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ou ' S! "3 Q3 ROW I-Helgesen, J, Bollenhne, J, Kuehnle, G, Bush, J, Helms, F ROW 2-Smyth, R, Lasko, T, While R., Kennedy, R., Crisfield, A, Cook, A, Crompton, V ROW 3-Porsell, K, McCarH, L, Longsfreef, W Smilh, G, Kobbe, E, Davis, N, Durr, H lo DI sl Al New fo U.C.'s campus, fhe lndusfrial Design Sfu- denfs Associafion was founded in l95l fo promofe fhe professional rafher fhan social and frafernal aspecfs of sfudenf ocfivify in fhe Applied Arfs College. The group's program is planned for fhe purpose of fosfer- ing unify and co-operafion among sfudenfs of indus- frial design and professional designers fhrough con- facf, by field 'lrips fo indusfrial planfs and design sfu- dios and by obfaining speakers. The main efforl is di- recfed foward an affiliafion wifh a professional design organizafion. 5 1, C' ' -r il --x JANE To safisfy fhe desire for an exchange of ideas and a means of promofing inferesl in presenf-day frends in archifecfure, fhe American lnsfifufe of Archilecfs was founded af U.C. in I945. Problems of 'lhe profession, ideals of fhe occupafion and fhe a'Hempf fo creafe inferesl' in world living condifions are fopics discussed by +he group wifh fhe fhoughf fhaf fhey may someday help fo belfer condifions by solving some of our living problems. To assisf in lhe program professional archi- fecfs speak fo 'rhe group on currenf ideas in designing and planning. A . I. A . ROW I-Daylon, R, Benson, J, Brennan, J., Pecsok, J, Wenick, R, Champlin, R. ROW 2-Cox, H, Cook, D., Doig, F., Gedickian, D, Cris- cione, E., Tiano, H., Showers, W, ROW 3-Kesler, W., Claylon, R., Man- ohar, S., Sfeworl, R, Bredemeier, R., Garfner, J, Christiansen, H., Harris, M, ROW 4-Engler, R, Roeding, W., Phillips, E., Hill, R, Beumer, R, Johns, D, Anfon, S, Thul, A, Brown, W -P f H.-ATsZnH"I K 5. -EJ J Jug Sc Aff :Ms?WWW iw 4xM4MM'W -' 13--Q Q, . Xe , s . Q . 106. .TY Hx. I E e ROW I-Horwifz, E, Cameron, Dr R, Ausdenmoore, R, Pocnaf, B, Gri J, Forman, C., Sundquisr, P, Dilvlarzio, A. ROW 3-Auldermarsh, C Berman J, ROW 4-Hoes, D, Gebell, C, Sfein, P, Naralh, A, Cullen, CHEMISTRY CLUB A relafively new organizafion on campus, fhe Chemisfry Club was esfablished fo sfimulale inferesf in fheir field among chemisfry majors in Liberal Arfs. Associafed wifh 'rhe American Chemical Associafion fhe organizafion holds regular meefings of which are presenfed as speakers oufsfanding figures in The field of chemical developmenf. Trips lo indusfries in fhe Cincinnafi area round ouf fhe business side of fhe Club's program. The social side is nof forgoffen fhough, and fhe Club sponsors parfies and picnics which provide o lof of fun for all. ROW I-Schweinfurfh, S P, Pogue, J B, B Veforino, R, ROW 3-Weaver, J, HorsVrnan, A runs, 4' Page 97 in 4 A ,, 'QE' ' 5 xxx. lj! . DeBrunner, R, Cahall, K, Cv, l-' 'F' . YQ 3 .wh N, l 5 lf A - i 'gy' nninger, L. ROW 1-Easley, D, Bohlander, K, Michael, Kuiwschlm n, N, Budke, C orferrh, B, Sle n, R The membership of Sigma Gamma Epsilon is drawn from among mefallurgical sfudenfs in fhe College of Engineering ond geology majors in Liberal Arfs. The group's primary inferesf is discovering and sfudying newly developed phases and fechniques in 'rhe fields of geology and mefallurgy. Besides frips fo various appropriafe indusfries, fhe group also sponsors several field frips each year which provide fhe members wifh inferesfing, firsf-hand experiences in conneclion wifh fheir parficular fields of sfudy. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON R, Kingery, T RCW 2-Bishop, B, Holland, F D, Myers, A, LcMore, F, Auxier, C, Ko'he, R, Schaleman, H, Holland, F R. as XX. 3 mme. H292 I-m1 s -0- r fi ff fffi If . ff ff K.,-2 X! 3 X- ff X 1 HON. CADET COLONEL, DORIS DUERMIT Web 7 2: Z c-v Under Colonel Demarco, PASZKT, and Colonel Young, PMSHT, UC's ROTC program has been helping lo add 'ro :fe fhe ranlcs of our milifary leoders. All sludenfs share +he old Army fradifion of wx. long hours of pracfice on +he drill field, and all musf mas+er 'the organizalion of i.. will Their respeclive branches. Bul', while fhe Air Force sludenfs have 'their minds on clouds, navigalional aids, and flighl' fheories, +he Army men are learning Rf 'lhe secre+s of various weapons and 'lac- fical maneuvers. High poinls of +he , cadefs' social life are lhe milil'ary balls ' and The eleclion of an honorary cadei '- colonel and fhe fellowship of iheir honor groups. in Sf., ' . , ' , 1 4. vi: ROW I-Miller, Mai., Lichfy, Mai., Vaughn, Mai, Young, Cal, Plagens, Ll. Col., DeMarco, CoI,, Green, Lf, Col., Moore, Mai. ROW Z-Cwo, Joyce, Sevareid, Mai, LeMay, Capt, Morey, Capl, While, Capt, Norton, Mai., Roysfer, Isl, Lf., Rolslan, Capf. ROW 3-Schafer, Lfc., Cas- sidy, M-Sgt, Bumbaugh, M-Sgt, Jenkens, Capt., Holze, Capf., Miller, Lf., Smi'h, Mai. ROW 4-Duncan, M-Sgl., Leggeii, M-Sgr., Oafey, M-Sgt, O'Neal, Sic, Heinfz, M-Sgt, Wolfe, M-Sgt, Hewilf, M-Sgr., Nordyke, M-Sgr. ROW 5-Miller, T-Sgf., Dilley, T-Sgt, Fehr, T-Sgr, swf- ROW I-Gaud-e', C, Anderson M, Morey, E W Capf, Wiers- ma, R, Clayton, R ROW 2- Barry, J, Dean, J, Clawson W R, Young, J J, waiver, R L ROW 3iNock, J A, Wallace C L, Leviiqh, R E, Kopp-man,J Fangman, J J, Segrnundl, J W PERSHING RIFLES Pershing Rifles, a nalional mililary honorary of The ROTC, has unifs on lO2 college and universily cam- puses. Co. E-I was eslablished here on UC's campus in I934. The purpose of lhe honorary is 'ro develop 'rhe highesl ideals of 'rhe mililary profession, and lo pro- vide appropriale recognilion of lhe high degree of mililary abilily among lhe cadefs ol lhe senior ROTC unils. Besides engaging in special mililary maneuvers and drills, lhe unil sponsors social funclions and under- 'ralxes The lraining of lhe Honorary Cadel Colonel candidafes. 5 ww SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade, a nalional mililary honorary founded in l9l6 al' lhe Universily of Wisconsin, slrives +o lrain qualified young men in colleges and universi- lies for posilions of leadership in fhe mililary profes- sion. Classes in milifary problems and laclics consli- fule fhe serious side of lhe group's liunclions. There is also a lighler side, however, highligled by lhe Spring Mililary Ball, co-sponsored by Scabbard and Blade and Pershing Rifles, al which lime lhe Honorary Cadel Colonel for lhe coming year is inlroduced. Row 1-wiuaemg, R, s-i Koell, A, Ulrnar, J, Ull- rnan, L all ' araid, J, Candrey, P, Reyn- olds, D ROW 2-Belinliy C, Yee, 1, Buck, K, Lim. R, Swain, D Row 3- Whife, E, Pellibone H ROW I-Rolsfan, R., Holze, H .4 E., Helgesen, H. A., Tecca, R. F., Green, C, Woodworlh, T. G ROW 2-Vosler, C. W., Pearson, J, Schaefer, W., Emery, J., Moll, T., he Anderegg, R ROW 3-D'Angelo A., Lawton, R., Evans, R., Van' deveer, D., Bernens, H., Bishop, B., Merke, W. ROW 4-Gross, E, Slone, G., Wiersema, R., Belinky, C., Hodapp, D., Jacobs, D, Rosen, J, ROW 5-Kohr, R., Spald- ing, R., Thomas, D., Mindheim, 4-0- ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Begun as a local honorary of lhe Air ROTC in I947, 'rhe Arnold Air Sociely has achieved nalion-wide recognilion wilh chaplers 'lhroughou+ lhe counfry. Membership in 'rhe sociely is resfricfed lo oulsfanding cadels in 'rhe AF ROTC. The pledge lraining empha- sizes 'rhe sys+em of Air Force selup while lhe overall purpose of lhe group is fo fosler and expand inleresl' among college men in 'rhe Air Force by means of edu- calional meefings al which speakers and movies are used fo presenl perlinenl informalion. ROW I-Taylor, J, Peel, J, Mueller, R., Huber, W, ROW 2 - O'Neal, W , Coach, Spoon, R, More sill, R, Trowbridge, R. s ' -" KE i ix?-. 5 w "vh- R., Longslreel, W., Lawrence, W., Barr, J., Bowles, K. RIFLE CLUB The rifle range in lhe UC sladium is 'lhe meeling place for lhe Rifle Club members. These sharp shool- ers are anxious lo hil lhe +arge+ every lime 'lo beal olher members of 'lhe Soufh Weslern Ohio League. UC's "big sho+s" are successful ones, since 'lhey win mosl of lheir malches. Providing fun, +he Rifle Club offers an opporlunily for proficiency in an imporlanl field. Besides being an aclive sporl, ri'Fling is good lraining for lhe fulure career of mosl' college men- 'lhe armed services. Campus riflers enioy bealing lheir Xavier rivals lhe mosl. ,fo T 1 ,A .fe 3 ROW I-Coleman, N., Calli- so , iec mann, ., ROW 2- areid, J,, Malfhes, A., Blersch, D, ROW 3-Dugan, J, Huck soil, J., Chase, B, Schwall, ., hl, , , ,, GUIDON Guidon, which was eslablished al UC in I934, is o mili- lary honorary lhal lries lhrough leclures and discussions, lo promole leadership, lo losler cilizenship, and lo help ils members gain a clearer underslanding ol lhe problems ol nalional defense. Membership is open only lo sophomore women who possess lhe high slandards of scholarship, ac- livilies, ancl characler sel by lhe organizalion. Dressed in recl coals, red hols, and blue slcirls, members ol Guiclon usher al all universily convocalionsg march in pre-game loolball ceremonies: and serve as campus guides during Collegiale Day. The group, which is lhe women's auxiliary of Scabbard and Blade, was served by lhe following ollicers lhis pasl year: Mary Jo Huclcsoll, Presidenlg Margie Ulrechl, Vice-Presidenlp Belly Knighl, Secrelaryg and Belly Dieck- man, Treasurer. Maior Sevareicl acled as mililary adviser of Guidon, which was loundecl al lhe Universily of Soulh Dakola in I926. Page IOI POLISHING THE BRASS wb m x Wx' fe 4 'x xx 'NSE P ' Ei S . 5 S' 5 ff ,- if 3 "35'a K . Q ,Q L -, ' .1 vi , - , .,.. '-2-., x" Z: . lr , - +5 , ',. .z fi A ' N ES X 1 ex , I Shi-2 2 ' X u 3 YK E33 Liz: 7 5 . ' ' ' ' Xi -IP' Q Q 'E wSg4-nr'- x-"SV xxx .A 'wr 58 Ex " 433 STUDENT RELIGIOUS COUNCIL ROW I-Hale, L, Lawrence, W Keller, M. ROW 2-Swiezalm, Roberfs, P., Kehrer, W, Jac sen, M. Page I03 NF -in 'sb - W x I ar- e H - .. Sfudenl Religious Council, which is composed of fhe religious organizalions on campus, meefs once a monlh 'lo help fosler be'H'er relalions befween lhe members of 'lhe various religious groups and lo give a befler unclerslancling of diFFeren+ religious beliefs. Among i+s aclivilies, fhe Slu- clenl Religious Council sponsored fhe lnlernalional Sfudenl' Chesf Conference and Religious Emphasis Week. They also planned 'rhe publicalion of o pcimphle+ describing lhe diff- ereni religious groups on campus. ,S A 4 X 1 . 'K -sf. F- s A ,e x 'kr -1 N a V .4 ,-7 wr-' rn. 'gf Sf' vol' ff- j ROW I-Spalding, R., Shoemaker, B, Sfromberg, C. ROW Z-Passaniino, R., Bishop, B, Maison, C,, Whife- head, L ROW 3-Longnecker, K , Yosf, F, Pafierson, M, Driggs, H ROW 4-Bowling, J, Hersh, G., Rogers, J, Keebler, R. YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSUCIATION "Fellowship" is a "well-wa+ched" byuword wifl1 The members of UC's Y.M.C.A. Far from leaving if as iusr fhe key work in a s+a+emen+ of 'rhe Y's purpose, +he men make fellowship ihe working principle in 'rhe Y program. ln promofing and carrying our fheir purpose rhe Y presen+s on exiensive and aclive pro- gram each year wiih phases designed io have appeal for all fypes of individual inreresls. The schedule of evenrs for 'lhe year included, sponsorship of Freshmen Camp, weekly discussion group meefings, and social and alhleiic aciivifies. The Y.M. ioins wi+h fhe Y.W. each year in sponsoring The Marriage Clinic, Chrisimas Yule Log Service, and several "Y" nigh? social funcfions. Each Spring The Cabinef Re'rrea+, again ioin+ly sponsored, helps wiih groups fo review +he pasf acfiviiies and plan for +he fufure. Page IO4 T g W 'fa '67 -tt' 0 f X r-as -- '-"T for 1-7 Y? '67 .. ." . ROW I-Dykes, E, Dieclrmann, B, Cones, M , Volksfadf, S ROW Z-Bresfel, V, McNamee, J, L , P, Daullon, P, Fisher, C ROW 3-Tucker, M, Krrslein, A, Keller, M, Beckman, C, Elersch, D ROW 4-Klang, C, Dxeck- rnann, A, Boyce, P, Planck, M, Tegel, B ROW 5-Barman, B, Bolce, B, Mallhes, A, Barloh, M, Robe-rls, P YOUNG WOMENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Page IO5 Freshman Camp opened a very acfive year for fhe Y.W.C.A. One hundred freshman girls mef campus "wheels", learned abouf UC acfivifies, and enioyed fhemselves af lndiana's Camp Len- mary. The Apple Polishing Luncheon, held The day before mid- ferms. gave UC's Coeds an opporfunify lo enlerfain fheir fav- orife profs. The Thanksgiving Service, fhe Yule Log Service, fhe Spring Refreaf, fhe Marriage Clinic, and fhe chapel services broughf inspirafion fo "Y" members. The proiecf of fl-re Y.M. and fhe Y.W. for fhe year was fo beffer sfudenf-faculfy relafion- ships. Sfudenfs and professors gafhered informally 'lo discuss +oday's problems. Sfucly and proiecf groups complefed fhe Y's aclequafe program. Members chose groups fo affend once a weelr fhroughouf fhe year. Mrs. Lynn Gofshall, execufive secre- fary of fhe group, advised and assisfed fhe cabinef in making fhe year a successful one. L A1'HLE1'l' I Im I I II I I I Sm, I , E yi ., L FOOTBALL BASKETBALL W.A.A. 'fi ",V S' INTRA-MURALS I I IEAIL T ix? , Wy- WJ WL I I . L L L qi II L61 e II I , T41 V LS hiv I?L Eff- I iw TT BBBL I iii Qglll 'XX ,-,vff NWI I XII IIIISIUJ. ,..4 III ,,I II T , 1' L, II' YI I fJk'YIXlL1L L FTS A NE, 'vii-S E xx Page 7 I I - 0 - X LII , I A I QE I Acnvnlss 41 I . . . Page 74 I STUDENT GOVERNMENT I IV I MILITARY T 3 ' L I 'T MUSIC AND DRAMA V I PUBLICATIONS A L I I I II LM l.AssEs yr '- L'Io o o Pa B a,,,SQEAIS'S CFFICERS I I PERSIONALITIES SENLQBJ WEEK ' N lx 5 GRADUATES X g.v4lf.,. ge 242 :CS sd 'T YZ . 4f'N 01- IN, s sp f, ,Q fb . f' NN 3 gnu 'tr' V 'su ROW I-Goodman, R, Schuler, N, Carter, J, Fish, J. ROW 2-Minovirz, E, Hachhauser, B., Kravih, L., Peikoff, M., Mallinger, E 1 HII.l.El FOUNDATION Hillel Foundaiion was eslablishecl several years ago as a religious organizafion and cenfer for Jewish sfudenrs af 'lhe Universi+y. The group provides fhese siudenls wifh ihe oppor- funify 'ro parficipafe in and enioy religious, social and culfural acfiviiy. Religious services are planned and conducied by lhe sludenfs every Friday evening in H.U.C. Chapel. Special holi- day services are also held, as for example, on Chanulco in De- cember, and on Purim in March. A wide program of cul+ural- educaiional acfivifies offers ploy reading and discussion groups, dramo+ics, and crea+ive wrifing. Among lhe mosl' inleresiing of lhese were 'rhe poli+ical round lables and discussions pre- ceding fhe eleclions las+ fall. Socially, lhe members enioy 'lhe brunches, chess malches, and aflernoon coffee hours al' 'rhe Hillel House as well as parries and holiday dances. Page I06 sf f i ,, Q QS? ,, S352 .S.l:3fi' V E516 . -i , ff:LC,,'g:,"' 54. 'S -d - ,.' L: X 5 1 xr, , 4 ?' 1 s.: TT ROW I-Berwanqer, M, Boehrnan, J, Ausfing, J, Zimmermann, R, Moclfeigh, R ROW Z-LiV'ner, A, Gebhord V, Gufman J, Marshall, M Huief, D ROW 3-Emma, H, Meow, R, Swami, A, Diff, A, Pease, R Row 4-Dirr R, Kung, R, Ausfmg, J, sermoue, M Arsrsm. anfe, P, Kulle, T ROW 5AShIpp C, Schulte, P, Griese, J, Madigan I, Gawler, F, Vesper, B NEWMAN CLUB Every Friday evening finds fhe house af 3550 Cliffon lighfed up and alive wifh acfivify as 'rhis is fhe nighf of fhe Newman Club Open House. Under fhe guidance and leadership of Fafher William Franer, fhe club furfhers beffer relafions among fhe Cafhalic sfudenfs af UC. The fhird Sunday of every monfh Newman Club members go fo Mass and receive Communion fogefher. Brealcfasf and a business meefing follow. Numerous and varied acfivifies are held fhroughouf fhe year. The main social evenfs 'rhis year were 'rhe Fall and fhe Spring formals. Dancing in 'rhe Club's Sfarlighf Room was always fun, and 'the fellows and girls really remember fhe wonderful experience of going Chrisfmas Caroling fogefher. Picnics and ofher affairs made fhis a very busy, enjoyable, and successful year for all Newman Club members. Page IO7 , gil -J 3:43 .. 91. .,. 'aqnisy " ,, g W ,N .V 30 GAMMA DELTA ROW I-Lylle, J, Sfene, M, Bufe, O, Lawrence, W ROW 2-Rau, R, llse, Rev M Funck, M, Bufe, J, Rullman, D Ebel, D WESLEY FOUNDATION Proudly occupying a new house al 27I7 Cliflon Avenue, members of Wesley Foundafion have enioyed social affairs and have lisfened lo many inferesling discussions lhroughouf lhe pasf year. They have par- 'licipa+ed in and sponsored a variely of proiecfs in- cluding a banquef, a fall camp, weelcend relreafs, and a Chrisfian Wilness Mission. Al 'lhe same lime 'lhey have endeavored lo follow fhe purpose of l'he organi- zafion, which is lo provide fellowship, worship, and service opporfunilies, by supporling 'rhe group in which individuals slrengfhen one anolher in Chrisfian living. 4 ,g ,f is X ' , 'QQ I O gsm , AMT Tfgiggfff - if-. Wxcwf,-A esehve A I ' K' R ' . NA- ,A , '21 , ss QP' N,.-s, iii "' T.'1.-ii? -L- GAMMA DELTA During 'lhe pasl year Lulheran Gamma Della, which is a campus-wide organizafion, held lwo meel- ings every monfh under 'lhe able guidance of Reve- rend M. llse, religious adviser, and Dr. Hilmer and Mr. Krueger, who served as faculfy advisers. Their program for fhe year included planned Bible discus- sions and various social affairs. The group, which was founded in I934 by 'lhe Lufheran Church +o promofe fellowship among s+uden+s of 'fhis faiih, also parlici- pafed in fhe Religious Emphasis Weelx program of fhe Universify. 2 , ' ' WESLEY FOUNDATION X X ROW I-Sageser, K, Hole, L. B, ' Davies, J, Dosser, T., Ferguson, Ei M., Collins, J. ROW 2-Anlmen ', Q miner, s,, even, E, Ein-enbeffy, M,, Schickler, A. G., LeMaslers. 5.2 9 EF. R, Edwards, E, Hera, D ROW 3 it Q -Sprague, J., Nagel, R. N., ii Rowes, C. A., Shafer, P, Tash- 2. I., ., und, G, A,, J, Y-'f"l-'lx Q lla "-If Page IOS Xi- - ROW I E , R, Brockmele., R , Roberfs, P., Mavfhes, A , Daullon, P. ROW 2 Dieckmann A C M K , , ones ball, M, Volksfadi S F7 1? I. .5 ,,,, Y...- 'RS Nisif' XR XSS' RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK Page I09 Religious Emphasis Week, sponsored by Ihe S+uden+ Religious Council, is esiablished 'Io "help each individual find a deeper spiriiual and inielleciual dedicafion +0 God, fhai he may enrich his own life and The lives of his fellow man." This year, November ninih Ihrough ihirleenfh was se? aside for Ihis purpose. Every day +here were seminars, bull sessions, luncheons or oiher similar acfivifies which brough+ 'fhe s+uden'rs and speakers Iogeiher for serious and inferesling discussions. On Monday Ihere was an all- Universiiy Convocaifon, and on Tuesday Ihe Greeks and Inde- penclenis pariicipafed in fhe program. The speakers represenied various religious failhs. "Where Goesf Thou?" was The Iheme of Ihis week. Serious inferesi in fhe program was shown by Ihe aciive parficipafion of UC sludenis. R. E. W. DISCUSSION GROUP 'SFX ' I .f'5".iSirL'?8 'Zi 'V JL K N ' xx X -7 V - ! Q, Q - Bgifx A :Q fl 0 .7 j- " Q, . ' 0 i . ,- 9 I N. I. L V I E ff G , of s - '11fC.'1 .F 4' ' x 'A i V -4' V. ,, , '4- S J N . .- ,. ROW I-Grabo, G, Horbaum, K, Buck, K, Hering, D ROW Z-Torler, T, Colcloser, R, Nieman R, Schaboberle J, Dorse A ROW 3-Slewcrf, R, Hall P, DeBrunner, R Mozs To qualify for Kappa Kappa Psi, fhe nafional band honorary for men, a UC sfudenf musf show inferesl and ac- five parlicipafion in lhe bancl. The frafernify manages nol only 'ro plan fheir numerous campus ac+ivi+ies, bui +o ar- range various social aclivilies. A+ 'lhe Honors Day Con- vocalion an award is presenfed +o 'rhe mos? oufsfanding freshman in +he banclg of fhe annual Spring Concerf fhe group announces whom 'rhey have elecfecl as an honorary member. The parlies, picnics, ancl hayrides of fhe fra- fernily complele +heir social schedule. KAPPA KAPPA PSI K. K. PSI'S AND SISTER HONORARY, TAU BETA SiGMA L Roeberry R i Page III - -1 nts-5.117 --A.... , ,.,.,..' .. .... . .-1.-.--..,.... -.1-.q........ VARSITY BAND An in+egral parf of all foolball games is 'the rous- ing music of fhe band. Men and women from all fhe colleges on 'rhe Burne'r Campus and sfudenis from fhe College of Nursing, fhe College of Music, and 'lhe Conserva+ory combine fheir ralen+s 'lo add music and color 'ro 'rhe UC fooiball and baslcefball games. . f'.'iig..fEii'.i"1,- . - ' H- :g,m:4xeN,:: .-Fvtvwl,-fxQ--.s.x-4--X-V.-A.-y4-ykfvlbiqg-A,,..,fa.N.-.I-9.,...- , ...-w:'4Q:..4.w:'-:ii f x . ..,- .... .c,.,.,.- -c......., .A Afrer many hours of pracfice and drill, ofien in ferrible wea+her, +he band wen'r on 'rhe field +o presen+ fheir half-'rime show for all +he foo+balI games. The band also wenf fo Cleveland wifh ofher Bearcaf boosf- ers +o help cheer fhe 'leam on fo a fhrilling migrafion day vicfory. A+ half-+ime during 'l'he Miami game 'lhe band presenfed Hs charming new sponsor, Mary Ann Keller. A smaller pep band also helped cheer Bearca+ Cagers. DIRECTOR, R. HAMILTON Q . A ' 1712. 111'-' 'VX xx. 1 ,. -.f' . Cb xx E 1 , V 5 Q .41 I X A f . ,514 ,fs Xx 1 DX , M - ,.f,.' f Of ,. ? - h IQN I W ,ES 'N A I BAND SPONSOR HAVEN JONES LEADS UC MAJORETTES UCS MARCHING MUSICIANS TAKE THE FIELD 5 S s . I E a Q 5 : 4 -1.14. ,sg ugh: 1111: f1:mMN... , . -unwsui ,gg-gps GLEE CLUB The Glee Club Ihis year offer welcoming 'the new and old members seH!ed down Io a sfimulafing season. They sang, among ofher places, af Ihe Chrislmas open house in Ihe Alms building and for 'rhe Universify faculfy a+ one of Iheir meefings. The annual conven- Hon af Ihe Neiherland Plaza was a cause for much preparafion and excifemenf. Affer Ihe new year Ihe club worked on many new and modern numbers for fheir annual spring concert Presenied were such num- bers as Voix Celefes, In'ro Ihe Nighi, Dark Wafer, and Salvafion is Creafed. Highlighfs of Ihe concerf were produclion numbers such as fhe Creafion by ScoH, done wifh dramafic presenlafion, Ballad for Americans, and Dance Africaine, presenfed wilh mod- ern dance. INN X 'Be XX aI 'ps-f DIRECTOR WILLIS BECKET 'IFE l1 6 Ci xr Q 3 T ish The direcior fhis year was again Mr. Willis Beck- eH. His able direcfion and selecfion of The numbers made possible an almos+ complelely new repeloire. The members will always recall The forrid pace sef by Mr. BeclreH fo complefe +he numbers. In fhe rehearsals a spiril' of fun and enfhusiasm always prevailed. :Al Q' ,tlilfi-s The Glee Club Board is composed of fhe mosf ac- +ive members of 'rhe club. They plan all ihe engage- menls and lhe annual spring concerf as well as fhe yearly banquel' af which keys for 'rhe fhree year mem- bers are awarded. A+ fhe same lime fhe new officers for fhe coming year are announced. GLEE CLUB BOARD SEATED-Heinold W Dominique B, Mitchell! A STANDING-Warner, R, Payer R Gulchril J Richer? B ..,,,,,.: fi 1:3 '-N' iv 5, .. f-'- " -- Uv ,Hx 5. :F S f Q-Ev: N xx M k M ,, ls 9'0" Q we , A "fl"ff:2-2iv:-w', Ai Q. J D 0 4x"vgZ RQ F XX Q , X Q uixkts QXXV N .x .5314 -Q w :-lr' ' is J ..y.w,. ,xx gfwxb RQ: Svgxek K X X xg. Q rv -'ffff ..--..- TLN 4 .. 1, ' ' I +eD.i?4igiy Sf'-xifbfff N If , . . -,xx WM , ,. .. A5 QQ ww , . 5+ , X SYS' ' N n w : ' F P':.?' ' 9' . N' -, im . K in 5, x L - 2 ' 'U . X I ze x x.... , , N-fgffll' V. - Y' Q x' A me-'-.g1s,. . ' , ' .5135 ' 9 E xi X r V X . 'ibxrk 8 Q4 Z 1 KY Y Wi 4? .wwf'ffix'1"1Wa ...N ..-. ' -MW' Q. N -th W' N9 , 1 l V W. X . ,..v.,w 4.1-wwxrkfwfm , 'I .alllw N , '. -- CLINE -f -N HILLS X I ui , , S-Y sQilf k ,A l tr' ly ,. ,gl 'T haf 'Nl' ROW I-Weiser, N, Auldermorsh, C, Moskowitz, M ROW 2-Baron, R, Fahnle, L, Goodman, S, MUMMERS BOAR Mummers Board consisfs of fhe lcey members of Mum- mers Guild, who efficienfly direcf and pariicipafe in 'Phe various programs and producfions puf on by fhe guild. ln- cluded on fhe board are +he presideni, vice-presiden+, sec- refary, and direcfor of fhe guild, along wi+h fhe business, sfage, and produc+ion managers, and a member af large. The acfiviiies of fhe board include helping +he direcfor selecf fhe plays, direcfing fhe elecfions of ihe guild offi- cers, selecfing s+uden+s for keys and awards, and arrang- ing for fhe famous casi parfies ihai' follow each sfage producfion. The program for 'lhis year fea+ured four sfage producfions, consisfing of a musical, a drama, a comedy, and children's play: a very successful ci+y-wide drama con- voca+ion for high school s+uden+sg and several Carousel +hea'rre producfions, given in ihe round. Page II6 .. ?Lf',TX w gig., S' - 5 ,. fx I .W ' ,Nab Ap an I i MHS UID I , -4 Q " ST WEST I I DIRECTOR PAUL RUTLEDGE AND DOUG CRAMER DISCUSS COMING MUMMERS ATTRACTIONS BEHIND THE SCENES LAYING THE GROUND woruc I I ,gun 'T ii Page II7 'EU ...EEK 1 f ' I 1 F' q,,v,4,. "Y" If 4 , r -'Q-A I:x 'lk R ,Lx xx , 4 Q X all 4, 'iz' -if N fd Q' 3 i seg h-x WKNNXN XXX X Eu AiIONS ln many ways +he publicafions of any school are ii: besf hisiory boolrs. The record Hs ac- iivifies and progress in every clireciion +hrough their phoiographs and copy. A+ UC +he Cincin- nafian fills The his+ory bool: assignmenl' while 'the News Record represenfs 'lhe lifeline fhrough which all currenf happenings flow +o s+uden'I's. Profile and Co-Op Engineer provide +he op- poriunify for The expression of individual laleni creaiively or on fechnical subiecis. ti Drops 51375 4 M,v.i-M Frog- Mid .an if N Wim A MW? . :mh,,,,,.x P ,P fx ,pf ROW I-Mara, M, Dykes, E, Woodworfh. T, Carnpcxgna. R, Kirsleln, A ROW 2-Brill, R, Sharrocls, RN Wasmer, C, Bursiek, R, Decamp, J Page II9 BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Alfhough an exlremely imporiani organizafion, fhe Board of Publicafions is seldom commended for ifs work. Helping fo clelermine fhe policies of The various Universily publicafions is buf parl of fhe general governing dufies of fhis siudenf-faculfy board. This commiffee is composed of fhe edifors and fhe business managers of +he News Record, fhe Profile, The Sfuden+ Direcfory, and Cincinnafian, and fheir faculfy advisers. Every year if is 'rheir Task 'ro selecf lhe edifors and business managers of These campus publicalions for ihe following year. They are aided by The recommendafions from refiring pub- licofions heads and slaff vofes. Their never ending duries are allowed fo become social only once a year when ihey preseni 'rhe annual Publicafions Banquet feafuring individual slag awards. wi' 'P -sv. ,Y - J' l 'fl' ' f. . .Ji k,,7 ,i - , ., . an J. "nf," 1 ,, -.-55' gf-Q. 5 ' ' - '- N. ' In h y sd il., ' , at , 5' '.4-11.4.5 I ,' l i 1 . ,, ,iff .ak ,,,.., f A ' . 11'i'f?kfff- .. "' Q!! x ,l .w,l4i,x Sf' EDITOR RON BRILL YQ! xl . xx x . 5' . ,M ,gl 3 BUS. MGR. DICK MITCHELL 4' nv . S THE CINCINNATIAN Hardly are regislralions compleled in Seplember before plans are being laid for 'fhe forlhcoming issue of The Cincinnalian. Pholographers are clis- palched lo all imporlanl campus evenls, seniors furn in 'lheir piclures, and ar'lis'rs' brows show beads of sweal' over lay- ouls. The Slalil slarls oul' calm enough, full of resolve 'ro gel done well wi+l1in lhe schedule. Wilh The passing of lime, 'the pace quiclcens. There is a mad, lasl minule dash 'fo gel lhings in order -lT'S DONE. ROW I-Dugan, J, Schoelwer, M, Meyers, C. L., Fielman, M. L., Boneau, V. ROW Z-Lalreman, L., Swiezak, A., Chadwick, H., Share, F., Schear, M., Mueller, M. ROW 3-Gall, C., Hall, B, Rhoades, N, Greiser, L., Fink, A., Cohen, A, Engel, D, ' Q XY 'n l wmmxmw Cllr 5?-if As' f"v A aa. l ' r Page IZO Q- gsfi-wig I 'iffff'-.. ? A W e1,y:. i r x V- .-exswv . . . N . . N L , ey .X A1-,3,N-w:.1 - K . 4.3. . ' Q ' ,-N' . 5- -" ' fi 95.1" -gi Xi sh r 12.4.3 f ' f KS? A 2 X Ii.. fig Q 'ilk i 'X' T .4..a?'J2SSITi 'wif S fff X xl, .jvzff 555' . l:t.Q:i.vY, ...,. . . 'Vg 1 'si . 3' li ' xi' ' ' "'ni'-FWS... 57 GT X. 551 D L-' 5 I ,,, ., .411 . . M Sv ' -N150 . " '.,f'fIF'-,-Y ' THE CINCINNATIAN EDITORS CINCINNATIAN STAFF Edilor Ron Brill Associale Edifors Jane Dugan, Bill Long- sireef, Marion Schoelwer Ari Edifor Carol Lou Meyers SMF?-Engel, R., Green, J., Harrison, K., Hari, B., Heifzler, B., Miller, B., Noliing, R., Perry, D., Richmond, I., Rhoades, N., Ulm, B., Zisclw, R. Copy Edifor Mary Lee Fielman Sfaff-Baron, R., Brems, R., de Sandre, C., Grieme, A., Huss, F., Lalreman, L., Sclwear, M., Smiflw, S., Sfoner, T., Wallers, R., Winn, J. Senior Edifor , . Virginia Boneau Sfag-Abrose, J., Grieme, A. Plwaiograplny Edifor Mary Mueller Sing-Gravenkemper, R.. Swiezak, A. Sporis Edifor . . . Al Groenlre Sfaff-Benfon, E., Blaney, H., Dominque, B., Gamble, H., Cohen, A. Index Edifor .. . Marian Taslwiian SMI?-Brogdon, C., Pounds, S. Producfian Managers Audrey Finlr, Lyra Greiser Sfalif Phofographers Share, F., McPheefers, D. Business Manager . . Diclr Milclwell Assisfanl Business Manager Barry Cors Sfaff-Marfz, N. Adveriising Manager Clarence Gall Exchange Edifor . Billie Hall Page I2I x Z4 . Q A Q, -. I f . new 4 4 4' . THE MAZE OF LAYOUTS, PRODUC- TION CHARTS, PASTE-UPS ALL ADD UP TO A FINISHED BOOK A SEEMINGLY VICIOUS CIRCLE- TYPE-PROOFREAD-FILE-TYPE ' -L .. . -..-.-dfvigrvw-. va..,, X Xe- 23.535 X ..3:rsa-'.:.f- . Q r 1 Si, 'mfs Z' EDITOR BILL PACE OWI rnclley, L, . NEWS RECORD I """"7f'fl Mosl UC sludenls are unaware of all lhe worlx lhaf has fo be pul inlo lhe News Record 'lo pro- - gAgy,,f,if5'."1 vide lhem wirh 'lhe lalesl' news. Every Monday fhe slaff sl'arl's lhe paper by wri+ing and lyping The copy. However, +he whole iob is far from complele when fhe of- fices are closed lhal night be- cause The sludenls musl proof if. Since lhe paper is only parlially supporled by sludenl aclivify fees, +he business slalif mus+ sell, sel' up, and bill ads. Even affer com- pleling each edilion lhe sfalif does nof lorgel' if, since il' meels fo X discuss and crilicize il for fulure 5 ea "x.' irnprovemenls. BUS. MGR. ANNETTE KIRSTEIN kSchro1-el, J, Tegel, B, Malloy, J, Dueckrnann, A, C-oodlellow, R, Sfrornberg, C, ROW 2-McCormick, T, Gregg, J, Reilly, S, Evans, R., Mog, D, Havfendorf, J ROW 3-Cahill, N, Garber, l, Hall, B, Pochal, B, While, B, Perko, E, Slrubbe, R. 1 - 2 1 in .1 . .,1.. w.- -X E:-f ,.Q,,,x '7 4 f KEY N. R. EDITORIAL PERSONNEL QA -'v if . "3 .A Q WRITE, WRITE, RE-WRITE: WE'VE GOT A PAGE TO FILL THOSE LAST MINUTE CHECKAUPS TO ASSURE COMPLETE CAMPUS COVERAGE ruff Page IZ3 .-im. Editor-in-Chief W. L. Pace Managing Editor John Molloy Editorial Editor Jim Schrotel EDITORIAL STAFF-Herbert Wilton, Franlm Huss, Douglas Cramer, R C H, William Kliene, Gail Hersh, Rich Goodman, and William Bumiller City Editor Arleth Dieckmann Asst. City Editors Mary Coe Planclr, Kay Patton FEATURE STAFF- Bruce Amend, Mary Lou Bar' Ioh, Daniel Baum, Marjorie Briggs, Beth Brill, Alvin Cohn, George Haynes, Gene Henninger, Cathy George, John Hatendort, Robert Herron, Cathy Hosea, Stewart Lipp, Scott Murrer, Kay Rauber, Alan Shumalrer, and Hernert Wilton Copy Editor Margaret Duffy Asst. Copy Editors Mabel Bidlingmeyer, Howard Blaney COPY STAFF-Shirley Reilly, Barbara Moore, Jer- iie Dickson, Betty Hoclrhauser, Bruce Amand, and Ann Grieme Sports Editors Robert MacVeigh, Howard Blaney SPORTS STAFF-Glenn Steibig, Robert Feldman, Edward Wedbush, Carol Beclrman, James Wilson, Richard Strubbe, Kenneth Burton, Thomas Dunn, Charles Gravenkemper, Bert Hasins, Norm Cahill, James Groqg, Robert Lowery and Edward Perlio News Editor Herbert Wilton REFORTERS-Mariorie Briggs, Mary Lou Barloh, Alvin Cohn, Patricia Dillery, Edward Etten, Ina Garber, Jo Goodman, Roger Haas, Billie Hall, John Hattendort, Jean Hermann, Robert Herron, Cathy Hosea, Bud Katter, Sylvia Lisner, Thomas McCormick, Edith Minovitz, Janet Ptatt, Beverly Pochat, John Potts, Lucy Smalley, June Smith, David Stovall and Beverly White. Social Editor Betty Tegel SOCIAL STAFF-Sylvia Erattish, Barb Buck, Anite Cottier, Nancy Hulbert, Joan Schneider, and Shirley Segal Proot Editor Carol Beclrmon PROOFREADING STAFF-Carol Ahlers, Hod Blaney, Arnold Blit1er, Robert MacVeigh, Kay Patton, Larry Lepe, and Charles Brogdon Business Manager Annette Kirsten Advertising Manager Charles Stromberg STAFF-Fritz, Beherens, Stan Brad, Carol Frey, David Macarthy, Don Pabst, Al Shapiro Circulation Mgr. Ronald Goodtellow Head Typist Evelyn Duggan Technical Adviser Henry Segal C0-OP ENGINEER 'uf 5:7 N . fi s -X ROW I-Hudson, S, Ebel, D, Ogle, R, Herron, C, Gross, ani W Z Gold S M y a ps n a erna W B Denham, R, Cholo, J ROW 3-Wedbush. E.. Wrenn, B, Me ge R M e uns W use ele The Cooperalive Engineer, a quarlerly publi- calion by Engineering sludenls, is of inleresl lo sludenls ol olher colleges clue lo ils 'limely ma- lerial, excellenl pholography and effeclive lay- ouls. Ray Ogle and his sfaff have made lhe lhirly-Firsl year of lhe Co-op Engineer a success- Ful one confaining scienlific progress in all fields. LiHle spokes learned aboul big wheels lhrough inlerviews ancl news of campus acfivilies. Picnics, parlies, and 'the annual banquel made lhe social lives of lhe sfaff complefe. Members of lhe slafl loolr over lheir worlr wilh pride and salisfaclion. v... 'v' -Q-, gvzi x!""T i fr Y ROW I-Bumiller, W, Beckman, C, Wood, C, Dykes, E, Heiflmarrip, T, W W Z C 1 h Hermann, J, Fisher, C, Hari, B, Greenberg, A ROW 3-Russell, M, Y N o D Bal h M O B M Sgle Be C T, Lindernann, J Founded in I938 by a man well-known in fhe li+A erary world, 'Phe Profile confinues +0 produce new members for liferary circles. Roberl Lowry, 'rhe aufhor of "The Big Cage", "Casul+y", and "Find Me in Fire", Hrsf formed H-ie idea for fhis sfudenr liferary maga- zine. To provide an ouflei for creafive wrifers among ihe siudenrs of UC was lhe original purpose of ihe Profile. Hs four seasonal issues, wriHen, edirecl, and published by 'lhe all-Universify sfaff, conroin shor+ s+ories, poems, humorous maferial, and a profile of an oufsfanding undergraduaie. If also provides an index of rhe lafesf culfural evenis io hi+ Cincinnafi. Uniil fwo years ago The publicaiion had never con- fained a humor secfion. Affer a successful experimenf wifh carfoons and a iolce page, fhis humorous ma- ferial was decided 'ro be favorable fo fhe magazine and is s+ill included. The year of fhis experimenr fhe Profile was edired by Ken Thompson who has iusf recen+ly published his firsi volume of poeiry and who is climbing 'fhe liierary ladder of fame as did fhe magazine's lirsf ediror. As 'rhe Profile coniinues 'io be published, i+ will cerfainly produce many more worfh- while wrirers as in ihe pasl. Page l25 x4"'4 BOOKSTORE BUSINESS A freshman's iniroduciion lo campus and college life more offen lhan nof comes fhrough lhe bewildering experience of reg- islrafion. The clay usually begins wifh a series of apiifude 'fesls which sound more confusing 'rhan capable of discovering any of lhe "answers" aboul fheir viclims. Quesfions on every+hing from malhemaiics +0 "whaf would you like +0 do" are sup- posed +o indiccle whefher 'rhe s'ruden+'s falenf is for any+hing from a science 'ro 'rraining canaries. Once lhese are over fhe real work appears os 'rhe prospecfive slu- denl begins 'rhe process of becoming a full fledged member of fhe freshman class. M, -i " e fu' X 5- i 1 1' N' 1 f is 3 I p mi'- 1 , 'ilk i ' li Mil S . ..., s f .,m........i TESTS, THE FIRST DAY? I lik gz Suits., 1 zl K' wi S Li ,aim wi. Q Page 9 BYEVBYE SSS v-7 ,cg 1 -ar f? mv i f 'Y ROW I-Bayer, J, Dick, A, Mara, M, Blersch, D, Garber, L., Welleler, Laischa, C ROW 3-Arnold, J, Fink, A., Coleman, N, Bieser, A, Nelson, STUDENT DIRECTORY Numbers, Numbers, Numbers! Nighfmares of num- bers and names fill fhe dreams of members of lhe Sfudeni Direcfory slaff un+il fha? publicafion finally comes oul in early December. This book, giving names, addresses, phone numbers, colleges, and years of graduafion for every siudenf in +he Universiiy, pro- vides i+s siaff wi+h a lor of hard work and occasionally some headaches. Hours of alphabefizing, fabularing, and arranging lisis produce one of lhe mos+ widely used, and useful books on campus. Campus arl geni- uses have c hand in 'rhe publicalion as +hey vie for fhe privilege of doing lhe cover. Finally, rhe Direciory is doled our iusr in lime +o be a help in addressing fhe long Xmas card lisfs everyone has made up and wailing. C ROW 2-Winn, J, Kunrz, B, Sigle B., Beigel, M., Sievers, B. EDITOR MARTY MARA BUS. MGR. CHARLES WASMER 0' I i up. T-17 1 I agner, M., Harrison, J, Q. . :- qu X Q Q .3 E, 1 A, .s 'Viv ff. .. Page 126 Page l27 ,Q , sufkg Asizfffb: , 49' .Q Zz. ,I E .JZ muaf -A no Ni! X x f. --f N-v 4? Q 135 ROW I-Evans, B4 Molloy, J, Dugan J ROW Z-Share F Kirsfein A Schoelwer, M Brill R ROW 3-Pa1:e,W,Herror1,C,'NDod- worlh, T schmfei, 1, oanen, 1 PI DELTA EPSILON Pi Della Epsilon, which is a nafional iournalism honor- ary was reac+iva'red on UC's campus in l95O. To ihe sludenfs on publicafions, Pi Dell' signifies high s+and- ards in lhe fields of journalism. This year, aside from Pi Delf's usual round of acfivifies, 'rhe Cincinnafi chapfer played hosf 'ro a nofional journalism convenfion which was held on campus. The conven+ion had ifs serious side which was quile evidenf in fhe workshops, buf also fhere was plenly of en+er+ainmen+ provided for The outof- lowners. All s+uden+s on publicafions parficipafed in lhis convenfion. Awards for ou+s+anding work were pre- senfed a+ one of lhe conven'rion's banquels. ,355 ,:,,' h ff -"T fr! , X Y.. f.1sf:25e Wi1e STUDENT UNION STreams oT sTudenTs consTanTly pour inTo The STudenT Union Building boTh day and nighT. NoT only is This build- ing a place Tor relaxaTion, buT also a place Tor work. The Grill, Lounge, GreaT Hall, Game Room, and Music Room provide every Type oT social life. The GreaT Hall is used noT only Tor a caTeTeria, buT Tor anyThing Trom dances To MorTor Board Tapping. ODK Taps in The lounge which also serves as The sToge of The LSMFT shows. School is noT Tor- goT'Ten as is proved by The many sTudenTs benT over Their books aT The lounge desks. The BoolcsTore disTribuTes all The Tools To The many promising sTudenTs. ExTra-curricular acTivi- Ties Tlourish in The meeTing rooms off oT The GreaT Hall, while The campus publicaTions grow in The basemenT's Pub- licaTion Row. ln oddiTion The STudenT Union caTers To TaculTy and adminisTraTion as is evidenced by The TaculTy caTeTerio and The Dean of Men oT'Fices. DIRECTOR WILLIAM NESTER MEMBERS OF ONE OF THE UNION'S FIVE COMMITTEES WORK EXTRA HOURS TO PRODUCE ATTRACTIVE EM BOSSVO- GRAPHED POSTERS. Page I28 UNION BOARD UC's Union Board was organized +o acl' as a general board of managemenl as well as fo defermine 'fhe gen- eral policy of, and assume The responsibilily for fhe effecfive operafion of 'the Union. Two of fheir mosl im- porfanl iobs are 'rhe preparafion of 'fhe annual budgef and The allocalion of room space in The Union. Five sfudenfs are elecfed by Sfudenl Council fo membership in fhis group, Af leasf one and noi more Than 'three of Hs members mus'r be members of Sfudenf Council. Faculfy members of 'rhe Board include 'rhe Vice-Presidenl of The Universily, who is a perrnanenf member, and lhree ofher facully members appoinfed by +he presidenl, one fo serve a one year lerm, while lhe ofher fwo serve for lwo years. Meefings were held on The second Thursday of each monih. Bill Nes+er served as Union Direcfor, while Barbara Bulsch was Presideni of rhe Board, Don Mills, Vice-President and Carol Taylor was secrelary of The group. A Page I29 mf" Q 41 In ref.. v? ROW I-Cochran, J,, Butsch, B., Taylor, C, Johnson, L ROW 2-Engber G, Bursiek, R, Longslreef, W, Bishop, R, Nesler, W, Mills, D 3-JW 'gy 9 , ns- if' ROW I-Heinz, R, Schoelwer, M, Cochran, J., Hibarger, M M c Irnan J ROW Co Haffe R Nesfe W Me ers PROGRAM COMMITTEE Responsible for 'rhe smoofh running of +he social funcfions of +he Union is +he Program Commiffee, which works diligenily fo insure us many good +imes. A greaf deal of +ime is spenf laking care of 'rhe never ending de+ails which are connecfed wilh all large funcfions. Their efforfs enabled us To enioy ofler game dances, Gilmanized foofball movies, and fea- fure movies. L.S.M.F.T. Shows gave many an oppor+uni+y fo demons+ra+e fheir 'ralenfs in regular weelcly planned enlerlainmenf. Hay- rides, decoraiing parfies, Colifee Hours, and ofher parries allowed ouf of +own sfudenfs and facully +o become beHer ac uainled. These ac+ivi+ies rounded ouf anollier suc- cessful year for fhe Union Program Com- miffee - by which we all benefifed. Union acfivilies provide a good parl of sludeni social life on campus, during hours and "over 'rhe weekend." All of lhese funcfions are sludenf planned and sludenf managed. Various Union com- miffees are sei up io divide fhe differ- enl phases of acfivify, and fo give slu- denls 'the opporfunily fo worlr on which- ever 'rype he chooses. During school hours +he Hopsifalify Commiflee gives periodic Open Houses lo inlroduce can- didales or iusf 'fo give sluclenls 'rhe r O , 2 l l 4' UNION ACTIVITY Page I3l -AI? chance fo gel fogelher fo enjoy +he facilifies of fheir Union. Music commif- +ee sponsors one of The mosf popular funcfions, LSMFT, +l'le show which brings fine sludenf variely acls 'ro cify-wide as well as campus-wide alfenlion. These are iusf lwo of fhe many aclivilies of- fered by fhe Union. G QHONOIIAIIIES I93I Ahlburn B ron I Y Ammerman, George W. Arala. Clarence A. Afkinson, Will, Jr. Barsdale, Raymond W. Bird, Francis H, Bishop, Roberl W. Bramkamp, Allan K. Byers, Frank R. Caspell, Edwin E. Crawiord, William H. Defion, Roland H. Eckert, David C Friedman, Paul V. Gamble, Cecil H, Hilsinger, Raymond L. Holliday, Joseph E. Harsfman, William B. Humphries, John W. Kendall, Laleure R. Kindle, Joseph H. McNulf, Sfephen A, Popp, William C Posfle, Arfhur S. Quinn, James A. Scolf, Glenn E Scoh, Philip N, Sidinger, Clarence L, Sweeney, Frank H Ou+s+uncIing abilily in one of 'rhe fields of collegiale life, scholarship, alhlelics, publicalions, social or religious leadership, music or dramalic arls is a necessily for a Junior or Senior man before he can be considered for membership in ODK. No? conlenl lo resi on lheir Iaurels, lhese men annually sponsor a leadership conference and Honors Day Convocalion in coniunclion wilh Morlar Boarcl. They also 'rake charge of 'rhe Dad's Day game, and presenl' lhe Alhlelic Trophy and +he Scholarship Trophy. This year 'rhe ODK's also sponsored 'rhe Baskel- ball Banquel which was held on campus for 'rhe Iiirsi' 'lime +o enable 'rhe sludenl body 'lo alrlend. The purpose of ODK is firsl, lo recognize high slandarcls of eliiiciency and lo inspire olhers +o slrive for conspicuous allain- menlsg second, 'ro bring 'logelher lhe mosl represenla- live men of all phases of campus life: and lhird, lo bring logelrher members of 'rhe facully and sluclenl body on a basis of mu'I'uaI inleresf. MEMBERSHIP ROSTER OF UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI CHAPTER OF OMICRON DELTA KAPPA SINCE INSTALLATION ON MARCH 7, I93l I932 Ballman, Harry C. Beall, Samuel O. Benham, Roberf M. Brossmer, Raymond H. Carolan, Frank J. Dyson, Roscoe S. Ferson, Merton L. Gilliland, William P. Gradison, Wolford T. Hammond, Edward S. Hoch, Gordon F. Hunl, Marshall C, Johnson, Roberf C. lach, Winston E. Koolage, William W. Lokarnp, Lesler B. Lewis, Roberl C. Lishawa, Allen C. McCarfy, Theodore M. McCaslin, John F. McDaniel, Joel C Moores, William M. Powell, Morlimer Railing, James M. Rooch, James E, Rose, David Rosenblall, David Schneider, Herman Sweef, Willard H. Zeigler, Roberf N. I933 Baxler, Jack E. Booz, Spencer B, Bosken, Charles H. Davis, George A. Drucker, Ned Elo, Ray Foley, William R. Heil, Philip iz. Hoefer, Roberf W. Keores, John R. Levy, Aaron, F. Lukens, Mafhias E. McFarland, James C, Mullikin, Sidney A. Nulsen, Ray O. Paine, Harry A, Fallen, Charles F. Schwab, Richard L, Scull, Frederic D, Selher, James W. Slegrniller, Earl G. Wallers, Raymond Werner, Walter G, WyaH, John D. I734 Auburn, Norman P. Bevis, Howard L. Brown, Sanford Cheney, Harold K. Decamp, John P. Gall, Jack K. Grandle, Olen R. Hunter, Woodrow G. Sayrs, Donovan L. Smilh, George D. Towers, Russell R. l935 Alkinson, Roberl E. Ballard, Clark T. Bauer, Richard H. Buller, Roberf L. Fahnslock, George R. Heinold, Fred W. Isaacs, Sidney Kersker, Theodore M. Lange, Homer A. Ogden, Phillip Pechsfein, Louis A. Pruefer, Clifford J. Rich, Wayne A. Scranlon. Clarence H. Shank, Spencer Sfrosser, Elmer E. Srrorhman, Harry D. Trame, Lawrence E. Walkins, William G., Jr. Wellman, Alberl H. I936 Clark William S., Il Conner, Roberl Q. Fox, Edwin F. Haby, Linus L. Jaap, Robert M. Laurence, Daniel Ludeke, Carl A. McClure, Carroll B. Maris, John H. Messman, Frank J., Jr. Pressler, Fred W. Rarney, Charles W. Schaefer, Joseph S. Spivack, Roberf G. Warringlon, Thomas M. I937 Alsfelder, Roberf F. Bachmeyer, Roberf W. Buhmann, Roberl C. Burks, Ardalh W. Chenowelh, Laurence B. Cohen, David I. Day, Douglas H. Guehring, Jacob W. Heckerman, Arihur R. Keefe, John W. Lichr, William, Jr. Lindsey, Roberl R. Manning, Jack W. Molloy, Frank H. Nieman, Harold F. Pehif, William R, Rifler, Jack H. Salovoara, Jorma J. fx r i ii Safller, Charles C. Seyffer, Jack J. Sulau, W. Charles Sulherlin, J. Raberl l93B Anderson, Roger G. Brown, David H. Davis, Frank G. Deshon, Roberl A. Gowdy, Roberr C. Harlsock, Charles F. Johnson, Arlhur O. Lamberl, Roberr S. Margolis, Milfon J. Montgomery, Donald J Reslemeyer, William E Small, John E. Spring, Charles A. I939 Baer, George R. Barbour, George B. Bohrer, Roberf J. Brown, Bruce D. Dahlman, Dan Farr, Richard A. Gebharf, William R. Landen, Hains Manogve, Roy, Jr. Menderson, Edgar Mileham, M. Charles Oufcalf, Dudley M. Page I32 -1 .-C v -sf ...Q Q.: X.. ,. 'Ea- ...f 'QT sa Q1 if Nr 'ci GN -'WD xr -., ., ROW I-Brill, R, Koutz, J, Stevenson, K, Moskowitz, M, Bruns, D ROW 2-Bartz, W, Restemeyer, W, Brockmeier, R Herron, C ROW 3-O'Brlen, J, Theisen, P, Rethmeier, M, Aufderrnarsh, C, Messlnger, R, MacVeiqh, R Painter, Paul C Puchta, Charles G Rosen, Martin M. Spencer, Myron J, Tour, Robert L Vinacke, Harold Wilhelny, Odin, Jr Wilson, Jess B Yelton, Everett B., Jr. l'?40 Allen, John E Beltz, William W. Bloom, Ralph Canning, Richard G, Chappelle, Thomas W. Dawson, George H. Downey, Joseph F. Ellis, Donald A. Garvin, Daniel F. Jaffe, Lester A, Krauslropt, Henry K. Martin, Donald W. Menefee, Paul D. Meyer, John P. Parchmon, William J. Rindsberg, Donald N, Stalnclker, Armand C. Sutton, Arthur L. Vest, Douglas C. Wurster, Edward D. l94l Benedict, McCrea Crane, Richard S. Davies, Chose M. Diehl, John A. Dinkelaker, Edward H. Dinsmore, Frank F. Gordon, Myron B. Griffin, Dale W. lsmoel, Walter W, Keck, Karl G., Jr, Kelchner, William W, Klum, John C,, Jr, Kraemer Carl A Miller, Robert C. Page l33 Pease, James L, Jr Rubin, Carl B Spielberg, Irvin Stuhlbarg, Barry S Timmons, Alfred E Virgin, Roy C l942 Allen, Ralph W, Freldman, Justin Gausmann, William Graham, Hoyt B., Jr Griftes, Charles T Hemstreet, Harold S. F. Hartmann, Richard L. Holmes, Charles F. King, Harry E Klahm, William A. Kreider, Thomas M, Lissenden, H Jack Mangan, Edwin L Mullenix, Joseph R. Pow, George, Jr Scheumann, Maurice Shank, Reed A. Sheridan, Charles J. Wartik, Tom Whaling, Allan H. Wolf, William F., Jr I943 Alexander, James M. Burgess, Wayland M. Cokeley, James A, Cromer, C. Jackson Hoge, Douglas L McGrane, Reginald Meyer, Albert L, Reiman, Walter R, Schroeter, Donald G Stephens, Robert L. Terry, LeGrond E Von Pelt, Merrill B, I944 Carr, Joseph G. Claxton, Willis L Frederick Raymond Kipp, Ralph E. L. C, W. Mauch, William A Patterson, George F Strasser, Albert E Wellman, Albert J l'?45 Foster, Stanley H Furnish, Edward S Crettler, Beniamin Hanford, Richard W Hughmark, Gordon A Owens, Anderson D, Jr Vogel, C William Waring, James C Wasserman, Allan L H46 Boling, Lawrence H Bursiek, Ralph C De Garmo, Albert H. Ebeling, Fred A Friedlander, Walter H, Fusaro, Armando C, Guise, Robert K Harper, H. Richard Harvey, Jack L Kennedy, Eldon C, Rowley, Frank S Ruehlmann, Eugene P, Sarvis, Robert G Stargel, Willard R,, Jr. Towers, Lloyd H. I947 Bertke, Donald G, Butler, Richard T. Corcoran, Robert W. Frazer, John H, Greene, Hoke S, Griest, Howard A. Koch, George W. Matlock, Stanley F Spiers, Donald M. Stuewe. Alfred H. l94B Ahrens, Allan J. Bruestle, George O. Carson, Archibald I, Crozier, Charles R. Elcher, P Howard Fenlon, Robert J Fremont, Robert E Giese, Frederick W Good, Carter V Hendrichs, Robert P Huber, Robert P Lodwich, Richard A Lodwich, Robert C Porter, Walter A Poynter, Donald B Ruehlmann, E'mer H Schapiro, Samuel M Stharfenberger, lrvin T Skidmore, David A. Sticktenoth, Warren G Stolley, Alexander Wood, Robert A. Wuerth, Raymond E, l749 Beckner, David A Behrendt, lrwin B Cohn, Stanley Dallmer Richard F. Davis, Floyd L. Davis, John A Dingley, Seth C., Jr. Dugan, Francis R, Eicher, Thomas W. Gaskins, Stanley L, Goettle, James W Herman, Stanley S, Joerger, C Albert Justice, Howard K. Kurtz, John W. Lorenz, E Ted Lowry, William P. MacGregor, lan R. Mappes, Richard L. Morelli, Arnold Nester, William R., Jr. Pease, Burton R Pickering, Ernest Schindler, Carl H. Schwoeppe, Eugene A, , Goodtellow, R Sears, Robert E Schwlndt, Robert F Singer, David Stockdale, Reed F Storm, Lowell Suddendort, Robert A Westerteld, William E Wittek, Norbert F. l95O Becker, Charles F., Jr. Brown, Roger C Brownell, James F Chambers, Boyd B Costello, James A Cunningham, Dennis M. Drake, Jock E Felrnan, Alvin H Gaddis, Donald C Hopewell, James F Hopkins, Harry V. Lenz, Harry E, Jr, Lowry, Porter P. Luchi, Joseph G Mueller, John C Purdy, Frank T. Putnam, Thomas C Rau, Robert L Rich, Carl W Rose, John R Teller, Jerome S Tierney, Ralph C Truitt, Paul B Wengler, Ernest l95l Aopleauist, Hugh D Brill, Donald J Brockmeier, Ralph D. Bronstein, Herbert Campbell, Phillip R. Davis, Robert L Douglas John F Frith, Robert L Games Paul A Gost, Park W Haas, Michael A 45:9 C.: , Smith, R, Woodworth, T, Haslinger, Lee W Kautz, James C Merten, Dovld F Nelson, Albert A Nikalofl, Oliver M Pearce, Stanley M Rank, William B Schwarberg, William Smart, P William D Stevenson, Kenneth W Weichert, Charles K Zeigler, John A l'?52 Bishop, Barry C Bowling, John Bortz, Walter Brill, Ronald R Brodie, Renton K Bruns, David Bumiller, William Dangel, Herbert Evans, J C Goodtellow, Ronald Goodman, Stanley Herron, Charles L Hersch, Gail Mac Veigh, Robert Mayer, Paul G Maynard, Arvie Messinger, Richard C Metzger, lrvin Mills, Donald Moskowitz, Myron O'Brien, John Osterman Thomas Pace, William L Rethmeier, Melvin K Rirlsky, Gil Schrotel, James Shoemaker, William Smith, Richard K Strombera, Charles Theisen, Paul T Wilkes Sherril Woodworth, Thomas G W I-Elliott, L., Crosson, H, Duffy, M, Dykes, E., Ulrechf, M., Huclcsoll, J., Murray, P. ROW 2-Gex, S., Dieclrmann, B., Connolly, B., Mueller, M R 9 Id M 1 yl C in wa , ., a or, , MORTAR BOARD The ideals of leadership, scholarship, and service +o 'rhe Universify were successfully carried oui by 'lhis year's Mysiic Thirfeen Chapler of Morrar Board, 'Phe senior women's honor- ary sociely. ln addilion io co-sponsoring wifh Omicron Della Kappa, UC's annual fall Leadership Conference, fhe Mor+ar Boards also held fheir fradiiional Smar'l'y Parfies, and sup- porfed Sigma Sigma Carnival, l'lonor's Day, and olher cam- pus evenls. ln Ocfober, +he girls garbed in 'rheir disfincrive navy iackefs and checked slciris sponsored Donul' Day lo raise money for a scholarship awarded +o +he high school senior woman besf fypifying Morfar Board ideals. Under +he leader- ship of Margare+ Dulify, March I3 again marlced lhe fradi- fional day of 'rapping when 'lhe Myslics donned lheir blaclr robes, paraded abour fhe campus chanfing iheir song, and aliler a suspense filled morning selecled len oulslanding junior women and one honorary faculfy member for lheir l953 pledge class. Page l34 ULEX is s "Oul of lhe evanescenl misls of lhe empyrean, walled on 'lhe billowy zephyrs, leaping lhe impermeable abyss lo dash ilself againsl fhe fairy soflness, came lhe mur- mur, "Ah, hal Whal hasl 'rhou fhere?" And incommunic- ably mournful sighed fhe answer, "Rasberrahs." And so, lined againsl lhe incarnadined nebulae, lhey faded and were gone, auslerely permealed wilh lhe myrrhy frag- rance - aspiring ever - failing never. Such was our mission." This somewhal ephemeral creed is lhe soul of Ulex, a group whose aims are perfeclly clear. Ulex is composed of men who have served lheir universily well - alhleles and non-alhleles - and desire 'ro serve 'lheir alma maler slill more lhrough lhe spiril of a grealer UC which is one of lheir guiding principles. Afler 'lhe magic ol: 'rhe call, "Ulex Seleclsn has worn all, lhe pledges enlerlain and beg alms in lhe grill. As serious- minded aclives, men of Ulex are hosls lo a group of orphans al a foolball game, and annually lhey honor an oulslanding baslcelball player wilh a lrophy. Being a member of Ulex is an honor and a responsibilily 'fhal' should be prized by every man al UC. ROW l-Pisanelli, R,, Cohn, M. ROW 2-Tracy, Jw, Clements, B., Brill, R, Sample, G, Kirsch, B, Bishop, B, Evans, J ROW 3-Rain, B, O'Brien, J, Dillhoff, G., Hersh, G, Del Bene, D, Honauer, D ROW 4-Theisen, P, Godlewski, S, Anlhony, D, Hill, J, Grammer, D, Goisf, D, Single, I , ROW 5-Oslerman, T, Surlace, R, Olmruhlica, J, Cancilla, J, Delaney, J, Fritz, D, Shalosky, B Page I35 I mimi:-ii mx -u-.N .JE THE FIRST HELLO'S During fhe week or +wo before fhe ol- Ficial opening of sclwool, campus seems fo wake up wiih a iolf from Hs usual summer-lime peace and quiei. The sfir is caused by ouf-of-'town sludenls, +l1e boys as well as +l1e girls, coming baclc early io gel "firs+ chance" a+ +l'1e besi rooms in fhe dorms and fo have a final "fling" with old friends before seHling down fo classes. Sororify rushing, of course, confribufes Hs share 'ro l'l'1e bus- +le as rushees can be seen, ai almosf any lime, dashing around campus lo pick up invifalions, or on fhe way fo anoilwer se? of parfies. X SIGNED "LOVE AND KISSES" Page I0 v-1 ,ng ve it .3 N se -v- "' X :' ROW I-Evans, J, Grammar, D, Kautz, J, Stevenson, K, Yelton, P ROW Z-Delaney, ROW 3-Clements, W, O'Brien, J, Rain, B, Shalosky, B, Osterman, T ,X , 4 ' R510 J, Sample G., Brill, R., 3 f Y, r i It Zeigler, J,, Haslinger, L,, Del Bene, D l898 Walter Eberhordt Robert Humphreys Parke Johnson Russell Wilson IBN Charles Adler l9OO Adna Innes l'?OI Henry Bentley Andrew Hickenlooper Smith Hickenlooper l902 Coleman Avery Hugh Bates Earl Gold Stanley Granger Edwin Hutchins Robert E Kreimer Charles Peters William Probasco Stuart Walker l903 Albert Baker Eustace Ball William Fillmore Edgar McCallister Harvey Shenard William Strietrnan l'?O4 Robert Buck Lester Collier Adolph Fennel Carl Gantvoort Walter Heintl Howard Jones Villie KirkDatrick l905 Bert Lyon Fred Mehlhope Paul Richardson Calvin Skinner Arthur Wadsworth I906 Frank Buch man Robert Caldwell Edward Fcroes Allred Kreimer Walter Shafer Curtis Williams Frank Wilson IWO7 Edward Hurley Thomas Kite Walter Markworth Brown McGill Rober' O'Connell Frank Payne I9OB Merwin Aultman Norman Conway Fred Flach William Foley Bates Williams l909 Hayward Ackerson Ernest DuBray Fred Hooker William Kite Edward Rowe Charles Williams l9l0 Ted Hyndman Walter Heuck l7ll Cliff Porter Hall Alden Hart Ralph McComas James Taylor l9lZ Harry Buchanan NVilliam Hall Lesley Johnson Wm, F Mitchell Vance Towler I9l3 Richard Goettle Robert Heuck Sr Walter O. Hill Chester Klein John Maescher I9l4 William Engdahl Chauncey Hand Jerome Howard Bert Stansbury John Sheriff Chauncey Tilden Neil wright l7l5 Leonard Boehr Arthur Gordon Norman Kohlhepp Norman Lyon l9l6 Howard Behle Victor Fischbach Henry Hoppe Roy Palmer Harold Payne Harold Porter John Reece Edward Robinson Herbert Schroth l9I7 William Ellis Karl Hetsch Carroll Lewis Joseph Morris, Sr. James Pease Boyle Richardson Anton Schneider l9lB Harold Altcimer Walter Haehnle Herbert Jones Carl Lund Carl Markgral William Myers Carl Rogert Millard Romaine Harold Talcott Earl Widau I9l? Howard Justice Edgar Powers Bradley Roberts Herbert Winans Francis Wright l9Z0 Robert Dorsey Cornelius Fetzhold Alfred Wenzel I92l Hugh Bowen Willard Breiel Carlton Brown Carl Frey Edward Meyer Philip Meyers Cyrus Osborn l9Z2 Edgar Coons Chase Davies Daniel Fries Edward Gabriel Allison ldesan Arthur McClure Howard Metzger Robert Sarvis Frederick Schierloh Wylmer Scott Edw. Strietelmeier Robert Todd Edward Wagner Randall Walker I9Z3 James Beaman Lewis Gregory John Harrod W, C. Havelaar Rossiter Hobbs Ellsworth lreland Joe Linnemon James Nippert Mike Palmer John Petzhold l924 Nathan Bachman Walter Becker Ben Bryant Morton Francis John Haizer Robert Hynes Giver Rhodes Ed Roth Erwin Wolfson l925 Lynne Barber George Bradner Warren Marvin Anthony McAndrews Louis Nippert William Schmid Kelly Siddall I9Z6 Fred Berger Charles Franklin Edwin Levi James Paisley Wesley Schmid l927 John Bachman Harry Franklin Richard Jervis Robert Maddux l9Z8 Richard Bryant Arthur Fennekohl Albert Mayer Ronald West I929 Evan Chatfield Ellis Crawford Richard Dial Daniel Earley Daniel Laurence l93O Charles Adams Harry Anderson Richard Bolton Thomas Clifton Donald Crone Frank Dost Page I36 Richard Franz Louis Mendel SIGMA SIGMA '..