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l F5 Hi, 0 , .Oo 1 ALPHA SIGMA PHI "lt's been but a little over a year now since we first made our appearance on the campus and if you ask any ot us what we're doing these days, the reply will invareably be, 'Looking for a house.' Believe us, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack too. In between times we're planning dances like the one out at Hartwell Country Club iust before Christmas. Peo- ple are still talking about the favors we gave that night-Black Satan perfume. We're looking forward to a long eventful life for Beta Sigma at U. C. Founded at Yale University in T845 Beta Sigma Chapter established in 1937. President-Earl Graser Vice President-Ray Romine Secretary-Vernon Rader Treasurer-Jim Terrell ROW I-Romine, R., Groser, E., Terrell, J.g Rader, V, ROW II-Peacock, R , Smith, R p Johns, Pg D'AmicI, T., Martin, K. ROW Ill-Kimmons, L, Marcus, G4 Waggener, 5.1 Vopat, E: Van Antwerp, C, i 5 ' 1 1 r 3 - , 1 3 'T 'Ctr i 3 5. l E Q 96 ,MMW1 :M 4, cw up ROW I-Doerman, L, Matteson, R, Board, J, Musat, O, Chappelle, A, Perm, C, Huber, R, Miller, W, McNeill, S, Peters, D ROW ll-Loughry, B, Crider, L., McQueen, H, Lovell, W, Sullivan, D, McGilvra, D, Harry, L, Graham, S, Dunker, R., Myers, W, Schrlmpf, C Kornmonn, W, Hoqon, J Stroehlein, F ROW lllvChomel, J, Spiller, E, Novak, B, Glaser, J, Brafford, R. O'Brien, T., Talbott, S, Mclntosh, R,, Stunt, L,, Scott, B, Larimer, W, Wenger J, Blickensderfer, R, Huether, L., Spiers, D ROW lV-Horn, C, West, G, Mappes, R, Burt, R, Muse-komp, G, Ahlllrcind, R, Talmage, J, Pretzlnger, A, Brown, C., Grondieon, Lg Lehrer P, Ste-gman, C, Stevens, G ROW V-Browning, L, Schaefer, J, Zugelter, D, Perin, J,, Bergdoll, E, Becker, D, Stevenson, R., Wuske, J, Wilson, D., Robinson, J, Anderson L, Bickle, J, ROW VI-Seaman, H, Janes, P, Townsend R, Heaton, S, Sunni-tte, P, Mcltarlon, J, Lamping, R, Dixon, R, Witt, W, Frank, V, Cloflun, Rodenfels, R, Bappert, R Founded at Virginia Military Institute in l865 Delta Lambda chapter established in l922. President-Max Smith Vice President-Louis Doerman Treasurer-Solum Graham Secretary-Daniel Zugetter Cold winter winds and whirling snow usually add touches of bitter cold to a bright Christmas. This year the warm winds of merry Mexico blew into 266 Senator Place, where all the incidentals of a Mexican Christmas supplied the atmosphere for the annual Christmas formal. The spirit of Christmas reigned supreme when our dates opened the packages under the tree and found more reminders of Mexican cus- tom-jewelry. But the biggest surprise of the evening came when we opened the front door to go home and found ourselves back in the reality of another cold Cincinnati night. W ALPHA TAU OMEGA R rip, , 1 ,L . ' .341 i ss t ,,,............ ...,,......,......... W ' sl V . w 11151 kin ROW ney or an oo er u c r R Martin, C. ROW e e ose ofa os Pexton, H. ROW n o scom xe er :em J Elnan, O.p Crawford, C. Founded at Dennison University in 1917 Cincinnati Chapter established in 1926 President-John Stapp Vice President-Bill Schultz Treasurer-Richard Evans Secretary-Roger Brown Do you remember the Miami, Florida-UC football game and the good time that was had before and after? It was well into the wee hours of the morning when we finally com- pleted all the decorations in the house. We got the big scoreboard to hang over the mantel despite the stubborn scotch tape. The banquet after the game, at which both par- ents and dates enjoyed every morsel, was really an affair to celebrate our victory in the game and our completion of the decorat- ing. z 1 V . E , i I l L E? ML. ROW I-Cogon, E., McHenry, P, Ruehlmonn, E., Sole, L, Fawcett, Mrs, B., Munz, R, Thomas, D., Pentlarge, F., Poynter, D. ROW ll-Mackie, E., Albaugh, W., Peirce, W, Kuhn, P., Brendomour, J.,Miller, R., Steinway, J, Steffens, P., Woellner, J., Shaw, H. ROW Ill-Campbell, J., Didlalre, H., Truitt, P., Brown, R, Brewer, W., Eilers, J, Cordes, W., Boker, W., Kietz, R., Mitchell, G., Allen, L., Thomp- son, R. ROW IV-Holtson, J., Boclxholt, J, Irwin, L, Lewis, R, Bowman, R, McHenry, L., Bueche, F, Perdomo, L., Paul, G., Martin, J., Nielwaus, H. ROW V-Thompson, W., Wilcox, R., Biehl, D., Steele, W., Crosset, R., Gregg, R, Anderson, W., Kennedy, M., Dietz, J., Ostronder, J., Burkart, J. ROW VI-Bockstiegel, R., Whitford, D., Ethardt, J., Mehornay, R., Lodwiclc, R., Geiger, J., Fought, W, Crozier, C., Foster, F., Bruckman, J., Hopkins, H., Stokes, C. Founded at Miami University in 1839 Beta Nu Chapter established in 1890 President-Bob Munz Treasurer-Elmer Ruehlmann Secretary-Jack Pentlarge Recorder-Donald Thomas They say an apple for the teacher always brings results, and what results it brought to the 'First Grade' party at the Beta house one tall night! Lollypops, skipping ropes, balloons, and stuffed animals reigned supreme. Each couple that walked in the door seemed to outdo the others in bloomers, knickers, and pigtails. Toyland had seen its day and the party was over. Us first graders had been up way past our bedtime! 99 The saying goes that the Delt house on Jefferson Ave. is about to give birth to a little new addition. 1 Soon to spring up on the back lawn is a C Pumphrey Founder Memorial building to house a Chapter Room and Alum hall. The buffet supper lust before Christ- mas saw our Moms and us busy carolling around the fireplace and enioying the spread that they had pre- pared. Bright new drapes now decorate the panelled walls and the floors are refinished-another result of the evening. Founded at Bethany College in T859 Gamma Xi Chapter established in T909 President-Maurice Frost Vice President-Roy Wuerth Treasurer-Jack Todd Secretary-Les Muller ROW I-Utrecht, J., Reirnan, R., Leonard, C., Germann, J., Childs, H., Mueller, L., Frost, M., Schindler, C., Wuerth, R., Huff, J., Adams, W., Garbutt, R. ROW II-Biles, W., Zackman, W., Micheau, J., Todd, J., Knabe, A., Fahnestock, W., Werden, D., Hanford, E., Bouvet, J., Gaither, A., Leonard, T., Nelson, M. ROW III-Brewer, W., Cuni, W., Brownell, J., Seybold, R., Saunders, J., West, D., Blackwell, W., McCormick, R., Glazier, C., Aug, R., Bertke, F., Bothwell, H., Motz, B. ROW IV-Schubert, R., Gerhurdt, W., Miller, D., Francis, D., Linesch, E., Thomas, H., Seyboldt, H., Holler, W., Ellis, B., Gard, L., Thinnes, R., Moore, H., Klausing, R, Underwood, W. ROW V-Hozelrigg, J, Cunningham, T., Thorsell, P., Strotemeyer, A., Fischer, C., Wolfe, R., Retzsch, O., Loudin, B., Wessel, R., Peppers, J., Clark, E, Hobt, E, Heuck, W, Winnes, H., Seitz, W. I . . 'fx TOO . . And the end ot the week has rolled around l 2 i again. There always seems to be a question as to where to go and what to do, but here's one prob- lem we've settled to the advantage of everyone in question. Drop down to the house this next Saturday, and you can see what I mean. There's always a floor show with no cover charge, and decorations change every week. Grilled steaks and hamburgers top the menu for good things to eat, so you can easily see why such a big college crowd jams every nook and corner every Saturday. Founded at University of Cincinnati in 1919 I Chapter President-Arthur Ehrenschwender Vice President-Robert Emmick Treasurer-Ely Hill Secretary-Harry Perk ROW I-Secosan, C, Hawk, Myers, R., Emmich, R, H., Ehrnschwender, A. R, Norteman, H, H, Perk, H. N., Grant, J R., Glaser, R. E, ROW ll-Hill, E., Hesterberg, R., Cassel, R., Denman, J., Yoho, D., Smith, R E., Grice, L S, Sheehan, J, Painter, L, Dawley, R. L, Lacy, R, Osterbrock, J. B, Longhead, A G ROW Illflversan, R. R, McCitmick, T O, Copeland, D M., Richter, J. J, Moormeier, L, Zimmermann, E, Kutzleb, R., Rudler, D., Gilmore, F, Davis, M R, Macgregor, D ROW IV-Milligan, D JEEMEYWVI WI EVC""Sf O-J TfOUSdE'll, T: Slegel, P., Smith, D, Morledge, J., Bletso, B, Bradley, E, Solsman, D., Radtlre, L., Yund, C., Hughes, K ROW V-Eldon, D., Russell. G: Muffin, H: BOWYUUH. J-1 HC'Ulif'f R: Wille, R., Segelken, F, Drake, J, Danenhouer, R, Gross, E., Moore, C., Arm- brust, J., Runch, E, Hughes, R ROW VI-Moore, J, Eggleton, C, R, Wade, R V, Conner, V, Elmore, J S, Macneill, J F, Lambert, V, Spettel, E C, Ehrnschwender, P. E., Bosse, R i X 101 f' 1 rs 5. l t :. 1 D i i S . Q ff ' S. J ROW I-Becker, Robert A., Woodward, H. B., Bentlage, J., Boall, W., Laing, Mrs. H. K., Butler, Richard, T., Ludlow, W. J., Crye, C. E., Rhodes, J C. ROW II-Gollnitz, R., Joseph, A., Forsyth, P., Megginson, P., Catherwood, D., Balzhiser, J., Willis, L., Cahoon, J., Bryant, W., Megginsan, J., Marsch, H. ROW III-Champlin, R., Bremer, G., Jacobs, R., Flortman, F., Stambaugh, A., Yeagle, S. J., Beal, A., Brewster, J., Schroeder, P., Schneuer, E. ROW IV-Hole, D., Kristof, J., Bokenkamp, G., Drake, L., Dreibelbis, E., Holfpenny, L. J., Naylor, G. L., Endicott, G. B. Jr., Lewis, R. C., Krum- mel, W. E. ROW V-Wilson, J. V., Kopp, Kit, Monce, J. E., Wiatt, J. G., Gampter, N., Gall, M., Palmer, S, H., Hargrove, G. C., Mugill, M. D. ROW VI-Kimball, A. L., Wiatt, R. E. Rouse, L. K., Haas, M. A., Ruwe, A. H., Breier, N. C., Sunnenberg, J., Moore, E. L., Moore, E. L., Blackwell, R. N., Lounsbery, W. R. Founded at Boston University in 1909 Gamma Gamma Zeta Chapter established in i916 President-Herb Marsch Vice President-Donald Garbutt Treasurer-James Berthlage Secretary-Gus Beall The dance ot the year for Lambda Chi is our Christmas formal. Peggy Kelly, Chi Omega, walked away with the honors of the evening when we placed the coronet of white roses on her lovely head. Peg stepped out of a large Christmas package to greet a tense, anxious crowd at Summit Hills and at that moment received the title of 'Rose of Lambda Chi' for the year 47-48. Our dates weren't forgotten though, for each was presented with a white wool dog to help remember the eve- ning as one never-to-be-forgotten. 102 he A - f QL. 'iffy "Celebration" has always been associated with our name, but this has definitely been a key-year. A century ago the Phi Delts became a national fraternity, titty years ago, we in- vaded the U.C. campus. Later this year, we will move our part of the noise from the busy corner, to on secluded location on Digby Avenue. "The door is always open," so drop around for a taste of real Phi Delt tradition. Founded in 1848 at Miami University Ohio Theta established in 1898 President-Eldon C. Kennedy Vice President-James Goettle Treasurer-Mickey McGraw Secretary-Bill Mullally PHI DELTA THETA ROW I-Pottinger, G., Miller, D. C., Nelson, A., Schloss, E., Mullally, W., Funch, J, Goettle, J., McGraw, J., Ellis, R., Kenne Vance Nikoloff, O. ROW II-Shelley, J., Stichtenoth, W., St ickney, T., Castellini, W., Seymour, J., Ahrens, G., Eveslage, G., Gabel, B., Giannetto M Borcherdnng G., Newell, P., White, P., Ginn, R., Pfatt, R., Drake, R., Martin, A., Overton, B., Zorniger, F, Books, H. ROW Ill-Moore, W., Hossli, R., Sarsfield, J., Stueve, S., Eicher, T., Varelman, B, Altvater, R., Merten, H, Boehm, E., Koehler V n Pe Linville, W., Kottas, B., Janes, B, Bernet, H., Corbin, V., Kipp, R., Murray, D. ROW IV-Shepman, J., Knotts, R., Drake, J., Brandt, D., Miller, D., Glazer, W., Moesch, R, Hodgson, H., Koch, G., Mueller,J Hayes J Wuebold W., Krone, P., Tedford, F., Duquette, P., Becker, C. ROW V-Eicher, H, Games, M., Barrett, T., R., Brogdon, C., Fuhrman, J., Greive, W ROW VI-Ahrens, A., McDevitt, J, Grunk , Fischer, F. emeyer, J, Docley, M., Dugan, F., Braun, R., Blum, J., Lenzer, D, Mills, B., Peterson R Hofthouse D Gaddis, D., Warren, F., Hauk, J, Kinder, I., Shriner, P. Lammers, C., Helmers, R., Guethlein, A., Finke, H, Conrad, J, Scheurnann, M., Rethmexer M Schwnnclt 103 l FF'pC1F" P ,N k xx PHI KAPPA A stein in the hand of every pledge would well be the word for future generations. The custom was born at our formal out at Marie- mont Inn. The active chapter, between blasts from Johnny Clark's orchestra and Barber Shop Quartets, presented each pledge with a fraternity mug and thereby began the tra- dition. Between the party at the Alms and the shower of balloons from the ceiling at midnight were crowded many laughs and surprises. The slippery floor mode the scram- ble for the balloons iust a little more interest- ing them expected. Founded at Brown University in T889 Omicron Chapter established in 1925 President-John Hoban Vice President-John Rong Secretary-Ray Brinkman Treasurer-Jim Burns ROW I-Heintz, P., Ferris, R, Burns, J., Meyers, C., Hobart, J., Brinkman, R., Long, J., Berens, D. ROW II-Cullen, J., lacobucce, F., De Simone, A., Mess, A., Mess, R., Klein, R., Boller, R., McCabe, D., Herbst, P. ROW Ill-Dirr, A., Kroqer, R., Knapp, G., De Carlo, J., Hoffman, J., Fiori, J., Scrimenti, M., Walter, C., Kopp, C., Ryan, J. ROW IV-Brennan, J., Kelly, J., Filippine, R., Froehle, A., Sullivan, T., Hermann, J., Sanzone, V., Eyink, L., Bruns, D., Ryan, J. ROW V-Dorsey, J., Eiselein, A., Torok, J., Willging, L., Ostholthoff, H., Ryan, J. J., DelVecchio, D., Wehry, G., DeNuccio, C., Wildermuth, R. ROW VI-Kessler, F., Detchrnenoy, F, Halle, R., Schulte, J., Luckey, W., Rottenberger, D., Thornbury, A., Griese, R., Krabacher, J., Leo, N. Q f l 1. E .. i I 4 I Q A e O ROW l-Boling, R., Binder, W, Levey, D., Rice, H., Metzger, E., Stuart, R, Zwiclr, P., Lasher, W, Schcudig, R. ROW ll-Fleming, M., Jones, G, Rechtin, R, Click, B, Loch, F., Kessler, W., Garties, J., Bell, D, Gordon, D, Ratclifl, H, Fisher, G ROW lll-Click, P., Nolfke, J, Zimmermann, R, Gundermcn, J., Potter, G5 Gebhardt, R, Smith, G., Campbell, T, Box, E, Reislund, W ROW IV-Sullivan, M, Johnston, D, Bannon, J., Daudistel, R, Ballxe, T, Gutjahr, J., Spencer, D., Gruelle, E, Pohl, W ROW V-Winder, D., Hansen, A., McGrath, W, Betz, F, Anderson, B., Gillnn, R, Brown, H, Simenclinger, W, Fischer, R Founded in l868 at the University of Virginia Alpha Xi Chapter established in l9lO President-Edward Metzger Vice President--Richard Stuart Treasurer-Hart Rice Secretary-William Nester Each year seems to bring us a fairer, lovelier, 'Dream Girl.' We're proud ot our song and even more so of the girl who steps into the title spot on the night of our Spring Formal. Last year Miss Pam Barry, Alpha Chi Omega, was chosen our queen. Flowers, candy, cosmetics, a dress, and a radio broadcast topped the bouquets that came her way. 'The Dream Girl of Pi K A' is an honor that no queen will ever forget. l PI KAPPA ALPHA w- 1 fr' The call of the wild was summoning us again. College life had beckoned us from summer hibernations and the spirit of youth was upon us. After cramming the room into our age-old baggage and wearing out the family phone with last minute good-byes, we were Cincinnati bound. The aisles of the train were teaming with college buddies swaying back and forth from the club car to the diner. There were bridge games, buzzing with "no trump, pass, and double" and many window gazers with summer romances still fresh in their memories. Songs of all sorts sprang up at regular intervals and before we had time to sit down to enioy the "Ladies Home Jour- nal," we stepped onto hollowed ground. Cincinnati-we're back to the big city of beer, the symphony, and the ball club, where the college man and woman are only a small part of life in the big time. Breaking over the horizon of the seventh hill were the rolling lawns of the University. Crowded walks and wooden barracks now replace the space we previously could stretch in. The "new look" has found its way into every nook and corner of the old Alma Mater, and the grass is holding its own with the help of sarcastic signs. A good iob of face lifting has given the library interior a look of green serenity instead of weatherbeaten tan. We were home-for home is where the heart is, so they say. s llls H -', ROW ROW ROW Wahl, ROW ROW M., P ROW Pl I-Nussbaum, F., Luddeke, S., Nedelman, S., Kraft, R., Kanter, L., Jaffe, L., Horowitz, E., Silberberg, F. Il-Wolfsheimer, N., Berstein, J., Laibsan, D, Immerman, H., Baum, H., Frankenstein, W., Friedman, J., Lauter, H., Haas, W, lIIfWolf, R. D., Glasser, S., Gable, M., Wolf, R. S, Kliman, G., Ginsberg, T., Okum, M., Jacobson, A., Bronstein, M., Robkin, R., Tolpen, H., K. lV-Fremont, R., Hellman, L., Levine, M., Rubenstein, W., May, A., Kravetz, R., Dennis, J., Bergman, G., Zimelis, H., Gellin, J., Levine, E. V-Sochel, A., Wochs, J, Rosenberg, H., Tennenbaum, J., Diamond, H., Sterne, G., Levine, B., Dunsky, A., Neman, A., Stoll, L., Holtzman, reidenheim, J., Bachrach, M. VI-Saidleman, N., Comisar, M., Davidson, M., Wolf, R. B., Weckstein, N., Brower, R., Feldman, S., Greenstein, I., Price, J. LAMBDA PHI ,I 1 ,X Founded in l896 at Yale University Ohio Mu established in 1920 President-Stan Luddeke Vice President-Lloyd Jaffe Treasurer-Al Passel Secretary-Don Laibson It was late in the summer of '47 when we moved all our valuables into the big empty house on Hosea Avenue. The next weeks saw us roll up our sleeves and pitch in to the big job of face-lifting the walls, floors, and ceilings. All the preparations came to a dramatic climax one Sunday in October, when alums and parents crowded the rafters for the open-house services. Distinguished speakers presented a program dedicating parts of the house to gold-star servicemen. lt was a serious program that will be well remembered as our fresh start at U. C. ROW I-Shipley, G., Denyven, D., Owens, A., Tekamp S Thorp R Hanauer J OConnor J B all Mrs O Skidmore D Sudden orf Myers, R., Montgomery, R., Lorenz, W., Decker, R Kellung J Hughes B ROW ll-Beckett, G., Fallon, G., Arnold, G., Wengler E Stegemlller R Slmendlnger R Wetland J F y B enox Eaton J Hayner Wynn, L., Hopewell, J., Douglas, C., Warner, ROW III-Baude, H., Frazer, H., Clogett, R., Fri u er o s or es ra on Sous ur Evans D Crane Frith, B., Fernandez, G., Sonderman, W., Schroeder R ROW IV-Reed, G., Hummer, D., Groenke, R., Carroll S Hovlavuc J Robertson W Wahl T Hoffmann R Gilmore J Beyersdorter Myers, J., lnloes, L., Koenigkramer, D., Peterson J Krabacher E Sinclair R Shne ds ROW V-Flynn, C., Tunser, R., Grahan, B., Parker a e er e a rue c evn Bauman Gerer T Raed: er Gosney, W., Jenlon, R., Shorts, F., Rutenschroer L Founded at University of Alabama in 1856 Ohio Epsilon Chapter established in 1889 President-Dave Skidmore Vice President-Jim Eaton Treasurer-Jim Hanauer Secretary-Jack Meyers A petticoat in every room is the password for the house at the annual week-end party. Friday rolls around, our dates move in, and we move out. For three days and two nights those tie racks are transformed with silk stockings closets are hung with feminine frills. The chapter house got a general face-lifting for the fairer sex. Old clothes parties, swim- ming, dinners, dancing are all brought to a glorious close with a final party on Sunday afternoon-thus marking the end of another perfect week-end. Q-8 - T7' C uv lyn- SIGMA ALPHA MU Half way down the hill from Hughes and across from T.C. stands a red brick house now adorned by a golden plaque that hangs on the door-Sigma Alpha Mu. We're not a new name on campus, but we are off to a fresh start with or well-situated house, near soror- ity row and the rolling lawns of U.C. The latest saying that repeats itself at every turn is "Keep your hands off the wallpaper!" We've finally attained our main ambition of getting a house nearer the campus and with new furniture on its way, we're ready to settle down for a long stay. Founded at College of City of New York in i909 Omicron Chapter established in 1917 President-Jack Chartock Vice President-George Stewart Treasurer-Jerome Cohen Secretary-Bert Powell ROW I-Berger, B., Zweigel, R, Wolff, A., Marcus, I., Chartock, J., Cohen, J. S., Powell, B., Farber, C., Leitz, H., Shore, D. ROW Il-Wayne, L, Tulch, R., Herman, S., Behrenclt, l., Maltz, F., Lapinsky, R., Rosen, J., Boster, S., Scheiclerman, W., Garfield, J., Braclnman, R., Slutz, J. ROW III-Hersh, M., Rosenbaum, L., Lipsky, R., Shear, D., Ruppuport, E., S., Zweigel, W., Riesenberg, L. J., Mandel, W., Schaen, E. ROW IV-Hachen, D., Gamson, N., Kaplan, L., Steinberg, W., Samuels, M., ROW V-McDonald A., Friedman, P., Weisman, J., Sllvian, S., Wolf, NV., Deutch, S., Rowe, W., Rimsky, M., Sacks, E. ROW VI-Schwab, E., Passrnan, L, Mandel, R., Hoppenfeld, M., Korros, E, xoodash, s, Levy, ic. Dragul, C., Jacobson, R., Silver, D. Loeb, L., Steinberg, M., Serbin, R., Waclcsman, E., Teller, J., Wolff, E.- Bratburcl, L., Orlilx, G., Stuhlbarg, S. M., Sirliin, A., Harris, l., Harrison I D., Ogrin, L., Richter, S., Felmon, A., Kohn, S., Steinberg, I., Grusd, .- Q . , . El it 3 1. Ei 2 t gi ' ' 5 E 2' ' ig ii , "Don't spare the reindeer" could be heard ringing from every house top one night just before Christmas. Mr. Claus, along with us 'Sigs,' decided to make an early visit to all the sorority houses with a few songs tossed in for good measure. Modern improvements saw a super-charged motor scooter carry Santa into the open arms of awaiting sorority girls. Chimes, carols, quartets, and original songs paved the way to a successful serenade that brought Christmas in with plenty of spir- it. Founded at Miami University in i855 Zeta Psi Chapter established in l882 President-Bruce Petrie Vice President-Burt Pease Treasurer-Roderick Perry Secretary-Harry Jokes ROW I-Anderson, M., Murphy, J., Schaltield, J., McDonough R Fi n H ease ur e rue ci e Runyan R oe ROW Il-Upham, J., Ritz, J., Muyhcll, D., Trefzger, J., Eberso ron or ec: mart or ner ra er Moore ROW Ill-Sullivan, R., Ryan, W., Bumiller, T., Doppler umwuy too s arnrnerer or o :son rown Hasse ROW IV-Ades, J., Aglamesis, J., Beyersclorfer, J., Wiot J D lp er ri s Amen oarci Ro ms S ive Kem J Gro J., Colwell, F., Wielond, K. O'Connor, R., Iglesias, V., Hight, W., Eschenbach, G., Schorlenberger I Koch, G., Lloyd, J., Donnelly, R., Duble, R, Nenninger Davis T., Greiner, H., Gravenlremper, R, Harper, R. ROW V-Hill, R., Stuebing, W, Gregg, A., Tietig, E, Sm: roe ic o an n ress amine wan I Sa vo Oppen, R., Keating, W., Lindamood, M., Piche, G, ROW ROW D B ROW R, L., ROW ROW ROW l 1 I- Trrmpe, R., Harper, R, Taylor, D., II-Mitchell, M., MacKay, F, Wade, C. Corcoran, R. W. Ill-Roehm, E. B., Kessis, T, A., Gillen, W. Monroe, D. H. IVfFrank, W' Culberson, W., Araujo, VAChuckery, C., Collis, R, Zumbiel, D., Bonde, J, L., Spegul, O. W., Eversull, R., Fisher Vlflfelley, D F, Mueller, R H, Ruege Arthur E, Wuenker, J. A. THETA CHI .V 1? f,x Kerr D: Howser D., Erickson H: Orr L.- Ralston L.- Dershimer, G, H., Campbell, K. E., Corcoran, E. P., Kittrell, J. C., Clay, M. W., Whiteley, J., Enger, R. A., Prodge, . 1, . fs F N . NSR X P" .. 1 1 N5 F i ' if Wi. 1 H., Story, K. O., Clark, R. H., lorio, V., Walker, D R. ., Peterson, J. F., Dingley, Seth Jr., Smith, A., Tench, R. K., Prichard, J. J., Crowe, B, A. , R., Stuewe, H., Miller, R. H., Pall, G. H. Jr. r, W. E., Scheiflele, L. J., Eschbaugh, Emerson, Jr., Koepnick, E. G., Walker, W., Kasey, J. D., Jauch, Founded at Norwich University in 1856 Beta Omicron Chapter established in 1942 President-Bob Wickes Vice President-Lowell Orr Treasurer-Peter Erickson Secretary-Morgan Mitchell It rained all that day-turning the field into a pig pen ot mud and slush. With un- daunted spirits both the actives and pledges trudged onto the tielcl with determination in their eyes. It was the annual pledge-active football game with both pride and a costly beer party at stake. The outcome saw our active chapter entertaining the pledge class at Finney Town Inn with enough old clothes, singing and beverages tor all. April showers saw a little more than May showers this spring. A Founder's Day week- end brightened fraternity lite to the maxi- mum. lt all began that Saturday night at Summit Hills Country Club with the annual spring formal, and progressed into Sunday with a Founder's Day banquet at the house. Alums crowded every nook and corner of the house and seemed all but to take over the dorm. Sunday eve after the installation of the new officers, the pledges once again moved back into their beds and everything drifted back to normal. Founded in 1906 at University ot Illinois Cincinnati chapter established in 1921 President-Richard Adams Vice President-Robert Akers Treasurer-Rutson Wood Secretary-Robert Lawlace llllllll ROW I-DeMoor, S., Croll, W, Wood, R, Adams, R4 Mrs. Adamson, Akers s W ROW II-Dawson, R, Hipkins, J., Snyder, R., Wolfgang, W, Turner, R, Pla ke 0 ROW Ill-Vick, R., Ripple, A, Knodel, 1, Nelson, W4 Fisher, Eg Holmes B B d R A h L N sb ROW IV-Bader, K.g Smith, E., Lawlace, Rg Ball, D., Hunt, R, Thurman, H A d e D H e H B o C G tt J Td 5 R ? H1 Rr' ug... s fx- vs 1 ,"Q':""i s. T- .'x:+yg?r7 - 1-Q ,s " - X Q1 3--K . U I X f .,.-, sl X 5 . A . , .-T r SKA s s 0, 4 N 'S' . i In '42, ,Q ,-'-- 's,.+5.' f s viii ' ,ns 5' X, ,,.- ,Mu ,,,,..s s qu' Lit J.TS!?ys3 , . -'t 'N--+-s"'N -' ', 3 '4,Qsg'-giflir-r ,Q--M4 -X-is-rss is 'sri fir my r 'Q' ' vw ' ' ... ta. . Wxsvsg-sf:-r-f -4' ..+ f --NY: is 1 -nw'-GM T is : I T. , T ' v?t'M3"'5Rsr S W T' Hts. -fs'--N- Lf' uv nv 'fax 6 N if gtg' sling, , ,:,',A:' , ,G c ug 3- 5 Fr-'f' " 5' ' 4 wo ez , X. SSL.,-' Eg A " , -.. ,--, slits cgesfifl-fffF"'?" f- if ' ' ,' 'At V' , N5 N- 7 "W f'i,s'.. -gggnf .- 5 aww- wi - 3 . -at . A + '+V -- -.'1'S'w ' . . ws .- X, .Q gl . :Rigs ,., N A , , sv X ...age as , . iw, bs . ,hx - Q c -wqfx '- of ' 1 s'ff"'Ss-'551it'riLf'r"9"s A-SEV-r"3s+w w ft? Y vz ,, ,-4' ,.-,, -,D X- Ygx li In Q " I 3 Q 'rl A fb N N.. +, rg -Q Jew--. s,,,r is rf ' f ' ssssl!e'-'- 1 t f.. -sw. . 'A 1 if tiff-"N f , me 'Ffa -rss! W -rf if df, K 5 J f:'Q,,t1,-RH s H .,-X ,a ffi P ,- -...Bisou .Q T "Hip, one, two, three-" is not confined to Coach Nolting's gridders alone. The pigskin rivalry that has grown up in the intra-mural league is second only to that which is dis- played between the Mid-American Conference schools. Coached by actual gridiron greats and not-so-greats, the fraternity and independent huskies devote a great deal of time to perfecting their "T" and single wing formations. The clay of the big game always finds a large throng assembled to cheer their "brothers" on to victory. 