various committees composed of juniors appointed by the class officers. Plans were also being made for a service project for the University. .lUNIOR CLASS 0FFlCERS Y Caroline Mu sfef ,vice president Neal Berte, president Ann Fry, secretary - Jerry Rose, treasurer The Senior Class officers are responsible for plan- ning and coordinating the many activities in which the seniors participate. Assisting the oiiicers is the Senior Class Executive Council, composed of senior student leaders. Selection of a class project and the planning of senior Week topped the agenda at meetings of the OmCCI'S and the council. Traditional activities of senior week included the prom, an all-day picnic at Coney Island, and the senior banquet. A class picnic was also held in May in neighboring Burnet Woods. ""+v . - B SENIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE COUNCILfB0ttom Row. N. Taylor C Traut P Elhot Warthen, R. Leimenstoll. Second Row: M. ZIPGS, P. Hexsel, R. BIOWII J Teller C Demakes ASSOClATl0N OF W0lVlEN STUDE T ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS-Bottom Row: J. Shinkle, C. Coyne, Corr. Sec.g B. Moeller, Vice Pres., G. Abbott, Pres., L. White, Rec. Sec.g B. Thayer, Treas. Second Row: C, Stein, C. Watanabe, R. Heisler, E. Ringwald, J. Byers. Third Row: J. Hock, S. Mayer, N. Fichman, C. McLaughlin, S. Korn, J. Lewis. Fourth Row: K. England, J. Rahe, C. Sullivan, J. Bockhorst, M. Sweet, L. Shormaker, L. Schaffner. The Association of Women Students is the governing and co-ordinating body for all UC women. Its council consists of representatives from the colleges and from organizations having a minimum of 40? women mem- bers. In its efforts to encourage education and good cit- izenship the newly formed service committee sponsors several projects. Among these are the Senior Women's Strawberry Breakfast, Kampus King Dance, and a pro- gram during Religious Emphasis Week. A.W.S. contri- butes to Freshmen Orientation through its Junior Ad- viser program. The Association's Residence Hall Com- mittee plans uniform rules for women's housing units. ARTS 8z SCIENCES TRIBUNAL-Bottom Row: A. Devlns Treas P Cholak Pres M Johnson, Sec. Second Row: T. Slllman, T. Williams, T. Barker Vice Pres P Helsel D Hartig The student government of the College of Arts and Sciences is the Arts and Sciences Tribunal. Regu- lation and coordination of all the college's activi- ties is the tribunal's function. Social events spon- sored by the group are the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas Open Houses for all A818 students. Assisting in promoting student activities and regu- lating events within the college is the function of the Business Administration Tribunal. Participation in the collegeis Orientation Day and Collegiate Day are also duties of the tribunal. The members annu- ally sponsor the Bus Ad Dance and a senior banquet. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION TRIBUNAL-Bottom Ron W North Treas P Sayler P. McCleary, Pres.g D. Mileham, Vice Pres.g B. Volz, B. Kock Sec Second Row D Zeff D Arganbright, T. Seifert, W. Marshall, R. Elmore, I. Bruckmeyer A Malman -at u-4' DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE AND ,ART TRIBUNAL-Bottom R0w.' E. Woliiey, Adviser, P. Brookshire, Vice Pres., S. Baxter, Pres., J. Lehman, Sec., S. Shuster, Treas. Second Row: C. Freyer, I. Sparks, W. Freeman, D. Lockwood, D. Karem, R. Metzger, P. Bow. DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, A D ART TRIRUNAL HOME ECO 0lVlIC ATRIBU AE The Design, Art, and Architecture Tribunal coor- dinates the student activities of the DAA College. In addition to its governmental responsibilities the DAA Tribunal plans a number of social events for the benefit of the college. These include the annual Christmas egg-nog party and the Beaux Arts Ball. Composed of elected representatives from each class, the Home Economics Tribunal regulates student ac- tivities in the College of Home Economics. Included on the tribunal's annual program are Career Night for high school students interested in the college's program and a luncheon for graduating seniors. HOME ECONOMICS TRIBUNAL-Bottom Row: C. Coyne, R. Leimenstoll, Pres.g S. Korn, greagdlgl. Wessel, Sec. Second Row: C. Gregersen, P. Alloy, A. Hudnall, Adviserg N, Orcutt, . a ux. EDUCATIO TRIBUNAL EDUCATIONAL TRTBUNAL-Bottom Row: E. Betz, Sec.g C. Traut, Pres.g L. Glassman, Sec.g M. McCann, Vice Pres. Second Row: J. Hathorn, B. Ware, B. Coghill, Treas.g P. Foertsch, B. Woellner, M. Bross. Advising and promoting the various organizations and activities of the college are among the responsi- bilities of the Education Tribunal. The tribunal sponl sors many functions to create better student-faculty relationships -and further student interest in the col- lege programs. Annual events include the Christmas Tea, the Faculty Luncheon, a retreat for all tribunal members, and a banquet honoring graduating seniors. The tribunal is also active in stimulating interest in educational careers among prospective UC students. For this purpose members participate in Collegiate Day and sponsor programs for future teachers. x . i .? Q . ,E , ' if n s ' 2 ,V . , . - 3 f 2 5 ' i ' 5 . I .V I Q' " e f' ,aw i "' 1' i' . 5 ...., ENGINEERING TRIBUNAL-Bottom Row: G. Slater, Sec.g B. Broen, Pres.g J. Taylor, Treas. Second Row: J. Coy, P. Miller, D. Vieth, G. Scheuernatuhl, W. Wells. Acting as a liaison between the administration and the student body of the College of Engineering is the Engineering Tribunal. Each class is represented on the tribunal, which coordinates all student activities G Within the various departments of the college. An- nually the tribunal sponsors the Engineers Ball. ENGINEERING TRIBUNAL-Bottom Row: T. Petry, Vice Pres.g J. Burns. Second Row: J. McDonel, R. Stanforth, J. Howard. - cf W4 NURSING 84 HEALTH TRIBUNALfBottom Row: M. Sukrow, P. Ebel, Treas.g A. Loutzen- heiser, Pres., J. Benham, Sec.g, L. Thlelen, J. French. Second Row: J. Engel, E. Ringwald, S. Shannon, C. Brown, C. Schneider, A. Cook, N. McCracken, A. Fitzgerald, J. Miller. The coordination of all events pertaining to student nurses is carried out by the Nursing and Health Tribunal. Among the many activities which the tri- bunal sponsors are the Christmas Convocation and the Nurses Formal. The group also participates in the col1ege's orientation program and the graduation tea. At bi-monthly meetings the members of Pharmacy Tri- bunal plan combined social and professional activities. In addition to encouraging good scholarship and stu- dent-faculty relations the tribunal sponsors an orienta- tion party for freshmen. The alumni homecoming, a picnic, and an annual dance are sponsored by the group. NURSING AND HEALTH TRIBUNAL PHARMACY TRIBUNAL PHARMACY TRIBUNAL-Bottom Row: R. Hickman, Treas.g L. Pavloff, Vice Pres., W. Brower, Pres., M. Hoevel, Adviser, L. Shoemaker, Sec. Second Row: S. Rud, B. Koch, L. Dunham, A. Lichtenberg, V. Brown. Third Row: G. Ratzman, D. Blettner, J. Cole, J. Hughes, W. Anderson. g O ,cf 'QQ UNIVERSITY COLLEGE TRIBUNAL-Bottom row: I. Henderson, B. Dabney, C. Schmink. Second row: E. Voss, E. Shea. - , The University College ,Tribunal is .in charge of or- ganizing student events in the newly formed Uni- U IVERSITY COLLEGE TRIBUNAL versity College. The members endeavor to 'create a collegiate spirit among the two year students by spon- soring various social events. The Tribunal also assists in the University Collegels Orientation program. - Aiding in the distribution of funds to student organiza- tions is the Budget Board, composed of five Student Council members and four faculty members appointed ' by the president of the University. After the organiza- tions have turned in their budgets, the Board allots funds according to the group's needs. BOARD OF B DGET BOARD OF BUDGETS-Bottom row.' C. Vogel, L. Johnson, N. Geis. Second row.' M. Wessel, G. Cooper, K. Mergler, J. French. r'- ORIENTATION BOARD-Bottom Row.' J. Mills, T. Blake, Pres., L. M. Johnson. Second Row: W. Nester, J. Norton, McCann, L. Mueller. The Orientation Board Welcomes and acquaints new students with the University's campus and activities, establishes cordial student-faculty relations, and co- ordinates all UC orientation programs. Collegiate Day, University Night, and Fall Orientation Week are 'included in the Board's program. .To promote high standards through 'a well balanced social program for UC is the purpose of the Social Board, a student4faculty branch of the student gov- ernment. Services of its members include providing a social' calendar, preparing a party booklet, and act- ing as a liaison in planning all-University functions. 0RlE TATIU BOARD 0CIAL BOARD SOCIAL BOARD-Bottom Row: J. Benham, P. Elliott, Chairmang M., Osinske, H. Sekinger. - Second Row: I. Cohen, R. Brown, I. Gibbs, I. Krieg. ir- .. ,... . .L : f.. L.. 4 gn: 5 Llnu.l..' ' ', UNION BOARD-Bottom Row: E. Betz, B. Bizzarri, D. Dell, L. Gwinnutt, K. Niehaus, S. Hayes. Second Row: L. Johnson, F. Brewer, D, Itkoff, B. Hunt, B. Heyman, F. Etges, RJ Hornyak, R. Bursiek, W. Nester. STUDENT UNION A wide variety of events are sponsored by the UC Stu- dent Union in an effort to provide cultural, recre- ational, and social programs for students. This year the Union celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary on campus with a gala two week program. Events of the celebration included free lunch in the grill, art films, and free musical concerts. The Union designs its programs to appeal to all phases of student in- terest and describeshitself as the "center of campus activity." The Union is governed by the Union Board and is under the directorship of Dr. Floyd Brewer. Floyd Brewer, Union director Barbara H unt, assistant director The Union portico serves as a popular get-together spot for students after class. Ken Niehaus, Union Board president PUBLICATIONS BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Coordination among the various campus publications is effected by the Board of Publications, composed of student representatives, the Vice-President of the Uni- versity, the Director of Public Relations, and the pub- lication advisers. The board keeps check on the qual- ity and progress of each publication. Its other prin- ciple function is to annually select the editors and business managers of the CINCINNATIAN, the PRO- FILE, the NEWS RECORD, and the STUDENT DIRECTORY. The group provides a valuable sound- ing board for problems 'encountered by the editors and is vitally concerned in matters alfecting all publications. BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS-Bottom Row: L. Theilen, Sec.g M. Meyers, Chair.g S. Hayes, C. Demakes, I. Schumann. Second Row: J. DeCamp, L. Rockwood, R. Bursiek, L. Kissel, M. Foster, C. Yarbrou h, P. Bisho B. Woellner. S P: Malcolm Foster, NEWS RECORD and Louis Rockwood, CINCINNATIAN and TELEPHONE PROFILE adviser DIRECTORY adviser Pl DELTA EPSILON PI DELTA EPSILON-Bottom Row: C. Demakes, Vice Pres., A. Stith, Treas.g S. Hayes, Pres., M. Meyers, Sec. Second Row: B. Woellner, B. Strawbridge, L. Jones, P. Moenster. Third Row: B. Bowling, W. Butt, D. Klene, K. Eastin, M. Diersing. The goal of all journalists on the staffs of the CIN- CINNATIAN, the NEWS RECORD, the PROFILE, and the STUDENT DIRECTORY is the honor of being tapped for Pi Delta Epsilon, a national jour- nalistic honorary organization. At Christmas, and late in the spring, oflicers initiate new members. Since 1925 when the local chapter was founded, Pi Delts have helped promote student participation in under- graduate publications. In addition to fostering these literary activities, the members sponsor an open house for all students interested in working on publications and hold annnual Christmas and Spring banquets. Chris Demakes, editor-in-chief CINCINNATIAN stay? members can be found at picture taking sessions in Wilson Auditorium any Sunday afternoon in the late fall months. 1962 CINCINNATIAN The 1962 CINCINNATIAN came into being amid the hectic atmosphere of noon lunches, Friday night deadline sessions, and day-long pushes when staff members cut classes to see the yearbook finished. From the first general and unformed ideas of the new editor and staff a book was finally born-a fusion of idealism and practicality which reflected the staff as Well as the University. Starting with a large and enthusiastic force as the beginning of the year, the help imperceptibly began to dwindle. Those who were left to shoulder the burden were the ones to whom the yearbook was more than just an activityg it was an integral part of their lives, and in it they saw ideas take form. It was a long year, beset sometimes by frustration and setbacks, yet at the same time uniquely satisfying to all those who devoted their time and energy to make the 1962 CINCIN- NATIAN another outstanding yearbook in UC tradition. John Watson, business manager Deadline time finds a crowded and littered office as editors consult one-another to finish sections. CINCINNATIAN-Bottom Row: D. Argabright, W. Butt, P. Moenster, A. Stith, C. Demakes, Editor, D. Wolf, T. Barker. Second Row: B. Bizzarri, C. Ryan, N. Beamer, B. Hurst, M. Vennemeyer, D. Brooks, P. Ryan, D. Dreidame. Third Row: F. Milch, R. Schott, W. Zettel, J. Pask. T. Nies, K. Eastin, L. Bradford, B. Ain, J. Shupack. STAFF Editor-in-chief ....... CHRIS DEMAKES Associate Editor-Designer .... ANITA STITH Production Manager . . . CHARLES YARBROUGH Copy Editor ........ NANCY BEAMER Art Editor .... , , , DALE WOLF Photography Editor ...... WARREN BUTT Seniors Editor ...... PHYLLIS MOENSTER Academic Editors . BONNIE BIZZARRI, SHEILA SOMERS Sports Editor ....... DAVE ARGABRIGHT Royalty Editor ....... DIANE DREIDAME Administrative Assistant . . . . BETSY HURST Index Editor .... . . . PAT RYAN Typmg Editor . . . DIANE BROOKS Business Manager .... . . JOHN WATSON Assistant Business Manager . . . TAYLOR BARKER Circulation Manager .... DAN CARMICHAEL Exchange Editor . . . GINNY FOSTER Jr. Art Editor . . . . CAROL MOGOY Editorial Associate ....... PATTIE BOW GENERAL STAFF-Jean Grable, Ruth Schott, Helen Mueller, Diane Hall, Inez Washabaugh, Charlotte Mc- Graw, Jim Pask, Les Bradford, Bill Zettel, Susy Hayes, Bill Ireland, Nancy Koch, Diane Dreidame, Johanna DeCamp, Bonnie Betscher, Judi Pinkerton, Joann Schupack, Barbara Ain, Colleen Ryan, Margo Venne- meyer, Linda Schwartz, Martha Curtsinger, Gretchen Molitor, Lynne Calvin, Jan Meister, Beth Rotig, Fran- cine Milch, Ruth Dauherty, Joann Jessup. Charles Yarbrough, production Bonnie Bizzarri, academics Sheila Somers, academics i,3 , ,, 7 bf J 7 1 'W 64 4' 1 Q 1 H 1 f 1 f in fy W .f,::-fg1',w:i.41:.11M -," , - 2551:-f I-wg 1 1 I f K' Z f ff, A 'Qf iyfda.. 4 1 Q , f ! X' , 1 A , 1 Taylor Barker, business Dan Carmichael, circulation Warren Butt, photography Anita Stith, associate-designer Phyllis M oenster, seniors Nancy Beamer, copy Pat Ryan, index Fi' SNS. N Q2 g - Ginny Foster, exchange 1 ,.,, I -ff?-N. g rsif ,V . 1 -.f, , - .. . - ' ' xml gi ., we-:. , '11-V Y , wi: -Q,-Q-Qyvbe 'Ve , :-wwf: 4 '36 wx -K f 2 I ' ' .E-12 V ,ga'2952'??E4W WN? ' ":'3ff2f'f"11' maxi Qu: ff - fgsgqxgp X ,, , ,,'-V,-if U rw- g- . mmf-. 4- .1 ,,:1z1v 1 ,. . V ,r 4, I g. . - . :twig ., , , f , ,ff , , 1 f ' .41 5+ ,az ,.ag,.Xmmggg'.1g1fg,Q vL,i.L.Rf ,.vf?111,51-:,y:g':5,j3-1-1g:"fff:-sw ,1 f j f. ' L ' ' ' ' M gg, ,gy 1, ,yivi 5,1 -Af , as--is-1 . -"za 552125, .s-Mx-,.-2. Diane Brooks, typing Dave Argabrighr, sports . 1 . . seem -J: , ,,,,,.y-'., ,, . - .5 .,,, . - 1 'fy if .. X , , b l? .. ., ... Yzng gg 2 2 A , X fs, Yes, , . XJ 43 ' ww 'izzv-seaiieia - 1 ' , ,+,:w.,fX44,1,.i,-.1f,,, :g w:3, .gi, -H 1 , W ag. Q, ,. ' 'f -Eiga n w '-1 me 3 ' S5111 5:2555 fi- ' Q- -1, Mggquinf ,. - 1.a.,5.2a .' P , ' ', 'Wilt if " is:::::::s5s::Qf,few - 41- , v H, gifsfff-c'+'f'1" X . r ' . . IJ:,..1.:4T. - . - , Dale Wolf, art ' 11,56 'iz ' ,sf ' 'f ,gf , 1: ' I .21 'f' 1'-12,.1.:W '. 'ry' - ".'l",1i?i 2111 if ' ve-M E'-fl-"'l2':W55f3 11:51 , ' ' . O ,N wi .. iw, ,M X. 9537 nf is Y 1 MN' 1 fp 1 ,, fs X ex W ,,t,,,,,,,,,.,. ,,,,.,,,,. . x 1 3 V, N v X 6 v is l Betsy Hurst, 1 -X 1 , we, QM we assistant f', J yi.. , - ,wi 5912. 1f' -4 +" .aw 1 4 Q 1 - + . i, . "'m. its ill' 4, 4 t ' 12? .22 'A .4 ' fy!-3 , Q ' K : , -' .. aff' .. .uf . ' 51556 in ,Q-f if-5:4 I , ' i,7" 2 Susy H afyes, editor-in-chief NEWS RECORD Editors, reporters, copyreaders, ad men, and typists work throughout the year to produce thirty interesting and informative issues of NEWS RECORD. Presenting a panoramic View of campus life, the paper reports and comments on all scholastic, social, and athletic events of the year, and recognizes the achievements of both students and faculty members. Well in advance of the Monday night deadline, the staif meets to confer on problems and discuss editorial material. When pressure mounts in the busy oliices, staff members adjourn to the Grill for a quick coifee break. Also providing re- lief from hectic deadlines are the annual stair parties. Marilyn Meyers, business manager - V '-.A-sci. -. -. wad aft' ' 1. rjgpx " ' , .4 P ,,. - ' , -w w-1' , 'Q Z V' ff' 4'-"Zf1?'15ff,f , ' ' " Q ,, , ' . fi' 92f'f"'lfi' . ...., X . . . .fxns wsu. Ms A. , . . . . 1 ,, , ,, 19 " Z I I, A' 2. ' ' -ff l ' i w . ' . ?' g . ,if-,f"' ' ' 7 5733? " ' ' 4i1f1'K:l kk., A ..,,. h x V , V Mag , VV. 246355. V: ..?V VV ,l g l nwf V 1 A V ,. xx .,x,- NI E-512' - 1 --,1.. +-1 w 1 f. " f 1 , " :fy-V -e, -- 152 ' , f. ' I " ,- ' , ' F5 I' Vs .Egg V 1 an 'V ' ,' ,V . , ja fi' ' Q ' A V , V, A 2--127. R 'f5'g2. ' 1 '- ,V I- , , I, rf' ,, H ,J ., aff , V QV A I. ,.,.' A sifmmaww V. VV , JVVVV , V. V VVVVVV 2-J.. 3-f ,V H V V4 ,- 3,-w-.:,.,," 'i' ' E2 mii e ' ffwf ' - 6 A .. ,.L, "A' 1 ,- 'b"N,,gg 2 4 I 'V 'f - i ' it 5- 'WM ' ' ' I, " WAI . ., . 4 I We V -. - ,A , I .fi ,f , ..,. if, , f ,L , rt., . f ar f law., A 1 -'Wim ,, A, I ., 1 2 ' - -,A , , . : . I. 'W I A Kavf- Kalki' Fafaghef, felllllfe if -' ' 1 f I - I 55 2 rr A' ,A-,rl I.. f I ,, ,L ., ,,,, X... ...X . t .,..,,,. .,,,. ,. I , l V, V I Bonnie Woellner, managing ed. ' 3 Bill Young, copy Ken Niehaus, local advertising TAFF Editor-in-chief . Managing Editor . Associate Editor . News Editor .... Assistant News Editor . Sports Editor .... Assistant Sports Editors Social Editor . . Theater Editor . Feature Editor . Dick Klene, mociare Mary Lou Diefsins, 017506 mer- L L ' .. ,., I V ., , 9Nil a-.w.N...fw:-.,Wf.,.. ..,...Mv...v,., . A-.,..,,.W....,cfi,,,.W,1,,W4,,, mmm WW """"WWh- vN.a.....a.,,a.N.N......,,. Nw , ,,..iA .X .,i, .v.r.,.,.., , ,. ,t,. .,.. 1 MWMN-wN,.,,,,,M,, . M-'-'W N-fr ',W.W,. . ' HN-www,-..h-ww.-w4m.,.,., 1 U- -A My .,.. ,,,,...,M. . .2 f , ,, A ,M ,.,.,V,,,MW-VMM6 , . ,. , mums-Awww .sR....-w-1--M-..w.-,.,., - . 4' -"-'f'fM-MM....---,.f..,,,.,,,..,,'f-+A-....i.f.,.. , ' ' .::2G'wf" " " " ..,M.,...V . """' ummm--ww., W-k....,..,.-N-1,-.W-.,,,...i ,1 "'MW-M-W-A-wha---mwma-M.,,, ,4.f,,,,,, ' "E::,.. "F ' 41 .n..,....,W .. X -. .,.a-..,.R..,,.v..-,-.-.-...........,,,,, -viz. 'f' - - .Vista- hwxvN.M .mv AN. .,,..,NA-'-.v- I I I H . , ,, .. . .,., . . 1 I .,.,. M, Bill Strawbridge, news Sue Heil, social Hank Graden, sports . . . SUsY HAYES . BONNIE WOELLNER . . . DICK KLENE . BILL STRAWBRIDGE . GLENN STOUP . HANK GRADEN . . AL QUIMBY, STAN SI-IULMAN . . . .SUE HEIL . ROGER LECOMPTE . KATHY FARAGHER Cathy Coyne, circulation Business Manager . . . . MARILYN MEYERS Local Advertising Manager .... KEN NIEHAUS National Advertising Manager . . BILL DONAHOO Circulation Manager ...... CATHY COYNE Accounting Manager . . . . MARGARET COX Office Manager . . . MARY LOU DIERSING Typing Editor ...... CAROL HOUSEMAN Co-technica1Eds. . JOE LYB1K,MARGO VENNEMEYER Copy Editor . . ...... BILL YOUNG Librarian . . . . . CAROLYN CLAY Photographers . ..... ERICH MENDE, ERNIE BIRGE, PAUL JONES ff Monday afternoons find News Record editors and slag hard at work typing writing, telephoning, and proofreading to produce the weekly sixteen page issue NEWS RECORD-Bottom Row: B. Strawbridge, S. Heil, M. Meyers, S. Hayes, B. Woellner D. Klene. Second Row: C. Ryan, B. McCarthy, T. Elo, D. Wolf, J. Jansen, C. Houseman M. Vennemeyer. Third Row: K. Faragher, M. Diersing, C. Coyne, E. Mende, J. Fey, T. Nies S. Harper, J. Lybik. 'TS' J W f, U-.. -new if-N... 5 X UIC TELEPHONE DIRECTORY-Bottom Row: C. McLaughlin, I. Schumann, Editorg P. Bishop, J. Byers. Second Row: H. Bavely, Adviserg K. Goertemiller, D. Schumann, J. Jansen, T. Nies. The staff which compiles the STUDENT DIREC- TORY performs an important service to the entire University. The directory includes the names, ad- dresses, phone numbers, and colleges of all students. In addition, the faculty members, the presidents of all organizations, and the oliices of campus activ- ities are listed. The staff compiles this extensive information after fall registration. When page proofs come back from the printer the thousands of entries must be thoroughly checked before final printing. This year the directories were received in Decem- ber and were distributed before Christmas vacation. TELEPHO E DIRECTORY 221 Jane Schumann, editor and Checking and Typing names keeps staff members busy in the fall. Peggy Bishop, business manager ,QW 'I-M tl 'V , Lynn Jones, editor Larry Kissel, business manager PROFILE-Bottom Row: J. Hill, L. Jones, Editor, K. Staub, A. Stith. Second Row: B. Strawbridge, J. Rae, K. Eastin, I. Fey, S. Sherrill. This year the campus literary magazine, the PROFILE, gave free rein to an imaginative art staif and literary contributors to publish two issues featuring unique material. Among serious articles and poems were in- terspersed satires on campus customs and cartoons. With this format the PROFILE attempted to re- awaken interest in a much neglected publication. Whether the readers cussed or discussed the PROFILE was of secondary interest to the dedicated staff mem- bers, who were seeking to persuade students that good writing need not be dull and that satire is a valid form of criticism of institutions and events. CO-OP ENGINEER-Bottom Row: R. Taylor, I. Taylor, B Rutherford T Myers Editor N. McCauley, T. Driscoll. Second Row: A. Petul, E. Jurevic I Trud1cks J Tyler H Bundy R. Driscoll, S. McCauley, P. Miller, H. Moreno. Published quarterly by engineering students, the CO- OPERATIVE ENGINEER features articles of techni- cal interest to the students. Also included are essays, science fiction, and coverage of activities of the engi- neering honoraries. Assisting in the publication of CO-OP ENGINEER is the Engineering Tribunal. PROOFPRESS is the decorous student publication of the College of Design, Architecture, and Art. Mr. Kes- selhaut is smashing some type, Mr. Dutton is covering a rip in his coat, Mr. O'Neil is in a hand-crafted denim shirtg Mr. Cain is smoking a Gold Label J aguarg and Mr. Lipman is in a Brooks Brothers jacket. PROOFPRESS-A. Kesselhaut, D. Dutton, B. O'Neil, I . Cain, B Lip a INTERCOLLEGIATE DEBATERS INTERCOLLEGIATE DEBATORS-Bottom Row: M. Murphy, P. Boyles, M. Greenberger, Pres.g J. Miller, Vice Pres., L. Schaffner, Sec.-Treas. Second Row: R. Haneberg, R. Ulrich, E. Kidwell, C. Becker, M, Lomiski, S. Windmueller. The national inter-collegiate debate topic for 1961- 1962 was Resolved: That Labor Organizations should be under the jurisdiction of anti-trust legislation. The nucleus of the debate squad was composed of Mark Greenberger, Linda Schalfner, Janet Miller, and Pat Boyles. The UC debate team hosted the TKA Regional Debate Tournament in November and the All-Ohio College Novice Debate Tournament in April. The group greatly increased the number of meets this year by including tournaments at Purdue, Pittsburgh, Louis- ville, Ohio State, Buffalo, and Bellarmine. Members ofthe team benefited from training in public speaking. C0lVll G COMMITTEE VIECOMING-Bottom Row: M. McLaughlin, C. Hanson, Sec., R. Leirnenstoll, A. Har- in, Chair., A. Devins, Chair., K. McKay, B. Bolan, H. Krueger. Second Row: B. Neel, onner, J. Fickenscher, K. Ferguson, K. Keller, J. Teller, J. Grafton, M. McCann, L. lin, H. Sekinger, K. Ladd, Third Row: G. Lewis, Adviser, D. Jacob, J. Stonecipher, C. isin, A. Willman, L. Moore, C. Coyne, T. Harsham, K. Keiser, P. Heitz, B. Risch, D. ly. Fourth Row: B. Meckstroth, J. Siler, H. Feller, G. Armstrong, K. Smith, S. Tichenor, Jervers, G. Scheuernstuhl, M. Doyle, R. Elmore, B. Donohoo, D. Oberlin. In charge of planning the 1961 Homecoming were co- chairmen Al Harmann and Ann Devins. Throughout the spring and summer preliminary arrangements were made by the chairmen of the publicity, ticket, queen, float and dance committees for the October celebra- tions. Reviewing the rich cultural heritage of the Queen City, this year's theme was "Ways and Days in Cincinnati." After the colorful parade and the UC- Houston game were long over, students gathered at Castle Farms to dance to the music of the Lionel Hampton Orchestra. UNIVER ITY GLEE CL B The University Singer's rendition around the Christmas tree proved to be a great hit on the Glee Club-Chorus combined Christmas program. Consisting of ninety students from nine different col- leges on campus, all University Glee Club members share one characteristic-the love of singing. Meeting three times weekly in Wilson Auditorium, their music varies from that of classic composers to modern mu- sicians. The Glee Club has within itself two smaller singing groups: the University Singers, a mixed group, and the Menis Octet. Also begun this year was a Uni- versity Chorus, which meets twice weekly. Outstanding events of the year were performances with the Cincin- nati Symphony Orchestra and a between-semester tour through Northwestern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. The social calendar included a Christmas party and a spring Dinner-Dance at the Netherland-Hilton. Donna George accompanies as Glee Club members ' W prepare for between-semester tour. Robert L. Garretson Director GLEE CLUB-Bottom Row: -C. Murray, J. Goetz, N. Frank, S. Williamson, C. Dyer, S Cooper, L. Gant, R. L. Garretson, H. Mueller, C. Shannon, P. Theile, B. Boston, P. Wong A. Nathan, S. Johnson. Second Row: C. Grogg, J. Domer, J. Theile, K. Hasz, A. Olson, P Walls, B. Barrow, J. Schneller, B. Camins, B. Kipp, K. Schneider, J. Klappert, L. Reif, K Fox, B. Gotter, P. Nebolsky, J. Kreider, F. Schmidt. Third Row: C. Demakes, R. Simon, E Glazer, L. Danner, C. Foster, N. Hough, D. George, N. Coleman, N. Jennings, K. Long, C Tonford, G. Cass, K. Hill, D. Kapphahn, J. Kimery, P. Waddell, J. Land, R. Blankenbuehler P. Dunkel. Fourth Row: L. Seybert, J. Ames, G. Furey, D. Stephenson, D. Argabright, J Pride, J. Olpp, T. Hitchens, D. Flanders, F. Ro-tter, R. Hodapp, J. Fischer, M. Green, F Butler, J. Ireland, D. Henson, V. Wegelin, W. Poplarchek, G. Air, K. Smith, H. Hines, G Prichard, B. Wood. UNIVERSITY BAND To spread its welcome sounds and arouse a more enthusiastic interest in music, Direc- tor Robert Hornyak divides the University of Cincinnati Band into specialized smaller groups. The spirited marching band, featur- ing baton twirlers, majorettes, and the fam- ous Bearkittens precision marching group, enlivens halftime festivities at the fall and Winter football and basketball games. Ap- pealing to the diversihed musical interests of all students is the UC concert band. At its three annual concerts this band includes in its program semi-classical favorites and popular show tunes. Membership in either band is open to students displaying musical -ability. The band traditionally marches into a CINC Y formation at football halftimes as the alma mater is sung. AQQSQ7 f x Bandsmen lead the Homecoming parade down clifton Avenue, MARCHING BAND-Bottom Row: G. Goesling, D. Moeller, M. Nagelson, P. Gigley, B. Marshall, P. Hepp, M. Wittenberg, C. Stratt- man. Second Row: D. Wegener, M. Bertram, T. Fudge, P. Radkey, T. Sisson, M. Mudge, P. Wood, B. Berry, L. Hothem, J. Stephens, D. Spaulding, G. Schirmer, P. Bock. Third Row: K. Koppenhaver, .T . Skinkle, O. Britton, B. Ellis, A. Love, C. Clum, R. Turnbull, R. Hill B. Hill, J. Montgomery, P. Robbins, J. Lester, M. Parasiliti, N. Orlemann. Fourth Row: C. Benson, T. Pierce, I. Neckel, J. Stevens, C Humphrey, P. Francey, L. Gall, J. Bever, A. Kressler, F. George, B. Wergowske, N. Sanford, J. Swain. Fifth Row: J. Lee, J. Hess, N Brosee, S. Fox, N. Huppertz, M. Schomburg, L. Shuman, T. Steinberger, B. Gendelman, C. Leighty, B. Gerros, L. Burton, C. Bereskin B. Buckley. Sixth Row: J. Yokey, D. Davidson, A. Brill, M. Dunn, C. Lingo, R. Cost, A. Schmidt, C. Black, P. Reed, S. Sondergelt, S Wiegand, A. Liles. Seventh Row: S. Goyert, R. Proctor, D. Haffner, J. Plate, D. Kelley, H. Kellner, B. Schutte, J. Borchelt, J. Hahn, S Thomas, I. McClellan, E. Kern. Eighth Row: J. Appleman, M. Hartenian, B. Brock, H. Kabakoff, J. Turk, T. Lakin, D. Hoover, B. Van- Nortwick, K. Sams, L. Walker, D. Maier, C. Cade, H. Blesi, J. Brunsman. Ninth Row: D. Taylor, S. Iliff, I. Signom, K. Graves, L. Brown J. Williamson, S. Strider, P. Cornett, L. Robbins, B. Durkee, D. Corwin, B. Langsdale, G. Foster, H. Yokel. Tenth Row: R. Hornyak Directorg M. Wagner, S. Fletcher, C. Metz, G. Rutenschroer, B. Stephenson, F. Howard, B. Knapp, J. Kuhlman, K. West, D. Wergow- ske, G. Bolinger, P. Tippett, D. Dubuque, E. Eisert. 2 BEARCAT PEP BAND-Bottom Row: W. Marshall, I. Bever, S. Cluxton, P. Gigley, I. Borchelt, L. Gall, A. Brill, L. Burton J. McClellan, J. Hahn, D. Haffner, J. Robinson. Second Row: J. Appleman, J. Brunsman, B. Knapp, O. Britton, F. George W. Wergowske, J. Montgomery, A. Love, P. Robbins, T. Sisson, R. Berry, J. Stephens. Third Row: G. Bolinger, F. Howard T. Lakin, W. Durkee, D. Hoover, L. Robbins, N. Smith, D. -Corwin, J. Turk, S. Fletcher, P. Tippett, K. West, C. Metz Fourth Row: D. Taylor, Director. The Pep Band and their mascot, Yogi Bearcat, rally the 'Cats on to another NCAA Championship. The sounds of UC ight songs fill the vast expanse of L0uisville's Freedom Hall. '7 52 1 7 ,N-yr KAPPA KAPPA PSI-Bottom Row: Wergowske, Treas M Mudge Vice Pres George, Pres.g L. Brown, Sec.g R. Maier. Second Row: L Burton S Fox G Bollnger C. Leighty, D. Corwin, N. Sanford. Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band fraternity, annually engages in service projects for the band and sponsors social activities for its members. Projects include the construction of a band float and an award to the out- standing band freshman. The social agenda features an Initiation Banquet, theater parties, and picnics. In addition to service to the band, the purpose of Tau Beta Sigma is to honor bandswomen who are outstand- ing in scholarship, leadership, character, and musical ability. After a fall rush party for eligible candidates, new pledges are announced at the Band Sponsor Ban- quet. Initiation of the pledges is held in the spring. TAU BETA SIGMA-Bottom Row: C. Metz, S. Sondergelt Treas I McClellan Pres I Bever, S. Fansler. Second Row: R. Procter, M. Schomburg, K West D Wergowske J Bor chelt, P. Robbins. BEARKITTENS-Bottom row: E. Kern, H. Blesi, M. Hill, G. Foster, D. Dubuque, M. Wag- ner, S. Iliff, M. Hartenian. Second Row: D. Wegener, N. Orelmann, C. Bereskin, B. Buckley, A. Liles, S. Goyert, J. Yockey, J. Lee, G.'Shirmer. Third Row: J. Shinkle, P. Purdy, M. Para- siliti, K. Koppenhaver, J. Hess, J. Elder, I. Elder, J. Swaim, P. Block. Support, participation, and an "added attractionv are supplied by the appearance of the UC Bearkittens at BE every home football and basketball contest. The mem- bers of this precision marching unit are selected at the annual fall try-outs on the basis of personal at- tractiveness and marching ability. Each spring tryouts are held for positions on the UC cheerleading squad. It is the task of these energetic students to arouse school spirit at all home football and basketball games. This year the cheerleaders trav- eled with the basketball team to the Christmas Holiday Tournament and to Evansville. CHEERLEADERS-Bottom Row: G. Stamler, ,T. Connelly, D. Roberts. Second Row: I. Heffner, B. Watts, C. Hoffeld, S. Conners, S. Hauser, S. Cornelius. R. ff., 54,-:J X LE."-: - J' . s fic 3 ':i . L . I MUMMERS GUILD-Bottom Row: L. Reams, Vice Pres.g D. VonHoene, Pres.g E. Schuler. Second Row: N. Pundsack, B. O,Neil, Ses.g J. Hess, D. Delong. The oldest continually productive dramatic organiza- tion in Cincinnati, the Mummer's Guild provides stu- dent experience in all phases of drama. This year the Guild celebrated its 40th anniversary with a season of outstanding offerings, including "The Skin of Our Teeth", "The Play's the Thing", and "Guys and Dolls". The newly formed spirit club rallies UC students dur- ing the fall and winter football and basketball games. Enterprising club members formed a Hash card section for the Bearcat games, and with the UC Boosters co- sponsored the student migration to Evansville for the UC-Bradley MVC play-oi game. SPIRIT BOARD-Bottom Row: N. Fichman, T. Nies, M. sheets, M. Meretta, T. Meretta, L. Wright. ff""'P MUNHVIERS GUILD PIRIT BOARD Bradley. Second Row: J. Dicken- W! RELIGIOUS GRGUPS STUDENT RELIGIOUS CQUNCIL-Bottom Row: J. Lathrop, Treas.g B. Triplett, L. Wood- ruff, Chair., G. Parker, Adviser, R. Ulrich, Corr. Sec., M. Diersing. Second Row: E. Kidwell, A. Myers, C. Conrad, E. Schmidt, R. Goodman, W. Kindsvatter, C. Demakes. Third Row: S? Igogman, D. Beineke, S. Greenert, E. Womack, J. Nimmo, L. White, D. Stevenson, . reer. Composed of representatives from all UC religious foundations, the YWCA, and YMCA, the Student Religious Council encourages cooperation among re- ligious groups. On behalf of all religious groups the SRC sponsors numerous events that challenge the student to examine his religious convictions. Fore- most of these events is the annual Religious Emphasis Week, which features speakers from the major faiths at all-campus convocations. The World University S Service also benefits from the council's sponsorship of the WUS auction, at which services and gifts from various campus groups are sold. Proceeds of the auc- tion go to needy foreign students. JP l RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK-Bottom Row: B. Bolan Co Treas C Traut Co Chair B. Triplett, Chair., A. Fuell, Sec. Second Row: M. Schverman C Bretz J Mills D Mullins P. Santora, L. Schaffner. To stimulate religious thought and discussion among students is the purpose of the annual Religious Empha- sis Week. At REW convocations clergymen represent- ing the principal faiths discussed this year's theme MEX- ploring the Nature of God." In addition to all-campus convocations, REW sponsors informal discussions. The Baptist Student Fellowship encourages the de- velopment of religious values in the atmosphere of a group united by religious and social activities. The varied program of the fellowship is highlighted by the Halloween and Christmas parties, after-the-game so- cials and the Windup Banquet, concluding the year. BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP-Bottom Row: J. Howard Treas J Lathrop Co-Pres H. Hines, Vice-Pres.g P. Horan, Co-Pres., B. Gregersen. Second Row C Gregersen K Wood S. Horan, J. Jansen, H. Lathrop. Third Row: G. Parker, Adviser G Ahlgren P Bagnal Y. Lant, Rev. Barlow, Adviserg R. Hornyak, Adviser. - - . .. 