- an POs'aaJ CONSTITUTION SINCE 1898 The name of the organization shall be Sigma Sigma, All matters transacted shall be lor the good of the order and cf the University Oi Cincinnati. This conslilulion shall not be amended. Sigma Sigma al UC has besl embodied lhe spiril of College ever since l898. ll pledges upperclassmen for their outstanding contributions lo lhe University and for 'lheir personality qualir lies and abilily. lls main function and aim in life is lo teach loyalty lo the University and to encourage the growlh of school spirit. Sigma Sigma also serves lo bring logelher men from all of the organizations on campus so that il serves as somelhing of o clearing house for talent that may be utilized lo UC's advantage. Some of the things lhal have benefitted UC in a malarial way in the pasl through the efforls oi Sigma Sigma are a new score- board, a fund for spectator seals for the tennis courts, and a memorial in front of McMiclren in honor of those men who served in the Second World War. Down on Jefferson Avenue is the cenler of all the aclivily that Sigma Sigma generates on Campus. Heuck Hall is the home and lhe hiding place of the men behind the skull and crossbones. After foolball games each week Sigma Sigma holds Saturday afternoon open houses and through 'lhe year parties and various other feslivilies are held for lhe mem- bers, Sigma Sigma also organizes the pre-Miami game pep rally and tries lo build still more enthusiasm for the game. As a parting gesture each year they give the "Mr. Bearcat" award to the most outstanding graduate: a great honor from o fine group. John Gayman Jack Grieshaber William Hammond Ralph Hollerhofl William Nieman Frank Owens l93l Bradford Allin William Berwanger Harold Bahl Ralph Bursiek Frank Chandler Robert Gowdy Erle Hanson Paul Heckel Silverius Kunz William Leach Lawrence Levi Carl Muth Earl Soesbe Herbert Slarick Richard Steves Fred Tower I93Z VVilliam Atkinson Herbert Brown Walter Conner Richard Dexter Duncan Frame John Griffiths Paul Grischy Arthur Hallett Phillip l-lszl William Hill Ed Lidseen Carlton Lunsford Page I37 Robert Nau David Porter Harry Robe Edward Simrall Nathan Salinger Dan Tobin Alan Walsh Robert Wright l933 Mel Bernstein Ged Brown David DeVore Robert Galbraith William Gilliland Clittord Goldmeyer Wm Gropbenbacher Fred Haehler Robert Johnson Kasciusko Kemper Bernard Levin Louis Levy Scolield Sidney Mullikin Leon Saler George Smith Gordon Strauss Robert White Carl Williams l934 Carl Austing Robert Eagen Robert Hoeler George Kramer George Levengood Fred Pressler Donovan Sayrs Victor Strauss Waller Tuttle l935 James Cook Harry Duncan Donald Gilbert John Hellebush William Lloyd Clyde Nou Kenneth Parker Frank Purdy William Rhame Wayne Rich Russell Towers Larry Trame Wilbur Wright IV36 Robert Bachmeyer John Findlay Jack Keefe Waller Knocke Charles Weichert Harry Wilkerson Ralph Yeager l937 Douglas Day William Feldhaus Larry Gibboney Charles Gillelt Ralph Grace Robert Heuck, Jr Charles Mileham Clifford Mueller Gordon Orr l93B Robt Biedenbender Milton Brooks Robert Dalton Bill Ferguson Robert Kamp Bud Kelchner Frank Molloy Wes Newkirk Richard Powell Jed Small Charles Sulau I939 Ed Alexander Roger Anderson Lloyd Gysin Joe Lowry Bill Pettit Roger Van Schoyck l94U Sid Friedman Charles Grimm William Parchman Robert Kreimer Kenneth Pitt Marty Scheider Merrill B Van Pelt l94I Mac Benedict Fred Daniell James Fuller Kenneth Heuck William Kelchner Ellis King Joe Morris, Jr. Lloyd O't-tara Nick Skorlch Ray Virgin I9-12 Richard Anderson Jack Bode John Bedway Linus Haby Elbert Nickel Verne Ullom l945 Kenneth Gulse Richard Hanford Gordon Huqhmark Leonard Klusman Kenneth Miller Albert Strasser I 946 R A Cromer Fred Ebeling Bob Kraushar George Koch Bob Sarsfield Bill Smyth l'747 William Anderson Bert Bauer Robert Bauman Robert Fenlon D B Kee Dick Langenbeck George Moore Alkie Richards Irv Scharlenberger Robert Siekman Roger Stephens Jack Slrubbe Brewster Sanders Bob Weber l948 Tom Blake Charles Crozier John Fuhrman Earl Hobt Robert Huber Orville Retzsch Floyd Shorts William Westerleld I949 Richard Dallmer lrvin Behrendt Thurman Owens Harold Johnson John Pramik George Paul Dan McMillan Don Gaddis Sidney Carroll Pete Sl, Clair Tom Kinder Tom O'Malley Lowell Storm Robert Montgomery l950 Robert Frith Jack Tracy Nick Shundich Jim Kelly Bill Clements Jerry Frledlander Jack Laub Joe Luchi Jim Brownell I'75l William Smart Ralph Staub Lee Haslinger Jlm Holstein Trabert Tony Roy Campbell Jim Wuenker Bob Davis Jock Drake Ted Geier Bob Rau Frank Middendori Tom Osterman Bob Stratton Bill McDonald Glenn Sample l95Z Ron Brill Dom Del Bene J C Evans Don Grammer Jim Kautz Judge A K NiDDerl John O'Brien Bob Rain Bill Shalosky Ken Stevenson Paul Yelton John Zeigler DELTA V? 5 H Ch sfman, J., Sweuzak, A, ROW 2-Schirmer, C., Grischy, J,, Parker, M,, Mosse L Ha To promore inlelligenf living and 'lo encourage higher slanclards of learning is 'lhe purpose of UC's freshmen women's honorary, Alpha Lambda Della. An average of al' leas+ 2.5 is required in order for a freshman girl 'lo be- come eligible for membership in 'rhis organizafion. Aclive during fheir sophomore year only, lhese girls promo+e high scholarship and pariicipare in various social func- fions. This year a 'rea was given in coniunclion wifh Junior Advisers fo acquainf freshmen women wiih Alpha Lambda Delia. An inilialion banquef was given in April, On Honor's Day cerlificales are awarded 'lo +hose girls who have made a 2.5 average fhroughouf fheir college years. 1119 i Sl' -7 lxkfii ROW I-McCormick. T, C-ravenlmemper, C Ros berg, H ROW Z-Bashfcrd, W, Lim, S H T b J W N, Budig, O ROW 3-Redfield, J A, OB J K pl J L Richler, H, Haas, R, Wachs, J, This year Phi Efa Sigma again called fhe oufsfanding male scholars of fhe freshman class 'ro membership. To qualify, freshmen musf have an average of 2.5. Phi Efo Sigma was founded af fhe Universify of Illinois in I923 and has come fo be considered fhe highesf honor a freshman can affain scho- lasfically. Every year Phi Efa Sigma holds an inifiafion banquef for ifs new members. A spring smoker is also held for freshman men who are on fhe dean's lisf. Besf known of fhe proiecfs sponsored by Phi Efa Sigma is fhe prinfing and disfribufion of over fwo fhousand "How fo Sfudy" pamphlefs. Phi Efa Sigma climaxed ifs year by awarding plaques fo fhree ouf' sfanding freshmen men. SOPHOS ROW I-Longsrreef, W, Metzger, I, Bishop, B., Reece, R, ROW Z- M r G A d B C k T B R B II 3 ar 1, , man , Mc ormnc, ., aron, ., ri , R, ROW - Kafrer, O, Wachs, J, Weaver, J, Wood, C, Fryburger, L Sophos, rhe freshman honorary, has as il's goals lo give recognilion lo freshman who parficipafe mas'l' fully in fhe academic, afhlelic, and exfra-curricular programs of 'lhe uni- versifyg and lo sponsor such aclivilies as will lead 'ra beller morale of 'fhe sludenl body. To +his end Sophos aclivilies in- cluded giving one of fhe mosf successful dances of +he year, in which a Sophos Queen was crowned, and her courl of four girls selecled. This year for lhe firsl' lime lhese girls assisled fhe Sophos men in playing hosf lo +he visiling seniors on UC day. Along with ofher warlhwhile proiecls, Sophos gave a scholarship fo a needy s+uden+. ln fhe spring a lapping cere- mony was held in fhe main lounge af which lime Dean Holli- day, 'rhe founder, spoke, and +he honored freshmen were presenfed. Afler lhe ini'ria+ion a sfealc 'fry successfully ended 'rhe season. : - Page l4O METRO 'K 5 Lf-f -4 "3 ROW I-Share, F, Barleou, M, O'Br1en, J, Gaodlellow, R, Rinsky, G, Erochmeier, R ROW 2-Kress, H, Kausch, M, Brill, R, Weiser, N, Haffenclorl, J,, Kaufz, J, Hofferick, G R ROW 3-Cullen, G W, Longsvreer, B, Herron, C L, Maclleigh, R, Pace, W L , SrHerlen, T P, Bowling, J Page I4l Melro, one of rhe campus honor fralerniries, each year 'raps men who have rendered ourslanding service 'lo lhe Universify. The men 'lapped musl have af leasl a C average and be oulslanding in aclivilies on campus. The members lake ahlendance af lhe convacafions, and al The end of each year award cups lo 'rhe fralerniry and sororify who have rendered service oulside 'rhe campus fo 'lhe communiry. This year Phi Della Thela and Alpha Chi Omega won fhe prized lrophies. The annual Melro benefif show +his year was very successful, wi'rh a local disc-ioclcy acfing as masrer of ceremonies, Me+ro also gave fheir annual Chrislmas parry for underprivileged children al which all had a wonderful lime. Mefro slands for a service honorary wilh a purpose, 'ro advance school spiril and moral 'lhrough sfudenf ac+ivi+ies sponsored by fhe Universify. MET i I r PHI BETA KAPPA Allhough il has bul a lew meelings a year, Phi Bela Kappa is prob- ably one ol lhe besl known campus groups. Founded in I776, lhe organiza- lion is lhe culminalion of all lhe honors ol four years ol scholaslic en- deavor. To all Liberal Arls sludenls lhe Phi Bela Kappa Itey is lhe s mbol of highesl ahlainmenl. This honorary nol only considers scholaslic acliieve- menl, bul il requires lhal ils members be ol good moral characler. The announcemenl ol new members is made in March wilh inilialion and a lea held in April and lhe annual Phi Bela Kappa dinner lollows shorlly aller. These lew bul signilicanl aclivilies comprise lhe social program ol lhis small, bul selecl group lor lhe year, bul lhey are nol soon lorgollen. Mem- bership in Phi Bela Kappa is an honor lo be remembered lor a lilelime. Agnew, Joayce Garn Alderman, William E. Anderson, Oscar E. Barbour, George B. Berlenshaw, Jane Blanlcerhorn, Marion Bills, Arlhur G. B. Bond, Beverly W., Jr. Bowers, Melba P. Boyce, William C. Carlson, Guslav G. Carler, B. Noland Caslrey, John L. Clark, William S. Diller, Violel M. Laurence Allman Roberl Birlrmeier Harold Blumberg Arlhur Bresfel Herberl Bronslein Judilh Feiler Cora Freylag Paul Games William Applegarlh Marilyn Ann Balremeier William D. Barber Barbara A. Bradley Vera E. Breslel Charles Carlisle Belly A. Dieclcmann Presidenl Dr. Guslav G. Carlson Isl Vice-Presidenl Dr. Edwin H. Zeydel 2nd Vice-Presidenl Mr. Joseph Sagmasler 3rd Vice-presidenl Miss Jean Tillord Secrefary-lreasurer Mrs. Melba P. Bowers FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE IN DELTA OF OHIO Engberg, George B. Ferris, Eugene B. Fisk, Isabel E. Gardner, Clarence O. Hergel, Paul Hoskins, J. Hobarl Huberl, Merlon J. Hunl, Eslelle Kreider, Paul V. Krouse, Michael Lowrie, Seldon Gale Lipich, H. David Luclelce, Carl A. Lurie, Louis A. Marni, Archimede I952 INITIATES OF PHI BET Joan Garside Emil Herrmann Shirley A. Holmes Franlr Kawanolo Maila F. Levina Elizabelh Marlz Nina Jo Marucci I953 INITIATES OF PHI BET Margarel Ann Dully Chicila F. Forman Jo-Ann Huclcsoll Arnold G. Kaiman Thomas A. Keilh Belly Jane Knighl Allen Lilwin Marlin S. Longmire A KAPPA A KAPPA Muegel, Harry R. Palmer, Margorie S. Salkover, Meyer Slcavlem, John Slanley, Helen A. Tashiro, Shiro Toepler, Roberl Urban, Miriam Wabnilz, William S. Waller, Raymond Weicherl, C. K. Whaling, Heiskell B. Weaver, Herberl B. Winslon, Jean Zeydel, Edwin H. Leonora Maslin Louis Menachel Anne Miles Rosemary D. Morlon Marlha M. Price Jaclc Rivers Thomas Slegman William R. Slegner Richard Marlin Pally Ann Newbold Norman M. Slalman Peler W. Swenly Judilh Ann Toby Margarel L. Ulrechl Donald R. Weis Page 142 TAU BETA PI -sw!! Page I43 Q ,X 4.-'P s ff' ' si r X :sim A NE, "Sl Q T ROW I-Newberg, I, Wickham, D, Bruns, D, Son D Ea e H , Herron, C ROW Z-Resferneyer, W, Arche a o n S, Chalkley, R, lszory, S, Lange, H, Keeler, W ROW 3 Mess nge R, Crosby, J, Milholland, D, Ault, R, Schlac D He ir ck Mindheirn, R., Carpenter, J ROW 4-Jurich, S Sck g T e rneyer, E, Wohlen, R, Srnifh, E, Dechert, D, Adams e e Forbriger, A. Tau Bela Pi is generally considered 'lhe foremosl honor- ary sociely open 'ro sludenls in 'rhe College of Engineering. Membership in lhe group is based primarily upon scholar- ship as members are selecled from fhe upper eighih of 'lhe Junior class and from fhe upper liflh of lhe Senior class. Since fhe sociefy began a+ UC in l9I5 I+ has been influen- +ial in promoling a spirif of liberal cullure in 'the Engineering College. Among ils olher ac+ivil'ies Tau Bela Pi annually sponsors a Teacher's Evalualion program which answers a desire of pracfically every college sludenl. Through +he pro- gram sfudenfs salisfy lheir desire 'lo express +heir opinions of individual ins+ruc+ors by means of a s+uden+ grading sys- +em of insrrucfors. The resulls are carefully sludied and 'fhe program frequenfly produces imporfanl' suggeslions for vari- afions in leaching Techniques. DELTA PHI DELTA -Q 3 lg.. . ROW I-Gehl, B, Hever, E, Plall, L, Kendall, H, Young, L., Goelze, N ROW 2-Hewill, M, Harlman, J, Hayes, B., Fagan, R., Takaesu, S., Wolf, R, Sample, W, Sun, H., Ruff, E ROW 3-Slamper, J, Peas, M, Brod S, Allen, D, Cooke, A, Kaemmerle L, Hughes, D, Reichle, A, Bieser, A, Klausing, D ROW 4-Parry, N, Quinn, C., O'Flaherly, P, mi, Garvey, J, Merckle, R, Cora, A, Boyer, N, Marlon, C, Porsell, li, S th G ll' is indeed a high priviledge 'fo be selecled as a mem-V ber of 'lhe Universily of Cincinnali's chapfer of Della Phi Della, for lhis group's membership is limiled only io 'lhose sludenls wilh an above average arl slandard and a high scholaslic record. UC's chap+er was founded on lhis cam- pus in l94l, and is known as lhe Alpha Zefa chapler of Della Phi Della, lhe largesl nalional arl honorary. The lwo mos+ imporlanl proiecls of lheir year were The Annual Chris+mas sale 'rhal was held +0 earn money for a scholarship fund, and an Egg Nog Parly for lhe College of Applied Ar'l's. The group also senl' delegales 'ro fhe Nalional convenlion in Minneapolis. Meelings were held lwice a monlh in fhe Sludenl' Union under lhe able leadership of lhe Presiclenl, Hallon Kendall. fx -5 E 15 L ll 4. Page I44 SCARAB '-'B N, rm ROW I-Almonfe, P, D'Oliverira, A, Marvin, D, Rarnondo, F, Clip- son, A, Hossli, R ROW Z-Noffile, J, Colucci, D, Belinky, C, Kellogq, N, Muffin, K, Kiefer, R, Rineharl, W, Garn, G, Bills, H ROW 3- Traffer, R,, Ogle, R,, Frasher, E, Johns, D, Sfvickland, D, Thul, A, Macomber, C, Powers, F., Blomberg, H ROW 4-Vick, K, Bcilaun, E. Tilsley, T, Daniel, D, Taylor, G, Henderson, T, Arnspaugh, J, Miller, F, Glendening, E Page l45 Sfudenfs in fhe College of Archifecfure who have a scholasfic average of "B" or over, may become members of Scarab, a frafernify whose purpose is fo improve archi- fecfure as a profession. Scarab's meefings give ifs mem- bers a chance fo compare and discuss fheir various problems as well as gain from fhe personal experiences of ofhers. All sfudenfs in fhe Applied Arfs College look forward fo fhe slcefch compefifion which Scarab sponsors annually, and which is one of fhe group's mos? imporfanf proiecfs. Anofher aspecf of Scarab's acfivifies may be found in fhe fradifional round of social affairs wifh which fhe organizafion hopes fo make sure fhaf each individual member has an adequafe, well balanced, social and professional life. If is almosf needless fo say fhaf Scarab has been oufsfandingly successful in accomplishing ifs purposes fhis year, iusf as in fhe pasf. 41, an! I l l ga -Q -V -if P, y. 34 STRICTLY NO CREDIT HOURS GRILL TIME "All work ond no ploy . . ."-we all know fhe saying ond io keep from becoming dull "Jocks and Jones" we make good use of fhe "ploy" fime-usually in fhe Grill a+ Bridge or in 'the Union Lounges being sociable or iusl locfing. Page H FREE ENTERTAINMENT ,Si ' Qu? - ., A F ,eff-,QM P3 if "-' ,ag .xagf ev 1 x gf X 7 -.X T T' ok E we x -49 X. 'N sl :Q S2 r W 'I sr If e, 1 xr IQ u V i. vue R V X 5 " ' ROW I-Fosfer, G., Carpenter, J., Cros- 4 'Q 1 T by, J,, Obermeyer, E. ROW 2-Maynard, tg- '-'A X - X' A, Kline, S,, Lawlon, R., Rudolph, E, 4 R ,, Adams, G CHI EPSILON Comparalively new 'lo UC's campus, Chi Epsilon is a scholaslic honorary for iunior and senior civil engineering sludenls. Chariered in I949, +he organi- zalion allernpls 'ro promole leadership, scholarship, and social life among ils members. As in 'the pasl lhey collaboraled lhis year wilh olher engineering honor- aries +o plan various proiecls +o benefil sludenls of 'rhe civil engineering deparlmenf. Togelher wilh ASCE fhey look an aclive parl in sponsoring one of 'rhe mosl oulslanding social evenls on campus, lhe annual "l-lonos l-lop." ETA KAPPA NU Ela Kappa Nu is a nalional honorary for iunior and senior Eleclrical Engineers. Throughoul 'lhe year lhey carry our many proiec+s which benefil 'rhe E.E.'s. They sponsor an orienfalion which enables Freshmen ro become acquainfed wi+h fhis field of sfucly. The Facully-Sludenf Commilfee was again ac+ive in help- ing lo iron our 'rhe problems of +he s+uden'fs. On 'rhe lighler side were 'lhe social acl'ivi+ies which included 'lhe Fall banquel, Honos Hop, and Senior Parfy. This com- binalion of work and play added up 'ro anolher suc- cessful year for Era Kappa Nu. ROW I-Newberg, l., He1frnck, R, Keeler, A ch- er, R, Mounrs, F, Schneider, W, Kuns- C! man, R ROW 3-Grundy, L., Schroeder, , , , Walk , C, Sfferlen, T Page I46 43 9 sv ROW l-Jones, H, Schwall, S, Con- nolly, B, Moore, L ROW 2-Marsfall, L, Speclrrnan, J, Morri, , m , , Ledlord, H, Crowe, L OMICRON NU The nalional honorary for Home Economics under- graduafes, Omicron Nu, slrives To encourage leaders lo enler lhe various fields of This college. The UC chapler annually gives an open house for all high school sludenls inleresled in Home Ec. To encourage excellence is The purpose of The award presenled 'ro The girl who has conlribuled The mosl 'lo The College of Home Economics. New members are chosen on The basis of 'rheir scholarship and alleround abilily and are inilialed inlo Omicron Nu in The spring and The fall. Basler, J, Janes, H, Payler S N3 Page I47 - '.,s-1-qw ix ui afw-55: . A TAU Pl EPSll.QN Tau Pi Epsilon is an organizalion which endeavors To slimulale inferesl in lhe sfudy of child care. The members, who are sludenfs in 'the College of Home Economics, hold meelings which of'ler The opporlunify for discussion of lhe problems relaled lo This field. High enlrance requiremenls musf be mel before a girl becomes a member of 'rhis organizalion. The Two primary requiremenfs are lhaf fhe girls be in 'fha 'foo len percenl of Their class and fhal They have oulsland- ing parlicipalion in aclivilies wilhin The college. 4 X 2 .1 . - 1 .' ' . S - -- E? s i f ' 4 a I ze 1 - , Q, ,X Q-ef A ' ,gr ff' 5 ' . i i -,....-f , R 4 ,Lai A A - . ., C... '15ii:13" PI TAU SIGMA sff.. 15' 'A yu- W ! Schla ess e o s D RO A de o S+ nson R Chafo J W c ha o a Popp M dh R ROW 3 Go e o so 7 e o a e ee a Sch e F Sonde man The Eia chapler of Pi Tau Sigma always finds i+s agenda for ifs monfhly meelings overflowing. However, +his year proved a resf aHer playing hosf io fhe mechanical engineer- ing honorary's liiffy-five chapiers al ihe naiional convenfion in Cincinnafi lasi' year. The Honors Hop and 'the Co-op Day exhibiiion proved enough work for members. The members H gre? are selecfed rwice a year, afler considering Their scholarship, leadership, and personaliiy. Every year fhe group presenls fhe Handbook Award 'lo an ouisfanding sophomore in mechani- cal engineering. Page I4S BETA GAMMA SIGMA Q . .ti .9 'U +A .Jh. V ROW I-Narnard, J, Balland, T, Condoroda, J ROW 2-Brown, J Schlandf, A, Loewensfeinx WI Mecklenborg P Page I49 Elecfion 'ro Bela Gamma Sigma is recognized as a signifi- canf accomplishmenf for any business adminisfralion siudenf. A nafional scholarship honorary sociely, Bela Gamma Sigma allempls lo encourage and reward oufslanding achieve- menls in scholarship among commerce sludenfs. Members of +his sociely, popularly known on campus as 'rhe Phi Befa Kap- pa of Bus. Ad., are elecled from fhe upper four percenf of 'rhe .lunior class and from fhe upper len Percenl of +he Senior class. As one of Irs more social acfivilies. a ban- quel is held each spring 'ro honor 'rhe s+uden+s newly elecfed fo 'rhe sociely. The chapfer here al UC has lhe disfincfion of having several of i+s members from lhe facully, Dean Ralph Burseilc, Dean Francis Bird, and Professor Karas, in prominenl posilions in fhe nalional organizalion of lhe sociefy. 1 ' ,- Q93 QW, , i I rX,.. ,,. 'iiifikii , 1 N 73 X CINCINNATUS SOCIETY .1 if 3 '?' ROW I-Moore, M. R, Broclrmeier, R, Landman, B, Morris, P. V. ROW 2-Wilkes, S, Reece, R, Dugan, 1, Ringwald, M, Roberls, P, Slromberg, C. ROW 3-Gaudin, D, Bourgral, E, Coleman, N, Schoelwer, M, Kenl, R,, Daniel, D, If you've been io a Coke Parry in 'fhe lasl' 'two years, you will recognize +he members of +his organizaiion. Afler lhe Iasl balch of parlies was over, fhey were selecled fo reacfiva+e 'rhe old Cincinnalus Sociely. Unfil I937, fhe group was a service honorary 'ro ihe Universily and lhe Alumni Associaiion. Many of 'rhe Sociei'y's funclions were replaced by lhe crealing of 'rhe Office of Execu+ive Alumni Secrefary. For a new organizalion, lhe group is rich in his+ory and renowned alums. Their purpose is lo assisl 'the Alumni Associalion and +0 form slronger con- iacl befween lhe undergraduafes and 'rhe Alumni. ln 'rhe fall, fhe group faced fhe iask of selling fhe wheels of reorganiza- lion in mofion. The firsl proieci was fhe Second G-enera+ion Tea, an annual affair sponsored for Alums whose children are now enrolled in 'l'he Universify. During ihe course of 'lheir mem- bership, members are also inviled fo serve on any Alumni Associalion commiHee of lheir choice. Page l5O' -Q PHI EPSILON KAPPA J K E ha' r ROW I-Sample, G , Sharp, , r r, , i Koke, J , Davis, R ROW 2-Sveinmen, T, Pisanelli, R, Delaney, J, Shalosky, W POW 3-Surface, R, Wilucki, J, Grafe, J, Bagof, J ROW 4-Schwarberg, W, i lrnburgia, L, Nleller, G, Marich, R A PHI EPSI LON KAPPA From among fhe fop upperclassmen in physical and healfh educafion, Phi Epsilon Kappa selecfs Hs members. This honorary frafernify proves fhaf Physical Educafion majors do somefhing besides play. Confrary fo whaf some mighf fhinlc, sporfs equipmenf is not broughf along fo fhe monfhly social meefings. Each year a scholarship is awarded fo fhe oufsfanding un- dergraduafe in fhe field of physical and healfh educa- fion. Wifh fhe unbeafable combinafion of brains and brown Phi Epsilon Kappa combined work and play fo add up fo anofher successful year. PI CHI EPSILON ROW I-Condorodis, J, Kluener, J Brafford, D, Ahlers, J ROW Z-Walsh, uf CD PI CHI EPSILON lf can cerfainly be said fhaf fhese girls are "women leaders in fhe men's field." Phi Chi Epsilon draws ifs membership from women sfudenfs, oufsfanding in scholarship and leadership, in fhe College of Business Adminisfrafion, a field formerly open only fo men. Besides promofing inferesf in professional fields and fosfering academic and business sfandards, fhe group has fhe imporfanf proiecf each year of awarding a scholarship fo deserving girls in each class. The group's highesf fribufe fo a member is fhe award of fhe Pi Chi Epsilon ring. 3.7 M, Miller, J, Hibarger, M, Barnard, I, Evans, R ABSENT -Kirslein, A, Wet- lling, J, Vogele, M, Berning, A 1,23-.,, YW? Page l5l Sky' """'- -.Q ...a l 'v-Q, if .ai-lf- ge HOUSE GROUPS SORORITIES FRATERNITIES DORMS INDEPENDENTS SORORITY LIFE Rushing, rushing, and more rushing are The by-words for so- rorify life on any campus, and UC is no exceplion. ln one sense, of course, "rushing" brings fo mind 'rhe lwo hecfic weeks in Sepfember during which Sororifies mee? and pledge new members. Parfies, rea, and enferlainmenf are fhe order of fhe day for fhese fwo weelcs and everyone survives 'fired buf happy by Sunday Pledging. ln Hs ofher sense "rushing" can be applied +o fhe normal pace of sororify life all during +he school year. Time whirls by in a flurry of school and chap+er proiecls, campaigns, parfies and dances, each full of fun and memories. WHAT'S TRUMP? NO RUG TO SWEEP IT UNDER Page 154 THIS IS COLLEGE? EXCHANGE DINNER TONIGHT Page I55 ,. -, . THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK .X f . hx of 'Q 7 -Q L.:- B 4. -' W- ..A,':wi H 1 . - , ,qu .V , is QL. - if-' fx':'rff,...-lai..1A - O'- ffv. Y J gf - X X N xxxliw ' H xxx Wy x Egg ,K T A f R :I . Egxkxf , X x s' 5 1 YV! Lftrls 3 ' Th? ' "5 E x 5, . 75 Y F iv Q. ,V 5 L2 ' ,Q ' 'au r' 'IN -e.x,: LQLQ ' x - X 4.411 1 A f x N ,Y 3 A x hy , X5 , X Y XY X , N Qjgqx X xx-H44 Q A v,,,yx ..,. M , X x. r,,x, 4,,.. ,Q iv. AX ' . .Q 15 , T5 , Q Wu LAB BAINKIN Eff !,g,Qt?lg N X. Page I2 .211 45 v ,-, ver B11 1 l Q 9' ef. KX Xx ,. ROW I U1 echf, M4 Warner4 R, Morin, 14 Bush4 B, Hucksoll, J ROW 2-Bulsch, B4 Vervvs, M., Verran, A, Burkeff, K., Mueller, M, Hurley D ll B S os N ROW 3 D errnif, D, Moore, L, Kling, C, Miers, M, Conno y, , imrn Composed of 'rwo represenlafives from each sororily, Pan Hellenic Council, or Pan Hel lo be informal, serves as a sfeering commiHee for all of 'rhe feminine Greeks on campus. Wifh fhe help of lheir adviser, Mrs. Rupp, Assislanl' 'fo lhe Dean ol Women, fhe girls formulale sororify pol- icies of general campus applicalion, and sei up lhe slandards of rushing, logelher wi'rh l'he ma- chinery necessary lo keep ihaf complicaled and imporlanl iob in smooih operalion each year. Besides +hese broad funclions Pan Hell also has a hand in numerous proiecis lhroughoul +he year. They work closely wi'rh IFC in planning Greek Week and lhe Sing, besides adopling several aclivifies of +heir own including corres- pondence wilh a war orphan, and mon'rhly vis- i+s by individual sororilies +o Allen House Child- ren's Home +o enferlain lhe children. PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL ADVISER, MRS. RUPP 49 ,, A 1:-:-4 VIII ' i1ll .RilY1E1fIl n M! 2.5 s ,ff 5' INTER-SORORITY HOUSE COUNCIL Sign-our books and loie permissions! Telephone Iimifs and closing hours! Members of inler-sororify house council fake core of all of ihem. The council, composed of one resi- denf from each sororify house on compus, meefs monlhly +o discuss and solve 'rhe problems of girls living of fhe soror- iiy houses. Their purpose is fo sei generol slonclords ond house policies, ond 'ro promole o spirif of unify among fhe sororiiy house represen+o+ives. Four years ago +he council began fo funciion, and I+ is now one of fhe imporfonf slu- deni governmenf orgonizolions. Row I-Parker, M, swim, s, Boker, I Row 2 -Hermia, w K gh? B C sen, V, Owe DS. Us E L ROW 3-Morin, J, Hon-iilfon, M, Kuehn "7 Q' gn- .r Page I57 X X ' 1 1 5 3 - R X X X' X: wfgi - : r . 5 N ' 1 3' ' .L : .-- r L 1 S 4 F 5 1 41 v, .s 5 5 , Qx J ,. S . S i 1, ' . ' . 2 - . - X - 9 5 E Q: : ff,I x rlili 'f'f I Q .qi Xxx? .: ia ig F4 5 T N , , Q N V, N, . ' 1 J 4- Y 3 J ' J J' J ' - 5 .- 5 , "l, - , e 9 f X ' X 1 , U5 Q ., 1. F rf B 1 , i., A, fx, . -1 V. v as My L7 A J' - s- w . , ' ' J 7 ' D- Q. ." . 32:23-1,-Q . F . ' . if ' X N , "' ' 7 - Q W ' ' ' 1 ' " -is if Q K 1 , . . w w.w- - . 3 f sf. J ' f D as I A Q Q., re - vign K D I 4 3 M 2- ff A 41 I.- fi' i A -I DJ " 4 " 5' . . ., ' 1.1. . R. ' iff! - M .1-:uv .5 '1lIIII, .L - - S 'illllf N-.... s lllll ROW I-Kees, J., Kirsfein, A., Duermil, D., DeTurk, Mrs. R., Reichle, A., Dugan, J., Naylor, M. ROW 2-Joos, R., Popplewell, L., Adams, P,, Wrighl, N , Dixon, G, Slovall, J., Thall, E, Evan s, R, Grady, J., Smalley, L., Sigler, P. ROW 3-Slanlorfh, M., Coppens, C, Callison, P, Gianoli, B., Good, C, Readle, M., Daub, D, Parker, M, Rheinbold, D, Eckrnan, S., Wlechers, W. ROW 4-Copens, B, Lammers, J, Meyer, J, Brems, R., Nordyke, K., Welzeler, C., Garber, l., Heinz, R, Oberschmidf, C., Arnold, J., Ziegler, C. ROW 5 Payler, S Pfiesfer J Connolly, B, Frey, C., Miller, J., Miller, B,, Blersch, D, Neises, M., Mergler, D, Muell er, S Klapperf, M Presiclenl'-Doris Duermil Vice-Presidenf-Ann Riechle Secrefary-Rulh Evans A L P H A C HI Q M E G A Treasurer-Annelle Kirslein Founded al' DePauw Universily in l885 Alpha Della eslablished in l9l9 The lillle Spanish house of Alpha Chi Omega sporled a new lcifchen and porch for fall lhis year. This addilion and a new house molher gave fhe AX's a good slarl for rush- ing. The pledges more lhan proved lheir worlh by capping bolh lhe ATC Sweepslalxes Girl and lhe Sophos Crown. When school gof under way lhe usual round of dinners and parlies followed. Al Chrislmas lhe girls enlerlained outof- lown AX's home on vacalion. Some of 'lhe parlies 'lhal' are s+ill conversalion 'topics were a square dance and a pledge old clolhes parly. lf was nol all fun and laughler for lhe wearers of lhe Lyre. Scholarship and aciiviiies played an imporlanl' parl in 'rheir schedule. ln fhe spring a car cara- van ol: AX's 'lraveled up 'ro Ohio Slale lo aHend lheir Slale Day, and learned of lhe plans 'lor lhe Nalional Convenlion +o be held +his summer in Canada. To wind up 'rhe year fhey held a very successful Spring Formal al Norlh Bend lnn and a farewell parly for lhe gradualing seniors. Page l58 FEE, 15 ffm.. I, 'K if x . X- .f - -, . .,,, ,sl , ., ,, . ,, -.5 X . , fa elk, l A r- A -if -'ff ,iii 5 . .f',J2fi'iA 4' Y K 55 ,.,g,,Q,,,,-.,,- ,A 'if bfi-Q . x. f X F'fyXNi1.-11, ,gs .ff .X 'fl vw .,'- , li' I: ,Ti ., -L Q , ,, yr Lx x . ix ,i , ffl, X ,A iill , P ,, 1' '. , 1 ws ,gr 4 r, i J. , 45? yi' -Eg! W2 i :Era iw LW il I Sf ...H - ei .gl,4.:. ': 3. l. :BX-' ' :gf iw, "-' . ' ' 'Pr : - f f:.:: :l"f T - i so .T , s. ., 4 Q lQ5, wlii3a,g. . rg liek L , . N - QLNQ '37 ivy, l 1 x ix, 1 , 4 r r N i 'A ' .f X ,M X Fi l ' 0 xxx 7 l x . The ADPi's came ou'r of +he maze of rushing wilh a bangl up pledge class which became well acquainied wiih each ofher over smorgasbard ai fhe Alms. Before fhey could 'rurn around in college, fhey had added a gleaming new lrophy +o 'lhe ADPi manfel for 'rhe mos? beauiiful floal ai homecoming and were busy selling people lo singing "Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa" during 'rhe Sophos campaign. Sophos was barely over before ihe Alpha Dells adiourned lo Norfh Bend inn on Thanksgiving Eve for lhe pledge formal al which each pledge received a gifl from acfive chapier. Despiie lhe whirl of exchange dinners, hayrides ond open houses 'lhroughouf lhe year, lhe ADPi's sfill found 'rime for a Chrisi- mas pariy, a spring formal and a new sys+em of charm pro- grams +hroughouf lhe yeor. Anolher innovalion was ihe pledge-oc+ive dinner each monih. If was a memorable year for lhe ADPi's who were found aclive in Junior Advisers, Women's Senafe, YVVCA, publicaiions and many olhers. Founded a'r Wesleyan College for Women l85l Belo Pi Chapier eslablished i935 Presidenf-Ruih Warner Vice-Presidenl-Do+'rie Ley A L P H A D E A Pl Secrelary-Mary Lou Hewill Page I59 Treasurer-Joy Manihey ROW I-Currighf, R, Hewill, M, Ley, D, Srnlfh, Mrs M, Warner, R, Barlow, S, Manlhey, J ROW 2-Slrover, D, Burlweff, K, Winn, J., Johnson, M, Hersh, M, Ahlenslorl, H, Rn-cherf, B, Ahlensfori, L, Olsson, J,Cravius, J, Henderson, I ROW 3-Prohaska L, Bullock, N, Hahn, V, Reilly, S, Knopf, E, Beamer, V, Hoban, A, Abraham, M, Buck, B, Dick, A OBrien, M ROW 4- Dorger, S, Schne der, C, Reufher, M, Funlre, L, Fowle, B, Bradshaw, J Dells, A, Sfeinle, M, Seyberfh, J, Ernerrnacher, H Scholler, G, Mora, M ROW 5-Srifler, R, Ryan, L, Vehr, C Mr Mrllan, S, Robertson, P, Hudson, S, Jenkins, S, Knopf, E, Mill, D, Borloh, M, Werner, J, Ryan, P, Richler J 'lm' In A A Q . J M if - , 'M' F Q ,Ji f , inane, ' if ' Rushing off wifh fop honors af fhe ATO Sweepsfakes fhe Alpha Gams began a year of fun and hard work. The fun began in Ocfober wifh a special parfy given by fhe Acfives in honor of fhe Pledge class. Soon afferwards every one was hard af work on fhe Homecoming floaf and fhe Sophos cam aign. The Pledge Formal which was held early Decem er gave fhe whole chapfer a nighf long fo be remembered. A few weeks lafer, af Chrisfmas fime, fhe Alpha Gams enferfained fheir parenfs af an all-family parfy. The annual proiecf fo visif cerebral palsied children around fhe holidays helped again fo make Chrisfmas more fhe inifiafion banquef, and fhe Kampus King dance filled up fhe social calendar affer exams. Wi+h fhe coming of Spring everyone looked forward fo fhe annual picnic and especi ally fo fhe Spring Formal which made a perfecf ending for a mosf successful year for fhe Alpha Gams Founded af Syracuse Universify in I904 Alpha Gamma Chapfer esfablished i923 Presienf-Joann Hucksoll Vice-Presidenf-Daffy Hughes Secrefary-Arda Sfeinkamp , - 1' ,A I 'I Iii Za., LV , A 1 ' eil --1 Jive? ' pr., Q . in U F- E ii M ssei l -aw ,-'1 I w v ei gf. " " ' l 1 ig -Y. e. ,,f15s'-1- F- , ,E U N cheerful for fhese children. Campaigning for Junior Prom, l- 'if' 'ET E-s.,f.,f.T. 'R V' el F 4, , f " A ,. ' Cm : i A' 2 rrp' '3 fi' ' 'Zi , .i L'...'.?i--f: !fe" f" V? . Treasurer-Joan Ahlers ROW I-Forman, C, Hughes, D, Daniels, Mrs. A, Hucksoll, J., Ahlers, J. ROW 2-Bauer, D, Ahlers, C, Kaln, M., Clayton, M., Sfene, M, Traub, E, Sleunkamp, A ROW 3-Kuehne, V, Beckman, C., Baker M F y G Schlesselman, N., Fern, K., UI , N, ROW 4-Scheve, M, Tedford, J, Miers, M, Krearnelmeyer, J., Weublung, N., Schneider, J, Schwarz, M, Seuberf, R., Merrif J we - x. 4 .sql fa ,ei 1 ,J Page l60 -...Qf si 37:11 . , W P. : - -N -, rg- X ' ' 'X Q - . X X -' ' "ips: .X x . 2 .. . - ' . . , s- X 2. , ,X QQ f rg 5, f -xa' 1 . vwvr I . .'f,"pv'1 I - ' Q' f 1 SP5 K T K I , -1--5 y 3,5 . Q ,- iVW 'Q'iW Q'QSi.- T iQ-' r Q ' ". - 4'3 3XT.iQ . 1 : film- '-" ., - - ' ,X - R- si 1 i .av S-3 ' 6. l , ' X Til l ci "N T ' J' ' ' TM' ' -7 v,-2 9. x sz , f xi vs-:T , , ' -' 1 -r - H. , ,- ' '27 N1 . -5 C., r 551 ' ,Q NK -X fx Q . , - . .X , . X . . v-- Q -A' lx '--.tif-K ' QV' ,r:.?- , K mel- SK . ' 1 '- RMI, - .Q ' q , Y. v X X. sg - - . . -sw -QR - cv., T ,-3 , - - - - ,,E xc, 3 E. X, s. 4 1 - , T . . ' l g Y l 4. ' - . - . A ' ...If Q-.X .,. 1 T V - ' K A . f 5 5 Q s, M v,,.-3-' ,af l ROW I-Leesemann, A, Gerhardf, D, Moran, J, Lane, Mrs, E, Siuiirnan, S, Tansey, M ROW 2-Ellis, J, Buehler, R, Candler, A, Ph PH PRgRHgbhJR3 Tl"TdCWdJSklMKh CFTJWI ras aw, , cas, , o ers, , a e use , ow -Wea er or M, Weber, M PresidenT-Joan Morin Vice-PresidenT-Shirley STuzman SecreTary-Maureen Tansey Treasurer-Dolores GerhardT Founded aT Bernard College in I897 TheTa ETa ChapTer esTablished in I929 As soon as pledging was over, The AOPi's celebraTed wiTh an Open House and Tea Tor The parenTs of Their new Pledge Class. Then They puT Dad inTo The spoTlighT aT The Pop's BanqueT wi+h The Theme "My Pop is Tops." The MoThers had Their day Too, when They aTTended a Tea given in Their honor by The chapTer. OT course, Founder's Day was noT neglecTed, and open houses had Their place on The social calendar Too. Especially imporTanT To The AOPi's were Their visiTs To The many oTher ACPI chap- Ters in Ohio. Then naTurally Their sororiTy sisTers reTurned The visiTs and really lcepT The girls busy. Campus acTiviTies and social life as well l:epT The AOPi's busy ThroughouT The year. HighlighTed by Two Tormals Their social calendar was well filled To provide enTerTainmenT and a Thoroughly enioyable year Tor all The members. Climaxing The evenTs of a gala year, The AOPi's honored Their senior members wiTh a TesTive brealzTasT on BaccalaureaTe Sunday. Page Ibl ar, ee, ALPHA irc ner, , uus, , ison, C iI" -, - X :ln s -G.. ir-- 'F 2 f ,dll C n jen n 'iw i -A ii:--, . s . -.-zkfn ' g Y T Tail? Q- "def Q' .gee!wm,igEiEE?E?,cQgE3s 2g?Qr,g auzi b g ,,,5irmi- gwfgf , aw w if -T W- i f ' ,i Q i f 2 Q s 1 J 1. . ' i Y ., 4 A 'yi Q RQ 1 iii Q i i. I , v -,, 2, 4 'S ,':. ..,. Q 'L - .xl T 1 .5 -L 1' sf ,ss , is ' . Q, qi Fir . f . ' .. 1 Q W -re Ti i P , ' . 2 - . ia j ,fi 'ii .g :Q 1 . i fi F5 63 - A C J X 1 -I ' r , -5- ,, 4 Q .L L 'R-K3 "4 ,Q I ,fi -3' 1 Q, , i Y K rl CS I ,.- , :S , 'D X'-I K ., , Q. ni iii ii-xfxn A A J. 4 1 C, or - " of - i 1 ,' f K Ar ' 4 T' ' v lil k p A A : it i , 4 or ,: , ,B - c 1' N 1 - - , - . . ,uf f ' 2 1' g ROW I-Lewis, P, Kleine, S, Fisher, J., Hurley, D, Calwell, Mrs, M., Rodgers, P., Limburg, N, Keni, B. ROW 2-Tyndall, S., ooh!-5 J, Siemering J, Hulberr, N, Sewell, C, Laischo, C, E'Iiof1, S, Sfewari, J, Spielrnan, S, Becker, B., Harrison, J,, Jordan, ROW 3-Dickson P, Pross, B Schneider, L, Burdsall, S, Carry, M., Briggs, M , Vigiris, C, Probsf, E, Brandhorsf, J, Dieckmann, Lawrence, O, Sievers, B ROW 4-Jeff, J, Hermann, J, Guy, J, Church, S, Kuniz, H, Hedges, H, Keuper, J, Theler, C, vner E, Russell, M, Jervis, M, Wursi, J ROW 5-Dickinson, P, Ehrnschwender, R, McGill, G., Benson, L, Fessenderi, Wavgnn J Hickey, C Shaul, S, McElwain B Kyrlach, N, Meyer, R, Hosea Presiclenl-Doro+hy Hurley Vice-Presidenl-Pafricia Rodgers Secrelary-June Fisher Treasurer-Norma Limberg Founded Universify of Arlcansas in l895 Pi Alpha Chapler eslablished in I9l3 The end of 'rhe formal rush season 'lhis year found 'rhe Chi O's pledging ninefeen girls. Wi+h The encouragemenl of lhis success Chi 0's slarled alll 'rhe school year enihusias- hcally par+icipa+ing in U. C. aclivilies. Among 'rhe campus Ele+e" of fhe chapfer are Mary Ann Jervis, corresponding secreiary of W. A. A. and Arlelh Dieckmann, cify edilor of lhe "News Record." Chi O could also counl lhree mem- bers of +he "Y" Cabinei and several members on 'lheir respeciive College Tribunals. A big momeni for lhe Chi O's ihis year was +he seleclion of fhe CoHon King from candidaies represeniing each frafernily on campus. The social whirl slarled wi+h several informal fall parlies, fol- lowed by fhe annual Chi O Revel given ioinlly by +he Aciive and Alumnal Chaplers. Aciives and Pledges sfarled holi- day celebraling early a+ 'rhe Pledge Formal held ihe Fri- day before Chrisimas. Aflerwards all crammed for exams, especially pledges fo malxe iheir grades for iniliafion. B , Hamer, CHI OMEGA X M7 if N 5 . ,,, , , " .' i' fx .Q .j r y J H 2 ' " 53545. . .. -..J r -, .1 'vf sqf iff i ig " 5, -1.-fjz . nu nu lil i,, il . X li 3 rf .i.., f ill' .JJ J, 4 il Eli' f VS f' " .f 'i ' 1- ' N:l:A.,..,,A,i r, wil, vi . ,PT v.s.i- .i, , u. if ., WF.-i A ,' , , WMA lf .!i.4 '1'5llf'iiifli ill:-Emil' ?"'f"fil'H'ff'W , K , Page l62 AT The closing oT rushing in SepTember nineTeen new pledges joined The ranks of Del+c DelTa DelTa and The Tri DelTs began anoTher year oT Tun and work. ATTer The Tlurry of acTiviTy Tor Homecoming and Sophos subsided, They highlighTed Their TirsT semesTer's social calendar wiTh The Pledge Formal early in December aT The HoTel SinTon. The inTeresT of The Tri DelTs in campus acTiviTies was reTlecTed in The number of Their members who were acTive in Their colleges and in campus organizaTions. Joan Cochran, on The Union Board, and Nancy Coleman, in Guidon and on Women's SenaTe are iusT Two of The many who could be menTioned. Tri Del+ TuncTions lcepT The chapTer preTTy busy Too, and The year passed bringing wiTh iT The Dad's Day Supper, when each member's guesT aT The house was her Dad, and The Founder's Day Dinner, which always brings everyone TogeTher again, acTives and alums. The Tinol TuncTion was The Pansy Luncheon To enTerTain all Senior women belonging To The Greek organizaTions. Founded aT BosTon UniversiTy in I888 ZeTa ChapTer esTablished in l892 PresiclenT-Barbara Bush D E A D E L 1' A D E A Vice-PresidenT-BeTTy Jane Knighf SecreTary-DoroThy Klausing Treasurer-Adelaide Bieser ROW l-Bleser, A, Mounfs, J Hughes P, Bush B, Holliday, M E K gh? B Kl g D B lw M ROW Z N, Reed, M, Persohn, L, Shelferly, J Ronsh-eim, S, Ferguson A C d l V W bb L D H T B B H M, Shives, S, Howard, S, De-Camo, J , Chapman, J, Leuchl, V Id S B T N Y g J N h l J Wh H y J H kl M ROW 4-Wiley, J, Ziegler, N Knight, R McAfee B, C-R95 M B E Edu 5 B 1. H H P Ch d i. H H ld K, PUTWPV, S, Gilbert, L ROW 5-QLandrr1an, B, Cochran, J F lx A D E M H gh E M L C l N Rh d N Greiser L, Mclfvnley, B Volksladf, S MQW. J . + 1 3. K , . , .. 'H+ G H O 0111 It ' A1 . 1 Q ' T s -A V 'L . 1 'I 'Q , , "fl l Y - ' i L s . . P ,, y '.' 4 Q !i5f'f3f?' 'TDW lie, ,3 6.1 1 Y 'T Page I63 N. 2 ' ' T .M 'f TQ' ,TT If Ti' y " Q f ,. 2 5 s s f s -sag 1 . , in T I e M. . .. A .,,w- 1 Q, : . 3 , -- 5 Q, V. - -f u - - 5 P ' , H W N . X Q 0 I 7 ' 4 .a Ei "sf -ix! vs Q ,ff ' N A s. ' Y' ? -li 5. ,Q . f , A ss a ig, . :f , 9: Q. , Q . a ,, T -- 1-5. -' W 'T 5' -sr c , 5" -rr 2, - V 1 , If ff' ' M -5' ' J.: fig .3 x. .x , A 5 , ,: Q s -. , .r x , , 3. , , ,CQ S ' is ' . ,- 1 ' , True 'Q s it Q f T-.mens ,KWQJ 5 s " .f Q 'w E ' IM W . , ty' sh . ' x , i W! -a .S 5 , 6 Q. G9 N-1 ., ' i: x N z 5 c" -:Zi l v Sf' 1' ROW I-Marsfall, L, Owens, E, Verrun, A, Cooper, Mrs., Kicking, J., Boyce, P., Walker, M, ROW 1-Chase, B., Weber, V., Younlxer, l.,, Hachfel G., Bradham, S, Daubenbis, 1, Wismann, M., Sommers, M, ROW 3-CarIeTon, N., Boesch, F., Schoenfeld, B., Sullivan, P., Moore, M, McAIIisTer, C Sandhas, B, Randall, K, Bule, J, ROW 4-Cones, M., Worden, B,, Banlield, C, Borman, B,, Rhyner, C., Bauman A Moseharf, M, Cross, L Huevher, L, Meehan, S DELTA ZETA 9 wffff -: ,T -' f' 7,41 Y mfm,wi, .i-.ilgj Z.--F lill y' DA ,-. .,, . X - ' 2-H" - 4 'gi x'fPg.qf,., ,iWfL"i.-. 1 2 "lui, ,l,"' -2 -,xwr "Hill .- " f 1 44 " .'. i -A H . ff ' 1 'l"l'l.- 'lp v-cfggf " y i ir'll,',, ,,.. ,, 1:52115 '35ENe1D' ' ll wave ,,. w.s...s. T ly Q s.- ls.:-s.,,"e"'v,-- - -.K ,.. i ll., T -. ga 1:g.f:21.::' ,mfs ri L.. -' 'f - i 1,...:1, ,. -..J ggi ef 5 . fffffm weewmy f ll " 2 fri." T.. l lmr f, 4' . 1 . 1. -'Lllff' PresidenT--Aileen Verran Vice-PresidenT-Joan Riclring SecreTary-BeTh Owens Treasurer-Marilyn Walker Founded aT Miami UniversiTy in l902 Xi ChapTer esTablished in l9I6 This year DeI+o ZeTa claimed TwenTy-one Top pledges and Their spiriT and enThusiasm was well displayed when They won The award Tor The "MosT Humorous FloaT" in The Homecoming compeTiTion. December 20 broughT To realiTy The gala affair of The DelTa ZeTa Pledge Formal aT The NeTherland Plaza. This year members of DelTa ZeTa again held prominenT places in campus acTiviTy. OuTsTanding among These were in The YWCA, WAA, and Pan-hellenic Council. Founders' Day was celebraTed by a dinner aT The Vernon Manor and proved To be a greaT success wiTh Marilyn Cones being chosen as The "mosT ouTsTanding senior woman." During The summer The DelTa ZeTa house was noT wiThouT The presence QT iTs busTling members. ln- sTead iT reflecTed The worlr of indusTrious inTerior decoraTors and Their assisTanTs, so ThaT when The house was opened To rushees iT sparlrled wiTh iTs new appearance. So combin- ing social and campus acTiviTies The DelTa ZeTa's have made This an ouTsTanding year on campus. Page I64 f Vs' X 'ik - E ,y 'iii ik km- if I, . N' T' . ' lf, 3, li, if gl M V' ' h,f4".e ff ' 'W ie N .1 gf-if 'Ma- f ali A -- ,-..5.....ig,a-'if'1'-sflf' ,g -ff, in -- 1 W "IT" , ,K 5.1,-,-3.11331 -gl 5 r ,noi H 'il 1, f-:.. 1- QL' fff':x-121: 1:1 'I 1, ::j5f',", , N Wi, f':i,"QF' frlllgj X ,l'.f'i .11 QLW, ' ,xr-,p,-zifaqj. '.j,'j:.f, -'5xlFv"fi527-Lf.-as--w. iii-1 'X is f i ' ' ' 9:-fx-f- ff-f f - F ' i -' KAPPA ALPHA THETA Page I65 Evidence 'thai' "The+a Paves 'rhe Way" was proved fo be frue when, in Sepfember, +wen+y-five rushees decided io "Slap, Go The+a." The meril' of 'the Pledge Class was in- creased by +heir success a+ The ATO Sweepslalces where fhey won firsl and second prizes for fhe pledge wifh 'Phe besi figure. Fun and work was combined during ihe fall and so affer working fogefher on fhe floai for Homecoming and on fhe campaign for Sophos, bofh aclives and pledges enioyed fhe Chrisfmas Formal af fhe Glendale Lyceum on +he Safurday before Chrisfmas. The The+as, +oge+her wifh +he res? of campus, go? a rude awakening from 'their holi- day and vacafioning spirif when fhey refurned fo school in January only fo have fo face semesier exams. Everyone managed 'fo sfruggle lhrough 'lhem fhough. Founders' Day was celebrafed, and Spring found fhe Thelas again frying fo refain lheir possession of fhe Sigma Sigma Carnival Trophy and fhe 'lille of Sweefhearl of Sigma Chi. Presidenf-Barbara Bulsch Vice-Presidenl'-Dorofhy Dunn Secrefary-Mary Lynn Tucker Treasurer-Pafricia Jones Founded al DePauw Universify in l870 Alpha Tau chapfer esfablished in I9l3 ROW I-Pogue, O, Auburn, A, Tucker, M, Bufsch, B, Wesfervelf Mrs H, Dunn, D, Janes, H, Lang, R ROW 2-Rei, M, Johns1on M,, Keck, P, Hagen, B, Basler, J, Hamilron, D, Brunner, M, King, I, Hagen, K, Creiors C, Laufer, N, Pickering, B ROW 3-Marv ning, J, Wesselmann, A., Snapp, L, Heifzler, B, Jones, M, Fiffro, S , Cragg, A, Crocker, A, Tegel, B, Dailey, P, Newbold, M, Weise sv' P. 4 s.O .ID 21 :- 3! P' X F'O Q BT' 552 Aa.-I ow -UZ 52. :E ,lf Z... ,,,.. 0 O: in T11 iv OO mf. 'ff 34. 0 :G 9, IS' fy :- L00 5, 'Em 9. 1? 6 gin lm Z0 'o on gif 14. Q.. '-m 'E f-r 1. gm Q. Oz m, O cr Q. X s.O 3 I-Am 0 f-xv ,P m. F11 Q MO A " - , ., 2 qi 4. J ., 3 ' " . 451171421 ' QU: I I 'Guy ,H ,,,. M, z l .5 1 i - , , ig in gi, i, 4 his .1 , A .LV 0 Wg Ag 'IL' I ,"' 4 'sy ' A... .MV 4 ii ., hi' 2 W A ,Jr 1.4.,.-M.1..,.MM. :E Q 4 4-' l ii iz, 4 I ,ic,..,..y.-U.- f, 'Hi' 1 iii' .,.i ' f Q- TQ. . 1 Y. l 'l 1 'li il 'R 1 ,T Q V ,, N .. - Q 11 i -6- 1 1 1 33 in I , 4, 2,03 ig V ' '-a' ' "-1 if' will 3 4 'iv' J w ., ,rx v-11 ' 4-Km.. .. .-.. in "1 -s "' ' 13823 if R x .-2.-LR' g. - S dvi 41' QW' rfggzevf y r .hi Qftfzw- Q . . ' . x y is Q,e:a1fif f " .i. '..'xr 1 Heif A ,J .:. N., :5..,-1' . . . .Ls.i,4:g..- 1 R i . 1, ' X li xxlijull . , , I V A f CLASSES BEAT 2 MINUTES AT LOW SPEED NATURE IS THEIR MODEL Page I3 Q5 Q .S .--,.-- . , up 5 - EEE 33 ii 3 :"4 Z.. ' V , V 7 4 Y 1 4 1 sg 53,3 . 1 i Q,-v -ni N A 1 X N , . . y J ?4Nr TF C- " Yi i ' 1 MIXING AT A DIFFERENT SPEED The idea of "lab class" always seems io hold some sor'r of sfrange fas- cinalion for mosr people. H is an idea usually associaied wifh a chemis+ry course and young, budding scien'ris+s bei fore long iables filled wi'rh inlricale sefs of glass lubing and apparafus, cau- iiously pouring soluiions from one le-sf lube io anolher. Aciually, a lab class, which means an opporiunify fo pul inlo pracfico whai has been learned, is jusf as frequenf in deparfmen+s ofher rhan science. Closely relaled +o The chemis- 'fry labs are lhe Home Ec. Food and Nulrifion labs. Labs ex+ensively l'iHed wi+h lxifchon equipmenf provide fu+ure homemalcers and diefiiians wifh lhe fa. cililies for learning and developing fhe besf rnelhods of food preparafion. Ap- plied arfs drawing classes are anofher version ol fhe "lab class" as 'rhe ar+ sfudenfs "learn by doing." Far from be- ing coniined in one room rhey have 'rhe space of fhe whole campus ond warm wea+her finds lhem making good use of each scene. The l952 rush season was ushered in lasl fall afler many weelcs of redecoraling had lefl i+s welcome marlr on 'lhe bed- rooms and lcifchen of +he K.D. house. The Pledge Class slarl- ed off a prosperous year by winning +he award for lhe " .5 lCA -- . E' l" ' -'. "Mosl' Beauliful Brune+'le" al lhe ATO Sweepslalxes. School 1 X, r . . .. . . . ,. ff f ag lx X L achvnhes found Kappa Dells in many 'obs as, for mslance, l -- f y '-, Mary Mueller, in Morlar Board, was also kepl busy as Pho- 5 lography Edilor of +he Cincinnalian while Billie Hall held J In . - V :li l fhe honor of being fhe I952-53 PiKA Dream Girl. Besides ' 4 ,, .-.A , X '-Q, The campus aclivilies, Kappa Dells lrepf busy planning func- If . , lions +o fill Their Sororily social calendar. The Founder's Day .,..,. '- Banquel, Pledge Formal and Chrislmas Par+y filled impor- I , " QE lanr dales. All of 'rhe K.D.'s look forward 'ro 'lhe coming -h vacalion for more rhan lhe usual reasons lhis year. Then 'rhe ' f H ui ,,,, wil y. , I953 Kappa Della Nafional Conven+ion will find many of V JE' 1, fhe girls iourneying lo Biloxi, Mississippi, bringing lo a close ' fi anolher evenlful year. Q-.-, V iylfiff ii l"'.Q'i??" ' ll" - ' 5 Presidenl-Mary Mueller Vice-Presidenl-Pal l-larr Secrefary-Joan Schneider Treasurer-Rose Merlrle Founded al Virginia Sfale Normal in I897 K A P D E Omega Xi Chap+er eslablished in l9l3 ROW I-Welling, V, Merckle, R, Harl, P, Luhrman, Mrs. C, Mueller, M, Snyder, J,, Reinhard, L ROW 2-Munro, H, Daullon, P, Hohrnan, R, Ruehlman, H, Slory, M, Crofly, M, Parsons, S., Schmid, M, ROW 3-Webeler, W,, Ludwig, N, Hieall, S,, Kunkel, B, Mieflelleld I, Haynes, B, Willson, E, Gander, J, Schulte, J, Wise, C ROW 4-Gravenkemper, R., Ziegler, J., Voll, J., Carr, E, Rob- ison G Heinold, W, Bigelow, B, Anspach, M., Kokai, J., Wilson, B ROW 5-Pence, S., Knechl, J., Shearer, C, Shellon, R., Schoen- ianq M Pe.-ry R Mew, 1 Pullis, c, Hun, B, Hammond, J A 5 Q 3 J 5 A - ' - ' .H T - I '.' fi f . E E ' 3 ' -Q 5 T il A' Q V S ,lic - 2,5 . . . - - 1. - 9 'F - - L X- - - "'- I s-.1 " s .. Q Q P 'Q 1 i V f , , ' 5, F Fl 0 Cs fl J T y -J . , . J A? 't I , ' yr , 'NY -,vi l ,-V, yur K Q N ' -Q . , Y Q r 5 ., V X Q 1 535 l 1 1 Y I i 1 V JV' ' l'l"sf"'si: T ' s- -B - :fav 1 H ' ' E399 ,I xi' ' , ii? l ex' rx. LZ' Page l66 651' i f 5. 9 f' f 3 en NL 'u"U'i ROW I-Barn, V, Hayes, B Klrng, C, Halvorsen Mrs A, Cruse, C Dreqlrrnann B Klee-safvel, I ROW Z-Bolenbaugh, B Bell, C '-xii '1 , Ruess, D, Smith, C, Schubert J, Kress, P, McName-2 J Simons, C Maier F, Ewonv N Miller E ROW 3-Soeckman, J, Skinner ll, McNeil M, King, I, Gvanf, C Hamilfon, S Keller M, Pfisfer N, Haskins J,Wrighl B, Francis, E ROW 4-Meyers, C, Maso , Rehmerf, R Lakernan L, Miller P, Masier L Payne M, Moore B, Harlman J , Granby, J, Cvraeser, J ROW 5-Duffy, M Mes 1 singer J Roberls P, Cadwallader B Good J Cars A Hussey, V Dralme D Wes? F Schorf B Neil M Boyer N Presidenf-Connie Kling Vice-Presidenf-Barbara Hayes Secrelary-Belly Dieclrmann Treasurer-Carol Smifh Founded al Monmoulh College in l87O Bela Rho Chapfer eslablished in l9l4 The no+ion fhai fhings "seHle down" offer The he-clic fwo weelrs of rushing proved 'ro be iusl wishful 'thinking 'lo fhe Kappa's fhis year. Rushing seemed +o be iusl over when campus and social ac'rivi+ies gol' info full swing. Early on lhe Kappa social program was fheir lea for +he parenls of fheir new pledge class, of whom 'lhey were very proud and wilh good reason. The Pledge Class sfarled Hs fall ac- fivily by furning our 'their beaufiful blue, sfar-+opped floal for Homecoming and by puffing on a "Sou'fhern Campaign" complefe wifh Min+ Juleps which helped lo gel +he Kappa Sophos candidafe, Connie Grani, elecfed fo +he Queen's cour'I'. Afferwards, in rapid succession, came fhe Pledge Formal a+ Glendale Lyceum, the annual parly for underprivi- leged children, and +he weekend house parly. A 'touch of ex- cifemenf was added by an oufbrealr of measles ai +he house iusl' before school was ouf for 'lhe Chrisfmas holidays. Page I67 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 'isgy Lg-,gn 4715! . - -. K' L -'if - fm f , is-Seize X " .3 1-' Silo- ' A ' .J iifiifi' ' - 'V'-5' . ' . '- E'5?E5' -. ,4 - -5- .f ga.--vi 4, -.,-.--'yy . , , -' 4, , 1 , riff. qi?-'-go, 'f f ' ' , 69 , ..?sf1fiisFs:'g?ffi2iX'H ' " fm" W1-5'2lJ'i-5 ' ,f 'eg 5 :-if , 5 '-'Q--QL 1 5tQQf15?'-gifiigj fi"-'.L'. " ,. "':f- ' J ' '.:Q'fZ -'--ali 5, kA!j,,s,. - - lj?-iz ei 1'-fig - - - ..L -,' " "'-Sw--rvsii' 4' -'ff' - ' .!'f4f4"""'f". E , Gran . 2 g 'www X l X . c- . ' ri X J , ..,, S fj 5. 5- '7 A ' 41:5-."1f..54 If 4, ,J I xx J, f . 4424 1, , If 7W f-9 ' . "1'fZ.M.fwq4f , at 57 A Zvi ' , ., ,, ' 31 Z' la 4? r ..- 4, Q' Jw.. f: Cl'-1' Sl pre f'.7 XJ Q - ,mg ' Q..- ROW I-Gidney, V, White I., Shlaes, V., Lipp, C,, Sfillpass, B. ROW 2-Duckworvh, J., Ziv, F., S h I S C h S se bac Behrendf A, Green, S ROW 3-Miller, L, Levine, J., Goodman. J, SchuI1inger,J, Goldmache R C h F S h l D ROW 4- Shanlrer, E, Cohen, R, Pushell, S, Cassen, L., Weiwer, D., Ungar, L, Lipsif1,J Presidenf-Carolyn Lipp Vice-Presidenl-Iris Whife Secrefary-Beverly Slillpass Treasurer-Vivian Gidney Founded al Cornell Universi+y in I9l7 Epsilon Chapler esfablished in I927 The SDT's and +heir new pledges lcepf pace wilh a full and busy schedule 'lhroughouf 'ihe year. The slarfed ou+ in +he fall wifh an open house fo presenl' fhe new pledge class. Added lo 'rhe occasion was fhe inlroducfion of fheir new House-mofher, making i+ a perfecf 'time for en'I'er+ain- ing. Since lhe house had iusf been redecoraled and new furnilure had been purchased, fhe girls were righ+fully proud of if. Then, of course, fhe Dad's wanfed 'lo see whai rheir daughlers had been raving aboui' and finally go? a chance a+ rhe Dad's Day Banquet The Mo+hers had 'lheir furn foo, of The Moiher-Daughler luncheon in fhe Spring. A mos? excifing even+ was 'rhe nighl' of +he Sophos Dance when +he 'rheme "Coun+ all fhe Charms Abouf Linda" came fo i'rs climax wifh +he elecfion of Linda Miller +o lhe couri of 'rhe Queen. The final even+ of +his full year for lhe SDT's was fhe Slrawberry Breakfas+ honoring +he seniors ius+ before gradua+ion in +he Spring. K. ,, 3 ,. li "HH Shows of Broadway" was lhe Thela Phi's rush lheme, and lweniy-one pledges had lalren over fheir new roles as Thela Phi's when fhe final curlain fell. Their firsl' "performance" was cheering as Elaine Wilder was chosen runner-up for lhe mosf beauliful blonde a+ fhe ATO Sweep- slalres. Laler fhe acfiyes had a 'lerrific 'lime a+ lhe par+y given for 'lhem by fhe pledges. A hilarious slril, "Nor+h A+- lan+ic", was presenfed accompanied by much giggling and need for prompfing 'ro help recall some forgo+len lines. The "sl'age crew" worked hard on 'rhe Homecoming float and 'rhe whole casl l'urned ou+ +o campaign for Judy Leary, Thela Phi's candidale for Sophos. The campaign cenlered around "A Dale Wilh Judy" and a slril' during open house fealured Judy popping oul of a huge lelephone. Everyone considered lhe projecl' a success when Judy was elecled 'lo lhe Sophos Courl. In belween "performances" fhe girls enioyed "casf parries" in lhe form of dinners, open houses, and formals. Presidenl-Palricia Poplren -,J 1: Qi li, ' ,Pri If pf tum' M ,V r qi F fr 2 , ' 'H' ' 'G .Tir -. i v ' A-'1 V - IQ " -I :M ' , ,b, !Lrii7i:,1 jsiafv L -'QF 'J P ' - A - 1 4igQi'kl'2Q5:AAEr -, 4? Jr , M ul"-in A J 59 ill ,A N N lngii Ai? X XTXX Q 35N . lun-l,.,3gg , f s -9 rf I .uh .i wsw 4 -ii ' 1 Rr: Vice-Presidenl-Mary Emily Hibarger T H E T A P HI A In P H A Secrelory-Carol Quinn Treasurer-Mariorie Balsche Founded al lhe Universify of Michigan in I9l2 Epsilon Chapler eslablished in I9I9 ROW I-Bradley, B, Quinn, C, Hibarger, M, Beck, Mrs A, Popken, P, Balsche, M, Fielmon, M, Koerner, K ROW 2-Schwaegerle A., Maloney, N,, Boneou, V., Taylor, C, Bossa, J, McNeil, G, Frommeyer, C, Nolan, P, Murrer, R, Weber, G ROW 3-Walsh, M McJoynV, J, Boerger, J., Leary, J, Eisner, H, Jauch, M, Hoppenians, D, Buelher, J, Kendall, S, LoBor, M ROW 4-Porleous, A Leary, G, Shannon, E, Folz, J, Taphorn, N, Crowe, L, Moran, M, Colacurcio, S, O'Keele, P, Donohy, N., Hofmann, G ROW 5- Schmifl, D, Slrmk, P,, Hanlon, S, DeCourcy, N, Briclrweg, M, K k I, E, Snider, M, Schmifl, L, Duggan, E, Morrissey, B, ROW 6- Gufling, J, Kuhlmon, R, Grieme, A, Gousepohl, J, Hoyl, R, Foole, M, Thorsen, M, Schoelwer, M, Wilder, E, Dowd, P,, Vogele, M 1 1 2 1 9 I . 2 -A s S Eg . , L - .. ,X I f 1 3 r 5 ' 1 3 5 ': A Q: , 4 a , :W 4, , ,D 3: - , Q - 5 - - 1 f- .4 Fi - , r ' ' ' ', 1 , R? ' f x ' ' ' ' s ii . - 4 , .-. is - r. . 2 Aff ,. , ,Q 4 In . il. ,y L 4 I t. L KQ 3 X 'A I in , , v.. Z, V is X: 52,- 5 -' i il - "fs rl Y J i i F " N, 'gif l f ' ' Q 'fr-A +A ' ' 7 H W 1 r ' 2, -a s 4- Q1 12 V s, f Q l- I "' - ' I 1 1 , , angry L Y L , I , h L 4 L Q Q A , T R V v r , ,. .. . . . QA J 5,1- rf .SJ 1 1 f J , if , l f .1 A fl , me ,Q-T V 'iw 1 y 'L 1 ' , 1 1 7 A v Ir 1 l ik . h . ggi .- . ,f lag I .V. y lp ,. .L g , i V v A. ' i 1 A ' -- ask Af . '. ' "' ' "'1' .. ' ' ' . - f. E?-fir 'i 'fel' n f l- - ----fr 1 if-if ,1 V ., i 2' f 1 - :fl , ,- . : 73 .. a s Q Q gif,-N ' il 5 1-4 J g i ' Y " K ' 5'-:all 1 : - " S" i' ' - ' vs 'i P ' .- 5 448' A - Q ca , 7. -sv ' 'if , yy- I 4' ' ' 's 1 .: i ' ? as: ' ' if S 2 L . ,g d X l is - 1" - fi, 4 Page I69 x 5 ' l 5 ii ' I A . A EY 4 5 - ' - ? . . ' . ' :f. '53 ' - v'i'e . - f .3 ' S. I' X r V ..- . . ' . T 5 i ' 1- 'Q ,X . ' - AA 1 A Q ,i nn ,5 ' l 5 E. ' . J 'S -55 ' -, . 'i -.ff x , . :V -v 'f f , K. i 31 .Q J 3 gfu -y- I 'ff pe- egg f..4, J ' 73 1 1' S, 5 if 7 - - ., .f 9 er - ' , -cs P' I2 ', f, . i 'Q 5 Q 48, if-A -,Gin A p X, 5, ,G y y , , .. .., . ir.. fx 'Q ef w 1- - V . r -T 1 .fu 2 :. ei? -is P' 'J' ia 73 -' A 1' Q3 ' 6 ii, Q5 I nf Q, 25' ' E5 fi' J gas' g 4 ' v Y l , " are ,Q ' r fl sr -. . A .- h J! ' Q e .- , 3" ' si' .A Q, s . -' 6 i ,J ' J 'A T li x" 'Q A , 1- 1- I ,E ., Q ' J" .'- : Q ,Q Q .:- f sr rv ' 'Q 1 'v v J A . E E ., 'Riu' . . Af 'ic ll .2 . 