112 Even before the students had a chance to settle back into the old routine, football fever had set in. Hopes hit a low with the opening loss to Kentucky, then rose to great heights as the Bearcats toppled Miami, Florida, only to hit bottom again on Thanksgiving Day. It was another successful sea- son for the charges of Coach Ray Nolting however, with the first Mid-American Football Championship belonging to the men of the Red and Black. Seven wins with only three losses marked a schedule in- cluding an upset loss to Dayton, a thrilling 27-25 win over Xavier, and Cincy's first victory over an Ohio U. eleven on the latter's field at Athens. :xx-5 s-' X - 113 'i ifix Y, w 1 x ,sv-' --.QA 9 I . Q X.. 1 iii wi 1- Eff? -' 3:- Ray Nolting, a tormer Chicago Bears star and a member ofthe great U.C. football squad that won the Buckeye Championship in 1934, heads the Bearcat coaching statt. Helping to map out plays are Assistant Coaches Carl Brumbaugh, Bill Schwarberg, Reyman Bonar, Freshman Coach Jacob Sweeney, and Assistant Coach John Wiethe. Milne Graham John Vilkoski Tam O'Malley FOOTBALL 114 ww . 1 ' . as t:1.:q: s I 4. ,K iii ii Ti P' B 1 ' JJ L s, ,V , Aq , Q 'x Co-captain with Dick Langenbeck in 1947, Al Sab- ato graduated from Woodward High School in 1941 after winning four football monograms. The first- string frosh grid crew at the University of Tennessee in '42 was the next stop on Al's climb up the pigskin ladder. The next two years found Al in service, during which he spent most of his time running from the full- back position. For several seasons he teamed up with such nationally known stars as Frank Sinkwich and Bulldog Turner to form part of the highly vaunted Second Air Force Squad. Sabato returned to the McMicken campus in 1946 and has played two years on the Red and Black ag- gregation. Maioring in physical education, he will graduate in June. Western Reserve was again on the march, with UC leading 7-6 and the ball on the Cincy 8. "Captain Langenbeck in at tackle for UC," the loudspeaker blared. The Bearcats, cheered by the first appearance of their co-captain since he was iniured against Day- ton, held the Redcats to win the ball game and go on to the Mid-American Championship. In such a manner Dick Langenbeck proved his true worth as a leader of the Red and Black. Having grad- uated from Western Hills in 1941, Dick already had two banner years for UC, 1942 and last year after being in the service. Although forced to the sidelines with injuries this season, he instilled in his teammates the will to win on or off the field. Stan Klimczak Bob Fenlon Bert Bauer Alkie Richard -7!f""" 'M'r.,gf" 'H fri? R'w"..lI.'T. - IJ., ..,. fs-: .9.,, -M-.M-. p , 'YN :avg 1.11,--gf K1 lg! Early morning smog, feet fall heavy on the path, sleepy hellos-and another day begins. na. . ENTERl i Illini 5 'bp-sew' Descending from the Seven Hills, town students start the day with the trolley song. A clang, a ding, and a ions 8 KR' Tension ond excitement - key words of cu tootbcxll game. The strained expressions of the teom ond the thoughtful precision ot Don Poynter os he whirls floming botons reflect these possing moods. Floyd Shorts Don McMillan Jim Daugherty Charles Schebo 116 "The greatest halfback ever to play at UC"-"The greatest back since NoIting"- These and many more plaudits have been spoken and written about Roger Stephens, one of the finest men ever to wear a Bearcat uniform. Rog, in his first gridiron season at Old Mc- Micken, climaxed a sparkling year by mak- ing the First AII Mid-West squad and becom- ing an All-Ohio choice. In I9-47 Stephens was second in the major football league in total yards rushing and was sixth in the no- tion in the average yards column with 7.14 yards per try. Born in Westgate, Iowa, twenty-three years ago, Rog attended high school in Waterloo after his parents had changed residences. Stephens pulled down three letters in football, three in basketball, and three in track, where he specialized in the discus and javelin. After graduation, he worked for a year and then entered the University of Iowa, where he stayed for a semester and earned his football letter at the halfbock slot. Following basic training in Louisiana, the "Monk" was transferred to Ft. Warren, where he played nearly two years of Army football. A Cincinnati friend of Stephens in- duced him to write to Coach .Iohn Wiethe, and this eventually led to his enrollment at UC. A iunior in Teachers College, the Iowa flash has another year to star for the Bearcats, and as far as the future is concerned-well, a coaching job in the Queen City would be nice. Tom lessen Bill Anderson Sh Id : iff Football season, and the picture of the crowded stadium becomes a study in black and white. However, any true football tan remembers the scene as a chaos ot color-the blending ot bright coats, bandannas, and streamers. Although faces are not recogniz- able from the tower window of the Student Union, the cries of the excited crowd can eas- ily be heard. 118 Hal Johnson --e To X 'ITT N- X., . M. ,, Mus x- L-.. . .. QQ s cs..-I-gslmwnmmc,-v f, T ROW Owens T Carosla J, Heizman, L, Hogan, J,, Jones, R., Davis, W, Fenzel, A., Amlin, K., Sullivan, R, Rofhluss, R, Williams, W. OND ROW Puffs E Daugherty, J., O'MaIley, T., Schuster, G., Johnson, H., Stephens, R., McMillan, D, Belle-mah, H, Rnchards, A, Wade, W, Yeagle, S. RD ROW Morellu L K lly J Graham, M, Schebor, C, Robinson, H, Hornbcck, L., Anderson, W,, Villnoslci, J., Slorm, L, Fenlon, R., Pramilx, J. RTH ROW Bauer B Breltenslem, R., Drake, H, Penno, R., Seikman, R., Sesmlxauckos, D,, Dunlap, S. Schebor, R,, Jessen, T, Halal, E., Perrolfi, M H ROW Sullwan R angenbeck, R., Klirnczak, S, Blake, T., Kolp, S., Nolfing, R., Gibbony, L., Brumbaugh, C., Jungclass, R., Bonar, R, Weilhe, J., Schwarv Elklon Pitts nam, A xl 'lt 1 - Haifa.. I-5f4'w:s-.433 fs... ,,, .L 214-.Qx11i,-,353 '7A,x-rj'-Iqqfqzgwbpy Eg. XY J- Qk. his-MB. g ,U 'L . .. 4. -- f ?x - 'x-. . :Zyl-11 ' V ' .A uhgx ,I J ...- . . - ..'f . . ..1"' -' --We-'2"f' ' : -.wh-5-rr .-rf-'?':'L'Pri5x--'sawswv .-'lr' ' 1 ":5lf'- . I?-'YYXT'-ii1:5"'i M-fr --v- A X.: s . y H j '. .J Kg i HX ijwsif. - if yan- , x .rsh-Vlzriiiulf 0 Tiflxhs 5.5251 'K-Zi' :'.g.l.l?l?iT3 -A 'K ' N-ff' i.iif.ti?f,,af:,vQsi'g I I.. 1, Y' X , . I " .r- Q ' P' S:- .-s ,Q .. X ' ' I il U -v X .J li- ' r ' Q " - .ASEE ,n j . , 13' 2' V X 'L . E f I . X L 5' Q ' AJ r - -l..A ,.... s 'rss '- - -- - it , ' -- ,qg .ff .sri Lf? 4' ith, 4. .. 'f'?-is -Q -- 31, .1 .N A.. QNX xx x A Ax ,ce is uw Xgex F I W- x -sf -. g . as V Q swuk r , .. vm '- -s .1 uv -5 ' 'N ...www . "--ff" 'i , - . . . . .. - - W.-, .- Us..- - . SN . A ' ' " F! ig.:-, .5-9-SIS N.: ., . . S. , x. Q .WWII si-v Q'-Q. nf. f- - - - 'F .ss - I P . 1-N w -9-X w -Nw - .. 1-if-: X , 2:21-, If F-X . v . so -sg - .f 4. -, - - xg x: --5.5 -s--ss .- x ex . - H V ,.'.+,Qw. . ,N X .X ,g N s., .., . Q., ,.q,,,. ., 5.9 1 U. . Q , ., 1 'WI'-' fa- 51"- ' 'e "f 'ii 1- 's- " " Gi- ic "fb ' . Q N in -- 1'' -ss si . --" " ai! ' .IQ il " xiii f ' Sgt ff '-:.:?'e.3' S+' - 'sf N ,-, -2- . . 2. -" ff A R agga LEA.. . . r .Q .we Q , u ' -I ' Wi'-12Y..1-Q? -Nh '23 ' gl , f' - X. s I I E ' "f,'Si- -egsrs. y - 5 ,A - - r . 3 -4 -i 3' 1. 6 , . I I , , "2 we X' ' in -N.. - B ,J 1 1 -, -3- - I I I I -- X I S.-. U gi xs.5?'?' I I ff I A ' -wg ,A-4'. -.. -..'. '-. - u "' 4'..TA, ...J-an 41 CINCINNATI 0-KENTUCKY 20 The Bearcats were thinking of their T946 open- er, the upset over Indiana, as they took the field to initiate the T947 season against Kentucky at Lexington. When the final gun had sounded however, it was UC on the short end of a 20-0 count. UC drove to the UK five at the start only to stall. The Wildcats then took over, scoring on lightning thrusts by Don Phelps and a plunge by Bill Mosely to win, even though Roger Stephens and company were outgaining them I3 to 5 first downs and 225 to II5 yards on the ground. CINCINNATI 20-ST. BONAVENTURE I4 The first home game ended in one of the most thrilling finishes witnessed by Cincy fans. The gun sounded with St. Bonaventure lining up for a final play on the UC I0 with the score 20-I4 in the Bearcat favor. Red-and-Black scores came on plunges by Fullback Mike Graham and Half- back Roger Stephens, and a long pass from Quarterback Tom O'Malley to End Bill Anderson. Tom .lessen began his amazing conversion record by kicking two extra points. CINCINNATI 21 -DAYTON 26 An upset-inspired Dayton eleven pulled the surprise of the Bearcat season by coming from behind to a 26-21 win. Things looked easy when Roger Stephens sprinted 90 yards for a touch- down with the opening kickoff, but the undaunted Flyers, led by Quarterback Ed Toscani, were not to be stopped. Passes from him to Bok and Ba- bione spelled defeat for the Red and Black. Out- standing on the Bearcat line was guard Les Heiz- man, who continually broke through and set up a UC score with a fumble recovery. CINCINNATI 20-OKLAHOMA CITY I3 The Bearcats regained the victory road and began their longest streak when Roger Stephens went over late in the second half to give UC a 20-I3 decision over Oklahoma City. Tom O'- Malley played one of his best games as he passed to Stan Klimczak for the first score and later set up the decisive marker with another heave. Stephens scored twice, one iaunt going for 72 yards. CINCINNATI 27-XAVIER 25 A capacity throng of 31,000 fans watched UC edge its intra-city rival, Xavier, 27-25. Roger Stephens and Guard John Vilkoski played terrific ball for the Bearcats, After the Musketeers had broken the ice, Don McMillan passed to Alkie Richards for a TD. Bill Anderson blocked a kick to set up the second marker only to see the same thing done to a McMillan boot. Passes from Tom O'MaIley to Richards and Stephens spelt victory, however, with Tom .lessen's toe bringing the win- ning margin. CINCINNATI 34-OHIO UNIVERSITY O A 51-year-old iinx fell by the wayside as the Bearcats beat the Bobcats of Ohio U. for the first time in that period at Athens. Jim Dougherty starred, running back the opening kickoff 90 yards. Not to be outshown, however, was Alkie Richards, who aided in the 34-0 rout by catching four passes for I53 yards, setting up one score, and scampering 45 yards with an intercepted pigskin for another. Mike Graham tallied twice with Ken Amlin plunging for the final marker. CINCINNATI 20-UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, FLA. 7 It was another field day for Richards as the Bearcats played their best ball of the season in walloping the Hurricanes of Miami, Florida, 20-7. Alkie, ably assisted by Roger Stephens and Guard Bob Fenlon, scored all three touchdowns. UC outgained Miami 342 to I76 yards in total of- fense as it thrust to a 20-O halftime advantage, then played it safe, holding the losers to a single second half score. CINCINNATI 7-WESTERN RESERVE 6 Traveling to Cleveland, the Nolting men en- countered mud, rain, and a stubborn Western Reserve eleven. However, the Bearcats emerged with a 7-6 verdict and their second conference success. After Warren Lahr had passed to Dick Rudde to send the Redcats in to a 6-O lead, Alkie Richards took the ensuing kickoff, faked to Roger Stephens, then plodded unmolested 89 yards to tie the count. Tom Jessen's convension again was the margin of difference between a win or a loss. CINCINNATI 26-BUTLER I9 With the Mid-American Conference Champion- ship depending on the outcome, the Bearcats trounced Butler, 26-I9, on a muddy gridiron, to gain an undisputed crown. A loss would have meant a tie with Western Reserve for the diadem. Roger Stephens and Mike Graham each ran up his highest rushing total of the year, as the UC ground attack gained a new peak in effective- ness. It was this contest that aided Stephens im- measureably in finishing second in rushing among the major college leaders. CINCINNATI 7-MIAMI UNIVERSITY 38 Thanksgiving Day found Nippert Stadium once again completely filled. It was this throng that saw the Beacats ground under, 38-7, by the spectacular attack of a Miami eleven that went on to play in the Sun Bowl. UC played on even terms during the first quarter only to have the Redskins cut loose for two markers in the second stanza, and add a pair more in the third. UC marched 81 yards featuring runs by Stephens and Graham, the latter scoring the lone TD. D A D , S D A Y "That's my boy-that one covered with mud. Come on, hit that line a little harder this time . . . I know he's got it in him . . , and you should see that boy eat! Come on son, smear 'em!" It seems that every Dad, no matter if his son is on the football field or hovering over the books, is always on the sidelines to cheer him on to greater victories. This was certainly the case last October when dads crowded the stadium and "took over" U. C. Signs of welcome smiled at every turn and "Pop" was king as usual in all our eyes. Watching their fun on the special seats on the field, we were once again reminded that the years separating "father and son" aren't so very many after all! ur ,ri rss Mothers, brothers, and sisters found themselves sharing the hon- ors with "the head of the house" I in when the reserved section of the stadium opened wide its enjoya- ble, but hard, cement seats and the whole family enioyed the game. 122 l' Asif,-, ' f MIGRATION Hats, coats, and toothbrushes were hastily shoved into pockets already stuffed with sandwiches and candy bars as we faced the early beginning of U.C.'s annual Migration Day. Crowds at the Union Terminal mingled with the students as they pressed their way onto the B. 81 O. train. Fifteen hundred students managed to get to Athens by train or car. It is still a question of debate whether everyone had a better time while traveling or after they arrived. The band organized at the station and led the rooters of the Red and Black to the stadium. The road travelers mixed with the crowd, and it seemed as if U. C. had taken over the town of Athens. Chia U. made all of its facilities available, with the local chapters of fraternities and sororities following suit. U.C. finally strug- gled back to its own campus, tired but happy over the team's victory. THEY ALL TURNED In gaily colored red and white, the cheer- leaders run onto the field, overloaded with king- size megaphones and pep. The first to cheer a good play, they are the last to stop cheering as a worn-out player returns to the bench. The Homecoming game saw them more energetic than ever as they showed the University of Miami, Florida true Cincinnati spirit. Pausing briefly between cheers are Joyce Chambers, Pat Stoll, June Schneider, Nancy Coursey, Tom Kinder, John Mohlr, Jerry Friedlander, Bernice Pontius, and Joe Beckett. GNFU IN mmm 'PEELEU AT OUT FOR HOMECOMING Homecoming found alums returning in droves to Nippert Stadium and as an extra sign of wel- come, gaily decorated floats paraded in a pre- game ceremony. Ranging from enormous oranges to Florida hurricanes, these floats showed the University of Miami that they were also welcome. Hours of planning and nights of preparation had gone into the makings of this game-time enter- tainment, and even the band was more outstand- ing than usual with Don Poynter marching onto the field on a pair of stilts. The game was victor- ious for a hard fighting UC team and the happy crowd filtered out of the stadium, headed for fraternity and sorority houses where signs of welcome hung from every window. f is -1 "lv Y Cuff xxx: l, ,X xr' '- - if- V at -Z xkilf' 3-x .E Z-'S .- an 9 Nighi ond dcxy they ring, The chimes reccill old mem ories, while new adventures unfold in the Union below 913 ,f 'bil L X One of the highlights of every football game was the half-time show presented by the U.C, Band. Precision marching, specialty numbers, and a wide variety of formations kept the fans continually entertained. Don Poynter, rated as one of the finest baton twirlers in the country, amazed everyone with spinning knives and flaming torches. Along with Band Sponsor Phyllis Livesay, he led the band to national prominence. The season was climaxed on Thanksgiving Day when a wedding ceremony was presented at which time Pat Haase was joined in wedlock with the band as the T948 Band Sponsor. UNIVERSITY BAND 126 The fact that 1947 marked the most successful season in the history of the Bearcat Band can be traced in large measure to its new and complete reorganization. Under the direction of Clarence Mills, these marching music- ians with their easy, precise formations are long-time favorites of all time game-going McMickenites. Although the intricate marching patterns brought this organization into the limelight on the gridiron, any one of its members can long remember the four hours of drudging practice on Wednesday and Friday nights, when the average student reclines in a favorite form of repose. The band did not restrict its talents to the stadium alone, for much of their music was heard in other cam- pus activities and concerts. The Varsity Vanities, which is solely a band production, proved itself a fine success, while the Band Clinic, composed of many high school bands in the city, demonstrated its high calibre of music. However, all was not labor. Party-making was rife at Kentucky and Athens, for the band stirred up quantities of Bearcat atmosphere. R Clarence L. Mills began his musical career at the age of 12, when he decided that playing in a circus band was easier than sneaking in under the tent. After heading over 1000 musical or- ganizations in the European theater of war, Mr. Mills, who has iust finished his first year as band director at UC, has led the band with precision and skill. 127 TAU BETA SIGMA KAPPA KAPPA PSI l is ,, E J ' 'Q J ' 1 SEATED-Merz, M., Boland, J., Lippert, P., Hauck, .g u r, .g ur Jiri P 3. 5. . Y 551' A if -s-gf' g cg :ws 5 PS7 E9 -vt J B ye P Ho se E STANDING-Haase, P., Kee-ling, S., Kienast, D., Reed, E., Elliott, C., Fitch, D., Newland, F., Kleespies, P. Valentine's Day in l948 meant a party tor Tau Beta Sigma, the women's band honorary on campus. The Grill was Transformed by large red balloons and white paper hearts. The biggest event ot the evening was the crowning ot the King and Queen of Hearts, whose royalty was assured when they won a bean-guessing game. Strictly a men's organization, Kappa Kappa Psi handles the social activities ofthe band and welcomes visiting band members from other schools. Parties and picnics are planned dur- ing the summer to hold the band more closely together, and in May an outstanding freshman band award is given at the annual banquet. SEATED-Harris, S., Poynter, D., Brown, R., Mitchell, F., Eisert, E., Wildmon, J. STANDING-Sears, R., Neumann, R., Nelson, A., Briggs, R., Owen, A., Waymeyer, W. 128 ,, To all Cincinnati, a black "C" on a red sweater means its owner has been honored by the University of Cincinnati for outstanding sportsmanship and ability in athletics. To the 200 wearers on campus and others in the know, a varsity "C" means an obligation to promote the spirit of athletics. High School students are given aid in securing scholarships and in preparing for the opportunities in U.C. athletics-football, basketball, swimming, track, cross country, rifle, gymnastics, fencing, golf, and tennis. The "C" Club sponsors the lntra-squad game and the football banquet with its awards to honor players and undergraduates. All players and managers awarded a letter are entitled to membership in the "C" Club. I ! If l I l 'n+22? ' 1 K--xii - W l H be e lo R Reed, G., Spiller, E. W ll Fey W ' Perin, C 1 Bockholt, J. W ill Kelle W St 0 J., Dugan, F,, Byrd, J, Shorts, F. The gavel wielder in the "C" Club is Gordon Reed. "Moe's" assistant, Dick Langenbeck, the vice-president, Bob Huber, the corresponding secretary, Fred Snew, the recording secretary, and Bob Fenlon, the treasurer, en able him to perform his duties. 129 C CLUB CROSS COUNTRY Once again the footpaths of Burnet Woods re-echoed to the steps of a hardy band of U.C. cross-country men. With Frank Hopper con- sistently out in front, the Bearcat harriers finished ahead of Ohio U., Bowling Green, and Berea, while being shaded by the excellent teams from Wayne and Ohio Wesleyan. The Bearcats came in fourth in the Mid-American Conference Meet and second in the Elks' Thanksgiving Day Run, placing 4, 5, 6, and lO. Besides Hopper, Thorgny Haanes, Paul Johnson, Ed Brown, and Bob Wilcox won letter awards. Although the freshman squad lost its only meet to Miami 32-24, some satisfaction was gained by Coach Nickoloff when John Spessard garnered first place. 130 Falling leoves remind us that only cn few more days of out-door study remain. NZD , X. ,, ii E . Q 5 7 'R SEATED Cat llini, W., Lawton, H.g Smith, B. lg Hack, J. SEATED-Drake, l., Benhurn, S., Smith, B, J., Pierle, J. ANDING Alderman, W., Bauman, R., Dean Auburng Dean Bishop, Prof. STANDING-Bentlage, J,g Hoehl, P., Benzing, B., Zealley, M., Borcherding, R. The Union Board is composed of nine members, four of whom repre- sent the faculty, the other five the student body. The Board President is Bob Bauman, who is ably assisted by Bill Castellini as vice-president, and Helen Lawton as secretary. Numerous duties in and around campus bring Assistant Dean of Men, William E. Alderman, in con- tact with student affairs and organizations. Students come to his office in the Union to learn the results of aptitude tests, for advice, or just to talk. As faculty adviser to Men's Senate, Phi Eta Sigma, and Metro, Mr. Alderman is often called upon for assistance. He finds time for sessions with the lnterfraternity Council, Social Board, and other meetings at all hours of day and night. Being supervisor of the Union Building, he is responsible for operations of the Union Building, repairs, and maintenance. Mr. Alderman and the Union office capably handle all situations pertaining to the favorite building on campus. 132 William Alderman, Assistant Dean of Mer The primary purpose of the Union Board is to govern and direct the policies and uses of the Student Union Building. During the past year, the Board inaugu- rated a new social program under the direction of Betty Jane Smith, the Student Union's social director. The social com- mittee has been reorganized into seven subcommittees, supervising recreation in- struction, tournaments, art, music, out-of- town students' mixers, movies, and dances. The funds to meet the tremen- dous maintenance of the Union Building come, for the most part, from the student activity fee paid at the beginning of the school year. The Union Building's Grill, card room, lounges, game room, cafeteria, meeting rooms, and offices serve as the center of student life on U.C.'s campus. By virtue of their control of the building, the Union Board and its subcommittees plan the varied activities that are so well liked and appreciated about U.C. The mixers, teas, and dances, open to all upon presentation of the Union card, are highlights of the school's social activities. To the faculty and student members of the Board goes the credit for the smooth operation and direction of the Student Union. 4-vw-lf' fwi? 133 f 1 35 1 X E E s 1 4 l KN- PLASTER BOARD BALL Plaster casts on the wrists of 12 men on campus at the same time cannot be coincidental, especially since these men were all outstanding in college activities. The mystery was solved when Mortar Board introduced them as the new mem- bers of Plaster Board. Following an initiation banquet at Alms Hotel, the Plaster Board Ball was held in the Stu- dent Union in honor of these men. Funds from this dance helped to swell the Mor- tar Board scholarship fund. Intermission finds the weary dancers, students and faculty alike, enioying a rest and taking just one more opportunity to congratulate the men who now wear the plaster casts. 134 Q C Wx! 'Q 1 5 3 Q 3 Q-, .fs sac :- CY E 5 , 5 Q . . F7 , , fc ,.. 5 X f ik? I v V Q " . 3' R . fl... Q Q ' S li ' -,exit I - K . - 1- ' .... -ii: r X r , P .- i F :va- s 3 X I E Y in 3: I S ' t Q f QT? x se' 2 , A . k I Y .-.- - f 1 .., v .Q xfV' lf 'sam ,,- ROW I-Lawton, H., Noll, J., Buente, M, Nenninger, N., Dick L., Barry, P., Laumann, M., Owens, M, Albers, M. ROW ll-Drake, I., McManaman, J., Otting, M, Williams, B, Eggensperger, M, Rodgers, H., Lierman, G., Jacobs, T., Price, M., Schotstull, R., Salisbury, J. R W Ill-Pate, S, Stachel, S, Heller, J., Story, S, Cortright, S, Sayre, J, McCoy, M, Gray, E, Alboush, A., Keller, A., Kessen, J. ROW IV-Lange, J., Moore, P., Robertson, G., Hartman, R, Fogle, C., Badertscher, I, Hoskin, R, Stueve, B., Koop, J., Kendrick, N. ROW V-Eilers, N., Allgaier, J., Janszen, E., McDevitt, S., Stolle, M., Kunald, V., Neumann, R., Goodyear, J. L., Johnston, J. JUNIOR ADVISORS Instead of leaving school early on Tuesdays, freshmen women must wait until 4:30 for a Junior Advisor to poke her smiling face in the door and say, "Today we will discuss the grading system. 5.25 is A. You will get all A's". After reviving her enlightened charges, who never expected an A until their advisor encouraged them, the iunior may sug- gest a project such as scrapbooks or a party for hospital patients. The advisor is usually a member of the same col- lege that her freshmen are enrolled in. For almost the entire first semester, the Junior Advisors conduct convocations, group meetings, private interviews, and a style show. ln the spring the new Advisors are trained for three months, and then they prepare a skit for Orientation Day. This year's play showed a girl who wanted to be a football player and finally became a BWOC, an honor student, and a well-adiusted coed. Chairman: La Verne Dick Co-chairman: Nancy Nenninger Secretary: Pamela Barry 135 3 . ' N. 1. .43 T, . ,. .