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. ,A , fy f 9' ,X f f .fr L L11-fji'Q4.,flJf,fC.fL,J Lf f 0"w4L..c,fi f 1,401 0, , ., X x 4:3 C'.JCIIy E 1 'J it eineinnatian nineteen fi t -six Published by the Student Body of the University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio Esther Littmann, Editor Donald Seilkop, Business Manager ,1.:f , 5' 2,4 ., f F, X .-. , , , -r,,,f., 1f:.:.,., ' f ' 141-V-' ,LI 0-F ' , ' '31, -'firm ,L "fa-.':V'iQf1f. ':Vu - 41' at-'Q :Lf-ax, ,ww J 'i'-z1V'.ff,"z- Vw-, .- . .. gr-.fco'.::. V11 vw mr , 'S' - ,z J- - -45 eg, 44-.A -' Q, .. V ' 13" ,fy-I 1 -gf 1. . 1 .4 'Y :gi'-5'ffErfV-2..- A f I : sw. - -Vw p, -5' ' ,. ,.:-f-f1:V-f'- -gttykwxivgfi-1627-n...kf' -2'-x 1 A -1 fat., -f. H ,V ,V 313 " -LFP' F3189 ' f W I" :P ' IV-.Wil ' . :, ".'E.Q1'- Wvfisfifiw lxg jig EJ e':aiz-i-Q-if "un i w 1-5.3YWU,.32 1 . . DL A : 4:E5Mavm: kV up '.x'fir'71 ., , , U ,. Y ' 3.11.-:IAN-w.,1H ' '-.1,:iw.i,4r5'V ,. f rw--et.-. '::s'tw.Q:-:af 4 E'f'f7!f3Q:f1i2i'?? 531F'1'ii?sff1 . ,f11'1:I2V, E- sfmwghpr H ig - 3- 1 1 E-M-'Mm ,' 1-. Y -. Vg. - ' 5' Xu. mg-f 1 .' - 4 V .f V qw, j',' 1 Z. WV i123.'ff' ,-fx Q .1'---fjzji.-951-,-'""-'l 1 Q . .....- VLV 4 221 YT :XL"'f5r2di?l:1?f'f4wi'.fbi 1:1 1 4 'Q amps1-.1'w.1p:,1:zV.1,A-'pl- -- z 37 3: W- W' 1'-rf 'f ggi.-gvnwzf-' . , .V J-JL:-E:VV' v - , .-We-. VV ' ' .M ,fu flwlileri il. ' Q 'nvz' GA--livli ,glhfqfly 1:12. ' '- 1. maV,f.-i?:- , 'J 552 'Fifi 55311 -'--1 T233 if is 1 4 N. .,,,, ,, ' iw P H,-I ,Ji ,gl . W ., .W ,. wmuq. 5. 3 Zij-mf, 'T .,,. ,, ...H ,,, E I I gg If L mmm' . fm in jlif affs 1.5 .pe C, AM K V ,Wt A fig? ., ,a..:WV3gig,pgq .V v ,. -.-fl',55,:.:. Vg V. 2331: 55 gl E ,V-,ix 1Qu,:,m1--,I V: f.,--by 41 S R 1:15130 F f f,,V:f.?j 3 297- ,rg- .fam 31,4 ' 'f"f??i , 211-332 , cw ,. R.. , 1 na ir .,,rf.,. t 4 fa., V. M, V 715235 ifflfr '- V 2 'Eifk il Vi' -55265 .l. ?s?" "V -?'?"Qf -N I 7.35 I L Q-,les ?'Eg.-M in ywyqf 1 ,5 gf - 1 .V ' 2121- - '- ' -rj ,'-523 2.1315 13, ,Tj gi: emi, 'Mitt m"1'iHgiq f V ' B gmnw J 2 UMW' HL ,Lf ' 1 '- A V: 5 1 'Ls' 'fr '. r 1 ' ' ' A I' ' -,i 17V w K ' V'5Z, ' 1-ali ,F kb 23- "ff: WY, 4' W2 F - , - - LA ' 545 .1,fw11..VvV:i1,V--L,V.-5'--v.,-t1,.,.3-g' -1-2 Q W. , .1 ,N V -, ,, m,,..,f ...,. I. T, ,,,k :., ,Er- 4.1' i7 . if 1 s- vLjfQgJ .pil I A ? fax. In ,V V-.A in V, 1 .3 . . , Jill I A 5- V-nv 5,-. ,.l:,'V.,:- 4 ,xr -V 5, -, - -n 2 -. ' -..--,f f- I fi' 51. - 1 52 5 M " fr " 5 Q if? -.wwf 4- H ii 9 " ' V. : . :Im 4, 31:5 ' .-',-I S - . '-Hen , , - - , U, H. 7 , li, 'ill ' M , -' W ,V,'- -H J VV4,:' litdi V- i, ! 'N xizlymilfn I -::t,r'l!vA5,,::: QW in i-gli? 1 , N in , , 1 V . -5 T:H::,.,.v . mv ..h, y :fre in .ew V A 7, ic 1-H A .1 -,XVI iTyI,.A:, Y A 41 -"" V' A "Y '11 'LYS' 'ff-'7"1 'V V f -.-2:'V A 1-Q ai -l r, ivy .. a-33, N A . , . , : Q Y v V I , px V , '. fy ' fs S r ,,,.- , td l " ' o- ' ' " A A , ' A A fs - ,Nd f Page I 49" Isg.,.,,,!1!:fr P2 'nu 1. ' Gillil- ' I ll nfggylflf A I V Q A 'MO , J Sw tg Q ' QI' f L 1 I. ll, 4 I -- -. ,nh jx A ,- I ff N ." ' Qf .4 w- 4 . gf AM hp A I 'Mfr ,- ' A NLF P ' ,G r L I I f Qu ,.. ,N .x-3, I. . fx, 3- 144. f, S f 4,-W-, ,,. ff. v.5,:2.i:Vfg .15-QQZWW 4 , z 1 M.. , 'Q .9 If g Q, I 2, 5' , ffm, ' .Q , ,3,2v?,,,, ,Q the rrifver, the plateau, and seven hills... elements becoming alive to make a city. The river- the source. Man envisions a city. He grasps afooting on the plateau and climbs to the seven hills. - Man builds. Q. from the river, his tradeg on the plateau and the hills, his life. And on one hill g he builds a foundation for his learning. a V He sends there i his people to grow in knowledge, A and to return, Ia part of him once more. t P95 I ll s Q., 'Ji' We lf ll J f -tv vw, , p-qgq U0 U 1 ' 81' ad' ff' 0003 6 . 6 ug! vobld JJ is , wr at 0"f.QUeaj oyu 0 'f47aK."LJ U 0' -.VU ,fl 000 llvd 4 aah, .U 0 'tfml ' ., W t s 0 ,f v lm t M" y W ltjiif l L w fyfy , I-1, ! M . N'-in defy iff: i g if by A ,U t . contents the Year page 414 the University page 44 the Organizations page 182 the Athletics page 298 foreword 1956 - the peaceful year, and Russia smiled at Gene- va. The UN seated seven- teen nations and the big question was, would Ike run? Many people said PR was dead in Cincinnati when Council did not as- sume office while poll- workers recounted. UC cele- brated the 50th anniversary of the coop system and in- augurated a new president, Walter Consuelo Langsam. You were an undergraduate in the middle of it all. The 1956 Cincinnatian records your year at UC. NV 6 Pg3 feel the line of the roofs against the slay. Run your finger over the soot laden slates, up and clown the gables, in and out, over and around the Chimney pots. Feel the crisp edge ofthe brick- the shiny plane of the aluminum. Feel the dijferenee - contrast. Know the city. P rl HHH r:fles Travel a gaslit roadway- tllfn UPOTL Cl TLQOTL UXUQTLUG. i Feel old and new side by side. Each accentuates the other. Pug 7 the university commands b the city i from the hilltops. People - come from and beyond 2 to the 110-acre campus ofgelassio buildings, outlined towers, and many lights. Here, a gray outline against Kentucky hills. the city V I the City becomes remote- 1 9 WM W' LS A ""' fi...1,.gf ' fs ' -1 W 5 11 A Z , 93" W iz' 5' Y 1 n ,f 4' Q. ...If 1 .4 1' , X 'EX , MQ:-.a...'gg V , ijt Jjgff, '. f www ,3-L, W , Muir 'MM ""51:?vf::f,,.fM::Q?Kh, waasam. " JA? l ..-1..,...7.,. ,- ' 5,2 W '-."w2k:7'::g'1Hu7l"'Y - aw -7 ' K .4f1E2:sf'- J . r ' .N J , it- I f -- Y, KT' .sw I f , gg ' 'Q 5 sq. ' . Jef., M ,fs T. gm., ,rf-I W ' - .. ' . ff-uf' .Q f ,wi -- f N-v '. ' 44 YY ' - " v , Q. , cv, gif' J' ,117-..r--j ,Sit-' YQS, . ---Y, .,? fil' A ' -.-...W X X -'wi '.'3.Q' -3 .":,f-5 , L. naw ay . fs. . I . ' ':wSf?'.4, 'tl -v Ji an 1 A -' J' 43? -n -.3..m,-fa A -,. . Islniduv 39 ,fi ' ' 1.1"-w , , .Wy J -,VJ ,, Q: 5 Q nf? ' Y. 'Q' J 2 . wi?', fa? my ff Q SV ' . , wi f 1 -:V fa-5122 41537 744,252 Q 1 w52kf,:,?'22sf!?:3fFf2Eg 42' ' .1 fl .gin -k N . - I-.JET irx ikw - Q ag., -X - sf? , -. ' 17: 335 : ,., IWL. , Lx-. L 13 Q15 :Sal A11 x ':. K -I 1 IQ, 2 'fx wg A 'f B N , fgyieu . ' f. ,I :-1e:'1- - W Q 5'Q"6w ,my - 1 ' 3- ,. ,V QV: f wx .,.f N 'S . .A.,, Q Q Bev Hughes, Lucy Smalley and Phyl Sigler find that the Stephen Collins Foster Memorial Room with its large collection of Foster me- morabilia offers diversion from library study. culture -- in the city, in the university Cincinnati: her museurrfs exhibit of rare musical instruments, her Symphony, her Summer Opera, her theater- these are of her people. The University, her cultural memorial rooms, her musical groups, her Mummers Guild, her academic courses in the arts- these are for her people. Page ll a city steeped British sculptors' exhibit in the contemporary art center. Page I2 in culture not limited grows as her people grow. Young Duveneelfs art becomes a collecrorjs itemg the dream of a young Hemingway becomes a best seller, and the people build. Students and citizens grow together in art and literature. Wisdom, symbolized 1 above library doors Design in the compre hensive student show A TC volunteer uses community resources in developing her program. , . . . QW - fywffN:"f'f',w 'f -"" ' 1: -ima A ' .M V, '. .iii 7' ' 1,1 3'2Zf:C,2 SQ . .J . -f . - 1' .., f, f6.'1'r, '1 . - '-1 92555-f ,fg'g.:. VL- , 4- 411 Q.. D14 I 7 ." ,. , . ' , ,,.ff"- M312-Aw " .'-f5'f:',,1, - ffujfiggvgf . ,md U ..,..a .Q .Q -fx .ggi V .3 52' 2 W " 4,1 . 1 21114553 Q , 'E Mika. , "-5, . rb '75, .E E . -:ci xl 3 ' Lv.. ' 1 f,1 414,41 ," "Wx A gf, , -,, , Hs- --L N. ' 'W , ., S 5'7" 4' :Mm -I 5, E , I ' "QT ' K- Fffbd 15 'Y g,,,z.-. 5 agen A 1 "Wig 5 " M. i I 'x '1 M1 I' ,.- . X -"fQ--'f.,v-- .- ,, I 1. xv, A '55Y"1'-f" ,hx -. ..- :Wm h-W. 2 -3. X. tgnfzzi -.3341 "r .A ' - , gm,-givx X 1"""Jl-4' " , , ' '.4.f1f- Q, if .5 -Q 'ff l ll: vi ' . Q , if' V . ' vig. "1 ufpkf xi, " " 1 - L, U-3, A 3 A A vw -15 - M 'YRAN .,. ---f:,,.,. f - X . , . U. 1-Ik - , i '-- P?-'I-ls- www '2v.v1'--M-5ljg',g-,,w L , . . x 25- ' x"'J."v' "5" ' .1 e V JA ANN 3 g'.z'- ig-WSE' 5-xf uf ' Vi' ,':z'-:,j- "W an TK'---A "xx -' ' '. if fa 'ig , . . . vxfxffm viz -Mg V'- -ofwrqx ' P flag- "- .Ap 1 --f 'NX1 SQ 5'j jg 7..x:,'ll'.' af Q n N? ' .. H . ., -4 .-P' J: - EZ-:fs 1 ' hclk- 1' :Tj I V-Q.-15.1 iff' :"t., li ML , 1 42. N ::4"- ,I qx S Z- iix I . , J' .A 5,- 1. 1.4 . 4 1 . .1z5Q:g',,ff1- Q A W ,. 7 ,. . fi, -E A ,, . N 'f 533224-- 'w4SPP'f2.'-kxf .- - www ll ' " ,1f7"f,'-'f "2 f " .. 'X ' ,-:N-zfvf' A ' , ,. . ' - . - 534' , - nf, - - ' "X A",f2H?k-lf, w -A v 3 ' 5 , HM, , V ' 4' 'k " 'i g,, -V , Y f . ' k'f'1-1-vm Q '- - . --'L f., Q 1,,"v4N,, 2:3111 Z ::. :- ' w. - V . - 44, 2' 151,115 " , , I fZ'.':2z.'. -.4 w- ,H "ml . A Ev." ' . -. fy, fif. M . a ft ,fm wwe: - :fb rf ., . - mmm 1' , - zu . WM-gi '. 'Wm-f ,, ,. ' iw -2 -9 2' 5-'ff yet for those who build buildings glass and aluminum become the materials. Yellow gargoyles atop Memorial dorm and the bronzed doors of the Physics building UIQ COTL TLLOILS. This is the wa of the nifuersity. 2 , fw ' f 611,wie-,41'f,-fie-L'Af 1 , ..,. J -N I 'Y A- :W - ,,.:-, , ,,,, , ,.,, , , .Q ' ' 944' 422 , Z jfvxgzg Z 19e4M'i9--w V .41 1 , - ,- 4665' wave 9' , A fx fl 1- 4 ,VI ' ' s 7' ' 4,4 H ,S Q-N f v ww wa 1.-.syn 6, ,MQ f . N. N ,. A , ,3- ' ' , , f f M ' fe' , ., , , ia ,, . .. wa -'L?2'1.,1, ,.w,!lM- A in ..,+kLrZ, ' , ., ,. - Al, araaf ,V-f-Wi 13135-I - W' f. "TLP 1 ' -fb'25f'f'24Xv -541475293 Kggwf:,5f5w,. Av.,-41.,i1,3X. 'A 5: V 1, -V -1- -1- -V-:':?':J -15 ,5 .. "- P ,nf'iw f "Wh ' - ' ag- A ,Wag ff V X ' f X -fl.-'pQ,,mz.':Q:.qfI 'EZVV' N" .-,J ' . , x .lx 'X p J P " ' W If .1 ' 2' ' M .nfiwxfww ,f f, gf, 1- ',M,,'xs., vfp M N 3x 65 Q Q 4 we Y A gsffwe-2 5 4 x ,Q A 3 1 qgwgyi 1 r 4 ',Q?,Ze iii k,fgP'V'Wih6V-I9 wi N A rv- 5 km-ep-you ,wwvumvp 7553-SE' ' mmm 1' 1 . 4. .,.... fm... , . .f ' . - nm -fix: ' '-EW Vvffll. ., -L.: ,fy , ' , -' ef ss- 121,-2112, ,.5:-35: I, Qgzsrvqzzm' . ' 5.,.1+',-x- W -wggffffmgftc.,55-I.. . :sg ww' s,x9.:.:1 'asses ' M51 Ami ' . f ----f 1-V15 , 3 P. 5+1:.sf2 is - J w -1' s 9, Page I5 f' .p- I-..' --i W. X44 FR fb 3 '4"7-1' , 4..... people . . . many people each with a way to go, an aim in mind. They are resolute, congenial, earnest, happy, discontent. They have moments of fear, feelings of hope... people. . . . to be together is to be alone The elements of a rainy day neither impede the progress nor depress the spirits fire prevention week, october 915 ATU third place '-'ZZ WSEWA LAYINQ wm4 me BU S f MY Q "r I I l x ,, N V W V KN f we X f grip rivvv-, fu ,K W-Neva., Lfsfk, I - I f 'K JJ u 2 J vwv 2-F 1, 'Ria , gf W' If 'Aw 7f1ffwffvJ,f .... I mi 56,3 ,:':,L.zg2 ' ff 1 . 5.83, 9 , ck Ng 5 f 10,1 I ,4 ,' , ,A"A'2F!"b'bwf ' . , -604, li , A 53 A w Q2 'J' s 2 .lu x ' ' f' H .2 5? Ellie Payler and John Marcy interpret the Charleston of the 2 flappers and formals . . . these were the highlights of the sophomore class's Fall Ball. They identified the contestants of the Charleston and ballroom dance contest, which was judged by TV personalities. 0 leadership conference Camp Kern, 1956, a weekend of leadership training thro ugh speakers, discussions and workshops under the theme, ustop, look, and lead! 97 An informal discussion group led by Betty Ann Miller and Alvin Cohn ic c Volleyball is energet ' relaxation at leadership conferen 8 dadis day The dads' tense anxious, concerned aces re lect com lete concentration on the HS-UC ame. a P g Dads' Day-when dads become a part ofthe cheering student body-when players' dads wear their sons, numbers and sit on the bench, proud in the knowledge that their sons are the team. Page 2I F , M 15 . - In .,l .gmmgkm . - Q1-,N - K J 'K ' E , V151 ' - 5 Y p H ixw'aN wwf . ,N Y . -,545 : s , -.,4:g1, , N f u, ' - wx' 'Ls h , g 'ga Nha J., ., -. ,ay . rw- , ' 'Y' -sz" h' . . ' Afsiif Q. ' A Qs-nav N X13 4 -AW Y,"--..v-. i X ' l V , , -4 is f- f R 1 ., , f,,, xVvR.,x A, 3 ' 2- x . E 7'1fQ1.s.' 1i' s 4 . 1 -v N u , V . . 'A . .--4 -4 1 . , XL ' L -if .lfiiv 'Q ' 'W PV , . .-B' ,TH U " " -X ' -fr as ' . ' , , . , , 1, ' , -Nvpfg N- 4.43 in ' " ' vw ' Y Ef We v V va- y 5. 3- 5. swag ws ggi 4 if , W. t1faf gf Js'gQfsgH ,.11.i'I.s"'glA A, nv ' f A as 2 'TQ o 'wif .?iGQE5gi?GQ?W' UQ' AM'Y M " H-H 5' AYfNv?Wkis .i ??1a?W2fQQWi fi ii f 1 'Q5f.'7?f?Mff .:fg:f'-,?,wq-:- v , -- - A e Q - X -- Hwieweamnatmi 4.ff'., Q . 1ia1'. f .-TN Lui! Yfwfm - I , f ' 1 ', . e yn pf V .Q Q 4 4 fs . -' .H- mesaifswamws , 4 f Mash .:" Je :et-Q -, A 4- Q' ,, Q N his-.m A. .- . lit., . 1 mqewkwwwasewws M , 'eff . f-A ' K, ws: , WM . -' '- ' 4' , ' - - 'Q if F11 il z, . . ' ' , , ,,. ' , ,es ' i 1,,V,-- Q, fx , , t - , if A 4' swswew1'1q vfs 41 ' ,pst . S saga-Qs iff ': ' J Q, 2 ., .- A -T 4 uf' A , ,l x gif : , is., Q Agijggs. W f., Q, Q' l y ful, X ' ' ." - f ig-, rgfwfNvq'MiW'.-rms s ?f. - ' wife ss' frqaQQ5' 1 -f Q ,-. - , " " ' ' . Q V: . ' I g gy AV,,t,,-:kg-.V.-mxiXX.,F,, Q wax? wx, K 551 5 -K, S, l,.- . 4 ga, K , A ' ' t Q 1 iw ,. ,- 'i Q ,- , 'ww :Q -e 2, .M f gs 4 5+sox' - 4 . . ' fe - 3 -. .fu , ww:-:':' ' , Y . V wg ' j -. I , F - gf I ,. 'M, f , "' P, - , M fwfa,EmM 's e .' :QP I A - A - . , - W ,V f ,, ., A ., :Avg -px I - zz: ' . "M" VP, -x f V ' iq ll I l QV nigga ,gg-p f'if4 ,s KQAL fk ts ', w ,vs ,, A t 'U Kappa Alpha Theta - women's most beautiful homecoming is a pageantry like event with its float parade at hahf time. Football then becomes secondary as the colorful floats depicting many themes circle the field. To the participants of Collegiate Day it is a phase of a college dream, to the alumni a memory, to the students a realization. Page 22 X v Delta Zeta - women's most humorous WW iffnfghf' 7 757m Lambda Chi honors President Langsam. in va' '1 , V , ,. A.4. L A OUR45 - Sigma Alpha Epsilon B CPN- R I P TH E men's most beautiful TRAP Phi Delta Theta - menfs most humorous Page 23 Ewa A 'fax-ff,V ,Q . J " ' g 4' x "2 425' x Sandy Tish KAPPA ALPHA THETA Debble Ahrens Jeannine Stegman KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA CHI OMEGA ,Q ,w A wr Page 24 the little brown jug . a gaiety and a tenision leading the way t0...a queen and her court. ..the S0 hos dance P Connie Pinfold DELTA DELTA DELTA ' ,, 4 V V . v , V , . . , , ,,V. .wV,3.m,,,I,sml- ml Sophos Queen .laye Marwm, ALPHA CHI OMEGA Page 25 ' 9 , vu P. 0 E . f mwam SQMWVW . ,W ,. no-miami football game fall is a composite of many things-it is a busy time. It means new faces, new responsibilities, new outlooks. It brings traditions: the Miami game, Religious Emphasis Week, the Mammers Play and, at times, new ones. It is enthusiasm and warmth- it is the beginning of another year. Old rivals and Mortar Board mums on Thanksgiving Day informer and the real macoy in a Nazi prison camp, presented by Mummers. Page 27 The men of Ulex do a farcical take-off on Margie and her majorettes for the Metro Benefit Show. Happy faces reflect the thanks felt by them. To give a Christmas to the cityjs underprivileged children, Metro gathers the talent of the campus into Eager fingers demolish wrappings. Us annual benefit Show- Pcge 28 metro benefit show and christmas party Feathered Indians relax before going on stage. Backstage is a collage of show personalities. Dancers Mary Ann Pearman and Jack Louiso The Christmas Party- a tinseled tree, cartoons, gifts, refreshments. . . gleeful cries, eyes, and the Milk and sandwiches are a definite hit here. arrival of a real Santa Clans. Page 29 EF: Dave Hazlebeck and Pat Clapsaddle King and Queen of the Mardi Gras union mardi gras late winter and early spring bring with their changing weather and variable moods an assembly of activities: the Applied Arts Masked Ball, Greek Week, the week of World University Service, and fraternity sweetheart dances. Page 30 greek week march 3-10 v 1 Irish-and Margie West, Goddess of the Greeks i PiKA comes in Ist in the chariot raceg contestants are judged in the Gable of the Greeks contest. wus march 1 2-1 6 Auctioneers Dean Holliday Sidney Wilson bids for a and Bruce Amand close bid. service for Tri Delt. L junior prom Joni Shafer KAPPA DELTA Shirley Shepard CHI OMEGA Page 32 Mary Francis KAPPA ALPHA THETA Lynn Delforps THETA PHI ALPHA What cloes it take to be a prom queen. . .personality, good looks, popularity. . . intangibles which the queen ancl her court possess. , I .W -Swv? ' ' iwiii - . 3 -aww SEQ 2535 Rig Sai :msg Q-I funior Prom ueen, Lee Ritterhojf KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Page 33 the university A final consultation of judges produces the sing results. Bright lights, dusty floor--white jackets, echoing voices sing ,R my ss , 1 ' ' 'Gif " -4+ ,I Xi fir 4: ' V "2-wv . ,, 66Barkers', Ann Kircher and Billy Hall attract midway crowd to their carnival booth 150' i Lambda Chis kid Marilyn Crotty 1 scales don't lie! the field house becomes a pandemonium of activity as the booths of the fraternities and sororities take shape on its floor-the air of a carnival is apparent. It is the annual Sigma Sigma Carnival, a highlight in social events. 1 frgxw Q: 5 A midway of carnival booths-a gala tour down the line to try one's luck with each- to imagine which one will be chosen the most carnival like or the most popular booth SLU . X In senior week lvy day Graduation-a commencement into another phase of lute. Senior Week-a composition of sequent events...the will and the prophesy... Ivy Day. . . Baccalaureate serviee...Senior Prom. graduation f ' ',-lj, 'fl 4'.'1'E,, 11 'gf...'F J 535 I The conclusion--the class in its entirety. Selected junior women carry the ivy chain. + .-,1g. , , f:',-p,w-,g-- X X -114 ff: -I -P 3175,-xxx: ,335 v ,. QQQZQWZ 5-W9 1j'if,:1,q X - 4 ' 33x31-"3 -f"'1-4f1Lef5Q5.l"1f:'?v41'f'r'E1Lf" if 91 "H-If 1' . " L ":fJ1!'.,,.' 'i'-" nlffxi"if:.ig'5'2:fiv':1Lf:5-iff1-'fif'L' . .2 "L, L 1-N111 '14 ff -,1'.'1'fj'f'i ?l-,1'1-in 1h""':-"-Inj., 'f--"L l+3tSfff4.1al1-,:-'Ay f ' ,I v-'QA ,, g9g,E1xzIi9' 'W 2..- -W.5'gyc3ui51..H:: ,,,"J:-L Y' g.,1'513g:' '54, :QF , 'Q' Qlfiii "1 w,f5:g?.5,9,:b-'f-ifffxif ' ""Ea9Ym-f,v-- r ' '-1 'IQ-' 11 i'l'd4?'.. 5":"i'lfJf'.-lib" ,ull TQ '--X-wg'ff'J' .Wy-' '.f1-lv "1"r. v".-' -fu' -.-mm f. .1 W VH-"f'f-1n9':.'f-mia ,a'f:f": I9-fI"11QfffIf,"3fL':X3il?Q"" Q T' uf, ' . 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' ' " ' f I 'Q' 17" - A-ff!-.. , , ' -, A ,J 1 -4+-J 2 mis: 1 1 1 I K, A,-,..-ffgvw 2112456911323-Q 'jj lg '.Tg1j,,ffpg2,3yj !.,f.'w 1 I1-75f'M.1.l?LE1i5?.'Gf: ff"55 f - ' K Ifltizisiff-'fQ ,U 1 Ap12f'L.f Q - 521 , "1ii1fff.'w -:f'1i35- ..:..51"- -'1- Yale . gyguj.-,, .511 ,nf '- --gg-:. 31.3 V ,.--,,.vG,, .V ., , Haw-l'z' M352--'-' . .-',fff4'. ' ' ' uri- i -"' , V: '. .f 4 3 55255-.',"ign pf, rf ,QQ ,Ugg ':f,dl,-f- 1. ,... ,g:3,:-41- W. f ff' 5. - f Ay,-fav. 1.- x-1-f . .- -1'-.":-'Vw-'-u 'LE 53 aj" :Q If- r 53,5 an gi --3 , gm " qf11:,,ff,fz:1 f, r the University administration colleges graduate schools semester colleges eo-operative colleges evening college summer school personalities , , .5 .. , .1 'I--.-:fi-11: fi , Q ,-a.QL.Qk- 1,,-,...f.a.,:g- H2152-an-A: "" -ws:,'f.,:ge1qj,U.-t 'r 7 ' ii Pg 43 l President Langsam and Mrs. Langsam Walter Consuelo Langsam, author, historian, president. . . Coming to the University campus from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, President Langsam holds a doctor's degree and has written several books in the historical field. The president both taught and studied at Columbia University in New York, he occupied a professorial chair at several colleges, and was president of Wagner College, Staten Island, New York, before accepting the presidency of Gettysburg. The president and his wife have two sons, Walter and Geojfry- both are students at Gettysburg College. When one meets the president, one sees a reserved and dignified man extremely interested in campus life and activities- scholastically and socially- anxious to meet and to plan with the student body. Q2-fs,-5? QM 4 c ... f .1 f Xi, H V wk 942 'Q ,fx A gm - W E .,,i .A H sf-wi jf... f ,. - . 1.2211-1.1: Q. 2 'H-1 M, Ha' :uv 'X' .Y N k .g.f W S :QA sy 'Mm 15 W 1 The president as he is inducted by R. Brodie-the oath, the tipping of the hat, the congratulations The recessional-ceremony's end. For the firsttime in fifty years, a president is inaugurated. W Y alter COTLSMQZO Langsam' At the tea following the inauguration, Raymond 011, October 29, 1736071195 Lhg f-Ourth Walters, president emeritus, and his wife con- . . . rat late the tncom d ,t d h s w fe. president of the University. g u mg presl en an I I The traditional academic procession, speeches and the oath form the impressive ceremony. Page 47 board of directors Any group of modern expanding colleges like the Uni- versity of Cincinnati needs expert coordination for or- ganization and planning. Serving the purpose of main- taining high academic standards, sufficient athletic and social programs, new construction, faculty alter- ations, and student-faculty policy is a group of nine outstanding civic, professional, and industrial lead- ers of Cincinnati, known to everyone as the Board of Directors. In his sixteenth year as chairman of the hoard, Mr. Renton K. Brodie is doing another excellent job. Meeting monthly, the hoard originates ideas lead- ing to actions which advance University prestige and expansion. In the last few years, the Board has made visible progress with the acquisition of more land and the construction of new buildings such as the field- house and Shank Pavillion. Another success of the Aboard has heen in making the people of Cincinnati ap- preciate and recognize UC as an outstanding University. i:EAgEDf:VcgerkM3 Schohg lgse Chairman, Benlqmln Ez Tflie. MVS- JUNE D959I'iSy Early, Renton K. Brodie, Chairman, Dr Walter C Langsam STANDING Ralph ' We - eff 'mes - me' Dt- Fffmk H- Mayfield. Arthur W. Schubert. Nor Ptctuneo-Frank T. Purdy, Assismnf clek Page 48 dean of administration Dean Bursiek confers with Mrs. Stork. Ralph C. Bursiek Dean of Administration A man holding two very important positions at UC is Dean Ralph C. Bursiek. He is both Vice President of the University and Dean of University Admini- stration. As bearer of these titles, he handles the finances of the University and its budgets, supervises the building program and is in charge of all auxiliary departments such as purchasing and maintenance. ln addition to these responsibilities, Dean Bursiek serves on Union Board and Board of Publications. His joh is one of the most all-inclusive at UC. Page 49 Page 50 dean, of men Robert W. Bishop Dean of Men Two men who are busy 'long after their ofiices close are Dean Robert VV. Bishop and Assistant Dean William R. Nester. Many of their evenings are spent attending meetings of student organizations Which they advise. Dean Bishop's appointment hook is filled with meetings of Student Council, Orien- tation Board, Union Board and Social Board, While Dean Nester advises class oflicers, IFC, IFPC, lVlen's Advisors, Sophos and Leadership Confer- ence. Although both these men have countless obligations, they always find time to counsel students and talk over with them any problems they have. William R. Nester Assistant Dean of Men Walk into the Dean of Womenis office and you find yourself in a veritable beehive of activity. Mrs. Helen Rose, Assistant to Dean Lillian Johnson will gladly make an appointment for you to see either Miss Johnson or As- sistant Dean Marjorie Montrose, for in hetween all the advising and meet- ing they do, they find time to chat with each woman student at some time during her college days. Miss Johnson advises AWS, IHC, Student Council, and Alpha Lambda Delta, while Miss Montrose advises Junior Advisers, Jun- ior and Sophomore class officers, Kampus King Dance and the lndependents. dean of women Marjorie A. Montrose Lillian M. .J0hl1S011 Assistant Dean of Women Dean Of W0lne1l Page 5I Page 52 John P. De Camp Director of Public Relations public relations Keeping the University before the public ina favorable light is the tremendous job that confronts Mr. John P. DeCamp, director of Public Relations, and his staff. They must constantly remind the public of the accomplishments and needs of the University. Since UC is a muni- cipal institution, special eiiort is made to keep the local public informed through daily and weekly newspapers and radio and TV stations. However, UC receives its fair share of attention throughout the nation with the Univer- sity a constant source of news because of its numerous research programs, athletic events and faculty activities. Files of all University news are kept current for future use. The job of pub- lic relations is never-ending at UC. Joyce Agnew and Carol Wahle find an interesting article in one of the public relations, many scrapbooks, while Kay Valentine phones news to a paper. A very important part of the University is the large body of alum11i under the leadership ol Executive Secretary, John E. Small, and his assistant, Donald W. Gaffney. Wprkiiig close- ly with the Committee ol 100, the alumni ol- fice sponsored a lecture series, Homecoming and the Sing. The staff publishes quarterly Mllhe Cincinnati Alumnusl' and conducts the UC Fund Drive. They work constantly to serve the University and to keep each one of the 30,000 alumni aware of UC happenings. Donald W. Gaffney John E. Small Assistant Executive Secretary Executive Secretary sq:-u-we-' alumni Betty Sellers, Grace Schoelwer, Pat Ballard, Joy Fishter, and Marie Be11to11 keep track of all alums and inform them of UC eve11ts and needs. Page 53 ffTflllllCltG school urls and sciences law medicine , I Y ilii, f '- Q 1 ,.,, ,1--,-.-:-..- .,., .111-.,... , , . J ,11'1-sew sf!" M11 Fx. If-3 Y . ' . .',1 Q . 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""' 1-13, -'1.' 1 ' 1 ' fi Evfr- 1.2.1 ' .. 21 35-113 .4y,Q.,,,-1 ' 1 1' - ' I A31 - g-,ji Ei 112 15. . ,f EEA' W1 - fir? - I rw Page 54 ndertal-sing work of diverse nature, students in the Graduate School ofArts and ciences work toward a masters or a doctors degree. Much of their time is spent in individual research and stud , and in the preparation of theses. graduate school of arts and sciences Both a chemist and an educator, Dean Hoke S. Greene has served as national Councilor for the American Chemists So- ciety and as vice-president of the Mid- west Conference of Graduate Deans. Hoke S. Greene Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Stanford Apseloff, Taft teaching fellow in English, does seminar reading in the stacks. Edmund Killingberger, graduate physics major, performs an experiment. Page 55 To train students in the priflciples of the common law, lo develop the power of legal reasoning, and to teach the fundamentals o the practice- these are the chief aims ofthe College of Law. Students are given the opportunity for individual work through seminar courses and through writing for the uLaw Review," a student edited periodical. Dean Roscoe L. Barrow has been as- sociated with the Department of ,lust- ice and the Department of Agriculture. He also served with the NLRB and worked with the US attorney general. - 1- vm: 1,ff'R'a4"wi' 2127? iyrhf WQ, ,. V wi' , ' twgigfgsg, Roscoe L. Barrow Dean, College of Law ,N V ., v - v 4, .17 uzvif- U --,, ,-v,,:g college of law Alphonso Taft Hall s -f nv V '- wif: is new ' 14 0 L .. , ?-.ff,,V.- Q "' A-fl. N , V ' - 1 . " V 1 ' , ' - - : L V3 K 1 W . . " , , n, 'M 'QA " . 'X-, -. N 4294 5 If ui-D , c m.5fi,:..v V L' . A .,,,, , MM ,, I , Z , 9,1 -Vw: 1-af V ' V fl .V V' -4 pf f WIN, , - 1 ' Q, ., 1 K . V ,. X ai lf , , h f V - ,-. V 45 . V .. , M . . '1 -V . Faq-4' 5' ,Y ff ' . , '. V 'FA A -' "".,1w" .J ww 5 f A xzkl . . " MAL, , ' ' , A '- ,. .5 ,' , 4, f -A-W , 4 A A N . -' in . J .- , - " " 5 X f ' x X.. . . as V" ' ' 1 ' ' K ' 4'N.V.',' I S ', 2 " , , V " M ' "1 V + ' if VL, V ' ' Q. .. .4 I ' ' 4 5 'f' " I . V W' - 'T jf, 4 f . -,, . A 'I ' " ' . . , , 1 , ...fu . . , ' ,Q V At", 1 ,V Q , W5"v. V ,V 'V V -1 -V - ' V 3 -- - . 1:01-i 5 ,Maja 4- 73 gn. .ASG qw ,. , f f xv... V' I ,. v ' V - ' . V - - . . , Ag' , f w Page 57 law SQSSIZOTLS are practiced to apply the information learned from instruction in the case method, the analysis and interpretation of courts' opinions in litigated cases. P g 58 Seniors Noi Piclured MALLO, JO ANN-L.L.B., Akron, Ohio. AHLnici-is, JAMES W.--L.L.B., caneinnefi, ohio. M.ffON',f.UGHY- .ROBERT THEQDORE-LAL-B-. Sharon- CASTLEBENY, Joi-iN PARTER A.-L.L.s., cincinneii, Q e' O '9'C"1C""'0F' LQW Review CASSOC- Ed-J. Honor Ohio. oun., Phi Della Phi. JABLIINSK? EUGENE ADOLPH-L.L.s., Doyron, ohio- Mecicsrizorri, JOHN Rosenr-LLB., cinermis, ohio. Jr. Cass res. KOTAGIDES, GEORGE-L.L.B., confer., ohio. C1055 rm., IBRAUN, FREDERICK HERMAN-L.L.B., Cincinnati, Ohio -Della Thela Pi. BRIGHAM, ROBERT W.-L.L.B., Cincinnali, Ohio-Phi Alpha Della lV. Pres.l, Cincinnali Law Review lAssoc. Ed.i, Alpha Tau Omega, Arnold Air Soc. GILLIECE, JAMES JOSEPH JR.-L.L.B., Covinglon, Ky. -Fresh. Class Pres., Srudenl Bar Assoc. lPres.l, Nall Mooi Courl Team. GOODENOUGH, DANIEL JOSEPH-L.L.B., Covingron, Ky.-Sludenf Bar Assoc., Honor Caun. JAEGER, BRUNO GUSTAV-L.L.B., Cincinnali, Ohio- Della Sigma Pi, Phi Della Phi. KENNEDY, GRAFTON SHERWOOD, JR.-L.L.B., Havre De Grace, Md.-Phi Della Phi. KOENlG,RlCHARD-L.L.B. LEVI, DONALD MERRELL-L.L.B., Cincinnali, Ohio- Phi Della Phi lTreas.l, Honor Colm. LEVI, JACK WINFIELD, JR.-L.L.B.,-Phi Della Phi, Slu- denl Bar Assoc. lSec.l. NOLAN, JOHN JEREMIAH-L.L.B., S. FT. Milchell, Ky.- Srudenf Bar Assoc. RIEHLE, RAYMOND R.-l..L.B., Milford, Ohio. ROTHCHILD, EUGENE MAURICE-L.L.B., Cincinriali, Ohio-Lew Review, Sigma Alpha Mu. SHAFER, ROBERT T., JR.-L.L.B., Cincinnari, Ohio- Phi Della Phi. TARTER, STANLEY MARVIN-L.L.B., Cincinnali, Ohio- Phi Alpha Della. WHITE, NICHOLAS-L.L.B., Williamsburg, Ohio-Cin- cinnali Law Review lEd.i, Sr. Class Pres., Law V. Jusiice, Phi Alpha Della. YELTON, PAUL RANKIN-L.L.B., Cincinnati, Ohio- Varsiry Fooiball, Sigma Sigma, Sr. Class V. Pres., Phi Alpha Della lPres.l. YOUNG, DAVID-L.L.B. ZIEGLER, WILBERT LOUIS-L.L.B., Park Hills Ky.-Case gclulb, Phi Della Phi, Cincinnali Law Review lBd. of law Pago 59 college of medicine Wledicine-a structure built on changing methods and many elements of science. Through study in the College of Medicine and direct contact with municipal hospitals, her students pursue their goals. Stanley E. Dorst Dean, College of Medicine i Page 60 A member of the executive council of the Association of American Medical Colleges, Dean Stanley E. Dorst has contributed numerous articles to sci- entific journals and encyclopedias. an 2 22 6 I ffv. as 44 , Y VX ' , Trademark ! Medical School Daily rounds - a reviewing of the patientbs chart and laboratory reports, and a check on his temperature - are made by grad students Tom Putnam, Chester Nameth and Dick Morris at General Hospital. Page bl medicine Na-..--....,,,,,,w-H . 3. White coated figures, quiet study and stacks and stacks of books Page 62 AICHOLZ, DON D.-M.D. ANDERSON, JOHN JAMES-M.D., Polond, Ohio. BARSMAN, JACK-M.D. BAUER, RALPH EDWARD-M.D., Porlsmoulh, Ohio-Phi Chi, Mitchell Pediatric Soc., lSec., Treas.j. BLUMBERG, HAROLD-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio-Phi Bela Kappa, Phi Elo Sigma, Milchell Pediatric Soc., Phi Delia Epsilon. BROCON, FREDERICK-M.D. BRUNSMAN, TOM HARRY-M.D., Cincinnati, Ohio-Nu Sigma Nu, Pi Kappa Epsilon. BURKY, ROBERT E.-M.D. BURTON, PHILIP BEYER-M.D., Dayion, Ohio-Phi Chi. CARR, JAMES ROBERT-M.D., I-Iamilion, Ohio-Nu Sigma Nu IPres.I, Pi Kappa Epsilon. CARROLL, MARK G.-M.D., Cincinnaii, Ohio-Alpha Kappa Kappa. CASS, WILLIAM-M.D. CASSIDY, WALTER-M.D. CASSINI, AUGUST-M.D. CHECKLES, NICHOLAS-M.D. DERNLAN, ROBERT LEWIS-MD., Toledo, Ohio-Phi Chi, Pi Kappa Epsilon, Miichell Pediafric Sac. DICKEY, RICHARD KARL-M.D., Verona, Ohio-Phi Chi. DITMYER, PAUL JAMES, JR.-M.D,, Hamilfon, Ohio- Nu Sigma Nu, Pi Kappa Epsilon KV. Pres.l, Miichell Pedimric Soc. iPres.I. DORGER, RICHARD JOHN-M.D., Cincinnoii, Ohio- Nu Sigma Nu. DREXELIUS, RICHARD J.-M.D., Cincinnaii, Ohio-Nu Sigma Nu. FERRIS, WILLIAM EDMUND-M.D., Delaware, Ohio- Alpha Kappa Kappa IPres.I. FIX, ARTHUR H., JR.-M.D. FORNEY, WILLIAM RAY-M.D., Williamsburg, Ohio- Phi Chi, Pi Kappa Epsilon, Miichell Pediafric Soc. FRAZIER, DONALD BINGHAM-M.D., Cincinnaii, Ohio -Bela Theia Pi, Nu Sigma Nu, Pi Kappa Epsilon, MII- chell Pedialric Soc. FRIEDMAN, JOHN L.-M.D. GILLETTE, ROBERT DUMN-M.D., Toledo, Ohio-Phi Chi iSec.I, Miichell Pedialric Soc. HENNING, DAVID-M.D. HERRING, BERNARD-M.D. HEUER, WILLIAM DONALD-M.D., Cincinnaii, Ohio- Phi Chi. , HIGGINS, ROBERT WOOD-M.D., Akron, Ohio-Alpha Kappa Kappa. HOLMES, JOHN CARVEL-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio. medicine Page 63 lneclicine ,wr , ' ',--.nj ....... .X . '. fiiiuy .v Page 64 HOPKINS, LENLY THOMAS JR.-M.D., Kansas Cily, Mo. -Phi Bela Pi. HOPPING, DONALD WARD-M.D., Daylon, Ohio-Nu Sigma Nu, Milzhell Pedialric Soc. HUSTON, JAMES EDWARD-M.D., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio -Nu Sigma Nu, Pi Kappa Epsilon. JETT, ROY, JR.-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio-Acacia, Alpha Kappa Kappa. KOHLER, DALE M.-M.D. KREINES, KENNETH-M.D. LANCASTER, RICHARD KIRBY-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio- Freslp. Class Pres., Phi Chi IV. Pres., Pres.l, Pi Kappa Epsi on. LEONARD, JAMES LUKE-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio. LONG, ALBERT LOUIS-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio-Pi Kappa Epsilon, Phi Chi, SAMA. MAURER, JAMES JOSEPH-M.D., Cincinnaii, Ohio- Alpha Kappa Kappa. MCCORKLE, CHARLES EDWARD, JR.-M.D., Sidney, Ohio-Nu Sigma Nu. MCLONEY, EARL ROBERT-M.D., Mechanicslown, Ohio- ODK. MCNEELY, BONNIE LaBELLE-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio- Sluden? Coun. Pi Kappa Epsilon, Mifchell Pecliafric Soc. MENACHOF, LOUIS WILLIAM-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio -Phi Della Epsilon, Phi Bela Kappa, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres. Fresh. Class. MERTEN, DAVID FISCHER-M.D., Cincinnati, Ohio- Nu Sigma Nu, Milchell Pediafric Soc., Phi Della Thela, ODK. MORAITES, RICHARD STEPHEN-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio Nu Sigma Nu. MORRIS, RICHARD HOWARD-M.D., Norlh Bend, Ohio -Nu Sigma Nu. NEDELMAN, STANLEY HOWARD-M.D.,. Cincinnati, Ohio-Phi Della Epsilon iSoc. Chrm.l, Mllchell Pedif alric Soc., SAMA. PALMISANO, PAUL A.-M.D., Norwooal, Ohio-Sluaenl Conn. ITreas.J, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Pi Kappa Epsilon. PARLICH, TED-M.D. PUTNAM, THOMAS CLARK-M.D., Cihcinnali, Ohio- Nu Sigma Nu, Soph. Class V. Pres., Pi Kappa EpSII0f1. Milchell Pedialric Soc. QUALEY, JOHN ROBERT-M.D., Bellevue, Ky.-Alphc Kappa Kappa, Pi Kappa Epsilon. RANK, WILLIAM BENJAMIN-M.D., Cincinnali,AOhio-A Della Phi Alpha lPres.l, ODK, Mifchell Pedlafric Soc., Nu Sigma Nu, Bela Thela Pi, Cincinnali Journal of Medicine ICO-ed.l. ROLFES, ERNST-M.D. ROUSEY, MARILYN JOYCE-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio. RUEGER, WILLIAM J.-M.D. SAWYER, JOHN D.-M.D. SCHAD, DEVANDA L.-M.D. SCHAEFER, FREDERICK LeROY-M.D., Cincinnafi, Ohio. SCHLUETER, JOHN J.-M.D., Cincinnali, Ohio-Soph., Jr., Sr, Class Pres., SAMA lPres.I, Sludenl Coun. IV. Pres.J, Nu Sigma Nu IV. Pres.I, Pi Kappa Epsilon, SIU- denl Coun. lSoc. Chrm.I. SMITH, TED-M.D. SPITZ, HAROLD B.-M.D., Cincinnoli, Ohio-Phi Della Epsilon. STEINHILBER, JACK PRESTON--M.D., Cincinnafi, Ohio -Phi Chi. STEVENS, FRANCIS LEONARD-M.D., New Richmond, Ohio-Phi Chi, SAMA. STEWART, JAMES FRANKLIN-M.D., Morielfa, Ohio- Phi Chi. TAYLOR, CLAUDE ADAMS, JR.-M.D., Frankforf, Ken- lucky-Phi Chi, SAMA. TERADA, FRANCIS-'M.D., Honolulu, T.H,-Pi Kappa Ep' silon. TIERNEY, RALPH C.-M.D., Norwood, Ohio-Pi Kappa Epsilon, Omicron Della Kappa, Phi Della Theiou, Mif- chell Pedialric Soc. TROUM, LAWRENCE D.-M.D., Bayonne, New Jersey- Phi Della Epsilon lTreas.I. VAN DYKE, ALEXANDER C.-M.D, WAGSTAFF, JAMES LYNN-Mo., canon, ohio-Pm cm. WALLER, Joi-IN-M.o. WEBER, RICHARD GENE-M.D., Marion, ohio. wsnio, HENRY-M.D. WILDEY, ROY ALLEN-M.D., Moscow, Ohio-Phi Chi, SAMA. WILLIAMS, DONALD GRANT-M.D., Cleveland, Ohio- Phi Chi, SAMA. WOLF, RICHARD-M.D. YINGLING, ROBERT JAMES--M.D., Marlins Ferry, Ohio -Milchell Pediolric Soc., Nu Sigma Nu. medicine Annals- x -we .-F' KL-'wi' QC' Page 65 15x f W Mya?" f ' ,5!i-?f-11532 . ' fgirvfr A 4 6 Page 6 ...J semester colleges arts and sciences home economics nursing and health pharmacy teacherjs college Pg 67 rg, 'vw - i gf college of arts and sciences X . Xfy 'mp Vai? '. ff McMicken Hall George B. Barbour Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Dean Barbour is important not only at UC where he has served on the cabinet longer than any of its present members, but also internationally. Honoraries of six countries claim him as a member. the college of arts and sciences provides the opportunity for study in subjects of recognized cultural value, and for the development of the power of independent thought and expression. Its programs, some of which are combined with law, medicine, and teaching, are of a preprofessional nature. Page 70 .5 3 A An archaeology display in Old ,. ., , U Students of English fini George Elliston Poetry B rich in resource mati I fry 5742 SD Y fr ':., : I I ff, ff- TM ,,,, . ,. , .,., .,,,.,. V 5 Z' f 4 f 9 , ,Wea Q: 3 Q Spring never leaves the Botany Building greenhouse. W . Mary Ann Keenan and Katie Eckert take turns reading while Ralph Smith records voice improvement in introductory speech. Once at home in an Italian villa, the lions, "Mic and Macy, now guard McMicken. 1.. wx fifv ,- . ,,t ,pswi ff ' al i 'N 1 Y. ...ant a..1,,..w.- 1, Q .I x, x X 3, . i if as .1 , ng a - 1 .- 'G 1 ' Q' Q'1:""3f"Iw4 X" , A ,-W,-:QA .Yagi A A, X ,Is :U- .. 'fr' 'V :- G.. ,img Ag i 1 1 HITS flll cl SCIPIICQS lf..-,':.L:.r. . Ii'-:v.i:". iff. ir'- ,, Page 72 ABT, MARGIE. ADDIS, JANE. ADLER, ELLEN SCHULZINGER-B.S. in Medical Technology, Cincinnali, Ohio -Cincinnolion ICopy Ed., Sr. Ed.I, Caducea, Hillel, Pi Della Epsilon. ALDRICH, ROBERT CHARLES-B.A. in Chem., FI. Thomas, Ky.-Caducea. AMAND, R. BRUCE-B.A. in Psych., Daylon, Ohio-Sigma Chi lEd., Pres.l, Sophos, Ulex iTreas.l, ODK lV. Pres.J, Sigma Sigma, Pi Della Epsilon, Cincin- nalus, Mummers, Profile lEdi'rorl, U.C. Digesl, News Record lFeaIure Ed.I. ANEWALT, DAVID curroizo-s.A. in chem., oeyion, Ky. BARRY, JOHN W.-B.S. in Bolany, Cincinnali, Ohio-Pershing Rifles lCapI.I, A815 Trib., Bela Theia Pi, YMCA lDevoTional Booklefs Chrm.I, ROTC lSoc. Comm., CofChrm. Rifle Team, Cade? Review Bd.l, Bolony Club, Men's Advisor. BARTEL, BARBARA-B.A. in Eng., Cincinnaii, Ohio-Hillel. BAUKE, JOSEPH PAUL-B.A, in German, Cincinnali, Ohio-Della Phi Alpha. BEMPORAD, SONYA FEUER-B.A. in Phil., Cincinnali, Ohio. BETSCHER, THOMAS. x BLAKE, WILLIAM ERNEST, JR.-B.A. in Hisl., Cincinnali, Ohio. BRASHAUS, RICHARD. BRATFISH, SYLVIA MARY-B.A. in Malh., Cincinnali, Ohio-AHS Trib. lPres., V. Pres.l, Zero Tau Alpha lPanheIlenic Rep., Soc. Chrm.g V. Pres.I, YWCA lCab., Membership Comm.l, VIC lCorres. Comm.l. Membership Comm.I, VlC fCorres. Camm.I. BROWN, THOMAS-B.S. in Zool., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Caducea. BROWN, JANE. BRUCI-IER, JACK ALFORD-E.S. in Chem., Cincinnoli, Ohio-Phi Della Thela, Mummers, Chem. Club. BUDAI, STEVE WILLIAM-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Sigma Plii lPIedge Tr.J, YMCA ISec.I, Glee Club, Speakers Bureau, Psych. Club. Seniors Noi' Piclurecl BANFIELD, CAROLYN E.-B.A. in Hisl. and B.S. En Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio. CARPENTER, JAC M., JR.-B.A. in I"IiS+., Cincinnafi, Ohio. FOLLMER, DONALD LEE-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio. GRATER, GRACE M.-B.A. in Hisf., Cincinnafi, Ohio. HENSEL, RICHARD KARL-B.A. in Malh., Cincinnati, Ohio. LANG, THOMAS LORRAIN-B.S. in Geology, Ashland, Ky. NOCK, JEAN ADAM, SR.-B.A. in Psych., Franklin, Ohio. SCHLOTMAN, PETER CARRUTHERS-B.A. in Eng., Cincinnali, Ohio. SCHULER, STELLA-B.A. in Hisl., Cincinnali, Ohio. . I WELSH, GERALD MERRITT-B.S. in Earfh Science, Cincinnali, Ohio. ' WRIGHT, NEIDRA JANE-B.A. in Hisl. and B.S. in Ed., Cinclnnafi, Ohio. BURCH PATRICIA ANN-B,S. in Medical Technology, Cincinnali, Ohio-Kappa Alphn 'Them lSchol. Chrm., Chap.l, Union Dance Comm., Fresh. Proiecl lSelecIion Chrm-I- BURKE, THOMAS D.-B.A. in Eng. and Thealre Arls, Cincinnafi, Ohio-Mum- merg IV. Pres.l, Thela Alpha Phi lPres.l, Eng. Club lProg. Chrm.l, Mummerg qncl Carousel Thealre Produclions. BUTLER, FRED ALLEN-B.A. in Spanish, Cincinnali, Ohio-Sigma Della Pi IT,-eqgj, Inlernal'I Club, U.C. Digesl. CARROLL, ELMER HOWARD-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio. COHN, ALVIN W.-B.A. in Soc., Cincinnali, Ohio-ODK, Union Variely Comm., REW lChrm. Organizalions' Nighl, Chrm. All Universiry Convocalionl, Melro lBenefil Show Chrm.l, Sophos, News Record lNews Ed., Managing Ed., Assoc. Ed.l, Slu. Coun. lCons'rilul'ion Comm. Chrm.l, Phi Ela Sigma, Men's Senale, Sigma Alpha Mu lRecorder, Pres.l, Hillel, Men's Advisor, Mummers lCo-Box Office Mgr.l, Thela Alpha Phi lTreas.l, Panel of Americans, U.C. Digesl lSlu- deni Producer, News Broadcaslerl, Chrm. Raymond Walfers Tesfimonial Dinner. COLE, BYRON KENNETH-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio-Caducea, Psych. Club IV. Pres.l. COLLETTE, WILLIAMIJOHN-B.S. in Geology, Si. Louis, Mo, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. CONDORODIS, CONSTANDINOS JOHN-B.S. in Zool., Cincinnali, Ohio- Sigma Chi, Epsilon Phi Sigma, Caducea IV. Pres.j, lnlramurals, Men's Advisor. CURREN, CONRAD ASHLING--B.A. in Hisl., Greenfield, Ohio-French Res. Hall Coun. DAVID, FRED. DAVIS, DAN CLAYTON-B.A. in Econ., Covingion, Ky.-Alpha Tau Omega. DUENNES, KENNETH LEE-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio. ENGLISH, RANDY-B.A. in English, Cincinnali, Ohio. EPPERSON, LORAINE-B.A. in Sac., Cincinnali, Ohio. FORNEY, CAROLE ANN-B.A. in French, Cincinnali, Ohio-Wesirninsler lSec.l, REW lSec.l, Jr. Adviser, Ivy Chain, YWCA, Mummers, SRC, ln'fernal'l Club. FAYE, GERALD EITIG-B.A. in Pol. Sci., Cincinnali, Ohio-MUI'T1fT1efS. TVCICIY Mgr.. Melro, Men's Advisor, IFC, Sigma Phi Epsilon IV. PFES., PFGS-l, UIBX- FELIX, ROBERT. V FELDMAN, GILBERT MAURICE-B.A. in Pol. Sci., Cincinnati, Ohio-BOHCI. KUPPU Kappa Psi, REW Music Comm., Sailing Club, Pershing Rifles. arts and sciences I l Page 73 FELLER, HOWARD ALLAN-B.S. in Zool., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Alpha Tau Omega IScholarship Chrm.J, YMCA, Caducea, Scabbard and Blade, American Chemi- cal Sociely. FITZGERALD, WILLIAM F.-B.A. in Hisf., Cincinnali, Ohio-lniermurals, Theta Chi, News Record, Union. FLYNN, ARTHUR E.-B.A. in Spanish, Cincinnali, Ohio-Mummers, Bela Thela PI IRecorder, Rush Chrm.l. FOSTER, ALETHEA EDITH-B.A. in German, Cincinnafi, Ohio-Della Phi Alpha ISec., Treas.l. FOX, ROBERT. FRYBURGER, LAWRENCE BRUCE-B.A. in Econ., Cincinnali, Ohio-Sigma Chi ISchol. Chrm.l, Bus. Ad. Trib., Sophos ISec.l, Phi Della Phi, YMCA, News Record, Profile, REW, IProgram Comm.l. FU LLM ER, DONALD. GERT, BERNARD-B.A. in Phil., Cincinnali, Ohio-Profile IEdil'orl, lnlercol- Iegiafe Debalers IV. Pres.l, Hillel IV. Pres., Pres.l, SRC, REW, A815 Trib., News Record, Panel of Americans, Tau Kappa Alpha, Bd. of Publicafions, GERSMAN, HENRY. GIGLIO, EVARISTO A.--B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio-Psych. Club. GILL, CARL EDWARD-B.S. in Geology, Wyoming, Ohio. GOODE, NELLIE LUCILLE-B.S. in Medical Technology, Cincinnafi, Ohio- Alpha Kappa Alpha IV. Pres., Dean of Pledgesl, Cincinnalian ISd. Ed., Index Ed.l, Jr. Adviser, AWS, YWCA, Morlar Board ISec.l, Pi Delia Epsilon, Clas- sics Club. GROGG, JAMES ROYEN-B.A. in Hisf., Cincinnaii, Ohio-News Record IEdiIorl, Ass'I' Sporfs Ed.l, Delia Tau Della IV. Pres., Rush Chrm., Intramural Mgr.l, Phi Alpha Thela, Pi Della Epsilon, Convocation Comm., Cincinnalian, U.C. Digest GUTER, GRACE. HALL, ARVILLA E.-B.A. in Soc., Cincinnali, Ohio. HALL, BILLIE LAVERNE-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio-Kappa Della IPres. V. Pres., Schol. Chrm.l, Morfar Board IChap.l, Sr. Class V. Pres., Panhellenic, Pres.l, Weslminsler IV. Pres.J, Guidon, Ivy Chain, REW IV. Chrm.l, Cincinnafian Ilndex Ed., Exchange Ed.l, News Record, WAA, Marriage Clinic, Bus. Ad. Trib. IPub. Chrm.l, Fire Prevenfion Comm., Mummers, Kampus King Comm. IPresenI'aIion Chrm.l, Jr. Adviser, SRC, Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha. HALLOWELL, CAROLYN BAYARD-B.A. in Soc., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Soc. Club ISec.l. HARLIN, PAUL R.-B.A. in Econ., Hollidaysburg, Pa. HAUTMAN, LYNN-B.A. in Eng., Cincinnafi, Ohio-News Record lFea'fure Ed.l, Mummers lPub. Chrm.l, Jr. Prom lPub. Chrm.l, YWCA, Sailing Club, Eng. Club, lnfernafl Siu. Chesl lEducafion Chrn-n.J, lvy Chain. HEATHCOTE, JAMES ARNOLD-B.A. in Hisf., Cincinnali, Ohio-Conlerbury lPres.l, Pre Theo Club iPres.j, YMCA CTreas.l, REW QV. Chrm.l, Bela Thela Pi. HEINRITZ, JO A.-B.A. in l-lisf., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Alpha Ornicran Pi lV. Pres., Pledge Tr.l, lnlercollegiale Debalers lSec.l, Phi Alpha Thela fSec.l, Sailing Club, Modern Dance Club. HENKE, THOMAS. HENZI, LOUIS HENRY-B.S, in Chem., Cincinnoli, Ohio-Chem. Club. HlCKMAN,GERRY. HOFER, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH-B.A. in Hisf., Cincinnari, Ohio-Glee Club, Band, Second.-Elern, Club., WAA, Jr. Adviser, Ivy Chain, YWCA. HUDSON, NORMA MAY-B.A. in Bofcny, Cincinnafi, Ohio-Blue Hydra, Alpha Deira Pi. HUNTER, WESLEY, J.-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnoli, Ohio-Phi Della Thela News Record, Psych. Club. HYDE, DAVID EDWARD-B.S. in Geology, Cincinnafi, Ohio-Sigma Alpha Ep silon, lParlia.J, Men's Advisor, IFPC, lnh-arriurals, ODK. INGRAM, MINNIE P.-B.A. in Soc.-Classics Club, Psych. Club, AWS, Delia Sigma Thefa lTreas., Budgef Comm.J. ISLER, ROBERT P.-B.A. in Econ., Cincinnali, Ohio-Phi Kappa. JANSING, ANN. JENNIE, JAMES J.-B.A. in l-lisf., Cincinnafi, Ohio. JENNINGS, ROBERT L.-B.S. in Chem., Cincinnali, Ohio-Chem. Club flares., V. Pres.l. Kmo, RAYMOND. KINNEY, WINFIELD ECKERT+B.A. in Econ., Dovfon. Ohio-Sigma Chi Foolball. KRON. !RVlN WAYNE-B.S. in Zoal., Cincinnali, Ohio- Caducea. arts and sciences Page 75 arts and scivrzces '. ,l. 1. C3 lui, .lx :e35?'f-:+2:f-s T ... ik Page 76 LA RUE, SUSBA in Hisl. LAUFER, WALTER A.-B.S. in Geology, Cincinnali, Ohio-Sigma Gamma Ep- silon, Bela Thela Pi. LITWIN, MAXINE BERGER-B.S. in Medical Technology, Cincinnali, Ohio. LONG, THOMAS. LOWENTHAL, LYNN. ' LUSHER, JEANNE MARIE-B.S. in Zaol,, Greenhills, Ohio-Caducea lSec.l, lnler-Varsily Chrislian Fellowship lV. Pres.j, Canlerbury lSec.l, VVAA, Alpha Lambda Della, lvy Chain. LYNCH, NORRl5 ALAN-B.A. in Pol. Science, Cincinnali, Ohio--Sigma Phi Epsilon lAc'riviries Chrm.l. MASON, BILLIE JACQUELYN-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio-Della Della Della lTreas,, Pres.l, YWCA lBible Siudy Leaderl, Mummers lBesl aclress awardl, Spirir, Inc., Cincinnalian, Alpha Lambda Della, Jr. Adviser, Guidon lV. Pres.l, Kampus King Dance Comm., REW, Morlar Bd. MERRILL, DANA NOYES-B.A. in Econ., Cincinnali, Ohio-Union Variely Comm., IFPC, News Record lPrinling Ed., Edilorial Bd.l, YMCA QV. Pres.l, Phi Della Thela lPres. Pledge Class, Sec., Pub. Chrm., Scholarship Chrm.l. MOCKER, HILDEGARD-B.A. in Romance Languages, Cincinnali, Ohio-Tri- anon KV. Pres.j, WGS lSec.l, ln'rerna'r'l Club. MOG, DENNIS DUANE-B.A. in Hisl., Cincinnali, Ohio-News Record lMan- aging Ed.l, YMCA Cab. lSec.l, Phi Della Thela, Pi Della Epsilon lV. Pres.J, Cincinnalian lCampus Ed., Pholagrapherl, REW lPub. Chrm.J. MURPHY, NANCY CAROL-B.A. and B.E. in Spanish, Cincinnafi, Ohio-YWCA lMembership Chrm.l, Kappa Alpha Thela, Morlar Board lEd.l, WUS lChrm.l, Jr. Adviser, V!C lHospilalil'y Chrm.l, News Record lCo-copy Ed.J, lvy Chain, Sigma Della Pi lSec.J. NEH LS, ROBERT. NEIL, MARY LOU-B.A. in Econ., Cincinnali, Ohio-Kappa Kappa Gamma lPres., Schol. Chrm., Co-Rush Chrm.j, Sweefhearf of Lambda Chi Alpha, More lar Board, REW lTreas.l, Jr. Adviser, News Record lAss'l Copy Ed.l, Exhibilion Comm., Jr. Prom lVoling Chrm.l, VlC, Ivy Chain, Panhellenc Coun. PANSING, PHYLLIS SINCLAIR-B.S. in Medical Technology, Clarksburg, W. Va. -Caducea, Spiril, Inc., YWCA, Psych. Club, Spanish Club. POTTSCHMIDT, JOHN. PATZER, M. EVALYN-B.S. in Zool., Cardingion, Ohio-Caducea lSec.l, Cin- cinnalian. PINSON, THOMAS J'ENNlNGS, JR.-B.A. in Econ.-Alpha Sigma Phi lPres.l, News Record, IFC. PRONAY, ANDREW CORNEL-B.S. in Chem., Cincinnali, Ohio-Amer. Chem. Sociely, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Chem. Club lSec.l. RAU, ROBERT CARL-B.S. in Physics, Cincinnali, Ohio-Gamma Della. READLE, MARGERY CLORE-B.A. in Hisl., Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Chi Omega IV, Pres., Song Leaderl, Phi Alpha Thela lSec.-Treas.l, Ivy Chain, Union Music Comm., WAA, YWCA, Mummers, REILLY, SHIRLEY MAY-B.A. in Pol. Sci., Cincinnali, Ohio-News Record fMake-up Ed,l, YWCA, Union Dance Coun., Panhellenic, REW, Alpha Della Pi lPres., Aclivilies Chrm., House Mgr.l. RICHARDSON, RAYMOND LEE-5.5. in Chem., Newlon Falls, Ohio-Alpha Tau Omega lSec.l, ROTC lSoc. Chrm.I, Scabbard and Blade. RICHTER, JEAN SHIRLEY-B.A. and B.E. in Classics, Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Della Pi lGuard, Treas., Pub. Chrm.l, YWCA lPub. Chrm ol Marr. Clinicl, Jr. Adviser lChrm. of Facully Coffee Hourl, Ivy Chain, Alpha Lambda Della, Guidon, VIC IColIege Career Chrm.l, REW lChrm. ol Opening Convocalionl, Jr. Prom Advisory Comm., Sludenl Direclory lDislrib. Mgr.j, Cincinnalian. RIEGERT, THOMAS JOSEPH-B.A. in Foreign Affairs, Cincinnali, Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha lSec.l, YMCA lCab.J, WUS lGeneral Chrm. of Solicilalionsl, Della Phi Alpha. RITZI, ROBERT WILLIAM-B.S. in Zaol., Cincinnali, Ohio-Della Tau Della. ROAT, STANLEY GERALD-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio-Caducea, Wesl- minsler, Psych. Club. ROBISON, GERALDINE-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio-WAA lPenguiii Club, Mgr. lnlramural Swimmingl, Kappa Della lAss'l House Mgr., V. Pres.l, A815 Trib. lSec.l, Union Dance Comm., Psych. Club, Panhellenic lSlandards Chrm.l, Weslminsler, YWCA IAII-Membership Chrm., Fresh. Camp Chrm., Marr. Clinic Chrm. Pres,J. ROMER, RICHARD EDWARD-B.S. in Geology, Cincinnali, Ohio-Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon. SANTANGELO, DINO JOSEPH-B,A. in Econ., Cincinnali, Ohio-Phi Kappa lSong Chrm., Kampiis King Chrm.l, News Record. SCHEAR, MYRNA JEAN-B.S. in Zool., Cincinnali, Ohio-Cincinnalian lEdilar, Copy Ed.l, Morlar Board lPres.l, WUS KV. Chrm., Solicilalions Chrm.l, Bd. ol Publicalions, Pi Della Epsilon IV. Pres.l, Guidon, Jr. Adviser lRoom Chrm.I, Ivy Chain, Alpha Lambda Della, Caducea lConlacl Chrm., Conslilulion Chrm.l. SCHOLLMAIER, EDGAR H.-B.A. in Econ., Cincinnali, Ohio-Sigma Alpha Epsilon lSleward, Eminenl Wardenl, Men's Advisor, Della Phi Alpha. SCHWARTZ, DAVID-B.S. in Zool., Cleves, Ohio. SCHWARTZ, STANTON-B.S. in Zool., Cincinnali, Ohio. SCHWEINFURTH, MARK FRED-B.S. in Geology, Cincinnali, Ohio. SELBY, NANCY RUTH-B.A. in Eng., Cincinnali, Ohio-YWCA, Mummers, Eng- lish Club. arts and sciences Page 77 SEYBOLT, PETER J.-B.A. in Hisl., Cincinnaii, Ohio- Beia Thelo Pi IPres., Scholarship Chrm., Rush Chrm.l. Orieniaiion Bd., Melro, YMCA, Mummers, IFC ikush Comm. Chrm., Judiciary Comm.l, Fresh. Track, Jr. Prom lTrophy Comrn., Chrm.l, Greek Week, REW, Hermes. SKEEL, MARGARET RUTH-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Omicron Pi iRecording Sec., Song Leader, V. Pres.l, Caducea, Cincinnaiian ilndex Ed.l, Ivy Chain, Jr. Adviser, Kampus King iChrm. Open l-iousel, Pan- hellenic, Psych. Club iPres.l, Union Hospiialily Comm., Weslminsier Foundaiion, YWCA Cab. SMITH, RALPH GAYLE-B.A. in Psych., Norwooocl, Ohio -Glee Club, Wesiminsier, Psych. Club, YMCA iChrm. Religious Affairs, V. Pres., Pres.l, SRC iTreas.l, REW iGeneral Chrm.l. SPER, JOHN RONALD-B.S. in Zool., Cincinnaii, Ohio- Sigma Phi Epsilon iSec.l, Caducea. SPIEGEL, EARL LOUIS-B.S. in Zool., Cincinnali, Ohio- Caducea. STEVENSON, ARTHUR BURGESS-B.A. in Psych., Eliza' beih Ciiy, N. Carolina. STRATMAN, JOHN CHARLES-B.A. in Econ., Cincinnali, Ohio-IPPC, Phi Kappa. SWAIN, ROBERT C.-B.A. in Hisl., Cincinnaii, Ohio- Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Theia iPres.i, U.C. De- baiers iPres., V. Pres.l, Sfudenl Speakers Bureau, ROTC iSocial Bd.l, Edilor of AFROTC Caclei Newspaper, Arnold Air Sociely, Profile iArl Edilori. TELLER, THOMAS FENTON-B.A. in Psych., Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Tau Omega, Caducea, YMCA. THOMAS, JOAN-B.A. in Eng., Cincinnali, Ohio-Zeia Tau Alpha, Panhellenic, Glee Club, Jr. Prom Comm., Mummers, Eng. Club. TODD, ELESA S.-B.A. in Psych., Wyoming, Ohio-YWCA, Penquin Club, Kappa Alpha Thela iCorr. Sec.l, Union Dance Comm., Ivy Chain, A315 Trib., Psych. Club, Jr. Adviser. UHLIN, JOHN LAWRENCE-B.A. in Zool., Cleveland, Ohio-Caducea. VITZ, BARBARA S.-B.A. in Econ., Cincinnali, Ohio- Delia Della Della, YWCA, Union Comm. WALKER, COURTENAY JOHN-B.A. in Econ., Newporl, Kentucky. WAGNER, MARGRET-Cincinnali, Ohio. WILKS, GERALDINE TORF-B.S. in Medical Technology, Cincinnati, Ohio-Mummers, Ivy Chain, Panel of Ameri- cans iSec.J, Hillel iSec.l, Alpha Lambda Delia, Caducea iConlacls Co-Chrm.l. YAMAGUCHI, BEN T., JR.-B.S. in Zool., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Bela Theta Pi iSleward, Schol, Chrm.l, Sigma Sigma, Meiro, Men's Advisor iChrm.l, A815 Trib, iTreas.l, Greek Week iCo-Chrm.l, Caducea iTreas.l, IFPC iSec.l, Orienfaiion Bd., Fresh. Track. ZAWATSKY, IVAN S.