1 ' - ' A A ' 5 si A A al J ' , 5 : 2 ' " ' x '-ms? ROW I-Mafrhes, A., Sovery, J, Bruner, C., Ufrechr, M, Schulze V., Hughes, J., Lefler, D., Barker, G. ROW 2-Plarf, J., Cecil, J., Thorn' bury, M, Gafnalz, M, Busser, R, Mefz, B, Neeley, A, Gump, M., Richardson, A., Spindler, N., Meinlschrnidf, J, Behymer, J. ROW 3- Allslolf J, Savery, S, O'Haro, B, Sigler, P, Carver, J., Scheuermonn, N, Heels, J, Marlin, E., Phipps, F., Andrus, N., Glover, N., Hines M, Reiber, E ROW 4-Collier, A., Scherer, M, Waggener, M., McGhee, G, Heinlein, J., Daly, S., Sine, C., Lingo, J., Kiefer, M Rauber, K, Sv Clair, M, Saberfon, H ROW 5-Kraemer, J., Segal, S, Gunkei, C, Harrison, M., Bayer, J., Beigel, M., Mohlman, Y Hatcher, C Baker I , Norris, C, Nelson, B, Lolr, K, Heyob, S, Bralfish, S Presidenl-Margarel Ulrechl Vice-Presidenl-Virginia Schulze Z E 1' A 1' A U A L P H A Secrerary-Gayle Barker Treasurer-Joanne Hughes Founded al Virginia Slale Normal College in l898 Alpha Elo Chopler eslablished in l92l Before 'rhe school year even began +he Zela's had a head slarl on being in lhe spollighl. Their chapler won lhe Meril Award of +he Sorori+y's Nalional Convenlion held during lhe summer a+ Pasadena, California. ln lhe fall lwenly pledges were added lo 'rhe ZTA chapler and im- medialely proved lhemselves by 'lalring 'l'wo 'lrophies of lhe ATO Sweepslakes. The newly acquired frophies added iusl lhe righl louch 'ro lhe recenlly redecoraled house. For onolher of lheir proiecls lhe Pledges decided +o lurn lhe fables for a change and make fhe boys on campus do some compeling, so lhey slaged 'rhe Zela Pledge Prince conlesl and kepl' every male pledge on campus busy vying for 'rhe honor. The ATO's came our on lop when Tom FyFFe was selecled fo wear lhe royal crown. ln addifion 'lo 'lhese special occasions, o well rounded social program of exchange dinners, parries, and formols made lhis year an especially busy and rewarding year for all lhe ZTA's. Page l70 TRIANON Trianon gof off wifh a gala slarl 'lhis year, according lo reporfs from fheir new pledge class. I+ was a Gypsy parfy +ha+ really convinced 'lhemg and 'rhey are slill 'ralking abouf how exciling i+ was. This year's social calendar for Trianon is evidence fhaf +his lndependenl group is righl' on +he ball. Afler fhe gals had se++led down fo fhe rouiine of classes, and campus acfivi+y, fhey found real enioymenl in +heif group. In fhe Fall lhey held a Mo+her-Daughler lea, honor- ing fhe new pledges. Holiday spiril was high for 'fheir Chrislmas parfy. If was followed by a ioin+ parfy wilh fhe olher lndepe-nden+ groups. Affer lhe slrain of exams was over, mosl of lhe girls began 'lo malxe 'rheir plans for af- lending lhe Nalional Conven+ion. This is an annual aflair of prime imporlance lo +he members, for Cincinnafi is lhe original chapfer. The lasl evenl of The year, as in mosl campus groups, is a Senior Banquef, a fifling climax +o a year packed wilh fun and excifemeni. Presidenl-Shirley Schwall Vice-Presidenf-Lois Erickson Secrelary-Jusfine Nesfer Treasurer--Carolyn Keller Founded al Universiry of Cincinnali in I929 ROW I-Nesfeyl Scnwmlz S Efifhfnn, L, Keller C ROW 2-Pwr r-1 Lwy i Mqvvm M Comm R Hmm M, Kramer L ROW 3-Burch H Armani, C Fife J Sforrn 1 Marcur11,A Jihrnidr R K" Page I7I 1 n S I . . 4MMwnv.w-. 4' - Q-' . ff' Q , -f ' ' , ..- ' 5 2 i '5- 'fil- 1 1 x W fgl , f. .f"' 1 1 ,ra -f 1 .. ig CEM' 1 P : R4 f?- , I 1- .-5, ,. ' ' r .s,-4,4 N V 4 Q: .: ..-.,,x . ',- , 1+ ..-nv--i s ka" km. 1 IH:-.Qs ..,. X - ffm fa yr, '. e. sl vlx 34 -. - . t Y , . "ll1- , It-t9'.3'4'.g N , r '. -ik 3 9 X " - ,A v ' A- . -5 A MJ J' T .4 , A .. . - .Q s if ' 'r I 'sf w A . .1 J sg V . . , 1, . V ,' .Q , s' , 4 . A V fy' Q 1. '1 .5-..., ,, . I f3:.f?1..' fi I if Q R I n Q' 1 ' -. ,V X A .:5ft.,,v. A ,'. ,wh v N" E ff I Q ,af Q lasik xr! xi S ! .J Q' 7 N K I 'x - ful lf g . i' -- Q psal- K F' v A ' as 1 STANDING ROOM ONLY , , STUFFING TIME THE BIG MOMENT IN THE LIFE OF ANY SORORITY GIRL, A FRATERNITY PIN SERENADE Page I73 WI-IAT'S YOUR NUMBER? FRATERNITY LIFE in 'Phe fall, +hough+s of men, young and old, furn io rush- ing. Frafernify 'lreasurers spend sleepless nighfs wondering and 'rheir brofhers spend 'them wandering fhrough o maze of parlies. Dances, hay rides, beer parries, and every ofher +ype of enlerfainmenf possible are arranged for 'the rush men. Afier 'rhe smoky haze has cleared, +he pledge appears, resplendenf in his pol and pin - a new man. He suffers rhrough his 'laslcs and shares +he fun of fralernily life: shin- ing shoes, ligh+ing cigareHes, going +o par+ies and dances. In February, af+er grades are made he is prouder Hman ever in becoming "Ac+ive." WHICH ONE'S THE DUMMY? INTRODUCTION TO CARPENTRY Page I74 S " 4" " Ln' ,..-1- Q X. 2 I 44.1--I TMETRAB-LAY Q -.E 5 -S . smear - NEIGHBORHOOD Y ,l . H 0 Rf. 3 i T , use f X J . Tv , , .Egg Q .:-x, 25 "gf 5 ' . 5':'.,- 5 ' T3 i-ft risk E ' fr GREEK'S HELP WEEK ff, 1 1- ' A , g m. X !:i55gfQ35- Q 6' K. E: a . . 5 T3 - ,gi W. gg gs: .. 55,39 fr-if 1 V' F L 4 E, ..-V I - - ' A 4 .xl ' E' - -.11 TRIBUTE TO A BROTHER Page I75 K '.n15"L ' ' X L - T-ii.: X N Q xlilyiz U Q. ' T -4 T 4 -X .1 ', N ' , I Q ' 'S-E l' : xi, tix. X ,fist -' wr 'Sa t. :K -.f 'A ' A b X .R L, ' ' T'--,.' x. I'LL TAKE ON THE WINNER .quam-rm TED Pace W B ockmee R R old M STAND NG Mu ray Sie e son , Taylor, C., Mayer, P., Kauh, J. Wheels, lnc., +he Leadership Confer- ence sponsored by Morlar Board and ODK was held las+ Fall a+ Camp Kern. Each organizalion on campus was represen+edg and olher in+eres+ed sludenls parficpaled in +he conference. The weekend was planned 'ro help all sludenf groups plan and execu+e 'rheir programs 'ro 'lhe fullesl advan- fage. The workshops focused on problems of leadership and followship. On +he ligh+er side was hiking, ping pong, square dancing and fhe days were climaxed wilh delicious food. Two recommendafions were for plenly of hol waler and hea+ing syslems in 'lhe fenfs. Page I4 ROW l-Mathews, P., Cadwallader, R., Bourgral, E, Goodfellow, R., Maynard, A., Niehaus, R. ROW 2-Rinslry, G., Marlz, G., Brogdon, C., Tooley, M., Gray, R., Miles H. ROW 3-Meifus, l., Clark, R., Weise, E., Evans, B., Benson, J., Brockmeier, R., Bernens, H. ROW 4-Tschan, E., Riehl, G., Hayes, D., Cullen, C, Green, J., Gamble, H, Pace, W The lnlerfralernily Council, which was originally 'rhe Presidenls' Council of U. C., acquired Hs presenl name in I946. l. F. C. was creafecl as a represenialive organizalion composed of delegales from various men's social groups here on campus. The ideals and obieclives of l. F. C. are lo co-ordinale fhe aclivilies of 'rhese groups and channel 'rheir energies inlo 'lhe proper uses. l. F. C. also slrives lo effecf harmony be- fween fhe campus men's organizalions and 'rhe facully in mailers perlaining lo men's social life. Besides selling and enforcing rules for men's rushing and pledging, l. F. C. co-ordinales 'rhe efforls of 'the Greeks wifh fhe Campus "Y" in many worlhwhile proiecls such as working for local welfare groups. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Assr. DEAN wi-HTEHEAD - A ,- 'Q if V+? ,A , 3. I X 5 3- l r ROW I-Kirk, T, Rineharl, W, Toaley, M, Rudolph, E, Reynolds, D, Squilanri, R., Green, J. ROW 2-Nelson, R., Lasko, T., Dunifon, H, Leach, C, Slander, L, Jones, J, Mafer, C., Slone, S, ROW 3-Birnbaum, R., Glass, D., Dougherly, R., Busic, L., Renlx, C., Tris- men, D, Arrnslrong, S, George, C, Dunnie, J ROW 4-Rice, D, Whifacle, G., Lockhart, H, Purdon, R, Hedde, D., Tefff, H., Shisler, H, Burdette, A, Kimmerle, A ROW 5-Sparling, R, Keyes, R., Remner, R., Ruperl, R, Haessler, E, Amspauqh, J., Berquisf, M., Brunner, J, Kilb, E, Hubbard, D Presidenl-Marion Tooley Vice-Presidenl-William Rineharl Secrefary-Thomas Kirk Treasurer-James Lloyd Founded al fhe Universify of Michigan in l904 Cincinnali Chapler eslablished in I929 Again 'this year as in lhe pasl, Acacia boys were aclive in everylhing on campus from scholaslic achievemenl +0 a well-rounded social program. Among some of lheir mosl nolable social funclions were lhe annual affairs, including lhe l'lallowe'en Parly, Valenfine Parly, Homecoming Parly, Spring Formal, and of course, lhe never-fo-be-forgollen Pledge Formal, which climaxed The very successful rushing and pledging periods during 'rhe fall. Afler a lapse of a year, Acacia renewed 'lhe praclice of holding an annual Chrislmas parly for orphan children. This year Acacia also sem' 'rwo delegales 'ro ils nalional conven+ion which was held in Chicago. Slill anolher highligh+ of 'rhe year was lhe An- nual Founder's Day Banquel. Social life, however, did nol limil Acacia's achievemenls as is evidenced by 'rhe mem- bers of honoraries who boasl membership in fhis social fra- lernily from Universily Couri. ACACIA R f W 15,41 F- Y ,TY , 11321 x W . -:'T' 3 l X 'A R' """' l F, . : Asgfisru 1' 9 l . I Q X ir' ,Arm x. f ga- ' e.,l' f VZ' Li 'f g xx: 1 IXIAI-,N "IM , rf' Y M . . . Ngiswii. , ' . Page l78 This year Ohio Delia Lambda of Alpha Tau Omega is celebra+ing 'fhe Thirfiefh Anniversary of The old local's be- coming a naiional chapier of ATO al UC. Many fond memories of bofh long pasf and recenf years were recalled by alums and acfives alike a+ 'lhe all day and all nighf birlh- day parfy. As in many pas? years, Burnei Woods came alive wifh fhe laughfer and hi-iinlcs of fhe eniire campus as guesis al' 'I'he annual ATO Sweepsfalces. Laier in +he day fhere was dancing +o ihe music of Johnny Long. The guesis were aso 'rreafed fo a beauly coniesi in which Suzie Meyer of Alpha Chi Omega was elecied ATO Sweepsfakes Queen. Anolher of ihe l'radi+ional parlies fo enlerlain Tau's and fheir dafes was fhe French Nighi Club Parfy. Ofher of 'lhe Taus' social highlighfs were fhe Chrisfmas Formal and 'lhe Spring Dinner Dance. Following 'rhe lead esfablished by ATO naiionally, Delia Lambda's pledges parficipaled in a Help Week during which 'rhey spenl a week cleaning and painf- ing +he Findlay Sheer Cornmunify Cenfer. The pledges also reioiced in +he eleciion of Tom Fytcfe as fhe Zefa Tau Alpha Pledge Prince. Presidenf-Don Turner Vice-Presiden+-Jack James fi JJ 115' ff' ff' 1 imllm 4 A nnlllll "' , , " A , J -f,l-fli-i- . , ' " ml j 5. , X ' J ' 'J ' T lf fl l, b , ' ' ,: : l ' -l ' -v , - l f.- K. .,f?'x - ji - '52, -A. ' fill' ' 1 been is-:Q 1- ..lJll...f 'if J' f TN Q f r-. A :E-15 'K l J TTY-- If A A. :Tl . i....,rl.,. ...,. f , ox, . x gl 2, lr.-f.l,g J sl l 'll N ji ' l lr , , X fc STE-1-i ffsbi.-'Il-'r' 4 im Secrerary-Jim Schoelwer A I. P H A T A U o M E G A Treasurer-J im Lylle Founded a+ V.M.I. in I865 Del+a Lambda Chapier esfablished in I922 ROW I-Flclugher, R, Schoelwer, J, James, J, Turner, D, L Ole, J, O'Rel!l ,J Gamble, H ROW Z-Plla, y y r D, Frosf, J, Ernsl, E, G hegan, S, Libbee, T, Chesfeen, J, Lawyer, E, Kiskel, E, Walfer J, Mlllor J ROW 3-Braden, H, Loughry, D, Devanney, M, Behy mer J, Lasure, D, Klncaid, T Feller, A, Sl:-Her, R, Jones, E, C L ROW 4-Havllqek, H Kron A, Dawson, J, Conover, L l-lowland, C, Mahal-ley, v, Evefmle, E, Hosey, A, will-iflwfl, 1, sounder, 1 lcqlw l Row 5-Mllls, E, Pmlef, J, Fullerton, G Schmid, J, Hall, P, Norris, C, Granl, B, Barnharf, W, Odenwaldl P Daw., D Grcerer, J, Molloy, D Q. , ., 3 . I , A T -V-gg '.j .S - : 1' Cr' Z 1 ' L' ,fair , g Page J79 3: 5, 5 - 'S 1 - 5: Y r 4 L J s 9: x YS ll! ROW I-Keidel, W, Sfules, M, Miles, H, Yonder, L., Gray, R, Allison, C,, Clauslng, R ROW 2-Ruehlman, J., Roseberry, R,, Crusfleld, A, Hosorn, D, Kalienmeyer, W, Young, H, Chafo, J, ROW 3 D h , R., Fosler, G, Peferson, M,, Kessel, J., Hldde, J., Kayooras, G., Sfone, G Hopper, F, Silva, J ROW 4-Rines, R, Crunrine, C, Layer, J, Young, R, Allardice, W., Brueslle, D., Arlard, E, Kennedy, R. AMERICAN COMMONS CLUB ul 'Q , 5 rg ' , W T1 Fw N ,gl W W. wi x 1' id ay, Jfxxh I ' 4NA,X R ff' "il !'i..r.lC!lix"i1 i. ' .il fi P ' - .. "" . l J 1,11 ll i ' fe l 'V "" X I :c ily , ' j i vgffe llg , .-.2 i fl ' ' l if," ,Z I , 1i " fsl1e" xy A 'lux In .1 l, , N . yy.,--1 f Q ' gurl iles' ll li T i ' l ll lll l ll '91-..l" lT ' , , ,ft i V W, rf xi- li rv,-B lense f y 5'-" 5llm.,x.M..1JJ Presidenl-Roberl Gray Vice-Presidenf-Harold Miles Secrefary-Sec. I-Chuck Allison Sec. Il-Max Sfiles Treasurer-Sec. l-Roberf Clausing Sec. ll-Ray Denham Founded of Denison Universify in I9l7 Cincinnafi Chapfer eslablished in I'-726 Eslablished on 'rhe basis of faifh in democracy, +he American Commons Club has complefed i+s lwenfy-sevenfh year as an aclive organizalion of UC. ln all 'their ac+ivi'ries 'fhe men sfress brolherhood, service lo fhe Universily, and fhe fundamenfal principles of democracy. lnifialing 'l'he year's social schedule was 'rhe Homecoming Banquer for ihe fra+erni+y's alums. Following fhis welcome lo old members, a pledge formal was given +o welcome 'lhe new. The annual Spring Formal proved lhe climax for fhe many acfivifies on ACC's calendar. The men also found fhal' besides lheir sludying lhey could find lime +o pracfice and parficipale in inlramurals and oiher campus wide aclivi+ies. Composed of many members who go on seclion, 'lhe fralernily has 'lwo sels of subordinale officers. They manage 'fo mainlain unify by celebrafing +he change of secfions, and 'fhese exfra ef- forls have achieved brolherhood for lhe American Com- mons Club. Page IBO F R . Q The Bela's opened fheir rush season wilh 'lhe usual bus lrip. Laler, everyone enjoyed a giganlic smorgasbord given by 'rhe alums. Afler rushing, lhe pledges were lalren on a Y 'f" 1 .7 FTE? ,vie .'l?'!f . - RX Ljjjj 4 A-V 'lrip lo all lhellndiana Bela chaplers. Bela pledges also 'look 4 ffsg,f ff Q g-,j?j,.j - ff, ., parl' in lhe Y Greek Help Day. The Bela s had a llllle o f !i,.,.f.f14 1' .5" 5, 'lrouble wilh lhe wealher on lheir serenade, buf everyone lj' fs-, e e fj tj gl, lj' 'A enjoyed il anyway. The chapler also enjoyed a wonderful fifffi fli ui jl " ll J il. evening al 'the Chrislmas formal. ln +he spring, lhe Bela L'2'l4gj5j, ',2fjlffl'f :ll ,,,,, ' f,f,Q,jZf , house became alive wilh girls and giggles as dales look f i-fi 2 fl' 'xi ,.1?,.Qf'5QyQr fA , T' over fhe whole house for a busy bul pleasanl week-end, ?, r . "', 'J-2353? if-'Ei K 'A 2 jel which fealured dinner, a dance, and lols of fun. The home- "'9,llljH' J ' ' 'I coming floal and several parlies a monlh filled our lhe ' , Qi flfxij l,-if Bela's social year. On lhe serious side, Bela aclives had +he - ' -U if 551 Q. 'is' lop scholarship record on campus. The pledges and aclives .r"' -JJ . eu "ld, logelher assisled in lhe Chrislmas drive for loys fo give fo l needy children. They also worked a day and gave 'lheir wages 'lo 'the l'lamill'on Counly Welfare Associalion. Presidenl-Elroy Bourgraf Vice-Presidenl-Douglas Flach S + -J' W h ecreary .im acs Treasurer-Bull Spencer Founded al' Miami Universily in l839 Bela Nu eslablished in l890 ROW I-Reece, R, Marlz, G., Wysang, R, Bourgral, E, Fawcefl, Mrs, Douglas, F., Wachs, J., Spencer, E, Kennedy, R. Page l8l ROW Z-Lumley, L., Barry, J., Haskins, B., Hersh, R, Kennedy, E, Sundauisl, P, Mashburn, C., Seyboll, P., Rose, D, ROW 3- Conlclin, J,, Evans, J,, Brown, J., Jordan, J,, Maxfield, D, Chadburn, J, Reesey, C, Crooks, S, Barone, J., Slovall, D ROW 4- Goering, J., Calder, D., Pasfler, J, Woollon, J, Concilla, J., Felix, R, Franklin, A, Heafhcole, J., Hendrickson, B, Walfz, T, Broxon, D, ROW 5-Wachs, B., Jennie, J, Ainswarlh, D, Koenig, R, Green, J, Shoemaker, B, McKen1ie, B, Woolfon, W, Bald! win, T., Miller, E., Hicks, S ROW b-Crossef, B, Gaskill, J, Craig, R, Candor, J, Allel, F, Decafur, J, Gelder, R., Burton, K, B Bode, A, Weaver, J., Barber, . 1 7.1 . v ,V 9 0-0 41... if '! S i X K 51 J -R l ar.--lg'-, fii- ,. ' lk. 'J L ff. K5 If My , -QQ7, .,,. f fm " 7 ,D 7, S - is V ' Many changes around lheir frafernily house made lhis more lhan iusl anolher year for lhe Dells. For +he lirsl 'lime in lhe chapler's hislory 'rhe organizalion had a housemolher, Miss Priscilla Brady. Also, lhere was an exlensive redecora- lion program for lhe second and lhird floors of lhe house. These changes forelold a really big year as did lhe choos- ing of Jim Micheau as Chi O's CoH'on King. The pledges will long remember lhe Pledge Formal held al lhe Glendale Lyceum in November, and lhe whole lralernily will never forge? lhe Chrislmas Parly al lhe house and 'the Spring Formal. Throughoul 'rhe social whirl grades were nol forgo?- len, eilher, and Della Tau Della was represenled in several Honoraries. Campus aclivilies and alhlelics also saw many Dells parficipaling. Nor only was 'lhe fralernily able lo boasl of brains, bul lhey could claim brawn since many members of lhe foolball 'ream could be seen wearing +he Dell pin. Presidenl-James Micheau Vice-Presidenl-Roberl Frazer Secrelary-Jack Reed Treasurer-Ken Burlage Founded al Belhany College in I859 Gamma Chapler eslablished in I909 fx ,fy Q ,nj-g "Q ., ' ' L. , ,,, , -gcfrg. -.' , ., , , f ql., fr. . . 5 .1 .19 1 ' ' Ig , '4 uk, , 1 ,gr - ll ' I in fer ,fr ill . , L- .1 -x all E ,I I-fl' , , ,. 5. gf- ,...i H ' QI yirlh, C, 72, ig? K IAHWMUHNI ' I ,Li , cr V V 1 I yn m y g I ff 1 ,L .mwwwJWHfQgwwWWMf DELTA TAU DELTA ROW I-Mulhoeler, W, Berlege, K, Fraler, B, Miss Brady, Micheau, J, Reed, J, Bagby, J ROW 2-Daniels, J, Farback, J., Brunner, C.. l B Ka n s den Hanauer, D Winter, D, Mirra, E., Hensey, M , McCarlney, J, Willard, J, ROW 3-Pecquinol, B., Kelfch, J, Kunze, ., r e, B, E , F., Langenbahn, R, Pazinski, A, Lockwood, B, Pisanelli, R. ROW 4-Hansen, E, Hirsh, N., Hader, C., Keel, L., Neiberding, P., Sprag- ens, T, Lundgren C, Carlson, C, Conolly, B, Carlson, R. ROW 5-Preston, D, Kaiser, D., Rilchey, D, Cadwallader, R., Barnes, J., Cul- len, G Kleine, W, Badgley, B, Spears, K, Hayseed, B, Faregller, A P fig le el 'T Cl X 6 Q 1 'r a 4 -:- ' 2 ,J N 1 44. x 1 . Page IBZ G 31 Q f 5 -S fi ,lr wi: . SA ,ffl fg vc-1 X I -vxld Us ' ROW I-Schoeftrner, D, VanVoorhis, D, Daniel D Fonlanese A, Chi, Mqfhews, P, l-lorlerih, B Garrny, J, Kung, R RQW 1- Hededck,l, Jones J, simoncens P Buwix R, Londo B Jones D Cusson A ,Frowv,J r0bQbsn,r, vsugsf R Roxy L-Lomb R, Scoffen, M, Barnelf, D, Kuempel J, Ulrich J Wegener W, Poe, R Ballenrne, J, Walson, R, Dislel D, Pofle, J ROW 4- wqlsh, D, Planner, w, Sfirkley, M, Lowery R, Holfpefwv. L. Sfolz, 1, Pnillips w Bell, o, Arvrnan R, Murphy, J, wheslwfignl, 1 ROW 5-Guervler, C, Lehmeyer, A, Arnold, T, Peferson A, Wcllfera C, Melsker G, Rogers, R, Husvon, J Longneclier, K , Haddad A, Jercner, J. Allen, D Presidenl-Paul Mallhews Vice-Presidenl-Donald Schoellmer Secrelary-Roberl' Poe Treasurer-Roberl' Lamb L A M B D A C HI A L P H A Founded al Boslon Universily in l909 Gamma Gamma Zela Chapler eslablished in l9l9 Uppermosl' in lhe minds of mosl of 'rhe Lambda Chi's for 'this pasl year has been lhe conslruclion of lheir new house on Probasco Ave. This year's annual house funclions 3 21,5 marlxed a probable "lasl' lime" for each in lhe old house as K: ,T ,M fhey expecf lo be in lheir new home iusl in lime lo show il ggljiif off for nexl' fall's rushing. ln planning for lheir house, lhe h lm 1 V LfX.Q:3?"' Lambda Chi's did nol forgel 'rheir olher aclivilies and in- 'fi' I l 1 l A 'l ,Q'W'.' A feresls, however, as was evidenced by lheir parlicipalion ii, f,.. - in campus aclivilies, bolh as a group and as individuals. Mil X K-exe' . . . . - .rg , , ,f Social evenls also played a big parl in lhe Lambda Chi ref, ' fi f- i-,lj program for 'the year. Informal parlies and lhe Pledge V l A H if Formal occupied lhe lop of lhe lisl of social funclions dur- "'fV' 1 ' if i , Q fzfiif ing 'lhe fall and iusl before Chrislmas lhe fralernily joined l ' Q1-jiz z, fix wiih Thela Phi Alpha lo enlerloin a group of underprivi- f'-g3" H- rggzifrlfg , leged children al a Chrislmas parly af lheir house. Spring 1 broughl' lhe Sweelhearl Dance, and lhey also worked lo re- ' -vi' ll .fl ESLMQ' peal' lheir previous success in building lheir Sigma Sigma 1 ' V6 557-'W 1 il fx boolh- ' liullrl iiim L L 'L Page IB3 C. r'5 ffl PQNH 1 l ROW l-Slarmann, C, Wiesler, C, Sloclms, L., Siiers, J, Ward, Mrs. H., Young, R, Aufdermarsh, C., Hayes, D, Spalding, R., Slrom- berg, C ROW 2-Mysonhimer, R., Hawlik, J., Schollman, P., Auslin, M., Shaw, J., Schroelel, J., Ulm, R., Heckler, J., Weir, D, Freeman, R, Miller, B, Euschle, H, Slreibig, G, Schanzle, R, ROW 3-Schwenlmer, C., Hearn, J, Budig, O, Woodworlh, T., DeSaIvo, J., Sieffer- man, T Harden K, Hering R, Dickman, F, Hines, J., Grogdon, C., Roman, J., Behrens, A, Wagner, H. ROW 4-Condorodis, P., Kolde, F, Friend, W Orlh, R, McCoy, T, Morgan, G., Bucherl, R., Schulre, C., Cary, G, Grabo, G., Will, L., Belscher, T., McCann, G, Palmer, J Eichsladr, T, Barnharl, R ROW 5-Nordloh, J, Carry, C, Wilger, J, Wood, C, Real, S., Harrison, C., Paflon, K., Wilt, R, Huss F, Dunn, T, Heusser, J, Sieber, O., Hoinlme, E., Ludwig, M., Bicknaver, R ROW 6-Wheeler, P., Slephenson, J., Duff, J., Easl- land, J, Pelerson, R, Fausf, R, Lacelield, K, Purdy, J, Schaefer, W., Ludeke, J, Kunlz, J., Bishop, C., Mosier, S., Kobbe, E., May, J. Presidenl-Rodney Young Vice-Presidenl-Harold Kress Treasurer-Donald Hayes Recording Secrelary-Carl Auldermarsh Corresponding Secrelary-Charles Wiesler P H I D E L 1' A 'I' H E 1' A Founded al Miami Universily in I848 Ohio Thela Chapler inslalled in I898 The Phi Dells slarled oul lhis year wilh a bong, namely lhe Philreia Carnival, which is given lor all lralernily and sororily pledges. As usual, everybody had a good lime. REW saw lhe Phi Dells singing al lhe All-Greek Convoca- liong al Xmas lhey gave a parly al lheir chapler house lor underprivileged children. Al lhe Homecoming Game, lheir ellorls lo make a prize-winning lloal were rewarded by lheir being awarded lhe lrophy lor lhe Mosl Humorous lloal. The mosl unusual evenl ol lheir social year is 'lheir She Della Thela Parly, which was held in February lhis year, Al lhis funclion, which covers can enlire weekend, lhe dales ol lhe members wenl lhrough a pledging period and an inilialion, and emerged as members ol lhe She Della Thela lralernily. This weekend is concluded wilh a dance given lor lhe She Dells. The above-menlioned parlies are iusl a few of lhe many social evenls given lhis year by lhe Phi Dells. f - 'fl .773 J r 'T ig, J .. , sir cf. ' ' P 'f 'V 'Ir lf, A , . . N I ' ' L ,' 3 iff- IN'.a'." ,..4az3:,.-HQ,- ' l-TP ,S -x-.f ile A E- ..Q - rj? er Q. 'fix " " 'T "" ' ' , T Q k J ,,.J .W pjhggz'-fl .E - V A M YYY Lil!--f T -!-Xrgn 'YJ f., Page IB4 The Phi Kaps sfarled lhe year olif righl lhis year wilh 'lhe rhird largesl' pledge class on campus, and every one of +he pledges was really proud of his Phi Kappa pledge pin. They soon found our fha? exchanged dinners are fun lfor 'lhe guy +ha+ doesn'+ have 'ro wash fhe dishesl. Everyone was so busy wilh midlerms and exchange parlies, campus ac+i- vifies and fralernily proiecls, fhar before anyone lcnew ir, ii' was lime for fhe pledge formal. Afler 'lhal' everylhing happened in rapid succession, and +he fellows were soon busy rushing 'fo fhe phone lo gel a dale wilh fheir besr girls for lhe Spring formal. Laler in fhe year all fhe Ohio chaplers of Phi Kappa mer for fhe Province Ball and all lhe members agreed i+ was a huge success. Founders Day was ano+her imporfanf evenl on +he Phi Kap's calendar. The fellows commemoraled if wifh a big celebrafion, The Phi Kaps challced 'lhis year up as anofher ferrific year. Presidenr-Roberl Niehaus Vice-Presidenls-John Walsh, George Miller Secrefary-William Ki+zmiller Treasurer-Harvey Bernens P H I K A P P A Founded al Brown Universily in I889 Omicron Chapfer esfablished in I925 ROW I-Huberf, T, Mehler, P, Bernens, H, Niehaus, B, Kifzm Il K T R A d R J h J ROW R., Eisenhauer, W., Vilaqi, B,, Zimmer, R, Schrage, D, Negri, R K W R W h l P P Spinnenweber, R, Kahle, L,, Lane, R., Boyden, T, Simmons, F ROW 4-D H Rizzo, F,, Bruns, N., Donze, R, De Orio, J, Van Leunen, T ROW 5 P Dixon, A, Kuecha, N., Durkin, C,, Gusefslmi, B, Leppert, W, ROW A Srrunk, P, Wilsken, C, De Sandre, A, Buyndcek, E, Kurz, J., N b d g J f"' N fs Page I85 IN MY DAY... DAD'S DAY One of fhe favorife +radi+ions on campus is the annual Dad's Day. Each fall one Safurday is des- ignafecl Dad's Day and il is 'the cusfom for each s+uclen+ fo invi+e his or her Dad 'ro be his gues+ and io sir wifh him in +he s+uden+'s seciion a+ fhe foo+ball game in +he affiernoon. Special nofe is +aken of +he fa+hers of +he members of 'rhe ieam playing in +he game. so fhere is a "Dad's Bench" nex+ io fhe ieam bench. The fafhers, each wearing a number corresponding +o fhe one on his son's iersey, gel a "coaches eye view" of 'rhe game and are in+roduced fo fhe crowd af half- iime. A good game helps everyone's enfhusiasm and ihere could be no complaini abou+ 'rhis year's 50 io O vic+ory over Washing+on and Lee. Page I5 Rm i ROW I-Follfer, G, Marond, C., Feldmiller, B., Fecsok, J., Mafhews, Mrs, R,, Tioilaf, J., Wrighf R., Perkinson, W., Dodge, H. ROW Z-Smyfh, R, Murdock, J, Feiers, R, Weissman, O,, Adkins, C, Moder, A,, Sfrohbach, J., Pondilidis, P,, Ballard, H,, Schneider, E,, Zimmer, R ROW 3-Irwin, C,, Snyder, R. Borgman, J, Dragsef, T., Apple, S., Miller, J., Maroudis, X., Byrne, R., Dorsel, J,, Gavin, M., Wright, J, Sfoui, W ROW 4-Ryan, R, Haley, K, Ludwig, R., McFadden, J, Brockmeier, R., Wheeler, C., Bram, R., Border, G., Henke, B, Morgan, J, Savely, B, Thompson, G, Pancake, J ROW 5-Bufe, O., Hoffmeier, P., McMillan, R., Heffesheimer, R., Greene, C., Kee ney, H, Tupman, J, Snodgrass, B., Leisf, R,, Linkins, R, Bevinglon, D, Johannigman, J., Rucker, J. ROW 6-Roll, G., House, D,, Dor- sey, R, Wallace, C., Niederlehner, F, Heeb, H, Heck, L., Kalfenhauser, R, Goodlellow, R., Lykins, B., Tucker, R., Karchner, T., Krapp, R. PI KAPPA ALPHA x , Q ,J ., i x - 'fx 1 kit y ii' x ' 1 Q.: 7 J , x' 2 Xi ee: . 'iw-"5.1 : Ei ' 1' .pp ff-. c-- . , ,,k . ,V. X , .T,,, .,. 4 T ll 'V . T 5 X Z f ., KL-"4 Q::1':::, , .,- - 7 f. :-..- 1l?1 ' XJ 1 A , v- . 5: gg? ,AR 2 V 4 5, V LW- . 'J qi- 51-1 di- ' . .r f , u . T -Legg' ini .i is T - 'K -lr . 9 'mae-:-L a' I i,ifT.-,NvaE1-5'..,-,, ' Af TL, qs, fr gf 5 3, H d-,, .-1 ,, 1.-,1,,,, PresidenT-Jerry TioTlaT Vice-Presiclenf-Jack Pecsok SecreTary-Phil Hagedorn Treasurer-Bob WrighT Founded aT The UniversiTy oT Virginia in l868 Alpha Xi ChapTer esTablished in l9I0 ATTer The smoke oT many rush parTies had cleared, The Pi Kappa Alpha's Tound Thai' They had quiTe a large and acfive pledge class. The pledges began Their social year wiTh a pledging parTy aT The Virginia Lodge, and The high- lighl' of The Fall was The Pledge Formal aT The Glendale Lyceum. The pledges Topped oFf all This Tun wifh some well- spenT Time aT The UniTed Shoe Co., packing and moving craTes oT shoes Tor needy children under The sponsorship of The Campus "Y," The whole chapTer goT TogeTher on Hal- lowe'en Tor a gala parTy wiTh cosTumes and daTes. As al- ways, The secTion-change parTies were a greaT success. ln addiTion To These, The PiKA's enjoyed a wonclerTul ChrisTmas house parTy-Turning Their home inTo a nighTclub Tor The occasion. The year was gaily climaxed wiTh The Spring Formal, The opening evenT in The week-end parTy during which daTes Took over The house. Page IB6 ,f1 erke,-2.1 W 5.5 . I ,AV .Q XS-0 3 . as . l ff K X 1- I ff 'FX ff : lf, X 'ln'-ig kg 5, .5 l is-ig View ' Xa Wap lypi . W 'N A ..-1 ws A . f X 'Q 31 1 Q ,V-ffm, if , '1 , I 1 , I-E My " 'C r x I N f J HJPRHI ,. 551. I ,f ,r ll, . ,, -w ,. ff- lx, W- 117 l L- -5511 1 47" .. :e iw. V -ri' ' ie 1, s- A g.. ,hi -E,1'1.,- ri - l-,lil 'l if Q51 "-' , .3 ' Ami' in J E'M 'lf ,J 5' '-.ll ,L . " , - ia- 2 - f -Qsawrl ll "-"llE'J4l 'zfzlfl WP? ' 5-Q " 'fi ifiulgii 'ifilflllrl , l , r 41:7 -il,,:.'x""e I'lif 153 4 E W ll WH'?'1 Page I87 PI LAMBDA PHI Afler compleling The usual round of pledge parfies, lhe Pi Lams found fhemselves preparing for anolher year and ils calendar of social evenfs and campus oclivilies. Their Homecoming parly served nol only as a reunion for 'rhe alums, buf also as a means of bringing lhe old and lhe new members 'rogelher for The lirsl lime. Early in December, 'rhe aclives honored lhe pledge class, and had a good lime lhemselves, al 'the Pledge Formal. ln lhe spring, lhe fraler- nily held ils second annual formal and climaxed lhe social year. I+ was lhen, also, fhal lhe new iniliales aclually be- came fralernily members. Despile an exlensive social pro- gram, Pi Lambda Phi parlicipaled in several campus acfivi- lies and organizalions. They proved lhal fhey could work os hard as 'rhey could play when several members were elecled lo various honoraries on campus. By mixing work wilh ploy 'rhese men have proved lo fhemselves lhal college is a lrue preporafion for life and lhe problems il oFfers. Presidenl'-Claude Gruen Vice-Presidenl-Larry Byer Treasurer-Herberl Oslrov Founded al' Yale Universily in l895 Ohio Chapler esfoblished in l92O ROW' I-Macy, P, Meilus, l, Oslrov, H, Gruen, C, Sharloch, R, lsbills, C, Anlon, S ROW 2-DePuy, R, Byer, A, Hellman, E, Miller, A, Bodenslein, E, Frbel, H, Rosen, J, Eusler, S Friedman F- ROW 3-Melsner L, Shavzm, A, Kessler, R, lngberg, H, Schwartz, S, Lipp, S, Greenberg, A, Mann, S, Sachs, R ROW 4-Gravulz, D, Gilbert P, Mrndheirn, R, Gold, S, Slrvclrer, L, Adler, W, Bernhoul, M, Raives, R, Rosensweig, H, Flbus K, Rubel, L ROW 5-Kordas, F Russell, M Malkin G, Slalman, N, Slein P, Hordes, P, Kro- kovslry, l, Kahn, M, Siem, J, Sllverma n, l Rosensweig, R 1 The SAE's relurned lo a newly redecorafed house 'lhis f fall from which lhe carried on a successful rushing program 7 !Ja?' culminaling in +he ipledging of 'fhirly-five men al ihe Pledge E gg ! Dance held al +he house. Early in November, 'rhe Pledge SM Class, in keeping wifh lhe lradilion, consirucled, as 'fheir floal for Homecoming, a grand piano wifh 'rhe 'lheme "The f K' Dance is Over Ohio U." and won lhe award for 'lhe mosl , li-ri,?i . 'x 1,r.Ml,5x beauiiful floal in lhe iralerniiy division. The Sig Alphs Yi-ff: F solved lhe roblems of how lo decorale lheir enormous 'Ti "'. "TLT" Q' ,Q - 1 Chrislmas frli-ee, which louched 'rhe ceiling of +heir 'two slory ,Tye qi X L: f 'T living-room, by having a par+y 'ro do if and lhen played hosl' b . L , 'I ' .51-FQ . .. - h . - S' R lo a group of underprivileged children who played games - 5 .- Qi-1 ggi " f and received gifls from Sanra. A social program highlighied -., rl--1' fl QEL' Lf: , 'r by 'rhe Gamdy Dancers Ball, lhe Shipwreck Parly, and 'rhe . . Ji ,vi fgvg Ffzggi- ,, 2 Chrislmas Formal was broughl lo a successful close by 'rhe -553 . A,-f"'f'5iffg-' 3 it 11? ,,,g.'5:--L. annual House Parly in June when +he members' dales look H435 27" f M l over +he house for an enlire weekend. - Q - A O fs of Presidenl-Ches, Sudbrack Vice-Presidenl-Jim Leonard Secrelary-Sec. l-Fred Hoskins, Sec. ll-Dick Slimson Treasurer-Joe Weissmann S I G A L P H A E P S I N Founded ar lhe Universify of Alabama in i856 Ohio Epsilon esiablished in l889 ROW l-True, J, Longstreef, B., Dexler, B, Leonard, J, Sudbrack, C, Weissmann, J., Jacobs, D., Sfimson, R., Parsons, D., Wolf, R. ROW 2-Zeigler, J, Ebinger, J, Pallerson, H., Bull, J , Orlando, V., McCormick, T, lvers, D., Agne, E., Davies, C., Moak, D., Brill, R. ROW 3-Gulling, C., While, R, Riner, R., Cahill, N., Taylor D, McGrafh, D., Sfolres, T, Lewis, D, DelBene, D., Selmanfs, J., Kelauver, W., Williams, O, Luring, W. ROW 4-Tarler, T., Moolh, J, Lyon, W., Pope, L., Mirre, W., Davis, K., Porler, D., Maison, C., Lance, D., Twyrv-ian, A, Heinold, T, Rogers, W., Lindemann, T., Irvin, R. ROW 5-Bishop, J., Hofferberfh, B., Orr, A., Groenke, A., Bishop R., Kel- ler, R, Roediger, R, Pelers, L., Dominique, R, Ofhling, W., Zimmerman, T, Lampe, W., Ferlick, R., Miller, J. ROW 6-Harville, C, Via, R, Kobes, J, Ken! R., Simons, C, Tiemeyer, A, Marlin, J, Mohaupf, K, Tiemeyer, R., Gaudin, D., Kailer, O., Jensen, J., Mac- Nicholas, R Graham, G -nmorifiv -wifimnfw if.. Page l88 .- , i , fs- J 1 an I .ji ,Q i J V 1 5 I . I iq' I 1- Q, A .1 L N ' . 5 1 I 4 lg X , ' .iz -'59 if X. ROW I-Cahn, M, Mefzger, I, Rinslry, G, Wall, L Davidson, S, Dinerman I, Baron, R, Tennenbaum, J ROW Z-Cahn, A, Spall D, Bass, I, Frleman, M , Bernsiein, R, Cohn, A, Baumring, R, Carmel, N, Weiser, N, Green, S, Kashover, J ROW 3-Dreslrin, A Singer, A, Wolosan, S, Kadis, C, Jacobs, L, Brad, S, Prager, J. Slabodier, R Siolier, A, Effin, E, Steiner, K, Deufch, L ROW 4- Wasserman, M, Behr, H, LaBaer, R, Cohen, A, Cohen, E, Reise-nfeld S Kugei, I, Fischaff R, Gall, C, Trynz A Gumbiner, M Rheins, I, Bluesfane, S ROW 5-Magenhevm I, BIIIIQV, A. Geller, H, Bar'on, M, Goodman R, Rofhchild E Blank, G, Richier, H Maqenheim, H, Mon, H, Jaffe, D, Cahn R, Hoffman, M Presidenl-Larry Wolf Vice-Presideni-Gilberi Rinslry Secrefary-S+ephen Davidson S I G M A A L P H A M U Treasurer-Ira Dinerman Founded a+ C.C.N.Y. in I909 Omicron Chapier eslablished in I9I7 Wirh 'the purpose of "fos+ering and mainfaining +he spirif of frafernify, mu+ual moral aid, and suppor+" 'fhe Sammies upheld Ihe diciaies of fheir consiiluiion as ihey iniiiaied fhirfy-fwo new members ihis year. Proving +he suc- cess of fhese eiiorfs was ihe Founder's Day banquef on November 24 af which ihe alums garhered for reunion wi+h 'rheir old brofhers. As fhe pledges progressed in ac'rivi+ies, ihey learned ihe meaning of 'rrue manhood, democracy, and humanify. This The Sammies demonsfrafed by helping ai' Ihe polls on eleciion day and by dona+ing io Ihe blood bank. Nafional Memorial Day, ihe iirsi Sunday in May, pays 'iribuie fo all fheir members who served during Ihe war. The social calendar did noi suffer in ihe leasf eiiher, as sporis parfies and 'rhe Pledge Formal srarred fhe social program in Ihe fall and 'rhen in April +he Sammies climaxed 'rheir year wirh +he Orchid Formal which was incorporaied wi+h 'rhe Bi-Regional Conclave This year. Page IS9 if 1 1' z is fix v . as 1 Ir? -1 , Ye Ag? P1 cs, - "if"I5.2 432' sf?-fi' 'A i ' ,ww ffii i iypfni' , - ' Li Yi t vs, 533- ., , . i . . i . I , f as fi I I -.... Sy 'van-4 if 'JE' , ,we u.,.:" M 4535? .Q i I e 5- -'-'i I I wx." wifi, I1 I . Y. ,. , ,A , .... , , 1- - 1.12232 'l'Rixiw. .ie i,iii'1i4"1f'5ff2l .. ll'-fifiia '.'ili,'- ""' 1" fl iw'-Qs.,v1g-..,s f " ',z:Z'-7743 -ep.-1. 1:2 .5 - "'E'5f"-'.- . 431- in-,y.!f,,-'55 .:,,- 'Q :-T5 rr ' -- 'f Y 4 'F ' -' ' I -1 5 v fRC3r5mm.3 Q . 3 Q 'A l v . Q 3 1 irq f- A ,ar ...,l, xx, is-9 lg ,' x "f sf. ROW I-Shaloslmy, B, Wharion, C., Evans, J., Bruns, D., Allburl, Mrs, H , Tschan, E., Ferguson, R., Clemenls, W., Laumann, R. ROW Z- Kolsanis, T., Misali, l, Hill, J, Greiwe, R, Eckerle, W., Shewman, J, Harl, W., Dahlman, S., Kleinlelfer, L., Bockslahler, R. ROW 3- Fryburger, B, Kafsanis, J, Lambert H, Willson, R, Jonson, P., Garside, J., Monroe, J., Grummere, S, Clarke, P., Zesch, R., Lyons, R. ROW 4-Krumme, D, Socrafes, J, Sfewarl, G, Dooley, E., Hadley, W, Kordis, W, Diana, M., Yafes, R., Graves, M., Johnson, W., Strickland, S, Kafsanis, G ROW 5-Upson, L, VonBirgelen, R, Condorodis, G, Kunlz, L., McCue, J, Wolf, K., Boudinef, T., Luiz, J., Riley, C, Amana, B, Susener, D, Springmeier, B, Mueller, E ROW 6-Plunkelt, D, Dillhoff, G., Condorodis, A,, Friil, D., Borcherding, J, Hersh, G, Rodger, D, Bogarl, D, Gravenlcemper, C, Eugler, R,, Spaulding, V., Fuller, R., Froehlich, J, Lunesch, J, Presiclenl-Edmond Tschan Vice-Presidenl-John Evans Secrelary-Roberl Greiwe Treasurer-Raymond Ferguson Founded al Miami Universily in l855 Zela Psi Chapler eslablished in l882 Sigma Chi has lhe dislinclion of having been 'lhe firsl Fralernily eslablished al UC, so lhis year when lhe Sigs com- memoraled lheir Sevenlielh anniversary as +he oldesl' fra- lernily here on campus, lhey really celebraled. l-lighlighling lhe feslivilies for 'rhe year was a Homecoming Dance given by lhe aclive chapler in honor of lhe Alumni. The fralernily also celebraled all year wilh various parlies and lhey did noi neglecl' The usual exchange dinners and picnics, eilher. Bul lhe hil of The year was a paiama parly held a+ Hal- loween which, everyone agreed, lurned our 'lo be hilarious. Besides all fheir olher aclivilies lhe Sigma Chi's found 'lime lo have benefil' parries for underprivileged children during lhe Chrislmas season. J. C. Evans' New Year's Eve parly broughl 'lhe chapler logelher lo welcome whal lhe Sigs were sure would be an even beller year for lhem. Finally al +he Spring formal a wonderful anniversary year was cul- minaled when lhey chose lheir Sweelhearl of Sigma Chi. SIGMA CHI . N . 7 -3?-, . .'.'.fgf'Uh11 f '- .-:,.j,y.-lr -, ,. - . 'i. ,l . .-. Qfigrgivlfgdfaq ff 2 s -- ,as 1 ,ms--.rf -- - -. ,. -2 I, A --. 1 Il.--Y-' W ,I y --7 ,yt-, :ignm-fn,. A -A 'L -1.3 X: .,fg,'W , ,fp z 73' i- , 1-',:'.. Fibre. ,-,, 175. vs'-'L YQ: 1' 'pq avi-I 'Yg,t-EN rg,.,Q-, K, L xl..-1.1.-u:'..5 5,-,, r'i,,?,ag ' - PX '-1 J:-f L Page l90 This was a busy and proiifable year for +he men who live in "The House wi+h 'rhe Red Door." They relurned This fall io redecoraie lheir house and iurn ii info a brighi and comforiable home. The social year began for ihe Sig Ep's wiih 'their pledge formal and 'rl-mis was +ied in wi+h 'their firsi week-end house par'l'y. Daies ioolc over The house, 'lhen din- ner, dancing, and fun es+ablished ihis as a fine idea for a fradiiion. ln November, The Sig Ep's celebraled iheir Founder's Day wi+h a gala banquef. Also on 'rhe social calendar was The Spring Formal, buf ihe pealc of ihe social year was fhe annual Queen of Hearis Dance. This dance was unusual in several aspecls-il was open +0 ihe enfire Universify, and ii was held on campus. Of course, 'rhe Sig Ep's had lheir regular weekly parlies cluring which +heir basemeni game room became a very busy place. The men of Sig Ep were represenled on 'rhe fooiball and frack 'leams as well as in many honoraries on campus. Presideni-W. Ben Evans Vice-Presidenl-Roberi Hagenholif Secreiary-Don Lieder SIG M A P HI E P SIL o N Treasurer-Charles Bauer Founded ai Richmond, Virginia, in l90l Ohio Theia esiablished in I949 ROW I-Hoover, G, Hoffman, G, Lieder, D, Hagenhoff, R, Evan uer ei Q ne RO Krndl D Adams Kressel, D, Hughes, F, Griflifh, R, Laughlin, O, Fellner, J, Wenzel co is Cam e Huber W o Ie J, Niemeyer, F, Malolt, J, Benton, E, lsgrc, A ROW 4-Cham in orne our uein o 1 Black W Ta :- Sper, J, Labermerer, W, Hennrnger, C-, Dershem, E, Bishop D ROT er c Werrne c er Brown R Bredenboc Monroe, J, Chrisfy, G, Hardy, A, He:krnann W, Suerveld W, Mc G e n W 6 Meyer Care C Lvnin or Bruning, R, Phelps C, Speckrnan, O, Schauer, R, Koon, C, Hyre r er Bred nbei: 'X E- VA i f ii . j Page l9l FQHCQ new ll ,nv- X P . xii, - , ROW I-Boyer, F, Wilson, J., Poyer, R, Benson, J, Tepe, L., Wcrrnus, R, Lease, D. ROW Z-Ballew, R, Anderegg, R., Gross, E., Weir, J, Prickeff, J, Bishop, E., Weed, W., Tailor, D, Adriansen, J., Shadron, C, MacKay, S. ROW 3-Lolfes, J., Kirkpafrick, D., Sleube, Soarii, R, Gaenge, D., Kolesnikoffl, E, Iliff, J., Wilrns, F., Haffendorf, J, Laundy, H., Tillon, A., Griffilh, S., Courlas, P. ROW 4-Lyons, R, Friedrich, C, Pace, W, Lindernann, J, Hamby, M., Alspaugh, D., Adams, D, Doughman, G., Lavanier, D., Hughes, R., Gillespie, Merke, W Yerdon, J ROW 5-Murrer, S, Kopprnan, J, Bohas, J, Bahas, G, Christy, G, Jenkins, R., Scofl, R., Biclr, J, Rhein, C, Pol- liard J Liplerv, F, Prickeff, J, Lucas, P Presidenl- John Benson Vice-Presidenl-Dick Poyer Ns. Secre+ary-Larry Tepe 1- H E 1- A C HI Treasurer-Bob Wormus Founded al Norwich Universily in I856 Bela Omicron Chapler eslablished in l942 Those spiriled Thela Chi's, a group of fellows who have risen rapidly in prominence since lhey were eslablished on UC's campus, have become nolecl for 'rheir enlhusiaslic parlicipalion in praclically all Universily funclions. Parlicu- larly, lhey have been seen challcing up 'rhe scores in lhe infra- mural sporls conlesls. Besides afhlelics lhe Thela Chi's shine in lribunals, honoraries, and olher campus groups. The spiril of having a good lime, is noi losl in lhese men as was shown al lheir Pledge Formal in December, al lhe Chrisfrnas carol- ing and par-ly, fhe Spring Formal, ai 'lhe house parlies, and fhroughoul fhe year. They invaded lhe home of lheir Miami brolhers, challenged +hem in foolball and relurned home viclorious. Wilh +his well rounded program of scholarship, acfivilies, and alhlelics, lhe men of Thela Chi can iuslifi- ably look wilh pride upon lheir successful year and anlicf- pale an even more successful one nexl' year. .my YK Page l92 x. Page I93 Perhaps you heard +he cheering seclion wiihin 'rhe cheer- ing secfion af The UC foofball games 'this pasl year. If so, you were wilness 'ro fhe campus spirif of fhe members of Triangle. This may have surprised you, knowing fhai' This frafernily is composed enfirely of engineers and archilecfs, buf you have only lo aHend one of fheir house parfies fo realize lhaf fhese men know how fo have fun besides know- ing how +o work hard. They are nafurally closely alililiafed wifh fhe Engineering College and in addiiion 'ro fheir service +o 'rhe Universify fhey are also found lo be acfive in ODK, engineering honoraries and professional frafernilies, Meiro, Sophos, and many ofher campus orgonizofions. One of +heir mos'r successful enferprises was 'rhe donaiion of blood 'ro lhe Red Cross Bloodmobile which fhe fra+erni+y enfhusiaslically supporied. The year was rounded out by lhe Fall and Spring formals, a series of exchange dinners and ofher social aciivilies. Presidenf-Arvie Maynard Vice-Pres.-Sec. l James Holmslrom Sec. ll-Roberf Clark Treas.-Sec. I-Lyle Leslie Sec. ll-Laurence Phillips 'I' R I A N G I, E Secy.-Sec. I-Edward Wedbush Sec. ll--John Price Founded al lhe Universily of Illinois in IQO7 Cincinnofi Chapfer es+ablished in I92l ROW I-Richards, D, lewis, R, Phillips, L, Clark, R, Adamson, Mrs, Maynard, A, Holmsfrorn, J, Leslie, L ROW Z-Lenharl, L , Chun, W, Jones, J, Price, J,Collins, D, Rcibenneck, R, Ginler, R, Horfon D, Morris D, Cvowl, C ROW 3-Vafh, J, Sl John, J, Heffrick R, Simon, M, Buehler, R, Perko, E, Turner, R Youlsey, D Marlin W DUN, J ROW 4-Ralaiczak J, Walbcvrn, D, Palrick, E, Lasf, L, Herron, C, Slevenson, K Ebel, D, Richards, D, Hochadel, J, Fornofi, M Meyer B ROW 5-Messunger, R Kausch, M, Con D, Williams, w, Crosby, J, whifwoffh L, Gfeenigen, G, Reicnie H, Bfeyiey, D Bqiiiev, J , Owner H Row 5-Lund, G, Lomb, 1, Fm. zari, F, Reichle, H, Crass, B Praff, R Wedbush E, Burgess J Mollie, R, Trenolcock, T Knoli, J, Becherf, D i R W F . 4- A E 3 E . i 3 x 5 greg S ."' 'xl Q. 3. ROW I Tllafson, J , Wilkes, S, Anderson, M , Smifh, R, Polls, H ROW 2-Landrigan, T, McKee, W, Singer, R,, Whaley, W, Maid- OW 3-Zahoros G, Moy, H, Drake, F, Blaslvi, H, Gusfo fson, G, Cowell, W ROW 4-Miller, J, Thompson, C, Hughes, J, Barber R Huber J,Str1HIer F Presidenf-Marvin Anderson Vice-Presidenl-Sec. l-Harold R. PoHs Sec. ll-John Tillorson Secrerary-Sec. l-William Whaley A Q U A A L Sec. li-Warren McKee Treasurer-Richard C. Smirh The purpose of Aquaal, besides helping lo balance fhe educarion and exlracurricular aclivifies of i+s members, is ro promole good fellowship, mufual undersranding, and co- operarion among Hs own group, and 'ro increase 'rhe foler- ance and mufual inreresfs berween all groups and creeds on campus. Aquaal is +he youngesf social organizalion for men on rhe UC campus, and, alrhough slill a growing organiza- fion, Aquaal has lcepl pace wifh 'rhe olher social organiza- +ions. The maior evenrs of +he year included rhe Founder's Day banquer and fhe co-sponsorship, wifh fhe Women's lndependenl groups, of lhe UC lndependenrs' Weelc. Infer- spersed befween fhese, ofher parries, dances, dinners, and parficipafion in UC social aclivifies provided relaxafion and plenry of enjoymenr for Aquaal's members. These were iusi' a few of lhe acfiviries which marked Aquaal's second successful year al UC and gave promise of even beffer years To come. Page I94 ASSOC. IND. STUDENTS Page I95 The Associalion of lndependenl Sludenls, beller known on campus as simply A.l.S., opened +heir rush season wifh 0 series of informal parlies and picnics for 'rhe incoming fresh- men. While lhe general busile and confusion of beginning school was in full swing, lhe evenls for each of fhe coming monlhs were planned. Meanwhile, A.I.S, also look an aclive parl' in 'lhe maior campus funcfions including 'rhe ODK- Morlar Board Leadership Conference, Religious Emphasis Week, +he Fire Prevenfion Conlesl. and in addilion, selecled 'rheir candidales and made campaign preparalions for fhe eleclions of lhe Sophos and Junior Prom Queens and 'rhe Sig Ep Sweelhearl. The highlighl' of 'rhe A.l.S. social pro- gram was 'rhe parly on fhe Johnson's Parry Boal which look The A.l.S. members and guesls on a leisurely cruise up and down fhe Ohio. Like any olher group of ils kind, A.l.S. is an organizalion of enlhusiaslic young college sfudenls who provide for lhernselves a full program, rich in fellowship and opporlunily for leadership in campus acfivilies. i Row l-Hanley, A, Laden, G, oldneve, R Owens M, schneldef w Row 2-Pfennagwgfvh, J, ceiling, B, cmwfefd, J, Eagle, v, Chrisfman, J, Childs, E ROW 3-Beebe, J, Broughton, C, Leisl, H, Sleurer, R, Siqrnan, E, Beimesche, B, Lorenz, V ROW 4-Purcell, J Beck, D, Collins, L, Spailh, M, Murnma, N, Church, J, Darnell, C , Kemp, W. il 1- 1, . is V T lf t. A ' , ' 'F x Q 7 i l ' -- Y 4 , :Rf , , , H I Ji 'f - ,. 7" e ' ' f' .- -xi 1 ,, -' ' Q ls 3 +1 -C 'B F41-1 - ' 5 'Z fic f .. 1 sa . em . N sf fl C2 'R " 1 ' 1 - - E X :cf Q, . ., Q .WV f. ,Q z 5.4 .. 3 3 4- l 1 ., 8 r: 13 1' 1 1. 'iii' ' , if 1 1 7 -, 'f I , " " '- Q , ' f ' ' - 1 1 ' ., .1 A , -K : V, ,, 'Q Q 5 . A 5 V P H il, 2, 3 l i , , Q. i ' S ' '-"ig if ' - 1 4 , fs' '- ff rg, L5 , f - , ' -if - Nw , NA 1 - -, 1. K ' 3' ,- 3 .1 K ,L , A i 1' -' . ,tg , ' is -' Y I ,V 52, ' ' Q r 'i ., X 1. . :gg A 4. E L33 A q .iss Q 6 . X z f-:Q A H, A A ,,,,av .. W, al 4 ' , X ' f N , . ,, l . X4 J el 1 : , is w W-mv-....: ,- - .4 111.-ff' -'-.W 75 ,t- , 1 F A ,ig ij- 'iw ".2'Ti'9",-f-f '- W -J ' -:, . , -4. ..,f- ..Y..V.J X X5 rf.- ..... V. .hgjjffs ya, . -fn-.-...-, ,. . . i-L, , au: X h ' , Q x "' ' ' ' ' x l . .. 1-. 1 x 'hawaii' , 52+ 311 Pr li I v I 1 A X x . r K 'N x v- HOMECOMING The annual Homecoming foofball game was played lhis year on November 8 when +he Bear- cais were hosf +o Ohio Universily. Mosl organiza- 'lions on campus enfered floafs info lhe confesi and parade sponsored by fhe Alumni Associa- fion. Weeks of planning, consfrucfion, and plenfy of hard work preceded fhis day. The excilemcnl' and inferesl began building up 'I'he nighf before, as sororiries and frafernifies worked mosf of fhe nigh? by spoflighls +o finish fhe floa+s in lime. Enlhusiasm was high as +he floals as- sembled al Nipperl' Sfadium for lhe pre-game parade al+hough fhe wealher was none foo kind lo ei+her lhe floafs or lhe crowds. On +he ofher hand, rhe spirils of some organizafions wen+ 'ro sub-zero as lheir floafs were sfruck by misfor+une, and unable fo en+er compefifion, before 'rhey reached 'fhe s+adium. A+ half +ime fhe 'lrophies for lhe mosf beaufiful floaf were awarded fo ADPi and SAE while The awards for fhe mosf humorous floafs were claimed by Delia Zefa and Phi Dell. Page I6 IEEE LEM I I -'F A! Q- ., K' " 'Q MMJLH nw. x MEMORIAL DORMITORY FOR WOMEN FRENCH RESIDENT HALL FOR MEN , Xxx IA. :ww 1 I I5 Hill IIIII IIE Uvsnuq 'liar-up, I 'VL' "W, -11" .n,. -1-., tl... TKTIY l1l ll E33 ii' Q! U .f TI' .EV 5 ,fr f' -4 ,.,fv-- 1.1-. ix. .,. nrt? Q, - I Q., :qui -I Iv .-... -qi-7 I IE Sui' - ., ,, :Luci-qgffts I I IE 551 iq- A I lq-17, fa .3-6,61 ff 'ISI Iss! ,Ks-Sf' I 'Ili V ,asf IEE 'iiI A 3: -435.13-MQ . 35- - M.-1 as " , "Q - I ff, J fill..-Afn'3'f'fff1pf:1-53ffT 9 ' Ii -arg ff3"'?I r ,..,,..,L ,157-fi, "juz "ig, FY sk., if 55555 ff ff-ig l V f'ffffQff:E-fl if I mg' ' Eff If 'll f -if Q' 97551-:Ti 6? s - A ROW I-Chose, B, George, K, Gollwilzer, C, ROW Z-Flory, H, Young, L, Canlison, P, Hudson, Mrs H, Foxworthy, N ROW 3-Gray, L,, Shank, S, Poliard, A., Koehl, S, Murnma, N MEMORIAL DORM COUNCIL Page I97 This year rhe girls on 'The Dorm Council worlned hard 'lo malce Memorial Dorm seem like a home away from home for all UC ouf-of-lown sfudenis living in +he dorm. The worlc of The Council was direcfed by Par Callison, president HarrieH'e Flory, Vice President Nancy Foxworlhy, Secre+aryg and Alberla Pollard, Treasurer. The needs of every s'ruden+ in +he dorm are considered by +he Council which is composed of orficers from Memorial Dormifory. The siudenls claim +ha+ fhe Dorm Coun- cil, which is always ready and willing io help, is a wonderful place +o which +o bring fheir problems and Troubles. Wi+h 'lhe excellenl guidance of +he Dorm Council il' does noi' ralce 'rhe girls long 'lo feel a'l' home on fhe campus and in The dorm. . -N 8 4 72 5 wr . N , V A .A 3 ' 'S 6? ' ' " 6 . ,, "T, . 83" L: : Y - f A. ri ' 3 Q .5 : 'J N 1 Q V , 1 . Y 'it J V 5 5 - S Q 'C - Y. 3 . " A . . Q. S 'Jr W? N 'ar -,1 6 .. ? ,lf sis , J- Q -,sf :- V. 4 L Q , .. X X . ,x . -. S V . ..-:SN T. . -Q .SB . ff . V9 'WW' -Q ',.,M ,SQ . L -ix 'EYE M -rr X.. xx 1+ Q XX X Sm' S' X S X , X x dr A X N K ,K x . Whf . E". . , . N ROW I-George, K, Chase, B., Young, L., Callison, P., Foxworfhy, N, Koehe, S., England, H. ROW 2-Samples, F., Harper, C., Adams, B., Sliver, Candler, A, Burieigh, J., Jackson, J., Hulbert, N., Giesken, R. ROW 3-Aue, C., Casey, V., Kamees, S., Elsner, H., Briggs, M., Kain, M., Kress, M Hahn, V, Barreff, M, Blough, L. ROW 4-Jauch, M., Koch, J., Goefze, N., Schleicher, N,, Hussey, V., Brodf, C., Buck, B., Brems, R., Funke, L., Johns E ROW 5-Hagbusch, J, Dunn, E., Dickinson, P, Klein, M., Good, J., Dudley, C., Herlihy, J., Grieme, A., Fox, L, Lininger, L. MEMORIAL DORMITORY "ARRIVING OR LEAVING7 L . .4..' 4.3, X Page I98 "A home away from home"-fhal' is whaf Memorial Dorm is for UC's our-of-'lown women sfudenls. The dorm girls come 'fo UC from all paris of +he world, you will find, near and for-some come from iusf a few miles oufside of Cincinnali while oihers are from as for as Europe and Soulh America. Despile fheir very differenf backgrounds, fhe girls soon find living in fhe dorm brings a lor of fun and new friends wi+l'1 many inleresfs in com- mon. A usual pas+ime is for everyone lo galher in some- one's room ond iusf folk un+il +he wee hours-somelimes forgelfing abou? lhose quizzes fhey should be s+udying for. Their regular social calendar includes +he parries, feas, and annual formals everyone af fhe dorm is sure io enioy. 'Fe '11 A HOME WAS NEVER LIKE THlS!' ROW I-Evans, B, Manning, J, Schlup, M, Pollard, A, Smifh, J, Gold mocher, R ROW 2-Spidel, G, Sfichler, Y, Eissler, N, Ridenovr, A McNeil, M, Gibbs, M, Gardner, M, Pershon, L, Shefferly, J, ROW 3-Reel, S, Smith, S, Walfers, W, Young, L, Whifehouse, J, Michelmnn, J. Loehrig C Eddy, J, Swiezalm, A, Marrs, S, ROW 4-Mumma, N, Shankar E, Scholler, G, Peikoff M, Hudson, S, Pogue, P , Mallinger, E. Blough, C, Waker, M, Smysof, B 1 1 E , A . QPVV I ., 1 V - ' Q K Q, ' l J.: 3 I 0 2 IC 3. , i , 1' ' Q" f 'Q s X -4' g V3-Q h W-1 - Qi , 8 . li I if ii f - I I l in i ww? J If ' a . A ' , V fig lx Y, N il X X FJ ' P's'!3 ' f rl N x ' S' ' f i Ls. 6 ii Y . X f F 5, s,- .ff xg f Q V ,1- E . V Q.. gnu - -11' Xi, W I-Black, H., Sfewarf, R, ROW 2-Wheelrighf, J., Carlcr, J., Barr, J. M,, Benson, W, J. ROW 3-Rabinovich, M., Harv vey, D., Blaydes, R, Schaefer, R, Wilh lhe many oul-of-lown male s+uden+s faking up +heir residence in +he various UC dorms-Clif+on Dorm, Dorm D, Triad Dorm, Dorm C, and lafely, French Hall- 'lhere arose +he necessify for some sor+ of mefhod 'lo unife 'these groups. Consequen+ly, +he Men's lnfer Dorm Council has, for fhe pas+ several years, falren upon ifself fhe responsibilify of unifing fhe men's dorms by co-ordin- a+ing and supervising fheir acfivifies, by promofing co- operafion among +hem and by aHemp'ring +o make dorm life as pleasan+ as possible for everyone. Each dorm has officers +o handle 'rhe business of ils individual oc+ivi+y bu+ represenfafion on 'the Council reflecls 'rhe in+eres'r of +hese dorm groups in over-all dorm acfiviry. nl x ---.1 MEN'S INTER-DORM COUNCIL Page 200 i 5 'fi i A G c .Nash K ass. , X V y 5 i 3 3 Y ' .2 V9 ii Q! .AX A rdes mmers V, Bowles, K, Finan, T, Wheelwrighf, J, Schwenvker, D ROW Z-Daring, R, Lavey D Stuff er F VanDyke R Schoene, D, ROW 3-Briggs, W, McGione, J, Rees, A, Frieiinghous, K McCar?y hn J ROW 4-Siarch S Carter, J, Balaun, E, Trumpawsky, C, Haii, R, Poarf, R, Mophit, J. The Universi+y's "Mas+er Plan," calling for The expan- sion of fhe campus Through 'rhe consfrucfion of a series of new buildings, moved a sfep ahead 'This year wifh 'fhe complefion of French Residence Hall, +he new dormi+ory for UC's male our-of-+owners. Facing on Universi+y Avenue, French Hall was dedicared early in 'rhe fall and was ready fo receive Hs fenanis almos+ imrnediafely. Q m 'cf '-iw ... lx-7 f J fm. . 'i fr . l BI.. ' W , 2-Q. N 1 1 I W I Go d W., Alfsfeiler, C., Melzler, R, Varney, M., Miller, R., Gore, F., Spahr, R. ROW 2 Trow ru e Car rriey G Lm, S., Turing, F., Silva, J., Upp D., Hosom, D. ROW 3-Piffs, O., Terry, L., Selfl E Hammond C Bash or arkocy A., French, C., Chase, S., Schickner, J., Parrish, O. ROW 4-Dudley, D., Nail Mor an Gross E ar r c m edel, D, Eyen, R., Wiersema, R., Horion, R., Hull, W Conslrucled along much +he same lines as 'lhe re- cenfly buili Alms Building, housing 'lhe College of Applied Arls, French Hall is exfremely modern and funcfional in design. ln capaci+y, +he Dorm was builf 'fo accommodafe many more s+uden+s fhan 'the fofal number previously housed in fhe scaflered femporary dorms which were rapidly becoming overcrowded. "HEAVY DATE TONIGHT BOYS7 'Bi f J 'Jr ,. - x - 'Q x X R . Ns 'Q v- r E we Q X css wr de' ,ff .4 ROW I-Droege, L, Saba, E, George, G, Emann, H, lszory, S ROW 1-Sfeworf, R, Barr, J, Moore, J, Robinovich, M, Tcllarico, L ROW 3-Hues, J, Horfon, L, Lovfridge, N, Miloholland, D, Herman, W MEN'S DORMITORY Page 203 Large os if is, everyfhing possible is done fo make French Hall seem like "home" or a+ leasi a second home for ifs residenfs. Everyone agrees 'rhal' lhe affraciive rooms provide 'fhe ucomforfs of home," and 'the fact fhal eoch floor operales as o uni'f occounls for many close friendships. Social and sporling evenfs also help fo pro- mofe inferesl ond unify among fhe men. "LIGHT UP THE MIDNIGHT OIL" qgl if c'i s p . '-' .K N4 ,I 2? f . Nita- A --,1v"1" W J' ffk-. x xv W, . HW' QS-K4 ani ff 'q'9u N Q N :Q Xa u .4 Y fri., vm. , x, ,qu-qw 4, ,A 1,,!..-19 v.,- uw1--1' X M W gl K xl 4 1 1 , -. 'K X dxf? " , . .fk,K,:,.M, L If, Qc-"Vg ,J Q X V 'X J' K v, x 9' x, X Page 204 IU UD Q53 Q f Q mpu 5 6 L Q A GL ' , .4 .T-f-Eff L- l i?g3,. .--.-.Q -"'--F , f L'g:,..--ff , nu, A, E E is .,.,.mm.--- - , , 2 EE -a E - E A wi A IVE , , . E2 E-IEZNT. .qizmnq ,E A E E -'--- av N"--::.4..-vs'-2' ,,..1-""""'- 4.6 if, :Z ,E-Y ,,,f-riff' ffjiii' ,-fi?" N ,ZEN ,1- .Zz xxx, , X S, L X xg 5 mx XE' X 5 X XX X XX Q L X EN ixxiisig XX N N XX RA Nil., Xkxxxwxqxix ff! "XX 1 ' QJEQN if I ft AAT? R H xx X"i,kff ,X gif" f R. Pg zos THE ATHLETICS FOOTBALL W.A.A. INTRAMURALS TENNIS 5 Q QYQK. . , v 1Q.:'Ni'sQ T l--" ' ' ,. - . X' ,:, "' 'K',., V., 5.4-Y . ...-vx, V Mi f Q .sf Tfgggfg.. Y YQ., Q Elflrflf' ' 9 a .g4.5 - Q 'Jima 'Q fs' 5 'rs KS.: V vi Page I7 fri. V"-75'-Tfffgrff ,IN 'T "N" .,,. A -- vi B .,1- K: .W I. -fi-fFx2f3Q,,.-" , 4 .. QL.. ,Q I is FLOATS ON PARADE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 1 -yy A Iv ' - ' X V-: .-an - w , Q.- .. l """i lik . A 'P yfhxgb' Schworberg, W, Mudro, J, Gillman, S, Blackburn, G, Blackburn, J FOOTBALLCOACHES ATHLETIC DIRECTOR "CHICK" MILEHAM m J 3. 'Mkt Z: rv 1 - g . ,b . T V by . f -mgdif V 1. X mlxx .35 'C .-' -'e4"'1.s2: . 3 ' ..: 1 SWEQQQQ x 3,15-Q , .Y, 4:f2?fi T 9 ' K I -1 f Page 205 Page 207 ' 6' kg roo'rsAl.l. The l952 season was one of lhe mosl' successful in gridiron hisfory for 'rhe Bearcals. Ably coached by Sid Gillrnan and his slalil, lhe 'Gals slumblecl only 'lwice in len games, winning eighl, losing one, and lying one. Norable was 'rhe fad lhaf, for 'lhe liirsl lime since I946, bolh Xavier anal Miami fell lo 'the Cincy allaclc. The leam, in poin+ of numbers, was one of 'rhe smalles+ in recenr years, bul morale was very high and Caplain Glen Somple's leader- ship ranlrecl wil'h lhe liinesl ever seen al Nipperf Sradium. CAPT. GLENN SAMPLE ..,!, 1. 4!..gQ.,lQ,'il. 41, ,gp ,iq if .file .-gr , P 1 fl -f 1 1 1 A . 4 N7 1 .. ,, . I'TQ.A?Ql mi"",Q's'll:E:, Ly 'mi - ,Q Lf -'Lo y f ,. , g . - 1, .Q I' 2, . Q M' ' A-1-35gFl7 f'155Fa4f243Q'33'gi"4'l 'ofigsffsl C Trai? : 9 ,' ,ga 1 r 59,n4l,,s :a.'f33j" , l -flhgl, R 4: Q W, ,M s 2 Q I e A -ll - ,I - s ' . fr Q' 6 , x A 4fU5Sm5qQI '57 r54f- s 47yf DDBTA QU no 32 1. 5,b57,e2Uf4 ,49 ..