-U ' LJ la After nervously paying the taxi-driver and grabbing our over- stuffed suitcases, we hurried into the Dorm. Progress to our newly assigned rooms was slow as old acquaintances stopped us in the halls. The romance that had come and gone since we last saw each other could wait no longer to be told. The trek to the room finally completed, we changed from our new woolens into our immortal blue jeans and munched on soyas and cheese while trying to find our baggage keys. Suitcases were at last emptied and sadly set into the halls to take care of themselves until Thanksgiving vacation. We were on our way to see how the rest of the world was making out. Everyone seemed to be in the same dilemma over too much equipment and too little room. The "new look" dragged on the closet floor, and stuffed animals vied with doll collections for living quarters. Bare rooms were being brightened by snapshots and pictures of home- COX HALL ROW I-Schwan, lg Clay Mrs. F., Duppstadt, E., Scagalaff, J. ROW Il-Hanlein, A., Peichert, R.: Anderson, V., Lamb, M., Miller, C. ROW Ill-Raab. D., Martin, D, Voelger, E., Murakami, M. 21 town heart throbs. We tried to cheer the misty-eyed freshmen by wise, consoling words and traded precious diminishing brownies for thankful smiles. Consciences reminded us of our own barren room and we again turned interior decorators. Sears and Roebuck was our destination. After carefully looking over the entire household department, we triumphantly returned to the dorm. This time we were ready to drop the "Bates" and level off the floor. What ideas my roommate had! Could she possibly think that "Whistler's Mother" looked good over my bed? She could hang her formals on the wall, but she was not using my fur coat for a bear rug, even if it did give the room a certain "warm touch!" Making further dents in the box of food from home, we worked on and on. Soon, all that was lacking was an extension for the radio cord, and then these four walls become home sweet home. we Q-r Z 5 115 'fn' fn - Y 'snr ,., A 3 0- 1' 5- 2 lv. ,R ? f'N i fi 'L3u. 10 i 3 .- YA! 1 x " 'K .. r 3 l ROW l-Hoesl, W., Gim, M. L., Pierle, J., Sadler, C., Phillips, D., Gibbens, R. ROW ll-Schafer, A4 Speckman, P., Bennett, S., Ramage, J., Sheppard, J. WIG WAG Wig Wag is a picnic! Every Friday from ll:3O-'l:3O freshmen women may be seen hiking over to the Women's Building, lunch in right hand, knitting in lett, and bridge on the brain. Lounging on all the couches, chairs, and tloors, the girls get a chance to relax between classes, the grill, and the library. Getting to know the freshmen girls seems a fabulous task tor some men on campus, but the girls get acquainted right away at these weekly meetings. Along with gossip, much has been accomplished by this social and service group. An opening tea tor all freshmen girls, a bake sale tor the World Youth Serivce Fund, two leadership programs, an Easter party tor the veterans' chil- dren, and wrapping Christmas packages tor Metro tilled their program. Chairman-Corinne Sadler Secretary-Dorothy Phillips Treasurer-Jean Pierle l36 I VIGI During the week of initiation for freshmen women, Vigi- lance, the wakeful watch, scrutinizes the novice coeds' actions carefully. Violations, such as forgetting to wear their bibs, which all freshmen women are supposed to need, were punishable by consequences at a trial in Wilson. A take-off on a Junior Advisor meeting left nothing to be desired in a real meeting except discipline and accomplishment. In the play, when each actress was accused of a sin, she named the freshmen girls who had committed the same mis- demeanor. In repentance for her crime, each girl was sen- tenced to carry out a consequence. Try to feed someone ice cream blindfolded or put socks over galoshes in a relay race! New words to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" re- sulted from another penalty. Besides furnishing such fun to freshmen women, Vigilance awards a scholarship annually. 2 l 1 f- C7 M. l. W ll IStc d gl emo o A Ke A Romoge, J., Phillips, D. J., Pugh, L. Norma Beucus presided over Vigilance, and Mary Lou Albers was in charge of skits. Trial Chairman was Martha Otting, and the office of Secretary-Treasurer was handled by Jerry Lewis. 137 LANCE 1: . - .S 1 E 5 .c xc., if ahh -A W,,.f S W I Thomas, D.g Bauman, R., Eicher, H., Behrendt, I., Holliday, J. W ll Brandt, Dg Cohen, S4 Novak, B., SUYSfI91d, J., Munz, R, W III Stuewe, H., Fuhrman, J., Perm, C., Frazer, H., Scharfenbergc-r, I. SOPHOS Sophos, an activity, scholarship, and athletic hon- orary, was installed at Cincinnati in 1931. Since then it has been offering membership to the outstanding freshmen men. Its purpose is to further school spirit and increase participation by the students in campus activities. The annual Sophos Dance is an important event of the tall. In addition Sophos sponsored spring sports-track, tennis, and baseball, hoping to make the campus more aware of these springtime athletics and increase the attendance at the games. Howard Eicher is President, Irv Behrendt, Vice-presi- dent, Bob Bauman handles the treasury, and Don Thomas is secretary. 138 'x 8:00 p.m. and the whole evening to look tor- ward to. SOPHOS DANCE The Sophos Dance! !-Youth, energy, beauty, and grace all bun- dled into one night of Freshman fury. Amidst cheers of an eager crowd each queen candidate strolls maiestically across the band stand. Hundreds push and shove to get a glance at their favorites. The moment that everyone has anxiously awaited has come! To a roll of drums and a gasp of ex- pectations, the new queen bursts through the paper lug. Showered with flowers, cups, and a crown and scepter, the lucky gal now views her subjects from the throne she adorns. And when all is over- the dancing and the music forgot- ten-a new Freshman class has been introduced to another of the University's colorful customs. Texanna Peacock reigned as Sophos Queen A college freshman's dream come true-their first all-campus dance complete with Sophos jug and queen! Finally the dance s over and the darkness can only offer a good night. H1 N ..,. J ff 139 XE 3 rl X :JB Nerl Nefhers, Warren Siichlenath, Charles Becker, Bill Ackley, Don Berens, Lee Davis, Paul Duquetfe, Wesley Gilmer, Clare Kennedy, Pianist Bob Halferschide, Missing members: Birch Ripley, Bill Woehrmann. Clare Kennedy, who led The Phi DelTs To vicTory in The lnTerTraTerniTy Sing, direcTs The Tobies in some close harmony, while The style of pian- isT Bob HaTTerschide lends a scinTillaTing background. 140 The men wiTh The brillianT red coaTs who have become popular enTerTain- menT aT campus aTTairs call Themselves The Tobies. The name is derived from The old English drinking mugs, and The members are U.C. sTudenTs who sing because They enjoy iT. They have been in demand aT many school par- Ties-Two years in VaniTies, Senior Prom, Ivy Day, orienTaTion week, and convocaTions. Comparable To The Wif- Tenpoofs of Yale, Their selecTions are many and varied. OuTside of school They sing professionally, and recenTly sang on a beneTiT program wiTh Guy Lombardo. QW Wm 4 141 EPSILON PHI SIGMA The membership of Epsilon Phi Sigma is composed of people of direct Greek descent or of Greek parentage. Both day school and evening college are included in the membership, and most colleges are well represented when the group meets. This national society, still in the infant stage, had its origin in California about seven years ago, and has since grown with amazing swittness, as the Cincinnati chapter will testify. Social pace-makers include several dances spon- sored by the club where people ot Greek origin gather to find that they have more than ancestors in common. s 1 wr '- 5, ' v 3 ' i Q' 3 ROW l-Pascal, M, Kallas, N, Moraites, J, Sebastian, C., Pappas. M. Ox 05 ... a ROW IIfPanos, C, Alexander, K., Pulos, K., Knttis, M J., Darves, G., Callas, S., Georgeton, C. ROW III-Kereiokes, J, Sothras, N., Kessis, T., Collos, Hg Georgeton, I., Jonson, J., Athanasakes, T. John Moraites, president, and his capable assistants, Caro- lyn Georgetown, vice-president, Nina Kalfes, secretary, and John Garosalos, treasurer, direct the meetings ot Epsilon Phi Sigma. T42 be 1... W I-Field, R4 Stern, J: Rosenberger, B., Davis, M., Baker, G, W ll-Kulka, B, Perry, B, Eckman, R., Gertzman, G, Litwun, P., Schreiber, E, Cohen, R ROW Ill-Hachen, D., Wolf, C, Fogel, Mg Lee, R, Hauser, H, Jaffe, L. Hillel, known on campus as the Jewish Student Group, has a claim to more than two hundred and fifty members. In this first year ot organized growth, Hillel sponsored a dance, the Birthday Ball. The purpose of this dance was to raise money for the Inter-Religious Council to be used for Religious Emphasis Week. This ball was really a "no birth- day party" for Hillel, since the group is no years old as yet. A large birthday cake and a variety show added to the gaiety of the evening. However, the words, cultural, re- ligious, and recreational, show the directions in which this organization is bent. Religious services are held each month, and a project against discrimination was carried on in the spring in conjunction with other campus groups. Speakers on many varied subjects composed the program at the monthly meetings. President of Hillel was Jack Stern, while Marge Linnick held the office of Vice-president. Betty Rosenberger served as Treasurer, and Gloria Baker as Recording Secretary. Corresponding Secretary was Lillian Goldtarb. 143 HILLEL NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club, the official organization for Catholic undergrad students, strives to advance the spiritual, intel- lectual, and social character of its members. Masses and communion are participated in once a month with business meetings following. Also the group holds formal retreats, and during Lent holds discussion groups every Sunday. All of its members realize the need of the lighter things in life as much as its more serious aspects. Therefore, their social calendar is liberally sprinkled with dances and parties. Each year the group sponsors four dances, a spring and a fall formal, a New Year's eve dance, and a mardi-gras dance. Open house every Friday gives this group a fairly active social life. Each year the Newman Club participates in the Intramural sports at U.C., and usually ends the season with a fine record behind them. , 1 1 4 1 l 1 1 i I ROW l-Connolly, M., Heintz, P., Garties, R, G., Grote, J. E., Boehm, I. M. ROW Il-Wagner, R., Meyers, T., Weiller, B., Weber, R., Stofle, M., Gleason, E. ROW III-Mushaben, G., Scherpenberg, T., Nigro, N., Venard, R., Wood, J., Poull R Ga s Richard Garties was the presiding officer of the Newman Club for 1947-1948. The minutes of the meetings were kept by Margaret Connolly, while John Grote sent out all official correspondence. The interesting office, that of treasurer was filled by Paul Heintz, and Jane Burman was the Club's Historian. 144 'E 15 ROW I-Story, J., Kellogg, N., Stevens, F., Smith, l, Wagner, ROW ll-White, M., Hayes, G., Lemmon, O., Zielinski, M, Baxter, D. S v L, -IQ xi s X. S E X it 3. s 2 3 Q. f 3 sm' g X. ROW Ill-Clarkson, G., Strates, L., Case, H., Blanchard, F, Drake, M., Mast, R., Scharold, F. ROW IV-Spring, R., Lloyd, A., Morgan, R., Plueddemonn, V., Story, J., Means, B., Harry, J. Wesley Foundation, a national organization of the Methodist Young People's Group, works in close con- nection with the Clifton Methodist Church. Important activities in a philanthropic vein include sending CARE packages overseas and managing a Youth Canteen for 'teen-agers in downtown Cincinnati. Activities of Religious Emphasis Week served as a challenge, and the success of this week well rewarded the members who helped sponsor it. Once-a-month parties draw all members and the parties come to a close with everyone feeling much better acquainted and second- ing the motion for more, more, more! A collegiate counterpart of the Walther League, Gamma Delta is an outgrowth of the Lutheran Youth Movement supported by the Lutheran Church. The Alpha Pi chapter here on campus is celebrating its sixth year of participation in university affairs, ond in cludes both day and evening college students. One business and one social meeting are held each month. All the members were untiring in this year's efforts to back a Memorial Fund Drive conducted in February to aid the building of a Memorial Chapel on the Univer- sity of Alabama campus. ROW I-Komman, E., Schoffner, J., Kueffner, M., Bockstiegel, R, llse, Rev. M, Klehfoth, J, Greive, J., Ge-rcles, I., Taylor, D, ROW II-Osterwisch, W., Kriegel, H., Hein, R., Ficke, D, Hammond, G., Keller, W, Fellwock, C, Rahe, K, Rullman, P, ROW lll-Sydow, P., Rempe, R., Schultz, D., Rempe, F., Broermonn, K., Eyer, B., Littmann, W., Haunschild, W., Greive, W Q ro '-.7 fr' 145 WESLEY FOUNDATION GAMMA DELTA Memorial Dorm, campus home of over Iwo hundred co-eds. I ,G fav ..- 351 L Q -'Q I I ' - Q . in Ill' ' WSH- TSN- , ff Xl '1- f. .1 'mx X M4-,-V fn' A . 5 fx Q 'J-'I.'!.1 .Jul ,ug 'vu to INTER DORM COUNCIL ROW I-Retz, M.g Revelos, D.g CrisI, D4 Pate, 5.1 Baer, G.. ROW II-Friedlonder, D. F,g Drake, I dr I4 Duppstodf, E4 Smith, R. WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION Firmly implanted in college lite is the Westminster Founda- tion, the tocal point tor all Protestants. This national organ- ization is supported by the Presbyterian Church, and success- tully completed its second year on the U.C. campus. Daily worship is held, and twice a month the members conduct a complete service at one at the Presbyterian churches in the city. Fall and spring tind the members trouping to one of the many recreation camps in this area for a weekend of tun. These semi-formal retreats are held each year and form an indispensable part of the Westminster Foundation's spiritual and social program. 5 l gf ROW I-Elliott, F., Bergold, J., Jones, F., Rev. V. P. Martin, Hanson, R., Elliott, M. A Bloom ROW ll-Clark, J., Cortezan, J., McLeish, M., Rogers, B., Berry, D., Wanninger, E., Gar Kn J Hug es ROW Ill-DeMar, R., Withrow, W., Megson, W., Sheipline, S., Buyer, P., Bruce, M., Haunqs C Bc ROW IV-Crawford, R., Hubbard, E., Merryman, W., Radloff, E., Galyean, W., Naugle M Bentley E Vosburgh Gray G Westminster Foundation is presided over by Frank Jones. Gavin Gray holds the vice-president's job, and Jean Falck and James Hughes act as secretary and treasurer respec- tively. 146 C X 3 Sr .Wax - , R.. N gg, . xv, L- gy 1- -a . . ' I -.i - 5 Q 7: 1 Q , N , .vs , 1 'N P - I ' . , ww , XJ 4 5' WsQ W I lSeotedl-Heisel, R., Cortright, S, Klehfoth, J., Heepke, C., Glasson, B, Bridges, D A, Dallow, P, Albers, M L, Hciase, P, ROW II lStandingl-Moore, P., Greer, B., Phillips, D. J.: Baker, G., Kendrich, N, Cohen, R., Evans, M, McManarnan, J, Steward, J, Heller, J, ucus, N., Ahlering, F., Otting, UNIVERSITY Y. W C A The University YWCA gives the willing woman a chance to express herself through the medium she knows best. Varied activities include committees on Arts and Crafts, Comparative Religion, Community Service, Human Relations, and the like. Dramatics and public affairs also have their share of pleasurable work. During the spring, the Cabinet of the YW picnics with the YM, producing the plans for the forthcoming year. A highly successful Religious Emphasis Week and inter-racial group projects are a few outcomes of these well-made plans. Of interest were the discussions of Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish religions held in joint meet- ings with the YM. At the end of the year discussions were held concerning the various phases of the Protestant religion. Dorothy Ann Bridges was elected president for the 1947-48 school year, while Carol Heepke and Patti Dallow carry on the work of secretary and treasurer. Miss Betty Glasson is the Executive Director. 147 Q " vs 1 1 fl ,if rv' -. , . - 4 - , j T , a,, if ROW I-Johnson, R. C., Bufler, R. T., Lodwick, R. C., Wengler, E. ROW ll-Gaskins, S., LaCamera, F., Rogers, B4 Griffin, B., Harper, R,, Gilmer UNIVERSITY Y. M. C. A. 148 Formed on The CincinnaTi campus in 1889, The University YMCA is one of The oldesT organizaTions known To The school. Truly a non-secTarian group, The "Y" offers To all The sTudenTs The benefif of as- sociaTions, personal, collegiaTe, and social service. Through Their various publicaTions, The members are informed of all The YM's acTiviTies. Best known of all is The "liTTle red book" given To enTering sTudenTs To inform Them of campus acTiviTies. One of The mosT popular aspecTs of The YM program is The Modern Marriage series, and The inspiring Yule Log service open To all during The ChrisTmas season. Richard BuTler presides over The group wiTh The help of lsT. Vice-PresidenT RoberT Lodwick, and ErnesT Wengler, The 2nd. Vice-President Frank Sonnenberg manages The books as SecreTary- Treasurer. -il-1N.,-,x 51 ' ' f ss- , 'mx'-. "r - 'Xa N s:',.'?f--1, - Sas- M52 ' -N 'N--. R-Q. xxx'-s-.. 9552? ' if""l"5s':-N9 . . 'N-is N- ebb., .- h ss"Nm--.. Marg. Msxxs , xx'-.... ,se a-SA S. v "USF-Q X1 24- 'grtfkifs S.. Rx., N ik? X s sk 1 f' sz'f3f 'V .s F: eg 1 -5,53 .N-1: .394-rx: .gggfgm--, X --.. . -.. v X x-,.,Q. 1-QNXX C 451 ' X---N.. wx., , --.,, ' xs qui' 1 we-4 N .-sg, ti: 51-A- , ya- I-cgi. -w so gg' My 'T 'A . --,Adv j' .. uf' " In 1918 barracks dotted the campus under the name of Camp Cincinnati. Housing members of the Student Army Training Corps, these wooden buildings were reminders of all the college men who left school to serve in the Army, But in 1947 the barracks returned to act as emergency classrooms and department offices. Here, for a different purpose this time, they symbolize the large influx of soldiers who have now come back to the campus. 149 -1-qs.: 32: 3.5 Warren Stichtenoth, Bill Paulin, Dean lngle, Frances Ahlering, Howard Frazer, Jean Koop, Dean Bishop, Robert Wood, Gerry Murphy, SOCIAL BOARD gi J' fl' ' e 6,1 - ,- 4 150 Officers Chairman-Frances Ahlering Treasurer-Robert Wood Secretary-Jean Koop At the helm of U.C.'s party life is Social Board. Their large date-book records all affairs on campus, and Social Board wields an iron hand in deciding the dates for those all-important dances, parties, and social ac- tivities. In the midst of this whirl, these students serve on dance committees, and handle the voting for the Junior Prom. Their stamp of approval must also be on the budget for all on-campus dances. Thus, the dates are set and the plans are made so that a college man need only consult the Social Board Calendar posted in the Union to find out when he should start working on his next date. Metro, a service organization that has carved a memorable name for itself on the University campus, is constantly adding to its program of activities. In ad- dition to the annual Christmas party for under-privil- eged children, its members have undertaken a new service. Their plans include the brightening of the Grill with scenes ot other college campuses in the Mid-American Conference. Metro hopes to promote inter-collegiate spirit and friendship and to acquaint the UC students with other campus sights. With these projects Metro hopes to retain the award they received last year for the most oustanding men's organization on campus. Charles Crozier, President Charles Stix, Secretary Earl Cogan, Treasurer ROW I Cseatedl-Becker, C. F., Cogan, E., Crozier, C., Stix, C. N., Jones, P. xx g - WQFTQL5 ROW ll lStandingJ-Koch, G., Butler, R., Corcoran, R. W., Mulholland, R. P., Perin, C, H., Grogg, A. S., Thomas, D. R., Harper, R. E S 2 i METRO rf. '- z ! . The 19th of December found UC resembling the toy department of a large department store with crowds of boys and girls, lots of drums and dolls, cmd even Santa himself. The air was filled with the spirit of Christmas and with the glad cries of happy people that day. In the two years that Metro has given the party, many persons, students and faculty alike, came to understand the saying, "lt is better to give than to receive." Glee club members, in spite of their fine efforts, were out-sung by the two hundred children. Besides the music of the Cwlee Club, the kids were kept laughing by the antics of Low, Hite, and Stanley. The services of this amusing trio were generously donated to the party by the Ruth Best Agency. The smiles and thanks of those many happy children were compensation enough for members of Pan-Hell, Junior Advisors, Wig Wag, and Metro who spent months planning the affair. Without the fine cooperation that it re- ceived frorn these organizations, the Christmas party would not have been the great suc- cess it was. 152 Mwmw Wcazikswzf L t fs-,J 'i.-v' The first week in January finds us back in the swing of things after a roaring Christmas vacation. The cam- pus looks the same-that is with the exception of the Health Service. Dr. Chenoweth and Dr. Boyd become the busi- est people on campus as the Health Service works overtime to cope with the "after-Christmas rush". Seems like too good a time was had by all, and colds, sore throats, and the like that couldn't be admitted in the face of all the parties at home had to be owned up to now that classes had resumed. Nurses busied themselves with cough syrup and sun lamps-reminiscing about the good old days when their only worry was a football player's broken leg. Just as the last strains of "White Christmas" have lazily drifted into eternity, the New Year is ushered in with a tremendous crash and a boatload of New Year's resolutions. Sophomores and post-grads alike contemplate lots of study, hours of sleep, and numerous extra-curricular activities. But somehow the first Saturday of the New Year rolled around and very peculiar things began to happen. With a terrific date on our minds, and an awful lack of will power, some- thing had to be eliminated. What? Oh, our resolutions, of course! LOST! 154 "f v PHI DELTA THETA - CENTENNIAL - - - i 1- .,j3SP -:NN - th H xii . L t ,ry",sl! N X. Ni Q- . 6 I is - ' .. si f ., , ' 4 v.,: yfx 1 I- . s ,ln"?f': r ' -iw .4 1- 1 - . . f'qW"' A L - fr y' :ef . .. -' af, X -l "':- Y ..53.1'VQf!'2fZ.',, P' A. g f -P 7' . .c . K fs-J 'Nix hd .r X3 1-K A ,' f .at f f.lIx.r v ,N A ' fk. 4 lx ' , 'T ' I -.SEE , 4 '- L - f tgp R. - X ,. R , IME., E51- A .gal . ' " sv gif' . -H, Emi:-,gQ:g qi' - ER -lil 13 if gm Jiuwiillllliq. -5 . . QE , c - - - - , .0 -"'- 1 '-A-1. V. kvsiglifi an P .1 "' ,U 'p ' 5.4. T 1 'fx' Fm- Z lx -Y a ' "N U: swf- R qs, --ig:-f - . sv-P1 -I ., f- . -- jg, g' F'L,4E.:Tf..l"i" 4' I , .- 5 - w4 l.. v J., 4 " . Unis-1 - ' 3- ..a1.3W"'i""'T . . " I' -en. -- ' J: - ..A-- .-.., : ,,, .,,,- 5, N M gh- """ - J. - W ...O wifi? 1' yy ' t,,,... . -fs Wb'Nx V . ' 1, .. I .--M .. 5- . ,,,.,.w-' "" " '. In T848 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Phi Delta Theta was brought into the fold of the great Greek Letter Fraterni- ties. Ohio Theta is helping Ohio Alpha, the Mother Chapter, celebrate its one- hundredth anniversary by being co-hosts to the National Convention at Oxford, Ohio. The completion of the beautiful New Memorial Headquarters Building is symbolic of another step toward continual progress in the approaching hundred years. Phi Delta Theta's dream has finally been realized on its one-hundredth anni- versary nationally and fiftieth on campus. In realizing its dream, the Phi Delt's have been busy with the construction of their new chapter house on Digby Avenue. This new house will furnish better housing and recreation facilities. f eg.. I ' h I , ,i:,j. I..-0' ' i' ' ., V1 A' I' ,,, I F lfkigl r - -1 ' 1 . in' h-5 M4 Xijf If I t-I . fa-f ,- , - ry I , , ,., 9 .AP 54 .. ..-.. ,wh .ar- 3 -' - 5- . ., - 4. '.f'f'-ff - f-f IA. s Q I 'ff . I . ifffzn , .Q N 'ww . , . Cf. U. X . A rs 1 ' " f 1 - ' X4 - .-Yfsybql , 'if za' .,,f- A f Miz! ,A .Jiri --f'ii,ig+.f,-,gs-,.:i,Qi1, ,ffxf-LLEL3-k,. x'LY .L L. 8 1 L " .f 4f"e .-ie"-2 5552 f "4"E' ig: N ff '- fir- A ' ,- ffSia5"-- ' 5? l M f v . LriEfsf,,f'fi1 ' ' . -s -va.-v-ff, ' K Q, ' ' "-fits, 5 1 , 'f'f?lf'ii2?13tTc-Q?asi:'E:?-vt7i1-S-?1il."eii . Fm lf : -' '. M -T -f"-'SJ-'Qty -Li. 1-L ' Sass .L"ff,,,.,,,-W, Q ,ut -T. i f ' T 1 nf :::14iiiff iii-efyggxsfg fi is T . 1 ,Y A '.u...7?.?:a:L.Vi ,., Lfvfz- .pei-ity-ni tiauau... i. 75:31-I , -'+'Tar'f-'qllgp' fill-iv V 1 7,',ig"'jV ,i72i:fr'f79T1f-el: -2.721 .ki A T K, -' V ' V-A 'A ' ' f- ---'-1-v-:-'f'!:1.f" " '."F2""""T"f"f-."-'-'-C1-F5 A P if " ' gaiL'.Z:f:3- 7- laif' - 5' ii'7'fi1oi?"G-'--1,2 i 'l' T.. VF 'Y' ' ' "ri T -" -4 ' ' -V - A ' .-,A --5111-.ffi T--Pri -l ,. RP- . '-1. - 'fifh ---. TI ' .--if k., TT' -.F A ,rv . . .. , -- :4.,.i' . '- MS. T' " 'qw' :gf--'-Q,-.1 - ,,, -- - - - --11af-- - .-7, 1...-..-in-qv-V Y . . Y ' --- v --eye - WWW" 155 MEMORIAL DORM "Be It Ever So Humble There's No Place Like Home" chant the Memorial Dorm girls as They run back and torth from class to their inter-sanctums. Divided into three units plus the mystic tower, the dorm runs smoothly under their able leaders. Those lucky girls are the envy of all, as they sleep Till 8:15 every morning and still make classes on time. But come Friday and Saturday parties, the out-of-towners must leave early to meet time restrictions or else suffer the conse- quences. Away from Mother's watchful eye, the girls ignore study hours and rush to formals, old clothes parties, and inter-dorm dinners. O Section A A ? ROW I-Sherler, M., Schirmer, J., Hewitt, M., Baker, G., Gould, J., Friedlancler, D., Strauss, S., Egan, P., I ' Kulka, B t XX, i j ROW ll-Eberhart, P., Lipp, B., Stewart, B., Liggett, C., Cafield, J., Hedrick, J., Ohlmonn, I., Jackson, . 5 J., Rodgers, J., Howell, H. , ' ' ROW Ill-Ohlrnann, L., Lee, R., Coltinuk, M., Myers, N., Hawker, L., Burks, E., Judy, L., Rice, B. .l l ' ROW IV-Sowards, P., Nonnez, J., Clement, S., Good, E., Green, B., Wood, D., Donlon, J., Murray, R. l !55""' ' S l 0 J 1 i 0 Q it . 1 - X O ' r r' X , - . Q f " Q9- X 1 Q A ff it V h Q W r, ie 'r Xxx x g II, . - ' Q-X. , , L l, :-1" fm-.. - - ,A 4' '7 fix Csfwfrr . 