-B.S. in Zool., Daylon, Ohio- Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel, Caducea. ZESCH, RONALD WILLIAM-B.S. in Zool., Cincinnali, Ohio-Sigma Chi, A815 Trib., Caducea. arts and sciences tribunal ROW I-Yuma M. ROW 2-Mqrn M. ROW 3-Burr Ch I S es ey, , The governing body of the College of Arts and Sciences is the Arts and Sciences Tribunal. Its meetings are open and attendance by members of the College is en- couraged. In addition to governing, the Tribunal gives financial aid to departmental clubs and provides social events for its members and for the College and the campus. A banquet is held for old and new Tribunal members and faculty advisors. Special holidays are celebrated With open houses and each Thanksgiving some lucky student wins a turkey raffled by Tribunal. phi beta ka p pa Honor and distinction go hand in hand with initiation into Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest Greek letter society in the Lnited States. Founded in I776, membership in this well-known honorary is open only to those students in Arts and Sciences who have shown outstanding schol- astic achievement and good moral character. Symbolic of the motto 'GPhilosophy the Guide of Lifen is the gold key presented to the members upon initiation in April. President-Professor William Boyce lst Vice President-Mr. Herbert Leyland 2nd Vice President-Rev. Lester E. Kemper 3rd Vice President-Miss Charlotte Shockley Secretary-Treasurer--Mrs. Melba Phillips Bowers FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE IN DELTA OF OHIO Agnew, Joyce Garn Barbour, George B. Bertenshaw, ,lane Bills, Arthur G. Blankerhorn, Marion B. Blegen, Carl W. Bond, Beverly W., Jr. Bowers, Melba Phillips Boyce, William C. Carlson, Gustav Carter, B. Noland Caskey, John L. Clark, William Smith Diller, Violet M. Engberg, George B. William M. Adler Fisk, Isabelle E. Gardner, Clarence O. Heinritz, Frederick J. Hergert, Paul Hoskins, J. Hobart Hubert, Merton J. Hunt, Estelle Karas, Milan R. Kreider, Paul V. Lipsich, David Lowrie, S. Gale Ludeke, Carl A. Lurie, Louis A. Marni, Archimecle McGrane, Reginald C. 1954 INITIATES OF PHI BETA KAPPA Helen Anne England Merriman, Gaylord M. Muegel, Harry R. Palmer, Marjorie S. Stanley, Helen A. Stewart, Keith Tashiro, Shiro Toepfer, Robert Trahman, Carl R. Urban, Miriam Usdemir, Martha C. Wabnitz, William S. Walters, Raymond Weichert, Charles K. Whaling, Heiskell B. Winston, .lean Zeydel, Edwin H. John M. Purcell Carl A. Aufdermarsch, Jr. Kurt Gerechter Herschel M. Richter Lenore M. Brockmeier Mrs. Marilyn Ronsheim Hachen Nancy Jane Simmons Mrs. Mary Greene Cleary Susan S. Hammelrath Richard C.. Smith Patricia Daulton Arleth Dieckmann Albert Dreskin Ralph Baumring Marlene Beigel William H. Brewe Tamar Bronstein William Donald Dooley Charles F. Gravenkemper Joseph Bauke William Black, lr. Richard Brashares Thomas Brown ,lack Brucher Don Davis Mordecai Fienberg Donald Holzberg Yvonne M. Mohlman Patricia O,Keefe 1955 INITIATES OF PHI BETA KAPPA Roger A. Haas Harry Ostrov Ingberg William J. .Iacobs Richard P. Kressel Thomas I. McCormick Edith Corinne Minovitz I956 INITIATES OF PHI BETA Gilbert Gersenfish David Hyde Ann ,lansing Donald Kaufman Andrew Lebor Jeanne Lusher Hildegard Mocker KAPPA James I. Tennenbaum Harold D. Udelman Nancy Ulmer Louise S. Mosier Albert Narath Karl Notz, Jr. Jack H. Prickett William K. Shilling, Ill Betty Lee Tegel Nancy Murphy Harold Nadel Mary Lou Neil ,lean Richter Ivan Rosen Myrna Schear Robert Swain caducea One of the younger organizations at UC, Caducea has operated as a meeting ground for pre-meds, science students, med-techs and nurses since 1950. Monthly meetings feature lectures by physicians and Medical School professors. Caducea also sponsors tours of hos- pitals and other institutions. The group's social pro- gram includes student-faculty parties, highlighted by students and professors impersonating each other. -wwf.w..,,W ROW l-Fotopoulos, J., Lusher, J., Condorodis, G., Poftschmidf, J., Brown, T., Yamaguchi, B. ROW Z-Reifin, M., Cohen, P., Morris, M., Pfeiffer, N., Coffin, S., O'NeiII, D., Richerf, B., Dingilicn, L. ROW 3-Loffler, S., Mehnerf, N., Doell, W., Bostyan, R., Clorius, D., Woodruff, C., Scheur, M., Spiegel, E, ROW 4-Horsham' Mu Hughes, B., Skeel, M., Vesper, L., Mossmunn, J., Harnois, A., Malman, B., Mullcnney, D. ROW 5-Feller, A., Bernsforff, F., Scheidf, W., Heck, J., Rout, S., Ragland, G., Miller, Page Bl sigma gamma epsilon Sigma Gamma Epsilon is an honorary society of ad- vanced students in geology, metallurgy and related sciences. lts objectives are the scholastic, scien- tific and social advancement of its members. Among the functions of the society are thegengagement of speakers for the geology department, field trips and geologic instruction in local schools. ROW I - Holliday, J., Grogg, J., ' ROW l-Truscoff, F., Bass, l., Kel- ler, D., Schweinfurth, M., Gerrqrd, T., Single, E. ROW 2-Schmidt, R., Collette, W., Hyde, D., Briggs, W., Heinerf, R., Romer, R. C., Tvitschler, C. phi alpha theta Phi Alpha Theta is open to any B average history ma- jor who desires to better his approach to the sub- ject, while mingling with his fellow students and faculty. The national soeiety's journal, 'cThe His- toriann, offers its members an opportunity to pub- lish their writings. The student-faculty picnic and a spring banquet climax a year of frequent meetings. Swain, R., Banfield, C., Heinrltz, J., Parker, G. ROW 2-Bidlingmeyer, D., McLemore, P. Russell, N., Mitchell A., Caldwell, C., Hall, B., Abt, M. Morgan, N. Page 82 at ru l I' r E 5 we 1 4' 4 . - FR .,,.a.,. Ms"'OY ,I E 2 1 .f 'uf' -gs43"v:n 'f 1, em college of home economics Elizabeth D. Roseberry Dean, College of Home Economics Dean Elizabeth D. Roseberry is an expert on textiles and has had several articles published on this subject. She is a past textile technologist with E. I. duPont. Proper nutrition for the family, adequate care of children, and wise administration of available resources is a prohlemzof great importance. The analysis of these is the basis of the College of Home Economicsg it trains women to recognize and work with them Page 84 Nursery school children are supervised by student teacher, Anne Grieme while their play and relation to each other is observed by another student, Mary Ellen Scheffel-a phase of Home Economics for teachers. +31 -ws: ---b - im, E -,,,S,,,.Ei V iiaam- 1,2 . -I 1 , The Women's Building the many programs of the college enable students to prepare for future homemaking, and at the same time get vocational training for the professional fields involving Home Economics. Cheryl Weatherford and ,lane West use a mic- roscope and a fadeometer to study material. Page 86 The KKG Memorial Fountain BUEHNER, CAROL-B.S. in Child Devel., Cincinnali, Ohio-Home Ec. Club, Assoc. of Pre-School Maiors lV. Pres.l, Kindergarden-Primary Club, Speaker's Bureau, CAREY, KATHLEEN MAE-B.S. in Home Ec., Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Chi Omega lSoc. Cl-imn., Rush Chmn..l, Honorary Cade? Colonel, Guidon, WAA, Inlramurals, Co-ep Club lSec.l, Jr. Prom Comm., Collegiale Day, GAA Clinic, YWCA. CASEY, VIRGILEE-B.S. in Business, Falmoulh, Ky.-Soc. Board, lPres.l, Dorm Cab., Home Ec. Club. COTTIER, ANITA LOUISE-B.S. in Food and Nulriiion, Cincinnali, Ohio-YWCA, Home Ec. Club, Home Ec. Exec. Council lTreas.l, Zela Tau Alpha. DICKEY, LOIS PATRICIA-B.S. in Food and Nulrifion, Cincinnaii, Ohio-Pyramid Club, Della Sigma Tl-iela lCorr. Sec.l, Home Ec. Club, Panel of Americans. FORANCE, ANN ELIZABETH-B.S. in Texliles and Merch., Cincinnali, Ohio-YWCA, Dance Club, Home Ec. Club, Della Della Della. FORMMEYER, CAROL LEE-B.S. in Business, Cincinnali, Ohio-Thela Phi Alpha lRush Chrm.l, Cincinnalian, Kam- pus King Comm., Home Ec. Club, Union Hospilalily Comm. GOLDBERG, MARILYN E.-B.S. in Child Devel., Cincin- noli, Ohio-Home Ec. Club, Assoc. ol Pre-School Maiors lTreas.I. GOOD, JANET-B.S. in Merchandising, Franklin, Ohio -Kappa Kappa Gamma lPIedge Tr.l, VIC lChrm-.l, Home Ec. Trib. lPres.l, Ivy Chain, YWCA, Jr. Adviser, AWS lCorr. Sec.J, Home Ec. Club, Cincinnalus. GRIEME, ANNE-B.S. in Child Devel., Cincinnaii, Ohio- Morlar Board, Jr. Adviser lChrm.l, Dorm Pres., Union Board IV. Pres.l, Panel of Americans, Thela Phi Alpha lTreas., Acfiv. Chrm.l. HULBERT, NANCY LEE-B.S. in Clolhing and Merchan- dising, Wyoming, Ohio-Chi Omega lSong Leader, Pledge Tr.l, News Record lAss'l Ed., Social Ed.l, Dorm Cobinel, REW lMusic and Greek Convocafion CI1rm,l, Panhellenic Coun., Univ. Sing Chrm., Panhellenic Ex- change Dinner Chrm., Cincinnafus, UC Digesl-Radio, Varsity Debaie Team, Jr. Prom Queen Courl, Home Ec. Club, Texlile and Clofhing Club lPres.l, YWCA, WAA. KOHN, JUSTINE. KRAMER, MARY JANE-B.S. in Texiiles and Clolhinq, Cincinnali, Ohio-Chl Omega ll-louse Mgr.l, Morlar Board, Omicron Nu lSec.l, YWCA, Pro. Chrm.l, Newman Club, Home Ec. Club, Sludenl-Facully Coun., REW, VIC, Ivy Chain, Union Hospilalily Comm., WUS, Jr. Prom Comm., Civil Defense Comm., Jr. Adviser lFresh. Pro' iecl' Chrm.l. LARSON, E. DARLENE-B.S. in Teacher Training Cincinnali, Ohio--Home Ec. Club, Sludenl'-Facully Coun. lSec.l. LEIF, LINDA V.-B.S. in Merchandising, Cincinnali, Ohio -Home Ec. Club. MOORE, BARBARA ANN-B.S. in Educalion, Cincinnali, Ohio-Guidon lPres.l, Home Ec. Club lPres.l, Jr. and Sr. Class Sec., Home Ec. Trib. lV. Pres.l, Sludenl-Faculty Coun. lChrm., Sec.l, YWCA Cab. Panhellenic Rush Chrm., Morlar Board, Jr. Adviser, Convocalion Comm., Omicron Nu, Fresh. Beecher Award winner, Dance Club, News Record, Sfudenl Coun., Kappa Kappa Gamma. NEISON, BETTY JEAN-B.S. in Business, Cincinnali, Ohio -Business, Texliles, and Clolhing Club. RODGER, CATHERINE JANET-B.S. in Texliles and Clolh- ing, Wilmeffe, Illinois-Kappa Alpha Thela lHouse Mgr.l, Cheerleader, Kampus King lTickel and Voling Chrm.l, lnlersororily House Coun. IV. Pres.l, YWCA, WAA. ROE, PATRICIA JANE-B.S. in Child Devel., Cincinnali, Ohio-YWCA, Home Ec. Club, Jr. Adviser, WAA lBad- minlon Mgr., Co-Rec. Volleyball Mgr.l, Cincinnalus, Kappa Kappa Gamma lRush Chrm.l. RYAN, NANCY ANN-B.S. in Business, Cincinnali, Ohio -Thefa Phi Alpha lPIedge Treas., Honor Pledge Award, Aclivilies Chrm., V. Pres.l, Cincinnalian lPholog. Ed., Prod. Mgr.l, VIC lGroup Leader, Cor. Comrn.l, Jr. Adviser, Facully-Sludenl Tea lChrm.l, Ivy Chain, Busi- ness Ed. Club, Home Ec. Club, Jr. Prom Comm. SCHILDMEYER, MARIANNE JULIE-B.S. in Dielelics, Manlgomery, Ohio-Band Sponsor, Home Ec. Trib.. Home Ec. Club, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sludenf-Facully Coun., Dielelics Club, YWCA, Jr. Prom Comm. SCHROTH, HELEN TAYLOR-B.S. in Home Ec., Cincin- nali, Ohio-Home Ec. Club, YWCA, Della Delia Della lPub. Mgr.l. SHANKER, EDITH JUNE-B.S. in Teacher Educalion, Elizabelh, New Jersey-Sigma Della Tau, Hillel, Glee Club, Home Ec. Club. SIGLER, CAROLE PHYLLIS-B.S. in Nufrilion, Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Chi Omega lSec., Honor Pledgel, Morlar Board, Guidon, Sludenl Direclory lEdilor Regislrallon. Dislribufion Ed.l, WAA lVolleybaII Mgr.l, YWCA Cabl- nef, VIC lPrograml, AWS Bookslore Co-Chrm., REW. Jr. Adviser, Board of Pub., Ivy Chain, Home Ec. Club, Omicron Nu. lwme economics Page 87 home economics TEDFORD, JANET LEA-B.S. in Child Devel., Cincinnali, Ohio-Home EC. Club, Assoc. of Pre-School Maiors, YWCA, WAA. THOMAS, SHIRLEY ANN-B.S. in Food and Nuirifion, Cincinnati, Ohio-Kappa Alpha Theta, Home Ec. Trib. lTreas.J, WAA, YWCA, Union Hospilalily. UNGER, JANET LOUISE-B.S. in Food and Nufriliqn, Cincinnati, Ohio-Kappa Della lTreas., Ass"r House Mgrj, Home EC. Club lV. Pres.l, Home Ec. Trib., Student-Faculty Coun., Omicron Nu lPres.J, Westminster Foundation, AWS, YWCA, WAA lSociaI Chrm.l. WALDROP, LILA-B.S. in Food and Nulrilion, Cinclnriah, Ohio-Home Ec. Club, Pyramid Club, Della Sigma Thefa, lPledge Tr.l. WEATHERFORD, CHERYL L.-B.S. in Texliles and Mer- chandising, Cincinnati, Ohio-Glee Club, Home Ec. Club, Business, Textiles, and Clolhing Club. WEST, JANE. Page 88 Future home economists, ,Ianet Rodger, Phyllis Sigler and Janet Unger, test appliances at the Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company laboratory or practical experience in the selection and the use of home equipment home economics tribunal ROW l--Gaudin, J., Good, J., Goldberg, A., ROW 2--Brennemonn, F., Lippelman, M., Baxter, A., Egged, E. ROW 3-Thomas, S., Scheffel, M., Schildmeyer, M., Moore, B. The purpose of the Home Economics Tribunal is to pro- mote and regulate student activities Within the col- lege. Every class is represented by at least one mem- ber on the Tribunal. The organization sponsors two open houses a year in honor of high school senior girls. lts purpose is to introduce them to the vari- ous opportunities in Home Economics, and to get them interested in attending the College at UC the follow- ing year. The tribunal members find in their duties opportunities to serve their College and University. Page 89 omicron H ll, Page 90 W l-Unger, J., Moore, B., Kramer Omieron Nu is a national honor society for Home Economies undergraduates. Members are chosen from the junior and senior classes on the basis of scholar- ship, leadership and contributions to the field of Home Economics. Girls thus recognized promote in- interest in their college by holding an open house in the fall and conducting tours through the various de- partments. Each year on Honors Day Ornicron Nu pre- sents an award to the outstanding girl in Horne Ee. -, 1: -?. faff 5 i 2 ,rl L '-L "viii, EZ, ' J- I -:"A Q. S?5'7F','? :p,'ng' 3451 K ft ' Pk -4- -.1 W 4 --mv .sang-'ya gffC"?'1, ii'-"I --iw : ' EP : Q,f1v ,':1 : -,Q .J '- - :fin 31 . - ' ' gt 1 - .. 'f tf'?'!f?!1-:i!,iQ'w.gr5Q.1g'?i if :G+ A 4: 35 vgfffim 'ff' - w - - f ,X ..., . of -5, '-My lqi wgfeas?-jitter'-,-. 'L5xt,,::4-5-:q.g:.1a5..r- a ,,g5,:3-Q75-ii,g,,g'2q 'QQ-C 3 21'-Q55 '1fae:ptef..fa-ai iiiliffiilg fff1ff?f'?'i v-fr fi' -. W g-2 ., . , -JJ. 3.1,,figigf-gf.:figtgj?a,'- D' :Q,i',jlf.,X-11' y5.,f5, ' ,,.,, ?C.g?4+,i3:fEi':j5t,g-Lfggeiiffgv 1' N 'iw-47.1.-"s,, 'fiyx-.riff , 2121gaoilUs-ifffi:-,-X-'.5gfiQ wfgjiii ,g, 4g5,'1i1ev:5'QJ T' .. 45:-'fi-,htm - 1 .- 1 CQ-1' .' - "1 1. - -' iwisssifrn ei? 1: Q 22?-l has , ' -:ici-tr.-4 i f ,r.'."'?"'---. - 1-.-- L-. 11 . L ' M ' - ' F' f ' ' x' i A nn K If PNQI 1 ,L , A, 3-:pw ,,..,L. W ' -' 'L' ' n . --1-Y-"'1'7'1v-'7- VLFQ ,iw Q 5 ' i ' ' 'S L 45 na I 1 'f-iffy V 752 .fm - n l. :Z J, V- . ' -' 'f' --M.:-' 1,1326 .gf-,V mr A ,Q-e':,"' ' The Home Economics Club is composed of student ' representatives of the various departments of the col- home econornlcs lege. An informal dinner to which both students and faculty are invited is sponsored by each divi- sion of the club. This gives the students the fel- lowship of a closely knit group and a chance to prac- tice what they have learned. Interest in the various fields of Home Economics is advanced by the club whose members publicize the work of their college. ROW I-Schweiger, J., Unger, J. ROW 2- Payler, E., Brennemann, F., Moore, B., Egged, E., Wesselman, M., Cotfier, A. 'l 5 U IL 'X r r ia-..."l": college of nursing and health 'Laura E. Rosnagle Dean, College of Nursing and Health Janice Mass Dean Laura E. Rosnagle has had a wide background of experience in both nursing and teaching. She is a mem- ber of Alpha Alpha Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, and National League for Nursing. Nursing-a profession involving not only technical aspects, but also effective social relationships. It is the aim of Nursing and Health to graduate women who possess the qualities and knowledge necessary to give intelligent nursing care. Page 92 6' fff' .hgqmf , ,f42fi'5fW"'M"" "f tx -Wf, t practices bandaging Barb Raidt in class and cares for patients on the Logan Hall wards H 'X I 1' I Page 93 barbara bradley makes a call, a service to the Community done by student nurses through the Public Health Program. g94 AUCKERMAN, ANN L.-B.S. in Nursing, Wesl Alexand- ria, Ohio-Glee Club, Bond, SNACH, lvy Chain, Con- vocalion, Acliv. Coun. BARNES, SHERRY DON-B.S. in Nursing, Cincinnavli, Ohio-Della Zelo. BARRETT, MARY JANE-B.S. in Nursing, Springfield, Ohio-Band, Wesley Foundalion. BEDFORD, JO ANN-B.S. in Nursing. BIGELOW, BlLLlE LOU-B.S. in Nursing, Woshinglon, W. Va.-Kappa Della lPledge Tr.l, Morlar Board TV. Pres.l, Jr. Adviser, lvy Chain, NSQH Trib., NSQH Honor Board lChrm.l, Cincinnalus, AWS lTreas.l, Alpha Alpha Pi. BRADLEY, BARBARA JEANNE-B.S. in Nursing, Wesl Salem, Ohio-SNACH, YWCA, Penguin, Glee Club, NZKH Trib., Alpha Chl Omega lV. Pres., Pan Hellenic Rep.l, Jr. Adviser, Acliv. Coun. BRICKLER, JACQUELINE JOANNE-B.S. in Nursing, Jef- fersonville, lndiana-Glee Club, VIC, YWCA, Canler- bury Club, Caducea, NBH Trib., lvy Day Chrm., Della Della Della lCorr. Seal, Convocalions Comm. Chrm., Recruilmenl Comm., Comm. on Eleclions and Conslilu- lion, WAA. CARR, JOANNE LOUISE-B.S. in Nursing, Narberlh, Penna. CARSON, ANN LONGSTREET-B.S. in Nursing, Cincin- nali, Ohio-V. Pres. Soph. Class, Comm. on Nursing lnfor. lChrm.l, Alpha Alpha Pi lPres.l, N8:l-l Trib., SNACH. COMERFORD, CYNTHIA-B.S. in Nursing. DRANSFIELD, N. DIANE-B.S. in Nursing, Fairborn, Ohio --N8fH Trib. CV. Pres., Pres.l, Soc. Comm. lChrm.l, Honor Board, Recruilmenl Comm., Jr. Adviser, lvy Chain, Collegiale Day, NHH Sporls lBoskelball Chrm.l, Pen- guin, SNACH lPres.l, Sludenl Nurses Nall. Convenlion, Sludenl Nurses Slale Convenlion. DUCKWORTH, HELEN JOANNE-B.S. in Nursing, Char- lolle, N. Carolina,-Sigma Della Tau lPres.l, Acliv. Coun. lChrm.l, N81H Trib., lvy Chain, Jr. Adviser, Slu- denl Coun. KV. Pres.l, Board cl Pub. lSec.l, Caducea, gillell, AWS, Jr. Prom Comm., Union Variely Comm. ec. . FARNSWORTH, JUDITH ANNE-B.S. in Nursing, Pills- burgh, Penna.-Band, Pub. Comm., SNACH. FAUST, JEANNINE-B.S. in Nursing, Troy, Ohio-Glee Club, Recruilmenl Comm. FLATT, HELEN LOUISE-B.S. in Nursing, Cinclnnali, Ohio -Heal Sheel, Nllsl-l Glee Club, Soc. Acliv. Comm. Red Cross Speakers Comm., VIC, Della Della Della. GRAESER, JANE ALICE-B.S. in Nursing, Daylon, Ohio- Kappa Kappa Gamma lCorr. Sec.l, Treas. Fresh. Class, Var. Hockey, WAA, Honor Board, Conslilulion Comm.. Recruilmenl Comm., YWCA. HEISER, RUTH-B.S. in Nursing. JOHANSMANN, VIRGINIA LOUISE-B.S. in Nursing, Covinglon, Ky. KOKAI, JOANNE C.-B.S. in Nursing, Cincinnali, Ohio- Kappa Della, Jr. Adviser, Soc. Comm., Acliv. Coun., Jr. Prom Comm., N8mH Sporls, N81H Glee Club. LATT, KAREN ASTRID-B.S. in Nursing, Maple Heighls, Ohio- Zela Tau Alpha, Saph. Class Pres., Glee Club, YWCA, WUS. Seniors Nol Piclured SCHULTE, ALICE ANNE-B.S. in Nursing, Mariello, Ohio-Alpha Gamma Della lPledge Tr., V. Pres.l, Ca- ducea, Glee Club, NXKH Glee Club, lvy Chain, SNACH Recruilmenl Comm. nursing and health Page 95 nursing and health ,, V34 -SL 'H-we-I .w- . NNY x 2ANm ,- x.,!iI Page 96 MADER, ELIZABETH, ELMORE-B.S. in Nursing, Louis- ville, Ky.-Mummers Guild, N8rl-l Glee Club, Wesley Foundalion iWorship Chrm.l, Canlerbury Assoc. MARTIN, RUTH M.-B.S. in Nursing, Cincinnaii, Ohio. MODE, JEAN ESTELLE-B.S. in Nursing, Cincinnaii, Ohio -YWCA, SNACH, Comm. on Nursing lnfor. MOIR, COLEEN-B.S. in Nursing, Akron, Ohio-Alpha Delia Pi iCorr. Seal, Sec. Jr. Class, V. Pres. Sr. Class, Chrm. Acriv. Coun., SNACH, Penguin, AWS. NEWMAN, MARTHA LEE-B.S. in Nursing, Lavaleiie. W. Va.-Glee Club, V. Pres. Fresh. Class, Convocaiion Comm. Chrm., N8rH Trib., Recruiimenf Comm., Alpha Alpha Pi fSec.-Treas.l, SNACH. NIGGLE, SHIRLEY-B.S. in Nursing, Lakewood, Ohio- Glee Club, Mummers Guild, Alpha Lambda Delia, Ivy Chain, N8rH Glee Club iPres.J. PARCHEN, RUTH ANN-B.S. in Nursing, Springfield, Ohio- Recruiimeni Comm., SNACH, NXcH Sporls. P PEET, LOIS A.-B.S. in Nursing, Cincinnaii, Ohio- SNACH. RANDALL, SUE-B.S. in Nursing. REUTHER, MAY-B.S. in Nursing. RITTEN, BARBARA JEAN-B.S. in Nursing, Dayion, Ohio -Band, Chi Omega iPledge Tr., Pres.J, YWCA Cab. Worship Chrm., WAA iRec. Sec., lniramural Rep.l, Hockey Team, NBrH Aciiv. Coun., N8iH Trib., Cincin- nalus, Volleyball Chrm., Jr. Adviser, SRC Rep., Alpha Alpha Pi, Ivy Chain. RUNYAN, YVONNE LOU-B.S, in Nursing, Lawrenceburg, Indiana-Soph. Class Treas., Sr. Class Sec., Nursing lnfor. Comm., House Comm., SNACH, Nai'l. Sfudeni Nurses Assoc. SCHRAMM, MARILYN A.-B.S. in Nursing, Park Hills, Ky.-Band QV. Pres. Librarianl, Glee Club, Wesley Foun- olaiion iChrm Bible Clubs., N8iH Aciiv. Coun. iSec.i, WAA Board Rep. SCHUENEMAN, SUZANNE CLARA-B.S. in Nursing, Cin- cinnati, Ohio-Sailing Club lCorr. Sec.l, Penguin, WAA. SIMESTER, GEORGIA RUTH-B.S. in Nursing, Fairborn, Ohio-Glee Club iLibrariani, Mummers Guild, Chf Omega, Social and Civic Chrm., Vocations Chrm., N8iH House Comm., SNACH. SLATER, ANNETTE MARIE-B.S. in Nursing, Cincinnaii, Ohio-Glee Club, Niki-I Olee Club, WAA, Penguin, YWCA, N8:H Trib., House Comm., Chrm., Recruiimenf Comm., SNACH, Sailing Club, Nurses Carnival Chrm., Nurses Formal Chrm. ' SPIELMAN, SUZANNE-8.5. in Nursing, Cincinnali, Ohio -Chi Omega fSec., Acliv. Chrm.,, Guidon, YWCA, Union Comm., Jr. Adviser, lvy Chain. STROUD, ANNA MAE-B.S. in Nursing, Avella, Penna.- Kappa Delia fEd.l, Jr. Prom iCo-Chrm. lnvifafions Comm.l, Ivy Chain, N8rl-l Trib. fTreas.l, Sr. Class Treas., SNACH iiixec. Boardi, SNAO. SWYERS, JANICE FAYE-B.S. in Nursing, Troy, Ohio- NEH Trib. iSec.i, Siuclenl Coun. Alier., Sr. Class Pres., Siu. Facul. Comm. Chrm., Recruifmenl' Comm., SNACH. TAYLOR, MYRA SUE-B.S. in Nursing, Greenville, Ohio -Fresh. Class Sec., Soph. Class Sec., Jr. Class Pres., NBQH Glee Club, Ivy Chain, Siu. Facul. Comm., Nursing lnfor. Comm., NSKH Trib., SNACH, THOMAN, JEAN LILIAN-B.S. in Nursing. Newark, Ohio -Delia Zeia, Recruilmeni Comm., YWCA. VARNEY, RACHEAL GUNCKEL-B.S. in Nursing, Pomona, Calif.-N8rH Trib., C-lee Club, Wesley Foundaiion iTreas., V. Pres., Pres.l. WAGNER, MARILOU-5.5. in Nursing, Cincinnaii, Ohio -Fresh. Class Pres., YWCA, SNACH, Jr. Adviser, Orienialion Board. WELSH, NILA JUNE-B.S. in Nursing, Sfeubenville, Ohio -Band, YWCA, SNACH. nursing and health tribunal ROW l-Duckworth, J., Spitler, S., Branno- man, J., Wilkerson, W. ROW 2-Swyers, J. McCoy, A., Drcinsfield, D., Travis, M., Stroud A. M. ROW 3--Carson, A., Moir, C., Roof, S., Slater, A., Taylor, A., Bigelow, E., Smith, B. ROW 4-Briggs, N., Doner, E., Haus, B. Garrett, B., Koehler, C., Raidt, B., Newberg D., Bigelow, B. ' The Nursing and Health Tribunal took another big step forward this year in the growth and development of student government. It strove to promote a spirit of friendliness and co-operation hetween faculty and students and to encourage active participation in all University functions. With the help of various sub- ordinate committees, college activities were planned and carried out. These included freshman orientation, the annual Christmas and May Formals, the spring carnival, outdoor suppers and college convocations. W Page 97 W --1 5 R-S Joseph F. Kowalewski Dean, College of Pharmacy Colle Dean Kowalewski holds several patents in ge of pharmacy electronics, foods, drugs and cosmetics. l-le ' directs Allied Research at Sperti lnc. and helps out at lnstitutum Divi Thomae. XM M ZW W Pigeons guard the ff W , UL, pharmacy entrance K to Zoo Building. A stuclent in the College of Pharmacy is given a well-rounclecl program, together with specufic technical training, to prepare for such fields as retail pharmacy, the manufacture of drug products and research. mortar and pestle - professional symbols The perfect spot for a break between long pharmacy labs Page 99 I - A 1 W KK DX Q eclna freiclhof and albert ecllin work in the dispensing lab where students learn to fill prescriptions and to recognize incompatible solutions. Seniors Noi Pictu red BRAKEFIELD BARBARA PAY-B.S. in Phcr., Welton, Ky -A Ph. A Kappa Epsilon Urecxsj Page IOO ADRIEN, EVAN DALES-B.S. in Phar., Rossmoyne, Ohio -Sludenf Coun., V. Pres. Soph. Class, Men's Advisor, Phar. Trib. IV. Pres.J, APhA, Prom Comm., ODK l5ec,i, ANNEKEN, EDWARD WILLIAM-B.S. in Phar., Coving- fon, Ky.-APhA, Open House, Dance Comm. BANETH, IRVIN-B.S. in Phar. BAUER, PHILIP-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio- Alpha Zefa Omega. BENDER, ROBERT EDWARD-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali. Ohio-APhA. BERMAN, PAUL-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnafi, Ohio. BOCKELMAN, WILLIAM GEORGE-B.S. in Phar., Cin- cinnali, Ohio-Kappa Psi, APhA, Open House. DEAL, JAMES, DRAGUL, PAUL HOWARD-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio-Phar. Trib. lPres.l, Sludenl Coun., Men's Advisor, Orienlaiion Board, Alpha Zela Omega, APhA. DUE, DAVID A.-B.S. in Phar., Lakeside Park, Ky.- APhA. EICH, ROLLA LAYNE-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio- Open House, APhA. EDLIN, ALBERT IRV-B.S. in Phar., New York, N.Y.- Alpha Zela Omega IV. Pres.J, Phar. Trib. lTreas.i, APhA, lNaI'l. Con. Rep.J, Glee Club. FRIEDHOF, EDNA-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio- APhA, Phar. Trib., Kappa Epsilon lPres.I. FRITZ, RICHARD G.-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio- APhA, Della Tau Della. HABERMAN, ELIZABETH JEAN-B.S. in Phar. HEIDRICH, JOHN EDWARD-B.S. in Phar., Covinglon, Ky.-APhA. HERINGER, EVELYN ANTOINETTE-B.S. in Phar., S. FI. Milchel, Ky.-APhA, Kappa Epsilon. HODSON, RONALD RICHARD-B.S. in Pl-iar,, Cincin- nali, Ohio-APhA. HOLTEL, JAMES H.-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio. HUBER, PAUL JOSEPH-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnafi, Ohio- APhA, Phar. Trib., Open House. KALT, THOMAS ALAN-B.S. in Phar., Dayfon, Ohio- APhA, Kappa Psi lSec.I. ISAQURICH, CARL EDWARD-B.S. in Phar., Middlelown, io. KELLER, JOANNE-8.5. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio- Kappa Epsilon CV. Pres.i, APhA, Phar. Trib. KENDRICKS, LEO GENE-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio -Jr. Class Treos., APhA, Alpha Phi Alpha. pharmacy Page lOl pharnzarj' 'dl' "csv Page l02 LECHLER, JOSEPH HENRY-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio-Sfudenl Coun., Soph. Class Pres., Phar. Trib., Kappa Psi fTreas.l, Men's Advisor. ' LINFERT, WILLIAM J.-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio. MANN, HUBERT H.-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio- APhA. MOELLER, ROBERT CHARLES-B.S. in Phar., Norwood, Ohio-APhA, Open House. PANSING, RICHARD EVANS-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio-APhA, Kappa Psi, Open House. QUARRY, RALPH G.-B.S. in Phar. ROSENBAUM, VICTOR-B.S. in Phar. ROSENSWEET, DON ALLEN-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio- Alpha Zela Omega, APhA. SCHATZMAN, EDWARD L.-B.S. in Phar., Covinglon, Ky.-APhA, Kappa Psi. SCHWAB, FRANK GENE-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnati, Ohio -Fresh. Class Sec., Soph. Class Treas., Phar Trib., APhA, Kappa Psi. SEGHERS, ANN THERESE-B.S. in Phar., Amelia, Ohio -Kappa Epsilon, APhA iTreas.l, Open House. lnohar- rnalian. SMITH, JACK LOUIS-B.S. in Phar., Owensboro, Ky.- APhA iPres.l, Phar. Trib., Fresh. Debale. SOBEL, MANUEL-B.S. in Phar. STEIGER, RALPH NORMAN-B.S. in Phan, Cincinnali, Ohio-APhA, Kappa Psi CSec.l, Jr. Class Treas. STIEGLER, MARTIN LEE-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio-APhA, Fresh. Class Pres. STOLLER, ARNOLD STEWART-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnafi, Ohio-IPPC, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel, Alpha Zela Omega, Phar. Trib., Sludenl Coun., APhA. SULLENBERGER, DON R.-B.S. in Phar., Hunfinglon, W. Va. THOMAS, ANDREW EWEN-B.S. in Phar., Hunlinglon, W. Va.-APhA, Debale Team, Sailing Club, Open House, Men's Advisor, Rho Chi. TRUSSO, SEBASTIAN J.-B.S. in Phar., Jameslown, New York-Fresh. Class V. Pres., APhA, Open House. TUCHER, DALE E.-B.S. in Phar., Brookville, Ohio- APhA, Open House. WELLS, CHARLES ELWOOD-B.S. in Phar., Carlisle, Ohio-APhA. WESTERMAN, WILLIAM L.-B.S. in Phar., Erlanger, Ky. WULFEKUHL, L. ALVIN-B.S. in Phar., Cincinnali, Ohio -APhA. WURTZBACHER, ROGER OWEN-B.S. in Phar., Daylon, Ohio-APhA. pharmacy tribunal ROW I-Dragul, P., King, H., Edlin, A. ROW 2-Stoller, S., Hili, D., Koenig, C. ROW 3- Weiss, D., Freidhof, E., Bushhorn, L. R. The Pharmacy Tribunal in only its second year of exis- tence, has Worked hard at co-ordinating the activities of the new-on-campus College of Pharmacy with the over-all University set-up, While governing its stu- dent body. Along with the encouragement of scholar- ship and activities, the Tribunal has sponsored sev- eral social functions to bring professors and stu- dents together in an informal atmosphere and allow them to devolop a better relationship. At the end of the year a dance was held for students and friends. american pharmaceutical association The student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion strives to carry out the purpose set forth by the prac- ticing members of the society - to promote the good ethics of the profession of pharmacy. Any pharmacy student is eli- gible for membership in the undergraduate branch of this very Worthwhile professional fraternity. Meetings and in- formal gatherings produce timely discussions about the field, sometimes with outstanding pharmacists participating. A social program of several parties and teas helped to produce a closer association among these prospective pharmacists. ...ff 5 I 0 K iw Page 104 Hill, D., Koenig, C.. Smith. J., Seghers, A., Fritz, B. :ai 'f . .L-f::?ff.f1?f4'5E:jiQ.'... . .,, .-., - .., I- L1f'1"c-3' gr-.' r-z, 'ff L Ku' z..-It ' ' .--f ff - '-. . -1 'Zn ii' - v ---tems, to .,. vf,4-ibgtf-,,,.f . - ,. ,s-Q,-.1 -f r fam' f itll: - .M ...4 .gn .... . - 191 J -v a . 4 . J '- ,1 Y QM-' ., - -v f , ggi - . 315,31s'l ,, s.--f ,,,,,,a,. ' A 'I-"L E' , "' 7' . ' Yi?Ss2 ff.wf2Lfu1':tf.t -.. . .. .. .QQ ' 0 .fggigep Ib sp 'Q ' ' " - ' --" - i 1 Gif ,fG'? 'il E.i:-rf: .-' -7 - L : . 'Ugg ' - , - . .,.. , -. . M .1 '- V .. ws' - :p,1.m,tl:sE1.- D. -nw,-1.-fw",-..4, , ,., . v.. .., 5--J.. ,..a:1f,'. . , . ' A- I-e. . .'r"": v.1.:a9f'v:-pts-...,. . . , .. . 4 i f ' f'ff'5'W'-t -- " 0 Teil: z L' ft ' 3 1 eggs, u?5mm5sg+wfsasW,gapigkspwl- pg, 1 ' '?j'A,jjfq1f5 tiff.-sf,,Q,,.f4 f .: '!,'.pgri5'2i.-Effm, 'ff.5.':. .. jf I 4 .7 :- ,gf-. '--4 , ' t:fLtfE':-Ls 1'4".'.-337 :t,.,ft..:.r.f,:-."' . . ,, as " fi? if! v fllf irzff rfs :r 'E---,fi . ffaifffs 1 55. "' f -' ' ' N. M---:'...s.z-.M-m11f'::3aifkRf'..5EF?.ifiE7"4'a'3.?,'Il'if:f-ftiili fix 4 "1a"'f-3 i ' " A .'.:2YL' gli .Q .ri 1471 l . 'iff' S231 0 . Q 1, U U' og,- kappa epsilon In KE, the Women of Pharmacy College have a pro- fessional and social meeting ground. The sorority encourages interest and study in the fields of pharmacy above and beyond the call of the class- room, and even promotes a professional conscious- ness in its members. Socially, Kappa Epsilon pre- sents annually a pledge dinner, Christmas party and Founder's Dinner. They also sponsor a Phar- macy convocation, attend conventions and have oc- casional gatherings with Wives of faculty members. ROW I--Stoller, S., Koenig, C., Freidhof, E., Gareis, C., Bell, S. A. ROW 2-Fitzpatrick. L., Kalt, M. C., HGbefm0Y1. J-. Kellef. J-. Bef-kef. M. ROW 3-Heringer, E., Moore, F., lsczkov, H., Nofcle, S., Barnes, B., Seghers, A. Page I05 alpha zeta omega Ag Zlfxxx x ROW I-Leshner, A., Rosenbaum, V., Edlin, A., Rosensweef D ROW 2 Levy C Levine ron S D Alpha Zeta Omega, a pharmaceutical fraternity founded in 1919, professionally strives to better its field by or- ganizing those students with a common interest in phar- macy. During the year many alumni who have remained active in the group came hack to give informal talks or to lead the men in group discussions. ln addition to a din- ner, formal and informal dances, the men of Alpha Zeta Omega socialized with several stag parties and picnics. Page IO6 kappa psi ROW I Pcnslng R Lechler J ROW 2 Gibbons, B., Bockelman, B., Steiger, R. Kappa Psi is a professional fraternity for undergraduate students in the college of Pharmacy. A smoker is held at the beginning of each semester to acquaint men with the activities of the fraternity. Bimonthly business meetings as well as professional meetings are held. Speakers from the profession and movies on opportunities for advance- ment in the field make up the program. Socially, Kappa Psi sponsors a dinner with Kappa Epsilon and a dance. Page IO7 teachers college , Mike Murphy, Joe Miller and Gloria Lorenz taking Botany notes, no doubt I , ' ,J of ,. -.,f.4,y. Aw- 23' 2 1, ' .r Carter V. Good Dean, Teachers College Author of the 'GNew Methods of Re- searchn, now used as a textbook in 150 graduate schools, Dean Carter V. Good was vice-president of the American Asso- ciation for the Advancement of Science. Page IO8 Teachers College, in order to develop competent teachers, centers its program around a core of educational courses. ,fd ff ffl 4"f.'! fy Page IO9 1 . F 5 l Student teacher, Nancy ,Uurphy checks over the work ofone of her pupils at Robert A. Taft School where she teaches Spanish. Pat Winter does volunteer In Plays and Games class, TC students learn through work with children at NCCH. practice, games that they can teach their future pupils. Page IIO Seniors No+ Pictured FINK, NATALIE P.-B.S. in Pri. Ed., Cincinnati, Ohio- Home Ec. Club, Kind.-Pri. Club, Hillel lExec. Board, House Chrm.l, YWCA, REW, Home Ec. Headliner. ALLSTATT, JOANNE DOROTHY-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnati Ohio-YWCA, WAA lExec. Boardj, Spiril, lnc., Zeta Tau Alpha. BANFI ELD, CAROLYN. BAUER, JEAN G.-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnati, Ohio-Kappa Alpha Theta lPanhellenic Rep., Rush Sec., Cl1ap.l, YWCA, News Record, Mummers. BAUMAN, ANN CATHERINE-B.S. in Bus. Ed., Cincinnati, Ohio-Westminster Foundation, Bus. Ed. Club, Student ir., YWCA, Jr. Adviser, CoAe u , r. an e enic, D p Cl b J P h ll Delta Zeta lScholarsl'ilp Chrm., Rec. Sec.l. BETHEL, RICHARD PAUL-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnati Olwi -Baseball, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Kalppa. BLACK, RENEE MARIHB5. in Elem. Ed., Cincinnqli, Ohio-Student Dir., VIC, Jr. Adviser, Sec-Elem. Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Chi Omega lPledge Tr,l, AWS Board, AWS Bookstore lChrm.J, Ivy Chain, Moria Board. BLOUGH, LINDA JOAN-B.S. in Ed., Geneva-on-the Lake, Ohio-Kind.Pri. Club, Memorial Dorm Uudiciaryl TC students exhibit their art work at a special Christmas program. teacher's college 'ww 3 lift, ' I f X X , .,. ff fyf ' 42 'Q ffff W' ' f t ,, ,,45,f,y,z,." students learn to evaluate teaching and its results through observation, participation and teaching. Volunteer work in the cityis social agencies gives future teachers the advantage of working directly with children. Some of the college's programs are offered jointly with other schools of the University. Page Ill teach ers College ,i. - .J 'I .ii?Af,f!! , A 'JD i . 3, - R L J., ., " , . Page II2 I r- Q ..,,.f.. I' ,,. I.-,I ',.--.,. .Q .. . 'l 1. f'-.,- ep BLUESTEIN, VENUS WELLER-B.S. in Biol. Science, Cin- cinnali, Ohio-Kappa Della Pi, Spanish Club lSec., Pres.l, Caducea, Sigma Della Pi iPres.l, Inlernaliorial Club, Psych. Club. ' BOERGER, JEAN KATHLEEN-B.S. in Ed., czneannen, Ohio-Thela Phi Alpha lCorr. Sec.l, Kind-Prim. Club, Jr. Adviser, Ivy Chain, Kappa Della Pi. ' BOYLE, JANE CLAIRE-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio- Sec.-Elem. Club. BRADSHAW, JEAN NELDA-B.S. in Elem. Ed., Cincin- nali, Ohio- Alpha Della Pi, Sec.-Elem. Club, YWCA, VIC, REW, LSMFT Show, iChrm. Xmas Shawl. P BROUGHTON, CONSTANCE LOUISE-B.S. in Ed., Cin- cinnali, Ohio-WAA, Penquin Club, Jr. Adviser, Kind.- Prim. Club lProgram Chrm., Treas.l, Ivy Chain, Dance Club, Weslminsler Foun. BROWN, PAUL R.-B.S, in Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio. BRYANT, .NITA LOU-B.S. in Elem. Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio -Jr. Adviser, WAA lSocial Chrm., V. Pres., Isl' Season Sporlshead, Baskelball Mgr.l, Cincinnalus iSec.l, Sec.- Elem. Club lPres.l, Union Hospilolify Chrm, AWS fPres.l, VIC lPub. Chrm.l, Kappa Kappa Gamma llnlramurol Rep., Acfiv. Chrm., V. Pres.l, Greek Week Convocalion Co-Chrm., Kappa Della Pi, Morlar Board, Leadership Conference Program Chrm, CALDWELL, CAROL ROBISON-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio- Zeta Tau Alpha lRilual Chrm.l, Jr. Adviser. CAMPBELL, JOHN EDWARD-B.S. in Phys. Ed., Spring- field, Ohio-Foolball, Ulex, Phi Epsilon Kappa. CHAPMAN, NANCY LOU-B.S. in Heallh and Phys. Ed., Terrace Park, Ohio-Chi Omega, WAA, iHockey Mgr., Isl. Season Sporlshead, Playday Chrm., Exec. Board Coun.l, Arefe, AWS iExec. Board and Coun.l, Used Bookslore Chrm., Ivy Chain. CLAYTON, MARY-ANN-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio- Alpha Gamma Della iGuard, Chap., Sec.l, Wesley iSec.l, Kind.-Prim. Club lPub. Chrm., Special Evenls Chrm.l, WAA lBoard Memberl, Penguin, YWCA iMern- bership Chrm.l. COLBERT, VIVIAN DORIS-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio -Ivy Chain, Alpha Kappa Alpha iPledge Tr.l, Kind.- Prim, Club. SOCK, KENNETH EUGENE, JR.-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnati, io. CRITTENDEN, YVONNE-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Clncinnali, Ohio-Alpha Kappa Alpha, Dance Group lMgr.l, WAA Exec. Boardl, Kind.-Prim. Club lPres., Sec., AWS Regsl, Jr. Adviser, AWS, REW lSpecial Program Chrm.l, Panel of Americans, Cincinnalian. DILLEY, PATRICIA DIANNE-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio- V. Pres. Soph. Class, V. Pres. Jr. Class, WUS lPres.l, News Record lExchange Ed.l, Jr. Adviser iSym- bols Chrm.l, Ivy Chain, Kappa Alpha Thela lAc'riv. Chrm., Soc. Chrm.l. DORGER, SHIRLEY ANN-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio -Sec.-Elem. Club, YWCA, Newman Club. DOYLE, BARBARA E.-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio- Thela Phi Alpha ll-lisl., Pub. Chrm., Pledge Tr.l, Sec.- Elem. Club, Jr. Adviser, WAA Board, Penguin Club, Ivy Chain. DULA, MARIAN LEON-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnaii Ohio- Kind.-Prim. Club. ECKERT, KATHERINE M.-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnati, Ohio- Thela Phi Alpha lParlimenIarianl, WAA, Kind.-Prim. Club. EHRNSCHWENDER, RUTH-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincin- nali, Ohio- Chi Omega, Kind.-Prim. Club, lnlramurals, WAA, News Record, Profile. ELSNER, HELEN E.-B.S. in Elem. Ed., Daylon, Ohio- Thela Phi Alpha lHouse Mgr.l, Memorial Dorm lTreas., Corr. Coun. Sr. Counselorl, lnfersororily House Coun. lV, Pres., Pres.l, AWS Coun., Sec.-Elem. Club lVarie1y Comm.l. . ERNST, WILBUR RICHARD-B.S. in Phys. Ed., Cincin- nali, Ohio-Baskelball, Baseball iCapI'.l, Ulex, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Kappa IV. Pres., Sgr. al Armsl, Sludenl Advisor. EUPHRAT, THOMAS WARE-B.S. in Elem. Ed., Norwood, Ohio- Sec.-Elem. Club, YMCA. FAY, MARCIA JOAN-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Milford, Ohio- Kind.-Prim. Club, Chi Omega, lnler-sororily House Coun. FINER, HELEN LOUISE-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Hillel, Mummers Guild, Kind.-Prim. Club, Mefro Show. FRANK, SONDRA H.-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio -Thefa Phi Alpha, News Record, Kind.-Prim. Club. FRIES, CAROL ANN-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Park Hills, Ky.- Alpha Omicron Pi iSociaI Chrm., Pledge Pres.l, Kind. Prim. Club, Penguin Club. GALLENSTEIN, THOMAS PAUL-B.S. in Phys. Ed., Cin- cinnafi, Ohio-Pi Kappa Epsilon. GLAZER JUDITH LEE BS in Ed Indiana olis In diana-Kind.-Prim. Clulg AWS, Hiillfll. p ' ' GLOVER, NATALIE ELLEN-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Zefa Tau Alpha, Spirif, Inc., Mummers. GOOD, CAROLYN JULIET-8.5. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Alpha Chi Omega IWays and Means, Warderil, Sophos Queen, Music Comm. iCorr. Sec.I, Sfudenl' Dir., YWCA, Kind.-Prim. Club. GOSSER, GROVER C., JR-B.S. in Healfh Ed., Cincin- nafi, Ohio-Sr. Advisor, Univ. Chesi X-Ray Prog. Chrrn. GRAVER, DARLENE-B.S. in Healfh Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio -Kappa Delfo Pi, Arefe ITreas., Pub. Chrm.l, WAA iRec. Sporfs Mgr., Inframural Swimmming Mgr.l, Pen- guin Club, VIC. GREGORY, BILLY EUGENE-B.S. in Bus. Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Men's Advisor, Bus. Ed. Club iPres.l. HAIS, MILDRED, RUTH-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio-Thefa Phi Alpha, Kind.-Prim. Club, Cincinnafian, Sailing Club, News Record, YWCA, Sweefhearf of Sigma Phi Epsilon. HICKS, RITA. HILL, MARY A.-B.S. in Healfh Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio- Arefe, Ivy Leaf Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha fCorr. Sec.l. HOCHHAUSER, BETTY EMILY-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cin- cinnafi, Ohio-Hillel iCuIf. Comm. Chrm.I, WUS Iln- dependenfs Chrm.j, Kind.-Prim. Club. HORNSTEIN, MARILYN J.-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincin- nafi, Ohio-Union Dance Comm., Hillel. JETT, JEAN CAROL-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio -Chi Omega, Kind.-Prim, Club, YWCA, Profile, News Record, WAA. JOHNSON, MARCIA LOU-B.S. in Elem. Ed., Cincin- nali, Ohio-Glee Club iBoardl, REW, Canferbury Assoc., Alpha Delia Pi IV. Pres., Pledge Tr.I, YWCA KV. Pres.'I, AWS, SRC, Panhellenic Rush Comm., Jr. Adviser. KELLER, PATRICIA LOUISE-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio -YWCA. KENNY, GLEE ELSA-B.S. in Elem. Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio -Speakers Bureau, Sec.-Elem. Club, REW, VIC. KESSEL, MARLENE RUTH-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio -I-Iillel, Sigma Delfa Tau. KEUPER, JOYCE-B.S. in Priim. Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio- Kind.-Prim. Club, Chi Omega, Profile, News Record, YWCA. KOLB, NORMA A.-B.S. in Bus. Ed., Cincinnaii, Ohio- News Record, Sec.-Elem. Club, Bus. Ed. Club, YWCA, REW Music Comm., Sfudenf Dir., Panhellenic Coun., AWS Bookstore, Delta Zefa iPres., Sfand. Chrm.l. LACY, WILLIAM RAYMOND, JR.-B.S. in Elem. Ed., Cincinnati, Ohio. LAKEMAN, LORRAINE ALICE-B.S. in Bus. Ed., Cin- cinnofi, Ohio- Kappa Kappa Gamma IEfficiency Chrm., Marshall, AWS QV. Pres., Sec.l, Pi Delia Epsilon iPres., Sec.l, Co-op Eng. iEd. and Bus. Sec.l, Jr. Adviser, Ivy Chain, Sfudenf Coun., YWCA, iChoraI Group Leaderl, Jr. Prom IFIower Comm.l, VIC iCorr. Chrm.l, Glee Club, Cincinnafian, Bus. Ed. Club, Union Dance Comm.. Home Ec. Trib., Home Ec. Club CTreos.l. teachefs college Page II3 fPlll'llPI'7S College V. fx. 'WFS N-r ,p-7-"3 '59 ' .ef w -...a Page II4 ,, M. ,.,, mm. , e., 'Q aa- - 73 El I E 1 S-rw. ,- -. ,I I f LANGE, ROSEMARY-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio- Trianon ITreas., Pres.l, WGS IV. Pres.l, Kappa Della Pi, Ivy Chain. LEVIN, BARBARA SUE-B.S. in Prim.Ed., Cincinnaii, Ohio. LOGAN, MARTHA TOM-B.S, in Prim. Ed., San Anlonio, Texas-Kappa Alpha Thela, Kind.-Prim. Club, WAA ITennis Mgr.l, Dream Gi.l of Thela Chi. LORENZ, GLORIA ANN-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Mariemonl, Ohio-Thela Phi Alpha, Kind.-Prim. Club. MALONEY, NANCY ANN-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnaii, Ohio-Thefa Phi Alpha. McNEIL, MARJORIE ETHEL-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Havana, Cuba-Kappa Kappa Gamma IHouse Mgr.i, Mod. Dance Club IPub. Chrm.i, Mummers, Varsily Cheer- leader, Goddess of The Greeks, Jr. Prom Queen Courl, WAA, Kind.-Prim. Club. MEISEL, NANCY PETRICOFF-B.S. in Ecl., Cincinnali, Ohio. MERGLER, DIANE-B.S. in Phys. Ed., Cincinnaii, Ohio -WAA, YWCA, Arele, M-vmmers, Alpha Chi Omega, Varsily Hockey, Baskelball, Volleyball. MERRITT, NORMAN. MILLER, QUENTON DELBERT-8.5. in Phys. Ed., Mans- geld, Ohio-Fooiball, Baseball, Track, Ulex, Sigma igma. MILLS, ED. MOORE, MARGI. MORRIS, PATRICIA LOUISE-8.5. in Prim. Ed., Cincin- nah, Ohio-YWCA, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kind.-Prim. Club, Jr. Adviser. MURRAY, THOMAS WILLIAM-B.S. in Phys. Ed., Coving- ion, Ky.-Phi Epsilon Kappa ITreas.l. NEISES, MARGARET ELIZABETH-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cin- cinnafi, Ohio-YWCA, Mummers, WAA, Kind.-Prim. Club. NICHOLAS, NICK GEORGE-B.S. in Phys. Ed., Daylon, Ohio-Sigma Chi, Sigma Sigma, Epsilon Phi Sigma IV. Pres.l, Ulex, Men's Advisor IT. C. Chrm.i, Baskel- ball, Baseball, Phi Epsilon Kappa ISec.l. PLUNKETT,DAVID LOWELL-B.S. in Bus. Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio-Track, Baskelball, Ulex, Phi Epsilon Kappa IPres,.I. PROSS, BEVERLY JANE-B.S. in Elem. Ed., Cincinnavli, Ohio-Chi Omega, YWCA, Sec.-Elem. Club IV. Pres.l. PULLIS, CAROL ANN-B.S. in Bus. Ed., Norwood, Ohio -Kappa Della IPres., House Mgr.l, Band, Maioreijfre, Tau Bela Sigma IPres.J, Panhellenic ISec.I, Infer- sororily House Coun. IV. Pres.l, Jr. Adviser, Union Dance Comm., Bus. Ad. Trib., News Record IOff. Mgr.l. ROBBINS, ROBERTA J.-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnati, Ohio-Kind.-Prim. Club, Della Sigma Thela IPres.l, YWCA. SABERTON, HELEN-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio-Zela Tau Alpha. SAVERY, SUSAN ELIZABETH--B.S. in Phys. and Heallh Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio-YWCA, VIC, Zela Tau Alpha ISocial Chrm., V. Pres.l, WAA, Dance Club, Ivy Chain, Arele, Reserve Cheerleader. SCHERER, MARSADA LOUISE-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio-Morlar Board, TC Trib. IV. Pres.,. Corr. Sec,-l. Zela Tau Alpha IAcIiv. Chrm., HisI.l, Guidon ITreas,.l, Kind.-Prim. Club, YWCA Cab. IMembership Chrm., Sec.i, Kappa Delia Pi, Alpha Lambda Della ITreas,.l. Union Program Comm., Union Music Comm. IChrm.l. Jr. Adviser, Ivy Chain. SCHOLLER, GEORGENE-B.S. in Phys. Ed., Mansfield. Ohio-Mem. Dorm. IPres., Social Chrm.,' Judiciary Chrm.i, Panhellenic Rep., Alpha Della Pi ISoclaI Chrm,.1. Areie IV. Pres.l, WAA IPres.l, Baskefball Mgr., GAA Clinic Chrm., Playday Sporlshead, Baskelball, Hockey. Cincinnaius, Sludenl' Dir., AWS, IExec. Coun.l. TESSEN DORP, JEAN. SHAUL, VIRGINIA SUE-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio-Chi Omega ICorr. Sec.I, Kind.-Prim. Club, YWCA, Jr. Adviser. SIMON, LEONARD GERALD-B.S. in Healfh Ed., Cin- cinnali. Ohio-Sigma Alpha Mu, Men's Advisor, Chesl X-Ray Prog. Chrm., Sfudenl Coun., TC Trib. SIMONS, SHARON KAPLAN-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cin- cinnali, Ohio-Sigma Della Tau, Alpha Lambda Della. SMALLEY, LUCY FRANCES-B.S. in Elem. Ed., Cincin- nafi, Ohio-Alpha Chi Omega, Morlar Board, Guidon, Alpha Lambda Della IPres.l, Kappa Della Pi, .Ir. Adviser ISec.-Treas.I, Soph. Dance Comm., Sec.-Elem. Club ISec.I, TC Trib., Sfudenf Council, AWS, Sludenf Dir., News Record, YWCA, Ivy Chain, VIC. SMITH, SARAH ANN-B.S. in Phys. and Heallh Balesville, Indiana-WAA, YWCA, Arele. SOCRATES, PATRICIA-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio- Kappa Della Pi, Sec.-Elem. Club. SPALTER, EDWARD-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio. STEINBERG, EILEEN FAY-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnaii, Ohio. STEWART, JUANITA-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio- Pyramid Club, Sec.-Elem. Club. STORM, B. JOYCE-B.S. in Bus. Ed., Norwood, Ohio- Bus. Ed. Club ISec.I, Trianon, VVGS. STORY, MAXINE L.-8.5. in Phys. Ed., Norwood, Ohio- Kappa Della IWays and Means Chrm., House Mqr., Sec.I, WAA ICorr. Sec., Penguin Mgr., Season Headl, Arele, YWCA, Glee Club, Red Cross IWa'rer Safely Chrm.I, Guidon, Kappa Della Pi IPub. Chrrn.I, Jr. Agviser ICO-Chrm.I, Morlar Board ITreas.I, AWS, lvy C ain. SUZUKI, MIYEKO-B.S. in Music Ed., Olaa, Hawaii, T.H. -Kappa Della Pi. TERRELL, E. D. IbUhRPIN, JOHN ARLEN-8.5. in Phys. Ed., Cincinnali, Io. WALKER, JACQUELINE ANN-B.S. in Elem. Ed., Cincin- nali, Ohio-Della Della Della ISong Leader, Panhel- lenic Rep., Fral. Ed. Chrm., Pledge Class Treas.l, English Club, YWCA, Speakers Bureau. WELSH, GERALD. WIIQDERISCHEIN, JO ANN-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio - I e. WILDER, ELAINE CLAIRE-B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio- Thefa Phi Alpha. WILLARD, DORIS MEYER--B.S. in Prim. Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Kind.fPrim. Club, Kappa Alpha Thela. WISMANN, MONTE DEE-B.S. in Ed., Cincinnafi, Ohio- Della Zefa lSocial Chrm., Ass'f Rush Chrm., Campaign Egrmd Eanhellenic Rep.l, Co-ep Club, Glee Club, Bus. . u . WOHLSTADTER, JACK V.-B.S. in Phys. Ed., Cincinnati, Ohio-Phi Epsilon Kappa. WRIGHT, NEIDRA. YOCKEY, PEGGY ANDERSON-B.S. in Prim. Ed., FI. Tlwmos. Kv.-YWCA, Kind.-Prim. Club. teacheris college I I I I I I I I Page IIS I I I I I I I I I teachers college tribunal Composed of representatives from the various Teachers College programs, the TC Tribunal strives to achieve the goal of providing a central organization for stu- dent interests and activities, and to promote a close association between the students and faculty. Through- out the year they sponsored dinners and open houses and counseled departmental clulos. Other projects were awarding scholarships to deserving students and assist- ing with Collegiate Day. Tribunal also held two teas and invited all co-operating teachers and their students. ROW l-Story, M., Browne, M., Busser, M., Durban, A., Morrell, M., Grover, D. ROW 2-Bitsoft, G., Reibel, J., LeCompte, R., Mueller, N., Moses, E., Schlup, M., ROW 3-Flaugher, P., Powell, T., Moore, M., Bidllngmeyer, V., Meyer, M., Moesta, J., Chapman, N. ROW 4-Mergler, D., Scholler, G., Ake, D., Armsteod, M., Gelhot, G., lmwalle, M., Donnelly, K. CUBIC The professional organization for majors in Health and Physical Education is Arete fa Greek Word mean- ing virtue and perfectionj. They began the year with a picnic, given to acquaint the incoming fresh- men With the Women of Arete. A tax stamp drive was held, with the four classes competing against the faculty. New members were initiated at a banquet. phi epsilon kappa The highly beneficial student TB X-ray clinic is sponsored by Teachers Collegeas Phi Epsilon Kappa. Membership in this national professional fraternity is open to upperclassmen majoring in the fields ol health, recreation and physical education. During the year the fraternity presents varied programs con- cerning the aspects of its members' teaching fields. ROW l-Bright, W., Ruth, G., Wohlstadter, J., Williams, W., Schaefer, D. ROW 2-Nicholas, N., Lawson, S., Plunkett, D., Ernst, W., Murray, T., Niemann, J. ROW 3-Gallensteln, T., Lelns, Bethel, R., Surface, R. Jacobson, R., Campbell, J. Schworberg, W. 'a. . 1 4 .911 3 -ci . 2 25 ipgg ef H. , -W' may 1 rw' -ge? ROW I-Gim, M., Barnes, B. L., Logan, M. T., Clayton, M., Crittenden, Y., Schmilhorsl, J., Aberman, D., Perrine, J., Fischer, J. ROW 2-Heiny, A., Hellman, L., Denning, C., Good, C., Deiters, J., Bicknell, L., Fisher, M., Sontag, E., Crowe, K., Runck, M., Potts, J. ROW 3-Kohl M., Currens, N., Bloodgood, C., Scherer, M., Heweff, J., Grassmuck, J., Wilson, S., Morgan, N., Murphy, M., Clark, P. kinder arten-primary club Furthering interest in primary education, with dis- cussions and the exchange of ideas, is the purpose of the Kindergarten-Primary Club. Throughout the year many interesting programs with speakers, movies and demonstrations offered food for thought. Climax- ing the year was the lVlother-Daughter banquet. secondar -elementary club The members of the Secondary-Elementary Clubare students in elementary, junior or senior high school education. Through their .meetings and parties they create better relations among students and faculty members. This year their projects included an or- phan party and entertainment of hospital patients. ROW I--Neiheisel, M., Duran, B., Ritchie, S., Francis, L., Lee, P., Riesenberg, R., Mathias, P., Russley, C. ROW 2-Miester, S., Purcell, P., Malvase, J., Allen, P., Brchn, J., Rush, C., Schomburg, J., Bradshaw, J., Knowles, J. ROW 3-Jackson, D., Jones, S., Morris, J,, Wenger, J., Gray, J., Abrat, M., Anderson, S., Husl, E., Brill, R., Gunim J., Roodene, L., Bush, N. ...,., . if , IX, ,X v-f 127' Page ll8 , ri ' ,. ff eg Q W X e d u c Q + ' K! ' lon e lndustry Z A? . 1 . Probably the most distinctive facet ofthe University of Cincinnati's structure is the co-operative system. Begun in 1906 in the College of Engineering by Herman Schneider, the plan has since encompassed the colleges of Applied Arts and Business Administration. Fqvty years have seen great progress in the system initiated as an experiment among skeptical educators. In time, co-operative education eclipsed the regular full time program. Praised as the outstanding contribution to higher education in the twentieth century, the co-op system has been adopted by several other institutions and has been widely endorsed by Americans industrialists, in whose employ the students train. Before his death in 1939, Dean Schneider saw the realization of his more than practical dream. Fog II9 L 1- W .1 V I 1 1 I 1: L 1 I . 1 7. , My I , jg -' lllfe'-xxx".-I - -1 I . - 51:1 1P'f,Q5112y., . Wi 1 ,A .::..f. 1511.9 - .1 . ,I- I , I 1 .1 s,.I- .1lf'Xf"?.-L. 1 1 I 1 " '-.1-1.. fuk... 9 ...M .... -... II I, . 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I I I, ,Him ,'.f-I.,-I-- .', 1 ' 7,5--g,..I.I,f-5JI...'I .I .,1 .I 343. I ,.I.-..1I.A,-.,.,y-5.3..IIIg:' I L Egg- .III1 If +I I 11. ' 1 .II.-I I:?..I,-III: I .1 I, III III I :I I IIII - .I.I - 4 5: I:.:',I. :I I -. .,-..,.IIIII2I, . II1I ISIIIIIIII I.1..II II:11I .g::3II..'., -'rl-,I,.QPz: ' .If..,.1,. II ,HI II II ,, I ' I I ',g-Ig:'.I- sf-2:27-'Li' -I 1' -. ' Wifi-f:!a.-frsi.53111.Q1114.11.11-f1,121f'1fig-.1.2a-1fE4.':f2:2.111-.:.'1.1...ff 'fi' .Q K ':"""' 53' 'kfiffgflfalgfifif fjiizf- -"f'-'3. "1 'V-'lS:'f"..- 1 . . . 'a?1.-f1Q1'q:12:. 2:11.-flaw'-:-1-:1..f'-P'-1'M'-11"" M' '1 ' ' ii" 3.i:'Zf"lF'f'L',11x51.'."'fi"'5?fi'13'!-',5.1'L E-- TYQ .. :'a . - - 'A V ., , - .. ..-1,,- ., 1..:'. '--'-"7:!'- -'1 "HL ,f-e4'Q1.w,4a- 11 11 -4-1 :1'-' 7.7'!H5..13'3Q3"QN!H'p0XEi1ta:v,ffarxn II.,., .. ISI,5 , 1- 5-.7-II.3Iy,,-:.,III-,I. II,-If,-1 I,:I.I'.:1.I I . . .. , ,I . I ,,..I III. I , III, I - , :QAM M ,Q ZI P ..f-1542. :-I .1. rt- 1 '11141'-X -. ff.. : - . .1 1--1.1 1 fx' 14:1 " -- -4.85161 .?1.Ef:f.-:' -95' Y -5 7 'V '. 1 ',:'1-f... .. -..:s'.. , 1. .51-Q4 .-. , -W..-4-. 3-I. .- 1141... '3e::',1"'.:-J: 1- " sue-1'-1-1 .,,I:ff' ' :-fxf-.-1 "1 1 9f,.5'- . 52: .EJ-.1-f" "' 1 ' . ' 1-1-51-'A'1. 5 " 'N 1, . I I I . I ?ggs-- 1-14.1. I. QA... Y .JI.,fQ'ifn.IIII .:..-f'a1a1,II1xIqUgITNII IGI pjhgggi Wkzfj . 121. V . Igygyf e!'1'. x-5 .1 I -.Jim 1.-,yy ,' , . ' Qing 11-Ig : eff- 'f' 7'f..."f4n.' 5:11. .241 ',-QI.: " . txX7f5diEEETv?2T'S?..l7 If 'I1'.1,f'1- W:-S: - ..1a.g!.-1I-f.- .g:.1,1,:, Qffig-f4QEf1?g:5.z:.q.I yi: ?, .111 1:15 my .au-. ' .:1:.:1..1-'a 15119:' JPG :AVN 111 1.57 ff 'a:'.,i'.:' f,11"f5fJf1'-"3f."5 1 ' '-' 5. 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':z'-.5 'fa'-F'T"'5-'Af:2'2'l-11' ' , QQPZQTQSFL-5 5---2' 'A' . - :Ja .. " 1"-rg I . . .5 Q Lw21:w4'14f'V5?f' ,ri ii, :gi ., Tfiiglakf- 91:31 it A K Ib. .' .,M,,Av,:'w -:nl ww 5 I 1 N. , :ij ga .51 1,3 1 A P 3. r ff ' - Tw' 4 J B , ,.. . t it N 8 'Q .lyk 3- ffm ek- N QQ, 441 1 -,ri - ' "Wh N ,951 '-24 4- ' ---.G , it if gf ' N ' 73 5551 ' 'hiv 1 , 41-,4 M. ,QQ wi: Q'-' -" r N ff '?5t3r43,g':2?E? ' ' l t L, . rfdf' .