- '. ' 9 . -1 Ik , Ll 'lxlt Ze l' Y ils .,., - l ROW I-Will Hundemer, Paul Theisen, Bob Husic, Paul Yellon, George Thompson, Jock Delaney, Glenn Sample, Floyd Anthony, d B'll Sh losk ROWZ Ralph Pisanelli Glen Dillhoff Dick Goisf Dave Gene Rossi, Andy Mello, Nale Harlan, Don Grammer, an l a y. - , , , Faulkner, Erv Single, Cecil Harville, Terry Boyle, John Masdea, Ken Wolf, Joe Concilla, Don Schoeffrner, Murray Johnson, and Wall Conolser, ROW 3-Dick Ross, Harry Andreadis, Bob Marich, Jack Schmidt, Earl Knighl, Don Frilz, Irish Condorodis, Bill Jenike, Wes Rirchey, Dick Brown, Sian Godlewski, and Dick Pardini. ROW 4-Irv Turner, Dale Brown, George Savic, Joe Wilucki, Jack Snyder, Dom Del Bene, Dan Zaiicek, Jock Hill, Joe Chillinsky, Don Polagyi, and Dan Schreibman, Y Q I s. Ax: .v W I y vi SN ,vi BYM. "Q5fo-ulplhv... , vb. M-A o md, ,,., Pio-Y ' 3 K. E .M Wx,,,,,N CONCILLA GOES OVER TACKLE U. C. I3 - KANSAS STATE 6 The Bearcafs received 'fheir firsf scare of fl-ie young season as lhey elzed ouf a viclory over K- S'ra're af Nipperl Siadium. The 'Cafs laclred scor- ing punch and fumbled offen, buf 'lhey finished The game wifh a wide slafislical margin over 'rhe visi- fors. The lasl quarfer furnished mosr of fhe excile- menl as lhe invading Wildcals narrowly missed lying 'rhe score. Jaclr Delaney falliecl bofh Bearcaf iouchdowns, while Glen Sample played a maior role in slapping fhe visilors' splil "T". U. C. I4 - TULSA 'I4 The Cincy Bearcals, in a hard foughl' game, fied fhe Tulsa Hurricanes in Slrelly Sfadiurn af Tulsa. The defensive leam furned in a greal' eliforf in holding +he slam-bang Hurricane aH'aclr +o a minimum of damage, while ihe offense showed plenly of moxie by lying lhe game when a loss appeared cerfain. The Cincy cause was nurfured by +he fine blocking of Don Grammar and Bill Shaloslsy and good de- fensive work by Don Frilz. Tragedy marred fhe confesl when Floyd Anfhony sulzfered a badly brolr- en leg. 't - . .gP2'f:-eS.fff'-' ' T ,J ,. , -. , T. , yi N' Lgrh Kit 4 N 3 -ff'-'ll' 'il'-f it 'fx' fr? 'mv 3 .-""QfQ'.i.' ' .v"'.'ii"'f"" ' 4-L I I T 'W ' h ' 'Q x ,T 'fx -31+ - -For , fffxm ,-,' L ,, K 5 N .- Y -...Q 9 y 1 AP gy ue ---, 4 -4 'N A.. 0- O .. ,-- '4 ' QP!-, X T ' is X n as " ex? 554. kg is .A.5, - , N --3 , - av 'L -'1. ,, -,s- Q A . ,-,sewn ' - ,, . ' we .XXI .-X Q, - e - s , w . , , ,. Ms., K- on,-.. gi? . . N -, c. . 4, , .. ,,,, 3 at A Tk Nay an , - -. , ,,, , , , , Ay... vs . , 5 . ',- . ' -Q 'm,..-J :gal bv, . '- '.. , . , , .. l..-..c-.b,L.:4,'Le JOHNSON THROUGH THE MIDDLE U. C. 20 - XAVIER I3 GRAB THAT JUDD A if -QA-4'-n '- if?-"IG: im . N . ...- rg , 1 The BearcaTs enTered The l952 renewel oT Their annual baTTle wiTh The MuskeTeers as heavy Tavor- iTesg buT The end of The game Tound Them very hap- py Ta seTTle Tor a six poinT win. The Muskies' served noTice early ThaT They didn'T inTend To be doormaTs by Taking The opening kickoff and marching 77 yards Tor a score. The 'CaTs quickly Tied iT up: a liTTle laTer They wenT ahead Tor good, buT iT was an inspired Xavier eleven againsT a lacklusTer UC squad, and The game was in The Tire unTil The Tinal gun wenT oTT. MosT of The Trouble, Trom The Cincy sTandpoinT, sTemmed Trom The TacT ThaT Gillman's deTensive Team experienced liTTle success in Their eTTorTs To sTop Bobby Judd, The brillianT Muske- Teer halT-back. ln The end, however, Judd's perform- ance wasn'T quiTe enough To oFfseT UC's all around class, and The 'CaTs won ouT. Glen Dillholif and .lack Delaney sparkled on offense Tor Cincy, while The deTense goT an exTra boosT Trom Dick GoisT and Jack Snyder. Page 2I0 U. C. 27 - WABASH 7 The Bearcals ran 'rheir unbeafen skein fo five a+ fhe expense of Wabash's Liffle Gianfs of Nipperl S+adium. While +here was li'H'le in +he showing of fhe Bearcafs 'ro inspire confidence on +he par+ of 'rhe McMiclcen supporfers, Gene Rossi's pass- ing plus +he running of Jack Delaney, Dick Pardini and lrv Turner 'turned 'the fide in +he Bearca+ favor. U. C. 41- W. RESERVE 2 The Bearcals, showing flashes of good form in 'rhe process, smo+hered +he ha less Red Cals of Wes+ern Reserve af Cleve- land. Excellen+ passing by Gene Rossi and Don Zaiicelc combined wi+h good running by a bevy of UC baclrs fo malce 'rhe vic- rory look easy. Johnny Moofh celebrafed his refurn +o fhe wars wifh some fine punf- ing, while 'the defense was unewdended. Bi 'W' W!" USER JOHNSON GAINS AGAINST KENTUCKY KENTUCKY 'I4 - U. C. 6 Af+er leHing +he Bearcals push fhem all over Nip- perf S+adiurn for 'Two periods, Ken+uclKy's rebounding Wildcafs cashed in on 'two lighfning-quick scoring fhrusfs in fhe second half fo gain a I4-6 nod. ln suf- fering Hs firsf sefbaclc +he Cincy club +wice failed when inside fhe UK I0 and lacked 'Phe cluich play of fhe vicforious Wildcafs. Midway in fhe fhird period Kenfuclry brolce 'rhe score- less deadlock wifh an elecfrifying TD. Herb Hunf passed +0 All-American End Sieve Meilinger, who +hen sprin+ed 50 yards 'ro comple+e 'rhe 74 yard man- euver. Anofher Hun? pass sei up UK's clinching TD in +he final sfanza. Gene Rossi fhrew +o Glen Dillhoff for +he lone Cincinnafi marlcer. UC BACKS FIND THE GOING ROUGH ln!H'K'!VTE"'h..E. of TMJ U. C. 41- OHIO 7 The Red and Black grid machine 'topped off 'rhe fesiive Homecoming aciiviiies by ihoroughly drubb- ing a good Ohio U eleven, 4I-7. From fhe s+ar+ fhe Cafs lefl liHle doubf as 'lo 'rhe ouicome as ihey builr up a I4-0 lead in fhe firsl' I2 minuies of fhe confesf. Two markers in bofh 'rhe fhird and fourfh s+anzas iced fhe game for Cincy crew. FOOTBALL BALLET N'-"W Q5 N Q-'fin .sf . ' S- 'A 'i , , . -...QS :sw Q x L. ' i- ,ft I: ' .--x' , a.. . , JSE CONCILLA SCORES UNTOUCHED In scoring 'rheir second Mid'American Conference win, 'lhe Cafs unleashed a powerful ollfensive afiaclr, which mixed excellenfly Hs running and passing plays. The Cincy orfense accumulafed 444 yards fofal of- fense, while +he sfurdy "Chinese Bandi1's" limifed fhe Bobcafs io I97 yards. OU was Cincinna+i's sixfh vic- fim againsf a loss and a lie. A BARN DOOR HOLE "?l!l'K"':.. ff" YEJL, "'.1'fYr'::c-1-'-"f.zg"i ?' f'?9!PMRf-TW' -A. :.'-'L PARDINVS MAD AT SOMEONE ul CO 54-W.8n LE Showing no respecf for rank, Sid Gillman's bruising Bearcafs buried a mediocre Washing- fon and Lee eleven under a 54-0 score. While a cheering home'rown crowd deligh+ed in 'lhe rouf, +he Red and Black regislered fhe mosf poinfs scored by a UC eleven since I935. The Cafs' consisienfly pofenf overhead aflaclc was augmenfed by a sparkling ground game, each phase of +he Cincy olifense accounfing for four TDs The olilense made 30 firsl downs and 604 yards. ANDREADIS GETS HIS TOUCHDOWN 'I- tw l""1 uc co ' 9 The Bearcafs rnade Thanksgiving a mosl' enioyable holiday for Cincy fans as They bea+ Their old enemies from Oxford for +he second year in a row. The Redskins hi+ 'rown wi+h a "bes+ ever" fag on +heir offense and an undefeaied record: bu+ +hey wenf back fo fhe res- erva+ion a sadly chaslened crew. Vic- +ory eluded +hem because 'fheir orfense moved when if didn'+ couni and fumbled when i+ had 'ro move. Add a very leaky Redskin defense 'ro This piclure, and 'rhe lopsided scoring margin is easily ex- plained. The UC olifensive line gave a failhfui imifafion of Murder, lnc., as if cruised down-field wi+h halfbacks Dom Del Bene and Jack Delaney lrailing in iis wake, eaiing up big hunks of yardage en roufe. Gene Rossi foiled 'ro se+ a new school passing record, bul he consoled himself by rambling 74 yards behind a huge herd of blockers for 'rhe clinching Touch- down, his firsi of 'lhe year. Glen Sample, playing on a badly iniured leg, was an inspired leader, while Dick Goisf and Terry Boyle puf iron in fhe defense. CAPTAIN SAMPLE GETS HIS MAN DELANEY CUTS BACK .',"5' ree' f 'S ,. -, use ' 1, Q...-.2 - , , '. Q' A -wg'!i': xp.. . 1 ATN X ff- Xscwy 1' i AVN HOS COURT--Granl, Cn Leary, l., Good, C., Sleinle, M., Miller, SOPHOS DANCE L. One of +he mosf successful dances fhis year was The annual Sophos dance al which Carolyn Good of Alpha Chi Omega car- ried off 'lop honors lo become Sophos Queen. This year for 'rhe firsl 'fime 'lhe 4 runners-up were selec'l'ed 'fo form 'fhe Sophos Cour+. The compefilion was highly spiriled wifh each sororily vying +o pul' i+s candidale on lop, Each year 'the sororifies pul' up lheir mos+ appealing freshman girl 'ro fry 'fo win 'lhe crown. The grill is plasler- ed wi+h poslers ond fhe frafemify men are deluged wifh serenades. As lhe end of lhe conlesl draws near lhe pi+ch of exci+emen+ heighlens. Al' lasl al' I2:00 midnighf fhe presidenl' of Sophos breaks +hrough fhe huge paper Sophos iug wi+h fhe Queen on his arm. A parly held afler lhe dance in honor of fhe Queen brings fo an end a nighf long lo be remembered in fhe life of one happy liHle co-ed. Page I8 LINING R b T ROW MII E C ndell, V,, Woll, B., Kress, P. ROW Z-Courlas, P, Eichsfadl, T., Cohn, M J d J W d Th T 1 1. 1- CHEERLEADERS Q BAND SPONSOR No foofball or baslce+ball game is complele wilh- ou'r The arm-waving, pep-sfirring cheerleaders. Through The 'tireless efiforfs of +his selecf group UC sfudenls baclc +he Bearcais wifh organized enlhusiasm and sup- por+. This year's varsi+y cheerleading squad included Marvin Cohn, capfain, Eleanor Miller, Phyllis Kress, Valerie Leuchf, Valerie Crandall, Thomas Eichsladl, Thomas Woodworlh, and John Jordon. The half-'rime feafure of fhe fradilional UC-Miami clash is +he presenfalion of The new band sponsor. This iunior woman is chosen by lhe band members from among candidales represenling women's social organizafions. Mary Ann Keller was chosen by The band 'rhis year and nexl fall, along wilh The drum maior, she will lead +he Bearca+ band, Haven Jones was band sponsor for l952-53. Page ZI6 The Cincinnafi Bearlciffens climaxed iheir successful season wi+h a s+irring comeback win over lhe Miami Frosh 28-26, Safurday, November 22, af Nipperl Siadium. The 'Kil- fens, boasling a fine passing allaclr and a grinding ground game, finished +heir season undefeafed. ln games previous fo fhe Miami fill' 'l'he UC Freshmen overpowered ihe year- ling squad of Dayfon, 26-I2, and 'rhe Mar' shall JV's, 2l-0. Heavily penalized, fhe 'Kil- fens were only able lo gain a 7-7 lie againsf 'l'he Ohio. U. Frosh. This year, as per usual, +he Freshmen were ably coached by Bill Schwarberg and Sian Klimszalc. The squad was very small in poinf of numbers, bul' on an individual basis if was liferally loaded wilh lalenf. Quarferbaclc Or- ville Murphy proved +o be an excelleni passer and ball handler, and his running and defenf sive worl: were very good. Bob Kozel and Ted Finneselh also showed plenry of promise in fhe baclrfielcl. Slars on lhe line included Gene McCann, Jim Grooms, Bob Jewell, Ferd Maccioli, Vic Bellisari, Bill Janlre, and Damon Ken+. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL l -2 ws QA' - ' g4,,.,41 x 1 ' E , 'f I Q 'l 1:46 ' ' fl '-N A 1- W WAQX' ef ,Q its HAPPY AT BEATING "X" TOUCHDOWN1 THE TWO WE WANTED MOST Pg 2:8 Vicfory is always sweel, bul for lop sugar con- fenl' a win over a Iradifional rival righflully fakes The cake. This year The 'Cals had fheir sweef cake 'rwice as lhey 'roolc balh Xavier and Miami inlo camp. When you consider Ihe facl Ihal 'lhis Iwo way miracle had failed 'ro 'Iranspire since I946, The reason for The iubilance in The loclrer room scenes elsewhere on These pages becomes evidenf. Lei us all hope l'ha+ This splendid sifuafion repeals ilself indefinifely. 'W if ' ik . .j , -i-JAWS' As'5S9"" Page ZI9 C! DEL BENE SCORES ON A SCREEN PASS 4 I L., 5 4-ai CATS RING THE BELL AGAINST MIAMI ,I -gg I -1 XIV! ., E8 X JQQBXNRLQVI E27 N' 4 XC sw lui Moeves, F, Cucinoifo, J, Surface R, lmburgic, L, Hall, B, Osfermcn, T, Twymun, J, Jenike, B, Lommerf, B., Cufier, B, Okruhlico, J BASKETBALL CAPT. TOM OSTERMAN COACH GEORGE SMITH Page 220 Gunn' Q0 s" George Smifh inheriied a coaches nigh?- more in his firsi year af fhe helm of rhe Bearcaf baskeieers. Facing him was fhe lask of molding a group of high spirifed bu! in- experienced men inio a baskefball feam which would have 'io exchange baskeis wifh some of 'the foughesf feams in lhe couniry. Bearcaf fans hoped ihe season would show indicarions of a baskefball power af Cincinf nafi in fhe no+ 'foo dis'ran+ fuiure. The guard posifions seemed fo be fhe key fo Bearcaf hopes during 'Phe season. Here Smifh had +he vererans Bobby Rain, Fred Moeves, Joe Okruhlica and Ron Surface 'ro call on for duly. Sieady Bill Lammer+ refurned al' one forward while Smi+h planned fo al+erna+e Larry lmburgia and capi. Tom Osferman, +wo excellenf performers before knee injuries slowed fhem down, af fhe ofher forward posf. Jack Twyman and Dick Vogele were +o divide pivof assignmen+s. Page 22I MOEVES CAPTURES LOOSE BALL LOOKS LIKE A JUMP BALL FIELD GOAL BLOCKED The Bearcafs opened rheir season on foreign floors wi+h +wo MAC 'reams as The opposiiion. They kicked +he lid off af Kenf, Ohio where 22 poinfs by Bill Lammerf weren'+ enough +o avoid a 72-66 loss +o Kenr S+a+e. The Baske+eers iasfed vicfory for 'fhe firsl 'lime +wo nighfs lafer when +hey defealed Wesl- ern Reserve 7I-6I al Cleveland. ln rheir firsl home game +he Bearcofs encounlered lhe highly regarded Hill- foppers of Weslern Kenlucky. Alfhough +hey losl by one poinl, Coach George Smi+h's young leam showed plenl' of spiri+ in coming from for behind, 'lo make a game of ir. The 'Cals evened fheir season record ai 2-2 in 'their nexi- gome by bea+ing Tennessee 78-74. The Red and Black cagers were one of eighl' Teams invifed 'ro play in a Chrislmas week +ournamen+ a+ Madison Square Garden. Alfhough Bill Lammerl' played excellenf ball +he Beorca+s were unable 'ro slave off a 75-60 loss 'ro Man- haHan. The nex+ day found 'lhe 'Cals losing a consolarion game +o La Salle 86-8I. La Salle was rafed lhe na+ion's besf Team a+ +he +ime. Larry lmburgia's 30 poin'ls nearly sparked 'lhe 'Cars +o a major upse+ as fhey los'r 'ro a high ranking Norlh Caro- lina Sfale quin+e+ by a 77-72 score. Fol- lowing +his Cincinna+i los? The firsl' of i+s 'rwo games wi+h Xavier, 'rhe Bearcals arch rival from across +he cily. The 'Cafs s+aged a la+e rally, buf foo many men fouled oul' and 'rhey dropped 'rhe Bl-78 con'res+. Defeafing Wesfern Kenlucky a+ home is somelhing rarely done. Thus if was a surprise +o no one +ha'r Jrhe Bearcals again bowed io 'rhe l-lillloppers, ihis 'rime by 84-76. Jack Twyman was UC's s1'andou+, as he was of Piflsburgh 'lhe nex+ lime our when he scored 25 poin+s even Though Cincinnafi wenl down 'ro defeai af rhe hands of Duquesne 93-76. The Bearcafs won lheir +hird game of ihe season and iheir second MAC vic- +ory when ihey used excellenr 'ream work lo defea+ Weslern Michigan by 76-67. ln +heir nex'r game +he Red and Black dropped a close one 'ro De Paul 68-67. The game lurned ou+ lo be one of +he mosl excifing played during lhe year and conlinued fhe 'Cals hobir of losing big games by small margins. One of The highlighTs of The season was UC's deTeaT oT Duquesne 72-69 aT CincinnaTi Garden. This was by Tar Bobby Rain's besT game aT UC as he scored The BearcaTs' lasT nine poinTs To climax a come-from-behind sTruggle againsT The Dukes. Cincy made iT Two in a row for The TirsT Time in The season wiTh a 78-64 Triumph over Ohio U. Miami's Redskins roared inTo The Garden and scalped The BearcaTs 96- 75 in one oT The season's worsT deTeaTs. The Red and Black was simply unable To cope wiTh The unerring marksman- ship of Miami's Tine Team. Toledo seT aside UC hopes Tor an NCAA berTh as The handed The baslceTeers Their Third MAC seTbaclr 8l-74. WesTern Reserve gave CincinnaTi a breaTher as The BearcaTs won preTTy much as They wished 88-72 in o game played in The UC gym. Following This The BearcaTs, minus The services oT Fred Moeves and Larry lmburgia, losT a biT- Terly conTesTed 70-68 game To cross- Town rival Xavier. IT was The TirsT Time ThaT a Xavier Team had been able To beaT Cincy Twice in one season. A reTurn engagemenT wiTh WesTern Michigan aT Kalamazoo Tound The Red and Black on The long end of o 92-77 score. Two nighTs loTer The BearcaTs made iT Two in a row Tor The second Time in The season as They handed Ohio U. a close 75-73 deTeaT aT AThens. In boTh oT These games The vicTory was obTained by good Teamwork and heads- up play. The improved play of The BearcaTs conTinued To show as They won Their Third sTraighT, deTaTing KenT STaTe 94- 63 and Thus gained revenge Tor The loss They suffered in The opening game. SweeTer sTill was The revenge The 'CaTs goT as They beaT Toledo Sl-79 aT To- ledo. IT was Their TourTh sTraighT win, all aT The expense of MAC Toes. NorTh Carolina STaTe ended The win sTrealr by walloping CincinnaTi IOO-64 aT Raleigh. The BearcaTs bounced baclr, however, and ended The season on The sweeTesT possible noTe as They deTeaTed TournamenT bound Miami 78-76 on The Redslrin's home floor. IT was by Tar The besT eTForT of The season Tor The 'CaTs, and iT gave UC rooTers hope Tor The TuTure. Kr' UC UC UC UC UC UC UC UC UC UC UC UC 1952-53 RESULTS Kenl Slale 72 Weslern Reserve 6l Weslern Kenluclry 77 Tennessee 74 Manl'1a'Han 75 LaSalle 86 Norllw Carolina Slale Xavier 8l Weslern Kenluclcy 84 Duquesne 93 Weslern Michigan 67 DePaul 68 Duquesne 69 Ohio U. 64 Miami 96 Toledo 8I Wes+ern Reserve 72 Xavier 70 Weslern Michigan 77 Ohio U. 73 Kenl Slale 63 Toledo 79 Nor+l1 Carolina Sfafe Miami 76 BOB RAIN, MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER I00 Page 224 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Boasling ci leam sludded wilh Soulhern Ohio High Schools All-Slars, Coach Bill Weslerfeld clirecled his freshmen cagers 'ro I4 viclories in I7 slarls. Bearlciflen viclims included Daylon and Miami freshmen, each lwice, Sweeney's Aulos, and Frisch's Big Boys. The frosh broke IOO poinfs fwice and 80 eighl limes. FG FT Fis. Avg. Phil Wheeler, F lI8 IO3 339 2l.2 Dick Vice, G IOO 74 274 I6.I Dave Plunlcell, C I03 56 262 l5.4 Will Ernsl, F 95 35 225 l3.2 Nick Nicholas, G 48 43 I39 8.2 Ed Buynacelr, F I3 24 50 1- Bob Lalres, G . I2 4 28 T Carl McCord, F 3 5 ll i Bill Brelih, C I 3 5 1 Ray Toncray, G I O 2 -1 UC TOTALS 494 347 l355 79.7 Lakes R, Vice, R, Ernsl W Buynacelr E, Wheeler P Plunketl D B h W NOT PICTURED N hl N 'QR-BF' - K Q- Page I9 DANCING CHEEK TO CHEEK :sew :X Y CAROLYN GOOD, ALPHA CHI OMEGA l952 SOPHOS QUEEN em S3 F ,7,..:,.! ,V . -.-Q. 'Q Mt ,fl ' . F if 3 , .S S ROW I--Pfief'er, T Icoachl, Kolp, J, Urainerl, Gamble, H, Morris, SWIMMING Coach Tiny PfieFFer, wifh 'rhe absence of key men due fo gradua+ion, had 'Trouble finding a win- ning combinafion for his UC mermen. Afier meei- ing Ken? Siare in iheir opening encounfer, +he mer- men fraveled 'ro Bowling Green where Bill Morris looked pariicularly impressive. The mermen relurned home only io meei a sfrong Louisville +eam and were defeafed. ln iheir final encounier, fhe Red and Black iraveled fo Miami where once again fhey were sunk. Regardless of fhis year's oufcome, 'rhe Fine swimming of Bill Morris, Dick Robinson, Harry Gamble, and .lon Kessler show 'ihaf Cincy has bef- ier days coming. The graduaiing seniors are Capi. Bill Renner, Bob Fagin, and Jim Trefzger, all of whom proved 'ro be +he foundaiion of fhe feam. Renne captj, Robinson, D., Faginy B. MISSING-Treflger, J,, Kessler, J COACH "TINY" PFIEFFER, CAPT. BILL RENNER '9- Page 226 xx if i -1 ,,, .L n i ' gg, ' Q .44 .V Q g gi ii ,l ,, X . x f , l . . T l 9. 231, i , , 4 'Q S 3 f . . . 4 , gc 3 gn . 2 :J i QW,vi Q -I, V' -J -gi. " g 'TA ' 1 in i l 1 il'-'K N S J, if , ie' x T IT X , ,.,, X ' X gigs? ,. Q QS Qwll, ,t if E 'Sgk .i as E ' QQLQK V.: fggk A ll' A i s X ROW I-Church, J,, Hoffman, W, Marlin, R, Iliff, J J.. Uno. D FENCING TEAM The Bearcal fencers showed lheir melfle by lurning in a winning score in five ouf of nine malches for lhe season. The aggregale resul'l's showed losses lo Nolre Dame and Wayne once, and +o Ken+ucky lwice, all by close scores. Oulsfanding due-lisfs for +he Cincy 'feam were Iliff capluring 'lhe Foil and Sabre, and Shaw 'laking lhe Epee. Droege, L. ROW 2-Reisenfeld, H, Coach, Gilchrist, J, Denham, R, Berman, RIFLE TEAM The Bearcal marlcsmen, lead by Bob Welli, are on The range aiming for a record. The leam composed of such sharpshoolers as Telford, Buhrmasler, Meyer, and Silber are showing l'heir high caliber. Allhough fhe season is no+ yel complefe Cincy is holding ils own againsl such opponenfs as Georgia Tech, Buffalo, and Wisconsin. ROW I-Morrill, R, Plumley, R., Phillips, W,, Davies, Bw Whifescarver, F ROW 2-Welfi, R, Buhrrnasler, F, Telford, C, Rullman, D, Depuy, R, Dosser, T Page 227 9 ,- 1 HIV- ' 1711. .7 :- ,Q r . s. .N it 1-W F "IT?'4if227 X , 'x ll J g we X . Jfi - a es in " N Q Wg? " wg H A l " J xx 4 '- 4... x Q ' s ,,. N x X K AE-n xx 3 X K .N QR K X xg sv.. xN...sK IL. Q. ' " s 'f - wax + K1 N X 'Q--5' " .- w X X ix -. vs. X I X ' Q , Q va X x X R s 'xx X N . Xxiloxxxy Wx X V X wr- vfv Q -'vm X '.,1. YJ l.,. ko. " V e ,.SmMx six A. . -U-.W-QA X T7 .- . A it Q . sq. i' l, F L 1 .. I '41T",.f: 1 ,Me i Y ji ye' ii , 2 '- v ' Ai' BASEBALL Coach John Beclcel will again be al' +l'1e helm in I953 rounding his Red and Black Baseball squad info winning form for 'rheir firsf game wifh Wayne College. He will be counfing on several refurning le'Hermen 'ro provide 'the power and defense for flue new season. Cenfer and Leff Field will be wide open due fo +he loss of +he club's baHing champs, Joe Havlovic and Jim Holsfein. 'xi K BASEBALL The I952 Bearcaf Baseball Team under fhe guidance of Coach Johnny Beclcel finished a rough year wilh a season mark of 5 wins and II se+baclxs. UC go'f ol? +o a flying sfarl by defea+ing Wesfern Reserve I0-5 in 'rhe season opener. Olher vicfims overpowerd by lhe 'Cal's were Wayne Universify, Morehead S+a+e, Miami and Toledo. The Red and Black defealed Miami I4-5 offer bowing lo fhem 5-4 in 'their previous encounler. Bob Rain and Jim Sfeele 'lied for pilching honors wifh I win and I losi' record. The baHing leaders for 'the I952 campaign were Joe l"lavlovic who pounded ou+ a lof'l'y .4I5 baHing average, and Caplain Jim Holsfein wifh a .368 aver- age. Holsfein also led his 'reammafes in The mosl runs, hifs, and RBI deparfmenfs fhrough- ouf fhe rugged season. N, - ::"1-I-K:-fig T ' , x V. was-21. D. a - ,H , X' 'fins-HN-S L. " s -1:-'if gas. in J , ' J' iii s "3 jf i ,am x J. . i , Q N133 - ' , Y' as '.+-,,:1- l 1 Q in .,,, .A l COACH JOHN BECKEL, CAPT. JACK DELANEY ROW I-Hull, J, Masala, I, Delaney, J, Sample, G, Conasfer, W, Bass, I. ROW Z-Rich, K, Sharp, K, Brandenberg, C, Hail, D, Goisr, D, Consille. JV, Hvfidemef. W. Tfellgef. J ROW 3-Beckel. J lCocchi, Wilson, D, Wolf, w., Godlewsii, s, rheasen, P, shud., 1, siocieimqn, P, Sfeinmelz T, Blaney, H, Befhel, R QR . .ef is 66,3 Ni Jf.-,.d z v.,.L 4qli.n L.E'Z4. .J-..'1'!3f- -..E 11.32-JF? x 1. 45 ' F 4 i Vex, by i, 2,1 i " ,iyfxf ? . saggy :Pm-Ii-Q.--A 1. .fM'fs:'nma as .m:,4',s:4.-'Tren ...,. rA11vll,41lm.wJ.-,,x'7x'!' 4 , 1 IQ ' '1 A ' 1 I -I-A-I I K y . , , - 1 New me sf " , ,-N ' fvg.A,.v 4 1' r'. 55 .K . -ii? .W I. :G S ,Lv 'if ' H .,,, X save sf h M 23222257 . W ' ' ' 'uzzzzzm 24 ,I .w.q..-.-. f . ,V .,..... Y sunt "ri nina: r -'ew I , sage '+ vie .4 1 M ,:': X M,,,4.,,,.fh-A f- V- ,5 32:11:25: ,ic 2 O 2 I 0 'E f 'E 0 va n I 0 n 1 -. Q U in 9, -I O in U r R. r 5 P . , g .xg -4 O 'U Z O S I X fn 2 : 'E . ,.-. 11: .'I:-:.1'f!L'1e' 'A . MISSING-Wedbush, E, TENNIS The I952 Iennis Ieam goi off Io a very slow sIar'r as if Iosf Hs firsf six mafches. Then Ihe squad did an abouf face and won IO ou'I of Ihe remaining I I mafches on 'fhe schedule. The season record Ihus wound up as a respecfable I0-7. The Cincy rac- quefmen made UC fans happy wifh 'fhis record by making a cIean sweep over arch rivals Miami, Ken+ucIry, and Xavier. f , . 4' . J. 5 a X J ii F 0wwNw x D., Sfeman "KX 'AKQETXS1' 34' ,li Q' ,nh , ,.- .,.g,4 ,qs Q1-15-g!.g:-w s....r-.f.-'v - S 15115:2'5"S1' v 1... ang.: - - 1 In a s , mn Q -'. ,s Q gif, g1.g1.g,..v', . l 1-srmizahi' .il -x N -JN .. f New . Y TN' 4' ga.-L1 'i 'Iii , . . . . .xc .-, '. M Jw ,, , . 1 . f ,n'-I.-'sd of 5? an p-va' c -'qv .f v .. , ,. , ,,. ,. . Q'-1-vi' .-' 55g.gAq.-5-ass' 9035: 'mp , '- Q 5 xv ' 4k 'S' n, L., Froehlich, J., Ballief, J., Meneffee, G, Coach. U ls I J, ,. i, ' I e -- f 5 X i 1 Qs f 55 A X K I I x N I' I- 3 I' fix lr ,f I .1 I 'I . ,' ,V,,..o K-N . .. A , A - 'e: .I A T ' .l I' I" y i ' '- -- - Y . ,' .i' ,. l 'FN --I ' an .. I I - s ' ' K5 .1 ' I ,. y I .if - f - fum A rugwgg "' F. : -- 5 V gil I: "I AN , If Fx? ' .- vi M: I-. st. I 1" -5 .I 4 ii I ii I ' CAPT. DAN SCHLACHTER, COACH GEO. MENEFEE Page 230 Coach George Menefee faced a monumenlal 'raslc as lhe 'rennis feam s+ar+ed lhe I952 season. To be specific, Menelee had 'ro fill, or 'fry +o fill, fhe shoes of Tony Traberh lhe l95l P4aHonal lnlercollegiafe Singles Champion. Tony was in lhe navy, and his loss was fell keenly, lo say 'lhe leasl. Neverlheless, 'rhe season lurned our lo be more +han an average success. Viclories were re- corded over Xaxier, Kenluclcy, Miami Mar- shall, Purdue, Weslern Michigan, Defroir, and 'the alumni: losses were +o Kalamazoo, Indiana, MiamifHaJ,Jackonvme Navd Ah Base Roh Hnsand HoHda.The dang ofloxesin Honda came al lhe slarf of fhe season when lhe soulh- erners oul' condifioned fhe Cincy Team, Bucl lgel, Carl Gross, Bob Qualey, Jerry Gilbert and Bolo Mauli' carried mosf of fhe load: lgel was The 'lop winner in singles for lhe year while Gross ap- peared in +he mosl doubles vicfories. vs...-QQ -.R 1 Q . - ... 9-?'4 1 ec: JIM FRCELICH LARRY STEMANN, GEORGE SAILE 5-v-...Wd as ,. Q1 E illllllg I 'XE A ll ff..m.4M..,4i V. Eg "l"lillliliun ww --'gf ally. -., ,- -' sm... i'l'l'lvr e"'llllliil"' H fill Ms ,.,.., zz' ':llll 2 i,'l:Q:1:ilil lliiiisgigeggglllilisai gg-esilllll i'i'C"' "':2-sw'--!l'I:::'1'Si-'sr-u!Ill!'3"i i'5S2"""'f-'- i lg- ! N xii. Qu., Qi ,i lmgllun. 1.2 lq..llll.-i!!!NWl'i"' 5 W . - -' we c,., . - ' ' r ,s 'aid' , ' P - wk. . . - . E 1 J 'I' -' ,, -' ..'5js xv'.QNis -A M 'N .Q - ' " - 1 3 i 'f- , Tv- . ---4 . 1 -. o s.E: ,Vs sl- -P is ,.. h X ,. M, Shaw., N V 3 rs ,., , 1 ' lim , , Uv.. .T Q. c- - sl """ j ,,,, ,Ma ,M , : '- 1-. ,ri.g,:,,,. , .v cm y -,.. . Q X Ig, '-' .- ,X ,Aww A H x '- 1 ' ' . 5, ' . "' A ,il ' M ' - x"1 Nf 1 V- . N -.c ...- ,. - s N H , , s 'mi ' , - ,: J 1 5 1 ""' s-Q A, ' , W "5 " mv. 5'-N'eL,l-l ' gm' -- -. fx 1 1-' , i ' X " s., ,i","'- 1 ' l , '- f eialsl i-l-z! ss c, si-. , - ss- 15, l 'Wssr ss "S ix E : F-. V l v - k , ,S - ' .. N N51 . 'sf i ' v "lx N 2 5 . N -. ' 3 ' 1- .. X x -, , --w-.1 ' is I lu---M u - S ' V r Illll as ' - , . gf-r: K as , 'f ,. ' N 5 . X ' , r' " fi Y. Y Q 1- I I , - i ., V W- - FQ-21. s Q 'Ill' 'llll .nlll 'll ' a--!'!"I.. -it i "' TRACK UC 44 I 6 Ohio Wesleyan 82 5 6 UC 64 Ohio Universily 63 UC 34 Wesfern Michigan 84lf2 UC Bufler 4O'f2 UC 82 Wesfern Reserve 45 UC 48 Bowling Green 79 UC 3rd. Mid-American Conference Meef. UC 7+h. Ohio College Meef. Bill Shcloslxey fook firs+ place in fhe shofpul' in Ohio College Meel and second in fhe MAC: Ross Dunfon won The 880 in +he MAC Me-e+ and was second in fhe Ohio College Meeh Capfain Poul Geisen was runner-up in lhe 220 yard dash in ihe conference fournomenf. ROW I-Crosby, R, Mariah, R, Delaney, l,Cox, L, Culberison, V, K If J ROW 2 G I R H g B K sl R J h a T Up L W J ROW 3-SI1aloslcy,W, Husic, R, Jenike, W, Rogers, D Dunlon, R W hl D Nk I ff O QC a " i..' . ff,-fMw4vm,f4wM, - if Q' ws, zz: i 'xxx'-. s R iw Y Top poinI-malcers for Coach Oliver M. NiIcoIoFf's I952 Cincinnali Iraclc feam included Paul Geisen, capfain and sprinr specialist Ross Dunlon and Jack Ruclr. Geisen piled up 74 poinfs in Ihe IOO and 220 dash evenls, while Dun'ron earned 5I markers in Ihe 440 and 880. Dunfon showed his bes+ form in 'rhe half-mile iaunf. RucIc's classy performances in 'I'he broad lump and in Ihe 440 earned 48lf2 poinfs for UC. These 'Ihree Bearcaf harriers, in addifion Io Larry Upson, Iiormecl Cincy's 880 relay 'team and also I'he mile relay group. Disfance man Don Wahle scored 40 poin'Is in Ihe mile and Iwo mile run. Bill Shaloslry specialized in Ihe shorpui and also parfici- pared in 'rhe discus 'Ihrow and IOO yard dash Io Ially 24 poinfs, Ihe same number credifed 'ro Bob Husic for his discus work. Larry Upson, cz 440 and 880 man, followed wifh 22 markers. Hurdler Lamar Cox chalked up I7 poinls, while Bob Kessler earned I4 and Jack Culberison II I 3 in Ihe sho+pu'I and pole vauI+, respeciively. Page 233 L' v ' X'-' ' sw ,sg . f 4 -,, .y , LVQ. TOM JCHNSON BROADJUMPS L.,'qQ, J ,.,.-2,4 -,l 1 ., 4, ,rx . p x- -, - -1 - -- - ' ' spy. ' . -1. r gglsge N -, .,,-rK,,,,-- Q , ,NM V+--es: W M.. ,- : N --fe lm " -z, 1-Q.-"i.'vUf'1.4,:4:':esf 1 , . - ..41s1iPgf.S5kr:13er,s,Q:,gg,MkL, -Q ,,3s,,- 1 L ,J -12.1. 1 :7:.ifI1A L . Wesselrnan, T Nickerson, G., Forbriger, W Smith, G, lCapi J, Krummel P K e, D '2..e,n, C COACH GEORGE SMITH. CAPT, PAUL 1 Vi -'W 7 ' 'C 'bl 'V ' A . .lil , 'P Q1 ' ,S I X,.'x . 'gaiaiisgv -.A is - l leaf" 3 xg... .s ' ' . S I r ii"-irxlvl ,if X V' A iff! N, wwf ' -. ' 4,-'fl i , C.. , '- 7 , ff. ' cp 4- ,si if v Y A i A -.x - Y ' l ah Q ,UM A nxt: , S.. iv. im.. ww 5- .. , ,,, ':g5,fSw"'E",.,,:f1Nfv , . .-, -. -I Ly- ,' vaqv.-mf-f. ' 1 Zi , -,Hari I V-AQL fl H 3 -5 4-F3 -.2 if 'llfifgff' 5,19 s ,,1 ?5i-.f-kwfaeeagsfqg., . .x 422.7 lie I. A, I h Y, Y,A,'g,' ffm gh' '."j A QQ: V557 '. .." '. .ff ivy, if -,1,3.'frx'-,"l,:""'i5f-J 'Q -1 Y fzp '-SY? -:eff gf' wh-5 ?- 3 f.- ET... ,uf '.' ' 5iS'?5'f'2 vas!-'E A fi -. .fi , GOLF KRUMMEL -Mil V -will X Sa. ., 4 X 'g I ' 4.1-:E X " 'i f.,44 . 1 -, ' N1 5 F1 '-:JR vis? 1 -JJ' . T1 ' .J 1-F Q I B 0 I . , Q, ,. . - 3 ,.:3.': .M X Whig ii, wik i!-' .li 1 'K-1 'fi -,i 'Jay l .1 I 1, , f n-,-'. A spring sporf wifh a lof fo offer is golf, coached by George Smifh. Lasf season fhe UC golf 'ream compefed in dual mafches wifh some of fhe besf college golf feams in 'rhe counfry. Highlighf of fhe season was a Florida four which saw fhe Cincy golfers mafching woods and irons wifh Rollins Col- lege, 'rhe Universify of Florida, and 'lhe Universify of Miami. For fhe season fhe nibliclxers had a rec- ord of 3 wins and 6 losses. The feam also fool: parl' in fhe Mid-American Conference Taurnamenf, fin- ishing second, and in fl1e Ohio lnfercollegiafe Tour- namenf finishing sixfh. Capfain Paul Krummel aver- aged a shade under 75 fo lead fhe feam, while Cliff Rhein, Bill Forbrigger, and Don Kruse all had re- specfable records for fhe season. Page 234 If all fhe Teams al UC had records lo equal Thai of The Sailing Club, Cincy par+isans could be well safisfled. The sailors Tried +he winds in compe- fifion wi'l'h schools from The Big Ten and olher mid- wesfern universilies, and They were so successful 'thai They wound up The season ranked lhird in The midwesl. Parlicipafing in l4 maior regaflas The Sailing Club racked up 2 firsls, 5 seconds, 3 lhirds, and 2 lourlhs. ln oddilion 'ro This The girls Team fool: second in +he All Girl's Championships for The midwesl. This fine record was ochieved over a seo- son lhal exlended from April fo December, and lhe compelilion was in dead earnesi all The woy. These facfs ore in sfarlling conlrosl To The more-on less widely held opinion Thai The Sailing Club serves only as an excuse lor a sorl of semi-conlinuous parly. ln ils field The club has reached ci high oosi- lion and has reflecled more credil upon UC lhon mosl people realize. The club, however, does nor sfress cornpefifion lo The exclusion of all else. Numer- ous sociol evenls are planned lhroughouf 'rhe year, and 'there is a lol of sailing for pleasure only. ROW I-Seuberl, R, Schnake. M Church S, Grahrne J, McAndr B, Benson, W, Bishop N 1 1. N '- qs U., Q Q ""f: -.Q ewt, 'A SAILING CLUB l ROW 2-Argo B Alrose J JK-nliin-, .l Bfun no, B ROW 3-Vo 7 :var-'wo' ,1 -. ns Q? Ti1iS' ""' ' . , .-,si T3 af 59' 47 3 ll ' x . .H 1.. . - .. 1.1---mm ,n f' . luuluvlllllllO" nqpv-:nn4umn"" -. Purina-.nnnsnuo1y..4 na--sumnuuv" 4. unlvflln-rnllI"" ll!O1DlllQll"" l xlapabl"9i 2 , .,,.-H 1 , nn. .,, L ,. wx K" , 'Nag K. 125 - -APE . Q, ""- M- X tw, '- ' xx,-:-.2 -fa,-X-. f 3 ix ,, - .N -,A ., M1 Q- V J, X x if J W N .1 'L ' V A bag , . , K NV Qi! , V . Q ,QE I,-"in . , I , I X i, Y ' ,Ayub ,ii ng., Pk .I A I . 59 , 'f xx 8 y Q, X ' Algx 3 , f f ' 34:5-A - 1 ' J 5 K i si? -gl 1 af. 'X 5 'I 7 M'-1? H " , ' 'Y A Q, . Xufi, 4 912, 'N . .N 1 A-'Umtx fn .. sp: . A 4, I xg ,. 5 "N . P , 0 I J P' 4, 'X 3 131, 'Q l ' '- 'I xx., U .U ,,x , . . -l . in ,, K. i- 1 ln a large universily varsify sporfs are reserved for ihe 'lalenled few. This is necessary if 'the school is fo have a+hle+ic represenfarion comensurale wifh ifs s+anding in ofher fields, bul' if leaves 'the greal maiori+y of ihe slu- denfs fo seek o'rher ouflefs for 'lheir afhleric endeavors. To remedy fhis sifuarion UC has insfifufed a large and comprehensive in+ramural program. This program includes a varie+y of sporfs calculafecl fo appeal To almosf any- one +o some ex+en1', and large numbers of independenf and affiliaied sludenls compefe. Bill Schwarberg, aided by several s'ruden'r managers, runs The program. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS K H., Cadwalladerl W, Miller, E HH i l .v,TE':f.--'k9fl'ezf6'?il In+ramural evenrs are always keenly con+es+ed, and fhe winner of 'rhe all-year 'rrophy is seldom defermined unfil +he very end of fhe year. Com- pelifion ran 'rrue io form during fhe l95l-52 season: and Sigma Chi, lhe eveniual champion, was pushed up un+il fhe las? few weeks by runner up Phi DeI+a Thefa. Thefa Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Be+a Thefa Pi occupied fhe lhird, fourih, and fiffh spofs. These final srandings were decided by iofaling fhe poinfs accumulafed by each group in fhe course of compeling in fifieen differenl' sporfs. ln addiiion 'fo fhe all-year 'fro- phy, a 'rrophy was awarded fo fhe group or in- dividual winning each of These sporfs. This gives an added elernenf of compefifion +o fhe separ- aie sporfs and encourages smaller groups and individuals 'lo par+icipa+e. Thiriy-four groups cornpeled in I95I-52. BILL SCHWARBERG Page 237 . f . . Q? Q T17 ,wc 4? C? ,.-..h, ' ,an- 'Qi-'fi ri S A ..., ,., ROW I-Murray, P, Kling, C, Jervis, M, ROW 2--Lounsberry, P, Keller, M, Lewis, P, ROW 3-Blerrner, 1, Mueller, M, Beckman, C ROW 4-Meyer, R., Sfeele, K, Hurley, D The Women's Afhlefic Associafion, more widely lcnown as WAA, can now sil back and view wifh iusiified pride ano'l'her happy and suc- cessful year under fhe enfhusiasfic leadership of 'rheir presidenl, Pal Murray, and +he mos+ able guidance of fheir facul+y adviser, Miss Mary Wolverfon. A good sfarl' for +he year was in- sured when fhe capable "veep," Connie Kling, and her comrni++ee formulafed a more service- able and complefe sysfem of awards. The annual Cincinnaii Play Day fhis year had i+s silver an- niversary which was labeled "Pow-Wow Play Day." Through The work of chairwoman Mary Lou Rawnsley, her commi'r+ee, and Dr. Helen Coops, facully adviser, a grand day was had when s+uden+s from fiffeen colleges of Ohio, ln- diana, and Kenfucky me+ for good clean fun and wholesome compefifion beiween fhe girls. W. A. A. BOARD Fa' This year fhe WAA ac'rivi'ries were broughl fo a climax wifh 'rhe +radi+ional banquel. This was fhe day of honor for lhose who had been ou+slanding in various 'Types of spoffs. The WAA program is di- vided info varsify feams as well as an infra- mural program for +he Greek and Indepen- denf groups on campus. As usual, a spiri+ of friendly rivalry and fun reigned fhrough- ouf. The WAA offers a varie+y in ifs pro- gram, some of fhe more popular aclivilies being baslce+ball, hockey, swimming, golf, badmin+on and fencing. Ofher highligh+s are +he annual Play Day and 'the GAA clinic, which fur+her relafians wifh o+her colleges and also Cincinnali high schools. Page 239 fa F W. A. A. SPORTS W. A. A. ACTION Page 240 Tu l A C5 7 ROW I-Grover, D,, Slory, M., Jervis, M., Davis, P, Blulner, J, Rawns'ey, M W 1 i ver C 5 is er Carfer, D,, Parker, M, ROW 3-Mergler, D,, Andon, M, Smifh, 5, CHODFY1. n, N, Moore Si ckler J ROW 4- ose ar Meyer R Schoe er Cv., Murray, P,, Hurley, D., Durban, A, Kunfz, M., Lounsberry, P Areie, rhe Greek word meaning "vir+ue" and "perfec+ion," is a living code fhal' represenls fhe ideal in professional +rain- ing of leaders in fhe Women Physical and Heallh Educafion majors ai' UC. Under fhe leadership of 'rhe Presidenr, Mary Lou Rawnsley and Dr. Helen Coops, adviser, Arefe enjoyed a mosf successful year. Everyone was busy wifh Pre-Freshman day, Dance Concert Senior Banquel, Freshmen Chrisfmas Parry, Alumni Card Parry, professional meelings and iusr having fun. SE: ......, 5 . X w c 3? W1 N! Page 242 Page CLASSES CLASS OFFICERS PERSONALITIES SENIOR WEEK CLASS OF'53 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 'I - ' 'N ' ' K -'.1.-Qyfgg gs-4-1f-.w,3 -. . we xr-was -,.,,: . -. gfx F2 9 gi ,Q lr f-:YQ f . - S , Q. r, j.f'x':S:.131l.,ff"w'a - gr 5 wfks . . . ,I x.. , ju. , H J:-gy ' ' . fis h PRES.. OTTO BUDIG V,-PRES., LOU MOZIER SEC., CAROL FREY TREA5.. JOHN WEAVER The Sophomore Class olrfcers slrive 'ro creale a feeling of unily and generale a slrong class spirif. ll is also lheir 'lask lo make lhe Sophomore Class an ef- feclive lunclioning unif +o lhe benefil of all sopho- mores and lo The whole universiiy. IUNTIOR CLASS OFFICERS Welding fhe scallerecl members of fhe Junior Class wilh lheir divergenl inleresls and 'lalenls info one slrong, eFFec+ive unil' is lhe clilzficull faslc of 'lhe class officers. These men and women work lo promole class unify ancl lhe inleresls of UC. 'Ei 19 PRES., BOB REECE V.-PRES., ROSIE HEINZE SEC,, ANN CORS TREAS., RON BRILL Page 244 :raw 35 -9-es J 'E- ,wus un. 55 x. P' K ' X .1 L- SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Under fhe capable guidance of Jim Kaufz, The class officers of '53 proved ihemselves worfhy of fhe honor besfowed upon fhem. One of fheir firsf evenfs was fhe Senior Convocofion given fo ocquainf all seniors wifh fhe acfivifies of fheir class. Then fhe Old Cioihes Parfy was held of which The main affroc- 'tion was cz Chinese aucfion. The proceeds were used fo give fhe Universify a giff, cz new proiecf sponsored by fhe class of '53. The Prom and fhe frcdifionol Senior Week ended fhe ocfivifies of fhese oufsfonding officers. Page 245 is 9 G 3 PRES. - JIM KAUTZ SEC. - BETTY DIECKMANN TREAS. - KEN STEVENSON V. PRE S. - BARB BUTSCH THOSE WHO CAME Tl'1e Universify was forlunale lhis year, as il' has also been in llwe pasl, in having several nalionally known personages as guesfs and speakers on campus. Some of lllese people came +o flue Universily lhrouglw fhe Confemporary Thouglwl Series of pro- grams wlwile oflwers addressed sludenf convocalions. Among fhem, Elhel Smillw wiflm her caplivaling organ concerl provided one of +l1e gayesf enferlainmenf nofes. Dr. Roy K. Mar- shall, well known educafor and +ele- vision personalily, was presenled in a mosf inleresling program. For +l1ose who lean, in inferesl, foward drama, Mr. Basil Raflwbone, noled for his ouf- slanding sfage and screen perform- ances, provided a much enioyed eve- ning program. BASIL RATHBONE DOWN THE RIVER DR. ROY MARSHALL fa? ' Nw A- AA Dh A N 4' ETHEL SMITH PERSONALITIES Q .5 ,sa RALPH BROCKMEIER H would be impossible To find a busier person 'Phan Ralph anywhere on campus. A member of ODK, Orienfa- lion Board, Mefro, Cincin- naius Sociefy, and Pi Kappa Alpha, 'rhere is hardly an evenf in which he hasn"r some part Buf don'+ be fooled, in spiie of 'rhis lisi he always has +ime io spend wifh his friends. BILL BUMILLER EFiicien+, buf nofed for an impish grin and love of a good lime, +ha+'s Bill! His long lisf of ac+ivi'ries aHesf 'ro his abiliiy, buf i+ is only his friends who can 'fell of BilI's deep sinceriry and pur- pose behind all of his work. Cerfainly he was fhe logical choice for Ivy Day Orafor. BARBARA BUTSCH This is one gal in a million! There aren"r many as falenf- ed and versafile as Barb, yel so modes? of 'their aHribuies. The Union capfivaied her falen'I's from her freshman year, and each year saw her exercising more responsibli+y. This year Barb was presiden+ of noi' only Union Board bu'r of The+a also. BILL CLEMENTS If you ever have a spare day, ask a Sig whaf he 'thinks of Clem. The glowing repori is only +he bare irufh. Clem was Edifor of +he Cincin- nafian, an officer in Men's Senale, Sophos, and Sigma Sigma. Besides his serious side Clem has fhe abiIi+y 'ro find humor in iusf abou? any sifuafion. Page 246 Q' 'S JOAN COCHRAN Joan is known on campus for more Than one ralenl. Beauly is one, as Joan was eleded +o 'lhe Junior Prom Court Her acfivifies, quile diversified ones, have gained +he resoecl of many slu- denfs. On her slale of cc- complishmenfs are such fhings as Union Board, Women's Senafe, and Red Cross. BETTY CONOLLY Efficiency is lhis gal's mid- dle name, if would seem! As general rush chairman for Pan Hellenic, Belly planned and kepl 'rhe whole, hecfic, 'fwo week rushing program running wifh nary a hifch. Her qualilies of leadership were well rewarded by mem- bership in Morlar Board, also. BETTY DIECKMANN BeHy Dieckmann seems fo have sei herself a pa++ern by her own heighfz for she has gained 'rhe lop in all her ef' for+s. As a marh major, she made Phi Bela Kappa: as c leader she made Morlar Board. So don"r le+ fhose dimples and sparkling eyes fool you! She's a personalify we could nal' pass by. MARGARET DUFFY All UC-Hes proudly salufe Margaref Duffy. She has worked hard and served well. Serious and infelligenf, fun- loving and gracious, hardly suffice +o describe her. Kap- pa, News-Recorcl, Phi Bela, and Morfar Board claim her. Yef she always has +ime fo flash her grin and sfop for a li++le cha+. ,.. EVETTE DYKES Always in o cliiher ancl a rush is 'rhis snappy girl named Dykes. She has won fame as a personaliiy on campus be- cause of her versalile and winning air. She is besf known for her efforfs as Pro- file Ediior. Add fhis 'io her imposing lisf of acfivifies and if spells Eve++e Dykes. STAN GOODMAN B e f o r e enlering Law School which lakes ius+ aboul' all of anyone's lime, Sian could be found 'fo have a parl' in almosf every 'rype of campus iob. He "speci- alized" in lhe fields of Pub- licafions, wilh jobs on Profile and News-Record, and in Government as Class Presi- clenf, and on Siudenl Coun- cil. CHUCK HERRON Tall, blond, and blue- eyeclg and Engineering know- how, 'fool More? Oh, yes, Chuck Herron is known for his ever ready smile and for having "plen+y on 'l'he ball." Triangle, Co-op Engineer, and Sluclenl' Council have claimed his lime and eliforls. They ioin in ihis 'rribufe +o an oufsfanding personaliiy. JIM KAUTZ The name Jim Kaufz and Ac'rivi'lies are synono- mous or UC. Presiclenf of 'The Senior Class and o member of Phi Della Theia, Jim also was acfive in ODK, Sigma Sigma, Mefro, Thefa Alpha Phi, and LA Tribunal. ln his leisure lime, Jim was business manager of Mummers and Sfudenf Direc+ory. PAUL MAYER The pofenlialiiies of Paul Mayer are unlimi+ecl. In his five years in 'this counfry and and af UC he has moslered more lhings fhan iusf our language. Na+ only is Paul graduafing from Engineering College as a member of Tau Bela Pi, buf also as a leader on campus, as signified by his membership in ODK. MARY MUELLER Wilh an imaginalion lhal operafes a mile a minufe and a personalify +o mafch. Mary is one of fhe people on campus 'fhal I+ is +he mosf lun +0 know. Mary was un- doubfedly one of lhe mosl acfive people +oo, as she served as Presiden+ of Kap- pa Delia, Co-chairman of Greek Week, and Cincin- na+ian Phorography Edifor. PAT MURRAY She's lovely, she's engag- ed, she's Pai Murray. Pride of 'rhe Phys. Ed. Deporlmenf, she served as prexy of W.A.A. lhis year. lrish lhrough and lhrough, Pa? is easily recognized by her sparkling eyes and perky smile. For all her eflorls and service lo fhe Universify, she is a member of Morior Board. TOM OSTERMAN A quiel drawl and a ready, friendly grin are Tom's well-known lrade- marks. As 'Phe capfain of UC's I952-53 baskeiball feam, Tom was one of our oufsfanding afhle+es, and his winning personalify made him one of fhe mosf popular people on campus, as his presidency of Sigma Sigma proved. ,48 bf MARIANNE RINGWALD If all girls had lhe elilier- vescenl personalily of Mari- anne, geH'ing well would sound like fun. However, +his girl's 'falenls don'+ sfop wi+h rhermomelers. Noi only has she been a leader in her own college of N u rs i ng and Healfh, bu+ also on fhe cam- pus. A small recogniiion of her eFFor+s and abilifies is membership in Mor+ar Board. GLEN SAMPLE Bearcai Trainer ScoHy Kolp hung a "besf ever" +ag on Glen and few will dispule if. Capiain of +he foofball feam, a baseball mainslay, member of Sigma Sigma, Ulex, and SAE, all 'lhese fhings accrue fo "Samp's" credif. To lop il all off, he was one of 'the besf liked guys ever +o hii +he campus. MARION SCHOELWER Marion's q u i e l nafure hides an unsuspecfed sense of humor and one of 'lhe mosf aclive co-eds on cam- pus. An Associafe Edifor of +he Cincinnaiian, Vice-presi- denr of Thefa Phi, and Sec- re+ary of +he Union Program CommiHee, she has cerlain- ly seen iud abou? every phase of campus life. SHIRLEY SCHWALL Shirley is one of fhose peo- ple who always exercises her energy for some wor+hwhile, unglorified cause, ye'r never seems 'ro gel much credi+ for ihe work she has done. In her UC years she has played a:- five roles in Tricinon, Home Ec. Tribunal, Guidon, and Women's Senafe. s- H 'Q 'x Page 250 XC' -T? KEN STEVENSON Engineers do have lime for +hings ofher 'lhan fheir slide rules and Ken proved if! He has been an ouisfand- ing engineer loo, as mem- bership in several honoraries shows. On 'rhe campus scene he was Presidenr of ODK and Sludenf Council, and chairman of 'rhe Board of Publicalions, all big iobs for anyone. CAROL TAYLOR So much abili+y in such a liHle girl! Wilh her sparkling personalify and sense of humor she has an enviable lalenl for ge'r+ing rhings done. There is no surprise in seeing Carol go 'ro 'rhe lop in everyrhing as she did as presidenf of Women's Sen- aie, Cify Edifor of ihe News Record and member of Mor- iar Board. TOM WOODWO RTH In his four years af UC, Tom has builf up a sfagger- ing lis'r of aciivifies. ln each of +hese he has aiiained a fop posirion due fo his lead- ership and winning person- ali+y. "Woody," as he is known, has had his finger in abour every pie on campus. Phi Dell and Siudenl Coun- cil, +o name iusf +wo. JOHN ZEIGLER Any affempr fo describe John always ends in biHer frus'rra'rion. His falenrs were legion, and a lisf of his acff- viries sirelches 'lo inlinifv. A song leader for SAE, of leg- endary prowess, member of Sigma Sigma, Ulex, and Sophos: musician and com- poser: where does ii' end? Nobody knows, no+ even John. Jigs.. Commencemenf and Senior Week always bring some of UC's favoriie iradilions in+o lhe spoilighf of campus aHenl'ion. Ceremony and cusfom are fhe waichwords as Senior Week opens wilh +he im- pressive Baccalaurea+e Service on Sunday. Ivy Day follows, carrying on lhe fradilional cusfom of having lhe Presidenf of +he Senior Class pIan'r a sprig of ivy on campus. Accompainecl by fhe ou+s+anding Junior women selec+ed 'ro form rhe Ivy Chain, +he Seniors in caps and gowns, march Through campus +o +he Greek Ampiiheafre for +he ceremony. Though mosl of graduaiion week is remembered only lhrough a haze of excilemenl' by fhe average Senior lhese 'fwo evenls will always sfand oul' clearly. Page 252 SENIOR WEEK Page 253 AS WE WAIT AND TRY TO LISTEN THOSE LAST FEW PRECIOUS MINA UTES, OUR COLLEGE DAYS SEEM TO FLASH BEFORE US. Speeches and dignified gafherings are no'r fhe only aciiviiies of Senior Week, for 'lhe formal funciions give way several +imes fo iusf plain "par+ying." The Sfrawberry Breakfast given by Women's Sena+e +o honor fhe senior women, is one such occasion and one of +he few +ha+ will bring people +o school early in +he morning -willingly! The social highligh+ of fhe week is The Senior Prom which is eagerly anficipaled and enioyed by underclassmen as well as by Seniors. Wilh no more exams, quizzes, or papers-in facf, no more school-lurk- ing in lhe background for anyone, every- one has cause fo celebra+e. SENIOR BREAKFASTS PROM "C'EST Sl BON!" gif.. i ' "OLE SATCHMOU LOUIS ARMSTRONG Page 254 ,x Living like a king, for a+ leasr a while, is cer+ainly everyone's secref desire and +ha1 is ius+ how life is for a week for rhe Seniors! Royalfy could noi be more hon- ored +han +hese graduaies as fhey are en+er+ained, and "wined and dined" a+ banquefs, luncheons, and even breakfasfs. Of course, besides all of +he "par+ying" fhere is a serious aspecl' +o Senior Week and Graduafion as 'ihese young men and women prepare fo +ake fheir places in socieiy, in 'rhe working world. This aspecf is noi neg- lecfed during fhe fesrivifies of Senior Week, ralher a+ fhe ceremonies fo honor fhe graduo+es and iheir accom- plishmenfs fhey are again reminded fhaf fhe real work is iusl' beginning as lhey sl'ar+ +he iob of life. This seems mosf appropriafe, fo award ihem for fheir achievemen+s of fhe pasi' and +o give +hem a purpose for +he fufure. BACCALAUREATE 1 . -'LZ' xrirpf '-'71, D K A 43 fs-s"'J NMNK' A -- - 1 ,gs..g:, 1-f ,P Aw ,fr.,.5,, . ' . ' AL 1.27 "'. i ' - 'im 'f'-.N-W' f2'l"'.:. f- f 4 , 1g,gf,1,2gNx fy, ,J 133 gi. .ss sw . uw- ' QT Z- A sad' s.. .. ,pil S.. SHIRLEY LEE 8- PAT LEWIS AN ESSENTIAL APPEAL IN ANY VARIETY SHOW-BEAUTIFUL COVEDS METRO BENEFIT SHOW On UC's campus Ihe name Meiro is synonomous wiih service and Mefro has devised unique ways 'fo be of service 'ro many groups and among These is Ihe annual Meiro Benefii Show. The proceeds from Ihe show are used by Ihe group 'Io finance Ihe, also annual, Chrisimas parly given for underprivileged children. One of Ihe ci+y's popular disc-ioclceys, Wal- Ier Phillips, acled as rnasier of cere- monies Ihis year for Ihe show which fealured sludeni variery acfs. Page 22 COMMENCEMEN1' For four years everyone who enfers college enlerlains secref dreams of 'lhe day on which he visualizes himself in 'lhe 'tradi- 'rional cap and gown, marching proudly ihrough ihe sladium lo be graduafed Summa Cum Laude, Cum Laude, or jus? plain graduafedl Thar lop rung of fhe ladder seems lo be a long, hard climb away when looking a+ i+ from 'lhe boHom one of 'rhe freshman, bul' The disiance shorlens amazingly as lime passes and he ncars 'rhe lop. 31? , in -1" - f 475, i i '. 'n 'J-' . . . , . J . .- .. . . ,. 1, , .H ., 4..5,h, A x t . , , ,V 1-., 4 J, 4 . F -l-.1 .vgu J.. J, ' -' K, ' 'i'.J'3Q-i ,:1,?4i,f'--Miiihii . - f A4 l - , .., ,-f 41- .: if V ',, ,' ,- . -1 , .-rl.-,A n. -'h . , ' I-w,.', his ..rMv-!x.l'.wAS'fi AYFLXE ROW I-Buesor, A, Rhoades, N ROW Z-P-laswell, E, Hossli, B, Miller, 8, Pfuezfer, J, S 1 J R hl A ROW 3-Dunn , T, Daniel, D, Fonzanese, A APPLIED ARTS TRIBUNAI. Page 257 AHemp+ing fo do more 'Than merely co-ordina+e ac+ivi- 'lies of fhe college, fhe A.A. Tribunal cons'ran+ly slrives fo encourage friendly relalions among Hs enfire s'fuden+ body. The firsf sfep fowards i+s goal was The Freshman Mixer, followed by The A.A. Convocarion in The Fall. The Beoux Arfs Ball, 'rhe Chrisfmas Par+y and The Tackle Box, +he A.A. newspaper, are all sponsored by rhe Tribunal. The final slep in furfhering rheir aims, is fhe all college spring picnic. A+ fhis fime 'the seniors are given an informal farewell. E' Ci wr he x,-.., 1. 1 vm I J: 3' 2 I ' I i f...Q X I -If .-aa ,Mijn AN if as ..-as .mx N, ,Q , pp---1--.. f. . . i ix 1 l .. P V. 3, sg. ,T A V A gy , 15-ws E fd -4 rf - . . .- - Neff .9 , A A-.1 I 27 --is , ' , 'X-.F r': 1 . QA , .. I. xx 4. , . I , l .. 8 DOYLE, RUTH EILEEN-B.S., Cincinnati, Oha- DQWJ Pri Dc-l'J DUDLEY, COLVLEN PATRICIA-BS., Hi ntingvgw Wai! Virg n a-Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Lamb ir De"-11, A ai ol Dorrri Women. DUNN, DOROTHY MAE-BS, Cincinnafi, Ora- ES. NAS ANDREWS, ROY F.-B.S., Indianapolis, Indiana- Swimming Team, Glee Club, Men's Octet, Alpha Phi Omega, Scarab. BALAUN, EDWARD PAUL-B.S., Canton, Ohio- Scorab, A. I. A., Glee Club, Mummers, New- man Club BIESER, ADELAIDE LOUISE-B.A,A., Cincinnafi, Ohio -Delta Delta Delta lTreas.I, A.A, Tribunal, Delta Phi Delta, Cincinnatian, Student Direc- tory, Y.W.C.A., Intramurals. BLESI, MARY ANN-B,S., Cincinnati, Ohio-Theft: Phi Alpha lMarshallI, Vigilance, Jr. Adviser, Delta Phi Della, Mummers, Ivy Chain. BOTHWELL, HARRY JOHN-B. S., Cincinnati, Ohio- Scarab, Al.A. BRENNAN, JOHN JAMES-B,S., Jersey City, New Jersey-Phi Kappa, A.l.A. lPres.I, Ouaterscale lChm.i, Newman Club. BUEHLER, RUTH ALICE-B.S., Cincinnati, Ohio- Alpha Omicran Pi. lCorres. Sec., Rec. Sec.I, Vigilance, Co-ep Club. BUMILLER, THEODORE ROBERTS-B.S, Cincinnati, am-5.9m chi iv. Pres.I, AIA, BURKART, JAMES W.-B.S., Indianapolis, Indiana- Beta Theta Pi, Scarab, BUSH, JOHN P.-B.S., Cincinnati, Ohio-Alpha Tau Omega, A.A, Tribunal, I.D.S A. lPres., Seci. BUTSCH, BARBARA ANNE-B.A., Forf Thomas, Ken- tnqly-Kappa Alpha Theta lPres., Correa. Sec.I, Soph Clase Sec., Jr. Class V. Pres., Sr. Class V. Pres., Union Music Cam. lChm,j, Union Program Cam. lChm.I, Union Ba. lPref.I, Delta Phi Delta, Interlraternity Sing lCo-Ch'nl. BUTZ, CORRINE-B.S., Glendale, Ohio. CHAMPLIN, ROBERT DARROW-BA., Cincinnati, Onto-Lambda Cnr Alpha, Scarab, A.l.A. CHESTEEN, JOHN SAFFELL-8.5, Dandridge, Ten- nii-uuee-Alpha Tau Omega lPres,, Rush Chm., Sac. Chm.I, Men's Senate, l.F.C. lV. PreS.I, l,F.P,C. lfxdviserl, Greek Weekend ICO-Chrn.l, R.E.W, Mummers, "The Rush ls On" lEd.I, Mian's Senate Student Adviuer. CLEMENTS, WILLIAM ELLSWORTH-B.S., Cincin- nati, Ohio-Sigma Chi lV. Pres., Sec., Historian, Aisoc. Ed., Exec. Com., Rush Chm., Soc, Chm,. lntramuralsl, Cincinnaflan lEd.f'5I, Art Ed., Ad Mgr., Art Slaffl, Bd, of Publicalians, News Record lAsst. Ar? Ed,I, University Intramural Mgru l,F,C. lHandbooIrj, Sr. Class Prophesy Chm.J, Men's Senate lMemberuhio Corn.j, Spirit Inc, lEn1ertainment Cam,I, Sophos lPres.. V. P'es.I, Ulex lPres.I, Sigma Sigma lSec.l, Pi Delta Epsilon IV. Presl, Metra llienefit Showj, Mnrnmem lMalre-ini, FortyfNiner5 lPubl. Com.l, i.D,S,A. lPubl. Chm.J, l.s.c. lPubI. Crimp, Pew. lPubI. cami, W,S.S.F, lPubI. chmi High Scnaal Dov lPubI. Chm.I, Marriage Clini: iCo Cnrrui, Bearcat Publ De-pf. lCaver design, -,ports brachureii, U.C. Fund lColleclion Chrn,I. COLUCCI, DONALD E.-BS., Cincinnali, Ohio ..f- S .Q I Q 1 'Zi - A -'el' 'S' Vi KUDLQ Alpha View lV. Pres.j, A.A, Trib nii ,N at iii, Afr Publicity, An club. ' , DURBAVN, Jovce LAURA-B.A.A., B.S., cumin-I ' 4 1- V On ig. I sr vp if he X . . DURR, MILES HARRY, JR 55, cigww ar.. V --3 . ., ' 'O' ' ' rw 1- 00. :fi A.l S., Arts aiu., i.o.s.A . P -.-- ,-'ff Y.M.C,A. V . Si r "V EHLERS, DALE VERMONT-BS., Csnfnmr am - My , :S A l.A, : P FD 'Q ' , 1 I. '- - . .. i ,X rcleigigf .-Sie X. , . i ,K I 3 . if i V . . .gy A X xr' f4Q- ,r . i-i-i - iiii -m-I.-+f--W-r'---11ww--M- Page 258 FASNACHT, TED E.-B.S., Clnc nwaln, Onlo-Sl:1': FLEMING, ROBERT YOUNGfB.S., Memplls, Te'- nessee-A F.R.O,T.C. FROST, GEORGE HENRY-BS., Patterson, New lerseyiThe?a Chl, Della Phi Della, l.D.S,A Murnrners, Glee Clab, A.A. Tmbunal, New- Record. GARVEY, JANE FAHNESTOCK-B.A.A., cmmmf. On ofliaor-J Alon-2 Team Del'n Ph Delta. GLENDENING, EVERETT AUSTIN-B.S., We3'po" Conneclicdfkafab, R.O T.C., Inlraveufal Bail-ef ball GOETZE, MADINE ANNA-BS., B.A.A., Westwood, New Jersey-Della Pnl Della fCorres, Seal Penal-ln Clnb, Glee Club, Dorm Counsellng, GOODSTEIN, JOSEPH SAMUEL-B S, Cmilnnll Ofla-Scarab. GRAY, THOMAS ALBERTfB,S., Cmclnnqfl OL 3- Slgfva C' Scrub, Var: rv Pile Club. HARNISH, ceofzcs W,-BA C W,-lm' or Q HEIFERLING, LEONARD-B.A., New Yon, New Yofl HEIMBERG, RALPH-B,S., Crncxnnafl, Ohlo-l.Z,F.A ll7res.l, Hlllel. HELGESEN, JOHN AXELABS., Clnllinnati, Onwf' Awaln Alf bo-:., I.D.S A, IV. P'es.J. HENDERSON, THOMAS JAMES-BS., Clninna O' lg.-Ac-14:--1, S3a'Jl:v. HERME5, RUDOLF -HA, Cun lnnalf, Ono, HOFFMAN, GEORGE C.fB.S,, Glendale, New York fA l A X M C A, Wezley, Slgnia P" Ep -l-:ln IV, Pf-im l. HOSSLI, ROBERT IRVIN-B,S, Dzwan O' Q-P' D1-'z T- V--u A A T- Q -J Srlrwu, M N-'ve' X l , 9 SW " ,l , - '39 ff lil X: ii SSQA ' .gg dliig ' -2 if x Xa E ,f '73' 'Tia f ig OSA - killflle ,E Qi? ' A D 93? f' w "' JS, 34, X H -'E 5' .y lr qi . 35' ' O.,-I , 1 .R - , .ff 1 , NE?7fL.'giESQ3g ' , ,V , V N , . 4 W 1 is fa E , 3? 'S' ' I ,,,. V. 4 . I I 1? N li ::: ' ,f , Page 259 -,Q A ., A rx rf' sg -if 'IS' +R Nf-- 5- - - . X. ,Q -.ff f a 63, L uf? -.1-3 Wg k F 5 .- 'X ig: V3 - '-1' :gf J? sf. f X " 4 . bk U N I fl 4 I , I Te af lb if A -A A .J ,, , . , ...W ,- J...- ,Q . - 2 HUFEISEN, JOHN l.AWRENCEf-B,A., Daywnn, Ulla fL.w:fba-J Cm Alpha. HUGHES, DOROTHY E, ES N-'.v:1" Kee' - All-' 1 Ga"f'a Delta lPres,, V. Pfes.l, Y.W.C.A Cilep Cl,b Alpha Lambda Delia, Della Pn. De 'U Panl-lell, Ivy Cham. JONES, JOHN EDWARDfB.S., Cmclnnzrn Orwof Sliwzcf KAEMMERLE, LOIS R,fB,S., Clncinnall, Ohlo-CU wp Cl-b lBd.l, Della Phi Delta. KENDALL, ISAAC HOLTON--B 5 in eg':1 Ken vc-,'-Della Phu Della lPres,J, Kappa Alpha, Tfqnier from Transylvanla College. KLAUSING, DOROTHY MELBA-B.S., B.A.A., Cln i"v:v', Gala-Della PM Delia Delia Devi, YW.C,A., R,E,W., Red Crass Della KOVACH, ERNEST LOUlS-B S., M-:K-Ee'pa'f, Penn' -ylvanza KRIEGER, ROBERT F.fB,S., B.AA H1'n1l'an OMOA Del'a Pn Deva lV, P'-is l, Kansa D-alfa P.. KREIMER, EUNICE A.-B S, C 'wtl"' l, O' Cl! Defy Pm Deira. J,,,,.f 5 gf - 965 :RAN ,ae , 1' s4?fif42U . x , ,rg 'X . .Sal -SEN V , -af """ ,Q ,gms-r --I' ,.,- 4. -f- 1 -36" .,,- ".7' ' in .1 :gh ' Q , -s, T. , gwwsj' '- . . 46 iq' , -In X -r I , if I I K 4.xr'1' vi . -I ' - - ' .-is f- .,:. iw: R Q I 'LTI f , ' ,iff . D a :F N - -A , 'If Q 4 KREKE, JUANITA GfB.S, Ewen-11 Aww, Amgen Inu-PI Lambda Epsdon IPfe2.W, PMI-Iell, I' S.I-I,C,, DeIm PIII Delta, IwIef1:I'I:'voI CIub, Spomm CIvIi-, Newmom CIIE. LANGDOC, STUART EDWIN-B S, Cngxwmnh, Ohm: -5.grm3 PIM Ep'.Ior1, Piffhng WIP, 5CC1bbur'i Gund Bmdvi, Bcmu. LASKO, THOMAS DILLION-B.S., Toezo, Oho- Ammo, l.D,SA,, DEIIQ Phi Def-1. LEWIS, ERNEST E,, Jr.gB S, Cin-:mn-JM, Owo. MANOHAR, SHRI-BS., Mfrfemf, Inxwuno-Inferf nC1IIonoI CIUE, AIA. MARTIN, KENNITH-BS, CI'orIe.