12 Though "To Burnett Woods" is the proverbial battle cry in spring, the park does not suffer desertion in the winter. Snow falls and activities boom. Anyone lucky enough to be able to talk one of the children who crowd the hills out of his sled is in for an afternoon of fun and spills-those hills be- come amazingly steep! The more sedate look up skates and struggle until numb feet send them to the fire, while the most unlucky students who labor in afternoon labs have to sneak in an hour at lunch for the never-dying snow-ball fights. Curvacious snow women decorate the lawns of fraternity houses, while the idol of every co-ed finds himself molded into the snow man that stands in front of every sorority house. T. C. is not without decoration either, as aspiring kindergarten teachers put into practice classroom principles on winter-recess recreation. Even the Student Union dining room feels the presence of winter. Strangely enough, large size trays mysteriously dis- appear from sight until seen underneath howling dorm dwellers who slide down the hill in front of Memorial Dorm. Those who crave excitement on a higher level load their cars and dates with skis and toboggans for cz week- end party. Monday finds them telling glowing accounts of all that happened and sending cookies to the hospital convalescent who just hadn't been able to make that last turn. gi Winter-and a whole new wardrobe appears on the scene. lgnoring "Vogue", "Mademoiselle", and "Es- quire", college sfudenfs haul out moth eaten fur coals and army parkcls. Clumsy stadium boofs, propelled by deli- cafe looking coeds, clomp down The hills while men wear ear muffs for the double purpose of deadening the noise in The halls, and softening the cold wind out doors. xx , Vx v-- - -f- .X le- -wx .e 157 5 1 X X 'F v s Age 5 N s ,ji imw, , ,,V, MV "College life" is mentioned and standard thoughts of fraternity pins, beer parties, and cutting classes flash into mind, but soon we are remember- ing that the original purpose of col- lege lies in the same classes that form the basis of our conversation-pleas- ant or otherwise. Upper campus stu- dents find midterms and exams con- stantly crowding the calendar. The lower campus never seems to be able to recover from the rigors of one seventh week until another is upon them. Zoology majors smell up the grill with a faint odor of formalde- hyde, while the "Grill students" recip- rocate and lend the odor of stale cig- arette smoke to their folk dancing lessons. A wide variety of courses fill the pages of the University catalogue and students who cut up clay find themselves talking to those who hold a knife over a frog From Browning to Thomas Hardy shares honors with From Cave Drawing to Dali" while any Home Ec student can tell an unsuspecting aeronautical engineer how to open a can The Law students with their court room sequences laugh at Med students hurrying to cadaver sessions Dr Krelder is as much a topic of discussion as Dr Baude when complaining college students find themselves staring at the book lined walls of the library. Lectures and labs labs and lectures thats college spelled backwards SPEAKERS BUREAU Serving Cincinnati and small Ohio towns in the near vicinity, the Speakers Bureau runs a booming year-round business. Each fall a list of speakers and their specific talks are sent to all organizations in Cincinnati. A variety of discus- sions is offered, including book reviews, dramatic monologues, and talks on professional subjects. The Speakers Bureau hopes by this method to give their members added experience and to keep the University in the eyes of the public. SEATED-Murphy, G, Reichel, H. E, Prof Bryan, Stein, J., Bord, S. STANDING-Pirrung, Jp Lodwick, R., Kimball, M., Lloyd, .l.g Krone, P., Schulkers, J., Ziedman, G., Sanders, S. ALPHA A LAMBDA DELTA ROW ROW ROW ROW IV-Reuter, S., Hewitt, M., Bonn, H., Moothart, M.g Rosenstiel, .l,g Ehle, S., Sautter, C Be g E 4-N Y? ?7 Mattson, R., Rosenberger, B., Phillips, D, S., Vollman, Jane, Schotfner, J., Gartner II-Frame, S., Bursiek, P,g Buehren, V., Patterson, J.g Bohn, M., Hodson, D., Pierle, III-Kull, P., Seidel, R., Oscherwitz, C., Mueller, D,g Distler, S., Sponsel, P., Rodgers, J. President-Jane Vollman Vice President-Sue Mack Smith Secretary-Ja net Schaffner Treasurer-Betty Modene Amidst the confusing whirl of the beginning of college life, one of the most outstanding organizations on campus encourages the bewildered freshman women to settle down and study. This society is Alpha Lambda Delta, an honorary society for freshman women who have maintained a cer- tain high average throughout the first year. The tea that is given in the tall of the year serves the purpose of making new friendships and gives extra incentive to strive for mem- bership in this honorary. The full meaning of Alpha Lambda Delta is explained to incoming coeds, who strive to reach their first high goal in their college careers. Their pin, a lighted torch, is worn proudly each spring by the freshman women who have proved themselves worthy of all the goals of Alpha Lambda Delta. T60 i Getting off to an early start by initiating seventy-five men and the University President, Phi Eta Sigma surged through several successful social affairs and into a much more prom- inent position on campus. A smoker was held in the spring for all men of the Freshman class who had made the Dean's List for two consecutive sections. The purpose was to en- courage these men to retain their high average and thus insure their initiation into this organization. Dean Bird was the guest speaker and Dean Alderman, who doesn't give speeches, but rather has a few words to say, added his part to the program. Nathaniel Ross also spoke, telling the men the purpose and aim of Phi Eta Sigma. After these addresses, films were shown of general interest to men. And as this gathering was a smoker, free cigarettes were in abundance. The Freshman men left feeling that here was an honorary worth belonging to. i Q5 3 3 r 3 X 6 S ROW I-Hawkins, H., Brisker, A., Stuewe, H., Zackermon, S., Grote, J., Witte, N., Wecksteln, N, L, Jester, H. L, Alderman, W E, Mu- rawski, H. ROW ll-Nuber, K., Balsly, C., Gebhardt, C., Pfefferle, R., Singer, D., Smith, E., Higgins, H, Suddendorf, R., Knodel, R, Hanauer, J., Boneau, A., Ebersald, D., Laycock, T. ROW Ill-Lentz, J., Cooper, D. K., Lloyd, J., Mast, R., Earle. D., Dennis, J., Smith, D., Batscha, A., Lloyd, R. C. Jr, Evans, T W., Stiff, H. V., Boles, R. E. ROW IV-Applequist, H. D., Brauckmann, W. H., Mangold, D., Notz, K., Dabney, D., Heintzelman, E., Romine, R., Spears, R., Storch, G., Bowman, D., Hill, E., Eglian, E. ROW V-Webster, C., Phillips, R., Knauf, H., Bucher, E., Musmaben, G. J., Wilson, D., Warner, V., Steltenpohl, G, Hennel, G., Britton, S. W., Sprawl, M. L., Westerlund, K.I.K. ROW Vl-Collins, W., Lodwick, R., Ross, N., Puskar, R., Terrell, I., Livezey, F., Costello, J., Garling, W., Kirch, G., Kautz, C., Byrer, J, Moore, C. Presided over by Nathanial Ross, Phi Eta Sigma prospers under the added help of his assistants, Norbert Wechstien, Vice President, Howard Jester, Treasurer, and Howard Hal singer, Secretary. T61 PHI ETA SIGMA ww , 4- 1.1 Q-w-....,.,,m 'D - - " .' gF"'4 ' """M.vN, . ,mf 5, L, 'f ,Yi yn- t f-.1 W: W , Q ,fav ,JN - 1 "J A, ., x wa -,w Xa ' Y ' Q' X ,A " ,Q N 1' ' Snow blankets 'he JR 6 'ff V.-Q", sf A campus, .' . 9 - ' 1 ' ' .fit N- ,Q .- ., I ,sq s,, 1 , 4 . 'VY '- :- 5 . px ' V -1 I' . "'3"v tn ' 7 . '-A lt' . I. 3' .al "'-' " 'G I , ' "ffm, K A 11.31, ul., A1 X' 1, u ' X K I 162 lt was a cold February evening when members of the various fraternities and their dates invaded the Topper Club tor the annual Inter-fraternity Dance. Cries of greetings to friends not seen since the nine- thirty class mingled with the danceable music of Charlie Kehrer as the men maneu- vered their dates towards the crowded dance floor. As the lights went out, the multi-colored sphinx lit up for the waltzes. Entertainment was provided in the form of a preview of the Varsity Vanities of 1948. As the dance drew to a close, the crowd thinned out, disclosing a cloud ot cigarette smoke permeating the air along with enough good will to last until the next annual dance. I'-, l.. INTERFRATERNITY DANCE .1- ! 'E' , as sf.,-, , . v CXNQA4 , l . NJ ,f yxC,lNN 8.2 L-J CINN , SXYXUNN4 l vxcmnuhf K xl 4,5 Q 0 5 o8UNN46f 4, 'NP l . - -3 ,- ax ra f'-19 554- fl: -Q lk, UIIIIDK, , ln If X , ' X' , X' 0 410, N, 'QQCKNNAA 5 937 ' "1 QI ROW I-Boker, T, Loub, I, Rrchter, R, Wesrerfeld, W,, Dcullmer, R, Rubensfein, A, Luchi, J. ROW II-Schmolfuss, W, Rachurds, A., Monk, D,, Clickner, C., Wolf, J., Anderson, W., Kolp, S. BASKETBALL Alvin Rubensieln Jock Loub Bill Weslerfeld 164 Concluding one of their most successful seasons, the Uni- versity of Cincinnati basketeers rolled over 17 opponents while dropping into the loss column 7 times. Proclaimed city champs by virtue of the stunning 52-45 victory over Xavier, the Bear- cats nosed out Butler to win the Mid-American Conference championship. After the final buzzer, statistics showed that Cincinnati had chalked up 1528 points while their opposition countered with 1330. In a just tribute to the fine coaching of John Wiethe, UC received a bid to participate in the NAIB tournament in Kansas City, but the Bearcat officials decided against post season competition. Through the efforts of promoter Sam Feinberg, UC met some of the most formidable quintets in the country and had one of the toughest inter-sectional schedules. Wins over Southern Methodist, Utah tlast year's National Champsj, Western Michigan, Duquesne, LaSalle, and Xavier caused comment throughout the nation, as the Bearcats were considered the underdog in each case. On the other side of the ledger, UC was thoroughly trounced twice by the Kentucky Wildcats. Three other Cincinnati losses were heartbreakers as they were nosed out by a couple of points. The outlook for next year? Cincinnati won't lose a player. You be the iudge. Many plaudits have been heaped on Dick Dall- mer, recipient of Ulexls outstanding player award for the 1947-48 season. Dick sparked his team to many victories, the climax being the Bearcat's victory over Xavier. Although never treading the hardwood courts of Hamilton High School, Dick iourneyed to Old McMicken and quickly found a starting birth on the Cincinnati quintet. Dall- mer has another year at UC and would like to follow his All-American cousin into the profes- sional ranks. Ralph Richter Don Monk Charles Cliclmner Alkue Richards 165 1 ' Q s 'g Q C iii S - QQ .w N n 2 ' i iv -. f 3 A - y. .: , ,V Q .3 5 ' Q ij Q gg 4- . L L P M 'S' V ' P 2 .cs is v , , . N .-. r X' W- Q . - .ax 5 A .... xi Q -L. , . J W' " 9 - 9 f J .X , 1 K X , :WS ' g- 9 , A . 5 .5 . "-: 3 cv 6 K 3 Ks, ts .., N' - ' ,.,w- f NG- 4 , X ' 85 L . , -K .. I . . K s l , ,gf X, 7 K ' 5 1 - . v . v . 4 - X r 1, ' . 1 v-N- - - . , , .., , x y ' A . 4 - ROW I-Vigran, M., Pale, S, Poniius, B, Cohen, R, Crist, D, Brady, Miss P, Carfwrighl, A., Bowyer, B, Cubbage, J, Sclwwcirzslein, A ROW ll-Finnegan, E., Bernhaur, M, Fey, N, Rosselor, T, Shuber!,M L, Bailey, M, Weinberg, E., Childs, J, Sleingrube, M, Evanoff, A., Rudd, l.. L. ROW Ill-Whiftingion, J., Hoelil, P, Ehle, 5, Schelper, S, Williams, S, Baird, L, Luke, C, Burzynslu, N, Hohnslon, J, Vincenl, C Ullmann, L, ROW IV-Roy, J., Heath, P., Keeling, S, Dochar, P, Kinsey, M, Dowling, L., Jeppesen, V, Greiner, J, Hubbard, E, Heumann, J' Moofliarr, M, ROW ROW I-Revelos, D., While, R. Drake, I., Weislieir, P, Finley, M B, Retz, M, Silver, F., Jay, G. ll-Sawfelle, B,, Graham, P, Michael, E, Welch, F., Rumsfield, B., Hoying, H., Rosenberger, B., Kraff, S R Wewer, S ROW lll-Harvey, L., Jee, N., Rydin, D., Bloodgood, H, Sloclxsfill, L, Gates, D, Darves, G, Hyland, K, Fleming, J, Lehman, F ROW lV-McVey, S., Huddle, G., While, J, Dwyer, E, Alexander, M, Fuqitf, J, Abello, N., Jaeclser, E., Miller, V, Kiencisl, D ROW V-Hughes, M., Kevfas, B, Bolelmy, E, Divane, K, Trask, V, Moore, J, Albury, M, Smillw, J, Penn, J, Liedtlne, N N x -1 : . 1' -2 P I ., , Q w " ,Lux X - W SEL3' 'Q l l C: s 1' V C7 Q . 4, 'a 5. K7 . x-, -- A if N - Resin? in . .N . f I3 SecHon B SecHon F ylor Baker Joe Wo Southern Methodist ...... Cincinnati University of Kentucky. . , Cincinnati Villanova ............. Cincinnati North Carolina State .... Cincinnati University of Utah ....... Cincinnati Western Reserve Univ.. . . Cincinnati Wayne University .... Cincinnati Valparaiso ...... ..... C incinnati Miami University. . . . . . Cincinnati Dayton University ,... Cincinnati Anderson, Indiana .,.... Cincinnati University ot Kentucky. . , Cincinnati Butler University ......., Cincinnati Dayton University .... Cincinnati Western Michigan Univ.. . Cincinnati Wayne University .,..... Cincinnati Duquesne University .,,.. Cincinnati Butler University ........ Cincinnati Ohio University ,.....,.. Cincinnati Western Reserve Univ., . . Cincinnati Miami University ........ Cincinnati La Salle University ...... Cincinnati Ohio University ......... Cincinnati Xavier University ....... Cincinnati It Joe Lucha sin Anderson The Bearcats inaugurated their successful hoop season by trouncing Southern Methodist 59-46. Cin- cinnati, led by Alvin Rubenstein, came from behind late in the final half to defeat the Texans. Kentucky invaded Music Hall and handed the Red and Black their first set-back by a decisive 67-31 score. In the next game, the last 27 seconds proved disastrous for UC as Villanova eeked out a 70-68 win. The Bearcats third consecutive defeat came at the hands of North Carolina State by a 65-54 count. Ralph Richter con- tinued his high scoring by averaging 15 points per game. A victory over Utah pushed the Bearcats into the limelight, as last year's national champs were highly favored. Again Ralph Richter and the fine play of Dick Dallmer, Bill Westerfield, and Bill Anderson did the trick. A trip to Cleveland netted the 'Cats a win over Western Reserve while three nights later Wayne fell to the Cliftonites in the UC gym by a decisive 92- 52 score. Valparaiso snowed the Bearcats in an over- time period at Music Hall. A week later Miami, in their gym, found Cincy's range and won by a 1 point margin. A trip to Dayton proved very successful tor UC as did a meeting with Anderson, Indiana, at the Hall. Kentucky, on their home floor, again trounced Cincinnati. Wins over Butler and Dayton in the UC Field House was the prelude to the Michigan trip which netted the Red and Black victories over Western Michigan and Wayne. Substituting only once, Wiethe's charges upset a highly favored Duquesne quintet 55-41. It was the Dukes second defeat as Alvin Rubenstein and Jack Laub played spectacular ball. A rough and tumble game punctuated UC's second win over But- ler at Indianapolis. Charlie Clickner's one-handed shot in the last ll seconds proved the margin of victory. Ohio U. handed UC their last defeat in a game at Athens. Western Reserve and Miami met defeat in the UC gym as .lack Laub and Dick Dallmer paced their teammates. LaSalle dropped their third game as the Bearcats turned on the steam. Cincinnati won the Mid-American title by slaughtering the Ohio U. Bob- cats in a return match, 90-46. The Bearcats rang down the curtain on their banner year by upsetting the favored Xavier Musketeers 52-45. Dick Dallmer, Alvin Rubenstein, Jack Laub, Ralph Richter, and Don Monk led the Clifton lads as they won the Queen City championship and gave the Musketeers their second home court loss. l Weeks of campaigning and publicizing were climaxed when Gordon Reed awarded a cup and flowers to the newly elected Junior Prom Queen. As happy as her Kappa Delt sisters, Carol Rannells reigned at the Junior Prom of '48. 'I68 The twentieth of February found the Topper Club filled to capacity as the Junior Prom climaxed the social events of the winter sea- son. The most publicized dance of the year proved to be a complete success as the crowd swayed to the music of Johnny Long and his orchestra. The "new look" in women's fashions more than compensated for the lack of cor- sages which had been outlawed by the prom committee. This idea had been readily ac- cepted by the students and the only flowers to be seen were the orchids worn by the Prom Queen candidates. Johnny Long entertained throughout the evening with specialty numbers such as "Shanty Town" until, with the arrival of mid- night, the candidates were introduced to the waiting crowd. Cheers and applause echoed throughout the hall when the T948 Prom Queen was announced, and happy sorority sisters rushed to the side of the winner to add congratulations. A short time later the dance came to a close, leaving only memories of one of the best proms ever held in the Queen City. ,J . N. M. :' 9607Z1Q9ZpfZ49772f Miss Carol Rcmnells, Koppcu Delta, the 1948 Junior Prom Queen. ROW I-Steinway, J., Johnson, P., Irwin, L., Mohr, J. ROW I1-Bockholt, J., Coach Pfeiffer, Kelp, J., Lagcily, R.p Kell Strong men tor the squad were co-cap- tains Charlie Keating and Roy Lagaly. Keat- ing, 1st line All-American 1946, NCAA champion 1946, and fifth in the National 50 yard freestyle finals, was a member of the medley relay team and holder of two of UC's pool records. He received honorable mention All-American in 1947 and 1948 and was a member of the fourth place National AAU medley relay team. Roy Lagaly, record holder in the 440 yd. free style race, swam his last for the Bearcats and thus ended the long domination in his field of events. He was a former Army Olympic champion and nation- al high school champ, as well as Cincinnati's greatest distance swimmer. Bill Keating, state high school champion and state AAU champion for 100 yd. breast stroke, was also a member ot the world record holding medley relay team for 150 yd. course. He was a former Purdue star and Indiana state champion while serving in the Navy. Roy Stickney, state champion three times for 50 yd. free style and triple-time runner-up for 100 yd. backstroke, was also a member of the record holding relay team. ch SWIMMING T948 found the mermen stacked with talent as never before in UC history. This was the team that set and holds five of UC's pool records and at least one record in the pool of each of its opponents. Mich- igan State and Indiana were the only two teams to beat the Bearcats in dual com- petition and even then the mermen showed more class than the opponents, the lack of depth proving fatal in the final point totals. The squad placed second in the hotly contested Central Collegiate meet in which thirty-seven teams partici- pated. Honorable mention All-American fell to the medley relay team that set a 2:58 time for the event in our pool, a rec- ord that is expected to stand for many years. Six members of the team were placed on Cincinnati's nationally contend- ing Coca Cola team which includes stars in its post season competition from many of the best swim teams in the country. No Mid-American Conference meet was held, but the Bearcats figured as easy victors over the one conference school tOhio U.l, and comparative scores show the swim- mers to be in a class by themselves for the MAC competition. es: . fl s, 5 YI. xxgi . . W 1 f' - .sir . 5. K , Y Q ,L L' 3 -. -sl Q vfx ' :Wt A Fred "Tiny" Pfieffer was the successful pilot of the mer- men. He completed his fourteenth year at UC and topped it with his third highly successful post-war season. Tiny has long been a swimming mentor and knows every trick of the trade, being famous throughout the country for his high school and college products. 'I71 K..-K, T5 ROW I-Rirnsky, M., Friedlander, D., Brigham, C. A., Hynes, R. D., Abello, N., Villena, ROW II- Romo, D., Diaz, F., Wuest, E., Crowell, R., Basinger, M., Krelne, M. E., Morelli L., Cabezas, L. ROW III-Almeida, D., Shagaloff, J., Fitch, D., Stein, J., Calmas, G4 Bowyer, B., Evanoff, A LATIN AMERICAN CLUB 41:1 A 172 The Latin American Club, after an in- conspicuous start two years ago, is now organized into a well-knit, compact or- ganization. Among its members, the group boasts students from fourteen countries including La t i n American countries, France, Italy, China, and India. This group, aided by the Spanish Club of the Evening College, sponsored a dance at the Hotel Alms during the winter. The un- precidented number of three hundred and forty people attended, among them stu- dents of Miami and Xavier Universities. To the music of .lack Jellison and his or- chestra, two contests of dancing skill were held. The first a rhumba contest, open only to Americans, while the second, a iitterbugging affair, was only for foreign- born students. Tastefully done, the dance proved to be so popular as to warrant an- other one in the spring. Although the membership is mainly for- eign, the club's proceedings are carried on in English by the president, Antonio Solines, who is assisted by vice-president Tolo Rimsky and treasurer Dorrit Fried- lander. Ag-2 Seventh week and Midterms-the li- brary suddenly becomes a very crowded building. Activities take a back seat as the only problem worth consideration is passing the exams. Finally the week is over and as a fitting reward, section change parties follow! Songs and laughter fill the air as students gather for a traditional section change party Furthest from their minds are the lectures and labs which have just been completed Celebrating a victory over the past seven weeks, the students of the quadrangle park their tackle boxes and thank their rabbit's toot that section change has come. Immediate- ly, they head for their favorite hangout, Ship- ley's, Ed's, or the C. B. These Engineering, Bus. Ad., or Applied Arts students might also retire to a private home for singing and gen- eral merry-making. Their last quiz finished and their final project glued together the night before and handed in with promises of improved work on their iobs, these students are wistfully envied by the rest of the grinding campus. , Mt The Cooperative System was originated on the University of Cincinnati's campus in Sep- tember, l906, under the direction of Dean Herman Schneider. At this time, the first co- op class had the overwhelming number of twenty-seven students. A coordinated system was set up whereby the student spent six years of alternate weeks in classroom instruction and in practical work in the industries of Cincinnati. With two students alternating on the some job and at school, the school and the shop were always manned. During that first year, the University cooperated with fifteen firms, composed for the greater part of companies manuafacturing electrical equip- ment. In the following decade, the idea of co- operation took hold, the school enlarging all the while. The range covered by the firms working with the University soon covered the greater part of the Mid-West, until today work may be found in almost every part of the country. The length of the course was reduced to five years and the four-year pro- gram eliminated entirely until the advent of the war. The co-op system has taken root in other schools in the country, clearly de- monstrating the advantages of alternate work and study. 1-I CO-OP JOBS E 5 I. . I . it .W .sg 1 . , -11" 'F + , - W1 'l 1 . 'f Q ' "X MX, .. - - ..--,.i,v X S xx - X xxx x K i XX e 1 X1 R X X xx w ,V B-N" ie VR xxx X R-xxxxxx so mm alll. X XX lllllllly Q YQ 1N X X S ,X gxgxslgg 3 , R - ., +A'-5 if M' f was . --be ,,.,.. fxffu -V- F: , 1, , ,. -4. if The loyal order of the red-black extends membership to the men who daily risk their lives crossing University Avenue to reach their barracks dorms. Here, snuggled midst acres of filled in park- ing space, is found refuge from the daily battle of U.C. The rest of the campus commandos remember windows lit all night in the barracks boys' bungalow. Maybe this illumination meant sessions of study, but then, who will tell? I4 ,, H xv' .gh 3 i trot gift 4 e v: pf 2 .fiffif 51 fl 'M E 55 A Once every seven weeks, the Engineering co-ops return to the Quadrangle colleges to scrub the dirt from beneath their fingernails. These hardy people forsake the humclum ac- tivity ot getting up to meet eight-thirty class tor a seven- week "vacation" with pay. Branching out both east and west, their work may take them to machine shops, plane hangers, and power stations all over the country, where the invaluable training given them will help them both in school and in later lite. Ll I mm 21-sb 176 s 's M: .hass- xx' in Not all co-op students are relegated to menial work in the outside world, there are those from the Colleges of Business Administration cmd Applied Arts who may be found in clerical or white-collar iobs. The lucky may even find employment with some business firms, or companies in the designing field. With contacts from Maine to California, the student may obtain varied and valuable experience. ln the spring of each year, Co-ep girls' fancies turn to the annual banquet given in honor of all senior women. The presentation of the Pi Chi Epsilon ring is the featured event of the evening, and, as tradition will have it, an outstanding senior is honored with this award. This group is a combination of the women students of the Colleges of Engi- neering, Business Administration, Commerce, and Applied Arts. co-EP C, :fr X, 1 ' -' ' if 'S 'T'-. If N ,i ii val ,in 'M , . ,I ' x -., . ELS CLUB s J". if ., T , .Q N q W X . X V V .i . ,tu I: X , an . V - Z, ' N su r 5 ,- fy A .ls sr 'rf .ex-: 5:5 .f Q. N, - 1 3 - v ,. :QC:k'5:..:,115e?1'5 ' 'Wi' Y : I TEES: - fl' f L w V . ' .A y. y . , If , ?"Q . xw.vaf"i Q. 9 0 ROW I-Fogle, C.g Kettas, B., I Fay, M., Goodyear, J. 0 ROW ll-Lange, J., Nuber, J., Desalvo, C., Schlereth, B., Bo! D land, B., Schlereth, M. J A 177 lt' I qi. A , . e A .4 .,,...f.z.... X5s,:.ib..-' 'If F23 , in . ,P .. X' - " as IZ,-'rf . 1 ' , . r , . N -, .', ' 1 . - i "'L ' fl ,. ' X 11 , .- Sager?" , .. Vx. ,. -, . 9' K . S Xi .Exe-QQ 'fi Y X- , " X uit., 7 i F , , ,x ' digit, BS. i Q, Siu" i i""W'5ii? i"3'f A . RS L Q rs. . -.f'v5.,g pw' 'ml' mai.. ss Q1 I.-il. ins: ,ss . '-S Q. '- I -N if , -ui , -, ' . , '- ig' .Q N - tif-.'Q?i'F V Q" - 'S ixgfgfl, it " . g i --' x .E V9 Sx'g,,,,,,-W x , 5 M.: 2--.,v.i',., 's:gf'..- 1 , s. ,Ni N., , 'sf may Q.. X g ,T 4 . . 5,3 sg ' g--X ri- w,.,,Qjx M Lyn - urzfil ,- gr., F-gms x A A .. , ,., -Ive Q X, kg ...Q M. . 