1, li ? 5.5. . ff f 31 i R 5' wi K 5 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION-Bottom Row: Rev. Rasch, Adviser, J. Crews, L. Lalosh, Treas C Adams Sec W Greer, Pres. Second Row: N. Riley, L. Kerr, J. Johnson, K. Burgess M Green G Jackson M. Patterson. Founded at UC in 1959, the Baptist Student Union holds its meetings each Wednesday in the Student Union. In conjunction with greater Cincinnati Baptist churches the BSU offers a program to promote the spiritual and moral growth of its members. Retreats in May, June, and August are held. Episcopal students on campus meet on Sunday eve- nings at the Canterbury Club home on Clifton Avenue. Under the direction of Rev. John Clark, the group is in its eleventh year at UC. The clubis numerous activities include lectures, discussion groups, movies, and social events held throughout the year. CANTERBURY Bottom Row D. Reckner, J. Elbert, D. Rhein, A. Leister, A. Patterson, W Kmdsvatter Second Row J Clark, P. Dunakin, S. Greenert, D. Findley, J. Morrison, W Klrb A Ada n. EASTERN ORTHODOX FELLOWSHIP-Bottom Row: P. Yarosh, P. Topping, Adviser, Father C. Mitsos, C. Demakes,, Pres. Second Row: J. Parthenakis, R. Karpovich, Vice Pres., N. Maroudxas, N. Parthenakis. Founded this year to provide a religious outlet for Orthodox Christian students at UC, the Eastern Ortho- dox Fellowship maintains a religious, educational, and social program for its members. The group, composed of students of Greek, Russian, Serbian, Syrian, and Macedonian descent, meets monthly in the Union. At its Sunday evening meetings the United Student Fellowship welcomes all students who are ,interested in discussing the implications of being a good Christian in modern society. In addition to weekly meetings, the diversified activities of the group include special reli- gious services, social events, and sports tournaments. EASTER 0RTHODOX EELLEWSHIP UNITED TUDE T FELLOWSHIP UNITED STUDENT FELLOWSHIP-Bottom Row: D. Adam, A. Fuell, S. Stuckey, Vice- Pres., I. Dietrich, M. Diersing, Sec. Second Row: B. Stuckey, D. Kah, Pres., D. Klene, D. Cahall, M. Haines, Treas.g H. Skiff. gli ii? 9 CT I 40" HILLEL-Bottom Row: B. Ain, J. Yarmove, N. Levy, Pres., C. Wise, Sec., R. Goodman, Vice-Pres. Second Row: S. Gumenick, J. Shuipack, H. Weinstein, R. Goldberger, F. Milch. Third Row: D. Walters, S. Fox, H. Lutchin, A. Leff, W. Zettel. The promotion of religious, social, and cultural activi- ties for Jewish students is the function of Hillel. In- cluded in the group's program are Friday evening serv- ices, Wednesday noon luncheons, and open houses. Stunt Night, a skit competition between several sorori- ties and fraternities, was initiated this year. The Lutheran Foundation offers a coordinated pro- gram of Christian Fellowship and encourages student L A D discussion of religious problems. In addition to the annual Halloween party, a Christmas dinner, the Valentine Dance, and a Cleveland Weekend, the group sponsors ice skating parties and square dancing. LUTHERAN FOUNDATION-Bottom Row: E. Schumacher, D. Inks, N. Johnson, L. Mil- brant. Second Row: A. Kressler, T. Robinson, R. VonFarge, Rev. Seymour, Adviser. 5'-fi NEWMAN CLUB-Bottom Row: E. Burkett, M. Faeth, Corr. Sec.g G. Plogman, Pres. Father McCarthy, Chaplaing S. Wolter, M. Bookmeyer, M. Kemner. Second Row: M. Sullivan C. Prendergast, D. Burnside, D. Kemen, W. Abanto, D. Harcourt, G. Spoekrer. Third Row E. Berry, J. Sandman, S. Schwind, B. Reinhart, M. Gibbons, C. Schnapp, P. Taylor, J Shea. Fourth Row: J. Schnieder, I. Buescher, R. Schooley, B. Terhar, A. Evans, K. Jostworth T. O'Brien, S. Millbourn. The big brick house at 3550 Clifton Avenue with the neon light on the tower is the home away from home for many of UC's Catholic students. The Newman Club encourages the religious, social and cultural in- terests of its members. Following the Friday night dinners, students participate in discussion groups and conclude the evening with recreational activities. The title of "Newmanite", however, is won only after four weeks of educational courses, testing, and 'finally initia- tion. Special services during the Lenten season are presented by the club, and their annual program is highlighted by many social events. WE LEY F0 NDATIO The Wesley Foundation, a fellowship for Methodist students at UC, provides an intellectual and spiritual challenge to members through its varied program. In an eifort to create better international understanding on campus, the group invites foreign students to its meetings. Service work camps and a Christmas tree trimming party for underprivileged children are among Wesley's philanthropical activities. Throughout the year special religious programs are presented to stimu- late student thought on spiritual problems. The mem- bers of Wesley may further their special interests by participating in the choir, or drama and literary groups. WESLEY-Bottom Row: D. Hosler, P. Irish, Vice Pres., C. Conrad, Pres., Rev. J. Stephen- son, Pastorg Mrs. Scheele, M. Ronshausen, B. Triplett, Sec.g D. Mullins, Treas. Second Row C. Clark, E. Kidwell, B. Balyo, J. Kreider, B. Boston, S. Miller, H. Weinstein, P. Kidwell E. Kidwell. Third Row: M. Coffee, M. Hunter, K. Cook, C. McGoy, C. Weber, L. Schaffner, S. Thompson, K. Holt, N. Jennings, J. Johnson. Fourth Row: L. Shoemaker, L. Reif, M Carmon, D. Stevenso, G. Green, D. Childers, R. Tripp, K. Carnes, D. Taylor, J. Ralston Fifth Row: C. Early, J. Williams, G. Hone, H. Linder, A. Douce, J. Kimmel, G. Bolinger G. Hunsaker, G. House, B. Blaufuss. N WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION-Bottom Row: S. Schulze, Sec.g I. Nemins, E. Womack Pres., A. Myers, M. McMullen, Vice Pres., S. Holt, Director. Second Row: P. Boyles B Martz, G. Gray, C. Bretz, F. Thompson, D. Neri, K. Kiefer. At 2699 Clifton Avenue, in a small brick building-its simple but attractive new interior lending an atmos- phere of quiet and thoughtfulness-members of the Westminster Fellowship gather in a common interest of spiritual progress. Graduate students of philosophy, freshmen with limited concepts of religion, upperclass- men just beginning to understand-all attempt to find some common ground through which they, with the as- sistance of their religious advisers, can ind a standard of religious values. A special characteristic of weekly meetings is the right balance of good fellowship, ef- fected by a blend of fun and more serious services. WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION One of the most active organizations on the UC cam- pus is the University YWCA. From the time a co-ed attends the Freshman Camp until she is a guest at the Senior Ivy Day Luncheon, she is busy meeting new people, sharing viewpoints with religious leaders, and participating in community service projects. Highlight- ing the Y's busy calendar are the Y Appetizer, the Yule Log Service, the REW Convocation, and the Marriage Seminars. The girls also schedule events with the mem- bers ofthe campus YWCA. These include the monthly YM-YW dinners and the annual YM-YW co-sponsored Freshman and Sophomore Leadership Conferences. YOUNG WOMENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Bottom Row: C. Kohsin, A. Kuehner, E Schmidt Pres M Reis Sec P Helsel Treas Second Row: M. Moore, G. Rutenschroer, C Conrad I Rahe P Calhson Thzrd Row B Moeller C Sullivan, N. Johnson, M. Sweet, 59 X YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION--Bottom Row S Sauster Vice Pres C Bret, Sec.g J. Teller, Pres.g L. Mueller, Treas.g B. Fee, Vice Pres Second Row N Berte J Sayler, B. Games, D. Ramge, P. Hemker. Third Row: T Myers T Blake R Brown P Marshall, B. Donohoo. The Y.M.C.A. serves the campus in many ways, all of which are planned to integrate a student's religious, social, and cultural life within one organization. Mem- bers lind a variety of events in which to participate, ranging from a complete intramural program to serv- ices of a purely religious nature. At the Y's monthly dinners a speaker discusses contemporary problems facing young people. Among the university service pro- grams of the Y are the Freshman Camp, the Marriage Seminar the Pancake Dinner, and the Student-Faculty Conference. Coordinating YMCA aifairs is a cabinet of elected officers who plan and direct the programs. Y. M. C. A FRESHMAN CABINET-Bottom Row: J. Crews, H. Smith Treas C Keffer Pres C Hagner, Sec., R. vonLandberg. Second Row: A. Blasi, T. Schutzler D Hobhtzell B Blessing I. Robinson, M. Partridge. MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS ARMY 11.010, A In the basic two year Army ROTC training program cadets are taught fundamentals of such military pro- cedures as drill formations, shooting, and field oper- ations. Upon successful completion of this program, cadets enter the advanced phase of training, where they prepare for Army careers. Col. Clarence G. Hubbart Since 1894 the National Society of Pershing Rifles has encouraged the interests and ideals of military students. This year the group participated in the fall camp, rifle matches, and intercollegiate meets. The activities of the Society are designed to prepare members for successful army careers. PERSHING RIFLES-Bpttom Row: M. Rielage, A. Vimba, B. Morris, Capt., Adviser, P. Cook, J. Brust, Capt., W. Davis, Capt., Adviserg R. Biddle, R. Grammel, R. Taylor. Second Row: R. Stuart, E. Stuebing, J. Olpp, J. Grebb, E. Motzer, J. Dysart, M. Scheider, W. Ries, J. Black, N. Proctor, B. Amrhein. Third Row: D. Seibel, R. Heilbrun, C. Liebmann, R. Tripp, R. Childress, H. Coates, L. Crabtree, P. Handel, R. Heath, J. Schnieder, J. Arnold, N. Menze. Fourth Row: K. Bowen, B. Bertsche, R. Edmonson, J. Baier, J. Ariss, T. Diekmeyer, R. Petraits, J. Amrnann, J. Schorle, P. Travis, R. Brown, B. Pauly. Fifth Row: B. Armstrong, B. Morris, L. Taylor, P. Filter, C. Ripperger, R. Fischbach, K. Wiesmann, B. Eidus, T. Sewell, V. Wegelin, J. Skidmore. SCABBARD AND BLADE-Bottom Row: A. Quartin, Adviser, B. Davis, K. Miller, R. McKenzie, Capt., R. Bettmger, P. Meyer, B. Morris, Capt., Adviser. Second Row: W. Mont- gomery, M. Brengelman, R. Stuart, C. Grammel, E. Ervin, F. Hartman, D. Dahling, W. Haberman, M. Claggett. Third Row: M. Bellersen, A. Vimba, R. Hall, J. Brust, R. Rodgers, J. Smith, R. Darling, H. Breece, A. Easterling. Open only to those men displaying high academic standards and leadership, Scabbard and Blade is the national military honor society for cadets enrolled in all ROTC units. Company C-4 at UC participates in the Military Ball, the National Convention, and many activities with Guidon, the women's military honorary. The Army ROTC Rifle Team, headed by Sergeant Holbrook, exists to improve the marksmanship and develop cooperation and spirit among all ROTC ca- dets. On Monday and Wednesday evenings members practice on the UC rille range for upcoming competi- tion with other collegiate ROTC rille teams in the area. SCABBARD A D BL DE A.R.0.T.C. RIFLE TEAM ARMY ROTC RIFLE TEAM-Bottom Row: H. Holbrook, R. Hall, R. Stuart, Capt., E. Stuebing, Capt.g R. Rennebaum, Major. Second Row: K. Kohlbrand, J. Burkhart, C. Hagner, R. Armstrong, J. Diekmeyer, J. Schorle, J. Youngblood. AIR FORCE R.0.T.C. Approximately 600 cadets, under the direction of Col. George W. Gregg, are training for future commissions in the U. S. Air Force in the A. F. Reserve Oflicers Training Corps. Easily recognized on campus by their blue uniforms, the cadets spend two weeks each sum- mer in intensive training at an outdoor training camp. ARNOLD AIR OCIETY AND ANGEL FLIGHT I I Col. George W. Gregg Upperclassmen enrolled in AFROTC and outstanding in their military studies are selected for Arnold Air Society. Members participate in Operation Jet Jenny, Air Force Week, and the Military Ball. Angel Flight, women's auxiliary to Arnold Air Society, encourages interests in the Air Force and aids in military events. ARNOLD AIR 814 ANGEL FLIGHT-Bottom Row: F. Losey, W. Blanford, B. Starr, Comm.g S. Rothhaas, Comm., M. Foglesong, C. Rohleder, B. Badertscher, Adviser. Second Row: M. Sullivan, S. Gumenick, T. Schumacher, B. Moeller, M. Mehmert, J. Tedrick, P. Walls, M. Farren, B. Gotter. Third Row: D. Pizzo, J. Gray, K. Foucault, C. Kirby, E. Hinsch, S. Ainsworth, K. Hayslip, L. Pfersick, A. Plohr. Fourth Row: C. Brown, B. McCarthy, J. Matthews, D. Flory, R. Kennedy, R. Hessel, J. Norton, C. Newberry, P. Istock, E. Menke. .111 -u : 4-I-- . - 1.1.1. J . KITTY HAWK-Bottom Row: D. Wesley, P. Marks, J. Matthews, P. Istock, Comm.g W. Kehoe, T. Nesbauer, D. Lipps. Second Row: N. Parthenakis, T. Solomon, G. Gray, T. Schwiers, C. Weigel, R. Grote, E. Goldman, E. Pitstick, B. Martz. Third Row: R. Geimuslea, T. Bird, K. Carnes, A. Messing, K. Frey, W. Sachs, W. Etzel, T. Spitzmueller, G. Wheeler J. Fein. Fourth Row: F. Daring, W. Masters, W. Hageman, R. Amos, D. Bennett, J. Kuntz W. Boyle, R. Wills, D. Hessdoerfer, P. Hock. 9 7 Membership in Kitty Hawk is open to all freshman and sophomore students enrolled in AFROTC. The group endeavors to further the character development of cadet members. In addition to its annual perform- H K ances in the Memorial Day and Veterans' Day parades, Kitty Hawk also sponsors numerous social events. Cadets in the AFROTC are given the opportunity to develop expert marksmanship through the riiie team. Each week members can be found practicing on the UC rifle range, improving their marksmanship and de- A.F.R.0.T.C. M veloping competitive spirit. Throughout the year men participate in shoulder-to-shoulder and postal matches. AFROTC RIFLE TEAM-Bottom Row: G. Wheeler, T. Fahrlender, Capt.g C. Trunk, W. Simmons, F. Ditmyar. Second Row: D. Albrecht, J. Kress, F. Dawley, H. Greenberg, T. Spitzmueller, K. Woods, W. Smallwood, D. Richter. . ' l INDEPENDENT SOCIAL GROUPS TRIANON-Bottom Row: E. Le-ath, S. Hall, Corr. Sec.g P. Bowman, Vice Pres.g I. Weise, Pres., D. Carey, Rec. Sec., C. Miller, Treas. Second Row: P. Geiger, P. Dinse, I . Bieler, K. Rockhold, C. Dyer, G. Hogan, M. Gohs. TRIANON Trianon, -a non-Greek sorority, was founded at the University of Cincinnati in 1929 to encourage partici- pation of non-Greek women students in campus activi- ties, promote fellowship, foster high standards of schol- arship, and serve the University. Any full time woman student not aiiiliated with a Panhellenic sorority is eligible for membership in Trianon. The members of Trianon participate in a variety of campus events, in- cluding Homecoming, Sophos Dance, and Junior Prom. This year's social schedule was highlighted by bowling and swimming parties and firesides. Trianon's philan- thropic project benefited an underprivileged family. df Arvella Dean, Sweetheart of Kappa Alpha Psi KAPPA' ALPHA PSI-Bottpm Row: J. Hattendorf, Adviser, C. Jackson, Sec H Tate Pres D. English, Treas.g L. Herring. Second Row: C. Spradley, E. Berry, R. Lewis G Miller J Anderson, R. Simmons. Third Row: C. Hampton, H. Brooks, R. Wallace G Wilson T Thacker, W. Tate, D. Imes. During the summer of 1961 Kappa Alpha Psi received official University recognition as a fraternal organ- ization. The group was further granted the status of an observer member in the Interfraternity Council. At present the members of Kappa Alpha Psi are em- phasizing scholastic achievement among their pledges. Incentive for attaining outstanding records of schol- arship and leadership are the Laurel Wreath Award and the Elder W. Diggs Award, which KAP pre- sents to deserving members. Highlighting a social calendar that featured informal parties and stags was the annual Sweetheart Formal of Kappa Alpha Psi. K PPA ALPHA P I GREEKS Pat Wilson Preszdent Mrs. W. C. Roberts national Panhellenic awards chairman, presents a national, award to Joyce Clark former Panhell president, for an outstanding report on the gfunctzonzng and program of UC's Panhellenzc 'VN 3 r,t, . . Q PANHELLENIC COUNCIL-Bottom Row: I. Rahe, P. Punch, Sec.g C. Traut, P. Wilson, Pres., J. Norton, Treas,g L. Pollock. Second Row: A. Fry, I. Benham, C. Stein, L. Grugg, R. Soldber er L. Me S. Y ukil' . Th' - ' ' ' g , yer, 0 IS zrd Row. C. Sullivan, E. Betz, I. Mills, P. Biven, E. Clore, A. Stuart, P. Steiner. PA HELLE IC COUNCIL Every girl belonging to one of UC's twelve sororities is also a member of the Panhellenic Association. This organization governs the activities of sororities, en- courages scholarship, coordinates social events, and regulates rushing and pledging. It also sponsors work- shops for pledge trainers, scholarship chairmen, and treasurers. Panhellenic Council functions through meet- ings of representatives and the president of each so- rority. At the Scholarship Convocation this past year Joyce Clark, former president of Panhellenic Council, accepted the coveted National Panhellenic Council's Trophy for a report on a two year study of UC's group. K WW' Q """." . it i HOUSE PRESIDENTS' CQUNCIL-Bottom Row: S. Kirkpatrick, P. Steiner, Sec., R. Gold- berger, Pres., P.,Bow, Vice Pres., D. McFarlin. Second Row: A. Patterson, E. I-Iill, B. Meckstroth, S. Troutman, S. Seale, E. Hinsch, J. Lehman. At its monthly meetings the House Presidents' Council sets the. standards and policies to be followed by all sorority houses. It attempts to make the sorority and dormitory housing regulations unifonn. Providing ade- quate housing for visiting girls on Collegiate Day is one of the group's main projects. Junior Panhellenic Council is the pledge organization corresponding to senior Panhellenic. It establishes unity among the pledge classes and gives leadership training to its members. At the meetings representa- tives learn about all campus sororities and discuss common pledge problems. HOU E PRE IDENTS COUNCIL JU IOII P HELLE IC COUNCIL JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL-Bottom Row: C. Stein, J. Ernst, E. Wodrich, Sec., C. Straub, Pres., N. Adams, Vice Pres., L. Miller. Second Caldwell, M. Monahan, C. Nocheck, M. Nooe, B. Wilson. J. Childress, P. Lillich, A. Plohr, B. Carnell, A. Sperhng. Row: T. Burns, C. Schneider, S. Third Row: G. Davis, L. Wedig, l.'QI4 -I I I ',.I ll ,v JV' if The sorority spirit, diminished during the summer, was rekindled, and nostalgia for departed seniors was re A A placed by enthusiasm for a new pledge class, as the girls of Alpha Chi began the school year. The entire chapter took pride in their third place scholarslnp rating, announced at the Panhellenic Convocation There was also the joy of seeing sisters tapped for wom enls honoraries, including Mortar Board and Guidon Highlighting the fun and excitement of two semesters were the Pledge Open House and Founder's Day Tea ALPHA CHI OMEGA-Bottom Row.' M. Schuerman, M. Mehmert, P. Cook, Rec. Sec., C. Kohsin, Treas.g G. Marioni, Pledge Tr.g Mrs. Davis, Housemotherg P. Heisel, Pres., E. Hinsch, J. Bockhorst, Corr. Sec., N. McCracken. Second Row: M. Gordon, P. Thornell, S. Hart, N. Romanek, L. Owen, B. Douglass, G. Chupp, J. Ketcham, S. Huck, C. Jentzen, P. Trachsel, M. Iuen. Third Row: G. Daum, L. Cox, C. Bereskin, T. Schumacher,'J. Gruber, L. Bongiorno, J. Klumb, A. Willman, K. Bennett, N. Carey J. Gardner, P. Sinnott, A. Hardy. Fourth Row: S. Buchanan, J. DeCamp, J. McNulty, N. Scott, S. Kahsar, A. Radcliffe, P. Gehung, P. Speckman, J. Anderson, S. Sands, S. Hayes, J. Stonecipher. Fifth Row: L. Hoxworth, L. Mahrt, J. Maschmeyer, M. Nunn, M. Wessel, L. Townsend, S. Korn, L. Cortese, P. Knosp, M. Arthur, K. Goertemiller. Sixth Row.' W. Meyer, A. Folkerth, P. Lillich, C. Bertsche, L. Phester, K. Wiethe, S. Imhoif, N. Davis, J. Mackzum, A. Huser, J. Heisel, J. Schoenberger, N. Heisel. President-Peggy Heisel Vice President-Georgie Daub Secretary-Phyllis Cook T reasurer-C arol Kohsin y A. . , . f ig 9 g .f 21:i-Z'. iff 361'f?? ' + . A X Q A . . r s s li ,zzz 1 gsi 1 Fi ef- Q, ::. - i ,Q 1' 522.1-,n .garter - V V, - - , , Lgf' Qi' " 1' ' ', Peggy Hf'Sel1PfeSfdenf P tt f 1 Y .. ' r irf t m, 5 . -+4-V fd-R4 M ..f.u. 13-. tl' wx .L t .. ..,.,.. , 6.w,.. .... . . , 1 Founded at DePauw Untverszty 1885 , "' 5 'P Alpha Delta Chapter established 1918 fs v ' ' Q x N.- .i. M Founded at Wesleyan College for Women 1851 1 "'f'?17-:mg-wrt:,,wf:-.-ere.,if .-,.. . ' -'W-Q - . Q ,.., , WI, Beta P1 Chapter established 1935 - . Ji g ,,,,. 72,1 .,,. 'N ' VVEUUU Foster, President ,,.' ' 'l" - ' -"l 1 V . zfjrfeiefiretf' M 1 -,W . . ,g jilgljl g -ur z F y ,, . - ,,,., ...:,, , H ..: -55.5 .. sms ,U ki . +5-,tt , L f. . ..- H f....:s1,,'f' se" .tally ,,, President-Virginia Foster Vice President-Gloria Rutenschroer Secretary-Ruth Engelhart Treasurer-Barbara Buckley ALPHA DELTA PI-Bottom Row: M. Meyers, C. Wind, G. Utter, Corr. Sec.g B. Warthen, Pledge Tr., Mrs. Bradtleld, House Mother, V. Foster, Pres.g G. Rutenschroer, Vice Pres.g B. Buckley, Treas.g R. Engelhart, Sec. Second Row: M. Maddox, I. Lee, K. Koppenhaver, M. Campbell, J. Reed, N. White, M. Niemczyk, S. Peak, D. Monsey, N. Homan. Third Row: S. Nichting, C. Jimerson, T. Kallmeyer, C. Baas, S. Tschantz, C. Weidig, M. Adler, I. J. Schmidt, S. Schmidt, S. Treon. Fourth Row: S. Reichert, M. Meyers, P. Biven, S. Feldkamp, B. Berning, A. Collins, J. Ernst, K. Myers, J. Ertel, G. Martino, L. Angelmyer. Fzfth Row. N. Bodenheimer C. Cutler J. Stephenson, C. Price, M. Goddard, I. McGuirk, S. Schoen, J. Wilmes, G. Molitor, C. Potts, B Rogers. Sixth Rhw: C. Munger, S. Conard, S. Troutman, S. Rui, R. Hcrbort, B. Bush, J. Schroeder, J. Meister, S. Wodr1ch, J: Murphy, H. Harman. For the girls of Alpha Delta Pi this was a year to remember. Scarcely had the new pledges received their lion pins when they thrilled the actives by win- ning ATO Sweepstakes. Trophies for runner-up hon- ors at Homecoming for the third straight year and Sophos Court were also proud additions to the chap- ter. The modern house on Clifton Avenue also fea- tured a newl aneled basement and recreational furniture. ADBPYE achievements on the UC campus were recognized this year at the National Conven- tion, which made four awards to Beta Pi chapter. 2 Founded at Syracuse University 1904 Alpha Gamma Chapter established 1923 Marilyn Mayer, Presidem President-Marilyn Mayer Vice President-Joyce Roy Secretary-Janice Ernig T reasurer-Cristel Dittrich ALPHA GAMMA DELTA-Bottom Row: I. Emig, Rec. Sec., J. Roy, Vice Pres., A. Myers, Vice Pres.g Mrs. Cain, House- motherg M. Mayer, Pres., S. Ritchie, Treas.g A. Tupman, Corr. Sec. Second Row: I. Ruehlman, C. Cox, K. Cappel, S. Kirk- patrick, C. Clark, N. Thompson, M. Niemczyk, S. Dickerson. Third Row: J. Trussell, J. Kveider, L. Pidgeon, A. Bullock, K Cademartori, J. Gross, S. Countryman, K. Williams, L. Leiter. Fourth Row: S. Donaldson, L. Nedig, J. Boering, M. Guyett B. Caluwaert, J. Kinney, J. Klappert, S. Weber, J. Niesz. Fifth Row: C. Sullivan, P. Gooding, L. Lalosh, C. Dittrich, J. Cappel B. Mullaney, S. Williams, V. Raabe, M. Carroll, N. Adams. Participation was the byword of Alpha Gamma chap- ter of Alpha Gamma Delta this past year. Mortar Board and Guidon claimed Alpha Gams as members, and many campus organizations found these girls willing and able Workers. In many respects the chap- ter benented most from those events which demand- ed full cooperation from each girl. The prize-Winning Homecoming float and a successful Alpha Gam Man Contest were the results of a united pledge and active chapter effort this year. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 1 7 S 1'6- Founded at University of Arkansas 1895 Pl Alpha Chapter established 1913 Mary Lou Reis, President President-Mary Lou Reis Vice President-Shirley Lutz Secretary-Lynne Cahill Treasurer-Gail Polster 1 sq .,-. -..,. .. .. ,, , . . ., . -. . 1 1 - . .V .,., ... .. . .. . CHI OMEGA-Bottom Row: C. Lance, S. Kruse, Pledge Tr., L. Cahill, Sec., S. Lutz, Vice Pres., Mrs. S. Pann, Housemotherg M. Reis, Pres.g G. Polster, Treas., T. Harsham, Corr. Sec.g S. Moodler. Second Row: B. Brouse, J. Ault, C. Fuentes, J. Rossel, J. Barth, T. Burns, N. Ickes, S. DeSpain, M. Wasmer, R. Ivers, S. Allen. Third Row: K. Schram, P. Hakes, S. Arend, J. Spoor, I. Rogers, R. Barrows, C. Malloy, J. DeVore, B. Coghill, B. Hastie, M.'Jordan, B. Rummel. Fourth Row: J. Gitzinger, D. Moeller, J. Yockey, J. Lance, B. Koch, J. Ferrante, J. Heinlen, G. Williams, K. Allen, B. Wilson, J. Oettinger, J. Winkler, J. Steinriede, L. Lipscomb. Fifth Row: B. Henkel, J. Jones, S. McMillan, A. Seaman, S. Thomas, B. Leach, B. McNett, J Woodcock, N. Kleine, R. Geiger, D. McFarlin, E. Schmidt, L. Adams, B. Agin. Sixth Row: C. Strattman, C. Lathrop, M. Green S. Miller, J. Robisch, S. Blake, K. McKay, M. Wagner, C. Grosse, C. Hamman, S. Myers, M. Stonebraker, P. Bauerle, J Lightfield. Pi Alpha Chapteris emphasis on scholarship wa HI 0 EGA warded this year as they received the trophy for the Most Improved Scholarship at the annual Pan-Hel- lenic Convocation. United eifort on the Homecom- ing float, the Sophos campaign, and a Sigma Sigma booth reliected the chapterls enthusiasm for hard work. Popular annual activities of the chapter were Christmas caroling, Old Clothes Parties and the Eleusinian Banquet. Highlighting the Chi O social calendar were the Christmas and Spring Formals. 0 f 2 1 , .ia 6 i 1 T - f 2, X 22' se ,A if N 'lj 'Q 'ei 7 -1 Q , . 1 :in 9 gl l 'Q wwf' L .r S px es , f. , , , - tp pd ff 'da' ' Vi, '59 2 . ,f 'fy' is frffff, . 1: - ' 125 DELTA DELTA DELTA-Bottom Row: M. Biehle, B. Wulfekamp, Corr. Sec.g S. Baxter, P. Elliott, I. Brock, Pres.g Mrs. Bud- roe, Housemother, P. Kromback, Sec.g P. Bush, A. Carroll, Treas.g C. Caldwell. Second Row: S. Herrick, B. Miller, B. Beaver, B. Hegman, B. Papesch, B. Vaughn, J. Schmidt, C. Oliver, B. Wright, R. Wood, L. Seyferth. Third Row: J. Rhoades, G. Sommer, B. Ziegler, N. Nau, S. Miller, D. Bien, J. Blersch, S. Callan, P. Rosenberg, D. Galvin, C. Cordes. Fourth Row: C. Pool, E. Wil- liams, J. Heffner, J. Bloom, B. Sage, R. Daugherty, C. Vischer, A. Vonderahe, G. Goesling, K. Gehring. Fifth Row: N. Kock, M. Albrecht, S. Pathe, J. Lehman, C. Nations, K. White, C. Collings, H. Blesi, S. Pack, M. Calder, H. Schroeder. Sixth Row: S. Sloan, S. Snyder, S. Lustig, D. Brooks, S. Tobin, D. Newberry, C. Warner, C. Kuhn, B. Lever, B. Baker, G. Moellering, M Burns. Among the achievements of the Zeta chapter of Delta Delta Delta this year were awards for runner-up hon ors at Homecoming and Sophos Court, and the winning trophy for the Greek Week games. While the T ri-Delts were kept busy with a round of social activities including a Christmas Pine Party, date par ties, and the annual Pledge and Spring Formals, the pledges were planning their tea for all pledges on campus. The girls still found time for participating in campus activities and honoraries and maintannng places on the Dean's list. Founder at Boston College 1888 Zeta Chapter established 1892 .lady Brock, President President .... . . . Judy Brock Vice President . . . Virginia Rogers Secretary . . . . Peg Krornbach Treasurer . . . . Abby Carroll I 5 Xi Chapter established 1916 President-Marsha S chornburg Vice President-Georgia Reif Secretary-Barbara Koeppe T reasurer-Claire Palasek The lamp of Delta Zeta radiated through the house this fall as actives welcomed an enthusiastic pledge class. Soon it was Homecoming, and in high spirits everyone Worked on the float MUC Fiddles While Houston Burns." Winter was highlighted by the Mistle- toe Formal honoring the pledges, and a chapter Christ- mas party. DZ greeted spring with initiation of the pledges to climax an impressive pre-initiation week. The annual Rose Ball in honor of the seniors brought the Delta Zeta year to a close. Founded at Miami University 1902 DELTA ZETA Marsha Schornburg, President DELTA ZETA-Bottom Row: B. Koeppe, Rec. Sec.g C. Palasek, Treas.g G. Reif, Vice Pres. Mrs Smith Housemother M Schomburg, Pres.g A. Marni, Vice Pres. Second Row: M. Balzer, S. Wren, A. Patterson, C. Barton G Spochrer C Humphrey Corr. Sec.g J. Rose, C. Nocheck. Third Row: E. Howe, J. Wiedenbein, H. Wehby, C. Easton, L. Doepke D Gragoo B Mairose C. Diehl, P. Wilson. KAPPA ALPH THETA Founded at Depauw University 1870 Alpha Tau Chapter established 1913 President-Carl Traut Vice President-Susan Danforth 'Secretary-Marcia Detmering T reasurer-Carol Hanson The twin stars of Kappa Alpha Theta sparkled brightly this year for UC's Alpha Tau chapter. Their winning pledge class featured g'Miss ATO Sweepstakes." Home- coming, in all its crepe paper glory, saw KAT's float take top honors in the women's division. During the fall football season a Theta band sponsor led UC's marching band. A second place scholastic rating re- Hecting the chapter's emphasis on academics, climaxed the semester. Mortar Board and Guidon also tapped these busy girls for scholarship and campus leadership. KAPPA ALPHA THETA-Bottom Row: K. Schanbacher, I. Blackburn, B. Hennjes, Corr. Sec., S. Danforth, Pledge Tr.g C. Traut, Pres., G. Reimey, Housemotherg M. Detmering, Rec. Sec., B. Meckstroth, C. Hansen, Treas.g A. Devins. Second Row: N. Taylor, D. McKinley, M. Towles, J. Skinkle, T. Sillman, J. Mayfield, C. Doppler, M. Colburn, J. French, J. Benham, S. Gray, B. Bizzarri. Third Row: S. Caldwell, E. Ringwald, C. Wolff, M. Duncan, A. Meriweather, A. Stith, S. Hennjes, P. Wal- dron, I. Winters, C. Benson, M. Burtschy, A. Fry, M. Deucker. Fourth Row: C. McCampbell, L. Calvin, S. Crandall, G. Jackett, D. Drayson, P. Todd, N. Rapp, K. Williams, A. Ferguson, B. Savery, B. Simpson, D. Holland, M. Nooe, M. Para- siliti. Fifth Row: L. White, I. Baker, G. Lehnhoif, C. Coyne, P. Ebel, E, Thodes, T. Pierce, J. Mills, P. Ziegel, M. McCann, S. Conner, S. Kamp, P. Hepp. Sixth Row: J. Wendell, J. Droesch, K. Ruehl, S. Schwarz, H. Hummel, R. Kolleck, C. Koors, B. Jellisin, J. Itin, G. Long, J. Brucher, M. Groen, C. Kamp. Where did all those diamonds come from? I see one on the door of the house on Clifton Avenue. I see gay diamonds in the grill, hastily grabbing a cup of cof- K A A fee before an early class. I see studious diamonds in the library. At Homecoming and ATO Sweepstakes I also see them. I see them at Guidon, Cincinnatus, Tri- bunal meetings, Mortar Board. . . everywhere. The girls who wear this diamond have a special spirit that makes it sparkle. Oh! Here comes one now. Why she's wearing the diamond of Kappa Delta! Founded at Virginia State Normal 1897 Omega Xi Chapter established 1913 Jennie Rahe, President Presia' en t-J ennie Rahe Vice President-Glenys A bbott S ecretary-J udy Bell T reasurer-J ud y Hath orn KAPPA DELTA-Bottom Row: P. Bow, J. Miller, L. White, J. Bell, Sec., I. Rahe, Pres., G. Abbott, I. Athorn, Treas. E. Betz, A. Lutzenheiser. Second Row: S. Mayer, C. Waits I. Keys, J. Bartletty, F. Soriano, B. Raitt, B, Werner, L. Rack, S. Sili verman. Third Row: J. Comer, J. McGuinness, S.'Cornelius, B. Gegner, M. Schriever, M. McCach, M. Stewart, B. Shefer S. Spencer, L. Pettrick. Fourth Row: H. Feller, N. Grimes, K. Crauder, J. Feller, I. Elbert, B. Landman, S. Clements, I. Hare, G. Butt, G. Abbott. Fifth Row: M. Smith, C. Mather, C. Siler, L. Kohl, K. Hayslip, J. Speier, A. Plohr, R. Satkowski, S Ainsworth, L. Moore. Sixth Row: S. Gamble, S. Riesenbeck S. Loos, D. Yager, J. Seifred, D. Avery, B. Bosch, J. Jaeger P. Heitz, B. Ivey, I. Tedrick. ' 9 Scholarship and campus activities kept the Kappas in a whirl this year. To start off their winning ways, the Homecoming Queen and a member of her court were Kappas. A Parisian theme, "Mais Oui Mimi," won a spot on Sophos Court for their candidate. In the acade- mic realm the girls of the golden key won Panhellenicis Scholarship Cup for the highest sorority average. On campus busy Kappas could be found in Mortar Board, Guidon, and class offices. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA-Bottom Row: C. Kamp, Corr. Sec., L. Heil, C. Prior, Treas.g B. Roe, Vice Pres., M. Baumcister Housemotherg L. Grubb, Pres.g B. Schwartz, Pledge Tr., J. Shinkle, Rec. Sec., S. Seale, C. Hoffeld. Second Row: S. Steves, P. Bock, E. Bidlingmeyer, D. Paul, B. Keller, P. Purdy, K. Fellabaum, L. Miller, J. DeBord, N. Waltz, J. Poindexter, A. Hoshaw, J. Hess. Third Row: L. Miller, H Sekinger, S. Scherer, B. Wilcox, C. Schneider, J. Niehaus, K. Kime, A. Fry, P. Schepman, B. Watts, C. Hall, J. Gausmann, S. Goyert, J. Routzong. Fourth Row: A. Liles, C. Corcoran, K. McKee, J. Eshenaur, B. Puterbaugh, D. Brater, C. Roots, M. Gardner, J. Heis, M. Meyer, D. Larkin, L. Hammond, D. Essex, E. Lee, M. Kramer, D. Hartig. Fifth Row: P. Fitzpatrick, M. Duval, J. Krogh, A. Kockritz, J. Wheeler, K. Honnert, N. Van Epps, B. Carson, C. Wallace, J. Metzger, M. McGowan, B. Tuerk, J. Hilsinger, C. Tompkins, B. Sunderland, M. Vance. Sixth Row: M. Hill, B. O'Neil, L. Pfersick, P. Sayler, M. O'Neil, J. Gieseling, B. Boelter, S. Heil, K. Ferguson, C. Muster, K. Liukkonen, D. Weg- ener, C. Creaghead, P. Haidin, A. Damon, G. Schirmer. 