-'ww VVe,.t Var gwnwo-Alpha S:gmc1 PIII, S-:cram A.I A. MEAS, MYRNA J.-5.5, Cxncwrmjv, OVW:-AIphQ Ormgron PI IPfe-HI, Delta Fw DQIIQ, Co-ep Club IBCII, PGVIHEII, BowI,ng If-7:"1, AdverIIS' mg cm MEIER, HENRY G.-B,S., Imdon-3,CgwI,1, Imdlcmo- BE-To Them PI, Y.M.C,l'N., BJLQIEJII AIA, Intramural-2 MILLER, FREDERICK HARRY-B.5, CHQ muh, Ohio -Scflrob, InIromurcJI5, MONROE, JIMMIE T,-BS, EogIe- Swvvg-., Norfh CczroImofSIgmo Phw Epiwlgn, Smge Inc, In Iromurfnh. MORTON, CHARLES ERNEST-B5 F'n', Michwgon -PIII EIU Srgmo, Delfu PM DeIfJ. NEU, EDWIN-fB.A,, Cinzmncm, CHQ. Page 260 NOFFKE, JOHN WILLIAM-B S., CI'Iv:'nrII3YI, Obio- P' Koons A-:mo Scar-sb. O'FLAHERTY, PATRICIA ANNRBS, cmmmf, Onio-Gee Cwb. PLATT, LEWIS F.fB.S., BAA., CInI:IrIm3II, Ohm- S'q"'o AV: EQHOH, D-2I':I Ph D-EIU, Sfuen Cami POTTER, GRAFTON WHIPPLE-B S, Melrose, Moz f c1Qm2efIfP K-:ppm AIphu ISQQ Chm, Song Lecudef- GE? CULT, Mfvwwefj UC. cw TV., Dwi? EL' S-in'-in READ, EQ-Viv " I 'E P. DANIELf5S R..-:I-II-, In.II:mJ'-Aipr-I F P CISPE RIEHL, GEORGE A-B A C H: In' If- . RENNER, ROBERT LAWSONWBS Sw wghe: I YP. K-.rm-I: A pac. ROLFSEN, WILLIAM ANTHONY ' B S C w O' QI SCHAUDER, C. THOMASfB S, TH 'I O' :IASJI II SCHLEICHER, NANCE HARBACH'-BS W, -I na Fc' . IZ' :I-T' Vu V1-". CDW I- i" D'.'3 P' Dum AEM: LVHKPD D- 'I I-.I Cfw IJIQW CII W Is.-1-, IES A ,I Dwhw W. fy SCHMIDLIN, THOMASfBA Cr I- - SCHMIDT, RUTH HELEN B C ':, 'I' O' . Tai' Df 'J Pr. D,-'J IWCA V .1 In Loren C' Q. SCHIJLTZ, i MELVIN FREDERICKf5 S C H 'L I UMC-5 V35 IT'-nl I, SMITH, JOHN CLAIREAB S A ' 'mv O- 4-f-T'-' C' DPW P' De 'fn B'-:I - A" BI 'f1IC""' Cv ce C I SMITH, ROBERT WONER BS Sm: II AIIJQI S Ig" I PH AIA SQJIJIZ STAIB, NEILfE A Wvg-'I wg GV .3 STAMPER, JANlCEfB S WI1I,r'9,-,IIN II .Q-AIII I Lamb-In Df1I'J, Dew-3 PH DE-IJ. SULLIVAN, LLOYD CLYDE-BS CII 1 II -S1315 SWITZER, EVERETT EUGENEfB S, M IIIQ-.Wm Ov TENCH, ROBERT K.-fB S C wgwwnv, O' I3 TURNER, ROBERT EDWARDWBS, MIIIIf-wma, Nw Je' :N-IMIJMQI-9 Vern-Iv TMQIQI, YMCA WAGGENER, SPALDING BS. WI1' '1 F3 , T'--I -A.IA S:IJ':I:, Alpwn Epi:-w P" WENZEL, JOHN EDWARD--'B S, Rijiw Raef, Ig -A,I.A Scofob. WHITE, ROBERT JOHNfB.S, C'I rn O' -, RCTC WILSON, FRED-BA, MQ mam, Ov WULFEKAMP, HERBERT FRANKAB 5, Q If IMI., O' Q. YOUNG, LEANNA G.-B S B A.A TIp'jm, IrI1IJ'IJ -G Se C I 'Prez ,, WSSF, Kqpp-1 D-9 13 P Deir-3 Pr. Dyno ICofre', S-:QI Marv Dom C-an ne' Y W C.A., Un versny He-gww Com-iIl Iwy Cham Wo'verI'3 Svnfnfe. ZEIGLER, JOHN ARVIN-B S C rvizfmqf, Owls-- SQM: A V: Erflw C3CIfIg Lenfsr, C"I:w.I:I-2r, S:-: C"' CI'1f:fI:Im D-2 '-J Kcnpn, SIg'rI1 SI-gmc, UW3- MEIIIQ CP? I, SI,Ip'Io IPVQ-2,I, UnIQ'I Bd, CPres J, DIHIIIJ Pm D+:-Ivo, Jf. Clow' Tre-at Mrnl Severe Y,M C A. Con 'IeI', GI? CKE RCTC. ISO-i B13 MI-'Q Cfzfv, ICWUI New R55-:'1 '4'?er1I, Mew: Sew-aim Sfgv. JD 'ft 'Q' Aux ,f-' - Men' Sena? Page 261 . It- . 'CNR 5 Rs-3 " X 'JR "sf r I N p , s I ii ., A Nw 5 Q "R Xa K 5. , ,Q , .- '- .29 QQ! -. .. P 3 TT Q xv Il:- R ' M -IR X -X , . .vary- x- ' f- LL .s F sg: Q' Tlx-sf fwxiix N A . E ff P'-sa za -xr I. -6 -Q A' N X' R, I R. - . , , ., Q -.., . 53' V- I -112-6: 152' ':,-iw '- i.-ia: .. .5 ,N :we- , , f ,a- F-55 1.1 71' yi? S ' ,, - xi Q3 12" Z ,ff .3 5 -" Q It x ii Q V J A H 5 5 , .5 ,I -af ,sf L 'fxhbn ,I 'ff NI' ' ' I ' 2 . -. Xt: - . A . .. Jef' ..f- -4' I., 'J . X , I S 5 ' LIT A I .-wwmfi, '49 . If 4 ..2. 15 13" ' CAMPUS WATCHMAN ON DUTY if' ,..... --vv'r"r .V z.,: S3 N ,I If 'I S. ,kxlfr MK: CE 6 3 ROW 1-Geri N Lculei G, Svonforfh M ROW 2-Byery A Baclisfahler, R, Muller, P ROW 3-Scollen M, Green C Rose, D Lehrneyer, A Mills D, Kluene' J Bishop, D Evans R Nov -n picture, Misali. A Evans,J BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION TRIBUNAI. Page 263 This year lhe Business Adminislralion Tribunal in ad- dirion +o carrying our Hs main luncfion of regularing ancl co-orclinafing 'rhe sludenf acfiviiies of 'rhe college. helped on Co-op day, and presenred +he senior award ro The oulslancling senior mole sfudenf. The Freshman orien+a+ion and smoker go? fhe yecr oFf To o successful sfarl by infro- clucing lhe freshmen fo The college. Ofher social evenfs of fhe year were 'The Tribunal Dance, Bus. Ad. Picnic. ancl The Senior Dinner. Business and pleasure combined fo make rhis c highly profiiable year for 'rhe Tribunal. ,Qt-:-2 -, 1 3 T ,iw -4. '35 ' , X 6, nl esffas., , .f. ,. 'i 'Fil-573' I -an - -f 1 5 1: ' ' Q . Z ., ,. - ' it ' . x XC "' 'Q' 'lr -as s 0- , -, PF xr :S .f . .1,.s-:writ f' X b ss .s l -'lm ,N '-Q J jligm , -M ' - Al ' V625 P . f' I -- C .il s " 1 'g:'fSw BYER, HAROLDfB B.A Ciniginnat, On-3. CAMPBELL, JOHN- -B.B.A, Cincinnut, Onia. CONDORODIS JOYfB.B A, Criqirinati, Ohiigif,-Nl ana Larrbda Delta Caep Cliib Ph Chi Eos: inn lCa"e-.. Sei: i, Epiilan Pn Sigma Bet-1 Climmil S grfla lTreJ .. CONRAD, EUGENE--B.B.A., Cafvw CRAWFORD, ROBERT WYATTfB,B.A, Huntington ww- y fgin 3-Deltn Sigej P. CULLEN, JOSEPH FRANCIS -B l.S M, Chcirinati Cl' Q- Pr- Karina lTr-ez l FJ'-Qri.-i Gold KV , A"'.Cl'1.A,n Al E E, Band, CA tlfw.-voir Ci L ROTC 1 x if X , . XS? ,Q fc -r ,. l X A -P' , ' Dil f .'-Q . -A " - :Q T PQ? i - 4 .- AHLERS, JOAN C.-B.B,A., Cincinnati, Ohio4Alphc Gamma Delta lSec., Treas.l, Pi Chi Epsilon lCorres. Sec.l, Co-ep Club, Co-op Day. ALVERSON, JOHN E,-B.B.A., Cincinnati, Ohio. BAER, ELAINE ANN-B.B,A., Cincinnati, Ohio-Delta Delta Delta lAsst. Pledge trainerl, Glee Club, Mnmrners, News Record, Co-ep Club, Y.W.C.A, BARANICK, WILLIAM-B.B.A., Cincinnati, Ohio. BARNARD, JEAN ELIZABETH-B.B.A,, Detroit, Michiv gan-Alpha Lambda Delta, Mem. Darrn Cabinet lSec.l, Jr. Adviser, Pl Chi Epsilon, Beta Cvarnrna Sigma. BAUER, CHARLES HENRY-B.B A., Cincinnati, Ohio -Sigma Phi Epsilon lCornptraIlerl, BERNING, ANN L.fB.B,A., Norwood, Ohio-Alpha Lambda Delta lPres,l, Jr. Adviser, W.A.A., P- Chi Epsilon, Women's Senate, Ca-ep Club, Y.W.C.A. BERNHAUT, MELVIN SANFORD-B.B.A, Newarl, New Jersey-Pi Lambda Phi LV. Pres,l, Y.M.C.A,, lnterlraternity Council, News Record, BICK, JACK RANDALL-B.B.A., Deer Parlf, Ohiof Theta Chi. BLOCKSOM, JOHN H.-B.B.A,, Cincinnati, Ohio BOLLAND, THOMAS WILLIAM-B.B.A,, Cincinnati, Ohio-A.F.R.O.T.C., Alpha Kappa Pai lTreas.l, Beta Gamma Sigma lPres.l, Phi Eta Sigma tTreas.J. BRAFFORD, DORIS GESELBRACHT-B B,A., Cincini nati, Ohio-Delta Delta Delta lTreas.l, Pi Chi Epsilon KV. Pre5.l, Pi Delta Epsilon, News Record IBUQ. Mgnl, Jr. Adviser, Co-ep Club and Bd., Penauin Club, Red Cross lSpeal-ers Bnreaul, Basketball, Ca-ap. Eng. lArt E-il, Student Di' rectory, Women! Senate, lvy Chain, Wig Wag, Bd. at Publication: BROCKMEIER, RALPH DAVIDfB.B.A., Cincinnati, Ohio-Pu Kappa Alpha lPer5annel Chm., Soc, and Ru-in Corn, Aliirn, Relations Dn-ectarl, Omi :ran Delta Kappa lLeadership Conference Co Chrn, Daa's Day Corn.l, Metro lTreas,, Pres,l Scabbard and Blade, Y M.CA, t-l.E.L.P. lChm Freshman Camp lChrfi., Caainetl, lnternat. Stn dent Chest lTrea5.l, Ca-Op Day Cam. TV Chm., Treas., Chm.l, Collegiate Day Corn lChrrz,l, Cincinnatnz Sac, lPres,l, Baz. Ad. Tr? bnnal lPres.l, Orientation Ba. lPres,l, l.F.C. R E.W. lOreelr N:ght CO'Chm.l, U.C. Bond Drive Evec, Carrul. BROWN, DONALD KEITH-B,B.A., Dayton, Ohio- ROTC. BROWN' 'JOHN DAVIDfB.B.A., cineamon, ami Beta' Theta Pi, Beta Gamma Sigma lV. Pres.l Phi Eta Sigma, Student Guideboat, Wesley Eaiindatian. BUSCl-lLE HUBERT F.--B.B.A., Cincinnati, Ohio-Pli DeltalTlieta, Arnold Air Society lODeration Ot't.l ROTC. YM.C,A., Rifle Team, '52 ,ia ng A Q if if nf --43 v A O, 1 ' , . . . .., .fs , li v-7 rv Page 264 ii' Q--r CUNDIFF, TALEIGH B.-B.B.A,, C?fII:'fInaI.l Omo. D'ANGELO, ANTHONY P.EB.B.A, Cm mov, OM: -T'-vc C' R OTC, Awolz A' So: E-M 'E-E: . ' CU I-Q-MEI BQWIRQ. , 3 I , 3 N 9- 'W 'Q' DARTNALL, WILLIAM J.,-I3 BA A Mm In -S 5" N .x ,QRS X A DAVIS, BEN W,,fBBA., Cum if O'IofPI KJL , ., E . ,y 1 ,,,.,. . I gf , E' 1 I A DENHAM, MARY MAB B A L 1I:.R Ken' 1 - L A Czec Q.: CL:: DLI. I x DEWEESE, DAVID cfasfx Ln I ISE ' h F 4 - ..- If-Eb Dy-f QE L' If PM ,Q . E9 -3 I' 433 " . .3 - .J I' DISCHLER, ALVIN L 7 BBA C NEW'-IRI, Rf. 3 lf.. 1. 15' y I3,,-D IJ,-C, V, p. IN., DOW. Q- ' --1 - L 'X DODGE HARRY A BBA 1 -Q E w I - V "':L: Az' 'IA ' " I Z I " I x I DRAKE, CASSIOUS asfx C Q - N I ,,, f DURKIN, CHARLES H 5 5 -R Q -, -- I , I P' kzriiz W 5, Ek.. Ja L EASTON, WILLIAM s BEA r IH II of A-R -- 4" P' DEW V61 M " 1 r Y' EHRHART, HAROLD I asfx I I ' - A V: '-xx: P f' I EMERY, JAMES L Q.-. E II..-. I I. , A"::A'5i" N1'fYf'f AEA -IRIIQA - X If--W E: NM- R 1 TC I l FAUEYHT, ROBERT N BSIM Lung, I' -13 if X lbs :,,,N,5 EEINAUER, VICTOR c -BBA Q fn I I' - 5 ' 1 FIBEL, HERBERT s-BBA NH.. Pzzfe E N.-.I - - I E - ,E . . ,L . .- , , Rix -- FL I H F L, QW. F-HH -1 H 14 :wx 32 F LENEJJ 9' E 5 Sri' '-4 M 'S 3.52.3 5 Mgfzve' Aff Q A SQL, - FINN, GEORGE LEONARD -5 S I M I A CEEEEAICHE Mgrwrxg C I . ' 4,5 A la A 1. F I, FLECKM -'EMIEQ ERNST B B A L I' .- ,f, r, Y f rf M I ...-1 A ' -"" , - FLOTTMAN, DONALD LEE- B B A Fi" MNT- 'J' E "M ' V kwzwv ir AIEJEZI KELLIJ P ID V PH: , LI Q DLIII Ccwn 'I' 51-'Vin' Lf' JL Ewa rw'-f A' " -12,1 N-w-."'Iix" Q-C UWM? . -QEQE .REQ QHTU ,.ql. ' ' 'ff FRANK, WILLIAM R,-BSA Q 3' C' i I -fe- in ' 4 GRAVER, WILLIAM H E-R 5 A I: R: My -:IE in L K-, YN - 'Y 'QV' "IJ Dew ITU,-,I , R E VV T'3J C7 L if " f - -R.. ,K Dfw LM QA, ' 4' --- - -- W" -: ' ' GROENKE. ALBERT F-B 3 A 4 'Rah OI' , - ., .QQ3 Sq"--3 Airy EL -,R IIRHJ 'J Mrfng-' 'YQ ' 53115 C RC wwf :R S' 'f' E: E ' I JWMLI S 3' . is-i-in Q Page 265 Aw S .ff Chrislmas parfies are frequenl af- fairs on campus during The weeks be- fore The holidays. The besl known of +hese is The annual pariy given by Melro for underprivileged children. The parly is held in The lounge of +he Campus Y.M.C.A. and The members have as much fun as The li+Tle guesfs, calling for Them, and enferfaining 'Them for The aflernoon. Complefe wifh Chrisfmas free, games, a visif from Sonia fo disTribu+e Toys, and refreshmenfs of milk and cookies, The parly is a huge success from every angle. Page 23 THE CLTMAX or THE PARTY METRO CHRISTMAS PARTY SANTA AND HIS LITTLE HELPER ,A . - ,S ,J Y EQ Xie i 3 1 G: 'SFA , . 'Sf' .vi 4. gg, Eag- I l -r A, bf. 'i ,LA15 'Psi'-Q. N' x. .., , -, Q ' 1 .. ga ' fr- , X :F s GE? ,gggb R5 Nl' ' ' Al. L , fir' .a Yi,- --' xi, murr- 1 , QNX -. .531 K . , iqikifw' Q4 apguiin XJ T -'db I -,pf 1' i S ',2'-f3L, 45 C2 -ni X C ,....Ai . -Yr -' , dp . -W. --v Q 9 X 94- 4 W- - f-P 1,5 ry .1 aff Q. .QS . -,-. 4 ,mfg 6 i A- 1 X . Q 2 - av L11 w-. .ww-i - K A 355 'lg 53 gg ZR . ::53 up b .gn X , 5152 'AF ..r ,fp ,-5 -y I , all .rfri ffL.f ' X .4 ' gTj .. 'ES HAGENSEKER, DONALD G,-BBA., Covinglon, Ken- wcly-Twla Chi lubrarianj, R.E.W., Co-op Day, HAMMONS, GARY L.fB.B,A., Hamilton, Ohio. HANAUER, RICHARD-B.B.A., Cincinnali, Ohio. HANNOLD, WILLIAM ROBERT-B B,A., Silverton, Ol c-Lambda Chi Alpha, R.O.T.C HARTMAN, PATRICIA ANN-B.B.A., Corunna, ln- .1 ova--D iziples Shaent HENRY, DONALD F.fB.B.A. Loiigvllle, K Fellowship, Y Aish: K-Jpoa Psi, S,R.C, Wenminster ron, Y.M.C.A, KCabinetJ. .W.C.A. enluclcy- Founder HETTESHEIMER, WILTON FRANK-B.B,A., Cincin- fzav, Ov o. HICKEY, JOHN J.-B,B.A., Sf. Bernard, Onio. I-IICKS, DAVID-B B.A., Hamilton, Ohio. HIGGINS, GEORGE LINCOLN4B.S.l.M., Cincirmavi, Oflo. HOEEBEL, DONALD ALLEN-B.B.A, Cincinnati, O' o-Y.M.C.A. HOLSTEIN, MARTIN R.fB.B.A., Cincinnati, Ohio. HOWARD, RALPH NELSON-B BA., Nofwaad, Ofio -Demi Sigma P., Y.M.C.A. HUBER, JOHN ROBERT-B.B.A., Befhesaa, Mary- lzru-A.: nal R.O.T.C. HUDSON, SALLY ANN-B.B.A,, Pllevllle, Kenllclv if-xlpfa Della Pi KG-iardl, Coop Eng. lEd. i SEQ., C mcinnalian, Glee Club, YW.C.A., West- rwnver Foundation, Sollball, Chrzsliafu Yanh Feilawr p, Oliarfer Scale. HUNT, JAMES EDWARD-B.B.A. Davfon, Orio- Sg'-ix Ru:-1 Eplilorv lvvvyjen, Aff. Vee: S-fi., Y',M.C.A., l.F FC. JAEGER, IRWlNfB.BA., Cinijnnafi Ovo. JOHNSON, ROBERT B.-B.S.l.M., Cmirinati, A,S.M,E. Y.M.C.A., Cviee Cl-.b IBIS. Tenn-5 Team. Onio- Mgfq KAHN, MYRON-BBA., Lawfemte Long Island, M f gr N-:ii Y-vl P Lui' L-411 PM lpw .i E fc 'ea .1 Hifi-. YM.C.A., Union Cam., I.F.C. KATZENMEYER, WILLIAM JAMES-B.S.l.M., Cincinf fi-:ni O"-y Avwfcan Commons Cl.b, R.O.T.C., Persv ng RIIIES, A.l.Clw. E., Y.M,C.A. KAUFMANN, GEORGE HENRY-BBA., C'ric.'v na? O'i-:ifSig"-a Alpha Epzilon. KENNEDY, EDWARD THOMASfB,S,A C'mc'fma.: CWI-3-B-rn T"-ef-1 P., Swi"'r'1'lg Tegrw Smaen Dfi:':i'. Snbb-Jfd and Blade. KENNEY, HOVVARD PATTON-B.B.A., Or 3-P Kipp.: Alpha. C fi-:innal-, KLUENER, JOAN JOYCEfB.B.A., C fi:'w'1al', Ormo- Alpna Cw Clvwgd lCafp-+2 Club S9-:,, Ways and C ' P C i Ep ilam QP ss Sac T'-iaxl Meawz Aww-, fi: is ". Cofep iPfi:e, V, Pros, Prog. C"w.l, lvy Chain, Bas. Ad. Tfiburval, Co-op Day Corn., Kampu: Kmg Coffs., Jf, Aavifer, New' Reza'-1, Glee Cl b M Hwmwiz, Y.W.C.A., Wig Wag, KRAFT, ROBERT S.fB.B.A., Cincinnati, Ohio. KUHN, GORDON ERNST-B BA., Cmingvcin, Kew ' Ln. LAMMERT, ROBERT JOSEPH4B.E.A., SM Befriad. Cla Q-Nm-."'wn CI1 b. LARMANN,A HERBERT JOSEFH4B.B.A., Cricinnafi. C" affix J" 13 Clvi. Page 266 F I I LARSON, MELVIN E EEA f .' W I- P :z LAUTER, GEORGE WERNER SEA Q F' I,:"rym F", -" C-' C Af Y-f V I 1- LEASE, DQNALP H Q-EA ,Q I' ' I I 5 IJ 'iTfQWr.4 5-lf' Ik LITTNER, ALBERT THOMAS-B B A C ' Q 1' Ar :Vim 1 P LITWACK, JACK ROBERTfE E A C " ' 72:-'I Q- P-if Q wi mi If if gf. ' 'J N'1' If I"1I LOBITZ, KENNETH H 'EEA . A :px r 'zz z 5 LOEWENSTEIN, WERNER H.--5 E A 'f C" C-Be-'IJ Gc""c Sgffo. LUEDEKER, ERWIM LUDWIG S I IA f, 1, gffwi 5 MAQvsroH, Rosenr gHARLes eafx Q ' , H In : f Tfzw ,fo:C:I "W NNN I 'Sri' E: rv,wm':'1 CI b 'T'-as ' A- V,::L: I3 NL' 'S-"TQ M902 5 ' ' f- ' K ,LJ MAULT, ROBERT LEE -5,B.A C 11' EIT: T'-in P T--'In-2 UIQ- Me-"1 I-PM gj MCCLUNG, DENNIS E.fB 3 A C V' MCHKARGUE, CARROL CHESTERfE E A I MECKLENBORG, PAUL C,fB S I M, Q f 'A' i-f:::::': rf: EI1':,- ' ' EQM1 MERKE. WILLIAM J EEA " " C' PIeuu-i- My ':1'I AMS: A ' E C: :,:':' Cnze' Van", Page 267 -f Qu r, I 'RI3,,3 ...5 ,gf . ,,- 5 5 was , yr . 2. if .. . 'Q , X ,,,1i9f?:23p,' - I 3 ,651 , 3 ,:,,l ,N .. 3 rg. , A 5 A A' I ff T I ,.r EJ I . L.-r ,f 1 ' . -,-"I I , H.- , L . -,9 I I fi 4 "' If I fi , V Q' I : -.,-lay.. 4' Q 'I -.,,:p'5' , . I 'J' - 'I' '-A .s - " . cj: X? , X Q I 1 I I I .55 X ' Q 1 'Ut 4 ,mg 'S' "' -ali, .4 L If , fe 'L EL I 'Cl' ,S 1, .I ' -ff sg. .2 I-3, ggi? ' :af L1 Q I 43:3- ...fx -Q., ,, Xb .p :- ,.....w .el -' I! f v.-br, . ' Z! , I :A 'Z-' tr xl".-,g ff ' 1211, r I A P- x ., 4". I 'M , . Fx :ry-QC' -all -,,,,,- .2 .-gr 3' -' sl' ..--'I I f N MILLER, J. CHRlSTINEfB.S,I.M., HIQI-Iand Pork IIIInowfDeIVo Zefo, Dorm CowseIor, P: Cr- Elvlon, W.A,A., Tffee AVIS CIUIJ, MOLER, JAMES CLARK-B,B.A., Ho'ne':vIIIe ONS MUELLER, FRITZ-I3 B.A. FI, MIICIISII, K-Enhdfy. MYERS, DON DEANfB.B A, Doyfon, OrvIofR.O.T.C. NICKERT, JACK -BB A Cmxjwnngr., OHIO NICKERSON, EUGENE WHITE-'B B,A., C mivmu' C" , 5-9?-3 TPQYIJ P, fV,P'f1-1, LFC, Gqv Tpgm PAQUETTE, CHARLES ALFRED JR. -BBA C-mgm 'I,1I, CMJ-AIpIx.J Kfxppfl Pm, PATTERSON, MATTHEW CROSS JR.-B S,I MN Gm-:P Pwvvv' Puff, MICHIQGFI fY M,C.A,, Morkfg-Lnq CI I S.A E R,O.T.C., D M S. PENROD, DAVID D,-B B A C P: muh OP :I- R C' T C PIERSMA, PETER M -f E B A, Gfnnl RJQIJ Mu' -J 1'- PLANITZ, ROBERT ALEXANDERfB B.A Gfeefvml CND-T'f1m"ef Ifwvx U. In KL-nI,,II:I'y AIWIITJ T-1 L "-.f f-gc: POUNDSTONE, JOHN NICHOLAS-BB A C 1-gw V 1+ CIM:-Aug TJ Q' YYL- 31 M ww Awww Yun: P PURDY, JOSEPH N,fBBA Puff H IA Ken' iw., RAINE, CHARLES EVANS-E BA, New Rwghfwqni, Omg, REIS, A, THOMAS-B.B.A CI'wc?wno+' CNWIQ. ROMAN, JOHNABBA F' T'f:IvwJ', Km! QM' P- D-'1'J TWU D4-'1 Sgvu P, YMCA. RUSH, R JACOUELINE BBA Cmgmnor, OM: THWJ PP AIQHU IRIN 'Sf:Q.I Cofp CIII3 TBI -mI1 Treuij, Jr. A-'I-.mfr-r, SuIImg CIIIIQ 15:1-,. Cwv' I, Jr, Prom CQWI, Kampu: Kmg Com. SCHLANDT, ALLEN LEWIS-B.B A, HfJfrIon, OIT? -B91 Gqmm-J Swgfvm, In"0m,r3I Mgr. SCHNEIDER, ERWIN JOHNfB.BA, Ongirmuv O' -:IfP Kant-J A10-IJ IH:1,,e Com. Chu J ff. of cw. SCHONFIELD, MAURICE JACKfB,S I.M, C nf:?wfx3I OWQWPT Lwmf, PP., P1-fi-Ing Raw, Swbmf., 'um B111-, SCHOOLFIELD, EARL VERNERfB B,A., Cfnivvvnf O' :V-Twefg CH IV, Pray., RHP CI"w.I, LFC. '.M.CA IB:, C-b D' Ive-V10 egmvn Rep-I SCHREIBER, GEORGE PHILIP, JR,-B.B.A. Cmin wx' O40-M5-'fbu' fi' we b90?fIOfe gunz SCHUSTER, W. AfBBA C,n:7'wno+I, OMG, SCHUTZ, CHARLES WILLIAM -B,B,A, C wgwnnn C- Q sqm P+-. ef, Im. SCHWARTZ, JEROME BBA, C n:'fvw3I-, OI -5 SEBASTIAN, EARL LEON-BBA, Cmgxrvvzi OH I SHEETS, RICHARD' B B A Ins vnu-5 3 Inx 'mmf TM-'J C Aw, I Af S-1- IP D --QJIYM CH A F P O T C SHOEMAKER, BURTON WILLIAM 43.3 A, D-,1II.,m, T .-., , -B:-rq TIIQ-V11 Vw, Y,M.C,A. IPM- PH. EM S qwwgl M v- I' wr Orvvlvon DE-IIC Kilpu 1. Page 268 STENGER, EDWIN A fS,E A C 'Q T T'-2'3 CT . STEWART, RAYMOND IOSERI-I-RSA I K -3' - N'I'n- ' -' 'J ' .2 X Sf -4- ' jf' I STOBER! JAMES MARTIN 5 A I1 x 7' " I ,F I7 I IP STOCKS, LANDON COOK SQA I- T ,- I 5 - LIL -'I T1-,I R I I I .Q 1 5 Ai 'Y L '-I Sw: x Fifi STORM, LELAND ANTHONY--E B A If' " Q' lfAi'I I'4,TL:': P ,M"I' ' F" I STRIETMANN, ALBERT H, -5 B A If 'I I' I' M. P- De'1IT'f'gI DL ',I SJ" I F' EI A1 T' 5" L RTI CfI1'I':'.Jr A ' 5 MT 5"I' l'f:I" 1 Ezmi' up Q.. SUDBRACK, CHARLES C -B E5 A If 'S p"I A r-' ,I EL Ii' FH' TII: THOMPSON, GEORGE CHARLES E EI A IQ , 'I' O'-1-ffF::'Lg AMA NIR LI 'Tx TRABOUT, MAURICEfB S A Q S ff? f 1 A of 1 I J f ' I Q ,. IA 6 Liyw, ,, If 'I' --v 5, f 'Lt 3 I 3 TRAROLIT, SAMUELfB -5 I M Ig I -f ... , In AIC E Imzff f:I PI . M Aw rr ai " ' X " -I Q TRAVIS, ALAN L--52 I M I3 fi - - 'I' - ' Ng 51":AL"IM Al-QE H- X VOLTAGGIO, FRANK' BEA IZ, I . b P' If 2L rf: A VOSLER, CLEON WILLIAM - B A L VII .L L ' Wd I'I"jI" ',I -I'-'IT T'I 'Q 'I I If QTQ, Am, I Af sf NIA- I' If"41' WL A, T' MI- -- I M I' A AI A I Ff,LAi1:':' Ng'II-III-.- g wean, WILLIAM N -BA RI -- I I B- If 1 4. I R 'ah , -A 5. ,z .. 2 1: WELLING, MARK CHARLES-5 'QI M I VJ I' . -' ' X , Ii' LII aI Sq" 'I P A I QI 3 M If. I -A ""' ' -J" I".."af"' zi- WELTI4 ROBERT CHARLES BSA IQ I I '- If Y, R A T.-In R - Ii z ,L 7 L 'I WESSLING, WILLIAM G EA, QA I I+ I up WHEELWRIGHT, EVERETT W I3 E A I: ' ,.,.0 ,4.up: M1 Ui' PY'--I.iI"LI-I C' AI' I WHITING. RICHARD-I3 A C ,'- I' R I S ',5 ,LL WIERSEMA, RICHARD HENRY 5 E A .I HI" iff -9 I -.1 --PW ' fp R 4. Aff' , Af , R-A U, 5 WILSON4 MARIE CATHERINE- B E A C 'Z ' i' A C" :fA :' ,I OR' rf' P A1','f' C"-' , I ,V fl C .:- LQ-ng If 1' WTI' Yiff Win-'- -Q-uv A L C 'eff Ci fI: P I QM' 'IR Seniors not piciured: V AILIFU Kappa PL. Page 269 FLETCHER, J. CARROLLfB 51 M Y If' 'Ir I-n WI- ' 'gn-:iSQrfc C2 IPI-:I-J-1 TVIRHN IPM-,I COMMENCEMENT XX Z'- .,- , q I -I uavlkpgf, 5 3 W: xl go ' ,ij - E 4, "' Wx F",-i, Ei S in , 52. wx ,..., E A.. s-.J an 1 'K 'K' haf f Fi'-1 N 5- ,- WO , ff- A-15, , ' pix 4, 'A ROW I-Von Voorhl., D H-effon C Burgess J POW Z-W'r:ob,w,h E Measwnge' R Maynan A ROW Harris H Wah!-an R Ebal D Hoff!-ery F ENGINEERING TRIBUNAI. Page 27I 2- 'qw 62 tl 'V' I E- NJ .w,5 -I T3 vb: 5:1 ' xl 'I JL L 'A Mfr -J. --P J. S 2 il A ' 4' X BASSETT, ALLEN HORTONfM E S A E, A S M,E BAVIS, EDW. F, C' E C ': fm' G' f-TE-va C' ACKER, JAMES A. ME, New Cafe 111 ma- E-,A E, A ELM E ADAMS, GEORGE B, JR.-fC E, Termegee-A.S,C,E CHI Ep-.MCU LP" I, Tow Befc P. ALBACH, WALTER CARL-ME., Cin-3' Y Q' rf AS.M.E., S.A.E, ALBERS, EUGENE P.-AE.. Cngfrmn' Cff, ALTSTETTER, CARL JOSEPH-MPI E LFE: - AICP-E, ASM., T311 Be-I0 P' I""3v",'J,, ANDERSON, RICHARD HARRY-EE Wong 'mm' CWC!-Ph Kfrp-gy: LS-ep? Thou Dim' Pfea, U'-f"'I Pri-Q Cu" A.IEE gJ'. 35: S2 Cot. Rf,-gfw, ARCHER, ROBERT F,fE E, DOH-Z", CI' 1-E1 Kap' r-J NI A,IEE IRE Tm SP1 PI ARMSTRONCLAORLAN RAYfC.E, Dart' C' if A.S,C E, L' EL ov. ASHBROOK, STANLEY B.fC,E,, F' 1: Kew- ' Qu, AULT, ROBERT G.ffMe', E, Cwmznw O'E:. BAGBY, JACK PENNINGTON-M,E., I-I.nI ngion wh-' v"gf:I1 SAE, IV Cmf ASME S2 -wav' Dwi'-:'4., Demo To. D-2 '-1 Q-+:,,e Mgt, Swv.-g1'1f D R'o DT'-evo, BAIER, RICHARD GENE-C'v.E., Ke'T:', CWS- Pf-f,I'-mg RI"-3 Sxguobord and Size A.O.A., Avi Em. AIC'.E. CI.5.P.E Ci 3: Du, Wei. Vwniwv-4:-1 AIUJ Cr, Spam BAKER4 CARL ORVILLE JR,fM,E. D363-' fffo- AS.M E. SAE., PI Tow Swgfvn. BALLEW, ROBERT LEE-C.E., C"'1ru" C"o- Tkw-Io CHI ASCE. Ureof., Y. Pwr., Pfeei, Cc-on Dov, EALTZER, DONALD H,- CME, Cwcvn' C"-Inf A I CIE E BARKER, JAMES FRANCISfMev.E,, W,:M"J CIMO - A I C" E CI,5.P E AV: C' Sgnl A,I.C'E, Cccp Do, BEAR. HERMAN GILMORE-EE. -AIEE IRE HECK, EDWIN JOHN JR,--ME Mf 'wr V-1'1" N-v. v '- ASME Sgxcrizfn vu Bow WL I. EQ mfcw. EERENS, JAMES RICHARD-Mer E A I C' E A 'S M BEYKE, ROBERT E ME H-1" fx C BIERMANN, Roeem L. cf. E, off Wm, om. S BOEHM. RALPH EDWARDfC E. C' Ez r, ASC E. S' B-Gfndfd CI'i BOHMAN, THOMAS JEROMEfA E , C-f: 'ww ,f .A c , nv .. 4 . ' if i. ' ffl ' 'A' A .-,-u 01 fv- Y . Page 272 X ,,. v .wi .1 -, .A BRABSON, ROBERT FRANKLINfC E., Cfdfmcvi OmofAcocIo, A,S.C.E. BROWN, WILLIAM-M.E., Rome, New York. BRUMBERG, ABRAHAM JONAH-CE., Cwnc nnc OhTofPer5hmg Riies., Scobbcrc: -:wi Bmw? AS.C.E. BRUNS, DAVID B.-CHAE, Cwni rmof., OH C14-Sg"'3 Chl lP'es.J, Tom Bevo PT CV Preah Alamo C" Sfgmo IV. PreS.J. A.I.Ch,E., Co-op Dny, TFC Omwcron Deho Kappa. BUSEK, THOMAS ANTHONYfC.E,, C fwzmnov, Ord -A.S.C,E. CARLETTI, JERRY J.-C.E Crncfnnof' Ofc-AS CE. CHALLINOR, DON REES-M.E., Clnonnot. GRO-- Bond, Kappa Psw. CLOSE, PATRICK BERNARD-EE., C-ncrwzr, O40 VCO-on Dov, i.R.E. CODY, ROBERT MARVINfCh.E, Mmr' A'7:c-noi Phu Evo Sngmcx, Wezley Foundohon Ufeof, SYGN5 Repl, Pershing RTHEQ, Ad: Bd., AOA, 5.9 C., Tow Beic Pi, fflorfes. Secj, Phi Lambda U01--Ich CONNOLLY, THOMAS FRANClSfME Eff-5 Nev. Ycffk-AS M E, S.A E COYLE, DONALD E,fM,E., Cfwcxnnof C" fi- A.S,M E., Comp Engwneer, I.F,P,C., RCTC CROSBY, JOSEPH RUSKIN-C.E., New Albany, Ind cnc-Tmongle, Tow Bem P1 Chr Ep-Wohn Ewg Tfzbwgonl, A.SC.E. TV. PVELJ CROWL, CHARLES LLOYDfM.E., EDA' PCE"-L OMC'-Tr'rJngTe, Ph, E90 Sfgrfo, TG, Bern P P- Top S3g'mJ, Smdenf Covnci, Eng Trbmaw LFPC., ASM E., OSP E., SA E., Fr, Acvwief, Umon Comm. CURRY, ROBERT CLAY-Ch E Cvwcnnavl OVC.- OSPE, AWDW3 CN Sgfwo Pied-g-2, Banu. DANIEL, RlCHARDfME Nwwooo, Or Q. DAVIES, JOHN VIRGIL-C' E, Cwawev-:TH We-3' Vwg-mo-Weslev Fowndo'-c-n, Peffwnc RIfTe5. 'Wil' A wiiw E-... W. 1 .as :Q -:B -eff 53 .. h ff... 'f' we , 4' .....f 3' -4. 'K Page 273 f-SW' Q E: S? Q 3.1.13 ' -' I . - s ' H 11 K Q.-5 - X -X.. x 1 ' , ax '- at Vg, . - x .- A tx E 323 ff-'Su -rx 5 F iq W' ,4 ...Q- .N is V. SP . 5. 'Tw .55 ii A ,aw 1' '? 97-' A V is 75, V . 'f 1 V',f'Q .0 V--' ,Q . Q 'Y , ' isvffiiisx 1 ' QM Av 1:5 - . hs .1 f -11 5 Q H fvgfiig -. ' 0 wiki' if DEAGLE, LORENZO -M E, C 'Z '1t', C' C DAUZENBERG, WALTER JOSEPH-M E, N' wr Kem' fh-5 A.E A SM E DECHERT, DOUGLAS M --Cf E, C-1" rv: lf' C-- Tnangli A.:-'J C' S git, Eng Tfr '31 CTSFE AlC'E SAE AFRQTC, J' AJ 'Z' DIAMOND, GERALD XENOCRATES-MVE If ' 3 vm' C" ofN-em Reccvz, Pfcwfwl-2 C-1 cp Engvw-?' CC OD DJ, OSPE AT,C'.E, ASM, DIEHL, JAMES H.-M.E Mcrcfn Om 0-Sq"-J C' ASME, LFC, ROTC. DONLEY, RAYfM E, HTMAQYCTH, Wei? Vvg mo- A.SM.E. DROEGE, LEE JOHN-MeV,E,, Pod P-WV, KEMUCZ-y -Swmrrmng, Penang, Eng. EGU COW, New 'ron Cwb, Aloha CH STQTG, AOA ASM ATC?-,E OS.PE DURCHHOLZ, RICHARD-Cr. E C "2 MON OMG, EAGLE, HOWARD ARTHUR-A E., Cmmgv., Cfw -LAS, Tm Bere P-. gf! -arf L...f , A 1" EDIE, WILLIAM ESTIN-CE., Massillon, Ohio- A.S.C E. EFFRON, EDWARDACh.E., Cincinnali, Ohio-Alpha Chi Sigma lPres., Seal, Tau Bela Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilan, Phi Era Sigma, A.l,Ch.E., O.S.P.E. R.O.T.C. EHRMAN, OSCAR WILLIAM JR.-M E., Davian, Ohio-A.S,M.E. ELLIS, JERRY RAY-M.E., Dayiorl, Ohio-Pi Tau Sig' ma, S,A,E., ASME. EVANS, ROGER BASIL-ME., Troy, Ohio-A,S,M,E,, qVChm J, Arnold Air Sac., A,F.R,O.T,C, Alpha Pa, Omeaa ll-li-slorianl, Pi Tau Sigma. EVANS, WM. BENJAMlNfM.E., Cincirinali, Ohio- Sigma Phi Epiilon lPres.j, Pi Della Epsilon IV. Pr:.,i, Coop Engineer, Ca-op Day, l.F.C, Scabbar-j an-.1 Blade, A,S.M.E., Profile, Y.M CA, A,C7.A. FELDMILLER, BENNETT W,-M.E., Ml Vernon, Ohio fPi Kappa Alpha, Miirnmers, A.S.M.E. FITZ, DONALD LEE-M.E,, Cincinnaii, Ohio-AS. Me. img-mi. emi FLIIEN, ROBERT anim E., Sidney, aiiiO4A.s,M.E,, .A E, ":w'H- V fWH..f:53 . - 'ff'-M, ,,-Q, ., 453131 , .. I ' ' wggizs X : 4 ...i A MN . 5 -4iE?Q535i1ii5?Rf 3i3EN5??SSE5Qi SS5SfQ .fqg ,.M , ISV f- ,Lana Y x,.,hQ . 'i ,i, TMETQSHE ' x I ' 2. 'si . ua- -ea 'Q X ,", 11? ' ' X I 5,5 , ' L I H FQE ., I ,Q--wig? , I - Q" . xp S ' , J, z.:-L., '1 ii .g f i . -.E - . Ti. 'vp qui' ,A -'-3' 4 ' I ' .- .1 4- '-2 .-i ., , i ,ef x f -- l 1 X - .T . "4':"' , . -1 ' ' I . Q L+, IX -3'-' FLYNN, ROBERT WILLIAM-Ch,E., A.l.Ch.E, FORBRIGER, ARTHUR WILLIAM-Ch.E., Cincinriali, OhiofBeIa Theia Pi, Phi EIa Sigma, Phi Lambda Upizilon, Tau Bela Pi, Varsity Gall lCapr.l. EUHR, ROBERT C.-Cf., Cincinnali, Ohio GALVIN, LEONARD OWEN-E.E,, Cincinnafi, Ohio fA.I.E.E. GARDNER, RAYMOND JOSEPH-E.E., Norwood. Ohio-A.l.E.E., Eia Kappa Nu. GEERS, JOHN FRANCIS-Cl'i.E, Sf, Bernard, Ohio-A A,l.Ch.E., O.S.P.E. ICar, Seal. GEORGE, GEORGE PETE-M,E., Dayfon, Ohiof A,S.M.E GORE, FREDERIC E.gCh.E., Lexinglan, Ohio-Band. Kappa Kappa Pri, S.A.E., O.S.P.E. GORSLER, FRANK WAYNE-M.E., Cincinnali, Ohio- Newman Club, A.S,M E. GRUDBERG, HENRY BERNARD-A.E., Cincinnali, Ohio-Scabbard and Blade, Pi Lambda Phi, I.A.S. GRUNDY, LAWRENCE EUGENE-E.E,, Souih Bend, Indiana-Cofop Day, A.l,E,E., Era Kappa Nu. HACKWORTH, J. VAUGHN-Mel.E., Porlsmaufh, Ohio. HAGENHOFF, ROBERT ERVIN-C.E,, Cincinnati, Ohio-Scabbard and Blade, A.S.C.E., Sigma Phi Epsilon IV. Pres.l, loia Chi Epsilon. HAGSTROM, PAUL EDWARD-Ch.E., Rochester, New York-Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega IV. Pre5.l, Pershing Rifles, Y,M.C.A, A.l.Ch.E. Page 274 HANLON, PAULfM.E., Xenhn, Ohm, HARRIS, HARVEY H.-E.E, Fronkhn, Indwonuf A.I.E.E., l.R E., Eng Trwbunm HEEB, HARRY B.fM.E, Cwncmnufi, OHIO HEITMANN, ROBERT FRANKfEE, Team-Par Nw Jersey-A,l.E,E, I R E. HERMAN, WALTER EUGENEfMe1AE, K rvfwon O' -A l.Ch.E,, AS.M,, AIpro Cm Swgm-3, HERRON, CHARLES L.-M.E, Sf Lowi, MI-GOI,-rv Trwongbe IRL1-H Chun, Soc, Chm, EJ, Cuff-1 SEQ, V, Prell J, Eng. Trnbunof Ipre-11, Co Og Engfneer IBM Mgr., CMQMI. Mgr,I, PI Tow Swgmn IV Pfes J, SMdenfCom1:.I ICnf': E.eI:f.on Cofr-f S,A E, ISec,, Treo--.I. Orwcron Damn Koppz. PI DeI+o Epulon, Mefm, A F R O T C.. I F C Taf Bam PI, Sr, Pram: Cfw HETTRICK, ROBERT NEIL-E E , Cmqmnoh, Omof TmJnQIe, O,S P E. A I E E Efo Kopp-1 N To! Bevo PI HEYNER, FRANKLIN-A E, Clmg fmnm, Ono-Afw old A-' Soc. HIGH, RICHARD A.-E E Cwg vnu? O' U-AI E.E,, LR E., Vofyfy Vamffai, HOFFMAN, EUGENE FREDERICKfC E, S' Ev'-'wa 1 Ohm-A S,C,E. HUBERT, THOMAS FRANKfM E Env , lm fJnofPnw Kappa. HUFF, RODNEY C.f'C E Dieu 9, I11-Jw-1 A S C.E. ISAAC, GEORGE FRANCIS-E E, I':-'no U A.I,E E., I.R E ISZORY, STANLEY MICHAELfME Ewz- P'-ww, vurwl-A S,M.E, Newrvon CI Io, PI Tow Swgr- '1 JACOBS, PAUL D -A E , C fx-1 'v'm', OH A JOHNS, JAMES WILLIAMfC E, CIM vm? U Ph Kopp-J, ASCE Newvnfm C D JOHNSON, CHARLES KENNETHfME, Cmzwmn Own-A SM E , SLA E, JURICH, SAMUEL-E E, Mckeesuorv Pcnn vw,qn,m E00 Koppq NLT IRQ: Sex: I, AI E.E IV CRUT Ton B210 PI. KALTENHAUSER, ROBERT HENRY-M-HE, Cmzv nom, Omo-PI Kappa AIUMJ, AOA CS-Ii, V Prez I, Co op Dov IMeI, Cwrw J, C-add Comma? R.O IEC KAPLAN, DAVID LEE-Cb E, Cwmimn-JIT, OI o A,I Ci- E., A E S, KEELER, WILLIAM HARRY-E E C-wi mwah On -A I E.E, I.R.E., E10 Kappa Nw Iprew I, Tr: Bam Pi. KLINE, STANLEY ARTHUR-C.E., Doyfon, OHIO- Slgmo P511 Epsdon IHQ-me Mgnj, CM Epwcv fSec J, ASCE, Tom Befo PI, Y MCA. KOENINGER, EDWARD C.-ch E., Cfncmfvfzh, Om: -A.ICh,E., O.S RE. IE-ec. CoQn,J. KONDOS, PAUL JOHN-MQVE, BMI-ev, P-Qwmr vomc-Bond, AS,M. KROGER, RAYMOND PAUL-CME., C-ncmnch, Ohio A.l.Ch.E., O,SAP.E KUNKEL, MYLES CLARENCEfMe+,E, Clnamnm Ohio-A,S,M, KUSNERUS, SAMUEL V,-M,E,, Cmcinnnfl, Ohio? A.S.M.E., PI Tow Swgrna, S.A.E. LAMPE, ROBERT-M.E,, Norwood, ONO. Page 275 x 9 X -ax XX , .39 . 3 I a 1-. -xxx, ,I -S1 S ,i,,:,.::5i,,iQ A C. L, ., , ws. Y , ,i as '-,,, ' I .P L ,. SSX ,Rui 1 Y: b. ff Ig. Q, FI " LA SX 6. Jw 4' -'YZ ., if . "',, ' Fa .HQ :fjv b I1 " 1 'N-gs' F ,. X I-W I 1' .- R N 1 I - A N is X ' I up , in Q . 15. ak. f-,L . Q3 ' 3 " 'QQ ,NI Eshfiu 51. 43 A ' 'Qi-Qiir z' r I gg 4 xv'e'S. fx-5.1 'Q v A . , 1 A COOPERATIVE CLASS COSTUME PROJECT BEAUX ARTS BALI. 8 A' N-LALR XJ STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF THE APPLIED ARTS COLLEGE WORK AND PLAY TOGETHER TO MAKE THE BALL A SUCCESS Page 24 I1-NA Q L , ,1 7. LANGE, HANS WALTER-M E., Ycunggfown, Onio- ' A.s,M.e,, Pm Efo sagmo, Pi Tcu SQQM, Ton Befo Pi. X LAWRENCE, THOMAS FREDERICK-M.E., Corning, ? New York-WesIey Foundofion, O.S.M,E. ' JJ -I . ...Q-, '--. LAWTON, RAYMOND M.-C.E., Lcwfons, New j Yofkfwesley Foundation IV. Pres.J, Pershlng 9 ,I , V RxfIe5, ArnoId Air Soc., Y.M,C.A., A.S.C.E, I . I cm Epsilon, '19 LEWIS, WILLIAM H.-C.E., Indian Luke, om- ii S . Phi DeI?o Them, A.S.C.E :fa k W. . 'S' ' I A :M , -2.215 '75 A I 5 . . . K . I . L... .LL 1. .5-.Q. , ze- I I5 .gpm '.J1'J:L MATZ, ROY JOSEPH-A.E., Cwnmnnof, Ohm-I.A S. Tow Bem P! MAYNARD, ARVIE LEON-C.E.. Cincwnnoh Owof TrIongIe IRQ-c. Sec., Soc. Chrn., Pres.I, I.F.C ISef:.I, Eng. TrvbnnoI, Coop Engvneef, Cn' Ep- sIIon, A.S.C,E., C0-op Doy IC. E Chnml. MAYER, PAUL GUSTAV W,-Cf., Germany- We' IW Fownoohon fPfee.I, R.E.W. IChr-nj, Infer nofwoncl CILL7 IV, PreSI, Y.M.CA., Orvncror Devo Koppo, Ton Befo PI, CM Epmlon, Sv den? Foculw Rohng IChrn.J, A.S.C.E. MAZZEI, Josem-I ANTHONYfCI-.E., enemy.,, o.s.P E. MCCABE, JOHN-ME, Newurix New Jefcev. MCCARTY, WILLIAM VAUGHN-M.E., Bmll Oni, OH-3, in S,M.E,, Y.M.c A. McCLELLAN, HEARSTiM.E., Doyvono Beech, FIorI d'JfA,S.M.E,, S,A,E., Co op Dov. MESSER, JAMES H.+M E., Ocean, New York. MESSINGER, RICHARD CALVERTfM E, Cwncinnof, On 0-Sfudenf Council, Eng. Trlbunol, Orienvo von Bd., PI Tou Sigma fPres,I, Ton Befo P., A'n0IIf1 Alf Soc., Scobbord ond BIode, A.S.M.E, Cm CI- EWU "Wi", Tfonole IRec. Sec Rush Chnl Peg "'wfoI Ba., I,F,P.C,, On-Karon Delis Koppo. 4 '1' LIEDER, WILLIAM DONALDfCh.E., Cincinnofi, Ohio -SIgmo Ph? Epsiion ISec,I, PIII Lumbdo UpsiIon ISec.I, A.I.Ch.E. IV. Pres,l, O.S.P,E., Y.M.C.A.. Newf Record, LIPPERT, ROBERT RALPH-M.E., CIncInno9I, Ohio- Newrncn Club, R.E,W., AS.M.E., Co-op Dov. S.A.E., O,S.P,E. '- LITTY, RICHARD C.-E.E,, CIncinncfl, Onwo. LITZ, STANLEY-CNE., Cincinncfi, Ohio. LLOYD, CHARLES E.-M.E., Dowon, Ohio. LOTTRIDGE, NEIL MCDONALD JR.-Me+.E.. BefIIev. M.emgGnfR.o.T.c., Alpha cn. Svgmcw A-'-Ch-E IntrornLIrcIs. LUECKE, RICHARD H.-Cn,E,, Chwcinnoti, OMC. MADDOCKS, GENEfCI1.E, Cwncinnoi, Ohio. MALMUYH, NORMANfA.E., Brooklyn, New YorIf. MANN, WILLIAM EUGENE5Cn.E., Homnfon O'Io f-A,I.Cn E., O.S.P.E., On-o TGDDA MANNING, FRED S.-Cn,E, cincmnfm, omov AICIME. Q MARCUS, PHILLlP!C.E., Cwncinnov? OV'IO!S'Q"G Nom MU, C0052 Engwneer, A.S.C.E, . 6,5 .5 at H Jr - J.. ' . . ' x -LIT' 5 ' ' iv - 4' N- S 'ff if -F . ' '41, JE V: X ,1 'N J 3 . 15 mx . he . nn. W. -5 ' V-"T, ' .ajgizlrf A I 1 fx ia' ' . I ' Page 276 In X L S .neu X F' X. I 1 VY ., I , -Q if,-xy 5 13.235 I A I s i X 5 S S S ..,12'f1f'fT I .855 : ii "fi if izgf NN-.xi 1 xsg qiki. I tx 'Kms ig. -7 5? ' .w ,, sf f , 'fs' 'Nv, r f '2 ,A .N -s, --3 - '!"ew, X X: I 4' J: ,ess ,- - 0- J wa' f ' ,..., A l "1 NEUMANN, JAMES WALTER 1 NEWBERG, IRWIN LOUIS EE -X 1 E E T' I C , 'Q f" E'z I 1: 1 1 N I f 1' 1 In Eff: P NIEHAUS, ROBERT L' EV Cf," Iwau P' Pr, C :Dm Iii NOLL, ROBERT ELMER EE Q wxf. v,f: NOVAKKTHOMAS L M 2 Q -1 A I oaEo3MsveR,AgLMenA1osePH. JR fc I " f,fx:f-: L" :r -1, Tu 5 PERKINSON, WILLIAM LEVVIS--ME v'-'I-P IK-up-L-'J A cw' J QI-'-Liv M1 M E'-'VUL IR-ELHQ-u-"1' M' " 'P A N Ahr: 53' Off-eqw IVH- f PROFFITT, ARTHUR C.-fCr. E Huw AICHE, OSPE . --N. '14 In A .i . .QA - v-QQ ' . N .QS .lf f T. I f ' , N I , ' Q 1 - , ,zz-. , ' A A 2331145 - J K L,--Y L an , fp, 'ab , A, 27 -1 27 'J Q i, Spf! , 5 35' L , ' F 13 15' f ,-1 , I .Jn . -f' . -5 x , A vi b .....- - Y Y- --ff, is ii "' ei n Q ' .5 :,,z E5 rw A f , 2 I , f A . . 5: W P W 'W' P' .C ' s..,o.,T"'J ' ' V .im . A 'Y Y 75 f ....4-1'--. , F P' ., , me - , , W-of ' ii i Xa A " ' i ' ' ' A f' " .' P- .-4 wr- '-s P To + 2, ' fa , REBHQLZ, MATTHEW 1AMESgCh.E., Cincinnati, OhioSA.I.Ch.E., O,S.P.E. REED, DONALD R,iM.E., M1,Vernon, Ohio nelcr-us, r-mkvev EDGAR-M.E., sv. Louis, Msssw. irrmgue, A.S.M,E., SAE. REINKER, FRED 1OHNiMer E, Cleveland, Ohio- A,I.Ch.E., A.S,M., lnframurais, nEvNoLDs, s. L.-A.E., ww umm, am, RICH, KENNETHfC.E., Aingion, Virginia, RUDE, DONALD A.-C E., Chcriezfon, Wes? Vir' aihio. RUDOLPH, EVERETT CARL--CE, Glendale, New York-Acacia lSec., Treoaj, Aipha Phi Omega KV, Preml, A.S,C.E., Chi Epmlan. SABO, ELMER THOMAS-M E, Hitbcra, Ohio-- A,SME,, R.O.T.C., O.S P.E, SAILE, GEORGE OSCAR-CHE., Norwood, Orio- AWp-ro Chi Sigrra Urea-,i, O.S,P,E, fTreae,J, A I.Ch.E,, R,O,T.C., A.O A., Tennis Team. SANSALONE, JOHN RICHARD-C.E., Waison, Wes? Virginia-A.SC.E., Dorm D fPre5.i. SCHLACHTER, DANIEL JOSEPH-M.E, Si, Bernard, Ohio-A.S,M.E., Pi Tau Sigma, Tau B670 Pi. SCHMIDT, WILLIAM FREDRIC-E E., Cinienrwai Ohio--Sigma Ph, Epiiorz, A.l,E,E. SCHRANTZ, ALBERT EDWARDfE,E., Cincinnov, Ohio AAA EE, SCOTT, CHARLES EDWARD-Me?.E,, Cincinnari, OhiofA,S.M., A i,Ch,E. SHIPLEY, GERALD EUGENE-M.E,, WESV Union Ohio-A.S.M.E., Batlfeibali, SICKING, THOMAS EDWARD-M,E., ST, Bernora Ohio- Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S,M,E. SIFFERLEN, THOMAS PHlLLlPfE E, Meihuen, Mass- achii-.r-N1,-Pi Kappa Aipha, Tau Bera Pi, EQ. Kappa NU, Mem, A,I.E,E,, i.R.E., O.S.P.E. SMITH, EUGENE-EE, Cinclnriori, Ohio. SOCRATES, JAMESfM.E., Cincinnati, Ohio. SONDERMAN, DOUGLAS R.fM.E,, Cincinnafi, Ohio -Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma IV. Pres.,, Pi Tai- Sigma, Tau Bs-Va Pi Presj, A.S,M,E:, Y,M,C,A, STAHL, ALBERT F.fCh.E., Cincinnati, Ohio, STEMANN, LEONARDiM.E., Chevior, Ohio, STEPHENSON, CHARLES H.-Cf., Cincinnari, Ohi. -ASCE, Chi Epsilon IV. Pretl, Corea Club, Y,M C A. STEVENSON, KENNETH WAYNEfM.E,, Grove Civv Pennnyivama-Triangie CCorres. Seal, Omicron Deifa Kappa fPres.J, Sigma Sigma, Pi Tau Sig' ma, Swdenf Councii IPrcs.j, Bd, of Pubiicarlon- 1Chmj, Sr. Ciazs Treas., A,S,M.E. STUMP, RICHARDREE, Dayton, Ohio. TAYLOR, JAMES GRAHAMSEE., Cali, Columbia, South Americaflnfernafianoi Ciub. TECCA, RICHARD FRANK-M.E,, Easr Liverpool Ohio-Phi Kappa, Band, Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air Sociefv, R.O T.C. Rifle Team. Page 278 THRAILKILL, JIM-AE, CEN'-JIQ, Ilwmou. Iomrxms, KAYE e.-ML, cofwg, New ww '73 I TUPMAN, JOHN-EE., cznmnofs, om, R VANEATON, WILLIAM-CE Xena, ow, A A .3 3 8151-ff vmneveeu, DONALD sow,-Iaofm E mv, CIF ' I iA.SM.E,, PI Tow Sumo, A,FR,O.TC, Af . . obj Am Socwefx. VANVOORHIS, NORMAN DANIEL-C E R c"'fH I , W lndlono-Lambda CM Acro Eng. T' uno A5 CSPQ, V. PrP1.j, ASC E. Men' Senwe IS' .5 'nl dent My ..,. yew 'Il veA, THEODOREfEE, P"rfq' n,Q,,Qf -X x:S,i WACHENDORF, JOHN RAYMOND-CE CHL 1 ' noh, OMG-A.S C,E, .S ,i.5 wAcHs, WILLIAM LAWRENCE-Ee C -:wr OnIofBe9o The-Io P-, TQL Beta P, E'-3 Kano' Nu, PHI EIO Swgmu, Sonbof Meffo, Mf-n 2 Sffwch O,S.P.E., A,I EE, I,R,E Y M,C.A, CGD ne', C0 on Dov Comfrw WALKER, CHARLES EDMUND-E E C 1: 'fx' CI' ofEIo Koopo N, I P E. Al E E A EE WALTERS, WALLY z,-C-E., Ejggwwf, nv W' -J vnnwo-RMIT? Team, R O.T C., Scom:-cuz 'JH X -ai' N,-,, N,,,a Biode, A.O A., A I.ChE Pershmg R195 N-jr xv' . WEBER, LEO LESTER-E E, Kefvwool, O' C-AI E E I P D-Sic: Ep Ion IT'-my Ccfzrc Ewg'-Qef. JQQQE? Q Aw 1- E Q' tj g35,5,.f ws WEISE, ROBERT ALLAN-CII E., Cmfg 'wo' OI' , 'Tix M3 as 3 9 RCTC, AICME, AOA, ITfe-31, A'cf3 C' , . " SIQMQ 0595 , . WENE, EUGENE E,-M E Iwg o"I3prC If: zmz- ' 5 S.A E, A S M E., Ifvw Dow' Cc P' , ' WHITESCARVER, WILLIAM Amo-M E, Dow:-P Ch .GV ff f- .. -'59 . , OI- -AS M E., SA E, P TL, Sw fm, TI. A , PMIO 1 9 3 3 I Q JP - .ja I wacxr-IAM, DAVID WHEATONfME w,:M M A ""J m 3, . Oni'-Be'43 The-Io P IAII' S941 ' P' EU S g" 3 y 6 N V k P Tam Sgmo IRec. S-:iI T-3, Bi-'11 P Theo - L.- 'V ,X , ,JW Q Snaenf Dxfgdofy, :Alfie-'D I L 5 -1 V A WILLARD, ROBERT GEORGE IE E L VVIQJI' :1'1IDn'xT: D52 Af-CE 45' WILLIAMS, CHARLES-M E If ""1: I Q X WILLIAMS, ROBERT CHARLES M E Q f '1 X If" H A I C' E ASM E S :bzwriv ww: Bhwf 44 h O XV Page 279 WILSON, RICHARD A -E E C '11 1 f WINGERT, ROGER R.fAE C 'Q r- 1' I 3 I A" 'S WOHLEN, RICHARD L --A E, E Cfvwoktlj, M C' gc' -P' EIB 5g"v Tx, B-U2 P IAS, YOST, FREDERICK ROBERTfM E, Pnl. Ibvq, Oro E , -1 M K, A, Cac- net, PI Tac S gms, A S M E. YOUNG, HARRY WILLIAM-'Mei E, Now.:-01, OH 0 -A S M ZISTLER, JOSEPH L.--C E., CIncInnI1II, Ohm No? Picfured: GILBERT, JEROME B.-CE, Dcwfcn, Or 0-Ssgmz Ammo M,, Tenrvz Teczrv, AS.C.E. MILHOLLAND, DICK EUGENEfCb E, Foft Wayne, Inrjwcmo-A,l.CbE, AIphc Chu Sfgmo, R,O.T,C., Tau Be-to PY, CLS P.E. 1 . -E . 1' FRAMED BY BRANCHES, THE STATELY TOWER OF McMICKEN 0, .f ff-fs-g,f :J ' , . A J, y ntl, X Q.. N .- 0 Q 5 we E Q lr 'X 1 x K 'X A . M x 5 'Y ts, If bl if , - - .- 1 N - X I A . it h I A yr! .y 'tix' Sh? - -1 fx Q " ,P ," 115' 'gg fx ' 5 Q, .Q :lx 'K 5, , 'bi java ? A , rv' , Q - '-xgxsx , W N , wffgikh -X ' 1 - . 'irixifl i . - , ,' gi Q'-LE: -- -3' ,gf , . O- " '-V Xie?-.4 PT 5. ' K' A 13'51vNf-QQ f' tfs- ik., Q- A ix 1351 - -x .af Y-wmv x A .ew-v.xb:-C' QM-f:'-,S P ' A ' ' "mfs,-iwffsw xs . 51: 1, .5 .Qfpax .4 W ,A .: -3-j:g5ja.9Ng5f .5 . M - -3559 A 4 pg -NSN -- We x 'N ws! K ,4 xc! ROW I-Sfrohrnenqer, G, Knechr, J, Sfillpass, B. ROW 2-Laischa C, Ver A, Burkman, J ROW 3- Wileyl J, Good, J, Snider, M, HOME ECONOMICS T Page 281 RIBUNAI. The purpose of 'the Home Economics lribunal is +o pro- mofe and regulale all sfuclenf acfivifies wiflwin fhe college. Represenfalives from every class consfifufe 'fl'1e fribunal. The +ribunal sponsored flue annual Clwrisfmas Parly for +l1e Faculfy and Sfudenls. "Horizons UnlimH'ecl" was fhe 'theme designa+ed by +he fribunol members for fhe Spring Pro- iecf fo acquainf newcomers of lhe unlimi+ed possibilifies in +l1e various Held of Home Economics. 'N BASLER, JANEY JORDONfB S. Ong mmm., Ono-- T 'e 'L GL L' Cwl e U3 Aly: fowl. f 'if' m'w:r Lleg, Kewl Them Ta, Pl Epwlow. BLOUGH, CAROL SPENCER-B S., Gem-mon mi- EC Luke OMG-Mcfv, Down, Cnblnef, Howl: . CME. BOWMAN, JOAN -B S., Clnqlrmol Olwi-'Iron VN all-w D:-M -9' Unx, All-lu Pm Hmm- E-:. Cl.-t COHEN, ELAINE MILNER BS Pfnfl kr-M rm . Hqmf EQ CRL, M qwgf HMeQ Ajnhvn if I ,, xii. wg ,-.-. ,.5.,u- CONNOLLY, aerrv ELLEN-B.S, awww., QW.,-f . N ' 'Q A V: Qlvl Clvm-lg-2, Ali-rm Lqfwbfm D1-lm, Hmm- . . '-A E. cm Hom- E., C.-,,m.l lm, v PW I 'NH' vm- A gzgggg. 9 - -- X raw.. EQ Tfrllfm IV Pre-nl, PM Hull-mf X , Ll: ,, ' ,I3v3l... CM nw JR " Cnwl Gwxlwn, vvm-.-fm Sf-nxnf-, '4 Nd. -Q . - B1 L.-I I Nl V, 1-V I . Y5Qw.F ,. Q' flf f"?m 'U DECAMP, JEANNE cmzoumfss cf, W., - I C" . -fury.-n Q, Ulql- De M3 D-we, D, nv t v 4 ln"-.zu fn HQ- -w. " I UQ DRUQAMOND, FRANCES LOUISE-B,S, Sli-lwgygfr yn- +I- f sxssnr, M ELAINE- s s Q n ' Ol swf, T1 54-'11 3 IJ" 11 ,TH 1 , CV' 52:1 N' Sf? 1 HECK, PHYLLIS asnmcef B S C cw M "ww Hlg Hfrf- E' Cfr, JH AV. I-' lf Pwjv' Co" , V , . 'Sv " 4 I -f R X . f H il ...' ' lx as J 3 A :ill , X . h, , , A x I . . 5.55: ' af 556' ' g5fis:Q+i.: If :SE - g . . .L . . x g 'A ,, -A 2 .s ,fr . fr b ' -' QI' . r' , . I 'A gli: ,Q Y gs : K 'V I 'I , ff SI ' . S , . sizfs. -up HARRISON, MARYLN SUE--5,5 FI, Mlfuhell, Ken- vih-Trancic' vom Eogiern Kentucky Stone Colnege, Zefo Tin, Alpha, Home EQ. CIUD, YWC A. HOWARD, SALLY CLAYfBS., Covingmn, Ken- hlclv-Delm Dc-Ho DUHQ, Glee Club, Red Cross, Mlmrwart, Horny EC. CIUIJ. JONES, HAVEN HEAT!-IfB,S., FI, Thmvmn, Ken' M-:Iv-T'o"v've'1m'r1 Den-son Univ, Kcmplg Alpha Thwfo IRIX' CMVI, Tow Befo S-gmc, Tom Pi Ep-llcfv Wref V Pri-' J, Bond Sponfor, Jr. Pfow rf KALOMERES, RITA-BS, Clnclnncfl, Ohlo-Home EY. Club ISM, Pre-..J, Home Ea Exec. Councll rsf. Repl, Hmm EC, Trlbunol, Jr. Mvsfef, Jr, Clglc Advlf.-:vry Cowncwl, Jr, Prom. Corn., Ep' wlon Ph., KECK, POLLY DENTONfBS., Clnclnnmi, Ohio- Bfmql ff J', Collegf-, Kappa Alpha Them ISOL. CMV-N KEMP JEAN ANNEfBS, Hamilton, Olwo-Rollln, Cmll-QQ-2, Umm Q4 Te-ai, Koppo Kappa Gommo, KNIGHT, ROSSELYN JUNEfB.S,, Por!-erwbvlrg, Wefv V 'Q m G-D-elm Della Delta lMorxlwcllJ, W.A.A, W W.C A, J' Adwff-r, Ivy Clwmn, Inlwr Sororlh. Howe Counrll, Rnd Crows ISpeuIer': Burcoul. LIPSKY, MARY ELLEN--5.5, Clnclnnufi, OIHOWDSIIU Pm Ep-llon ISU-, Clam., Treoyl, Home EC. cw, Hillel, Y,W.C A. MET1, BILLIE JOYCEf-B.S., Clncznncfl, Ohio-Zefo To Alphs, So-Q Clllb Home E-1, Clvlb, Jr. Awww, PWC. Chb, Sprlf Inc., Y.WC.A, MOLNAR, IRENE R.-B S., Morflnz Ferry, Ohio- Clffc Club, Home Ec. Club, Mem. Dorm. Cob' nm, Corridor Cohnwlor, Y,W,C.A, MOORE, LAURA ANN-BS., Covlngion, Kentucky- Tfrmffer from Svfrphens College, De-lin Delta D.,-lm KP-uni-lfrl Rfinl, Y,W.C,A., Homf- EC Club Rui Cfons, C-nclnnuflon, Infromurol Sporvz Kommc Kung Com. FATTEN, SALLYE-BS, Amberly Vllloge, Ohm-Tvons 'er from Wenlern College-, KODDU KGPDG OO'T1m0- Paga 282 " if A35 PATTERSON, ANNE ELlZABETHfB,S,, Clmclnnov, Ohlo-Home EC. Club. PAYLER, SHARON MCNAY-B.S., Clncmnah, Ono-- Translef lrom Chrlstlan College Alpha C' Omega, W,A,A., Tau Pl Epswlon Ureaal, Home Ec. Club. PERRY, ELINOR ANNfB S., Cnclnnat., Cn-,ofHorr-2 Ec. Club, Hlllel, Kmdevaor-len Prvwmy Clip RUEHLMAN, HELEN MAEfB.S., Clncmnavl, Oile- Koppa Della, Y,W.C,A., W,A.A, Penalm Clun lTfeas.J, Intramurals, Have EQ, C-c, Le-ug.: ol Women Volefs, SCHWALL, SHIRLEY M.vB.S,, Clmgmflgrl Once Trianan lSoc7al Chm, Vlce Pre.. Pfe l Heel EQ. Club llreaz, Jr Chrnl, P-loam EQ Eff-Q Cowell, Howe EQ. Trlt-,nal fPfaQ,l, Havre E1 Open Home ICoChr'xl, Gwdon, T.W,CA Kam:-ua Kmg ICO Clwml Ormlzvan N, IPM- 1 Jr. Acivlser, lvv Cha-m, VVo'v-rn'-3 Sewale Cl' enfahon Bd, Womenh G'a,,lp Swvem CP" l ST. CLAlR, MARTHA LOUAB S, Cvlimfzzf O' L- Zela Tau Alpha, Home Eli. Cllb, Stlaflvl D 'eclory Y W.C A, Pellhrran SY, ff S' ,w, J' Adwaer, SULLPASS, BEVERLY JOYCE-B S. C me Hia' O' i -Srgmc Della Tau lPres., Seq, Trf2a,.g Hur EQ. Trlbmal 155433, PanHel lS-fc' Hams E: Cauncvl llreol, Ea-fo:-J, Jf, A-JVM:-ef KP L zv, Cllrml, News Record Cm: nnatlaw Hfle Ur Vomerv Comm, F'e,fvr.a'v Glaetccfn, STROVER, DAWN MARlLYN-B S, Clnclfmal C' ll - Aloha Della Pl, Y.WC A, Hwfe Es, C an TRERYAK, ANITA-B SH Clmglnnah, O' cl-Hf"'o E: Club. VERRAN, ALENE KAHLE-8.5, C nc wma! OH-5 - Della Zeta fPvef.,J, Home Ec, Trl-ma Harw- Ec. Cllb lSecl Sp" Ing YWCA Pgnl-4- Ccmncl, W,A,A. WHALEY, ALICE-B S Lewwforw New You WRIGHT, BETTY JO-BS, Clnqlnnal Clmcflmr le' 'ofa Wenern College Kappa Karma Gan 'na Home Ec Clut Page 283 ali' Q '-ef e M ,-,.,, . f , i W? .El I 0 X Q 4 . " .- ,F 'SL V ,S A 1 im, .Lexi . QA 'X I-ar Q .3 ig N Q - .I 1. f fi DOWN TO THE AMPHITHEATER WENDS THE IVY CHAIN 9 my 1-BZ' +--i l Nr X. 'Vis -ww ,.,,. P ".i-?iL9i4"' ,w,,fS!?4: ' - , ,, QL N -ti , -- ff - ,QL 'Lily 55'-H-. , .Ki M. AJ ., -s . , .. , y. aim R' '- -X.. 43 J " rfghi..-'-.A ' 1 , . .53 .0- Psa. LAL. 'bf -ir- cv SEATED-Geri, B, Fiflro, S4 Ulrechf, M STANDING-Sieber, O, Campbell, B, Daullon, P B y W C Bidlingmeyer, M, Dykes, E, Bumiller, W LIBERAL ARTS TRIBUNAI. Page 285 Liberal Ar+s Tribunal is The governing body for Liberal Arfs College. ln all ifs proiecls 'the Tribunal is of greaf service fo 'rhe college and s'l'uden'l body. A+ Thanksgiving and Chrislmas, Open Houses add +o 'lhe holiday mood. Then offer exams are over, everyone celebraies al +he Blue Book Binge. Spring finds LA. sludenls lossing aside boolcs for one day and going on a picnic. Besides lhese acfivifies, fhe Tribunal supporis all 'lhe deparfmenlal clubs and worlrs lo improve sfudenl'-facully relafions wifhin fhe college. The masquerading spirif seizes everyone af some Time or ofher and al UC Ihe Beaux Arls Ball safisfies This yen on a campus wide scale. The Applied Arls Tribunal plans and sponsors This dance early each spring, giving everyone who affends ample rein in devising a cosfume. The Iheme for This year's Ball, "The Greafesf Show On Ear+h," carried wi+h i+ all of The afmosphere of The "big Top" and The spirif of carnival life com- plele wifh barkers, side show per- formers, and 'rhe indispensible clowns. Inslead of The swea+er-clad fellows and gals who show up for class every day, This dance was offended by dar- ing fire-ealers, glamorous acrobals, myslerious forfune fellers, and 'The 'rypical "sad 'n funny" clowns. Page 25 AN ARRAY OF "ENTERTAINERS" OF WHICH ANY CIRCUS COULD BE JUSTLY PROUD MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY "LET THEIR HAIR DOWNI -5. "IJ J J ,1 EL "S fb- -'dk ,ww- ,153 it wx J X v ,,,jfT A ,., , ,M 'fe w- . ir- "'f.JX,, . 'Q' 1 , ' S - -vs -3 aft, -11 - , 1 7R34 E X xv .,-fb - , I A 4 A ,-4 ,I 1 I -f -..f . .f' fiiiviixlf .K L L 9.wk, ,,N fgmwvwx A 1? I! is Y ' Z -J .4 .1 A ,QAM ABRAHAM, CLAUDE KURTWBA., cmsnmf., om-, AIS Ffenm CILD, lmefn APFLEGRATH, WILLIAM-B A, chonot Clhb, Cvnunhuh, OhIo. ARNOLD, MARY LOUISEfB.S,, CInaInn0II, OhIo. ASAHINA, SABURO-BA HonoI,IJ, Hawovi, AUSDENMOORE, ROBERT WILLIAM-B,S,, CII'ICIn vu", Ohm-ML:'rI'rI:-' GUII1, Chffrmnfry CILIL- fP'e3' BAIN, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH -BA, cm.-.Imp om "K'3DD7 KU'-DJ Olrwnu KCo're-2 SQQI Jr. Ao I. ef, I., Cru-n SIIIIQQM Dvrecvory, W.A A. BAKEMEIER, MARILYN ANNvB.A., CMEIUMII, om fnevv., D,-IIQ DQIIQ, If Ad-Jwer, HOLEIIIEIIIIY, E-h b-I on Cow, Y,W C.A, AIpho Lambda DQIIJ, C3-w.IJI1qJIIon Com, Ffemh CIIIb, RIdIng CIL-b, Canvfffr- f, CME, BARBER, WILLIAM D.fB A,, New?-:www Ohm-Bevc Thu P PI A'ph Thr1IPr I -2' , I IIIQI Q, 9 BASINGER, DIANA-B,S Lvhc: Ohm-DEII-3 Delta D410 Jr, AILIQM M.-Th, Dow- Cob-net, Tfonn 'H-f "':I"' Denmbn Umwe-f IN, BAUER, DAN HENRY-B A, CIncIn'IoII, Cbmo-New' Roco'-J, ROTC, TSI'-Ii. Chm,, LI, CoI,I, Scob Lycra arm Bhde, So-:IGI Bfwufd lC0rre-, Sech, MM' SMQIE, YMCA BECKER, LOUIS-BS, CIn,gInw-nh, OhIofS3gr-'vc AIVJ MII, C-JJIIQEHJ, I-IIIIQ. BENMAYOR, JACK LEON-fB,S Crm: M09-, Owo' Ap--J Ep-II-nm P, C21-I QE--3 BOHLANDER, KARL M.--55, HQMIIIM Omo- ACS, BORTZ, WALTERfB,A ChIgnho'I, OI-IvfSIgh-In A.prI3 MI LV Pri- I Son?-Dj HIiI-PI fir? Co"I.I ME-h' Sammy: ISI?-: T'eq.I MIIrrvn-era Bd, CWJIIQI, wer, TIIIIIU AIph-3 PM BOSSE, JENNIE ELlZABETHfB.A,, CIhqInrImII, Ohm -Them Ph: AIpho S-iruho. Owen, Newman Chb Nr,-w. Recod Mwmrherc, IrII'IJm.IrcIv C'v:wI.IIIm1 RI:-:1 Cm-. T506-ale-M Bhfeom w'w.CA, Paw-ei CII Ahvgch ICM1, Jn Anv -ef V I C Ivx C'IuI'I, BRADLEY, BARBARA ANN-B A, CIrIfIrIn-JII Ofnof Thmo PIII Alpha CCIJHI--, SI:-c.I, Alpha Lrvwbdc AIQIIJ Tw 'I ISP T o I DEIIIJ, PhI ,.,-. ,-3- 'If .. BRADLEY, MYRTLE IRWIN-BS Cnc hnch, Ohwof Zed T,I.I Alu'-1 IV, PQ Sack, Alpha Lrfbdo Dv,-Iva, IIQI-,I Sumo P, Jn Aj.IfQ', BRESTEL, VERA EVANGELINEfB.A,, CIngIhnoI, CII1'13-I'.WCA, Cohmwf Cale? CIIILI InIer vgfh CIW-IN. EQIIOWIIE. IPWA, Ph, Amm Thwo ICJHE- S-23 I, BUMILLER, WILLIAM HORTONfB.S CIhIg,'IhoI OPI-:I-SI-3'-I-1 CH Ofhcf-Jn D-Elm Karxrwn L A T'I:,IImII, SIIIIINII CQI,nI1IJ, PQIIIP, Lr1cIJer',hIp Cmniprwuwfw, MEIIL 'Schuh-, Jr. Prom Com. Y MCA Cadu-Leo, 'S.1II,rIq CIIJLD. BURKETT, KATHLEENfBS C'n:EwhIJ+I, Ohm BURCI-IETI, MILTON E-B A. -PM AII-hx Tram. Co, Ingvow Kehnzin BURT, JANET MARIE-B S, C rIgIrInoII, Ohm-KQDDI DE-IN1 ITHHVI W,AA Gliff' CMD A. A. Trf :I nd. BYRNE, JOSEPH S.-BA, C h:,'I'IJ'I Oh O-A,F R,CI.TC, ArfIf:I'1 Ar SQQIE-Iv CAMPBELL, ROBERT EDWARD-B,A, Svgrvm Ch PIAIQA ITM,-'I YMCA LA IfIE..mI ISM Cfn- I CARROL, ROBERT L,-BA C'I'IQIrvrIr,III Ohm CARTER, RUTH BA, Cfngfnnuh, Ohm-Tmonon H Ni- I.Z F A CASTALDI, LOUISfB.S., Porhomn, Omo, CHILDS, EILEEN LAVERNEfB,A., CInQInnoIi, OI-no -AIS., Glwe CIub, Y.WC.A,, Mummers, Spon ,E CINE C AEIMQIIQH, W G S. Page 286 -W COLLIER, HARRY ALLAN -5 S Cm: mwah, Ohw " L.n"D.zJ C" ALV1, Trawvrf "Vw Unwffwvv -' Lo.I,..,Ie. .. CONES, MARILYN :fe A EEE LQLW , Dfw Zen IRI E. QW., PJNHENI, YWCA ,P-A I, WAA w+f11+m.1ICI.E IP E CM I, " - I7 EW iPE' Tl' Cif""-ET-A QU' COPELLI, EUGENE Mfrs A QE: my om-. SEED- 5 my E- Q I AAT 5 P "A" V91 , , Q COWDREY, STEPHEN 35 f,' NIJ' Q" , fs'-2 , . 'Sw 5 CRAWFORD, JACK FRANKLIN- 5 9 LN If fn 'Q 'J I :,x'1-511' ' C.,rE ' "IL CULLEN, GLENN WHERRY-B3 Q -, Www' I , , DEW T1 DEM LSL, RFQ, M--", ,my " if, I, If I M ww- 3 3:,1r'L:'1 W: 5.119 CU-" Vw , I -,L , C I , f X . I I M i 4 . 'i ,., , DAVIDSON, JEROME KULKA- BA r V A I M Y H E T,,-- A . V Q , NN., ik? -? ... A:-1 EM , V ' DAvuEs, CHASE M, JR EA Eff ,-is Lxf' -, -1 Ar,-IEL 'M-QA A ,Q ' A ,- b DEWEESE, GORDON EIA P -' -' I L. n fA Eff?-3 1" in N , L .' L -lf '31 DEXTER, BENTON GERALD, JR BA I If" L-S J"2 AL'1 EL ' D ' I f I , LA1S'B1s ,Lak L f -.-.- DIECKMANN, BETTY ANN-B A Q H 1' C- ' Q " ."' "". "3 I-1:11 I-4:11 f'2""'m P' SA N' E: 4, 5' '- I, I 'S Liv IT'f1u A V1 Lv' " VP' 'L YW :Y -A '-- L ,,.,f ,, i on M Iv PM I Sf V- EL L A rx Q -- . E Eg, Lx' PW- C I .L 2' 5' 1 - A MESA' D "-:':'-. IC-,-L-I E1 'j'f-:- vN'E""' 1 f ,,- ,' QW, I Wvm 5.Jn,,A,. W A A g 5 , I 'ff A-'if Q - A-:,1fq,i3.. 5- JY AJ, E-. ,L ,, D - vfliljia ' F'f""1'C,1hL I., Q':" XII' U' ' A t N'-W RE-L:-nf-J DIMARZIO, ANTHONY 5 S KA ' 12' Q CHU' Cm: 'ext 'X DONATH, RUDOLPH-f-B S If Eg In " ' N E H JR.fB'5 i ,E I , DOHDOHLEAS, .IOH LAC , I AAL 9- F DUFF, JAMES W V- 5 S Nw.-,Hd ' , P D' ' T' ul, 'rr DUFFY, MARGARET ANNfB A Q nf T ', Puppy Knpp-11 Cunha M"'y 3: 5" f x Ne Reqffw-1 INE - E1, Sf E: J' A1 -f f IC:'v.I Soc B1 NWf"'ew' R"-rw 'A"':1'l' FAQ BJ P' Algivu T'v'J, P DE-'U E: f ,, Z Chl n, Pom- A'1Ef.1-uw W A A H :,'1' Cav-, kmnp, Kmg IPL-I Cfw' S,-1 C 1 AA 3-Q it , IV Pf-A ,: ' NA "',fA?aa DYKES, EVETTE-B A. PN11-1 wg FJ' I-PM IME E: fY"7""" ' .Y Auvofi. Ed, C rf EjI ML,L"J' B11 IS", Y VV' lb' , CA Came' ISLE, PE' CM N-W P.-, fu .E 5 IFEUTLJQ Ed I, W A A IC P Eq Cy" SE' ' ii , -E f IH-1. IPLLBI, CI"rr",I J' .pfU"r Ipykl, Cav' M . 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Dorrn JORDON, EARL FARRAN-B.S,, Cincinnali, Ohio KAIMAN, ARNOLD GEORGE-B.A., Omaha, Ne' brafl-a-P Lambda Phi, Golf, Hillel fPrES,l Pcvch Club, Pre-Theological Club, Sliidenl Ref liq'oi.i: Council lPres.l, KANDELL, PAUL-8.A., Cincinnali, Ohio-Soc, Club flreas l. KARDOS, FRANK LLOYD-B.S., Fair Lawn New Jerfiev-Pi Lonwbda Phi, Perrhfng Rillea, Bona German Cliib, Swimming Traci Cadigcea, FRIES, DAVID WAYNE-B.A., Cincinnali, Ohio. GEBELT, CLARK-BS., Alexandria, Kenfucky-Ca' ducea, A.Ch.S. GERHART, RICHARD LEE-B,S., Daylon, Ohio- Sigrna Chi. GOODMAN, STANLEY-B.A, Cincirinali, Ohio- Sigma Alpha Mu, Sophos lPr'es.l, Mummers Guild lPres., V, Pres.l, Thela Alpha Phi, News Record lMariaging Ed.l, Profile lBus. Mgr.l, Pi Della Epsilon, Bd. ol Publicolians, Phi Ela Sigma, Ornicron Della Kappa, Men's Senale, gnc. Bd. lPres.j, Sludenl Council, Jr, Class res. GRINNINGER, LOWELL DON-B.S., Daylon, Ken- Ucly-Glee Club, A.Ch C. fTreas.l. HASKINS, JOAN MORROW-B.A,, Terrace Parlr, Ohio-Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Alpha Thefa. HAZEN, JACK-B.S., Cincinnali, Ohio-Caducea, lnlrar-niirals. HEDRlCK, PAULA IRENE-B.A., Harnillon, Ohio- Prolile, Dorm Cabinet. HELTON, ROBERT ALLEN-B.S,, Ciricinnali, Ohio- Cadigcea. HER'lLElN, CHARLES FRED-B.A., Clncinnali, Ohio- Phi Kappa, l.F.P C. lSec.fTreas.l, lnlramiirals, Spiril lnc. HORWITZ, EARL PHlLlP-B.S., Norwood, Ohio- Alpha Chi Sigma, Chemislry Club QV, Pres.l. HYMAN, GRANT-B.S., Cincinnati, Ohio. HUCKSOLL, JOANN-B.A., Ciricinriali, Ohio-Alpha Garnrria Della lPrez,, Rush Chm., Soc. Chml, Morlar Bd, Guiclon lPre5l, Ivy Chain, Jr. Adviser, Pan Hell lllush Chrn.l, Alpha Lambda Della, Phi Alpha Thera, Wornerfs Senate, Union Music Corn., Spirit Inc., Y.W.C.A., Soc. Bd. lCorres. Sec.l, Orienlalion Bd., Slcdenf Direc- lory, Kampus King. JACOB, CARL NICHOLAS-B,S,, Cincinriari, Ohio- R.O T.C,, Caducea, JACOBSON, ALBERT EDWARD-B.A., Ciricinnali, Ohio-Pi Lambda Phi, Scabbard and Blade, R.O.l'.C., Rifle Club, lnlrarnurals. JENKJNS, JAMES LEWIS-B.S., Cincinnali, Ohio. Page 288 ,Q?XS. KATSANIS, JAMES ANDREW-B.A., C mi mmf., Of: 0 fi gms Cf-, Mmle Corn, In1ra"1.,r:1I:,, Sp' Im. KAUTZ, JAMES CHARLESfB.A., Cm! mmm, Owof P' Delro Them TSQQ., Soc. C'2f",I S' C 3'1P'e Sgmo S-sfo, Cnr-yon DeIV:1 Ku:-po gT'eosH Mehr: CV, Prez-J, T?-evo AIpho PH, M.,"1"mf Bm, Mqf., Huis- MgfI Svovi-nv Dveih IB 1. Mg" L A T'-c n-ul LTHQ-J", Pre Q A'1ef-Qonf Bd, ov P-wbicamons. KEIDEL, WILLIAM PAULfB,A,, CI-eve, Of:- fgx.C,C., l.F,P,C, Y.M.C.A., Bond, Kappa Kzu ' 49-?', KELLY, JAMES GORDONfB,A., Cincwrmfi CI' :N PAC' Chb Srezlefe Brea, Pmzfwi- I"': 'W ':3If. KESSIS, THEODORA DEMAKES-B.A., C wc H' 1' CHQ-Zevn Tau Alpha. AIpho Lambda D-QIIJ ' ' ' Q CI L Cy' to Ion PM Sgwc, Llossm, ' Y,W C.A., Sef:.EIem Clvb. KILEY, ROGER LEE -B A C ni MJ' U Swgwa, Y.M.C.A, KINGERY, THOMAS LEROYfB.S, Cin: Sigma Comms Epsinn fSe':.fT'e-oil, 'I 'IJ' e--2 C.: I ,ph E. nnqw 025-- KITZMILLER, K. WILLlAMfBS C 3 Chai P' K-appz Pe' ' vu Pw"e-Q, Iwraf UI, C1 fvce-3, KLEIN, M, VIRGINIA-B.A, C nC:'1rm', Cfw'-W K Ig DG FCE"-1 TIWDI0, Y.w,CA, .IE P':'1I-if-fI T"z1 5-2' "0" COMQC' Q I ColIe3e KNIGHT, BETTY JANE-B,A.,Y Cwnfgwfvnifw CIM-' DQINJ D+eI'o DeI'c: IV. Presj, W.A.A, Inmg " 'GI' Pvz v'1CI,L' U' Q' Cof' AIV1 Lin: oo Delw QP'-Q I Qdion lSec ', J' An. I- Qygvmw xAfIw.1f,'f Sumw, lnvpf -,wxw I-1.9 Co f-:I KOHR, ROLAND ELLSWORTHiB,S, O'-IofDQ'In Tw DDU1 IV P'P I Sfifk M-ww' S-eww'-2, Sffien' D KORENGEL, ADELINE DERBACHfBA. Mfddiefow' AWD N! A YV., ,, Cv! rw -TVN 'nr "0" LI OI MfwfUIrvbf1 KRAMER, LORA BfB.A. Cincmmvx Owf-Tfm 'von Soc CLWT W C S. ISHN I7 If S-f H 'rw 'E CI r KRAUTLE, CARL-B 9 Cm-1 'ww' fm f KUEHNE, VERA S --B S C-Q'-1' Nev. 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MARTIN, ELIZABETH ANN-I3 A, Cwmi 'ray Oh O- Iffn Tw- NDN-J, E'vgIw5rw CI-D, Twmfe-' I'o'f M .W U- ,M .V ,. ,XS .cz -Hf+?sfiwqg -Ac A ' T. x .. ,....--' : Y. 5-. , Q :Suki - - , x. W., Ng ,I ..,.,,! L fi' . . - H93 ..: if f -a A-ni 312, . MARTIN, MARTHA JOY-S.A. C.n:i'in3'i, Ono- T' 1v'5i'i MARTIN, RICHARD EUGENE-B S., Ciricinnof, Cfiiii- F-.-vnu TQJW ICQQLY, Ci-eg Ciub lPre5.l, MASER, FRANK JOHN-BS Norwqnd Onio. MESH, ELISE SCHWARTZ-B.A., Cifigirw-JM C3'iiQ MILHOLLAND, DICK-B.S., For? VVQVWB injicmo MITCHELL, PAUL FRANClSfBA., Aibi-gn, Penn, Rx'-.qinia-A F R OTC., Arnon Ai' Somew, Men' bifn LM C A., Infrwmfniz. MICHELMAN, JOSEPHINE-B.A, C ni: nnafi, Onio- H QE-QQ. C-,i":I, Hour-f-uify Conn QCn'n.i, VV:i"'i-H Snnvi? WU"-2n': Se-nme B-1 S'o-'Q iC"'f M "mv, Deifu Pni Eciiifon, '4I?ef3, W S S F MOLLOY, JOHN DONALD-A B., Ciniginnof, Obi-J -Nw.-. Rrfgignz iCofS:ior'3 E-J., Sport E-1, Mon -ngng E12 P DPU En-'Ion fPre,.l. Bow-Etoii T.-,H Prgiiiw, Sf. We-ei Conn., Sr.CIo'1 Hisfor inn. MOOTS, BARON L.vB5, Doyion, Omni. -' 'UT Sw, I: V . . J, V ' X I ...i l-.Q fi , - . 51 .-Z' . ' Ja, '- f . .J -s.: A ,s's'.:N. -.A b , -4- V -U' Pg I ,qi :,.:' s' 4 f 4' R ' 'ATQT3 x -,2 X. , . . ' A, ffl ,E in --5 .S QS' 'J ' . ' L vi ff LI A. x lr , i V i.'1-f.,4 , x I Vw. 'D 'fi A . Q X 1 Q - v I i 1--i 3 -4 A' ' af Q..?:e if f 4 ' ' V59 T? - 1 1.1 .-41' .- ff: - if ,Af i,,,,,X if . in MOTT, THOMAS EDWARD-B.A., Cincinnoii, Onio- Pi Kappa Aiphu, Newman Club, I.F.P.C, ITreos.J, Sccxbbnrd and Bii.1i.1e, Afnoi-J Air Sogiefv iTrecis,I. MUELLER, MARY ELIZABETHfB.S., Cincinncxii, Ohiii f-Knpipin Di:-Ho QPre-mi, Mortar Bd. ITrec1s.J Giiiiiigin, Aipho Lonitido Deira, Iofo Sigma Pi WC,r'ii,-n'i. S5-nah? QV. Preaj, W.A.A., POVIHEII CMM Wei-Ie-nd CCQ Cnrn J, Cinqinnorion 1Pnofo Eu E, Le-Jginf Women V095-ri fPre3.J, Chemmfv Ciib NEWBOLD, PATTY ANN-B A., Cincinnati, Onio- Dfyiiizi Ze!-1 Y,W,C,A., Newi Recovd, Frennmon Gi ,In B-MI, Spanien CILb, Infernuiionmi Club. NEWTON, LOUIS M.fB.S.. Gree-nh II , OI-io-Hem View Pi IPQ I, I FC. Orienfovion Bd., Mefro, C1 1 Q-20. NIEBERDING, PAUL HERMAN-ISS. Cincinno' CI'vnTi-Dnifi Tum Ueifil. OSTERMAN, JOHN THOMASfB A, Covinqfon Ki-nf-cw-UIQ-, Sig'n-3 Sigma, lnier Dorm Com -ii Bmkifftisii, Boieboli Trad. PATTON, CHARLES E.-B.A, Cincinnofi, Ohio. PAYNE, ELLEN TANGEMAN-B A., Cinginnufi, OPML:- --Di.-vn Dffiio Dei!-J, PH- Aipn-J Tn-etg PEARSON, JOSEPH C., JR.-B A., Mecio, Penn iviyionio-Y.M,C.A. KNQVI Treoqj Arnoic Aw Sgci--Iv We-iiev Pom-Jo?-on. PF-ALZGRAF, PHILIP ARTHURf8 S., Cn-evioi, Obiof Y M.C A,, Giffe Ciub, R.O.T C, inironwfoi Bcfief ti-JIT, Traci. PICKERING, LLOYD G.-B S., Clncinnoii, Onio- Df-im Tun Deim, Mefro, Sophos, News Record Y.M,C.l'N. POCHAT, BEVERLY ANNE-8.5. Cincinnati Ohio- Koppiu Aipno Them fPi.ibI Reioiions Cnrvml i'W.CA Nvwz Recori Cnerniiifv Club ISSCJ Tfnnii-r irwvw MI. HovoIe Coiiege-. PRICE, ROSEMARYfB.A., Cincinncni, Ohio. REESEY, W. CLARE, JR.fB.S., Cincinnati, Ohio. ROSE, EMANUEL E.fB.S, Elgin, Iilinois. ROSEN, JACK-B.A., Cincinncii, Ohio-Pi Lombdil PM Arnold Air Society, R.O.T.C. ISOC, Cnnmj. Page 290 ai RDLLMAN, mvuo R -C -1 Q RYAN, LAVERNE-I: TC 'vu , ff 1, SAND, RICHARD E --SS C " "1 D- '1 TJ Div: F' L Om' 5 1 CW' , N -1 FH: R91 Ci 'M:":f Cyn' CJ:,1u SCHAEFER, WILLIAM CHARLES 55 C H.. Ijnq-P' ,N-'1 Tfva A"- 1 A' 5 1 M C A, SCHALEMAN, HARRY JAMES, JR M A C - Oimo. SCHOENBERGER, MARK T AE I 1 pf-I mm, SCHWARZ, LYNN- B S -, " f ,1 SCHWENDEMAN, JOHN E 3 A 1: Sgr' 1 QA sf. -f scon, PEGGY JEANfBA , f 1 11 A I S T'-1 NN I1 S 5' A" 1 9 Cx, S' seusenr, Run-I MARY Q-2 1, , AL' 1 IQ1' ' ,1 D--H1 '31 '1 L Wg' Q 5 F' E .'. 