19-.3,2.s,., QQ' 3 ff - -gc N V Q- -:..43,.. 1. 5 if 'E,R,s.,.:S!g,sX rev. .i5g'.,. X SQ . -4 9 , A in ,f e .X ' .- X' ., gl,-i K " ' 'LP ' S, fx. Q 'V - A w as - his T21 1?5?g'v.c 'nQTg.f.if'i -fi , -if S.--QQ so . A - Q r With the arrival ot warm weather, units of the R.O.T.C. return to the drill fields to prepare for spring military reviews. Uniforms are pressed and shoes regain a high luster. After hours ot practice, the companies are ready to pass in review. To add to the ceremonies, an honorary Cadet Colonel was selected by U.C.'s military units. Miss Aileen Keller was in- troduced as the recipient of this honor at the Military Ball which was held the early part of April. 'I79 S' .L 'fix ., . -.:."x3.- - .Q - 1 t - .- i i , ' .., sj I K., 9 5 as xp .9 gr, 3314- ' - ,V ' .-A, it Nz., r -X ' .Qi ' Q. ,gfmf ' Q N5 'fig - Q -15,595.26 ,Q M . Sid -' 'Q bs tx 'QE:..j.i.,, vs s ' -' 1 S .-N ,K-" , - . .3 'P .., 4 ' V' Q"-,3fwi:'i,f.f ",42.-ws .A .1 sr' M -,gg..10.'wz " . tit. . f .Hui .- -R :T Af f 'Z 2 . .S +'1r.'g-. 2 - X ,. .ins C 5 -:,: .V Q, Q, ' c,,wQ.:. s ' ,- f f iceorffi . i Q' , lf .- 4. . ., , vkxxgf-1 wx A hfl 'Dx fl-5 The largest branch of the U.C. Mili- tary Department, the Air R.O.T.C., provides excellent training for men in- terested in military aviation. Trips to such places as Wright Field at Dayton, Ohio, give the students a chance to see theories actually put into practice. Studying the multitude of parts in a 57 mm. Recoiless Gun keeps Ordinance students busy. 180 Armament is an important phase ot all military training, and R.O.T.C. students tind it one ot the most interesting. They soon learn the proceed- ure for tearing down and as- sembling the guns that will later be used on the tiring ranges. ROW I-Capt. M C. Wilks, Capt. J l Nollkamper, Magor V J Sampson, Lt Col Fred Dixon, Colonel C W Higgins, Lt. Col J E Fam, Capt. C. W Holmes, Capt. E. P Downing ROW ll-M Sgt A F Braun, S Sgt D. R Berger, M Sgt T A. Eckert, M Sgt K. D Wooldridge, S Sgt M. F Lemmon, M Sgt J W Hutter, lst Sgt M Connell, M Sgt W. H. Belleau ROW III-M Sgt H K. Bartnill, lst Sgt R W Dietz, M Sgt W H Ellts, M Sgt R Humphrey, S Sgt. G W Comyack, M Sgt W K Voss, Sgt E A. Day ROW IV-Cpl R P Washburn, M Sgt R W Foster, M Sgt R. W. Brooks As in other phases ot the college program, classes are held regularly throughout the winter months. The courses of study provide an important background in preparation tor summer camps and tield prob- lems. PERSHING RIFLES SCABBARD AND BLADE ROW I-Lane, R, Miller, E., Alter, G., Kerley, E., Clark, W., Kendrick, W. ROW II-Hatterschide, J., St. Leger-Barter, G., Turner, R., Katzenmeyer, W., Parkins, D,, Hornback, L., Merz, W., Bagby, R. ROW Ill-Butz, H, Dolmon, C, Kimball, A., Collis, R., Baumann, R., Smith, R,, Schmitz, E., Bickmore, T., Jones, R., Schierloh, R. One of the most pleasant duties ot Pershing Rifles, National Honorary Military Society, was their Training ot the candidates for Honorary Cadet Colonel. Each of the candidates drilled a squad ot Pershing Ritlemen to show her skill and knowledge of military drill and discipline. An initiation tield problem at Camp Friedlander and the installation of Pershing Rifles at Xavier University tilled out the schedule. In the spring of the year Scabbard and Blade cooperates with the faculty members in pre- senting its annual Military Ball. This year it was held in the Great Hall of the Student Union Building on April 3, with Barney Rapp's orches- tra. Featured was the presentation ot the hon- orary Cadet Colonel, who led the Grand March along with several visitors of distinction. ROW l-Walker, R., Drew, A, Lodwick, R,, Fisk, H., Ellis, R., Glaser, R., Poynter, D. ROW ll-Sarstield, J, Earle, D, Eglian, E, Underhill, L., Miller, D., Steinway, J., Porter, E. ROW lll-Warren, F., Moyhall, D., Borcherding, G., Jennewein, J., Baiter, C., Arlinghous, E., Clark, R., Dugan, F. ROW lV-Mullally, W,, Thompson, R, Roll, W., Scheumann, M., Small, E., Brockmeier, W., Stacy, J. S 1 1 E i X 182 iii The purpose of Guidon, national women's auxiliary of Scabbard and Blade, is to develop citizenship and leader- ship among its members and to relate them more closely with the work of the government. Company E., established at the University of Cincinnati in 1934, acted as hostesses at the R.O.T.C. sponsored tea dances. Guidon also assisted in planning of the Military Ball, at which the new pledges were tapped. They odd a touch of femininity at an other- wise masculine-dominated football field by marching with the honor guard at all the football games. No mid-game entertainment would be complete without the splash of red that their highly colored jackets add. W I Comer P Wood P Bonf eld B Boland B.g DeSalvo, C. W II Ahlerlng F case P tt ng M.g McMonaman, J.g Dallow, P. W Ill M ore P L H ers M L Hock, J.g Lange, J. Guidon is captained by Betty Banfield. Acting as Assistant Captain is Patricia Comer, while Peggy Wood serves as secretary and Claire De Salvo as treasurer. 183 GUIDON With the season nearly completed, the University of Cincinnati Rifle and Pis- tol Club was assured of at least a third in the Southwestern Ohio Rifle League. In intercollegiate competition, the Bearcat Riflemen climaxed their season by finishing second to Ohio State in the Midwestern Intercollegiate Meet. The only shoulder to shoulder dual competition of the year saw UC again falling before the sharp- shooting Buckeyes, T350-1308. In postal matches, where the scores are sent through the mail, Indiana Technical College was defeated, while Oregon State and Massachusetts Institute of Technology managed to edge the Bearcats. KNEELING-Townsley, D., Grice, L., Trimbach, P., Dosser, T., Schuub, L, STANDING: Mai. Dilworthg Gray, J,, Byrd, J., Maierson, T., Newsom, G., Infield, D. 184 1. ,. The lights of Wilson Auditorium shine day and night as the spirit of production runs high. ln the spring, groups of eager actors, stage crews, and musicians find excitement and experience behind the footlights of the much-in-demand stage. -:QM . A - .4 .14- . cr' It's a wonder what a few years will do -most of us are still running around in remnants of khaki shirts, or "P" coats, but that old-salt look is gone forever, and the smiling face that peers up from that "Calc" book or from behind that hand of Pinochle is none other than "Joe College" himself. Army life was never like this! "Of course, the bunks are just as hard, and the latrines look vaguely familiar, but none of us ever worked this hard during the war . . . What was you say? Haven't you heard? Drop down to the "barracks" some day, and you might catch a word or two of or "seo story" floating around. -4 V.-. . S-...IA . N5 N Q 1 - 3 'S' . kt. Q Planning the years activities for the Mummers Guild keeps the officers and board members busy. President John Fuhrman a veteran Mummers actor carefully guides the group as they prepare for the next production. The '47-'48 season of the Mummers Guild saw three plays of Shaw, Wilder, and Rice achieving success under the able direction of Mr. John Maxwell. Each one of these pro- ductions were thoroughly enjoyed and well deserving of a round of applause by those of us who were "out front". For the first pro- duction of the year, Mr. Maxwell chose "The Skin of Our Teeth". Filled with the staging of the Ice Age, Noah's Ark, and a World War, this play brought down the house with "differ- ent" stage techniques. Next in the parade of U.C. entertainment came "Devil's Disciple". T777 and the Ameri- can Revolution seemed a bit too much for Bernard Shaw, but Mummers proved that it could pull an author's bad moment up by its shoestrings. To close the season and add a preview of the approaching Summer months, "Street Scene" hit the Wilson stage with a heat wave. Life problems, family comedy, plus a touch of boy-girl love affairs were all a part of the show that lowered the curtain on the last Guild production of the year. Just as important as the actors themselves are the individ- uals who comprise the multitude of committees and crews backstage. Students working on properties, set design, lights, cmd makeup are the "powers behind the throne" in any production. This year the three productions that have crossed the stage at Wilson Auditorium have shown an overwhelming amount of talent and originality in student endeavors. Many an interesting experience and outstanding oppor- tunity is in store for those who take their place in the wings and production booth on opening night. J 'Q W 'A' ig g , 187 I1 VARSITY VANITIES The Varsity Vanities of 1948 returned to a sell-out audience at Wilson with their presen- tation of "Quiet Please." Complete with a con- tinuity telling of a lavish hotel run by ex-Gl's, the musical comedy was filled with specialty numbers. Many familiar faces returned, and some new ones added their acts, along with the Indians, seal trainers, and trapeze artists of the story. The pony chorus kicked their way into newspaper reviews to help make the Varsity Vanities of 'I948 a show that next year's company will have a hard time to equal. Students are still chuckling over such remarks as "I'm a psychiatrist" and "Ca-a-tain Ja-a-ack, you're ba-a-ack!" 'lt' 1 wi The practice lights shone long into the night as Director McSpadden plus a few able assis tants pushed and shoved a willing cast into one of the biggest hits on U.C.'s campus in years! 4 XS X yi An applauding and wide-eyed audience caught sparkling smiles, short hemlines, and rhythmical dancing as the "ponys" pranced into the spotlight. -l, A.. G C7 ROW I-Abraham, B., Pate, S., Schotstoll, R., Winslow, J., Duble, R., Waterfield, R., Houser, E., Rissover, H. ROW 2'-Roehm, E., Perry, B., Shogolotf, J., Rudd, L., Stivers, J., Liggett, C., Silver, F., Rader, V, ROW' 3-Orr, L., Bigler, B., Moore, P., Geldreich, H., Poullin, W., Evans, D., Androud, M., Lee, R., Nedelman, S. ROW A-Goldman, E., Lloyd, J., Schumacher, R., Terrell, J., Myeonhimer, W., Mundoy, D., Hauser, H., Zuckmon, A., Lorenz, T. ARTS BOARD President John Winslow brings the Arts Board meetings to order. Ruth Schotstoll was elected vice-president, Robert Watertield does his part by taking the minutes, and Dick Duble aids by collecting the money. gf, , M xr--.N . ..-v-, ., ,... ." l ss., ex - 4ql'F'3Y6' 1 :,.,",. -r : Students of U.C., interested in classics and in spreading culture in general, formed the Arts Board about a year and a halt ago. The Board is divided into workshops: music, dramatics, photography, poster, and table games. These workshops also sponsor in- dividual activities such as the picture picnic held in the month of May by the photo work- shop. Armed with a "35" on one limb, and a date on the other, the group set out with light meters. The day was a success, everyone having learned, through experience, the cor- rect exposure tor rainy weather. As a service to the entire organization, a membership card gives admittance to the office of the Arts Board for the purpose of relaxing by listening to records or discussing the latest in classics. GLEE CLUB TRIP The Friday night before a long-awaited Spring vacation found the Glee Clubbers, baggage included, at The Union Terminal. There to carry the Troupe on its way was an Iron Horse of the vintage of '89. In the face of many doubts, however, everyone arrived at Niagara Falls at The scheduled Time and busied Themselves in Trying to forget The aches and pains resulting from The Hunaccustomed comfort" of the train. It was a brief stop, though, and by Saturday night The Glee Club was under the spell of the magic city, New York. Three glorious days-but Two concerts and numerous auditions left all too little time for sightseeing. Lucky were the few who managed a trip in The rain to the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Thursday night was spent on the train again, this time enroute to Philadelphia. The iourney was enlivened with outbursts of songs fnot included in the concert repertoirej and improvements on Culbertson. CSE' i , , . . ...M . L, X. 4 . ffq 5 s fs - ' ' s ' N . - I ,my s. ,.! ,Q - 3: , , A ww -w1-,S.s-- .1, ' -'T Q " 4.1. v K W3 ' ff X r T 'Ti ff ' " i' ii "SSM" if '.."x-srfffsis ' l-A -.-.Jx6..p.,.:.- ...Lmes ,5s.:, Z:.7a.i-555 1 H, 55g,g5Q5g.,1gsv:'.-R-NBR NNT r f 4' ' ,- - . L s , is a ,cc as T .11 lu a 1- fe, -,-1 T V- . .L d....-..... A ,,,, - I"?'f9f"9'f'f'v je tes +A-Q: " ' N' ' 'rf ,ic . M- - '-1 .' v,,m If-'Q '- V Mm ::::... Lgzskv 1 Qi pn..4 A2 Sherwood Kains, director of the Glee Club, came to UC in l929 cmd has been here ever since. Although losing him next year to his own music school at Saranac Lake, N. Y., the training he has given through his direc- tion of the glee clubs, Oratorio Society, and the Uni- versity Sings will long be remembered. GLEE CLUB "That's not oi tone, that's a disease," excloims "Chief" Kciins whenever his 200 enthusiasts hit the wrong chord. "You have to put some fschmaltz' in it!" After many hours of practicing, they are finally able to round out their tones and get rid of that Cincy twang. When the fellows don their black tuxes, and the women their long black skirts, they are sud- denly transformed into a maiestic choir. lt is this group that provides entertainment for the con- vocations, the Lounge concerts, and many con- ventions. At Christmas time, after thrilling the school with "Silent Night" in German, and other favorites, they add their red woolens and go out ccirolling. Of course, it's not all work, for the Glee Club has several functions solely for their own en- joyment-the fall picnic, the post-carolling party, and the "Thank-goodness-the-year-is-over" par- ty. Last but not least are those paradoxical "Prayer meetings" during which all the club members drink, sing, and make glee. ,,. """-Qhsl The presidency of this very active R 2 in organization falls on Bob La Camera. N His assistants, Shirley Wendel, the J W- it vice-president, Joy Redman, the secre- - gb tary, Bob Richter, the treasurer, Frank La Camera, the Business manager, and Shirley Bennett, the librarian, en- able Bob to also attend his classes. For three long hours during the week and with the certainty of added rehearsals before concerts, the Glee Club practices are not merely social gatherings. Even the "big shot" engineers are taken down a peg when Mr. Kains corrects their pitch. With the tenors' tonsils adding to the din, which amazingly turns out to be a pleasing melody, it is surprising that someone doesn't complain about the noise. But when the members really give out, Laws Auditorium vibrates with their songs. 193 wr. . - ,.,'.,,,.,w7 ,.,-,,,,,, ,,,. "My Favorite Advertisement" was the theme when the Applied Arts Tribunal presented their traditional Beaux Arts Ball in the Great Hall of the Union. Fashioned after the Beaux Arts Ball of Paris, the guests came in costumes representing nationally advertised products. Animated tubes of toothpaste, cigarettes, and bottles of perfume or wine are but a few of the items that ioined the crowd. REI-IRISH 194 The faculty was definitely not to be outdone by the stu- dents inthe originality of their costumes which ranged from liquor to gasoline to soap and back to nuts. For this big event, everyone left their air of aloof sophistication in the class room and ioined in the spirit of the ball. BEAUX ARTS BALL Early in the spring, Applied Arts students could be found thrashing over ideas for the annual Beciux Arts Boll. After the theme had been decided upon, the hard work began. Sleep- less nights were spent in Swift while decorations were being designed and painted. The finished proiects were then hauled to the Great Hall in the Student Union the afternoon of the dance. When the crowd arrived, they were greeted by billboards rivaling the gaiety of Times Square, but the cos- tumes of the crowd itself were even more elaborate. Walking advertise- ments packed the floor when the music began. However, the amazing lack of jitter-bugging was accredited to the confining costumes. Entertainment was furnished by the skits of the various classes of the col- lege. Even the faculty joined in, which proved to be the highlight of the evening. The climax came when the Grand March was announced and the judges took their places. One by one the participants were eliminated un- til only the most outstanding remained. Rewards for their ingenuity came in the prizes they carried home. As the people filtered out of the Union, the clean-up crews began their work and the decorations that took weeks of preparation came down in a matter of minutes. 5 Lkwjgx COX aaieaasaai " ' 6 DP L Q 0 'V if i NE ETOREQ vavuclil Fri- Z Q bf QE --W H iw AN V f 4 N, W I , xsQ 1 VD' 'NP A L ff? Q n M-'25-,T Q L Q N00 .gi H F F rr. Z J X XX I., 4-HBA ??312-f A ' V ll l A V ff 1 ' ' f... CQEMI 531257 Bl- V - ! H , Tuoe 7 F, 1' FYI' A wwf -Q 1 rrr ' VZ f r F V F V 'F r r HE fi' '- A ji g' N ., e i-A Q! of-Q vm mv- Q Q- ,cv wx. ' ' Q F H Y, gluilillmi m W f rg, 'N , .' I V " ' WHEN: M ip: ' W' .M 2 , - 'S xxi I i alma.. .-1 N -- I' lililim ' - 2 " :J v, X a QR 3 Q ,-: x Q X 4 1 R Q S .X 3 Q.. X S i 3 i. Q ..- ,I-Caloezos, L., Cliapnik, I., -MRoore,g.-, gennings,RJ.,BS1fg1, gaiem, J., -Francis, J.,E GoggnAl?el,lIf4 ROW HJ- o wrn, W., Young, W., Beck, O., ayl, ., ungert, ., ec 1, ., eu a, J., Quinn, . Ferrerl, ,, Guernsey, J., Arnold, D., Culberlson, J., Ross, G., Pcsullin, W., Bagby, R., Nugen, E. ROW I-Commons, T., Young, G., Field, G., Weinbaum, S., Carr, R., Newman, D., King, woclc, C., Peacock, R., Kodish, S. ROW III son, J., Legg, C., Holfsclow, D., Dillon, O., Brown, J., Gasf, P., Fischer, F., Bernard, R., Infield, D., Dun, M., Brumifi, G., lipoff, B., VI-Balaun, E., Dolrymple, R., Boolrighl, F., 16 Graves, J., Pafalira, L., Chou, Y., Andrews, R., Snyder, R. ROW II- N., Bond, J., Reed, O., Galyean, W., McGlotl1lin, B., Parkins, D., Fell- -Kunze, R., Meggelin, H., Dalrymple, J., Moyer, C., Moeller, W., Ander- Wheeler, E. ROW IV-Read, P., Willer, R., Kehlmeier, R., Roland, E., Browne, W., Silliman, F., Crisf, D. ROW V-Benethum, D., Livezey, F., Feldmiller, B., Hoffman, J., Klockner, R., Heindel, D., Hamel, W. ROW Robe-rvs, J., Blackburn, J., Newsom, G., Boyd, J., Swan, W., Manry, J. And whot could be befier for study Thon Burnett Woods? Along wifh budding trees ond The first signs of Spring come The ort sfudenfs ond their drowing boords. .F Bw" :gen - .1 1 ' X my 4 V V V -- V -I V! 11, 1r',7,V- , V' lu, ' '7 vs. .- , . v V Y ' v f- .225 f 'ri :Sz Q f, ff ,. -ff? . 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' '1-'iff-5' 4:-"L ' - -H -4. f f'.L ... . fb .. Q..-'S' 5? ' ,. ff Q. f 'vi - --2 I 4+ . ' y'A:'f'J2I."' - -' . .... ' 4-eff? -fgfjaw ,J -12,21 , . . ff" if 5 rf 4 V .V 1"V . k .fir 1' "fig '- 'bf ,5.V?:V'51fk'Xg,--V ' , 54' -" ' I ' f . ",. 1' A. ,V r V V . 5-,D Vf.-, D' , . - N..- z,..Ag,,. 51" .-f'1'?g1. , ' I . ' ' I - '-297-. ff-A V 4 A -gav ' N V V ' VV V . 'Zvi Z . ? - i ' "' 'R' ' 9,5 ls. or X x J ' V' ,,,V ...L -f-Q' V ' V ,.....-... X A .--1-an-.,, ,ff "" "A'A VX ' I 'g"" ' f--.. as VV - VV UWM ,VV VV V V . I .u-.V,....fwV- "" VV . MEVSVVV V VW" W V ,Vi ,fd ...... ., '-s..r'.f "1ni--W--WV . .,. f - f 4.,,vu..f zz. .xr -wr 45 ' SQ. Edna Jane Woolsey captains the team of W.A.A. and Dottie Peacock calls the plays as Corresponding Secretary while Pat Haase assists as Vice President. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women's Athletic Association, better known as W.A.A., includes all the women on U.C.'s campus. The active members are girls who have participated in several of the activities which the association of- fers. The Board, composed of the officers elected by the active members plus the appointed heads of the different sports activities and committees, contributed their abilities to insure a fun-packed and interesting season. Edna Jane Woolsey, gavel in hand, has guided the group through a successful year which was climaxed on March 20th when approximately fifteen colleges participated in the annual Playday. The faculty advisors cannot be forgotten, for several husbands have been kept waiting while their wives have been busy with W.A.A. affairs. SEATED-Uvaas, D., Steinfeld, S., Worden, E., Peacock, D., Woolsey, E. J., Haose, P., Mueller, D., Zealley, M., Schelper, S. STANDING-Bertram, G., Keininger, D., Terry, I., Davis, M., Hughes, J., Spencer, M., Newland, F., Heisel, R. K ill , . 1 '1' i' i X l The W.A.A. year is divided into three maior seasons-fall, winter, and spring. While some sports are restricted to a specific season, others are carried on throughout the year. The W.A.A. tennis tournament was held in the fall this year because of the previous ex- perience with the rainy spring season. Cath- erine Jo Leis was the grand champion by nosing out Marilyn Retz, the defending champ, in an evenly matched set. Although no tournament was held in the spring, girls were always warming up their tennis rockets for the summer vacation. Hockey is exclusively a fall sport. Whether it was cold, hot, raining, or snowing, the hockey fans strapped on their shin guards, grabbed a hockey stick, and slid down the muddy embankment to the hockey field where they exerted all their energy running up and down the field after a little ball. After the girls had perfected their skill, other schools were challenged and met. ARETE T7 w L- , 'h - 5 E ,. -I Af- Q Vx'-, V f S 3, A in g Q ROW I-Welch, A., Westerkamm, B., Hughes, J,g Bertram, G. ROW Il-Haase, P4 Harris, E., Smith, R, CJ Banfield, B., Gardner, S. ROW III-Newland, F., Steinfeld, S., Zwiclc, R., Nagel, P.: Radenberg, E., Chambers, J. ,V ,.., i . -,w 'fi,Q v.. F 200 For girls carrying a major or minor in phy- sical education, Arete offers a well-rounded program. Raising money for scholarships, co-sponsoring the pep rally before the Mi- ami game, and helping with Playday are but a few of their many activifies. In the fall and again in the spring, all mod- ern Robinhoods were found drawing their bow strings and shooting their arrows into the air. ffff'f.22g5iif , ' X i f A - 'J-,TQ T-55 Nga. Softball is reserved for the spring season although rain limits the play a great deal. The spirit of all Cin- cinnati is reflected at the university when the girls grab a ball and bat and begin playing as soon as the season starts. Penguin Club is com- posed of the swimmers of W.A.A. Besides sponsor- ing class meets, the tradi- tional all-university splash parties, and the Playday swimming team, the club presented a swimming pageant at the close of the year. Marian Zeally was president. X t ri Qjl A, gg gq , ,.,, ,ti N,,t mx is "Shoot!" That was the familiar cry coming from the Women's gym during the winter months ot the basketball season. Competition among the leagues was keen and games were cheered on by the Tremendous enthusiasm of the teams and the sideline audiences. Inter- collegiate games were a big feature ot the season. With the practices and the varsity and intramural games, the gym was kept busy most ot the week. e vf .rii at 1 X i lxqgm' XX ti ii, 5 ,WN f O f fwf' U fr i A W1 fzqgxs M A xi. ff! i ' X tt l Fi K f i fi f X , ilu l xg! l i 'M XS! W 36 - f if s .X JSR gg , 5 7 -Q X If . if, is -fir, . it ll l.: 1 i NH 'I Q ., yi lfzl' xr 'Mbna H C L. VTDTIZL ., Dance Club with Glenna Bertram at the helm was conducted the year round and participated in several programs on the campus. Graceful and creative dancing replaced the sore muscles and strained ligaments that prevailed in the fall. "On guard!" When the fencing enthusiasts were practicing and acquiring the skill of the sport, these words circulated through the corri- dors of the Women's Building. Fencing was con- ducted during the winter season at the close ot which several intercollegiate matches were held. -- s x as K" H ix Every Thursday at the ROTC ritle range in the stadium, female sharpshooters attempted to meet the bull's eye with a well-aimed bullet, Intercollegiate matches were fired, although none were "shoulder to shoulder". One of the most popular tall sports was co-recreational volleyball. Combined sorority, fraternity, and independent teams competed strongly within their leagues and during the playeotts to win the honor of the championship. 203 viimt XA BASEBALL Ai . ji 1 . 'A U Yi- V jf " 4 . Jw- ' lv ..,x'1j,,'j -'se ':- 4.-3 'S-T'4 xi . iff'-5527" 5'4" 1 " . 'i. . .,.,-4-' 1 -V .gg-1 .'-e.e- . l ev -- 1 it . ' ' is ' My ,V . -- L... ,...-1---.N H- .I - . 3 , rv ,-::.::... , W:- . . ,gn .LJ I 3' I ' 1 r H' -5 " to ,xg N I , . -s f - --1 as - ' an 1 X-, . E N X I . 1 ..-,, yu ,,, 'HP ' , 5' "" -' " V F. -g hr xsfv. I se f' ' , J S 1 . '12 --rf' 4 - . , 1 . ' , as ,s- -' N 4 - .. ft., nr A J , 'B ' if' .- 1 ,sa . ' ' A0 1 ? 1 -, . I h 4 -- , N . Yr, 1 ,U Aj . 3 , ' ' ' 3 LA 4 S .