1 Founded at Monmouth College 1870 Beta Rho Chapter established 1914 - President-Liz Grubb Vice President-Barb Roe Secretary-Julie Shinkle Liz Grubb, T reasurer-Carol Prior President A A T Down in Cincinnati where the Greeks were all living, Dwelt a group of Sig Delts who had lots of spirit. The year started grandly, the campus admitted, The pledge class Won trophies, and rightfully so, Was the verdict of all who attended ATO. Came time for Homecoming, that grand old tradition, Refreshments for all was their lloat contribution. The girls on campus helped further good spirits, Parties and firesides were high on their list, And socially the limbo gave way to the twist. SIGMA DELTA TAU-Bottom Row: M. Golding, S. Lebenberg, Rec. Sec.g B. Signer, Corr. Sec., E. Herbert, Treas.g S. Youkilis, Pres., Mrs. Miller, Housemotherg L. Pollock, Vice Pres., G. Cass, Vice Pres., R. Goldberger, E. Minson. Second Row: L. Glassman, L. Meltzer, S. Saleh, L. Tronstein, S. Miller, S. Snider, R. Ran, S. Graller, I. Freedman, C. Alter. Third Row: N. Langs, F. Berg, A. Weinberg, B. Sternberg, A. Gostin, S. Bernstein, A. Lev, F. Levi, M. Frankel, B. Shure, B. Lebenberg. Fourth Row: J. Teitz, S. Schoenfeld, N. Felson, R. Good, L. Todd, J. Katz, F. Goldberger, J. Kahn, M. Geyer, F. Chasky, R. Grad. Fifth Row: A. Munich, M. Spritzer, N. Fichman, J. Neuman, A. Harrison, L. Roth, J. Meister, L. Gold, S. Hausman, J. Shupack, B. Ain. Sixth Row: F. Izenson, B. Perloff, G. Radzivilover, A. Sperling, E. Schaen, N. Coplan, A. Goldberg, J. Kaplan, C. Wise, J. Bailis, J. Elfenbein, C. Stein. President-Sandra Youkilis Vice President-Lee Pollock Secretary-S ue Leberzberg Treasurer-Ellen Herbert F ,, Lifes . A .- , - ez. ,,,, N W .. -' .S-4 .- , Eg ,ZF w flrggam w, 'f-av . if "w arg, " V M. MW- -- X .. 'F' " -- . Y Y Sandra Youkzlzs, S s , . President ,L fs" r 2' -11 Y: . . iii '.. . A ' - ff , ' f:.....f ' - A Founded at Cornell Unzverszty 1917 Epsilon Chapter established 1959 THETA PHI ALPHA-Bottom Row: A. Albanese, G. Santangelo, N. Hecker, Treas.g B. Bolan, Pledge Tr.g M. Holscher, Vice Pres., Mrs. M. Kennedy, Housernotherg L. Meyer, Pres., C. Kluener, Rec. Sec.g C. Brinker. Second Row: K. Maddux, P. Moenster, M. Wilhelms, J. Hoog, P. Valensky, M. Bross, P. Venosa, J. Haines, M. Monahan, S. Thornbury, D. Cassini. Third Row: D. Seiter, E. Schuler, B. Hecke, C. Naish, J. Steiner, C. Comello, D. Kaiser, D. Pizzo, M. McKenna, E. Dreidame, M. Meretta, T. Meretta. Fourth Row: L. Duggan, R. Barron, P. Punch, C. Tuke, D. DeLong, K. Cotteral, K. Herrington, I. Childress, J. Losacker, M. Brabender, S. Moster, J. Rettig, K. Moran. Fifth Row: I. Ziegler, C. Mettman, S. Roberts, C. Groneman, B. Grogan, L. Oldham, E. McConn, N. Pundsack, S. Krehnbrink, A. Bott, J. Byrnes. Sixth Row: N. Rowan, P. Steiner, S. Schlenck, N. Russell, J. Rabe, S. Sontag, P. Gruber, M. Mack, C. Mayer, B. Buse, M. Scanlan, A. Lichtenberg. Beginning an eventful year, Epsilon chapter of Theta Phi Alpha hosted the Province Convention at which the local chapter was honored. Homecoming float night provided unexpected excitement when four fire trucks, the salvage corps, and several police cars responded to a frantic call from the sorority house. Fortunately A the small blaze was quickly extinguished. For the new Theta Phi's, a Christmas party and the pledge weekend prior to initiation were unforgettable moments. The annual Spring Formal brought the year to a close. Founded at University of Michigan 1912 Epsilon Chapter established 1919 Lois Meyer, President President-Lois M ey er Vice President-Marlene H 0 lsch er S ecretary-C arol K luener Treasurer-Nancy H ecker President-Evelyn Clore Vice President-Kay Ross Secretary-Jane Schumann Treasurer-Kay Kaiser Founded at Farmville, Virginia 1898 Alpha Eta Chapter established 1921 To rush, to join a warm, enthusiastic circle of sisters, to be a member forever . . . this is Zeta. All the joy of serenading a Sophos Queen and winning Junior Prom for the third time is a part of ZTA, as is the proud feeling of having sisters in Mortar Board, Guidon, and Junior Advisers. Even more, ZTA's spirit is that of enduring Sisterhood and loyalty, of singing and work- ing together, and proudly wearing the shield of Themis. Everywhere you turn, a ZTA sister is there to give advice and lend a helping hand. Evelyn Clore, President ZETA TAU ALPH ZETA TAU ALPHA-Bottom Row: E. Hackman, B. Woellner, E. Clore, K. Keiser, Treas.g K. Ross, Pledge Tr., Mrs. Conlan Housemotherg K. Lutterbei, Vice Pres.g J. Schumann, Rec. Sec.g E. Kartye, Corr. Sec.g K. Norris. Second Row: S. Trifilio, J. Tuertscher, B. Behrle, B. Jones, K. Kiefer, C. Binstadt, M. Illbrook, S. Marcus, B. Browne, C. Metzger, C. Straub, S. Frost Third Row: S. Kasselman, J. Gornall, N. Gritfith, J. Byers, J. Tepe, J. Canter, A. Meyer, E. Hill, C. McLaughlin, C. Kern, G Ouertoom, K. McNeeley. Fourth Row: D. Rhine, C. Kirby, J. Mettman, N. Cochran, A. Stuart, D. Klosterman, J. Kruse M. Wilson, F. Sensel, P. Horak, A. Aughenbaugh, M. Rickard. Fifth Row: M. McMullen, N. Coleman, J. Gray, E. Menke, P Walls, K. Hoobler, E. Landthaler, K. Harsharn, B. Stuart, G. Hammelrath, B. Carnell, G. Davis. Sixth Row: J. Diers, B. Meyer J. Norton, B. Roden, K. Smith, D. Schumann, J. Brown, C. Kuwatch, C. Busener, S. Spindler, N. Dieckman, S. Kuwatch. Dick Snyder, President Interfraternity Council, composed of representatives from each fraternity on campus, strives to coordinate fraternal life and increase cooperation among the fra- ternities. It also serves as a liaison between the admin- istration and the fraternities. To enable rushmen to meet the fraternities and sign up for rush parties, IFC sponsors an annual smoker. Greek Week and the Big Brother Dance are also sponsored annually by IFC. Other activities of the Interfraternity Council include the Presidents' Conference and co-publication of f'Hermes." Council members also work at the polls and on "Operation Telephone." INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL-Bottom Row: C. Devine, B. Neel, R. Brown, Vice Pres.g D. Snyder, Pres., E. Keiser, Adviser, W. Meyers, Sec., D. Dell. Second Row: T. Someriield, B. Stull, W. North, B, Lipsky, N. Berte, I. Krieg, J. Grafton, B. Bentz. Third Row: M. Dever, J. Lewis, J. Sayler, D. Oberlin, M. Cooper, R. Crone, R. Risch, P. Marshall. IFC delegates discuss fraternity problems at Fall Banquet in Presidenfs Dining Room. l TERFRATERNITY COU CIL 1 I TERFRATERNITY PLEDGE COUNCIL Dean Scully and Judge Schwartz look on as IFPC representatives present a check to the Muscular Dystrophy Fund. INTERFRATERNITY PLEDGE COUNCIL-Bottom Row: P. Traub, B. Bowers, R. Granchi, M Partridge, B. Doss, I. Buckley. Second Row: G. Lace, F. Patterson, D. Kuhn, S. Youkilis, I Newmark, J. Vichman, J. Russell. Third Row: S. Harper, J. Selbert, D. Burdick, B. Miller, P Duduit, J. Rhoads, F. Fos. Interfraternity Pledge Council, composed of pledges from each fraternity, provides a forum for discussion 'of common pledge problems and exchange of ideas. The immediate goal of IFPC is to foster greater co- operation and understanding among the pledge classes. A traditional event at UC, the Big Brother Dance, is sponsored by IFPC and IFC. Also included on IFPC,s busy schedule is an annual Work project to raise funds for the Muscular Distrophy Campaign. IFPC meetings serve as a valuable training ground for future IFC officers. Improvement of the fraternal pledge programs is the principal objective of the Council. ACACIA Acacians gleefully applaud as pinned brother is returned from traditional dunking in Burnet Lake. Jim Peaslee, Venerable Dean Founded at the University of Michigan 1904 Cincinnati Chapter established 1929 Venerable Dean-James R. Peaslee 5 Senior Dean-Hank W. George 1 Secretary-Fred D. Ashead Treasurer-John E. Scott The Acacians have purchased another house, making a total of three residences for this growing group. Mom Brady, the new housemother, who moved in dur- ing rush, was warmly welcomed by the brothers. An- other proud addition to the chapter was the 1961 God- dess of the Greeks Trophy. This year the Acacians received widespread praise for their sponsorship of the Homecoming Overilow Dance for the pleasure of the entire campus. In the same tradition of service to the University, the men of Acacia were active in student government, campus honoraries, and intramurals. Con- cluding the schedule were Pledge and Spring Formals. ACACIA-Bottom Row: R. Staubach, T. Enoch, P. Chick, F. Ashead, Sec., H. George, Vice Pres., I. McPeck, N. Tarcha, B. Denton. Second Row: S. Hyland, D. Meyer, R. Santilli, C. laques, R. Swisshelm, J. Kyle, D. Reed, I. Moellendick. Third Row: C. Cavally, R. Herd, D. Zevan, C. Engle, I. Stetzel, R. Hub, I. Bush, W. Wright, C. Borcher, H. Chambers. Fourth Row: B. Hub, F. Shinners, B. Carter, J. Van Dyke, R. Von Fauge, G. Stroebel, B. Hedberg, D. Deyhle, D. Otto, C. Busch. ACACIA-Bottom Row: J. McMillan, M. Radeke, G. Wagner, Sec.g Mrs. Brady, Housemotherg J. Peaslee, Pres., D. Woodin. Second Row: M. Hunt, J. Maag, C. Smith, T. Huck, B. Messinger, D. Thompson. Third Row: R. Seveke, T. Moyers, J. Smith, F. Huselton, W. Ford, L. Smith, J. McDonald. ALPHA SIGMA PHI-Bottom Row: G. Sipes, C. Van De Mark, R. Tepe, Vice Pres., B. Husman, Housemotherg R. Ward, Teras.g T. Somerfield, I. Bevington, Corr. Sec. Second Row: S. Boulmetis, R. Holt, G. Lace, R. Coy, I. Barrawman, J. Bisch, S. Branner, M. Dorsey. Third Row: J. Pirozzi, K. Schultz, T. Hart, M. Murphy, A. Niemeyer, B. Hilton, D. Bennett, C. McKenney. ALPHA SIGMA PHI-Bottom Row: M. Sweeney, M. Mills, B. Lee, Pres., J. Kuhlman, D. Cox, Corr. Sec., E. Mende. Second Row: R. Nieter, D. Forsythe, G. Kroh, D. Clapp, G. Grossheim. Third Row: G. See, D. Boehnker, J. Matthews, A. Mitchell, R. Cammerer, J. Robson, B. Neville. Fourth Row: G. Honious, D. Livingston, D. Nieman, R. Stewart, B. Miller, T. Bergeron, M. Uiford. This past year the Alpha Sigs made extensive improve- ments at their chapter house on Wentworth Avenue. When the semester began the house displayed a new coat of paint, and a remodeled upstairs provided new study facilities. In addition to participating in cam- pus, the Alpha Sigs found time for an active social life. The founder's day banquet and the traditional Black and White Formal highlighted the fall semester. Renewed friendships with the chapter alumni was aiforded by the annual Sig Bust in the Spring. The busy second semester also saw the brothers preparing for the University Sing. Founded at Yale University 1845 Beta Sigma Chapter reactivated 1947 Saturday mornings bring weekly ironing for the brothers. President-Dick Tepe Vice President-Rudy Cammerer S ecretary-Jim Barrowman Treasurer--Bill VanDeMark ALPHA SIGMA PHI Dick T epe, President ALPHA TAU 0 EGA The traditional ATO Sweepstakes, held in Burnet Woods during the fall, and featuring beauty contests and zany games for all sorority pledges, gave the ATO pledges a chance to meet the new co-eds. Homecoming brought the highest honor for the year to the ATO,s as judges awarded their float top prize. The iloat con- sisted of a giant wine bottle, surrounded with clusters of grapes, and the theme "Cincy's Vintage Year." The men of the maltese cross also received community praise for serving coiifee and doughnuts to all residents of Senator Place to make up for the disturbing banging and pounding on float-building night. ALPHA TAU OMEGA-Bottom Row: B. Jonas, W. Tries, C. Wagner, R. Shelton, H. Meister, B. Drake. Second Row: R. Davidson M Forbes, P. Brookshire, D. Rote, P. Traub, P. Westrich, E. Siermann. Third Row: M. McCormick, F. Arn, B. Page, C Hasford R Gamble, J. Comer, T. Fehr. Fourth Row: D. Lockwood, B. Field, J. Raimer, W. Dalness, I. Richter, E. Birge, J Sonnanstme, J. Dalness. Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1865 Delta Lambda Chapter established 1922 President-Dave Luppert Vice President-Gary Lesniewicz Secretary-Rick H etzger Treasurer-Dick DeLon Dave Luppert, President 443' ATO brothers and dates enjoy the annual "Dogpatch" costume party. Sue Bovee, ATO Sweetheart ALPHA TAU OMEGA-Bottom Row: D. Munson, J. Gentile, G. Lesniewicz, Vice Pres.g Mrs. Schroeder, Housemotherg D DeLon, Treas.g W. Poe, H. Cunningham. Second Row: B. McCarthy, P. Magin, Corr. Sec.: L. Banghart. T. Muir, M. West C. Zaharako, B. Wood, B. Bowers, S. Megregian. Third Row: D. Barth, R. Decker, M. Lillich, B. Hester, F. Pittenger, N Merydith, J. Riopelle, R. Metzger, Sec., Larry Richardson, I. Wells. Fourth Row: N. Rice, T. Stall, A. Brown, G. Trusty, B Young, B. Deubler, C. Clark, L. Walker. T. Chapley, D. Salley. Fifth Row: B, Melick, D. Garverick, D. Landsledel, J. Vie- son, K. Randall, G. Grimshaw, D. Stauss, K. Knarr, B. Freeman, J. Robinson, B. Crandall. BETA THETA PHI-Bottom Row: S. Carr, N. Levy, I. Thompson, Treas.g W. North, Pres., Mrs. Alcorn, Housemotherg E Daniels, Vice Pres.g K. Eastin, J. Sayler, Corr. Sec. Second Row: B. Kearsley, J. Patten, T. Arnold, S. Schulke, T. Stickel, W Kessler, P. Regensburger, H. Mcllvain, D. Stonebaker. Third Row: B. Brown, J. Rippey, H. McWilliams, I. Penn, T. Reiber T. Seifert, B. Elam, B. Palmer, B. Lower, T. Ferree, Fourth Row: A. Roxby, J. Pitstick, R. Nugent, B. Tower, D. Whiting B. Lamarre, J. Evans, B. Gall, D. Burdick, R. Foote. Fifth Row: T. Wheeler, D. Ebbers, L. Paul, S. Harris, R. Houston, J Morrison, P. Bent, M. Strasser, B. Chapman, K. Story, D. Hendricks. BETA THETA Pl President-Bill North Vice President-Ed Daniels Secretary-Jim Sayler Treasurer-Jack Thompson Founded at Miami University 1839 Beta Nu Chapter established 1918 Bill North, President 1 BETA THETA PI-Bottom Row: M. Sabre, K, Mergler, W. Hallet, A. Cain, G. Cornett D Martin Second Row D Gartiez W. Curry, R. Retzler, I. Kennedy, B. Rotte, Rec. Sec., A. Church, A. Mosher, E. Weiskittel M Keiser Thud Row J Allison M. Jeffress, B. Foley, J. Donohue, R. Pressler, W. Hill, M. Ehrensberger, B. Stock, J Krieg The Betas enjoyed a busy campus and social schedule this year while retaining their high scholastic rating among the fraternities. Third place in intramural com- petition testified to the varied athletic interests of the Betas. The social calendar included numerous informal parties for the brothers and their dates. Special events of the year included a father and son banquet, an Orphan's Party, and the Miami Triad Dance in which they joined with the Phi Delts and Sigma Chi's. The Betas welcomed spring with practices for the Mother's Day Sing, and the gala Spring Weekend rounded out the second semester. The Thetcfs are treated to the traditional Beta Clzristmas Caroling. DELTA T U DELTA Craig Devine, President Delt's animated float, "Cincy's Brewing Trouble for the Cougars," proved to be a crowd favorite at Homecoming Day. A fire during the past winter caused an estimated thirty thousand dollars damage to the Delt house on Jefferson Avenue. Firemen credited the Delts and their neighbors, the Phi Kaps with invaluable assistance in controlling the blaze. Work was begun almost immedi- ately on remodeling and restoring the upper stories of the house. The tire, however, did not dampen the brothers' spirit throughout the remainder of the year. Practices started early to regain the form which won them top honors in the 1961 Sing. Social activities, including iiresides, costume parties, and formals rounded out the Delt year. Founded at Bethany College 1859 Gamma Xi Chapter established 1909 President-Craig Devine Vice President-Paul Marshall Secretary-Steve Hardy T reasurer-John Anderson DELTA TAU DELTA-Bottom Row: J. Betz, Sec.g J. Hoffmann, B. Kelley, Sec., C. Devine, Pres., Mrs. Sawyer, House- motherg P. Marshall, Vice Pres.g J. Anderson, Treas.g S. Hardy, Rec. Sec. Second Row: J. Meyer, B. Oliver, B. Ware, D. Early, N. Sanford, R. Grammel, E. Renner, J. Weiss, J. Pratte. Third Row: J. Mathews, J. Buckley, B. Doss, D. Sehander, S. Faneuff, J. Mather, K. Smith, R. Badgley, K. Eger. Fourth Row: J. Jackson, J. Yurek, A. Bocklet, D. Robb, S. Gibson, J. Goodling, J. Brust, D. Lankin, J. Holder. Fifth Row: R. Tecklenburg, F. Balow, M. Stenburg, P. Hunter, N. Norkaitis, J. Mathews, T. Smith, B. Kramer, J. Ehrmin, B. Gervers, H. Krueger. Sixth Row: C. Pascarella, A. Deckebach, J. Ritzi, J. Muntz, F. Grimm, J. Norton, J. Page, B. Pollock, J. Rathkamp, A. Schott. I DELTA TAU DELTA-Bottom Row: W. Strawbridge, J. Garrison, L. Ruck, J. Tansey, R. Ashdown, T. Nixon, C. Stevenson, J. Burns. Second Row: M. Heller, B. Siegel, J. Licht, D. Cope, C. Rue, D. Argabright, L. Burkard, J. Radcliffe. Third Row: D. Harkai, J. Dells, T. Shebanek, L. Milbrandt, G. Vollbracht, B., Booker, D. Wake, B. Burton. Fourth Row: C. McIn- tyre, J. Throcker, S. Huffman, R. Madill, L. Krueger, R. Holmes, J. Moore, E. Stein. Fifth Row: P. Draggen, K. Niemiller, M. Weber, L. Hanson, B. McBride, C. Waddell, L. Krapp, D. Burns, H. Oskanitz. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Growth was the keynote of Lambda Chi's past year on campus. The purchase of a second house provided more living space for this rapidly expanding fratern- ity. Long work sessions on their Homecoming Hoat resulted in a runner-up trophy in the men's division. In the realm of campus activities the Lambda Chi's were represented in ODK, Sophos, Sigma Sigma, and Metro. A varied social calendar provided fun and enjoyment for all the brothers. Climaxing the year was the Spring Formal Where the men of the cross and crescent presented their sweetheart pin to the "Crescent Girl of Lambda Chi Alphaf' LAMBDA CHI ALPHA-Bottom Row: A. Weiss, A. Carter, J. Smith, I. Sweyer, Treas.g J. Shoup, D. Murphy, W. Hiott. Second Ron L Peterson, R. Farr, M. Allen, J. Kreger, D. Brown, R. Fischer, J. Buck, D. Rush, D. Gessaman. Third Row: R OBrien P Eller D. Houser, J. Lobaugh, R. Ravenscroft, L. Soldaty, B. Pollitt, J. Jensen, R. Darling, E. Gregg. Fourth Row D Sweyer W Hall, R. Palmer, T. Barker, D. Weed, I. Gerard, J. Gidman, J. Chenoweth, D. Butz, T. Cincotta. Fifth Row T Buse M Cook, M. Brock, D. Baxter, R. Chenoweth, D. Bair, K. Franks, L. Brenan, B. Gromen. This replica of the Tyler-Davidson fountain won honors for Lambda Chi Founded at Boston College 1909 Gamma Gamma Chapter established 1919 Dick Snyder, President Barb Bolan, Crescent Girl President-Dick Snyder Vice President-Jerry Rose Secretary-Geofrey Rendall .L T reasurer-John Sweyer LAMBDA CHI ALPHA-Bottom Row: J. Double, B. Hicks, Sec.g J. Rankin, Treas.g D. Snyder, Pres., I. Rose, Vice Pres., B Kelley, J. Grafton, J. Watson. Second Row: J. Olpp, G. Myers, T. Emerson, H. Smith, J. Mullaney, F. Scarpino, R. Sherrick L. Lawrence, D. Maine. Thira' Row: M. Doyle, T. Clark, S. Miller, D. Santangelo, B. Johnston, E. Cook, D. McDermott, H Pemberton, M. Howell, D. Shoup, B. Schneider. Fourth Row: C. Yarbrough, J. Maloney, K. Velten, J. Pennington, D. Car- michael, D. Winkelman, T. Mahaney, T. Bitler, S. Branch, I. Lewis. Fifth Row: T. Connelly, R. Young, E. Stuebing, M Schoch, L. Street, D. Papp, C. Mead, B. Long, B. Wunker, S. Suiter, I. Wietholter. 7 ' frufrxfsssiisfirrrem PHI DELTA THETA--Bottom Row: T. Petry, S. Algyre, A. Thompson, W. Turner, D. Hartmann, Pledge Tr., Mrs. Muster Housemotherg B. Hartmann, Pres., E. Fischer, Treas.g J. Grow, B. Jones. Second Row: J. Compositor, D. Griffith, D. Wash- burn, B. Pesci, P. McKittizick, D. Gabel, G. Bitsoff, D. Montgomery, J. Dolby, D. Jones, B. Meinders. Third Row: R. Jennings, L. Kennedy, Sec., E. Schroer, C. Wingard, H. Moreno, B. Anderson, B. Link, K. Kay, R. Bierley, W. Anderson. Fourth Row. J. Krieg, L. Butt, B. Hampel, J. Updike, J. Brockmeyer, J. Edwards, W. Lusk, K. Stoutenborough, J. Malatesta, P. Patala, L . Kissell. Fifth Row: D. Cleaver, D. Miner, T. Epley, N. Powell, G. Veser, I. Duytschaever, B. Dutton, J. Knox, G. Damon V. Uchtman, J. Campbell. Sixth Row: D. Dickenson, J. Waller, T. Driscoll, C. Norton, G. Kralovich, H. Staley, B. Minturn, S. Brown, J. Hulbert, D. Hoblitzell, D. Shaffer, D. Holt. PHI DELTA THETA-Bottom Row: J. Parker, R. Bowers, T. Myers, R. Fry, H. Massie, M. Schlenker. Second Row: R Lang, D. Krieg, P. Hamlin, G. Morgan, W. Arend, J. Werner, T. Sperber. Third Row: R. Hallberg, D. Driscoll, D. Goes, B Wessmger, L. Warburg, B. Herbold, K. Glass. Well known for their annual Phikeia carnival, given for the enjoyment of the campus, the men of Phi Delta Theta have stressed service to the University for the past sixty years. For its achievements on the UC cam- pus Ohio Theta Was named one of the outstanding Phi Delt chapters in the nation. This year again found the Phi's preparing for the University Sing, as the brothers sought to equal past prize-winning performances. Rec- ognition also came to the fraternity for its marked improvement in scholarship ratings. The social climax of the Phi Delt year was the Miami Triad dance, held with Beta Theta Pi and Sigma Chi. Founded at Miami University 1848 Ohio Theta Chapter established 1898 President-Bob Hartmann Vice President-Lynn Jones Secretary-Larry Kennedy T reasurer-Earl Fisher PHI DELTA THET Bob Hartmann, President The annual Phikeia Carnival provides entertainment for sorority pledges. Founded at Brown University 1889 Omicron Chapler established 1925 President-Bob Neel Vice President-John Madden Secretary-Torn Devanney Treasurer-Mike Davis A remodeled house was the pride of Phi Kappa Tau in its second year on campus. The Phi Tau's began the year with a successful rush and maintained the same pace throughout the remainder of the year. The pledge- active day promoted fraternal spirit, and the pledge- active football game was again violently played. Chap- ter unity was also displayed in Phi Tau's annual Christ- mas tree sale to raise funds. Winter was highlighted by the Dream Girl Ball Where the Dream Girl of Phi Kappa Tau was honored. On campus Phi Tau's were active in student government and intramurals and were selected for membership in Metro and Cincinnatus. Phz Tau called for a UC victory with "Run 'Em Through the Mill." PHI KAPPA TAU-Bottom Row: D. McGraw, M. Davis, Treas.g B. Neel, Pres., Mrs. Roof, Housemotherg I. Madden, Vice Pres., T. Devanney, Sec., N. Proctor, B. Moore, J. Brown. Second Row: M. Plett, B. Fischer, P. Jacobson, B. Stull, I. Grebb, W. Haynes, O. Curtsinger, D. Stevenson, B. Amantea. Third Row: M. Partridge, S. Smith, J. Greer, J. Carney, F. Arnold, T. Krueger, D. Stone, J. Hicks, M. Koepper, R. Smock. Foiirtlz Row: I. Miller, R. von Landberg, A. Ackenhausen, R. Loase, B. Witt, J. Tinker, R. Hall, R. Sears, W. Fischer, C. Kersey, L. Dickey. Fifth Row: L. Hake, P. Foote, I. Becker, R. Vor- denberg, C. Uhlhorn, D. Schneider, R. Belcher, J. Martin, F. Kos, J. Dilger. r Donna Holland, Phi Tau Dream Girl -1' 'K 1 .lt Bob Wiehaus, President , 'wg Julie Byrnes, Phi Kap Sweetheart PHI KAPPA THETA-Bottom Row: J. Gimpel, J. Moran, Treas.g B. Wiehaus, Pres., Mrs. Foley, Housemotherg R. Kreinbrink Vice Pres., B. Hanks, F. Habegger. Second Row: T. Martin, E. Renner, S. Schrand, I. Fabbro, R. Duermit, I. Martin, P. Thorn- ton. Third Row: R. Granchi, E. Makara, D. Fitzgerald, D'A1essandro, T. Schorle, L. McManus, B. Ohr, R. Bruns, Corr. Sec Fourth Row: P. Listerman, R. Hoffman, T. Weingartner, O. Miller, J. Madzola, T. Deller, J. Eimermacher, J. Sickinger, T. Kan- tor. Fifth Row: C. Mathes, J. Seibert, I. Wright, B. DeBrunner, D. Fish, B. Gramann, R. Hudepohl, F. Brinkman, D. Wuest "Hose 'Em Down,"-Phi Kappa's Homecoming contribution placed in the top four in competition. A iine pledge class started the year off on a successful note for Phi Kappa Theta. Chapter spirit prevailed throughout a semester that was highlighted by the an- nual pledge-active football game and the pledge week- end. A runner-up trophy for their Homecoming float rewarded the efforts of several weeks of Work. Year long participation in student government and activities testified to the Phi Kaps' interest in the welfare of the University. Among the memorable social events of the year were the Spring Formal, the Senior Dinner, and serenades for pinned couples. PHI KAPP THET PHI KAPPA THETA-Bottom Row: S. Patras, D. Yaklofsky, D. Walters, T. O'Brien, J. Adams, D. Moehring, R. Woertz B. Byrne. Second Row: E. Kimble, B. VonFeldt, E. Renner, D. Bianco, N. Morley, R. Cranchi, P. Wiemer, J. Zimmerman J Glatting. Third Row: A. Klosterman, J. Geyer, M. Kirshmeyeur, R. Isfort, B. O'Hatnik, K. Capak, B. Miller, C. Ashley T Habagger. Fourth Row: G. Gabrich, B. Boyle, B. D'Alessandro, R. Dressrich, D. Huffmann, I. Rodersheimer, J. Dryer, G Else nor, R. Bruns, T. Eichorn. Fifth Row: P. Reichert, B. Bockenstette, D. Wuest, M. Gallager, T. Comeford, J. Habbager S Budd, M. Doyle, G. Sepsie, D. Hein. President-Bob Wiehaus Vice President-Ron Kreinbrink Secretary-Ernest Renner Treasurer-Dan Fitzgerald Founded at Brown and Lehigh Universities 1889 Ohio Omicron Chapter established 1925 Phi Kaps and dates go primitive at the annual Fall Cave Man Party. 4 Jay Green, President Pl KAPPA ALPH Toni Sillman, PiKA Dream Girl l Founded at University of Virginia 1868 Alpha Xi Chapter established 1910 The pictures on this page do not represent PiKA. No one could snap a picture and capture the spirit, the friendliness, or the congeniality of this group of men. Pictures only represent the physical make-up of this, the Alpha Xi chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha. Chapter activities reflect more fully the spirit of the Pikes. Long hours of practice passed quickly for Pikes seeking to equal past Sing performances. Homecoming and Kam- pus King also were occasions for a united chapter effort. Yet the picture of the Pikes would not be com- plete without mention of the inimitable fire engine, the embodiment of the PiKA spirit. President-Roger Brown Vice President-Ed Weber Secretary-Dan Wharton Treasurer-Dick F enstermacher The "twist" proves to be the rage at a Pike house party. PI KAPPA ALPHA-Bottom Row: D. Jacob, R. Spencer, Vice Pres.g L. Snaufer, Vice Pres., I. Green, Pres.g Mrs. Mathews Housemotherg D. Fenstermacher, Treas.g R. Brown, Sec., B. Keeling. Second Row: J. Burnett, D. Dorsch, T. Elo, D. Camplin B. Harrison, D. Lee, B. Bender, A. Grant, L. Bradford. Third Row: S. Fountain, L. Finkelmeier, D. McCarty, I. Tomsen, B Atkins, E. Weber, M. Crotzer, T. Binder, T. Barker. Fourth Row: S. Isaac, R. Huie, H. Sparks, L. Correll, M. White, S Harper, G. Byrd, D. Doyle, R. Breyley, C. Heithaus. Fifth Row: W. Bertsche, S. Sauster, D. Coursey, R. Gordon, G. Michael J. Schardt, R. Weller, M. Ryan, A. Wilson, R. Schwartz. PI KAPPA ALPHA-Bottom Row: B. Spencer, G. Bemiller, I. Wilis, C. Shanks, M. Evers, G. Smallwood, G. Springer, I Tener. Second Row: C. Woodward, B. Weisman, I. Chambers, B. Moomau, I. Bue, D. Ralston, F. Arnett-, D. McCullough B. Jorden. Third Row: J. Alfred, A. Schulte, R. Blum, G. Sezkins, J. Coons, P. Lavelle, M. Smithson, T. Brashear, P. Reiner M. Dever. Fourth Row: E. Readenjes, R. Meyers, I. Wright, J. Pask, R. Thoman, R. Menozzi, D. Bruton, B. Hoeb, P. Jones L. Kimbler. Fifth Row: B. Newstedt, D. Karem, D. Hodapp, D. Wharton, B. Alexander, S. Sokell, D. Shepherd, D. Palmeter T. Thompson, J. Reese. A E l Pl LAMBDA PHI-Bottom Row: K. Sherry, S. Potash, E. Sharpe, Vice Pres.g E. Samuel, Housemotherg H. Dunn, Pres., L. Bernstein, Treas.g M. Kessler, Sec. Second Row: D. Glick, D. Berwald, Pledge Tr.g M. Kolk, M. Schwartz, D. Kroin, M. Reicher, H. Silver, R. Spritzer. Third Row: D. Shilesky, N. Baden, M. Kreindler, S. Schoenbach, N. Ruttenburg, J. Weiss, B. Weinbrown, B. Brook, M. Miller, M. Somerstein, Pledge Tr. Fourth Row: N. Kugelmas, B, Brenner, S. Schwartz, S. Ullner, I. Silverman, L. Fox, M. Cohen, H. Pickus, H. Oeslander, D. Marx. Pi Lams spent many hours building their Homecoming Float "Flood 'Em Cincy." Pl LAMBDA PHI Pi Lambda Phi fraternity has been on the UC campus for over thirty years and in that time has contributed much to the fraternity system. Both service and scho- lastic honories have recognized many Pi Lams for their achievements. Student government has also beneiited from the hard working brothers. The past year saw Pi Lam among the top contenders in intramural athletics. A full social calendar both semesters, however, kept the fraternity life from becoming dull. Besides iiresides and exchange dinners, the Pi Lams frequently held informal parties. Highlighting the year's social events was the annual Pledge Formal. PI LAMBDA PHI-Bottom Row: L. Shuman, I. Cohen, B. Levite, H. Shorr, B. Shumacher, S. Rose. Second Row: D. Hersher B. Ross, M. Rodner, J. Turk, S. Rodman, G. Scobert, D. Heilbrun, S. Shulman. Third Row: S. Kaplan, I. Rosenfeld, A Shugarman, J. Avner, E. Korenthal, A. Schuman, L. Srider, B. Satsky. Harvey Dunn, President Founded at Yale University 1895 Ohio Mu Chapter established 1920 Rex-Harvey Dunn Archon-Elliot Sharpe Secretary-Michael Kessler K.O.E.-Lloyd Bernstein SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON-Bottom Row: B. Gaines, D. Carpenter, D. Mileham, Rec. Sec., R. Elmore, N. Berte, Pres., Mrs. Johnson, Housemotherg H. Miller, Adviser, B. Bentz, Vice Pres., J. Murphy, Treas.g T. Blake, Pledge Tr. Second Row: D. Murray, D. Schuerman, G. Toad, J. Harlacker, J. Lappin, L. Milligan, N. DeVotie, J. Miles, T. Jenike, D. Morgan, B. Fair. Third Row: L. Brown, S. Hollingsworth, B. Schuler, J. Ottaviani, J. Klinck, P. Brockhoff II, B. Schroeder, R. Holdemaw, J. Stansbury, M. Claggett, B. Forsberg. Fourth Row: R. Calvin B. Kopich, B. Fee, T. Kenney, M. Bowman, S. Fry, P. Disalvo, S. Weber, S. Schmaltz, J. Hayes, D. Miller, K. Elder. Fifth Row: R. Niebuhr, D. Sauer, B. Rhode, D. Mileham, J. McEn- tyre, T. Williams, T. Whitaker, L. Mueller, D. Hissong, D. Lange, R. Heimann, D. Fulk. Sixth Row: J. Hughes, B. Risch, D. Nielsen, B. Donohoo, D. Rau, J. Hoffman, R. Stumpf, C., Martellotti, J. Thier, H. Sterling, L. Blakeney, T. Lloyd. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON-Bottom Row: E. Wolf, J. Siler, A. Astbury, N. Hauss, R. Cosler, R. Isphording, T. Hearn, P. Hagner. Second Row: J. Mahan, S. Lappin, J. Jones, J. Elam, D. DeBord, T. Fisher, M. Curk, T. Watkins, T. Hayes. Third Row: R. Palmer, J. Lehman, D. Nemenz, K. Keller, B. Stanforth, D. Beiser, R. Prather, M. Simpson, F. Jones. Fourth Row: P. Blakeney, P. Starr, C. Keffer, S. King, M. Proifitt, E. Whitacre, G. Kraybus, D. Flory, B. Hendon, S. Farquard. Fifth Row: E. Coriell, B. Neff, T. Dempsey, K. Flory, L. Willey, B. Deddens, B. Lawson, C. Hagner, D. Leone, M, Devanney. By providing an atmosphere for the development of scholarship, citizenship, and leadership, Sigma Alpha Epsilon enjoyed a successful year. SAE's were found presiding over class meetings and campus organiza- tions, and were selected by men's honoraries for their achievements. A united elfort by the brothers again made SAE a top competitor for athletic honors. Rank- ing high scholastically among the fraternities, SAE achieved its goal of academic excellence. All was not Work, however, as the brothers frequently gathered for social events, including formals, the Paddy Murphy party, and a Spring Weekend, concluding the year. Founded at University of Alabama 1856 Ohio Epsilon Chapter established 1889 President-Neal Berte Vice President-Bill Bentz Secretary-Don M ileham Treasurer-Jim Murphy l Bill Bentz, President A favorite SAE pastime during sorority rush is playing bridge outdoors. Emil it 7 lq I Y E..'3 ii S Ei it 'Zi iii! 'iii SIGMA ALPHA MU-Bottom Row: N. Levy, G. Bliiestone, J. Portnoy, Rec.g G. Herzig, H. Weiss, Vice Pres., A. Rosenberg, Pres.g S. Fettner, J. Moskowitz, L. Freeman, L. Sirkin. Second Row: B. Rosen, J. Schenkel, R. Katz, S. Meitus, P. Richman, D. Itkoff, S. Lieberman, D. Lieberman, S. Groban, J. Katz, F. Leonard. Third Row: B. Lipsky, I. Gold, B. Heyman, M. Baron, D. Zeff, A. Malman, M. Straus, A. Leff, E. Fisher, G. Goldberg, M. Rand. Fourth Row: D. Tomberg, M. Pinales, I. Levine, R. Gersh, A. Canter, B. Eidus, T. Paul, S. Korb, J. Miller, D. Rosin, S. Lang. -Fifth Row: K. Kramen, R. Brecher, D. Ritter, M. Sollek, L. Schneider, N. Galinsky, A. Goldman, G. Sapadin, T. Neuman, K. Wolf, B. Ross, S. Zaken. Sixth Row: E Rosen, J. Luxenberg, B. Goodman, M. Hoffman, P. Segal, R. Lisner, A. Claynian, I. Lacritz, I. van Gelder, F. Zigler, I Osterweil. In addition to its fame in the realms of scholarship and campus activities, Sigma Alpha Mu has risen rapidly in the held of cigarette contests. Last year SAM was the undefeated champion of Intra-Marlboro collecting at UC. Throughout the year, however, the fraternity united in more serious eiforts. Maintaining its good academic record, SAM was again awarded the ODK Scholarship Trophy. Sophos and other honor societies tapped Sainmies for their contributions to the U University. Omicron chapter was further honored this fall to act as host for the national convention of SAM which met in Cincinnati. Founded at College of the City of New York 1909 Omicron Chapter established 1917 ' Prior-Alan Rosenberg Vice Prior--Herb Weiss Recorder-Joe Partnoy Exchequer-Louis Freeman Alan Rosenberg, Prior SIGMA ALPHA MU-Bottom Row: L. Bame, M. Shekter, J. Harrison, B. Hyatt, R. Ann. Second Row: T. Paul, G. Robbini H. Margolis, J. Stoller, S. Youkilis. Third Row: P. Flamm, L, Weinzimmer, B. Sundhiemer, A. Canter, D. Rosin. - The SAM float "Slaughter 'Em Cincy" urged the Cats on to victory over arch rival, Houston. Bob Cooper, President ? L.: n j ves,a..m I 1: pg ,, . 5':.':f.':g2 f fuiiei' W e 5 SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami University 1855 ' Zeta Psi Chapter established 1882 The most important occasion on the Sigma Chi calen- dar this year was the Sigma Chi Watermelon Bust, which has become an unoliicial orientation for new students. This event provided an opportunity for fresh- men to meet members of all UC Greek organizations. The freshmen also met Sig III, the chapter's gigantic Great Dane mascot. Other notable dates included the pledge formal, and the Sweetheart Formal, where the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi was honored. As in past years, the members of UC,s oldest fraternity migrated to Ohio State University to join with other Sigma Chi chapters for State Day meetings. Karen Schram, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi President-Bob Cooper Vice President-Al Wilhelm Secretary-Pat Reeves Treasurer--Bill Hamen Each fall1Sigs entertain the campus with thelWatern1elonBust. 