11 , 1s f SIFERS, JOHN C -B A C1 ':' 4 0 IN Vw: Snr:-V. 11 E 11' A ,1,1.' A. 1M C A. SIEFFERMAN, L THOMAS 5 I F" Ui: '1-'1 Q1: 1 SIMON, CLAIRE BHSA Iv I, L SOLOFF, BERNAARD LEROY 59 I H M J 1311"-1,'1:11 HN' I1'1 SOUTHGATE, BERNARD W if I- ' rv SPELLMAN, HOWARD ALDEN, JR f ' 'z' i"LF i":T"1M ' 'MQ C N- fm 111 STATMAN, NORMAN MARVIN 5 5 If" ,- P Lf' r,i1': P' , P' E" J' STEIN, ROBERT CARROL 55 VJ '.I 1 CW' C L T11H " H, 1 I STOLLER, HARRYWB A I A L' ' M C: ' ' I' SWAIN, DONALD H -AB D111 r 1 Q' Sir: -': Sgr' AH 1 A15 ', A THEISEN, PAUL TYRUSfEA Q r 'f' SIQN1 Q' Ur- F-::'r': : N. F" Pe" '11 -wx C11 THOMPSON, ELEANOR MARGARET -E A, C '1 '1' C" :--FJLL1 F,1::L-.1G1"'-1, M ' C RF--3 C51 Midi' Corp A1 NV I: A., S? D'::':', Spy ' Q.: I, Ifzr. THOMPSON, ST MATTHEWfB S., If ::mr,1':, O' C-:nj -02:1 Y M C A, AIV11 PM Ofnflgu If.":f f.. ,I Mg, TISCHBEIN, DONALD Af-BA Cnr 1'-, O1 Uni' D':'.1 CQ" Ami 1 A' E UOPLAT, JERRY-B.A, N.1'1.-411, 13' Q.. Toav, JUDITH ANNfB.E., Iiwgf-I-,, Q' , L1 IEi., Cvw. 3-ELI Page 29l -A Am , Af. A 3 -ai Y di -F lx xxx .Y ' F "4 . L xx A V' I 1 ' E , x A ,521 , J W.. ,yr ' X Ns ' x , , Q . . I .WA xx ,Sw.,:f . .Xxx 1 .L sr. ,QL :tx S .. , Aa. 2- -4' - av 1655 . I 3 if 51 , Txlj l ' Ex S. Qx N -I ...- , .-.. vv- ss- dx -.uf 2 . 'X 1 V V3 V E3 'VTE' .Q , I? 70 R., '. 1 . we new .11 , N... I X 'B UK, 140 -,-..f K ...av fv- 4 , S, .Q ,gy ,Q I -uh 'U' nr ,,..: -I ,- -x W I - liz. Q an WW' 'F .xii :-.,IS9' . ,.,.5x.f 1: h , 1 .-,. . 3 - I .5 , pn' . M, - x A2 ' as' 'I - 9 -A-"' I I. ,,"' I I -I i9 - II , :: 'Gr J?', ,Egg I f - fir T2 f ' - - 'Y 29 ' hs' .:, I'-':' -gx .Q . Iv I I - ' V- ' I vi. , X .Q ' EFS ? 'ld Q: 535.7 , 2? I7iR nf I ...d 1' A TRUE, JOHN EDWARDfB,A., CRncrmoM, Ohiof Sgwm AIUI-Q EDfIon IPres., Correa., SeI:.I " M.C.A. Lpfcfgu' CNUJ, UWIOH Mui: CON, P IDQIQQI CI zz TP'e1, . UDRY, WILLIAM R.!BA., CIm:Im1C1I', CWIO-P' Kuipn Metro, Tfocr Tc-mm, Mumfvxeff, Men' Spnm-f, M -wc Corn., Sp5riI Inc. IPVQ .I. UTRECHT, MARGARET LOUlSEfB.A,, Cm: nrcmv ff' 11-Ze'o Tc. AID?-cn IP'e5.j, Moda' Bn., L. A T' L ni:I TY, PWC, G-ac' IV, PH: .'J N?w R'3.Q"1 1500 E-II lf Advlser IS-2-:.fT'eoc.I, Annu LnfvI:'f1-u Delfo, CIQSQICQ CIJID IPfe-. SHI, Fredhfwun Guidebook, V,I.C., lvv Chow CVHQI V!-?HI PnnHe'I 'P b' CI"",I, J', P'C3' VANOSDOL, JIMMY HOWARD-B A C ff: Q-3' fmi-Ph Afrno Veto. VETORINO, ROBERT M.fBS, Cnzwrn-I, O'ff 'Siva Goffrwc Eos?Ion WAITS, CHARLES WALTER-B.A., C w: Hwy, Ofc! AHC-'1 Ar Somew. WEBB, LESLIE-B.A. Cnginncnf, Orin-DQIIQ DQINH DW?-J TRv'I' Ch"w.I, Red Cross, V.W,C A, WEIS, DONALD R,fB,S., Cmiwnnof, O' 0-Ccduceo TH-fn, Vnffrw Ccfrt, GIEQ Clb M,f"me's, r+Il-1, Ir-"uw rqlc. WHARTON, CHARLES HENRY-BS, C wiwnwuv, C' C-S gmc CH, GIQE CITE. WHEATLEY, JEAN-B.S., CinCinnoIi, Ohno. WHITE, BOB REED-B.A., Erlongfff, KenMcIfv- F C T C, Simobofd ond Blade, BosebGII, WHITE, WARREN ALAN-B S., Tofnpo, Florida- 'Swqw-21 Kup-pf: NL 'HI Vo' ani, Trfw wr 'mm Iwo U1 vefflty of Tempo. WIGGER, RICHARD CARLfB.A., Loveland, Ohwof DPIIG To, Delia. WORTH, JOSEPH DAVID-A.B., CIncw'mC1I', OHIO- Awg T3 Qfnego II-ic 29 MQKJ Theta AILH13 E' V, P'-2 Mffme-fs IF.C,, l,F.P.C. IR! , Iwfvfx 'QI' News Record. YELTON, PAUL- BS E 'M-JY-in KH' YM No? Picfuredt KING, JOHN ROYCE-5.5 C Fc mov, Or o-S g"1 '1lr"'3 Ep-swlom WIEGAND, FLORENCE MARGARET--BS, Sprmg z Iv, O' 0 BI e P-'.'1'J Ewen soI Soi, , L -ni' Page 292 1.31, .Af ,,, fx ,,,s , su Q ' ' ' all ,,--- ROW I-Crornes K, Cutrrghf, R Messrnger, .l Coppens C ROW Z-Lynn C Crocker A N-anne' M ROW 3-Weed, L, Brlfz, S Bradley, B, Swyers, J Mygranv, E, Parsons, S Gunkel R, Ringwald, M NURSING AND HEALTH TRIBUNAI. Page 295 Every year 'rhe Nursing and Healfh Tribunal sponsors a number of social acfivifies. H also makes and enforces leg- isla+ion for 'the enrire sludenf body. All classes of lhe col- lege are represenled in +he group, which holds i+s eleclions in fhe spring. Members fry 'fo mainiain 'the lradiiions of ihe college, and promofe co-operalion be+ween sfudenls and facul+y, as well as fo encourage aciive parficipalion in uni. versify funcfions. Nol only does fhe group help orienf lhe freshmen, buf il worlcs 'ro solve +he problems of 'Phe upper- classmen. i '5- -,,4-N ,-'eg 47, gd E, -fx "N 6 -.. 'Nr J: ,an 'HW .r , 412'- ,G1 'wi' 1. N s '27 1 of 3 .v ,J . x C93 gg ,av ,ef Q. ax wa! 'TS' 514' , wt M V. 'puns . ,C 5- V. 'Wk 'un . ' A J A ,'4r -wg. f ,I , .,, , 4' ,wg flff -4. A -H: , A A ' .l. ,,- ,'-: V7-1' , sa-' O , J was oi V s A KH- s :ra 2 .I ni Q Cy "' v' I I 'A I I ur ' ' I Ev "- 50" aa.. N. .- , f-C M A .W X -3 X -. xx X ' I X . Q A Sire- -J-it '. - . -ix - -' ifgfiika-1, 5 H ., H-. -F ., A-ai , -'nr ,S .Q -nv-Y? -of W? BARNHART, BEVERLY ANNEfB.5., Can? an, Ohio- Arl: Bd., Weflev Foundatlon, Glee Club, N. 31 H. Olee Club, Y.W,C.A., W,A.A BENSON, MARY LOU-B.S., Decatur, llllnals-N. 3: H. Glee CII-b, Wesley Fcnndarlon. BINNS, LORETTAfB,S., Porlvnaurlw, OnlaiReGldence Pollclee Corn, lRep.I, N. El H Cale-e Club, Jr. Class Pre-5. BRAKEFIELD, PHYLLIS TAYLOR-B.S., Sprlnqfield, OnlafGIes Club, Soplr. and Sf. Cla.: V, Pres. BRIM, LAURA JEAN-BS., Clnclnn-UV, Club, N. 8: H. Glee Club. CAMPAGNA, ROSE MARIE-B.S., Clnclnn Onlo-Glee afl, Ohio! Jr Aavlser, Tribunal, Sfudenf Cowncll IV. Preal, S.N.A.C. lExec. Bd.l, Olee Club, Alpha Larnbda DelIa. CODY, ROBERTA DIXIE-B.S,, San Leandro, Cali, farnla-Wesley Fcrurdallon, COLLIER, LOIS KAMPMAN-B.S., Clnclnn af, Olso- N. Xl H, Cvlee Club, Library Corn., Sr. Class Sec. COOMER, HELEN-B S., Knoxvllle, Tennesiee. DONER, MARGARET ANN-B.S., Van W err, Ohio- N. 3' H Cwlee Club, Consfllulion Cond, N. Xl H. ACM. Llbrarxan. FISHER, JUNE M.-B.S., Cln-zfnnafl, Onla--Chl Ornega lTreas.J, N. Xl H. Trlbnnal lTrea5,I N. Xl H Olee Club, Narnlnmlon and Elechon Corn, lCnm.J, lvv Chain. FISHER, MARJORIE ANN-B.S,, ,laclfon Olwlo- N. 81 H. Ole-2 Clnb, Y.W.C.A, FOX, JEAN E.fB.S., Cunclnnafl, Ol'lafN, B1 H. Trlbwnal, Jr. Aawzer, Conxmullan CQ -l, ICIVW T, Jr. ana Sr. Clos: Pres., Sfudenl F-JQl.lYy Corv. lCnm.l, HAYS, BARBARA JOYCE-BS, H-Jnvlllan, Onlos Remdence Pollgls-f Com., Con I. Con- HEMPHILL, BARBARA GWENfB.S., Caln Oh 0-Kappa De-Ha, N. X1 H. Trlbnnal Cann-:ll ISQC I, Splrll lnlg., Glas ClLb, Y.VV.C A HINKLE, BETTY ANN-B S., Bfoalxllie, llrlly Cow, Corn, YNV. lex' Fallrvclolnjrn, Acllvlllsnz Cafw. rnbw Parl, , Acllwrle- Mrmrnerf, OlrlafPvb- C A, Wef LAWYER,A CARQL MARIEfBS., Hlgm, om- YWLA, Olfffi- C nt, N. Xl H. IQ fi Cub. LEMASTERS, ROBERTA CLOLENE-BS, Cnlilnnall, On-0 Dim-'J Wl,-Inv Flynn-fl-:1'l-i-1 YWCA, XAUAA, N. IS H Clap Club LYNN, CORALIE UNGER-E S, Clnalnniul OIWD- N 3 H GIH- Clwn, Cljrnwilililwfn Cilaw. ,Cflrf.l, .lu Agr.-Pr, Ra-.nent Plzlllzrf. CQ'-v lCnn-.l, N, 3 H T-nk ngl MCOUEEN, JANET CAROL-B S, NNQI M nil? 9-Lflnlllllgnm-S-1.1, Clxrl., ACI.,-'E Cwv, J Cla- 'lf-aa. MEHRHOFF, JOAN MARGARET-BS Cla? On 0- Bllvl Cyllri' Clll, Y WC A, N, S- H, Gr-1 Club H-'ln -'I Po-cle' Conv. MOORE, RUTH VIVIANfBS., Clnlilrvvlfl, CIVIC'- frugflzl, Cla- SH-1, Alplr-is Larnbda Delia lHl'Ia'l i1r'l, A alla Kano-:1 Alpra, Jf. Ay.-.-2r Panel of Afnflrlz-Jn-l N. E. H. Glef? Cl-.b. MOUNTS, JANE WOODWARD-B.S, Marrow., OHIO- Df-l?'1 Dolva D-Dllrj, IVV Clbcln, Jr Alu rr, C3199 Clnu, Crmrili. Canw, N. Sl H, Trlblnul N 22 H. Ola-0 Cl ll: LSCC I, Sac. CQ'r'. PHILLIPS, ESTHER RITA-BS., C n-1 nmxll, Olwlo. RENNIE, DOROTHY RAE-'TS Malvern, OHIO-N. A H Olrec- Cll-b, We-elm Fcnlndalion ISec.I, RIGHTER, NANCY LEE-B S., Balflrnore, Maryian-:I --N, 8 H. GI99 Club, N. Xl H. Tr-:blmal TSG-:.I, Fl bl LEW Cow. lClnn'v.J, Recffzalran Com. ICl'rn1.J, So-L Conn Jr. Advr-ner, Ivy Cnaln, RINGWALD, MARIANNE-B.S., C.ncl'vraIl, Oblo- N. 81 H, Trltnnal Ipret, V. Pre5.J, Alpha Larnbf dn Della, Jr Aavl-ner, Soc. Cam. KCIWWI, Shr- drenlliafnllv Cam. lSec.l, Saplv. Clase Pres., S,N.A,C., MorIar Bd, IV. Pfeml, Ivy Cham, Swde-nf Cauncli ROUSH, CAROLYN ANN-BS, Parlereblgrg, Wed Vlrglnla-Cvlse Club, Publlclfy Corn. Page 294 SANDHAS, BETTY LUCILEWS S il "1 PV' ' cwfD:- ff: Zwffm, Ewq' X:-H min XXWQL A NV.- -9. FC- f',1.:'or1. scow, CAROLYN as swf., x fq- fp-N 5 E' ,, ' Twggngci RPI- N 8 H G1--If C 1 L M -sc i 44 4, - X 'A K Q seamen, JANE ELLENfBS wvw 1.9 wiv w "K '-3-I QmR1fD- V-1 Zwm GTM- C1 -1- if CJ X ' 5 , Pff- N E- H C-19 C' f .V EN P' V SININC-ER, MARILYN LfBS Mqwfw Q' f xi, X N E- H CUBE C' I CCH.-i-1-J' if CWM Y W' L A C 3 SMALLWOOD, NORMA KATHLEEN-B C- LW' Max -ack PHC-N S H G6-f' C ,Q 'TWC A 'fa ' f'-ff' 'va-f T--fi Y - SNYDER, AMY LOU-ELS, G",-111.115, Ow:fP' M AT J W 'v 5 f L L L A ' . "1 Ca w CH' P,-wg ' C1 .af .I 'S' 44 STUCKER, MARlEfBS Sm-fm N-W YN,-N E1 H. GW CL: Vcwiemrz Bmmcu' Lrnw, Cin' Aiwa LVYK1-3 Div: New-:uw C r, TAYLOR, ELIZABETH RUTHfB5 C-N www K f Q k, TUDOR, BETTY ELIQKfBS WALKER, MARILYNYBS Slvffw C "-T A WETZEL, VIRGINIA ROGERS-SS C " 1 iN 8 H Gler- C c WINDER! LEAH RUTHYBS Y L YAMAMOTO. TSUGIYE R -E ,- .1 Y- s r ,-Vw-'4 xv 3-If L w an +1 wr- 'Q 17 . Q W A ggvfff' wqififfx NN . S M WN S 1 N Rf, X ,My YZ: w f my L A -:fb gy XL g 5: S X X ' :iq A f Page 295 9 X Q 6 ki! 5 A ' gf , - 29 ,Lf "Q r '55 v: .53 bilpg 1 4 df' Y , IVY, 5, mi ' -'I - ,3 fi 4 Q 5' " 2 ,154 af 1 . 4 4 6, K' ,, ,,f,, ,Li' . . 7 Jay! S F , .5 ' i A ' A 'Lv f 1 1' I . 1 1- - , , f ,'i'w52fFQN X JZ? ' "i.ff'l:"5 1. 4 4f L ,fa ,- " 1 yx ' -4 5 " " I 4:17553 'ffl' ,J . X fffhl - , P 4 wx 'A ' ' " - T ' , fi' ' , , ' .' Lx ,. 'I' A 'Wi' ff" - SQXXFQ i- .I I ' ' fr: Q?-7 . .4 U.-I F J if -X f at - 'f 1 , V? 'di 'L .. t ,q f G11 - I Q ' fi ' , " J 1 , - 94 H I TJ, -' rw'-in PHA X If D K NA. ,, . .-4:-f . 1 11 N W 5 - X ' 'PH ff'- -- JW mf' .. " 5 ff ig., ' f "' 'f ". .a !y f E l !-Ji NAB E 1 M-In 4 W H Y VV -A-Y Y T Y Nagle, A' G in fry fi?-Af A Vw ' J fW"'Q 'N : A .vi 1 V .- TW - 3. I' I ' Y Q J-E1 t H A . - + w 72-3 A- ' 'Fi' fy ' . -4- V7 ' vY s . --Y ,1 I pg V' ' ,V , tx' I fL1 2 ,d :.a-L:.,,lV-?3 Q- I ---. A' V - - +ff" 1 2 W , 1 ,- , 4. --vm . - -+ , ' ' ' ' rv 5 'H " g Tv - .- .Af . ' . l Q I -A Nfl' " ' W 'I -Tl-H ii! - QFV , ' Q "I- "I" 6 'inf ' . . "A ' 7 , ' ' ' .f ' A ' i f. ' ' 1 J ' I' - ' 'A' ' -- kg' -141 I Q A 1,1 , 'V f ' 1 1 ' '5-, to ' , was -is ' Q E, 4 Lg 157 1' A ' - ' g?1'1"Q1 , 4, A ' -,Li ., flfv .5 V Lf- H' " -'If-.F .,-.PFD ' HY ,. A' s j, ' ' s Y ly,-svn--Bjff :, Y :Q--,, .ir ',:.i,k:::. , K 3-iv .-"TA, V - tix , Awww! H is' , f I J L R 1 A, F I- , .I I U M A' , Y 0. 5, 0 , ' ' x ' ' I 'dl v YIM Q N001 mn PX X 'VJ AVAAX ,A fl N ,I uf ' .2 "!,,.'- . yn Q N 5 is K X .. Y Ax . s . V i 9 .fx . gm-u 1. 5: ' " 'V x - ki .P .X . , N4 b , . ' f E . .Q x ., v 1:-N v .I " X M 1. s jf ll E as 'v- . ilyz ROW I-Nesier,J Srevers B ROW 2-Liguorr F Murray P Cruse, C STANDING-Blwgqh D Cros Kress H, Woodworth, T Dugan J, Bryan? B, Baker I TEACHERS COLLEGE TRIBUNAI. ..X,.J On Regisfrafion Day fhe freshmen had fheir firsf infro- i l Page 297 ducfion fo Tribunal af an informal fea. Tribunal hoped fo soffen fhe chore wifh punch and cookies. The success of fhe affair prompfed a repeaf performance second semesfer. Faculfy-sfudenf relafions are of prime inferesf fo T.C. Tribunal. This goal of improved relafions was mei' by in- formal meefings of fhe group wifh fhe faculfy and numerous open houses held fhroughouf fhe year. Ofher new proiecfs fhis year were o Senior Parfy and pre-elecfion educafion for freshmen classes. x K -1 - J if 'Q Qa- us BAGOT, JOHN A.-B,S., C?n-iwnnaf, C' 3-P' Ep- ,Non Kappa. BATSCHE, MARJORIE C,SB.S., Cnltnna' Ohiof TP-efa Pm AM:-na Ureas., PanHeN. P-eo. Song Le-:defy Sri. Elem. Club,SDGVl1fLN CH: N. Pref.l, BEHRENDT, AILEEN S.-B,S., Cincinwo' Cnio-Sig, nm DeW'a Tm CV. Pres., Rwn Cnrf, So:.Cnfn.1 Uman Corn., Oienicvzon Bd, Newt Re:J'd, Pan- He-!! Ryan Cnrn, Tranfier tron' O' J S'1'?. BERWANGER, MARY LOU-B.S., Cn: 'v3', CMO- Co-Pp Chb PN Cnw Epsdan, Gif?-9 CN Q, New an Chb lCorre5. Seal, Bus. Ez Cas. rv' BLATT, GLADYS KRUMBEIN-B.S., Cin:lf'1:', Qnio -HwNNel Uixec. Bd.l, Areve, W.A.A Cwb, Moaefn Dance Chwb, l.Z,F.A, BLETT NER, JOYCE ANNfB.S., C'nw:'nn:" WA A., Arefe. Peng-un GHO- BOIKE, MARY K,-B S., Cwncmnofi Cl" 5-3.5. Ed. Cub CV, Preul, Y.W,C,A., Suu?" Dwecfory, wxg WGQ, O BURR BORGMANN, CLAIRE ELAINE-8.5. Cwcmnuvi, n.osX.W.CA. W,A.A., Arefe Dave Cub. OR, WILMA LOUfB.S., Asnx we C"I:ffWee- 3 .ev Faundohcn, Band, NQVY. Mg: E Buss-4, BARBARA ANNABS., Clngnram Deira Delfo DeHo KPr-35.1, Y.W,CA, wary Cub, Pun!-leNN. KTreas.J BYRD, ROBERT-B.S,, Lockfcmd, ODEO. COCHRAN, B. JOAN-BS., De-Y-Uwo'-P O" Demi Delta KSGQ. Chm., Song Lean . Conf, On5o- K1g.Pw- Q-DeHa VJ Unwon P Ba. 1Proq'a'n Com. Cnfni, Y.W.C.A., JnHeH, Rea Croas LV. Pref., Chm 1, Cv'-ie C U Kama.-A, Kmg KT.U-ef Cnrn., CofCnfr.s, MMC Cnf:.n naman, Jr. Advmer Wfesnnwan P'-ae? Chnl J' Pforn Hike? Cnrrj, Jf. Pfo" CD nf Sa-:. Bd. CSML, Women Senate, In C'3' 2-,.:1.j'j:f :,.f' --1, -w X --"' . COHEN, EDWARD G.-BS., C-nz 'mi Unfo- ' v ' Sgfna Alpha Mm fpremk, HMM, T. C, Tfwbwval, - A , New, Re-cami, LFC., Bw, Ea. C .t, 1"'3"','a!3 ' ' 'p 'E Un L- Onwo Bw., Tea-:ned A ::. 49' - 3515, ' 'Q 1 'F' Z, COLZIE, som-1 MAE-B.S, Cwnalnmnv' 3-':Aoe:m J . ,Q ,' A5 3 Swqva Tnera, Sec,-ENem. Chb. fd' QC fg- f counms, PETER GEORGE-8.5, Cm A-1' of V f " Them Cn. QSec.J, Mwnwef, GJJ New 'UQ-of-d, ' X 4"-' ' - t Ermhvn Phu Swgrno lPref,, V. Pre, ' C'ff-'Quai-f, fjg ,vii A 1Q?,, Xfs. CnJn.f, Club, Y.M.C.A. A fig f. Cowen, wuLL1AM R.fB.S., ww.-.11 r jlvfffw ...R ,X . Vijiii C , ng Www Aazaol, UM.A.C. 'til' " ' A '55 Rf L , C f-Q., NK, - NW Q , .:, f ,S 4. 2 5 'f,j,g5.l-"3 f 'V a+.3 ,.,2g 'f' .. ., ,. fg.ff..,4Q.m 0 CRAIG, WILLIAM B --BS A vw, Q A , cause, consumes R af. ww.-. -1, in . ' , - 55, P r.f1w+h1:.Ai-wwM111F WAA r ,Wh 'Q E1,r'1,F'vfp X, A, . DV, if A:-nf Q g., yf.':A,TQ'l'- - 4 ' DAUBENBIS, JOYCE M -P Cf ww F X E ELC r,,C-'-r f"1 x 'X' DELANEY, JACK fi' H v fm-w I C' ,' , ', Pwf-wa Q . -is ,, DEUTCH, LEONARD-BS QQ'-Qfmv Cn.. sqm: V K -' . f , Aram nw'1,xZfA.,Ew:f'- Cm. gf: A Q .f all Q. , ' . 1 'fi DIEFENBACHER, SUZANNE as cf-wiv C' .Y "" U f 1 A, A , ' xf' Em, eff C1 L: wQw,C A A " ' W 1- :-3.9 -5, . ' - , 1. . - , L1 A fn-5 Page 298 r ', -3 DUERMIT, DORIS JANE-BSI I, I' O-, ' S P 1- ' T E I- AEI-I E' E'I'I,pI If IIIII. QIIIE, I3,III1 PIII-A9 QI, I-III II. CII- O:-I RIMS s, MI I ,I AI A- ITYQA I-.AA 1., gm III, FINN, VIRGINIA TERRY-fB 5 C ' "I 1' If' J- Q .l AI--I DIMI P CI- E-Ig, 11.1-' 'Rf' " V I-,Ig Cf C I IAIEA UII,--' g,,. . ,Q k I IT- Eff: I Q E H III P- TEIIII 1- ,, I ECg'E:" li' I5 I.Lw Qu' S: " I" Z UI Ig- DIII--I Q- fI Ev .1 I II IX Ijwwf-an Q r Q' Ir- C 1' EI ,I I A ' B1 ,W ,, FIX, AUDREY ES C' 'Ez' , FRANCIS, ELAINE-B 5 L " Inf IIIIEII ,-:I III EI I T -I WV ,,.,n 41,3 , 1,7 1 GOTTHOEFER, BARBARA JANE 55 If ' C' :WP E-vi P' D :TE Q 1' P71 ' 'AAA TAI- MII SI-, EII IQ I T .b .,,, C., WE ,Y ,, 43 GRAMMAR, DONALD B 3 DIA ' O: I ,, HACKMAN, WILLIAM PAUL-5 CI Q "i " I 3 HAMILTON, SUZANNE MAGARET SS Q I - ITII,-YIIII RIIII JIIII .-.AA A SIE' C L 'IW C A is HAMMOND, JOAN KATHRYN--55 A' 'g' ' II 1' ff'Q--IS:::1 U 'z ".'I'TfA J. AA I-11 F'ff'3', C r PVP-1, HAUCK, BETTY M - EI S E ' I A V T I:,i:,,I,, U, Iq Q gm 'If' V- W . V E EI Ig I A fa . HOBAN, ANN PATRICIA E15 Ii .' - S ,, f A I-I CI- II DI, AI 1 Q I I "" -.I ,Jw My LI CH I IQ A, A A I III .K a PIHII QI MIIII ' ' HOLSTEINE, NORMA LEE EI S I I '3 na" 1' U Q HUGHES, IOANN CAROLYNIIE A ZI-'z 'I AII. PI I Q -Ir 1 1. A II " YW 5 A Q' 5 I P I :gf ll ,Ili HUGHES, PEGGY VIRGINIA' El QI,-, 5.1 DH. VH I L EI . I AI I 1 A I . E ISI LI II. IQ I HUGHES, ROBERT RAY 5 5 A M-I I- T T, ' I . 4,1 If ' A' , HURLEY, DOROTHY O 5 ggi, - ,, ' S Q 3 AA EI :I I ...II ,Q ' rw- ,: ' P, 'J I 3 Xe-1, 1 A , f-A. I 'U' Page 299 Lg, I .,A -1, Il, . Igzgw , .- --.IX I,-X -fzv x 'F537' , ., II JACQBSON. BEA EINRELSTEIN - 'ws sf I my IACQBSON INA BERSEIADSKY If I' I KELLEY, LOTS JEAN I. :VI , r 1 ' L ir--SS , , KLEINE, SHIRLEY ANN r In :L lfil 9, Ka V32 .IJ -O' 'Y is Q V' L1 I A 3' .fy E fv- - a x ?'? : -- S 1 I Z -f X if , I 'ar I IA- :Fig I- - 'I J: 1-f- .. .isa 'g g ag Jrs 3 I . A "N A 1 ' 4 I I I I Q 2' IG A ammo, CONNIE M - I "" A -I I' f ix :Y f ,A KOKE, JOSEPH KENNETH- E' " I ' -I 1 - I ,z" E I M1 E E, ' I-' KRESS, HAROLD N EI , , - 5 E' 'J I "I I M 1' I-'I "' ' T , E E1 Q T v Q III "iz PM C Il ,- 'I 'If I--Af II MII AII I AI Nr" Z Z MI' E" 7" M A KUHLMAN, RIIA A 55 Q ' . , , I 5' E AI I E I QI- Q II .I II 'Q-1' III F 3. SIIII. UIII If C NI-.II I JAI- E 'A EI SI -I 'I I S, E'-1' ' 'E 'E ,lf 5- EEZ' " I' 'J F' ' If L LAROCCO, VITOfE 5 FEW: T D' ' " '- I-I I- LEY, DOROTHY R.fB.S,, Ciricirviw, Ohio-Aiphn D 1 P V Pr Se EI C D F i i . 95.3. c.- em. QL- T re. WA.A BJ., Y,W.C.A., Ciricinriaian, Ixy CI'-Jia. LINGO, JOANN BETTY-BS., C-ri-:i'inaTi, QUO- Zein Tai Aipha iAcIiyivy Chwmj, Sec.fEIem. CITE I C 1 ii T C T .3 Kw D Im P , . Vinum , ,mg-J Q I I. ra D:-In P Ivy Chain, Wig Wag LIPP, CAROLYN LOUISEfB.S., Cmfinmii, Ohio- XJ 1 DIJ Ta IP iH.iii Li' K ei- ii res., ' e Exec. Com., www: Neiys Record, Union Dance Cord, Pgrir-IefI Trnrisier from Indiana Uniyeriiv, LOUNSBERY, PATRICIA VIRGINIA-B,S., Ciricinriab CI1iaiAfQm WAA Ba., Penguin CIi.ib, Dame V P CIQ. MARA, MA RTHA J.-BS., Covingian, Ke-niiijly! Ain"-a DeI'a Pi, PanHeII, Glee Club, Mifwwef, Ed. CIJI3, Sfuderif Diredory IEd.J, Union H13-'ui'J iw Cow., Ju Adviser, Bd a' Pi bf cnhomi. MARCUM, ALICE ELLIOTT-B.S., Ciieviw OH in --Tri. .wav Loves. Seal, Alpha Lambda Del'-J. MQCONN, JOSEPH EUGENEfB.S., C'rii:.fina+i, Cihig -Se: EIe'ii. Clib MCCRAY, WILLIAM JOEL-B S. Ciwcirimafi Ohio- NAAC P, Y,M.C A., Sec.-Elem. CIub. McGEE, MARTHA LOUISEfBS, Siiirifiiom, Wei Viz:-H in-Um:-'i HJ- oivaiiw Cong i'.W.C A. ' Xxx X,i'F7"fSSNS MVS? .C N.. , , iii P' Li ki I .gfi"N 1 ' "fi ' ' - 115 .' 177 i. .I " , 1' H y ' . K ri Q, pg., -vi 'I , .. , , X n " I 2 'AI -sv N' T 'Q gg? ,exam ,r iff ' ,. om- H, 1 , F ,G 55' 'F 1 ' 73 , . V - , 4 - -' ' Q -J' I '15, args? 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NAUMOFF, DONNA-B S., Cincirinoii, Ohiof, W.A A., Sei.fEI-5-fri. Clib, Y.W.C.A. NESTER, JUSTINE E.-B.S., Cincinnati, Ohio-Tw awori IRei:. Seal, Bus. Ed. Ciub KPres., Seci Ivy Cwain, T. C. Tribunal, Kappa Deyfa Pi. PHILLIPS, FRANKIE-B.S., Cincinriaii, Ohio. POPKEN, PATRICIA ANNE-B.S., For? Wrigiif, Ken- ILf:I.yfT?ieIa Phi Alpha IPres I, PanHeII, Kampus Kiwa Com., Varsity VoIIeybaII, Kfg,-Primary Ciub, Ca-Rec. Volleybail, Tfarisfer from ViIla Madonna. RAIN, ROBERT JULIUSfB.S., Sain! Maryz, Ohio- Ba3Ie!baII, BaSebaII, Ulex. REINHARD, LAVERNEeB.S., Cincinncfi, Ohio-Kape pa Deifo iEd,fPubI, CI1m.I, Y.W.C.A., Jr, Ad- vi-er, Kdg,Primary Club ISec.I, News Record IAQJ. MQLI, Ivy Chain, Wig Wag. RICKING, JOAN ANNfB.S., Sharonyiile, Ohio- Deifa Zefa II-Iisiorian, PIedge Trainer, Kdg.- Primaiy Ciub, Y.W,C.A., W.A.A., League oi Women Voiers, Jr. PariHeII. RODGERS, PATRICIA JOANiB.S., Ciricinnafi, Ohio --CM Omega fPIedge Misiress, V Pfes.I, Y.W.f C.A W.A.A., Murnmers. RUBENSTEIN, BRENDA-B.S., Clncinriaii, Ohio- Hiiie-I IS-ec., V. Pi-es.J, Kdg.-Primary Club, Sec.- Ebgffi, Ciub, I.Z.F.A IV. Pres.I, Union Music Cam., Jr. Adviser, Modern Dance Ciub, Panei of Afiiericons, S.R.C., R,E,W., l.S,C. SAMPLE, GLENNfB.S, Cincinnati, Ohio-Sigma Aipha Epsiion KV, Pres.j, Ulex IV. Pres.I, Sig- ma Sigma ITfea5.j, Foofbali, Baaeball, Phi Sp, siion Kappa IV, Pres.I. Page 300 SCHOELWER, MARION M.-B.S., Cmcwnnofw, Ohio- A T"e'3 Fm ALL-PG N. Presj, Nvfw 5?:gL,LfL: ,L "L A , V Mgry, C nc rmmm ,Sn EL1 A L32 E1 , C 1 f' an-L SLJQPQ-L L5L:L1.L P DELL EL ,Y P- . yah' CJLW. ,HcL.LL:-Jwyj Crvw, S-fi. I L QCA uh AJCLRE' LSC--Z. C"r.,, V. Alv E-', .y Q' '1' -.4 , ' A. .. , ,f' FLC. ,HOLL-fcwy Cfmj, G':e'wef-L LTLZLET X f 'M Q -A L' W 4259, XX QL -- L A 2 S , - ' SCHULTES, GRACE DRYDENU E 5 Q L, L: L L 1 X - -JM, C A 'LMA A. L-203.5 of Wah:-' v:'L-' , ' . ' " SHALOSKY, WILLIAM ANDREW--B S L. -LL b ' C' EL-S ZVLLJ CE, Sgwc SLgfr.J, LJLE- F' E: K L Ton Kappa, oolboll, Track. .XX X L .xv -,. smvioa, BETTIE L- B9 M L, :few LL - AXQQXY 5 L SOMMEM, MARY ANN-BS, oweMmm,L-Lg- L ---fL' L -- L .BA Q A Dew ZL:': LCA"-3. Seal Kappa DLLQ: P .L 3-21, Er" CL C L-lL:Lr'ef.. Seci VW C A - .1 'mmff' F,Lr1LnrL3n, SPEARS, GILBERT, JR,f'B,S,, Lomond, Om- Ffa L 'K , sa' L ' 'fer C23 Ffa L Lf Txrgv, PLME L, ', . A Ani'-,im W M C A W n 'K " 6 it SPECHT, LORAINE MARGARET-5 S, C 'L " L A -' sd, C' E-K :Lg P' "zu Q! CL, :LX V:-, STAVROFF, SOPHIE YVONNE-B.S. Cm: PrLJ', OP L' -A -- ' --Uv VV C A B E1 CI b, W A,A STICKLER, VERA MAY-a.s,, cmanmf om- A'e'e tv V- C A - -1 STUTZMAN, SHIRLEY Miss. Cn .jk ff ' L L, , N- .f Alpha ommon P1 qv PreS.J, c3L,-L- C: L RL-L lj'--n, i A ,. Pfvffafv CN LL FEW., Con?e'b 'L A LL ' A ' XM' SWILLINGER, GLORIA S.-B.S., Cincinnoh, Ohio- ,-,L L, - Leng E- i' WL:L"H'1 VEL'e's QM? C b, M 1' '5 QW I 'L wi A 9 W" 1 DQPL1 TN '-1 T . TAYLOR, CAROL JEAN 'B S., CLnLiL'L'L:1 O10- T'-1'L: PPL Alf-Ho KSELLT, Women! Senofe fPres, -"A, ,ff Cove: Sf-L: R-Pi S-2-LN, Moda' Bi. ff- 'Q L is - L 7' ' 'ow CYP G 'ion PL DeN'o ErLS"', Fu: A . .5 DEP3 PL O'e'1fL3vLo'u Bd, Unww B1 'A A IQ' tv-- S' je-'v' C-L 'LW ANILPLD Low-bds U0 'U F-A Q A LL L16-:Ls--LL F'EfVrv-mn Proyecv KCPWLH PLM Li' ' . X ALLLALLLELL LCLWL Read Crow LCM' :L ,, , NU? L1 Pi- "1 CW E1 F-13' EEL vX.'.fC A ' , -'I , if PL PL L1 L -:P A LL V' A A 'Q SEE e+L. P EW, LP LLL Om L, up :Ln F"1':' X C L- PLLLLL-LLLL3LLLLLfL-LL LA, LL Lib Lafmuvfun, luv C"LwL'v J' Profv Cow V , 4 , THOMPSON, NASH JR -B S. C fr' fm T ' "if ' A PTA ACE! T'-HTL ' TUCRER, MARv LYNN P S. C -L ' Kwrfn ALLPL1 Tw-'w JTrfPL1' E: if ' LN V A CLLL-L:-A CLLL, Am W4 Cfw VLH I PNNL-LPLLL SHLTL M frvvefs H-lend U '-" " 9' L Lf "Z "" " L" 'L' DUNS H r 'i '. L' .L C L SA-L J' P-LLHL L A "A,:.Lf1.,C'1f PEW ELL L 3 W,.,,L,,., L ,Q,,Af,. QC QLW L J VEHR, CAROLE ANNE BS Crm:-Aw CL' A ALL A531 ' Q' H W , A ' .1 mA:::4:P: EA, LA Ai! A A A -L D , , L ,L HAQQ-Ififfffg " ' ' , ' Afgzjfgg, WALKER MARGARET ES L1 f -'L A X' 1 F , L Ai : FALL 1 A I ' v I - Q 33 A A , L , -A f' T ' Q 3 " A' WEBER, MARLYN R P, Af , L A f , p L , L.. ,, L ,f ,-VO' Q V. -.Aw ,Q V , Q, , r A A 'L 3,13 .. WERT, ELSIE FAY 5.3, CLmL1Lnm+L, om-KLJL-LLL YA fPPfP -. NGSQSQQ LL- PL QQ' SL' ELL Q1 Q x LLL A L 1A Y K. , - 1 L 1 EL L L LL - :P -- ' -1, ' WHITEHEAD, LEROY ES, C ' ' 1 -E -' : ,. A A I, , N 1 A W K , ' E-' C CL. WOODWORTH, THOMAS GEORGE E L L' 'L L L. P L LLL,L-L TWU LLLPL' Ln ,P-A 'WJ T ff T': 'iz LVL 1 Ez L' F' L ' 'f'P' 'I ' Z! ELLV1 E E1 CILL NT' PP., APPLETQ MV' SL: L EL APL ,L AL SLLQL-, wf- LLL if ,Lv Ffjf- 3 MVL F DL ?L'm EI LL 'L - LL-f Nmwv-' 'Lak Umon Dance Cow, ?L LL L- NLLLLLL AUP' w M C A ZUCH, MILDRED D -5 SL C '1r"2' 'f' -"W 'E' " Q-:': E L E S1'L:L ' Page 30l -r -J gi. .L Lew- 0 .-X' -. , .4 L . L I. L f L RO VXA 1-4. 7--5: .-,-',f "f.g,x, -.,x..- ,'.- ,--'. - ni ,f . l --lah in f"-:,U2vf.' A- ,yn-f1,,,-, 'All-' 'F' -- I 4- ' ' 1 ' '. ',d .ng , - .1 , U A, 11 . V .4 I 3. . U.,'J, ., . 1 j- -..f -,- mf. ,,-QTY, ,Iac ,-v '- ,hfl If-, A f- -'4...,.fA f - , . . .-......-..-.., , .ss Q gg... 0. ,g. --.--..' P+ lg -xx EVENING COLLEGE GRADUATES Page 303 Al+hough UC s+uden+s are aware of fheir many class- males who spend +heir days in numerous occupalions while on secfion, rhey are unaware of +hose who work every- day and are noi' on seclion. They are fhe evening college sludenfs whose number exceeds The number of day +ime s+uden+s on campus. Their quesl for educafion is also ac- companied by a quesf for social ac+ivifies. These include Nile Hawks, 'rheir newspaper, and fheir Siuclenr Council. They sponsor dances, coFfee hours, and promofe a scholar- ship fund. - ,Z .1 -ffl' 9. A-:Z ,, I, ,ei : ww -' I . .E 'X fy 1 . .49 1,2 Ni: Q: .... E IET" Qxw I . ' IQ U' R I -if? I 2 .VE X 51.1 , A -Qls -.4 P. -' x " L 5 '-7:2 I... I... X , it-,ali ,V Rfb" I -GN 'vt' lv M X S I A . - . N , ,X 253 523 f-1 'M E ,, E3 . -4- ,' '-4 . 4' -' ...Y ,..- . 'Y ... xx-. , I if f .. ,.,.. .. :fir A. h 1:30 E -A -.13 I hy -ML - V L. ' as I "SP 1 '- '0 J ' ' Ti .-- 1 , 1 , JlIII'LJI Jllllr 2 iff' 5 X.v- ? I - I Tn' ,. JIII 2 . I I f , Ig , 9 ,T , ., AA ' .... , ... , ...- ff' 2 -:I "I . , , . ' 1 J Q, 4, v ., .. , i -qv -up 'J -Z 13' ,-9 as 3 ., e gd . .3 Nw-41? ' 'I 35? Igsasi r?9?9s ANDREE, ROBERT T. BARLOW, FRANK H. BRESTEL, DAVID J, BURRIS, PETER, JR. BUSE, CARL A., JR. CARSTENS, HARRY N, CRUSE, THOMAS V. DANNER, ROBERT H, EMMRICH, JOSEPH A. ENGEL, WILLIAM E. FENDER, VICTOR C. FRAKES, KENNETH E. FURTH MILLER, ROSS L, GIBBS, GEORGE GLASSMEYER, GLORIA J, GOLDSBERRY, WALTER W, HAESLER, WALTER E, HERKLOTZ, THEODORE R, HERKLOTZ, WILLIAM HETZ, LEWIS A. HOLTHAUS, ROSE W. HONEBINK, FRANK E. HURDLE, GEORGE J, JOHNSON, JAMES H. JONES, DENNY, JR. JONES, JOHN K. KELLER, STANLEY KELLEY, ROBERT H. Page 304 Page 305 K -N .1..1'f' ...Rs '.- A x y u LANKFORD, ROBERT C LAWRENCE, DUARD LEAHR. GENEVA s A 1 LENZER, CHARLES 4- .3 -" LOEW, PRICVLLA H x . LUDWIG, JEANNETTE M L . W ,Q f F Y X gr wg., "vii: L ,V -1- X is if , g Q. -rf . A ,ff 1- gg . - N .. A , V. ..... 1 N Y? W, X W X? XX TSR X X fifmgc 5 Ni E Rs 'N Q f I' A Z A ,,, Z , A ,f K R X 1, Q , W XE L Luowuc, JOHN s -Ge V .,. A LYTLE, DOROTHY R r-'p . MAIER, WLLLLARD L I.. L fy-aff. MCCABE, ROBERT i 1 Q .J g A www, - ' N ,J Xvf Q MECREA, JAMES 1 ' 4 hd 44 we Q. -- ,... MEDERMOUA KENNETH H Q I . ' , , . 'ff - s ,45 5 MERANDA, CHARLES O .' I -, - ',1 3 MESERTH, uRv1N A gf N 1 5 I . . ,' MESSER, LAWRENCE o Q ,E As: ff -'N 1: A ""' 4 f -. f -I L ,f MEYER, RICHARD 1 x":" Hg' "J "' jk NOETH, CHARLES w , -.f.. A - 3.34 . PENDERY, DAVID E 5' PENNLNC-TON. RAYMOND A -:a- an-E E 12- fa' ' gk. ' In A W Q ,i iv' L REINSCHMIDT, MELvlN M T: W' "' - ROPP, PAUL A 1' , Z 'x ROSS, CAROL -V ' M SCHICKNER. HAROLD Q SHANK, GEORGE w L-. SHIELDS, HALBERT L 5 A . --1 -.V 4 ' , , T1 - ' vii v-...E NEW TV ROOM STUDENT UNION LIFE Relaxafion is as imporlanl as hard work +o any well done iob and +his is 'rrue for school work, loo. The Sfudenl Union is The cenler for 'rhis relaxofion on campus cmd fhe lounges and music room are fhe perfecf places for a few minules of comforioble loafing befween classes. The game room and new TV room oFfer enfer- 'rainrnenl and of course, lhere is The Grill where lhe ineviiable bridge game flourishes. The Union sees ifs share of work loo, since if is 'the cen- +rol meefing place for sfudenls, and +here is always a long lisf of room reservafions for group meefings. The Union Desk receives all imaginable requesls, and from Deans lo lhe greenesl' freshman, all gel in relurn The same friendly help. BUSINESS AS USUAL AT THE UNION DESK STENE, RAYMOND J. THURMAN, WILLIAM H. TIGGES, ROBERT B, TOMLIN, HAROLD R. UNGER, ROBERT E. WESSNER, LAWRENCE C. WILDER, HOBART DEGREE CANDIDATES NOT PICTURED BENNETT, JEAN E. BENNETT JR. BERNARD, HOWARD E. BREYER, EUGENE L. BRINKMAN, THOMAS G. CLOPPERT, FREDERICK G., SR. EMMONS, RAYMOND EUGENE GEHLER, JOSEPH GIACCIO, ANTHONY J. GINZBERG, M. GERSON GRAHM, FLORENCE E. GREENSTEIN, IRVING I. GUNDERSON, RALPH B. HOLBROOK, EARL FRANCIS HOPPLE, ROWLAND KISSEL, FRED G. MERTES, ALBERT E. PELLMAN, RUSSELL J. ROLFES, PAUL F. SOLOMON, MURRAY S. SONDERMAN, ELMER H. TEISMANN, WILLIAM P, ge 307 4x 'X MEDICAL COLLEGE GRADUATES The College af Medicine, Eden and Belhesda Avenues, has for many years been a cifadel of higher learning in 'rhe Arr of Medicine. Each year, young men cross 'rhe fhreshold of fhe red brick building fa enier a new world. For +he firsf 'rwo years of +raining, while-cooled sfudenls labor endlessly learn- ing +he secrefs of lhe human body. Af fhe end of four year's of infensive iraining, fhe medical siudenf receives his hood wi+h self-reliance and aplomb. S -4 ws vr"" 5 vs .Q -up ,J -0 .7 uf pq-Q vfxlx -an Q5 Ii. .. If .F .11 I J .- T mx :PFC ,..- f -.,. gg. Q, A -'S' Jar A S5283 1' V71 ur.. A4 N' If Y Q f E L '.Q A K X " awake- .vo Q., -2 6? ' I U fc: 'Q' ,e ,I ' 'T' ' I U.. ' --P 1 5' .225 " ww ., .. I D 31" 'Q 'RN 'W I "' I , -F .4 - ARNOT, JAMES E.-M.D., cmmmfa om BARNES, JAMES W.-MD, M-ddIeIown, ONG- PI1- Chu. BROWNING, CHARLES H., JR.-M,D., Fmmouvb Kfnmcix. BRUNSMAN, JOHN ARNOLDfM.D. Cingwwncm Oh-of-N,I Swgmu N,- BURT, ROBERT CHARLESfM,D, Cmmnnav-, Ormo- N S gmac: NIT BUSAM, PAUL ANTHONYf M D C mawnmh, Ohnof MI'I,IwII Pr-Jmfri SCU., PI Km'-D61 AIIWC1, BYRNE, THOMAS G.-MD, HU'-mIMn Ohm, CAMPBELL, EMMETTHM D., Dnwon, Owe, CARDOSI, JOHN GREDERICKfM.D, Cmgw-wnntf OI If:-PI Knnnn Enwlnn. CARR, RICHARD D.fM.D, MQHIIQ-III? IntIvf3n'3 CASSIDY, ROBERT E.-M D , CO IWJIOH KENT iw, CHASE, NORMANE-M D , Cvxmnnnf, Omg. CLARKSON, CLARENCE G,fM.D. Norm Vefmn lmfhunm-PMI CIM. CLEMENT, FRANK- M.D, Cwnfwn-JM, On-ofPm CIN CRAMBLETT, HENRY GAYLORD-MD, Sam OMG-- PIM CH, MIICHC-II NEI:-fu PNJIIJIVIIQ SOIL. EBERSOLD, DONALD KlETHfM D, Cwnnnnnv, Ono fSIqfvm Cn., NU Swqmg NI, PI Kappa Ep,Icm ELLIOT, DAVID WARRENifA.D Cwniwrvfvimh OMG Swgwwn CHI, AIVH-'1 kflppfl Kf1pDJ ELLIOTT, ROBERT BETZELWM D, Am Ow1:fNI Swgvwn N" DF-Im Up Ion. ELLIS, FRANK E.fM D,, Glberv WDA Vwgmm. FORTHMAN, HUGH JOHN-fM.D., C,wc'nnfm OWU fNI Swclfvm NH. FOX, J. PHILlPfM D, Lc.f:"-uni, OIw,g-WPI1 CW Fox, THOMAS sowmofmo, Lf.m+,ff, fbrwn PI, C+, qrfmm FRAASA, ROBERT CONRAD-M D Cmfwnrvnm, OMS FRIEDLEY, ELLSWORTH LOWELL-M D, Nm' Wu It mqhjvry, Ohm PI-I CH, MIQHHII Pf'fI'UIfvQ SOC. FRIEDMAN, ALVIN'-fM.D., CI-v,InnIJI. OIwQfPrvI DPIHU Epwon. GOETTLE, JAMESfM D., CInf:wrmM, CIMO, GOLDFARB, MILTON M.fM.D,, Cindnmufw, Ohm. HEILBRONN, DWANE BRUCEWMD, Cmqmnmh, QHIQ-Smdg-nv COIHQII, Nw Swgmo Nw IPfe:.I Sfmcvm Afnencan Medwcol Aww, P' Koppu Epfdon, Page 308 1 1' A-.AX 5313112 X HEIMBROCK, DONALD-M U., cnmmn, om., ,f 3 , , HEIMRROCR, ROBERT cfm D., cmmgmn, Ken ' , 5 MW .gg can - ag- 1 HENRY, PAUL RALIEGH-MD Csn.gmmI,, om- 'V 1' I ' .' Nu Svgrvvc NI, M.v,:he'I Ped own. Soc, Phu Kap - .. - po Epswlon, R: x'- 'N JACK, EDGAR ALLENMM D Q R, mm, om, M.-., A , " Glep Chfb, Smdenv CQMIQII ISA-LAI. De!!-1 Pm A-' 'E ,Q i W L 1' A , Npha, Pm Em Sqn-In, P+ B-M3 Kcxppc, , Qifg? -,lf ' A O X . 1 L 13-Six I ' rg.: V ,, IAKES, HAROLD-M D, CMIhI:mbe Om JOHNSON, DON ROGER--M D, N62 M. me, off -P+., CR, A M A KIRSCHNER, JACK ROBERTfM D, Cwnqmrmv., Ohm APM Dvlfo Enmqvw P. KJLL'-.1 EL- -IL' Peuwgrv-IQ 5-JI: M ey., LACAMERA, FRANK, JR --M D Wixfferw If' Cla'-. Fw-., Pr-I IDN QPIQ I, E-Mdem Com N MIILMI' P-an-uf'-3 Q 1 P. FILL-J EL' 'JI I' Cub. Re--1.1 ng MQCCARTER, PAUL FRANKLIN, JR., M D fjw,.,vAsp'.3 Rjpw RILLQI P' Em ,VJ P' Beau Youpn. Q MARTIN, FREDERICK TfM D, Spf mghe 1-fPf. C'-I rvII+,rmI NEIAMI Pff,I.m,., MCCORKLE, ROBERT ELLSWORTH MD Aww A Gm!-NU Sxgvm NI, A M MCKELL, DAVID M D , CIrIgIvIr.m, c'1rII.-Amrw KJLL-1: Kun-:J IV P'-9 ' MERSCH, WILLIAM JOHN M D C.,,.nqIgw kv haw. MICHELS, MAX IVAN 'M D 1 r uv C" :f AI ph-,1 KJ ppc Ku LIL-In MILLS, DON HARPER -M D, 1 f, mmf, O' wo' Ng SIQUILI Nu, SIL'-,If-nf Cm rn II IPIEH I, A M A MOON, RICHARD YOUNG M D, Ifm.,mm1Y1 Oni -fSIu'vI3 AIp-M1 Eu NLG N Sqfvw N P Yu. p-J ELCIIQVI. MORRIS, EDWARD DOUGLAS, JR.-M D, Hume' lmmng-Pr., CII, fQ..,m-vm SIgw.11 F., D'-Im Ep Jon. NOVAK, WILLIAM JfM D Cm mm!! Owl. NUGGENT, GEORGE ROBERTfMD, Www-,awww Nw. Jw My-P Kqpp-J EL In O'CONNER, ROBERT-NLD, Cu.'nJIL'fw Y-fn!--J. OHLAHAUSER, GILBERT KARLfMD, Cmvgmwwf Uhw-J-A M A. OPPX, CHARLESfM D., Cm: rm-JI., CW.: OSBORNCA, BARNEYfM D Igmm HM: PETESON, WILLIAM EARL-M D Fai:-ru, Cab, vurmu. POLASKY, NATHAN-MD, Cwncmnqh, Orme-PM DQIIG Ep-don, PI Knupo Ep-Mon, MIIcIIeII Pal strc Soc., A,M.A, ISEQ I. PCRTER, WILLIAM M.fM D., PMII4, bug OMIA- Pn, CM, PI Kappa Epiwlon, SAM A. PRICE, ROBERT C., JR,-MD., CMQQIRJ, Horns. RAWLE, GeRAnfM,o. Hqmqw Pom, Mmgm- Pm Ch, PI Kappa Ep,II.yn. Page 309 ...Q ' -as 3 4' -11' , .1 . is aff' .CDP J' 'Q , if Rl' 4 L A R fa. A ,,, 'W' if 3 .A ' :L , 4 -5 'H'-4" -f - ' ""' IV I' 'IIH . F' . 5 A .sax ' C? E ffl -5 Il Axim. , I I "A . Y X .. , ' F 3 , ,I SS. z .J-A xg. 1 A - M L, MA5 . C' Q ' I QI -A : sz.. 5 1 -4- ' , ...Q A: fl I, 'QQ 'I ff . . - ,,,. Aff' lx I M . 3 Qi' Q ?' "L" . ,I 1, -1? -S -Q -4 ...- . -:R 55,3 I T I f 3 .-'f . I 'a -wi, .4-' I 5.2 .1 ga in fi Fvv wa '- ...- X"' ' 'f-3 .,,. I v A 5,455 'Er x ,I :G . gf' 9 'r.3. 44 'Q Y,-8 .3 -if .4 S. I 'Ji I ' I - I I g " . f -ff f . Li, In-4 -3 ' - 5 Q , ' Q. X In - 2 . fl .mi . 2 ix I S H- -4' .4 ,,,.., fx 'v ' :nw-iz, I 5 M., Ji WL. If F1 - .- , .- is I I "5 Q 5 vvf , .,..v-K fe .xa.': L x o 'x,- . ' www-.., B' .2 4-P If '-I . ...J G' fl ,avi -X' .,.4v q .. -'Q' Sv, 3 .Q I I...-4. I .A, gg- . I if I -ei' .,,, I -,, , ..1 , -' H f r' ' ,ff Q- I I ' .! , -U , -A , J RENNER, ROBERT RICHARD-M.D., CIeveIand, Ohio -Nu Sigma NU, Mi?cheII Pediairt Sac. RICHTER, RALPH WILLIAM-M.D., Cindnnafl, Ohio --BaXIe9baII, Ba5.ebaII, Ornicron DeIIa Kappa. RUSH, MARTIN ADRIAN, JR,-M.D., Middlefawn, CIN-1,-PII Bda Kappa. RYON, ALDEN BILLINGS-M.D., Aihe'.'IIIe, Norfh Cafahna AIpha Kappa Kappa. SCHADLER, JOHN ALLEN-M.D., CovIngIon, Ken- MIQI-v--PhI Beta Kappa. SCHOENGOLD, RICHARDfM.D., Hanmlfcm, Ohm. SCHAROLD, FRANK, JR.fM.D, On-:InnaII, Ohm. SELZER, JACK D.-MD., Cincinnati, Ohwo-Phu DeIta Ep.-uwlan. SMITH, ALEXANDER THOMPSONfM.D., Larghmonf, New YarIfAIpha Kappa Kappa. SMITH, GEORGE D,fM D., Hannlfon, Ohio, SMITH, RICHARD LEE-fM,D., HamEIfan, OhIofNL Shgnia NL. STAUF, JACK LELANDfM,D, CaI.Irnbn-., OhIa'PhI Ch, Pvefdlng Jf. STENGER, RICHARD JOSEPH-MD, CIncEfmaI., CIIHCI-NI. Swgma Nu. STEVENSONHARTHUR JAMESfM.D,, Hubbard, Ohm fPhI Chw. TAYLOR, WILBUR A,fM.D., Clncinnari, OhIo. THINNES, JOHN LEWIS, JR.-M D., Wvornmg, Ohh fAIp7Ia Kappa Kappa, PI Kappa EppfIan, MII fheIl Pedlaffni Sac. THOMAS, DONALD ROBERT-M D, C2n.:InnavT, Ohm -fBe'a Them P., Nu Sigma Nu, PI Kappa Epzuian, PM B-99a Kappa. THOMPSON, GENE MILTON-M.D,, Cincinnah, Ohia -AIpha Kappa Kappa ITreaf,I, MI?-:heII Pedwf arfwc Sac. VONHOLLE, FRANK ELMERfM D., CInc?nnaII, Ohh: Phw Chi. WALLACE, ELMER LEEfM,D., Le-vingian, Kenfudv -AIpha Kappa Kappa. WHITAKER, WILLIAM R,-M.D., Springheld, Ohwa. WILLIAMS, MOKE WAYNE, JR.fM D. Monroe Nc-rfh Carohna-Phw Chi, MIIcheII Pedla1rIL Sac. WIOT, Jerome F.-M.D, Cwnunnafi, Ohla. WOLF, WALTER J.-M D., Cin-iwnnah, Ohwo-Sdgma AIpIa Mm, PhI Dc-IIa EpiIIan, WOLFE, JOHN MOOREfM.D., Ds Graff, Ohm-Pnl Chr. woom-louse, GEORGE-M.D,, wyomzng, am. WURZELBACLER, RICHARD THOMAS-M.D, cm, Ijfnnavw, OWU-Nu Shgvna Nu, A.M.A. Page 3I0 LAW SCHOOL GRADUATES Page 3Il The College of Law has no need ol a fribunol, for from al leasf as far back as l85O, land probably much earlierl, lhey have mainfained an Honor Syslem which is exacfly similar lo The famous Universi+y of Virginia sysfem. For example, fhis means +ha+ sludenls are free fo 'rake 'rheir quizzes and blue books anywhere in +he building during examinalion periods. Thus emphasis is necessarily placed on individual infegrify. lnfracfions of fhis Honor code are considered by fhe Honor Council, which is composed of fwelve members of fhe s'ruden+ body,-fhe officers of each class. The chairman of lhe group is The senior class presidenr, who rhis year was Gene Barnharl. I -A 'Q -ffz'I Nr' X- In ,,, nf - -, -,- N A rx fy -Q Kg.. ' XI: Lfixikfgg' X I I , 3 I --Ir A-:AX I' A.: I ., ',I 2, 491' 3 fy. K ,-1, Li- XL If I , , I I 1 - , ' I ' . wg, . I Q Q .0 as I -Q' j- ... -35 gg' I Q . X I K I II I I' -I N ya I5-V' ' 'J -I 'ta' 'P' ,.'Q' I Q 'L ,"i.5'. rg .I If,-f-I, ., - I. .Ah .2fYi'mZ-X, I fz, ..- NC? X 'I ,. ,Ax .Q 'ff fv- .,,I- Qi, Qs -. -I- I '46 'fyfqi' J , I .3 .. ADRIAN, MELVIN RICHARD-L L,B,, Springfield OII PII AIIQIVICI DI'-IV3 CIFIIZIVIIIOVI Low RexIe',v LfgIiII AIJ Soi. AHLERS, DONALD B. 'L,L.B, Cmgmnofi, OIIIQ. BARNHART, GENE-fL,L B, CIrICirInI:I1I, OIIII3-SI' CMI- PIIe', Leg-aI AIILI Soc, lSfLIderII CIrII.J nf I C nf. III Law RI-..I.-, IEJ. QI EJ I, PIII AIIIIIQ D 'I-I BERGMAN4 MILTONfL L U., CIIIIZIIIUUII, OIII3 BOSTER, STANFORD RODNEYA L.L,I3., CInI1InrICI9I CIIIIIQ LIIQIIIQ AILIIIIU MII4 PIII AILIIIIQI DQIIIQI, CII1 LIIIIILIII Low RfIvII-w, BRESLIN, LEO J.--L L B, Cmjnn III, OHIO, DAVENPORT, MARY JO-fL L B., CIIIFIIIVIQII. OHIO, DELL, WILLIAM CHARLESf'L.L.B., CIrII:IrIrIcI?I, OIIII. f PI-I AILJII3 D42-IMI, DETERS, CHARLES Hf L.L B, Co. ngmn, YerIII.IgI,- DEVANY, FRANClSfL.L.B., CInqInII-iIII, Omg. DOUKGHERILY, PATRICK JAMESfL,L.B., CInrInnofI IJIIIIZI-LIIIQIVIIIQIII LIZIW Rewrwl Legal AIIQI SUI, FUJIYAMA, WALLACE S,--L,L.B., HIQIIIIQIIIIIIIN HIJWQI. -ffCIIII,IIIII-uh Low I?+1I.II-W KAIIQIIQ. ELI, Sr, Cla' PI-, AIQIQ D..IIIu ITIf.1..I HERMAN, LAWRENCEfL.L.E., CIII-QIIIII-TIII, Ohio-- PIII AILIIQ Delta, PIII Em SIQIIIQI, PIII Beta KIJppI'1, IIII,-w' RIr.gIgIId, IrIIII,IIIIIIrcIIx, CIII-1InnIIII LI.II.v Rv-vif-Iv In I, Cwe CIIII, II.I,Ig.fI. HOEFINGHOFF, CHARLES LEEWLLB, EIIIIIIQQIN HOOD, GORDON HUBBARD-LLB, FI, NIIIIQIIQII, K:'IIIIIQIy-PIII DQIII1 PIII. JONES, ROBERT A I,l..B., IIAIIIQ-III, OIIIO, MAIHEWS, WILLIAM S."-LL.B,, WWIIIIHQ4 om- 5 -QIIIII AIpIIcI Epi--IIIJII, PII Deli-51 PIII! SI. LIa:, SI:- MORAN, JOSEPH LEO'-L L B, CIrII,IrIfIJI, OIIICI MOSER, IOHN R. LLB, HIQIIIIIIVIIII OIIIQI-EA MIIJIIII UIIIV., PIII DI,-HCI PIII, OGDEN, WILLIAM ALLENfL,L B, CIrIcInrIInII, O?II.,I, POTTS, THOMAS EDWARD+L.L,B, SII:Iney, Orio- DI2I'IiI TIIIEIQ PIII IDfmIIIJ. - 5 ,vm S bg . if 1 'S .. x R? in X .as 4 -3 .S - L - A X if s ca Q K L Q . 5 f?" X -:if I ' . X , I X Q Page 3l3 RADABAUGH, JOHN . LE . '. REUTHER, ALBERT H YL. U. , owf L, if 31: SCHROEDER, JOHN R . SCHUCH, PAUL WILLIAM r .V 4 V L .. P . 1 A SCHWARTZ. LOUIS J . , SHEAR DONALD lL stem, Moon K . , L 1 - L STEPHAN. ROBERT LELAND 9 E - . v' lj TELLER. JEROME SANFORD ' L P . ,. 'A ff' 1' M 1 L r-1 YRACY, IACK BURKHARDT A,.Yg!L-,,.,, ZOPFF, JOHN S . we X5 fy ,hx "-v-'vw . ,.-:f ,.,,,,.J.:.: , , . A ziawziw .... f QW' L Y" ,MQ ., f 4 -A N, ff ' ,iziiziiii . Y VX , ,.K, J xx Y' N fv XX? Mir, if ,, Mu - ALUMNI OFFICE Welcome Class of '53! The Universily of Cincinnali Alumni Associafion congrafulales you on 'rhe complefion of your under- graduale career, and welcomes you Io par+icipa+ion in Ihe posf-graduafe phase of your college life-memben ship in your Alumni Associaiion. Your Associaiion is dedicaied fo Ihe service of The Universi+y of Cincinna+i. As an acrive member, you can help in 'rhe developmenf of proiecis aimed foward fhe advance- meni of our Alma Maier. Your office s+aFI, is eager Io mee? you and fo work wi+h you in The promolion of your Class and Cole lege Reunions, U.C. Day, fhe U.C. Fund, 'rhe Universiiy Sing, The Cin- cinna+i ALUMNUS, Homecoming Day, The Alumni Leciure Series, angl many oiher Alumni sponsored evenls. Become an ACTIVE member in your Alumni Associaiionl I qgnnlllll' ALUMNI SECRETARY, IED SMALL Bi ASSISTANT "LUCKY" MORRIS N .4 I Page 3I4 Infernalional Business Machinez, 340 ahfueriiding INDEX Annabel, Inc., 33I Ardon Cig. Vending Service, 333 Beck Cosfumes, 337 Beck Cosfumes, 338 Bennefl Cadillac Coe 326 Belles Spor+ing Goods, 322 Busy Bee Reslaurani 340 Carey, Philip Mig. Co., 34I Carl Carlson Phofography, 32I Carlls Valley Barber Shop, 33I CarIer's Big Burger Drive-In, 338 Caslle Farm, 327 Cedar Hi II Farms, 328 Cincinnafi Gardens, Inc., 326 Cincinnali Real Esfafe Board, 335 Cincinnafi Xi Suburban Bell Tele' phone Co., 336 Coney Island, Inc,, 339 Cozy Inn Caieleria, 32I Croclrer-Eels Company, 332 Crosley-Division AVCO. 343 Dow's Dru gs, 33 I Foodway Service, 33 I Frisch's Resfauranfs, 337 General Elecfric Supply Co,, 330 Gregg CI eaners, 332 Greiwe-Inc., 334 GusweiIer's Ponfiac, Inc., 340 Hageman Hamilfon Ponfiac Co., 337 Tailoring Co., 323 OF ADVERTISERS Harrison Green, 333 Harfman Engineering Service, 344 Ha+haway Sfamp Co., 334 Henry Harris, Inc,, 333 High, Donald and Son, 33I Hilfon Davis Chemical Co., 327 Hoclrs Buiclr Co., 338 Hofel Melropale, 32I Huber's 334 Indianapolis Engraving Co., 3IIl Jewel Hais, 33l Kingsporl Press, Inc., 324 Kinney, A. M., Inc., 344 Lancels Boolrsfore, 333 Lincoln Nafional Banlr, 323 LiHle Chef Drive-In, 344 Louis Ihe Florisl, 335 Manse Film Library, 333 Margo's, 33I Maurice Mark Pharmacy, 320 MecIrIenburg's Resiauranf, 334 Meierjohan-Wengler, 339 MobberIey's Flowers, 33I Nalional Life Insurance Co., 320 Our Box Lunch Co., 329 Philip Carey Mfg. Con 34I Pollalc Sleel Coq 339 PoHer's Shoes, 33I Powell Kr While Priniers, 3I9 Prince, L. M., 332 Queen Cify Chevroler, 333 Schaible Company, 342 Schwarz Fine Foofwear, 332 Sealfesr Dairy Producls, 3lQ Shipley's Bar 81 Grill, 328 Shop-In-Toggery, Inc., 331 Song Shop, 340 SfanIey's Avon Food Shop, 333 Slale Muiual Life Assurance Co, Sfeelcrafl Mig. Co., 344 SIeinberg's Cloihing, Inc., 320 SIier's Pharmacy, 338 Sludenl Union Boolrsfare, 325 Surnmif Savings 81 Loan Co., 33I Trans World Airlines, Inc., 322 UC Dining Halls, 337 ,335 Union Cenlral Life Insurance Co., 3I7 VaIerio's Resfauranl, 335 Valley Theafre, 33I Veranda, 332 Weslern Banlx Bi Trusf Co., 338 Whillelcer Phofo Sludio, 329 Wilson Freighl Earwarding Co., WLW-Radio, 340 WLW-Television, 344 Wocher's Supplies, 336 Worlr-Easy Shop, 33I Wuerdeman Dry Cleaners, 33I 340 Page 3I5 MILITARY BALI. Each spring Campus virfually "goes mili+ary" as Ihe spoflighf of social anficipafion is Iurnecl on Ihe coming Milifary Ball. Several of Ihe miIi+ary honorary sociefies ioin efforfs in planning and presenfing Ihis dance which is always one of Ihe "bigges'r and besI" on Ihe social calendar. One of Ihe maior a'rIrac'rions of 'the clance is fhe presen+aIion of Ihe ROTC! Honorary Caclel Colonel during 'rhe course of Ihe evening. The sorori+y candidafes spend weeks of pracfice in becoming versed in mili- 'rary procedure and, winner or nof, each girl finds il an inleresfing and prolifable experience. THROUGH THE TRADITIONAL ARCH OF SABRES STEPS MISS DORIS DUERMIT OFFICERS AND YOUNG CADETS MINGLE INFORMALLY AT THIS FORMAL DANCE 5 xgX NN flE1'11lE BEST -- lLlC'l' S e a I t c S t ICE CRICAIII AND DAIRY PHUUUCTS A Abbinanfe, Paul C., I07 Abboff, Douglas K., BB, 20I Aclrer, James AI., 86, 88 Adams, Barbara L., I9B Adams, Donald R., I92 Adams, George B., 86, I43, I46 Adams, James A., I9I Adams, Pauline C., I58 Adlrins, Charles C., IBb Adlard, Edward B., IBb Adriansen, John H., I92 Agne, Earl B., IBB Ahlers, Guenfer, 89, I66 Ahlers, Joan C., ISI, I60 Ainsworfh, Don P., IBI Albach, Waller C., BB Allardice, William, IBO Allen, Donald J., IB3 Allen, Donald L., I44 Allen, Gladys V,, 9I Allison, Charles R., IBO Allslaff, Joanne D., I70 Almonle, Peler, I45 Alspaugh, Dole W., I92 Alfenau, Rufh Ann, 82 Alsfeffer, Carl, 183 Amend, R. Bruce, I4O, I90 Amspaugh, Jerry L., I45 Anderegg, Richard D., 86, I00, I92 Anderson, Marvin H., BB, I4B Anderson, Richard H., B4, IB5, I94 INDEX Andon, Mary A., 24I Andrus, Nancy M., I70 Anlrenrnan, Donald E., IOB Anfon, Paul T., IB7 Aplring, Thomas W., I85 Apple, Siephen F., ISI: Archer, Roberl F., 84, I43, I4b Armenro, Carolyn L., I7I Arnold, Joan P., B2, I5B Arnold, Susan J., I63 Arnold, Thomas P., IB3 Arlman, Raberf E., IB3 Allel, Franlr W., IBI Auburn, Ames M., 82 Aue, Carol A., I98 Aufdermarsh, Carl A., Jr., 79, IB4 Aull, Roberl G., I43 Ausdenmoore, Roberf, 97 Auslin, Myron R., IB4 Ausfing, James L., I07 Ausling, Jeaneffe, I07 Auxier, Charles S., 97 Bachler, Marlha L., I63 Baer, Elaine A., I63 Bagby, Jaclr P., l82 Bagof, John A., l5l Bahas, Gus J., I92 Bahos, John J., I92 Bailey, Williard, B9 Bain, V., I67 Balcemeier, Marilyn, Ibl Balmer, Inez F., 78, B2, 9I, I76 Balmer, Mary L., I60 Balxuhn, John, 20I Baldwin, Thomas F., IBI Ballard, Hugh S., IBIS Ballenline, James M., 96, IB3 Ballew, Roberl I.., Bb, I92 Ballief, James L., I93 Baloun, Berlram A., I45 Banfield, Carolyn, I64 Barber, William D., IBI Barlrer, Gayle E., I70 Barlrer, James F., 85, U7 Barlrocy, Andrew R., 86, 202 Barloh, Mary L., 92, I05, I25 Barlow, Shirley E., 78 Barnard, Jean E., ISI Barnelf, Dean, IB3 Barnharf, Randall C., I84 Barnharl, William G., I79 Baron, Ronald B., I40 Barone, James C., IBI Barr, John M., I00, 200, 203 Barrefr, Maur-ine N., I93 Barron, John E., I9B Barron, Morris A., l9B Barry, John W., IBI Barleau, Marlin S., I4I Bashiord, Willres, I39, 202 Bosler, Janey J., I47 Bass, Irvin, IB9 Basseff, Allen H., 86, BB Baische, Marjorie C., I69 Bauer, Charles H., I9I Bauer, Deane M., I60 Bauman, Ann, I64 Baumring, Ralph, I89 Bavis, Edward F., 85 Bayer, Joan E., I70 Beamer, Virginia L., 90 Becherl, D., I93 Beck, Clark E., BB Beck, Don R., I95 Beclr, Edwin J., Jr., Bb, B8 Beclcer, Barbara G., I62 Beclrman, Carol J., 82, IOI I25, I6O, 238 Eeebe, Joyce A., I95 Beefs, Jeraldyne M., B2, I70 Behr, Herberl, IB9 Behrendf, Aileen S., IbB Behrens, Alfred, IB4 Behymer, James W., I79 Behymer, Joyce A., I70 Beigel, Marlene, I70 Beimesche, Barbara, I95 Belinlry, Charles D., I00, I45 Bell, Carol J., I67 Bell, Ralph D., IB3 Benner, Elizabeih, I25, I62 rcommueom Page III6 e your own boss. Work your on-n hours. Make as much money as you want-as fast us you want . . . DUES THIS SOUND LIKE THE ,IUB FOR YUU? ililiis is 1111 irllv lIilfIII'l'iIIIl. lt! 1111ili11p I-HI fllll 111114 II p1'11I'1-s-i1111 Ivs- .1IIi1'1't1'1I lui 14I1z111p1-s i11 1-1'111111111i1' - zl1'a1'w'1'i11Iili-i11n111'11111A1'x1iII1'I'I11-I 11i1111 1.1-11I1:1I. 1-11111Iili1111s IIILIII 111.1111 11lI11'1' lui-i111'sse-s. 'I'I1z1I 111f'1111s N1-11 II alssovizlli- isilli 1-1111g1'11i11I 1w1Il1'g1'-l1'11i111-1I lII4'll. -1-1'111'iIx QIIIII slnlwililx I111' uni. X111l IIIl'll'is 111111tI11'1' ioull Ilellu Ia111iIi1's HIIII I111si111'ss1-s 111'I1i1-xv I14 I11-III HII4'I'l' alI4'l'1'rN is s1i1I1-p1'111I1-111 11111111 i111Iixi1I11aI 1111111-inl St'I'lIl'IIf inslr-111I ul I11111111-i11I I1'11g1'1'Iy. M111 II i11ili11liw :1111I .1I1iIiI1, f'XIN'lil4'IIl'l' llial I1-vling ul. p1'1's-nial -11lisI111-li1111 II1.1I ,H l , 4, I , V , , , ,.,,,,,,,g fwml l,,,,.I',,,.m,,,g L, m,,,,l,,,I 5,,,.,i,,',. 011- 1111111 .lIlIl.l 1- .1 ..IIll 11111nl1 11111111.1111 'IlI'l4 I-.411 IIl't'IINl'lI l111I11 I111-1111's- 111 I11s1.11.--. lI1f- Illa- Tin- I 11io11 liP11ll.1I gixv- fllll 1'11111p1'1'I1v11si11' I1'.1111- l1i1'l ol Ii11I11111I1i11. LIIIII II111111i1. Ill 11111- of I11w1'i1'z1's ing in i11ni11'11111-11I'u111I111111'11Iz1Is11111Is1'i1'11liIi1's1'IIi11g. Insli-sl QIRHKIIIQ 1-11111'1.111i1-N xsilll IIXl'l' 93l.3I!II,IIIIlI,- It I1111'Ixs11.111ip11ilI1 Ilw lim-sl i11 l1-sl1'1Is11I1's11i1I- 'NIU ol' Iill- i11s111.1111'1- in I'111'1'1-. In I11'II1 31111 1111111' illl1'bIlI frrsl. N11 1I1-.11I l'IIlIs 111. I, ,ll I , I I, i 1, H, l1Ii11rI alleys 1111 1-1-iling 1111 1-111'11i11gs. Bull 1'Ii111I1 lI111 'MII' IJ, RH iigdlilml H HE' VI. imfhf i111'11111v IEIIIIIPI' jus! :ls In-I Il- NHIII' .1111I1ili1111 1lIllI 'I I' Jill." Hliili llfm 'I lim. HI J NJN . ,, ,, ,. 1 ' 111lI1 II11-I1111111I1'11I111I.l.11111v111I111 1-111'1gx 1.111 1.1111 11.11. , , , , , ' ' .1 lI'Il'Il1IlX 111l111'x11w1 in IIIIIIIII' NI XIII IN-11 Iwi-11p11Ii1111s1-II1'1 -11 111111-I1 lla lili- i11s111.1111'1' I1IINI11nI111f ll 5 ' 1 ' ' f' T .ll llll f. lll'.NSON .1 , fnd'llPl'lll 7,lllIfl.2l'l' I 1 1 - . Y . - -vs - - v 1 V v . 1 1 - - ' 'l'Hl-. L NIUN LPA I R.-Il, I.II'I4. IN5I R.-XXII. I.UNII'.1hNX I --f in. ITIII Floor Lniam Iivnlral Iluiluling I iIll1'IlllliiII 'I Ohio ' Benson, John W., 83, I92 Benson, Louise, I62 Benson, Wayne J., 200 Benion, Ed V., I9I Berlage, Kennefh T., I82 Berman, Jacll D., 97, 233 Bernens, Harvey C., IOO, I85 Berning, Ann L., ISI Bernslein, Richard, IB9 Berwanger, Mary L., I07 Besfehorn. Ule W., 82 Befscher, Tom E., I25, IB4 Beving Biclr J Ion, Richard, IBb acl: R., I92 Biclrnaver, Rober+ B., IB4 Bidlingmeyer, Mabel, 285 Bieser, Adelaide L., I44, I63, 257 Bills, Harry, I4S Billz, Susan, 293 Birnbaum, Richard A., I7B Bishop, Barry C., 76 83, 97, IO4, l40 Bishop Bishop Bishop , Carfer R., IB4 , Dale W., I9I , Frnesl E., Jr., I92 Bishop, John F., IBB Bishop, Roberf C., I29, I88 Blaclr, Blaclr, Blanlr, Blaslri, BIaII', Blah, Helen L., I63 Homer T., 200 Gerald, IB9 Marvin F., B4 Gladys K., 24I IBB Blaydes, Roberl E., ZOO 9I IOI IOS. Blersch, Doris I., 82, , , ISE, 297 Blerlner, Joyce A., 238, 24I Blilzer, Arnold R., IB9 Bloclr, William A., I9I Blornberg, Herman W., I45 Blough, Linda J., I9B Bluesrone, Sfanfon, I9B Boclrsfahler, Roberl, I9O Bode, Alberl W. I8I Bodensfein, Eugene, I87 Boerger, Jeanne K., I69 Boesch, Frances L., I64 Bagarl, Donald F., I9O Bohlander, Karl M., 97 Bohman, Thomas J., 87, I07 Bolce, Barbara, IO5 Bolenbaugh, B. E., I67 Bollund, Thomas W., 94, I49 Boneau, Virginia M., I2O, l69 Borcherding, Jaclr, I9O Border, Glen A., 94, IB6 Borgman, John E., IB6 Bormon, Beverly J., IOS, I64 Bornharsf, David, J., IBS Borfz, W., I3Z Bosh, J., 96 Boise, Jennie, I69 Bosserf, Nancy A., 163 Boudinef, Thomas H., I9O Bourgral, Elroy F., BO, ISI, IBI Bourquein, Roberi L., I9I Bowles, Kennelh J., IOO, 20l Bowling, John C., 79, BO, 83, 90, I04, I4I Boyce, Phaedra E., I64, IbS, 285 Boyer, Nancy E., I67 Bayer, Roberf A., I92 Boyle, Howarih P., 95 Braden, Herberl H., I79 Bradley, Barbara A., Ib9 Bradshaw, Jean N., 9I Bralilord, Doris A., ISI Brandhorsf, Jewel E., 9I, I62 Branf, Roberf E., IB6 Bralfish, Sylvia M., I7O Braclham, S., I64 Bredenbeclc, Herman, l9I Brems, Rosemarie H., ISS, I98 Bresfel, Vera E., IO2, IOS Breyley, Don S., I93 Ericlrler, Jackie, Ib3 Briclrweg, Mary A., l69 Briggs, Marjorie A., I62 Briggs, William M., I9B, 20I Brill, Ronald R., II9, I27, l32 I40, I4I, IBB, 244 Broclcmeier, Ralph D., IO2, I32, I4I ISI, IB4, IB6 Brad, Slanford, I44 Brodi, Caroline, I9B Brogdon, Charles W., IB4 Broughlon, C. L., I45 Brown, Allen W., B5 Brown, James W., I49, IBI Brown, Richard T., I9I Broxon, Roberr R., IBI Bruesfle. Donald F., IBO, I93 Bruner, Carole L., I70 Bruning, Roberf L., I9I Brunner, Carl A., 34 Bruns, David B., 85, I32, I43, I9O Bruns, Norberl A., IBS Bruns, Richard H., 97 Bryanl, Nila L., 9I, I67 Bucherf, Ronald V., IB4 Buchwalder, Roberf, IBS Buclr, Barbara, I9B Buclr, Kennefh L., 94, III Buclrman, Raymond W., 85 Budig, Oflo, I84, 244 Budlre, Clifford C., 97 Buehler, Rufh A., I6I Buell, E., IOB Buefher, Joan, Ib9 Bufe, Joann, IO8, I64 Bufe, OIIo E., IOB, IB6 Buhrmasler, F., I00 Bull, Jaclz, IBB Bumiller, William, l25, 285 Burch, Helen A., I7I Burdsall, Alma S., l62 Burgess, John A., I93, 27I Burlelf, Kafhleen, lS6 Burlzman, Judy A., 2Bl Burleigh, Janel L., I98 Burris, Roberf R., IB3 Burseilr, Ralph, I29 Burfon, KenneIh, IBI Busch, Jeanne O., IS6 Buschle, Huber? F., I84 Busener, David, I9O Bush, Barbara A., I153 Bufsch, Barbara A., I29, IS6 Buynacek, Edward J., IBS Byer, Arnold, IB7 Byrne, Richard M., IB6 ICONTINUEDI Page 3I7 engvavmls In WIS IMI II 222 EAST OHIO STREEI INDIANAPOLIS 6 INDIANA IF puaI.lCAT'0N Ira: 'Q ii: FIR if .I ,Q III Y 3452, 'igjtfj "ci: I' .5 III oavusIoN If. .5 5016 I wi' INDIANAPOLIS EIIGRAVING COMPAN Y, INC. 391. Iuh 5+ ,.'Q-, f"4 J: .js if ' U HDIIDKVYIEILIL 1fgKW1H1n1r1E PAWA, Enmumvaws EJ 4610 -jlligl, EJMEEUEGUEEIE 4611 W- -3, 4 , 409 YORK STREET .J I- CINCINNATI 14. or-no IH53 EINEINNATIAN A PROFITABLE CAREER In The Seienee of Selling Life Insurance Au-ails You 'l'nIlm-I- XNIIUIILIXI'llI1'lll'l'4'noilI'f' quali- livgilimis. lill- lll-llI'.IlIl'lh mm ullivr Al H'- IKQITIIIIIQ 1'iII'l'l'l'. II you iIl't' llllvlw'-I1'1l lll Hurling out xxlivllwi' you mum Illillxl' Iln' grmlv IllIllf'N1'll'lll'4'llliN4'lllllfIllli4' insur- .IlII'f'.1'LIlll1I'Nl'lIt'IIIf' liUI'illIRIIIINUIIIIIIIUIII. IIICIIARII Y. H0l'l'LE AGENCY PIM' SQEIAI.. .ll FJ? HOME OFFICE FiTiS'F.RQIl.QP'.I IIOSIIIPIi1'SlfgiflSTpf'l'fllllll'S MAURICIC MARK Professional Pl'f'Sl'l'ilDIi0ll Sf'l'Yil'P .MINI llvuilmp llil. IN, ,GBUS Iiiifli.. Ulm. iillfllllfljl'-A llnxl llIlll1'I'lIPlIIIl'lIIIIf',I ITIS NU ,Ylfflf TU DU lfl'."il.Yf'fS,'i II I'l'll . . cmoruluc luconronnn 2222413 5' 47-16 Nlmltgonu-ry Rcl. 91h K Vine Norwoml Cine-innali C Cadwallader, B. Ann, 82, I67 Cahall, H. Kielh, 97 Cahull, John N., I88 Cahn, Richard T., IB9 Calder, Donald G., IBI Callison, Pafricia, 78, 82, lOl, I58 I97, l98 Campbell, Harold F., l9I Campbell, Roberl E., II9, 285 Candler, Ann E., l6l Candor, James T., IBI Carcifero, Leo J., I79 Carey, Carl M., l9l Carlson, Jerome A., l82 Carlson, Rodney O., l82 Carmel, Norman H., l89 Carpenler, Jac M., I46 Carpenler, Nancy A., I43 Carr, William H., 95 Carler, Dorolhy J., 24I Carler, Janine, IO6 Carler, Jerry A., 79, 200 Carler, Rulh, l7l Carver, Janel M., I70 Cary, Charles A., IB4 Casey, Virgilee, l98 Cassen, Lynn F., l68 Cecil, Jean H., 82, I70 Chadburn, James, l8l Chadwiclr, Helen J., I2O, I63 Challrley. Roger, I43 Chamberlain, John H., l7I Chan, Weng Sum, I93 Chandler, A., I9B Chapman, J. Jill, lb3 Chapman, Nancy L., 24I Chase, Belly M., 34, 82, lOl, I64 I97, l98 Chose, Sluarl F., 86, 202 Chalo, John C., 88, I24, I43, l48 IBO Chesleen, John S., I79 Childs, Eileen, L., l95 Chrislmon, Judilh A., l38, I95 Chrisly, George, G., l9I Chrisly, George C., I92 Chrisfield, A.. 96 Church, John P., I95, 233 Church, Sally L., I62 Clarlc, Jaclc P., 202 Clarlz, Roberl M., I93 Clarlce, Peler A., I9O Clausing, Roberf E., IBO Claylon. Marv A., l6O Clemenls, William E., I9O Clipson, A., l24, l45, IB3 Cochran, B. Joan, Bl, 92, l29, l3O I63 Cohan, Sylvia L., l6B Cohen, Rulh M., l68 Cohen, Allan R., l2O, IB9 Cohen, Edward G., I89 Cohen, Frances S., l68 Cohn, Alvin W,, I89 Cohn, Armand H., IB9 Cohn, Marvin I., I30, IB9, 2I6 Colacurcio, Judy A., 82, 92, I69 Colclaser, Rcberl G., Ill Coleman, Nancy, 78, 82, 92, IOI l5I, I63 Calling, Barbara, I95 Collins, David S., 86, 88, I93 Collins, James L. IOS, l95 Colucci, Donald E., l45 Conard, Roberl C., 95, I85 Concillo, Joseph A., IBI Condorodis, Aneslis, l9O Conclorodis, C. I., I49, I9O Candorodis, Joy, l5l Condoroclis, Panos, l84 Cones, Marilyn l., I02, IOS, lb4 Conklin, James G., l8l Connelly, Roberl V., l82 Connolly, Belly E., 78, 80, 93, I47 156, ISE Conover, Lawrence. I79 Coolce, Armand V., 96, I44 Cooper, Thomas D., 85 Copens, Barbara A., l58 Coppens, Carol, 80, l58 Corry, Charles A., IB4 Corry, Myra K., lb2 Cars, Melva A., 34, 78, 82, lOl I44, I67, 244 Collier, Anila L., I70 Courlas, Peler G., l92, 2l6 Cox, Dan L., I93 Craig, Roberl, ISI Cramplon, Verne, 96 Crandell, Valerie J., I63, 2l6 Crass, Billy J., l93 Crawford, Joan Lee. I95 Crisfield, Arlhur E., I80 Crooks, Alan G., l8l Croolls, Slephen D., l25 Crosby, James H., I46 Crosby, Joseph R., I93 Crosby, Roberl H., I43 Cross, Lois I., I64 Crossel, William B., l9l Crolfy, Marilyn R., I66 Crowe, Lois A., 82, 93, I47, l69 Crowl, Charles L., I93 Crumrine, Paul G., IBO Cruse, Conslance R., 76, 93, I67 Cullen, Glenn W., 97, l4I Curry, Roberl C., 85 D'Angelo, Anlhony P., IOO Dahlmon, Slanley M., I9O Daly, Shiela E., I70 Danahy, C. Nancy, 9l, I69 Daniel, Darrell W., l5l, I83, 257 Daniele, Joseph, l82 Daring, Roberl R., 88, 20l Darnell, Charles D., I95 Daub, Doris J., l58 Daubenbis, Joyce M., I64 Daullon, Palricia A., 78, 82, IOI I02, IOS, loo, 285 Davidson, Slephen L., IB9 Davies, Chase M., Jr., IBB Davies, John V., IOB Davies, Robl. A., IOO Davis, Dan C., I79 Davis, Karl V., IBB Davis, Neil E., 96 Davis, Richard J., ISI, 24I Davis, Ronald F., l9I Dawson, James E., I79 Day, John A., Jr., Bb, 88 DeBrunner, Ralph E., 85, 97, Ill DeOrio, John, IBS DePuy, Ronald G., IOO, IB7 DeSalvo, Joseph A., IB4 DeCourcy, N., I69 Deagle, Lorenzo N., 88 DeCamp, Jeanne C., II9, I63 Decalur, James A., l8l Decherl, Douglas M., I43 ICONTINUEDI Page 320 Del Bene, Dominic R., IB8 Delaney, John J., I5I Denham, Roy S., l80, 233 Denlinger, William, 86 Denman, Howard R., IZ4 De Marlio, A., 97 Dershem, Eugene R., l9I Desandre, Adrian, I85 Dellmer, John W., I85 Deulch, Leonard, IB9 Devanney, Michael, I79 Dexler, Benlon G., Jr., I88 Diana, Mallhew, I9O Diclr, Audrey J., 82 Diclley, Lois P., 93 Dicllinson, Pal A., I62, l98 Diclrman, Fred B., Jr., I84 Dicllson Palricia, l62 Dieclimann, Arlelh M., l02, I05 I22, lb2 Dieclrmann, Belly A., 78, BI, l0l I05, I34, I67 Diellerl, Belly J., I63 Dillholil, Glenn A., I9O Dinerman, Ira H., IS9 Dirr, R., IO7 Dirr, A., IO7 D'Oliverira, I45 Disser, John R., 94 Dislel, David W., I83 Dixon, Alberl W., Jr., l85 Dixon, Geraldine F., 9l, l5B Dodge, Harry A., lBb Dodson, James L., 95 Dominique, Roberl A., ll5, IS8 Donley, Ray, 95 Danze, James J., I85 Danze, Richard J., I85 Dooley, Edwin B., l90 Dorse, Alvin C., III Dorsel, John F., l86 Dosser, Alberl T., IOO, l08 Dougherly, Ronald G., I78 Doughman, Gordon O., I92 Dowd, Palricia, lb9 Dragsel, Thomas A., IB6 Dralre, Dianne, I67 Drake, Fred P., 86, 88, I94 Dreslrin, Alberl, l89 Driggs, Harry S., IO4 Droege, Lee J., 85, 203, 233 Duclrworlh, Joanne, Ib8 Dudley, Charles F., l9B Dudley, Dwighl D., 202 Duermil, Doris J., l5b, ISU Dull, James W., I84 Duff, John R., I93 Duffy, Margarel A., 78, Bl, I34 I67 Dugan, Jane E., 78, 82, I0l, l20 I27, ISI, l5B, 297 Duggan, Evelyn J., Ib9 Dunilon, Howard E., 86. 88, I78 Dunn, Elaine B., I63, l98 Dunn, Thomas R., I84, 257 Durban, Arline J., 24I Durkin, Charles H., I85 Durr, Miles H., 96 Dylles, J. Evelle, I05, II9, I25 I34, 285 E Eagle, Howard A., 87, I43 Eagle, Virginia, I95 Eorharl, James T., I5I Easley, Donald C., 97 Easlland, James H., I84 Ebel, Donald C., 76, IOB, I24, I93 27l Echerle, William R., I9O Eclman, Shirlee L., l58 Edelmann, Barbara, I63 Eden, Fronlr E., l82 Edwards, Elinor, IOS Ellron, Edward, 85 Ehrharl, Harold J., 94, I07 Ehrnschwender, R., I62 Eichsladl, Thomas A., 76, I84, 2l6 Eilcenberry, Evelyn M., IOS Eisenhauer, William, I85 Eissler, Nancy E., lb3 EIIio++, Mary L., I34 Elliofl, Shirley A., 162 Ellis, Jane, l6l Ellison, Mary C., 9I Elsner, Helen E., I69, I98 Emery, James L., IOO Engel, John D., I2O England, Helen A., 198 Ericlnson, Lois A., 80, I7I Ernsl, Edward M., I79 Eryburger, L., l40 Essex, Roberl D., 95 Ellin, Edward, I89 Eugler, R., I90 Eusler, Slerling A., IB7 Evans, John C., I8I, 190 Evans, Roger B., 86, 88, IO0, I27 l9l Evans, Rulh A., 92, IO2, I58 Evans, William B., 86, 88, I24 Eversole, Edward W., I79 Eyen, Richard J., I22. 