-4.-ff' , Y f."f'1iJ4i,ff .. . M, Gy., H, ,,5,w,7fwes',15-9? B, "1 Q-41f,Q-JE ':-MU" lk 4'suwtNiT' Cr 5 'SWF' '55' H 'fl 1 5 - I. h ir I 4 I ,,ivi,5i3.Iw-6 ,!J,!ef.l', ,1E'Skf,Ay :' , - wr E w w,r?f!r,H-as-,'::v: fqpff- -1'-.w"f.1-fp-Q4-. ,Y:'ivf"-+'Tiw'."'- . ' V u . i f .. 1- .- :L -mf. 1 .,.w. .x 1,4 1 1 . -. rl 5-4'-M'wif'f:E5551Nuv,'.,..v,':4':--.uv-'c'l'r1r'-1"'ugfgf 'Q'-., 5 v -,,i.hig1,fgfgr I A I I s c affix . . - . - .. . ' "-wx. 5:'5i5"9".':f" . - , 41 1 .".-'fJ'f"1'5 "V-Sifflfffri'-Q1IEq"1iw,, VTBG-fgkiig-gil' mf" ....--+ 1 1 -ef fin rs iayk 1' u gli? A 3. ' f i ly' v ,Egffyi Z'W'f"3 3f'Lv4'l51 i . WSF., Wig?" business administration engineering Page IZI Z One of Dean Pickeriuges latest accom- ' ' plislimeuts is a text on American Homes in HC0llier,s Encyclopecliav. He has also written books and is QW' I f"N active in architectural organizations. A Second floor gallery of the Alms Building. Ernest Pickering Dean, College of Applied Arts college of applied arts Sophomore architects make a model house for building construction class , ,J 1 A'. Rf'- llvwf L1 I-QQ 7 WT' I lw ' 1 ,,M,,,,,n , 'F' ,L A -lung 1 :GJ '-1 Page l22 ' f l The College of' Applied Arts contains both a full time and a co-operative curriculum. To those in the college, it is a collection ofthe elements of' design, materials and informal classes, with a career in the design fields- advertising, costume, interior, industrial- in architecture, or in teaching as its end. An Applied Arts student may he seen on any part of the campusg for his classes are scattered from the Alms Building for perhaps a history of art class with Ernest B. Haswell, to the B Barracks. The college claims professors who are familiar to the students, the city, and the nation. Pg 123 applied arts Page IZ4 2' f' ' "' X , X 2 f Z ,f Z. Af Z' X, X , 2 Z I 2 f , , X le Q ff? ,ff "' iv, I 1 , , ff' Pl l n ll F Barracks, remnants of World War II days, house art labs and work shops. Here students in the morning drawing and painting lab take a break on the back steps of B-1. , I SENIORS NOT PICTURED HEFLEY, THOMAS WEAVER-B.S. in Archileclure Cin- OLSON, ROBERT VICTOR-B.S. in Archiieclure, Chicago, COI-IEN, RUTH ANN-B.S. and B.A.A., Cincinnali, Ohio -Sigma Della Tau fScholarship Chrm., l-Iislil, Hillel, News Record, Kampus King Comm., Della Phi Della. FINDSEN, RICHARD, Cincinnali, Ohio. ADAMS, BARBARA LOU-B.S. in Design, Ripley, Ohio- Alpha Gamma Della fHouSe Mgr., Librarianl, YWCA, Co-ep Club, Ivy Chain. ADLARD, E. BRUCE-5.5. in Design, Pillsburgh, Pai- Newman Club, Sailing Club, Della Phi Della, American Commons Club lSleward, Corr. Sec., Pledge Tr.l. ALLENDER, JAMES EDWARD-B.S. in Design, Cincinnalli, Ohio-Acacia, IDSA lPres.l, Della Phi Della, Sludenl Dir. ANTON, SAUL STEWART-B.S. in Archileclure, Belle lglarbor, New York-Pi Lambda Phi, AIA lV. Pres.l. carab. AUSTIN, MYRON. BAILEY, JAMES. BERNARD, JOAN MARIE-B.A.A., Cincinnati, Ohlpgj Mummers, Union Hospilalily Comm., YWCA, Thela I7 I Alpha lCorr. Seal, Jr. Prom Comm. BREDMEIER, RONALD ALFRED-B.S. in Archileclure. Cincinnali, Ohio-Scarab, AIA, lnlramural Mgr. BROWN, WILLIAM FAY, JR.-B.S. in Archileglure. COR inglon, Ky.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eia Slgmcf AI lPres.j. I' cinnali, Ohio-Scarab lRec. Sec., Treas.l. I i Ill.-Scarab. I L.'Q,g,,,. , E 'lu..,,l X miar -4315 ' 1 Q., 2 ":"'Hn..,, Wmlmii-Mu, F' N V w-M.. ., '-, applied arts E -xv' .1 Page I26 BRUNNER, MARILYN RUTH-B.A.A. and B.S.E., Cin- cinnali, Ohio-YWCA, llfresh. Camp Chrm., Arls and Crails Chrm., Publicily Chrm.I, REW, Jr. Adviser lPro- gram Comm.l, Guidon lSec.l, VIC iPublicily Chrm.l, Kappa Alpha Thela lSec.l, Morlar Board, Leadership Conference fCa-Chrm.I, Alpha Lambda Della, Della Phi Della, Kappa Della Pi, One Quarler Scale lBus, Mgr. . BUCHERT, RONALD V.eB.S. in Adv. Design, Cincinnali, Ohio-AA Trib. IV. Pres.I, Arnold Air Sociely lOpera- lions Ol'l.l, Exhibilion Comm., Jr. Class Comm., Orienla- lion Board, Phi Della Thela, Men's Advisor. BURLEY, DAVID. BURNS, MARTIN SCOTT-B.S. in Indus. Design, Cincin- nali, Ohio-IDSA CV. Pres., Pres.l, Della Phi Della. BURRIS, ROBERT RAY-B.S. in Design, Columbus, lndi ana-IPPC, Lambda Chi Alpha, Spiril, Inc., Men's Ad visor iCo-Chrm., Chrn'1.I, Jr. Prom Comm. A CARMACK, JOHN WALTER-B.S. in Archileclure, Car- mel, Indiana, CHAN, W.S.-B.S. in Archileclure, Peralc, Malaya-Tri angle, Kappa Pi, lnlernalional Club, Hawaiian Club AIA. CHRISTMAN, JUDITI-I. CHRISTY, GEORGE CARLYE-B.S. in Design, Leesburg, Indiana-IDSA, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Inlramurals, IFPC. CLAYTON, PAUL M.-B.S. in Design, Lima, Ohio-- Sludenl Coun. iTreas.I, Glee Club, AA Trib., YMCA, Phi Della Thela iPledge Tr.I, AIS. CLAYTON, ROBERT LOUISeB.S. in Archileclure, Cin- cinnali, Ohio-AIA, Scarab, Pershing Rifles, Wesley Foundalion iTreas.I. CRIST, DOUGLAS R., JR.-B.S. in Archileclure, Indi- anapolis, Indiana-Scarab. CROOKS, ALAN G.-B.S. in Design, Birmingham, Mich. -Track Team, Cross Counlry, YMCA, Della Phi Della, Co-ap Engineer. DOENCH, MARTHA ION-B.A.A, and B.S. in Ed., Cin- cinnali, Ohio-Kappa Kappa Gamma Clianhellenic Repfl, Jr. Adviser, YVVCA, Union Comm., VIC, Ivy Chain, Kappa Della Pi, Della Phi Della ISec.l. DORSEY, ROBERT WAYNE-B.S. in Archileclure, Blooms burg, Penna.-Pi Kappa Alpha lExec. Comm.I, Scarab, Cincinnalian iAssoc. Ed.I, Pi Della Epsilon, lnlramurals, REW, Union Comm. ERICH, FLOYD OLIVER--B.S. in Archileclure, Cincinnali. Ohio. EYEN, RICHARD JOSEPH-B.S. in Design, Cambridge, Ohio-Newman Club, Della Phi Della IPres.l. FLYNN, WILLIAM JUDSON-B.S. in Design, Cincninali, Ohio-Phi Kappa, IDSA. FRANK, ROBERT E.-B.S., Daylon, Ohio-Co-op Engineer. FRIEDMAN, SEYMOUR-B.S. in Archileclure, Cincinnali. Ohio-Scarab, AIA, Hillel. FULCHER, JEANNE ELLEN-B.A.A., Cincinnali, Ohio- Glee Club lSec., Publicily Mgr.I, Alpha Lambda Della lSec.l, YWCA, One Quarler Scale ISubscriplion Mgr-I. Della Phi Della, REW. GARN, GORDON RICHARD-B.S. in Archileclure, Cin- cinnali, Ohio-Scarab ISec., V. Pres.J, Phi Ela Sigma. oAsKlLL, JACK i.. GARTNER, JACK B.--B.S. in Archileclure, Cincinnaii, Ohio-Scarab lCarr. Sec.I, AIA fTreas.I. CKENS, LAWRENCE CONWAY-B.S. in Archile lure, ggilsladl, New Jersey-AIA, Scarab. C GREGORY, H. JAMES-B.S. in Design, Cincinnali, Ohio. GRIFFITH, FREDERICK MICHAEL-B.S. in Desian, Chgrlesfon, W. Virginia-Della Phi Della, Co-op En ginger fManaging Ed.l, One Quarler Scale. GUNTHER, RAYMOND FREDERICK--B.S. in Archileclure, Hcgfingpon- Hudson, New York-Scarab, Alpha Phi Omega, AIA, lnlramurals. HABEL, ROBERT EDWARD-B.S. in Archileclure, Cincin- nali, Ohio-Scarab. HABER, DAVID M.-B.S. in Archilecfure, Cincinnali, Ohio. HAGEBUSCH, LILLITH JOAN-B.A.A. and B.S. in Ed., Sf. Louis Mo.-WAA IVarsily Hockey Teaml, Alpha Omicron Pi IHiSI., Pres.J, VVUS, REW, YWCA lMember. ship Comm.l, Union Dance Comm., Panhellenic Rep. HALL, RICHARD BELL-B.S. in Design, Hyallsville, Md, -IDSA, Della Phi Della, French Hall Coun. IV. Presll, Phi Ela Sigma. HAVLIN, GAY LOIS-B.S. in Design, Cincinnali, Ohio. HECK, LOUIS GEORGE-B.S. in Adv. Design, Cincinnali, Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha lSociaI Chrm.l, News Record lAr'r Ed.I, Cincinnalian, Della Phi Della. I-IENSE, ROBERT. HILL, ROBERT STANLEY-B.S. in Archileclure, Indi- anapolis, Indiana-Scarab, AIA. HUMBERT, THOMAS. IAMS, JACK LOUIS-B.S. in Archileclure, Mariello, Ohio-Scarab. JACKSON, WILLIAM CHARLES-B.S. in Archileclure, Daylon, Ohio-Lambda Chi Alpha, Scarab ISec.l. KAIN, MARILYN SUE-B.S. in Design, Troy Ohio-Alpha Gamma Della fl-louse Mgr.l, Della Phi Della, Gamma Della, YWCA, Co-ep Club, lvy Chain. KAISER, JACK NELSON-B.S. in Design, Daylon, Ky.- Alpha Tau Omega, IDSA. KELTCH, JERRY LEE-B.S. in Archileclure, Indianapolis, Indiana-Della Tau Della fTreas., Floal Chrm., Song Leaderl, Alpha Phi Omega IHis'r.I, Choir. KENNEDY, ROBERT NORMAN-B.S. in Archifeclure, In- dianapolis, Indiana-Befa Thela Pi lHouse Mgr.l, Scarab, AIA, One Quarler Scale. KETTELL, ROBERT HENDRIE-B.S. in Archileclure, Wash- lnglon, D.C.-Scarab, AIA. KIEFFER, JACK H. KIRCHOFF, MERLIN R. KIRK, THOMASIALAN-B.S. in Archileclure, Roclcy Rlvar Ohio-IFPC lSec,l, Union Dance Comm., Acacia ISGCJ, Scarab. KIRSCH, WILLIAM W.-B.S. in Archifeclure, Cincinnali, Ohio-Sigma Chi, Scarab, Swimming Team lCapff,.I. C" Club, Ulex. applied arts Page I27 applied arts 'Q' ini" Og 1""'FP Page IZB A .ki . " YS ' 2? i X' . - , " 'fi' -i 4 Y 1? . ry? :EQ 77' L A ' "Rf M? , K, 2, ski. KOENIG, RAYMOND HARL-B.S. in Design, Cincinnali, Ohio-IDSA, One Quarler Scale. KOLDE, FRED. KOTTE, AMELIA E.-8.A.A., Cincinnali, Ohio-Kappa Alpha Thela lPres.I, Morlar Board ll-lislorianl, Della Phi Della, Jr. Prom Courl, Kampus King Dance IChrm.l, Jr. Adviser, VIC lProgram Chrm.I. ' KUECHA, NORMAN FRANCIS, JR.-B.S. in Archileclure Weslland, Mass.-Phi Kappa fRec. Sec., Pledge Tr,.II AIA, Scarab. LAU NDY, HERBERT. LEFORGE, JOHN CHESTER, JR.-B.S. in Design, Nore wood, Ohio. LOEWE, EDWARD E. MALOTT, JOHN SPENCE-B.S. in Design, Cincinnali, Ohio-IDSA ISec.I, Della Phi Della. MARTIN, JOE G. MARTINA, ELIO JOHN-B.S. in Archileclure, Cleveland, Ohio-Phi Kappa. MAULT, JANET KLEESATTEL-B.S. in Design, Cincinnali, Ohio-Jr. Adviser, Union Music Comm., Kappa Kappa Gamma. MCGINNIS, DON-B.S. in Design, Cincinnali, Ohio- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, IDSA. MEACHAM, THOMAS LEE-B.S. in Archileclure, Cin- cninali, Ohio. NELSON, RICHARD ALLEN-B.S. in Archileclure, Berwyn, Illinois-Acacia IV. Pres., Rush Chrm.i, Scarab. NIEMANN, JAMES EDWARD-B.S. in Indus. Design, Cin- cinnali, Ohio-Della Tau Della, IDSA, Della Phi Della. NOLTING, ROLLA JEANNE-B.S. in Design, Cincinnali, Ohio-Della Della Della lAcliv Chrm.l, Morlar Boqrd, Jr. Adviser, Guidon IV. Pres.J, Cincinnalus IV. Pres.I, Ivy Chain, Co-ep Club lPragram Chrm.I, Union Ex- hibilion Comm. lChrm.l, Della Phi Della, Cincinnalian, Mummers Guild, Greek Week IPublicily Chrm.I, Sopli, Dance Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Profile. NORDLOH, JAMES LEO-B.S. in Archileclure, Madeira, Ohio-Phi Della Thela. POKORNY, RICHARD J. POLLARD, ALBERTA ANN-B.S. in lnlerior Design, Allen- lown, Penna.-Della Phi Della lPledge Chrm.i, Mem- orial Residence I-Iall lTreas., Summer Cab. Cl1FlT1-I Jr. Counse'or, Sr. Counselori, Mummers Guild, Co-ep Club, YWCA, Newman Club, Ivy Chain. POPPLEWELL LARRY F.-B.S. in Design, Norwood, Ohio -Baseball. RICHARDS, DAVID TALIESIN-B.S. in Archileclure. Wilkes Barre, Pa.-Jr. Prom Comm., Union Comm-. AIA, TFC lExec. Comm., V. Pres., Greek Week Comm.. Rush Chrm.j, Triangle fRec. Sec., V. Pres., Pres.l. RIVERS, CHARLES OTTO-B.S. in Archileclure, Russell- ville, Indiana. RUFF, ROBERT OWEN-B.S. in Indus. Design, Cincinnali, Ohio-IDSA lTreas.I, Della Phi Della. SCHLESSELMAN, NORMA JEAN-B.S. in Design, Cincin- nali, Ohio-Alpha Gamma Della lCorr. Sec., Guardl. YWCA, Co-ep Club lPublicily Chrm.l. SCHWARZ, MARY JEAN-B.S. in Design, Cincinnafi, Ohio-Alpha Gamma Della fScribe, Hisf., Names Chrm.J, Co-Ep Club iPub. Chrm., V. Pres., Pres.J. SHOWERS, WILLIAM LEE-B.S. in Arch., Cincinnali, Ohio. SMALLWODD, RONALD R. saumes, CHARLES T.-s.s. in Design, Ashfabula, ohio -Tliela Chi CPub. Ed., Public Relafions Chrm.J, Hall Echo lBus. Mgr., Adver. Mgr.J, One Quarler Scale WUS, YMCA, Engineers' Day Comm. ' STIEGLER, JAMES ROBERT-B.S. in Design, Cincinnali, Ohio-A.A. Trib. KV. Pres.l, Della Phi Della lScholar- ship Chrm.J, IDSA. STRAUSS, HERMAN S.-B.S. in Arch., FT. Wayne, lnd.- Scarab. STRICKLAND, DELMAR E. STUDER, RAYMOND ELTON-B.S. in Arch., Conlon, Ohio THUL, ANDREW BURR-B.S. in Arch., Cincinnali, Ohio- llalig fPres.l, IFC, Phi Kappa iPres.i, Scarab lPres.Q, A . TIANO, HERMAN-B.S. in Arch., Cincinnafi, Ohio- Scarab fPub. Chrm.j. TILLAR, DONALD ANTHONY-B.S. in Arch., Cincinnali, Ohio-Scarab, AIA iPres.l. VAN HOUTEN, JAMES WALLACE-B.S. in Desi 'n, Maplewood, N. J.-Pl Kappa Alpha, Cincinnalian, Gizee Club, YMCA, Spirif, Inc., Mummers. VICK, KELLY JAMES-B.S. in Arch., Cincinnali, Ohio- Scarab. VINCENT, GEORGE E.-B.S. in Arch., Cincinnafi, Ohio- Scarab. VOGEL, MARY A.-B.S. in Design, Cincinnofi, Ohio- Kappa Alpha Thefa il-lisf., V. Pres.j, YWCA, Mummers, Voriely Comm., REW, Beaux Arfs, Volleyball. VOLLENDORF, DEAN BRYANT-B.S. in Arch., Mane- fown, Wis.-AIA, Scarab, One Quarler Scale. VON BARGEN, MILTON RAYMOND-B.S. in Arch, Cin- cinnali, Ohio. XOYTILLA, WALTER-B.S. in Arch., Cincinnali, Ohio- A. WARD, JOANNE ISABELLA-B.S. in Design, Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Omicron Pi lTreas., Sec.J, Coeep Club, lProg. Chrm.J, Canlerbury. WEBER, EDWARD LOUIS-B.S. in Design, Cincinnali, Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha, Fresh. Foolball. WELLER, MARCIA HARRIS-B.S. in Arch., Clncinncli, Ohio-Trianon fCorr. Sec., Rec. Sec., Sgt af ArmSl. AIA lSec.l, Hillel, IZFA. WELLS. MARY ANN. WRIGHT, KENNETH K. applied arts uf Page I29 applied arts tribunal In the maze of drawing boards, tee squares, and sketch pads, the Applied Arts student can very easily become unaware of the happy world about him. The Applied Arts Tribunal has as one of its functions, the promotion of a social program to give the students of this col- lege a chance to put aside the toils of the classroom and, at the same time, to gather with his fellow stu- dents and faculty members in relaxing activities. In- cluded in this program Were the Masked Ball, Applied Arts picnic, Egg nog party and student-faculty mixers. scarab ROW I-Bredemeier, R., Anton, S., Loewe, E., Jackson, W., Thul, A., Gartner, J., Hefley, T., Kettell, R. ROW 2-Passantino, R., Sutphin, N., Hense, R., Clayton, R., Austin, M., Kuecha, N., Adelspenger, R., Allen, D. ROW 3-Hill, R., Montemayor, R., lams, J., Vincent, G., Crist, D., Geohegan, S., Musho, T., Gilbert, P. ROW 4-Vick, K., Dorsey, R., Gerckens, L., Beczhr, R., Simoncelli, J., Miller, W., Smith, P., Flcmgg, W., Kowalski, J. 'cArchitecture above all," could be the motto of Scarab, for the frater- nityis very existence is based on carrying the study of this art beyond the classroom and drawing board. Its members, selected through grades and interest, meet regularly to conduct business, to present new ideas in architecture and to contribute to Scarab's experimental projects. Page l3l 6' -j' "MW Top ROW I-Light, M., Benson, W., Cretors, C., Eyen, R., Doench, M., Ruff, R. ROW 2-Burgasser, J., Christman, J., Riggs, D., Hering, R., Schneeman, R., Molott, J., Duncan, E., Bolenbcugh, B. ROW 3-Niemcmnn, J., Peterson, R., Binzer, D., Burns, M., Pollard, A., Nolting, R., Finclsen, R., Koch, J. Bottom ROW l-Engel, D., Reif, M., Kofte, A., Van Winkle, C., Penwell, E., Clark, A. ROW 2-Littmann, E., Bailey, J., Frank, R., Cato, M., Miller, B., Naberhous, J., Eberhart, D. ROW 3-Klotfer, S., Wells, A., Shaffer, G., Brown, T., Fulcher, J., Smith, C., Simpson, B., Brov, H. delta phi delta Delta Phi Delta is an honorary for students in Design and Art Education who maintains a B average two consecutive years and are recommended by their faculty advisors. Each year the organization holds a Christmas sale of art Work by Delta Phi Delta members with all proceeds going to an AA scholarship fund. In February the group held a com- petition of work relating to the play, ul-lamlet". The three Winning paintings were exhibited at the Guild Theatre. The Alms Gallery was the scene of a student spring sh0W' Page l32 3 f' A 1-x E I 'Ili Eg gf 7 W swap 51 261 afriffiflll 6: ag- I' aww? JR '1,,,2'o A ,-. af? e 4 1 It M233 I art I 'whiz . ef? f is BJ 4 iw f S 1 'A-if 41 4,1111 iv '11 wk. L w ' It .tru aa.-1, mmsxamu Q in 5 rzppsvfvm "ww: If ,pg , 1 4'3.r,wPX,2'fI1f4 I 4 rf 'd -1- g fl? ?j'3:,t,l.vTi, .5 Jhgngvam In ,ff iimwgifr? J -1 v4"'Z 3 .iv 1 if " ff if ,QQTZF ll 0 I.. QF: ' fi? '. z,f:fk . ., 2,55-7 so . ' , f f" 1 A . . , sg., aff 5- ' M ls. 4-1 'f':5::f. l . . fi 59.5.63 .nu ": 1,5 'ff Q -g s - ww:,,.5a',q " I -' f , '-'i f 11 1.1 stigiti. I . 'Q UT 5'f:.f.,11 - ' t. z, ,".::f'. ,mf .1 sw- ' s .- . W, ,1 551.3 11 4 -. - : - 1. rfyi. -,JJ-K. .,, u .. ' .Aw-' ,- gasufdgw . 5 ,is s,E' 75323: , .gn .Q 'af'-Y9g?..5 .- I , ,.,. ' 5 . , J.. 1'-' 3.9: 5 -Jg,,f"f:j :,7f,,,'-si: 1 g . Graf ji... :.i V., ,..a,r. H"-5 f 251 gy 1, -" , 'r 1-1.---i,r,. A, .. - 1 - ' if-. tink? tiff? '13'g6S,2 ' EH? , - ' ig?" 5S'k'ir'5y,i . ""' A' ' - gig' ' 'f 533543 gif -. .3512-5, ' f,,- i - , f ft J " - -s-5-fi"',54?' fi . ' ., -. ' ii3SFl"ifH2 I' ' ' . '-. P. 12 ' fx L-5- 'W va -mari.: ' ' ' 4 - in ,W ,, ,. n. ,.' .V - ...e - . .-..-.Jw V , ..- , f- i' 'iff ' - wgt' -. l 1 . I L wr 4 1 vu, if Ru, M. P5963 .-,..Lf...1.,... ..- I ,. 51 1 K W A , - ' L V. I - . Q Q. I Ei F . .- .. f ,UE 2 I 4 h J M ga, I S , , - 1' ' ' ' fu X ' L X A I 1 " F ,xiii .4 VC . I , ,gr I Pj? . ' : ,L . -E51 , Q I 3. 'R 1 ' ' A ' . fi -1 F ' Jil' s,- --. ,,, ' W ,Q ' . .., . 4 'W' : -.. ' ,f e .- --: .L 1, fe' I 1' ' . . ..-- ,-. " ..g:-5, -. .-:sk-as -'i'11's' vw: 1' fp. "' .5 'Q'-Q..:5iQ-za: in., ,-ji m,--9 ,.., I .. L I E -. w , 5-h.f,,,, H:f,g.,i7Q,-3 0 0 may ff, Q ig gtplgwlw, TN, c "'5.-Q- Q-'Wi "'fIv,:f1Q 5-1 fum , '- , .,, ,,. . s --m-,u.3,- ,gga,Q.:,.Q1..,3 1 -s -. Q '- N L, 'Q 5-l .J A I 21.4 'zxfa' -1- fa' 3 1 -:fs -. . A. 'f n diifn -xiii'-glib? Q-has ij- .-2.iJf?,,?G7,'12f: si- ' 'Sf fY'.' I. 1- I - , 'i st-'L " ' " ' ' . -if . ,-' " .-. , -ng -' ' ' 'Qs 15.1334 if J -If ' gy: rad w- ,ad 4 1 f, sw, . ,-. ,.-,is:.4 . A 3f'v . .-5-we , -- 4: 7 ' ' ' 3 '19-' ', ,:-w""'f"", QQ ' , . :Q :',.f1f-ff 1 ...G , .1,,. f t w H14 I U ' 1 --- . ' ' 1 1 0 industrial design students association Ever see a streamlined anvil? Each year the Industrial Design Students Association presents such an award, in miniature, of course, to the top industrial design senior. Just five years old at UC, its only chapter, IDSA also conducts programs of interest to AA students. ROW I--Flynn, W., Kaiser, J., Stiegler, J., Bailey, J., McGinnis, D. ROW--Mann, S., Burns, M., Niemann, J., Schneeman, R., Ruff, R., Benson, W., Malott, J. Page 133 college of business administration Sallie McLain finds reference material in the Bus Ad library. Page I34 Francis H. Bird Dean, College of Business Administration Dean Francis H. Bird served on the US War Labor Board during both World Wars and has been prominent in the Federal Reserve Sys- tern. He has taught at several universities. Social and science subjects together with courses in finance, marketing and accounting constitute the background of the College of Business Administration. The co-operative system gives students training under actual business conditions. W 312, Y , 9 -x,, ga W .,.. 4 , f 4 f A T72 Aw QA -2'-ZW? . . .,. , - . s .M-5, Q. 'fx f, yfxggf,,7.-,y,3fX5,, ,, 1 ,VM ,. V x .zzwffwvf Q 2 ! ,Q I ' xy aff X :bg Wx: 1- 45 wc .f,4,MB - ' : f , ,, . ..,.: 5- f, f.,,.W .. ig., , .f , . . ..,, , ,sh- . . ' , - ,H f f'..2i:-visa. 'few ,.-,s- Nz,-"' -M. -- - , H , MM f .vw w --'i' - if --fm, - -f In ' , ' 'I ' n i wm ,TM "W 'lx MMV' k-fwz.. , ' Jw.-lf. ' , , x., -A, ,, -.4 -L N71 ,.Lf,,.,,.. A., v r, J1:"."' ,. , V , 2 -f - , , W., f. -fn-M-1. W Y.. ' ,. . M . '- -5-if 1- , v - M - , ' if ,'--gr?" V- I xi.,rriszffqfi' .x 1 x , A " " 6, -L, f '-jug..- 'ki'-EA rxafhg... - - , 1 74 Qi Z2 QE E E 5 1 M1- , 4 I I ,Ni i Q ,. 18 ' ., ' wa' 'lk ', . kiss? 'Q . J-3311, F- 'if 'fr Agile fingers and mechanical brains - tools of the profession. P ge I36 .. ,..- Students compile statistical reports on consumer interests the students in thescollege may be future general managers, accountants and secretaries. Broad training allows flexibility in the clwice of a career. For some it is the beginning of study in business law. AHLENSTORF, LOIS JEAN-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincinnali, Ohio-YWCA, lvy Chain, Alpha Della Pi lSong Leader, V. Pres., Pledge Tr., Co-Rush Chrm.l. ANDRIOT, DONALD J. APPLE, STEPHEN F. Anoo, ALBERT. BALDWIN, THOMAS FREDERICK-B.B.A. in Mkl., Glen Rock, N. J.-IFPC, Men's Senale, Bela Thela Pi fPledge Tr.j. BARLOH, MARY LOUISE-B.B.A. in Secrelarial, Cincin- nali, Ohio-Alpha Della Pi lPres., V. Pres., Sec.l, YWCA Cab., V. Pres., Fresh. Camp Chrm., Marriage Clinic Chrm., Prog. Emphasisl, Union Hospilalily Comm., Union Prog. Comm. lSec.l, Union Board lPres.l, Pi Chi Epsilon, Mummers, News Record, Profile, Jr. Adviser, Panhellenic Coun., AWS, Orienlalion Board, lvy Chain, BARNES, JAMES S.-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincinnali, Ohio. BARRETT, THOMAS JOHN-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincinnali, Ohio. BASHFORD, WILKES-B.B.A. in Econ., Hillsdale, N. Y.- Phi Elo Sigma, Bela Gamma Sigma lV. Pres.l, Men's Advisor, Mkl. Club, French Hall Dorm Coun. lTreas.l. BEAMER, RONALD LLOYD-B.B.A. in Mkl., Norwood, Ohio. BEAR, JAMES CADDALL-B.B.A. in General Mgr., Cin- cinnali, Ohio-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, lPres. Pledge Classy, IPPC. BELLAS, JOHN A.-B.B.A. in Mkl., Wellsburg, W. Va. BEYERSDORFER, JAMES. BITTMANN, ROGER ALAN-B.B,A. in Accl., Cincinnali, Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha, Bela Alpha Psi, lnlramurals. BOETTGER RICHARD HUTCHINSON-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Tau Omega, Glee Club. BOGART, DONALD F.-B.B.A. in Accl., Norwood, Ohio --Union Hospilalily Comm., YMCA, Sigma Chi lTreas., Soc. Chrm.l. BOLCE, EARLE E.-B.B,A. in Mkl., Cincinnati, Ohio- Sigma Alpha Epsilon CSoc. Chrm.l, Mkl. Club. BOUDINET, THOMAS H.-B.B.A. -in Mkl., Daylon, Ohio- Sigma Chi fSpecial Evenls Chrrri., House Mgr.l. BOWLING, LEONARD HAROLD, JR.-B.B.A. in General aflglwl gxlorwood, Ohio-Alpha Kappa Psi lCo-Masler of ilua s . BOYLE, HOWARTH PERRY-B.B.A. in Pre-Law, Green- wich, Conn.-Phi Elo Sigma, Sophos, Della Sigma Pi, Fencing Team fMgr.l, IFC, IFPC Advisor, Melro lPres.l, Alpha Tau Omega fTreas., V. Pres., Exec. Coun.l. BRlCKER, DAN A.-B.B.A. in General Mgl., Cincinnali, Ohlo-Della Sigma Pi lV. Pres.l, Sludenl Dir. lBus. Mgr.l, Board of Pub. BROGDON, CHARLES WILLIAM-B.B.A. in Accl., Cin- clnnali, Ohio-ODK, Sigma Sigma, Phi Della Thela lTreas., Parlia., lnlramural Mgr.l, Sludenl Coun., Bela Alpha Psi, Bus. Ad. Trib. lPres.l, Mumrners lHouse Mgr., Bus. Mgr.l, Union Hospilalily Comm. lChrm.l, Union Prog. Comm., Cincinnalian, News Record lPrinling Ecl.l, Pi Della Epsilon, Men's Advisor, Cincinnalus, IFC, Leadership Conference lFinance Co-Chrm.l, Jr. Prom Comm. lVoling Chrm.l, Greek Week Comm. lSeminarsl. BROWN, EDGAR ROSS-B.B.A. in General Mgl., Cav- lnglon, Ky. BROWN, WALTER-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincinnali, Ohio- Della Sigma Pi lChancellor, Chrm. of Acliv.l, Wesl- minsler, Sludenl Dir. business administration Page l37 IJIISTIZGSS czdministration. if fsli 'S-5 It 410 Ml 'T -s, fa...-'V 'sm' Page l38 BROXON, ROBERT RICHARD-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincinnati, Ohio-Beta Theta Pi, Mummers tPub.l, UC on T.V. BRUNO, ANTHONY FRANCIS--B.S. in lndust. Mgt., Niagara Falls, N.Y.-YMCA. BURKE, THOMAS ALFRED-B.B.A. in General Mgt., Toledo, Ohio-Delta Sigma Pi lHist.l, Phi Eta Sigma. BUDIG, OTTO M., JR.-B.B.A.,-Soph. Class Pres., Jr. Class Pres., Phi Eta Si ma, Sophos, Student Coun. CTreas.l, Glee Club KPUE. Mgr., Soc. Chrm.l, ODK CMembership Chrm., Leadership Conference Chrm'.j, Men's Advisor, Phi Delta Theta, Mummers, fPres., Bus. Mgr.l, Theta Alpha Phi CV. Pres.t, Cincinnatus, Band Announcer, Sigrna Sigma, Union Dance and Exhibition Comm., YMCA, Arnold Air Soc. CAREY, STUART D.-B.B.A. Cincinnati, Ohio-Theta Chi lSoc. Chrm., Treas., Corr. Sec.l, Intramurals lFootball, Basketball, Baseballj, IPPC lPres.t. CARR, BERTRAM REID-B.B.A. in Acct., Cincinnati, Ohio -Delta Sigma Pi, Mkt. Club. CARROLL, ROBERT HENRY-B.B.A. in Acct., Cincinnati, Ohio-Arnold Air Soc. flSOl, AFROTC Rifle Team lCo-Capt.l. CHANCE, MARION S.-B.B.A. in Acct., Cincinnati, Ohio -Phi Delta Theta tChap., Soc. Chrm.l, Glee Club g'Li::.l, Union Dance Comm., Arnold Air Soc. fPledge I'. . CHARLTON, JOSEPH RANDALL-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincin- nati, Ohio. CHILLINSKY, JOSEPH JAMES-B.B.A. in Mkt. and Law, Renton, Pa.-Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, Varsity Football. CHOLMONDELEY, MATTHEW C.-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cin- cinnati, Ohio. COBB, RICHARD HENRY-B.S. in Industrial Mgt., West Sand Lake, N.Y.-Theta Chi fTreas., Pub. Chrm.l, Scab- bard ond Blade fTreas.l, YMCA. COMER, MARY ELIZABETH-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincinnati, Ohio-Zeta Tau Alpha fPres.l, YWCA, Penguin Club, Span. Club, Co-ep Club. CONARD, ROBERT CHARLES-B.B.A. in Acct., Cincin- nati, Ohio-Phi Kappa, Delta Sigma Pi. CONDORODIS, ANESTIS JOHN-B.B.A. in Acct., Cincin- nati, Ohio-ODK iTreas.J, Sigma Sigma CTreas., Carljll- val Chrm.l, Metro, Sigma Chi iTreas.l, Jr. Class Treas., Ulex, Bus. Ad. Trib. IV. Pres.l, Scabbard and Blade, Epsilon Phi Sigma fTreas., Pres.l, Kampus King, ROTC Efficiency Award, Intramurals, Varsity Football, Leadership Conference. CONDORODIS, PANOS--B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincinnati, Ohio -Phi Delta Theta. COPENHAVER, ALAN RALPH-B.B.A. in Acct., Cincin- nati, Ohio-Alpha Kappa Psi. CRAGG, ROBERT G.-B.B.A. in Mkt., Park Ridge, Ill.- Pi Kappa Alpha tPres., Treas.l, IFC. CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS H.-B.B.A. in General Bus., Jewett, Ohio-Football, Union Soc. Comm., Debate Club. DANIELS, RICHARD LESTER-B.B.A., cinCimlell,-ohi0- Alpha Kappa Psi lSec. and Pledge Tr.l, Pl Delta Epsilon, News Record CNew Promotions Mgr.l, Protlle tBus. Mgr.l, Scabbard and Blade, YMCA Cab. nissan, JOHN in Mkt., wyoming, ohio -Alpha Kappa Psi mb. chlm.l. DICKEY, JOHN FRANKLIN JR.-B.B.A. in Acct., Hills- boro, Ohio. DICKERSON, RONALD LEE-B.B.A. ni Mkt., Cincinnati, Ohio. DAVIS, RICHARD. DOYLE, JACK HERBERT-B.B.A. in General Mgt, Cin- cinnali, Ohio. DUNHAM, CLAIRE RUTH-B.B.A. in Secrefarial, Cincinl naii, Ohio-Penquin Club, Glee Club, Mlcl. Club, Fresh. Orienlaiion, Jr. Pram Comm., Thela Phi Alpha lTreos,l Pi Chi Epsilon lV. Pres.l, YWCA, Co-Ep Club. ECKERLE, WILLIAM RANDLE-B.B.A. in Mlcl., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Sigma Chi, Band, YMCA. EFFRON, ARTHUR M.-B.S. in lndusl: Mgl., Cincinnafi Ohio-Hillel, AROTC, LSMFT. EGNER, GEORGE NORMAN-B.B.A. in Mkf., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Della Sigma Pi. ELLERMAN, EUGENE. ESSEX, ROBERT DETMER-B.B.A. in Accl., Rossmoyne, Ohio-Delfa Sigma Pi, Men's Advisor, Orienfolion Board, Arnold Air Soc., Scabbard and Blade. EXON, JAMES ERNEST-B.B.A. in Mkf., Cincinnafi, Ohio -Phi Delia Theia. FEDERLE, LEROY DAVID-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincinnaii, Ohio-Golf Team iCapl'.l. FELTNER, JAMES EDWARD-B.B,A. in Acci., Hazard, Ky.-Sigma Phi Epsilon lCompIroller, Pres.l, IFC, YWCA. FISCHER, GENE HOWARD-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Della Sigma Pi iTreas.l, Wesfminsfer CTreas.l, SRC. FOGEL, DOROTHY SCHUCART-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincin- nali, Ohio-Sigma Delfa Tau CTreas.l. FRANKS, ROY WILLIAM-B.B.A. in Acct, Cincinnali, Ohio-Sigma Alpha Epsilon flnlramural Chrm.l, Varsify Baseball, Spirif, Inc. FUNKE, M. LORETTA-B.B.A. in Mkl., Aurora, Ind.- YWCA, WAA, Pi Chi Epsilon, Co-Ep Club, Glee Club. GAUDIN, DEAN RODNEY-B,B.A. in Mid., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Cincinnalus CTreas.l, Sigma Alpha Epsilon iTreas.l. GOEPPER, ROBERT LEONARD-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincin- nafi, Ohio. GOERING, JOHN BRUCE-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincinnaii, Ohio-Beia Thela Pi lScholarship Chrm., Sgl. AI Armsl, Phi Efo Sigma, Cincinnalus, Mummers. GOLUBICS, ELIZABETH MARY-B.B.A. in Mld., Defroil, Mich.-Pi Chi Epsilon iCorr, Sec.j, Memorial Dorm lChrm. Sr. Award Comm., Nominaiing Comm.l. CSEAFF, GEORGE JOHN-B.B.A. in Mkf., Cincinnaii, io. GRISCHY, JOANNE ELIZABETH-B.B.A. in Secreiarial, Cincinnafi, Ohio-Bus. Ad. Trib., Jr. Adviser, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ivy Chain, Orienialion Board fSec.- Treas.l, Alpha Lambda Della, YWCA, Pi Chi Epsilon, Jr. Prom Comm. GROEVE, TED. GUMBINER, MELVIN-B.B.A. in Accl., Rochesler, N.Y.- Slgma Alpha Mu fTreas.l, Murnmers, HALLIDAY, FELIX. HARRINGTON, JEREM IAH. business administration I ' qv il W ,I J si I I 'Sf Page I39 HARVILLE, CECIL-B.B.A. in Mld. and General Mgi., Franklin, Ohio-Football, Ulex, Union Comm., Men's Advisor, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, IV. Pres., Sec., Infra- mural Chrm.l. HATTENDORF, JOHN CARL-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincinnali, Ohio-Theta Chi IPres. V. Pres., Treas.i, ODK, lLeadeQ- ship Conference Co-Chrm.l, IFC fPres.l, Meiro ISec., V. Pres.i, Sigma Sigma, News Record. HAUCK, HOWARD HENRY-B.B.A. in Accf., Cincinnaii, Ohio. HEELEY, Tom. HENDRICKSON, PHILIP H.-B.B.A. in Mkt, Toledo, Ohio-Bela Thela Pi lllecorder-Discip.l. HENNINGER, EUGENE ROBERT-B.B.A. in Mki., Cin- cinnaii, Ohio-Sigma Sigma, Melro lAilend. Chrm,.l, Scabbard and Blade, Men's Advisor, IFC iPres., Fresh. Smoker Chrm., Exec. Comm., Judiciary Comm., Rush Comm.I, Homecoming Comm. lReviewingI, IFPC Siu- denl Advisor, Sigma Phi Epsilon lHisi., Sec., Social Chrm., Dance Chrm., lniramuralsl, Varsiiy Fooiball Mggi, Jr. Prom Comm. lPub.I, Mummers, News Record, YM A. HERMAN, ROY CHARLES-B.B.A. in Mkl., Clncinnali, Ohio. H ERTEL, RONALD. HILMER, FREDERICK HERBERT-B.B.A. in Accl., Cin- cinnaii, Ohio. HUBBARD, ELBERT. JUELE, ORLANDO PHILIP-B,S. in Indusl. Mgi., Niagara Falls, N.Y.-YMCA. JOHNSON, KENNETH-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincinnali, Ohio. KALOMERES, GEORGE-B.B.A. in Mki., Cincinnaii, Ohio KENT, JOSEPH GERALD-B.B.A. in Accf., Aurora, Ind.- Dorm Coun., Band Mgr., lnlramurals. KERSTEN, ARTHUR E.-B.B.A. in Acct., Madeira, Ohio. KESSEL, JOHN RICHARD-B.B.A. in Accl., Massillon, Ohio-American Commons Club fPres., Sleward, House Mgr.J, IFPC, IFC, lnframurals. EEISSLER, DONALD ROBERT-B.B.A. in Acci., Deer Park, lo. KESSLER, JON DAVID-B.B.A. in Mki., Cincinnati, Ohio --Varsify Swimming Team, IFC, Delia Sigma Pi, Alpha Tau Omega lHouse Mgr., Pres.I. KEQG, DAVID HAMILTON-B.B.A. in Mki., Cincinnati, O io. KINNEY, JOEL FERNANDO, III-B.B.A. in Mki., Cincin- naii, Ohio. KIRBY, JACK MILLS-B.B.A. in Mid., Cincinnali, Ohio- Scabbard and Blade, Track Team. KLEEMAN, STEPHEN EDWARD-B.B.A. in M'ki'., Cincin- nafi, Ohio--Newman Club, Alpha Kappa PSI. KLEINFELTER, LAWRENCE LEE-B.B.A. in Mki., Cincin- naii, Ohio-Sigma Chi. KIIEKAM P, WILLIAM R. KUNKEL, BARBARA LEE-B.B.A. in Secrefarial, Cincin- nafi, Ohio-Mummers, Kappa Delta lCo'rr. Sec.l. LABAER, M. RICHARD-B.s.A. in General Mgr., Roches- ler, N.Y.-Sigma Alpha Mu. LABERMEIER, WALTER JACK-B.B.A. in Accf., Cincin- nali, Ohio-Sfudenf Union Bookslore lAssl. Mgr., Mgr.i, Sigma Phi Epsilon, lnlramurals. LAMMERT, WILLIAM H.-ODK lPres.J, Baskelball. LANCE, DAVID M.-B.S. in lndusl. Mgr., Youngslown, Ohio-Sigma Alpha Epsilon lS+eward, Treas., V. Pres.i, Union Dance Comm., lGreek Week Chrm.l, Band. LAYER, SUSAN-B.B.A. in Secreiarial, Middlelown, Ohio -Bela Gamma Si ma lTreas.l, Pi Chi Epsilon lSec.l, Alpha Lambda DeTla, Glee Club, Co-Ep Club. LIGHT, FRANK LANG-B.B.A. in Acct, Cincinnaii, Ohio. LINTZ, ROBERT CARROLL-B.B.A. in Acci., Cincninafi, Ohio-Bela Alpha Psi iTreas.J, Newman Club lMem- bership Chrm.l, AIS. LOTZ, JAMES STANLEY-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Kappa Psi fTreas.J. LUDWIG, RICHARD ERNEST-B.B.A. in Mkl., Sidney, Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha iExec. Comm., Rush Chrm., Scholarship Chrm.l, Glee Club, Men's Advisor, Spiril, Inc., Gamma Delia, YMCA. LUECKE, THOMAS GEORGE-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincinnafi, Ohio. LYTLE, JAMES B.-B.B.A. in Mkl., Marion, Ohio-Alpha Tau Omega CTreas.l. MASDEA, JOHN F.-B.B.A. in Mkl., Columbus, Ohio- Sr. Class Treas., Foofball, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Ulex, lnframurals lBaskelball, Soflballj. MASSET, ALBERT CARL-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincinnali, Ohio -Phi Kappa IPres., Treas., Sec.I, Della Sigma Pi, Men's Advisor, IFC. MELRAVY, WILLIAM RHEA-B.B.A. in Mkl., Warren Ohio-Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Ad. Trib. McILVEEN, GEORGE M.-B.B.A. in Mkl., FT. Thomas, Ky. -Sigma Phi Epsilon lPledge Tr., Hisl., V. Pres.I, YMCA. MEEKER, THOMAS CHARLES-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincin- nali, Ohio-Newman Club, lnframurals. MELVIN, MONTE. MINNING, GEORGE THOMAS-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincin- nafi, Ohio. MORRIS, JAMES EDWARD-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincinnali, Ohio-Wesiminsler iCab.l, Delia Sigma Pi fSoc. and Professional Chrm., Pres., Chancellorl, News Record, Sfudenf Dir. MUELLER, KENNETH W.-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincninali, .Ohio-Arnold Air Soc., AFROTC lWing Siaff and Rifle eami. OLSON, ROBERT-B.B.A. MUELLER, SHIRLEY JANE-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Ad, Trib. lSec.i, Co-Ep Club IV. Pres.l, News Record, Jr. Adviser, YWCA, Women's Senaie, Jr. Prom Comm. OTTO, RONALD CROMWELL-B.B.A. in Acct., FI. Thomas, Ky. business administration l Pago I4l OURY, ROBERT E.--B.B.A. in Acct., Cincinnati, Ohio- Alpha Tau Omega IScribe, Athletic Chrm., Pledge Tr.l, Delta Sigma Pi. PARSONS, DONALD LEE-B.B.A. in Mkt., Dayton, Ohio- Sigma Alpha Epsilon lPres. Pledge Class, Steward, House Mgr., Pres., Chrm ot Special Events, lntramuralsl, Fresh. Track, Men's Advisor, IFC ISing Chrm.l. PETTIT, RICHARD ELMER-B.B.A. in Mkt., Dayton, Ky. PFIRRMANN, HAROLD ANTHONY-B.B.A. in Acct., Cin- cinnati, Ohio. PHILIPS, JEROLD. POLLARD, JOHN ALBERT-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincninati, Ohio-Theta Chi, Bond. PRICKETT, JAMES. RQU, WILLIAM CLINTON-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincinnati, O io. REISENFELD, SYLVAN P.-B.B.A. in General Mgt., Cin- cinnati, Ohio-Sigma Alpha Mu, Intramurals. RHEIN, CLIFFORD C.-B.B.A. in Acct., Cincinnati, Ohio -Theta Chi IFloat Chrm., Pub. Chrm. Intramuralsl, Golf Team lCapt., Coachl, "C" Club, YMCA. RINEHARD, JACK A. ROARK, CHARLES RONALD-B.B.A. in Acct., Cincinnati, Ohio. ROHMAN, KENNETH HENRY-B.B.A., Cincinnati, Ohio- Alpha Kappa Psi IV. Pres.l. ROTH, RONALD ANTHONY-B.B.A. in Mkt. and Acct., Cincinnati, Ohio-Alpha Kappa Psi. SAUER, FRANK, JR.-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincinnati, Ohio. SCHAEFER, RONALD JOHN-B,B.A., Towson, Md.-Men's Inter-Dorm Coun. lSec.-Treas.l, Mkt. Club, Delta Sigma Pi. SCHNEIDER, ANTHONY LOUIS-B.B.A. in Acct., Cincin- nati, Ohio-Beta Alpha Psi. SCHRAGE, DONALD CHARLES-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincin- nati, Ohio-Phi Kappa, Delta Sigma Pi. SHARLACH, RONALD DOUGLAS-B.B.A. in General Mgt., Bedford Village, N.Y.-Pi Lambda Phi- lPres., V. Pres., Rush Comm., Stewardl, IFC, IFPC, Hillel, Mum- mers. SHARROCK, RALEIGH R.-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincinnati, Ohio-Phi Delta Theta lHouse Mgr., Soc. Chrm.l, Mum- mer lljroduction Mgr.l. SILVERMAN, PHILIP-B.B.A. in General Mgt., Hacken- sack, N.J.-Pi Lambda Phi IHouse Mgr.l. SIMKIN, HAROLD-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincinnati, Ohio. SIMPSON, ORA LESLIE-B.B.A. in Mkt., Cincinnati, Ohio -Delta Sigma Pi. SINE, CAROLYN LOUISE-B.B.A. in Secretarial, Cincin- nati, Ohio-Zeta Tau Alpha IV. Pres.i, Co-ep Club ITreas.i, Glee Club, Mummers, Jr. Adviser, YWCA, Profile, News Record. SLIVER, MARILYN LEE-B.B.A. in Acc'r., Eafon, Ohio. SMITH, ALICE LEE-B.B.A. in Accl., Highland Heighls, Ky.-Befa Alpha Psi. SNYDER, THOMAS GENE-B.B.A. in Mkl., Dayfon, Ohio. SPECKMAN, DALE F. SPRAGENS, TERRY FRANKLIN-B.B.A. in Mkf., Cincinnali, Ohio-Delia Tau Delia lPres., Treas., Rush Chrm.j, Mefro, Dad's Day Chrm. for Foofball, IFC lSec. Comm., Rush Book Ed.J, REW, Men's Advisor, Convocalion Comm. SQUILANTI, RICHARD GUSWIN-B.S. in Indusf. Mgl., Lodi, NJ.-Acacia lSoc. Chrm., Rush Chrm., V. Pres., Pres.J, Melro, IFC, YMCA lllush Chrm.l. STAPLES, MARTIN E.-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincinnafi, Ohio- Golf Team. STONER, THOMAS ALBERT-B.B.A. in Accl., Dayfon, Ohio-Dorm Coun. lPres.j, Sophos, Phi Efa Sigma, Bela Alpha Psi, Arnold Air Soc., Cincinnaiian, Band Mgr. SUNDQUIST, PAUL. TASHMAN, STANLEY-B.B.A. in Accf., Cincinnali, Ohio -Befa Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi. TAUCHERT, ROBERT WALTER-B.B.A. in Mkf., Cincin- nafi, Ohio. TAYLOR, WILLIAM F.-B.B.A, in Acci., Cincinnali, Ohio. TELLJOHANN, EVERETT FREDERICK-B.B.A. in Acci., Kelllersville, Ohio-Belo Gamma Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Bela Alpha Psi iSec.J, Phi Efa Sigma. TIEMEYER, ROBERT ELLIOT-B.B.A. in Mki., Cincinnaii, Ohio-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cincinnaiian lBus. Mgr., Adverfising Mgr.J, Pi Delia Epsilon, Bus. Ad. Trib. EELSON, WILBY S., JR.-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincinnati, io. TRIMMER, EUGENE EARL-B.B.A. in Acct, Beloil, Ohio. gRhOTTER, NORMAN L.-B.B.A. in Acci., Cincinnafi, io. UEHLING, ELLEN JANE-B.B.A. in Secrelarial, Cincin- nafi, Ohio-Varsify Hoclcefy, WAA, Glee Club fBoardJ, Co-ep Club, Sailing Club, Wesfminsfer fCab.I, Pi Chi Epsilgan lV. Pres., Pres.j, Befa Gamma Sigma iSec., res. . UHL, JOSEPH A.-B.B.A. in Accl., Denver, Colo.-Alpha Kappa Psi lPres.l. VOGELE, RICHARD ALLAN-B.B.A. in Mkf., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Baskelball, Ulex. VON BIRGELEN, ROGER-B.B.A. in Accl., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Sigma Chi. WEICHHAND, HARRY JOSEPH-B.S. in lndusf. Mgl., Cincinnali, Ohio. WEIGEL, JACK ALLEN-B.B.A. in Accl., Bafesville, Ind. -Befa Alpha Psi. WESTON, JAMES A.-B.B.A. in Accf., Cincinnali, Ohio. business administration Page I43 IJIISIIIQSS ClCll7lT7liSfl'CLfT0llf ' 3 . my 'O' -1-.I 1.4- .. Page I44 Seniors Nol Piclu red ELLERMAN, EUGENE ROBERT-B.B.A. in Accl., Norwood, Ohio. HERTEL, RONALD EDWARD-B.B.A. in General Mgl Cincinnali, Ohio. HICKS, RUTH SATTLER-B.S. in Bus. Ed., Cincinnali, Ohio-Kappa Alpha Thela. KATENKAMP, JOHN EDWARD-B.B,A. in General M l'., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Phi Kappa IHis'r.I, Della Sigma QQPI Union Exhibilion Comm. LATCHAW, ROBERT ARTHUR-B.B.A. in Mkl., Somers WHALEY, WILLIAM F., JR.-B.B.A. in General Mgl., Lewision, N. Y. WIGGS, GARLAND DEAN-B.B.A. in Mkl., Akron, Ohio. WILLIAMS, JAMES TAYLOR-B,B.A. in Accl., Fl. Thomas, Ky.-Bela Alpha Psi. WILLSON, RICHARD DANIEL-B.B.A. in MH.. Cincin- nali, Ohio-Baseball ICapl.I, Ulex, Sigma Sigma, Sigma Chi IV. Pres.I. WILSON, JOE LEE-B.B.A. in Indusl. Mgl., Cincinnali, Ohio-Thela Chi IV. Pres.I, IFC ITreas., Univ. Sing Chrmi, Union Dance Comm., Mummers, Melro. gI.NTER, GEORGE WILLIAM-B.B.A. in Accl., Chevioi, io. WITT, LOTHAR FRANK-B.B.A. in Mkl., Cincinnali, Ohio-Phi Della Thefa. YERDON, JAMES JOSEPH-B.B.A. in Accl., Bradford, Pa.-Thela Chi ISec., House Mgr., Scholarship Chrm., Sfewardi, lnlramurals, IFPC. ZAHARAS, GEORGE STEPHEN-B.B.A. in Accl., Dayfon, Ohio-YMCA, Epsilon Phi Sigma, Aquaal, French Hall Coun. ISec.I. ZIEGERT, VICTOR H.-B.S. in Indusl. Mgt., Daylcn, Ohio -Bela Alpha Psi IV. Pres.I. ZIMMER, RICHARD LEE-B.B.A. in ACCI., Hamilion, Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha ISoc. Comm., House Mgr.I. worfh, New Hampshire-Alpha Tau Omega IPledge Pres.I, Alpha Kappa Psi IRush Chrm., Sporls Chrm.l, YMCA, Scabbard and Blade. LAUNDY, HERBERT WILLIAM-B.B.A. in Indusl. Mgl., Micldlelown, Ohio-Thela Chi ISleward, Corr. Sec.I, Arnold Air Soc., Pershing Rifles, YMCA, Co-op Engi- neer, AIEE. MIYASATO, RONALD YASUJIRO-B.B.A. in Accl., Ma- kawao, Maui, Hawaii. NACE, EVERETI' LEE-B.B.A. in Mkl. Research, Cincin- nafi, Ohio. business administration tribunal Composed of members of each class and two members at large, the Business Administration Tribunal regulates and coordinates the activities of the Bus Ad students. The group also acts as a type of grievance committee to which the students petition their objections. The Tribunal then investigates the problem and past poli- cies, recommending changes if necessary. Tribunal kept busy with their usual projects - orientation, a Freshman Mixer, co-op day and the annual senior ban- quet. A picnic and a dance offered relaxation for all. 4 ROW I-Condorodis, A., Geis, N., Brogdon, C. ROW 2-Genfil, J., Schoenlihg, M., Grischy, J., Vogel, D. ROW 3-Brcdner, G., Heines, J., Poore, H., Wessinger, E. fist ., Page I45 I l beta gamma sigma ROW l Bashford W Uehlung E Layer S ROW 2 Lambert K., Telliohcnn, E., Lammert, W. Beta Gamma Sigma, national honorary society, gives explanation to its purpose in these Words: uto en- courage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of commerce and business administra- tion, to promote the advancement of education . . . to foster integrity ,in the conduct of business operationf' alpha kappa psi fi-f 1 wwf' ROW I-Bowling, H., Rohman, K. H., Uhl, J. H., Ehrharf, K. T., Kleemun, S. E. ROW 2-Telliohann, E., Turing, R., Roth, R., Berfsch, W., Steibing, D. ROW 3-Schroeder, R., Sidoran, P., Johnson, D., Lammert, W., Daiber, E., Murray, B. Alpha Kappa Psi affords upperclassmen in Business Administration and the Evening College of Commerce an opportunity to further investigate the world of business. The fraternity awards two scholarships each year, maintains an adding machine in the Bus Ad li- brary and provides a varied program of social events. Page I47 Bw K w .11 X A delta si gina pi ,Q .s . , 1 4- '- V . N 'qi -J J in bg., if ,Vi p Fifi .f T Ev tjlvfl 15 .gk ng, ROW I-Peter, C., Fischer, G., Allen, R., Morris, J., Bricker, D., Brown, W. ROW 2-Schrage, D., Shaffer, R., Yeager, R., Essex, R., Kessler, J., Mossel, A., Dedden, T. ROW 3-Sfoelfing, J., Hegel, G., Zeng, J., Vonderheide, P., Egner, G., lhlendorf, R., Beisel, C., Curr, R. Page I48 Delta Sigma Pi, a national business fra- ternity, draws its membership from the College of Business Administration and the Evening College of Commerce. Monthly professional meetings present programs of interest from the commer- cial and business World. This group also sponsors social events. One of these is the dance held each spring at which the Rose of Delta Sig is chosen. pi chi epsilon Pi Chi Epsilon is an honorary for junior and senior Women in Business Admini- stration and Engineering. Membership is based on scholarship, extracurricular activities and service to their college. Besides the monthly meetings, the soror- ity sponsors an introductory tea, a straw- berry breakfast, a spring banquet and an initiation. The group also awards scholarships to worthy Bus Ad women. Co-ep Club represents a happy minority, the Women of the three co-operative col- leges. They gather to promote University sprit, to broaden student cultural, so- cial and intellectual life and to add honor and prestige to the University. ROW I-Herwig, M., Mueller, S., Schneider, J., Smith, S., Topper, M., Ward, D. .4 ROW I-Golubics, E., Buck, B., Uehling, E., Dunham, P. ROW 2-Layer, S., Topiper, M., Grischy, J., Ludeke, C. ROW 3-Hawk, N., Barloh, M. L., Schneider, J., Schoenling, M., Funke, L. cone, E. Row 2-vsntsnainghem, G., Davis, z., Hawk, N., ...'1'1 .gf may f'hs 2, V fi .. ,gli 1 .s 15 f .1 f Eisilf ., - , , t ., we fm, sis- wrvigs me mfgwn A N f -1 e' ,N -t.-.5-:.t' Qs-.:sf.f-:-..s-.,:.::-', ....::.-A in . .aaa . , Q V: ., f- - Q vf. nw- g..,f,:x? Q..'41-15,1-,eelaw-1-.::.'f::.Aa-'see iv:-.fs' .1:,..f,..w,f.:fzzf. 1 " , . ' f 5:12 -:a1i235.'., ' Q55-afitfifflxff'E-T-i,5?14f5'1s-..,Wt-"::.t -. , ...'22" " 21' .f?!fsSErsfif5::-fa., . J' .J iff- L '12-'Set fe.-f .-15 V lin ar, . b e .5 . aw Y 1 - . X ' . t.'f.3::f:,r:+:112.. - ma.. asf' ' 92-atifrga--1-,g,::2.s1 - . , r gf! ff - 'I , 5, - v f- ' 5 gg:-f53,53,.,2,a g s Qftfifff 'Mffijw' 2 - -Jf'fL"S.-ZQJ,'!' bnif' ' ' ' '-.-NME? . .. , .Q ' . ' f . . f, ' " Q' , .- - . , -2' ' .f ff sfzliffaz .. ' 1 fp ,. f ,- .X f-sbt V ,,.. . .,-.v .,i,,,,,,..,., f,.,,..., Q. --ff . A X .'w as t was-'eaamwl D sr - W saga f -... - t 1 1 'V 'ef ' . A 2 :gg Q- . e x W KE, J . 5 K ' 'Q f Y, Xp ..A-Y . ' 1 I Y w e I - . , g -.. f Page Q49 l w Igzvvfar 4 si 4: .Wi -tv., - .. W5 ,"'r' ff' I Ju 0 Q ,Mr-gg 'F - L I, " IMP! 5. ,n .1 Pg we - ' fl if .. " ai Q , J Chemistry Building Dean of the College of Engineering since l946, C. Albert Joerger was for- merly an instructor in mechanical en- gineering at Harvard. He is a member of ASME, Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi. C. Albert .loerger Dean, College of Engineering .N 7V:3:i: 4 ,,,, , .... J ,,,.. X E fi? if efafazzwvrscg, 1 ly ez-L maxew i avi: F2 SME? ENRiN..i.,Mi?4'? Page ISO M F LS:-W . f H- ,C -:Jf' 2"'55. "4 r f , 1 : -gli ' .rr e fe. P .X ,. x-rjjflgq, A-'fqgw W gi? ' J is mffff - ' l ' affigxf' X :ffl - '. i ' " X' ffl A -.' X MXN ' S . XX X r ,g-if - - -C Nxa - gg: i of Q Yr- -.,,:-,, ' Eire . 3. ' 'I 9- lla. :Q 21, 1 , HRW- ' 1 Physics Building X fflfiilr ' V 0 l 'Q J il ' . ' f college of engineering ix .IH l .K-V' an ' ' ' ., W 255' ' '- -is-Qi.f,.12 ,A L, '-v An engineer may be a scientist, a mathematician, a consultantg it is his job to conceive, build or maintain an idea. The mechanical engineering laboratory in the basement of Baldwin Hall x Testing the tensile strength of different gage metals is the im- mediate quest in a metallurgy lab. " Through experiments, electrical en- gineering students determine effi- ciency of motors and generators. ! 2 ie while the university teaches the science underlying engineering, cooperative jobs give students a commercial contact in - the various branches of industry. Dick Wess on his Hilton Davis Chemical CO. job. Page I52 Metallurgical engineering students pour molten brass into a sand mold. Aeronautics . . . and the study of air flow Developing an understanding of city planning. Page I53 QfZglIlG97'lIlg '35 -7-rr -gn-in IOP -map 43 Page l54 WMS 2 i w-...,. Assorr, oouoms K.-Mis., cubu, New York-ASME. Aumecm, RICHARD s. CLSEXANDER, JAMES GLENN-A.E., Hannibal, Missouri- APKING, THOMAS WILLIAM-E.E., Cincinnali, Ohio- Phi Kappa. BARKOCY, ANDREW ROBERT-C.E., Allenlown, Pa.- Tau Bela Pi, Chi Epsilon lSec., Treas., Pres.l, ASCE lTreas., Sec.J, Newman Club lHisl'.l. BARONE, JAMES COSMO-C.E., Niagara Falls, New York-Bela Thela Pi. BEGOVICH, CHARLES. BHAME, CARL DUANE-Ch.E., Harmony, Pa.-Triangle IV. Pres., Corr. Sec.l, Phi Lambda Upsilon IV. Pres.l, Eng. Trib., Tau Bela Pi, AlChE, Glee Club. BORGO, PHILIP EUGENE-C.E., Phoenix Arizona,-ASCE lPres.l, Chi Epsilon QV. Pres., Pres.l, Tau Bela Pi CTreaS.l. BOTTS, CHARLES. BRADEN, HERBERT H.-B.S. in M.E., Smalhporl, Pa. -Alpha Tau Omega lHouse Mgr., Pledge Tr., Song Leaclerl, ASME, Eng. Trib. BRANDENBURG, JESSE HAROLD-Ch.E., Cincinnali, Ohio-Della Tau Della. BRANDON, KENNETH FREDERICK-B.S. in M.E., Muncie, Ind.-Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. BRIGHAM, DAVID RAY-C.E., Coral Gables, Fla.-- ASCE. BRINKMAN, JOHN RUSSELL-Ch.E., Hamillon, Ohio- Tau Bela Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon. BROWN, RICHARD STEPHENS, JR.-M.E., Wilbraham, Mass.-Lambda Chi Alpha lCorr. Sec.l, Sailing Club. BUCHWALDER, ROBERT J.-M.E., Bridgeporl, Conn.- Phi Kappa lCorr. Sec., House Mgr.l, Pi Tau Sigma, Spiril, Inc., ASME. BUFE, OTTO EDWARD-Ch.E., Cnicinnafi, Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha iCorr. Sec.l, Gamma Della lPres., Sec., Trecgj, Alpha Chi Sigma, Glee Club lLib.l, SRC, Band, IFP . , CAHILL, JOHN NORMAN-Ch.E., Daylon, Ohio-Sigma Alpha Epsilon ll-louse Mgr.l, IFPC, News Record, Cin- cinnalian, ROTC Rifle Team, AlChE. CARROLL, ALF LINDSAY, JR.-M.E., Lewislon, New York-Thela Chi, YMCA, ASME, Glee Club, Sailing Club. CARTER, WALTER C.-C.E., Befhel, Ohio-ASME. COLANANNI, PAUL DOMINIC-E.E., Salem, Ohio-Phi Kappa, AIEE, Ela Kappa Nu. COLCLASER, ROBERT GERALD, JR.-E.E., Cincinnali, Ohio-Tau Bela Pi, Ela Kappa Nu, AIEE lTreas.l, IRE, Band, Kappa Kappa Psi lV. Pres.l, Oufslanding Band Fresh. CONNELLY, JOHN RAYNOR-M.E., Cleves, Ohio- ASME. COOK, RICHARD FINLEY-E.E., Charlesfon, W. Va.- AIEE, IRE, Efa Kappa Nu, Tau Bela Pi, YMCA, Band ROTC Rifle Team, Sfudenf Advisor, French Hall Coun. lPres.J. CORY, ROBERT MAX-M.E., Penfwafer, Mich.-ASME, COX, DONALD. CREMERING, ROBERT RICHARD-Ch.E., Cincinnali Ohio-AIChE. CULBERTSON, JACK EDWIN-B.S. in M.E., Cincinnat, Ohio-Track Team, SAE, ASME. CUTSHALL, ROBERT PAUL-B.S. in E.E., Norwood, Ohio --IRE ISec.I, Efa Kappa Nu, Tau Bela Pi ISec.I. DARST, JOHN F.-E.E., Dayfon, Ohio-Pershing Rifles ITreas.J, Scabbard and Blade lSec.I, Amer. Ordinance Assoc. IV. Pres.J, AIEE, IRE. DENLINGER, WILLIAM L.-B.S. in C.E., Trofwood, Ohio -ASCE, Chi Epsilon. DETTMER, JOHN WILLIAM-B.S. in E.E., Cincinnofi, Ohio-Phi Kappa, Pershing Rifles IPIans and Tr. Off.I, AIEE lSec.I, Efa Kappa Nu ICorr. Sec.I. DEW, RICHARD. DOLD, JOSEPH WARREN-C.E., Porfsmoufh, Ohio- ASCE. DOOLEY, EDWIN BENNETT, JR.-E.E., Winchesfer, Ky.- Sigma Chi IPres., Sec.I, Mummers, YMCA, IRE, Audio Eng, Soc. DRAGSET, THOMAS A.-Af., Hamnfan, ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha, IAS. ELLISON, RICHARD KENNETH-A.E., Rochester, New York-lnframurals lFoo'rbaII, Baskefball, Baseballl, IAS. EYMANN, HENRY L.-Ch.E., Barsfow, Calif.-Alpha Chi Sigma lPres., Pledge Tr.j, AIChE. FAVOR, RONALD J. FITZWATER, HAROLD L.-E.E., Cincinnafi, Onic. FLAGG, ELGIN ERNEST-M.E., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Sigma Phi Epsilon IPledge Tr.I, ASME. FLESHMAN WARD S. JR.-E.E., Porfsmoufh, Ohio- AIEE, IRE. FOOTE, JAMES E.-C.E., Cincinnafi, Ohio-ASCE. FOSTER, MARVIN B.-E.E., Cincinnafi, Ohio-AIEE, Arnold Air Soc. lCiviI Defense Pro. Chrm.I. GAVIN, JAMES THOMAS-M.E., Sf. Louis, Mo:-Phi Kappa IV. Pres., Corr, Sec., Assf. Treas.J, Phi Efa Sigma, Tau Befa Pi IRec. Sec.I, Tau Bela Pi, ASME lSec.J, IFC, IFPC, ODK. GRAFTON, DONALD PAUL-E.E., Forl' Wayne, Ind.- AIEE, IRE. GRANT, BRENTON R., JR.-Ch.E., Covingfon, Ky- Alpha Tau Omega ISIeward, Rush Chrm., lnframural Mgr.I, News Record, Prom Comm., YMCA, Univ. In- Iramural Mgr., AlChE ITreas.I. engineering Page I55 vrzgilzcerilzg ii? . 15.-gp --r g 11' Page I56 GREENISEN, GARY JOHN-M.E., Salem, Ohio-Triangle lTreas.I, ASME, SAE, OSPE. GROVE, H, MARK-E.E., Hillsboro, Ohio-AIEE, IRE lTreas., Chrm.I, Efa Kappa Nu lTreas.I, Tau Bela Pi. HALL, DONALD RAY-Ch.E., Newparl, Ky.-Tau Bela Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, AIChE. HAVLICEK, HENRY JOSEPH-E.E., Scheneclady, New York-Elo Kappa Nu, Alpha Tau Omega, AIEE, IRE IV. Chrm.I. HERBORT, WILLIAM FRED-C.E., Cincinnati, Ohio- ASCE. HOCHADEL, JACK BIRCH-B.S. in M.E., Salem, Ohio- Eng. Trib. lPres., V. Pres.I, Sludenf Coun., Orienfalion Board, Men's Advisor, Co-op Day, Union Comm., ASME, SAE, Triangle lHouse Mgr.I. HOOD, HERSHEL O.-B.S. in A.E., Massillon, Ohio- YMCA, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Eng. Trib., IAS, HOPPER, FRANK THOIMAS-C.E., Middlelown, Ohio- Trock Team, Cross Counlry Team, C-Club, American Commons Club lTreas.I, ASCE. HOWARD, HAROLD W. HUEBSCHLE, CARL HENRY-Ch.E., Cincinnali, Ohio- AIChE. HUNT, KEITH DAMER-M.E., Alexander Bay, New York -YMCA, Wesley Foundalian, ASME. JACOBS, DONALD FREDERICK-E.E., Canlon, Ohio- Sigma Alpha Epsilon lSIeward, House Mgr., Pres.l, Arnold Air Soc. lExec. Oh'.I, AIEE. KAMP, FREDERICK sTuART-5.5. in ee., vpsfpi, New York-Apppip, AIEE, IRE. KARCHNER, TED w.-M.E., Middipfpwp, amp-Pi Kappa Alpha, ASME. KASSELMANN, JOHN T.-M.E., Forf Thomas, Ky.-Pi Tau Sigma, ASME lTreas.l. KAUSCH, MICHAEL MANOR-M.E., Sl. Louis, Mo.- Sludenl Counc. IPres.l, Eng. Trib. lPres.I, ODK, Sigma Sigma, Melro, Sophos, Triangle lSocial Chrm.l. KEiSTER, PERLE L. KOENIG, EDWARD J.-E.E., Newporl, Ky.-Phi Kappa lSocial Chrm., Rec. Sec., V. Pres.I, E'ra Kappa Nu, Kampus King, IFC, AIEE, Spirit, Inc. KOHORST, DONALD PAUL-Mel'.E., Cincinnali, Ohio- ASM, AIME, AIChE. KUEMPEL, JOHN L.-M.E., Cincinnali, Ohio- Lambda Chi Alpha CV. Pres., Rush Chrm.J, Tau Bela Pi lPres.l, Pi Tau Sigma lPresl'l, Phi Elo Sigma, ASME, Engineers' Day lTreas.l, Men's Advisor lColIege Chrm.l, Eng. Trib., ODK. LANGONE, VINCENT ANTHONY-Ch.E,, Elmonf, New York-Tennis Team, AlChE, Alpha Chl Sigma. LEROY, GORDON BRUCE-M.E., Falconer, New York- ASME. LOCKHART, HUGH ALVIN-E.E., Parkersburg, W. Va.- Acacia, AIEE, IRE, lnlramurals. LOTZ, EDWARD ALLEN-C.E., Cincinnali, Ohio-Sigma Phi Epsilon fPledge Tr.l, ASCE. LURING, WILLIAM SIEMER-Ch.E., Cincinnaii, Ohio- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Lambda Upsilon lTreas.I, Tau Befa Pi, Glee Club, AIChE, YMCA. MACKE, EDWARD RICHARD-B.S. in E.E., Cincinnaii, Ohio-AIS llniramural Mgr.I, AIEE. MARKS, JAMES EVANS-B.S. in E.E., Memphis, Tenn.- Wesfminsfer, SRC, French Hall Coun., AIEE, IRE, Dorm Advisor. MARIONI, JOHN DONALD-A.E., Cincinnaii, Ohio- YMCA, Lambda Chi Alpha, IAS lV. Chrm., Chrm.I, Tau Beia Pi, Fresh. Adv. Comm. MARTIN WALTER DESMOND-M.E., Volanf, Pa.-Tri- angle lCorr. Sec., Rush Chrm., Soc. Chrm.i, Co-op Engineer lCir. Mgr., Bus Mgr.I, REW lBookIeT Comm. Chrm.I, Union Dance Comm., Union Board, Siud. Counc., Eng. Trib., Pi Tau Sigma, Pi Delia Epsilon, Men's Advisor, YMCA, IFPC, OSPE, ASME, Co-op Day Comm. lV. Chrm.i, Inframurals, ODK. MCCLURE, .LAWRENCE .OCHERMAN-M.E., Marion, Ohio-ASME lV. Chrm.i. METZLER, ROBERT HULL-M.E., Grosse Poinfe Farms, Mich.-SAE, ASME. MEYER, BYRON W.-E.E., Lockporf, New York-AIEE, IRE, Efa Kappa Nu, Triangle. MEYERS, KENNETH DONALD-Ch.E., Cincinnati, Ohio. MILES, VICTOR J., JR.-E.E., Cincinnaii, Ohio-AIEE, IRE, Arnold Air Soc. MYERS, JAMES RUSSELL-MeI.E., Middleiown, Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha, Tau Befa Pi, AIChE, OSPE lCorr. Sec.J, ASM, AIME, NACE. NICHOLAS, GEORGE-B.S. in E.E., Malvern, Arkansas- Sigma Phi Epsilon ISIU. Adv.I, Track Team, Ulex lSec.I, AIEE, IRE. NORDMAN, DEAN A.-B.S. in E.E., Newfown, Ohio- Eia Kappa Nu lPres.I, AIEE. NORDSTROM, DON R.-E.E., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha, AIEE, IRE. OLIGEE, CHARLES R.-B.S. in M.E., Loveland, Ohio- ASME, SAE lChrm.I. PASCHAL, EDWIN A.-E.E., Cincinnaii, Ohio-Triangle, Tau Beia Pi, Eia Kappa Nu CV. Pres.I, AIEE, IRE. PETERSON, ANDREW ALLEN-C.E., Huniingion, W. Va. -ASCE, lV. Pres.i, Arnold Air Soc., Lambda Chi Alpha. mens, CARL WALTER-Ch.E., cancanmfi, ohio- Aiche, sigma Phi Epsilon. PLOGSTEDT, ALLEN ERNEST-E.E., Cincinnaii, Ohio- AIEE, IRE, Pershing Rifles. POWELL, THOMAS C. PRICKETT, WAYNE ZABRISKIE-A.E., Cincinnaii, Ohio- Band, IAS ISec., Treas.J, Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Bela Pi, Co-op Engineer iAssI. Ed.i. PULLIAM, KENNETH P. QUANDT, EARL R., JR.