0 ,K as SIGMA CHI-Bottom Row: E. White, T. McCarthy, T. Dewey, T. Moore, K. Schrarn, Sweetheart, Mrs. Wohler, Housemotherg L. Wright, J. Griess, A. Petrie, D. Wendling. Second Row: I. Wendling, B. Smith, G. Moneyhan, B. Ryan, C. Sherman, W. Smith, D. Hummel, L. Collins, R. Nuber, L. Hall. Third Row: M. Hynes, I. Crews, J. Russell, R. Young, B. Albrecht, P. Card- villias, B. Chapman, I. Thompson, J. Bemis, T. Oldham. Fourth Row: J. Alire, D. Osterfeld, E. Ferguson, M. Fulton, T. Stoll- meir, B. Braun, R. Kahle, D. Norten, T. Bigelow, F. Scott. Fifth Row: G. Smith, L. Brumm, B. Mason, D. Thiel, I. Rhoads, J. Hamer, D. Wagner, P. Ellison, B. Edwards, D. Crone, M. Rose. SIGMA CHI-Bottom Row: D. Dahinden, Stewardg A. Wilhelm, Vice Pres., M. Cooper, Pres., B. Haman, Treas.g L. Wright, Sec., B. Knowles. Second Row: R. Collins, G. Fearn, A. Kattman, R. Longley, C. Elliott, T. Brannock, L. Mullins. Third Row: K. Byers, R. Castelluccio, F. Herschede, D. Rogers, B. Murrin, J. Medveckis, L. Harp. Founded at Richmond, Virginia 1901 Ohio Theta Chapter established 1949 Steve Austin, President Anita Stith, 3 Sig Ep Queen of Hearts L' K President-Steve Austin ' Vice President-Al Harmann Secretary-Dick Lippert Comptroller-Jim Charles SIGMA PHI EPSILON-Bottom Row: J. Hackman, G. Stamler, I. Charles, S. Austin, Mrs. Reuscher, Housemotherg G. Shawhan, M. Haas, J. Jones, D. Allen. Second Row: R. Gibson, R. Chaney, R. Baker, D. Heidelman, B. Messerly, J. Nelson, F. Kinds- vatter, .Morris, D. Elmore, B. Peterson. Third Row: T. Cook, G. Schumacher, R. Ruhl, L. Anderson, L. Barber, B. Constantuu, D. Constantini, R. Williams, D. Ewing, R. Loesch, B. Stambaugh. Fourth Row: D. Adams, T. Walter, A. Fisgus, R. Starkey, T. Johnson, R. Moretti, I. Royer, B. Talbott, D. Levering, I. Artz, J. Rollings. Fifth Row: B. Starr, L. Rockefeller, D. Roscoe, I. Wells, D. Ochsner, B. Ruehl, P. McCleary, V. Piper, L. Moody, P. Decker, F. Butler. Founded on the UC campus just eleven years ago, Ohio Epsilon chapter this year was named one of five outstanding Sig Ep chapters in the nation. This recognition was well deserved, as evidenced by the P achievements of its energetic members. Student Coun- cil, ODK, and the YMCA claimed Sig Eps for their presidents. Also honoring the men of the black heart were Metro, Ulex, and Cincinnatus. The fraternity maintained an active social schedule, headed by the campus wide Sig Ep Queen of Hearts Dance. The brothers were especially proud of the new two story addition to the chapter house, which was formally dedicated by the Alumni in October of this year. SIGMA PHI EPSILON-Bottom Row: L. Thaman, C. Roons, D.Lippert, A. Harmann, H. McGlathery, G. Cooper, R. Levering B. Heldman. Second Row: R. Feltz, G, Scheuernstuhl, L. Kroovand, J. Williams, S. Van Wynk, T. Scheckelhoff, F. Flintstone J. Fabkas, A. Reinhardt. Third Row: M. Hard, R. Durham, D. Lusenhop, J. Conners, E. Gulden, J. Schaal, E. Farquard, I Adler, T. Day. Fourth Row: G. Reber, G. Boothe, S. Edmonson, B. Knapp, J. Chuck, P. Vogelgesang, F. Hunter, L. Helscher D. Montgomery. Fifth Row: J. Weiler, R. Mullen, E. Roberts, S. Wells, I. Kalaman, B. Imhoff, M. Kuga, D. Beede, M. Popp Sig Eps and their dates gather for an informal bermuda party. This year marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Theta Chi's founding at UC. Continued emphasis on service to the University, participation in campus activities, A and achievement in scholarship has resulted in an out- standing fraternal record. Metro, the men's service honorary, recognized the campus contributions of the fraternity's members. Intramural sports claimed much of the brothers' time, as did many UC activities. The year featured a social calendar filled with iiresides, parties, and formals. The annual Spring Weekend and selection of Dream Girl of Theta Chi were the con- cluding social events. THETA CHI-Bottom Row: C. Vaughan, D. Warrener, R. Berks, H. Shambaugh, T. Brown, L. Pavloff, J. Dickensheets, R. Williams. Second Row: S. Heinfeld, W. Spalding, B. Douglass, D. Metz, B. Stotfregen, B. Hawkins, S. Bollinger, T. Woodruff, G. Armstrong. Third Row: M. Hayes, J. Belton, R. Weber, W. Crow, C. Bowers, P. Agostini, D. Burrell, A. Love, F. Mazzei. Fourth Row: W. Blistan, J. Robinson, K. Smith, P. Bierbaum, M. McLaughlin, S. Tichenor, T. McOwen, K. Moore, J. Tuttle, L. Jones. Fifth Row: D. Isaly, J. Wichman, J. Grier, R. Pfaffenberger, P. Duduit, R. Laubach, G. Price, G. Lutz, K. Alexander, W. Schwartz. Founded at Norwich University 1856 Beta Omicrori Chapter established 1912 President-Dan Dell Vice President-Phil Santora Secretary-Ken Smith Treasurer-Ken Doss Dan Dell, President Gayle Schirmer, Theta Chi Dream Girl Gayle Schirmer hosts Theta Chi reception. THETA CHI-Bottom Row: R. Powell, R. Allan, Sec.g D. Dell, Pres., M. Luhrman, Housemotherg P. Santora, Vice Pres. 'R. Jacobs, L. Hurst. Second Row: H. Franzone, R. Krodel, G. Dunham, A. Toepfer, P. Gigley, R. Baker, K. Krodel, P. Turini Third Row: J. Hulick, J. Hoffman, C. Koch, K. Doss, Treas.g T. Glass, M. Hettinger, D. Schnitzler, I. Rodden. Fourth Row D. Oberlin, G. Hoffrneister, J. Vause, G. Eichorst, T. Carson, T. Cusick, D. Huber, R. Price. TRIANGLE Triangles entertains freshmen at a rush party held at the chapter house. f Composed of engineering and architecture students, Triangle has long provided a fraternal life suited to its members. Quiet hours were strictly observed at the house on Howell Avenue, especially during seventh week. Yet the Triangles took time from their studies for a varied campus life. This year found the brothers energetically working on their Homecoming iloat and practicing for the Sing. They were also active in engi- neering organizations and Engineering Tribunal. One of the traditional highlights of the year was the Tri- angle Christmas party for underprivileged children. The annual Spring Weekend brought year to a close. Founded at University of Illinois 1907 Cincinnati Chapter established 1921 President-Steve Turner Vice President-Dave Kory Secretary-Charles Erath T reasurer-Woody Welsh Steve Turner, President ' TRIANGLE-Bot1om Row: T. Allman,,B. Stiers, P. Hemker, R. Rutherford, Vice Pres., S. Turner, Pres, D. Geis, Sec., J. Taylor, B. Heavner. Second Row: M. Preziose, J. Dearing, B. Broen, D. Taylor, B. Schnyder, L. Ulery, I. Miller, D. Schulte. Third Row: M. Noland, R. Lang, R. Wessel, J. Ghering, B. Morrow, J. Coy, P. Greenisen, A. Britsch, J. Chandler. Fourth Row: F. Burris, J. Schulte, C. Hunter, P. Miller, R. O'Neal, J. Harris, D. Ramge, J. Deye, M. Green. Fifth Row: B. Hageman, J. Tyler, J. Cooper, F. Westland, C. Dial, S. Ford, H. Bundy, P. Cleecher, R. Albert. TRIANGLE-Bottom Row: W. Meyers, G. Brown, W. Welsh, Treas.g Mrs. Doty, Housemotherg D. Kory, Vice Pres., C. Erath, Sec., R. Seifried. Second Row: G. Brethauer, L. Peterman, C. Sage, W. Wells, H. Rhodes, T. Wedel, J. Kappes. Third Row P. Stanaford, J. Howard, J. Thomas, D. Turner, J. Stevens, T. O'Neill, J. Lester. Fourth Row: W. Orth, D. Kuhn, E. Jurevic, D. Ansman, L. Parker, J. Eckelberry, P. Ziegler, J. Trupicks. Fifth Row: R. Storn, T. Schutzler, D. Simpson, L. Coburn, R Blood, J. Mullaney, J . Kloenne, N. Adams, D. Smith. 1 K I l I 1 AMERICAN COMMONS CLUB-Bottom Row: G. Grist, Corr. Sec., W. Goddard, Vice Pres.g Mrs. Glassmeyer, Housemotherg H. Steele, Pres.g G. Furey, D. Hershey, Treas. Second Row: P. Travis, F. Patterson, R. Heath, A. Adams, Rec. Sec., F. Samp- son, G. Hancock. Third Row: M. Meyer, P. Brown, I. Buchman, T. Berkhouse, L. Lee, B. Baum. Founded at Denison University 1921 Cincinnati Chapter established 1926 Howard Steele, President AMERICA C0 M0 CL B President-Howard Steele Vice President-Marvin Goddard Secre tary-A Ilan A dams Treasurer-Da ve Hersh ey Brotherhood in its fullest meaning is practiced by the men of the American Commons Club. Two cardinal principles, democracy and brotherhood, are responsi- ble for the development of a high-scholastic, close knit fraternity, whose chief goal is to improve itself and the University. Study and hard work were two of the most important aspects of the fraternity life, but so- cial activities also played an important role. In addi- tion to firesides and parties, ACC gave pledge and spring formals. Thus a well balanced social and aca- demic program made this a successful year for ACC. .. ,.,,.1,.. ,, ,.::,W'1f? :f'l," .' L :Vl , S PiZesidentjDon M Lleller zvii Secretary-Dennis Reck Treasurer-Ron Poole y,.,. . .53-3.1,-:,:1.v15f,f-. -f, -4- ' fn,-Q. riaies-Y. r'2s1:4v::fz,:.e - V .a ,if ff-1 f f w Y 4 7' , 1 Q. ' f v J f X W 9 I F 4 , an 4 I 4 I I fe ff, gf! f I J , I if H 4: 42,4 1 f 3531 49 ""' V aiiftf' 5?iE33.:, ., In ,: ,W , ,R M , 1 f , 1 ff 1 ze ' v, 0 ' ' 5' i 5 a Za Q 'Kg ,L j -+-6, 1 4? 'ii ' 1351:-ff. I- 'V -. 'af-5'-i 935, - 2"""X' N-'-'Af' '50 " ' Ron Poole, President Sigma Nu, although only recently established at UC, has lost no time in becoming active in campus life. In the all-important Held of scholarship, the colony ranked third among all fraternities last year. The purchase of a house also added to a fuller partici- pation in fraternity life. The Sigma Nuls have re- ceived the full support and encouragement of their national, one of the largest national fraternities. Scholarship, participation in campus life, and social events comprised the colony's program for the year. SIGMA NU-Bottom Row: W. Metzner, D. Marshall, R. Cunning, D. Mueller. A Founded at Lexington, Virginia 1869 UC Colony established 1960 Vice President-Ron Watkins Poole, E. Tiemeyer, Treas. Second Row: W. Snow, M. Heit, R SIGMA NU-Bottom Row: D. Reck, Rec.g I. Rice, T. Rauenschraft, S. Hirby. Second Row: I. Wissinger, J. Johnson, K. Lee T. Brown. Szg Ep President Steve Austzn greets housemothers at IFC tea. HOUSEMOTHER This group of -Women on our campus have a most versatile job and "family" Housemothers are sought for information, advice, and consolation by members of sororities, fraternities, and dorm residents. House- mothers serve with fraternities of thirty as Well as with dorms of several hundred students. The pride which makes one introduce friends and parents first to L'Mom," and feelings of appreciation are due this lady, who treats each student as "someone speciiali' during their UC days. Mrs. Ruscher, Sig Ep housemother, serves punch at a Kampus King Open House. The Theta's Mrs. Reimer, enjoys a Faculty Dinner skit with the girls and their guests. Housemothers attend a monthly luncheon meeting in-the Union RESIDENCES For out of town UC students the dorm is a home away from home. The ritual of signing in and out, hurrying to get in before curfew, bull sessions, pillow fights, and study parties are all an integral part of the dormie's life. For most students it is an unfor- gettable aspect of going away to college., I WOMEN'S RESIDENCE HALLS Sing along sessions give a pleasant after class relaxation, a refreshing pause in daily tensions. MEMORIAL HALL Memorial Dorm, Huber Hall, and Ludlow Dorm are the UC wo1nen's residence halls. Girls from Huber Hall make a long hike daily to reach the campus, girls from Ludlow rely on the Cincinnati buses to make their eight o'clocks. In the fall girls are welcomed to the dorms by upperclassmen who hold an Orientation Mixer and a Freshman Tea. The student administrators of the dorms provide various social events and projects to unite girls in a common cause, and dorms sponsor candidates for Sophos, Junior Prom, and Homecoming Queens. MEMORIAL HALL COUNCIL-Bottom Row: M. Price, J. Hague, Sec., B. Triplett, Pres., S. Stevens, Vice Pres., L. Schaifner, Treas.g S. Thompson. Second Row: P. Irish, S. Treon, C. Tipton, S. Robbins, G. Jackett, J. Hock, P. Kubinski. t MEMORIAL RESIDENCE HALL-Bottom Row: P. Irish, S. Thompson, L. Schaffner, Treas.g B. Triplett, Pres., S. Stevens, Vice Pres., I. Hague, Sec., M. Price, G. Jackett. Second Row: B. Cutlip, C. Gregersen, I. Freedman, S. Cabage, S. McCoy, L. Dunn, P. Barth, F. Gold- berger, A. Weinberg, P. Kubinski, S. Chotikunchorn, S. Arend. Third Row: S. Decker, D. Essex, I. Heinlen, W. Soo, R. Chen, F. Milch, E. Watson, L. Adams, S. Marcus, B. Baker, C. Wallace, A. Sperling. Fourth Row: J. Hock, S. Treon, J. Campbell, I. Holshoy, B. Barrow, C. Coyne, J. Bailis, B. Roden, J. Diers, N. Abrat, P. Calhoun, S. Robbins. MEMORIAL RESIDENCE HALL-Bottom Row: P. Irish, S. Weaver, J. Hook, J. Ito, K Carey. Second Row: F. Wilch, B. Gegner, L. Thompson, N. Johnson, M. Wilkie, S. Sander- gelt, J. Lewis. YP LUDLOW RESIDENCE HALL-Bottom Row: N. Grimes, J. Wheeler, Vice Pres., Treas. P. Lindenberg, Pres., A. Watkins, Sec., L. Reiif. Second Row: L. Harper, I. Ullberg, R Heisler, C. Pool, I. Trussell, D. Hottle. Third Row: N. Gazan, M. Pell, J. Yockey, R. Karen S. Snyder, C. Wilkie, E. Chertoek. Hashing over the daily newspaper helps keep in touch with the outside world. L DLOW H LL 17 7?v29,Z'451':f.p"" N 'ZA'f"""'mf ".'V az ., 4' -- 1- , ,, -.NXXN wi - 13 H H An energetic beginning for the long hike up Probasco hill. X 309 HUBER HALL-Bottom Row: C. Blair, M. Berid, C. Bowen, S. Nesselbush, Pres., J. Hilsinger, L. Miller, C. Thall. Second Row: M. Campbell, C. Waits, J. Slayton, A. Schall, M. Jordan, C. Mallox, I. Eshenaur, B. Kennedy, E. Thompson, C. Weidig. Third Row: C. Eastman, M. Kraus, G. Anderson, S. Shannan, K. McE1fresh, B. Sage, L. Townsend, C. Chetock, K. Canemartori, M. Karter. Fourth Row: G. Klopp, B. Cannell, S. Blake, S. Christ- mann, M. Meyer, A. Long, C. Houseman, P. Leffel, A. Harper, P. Lang, P. Gooding. LOGAN HALL ASSOCIATION-Bottom Row: B. Moeller, Treas.g M. Ronshausen, Sec.g L Owen, B. Badertscher, Adviser, J. French, C. Ludwig. Second Row: C. Bartholomew, S Miller, I. Good, A. Cook, L. Thielen, I. Fickenscher, S. Rothhaas. Planning parties, firesides, exchange dinners, dances, A H grill suppersg helping students with their study prob- lems, trying to keep a semblance of order in two dorms housing nearly three hundred student nurses- these are but a few of the many activities of the govern- ing body of Logan Hall, the Logan Hall Association. This year the dorms were divided into twenty-six units, with each unit having its own officers. The president of each unit met with the other presidents to plan events of interest to all residents. Among the activi- ties of the Dorm Council were the sponsorship of all dorm mixers, current movies, picnics, hayrides, and swimming parties. The dorm also had its own radio station providing music to study by. In addition, each unit sponsored its own parties and mixers and en- tered a team in intramural competition. Thus the new organization of the dorm provided a program of dem- ocratic representation and recreation for all students. ,Q 1 . s -,'-,-1-v""' 2" ' ,...--- -Y DWq,,, ..,... . - :J . , 1 . . . 4,N. -s ,f Moving in and out of the dorm is a never ending proposition for the co-op student. ME 'S RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL MEN'S RESIDENCE COUNCIL-Bottom Row: W. Jacobs, Treas. F. Leo, Vice Pres., M Zipes, Pres., R. Hubiak, Sec.g E. O'Donne1. Second Row: T. Arbogast, R. Joyce, D. Fischer R. Gorman, J. Burn. Third Row: I. Roberts, E. Dawley, B. Bishop, J. Smith, J. Clevenger J. Avner. 3 MEN'S RESIDENCE HALLS-Bottom Row: M. Perret, Pres., C. Brombaugh, G. Bacon, C. Leighty, D. Kesling, R. Karpovich, K, Todler, P. Lindhorst. Second Row: J. Wolf, W. Cook, E. O'Donnell, J. Jansen, R. Snyder, W. Zettel, J. Eken. Third Row: T. Chrzan, D. Wright, T. Reigle, H. Rennecker, B. Brown, B. Wagoner, D. Fairchild. Fourth Row: R. Lewis, W. Campbell, N. King, J. Williamson, B. Gregersen, L. Sisson, P. Mabley. Fifth Row: J. Smith, F. Shaut, B. Willey, L. Mullins, F. Heltsley, R. Rogers, A. Wolfgang, F. Harp. J. Seybold. MEN'S RESIDENCE HALLS-Bottom Row: B. Small, M. Hamilton, D. Fisher, W. Jacobs, Treas.g M. Zipes, Pres., F. Leo, Vice Pres., R. Hubiak, Sec., J. Laubenthal, M. Kirchmayer, Sec.-Treas. Second Row: T. Arbogast, J. Robison, I. Wolf, S. Klee, G. MoClennen, R. Mann, G. Mericle, R. Shultz, J. Somer, D. Ottney, J. Lutz, P. Riddell. Third Row: J. Jones, S. Wormser, T. Bernhard, V. Rosper, D. Richter, E. Dawley, I. Roberts, C. Fry, I. Smelker, C. Early, E. Lennert. Fourth Row: M. Rapp, J. Clevenger, N. Humphries, W. Zettel, W. Sachs, W. Stillman, W. Tillman, J. Burns, G. Hone, B. Zerkle, I. Hahn, E. O'Donnell, R. Miller. Fifth Row: R. Newstedt, D. Buechler, R. Gorman, R. Unger, J. Kamerer, A. Church, S. Millbourn, C. Capron, K. Nichols, M. Reed, D. Simpson, G. Stucke, R. Karpovich. Sixth Row: J. Smith, R. Willis, J. Bland, R. West, J. Grow, B. Bishop, J. Sim- mons, D. Wood, C. Sandberg, F. Kos, J. Avner, R. McCue. 'F ."., . If,'1ffa ,x , .w WN.-. 7, 4. i'1'13"'1' I I ,L 11.3743 " ,. ., ,A---x, .-' 7,15-3:5 7- 1 - 4-1 -1,13 4-- 219 W i. I L' FQ?"-vim f'Q..f4' '- N aff... ,- . A ,. , ..,, mm., ,Q ,, xx Q-' -X" K 9 'QS mY, ,X 9' if - ...K 3' Url, 1.5 , --..-Y. ... .fv ' A' P Q f- . if 'J"4f?vfv: . 1, F . A1 -va A 4 n -Y VJ, 1 4, ff: ' ' 1 Sports-What is there to say? For Who in the country knows not of UC, not of the Bearcat five Who now are one. To be sure there are other sports be- sides basketball, and they all have their Value in a place of higher learn- ing as builders of men's bodies. A few Would question their position - but none can deny their dramatic appeal. Guard Tom Tkatch's facial expression shows the egect of the long season as he sirs out this play. k Vogelgesang keeps the pigskin and ramps around left end. STUDIEY BEGINS TENURE WITH WIN OVER FLYERS 16-12 Prospects for the 1961 Bearcat football season hinged heavily on several unknown quantities. Head coach Chuck Studley was beginning his first season at UC after serving as line coach at the University of Illinois and head coach at the University of Massachusetts. How well the team and the coach could adjust to each other was one of the unknown factors. The team ap- peared to be in solid form from tackle to tackle but the end and quarterback positions were unsettled. The first contest of the year with the Dayton Flyers, seemed to indicate the unknowns were solved as the Cats won. Starred Cats gang-tackle Miami back Crowd expresses appr0Vtll GS Bearcats gain another frst down. tune of Two bits four bits . . ." Oblak tries to elude a Wichita tackler. katch is blocked out of the play. Hynoski leaps to a goal. In an intersectional clash at Boston the Bearcats met a highly rated Eastern independent, the Boston College Eagles. The team was outsized and completely out- classed by the Eagles. The tenacious Boston defense stopped the Cincy offensive thrusts cold. The Bearcat defense was unable to stop the wide variety of Well executed plays thrown at them by the Eagles. Cincin- nati limped home smarting from a 23-0 whitewashing. The next weeklthe -'Cats traveled to Wichita, Kansas to play the Shockers in the first Missouri Valley Confer- ence game of the season. Wichita, a perennial football power, defeated the 'Cats 21-13 in a hard fought game. Phil Higgins holds on to his defensive assignment. A Shocker traps Vogelgesang 1554 qw. K. . 2 F531 :."51?51I- . ".3',,gk,: ,gwxilg-,,J,, . W, ,nw-43'. ' - , gb. . .- ,-N, ggzszjzf "bfi ' " ' XE? ., - , tba, . ' , , , ,ig :PSR -:ff J" 1 me zany? A, - Wt., , 4, 'K . A ,P '. , ,R ,, . Y. N 3 W- -1 . ,lk ,- 231: " , .5 'V '-'-?-.:,fq.- 5 -M, -,., ,A . 3 L W. , 1- . ,, .' w -Q I N' AEA? -'hfvii-V, r, H. 1.5.2 f' 7, ,E pv"A9" " -4- ws ' I? 'Vi , 1- THRILLS, ACTIOS DE PITE LOSSES , v . .i ., vs? V Y :ik V 'nf ft L, I , . Houston ballcarrier meets a reception committee. k.,...s, .5 Quarterback Harp is caught deep in his own territory. 1 " ' If A " "ff 1 ' V 75" .r , V+g,, -:.- H H " ' 'V Www -'V Vmrwfff-Vf . -- . -- .tt Vi- V tw! -, R V' 'V Vf VV ' " 1 f- - VV vf. V . V. -4,-A 1zVw-Q-+.V-,tw ':V.::.f-VLV - ' ..V -NVgNV"f-qW,'m,V.,. :V. . V, . V L . - J, ' . . I fe: :g:-- K. ? 13115 -+ PF V XP ,. -:, , ' .ft ' V g. 1, ' V ,V V ,. -t,.,g.2t,,gg,,,,,t,:-.. ..,, 'V ,. H ,V - ,,.. , 'V - , . ,. V -V V V V V -t-t V .. - - 4 VM 'V - --'-'VA f- V --f V,V t- 4 ff: f-V - V- . V fm",-nf . 4 ff-,i"ff ,'4.n:e.yV-. .V .- . , . .-:VJ Ap, V :V 1' V - ,, 1 M' -'wr N -V ine:-ff h I, ,, f':".f1." .- "'?' , jj 49,-1-:f:f"',5.Z 1:-.,.fgt,1.,:.g,. .. ' ' ' ' 'try , . , A, 4, 5 , , MZ , azz:-are ,V F- -1 Vt, jg , V 2 V ,.5-ff" ' ,fffg V V W" - ww V Mfr " . -H V 't V 'gfyrf " Q 171 ji :V ,V .2 .,,,,,,,, . , ,,.,, ,,. ,M L. - Wg , 43' we ,V' -. V ' 4 , .ff H : Jn'-15v1"VlV ,' 'VV:r,,VV,,':r-iefiffff-'J . .,7V4-wzjym ,V 1 3 QM: 5, pi Qs- Vg. V . V Var" . .f'f"444-owzf'-'H -' :- fgffhr , Q V , ,j ' 'awe' V2 , 1 - . ...,. 1.1 4 V41 5.L,.,.V..1' .L. ef- 9 "' 'o "" "f" ' "M -' ,.5,,, , - - mir ,qwywf ' 'A 1 ff ' " VV - V, . . ,Q W - t: Vffg -. V , . . , , W? , - ,, ' j ff ggg 1 1. :tw -tt...'tg:,.,f V ' V A ' - V- 'V 1, .. K X.. v , .1 1.1. ra- , ' ,V 'tg ' V.f - ---- V t ', ., q ,-g,4.?,,.,.,1.M5V!,, V V A - . V ,M ,, 'V V N k x V'.,:-,jj.,f-- W -'zszg S ' ' . . V Q . ' V ' ' ' ' -'- - 'V.w,ffr,afV , f H ff 'V 1, -211 ' z , - . . 'A . -5. I A . nw v , I M -V Y .I jf, ,..,,-,QWM A -, ,, .t , f - V ,,,V -. 1 A .,k Y .Q . ' gf , .4 V I if I , A. fr ,zf -jf,-f.gVf-- Af --Q.-tVt..,.,,,.-.,,-ff. 1. Mt . 2 W i -II. .,, Q .,, xr.. -N.-.,.V.-,U wt .M faux I fig, , 17" .,yt4.Q,,. VV W , 75553 -. FT' " ' f 'f 'V ' tWVe'ft .5 V V. 5 lf' Q. .z n wt, ' ' SL ' . Q , 4. " . . . H H 7 .,. V W 1 - - - V- 4 V. VV 1 ..,.,g ' e V, .. Iv., V, Q.. With ample protection, Harp gets this one away Cincinnati next played traditional rival Xavier in a Nippert Stadium contest. Xavier struck quickly and often to build up a 17-0 half-time lead. The Bear- cats showed their lighting spirit in the second half when they held Xavier scoreless and tallied twelve points. Cincy was driving for the winning score as time ran out. The Bearcats next played host to the Air Force Academy Falcons. The Falcons were down- trodden and hungry for victory. They scored first and added a two point conversion, attempted after a bad pass from center ruined their attempt at a place kick. This two point play proved to be the winning margin as Cincy could rally for only six points in the last quarter. Cincy did win a moral victory as the Air Force mascot decided to stay perched atop the gym- nasium. The Houston Cougars arrived at Nippert Stadium after a bruising loss to nationally ranked Mis- sissippi. Cincinnati tried to extend the Cougars' losing streak to two games, but fell seven points short of their goal as Houston outscored the 'Cats 13-7. The loss and the weather were once again typical of a Cincinnati Homecoming. Fortunately the Queen, her Court, and the floats were all very beautiful and the fans managed to drown their sorrows at Castle Farms. Bearcats bring down the enemy ball carrier. Color-guard precedes the national anthem. Bearcats stout defense closes up the hole thrust in their line. if-E r E. k E North Texas S1 ond MVC gan ner, Grad, and to down the E the year filled t of the season. I for second plac traveled to Okl the Tulsa Univ less in the Con: beating the 'Cz Cincinnati was Cincy in a three Valley. The Ci U. Redskins in valry west of formerly player uled earlier in the past severa kicked a field 4 some disastrous line throughouw team tried vali: Studley scans the game. 323 The coach excitedly waves Studley 05ers congratulations to of a penalty call. another victorious visiting coach. The bench gets information on the opponents over the intercom. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-Bottom Row: H. Phillips, G. Schmidt, T. Reinstatler, K. Byers, Co-Capt., D. Ross Co-Capt F Oblak, C. Shuff, B. Hess. Second Row: R. Simko, A. Chiodi, M. Kattus, P. Maxwell, F. Vabic, T. Farrell, E. .Tkatch J Grad K Conatser. Third Row: J. Davis, B. McFarland, J. Buren, D. Six, E. Banks, M. Bubesa, J. Van Arnem, D.. Points Fourth Row J Curry, J. Mramor, B. Kopich, C. Montgomery, D. Chernek, D. Rice, L. Harp, K. Van Buren, F. Shaut. Fifth. Row P Goldner D Rogers, J. Paris, M. Smith, P. Palka, T. Harless, B. Ackerman, B. Voglegesang, F. Hynoski. Sixth Row: R. Simmons R Starks D Cauley, J. Momper, D. Carpenter, J. Weber, T. Thatch, J. Cackowski, R. Tassini. Seventh Row: T. Toerner, Howell J Z1ma P. Morton, J. Shank, J. Macke, T. Witt, F. Clasick, B. McKotch, P. Higgins, F. Kopich. Eighth Row: J. Phillips D Anderson D. McPherson, B. Delaney, C. Studley, Head Coach, M. Scarry, B. Miller, J. Kelly, D. Ritchie. BEARCATS E D GL00lVlY SEASON 0N BRIGHT OTE DEFEATI G TITANS The :University of Detroit Titans visited Cincinnati to close out the football season. The Titans were prob- GAME RESULTS: 1961 ably the best team to face the Bearcats during the year, however, they were minus the services of their All-American candidate, Jerry Gross. In a very rough game, the "Cats began to click and they simply out- played their opponents both offensively and defensive- ly. Cincinnati withstood a late Detroit rally to win 19-13. Although the Bearcats wound up the season with a disappointing three wins and seven loses, the future remains bright. Coach Studley cannot be ex- pected to produce miracles in one year. Both he and the team worked hard this year. The 'cats defense was improved perceptibly by the end of the season, while injuries to key personnel hampered the oifense. Most important of all was the fact that the team never lost its spirit throughout the "long" season. Cincinnati was once feared and respected as a football power and they can assume this position again. OPPONENTS Dayton ..... Boston College Wichita ..... Xavier .... Air Force . . Houston . . . North Texas . Tulsa ...... Miami . . . Detroit . . FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM-Bottom Row: D. Wright, A. Nelson, D. Berrett, T. Sobolewski, P. Stoll, P. Whitiield, E. Prisby, B. Conti, G. Sasser. Second Row: C. Walton, B. Schen, R. Grooms, T. Mueller, B. Ackman, J. Fuller, B. Steinhouser, R. Perdrix, B. Sign. Third Row: J. Swagert, R. Kitaeaff, D. DeRosa, L. Cox, R. Welch, R. Parry, C. DeRosa, D. Thomas, T. Cappola. Fourth Row: J. Shaw, V. Bukuts, C. Truglio, P. Ward, B. Brown, B. Bailey, D. Piroz, D. Grigas, I. Swanda, I. Smedley. Fifth Row: R. Morgan, Manager, D. Ritchie, Coachg D. McPherson, Coach, J. Kelly, Coachg J. Phillips, Coach. TEAM STATISTICS UC Opponents Number of Plays . . . 510 529 Net Oifense ................ 1679 2198 Average Offense Per Game 186.5 244.2 First Downs ....... 108 102 Number of Penalties . . 47 46 Yards Penalized . . . 429 424 Number of Fumbles . . 23 19 Fumbles Lost .... 18 6 Pass receivers are caught attempting ballet EEARCAT BEGIN SEASON SECOND T0 THE All-American guard, T ony Yates, quarterbacks a Bearcat play in the Wichita game. 4 1 0' t..t,et, ,r,, . . Q , I Q X ' . , , 2 . Q ' ' X , x 35 If Q E E 5 P K X 'E ' xv C353 Sw 4 1 4 R S P+ 4 ' " 4 Q 4 X X x ' Q 1 X NX . ,E E, 4,1 X KK Fm v S W x . , . ,-,eq ,,,. . ' ze-:,1,, .,:s':5gL,1 , i, Q 'Er'-'-X1 , .f - - vga S' X wi: " -' '-F--Q' -2 1-: " FT 'W f 71 9' ' 59' x L Q q,v.- .NN -t,-, , , f F V V 3 ' Q-L in U ,V l, ,,.,V, .,.. 5 B ,. . ff .f"5h? ,.L. ',i,..'2.L ' ,ei . .:ewWeu'-Z "" -f-2-.qw fx-1.r12Er'.2.fqggfm vlhv- ,',g3,,,::5Q:,g, Guard Tommy Sizer drives around Bradley player. Sophomore George Wilson, 6'7" forward, springs above his opponent for the rebound. IGHTY E CK Paul H ogue, All-American center, banks another goal on a jump shot. Ron Bonharn, sophomore starting forward, drives the lane against Houston. Coaches Juoker and Baker accept St. Louis' Coach Bennington's congratulations after 'Cat victory over Bills. 62 U'f'X ,bed Bearcats cheerfully hoist first NCAA pennant not knowing that second pennant was to be won. . H5 4 ,1 "Radar" Ron Bonham aims another sure shot in the Holiday Festival St. John's game in Madison Square Garden as teammate Hogue sets up the screen. Thacker successfully pulls in a pass over the head of a Wichita man. The bench, one of the strongest in the country, huddles around Juck for a change in strategy. Yates goes to the air in a driving layup. No qualification goes with the "best in school historyv description of this year's basketball team which also happened to be the best collegiate outfit in the nation. The talent-laden 'Cats jumped to a 21-8 lead in the first eight minutes and virtually coasted to victory over Indiana State in the season opener. luck called it "pretty much of an experimental gamen as he was still trying to find a starting five. Three nights later basketball fans looked on in amazement as the champs humbled Miami 63-30. The ,Cats defenseheld the 'Skins scoreless for 12 minutes. UC's deadly shooting then riddled Wisconsin as Big Paul led the team with ten points. The wallpaper paste defense smashed Mar- shall as Dierking hit his career high of 19 points. Then defeat, as it must to all teams, hit Cincinnati at Wich- ita. A foul called against Shingleton gave the Shockers the ball with six seconds to go and Lanny Van Eman scored on a jumper from the corner to put UC in EARLY LOSSES T0 BRADLEY, WICHITA, BACK 'CATS UP AGAINST WALL Middletowrfs hero, Tom Sizer, fights for the rebound. second place in the MVC. Loose and relaxed with the pressure of a 27 game Win-streak gone, Cincy walloped Colorado in a fastbreaking game which saw Ron Bonham take the hearts of the Madison Square Gardens' fans and popped in 27 points. A miserable shooting night made it a close contest against LaSalle before UC finally won out. Tom Thacker made the switch to guard and threw in several long-range goals to sink LaSalle. In the tournament finals Cincy showed New York how to play basketball as they romped over Wisconsin for the second time, 106-71. Back in conference play, UC's sophs led the win over St. Louis. luck said of the game, "Our guards ran the show . . . cool 'Cats, Yates and Shingletonf' The Bearcats clout- ed Tulsa 72-43 and then traveled to the Peoria pit. The second conference loss, came here at the hands of the Bradley Braves. The 'Cats fought valiantly but hnally gave in to a two-point overtime loss. Fans break loose as 'Cats take lead in the all-important second Bradley game. Chaos breaks loose as the Bearcats smash the thirdfranked Braves to virtually assure MVC co-championship. Tlzacker's pulling in another one shows why the 'Cats are ranked fifth nationally in rebounding. The two early season losses, however, turned out to be an asset in disguise because the long uphill climb to the league summit helped UC in the rigors of tourna- ment play. One at a time, Cincy marched towards the future Bradley tilt. They downed the Dukes in a rug- ged non-conference bout and then whipped NTS at home. In this game, Yates soared to his career high of 23 points while the starting unit only played about half the game. The cool, careful 'Cats with their cal- culated plays relentlessly marched on. They beat St. Louis, Tulsa, George Washington, and Houston. The end of the season was drawing near when Chet Walker and Co. finally came to the Armory Fieldhouse. The fans were decked in spirit and the team was fired-up Two hours later Wilson stuifed the last basket of the game through the nets and UC had won going away. Within a week they had also avenged their other early season loss by beating Wichita and in the process had clinched a tie with Bradley for the MVC crown. Most valuable player Hogue goes high into the air with Wisconsin's Jack Brens in leading the team to victory over the highly-ranked Badgers in the Holiday Festival Championship game. Cheerleader Sue Cornelius leaps toward the Garden's roof prior to UC victory over arch-rival Xavier. Hogue and Wilson battle for the ball before another packed Fieldhouse crowd Alarm seizes the crowd as Ron Bonham falls to the floor in anguish. 'All for Cincy stand up and holler!" The tallest 6'2" forward-guard in col- legiate basketball snarls another rebound to help extend Cincy's eighteen game victory skein. Thacker evades the Wichita Shockefs defense to score a goal. ff Wg., Q., if f -. ' ,-4 ' ,.,,.,, -v - .V . ,Maj r ,Qs wif ' ,w,l., - 22 ,, - 5. ' mf Wa: 133' 4, f,., . . .,. 5gi., ...V-AQ N.. J., :,.. g EW' . L , 56. ' H: , 'Q . fx,4?2 ,.p .af Q -' ., '- r -af' 1X'f-fi' 'B ff ' .ff 41 ,N L , 3 , .1 XAE, , , ., ...V v. , ? ?M ' N , 5 H ... Q: 'azz xg . AE 1 1 A . I.. ?v- Tall Paul dunks the ball through the net. , V ,.,,, A , , ,wwfve ' . Dierking presses a Miami guard Fans, shakers, hats, and the "greatest ever" spirit help into another turnover. the 'Cats towards their fifth MVC championship. x. S-I if rv. . ' V , :c?ff'M .X f . ,ea wg, Big George sets up a screen for Tony Yates, who Coach Jucker has called "the most underrated guard in the country" ftopj. A visiting coach protests to no avail as luck yells instructions out onto the floor flower leftj. The tall front-line of Hogue and Wilson proves to be too much for little Indiana State frightj. "When the game gets tight you can expect a little testing under the boards," as shown by UC's Fred Dierking and Bradley's All-American Chet "the Jet" Walker. CAT END REGULAR SEASO WITH 24-2 MARK, MVC C0-CHAMPl0NSHIP STATISTICS: 1961-62 BASKETBALL RESULTS: 1961-62, Player FGA FGM Por. FTA FTM Pct. RBD Avg. OPPONENTS Hogue 424 211 .498 175 99 .566 383 16.8 .. Indiana State ................ 63 Bonham 382 174 .455 125 95 .760 156 14.3 ' 1 .M13VUfgCgiS?If1f" 1 ' ' ' -""" I I I I 22 Thacker 331 134 .405 121 74 .612 266 11.0 ,. Drake . ., .,,. 59 Wilson 216 109 .505 101 67 .663 248 9.2 - - - - - - ' -- gg Yates 253 97 .383 91 61 .670 94 8.2 jf Q 'Colorado' f Q Q ff Q Q 67 Dierking 97 42 .433 51 30 .558 81 4.1 St- J0hn'S 68 Shin It 101 42 416 25 14 560 34 3 9 La Salle 56 lgehon ' ' ' ' ...WiSconsin... ....71 Hfadomng 47 24 .511 35 20 .571 50 3.1 .. . Sf. Louis . .. . . .. 47 Sizor 57 26 .456 24 15 .625 33 2.7 ---- Tulsa -- ' -- - 4 43 . .... Bradley ....70 Calhoun 38 14 .368 3 2 .667 7 1.7 1 t H Dayton ,,-. ,W 61 Reis 10 3 .300 4 2 .500 2 0.5 .... Duquesnes. . - ---- ggi Elsasser 7 2 .286 4 1 .250 5 0.5 I I ij 52 Abernathy 4 1 .250 O 0 .000 2 0.7 .... Houston . . . . . . . 