- a ' ,, . V. . -if i al The Red and Black baseball aggregation ended the 1947 season with eight wins against eight defeats. The University of Kentucky Wildcats dropped two, as UC cinched the second game in the twelfth, 6-5. Xavier also took it on the chin twice, as Coach Bill Schwarberg's nine were too much for the Muskies in both hitting and fielding. UC went on a hitting spree against the Dayton Flyers, as the 'Cats smashed out 17 hits for a 15-6 triumph. The outstanding win of the season was the 8-7 decision against Eastern Kentucky, who were handed their first defeat in 12 outings. Cincinnati was probably at its poorest as they fell 10-1 before Ohio University, Miami fOhio1 outslugged the Bearcats to the tune of 9-5, while Wayne dropped UC twice, 17-9 and 5-4. Sluggers for the Red and Black were Joe Bargieri, who hit .395 and Owen Ernsthauser, who clubbed the horsehide for an average of .357. Tuck Asbury al- most entered the realm of .300 hitters with a .294 average. ROW I-Han m, H, Smyth, W., Dunning, C., Richards, A., Wannamuker, W., Huber, R., Edwards, G., Nickel, E., Schmadel, R., Brennan, D., Schworberg, W., coach, ROW II-Schoenhoft, R., Freeze, O., Barberi, J., Heine, H Kctenkamp, D., Orr,H., Ernsthauser, D., Wicke, A., Neumann, E., Phillippi, A, 1NN4 35" "1 505541 204 TRACK Soaring to new records in four events, the Bearcat track team split even in eight dual meets and placed eighth in the Ohio College Meet. Butler, Ohio U., Miami, and Wayne topped the Bearcats, while Earlham, Xavier, Western Re- serve, and Bowling Green fell victims to Coach O. M. Nikoloff's speedsters. Fred Redeker ended his tour of duty at UC by breaking the shot put record three times and the discus mark once. The new distances now stand at 47 feet, 'IS inches, and T35 feet, re- spectively. Redeker was honored at the end of the season by being elected team captain. Freshman Robert Briggs pounded to new marks twice over the two mile route, reaching the excellent time of 9:56.6. The old record, 10:Oi.i, had stood for 20 years. Bob Portune tied the UC standard of six feet, one inch in the high jump, only to see Chuck Perin establish a new record, bettering Portune's mark by one half inch. A consistent winner in the mile and half mile was Pat Groeniger. Other letter winners were sprinters Bill Fey and Richard Rothfuss, quarter and half miler Howard Higgins, pole vaulter Tom Francis, weight man Rex Hamersley, and hurdler Willard Stargel. Coach Nikoloff believes that his 1947 aggre- gation would have shown well against any track team he has ever coached in his long stay at old McMicken. Q .-M.-f ,-P . X ,N .X ' ws- 'W 'Q .... s mf V,. ,. i , Q, y 2+ ga QS! gs. E15 ff, F- ' KY . ii fitiia ' if ""' D M '- f 'i--efg"' 5 .'T'..'I'53 -4 " Mr . 1 Q s-sig: . . , , 1 vi A , ' K Pg . ' if st T' t y K gy g N1-r..,,4,f V ' -,. A 1947 Track Results UC OPPONENTS 53 213 73 Butler iOl 2f3 29 Earlham i 12 15 Xavier 60 62 Ohio U. 92 U2 36 Western Reserve 38 93 Miami 43 86 Wayne 67 U3 54 Bowling Green Tomi 568 116 449 ---. .. . .. ,- 'Qs-. , ' 5, .qi 1 . , 3 tiff- -is + T. I Q'-H: if f, .,, i ,A .Z ., .- :E , ff X A 'gf s 9.sNv-Y . X MV . - cl ' 4 N h, . mx' WO' - x PM 205 1 .- V . 4. ir' ,--ws. , In the center of the campus stands old McMicken Hall. For the past few years it has served as headquarters for the Veterans' Ad- ministration and as "home, sweet home" for many of the campus vets. Soon, however, McMicken will be replaced by its long-promised successor, a new and more modern building. INTER DORM COUNCIL ROW I-Kurtz, J., Patclito, L, Torrisi, C, Alderman, W. ROW II-Pusateri, S. C., Wegener, G., Mc' Dougall, C. Lp Gustafson, G4 Chou, Y, L 5 'fu fro Lr- -W bw,-sv E: fc' .Y N t YI-f' P.. , 5 sfx, I Q? ,vi f 3 gil-1 1 .miie - , VI 11.-'fy ,P '. 4 ljtftjifli il 9 . X f' GX f! T Ccach Brigham looks over the schedule with Manager Irv Behrendt and Player Aron Weinstein. Charles Brigham has successfully piloted the Red and Black netmen to many hard fought victories during the last two decades, the high point, he admits, being the outstanding 1947 year. The congenial tennis mentor was born and attended high school in West Boylston, Massachusetts. Although concentrating on the base- ball diamond during his pre-college days, he captured two tennis letters while attending Clarke University. His coaching career be- gan while teaching in a Baltimore boy's school. A iump to Cincinnati in 1925 was quickly followed by Mr. Brigham's appointment as tennis coach in 1927. Thorgny Haanes Norman Appel TENNIS Much credit for the Bearcat's great year on the tennis courts should go to the top three netmen. Leading the versatile racquet weilders, Marshall Chambers graduated from Walnut Hills High School where he was state singles champ two successive years. Born in Sweden, Torgny Haanes held down the two position last year. Crowned National Juniors Double Champ in Oslo, Thorgny completed his first collegiate year at UC in fine style. Alvin Bunis, a graduate of University School, Cincinnati, completes the star studded trio. Coping the District High School Championship in 1940, Al now is ranked third in the Ohio Valley and will be the only letterman not returning for the 1948 season. Charles Thomas nt ff NN 1 1. . f u H' . an iv - v.. A g,.,Yf.?-' gv 'liao' A ' . : A-.. 4151+ "1 - .. . .Q-' 1 - 4 ' , A tr. 1 4 " it-..- 21 . r' 4- 4. .514 ,ar , . 6-SSAP' ,1 1 . L A 206 .J -- -SST".-: Ni ,f'x v S 'Qi .4 KNEELING-Behfendf, i., Hensley, R., til' Thomas, C., Appel, N. + STANDING-Spiller, E., Bunis, A., Q Haanes, T., Chambers, M., Weinstein, A., Coach Brigham. E 2 S 2 h lx 9 K V1 l '. 1212: 5. S ' Reef ' ee If -:-,tru iam, -. "-. 5.9-.-ue' x -." -. " "'-, -. Marshall Chambers in V' 5' , -'4!" '9 'llfaltilf J! 235592: 51 1 ' mf, , 5 t .., gwwqv-H+ . ,N . ., I 7? . - 1 I N , i ,- If ...,-.,r ,Ji X Va, X ' ik Q l ' 'P' '- , ' Us 5 ' ' LK! v U. 4. - if W ' .f J- . 1' Q . . S I 'fx X l ,4,.5.-f-on..aM- Q" qw X- . V , I Si .'R'Q'.5 as g r tr . s , , , , sf- ,f - sw, Q-,jfr ' N., W -ii Q'- 'HA , Q- 5 K, .iq ,., 1 .gt ,:.x .....Q: Q ' - X.. w 'ass W v , Q, ,h ,,,.,.QNr fs his ' B f ,J N 1 1+ ss X , sc ff.. 2 fe ' 's S 5 , xg . c K Q S l , 3 X 3 x NNQW l ii L- Enioying one ot its most successful seasons, the Uni- versity ot Cincinnati tennis squad emerged victorious in eleven matches while dropping one to Michigan State. Coached by Charles Brigham, the Red and Black reached a high in their victories by a 5-4 decision over the de- fending Big Nine champs, the University of Illinois. Traveling to Michigan, the Bearcats, led by Captain Marshall Chambers, were nosed out by the Michigan State Spartans, and then went on to stroke their way to victories over Detroit, Wayne, Western Michigan, and Kalamazoo. With Thorgny Haanes at the No. 2 spot-Al Bunis at the No. 3 slot-and Norman Appel, Charley Thomas, and Ernie Spiller holding down the other three positions, the 'Cats smashed their way to new heights. Berea, Kentucky, Butler, Kenyon, Xavier, and Miami fell to UC as they ended a great year on the courts. 207 "' x . -1 K-. .--el 4 With Captain Ken Baldridge scoring heavily in the Sabre and Foil and Herb Reisenfeld piling up points in the Sabre and Epee, the Bearcat fencers displayed excellent talent in upsetting their favored opponents. Bill Ungard, Don Poynter, Bob Freemont, and Mike Cunningham are others who showed well tor old McMicken. With all these men returning, UC should be represented next season by one of the finest squads in recent years. ROW I-Cunningham, D. M., Baldridge, K. P., Stoll, L., Ungard, W., Perdomo, L. ROW II-Poynter, D, Reisenleld, H., Hutchings, C. M., Roeder, A. J., Fremont, R, FENCING With only three lettermen returning from last year's squad, the Bearcat fen- cers got off to a slow start, dropping their first three matches. Under the able tutelage of Dr. C. M. Hutchings, how- ever, the Red and Black seemed to have hit their stride by mid-season, when they emerged victorious over Kentucky Uni- versity and Antioch College on consecu- tive weekends. Lack of experience coupled with some excellent opposition from the swordsmen of Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Wayne University, proved disastrous tor the Cincymen in the early season com- petition. f: i x N-N-.0 208 YF' as '29 X .ssc Campus elections: the sideshow of student life. For weeks before the students deposit their lists of favor- ites in the ballot box, they are confronted with a litter ot propaganda. Posters ot everything from babies to gorillas paper the walls and ceilings ot the Union and Girll, while slogans appear at every turn from Wilson to the "Y". Smiles, kisses, cigars-you never know what will greet the innocent bystander during the vicious campaigning. "May the best man win," snears every candidate, and with the arrival ot Honor Day new "B, M. O. C.'s" spring up to take their places with the campus "greats." fs ,Ai 209 QYEE -CSQ' 2' CAMPUS POLITICS 6 .fnaigzozci - fs? l xx ' i S 1 s gay! ' Q, M-1 Aff- MTE :X 'egg 'X 19. .4-sf? we +- Gordon "Moe" Reed holds the reigns of the Junior Class. His duties are light- ened by Vice President Pom Barry. Dick Hcxrper odds the presidency of the Senior Class io his lengthy list of activities, while Jean Hock shores honors os the Vice President. STUDENT COUNCIL K l l MQ? l iff Q! jr C, l 3 ff'-Igiglfiig Y' ' A 'r MS 'cfs Ask Activities of Student Council touch all or- ganziations on campus. Their Grievance Committee is available to every student. It allows the men and women to air their gripes on any subiect, from campus politics to five quizzes on the same day. Since every student constitution on campus must be submitted to the Council for ratifica- tion, it indirectly controls the policies of these groups. In the spring a loose-leaf, mimeo- graphed booklet was printed, in which the constitutions of all the groups appeared in full. So that changes might be recorded, the loose-leaf form was adapted. How much money is allotted to each or- ganization from the Student Activity Fund is a very important aspect of the Council's ac- tivities. By working out this budget, each group is assured of its share of this fund. When elections turn up in the spring it is the Student Council that manages them fairly so that all the offices are not held by a minority of the students, a revised point system for activities has been completed. Appointments of the editor and business manager of all student publications by the Board of Publica- tions must be approved by the Council, whose influence is felt by everyone on the U.C. cam- pus. Student Council meetings are called to order by Ray Wuerth who is aptly assisted by Sally Cortright, the vice president, Jenny Schmid, the secretary, and Bill Castellini, treasurer. . , V? W I-Wengler, E., Cortri ht, S., Koch, G., Schmid, .l.g Wuerth, R. T7 ".'i.". N Q., . "S 9 ROW Il-Spade, L., Castellini, W., Nenninger, N., Murphy, G4 Green, B., Ramsey, A RO R St ht th W d d R W Ill-Kipp, .g ic eno , ., Ree , Cv., Graham, B., Woo Chief among George Koch's many activities was his presidency of the Student Council, one of the highest offices that a student can obtain. His varied duties and individual pro- lects included a seat on the Board of Publica- tions, Student Council. committee appoint- ments, the responsibility of seeing that these committees function properly, and a plan for better seating of the students at the football games. Until his entrance into Law School, he served as president of Student Council from the fall at l947. George Koch is one U.C. product of whom Alma Mater can be justly proud. 213 ws. f fs c, N c S - , K . we: c X is NX .N L, ' fix' K: fs X. A 1 i ex x X . If :f f ,"'n v WOMEN'S W SENATE R : Q 2 . Q. 1 ' 'Z-7' 4QV X ROW I-Koop, J., Green, B., Schmid, J., Silver, F. ROW II-Vollmon, J., Bord, S., Nober, J, Bridges, D., Sadler, C. ROW III-Hughes, J.g Woolsey, E., Kumpf, M., Dick, L., Connolly, M. The Women's Senate is under the able leadership of Betty Greene, the president. Jenny Schmid, the vice-presi- dent, Nancy Nenninger, the treasurer, Carol Lee Arnold, the corresponding secretary, and Jean Koop, the recording sec- retary, enable Betty to perform her duties more efficiently. All coed organizations on the campus of U.C. place a representative, usually its president, on Women's Senate. This senate finds coordinating Women's activities to be an all yeor job. The second-hand bookstore in the Student Union is run by members in order to aid the scholarship fund headed by Katherin Ingle, Dean of Women. A strawberry breakfast to honor graduating seniors is given in June, and the Senate also supports Wig Wag and Junior Advisors. This year Women's Senate sponsored Lady Reading, from England, who toured the United States this past winter. Lcldy Reading spoke on the subject of England during and directly after the blitz of 1940-41 and England at the present time. 214 Men's Senate is composed of the chosen representatives from most men's organizations on campus. The Senate, along with Women's Senate and Jun- ior Advisors, plans the Orientation Program for freshmen. Acting as aid to the Orientation Board, the Men's Senate plans the freshmen men's orientation, co- operating with the campus YMCA in the matter of Freshmen Mixers. A leader- ship proiect, which is to be an annual affair, was started this year and featured leading speakers in the field of business. A pep rally for spring sports is spon- sored by the Senate which also handles all men's organizations except those controlled by the faculty or Student Council. On Honor Day in May a plaque is given to the outstanding men's organization on campus, for which honor ASME and Metro tied last year. Reactivation of the "C" Club was the outstand- ing achievement of the Senate this year. Executive Board, made up of the Sen- ate officers and two members at large, initiate the policies of Men's Senate. t 5 xxx W I-Wood, R., Sonnenberg, F., Hatterschide, R., Smith, V., Stuewe, H., Garties, J. W ll-Lorenz, T., LoCamero, R. G., Dugan, F., Puullin, W., Reed, G., Waddell, J., Eicher, H. ROW Ill-Huber, R., Glenn, D., Lodwiclx, R., Gray, G., Alderman, W. Gordon Reed, the president of the Men's Senate, is efficently assisted by Bill Paullen, the vice-president, and Bob Cor- coran, the secretary-treasurer. Bob is as- sisted by Dave Glenn. 215 MEN'S SENATE ll fc 2. 'Q X A x l R S ll xg X w X . lm ., XA ,T , ,img . .+ve Vw! AST ,f 1 , 53 lr, l V A L' xi T K NX N Mc f ll --- - . Q51 T T ""'xX .gig l 1 ft Q1 ' 4, T Q. ? A w cl Z. QSFTJLA w W ,h FX ,Y ,K . , L ku R img 3 it f. l I if xv' , 'ak ' -klvlxyx lb Of- gi V -X ,li X -QT - . I' k - gy., ,Y e f L, -3, M Y ,gb X G5 , "qi, T f ,i ,j s - ,W T few ,s L ufrr4..:imL I Q Q, ' - , ,A ff 'N ' V e l i W ' " TV L L gs j it Vl Mfg , T ? Q 1 - f 5 - rr 4 N! QT Till f , C 5.51.35 he ' ? f ' ffm It has been a long while, a heck of a long while, since we traded in an old fatigue for a pink apron, and a quonset hut for a cottage for two. Things are finally looking up and life is beaming again-almost. It's still a tough grind and all uphill to that Degree, but we're getting there diaper by diaper. The honeymoon is over, and we are somehow squeezed into a 5x5 pre-fab without a southern exposure. Living in a cheese box isn't all cheese, but we had plenty of laughs along with cramped muscles. The old saying about there always being room for one more has been replaced by the comforting thought that there isn't even room for a mother-in- law! That amazing new soap sensation had to be replaced by something that didn't full the whole house at the first sudsing. The large economy size toothpaste gave way to the small extravagant tube that does so much to the S90 and a prayer that we live on. Holidays are the most fun of all. Our turkey had to be the size of an under-fed sparrow to fit in the oven, and even then its beak hung out. Christmas offered even more problems-we had no fireplace. After listening to the craziest explanations, Junior really believed that Santa Claus would come in through the ceiling ventilator, but it was hanging the stockings under the kitchen sink that really threw him. A New Year's Eve at jammed Fountain Square had nothing on our crowded living room as we rubbed elbows with our next-door neighbors. Homework was done under the dripping diaper line, and these were written while we burned John- son's "midnight" Baby Oil. And to coin a phrase, "Home was always like this!" T8 i t I 4 ROW I-Boclnholt "Blotz g Stueve "Blau", Crozier "Blotz"p Strubbe, "Blutz"g Hi. 4590, Richards, "Blatz", Moore, "Blutz"g Nolting, "Blcitz". ROW II-Blotz, T. Llrvmgig Blatz 1Cookietg Blctz LPcperl, Blotz Lcoochlg Blotz KFooplg Blotz tgooselg Blutz, Ihorsel, Blatz, lHowieJ, Blutz tBc1ldyHp Blotz B . ROW Ill-Blotz iBuIl2, Blotz iAce5 Blotz lLegslg Blotz tlwirlslg Blatz tBurgerJg Blutz tBrucksJ, Blatz !Bumpyl, Blutz CMoelg Blotz tHoustonJ. ULEX Comes a pause-and the dance floor suddenly stands still, crowded with people who anxiously await the big moment of the evening-"Ulex se-lects." Out ot the evanescent mists of the empyrean, waited on the billowy zephyrs, leaping the impermeable abyss to dash itself against the fairy softness, came the murmur, "Ah, ha! What hast thou there?" And incom- municably mournful sighed the answer "Razberrahs." And so, limited against the incarnadined nebulae, they taded and were gone, austerely permeated with the myrrhy fragrance-aspiring ever-fading never. Such was our mission. Bob Siekman wields the gavel in one of the more active organiza- tions on campus. He is assisted by Byron Kee, who didn't know at the time of this writing, and probably still doesn't know, that he is vice-president, Fred Nathanson, the secretary, Dick Schmodel, the treasurer, and "Legs" Legaley. 216 BOATRIDE Deep in the memory ot all is one of the most an- cient ot U.C.'s customs-the Ulex Boat Ride, filled with "summoning" set to the music ot whistling calliope and supplimented with the activity of those who are pinned, others who are iust plain lucky, and the rest who waste their time dancing. Little did we know that the spring of '47 was to be the last ot such outings for quite some time. For it was the "fatal tall" of the same year that saw the Queen on her last journey of merry-making and folly. Pittsburgh was the scene ot the explosion that ended the days ot the Island Queen, and brought to a close a chapter ot rhythm and sway ot a grand old boat that "whooped" her way up the Ohio. Many found their explorer's blood being aroused as they wandered in and out of the Captain s bridge tink ering with the paraphernalia there. Others were iust looking for a but of privacy and a topic ot conversation as they examined the ship's bell or scurried below deck. 7? 'F All work seems to pile up, especially dur- ing the spring of the year when midnight oil burns brightly along Publications' Row. A pattern of work seems to be the theme when various staffs are catching up on their dreaded deadlines. BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS At the monthly meetings of the Board of Publica- tions problems of the various publications are dis- cussed. This group formulates the policies of the stu- dent organs of expression on campus, and in the spring chooses the editor and business manager of all publications. This committee is made up of the heads of the "Cincinnatian", "News Record", and "Profile", two representatives from Student Council, Dean Auburn, Professor Sharroclc, and Mr. DeCamp. The very high rating in national competition that U.C.'s publications are awarded testify to the com- non sense of the Board's decisions. SEATED AROUND THE TABLE ARE Wilbur Adams, Earl Cogan, Elmer Ru hl P o h g N D C R h d H e e amp, ic ar arp r. 219 FU! i ' s ev i i " . T7 . lkll ' , 3 ROW l-Stant, L., Miller, L. l., Behrendt, I., Murphy, G., Crozier, C., Byers, M., Mclnlosh, R. ROW Il-Lorenz, W., Sheppard, J., Fleming, J., Hauser, H., Schucln, J., Kienast, D., Heller, J., Stueve, B., Wolff, F. ROW Il!-Pritchett, C., Baker, J., Vollmon, J., Evans, C., McHugh, P., Pontius, B., Dangel, J., Runge, M., Lawton, H. ROW IV-Meyer, M. J., Perry, B., Rauh, M., Francq, D., Schneider, S., Hemmert, R., Mueller, D., Stichtenoth, W. ROW V-Bohnenkamper, R., McDevitt, L., Evans, D., Bauman, R., Salisbury, R., Kasey, J., Mueller, R., Gold, B., Pease, B. The Monday afternoon confusion of the News Record office is due to that fabu- lous slave-driver, the deadline. Pity the poor embryo iournalist as he tries to type the story that he chased around campus all day, interrupted every ten minutes with amaz- ing regularity. The copy is finally in, the ads set up. Proofreading, hurried calls to the printer, the discussions on the problems of white space, all adding to the noise of the typewriter, help to convey the illusion of work. Finally, the week's work is done, the edition is in the printer's hands, and the various staffs retire to Ship's for a brew. J. Howard Frazer, Editor Elmer Ruehlmann, Business Manager fun, I ,T - A 220 NEWS RECORD EDITOR ...,.....,.. .........., J . Howard Frazer ASSOCIATE EDITORS ..... Hank Hauenstein, Sam Schapiro SPECIAL ASSISTANTS-Neil Sinclair, Dick Remke, Floyd Shorts and Patty Speckman Editorial Editor., .............,.....,,.,......,..... Gerry Murphy Stall-Bob Rosenbaum, Dick Salisbury, Phyllis Morse, John Fuhrmon Feature Editor ...................,..,....,....,...... Marcia Byers Staff-Ruth Hemmert, Jody Schuclc, Bob Donnelly, Al Batik, Joan Way and Sue McDevitt News Editor .,,.....,.....,..,....,........,..,...,... Burt Pease REPORTERS-Joyce Baker, Joan Dangel, Seth Dingley, Helen Hauser, Jim McDevitt, Bob Mclntosh, Wes Mysonhimer, Joan Scharnhorst, Joyce Sheppard, Louis Stant, Clint Van Pelt, Joan Sue Snoddy, Shirley Schneider, Barbara Perry, Marty Rauh and Shirley Matter Sports Editor ......,...,.......,,..............,..... Irv Behrendt Pat Baisseau, Stan Cohen, Elliot Wolff, Larry Herman, Tom Eicher, Janet Hughes and Jerry Teller Stuff Photographer .,.,..,,,,..,.........,.,...,. , , .Bob Yamin Staff-Ferd van der Veen and Sid Carson Art Editor, .....,.....,. . ..,..,.,,.,.............. Charles Crozier Staff-Warren Stichtenoth and Bill Whittelcer Exchange Editor .......,..,,.,.,,.,.................. Lloyd Miller Copy Editors-Dove Evans, Bob Riegert, Jean Heller, Helen Lawton, Martha Runge, Bill Ward, Carolyn Evans, Charles Douglas, Jim Hopewell, Shirley Wewer and .Ioan Fleming Proof Editors-Dot Kienast, Dick Bahnenlcamper, Wally Lorenz, Bernice Pontius and Don Koeniglrramer Secretaries ..,.. ........,..,... M ary Jane Meyer and Barbara Macht Advanced Reporters-David Singer, Paul Truit, John Davis and Bob Wiot BUSINESS MANAGER ......... H...ELMER RUEHLMANN Staff-Catherine Stewart, William Brewer Circulation Manager .....................,.......,..... Jean Koop Staff-Pat Boisseau, Stan Cohen, Charles Stix, Elliot Wolff, Jim Cordes, Larry Herman, Tom Eicher, Janet Hughes, Lou Gallop, John Siegle, Jerry Teller 1 Xe xv Q . - Ti, s.. 'gil' ii ,V - - : -sg., - yrs-gif Gerry Murphy. Hanlc Hauenslein, Burt Pease Q Zia 1 Q, z 3 f x. 1?ffl isis tl be .Z -v- iid Cvf wc-Q Jamming every corner of the Cincinnalicn office, the staff finds everything from laughs to headaches. J I 1 I l . i f' I ' . XXXJ' f -...4 if 'X - N-' " 41 3 I GNONNAHAN EDITOR ............ ...,.. R ICHARD HARPER ASSOCIATE EDITORS ,, .. .Betsy Porter, Jean Heller Art Editor ..... . ................,..,.,......... Warren Stichtenoth Staff. ...... M. Andraudg B. Dietz: B. Hagenbuchg J. Hughes: R. Marting J. Muellerp B. Ryan: P. Shaferg B. Stueveg P. Tyler. Cortoonist ....,.. .. . . ..... ........ . . .Charles Crozier Copy Edi1'or.... ................. ....... .,......,. M a rcia Byers Staff .........., M. L. Albersp M. Anderson: J. Bates: L. Davis: H. Hauserg A. Hoffmang L. Laebg B. Machtg R. Muellerg S. Plossg B. Smarty L. Stithg J. Stratemeyer. Photography Editor ,... ............... ................. P a ul Krone Staff .......... 5. Carsang B. Jacksong 5. Schneiclerg D. Stuart: B. Whiftelxer Senior Editor ....... Amendolara Staff ........ .... F . Colwellg G. Darvesg E. Hurtf B. Millerp J. Schuff Sports Editor .... .. .............................. Charles Stix Staff. .. .... l. Behrendtp T. Eichery M. Fogelg D. Mueller lndex Editor.. .........,........................ Nancy Eilers Typists ...... ........ M . Aglemesisg B. Greenwalclg S. Reutery J. Wright BUSINESS MANAGER. . . ..... ...EARL COGAN Assistant Business Managers ..., .... C harles Becker, Kurt Wohl Advertising Managers.. ............ ..... J ody Howison, Harriet Biery Staff ....... .... F . Buecheg P. Jonesg L. Kirschnerg D. Miller ,.,. . if 222 b gffawfffffwfm wwf, fvffd-V!!! L 3 Q"" Q 'asf :Ei ROW l-Krone, P., Byers, M,, Amendolara, T, J, Howison, J, Shafer, P, Stichenoth, W, Heller, J, Porter, B ROW ll-Albers, M L, Mueller, D, Tyler, P, Darves, G, Schuff, J, Hart, E, Andraud, M, Calwell, F ROW Ill-Schneider, S, Smart, B,, Hughes, J, Wo.1l, K A, Whittaker, W R, Fogel, M, Anderson, M C, Belirunzlt, I ROW IV-Mueller, R, H., Hofmann, A., Loeb, L, Becker, C., Elcher, T,, Mueller, J, Warren, F The lights burning in the Cincinnatian office every so often to the small hours are merely an indication of the Cincinnatian staff's "deadline days"-and nights. Looking around for the wandering members of the copy staff and finding them in serious de- bate on the international situation, the exasperated copy editor gets only the answer -"Copy-what Copy? Oh, that-I thought that you said it wouldn't be due for another two or three weeks". The art editor finds that the people who were supposed to be cutting pictures have taken up the art of cutting paper dolls. The business of attach- ing the right names to the right faces, checking, rechecking, dialing, arranging, re- hashing-it goes far into the night. Earl Cogan, Business Manager Dick Harper, Editor :sr Ei :.z QS, . 1 , if F 3 ,. g 5 i' ' ij' ' "af . 'AJ' I L ' 4 5 ? T7 Q I N O X ' x .N I is-ni-s. .. 1 Sf ' ' X ,H , N . M V X , ..-. 1 , .lk . , , XX -' 223 vs 1' I t , i I t 5 i..,,. l T' C' ,J 0? ROW I-Wahl, K., Laib, R., Zulterman, B., Stalley, A, ROW II-Mueller, D., Reuter, S., Vollman, J., Schaffner, J., Deckert, A ROW lll-Freidenheim, J., Aschendorf, I., Schilmeister, G., Hu hes, J., Coburn, R., Fremont, R, 9 ROW IV-Lorenz, T., Seaman, H., Brown, C., Mueller, R., Patalita, L., Braun, F., Zeidman, G. COOPERATIVE ENGINEER Staff members gather around Editor Alex Stolley to com- plete their plans for the spring issue. KW Now in its twenty-sixth year of publication, "The Cooperative Engineer" has gained national promin- ence for itself through its articles and layout. Last year, to celebrate its twenty-fifth year, the staff pub- lished articles and pictures from its first edition in 1922. Published quarterly by and for the Engineer- ing students, the magazine features special articles of interest-Quadrangle Sidelites fgossip columnl and new products in the field of engineering. At least once a year, the staff has a general get-together. The first of this year's round was held in the Rath- skeller of Roselawn Tavern sometime in the early part of December. The "exploring" parties had a gay time finding out what held up the building, but were frustrated in their attempts to find out the con- tents of strange and solidly locked rooms. Many past staff members also appeared on the scene and were welcomed into the fold after "proper" introductions were made. l rf ROW l-Jacobs, J, Ticlboll, J., Frost M,, McCartney, J, Adams, W, Q-' E 2 ROW ll-Donnelly, P, Schleyer, M., Hernmert, R., Aman, A, Scharfenberger, I., Bailey, R. Once again the "Profile" has changed hands in the middle of the stream so to speak. This shuffling of staffs occurred early enough in the year to give the new editor plenty of time to burn the mid-night oil, and the Spring issue went to press on time. An over abundance of good material has kept the Pro- file in the eyes of the public this year. Originality flows to a maximum in the office at the end of "Publications Row". The magazine had come a long way since it first started out as a little literary pam- phlet a quarter of a century ago, and the way things look today, it's still travelling a well-paved road to bigger and better "Profiles" in the months and years to come. Intent on Gerry Murphy's spring issue layo Jacobs, and Irv Scharfenberger, Pkg lv 'ali s i A 'S 5: 'ci X X ut are PROFILE re! L, tt' r N-ik , - ,Y , l I ,512 Q ' ,K sf' 5 s 1 I t ,Q s u .,., g gc M' P7' l .X ' 's"1Qi'fi'1iz N1-' 5551 1E?L':2l1 .xi - . :fix-L' A if? ' ' ' ' . 