202 Eyrnann, Henry L., 203 Engburg, G., I29 F Fagin, Bob, I44, 224 Fahnle, Lorna J., 78 Farbach, John, l82 Falh, Thomas G., 95 Fausl, Roberl J., 9l, I6I, IB4 Fay, Geraldine I., lb0 Fazzari, Frank P., I93 Feldmiller, Bennell, IB6 Felix, Roberl L., l8I Feller, Howard A., I77 Fellner, James, I9I Ferguson, Ann, lb3 Ferguson, Raymond, I08, I90 Fern, Karin G., l60 Ferliclr, Ronald, l88 Fessenden, Belly L., l62 Fibel, Herberl S., l87 Filous, Kennelh, IB7 Fielman, Mary L., 82, lb9 Finan, Thomas A., 201 Fink. Audrey M., 82, l20, I63 Finn, Charles P., l85 Fischofl, Roloerl L., IB9 Fish, J. Leon, I06 Fisher, Carolyn L., 93, I05, I25 Fisher, Helena A., l7l Fisher, June, l62, 293 File, Janel J., I7l Fillro, Shirley B., 285 Flaugher, Ronald L., I79 Flory, Harrielle E., I99 Fogarly, Andrew T., 95 Folz, Jeanne C., I69 Fonlanese, Alvin T., 79, IB3, 257 Folie, Margarel M., I69 ICONTINUEDI PllII'l'UIllrlgXl'lllll l'lllri'l'llfXl'l'S . For IJFW'I'I.lIII-llllllillg l'mpli' l'i-rsinirillx Inieiwl lux GM Iilll l union lru-I lluililing lfin' uplmiiilrilf-ii! l,HlIlI'l l'1bIllilllA XX.ilnul SIN. XI XIII I IIIII Pm , K, ,rr 3., f foaviwfs. ref ff? C:..f'.-" HOTEL . IETRUPOLE Still ilu' finvsl vlmivv nf alll '-,za L E' 'A ,gig ., Azfs H gfihnzza Engl 5 ' iigqfi 5 : 1 L-EY' jg. , e::z.i.riw rj ,lr lfillfillllllfi for fini' fund mul bevvrugv flir 4-mulilium-fl fmllruum for prirulv pnrlivs hlh X Walnut VX 3l00 ozy .Jlnn Ciafelefz ia 208 XY. llf'NlIl.lAN ST. l'.-Xrkwuy 7287 Page 32I ACROSS rue u.s. Ano 0VERSEAS...FLYl1 rnxuvs wana Amuufs ll SA. ' fllHoPf'HFRlfd 'JSIQ PArkway 4224 Forbriger, Arlhur W., I43 Forman, Chicila F., 97, l6O Fornolil, Mario M., I93 Fc-sler, Gregory S., I46, IBO Fosler, Slanley K., 95 Fox, Kay Joyce, B9 Fox, Loura M., I98 Foxworlhy, Nancy B., I97, l98 Fraley, Jean W., IB3 Francis, Elaine, I67 Frank, Edgar G., 95 Franklin, Anlhony E., l8I Frasher, Elmer L., l45 Frazer, Roberf G., lB2 Frederick, Donald E., I9I Frederick, Thomas C., 95, I83, Freeman, Ronald, IB4 French, Charlie N., 88, 202 Frey, Carole, 244 Friedman, Frederic, IS7 Frielinghaus, Klaus, 2Ol Friernon, Melvyn, I89 Friend, William H., I84 Fri+1, Donald M., I90 Froelich, James D., I9O Frornmeyer, Carol L., lb? Frosl, Joseph F., I79 Fryburger, L. Bruce, l90 Fuller, Richard L., I9O Fullerlon, George H., I79 Funke, Jo Ann, I08 Funke, Mary L., l98 G Gall, Clarence F., I20, I89 Gamble, Harry C., Jr., I79, 224 Garber, Ina M., I38, I58 Gardner, Ray J., 84 Garlick, E., 89 Garnalz, Mary C., I70 Garner, Lloyd E.. Bb, 202 Garrily, John M., I83 Garside, John R., I90 Garlner, Jack B., I44 Gaskill, Jack L., I8I Gaudin, Dean R., ISI, IB8 Gausepohl, Jean M., I67 Gavin, James T., l85 Gavin, Michael E., l8b Gaenge, D., l92 Gebhari, Roberl H., IO7 Gehl, Mary B., I44 Geisler, J., 24I Gelder, Ralph H., Jr., l8I Geller, Herman, I89 Geohegan, Slephen, I79 George, Charles V., 94 George, George P., 86, BB, 203 George, Kaiherine P., I97, l98 Gerdes, Harry C., ZOI Gerhardl, Dolores F., I6l Geri, Bernard, 90, 285 Gever+s, Joann, 9I Gionoli, Belly J., l58 Gidney, Vivienne R., l68 Gies, Marcia L., I63 Giesken, Rila F., I9B Gilberl, Lavinia J., I63 Gilberi, Paul, l87 Gilchrisl, James E., Il5, 233 Gillespie, Torn J., l92 Glandorf, Frank J., I85 Gloss, Donald H., l78 Glendening, Everrerl, l45 Glover, Nalalie F., l70 Goering, John B., ISI Goehe, Nadine A., I44, l98 Gold, Seymour, I24, IB7 Gold, William L., I83 Goldberg, Marilynn, 93 Goldmacher, Ronaele, l68 Gollwilzer, Chrisla, I97 Good, Carolyn J., I58 Good, Charles R., I8 Good, Jane+, I67, I98, ZBI Goodlellow, Ronald, 83, I22, I4I, IB6 Goodman, Josephine, I68 I32. Goodman, Richard M., l06, I89 Goodman, Sranley, BI Gore, Frederic E., 202 Gorsler, Frank W., I07, I4B Gofi, Bernard A., 86 Grabo, George W., III, I66, Grady, Joan M., I58 Graeler, Jon W., I79 Graham, Roberl G., l83 Granl, Brenlon R., I79 Grani, Consfance H., IB, I67 Grapes, Barbara A., 93 Grore, John H., I5l Grovenkemper, C., I39, I9O I84 Grover, Darlene, 24I Graves, Michael E., I9O Gravifz, David, I87 Gray, Lynn, I97 Gray, Roberl H., IBO Gray, William H., 84 Green, Charles H., IB6 Green, John A., 86, 88 IGI Green, Shirley, I68, I89 Greenberg, Alvin D., l25 Greene, Charles H., I67 Greenisen, Gary J., I93 Greiser, Lyra, I20, Ib3 Greive, Jerome F., I90 Grheser, I., I67 Grieme, Anne, I69, I98 Griese, Jacqueline, I07 Griicliilh, Ronald L., l9I Grihfilh, Sluari G., I92 Grinninger, Lowell, 97 Grischy, Joanne, E., I38, I67 Groene, Ted W., 86 Groenke, Alberi F., l8B Grogg, James R., l22 Gross, Emerick S., 86, IOO, I24, 202 Gruen, Claude, 83, l87 Grundy, Larry E., 84 Gruner, Heinz W., l93 Guer+ler, Carlfon B., I83 Guillaume, Waller F., 95 Gulling, Charles M., I88 Gumbiner, Melvin, IB9 KCONYINUEDJ l92 X IQ-I S9 "everything for every sport ou.:sswo n ,Q " EYE' HP' I S' -.. BULLES SPIDRTING G00llS C0. "' an 130-32 East Sixth Street CHerry 6240 Q L., Cincinnati 2. Ohio . -57, li I H. i 11, lf, . I , " " ' ---A - I It ' ' I, I , . .fn . 1, ' -.I LQ' ' Q, 3 Q 22. "' I -r'T:'f'7 --N 'R w"Q.j:f , V 7 3 ,"m,iv-- E . 41 1,2 ,.. i-mens., V 1 Nl I3 ' -..i .f i- 1--wi 'rr'--.ra , , . - 4 i A F . ' " Il .vf A 1 -:yr l , - Fi, , . , :?'.-,,L- 7 4 . ' - 6 ' Page 322 404 PIKE STREET ILTO "WHERE FINER CLUTHES ARE MADE" T ILORI G C . 5lAin 374-1 Gummere, Richard S., 190 Gump, Marilyn E., 170 Gunclrel, Racheal, 170 Gusefslri, Bernard J., 185 Gufling, Janel L., 169 Guy, Joanne, 162 Guzman, Jaime D., 107 H Haas, Phyllis C., 161 Haas, Roger A., 139 Hachlel, Gail, 164 Haddad, Arlhur D., 86, 183 Hader, Carl G., 182 Hadley, William, 190 Hagebusch, Li1li1h, 161, 198 Hagedorn, Donald E., B4 Hagenhofl, Rober1 E., 191 Hagslrom, Paul E., 87 Hahn, Virginia L., 198 Hale, Lawrence C., 103 Hale, Lucy B., 108 Haley, Kennelh R., 186 Hall, Billie L., 120, 122, 166, 184 Hall, Don, 179 Hull, Paul M., 111 Hall, Richard B., 201 Hamby, Marvin J., 192 Hamillon, Sue M., 167 Hammelrafh, Susan S., 125, 138 Hammond, Charles, Jr., 86, 202 Hammond, Jaan K., 166 Hanauer, Richard K., 182 Hanlon, Judy M., 169 Hanlon, M. Susan, 169 Hansen, Erilr, 182 Harbaum, Kennclh L., 111 Harden, Kennelh L., 85, 184, 27 Harold, Kafhryn, 163 Harper, Carol, 198 Harpring, James L., 95 Harris, Harvey H., 271 Harris, Marcia A., 171 Harrison, Ca'1 E., 184 Harrison, Joyce E., 93, 162 Harrison, Marilyn S., 170 Hari, John B., 190 Hari, John C., 125 Hari, Palricia C., 34, 166 Harlley, Alberl D., 95, 195 Harlman, Judilh A., 144, 167 Harding, A., 89 Harvey, Douglas C., 200 Harville, Cecil, 188 Haslrins, Berf, 181 Haslrins, Joan M., 167 Haswell, Ralph W., 257 Halcher, Carolyn, 170 Halhorne, Berlreley, 191 Hallendori, John C., 122, 141, 192 Hallerick, George R., 130, 141 Havlicelr, Henry L., 179 Hawlilr, Joseph C., 184 Hayes, Barbara A., 144, 167 Hayes, Donald O., 184 Haynes, Barbara A., 166 Hearn, James, 184 1-leafhcofe, James A., 181 Heclr, Louis G., Jr., 186 Heclrle, Margarel C., 163 Heclrler, Joseph H., 184 Heclrrnann, William R., 191 Hedges, Hylo J., 162 Hedges, Hylo J., 162 Heeb, Harry B., 186 Heinlein, Jean C., 170 Heinold, Fred T., 188 Heinald, Wilma B., 82, 115 Heinz, Rosella M., 82, 130, 1 Heilliamp, Harry T., 125 Heilrnann, Roberl F., 84 Heizer, John T., 84, 124 Helgeson, John A., 96, 100 Helms, Franlr R., 96 Henderson, lsabelle, 82 Henderson, Thomas J., 145 Hendriclison, Philip, 181 Henlre, Wm. D., 186 Henninger, Eugene R., 191 Henry, Donald F., 94 1-lense, Roberl P., 182 Hering, Dan D., 111 Hering, Roberl H., 184 Herlihy, Judilh A., 198 Herman, Waller E., 85. 203 Hermann, Jean L., 125, 162 Herr, Penelope W., 163 Herron, Charles L., 76, 124, 127, 132, 141, 143, 148, 193, 271 Hersh, Gail C., 104, 190 Hersh, Ronald S., 181 He11esheimer, R, E., 186 Heilriclr, Roberl N., 85, 143, 146, 193 Heusser, John F., 184 Hever, E., 144 Hewifl, Mary L., 144 Heyolo, Shirley, 170 Hibarger, Mary E., 130, 151, 169 Hiclrey, Carolyn E., 162 Hiclrs, Samuel L., 181 Hidde, Jacli A., 180 Hieall, M, Sue, 166 Hill, John F., 190 Hines, Joseph, 184 Hines, Mary E. 78, 92, 170 Hirsch, Norman A., 182 Hochadel, Jaclr 8., 193 Hochauser. Be-Hy E., 93, 106 Hodapp, Daniel E., 100 Hoes, Don A., 97 Hoflerberlh, Harry, 188 Ho1'1er1h, Fredericlr, 97, 183 Hofiman, George C., 191 Hoffman, Morlon S., 189 Ho1'lman, William C., 233 Hoflmeier, Paul C., 186 Hofmann, Grace J., 78, 81 Holmann, Virginia M., 93, 138, 169 Hohman, Rufh, 166 Hoinlre, Erwin C., 184 Holland, Franlr R., 97 Holliday, Felix, 163 Holmslrom, James R., 193 Holze, Harold E., 100 Homer, Ann M., 162 Hoover, George H., 191 Hoppenians, Diane, 169 Hopper, Franlr T., 180 Horowih, Ann L., 97 Horslman, Arden W., 97 1CONTINUEDl THE LI COLN NATIONAL BA. K ESTABLISHED 1873 STREAMLINED FOR SWIFT EFFICIENT SERVICE Commercial Accounts- Savings Aeeounts - Real Estate Loans Safe Deposit Boxes-Trust Department .Umnlwr Federal Deposil Ins. Corp. 1 Federal Reserve Syslem Fourth K Vine Ste. Ill'n1mr 1122 Cincinnati 2. Ohio Page 323 House, KINCSPURT PRESS. I limssiniu Pniss D A INC, W Con-rs hy Kingskrafl KINCSPURT. TENNESSEE Horlon, Horlon, Hosea, Lilburn H., 203 Richard H., 202 Calhryn A., I62 Hosey, Andrew D., Jr., I79 Hosom, David S., IBO, 202 Hossli, Roberl J., l45, 257 Daniel, IB6 Howard, Ralph N., 95 Howard, Sally C., 93, I63 Howland, Chesler, I79 Hoyl, Rulh S., I69 Heber, William A., 98, l9l Huberl, Thomas F., I85 Huclrsoll, Jo Ann, 78, IOI, I34, I56 I60 Hudson, Sally A., I24 Hues, J., 203 Huelher, Louise C., I64 Hughes, D., 89 Hughes, Dorolhy E., I44, I6O Hughes, Jo Ann, 9l, I70 Hughes, Peggy V., I63 Hughes, Roberl R., l92 Hughes, T. Frederic, l9I Huiel, David E., I07 Hulberl, Nancy L., I62, l98 Hull, Waller, 83, 202 Hurley, Doralhy G., I56, I62, 233 24I Huss, Franlr W., IB4 Hussey, Virginia S., 9I, I67, l9U Huslon, Jerry C., I83 Hyre, Homer W., Jr., I9I I Iliff, James J., I92, 233 lmburgia, Larry L., l5I Imhofl, William G., 9I lngberg, Harry O., l39 Irvin, Ronald D., IBB Irwin, Charles W., l86 Isaac, George F., 84 Isbilfs, Carl, l87 lsgro, Angelo J., l9I Is1ary, Slanley M., 86, 88, I43, I4B 203 Ivers, Deane W., IBB NC. J Jaclison, Gwendolyn, I38 Jaclcson, Jean M., IO3, l9B Jaclrson, Jacobs, Jacobs, William C., l90 Donald F., IOO, IBS Louis, IB9 Jacobs, William J., 90 Jacobson, Bea F., 24I Jaffe, Donald B., IB9 James, Jaclr S., I79 Jauch, Marfha L., I69 Jenlrins, Byron J., IBB Jenlrins, Richard A., I92 Jenlrinson, Thomas, I79 Jennie, James J., IBI Jensen, Jaclr L., IBB Jercher, Jaclr F., l83 Jervis, Mary A., I62, 238, 24I Jefl, Jean C., 93, Ib2 Jahannigman, John G., l8b Johns, David M., I45 Johns, James W., I85 Johnson, Elaine, l98 Johnson, Kennelh, 88 Johnson, Lloyd H., I29, I84 Jones, Charles R., B9 Jones, Dwayne, C., IB3 Jones, Ernesf W., I79 Jones, Haven H., I47 Jones, James G., IB3 Jones, James R., l93 Jones, Roberl A., 89 Jonson, Peler G., l90 Joos, Rosemary, I58 Jordon, Barbara J., 82, I63 Jordon, John F., Jr., l8l, 2l6 Jurich, Samuel, 84, I43, l46 K Kadis, Charles, IS9 Kaemmerle, Lois R., 92, I44 Kahle, Louis L., IB5 Kahle, William E., IBS Kahn, Myron, I87 Kain, Marilyn S., Ib0, I98 Kaiser, David C., B6 Kaiser, Jaclc N., I79 Kallenhauser, R., IS6 Kamees, Suzanne, M., l98 Karchner, Ted W., IB6 Kordos, Franlr L., I87 Korns, Roberl M., l82 Kafsanis, George C., l25 Kalsanis, James A., I9O Kalsanis, Thomas, l90 Kalier, Orlando E., I40, l8B Kahenmeyer, Wm. J., IBO Kaufman, Donald E., 90 Kausch, Michael M., 76, I4I, I93 Kauh, James C., l32, l4l Kavouras, George P., I80 Keebler, Roland E., IO4 Keel, Loren F., I82 Keeler, William H., 84, I43, I46 Kees, E. Jane, I58 Kefauver, Wm. R., IBB Kehrer, Wm., I03 Keidel, Wm. P., I80 Keller, Carolyn J., I7l Keller, Mary A., 82, IO3, I05, I67, 238 Keller, Roberi J., IBB Kellogg, Norman P., l45 Kelfch, Gerald L., IB2 Kemp, Jean A., I47 Kemp, Willard E., l95 Kendall, Isaac H., I44 Kendall, Sharon A., I69 Kennedy, Roberl W., 96, I80 Kennedy, Roberl M., ISI Kenl, Barbara J., I62 Kenl, Richard I., 76, 8l, IBB, l5l Kessel, John R., IBO Kessler, Jon D., 95 Kessler, Roberf P., IB7 Keuper, Joyce, 93, I62 Keyes, Richard E., 86, 38, 178 Kiefer, Marilyn J., 82, I70 Kiefer, Roberl C., l45 Kimball, Mary A., IO2 Kincaid, Timolhy H., I79 Kindle, Donald E., l9l Kingery, Thomas L., 97 Kinsman, Roberl G., I46 Kirchner, Charlolle, l6I Kirk, Thomas T., l78 Kirlrpalriclr, Richard, l92 Kirslein, Anelie R., 92, IOS, II9 l27, ISI, l58 Kislrer, Earl E., I79 Kihrniller, K. W., IBS Klapperf, Monla T., I58 Klausing, Dorolhy M., I44, l63 ICONTINUEDJ Page 324 Kleesallel, Janet W., I67 Klein, Anlhony J., l9l Klein, Mary V., l98 Kleine, Shirley A., I62 Kleinleller, L., I90 Kline, Slanley A., I43, I46, I9l Kling, Connie M., 92, IO5, I56 I67, 238 Kluener, Joan J., 92, I5I Knoll, James L., l93 Knaphle, Janer, I62 Knechl, Joyce E., 76, 82, I66, 28I Knighl, Belly J., lOl, I63 Knighl, Rosselyn J., I63 Kobbe, Ernesl F., 96, IB4 Koch, June, I98 Koehl, Sue A., I97, l98 Koenig, Edward J., l85 Koenig, Raymond H., IBI Koeninger, Edward C., 85, 87 Koerner, Mary K., 34, 82, I69 Kohler, Dale M., 97 Kohr, Roland E., IOO Kolre, Joseph K., ISI Kolde, Fred E., l84 Kolesniliofi, E., I92 Kolp, Jos. S., 224 Kalslein, Elaine J., 93 Konlrle, Kennefh H., I46 Koon, Calvin S., I9I Kappman, Gerald W., I92 Kardis, William C., I9O Koshover, Jerry M., IB9 Kalhe, Kennelh R., 97 Krakovsliy, Irvin, IB7 Kramer, Elsie S., I70 Kramer, Lora B., I7I Krapp, Roberl B., I86 Kravilz, L., IO6 Kreamelmeyer, Jo. M., 82, I6O Kress, Harald N., 76, I4I, 244 Kress, Mary B., l98 Kress, Phyllis C., I67, 2l6 Kressel, Richard P., I9I Kroger, Raymond P., 85, 87 Kron, Alvin G., I79 Krumme, Donald P., I9O Kuecha, Norman F., IBS Kuehne, Vera S., l60 Kuehnle, Eugene F., 96 Kuempel, John L., I39, I83 Kugel, Irvin L., IB9 Kuhlman, Rilo L., I69 Kuhuschltin, N., 97 Kulle, Roberl H., IO7 Kulle, Thomas J., IO7 Kunkel, Barbara L., I66 Kunkel, Edward W., l82 Kunlrel, Elaine M., B2, 93, I69 Kunh., Belly A., I62 Kunlz, John A., IB4 Kunh, Mary E., 24l Kuriiss, Leo C., I9O Kurz, James A., l85 Kusnerus, Samuel V., 88, l48 Kyrlach, Nancy J., I62 Kunze, R., IB3 L LaBaer, Morlr R., I69, I89 LaMare, F., 97 Labermeier, Waller, l9I Lacelield, Kennefh, IB4 Laclrey, Elhel C., 93 Lakeman, Lorraine A., 93, l2O, I24, I67 Lomb, John F., I93 Lomb, Roberl W., l83 Lamberf, Harry W., I9O Lammers, M. Joyce, I58 Lampe, Wesley M., l88 Lance, David M., 86, l88 Landis, Wm. E., IB3 Landman, Barbara A., 82, l5l, l63 Landrigan, Thomas R., I94 Lane, Ronald G., l85 Lange, Hans W., 86, 88, I43, I48 Langenloahn, Ronald, I82 Laslro, Thomas D., 96, 178 Lasf, Larry R., I93 Lasure, Richard M., I79 Lalscha, Caryl L., 76, 93, I62, 28l Lall, Karen, I7O Laughlin, Omer C., l9l Laumann, Roberf C., I9O Loundy, Herber+ W., I92 Lovonier, Donald J., l92 Lavey, David J., 88, 20I Lawrence, M. O., l62 Lawrence, Thomas F., 86 Lawrence, Waller R., 88, IOO, IOK, IOS Lawlon, Raymond M., IOO, I46 Lawyer, Edmund T., I79 Layer, James P., IBO Leary, Judilh S., l8, I69 Lease, Donald H., I92 Lebaeul, Roberl A., l88 Ledlord, Hazel R., 93, I47 Leeseman, Anna R., 82, l6l Leller, Dorofhy E., 82, l25, I7O Lehmeyerm, Allserl J., 95, IB3 Leisl, Howard A., l95 Leisl, Nelson R., IB6 LeMaslers, Roberla C., IO3 Lenharl, Leonard J., l93 Leonard, James H., IBB Lepperl, Wm. C., IBS Leslie, Gurdon, L. I93 Leuchl, Valerie A., l63, 2l6 Levine, Joan R., l68 Levy, Isabelle, l7I Lewis, Donald W., I88 Lewis, Palricia F., 82, IOS, I62, 238 Lewis, Roberl R., I93 Lewis, Russell, E., B4 Lilnlsee, Thomas E., I79 Liclell, Grace C., I9S Lieder, Wm. D., I9I Lim, Say H., I39, 202 Limburg, Norma J.. I62 Lindemann, Edward R., 95 Lindemann, John R., l25, l92 Lindemann, Thomas W., l88 Lindner, Fred O., 89 Linesch, John H., I90 Lingo, Joann B., I7O Lininger, Lois M., I98 Lininger, Ronald L., l9I Linlrins, Rolserl G., IBIJ Lipierl, Fred W., I92 Lipp, Carolyn L., I68, 2I6 Lipp, Slewarl I., 90, l87 Lipperl, Roberl R., 88 Lipsih, Joan, I68 Lisner, Sylvia D., 92 Lillner, Alberl T., 94, IO7 Loclrharl, Hugh, I78 Locliwaod, Wm. D., lB2 Loehrig, Margarel C., 88 Long, John R., 94 Langnolrer, John W., IB4 Longneclrer, K., l83 KCONTINUEDI THE tud nt nion Book tor UNIVERSITY UF CINCINNATI TEXT BUUKS 9 NUTE BUUKS S'l'A'l'IUNlCRY 9 FILLICRS DRAWING l'IQl7lPMEN'l' l'NlYl'IRSI'l'Y ,lEWEl.RY FUITNTAIN PENS FRA'l'ICRNl'l'Y INSIGNIA TOBACCO CANDY Page 325 CONSIDERING A CAREER OF DANCING? VOCATIONAI. INFORMATION CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN PAT DAULTON AT OPENING BANOUET V.l.C., Vocalional lnlormalion Conference, is a biennial proiecl of Women's Senafe infended lo give informalion on fhe various occupafions open 'ro women in ihe world foday. Conferences and lec- lures were conducled by women who were oufsfancling in lheir pro- fessional fields, which included Nursing, business, polifics, and so- cial worlc. Mrs. Beafrice Foley, well-lcnown fashion expert and commenfalor, was The spealcer a+ +he opening luncheon, and spoke on lhe wellgroomed appearance which is a necessify in any pro- fession. CI CINNATI GARDENS,I Home of Athletes fl A A .. . "M wee, ff F 4' X' i Q 'fhrri , v,,.1 ,A .D 3 L iilijlff W., Jyrum ' ' ,ifef-If-!E'5'.Q 'C - -I 7 -. , - X11 w 4. -, .. 1 , 1 -...v4.,,, i 33" 5:'s.- 1225, Q'-' ' : 1 . ' .....3.n....5 . ,4 4 -..r.l I I -. , ,- AQA, . , V , 4 , , , , W Longslreel, Wm., 76, 83, 96, 100 129, 140, 188 Lorenz, Vera M., 195 Lolles, James C., 192 Lollridge, Neil M., 85, 203 Lolz, Edward A., 191 Lolz, Ferd J., 94 Lol1, James S., 94 Loughry, Donald J., 179 Lounsbery, Palricia, 238, 241 Lowenslein, Edward, 149 Lowrey, Roberl, 183 Lucas, Chas. P., 192 Ludelre, John T., 184 Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig, Lurnley Melvin R., 184 Nancy J., sz, lee, is-1 Richard E., 186 Lowell T., 86, 88, 181 Magenheim, Herberl, 189 Mahafley, Virgil, 179 Maidrnenl, Richard C., 184 Maier, Frances L., 167 Malhe, Raberl F., 193 Mallrin, Gerald A., 187 Mallinger. Elhel A., 106 Malmulh, Norman D., 87 Maloney, Nancy A., 169 Maloll, John S., 191 Mann, Samuel J., 187 Maphel, Jimmy G., 201 Mara, Marlha J., 119 Marcum, Alice E., 171 Marich, Roberl A., 151 Maroudas, Charles D., 186 Marshall, Mildred, 107 Marslall, Linda, 78, 82, 93, 147, 164 Lund, George A., 108, 193 Lundgren, Carl W., 182 Luring, William S,, 188 Luli, James W., 190 Lylins, Billy C., 186 Lyon, Wayne B., 85, 188 Lyons, Roberl D., 190, 192 Lylle, James B., 108, 179 M Mac Veigh, Roberl C., 94, 107 132, 141 Maclray, James, 192 Macnicholas, Ronald, 188 Macy, Peler E., 181 Madigan, Imelda M., 107 Magenheim, Irving, 189 Marlin Donald, 145 Marlin Eliza belh, 170 Marlin, Kennelh, 145 Marlin Marlha, 171 Marlin Richard, 233 Marlin William, 193 Marlz, Guy, 83, 181, Mashburn, J. Cromer, 181 Mason, Jacquelyn, 163 Mason, Joyce, 167 Mossel, Albert, 185 Malhews, Paul, 83, 90, 99, 183 Molson, Charles, 18, 104 Mallhes, Anila, 80, 82, 101, 102 105, 170 Maxlield, David, 181 May, James, 91, 184 Maynard, Arvie, 124, 146, 271 Mazzei, Joseph, 85, 87 McAfee, Bobbie, 163 McA11isler, Carol, 164 McCann, Eugene, 184 Mccarll, Larry, 96 Mccarly, William, 88, 201 McClellan, Hearsl, BB McCorrniclr, Thomas, 79, 122, 139 140. 188 McCoy, Thomas, 184 McCue, James, 190 McEIwuin, Elizabelh, 162 McFadden, Jerry, 186 McGarry, Rodney, 107 McGill, Gayle, 162 McG1one, James, 88, 201 McGralh, Donald, 188 McHugh, Erin, 82, 163 McJoynl, Jane, 169 McKee, Warren, 86, 88, 194 McKenzie, William, 181 McKinley, Belly, 163 McMil1in, Leon, 186 McNamee, Joan, 93, 105, 167 McNeil, Gayle, 269 McNeil, Mariorie, 167 Meclllenborg, Paul, 149 Meehan, Sheila, 164 Mehler, Paul, 185 Meinlschmid, Jean, 170 Meisner, Laurence, 187 Meilus, Irving, 187 Melzner, Gene, 151 Merclrle, Rose, 144, 166 Mergler, Diane, 158, 241 Merke, William, 100, 192 Merrill, Helen, 160 Messinger, Jane, 82, 167 Messinger, Richard, 80, 86, 88, 124, 132, 143, 148, 193, 271 Melsller, Gerald, 183 Melz, Billie, 170 Melzger, Irwin, 140, 189 Mel11er, Roberl, 202 Meyer, Dudley, 191 Meyer Byron, 193 Meyer, Jacqueline, 166 Meyer Jane, 158 Meyer, Richard, 84 Meyer, Rulh, 162, 238, 241 Meyers, Carol Lou, 120, 130, 167 Michael, John, 97 Michaelson, Barbara, 93 Micheau, James, 182 Michelman, Jo, 130 Miers, Marilyn, 156, 160 Miles, Harold, 180 Milholland, Diclr, 85, 87, 143, 203 Miller, Alvaro, 187 Miller, Belly, 158, 257 Miller, Earle, 181 Miller, Eleanor, 167, 216 Miller, George, 86, 88 Miller, Miller, Miller, George T., 86, 88 James, 124, 186 Joan, 151, 158 Miller, Joseph, 179, 188 Miller, Linda, 18 Miller, Marvin, 185 Miller, Palricia, 76, 167 ICONTINUEDI B E N N E T T Cadillac C 0 . llislrillulor CADILLAC MOTOR CARS X35 Standard of . I the World 1617 Reading Road MA 5210 Page 326 I5 , STI-E bww Sbafme HOME OF NAME BANDS Miller, Miller, Roberf, I84 Roberr J., l68 Morrissey, Barbara, I69 Morlon, Charles, I44, l93 Moseharf, Margarel, I64, 24I Mosier, John, IS4 Mosier, Louise, I32, l38, I67, 244 O'Flaherly, Pal, I44 Ogle, Raymond, I24, l45 O'l'lara, Belly, 82, I7O O'KeeIe, Pafricia, I69 Oldrieve, Roberi, I95 Miller, Roberl E., 35, 202 Miller, Viola, 78 Mills, Donald, 76, I29 Mills, Edward, I79 Mindheim, Roberl, 38, IOO I48, IB7 Minovih, Edin., 90, noe Mirra, Emil, I82 Mirre, Wayne, IB8 Misali, Alrila, l9O Miichell, Ann, Il5 Moak, Donald, IBB Moder, Andrew, lBb Mog, Dennis, I22 Mohaupl, Karl, IB8 Negri, Richard, IBS Neil, Mary, I67 Neises, Margarel, l5B Nelson, Barbara, l7O Nelson, Clair, 84 Nelson, Lillie, 93 Moslrowirz, Myron, 76, 80, 33 I43. Moss, L Moll, l E onard, 84 I I I homas, IOO Nelson, Palricia, 93 Nelson, Richard, l78 9l, l7l Jusrine, Nesler, William, l30 Irwin, 84, I43, I46 Jeanne, I63 Nieberding, James, l85 Nieberding, Paul, IB2 Niederlehner, Frank, IB6 Niehaus, Roberl, 85, 87, IB5 Nesfer, Newberg, Nichols, Mounls, Franlz, 84, I46 Mounls, Jane, I63 Moy, Howard, I94 Mueller, Mary, 78, l20, IJ4, I56, I66, 238 Mueller, Richard, l9O Mueller, Roberl 98 Mueller, Shirley, 58 Muhlhofer, Franlr, IB2 Nieman, Ronald, I l I Oligee, Charles, 36, 88 Olsson, Janef, 82 O'Neel, Barbara, 93 O'Neel, W,, 98 O'Reilly, Joseph, I79 Orlando, Vinceni, IBB Orr, Alan, IBB Orlh, Richard, IB4 Oslrov, Herberl, IB7 Ofhling, William, I88 Owens, Elilabelh, I64 Owens, Marjorie, I95 Mohlman, Yvonne, 82, l70 Molloy, Donald, I79 Molloy, John D., I22, l27 Monroe, Jimmie, l20 Moore, Barbara, I67 Moore, James, 203 Moore, Laura, I47, IS6, I63 Moore, Marion, I5I, 24I Moore, Shirley, I64 Moolh, John, IBB Moran, Mary, I67 Morgan, George, l84 Morgan, James, I86, 202 Morin, Joan, 78, 156, lol Morrill, Richard, 98, I00 Morris, Donald, I93 Morris, Palricia, l5l Morris, Susan, I47 Morris, William, 224 Mumma, Nancy, I95, I97 Munro, Helen, I66, 9I Murdock, Jaclr, I8b Murphy, James 88, ISI Murray, Pafricia, 78, I34, 238, 24I, 297 Murrer, Rilo, I69 Murrer, S,, I92 Myers, Addison, 97 Mysonhomer, Roberl IB4 N Nagel, Roberl, IGB Nail, John, 202 Naralh, Alberf, 97, I37 Narnard, J., I49 Naylor, Mariory, ISE Niemeyer, Jean, l9I Noble, Deo, I9l Nolille, John, l45 Nolan, Marguerile, I69 Nolfing, Rolla, 92 Nordloh, James, IB4 Nordylre, Kaihryn, ISB Norris, Carolyn, I79 O Oafes, Peggy, 78 I27, I39. Obermeyer, Elmer, I43, I49 Oberschmidl, Carol, 82, l58 O'Brien, John, 76, l25, l4l, l32 O'Brien, Marilyn, 93 O'Connell, John, IBS Neal, Norman, B4 Odenwaldl, Paul, I79 P Pace, William, 79, 83, l27, I4l, I9Z Paisley, Susan, 82, l63 Palmer, John, IB4 Pancale, James, IB6 Pandilidis, Peler, IB6 Paquelle, Charles, 94 Parller, Mary, I38, l58, 24I Parrish, Oflo, 202 Parry, Nancy, 96, I44 Parsell, Kendrick, I44 Parsons, Donald, IBS Parsons, Shirley, I66 Passanfino, Richard, IO4 lCONTlNUEDl HILTO - DA 2335 LANGDON FARM ROAD COLORS MAN! 'FJIITI 'RER VI CHE IICAL C . S - PIGMENTS - DYES Sterling Drug Inc. CINIIINNATI. OHIO Page 327 as THE NEW' SHII'I,EY'S 'll The Campus The ,:l'lll'l'lll Lair 2 I -I YY. II1'IIiIIaln PA. 9660 CED R HILL F RM. I C. F rash Dairy Profluvts liulering lo Sororilivs and Fraterllities IIRLIIIIIDIP ITINI IIINI IINNATI 27. OHIO Paflerson, Malfhew, IO4 Paflerson, Anne, 93 Pallon, Lewis, I84 Poyler, Sharon, I47, I58 Payne, Marianne, I67 Pearson, Joseph, IO0 Pease, Roberl, 86, BB, IO7 Pecsok, John, 186 Peel, James, IOI PeiIoFI, Myrna, IO6 Pence, Donna, 9I, I66 Pequignol, Roberl, lB2 Perlrinson, William, I86 Perko, Edwin, l22, IQ3 Perry, Evelyn, I66 Persohn, Lynn, l63 Persons, Richard, lBb Pelers, Leon, I8 Pelerson, Andrew, IB3 Peferson, Mearle, IBO Pererson, Roger, l84 Pelllro, Slephen, 95, IB5 Pfafl, Janei, I70 PIeI'IeI, Yolanda, B2, B9 PIeiI7Ier, P., 224 Pfennigwerlh, Jean, l95 Pfiesler, Joann, I5B, 257 Pfister, Nancy, I67 Phelps, Carl, I9I Phillips, Frankie, 24l Phillips, Laurence, I93 Phillips, William, loo, 183 Phipps, Frances, 93, I70 Pieroni, Verdy, B6 Pilar, Donald, I79 Pisanelli, Ralph, I5I, l82 Pills, Omar, 202 Planclr, Mary Cae, IO5 Plall, Lewis, I44 Plogsledl, Allen, 84 Plumley, Rolserl, IOO Plunlrelf, David, I90 Pochar, Beverly, 97, I22 Poe, Roherl, I83 Pogue, Jesse, 97 Pogue, Ophelia, B2 Polrorny, Richard, IB5 Pollard, Alberlo I97 Pollard, John, I92 Poore, Richard, 2Ol Popp, Herberl, l4B Popplewell, Lorerfa I58 Porleous, Ann, I69 Porler, David, IBB Porfer, Joseph, I70 Posller, John, IBI Poller, Grailon, IB6 Polls, Harold, I94 Pouller, Douglas, 95 Pounds, Sally, 93 Powers, Franlrlin, I45 Poyer, Richard ll5, I92 Prager, Jan, IB9 Prashaw, Palricia, I6l Prall, Richard, I93 Price, John, 84, I93 Priclrelf, James, I92 Probsl, Elaine, I62 Pross, Beverly, lb2 Pullis, Carol, I66 Pullis, Ray, 85 Purcell, John, l95 Purdy, Joseph, IB4 Pushell, Sharon, l68 0 Quinn, Carole, B2, I44, I69 R Rabenneclc, Richard, I93 Rabinovich, Michael, 200, 203 Raiyes, Edward, l8I Ramundo, Frank, I45 Randall, Kafhleen, lb4 Rallerman, John, I93 Rau, Roberl, IO8 Rauber, Kay, I70 Rawnsley, Mary, 78, 24l Reodle, Margery, I5B Redfield, John, I39 Reece, Roberl, l40, l5l, l8l Reed, Jacll, IS2 Reed, Mariorie, I63 Rees, Allan, 201 Reesey, Waller, IBI Rehrnerl, Rufh, 82, I67 Reiber, Elva, I70 Reichle, Ann, 92, l58, 257 Reichle, Harvey, l93 Reilr, Edward, 95 Reilly, Shirley, l22 Reinhard, Laverne, I66 Reisenfield, Sylvan, IB9, 233 Remner, Roberf, l78 Renner, Roberl, 224 Relhmeier, Melvin, l32 Reynolds, Byron, 87 Reynolds, David, I48 Rhein, Clifford, I92 Rheinbold, Dolores, I58 Rheins, Irvin, IB9 Rhoades, Nancy, I20, I63, 257 Rhyner, Carol, lb4 Rice, Donald, I7B Richards, David, I93 Richardson, Alberfa, I70 Richerl, Barbara, Il5 Richler, Herschel, 139, IB9 Riley, Charles, I90 Rineharl, William, l45, l7B Riner, Roberf, IB8 Rines, Russell, IBO Ringwqld, Marianne, I34, l5l, Rinsky, Gilberf, l4l, IB9 Rizzo, Felice, IBS Roar, Sfanley, IB4 244 Roberfs, Pafricia, 82, l02, IO3, l5l I67, ZI6 Roloerfson, Palricia, 82 Robinson, Richard, 224 Roger, David, I90 Rodgers, Pal, SB, I62 Roediger, Richard, IBB Rogers, John, IO4, I83 Rogers, William, IBB Rogers, Rae, 95, l6l Roll, Eugene, IB6 Roman, John, 95, IB4 Romano, Rulh, 9l Ronsheim, Sue, I63 ICONTiNUEDJ Page 328 W'0. l533 3208 Jefferson Avo. "QUALITY-PRUMPT DELIVERY" Ol, R GX LUNCH CO. 9 PACKAGED LlTNCHl'lS 9 SANIHTICIIES 9 BISYEIKAGICS lfulvring In lmluslriul l'lunIs aaa eaadaafa flfnvlaoaaplnm Nlff1RlllIIlfQn1-n 6856 SHUT-R9 HV! ClnClnfIHTl'1'f'0'l'll0 flefwflf ITIELROSE 8558-H Rose, Donald, I39, IBI Roseberry, Roy, III, IBO Rosen, Jaclr, I87 Rosenweig, Ronald, I24, I87 Rosenweig, Hugh, I87 Rosin, Leanore, IOO Rolhchild, Eugene, I89 Ralslan, Roberl, IOO Rubel, Lewis, I87 Rudolph, Everell, I46 Ruehlman, Helen, I66, IBO Ruess, Dolores, I67 Ruff, Elmer, I44 Rullman, David, IOO, IO8 Ruslr, Loren, 86 Russell, Marion, I62 Russell, Mervyn, 94, l25, I87 S Saberlon, Helen, I70 Sabo, Elmer, 85, 36, 87, BB, 203 Sachs, Roberf, I87 Saile, George, 85, 87 Sample, Glenn, ISI Sample, William, I44 Samples, Frances, I9B Sandhas, Belly, I64 Sarver, Russell, l9I Saunders. Joan, I79 Scively, James, IB6 Savery, Judy, I70, 257 Savery, Susan, I70, 24I Schababerle, Jack, III Schaefer, Ronald, 200 Schaefer, William, IOO, IOB, IB4 Schalernan, I-larry, 97 Schanzle, Roger, IB4 Schaucler, Charles, I92 Schear, Myrna, l20 Scherer, Marcy, 9I, l70 Scheslre, Carl, 86, 88 Scheuermann, Norma, I70 Scheve, Mary, I6O Schiclrler, Andrew, I08 Schiclrner, John, 202 Schirmer, Carol, l38 Schlacber, Daniel, I43, 148 Schlandl, Allen, I49 Schleicher, Lloyd, l98 Schlesselman, Norma, l63 Schloiman, Peler, IB4 Schmid, Marian 9l, loo Schmiedel, Duane, 86, 202 Schmill, Dorolhy, I69 Schrriiil, Roberl, I7I Schnalre, Marilyn, IO7 Schneider, Joan, I60 Schneider, Erwin, IS6 Schneider, C., 93 Schneider, Lore, I62 Schneider, William, 84, I95 Schnier, Louis, 94 Schoelwer, Marion, I20, I27, l5I, IG9 Schoelwer, James, I79 Schoene, Donald, 20I Schoenling, Mae, I66 Schoeflmer, Donald, I83 Schaller, Georgene, 241 Scholl, Bersy, 167 Scholl, Roberl, I85 Schrage, Donald, 95, IBS Schrimper, Fred, 85, 87 Schroeder, Ervin, I46 Schrolel, James, BI, I22, I27, I84 Schuberl, Franlr, I48 Schuberf, Joyce, Io7 Schucarl, Darorhy, Io8 Schuler, Nina, IO6 Schuler, Sfella, 168 Schulle, Paul, IO7 Schul1e, Virginia, l7O Schulzinger, Judilh, I6B Schulle, Charles, IB4 Schwaegerle, Alice, Io9 Schwqll, Shirley, 78, IOI, I47, l7I, 28l Schwarlz, Slanlon, I87 Schwarz, Mary, 92, I66 Schweinlurlh, Slanley, 97 Schwenlrer, Roberl, 84 Schwenlrer, Carl, I84 Schwenllrer, Donald, 88, 2OI Scoll, Richard, I9l Scoll, Ronald, l92 Scallen, Meredilh, 79, IB3 Segal, Shirley, I70 Seifz, Edward, 36, 202 Selmanls, Joseph, IBB Seller, Richard, I79 Seuberl, Rulh, I66 Sewell, Calherine, 73, I62 Seyloerlh, Juanila, 9I Seyboll, Peler, ISI Shaloslry, William, l5I, l90 Shank, Shirley, I97 Shanler, Edilh, lbs Shannon, Elizabefh, I69 Share, Fischel, I20, I27, l4I Sharp, Kennelh, ISI Sharraclr, Raleigh, II9, I87 Shaul, Sue, I62 Shavzin, Alan, I87 Shaw, Jaclr, IB4 Shearer, Carol, I66 Shelfon, Rulh, Ibb Shelferly, J., I63 Shewman, John, l9O Shipp, Charles, IO7 Shives, Slephanie, lb3 Shoemalrer, Burlon, 83, IO4, IBI Siclring, Thomas, 8b, 88, I49 Sieber, Ollo, Bl, 83, IB4, 285 Siehlerman, Loren, I4I, IB4 Siegler, Nancy, ISS Siemering, Joan, Ib2 Sierveld, Warren, l9l Sievers, Belsy, 82, 93, l62 Sifers, John, IB4 Siflerlen, Thomas, 84, I4I, l43, I46 Sigler, Peggie, 82, l70 Sigler, Phyllis, I25 Sigman, Earl, l9S Silva, Jose, IBO, 202 Silverman, Lewis, I87 Simmons, Francis, l85 Simmons, Nancy, I56 Simon, Marvin, I93 Simoncelli, Peler, 183 Simons, Charles, IBB Simons, Charlene, I67 ICONTINUEDI Page 329 X , 1 .fx ' W X MODEL 546-3539.95 lT'S A CLOCK! ' IT'S A RADIO! ' IT'S AN ELECTRONIC SERVANT! W You mn go-to-sleep to music . . . mike-up to music . . . start your voffeenxuker and :many othvr hmne uppliullvei autmm1ticully . . . lmw llll Q-lm-lrmniv servant to work or play for you own minute of the day! YOU CAN PUT YOUR CONFIDENCE IN GE ERAL ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTOR GENERAL ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORP. 215 W. THIRD - CIN., 0. Page 330 THE VALLEY SHUI'-IN 7617 READING noun Q In the Heart of Roselawn ' Cilleillllalfs Finest ONE-STU? Shopping Center FREE PARKING l"0R 600 CARS THE WORK EASY Sll0P FOR ALI, IIUITSEIIULIJ NEEDS SIIIIUOI, SIPPLIES ANI! S'I'.YI'IONERY ANNABEL. INC. IJISTINI I'I'I Y E FEM I NINE APPAREI, PO. 2400 FO0IlII'AY IIELIYERY SERYIIIE UPEN EYENINILS ANI! SINIDXYS JEVYEL HATS WHERE EVERY IIKYI' IS A ,IEXYI-ll. Slllll'-IN-'I'0GGERY. INC. PU. I2-I4 SI'UR'I'SWI'1.-XR SPI-IIIIAI.'I'II-IS I-'UR MEN IVUERIIEMAN CLEANERS "FUR 'I'IIA'I' XYl'I-IIIIJICNIAN LOOK" PU. 0789 ININALII G. IIIGH 8 SON EVERY 'I'YI'E OF INSIRANIIIC PU 3210 NlARGO'S WA-X'I'lIIII-IS. IDI UIUNIDS. l Nlsle xl, ILII"'I'S PI 1. 38:13 CARIIS YAI,I.EY ISXRISEII SIIUI' XX. 9843 TIIE SCNIIIIT SAVINGS 8 L0.-KN PU. IIIII ll0W'S 1:lN1:lNN,x'l'l's I'0I'l'IAR IDIIIIL s'roREs Nl0RBERLEY'S l"LOII'ERS N A. 9l5I 'I'EI.EILIiAI'II ANI! DEI.IYERY SERVICE P0'I'TER'S SHOES FINE I-'0U'I'WEAR I-'UR IIEN. WIHIEN. IIHILIIREN Stores 0pen Every Tuesday and Thursday Evening VALLEY THEATRE Page 33l Sin er Slieel, SINCE 1882 The Crocker-Fels Company MEDICAL - SURGICAL SUPPLIES. EQLIPMENT PHARMACEUTICALS 5 East glll Cim-innati. Ohio PA. T080 Sine, Carolyn, l25, I7O Singer, Frank, IB9 Ronald I94 9 . Sinning, Marian, 93 Margarel, Ibl Slrinner, Rama, I67 Slessarey, Helga, 89 Sliver, FINE FOOD AND DRINK AT THE Slobien, Richard, l89 Smalle Marilyn, l9B y, Lucy, I22, l5B Smilh, Carol, 76, 82, I67 Smifh, Edwin, I43 v 9 1. a ll a Smifh, Eugene, I4b Smifh, Graham, 96, I44 CALL A-W011 9310 rliSI:lilai'32?6i94 ,, , .,.,.,,, -1,--A -us -' Smifh,Richard,Bl UN NINI. SIIxI'.I.l A1,.IxOSS l'IxUXI THE ZOO ENTRANCE Smifhl Theodore. N' los Smylh, Roberf, 96, IB6 Snider, Margie, 82, 93, Snodgrass, Byron, IB6 Snyder, Joanne, 92, I66 V Y ,, Sn der Roberl IS6 ' w 1 7' Y i - JOHN SCHXXARZ COMPAN1 Soc-fd. Rm-Id. 192 Socrafes, James, I9O Sommers, Mary Ann, I64 Spencer, William, IBI Sper, John, I9I Spielman, Susan, Ib2 Spindler, Nancy, I7O Spinnenweber, R., l85 Spragens, Terry, l82 Sprague, John, IOB Springmeier, Cliff, I9O Sfafford, Ronald, 70 Sfamper, Janice, I44 Slanforlh, Marcia, 82, 92, I24, Slarrmann, Carl, IB4 Slarnbach, Marlene, I68 Slafman, Nicholas, IB7 SL Clair, Marlha, I70 Sfeele, Kay, 233 Sfegall, Elilabefh, 93 Slein, Paul, 97, IB7 Sfein, Roberf, 97, IB7 I69, 28l Sleiner, Kurl, IB9 Sfeinkamp, Auda, I60 Sfeinle, Mona, IB Sfeinrnefz, Tom, ISI Slene, Marlene, IOB, lb0 Slephenson, James, I84 Sfeube, Neal, I92 Sfeurer, Ralph, I 95 Sonderman, Douglas, 86, BB, I43, l4B FINE Fl N DTWE KH Spahf, Roy, 202 Spailh, Mary Lou, I95 Slevenson, Kennefh, I32, I48, I93 Slewarf, George, I90 Sfewarf, June, l62 Slewarf, Raymond, Ill, 200, 203 Spaulding, Rolaerl, IOO, IO4, I84, I9O Sparling, Ronald, l7B Sliclrler, Vera, 24l Sficlrley, Marlin, I83 TSI: l'ilISl Alvxllllilll Sl. Spal1,Paul, IB9 Sfileg, Mgr, IBO Specimen, Dole, l9I qnlhhmlmli hh Ulm, Specliman, Jeanne, B2, I47, I67 ICONTJNUEDJ C l' t f GREGG CLEANERS amp 'men S 0 L. M. PRINCE C0. 200 wrt-at Hfylillan St. llinvinnati. Ohio 4 W, 4th Street Page 332 I58 C A M E R A S DEVELOPING - PRINTING SIIPPLII-:S - FILMS III Manse Film Library Cliflorfs tlllly Camvrrl Shop 2514 Clifton Aufllm' l'Nixvrsi!y 9697 Evenings by fl IJIIOTIHIIIPIH Slillpass, Beverly, 93, l68, 28l Siimson, Richard, I48, ISE S+oclrs, Landon, I84 Slalnes, Thomas, IBB Sfoller, Arnold, l89 Slolz, John, 88, IB3 Tallarico, Louie, 203 Tansey, Maureen, I6I Tapharn, Nancy, I69 Tarfer, Thomas, Ill, IBB Toshjian, Marian, 78 Tashiian, Rose, I08 lJ0lIgIl'lIfIlIllfi0llS In tha' lflrlss nf '53 HENRY H-KHIIIS. INC. lzmrzw 'l'UXYl-IR .xlalyulllz TIIHIIIIIIIIIPIHS fl'4lIl1 C1 1 Slone Gerald, loo, leo Taylor, Carol, ls, 92, I29, IB4, lm A R D O E R N7 I C E Slorrn, Bonnie, 9l, l7l Taylor Donald I88 L Sform, Lelancl, 94 Taylor Douglas, I92 Sfory, Maxine, lbb, 24I Taylor, George, I45 J. ra u Y . y 1 ' -- 5,ou,y w,,,,om ,Sb ,OW ,DM 9, f.lf,,dll'lll' Y Plllllllg, Ihld1'lllllt'b Sfovall, David, ISI Tecca, Richard, IOO, IB5 Sfovall, Joanne, 158 Tedlord, Janel, I60 Sfreibig, Glenn, IB4 Tegel, Belly, I05, l22, IIB o - slfaclef, Louis, I87 rellofd, Clifford, loo nl" 8' I9 Sfrohbach, John, IB6 Tennenbaurn, James, I39, I89 Slrohrnenger, Gloria, ZBI Tepe, Lawrence, I92 Sfrornberg, Charles, I04, IZ2, ISI, Terry, Lawrence, 202 I84 Thall, Esfher, I5S Sfrifler, Frank, 20I Theissen, Paul, I32 -s ' ,, , ' ,, . , ' " Smmk' Paulo' gl' '69 Them' Carole' in l',X!TylIlllI,. lol lllt 5llIllPlIl Sfrunll, Pefer, I85 Thomas, Donald, I00 A sleubbe, William, l22 Thompson, Charles, l-la I A I ' N 9 ' Sfuhman, Shirley, Ibl Thompson, Chester, I94 A LM Suclbrack, Charles, IBB Thompson, George, T86 Sullivan, Pafricia, I64 Thombury, Mary, 82, I7O . IVSPIJ Text Books Sun, Herberl, I44 Thorsen, Mariorie, I69 . . sundqossl, Paul, 97, I8l rllmalall, James, loa Art Nlllirwllf Surface, Ronald, l5I Th l, Andrew, I45 Q ' ' J, ' ' ', swsemk, Ann, ra, 90, l03, IO7, Tieumeyer, l-lefbefl, las l'ng'I"'9r"Ig NIIIIIIIU IZO. Us Tiemeyer, Roberl, I88 . Statinllq-ry Tillolson, John, 86, BB, I94 . . X I T Tilsley, Thomas, l45 "Ile Tillon, Allan, l92 1 , ily' ll Ill tlxx Taclge, Charles, I9l xx' XII JJJJILXX I 4 I Talraesu, Yoshiali, I44 ICONTINUEDI Two Uonypnipnl lf,,-ations fllltull I'iYr'lllYlQ5 1 1 I N 1' Y STANLE i ,S HARRISON ly. 1.HlalaN AV0ll Food Sll0p RMI. I:s'lix'I'I: . INSI llnlirz WP 'wwf' Ulf' firwsf lllslxrzss m'l'llR'l'INl1'lI:s Cornvrl Beef in Town IIIISII Nlllhilildllllflll IIIJ. Sanrlwicll Trays Uur Spf-I-iully - , , . NIIIWWNIII. Illllll Nlli lf"Il 3.921 Rfaflmg Rll. ,u 1342 I " Page 333 Complete Line 0f l,ll0l0gl'2lllllll' Eqlliplllelll Fountain Pens and Pencils U11-4-lillg Cards lm' all 0C1'ZlSl0llS Interior Decorators 'aeiwe - Jlnc. 2126-2132 lilCfXlIINC H1 DAD 1IINCINX.YI'l 2. OHIO in :si rua. - f ix in ii iii E ,mia imc S'l'HlCli'I' 2 PHONE M1454 S rlinn 51471 Factory Aullmrized A co. Pen Repair Service Ruqgffkfkgwgfs 627 IWIETREET 21-llnur l,ll0l0filliSllillg Svrvivi- CINCINNATIZOHIO K A Anil ow . . . 011 To Meckle11lJ111'g'S smzn mos Serving UlIll'lllllllll with lllv Flllvsl Femrls and Drinks lfunmus For f:IIiI'lu'l'llTSl4'lllf 62 Srruvrlnwlen Dinners llEllKLENBURC'S CARDE IIIUIIIANID Nl' E.-KST' l'NIYEliSl'l'Y U on 90-Hx-901-T Tioflaf, Gerald, IB6 Tobaben, Fredericlr, IB3 Tooley, Marion, I78 Tape, Donald, 88 Traub, Eileen, I60 Trebilcock, Thomas, I93 Trailer, Charles, I45 Trowbridge, Richard, lOl, 202 Trumpowslry, Charles, ZOI Trynz, Allan, IB9 Tschan, Edmond, 94, l90 Tuclrer, Mary Lynn, lO5 Tucker, Randolph, I86 Tupman, John, IB6 Turing, Francis, 202 Turner, Donald, I79 Turner, Richard, 95 Turner, Roberl, I93 Twyman, Alan, I88 Tyndall, Shirley, az, 93, :az U Ulm, Roberl, IB4 Ulmer, Norman, l60 Ulrich, John, IB3 Ungar, Lois, l68 Upp, Donald, 202, 233 U son Lawrence I'-70 P I . Ulrcchl, Margaref, I34, IS6, l7O 285 V Vanu Dylre, Ralph, 2OI Van Leunen, l85 Von Voorhis, IB3, 27I Vandeveer, Donald, 36, 88, IOO l48 Vane, Gloria, l63 Varney, Glenn, 202 Varney, Maurice, 202 Vafh, James, I93 Verran, Arlene, IS6, I64, 28l Vesper, George. IO7 Velorino. Raberf, 97 Via, Roberl, lS8 Viclr, Kelly, I45 Vigiris, Chris, l62 Vilagi, Burlcn, l85 Vogele, Mary Ann, l5l, I69 Vollcsladl, Susan, 82, IOI, I02, IO5 I63 Von Birgelen, Roger, I9O Vosler, C., IOO W Wachs, Jim, I39, l4O, l8I Waggoner, Marlene, I7O Wagner, Howard, I84 Walborn, David, I93 Wallrer, Charles, 84, I46 Wallrer, Margaref, I64 Wallace, Charles, I86 Walsh, Donald, l83 Walsh, Marilyn, l5l, lbo Waller, Jaclr, I79 Wallers, Charles, l83 Wallz, Tom, I8l rconrmusm Page 334 for flowers of 0.x'prCssr'0r1 B y ouis Me afofubil' 3851 Rmirling Howl Iliiir-inimli 20, Illiin The Hr-lveilc-i'v I'l.rmi IW10 , g r on ,ie NLRl0i rev-'W'-fi"W ' J Italian ,,m! 1 , vi Rvstrrurrrnt IM- IHXIIP uni lu mijm viii' I-Lllllulla IIIIIIHII rlielwr ami lim' miivs sr-ru-rl in a se-llinu if iilil urirlrl i-lmim. RIIASIDY-XIiI,I'I PRIIIIES I.Iiisr LI VIIIIPNIIRIV II4 E. 6th St.-Svconrl Floor CII:-rry 8699 REILTUIIS ' L ,slums I va Every REALTOR is a business man-a good business man or he wouldnl be allowed io use The proieisional Iirle of REALTOR. Narurally hes in business ro make a profil bur -he places service Io his clienrs above and before proiii. Service Before Proiiil A real esrare man mugl rnake ihar pledge beiore he can be a REALTOR. And he lives up lo il nor only be- cause rhe rules governing REALTORS are enforced, bur because in 'rhe long run, i'r's a good business io pracrice, A good business praciice Ior you is ro place your real esraie aiiairs in Ihe hands oi a REALTOR, because a REALTOR rnusl have experience, abiliry, inieqriry, and follow a golden rule code oi business erhi-fs. When you make sure your Real Esraie men isa REALTOR you are making sure oi complele iarifiiaciiori. Look for REALTOR in clrisaiiied ads, in rhe phone book and on business slarionery. CINCINNATI RIC.-XI, ES'I'A'I'I'I BU.-IRD Mercantile Library Building 4:4 warm si. MA wa s Cincinnafi Ohio I I I3 Ward, Joanne, Ibl Warner, Ruih, 78, II5, I56 Wasmer, Charles, II9 Walson, Judilh, l62 Waison, Richard, IB3 Weaiheriord, Charloife, I6I Weaver, John, 97, I40, ISI, 244 Webb, Leslie, I63 Webeler, Wilma, I66 Weber, Charles, 89 Weber, Gloria, I69 Weber, Jane, I69 Weber, Leo, l6I Weber, Marlyn, Ibl Weber, Velma, I64 Wedbush, Edward, IZ4, I93, 27I Weed, William, I92 Weibling, Nancy, l60 Weir, David, IB4 Weir, James, 85, I92 Weise, Roberl, 85 Weise, Ronald, I9I Weiser, Norman, I39, I4l, I89 Weissman, Orville, 86 Weissmann, Joseph, I88 Welling, Mark, 95 Welling, Vera, lb6 Wells, Richard, 94 Welfi, Roberi, I00 Wenzel. James, I9I Wermescher, John, I9I Weseli, Roger, I85 Wesr, Pafricia, I67 Wefrling, Joan, I5I Weheler, Carolyn, I5B Whaley, William, I94 Wharion, Charles, I90 Wheafley, Mildred, I63 Wheeler, Charles, I8b Wheeler, Philip, I84 Wheelrighi, E., I83, 200, ZUI Whilacre, Gale, I78 White, Iris, I68 Whiie, Roberr, 96, IB8 Whifehead, Leroy, IO4 WhiIescarver, F., IOO Whifworlh, Clayborn, I93 Wickham, David, I43, l48 Wiechers, Wilma, I58 Wiersema, Richard, IOO, 202 Wiesler, Charles, I84 Wilder, Elaine, I69 Wiley, Joan, 93, I63, ZBI Wilger, James, IB4 Willrens, Dallas, I5l Willard, Roberi, I82 Williams, Owen, I88 Williams, Willis, I93 Willson, Barbara, I24 Willson, Richard, I9O Wilms, Fred, I92 Wilson, Barbara, Ibb Wilson, James, I92 Wilson, Marie, Ibl Winged, Roger, 87 Winier, Donald, IB2 Wismann, Monre, I64 Wilslren, Clarence, I85 WiH, Lorhar, IB4 Wifi, Ronald, IB4 Wirucki, Joe, l5I Wahl, Amiel, I43 ICONTINUEDJ LICIC II. SCIIICIiI'1R AGENCY I'Iiil "limi" II.-il tai XFIIIIII' 5. Iisrniiiiil 'III KUIIIIPIII IR. Nlilli-r 'II ul' THE STATE IIIUTIEIAL LIFE ASSURANCE CUIIIPANY of Wvorvr-slr-r. RIHSSIICIIIISPIIS 1617-21 IIAREW TOWER CINCINNATI. OHIO Page 335 Q -1 A DISPLAY OF CAMPAIGN POSTERS COVERS THE GRILL ONLY ONE VOTE PER CUSTOMER, PLEASE f I x S CAMPUS ELECTIONS This year The elecfions on campus were marlced by a sizeable increase in sfudenl' parlicipafion. This was due fo 'lhe new syslem of voiing ini'fia+ed by sludenf council, which incorporaled fhe idea of precincls vofing. 4370 of +l'1e s+uden+ body exercised 'lheir righl lo vore as compared wifh 2870 for The previous year. As usual +he elecfions were marked by gaily decorafed posfers in fhe sludenl' union. Personal leHers +o voiers and brass band parades pro- mofed +he old +ime vofing spiri+. The s+uden+ council hopes in +he fufure io improve fhe precincls syslem of vofing and fo conlinue rhe increase in siudenf parlicipafion. Page 30 WOCHEIFS 111f:sxl,'1'H .Q 1Nv,xL11ys SUPPLIES If ,1ll'lll,fll.l f .,.- nu,-11 ll l XY l NlXl818 Congratulations . to the Class ol 753 from your Telephone Company "A Good Place fo Work" 1 1 - A 1 ii "g'?N o'0 'ws XXNQX I X1 I Jak, ,fgrnlscn s IG nov may . . ., 4 4. Cmczmzatzs 7f Most Famous " DOUBLE DECKER WM. BECK X SONS CO. Ifstablisllefl 1356 COSTUMES RENTED Theatrical anil fllai-lquerarlv Costumes--W igs-Be-arrls Grease Paints Wie Also Rent TUXBIIOBTCIIIHWVHYB-Fllll Dress All Accessories Summer Formals 1115 Vine St, liillerry 2201 Dollar For Dollar You lfrmil Heal .4 Pontiac HAGEMAN PONTIAC CO. SALES .Q SERVICE Telvpllom- Nlfilrosv 0946 4111-20 Honlgonu-ry Ril. Norwood I2. Ohio Wohlen, Richard, 27I Wall, Kennelh, I9O Wolf, Lawrence, 26, IB9 Woll, Roberl C., IBB Wall, Roberl H., I44, ZI6 Wood, Charles, l25, I4O, I8-1 Woodworlh, Tom, 76, QI, IO0 I27, I32, IB4, ZI6 Wooclyord, Roberl, 87 Woolley, Lois, 93, I25 Woollon, John, l8l Woollon, William, IBI Wormus, Roberl, l92 Wrenn, Bruce, 124 Wrighl, Belly, I67 Wrighl, Jacque, IS6 Wrighl, Niedra, l5B Wrighl, Roberl, I68 Wrighf, Waller, 86, 88 Wursl, Judilh, I62 Wysong, Richard, IBI Y Yaney, Perry, 84 Yales, Richard, I9O Yeager, Roberl, IS3 Yee, William, B4 Yerdon, James, I92 Yerlreson, Richard, I25 Yoder, Lorraine, IBO Yorio, Peler, I85 Yosl, Frederick, IO4, l4B Young, Harvey, IBO Young, Leanna, I44, l97 Young, Robert, IBO Young, Rodney, I84 Younge, Lucy, I63, I98 Younlier, Lois, I64 Youlsey, Dale, I93 Z Zchoros, George, I94 Zesch, Ronald, I9O Zeigler, Ziegler, John, IBB Nancy, I58, I63 Zimmer, Richard, IBS Zimmer, William, I86 Zimmerle, Donald, I85 Zimmerman, Charles, IBB Zimmerman, Richard, l07 Zommer S, Vieslurs, ZOI Page 337 STIEIPS PRES! IRIPTION PHARMACY liidlww and Lllfton .-Xvffs. IX, limi - limi: Cincinnati, Ohio QUEEN CITY CHEVROLET Your Convenient Downtown lflmvrolet Dealer 318 E. 61h St. Buick Sales and Service THE HOCKS BUICK CO. 3363 Reading Rd. YYO. 3300 Used Car Dept. 2350 Gilbert Au-. PX. 1880 Cincinnati. Ohio TIN. Dmrulnu'u's Popular Supper Club 8 I B Y Fianovs nm Gam 4 DRIVE-IN A A FINE F000 Home of the ibzu MIIIH IEHJ4v Iiunlw I Uv1Iir111+lu1- lfrulf-rluimm-ut IIIIPII I lllil 1Z:f3Ha.l11. B I G B U R G E ll uuolfzlc 11HAR1:oAL STEAKS Th? Origiml D,""bl'J pm' l H , I'I3lllhllI'gPI' ol Hamilton Baltwl Potato. Salzul 1 52.30 N BROILEID MAINE LIVE LUBSTER B I 'J llulu-1I I'ota1In. Salud - 52.00 U I I G ln A D U A T E s R I IIIIIIQIVIIIIIIIHIPIIS and HMI Iluisfws ' if .-. for lfolzlilzluffl Sllzfesx G i I I TIIE WESTERN BANK ak TRUST co. T ""' -' 'I 12th ami Ninn- Sis. E Q. l'lill"TON HEIGHTS 0FFICE STEAK THICK flliihm M--. ami Nldlillari St. SAANDW'ICHES MALTS 'HDND HILL 0FFlCE 7053 R0'ifIinU Ruud Ihllihwlt IM. and Califm-xmia -Xu-. 3010 Dixil. Highway Roselawzl Xlwmli--rz IN-iii-rgil D1-p-I-il In-uram:-P Corp. Ilamiltnn. Uliio CIIICIIIIIHII. Ohio Page 338 THE POLLAK STEEL COMPANY In Cllllflgllllllfl. SIIICI' 1868 19523 Our 85th Axillixclsglly' o o REINFURCIIXC STEEL RARS - NIESII ACCESSORIES STRL'C'I'L'RAl, STEEI. HUT RULLEIJ CARBON I-SARS FENCE POSTS FOR FARMS Sz ESTATES General Office 2640 Glendale-Nlilforcl Road EVENDALE. OHIO Mills-Marion. Ohio Breakfast. Lunvli and We liave served you Dinner during The Best Years of Yuur Life Corzgrutulutimzs .Ind Best Wisfzes For Your Future U. of C. Dining Halls Anil Grill " -5.-1 'L 1 ' in-533'-5 "'3 'c'l5f'iT55 Q ,EEZ f' ny mu r c 1 I, . .- , m.Mm39!,!5iM' ., . -. f ,..., .,....,. ---.ff .-L A - Memorials o Honor Rom , --,.,.r . , -"fag: -.,:,,'L.,,- - Pom., Tableu o signs ., "" 1 Mmm o Name PM ' : if ggi, .....:1.".-a 4 -.. mr .u , , 'Z I if . Q gr: 5 ,.. ..,-5 X Ma af ,fi WL. A '- i -f 1. A 25115-:..'-1' MIIERJOIIAII ' WEIIGIJR ffm- 'I I02 W. 9!Il Sf. CINCINNATI 3, OHIO A - - -. ,,- Your educatiorz is nal unzzplefe until vs au, have had a post-gradzzufe' woursv in FUN at CONEY ISLAND Americcis finest amusement park. SWIM . . . DINE . . . Duck: . . . PILINILI Page 339 RECORDS - SHEET MUSIC GREETING CARDS Photos 4 for 256 SONG SHOP ISL-30 Ii. Fifth Sl. On Fountain Sq, C 4111 gn 1114 lations to mp class of '53 WILSON FREIGHT FORWARDING COMPANY for listeners - the tops in the notion on THE NATION'S STATION for advertisers - THE NATION'S MOST MERCHANDISE-ABLE STATION WlW RADIO DIAL 700 Compliments of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES GUSWEILER'S PONTIAC, INC. 3435 Reading Road AVon 8080 "Take the Pontiac Why Un Graduation Day" 6'SeP you at the Beev Busv Bee Restaurant Lounge ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY 9 P.M.-2 Am. 316 Ludlow Ave. AVon 9038 P ge 340 KT Xi "Tw, ii 2.1 i' ef 11 . , '- rx- 'Q 1 1 A ' xi '11 M-ou. ' ,,,. ,Q ,vp Q "A, sp !."'1S' ., , M na - N 1 w ' 1. it? iff, fig l .,,i 1 1 W F. vw'-N. 144 X1 xx 2 R N 11 " v- il1'l'111ll'11'11 11-flflf'f,111'1'V1 f,111'H11l11f ll1111l ll111l111.Q1-11 11111111 111 II111 l1l11' Ill l1111-111-11 an hy .. S .1 Good Place To lYorl.' Xl1111y11l11111'r'11111l11y1-1-s sl111'l111g 1s111'L 111 llll' 1111-1l11111N l1Nl1-1l I11-I1111 lI.lXl' 111111 111lx11111'1'1111-11l l11 111111111l1111l 511111-11111111 :1111'l 1-x1J1'11l1x1- 1111f1l11111- 111 1111151-ll111g. lllLll!lllLll'llll'IIlg, .11'1'111111l1114:..1111l11ll11-1 1111111111-N, 1,4111-x 11Il1'1- ll11' l1l1'ill Ix111- 11l 41l'Ql1IlllZiIIi4lll i11 hlIil'll 111l11-gin Ifllll' l111Ni111---1'111'1'1'1 :1111l i111111'11x11x111111x1111i11g 1111-x1l1il1l11'-. XM-11111 la11g1-1'1111l1:l1 111 11ll1-1'z1l11111stu11l11111l1'1l1111p111'l11111l11-f,11111l .11 ll11-Na1111111111113-11111ll1'111111gl1-11Il1.1l111-1-1111.11.1lll11111-- lv-1-I1 111 1-l11N1'111'1 s111111l t11111'l1 1111111l11-11l1ili1i1-1111111 1l1'x1-l11111111-111 11l'Il11- i111lixi1l1141l1-11111I11x1'1'. History and Produets 'l'l11' Philip 1111111 XlilIllllLI1'lllI'lll?1 lI11111I11111x luis l1ll1-1-11 N1ll4'F 11lll1'1-N 41111l 11111111 lllillllx l111'11l1'1l ll111111gl11111l ll11' I llll1'4l . 11lr':a111l l.1111111la1. 1.111141 li ll 111111111'111111l111'1-1' 11l l1111l1l111: 11111l1-1111lN .llltl III1lllNllILll 111'111l111'lN. X l11111.111l-l1111l1111:111.111- 11g1'1111111t iillll Llll 1Jll1-111114 I't'Ff'ill'l'll III'1N'I'LIll1 11111L.-. 1111-1111l11l1-111 11l1'1111l11111111lu1'11111l1.XX1-I11111l111-1-.11l1x1-1'-1I11'1l IIIIO' 11l 11111114 than 'NIU l11'111l111'lf. 5111-ll RIF. l'ii1'1--lIl11-x 5l1i11gl1-5. lli11111i-ll:111w l111ll1111111111'.1l1i111'l- 11111l 111-1'1'sN11111-N 1llIll l"i11--lll11111l 111aul11l11111. llllw lllXf'l'Slll1'l'lII4lll 111111111111-5 1'1111l111111-1l 1l1-11111111l I111 11111 1111111111111 N 111111l111-I-. XILIIIX 111111111119 11ll1'1'111g 51'- 1'lIl'lIN a111l 111lx11111'r-1111-111 1111fs1l11l1l11-Fg11'1111x11ll41l1l1-l1111111l11l11111N I1-1'l11111x1llx Ill 1111111111-11'1:1ll1 l1.11111-1l g1411l1111l1 Call or Write .XA ll yllll 1111- IllIPI't'SlHll Ill lftillilllllg 1111111-11l11111l tl11- 111111111'l111111i1--11141.111-x.1'11ll X Xj11l11l111111l:1-IXI111' XI1. ll1'111-l11111-11-1' 111 Ill" IlHlllFU'lill RHILIIIHIIS Ulllvv. 1111 1s1'1t1- 111 l11111 111 tl11- 411lfl11--N l111l111x, llv null l11- l1111111x I11 .11'1'.111p-' .1 1'11111111111'11l li1111- I111' an i11l1'1'xi11w 111 1lis1'uss x11111' l'11I111'1-, ll11siti1j1nSll1z1l may Ill' 11v11il11l1l1- I11 11111 11, ll l,f11ivt-1-sity Ll1'411l1111l1- i111-l111l1- 11111-11i11uN i11 .ill 11l1:1-'ff 11l X1-1111111111111 xlilll' Y agviiierit. 11111l I11Js1-111'1'l1: 11l111111't1111ili1J- i11 Il1'11l11111i1:11l. lil11-111i1'.1l :1111l l111l11-I11.1l lf11gi111-1-1i11g. 11111l 1111i1111- 1111111111- p11siti1,111s i11 the livl1l 11l' 531115, THE PHILIP . FG. C0 Manufacturers of Asphalt. Magnesiu and Asbestos Building Materials and Industrial Products SOUTH YVAYNE AVENUE, CINCINNATI I5 CLUCKIANIU UHIU Page 341 Young . . Aggressive . . Full of opportunity aff ll.'..".'s l -I N.:n'n'i: Nfritt. I zmiivnrti fllriii l'l.mI 3 .Ili.11tm.-172 Ulviii l'li1r7I I Ciiiik i5'i1'ut'I. fimiirmuli, Ohio. Wh 'Y I P Y Him s' IPI Tl-9'lAIl-C ere S Our nterest. ou .iw .ol to Choose rom at it c t mtv t om- p.inv . , , plumbing .ind heating supplies, industri.1l valves. Ioodfwastc disposcrf PLUMBING AND HEATING DIVISION DISPOSER DIVISION ln Addition lu lduccts and sinlx I IIIS II QM miwcq dlvmlm 'VN ' . stniincrs. which 'l ht' Schciihlt' -IIIII 31 IICIIUII FXIIVIIIIIIL' Ulu man' I s . . if I ,- I I ' I ' ' " ' '11- t,omp.inv sells to iohhcrs and .igtincnt s htlicl in that ingtnf . 1 to thc largest indmttricttlrc-i's IIIII' -IIIII UIIIIIIII' Ol UIII' VIII' ol' lxitclicn sinks and cnhincts , llllllwq' ll 5m,l'l9Ll IVIIUII lm m mt. wumrv. lik. plumbing yotingg and brilliant hmd ol 5 Ami Hmmm Dlvmkm nw f -mi our l roduct Research and Dc- , 1 nlugmi . 1 It pmduccs thc Iollowing items: I' X VUIIIIIIIIVIII Dqmfllllcm IWI ,,lObk,. mdk., Chrck and ww X I .in idcn that toodhwastc dis' ""' 5 Qalwgv QIH wiixsl i,LQi1k.l. of post-rs could hc nmdc hcttcr driins ind ivhcr low hrcssurc 'md lm' IVSS IIIOIIUV IIIJII IIIOSC 15' mlvcs. Air .ind vcicuuin valves. HI"'I'9IIIlI' sn the III'II'lI'I' IIN F' Schaihle Company wns will- jfff union clhows, nutonmtic reg- ulators .ind rt-liul xpilvcs D. T. WILLIAMS VALVE DIVISION ln lint- with our progrctin ot uxpdnsion .ind conscqtlcnt in- grcgisc- im Iiilw iippnrllltltllus. I wc purclmscd tht' ID 'li XVilf linins Valve f.,onip.tnv in 5 3 III-ll' And now opcintc it .is A ,lr l, division ol tht' coinpnnv, I " ' - . 'i' I3 'li XX'illi.inis xxilvus are .1 5, -gl gi vilnl pdrt ol industrx' the world twur Xldrintk oil, tcx- tilt: .uitoinotivtx coal chcni- i " ical. huilding, lood .intl tnciny " other industries ust' our prod- LICIS XVorlt in this division will appeal lu voting nicn .ind women p.iriicul.irlx' inlt-rt-stcd in the tt-chniccil sidc ol husincss and industrxt ing to Like A chance on his idea and encouraged tests and experimentation. This i'csc.ii'cli proved the idcn was sound and has resulted in thc hncst product ot' its kind on the marlwtfwhich is now .ixxiilnhlc to Ininilit-s everywhere. ln addition to our tlircc divisions. wc also opcrntc' onc ol thc most modern foundries in thc country. This Ioundrx' produces castings lor .ill thrcc divisions ol' thc coinpanx' and nctunllx' opcratcs as .1 separate unit with its own personnel, YOUNG MEN MANAGE SCHAIBLE! Opportunity grows side hy side with expansion and rc-cord-hrcnlsing sales. ln this last year alone, wt-'vu cre- ated lots of new opportunities. XVith fcw exceptions, our IIIJIUI' pt-rsonncl are young men in their late thirties or tzirlv forties. These men who have grown in rcsponsibility and positions .is thc company has grown. Mani' of thcin joint-d us during thc bcginning stages of .1 new product or process And in time filled thc nmny iniport.1nt Kiohs that arose. For information about our Student Counciling Program or a regular job interview, contact Mr. Robert T. Wilson, Director of Industrial Relations. 1086 Summer St. Page 342 I 5 A -Ek Phone W GRandview 5000 Main Ofticez 1086 Summer Street CINCINNATI 4, OHIO Here's hm to make our life happier . l1lll1!ll xxllll null' l11x111'1l1- 1-111111-1ll.111N llll l.1'11Nl1-x ll'lf'XlNlUll 1-111111 lN'LIlllIllll lIlllNI4'11Il .1 l.lillNll'X liillllli. U11 Nlll'lxN 4l.lXr M111 4'ilIl l'1'l1lX 111 1111111l111'l Ill 11 11111111 1'm1l1-1lll1 tl 1.111-Im .Xu lmlllll lllPIll'l'. Xml 11111 II x41x1-11111111-N.. l11111l.lllll1'XNIll1 Il11- l'Xll"l N11-11'v in LI illlleltf SI11-lx411l111' I'l'liI-i!f'liilllll- 111' l'1'1'1-11-11 . llIl'N4' .11'1- Ill-l .1 I1-11 l'XillIlIlll'N ul lmxx ll1'11Nl1-x l11'111l111'l- mulw wuz' l1l1- lllllbillvl' . , l'XLllll'll1'N 11l l11+11 4.111141-x lx 1-1111Nl1111llx xw1'lx111'1 lu lll'Ilxl' Vllll' I1111111- 1 l11'1"l1l1'1' 11111141- l'11lIllHl'l'lllll' , 1 1 .. . llllllil' lt'l-lllil'lX fll1ll'1' l11 lm' 111. ll1111-x41111l1l1'-1'1111l111111-111"l1'41111- ing -l1'1'l 1'11l1im-lx. 111 ll1'11-lf-1 -llllx-. 1-l1-11l1'i1' l'Qlllg1'N, I-'ml W1-lv 1l1N111-11-1-1'-. .Xml ll11'1'1- .ll'1' IllHI'4' l111'11lll1'l lll1'X 11- 111-l 11.111 11l '1 lun-1' l1m- 11I 4.1'11Nl1-xx lwllv: llI'1Nllll'lN lm' l1.1l111i1l lixill 1 .. 1 . XX11l1'l1 l'11l'lllt'IIli CROSLEY l1ll'.'1'.'if "l'.'.T.T1lQl' Better Prodllcts for Happier Living Page 343 one of the DYNAMIC CROSLEY STATIONS more and beffer Iocol programs plus top network shows for your maximum televrsron enloyment me meg lhiue-Jn A. M. INNEY, IHC. IIIIIIIKICN on SHRIMP IN THE lg.,xSkF,i'l' COI1SUItiI1g Engineers 2905-VBYQOD Plaoe 1: mm or 1' SERIHIE Cmcmnatl 19,0h10 Affiliates: OPEN 21 Iltbl RS A. M, KINNEY As.soc1ATEs, NEW' YORK PROCESSES RESEARVH INC. CINCINNATI HMO Q, I I P l ul, I--- DonsoN,K1NN1f:Y.Q L1NDBLOM,COLUMl-JUS . . .PII PM ill'iNilf , ,. JA A THE STEELCRAFT G R A D U A T E S . . El90tl'li?3l - M00ll3lll03l - - I I - 4 Q , Aeronautical .Hunuffu-mr:-rs of .Siva-I lfuzlalrngs mul Wm, 2 or 3 years 1.Xl,,.,.i,.m.,. Sinn, grmlumion UIl".Il'Ill" I -I.' Y . . , .. H' I H lm 'H S We lllVllt' YOU to join our 0 NWI 4'kN,Im,Hl XX imllmx Imluslriul Dvsign Urgunizalion ' Sl'--'I IIiIXl'IIll'IlI .mul I lilily XX imlrms NVQ- lLfllill'Zlllll'l' divx-rsifiml expr-1'ivl1cv ill . II!lIII'III.lI LIIIII Ilrnmllrrn-1'1'i.uI 51:-4-I IX ilulmxs all phasvs oi Dvslgn and Engnwrlng ' XIIIIIIIIIIIIII Florin 541-In Ihr Amy Hrs:-r11f'11l II' you am- IIIIf'IA1'5I1'II in Irm'ull1i11g il IX imlfm IIullflIIIIllg Ifllgirle-Q-1'. Iwrv is your I JI3lllll'IlIlIIIX In Im' lIw gI'0lllltIWlll'Ii XIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIHHIIII- IIIIIIQL II IIIIIIDUN ' ' Im' une- of IIN- mos! Ivalsvillulillff LIIIII Z' 0 5,,.,.l grli+IinI! IIIUWI IMI'-N MMI II"f'l' Frurnm- l'l'lIllIll1'l'ilIIlIg 1'ur'c-e-rs in the Imok. ' 514-1-I IIHIH-lr'I41I IIIHIIN Call NlEIrosv 0585 ' SIHII IIIIIIHII Ask for lful llzlrlman. ILE. '30 . I,IHlvI' , , , HARTMAN ENYINEERINI' THE STEELLRAFT MANUFACTURING Co. I I 1 I 'NHT Illuv X511 Hemel. Huanllnyria-. Ohio Cln Urffznla-r Him-innuliy First National Bunk Building Norwood 12. Ohio Page 344 , ji Q1 I D I, s , . I, Q F L . I . J ""'l as 41. fi if-.Q I V. I.. I J . B ln I 'I , 13 I rf fi! ',-. '75 if T- ' I .Kr FEL - A' xx X gi I ff: KX 59" -r I, If I I FIX I I ., I - is 2 1 H rw H fe Q.- xi, ,..f-ff' -- K , ,Q e1.....s- GREEK S'I'UN'I' NIGHT In fhe pas? fhe Greeks on campus, 'Ihe frafernifies and sororifies as groups, have sponsored a "Greek Weekend" each spring. This year Ihaf weekend grew up info a full week as The Greeks doubled 'Iheir acfivifies fo bring grea'rer undersianding of Iheir organizafions 'ro 'rhe public. The week's program was compleie wi+h workshops and speakers fo fill The business side and dances, par+ies and games and sfunfs +o provide fhe fun and enioyment Sarurday nigh+ found everyone packing Wilson Audiforium fo see Ihe sororify and frafernify feams enfering skifs in S+un'r Night and fo wafch frafernify confesfanfs vie for fhe Ugliesi' Man Tifle. 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I ,....