-Ch.E., Sievensville, Md.-Phi Efa Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon-, Alpha Chi Sigma lV. Pres.i, Tau Befa Pi IV. Pres.J, AIChE, Gamma Della. RATAICZAK, JOHN JOSEPH-Mef.E., Bellaire, Ohio- Rgfungle lSchoaI Chrm., Carr. Sec., Sgl' af Armsi, AIChE, engineering Page I57 f?llc.Q'illG87'T7lg ,f "3 Page l58 REES, ALLAN. REINARTZ, STANLEY RICHARD-M.E., Middlefown, Ohio -Pi Kappa Alpha llnlramural Chrm.l, ASME. REMNER, ROBERT ANDREW-M.E., Youngslown, Ohio- Acacio, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. ROGERS, JOHN KEITH-C.E., Pifisburgh, Pa.-Lambda Chi Alpha IPres., V. Pres., Pledge Tr.l, Chi Epsilon, ASCE, IFC. RYDER, RONALD W.-C.E., Nebraska Ciiy, Nebraska- Belo Theio Pi, ASCE. SARDANOWSKY, WLADIMIR-A.E., Cincinnali, Ohio- Inlramurals. SCHLEMMER, ROGER PENDERY-E.E., Cincinnali, Ohio -AIEE, IRE. SCHRAYER, ROBERT FRANKLIN-M.E., Norwood, Ohio. SCHUMAN, DON L.-M.E., Indianapolis, Ind-Eng. Trib., Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon lSec.I, ASME. SCHWAEGERLE, JACK. SEITZ, EDWARD J.-C.E., Homesleod, Pa.-ASCE. SEWELL, ROBERT E, SHEETS, MAC ARTHUR-Ch.E. SIMON, MARVIN DWAYNE-M.E., Wesl Carrollfon, Ohio -Triangle, ASME. SPEYER, DONALD L.-C.E., Doylon, ohio-sigm cha, ASCE. SPRINGMEIER, CLIFF M.-M.E,, Cincinnoli, Ohio-Sigma Chi, Pi Tau Sigma CV. Pres.l, Tau Bela Pi. STROHBACH, JOHN W.-Ch.E., Cincinnoli, Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha ISoc. Chrm., V. Pres.l, ASChE. TARTER, JAMES HENRY-M.E., Hamillan, Ohio-ASME, Co-op Engineer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Elo Sigma, Tau Beio Pi ICorr. Sec.l. TARTER, THOMAS GERALD-Ch.E., Cincinnali, Ohio- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Band lPres.J, Kappa Kappa Psi, Men's Advisor, Alpha Chi Sigma lTreas.l, IPPC IV. Pres., Pres.l, AIChE. TEFFT, HOWARD EUGENE-B.S. in E.E., Parkersburg, W, Va.-AIEE, Acacia IPres., Treos., Soc. Chrm.l, IFPC. THESING, ROBERT GEORGE-M.E., Lancasfer, Ohio- ASME, Inlromurals, Pi Tau Sigma. THOMAS, DONALD ALAN-M.E., Cincinnaliu Ohio- Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Soc. TOTTEN, JAMES ERNEST-E.E., Si. Albans, W. Vo.- AIEE, IRE, Elo Kappa Nu lRec. Sec.I, Tau Befa Pi. TUDOR, RONALD FRANKLIN-M.E., Cincinnafi, Ohio- YMCA, SAE, ASME ITreos., Chrm.l. 1. TURNER, RICHARD PIERCE-C.E., Cincinnafi, Ohio- ASCE fSec.l, Chi Epsilon iTreas.l. URBAN. LOUIS JOSEPH-E.E., Canlon, Ohio-Arnold Air Soc., Newman Club, ROTC Choral Club. VALENTINI, RALPH. VATH, JAMES EDWARD-Ch.E., Cincinnati, Ohio- Tri- angle iRec. Sec.l, AlChE. WALLACE, CECIL D., JR.-C.E., Amelia, Ohio-ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Tau Befa Pi. WENZEL, JAM ES S. WEYER, RUSSELL PAUL-C.E., Evansville, Ind.-ASCE, Wesley Foun. iTreas.l, French Hall Sludenf Advisor. WHITACRE, GALE ROBERT-M.E., Beloif, Ohio-Acacia iSec.l, Phi Efa Sigma, Tau Beia Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME iSec.l. WILKS, PHILLIP HOWARD-Ch.E., Daylon, Ohio-Sigma Alpha Mu, AlChE, iPres.l, Tau Befa Pi, Profile, Hillel. WILSON, RICHARD G. wma, Rosen NEVIN-Ch.E., rf. Thomas, Ky.-Aloha iv. Prem. WOODREY, RALPH WESLEY-B.S. in A.E., Hamilfon, Ohio-IAS. WOOTTON, JOHN HERBERT-M.E., Cenferville, Calif.- Befa Thela Pi iSec., lnlramural Mgr.l, Sailing Club iCommoclorel, Pi Tau Sigma iSec.l, ASME, Co-op Engineer, Men's Advisor, ODK. WRONA, STANLEY ANTHONY-B.S. in Ch.E., New Caslle, Pa.-Alpha Chi Sigma, AlChE. WYSONG, RICHARD REID-M.E., Cincinnafi, Ohio- Befa Thera Pi, ASME. YOUTSEY, DALE RONALD-Ch.E., Cenrerville, Ohio- Triangle, Men's Advisor, lnframurals, AlChE. ZOMMERS, VIESTURS-A.E., California, Ky.-IAS. engineering Page l59 The apparent perplexity of pipes and controls. the panorama of industry, machinery and methods-a jigsaw puzzle to the layman- unravels to the men with the slide rules... tomorrowfs inventive world. Efficiency and power output of steam turbines are tested in the mechanical engineering lab. Seniors Noi Picfuredz DERR RICHARD EDWARD-E.E., Warren, Ohio-AIEE, Intramurals, fSoHball, Bask fb ll, Foofbcllj. DOMANIC, ALBERT J.-C.E., Highland, New York-ASCE. HAMMOND, CHARLES JR.-C,E., Wheelersburg, Ohio. Page I60 Baldwin Hall engineering tribunal ROW I-Krae ROW 2-Eckel J., Schlckner, J. R P M f W L ., ar in, J., Hochcdel, J., Pfau, D. mann, R., Folkerth, D., Stockerr, OW 3-Kocheck M Pl k ., ong, R. Each school of the College of Engineering elects dele- gates to the Engineering Tribunal. At periodical meet- ings, the representatives devote their time to regula- ting the activities of this co'-op college. As sponsors of a student-faculty picnic, Tribunal members en- courage a closer bond between faculty and students. The high point of the Tribunal-coordinated schedule is the lively Engineers, Ball. Also the members Work diligently on Co-op Day to give the high school seniors an accurate picture of life in the Engineering College. tml beta pi t 2,1 ' v '1 aww., ROW I-Luring, Wm., Torier, J., Kuempel, J., Borgo, P. E., Cutshull, R., Brinkman, J. ROW 2-Hall, D., Long, R., Barkocy, A., Brunner, A., Pricketf, W., Groue, M., Totten, J. ROW 3-Lundgren, C., Gavin, J., Wilks, P., Colclaser, R., Albrecht, R., Myers, J., Mcrioni, J. Page l62 Tau Beta Pi, the second oldest honorary fraternity in America, is per- haps the foremost honorary society open to University of Cincinnati engineering students. Its purpose is to confer distinction on students selected from the upper eighth of the Junior class and from the upper fifth of the Senior class. Tau Beta Pi has diligently encouraged the spirit of liberal culture in the Engineering College for forty years. .paw- avg' ROW I-Gerster, L., Stinson, C. W., Jacobs, L. ROW 2-Erfman, J., Hafemeyer, W., Bastian, D., Moon, G. ohio society of professional engineers Each year many students enter UC7s engineering college unacquainted with the Wide range of opportunities available in engineering. The student branch of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers attempts to advance vocational knowledge through a series of Monday movies and lectures. institute of ROW l-Losey, D., Ellison, R., Schauer, R., Marioni, J., Prickett, W., Howard, H. ROW 2-Lewis, D Mullineaux, J., Wenning, G., Stout, F., Melvin, R., Bevington, R., Palmer, J. ROW 3-Sarclanowcky, W Zammer, V., Wilger, J., Folkerth, D., Woodyard, R., Guttman, P., Alexander, G., Albrecht, R. Cl8TOTLClll12iCU,l .ll,, 0 .,,,,,.v,, ., Mjj 3 SCEBHCQS The Institute of Aeronautical Sciences attempts to keep pace with its rapidly expanding field by sponsoring inspec- tion trips to local industries and by presenting a series of outstanding speakers. Included on this yearis schedule were the head of the AE de- partment at MIT and representatives of several aircraft corporations. Meet- ings Were held in conjunction With the professional guidance series. A social and intramural program completed the group,s Wide range of activity. 1 a R 2 Page I63 ROW I-Brinkman, J., Cahill, J., Wllks, P., Devonney, L., ROW 2-Myers, J., Hall, D., Luring, Wm., Brunner, A. american institute of chemical engineers Gathering together informally in a social, yet educational atmosphere, the members of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers work effectively to better their knowledge of the fields of chemical and metallurgical engineering. Students usually congregate on Friday noons for movies and discussions with faculty. Their most important function is lhe scholarship grant and loan fund, raised from the canteens in the Chemistry building. alpha chi sigma Since 1917, when Alpha Delta of Alpha Chi Sigma was founded on the UC campus, this honorary society for chemistry students has strived to advance chemistry as a science and a profession and to stimulate friendships among its members. Movies, talks by leading chem- ists and discussions help to further their interests. This year the members of Alpha Chi Sig- ma enjoyed a Christmas dance as Well as numerous picnics and howling and stag parties. ROW 2-Marsh, l., Stevens, L., Bufe, O. ROW l-Gilbert, N., Langone, N., Sheets, M., Fleming, J., Hazlebeck, D. 'iid ROW I-lvers, D., Meyers, C., Hensey, M., Borgo, P., Harvey, D., Long, R., Palmer, L. ROW 2-Sfrohscheln, W., Bczrkocy, A., Turner, R., Blincoe, J., Peterson, A., Nlehaus, J., Wallace, C., Mundstook, F., Denlinger, W., Bodensfein, E. american societ of civil engineers ROW I-Heinrich, D., Efterling, H. ROW-Dold, J., Gaunf, J., Gcxunt, J., Borgo, P., Feder, R., Speyer, D. The American Society of Civil Engineers, a professional group with the purpose of pro- moting the best interests of civil engineering, has championed the idea of setting aside a class hour each week for professional meetings. Guest speakers contribute ideas to the students, who then participate in discussions. The student chapter holds a joint dinner annually with the senior chapter and sponsors a freshmen smoker and a picnic. Page I65 fs.-::-'41 If VZ. 9. Ax. f Q ROW I--Long, R., Denlinger, W., lvers, D., Bcrkocy, A., Wallace, C., Hensey, M. elu e psllon Chi Epsilon is a national honorary for civil engineers. Only those upperclassmen who have achieved a high scholastic average are eligible for membership. The function of this group is to promote scholarship and leadership. In addition, there is a social program consisting of informal dances, picnics and parties at which the men get together to be- come better acquainted with others in their field and with members of other honoraries. eta leap pa nu Eta Kappa Nu is a national honor society for electrical engineering students. Tau chap- ter oflers membership to pre-junior, junior, and senior EES who meet the scholastic re- quirements and who Wish to better prepare themselves for their profession. The society makes a presentation each year to the junior with the highest scholastic standing. The group participated in the professional guidance program and in the ei celebration. ROW I-Hyde, Z., Grove, M., Derrmer, J., Nordmon, D., Colcloser, R. ROW 2-Bereskin, A., Cox, L., Totten, J., Stickley, M., Hcvlicek, H., Cutshczll, R. ROW I-Sewell, R., Crosby, R., Cox, L., Eisenhouer, W., Hayes, J., Grafton, D., Foster, M., Kingenmeier, P. ROW 2-Fleshmcn, W., Totten, J., Bertke, G., Dettmer, J., Mueller, R., Lundgren, C., Stickley, M., Marks, J., Dieringer, W., Kunitsky, J. american institute of electrical engineers- institute of radio engineers ROW I-Kamp, F., Cook, R., Colclcxser, R., Grove, M., Morrill R., Gruner, H. W. ROW 2-Malone, W., Steiger, G., Tefft, H. Macke, E., Urban, L., Porter, Dolbeer, W., Rosener, H. Each year three scholarships and a prize for an outstanding technical report are awarded by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers-Institute of Radio Engineers. AIEE-IRE is open to men interested in any field of electrical engineering. Lectures and movies comprise their meetings, while field trips to various industries enable them to see their knowledge in practical use. On the lighter side, the AIEE-IRE enjoys many social functions. Page I67 pi tau sigma ROW I-Martin, W., Tarfer, J., Kuemper, J., Wootton, J., Kassehmcnn, J., Brandon, K. ROW 2-Schickner, J., McCuIIum, R., Taylor, J., Burns, P., Theising, R., Kcrchner, T. Page I68 Outstanding scholarship, leadership and all-around personality characterize the men of Pi Tau Sigma. This honorary for mechanical engineering students arranges meetings between students and mechani- cal engineers. Lectures by professional men or discussions among the members and professors comprise their meetings. A social hour follows each meeting. Also on the social agenda are bowling parties, picnics and an annual banquet at the home of the founder of the Cincinnati chapter. Pi Tau Sigma sponsors a Co-op Day Exhibit for high school seniors. Con nelly, R., Kurz, J american societ of mechanical engineers The American Society of Mechanical Engineers provides its members with an organization through which they can investigate the practical side of their field. Inspection trips of local plants and periodic meetings give the students new information. A handhook com- petition is held annually to promote interest in the good presentation of written material. 'YR- WW ROW I-Brandon, K., Schickner, J., Gavin, J., McClure, L., LeRoy, G., Dunnie, J. ROW 2-Carroll, L., Mefzler, R., Buchwalder, R., Bclrcaskey, J., Kcppen, J., LeRoy, R., La Carrubbc, C. ROW 3-Irvin, R., Wert, R., Taylor, J., Holmes, D., Schmiedeknecht, W., Kuempel, J., Tarfer, J. ROW I-Cory, R., Bolts, Kosselmcznn, J., Tudor, R., Whifacre, G.,FIc:gg, E., Wysong, R. ROW 2-McLaughlin, W., Sechler, D., Sfadler, H., Jchnson, R., Bueler, R., Ginfer, R., Ulrich, J., Allen, D. ROW 3-Welzel, J., Rclermcn, J., Remmer, R., Hunt, K., Sciroeder, K., Sher- man, M., Shemenski, J., Atkinson, A. Page I69 -- 4,241 , .Q We Wfffi., 326-JVQEQ4, ' , Q' if eg, ,W W 3 3 f 7 ' 4 ' wif .....,.,............,f...,,,,......,..,,..-..,, ,..,, , , , , W .,,,. ,A , . f ,,.,,., ,,,,.w.AW ,,.,,:,,..MW '3 . ., Q A , W. , -wi, ,- I, 1,,,,3-f', 1'rnf-,,f-'Z - 1,5,,.x15 .'g,,::Lgg-qhifgv r-" X-.,, z. .' - '- ',AgM,,- - my fs! My f - A 2 gg- ,r J M.-fx .WL 1 fn-,,,,-, swag., sf -g,'f,,,,, ,Vg 1, ,H 51,434 Jw., . M If,'a,fL'ZiTLr:iffi,"1'p . Q f - -82551-1-2?2z..: ,, Q14 W:-'-Q -5 K , in - . .. , Jw M. Rmb, f ,.,,,,v.....,...- i 9 Mr , .frm ,. df gf-mfr fam ,Y 124, Wi W A z 6,-Mr W M .41 . XA ,I .f a,f MVN. fm, qs, . Evening instruction in the chemistry lab. Through Evening College many men and women are able to make use of the facilities and resources of the University. The courses are available in diverse fields, and are designed to fit the needs of the individual. BEELER, ROBERT W., SR.-Cert. in Mkt., Hamilton, Ohio. ZEETHAUER, E. MERRILL-B.S. in Commerce, Cincinnati, io. CAMBPELL, RALPH W. CHURCH, MARGARET AGNES-Personnel Ad., Cincins noti, Ohio. CLEARY, THOMAS E.-B.S.C., Cincinnati, Ohio. COX. LEONARD. DOYLE, KATHLEEN MARIE-Cert. in Interior Design., Cincinnati, Ohio-Newman Club, Alpha Too Epsilon. ELLIS RALPH F.-Boch. of Philos.-Cincinnati, Ohio evening college Dean Frank R. Neuffer has served as president of the Association of Uni- versity Evening Colleges. He is also active in the Cincinnati chapter of Na- tional Office Management Association. Frank R. Neuffer Dean, Evening College -. N df 4 A , J f if wav -...-.iw V, ' 'Elf u i-53 , ..5,i1- V ,.1 Je' fit -1 i ' i- ,Jun . +1 , t A .A ,i if ,- . w. , . -j I , " 'P ,"' HP -Z' .15'f':f5"i ik, -iv "9 u1':..' .S I -'-vi' f' '13 Sv 'nl X ,I bf 1 K A mr .3 Z fa, X4 1 H. evening college GAYLE, DONALDO ALFREDO-Cerf. in Real Eslale Cincinnali, Ohio-lnlernahl Club. i HARRIS, GORDON Lee-s.s.,-cincsnnfm, ohio. HERRIN, CARLOS BRYAN-s.s.,-Mason, ohio-Ales. SELZMAN, ERVIN DANN-BA. in Bus. Ad., Cincinnali, io. SEMPHREY, FRED J.-B.S. in Commerce, Deer Pork, IO. HUMPHREYS, BEN HARTMAN-B.S.C., Rossmoyne, Ohio. KINNETT, EARL-Bus. Ad., Rising Sun, Indiana. KLEBAHN, RAYMOND EARL-B. of lnduslrial Manage- rnenf, Cmcinnalii, Ohio. MAHER, MARY JO-B.S.C., Cincinnafi, Ohio-Phi Kappa Epsilon IV. Pres.j. MICHELS, NORBERT MARTIN JR.-B.S. in lncluslrial Mgf., Covinglon, Park Hills, Ky. MILLARD, ROBERT ARTHUR-Cari. in Personnel ACI., Middlelown, Ohio. MILLS, A. K. PERRY, JOSEPH THEODORE-B.S.C., Cincinnali, Ohio. PETRE, JOHN RICHARD-Cerf. in Mech. Eng.,-Cincin- nali, Ohio. PE1TRlK, JOSEPH-Cerl. in Faclory Mgf.,-Cincinnali, O io. ROSS, CAROL-Cert in Secr. Praclice,-Cincinnafi, Ohio -Phi Kappa Epsilon fPres.l. SAND, CALVIN E.-B.S.C.,-Cincinnafi, Ohio-Alpha Pi Della. SCHEVE, BERNARD R.-Cincinnali, Ohio. SCHMALZ, EARL ALBERT-B.S.C.,-Cincinnali, Ohio- Delfa Mu Della. SIPPEL, PAUL ERNST-Cerl. in Bus. Ad. and Gen. Bus., -Hamillon, Ohio. SIPPEL, WILLIAM EDMUND-B.S.C.,-Hamillon, Ohio- Alpha Pi Della, IV. Pres., Treas.j. SKEEN, WILLIAM C.-Cincinnali, Ohio. SKINNER, RAYMOND J,-Cerl. in Trans. and Traffic, -MicIdIe+own, Ohio. SPOHR, FREDERICK ANDREW-B. of Ind. Mgf.,-Wyo- ming, Ohio. SPURGEON, CLARENCE E.-Cerf. in BUS. Ad.,-Cincim nali, Ohio. STENGER, RICHARD. TAVENDER, OTTILIA KATHERINE-Assoc. in Ar'rs,-Cin- cinnafi, Ohio-Journalism Club CPI'-as., V. Pres.l. WHITE, RICHARD FRANKLIN-B. of Ind. Mgf.,-Cin'.:in- nafi, Ohio-Alpha Sigma Lambda. Summer classes meet at 7:30! Some students tackle Physics in summer In-service teachers find summer an ideal time to take a workshop in elementary art education summer school Many groups utilize the courses obfered by Summer School. Among them are teachers wishing summer study and students working toward degrees. Intersession, two regular terms, and workshop comprise the school's program. Spencer Shank Dean, Summer School Beginning his career as a teacher and administra- tor in Ohio public schools, Dean Spencer Shank later became chief of the education branch of ETC. He serves as secretary of Cincinnatfs ODK circle. personalities The staff editors ofthe 1956 Cincinnatian recognize the personalities ofthe graduating class. Men and women- outstanding in their work and service in the University- indivicluality and personality have made each known. Evan Adrian The Pharmacy College made several good additions to UC one of which Was Evan. Not only did he lead in his college, but his quite man- ner brought him campus-wide positions, as Well as ODK. Bruce Anland The Sigma Chis can be proud to claim Bruce. Here is a man who has enriched his life with a unique sense of humor. With it he has been able to become a true and well-liked campus leader. Mary Lou Barloh A co-op job at the Union Desk made Lou's wit as Well as her efliciency familiar to many. Her interest in the Union extended to acti- vities and led this ADPi to the Union Board presidency. ?5ii6-ie. 2:. ' '6 S Billie Lou Bigelow Billie Lou's college life is aptly described by the pins she wears. Her KD and PiKA pins symbolize her social sideg her Mortar Board pin, her service schol- arship, and leadership at UC.. Charlie Brogdon An expansive knowledge of parliamentary procedure is evidence of the interest Charlie has in mastering a subject. lnnumerable activi- ties have made him quite a familiar figure on campus. Marilyn Brunner Everyone who knows Marilyn knows that one adjective de- scribes her - efiicientl How a girl so small could do such big jobs mystified all. Her activities did not dis- turb her 3-point average. personalities Nita Bryant N.B. is one girl who lit- erally has everything. Known for her wit, Nita also shows a seriousness that has brought her leadership positions. All this makes Kappa proud to claim her as vice-president. Otto Budig Ottols magnetic personality and enthusiasm are charac- teristic. Roles in Mummers Guild are just a facet of his numerous activities. For three years, his class has claimed him their president. Alvin Cohn Alvin is one person who will always be remembered for his many activities. It is diflicult to think of him without thinking of his successes in News Record, Student Council, and SAM. Irish Condorodis lt's not hard to see why lrish was chosen Kampus King or why he has been elected to so many campus offices. Irish is a real personality known to everyone at UC for his humor and friendliness. Bernie Gert Philosopher, writer, orator - this impressive list describes Bernie Well. Everyone is fa- miliar with the debating ability of this philosophy major who served as editor of the Profile and the president of Hillel. Nellie Goode Nellie's great sympathy for others brought the problems of many to her ears. This coupled with her friendliness and dependability made others think of her as a true friend and leader in many activities. Anne Grieme There is no question about Anne's popularity among her classmates. Her deep sense of values and complete objec- tiveness brought her the top posts in both Junior Advisers and Memorial Dorm Cabinet. ,I im Gregg Eflicient and business-like - that's Jim. These qualities made him an excellent editor- in-chief of the News Record. Although this required a lot of time, ,l im was also very active as vice president of Delt. personalities Page l78 John Hattendorf ln his years at UC, .lohn has won for himself many import- ant positions. Though quiet and unassuming, he had led both IFC and Theta Chi. ,lohn has the ability to convey his leadership to other people. Billie Hall Why KD elected Billie as their president is no mystery to all who know her. Not only is she mature and responsible in character, but she also has leadership ability for which Mortar Board tapped her. Gene Henninger Gene's friendly smile opened many doors for him. A real diplomat, he proved his abil- ity as a leader through the presidency of IFC. Sig Ep also benefited from Cenels talents and his dependability. Nancy Hulbert This gal, better known to everyone on campus as "H", makes a hit with her bubbly personality. She displayed her endless vitality in working on the News Record and for her sorority, Chi Omega. Lorraine Lakeman Since Hall little girls are made of sugar and spice and every- thing nice", this Kappa is no exception. Beside all this, Lorraine is capable of lead- ing a group as Pi Delta Ep- silon members well know. Bill Lammert On the basketball court Bill was tops. He was admired by his team-mates and by UC fans, and last year captained the team. On campus Bill also proved his ability and was chosen ODK president. Skip Martin Not many engineers iind time for anything but labs and hours of study. Skip was an exception though. UC-ites mar- veled at his ability to become a leader in such a diversified group of campus activities. J oe Miller On the football field, Joe met every opponent with an abil- ity that made him known to everyone on campus and to all UC fans. Off the field he has made many friends with his pleasing sense of humor. personalities Page leo Dennis Mog An agility with words coupled with an insight into campus affairs have made Denny's News Record column a con- troversial campus subject. His camera is a frequent garb, his witticisms are constant. Barbara Moore Barbie-a contagious Warmth and a quiet, eflicient manner describe her. Her enthusiasm reflects in her activities - to name a few-Mortar Board, Guidon, Kappa and Home Economics Club and Tribunal. Barbara Ritten Amazing as it seems, some people like Barb can mix both activities and nursing. As president of Chi Omega and in the Y, everyone loved her for her friendly personality and for her Warm sincerity. Nancy Ryan There certainly were not too many seniors as busy as Nancy. If she were not worry- ing about HCincinnatian,' pic- tures or some of her Theta Phi Alpha duties, she would be in a grill bridge game. fw- W rib y X Y" -, ,. -vu, Zi 'vawgkeibmaa - 1' NYS-111: ' 1':-my 4' . , - 7112325391 ' ezT':X2?3 - : : Myrna Scliear Myrna used her time wisely to excell in all her under- takings. She displayed her outstanding leadership ability through her service as editor of the 1955 4'Cincinnatian,, and Mortar Board president. Ralph Smith Balphls college pursuits have been indicative of his inter- ests. What better way could a pre-theo gain practical ex- perience than by serving as head of both the YMCA and of Religious Emphasis Week? Ann Wells Ann's polished charm is well known. Since her freshman year she has been carrying off trophies for her beauty. Ann often poses for UC pub- lication photos and is kept busy with modeling downtown. Ben Yamaguchi When Men's Advisers chose Ben as head they elected some- one who was a good example to freshmen. He did not neg- lect activities or studies as his ODK pin and acceptance to UC,s medical school show. Page IBI ,-:,r':?" ,, - fi- ' l 4Z!"i,v,'212-2 " + JP -L .. ,' Y . MJ: 3l'?vC?"HfD2- " YA 1.9! Ad. ikqmf gg nw- ' 'r P 5 N i A J 4 J 4 ,. 4 ' 42,5 f'f:-sqlie Q r 4 N , LZ' l gif., , , 'R Arts, 1 I fi if-if 3 'Z v F Q. ' 511 ,' ' 1 . ' ,IQ . 1:45 ,qu L 1 931:15 .qi , 5 1 ww' ' " , J V A' Q . .K 3 15,1 ,N ,. . 1 6 ' ' F 5 -, ig, Nl 'T I L YT:-V-1-'Lv rub! 4,-V , ..4,j -A z ,bn V K rk F' Y' Q w "U 'L 'T fi' f ,Y, ' 494 If il si 1. 'Y "U FQIEW5 W 'f. f - 2335162 ,ffm ,mprlyg . gf -arf" . ., 5 6, QW 1 1 .- 'Qs' "fi M 581.4 'ggi 515 , ' , i:.11.',g1 5513211- 'jgt 1- gif 3.-fy -'wb '.'- TL ' 'img if! 15, fsfvlav 53 iq:-,,',, 53, U., 5?A.1,"', 1, f. T WW 'r :wh ,. 4.43, ,":xgf-,Gy '. . ,QQ X if 2 2531- 3 - I 2,21 ' I 4' ff, ' '-E552.F5'9'i'f5?'b',1 1 4 "i4g'fL'f"f"UC1"" ' 'Zi 1- 4, ' "H .. 22 Ski d .. .1 Q 'S 1 " ,-' 'gf 4. X . 15.1.- U3 ,, 5. '11, ,Ae 1. sn iff. "-,..g 1- . 5 .. N -.,. . N, iii If I. sf, ., . .' 5 the Organizations honor groups student government publications arts religious groups greeks independent groups dorms Pg 183 f-. 1 V ,L . ,. wfgafglqgg-,v:' '- :" H -.1 'WL f. ,K ' -4 51333 -- ' f--3: zz .z ' '--.i,',-5.-v M' '- Q., A -.fry -5.5455 .-asiiiif. ...f As. . - . --:ECI-275.'.-' -'.,L.. --1,x.:f Q:---...w L ,f,H3.- J... .- 1 I T ng A I it ,L v.,.+5fg:Q5.f'1. "I 'T' 5.41. x.,.:,. .Fo X K ,un fl I., R - L .L N.-1 .- K - , fa X 1 , , ,ki .. . ,J . ,r.-gf: 31, ' ,,q.5L,y,i-,. , -4 honor groups academic and service militar . . . if-.wi 335-755 .O i?f'.'-V93 . . .. ,w.g:..-. : ,- .35?SQf.f:2ufia1-,-.:' 'J . 52- ', :Q .Q-:gms-?.i'gg,':,x:,Y?f..g55 Q -gy. ff-,qi ff 5.- -53 -w.-w--:.a-f':.--- -f-:fav - -1. tslfvsiifm-Lfp1??1-2i1fF- ,L-,efegi-1 . . if- ' Q-Efg2555f5f':'iS4214ffrgy3-g.:f.f-g.fL5:i'.-..- ,isefk-9: : 1-.. .eq zqfa- ,-if--5,55 - - 521- E'-,:-I ag -9--'53 131.27 "En in -41 '"1Sw1egwfa'-Q1-A:-'fp:ff'?-,-eww-m 4 iv-fungi-.1 'mf-1. Q?'-'air-14ggi:g!e?a-iff a,?wf1aiS-5355-Ig. -Hi-uf "4'!:"5'3ff '5EiP?Q-?:f-'-:- ""'f"f1TEKi1f+'3'ffg 'iff . -- ' 4 51.1 A 215: '-1G2E-F-32:23.-Q-::.g',xya 1.411 .. . -'. -- -fm. -wg. 2 1 ':-- Lx A , fy..- 'riff-1-S5515 7? .f:1'vst1aqff .Sl mv V., fi, .frxziig-Z...g.,l.:.-1, ...gifs . nf 'eff -'.Ef.'r.-if-sxf.?." .ff'Hi?- :N -1 3' 'limi L41 ' -' " 1-1--'Ti .. '13 . . , 33 '51, .6-4... . -Q ", lf' 5.7. 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X. x.g,?Q,-,.fp,-WA-.,1:,,..,.b-, ., .-..-,f. ft' '-'95 g,,gs.,:- --,1.7':,'f!:24'aQ1,,in1 5, -,Jr- x. 3 -ASSY" Nrziaiiiavi-ff---zfli 1-L--1? -- 5 U l v , 5 5,1 ,,.-5Lw.,,s,. ., A . 1 afgfsiiir- 33536 :u5,a.lEz"4' 1-"P 'f-fc: 1 ' 3 ' 1'1'g""'i3:' gg-+A Gs. X.. Gig.-. -.i..,,, 3 ,-.,,,AE,-1. ' -'- Q- iff?-.2533 g.-'fgfg-ff:-1:11 -X. ' AWWA QF.-I-5-'Ei-2.-gzffir vi- M MT., 5 ,.,T ,,. 4 N-ig -1 - 3 - . . '.,.-1' . 'QL vvif,-gzxp F7213-gr' -.gyljl -A ,I . zr-53431, 43.-?j,e,''-., Q. ."'1g4-- k , "-gl L-wg-L -A, any-1-, .r'1',-:-y- ----,.- ... . '. '. J,gg.1sas.r'-"a1---1.21.'13 . --3+ '- ' A 1 1' 5 J , .. . .. Xffm--":'5 P115 QQ .575 ' 'fgibf 1 if- f-li? 2-31121.-' f -' . ,Magis ',a2.a-5g,g5:e:7A-Zhi"-1-9! -'uw--'- 'n::-'-famu aiafafz-.A-JH.-'I-S--f-5'--' " 'f -- Page I84 mortar board ROW I-Rose, H., Story, M., Bigelow, B., Scheer, M., Goode, N., Lyman, H. ROW 2-Brunner, M., Block, R., Smalley, L., Bryant, N., Hall, B., Sigler, P,, Moore, B. ROW 3-Kramer, M., Kotte, A., Scherer, M., Miller, B., Grieme, A., Murphy, N., Mason, J., Neil, M. NOT PICTURED: Wolverton, M. Mortar Board is a national senior womenis honorary which recognizes those students who have shown out- standing scholarship, leadership and service to the University. Steeped in the tradition of the skull and crossed bones, Mystic 13 chapter taps new mem- bers on March 13 and presents them with bright red beribboned poppies to be worn during their pledge- ship. Throughout the year, Mortar Boards were busy working on projects. Leadership Conference spon- sored annually in conjunction with ODK was one of these, but this year Donut Day was replaced with Mum Day. The day before Thanksgiving, Mortar Boards in their charcoal blazers and red plaid skirts delivered hundreds of yellow mums to students and faculty and added the proceeds to their scholarship fund. On Honors Day, at the ODK-Mortar Board- sponsored convocation, this scholarship was awarded to a junior woman who had lived up to the ideals of Mortar Board. At the same time. following tradi- tion the identity of the new president was I'PVt'ill4'il. Page l85 odk Q ,X The ownership of an GDK key signifies a liking for hard work and respon- sibility, while carrying with it a great deal of honor. Omicron Delta I . . . . . . Kappa, national honorary society for junior and senior men, is an organ- Tiqf 2. 'J' f :jig J ization made up of the most outstanding men on campus and is usually looked upon as being the summit of one,s progress in college activities. Members have made themselves outstanding in the fields of scholarship franking in the upper 35 per cent of their classl, athletics, social and religious affairs, publications, speech, music, and the dramatic arts. Faculty men who have contributed greatly to student welfare are also selected for honorary membership. The chief project of ODK, in conjunction with Mortar Board, is the sponsoring of the annual Leader- ship Conierence, which always succeeds in encouraging new people to delve into campus activities. Other projects include the Honors Day Convocation and tag day at the Miami football game. Initiation into ODK, a reward for hard work, is also an introduction to new responsibilities. MEMBERSHIP ROSTER OF UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI CHAPTER l93I Ahlburn, Byron Ammerman, George W. Arata, Clarence A. Atkinson, Will, Jr. Barsdale, Raymond W. Bird, Francis H. Bishop, Robert W. Bramkamp, Allan K. Byers, Frank R. Caspell, Edwin E. Crawford, William H. Detin, Roland H. Eckert, David C. Friedman, Paul V. Gamble, Cecil H. Hilsinger, Raymond L. Holliday, Joseph E. Horstman, William B. Humphries, John W. Kendall, Lateour R. Kindle, Joseph H. McNutt, Stephen A. Popp, William C. Postle, Arthur S. Quinn, James A. Scott, Glenn E. Scott, Philip N. Sidinger, Clarence L. Sweeney, Frank H. i932 Ballman, Harry C. Beall, Samuel O. Benham, Robert M. Brossmer, Raymond H. Carolan, Frank J. Dyson, Roscoe S. Ferson, Merton L. Gilliland, William P. Gradison, Wolford T. Hammond, Edward S. Hoch, Gordon F. Hunt, Marshall C. Johnson, Robert C. Page IB6 OF OMICRON DELTA KAPPA SINCE INSTALLATION ON MARCH 7, I93 Koch, Winston E. Koolage, William W. Lakamp, Lester B. Lewis, Robert C. Lishawa, Allen C. McCarty, Theodore M McCasIin, J. Fred McDaniel, J. Clifford Moores, William M. Powell, Mortimer Railing, James M. Rooch, James E. Rose, David Rosenblatt, David Schneider, Herman Sweet, Willard H. Zeigler, Robert N. i933 Baxter, Jack E. Booz, Spencer B. Bosken, Charles H. Davis, George A. Drucker, Ned Elo, Ray Foley, William R. Heil, Philip R. l-loeter, Robert W. Keates, John R. Levy, Aaron, F. Lukens, Mathias E. McFarland, James C. Millikin, Sidney A. Nulsen, Ray O. Paine, Harry A. Patten, Charles F. Schwab, Richard L. Scull, Frederic D. Seltzer, James W. Stegmiller, Earl G. Walters, Raymond Werner, Walter G. Wyatt, John D. I934 Auburn, Norman P. Bevis, Howard L. Brown, Sanford H. Cheney, Harold K. Decamp, John P. Grandle, Olen R. Hunter, Woodrow G. Sayrs, Donovan L. Smith, George D. Towers, Russell R. I 935 Atkinson, Robert E. Ballard, Clark T. Bauer, Richard H. Butler, Robert L. Fahnstock, George R. Heinold, Fred W. Isaacs, Sidney Kersker, Theodore M. Lange, Homer A. Ogden, Phillip Pechstein, Louis A. Pruefer, Clifford J. Rich, Wayne A. Scranton, Clarence H. Shank, Spencer Strasser, Elmer E. Strothrnan, Harry D. Trame, Lawrence E. Watkins, William G., Jr Wellman, Albert H. I936 Clark William S., ll Conner, Robert Q. Fox, Edwin F. Haby, Linus L. Jaap, Robert M. Laurence, Daniel Ludeke, Carl A. McClure, Carroll B. Maris, John H. Messman, Frank J., Jr. Pressler, Fred W. Ramey, Charles W. Schaefer, Joseph S. Spivack, Robert G. Warrington, Thomas M I937 Alsfelder, Robert F. Bachmeyer, Robert W. Buhmann, Robert C. Burks, Ardath W. Chenoweth, Laurence B. Cohen, David I. Day, Douglas H. Guehring, Jacob W. Heckerman, Arthur R. Keefe, John W. Licht, William, Jr. Lindsey, Robert R. Manning, Jack W. Marks, Jack W. Nieman, Harold F. Pettit, William R. Ritter, Jack H. Solovaara, Jorma J. Sattler, Charles C. Seytfer, Jack J. Sulau, W. Charles Sutherlin, J. Robert l93B Anderson, Roger G. Brown, David H. Davis, Frank G. Deshon, Robert A. Gowdy, Robert C. Hartsock, Charles F. Johnson, Arthur O. Lambert, Robert S. Margolis, Milton J. Montgomery, Donald J Restemeyer, William E Small, John E. Spring, Charles A. I939 Baer, George R. Barbour, George B. Bohrer, Robert J. Brown, Bruce D. Dahlman, Don Farr, Richard A. Gebhart, William R. Landen, Hains Manogue, Roy, Jr. Menderson, Edgar Jr. Mileham, M. Charles Outcalt, Dudley M. Painter, Paul C. Puchta, Charles G. Rosen, Martin M. Spencer, Myron J. Tour, Robert L. Vinacke, Harold Wilhelny, Odin, Jr. Wilson, Jess B. Yelton, Everett B., Jr. l940 Allen, John E. Beltz, William W. Canning, Richard G. Chappelle, Thomas W. Dawson, George H. Downey, Joseph F. Ellis, Donald A. Garvin, Daniel F. Jaffe, Lester A. Krauskopf, Henry K. Martin, Donald W. Menefee, Paul D. Meyer, John P. Parchman, William J. Rindsberg, Donald N. Stalnaker, Armand C. Sutton, Arthur L. Vest, Douglas C. Wurster, Edward D. I94I Benedict, McCrea Bloom, Ralph Crane, Richard S. Davies, Chase M. Diehl, John A. Dinkelaker, Edward H. Dinsmore, Frank F. Gordon, Myron B. Griffin, Dale W. Ismael, Walter W. Keck, Karl G., Jr. Kelchner, William W. Klum, John C., Jr. Kraemer, Carl A. Miller, Robert C. Pease, James L., Jr. Rubin, Carl B. Sarvis, Robert, G. Spielberg, Irvin Stuhlbarg, Barry S. Timmons, Alfred E. Virgin, Ray C. I 942 Allen, Ralph W. I'-reidman, Justin Gansmann, William F. Graham, Hoyt B., Jr. Griftes, Charles T. Hemstreet, Harold S. Hoffmann, Richard L. Hoge, Douglas L. Holmes, Charles F. King, Harry E. Klahn, William A. Kreider, Thomas M. Llssenden, H. Jack Mongan, Edwin L. Mullenix, Joseph R. Pow, George, Jr. Scheumann, Maurice L Shank, Reed A. Sheridan, Charles J. Wartik, Tom X XZ, ROW I--Holliday, J., Amand, B., Lannert, W., Condorodis, A., Adrien, E., MacGregor, l. ROW 2-Bishop, R. W., Allen, D., Perkins, R., Krueger, H. C., Parker, G., Kuenpel, J., Borcherding, J. ROW 3-Yamaguchi, B., Cohn, A., Nicholas, N., Ettin, E., Grogg, J., Wootton, J., Brogdon, C., Hattendorf, J. Whaling, Allan H. Wolf, William F., Jr. I943 Alexander, James M. Burgess, Wayland M. Cokeley, James A. Cromer, C. Jackson McGrane, Reginald C Meyer, Albert L. Reiman, Walter R. Schroeter, Donald G. Stephens, Robert L. Terry, LeGrand E. Van Felt, Merrill B. I944 Carr, Joseph G. Claxton, Willis L. Frederick, Raymond W. Kipp, Ralph E. Mauch, William A. Patterson, George F. Strasser, Albert E. Wellman, Albert J. I 1745 Foster, Stanley H. Furnish, Edward S. Gettler, Beniamin Hanford, Richard W. Hughmark, Gordon A. Owens, Anderson D., Jr. Vogel, C. William Waring, James C. Wasserman, Allan L. I 946 Boling, Lawrence H. Bursiek, Ralph C. De Garmo, Albert H. Ebeling, Fred A. Friedlander, Walter H. Fusaro, Armando C. Guise, Robert K. Harper, H. Richard Harvey, Jack L. Kennedy, Eldon C. Rowley, Frank S. Ruehlmann, Eugene P. Stargel, Willard R., Jr. Towers, Lloyd H. I947 Ahrens, Allan J. Bertke, Donald G. Butler, Richard T. Corcoran, Robert W. Frazer, John H. Greene, Hoke S. Griest, Howard A. Koch, George W. Matlock, Stanley F. Spiers, Donald M. Stuewe, Alfred H. I 948 Bruestle, George O. Carson, Archibald I. Crozier, Charles R. Eicher, P. Howard Fenlon, Robert J. Fremont, Robert E. Giese, Frederick W. Good, Carter V. Hendrichs, Robert P. Huber, Robert H. Lodwich, Richard A. Lodwich, Robert C. Porter, Walter A. Poynter, Donald B. Ruehlmann, Elmer H. Schapiro, Samuel M. Scharfenberg er, Irvin T. Skidmore, David A. Sticktenoth, Warren G. Stolley, Alexander Wood, Robert A. Wuerth, Raymond E. l 949 Beckner, David A. Behrendt, Irwin B. Cohn, Stanley Dallmer Richard F. Davis, Floyd L. Davis, John A. Dingley, Seth C., Jr. Dugan, Francis R. Eicher, Thomas W. Gaskins, Stanley L. Goettle, James W. Herman, Stanley S. Joerger, C. Albert Justice, Howard K. Kurtz, John W. Lorenz, E. Ted Lowry, William P. MacGregor, lan R. Mappes, Richard L. Morelli, Arnold Nester, William R., Jr Pease, Burton R. Pickering, Ernest Pichter, Ralph W. Schindler, Carl H. Schwoeppe, Eugene A. Sears, Robert E. Schwindt, Robert F. Singer, David Stockdale, Reed F. Storm, Lowell Suddendort, Robert A. Westerfeld, William E. Wittek, Norbert F. l950 Becker, Charles F., Jr. Brown, Roger C. Brownell, James F. Chambers, Boyd B. Costello, James A. Cunningham, Dennis M. Drake, Jack E. Felman, Alvin H. Gaddis, Donald C. Hopewell, James F. Hopkins, Harry V. Lenz, Harry E., Jr. Lowry, Porter P. Luchi, Joseph G. Mueller, John C. Jr. Purdy, Frank T. Putnam, Thomas C. Rau, Robert L. Rich, Carl W. Rose, John R. Teller, Jerome S. Tierney, Ralph C. Truitt, Paul B. Wengler, Ernest l95l Adams, Philip Rhys Applequist, Hugh D. Brill, Donald J. Brockmeier, Ralph D. Bronstein, Herbert Campbell, Phillip R. Davis, Robert L. Douglas, John F. Frith, Robert L. Games, Paul A. Gast, Park W. Haas, Michael A. Haslinger, Lee W. Kautz, James C. Merteen, David F. Nelson, Albert A. Nikoloff, Oliver M. Pearce, Stanley M. Rank, William B. Schwarberg, William D. Smart, P. William Stevenson, Kenneth W. Weichert, Charles K. Zeigler, .Iohn A. l952 Bortz, Walter Brill, Ronald R. Bruns, David B. Bumiller, William N. Dangel, Herbert A. Goodfellow, Ronald L. Goodman, Stanley Herron, Charles L. Hersch, Gail Mac Veigh, Robert C. Mayer, Paul G. Messinger, Richard C. Metzger, Irvin Moskowitz, Myron O'Brien, John Osterman, J. Thomas Pace, William L. Rethmeier, Melvin K. Shoemaker, B. William Theisen, Paul T. Wilkes, Sherri R. Woodworth, Thomas l953 Bishop, Barry C. Bowling, John C. Brodie, Renton K. Brogdon, Charles W. Ebel, Donald C. Evans, J. C. Gruen, Claude Holmstrom, James R. Maynard, Arvie L. McCormick, Thomas J. Mills, Donald J. Ogle, Raymond W. Payer, Richard L. Rinsky, Gilbert Schrotel, James A. Streit, William K. Stromberg, Charles H. Tschan, Edmond W. Wedbush, Edward W. Weiser, Norman M. i954 Amand, Bruce Brenner, Ronald J. Bryant, Beniamin F. Budig, Otto Conatser, Willis Condorodis, Anestis Cohen, Alvin Decatur, James A. Fontanese, Alvin T. Goist, Richard L. Gravenkemper, Charles Harrell, Charles Hattendorf, John Kausch, Michael M. Lammert, William J. Misali, Alcila J. Parker, Garland G. Rose, Donald M. Sieber, Otto F., Jr. I955 Adrien, Evan Allen, Donald Barrow, Roscoe L. Borcherding, Jack Ettin, Edward C. Fazzar, Frank P. Gavin, James T. Grogg, James R. Hyde, David E. Kendall, Lee H. Kidwell, E. Lee Krueger, Hilmar C. Kuempel, John L. Leonard, James H. Martin, Walter D. Nicholas, Nick G. Perkins, Ronald D. Rosenweig, Ronald E, Wandmacher, Cornelius Wooton, John H. Yamaguchi, Ben T., Jr. Page IB7 F 2 . H L? 'i 1 4, Pi- wfx! 'T' , JN? .tcr ,, . f t' L -f '-f 1 junior advisers luis? J r J S' . It I fl! ,tr Q A 4' Z' rf , .. 1.-:Q-H J if 'i Q 'H - 41 ,rf 11. 1. l V . xv Ein 0 , ii 'Q 'ff ?f. . I I W ! X v ,4 it 1 ,K N 'U Qi it A L Rai: 796 1 iv. V si? 'C QSJW3- 1 " '. l f Eli . L J 'mx .fl H X .an ABB, ROW I-Bidlingmeyer, D., Harris, R., Bolenbaugh, B., Montrose, M., Kaufmann, M., McFarland, B., Naberhnus, J., Goldberg A ROW 2 Ward D Gum M Smith, B., Wilson, S., Miller, L., McLemore, P., Everett, N., Francis, L., Powell, T. ROW 3-Brennemann, F., Schefiel, M. E Reutzes J Koenig C Olson A Wenstrup, J., Ginn, B., Schmidlapp, B., Hall, B. ROW 4-Lippelman, M., Trottrnan, D., Schaffer, G., Rief, M., Marni, S. Baker L Bloodgood C Topper M Somers, J. ROW 5-Aberman, D., Rembold, E., Riggs, D., Mullaney, N., Schulte, E., Davis, Z., Avey, J., Schmifhorst, J., Morgan N Littmann E Page l88 Selected by the previous year's Advisers on the basis of scholar- ship, leadership, and service, Junior Advisers serve as a guide to freshmen women. They strive to acquaint the new students with the academic and extra-curricular activities of UC. This year they covered UC traditions, campus activities and morals. At the beginning of the season, the Advisers sponsored the Pigskin Pow Wow with the Men's Advisors. Later the freshmen women pre- sented their project, Winter Dance, a combination talent and fash- ion show. Each freshman was invited to work on whichever com- mittee she preferred. Their yearis Work ended with an evaluation. menfs advisory system ROW I Bradner G Kuempel J Graham A Dingle, D., Yamaguchi, B., Adrien, E., Nicholas, N., Condorodis, G. ROW 2-Gregory, B., Savely, B., Lechler, L., Kauffman L Eftin E Schaefer R Mapes G Todd, J. ROW 3-Teller, R., Ryan, R., Eisenhauer, W., Schnickner, J., Martin, W., Youtsey, D., Powell, R., Simon, L. ROW 4-Aukerman N Faye G Brogdon C Henninger, G., Grofer, E., Masset, A., Michael W., Spragens, T. ROW 5-Taylor, R., Kitterman, K., Stickley, W., DoHerty W Schindler C Garrison H Parsons D., Borcherding, J., Forkeri, D. The lVlen's Advisory System, organized at the University of Cincin- nati in 1952, was established for the purpose of orienting Fresh- man men on various phases of campus life and familiarizing them with the college community. The Advisors from each college, chosen on the basis of scholarship, campus participation and per- sonality, conduct at the beginning of each year five meetings over a period of five weeks. Covered in the discussions are UC his- tory and traditions, government, scholarship, social organiza- tions and sports. ln conjunction with Junior Advisers, a pre- lootball game dinner is held every fall as a freshman mixer. Page I89 x . o l 1 i J V X 'D Ki? '.J 43 'F ROW l-Vlilkes, S., Bidlingmeyer, D., Brodner, G., Moore, M., Poyell, T., Holliday, J. ROW 2-Shepard, S., McFarland, B., Hulbert, N., Ritten, B., Bigelow, B., Bryant, N., lnrlght, J. ROW 3-Ferguson, A., Moestc, J., Egged, E., Guodin, J., Sovely, B., Roe, P., Scholler, G., Cotlingaam, B. ROW 4-Mapes, G., Teller, R., Frcxley, J., Archibulgl, C., Lady, P., Chadburn, J., Goering, J. ROW 5-Ryan, R., Grofer, E., Brogdon, C., Flelmcn, W., Blincoe, J., McCue, J., Nolllng, R., Maloy, H. cincinnatus society Page l 90 Many freshmen entering UC are familiar with one carn- pus organization before they ever see lVlcMicken Hall. Cincinnatus Society makes itself known to high school graduates hy conducting a summer-long campaign-in the form of well attended coke parties both in greater Cincinnati and other cities-to familiarize prospective frosh with life at UC. Then, after matriculation, Cincin- natus acts as one of the University's foremost hosts. Col- legiate Day, when high school students visit UC to see it in operation, is sponsored later in the fall. The carefully selected members of Cincinnatus Society also assist the alumni office in strengthening interests of UC alumni. 6'Metro is taking attendance" is a phrase that always spurs attendance at convocations, the reason being that at the end of each year stately trophies are presented to the sorority and fraternity with the best attendance records. This, of course, is but one service of Metro, a society that continually works for the betterment of the University and of the community. Members are chosen from upperclassmen who have proven their worth through activities. The Metro benefit show raises funds for their annual Christmas party for underprivileged children. The basketball banquet, football Dad's Day and summer graduation ushering are Metro projects. s H F: K-U-I L , 2 A N Q5 l l MET , m8tT0 ROW I-Engel, D., Ryan, R., Sovely, B., Wilkes, S. R., Hart, W., Bradner, G. H. ROW Z-Yamaguchi, B., Allen, D., Condorodis, A., Hyde, Z., Wilson, J., Perkins, R., Henninger, G. Page I9l l902 l9l5 H09 .922 IB98 Walter Eberhardl Robert Humphreys Parke Johnson Russell Wilson lB99 Charles Adler i900 Adna Innes l90l Henry Bentley Andrew Hickenlooper Smith Hickenlooper Coleman Avery Hugh Bates Earl Gold Stanley Granger Edwin Hutchins Robert E. Kreimer Charles Peters William Probasco Stuart Walker l903 Albert Baker Eustoce Ball William Fillmore Edgar McCallistor Harvey Shepard William Strietman I 904 Robert Buck Lester Collier Adolph Fennel Carl Gantvoort Walter Heinti Howard Jones Villie Kirkpatrick l905 Bert Lyon Fred Mehlhope Paul Richardson Calvin Skinner Arthur Wadsworth l906 Frank Buchanan Robert Caldwell Edward Forbes Alfred Kreimer Walter Shafer Curtis Williams Frank Wilson l907 Edward Hurley Thomas Kite Walter Markworth Brown McGill Robert O'ConnelI Frank Payne l908 Merwin Aultman Norman Conway Fred Flach William Foley Bates Williams Hayward Ackerso Ernest DuBray Fred Hooker William Kite Edward Rowe Charles Williams l9l0 Ted Hyndman Walter Heuck l9ll Clitf Porter Hall Alden Hart Ralph McComos James Taylor l9l2 Harry Buchanan William Hall Lesley Johnson Page l92 fl Wm. F. Mitchell Vance Towler l9l3 Richard Goettle Robert Heuck, Sr. Walter O. Hill Chester Klein John Maescher l9l4 William Engdahl Chauncey Hand Jerome Howard Bert Stansbury John Sheriff Chauncey Tilden Neil Wright Leonard Baehr Arthur Gordon Norman Kohlhepp Norman Lyon l9l6 Howard Behle Victor Fischbach Henry Hoppe Roy Palmer Harold Payne Harold Porter John Reece Edward Robinson Herbert Schroth l9l7 William Ellis Karl Hetsch Carroll Lewis Joseph Morris, Sr. James Pease Bayle Richardson Anton Schneider l9l8 Harold Altamer Walter Haehnle Herbert Jones Carl Lund Carl Markgrat William Myers Carl Rogert Millard Romaine Harold Talcott Earl Widau l9l7 Howard Justice Edgar Powers Bradley Roberts Herbert Winans Francis Wright l920 Robert Dorsey Cornelius Petlhold Alfred Wenzel l92I Hugh Bowen Willard Breiel Carlton Brown Carl Frey Edward Meyer Philip Meyers Cyrus Osborn Edgar Coons Chase Davies Daniel Fries Edward Gabriel Allison ldeson Arthur McClure Howard Metzger Robert Sarvis Frederick Schierloh Wylmer Scott Edw. Strietelmeier Robert Todd Edward Wagner Randall Walker I923 James Beaman Lewis Gregory John Harrod W. C. Havelaar Rossiter Hobbs Ellsworth Ireland Joe Linneman James Nippert Mike Palmer John Petzhold I 924 Nathan Bachman Walter Becker Ben Bryant Morton Francis John Heiler Robert Hynes Giver Rhodes Ed Roth Erwin Wolfson l925 Lynne Barber George Bradner Warren Marvin Anthony McAndrews Louis Nippert William Schmid Kelly Siddall I 926 Fred Berger Charles Franklin Edwin Levi James Paisley Wesley Schmid I 927 John Bachman Harry Franklin Richard Jervis Robert Maddux l92B Richard Bryant Arthur Fennekohl Albert Mayer Ranald West l929 Evan Chattield Ellis Crawford Richard Dial Daniel Earley Daniel Laurence l930 Charles Adams I-larry Anderson Richard Bolton Thomas Clifton Donald Crane Frank Dost Richard Franz John Gayman Jack Grieshaber William Hammond Ralph Holterhoff William Nieman Frank Owens I93l Bradford Allin William Berwanger Harold Bohl Ralph Bursiek Frank Chandler sigma sigma. ,..-. O is 5TOf"s'a'a'.' - CONSTITUTION SINCE 'I898 The name ot the organization shall be Sigma Sigma. All matters transacted shall be tor the good ot the order and ot the University of Cincinnati. This constitution shall not be amended. lts rolls date back to 18985 its mem- bers have always been the Wheel- horses of UC's campus life, its purpose is to Work for the good of the order and for the University. These premises are held forth with great pride by the men of Sigma Sigma. The members, upperclass- men, are chosen on the basis of ability shown While contributing to UC's advancement and Welfare. Sigma Sigma's outstanding project each year is the fund-raising car- nival held in the Fieldhouse. Greek groups construct booths, with awards going to the best money makers and to the builders of the most carnival-like booths. Proceeds are used for the betterment of the campus. ln addition Sigma Sigma sponsors an annual pep rally be- fore the UC-Miami football game. ROW I-Orth, D., Amand, B., Miller, J., Willson, R. ROW 2-Gerrard, T., Yamaguchi, B., Adrian, E., Nicholas, N., Condorodis, A. ROW 3-Henninger, G., Seybolt, P., Hattendorf, J., Maltz, R., Brogdon, C., Budig, O. ROW 4-Wheeler, P., Presley, D., Lam- mert, W., Single, E., MacGregor, I. Robert Gowdy Erle Hanson Paul Heckel Silverius Kunz William Leach Lawrence Levi Carl Muth Earl Soesbe Herbert Starick Richard Steves Fred Tower l932 William Atkinson Herbert Brown Walter Conner Richard Dexter Duncan Frame John Griffiths Paul Grischy Arthur Hallett Phillip Heil William Hill Ed Lidseen Carlton Lunsford Louis Mendel Robert Nau David Porter Harry Robe Edward Simrall Nathan Salinger Dan Tobin Alan Walsh Robert Wright I 933 Mel Bernstein Ged Brown David DeVore Robert Galbraith William Gilliland Clifford Goldmeyer Wm. Groppenbacher Fred Hoehler Robert Johnson Kosciusko Kemper Bernard Levin Louis Levy Scofield Sidney Mullikin Leon Saler George Smith Gordon Strauss Robert White Carl Williams I 934 Carl Austing Robert Eagen Robert Hoeter George Kramer George Levengood Fred Pressler Donovan Sayrs Victor Strauss Walter Tuttle I935 James Cook Harry Duncan Donald Gilbert John Hellebush William Lloyd Clyde Nau Kenneth Parker Frank Purdy William Rhame -P l935 Wayne Rich Russell Towers Larry Trame Wilbur Wrighl H36 Roberl Bachmeyer John Findlay Jack Keefe Waller Knocke Charles Weicherf Harry Wilkerson Ralph Yeager l937 Douglas Day William Feldhaus Larry Gibboney Charles Gillell' Don Caddis Roberl Heuck, Jr. Charles Mileham Clifford Mueller Gordon Orr l93B Robl. Biedenbender Millon Brooks Roberl Dallon Bill Ferguson Roberl Kamp Bud Kelchner Frank Molloy Wes Newkirk Richard Powell Jed Small Charles Sulau I939 Ed Alexander Roger Anderson Lloyd Gysin Joe Lowry Bill Pellil Roger Van Schoyck l940 Sid Friedman Charles Grimm Williom Parchman Roberl Kreimer Kennelh Pill Marly Scheider Merrill B. Van Pell l94l Mac Benedicl Fred Daniell James Fuller Kennelh Heuck William Kelchner Ellis King Joe Morris, Jr. Lloyd O'Hara Nick Skorich Ray Virgin l'?42 Richard Anderson Jack Bode John Bedway Linus Haby Elberl Nickel Verne Ullom I 945 Kennefh Guise Richard Hanford Gordon Hughmark Leonard Klusman Kennelh Miller Alberl Sfrasser I 946 R. A. Cromer Fred Ebeling Bob Kraushar George Koch Bob Sarsfield Bill Smylh l947 William Anderson Berl Bauer Roberl Bauman Roberl Fenlon D. B. Kee Dick Langenbeck George Moore Alkie Richards lrv Scharfenberger Roberf Siekman Roger Stephens Jack Slrubbe Brewsler Sanders Bob Weber l948 Tom Blake Charles Crozier John Fuhrman Earl Hob'l' Roberl' Huber Orville Relzsch Floyd Shorls William Weslerfeld I949 Richard Dallmer Irvin Behrendf Thurman Owens Harold Johnson John Pramik George Paul Don McMillan Don Gaddis Sidney Carroll Pele Sl. Clair Tom Kinder Tom O'Malley Lowell Sform Roberl Monlgomery l950 Roberl Frifh Jack Tracy Nick Shundich Jim Kelly Bill Clemenfs Jerry Friedlander Jack Laub Joe Luchi Jim Brownell l95l William Smarl Ralph Slaub Lee Haslinger Jim Holslein Tony Traberl Ray Campbell Jim Wuenker Bob Davis Jock Drake Ted Geier Bob Rau Frank Middendorf Tom Oslermon Bob Sfraflon Bill McDonald Glenn Sample l952 Ron Brill Dom Del Bene J. C. Evans Don Grammer Jim Kaulz Judge A. K. Nipperl John O'Brien Bob Rain Bill Shalosky Ken Slevenson Paul Yellon John Zeigler l953 Carl Aufdermarsh Ralph Brockmeier Marvin Cohn Barry Cors Don Frilz Dick Goisl' Ronald Goodfellow Gail Hersch Paul Moyer Gilberl Rinsky Jack Twyman l954 Bruce Amand Irish Condorodis Willis Conalser Bill Lammerl lan MacGregor Tom McCormick Joe Miller Richard Orlh Erv Single Ken Wolfe l955 Evan Adrien Bruce Amand Charles Brogdon Offo Budig Tom Gerrard John Hollendorf Gene Henninger Mike Kousch Bob Mallz Nick Nicholas Don Presley Pele Seybolf Phil Wheeler Dick Wilson Ben Yamaguchi Page l93 fs VTT i 'Y' e ,f A ,M 91:3 . If ulex IX it xm Z 5. filling. Esxs ROW I-Perkins, R., Condorodis, A., Nicholas, N. ROW 2-Hari, B., Schwartz, D., Perkins, B. NOW 3- Helflcld. T-. Yamaguchi, B. ROW 4-Masdec, J., Faye, G., Befscher, T., Lammert, B. Page 194 Selected for membership on the basis of the contri- butions made to the athletic department and the en- tire University, Ulex members are known for their school spirit, sportsmanship, and sense of humor. The lettermen, sports publicity men and cheerlead- ers Who make up this honorary hold meetings' once every month. Clad in a very unique outfit, Which includes gunny sacks and old hats, pledges of Ulex are easily spotted on campus. They carry buckets and attempt to persuade students to fill them with coins. These are used for the purchase of a tro- phy for the outstanding senior basketball player of the year. Each year Ulex brings as their guests, a group of orphans to one of the football games, so phos Sophos is known to everyone familiar with UC activities. Since its founding in 1932 by Dean Hol- liday, this honorary has been giving recognition to outstanding freshmen men and has been Work- ing continually for the betterment of University spirit. Tapped as members each spring are those freshmen who have earned honors in scholarship, activities, athletics and leadership. Most popu- lar event in the group's full program is the Sophos Dance featuring the presentation of a queen and court selected from among freshmen Women. Services of Sophos are to donate a scholarship for a deserving sophomore, to discuss campus problems and to provide guides for special events. ROW I-Perkins, R., Wasserman, N., Stockerf, J., Savely, B., Wilkes, S. ROW 2-Klein, B., Mueller, C., Hart, W., Archibald, C., Chcllfin, R., Young, M. ROW 3-Chesley, S., Engel, D., Freyfag, D., Pfau, D., Hyde, Z., Gradner, G., Clark, A. Page l95 alpha phi omega 1'-cf va . -1:1 , , xv , ' ,. ., 'KN' ' k V bv 1 bv ., he N ... ' 1'r x :E ww! 14:3 ' 0 7 7 X X . Row I-Bentley, Arnold, L. Row 3 Page I96 Q G., Engberg, G., De Bruner, E., Chapman, D. ROW 2-Swanson, D., Gervers, W., Harnold, G., -Wortendyke, D., White, J., Purtee, F., Heuck, O., Niehuus, J. Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity associ- ated With the Boy Scouts of America, continually pro- vides Worthwhile services to the University and to the community. Heading the parade of annual activi- ties are their fire prevention display competition, Christmas toy drive, and blood typing for students. xx. RNA , .,., , .,., , .qh..:,V .W l .Ss ' A, .,,. ,--ff . N is - 3 5? I . ,.,, Y AW 44QQ ,:w, , , , , . gf ,A e ft' f .fiifghff S 5-.1 4 s5::w,5:...,' I 1 ' -. N Q- X ' ,. ' Q 2 -5: , , ,M-sr '- . , ' a, ,f an . , 'Ni f 2 f , 3 5 ' lg s s - ,V, 1 .i?.Ti,.Q1-Y ' , f 1 i .rf 1 733- ag , 5 lm! I ff K ,, , , ,., . . . .... wfvxyse , . ,A-.a., , 4 L A 4, .7 4-,-..3.,-,Zim V.-.-fa . - 'ff - .,. I f' ..V "Q + if f'j,j,Q ' iz ' ' " - V , ,- , ,V .. -V awww. ,, ' ,, . - - , -,. , . . ,,,. . ., , ' 2' I f . 4 ,, 52'-,.. . 