52 North Texas State .... 20 ' .... S . L ' ...... .... 8 UC Totals 1967 879 .447 759 480 .632 1536 72.2 llvni tTu1gg'1lS .,,,,..,. ,,., 5 2 Opponents 1799 663 .369 556 381 .685 1142 55.1 George Washington --.. ---- 4 3 Houston ....47 .....Brad1ey..... ....57 ....Wichita... ....63 ....Xavier... ....58 ....Bradley... ....46 . . . Creighton .... . . . . 46 ...Colorado.. ....45 ...U.C.L.A.... ...70 .... OhioState .... ...59 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Bottom Row: L. Shingleton, T. Yates, L. Elsasser, T Thacker, T. Sizer, J. Calhoun. Second Row: T. Baker, B. Abernathy, F. Dierking, G. Wilson R. Reise, P. Hogue, D. Heidotting, R. Bonham, E. Jucker. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-Bottom Row: J. Schwab, Cunningharn, I. Natale, G. Spencer, L. Johnson, F. Meyer. Second Row: J. Allen, M. Komcky, E. Franklin, R. Krick, G. Smith, T. Joseph, E. Phifer, J. Powless. Bonham displays his typical form posing quite a problem for a Bradley Brave. The Bearcats swept past Bradley in the MVC playoff game to gain their fifth straight trip to the NCAA midwest regionals. A 53476 shooting average and good balanced scoring were important in the deci- sion. Bonham hit Well in the iirst half which ended in Thacker's 40-foot set shot sizzling the nets. In the second half it was Hogue who put the game out of Bradley's reach. Braves' Coach Osborne said: "We had to chase them . . . and when you have to chase Cincinnati you're in trouble." Braa'ley's defense fails to stop Cincy's Tony Yates UC pattern offense pays OH as Yates gets of another percentage shot Photo by William R. Wlzitteker CAT COP PLAY-0FF GAME? EAR RIGHT T0 DEFEND NCAA CROW Cats and fans show exhuberance over UC victory, earning right to defend national title. Hoisred by Fred Dierking, Shingleton cuts down Z1 souvenir ne! from the clzampionslzip game. FURICUS 'CATS GRAB SECOND NCAA CROWN The 'Cats got the scare of their lives from "those kids from the coast." Fired-up Wilson tore the ball of the backboardy, Yates congratulates Thacker. He had missed all six shots he had taken up to that time-but he made the one that counted. Cincy met Creighton of Omaha, Nebraska, in the opener of the NCAA midwest Regional at Manhattan, Kansas. The Bluejays, Paul Silas was the leading re- bounder in the nation until he ran into George Wilson. Wilson blocked his first three shots and limited him to seven rebounds for the night. Meanwhile Hogue snagged 19 rebounds and hit for 24 points. Bonham had a little trouble getting going, but still came through with 14 points. Stingy was the word to de- scribe the Work of guards Sizer and Yates as they limited Creighton's backcourt combination to 12 points.The final score was 66-46 with UC on top. In the Midwest Championship game Cincy's defense also limited Colorado to 46 points. This was the third game in a row that UC held its opponents to this total. The Buffalos kept the score close for most of the first half. Then Hogue got in foul trouble and Wilson moved to center and Thacker to forward. This provided a spark to the Cincy offense and the 'Cats pulled away. At halftime Bonham had 14, Wil- son 12, and Hogue 10, and the team led 41-29. The end of the game saw UC claim an unprecedented fifth straight NCAA Midwest championship while leading scorer Paul Hogue garnered the MVP award. Bonham fires over defending Lucas. TH' The moment the game was over luck leaped from the bench and shot a single finger upward showing the magic No. I. Seconds later he and Paul Hague held the trophy high in the air. There was no chance that they would drop the tremendous trophy, for neither had made a mistake all night. "They can't overlook us two years in a row. Doesn't this prove it? We are the best!" Ed Jucker, Cincy's coach of defense, was still half-amazed for he can't quite seem to win a Coach of the year awardg his players aren't named All-Americang and his team hasn't received first place in a single press poll. Backcourt superiority, typified by Yates' clear shot, smashed State. Tom Thacker drives against State while Wilson moves into rebounding position. Jack and Hogue are all smiles as they gather in the Championship trophy. CINCY'S N0. 1, 0. 1, N0. l In a wild, tension-packed battle the polished and poised Bearcats finally subdued the dazzling Uclans 72-70 in NCAA semifinals. Hogue amassed 36 points to personally keep UC in the game until about a min- ute remained and the score was tied. Then Sizer drew an olfensive foul and Cincy got the ball. With three seconds to go, Thacker hit a 12-foot jumper. "That was it-baby," yelled Thacker in the dressing room. "As soon as it left my hand, I knew that was itll' The finals pitted UC and Ohio State in the Iirst re- match in the history of the tournament. The game started out close, but soon the pressure-defense forced State out of its fast-breaking game and at that mo- ment the 'Cats won the crown. Cincinnati broke in front and was never headed again. Hogue outplayed Lucas and was named MVP and the team once more carried home the biggest trophy. No team ever won against greater odds, and no team played a finer game than the 'Cats delivered in the long-awaited rematch with State, the former No. 1 team in the nation by the press polls. Back home students jammed Fountain Square and honked horns and shouted until the wee hours: "We're No. ll", "It was tremendous!", "What does DiSalle say this year?", "They can't call this one a fluke", and "We came, we saw, we conquered." Photos by William R. Whitteker. UC'S SWIM TEAM PLACES SEVENTH IN NATION UC swimmer sets his mark in the Indiana meet. ,pi Laurence Hall Pool is the new home of the fighting 'Cats. Cincinnatils swimming team earned a No.1 ranking among the university's aquatic outfits with a seventh place finish in the NCAA Championships, first place honors in both the MVC and Ohio AAU Senior Chap- pionship meets, and ending up with an 8-1 dual meet record. The lone loss was to mighty Indiana's mermen. All-American Gary Heinrich placed second in the 1500-meter and 440-yard freestyle events at the NCAA Finals. Sophomore Jim Norman sprinted to a third place showing in the 50-yard freestyle while Joe Alkire took fourth place in the 100-yard butterfly. The 'Cats smashed 14 records in the MVC meet while placing iirst in all events and 1-2-3 honors in seven of the events. Coach Paul Hartlaub has high hopes for the 1962-63 campaign as he loses only one swim- mer, backstroker Keith Dimond through graduation. Captain Jim Marchetti and Coach Paul Haurtlaub. e , Gary Heinrich gives the victory sign after winning his event. l Highly promising Joe Alkire poses in the midst of his butterfly stint. VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM-Bottom Row: D. Wiesenhahn, B. Edwards, P. Meng, F. Terauds, G. Sapadin, B. Donohoo. Second Row: P. Hartlaub, Coach, P. Cardullias, E. Beck, I. Norman, I. Alkire, G. Heinrich, I. Marchetti, K. Dimond. FIRST PLACE MVC LAURELS TAKEN BY MERMEN SWIMMING RESULTS: 1961-62 UC 60 . . . . . . Indianapolis A. C. . . . . 67... ...MiamiofOhio... 64... ..... Air Force 66 . . . . . . Bowling Green . . . 24... ..... Ind1ana...... 66 . . . . . Ohio University . . 67... ..... Kenyon...... 54 . . . . . Southern Illinois . . 53... ....... NotreDame.... MVC CHAMPIONSHIP 185... ........ Bradley...... St. Louis . . . Opponents ......34 ...28 ...31 ...28 ...70 ...25 ...27 ...40 ...39 ...78 ...47 Marchetti uses isometric contractions to replace calisthenics Heinrich pulls himself out of the water Alkire demonstrates breathing Norman takes a racing dive into pool. as he performs the butterfly. fgrm in a freestyle event. XT ' T1 " A 1 . ' I? ' S 5 . ,.. L. , , - ' 'gm .: M I-A331 51 'Q WZ, hh 'V A f F' -5 fy... I Lr g: Y '-2 -. X' -x W N' '--X fesffs. " -' . fs,sw's- ' we-f -fl XY!-93' . -' 5,94-K X . , ,,. 5 -' Three swimmers are of in the 440-yard freestyle before packed stands. Coach Bill Schwarberg's golf team achieved the dis- tinction of being the finest in school history with a -' 12-2 record and third place finishes in both the Mis- 1 souri Valley Conference and Ohio Intercollegiate A ' Tournaments. Ed Driver, a junior from Sycamore High, posted a 72.8 average. He turned in three cards of 69 and tied for seventh place in the MVC Tourney. Other lettermen were John Ehlen with a 74.8 average and Jim Wilmers who logged a 75.5 average. The 'Catsl record nearly duplicated last year's 12-1-1 mark UC 27 16M .... ..... 21M .... ..... 19 .... ..... 24M .... ..... 16 8 19 .. GOLF TEAM GOLF RESULTS: 1961 Villa Madonna . Miami of Ohio . Dayton ........ Eastern Kentucky Miami of Ohio . . Villa Madonna . . Bellarmine ..... OPPONENTS . 0 .. Nm . 2 ., ...M . 2 ..,.10 1 -X 'kgs 'fx i xxx , s if ' Rgigir Ting-grew - - . .- 1 is Asc Xavier ........... . . 8 ' 195- . - Eastern Kentucky . . . . . . 12 21M .... ..... D ayton ....,....... SM 7 . . Kentucky ...... .... 2 0 18 .... ..... W ilmington . . . , , 3 22M .... ..... X avier ...... . . . 4M 185 "" -"" H anovef -'-- - - - 25 Jack Moran measures as John VARSITY GOLF TEAM-C. Schlotman, L. McCoy, B. Rotte, J. Moran, W. Schwarberg, Coachg T. Dreyer, E. Driver, J. Ehlen. Ehlen prepares to putt. In , .- -xg 1. .6-, - .fn ..-r.. wr., Zz CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Bottom Row: M. Perrett, K. Adams, E. Baker, D. Dunkelberger, B. Klayer, D. Mattock, D. Osterfeld, B. Roncker, C. Shook, R. Bug, C. Bibs. Cross country men practice jogging across the campus. CROSS COUNTRY TE M 'Coach Tay Baker ran his young cross-country squad through its most successful season in years. The "hill and gully boysi' earned an 8-1 record for the season. The scoring leader over the year was Harold Schuck with four first places. His best time was 20:44 against the University of Kentucky. Bill Klayer was the number two man as he placed first three times. Bob Rencker was also a steady performer. CROSS-COUNTRY RESULTS: 1961 UC Opponents 20... ......... Eastern Kentucky ............... .. 39 15... ...Villa Madonna.. .......50 15... ..... Berea ..... ....48 16... .... Hanover .... ....44 26... .... Central State 32 27... ...Muskingum.... ....29 39... BallState... ....20 23... Morehead ....32 27... Kentucky ....28 0 Jim Mahan was u consistent winner for the team. WRESTLING TE M Coach Glenn Sample has led the Wrestling team to its second consecutive Winning season with a 5-4-2 dual meet record and a first place in the only quad- rangular event. The outstanding grappler was again Frank Shaut in the 177-pound division. Shaut was unbeaten in 27 bouts over a two year period. It was not until the Hrst round in the NCAA meet that Shaut lost a bout. Then Shaut was injured, but still decided to grapple with the Skyline Conference champion and lost. Also outstanding on the team were Jim Ma- han, and co-captains Paul Fleming and Lew Thaman. Shaut and Phillips take position to begin a bout. WRESTLING RESULTS: 1962 UC Opponents 27 .... . . Wabash . . ....... . . 3 11 .... .... D ennisorx .... .... 1 7 20 .... .... M arshall .... . . . 8 14 .... ... Ball State ... ... 14 9 .... .... K ent State ...., . . . 17 13... ...MiamiofOhio... ...l3 32... Earlham 0 10... ...MiamiofOhio... ...21 28 .... . . . West Liberty .... . . . 6 13 .... . . . Indiana State .... . . . 18 14 .... . . . Notre Darne .... ... 13 I WRESTLING TEAM-Bottom Row: S. Arnold, H. Phillips, B. Schaffer, P. Fleming, J. Mon- topoli, L. Thaman, J. Mahan, D. Barrett, G. Michaelson. Second Row: B. Ward, Managerg N. Somer, J. Arney, D. Wright, J. Dolby, F. Shaut, S. Ranker, J. Medvickis, G. Schmidt, I. Phillips, J. Carney, J. Black, G. Sample, Coach. RIFLE TEAM-Bottom Row: T. Aultz, A. Norway, co-capt.g E. Stuebing, co-capt. Second Row: B. Grawe, B. Kruger, B. Brown, sec.g J. Mericle This year's rifle team was blessed with the depth it has lacked in years past, as is clearly demonstrated by the composite 30-5 seasonal record. The team fired in two different leagues and captured the Inter-collegiate League Championship and won the Powell and Clem- ent trophy. On their annual spring tour the team de- feated teams from Loyola of Chicago, DePaul, Notre Dame, and Michigan University. The single loss of the tour was to Notre Dame's fine Army team which beat Cincinnati in the iifth and final meet. 351 The squad sets its sights on the targets as they win another meet TENNI TEA I 52 Captain John Kline ana' Art Kunz return a Marshall serve. The Cincy netmen completed last season with a 15-3 record and a co-championship in the MVC. Among the Bearcats' victims were Detroit, Ohio State, Purdue, Miami, and Xavier. They Won the first six matches of the season, lost three in the south, and rebounded with nine straight to complete Coach Harry Fogleman's record at 89-27. The new tennis coach, .Tohn Powless comes to UC from Murray State. Powless, an out- standing netman himself, will have returning lettermen John Kline, Art Kunz, and Hal Busch on the team. TENNIS RESULTS: 1961 UC OPPONENTS 7 . . . Ohio State . . . . . . 2 9 . . Bowling Green . . . 0 5 . . Prudue .... . . 2 7 . . Ballarmine . . . . 0 9 . . Marshall .... . . O 8 . . VMI ......... 0 4 . . North Carolina State . . . 5 O . . North Carolina . . . . 9 1 . . Duke .... . . 8 6 . . Davidson . . . . 3 6 . . VPI . .. . . 0 9 . . Toledo . . . . 0 6 . . Kalamazoo . L . 3 7 . . Detroit . . . 2 6 . . Hanover . . . . 1 9 . . Xavier . . . . O 8 . . Kentucky . . . . . 1 5 . . Miami of Ohio . . . 4 Q VARSITY TENNIS TEAM-Bottom Row: R. Isphording, H. Busch, A. Rosenber, A. Kienz. Second Row: J. Powless, Coachg H. Hartong, J. Kline, L. Whitaker, L. Haas. ,ig4iIi2.Q+,, 4' J' vsp, G9 0- 9 Q A VARSITY TRACK TEAM-Bottom Row: B. Bentz, E. Prsiby, B. Ronker, B. Klare D Mat lock K Pamer Second Row: B. Howe, P. Agostini, M. Perret, H. Watson, J. Amy A Nelson Thzrd Row T Perry, Mgr.g D. Dunkelburger, Ass't Coachg P. Woods, H. Burleiner C Burgess D Johnson H Shuck, T. Baker, Coach. TRACK TEA The 1961 Bearcat track squad finished the season in much improved form compared to the previous season by posting a 3-5 won-lost record. Last year's team was paced by sophs Bill Klayer, Bob Howell, and Captain Herb Desch who were the three leading scorers. Coach Tay Baker, in his second season as Bearcat track boss, directed his relatively inexperienced outfit to the best season at Cincy since 1957. This spring Coach Baker will be assisted by many sophomores who showed promise last year as freshmen. TRACK RESULTS: 1961 oPPoNENTs ...,Central State .. . . . .100 ....Berea........ ...35 ....DePauw ...59 . . .Morehead . . . . . 85 ....Hanover .5635 Kentucky ...... . . . 5212 ...Ohio Wesleyan . .. . . . .109 Kenyon ....... ... 362 Heidelberg .... . . . 14 . . . .Louisville .... ... 49M Bellarmine .... . . . 43 ....Muskingum... 84 M Tom Chambers proves to be an easy out at third base. BA EBALL TEAM The 19-5-2 record of the baseball team stands as a record in school history. Coach Sample's players also advanced into the NCAA Tournament where they Won three games before being eliminated. The Bearcats won the Missouri Valley Conference championship with a perfect 10-0 record in league play. Excellent pitching highlighted the successful season. The UC hurling staff had a joint ERA of 2.46 and an average of 10.9 strikeouts per game. As a team, Cincinnati had Aa good batting average of .260 and an even better fielding average of .948. Right Fielder, Bill Lucy, slides safely into second base in the Dayton game. Bill Faul, UC's All-American pitcher. UC 14 .... ......... S t. Joseph's ..... 10 .... ..... S t. Joseph's 6 .... ..... D ayton ..... .....OhioState.... .....OhioState.... .....OhioState.... .....Tampa .....Stetsom.......... .....Iacksonville N.A.S. .. .....Bradley.......... .....Brad1ey......... .....Bradley... .....Xavier...... .....St.Louis.... .....Drake.... .....Drake... .....Drake... .....Miami..'...... .....MiamiofOhio.... .....Dayton......... O 7 3 8 9 7 6 5 6 11 7 .... ..... S t. Louis .... 2 10 13 5 4 1 2 3 1 3 .....Michigan....... 1 .... ..... W estern Michigan 1 .... ...Michigan OPPONENTS 5 3 4 3 5 9 7 9 5 3 3 1 0 0 3 0 2 4 0 0 2 2 1 8 2 Dale Norris attempts to beat the throw to first. Captains Fred F ricke Dale Norris, Bill Faul, and Terry lleyffron gather around Coach Glenn Sample. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-Bottom Row: B. Ross, R. Caldwell, R. Fricke, D. Norris, B. Faul, T. Heffron, P. Fleming. Second Row: B. Gaskins, J. Cunningham, H. Cronin, K. Hageslom, J. Brockhoff, T. Chambers, J. Cunningham, D. Stuhlmueller, B. Lucy. Third Row: G. Sample, Coach, T. Pac, Ass't Coach, J. Faul, R. Breeden, G. Smith, L. Elsasser, M. Burch, S. Schoenbach, I. Klinger, B. Hisrich. I THA RALS The University intramural program provides all male students with an opportunity to participate in organ- ized athletics. The intramural program offers competi- tion in the less widely known sports, as well as major team sports. Participants represent teams which com- pete in each sport throughout the year. Teams are entered by fraternal, religious, military, college, and dormitory groups. With nine sports to be played, the SAE's have an almost insurmountable lead, with Theta Chi, Sigma Chi, and Phi Delt following in that order. Alpha Sigs run careful defense for passer in intramural contest with the Men's Dorm team. INTRAMURAL STANDINGS: 1961 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Delta Theta Sigma Chi Bookstore Theta Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Men's Dorm Beta Theta Pi Pi Lambda Phi Delta Tau Delta Peace Corps and SAE Men battle for jump in basketball finals. SAE won 70-68. Law School Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Kappa Theta Triangle Alpha Tau Omega Acacia Sigma Alpha Mu Clodtrotters Falcons Lambda Chi Alpha ,, v Y J Q ..,.b up 1,,,. 1 A Amy WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-Bottom Row: R. Morgan, S. Imhoff, M. Butterfield G. Schirmer, J. Bockhorst, C. Sullivan. Second Row: J. Roy, C. Watanabe, N. Beamer, B Gegner, J. Rolfert, G. Marioni, P. Irish. Third Row: S. Schoen, J. Rahe, J. Brockoif, 'C. Cald well, J. Bittman, S. Korn, N. Davis, P. Ziegel. Tired participants relax between events at the annual WAA swimming meet. W. A. The Women's Athletic Association provides a com- plete schedule of seasonal sports through its intra- mural, varsity, and individual sports programs. In- dependent organizations and sororities compete in intramural sports for a trophy awarded at the year's end. The varsity hockey and basketball teams sched- ule games with other schools in the tri-state area. In- dividual sports permit members to compete for awards on the basis of individual merit. Each year WAA awards a blazer to the outstanding member, and the coveted HC" ring to the outstanding senior woman. Performels get ready for Modern Dance Conce GRADUATES NOT PICT RED COLLEGE OF LAVV Joseph M. Allen, L.L.B. John A. Bankemper, L.L.B. William H. Eder, Jr., L.L.B. William E. Foley, L.L.B. Charles D. Hei1e,L.L.B. James Kiger, L.L.B. Russell E. Lamm, Jr., L.L.B. James A. McSwain, L.L.B. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Edward Richard Brown, M.D. Jerome Brown, M.D. Carl Joseph Dorko, M.D. Donald Merrill Greer, Jr., M.D. George Grooms Hales, M.D. John Joseph Jagger, M.D. Allan Bernard Kirsner, M.D. Gary Bruce Marcus, M.D. Mary Patricia McAnaw, M.D. Dean James Pelley, M.D. Richard Dale Potts, M.D. Joseph Sirkin, M.D. Gilbert J. Striepeke, M.D. Edward R. Thomas, Jr., M.D. COLLEGE OF ARTS 8: SCIENCES Karen L. Allen, BA Sociology Patrick G. Ammons, BS Physics William E. Anderson, BA History Alan E. Anderson, BA History John S. Aubrey, BA History Ronald P. Aue, BA English Nancy Batterson, BS Bacteriology Shepard Braun, BA Philosophy Eugene F. Browning, BA Economies Raymond Cremering, BA Geology Holly Cyllum, BA German Castner Denton, BA English Anne Devins, BA Political Science, BS Education Joann M. Deye, BA Sociology James H. Donaldson, BA Zoology John H. Druffel, BA Political Science Deanna Z. Frank, BA Psychology Ann B. Fuell, BA Sociology Gary L. Furey, II, BA Economics Paul W. Gillespie, BA English Frank W. Ginn, BA Psychology Irwin Goldberg, BA Psychology Ann F. Haack, BA English J. Gail Harrington, BA English George B. Heidelman, BA Economics Norman C. Hester, BS Geology David L. Jasper, BS Zoology Lewis G. Keck, BA Spanish Raymond R. Kennedy, BA Spanish Dale G. Klosterman, BS Geology Arthur S. Liskow, BS Zoology Karen G. Liukkonen, BA American History John W. Maisel, BA Bacteriology Louis Marcus, BA Political Science Victor C. Margolis, BA Psychology Lucretia McCalmont, BA Political Science Richard C. Morris, BA Chemistry Wiliam R. Morton, BA English Sarah V. Murphree, BA Philosophy James P. Murphy, BA English Betty Naegel, BA Spanish Thomas B. Niehaus, BA English Janet F. Niehaus, BA Spanish Judith E. Philips, BA History Daniel L. Pollard, BS Chemistry James Ronald Proud, BS Bacteriology James C. Ralston, S. Physics Ralph R. Rampton, BA Chemistry Lawrence Retallick, BS Chemistry Jay K. Rinehart, BS Chemistry Herbert P. Ringhand, BS Chemistry Frederick Rissover, BA English George L. Robb, BS Chemistry IN SENIOR ECTIO Thelma Rubenstein, BA English Sharon J. Salinger, BS Chemistry Werner P. Schardt, BS Chemistry Roberta Schlaifer, BA Psychology Jack Schmidlapp, BA English William Schneider, BA History Gloria Schottenstein, BA Political Science Gilbert J. Shaver, BA German James J. Sherry, BS Zoology Ralph P. Shield, BA Economics Dwight H. Short, II, BS Zoology David W. Simmons, BA Psychology Henry I. Sirkin, B APolitical Science Jo Ellen Spitz, BA History George Spruck, BA Psychology Pamela J. Stevens, BS History Larry Stillpass, BS Sociology Jack H. Stone, BS Political Science Marvin L. Vawter, BA English Bethany W. Watts, BA French Myron S. Wayne, BS Zoology Robert D. Wendorf, BS Psychology Thomas Wertheimer, BS English Laurel A. Widlar, BA Music Patricia C. Winans, BA Zoology Carolyn M. Winget, BA Sociology William Wrassman, BA Sociology Eugene J. Youkilis, BS Medical Tech- nology Frederick A. Yowler, BS Physics William J. Jung, BA Pre Personnel 8a Industrial Relations Philip A. Ziegler, BS Geology COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADNHNISTRATION James D. Algyre, Jr., BBA Marketing Ronald W. Amend, BBA Accounting John W. Blanford, BS Industrial Management Glen W. Buswell, BBA Marketing Philip P. Gratsch, BBA Accounting James W. Green, BBA Accounting Gerald G. Hofmann, BS Industrial Management David K. Karlson, BBA Marketing Dale S. Norris, BBA Marketing Ronald L. Poole, BBA Finance Robert S. Raine, BBA Finance Charles J. Rowley, BBA Accounting Robert J. Schell, BBA Accounting Robert K. Sears, BBA Marketing Ray A. Simmons, BBA Finance Tom A. Sizer, BBA Marketing Frank J. Varvic, BBA Marketing Neil' T. West, BS Industrial Design COLLEGE OF DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE AND ART Vincent H. Alvarez, BS Design Terry E. Beilhartz, BS Architecture Ernst P. Bitzer, BS Architecture Howard H. Davis, BS Architecture David A. Day, BS Design Roger Heimgartner, BS Design John R. Hice, BS Design Igo J urgens, BS Architecture Chris Kontonickas, BS Architecture Hal D. Laughridge, Jr., BS Design Jack P. Martin, BS Design Thomas K. Shafor, BS Design Frank T. Swant, BS Design David E. Thompson, BS Design Sandra J . Troutman, BS Design Ronald Whipperman, BS Design COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 8: HOME ECONOMICS Nancy J . Ankenman, BS Education Karen Aukerman, BS Education Carolyn W. Averill, BS Education Pauline M. Bailer, BS Education Edward Banks, BS Education Diane Bowerson, BS Education Mary Ann Brill, BS Education Thomas G. Bullock, BS Education James H. Calhoun, BS Education Helen M. Curtis, BS Home Economics Rita F. Danziger, BS Education W. Errol Fricke, BS Education Marjorie D. Genge, BS Education Ariel Guttman, BS Education Herschel Hardy, BS Education Esther Hatton, BS Education Paul H. Hogue, BS Education Emmerlin J. Howe, BS Education Ann Hunter, BS Education Lillian M. Jenkins, BS Education Elizabeth Kotte, BS Education Leon Love, BS Education Paul V. Maxwell, BS Education Shirley McKibben, BS Education Stanly F. Meier, BS Education Sue Ellen Newman, BS Education Carolyn Nudell, BS Education Barbara L. Nutter, BS Education Margaret Robinson, BS Education Karen S. Rockhold, BS Education Lynn Rosenbaum, BS Education Donald E. Ross, BS Education Fred Roth, BS Education Gail K. Schmidlapp, BS Education Gale M. Schmidt, BS Education Bearl D. Smallridge, BS Education Jeffrey R. Stafford, BS Education Catherine Tarbell, BS Education Jerry Townsend, BS Education Thomas N. Turner, BS Education Robert Vordenberg, BS Education Joyce R. Waddell, BS Education Joseph B. Webb, BS Education Julia Webb, BS Education Patricia Whitlock, BS Education COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Paul G. Ater, Civil Engineering John W. Abele, Electrical Engineering Arthur R. Bauer, Electrical Engineer- ing Gunter R. Bernard, Civil Engineering Hubert I. Eing, Electrical Engineering Jens J . Freese, Electrical Engineering John P. Fundersol, Civil Engineering John T. Gilmore, Civil Engineering Klaus Hobucher, Mechanical Engineering David J. Hoffman, Electrical Engi- neering Harry W. Kaericher, Aerospace Engineering Karl Kassbohrer, Mechanical Engi- neering Ronald Meyer, Chemical Engineering Robert M. Neff, Jr., Civil Engineering Neil R. Norkaitis, Mechanical Engi- neering Dominic A. Pitocco, Mechanical Engineering Charles W. Rowland, Civil Engineer- ing Jack .M. Shadle, Mechanical Engineer- mg William R. Smeal, Mechanical En- gineering . John H. Walker, Mechanical Engi- neering ' Karl A. Wienand, Mechanical Engl- neering COLLEGE OF NURSING 8: HEALTH Phyllis Berkman, BS Nursing Benita P. Hopkins, BS Nursing Augusta P. Huffman, BS Nursing COLLEGE OF PHARMACY W. L. Ausdenmoore, BS Pharmacy Sidney I. Cohen, BS Pharmacy Joseph L. Discepoli, BS Pharmacy Edward L. Driver, BS Pharmacy Robert C. Fentress, BS Pharmacy Stuart Graff, BS Pharmacy Charles G. Levine, BS Pharmacy John L. Marx, BS Pharmacy Accito, Don - 190 Day, Bee - 150 Ronald E. McDaniel, BS Pharmacy Roger F. Menda, BS Pharmacy James N. Murphy, BS Pharmacy William H. Nelson, BS Pharmacy Thomas G. Rawers, BS Pharmacy David H. Schneider, BS Pharmacy Paul G. Tarland, BS Pharmacy Thomas J. Urlage, BS Pharmacy Donald W. Walters, BS Pharmacy UNIVERSITY COLLEGE John Aseere, A.S.S. Frances L. Berg, A.S.S. Sheila E. Cain, A.S.S. Agnew, Joyce G. - 70 Alcorn, Mrs. - 272 Allinsmith, Wesley - 110 Altemeier, William - 147 Ames, Van Meter - 110 Anderson, Dick - 324 Aring, Charles - 146 Badertscher, Betty - 160, 310 Baker, Henry - 79 Baker, Tay- 337, 353 Ball, Richard - 79 Barrow, Roscoe - 142 Baumeister, Mildred -260 Bishop, Robert I-138, 161 Black, Schaffer- 138, 161 Black, Schaffer - 145 Bossert, Lester - 146 Bradlield, Laura - 253 Brady, Priscilla - 267 Brewer, Floyd -210, 211 Brigham, Charles - 109 Brodie, Renton - 69 Budroe, Mary - 256 Bunyan, Ruth - 130 Bursiek, Ralph-64, 210, 212 Cain, Mrs. - 254 Carlson, Gustav - 110 Carson, Arch - 67 Caskey, John - 74, 111 Caske Mrs Ameri y, . - 74 Clark, William - 110 Conlan, Carolyn - 263 Crafts, Roger -146 Crockett, Campbell - 140 Curry, Herbert - 161 Dangel, Herbert- 95 Darrington, Mable - 129 Davis, Davis, William - 244 Vivian - 252 Acacia - 266, 267 AFROTC Rille Team - 247 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Ameri Ameri Alpha Pi- 171 Chi Omega - 252 Chi Sigma - 181 Delta Pi - 253 Gamma Delta - 254 Kappa Psi- 180 Lambda Delta- 169 Sigma Phi- 269 Tau Omega - 270, 271 can Commons Club - 300 can Institute of Chemical Engineers - 181 AIEE-IRE - 185 can Pharmaceutical Asso- DeCamp, John - 70, 212 DeJarnette, Ruth - 89 Delaney, Bob - 324 Dingwerth, Louise - 129 Dodson, M. R. - 63 Doolittle, James - 111 Dorst, Stanley - 144 Doty, Mrs. - 299 Early, Jane - 63 Etges, Frank - 210 Felso, Benjamin - 147 Fischback, Victor - 147 Foley, Nettie - 282 Foster, Malcolm - 212 Gall, Edward - 146 Garretson, Robert - 227 Gazawar, Rena - 129 Geis, Norwood -79, 208 Gilchrist, Clara - 129 Glassmeyer, Aileen - 300 Good, Carter - 121 Gore, George - 180 Gottsshang, Jack - 138 Greene, Hoke - 65 Gregg. George - 246 Hamlin, Arthur - 92 Harper, Stanley - 142 Harrington, Paul- 96 Hart, Gerald - 190 Hartlaub, Paul - 347 Hattendorf, John - 249 Herget, Paul - 111 Herweh, Albert - 96 Hessler, William - 63 Hewett, William - 110 Hiatt, Dr. - 144 Hoefer, Robert - 67 Hoeuel, Melvin - 207 Holbrook, Hillard - 245 Judith A. Cappel, A.S.S. Richard Childress, A.S.S. Sylvia E. Clawson, A.S.S. Daniel P. Cummings, A.S.S. John W. Distler, A.S.S. Larry Elsasser, A.S.S. Thomas R. Gray, A.S.S. Thomas L. Habegger, A.S.S. Michael E. Hoffman, A.S.S. Robert A. Huber, A.S.S. Susan G. Iliff, A.S.S. Herbert Kingsbury, A.S.S. John W. Lewis, A.S.S. Darlene Lotz, A.S.S. Howard Lutchin, A.S.S. James Millward, A.S.S. Marilyn Mitchell, A.S.S. Joseph Monnig, A.S.S. William Moorman, A.S.S. Edward Oltman, A.S.S. David Orr, A.S.S. Philip Rollins, A.S.S. Marlene Rolnick, A.S.S. Martin Scheider, III, A.S.S. Carolyn Schmink, A.S.S. Jan Segal, A.S.S. Marvin Seitel, A.S.S. Dave Sweyer, A.S.S. George Wenstrup, A.S.S. Anthony Yates, A.S.S. Gerald Yurek, A.S.S. DMINISTRATION INDEX Holliday, Joseph- 109, 160, 165 Holt, Betty - 62 Holt, Stanley - 241 Horn ak Robert 210 235, 239 Y , -" 1 Hubbart, Clarence - 244 Hudnall, Alma - 204 Hunt, Barbara - 210, 211 Husman, Bertha - 268 Jenike, William - 66 Jenks, William - 111 Johnson, Lillian - 68, 208, 209, 210 Johnson, Louise - 288 Jucker, Ed - 337 Justice, Howard - 95 Kafer, Lowell- 69 Karas, Milan - 78 Keiser, Edward - 69, 264 Kelly, Jim -324, 325 Kennedy, Mrs. - 262 Kiely, Charles - 146 Kowalewski, Joseph - 132 Mileham, Charles - 66 Miller, Bob - 324 Miller, Hannah - 261 Miller, Henry - 288 Mitsos, Constantine - 237 Morris, Bill- 167, 244, 245 Muster. Margaret- 278 Nash, Peter - 111 Nelcamp, Gail- 150 Nester, William - 69, 164, 165, 209, 210 Neutfer, Frank - 150 Ogden, Arthur - 146 Orchin, Milton - 111 Osinske, Marilou - 68, 209 Palmer, Lewis - 174 Parker, Garland-67, 234, 235 Phillips, Jerry - 324, 325 Pickering, Ernest- 87 Powless, John - 337 Price, Robert- 121 Purdy, Frank - 66 Krueger, Hilmar - 110. 136 Lambert, Kenneth - 79, 161 Langsam, Walter - 62 Laushey, Louis - 96 Le Baron, Ruth - 62 Levine, Maurice - 147 Lewis, Gene- 161, 166, 225 Lichstein, Herman - 146 Licht, William - 96 Lipsich, David - 111 Luhrman, Mrs. - 296 Lyle, Donald - 147 Manney, Agnes - 193 Mathews, Ruth - 285 Mayfield, Frank - 63 McCarthy, Donald - 239 McPhe Meyers, rson, Dick - 324, 325 Phillip - 63 Quartin, Alfred - 245 Rasch, Ronald - 236 Reimey, Gertrud - 258 Rennebaum. Raymond - 245 Reuhlman, Eugene - 161 Reuscher. Mrs. - 295 Ritchie, Dave - 324, 325 Robinson, James - 195 Rockwood, Louis - 212 Roof, Mrs. - 281 Rose, Helen - 167 Rosnagle, Laura- 128, 129 Ross, Mildred - 64 Sabin. Albert- 75 Sample, Glenn - 350 Samuel, Edna - 286 Savely, William - 71 Sawyer, Rose - 275 0RG IZATIO S INDE Bearkittens - 232 Business Administration Tribunal - 203 Caducea - 195 Canterbury Club - 236 Cheerleaders - 232 Chi Epsilon - 174 Chi Omega - 255 Cincinnatian - 215 Cincinnatian Editors - 217 Cincinnatus - 165 Coep Club - 190 Co-op Engineer - 223 Cross Country Team - 353 Delta Delta Delta - 256 elta Phi Delta - 175 House Presidents Council - 251 Huber Hall - 309 ' Industrial Design Institute - 191 Institpge of Aerospace Science Intercollegiate Debaters - 224 Inter-fraternity Council - 264 Inter-gggternity Pledge Council Junior Jr. Cla Junior Kappa Eappa appa Kappa Advisers - 176 ss Ofiicers - 199 Panhellenic Council - 251 Alpha Psi- 249 Alpha Theta - 258 Delta Pi- 171 Epsilon - 188 ciation - 188 American Society of Mechanical Engineers - 184 American Society of Metals - 182 Arete - 192 AROTC Rifle Team - 245 Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight - 246 D Delta Sigma Pi- 178 Delta Tau Delta - 274, 275 Delta Zeta - 257 Design, Architecture, and Art Tribunal - 204 EasteEi7Orthodox Fellowship Education Tribunal - 205 Kappa Ka a Gamma- 260 DP Kappa Kappa Psi- 231 Kappa Psi- 189 Kindeggsarten-Primary Club Kitty Hawk Squadron - 247 Lambda Chi Alpha -276, 27,7 31 Logan Hall Association - Arts 84 Sciences Tribunal -203 Memorial Residence Hall Council Association of Interior Designers - 191 Association of Women Students - 202 Band - 229 BaptEt55Student Fellowship Baptist Student Union - 236 Basketball Team - 337 Baseball Team - 355 Beta Alpha Psi- 179 Beta Gamma Sigma - 170 Beta Theta Pi- 272, 273 Board of Budgets - 208 Board of Publications - 212 Engineering Tribunal - 206 English Club - 195 Eta Kappa Nu - 174 Football Team - 324 Freshman Basketball Team Ludlow Residence Hall - 308 Newman Club -239 News Record - 219 Nursgrbg and Health Tribunal 7 Omicron Delta Kappa - 161 Orientation Board - 209 Panhellenic Council - 250 Pershing Rifles - 244 Pharmacy Tribunal - 207 Phi Beta Kappa - 168 Phi Delta Theta - 278, 279 Phi Epsilon Kappa - 194 Phi Eta Sigma - 169 Phi Kappa Tau -280, 281 Phi Kappa Theta - 282, 283 Pi . . Chi Epsilon - 179 Pi Delta Epsilon - 213 Pi Kappa Alpha - 284, 285 Pi Lambda Phi- 286, 287 Pl Tau Sigma - 172 Proiile - 222 Proof Press - 223 Religious Emphasis Week - 235 Ritle Team - 351 Lutheran Foundation -238 Marching Band - 229 Memorial Residence Hall - 307 Scabbard 8: Blade - 245 Secondary-Elementary Club - 337 Freshman Football Team - 325 Freshman Swimming Team - 347 Glee Club - 227 Golf Team - 348 Guidon - 167 Hillel - 238 Homecoming Committee - 225 Home Economics Club - 192 - 306 Men's Advisory Council - 177 Men's Residence Hall - 313 Men's Residence Hall Councils - 312 Metro - 166 Mortar Board - 160 Mnmmers Guild - 233 National Society of Interior Home Economics Tribunal - 204 Decorators - 190 - 193. 