1. E - I ,I '- - ' i:if..::,. is . . .,.. . wr"-2 K 5 I f -K.,,m.,,,,4f X -i Q ROW l-Eggensperger, M., Smith, V., Frame, S., Nutini, M., Bary, R. ROW ll-Happy, P, Gunderman, C., Shafer, P., Hemmest, R., Smith, M. wh Q l ROW Ill-Mueller, R., Stuewe, H.: Lloyd, J.g Molloy, H.p Miller, J., Paullin, W., Havlin, R. STUDENT DIRECTORY Smiles are in order os Margaret Smith, Joyce Sheppard, Claire Gunder- mcin, Shirley Frame, and Jean Miller find themselves nearing the com- pletion of another Student Directory. ,rl Immediately after tall registration, the Dean of Men's and Dean of Women's offices were overrun by a horde of wild-eyed students armed with pen and paper. After the smoke of confusion had cleared, these same students could be seen behind a pile of registration cards, wielding the pen to the cards and pausing every few moments to ponder over a particularly "tough" one. "Let's see, is that a two or a . . . no, it looks like a three." "Hand me the phone book, will you?" 'Do you think we'll have all these copied by the time Section Il registers?" "Any- body got some more cards?" and so on, into the woning hours of the afternoon. After going through various stages of writer's cramp and eye strain, the cards were typed and sent to the printer's, from which emerged the "Little Red Book"-the l947-1948 Stu- dent Directory, with approximately 7,500 names in it. A lot of work had gone into the making of this small book that no real "operator" would be found dead without. SIGMA SIGMA At the close of the lnterfraternity Sing and during the half of the Miami game, Sigma Sigma summoned seven men. The new members are Robert Bauman, Bert Bauer, Charles Crozier, Robert Fenlon, Allen Richards, Robert Siekman, and John Strubbe. Sigma Sigma's Thanksgiving game pep rally has become as much of a tradition at U.C. as their Carnival, and it never fails to raise the spirit of all at U.C. 1898 Walter Eberhardt Robert Humphreys Parke Johnson Russell Wilson 1899 Charles Adler 1900 Adna lnnes 1901 Henry Bentley Andrew Hickenlooper Smith Hickenlooper 1902 Coleman Avery Hugh Bates Earl Gold Stanley Granger Edwin Hutchins Robert E, Kreimer Charles Peters William Probasco Stuart Walker 1903 Albert Baker Eustace Boll William Fillmore Edgar McAllister Harvey Shepard William Strietmann 1904 Robert Buck Lester Collier Adolph Fennel Carl Gantvoort Walter Heintz Howard Jones Villie Kirkpatrick 1905 Bert Lyon Fred Mehlhope Paul Richardson Colvin Skinner Arthur Wadsworth 1906 Frank Buchanan Robert Caldwell Edward Forbes Alfred Kreimer Walter Shafer Curtis Williams Frank Wilson 1907 Edward Hurley Thomas Kite Walter Markworth Brown McGill Robert O'Connell Frank Payne 1908 Merwin Aultman Norman Conway Fred Flach William Foley Bates Williams 1909 Hayward Ackerson Ernest DuBroy Fred Hooker William Kite Edward Rowe Charles Williams 1910 Ted Hyndman Walter Heuck 1911 Cliff Porter Hall Alden Hart Ralph McComa. James Taylor 1912 Harry Buchanan William Hall Lesley Johnson Wm. F. Mitchell Vance Towler 1913 Richard Goettle Robert Heuck, Sr Walter O. Hill Chester Klein John Moescher 1914 William Engdahl Chauncey Hand Jerome Howard Bert Stonsbury John Sheriff Chauncey Tilden Neil Wright 1915 Leonard Boehr Arthur Gordon Norman Kohlhopp Norman Lyon 1916 Howard Behle Victor Fischbach Henry Hoppe Roy Palmer Harold Payne Harold Porter John Reece Edward Robinson Herbert Schroth 1917 William Ellis Karl Hetsch Coroll Lewis Joseph Morris, Sr. James Pease Boyle Richardson Anton Schneider 1918 Harold Altomer Walter Hoehnle Herbert Jones Carl Lund Carl Markgraf William Myers Carl Rogert Millard Romaine Harold Tolcott Earl Widau 1919 Howard Justice Edgar Powers Bradley Roberts Herbert Winans Francis Wright 1920 Robert Dorsey Cornelius Petzhold Allred Wenzel 1921 Hugh Bowen Willard Breiel Carlton Brown Carl Frey Edward Meyer Philip Meyers Cyrus Osborn 1922 Edgar Coons Chose Davies Daniel Fries Edward Gabriel Allison ldeson Arthur McClure Howard Metzger Robert Sarvis Frederick Schierloh Wylmer Scott Edw. Strietelmeier Robert Todd Edward Wagner Randall Walker 1923 James Beaman Lewis Gregory John Harrod W. C. Havelaar Rcssiter Hobbs Ellsworth Ireland Joe Linneman James Nippert Mike Palmer John Petzhold 1924 Nathan Backman Walter Becker Ben Bryant Morton Francis John Heizer Robert Hynes Oliver Rhodes Ed Roth 1925 Lynne Barber George Bradner Warren Marvin Anthony McAndrews Louis Nippert William Schmid Kelly Siddall 1926 Fred Berger Charles Franklin Edwin Levi James Paisley Weesley Schmid 1927 John Bachman Harry Franklin Richard Jervis Robert Maddux 1928 Richard Bryant Arthur Fennekohl Albert Mayer Ronald West 1929 Evan Chatfield Ellis Crawford Richard Dial Daniel Eorley Daniel Laurence 1930 Charles Adams Harry Anderson Richard Bolton Thomas Clifton Donald Crane Frnka Dost Richard Franz John Gayman Jack Grieshaber William Hammond Ralph Holterhoff William Nieman Frank Owens 1931 Bradford Allin William Berwanger Harold Bohl Ralph Bursiek Frank Chandler Robert Gowdy Erle Hanson Paul Heckel Silverius Kunz William Leach Lawrence Levi Carl Muth Earl Soesbe Herbert Starick Richard Steves Fred Tower 1932 William Atkinson Herbert Brown Walter Conner Erwin Wolfson Richard Dexter Duncan Frame John Griffiths Paul Grischy Arthur Hallett Phillip Heil William Hill Ed Lidseen Carlton Lunsford 227 at I Louis Mendel Robert Nou David Porter Harry Robe Edward Simrall Nathan Salinger Dan Tobin Alon Walsh Robert Wright 1933 Mel Berstein Ged Brown David DeVore Robert Galbraith William Gilliland Clifford Goldmeyer Wm. Groppenbocher Fred Hoehler Robert Johnson Kosciusko Kemper Bernard Levin Louis Levy Sidney Mullikin Leon Saler George Smith Gordon Strauss Robert White Carl Williams 1934 Carl Austing Robert Eogen Robert Hoefer George Kramer George Levengood Fred Pressler Donovan Sayrs Victor Strauss Walter Tuttle 1935 James Cook Harry Duncan Donald Gilbert John Hellebush William Lloyd Clyde Nou Kenneth Parker Frank Purdy William Rhanie Wayne Rich Russell Towers Larry Trome Wilbur Wright 1936 Robert Bachmeyer John Findlay Jack Kee-fe Walter Knocke Charles Weichert Harry Wilkerson Ralph Yoeger 1937 Douglas Day William Feldhaus Larry Gibboney Charles Gillett vos'oo Ralph Grace Robert Heuck, Jr. Charles Milcham Clifford Mueller Gordon Orr 1938 Robt, Ricdenbender Milton Brooks Rick Campbell Robert Dalton Bill Ferguson Robert Kamp Bud Kelchner Frank Molloy Wes Newkirk Richard Powell Jed Small Charles Salou 1939 Ed Alexander Roger Anderson Lloyd Gysin Joe Lowry Bill Pettit Roger Van Schoyck 1940 Sid Friedman Charles Grimm Robert Kreimer William Parchman Kenneth Pitt Marty Scheider Merrill B. Van Pelt 1941 Mac Benedict Fred Daniell James Fuller Kenneth Heuck William Kelchner Ellis King Joe Morris, Jr, lloyd O'Hara Nick Skorich Ray Virgin 1942 Richard Anderson Jack Bode John Bedway Linus Haby Elbert Nickel Verne Ullom 1945 Kenneth Guise Richard Hanford Gordon Hughmark Leonard Klusman Kenneth Miller Albert Strasser 1946 R, A. Cromer Fred Ebeling Bob Kraushor George Koch Bob Sarsfield Bill Smyth SIGMA SIGMA CARNIVAL Highly scented cofeds leave the glitter of the Alpha Chi Omega perfume booth, I se, NH , I,Jh is "Take a chance, its only one Thin dime. You can'T lose!" As These crys echo Throughout the Great Hall of The Union, hundreds iam The highly decorated booths and stand entranced as The Tremendous Sigma Sigma Carni- val unfolds before Their eyes. All campus organizations, independents and fraternities, vie for The Trophy signify- ing The most popular, attractive, and original booths. Bright Lights flash as The spots play on a profressional circus high wire act. Couples slowly Turn away to dance to The melodious rhythm of a fine band. A holiday spirit prevails even though exams are close at hand. Everyone glances expectantly at Their Tickets, as door prizes are given away every half hour. A som- ber note is struck as The hands of the clock slowly bring The evenings' festivities to a close. In The ticket office, anxious hands Total the receipts to be sure there is enough to finance The new football score- board, while expectant Sigma Sigma officials contem- plated next year's great carnival. 228 Those who had always aspired toward having their name in print realized their ambitions when the Tri Delts were equipped to run off a copy of the De'ta Tri-bunal. No wonder that everyone was smoking and the Carn- ival looked like a game pre- serve, the Chi O's were run- ning a numbers game and paying off in cigarettes and ducks. Profiles were profuse as the Kappas sat their customers behind a sheet and painted "Silly-ettes". Their talents were rewarded by a cup for the cleverest booth. d'w' 'bs-Y' YJ' 'Dx nn' T 'Li' ,, ,- . rj - uk' F all ullffilfw SQ ll v- ETT ES A Twice a month in "ye olde Heuck Hall" there is a casual meeting of Sigma Sigma. The meeting formally opens, proceeds, and closes 'til the wee hours of the morning with card playing and beer drinking, interrupted briefly for the planning ot the annual Sigma Sigma carnival and pep rallys. Some of their accomplishments tor this year in- clude the adding of autographs to the ceiling, new linoleum for the floor, and finally washing their mugs fbeer, that ist after tour years. The officer's mugs are reserved for Bob Bauman, R. A. Cromer, Bob Fenlon, and the coke bottle for George Koch. L lg, HONOR DAY 43, X.J,f Honor Day is almost self-explanatory. Honoring outstanding students and organizations, the list is one of considerable length. Highlighting the program was Mortar Board's presentation of scholarships to the outstanding senior high school girl in Greater Cincinnati, and to the outstanding college junior. The Engineering Tribunal awarded a ring to the outstand- ing senior engineer, while the Business Administration Tribunal award was a gold watch. WAA presented the coveted "C" ring to the best all-round senior girl in the university, and the outstanding athlete was awarded the ODK trophy. The S300 Alfred M, Cohen Award was presented by the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foun- dation to the student contributing most to inter-faith goodwill on campus. English prizes included a Strauss poetry prize, a Literary Club essay prize, and a Literary Club short story prize. Capping the presen- tations of awards, the officers of the senior and junior classes were announced. May finds Mortar Board's Betty Green and ODK's Bob Corcoran the busiest people on campus as the program for another Honor Day is on order. ,IN wt has Yi if if A., -un. 4 15 - as ' "' , O . v', e 1' t L O O I ? if at it S 9 l ' I lie, . i 79 ' ' 'X ' ' , X "ji l 5 J 4 ' 4. 3 ff 3 E . JI M PE i' in f ' QA 'I s J 'LA' i ,rl J-s x.x. - .45 , - I X V .i it VN - ,-,, .,,, X g- .R -F Q xnxx .v-- - -,,, F ,R 'far-X , in .xl ol? T' ,-'A ""'l""J., L " ff-ff 1 . Xp J ROW I Seated -Kanost, B., Woolsey, E. J., Hack, J., Ramsey, A., Schrni , ., cl J ROW ll Standing -Ahlering, F, Green, B., Kline, R.g Justice, ,F, Rode-nberg, E., Trefzger, P. MORTAR BOARD Officers of Mortar Board, who are active through graduation, are headed by the able president Jean Hock. Jean is assisted by Anne Ramsey, vice-president, Jenny Schmidt, secretary, Edna J. Woolsey, treasurer, Barbara Jo Kanost, historian. l t 49 - 1 7 l 1 l ,Q K . -x g 232 March 'l3 found a group of hooded girls winding their way over the entire campus and ending up in the crowded Great Hall for the annual tapping of Mortar Board. To be selected by this national honor society is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon an upperclass girl at U.C. Whether it be a Donut Day Sale, or the task of trimming the goal post for a football game, Mortar Board tackles each with the same energy and en- thusiasm. Among the various activities which have become a tradition with the U.C. chapter is the Smarty Party for Dean's List students and faculty, and Honor Day with ODK. To the list of old estab- lished activities, they have added the Plaster Board Ball in the last two years. At this time, deserving BMOC's find themselves being wined and dined-all at the expense of Mortar Board. E ,assi t S Nas 1-' Row I-Stuewe, A.g Johnson, R, Harper, H, Frazer, J., Ahrens, ROW II-Griest, H, Spiers, D, Bursielr, R., Alderman, W., Butler R Ho oy Koch Twice a year the outstanding upperclassmen on the U.C. campus are elected to membership in Omi- cron Delta Kappa. This national honor society for men recognizes leaders in college athletics, scholar- ship, religious and social organizations, music and dramatics, and publications. Monthly meetings, which vary from informal smokers to banquets, bring to- gether both undergraduate and faculty leaders. Each tall O.D.K. acts as host when parents throng to the campus for the traditional Dad's Day game and programs, while spring is climaxed by co-sponsoring Honor Day with Mortar Board. At this time, the O.D.K. trophies for scholarship and the oustanding athlete are presented. tl A-fn ,...- , n University Library Y 'TTA tc .3 M mi . Q A as Q 1 . tv ' 1 Wikia. Q' .ar 45- -W , 2.-,A X J ev 3' " , , -gms 1 x f., X if Abegglen, Margaret R Lib. Arts, BS. Cincinnati Ahlering, Frances App. Arts, B. S. Cincinnati Abnee, Victor A. Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Ahrens, Allan J. App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati TOP ROW. ABEGGLEN MARGARET R.-Alpha Delta Pi iPres., Rush Chr.-, Alpha Lambda Delta, Co-ep Club Board, Y.VV.C.A. ABNEE, VICTOR A,--'Sigma Chi, Sophos, Intertraternity Council, News Record, Y.lVl,C,A. Council, A.l.Ch.E. ABRAHAMSON, IRA-B.A. degree in chemistry at Univ ot North Carolina. ADAMS, RICHARD-Triangle Fraternity iPres.i, Olee Club, A.S.M,E,, lntertraternity Council. ADDISON, ELIZABETH-Alpha Chi Omega, Y VV.C.A., Vigilance, Junior Advisor. AHLERING, FANCESeKappa Kappa Gamma, Mortar Ecard, Social Board Chr, , VVomen's Senate, Delta Phi Delta, Guidon, lvy Chain, Junior Advisors, VV.S.S.F., VV.A.A. Board, Y.VV.C.A. AHRENS, ALLAN J--Phi Delta Theta Pres, , lvlen's Senate, Delta Phi Delta lTreas., Applied Arts Tribunal Presn, Omicron Delta kappa, lyiummers Guild Bus lvlgr , lntertroternity Council 1V, Presm, Applied Arts Club iTreas.', Phi Eta Sigma lSec.l, Varsity Vani- ties, Y M C A ALBURY, MARY E.--Trianon 'Pre-sw, VV,G.S., Y.VV.C.A., Latin American Club, Spanish Club lSeC,l. ALDAY, CLYDE-Acacia Fraternity Sec , Alpha Chi Sigma V. Pres., Band, Y.lVl.C.A, ALTMAN, SALLEY-lvlummers, Sociology Club, Glee Club, Hillel. AMEN- DOLARA, TONYfffSigma Chi l-listorianr, Delta Phi Delta, Cincinnatian rSr, Editorf, Applied Arts Tribunal iSec.i, Mummers, Plaster Board, Applied Arts Club Applied Arts Review, Jr. Prom Committee, Migration Day Committee, Y.lVl.C,A., Varsity Vanities. Arlinghans, Edward Jr Bus Ad, BBA. Cincinnati Barton, David D. Armer, George Engineering, B.S. Phoenix, Arizona Barton, Robert K. Arstrong, Charlotte Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Baskind, Daniel Armstrong, Sanford Bus, Ad., B.B,A, Cincinnati Bates, William Arn, John Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Battistane, Rudolph Aschendorf, Irving Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Philadelphia, Pa, Bauer, Albert Augspurger, Elaine Lib. Arts. B.A. Cincinnati Baur, Jack Med, MD, Med, M. D. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Bus, Ad., B,B.A. Med., M.D. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati 4 ' I an if r ' "" '22 -fm, 'w wi. ". 'S X 54. K V 1:3 i .ii F i, f ' ' 4' ' t .rx ' Q fd 5 .? 1, va, gf, . f rw -. , ff' 1 1,15 8 sax .L ' 'A .. Y' , ' 4 ,J c 1 I 1? h ra? GAS - 3.3 .. za' UM - r r' - -A , - L1 . --an .V .' 0 ' A.: ' Rf 'dxf 1 Y . Q is Y Aw iid? 3-5 15 '33 4'-15' ' it SA if . :IS " 91 -r is ' . 234 s ,, -itil' FF, let, F E F sv' ' 3 . ' , X ' 1 . , ', is ,f , ' 'X' X . its is .Serv , rs. we Si ' N ' Ei- x - ' , 5 .1-A A ss A A ...L . , 'is ssc.. +'S"" --.-- Y , A c ,X wc.. Q, W ,,. e ta? is X X V .Q 3j,j.z,,,.., 'QP 1 "sm Y I Ni 1' 7 ,gg .l 'f .ss.1"' Q :trys -Q Abrahamson, Ira Med., M.D. Cincinnati Albury, Mary E. Lib. Arts, B.S. Tampa, Fla. WSL x Adair, Thomas J. Lib. Arts, B.A, Cincinnati Alday, Clyde Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati .l -Q--r. is- I .- ' - -' Nxfi B AN 33S - . i .. X. ks X , sis Adams, Richard Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Allen, Eleanor lMrs.l Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati 'Sr' Addison, Elizabeth Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Altman, Sally Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati .eve 'N K 9 ' 'mf Y 'Q -.. X x X. Addison, William Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Ambrosius, Ralph Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati Ades, John Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Arnendolarc, Tony App, Arts, B. S. Youngstown, Ohio -. .S -..-.n wi , ,sf ' I E' ' :- 1-I ' ,. salt s? 'fl - Ahlbrancl, Russell L. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Arner, Jules Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cinc'nnati BOTTOM ROW: ARLINGHAUS, EDWARD JR.-R O T C., Cadet Captain, Scabbarcl and Blade ASCHENDORF, IRVING-A l S , Coe Op Engineer. BADER, ROBERT A.-Phi Delta Theta, Class Secretary lQ-18, Nu Sigma Nu, lvlitchell Undergracluate Pe-cliatric Society BAILEY, ROBERT W.-Delta Phi Delta, Profile, Glee Club, Alpha Tau Omega BANFIELD, BETTY-Delta Zeta Pres , Gurdon Captain Arete IV. Presl W.A.A. Board, Jr. Advisors, Vigilence Council, V I C, Y WCA, lvy Chain, Pan l-lellenic Council, Freshman Commis- sion. BARD, SHIRLEY-A.l.S., Women's Group System Pres , Speakeids Bureau, Fencing Team, Co-Chairman WY S F, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A., League ot Women Voters, lvlusic Committee BARRY, RAYMOND A.-Alpha Chi Sigma, A l.ChE BARTON, DAVID D.- Alpha Omega Alpha. BARTON, ROBERT Kf-Phi Chi, Pi Kappa Epsilon BAUER, ALBERT-Sigma Chi, Varsity Football Captaini Varsity Track, Ulex, Sigma Sigma Carnival Chr BAUR, JACK-Sigma Chi, Nu Sigma Nu, Mitchell Pediatric Society 'Pres i, Pi laap' pa Epsilon. BAXTER, DOROTHY-Linlcs, W OS ,Wesley Foundation, l'iindergarten Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi BAYER MARGARET-Kappa Delta Secm, Newman Club, Co-ep Board, Cadets, BEALS, CHARLES R.ePhi Mu Alpha Symphonia Fraternity, Teachers College Student Tribunal, College ot lvlusic Chorus BEARD, BARBARA L.-Chi Omega, University Republican Club, Inter- I national Relations Club, Y.W.C.A. Bader, Robert A. Baile Robert W. Med., M.D. Cincinnati Baxter, Dorothy Teachers, B.S. Y, App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Bayer, Margaret Bus, Ad., B.B.A. A Cincinnati Cincinnati tw " ea? V 4 1. ' .. , j f' ,X " fiat 1, 1 Banfield, Betty Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Beals, Charles R. Teachers, B.S. Bard, Shirley Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Beam, James Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Barry, Raymond A. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Beard, Barbara L Lib. Arts, A,B. Van Wert, Ohio .Xxx -4 -s --vfQ- T .1 :fig Q E? Cincinnati Cincinnati C . . . .- . ., 5"'Ti , . N . v v " 'S Us -'S Q'- -.U Tx' V. --A-'3' 5.1 ' -. its, A N Y' A ---M X zz. ..:,,--Y X " "' A ,K-vu C. . 1 . -, Xi, in 4 235 GRADUATES AND THE REST OF US LIVE AT HOME, spending mosT of our Time and weekly allowances on sfreefcar Trips and "enioying" The scenery To and Trom classes. MoTher has a Tough Time rolling us out of bed in Time To make Those 8:3O's, buT a quick orange juice and a big shove ouT of The TronT door usually give us enough energy To keep running The resT of The clay. IT never Tails ThaT iusT when we're in The midsT of The daily brain Twisfer for Tech mech, liTTle brofher encourages The radio To blare ouT wiTh "Lone Ranger" or The like. But "There's no place like home", and iT looks like we're sTuck wiTh iT. N . T-6 20 -E. , ,ay Q 4' 75. Y , r GRADUATES A Beattie, Mary Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Berns, Seymour App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Beatty, John S. Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Berry Robert H. Teachers, BS. Cincinnati I-. ' 'TS' Beck Jr., Stanley M. Becker, E. Lovell Med., M.D. Portsmouth, Ohio Bertsch, Joseph F. Engineering, B.S. Dayton, Ohio Med., M.D. Cincinnati Beucus, Norma Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati S... ,ss- .si :fi "'A Becker, Robert A. Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Bickett, Ricard J. Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati TOP ROW: BEATTIE, MARY fflransler lvlilwaulcee Downer College, Kappa Alpha Theta rPres,, Oinicran Nu rSecm, Home Ec. Club, me' .zu tctctefy, Pan Hellenic Council, Y VV C A BEATTY, JOHN S.-Beta Theta Pi, Ulex. BECK JR. STANLEY M. eAlpha Kappa Kappa, Pei: .:"'g Soc err, V Pres , Pi I-.appa Epsilon BECKER, ERNEST LOWELL- Beta Theta Pi, Nu Sigma Nu V Pres , Pediatric Society, .eitrzgi Cass of lf?-13 V Pres , AB degree from VVasl'nngton and Lee University. BECKER, ROBERT A.-Lambda Chi Alpha tPres.r, r-fer'Frrifr,trttif-y Council, Sophos, Y lVlC A. Cabinet BECKETT, GEORGE-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Ivlummers, Cheer Leader, Varsity Van- ' Cleo, Liberal Arts Tribunal. BELL, FRANK W.-A S.lVlE. BERDING, MARIE-Alpha Lambda Delta, SET. lV. Pres., Sec.- ,' Aciuisor Kappa Delta Pi BERENS, DONALD JOHN-Phi Kappa, Y.lVl.C.A., Newman Club. BERRY, H. ROBERT-Sigma ff: Cen in it Ezfilin Pres , Sophos, NV S S F, Track, Cheer Leader Captain, Phi Epsilon Kappa Sec. BERTSCH, JOSEPH F.-Scabbard nc: :lt1:ffc- Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Epsilon, A SM E, Phi Eta Epsilon. BEUCUS, NORMA-Kappa Alpha Theta Sec., V. Pres., Vigilence 'ici Sec, lreas, Chr , Jr Advisor, VVanien's Senate, VVSS F. Chr., YVV.C.A. Cabinet. BIGLER, BETTY--Alpha Chi Omega, 'Air l.f'r.fra VVl.ia, Arts E3oarcl, Student Directory, News Record, Sociology Club, Union Boarcl, Y.VV.C.A. BIRD, JOHN C.-Case t flwi-t J.t3'ce, A V C Campus Chapter BLACKMAN STUART-A.l EE BLACKWELL, RAY-lambda Chi Alpha, lnst. of Aero- Bogart, Jean Bogart June Home Ec., B.S. Home Ec., B.S, Cincinnati Cincinnati Brenner, Perry Breslin, Jack D. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Mt. Vernon, Ohio Balten, Martha M. Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Breting, Kenneth App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati r Eience, YMCA BLALOCK, LOIS-Alpha Delta Pi, Glee Club Bock, Lucille Boclxholt, Jack L Boehm, Paul Boettcher, Augusta Applied Arts, BS Teachers, BS Engineering, B.S. Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Cincinnati St Bernard, Ohio Cincinnati Boyd, James Bradford, Ray T Bradley, James O. Braun, Frederick Bus Ad, BBA Med, MD Law School, L.L.A. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Washington, Mich . iff! f 18 , nn , . wJ -'JZ' f .-l " 7 . I iff, an 2 up 1- J . 0 ,. ff. it fi if 236 F-vuxmvqw--.-.--X-w A - .Ni f . ,, rw. -9, ,Q ' 4: r , - ,. , A Rt fc . tx 3 xx S X K ,. N + 'swf si 'J' x glgxi X ,N it wg, Beckett, George Lib. Arts, B.S. Hamilton, Ohio Bierley, David H. Law, L.L.B. Cincinnati Bell, Frank W. Engineering, B.S. Lorain, Ohio Bigler, Betty Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Benjamin, Burton Bentley, Edward E. App. Arts, B.S App. Arts, B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Bird, John C. Law, L.L,B. Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: BOCKHOLT, JACK L.-Beta Theta Pi, Phi Epsilon kappa Pres , Ulex Sec , Teachers College Tribunal, 'C" Club, Swimming Team Mgr , YMCA BOEHM, PAUL-Pi Alpha Delta BOETTCHER, AUGUSTA Delta Phi Alpha, Oarnrna Delta, Arts Board, Y,VV CA. BOGART, JEAN- Chi Omega, Varsity Vanities, Dance Cluln Pres , VVAA, Home Ec Club BOGART, JUNE--Chi Omega, Varsity Vanities, Dance Club, Home lic Club BOLTEN, MARTHA M.-'Olee Club, lxinclergarten Club Pres , V, Pres , Fencing Club. BORDNE, ERICH F.-Delta Phi Aloha BRADFORD, RAY T.APhi Delta Theta, Mitchell Pediatric Society BRAUN, FREDERICK H.-Phi Eta Sigma Tau Beta Pi Treas , Pi Tau Sigma, A S lvl E Vice Chr , Varsity Base, ball, "C" Club. BRESLIN, JACK D.---Sigma Chi, Y MC A BRICKNER, BALFOUR-Hillel, IZFA BRIDGES, DOR- OTHY A.-Chi Omega, Y VV C A Pres , Stuclent Religious Emphcisis Week Chr, UC League at VVonwen Voters Bordne, Erich F. Lib. Arts, A.B, Cincinnati Brewer, Harry M. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Bartz, Lee Bus, Ad., B B A, Cincinnati Br'ckner, Balfour Lib A rts, B.A, Cleveland, Ohio Boswell, Robert W Bus, Ad, B B A. Dayton, Ohio Bridges, Dorothy A Lib. Arts, A.B. Ft Thomas, Ky. 13:1 QV. 've ig V A. ' tu- K 'f at L X ui V S Y ' i XX .. X " X .. 'V-Sf, YP. A 23:1 , L X .ccIf,if.,-,- -:ix - I' F 1.