1 , ., .. " " -- s- , ,, ., . .,,,, , ., , . . , .,,,, ,,., - .,2,, , - , .- V: f M.--.V --4-if yea., ., ,-1. .-, . , - .- ' ' f -f W , KW -6 4!,, ,, V ,. .. ., , .. , . V 4: -qw 1 -,,4,-W ,y ,gg 1-,ff-I "ii ':-:IC C,-"4':4O1:' :fn-at ' 1. '- 'J Q wa! ....f4v..--5217 f . ' fg ' 1 , ... 72 W' ' ,Eff 1 ..,, ,. , . Qggw " , 1,317-Z' -- .22,i.:..V.i.2:. ,,H-:.5,M..,b V. ..,g,,,.,J,,V...-:,: , 4,.3....,-,sf sg - . V 5 :- ' f f -. J: " ? .zf . , . ,. , ..., ya." ---a , . ,. N. in r., e -:gy f. . 1 , .,..,s. 1 fl, ,. . ' , 2.4f,,2ei1' - 4 .. .fQLi32,fZf -' ' ,, 11,55 ' R x' ,.. I ,.,..ff ' I .- . -3. . '- . , .Vfi V .ax-. . , , , - --"' 7 V ,, .. 2-6 af -, ,K ., ,. -- V, , - V. 1 " ,-' ., ,r ' z V 5, , , fn-yy, -. , 'U 2 'f. if H' 1 QZQZ.. " ,iitisflft - Q- 1,1196 ,, , ., 5 , 2 ..., 1 I, Vvv ,Env ., ,, . , , 4-iff ,AV h,,. Q - ,,,, I-.,.'Q:,Y 'I' ' i ,av 1 A. , , . , +630 1, - ' - ' . Q . - ,fi- ff' 5,3-V 1 , ' '?"j "il3ti f , , - . Q . 1,f3V.-,Q , J, p ., , . .,, . I ' , ' f' ..f A ' .. L " F A ' ff A ' 1' , ' ' """ ' MW 3 Haw f, , 4 f , . ,W , ,, V -ff ,-:5 , Q V, ROW I-Maher, M., Jameson, J., Assing, M., McLain, S., Parris E., Overbey, N. ROW 2-Whitaker, J., Stuart, T., Hife, J., Smith, C., Wagner, M., Stith, K. ROW 3-Albu, V., Ncndel, M., Bernifl9. C., Felger, J., Evans, C., Foust, E. ROW 4-Hcering, D., Niehaus, C., Ose, J., Hewett, J., Nedelman, F., Lee, P. alpha lambda delta Selection as a member of Alpha Lambda Delta is an honor sought by every freshman Woman. After coping with lectures, exams and term papers for the first time on a university level, those who have accom- plished a 2.5 average for the first one or two sem- esters are eligible for membership in this honorary. ROW I-Conlon, R., Vanden Eynden, C., Freytcg, D., Supperstein, J., Myers, Devcmney, L., Sidorun, P., Kernon, J., Johnson, D., Ellinger, T., Grissom, W., Goetz, R., Godown, D., Gall, S., Leith, F., Reams, L., Brown, M., Colclaser, phi eta sigma Requiring a 2.5 average for membership, Phi Eta Sig- ma is a freshmen scholastic honor society seeking to promote and reward scholarship. To encourage good academic performance, the fraternity distributes allow to Study" pamphlets among incoming fresh- men and presents a freshman scholarship award. C., Smith, D., FCIW, R., Gufzwiller, J. ROW 2-Luke, D., Horn, W., Boyle, W., Brennecke, N. ROW 3-Koenig, R., R., Kroencke, J., Kreindler, A. M Page I97 rote ' 'ir Lt. Cal. R., Martin, Col. R. J., Arnold, Mrs. Q ROW I-McFarland, Capt. R. D., Watson, ' ' E. M., Schneider, Ll. Col. C. P., Miller, Ma- ior L. C. Adams, Capt. D. W, ROW 2- Barringer, Capt. F. A., Brichtbill, MfSgl. R. M., Tait MfSgf. K. H., Beckman, MXSQF. A. P., Kifchin, Ist Ll. J. W., Slater, SFC. R. L. Pearce, MfSgl. E. B., Booth, Capt. J. B. Page I98 -""' ROW l-lsf Lieut. N. R. Hill, Mai. W. N. Norton, Col. W. P. Williamson, Lt. Col. R. W. Abele, Mai. T. B. Forbes, Mai. R. H. Skeens. ROW 2-Capt. R. McGee, SfSg'l. A. Cizmowski, MjSg'r. A. Booth, MXSQY. B. SfSgt. D. Clay, TfSg'r. J. Herren, Capt. G. Bentley. Drums bugles and l-2-3-ill It may be only 7:30 in the morning, but many students are already busily drilling around the practice field. C.incy's ROTC corps, composed of both air and ground units get plenty of drill and classroom training under the watchful guidance of Well qualified Air Force and Army ofiicers. Their duty is to mold competent military leaders. Hewitt, TjSgt. F. Burger, TfSgt. D. Dargo, .Q t I ,. ROW I-Wilger, J., Frank, J., Skeens, Mai., Othling, W. Carey, K., Adelsperger, W., Jacobs, D. ROW 2-Melvin, R., Taylor, R., Reynolds, T., Essex, R., Foster, M., Swain, R., Brown, T. ROW 3-Morris, J., Morgan, J., Wade, J., Hershberger, Engel, R., Bernens, T., Laundy, H., Losey, D. ROW 4-Beam, B., Boase, R., Marks, D., Riemor, R., Schlindler, C., Peterson, A., Schauer, R., Elsass, J. arnold air society afrotc rifle team The Air Force science students, like their Army counterparts, en- courage rilie competition by ar- ranging matches with their fel- low AFROTC students of other universities. When possible, these meets are held on the campus of one ol the firing groups. Otherwise, postal matches fur- ther the means of competition. ROW l-Richardson, D., Greenhow, W., Shadron, C., Brehm, E. ROW 2-Herren, TfSgt. J., Bowling, G. J., Herbst, T. E., Leaver, R. H., Sutherland W., Bentley, Capt. G. Born at the University of Cincinnati in 1947, the Arnold Air Society has spread rapidly to l8O colleges. This national aviation honorary selects as its members those students who excel in air age studies and furthers their knowledge and understanding of the Air Force. f--- f f 1 T' Y ' . Q. I A fi . -4 " ,L I, - .,. . , . .a-.-.,.. .,, ,. - . , f 44 l ti ROW I-Martin, Col., Essex, R., Feller, A., Condorodis, A., Corey, K., Schneider, C. ROW 2-Brown, T., Henninger, G., Taylor, J., Aukermcn, N., Hcmant, T., Gillerpie, T. ROW 3-Daniels, R., Niehcus, J., Mcphef, J., Sohmer, J., Collins, J., Conkel, R. scabbard and blade Scabbard and Blade is a national society for advanced ROTC students. C Company, 4th Regiment of this military honorary was established at UC in 1923. The purpose of the organization is to promote fellow- ship and to raise the standards of military educa- tion in the nation's universities. The men of Seab- bard and Blade sponsor rifle, saber and drill teams. arotc rifle team The sharpshooters of ROTC, in recent years, have formed rilie teams to compete in both postal and shoulder matches with military students of other universities. Postal matches, whereby the scores of the competing teams are recorded and exchanged by mail, are held between opponents when actual shoul- der matches are impractical because of distance. ROW l-Bretton, R., Cleggett, L., Schuld, E., Hiler, G. ROW 2-Booth, J., Brent, E., Gricler, D., Hutchinison, E., White, J., Tcit,, MfSgi'. K. H. Ai Page 200 ROW I-Schneider, C., Lf. Col. Reifzes, J., Moore, B., Russel, N., Corey, K., ROW 2-McFarland, B., Reifzes, J., Morni, S., Hall, B., Scheer, M., Aberman, D. Riggs, D. ROW 3-Kaufmann, M., Ncberhcus, E., Littmann, E., Scherer, M., Miller, B., Mason, J., Morgan, N. guidon Cuidon, junior Women's honorary, is a service organ- ization and an auxiliary to Scablnard and Blade. This year, in an effort to promote good citizenship on campus, members initiated an interest-arousing cam- paign for campus elections. ln their red and navy uniforms, Cuidon ushered at UC functions, and led the faculty in the inaugural procession. They also marched in pre-football game flag raising ceremonies. Page ZOI 1 ROW l-Keener, W. ROW 2-Maphet, J., Meyer, U., Carey, K., Johnson, R., Barry, J., Wallace, C., Barringer, Cpt. F., Brown, E. Page 202 pers tin ' rifles Many activities occupy the men of Pershing Rifles. They began the school year with a week- end encampment. Then in December they par- ticipated in a regional drill meet and in May entered the First Regimental Competition. Drill Teams performed al Military Balls and on other special occasions. The purpose behind these ac- tivities is the development ol military ideals. Top Picture: ROW l-Mulloy, E., Allies, C., Roberts, R., Creiger, B., Cain, G., Neal, D., Mattes, K. ROW 2-Kurtz, E., Kohl, J. Spears, G., Kinke, P., Bratton, Heller, S., Smith, M., Hodap, Bottom Picture: ROW I-Pride, Harvey, R., Bowling, R., Ulrich Chiote, A., Smith, W., Nebil, U., Scheblessey, R., Powell, W., Rambeah, R., Wortendyke, R. Lee, W., Scheidt, W., Gialdini, J., Karwisch, B., Conroy, G., Minor, J., Verkely, J., Rees, W. Rosensteel, J., Hathaway, Q., Neese, B., Siegmund, A., Lyons, F., Lyon, S. ROW 2-Ruppert, J. Haas, F., Martin, W., Hyde, D., Purcell, W., Bigler, K., Carraher, J., Rielage, C., Haines, L. I 1 wlaif. - ' -2.0.-0-1-' o o o o Q Q . 0 QI 1 AW . f- f"f5!,::!" 5 -1. , , ..,..?.. ,L ,5-E MQ, ,L M.: I. ..l,5V-V554 o of f ,Dx Q F It .I V ro: - ':-If -f 5 .- r- . -' -1 35 .:- V- .-I-5 . 3 4 ,, ,'g,fZ'f,-""-.rfx :I ,'-'.','V,f3g,,, V' 1 ,"':f.Z 'V'f5'.','. ' . ...N ,,,, , ..A, , .. ,. . 0 0 0 0 o Q.:-.,:-Q, vo "'A9..,"f9' . X ' b 6 s , o ,E V, -31.14 ,. ,V . .. ,., .f.L-.Q rr- - , .. .. . V. -H" -, f"-'I'-I.-'iff I,"-C? '., "K ' 2Zf,.'fP. - - TQ..- :-V,5y...,5 V4 ,- LW -f.,,,.iv5-hm-.ig-,. V- .s .2 H , aff, ,. . 1 -3- . ,L V ' -.Q -qt-am.-1 1: -' . .- ,N ' Vo- 'AifQ .. ,S lfu-ahq,g.,4g- B . . Q O 0 0 I. .I I - 11: in " V. , .1 fm. - . , . . .y"g1.u'm"1K-If'-I-'V"Y'l '7. '-'lwfflfi-'Z-4"5V::f"'-f'1"""f 1 ' fv:-w A,rf'5A,fc-fffiv .fm .W V' . -Qi,J':-gxzgfxgmffgi-A2.f:.1'i-.,-.gpgfff-dwgf',V-.1i--12,.',VI V V... , -,1.gE.i'c5-pg -,gy fg".Q:,z 5f:.w3-Q'-f,-5 -f il- 4- fl:?i??5'WN:'5ff.'3:.f."3"V.'s11rf'.. '.-'35'-'..Z:-V 1 l '- -' 'J l',-"'f-if.: 1' .:lfE'f1' ff'5ii5fL-A ' V 1-. 1 - . ' r J fsnliii' 9 I ' . -'fu - -' -- '- V ' 5"?Vi5h'f'a'i1'3..-:Lilifiizin-sf-'i'-'.'111 '5."F'f'V'L ' '- --V- -f V: H..-,, ,.- , - ., . ..,. -, .V . . student C ' Ounczl Vu.,f4w.,... ,,, 'V-,,.g.5,.L--3. .. , 'ME'-U ' . 'Q--gn-:ny1,1-f-i"-171711 Qg -22 ,-mul' -fi-' 4' - - ' - - A - 1274. 2'-1,,ff.g.1.-QE.,-gag. mfg.: ,. ,.,,.,,.'1.m.-.W -V CI, n 542459.-,ff.-sf,.2.g.1:4.5y., f..-1 ., -1-:vw,.V.:,,-5-.::.,V,ga.g:.,f.gFi-mg- 'flyffafaf' f..w.w f1-:.,'- 1, ,. 11-. -"'7'iY.,J.2.' :QL--'.v:.',,f 1' f L. y.. 4. -gs. gn f'!,f,'fa .f-,wx ,,:L 121159.-"f .YH 4, -.-19 --'1.'..m -LJTCJU 'P f '- ' H '""5i2Y?-."3i':'.'f95 ?!1lQ-'. Q-li'if-53fFI'i?1WiH5'52Qf'Myf'5Ffg9L',3 C Qff- ,M , ' - 'J ,gk .4--.-Q.: '-.,V VL.--Jufg-2"-f+,.',-Q1-.'1r1,'5v'.V. ,. ' "-"" " ' ' "1-fir' lc ' ' "W w ' .?-- """"" , ,, , 1511-'vi , ers 155. E822--Qgff2i1ge33f5pL'?.e51'w:qziggaj - '. ' fV.ffgL'fV'?,,.. or f.. ... .., Q.. ...f.-11,-. .... -:. -.1 1971150 non boa d V r 2'55if5" S ' Z IJ 6 union I M 12950-ii-Ia .V.....,.. 1 ':.1'1?3'. i. -. Uffiff-EKG' r?'?!V?:l1.' E 4.1"- , , , -:L 1 . A 5, ,,.,:-V,'a.4'1'-V1-fin' 1 ., ,, ,V,.f,,.,,V::'V,1f.'i.f? ,wifi ' . 'File' b' 'K ,..,, . , . 1. 0 if .. 1,1 -. ff-'Vi'Fe,f1'3'X5?f3f35U9 'f f:"":-.1-' " " V J '. . .x.-,-1'.--.mi.-M-.Df":,.'-1-1. - 4 f.:,,. ' .,, ...., H .m,,,,,,,.,. V .-'b25i2.:gs'.'",5j:fi-flmzglff. 'pu-.-.11 -X' 3. ' . v.'f'h-f..5-gf 45-few?-"5 'f..'.:2jj5-fri? '-1213.2 5 .-r .5 fs, 1.1, Q.. 1-f,..'iyw':3':,,1 'V ' 1 'f'?'.:"Z - . -':'i'Z .,s5fp.:.a-3.1-,,,A A f E' . . -1,,L+.V:V.",,-.113-Q --'Q V5'f'1. ' ,, . " ,m3'E1znf53Lf5f" f:'giff7.Q'2.4ig.7fQ'iff ' " - . QJ'Vty.v0, 12.5. .ilalvmi X .:ki,.i2Vmkgigixsii?,gif-m3.3:',V2 . .Q " .N V:15:b:.:..i71- , 1 '.' 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' ,. 1 , f125'i'e'F'-'1f.1'?f -'1'f, 4' '. . S . , . - '. ' -fL5YP5:,f2-?"21l!E2s:,'A ,. ' - V 'Q , 1 V, -. 27151-.ggf-..-I-1--3-'-3: ,-. 1. V V ' , ' , ' . " . V. -,U 'A'--H ?,fVg3i.m.. V- - ' n V . 11. - V .g.-V.. ' 21.5 .yVg1f ,,,., A Y . , 2-:-i-"5 A, ' .mf Q. 'V.,".'f.':A P412 ' - l ' ' . . .1,Hwg'f',', 2-? '??3iL 1? M 5.1 . - wt'-W . . , 273.11-f., -. - -- . . V . ,em ?E:TM,,1':l1f:f1,ii?:'.-.- V' - Y I H '- W ' . x. .' 7'4,.,- 7L,', J., .Ln-A , .',fVNV . I N. student council Michael Kausch President Student Council meets every other Monday in the recently redecorated Student Govern- ment room. This year the Council under- took several outstanding projects includ- ing direction of student activities in con- nection With the presidential inaugura- tion and the presentation of a volume of student signatures to Dr. Langsam. ln ad- dition, Council discussed the integrity of the student body and investigated the quar- ter system. The council members are divid- ed into four standing committees: elec- tion, suggestion and grievance, constitu- tion, and budget. The elections committee makes and enforces the rules for campus elections, While the grievance committee presents to the council student sugges- tions and complaints. One result of their work was the extension of Christmas vaca- tion this year. Constitution committee re- views the constitution of each campus organization and the council votes on any amendments that have been made. Budget committee allots money from the student activity fee to various student groups. Page 204 ELECTIONS COMMITTEE ROW I-Pugh, D., Kaufman, C., Byrcmt, N,, Stockert, J., Lippelman, M., Wilson, S ROW l-Pugh, D., Byranf, N., Mueller, J., Simon, L., Kaufman, C., Bishop, R., Johnson, L., Hill, D., Sfoller, A. ROW 2-Egged, E., Lakeman, L., Cohn, A., Malfz, R., Gerlach, F., Pfau, D., Vogel, E., Lippelman, M., Brogdon, C. ROW 3-Duckworth, .l., Kausch, M., Wilson, S., Clayfon, P. BUDGET COMMITTEE ROW l-Byranf, N., Bishop, R., Claylon, P., Malfz, R. CONSTITUTIQN COMMITTEE GRIEVANCE AND SUGGESTION COMMITTEE ROW l-Brogdon, C., Duckworfh, J., Gerlach, F., Cohn, A., Simon, L., Johnson, L. ROW l-Sfolles, A., Hill, D., Pfau, l Page 205 association of 'women students .,f' ROW I-Black, R., Kaufmann, M., Pease, G., Byrcnf, N., Lakeman, L., Reitzes, J., Mueller, J. ROW 2-Linger, J., Sigler, P., Meyer, M., Davis, Z., Banfield, C., Grieme, A., Bloodgood, C., Aberrnan, D. ROW -Marni, S., Koenig, C., Levine, B., Goode, N. Smith, S. Johnson, M., Francis, L., Eisner, H. Co-ordination of all Women's groups on campus is a big job ably fulfilled by AWS. This year, monthly programs were held for the council members. Through their bimonth- ly meetings, AWS brought together the work of women's organizations by providing an opportunity for each repre- sentative to announce her groupis plans and to discuss any conflicts. Delving into a campus-Wide problem, the council attacked the student voting situationlthroughg intense campaign to get more voters. AWS also sponsored the traditional fall tea and the Strawberry Breakfast. Joan Reitzes and Renee Black keep the AWS Bookstore running Page 206 senior class officers ,,.W.N ! Otto Budig President As the last year of college approaches and the senior class becomes even more important to everyone, the class officers are particularly in the limelight. They not only have the responsibility for the prom in May, but also the task of Senior Weeli in June. The officers must select committees to Write the class Will and prophecy to he read on lvy Day. Billie Hall Vice-President Barbara Moore .l0ll11 MHSJCH Secretary Treasurer Page ROW I-Bloodgood, C., Orth, P. ROW 2-Engel, D., Wheeler, P, junior class officers Page 208 The most important function of the Junior Class is the annual Junior Prom. This year the nationally famous Buddy Morrow hand was imported to the '4Castle of Beau- ty" held at Castle Farms. The planning and organization given by the class officers co-ordinated the eH1orts of committee members to make a success of the event, and to unify the diverse pre-junior and junior campus citizens. sophomore class officers At the end of their first year at UC, the freshmen elect the officers Who will lead the sophomore class during the next year. The primary task of the oHi- cers is to promote a feeling of unity and to sponsor the traditional Sophomore Dance. The executives spent many hours in making elaborate plans for the dance which was held at the Topper Club Oc- tober 14. A dance contest highlighted the evening with candidates from all the fraternities doing the Charleston and Hfancyn ballroom dancing. A new addition to the class's activities was the MCafe Rouge Et Noir," an open house held on campus after the Eastern Tennessee-UC basketball game. M ll P Th R., Grady, A., Katz, B. 9 orientation board f"- 41? , . ROW I-Baxter, A., Johnson, L., McFarland, B., Grischy, J. ROW 2-Kaufmann, M., Gentll, J., Michel, W., Hansel, R., Yamaguchi, B. ROW 3-Kaufman, C., Bryant, N., Polsfer, J., Walls, P., Stoller, S., Brunner, M. - Orientation Board is the UC organization that greets those starry-eyed new freshmen. Before school begins the YWCA and YMCA sponsor a camp for freshmen. Orientation Day culmi- nates the hoard's activities, which began with an introduction to President Langsam and a campus tour. Later follow Junior Adviser pro- grams and freshmen mixers, held in the Union to help the freshmen feel a part of UC. Page 2l0 social board How is an over-all control exercised on the so- cial activities and general student functions of the many organizations at UC? This control is the one task of Social Board. The student- faculty group meets weekly to approve or reject proposed social events. University programs take first priority and other groups are not al- lowed to hold competing activities. The Board can, if necessary, block undesirable functions. ROW I-Wilson, S., Grofer, T., Casey, V., Maltz, R. ROW Z-Johnson, L., Cuppetf, J., Christmun, J., Deister, J., Pensyl, J., Bishop, R. Page 2II the union Fw N . Y I , 'VN lr? as - 34 'lhiillip Phillip R. Campbell Bob Jennings reserves Union rooms Director of the Union Sallie McLain and Lou Barloh are U mon Desk co op secretaries UC,s nineteen-year-old Union Building is the infor- mal center of every phase of campus life. Directed by Philip R. Campbell, the Union is the civic center and the country club for an active student body and faculty. Group meetings and Grill coffee sooner or later attract everyone to the building, but it also performs many services and houses a TV set, pool and ping-pong tables, oflices, and also several lounges. Page 2l2 union board R WI G eme A Barloh M L Russell N ROW2 Engberg G Bursuek R Johnson, L., Bishop, R., Campbell, R. Every student is automatically a member of the Union. It offers him comfortable lounges, a game room and dining halls. Controlling the services and activities of the Union is the Board made up of live students and four faculty members who are familiar with its program through their previous Work in the organ- ization. They make decisions necessary for the Union to he operated in a smooth and elticient manner. Page ZI3 pro gram committee Page 2l4 B. Ss., Everyone enjoys MGM via the Union. ROW l-Abermcn, D., Avey, Grofer, T., Russell, N., Deister, J. ROW Z-Jacobs, L., Bidlingmeyer, D., Fowler, B., Eberhurdf, D., Troftmcxn, D. Anyone looking for recreation or entertainment has only to stop at the Union. Through the efforts of the Program Committee and its six sub-com- mittees, there is always something going on. Early this fall Wfhe Union Terriiici' Choo-chooed its Way clown the Union lobby to preview the 1955-56 vari- ety of attractions to be carried out by the students. A Hterrificn locomotive carries out the theme for Union Week, Oct. 3-7. An Alpha Gam quintet adds to the Christmas spirit of the Union program The Jazz Concert audience added a clapping beat to the program of the Dixieland Rhythm Kings and the Gin Bottle Five plus Two. En n Page 2l6 if -ff' The Union is the center of campus llfe-the meeting and eating place of students and faculty publicat 'on 1 . , . tri' 'j,"i"f MV . ' . I ,'vvQ',A.' , ,.-1,-um' f' -L f ,.2.gfrg-I ' sg- 12,3 ,f ' f ' 55- 3 f'Qf1,'f f' , .' H f, 3? "1 ' 1 , if ' J g"3,2-'2,,,i,.-g, ff: . '- ' ',','.' f " if V I t--' '1,'j,,l , :,!',-4 1-hi grff I 1 ,QI 'Vg-1 -4, ,ZMLV..,5v,...,:.m..h ,.., 4 . X It , A ,55f1!.f'f-J'r-,N,'3,:,1g,',tg:gfQgg,vg,5y,-,uf X -' - . " x -, ,W E, , -n.-f ann L l- nf z,,,1:wF l1.if'IvT:' n . ' 'igffiilfl ,HM . , U 4 v , P w Inu :. FL - L- U . LWQMTER :fin If fr-rl "L " 212 ,If1373235?:?l'i?gfig.:JfL!'::gr1274 1, A .KA Hptzy, ML1,:v,i,,Li,gg,,..- V I, . ., ,vf,':.- daux,-." 'L L' wg! --,k1,-3,3J7.T'f51 '.-',-:,1f.,f,- V , ' 1' ' ?r5f9f'f??1,fffj,.af9' '15 . , I:-"f.Qpjw'f-55:-.Emu' 1 'f . ':f71.:,.f -. is-,':, 3 3 2 rf 44-1'Q-"'11'5iVgn4k-iygjffirw, . , ,,,,,,...-..,.,-- 'li' "Via -,J . .I ' 41. . :fl -1 -if Y 11.-'-'j'25f?' ka. 1' '.'-fg Q . ?g.K5, ,, 'gf 1' I' 14. 'Z if . f 'f+' '. A Page 217 board of publications ...J wyax E, L iii ROW I-l-Hfmann. E-. Duckworth. J-. KGUSCI1. M-. Siglef. M-. Bfifikef. Pf. Sellkop. D. ROW 2-Daniels, R., Gregg, J., Woilermann, I., Bursiek, R., DeCamp, J., Shcrrock, R., Gert, B. Page 2l8 Comprising the Board of Publications are editors, business managers, and faculty advisors of the four major campus publications. Monthly they convene to discuss contents, budgets and progress. Each spring succeeding business managers and editors are selected. Later at the Publications Banquet the de- serving staff members receive appropriate awards. pi delta epsilon ROW I-Pabst, D., Scheclr, M., Marni, S., Mog, D. ROW 2-Goode, N., Schulzinger, E., Fingerman, B., Grogg, J. ROW 3-Schickner, J., Littmann, E., Martin, W., Young, M. ROW 4-Engle, D., Daniels, R., Eckelmann, R., Folkerth, D., Dorsey, R. Pi Delta Epsilon is a national journalism honor- ary Whose members are selected from the staffs of the five major publications at UC: the Cincinnatian, News Record, Profile, Co-op Engineer and Stu- dent Directory. Pi Delt sponsors the Publications Banquet held each spring. This year they entertain- ed high school students interested in journalism. Page ZI9 CillCillllCltiCUl fb" ' 1 ,W A, A fb r J ., ' f S if.. .1 "'if5e'., - ' KN-a f: -li :s:22a'.5L'Qf' . lg -. ff,-f W J ,I --, , Donald Sellkop an 1 '..""1" 1 . ": Business Manaver . .J--lx? 'blip ,,,, , , ' ,.,.1: Yf:-'- '-f'f ' " . . , - ..,. . After the new editors and staff are selected in the Uawenswvoscmcmum-l954'V0l--0' , , 7 ' e:.,n ..,,..5.1b55"j,0,,sl sprlng, Work begins on next year s annual. Infor- ' ,,,,1f':rmzzu---" AT' ' -t w j, - . 'f?,iiiEnsu1v0F,,,.gnw ele ' "" mation 15 gathered and schedules are made for a year -. . ,,4n " '5'P of hard Work. Photographers take pictures of people, , . P , 'j,,f,M4,,,f52:a2i',g places, organizations and CVCI'ytl11I1g connected With Q ' N fff r ,,.. -L-E-gg,,,af nfn1'f'-o'1' 2' ' UC life. Every Monday and Thursday night, the lights 53fl:i:i5t', H J l"' f "" NN . 25539 ,.sf -"NW - - - - e'V. U., 141-P' of the CIHCIHIIHUHH oflice burn late While the stalf Esther Littmann Writes copy, designs the cover and the interior, corn- Editor-in-Chief piles the index, and completes an outstanding annual. ROW I-Chalfin, R., Schulzinger, E., Grieme, A., Dorsey, R., Ryan, N., Schear, M., Mog, D., Goode, N., Arnold, L. ROW 2-Smith, C., Dunham, P., Burke, M., Kurz, J., Ransick, S., Clark, A., Shaffer, G., Hais, M., Springmeier, E. ROW 3-Greiwe, M., Ganim, J., Finlay, J., Bidlingrneyer, V., Lamkin, S., Spinanger, J., Arnold, L., Twyman, L., Montgomery, K. ROW 4-Toon, C., Burley, L., Schutte, G., Sander, P., Kuhn, M., Snodgrass, W., Huenefeld, T., Ficke, R., Lippert, W. L mf- CINCINNATIAN STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ..... ASSOCIATE EDITORS ..... PRODUCTION MANAGER ART EDITOR ............ Assis'l'anl' Ari' Editor .. Staff ............... COPY EDITOR ............ Assistant Copy Edilor . Esther Liftmann .. .... Myrna Schear, Robert Dorsey ,..................Nancy Ryan ....................... .............. A r'I' Clark . ..,...............................,,.... Karen SI'iI'I'l .....Burley, L., Ganim, J., Hais, M., Hoffman, W., Huenefeld, T., Marcy, J., Toon, C., Twyman, L., Weber, D., Zolfo, V. . ...,................... . ..... ..... A nn Grieme Shaver Staff ..................... Black, B., Findley, J., Fisher, S., Littmann, H., SENIOR EDITOR ......... Assistant Senior Edilor SPORTS EDITOR ... Staff ......... fr' Qfeseri ,T , ,B ., L l . .4 , .... g .-..m:'.4f f eyagew. 'E I ,.....e,:2v 1 K-wrlurzhv ...., T, .4617 .... M-new - 'F ff: '-I Nadal "j ,, I Peterson, L., Schueller, C., Skeel, M., Sullivan, M., Weber, C. .... Ellen Schulzinger .... Bernice Levine Arnold ....Brinkley, J., Merchanl S. , 1,1 fjjwggf' BUSINESS MANAGER .......... .... ........ D o nald Seilkop Assistant Business Manager .. ............... Richard Chalfin Sfaff ...................... . ..,. Lea, I., Marl, J., Sellers, J. ADVERTISING MANAGER .... .. ....... Roberl' Tiemeyer Slaff .................... ....,....,.. C ors, A. PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR ..... ..... ...... ..... ,....., ........ S u e R a nsick Assislanl Pholography Edilor .,........................,......... Jeanne Lea Photographers ............. Greenawall, B., Johnson, J., Kleine, R., Mog, D. Slaff ................. ..............,..............,.. A rnold, L., Osborn, B. INDEX EDITOR .......... ..... , , . . .......... Nellie Goode Assistant Index Editor ............................................ Ilene Gert Staff ................. ....AnsfaeH, D., Dulaney, R., Ficke, R., Schulte, G., Shaver, J., Springmeyer, E. TYPING EDITORS ...,.................................... Jo Kurz, Chuck Sadler Staff ................ Bidlingmeyer, V., Howard, S., Sfegens, G., Weiner, C. EXCHANGE EDITOR ................... ..............,.. ........ , . ..Rae Harris CIRCULATION MANAGER .... .... D ick Teller EDITORS ROWI Goode N Schulzlnger E Kurz J Levine B. Shaffer G. Ryan, N. Sadler C ROW 2-Grieme A. Ransick S. Harris R. Arnold L. Clark A. Index, typing, photo, art or copy staff - take your pick any Monday night. jf I x 2:5 I-. ' news record 2 i ' 'L bl Q FT , V I.-P9 . x - 1, ' N fix... -. "'0'1, I ROW I-First, T., Pattishall, S., Aberman, D., Heathcofe, M., Hauser, K., Hulbert, N., Heck, L., Marni, S. ROW 2-Mog, D., Cohen, P., Safer, G., Neuhaus, S., Hais M., Kircher, A., Sullivan, T., Wenstrup, J., Jacobs, L. ROW 3-Klein, B., Weber, J., Winn, D., George, A., Page, B., Hust, E., Doell, W., Craig, J., Grassmuck, J. ROW 4-Fischer, R., Harvey, R., Shapiro, M., Weiskitlel, R., Rosselot, B., Sfoelting, J., Weber, C., Young, M., Sadler, C. The deadline rush is an ever present element- Reporters constantly interviewing and Writing arti- cles is only a part of the Work involved on the News Record. Photographing, typing, proof-reading, edi- torial writing and spacing ads for eight printed pages every Week is another part of the time-con- suming job. Every Tuesday afternoon the staff goes to the printers, and on Thursday the paper is on the newsstands. On Friday afternoons the staff meets for constructive criticism of that week's paper. Pl Q " SQ, 'Ig James Grogg Editor-in-Chief NEWS RECORD STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ......,,,,............ James R. Grogg BUSINESS MANAGER ,.,, Donald F. Pabsl MANAGING EDITOR ..,. .. .... .....,. D ennls Mog ASSOCIATE EDITOR ...........,.,..,,,., Alvin W. Cahn NEWS EDITORS ...... Dorofhy Aberman, Judy Wenslrup Slaff ........., Brown, M., Bowden, J., Cohen, P. Craig, J., Davis, C., Dixon, R., Doran, B., Downey, P., English, J., Gasdorf, Staff T., Grassmuck, J., Haman, G., Hen- dricks, M., Hlld, G., Huss, F., Husr, G., Larson, D., Lee, P., Lewis, J., Marlin, G., Michaelson, L., Nash, J., Neuhaus, S., Parris, E., Raidl, B., Ross, C., Ri'l'ler, P., Rosselol, B., Safer, G., Shaver, D., Sullivan, T., Weber, J. EDITORIAL EDITOR .,.,.,.....,,. ,......., R osalie Perez Sraff ......,,., Amand, B., Baker, E., Cohn, A., Grogg, J., Klayman, B., Lilz, S., Mog, D., Prior, J. . FEATURE EDITOR ........................, Elaine Maham Slaff ,,.....,... . .... Chaclburn, D., George, A. A. MAKE-UP EDITOR .,............,....,...., Sandra Marnl COPY EDITORS ....,. ..Mary Healhcole, Sally Pallishall Slaf-f ......,... Albu, V., Black, S., Bowers, S. Elllol, J., Gusweiler, M., Heckman, D., Kirch- er, A., Zesch, C. SOCIAL EDITOR .....,........... . ...... Nancy Hulberl' Assisfanf Social Edilor .........,....,.,,. Bill Klein Slaff ,....,.... Hais, M., Miles, J., Newman, G., Schaefer, D., Wilson, S. PRINTING EDITOR ......, .. ......,..,.. Dana Merrill TYPING EDITOR ....,... Louise Jacobs PHOTOGRAPHER ...,, Roberl Greenawall ART EDITOR .,......,...... ................,.. L ou Heck SPORTS EDITORS ,...... ,........ T om Firsl, Ron Kroger Sfa1"F .....,..., Alklnson, A., Donner, P., Fisher, R., Friel, K., Harvey, R., Husler, J., Leonard, R., Meese, B., Reuler, R., Rahman, D., Silber, R. NEWS PROMOTIONS MANAGER .,,.,,..... Carl Weber Slaff ...,...... Goodman, R., Gross, T., Sadler, C., Shapiro, M., Sloelling, J. CO-ADVERTISING MANAGERS .,,,..... .Richard Vogel, James Doherly Staff .,...,.,.. Genfil, J., Kouns, T. CIRCULATION MANAGER ....,............. Albert Bunk SIal'F,. ....,....... Goodman, R., Oker, J., Winn, D. OFFICER MANAGER ....,,.,.,...,..... Cleo Maroudas Slaff ....,....,..................,....,..... Powell, O. ACCOUNTING MANAGER .... Roberl Schreiber Slaff ,,...... .....,..,... ,,..,. , . Brallon, R. ART MANAGER .. .... Kay Hauser Slaff ......,. ..... L ipperf, W. Page 223 'QQ co-0 p engineer Richard Folkerth Editor Walter Martin Business Manager ROW I-Drach, H., Eckelmcxnn, R., Martin, W., Folkerfh, D., Ose, J., Engelstone, J., Hayes, J. ROM 2-Schickner, J., Fisher, D., Tarfer, J., Todd, D., Guttman, P., Prickett, W., Findley, C., York, M., Siockeri, J. Page 224 A quarterly magazine, the Co-operative Engineer is an engaging array of articles, photographs, project re- ports, sketches and procedure discussions of special interest to the engineering student. Similar in con- tent to other periodicals of the engineering profes- sion, this publication describes some of the innova- tions of related scientific fields and gives the engi- neer some conception of what post-graduate jobs might be like. Upon the completion of an issue, the staff members often get together for an informal celebration. - rw ROW I-Gent, I., Daniels, R., Levine, B., Gert, B., Fingermcn, B., Swain, R. ROW 2-Diserens, C., Cohen, G., Weyer, D., Sadler, C., Young, M., Wolosin, S., Safer, G., Rcodene, L. profile Bernard Gert Editor Richard Daniels Business Manager Profile is a campus publication completely Written and edited by UC students. lt is an excellent showcase for the talented illustrations of future artists and for the imaginative Writings of budding authors. Long hours are spent each year by the editors and their staffs in selecting the material, copy reading, and editing in an effort to bring the students the best in short stories and poems, occasional humor sections, various articles of college interest and uprofilesa' of outstanding campus personalities. Profile is published four times yearly. Page 225 student directory ROW I-Loef-fler, S., Dingilian, L., Bricker, D., Sigler, P., Ake, D., Fisher, M., Joos, R. ROW 2-Sfoelting, J., Drake, L., Rembold, E., Russley, C., Seelmeyer, H. Rocks, P., Good, C., Allen, R. Dan Bricker Business Manager Phyllis Sigler Editor 3 if Names! Addresses! Phone numbers! Colleges! All these came out this year just in time to complete those waiting Christmas card lists. Long lines of students waited patiently to view the handiwork of the students who competed for the privilege of doing the art work on the covers. This publication, perhaps the most useful on campus, required hours of alphabetizing, tabulating and typing. Once in the hands of the student body, this publication serves as the instrument in finding the girl you see in the Grill or calling a friend for a lost assignment. The magazine designed for Applied Arts students is the One-Quarter Scale. Containing sketches and articles on new architectural ideas, job opportunities and interviews with prominent Cincinnatians, it specializes in the fields of architecture and design. Through co-op jobs and conversations with experts in various iields, Applied Arts students glean per- tinent information Which is passed on to them from the One-Quarter Scale articles. Enthusiastically en- joying their publication work, staff members have in- formal parties to celebrate another completed issue. Richard Binzer Editor Carol Smith Business Manager one-quarter scale ROW I-Mr. Bevan, Seerey, R., Binzer, D., Smith, C, ROW 2-Burgosser, J., Thul. B., Muxfield, D., Graves, M., Koch, J., Beckley, B., Naberhcus, J. Page 227 -g .C Tri, i " 7""Ef 17 ' fy. 2 A ' .-.P Ill' il. tn, 4 1' VG' ', R-:lug iff. P In ' .1 x .wf Q-Cf V' N, by nf, ,W . 21 .4592 -w as 1 'M 1:i'2+9?E1'f'4i'fm:1 .. 6?fWf2Cfff,:f1': -Q ,'-'F P. - If-f - 'ffqylfg--'.1j Q4 'fflffil 4 . ' qw, ,, ,. .ffl ' . jq :'1'f'L f Y :TP 4v,,,v,1s -.72 P+ 1 , . f f W, V ,.,,,rL., , . . intercollegiate debaters mummers band q.. ,4,, - 5- 12223-1"" w. - 54,vi14 .F Q.-vjaw, '4,:4f"'.- , ' ee club .x, ., M .. . -'ffim' f '1-1f'12I.' faq:-14,55 2515 Q,--.' - mf-I - 4 , y . 'laik' ef L .n.,,.4 . ,4 , 4 41 9 lf ,A 4 .,.. 2. 4' ffl!-.I-5,m'1L'iQe:j ' -',- 1 . 1 ,. X ,, . . . ,. 1, ' 4 4 , Www -2 '11 T 5 HT, ,Ar Y " , .-L' . M1-5-,-fc H4 5 ' jhgfrf, 5.5 ' f,---5-la, Eamzczw' -r wi.. .F fggg: :-' pp- -4-- ' ,papa .,.,-... 'f V ",',21 " : V5 ' 7iff1"?"':1,' f 5-:..,4, 4. , 2237:-1 u-'I' ' "'i,3nic2f --if 3141 sfwir. ,-.52 1 , .-. ,1 , ,.v,,-n- Us-' .. , . ,-,,, ,, . ,gp .2 41 Nag-,- I Y I 'U , fl 4 - f 5" 'ss '.i:,.Affg.-?1.:?:5 -fi' '.,L:'f5'771?-A' ' lrl' 44 44,4 7644? 1-,aj-wwf:-,..' Lfsfnz, 1 " -Wap: ' xl 'f 'v ,wyzzrvg ,,44w:x 4 1- er' "fri qu, " wa'- u.t1 1 'f.'f:fi'f1vJL -fps: f..-A I 'g:g:,,j3,gf X131 " H- Ha! -r .. , . .. A , fu ' 1:5 Q, 1. - 4- ,t.'f"-P!-iq Q, . - mv-. rv, V.: 1,,QziY5f,Q Q22 in , Q4,'g3:':4g4Q,. 1,-4, nz QE 1' It :5' 4 -Qfesifqfr, ,a :Z,5'5'?Aw9-Z 2-L .9 "' TWU ifjii 33' . ' '31, 4,.qg5,w, ,A , ., 5,. -Q5 5.431551 4? - 1. 4 24.5 5- 4 1 -as x ffm ,' 4.f 4,4565 46 L4 " Hdihf ,, ff 4-4,-gm ,-gf: 34" .gf -mi,-.' , ' ,. 1, ' , V y 1 T94 5 L 3 'Ly-.g:, '.m1"',:A ,41 4 14,,Pz3U:,4': if f'f,j,.', :uw-,,'.: q 'if F14 if? "'?f2f'1W1"' 5 4 'z f.,g,-'Q If 91- ink. pb' , "' -av X , 1 W f u '1 U A-:-'!,'." ,535 Xu A l . 1 ,. . WM D 14. J,-,, - ., ,vb-4 x 4 r7.4 J 1 4 4 ,, x ,,Irq.-fo ,. .- '- " . 4 --Q, ,ng . 1 , 1,T.f'f r L w y fb' 'lr- 6 , , '15 "' 4 , N . ' ar A 1 .K 1,9 -.. f 41 3 lT45,'4 1' v'r 1 'i 1' L . , , ,.,. 1' ,isrxwas-L.m,.z , J3QE'I'1I A, ROW I-Linenkugel, M., Ward, G. ROW 2-Swain, R., Koerber, K., Heinrifz, J., Gert, B., Osborne, B. intercollegiate debaters Aside from debating and discussing pertinent topics in their weekly meetings, this year's Intercollegiate Debaters sponsored their first Intramural Debate Tournament on this campus, awarding a monetary prize to the winner, Beta Theta Pi. Traveling to New York University and other campuses, they debated the national topic HThat Non-agricultural Industries Should Guarantee Their Employees an Annual Wage.77 Page 229 mlunmers board ,X , Huf' , isa? X ROW I-Maurer, J., Mosher, N., Hczufman, L. ROW 2-Gutherie, K., Graham, P., Budig, O., Burke, T. Page 230 The tension mounts as the curtain rises and again an- other play begins. Behind the glitter, costumes, and stage designs is the ever-competent guiding hand of the group's officers, the Executive Board of Mummers. They plan the plays and put hours of work into each play. The committee governs the Mummers Guild, arranges all-membership meetings and plans pro- grams. lt is composed of Guild oflicers, various man- agers, and members at large. They plan cast parties and each year choose the most outstanding senior. mummers guild Mummers Guild, the dramatic organization of the University of Cincinnati, is the campus cure for those people aiilicted with the disease known as 4'Stage- struck-itusf' The Guild provides not only ample op- portunity for actors on the stage, but also opportunity for those people who find solace in constructing stage sets or gathering props for the productions. This year, the Carousel Theater division of Mummers produced several plays. Among these were 4'lVlurder in the Cathedralf, HSix Characters in Search of an Authorf' ul'lome is Clear Crossing," and 6'The Second Shepherd's Play." Also the Children's Theater pro- duced uPeter's Peck of Pirates." The major produc- tion of the year Was the thoroughly enjoyable uStalag l7.,' Awards were given to several members for out- standing service to lVlummers throughout their career. Otto Budig, president of Mummers Guild, leads Paul Rutledge Mummers Guild Director lively discussion in an all-member meeting. wx kappa kappa psi Page 232 'r-7 ROW I-Rapien, B., Bodenstein, E., Brodf, A., Colcloser, R., Leonard, J. ROW 2 Barr F Hudson W Feder R Tcrfer T Zlelonka D ROW 3 Jones, W., Feldman, G., Berfsch, W., Mill, J., Helmling, R. Kappa Kappa Psi, national men's band honorary or- ganized in 1919, is devoted to developing leadership and activity among band members, and operating as a core of enthusiasm Within the band. New members are selected on the basis of past activity and on potential leadership in the band. Kappa Kappa Psi presents the Band Sponsor at the UC-Miami football game and awards a plaque to the outstanding freshman member at the Honors Day Convocation. It announces honorary members at the annual Spring Concert. The social side includes picnics, hayrides, and dances. Margie Brown, Feature Majorette Jerry Crowe, Drum Major ROW I-Frye, C., Meyers, B., Weber, M., Griffis, D., Schneider, J., Pullis, C. Majors and majorettes of the marching band! Twirling batons are the mark of the high steppers. Our majorette corps, marching ahead of the band in their whirling skirts and Hashing boots add spark- ling beauty and rhythm to the intricate maneuvers of the half-time show during the fall football season. Page 233 l i 4 cfs we-N... , FRONT-Pullis, C., Griffis, D., Weber, M., Miller, W., Schildmeyer, M., Crowe, J., Brown, M., Schneider, J., Meyers, B., Frye, C. ROW l-Troutman, G., Feder, R., Morand, J., Penn, J., Mergel, E., Elbin, C., Eich, W., Slater, R., Brodt, A., Mill, S., Spinner, S. ROW 2-Betts, V., Dallow, J., Cook, C., Torrence, C., Denning, C., Runck, M., Bauer, C., Feldman, G., Welp, L., McCoy, D., Riegel, P., Saada, D., Behne, S. ROW 3-DeBrunner, E., Head, R., White, D., Madson, L., Mohr, A., Alexander, D., Miller, G., Jameson, J., Barrett, J., Sweeney, D., Schramm, M., Berfsch, B., Proud, B., Colclaser, J. ROW 4-Spengler, R., Godsey, R., Rapien, B., Husf, E., Hempfling, W., Berkmeyer, L., Helmling, R., Carr, D., Duncan, P., Sechler, M., Michael, M., Kittrell, J., Van Driel, D., Ulmer, G., Tarter, T. ROW Leonhardt, J., Hahn, N., Green, N., Hager, J., Younker, L., Rathbun, W., Garrison, L., Shifter, J., Jump, J., Richmond, J., Roberts, J., Melampy, R., Thomas, F., McCoy, A., Bradt, N. ROW 6-Behrman, R., Clark, J., Stevens, R., Hiller, G., Williams, C., Barker, K., March, R., Newberg, D., Keene, R., Spurling, R., Schmidt, H. Koerner, Roger, Jones, E., Brown, D. ROW 7-Jones, W., Allen, D., Tedesco, R., Vinegar, J., Dufeil, J., Austin, F., Hickman, H., Magner, J., Gufherie, G., Fricke, R. ROW 8-Stoner, T., Kent, J., Swartzel, B., Zielonka, D., Kurtz, E., Eisert, E. ROW 9-Barr, F., Porter, L., Nishioko, J., Smith, B., Newman, C., Satterfield, K. Cook, K., Hoffmire, N., Lynch, S., Arganbright, N., Alerander, N., Potts, J., Cus ano, R., Mileham, J., Pinfold, C., Howard, S., Sanders, J., Root, L., Hardin, S., Bowers, S., Wilson, E., Hornyak, R. Directed by lVlr. Robert Hornyak, the 1955-56 UC Band continued to add excellent performances to its record. After long and hard Weekly practices, the band was prepared to keep up with its schedule of playing at football and basketball games, pep rallies, convocations, and other College functions. The band Page 234 entertained and amazed the football fans at half- time with the precision and timing of its formations. An anniversary concert was held in WllS0l1 Auditor- ium celebrating the band's 36th year on the campus. This concert will an annual aff air. The group selected as its Band Sponsor ofthe year Helen Powell. 5-. band Marianne Schildmeyer watches Robert Hornyak Tlom Tartar kiss Helen Powell. Band Director The Concert Band, a new facet of the UC Band Program, has enlarged its corps and its concerts 'Q , .f',:.. :EQ Page 235 glee club The Glee Club together with the Conservatory College of Music orchestra formed a part of the program of the Mozart Bicentennial Celebration which was held in Wilson Auditorium. Page 236 William Byrd Glee Club Director ,J , 995' li ff .5 . J . ff , ., . . ,ji IQ , - I-'vu fb' ! ..f'7'. H -iw? -' H 'ff' 5 .' f' 'Lf . M . Q .... , 2 B J M f y Y fr . C 7? in . . ..t Q R ' ' gl N Q 1 W W' fa - Zi at . ,, . 0 as1 tara. an fra' anna V 4 sf- f - witwt Greg' my r 5 ' ,, ,1 ii , . . , y i rzggsf ' we 5 , Jr' 11 ' ' i ' ex: ""' ' ' 5 -VAV r ::. . 2? , ' ' . daaaQ??' mei' we ' 3 'wggigi enQVeee" ws' W e ROW I-Mensing, E., Fulcher, J., Diserens, C., Robinson, J., Caddell, V., Hauser, K., Hofer, C., Fansher, V., Lee, P., Moddux, C., Rocks, P., Runck, M., Roesch, E Mehornay, P. ROW 2-Richardson, C., Maddux, B., Pfeiffer, N., Phillips, B., Himebaugh, J., Coffin, S., Hartman, D., Larsen, D., Levine, B., Shaffer, P., Richert, B Berman, T., Lavell, C., Russley, M., Kaul'-fmann, K., Seller, M., Kahn, M. ROW 3--Harrington, R., Tvrdy, F., Sohn, M., Phipps, B., Kraus, C., Vachet, B., Hagner, B., Kleeman, S., Wenger, J., Maxwell, N., Stein, J., Argenbright, N., Montgomery, K., Woodruff, C., Slater, A., Dixon, P. ROW 4-Kull, R., Reifin, M., Goldmeyer, T., Jenkins, H., Jordan, R., Greenawalt, R., Carroll, L., Burkholz, G., Heck, J., Baniield, C., McEowen, L., Garber, S., Kummiller, N., Hamilton, A., Keyes, D., Faw, R., Harvey, R. ROW 5-Allart, D., Rice, D., Cuppy, B., Caley, D., Colin, G., Bromba ugh, J., Snyder, D., Hofer, J., Morrison, R., Grabill, B., Bufe, O., Greenawalt J Pensyl, J., Chapman, D., Keener, W., Rye, R., Rahland, G. The Glee Club Board relaxes around the piano with its president Gerald Ragland. The UC Clee Club, under the direction of Dr. William Byrd, began an active year of vocal entertainment, singing at President Langsam's inauguration. Vocal- izing throughout campus and community gave the members of the club a full schedule for the year. Yule-tide spirit was stimulated on campus by a Clee Club program at the Union. And a vocal presentation by the group at the lighting of the huge Christmas trees on Fountain Square spread the spirit of the sea- son downtown. To round out their service activities, the Clee Club participated in a television show, sang at one of the downtown churches and sponsored a 44' Spring Concert. A portion ol the May Festival also featured a combined program, worked out in co-oper- ation with the Conservatory of Music Choir. But be- tween engagements, they found time for a boatride and a banquet planned by the Clee Club Board. Page 237 Y e religious groups .nudentreHgi0uscouncU jbundadons jnvcu ynu1z L Page 238 student religious council W I Ungard M Davis F Kauffman L Hu et D Van Deusen, R. ROW 2-Brunner, M., Six, O., Zuverink, D., Garrett, B., More- la M ROW3 Smith R Gert B Stark C Riley B Jeffress, C. Founded at UC in l950, the Student Religious Coun- cil has as its chief purpose the promotion of better understanding among the various campus religious groups. To accomplish this, the Council enables each group to become acquainted with programs, projects and aims of other member groups. The Council also helps organize Religious Emphasis Week and works with the Panel of Americans. A Hillel service in conjunction with RE W WUS group representatives in u seminar cmtterbury association Composed of Episcopal students here at the University of Cincinnati, the Canterbury Association holds supper meet- ings every other Wednesday at the home of the Reverend Mr. Donald Amussen, their chaplain. Enjoying participa- tion in spring and fall retreats, this year's Canterbury group joined students at Miami University for the tradi- tional spring retreat. Once a month the group journeys to the homes of faculty members for dinner. This year, the club has been fortunate to have among their hosts Dr. Thomas Cameron, Dean Joseph Holliday and Dean Shank. ROW I-Kauffman, L., Davis, F., Bruckmcxnn, J. ROW 2-Knightcn, C., Hagner, B., Nixon, R S yb It J A D Page 240 ROW I-Eggerding, M,, llse, Rev. M., Jacobs, A., Fisk, R., Bufe, O., Becker, M., Moellering, E., Littmun, E. ROW 2-Schreiber, R., Clark, A., Rush, C., Rumph, D., Foell, D., Roth, B., Hessel, R., Grcbill, B., Fellwock, D., Hess, S. . d t Gamma Delta is an organization for all Lutheran students on campus. gamma Q U . . . . Its purpose is to further Christian fellowship and to help students away from home remain close to their faith. The program included informal discussions, social events, such as square dances, and Wor- ship services planned by the students for their hi-monthly meetings. religious emphasis week planning committee , Posters all over campus queried mls Your God Too Small?'7 and students all over campus began doing some real thinking in their attempts to find the answer. As the result of months of Work, the REW committee was able to provide excellent speakers and many opportunities to listen, discuss and learn. ROW I-Bruckmcm, J., Hull, B., Brunner, M., Abermcn, D., Stevens, R., Kauffman, L., Lofz, Rev. L. N., Klcppert, M. i lnf7vJ -' . , . ,sw . v.71..- f.z--.-1-.- -,., fs?-54 "sk in .-Q5I?f2'm:.'-1 ---- Gfifismffis- 1:,.:,,, '-rg.. . --,L .33-.:4. ': ,egg-.-9 1.-f - -- - 5 rm,- -'.zr-'.-"- -S if'-at T-f.. SHG. - .kgkszgr ' -2 mi,-ji, .., :' , -Q35 Wir., 'sic 3:1151 T1 Ng. ' '- ::g3g.jL'j. if'-ga 1 :.- -.'.- ': V - s. --- - - J -- '-X' -... iii.. 1-11 ills " "I . K' .usa ' 'I f,.S:' Fits"--.1 H- 23- 'fu --g Q Y' - -zsirf' '1!l',-"?s.:Q'1, . " ..-2' J ,--.1'5':-T'faIeJ-Er:-FT' wfs. -, .-igsgycv' ' e . . - ff-'2-..'1 ups 1- 4Z,,.u,c.::Q,g 'V' V- -- 4-' f. :ff .-:ef::1f:-:-vf,sgw -' ' L- -1.4. " . ,,v:,-. 4.,iF-ig-'.7'X - Q . 1. wi,-1:59-F s- rf' ' 5 i, iibfff ' .' ,F. "" 'L' 'Silk "SH 'Pm' ww -- . ffm 35+ f-Eiywizes. Sb-g,d'3,g5,A3-omg 5' 4' N J V P gt. t 1 isa li, ixwfifvff' 'I' ' - ' .ff -2 vi. -X , hp. 1 ares.aeass1Ec:zkxs.4-,PgggfQ:3,Q,,gmg' V -, hillel The UC chapter of Hillel has a rich and varied program of social, cultural and religious ac- tivities. Each Friday evening, services are conducted by the students at Hillel house on Straight Street. During the Week, various groups meet for discussions or folk dancing. The members also put out their own news- paper. Open Houses are held after football games. Here the Jewish students have an opportunity to get together for Worship. , 1 E i 9 1 'W' ROW I-Hochhauser, B., Kirsner, Dr. R-. Abermcn, D., Gert, B., Levine, B., Jaffe, M., Geri, I. ROW 2-Keilin, A., Brcvermcn, J., Cohen, P., Moschinsky, G. Apseloff, L., Kursbon, J., Roodene, L., Alter, M., Hellman, L., Krushen, J. ROW 3-Sacks, K., Schneider, B., Sfuhlbarg, M., Aron, A., Scheiner, S., Zawatsky, E. Luping, J., Zisman, A., Fish, M., Goodman, B. Page 242 newman club Spiritual guidance combined with social life are the two aims of the Newman Club. This or- ganization of Catholic students holds an open house each Friday evening. And all the mem- bers meet for Mass and Communion, followed by breakfast and a business meeting, on the third Sunday of each month. A Lenten lecture series and a day of recollection are among the other religious functions, while formals and various parties H11 up the social calendar. ROW I-Horn, W., Hulef, D., Koenig, M., Griese, J., Schulte, C., Madigan, l,, Siegel, M., Rapien, B. ROW 2-Gufman, C., Abbinanfe, B., Harrington, R., Englunder, J., List, D., Leesman, J., Foucault, E., Kubicki, R., Sibert, D, ROW 3-Madewell, J., Meeker, T., Barkocy, A., Harnois, A., Hcmick, E., Blanfz, R., Henfz, T., Perunko, M., Ausfing, J. ROW 4-Barber, M., Schmidt, K., Niehaus, R., Bergfeld, R., Oplingere, J., Schell, A., Pohlkamp, F., Abbinanfe, P., Blanchard L. Page 243 "I 5 3 'fi' 1 J :Es 5 .1 Q Q' -' fu wesle foundation l 1 5 ROW I-Booth, J., Davis, P., Lotz, Rev. L. N., Ferguson, M., Stark, C., Clapsaddle, P., Ellis, R., Bone, K. ROW 2-Bus N Clayto Baker, M. A., McKee, J., Vcirney, G. E., Porter, R. E. ROW 3--Vcxrney, Mi., Thomas, F., Heinrich, D., Hill, B., McConne M Ier Clayton, R. ROW 4-Bowers, W., Rudosevic, R., Bergquist, M., Arnold, L., Uebele, R., Jones, W., Lang, F., Barrett The Wesley Foundation is the student center of the Methodist Church. The building, including the St. Timothy Chapel, is open daily to all students. In its program, Wesley provides opportunity for Worship, study of oneis faith, and counsel With oneis University Pastor and opportunity to help to create the kind of community God intends. Page 244 ml? , 21 ,mm-ivan LE' T-' y wh may ,r ., V -. ,Ni-.1..3gn 1 X JZ: mf-g:w.,.:1.R'fr'-'ft 7 3.7 7'fi4i"z"?H"' m. 57 A-9.35, . J QM'-"i:6fnvf3f"g'vv 1 rl " it 52? , ,'.,' 4 'msd Z ,.., , I., .51 ' 4-,nxt vt-" 4 :Er 'f".:-'.:.'yy:g-if, '1 1 f l ' "' 'ff?Tfi'.f?'a'-rtiii' ,j.q::,ffg:1. l 2 -s-. aff--5, I ff lt' . .: llif'-' .1 -, faecal: A, westminster foundation ROW I-Richardson, C., Pfeiffer, N., Forney, C., Fischer, G., Zuverink, D., Jenne, T., Van Deusen, R. ROW Z-Phillips, B., Scheidig, W., O'Neill, D., Hurlburt, A., Hurlburt, R., Hetfrick, M., Unger, J., Reifzes, J., Morris J., ROW 3-Roberts, G., Gravenkemper, J., Jameson, J., Runck, M., Maxwell, N., Slilt, L., Sohn, M., Ziff, C., Morris, J., Brill, G. ROW 4-Bigler, K., Clark, R., Marks, J., Broughton, C., Skeel, M., Morgan, N., Pearson, R., Massmann, J., Holaby, S., Mackay, J. ROW 5-Duerigen, R., McDaniel, W., Royal, G., Boebinger, J., Weisenbach, R., Smith, M., McKinney, C., Root, S., Banfield, C. Westminster Foundatioifs principal function is to provide Presby- terian students with religious guidance. Weekly Bible study groups, Wednesday supper forums and Friday open houses bring members and guests together to accomplish this purpose. Parties, hayrides, and picnics add excitement and further friendship among the members. Page 245 ywca cabinet Page 246 ROW I-Scherer, M., Swormsfedt, G., Lenhart, M., Miller, B, ROW 2-Brunner, M., Littmann, E., Murphy, N., Kramer, M. J., Duncan, E. ROW 3-Marni, S., Probsf, E., Elder, J., Reitzes, J. C., Benner, E. ROW 4- Maroudas, C., Ringler, W., Kaufmann, M., Bratfish, S., Skell, M., Morgan, N. YWCA opened its schedule of services to UC with Freshman Camp, a program aimed at orienting in- coming freshmen women. At this time, Cabinet intro- duced the Y's noon discussion groups through which the Christian aspects of leadership, homemaking, world affairs, and many other topics are emphasized, as the girls get together to talk over their ideas and listen to guest speakers. In the fall, each Y member entertained her favorite professor at the traditional Apple Polishing luncheon. Worship and fellowship were combined at Christmas time as the YW and YM gathered around the fireplace to burn the Yule Log. WUS Sacriiicial Dinner, Marriage Clinic, and weekly Chapel Services helped the members to fulfill their purpose-to unite in the desire to realize a full and Creative life through a growing knowledge of God. ROW I-Merrill, D., Smith, R., Budai, S. ROW 2-Miller, H., Sadler, C., Six, O. ROW 3-Foell, D., Ncugle, R., Daniels, R., Sioelting, J. The University oi Cincinnati YMCA is an organiza- tion of student and faculty men whose purpose is to further the knowledge of God and His will for them and the campus. It offers an opportunity for fellow- ship, for development of leaders, and for constructive service on the campus and in the community. Through a great variety of activities it proposes to help men discover and achieve the iull meaning of Christian living. The students selected to serve on the YM Cabinet have a big job to do. Each year they introduce prospective new .members to their program through Freshman Camp, a weekend designed to orient in- coming freshmen men. Each month there is an all- membership .meeting. There are discussion groups and projects sponsored in conjunction with the YWCA and SRC such as Marriage Clinic, REW and WUS. cabinet Page 247 gd 4 -2 -'1 1 , ,. , 75 :gs A 'nf 91, eff. , wg ,, ff tl .., ' HVKQEQVJ we GV -1 ':L3f32Yi'1 7 KI lift' ' 4- YQ , H Pa s -V 'W V ,u 0' '. 5" ,Q o , , .V 1 V' n .3r,' greeks inter-sorority house eounell ,I .1 e panhellenic eounei V A,-1, . , .5 ,e ,Q ' af . , 1, - ' "Wai Q -V iq:-'i',iq H .1V,'f,r uv 'Lf 5 H L . ,, V , . X-4-if-S 5-f:ffi.f3.i ' .g. up Z--" mv'- ,,,,-sg,,,.f,.. , :L-.' 1 - ' -5: Vt ' wtf," ' , .V .' waz- ' - - E" V: if!! . VJ. . ' .4 , .. .V -Az A -, V- VA- ' A vk- f 1 I V ,f ' V -ff 1 U 1 4 x ,- V is 1 K L . v I Wm ef ' r C 3 V-ff Vw 51' 1' wif ,XV ,fir V -I I D XV W 'J 1 My I fb' :N f AQ F' . ' 'rf ' , M ,ng , fy wk, ' V T ' "V iw V , H 1 ., ,ki 1' x A ,7 x L ff 14 5, I 4 1 1, '1 ,f V ,f f V M , a ,,-A V- 5' 1, Y J ' "Yi "5 5 1 31, 'mf V- :, -'egg pf Q. my ' if , ,ff ,.-L. V sororities u V. o 4 mterfratermt pledge council interfraternit council fraternities. 'VT s. "ff-1'-21:14 - f V-Any, , 'ba ,ir , , A ,L bf .-Y V ,, iq- , V V V I 36 1 k , A All 1 -N V N P V Y , , 1 I 3 l i , . . , 'wsu 1 1 -5-I .:'!V' 2232 . Q 1 . 5,-P ggi 1gg,iagf.ei",2giQ-,-"-''.,., - V -.V .-:Ei'Vl1'.-49 ?1v"'2'f ' " ' llflll, -. AY',32g1:::3:fj?vfk..x-'Al V 3- -4 ' ' lpvl' I' '2195i92'1"g ,N 'kc 3 ' ,1 , :g4V,,V,V. -kg-.V -:- J.. n" ' '2-1 -V 'Qi' K..-" , ,., A" T1?Q5,-V n a- 33 . ,-I' H. -- 'gk f-Vx.1.. V . VV . V. .VM-:ev V, in z , ', 1'.-1: K J V W V -.wxfmhblfZ-'A7VWFf? 5?wE??:fp 'X if V , , V.,VV..V,.-,.-.ifg:,Vg -L .-jj 'ft K-,.V.-v,'VxV3-,V 1 L ' 5 I ' J ' V-9?---fi5xVvV-'-'+'fcfQ-Ri!-HfyyfkffEZVW544 ,. f--223--iQ'9Bl:V " A ' X J , , L:1:'.'f:.ggm::-.fry .w ah-ffm V- .f..eV V.f11fi?i?4w+,fL . 1 - " - - .AVJ'.V4JS mb 57 --"V .' KV. V,-.f,, . -. , VV.1.-,, ,. ., ...V V-1.1 .mv 1gwVV,:: ., ,,.,y,- .f.f.:'- , - V ' Mf' ' '21 ' e, ' ".f1V51'1-r'VV'9'!-'V'lf-ri' 1-5V.f.':E?f-'!f'1VJff :N -'rWV'.'-:'f1,-:.f"V-s'- - ' , "' E51 'fi ' 25312313235 3393? I 1. V, Am, ,,..L R-. 1, ,V.V fvrf 2 V, -V - V " J' , -1'1V"-,Vw V V:1'!'NHw': 5, 1, V' 7-43-I-' ,1 jfajw 1 I f -1, V.z,v.- "N qi -, ,,- -',p,f,f,:,,V :Vegg 1 A .1 3-r 5 , 1 u.5f,.QVZ.',:j5- . , i V . gif Vifivr '.i:ff'553"" " " ' V 2 I f-- ' ,A .,-.Ui-rw-ffi. ' 1 A ' 2:?'w ' 'z,fV':eEe6"V ' Q90 V, 'ff wr QQ , w iii "1-Lf .M 'L ff. a A UI " , , -VV.-VVV.1V1:ff-affix! .. .,.. ,', -,-."fV '.--' u. 4 '-..s,. -'V','n"1r4'- ,, , .dz . V,V.. f.-yr. ,- I, , X .V V-J . - V.g gf.: 1 ,V 'req -Va, fl 0- -'P 1'-fi-14 .V V A 'Q-3'ffg z?:- JVV-.Vrrffg-':Aff4:9:a'.:aisais:..:,,Vwr'n'.f2?P:f5r-L72-ffwz L-. 3.'V-'51'f"'3':ZW'f'.'Zlivi7S4'Yif'21:f-V3f5'Vff"i1'12:-e:, 1. "F"1iff."i-'bi-F1"i"-'z5Jf.FfaVZ':f. ,5qjp..j.1?,H5,.fT-,,1,.,, fr:,,.,',',,,',1 inf:-1.1, "f: J .Vi .hr V7f.A-lmqff,-V111 575,117 Vjj,V7?,,bix ,Y , ' "'Zw23'5rf-Qfw'f3jg- ' - ,i-L-5'y:.,,'l1-4 -, '-y,.V, V 3'-.H-1-.-.,1,'1g'f 1215, "H -fYgff'fu7-1:9 1 .3,'Zp,'13,.fq11.-.':,,4,yfVJ2jV:-,. Vu,.nf,1.Eff5 wi. f " ' ' " I -' - -W-.-ffV2'r-v'Vi,rr V, -,frVxir-Hs'',V'1.-w?z1'2.:vA'V1-Lf'' .VV - - .. , ,, ,, - V V . , .QVMV - -' 9:-.ff-"3 'V A Riff' , -2-:th .42 H 'V .-g,yg5qf.fyfc,.2',,!',5:'g,..,'gg Q nfl 1, ...,,. .-7555 3i'153H'?"f:'V1:' 2- - V- F , ' "' ' 'f -.1-1. l":' Q4 " 14' .J F: " 'Zim' I-iii g9rf,,,fg5,, 1Viffz'VVV,,Q5,: V V, ,.,,,CkVL- 113 ,quyjgg "3',Sf. 1,V,",1'sV'-V'f,-g1Q-,4.-g,- mg. f V- :.,,',1'ff,. . JD ' gn 'VV A -I ',311,V,,g-I ' 1 . vi-,.1., . IL ' , -. " 1. ?"'g'V' .' ig VV . ' 5, V' -' I , " ' 'V-1 Y 'fr-3 i ' 1 -I -,Vi V- V- V, V -. . . V , .N ', , :H I- Q-ff-?:A:'5,5f.,Q2,QV.