195 Senior Class Oliicers - 200 Senior Personalities - 153, 156 Sigma Alpha Epsilon-288, 289 Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Social Alpha Mu - 290, 291 Chi- 292, 293 Delta Tau - 261 Nu - 301 Phi Epsilon - 294, 295 Sigma - 163 Board -209 Scarry, Mike - 324 Scheele, Mrs. - 240 Schoolheld, George - 110 Schuerman, Mary - 235 Scully, James - 69, 177 Settle, Kenneth - 150 Seymour, J. R. - 238 Shank, Spencer - 66 Sharrock, Raleigh - 79 Walter - 63 Shord, Small, John -71 Smith, Graham -105, 190 Smith, Mary - 257 Spann, Mrs. - 255 William - 111 Spoor, Stephensen, Jack - 240 Stewart, Marjorie - 68 Stork, Lorrayne - 64 Studley, Chuck - 324 Swisher, Carl- 188 Taitt, Arthur - 79 Tholke, William - 182 Topping, Peter - 237 Vinackle. Harold - 110 Vogel, William - 161, 208 Waggoner, Tully - 150 Wahl, Pat- 130 Walsh, James - 63 Wandmacher, Cornelius - 95 3 59 Weaver, Suzanne - 307 Weech, Ashley - 146 Wells, Dare - 111 Weichert, Charles - 109 Whiteford, Emma - 121 Wilson, Kenneth - 78 Wohler, Mrs. - 293 Woltley, Edward - 204 Woods, Ruth - 130 Wright, Alan - 71 Society for the Advancement of Management - 180 Society of Automotive Engineers - 186 Sophomore Class Officers - 198 Sophos - 165 Student Council - 197 Student Directory - 221 Studzirg4Nurses Organization Student Religious Council - 234 Swimming Team - 347 Tau Beta Pi- 173 Tau Beta Sigma - 231 Telephone Directory - 221 Tennis Team - 352 Theta Chi- 296, 297 Theta Phi Alpha - 262 Track Team - 349 Triangle - 299 Trianon - 248 Ulex - 167 Union Board - 210 United Student Fellowship - 237 Univgibsgty College Tribunal Wesley Foundation - 240 Westminster Foundation - 241 Womefngs Athletic Association - 3 Womgeggs Residence Hall Council Wrestling Team - 350 Young Men's Christian Asso- ciation - 241 Young Women's Christian Asso- ciation - 242 Zeta Tau Alpha - 263 Arnett, Billings, Thomas - 80 Berwald, David - 286 TUDENT INDEX Aaron. Michael - 80 Abanton, William - 239 Abbott. Ginny- 259 Abbott, Glenys- 128, 130, 155. 165,202,259 Abbott, Sondra- 122, 192 Abernathy, Bill- 337 Abrat. Nancy - 307 Ackenhauser, Alan - 281 Ackerman, Bob - 324 Ackerman, Martin - 299 Ackman. Butch, - 325 Adam, Darlene - 237 Adams, Allan -112, 236, 300 Adams, Cindy - 236 Adams, Dick - 294 Adams, Jane- 112 Adams, Jim - 283 Adams, Ken - 353 Adams, Lind - 255, 307 Adams, Nancy - 251, 254 Adams, Norman - 186, 299 Adler, Jim - 295 Adler, Marjorie- 123, 192, 253 Agin, Bonnie - 255 Agostini, Phillip - 297 Ahlburn, Thomas - 112 Ahlgren, Gary - 235 Ahrat, Nancy - 175 Ain, Bo - 216,238,261 Ainsworth, Sue - 246, 259 Air, Gordon - 227 Albanese, Anne - 53, 123, 262 Albert, Richard - 299 Albrecht, Bob - 273 Albrecht, David - 247 Albrecht, Marty - 256 Alderson, Richard - 150 Alexander, Bill- 285 Alexander, Ken - 297 Alfred, Jim - 285 Algyre, James - 278 Alkire, Joe - 293, 347 Allan, Ron - 296 Allen, Dave- 180, 294 Allen, Dennis - 112 Allen, James - 180 Allen, John - 337 Allen, Kathy - 255 Allen, Michael- 277 Allen, Susie - 165, 255 Allison, Jim - 273 Allman, Tom - 80, 161, 166, 299 Alloy, Pat- 192, 204 Alter, Carol- 261 Alter, Nathan - 97 Amantea, Bill- 281 Ambrose, James - 112 Ames, John- 177, 227 Ammann, Jake - 244 Amos, Ross - 247 Amrhein, Bob - 244 Anderson, Bruce - 278 Anderson, Ginny - 309 Anderson, Jim - 249 Anderson, Jodie - 252 Anderson, John - 275 Anderson, Lloyd - 294 Anderson, William - 134, 188, 189, 207, 278 Anglemyer, Linda - 253 Ansman, Donald - 299 Anspace, William - 97 Appleman, Joyce - 229 Arbaogast, Thomas - 312, 313 Arend, Suzanne - 255, 307 Arend, William - 187, 278 Argabright, Dave- 164, 203, 216, 217, 227, 275 Ariss, James - 244 Armstrong, Gerald - 177, 225, 297 Armstrong, Robert- 244, 245 Armstrong, Stanley - 80 Arn, Fred - 90, 270 Frank - 285 Beaver, Beverly - 25 6 Arney. Jeff - 350 Arnold, Fred - 281 Arnold, Jerry - 244 Arnold, Jim - 350 Arnold, Terry - 272 Aronolf, Bonnie, - 269 Arthur, Mary - 169, 252 Artz, Jerry - 294 Ashcraft, Michael- 97, 187 Ashdown, Ronald - 80, 275 Ashe, Don - 190 Ashead, Fred - 267 Ashley, Charles - 283 Aspinall, Brian- 142 Astbury, Arthur - 288 Atkins, Bill- 285 Atkins, Charles - 142 Atkins, Forest - 90 Aughenbaugh, Anne - 263 Aukerman, Don - 180 Ault, Don - 112 Beck, Ed - 347 Becker, Connie - 224 Becker, Gerry - 130 Becker, James - 112 Becker, Jon - 281 Becker, Tim - 181 Beede, David - 295 Behrle, Brenda - 263 Beineke, Dan - 177, 234 Beisel, John - 90 Beiser, Dick - 288 Belcher, Ralph - 281 Bell, George - 97, 185 Bell, Jim - 285 Bell, Judy - 259 Bell, Virginia - 97 Bellersen, Marty - 245 Bellman, Howard - 142 Belton, John - 297 Bewiller, Garry - 80, 285 Bemis, John - 293 Bender, Bob - 285 Benham, Joan- 165, 167, Ault, Julie - 255 Aultz, Thomas - 186, 351 Austin, Cindy - 268 Austin, Steve - 80, 161, 156, 294 Avery, Donna - 259 Avner, Jay -186, 287, 312, 313 Ayers, Dorsey - 97 Bacon, Bacon, Baden George - 186, 313 Katherine - 130 Nathan - 112 286 176, 207, 209, 250, 258 Benjamin, Helen - 123 Bennett, Dale - 247 Bennett, Donald - 268 Bennett, Karen - 176, 252 Benson, Carol- 229, 258 Benson, Edward - 90 Bent, Peter - 272 Bentz, William - 112, 177, 264, 288 Berberich, Donald - 90 Beresford, Pa-tricia - 112 Badertscher, Betty - 160, 246 Badgley, Richard - 80, 275 Badnal, Pat- 235 Baier, Jim - 244 Bailey, Bill- 325 Bailis, Joan - 261, 307 Bair, Daniel- 277 Bereskin, Carmen - 229, 232, 252 Berg, Frances - 261 Berger, Raymond - 175, 191 Bergeron, Theodore - 268 Bergmann, Paul- 90 Berid, Madelyn - 309 Baird, John - 97 Baker, Barbara - 256, 307 Baker, Richard - 294 Baker, Harold - 112 Baker, Jerri- 130 Baker, Julie - 25 8 Baker, Ron - 256 Ballard, Jane - 90, 175 Balow, Frank - 275 Balph, Arthur - 183 Balzer, Merilew - 257 Bame, Larry - 291 Balvo, Brenda - 240 Banks, Ed - 324 Barber, Donald - 112 Barber, Lynn - 294 Barker, Mike - 185 Barker, Taylor- 112, 195, 203, 216, 217, 277 Barker, Tim - 205 Baron, Mike - 290 Barr, David- 97, 173, 183 Barrett, Dennis - 325, 350 Barrow, Bob - 307 Barron, Rosemary - 262 Barrow, Beverly - 227 Barrowman, Jim - 268 Barrows, Rusty - 255 Bartel, Carol- 123 Barth, Janeen - 255 Barth, Penny - 192, 307 Baitletty, Judy - 259 Bartlow, Mitch - 90, 191 Bartholomew, Carl -310 Bartol, Julia - 97, 182 Barton, 'Cynthia - 257 Bast, John - 195 Bauer, Jimmie - 147 Bauer, William - 150 Bauerle, Pat- 255 Baum, Bruce - 300 Bauman, Jon - 112 Bavely, Hanlin - 221 Baxter, Doug - 227 Baxter, Sally - 204, 256 Beagner, Nancy - 216, 217, 3 7 Berkhouse, Thomas - 300 Berks, Dick- 97, 187, 297 Berndsen, Judy - 136 Bernhard, Thomas - 313 Berning, Beth - 25 3 Bernstein, Lloyd - 286 Bernstein, Sylvia - 261 Berry, Ed - 239 Berry, Elton - 249 Berry, Robert - 229 Berte, Neal- 112, 153, 163, 164, 165, 166, 168, 177, 200, 243, 264, 288 Bertram, Maurice - 229 Bertram, Paul- 142 Bertsche, Carol- 176, 252 Bertsghe, William - 244, 28 Berwald, David - 112 Bess, David - 80 Bess, Richard - 199 Bettinger, Roger - 136 Bettinger, Ron - 123, 245 Betz, Elaine- 176, 205, 210, 250, 259 Betz, John - 97, 275 Bever, Julie- 130, 171, 229, 23 1 Beverly, Dan - 97, 184 Bevington, Jack - 268 Bianco, Dave - 283 Bibs, Conrad - 353 Biddle, Robert- 244 Bidlingmeyer, Emilie - 165, 170, 260 Bidlingmeyer, Vinson - 97 Biglglg, Marianne - 112, Bieler, June - 248 Bien, Diane - 256 Bien, Paul- 97 Bierbaum, Phil- 297 Bierely, Robert - 278 Biermann, Jerome - 80 Bigelow, Tito - 293 Bixoff, James - 112 Binder, Tom - 285 Binegar, Garry - 112 Binkley, Jack - 136 Binstadt, Carol- 263 Binzer, Thomas - 191 Bird, Tom - 247 Birge, Ernest- 270 Birkhold, Sheldon - 80 Bisch, Jeffrey - 268 Bischolf, Judy - 192, 357 Bishop, Bruce- 186, 312, 313 Bishop, 'Catherine - 112 Bishop, Margaret - 112 Bishop, Peggy - 212, 221 Bitler, Tom - 98, 276 Bitsoff, George - 278 Bittmann, Judy- 192, 357 Biven, Peggy - 250, 253 Bizzarri, Bonnie- 168, 210, 216, 217, 258 Black, Carolyn - 130, 229 Black, Jim - 244, 350 -Blackburn, Ben - 112 Blackburn, Judy - 123, 193, 25 8 Blake, Susan - 309 Blake, Tom - 164, 166, 209,243,288 Blakeney, Lew- 164, 288 Blakeney, Pete - 288 Bland, Jerry - 80, 180, 313 Blanford, Bill- 246 Blantz, Robert- 112 Blake, Susan - 25 5 Blake, Thomas - 80, 165 Blankenbuehler, Ron - 189, 227 Blasi, Anne - 243 Blasick, Francis - 123, 324 Blatt, Margaret- 112, 168 Blau, Carol- 309 Blaufuss, Bob - 240 Bleecher, Paul- 299 Blersch, Jan - 256 Blesi, Herma - 232, 239, 25 6 Blessing, Bob - 243 Blettner, Dave - 188, 189, 207 Blisten, Bill - 297 Block, Robert - 183 Blood, Dick - 299 Bloom, Jana - 256 Bloom, Stepfan - 90, 175, 191 Bluestone, Gordon - 290 Bluestone, Judith - 113 Bluth, Howard - 113, 168 Bock, Penny - 232, 260 Bockensette, Bill - 283 Bockhorst, Jane- 176, 202 252, 357 Bocklet, Al- 113, 275 , Bodenheimer, Nancy - 190 253 Bodmer, Dale - 134 Boelter, Billie - 260 Boehm, Jack - 98, 185 Boehnker, Don - 268 Boering, Jenny - 254 Boggs, Joseph - 98, 173 Bolan, Barbara - 113, 165, 225,235,262,277 Bolinger, Glenn - 229, 231 240 Bollinger, Howard - 191 Bolino, Ralph - 80 Bollinger, Howard - 90 Bollinger, Steven - 297 Bolton, Robert- 90 Bongiorno, Linda - 252 Bonham, Ron - 337 Bonnell, Cheryl- 190 Bontrager, Amos - 113 Bonvillain, Walter - 113 Booker, Bob - 275 Bookmyer, Mary - 239 Boone, Jack - 98 Boothe, George - 295 2 Brown TUDENT INDEX Boraek, Robert- 80 Borchelt, Judith- 136, 229, 231 Borscher, Chuck - 267 Born, Lori- 90, 155 Burst, Richard - 180 Bosch, Betsi - 259 Boston, Barb - 227, 240 Bott, Alexis - 262 Boulmetis, Samuel- 268 Boves, Sue - 271 Bow, Patricia - 90, 204, Brown, Larry- 113, 229, 231, 288 Brown, Mick- 189 Brown, Philip - 300 Brown, Roger - 113, 156, 201, 209, 243, 264, 285 Brown Royse - 244 Brown, Steve - 278 Brown, Tim - 301 Brown Tom - 80, 297 Brown, Grant- 113 1 Thomas - 80 160, 251, 259 Bowen, Carol- 309 Bowen, David -134, 188, 189 Bowen, Kingston - 113 Bowen, Kirby - 244 Bowers, Bruce - 265 Bowers, Carlton - 265 Bowers, Bob- 27 8 Bowling, Barbara - 113, 167, 168,213 Bowman, Mike - 288 Bowman, Pat- 123, 248 Bowser, David - 98, 187 Boyd, Thomas - 98 Boyle, Bill- 247, 283 Boyles, Pat - 224, 241 Brabender, Margie - 262 Bradford, Les - 216, 285 Branch, Steve - 276 Branner, Steven - 268 Brannock, Tom - 293 Brashear, Tom - 285 Brater, Dianne - 260 Brauer, Ronald - 113 Braun, Bick -293 Brecher, Ronald - 290 Breece, Harry - 98, 184, 245 Bregman, Alan - 113 Brehm, Joseph - 90, 180 Breines, Fred - 80, 180 Bretz, Carol- 241 Britsch, Al - 299 Brenan, Larry - 277 Brangelman, Michael- 245 Brenner, Bernie - 180, 286 Bret, Charles - 243 Brethauer, Gene - 299 Bretz, Charles - 235 Breyley, Ray - 285 Brill, Arlene - 229 Brill, Ken - 90, 184 Brinker, Carol- 262 Brinkman, Fred - 98, 282 Britton, 'Charles - 285 Britton, Oscar - 229 Brock, Brenda - 229 Brock, Judy - 123, 256 Brock, Michael- 277 Brockhoff, Peter - 288 Brockmeyer, Jerry - 278 Broen, Bob - 177, 206 Brombaugh, Charles - 3 13 Brook, Bryan - 286 Brookhart, Nick - 183 Brooks, Diane - 216, 217, 25 6 Brooks, Herman - 249 Brooks, Stuart - 147 Brookshire, Phil- 175, 204, 270 Broome, Edward - 80 Brosee, Nadine - 229 Bross, Marian - 205, 262 Brouse, Beverly - 255 Brower, Bill- 134, 188, 207 Brown, Verna - 134, 188, 207 Browne, Barb - 191 Browne, Berl - 176, 263 Brucher, Jean - 258 Bruckmeyer, Jerry - 203 Bruffey, James - 80 Brum, Ray - 285 Brune, Edward - 142 Bruns, Ron - 282 Brunsman, Jerry - 229 Brust, John- 175, 244, 245, 275 Bryant, Harold - 113 Bryant, Lenville - 113 Bryden, James - 236 Buchanan, Susie - 123, 252 Buchman, Jelfrey - 300 Buck, Jim - 277 Buckler, Ronald - 98 Burkley, Barbara - 229, 232, 253 Buckley Gerald - 113 Buckley, Jerry - 265, 275 Budd, David - 142 Budd, Stan - 283 Budde, James -134, 188 Buechler, Don - 98, 185, 313 Buescher, Jack - 239 Bug, Ray - 353 Bukuts, Virgil- 325 Bullock, Ann- 193, 254 Bumb, Dan - 174 Bundy, Hugh - 223, 299 Bunger, David - 98, 185 Bune, Connie - 123 Burdick, Dick - 265, 272 Burns, John-180 Burgess, Ken- 98, 173, 185, 236 Burkard, Lee - 275 Burkett, Eugene - 98, 181, 239 Burkhart, John - 195, 245 Burn, John - 312 Burnett, Joe - 285 Burns, Denny - 275 Burns, George - 150 Burns, Jerry-98, 206, 275 Burns, John - 80, 180, 313 Burns, 'Marilyn - 251, 255 Burns, Teresa - 251, 255 Burnside, Dale - 239 Burrell, Donald Burreson, Allen Burroughs, Lee Burt, Ray - 90 Burton, Bruce- - 297 - 143 Burris, Frank - 299 - 195 275 Burton, Carole - 192 Burton, Larry - 229, 231 Burton, Linda - 113 Burtschy, Mary - 258 Busch, Bonnie - 123 ADRIAN FLOWER SHOP DURBAN GREENHOUSES . . flowers for all occasions Clifton and Ludlow UN 1-1101 533 McAlpin UN 1-7866 For Your Summertime Dancing Pleasure . . CONEY ISLAND 01?-67'.l' the finest dance bands in the lana' in MOONLITE GARDENS Special Rates for Organizations Phone 241-3246 for details 2 fd And may all your fondest hopes and ambitions come true Brown, Allan - 271 Brown, Bill- 325 Brown, Bob - 313, 351 Brown, Butch - 272 Brown, Carole - 207, 246 Brown, Douglas - 277 Brown, Eddie - 142 Brown, Glenn - 299 Brown, James - 190, 281 Brown, 263 Judy -175, 191, Busch, Charles - 267 Busch, Hal- 113, 168, 177 Buse, Betsie - 262 Buse, Theodore - 277 Busener, Carol- 175, 191, 263 Bush, Bunny - 253 Bush, Jim - 267 Bush, Margaret - 113 Bush, Muriel- 123 Bush, Peg - 256 Butler, Fred - 227, 294 Butt, Larry - 27 8 Butt, Gerry - 259 is 15,53 . 9 1 ' ,fgginw THE oRlGlNAL s i?-I Q ,. B I 205, TUDENT INDEX Bu1l,Wnrren-1l3, 195, 213. 216, 217 Byers. Jerrilyn - 193, 202, 221, 263 Byers, Ken- 123, 293, 324 Byrd. Elizabeth - 123 Byrd, Gary - 285 Byrd. Helen- 169 Byrns, Bob - 283 Byrne, Charles - 80 Byrnes, Julie - 262 Byrns, Barb - 176 Cabage, Sandy - 307 Cable, Vic- 188, 189 Cackowski, Jim - 324 Cade, Carolyn -229 Cademartori, Karen - 254, 309 Cahall, Don - 237 Cahill, Lynne -179, 255 Cain, Jerry - 90, 273 Calder, Mary - 256 Caldwell, Carole - 256, 357 Caldwell, Richard - 113 Caldwell, Sarah - 251, 258 Calhoun, Jim - 337 Calhoun, Pat- 307 Callan, Sannie - 256 Callard, Daniel- 113 Callison, Pat- 242 Caluwaert, Bernie - 254 Calvin, Lynne - 176, 225, 25 8 Calvin, Richard - 288 Camins, Barbara - 227 Cammerer, Rudy - 268 Camp, Byrne - 171 Campbell, Judy - 307 Campbell, Jim - 278 Campbell, Marilyn -253, 309 Campbell, Robert- 80, 178 Campbell, William - 313 Camplin, Dick - 285 Canny, Benny - 113 Canter, Alan - 290, 291 Canter, Jill- 263 Capak, Ron - 283 Capone, Al- 167 Cappel, Judy - 254 Cappel, Kathy - 254 Cappola, Ted - 325 Capron, Carl- 80, 180, 313 Caramanian, John - 136 Cardullias, Peter - 293, 347 Carey, Diane - 248 Carey, Katy - 307 Carey, Nora - 252 Carey, Nora - 165 Carinci, Tito - 167 Carmichael, Dan -- 217, 276 Carmon, Martha - 240 Carnell, Billie - 251, 263, 309 Carnes, Keith - 240, 247 Carney, Jim - 281, 350 Carpenter, Dan - 324 Carpenter, Dave - 288 Carr, Charles - 150 Carr, Steve - 272 Chace, Robert - 80, 178, 180 Chalk, David - 98, 169, 173, 181 Chalic, David - 161 Chambers, Jeff - 285 Chambers, Harold - 267 Chambers, Tom - 194 Chandler, Jerry - 299 Chaney, Richard - 294 Chapman, Bob - 161, 163, 293 Chapman, Bob - 98, 161, 163, 177, 164, 166, 169, 173, 181,272 Charlield, David - 98 Charles, Jim - 294 Chasky, Ferne - 261 Chatfleld, David - 173, 182 Chen, Ron- 307 Chenoweth, Roger - 277 Chenoweth, John - 277 Chertock, Evelyn - 308 Chesire, Jean - 123 Chetock, Connie - 309 Chick, Perry - 267 Childers, Dale - 240 Childress, Dick - 244 Childress, Judy - 251, 262 Chisholm, Richards - 80 Chiodi, Andy- 123, 324 Cholak, Paul- 203 Chotikunchorn, Sandy - 307 Christmann, Sarah - 309 Christy, Richard - 113, 168 Chrzan, Terry - 313 ' Chuck, Jerry - 295 Chupp, Georgiann - 252 Church, Art - 273, 313 Cincotta, Terry - 277 Cinnamon, Charles - 113 Claggett, Michael- 98, 184, 245, 288 Clapp, Dave - 268 Clark, Carolyn - 240, 254 Clark, Danny - 147 Clark, John - 236 Clark, Roger - 161 Clark, Tony - 276 Comer, Judy - 259 Compositor, Joe - 278 Conard, Sheila - 253 Conatser, Ken- 123, 163, 234 Conaway, David - 172 Concord, Carol - 176 Condon, Virgil- 151 Connell, Chuck - 113 Connelly, Peter - 90 Connelly, Tim - 276 Conner, Michael- 143 Conner, Sandy -165, 176, 225, 258 Conners, Jerry - 295 Connolly, Peter - 175 Conrad, Carole - 234, 240 Constantini, Ben - 294 Constantini, Domenc - 294 Conrad, Carole - 242 Conti, Bob - 325 Cook, Ann - 194, 207, 310 Cook, Eugene - 276 Cook, Kathy - 240 Cook, Mark- 277 Cook, Pete - 98, 169, 173, 174, 185, 191 Cook, Phyllis - 130, 244, 252 Cook, Terry - 294 Cook, Wayne - 313 Cooke, Gilbert - 90, 175 Coons, John - 285 Cooper, Bob - 292 Cooper, Glenn - 80, 295, 153, 196, 208 Cooper, James - 299 Cooper, Milburn - 80, 264, 293 Cooper, Sylvia - 227 Cope, Dave - 275 Copen, George - 98, 181 Coplan, Nancy - 261 Corbitt, Gordon - 98 Corcoran, Colleen - 260 Cordes, Cindy 256 Coriell, Ed 288 Cornelius, Sue 259 Cornett, Glenn - 80, 273 Clarke, John - 90 Clarke, Theodore - 98 Clayman, Allan - 290 Cleaver, Dave - 278 Clem, Thomas - 185 Clements, Sue - 259 Clemons, Barbara - 130 Clemens, Gloria - 123 Clendenin, William - 98, 184 Clevenger, John - 312, 313 Clifton, William - 98 Cline, Nelson - 195 Clore, Evelyn - 123, 250, 263 Clum, Charles - 229 Coates, Houston - 244 Coburn, Lee - 299 Cochran, Nancy - 263 Coffee, Mary - 240 Coghill, Roberta - 167, 255 Cornett, Correll, Phil- 229 Larry - 98, 285 Cortese, Louise - 252 Corwin, Doug - 229, 231 Corwin, Edward - 98, 185 -Cosler, Ron - 288 Cost, Richard - 229 Cotteral, Kathy - 262 Cottrell, Jack -113, 168 Countryman, Sandy - 254 Coursey, Dick - 285 Cowen, Richard - 147 Cox, Carole - 254 Cox, Charles - 127 Cox, Dan - 268 Cox, Joseph - 147 Cox, Larry - 325 Cox, Linda - 252 Coy, John - 206, 299 Coy, Richard - 268 Coyne, Cathy - 192, 202, Crone, Richard - 264 Crosby, Thomas - 113 Crossen, Charlyn - 98, 175, 191 Crotzer, Mel- 285 Crouse, John - 143 Crow, Wes - 297 Crum, Jerome - 81 Culberson, John - 147 Cunning, Ron - 301 Cunningham, Hugh - 114 Cunningham, Ken - 337 Curk, Mike - 288 'Currens, Wendy - 123 -Curry, Jim - 324 Curry, William - 273 Curtsinger, Oscar - 281 Cusick, Terry - 296 Cutler, Carol- 253 Cutlip, Brenda - 307 Dabney, Robert- 136, 208 Dahinden, Dean - 99, 173, 293 Dahling, Daniel - 245 Dahman, James - 90 Dailey, Jim- 180 D'Alessandro, Robert - 282 Dalness, Jack - 270 Dalness, William - 270 Damon, Ann- 167, 260 Damon, George - 278 Danforth, Susan - 123, 258 Daniels, Ed - 272 Danner, Linda - 227 Danner, Paul K. - 148 Daring, Fred - 247 Darling, Roger - 245, 277 Daub, Georgia - 90, 175 Daugherty, Ruth - 256 Daum, Gerry - 252 Davidson, Bob - 177, 270 Davidson, Diane - 229 Davis, Bernard - 114, 245 Davis, Gale - 114 Davis, Gayle Ann - 251, 263 Davis, Joe - 324 Davis Mike- 179, 180, 281 Davis, Nancy - 252, 357 Davis, Robert- 114 Davis Sandy - 130 Dawley, Edwin - 247, 312, 313 Day, Tom - 295 Deam, James - 181 Dean, Arvella - 114, 249 Dearing, James - 299 Carrera, Nicholas - 143 Carroll, Abby - 90, 256 Carroll, Michelle - 254 Carson, Betty - 260 Carson, John - 147 Cohen, Dolores - 123 Cohen, Jeffrey - 209, 287 Cohen, Milton - 286 Colburn Mar aret- 258 Carson, Tom - 296 Carter, Art - 98, 277 Carter, Bill- 134, 267 Carty, Ronald - 98 Cass, Georgeann - 123, 227, 261 Cassini, Deanne - 123, 262 Castell, Robert- 98, 173 Castelluccio, Ray - 293 Castellucei, Paula- 123 Cato, Jane - 147 Cauley, Darrell- 324 Caually, Chris - 267 Cedilote, Allen - 182 1 8 Cole, Jerome - 134, 188, 189, 207 Colegrove, Phil- 98, 172, 184 Coleman, Nancy - 227, 263 Collier, Jim - 187 Collins, Ann - 136, 253' Collins ,Connie -175, 256 Collins, Larry - 293 Collins, Ron - 293 Colwell, Jack - 113 Comeford, Tim - 283 Comello, Carol- 262 Comer, James - 117, 270 204, 219, 220, 225, 258, 307 Crabtree, Larry - 244 Cramer, Nancy - 113 Crandall, Bob -113, 168, 177, 271 Crandall, Sally - 25 8 Crauder, Karen - 113, 295, 259 Craixgvgord, William - 118, Creaghead, Cynthia - 260 Crews, Jim - 243, 293 Crews, Judy - 236 Crittenden, Jacob - 98, 187 Critzer, Thomas - 99 Cromwell, Russ - 99, 183 Crone, Dick - 293 DeBahn, Howard - 191 DeBord, Dave - 288 DeBord, Judy - 260 DeBrunner, Bob - 282 DeComo, J ohnanna - 212, 252 Deckebach, Al - 81, 275 Decker, Don - 81, 179 Decker, Larry - 168 Decker, Pat- 294 Decker, Sandra - 307 Deddens, Bob - 181, 288 Deem, Kenneth - 99 Deiters, Nancy - 123 Dell, Dan - 81,156,163, 164, 210, 264, 296, 297 Deller, Tom - 282 Dells, John - 275 Delon, Richard - 81, 180 DeLong, Diane - 233, 262 Demakes, Chris - 114, 154, 201, 212, 213, 216, 227, 234, 237 Demarco, Jack - 99 Dempsey, Terry - 81, 288 Denman, Gary - 99, 172, 173, 184 Denman, June - 114 Dennis, Donald - 99 Denton, Bill- 267 DeRosa, Chuck - 325 DeRosa, Doug - 325 Despain, Sally - 25 5 Your Own What student wouldn't get excited over having her very own Princess phone. Think what a joy to use a phone that's scarcely bigger than your hand-that feels light as a feather--with a dial that glows softly, lights up brightly whenever you pick up the receiver. You'll enjoy calls more in your own room on your own Princess phone. And, the monthly charge is so low that you may be able to pay for a Princess extension yourself. For more information, call our business office, 396-9900. your Zelephone C'0l1'lpally 1 MS L1'iz'!e. . . lf's Lovefy lf Lfghfs! "Try Us First for any Book" Greggs are your clothes' best friends iil N1 0 F 1 . REFERENCES 501325 . BEST SELLERS G R E G G C L E A N E R S STORE - PAPER BACKS MAin 1-41650 200 W. McMillan St. G Calhoun SL Cllfton AV 1-4120 6' 4. S 2 . q 1.-'13, X gg Ii .am -W i ""'-5 11' 316 Ludlow PL 1-4111 4'See you at the Bee"-A familiar saying at UC for years. 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Dessrich, Russ - 283 Detmering, Marcia - 123, 25 8 Deubber, Bill- 271 Deucker, Mary - 25 8 Devanney, Mike - 288 Devanney, Thomas - 281 Dever, Mike - 264, 285 Deville, Stanley - 148 Devine, Craig - 90, 264, 274, 275 Devins, Anne - 203, 225, 258 Devore, Jackie - 255 Dewey, John - 91 Dewey, Tom - 190, 293 Deye, John - 299 Deyhle, Devon - 267 Dial, Clyde- 183, 299 Dickensheets, John - 297 Dickenson, Dave - 278 Dickerson, Sharon - 254 Dickey, Lee - 281 Dieckman, Nancy - 263 Diehl, Carol- 257 Diekmeyer, John - 245 Diekmeyer, Tom - 244 Dierking, Fred - 123, 337 Diers, Judy - 176, 263, 307 Diersing, MaryLou - 213, 219, 220, 234, 237 Dietrich, Fred - 178 Dietrich, Jane - 237 Dilger, James - 281 Dils, Joseph - 114 Dimond, Keith - 114, 347 Dinse, Pat - 248 DiSalvo, Pete - 164, 177, 288 Detmyer, Frank - 247 Dittrich, Cristie - 254 Dixon, Ann - 123 Dixon, Thomas - 99, 173, 181 Dobell, Harry - 81 Doepke, Linda - 257 Dolby, John - 278, 350 Domer, Joy - 227 Donald, Dennis - 173 Donaldson, Susan - 254 Donohoo, Bill- 164, 225, 243, 288, 347 Donohue, Jack - 273 Doppler, Carol- 25 8 Dorsch, Don - 285 Dorsey, Milton - 268 Doss, Barry - 265, 275 Doss, Ken - 296 Dost, Frank - 91, 175, 191 Double, John - 276 Douce, Arden - 240 Douglass, Brooke - 252 Doublas, Bruce - 297 Doyle, Dave - 285 Doyle, Gerald - 81, 178 Doyle, Mike - 164, 177, 225, 276, 283 Draggen, Peter - 275 Drake, Bill- 270 Drake, Julia - 123 Drayson, Diane - 91, 25 8 Dreidame, Dianne - 195, 216 Dreidame, Elaine - 262 Dreskin, Ida - 192 Dressing, Paul- 99, 184 Dreyfoos, Melvin - 81 Driscoll, Dick - 223, 27 0 Driscoll, Tom - 196, 223, 278 Driver, Don - 99, 185 Droesch, Judy - 25 8 Drohan, Jody - 123 Dryer, John - 283 Dubesa, Mike - 324 Dubuque, Denise, 229, 232 Duchek, W. J. - 175 Duduit, Paul- 265, 297 Duermit, Bob - 282 Duggan, Loretta - 262 Dumont, Howard - 136 Dunakin, Paul- 236 Duncan, M., - 258 Dunkelberger, Dave - 353 Dunham, Gary - 296 Dunham, Linda- 188, 207 Dunkel, Paul- 227 Dunn, Harvey- 81, 286, 287 Dunn, L. - 307 Dunn, Marilyn - 229 Durbin, Paul- 188 Durham, Rick - 295 Duritsch, Donald - 99, 184 Durkee, Bill- 229 Dutton, Buck - 278 Duval, Mareen - 260 DuVall, Ron - 188, 189 Duytschaever, J eff - 278 Dyer, Candy - 227, 248 Dysart, James - 244 Early, Charles - 240, 313 Earley, Dan - 275 Easterling, Allen - 184, 245 Easterling, Frank - 99 Eastin, Keith - 213, 216, 222, 272 Eastman, Carolyn - 309 Easton, Carol- 257 Ebbers, Dick- 114, 272 Ebel, Pat - 207, 258 Eckelberry, Jim - 299 Edmondson, Richard - 244 Edmonson, Steve - 295 Edwards, Bill- 293, 347 Edwards, Jim - 278 Edwards, Marshall- 188, 189 Egbers, Paul- 99 Eger, Ken - 275 Eggena, Peter - 114 Ehrensberger, Michael- 273 Ehrhart, Jack - 148 Ehrmin, John - 275 Eichorn, Tom - 283 Eichorst, Gary - 296 Eidus, Bob - 244, 290 Eimeracher, John - 282 Eisenstat, Michael - 114 Eisert, Edward - 229 ' Eister, Ward - 181 Eken, James - 313 Elam, Bond - 272 Elam, Jerry - 288 Elasser, Larry - 337 Elbert, Jane - 236 Elder, Joan - 232 Elder, Judy - 232 Elder, Ken- 161, 165, 196, 288 Elder, Pat - 169 Elpenbein, Jill- 261 Eller, Ponello - 277 Elliott, Carl- 293 Elliott, Karen - 190 Elliott, Pat- 124, 165, 201, 209, 256 Ellis, Barbara - 229 Ellison, Marilyn - 130 Ellison, Nicholas - 114 Ellison, Pete - 293 Ellsworth, Charles - 107 Elmore, Don - 294 Elmore, Rod- 177, 203, 225 , 288 Elo, Torn - 220, 285 Elsenor, Gus - 283 Eltzroth, William - 81 Emerson, Tom - 276 Emig, Janice - 254 Engel, Judith - 130, 207 Engel, Lester - 181 Engel, Peter - 99 England, Karen - 202 Engelhart, Ruth - 124, 253 Engle, Clyde - 267 English, Clyde - 249 Enock, Tom - 267 Ensminger, Carol- 269 Epley, Tom - 172, 278 Epstein, Mark - 148 Erath, Charles - 299 Ernst, Judy - 251, 253 Erhardt, Christian - 143 Ersterling, Hanns - 151 Ertel, Judy - 253 Ervin, Ed- 114, 245 Eshenaur, Jan - 260, 309 Essex, Dana - 260, 307 Etzel, William - 247 Evans, Arnold - 239 Evans, Burton - 148 Evans, Donovan - 99, 172, 173, 184 Evans, Gerald - 81 Evans, John - 134, 177, 188, 272, Evans Vicki- 114 Evans ' William -178 Evers,, Mike - 99, 184, 285 Ewing, David - 284 Fabbr 0, Irvin - 282 Farkas, Joe - 295 Faeth, Mary - 239 Fairchild, Don - 313 Falls, James - 81 Faneuil, Spanky - 81, 180, 275 Fanger, John - 99, 173, 185 Fansler, Sonya - 231 Faragher, Kathy - 219, 220 Farley, Douglas - 81 Farquard, Earl - 295 Farquard, Sherman - 288 Farr, Ben - 288 Farr, Robert- 277 Farr, William - 114 Farrell, John - 81 Farrell, Thomas - 124, 194, 324 Farren, Marcia - 246 Faul, Bill- 124, 194 Faul, Jerry- 194 Fay, Charles - 99, 181 Fearn, Gary - 293 Federbush, Barb - 131 Federle, John - 81 Fee, Robert- 243, 288 Fehr, Terry - 175, 270 F ahrlender, Ted - 247 Fein, James - 247 Feldkamp, Stevie - 253 Fellabaum, Kris - 260 Feller, Joy - 259 Feller, Harriet- 124, 225, 259 Fels, Sandra - 179 Fels, Susann - 179 Felson, Nancy - 261 Feltz, Bob - 164, 295 Fenstermacher, Dick - 285 Ferguson, Ed - 293 Ferguson, Kay- 165, 225, 260 Ferrante, JoAnn - 255 Ferree, Tom - 272 Fettner, Saul- 114, 290 Fey, Jarry - 220, 222 Fickenscher, J oani - 165 , 176, 225, 310 r Fichman, Nancy - 114, 202, 261 Field, Bradley - 270 Filter, Paul- 244 Findley, Dave - 114, 236 Finkelmeier, Louis - 285 Finn, Ron - 291 Fischbach, Robert- 244 Fischer, Bob - 277 Fischer, David - 312 Fischer, Earl - 81, 278 Fischer, John - 227 Fischer, Sharon - 114 Fisgus, Allen - 164, 165, 198 Fish, Dave - 282 Fisher, Barbara - 91, 175, 191 Fischer, Bill - 281 Fisher, David - 313 STUDENT INDEX Fisher, Elliot- 290 Fisher, Tom- 177, 288 Fischer, Wayne - 281 Fisgus, Al- 294 Fissenden, Jane - 114 Fitzgerald, Arlene - 207 Fitzgerald, Dan - 282 Fitzgerald, William - 143 Fitzpatrick, Penny - 260 Flanders, David - 227 Fleming, Paul- 124, 350 Fletcher, Sara - 239 Flinchpaug, Otis - 124 Florida, Robert - 99 Flory, Don - 91, 246, 288 Flory, Kirk - 288 Foertsch, Paulette - 205 Foglesong, Marilyn - 131, 171, 246 Foley, Burnham - 273 Folkerth, Alice - 252 Foote, Bob - 272 Foote, Paul- 281 Forbes, Mike - 270 Ford, Steve - 299 Ford, Wayne - 183, 267 Forrester, Bruce - 81, 170 Forsberg, Bruce - 99, 288 Forstein, Robin - 114 Forsythe, Don - 268 Foster, Carla - 227 Foster, Virginia - 124, 156, 171, 217, 253 Foucalt, Kay - 246 Fountain, Steve - 177, 285 Founts, Virginia - 169 Fox, Carol - 13 6 Fox, Kitty - 227 Fox, Leo - 81,286 Fox, Stuart- 114, 195, 229, 231, 238 Frakes, Jack - 99 Francisco, Sharon - 114 Francy, Pat- 239 Frank, Naomie - 227 Franklin, Daniel- 114 Franks, Ken - 277 Frankel, Marjorie - 261 Franzone, Hank - 296 Frederick, John - 91 Freedman, Irene - 261, 307 Freeman, Bill- 271 Freeman, Edward - 180 Freeman, Louis - 164, 169, 179, 290 Freeman, William - 191, 204 French, Judy - 167, 196, 207, 258, 310 Frey, John - 195 Frey, Ken - 247 Freyer, Carol - 204 Fricke, Fred - 114 Frisa, Linda - 114 Frost, Hugh - 81, 180 Frosst, Sandy - 263 Fry, Ann- 114, 200, 250, 260, 168 Fry, Ann - 25 8 Fry, Charles - 313 Fry, Roger - 114, 278 Fry, Steve - 288 Fudge, Tom- 229 Fuell, Ann - 235, 237 Fuentes, Carmela - 255 Fulk, Deny - 177, 288 Fuller, Jim - 325 Fulton, Mike - 293 Furey, Gray - 300, 227 Gabel, Don - 278 Gabrick, Gary - 283 Gackouheimer, David - 189 Gaines, Bob - 165, 177, 196, 243, 288 Galbraith, Jay - 99 Galinsky, Norm - 290 Gall, Bill- 272 Gall, Linda - 229 Gallager, Mike - 283 Gallagher, Judy - 195 252 Goes, Dale - 278 Heile, Bill- 185 TUDENT INDEX Gallagher, Ruth - 176 Galvin. Don -114 Galvin. Donna - 256 Gamble, Rober - 270 Gamble, Sally- 259 Gan, Robert- 114 Gander. Gregory - 181 Gandee, Gregory - 99 Gandee, Nancye - 131 Gant, Jim -183 Gant, Liz - 227 Gard, Judy- 176 Gander, Gregory - 99 Gardner, Mary - 114, 260 Garrison, Jan - 99, 187, 275 Garteiz, Daniel- 273 Garverich, Dick - 271 Gaskill, Albert - 183 Gatto, Luciano - 99 Gausmann, Janet - 260 Gaylor, Jim - 175 Galan, Nancy -308 Gearing, Ann - 131 Geckle, Thomas - 99 Gegner, Barn - 259, 307 Gehring, Kathy - 256 Gehringer, Kathleen - 1 15 Geiger, Patti - 348 Geiger, Ruth - 255 Geimuslea, Richard - 247 Geis, Don - 299 Gendelman, Barry - 229 Gense, Clark - 81 Gentile, Jim -81 Genung, Pat- 193, 252 Geoppinger, James - 134, 188, 189 George, Anthony - 81 George, Donna- 227 George, Frank - 99, 187, 229, 231 George, Hank - 267 Gerard, James - 277 Gerard, Robert - 148 Gerguson, Anne - 258 Gerros, Bill- 229 Gersh, Robert- 290 Gerster, Larry - 151 Gerstner, Janice - 124 Gervers, Bob - 225, 275 Gessaman, Don - 277 Geyer, Jim - 283 Geyer, Marge - 261 Ghering, Jim - 299 Gibbons, 'Mary - 239 Gibbs, Jack - 209 Gibson, Roy - 294 Gibson, Steve - 275 Gidman, Justin - 277 Gieseling, Jean - 260 Gigley, Paul- 229, 296 Gilby, Steve-99, 173, 182 Gillen, John - 148 Gilmore, John - 183 Gimpel, Jack - 282 Ginsberg, Barry - 91 Gitzinger, Judy - 25 5 Glass, Ken - 278 Glass, Ronald - 115 Glass, Terry - 296 Glassman, Linda - 176, 192, 205, 261 Glatting, Jack - 175, 283 Glazer, Brenda - 115 Glazer, Elaine - 115, 227 Glazer, James - 81, 178 Glensman, Jack - 194 Glick, Dave - 286 Goddard, Bill- 99, 300, 173, 174, 185 Goddard, Mitchell- 253 Goertemiller, Kathy - 221, Goesling, Gayle - 229, 256 Goetz, Cynthia - 192 Goetz, Janet - 227 Gohs, Mary - 248 Gold, Jeff - 290 Gold Linda - 261 Goldberg, Abby - 261 Goldbert, Gary - 290 Goldberg, Martin - 115 Goldberger, Faye - 261, 307 Goldberger, Ruth - 115 160, 238, 250,251,261 Goldick, Charles - 99 Golding, Marcia - 115, 261 Goldman, Allan - 290 Goldman, Ed - 247 Goldman, Mark - 115 Goldman, Norman - 168 Goldner, Phil - 324 Goldstein, Sheldon - 115 Good, Jacqueline - 310 Good, Rosalyn - 261 Goodling, James - 175, 275 Goodling, Pat - 254, 309 Goodman, Barry - 290 Goodman, Robert- 234, 238 Goodman, Ronald - 143 Goodrich, Edson - 99, 173, 187 Goodridge, Lawrence - 169 Gordon, Maryjane - 252 Gordon, Randy - 285 Gorman, Ron - 312, 313 Gornall, Jacqueline - 263 Gostin, Arlene - 261 Gotter, Barb - 227, 246 Goyert, Sue - 23 2, 262 Grad, John - 81, 324 Grad, Ruth - 261 Graden, Henry - 115, 219 Graf, James - 99 Grafton, John - 165, 196, 225, 264, 276 Gragoo, Diana - 257 Graller, Sue - 261 Gramann, Bob - 282 Grammel, Ronald - 244, 245, 27 5 Granchi, Ron - 265,282 Grant, Andy - 285 Grace, Suzanne - 91 Graves, Ken - 229 Grawe, Bill- 351 Gray, Gary - 241, 247 Gray, Judy - 246, 263 Gray, Sue - 25 8 Grebb, John - 244, 281 Greeman, William - 190 Green, Gary - 240 Green, Jay - 284, 285 Green, Maggie - 124, 255 Green, Mike - 227, 236, 299 Green, Nancy - 124 Green, William - 100 Greenberg, Harry - 247 Greenberger, Mark - 115, 224 Greenert, Stacey - 115, 195,234,236 Greenfield, Joanne - 193 Greenisen, Philip - 299 Greer, John - 115, 234, 236,281 Gregerson, Bruce - 235, 313 Gregerson, Carol- 204, 23 5, 307 Gregg, Ed - 277 Gregory, Donald - 151 Grider, Larry - 287 Grier, John - 297 Griess, Jim - 293 Griffith, Don - 278 Grifhn, Harrell- 124 Griflith, Nancy - 263 Grigas, Chuck - 325 Grilliot, Richard - 81 Grimes, Nancy - 259, 308 Grimm, Fred - 275 Grimshaw, Gary - 91, 271 Grist, Gary - 300 Groban, Steve - 290 Groen, Marlana - 169, 25 8 Grogan, Bea- 262 Grogg, Cindy - 227 Groman, Barry - 277 Groneman, Carol- 262 Grooms, Roger - 325 Gross, Jane - 254 Grosse, Carol- 124, 255 Grossheim, Gary - 268 Grote, Ray - 247 Grew, John- 115, 278, 313 Grubb, Liz - 115, 250, 260 Gruber, Jo - 252 Gruber, Pam - 262 Gruen, Nina - 168 Gudgeon, Carole - 124 Guernsey, Richard - 91, 19 1 Guile, Roger - 187 Guinnuth, Lee - 124 Gulden, Jerry - 295 Gumenick, Shirley - 23 8, 246 Gunderson, Edward - 148 Gup, Joanne - 115 Gutin, Raymond - 148 Gutting, Judy - 91 Guyett, Mary - 254 Gwin, David - 100, 184 Gwinnutt, Lee - 210, 123 Haag, Judith - 136 Haas, Mel- 81, 294 Habbager, Jim - 283 Habegger, Fred - 282 Habbagger, Tom - 283 Haberman, Bill- 100, 184, 245 Hackman, Elizabeth - 176, 193, 263 Hackman, John - 294 Haffner, Diane - 229 Haft, Charles - 115, 167 Hagan, Bill- 188, 189 Hageman, Bill- 247, 299 Hagner, Charles - 243, 245, 288 Hagner, Phil- 81, 288 Hague, Joann - 306, 307 Hahn, Judy - 229 Hahn, J. - 313 Haidin, Pam - 260 Haines, Jackie - 262 Haines, Mike - 237 Hake, Larry - 281 Hakes, Pamela - 25 5 Haley, Richard - 178 Hall, Bob - 245 Hall, Carol- 260 Hall, Edwin - 134 Hall, Lee - 293 Hall, Richard - 281 Hall, Sandy - 248 Hall, William - 277 Hallberg, Rick - 278 Hallett, Art- 81, 273 Haman, Bill- 293 Hambel, John - 136 Hamburg, Patricia - 115 Hamer, John - 293 Hamilton, Michael- 100, 184, 313 Hamlin, Pete - 278 Hamman, Cynthia - 255 Hammeltath, Gale - 263 Hammond, Carl- 200 Hammond, Lynn - 260 Hampel, Bob - 278 Hancock, Gary - 300 Hampton, Chris - 300 Hampton, Chris - 249 Handel, Paul- 244 Haneberg, Ron - 224 Hanks, William - 81, 282 Hanson, Carl- 167, 176, 225, 258 Hanson, Larry - 275 Harcourt, Dennis - 239 Hard, 'Mike - 295 Harding, Edna - 124 Hardy, Ann- 115, 252 Hardy, Steve - 275 Hare, Jean - 259 Harkai, Dennis - 275 Harlacker, Joe - 288 Harless, Ted - 324 Harley, Gerald - 175 Harman, Helen - 253 Harmann, Allen - 81, 225, 295 Harps, French - 313 Harp, Larry - 293, 324 Harper, Anne - 309 Harper, Lyda- 137, 308 Harper, Steve - 220, 265, 285 Harrington, Dennis - 188, 189 Harris, David - 100 Harris, John - 299 Harris, Sandy - 272 Harrison, Adele - 261 Harrison, Bill- 285 Harrison, Jeff - 291 Harsham, Karen - 263 Harsham, Tina - 225 , 255 Hart, Sharon - 252 Hart, Tom - 268 Hartenian, Melanie - 232 Hartig, Donna - 203, 260 Hartman, Fred - 245 Hartman, William - 137 Hartmann, Bob - 100, 153, 163, 165, 166, 278,279 Hartmann, Dave - 135, 27 8 Hartong, Hank - 168, 324 Hasford, Charles - 270 Hastie, Betsy - 25 5 Hasz, John - 100, 172, 184 Hasz, Kristen - 227 Hathaway, James - 100, 1 83 Hathorn, Judy - 193, 205, 25 9 Hauck, Marilyn - 190 Haughaboo, David - 181 Haughaboo, George - 100 Hauss, Edward - 82 Hauss, Ned - 288 Hauver, Richard - 100 Haven, Michael- 82 Hawkins, Bill- 297 Hawthrone, David - 180 Hayes, 1 65 Hayes 164 196 Hayes 210 Hayes 9 Jacquie - 91, 155, 175 Jim- 100, 155, 163 165,166,177,183, Michael - 177, 297 Hayes, , Susy -115, 154, 212,213,21s,220 Tom- 288 Haynes, Woodrow - 281 Hayslip, Kathy - 169, 176, 246, 259 Healy, J anace - 91 Hearn, Tom - 82, 288 Heath, Ronald - 244, 300 Heaver, William A. - 91, 299 Heberling, Tom - 100 Hecker, Betsy - 262 Hecker, Joyce - 124 Hecker, Nancy - 262 Hedberg, Bob - 267 Hedger, William - 82 Heffner, Judy - 25 6 Hegman, Barb - 25 6 Heidelman, Dan - 294 Heidemann, Donald - 151 Heidotting, Dale - 337 Heil, Lynn- 165, 260 Heil, Marilyn - 124 Heil, Sue - 165, 219, 220, 260 Heilburn, Dick - 244, 287 Heimann, Bob - 288 Hein, Dick - 283 Heinfeld, Stan - 297 Heinlen, Jan - 255, 307 Heinrich, Gary - 347 1 GET THE BEST GET dgiaffealf Ice Cream and Dairy Products! SHIPHYS 'ple "The Bearcat Lairn 214 W. Mcmiuan PA- 1-9660 MEADOR MOTOR CAR CO LENHARDT,S RESTAURANTS HENRY E. MEADOR Specialties - European Home Cooked Foods - Drinks 3305 CLIFTON AVENUE i UNiversity 1-5445 7715 Reading Road 201 West McMillan Poplar 1-2116 GAr6e1d 1-9331 Complete Automati-ve Service TUDENT INDEX Hcis, Jan - 260 Heisel, .lane - 252 1-leisel,Nancy - 169, 203, 252 Heisel, Peggy- 115, 156, 160, 201, 242, 252 Heisler, Rosylynn- 192, 202. 