-. 1, 1, .'1 - 1... ,., 1 ..-,1,.', 1 MUMMERS PRESENTS 1 NANCY SLAGLE 8 OTTO BUDIG CHARLEE KOHLER AND LEERING CHORUS X N 1 - A Mummers Guild members oufdid fhemselves in iheir dramaiic presenfafions fhis year. Pre- sen+ing such oufsfanding producfions as "Any- fhing Goes" by Cole Por+er, "High Tor," by Maxwell Anderson, and "The Enchan+ed," in which Miss Julie Haydon, a professional acfress siarred, Mummers Guild realized a mos? successful season. The spirif in ihe Guild, always high, reached a new peak a+ The beer parfies afler rehearsals. AHer each produc- lion lhe Guild sponsored a casf par+y af which all enferlained 'rhemselves for a change. Mum- mers Guild is one of fhe largesf campus groups and offers a wide variefy of experience +o all. Sei building and painfing, cos+ume making, and of course, singing and aciing parfs for performers are iusf a few of fhe jobs available fo 'lhose inieresied in dramafic producfions. .., .3 A B f f f ll I i 1 ' 3 5, JR. PROM COURT-Koerner, K., Cars, A., Hari, P., Chase, B., Brunner, C. JUNIOR PROM Once again a Kappa Della sfole fl1e crown of Junior Prom Queen as Par Huff sfepped forflw fo claim lner fifle. The four affendanfs chosen as The Queen's courf were Carole Brunner, Ann Cors, Belly Chase, and Kay Koerner. To 'Hwe combined music of Burl Farber and Eddie Kadel af Casfle Farm, fhe winners were announced by Bob Reece, Class President PRES. BOB REECE PRESENTS THE QUEEN ' gf Page 34 PAT HART. KAPPA DELTA I953 JUNIOR PROM QUEEN THE POSTER CAMPAIGN f-L .4 Afler much 'lime campaigning in fl-le grill and of open houses, 'rhe Junior Prom candidafes sleppecl forfh on lhe niglwf of February 20. ln a slcif presenied by members of lhe class 'rhe candiclales porlrayecl a Harem from which a Queen was fo be chosen. Pa? Har? was selecfed 'ro reign, and afler being presenlecl by Bob Reece she was serenaded by her sororily sisfers. A+ 'rhis grand momenl' all The lime spenl in preparalions for lhe dance was forgolfen, and everyone fel+ proud of "fha Queen of ihe l953 Junior Prom." , ji Q1 I D I, s , . I, Q F L . I . J ""'l as 41. fi if-.Q I V. I.. I J . B ln I 'I , 13 I rf fi! ',-. '75 if T- ' I .Kr FEL - A' KAMPUS KING DANCE S'-7 , Everyone undersfood why 'rhe girls were so eager io buy ihe +iclre+s for +he dance held in fhe Siudenf Union on March 2l-if was 'the Kampus King Dance. Even if fhey didn'+ pay for ihe +icke'rs, fhey wanfed +o casf iheir vofes for fheir favoriie candidafe. For once, 'rhe fra+erni+ies campaigned and held The Open Houses on ihe Tuesday before fhe dance. Al+hough each organizafion hoped +o win fhe crown, The Phi Kappas 'iriumphed when Ed Koenig was an- nounced "Kampus King." Serving on Ed's couri were lrv Bass, Ron Brill, Dusiy Daniels, Jerry McCar+hy, and Ken S+e- venson. The winners and 'I'heir fraferniiy broihers fell more 'lhan rewarded for The days spenf campaigning. Now +he boys were fhe cenfer of a'r'l'rac+ion, and fhe girls were ihe vofers. 'ix -r"' 'ga' Nl' 'Z' xX A CONGRATULATIONS FROM PHI KAP BROTHERS A? Page 36 54 x ""Z.' xx N, X fi ED KOENIG PHI KAPPA l953 KAMPUS KING THE CANDIDATES ARE INTRODUCED THE INTERFRATERNITY SING The amounl of 'rf-me and eFFor'r exerfed by 'rhe Sororifies and Fralernilies compeling in lhe ln- ferfrofernify Sing is equaled by no ofher campus acfivily and, in many ways, fhe accomplishmenls achieved by +he parficipanfs go unequaled, also. The Sing, sponsored each Spring by fhe Univer- si'ry Alumnae Associafion, oFFers +he individual Greek arganizarion an oppor'luni+y fo work as a uni'r on a proiecf providing enioymenf and enferfainmenf as well as culfural value for lis- 'feners and par+icipan+s. THE WINNERS: KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 81 PHI DELTA THETA xr gf Y' ONGRATULATIONS BOB 81 NAN xl T F? eV Y Sys sb 1!i W 1' W m vi me Q . A 4 if ' ii ' si f Q R ' s,:. 'Q , AxJ.-1, X f' ' , f " ' ,N " , A Rx I V. H , Q. K . I 4,71 ., W A y V 4 i i ' ' .Q , ' .. N- s 1: RUNNERS UP: KAPPA DELTA 8: SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 3' ' P Compefifion among lhe sororilies and frafernifies is, and always has been, lceen and lhe many long hours of praclice resulf in performances of iruly professional quolf ily, which makes 'the selecfions of The win- ners a mosf difficull choice. The Spring of I952 saw a new group in +he "winner's circle" as Bob Newman accep+ed fhe cov- eled +rophy for fhe Phi Dells, vicforious offer a Sig Alph winning sfrealc of 4 years. The menfion of a long series ol wins lurns affenlion fo Kappa Kappa Gamma as fhey shared award honors for 'rhe fhird slraighi yeor. 'Plz 5' i 'A H+. Page 39 5 Xu, -0-0 SIGMA SIGMA CARNIVAL Every year Nipperf Sfadium is gaily decorafed wi'rh slreamers and ribbons for +he specfacular Sigma Sigma Carnival. All fhe Greek and inde- pendenl organizafions compefe for +he mosf en'rer+aining boofh or side show. The fun is added 'ro by compelifion for fhe cups given for fhe besr boolhs in 'rhe classificafions of mosl carnival like, mosl popular, and mos+ beauliful. A 'lo+al of six 'rrophies are annually awarded. The smell of pop- corn and coH'on candy fill fhe air, while barlcers shoul lhe aHrac+ions of fheir shows. Sigma Sig- ma Carnival is lxnown as a gay evening and a gala evenl. " "1'lz2.,zf' 'K A fx wiki? e-x.f:fV ilk A. D. Pl ANGELS 7 iff ALPHA GAM MERMAIDS l LAMBDA CHI SKYSCRAPER ' Page 40 l 'O ra ln l952 'rhe prizes were allolled over a wide field. Despile rain and olher difliculhes, 'rhe car- nival carried on and everyone had a good lime. The mosf popular boofhs were puf on by Bela Thela Pi and Kappa Alpha Thela. The Belas auclioned oFF an old car, while 'rhe Thelas raffled sluffed clowns and ran a fish pond. The mosl beaufiful boolhs were won by Sigma Delia Tau and Phi Kappa. Bofh were very arrraclive and drew a lol' of aHen+ion. The Lambda Chi Alphas slaged a Weighl' 'n Fale boolh which was very popular while 'the Alpha Gamma Dellas had Dunk A Belle conlesls. The Phi Dells in a non- compefifioning boofh had fheir annual side show which was as usual one of fhe highligh+s of lhe carnival. Page 4I WE REACH OUR GOAI. The accomplishmenf of 'fhe goal of four years, 'rhe goal of a lifefime really, is hard +o compre- hend in fhe space of iusl a minufe or lwo, buf no one mislakes fhe wonderful feeling accompany- ing fhe sheepskin and 'rhe handshake from +he Dean. Four years of hard work, and fun loo, have led no+ +o lhe end of fhe road bu+ acfually 'ro +he beginning, and fhe door is opened +o all of 'lhe opporfunilies life has fo oFfer. ANTICIPATION THE SHEEPSKIN S HANDCLASP Page 43 GRADUATION THE BIG MOMENT Our minds were filled wi+l1 conflicling fhoughls as we looked down al our hard earned diplomas. We were iubilanl because we had iusf gradualed, buf fbal very same graduafion leff sobering flwoughls of the furure before us echoing 'rlirougl-i our inner selves. Acfually, many of us had our nexf lwo years all planned ou? 'rlwrough flue courlesy of Uncle Sam. A good many engageme-n+ rings, and some wedding rings, were also in flue piclure. Bul we were all happy, for now. 91 ,Q .s,,+ v fx FNPW 7""' ", i xx 4, Page 44 Page 45 THE UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT WALTERS DEANS THE COLLEGES BOARD OF DIRECTORS Page I THE 'I953 CINCINNATIAN EDITOR RON BRILL BUSINESS MGR. DICK MITCHELL PRESIDENT DR. RAYMOND WALTERS A genial smile and a friendly "hello" are lhe mos? familiar frademarlx of UC's Presidenl, Dr. Raymond Walfers. ln his professional field, Dr. Wallers' conlinued service 'fo fhe Universify and his inferesi in nafional edu- cafional alifairs have broughf him recogni+ion and honor from many quarfers. This in addilion +0 his warm person- ali+y, gives +o lhe Universify cz disfinguished leader. WALTERS SURVEYS CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT I Page 47 PROGRESS AND GROWTH R43 O awww Cat ,eds A ' 9 vi 049 Q9 Aww 4' i'm', gg . ' 0 , ,I Z 29 ,4 Bgi f 'Z , Y 5 1 ' . Q More vividly descripfive +han words are fhe CINCIN- NATIAN phorographs of The Universi+y's newesf buildings. They are, as 'lhe picfures reveal, sfruclures combining ufilily and beaufy. Soon fo follow is fhe massive and aHrac1ive Armory-Fieldhouse for fhe consiruclion of which conlracfs were recenfly awarded. There will fhen be a 'rofal of a dozen maior and minor consfrucfion proiecfs complefed during 'the pas? fwo decades lin reverse lime orderl as follows: Armory-Fieldhouse, 'fo be cornpleied in i954 Herber+ Greer French Residence Hall for men, I953 Frederick H. and Eleanora C. U. Alms Memorial, I952 McMicken Hall, Hanna Hall, Cunningham Hall, I95O Addilion fo Memorial Dormifory for women, I949 Addilion fo fhe Charles F. KeHering Laboraiory, l949 Aeronaufical Demonsfrafion Laborafory, I947 Chemislry Laborafory Wing, l94O R.O.T.C. Maferiel Building, I939 Greek Amphifheafre, I937 Siudeni Union Building, i937 Enlargemenf of Nipperf Memorial Sfadium, I936 Consfrucfion of Playing Fields, I935 I would sfress ihaf, far from being grandiose, 'this devel- opmenf has been in prudenf accordance wi+h realisiic policy. The building program was designed fo accommodafe acfual growlh in sfudenf enrollmenl and ro insure siies for The fufure fhrough +he acquisifion of addifional acreage in Burner Woods Park. As +0 acfual growfh, fhe figures for I952-53 shows 6,237 sfudenfs in fhe len day colleges of fhe Universily and 6,066 sfudenfs in 'rhe Evening College, a grand 'rofal of I2,303, which ranks UC as fwenfy-fourfh numerically among Ameri- can universifies ir' grand iofal affendance. ln I932-33, 'the fall affendance was 4,57I sfudenls in eighi day colleges and 4,6I2 sfudenfs in lwo evening deparimenfs. As for The fufure, There are bound fo be much larger enrollmen+s af UC, as af oiher universifies and colleges, when fhe fide of increased youfhful populafion flows in upon The campus during fhe nexf decade. Consirucfion cosls af 'rhe Universily have been econom- ical, as are operafion and mainlenance expendifures. Our buildings, archiiecfurally varied in accordance wi'rh 'rheir purposes, have a common elemenl in fhe same fype of pleasing red brick consfrucfion. Their aflraciiveness, oufside and inside, does noi depend upon adornmenf bul is based upon line and color. lf is filling lhal 'rhe Universily of Cincinnali should be 0 beauiiful place as well as a useful place. The Universify +es+i- fies, lhrough fhe loveliness of ils campus and buildings, 'io The esfhefic and spiri+ual values which give fhe fines+ mean- ing fo educafion and +0 life. RAYMOND WALTERS 11945 1 47. H-.fx EVERYTHING CHECK? DEAN RALPH C. BURS!EK DEAN OF ADMINISTRATION MRS. STORK'S "O.K." XE' .QXYS 1' X k- Page 48 gf 5423, Zigi. , ,Y , .-,, X.-.siege 1539 ' I -........,,,,, SEATED-O'Donnel, James, Shank, Reed A, De Sirisy, Jane, Walters, Raymond W, Dinsrnare, Frank F STANDING-Buvweh Ralph C Shouse, James, Schol, Walter M , Tate, Bengarnin E, Brodie, Renton K BOARD OF DIRECTORS The nine members who compose ihe Board of Di- reciors of lhe Universify of Cincinnafi are selecled from among The communify's prominenl leaders of +he civic, indus+rial, and professional world. Under fhe capable chairmanship of Frank F. Dinsmore fhey func- 'rion behind +he scenes and, +hough lhe average slu- deni' may seldom hear of rhem, are responsible for lhe smoolh operafion of almosl every phase of our Univer' siry life. Primarily, lheirs is 'rhe iob of delermining mailers of Srudenf and Facully policy buf 'they are also concerned wilh co-ordinaling fhe ever-broaden- ing academic, a+hle'ric, and social acfiviiies and neces- sifies of The Universiiy. Page 49 ln lhis respecl lheir dulies range all lhe way from supervising fhe conslrucfion of new buildings and hir- ing new professors fo having "No Smoking" signs placed in fhe classrooms. The complefion of The new McMiclcen Hall a few years ago, of fhe Alms Building, as lhe permanenf home of fhe Applied Arfs College, and French Memorial Dormilory fhis year sfand as evidence of fhe ceaseless efforfs of fhe Board fo pro- more lhe be-sl inferesis of our expanding Universi+y. ' S Ey lhe end of her firsl year al UC, every girl has made some con+ac+ wiih The Dean of Women's OFfice. H could have been an in- rerview or iusl a friendly char. This is iusf one means employed by ihe Dean of Women in counseling fhe women s+uclen+s. Our dean, Lillian M. Johnson, ably fills her pos+. Aside from 'lhis official capacily, she serves fhe Universify as bofh member and adviser 'fa many ar- ganiza+ions. We are all quife proud of her: one of 'fha friendliesf and mos? gracious personalifies on campus. Assisfing Dean Johnson is Grace Brown, Assisfanl Dean of VVomen. Working rogefher, fhese 'rwo have made 'rheir office one of rhe mos+ pleasanf spofs af UC. Any co-ed will agree. GRACE BROWN nv-T' 'Q-'if A R - l DEAN OF WOMEN eff 43 l s.,,w 314' DEAN LILLIAN JOHNSON Page 50 ff 'Z ,,,xi ev'- DEAN OF MEN The Dean of Men's Olifice is one of lhe busiesl places on campus. If is The cenfer of ac+ivi+y for many groups and s1'uden+s wilh quesiions and problems 'ro be solved. This is caused by fhe fad fhaf fhe Dean of Men, Roberf W. Bishop, nof only advises all +he male s'ruden'rs here af fhe Uni- versily, buf also handles 'the affairs of 'The foreign srudenfs. ln addi'rion fo fhese +ime consuming jobs, he acl- vises such organizafions as Men's Sen- a+e, +he lnlerfraiernify Council, and many ofhers. For 'rhese reasons UC's Dean of Men is one of +he mos? es- 'leemecl members of our Facully. This year UC males found a new face in 'rhe Dean of Men's Office, as James B. Whifehead fool: over +he posifion of Assisfan Dean. The feam of Bish- op and Whifehead is hard fo beat 'X ,Qs 'Q , gs. A sfaggering load of painis, T-square, fackle box, drawing board, endless rolls of paper, and an occa- sional book iden+ifies fhe +ypiccI Applied Ar+s sfudenf. The breaks in classes which permif a dash fo +he Grill, and 'rhe oufdoor classes which seem 'ro blossom on campus ai 'the firsf hinf of warm weafher are pari of a fun-filled school afmosphere envied by fhe res+ of campus. However, under 'rhe guidance of Dean Ernesf Pickering fhis "informal" educa+ion becomes boih ex- fensive and pracfical. Page 52 S. ming fp: rl' Page 53 1 5+ "NO INK BLOTS ALLOWED" 1 . ,.,. QW 5. Nlfi l fe ,K ' .. ffl' . et? - N' ' , ' ':' . , ,. X. -9. ,N . .. .I P- -, ,. - , , . L ,--m g,-4 - L :xxx cl- , if Aff, sw M wx , ' - . -- 7.17 .S - 4 Yiwu-v" THE A Y LMS BUI LDING I . fg , 3 DEAN ERNEST PICKERING HAPPRENTICE PRINTERS" 'N HANNA HALL COLLEGE OF BUSII ' N N J x NJ --14-if X , X? , ' X f I ,- X Y 1 '1 9 K 1 3, X X .f , X ' f , f X Qf , x. -L51 h fNE1?f'4fi'f -iff V DEAN FRANCIS H. BIRD f if "H, and P. SYSTEM?" "LOOKS LIKE 7th WEEK" W,:.-.,,- ,,,,l K. M, YA, x iflfi ' ,.,?1 2-, xfeij 'l 9 ill l ' Y l a If ,4 Ma 5 W i ' we Q Q Q W, via ,X QQ i. I ' Lo X www . 'Q 'WTR ix we Q W? M " Q sg ' ,Q Ii if QQ Q in M- if - X R '-" K 'U 4 , if Q ' S If A. ' Q ,lf 3 35- ,lr . L: '-ff-: - .- . lx. r Y A 'X t E 'Q iw .1 N, X ' X"X f Rm X .. N, . W, X A N Sa, Q M f '- Q X 54 . :. , Qi R 'XFN A s mick ki x x , D ,N ...K . , V "N X 'vw x , 'x X .A QXX 'vw Nl 'f -fx ' M- Y 'M Y - S :TX .una X -as F sf xi' wg ws. Ns if Jwfggl it 4' 7. -wr? 1 , ,.' li-., . .wg f 3,.,.q1 , V P' -A-r :-'-, 1+ Y '-Fsfv,,,- 3 - I . - ' 'VR .1"'j' fi. 1 S,.H'-ymvwx fr,-M-1fain2f'7"-"YE in 4' -4 f in 1.5.5111 qw.. , ,5','-1- 'Max p.,,rm, H.. z 1- nw-"3 2 :'g,y 'J' .1 t,,'..."'ff' , .. . . , ,in , ... -s-.Rf " -.xv-ff mf l A . ,.,., Q A Q 1' y,- ' w " ' . , 0- - fn- 'Q'- - 3' 1. Q4flf'.f,eff- Q' -- 445 ,- 6 Q SQ' 5-. I in ,na ,.- . ?x4Z"av. Al-5 T :QA n Q- - X 1, x bl? Q-vw. -4- - - -- f- -"M , ff! ,5' ,rg Q, ERN I 7' s 'V f 5 .7 ! X 4-4 111 .f S? P' -4, . My V' r' 3. J-""+ "f The fine repuiafion of Ihe Univers- ify of CincinnaI'i's Engineering College is responsible for yearly drawing many sfuclenfs from all secfions of 'rhe counlry. Direcfed by Dean C. Alberf Joerger, Ihe College operores on +he co-oper- alive sysfem giving sfudenfs aI+erna+- ing seven week school and work periods. This enables 'Ihese fufure masfers of mechanics +o ge+ pradical experience in Iheir respecfive fields. 'Hs I ,....- .,. fs?-5., Of' f x--X' . y. 'N YQ , . .sf , . ,A y., 1 ,.-S--,,-w.f J.. ' AR. .A A ,., BALDWIN HALL 8 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING DEAN C. ALBERT JOERGER 'DON'T GET YOUR NOSE INTO THE GRINDSTONEM 'CAUTION - ENGINEERS AT WORK' COLLEGE OF HOME ECONOMICS To many Americans, fhe answer fo our problems is +he developmenr of a sense of securify in our children. The College of Home Economics is seeking fo prepare fufure home-makers for This impor+an+ responsibilify. Through +he seven professional programs, The College also frains women for business posifions. To a passer- by, +he mosf obvious evidence of 'fhe exisfence of lhe Home Ec. College is 'the sound of chilclren's voices fhaf originafe in 'rhe demonslrarion nursery school, which is par? of ihe Child Care program. Page 58 Page 59 X ,T ,. The FIT ss FINE Fin swf? , ,.-' THE WOMENS BUILDING ACTING DEAN ELEANOR MACLAY 1, ' X ' E 1 " :A xg TRW '4 N - E , A . - ,-g . Vv.:,i5E' '- 53:1 , gfgxf E ' ' H 'A , A Q I, Hg . . , MM-5.x , E gl f H-If-kfif ' 'f -iw? '?f f1"1l'l'l' . K F- . ' ' 2 55 - 'gf' 1 Q " 73 1 1 ., 'if' rp 2 ., 12.51 if ' LQ '? -?QE?""'-SL: f- - X wk r fa sa if ' ' . 'S If-ag 5,155-1, jf , ff ,AST-i3:g2'4 E .. H .gj,g Rt T H ' . 1 fi 1 - I ,, .. ...-.-,, gc, '.- w HGUIDING FUTURE U. C. FRESHMENH LX, ,! L v 551 S T Rf L L 'i T ' A x-.- I is fu 1 Q ' X 4, xfx . ,L X, 5, if N .V 5 ' . .ff - ' T 5' , I .L a CUNNINGHAM HALL DEAN GEORGE BARBOUR 'A "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" "NEED AN ELECTRONIC BRAIN?" VN nm If COLLEGE OF --SN N mfg'-' ' TQ -ww 15" lf' ax: .., .- JN , Siriving fo malce rl-ie men and women of foday good cilizens of 'tomorrow is bu+ a pari of +he purpose of Liberal Ar+s College. H realizes The need for a well rounded educafion as well as +he need for a well developed personalify for happier living. Required for enfrance io any professional school, some Liberal Arfs educafion is included in many diFferen+ college pro- grams. The faci +ha+ leaders in all fields musl enfer Liberal Arfs is proof fhai +here is a high degree of in+egrafion in +oday's educafion. .-Q., e v . -, 5 . X 4-X! b ,bil-'ft' Ja. . are 2.'rYrf 1 gui 'AG FSH A' N, W Q L.:-'N i ' i s'-Vi. 7' , gs, ' iv! 'A .fgsxfiif . .A L 1 fb Q......ff,,,-,,- L1,!,.11.Ui!.1 z,xH1x,i.1. i1u1sn ': -- -Q' ' Y-.s..,,'. :YJKE 5 4. K-95 . ,Q u ww-14:'. QQ 131, SSL-h 'S 'J 5 w4'f'fi-:Q-'A I Q 5- ' '- :..L "1 - , ,gem K , . :P--- ' -, A. iw' BM79 Q ng! ' .mf x I ' ' - - -....- -ffgwx " is KOA? w VV-, N .,, ,nw-1 .- - 4 51. ff W ' N ' ' 41.1 , , . 1 1 : 4' -N rx D " " Qi' Q. - f Q " ,if- X1 Allhough aparl from fhe main cam- pus, sfudenfs in fhe College of Nurs- ing and Healfh clemonsfrafe avid infer- es+ in campus life by faking parf in fhe exfra-curricular acrivilies. Sfudenf Council, Morlar Board, Women's Sen- a+e and Guiclon are a few of 'their inferesis. They also mainloin 'rhe high slanclarcls which make 'rhe College one of lhe besl schools of nursing. NURSES' HOME COLLEGE OF NURSING AND HEALTH DEAN LAURA E, ROSNAGLE .I -Nc: K -Q , ,rx 1 A YL Q5 " 'Q' L.. -. f-f"Xf'! ir !f H "SURE CURE-A PRETTY SMILE" "I LIKE GODFREYU TEACHERS COLLEGE U. C. Sfudenls who have fhe desire +o educale and fo influence fhe fufure generafions of America, sfudy and pracfice leaching fechniques in fhe Teachers Col- lege Building. Our Teachers College, in co-ordinalion wifh oiher U. C. Colleges ancl Cincinnc+i music schools, olifers +en programs or diHeren+ phases in educcrlion. Under 'rhe capable direc+ion of Dean Carler V. Good and faculfy, aspiring s+uden+s learn, observe, and ex- perimenf in order 'ro become cul+iva'red individuals and compefenl +eachers. Page 64 Page 65 TEACHERS COLLEGE BUILDING "BE CAREFUL, JOHNNY DEAN CARTER V. GOOD "WHERE'S THE REST OF THE BAND?" E 1953 NCINNATI 1 UNIVERSITY CINCINNATI x Nwwmapkx ' , -. .. I --sw-1x:'.s15f Q2 55" L6 59531531-I 2555 A A w hi: . :I-.S:L1.i,-T. Nnzlfxzgzl 5 :-gskxzg .- Xi I 'Sw T 12421116835 - NCINNATI. OHIO .,f DEAN FRANK R. NEUFFER U. C. NITE HAWKS 1 1- --,,. f Y 'WWNB :IQ l L' :wNTi131Tm K T 1 195' Tw '!! EL Ting' 'A . T I Q 1 15:1 - f PERMANENT RESIDENT McMlCKEN HALL EVENING 1 . , , -xy .ND L., k A .K ' 5 4 R fi 455 A ' ' an .,...A.' N. t4l ' jt wxls :'R,' gif 'FSS W9 Ima 5 if V- A sg! N uenwkigsg 3,5 ' vs,-ff. px'fmWf3gsI?' z.iSSf112Tgi 55, i . 1' ggfgiE1i.-iiaa gx gf fiiifw 1' - rv., , Q Ls. A' :?i,ff':,, ik. ' H aig qi ad. iii X ACTING DEAN ROSCOE L. BARROW "I PLEAD NOT GUlLTY" "2-f T: .W .Q Es? ? 1 135 E. ' 1 I "YOUNG LEGAL EAGLES" LA U Page 68 TAFT HALL FCHOOL Page 69 X SX. ,fx-N Y NN li il 1 Q 'N X .ff,.fs,E'fx:. .. N RX. X . '86 6 S. elm-LIN Being able +o claim one of fhe fines? Law schools in lhe counlry is a proud boosl al U.C. The earnesf low srudenls arrive early and lecve lofe from Toll Hall, where fhey spend long hours learning lhe principles and procedures lhey will need in 'rhe fulure. Mock lrials give +he budding barrisrers an opporlunily fo pul fheir Theories 'ro pracrice. The excellenl' repulalion and honor syslem of Low School malce if lhe envy of many schools. i GE 5 up sw qmeuggw 'eggs sggsww wx--W5 was Nia? S " 'Y' The Medical School, localed on Eden Avenue, is The scene of long hours of peering lhrough microscopes for fulure M.D.'s. This cmd hours spen+ cramming for exams plus 'rime spenl looking for divine inspiraiion lo pull +hem fhrough wi+h passing grades, cons+i+u+e 'rhe life of med sfudenfs. Ac+ual clinical experiences are obfained in General, Holmes, and Children's Hospi- 'rals, which provide valuable fields of learning. The College of Medicine is also well lrnown for ifs many research proiecfs. Page 70 x sg S :- -v A A .M 5 N 4 -i., -Q...,.. --+..., LQ" Tw' --Q., ex'-xx New MED. SCHOOL BUILDING ' Page 7I HPEEP SHOW nw If x X 'D' ,Qu-un, DEAN STANLEY E. DORST "HEAD BONE CONNECTED TO THE NECK BONE." N I ,L l 1'-N S54 DEAN HOKE S. GREENE 4' -'Y N B Q W' X X: xv . X' A4 "BUBBLE, BUBBLE, TOIL 8- TROUBLE" "HIGHLY SKILLED LABOR" I f B 'ik qw- W .uv 1 - ,..1 L -' . ' ig N , PHYSICS BUILDING F vi ng H I TT A se gi- z N: Ffxvl.-f-I flfixif: ,ATS Q, ,. I -I ..,.Qf 1 I -1 M"r"':g' ,QL I ,L . - ' .3 T 'C' , L , Xxx- fix '+'x.. . .en-f'.in,. . .-...T LA" GRADUATE as-Ffsf+:::!-'Ss Nfvfvwffvf ,f- ,...- ..f 'iv' "S: gil 5, 15 N L X '- IM 1 1 l s IIIIIIINNIIXIKXK 1-1" . 1 ,Al .Al iq ing sup SCHOOL v-,,ng1-K xiwfgf Nigga? in-if 0- H V ws fff- S: X mi mess -Q N pf 9.53. S he Tlssi if-5 me we vi' ' ,wmgigm Q! Ms' ' we ' gn N n H481-ifv"IvN'f,fi ads vegan' sw gm- -.wav ,wwf-1 S 2-'gwif-'Q-15: 23 NV -2' F S's,f':.fi1io'.5?fg5: ,N s-g12,i'nS,., s N1 -sa: QQ sd ' :INK was . gs gwm' SWT-miw' in 1 eg H-3.555555 :X-fxfwsi well psig! 'N' ' Sf'5n"iG'w-'W sul' 8 U Qwef gmlgefrs-:ss l l Qs ws New 1 iiiiiwv' ggie ,mums N9 'gas 5 ,. fm SW 'P' N - Xwfw few' "l"5.'f 'gnu sm if 5-S, as xg s fe"""'?5 7? R' ,y Y aww' Fx:-,N 1- se- gm 1.39 R . 'fr ' AN" 1 225133 XE' A" s fnflfkfqgai -'Y N as :sv if -I I Qmffwalf si :- it .fl mms.- Q., " asm!-YF' 8,-L :USES .- l'35g'x XA.. . by A lgsxamsiuv ' :summers S N, , ' ssssssssug -7. l'fx".W if su A ygggisg 5, ' .sussasnf . mafia' if msmzfausm me ess in ga. vsmze.. mm. 'xazmmx 1-2 11mm-:xv urmslzws X- mrssq-, use-wrwsesfm---sw msszxsms-ussorsr u .-Q :sexes f.. BSFS QR! Xgfilff N21 5 R" -. ...ICN HMS --N mcsrfmx s . ZZ N1iFDBNKif-Xb.'.c1.'- -vgw.f.msass:Af:ex., . 'X: BXNISMA SQ f " :5?' , 125 H6 2 V25 3 iff , ,rf Q 155 2 15' Q! f of X E2 s EE E n ll I E 47 2 ,Ah 3 QA. 5 2 E 2 rf ,. F! i !! ' E5 ' ,... :za ' -2 :... :: ,.... :: ::: Ei: 2 ii? . I 'fa S 3 I r z qv..- us. As one of fhe fen colleges of 'rhe Universi+y +he Graduale School supplies +he desire for furfher specialized sludy following graduafion. Under fhe leadership of Dean Hake S. Green, +he school is composed of 'rwenfy-six deparfmenfs olifering 'rhe graduaie sfudenl' a program of exfensive sludy in his chosen field, culminaling in +he awarding of ihe coveled Masfer's or Doc'for's degree. Of parlicular imporfance is fhe foci 'l'ha'r from Graduaie School come fhe faculfies of lhis and ofher schools as well. ,? - ,. 1 sig. . 3, , - ,., .. 451 59 5.5 .ff fs Q 5 5 !FS7f...1w1r1f' I - ' l ' 'Y f iff 52 L 11'35T3lg.q1:21f "5 .s -1' A 1 ,gf Kffl- .,,,,gsww ,Sims g Q , iw- ':"'- 'W S8156 . y 1 , A -I -s jf ,E-ff' jp? is we . 'Qx,.s:gsQs! M. .1 .4 2 A A 1? 'ES :S W Y 4 i 'Z 'cz fi 'S f! ... :USP . v- . .V yr in X A "ff 2: ' -13:1 ff. we ,gif A 5 5 f I: -Q-sieigsuzg 33" K Q1 "iii V A f f . fu '- 1: i E 2 Eg' s .. -ff' s , -Q50 'Esau '. . nfs 'E 3 .- Xe" If 3 ,QQ -,jxdg .-,:i1jfA5 Q isf 4 - Y 59.15 ww-f iff-Q ss fem ,. N, Wmh. v so Y' gfz.-' A-A gg ,je e lf f , .. - W av Q .ffm Q' ' V "- as W :SW .Q k . " le. - fe:- ' W 7 1 'i .sb - '-iwgg. ii'i.sis'. 1 " KSQINQS NF., N., 'K ! ',,,. ???j"f -Q Q f-ffvffff- ff if ggjj,1gIf""i.s. l- e " ' -seas., Joi, .. ...r leaf ' . 955' - N' 'gui' , ,,-fr rsigggflife :XSL ,,p,, . pei.-,,,,4 v W . ww.- s .,--,,,.,. , fuses , Smeg ,-,i t .--,,. Y J' ts, M,.,,ff'-- xiii, v-"'..--"" 2.1-'I Y 11 4. , .. gs' -.-QM SQ., Q-19"-' f.,-ni Y -psf: .s Hx. Q.. -- , abil '...s,,,S , Us ...----"" Fir: g Ms' X. . H -.vp-if-1 1-.,,.4-I I . .- Ml. ', . M ,,- ,,..--: eff? -1 .g .. ---'f,,'L..."' ...--1---', .5:-, -,aa -'gs N .....,...- .-- , A s :N .4u1i ,. K , ig.. E-.51 in .V E 1 Q "" ,...---: f-f- ,. f. ,"',,, ....--- -- """: I . ,,,, ,,...-- ,...... ..-- F-P: g .....,..-1 ,,......-f--1 1... . .L ,,,- .A--ff ....-,......-- . . ,- .---" ...- Q--" ' nxt W-.- "l ..-- fx- -' 1 ig: .....- 3 s--' W ,j"1.. Q -' '-'v"" Q..,-.d fflfffif. XT., ' Tifsm-we P -'-' Hi '.'347 .':x Y A- --.. q--A-v---- -fn" 'rr 'A' " ' 4 . , tizii ,":7""i5'ii' ' . .. V -4- . ,. , ,, -ll - - V-. I W" i J ,"'evi aiu-. M ,j,.,.,s K . ingze-.'-11: 'mics f. " , ' f" ' 1 .f.,-- . H -- -.s . . K - ,. U 'Q' ' , V Qfiv-yi f ',M,Q-gg ggg-'s1E'S-Aeigiw..'.,Q,.-gQi5ap-f 'RSS-"i sis -1'-'i,f H Q -, . - ' W' 'fcei's.ev:'Em?..'.gg,- v ss ' ' '-' s A N ,' g,,,"'v.'--Q, ' Q' , - v', ' "-'- "1 ',1v+fgw V ,-,r'N'Z,.i",L. W -'1""9 .gil :f, l ', ,I - "-A . - I - f.efg.,-fr fkzf, , ' :'. -' s--f X.-3,--..-,'s..nf1pQ.? R,'.-,pxgzqe .K ,5,',rrv-,sq--. gh 1' 25 1 ff- -f XY Yffkww 1-. 'l r' .. -.f-xcgswe-:1:S,5.L,, ,gg 1 5.-,rg 1-'25, --1.34 ' 5-' .f P if 'igfls''fi'fj-Q'i-s:??3w'4s,5Q3'f-ssgzfnf-T,,,, . 4 Au -.-fw. ML .H ew-V s X ,, 0 .wr-x.5,'.'-W-"go-Q4-1, 1 ff A .. ,JNNQ-,,,s.s.,,,1..h" Q' M .V -4 . f-.,2c':.f.ev-s'. F. 'fri 5 w':'fr35'e:g.g"',,,."'. - X "TY -' wi .- M .-4' imilggn. .fi-liv,Q7iia-'fiiii-55115-ifig.. M as - i -'Snr .ness f - ,'i.:l5vL.vses- '1'..,... 1 va' ii-b'.Lf.,.s-wr' y R X K E X I w ,Ln M H Q 5 5 E 5 A 3 h 4 2 I i i w J 4-:Q A-i-... fi ff X -,.-ff' N 1 I .,.Mf-1f""" ,4-Q' X THE ACTIVITIES GOVERNMENT HONORARIES DRAMA PUBLICATIONS si - The +radi+ional idea of +he 'rypical Universi+y a+mosphere includes fhe old, ivy colored buildings, full of memories for alums and s+uden'ls alike. The Ad- minisfrafion building and 'fhe buildings of fhe Quad- rangle, for example embody 'lhese ideas on UC's campus. We cannoi ignore fhe fufure, fhough, which 'X lxxxx yfx 45 NN, 5 ' QT hwnR .. f -1'5" offen calls for changes, so as new ideas and needs arise in educafion, needs in building facilifies arise also. New McMicken and +he Alms Building are symbolic of progress, bu+ ius+ as wilh ideas, fhe old is no+ comple+ely elimina+ed, and a+ UC +he old and +he new, in ideas and buildings, sfand side by side. Page 4 Y . ,,-gl ISN . R, .27-553' K ' C.-, x x-I OR 411 PRES. TOM WOODWORTH TSIDE-Moslrowifz, M nnson L Hishp R Eich- al Y Kfw' H Wood- th T Knechl J Lang- er, W Herron C usch- M Ebel D Kent lNSlDE-Miller P, Mans Bishop E Cmnt' C Bw-an J Lavzho C , an C K v-ak., 'K f STUDENT COUNCIL As fhe maior sfudenl governmenr organizafion, Sludenf Council represenrs 'lhe inieresis of each siu- denr on campus. The purpose behind 'rhe acfion fhe Council fakes in any maHer is +0 promofe individual and group inferesfs in so far as if is possible. Com- posed of represenfalives from each of lhe eighi' col- leges, Presidenls of Men's and Women's Senafes, 'lhe various campus wide organizalions and delegares a+ large, fhe Council works 'fo co-ordina+e fhe aclivifies of fhe colleges and groups and draw +hem fogefher info a unified Universify. Included in +he Council's spe- cilic dufies are +he allocarion of money from +he slu- den'I' ac'I'ivi'fy fees +o various organizafions, among fhem lhe campus publica+ions, Orienialion Board, College lribunals, and Junior Advisers: fhe supervision of +he 'rhree maior boards-Publica+ions, Orienfafion, and Social Boards: and rhe seleciion of 'lhe edifors of +he Cincinnalian, News Record, Profile, and Sfudenr Direcfory. The char+ers or conslifufions of many cam- pus groups musr also be reveiwed and passed by Council so if is easy 'ro see +ha'r membership on Siu- denf Council is a big responsibili+y besides being a greaf honor. ...Q Page 76 in riigsg I TOP: GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE CENTER: ELECTIONS COMMITTEE BOTTOM: CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE BUDGET COMMITTEE Page 77 '? C7 F" . f 1 - . L, ,ea 1,,,-:'f- To 3 18313 v ,Mx I Since +l'1e ac'rivi'Iies of Sfudenf Council alifecf virfually every individual and group on campus, iis meeiir-gs are open Io any s+uclenI who would care 'ro a'Hend. To keep in Iouch wirln sfudenf reacfions and suggesfions Il-ie Coun- cil's Sfuclenf Grievance Commi'r+ee regularly hears sludenf complainis and reporls Ilwe recom- mendafions for Council's acfion. Like any o'Il1er group Council's job has i+s lighrer momenrs, fhough, and each spring +l1e members ga+l'1er for Ihe big yearly picnic. WOMEN'S SENATE Women's Senaie, 'rhe women's counierparl of 'lhe men's governing group, is composed of represen+a+ives from every group on campus having a membership numbering for+y perceni or more women sfudenfs. Women's Senafe cuis 'rhe ribbon each fall, so fo speak, opening acfiviiies on campus by giving a rea early in Sepfember iniroducing incoming freshmen women 'ro Greek Sororiiy Rushing and 'ro campus social life in general. Several im- porfanf women's organizarions operaie direcily under 'rhe sponsorship of Women's Senaie. Among rhese is Junior Advisers, a group of iunior women who organize a series of fall programs designed fo familiarize freshmen women wi+h campus, Hs rradiiions and aciiviiies, and wiih 'the academic and social aspecis of college life. Women's Senaie also main+ains a Usecl- Book Siore, 'rhe profiis of which are furned over io +he U.C. Scholarship Fund. Among ifs special proiecis fhe Senale sponsors fhe biennial Voca- iional lnformafion Conference held early in ihe Spring and fhe fradiiional S+rawberry Brealrfosi fo honor senior women during Senior Week. i .Q 1' f- T' Q- .. 'C' e 5 11 . x lsiclfffihm , SEATED-Mafhewsl P, Bowling, J, Aufder marsh, C, ROW I-Fonfanese, A, Pace W Carfer, J ROW Z--Murphy, C., Scofren M Smith, T, McCormick, T MEN'S SENATE Page 79 Q5-7 Men's Senale, as a represenlafive body of all male sfudenfs on campus, has as i'rs primary duly 'rhe job of co-ordinafing 'rhe acfiviiies of all men's organizafions. Consequen+ly, +he Senafe has an accom- panying iob of mainraining a close sfudy of +he acfiviiies of 'ihese groups. However, 'rhe Sena+e is noi concerned exclusively wifh group acfivi+y buf is in+eres+ed in 'Phe welfare of each individual male sfudenl on campus. Because of rhis, fhe Sena+e's firsf, and perhaps biggest and mosl imporfani underfalcing each year is fhe orien+a+ion program which i+ plans for incoming freshmen men. Once 'these new sfudenls have waded 'lhrough 'lhe bewildermenf of regisfrafion and have found +heir places on campus, fhe Senale works +0 bolsfer 'rheir spiri+. A smolrer held for The freshmen shorily affer school has s+ar+ed is designed 'ro iniroduce 'ro 'rhem some of U.C.'s fradiiions and cusfoms and fo give rhem informafion concerning +he ac+ivi'ries in which rhey mighf be infer- esled. As Hs final acl' finishing QFF 'rhe year 'rhe Senafe presen+s a silver cup +o The oufsianding men's group on campus. Ns..-! "iXv 1 g. se FTI::"' ROW I-Moskowilz, M, Erickson, L, Bowling J., Coppens, C, ROW 2-Messinger, R, Malrhes, A, Connolly, Es, Bourgraf, E. This hard working group of s'ruden'ls helps lhe incoming freshman class lop lhe many hurdles lhal confronl lhem when lhey 'fake +ha'l big sfep and come lo college. The Orienlafion Board gives 'lhese green frosh many helpful sugges+ions inilialing 'rhem inlo +l'1e firsl "big" days of college life. This faculfy-sludenl Board is ready and able +o answer any of lhe mullilude of quesfions fhal besel a college freshman. To gel' lheir lirsl year olil +o a good s+ar+, Orienlalion Board lakes 'lhe fresh- man on a guided 'four and in+rocluces fhem 'fo 'the adminis+ralive slaff. The Board is composed of represenlalives of colleges and heads ol Men's and Women's Senales, Junior Advisers, and Men's Advisory Syslem. The members work +he year long planning and evalualing lheir program as an emclorl' 'ro presenr an eFFec+ive orienlalion. Many an up- perclassman loolrs back and lhanlcs Orienlalion Board whole-hearledly for +he informalive. pleasanl' in+roduc'lion 'fo campus life. QRIENTATICN BQARD Page 80 SOCIAL BOARD "Has fhaf evenf been cleared wifh fhe Social Board?" This has become a very well known quesfion on campus because Social Board has come fo be fl1e co-ordinafion commiffee for all campus social af- fairs. If you have ever wondered whaf prevenfed 'lwo big social affairs from occuring on fl1e some niglrf or on fwo successive niglwfs, you will find fl'1af is was fhrouglw fl1e efforfs of Social Board. Social Board co-ordin- afes fhese all-campus affairs by spacing fhem fhroughouf fhe year and by regulafing flie number of acfivifies on a specific nighf. Social chair- men of campus organizafions also rely on Social Board for assisfance in planning funcfions for sfudenfs. In addifion, Social Board keeps U.C. sfudenfs informed concerning fl1e fime and fl1e place of various acfivi- fies by posfing a calendar of coming evenfs on flue bullefin board in fl1e lobby oufside flue Union Grill. Social Board makes if possible for everyone fo gef fl1e very mosf from a carefully planned and smooflwly operafed social year. SEATED-Dieckmann, B, Cochran, J, Goodman, S, Kent, R, Johnson, L STANDING-Whivehecd, J, Schrofel, J, Hofmann, G Dufly, M, Sieber, O, Srnifh, R. 'EF 35 Y? s. . ,-:,, .c Sf . ,, +3 Apllllg im ,ess ,?? ss? ., ,S xXX Page Bl X 5 a r'-g JUNIOR ADVISERS rf l l An auxiliary lo lhe Dean of Women's office, lhe Junior Advisers devole much lime and eliforl lo aid in a comple+e orienlalion of all freshman women. The Advisers are selecled in March by +he previous year's group of Advisers on lhe basis of scholarship, leadership, and service 'ro 'lhe Universi+y. Plans for lhe fall orienlalion are begun early in 'lhe spring during a fraining program and lhe series of Tuesday pro- grams for fhe Freshmen is also arranged. Several new fealures, includ- ing l'eas al 'rhe Nurses' Home and al Memorial Dormilory, were inili- a+ed by +his year's members. The purpose of 'rhesel 'leas was 'lo give special alfenlion lo lhese sludenls living away from home. There was also a special orienlalion program for sludenls in Seclion ll of lhe Co- op colleges. Climax of The year's program was an informal parly a'l' which +he juniors enlerlained +he freshmen. The highlighls of 'rhe year was lhe dinner and Pep Rally before +he X.U.-U.C. game. Learning aboul 'lhe school and ils aclivilies along wifh 'rhe new sludenls each year proves lo be iusl as much fun as il' is work for lhe Junior Advisers. ROW l-Daullon, P., Cecil, J., Cors, A., Dugan, J., Mallhes, A., Tyndall, S., Lewis, P, ROW 2-Chase, B., Besiehcrn, U., Smilh, C., Thornbury, M., Ludwig, N., Speckman, J., Sfanforlh, M., Henderson, I., Olsson, J., Mygranf, E., Pfeflel, Y. ROW 3-O'Hara, B., Sigler, P., Keller, M., Reh- merl, R., Beckman, C, Marsloll, L., Heinold, W., Wise, C., Dick, A., Pogue, O. ROW 4-Beels, J., Leiler, D., Fielman, M., Crowe, L., Callison, P, Sievers, E, Jordan, B., Heinz, R., Landman, B., Oberschmidl, C., Paisley, S. ROW 5-Knechl, J., Messinger, J., Cadwallader, B., Roberls, P., Kunkel, E, Alienau, R., Kiefer, M., Leesernann, A, Colacurcio, J., Koerner, K., Arnold J. ROW 6-Quinn, C., Coleman, N., McHugh, E., Fink, A, Mohlman, Y, Kreamelmeyer, J., Volksladf, S., Baker, l,, Blersch, D., Auburn, A., Roberrson, P., Snider, M. r was Q si . b f .2 - S rs Q: 4.- - , is - -, - ,.,, A gf iii 5 -1 ,l .. - , - rs: -"1 - 0, 1. . - . B . ' ii' i 5 E Q 1 1 ' fi .ix , NF Ai J A A 5' -,f 0 ,,g,,Sf J ' X25 ,Q-3 it , rw 1 P we V i ' ki S" xi f -' 2 C PVR' ng' 2 V, 'Q ' fi., . IT.. ' r. -A ' ., , ' 7 , - . , A . s .... if vs' ga 'ir Q Q V '-2. ' if I1 1' V . ' N . A : ': , . ' ' A ' w . v Q z, ,gh 4.1 l 1 for 'TR' Y .U ,- "' T' ii? H' T fy. MA , T Xi , -- Q :.,b 41gg5 Z L, d x,f 6,2 ' "v vs- ' l l v o' - , . bf v X. .ry 1 g - ,- A . ' -, .X i. ,, . - ,5 Y , .. ,. .1 A u " Q T , ---H f , l ,, l 1' . if J i' 5... Page 82 M rf . 3, , ' "' 5 1 -x ,ra -s a .M r., , . . 4. .. . " rv :. sn gls sz s, . i . F. 4 Vw , ,-2. if 5:3 'if H rv' UL .:' ' -,Q l N -, s.f A YN A f r ROW I-Malhews, P, Pace, B, Bowling J, Moskowitz, M, Sleber, O ROW Z-Gruen, C Shoemaker, B, Goodfellow R, Longsfreef, W Mariz, G, Benson, J, Bisho MENS' ADVISORY BOARD Page 83 The formafion of +he Men's Senale Advisory Syslem 'rhis pasf year marked 'rhe developmeni of a new meihod of counseling for inf coming male freshmen. Through experience if had been found lhai a greal' many of The problems of new siudenis can be eliminaled by an advisory sysfem adminisiered by siudenls. Consequenfly, +he purpose of ihe group was slafed as being "io help ihe individual freshman man make more adequaie adiusimeni +o 'rhe campus communi+y ai 'rhe very ouisef of his college career." The advisers were pre-iunior, iunior. and senior men from each of lhe colleges, selecfed on a basis of +heir own successful adjus+men+ 'ro college life, quali+ies of person- aliry and scholasiic achievemenf, and Their abilily 'ro communicafe ideas +0 a group. The program consisied in a series of five weekly mee'l'ings af which 'the groups of freshmen were given informaiion by iheir adviser concerning The various aspec+s of campus life including general background and hisfory of UC, academic and siudy habifs, exfra-curricular acfiviiies, campus social program, and advice in budge+ing 'rime and money. Discussions cn' 'rhe meelings also provided fhe answers for many quesfions. Ei. E S Er X RQ - Qi' 1- A 'ij -lr' -lei' 21? 1, rw, Q 'Wh ' A. I. E. E. Among lhe many engineering sociefies, The Ameri- can Insfilule of Eleclrical Engineers has been one of fhe mosl oulslanding in associaling all lhe E.E. slu- denls wifh specific problems in induslry. AIEE members are +hose Eleclrical Engineering sludenls who are in- leresfed in promoling and learning more abou? fheir field. AIEE meelings are addressed by oulslanding men in lhe field of eleclrical engineering and some of lhe meelings also feafure movies on subiecls of infer- ROW I-Schwenker, R., Jurich, S., Meyer, R. ROW 2-Archer, R., Heil- mann, R., Yaney, P., Isaac, G. esl +o eleclricals. The men of lhe AIEE go on frequenl field frips where lfhey gel' a chance fo see fheir 'lexi- boolc knowledge pul lo praclical use in a variefy of indusfries. AIEE also sponsors an annual indoclrina- +ion day for sophomores, laking 'rhem on a conducled lrip lhrough lhe mysleries of lhe courses and ins+ruc- lors fhey will encounfer in fhe nexl year. Alfhough AIEE's high-sounding aim is 'rhe disseminalion of knowl- edge of all aspecls of E.E., 'lhey also have a ligh+er side. During 'lhe year, AIEE compeled in campus infra- murals, saw some lighler movies, and held a series of ROW I-Anderson, R, Yee, W, Newberg, I., Neal, N., Lewis, R. ROW 2-Pan, J., Gardner, R, Keeler, W., Mounls, F,, Schneider, W. Blaski, gegfign Chqnge pgrfieg, M,, Moss, L, Price, J ROW 3-Burnelf, L, Plogsledl, A., Heizer, I., Sifferlen, T, Grundy, L, Gray, W., Walker, C, Nelson, W, L :L I iw- - Sl 'isis' ' .i 2 ir -o - 'L f "T Ll 2 1-' ' "' 3 cw 'Q lx ' . -md 1 - 1 'Q 5 .N f li 3 1 2 4 'WJ A 'L I -jk. s rr' .X l J fu- - Page 84 I.l l .fp N 1, ME.. X x. E R 5., , cl. : N :is l The Ohio Sociefy of Professional Engineers is a sfudenl' chapfer of a sfaferwide sociefy which is cele- braling ifs 75fh anniversary fhis year. Seeking fo de- velop a professional affifude on fhe parf of sfudenfs in all branches of fhe College of Engineering a sched- ule of meefings and inspecfion frips of inferesf 'fo all engineers is mainfained, during lhe year. Awards are given fo fhe oufsfanding senior in 'lhe college, and 'lo fhe prominenf member in each of fhe Deparfmenfs of Engineering by fhe Cincinnafi Professional chapfer. ROW I-Heifrick, R, Salle, G, Koeninger, E, Droege, L ROW 2-Mih holland, D, Hagedorn, D, Kroger, R, Saba, E ROW 3-Mauei, J, Niehaus, R, Schrimper, F, Barker, J, Herman, W we ROW IfMiller, R Salle, G, Droeqe, L, Bavis, E F, DeBrunne, R Price, R H ROW 2-Weir, J, Lyon, W, Bruns, D B, Rifler, W, Buck- man, R W, Moon, G D, Brown, A, Harden, K ROW 3-Moore, D Curry, R, Pullis, R, Eflvon, E , Loffridge, N, Weise, R, Herman, W , Milholland, D, Cooper, T Al xi EI This year, fhe upperclassmen majoring in chem- isfry who consfifufe Alpha Chi Sigma are celebrafing a dual anniversary. lf is fhe 50fh anniversary of Alpha Chi Sigma nafionally and ifs 33rd year on fhe U.C. campus. Alpha Chi Sigma sfrives noi only 'ro produce excellenl chemisfs, buf also men well fiffed fo business socially. To achieve fhis fhey have fwo social meefings a monfh, meefing for meals or dafe parfies. Also, af fheir lhree meefings each secfion fhe members hear fallrs by experls in various fields relafed fo chemisfry. .ilk 8 225 uf-'Lil 'L Q' O' 6 J' ff -QQ v X , ff Q ,464 jf If '. f ,Q gl J pf uf" 46' ,Q 4 Z7 Q! 4 0 A. A 4 ff G' 1' J w :until '?If!""' sf! P J ,V -Y 9-C. c asf - me-12,1 -, 1 5 K ROW I-Adams, G, Haddad, A., Bailew, R, Gross, E, Golf, E, ROW Z--Chase, S, Schmiedel, D, Garner, L, Seilz, E, Barkocy, A., Den- Iinger, W, ROW 3-Anderegg, R, Kaiser, D., Rusk, L., Smilh, L., Groene T, Lance, D, Hammond, C Al si CO EO You've probably seen men wiih rods, 'fransi+s, and nolebooks roaming campus. From among +hese civil engineers +he Socieiy of Civil Engineers has drawn many oufsfanding members. The ASCE is devofed 'ro acquainfing i'rs members wifh currenl problems, 'The- ories, and pracfices in civil engineering. This year has seen a renewed inieresf and zeal on 'rhe parf of ASCE members. They are increasing and confemplafing 'their classroom knowledge wifh a series of excellenl speak- ers-prominen+ men in civil engineering and rela+ed fields-a+ 'rheir meefings. fs Qs N ' 4 Q S iz, x SXSW- They also increased Their knowledge and 'l'heir business con+ac+s by having a join+ dinner mee+ing wifh 'lhe Cincinnafi chapier of 'The senior ASCE. ln 'rhe in+eres+ of acquiring noi only more knowledge, buf also a be+fer undersianding of ofher colleges, and of course fo have some fun, a number of fhe members of 'I'he Cincinnafi chapfer arfended 'the Norlh Cenfral Regional Conference of The ASCE in Defroii. The ASCE also sponsors a freshman smoker io greei new civils and a senior picnic To say "Goodbye" 'ro grad- uafes. ROW I-Edie, W,, Obermeyer, J., Willard, R., PraH, R., Miles, H. ROW 2-Carpenier, J., Frey, E., Kubinski, J., Dickman, F., Poole, J., HUH, R., Maynard, A, ROW 3-Kirk, T., Schoelwer, J., Obermeyer, E., Weyer, R., Zisfler, J., Ufsch, F., Croll, D., Crosby. 5 x 145. s.- .. : -36, mm J ' - il Q' 9 'Que fx 'P' 'FN -GTG' V A? i if i if -. i . X xi-3 .j A -s . .ea S ss SL 3 ROW I4RevnoIds B, Winged, R Eagle H ROW 24Bonmgn T Woodyard R L, Malrnuth, N 'I Al SO To facililafe fhe very necessary exchange of infor- mafion on +he rapidly changing +heories and praclices of aeronaufical science, The lns'rilu're of Aeronaufical Science has broughl logeiher i+s members lo hear a disfinguished lis+ of gues+ speakers af ifs weelcly meef- ings. These fallcs cons+i'ru+e a valuable parf of 'Phe members' unclersfanding of fhe problems in fheir field. The men of l.A.S. round our fheir fellowship wifh a series of parries 'through lhe year. l.A.S. is making a valuable confribulion 'ro aeronau+ics 'through ifs members. To promole friendship among prospecfive chemical engineers and provide enferfainmeni for fhem is lhe purpose of lhe American lnsfifufe of Chemical En- gineers. The A.I.Ch.E. accomplishes fhese obieclives by iis secfion change parfies and free noon movies. Scholarships are awarded each year fo deserving slu- denfs. The funds for fhese are provided by fhe profils of fhe canfeens in fhe Chemisfry Building. The group pramofes in+eres'r in lhe chemical engineering pro- fession and provides an opporfunify for sfudenfs 'lo compare ideas wifh fhe faculiy. Ao li CHU El ROW I-Sail-2 G, Hagslrom, D, Milholland D, Nvehaus, R ROW Y? Kaeninger, E, Mazzei J, Barkegl Shrirnper P Kroker R Saba, E ' T 4: 'no' Vnpfiig,g,wm,, 93 1:5 5. Page 87 llll ,Al ian 1? ,- .yi 0. :sto .l XX ,f 3 C f 'I ' , ,..- ,. ' E infix , SS. - ...K l l K- Tip, 1. x, Q .2 wk . 5 .J lv ,Rx i Q 'l . . . f ' , z ' " I -w s ' lr ax., X fr ' 1 79.51 . X 5 .5 I Y 5 . X is 1 Q x X? x , ,J N N . 1 Q 33? 1 ,ll ROW I-McClellan, H, Johnson, K., Kusnerus, S., Loehrig, M., Slolz, J., Rogers, H. ROW Z-Albach, W, Beck, C, Murphy, J., Anderson, M., Tape, D, Chalo, J, French, C, Hull, W, ROW 3-McGlone, J., Lipperr, R., McCarVy, W, Daring, R, Abbofl, D., Lavey, D., Deagle, L., Mind- heim, R., Schwenlker, D. Ao sl Mo El 3 J . fm L . N fx -uf. 'Tse'- : J ,.4 I' J' 155' f,. ,. E -'A , The U.C. Branch of 'rhe ASME was esfablished in l9ll fo promofe a feeling of fellowship among 'lhe mechanical engineering sfudenfs and +0 acquainl' 'lhem wiih +he aims and procedures of The parenf sociefy. Regular meeiings are held of which +he members read original papers and discuss rhe affairs of ihe sociely. The members are addressed by prominenf engineers and Faculfy members whose speeches greaily increase ihe members' grasp of fheir field. The socie+y is com- posed of M.E.'s in +heir +hird, fourrh, and fifih years. ROW I-Collins, D., Evans, W., Evans, R., Vandeveer, D., Green, J., Lange, H, ROW 2-Pease, R., McKee, W., Lumley, L., Dunifon, H., Wrighf, W., Bosself, A., Sabo, E. ROW 3-Lawrence, T., Miller, G., Miller, G., George, G., Acker, J., Beck, E., lszory, S., Tillolsan, J., ROW 4-Pieroni, V., Sicking, T., Sonderman, D., Oligee, C., Keyes, R., Mes- singer, R., Day, J., Scheske, C, Drake, F. . . X x -v .4 - Wiki. wywmff -wgmwy fy "T? , 4' ROW I-Syring, R, Slessarey, H , Scheibe, F K , Fox, J ROW ZAAh!evs, G, Weber, C, Pleflel, Y, Linder F DELTA PHI ALPHA Delia Phi Alpha, a nafional honorary for oulsfand- ing sludenfs of German, have held fheir meeiings in ihe sluclenr union once a monih during 'Phe pas+ year. Slides and lec+ures help make fheir program, which is designed To furlher rhe sludy of German Ii+era+ure and cul+ure, nor only educafional, buf inferesfing. Mem- bership is open +o bofh sludenfs and facully members. A scholas+ic average of a+ leasf a B is required by fhe organizalion. Vfilh enfhusiasm and a spirif of good fellowship Della Phi Alpha members work hard lo increase 'rheir knowledge of German. Page 89 11 48 An excellenl example of infernalional co-operafion operafes righf here on UC's campus wilh very few knowing anyrhing abour if. Of course we are speaking of 'lhe group of Brifish businessmen who come 'ro lhe U.S. fo spend a year here al' UC sfudying lnduslrial rnanagemenf and American business lechniques. The purpose of 'fhis is lo enable fhem +o apply whaf They find useful in American melhods 'ro Brifish business. Besides adopring business ideas fhe men were quick lo adapl fo and enioy campus social life. BRITISH IND. MANAGEMENT ROW I-Yuille, G, Jones, A, Rawlinson, R, Tankard! ROW ZiBailey, E, Vale, R, Harding, A, Hughes, D, Hird, I ROW 3-Garlick, E, Jones, R Siandish, J, Pernberlon, A, Sargenf, P 1 .Ii X'W'5SSCz- - , '-li-l'39f?s"lS: -9 0 A T X fix P Qs E x T ff . ...Q .--cn, JST C29 .lg , cs! N-J ROW I-Gerf, B, Beamer, V, Bowling, J, Minovill, E, Malhews, P. ROW 2-Swiezak, A, Jacobs, W, Lipp, S, Kaufman, D., Slaflord, R., Hulberi, N FORENSIC GUILD Whal will 'the opinions be? The Forensic Guild presenls a problem: "Resolved, fhal' 'rhe Congress of ihe Uniied Slaies should enaci a Fair Employmenf Praclices Law." Topics such as This are debafed by fhe enfhusiasiic members of Forensics Guild who hold meelings wilh leams represenling over fif+y colleges. The Guild sponsors +he College Orafor Conlesf from which fwo members are elecfed lo Tau Kappa Alpha, fhe nafional debafe honorary. Allhough fhis is a rafher new organizolion if provides valuable experi- ence and safisfies personal inferesl in debafing. ii ...7 v', 3 x F 24. ' -si ww' , wana I A A recenf addilion io fhe organizalions on campus, Caducea, founded in l952, is a group limiled in mem- bership +o pre-med and science maiors. They slimulaie an oppreciafion of +he value of pre-medical educa- fion, and encourage excellence in scholarship as well as promoie coopera+ion among medical sfudenls, and educafors in fhe field. This is accomplished lhrough scholasfic, advisory, and social programs of monlhly meelings and a scienlific inspeclion lour each semesler. CADUCEA ROW I-Giqlio, E, Crosby, J, Baron, R,, Tennenbaum, J., Richardson, R., Schlup, M, Kamees, S., Gardner, M, ROW 2-Gilchrisl, J., Lowen- sfein, E, Donaih, R., Schafzman, R., Thompson, M., Heinold, T., Soloff, B., Aldrich, R. ROW 3-Halcher, C., Sfewarl, D., Poe, R., Wegener, W., Feller, H., McDowell, E., Siehl, M., Mohlman, Y, ROW 4-Hollberg, D,, Greenland, F., Weis, D., Freshcorn, J., Gebell, C., Hallerick, G., Dooley, W., Goodman, R. ROW 5-Murbach, L., Wilms, F., Feldman, R., Rakel, R., Nock, J., Greenland, R., Udelman, H. f 7 i 7 l r ?,'f X X I ,. Page 9l ,V -' vs . T' - . rs ang ..,, rj t - " . -v ,, , N 1.--5 ' 'S I Qi, I s .. T . P.. of E A - Q : is 5 S 4 Q X Fo fe. X X XM v in 'N -1 I X .T xx Q Vs FQAL-f 0 I X 1 T 4 s X X N , if .ix -'ts' ' , 5 Q Q ,Q , X 3 . E. A: : 3 .- 1 f . T H s Thx, 5 5 , I ,X ,, .. 1 E ' 5' ff-21 fs E? f l ..' v W SSX, si .: . ,. Af' M 5, w i Q gg sb 1.1, P1 -' xi- ',,,-V, ,. ,.3.Me-I, , vs M- .gt , - X si - rw, , 1.5 ., T. ' ' " T - s s ,LEH NSQA ' ' X- ' ,,, 535: 16 S L 'N ' WLQ ' , ' niS-is - "Cgs?'s"1e51 3 ROW I-Liguori, F, Nesfer, J, Wciodworfh, T, lmhoff, B ROW 1-MUY, J, Fausf, R, Romano, R, Sfarm, J BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB As iTs maior TuncTion The Business EducaTion Club encourages scholarship among The undergroduaTes in The Business EducaTion deparTmenT. Through discus- sion of Teaching and social business problems a closer relaTionship is esTablished beTween Taculfy and sTu- denTs. The Club's social spiriT has led To some big evenTs also, including a ChrisTmas parTy, Spring picnic, parTicipaTion in T.C. Open House and The giTT of a ChrisTmas baslceT To a needy family. Each year The Club also has a ioinT meeTing wiTh DelTa Phi Epsilon, graduaTe Bus. Ed. TraTerniTy. The Secondary ElemenTary CIub's biggesT proiecT for This year was Their ChrisTmas ParTy for underprivi- leged children. For Their own members They had vari- ous spealcers and panel discussions aT meeTings held once a monfh. Membership in The Club is open To Those sTudenTs regisTered in Teachers College pro- grams as preparaTion Tor ElemenTary, Junior High, or Senior High School educaTion. The aims of The group are To promoTe beTTer relaTions beTween TaculTy and sTudenTs as well as To acquainT sTudenTs wiTh college programs and The professional fields. SECONDARY ELEMENTARY ROW I-Dixon G, Munro, H, Blersch, D , McKlm, M , Baker, I, Brandhorsf, J ROW 2-Allen, G, Geverfs, J, Schmid, M, Bryanl, N, Press, E, Scherer, M, Hughes, J ROW 3-Bradshaw, J, Seyberfh, J Hussey R, Bryanf, B, STrunli, P, Ellison, M, Pence S, Danahy, N 1 S? f, sf '-'r JKIN1 'El X11 11 X4 '-T7 A I -7 .ll l x l 1? xf Q7 ROW l-Evans R Kirsfeun, A, Kluener, J, Barloh, M. ROW Z-Hines, M, Re-chle A, Kaernrnerle, L, Nolfing, R, Schwar1, J, Snyder, J, Sfanlorfh, M. CO-EP CLUB A summer picnic for incoming freshmen, fall and spring banqueis, a sryle show for The benefif of a scholarship fund and o Chrisfmos open house are only a few of 'rhe many ocfivifies conducfed by fhe women co-opera+ive sfudenls from Business Adminis+ra+ion, Engineering and Applied Arfs. These ac+ivi'ries help 'lo fulfill lhe purpose of fhe Co-Ep Club by promo+ing Universify spirir among 'the women co-opera+ive s+u- denls and by broadening sfudenl' culfural, social and infellecfual life 'rhus adding lo fhe honor and pres+ige of fhe Universify. ww, ...... E, su: sc: gre: :fx-Q:-.1 ii r"7 The members of U.C.'s Red Cross Uni+ pul' consid- erable fime and eFfor+ in'ro proiecls on bolh lhe cam- pus and communify levels. As par+ of iheir acfivi+y lhis year, 'rhe uni+ under+ook 'Phe proiecl' of bringing fhe Bloodmobile 'ro campus again. ond members of +he uni+ spoke before various organizafions +hroughou+ ihe ci'ry fo promofe lhe Blood Donor Program. The Mofor Corps enlisfed sfudenl' volunfeers fo serve as drivers for invalids going fo and from hospiials and The Pub- lic Relafions group promoled campus and ci+y-wide Red Cross ac+ivi+y. RED CROSS -? ROW I-Cochran, J, Taylor, C, Colacurcio, J ROW 2-Keller, M., Lis- ner, S., Kling C., Coleman, N. 2' .55 i 1 ,Q gi E A S . Q A 2,5 i e a Ny l 17 I l 49? Nr' T ' -lil , oN. C? V? ' gf' f 'xu43 . k- .,.- "' .P - N. jf, l ROW I-Fisher, C, Marsfall, L, Connolly, B, Holmann, G, Slillpass, B, Schwall, S. ROW Z-Lalscha, C, Kolsfein, E, Wiley, J, Ledlord, H, Howard, S, Hedges, L, Pafferson, A ROW 3-O'NeeI, B, Michaelson, B., Goldberg, M., Sinning, M, Nelson, P, Nelson, L, Dicl1ey,L, Slegall, E ROW 4-Snider, M, Crowe, L, Leary, J, Lalmernon, L, Kunkel, E, O'Brien, M. Woolley, L, Schwaegerle, A HOME EC. CLUB An annual open house for high school seniors is held each spring by 'lhe Home Economics Club which draws ifs membership from lhe four classes of Home Ec. College. This and addifional varied aclivilies, in- cluding charily worlc, are planned lhroughoul 'fhe year and are designed 'ro creale an inleresf in Home Eco- nomics and 'lo unife lhe sludenl body wil'hin The Col- lege. Dinners prepared by +he members, a Chrislmas Parry, and a fund-raising proiecf for a scholarship +o exemplify lhe purpose of 'rhe Home Economics Club. fo. -3 ',,, .3 y Page 93 ll A. , Q "rQ? 3 ,- . ' 4 4' 7 5:3 ." kg, , . 2, 'N Ee if The purpose of fhe Kindergarfen-Primary Club is 'ro provide opporlunilies for Hs members lo achieve professional improvemenl and lo enioy professional fellowship. By helping care for lhe children al lhe Melro Chrislrnas Parly, by lislening lo lop professional spealrers, by preparing Thanksgiving baslrels for needy families and sending supplies lo an adopled basin area school, lhe Kindergarlen-Primary Club provides many opporfunilies for ils members lo affain a belfer inferprelalion of leaching and ifs aspecls. KINDERGARTEN PRIMARY ROW I-Tyndall, S, McNarr1ee, J,Cruse, C, Grapes, B ROW Z-Hof:h- Hauser, B Pounds, S, Lackey, E, Jen, J, Keuper, J ROW 3-Schneider, C, Harrison, l Sievers, 8, Arnold, J Phipps :MQ .wc- P . 1 il 5 i.:4fis,, F Q-7 . in ' .s --Ps. f 7 -,.,,, .V -fr C7 ROW I-Lillner, A, Bolland, T, Russell, H, Henry, D, MacVelgh, R, ROW 2-Wells, R., Dissey, J., Border, G, Buck, K., Lang, J, Ehrharf, H, Paquelfe, C ROW 3-Schnier, L, O'Brien, J., Georg C,, Lolz, J., Slorrn, L., Loiz, F., Tschan, E. Alpha Kappa Psi, founded in l904, is +he oldesl professional frafernily in 'lhe field of business adminislrafion foday. To be called io membership in Era Chapler here al U.C., 'ihe s'luden'l musl be an upperclassman in fhe college of Business Adminisfra- lion, possess an excelleni scholaslic record, have oufsfanding and pleasing personal qualifies, and be an acfive parlicipanf in cam' pus aclivilies. As par+ of Hs program +0 fulfill ihe aims of Alpha Kappa Psi, in broadening and assisfing in 'rhe educalion of ils members, Ela Chapler frequenily brings dislinguished and suc- cessful business men as speakers fo address i+s dinner meefings. These men discuss bolh lhe specific. pinpoinled problems in 'lhe business world and also some ralher broad subiecls, such as world condilions and 'iheir elilecls on business. The members of Elo Chapler furlher increase 'rheir knowledge of business and ifs melh- ods and problems by going info lhe field lo see business in acfion. ln 'lhis way They gel 'ro see many business olher +han 'fhe one in which lhey have a parlicular inleresf. Nafurally +hese men love convivialily as much as any olher college boy, so lhey have regu- lar parfies-iusl for fun. Alpha Kappa Psi can well be proud of lhe program il' offers ifs members. ALPHA KAPPA PSI Page 94

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