-.-1 Page 248 inter-sorority house council ROW I-Hobbs, J,, Ralston, S., Elsner, H., Rodger, J. ROW 2-Cone, E., Lippelman, M., Pease, G., Muroundcxs, C., Brink, J., McNeil, M. In order to keep unity among the sororities' house governments, each group elects a member to represent them on the Inter-sorority House Council. This coun- cil meets monthly to formulate and discuss the rules and regulations that govern the sorority houses. The IHC representative is responsible for seeing that these rules are carried out. The council's Work helps to establish better relations among the groups. Page 249 sororities ROW I-Ryan, N., Doench, M., Gaffes, M., Luebbe, J. ROW 2-Wilson, S., Hall, B., Walker, J. Currens, N. ROW 3-Mason, J., Miller, B., Bradley, B., Dowd, P., Skeel, M., Thomas, J., Bloodgood C. ROW 4-Schneider, J., Hoernschemeyer, V., Neil, M., Hcgebusch, J., Kotte, A., Schulte, E. Seelmeyer, H., Reilly, S., Ritten, B. Page 250 1 I panhellenic council Rose Rupp Adviser Every other Monday finds the presidents of all the sororities and one representative from each of these groups in the Panhellenic Room. At this time, the tremen- dous job of co-ordinating the so- rorities is undertaken. Here rush- ing rules and schedules are set up, pledging dates are decided upon and ideas for Greek Week and the Sing are discussed. Feel- ing that the spirit of cooperation that exists among the members of Panhell could be extended to all the sorority members, the Council instigated a Panhell Exchange dinner, which proved to be most enjoyable for the Greek Women. ' l grfii.-2. 5 ' :few J ... I I ' ' R' N ll F 1.5 2 ' ,gg ' if f ' gi ' .firm--' A A '?.i.-- alpha chi omega Founded at DePauw University l885 Alpha Delta Chapter established l9l8 President- Betty Ann Miller Vice-President - Margy Readle Secretary - Phyllis Sigler Treasurer - Neidra Wright AX's Fire Prevention display entitled uDon't ,loin the Hall of Flamen Won the sororityis first of several honors for the year. Following this victory came the busy autumn activity season which was crammed to overflowing with float building, Sophos Queen campaigning, and pledge formal planning. There was much excitement when .laye Marioni was chosen queen of Sophos. Christmas found the Alpha Chi's caroling at the Old Men's Home, then having their own party. The long tussle with the books was relieved by the annual spring formal. ROW l-Bradley, B., Black, R., Readle, M., Good, C., Miller, B., Wright, N., Sigler, P., Elioft, B., Klappert, M. ROW 2-Holzwarth, J., Simpson B., Richardson, L., Eliott, N., Joos, R., Carey, K., Smalley, L., Fogleman, F., Gallenstein, K., Mehnert, N., Dornbusch, S., Elliston, H. ROW 3-Lange, J., Doran, B., Weber, M., Greschel,,D., Ritchie, S., Keane, C., Willoughby, B., Casteel, M., Kincaid, B., Winn, D., Ake, D., Kimble, C., McClure M. ROW 4-Koehler, C., Ritter, P., Rembold, E., Chappell, R., Reibel, J., Ganim, J., Marioni, J., Ralston, S., Niehaus, K., O'Rourke, J., Osborn, J., Rensing, R., Maham, E., Kaufmann, M. ROW 5- Schmidt, M., Hext, C., Egged, E., Kohl, M., Osborne, B., Potts, J., McLain, S., Somers, J., Brill, R., Eckert, N., Reichley, M., Craig, J., George, A., Holtkamp, H. 1424 fwf .J We ww ,,.. ew 'B' , 7 1. 4' " f - . he ' All -,.' . ., .1 ,e: , .,. ,Ex ' X l T at . A 21 iq K Q V K W if PE i' S gg ff .. . .-at sa.. ' rv : J ,sl 3 K, -in LISA, Pj, 1 i'Q ' . Ei-wig. yr A .S ft' .L f' ef' r S' -A -h-': - B G' . P ' J ' it V W lf S . N 9' J , 1 -.5-5 .. , 5 'ii 1 Y . I 's A .. 'l . Lf f .- r - F 5 4 . .'2',A ' l T-is 1 Q ' . . V sa ' ii is r ' f xX.x l t'LL' w'3're-eff :':' ' T A. " V r L P". V r ' N i 3 - "-' Nl , .Q Q , N! ROW I-Ahlenslorf, L., Lucas, M., Johnson, M., Barloh, M., Mrs. M. Calwell, Reilly, S., Fowler, B., Sewell, N., Heath, S. ROW 2-Maddux, B., Winn, A.. Hersh, M., Gravias, J., Huber, N., Cullen, J., Darbaker, P., Czoen, J. Burke, M., Carver, J., Stuart, T. ROW 3-Cummings, E., Kinninger, M., Steinholif, G., Mueller, N., McComb, K., Shelley, J., VanDriel, D., Vaught, C., Sleinkuhl, C., Chaney, P., Melzner, P., Bitsoff, G. ROW 4-Lambert, R., Roberts, J., Lane, R., Koerber, R., Elliott, J., Childs, C., Benson, K., Brink, J., Phipps, B., Mullaney, N., Blaney, B., Orlh, P. ROW 5-Gledhill, S., Hoernschemeyer, V., Deisier, J., Blair, P., Blair, C., Eimerrnacher, H., Buck, B., Kraus, C., Scholler, G., Seller, M., Shapiro, N., Richter, J. Gaining enthusiam from the sorority's returning delegates to the 104th national convention, the ADPi's swung onto the fall scene with the pledging of twenty-one girls. The pledges were eager to do their share in promoting the homecoming party and the Fall Formal. Then came the orphans' Christmas party and carol- ing at the near-by hospitals. With spring came the host role for Ohiois State Day which brought scores of ADPi,s to the Cincinnati sessions. The Spring For- mal and Senior Breakfast climaxed another wonderful year of fun and friendship. 319-r.L:s,.,3...,g,"., ,X alpha delta pi Founded at Wesleyan College for Women lB5l Bela Pi Chapter established i935 V President- Shirley Reilly Vice-Presidenl- Mary Lou Barloh Secrelary- Bonnie Fowler Treasurer- Margaret Sewell 91 4, , I 5 if l ll Page 252 9 ' O v 2. f .... .. AJ" . . . as frz , , ,, ,, , alpha gamma delta Founded at Syracuse University l904 Alpha Gamma Chapter established I923 President - Joan Schneider Vice-President - Elizabeth Schulte Secretary- Mary. Ann Clayton Treasurer - Nina Sandherr Steeped in tradition is the social life of Alpha Gamma Delta. Each Winter the pledges are honored at the Pledge Formal. In the spring, the Feast of Roses is held, followed hy International Reunion Day and the Alpha Gam Man formal. Another important event was the Christmas Party for cerebral palsied children which both the Alpha Cams and the children enjoyed. Hours spent in classes, Campus organizations and sorority activities left little free time for any mem- ber of Alpha Gamma Delta, hut all will agree that the year was Well spent. SW. ' aw 3 f W W ,.,... . I X 5' .xi W. .1 . l ROW I-Sandherr, N., Schulte, E., Daniels, Mrs. A., Schneider, J., Nlemann, P., Clayton, M. A. ROW 2-Bailey, L., Adams, B., Hobbs, J., Heiny, A., Denning, C., Luebbe, J. ROW 3-Stewart, R., Koons, K., Van Londlngham, G., Burke, S., Joy, N, Neely, A., Kcin, M. ROW 4-Olson, A. A., Jacobs, A., Halaby, S., Coqliana, M. A., Gerwe, M. L., Meslng, A., Flesher, M., Wensfrup, J. Page 253 1 ."i v ,csv ,W .. alpha omicron pi ff ' fzffffff Founded oi' Barnard College of Columbia University. i897 wif! Theta Eta Chapter established l929 J ff jf zz fp , f' X! ff' President-Joan Hagebusch fur! ff xff , Vice-President-Jo Heinritz 'L ff f f Secretory-Joanne Word , 1 XX ,I " , f ff Treasurer-Jeanne Luv f X! ff ff f l f f' - ff ff Z! 0 A TI., ! ff ff M!! 1 XZ f 9 .6 -Q . ,. , , .pf M W ,, . ' 'EE I ,X . , iff V 8 3 Q 3 Q A 90 -jwlivm " ' The beginning of the 1955-56 school year found all the AOPi's excitedly talking about their newly redecorated house, which soon became the scene of many me- morable happenings. Early on the calendar the actives, pledges and alumnae cele- brated Founders' Day with a dinner and fine program. Everyone enjoyed the De- cember Pledge Formal, Christmas party, and caroling tour. With the new year came informal gatherings at the house, square dances, slumber parties, an ice skating party, the sock hop, and finally the climax, the AOPi,s Spring Formal. ROW I-Morrison, G., Skeei, M., Weaver, Mrs. C., Hagebusch, J., Heinrifz, J., Eberhordt, D. ROW 2-Feiger, J., Jones, J., Moore, J., Bailey, M. J., Fries, C. A.. Leibing, M., Kahn, A. ROW 3-Roesch, E., Groter, G., Rogers, R., Schmithorsf, J., Brendlinger, J., Word, J., Walker, J. A., Darlington, J. M 4 I-. ,v... , E-4 A , - ', ROW l-Kramer, M., Shaul, S., Shepard, S., Ritten, B., Mrs. Alford, Probst, E., Hulbert, N., Ludeke, C., Fay, J. ROW 2-Duncan, E., Browne, M., Shaffer, P., Garr, M., Daymon, M., McCarty, B., Clark, J., High, J., DeVore, D., Erhardt, M., Curtis, L., DeVore, J. ROW 3-Weber, J., Busser, M., Miles, J., Pross, B., Bock- horst, C., Kraemer, E., Mehornay, P., Tvrdy, F., King, J., Root, L., Chapman, N., Keuper, J., Polster, J., Wilson, S. ROW 4-Jeff, J., Jett, S., McAfee, P., Meyer, M., Stegner, R., Hoke, S., Shaffer, G., Shaver, D., Siegman, J., Moesta, J., Ernswender, R., Mercer, K., Worth, S. ROW 5-Kruse, M., Benner, E., Mackley, S., Lancaster, P., Buchold, I., Currens, N., Schneider, J., Ziff, C., Mofngomery, K., Lance, B., Burley, L., Comerford, C., Norberg, C., Maddux, C. ' 'iff T7-2-,,:,4'4?Srg r'-Sl'f5'?b1i,w'm'. ,,.. 'Maplin- jflfsffi' 'ff 'v A ' xm Y X -yM5.,.,3 3 F. 5, J.. 4 fs.: 59542 chi omega Founded ai' University of Arita Pi Alpha Chapter established President- Barbara RiH'en Vice-Presiden1'- Elaine Probsl Secretary - Sue Spielman Treasurer - Carole Ludeke nsas I895 I9l3 With the rush theme MCSIO Railroad", the Chi O's were off to another outstanding year. Displaying their usual team spirit, the girls Won cups for Sophos Court, and their Fire Prevention exhibit, plus the 1955 Sing trophy. Banquets, for- mals, old clothes parties, and teas were among the many social affairs. And on the more serious side, the Chi O's held scholarship, personnel and activities roundtahles, and collected baskets of food for needy families. The celebration of the spring Eleusinin Banquet marked the end of another successful year. lv E. .. rar s " ' 'ss' if T, . . iz. f . ' ' . 4-57 gr- ' . f 'X ,oi ws 3' 4 -as i li R V. ' J' X is 1 3 ' if 3 3' - , 17 Q ' 0' l f wives ROW l-Avey, J., Pease, G., Caldwell, E., Mason, J., Mrs. E. Rickarf, Schmidlapp, B., Wilson, S., Morgan, N., Hansen, D. ROW 2-Bristow, D., Sollberger, B., Selbert, M. A., Ferguson, S., Schroth, H., Ferguson, A., Redway, S., Drohan, D., Ka hsar, J., Riemeier, N. ROW 3-Frankel, J., Berfke, A., Pinfold, C., Khuon, J., Wade, C., Martin, C., Mackey, G., Wilson, N., Deeks, B., Hagner, B. ROW 4-Baxter, A., Satlerfield, K., Chace, L., Hewetl, J., Harold, K., Forance, A., Jen- kins, S., Sanders, J., Howard, S., Nelson, P., Schoch, S. ROW 5-Priem, P., Cook, K., Mileham, J., Spinanger, J., Lunsford, N., Addis, J., Alexander, N., Brown, M., Morgan, N., Lynch, S., Kammeron, B. A ,ay-Q 'v,y..,..' A .A . vf-15Z:,1F . ,I . ' - ' . :Ji 7,-' ' :-J gi Wil' ' , r,:. -M-f A , --.fb , "ir 'i 'sh 41, V ' 'f'77. Lf ' 'Y ' .. 'iii .-gil ' .-13: .4 -in "-iwr. gflf- Lip.. V - ' .A 1,--Z9 Tri Delt's beautifully remodeled house still attracts the attention of passershy. Numerous social events were held here, including the Dad's Day Dinner and a dinner for all the fraternity presidents. Spring found the Tri Delts again en- tertaining, this time, all the senior Women who helong to Greek organizations. At this traditional event, the Pansy Luncheon, the outstanding senior Woman was presented with a trophy. Throughout the year, Tri Delts husied themselves with studying, working in campus organizations and taking part in sorority activities. delta delta delta Founded at Boston College l888 Zeta Chapter established l892 President-Jackie Mason Vice-Presiden'r-- Barri Schmidlapp Secretary-Gwyn Pease Treasurer-Nancy Morgan Page 256 W..,:fftg-Va'wzefs:f4mnw.W ,vw-Ygyfg. -- 1- fx 1. is 5 f 9 Y s rr v- After completing a successful rush season, the girls of Delta Zeta started the year with another lirst. This was the first place trophy they won for their hu- morous Homecoming float, uShake, Rattle, and Rollf, Throughout the year, DZ's were active in many organizations. Socially, the girls kept busy with the usual banquets and formals. Getting away from routine events, the DZ,s also spon- sored a hayride, a boatride, and a Tea Dance. Dad's were given special atten- tion at the Dad's Day Party, and the slumber party found not one DZ slumberingl f. , - - sis ., b .1 .. .g i I- 6 I 75,7- A A1537 . fr-,ff7'5 15E'.rQi:g3,:'!? NH .1551 T ,, '- I n ii, -L,-. 4. www' 1. 'f K- 'juf-J if "1 72? Q! 0 Q 5 V A V .YI 10 4 If 1 il f. qu ,,lfr...rg.., . .f . up s V ,au ,.,w- -l- - ROW l-Hawk, N., Seelmeyer, H., Kolb, N., Yung, Mrs. E., Davis, Z., Cone, E., Moore, M. ROW 2-Barnes, S., Gcfles, M., Mitchell, J., Gray, J., Cornefi, B., Wismann, M., Foster, M., Himebaugh, J. ROW 3-Workman, L., Haas, B., Shepprd, B., Clorius D., Ewald, J., Wohlers, E., Roeller, J., Evans, G., Topper, M. ROW 4-Kyrlach, L., McDonald, P., Sisk, J., Myers, C., Johnson, L., Schweiger, J., Bauman, A., Schomburg, J., Moseharf, M. . . 2 0 f I . . Q in im ' 'ff . ' 1 ' Eff ..,v .J f 1 1, , . A '37 M, K7 i f - is ' m a r if ? E-,M V My x, W, y i 1 ..,.,..... . K ,s,,,,,,.,i:7e X, V , . . . ,., J.. 52. N543 . I ' 5, if ,f " 7 l - A ...Q . f . ....M ff QQ. i w ? I r 7: l " z... i 411911 ia-wr-nr 'z1,.s:.1s.av.k, -.. .r..znu.-gr delta zeta Founded al' Miami University I902 Xi Chapfer esfablished l9l6 President- Norma Kolb Vive-President-Zelda Davis Secrefary - Norma Hawk Treasurer - Eleanor Cone Page 257 KA6 girl!! 5 g . zgj' 5 H 2 53, .I I ' "5 A'5 5- ' ,l , , N f A. f . A at 1 . AQ 'inf i1's.,,.E I-Qtf',1.fg, Q-4 . 3 ' kappa alpha theta Founded DePauw University l87O Alpha Tau Chapter established l9l3 li? President - Amelia Kotte Vice-President - Coe Lewin Secretary - Marilyn Brunner Treasurer - Dorothy Ward During the summer the Theta house Went collegiate with a new coat of charcoal gray paint, the linishing touch to an extensive remodeling program. The house starred in rush and saw the pledging of twenty-three girls. The spirited pledge class teamed with the actives in producing Homecoming Day's most beautiful float and joined in the fun of Iiresicles, eixhange dinners and open houses. Such happy events as the Pledge Formal, Christmas party, F ounder's Day and the underprivileged children's Easter Egg hunt highlighted a busy, eventful year. "'s.... Q - ' ROW I-Murphy, N., Ward, D., Todd, E., Kotte, A., Mrs. A. Underwood, Lewin, C., Brunner, M., Rodger, J., Francis, M. ROW 2-McCaslin, N., Mart, J., Porter, L., Alexander, N., Lea, J., Lea, I., Lancaster, S., Gaskins, W., Garrison, S., Hess, B., Barker, B., Fray, E. ROW 3-Stith, K., Hartman, D., Feuquay, M., Brown, M., Southard, A., McFarland, B., Heitzler, B., St. Clair, G., Wolfe, J., Anderson, J., Heitzler, C., Hall, B., Mitchell, A. ROW 4-Vogel, M., Buck, B., Montgomery, L., Goebel, C., Hallerman, J., Mclntosh, J., Levi, J., Tish, S., Martin, N., Davis, F., Gilbert, J. ROW 5-Nussbaum, P., Davis, Boyer, A., Beavers, S., Twyman, L., Toon, C., Scharf, A., Payler, E., Wiley, L., Logan, M., Wells, A. Vogel, M., Bohlander, B. McCampbell, S., J., Cretors, C., T 7' ' ' ' "T 'L K. ,- ' " "" 7:LL'Z:-A---'KES' ef: 'TJ ' ' 4' " " ' " ' We if fix , ' H 'Y -' Q M 'ZW . . . r V s , . Q .. .. we ..a..,44.V. 1' . '- sw- . 9 gs ...mfg-- ?..s 1.-. 3s3,fs:s i ,, , - . . ,I L, -,V g., 'K --gy, ' V- .. X: + f- 4 r -wr. sv- 1 . . 5, ' ' 432.6 ' . 2: ,-"wi '1 ...R 1-Eli -fr 'Pa' - " .i:x' .e'1: Qzvz f f 'i41Rf.1'-rm at Gviiikfzi' -. ' ?s:',3: f 1 43152: ff r. B wg t . CHE' QQ .. 1 ii. -sh. -f 'tl '47 We - Ili- sz F ' QTL- 1 1 K t, me If ff f'i. Zy':f?.s: g - 0 1-1951 " 5-1-its " -2 .' --1:11 ' "Y ' Q " " . . ' '- , - 4 'sz-ff-r' . f - li '- t, 1 " I., J ' W 1121.3 . , " Y' " I. f,jl'Q . , , -',.7 2' , ,. , N f-' l... W :CS yi..-'gi ,a .. 'L V ff X - A rw -55' V, , I f ,--,. Y A Q . . 3 1 . as f - f -21e'-- fem - ' ' .- ft . N t 'f r, if ii A 1 I ',. ' " . ' V f , "Sv: ' . ."-i::' .'- K?" - "Z, , . If " K -sf' ' i" " El." ' ty, -is 'ic fu ,V .- 4 . l,' ' r - 3, , ti' 7 - - V 'J ' R , ,- ,. fs., ' 3 -I '14, . 2 4' 1 c-my sf' V M- N., .1 .' .-ar e ., 'H-'-4 2 .g I -r-I v 1.5 , sd .,,. -Q ,. 4 ,'::.,gi:: V i 1 , 1 . 1 4 . 5 ..., , 4 .... .. . rr . , , , Q- H V . E il fi, ..... . - W l V JM. t Y . f vi ' - ..-' -. F J- rj K . tif' ' -if! " , . ffif I 2-V e. Y . " 11 "1.-- . v s -4. If :'.- .i 4 Bm, ,. 1 ','. -fyf,'l.,, "f 'gan' ," -4 . ,- - , ' ' ' . ,fi ,L - - if-'32, My ,-.-,,- .. ' :Qi - ' . sill. . ,-A 5. - ' ' .5 ' 'Y r "f V wir-1-af" l ,wif , 1 ,, ' --'55 .fr -' -U' , . " f--- ' 1' i 132 :Zi A t 4, 1 , wi, 2 W . .. t. H , my . n . gg ., H My , ,. F V , I I , Y .. , .H .. I X. 1 . . .,. . M. .,.Q, r ' . . , , . . ,. A a reef, ' . , if: .. , . . -18 - ,-. , at . . . A , f .2 J ' L 'PQ J A. 4 'T Q Tl e sorority life is a loyalty that develops as pledge becomes active. It is rushing and pledging, meetings and songs, pledge duties and lessons, the determination to grow as a group, keen competition, close co-operation - loyalty. It is campaigns and trophies, firesides and formals, traditions and memories. It is a senior farewell - but a llje-long pledge. Float night-little sleep and much confvifviality ' 4 51 4. -a . g5w,.f.jQfua. r " " 1,94 -,-f, ,ziliiiiffm 1q7'iQ'g. 'QE' , f'5 15i.'463I's .L x?,,..y.'. -4552... X, X 'si-E 'I Q.. Q "f lx: 7 ..fl'F' -V '- f ,: 4 Hs.. ,:' ' Y . :fi fr ' ,."'Qs.'i J 53112 ,F -, . RE?--3 r 1 4, 2 q ' we -. 'p,-uw. ng.-ul. 51552 1, :-:ggi -. ' .5155 - A ' 249453, wifi .. ma 4 -4. ww 'rn'.EEaf.2"flK 'L1.,.-.. 'x.',:-7'-- -'L'.-3-j:j'.,?2:f- Q-Ai1sgfr'fffL-12:5 91. , 'qgsqvvgu -.,- 2 A. . at w'9:',,' L ', 15 3527 A az H , . I 3: . Q 'vif . 6- J X . .1 . 1 limi.. . U' 1, 5 ,,4!'l' -1.,-'f,,I,m IF' 1 , ,wg-1,11 , . f ,,.,,. ATO calls sorority pledges to compete for most beautiful brunette. ff' P 1 M1-n'1f- wifi -1 - ' wf::mff'Tf:f.- .,,,2-ww i -it r'-.tml 'f-1 ,L W1413,1335-,m,-fwi'c4mfilYi" 112 . Page 259 C7 .v ROW l-Hutchings, B., Schoenling, M., Story, M., Bigelow, B., Luhrman, Mrs. M., Hall, B., Unger, J., Loos, 6" r' gf ,4 avr ev ? A A.. A S. ROW 2-Hartman, P., Van Ness, A., Kramer, M., Schaeffer, J., Rivers, D., Cusick, M., Barnes, B., DeCamp, S., Minella, P., Moses, E. ROW 3-Paulson, B., Hettrick, M., Lange, G., Suermann, C., Kokai, J., J L ll M Se ferth B Gagliardo M ROW 4-Raidt B Taylor J VanLieu G. Kircher, A., Springmeier, E., De Camp, V., Bloodgood, C., Gffmble. G-. MUl'IdY. -. Ove . -. Y . -. . - . -. . -. . . Maroudas, C., Reitzes, J. C., Schoenling, N., Keith, A. ROW 5--Bigelow, E., Brefeld, C., Crotty, M., Powell, O., Schmidt, M., Stephenson, J., Ollinger, L., Oker, J., Klein, B., Fishburn, P., Riggs, S. saggy " f-1 4 1 eg- ' 1113.441 :ff fi Tizfii. 2-51" .. if-ff' " -1- '- A',f1. " ' I' , -. 1. ., , L iz, Q- kappa delta Founded al' Virginia State Normal IS97 H Omega Xi Chapter established l9l3 President - Billie Hall Vice-President - Gerry Robinson Secretary - Maxine Story Treasurer - Janet Unger Page 260 Throughout the year the Kappa Delts proved that they really deserved lhe Pro- gress Award Which they brought home from their national convention. Not to he outdone bythe actives, the pledges got right into the swing of things by merit- ing the coveted ATO Sweepstakes trophy. And the KD's were ready to provide an appropriate setting for all those awards, for they had just acquired a new house on Clifton Avenue. Even with the confusion of moving, they continued to maintain a balanced program of scholarship and philanthropic and social events. . its ,.5,.fff 7 I ' ..m..,,......m......, WMMWAMW. Kwwwmumsvy, WMM-MMW4 . , 5. 1 ,J 'FEEL' f 1.12553 it :rs ' , rg Z 351112: J " A f ' , ,. lg-iufff .gif f ,, em has ff r -i.',..,., ff- eg-g '25 'Z' ,' f':7'W r r , ':4.rw4,yn ,fz,auwMs.:st,e I 1 ww 1. Q f - .f lffinfw' 3 f.,:'1Q 2 i. ft .g- . is 27. fr? "IV - v : 4' - ,' Q wil 2' .1 f. 9-I .fffi WT: '?i"17X'fi'21f4 Cf' Ei 'fi F ' . '.?,22,s:al15fP4z.. 2. W' ' i gl , fr 1. ' L . J sr . ' i'r'r": if V ' fsfifi fi iii ' .... . '- f . jfiiiiegg. ', - tgp I - ' f 0 -. .. .fa ,- ,-.. 4- -,. .V . , . .V -. f---A -f V. VV .. , ""' "" 'J 1 Q". f'i"'5' 1 H 1 es, ,ry 'ei .QS Z. , . ,- Q? ...W 1: s if meg.. 'gif ,... ,. . .. . . .1 ', . V ..t.q:rx:Q-3.-e ., ., -- - 1 1 . f Gil N . R. , , ., . . sf? " W' " ' ""' " vffvf ' ::ia':', ,. 1' - JeMr'.'L:1'.,-z..f.-- . , 4" . rf-.-v1:1:-flmfad-' 4-,,:,,e,, - , ,'x,-9- r fa., ,,:.., , J ,.. ,,,, -. -.-J X .., , fly? ! .. '12-Q ' QQ if fa- ' M , .,... ,- f f gf I 45. f ' 2-if .gi ' J .5 11:51 i' ' 52 i 1- .w V- -'f'P3?.62- 'r-tt? .:..,' J. 9. .,.. .,, , 1... .. .3 6--fQ',...1e ', ,4 ,,f 1 . :gf .....f4.-J-af 4.4. 4 A I , . gf' y ,MM,y, . Wm , y. . f 1 43? 4 I my f , f' - ..f' , . .. 7' df if f W 5 'W M '92 Zffqffffiw 5 fi 7 ff "W2b'fi"f' " X 55 053, zf 14333 I . . 5 .'1fyf' -1:-.131 .333 Q: .f e-:iw i .. '-.:fff:.v:-.,...-. V: f -: 1 fr f . .. . ,. J A . . . ., .. ,gg V .X 1 Q 5 'Wu .ly ,TJ gs . 2 V' :V.V.a-.f- -- yrs . xzlia'-w fm M S. 'Tv l 1 f 1 if Y K A V 4 'D 4 fa V' 54 ty 511 Q lffyff 1' - we - - J. . 1 . r J f J 5 We 4 fe "JW e l K6 'lf f 1, .W '2 'Ma , ,gf Q " X ji ,weft A W? ifilmue z ,gag if ,pf J J 5,3 W: ,ga ,Wye 5, W J :Sy I 4,1 FQQPZ? Q 5 '- - -S -2 jg ,ff ' we -4- . -4 -F3 sf ' - -2- , ., . ' . . ' 'gf iw! z.: . ,f,- .V ag., --.QM-y ' 'y .,f.a.,.p,54 1 , ' ""i'-572' ':- P ' -. -' ff' , -iii ' f :fi... 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'f A , .. w e 3 y - .. .. . 40+ , ,. i f ' -be .M '-. fr f .grfpvfzir fwfawa' ef"'..2i- pf-af.s:ef f 2. 4:-f - V1 , A p ' ,M--415. ' 4-,:m. f '-rg. -. 1. 1- ' --.ww ... 4. ae. -wg - .H ,Y .- .4 ,-,WX ,,. ,, 4, , 5 y,.,.,,,,,, ,AWA ,..,Z,d... 4. ffmygh .L , ,. , . ig K V ., ' ' L "x . -' twat ' I-' V4-' "ef -'S ,nf Z-,- . 31? it-'gf' 15' f' '' . 'fl 021 152 1 " ff .. 5. fVVV 9 ' A-, nftffldfkf ,.,. - rf '74-QV-.e'iMZI2 'i f':-:gf " "' " I fs- r x . ' . . . 1 Q, c . , J, , 1 In I? ,IW ROW l-Roe, P., Dinnie, J., Riggs, D., Bryant, N., Mrs. L. Todd, Neil, M., Lakeman, L., Good, J., West, M. ROW 2-Bolenbaugh, B., Robbins, G., Smith B., Kessis, M., Heinhold, M., Bidlingmeyer, D., Moreland, M., Bidlingmeyer, V., Anderson, H., Pfiester, K., Gaudin, J., Jacobs, L., Carpenter, J. ROW 3-Merydith, B., Stewart, L., Schildmeyer, M., Heathcote, M., Greiwe, M., Finlay, J., Bice, D., Colclough, G., Meyers, B., McNeil, M., Graeser, J., Pattishall, S. ROW 4-Ahrens D., Niehaus, C., Bowman, C., Marni, S., Johnston, R., Anderson, N., Farrell, J., Zeller, J., Herrlinger, N., Kleeman, S., Dieckman, S., Claussen, S., ROW 5-Powell, T., Stadler, M., Moore, B., Ringeler, W., Gray, A., Hughes, B., Livingston, T., Affleck, J., Rosselott, B., Masur, J., Gusweiler, M., Paulson, K., Rhoades, B. Returning after summer vacation, the Kappas were eager to begin the school year .5. 31,1 ,,.-. Qgggrgp. yxf,-gre, . S54-1,1 in their newly decorated house. Busy October saw the Kappas celebrating Found- erls Day and claiming the most beautiful brunette in the Sweepstakes. Fall and ff winter events included a Cate party with the Thetas, the Christmas formal and party, and the service project at the Youth Center. Actives and pledges alike R '-'- J,si' fi --i. .'ii -'iii enjoyed the little sister luncheon and Family Night. A trip to National Head- .li, quarters and a Theater party concluded another full and profitable campus year. kappa Founded at Monmouth College i870 Beta Rho Chapter established l885 President- Mary Lou Neil Vice-President - Nita Bryant Secretary - Lee Ritterhott Treasurer -Jackie Dinnie Page 261 kappa gamma .. , ., gf?" J 9 A theta phi alpha Founded at University of Michigan l9I2 Epsilon Chapter established I9I9 President - Pai Dowd Vice-President - Nancy Ryan Secretary - .loan Grady Treasurer - Posie Dunham -,.y 2' W riiilr ii- fi' T 354.9 L " 1 'ffif rahr Moving into a new house two weeks before the start of rushing really kept the Theta Phiis busy, but with the help of the new housemother, Mrs. Moorman, the last piece of furniture was put into place just as the first rushee arrived. October found each girl bringing her favorite date, her father, to the F ather- Daughter Dinner. The Theta Phi calendar was always crowded and the sorority's purpose, to advance the interests of Catholic girls in religious, educational, and social matters, formed the basis of their activities throughout the year. ROW I-Ryan, P., Burgasser, J., Dunham, P., Dowd, P., Mrs. K. Moorman, Ryan, N., Doyle, B., Grady, J., Naberhaus, J. ROW 2-Maloney, N., Frommeyer, Koch, C., Lorenz, G., Eckert, K., Graham, J., Sfeinert, J., Grady, A., Mountel, J., Dallis, E., Hais, M. ROW 3-Dawson, M., Reenan, M., Imholf, J., Smith Boerger, J., Laurie, B., Luebbe, J., Wray, P., Muhan, C., Arnold, L., Mescher, B., Pawlik, C. ROW 4-Wilder, A., Berning, C., Rief, M., Lamkin, S., Sicking, M., Toole- M-. LiH9"'kU9eI, M., Frank, S., Kreienbaum, C., Kollman, A., King, P., Trottman, D. ROW 5-Eagen, C., Ransitk, S., Birk, P., Watters, M., Smullen, S., Sensur, R., Frigge, P., Ackermann, M., Sander, P., Grieme, A., Feldman, D., Haman, V. C., . C-. , . '12 ff . .rv V p +1-rs sig. 2 1 ffm: .I 1" iii' t sg ,, M, , , . , , . 2 iw 5 g. 4- 1 I , .34 ,1 'r i 1 -5? ROW I-Russell, N., Harris, R., Beckenhcupt, C., Savery, S., Comer, M., Braffish, S., Duhlmeier, M., Everett, N., Fisher, M. ROW 2--Simms, G., McKhann, V., Pfeffer, S., Sharrock, P., Demakes, C., Griffith, C., Bowers, S., Longer, C., McLemore, P., Di Tullio, S., Conboy, N, ROW 3-Wendel, C., Hardin, S., Albu, V., Cusano, R: Nichols, J., Busch, J., Elder, J., Zimmerman, S., Coflier, A, Reiber, E., Walfers, J., ROW 4-Heflin, C., Werner, C., Sullivan, T., Bachmann, G., Pounds, P., Fuquay, S., Schubert, V., Left, J., Neiheisel, M., Meinlschmidf, J., Kraemer, J., Wesselman, M., Donnelly, K., ROW 5-Saberfon, H., Hauser, K., May, M., Lippelman, M., Harris, E., Thomas, J., Glover, N., Gunkel, C., Rahman, D., Fansher, V. V i , r l , Q U I , iiif' an. A sw A .1 1?-i'9.5E1ie---'Q 'rf Sffffi' M15-f-V1 .. A A zeta tau, alpha Founded al Farmville, Virginia l898 Alpha Efa Chapter esfablished President- Mary Comer Vice-President - Sue Savery Secretary - Cookie Duhlmeier Treasurer - Rae Harris I9 Parties in the new Pine Room will always be remembered by the girls of Zeta Tau Alpha. Their house underwent an extensive redecorating process throughout the summer and fall months, but the more than attractive results were well worth the days spent watching workmen at their seemingly endless job. Nothing stopped the Zetas from carrying on a busy social program though, and firesides and for- mals played an iimportantlpart in their Social life. The social highlight was the Pledge Prince dance at which the pledges crowned Roger Sandlin, prince. K -, rx: " K, ' ""'x,,N,A ' 5 fruterriities ROW I-Thackston, J., Wixom, E., Morress, H., Fetter, C., Coogan, J., Luutenbach, T., Messiffe. M. ROW 2-Wray, W., Retherford L Dnckmcn D Fisher, D., Fuirmon, H. E., Brent, E., Neitmcn, R., Kcppen, J. ROW 3--Archard, G., Jump, B., Shapiro, M., Wertz, ar Br ne Elmer, R., Pelzm, R. ROW 4-Sommers, D. A., Levering, S., Foul, R., Coyle, R., Lang, G., Dreyer, R., Weinreich, C., Weisenbach R interfraternit pledge council Page 264 Very active in campus affairs is the Inter- fraternity Pledge Council, Whose purpose is to better the neophytesa understanding of the principles and organization of the fraterni- ties and the University. On Greek Work Day, the pledges of all the fraternities donated their time and lahor to community projects. Many of the men spent an interesting day fra- ternizing with patients at Longview Hospital. At the Topper Club early in January, the pledges held their annual Big-Little Brother Dance in honor of their active brothers. interfruternit council William R. Nester Adviser The purpose ol IFC., which is composed of presidents and representatives from each of the fraternities, is to form a closer union of general social fraternities at UC, to foster mutual understanding and cooperation between the fraternities and the Administration and faculty, and to promote the interests and Welfare common to both fraternities and the University as a whole. IFC publishes a rush booklet and sponsors a Freshman Smoker. ROW l-Brudner, G., Grofer, E., Richards, D., Henninger, G., Wilson, JI., Heines, J, ROW 2-Kaeuper, R., Yamaguchi, B., Saehs, K., Zielonkc. D Horton, D., Kessel, J., Gragg, R., Kessler, J. ROW 3-Bryan, M., Bode, D., Mcisset, A., Michel, W., King, J., Faye, G., Ryan, R., Plate, A. ROW 4- Valentine, J., Breyley, D., Allen, D., Adlard, B., Lacefield, K., Parsons, D., Blaufeux, H., Grabill, B. uu1 11r r. '.h'x1x 11 u ll ,JF fri' .j ig-A .v 4 1 i i-fi' l-. Wi ROW I-Baltau, A., Horton, K., Orr, J., Hubbard, G., Squilanti, R., Scott, C., Dayton, W., Whitacre, G. ROW 2-Prior, J., McGill, J., Shifter, J., Roy, C., Bryant, D., Dunnie, J., Gangwer, R., Sechler, D., McLaughlin, W. ROW 3--Reynolds, T., Kill, P., Leach, C., Shisler, H., Sperry, L., Newman, J., Crow, W., Kerr, E., Ras- mussen, H., Jacques, A. ROW 4-Gannon, D., Albaguh, A., Helter, F., Sankey, D., Schneider, W., Harrison, J., Singhass, B., Jones, P., Burdette, A., George, C., Skelly, J. ROW 5-Shaheen, M., Albers, F., Curtis, W., Donahue, G., Dreyer, R., Myers, C., Michaels, J., Brelih, W., Weisenbach, R., Remner, R., Helfer, W. ,'.-.i. if, '-li -A: RI' Each year finds the Acacians making plans for a series of traditional events Q ' ' without which the year would be incomplete. The highlight of one of these, the Qi-if ,Q 'G . Pledge Formal, was the presentation of favors, stuffed dogs which looked so life- s ' , .- . . . 2 . ,',,'- like that they immediately endeared themselves to each lucky co-ed who re- ceived one. .lust as many of these social events are traditional, so too is the 5:5 U . 3- j.:. , . . . . I .Q annual orphans party planned and directed by the Acacians at Christmas time. L i Throughout the year, Masonic ideals served as guides for Acacia's activities. acacia, Founded at the University ot Michigan l904 Cincinnati Chapter established l929 Venerable Dean-Richard G. Squilanti Senior Dean-Richard A. Nelson Secretary-Arthur J. Baltau Treasurer-Fred W. Helter Page 266 N Wi a m5hwamaMwQ'g .xg de'?'.4-St'-'-:::.4, ' "-1 "Vg V '.f1'w+1.':1'arexzafvff gg.. ,... .. . 1 A , lr: ' :Z-2 -A After a round of rush parties, the men of Beta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi began a full program of activities. While striving to maintain a high scholastic average, they found time for enjoyable social events such as formals, exchange dinners, informal dances and their Annual Founders Day Banquet. Most ex- citing of all the parties was the 4'Sig Bustn, a dinner held in the spring to honor the alumni. The maintainence of charities was a project not to be overlooked hy the Alpha Sigs and each active and pledge took part in this worthwhile Work. ia' I W., ,M , . I f- , f- 1-. ., alpha sigma phi Founded at Yale University I845 Bela Sigma Chapter reactivated I947 President - Tom Pinson Vice-President - Tom First Secretory - Tom Ellinger Treasurer - Sieve Budai ROW I-Rakel, J., Budai, S., First, T., Pinson, T., Ellinger, T., Rosenkranfz, O., Plank, P. ROW 2-Webb, G., Losey, D., Ficke, R., Meyers, R., Wenning, G., Wolfinger, J., Welp, L., Neitman ,R. ROW 3-Hall, R., Boyle, J., Cctilier, J., Bryan, M., Pickering, H., Alexander, C., Beck, D., Gannon, W., Gabriel, R. Page 267 l l Al l l l the i Q-tis ROW l-Kelley, R., Grupenhoft, D., Clark, W., Lasure, D., Mrs. Myers, Kessler, J., King, J., Sizemore, R., Board, T., Dawson, J. ROW 2-Lytle, J., Larimer, T., Schwartz, S., Hane, F., Hayhurst, L., Mitchell, W., Hazlebeck, D., Frost, J., Brent, E., Hendley, R., Richardson, R. ROW 3-Teller, T., Blake, R., Deuschle, F., Reis, R., Ernst, E., Syak, H., Schneider, R., Walker, S., Butz, S., Kielar, R. ROW 4-Kurleman, C., Stagncro, E., Mechlin, J., Braden, H., Grant, B., Schaefer, R., Dury, R., Rastani, R., Cooper, D., McKee, S., Heineman, D. ROW 5-Bucheit, G., Parker, J., Berry, K., McTighe, T., O'Neil, R., Jaskowiak, R., Sommers, D., Peterson, P., Britton, B., Clark, J., Wallin R., Mills, E. img ' J Marc : A. , vt, seg . fnv. 9 Wi l" Y' Ziff, ,if if ' 4,- 1 I fs- Ar: -- ' J W, ,A st- . . . PQ ' f or 7 5 t R -I -I x 1 T ' " . "'f2fi?Q,. TE 91' if, 1 ll r ' A 'gsffr 'J fi ,mass-11 ' To many, the UC campus terminates with Burnet Woods, but to the ATO's the northern border extends to their tradition-filled mansion on Senator Place. From this outpost, the men of Alpha Tau Omega come forth to give their full share of service to the university and the community, and to compete with the other Greeks for honors on the field ot play and in the classroom. Not ignoring their duties to themselves, the ATO's have many scheduled social events and spontan- eous get-togethers, which provide fun for all and strengthen the brotherhood. alpha tau, omega Founded at Virginia Military institute i865 Delta Lambda Chapter established I922 President - Jon Kessler Vice-President -- Jerry King Secretary- Bob Sizemore Treasurer - Dick Lasure Page 268 american commons club R The American Commons Club began their social calendar with the annual home- ,1.L , 6, coming banquet enjoyed by actives and alums alike. Many informal house parties and two formals crowded the yearis calendarg nevertheless, the ACC's partici- pated actively in the intramural sports program and a variety of campus activities. Throughout the year the men of the American Commons Club carried out their objectives-extension of a true spirit of democracy and promotion of true bro- therhood within the chapter through the growth of each individual ACC member. f.. . - ,sm '. 'f --.46-:' . ., ,,,N,.,,4 .,,-,-?.g,,A ROW I-Leaver, R., Hopper, F., Kessel, J., Hosom, D., Peterson, M. ROW 2-Miller, A., Haverslraw, R., Keene, R., Kohler, R., Silva, J., Fariman, H. E. ROW 3-Towner, G., Wilson, V., Madsen, J., Weinreich, C., Stevens, W., Houston, A. Founded al Denkon UnWemHy Cincinnati Chapter established President - John Kessel Vice-President - Bruce Adlard Secreiary - Bob Bucheif Treasurer - Frank Hopper i . i'r'm'WEElll?l!l'l.,,u.-,-- I92l l926 Page 269 1 "Q . ' 4 .T lf l ., .1 4-. " ':.-. - Q ,' Tl v ri ,J - fi- 5 le 1 lcf- 'll' .,..' Jx A JL A R A.. L 'ii' .' .-A' ROW l-Santoro, A., Wootton, J., Chadburn, J,, Sundquist, P., Mrs. Alcorn, Seybolf, P., Yamaguchi, B., Felix, R., Barone, J. ROW Z-Klein, B., Jefferis, A.. Stephens, B., Broxon, D., Barry, J., Kelly, J., Morgan, J., Freihofer, E., Merchant, S., Conklin, J., Kitzmiller, J. ROW 3-Cole, T., Barry, R., Brinkley, J., Marple, D., Doud, J., Martin, J., Goering, J., Kennedy, R., Allen, J., Ely, R., Jeffress, C. ROW 4-Coogan, J., Freytag, D., Kitzmiller, G., Emmons, T., Parry, R., Heath, D Graham, L., Graham, A., Wohlwender, T., Saunders, D. ROW 5-Stilfs, B., Powell, W., Barton, F., Davis, R., Coyle ,R., Lineback, R., Martin, S., Cardy, R Pennington, D., Wachs, G. ..-. j i ii .12 I5 o , -, .RJA V 1 beta theta pi Founded at Miami University i839 Bela Nu Chapter established l89I President -- Pete Seybolf Vice-President - Paul Sundquisf Secretary - John H. Wootton Treasurer - Jim Chadburn Page 270 Ever keeping in mind the fraternal purpose of helping their brothers build an appreciation of the finer things in life, the men of Beta added another year to their record of campus participation and leadership. The social sphere was filled with exciting events, one of the most successful being the traditional Street Dance, when the whole student body was invited to University Court for the frolicing. With strong intramural teams, good scholarship, and a song for every occasion, Beta Theta Pi fosters a Well balanced approach to college life. ROW I-Mapes, G., Davis, B., Keltch, J., Mann'ng, L., Kaiser, D., Grogg, JL, Ritzi, R., Garrison, H., Hensey, M. ROW 2-Wray, L., French, R., Rowe, T., Williams, R., Raible, A., Doell, W., Purcell, W., Brunner, A., Green, L., Lucas, W., Hogan, R. ROW 3-Ragen, J., Pfalzgraf, R., Wortendyek, D., Wagner, R., Johnson, J., Paine, R., Heckmann, D., Keeling, R., Haas, F., Heuck, O., Gervers, W., Madduy, J. ROW 4--Kendall, P., Thackston, J., Hirsch, N., Spragens, T., Smith, A., Grider, D., March, R., Daiber, E., Arnold, P., Lundgren, C., Reeser, W., Lockwood, W. ROW 5-Hader, C., Sine, T., Broften, T., Maras, E., Rockwell, R., White, R., Potopovo, U., Moellering, E., Barber, K., Atkinson, A., Walbrun, T., Wheeler, D. The Delt pin has a way of getting into the li.melight. Wvearers of the badge are prominent in publications, athletics, and honoraries. Outstanding service to the fraternity, as Well as to the university, is recognized with a yearly award to Mr. Delt. In fact, the Whole fraternity takes part in at least one service pro- ject, that of sponsoring a Christmas party for orphans complete with Santa Claus and gifts for all. Socially, Delta Tau Delta took a back seat to no one this year with the spring weekend climaxing a series of unforgettable parties. 0' . -J --:Q :rg-L . 'HP.1.lfl",L:a 'A .Y 213112. 1 - f 'lf 4 fi? gjT' BiQ'3g?5Q delta tau delta Founded at Bethany College l859 Gamma Xi Chapter established l909 President - David Kaiser Vice-Presiden+- James R. Grogg Secretory - Robert Riizi Treasurer - Lindley Manning Page 27l E lambda chi alpha FQ xi x X Q E Founded at University of Boston l909 Gamma Gamma Chapter established I9l9 S: E High Alpha-J. Keith Rogers S Q E High Beta-Jim Bruclcmann High Gamma--Phil Pike High Tau-Wayne Adelsperger t" ID E U' CL. SU Cz 5' H. be ll' nz T S-'D : U2 CT' CD H 2. H, ll! I5 'Se CD K4 CD QD H U' 24 2 CD l-I O O E H. zz UQ 5 in E FD H CD SD U2 E? CD H. H 5 CD 2 -1 """"f 'iff l' . . . . . . . 'gg housemother. Then, just 1n t1me for thelr successful rush campalgn, the1r new 11- 'ST' brar was com leted. Man social events were held throu bout the ear, includ- W K A 5,55 Y P Y 5 Y '1 ing formals, Founders, Day and a series of informal parties. Having Won the , Si ma Si ma tro h for the most carnival-like booth for the ast several ears- ' --" .'f:L.-.W -'-Ziveiv. g g p Y P Y . 'J "'l it" W the Lambda Chi's again produced a booth which attracted much attention. The P high point of the year was the Spring Formal at which the White Rose was chosen. ROW I-Stickley, M., Bruckmonn, J., Bradner, G., Adelsperger, W. Allen, D., Hare, F., Rogers, K., Taylor, R., Fohl, R., Pike, P. ROW 2-Weyer, D., Castor, D., Goldmeyer, T., Douglas, B., Wiles, D., Kellomis, C., Stevens, D., lsgrigg, G., Murioni, J., Trowbridge, R., Levi, D., Stille, J. ROW 3-Lundquist, J., Schneiter, R., Johnston, W., Morress, H., Fraley, J., Nilsen, H., Glaser, M., Burris, R., Maier, H., Fielman, J., Rice, D., Flanagan, M. ROW 4-Archord, G., Cuppy, B., Jones, W., Hasler J. Brown R. Zolfo V. Kitterman, K. Wagner, W., Peterson, L., Steward, R., Stout, F., Barrett, D. ROW 5-Sebold, J., Schulze, R., O'Connell, J., Kauper, Rl., Schiclc, O., Maicy,IJ., Green, N.,'Thompson, P., Wright, J., Brewer, J., Caley, D., Taylor, W. ROW 6-Robinson, R., Peterson, A., Thacker, J., Scholtz, R., Walters, C., Smith, D., Moluy, P., Klavuhn, J., Morgan, E., Welch, J., Uebele, R. - - "f 1, if , . 7 - iii' " '5 4 . s f X r . 1 .f 4 zfm. .43 ROW 2-Hall, W., Folkerth, D., DeWees, T., Weir, D., Bode, D., Mom Ward, Locefield, K., Merrill, D., Genlil, J., Palmer, J., Naugle, R, ROW 2-Kennedy, J., Mog, D., Schanzle, A., Sandlin, R., Carr, M., Sadler, C., Bowser, C., Vogel, D., Dreyer, D., Woss, B., Doherty, J., Schroeder, K., Folz, A. ROW 3-Rizzuto, J., Sprague, S., Riley, R., Raup, J., Horst, J., Behrens, F., Butler, T., Roeller, B., Lewis, D., Kouns, T., Stevens, R., Seibert, A. ROW 4-Hines, J., Mills, J., Rembold, C., Gregg, S., O'Driscoll, D., Weber, R., Wollpert, J., Obsorn, R., Smith, R., Clark, J., Brogdon, C., Weifzel, R., Johnson, L., Lower, J. ROW 5- Wertz, P., Bunk, A., Wessinger, Laurie, R., Frye, R., Dewitz, K., Jung, J., Dunn, T., Longnaker, J., Hawlik, J., Harrison, C., Holcomb, P., Wilger, J. ROW 6-Poore, H., Gralhwohl, R., Dundon, J., Sfefanowski, R., Clark, A., Kirk, D., Tenwick, W., Ewers, R., James, R., Brucher, J., Berger, E,, Starkey, B., Renner, H., Beranek, T. The Phiis wasted no time beginning the year. With sorority pledges as their guests, the Phikeias entertained at their annual Phikeia Carnival. Ohio Theta was honored when ZTA chose one of the Phikeias as Pledge Prince. Combining their forces, the brothers retained the sing trophy and added another when they were awarded the most humorous Homecoming Float Trophy. Besides being active in every facet of campus life, Phi Delta Theta dedicated their swimming pool and rounded out the year with their Sideshow tent at the Sigma Sigma carnival. . W., - YV J , I , V Pig!-52 'L - 'f?:??1S1' . i f V-if 2' ' y . an we ' - " .. " " . :WWW egg' ' ' ..' sg -reprwr rip. y 'Mayes ., a ,-,, . 'V S 15.53" " ,. , , wwf' MW' , ,,,, ,.,,, . if-"1 ' ,,-.Wai ' sl " . ' 'f' ' ' . ' -tv" .. f ' L--f. ' s ' m:1f'f""' , . gif 12-'Q . ZW. ' ...., . vw .,.W,.M1wwf eg, ,,,. , ' M4 1.410 ....,...ff,... v we ,.,... , -f ,.:-4 1- -- ff Y' , ,. .. .f W'-1,. -3 - , , 4 . 11,1 ,' . ' a re 1 if ' as " or 1-A 'Q -.-- er'-:. ' ', ' "'fwZ',.12?7 'A.-':1s,,,f-?:Lfq22.ff-if'-:vffff ,, Q ,4l,.g,0W"'f?ff,ffI..fu:fff9,f:""!4 v ggvf'-, 'ff,y,G'A ' A. diff? .,fQ,WA72":,-J y'5yo'is"f7:Z59f!.w'f' '51 fs Q". '7. ' , ,.,g,.s..vf. s.,...A-ai.. ff-4 .. i,W25,g..,.43,W ..Mf,.f., ,,,-.f ,.,......-,A-A . I, lf t . f A - . 'ff f .f r i-:av ,s,.,,.,,,f-"",', ,,.., ' :m,,gQf,:f,.:5g,"+ , ,311 32-.v:q,, f e- ' , V. , . . I , 'il ' ' '7,ga.,.4.4.,4g'W7"f'3?E?33 T ..,..... ' ' . . . - EZQWZHM aLwwx+Lau 'f .,. Founded al' Miami UDIVSTSITY lB48 V f Ohio Them estebliflied '898 We g "sag A E i A J "'i lift-'Ll " 27: P57 f iii?" wi. . Tyr 1 . . , 'xoigyf g ' 3 - President- David M. Bode rg I ' ., Y . . ' 'P7"'i C - J '5- Vlce-Presldenl-Kenneth Lacefield F .V Im! , f , ' - I . Treasurer - David Weir J X ' i Secretary-John Palmer l Page 273 9.0 qc ,lf . 9 1 41' il lcv.. 'fffl-L-, affif' 1.44311 LL- ...L phi kappa Founded at Brown University l889 Omicron Chapter established I925 President - Albert Masset Vice-President - J. T. Gavin Secretary - T. Musho Treasurer - Pete Yorio Throughout its many years as a national fraternity, Phi Kappa has fostered as its primary objectives, the intellectual and social betterment of its members and devotion to their Alma Mater. Two traditional events of Omicron Chapter are the Dad's Day Dinner and the Founder's Day Banquet. The Ohio Province Ball, Senior Dinner, and two formals are the highlights of each social year. A Christmas party for orphans provides for the members an opportunity to enjoy them- selves while carrying out a philanthropic project which is of definite value. ROW I-Musho, T., Kuecha, N., Buchwalder, R., Yorio, P., Gavin, J., Massef, A., Miller, M., Kurz, J., Michell, W., Zee, T. ROW 2-Lacarrubba, C., Hoffmann, Negri, R., Costello, S., Dydynski, J., Witfkamp, T., Lonneman, J., Lemoulf, W., Fdrrel, D., Eisenhauer, W., Chiodi, A. ROW 3-Wiggcnd, G., Brogno, Lemoult, D., Emmens, R., Arter, G., Overman, J., Hungler, R., Schmidt, P., Lane, R., Schaefer, J., Hider, M., Partee, F. ROW 4-Hackman, R., Koenig, Lemmel, G., Naberhaus, P., Michael, L., Fligor, P., Peterman, D., SGHTCHQEIO, D., Hugg, L., Geraci, J., Schott, B., Siegmund J. ,ROW 5-Seward, W., Bornhorst Bornhorst, D., Borcaskey, J., Albers, T., Duffey, B., Stocker, R., Deddens, T., Dettmer, J., Meyers, K., Scheder, F., lsler, R. ROW 6-Hurley, P., Peck, L., Mikula, Elmer, R., Ihlendore, R., Meinert, D., Thul, A., Dixon, A., Ficorlili, J., Keliher, D., Wess, D., Hardin, E. if ""fl! A Y . V my .I Wh' "" '??" ' 'R ' V . " ef,-f .V it I an V If V5 -352s V 'jig f V V V S , V 5' , Q 1 Q' , Ve 1 y ..., w 5, 4 , f, 0 I yr: 1 42- - V- fgim. if Wm- 32+ Jwf uiu -' "'V Z? ,i"mpsQ:Q V t,V 41 .Z WW f,ff1f' ' 'fwfi -, ' ' A . -iff . Q his 4V'- 1 -Q L ' A' rv' ' .. 6' W. ' : ' - V ""' ,. t , , W ,. , ty.. M' wh , 14, 1. ,V .. 0 . , f.. JF 4, V , 3 e f. 4 -if - ,V '+ - '61, A ff- 1 ,, ffl' " V I S , -5 , V 5, ,5 ,' V 1 5 " 5' A I ' , f K Vf Q-"' V - -V Q ' s p. ' . , V W I 1 V. X 1 3 aw Many voices become one in competing for the Interfraternity Sing trophy. Oh, for the life of a pledge 1 be it sunny or wet. I Garland Parker crowns jean Moesta, Queen of Hearts, at Sig Ep's all-campus dance fraternity and brotherhood are synonomous at uc Sweat today - tomorrow we'll swim. ,--ssl, ' P A , Sigma Sigma and eggs Page 275 1 - rn f".,.i U L, get , rn J," g A," A ,, - f ., .: V-'T ,FT Q.,-E -N N.- R ' '- Je L -A ji? I . . L .1 ' '- Q .wfik C . ' I '-- L1 ROW I-Stout, B., Lippert, W., Wright, J., Sovely, B., Cragg, R., Mrs. R. Mralhews, Gilsdorf, W., Ludwig, R., Apple, S., Meeks, R. ROW 2-Retherford, Lange, D., Lautenback, T., Kneisly, D., Albright, J., Molinaro, T., Fields, BL, Phillips, W., Strohbach, J., Tobin, E., Jordan, D. ROW 3-Martier, F., Vesper, Soase, R., Morgan, J., Williams, K., Myers, J., Harrington, T., Van Fossen, L., Bauer, J., Killian, T., Lady, P. ROW 4-McFadden, J., Kleine, R., Chalfin, Schreiber, R., Zulager, R., Miller, J., McMillan, R., Scheben, R., Williams, T., lnman, F., Woods, R., Stoelting, J. ROW 5-Waggener, L., Weiskitfel, Marrow, D., Hube, K., Mrofka, J., Dorsey, R., Nordstrom, D., Lang, G., Dehmer, W., Wallace, C., Gower, J., Black, J. ROW 6-Ryan, R., Bevinglon, Perkinscn, G., Blair, T., Armstrong, S., Sparrow, B., Magee, D., Heck, L., Weber, C., Bufe, O., Sargent, J., Fearing, O., Faw, R., Phillips, W. .,.a.,,:, f . fitsfsasfsrtfei-fmf..,,,..,,,,.4 1' 'J - ,::e:g, if 1 , AQ3,V.1tf..- 5 ' . 'S' 9 Z W XCHAJ MSW: i ' :ffk 15 1.,3,gif' 131113-Q ', ,' fi -5 A '7 - P ' . ' X'-' .' . t , ,jg '1.' ,,." 5-4,f.?'4."-." , i 4 f The wearers of the Shield and Diamond can look hack upon the past year as being one of both accomplishment and enjoyment. The pledging of thirty fine men, the spirited showing in intramurals, and the strides forward in campus prominence all took a lot of workg but this was balanced on the enjoyment side by a full schedule of social events, highlighted by the spring weekend party. Never for- getting their loyality to the University, the men of Pi were always eager to fully back the programs and activities sponsored hy any campus organization. pi kappa alpha Founded al' Universiiy of Virginia lB68 Alpha Xi Chapter established l9l0 SMC-Robert G. Cragg lMC-Jerry McFadden ThC-Wayne Gilsdorf SC-Winston Lippert Page 276 msuuunamz-' is-Q w4+zaavl L L R. R R 2. , . , 1 X, A V' If in 2 2 . .. r 0 W :' ' H l A AM ROW I-Gilbert, P., Guitmcin, P., Zielonkcl, D., Shurlach, D., Kornblcu, C., Stricker, L., Blaufeux, H., Polonofsky, N. ROW 2-Mendell, M., Bernstein, R., Lewis, D., Goldstein, W., Miller, A., Bodenstein, E., Rcmbinovich, M., Stclvitsky, l., Koplow, D., Wells, R. ROW 3-Munn, S., Reich, G., Goldman, L., Garland, S., Schlesinger, R., lzenson, S., Reizes, K., Slote, V., Herman, D., Goodman, R. ROW 4-Silverman, P., Fetler, L., Shapiro, M., Roen, S., Blinder, R., Anfon, S., Coopermon, L., Bernstein, D., Fusion, S., Rosensweig, H., Russell, M. To maintain a diversified and well balanced fraternity, the men of Pi Lambda ,,.,. Phi industriously participated in university sports and activities. ln addition the Pi Lams have always stressed scholarship. This year they once again achieved .,'-, 1 . i isi' a high scolastic rating. Among the traditional events of the Ohio Mu chapter ' Ai't are a reunion for their numerous alumni and an unusual houseparty Week-end. ,fly , -' . 1 This year everyone especially enjoyed the New York party. Two formals and s p ' two pledge parties were the highspots of Pi Lam's 35th year on campus. - iifi .--i in O O pl lambda phl Founded ul' Yale University l895 Ohio Mu Chapter established l92O Rex - R. Shcrloch Archon - D. Zielonltu Secretary - H. Blauseux K. O. E.- L. Sfriclcer Page 277 1 - l . 1 1 ' . l l T l lr , 5 l ROW I-Twyman, A., lvers, D., Stark, C., Harville, C., Clark, G., Parsons, D., Lance, D., Cahill, J., Heinold, D., Frank, J. ROW 2-Kaeuper, R., Kramer, B., Hartley, R., Mueller, G., Fetter, C., Kauffman, L., Snodgrass, W., Peters, D.. Donley, P., Orlando, V., Seyberl, B., Hixson, K. ROW 3-Manzler, D., Scherer, B., Wilschger, R., Schaefer, R., Beefs, R., Vilf, J., Bolce, E., Todd, J., Foster, G., Jacobs, D., Williams, O., Goan, L., Schneider, W. ROW 4-Jenkins, N., Groll, D., Fraverf, H., Kappen, J., Teller, R., Clark, W., Fielman, W., Haug, J., Pratt, L., Sellers, J., Fishvogf, H., Redd, B., Shelley, C. ROW 5-Marlin, R., Train, C., Danner, P., Brune, E., Weber, D., Klute, K., Moreton, H., Olhling, W., Seilkop, D., Melvin, R., Engle, R., Crumrine, C., Schindler, B., Blincoe, J. ROW 6- Tarter, T., McCabe, T., Smith, E., Doherty, W., Hoffer, R., Miller, R., Zuverink,, D., Hyde, D., Fisher, G., Kindel, R., Cors, A., Ernst, W., McGinley, M., Zeko, J. Spurred on by a new addition to their already impressive house, and the selec- tion of a line pledge class, the SAE,s began the year with typical vigor. Carry- ing over from rushing season, the social calendar continued with informal parties, formals, and the annual house party. The hard work prior to Home- coming day was rewarded by a trophy for the most beautiful float. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was also well represented in campus organizations and honor societies, with both pledges and actives always working to maintain SAE 's high standards. .A Qiii' 'rdf R sigma alpha epsilon Founded al University of Alabama ISS6 Ohio Epsilon Chapter established ISB9 Eminent Archon-Don Parsons Eminent Deputy Archon-Cecil Harville Eminent Recorder-Dean lvers Eminent Treasurer- Dave Lance Page 278 ,4 ff Ml' Af' fa.-f-rwvaadzaaf M4 ZZ f f ff . .L so W9 7 ' 'aff ,...,,,, . . .. . ,,.,, , -J.: 1 A- ' ' V A A . ,::. A. .,., .Q... fe ' '4' -A-HL-' , fda'-ai is- Af"2Q'1u'1 -. 'fray-' vf- .af Q 1 wx-1. 42 mu, - --. 1'5" . 4415, X ,, . if .,.., 'ii3'!"'.-., 'QV-fwWf1w , .. V fir, vQ...rLS.,.m,-af X -st" , '- 'sE3:r,'E1 1 - ' rw' "xv -mg,-i-e tf:f':2'2,:ff.y':.. ,:.. .,'g: -Q-gg-31 try .1 -- 1 -' We - .V E ' 1 'H:fw'm.1: f I. ,.,:.fasg5. ,rf ef - .- f' ' , X4 Z-"il-1 U- J' . ww V s 3 VL 'sxgf -iii" . .' ' Mag- .fi g 4 'Z S x WE 1 ag,-ff 4, Vg... 1.1 5 , .- V, , .f-me-5. we-aa Q... -X Mu M - L , A sigma alpha mu Founded at College of the Cily of New Yorlc l909 Omicron Chapter established l9l7 Prior - Alvin Cohn Vice-Prior - Mori: Bersl-iadslcy Recorder - Jay Sappersiein Exchequer - Larry Einhorn Purple pledge pots seemed to be everywhere this fall and the wearers were readi- ly proving themselves to be loyal members of Sigma Alpha Mu. Soon alums, actives and pledges were sharing the fellowship of the Founders' Day celebration. After the pledge pots disappeared, the Sammies adopted a new trade mark - or- chidsl Dozens and dozens of these flowers set the scene for the annual orchid for- mal and each girl received an orchid as a remembrance of the dance. A combi- nation of hard work and good times produced a successful year for the Sammies. ROW l-Wiltenbaum, J. V., Wolosin, S., Graller, J. L., Bershadsky, M. A., Bluestone, S. J., Eflin, E, C., Saeks, K. A., Wilks, P. H., Labaer, M. R. ROW 2- Michclelson, L., Brant, J., Fine, S., Goodman, B., Keilin, R., Krim, W., Tucker, B., Braverman, J., Epsiein, J., Brown, J., Simon, L., Fink, L., Cohen, J. ROW Brown, F., Krane, B., Stern, C., Maltz, R., Lieberman, F., Franklin, S., Jaffe, M,, Singer, A., Laping, J., Evans, S., Bernsiein, R., Kreindler, A., Sappersiein, J. ROW 4-Schneider, R., Hild, G., Winston, D., Scharff, J., Skurow, H., Einhorn, L., Dave, J., Silverman, S., Silverman, A., Malman, B., Baden, R., Zawafsky, E., ltkoff, M., Sluhlbarg, M. ROW 5-Wacksman, S., Chesley, S., Alpert, A., Messitle, M., Goldberg, D., Lepof, L., Liebowilz, H., Wasserman, N., Green, D., Scheiner, S., Lipson, A., Levin, V., Magenheim, l. i ivr 1 44 'u m L1 Umm 'TV' F1 U . eq C7 'YA' 1' L Q 41 LL- -V1 i.J J C' :A.. ROW I-Perry, J., Condorodis, A., Lambert, H., Perkins, R., Mueller, E., Eckerle, L., Willson, R., Johnson, W., Cato, J., Schumann, R., Earhart, J, ROW 2- McKee, R., Hindman, J., Nicholas, N., Pohl, F., Beier, K., Marshall, J., Eckerle, W., Bale, R., Dooley, E., Lewis, R., Lylle, J., Labunski, E., Crandell, R., Behrman, R., Wright, E. ROW 3-Boudinet, T., Whitesell, L., Deller, R., Dunn, J., Gatchetf, J., Sillman, J., Plapp, H., VVard, E., Herschede, F., Huenefeld, T., Elliott, J., Nabors, D., Nelson, T., Foote, V. ROW 4-Langdon, J., Kuhlman, E., Ruther, D., Murray, W., Diana, M., Rupert, B., Clarke, P., Moran, P., Gianuglou, D., Jacobs, G., Zesch, R., Off, R., Murrin, M., Killen, W. ROW 5-Kurker, J., Ring, K., Hamant, B., Hamant, T., Condorodis, G., Hoffman, D., Von Birgelen, R., Amand, B., Buefher, B., Frohlich, J., McCue, J., Wantland, F., Hanselmann, J., Spaulding, V. ROW 6-Venn, J., Faul, D., Strong, J., Hynes, R., Nimmo, F., Oakes, M., Thompson, D., Binder, G., DeVore, R., Kurker, J., DeCamp, R., McCullough, J., Austen, C., Clagett, B., Meehan, R. ?3'3 i' "1 - we 4- ' g :'. I, v 1 .. 'r ii .fi . .iff-1 --.-- . I 0 In ll 0 .Sl5 ma C l Founded at Miami University l855 Zeta Psi Chapter established l8B2 President-Bruce Amand Vice-Presidenf- Malt Diana Secretary-Jack Schumer Treasurer-Ed Uchtman Page 280 The pride and vigor which Zeta Psi chapter displayed as host forthe l00tl1 anni- versary of Sigma Chi did not disappear with the passing of that summertime revelry. Digging into the whirl of rush, the Sigs emerged with a pledge class which promised to continue to maintain this spirit. Scholarship, activities, and intramurals were not neglected hy the Sigs even though their social calendar was crowded. Spring found these men winding up another year with the enter- tainment of candidates for Sweetheart, culminating with the Sweetheart Formal. ROW I-Scott, R., Brannaman, R., Ruehl, R., Henninger, G., Davis, R., Mcllveen, G., Feltner, J., Morrison, W., Parker, G., Oovergard, R., Faye, G. ROW 2- Timm, M., Brown, D., Slanforth, W., Birkhold, S., Hess, S., Svenson, F., Renz, J., Bumpus, A., Lucas, C., Denman, S., Winter, K., Lynch, N., ReHich, D., Cabell, W., Wertmcn, G. ROW 3-Dettman, D., Hickey, C., Nill, D., Mumma, T., Shaver, J., Koch, B., Bernslorff, F., Rosensteel, J., Fisher, S., Gaunf, J., Schreckengosf, J., Higgins, R., Schmidt, C., Cubbison, G., Davis, M., Hardy, N. ROW 4-Friel, K., Roth, W., Christy, G., Pfeiffer, P., Hessel, R., Schauer, R., Keener, W., Phelps, C., Blankinship, D., Dulaney, R., Fate, A., Sper, J., Himes, F., Flagg, E., Crabill, B., Hamilton, G. ROW 5-Tarr, J., Scheiferle, R., Schmiedeknechf, W., Strayer, J., Stewart, R., Barneman, W., Speckman, D., Foell, D., Wahl, J., Feinlhel, E., Fisk, R., Carey, C., Deis, F., Felz, R., Elles, R., Kelley, W., Bredenbeck, H. The 244th National Conclave of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity held in Cincinnati late this summer got the UC Sig Eps off to an early start. Chapter social events followed in rapid succession as the actives and 33 pledges attended the Pledge Banquet and Formal, Halloween party and the annual Founders, Day Banquet. At Christmas time, the Sig Eps turned to a different kind of entertaining, a party for orphans. But nothing will be better remembered by these men than their tra- ditional Queen of Hearts Dance at which they chose the Queen of Hearts for 1956. , . .. ,525g+,,,.j : ' 'K-L ' ,V 1419, ws.. t'fr,l9i"1'1"'-- ' 121-Qf5K:' fr,-1 ' J,gf.ji':j.gN 'iffffiifafj-. ifvf V:-,QE .. Q .. Qfal 1-figs-,Q 1'-2 ,' J' 'HE f fe"f3,. f .3 I -I Q , ,I A gr.