300 Heir, Mart- 301 Heithaus. Charles - 285 Heitkamp, Lawrence - 115 Heitz, Polly - 176, 225, 259 Heldman, Bob - 100, 295 Heller, Marvin - 275 Helman, Kenneth - 140 1-lelscher, Jack - 91 Helscher, Larry - 295 Heltsley, Fred - 313 Hemker, Paul W. - 181, 243, 299 Henderson, Joyce - 137, 208 Hendon, Bob - 288 Hendricks, Dick - 272 Hendricks, Gary - 178 Hendricks, Donald - 82 Henke, Russ - 172, 173, 184 Henkel, Barbra - 255 Hennjes, Betty - 124, 258 Hennjes, Susan - 258 Henson, Daryll - 227 Henthorn, John - 100 Hepler, James - 148 Hepp, Penny - 124, 229, 258 Herbers, Donald - 91 Herbert, Ellen- 176, 261 Herbert, Paul- 124 Herbert, Rosemary - 124 Herbold, Bob - 278 Herbort, Rosemary - 253 Herd, Ron - 267 Heffel, Gary - 164 Hermann, Robert- 82 Herrick, Susie - 256 Herring, Leonard - 249 Herrington, Kathy - 262 Herrlinger, Harry - 82 Herschede, Frank - 180, 293 Herser, Dick - 287 Hershey, David - 300 Herzig, Geoffry - 290 Hess, Barry- 124, 163, 324 Hess, Jane - 229, 232, 260 Hess, John - 233 Hessdoerfer, David - 247 Hessel, Bob - 91, 246 Hettinger, Mike - 296 Heyman, Bruce - 210, 290 Hickman, Robert- 135, 188, 189, 207 Hicks, Bill- 276 Hicks, John - 281 Higgins, Phil- 324 Higi, Raymond - 115 Hild, Guy - 143 Hill, Barbara- 131, 229 Hill, gharles - 100, 174, 18 Hill, Ernestine - 251, 263 Hill, Joanna - 52, 115, 195, 222 Hill, Karen - 227, Hill, Lauren - 183 Hill, Mimi- 55, 232, 260 Hill, Ray - 229 Hill, Rex- 164, 199 Hill, William - 273 Hillman, Jaralee - 193 Hilsinger, Judy - 206, 260, 309 Hilton, Brent - 268 Hines, Howard - 227, 235 Hinklin, Alan - 91 Hinsch, Ellen - 246, 251, 252 Hinshaw, Louis - 151 I-Iinson, Darryll - 115 Hiott, VValt- 100, 184, 277 Hirby, Stephen - 301 Hisrich, Lloyd - 115 Hissong, Doug - 288 Hitchens, Ted - 227 Hite, Nancy - 124 Hoblitzell, Dick - 243, 278 Hoch, Claire- 115, 168 Hoch, Judith- 124 Hock, Judy - 192, 202, 306 307 Hock, Philip - 195, 247 Hodapp, Dick -- 227, 285 Hoeb, Bill- 285 Hoffeld, Carol- 124, 260 Hoffilgeimer, Lawrence - 1 Hoffman, Jake - 296 Hoffman Jim - 288 Hoffman, Mike - 290 Hoffman, Richard - 282 Hoffmeister, Glenn - 296 Hofmann, Jerry - 275 Hogan, Gayle - 248 Hogue, Paul- 337 Holcomb, John - 143 Holcomb, Richard - 143 Holdeman, Robert - 288 Holder, Jim - 275 Hollaender, Carol- 192 Holland, Donna - 258, 281 Hollingsworth, Sam - 288 Hollohan, Robert- 115 Holmes, Rich - 275 Holscher, Marleen - 262 Holshoy, Jan - 175, 307 Holt, Dick - 278 Holt, Kay - 171, 240 Holt, Robert - 268 Holtel, Jerome -135, 188 Holtke, Gerald - 82 Homan, Nancy - 253 J Hone, Gordon - 240, 313 Honious, Gerald - 268 Honnert, Kathy - 51, 260 Hoobler, Kay - 263 Hoog, Judy - 262 Hoover, Dale - 229 Hopking, Donald - 82 Horak, Patricia - 263 Horan, Phil - 235 Horan, Sylvia - 235 Hornby, Peter - 115 Hosey, Ann - 115 Hosey, Ann - 124 Hoshaw, Ann - 260 Hosler, Doug - 240 Hothem, Larry - 229 Hottle, Donna - 308 Hough, Nancy - 227 Hound, Charles - 167 Hound, Huckleberry - 167 Catering at its best HOWARD'S CATERING o Packaged Lunches Complete catering fwhere you want it 3208 Jefferson Avenue PL 1-2419 . g , ' J X 1' . e ' 7""J 'T 'Q X I X rf' 13 ' K as House, Gary-240 . Houseman, Carol- 220, E E 309 Housef, Donald - 277 ur uNf"'NA' is the college student's best friend Houston, Rod - 272 Howard, Fred - 229 Howard, James - 206, 235, , 299 It Howe, Emmerlin - 257 Howe, Nancy - 193 Howell, Bob - 324 Howell, Monty - 276 Hoxworth, Lee - 252 Hub, Bill- 267 Hub, Ron - 267 Huber, Don - 296 Huber, James - 124 Hubiak, Dick - 100, 312, 313 Huck, Susan - 252 Huck, Tom - 267 Hudepohl, Russ - 282 Huesman, Alvin - 148 Huffman, Dick - 283 Huffman, Polly - 131 Huffman, Steve - 275 Hughes, Doug - 100 . . . it's the low cost Way to pay personal bills 0 Personalized with your name 0 No minimum balance required 0 Provides record of payments 0 Deposits can be made by mail 0 Eliminates danger of theft or loss THE NATIUNAL BANK member federal deposit insurance corp. and federal reserve system s the easy way to keep a separate college account. Diamonds - Precious Stones Semi-Precious Stones Manufacturers Wholesale - Retail CHARLES L. URMETZ 505 Neave Building, 4th and Race Streets CINCINNATI Z, OHIO URMETZ JEWELRY 81 GIFTS Svvifton Center WATCHES: Longine Elgin Complete Repair Service Le Coultre Hamilton Designers Wittnauer Qmega Originals and Reproductions j'7,X li' I l l I CONVEYORS 'H-'Id Q REALTOR gi I for . . . use competent professional men and Women dedicated to rendering service in the real estate industry. every . . . are more than "real estate salesmenfi' Not every real estate broker is a Realtor-only those of high ethical and business standards are accepted for membership in the Industry Cincinnati Real Estate Board and the National Associa- tion of Real Estate Boards. . . . have pledged themselves to a strict code of ethics, governing their relations to their fellow Realtors, to their clients and to the general public. . . . keep abreast of the latest developments in their chosen field and are able to render expert opinions to their customers. . . . are in business to serve you. REMEMBER, when buying or selling real estate, it's Wise to consult a Realtor. THE CINCINNATI REAL ESTATE BOARD "An Association of Realtors" 612 Mercantile Librarv Building Q - 1 fi , f s I2 , if iii' iw- ,X lgijlli 1 The E. W. Buschman Co. Clifton 65 Spring Grove Aves. CINCINNATI 32, O. TUDENI INDEX Hughes, James -135, 156. 16-1, 177,188,189, 207, 288 Hughes, Jerry - 91 Hughes. Robert- 91 Huie, Bob - 285 Hulbert, Carol - 175 Hulbert, John - 278 Hulick. John - 296 Hull, Jan-148 Hummel, David -116, 293 Hummel, Harriet- 258 Humphrey, Claire -229, 257 Humphries, Norman - 180, 313 Hunsaker, George - 240 Hunt, Marshall- 267 Hunt, Raymond - 151 Hunter, Carroll- 299 Hunter, Dave - 82 Hunter, Fred - 295 Hunter, Mary - 240 Hunter, Paul, - 275 Huppertz, Nancy - 229 Hurdle, George - 151 Hurst, Betsy - 216, 217 Hurst, Larry - 100, 296 Huselton, Fred - 267 Huser, Ann - 252 Huston, Judy- 190 Hutchinson, Peggy - 124 Hyatt, Bill- 291 Hyde, Jim - 100 Hyer, Larry - 100, 185 Hyland, Steve - 267 Hymon, Arthur - 82 Hynes, Mike - 293 Hynoski, Fred - 324 Ickes, Nancy - 255 Iliff, Susan - 232 Illbrook, Marcia -263 Imes, Dan -249 Imhoff, Bob -295 Imhoff, Susan -169, 252, 357 Ingle, Dianne -130 Inks, Diana - 238 Inman, James - 124 Ireland, Jim -227 Irick, Howard -100, 185 Irish, Penny - 240, 306, 307, 357 Irvin, Ronald - 177, 135, 188, 189 Isaac, Stan- 164, 165, 177, 285 Isaly, Douglas - 297 Isfort, Ron - 283 Isphording, Rick - 288 Istock, Paul- 246, 247 Iten, Julie - 124, 258 Itkoff, Dave - 164, 177, 210, 290 Ito, Junko - 307 Iven, Martha - 252 Ivers, Risa - 255 Ivey, Barbara - 259 Izenson, Faye - 261 Izenson, Laura - 116 Jackett, Gay - 258, 306, 307 Jackson, Charles - 249 Jackson, Gary - 236 Jackson, Jason - 275 Jackson, Ladonna- 192 Jackson, Shirley - 131 Jacob, Don - 225, 285 Jacob, Jay- 183 Jacob, Bill- 82, 180, 313 Jacobs, Edmund - 148 Jacobs, John -185 Jacobs, Ralph - 100, 184 296 Jacobs, William - 180, 312 Jacobson, Paul- 281 Jaeger, Joanne - 259 Jaeger, Ralph - 116 Jaisle, Allen - 184 Jaques, Clark - 267 Jansel, John - 100 Jansen, Jackie - 220, 221, 235 Jansen, Joe -188, 189 Jansen, John- 185, 313 Jellison, Bonnie - 258 Jeffress. Mike - 273 Jenike, Tom - 288 Jenkins, Gale - 258 Jennings, Nancy - 227, 240 Jennings, Ron -278 Jensen, John - 277 Jentzen, Carolyn - 252 Jimerson, Cheri - 253 Johani, Thomas - 186 Katz, Ronnie - 290 Kautz, Lawrence - 148 Kay, Ken - 278 Kearsley, Bruce - 272 Keczmerski, John J. - 91 Keelin g, William - 100, 173, 184, 285 172, Keffer, Carl- 243, 288 Kehan, Doris - 125 Kehoe, Bill- 247 Keiser, Kaye- 175, 225, 263 Keiser, Mike - 273 Keller, Barb - 260 Keller, Ken - 225, 288 Johannigman, James - 100 Johnson, James - 301 Johnson, Janet- 91 Johnson, Jannette - 236 Johnson, Joseph - 100 Johnson, Judy - 240 Johnson, Len - 337 Johnson, Margo- 165, 169, 203 Johnson, 238, 242, 307 Johnson, Sharon- 194, 227 Johnson, Terry - 294 J ohnsonbaugh, Roger - 148 Johnston, Bill- 276 Johnston, Mary - 131 Jonas, Bradley - 270 Jones, Beverly - 263 Jones, Bob - 91,278 Jones, Don - 278 Jones, Frank - 288 Jones, Jerry - 288 Jones, Jim - 294, 315 Jones, Judy - 255 Jones, Larry - 297 Jones, Lynn- 116, 156, Nancy - 124, 193, Kelley, Bill- 276 Kelley, Bruce - 275 Kelley, Dallas - 229 Kellner, Harold - 229 Kelly, Roslyn - 116, 168 Kelso, George - 91 Kemen, Donald - 239 Kemner, Mike - 239 Kennedy, Barbara - 309 Kennedy, Jim - 273 Kennedy, Larry - 278 Kennedy, Patricia - 116 Kennedy Ray - 246 Kennett, ,Joyce - 131 Kenney,Tom - 288 Kern, Cr is - 263 Kern, Ellen - 229, 232 Kerr, Howard - 91 Kersey, Chuck - 281 Kersh, Joann - 148 Kesling, Dennis - 313 Kesselhaut, Alan - 91 Kessler, Bill- 91, 272 Kessler, Mike - 286 Ketcham, Jan - 252 161, 213,222,168 Jones, Paul- 285 Jones, Waldo - 148 Jordan, Allen - 82, 179 Jordan, Mary - 255, 309 Jorden, Bill- 285 Joseph, Tom - 337 J ostworth, Kenneth - 239 Joyce, Reid - 312 Juhlman, John - 82 J onesku, Matthew - 116 Jurevic, Edward - 223, 299 Justen, Joseph - 137 Kabakoff, Herman - 239 Kabakoff, Toby - 116, 168 Kah, David - 237 Kahle, Roger - 293 Kahn, Joan - 50, 261 Kahn, Sanford- 82, 179 Kahsar, Skippy - 55, 252 Kaiser, Dona - 262 Kalaman, John - 295 Kallmeyer, Larry - 82 Kallmeyer, Tony - 253 Kaminsky, Gary - 116 Kamp, Carolee - 25 8 Kamp, Cathy - 260 Kamp, Robert - 176 Kamp, Sherry - 25 8 Kanalz, Mary - 131 Kanter, Julian - 148 Kantor, Tom - 282 Kaplan, Jill- 261 Kaplan, Morton - 1 16 Kaplan, Stu - 287 Kappes, Joe - 299 Kapphahn, Diane - 227 Karem, Dave - 204 Karen, Rhoda - 308 Karpovich, Raymond - 237, 313 Karter, Madeleine - 309 Kartye, Eva Jane - 116, 193, 263 Kasselman, Suzi- 263 Kattman, Jake - 175, 190, 293 Kattus, Mike - 116, 324 Kattus, Nancy - 53 Katz, James - 290 Katz, Joyce - 261 Keuper, William - 135 Keys, Irene - 116, 259 Kidwell, Eleanor - 240 Kidwell, Emily - 224, 234, 240 Kidwell, Yaulette - 240 Kiefer, Kathy - 241, 263 Kieler, Richard - 148 Kim, Bill- 180 Kimble, Emmit - 283 Kimbler, Larry - 285 Kime, Karen - 260 Kimery, Janet- 120, 125, 227 Kimmel, James, O. - 240 Kindsvatter, Fritz - 294 Kindsvatter, Warren - 234, 236 Kin, John -116 King, Nosmo - 313 King, Ronald - 100, 185 King, Steve - 288 Kinney, Judi- 254 Kipp, Betsy - 227 Kirby, Ann - 125 Kirby, Carolyn - 246, 263 Kirby, Grant - 116 Kirby, Ward - 100, 183, 236 Kircher, Sue - 131 Kirchmayer, Dick - 313 Kirkpatrick, Sandra - 251, 254 Kirsch, Ken - 82 Kirschbaum, Howard - 82 Kirschmeyer, Mike - 283 Kisker, Thomas - 148 Kissel, Larry- 196, 212, 278 Kitaeaff, Richard - 325 Klappert, John - 116 Klappert, Judy - 193, 227, 254 Klausmeyer, James - 100 Klayer, Bill- 353 Klee, Steve - 313, 180 Klegrgaann, Judith - 116, Kleine, Nancy - 255 Klene, Dick - 213, 219, 220, 237 Klinck, Joseph - 288 Kline, John - 116 Klocke, Margie - 116 Kloenne, John - 299 Klopp, Gena - 309 Klosterman, Al - 283 Klosterman, Donna - 263 Kluener, Carol - 262 Klumb, Jenny - 252 Knapp, Bill- 229, 295 Knarr, Ken - 271 Kneisly, Douglas - 143 Knollman, Phyllis - 137 Knosp, Pam - 252 Knowles, Bruce - 293 Knox, Arnold - 125 Knox, Jim - 278 Koch, Barb - 82, 188, 255, 257 Koch, Carl- 296 Koch, George - 91 A Koch, Leorle - 191 Koch, Barbara- 188, 203 Koch, Nancy - 256 Kockritz, Andrea - 260 Koenig, Myron - 116 Koeppe, Barbara - 257 Koeppel, Charles - 116 Koepper, Mike - 281 Koflier, Herbert - 116 Kohl, Lynn- 169, 176, 259 Kohlbrand, Kennedy - 245 Kohnen, David - 143 Kohsin, Carol- 167, 176, 225, 242, 254 Koizumi, Gail- 116 Kolb, Donn- 101, 173, 174 183 Kolk, Michael - 286 Kolleck, Regine - 25 8 Kolodny, Victor - 143 Kolozs, Peter - 116 Konicky, Mike - 337 Koors, Carolyn - 25 8 Kopich, Bob - 288, 324 Kopich, Frank - 324 Koppenhaver, Karen - 137, 229, 232, 253 Korb, Steve - 290 Korenthal, Elliot- 287 Korn, Susan - 176, 192, 202, 204, 252 Kory, Dave - 82, 299 Kos, Frank - 265, 281, 313 Kosar, John - 91 Kralovich, George - 278 Kraman, Ken - 290 Kramer, Bill- 172, 275 Kramer, John - 313 Kramer, Marcia - 260 Kramer, Robert - 82 Krapp, Lee - 275 Kraus, Vernon - 116 Kraus, Mickey - 309 Kraybus, Gerry - 288 Kreger, Jim - 277 Krehnbrink, Sally - 262 Kreider, Joan - 194, 227, 240 Kreidler, Robert - 143 Kreimer, John - 135 Kreinbrink, Ron - 282 Kreindler, Alfred - 148 Kreindler, Mike - 286 Krepps, Robert - 91 Kress, Jerold - 247 Kressler, Al - 229, 238 Kreyling, Bernard - 188, 189 Krick, Ron - 337 Krieg, David - 278 Krieg, Jere - 273 Krieg, John - 196, 209, 264 278 Krisher, Ralph - 101 Krodel, Ken - 296 Krodel, Ron - 296 Krogh, Judy - 260 Kroh, Gordon - 268 Kroin, 'David - 286 Kroin, Matthew - 91 71 Krombach, Peg - 188, 256 Kroovand, Larry - 295 Krueger, Charles - 101 Krueger, Howard - 177, 225, 275 Krueger, Ley - 275 Krueger, Tony - 281 Kruger, Bob - 351 Kruse, Judy - 125, 263 Kruse, Shirley- 125, 255 Kulgglski, Patricia - 306, 3 Kuchner, Ann - 116, 160, 242 Kuga, Maris - 295 Kugelmas, Neil- 286 Kuhlman, John - 229, 268 Kuhn, Carolyn - 92, 256 Kuhn, Dave - 265 Kuhn, David - 299 Kundrat, Michael- 195 Kuntz, John - 247 Kunz, Walter - 101, 172, Kunz, Walter - 101, 172, 173, 184 Kuwatch, Carolyn - 160, 175, 263 Kurman, Sally - 131 Kuwatch, Sylvia - 263 Kueider, Joan - 254 Kyle, Jerry - 179, 267 Lace, Gary - 265, 268 Lacritx, Irwin - 290 Ladd, Kathy - 225 Lafortune, Lura - 125 Lakin, Tom - 229 Lalosh, Linda - 236, 254 Lamarre, Bob - 272 Lamber, Ken - 179 Lammeat, Thomas - 82 Lammert, Tom - 179, 180 Lampe, Jerry - 185 Lance, Carol- 116, 255 Lee, Judy - 229, 253 Lee, Kelly - 301 Leech, Elizabeth - 92 Leech, Philip - 92 Leff, Arnold - 238, 290 Leffel, Pam - 309 Lehman, George - 82 Leggan. Jeanie - 204, 251, Lehman, John - 288 Lehnhoff, Gail - 258 Leighty, Cliff - 229, 231, 313 Leimenstoll, Regina- 121, 125, 165, 171, 192, 201, 204, 225 Leister, Alice - 236 Leiter, Linda - 254 Leiter, Larry - 101 Lennert, Earl- 313 Lensch, Gary- 101 Leo, Frank - 92,312,313 Leonard, Frederic - 290 Leonard, Tim - 181 Leone, Dave - 288 Lesh3Suzanne - 160, 165, 17 Lester, Jim - 229, 299 Lestyk, John - 183 Leu, Aviva - 261 - Lever, Barb - 194, 256 Levering, Dave - 294 Levering, Rex - 82, 295 Levi, Freya - 261 Levine, Jerome - 290 Levine, Joseph - 148 Levite, Bernie - 287 Levy, Norm - 238, 250, 272 Lewin, Lewis, Lewis, Deloris - 131 Beverly - 1 17 Gene - 165 Lathrop Lance, Judy- 188, 255 Landmann, Beth - 169, 259 Landsiedel, David - 271 Landt, Stephany - 175, 190, 191 Landthaler, Eugeniz - 263 Lane, R odney - 177 Lang, Janice - 92 Lang, Phyllis - 309 Lang, Roger - 278 Lang, Rudy- 173, 174, 183, 299 Lang, Steve - 290 Lange, David- 116, 288 Langland, William - 82 Langs, Nancy - 261 Langsdale, Bob - 229 Lankin, D-ave - 275 Lant, Yu Hong - 235 Lapirow, Susan - 116, 168 Lappin, Joe - 116, 288 Lappin, Steve - 288 Larkin, Dee - 116, 260 Lasonczyk, Mary - 125 Latham, Geraldine - 193 Lathrop, Carolyn - 25 5 Lathrop, Carolyn - 255 Hope - 235 Lathrop: John - 183, 234, 235 Lanbagh, Randy - 297 Laubenthal, Jean - 313 Laughlin, Roger - 148 Laughridge, David - 191 LaValee, Joseph- 101, 185 Lavelle, Phil- 285 Lawrence, Dick - 101, 187 Lawrence, James - 117 Lawrence, Larry - 276 Lawson, Bob - 288 Leach, Bobbi- 255 Leath, Elenett - 125, 248 Lebenberg, Barbara - 261 Lebenberg, Sue - 261 Lee, Bill- 101, 182, 268 Lee, David- 117, 186, 285, 300 Lee, Eva - 260 Lewis, Jerry - 164, 165, 177, 264, 276 Lewis, Judy - 202, 307 Lewis, Robert - 313 Lewis, Ronald - 249 Lewis, Sandra - 125 Licht, Jeff - 275 Lichtenberg, Ann - 188, 207, 262 Lieberman, Dave - 290 Lieberman, Sidney- 164, 196, 290 Liebmann, Christine - 244 Lifer, Donald - 101, 183 Light, David - 92 Lightfield, Jane - 255 Lightner, Judy - 92, 175 Liles, Ann - 229, 232, 260 Lillich, Patti- 251, 252 Lindenberg, Peggy - 308 Linder, Howard - 240 Lindhorst, Paul - 313 Lindsay, Thomas - 82 Lingo, Charles - 137, 229 Link, Bob - 278 Lipman, Robert- 92 Lippert, Richard - 117, 295 Lipps, Dave - 247 Lipscomb, Linda - 25 5 Lipsky, Bill- 264, 290 Lisner, Donald - 143 Lisner, Richard - 290 Listerman, Paul- 185, 282 Liukkonem, Karen - 260 Livingston, David - 268 Lloyd, Tom - 288 Loase, Ray - 281 Lobaugh, J eff - 277 Lockwood, Dave - 92, 204, 270 1 Loebker, Ron - 125, 194 Loesch, Ray - 294 Lomiski, Marjorie - 224 Long, Anita - 309 Long, Bill- 276 Long, Garnet- 150, 258 Long, Kathy - 227 Longini, Charles - 178 Longley, Richard - 293 Loos, Sharon - 259 Losacker, Joan - 262 Losey, Frank - 246 Lotz, 'Darlene - 137 Lotz, Jerry - 82 Lovey, Julian - 117, 168 Loughry, Donald - 151 Loutzenheiser, Ann- 131, 207 - Love, Art- 229, 297 Lowe, Edward - 101, 174, 185 Lowenthal, Mitzi- 188 Lower, David - 101, 183 Lower, Jack - 161 Lower, William - 272 Lowery, Robert- 143 Lucy, Bill- 194 Ludwig, Georgette - 310 Luenberger, Jerry - 191 Lund, Beverly - 125 Lundgren, Ralph - 1:48 Luppert, David - 82, 271 Lusenhop, Dave - 295 Lustig, Sally - 256 Lutchin, Howard - 137, 238 Lutterbei, Kathe - 117, 195, 263 Lutz, Gregg - 297 Lutz, James - 313 Lutz, Shirley - 255 Lutzenheiser, Ann - 259 Luxenberg, Jerry - 290 Lybik, Joe - 220 Maag, John - 267 Maas, Elmer- 135, 188 Mabley, Patrick - 313 Machzum, Jeanne - 252 Mack, Marcia - 262 ' Macke, Joe - 324 Madden, John - 281 Maddox, Melanie - 253 Maddux, Kathy - 125, 204, 262 Madill, Robert - 275 Madzula, John - 282 Mahan, James - 194, 288, 350 Mahaney, Thomas - 27 6 Mahrt, Linda - 252 Maier, Dick - 229, 231 Maier, Richard - 92 Maine, David - 276 Mairose, Bette - 257 Makara, Ed - 282 Malesta, Jack - 278 Mallard, Lula - 131 Malloy, Carol- 255, 30-9 Malman, Arthur - 203, 290 Maloney, Joe - 276 Maltz, Robert- 148 Mandell, Stanley - 117 Manheimer, Richard - 82 Mankowski, Leo - 92 Mann, Paul - 313 Marchetti, Jim - 347 Marcus, Sue - 263, 307 Margolis, Herb - 291 Margolis, Victor - 168 Marioni, Gina - 176, 252, 357 Marischen, Robert- 82 Marks, Pat- 247 Marks, Paul- 92 Marmet, Ruben- 148 Marni, Andrea - 257 Maroudas, Nick- 188, 189, 237 Marsh, Don - 177, 191 Marsh, Eugenia - 125, 193 Marshall, Bill- 229 Marshall, David - 83, 301 Marshall, Paul- 164, 165, 169, 177, 243, 264, 275 Marshall, William - 83 Marshall, William - 101, 203 Martellotti, Carlo - 288 Martin, Carole - 83, 156 Martin, Clarence - 135 TUDENT I DEX Martin, Dan - 273 Martin, Jerry - 58, 117 Martin, Joseph - 281 Martin, Ronald - 117 Martin, Tim - 282 Martino, Gerri - 253 Martz, Barry - 241, 247 Marx, David - 117, 286 Masxhmeyer, Jan - 176, 252 Mason, Bruce - 293 Massie, Hal- 83, 278 Mast, Daniel- 180 Masten, Jerry - 92, 191 Masters, Waylon - 247 Mather, Carol- 259 Mather, John - 275 Mathes, Charles - 282 Mathews, Jack - 275 Mathews, Jim - 275 Matlock, Don - 353 Matteoli, William - 151 Matthews, James - 246, 24 Matthews, James - 246, 247, 268 Matthis, Robert - 117 Mattox, Wanda - 192 Marz, Mary - 86 Maxwell, Paul- 324 Mayer, Carole - 192, 262 Mayer, Marilyn - 83, 254 Mayer, Sally - 192, 202, 259 Mayfield, Jeanie - 25 8 Mazer, Myron - 148 Mazin, Helaine - 117 Mazzei, Frank - 297 Mazzei, Peter - 151 McAlpine, Richard - 101 McBride, Bob - 275 McCamrnon, Robert - 148 McCampbell, Carol- 25 8 McCann, Mary - 176, 196, 205, 209, 225, 258 McCarthy, Bill- 246 McCarthy, Charles - 148 371 McCarthy, Don - 92 McCarthy, Tim - 293 McCarthy, Bud - 220 McCarty, Don - 285 McCash, Mary - 259 McCauley, Julia - 117 McCauley, Nash- 164, 165 196, 223 McCauley, Stan - 223 McCleary, Patrick - 164, 165, 177, 203, 294 McClennen, Gene-313 MoCelllan, Judy - 229, 231 McConn, Elaine - 262 McCormick, Mark - 270 McCoy, Sally - 125, 160, 192, 307 McCracken, Nancy - 207, 252 McCreary, John - 148 McCue, Ron - 313 McCullough, Richard - 285 McCune, Larry - 173 McDermott, Dick - 276 McDonald, John - 180, 267 MoDonel, Jim - 101, 173, 187, 206 McElfresh, Kay - 309 McEntyre, Jon - 288 McFadden, Douglas - 151 McFarland, Bob - 324 McFarlin, Dottie- 125, 251, 255 McGlathery, Hal- 82, 295 McGowan, Margo - 125, 260 McGoy, Carole - 240 McGrath, Ray - 82 McGraw, David - 101, 281 McGuinness, Joan - 125, 193, 25 9 McGurk, Jean - 253 Mcllvain, Howard - 272 McIntyre, Curt - 275 TUDENT INDEX Nlcliay. Kathy - 225. 255 McKee, Kathie - 260 Nlclienncy, Charles - 268 McKenzie, Roger- 117, 2-15 McKinley. Debbie - 258 McKittirick, Pat- 177, 278 McLanahan, Ronald - 82 McLaughlin, Carol- 176, 193, 202,221,263 McLaughlin, Jim - 169 McLaughlin, Mickey- 166, 177, 225, 297 McManus, Larry - 282 McMillan, Jim -101, 267 McMillan, Sally - 255 McMullen, Mary - 175, 191, 241, 263 McNeeley, Kathy - 263 McNett, Betty - 255 McNulty, Judy - 252 McOwen, Tom - 297 McPeck, George - 59, 267 McQuain, Pete - 135, 188, 189 McWilliams, Harry - 272 Mead, Chuck - 276 Meadows, Danny - 135, 188, 189 Meckstroth, Bette - 125, 193, 225, 251, 258 Medalen, Don - 92 Medveckis, John - 293, 350 Meece, Doris - 175 Meede, Ron - 190 Mehmert, Marsha - 125, 246, 252 Meier, Thomas - 135 Meinders, Bill- 278 Meister, Janet- 125, 253 Meister, Herbert- 270 Mesiter, Jean - 261 Meitus, Steve - 290 Melick, Ralph - 92, 271 Meltzer, Linda - 261 Melville, Charles - 143 Mende, Erick- 117, 220, 268 Meng, Phil- 347 Menke, Edna - 246, 263 Menozzi, Roger - 285 Menrath, Patricia - 137 Menyhert, Stephan - 101 Menze, Norman - 244 Meretta, Mel - 262, 233 Meretta, Patricia - 233, 262 Mergler, Kent- 196, 273 Mericle, Gerald - 313 Meriweather, Ann - 258 Meyers. Roger - 285 Michael, Gary - 285 Michael. John - 148 Michaelson, Glenn - 350 Michel, James - 101, 185 Milbrandt, Larry - 238, 275 Milch, Francine - 216, 23 8, 307 Mileham, Don - 288 Mileham, Richard - 177, 203,288 Miles, Jack - 288 Millbourn, Steve - 239, 313 Miller, Becky - 256 Miller Bill- 265 Miller Bill- 164, 268 Miller, Bob - 283 Miller Bobbie - 194 Miller Charlene - 248 Miller, David - 288 Miller Glenn - 249 Miller, Hal - 92 Miller Irvin - 299 Miller, James - 290 Miller Jane - 224 Miller, Janet- 207 Miller, Jean - 259 Miller, Jerry - 281 Miller, Kent- 117, 245 Miller, Linda - 92, 191, 260 Miller, Linda - 251, 309 Miller, Lucy - 131 Miller Michael- 137, 286 Miller Orville - 282 7 Miller Pete - 161, 206, 223, 299 Miller, Robert- 125 Miller, Robert - 313 Miller Sandy- 125, 255 Miller Sharon - 261 Miller? stan - 276 Miller Miller J Sue - 240, 256, 310 William - 149 Moore, Carl- 149 Moore, Charles - 117 Moore, Lynne - 225, 259 Moore, Janet- 125 Moore, Jeffrey - 275 Moore, Ken - 297 Moore, Myrna- 128, 131, 242 Moore, Thomas - 293 Moran, Kathy - 262 Moran, Jim - 282 Moreno, Henri 223, 278 Moretti, Ralph - 294 Morgan, Drew - 288 Morgan, George - 278 Morgan, John - 168 Morgan Richard - 325 Morgani Ruth - 125, 192 Morley, Norm - 283 Morris, Bob - 244 Morris, Paul- 294 Morrison, John- 117, 236, 272 Morrow, Boyd - 299 Morton, Mosher, Patrick - 324 A1 - 273 Moskowitz, Joel- 117, 290 Moster, Sue - 262 Motzer, Earl- 244 Moyer, Wayne- 187 Moyers, Toby - 267 Mramor, Joe - 324 Mraovich, Sam- 101, 185 Muckenfuss, Rudolph - 177 Mudge, Michael- 229, 231 Mueller, Charles - 149 Mueller, Don - 301 Mueller, Helen - 227 Mueller, John - 83 Mueller, John - 83 Mueller, Lynn - 165, 177, 209, 243, 288 153, 160, 200, 260 Moody, Larry Merke, Joseph - 83 Messerly, Bob - 294 Messing, Alan - 247 Messinger, Bruce - 267 Messite, Michael- 143 Mettman, Carol - 262 Mettman, JoAnn - 263 Metz, Charlene - 229, 231 Metz, Dan - 297 Metzger, Carol - 263 Metzger, Judy - 260 Metzger, Rick - 204 Metzner, William - 83, 179, 301 Meyer, Anita, 176, 263 Meyer, Bernard - 181 Meyer, Betty - 263 Meyer, Denny - 267 Meyer, Fritz - 337 Meyer, Jerry - 27 5 Meyer Lois - 92, 250, 262 Meyer, Martha - 260 Meyer, Marvin- 300 Meyer Melinda - 309 Meyer Paul- 117, 195, 245 Meyer, Winnie - 117, 252 Meyers, Bill- 92, 264, 299 Milligan, -Larry - 288 Mills, Jan- 165, 167, 176, 196, 209, 235,250,258 Mills, Mike - 268 Mills, Sue - 83, 179 -Miner, Don - 278 Minson, Esther - 125, 261 Minson, Michael - 117 Minturn, Bruce - 278 Mitchell, Al - 268 Mode, Arthur - 149 Moehring, Dave - 283 Moellendick, Jack - 267 Moeller. Bonnie - 131, 202, 242, 246, 310 Moeller, Dottie - 125, 229, 255 Moellering, Gayle - 256 Moenster, Phyllis - 176, 213, 216, 217, 262 Molen, Richard - 83 Momper, Jerry - 324 Moneyhan, Gayle - 293 Molfenter, Gerald - 149 Moliter. Gretchen - 25 3 Moll, Walter - 83, 180 Molloy, Ed -101 Monahan, Mary - 251, 262 Monis, Betsy - 117 Monsey, Diana - 253 Montopoli, Jerry - 350 Montgomery, Charles - 324 Montgomery, Dan - 278 - 135 Mueller, Tom - Muhleman, Al - Mueller, Ronald 325 117 Muir, Dean- 178 Mullaney, Bonny - 254 Mullaney, James - 276 Mullaney, John - 297 Mullaney, .Martin - 135 Mullen, Dick - 295 Mullen, Sue - 55, 192 Mullican, Charles - 149 Mullins, Doug - 235, 240 Mullins, Larry- 194, 293, 313 Montgomery, 'Dave - 295 Montgomery, John - 229 Montgomery, William - 245 Moodler, Sue -128, 131, 255 -181, 294 Meyers, Marilyn - 83, 156, 212, 213, 218, 220, 253 Meyers, Marilyn - 125, 253 Mooman, Bill- 285 Mooney, Lois - 125 Moore, Bob - 281 Mundy, Jim- 190 Munger, Charlotte - 176, 25 3 Munich, Amy - 261 Munson, Dave - 92 Muntz, John - 275 Munz, -Robert - 125, 194 Murchison, Helen - 131 Murphy, Doug - 277 Murphy, Murphy 28 8 Murphy, Murphy Murphy 268 Murray, Murray, Murrin, Muster, 1 1 Jack- 173, 185 Jim- 135, 188, John- 101, 174 Judy - 253 Michael - 224, Carol - 227 Doug - 288 Bill- 293 Caroline - 125, Myer, Roger - 92 Myers, Anne - 234, 241, 254 Myers, Gene - 276 Myers, Karen - 253 Myers, Shirley - 255 Myers, Tom - 223, 243, 278 Nagelson, -Mary - 229 Naish, Carol- 192, 262 Nast, Thomas - 83, 186 Natale, Joe - 337 Nathan, Arny - 227 Nations, Carol- 256 Nau, Nanci- 256 Nebolsky, Paula - 227 Neckel, John - 188, 229 Nedig, Lois - 254 Neel, Robert- 165, 166, 225, 264, 280, 281 Nelf, Bob - 288 Neff, Charles - 126 Neimeyer, William - 101 Nelson, Al- 325 Nelson, Jay - 164, 185, 294 Nemenz, Dennis - 288 Neri, Arthur - 241 Ness, Elliot- 163 Nesselbush, Sharon - 307 Neuman, Jackie - 261 Newmann, Tom - 290 Neville, Bruce - 268 Newbauer, Tom - 247 Newberry, Clarence - 246 Newberry, Dean - 25 6 Newcomer, Virginia - 126 Newell, 1Leland - 149 Newhouse, Harold - 183 Newmark, Joseph - 265 Newstedt, Bob - 285, 313 Nichols, Kenneth - 313 Nichtling, Sherry - 25 3 Niebuhr, Robert - 288 Niehaus, Janet - 260 Niehaus, Kenneth - 83, 154, 161, 210, 211, 219 Niehaus, Thomas - 195 Nielson, Don - 288 Nielsen, Hal- 142 Nieman, Dale - 185, 268 Niemiller, Jean - 117 Niemczyk, Marti- 253 Miemczyk, Mary - 254 Niemeyer, Allen - 268 Niemeyer, William - 172, 184 Niemiller, Kirk - 27 5 Nies, Thomas - 83, 216, 220, 221, 233 Niesz, Judy - 254 Niester, Ralph - 268 Nimmo, Jim - 234 Niswonger, Stephen - 177 Niti, Frank - 167 Nixon, Travis - 101, 275 Nocheck, Carol - 251, 257 Noftager, Bob - 169, 185 Noftsger, John- 101, 173, 174 Noland, Mike - 299 Nolte, Walter - 151 Nomins, John - 241 Nooe, Molly - 251, 258 Norkaitis, Neil- 184, 275 Norman, Jim - 347 Norris, 'Kathy - 263 Norten, Dave - 293 North, Myrna - 117, 242 North, William - 203, 264, 272 Norton, Chuck - 278 Norton, Jane - 176, 209, 250, 263 Norton, John - 246, 275 Norway, Albert - 92 Novak, Robert - 92 November, Phillip - 83 Nuber, Rick - 293 Nugent, Robert - 177, 272 Nunn, 1Merilynn - 252 Oberlin, David - 107, 177, 225, 264, 296 Oblak, Fred- 126, 324 O'1Brien, Bob - 277 O'Brien, Tom - 83, 190, 239, 283 Ochsner, Donald - 101, 294 C O N SERVICE E UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE N UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI CINCINNATI 21, OHIO E N C E SCHOOL SUPPLIES, BOOKS, ART SUPPLIES, PENNANTS, SCHOOL SPORTSWEAR PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS . . . For Diseriminating People Personally posed by 906 St. Paul Building For Appointment Corner Fourth 84 Walnut Sts. MAIII l-lfl00 COMPLIMENTS OF fps naw iti 555 5252 SERVES THE BUSINESS WORLD for those who thmk young Iwgtv w BOTTLED BY PEPSI COLA BIJTTLING CUMPANY DF CINCINNATI UNDER APPOINTMENT 'tw 23 1 Proflitt, Mike - 288 TUDENT INDEX O'Connell, Jerome -117 O'Connor. Elaine - 2-11 O'Donnell, Ed - 312, 313 Ocslandcr. Harvey - 286 Oettinger, Judy- 255 Offutl, Nlanly- 178 O'Hatnick. Bob - 283 Ohr, Bob - 282 O'Keefe, William - 188, 189 Oldham, Linda - 262 Oldham, Tom - 293 Olds, Richard - 149 Oliver, Bruce - 275 Oliver, Carol- 256 Oliver, Ryle -151 Oliverio, Louis - 83, 178, 180 Oliverio, William - 83, 180 Olpp, Jack- 227, 244, 276 Olson, Anna - 227 Olson, Lois - 83, 190 O'Neal, Richard - 299 O'Neil, Betsy - 233, 260 O'Neil, Bill- 169, 175, 177 O'Neil, Martha - 260 O'Neil1, Tom - 298 Orcott, Nancy - 126, 204 Orcutt, Richard - 83 Orleck, Donald - 188 Orlemann, Nikki- 229 Orth, William - 299 Oskanitz, Hernando - 275 Osterfeld, Denny - 293 Osterweil, John - 290 Ottaviani, Joe - 288 Ottewitte, Eric - 101 Ottney, David - 313 Otto, Doug - 267 Overley, Marianne - 131 Overtoom, Gail- 263 Owen, Lorelei - 52, 310 Owens, Mick - 188 Pack, Sue - 256 Page, Bob - 270 Page, John - 275 Palasek, Claire - 257 Palmer, Bob - 272 Palmer, Ronald - 277 Palmer, Ron - 101, 288 Palmeter, David - 285 Palsey, Cerebral- 167 Papesch, Beth - 256 Papp, Dennis - 276 Parasiliti, Marilyn - 229, 232, 258 Paris, Jim - 324 Park, Duck - 83 Parker, Esther - 70 Parker, James - 83, 278 Parker, Lawrence - 299 Parkins, Judy - 192 Parmentier, Laszlo - 135 Parry, Ray - 325 Parthenakis, James - 237 Parthenakis, Nick - 237, 247 Partridge, Mike - 243, 265, 281 Pascarella, Carl - 275 Pask, Jim - 216, 285 Patala, Peter- 83, 278 Pathe, Sally - 199, 256 Patras, Stephen - 283 Patrick, Allen - 92 Patten, Jim - 272 Patterson, Ann - 236, 251, 257 Patterson, Frank - 265, 300 Patterson, Mary- 192, 236 Paul, Dee - 260 Paul, Larry - 272 Paul, Terry - 290 Pauly, Bob - 244 Pavloff, Louis - 135, 188, 207, 297 Peak, Sandra - 253 Peak, Walter - 180 Peaslee, James - 83, 266, 267 Pell. Marilyn - 308 Pemberton, Hugh - 276 Penn, John - 272 Pennington, John - 276 Perdrix, Roger - 325 Perloff, Bonnie - 261 Perret, Martin - 313 Perry, James - 143 Pesakoff, Lee - 83 Pesci, Bob - 278 Peterman, Loyal - 299 Peters, James - 186 Peters, Robert- 101 Peterson, Bob - 294 Peterson, Lawrence - 277 Peterson, Robert- 151 Petraits, Robert- 244 Petrick, Linda - 259 Petrie, Allen - 223, 293 Petry, Thomas - 101, 172, 184 ,196, 206, 278 Pfaffenberger, Bob - 297 Pfaffman, Warren - 151 Pfersick, Lynn - 246, 260 Pfiester, Lynn - 252 Phelps, Clarence - 83 Phelps, Irene- 126 Phelps, James - 143 Phifer, Ed - 337 Phillips, Hurdie - 324 Phillips, Robert- 151 Phillipps, Jack - 101 Phillips, Jerry - 350 Phinney, Abigail- 92 Pickus, Howard - 286 Pidgeon, Linda - 254 Pierce, Tommie - 229, 25 8 Pies, Gary- 117, 165, 177 Pigg, Larry - 83 Pinales, Martin - 290 Pinto, Michael- 175, 191 Piper, Vic - 294 Piroq, Dane - 325 Pirozzi, Jack - 268 Pitocco, Dennis - 172 Pitocco, Nick - 184 Pitstick, Earl- 247 Pitstick, Jerry- 177, 272 Pizzo, Dea - 246, 262 Planes, Deana - 137 Plate, Arthur - 143 Plate, John - 229 Pleasants, Margaret - 192 Plett, Michael- 281 Plogman, Gerry - 234, 239 Plohr, Alane - 195, 246, 251, 259 Poe, Wayne - 83 Poessel, Harry - 188 Poindexter, Julie - 260 Points, Dan - 324 Pollitt, Bob - 277 Pollock, Bob - 275 Pollock, Lee- 126, 250, 261 Polster, Gail- 126, 255 Pool, Caroline - 256, 308 Poole, Ron - 301 Poplarchek, Walt- 227 Popp, Martin - 295 Porter, Floyd - 83 Portnoy, Joe - 290 Potash, Stephen - 117, 280 Potthoff, Harry - 101 Pottishall, Viola - 126 Potts, Carol- 253 Pottschmidt, Carl- 83 Powell, James - 84 Powell, Jackie - 126 Powell, Newt- 278 Powell, Robert - 102, 296 Powers, Steve - 187 Prager, Denis - 102, 185 Prather, Robert - 117 Prather, Ron - 288 Pratte, John - 275 Prendergast, Carroll- 192 23 9 Pressler, Rick - 273 Preziose, Mike - 299 Price, Carol- 137, 253 Price, Grower - 297 Price, Judy - 175 Price, Marcia - 306, 307 Prichard, Glenn - 227 Pride, Jerry - 227 Prior, Carol - 260 Prisby, Erroll - 325 Proctor, Neil- 244, 281 Proctor, Rosemary - 229, Proulx, Marie - 117, 168 Puening, George- 102, 184 Pugh, Gerald - 84 Punch, Pat - 192, 250, 262 Pundsack, Nancy - 233, 262 Purcell, Robert - 117 Puterbaugh, Bonnie - 260 Puterbaugh, Myron - 149 Purdy, Polly - 232 Quigley, Richard - 102 Raabe, Valerie - 254 Rabe, Judy - 192, 262 Rack, Joseph - 117 Rack, Linda - 259 Radcliffe, Ann - 25 2 Radcliffe, John - 27 5 Radeke, Michael- 102, 267 Radford, Richard - 175 Radkey, Phil- 229 Radzililover, Gloria - 261 Rae, Jerry - 222 Raeder, Jessica - 188 Rafoth, Carl- 135, 188, 1 89 Rahe, Jennie- 118, 153, 160, 165, 202, 242, 250, 259, 357 Raimer, John - 270 Raine, Steve - 180 Raitt, Bonnie - 259 Rako, Jules - 149 Ralston, Don - 285 Ralston, John - 240 Ralston, Robert - 84 Ramanathan, D. - 180 Ramge, Dennis - 164, 177, 198, 243, 299 Ran, Roslyn - 261 Randall, Ken - 27 Rand, Michael - 290 Ranger, Lone - 167 Ranker, Steve - 35 0 Rankin, James - 276 Rankin, Nancy - 126 Rapp, Michael- 313 Rapp, Valerie - 167 Rathkamp, John - 275 Ratterman, George - 167 Ratzman, Gilbert - 135, 188, 207 Rau, Don - 288 Rausch, David - 149 Ravenscroft, Ron - 277 Ravenschraft, Terrance - 301 Rawers, Thomas - 135 Reade, Rosalind - 118 Readinger, Ed - 285 Reams, Roy - 233 Rebbin, Tom - 187 Reber, Gary - 295 Reck, Dennis - 301 Reckner, Donald - 236 Reddert, Claire - 137 Reder, Ronald - 84 Reece, John - 285 Reed, Dick - 267 Reed, Jane - 126, 253 Reed ,Monty - 313 Reed Peyton - 229 Reed, Robert - 180 Reed, Sandy -135, 188 Reekers, Donald - 151 Regensburger, Paul - 272 Reiber, Tom - 272 Reich, Susan - 118 Reicher, Mel- 286 Reichert, Paul- 283 Reichert, Sally - 253 Reif, Georgia - 257 Reif, Louise - 194, 227, 240 Reiff, Linda - 308 Reifin, .Melvin - 143 Reigle, Tom - 313 Reiner, Phil- 285 Reinhard, Albert - 126 Reinhardt, Alec - 295 Reinhart, Betty - 239 Reinstatler, Tom - 324 Reis, Mary Lou - 126, 242, 255 Reis, Ronald - 84, 337 Remke, Dick - 186 Rennecker, Harry - 313 Renner, Eric - 275 Renner, Ernie - 282 Rettig, Joan - 262 Retsler, Ron - 273 Reynolds, Carol- 194- Reynolds, Gary - 102, 181 Rhein, Donald - 236 Rhine, Darry - 263 Rhoades, Jack - 293 Rhoads, Jack - 265 Rhoades, Janet- 25 6 Rhode, Bill- 288 Rhodes, Elana - 25 8 Rhodes, Harry - 102, 299 Rice, Doug - 324 Rice, Jim - 167, 301 Rice, Larry - 92, 271 Richards, Pat - 137, 176 Richards, Stuart - 143 Richer, Mark - 190 Richman, Mike - 181 Richman, Paul- 290 Richter, Dennis - 247, 313 Richter, John - 270 Richter, Robert - 126 Riddell, Paul - 313 Riehle, Nancy - 193 Rielage, Martin - 244 Ries, Bill- 244 Riesenbeck, Sarah - 259 Riggs, Charles - 84 Riley, Nancy - 236 Rinehart, Jay - 118 Ring, Donna - 192 Ringshauser, Judy - 169 Ringwald, Ellie - 202, 207, 25 8 Rinsky, Elayne - 126 Ripperger, Charles - 244 Rippey, Jerry - 272 Risch, Bob - 164, 225, 264 288 Ritchie, David - 126 Ritchie, Sandie - 254 Ritter, Dave - 290 Ritzi, Jack - 275 Ritzi, Robert - 149 Robb, Dan - 275 Robbins, Gary - 291 Robbins, Leroy - 229 Robbins, Pat- 229, 231 Robbins, Sue - 306, 307 Roberts, Ed - 295 Roberts, Irwin - 102, 185, 3 12, 3 13 Roberts, Jim - 102, 182 Roberts, Susan - 262 Robin, Etta - 126 Robinson, James - 243, 297 Robinson, Jerry - 271 AND ORDNANCE Avco Offers Many Opportunities to College Graduates Worlc in infrared, advanced communications, lasers, radar, space and ground communications, missile arm- ing and fuzing, ordnance engineering and many other fields is available to college graduates at Avco Corpo- ration's Electronics and Ordnance Division, Cincin- nati, Ohio, and Richmond, Indiana. Long a recognized supplier to all of the armed services, NASA and to industry, the Electronics and Ordnance Division today has larger, more interesting and more advanced projects underway than ever before. Do you have a degree in Physics, Electrical or Me- chanical Engineering, Accounting or Marketing? Then there may be a place for you on the Avco team. A personal interview can be arranged at your conveni- ence. Call or Write: JAMES H. DILLER Coordinator-College Relations Avco Corporation Cincinnati 41, Ohio PRinceton l-8931 Avco Corporation DIV,5,oN PR1nceton l 893l AYCOX ELECTRONICS CINCINATTI15,0HIO Q WA Af'!A...,t., R BEER STAMPS 0 NARKINGDEVICFS 627 MAIN STREET MAIN I-noszy I CINCINNATI l.0I'Il0 A , A SKEFFINGTON men's formal wear FRATERNITY RATES 210 E. 6th Street Cincinnati Z, Ohio PA 1-6770 's THE IlILTON-DAVIS CHEMICAL C0. Division of Sterling Drug Inc. ZWANUFACTURERS COLORS - PIGMENTS - DYES 2235 LANGDON FARM ROAD CINCINNATI, OHIO EHIIII 234 E. Fifth Street Phone 421-1711 9:30 A.M. to Z A.M. Robinson, Mary -- 126 Robinson, Paul - 149 Robinson, Tom - 238 Robisch, Jean - 255 Robison, John - 102, 174, 185, 313 Robson, John - 268 Rockefeller, Lee - 294 Rockhold, Karen - 193, 248 Rockwood, Stacy - 126 Roden, ,Beth - 307 Rodden, John - 296 Rodefeld, Ralph - 181 Roden, Beth - 263 Rodersheimer, Jim - 283 Rodgers, Doug - 167 Rodgers, Richard - 245 Rodman, Steve - 287 Rodner, Mark - 287 Rodopoulos, George - 175 Roe, Barbara- 126, 260 Saleh, Sonny - 261 Roedig, Harvey - 84 Roeller, Robert - 143 Rogers, Barbara - 25 3 Rogers, Beth - 195 Rogers, Carol- 256 Rogers, Chester - 118 Rogers, Dave - 293 Rogers, Doug - 324 Rogers, Irene - 25 5 Rogers, John - 149 Rogers, Roy - 313 Rohleder, Claudette - 246 Rphner, Paul - 151 Rolfert, Judy - 192 Rollings, John - 294 Rollman, Edward - 102, 172, 173, 184 Romanek, Nancy - 252 Roncker, Bob - 353 Ronshausen, Marcy - 240, 310 Roots, Carole - 126, 260 Rorick, Myron - 102, 181 Roscoe, Dave - 185, 294 Rose, Jeanette - 257 Rose, Jerry- 154, 161,173, 184, 200, 276 Rose, Martin - 102 Rose, Mike - 179, 293 Rose, Stuart - 287 Rosen, Barry - 118, 290 Rosen, Errol -- 290 Rosenberg, Alan - 118, 155,163,165,166,167, 290 Rosenberg, Peggy - 55, 25 6 Rosenfeld, J elf - 287 Rosenweig, Marjorie - 118 Rosin, David - 290, 291 Rosper, V. - 313 Ross, Barry - 290 Ross, Bob - 287 J Ross, Don - 324 Ross, Kay - 263 Rossel, Jody - 255 Rosselot, John - 84 Rote, Dave - 270 Roth, Lynne - 183, 261 Rothacker, Fred - 84, 179 Rothhaas, Shirley - 246, 3 10 Rothenbuhler, James - 92 Rotte, Bruce - 273 Rotter, Frank - 227 Rotter, Madalynn - 137 Routzong, Judy - 260 Rowan, Josie - 175 Rowan, Nana Jo - 262 Roxby, Andy - 92, 272 Roy, Joyce - 254, 357 Royer, J. P. - 294 Rubin, Ronald - 84, 179, 180 Rubin, Walter - 118 Ruck, Lee - 275 Rud, Sandy - 188, 207 Rudd, Donald - 149 Rue, Carl- 275 Ruehl, Bob - 294 Ruehl, Karen - 258 Ruehlman, Judy - 254 Ruff, Sandi - 253 Ruhl, Ronald - 294 Rummel, Beverly - 225 Rush, David - 277 Russell, Anna Maja- 126 Russell, John - 265 Russell, John - 293 Russell, Nancy - 262 Russo, Patrick - 181 Rust, Ralph - 84 Rutenschroer, Gloria -- 126, 229, 242, 253 Rutherford, Bob - 223, 299 Ruttenburg, Nicky - 286 Ryan, Aileen - 118 Ryan, Robbie - 293 Ryan, Colleen - 137, 216, 220 Ryan, 'Mike - 102, 285 Ryan, Patricia Ann - 216, 217 Sabre, Mark - 273 Sachs, William - 247, 313 Sage, Barb - 256, 309 Sage, Chuck - 102, 183, 299 Salem, Anthony - 149 Sampson, Frank - 300 Sams, .Ken - 229 Sandberg, Carl - 84, 180, 313 Sandman, Carole - 192 Sandman, Judy - 239 Sandman, Russell- 102 Sands, Sandra - 126, 252 Sanford, Norman - 177, 229, 231, 275 Santangelo, Dick - 276 Santangelo, Gloria - 126, 262 Santilli, Ronald - 267 Santora, Phil- 118, 153, 165, 177, 235, 296 Sapadin, Gerry - 290, 347 Sarver, Larry, - 102, 182 Sasser, Geroge - 325 Sasser, Suzanne - 175 Satkowski, Rosalie - 92, 259 Satsky, Bart - 287 Sauer, Doug - 288 Sauer, Mary - 126 Sauer, Pat- 137 Sauster, Stuart - 243, 285 Savery, 'Barb - 25 8 Sauolaine, Edward - 149 Sayler, Jim - 164, 165, 243, 264,272 Sayler, Patricia - 84, 203 Scanlan, Mary - 50, 262 Scarpino, Frank - 276 Schaal, John - 295 Schaen, Ethel- 261 Schafer, Bonnie - 198 Schaffer, Bill- 350 Schaffner, Linda - 202, 224,235,240,3o6,307 Schanbacher, Kay - 118, 25 8 Schardt, James - 285 Schare, Ba-rbara - 131 Schaum, David - 92 Schear, Marilyn - 126 Scheckelhoff, Tom - 295 Schehr, Molly - 126, 171 Schride, Alfred - 102 Scheider, 'Martin - 244 Schen, Bob - 325 Schenck, Donald - 143 Schenkel, James - 290 Schepman, Michael- 188, 189 Schepman, Pat - 260 Scherer, Sue - 260 Scheuernstuhl, George - 177, 183, 206, 225,295 Schill, Margery - 131 Schimpif, Marilyn - 190 Schira, Mike - 187 Schirmer, Gayle - 167, 229, 232, 260, 297, 298, 357 Schlenck, Sandra - 262 Schlenker, Milt - 278 Schlesinger, Robert - 84 Schloss, Milton - 178 Schmaltz, Steve - 288 Sehmerr, Carolyn - 118 Schmidt, Adeline - 229 Schmidt, Emily - 129, 131, 171, 234, 242, 255, 257 Schmidt, Gus - 163, 167, 324, 350 STUDENT INDEX Schumacher, Thale - 53, l75,191,246,252 Schuman, Alan - 287 Schumann, Doris - 169, 221,263 Schumann, Jane - 118, 212, 221, 263 Schuster, Joseph - 151 Schuster, Stuart - 93 Schutte, Bob - 229 Schutzler, ,Tom - 243, 299 Schwab, Jim - 337 Schwartz, Barry - 143 Schwartz, Betty - 260 Schwartz, Myron - 286 Schwartz, Roger - 164, 196, 285 Schwartz, Stuart - 286 Schwartz, Willie - 297 Schwarz, Betty - 176 Schwarz, Sandy - 176, 258 Schmidt, Ida - 25 3 Schmidt, Jan - 256 Schmidt, Leeanne - 118 Schmidt, Loretta - 227 Schmidt, Sondra - 25 3 Schmidter, Carol- 126 Schmink, Carolyn - 208 Schnapp, -Carol - 239 Schneider, Carolyn - 251 , 260 Schneider, Ceil - 207 Schneider, Dan - 281 Schneider, David - 188 Schneider, Fred - 84 Schneider, Jim - 239 Schneider, Kathryn - 227 Schneider, Larry - 290 Schneider, Robert - 102 Schneller, Joan - 227 Schneider, James - 244 Schnitzler, Dan - 296 Schnyder, Bill - 186, 299 Schoch, Hank - 276 Schoen, Sharon - 253, 357 Schoenback, Sandy - 286 Schoenberger, Joyce - 252 Schoenfeld, Sue - 261 Scholl, Audrey - 309 Schomburg, Marsha - 126, 171, 229, 231 Schooley, Ralph - 239 Schorle, John - 244 Schorle, Tim - 245, 169, 282 Schott, Art - 275 Schou,Rnd1-216 Schram, Karen - 255, 292, 293 Schrand, Steve - 282 Schriever, Marty - 126, 259 Schroeder, Bobbie - 242 Schroeder, Bill- 288 Schroeder, Donna - 131 Schroeder, Helga - 193, 25 6 Schroeder Jan - 253 Schroer, Ed - 27-8 Schfoy, Jerry - 181 Schuerman, Donald - 288 Schuerman, Mary - 176, 25 2 Schuler, Bob - 288 Schuler, Ellen - 233, 262 Schulke, Steve - 272 Schulte, Al - 285 Schulte, David - 299 Schulte, Jim - 299 Schultz, Ken - 268 Schultz, Roger - 191 Schultz, Ruth - 190 Schultz, Stan - 84 Scultze, Nancy - 118 Schultze, Susan - 118, 241 Schumacher, Eric - 238 Schumacher, Gary - 294 Schumacher, Ron - 137 Schweirhart, Ken - 92 Schwiers, Tom - 183, 247 Schwind, Susan - 239 Schwindt, Robert - 93 Scobert, Gary - 287 Scott, David - 127 Scott, Frederick - 293 Scott, John - 84, 180 Scott, Nancy - 252 Scully, Dean - 225 Seale, Susan - 251, 260 Seaman, Ann - 25 5 Sears, Bob - 281 Sedgwick, Jim - 179 Sedgwick, Michael - 137 See, Gary - 268 Segal, Paul- 290 Schander, Denton - 275 Seibel, David - 244 Seibert, Joe - 282 Seibert, Michael - 137 Seidelman, Ken - 161 Selfert, David - 181 Seifert, Tom - 203, 272 Seifried, Jan - 259 Seifried, Roger- 196, 299 Seiter, Dorothy - 118, 262 Sekinger, Helen - 209, 225, 260 Selbert, James - 265 Sellins, Warren - 151 Selman, Narif - 102 Seltz, Nancy - 118, 168 Sebsel, Florence - 127, 263 Sensel, Robert - 102 Sepsie, George - 283 Serrage, John - 147 Seta, Candelu - 135 Seveke, Rod - 267 Sewell, Terry - 244 Seybert, Les - 227 Seybold, James - 313 Seyferth, LaVerne - 25 6 Shafer, Bonnie - 259 Shafer, Robert - 173, 181 Shafer, Sam - 186 Shaffer, Dan - 278 Shafor, Carole - 93 Shambaugh, Harry - 84, 297 Shanhan, Gerald - 294 Shank, Jon - 324 Shanks, Carroll - 118, 285 Shannon, Sally - 207 Shannon, Sharon - 309 Sharpe, Elliot - 286 Shaut, Frank- 194, 313, 324, 350 Shaw, Joe - 325 Shea, Ed - 208 Shea, Jerry - 239 Shearer, William - 135, 188 Shebaner, Tony - 275 Shexter, Mark - 211 Shelton, Robert - 270 Sheppherd, Dave - 285 Sherlock, Jim - 102, TUDENT INDEX 172.173.1841 Sherman, Graig - 293 Shcrrick, Ron - 276 Sherrill. Sam -222 Sherry. Kenneth - 286 Shilcsky, Donald - 286 Shingleton, Larry - 337 Shinkle. Jeanette - 239, 250 Shinklc, Julie-127, 160, 202, 260 Shinners. Fred - 267 Shoemaker, Lynn - 167, 176, 188, 202, 207, 240 Shook, Charles - 353 Shope, Jacqueline - 131 Shorr, Howie- 118, 287 Shoup, Dave - 276 Shoup, John - 84, 277 Sheive, George - 188, 189 Shriver, Kenneth - 135 Shuff, Charles - 127, 163, 324 Shugarman, Arnold - 287 Shulman, Stan - 287 Shultz, Richard - 313 Shumacher, Bob - 287 Shuman, Larry - 229, 287 Shupack, Joann - 216, 261, 238 Shure, Barb - 176, 261 Shuster, Stuart - 177, 204 Sibert, Shirley - 127 Sickinger, Dick - 282 Siebert, Bob - 84 Siegel, Brian - 275 Siermann, Edward - 270 Sign, Bob - 325 Signer, Barbara - 127, 261 Signom, Jim - 229 Siler, Carol- 259 Siler, Jim - 164, 165, 199, 225, 288 Sillman, Toni- 199, 203, 258, 284 Silver, Harvey - 286 Silverman, Ivan - 286 Silverstein, Fred - 188 Silverman, Sherry - 259 Silverman, Stanley- 149 Simkins, John - 188, 189 Simko, Rudy - 127, 324 Simmons, Bill- 247 Simmons, Gordon - 175 Simmons, James - 313 Simmons, Rufus - 249, 324 Simmons, Sue - 131 Simon, Ruth - 227 Simpson, Barby - 258 Simpson, D. - 299, 313 Simpson, Lawrence - 149 Simpson, Mike - 288 Singleton, Ira - 171 Sinnott, Patty - 252 Sipes, Glenn - 268 Sippel, Donald - 118 Sirkin, Lou - 290 Sisson, Leslie - 102, 173, 185, 313 Sisson, Tim - 229 Six, David - 127, 194, 324 Sizer, Tom - 337 Slidmore, Jack - 244 Skiff, Harry - 237 Slater, Gary - 206 Slavin, Buzz - 235 Slayton, Jean - 309 Sloan, Sandy - 256 Small, Bill- 313 Smallwood, George - 102, 285 Smallwood, Wayne - 247 Smedly, John - 325 Smelker, James - 102, 185, 3 13 Smeltzer, Leonard - 93 Smith, Bill- 293 Smith, Charles - 267 Smith, Dorothy- 137 Smith, D. - 299 Smith, Estelle - 118 Smith, Gary - 293 Smith. Gayle- 137 Smith George - 337 v Smith, Gerald - 84 Smith, Homer - 243, 276 Smith, Jack - 312.313 Smith James - 245, 277 1 Smith, James - 313 Smith, Joe - 267 Smith, Joel- 313 Smith, Kathleen - 263 Smith, Ken - 177, 225, 227, 297 Smith Larry - 267 a Smith Leonides - 151 1 Smith Marcia - 259 x Smith Movie - 324 1 Smith Paul- 84 1 Smith Rufus - 142 a Smith Steve - 281 1 Smith Ted - 275 v Smith, Wally - 293 Smithson, 'Mike - 285 Smittle, Delson - 93 Smock, Todger - 281 Snaufer, Larry - 84, 285 Snider, Sandi- 261 Snow, Bill- 84, 301 Snow, Jerry - 179 Snyder, Dick - 84, 153, 163, 165, 166, 264, 276, 277 Snyder, Robert - 186 Snyder, Roger - 102, 184, 313 Snyder, Sue - 256, 308 Sobell, Steve - 285 Sobolewski, Tom - 325 Sodaty, Larry - 277 Sollek, Mark - 290 Solomon, Tom - 195, 247 Somer, Julius - 313 Somer, Dick - 350 Somertield, Tom - 264, 268 Somers, Sheila - 72, 169, 217 Somerstein, Michael- 118, 286 Sommer, Garda - 25 6 Sondergelt, Sonia- 193, 229, 231, 307 Sonnanstine, Jay - 270 Sontag, Sue - 118, 262 Soo, Wanda - 307 Soriano, Fran - 259 Spaccerelli, Paul- 135, 189 Spaite, Rebecca - 131 Spalding, Wayne - 297 Sparks, Donna - 137 Sparks, Harry - 204, 285 Spaulding, Dwight - 229 Speckman, Patsy - 252 Speer, Barbara - 127 Speier, Judy - 259 Spelman, John - 84 Spence, James - 102 Spencer, Bob - 135, 285 Spencer, Geary- 188, 189 Spencer, George - 337 Spencer, John - 93 Spencer, Robert- 102, 285 Spencer, Sharon - 259 Sperber, Tom - 278 Sperling, Alice - 251, 261, 307 Spindler, Sandy - 263 Spitz, Louis - 149 Spitzmueller, Terry - 247 Spoehrer, Gayle - 239, 257 Spoor, Jane - 255 Spreadley, Charles - 249 Springer, Gary - 102, 182, 285 Spritzer, Maxine - 261 Spritzer, Ron - 118. 286 Stacey, James - 127, 194 Staley, Howard - 278 Stambaugh, Bruce - 294 Stamlerm, Gordon - 294 Stantield, Pat- 84 Stanaford, Paul- 299 Stantield, Pat - 179 Stanforth, Bob - 288 Stanforth, Dick - 102, 161, 173, 183. 206 Stanley, Roger - 118 Stansbury, James - 288 Stansbury, Robert - 84 Starkey, Rick - 294 Starks, Royce - 324 Starr, Bill- 102, 161, 165, 166, 173, 174, 183, 246 Starr, Phil- 288 Staub, Ken - 93, 222 Staubach, Ray - 267 Staubitz, David - 118 Stauverman, Alfred - 151 Stearns, David - 93 Steele, Howard - 300 Steelman, Barbara - 169 Steigleder, Richard - 84 Stein, Chickie - 202, 250, 251, 261 Stein, Eric - 275 Steinbach, Carolyn - 190 Steinberger, Tom - 229 Steineeker, Harold - 151 Steiner, Judi- 262 Steiner, Paula - 250, 251, 262 Steinhouser, Bob - 325 Steinle, Susan - 131 Steinriede, Jean - 25 5 Stenburg, Mike - 275 Stenger, Mary - 118 Stephens, Joe - 229 Stephenson, Bob - 229 Stephenson, Dave - 227 Stephenson, Judy - 176,253 Sterchi, John - 118 Sterling, Harry - 288 Sternberg, Barbara - 261 Stetzel, lJOhI'1 - 267 Steruernagel, Gerald - 102, 161, 173, 181 Stevens, Frank - 151 Stevens, Jim - 239, 299 Stevens, Sally - 306, 307 Stevenson, Charles - 275 Stevenson, David - 281 Stevenson, Dee - 234, 240 Steves, Susan - 260 Stewart, Marilyn - 259 Stewart, Richard - 268 Stickel, Tom - 272 Stichney, Jan - 129, 131 Stiene, Frank - 93 Stiers, Bob - 103, 299 Stillman, William - 313 Stith, Anita- 175, 2.13, 216, 217, 222, 258, 294 Stitzel, Vincent - 188, 189 Stock, Bob - 273 Stocker, Ross - 118 Stoecklin, 'Bruce - 70 Stoffregen, Bill- 84, 297 Stoll, Phil- 325 Stoller, Jerry - 291 Stollmeir, Tom - 293 Stone, Doug - 281 Stone, Jo - 127 Stonebraker, Dave - 272 Storiebraker, Mirian - 255 Stonecipher, Judy - 225, 252 Stoner, David - 84 Stoner, Wayne - 118 Stoppleman, Mary - 190 Storm, Jack - 84 Storn, Ronald - 299 Story, Ken - 272 Stoutenborough, -Ken - 278 Strasser, Mike - 119, 273 Stratgman, Carole - 229, 25 Stratton, Gerald - 93 Straub, Carol- 251, 263 Straub, James - 103. 185 Straus, Michael- 290 Strawbridge, Bill- 119, 161, 213, 219, 220, 222, 275 Strawn, Robert- 149 Street, Louis - 276 Strickland, Carol- 127 Strickmeyer, John- 188, 189 Strider, Strifler, Striker, Steve - 229 Bonnie - 127 Theodore - 149 Strine, Kenneth - 103 Strine, Lowell- 172, 184 Stroeberl, Gary - 267 Stuart, Anne - 176, 250, 263 Stuart, Ray - 244, 245 Stucke, Glen-313 Stuckey, Bill- 237 Stuckey, Ruth - 137 Stuckey, Sheila - 237 Stuebing, Ed - 195, 244, 245, 276, 351 Stuewe, 'Charles - 103, 181 Stull, Ben - 264, 281 Stumpf, Bob - 288 Sturgeon, Lowell- 85 Sublette, Liza - 137 Suere, Walter - 143 Suess, Gerald - 85 Suess, James - 118, 167 Sugerman, David - 149 Suiter, Steve - 276 Sukedes, Jim - 190 Sukrow, Margaret- 207 Sullivan, Carolyn - 167, 193, 357 202, 242, 250, 254, Sullivan, Maureen - 239, 246 Sulrow, Margaret - 131 Sunderland, Beth - 260 Sunoniemer, Bob - 291 Suyemoto, Roy - 149 Swagert, Jim - 325 Swain, Joyce - 229, 232 Swanda, Jim - 325 Swartzbaugh, Ted - 183 Swedes, Joyce - 175 Sweeney, Myles - 103, 268 Sweet, .Marni - 176, 202, 242 Swenfurth, John - 119 Sweyer, David - 277 Sweyer, John - 277 Swisshelm, Richard - 183, 267 Talbott, Bill- 294 Tallentire, Thomas - 119 Tansey, John - 119, 275 Tapscott, Tom - 85 Tarcha, Nick - 85, 267 Tarlano, Paul- 135 Tarpin, Louise - 175 Tassini, Rudy - 324 Tate, Bill- 249 Tate, Henry - 179, 249 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor Taylor s Dave - 240 Dick - 223, 299 Durwood - 229 Jay - 206, 223, 299 Tayiofl Lillian - 151 Taylor, Louis - 244 Taylor, 201, Taylor Nancy - 85, 154, 258 , Pat- 239 Taylor, Ralph - 244 Tecklenburg, Russell - 275 Tedrick, Jane - 131, 246, 259 Teitz, Joyce - 261 Teller, James - 119 Teller, Jim - 85, 166, 201, 225, 243 Teller, Thomas - 149' Tener Jim- 175 285 Tenwick, Dave - 163 Tepe, Dick - 85, 186, 269 Tepe, Judy - 263 Terauds, Frank - 347 Terhar, Bob - 239 Thacker, Tom - 249, 337 Thall, Carole - 309 Thaman, Lou- 85,295,350 SINCE 1882 THE CROCKER-FELS COMPANY MEDICAL - SURGICAL SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT - PHARMACEUTICALS 2827 Gilbert Avenue CApito1 1-3600 CINCINNATI, OHIO A Few Blocks Away from Medical School with the Largest Medical Showroom in the Midwest Serving Physicians, Hospitals, Industrial First Aid, and Nursing Homes in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. ZING! what a refreshing new feeling! TUDENT INDEX Thatcher. James - 103 Thayer, Barb - 176, 202 Thcile, Judith- 168, 227 Theile. Pat - 227 Theilman. Marita-137 Thiel, Dave- 293 Thielen. Lou -196, 207, 212, 310 Thier, Jack - 288 Trunk. Cliff - 247 Trupicks. John - 299 Trussell, Jackie - 254, 308 Tschantz. Susan - 253 Tuerck, Barb - 127, 260 Tuertscher, JoAnn - 119, 263 Tuke, Carole - 49, 262 Tumler, Howard - 85 Waddell, Paul- 227 Waechter, Stan - 191 Wagner, Wagner, Charles - 270 David - 119 Wagner, Dick - 293 Wagner, Glen - 267 Wagner, Marcia - 229, 255, 232 Wagner, Thomas - 127 Weisman, Bob - 285 Weiss, Andy - 119, 195, 277 Weiss, Herb - 119, 290 Weiss, Jerry - 275 Weiss, Jon - 286 Welch, Bob - 325 Weller, Roger - 285 Wells, James - 103, 294 Thoman, Randy - 285 Thomas, Don - 325 Thomas, James - 299 Thomas, Ron - 183 Thomas, Shelbey - 229 Thomas, Sue - 255 Thompson, Anthony - 278 Thompson, David - 93 Thompson, Dick - 267 Thompson, Eloise - 309 Thompson, Faith - 241 Thompson Jack - 272 Thompson Jim - 273 Thompson Leigh - 307 Thompson Nancy - 254 Thompson, Sharyn- 240, 306, 307 Thompson, Tim - 285 Thorman, William - 127 Thornbury, Sarah - 262 Thornell, Pat- 119, 252 Thornton, Pat- 282 Threm, Janice - 175 Throcker, Jerry - 275 Tichenor, Scott- 225, 297 Tidd, Michael - 119 Tiemeyer, Ed - 301 Tillman, Wayne - 313 Tinker, John - 281 Tinninghast, David - 151 Tippett, Peter - 229 Tipton, Gwen - 306 Tupman, Annette - 245 Turk, Jerry - 229, 287 Turnbull, Ruth - 229 Turner, Ann - 127 Turner, Doug - 136, 299 Turner, Phyllis - 192 Turner, Steve - 103, 298, 299 Turner, Thomas - 171 Turner Warren - 278 Tutini, Pete - 296 Tuttle, Joe - 297 Tuler, John - 177, 223, 299 Tyson, Linda - 194 Uchtman, Vern - 278 Ufford, Michael- 268 Uhlhorn, Clemens - 281 Ulery, Larry - 299 Ulfers, Glend - 127 Ullberg, Ingrid - 308 Ullner, Stanford - 286 Ulmer, William - 93 Ulrich, Rochelle - 224, 234 Unger, Robert- 313 Updile, James - 278 Updike, Nancy Jo - 175 Urton, Dave - 180 Utter, Virginia - 127, 253 Vabic, Frank - 324 Valensky, Pat- 262 Valentine, Robert - 135 Wagoner, Bill- 103, 185, 313 Waits, Carolyn - 259, 309 Wake, Denny - 275 Waldron, Pat - 258 Walker, Ernest - 188 Walker, Larry - 229 Walker, Robert- 151 Wallace, Carol - 260, 307 Wallace, Raymond - 249 Walldorff, Doug - 167 Waller, Jerry - 278 Walls, Phyllis - 227, 246, 263 Walter, Terry - 294 Walters, Day - 238 Walter, Don - 93, 283 Walters, Gordon - 119, 168 Walters, Timothy - 93 Walton, Bruce - 325 Walworth, William - 85 Waltz, Nancy - 260 Warburg, Loren - 278 Ward, Phil- 325 Ward, Rick - 268 Warden, Mary - 119, 168 Ware, Bruce - 127, 205, 275, 350 Warner, Connie - 256 Waignler, Ross - 103, 172, Warrener, Doug - 183, 297 Wells, Jim- 184, 285 Wells, Steve - 295 Wells, Ward- 103, 181, 299 Wells, Wayne - 103, 182, 206 Welsh, Woody - 299 Wendell, Judith - 25 8 Wendling, Don - 293 Wendling, John - 293 Wenner, David - 181 Wergoweske, Deanna - 229 23 1 Wergowske, William - 229, 23 1 Werner, Beth - 259 Werner, John - 278 Werner, Marilyn - 127 Wertz, Phil- 93 Wesley, Don - 247 Wessel, James - 103 Wessel, Marty - 192, 204, 25 2 Wessel, Ron - 299 Wessinger, Bob - 278 West, Kay - 229, 231 West, Robert - 313 Westland, Ed - 299 Westrich, Paul- 270 Westrick, James - 103, 173, 183 Whaley, Thomas - 103, 177 White Tkatch, Ed - 85, 324 Tkatch, Tom - 316, 324 Toad, Gordon - 288 Tobin, Sue - 169, 198, 256 Todd, Linda - 261 Todd, Pat- 258 Toeffer, Allan - 296 Toerner, Tom - 324 Tole, Richard - 188 Toleski, Slaven - 93 Tomasella, James - 135 Tomberg, David - 290 Tompkins, Carol - 260 Tomsen, Jim - 285 Tomford, Carol - 227 Tonto, Me - 167 Tonweber, Joe - 183 Toon, Joseph - 151 Topper, Dorothy - 190 Tower, Burk - 272 Tower, Fred - 119 Towle, Karen - 137 Towles, Marty - 258 Townsend, Lucy - 252, 309 Townsend, William - 85 Trachsel, Pat- 252 Tracy, Trapp, Traub, Traut, Mary - 193 Carolyn- 135, 188 Paul- 265, 270 Carol - 53, 127, 160, 201, 205, 235, 154, 250, 25 8 Travis Phili , p - 244, 300 Trefzger, Paul- 93 Treon, George - 85, 179 Trgggi, Sherry - 253, 306, Tries, Wayne - 270 Tritilio, Sandy - 263 Triplett, Barbara - 167 176, 193, 234, 235, 240, 306, 307 Tripp, Russell- 240, 244 Trondle Larr - 93 , Y Tronstein, Lois - 261 Trotta, Raymond - 85 Troutman, Sandy - 251, 253 Trudicks, John - 186, 223 Truglio, Chuck - 325 Vallean, Richard - 143 Van Arnen, Hank - 324 Van Buren, Jack - 324 Van Buren, Ken - 324 Vance, Marjorie - 260 Vance, Richard - 85 Van de Mark, Curtis - 268 Van Dyke, Jim - 185, 267 Van Epps, Nancy - 260 Van Gelder, Jim - 290 Vn Lokeren, George - 135 Van Nortwick, Bob - 229 Vaughan, Beth - 25 6 Vaughan, Charles - 119, 297 Vause, Jim - 296 Vawter, Marvin - 119 Veeth, Donald - 182 Velten, Ken - 276 Vennemeyer, Jeanne - 127, 193 Vennemeyer, 'Margo - 137, 216, 220 Veser, George - 278 Vicar, Anthony - 85 Vichman, James - 265 Vieth, Donald - 181, 206 Vimba, Aivor - 244, 245 Vischer, Carolle - 256 Vogelgesang, Bruce - 324 Vogelgesang, Paul - 295 Vogt, Robert - 93 Vollbracht, Gary - 275 Volz, Buzz - 203 Volz, Joe - 85 Vonderahe, Ann - 25 6 VonFange, Reinold - 183, 238, 267 Von Feldt, Bill- 283 Von Hone, Dick - 127, 233 Von Landberg, Rudy - 243, 281 Von Nattingham, Nancy - 127 Vordenberg, Robert- 281 Voss, Edward - 137, 196, 208 Wacksman, Stanley - 149 Waddell, Clyde - 275 Warthen, Brenda - 127, 193, 201, 253 Warwick, Edward - 184 Washburn, Doug- 177, 278 Wasmer, Martha - 255 Watanabe, Carol - 176, 192, 202, 357 Watkins, Adaline - 308 Watkins, Tom - 288 Watson, David - 103, 184 Watson, John- 103, 156, 215, 276 Watts, Beth - 260 Wear, Maxwell - 151 Weaver, Lawrence - 103, 174 Weaver, James - 189 Weaver, John - 85 Webb, Virginia - 119 Weber, Carol - 240 Weber, Ed - 285 Weber, Jerry - 324 Weber, Major - 275 Weber, Ray - 297 Weber, Sandy - 254 Weber, Steve - 288 1 73 , 1 83 Wharton, Dan - 285 Wheeler, George - 247 Wheeler, Judy - 260, 308 Wheeler, Tom - 272 Wiethe, Kathy - 252 Whipperman, Ronald - 191 Whipple, Guy - 183 Whitacre, Emerson - 288 Whitaker, Tom - 288 White, Ed - 293 VVhite, Kathleen - 25 6 White, Lee- 103, 173, 185, 234 White, Linda- 167, 176, 202, 259 White, Linda - 165, 258 White, Max- 163, 165, 285 Nancy - 253 Weckstein, Donald - 143 Wedel, Tom - 103, 299 Wedig, Lois - 251 Weed, Dean - 277 Wegelin, Vic - 227, 244 Wegener, Darleen - 229, 232, 501 Wehby, Hypha - 257 Wehrfritz, -Carl - 181 Weidenweher, Fred - 85 Weidig, Carol - 253, 309 Weigel, Charles - 137, 247 Weiler, Jim - 295 Weinberg, Adelle - 261, 307 Weinbrown, Bob - 286 Weingartner, Tom - 85, 282 Weinstein, Hattie - 238, 240 Weinzimmer, Larry - 291 Weziig, JoAnn- 127, 193, Weiskittel, Earl- 273 Whitfield, Pat - 325 Whiting, David - 272 Whitney, Pat - 93 Wichman, James - 297 Wideman, Frederick - 149 Wiedenbein, Joan - 257 Wiegand, Sally- 175, 229 Wiehaus, Bob - 282 Wiehe, Irwin - 103, 181 Wiener, Paul- 283 Wierwille, Ann - 149 Wierwille, George - 149 Wiesenhahn, Darryl- 347 Wiesmann, Klaus - 244 Wiethe, Dale - 149 Wietholter, Jim - 276 Wiggins, Vernon - 119 Wilcox, Becky - 260 Wilder, Hugh - 135 Wiley, Norman - 103, 182 Wiley, Ronald - 1 19 Wilhelm, Al- 85, 167, 293 Wilhelms, Marta - 195 , 262 Wilkie, Charlotte - 308 Wilkie, Mary - 92, 175, 307 Wilkins, Walter - 151 Will, Dick- 103, 172, 173, 183, 184 TUIIENT INDEX Willey, Butch - 313 Willey, Larry - 93, 153, 163, 165, 166, 177,288 Woodcock, Judy- 176, 255 Woodin, Donald - 267 Woodrich, Sharon - 251 Woodruff, Linda - 93 Woodruff, Tom - 297 Woods, -Jeanette - 193 Work, Susan - 127 Williams, Bob - 297 Williams, Dick - 294 Williams, Elizabeth - 256 Williams, Gail - 255 Williams, Jim - 240 Williams John - 295 Williams -Katie - 25 8 Williams Katie - 254 Williams Mary - 93 Williams Mary - 127 Williams Robert- 103 Williams, Polly - 182 Williams, Sharon - 119, 254 Williams Tom - 119, 203, 288 Williamson, John - 229, 313 Williamson, Sue - 227 Willins, Dick- 103, 169, Worms 3 13 er, Sam - 85, 180, Wren, Sally - 257 Wrenn, Fred - 184 Wrenn, Kenneth - 103 Wright, Billie - 256 Wright, David - 313, 325, 350 Wright, Jack - 282 Wright, Jay - 285 Wright, John - 85, 179, 180 Wright, Larry - 84, 293 Wright, Wayne - 267 Wuest, Dick - 282 Wulfekamp, Beryl - 256 173, 181 Willis, Richard - 149 Willman, Anita- 175, 225, 252 Wills, Roger - 247, 313 Wilmes, Judy - 253 Wilson, Alex - 93, 177, 285 Wilson, Bonnie - 251, 255 Wilson Donald - 103, 184 Wilsoni George - 249, 337 Wilson, John - 85 Wilson, Margi - 263 Wilson, Pat - 127, 250, 257 Wilson Richard - 151 Ziegler Wind, Carol - 253 Windmueller, Steve - 224 Wine, Hazel- 93, 175, 191, 190 Wingard, Cleon - 278 Winger, Carolyn - 168 Winkelmann, Dave - 276 Winkler, Jody - 255 Winters, Jean - 258 Wise, Caryl- 238, 261 Wise, Harold - 103, 184 Wise, James -103, 181 Wissinger, John - 301 Witti, Bud - 281 Witt, Todd - 324 Wittenberg, Mary - 229 Wodrich, Sha-ron - 253 Woellner, Bonnie - 167, 176, 205, 212, 213, 219, 220, 263 Woertz, Russel- 93, 283 Wolf, Charus - 85 Wolf, Dale - 112, 216, 217, 220 Wolf, Ed- 119, 163, 288 V Wolf, John - 313 Wolf, Kenneth - 290 Wolff, 'Cindy - 25 8 Wolfgang, Alfred - 313 Wolk, Ian -119, 168 Woll, Thomas - 185 Wolter, Steve - 239 Wulff, Bernard - 175 Wunker, Bob - 276 Wyatt, Shirley - 127 Wyl-lie, Katherine - 85 Wymer, Walter - 85 Yager, Diane - 259 Yaklosfsky, Dennis - 283 Yales, Cary - 119 Yarbrough, Charles - 164, 212, 217, 276 Yarmove, Jay - 238 Yarosh, Pat - 237 Yates, Tony - 337 Yauch, .Fred - 186 Yeomans, Myers - 137 Yockey, Judy - 232, 239, 255, 308 Yoder, Keith - 313 Yokel, Harry - 239 York, Robert - 119 Youkilis, Sandra - 119, 250, 261 Youkilis, Sandy - 265, 291 Young, Claire - 70 Young, Bill- 219 Young, Bob - 27 6 Young, Jim- 190 Young, Norman - 85 Young, Roger - 293 Youngblood, James - 188, 245 Yurek, 'Jerry - 275 Zaken, Steven - 298 Zala, Marty - 203, 290 Zeff, Dave - 203, 290 Zeigler, David - 191 Zerkle, 'Barry - 180, 313 Zegteg, William - 216, 238, 1 Zevan, David- 185, 267 Ziegel, Pat- 165, 242, 258, 357 Ziegel, Penny - 93 Ziegler, Barb - 25 6 Ziegler Ziegler , David - 93 , Janet- 262 Ziegler, Philip - 299 , Frederic - 290 Womack, Edward - 93, 234 241 Wong, Pat - 85, 227 Wood, Bmce - 227 Wood, David- 167, 313 Wood, Halbert - 103 Wood, Jean - 93 Wood, Joseph - 93 Wood, Karen - 235 Zima, Joe- 119, 324 Zimmer, Donald - 85 Zimmerman, Carol - 103, 181 Zimmerman, Emma - 127 Zimmerman Jim - 283 Zimmerman, Robert - 178 Zimmerman Ruth - 119 Wood, Reba - 256 Woodruff, Linda - 234 Woods, Ken - 247 Woodward, Charles - 285 Zins, Thomas - 143 Zipes, Michael- 85, 180, 201, 312, 313 Zoller, Norman - 119 0 Something's New at the Veranda o CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS AT THE NEWLY DECORATED VERANDA COCKTAIL LOUNGE 3339 Vine Street CAcross from the Zooj Cincinnati Pleasant Surroundings 0 Ample Parking 0 Reasonable Prices Banquet Room for Private Parties LOU KOESTER AVon 1-9310 Congratulations . UC DINING HALLS CAMPUS CROSSROADS Best Wishes From the Staff That's the story of Foote 8: Davies, Inc. ' INE PRINTING SINCE 1887- Today we have one of the most modern and best I equipped plants in the country. And fine ' Yearbooks have always been an important part , of our business. Our craftsmen believe in ' quality and strive to produce the I "best in the Industry." Our excellent ' printing doesn't just happen- I itis a combination of production research, craftsmanship, and : painstaking supervision. FOOTE an DAVIES, INC. .W,.,,.f,y,.i..QQf4,W,Zf..,,i.Q..04.,ff.,,,..,a,4t,,i,,,,i ' 764 MIAMI CIRCLE, N. E. ATLANTA 24, GEORGIA ii-2' ?YpR' ' ES VE . e ' 5 E , ft O p ' ily! I litig- . Wmvf.,..-, I .ff Ra! ,ik .i..l,,,,,,, "'.1':i: fQ-.--.- +TlZ'T" """'l 1' """ A 'Y'Y ,1 ,,1?'2' 'j"'. lIl l.1T' "':'-L'-" . 'L-,"" ::::: .fix "' S Q 1-, 'T 21155.- -it? 11-.-,ff-:Y- 1" --:::::. ,J 'H "' uw- "L 11-- Y . 1 Uwiifaax Es's ., A i 'izi ,p17"" . - - : IL tssstsqzmi, - 5 + - 5 N--:----Name., 5 P E . - sssssssiisssssg- 9 E E -' . E z 2 5 ' S . SEEEEEEEisissisisiesieises ' Q . ii' i- 3. wi.. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESESEEE 1 .wx 52 ima- 'Am usa'-fa, ,E:E5:Es:Es:EE22s 'sisssas sr. - . . elf.. -L'..3..! Wagga. ,.f1ffm:'- .:,.: -E::EE:EE:EE:EEs essssge I 5 25.2515 -... J:-QL: -..-, .-.fx is ssigssssgisseseegesseeifs 4, if 1 25-525555 l f f- !"- , ' 'im INET? .. -327 Wi I -is ,. CCY xi? A f.-l.-I .rt-JK?-R 2-IA. .. tr- f f. -. -f .4 -.- -'fi 1' :"'. fi .1 '- . .. - -,-. A -...--. 9.....'-.-I.-....f..-1-,-.--2.:..m........-.1-. ,,.,-, .A,,,,-'Af ...Alva 1: .h .-. fi: .: -- .455 , ,, I A,-. 7 an X?-an ' ' ' -'-J--"" " "Hu -' """?"""-""-'rf'-u:L..A1-I.'.E:f fu-r r-.sna11T5w.f:1'vS--h..E!nh.-in'e,'.n, ' '- Ziimljsxvz ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Each year there are many more people than most realize who contribute to the publishing of a yearbook. There are the professional people who are always willing to do a little more than their contracts call for. We are indebted to Ed Hackleman and his sidekick Ralph Van Dyke of Foote and Davies, Inc.-Chicago office-for always being around when needed, en- couraging and prodding us along, Dot Smyly, Evelyn Jackson, and Mary Jackson of Foote and Davies, Inc. for the many favors throughout the year, Bill Whit- teker, commercial photographer, for his willingness to cope with hundreds of students, faculty members and administrators, and even give us what we couldn't af- ford, for our patient cover salesman Jack Bundy of S. K. Smith Company, who put up with our delays till February, Norman Bush of Shillito's who photo- graphed the more than 1,100 seniors who appear in this book, to student photographers Anita Stith and Erich Mende, and to the Cincinnati Enquirer for pic- tures in the sports and the opening sections. ' 2 max A ' if 1 1 M., f .,1u.f-Qian--1 I :m.f....A-'---" ,'f' 1 I , I . :::..a::f" "H" . -:.,.L.f I "A Q . ,ng . wuz In addition, many people at the University were in- valuable to us. We are very grateful to John P. De- Camp and the Public Relations Oliice-Claire Young, Esther Parker, Bruce Stoecklin, Judy Takahashi, Gail Koizumi, Helaine Mazin, and Mary Lou Diersing- who put up with our visits and constant requests for pictures with a smile, especially to Joyce Garn Agnew, assistant director of public relations assigned to the Medical Center, for her assistance with the academics and research sections of this book, Emily Frey in the Dean of Men's Office, who answered endless questions about people and names, Arch I. Carson, purchasing agent, who helped us settle our contracts, Floyd Brewer, Barbara Hunt, Marty Appleman, and Hal Nielsen, of the Union staff, for their willingness to put up with us, and our advisor Louis G. Rockwood, who was always available when needed. Finally, may I thank the editors and the members of the staff for their co-operation and endless hours of work. Without them -the artist, writers, typists, and photographers-it would not have been possible to publish this volume of the CINCINNATIAN. The CINCINNATIAN: 1962 was printed in offset lithography by Foote and Davies, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia. The paper is 80 pound Champion Wedge- wood. Type faces, body copy, page numbers, cap- tions, and photo identifications are Times Roman, and Times Roman italic, page headings are Bodoni Campanile, division page heads are old-fashioned wood type. The cover was manufactured by the S. K. Smith Company in Chicago with old fashioned wood type letters and numerals. This is the 69th volume of the CINCINNATIAN and contains 384 pages.

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