-T.-,,4.1,,v "QQ "i1'aLa.-.,U:.f" -A ' ' sigma phi epsilon Founded al' Richmond, Virginia l909 Ohio Theta established I949 President-James E. Feltner Vice-President-George Mcllveen Secretary-John Sper Comptroller -- Richard Davis Page 28I theta chi H, Founded at Norwich, Vermont, lB56 I Beta Omicron Chapter established l942 'wr President-John Hcltendorf Vice-President -- Joe Wilson V. .V,, Secretary -Jim Yerdon , l Treasurer - Dick Cobb '-'- Emphasizing leadership in many phases of University life, Theta Chi continued D , in its role of Greek prominence. Spreading their talents, the Theta Chiis were glial 4,97 well represented in campus groups, again finished among the top scholastically b, and waged a fine athletic campaign in defense of their 1954-55 Intramural Cup. if The social scene, of course, received its due share of attention with two for- , - 1 mals, and plenty of other parties and get-togethers. Culminating it all Was the 5.2 .r',i I annual Week-end party, which brought the fraternal year to a happy close. ROW l-Esteban, F., Raible, B., Greenwalf, J., Cobb, R., Wilson, J., Hattendorf, J., Adams, D., Yerdon, J., Borcherding, J., Griffith, C., Forbes, F. ROW 2- Adriansen, J., DeMello, T., Wolff, W., Johnson, D., Griffith, S., Nemetz, J., Darling, W., Kleine, H., Greenawalt, R., Fife, J., Williams, T., Griffin, J. ROW 3- Pfouls, R., McOwen, J., Varner, A., Rottenberger, J., Blosser, D., Ungard, M., Carroll, L., Cooper, R., Dufeil, J., Sovilla, S., Squires, C., Plate, A. ROW 4-Lavanier, D., Laundy, H.,GreenawaH, D., Dickoson, J., VanBuskirk, E., Jenike, S., Aplin, K., Hougland, J., Reams, L., Middeker, W., Style, G., Gillespie, T. ROW 5-Uhlman- siek, J., Dauer, J., Yuhos, J., Leimensfoll, J., Bidinger, R., Rowe, D., Saemann, R., Alexander, D., Mattes, K., Joseph, C., Bordas, E., Hemingway, C. ROW 6- Arbaugh, J., Collins, J., Rhein, C. Pollard, J., Bruning, K., Galloway, B., Bough, R., Pelych, A., Weeks, L., Fitzgerald, W., Elsass, J., Jump, J. -'-' z- xx.. Q-av: . 4 .fn A V , is m- .i1 s:v5.1n., ,umm vm' -.'w:wmz ROW I-Horton, D., Todd, D., Patrick, B., Horton, D., Mom Adamson, Richards, D., Morrill, R., Gruner, H. W., Breyley, D., Vath, J., Schaffnit, R. ROW 2-Hilton, L., Hill, L., Schickner, J., Kocheck, M., Harrelson, J., Fisher, D., Martin, W., Chan, W., Beverly, B., Nice, D., Jones, J. H., Wade, R., Savage, J. Wisler, L., Ritchie, C. ROW 3-Thomas, M., Findley, C., Wixom, E., Burgener, W., Last, L., Todd, H., Craig, R., Winters, R., Flowers, J., Savage, J., Bharne, C. Neff, E., Stelts, P., Myers, G. ROW 4-Hochadel, J., Manausa, C., York, B., Kausch, M., Stockert, J., Ferguson, C., Leonard, R., Meyer, B., Buehler, R., Oaks, Z. Rataiczak, J., Betscher, C., Allen, D., Hettrick, R., Johnson, D. ROW 5-Rohlfs, J., Heavner, W., Pontius, W., Thomas, R., Eckelmann, R., Knak, J., Greenisen, G Manning, G., Maletich, G., Maddox, F., Balliet, L., Nelson, W., Fulton, W., Brammer, D., Thaman, R., Goble, R., Yeager, L. The engineers and architects who comprise Triangle are devoted to professional, as Well as social and cultural, advancement. Following tradition, Triangle again ranked high in the fraternity scholarship standings, and was well repre- sented in every engineering and architectural honor society. Many campus com- mittee men, student class officers, and publication staff members can boast of being in the fraternal group. Outstanding events in Triangle's Well-balanced social year were the Founders, Day Picnic, two formalsjand a Christmas party. at ' ig 4 f- -'fu -'A-.. gmifllf' A M ' fa "Pa 42629 ': " .10 A " - 1 ' Q SA J'i'r'f"'l as l -T S, 1' J l 'K 1 1 triangle Founded at University of Illinois i907 Cincinnati Chapter established I92l President-David T. Richards Vice-President - Dean Horton Secretary - Marv Th0maS Treasurer - Ben Patrick J ' f.-4, ." '- f -' -'-. - ,. ' .. -. -. -f" '-P5-9- r 5: -5. "" .51-.62-V ,T 1 . 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Pg zss "Y X.f ROW I-Richardson, C., Vosler, J., Hinton, A., Norman, R., Krushen, J. ROW 2-Parrish, O., Hickman, G., Rosener, H., Christman, J., Cory, R. ROW Sherman, R., Sherman, S., Sherman, M., Shemenski, M., Mauk, R. The Association of Independent Students, known on campus as AIS, is a group of college students who stress freedom of organization through their self planned program. This year the Well-iilled program included several informal parties, i2iV. a hayride, a formal, and open houses each month. In addition to the social side, iii there was still time to carry out a service project. Even then the members if of AIS did not neglect campus wide activities. All these things combined with -4 , the fellowship and fun of AIS gave them happy memories of college. association of independent students President - Anne Hinton Vice-Presideni - Jerry Vosler Secretary - Juanita Hiie Treasurer - Carla Richardson Page 286 W I-Mocker, H., Dixon, P., Wenger, J., Lange, R., Mulholland, M. L., Sfanrangelo, J. A tea in early fall introduced the freshman women to Trianon. After a round of rushing parties, the girls held weekly supper meetings which served as an ,N L opportunity for them to get togther for fun and business. Several social lg functions were held throughout the year, but most memorable of all was the f 3 Founders Day Banquet. Many alums returned on this occasion to renew old acquaintances and to spend an enjoyable evening. Throughout the year many of - . . . . . . . .. S-le - ,..i .... 1 fa the members part1c1pated in phllanthroprc projects as well as campus act1v1t1es. trianon Founded at University of Cincinnati I929 President - Rosemary Lange Vice-President - Hildegclrd Moclxer Secretary - Nancy Chose Treasurer -Joann Sanfangello 'ijiqqyt w Page 287 553533, , if-1. residence halls memorial hall Cabinet . h h .Z TQ HCIT, and . ' SHTLTCIZZ ,IU lls .,. .Q . VQLL - I ,,- V: . '.:.-1.-cw ' L . .,n-f1'.-7,5 .,. 1- ,,,::,,,,z-,+ , ., z . -, . 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"iff: we A V, , x 1-,?xf5'f1ggt+2dMFm'Qak-6.1343 1, Vi?-Sf fl ,l , '- ffM'-feb'1ff,1:f.'wf:.sf'army 1 mike KFEQM' H ,' fu, s"L1-gmefy-if ,. f 1-'i'f.'f"F3'74-341-1-QWIf-3111155V?.33f??X'S'.GfI -:Sh ' I- .,:i,'f1'gff15gL .. ,- .aa,mfrgm:1:51:,4s'5fs5-ify.a!4'1Q-1?:iff??g' -. ., - ' 'egg I 'ff'-.L -ww.-f f'r,'r-f'mcg1 -, ' -.3-f , , A , K , . - 1, 3' Vg'-1, fff,,-. .W .. ,V - -A,,:f:f.fv, P695 288 E '-'f"1"f f To live in Memorial Dorm is to be part of student government headed by a cabinet and a system of Counselors. A dorm girl uses ingenuity in the management of her time and personal belongings, and finds that her college home is more than a room to be lived in, but rather an experience in living. memorial residence hall cabinet W I-Brczckman J., Clorius, D., Grieme, A., Bowen, B. ROW 2 Egged, E., Sholler, G. ROW 3--Buc, ., crmon, ., ro man, ., -Eisner, H., Casey, V., Giedhill, S k B H N T H D McLaln, S., Davis, Z. Page 289 Rvln.ra!ion- will: music on the hi-fi 'N C, counselor, helen elsner, tells gail steinhoff about dorm by-laws, while Carolee Toon prepares to take advantage of 2 a.m. hours ' f"' 4' vw 352 ' .,,' ,ff fm. .L , ff .5 -s J 7 .,. 46 r i ROW I-Roodene, L., Richardson, C., Eisner, H., Grieme, A., Brackman, J., Biough, L., Egged, E., Harfman, D. ROW 2-Hife, J., Vachef, B., Penwell, E., Black, R., Clapsaddle, P., Jenkins, S., Kauffman, K., Hoke, S., Shelley, J., Baker, L. ROW 3-Harmon, P., Fousi, E., Garrison, N., Sigler, P., Abrai, M., Andres, M., Hufchings, B., Scharf, A., Arganbrighi, N., Soio, M. ROW 4-Wachs, D., Ginn, B.. Sfamas, A., Tedford, J., Meyers, C., Hauser, K., Kowalczyk, S., Turner, D., Sfcrk, C. ROW I-Siberf, D., Linenkugel, M., Himebaugh, J., Schiup, M., Felger, Busch, L., Winfersole, D., Spinner, S., Hodson, L., Liffman, E., Mackley, S., McLain, S., Davis, Z., Clorius, D., Kurz, J., Fox, L., Darlingfon, J. ROW 2-Seify, N., Gray, J., J., Cusick, M., Blaney, B., Sfreiiman, B., Smifh, B., Replogle, J. ROW 3-Spengler, G., Lindsey, B., Grassmuck, J., Harding, J., Fender, J., LeComp1e, R., Sisk, J. ROW 4-Monfgomery, K., Fansher, V., J Hayes, J., Pollard, A., Barber, M., Hawk, N. Heck, S J J A J ' ' f r'ri , . , .f 194 if ' W f ' pr' H .1 1.vifs'1Y:a:+2.-tivrfi ffsf' .fy-5 L r . 1 J . ' f r ' 1- ' ff -J 'r'- 1 7: B -, .. we f ,:- fa. af ' .Q J 1 J A 1 . if - , 4 ' H '- Q we f 6 1- ' , . . , . V. .9 . ., '--'H-f' ,M gg -fx' . .455 J. 5-1. ,- Y .15 , ff ,. - .. -:j -- ' ,. '-rj, vi- . . , , L 1 si.: it' f an f- ' ,. V 1 F A 2, V L ' ll V ff Gifs .- . . . Q. M- A - .. we wp 1 . fy . . " 5 A-33, 515 6,5 ' .1 . . ,, 5 V. . . 5,1 V,-Q'29.V,' 3' , ' ,?4,,,. Q., V . . ..,. . A - -. if .1 W. V, V ' , f . . . -jr' ' -' '.'vm. ' f . 5 . . Q , if . . . .. rg E . . ' V. . . . 1. f ' f - ' ..., ' . . ' . . 'rg , m .. we J, ' me ,115 .. if ff fejpg .J 2.1 . f W, X ' S., . ,, ,Q ., fr "4 i ,Q -f-, z ,., .. Q ' zj, . ' Y 9 . , , , K r E . , E -ef - T? QT ,., . ii' " i S J .Jg.25if, I- i' '. . . 'L F .:' ' , 4 ' - wf MQ. - 'Q gag-2' N' A , -is . , ., .3 f ' ' E 1 W , " H 1 Q, , 1 i . .v . f U- 4-.....,.,,, , ' .- uf .,,54'.'aX . "U I . KD ' 5 ' K ' "' '- 1 ',:. -,5 E' memorial residence ha ll Page 291 here the work, stud and relax. Bobbie Mescher, in the middle of a weekly chore, wishes that the Dorm had more automatic washers and dryers. r r e t :., t " "l.. 'Shiv A a' r wi: 'rlrl A t 'f Q H . 0 P f A I A V, r -l.r --o' -.-r'A' WQQQ f .. 5 .l.r- " " " 2 . e'rr s Ay i 'Q 'A" - AA Al , e ,s,:.' 2 l V , Q s ik ax XX'f V. . fl e ,,.'. L I , AH: ',,5, .Q 'k:4kl vw V ' 'r" ' he - W , ' sL'.r2 1 s , Q .I ' ,l s . exrl' 'X 1., t t 2 V - " 12'- L. A A :-V e ',1' f The browsing library at French Hall is used as a study room by Dick Machaeek and Walt Olzewski. Page 292 Herbert Greer French Residence Hall Memorial Residence Hall for Women S imrall Hall For the 761 men and women who come from beyond the city, the campus becomes a home. The overflow of French Hall has opened Simrall Hall, and the population of Memorial Dorm continues to rise. Page 293 herbert greer french residence hall counctl Page 294 rf . ROW l-Taucher, J., Aukermcn, N., Benham, D., Bryant, J. ROW 2-Blosser, D., Sim Il P H D Ak G ROW 3 Shll g J., Lazor, D., Perkins, B., Bergfeld, R. French Hall Council is the body that governs the men who live in French Hall. These men make and enforce the rules of the Dorm with the help of their advisor, Dr. MacGregor. They also decide upon the penalties when rules are broken. ln addition, there is a counselling system with an upper- class student counselor living on each Hoor to assist the underclassmen. The council members continually work to im- prove the Dorm and to make it a real home for the residents. french hall ROW I-Lindquisf, R., Miller, H., Cosianzo, J., Simoncelli, P., Condorodis, A., Nicholas, N., Ellison, R., Sigmon, R. ROW 2- Bode, F., Meiz, A., Barkocy, A., Homick, E., Blcnfz, R., - - - - Bryanf, J., Longfin, J., Kammiller, N. ROW 3-McConnell, E., downstalrs lf you llve ln' French Hall' Pearson, R., Penn, J., Bowers, W., Pensyl, J., Zommers, V., Blochurd, L., Clinfon, H., Reisch, F. ROW 4-Schwenfker, D., Brombcugh, J., Benneff, B., Pickering, H., Bone, K., KeHelI, R., Bergfeld, R., Mefzler, R., Guihrie, G. Refreshments and relaxation are right Page 295 and simrull hall house z 5' as ROW I-Aukerman, N., Blosser, D., Perkins, B., Slmoncelli, P., Taucher, J., Benham, D., Lazor, D., Shilling, J. ROW 2-Aukerman, G., Sleibing, D., Mailloux, J., Sherrick, R., March, l., Brown, C., Homlck, E., Sfevens, R., Bryanl, J., Collins, R. ROW 3-Darsf, J., Melzler, R., Tarler, J., Hazlebeck, D., Grleswell, S., Swanson, D., Fousl, D., Maddox, F., Brombaugh, J., Eshbaugh, R., Herman, D. ROW 4-Sloelfing, J., Tennis, P., Swift, J., Bolling, D., Sams, P., Fricke, G., Gulhrle, G., Bergfeld, R., Corn, P., Sellz, P., Jacques A. ROW 5-Thompson, J., Abbott, D.. Shannom, J., Kelso, K., Sandberh, C., Rea, A., Atkinson, A., Yeager, L., Condel, R., McKinney, C. Dick Machacek and Walt Olzewski find studying difficult with all these distractions. Page 296 557 men from near and far. There is always something to do at French Hall. Avail- able to the residents are the browsing room with many books and magazines, the hi-fi room where the men can play their own or the Dormls records, and a snack bar and recreation room. With the women of Memorial Dorm, the residents have dances, MLong hair Listeningn hours and a Christmas tree trimming party. ROW I-DeBord, Hobart, E., Lavender, F., Parrich, O., Norman, R., Nail, J. ROW 2-Seitz, E., Rosener, H., Sfcdier, H., Ginter, R., Johnson, R. A., Cook, R., Ward, R. ROW 3-Thomas, L. R., Bueler, R., Kress, C. N., Pensyl, J., Raterman, J,, Schroeder, K., Carpenter, E. ROW 4-Hunt, K., Sherman, M., Dold, R. D., Mauk, R. D., Shemenski, J., Walter, L. E., Vosler, J., Atkinson ,A. Page 297 I .-1. I--, vm - -.J , .AI ,.. aw p S+: .II . uv , , I Nl xi "W 'fz -' :if IA.-I Vi.: 91.5 W- t.I-' idil - .-."V .im 4 . ,A1'Y 4- .M-.I I Il- - .,.-- ,- I-Ar' '-: "" w' ',I ,. "M 1 "P: . " N' . .4 ".b,1 ' '13-.FQ M4-.. .QM-.., - - 1 'yi' - ' ll 1991 , ' "tl xr II, ,g:g:. Q.: .- .1,?5gL.:If.s1--34111-.g.i'Y JI- 'GIF 'I"" I 3 I-IL.. .1..,y-I--f'.lh.'. 4 4' If '. .::, N: K., ..,a1.-,iv -' .I , - -. I- 4-,,,4.,,.,X.-1. 4 I., n 1.1, W J.. 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N I -5 ,I-T' ,:. N, r 1 1 's , ' v I v I l"J.fL'5 fri-E ' . l r ' ,. I 'Ks n A QI -.4 w . X 5 V ,. I Nw: ifvypfxiyf' -... , A. f - -5-QM,-.,,, - -,Q 4 -- uf 7- ., me , "Q A'- '9- 097 . ' 2 the cincinnati bearcats a noted athletic power ofthe midwest, specialize in home town rivalry. This year, as the Bearcats met the Xavier Musketeers, 28,000 fans packed James Gamble Nippert Memorial Stadium surrounding Carson Field. 5,000 of these viewed the game Q from the recently completed Reed Shank Memorial Pavillion. M. Charles Mileham Bearcat Athletic Director the men who make the game , my was T e s it nf Tension mounts on the bench as Detroit drives deep into hard-wonlfearcat territory. George Blackburn, former Army mentor, finds U C a challenge to anyone's coaching ability. The team-the crowd were eager to win, but Lady Luck frowned. The season found the Bearcats a ehastened crew. Spirit reigned champion. P9 302 Enemy weakness spotted We-5MWmw2HZ346wfWfqyQQ2m5f?QQgM5Hkam ilwmQ5?e5??fm2HmmQSQ2RQfx:xxfJM Jja,fiNZWK A . Y,.Y J. A " , , 1 -' A:'?"f1:r ' ."Q, . .. ,f42.1.:?z1e 'w3?A-rf 4' "S4f.. :'ff - W! eQQ2kEuTF,:Fafaee,44f..v'A f gi2f"e ffy?W i' 4 1 -zv,,:yw4::fQx,:f. :-1 Q , ,. 4 1. We sa wg '4q1,,,,,f.- , 3 , ,s , We .,,, ,,,, 2, H . h,w a.fW , h,,ha.n ,e, ,mir ef 'f 44 wZzf2m" 'fzvfyfn 4: za:J:.,f"ff1T ' WV .- Q ,, , 1 as f -. pus 'Agni' we ,,-f-.'.y,.M-,-4-we6-:wwf-' .Je -f , ,ff .. Q 1.2 ff-,f -1 - " . 1 rf 'h y " W f y? ..f- I Lg.:- ,'g,.:l3h3L 37,116V3y:5'5:QwgQyg1.g:'f - M72-y',4A"ff'iW" 1, sa v' J xi' ' f' ,Qu W' .4 V - -I f l ez: Band salutes UC at Hardin-Simmons game. - h h - as lg eel, coat and tle set revert to warm clothes. Murphy relays to "Blaclcie". New plan ready to be carried in. Page 303 .-I.: 'W-" . I - -1,.N.A,s ,....-,gu.. 1,--A .ii -3, fi, ...Q ""' g ' .:f:Qff',-sei . "h".-'kLl'1. ,m45'vJfw2z. QEEY A' ':""f'F1..m. ' - 'rf--'Q fu?r...f. 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'5 ' ' ifif'?X'7"-' ,f ' ' ff" . "9 'jf"' ',. , 5 -.N P-'. 11n,.i,II 4- . 45110 . . ' 5 . : ' . ' 5 . - ,Y . ' - N 9 23 'af' 46" 3 ' -'ofkfif - - AN' ? X 431, . ' 2-N3:ge v' F sa Q94 .i v f " 'Z MQ f' ' ' ' -' ' +2 ,J 3, J .1- ,as m ' 4 - . -Ng-:.f 1-. fx, aM5f2'2gff 4 R? f' 49- f' I f ' 0 5753202 ' ' 4-. . W T. ' -. . 2 1 f ,tv-rw fx! , ,, , . X ,soya xgfafigy 'bm 'Za' ,, y 35- , ,- M . 1 ' Sgr T., .. -. " ' q :' -, : :..g. . . . , . . . , ,. ..,.. . . ., ' Q 4. ff V , , ig, J , V 1 .N LW A . . b f 5, H4 ,, V. W K 3... f 'ia ,f . 1 . y fy vw s fr 'wir 0' 5 Q Aw - get 1 ' , .t-we ,ammo ,5v ... ..2f' .W vm, ,s ' . 2252 550 5 , ,i e-' - W -'--' V Y- Keiko? fwfr? WW 'W WM-' , .. ' ox A + A 41 , f. .-1-.. -. .-,f fe- We "I+ . . , .. , J f Q f ,gf fY'?sfw4A2:w"0 ' 6 . ,gt ae. - , 1 mga - ..,, gf' . Q W A V We fy, if f K 44' Band ya.. , , 'gf points way to victory against Detroit. .C .5 UC plays host to high school bands. . - a iwrf . . , . - f Z fy. 3 . K , C , A .. t Q 'A i ' We ' f .efbti 0.51 . - - . . " . The people who make the spirit are as much a part of the game as is the team. They give the incentive. They are leaders of spirit. The band's drill corps of co-eds dance to ulstanbulm, snow and fur is the halftime theme at the Miami game The backbone of UC spirit-the Davy Crockett Association from French Hall. Page 305 varsity football Net yds. Aver. 1955 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS TDs. Pts. Miller 399 18 Ad d H Ath v F Ruth 226 0 ik R N Qin P G Niemann 214 I3 2 hh R R gli' RM Mosketti 181 12 MI' J M f G Andreadis 129 12 Maroney 125 12 Gordon 66 0 Wisniewski 61 6 DeWitz 28 0 Woitovicll 210 0 Thompson 1.0 0 Maccioli 0 1 1 Williams 0 6 Att. Comp. Pct. Yds. Murphy 66 30 .455 450 Comchoc 53 24 .453 319 Williams 110 6 600 95 Collins 4 3 750 50 Page 306 it is a rebuilding season marked by Resemblance between the 1954 squad of Sid Gill- man's and the 1955 gridders was minor at best. With only two returning starters and the presence of a new head coach and three new assistants, the season pointed toward rebuilding, especially along the line. Lack of team speed and break-away backs curtailed possibilities for the speedy, wide-open offensive patterns used by Blackburn at Miami, UC, and Army. el Rosa, G. DeWifz, K. Geiser, R. Gordon, J. Green, G. Johnson, P os e i Murphy, M. Neimann, J. Leins, D. Presley, D. Quail, K. ROW I-Delaney, J., Shalosky, W., Hanlon, J., Blackburn, G., Clair, F., Schwarberg, W., Ellis, C. a lack of experienced players and some had breaks George HBlackie7' Blackburn, recognized as one of the top backfield mentors in the game, was the unami- mous choice of the administration, faculty, and boost- ers to succeed Sid Gillman and to continue Cincy's rise among Midwest football powers. As number one aide at Cincinnati from 1949 to 1954- he was ac- quainted with the personnel having developed Mike Murphy and Joe Miller, his top stars of the '55 season. The 1955 season ranked high in thrills, excitement, and close games. The Dayton, Detroit, Wichita, and Miami games would have been wins, were it not for fumbles, pass interceptions, and penalties. Against COP the 'Cats outpassed and outrushed the Tigers but dropped the decision. Lack of defensive speed, apparent in the Hardin-Simmons and Xavier losses, will be the major item on the rebuilding agenda. Kouri, L. Lawson, S. Seomin, R. Maccioli, F. Mcroney, B. McCann, G. McGinley, M. Merritt, M. Rindoni, F. Ruth, G. Thompson, D. Tipton, M. Whipple, D. Williams, W. Wisniewski, G. Woitovich, S. W V .... A Q " ", " 9 - , if p, 4 V ' 'I ' "1 f' " k . - 3054 1 -aJ.'aHiE2gu:' Qfavww if it-" ,1, .ilu '- YF A-.. gl.........--..ui ... .lggl 4 Page 307 1955 CAME RESULTS lf Opponents UC Opponents 1-1 Dayton . . . . 15 0 Det1'0it - - 0 l3 College of Pacific . 27 16 Wicllita - 0 - - 20 0 Xavier , , , , 37 20 Hardin-Sinnnons . . 53 13 Marquette . . 12 -L Miami ---- - E 2 1 Tulsa . . . 21 97 TOTAL 199 F erd Maccioli moves for first down on pass from Murphy as Xavier defenders close in for tackle. three games are dropped Cincinnati took an early lead over Dayton on scoring plunges by Mosketti and Andreadis. Dayton count- ered with runs by Chaney and Smith, adding the extra point after the second score to lead 13-12. A safety added two more points for Dayton and they allowed UC a safety rather than having to punt from their end zone late in the game, thus ensuring a 15-14 Win. Against College of the Pacific the 'Cats played much better ball although losing 27-13. They showed good running ability but were hurt by fum- bles. Murphy and Cornchoc did fine jobs at the helm, gaining 143 yards through the airways. Miller and Wisniewski scored TDs as the 'Cats outgained COP . 1 e 323 to 263 and had a 17-14 edge in the first downs. Speedy Xavier halfback dropped after short gain. Page 308 Q Ferd Maccioli throws a block but power play goes nowhere against the strong Marquette defense. onl marquette is downed Gus De1 Rosa started Cincy on the right foot when he recovered a fumble to derail Xavier's initial drive, but, the Bearcat line could not harness the speedy X hackiield. The alert Muskies capitalized on near- ly every opportunity, using fumbles and interceptions to start TD drives. The Bearcats unable to get rolling, the final score read Xavier 37 - UC O. In their fourth start, the Bearcats hit the win column for the first and only time of the campaign. The narrow margin of Ferd Macciolfs conversion after the second Cincy touchdown stood up to give Cincinnati a 13-12 win. Joe Miller was the UC stand- out,'scoring the winning TD, gaining 108 yards on the ground, and making a timely pass interception. tn'i ,I VH' Hw,'?fVLff ' 3' H t"-. ' Qvitt' r,.i' . - -'sa Footloclf slows Joe Millefs progress. Page 309 L Q :V . 4 ,W rvvvglilt-2 . .23 "?"Q 1 '.::i ,.- , 'N :r.v.,,,,.J5,:,,,,,., R 1 W' 1 ' Nw .Sf Ruth steps out on a long jaunt against Detroit to move Cincinnati out of a deep hole. two well-played tilts result in ties as uc' s hopes rise Bearcats chase speedy Detroit Titan halfback. lnvading Tulsals Skelly Stadium the Bearcats met a team remarkably similar to theirs. Each team used the Army style T formation, the belly series, passed with similar patterns and used comparable defenses. Wlieii the struggle was over the scores also were identical, 21-21. The ,Cats opened fast but were met hy an equally inspired Golden Hurricane squad. The Bearcats scored on a run hy Neimann, a second period 30-yard pass from lVlurphy to Maroney, and another Neimann touchdown plunge in the last period. Page 3l0 Titan caught, down to earth he comes. Detroitis razzle-dazzle offense and UC7s running and passing game Were checked by alert defensive play and untimely penalties. The speedy Titan hacks dominated first half play. A fumble on the Cincy 8 and a pass interception by Barry Maroney in the end zone prevented the Motor City eleven from hitting paydirt. Another Titan drive ended with a missed field goal from the 14. UC missed their best opportun- ity when Murphyls long touchdown pass to Don Pres- ley was called back by a hackfield-in-motion penalty. F ullback caught in pile-up at line of scrimmage. Comchoc and Del Rosa con verge on an HS cowboy back. ,lim Neimann makes a sen- sational grab of a long pass from teammate Comchoc. Against Wichita, the ,Cats opened fast and dominated first half play. Leading at halftime 9-6 on the margin of Ferd lVlaccioli's 17 yard field goal, it looked as if the Bearcats might mar the Shockers' Home- coming, but Murphy Was injured on the first play from scrimmage. Rudy Comchoc played a fine game, completing 13 of 21 aerials. Leroy Hinman domi- nated the second half play as Wichita pulled out a 20-16 win. Again, defensive play proved the 'Cats un- doing. Offensively, the 'Cats had a fine day against HSU, but were overshadowed by the pony hackfleld of the opposition. Cincy lost six fumbles three of which were turned into touchdowns hy the alert Cowboys. Although an exciting game the score ended 53-20. A-hhff. 5 --N ., ,. w..tN 'l,' 'SCEMFQZX L Three on one can be rough Miami rolled into Nippert Stadium with one of the finest records in the nation. Unheaten and untied in their eight games, the Redskins had rolled over Xavier, Dayton, and Northwestern in convincing manner. They needed only a Bearcat scalp to complete its first perfect season since 1921. l I High and low tackles drop Miller at line of scrimmage. For the first three periods the big game was score- less as the Bearcat defense was at its best. However, in the last quarter a Cincy fumble set up the first Miami tally. A pass from Dimitroif to Bliss was good for the score. Later Tirrell Burton cut over tackle for an insurance TD to complete the scoring. uc suffers three more reversals ending with miami. Enemy Redskin tacklers close in as Captain Joe Miller breaks through into the Miami secondary. -fe-'vu-qu-..,au-mfr,-qi ' .:'-walmwwuver-...A W-uv 'fl..-i1n.gL.a:- .mam 4.51 ,,.f a. f, V,-, mfs. xml ROW I-Sillman, J., Pour, D., Evans, P., Boyer, W., Del Rosa, R., Mellmun, E., Hyd J ROW 2 B d Wynn, J., Johnson, G., Davis, J. ROW 3-Huber, H., Crumrine, C., Allison, P. Bl k C L i' L K l1l W R I C B d ll D ROW Tarquinio, R., Strutz, D., Flecn C., Conner, D., Gwyer, D., Wagner, T., W OW 5 B h Alexander, E., Childress, F. Cincinnatfs powerful Bearkittens chalked up their fifth consecutive perfect season, running their win streak to 17 games. Armyls big and rugged plebes gave Bill Schwarbergis and ,lack Delaney's frosh a scare in the opener but the frosh came from behind to eke out a 14-12 win. Marshall proved little opposition as the Kittens prevailed 72-0. Dayton's fledglings tied the score twice but the Kittens won 20-14. VP1 tumbled by the count of 40-13 and the Miami Papooses followed 13-7. I oe Morrison scored the pair of TDS against the Papooses to run his point count to 30, tops on the squad. John Hyder was second with 27, including 15 of 19 points after TD attempts. Chuck Crumhine, third, had 24 points. FRESI-IMEN GAMES RESULTS UC Opponent 14 Army . . . 12 72 Marshall . . 0 210 Dayton - 14 40 V.P.I. . . 13 13 Miami . . 7 TIOWT-Jucker, E., Smith, G. ROW 2-Plunkett, D,, Hood, T., Wheeler, P., Mend enhull, M., Stevens, W., Apke, R., Nickolas, N., Moorman, T., Surface, R., Nimmo, F., Gumperf, J., Ernst, W., Pohlmcn, R., Dierking, C. 1955-56 GAME RESULTS UC Opponent UC Opponent UC Opponent 72 Xavler COT., 79 , , 1 19 Morehead 1 13 107 Pepperdlne 71 89 Rlchmond 60 95 Duquesne 79 109 Tennessee 82 74 Duquesne 52 99 Toledo 74 83 Western Ky. 54 85 Loyola fLa.D 53 74 Western Ky. 85 57 Dayton 66 93 E. Tenn. State 55 . , , 87 Washlngton 81 Lee 57 61 Indlana 80 71 Xavler 66 81 Miami 89 87 De Pauw 58 79 Miami 61 58 Da ton 71 93 virginia 69 86 sf. Louis 104 Z Y , 82 Seton Hall 81 93 St. .Iohn's 78 2034 1737 ,Ioan Mileham and the Nimmo's watch intently . . . Page 3I4 basketball The Armory Fieldhouse Crucial jump in waning moments of Dayton game goes to Paxton 11 Q of the Flyers. IT' ,, ,l,9, A.,,,,, - and cheer winter Page 3I5 Captain Phil Wheeler ties up Pepperdine forward as the Bearcats sail over the Waves 107-71. 'eats start season in high gear with impressive wins. Gumpert dribbles around Tennessee guard. Stevens fakes a pair of volunteer guards. Page 316 For the second consecutive season the Cincy basketball squad ranked among the finest in the nation. Overpower- ing seventeen of twenty-four opponents, the 'Cats averaged 84.8 points per game While holding their foes to a 72.4 average. As in 754-755, all five Bearcat starters averaged over ten points per game. Wheeler, Plunkett, and Nimmo raised their point production over the preceding season, and senior Willie Ernst and sophomore Wayne Stevens crashed double figure averages for the iirst time. "Papa" Plunkett f28j goes high into air as Westerrfs Owen Lawson misses the block. upset twice in one week. Off to a fast start, the 'Cats rolled over their first three opponents in a convincing manner. Wheeler topped the scoring in each game with 31 against Pep- perdine, 30 against Tennessee and 18 against West- ern Ky. However, fortune dipped temporarily as Dayton and Indiana topped the Bearcats. The locals outrehounded the Flyers hut couldn't stop Bill Uhl, giant Flyer center. Cincy could not stop lndiana's Hallie Bryant and thus hit only twenty percent. Phil Wlieeler and Hoosier defender go high, shot goes astray, foul called . . . blocking. Connie Dierking runs into trouble as Dayton Flyers, Jim Palmer and Al Sicking converge. 1.1 Q - ' :mf isinhqiall' 4 Q I it M M. + :.. 5,-x P? QP! fs' . M I v g . f ,1 V, x A if--3 .M 1 ,as 1 'fi 5: 2 ' .J nh S. , X ,, 4 X 7 Y r A Gi Wheeler wrestles Redskin for ball as Dave Plunkett and Wayne Stevens close win streak is run to nine. Top-seeded in the Richmond lnvitational Holiday Tournament, the ,Cats played like champs in rolling over Virginia 93-69, eking out an 82-81 win over previously unbeaten Seton Hall, and downing host Richmond in the finals 89-60. Wheeler, Nimmo, and Plunkett were named on the Richmond Tournament team. Returning to Cincy the hoopmen rolled over undermanned Duquesne, Loyola, East Tennessee, Xa- vier, and Miami before losing to a red hot St. Louis quintet. Next the 'Cats journeyed to New York and handed St. John's their worst loss of the season. Xavier reversed an earlier decision beating UC 79-72 in overtime. High scoring Morehead gave the Cincy spectators a show as the 'Cats nipped the college scoring champs in a 119-113 hard-fought game. The UC quintet rolled over Duquesne 95-79 in Pittsburgh, scoring the most points ever scored on a Duquesne team. ln their remaining five games the Bearcats hit the win column only twice as Western Ky. and Miami reversed earlier losses and Dayton won. a poor finish enrls Oil to a flying start with 79 points in the Hrst three en- counters of the season plus a sensational 37 point per- formance at Madison Square Garden, Phil Wheeler wound up as the seasonis top scorer. In piling up 517 points and becoming the seventh member of the 1000 point club, Phil hit for .462 from the field to set a new record. Jack Twyman set the existing record last year. Willie Ernst and Dave Plunkett set new free throw marks. Ernst bettered Bill Lammertis 1953 record by tossing in 21 straight foul shots. Dave Plunkett hit for .795 percentage from the line to top Bill Westerfield's 1948 record. Wheeler also played the most minutes f887j, had the .most field goals, attempt- ed the most free throws and made the most free throws, although his percentage was not as high as Plunkettls. Sophomore Stevens topped the rebound department. Play- making guard Frank Nimmo was selected to captain next yearls squad. The Flyers of Dayton, the only team to down the Bearcats twice during the season were selected as the best team faced during the season and placed two men, Bill Uhl and Jim Paxton on the 'Cats all-opponent team. The last of a long line Du- quesne greats, Si Green, was selected as the outstanding player faced during the cam- paign and picked on the team. The others on the first team were ,lim McLaughlin of St. Louis and Forest Able of West- ern Kentucky top 44 point man. Page 320 the hoop season with 17-7 record 1955-56 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Player Wheeler Plunkett Ernst Nimmo Stevens Dierking Hood Apke Moorman Gumpert Nicholas Surface Mendenhall Pohlman FGA 390 427 259 292 222 77 57 29 29 42 10 10 8 6 FGM 180 165 112 117 98 27 18 8 10 13 5 4 2 1 Per. 46.2 38.7 43.3 40.1 44.2 35.0 31.6 27.6 34.4 31.0 50.0 40.0 25.0 16.7 FTA FTM 224 7 127 101 90 68 62 42 101 50 52 22 25 16 48 31 17 10 6 4 6 6 4 4 8 3 1 0 Per. 70.0 79.9 75.6 67.7 50.0 43.0 64.0 63.0 60.0 66.7 100.0 100.0 37.9 00.0 RBDS 282 321 148 117 334 139 66 21 22 22 7 6 6 5 Pts. 517 431 292 276 246 76 52 47 30 30 16 12 7 2 Aver 21.5 18.0 12.2 11.5 10.3 Wheeler grabs loose ball as Paxton looks for a place to sit down wmimww Lzu1ff :ff 1 :' f.frw 1-7 - 1. . , 2 rEQW29 il ROW I-Whitaker, B., Heckman, P., Cetrone, D., Machock, C., freshmen basketball FRESHMEN GAME RESULTS UC Opponent 78 Merrell Chemical . 69 Dayton Millet . . 75 Morehead Frosh . 57 Dayton Frosh . 70 National Cash . 56 Sweeney Autos . 73 Block Insurance 68 Aeronca . . . 67 Xavier Frosh . 56 Miami Frosh . 56 Xavier Frosh . 56 Sweeney Autos . 63 E. Ky. St. . . 33 Milling Machine . 80 E. Ky. St. Frosh . 45 Dayton Frosh . 1.052 .li Aff' F I, D. ROW 2-Bierman, T., Hogan, G., Tenwick D N ll R R b ld, C., Jucker, E. C "1 Tom Bierman f29j drives for easy lay-up. 36 50 69 56 73 65 65 53 85 67 60 76 72 64 83 47 1021 Y- - - 'A "-97 - -4-' A---,c-L. ,A .V we- - Q' . k 1,-5,-rev .".f.- . , t g,-1,1 iv 1 're -, V x. -' .1 '. - ' -uw. Q Em M' " an rt I x1 II R I which R 2 as f is . li' . l sir N 2 1 s ? " x .. . 1 ,r' I z 1 ' f - f i L S 1 i 2 l .NA I 4 n 4 N. --un r -. up -..A 1 ROW l-Oplinger, J., Aikins, C., Church, J. ROW 2-Mulloy, E., Rohr, W., Wess, R., Marple, D., Schmidt, C. fencing team The Bearcat fencing team broke even in an eight meet schedule which included Wright-Patterson, the University of Detroit, and two meets each with the University of Indiana, the Dayton Fencing Club and the Cincinnati Fencing Club. Tops on the team was the foil team of Church, Atkins, DeCuna and Oplinger which won all of their matches. The epee 'team of Rohr, Neitman and Marple and the sabre team of lVIulloy, I'Iosom, Wess, Brewer and Schmidt showed much improvement during the season. Since all return next season prospects are very good. rifle team The University of Cincinnati Rifle Team ended the season with a mediocre record. In the Southwestern Ohio Rifle League the Bearcats were able to chalk up one win as against nine reversals. In the South- ern Ohio Intercollegiate Rifle League the UC team finished sixth in the seven team league, defeating only Xavier. The 'Cats were surprised by Xavier 2-l when competing for the Powell and Clement Trophy. Also, they dropped meets to the University of Pittsburgh and University of Indiana. Captain Frosty Whitescarver and Dick Leaver were the top scorers. ROW l-Schroeder, R., Silber, R., Leaver, R., Bowling, G., Richardson, D. ROW 2-Savage, J., Sutherland, W., Hutchinson, E., Phipps, B., Sfille, J. . W' Qs 'CF5'-' iv-v ww W7 "'N ROW I-Scheurer, R., Taylor, D., Hawkins, R. ROW 2-Kirsh, W. fcocchl, Kibler, J., swimming Although the 1955-56 swimming team failed to crash the win column, the coaches, Bill Kirsh and Fred '4Tiny" Pfeiffer, were far from discouraged. Starting from scratch they molded a team which was never outfought nor outclassed although out- scored by wide margins. Every man on the squad was a freshman, green and inexperienced. lf this group of six swimmers can be held together and if new men can be added at weak spots in the line-up, the teaim will be a threat in the next several seasons. Jerry Morgan led the team in the short six meet schedule with 42 points. Other scoring threats include Sherman Atkinson, Sandy Martin, Trent Manausa, Ed Melman and Dick Scheurer. Doug Taylor, Bud Fetter and Stan Silverman did not receive enough meet points to garner var- sity letters but did qualify for freshman awards. Atkinson, S., Martin, S., Pfeiffer, F fcoachl 1955-56 MEET RESULTS UC Opponent 26 Berea . 23 Wittenberg 32 Louisville 33 Indianapoli 40 Kentucky 32 Wayrle . AC U9 baseball sp ri ll g 5 gh Ed Smith smashes a double to deep left field. baseball faces rebuilding. With live regulars and one first-line pitcher gone, the '56 UC diamond squad will have a rugged time matching the records of the past two years. Coach Ed Jucker's main hopes lie in pitchers Willie Ernst and Bill Norris, Catcher Dan Gilbert, second base- man Ron Ott, shortstop Tom Wohlwender and out- iielders J im Neimann, Mike Murphy, Ed Smith, and Conley Amhurgey. First and third base are still open. Captain Willie Ernst with Coach Ed fucker ,fucker points out proper sliding techniquesg catchers learn plate defense. 1955 GAME RESULTS UC Opponent 14 Kenyon . . - 3 1 Carson-Newman . 2 1 Tennessee . . 5 5 Tennessee . . 4 3 Wayne . . 3 4+ Miami . . 0 7 Morehead . 0 18 Wittenbe1'g . . 1 16 Morehead . 0 5 Xavier . . . 1 3 Louisville . . . 0 3 F.. Ky. State . . 2 3 Miami . . . . 7 3 Dayton . . 1 3 Dayton . . 5 12 Bakalar AF . . 3 7 Louisville . 3 rugged foes to he faced. The 1956 schedule includes a four game southern trip through Georgia and Florida to play Rollins College, Stetson University and Florida State. The remaining fourteen games are against traditional midwestern opponents and include several home series with Xavier, Dayton, Miami, Morehead and Louisville, and a game at Crosley Field with Pur- due. Wittenherg and Hillsdale complete the year. ROW I-OH, R., Neimann, J., Schuehler, C., Wray, W., Ernst, W., Smith, E., Wil Ken Schuchter nails Morehead runner at first son, D., Gilbert, D. ROW 2-Jucker, E. fcoachj, Ring, K., Wohlwender, T., Wht uker, W., Brody, F. AH' A., Huesman, P., Schroeder, T. ROW 3-Deller, R., Arbaugh, J., Ble h R., Biedenger, R Fischer, AT., Atkinson, A., Broun, J., Crow, W ar 1 fa -6 ' ' 'ii re n, :aa ' ' A 1 "RW'i7'P4:. .g1xa,f-,.,,.QMW High jumping looks easy Stevens-style as sophomore aims for record set last year by Bob Crawford. trackmen have one good performer in each event but Nine returning lettermen, augmented hy a classy looking group of newcomers, brighten the picture somewhat for the Bearcat track team. The Cincin- nati thinclads lack depth but appear to have at least one capable performer in each event. Heading the squad are distance runner Lee Saylor, weightman Karl Mohaupt, and dashman George Ruth, three consistant pointmakers during last yearis season. Wayne Stevens soars through air Other veterans include pole vaulter Jack Culbert- son, discus thrower Dave Leins, high jumper Bon James, and Charles Parrot, a high jumper and hroad jumper. Newcomers include Wayne Stevens, a high jumper and dashman, and Bill Roth, a high jumper and pole vaulter. The seven meet schedule in- cludes the Ohio State Relays, Ohio Wesleyan, Denison, Butler, Morehead, Hanover, and Kentucky. in effort to top 30-year-old broad jump record. ...,. .. . .. ,. ,, .. ,.,,.... , . .,, . K, . .-.,... ,...,-.,..-.,.....,,, ,,,......... ...A---, Page 326 Q . 75 63 1,f3 so 70 516 ich. 70 Pole vaulter Bull Roth clears bar easily as track hopes ruse to new heights 1955 TENNIS RESULTS UC Opponent 2 WiSCOHSill . . 7 Slit, 7 Toledo . . 0 mn 0 Indiana . . 9 9 Marshall . . . . 0 4 W'rigl1t-Patterson . . 3 9 Dayton .... . 0 7 Wriglit-Pattersoli . . 5 9 Xavier .... . 0 2 Notre Dame . . . 7 0 Kalamazoo . . . . 9 Western Michigan . . 9 Kentucky . . . . 1 9 Xavier . . 0 5 Purdue . . 4 2 Miami . . 7 Captain Harry Lambert and new coach F ogleman 8 Wabash . 1 uc tennis prospects look bright as lettermen return. ROW I-Hadley, W., Holzman, W,, Roehr, R., Beier, K. ROW 2-Lambert, H., Gosiger, P., Froelich, J., Qucsley, T., Fogleman, H. Icocchj " 'T EE L WHS 72.94 ' 2 'is"l'a:- fe' I l f 2 ... '-:- N , bf' --is-at f A . W ewifffft 7 X um m 3 li - .4 . ,1 . f . M' QU HDQSEHQI I Viale? V Y in xxx D ." P'53'n 7-" II me 5? IIIQBE I 4 U ' , J " DIME' gsm 4-if " . 733 " ' FP' L X, - f ' 'Iggy " I 5' V ...zz H1555 x ' . A ,- ,.., . Tom Qualey takes volley near net as partner, Captain Harry Lambert, watches ball intently. new coach is optimistic. With four lettermen returning and two fine sopho- more prospects on hand, the Bearcat netters may develop into one of the school's finest teams. The new coach, Harry Fogleman, has a rugged 21-match schedule lined up beginning with West Michigan and Notre Dame, two of the midWest's iinest squads. Bill Hadley, last year's number one man, is back. ,lim Froelich, Wally Holzman, and Paul Cosiger are battling for the number two position. Tom Qualey and captain Harry Lambert figure to round out the re- maining positions. The 21 match schedule includes a southern tour through Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia as well as traditional midwest net opponents. tenn,lS Top UC singles ace is letterman Bill Hadley. Page 329 -0.5 5 gi- ROW I-Federle, L., Hall, J., Jump, R., Schwclrberg, W. lcoclchl, Strclley, D., Ziegler, J,, Gialdini, R. 1955 GOLF RESULTS UC Opponent . 9V2 Bowling Green . golf team 5 Miami . . . 11V2 Xavier . . . 2V M 11 ll . Captain Lee Federle, J im Hall, Denny Straley, and 315 Kgllguiky . Craig Borneman return from last year to form the 9 Xavier , , nucleus of what should he a top-notch Bearcat team. 22 Dayton . Freshmen, Tom Jackson, '55 Cincy Caddie Champ, 12:5 Xafvief' - and Dick Smith Will probably round out the top six 11,7 lfglang ll' ' vvith ,l oe Ziegler and ,l oe Class also battling lor start- 615 Kglliuiky mg positions. Eleven rugged spring meets W1th near- 71f2 Dayton . by midwestern and southern foes have been scheduled. 12 Hanover Bill schwm-berg with Federle and Hall Ziegler holds the flag . 8V2 . 16 9V2 5V2 . 11V2 6. 5 . 8.V2 . 13112 6Vz . 20V2 . 19V2 9 as S traley putts. sailing club Each spring and fall the University of Cincinnati Sailing Club sets sail in the quest for more trophies for its rapidly growing collection. Now ranked among the finest teams in the midwest, Cincy partici- pates in the numerous intercollegiate contests held throughout the area and those held on Lake Cowan, home of the Cincy sailors. The club, headed by com- modore .lack Wootten and vice commodore Jerry Comklin, now own four penguin dinghies which were reconditioned by the club members for the spring season. The spring season includes nine meets. A strong breeze, and a good boat blend into a smooth ride over Lake Cowan, UC sailing home. ROW I-Abt, M., Schueneman, S., Rohrnan, D., Kent, S., Pike, P., Turner, D., Wurzelbocher, G. ROW 2-Christmon, J., Workman, L., Finnie, S., Mitchell, J., Lung M., Stretch, J., Fischer, J., Slater, A., Goeke, M. ROW 3-Dunokin, P., Bishop, E., Abrose, J., Feldman, G., Conklin, J., Kent, D., Wootton, J., Knighton, C Adams, R. , . I H -. Aliih. Page 33I 1 I fr, Bill Schwarberg Intramural Director intramurals ,ifrizii A, . if-4.2 1 H' 1' ROW I-Wootton, J., Borcherding, J., Grant, B. lntramurals provide non-varsity athletes with an oppor- tunity to perform their special talents. By offering a Well rounded group of sports in which any organized group: fraternity, departmental, or independent may compete many men are drawn into the athletic program. The sports range from football to billiards and badminton in an effort to attract any interested students. The scheduling is ar- ranged by Bill Sehwarberg and the intramural managers. Tom Gillespie, four time table tennis champ, chops back ,lack Borcherding's forehand drive. mrvmzW,z4vrewrxm SAE's football champs pose after 18-7 win over Beta in finals. 1955 INTRAMURAL STANDINGS Team Points 1 . Theta Chi 558 2. Sigma Chi 485.5 3. Phi Delta Theta 438 4. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 348 5. Beta Theta Pi 347 6. Pi Kappa Alpha 226.5 7. Sigma Alpha Mu 207.5 8. Alpha Tau Omega 176.5 9. Triangle 173.5 10. Lambda Chi Alpha 166.5 Theta Chi shot blocked as YMCA rolls along toward title. U -er ' Page 333 C7 3 f 5 A I X JJ 9 Hg? A g? hx ' ' f X X . ly. ,, 5 ROW I--Polster, J., Meyer, M., Chapman, N., Rawnsley, M. L., Scholler, G., Bryant, N., Reifzes, J., Sigler, P. ROW 2-McCaslin, N., B w M St y M C f fenden, Y., Grover, D., Yamaguchi, T., Bidlingmeyer, D., Mueller, N. ROW 3-Riften, B., Parris, E., Minella, P., Moore, M., Powell, T R P S H f ld K Ackermann, M., Gusweiler, M. ROW 4-Mueller, J., Ake, D., Jacobs, A., Logan, M., Durban, A., Morrell, M., Schulte, E., Davis, Z. womenis athletic association The Womenis Athletic Association has completed another successful year. Under the capable leader- ship of president Georgene Scholler, vice president Nita Bryant, corresponding secretary Janice Beitzes and recording secretary Margie Meyer, the busy program has been efficiently handled. Starting in October and running through to the May banquet the program offers a dozen sports to the women on campus. Each sport is governed by a student man- ager and an advisor. At the close of each season awards are presented and the honor team for each sport announced. Co-recreational volleyball provides a link to the men,s intramural program as frater- nities and sororities combine forces in weekly con- tests. HSpeedway to Sports", the playday on March 24, was attended by over 300 women from schools in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Advisor Nancy Sweet and chairman Margie Meyer headed the multi-sport program which included an exhibition by the fencing team and a basketball thriller in which Kentucky edged Miami 37 to 35. The traditional WAA banquet closed the year's activities with presentations to the outstanding teams and individual performers. Page 334 FIRST SEASON Hockey Volleyball Badminton Riding Dance Club Penguin Club SECOND SEASON Volleyball Basketball Bowling Fencing THIRD SEASON Swimming Rifle Softball Tennis Golf Feminine fencers sharpen fine points of their games as second season approaches Penguin Club performs aquatic skills with a series of ballet legs formations. ,lump ball starts action in basketball popular second , season sp ..- - editor, s note The ojice is empty except for three of us pecking away on our last-minute copy for the final deadline. The end in sight we sit back for a moment and remember just who has put out the book: the editors who have given each Monday and Thursday and many other nights when the need was there, the staj' without whom we could not function, and the people who make our book. We remember the almost hundreds of letters and phone calls to Indeco and the night Russ Benson talked to the staff We remember working late at Powell and White's and how relieved we were when we sent our final cover to Jack Bundy of S. K. Smith. And all the time we knew we could depend on Whit for the best in photography. And I, as editor, remember how much each one has given in order to make this book a record for you, the student. Now the book belongs to you. index of advertisers Arclon Service, 35l Barn Restaurant and Cate, 358 Benson, Judd C., 345 Big Sixty, 344 Busy Bee Restaurant Lounge, 352 Carl Carlson Photography, 354 Castle Farm, 352 Cedar Hills Farms lnc., 356 Cincinnati and Suburban Bell Telephone Co., 348 Cincinnati Real Estate Board, 344 Coney island, 343 Crocker-Fels Co., 346 Crosley-Bendix, 364 Crosley-Bendix, 360 Empress Chili Parlor, 342 First National Banlr, 343 Index A2 Advertisin index of advertisers administration index Frisch's Restaurants, lnc., 346 Greiwe, lnc., 347 Gusweiler's Pontiac, lnc., 352 Hathaway Stamp Co., 352 Hilton-Davis Chemical Co., 346 Hotel Metropole, 354 lndeco, 340 International Business Machines, 352 Lance's 352 Louis the Florist, 35l Miller, Chas. A., Sons Funeral Home, 357 Pasquale's Pizza, 358 Powell and White, 34l Queen City Chevrolet, 347 Reliable Savings and Loan Co., 347 Richter Concrete Corporation Transter Co., 358 organizations index student index Sealtest, 348 Shipley's, 350 song shop, 343 State Mutual Lite A ssur ance Co., 346 Stiers Pharmacy, 343 Student Union Bookstore, 350 The Toddle House, 357 Thomson Bros. Cadillac, Inc., 342 UC Dining Halls, 356 Valley Shop-In, 359 Veranda, 354 visconn Kinney, 355 vofdenbefg chevmia co., 357 Wochers, 35l W. R. Whittelcer, 358 W S A l, 350 Page 337 Acacia 256 administration index Abele, Col. R. W., p. 198 Adams, Capf. D. W., p. 198 Arnold, Mrs. E. M., p. 198 Barbour, George, B., p. 70 Barger, TfSgf. F., p. 198 Barringer, Capf. F. A., p.l93 Barrow, Roscoe, L., p. 56 Beckman, Mf5gf. A- P-1 P- 199 Benfley, Capf. G., p. 198, 199. 200 Bereskin, Alexander B., p. 166 Bird, Francis, H., p. 134 Bishop, Roberf, W., p. 50, 187, 211, 205, 213 Blackburn, Gus, p. 302, 307 Bockman, MfSgf. K. 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M. C. A. 247 Y. C. A. 246 Zefa Tau Alpha 263 A Abboll, Douglas, 296 Aberman, Dorolhy, I IS, I88, 20l, 206, 2I4, 222. 24l. 242 Abral, Miriam, IIB, 29I Abrose, J., 33l Abi, Mary, 33I Ackerman, Mary, 262, 334 Adams, Barbara, I24, 253 Adams, D., 282 Adams, Roberf, 33I Addis, Adra, 256 Adelsperger, R., I99, 272, I3l Adlard, Edward, I24 Adriansen, John, 282 Adrien, Evan, lOl, I74, I86, I92 Affleck, Joan, 26l Ahlenslorf, Lois, 252 Ahrens, Deborah, 24, 26l Ake, Donna, 226, 257, 334, 335 Alsbaugh, Arden, 266 Aleers, Frederick, 266 Albers, Thomas, 274 Albrechr, Richard, I62, I63 Albu, Vicki, I97, 263 Alexander, Charles, 267 Alexander, D., 282 Baneih, ilrvin, IOI Banfield, Carolyn, 206, Ill, 237, 245 Barber, Mary, 29I Barcaskey, James, 274 Barker, Beverly, 258 Barker, Kennelh, 234, 27l Barkocy, Andrew, 8l, I62, I65 Barloh, Mary, I49, I74, 2l3, 252 Barnes, BeH'y, II7, 260 Barner, Bianca, l05, II8 Barnes, Sherry, 95, 257 Baron, Slanley, IO6 Barone, James, 270 Barr, F., 232 Barr, J ames, 234 BarreH', G., 244 BarreI"r, Donald, 272 Barrell, Mary, 95 Barry, John, 79, 270 Barron, Frank, 270 Bashiord, Wilkes, I46 Bass, Irvin, 82 Baslian, Donald, I 63 Bauer, Carl, 234 Bauer, Jean, Ill Bauer, Phillip, IOI Bough, Roberf, 282 Bauman, Ann, III, 257 Alexander, James, I63 Alexander, Nancy, 256 Alexander, Nancy L., 258 Allarl, David, 237 Allen, David, I69, 283 Allen, Donald, 34, l3I, I86, 272 Allen, James, 270 Allen, Pauline, ll8 Allen, Ralph, I48, 226 Allen, Richard, I69, 283 Allend er, James, I24 AllsI'aI'I', Joanne, ll I Al'I'er, M., 242 Amand, Bruce, I74, I86, l92 Anderson, Helena, 26l Anderson, Judy, 258 Anderson, Nancy, 26l Anderson, Sonia, IIB Andres, Mabel, 29I Anneken, Edward, IOI Anfon, Soul, I24, I3l Brenf, Edward, 200, 264, 268 Aplin, Kenneih, 282 Apseloff, Lois, 242 Arbaugh, James, 282 Archard, Gerald, 264, 272 Archibald, Charles, I90, I95 Arganbrighl, Nancy, 234, 237, 29I Armslead, Mariha, 335 Arnold, Linda, 220, 262 Arnold, Lynn, I96, 220, 244 Arnold, Philip, 27l Aron, A., 242 Arler, Gerald, 274 Assing, Mary, I97 Aikinson, Andrews, I69, 296, 27l Aukerman, Ann, 95 Aukerman, Gerald, 295, 296 Auslin, Frank, 234 Aus'l'in, Myron, I3l, I24 Avey, I88, 2l4, 256 B Bachmann, Gayle, 263 Bailey, James, I32, I33 Bailey, Linda, 253 Bailey, Mary, 254 Baker, Baker, Lois, 29I, I88 M. A., 244 Balliei, Lee, 283 Ballau, Arihur, 266 Baxler, Mary, 89, 2IO, 256 Beahr, R., l3l Beam, Bruce, I99 Beavers, Sallie, 258 Beck. Don, 267 Beckenhaupi, Carol, 263 Becker, Mary, lO5 Bedford, Jo Anne, 95 Beels, Rodney, 228 Behrens, Alfred, 273 Behrman, Roland, 234 Beisel, Charles, I48 Bell, Ralph, 28l Bell, Sue, l05 Bender, Rober'l', l0l Benham, Donald, 295 Benner, Elizabel-h, 246, 255 Benson, Janel, 252 Benson, Wayne, I32, I33 Benlly, G., I96, 200 Berger, Edward, 273 Bergfeld, Richard, 295 Berkmyer, Lois, 234 Berman, Paul, lOl Bernard, Joan, I24 Bernens, Thomas, I99 Berning, Carol, I97, 262 Bernslorff, Frih, 8l Berry, Kennelh, 268 Berrke, Anne, 256 Berlke, ArI'hur, I67 Berlsch, William, I47, 232, 234 Be'I'hel, Richard, Ill Belscher, Charles, I94, 283 Beverly, BenneI"I', 283 Bevingion, Richard, I63 Bhame, Carl, 283 Bice, Dixie, 26l Bicknell, Lysbe'I'h, IIB Bidlingmeyer, V., 335, 26l Bidlingmeyer, Do'H'i, l88, I90, 2I4, 26l, 334 Biedinger, Richard, 282 Bigelow, Billie, 95, 97. I75. l85, I90, 260 Bigelow, Eleanor, 97, 260 Bigler, Kennerh, 245 Binzer, Richard, I32 Birk, Pafricia, 262 Bishop, E., 333 Bishop, Raymond, I86, 2I3 Bilsofi, Gloria, 252. 335 Black. Renee, III, l85, 206, 239, 29I Blair, Carol, 252 Blair, Pairicia, 252 Blake, Charles, 268 Blaney, Barbara, 252, 29I Blankinship, R., 2BI Blincoe, John, I65, I90, 278 Bloodgood, Caryl, IIB, I88, 206, 250, 260 Blosser, Denver, 282, 295 Blough, Linda, Ill, 29I Blueslein, Venus, II2 Board, Thomas, 268 Boase, Ronald, I99 Bockelman, William. IOI, I07 Bockhorsr, Claire, 255 Bode, David, 273 Bodensiein, Eugene, I65, 232 Boebinger, John, 245 Boerger, Jeanne, II2, 262 Bohlander, E. A., 258 Bolce, Earle, 278 Bolenbaugh, Barbara, I32, l88, 26l Bolling, David, 296 Bone, Kendall, 244 Boorh, John, 200, 244 Borcherding, Jack, I86, 282, 332 Bordas, Edward, 282 Borgo, Philip, I62, I65 Bornhorsi, David 274 Bornhorsfr, Joseph, 274 Boslyan, Richard, BI BoI"Is, Charles, I69 Bowen, David, 29I Bowers, Suzanne, 234, 263 Bowers, William, 244 Bowling, Guylyn, 200 Bowling, Leonard, I47 Bowman, Carole,'26I Bowser, Clarence, 273 Boyer, Margarel, 258 Boyle, Jerry, 267 Boyle, William, I97 Braden, Herber-I, 268 Bradley, Barbara, 95. 250, 257 Bradner, George, I45, I90, I95, 272 Bradshaw, Jean, II2, ll8 Bradl, Nancy, 234 Brahn, J., Il8 Brammer, Don, 283 Brannaman, Jo, 97 Bralfish, Sylvia, 79, 246, 263 BraH'en, Thomas, 27l BraH'on, Roberl, 200 Brav, Harrief, I32 Braverman, Julius, 242 Bredemeier, Ronald, l3l, I24 Breclenbeck, Herman, 28I Brefeld, Carol, 260 Brehm, Edward, 200 Brelih, William, 266 Brendlinger, Joy, 259 Brennecke, Norman, I97 Brennemann, Florence, 89, 9I, I88 Brewer, John, 272 Breyley, Don, 283 Bricker, Dan, I48, 2l8 Brickler, Jacquelyn, 95 Briggs, N., 97 Briggs, William, 89 Brill, Gene, 245 Brill, Rulh, IIB, 257 Brink, JudiI'h, 249, 252 Brinkley, John, 270 Brinkman, John, I62, I64 Brisfow, Deborah, 256 Brillon, William, 268 student index Brod'I', Brogd Allen, 232, 234 on, Charles, I45, I75, I86, I90, I92, 204, 205. 273 Brogno, Augus'I', 274 Brombaugh, 237, 296 Broughlon, Conslance, I l2, 245 Brown Brown , Cloyce, 296 , Margie, 256 Brown, Maria, 258 Brown, R., 272 Brown, Thomas, Bl, I99, 200 Brown, Troy, I32 Brown, WalI'er, I48 Brown, William, I24 Browne, Marilyn, 255, 334, 335 Broxon, Roberf, 270 Brucher, Jack, 273 Bruckmann, James, 240, 24l, 272 Brune, Edward, 264, 278 Bruning, Kennelh, 282 Brunner, Carl, I62, I64, 27l Brunner, Marilyn, I26, l75, I85, 2I0, 239, 24l, 246, 258 Bryan, Morgan, 267 Bryanl, Donald, 266 Bryan'I, John, 296 Bryanl, Nila, II2, IIB, I76, IB5, I90, 204, 206, 2I0, 334 Bucheif, Gerald, 268 Bucheri, Ronald, I26 Buchold, Irlene, 255 Buchwolder, Roberl, 274 Buck, Barbara, I49, 252, 258 Buck, Barbara, L., 252 Budoi, Sieve, 247, 267 Budig, OIIO, I76, l92, 230 Buehler, Roberl, I69, 283 Bueler, Richard, I69, 283 Bufe, O'l"l0, I64, 237, 24I Bunk, Alber'I', 273 Burderle, Alan, 266 Burgasser, Joan, I32, 262 Burgener, Willis, 283 Burke, Marilyn, 252, 220 Burke, Sharon, 253 Burke, Thomas, 230 Burkholz, Gail , 237 Burky, Roberr, 63 Burley, David, I26 Burley, Linda, 220, 255 Burns, Marlin, I32, I33, I26 Burris, Roberl, I26, 272 Burlon, Philip, 63 Busch, Jane, 263 Busch, LyneH'e, 29I Bush, Norma, II8, 244 Bushhorn, Ronald, I03 Busser, Mary, 255, 335 Builer, Thomas, 273 Bulz, S'I'ewar'l, 268 C Cabell, William, 28l Caddell, Virginia, 237 Cahill, John, I64, 278 Cain, Gene, II2 Caldwell, Ellen, 256 caley, David, 237, 272 Campbell, Richard, 2l3 Campbell, William, II2 Cardy, Roberr, 270 Carey, Karhleen, 35, I99, 200 20I, 257 Carmack, John, I26 Carpenler, Judy, 26l Carr, Berlram, I48 lconlinuedl Page 339 BRQYHVIHQS W ms hm INDIANAPOLIS ENG 222 EAST OHIO sneer 'INDIANAPOLIS 6, INDIANA Page 340 IlDIlDK5YIElLIL RWM lI'Il'IE 5 ESTABLISHEDIBQQ -4610 U-amnwwrlaraga EI -4611 -TAWSQZ Wu -I - , lv 409 YORK STREET Alf'-li CINCINNATI 14, o. PRINTERS OF 1955 EINUINNATIAN IIOIIISOII BROTHERS ,,'f"3"1'.- ro 1 i ff fc mm lla ' 0 mmgacif g X577 , -- f3,f Gmc-D If . Wyyp , .M,.46Q,bm-g,5Y7gf,1l,. 2'-L QS 1 22' - k A-I. - ..... .1-n15f"7-H"4463Ifc.u-, Lllifl. .ziggy 1231! ---4- .,.... 4:51 QQffi5if.7fiQi5zg? I -f-' , - sw- , ' .. ffl-,-,,.- - - - - - 5 .,4..-.-.-.:,:.,.E:2:E1511I-212-2-'-2:2:Y:1:1:5 M 'ur ' ' '--- --.-:.3.:f,- --.. sy 1 '- T- J.. WW 2,5 vi 524. f -, ---- . -. .-.-.'--.-.-.- -.-.-.1-1-:f -.-.-.1.:.:-z-:-1-:sim+:45,:1:3:2:5?'i2 I 'A c-xffyfkg-294,55 I- SSQUI,-55M-3. -23514 '-xx-f'3g', :z:i':11.-:'5111f'?s4"-17.2'EYTYYZff'2t-wif:-:ffvfff-,5fSn---fi 'EQ 4g'rox,Iy.9j'.-ggjgj 1195515 ' 'Ig-,.'e ,. g5 'fi "I ---' 5?' g3iiiff,,""' " "--5,4g3,,,11'-LJ'-fif' - 1 .EN . 1,41 : V- " f I ' , ...fffff . . i- - 1 -. , .. 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"' 11 .is " " " -'-- 'wx . ..Z I, .-11r.,f:::'1'.4 ' f-'-- -LQ-'--T -i'f:'L-A ,, " ' .... ,::.'-.---.e-LHP'-f-:.-2 -"' -'1'5f'3"Tr"" "iii ,,,,'j41.x -' ------ .. A ..,- -A --A- . ,. ,-,,,, ,,1,,., . ... -WH-:: 1 - -- 2820 GILBERT AVENUE CINCINNATI Page 342 PRESS CIIILI 44 E. FIFTH STRE CII 1-9472 Catering to ororities and Fraternities Carr, Donald, 234 Carr, James, 63 Carr, Joanne, 95 Carr, Michael, 273 CoIle'He, William, 89 Collins, J., 282 Collins, James, 200 Collins, Roberf, 296 Carroll, Alf, 237, 282 Carroll, Mark, 63 Carson, Ann, 95, 97 Casey, Virgilee, 2II, 252, 29l Cass, William, 63 Cassini, Augusi, 63 Casieel, Marcella, 257 Casior, Donald, 272 Caiiller, John, 267 Caio, Jerry, l32 Chace, Laura, 256 Chadburn, J., I90 Chadburn, James, 270 Chalfin, Richard, I95, 220 Chan, Weng, I26, 283 Chaney, Phyllis, 252 Chapman, David, I96, 237 Chapman, Nancy, II2, 255, 334, 335 Chappell, Rowena, 257 Chesley, Sianley, 79, l95 Childs, Connie, 252 Chiodi, Anihony, 274 Chrisiman, Judiih, I26, I32, 2II, 286, 333 Chrisiy, George, l26 Claggeii, Larry, 200 Clapsaddle, Pai, 244, 29l Clark, Arihur, l32, l95, 220 Comer, Mary, 263 24I, 273 Clark, Jack, 264, 273 Clark, James F., 268 Clark, Janice, 255 Clark, Peggy, II8 Clark, Roberi, 245 Clark, William T., 278 Claussen, Sally, 26l Clayion, Clayfon Mary, II2, ne, 253 L., 244 Clayion, Paul, I26, l30, 204, 230 Clayion, Roberi L., I3l, I26, 244 Clorius, Doroihy, 8l, 257, 29I Cobb, Richard, 282 Coffin, S., 237 Coffin, Susan, BI Cogliana, Mary, 253 Cohen, Phyllis, 8I, 222, 242 Cohn, Alvin, I76, I86, 204, 205 Colberi, Vivian, II2 Colclaser, Roy, 234 Colclaser, Roberi, I62, I66, I67, 232 Colcough, Virginia, 26l Cole, Thomas, 270 Comerford, Cynihia, 95, 255 Conboy, Nancy, 263 P Conclorodis, Anesiis, l45, I76, I86, I92, I94, 200 Cone, Eleanor, I49, 249, 257 Conkel, Ronald, 200, 296 Conklin, James, 270, 333 Conlon, Ralph, I97 Coogan, James, 264, 270 Cook, Carol, 234 Cook, Kaiherine, 256 Cook, Kenne+h, II2 Cook, Richard, I67 Cooper, David, 268 Cooper, Roberf, 34, 282 Corneir, Beisy, 257 Cors, Allen, 82, 278 Cory, Roberf, I69, 286 Cosiello, Samuel, 274 CoH'ier, Aniia, 9I, 263 Coiiingham, Barbara, I9O Cox, Don, I30, 230 Cox, Lamar, I66, I67 Coyle, Roberi, 264, 270 Crabill, Byron, 237, 24I, 28l Craig, Judy, 222, 257 Craig, Ronald, 283 Crefors, Cynfhia, l32, 258 Crisi, Douglas, I26, I3I Crifienden, Yvonne, II2, II8, 334 Crooks, Alan, I26 Crosby, Roberi, I67 CroH'y, Marilyn, 260 Crow, Walier, 266 Crowe, Kaihleen, II8 Crumrine, Charles, 278 Cubbison, Gary, ZSI Cullen, Joy, 252 Cummings, Emily, 252 Cupper-I, Joyce, 2II Cuppy, Burville, 237, 272 Cusano, Rosa, 234, 263 Cusick, Marianna, 260 Cufshall, Roberi, I62, I66 Czoer, Janel', 252 Currens, Nancy, lI8, 250, 255 Curiis, Anna, 255 D Daiber, Eric, I47, 27I Dallis, Elaine, 262 Dallow, Judiih, 234 Damron, John, 90 Icon+inuedi For Your Summertime Dancing Pleasure . . CONEY ISLA D ojfers the finest dance bands in the land in MOONLITE GARDENS Swim . Ride . . Dine . Play STIEIPS PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Ludlow and Clifton Aves. UN. 1-1662 - 1-1663 Cincinnati, Ohio RECORDS - SHEET MUSIC GREETING CARDS Photos 4 for 254 SONG SHOP 34-36 E. Fifth St. On Fountain Sq. Serving Greezrer ereeerereerfe .fence 1863 THE NIIT UNAI BANK UF CINCINNATI I3 Convenient Offices All Over Town Member Federal Reeerve Syfiem ami Feeierezl Deposit Imzeremee Corporezrion Page 343 lt's a delicious , :,, .. g, u 5 ,, .v.:iA: Q .,,.g. x x B I G s I XTY" The Most Improved DouhlefDeclcer Hamburger Compare The Difference! sixil sggQ,,Q,,sggpvs, Inc. lllEALT1lIlS ' ' N Every REALTOR is a business man-a good business man or he wouldn'f be allowed fo use fhe professional fifle of REALTOR. Nafurally he's in business fo malce a profif buf -he places service fo his clienfs above and before profif. Service Before Profifl A real esfafe man musf make fhaf pledge before he can be a REALTOR. And he lives up fo if nof only be- cause fhe rules governing REALTORS are enforced, buf because in fhe long run, if's a good business fo pracfice. A good business pracfice for you is fo place your real esfafe affairs in fhe hands of a REALTOR, because a REALTOR musf have experience, abilify, infegrify, and follow a golden rule code of business efhics. When you make sure your Real Esfafe man is a REALTOR you are malcing sure of complefe safisfacfion. Look for REALTOR in classified ads, in fhe phone boolc and on business sfafionery. CINCINNATI REAL ESTATE BOARD dy Mercanfile Library Building 4l4 Walnuf Sf. MA ' Cincinnafi, Ohio l-I l I3 of . 3 Refffffm A Page 344 Daniels, Richard. 200, 2l8, 247 Donner, Paul, 228 Darbaher, Pafricia, 252 Darling, Walfer, 282 Darling, Mary, 29l Darlingfon, Jaclcie, 254 Darsf, John, 296 Daffillo, Thresa, 9l Dauer, Jerald, 282 Davis, Faifh, 239, 240, 25B Davis, Fredericlr, 239 Davis, Janef, 258 Davis, Paffy, 244 Davis Richard, 93 Davis Roberf, 270 Davis Davis Roberf, H., 27I Zelda I49 l88 206 257, 29l, 334 Dawson, James, 268 Dawson, Margo, 262 Dawson, William, 94 Daymon, Marie, 255 Dayfon, William, 266 Deal, James, l0l Debrunner, Louis, I96, 234 Decamp, Suzanne, 260 Decamp, Vonnie, 260 DeCorps, Marilyn, 32, 95 Deddens, Thomas, l48, 274 Deelcs, Beverly, 256 Deis, Frederick, 28l Deisfer, Janef, 2l I, 2l4, 252 Deifers, Judy, ll8 Deloughery, M. A., 96 Demalce, Cleo, 263 Demello, Anfhony, 282 Denlinger, William, I65, I66 Denman, Sfephen, 28I Denning, Charlene, II8, 234, 253 Dernlan, Roberf, 63 Depoufiloff, H., 97 Deffmer, John, I66, I67, 268, 274 Devanney, L. J., 98, I64, I97 Devore, Diane, 255 Devore, Judy, 255 Dewees, Thomas, 273 Dewifz, Keifh, 273 Diclcason, John, 282 Diclrey, Richard, 63 Diclcman, Donald, 264 Dieclrmann, Susan, 26l Dieringer, William, I67 Dilley, Pafricia, II2 Dingilian, Lucille, 8l, 226 Dinnie, Jacquelin, 26I Diserens, Charlene, 237 Difmyer, Paul, 63 Di+uIlio, Sylvia, 263 Dixon, Alberf, 274 Dixon, Pauline, 237, 287 Doell, William, Bl, 222, 27l Doench, Marfha, I26, I32, 250 Doherfy, William, 278 Dolbeer, William, I67 Donahue, Gary, 266 Doner, Rufh, 97 Donlye, Paul, 278 Donnelly, Kafhleen, 263, 335 Doran, Beffy, ll8, 257 Dorger, Richard, 63, II2 Dornbusch, Sylvia, 257 Dorsey, Roberf, I26, I3l, 229 Doud, James, 270 Douglas, Bruce, 272 Dowd, Pafricia, 250, 262 Doyle, Barbara, ll2, 262 Drach, Paul Drach, Jean, 224 Dragul, Paul, I0l, I03 Drake, Laurie, 226 Dransfield, Norma, 95, 97 Drexelius, R., 63 Dreyer, Daniel, 273 Dreyer, Rudolph, 264, 266 Drill, Edwin, IO6 Drohan, Diane, 256 Duclcworfh, Helen, 95, 97, I66, 204, 205 Due, David, l0l Duerigen, Roberf, 245 Duhlmeier, Marella, 264 Dula, Marian, II2 Dulane, Wesley, IO9, 28I Dunslxin, Paul, 333 Duncan, Elizabefh, l30, I32, 239, 246, 255 Duncan, Pafricia, 234 Dundon, John, 273 Dunham, Roberf, 220 Dunn, Thomas, 273 Dunnie, James, 266 Durban, Arline, 334, 335 Dury, Roberf, 268 Dufeil, Jaclr, 234, 282 Dydynslri, Joseph, 284 E Eagen, Mary, 262 Eberhardf, Doris, I32, 2l4, 254 Eclrelmann, Ronald, I6l, 224, 283 Eclrerf, Kafherine, II2, 262 Eclcerf, Nancy, 257 Edlin, Alberf, l0l, I03, l06 Egged, Eunice, 89, 9l, I90, 204, 29l Eggerding, M., 24l Egner, George, 257, l48 Ehrharf, Kennefh, I47 Ehrnschwender, Rufh, II2, 225 Eich, Rolla, lOl Eimermacher, Helen, 252 Eisenhauer, William, I67, 274 Elder, Jane, 246, 263 Elioff, Jane, 257 Elles, Roberf, 28I Elliclr, Vivian, II6 Ellinger, Thomas, I97, 267 Elliof, Mary, 252 Elliss, Ralph, 244 Ellison, Richard, I63 Ellisfon, Honey, 257 Elmer, Roberf, 264, 274 Elsuss, John, I99, 282 Elsner, Helen, II2, 206, 249, 29l Ely, Rex, 270 Emmens, Roberf, 270, 274 Emmons, Thomas, 270 Engberg, G., I97 Engel, Joseph, IIB Engel, Richard, I32, I95, I99, 278 Engelsofne, Jenny, 224 Erfman, John, I63 Erhardf, Marlene, 255 Erich, Floyd, l26 Ernsf, Edward, 268 Ernsf, Wilbur, I I2, 278 Eshbaugh, Roberf, 296 Essex, Roberf, I48, I99, 200 Esferban, Francis, 282 Effin, Edward, I86 Euphraf, Thomas, II2 Evans, Carol, I97 Evans, Gayle, 257 Evereff, Norma, II7, l88, 263 Ewald, Joyce, 257 Evers, Walfer, 273 Eyen, Richard, I26, l32 J 175' WH 0, ME? if CX J , his Agency is ready fo selecf a few people wifh good college records for special fraining in life underwrifing. Are you fhe fype of per- son who could reasonably expecf fo succeed in life underwrifing, and would you find if fhe fype of career in which success would bring you happiness and safisfacfion? Frankly, we don'+ know - and can'f know unfil we have infervieweol you. Of fhis much you can be sure: ill if you are fiffed for a career in life underwrifing, if can be fhe mosf grafifying, absorbing and rewarding work you can findg i2l fhere are no superficial guideposfs fo fell you wefher you are so fiffed - if fakes careful facf-finding inferviews fo clefermine fhafg l3l fhis Agency, wifh all fhe facilifies of The Union Cenfral Home Gffice af ifs disposal, has fhe besf possible fraining sef-up for fhe developmenf of successful life underwrifersg and l4l we will carefully screen you againsf making a mis- fake, for a misfake may cosf US fhousands of dollars. Pasf successes of people now in fhis Agen- cy, who came fo us fresh from college, are proof fhaf we have a worfhwhile career fo offer. If you're inferesfecl, fhe only sensible fhing fo do is fo phone or wrife us for an inferview. uno c. BENSON THE uNloN CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY I 4 Sui'l'e 50, y ,milf , l ill 1 T 309 Vine Sfreef, Cincinnafi 2, Ohio I Phone MA 1-3100 F Fairman, Henry, 264, 269 Fansher, Vicki, 237, 263, 29l Farnsworfh, Judifh, 94 Farrell, Donald, 274 Farrell, Judy, 26l Foul, Richard, 264 Fausf, Jeannine, 94 Faw, Richard, I97, 237 Fay, Marcia, 255, II2 Faye, Gerald, I94, 28l Fears, Joseph, 232 Feck, Luke, 274 Feder, Roberf, 232, 235 Feinfhel, Edward, 28l Feldman, Diane, 262 Feldman, Gilberf, 232, 235, 333 Felger, Joan, I97, 254, 29l Felix, Roberf, 270 Feller, Howard, Bl, 200 Fellwock, David, 24l Fender, Judy, 29l Ferguson, Ann, I90, 256 Ferguson, Charles, 283 Ferguson, Sandra, 244, 256 Ferris, William, 63 Fesenmiller, John, 28I Feffer, Carrol, 264, 278 Feuquay, Meridel, 258 Ficke, Roland, 220, 267 Ficorilli, Joseph, 274 Feilman, John, 272 Feilman, Waller, I90, 278 Fife, James, 282 Findley, Curfis, 224, 283 Findson, Richard, I26, I32 Fink, Frederick, 278 Finlay, Jane, 229, 278 Finnie, Sallie, 333 Firsf Thomas, 222, 267 Fishburn, Pafricia, 260 Fischer, Carl, 245 T Fischer, Gene, l48 Fischer, Janef, ll8, 333 Fischer, Roberf, 222 Fischvogf, H., 278 Fish, Miriam, 242 Fisher, Don, 224, 264 Fisher, Gary, 278 Fisher, Marilyn, ll8, 226, 263 Fisk, Vicfor, 24l, 28l Fifzgerald, Gerald, 282 Fifzpafrick, Lynn, I05 Fix, Arfhur, 63 Flegg, Walfer, l3l Flanagan, Michael, 272 Flaff, Helen, 95 Flaugher, Pafricia, 335 Fleming, John, II4, 29l Flesher, Mae, 253 Fleshman, Ward, I67 Fligor, Pafrick, 274 Flowers, James, 283 Flynn, William, I26, I33 Foell, Darrell, 24l, 247 Fogleman, Frances, 257 Fohl, Richard, 272 Folkerfh, Richard, l6l, l63, 224, 273 Folz, Richard, 273 Forance, Ann, 257 Forbes, Fred, 282 Forney, Carole, 245 Forney, William, 63 Fosher, D., 283 Fosfer, Gregory, 278 Fasfer, Marvin, 257 Fofe, Ales, 28l Fofopoulos, James, 8l Fousf, Don, 296 Fousf, Evelyn, I97, 29l Fowler, Bonnie, 2l4 Fox, Laura, 29l Fraley, Jean, I90, 272 Francis, Laverne, lI8, I88, 206 Francis, Mary, 32, 258 Frank, James, I99, 278 Frank, Roberf, I26, I32 Frank, Sondra, 262 Fraverf, l-larry, 278 Fray, Emily, 258 Frazier, Donald, 63 Freeman, Jerry, 79 Freidhof, Edna, IOI, l03, I05 Freihofer, Erick, 270 French, Russell, 27I Frenkel, Joan, 256 Freyfag, David, l95, I97, 270 Fricke, Arfhur, 234 Friedman, John, 63 Friedman, Seymour, l26 Fries, Carol, 254 Frigge, Pafricia, 262 Frifz, Richard, I0l, l04 Frommeyer, Carol, 262 Frosf, Joseph, 268 Frye, Carolyn, 234 Fulcher, Jeanne, I26, I32, 237 Fulfon, William, 283 Funke, Mary, 29l Fuquay, Shirley, 263 G Gabriel, Roberf, 267 Gagliardo, Marie, 260 Gall, Edward, I97 Gallensfein, Kafhryn, 257 Galloway, William, 282 Gamble, Gail, 260 Gangwer, Roberf, 266, 29l Ganim, Janef, Il8, 220, 257 Gannon, Douglas, 266 Gannon, William, 267 Garber, Sfanley, 237 Garies, Caroline, I05 Garn, Gordon, I26 Garr, Marguerife, 255 Garreff, Barbafa, 97, 239 Garrison, Harry, 27I Garrison, Larry, 234 Garrison, Nancy, 29l Garrison, Sally, 258 Garfner, Jack, I26, l3l Gaskill, Jack, I26 Gaskins, Wanda, 258 Gaffes, Marilyn, 250, 257 Gaudin, Janef, 89, I90, 278 Gaunf, John, 28l Gavin, James, I72, 274 Geis, N., l45 Gelhof, Gail, 335 Genfil, James, I45, 2I0, 273 Geohegan, Sfephen, l3l George, Aliceann, 222, 247 George, Charles, 266 Geraci, Jemse, 274 Gerckens, Laurence, l27, l3l Gerlach, Franklin, 204, 205 Gerrard, Thomas, 82, I92 Gersfer, I63 Gerf, Bernard, I77, 2l8, 229, 239, 242 Geri, Ilene, 242 Gervers, William, I96, 27I Gerwe, Mary, 253 Gibbons, Bill, lO7 Gilberf, Joy, 258 Gilberf, Paul, l3l Gillespie, Tom, 282, 29l Gilleffe, Roberf, 63 Gim, Mary, ns, :aa lconfinuedl Page 345 LEE B. SCHEUER AGENCY Phil uBud" Heil ,344 A vfk-il Kenneth W. Miller 744 . i - ' I ' I George D. Pauly Robert M. Phillips 111 Emerson Kolesnikoff i" 'H-.. THE STATE MUTUAL LIFE 'f' AMERIfA'S Mow FAMOUS ASSURANCE COMPANY DOUBLE-DECK 2757 HAMBURGER - - - THE ORIGINAL BIG BOY of Worcester, Massachusetts ll. www BY PHONE AND TAKE 'EM HOME 1617-21 CAREW TOWER CINCINNATI, OHIO TI-IE HILTON-DAVIS CHEMICAL CO. Division of Sterling Drug Inc. MANUFACTURERS COLORS - PIGMENTS - DYES 2235 LANGDON FARM ROAD CINCINNATI., OHIO SINCE 1882 THE CROCKER-EELS COMPANY MEDICAL - SURGICAL SUPPLIES, EQUIPMENT - PHARMACEUTICALS 215 East Sth PArkway 1-7080 Cincinnati, Ohio Page Ginn, Char1o1'1'e, 188, 291 Ginrer, Roy, 169 Glaser, Marvin, 272 Gledhill, Sandra, 252, 291 Glover, Na'1'alie, 263 Goan, L., 278 Goble, Ronald, 283 Godown, Dean, 197 Godsey, Raymond, 234 Goebel, Cafhleen, 258 Goelce, Mary, 333 Goering, John, 190, 270 Goelz, Richard, 197 Goldberg, Ann, 89, 188 Goldmeyer, Thomas, 237, 272 Golubics, Elizaberh, 291 Good, Carolyn, 118, 226, 257 Good, Janef, 89, 261 Goode, Nellie, 177, 185, 220, 206 Goodman, Benny, 242 Grady, Ann, 262 Grady, Joan, 262 Graeser, Jane, 95, 261 Graffon Don, 167 Graham, Alan, 270 Graham Janer, 262 Graham, Leslie, 270 Graham, Ruby, 230 Granl, B., 332 Grassmuck, Jane, 118, 291 Gra'1'er, Grace, 254 Graihwohl, 273 Gravenkemper, ., 245 Graver, Darlene, 334, 335 Gravius, Jane'1', 252 Gray, Anne, 261 222, Gray, Janer, 291, 257, 118 Green, Norman, 234, 272 Greenawa1+, Norman, 237, Greenawali, Richard, 282 Greenawalr, Roberl, 237, Greene, Laurence, 271 Greenisen, Gary, 283 Gregg. Jugh, 273 Gregory, James, 127 Greiwe, Mary, 220, 261 Greschel, Do'Hie, 257 Grider, Donald, 200, 271 Grieme, Anne, 177, 185, 213, 229, 291, 262 Jack, 282 Griffin, Griffis. Roy, 234 Griffirh, Carol, 127, 263 282 282 206, Griffifh, Charles, 282 Griffirh, S+uar'1', 282 Grischy, Joanne, 145, 149, 210 Grissom, William, 197 Grofer, Edward, 190, 211, 214 Grogg, James, 177, 186, 218, 271 Groll, David, 278 Grove, Harrison, 162, 166, 167 Gruner, Heinz, 167, 283 Grupenhoff, David, 268 Gunlcel, Carol, 263 Gun+her, Raymond, 127 261, Gusweiler, Mor'1'on, 79, 334 Gufhrie, Keni, 230 Gu1'hrie, Roberi, 234, 296 Gu'Hman, Pe'1'er, 163, 224 Gulzwiller, Joe, 197 H Haas, Barbara, 97, 257 Haas, Franklin, 271 Hubel, Roberr, 127 Haber, David, 127 Haberman, Elizabelh, 101, 105 Hackman, Roberf, 274 Hader, Carl, 271 Haering, lrma, 197 Hagebusch, Lillifh, 127, 250, 254 Hagemeyer, William, 163 Hagner, Barbara, 237, 249, 256 Hahn, Nancy, 234 l-luis, Mildred, 220, 222, 262 Halaby, Samia, 253 Hall, Beverly, 188, 201, 250, zsa l-lull, Billie, 178, 185, 241, 250, 260 Hall, Donald, 162 Hall, Doris, 164 Hall, Richard, 127 Hall, Roberl, 267 Hall, William, 273 Hallerman, Jill, 258 Haman, Virginia, 262 Hamanf, Thomas, 200 Hamilion, A., 237 Hamilion, Gene, 281 Hane, Freclericlc, 268 Hansel, Rober'1', 210 Hansen, Diane, 256 Hardin, Edward, 274 Hardin, Sue, 234, 263 Harding, Edna, 291 Hardy, Alan, 281 Harmon, Naomi, 291 Harmon, Pauline, 291 Harnois, Anifa, 81 Harnold, George, 196 Harold, Kafhryn, 256 Harrelson, John, 283 Harringfon, Roberla, 237 Harris, Ellen, 263 Harris, Rae, 188, 263 Harrison, Carl, 273 Harrison, John, 266 Harsham, Mary, 81 Hari, W., 195 Har'11ey, R., 278 Hor+man, Dolores, 237, 258 291 Harrman, Pa'1'ricia, 260 Harvey, Douglas, 165 Harvey, R., 222, 237 Harville, Cecil, 275 Hasler, John, 272 Ha1"1endorf, John, 178, 186, 192, 282 Haug, John, 278 Hauser, Kay, 222, 237, 291 Haversfraw, Roberi, 269 Havlicelc, Henry, 166 Havlin, Lois, 172 Hawk, Norma, 149, 257, 291 Hawlilc, Joseph, 273 Hayes, Joan, 167, 224, 291 Hayhurs+, Leonard, 268 Hazelbeclc, David, 164, 268, 296 Hea'1'h, Be'Hy, 252 Hearh, David, 270 Hea'11'lco'1'e, Mary, 222, 261 Heavner, William, 283 Heck, Joann, 81, 237, 291 Heclc, Louis, 127, 222 Heclzmann, Dale, 271 Heffe, E., 283 Hefley, Thomas, 131 Heflin, Carol, 263 Hegel, Gerald, 271 Heidrich, John, 101 Heineman, Daniel, 268 Heines, Jack, 145 lconiinuedl 'of Gr H -.-, : eCorafin9 QUEEN CITY CHEVROLET CO. Your Convenient Downtown Chevrolet Dealer WE SOLVE YOUR PARKING PROBLEM 318 E. 6th St. PA. 1-4880 Cincinnati, Ohio The Reliable Savings Jk Loan Co. Save Where It Pays 3M Per Cent HAVE YOUR HOME FINANCED HERE PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE Visit Our New Office 224 W. McMILLAN GA1-field 6730 Open Daily 9 to 4- Monday 9 to 8 P.M. Saturday 9 to 12 Noon Page 347 ,X GET THE BEST GET Sealfeai lce Cream and Dairy Products! Congratulations . . . to the Class of '56 frvm your Telephone Company "A Good Place to Work" Heinold, Thomas, 194, 278 Heinold, Mary, 261 Heinrich, Daniel, 244 Heinrirz, Jo, 229, 254 Heiny, Alice, 118, 253, Heiser, Rulh, 95 Heiizler, Barbara, 258 Heiizler, Carol, 258 Helier, Frederick, 266 Hellman, Lois, 118, 242 Helmling, Roberr, 232, 234 Hemingway, Charles, 282 Hempfling, Walrer, 234 Hendley, Richard, 268 Henning, David, 63 Henninger, Eugene, 178, 192, 200 Hense, Roberr, 127, 131 Hensey, Melville, 165, 166, 271 Herbsi, Thomas, 200 Hering, Raberi, I32 Heringer, Evelyn, 101, 105 Herman, David, 295 Herring, Bernard, 63 Herrlinger, Nancy, 261 Hersh, Margery, 252 Hershberger, Leroy, 199 Herwig, Mary, 149 Hess, Barbara, 258 Hess, Sranley, 241 HeH'erich, Marc, 260 He+'1'rick, Mariorie, 245 Heilrick, Richard, 283 Heuck, Oran, 196, 271 Heuer, William, 63 Hewi'1'1', Mary, IIS, I97, 256 Hickman, Geraldine, 286 Hider, Michael, 274 Higgins, Rober'1', 63 Higgins, Raymond, 281 High, Millicenf, 255 Hiler, George, 299, 234 Hill, Belly, 244 Hill, David, 103, 194, 294, 295 Hill, Roberi, I27, IBI Hillon, Lawrence, 130, 230, 283 Himebaugh, Judiih, 237, 257, 291 Himes, Frederick, 281 Hines, Joseph, 273 Hinfon, Anne, 286 Hirsch, Norman, 27I Hiie, Juani+a, 197, 291 Hixson, Kennelh, 278 Hobbs, Judiih, 253, 249 Hochadel, Jack, 161, 283 Hochhauser, Berry, 242 Hodson, Lois, 291 Hodson, Ronald, 101 Hoernschemeyer, Virginia, 250, 252 Hoier, CharloH'e, 237 Hoier, John, 237 Hoifer, Russell, 278 Hoffmire, Nancy, 234 Hogan, Richard, 271 Hoke, Sue, 255, 291 Holcomb, Paul, 273 Holmes, John, 63 Holiel, James, 101 Holrkamp, Helene, 257 Holzwarrh, Joan, 257 Homick, Emil, 296 Hopkins, Lenly, 64 Hopper, Frank, 269 Hopping, Donald, 64 Horn, William, I97 Horsr, Joseph, 273 Horion, Dale, 283 Hor'1'on, Richard, 266 Hosom, David, 269 Hougland, John, 282 Housfon, Arrhur, 269 Howard, Harold, 163 Howard, Sue, 234, 256 Hubbard, George, 266 Huber, Nancy, 252 Huber, Paul, 101 Hudson, W., 232 Huenefled, Thomas, 220 Hugg, Louis, 274 Hughes, Beverly, 81, 271 Hughes, Frederick, 281 Huie'1', David, 239 Hulberi, Nancy, 178, 190, 222, 255 Hungler, Ralph, 274 Hurlberr, A., 245 Hurlberf, R., 245 Husi, Eugene, 118, 222, 234 Husion, James, 64 Huichings, Barbara, 291, 260 Hulchinson, Eldon, 200 Hyde, Donald, 278 Hyde, John, 166 lams, Jack, I27, 131 lhlendori, Ronald, 148, 274 lmholi, Joan, 262 lmwalle, Margarer, 335 lsakov, Helen, 105 lsgrigg, Gilberr, 272 lsler, Robe:-r, 274 lvers, Deane, 165, 166, 278 J Jackson, Dolores, IIB Jackson, William, I27, 131 Jacobs, Anila, 241, 253, 334 Jacobs, Donald, 199, 278 Jacobs, Laura, 163, 214, 222, 261 Jacques, Allan, 266, 296 Jaffe, Michael, 242 James, Ronald, 273 Jameson, Joyce, I97, 234, 245 Jaskowiak, Richard, 268 Jeifress, Charles, 239, 270 Jenike, Samuel, 282 Jenkins, Harry, 237 Jenkins, Hugh, 278 Jinkins, Sara, J., 256, 291 Jenne, Gerrrude, 245 Je'H, Jean, 255 Je++, 64 Je'H, Sharlene, 255 Johansman, 95 Johnson D., 282 Johnson David, 283 Johnson Donald, I47 Johnson James, 271 Johnson, Laurie, 257 Johnson Lloyd, 273 Johnson Marcia, 206, 252 Johnson, Johnson Richard, I69 Roberf, 169 Johnsron, Ru'1'h, 261 Jones, James, 230, 283 Jones, Joanna, 254 Jones, James, G., 230 Jones, Paul, 266 Jones, Sandra, 118 Jones, W., 232, 244, 272 Jones, William, 232 Joos, Rosemary, 226, 247 Jordan, John, 237 Joseph, Clyede, 282 Joy, Nancy, 253 Jump, Bernard, 264 Jump, Roberf, 234, 282 Jung, Jerry, 273 K Kaeuper, Ronald, 278 Kahn, Audrey, 254 Kahn, Marcia, 237, 254 283 Kahsar, Joan, 256 Kain, Marilyn, I27, 253 Kaiser, David, 271 Kaiser, Jack, 127, 133 Kali, Mary, 105 Kali, Thomas, 101 Kammeron, Barbara, 256 Kammiller, Neil, 237 Kamp, Frederick, I67 Kappen, John, 264, 278 Kasselmann, John, 169 Kauffman, Karhryn, 237, 291 Kauffman, Lyman, 239, 240, 241, 278 Kauffman, Mary, 206, 210 Kaufman, Carole, 204, 210 Kaufmann, Margaref, 188, 201, 257 Kauper, Ronald. 272 Kaurich, Carl, 101 Kausch, Michael, 204, 218, 283 Keeling, Ronald, 271 Keene, Ronald, 234, 269 Kenner, William, 237 Keilin, Ronald, 242 Keirh, Margarerre, 260 Keliher, Daniel, 274 Kellamis, Chris, 272 Keller, Joanne, IOI, 105 Kelley, Roberf, 268 Kelly, William, 281 Kelly, J., 270 Kelso, Kennelh, 296 Kelrch, Gerald, I27, 271 Kendall, Perer, 27I Kendricks, Leo, 101 Kennedy, John, 273 Kennedy, Roberl, 127, 270 Kenr, Douglas, 333 Keni, Joseph, 234 Kenl, Slewari, 333 Kernan, Jerome, I97 Kerr, Edward, 266 Kessel, John, 269 Kessis, Mary, 261 Kessler, Jon, 148, 268 KeH'ell, Roberl, I27, 131 Keuper, Joyce, 255 Keyes, Donald, 237 Khuon, Jane, 256 Kieffer, Jack, I27 Kielar, Richard, 268 Kill, Paul, 266 Kimble, Carol, 257 Kincaid, Barbara, 257 Kindel, Richard, 278 King, Howard, 103, 106 King, John, 268 King, Juaiih, 255 King, Parrice, 262 Kinninger, Mariha, 130, 230, 252 Kircher, Ann, 222, 260 Kirchoii, Merlin, I27 Kirk, David, 273 Kirk, Thomas, I27 Ki'H'erman, Ken'1', 272 Kil-rrell, John, 234 Kifzmiller, George, 270 Ki'1'Lmiller, John, 270 Klapperr, Monro, 241, 257 Klavuhn, 272 Kleeman, Slephen, I47, 237 Klein, Barbara, 195, 260, 304 Klein, William, 222, 270 Kleine, Herman, 282 Klingenmeier, Paul, 167 Klolrier, Shirley, 132 Klu'1'e, Karl, 278 Knak, James, 283 Knighlon, Charles, 240, 333 Knowles, Jacqueline, 118 Koch, Claire, 262 Koch, John, I32 Kocheck, Michael, 161, 283 Koehler, Cynihia, 257, 97 Koenig, Carolyn, 103, 104, I05, 188, 206 Koenig, Edward, 274 Koenig, Raymond, 128 Koenig, Roberi, 197 Koerber, Kalhryn, 229 Koerber, Ru'1'h, 252 Koerner, Roger, 234 Kohl, Marlene, 118, 257 Kohler, Dale, 64 Kohler, Roy, 269 Kokai, Joanne, 95, 260 Kolb, Norman, 257 Kolde, Fred, 128 Kollman, Alice, 262 Koons, Helen, 253 Koiie, Amelia, 128, I32, 185, 250, 258 Kouns, Terry, 273 Kowalczyk, Sue, 291 Kowalski, John, 131 Kraemer, Eleanor, 255 Kraemer, Jane+, 161, 263 Kramer, Mary, 260 Kramer, Mary, 185, 222, 246 255 Kramer, William, 278 Kraus, Carol, 237, 252 Kreienbaum, Carolyn, 262 Kreindler, Alfred, I97 Kreines, Kennelh, 64 Kroencke, James, 197 Kruse, Marilyn, 255 Krushen, Jacob, 242, 286 Kuecha, Norman, 128, 131, 274 Kuempel, John, I62, 186 Kuhn, Marilyn, 220 Kull, Ronald, 237 Kuniisky, John, 167 Kursban, J., 242 Kurli, Edward, 234 Kurz, James, 274 Kurz, Joann, 220, 291 Kyrlach, Laurely, 257 L Lacurrubba, Charles, 274 Lacefield, Kenneih, 273 Lakeman, Lorraine, 179, 204, 206, 261 Lamberr, Harry, 146 Lamberr, Ruih, 252 Lamkin, Mary, 220, 262 Lammeri, William, I47, 179, 186, 192, 194, 218 Lancasrer, B., 258 Lancasier, Palricia, 255 Lancasler, Richard, 64 Lance, Barbara, 255 Lance, David, 278 Lane, Ronald, 274 Lane, Rosemary, 252 Lang, F., 244 Lang, Gerald, 264 Lang, Mar'1'ha, 331 Lange, Judirh, 257 Lange, G., 260 Lange, Rosemary, 287 Langone, Vincen'1', 164 Laping, John, 242 Larimer, Thomas, 268, 294 Lasl, Larry, 283 Lasure, Richard, 268 LaH, Karen, 95 Laundy, Herber'1', I28, 199, 282 Laurie, Bonnie, 262 Laurel, Richard, 273 Laurenbach, Thomas, 264 Lavanier, Donald, 282 Lavell, Carol, 237, 260 Lavender, Frederick, 213 Layer, Susan, 149, 218 Lazor, Donald, 296 Lea, lda, 258 Lean, Jean, 258 Leach, Charles, 266 Leaver, Richard, 200, 269 Lechler, Joseph, IO2, 107 Lecompre, 291, 335 lconlinuedl Page 349 UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI CINCINNATI 21, OHIO The Student Union Bookstore , Q o SCHOOL SUPPLIES, BOOKS, ART SUPPLIES, PENNANTS, SCHOOL SPORTSWEAR, CANDY U7 Q Q If Q IZ If Z 2 O Z Z C Z 1 E 5 If he I m 2 m 2 UD I PI! Pu r rn 'S UD follow the BEARCATS ON w s a I - r a d i 0 foofball! baskefball! A+ home or away . . . follow 'rhe bearca+s, wi+h WSAI- Radio's excifing play-by-play broaclcas+s! AtTheCampus ON ANY DIAL TheBearcatLair FIRST - FOR MUSIC, NEWS AND SPORTS 214 W, McMillan PA 1.9660 Page 350 Lee, Pafsey, II7, IIS, I97, 237 Lee, Thomas, 274 Leibing, Marcia, 254 Leimensfoll, Jerry, 282 Leifh, Frank, I97 Lemmel, Gordon, 274, Lemoulf, Adolph, 274 Lemoulf, William, 274 Leonard, James, I64, 232 Leonard, Ralph, 283 Leonardf, J., 232 Leff, Janef, 263 Levering, Roberf, 264 Levi, Don, 272 Levi, June, 258 Levine, Bernice, 206, 237, 242 Levy, Conrad, I06 Lewin, Coe, 258 Lewis, Donald, I63, 273 Lighf, M., I32 Lindsey, Barbara, 29I Linenkugel, Mary, 229, 262, 29l Lingerf, William, lO2 Linger, J., 90 Lippelman, Mary, 89, IBB, 204, 249, 263 Lipperf, Winsfon, 220 Liffmann, Esfher, I32, IBB, 220, 237, 24l, 246, 270, 29l Livingsfon, Martha, 26I Lickwood, William, 27I Loeffler, Suzanne, Sl, 226 Loewe, Edward, l27, I3I Logan, Marfha, IIS, 258, 334 Long, Alberf, 64 Long, Richard, I6l, I62, I65, I66 Longer, Carol, 263 Longnaker, John, 273 Lonneman, James, 274 Loos, Sara, 260 Lorenz, Gloria, 262 Losey, Donald, I63, I99, 267 Lower, Jack, 273 Lucas, Clifford, 28I Lucas, Mary, 252 Lucas, Wilbur, 27I Ludede, Carol, I49, 255 Luebbe, Janef, 250, 253 Luebbe, Josephine, 262 Luke, David, I97 Lundgrew, Carl, l62, I67, 27l Lundquisf, John, 272 Lunsford, Nancy, 256 Luring, William, l62, I64 Lusher, Jeanne, 8l Lynch, Norris, 28I Lunch, Sarah, 234, 256 Lyfle, James, 268 M Mackay, J., 245 Macke, Edward, I67 Mackey, Gloria, 256 Mackley, Sandra, 255, 29l Maddox, Franklin, 283, 295 Maddux, Barbara, 237, 252 Maddux, Carolyn, 237, 255 Maddy, Jerald, 27I Mader, Elizabefh, 96 Madsen, Jim, 269 Madson, Lawrence, 234 lconfinuedl Compliments from A R D O E R V 1 C E Cigarette Vending Machines BE. 1-8719 for flowers of expression feud Me Qlafuzu' 3851 Reading Road Cincinnati 29, Ohio The Belvedere PLaza 1-1860 WOCHEIPS HEALTH .sz INVALIDQS S PPLIE "We Are In Business for Your H ealthn 12 W. Seventh St. MA 1-6848 Page 351 'cSee you at the Bee" ' Q 3 MAIN I-Iosiy O A STAMP C0 RUBBER sm Mx-vs A MAQIE ofvlcfs 627 MAIN STREET CINCINNATI l, OHIO Af I I A Qvnv Com pllments 0 'Q N f INTERNATIGNAL BUSINESS MACHINES Busv Bee Restaurant Lounge ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY 9 P.M. -2 A.IvI. 316 Ludlow Ave. AVon 1-9038 "Everything for the Student" GUSWEILERIS PONTIAC, INC L A N C E 9 S Art Materials 3435 Reading Road Engineering Supplies Stationery AVon 1-8080 Gifts Greeting Cards 218 W. MCMILLAN 313 LUDLOW Wake the Pontiac Way Two convenient locations 0n Graduation Day U Open Evenings I HOME OF NAME BANDS Page 352 Available for private parties. Meyers Magner, James, 234 Maham, Elaine, 257 Maher, Margarel, I97 Maier, Harold, 272 Mailloux, Joseph, 296 Maielich, George, 283 Malman, Bernard, BI Malone, Wayne, I67 Maloney, Nancy, 262 Maloll, John, I28, 232, I33 Malay, Hugh, l90, 272 Mallz, Roberl, 79, I92, 204, 2l l, 304 Maluy, P., 272 Manausa, Trenl, 283 Mann, Huberl, lO2 Mann, Samuel, I33 Manning, George, 283 Manning, Lindley, 27I Manzler, David, 278 Mapes, Gene, l90, 27l Maphel, Jimmy, 200 Maras, Eugene, 27I March, Rodger, 234, 27I Marcy, John, I30, 230, 272 Marioni, Jaye, 25 Marioni, John, I62, I63, 272 Marks, Donald, I99 Marks, James, I67, 245 Marni, Sandra, 79, l88, 206, 222, 237, 246 Maroudas, Cleo, 246, 249, 260 Marple, Donald, 270 Marsh, lvan, I64, 296 McNeely, Bonnie, 64 McNeil, Marjorie, 249, 26l, 304 McOwen, John, 282 Morgan, Nancy, ll7, ll8, l88, 237, 245, 246, 256 Morrell, Marlha, 334, 335 Morress, Harmon, 264, 272 McTighe, John, 268 Meacham, Thomas, l28 Mehlin, Jon, 268 Mehornay, Margarey, 237, 255 Meinerl, Richard, 82, 274 Meinlschmidl, J., 263 Meisler, Shirley, II8 Melampy, Ronald, 234 Melvin, Roberl, I63, I99, 278 Menachof, Louis, 64 Mensing, Evelyn, 237 Mercer, Kalhryn, 255 Merchanl, Slewarl, 270 Mergel, Elsie, 234 Mergler, Diane, 335 Merrill, Dana, 247, 273 Merlen, David, 64 Merydilh, Belly, 26l Mescher, Barbara, 272 Mesing, Annelle, 253 Messille, Michael, 264 Morrill, Richard, l67, 283 Morris, J., 245 Morris, James, l48, I99, 245 Morris, John, I99 Morris, Richard, 64 Morrison, Ronald, 237 Morrison, Sarah, 254 Morrison, William, 28l Moschinsky, 242 Moseha rl, Margarel, 257 Moses, Emma, 260, 335 Mosher, Nancy, 230 Mounle l, Jessie, 262 Mueller, Charles, 195 Mueller, Johanna, 206, 224, 334 Mueller, G., 278 Mueller, Nancy, 252, 334, 335 Mueller, Roberl, I67 Mueller, Shirley, I49 Muhan, C., 262 Mehle r, Roberl, 296 Mehne Meyer, Meyer, r, Sara, 252 Byron, 283 Mariorie, 206. 225, 335 Meyers, Charlene, 257, 29I Meyers, Charles, I65 Meyers, Elizabelh, 26l Meyers, Kennelh, 274 , Ronald, 267 Marl, Judilh, 258 Marlin, J., 270 Marlin Joe, l28 Marlin Mary, 256 Marlin Nancy, 258 Marlin Richard, 278 Marlin Rulh, 96 Marlin Marlin 283 Sanlord, 270 Waller, l6l, I7 Marlina, Elio, l28 4. Michael, Lawrence, 274 Michael, Mary, 234 Michaels, Jack, 266 Michel, William, 34, 2l0 Middeker, William, 282 Mikula, Alberl, 274 Mileham, Joan, 234, 256 Milse, Dorcas, 255 Mill, John, 234 Miller, Aldie, 269 Miller, Belly, l32, l85, 246, Masdea, Giovanni, I94 Mason, Jacquelyn, l85, 237, 250, 256 Massel, Alberf, l48, 274 Massmann, 8I, 245 Masur, Jacqueline, 26l Malhias, Palricia, ll8 Malles, Konrad, 282 Maull, Janel, I28 Maurer, James, I64 Maurer, Joyce, 230 Maxwell, Norila, 237, 245 May, Mary, 263 McCabe, Thomas, 278 McCampbell, Sally, 258 McCarly, Beverly, 255 McCaslin, Nancy, 258, 334 McClure, Maly, 257 McComb, Kay, 252 McConnell, Edward, 244 McCorkle, Charles, 64 McCoy, Ann, 97, 234 McCoy, David, 234 McCue, James, l90 McDaniel, Wayne, 245 McDermill, Phyllis, I30, 250 McDonald, Palricia, 257 McEowen, Lowell, 237 McFarland, Elizabelh, l88, I90, 2l0, 258 McFarland, Roberl, 237 McGill, James, 266 McGinley, Michael, 278 McGinnis, Don, I33, I28 Mclnlosh, Janel, 258 McKee, James, 244 McKee, Samuel, 268 McKhann, Virginia, 263 McKinley, William, 296 McKinney, Clark, 245 McLain, Sallie, I97, 257, 29I McLaughlin, William, I69, 266 McLemore, Phyllis, l88, 263 McLoney, Earl. 64 250. 257 Miller, H., 247 Miller, Lorraine, IBB Miller, Marvin, 274 Miller, N., 244 Miller, Quenlon, I79, l92 Miller, R., 278 Miller, William, 8l Miller, William, l3l Mills, Edward, 268 Mills, James, 273 Minella, Pamela, 260, 334 Milchell, Jane, 257 Milchell, John, 33l Milchell, William, 268 Mocker, Hildegard, 287 Mode, Jean, 96 M oeller, Roberl, l O2 Moellering, Edgar, 24I, 27I Moesla, Jean, l90, 255, 304, 335 Mog, Dennis, I80, 220, 222, 273 Mohr, Alan, 234 Moir, Coleen, 96, 97 Monlemayor, R.. l3l Monlgomery, Kay, 220, 237, 255, 29l Moon, George, I63 Moore, Barbara, 89, 90, 9l, l80, l85, 237, 26l Moore, Flora, IO5 Moore, Joan, 254 Moore, Margarel, 257, 334, 335 Morailes, Richard, 64 Morand, James, 234 Morelon, H., 278 Morela nd, Mariorie, 239, 26l Morgan, Edgar, 272 Morgan, James, I99 Morgan, Jerome, 270 Morgan, Marcia, 256 Mulholland, Mary, 287 Mullaney, Nancy, l88, 252 Mullanney, Palrick, BI Mullineaux, James, I63 Mundslock, Franklin, l65 Mundy, Jayne, 260 Murphy, Nancy, l85, 246, 258 Murray, Roberl, I47 Musho, Theodore, l3l, 274 Myers, Clifford, I97, 266 Myers, Gary, 283 Myers, James, I62, I64 N Naberhaus, Janie, I88, l32, 262 Naberhaus, Paul, 237, 274 Nadel, Mary, 97 Na+ale, Sandra, l05 Naugle, Roberl, 247, 273 Nedelman, Slanley, 64 Neely, Audrey, 253 Nell, Edwin, 283 Negri, Richard, 274 Neiheisel, Mary, Il8, 263 Neil, Mary, las, 250, 26l Neilman, Roberl, 264, 267 Nelson, Richard, l28 Nemelz, Jerome, 262 Neuhaus, Susanne, 222 Newberg, Dolores, 97, 234 Newman, John, 266 Newman, Marlha, 96 Nice, David, 283 Nicholas, Nick, I92, I94 Nichols, Jane, 263 Nichols, Nelle, l86 Niehaus, Carolyn, I97 Niehaus, Calherine, 257, 26l Niehaus, John, I65, I92, 200 Niemann, James, l28, I32 Niemann, Janel, I33, 253 Niggle, Shirley, 96 Nilsen, Harold, 272 Nishioka, June, 234 Nixon, Richard, 240 Nolling, Rolla, l28, l32, l90 Norberg, Carol, 255 Nordloh, James, I28 Nordman, Dean, I66 Norman, Ronald, 286 Nussbaum, Phyllis, 258 O Oaks, Zane, 283 O'Connell, Jerome, 272 O'Driscoll, Donald, 273 Oker, Diana, 260 Ollinger, Lois, 260 Olson, Anne, l88, 253 O'Neil, Dianne, 8l, 245 Orlando, Vincenl, 278 O'Rourke, Johanna, 257 Orr, John, 266 Orlh, Palricia, 252 Orlh, Richard, l92 Osborn, Jane, ll7, 257 Osborn, Roberl, 273 Osborne, Burlon, 229, 257 Ose, Joyce, I97, 224 Olhling, William, I99, 278 Overbey, Nancy, I97 Overman, John, 274 P Pabsl, Donald, 2I9, 223 Page, Belly, 222 Palmer, John, I63, 273 Palmisano, Paul, 64 Pansing, Richard, I02, l07 Parchen, Rulhann, 96 Parker, John, 268 Parris, Eileen, I97, 334 Parrish, Ollo, 286 Parry, Roger, 270 Parlee, Frank, I96, 274 Passanlino, Richard, I3l Paler, C., l48 Palrick, B., 283 Pallishall, Sally, 222, 26l Paulson, Barbara, 260 Pawlik, Carolyn, 262 Payler, Eleanor, 9l, 258 Pearson, Ramon, 245 Pease, Gwynelh, 206, 249, 256 Peel, Lois, 96 Pelych, Andrew, 282 Pelz, Roy, 264, 28l Penn, Jack, 232 Penninglon, Dallas, 270 Pensyl, Jon, 2II, 237 Penwell, Eileen, l32, 29l Perkins, James, I94, 295 Perkins, Ronald, 34, l86, I94, l95 Perrine, Jo, ll8 Pelerman, Donald, 274 Pelers, Dale, 348 Pelers, David, 278 Pelerson, Andrew, l65, I99, 272 Pelerson, Merle, 269 Pelerson, Roberl, I32 Plau, Daniel, l6l, 204, 205 Pleffers, Suzanne, 263 Pleiller, Nannelle, 8l, 237, 245 Pliesler, Kay, 26l Plouls, Roberl, 282 Phillips, B., 245 Phillips, Belh, 237 Phipps, Belly, 237, 252 Pickering, Howard, 269 Pike, Horace, 272, 333 Pinlold, Conslance, 24, 238, 256 Pinson, Thomas, 267 Plank, Peler, 267, l6l Plale, Arlhur, 282 Polcorny, Richard, l28 Pollard, Alberla, l28, l32, 29I Pollard, John, 282 Polsler, Joyce, I30, 2l0, 230, 255, 334 Ponlius, William, 283 Poore, Horace, l45, 273 Popplewell, Larry, 238 Porler, Laurie, 258 Porler, Roberl, I67, 244 Polapovs, Uldis, 27I Polls, Judilh, Il8, 234, 257 Pollschmidl, John, BI Pounds, P., 263 Powell, Helen, l88, l90, 334, 335 lconlinuedl Page 353 FINE FOOD AND DRINK AT THE Veranda CALL AVon 1-9310 ON VINE STREET ACROSS FROM THE zoo ENTRANCE PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS Personally posed by For Discriminaziing People M Powell, Olive, 260 Powell, Thomas, II7 Powell, William, 270 PraH', Larry, 278 Presley, Donald, l92 Priclceii, Wayne, 224, I62, I63 Priem, Palmyre, 256 Prior, Joseph, 266 Probsi, Elaine, 246, 255 Proud, Barry, 234 Pross, Beverly, 255 Pugh, Donna, 204 Pullis, Carol, 234 Purcell, William, 27I Puiman, Thomas, 64 Q Qualey, John, 64 Quarry, Rakog, lO2 R Raicliffe, George, 339 Radosevic, Richard, 244 Ragen, Jerome, 27I Ragland, Gerald, 8l, 237 Raible, Arihur, 27I Raible, Rober+, 282 Raidi, Barbara, 97, 260 Rakel, James, 267 Ralsion, Sallie, 249, 257 Randall, Kaihleen, 96 Ransick, Suzanne, 220, 262 Rapien, Bernard, 232, 234 Rasmussen, Howard, 266 Rasiani, Richard, 265 Raiaiczalc, John, 283 Raierman, John, I69 Rafhbun, William, 234 Raup, John, 273 Rea, Ronald, 296 Readle, Margery, 257 Reams, Lowell, I97, 282 Redd, B., 278 Redway, Suzanne, 256 Reenan, Mary, 262 Reeser, Warren, 27I Reger, James, 28l Reibel, Jane'l', 257, 335 Reiber, Elva, 263 Reichley, Marlene, 257 Reifin, Melvin, BI, 237 Reilly, Shirley, 250, 252 Reis, Richard, 268 Reilzes, Janice, IBB, 20l, 246, Rembold, Ellen, I88, 226, 257 Remner, Roberf, I69, 266 Renner, Howard, 273 Rensing, Rilo, 257 Replogle, Helen, 29l Refherford, Larry, 264 Reifich, Douglas, 28l Reynolds, Thomas, I99, 266 Rhein, Clifford, 282 Rice, D., 237, 272 Richards, David, I28, 265, 283 Richardson, Carla, 237, 245, U 286, 29: Richardson, David, 200 Richardson, Leva, 257 Richardson, Raymond, 268 Richeri, Barbara, 81, 237 Richmond, Jerald, 234 Richier, Joses, 252 Rief, Marlene. l32, l88, 262 Riegel, PaHy, 234 Riemar, Ronald, I99 Riemeier, Nancy, 256 Riesenberg, Ruih, H8 Riggs, Doroihy, 132, IB8, 20I, 26l Riggs, Mary, 260 Riley, Roberf, 239, 273 Ringeler, Walfraud, 246, 26I Rifchie, Charles, 283 Rifchie, Sara, II8, 257 Ri'Hen, Barbara, 96, IBO, I90, 250, 255, 334 Rifler, Peggy, 257 Rilierhoff, Lee, 33 Riizi, Robert 27I Rivers, Charles, I28 Rivers, Mary, 260 Rizzuio, John, 273 Roaf, Sianley, 8I, 245 Robbins, Gail, Il8 Roberfs, Geraldine, 245 Roberfs, Janei, 252 Robinson, Jean, 237 Robinson, Richard, 272 Robison, Geraldine, 246 Rockwell, Ronald, 27l Rodger, Janei, 249, 258 Roe, Pa+ricia, l,90, 26I, 334 Roehr, Richard, 287 Roeller, Roberi, 273 Roesch, Elaine, 237, 254 Rogers, John, 272, 304 Rogers, Wynona, 254 Rohlfs, John, 283 Rohman, Dorofhea, 273, 331 Rohman, Kenneih, I47 Rolfes, Ernesi, 64 A 260, 334, 206 Romer, Richard, 82 906 St. Paul Building For Appointment Reiizes, Joan, 20l, 245, 260 Roodene, Leona, IIB, 29l, 242 Corner Fourth Sz Walnut Sts. lVlAin 1-1400 Rembold' Kem' 273 lconimuedi Q 1300145 HOTEL METROPULE 0 PPLIES SU 400 ROOMS Du Bois 3 Q RECORDS B00K AIR-CONDITIONED BALLROOM AND STonE PARTY RooMS AVAILABLE EoR ' DANCES, WEDDINGS, SOCIALS, ETC. D u Sixth and Walnut Telephone 212 W. McMillan St. GA 1-4221 Downtown PA. 1-5100 Page 354 Roof, Mary, 97 Rooks, Pafricia, 226, 237 Roof, Louise, 234, 255 Rosenbaum, Vicfor, I02, I06 Rosener, Harvey, I67, 286 Rosenkranh, Offe, 267 Rosensweef, Don, I02, I05 Rosseloff, Barbara, 222, 26I Rofh, Ronald, I47 Ro'I'h, William, 24l Roffenberger, James, 282 Rowe, David, 282 Rowe, Thomas, 27I Roy, George, 266 Royal, Clofilde, 245 Rueger, William, 65 Ruff, Rcberf, I28, l32, I33 Rumph, Donald, 24I Runck, Marfha, II8, 234, 237 245 Runyan, Yvonne, 96 Rush, Carol, II8, 24l Russell, Nancy, 20I, 2I3, 2I4, 263 Russley, Charlene, II8, 226 Russley, Marilyn, 237 Ryan, Nancy, l80, 220, 250 262 Ryan, Pafricia, 262 Ryan, Roger, I90 Rye, Ralph, 237 S Saada, Dorofhy, 234 Saberfon, Helen, 263 Sadler, Charles, 22I, 222, 247 273 Saemann, Ronald, 282 Safer, Gail, 222 Sams, Parker, 296 Sandberg, Carl, 296 Sander, Pafricia, 220, 262 Sanders, Judifh, 234, 256 Sandherr, Nina, 253 Sandlin, Norris, 273 Sankey, David, 266 Sanfangelo, Dino, 274 Sanfangelo, Joanne, 287 Sanforo, Angelo, 270 Sappersfein, Jay, I97 Sardanowsky, W., I63 Safferfielcl, 234, 256, 334 Saunders, John, 270 Savage, John, 283 Savage, Joseph, 283 Savely, William, I90, I95 Savery, Susan, 263 Sawyer, John, 65 Schad, Danda, 65 Schaefer, Frederick, 65 Schaefer, John, 274 Schaefer, Roberf, 268 Schaefer, Ronald, 278 Schaefer, Joan, I88, 260 Schaffnif, Richard, 283 Schanzle, Allan, 273 Scharf, Anne, 29I, 258 Schafzman, Edward, I02 Schauer, Reyman, I63, I99 Schear, Myrna, 8I, I8I, I85, 29I, 220 Scheder, Frank, 274 Scheffel, Mary, 89, I88 Scheidig, Wilma, 245 Scheidf, William, BI Scheiner, S., 242 Scherer, Marsada, II8, I85, 29I, 246, 263 Scherer, Roberf, 278 Schick, George, 272 Schickner, John, I6I, 224, 283 Schildmeyer, M., 89, 234,26l Schindler, Claude, I99, 278 Schlesselman, Norma, I28 Schluefer, John, 65 Schlup, Margaref, 29I, 335 Schmidlapp, Barri, I88, 256 Schmidf, Cecil, 28I Schmidf, Harrief, 234 Schmidf, M., 260 Schmidf, Marilyn, 257 Schmidf, Pefer, 274 Schmidl, R., 82 Schmifhorsf, Jennie, II8, I88, 254 Schneeman, Lloyd, I32, I33 Schneider, C., 200, 20I Schneider, Janef, 255 Schneider, Joan, I49, 250, 253 Schneider, Max, 266 Schneider, Roger, 268 Schneider, William, 278 Schneifer, Roberf, 272 Schoch, Sylvia, 256 Schoenling, Mae, I45, I49, 260 Schoenling, Nancy, 260 Scholler, Georgene, I90, 252, 29I, 334, 335 ScI1oI'Iz, Roberf, 272 Schomburg, Janice, II8, 257 Scho'H', Roberf, 274 Schrage, Donald, I48 Schramm, Marilyn, 96, 234 Schreckengosf, J., 28I Schreiber, Roberf, 24l Schroeder, Karl, I69 Schroeder, Kennefh, 273 Schroeder, Richard, I47 Schrofh, Helen, 256 Schuberl, Virginia, 263 Schueneman, Clara, 96, 333 Schuld, Eric, 200 Schulfe, Alice, 96 Schulfe, Elizabefh, I88, 250, 253, 334 Schulze Ronald, 272 Schulzinger, Ellen, 220, 221 Schu'H-e, Gail, 220 Schwab, Frank, I02 Schwarfz, David, I94 Schwarz, Mary, I29 Schweiger, Juanifa, 9I, 257 Schweinfurih, Mark, 82 Sco'I'I', Charles, 266 Sebold, John, 272 Sechler, Donald, I69, 266 Seelmeyer, Helen, 250, 226, 257 Seghers, Ann., I02, IO4, I05 Seiberi, A., 273 Seiler, Marilyn, 232, 237 Seilkop, Donald, 2I8, 220, 278 Seifz, Paul, 296 Selberf, Mary, 256 Sellers, Jackson, 278 Senour, Rifa, 262 Se'Hy, Nancy, 29I Sevilla, S., 282 Seward, William, 274 Sewell, R., I67 Sewell, Margaref, 252 Seyberf, William, 278 Seybolf, Janice, 240 Seybolf, Pefer, I29, I92, 270 Seyferfh, Bernice, 270 Shadron, Charles, 200 Shafer, Joni, 32 Shafer, Roberf, l48 Shaffer, Gayle, I32, 220, 22I, 255 Shaffer, Pamela, 237, 255 Shaheen, Masid, 266 Shannon, John, 296 Shapiro, Jerry, 204 Shapiro, Maxwell, 222, 252, 264 Sharrock, Pafricia, 263 Sharrock, Raleigh, 2l8 Shaul, Sue, 255 Shaver, Diane, 255 Sheefs, Moc, I64 Shelly, C., 278 Shelly, Julie, 252, 29I Shemesmki, Joseph, I69, 286 Shepard, Shirley, 32, I90, 204, 255 Sheppard, Barbara, 257 Sherman, MaI"I'hew, I69, 286 Sherman, R., 283 Sherman, S., 286 Sherrick, Ronalcl, 296 Shiffer, Jerry, 234, 266 Shilling, John, 295 Shisler, Howard, 266 Showers, William, I29 Shurilla, Donald, 29I Siberf, Dolores, 29I Sicking, Mary, 262 Sidoran, Pefer, I47, I97 Siegmund, Arfhur, 274 Sigler, Phyllis, I85, 206, 226, 252, 29I, 334 Silva, J., 269 Simesfer, Georgia, 96 Simms, Gerfrude, 263 Simon, Leonard, II7, 204, 205 Simoncelli, Pefer, I3I, 295 Simpson, Barbara, I32, 257 Sine, Gordon, 27I Singhass, Bruce, 266 Single, Erwin, 82, I92 sisk, Joan, 257, 29: Sizemore, Richard, 268 Skeel, Margaref, 8I, 245, 246, 250, 254 Skelly, John, 266 Slafer, Anneffe, 96, 97, 237, 333 Smalley, Lucy, I85, 257 Smallwood, Walfer, I29 Smifh Smifh Smifh Smifh Smifh Smifh Smi'I'h Smifh Smifh Smifh Smilh Smifh Smifh Smilh Smifh Smifh Smifh: Almon, 27I B., 26I Barbara, 29I Barbara, 97 Barbara, I88 C., 262 Carol, I32, I97, 220 D., 272 Edwin, 278 Jack, I02, I04 Marvin, 245 Norma, 206 Phillip, I3I Ralph, I8I, 239, 247 Richard, 273 Susan, I49 Ted, 65 Smullen, Shelia, 262 Snodgrass, W., 278 Snodgrass, William, 220 Snyder, D., 237 Sobel, Manuel, I02 Sohmer, Jerome, 200 Sohn, Marfha, 237, 245 Sollberger, Barbara, 256 Somers, Barbara, I88, 257 Sommers, David, 264, 268 Sofo, Margaref, 29I Soufhard, Ann, 258 Spengler, Georgia, 29I Sper, John, 28I Sperry, Leland, 266 Spiegel, Earl, 8I Spielman, Sue, 96 Spinanger, Joan, 220, 256 Spinner, Sandra, 234, 29I Iconfinuedl ' I I I I I I I lg II TWO-STORE DELIVERY SERVICE VISCONTI-KINNEY ciNc1NNATl's FINEST DRUG STORES COLLEGE HILL - 6I06 Hamilfon Ave. WHITE OAK - 5800 Cheviof Road Phone KI I-0975 - KI I-0976 Phone WE I-3900 - WE I-390I FREE DELIVERY THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE NORTHERN HILLS AREA I I my Page 355 CED R HILL FARMS Fresh Dairy Products Catering to Sororities and Fraternities Bllamble 1-1700 CINCINNATI 27, OHIO Congrrzlulation and Best Wfishes . . UC DINING HALLS Page 356 CAFETERIA GRILL FACULTY DINING ROOM FRENCH SNACK BAR MEDICAL COLLEGE CAFETERIA Spiller, Shirley, 97 Spih, Harold, 65 Spragens, Terry, 27l Spargue, Edwin, 273 Springmeier, Elaine, 220, 260 Spurling, Ronald, 234 Squilanii, Richard, 266 Squires, Charles, 282, I29 Siadler, Hans, I69 Sfadler, Mary, 26I Slagnaro, Eugene, 268 Slark, Charles, 239, 278 Slark, Chloe, 239, 244, 29I Siarkey, Bernard, 273 S+. Clair, Gwendolyn, 258 Sieianowski, R., 273 Siegman, Jeannine, 24, 255 Siegner, Mary, 255 Sieibing, Donald, I47 Sieiger, Gene, I67 Sieiger, Ralph, IO2, IO7 S+ein, Joyce, 237 S+eineri, Jeanne, 262 Sreiniilber, Jack, 65 Sieinhoif, Gil, 252 Sieinkuhl, Carol, 252 s+el+5, Philip, 283 Sfephens, Bradley, 270 Siephenson, 260 Slevens, Donald, 272 Sievens, Francis, 65 Sfevens, Larry, I64 Sievens, Roberf 273, 296 Sievens, William, 269 Sieward, Clifford, 272 Siewarf, James, 65 Siewari, Lynne, 261 Siewari, Roma, 253 Sicikley, Mariin, I66, I67, 272 Siiegler, James, I29, I33 Sleigler, Marlin, IO2 Siille, Jere, 272 S+iI+, LaureHa, 245 Sfinson, Charles, I63 Siiih, Karen, I97, 220, 258 Sl'ii'l'S, Roberl, 270 S'l'ocker, Roberi, 274 S'I'ocker'l', James, I6I, I95, 204, 224, 283 Sloeliing, John, I48, 222, 226, 247, 296 Sloller, Arnold, I92, 204, 205 Sfoller, Siephanie, IO3, I05. 2l0 Sroner, Thomas, 234 Slory, Maxine, l85, 260, 334, 335 Sioui, Furman, I63, 272 Sirauss, Herman, I29 S+rei+man. Barbara, 29I Sireich, J., 33l Sfrickland, Delmar, I29 Srrohschein, l65 Srroud, Anna, 96, 97 Sfuari, Thelma, I97, 252 Siuder, Raymond, I29 Siuhlbarg, Marlon, 242 S+yle, George, 282 Suermann, Carolyn, 260 Sullenberger, Don, IO2 Sullivan, Timerra, 222, 263 Sundquisi, Paul, 270 Sufherland, Wayne, 200 Sufphin, Niles, I3l Swain, Roberf, I99, 229 Swanson, David, I96, I97, 296 Sweeney, Paul, 234 Swofi, Jerry, 296 Swyers, Janice, 96, 97 Sya lc, Harry, 268 T Tarier, James, I62, 224, 296 Tarier, Thomas, II8, 232, 235, 278 Taucher, Jose ph, 295 Taylor, Claude, 65 Taylor, Janel, 270 Taylor, J., 200 Taylor, Myra, 96, 97 Taylor Roymand I99, 272 Taylor, William, 272 Tediord, Jane+, 88, 29I Teller, Richard, I90, 220 Teller, Thomas, 268, 278 Telliohann, Evereii, I46, I47 Tennis, Paul, 296 Tenwick, David, 273 Terada, Framcos, 65 Thacker, James, 272 Thacksion, John, 264, 27l Thaman, Ralph, 283 Thomas, Andrew, IO2 Thomas, F., 244 Thomas, Frances, 234 Thomas, Jean, 96 Thomas, Joan, 250, 263 Thomas, Mervin, 283 Thomas Thomas , R., 283 , Shirley, aa, 89 Thompson, John, 296 Thompson, Philip, 272 Thul, Andrew, I29, I3l, 274 Tiano, Herman, I29 Tierney, Ra'ph, 65 Tillar, Donald, I29 Tish, Sandra, 24, 258 Todd, David, 224, 283 Todd, Howard, 283 Todd, Elesa, 79, 258 Todd, J ames, 278 Toole, Mary, 262 Toon, Carolee, 220, 258 Topper, Mary, I49, I88, 257 Torrence, Carole, 234 To'l'i'en, James, I62, I66, I67 Towner, George, 269 Train, David, 278 Travis, Maridel, 97 Troiiman, Doroihy, I88, ZI4 262, 29I Troup, Gary, 65 Trowbridge, Richard, 272 Truscori, Frederick, 82 Trusso, Sebasrian, IO2 Tucker, Dale, IO2 Tudor, Ronald, I69 Turing, Francis, I47 Turner, Diane, 29I Turner, Richard, I65, 333 Tvrdy, Mary, 237, 255 Twyman, Alan, 278 Twyman, Elizabeih, 220, 258 U Ubele, Robert 272, 244 Uehling, Ellen, I46, I49 Uhl, Joseph, I47 Uhlmansiek, Richard, 282 Ulrich, John, I69 Ungard, Michael, 239, 282 Unger, Janei, 88, 9I, 206, 245, 260 Urban, Louis, I67 rqmefaiccal .24 fnc-we frail' TODDLE HOUSE . amend, 'L wa ei and homemade pied 33I CALHOUN ST. 332I CLIFTON AVE. VORDENBERG CHEVROLET COMPANY Bob, Fred and Jack Vordenberg Madison Road al' Brolherlon Oakley, Cincinnali, Ohio Telephone MEIrose I-5600 CI-IAS. A. MILLER SONS FUNERAL HOME 4138 Hamilton Ave. Phone Klrby 1-0040-41 V Vachel, Beverly, 237, 29I Vanbuskirk, Errol, 282 Vanden, Eynden, I97 Vandeusen, Richard, 239, 245 Vandriel, Diane, 234, 252 Vandyke, A., 65 Vanhoufen, James, I29 Vanlandingham, G., I49, 253 Vanlieu, Virginia, 260 Vanness, Adriana, 260 Vanwinkle, Carolyn, I32 Varner, Alan, 282 Varney, Glenn, 244 Varney, Maurice, 244 Varney, Rocheal, 96 VaI'h, James, 283 Vaughf, Charlolfee, 252 Vesper, Lee, 8I Vick, Kelly, I29, I3l Vincenf, George, I26, I3I ViH, Jerome, 278 Vogel, Mary, I29, 258 Vogel, Melba, 258 Vogel, Richard, I45, 204, 273, 304 Vollendorf, Dean, I29 Vonbargen, Millon, I29 Vonderheide, Paul, I48 Vosler, Jerry, 286 Voyfilla, Waller, I29 W Wachs, Daryl, 29I Wachs, Gary, 270 Wade, Carol, 256 Wade, James, I99 Wade, Roberi, 283 Wagner, Mary, I97 Wagner, Marilou, 96 Wagner, Roberl, l27I Wagner, William, 272 Wagslaff, James, 65 Walburn, Thomas, 27I Waldrop, Lila, 88 Walker, Jacqueline, 250 Walker, Julia, 250, 254 Walker, Michael, 268 Wallace, Cecil, I65, I66 Wallace, Charles, I66 Waller, Harold, 65 Wallin, Roberl, 268 Walls, Pafrica, II7, 2lO Wallers, Charles, 272 Wallers, Judi'I'h, 263 Ward, Dorolhy, I49, I88, 258 Ward, James, 254 Ward, Joanne, I29 Warner, Marvin, I97 Wass, William, 273 Wasserman, Norman, I95 Wallers, Mary, 262 Weafherford, Cheryl, 88 Webb, Grandville, 267 Weber C., 222 Weber, David, 278 Weber Edward, I29 Weber Joanne, 222, 255 Weber Marlha, 234, 257 Weber Richard, 65 Weber, Ronald, 273 Wedig Henry, 65 Weeks, Leroy, 282 Weinreich, 264, 269 Weisenbach, Roberl, 245, 264, 266 Weiskillel, Richard, 222 Weiss, David, I03 Welch, John, 272 Weller, Marcia, I29 Wells, Charles, I02 Wells, Mary, I29, I32, l8l, 258 Welp, Lawrence, 23I, 267 Welsh, Nila, 96 Wendel, Carolyn, 263 Wenger, Jean, II8, 237, 287 Wenning, Gene, 267 Wenning, James, I63 Wensirup, Judifh, I88, 222, 253 Werner, Carol, 263 Werlman, Gerald, 28I Weriz, Philip, 264, 273 Wess, Richard, 274 Wesselman, Marilyn, 9I, 263 Wessinger, Edward, I45, 273 Wes'I', Jane, 88 Wes+, Margarel, 3I, 26I Weslerman, William, I02 Welzel, Jackson, I69 Weyer, Richard, 272 Wheeler, Dona'd, 27I Wheeler, Phillip, I92 Whilacre, Gale, I69, 266 Whilaker, Be'Hy, I97 While, Donald, 234 While, John, I96 Whi'I'e, Ronald, 27I Wiggand, George, 274 Wilder, Dorolhy, 262 Wilcley, Roy. 65 Wiles, Dwighl, 272 Wiley, Lorene, 258 Wilger, James, I63, I99, 273 Wilkerson, W., 97 Wilks, Phillip, I62, I64 Williams, Donald, 65 Williams, Owen, 278 Williams, Richard, 27I Williams, T., 282 Willoughby, Barbara, 257 Willson, Richard, I92 Wilson, Jerry, 282 Wilson, 265 Wilson, Nancy, 256 Wilson, Sidney, II7, II8, I88, 204, 2II, 250, 256 Wilson, Sue, 255 Wilson, Vernon, 269 Winn, Alice, 252 Winn, Donna, 222, 257 Winler, Kennelh, 28I Winiers, Richard, 283 Winlersole, Dolores, 29I Wisler, Lee, 283 Wismann, Monle, 257 Wirschger, Roger, 278 Willkamp, Thomas, 274 Wixom, Everell, 264 Wohlers, Elsie, 257 Wohlwender, Thomas, 270 Wolf, Richard, 65 Wolfe, Virginia, 258 Wolff, Waller, 282 Wolfinger, John, 267 Wollerman, I., 2I8 Wollperl, James, 273 Woodruff, Carol, 8l, 237 Woodyarcl, Roberl, I63 Woollon, John, I86, 270, 33I, 332 Workman, Linda, 257, 33I Worlendyke, David, I96, 27I Wray, Palricia, 262 Wray, Warren, 264 Wrighl, J., 272 Wrighl, Jerry, I9O Wrighl, Kennelh, I29 Wrighl, Neidra, 257 Wulfekuhl, Alvin, I02 Wunelbacher, I02, 33I Wysong, Richard, I69 lCon+inuedl Page 357 can Weafzlaafz pfzaiagaapfzea W9 ELROSE 8558-H PASQUALEI-I wzza IN CLIFTON AT 3 I4 LUDLOW AVE. CA. I-I668 PIZZA Q44 Only faaquafe Kn0w4 Now 1 The Downtownas Popular Supper Club B RESTAURANT Y Z Yamaguchi, Evelyn, 334 Zang, Jerome, I48 Rear of the Palace Theater I86, I92, 2I0, 265, ggltzaisjiy, Edward, 242 Continuous Entertainment Open Until 2:30 a.m. 12:gu3,:'cII'L'rff255.3296 gZhZ'r'JiQig?niaI 26, Yeager, Richard, I48 Zielonka, David, II8. 232, 235 CHUICE CHARCUAL STEAKS ii,fSii2g,Jaif2ifAr+i826s 2iQnm'f.i.fmXIiinSf"Ikf63 - rio, e , 74 Zn , C I, 245, 255 Baked Potato' Salad 32-75 Isnt, Eggicfih 2224, zaa Zolio, vigor, 272 Young, Martin, 34, 79, I95, 222 Zommers, Viesfurs, Ib3 Yuhos, Joseph, 282 Zuverink, David, 239, 245, 278 Baked Potato, Salad - 32.50 ' TRANSFER COMPANY ' RICHTER CONCRETE CORPORATION READY MIXED CONCRETE: Eight strategically located plants and a large fleet of modern delivery trucks to give prompt service to all parts of Hamilton County. Not just ordinary ready mixed concrete but' .... "Concrete Designed with Your Job in Mind." EXCAVATING and all kinds of hauling. Drag trailers, power shovels, crane and clam-shell service, pole trailers, etc. For the, best in READY MIXED CONCRETE call PArkway I-7020 For EXCAVATING and HAULING SERVICE call CHerry I-2930 MAIN OFFICE: 1249 WEST SEVENTH STREET CINCINNATI 3, OHIO Page 358 THE VALLEY SHDP-IN 7617 READING ROAD Q In the Heart Of Roselawn Q CinCinnati'S First ONE-STOP Shopping Center FREE PARKING FDR 600 CARS ' ANNABEL, INC. ' MARGO'S DISTINCTIVE FEMININE APPAREL WATCHES, DIAMONDS, UNUSUAL GIFTS PO. 1-2400 PO. I-3333 0 KROGERS , ' CARDS OPEN THURSDAY AND FRIDAY VALLEY BARBER SHOP EVENINGS VA. 1-94143 ' LITTLE B0-PEEP ' THE SUMMIT SAVINGS 8: LOAN CLOTHES FOR THE SMALL FRY PQ, 1.1101 ' STEIN'S HIDE-A-WAY ' FIRST NATIDNAL BANK CINCINNATPS NEWEST AND SMARTEST 0F CINCINNATI SUPPER CLUB QROSELAWN OFFICEQ ' THE WORK EASY SHOP ' NOIMAN'S DRUGS FOR ALL HOUSEHOLD NEEDS CINCINNATPS POPULAR DRUG STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY . SAWYEWS SP0RTING 600138 A COMPLETE LINE OF ALL . F0'0DwAY SPORTS ITEMS DELIVERY SERVICE PO. 1-2444 OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS . ' PDTTERQS SHOES JEWEL HATS FINE FOOTWEAR POR MEN, WOMEN, WHERE EVERY HAT IS A JEWEL CHILDREN ' SH0P-IN-T0GGEBY, INC- ' WUERDEMAN CLEANERS PO- 1-1244 HFOR THAT WUERDEMAN LOOK" SPORTSWEAR SPECIALTIES FOR MEN I PO. I-0739 ' SI-BELLE BEAUTY SALDN ' D0NALD G- HIGH si SON HAIR STYLISTS EVERY TYPE OF INSURANCE Stores 0pen Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Evening THE SHDWPLACE 0E CINCINNATI VALLEY THEATRE THE 0NLY THEATRE IN GREATER CINCINNATI THAT HAS EVERYTHING CINEMASCDPE ' WIDE SCREEN ' PUSHBACK CHAIRS STEREOPHONIC SDUND AND ALWAYS AMPLE FREE PARKING Page 359

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