-'Si-5 , - ' 1, 5 h -, Q Cincinnati Blackman, Stuart Engineering, B.S. Richmond, Mich. -Us- Berens, Donald John Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati Berman, Marjorie Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Bercling, Marie Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Blalock, Lois Lib, Arts, B,A. Cincinnati Blanche, Eugene H Bus. Ad., B,B.A, Cincinnati Blackwell, Ray Eng., 8.5. Cincinnati "Mick and Mac" guard old McMicken I: 1 1-.uw . . X its 237 f 5 A-4 ii .iw Butcher, Jack Bus Ad , B B A, Cincinnati Carvelas, James Buten, Robert Lib, Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Case, Harriett Memorial Dorm Buyer, Pansy Teachers, B.S, Cincinnati Case, Victor Med, MD, Nursing, BS Med., M.D. Youngstown, Ohio Madeira, Ohio Cincinnati sl is A " es' C 1? ' 0 ' 1 AIX ,vu J In aj A ,fa I X f'?:ii"'u WL.. , 4'- l ' E -3 I. Q- ,xl , . ,Q , -. -9 --.. I s XA Nr' ' A L A K X. - L L' Buzek, Robert Bus, Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati Casey, Joseph R. Teachers, B.S. Urbana, Ohio t ,vl mu... . -.Q L .dis -, gf il' X 238 .59 X..f 5 X,,1 Brigham, Ch Lib, Arts, B, Brinn, Arnold Bus. Ad., B.B.A. arles A. Brinkman, Betty A. Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Brown, Ronald Brown, W. C. Brunst, Robert A. Engineering, B.S. Eng., M.E. Bus. Ad. B.B.A. Cincinnati Otsego, Mich. Cincinnati TOP ROW: BRIGHAM, CHARLES A.-Orchestra, Band, Al pha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Phi, lntermural Relations Club, Varsity Vanities. BRINN, ARNOLD-Sigma Alpha Mu, Intramurals, Varsity Basketball, "C" Club, Y.iVl.C.A. BROCKMEIER, WILLIAM E.-Scabbarcl and Blade, Vet' eran's Organization, R.O.T.C., A.l.S. BROECKER, ARTHUR B.-Triangle Fraternity iPres.i, Scarab lPres.l, lntertrater- nity Council. BROKAW, NEWTON-Sigma Chi iPres.l, T'ij,'ClWOlOQV Club, lntei'ti'aternity Council. BRONSTEIN, MILTON H.-Pl Lambda Phi, Delta Phi Alpha, Y.tvl,C,A,, Hillel .BROWN, HAL- LET K. Varsity Track BROWN, RONALD-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bancl, A,S.lVl.E. BROWN, W. C.-Phi Eta Sigma, A,l.Ch.E., A.S.M.E., Iitticiniurals, BUCK, DONALD A. Transfer from Dulce Univ., Pi Kappa Phi, Glee Club EDWARD A.-'Phi Alpha Delta BURGIN, PHYLLIS-Y.VV.C.A., Wig VVag Council, Byard, Elmer Eng., B.S. Cincinnati Catig, Etigenia Home Ec., B.S. Manila, Philippi . BUESCHLER, EDWARD L.-Phi Chi. BURKE, Byrd, John F. Byrd, Rose Marie Eng, B.S. Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Chamberlain, Edward Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Covington, Ky. Cettel, William Bus. Ad., B.B.A. nes Cincinnati y . "nn ' -u -.v-' K ,:- .,...- - ,Xi v , I i . i C9 i .1 Wx sf' 'N'-.ifxil 'G - ,C I . N, 4 -su ' 9 - -F' 1-9- X . A QP QN .,...-qv g Britton, William W. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Newton, Ohio Buck, Donald A. Lib. Arts, B,S, Cincinnati --. f- -A ,fl , 4 L., - X. . , . . , gg can my R53 N x- -ig ,, ,- aa, gjs 532: P 4' sf 2 c, ggi' 1 3 T fl .ix 1 Q I . - s' " Q Y 1 A g 5 , T A ' i 4 N ,, .QR ur , T .3 '-" J' , VT' ' H' ,gf . -f . I ' . s, . I fr, T .. , . .. . A K V cszgf , . t , ,. s. Broclcmeier, Harry BUS. Ad., B.B,A. Lockland, Ohio Buck, Paul R. Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Brcckmeier, William Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati Buechler, Edward L. Med., M.D. Cincinnati Broeclxer, Arthur App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Buford, Nancy Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati B. Brokaw, Neuton lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Bundy, Willard Lib. Arts, BA. Cincinnati Bronstein, Milton Lib. Arts, B A. Cincinnati Burke, Edward A Law, L LB. Crestline, Ohio Brown, Hallet K. Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Woodland, Wash Burgin, Phyllis Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati BUTCHER, JACK-Sigma Chi, YlVl,C.A BUTEN, ROBERTfYtvlCA BUYER, PANSY-Tau Beta Sigma V Pres , Teachers Ccillege Tribunal IV, Pres , Mu Phi Epsilon, Varsity Vanities, Band, VVestmmster Foundation, Three Arts Club BUZEK, ROBERT-Baseball, Newman Club, BYARD, ELMER-Padlo Club, AIE E, IPE BYRD, JOHN F.-Varsity Rifle Team Capt , Varsity Swimming Team, "C" Club, Rifle and Pistol Club Pres , Pershing Pltles, Alpha Chl Sigma, A I Ch E, ROTC CADWALLADER, MILDRED JEAN-l'lap- pa Kappa Gamma Pres , Jr Aclyisor, llews Pecord, Home Ec Club, Mummers, Panhellenic Council, Religious Emphasis VVeeIc, YVV C.A. CALMAS, GLADYS-Penguin Club, IZ F A, A I S, Hillel, German Club, Delta Phi Alpha, VV A A, Psychology Club, Progresslye Youth, CALVERT, ROBERT C.-Delta Tau Delta, Pi Tau Delta, A S IVIE CAMPBELL, WILLIAM-Alpha Chi Sigma V Pres -, A I Ch E, Pershing Pitles. CARSON, ARCH-Sigma Chi, Beta Gamma Sigma CARVELAS, JAMES-Phi Chl, Pi kappa Epsilon, Pediatrics So- ciety, Tennis Team, CASE, VICTOR-lvlltchell Pediatrics Society, Pl liappa Epsilon CASEY, JOSEPH R.-llevvman Club, Inter Faith Committee, Inter Dorm Council, Supervisor ot Clifton Dorm CATIG, EFIGENIA-Home Ec Club CHAMBERS, JOYCE-Arete, Teach- ers College Tribunal, Vigilance, Cheerleader, VV A A, A I A, VV G S, Penguin Club, V T C CHAPUT, VIRGINIA-Chi Cjmega Pres, Pledge Mistress, Vigilance, Jr Prom Committee, Cmcinnatlan lylanaging Ed , Co-Gp Club, Dance Club, Pan Hellenic Council, lvlie gration Day Committee, YVVC A, Varsity Vanities, Mummers, Sweetheart ol Sigma Chi Cadwallader, Mildred Home Ec,, B.S. Cincinnati Chambers, Joyce Teachres, B.S. Sharonville, Ohio so A-I A - I E Calma, Gladys Lib, Arts, B.A. Hyannis, Mass, Chaput, Virginia Lib. Arts, B.A. New York, N.Y. . ,.gjgfEf ,. g 2. fs 1' -J' Calvert, Robert C. Engineering, B.S. Norwood, Ohio Charbonneau, Charlene Nursing, B.S. Cincinnati ,. , ,Ii vw . Campbell, William Engineering, BS. Greenhills, Ohio Chartock, Jack Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati P.-Q tvs.: N -ef R fm' P 1' me V TAN Q g S-we -1 , 'lei-f1""1f1 f 239 Carson, Arch Bus. Ad., BBA, Cincinnati Chattield, Susan Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati GRADUATES -fir ' A Ft .N l I I 5 X N? Ji aft 1 ' X GRADUATES ' ' 'IR' 'vb' I, V A fx Q 'f Ry ii -1 5 2' .Q I ',5", V4 XJ . ' .QS-' , 5- . A 3- H9 1, i -4 X it T Q I ' S 'I -P iv , - , ' , , LA, .. 'f tb , Chelius, Mary Irene Chenowetli, Richard L. Chornel, Joseph App. Arts, B.S. Engineering, B.S. Engineering, B.S, Cincinnati Cincinnati Cannersville, Indiana Coltey, Mary Coffman, Robert L. Cogan, Earl Lib. Arts, B.A. Engineering, B.S. Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Jackson, Michi an Madeira, Ohio Cincinnati 9 " -- -c .. My- Airy. , t 3 X , 13 X M, , . ' ix ,if m 'tgsiitngw' I I .L ' .se ,SL gn 'A' -,ji ' iQ 4-sr 3 4 ' ti ' y I .. .il Christen, William D, Christiansen, David Law, L.L.B. Med., M.D. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cohen, Jerome S. Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati TOP ROW: CHELIUS, MARY IRENE-Kappa Delta, Wig Wag, Delta Phi Delta Pres.-, Union Board, Y.W,C.A., Alpha Lambda Delta. CHOMEL, JOSEPH B,-Alpha Tau Omega, Bond, Mumrners, Greek Weekend Committee, Newman Club, A.S.tvI.E. CHRISTEN, WIL- LIAM D.-Alpha Tau GVIWEQCI, Sophos, Engineering Tribunal Pres, , Phi Delta Phi, Case Club, Legal Aid, CHRISTOPHEL, JANE L.- Algha Chi Omega, Teachers College Tribunal, CITRON HERBERT A.-PD E, Football. CLARK, BETTY J.-Kappa Kappa Gamma, P'e5t'n'c:n Council, YVVC A, Cheerleader, Applied Arts Tribunal, Vigilance, Jr. Advisor, Cincinnatian, Varsity Vanities, Ivlummers, fliiiiuiecl Arts Club, Ivy Chain CLARK, EDWARD-Delta Tau Delta, Cincinnatian, News Record, Profile, Y,tvi.C.A. CLAUSING, ROSE- Alpha Gamma Delta, Wig Wag, Y.WC A CLEARY, RAYMOND E.-Newman Club, Veterans Association CLOTT, MARY R.-Theta Phi Aivha, YWCA COFFEY, MARY-Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta iSec,', Co-ep Club Ex. Boardl, Jr, Advisors, Co-op Eiigiiieer, lata Sigma Pi Sec., Student Council, International Relations Club, League ot Women Voters. COFFMAN, ROBERT L.- IRE A I EE COGAN, EARL-Beta Theta Pi, Cincinnatian Bus, Mgrp, Ivietro iTreas.i, Glee Club, Cheer Leader, Y,lVI.C.A. COHEN RUTH Sf Delta Phi Epsilon Sec , Alpha Lambda Delta, Jr. Advisor, Varsity Vanities, W,Y.S.F., I-lillel, Latin American Club, Mum- iiwi-fs lnterclorm Council, YXNC A Handbook, VIC, Sr. Advisor of Dorm, Y.W,C.A., W.A,A., Wig Wag, COMBS, RICHARD T.- Iwf"'f"CllTS Association CONE, HENRY S.-Beta Theta Pi, Intramurals, Y.IVI,C,A, COMMER, JOHN R.-A.S,M.E, Tau Beta Pi, I.X.E., T tin' 'C' Club, Sigma Delta Psi CONNERS, THOMAS-Newman Club, Conover, Audrey Cooper, Betty Corcoran, Robert App Arts, BS Home Ec, B,S, Lib Arts, A.B, Newtansville, Ohio Cincinnati Cincinnati Creger, Charles W, Cretors, Paul Crist, Dorothy Low, L.L.B, Bus Ad, B B,A. App. Arts, B.S, Cincinnati Middletown, Ohio Liberty, Indiana gg .. , . N 1:9 , ', Nl '- ul ' x 3 LIE : .T .ge - guy. nf'-I .T ti.- ,JQ .i - X glg- ' A h 1 Cottrell, Ferris R. Low, L.L.B. Coyle, Maurice Bus, Ad., B,B.A. Crait, Lester Teachers, B,S. Crail Howard Eng., B.S. Cincinnoti Covington, Ky. Covington, Ky. Ludlow, Ky. Cromer, Robert A. Culver, Donald H. Cummins, William Cundoll, Ruth App. Arts, B.S. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Bus. Ad., B,B.A, Teachers, B.S, Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati .f.:'2-ft ,-.anal .sf-fs TSN i J A 'V i. sf '- I ....-s 5' ....-o Y ,, , , -. - . I X ill. is i 5- . ,.u.s, ed., reg. T 5 A . 'S ' ... O-R Ia, 'ZF -c nr - V -li- B 'B' A A 240 .,. X f::C,. JS --.1 "4 ,. X ix, .X x Christophel, Jane L. App. Arts, B,S. Cincinnati Cohen, Samuel Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Citron, Herbert A. Med, MD. Cincinnati Colarusso, Paul Engineering, B,S. Watson, W.Va 1 rw i -4 X . -w 1?-rw -av. sw - ' .N .J x -4 Q Ig ,,., X ..... A " ' ,. C. , Q -, S515 i r A ' 'T rdf' I3 s N P? nu- N 9. 5.1.4 , ,vt S -.f Q .,. Clark, Betty J, Clark, Edward Clansing, Rose Cleary, Raymond E. Clott, Mary R. App, Arts, BS. Bus. Ad,, B,B A, Lib Arts, BA. Bus, Ad, B.B,A. Teachers, B.S. Terrace Park, Ohio Jamestown, N.Y. Cincinnati Norwood, Ohio Cincinnati E. Combs, Richard T. Comer, Patricia Cone, Henry S. Conner, John R. Conners, Thomas Bus Ad, B,B.A. Lib Arts, B,A. Bus, Ad, BBA Engineering, B.S. Bus. Ad., B,B,A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Loveland, Ohio Cincinnati Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: CONOVER, AUDREY-Alpha Larrrlncla Delta, Delta Phr Delta, Three Arts Club, Arts Board. CORCORAN, ROBERT- Theta Chr Pres , Engineering Trrlmunal, Omrcron Delta kappa V Pres , Interlraternlty Council, Mens Senate Sec -Treas , Sophos, Intramurals, Metro, University Health Commrttri-9, Greet flight Banquet Gen Chr , WSSF Eclucatronal Chr , Co-Chairman Tax Com, YMCA COTTRELL, FERRIS R.-'Phi Delta Phr CRAMER, JAMES-Tennis Team Mgr, CRANE, EUGENE-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Par, lntrarnaral Caancrl, Glee Clalp, ASME, YM CA CREGER, CHARLES W.-Sigma Chi CRE- TORS, PAUL-Varsity Football CRIST, DOROTHY-fTeachr:rs College Trrlganal Manrnrerzr, Ji Aiilvreors, VVomen's Senate, Point System Board, YWCA, Srmrall l-lall Soc. Chr, V Pres, Pres , lnterclcrrrnatory Council Pres CROMER, ROBERT A.-Sigma Chr, Ulex, Sigma Sigma CUNDALL, RUTH-Delta Dclta D+:-lta Bonclaclrer, Vrgtlenci- Cramer, James Lib, Arts, B,S, Cincinnati Cunningham, Edwin Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Crane, Eugene Bus. Ad., B,B,A. Dayton, Ohio Cusher, Jack Engineering, BS. Cincinnati ' L ' 4' .,,. 3 int F ' 'P' 533- 13 131 X -6 J Q XJ -0- i .1 '1. .Q Student Union Cafeteria 241 Q' -I Aa '17 '::' W r s QQ R r t uv ' oi ww X X Aj. gp 57 ,D AC' 1 'a 65-"L F as - . r i f Y if ,... o' . - fs J X X xc 3 X I it fi 9, QR? X X xi X N Q-xxx xx x N 5 i jx l Xi X ,Z Dallow, Patty Home Ec., B.S. Ft. Thomas, Ky. Debs, Raymond Med., MD. Almron, N.Y. ,Q f-'fr D'Amato, Frederic Med., M.D, Campbell, Ohio Del Vecchio, Lucy Teachers, B.5. Cincinnati L. ' ,if A N .A ' Dane, Samuel Engineering, B,S. Cincinnati De Mar, Richard Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati ,vjfisx x , ... fs- -J 'S' ' 1 Daniels, Robert S. Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Dencer, Margie Lib. Arts, B.A, Cincinnati Q: ' 5 1' L - i .2 --ss- 1 ., Daughters, Carl Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Denier, Edward Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Davids, Norma Nursing, B.S. Carlisle, Penn. Denlinger, Carl Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Davies, Louetta Home EC., B.S, Cincinnati Detriclx, Charles Engineering, B.S Cincinnati TOP ROW: DALLOW, PATTY-Chi Omega, Omicron Nu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Ouidon, Women's Senate iCores. Seca, Home EC. Tris bunal Pies , J Adyisors, Y.W.C.A. iExeC. Cauncili, Home EC. Club 1Treas.i, Cheerleader. D' AMATO, FREDERIC-Phi Sigma. DAN- IELS, ROBERT S,-ePhi Delta Theta, Y.M,C A., Nu Sigma Nu. DAUGHTERS, CARL C.-Band, Y.M.C.A. DAVIDS, NORMA-Music Club, Bridge Club, Jr Class Sec. DAVIES, LOUETTA-Chi Omega, Glee Club, Oratorio Society, Home EC. Club, Home EC, Tribunal, Penguin Club, Republican Club, Varsity Vanities. DAVIS, MARILYN-Arete, lvy Chain, News Record iWomen's Sports Edf, Jr. Advisor, W A A Board, Y W.C.A, Cabinet. DEBS, RAYMOND-A.l.S., Alpha Kappa Kappa. DEL VECCHIO, LUCY-Kindergarten Cub. DEMAR, RlCHARDelntramurals, Republican Club, Westminster Foundation, Y.lVl.C.A. DENCER, MARGIE-Glee Club, lvlummers, News Record Y.W,C.A., WAA. Riding Mgr., Fencing Club, Penguin Club, Union Bldg. Tournament. DENLINGER, CARL-A.l.E.E., ROTC., Persh- ing Rifles f BOTTOM ROW: DICKHONER, RUTH-Alpha Gamma Delta 'Pres.l, Wig Wag, Senior Advisor, Home EC. Club lPres.l, Cvlee Club, YWCA. DICKMAN, GLORIA-Alpha Chi Omega, News Record, Student Directory, Mummers, Kindergarten Club, Y.W.C.A. DID- LAKE, EDMUND HALE-Beta Theta Pi, DIEHL, JEANNEeA.l.S., Home EC, Club, Women's Group System, Jr, Advisors, Wig Wag, Spanish Club, YWCA, DIETZ, DONALD M.-Phi Delta Theta, A.l.Ch.E., Y.lVl,C.A. iV. Presw, Cincinnatian, Co-op Engineer, Veterans Association DIETZ, LOUIS-Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi, Varsity Track, Y.lyl.C.A. DJERF, RUTH-Alpha Chi Omega rPresfi, Panhellenic Diclchoner, Ruth Home EC., B.S. Cincinnati Doyle, M. Richard Law, L.L.B. Dickman, Gloria Teachers, B.5. Cincinnati Doyle, Patrico Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Didlalce, Edmund Hale Diederich, Richard Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Drake, Louis A. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Engineering, B.S. Richmond, Indiana Dreier, Elsa Bus. Ad., B,B.A. Diehl, Jeanne Home EC., B.S. Wyoming, Ohio Drew, Aubrey J. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Bethel, Ohio i ,,.-is ,S- I' 63. ,Gif F -.,. S2 'Q JV , vm 'Q fig, . ' f . V -it at - ' ' iw' ' 'ii i e. C ,lx L 2 4 ' ""' Qu., 17" -5 ' L 'Q -L 'ti 'L ,' .Q L V .. I ,wp 1 I sa , s 9 ,A ,. .as -1 , li " ' ' ' .fd K T, Q gl ' fr- P . 1 5' E Tc:- GRADUATES A L L., C r .zfw . f . i 3 . N, C Q t"s.t.,. g .zfsbg-.izifx l S ,jf .i .. L' ' F A 242 ,Q D " w' 'X Q .-'S' sas! 'Au 'Wt 'sg 47N .a-Ars, ,as MW' pi QL. ...slr '-N? uf, y qgA PHYSUu5 Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Elma Dav's, Marilyn L' . Ars, B.A. Teachers, B.S. Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Cincinnati Oak Hills, Ohio Dick, Victor Dickert, Melvin Dickey, H, D. iMrs.t Med., M.D. Bus. Ad., B,B.A. Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Cincinnati Covington, Ky. Association Presu, Women's Senate, News Record, Jr Advisor, Glee Club, Wig Wag, Alpha Lambda Delta, Classics Club, Arts Board, Y W C.A, V l C, Jr. League ot Vtlomen Voters DONAHUE, LEE-Delta Delta Delta, Co-ep Club, Kindergarten Club, Vigiliance, DOYLE, M. RICHARD-Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi, Sophos, Law School Class Pres., l-lonor Committee, Law Review, Legal Aid Society Pres , Case Club, YMCA Council DOYLE, PATRICIA-Theta Phi Alpha, Wig Wag, Jr Advisor, VigA Physics Building ,::L' eg, ii 1 s ilcince, Co-ep Club, Y,WC A DREIER, ELSA-Kciigipci Delta, Cadet Corp, Glee Club, Co-ep Club, Rifle Club, W,A,A., Y.W.C,A DREW, AUBREY J.--Beta Gamma Sigma, Scabbard and Blade. DUBLE, RICHARD-Sigma Chi, Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Art's Board Photo Club Treas , Varsity Vanities, Ps cholo Clul', Swanislt CI l DUBLE WIL y gy J L un , LIAM-Sigma Clti, intramural Council, Y,lVl CA. DUDLEY, EVELYN-Kappa kappa Cfamnia, Delta Phi Delta, Glee Club, Y VVC A DUFF, WALTER -Lambda Clti Alpha P O T C Band Glee aus DUGAN, MYRtLEeAi,siw oem. Pt sec , cuts, iqumt Delta Pi, Y wc A Dumont, MAN lE.AAZeiL. Tau 'Aipislti o A ti t A A A A A A A AA A ' ' micron Nu, au Pi Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Wig Wag, Ivlummers, Oiataiig 50qiety, Glee Club, Horne Ec Club, Vocational lnlormation, Y W C A Dietz, Donald M. Dietz, Louis Dill, Evelyn Djerl, Ruth Daerman, Louis H. Donahue, Joseph P. Donahue, lee Engineering, B.S. Lib. Arts, B,A. Teachers, B,S. Lib. Arts, B,A. Lib. Arts, B.A. Engineering, B. S. Teachers, 5.5. Chadds Ford, Pa, Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Duble, Richard Duble, William Dudley, Charles Dudley, Evelyn Duff, Walter Dugan, Myrtle Dumont, Mary Lib. Arts, B.A. Bus. Ad, B.B,A. Lib. Arts, BA. App. Arts, B.S. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Teachres, B.S. Horne Ec,, B.S. Cincinnati Mciriemont, Ohio Cincinnati Parkersburg, W.Va. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati 'I -S K Q A g .I ' ' '- .f-Y .. ,p.,u, ig in L. v, , fiavwwt f A , ' , ... " ' , A .' A, .. vm. .T -as 5 - ' A+ wx, VV V NL ,, ' , K, K! M- N' A A +A 'rf' ,ss L17 t 1 Q A11 A, ,- ' ' il C 'TMS . . X 3 - ' s . ' A 4 ' . - NY A -pf ' , " FQES tcm? NA s sA we MXH Q. . 1 , -"'- V g X , ,A V xg- K Bda s - Fwy Wee! 12A fans - -A A 3 Q ' SA -i . ' . :- Ai sv ws. .A 'Qin AAA ,-A . , , Af V gg 9,9 x cv cu-ah . - -1 -QQ' " A-v A- X sq--19' Q --ha, , V-.Ae Y i. - .A x , .. ' s "il X X .gi ' . . . . L. 'V 1' , 5, A Q N 4 xx V .5-7 ' ' 243 .. D-5 fr . 3, . 8 J Qs 1 -' l .7 Duncan, David Engineering, B.S. Greeniield. Ohio H Emmich, Robert Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati r f A, pn , T 3:4 f I .4 - --H' I eil- J ' - G .nf A Of, f-f1 Dunslny, Abe Lib Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Engel, Pauline Lilo. Arts, B.A. Norwood, Ohio . i i ..-J A4 J - - I 9 X- -9- -S! a ' v l , -'X Eads, Malcolm Jr. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cold Springs, Ky. Enoch, Lottie Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Nr' ' ..? l 'P",,E- wif' N.-7' x 'aj' i -0 A ' -. 4 ' 4 .1 A ' .5 W .Q '15 'gf- , By"..f1Z.-' H - 331. ,ig ' . Il Y --i i fu Eaton, Stanley L. Engineering, B.S. Elkhart, Indiana Ensminger, Clarence Engineering, B.S. Silverton, Ohio Egan, Joan Nursing, B.S. Worthington, Ohio W. Ehrnschwender, Arthur Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Eichner, Robert Engineering, B.S. Norwood, Ohio Eschenbach, George Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Q, Eisenberg, Barbara A Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Evans, William J. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati TOP ROW: DUNCAN, DAVID-AlE.E. DUNSKY, ABE-Pi Lamljida Phi, lvlummers, VeT's Assoc. EATON, STANLEY L.-Tau Beta Pi Sec , Phi Lambda Upsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, A.I Ch E., Wesley Foundation, Engineering Tribunal, Band. EGAN, JOANWN, and H. Tribunal Treas. , Glee Club V. Pres, Pres ,Junior Advisor. EICHNER, ROBERT-Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E,, Y.lVl.C.A. ELLIS, ROBERT J.--Phi Delia Theta, Scabbard and Blade V. Pres., Treas. ROTC. 1CapT.m EMMICH, ROBERT H.-Ioia Chi Epsilon V. PreS , Inierfraierniiy Council ENOCH, LOTTIEADelia Sigma Theta Sec , Quadres Socieiy Seam, Coed Club Secm, Sigma Epsilon Tau, Y.VV.C A ENSMINGER, CLARENCE W.-Rifle Team, Y.lVl.C.A., Cooperative Engineer, A.S.M.E. EHRNSCHWENDER, ARTH- UR JR.-loia Chi Epsilon Pres , Pi Tau Sigma Rec. Sec , ROTC, Pershing Rifles, lnierfraiernity Council, Y.M.C.A. ESCHENBACH, GEORGE II--Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Y.M.C.A,, Iniermurals. FAHNESTOCK, WALTER-Alpha Kappa Psi iRec, Seal. Wilson Memorial Auditorium -l E i i l 244 -e-. 5 113. if"-QQE i -.ei Foierman, Norman Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Fisk, Harley App. Arts, B.S. New Orleans, La. l rf ... W. X s-L i ' AV' T :S "Vu: xffn Fallon, Joseph H. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Fitch, Doris Lib. Arts, B.A. Elmora, Penn. nn Q, x " -, Wt 3 i ., ..-- . im "-.-.. Q ia. ,rf fi . ,. My it f t i 'ii H. .bs f P ..-f,, N. T e Q- ' L -Q -. f. ,q-rw-.N 'uf Elliot, Martha Nursing, B,S. Lebanon, Ky. Eversull, Bob Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati ,., .os- rg."'.Q..., ' 'N X .. . .Ai ,fi 'Wt 'K' , Elliott, Mary Ann App. Arts, B.S, Cincinnati Ewers, Mary Jane Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati .., legit, ,, . X 9--? N -.ii f if . ails 'SN 'fit' bali ' f T my Ellis, Robert J Bus. Ad., BB.A, Cincinnati Exum, Peggy Anne Lib, Arts, BA Cincinnati . i.. Q --uw 'P si v - . -. fa fi 1 'J' ' .37 ,wc - Emden, Marvin Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Eyler, Antoinette Nursing, B.S. Cincinnati kg, ,gr 1159, -5 GRADUATES ,.,' ., A Q ffl' 'Y '1' 2, x- . X -sigggifng , 5315 5, -can, -4 --C42 at A Ernigh, Sara June Teachers, B.S, Cincinnati Fahnestoclr, Walter Bus. Ad,, B.B.A. Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: FARBER, CHARLES Iota Sigma Ri, YVVCA FINGERMAN, ALBERT-Sigma Tau Plwi,AIpl1a Epsilon Ri, News Recarcl, Civilian Pala? Training, Legal Alil Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Alpha Mu, YMCA FELDMAN, MARIAN Alpha Lambda Delta, Clinic FIORE, ANTHONY W.-lnstitute at Aeronautical Science FISK, HARLEY Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scaliiliiarcl and Blade Capt , Pershing Rifles, ROTC FITCH, DORIS-Tau Beta Sigma, Bancl, Trianon, Spanish Cluli-, Latin American Club, llevvman Club FLOYD, PAULA-Alpha Delta Ri FLYNN, JAMES D.' AlEE FRAKES, KENNETH J.- Rlu Chi Farbor, Charles Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati Fleckenstein, Robert Bus. Ad,, B.B,A. Cincinnati Farquhar, Milton Bus. Ad, B.B.A. Cincinnati Floyd, Marian Lib. Arts, B,A, Felclhaus, O J Med., M.D, Cincinnati Floyd, Paula Lib. Arts, B.A. Feldman, Marian Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Floyd, Richard Bus. Ad., BB A. Fingerman, Albert Law, L,I..A. Cincinnati Flynn, James D. Engineering, B.S, Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Bellevue, Ky, "AVP X . . ' , ' , -E. -2' A 2: f - ' J ' . fvil E i -. K X fn- 1 ,A . A ,N A -.J ' 4 X X y . K , 'J "' :Qi 'I S-.qv ,,, ,.. 1 -......4.s X in A C 5 "' .1 - ' 133 Q. Q " 245 Finn, Howard Engineering, BS Cincinnati Forsyth, William Engineering, B S, Pikeville, Ky. F. Fiore, Anthony W. Engineering, B.S, Youngstown, Ohio Frakes, Kenneth J. Med., M.D. Cincinnati F AA, lg, i ii'l Qlli . ls f-.1 '4 .iii ' K,Qfc'fz9ZaZif972f Union Building ftaf' sp' QN, ..,. - . ,Qi 1 ' l ,K 43 .4 1 ,.+ sfx 'J A K 'ff' . . pjety, . ig . 7 - I - . . 1 -visel Francis, Don C. Teachers, B.S. Navarre, Ohio Fried, Walter Engineering, B,S. Cincinnati Francis, Hugh Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Louisville, Ky. Friedhoff, Elmer Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati TOP ROW: FRANCIS, DON C.-College ol Music Chorus, Orchestra, Band. FRANCIS, HUGH-Sigma Chi Sigma, Newman Club, IMCA FRAZER, KATHERINE-kappa kappa Gamma Sec , Tau Pi Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, News Record, Cincinnation Sec , Treas 'oiitinia Chi Frost, Maurice App. Arts, B.S. Indianapolis, Indiana C-ebhardt, Donald Teachers, B B.A, Norwood, Ohio -un .qs "Fil -J . 5 Stott Junior Acliisors, Y.W.C.A, Freshman Commission Sec , Home Ec. Club, Vigilance, Pre-Freshman Day Comm. FREEMAN, CARROLL-Czlee Club, YWC A FREITAG, WILLIAM-Lambclci Chi Alpha, Scarab, AIA. FRENCH, ROBERT-U. C. Band, Triangle A l,Ch E. FRIEDMAN, JULES' Ohio State, I-laniilton Univ, Mass. Inst of Tech., Phi Eta Sigma. FRONDORF, EDWARD lnti'iii'nui'cils Fulks, Wilma Lib. Arts, B.A. Weston, W. Va, Funch, James Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Gailey, James Engineering, B.S, Cincinnati Gall, Ira C. Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Gamble, Myra Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Gamoran, Abraham Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Geiger, Lawrence Geis, Helen Geis, Robert Georgenson, Herbert Gerrmann, .lack Q. Gillen, William Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Home Ec., BS. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Lib. Arts, B,A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Newport, Ky, Cincinnati Cincinnati Wellston, Ohio 2 -4" E' 1 :'..,,,,"V'.4ss Ir- -f- ?'-ff iw- ' '-'ZR . V. I -JN A U 'A N i. 1 . S, ' ' fi . fi' ,, ,851 I y igq3?fi'i W .: 1' .L .. J A. 'W xi-' . C' H A : T. 1 if do 2' 49 5 9, J.: .-4. s. -W -0- vs ., f ,, .4 - .f '-7 ' ' ,.. .11 ,- -' ,Q A .9 4 , is t . . t -' 2 . gf ' i it Liss ' N i il X I , if t "' 246 1 s wx - 4 X , ff' 't V . , rl, Frank, Donald Lib, Arts, A.B. Cincinnati Friedman, Alvin Lib, Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Frazer, Katherine Home Ec., B,S, Cincinnati Friedman, Ben Med., MD. Cincinnati 'Q i fy-F' E. P5 .T , Qi -1- Q ix Q .j . ,J . -4 ----r --N e, . c Freeman, Carroll App. Arts B.S. Ashland, Ky. Friedman, Jules Law, LLB. Cincinnati F? Freidberg, David Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Uniontown, Pa, Frisch, Blanche Lib. Arts, A.B. Cincinnati' .fw-gs-in ... , 1-Q T3 01 'Q qj .... N +3 A is A .. X . X' i N. X ' eb- -as 91 5: hi 'vs X S Egg, 5.5. 4 I A E Freitag, William French, Robert Fridley, La Rue App. Arts, B,S. Cincinnati Fraehle, Andrew Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Eng., B.S, Springfield, Ill, Frohman, Jack Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Frondcrf, Edward Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: FROST, MAURICE-Delta Tau Delta Pres., Delta Phi Delta, Profile Magazine Eclitor, lnterfrat Council, Freshman Debate. FULKS, WILMA-Pi Lambda Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha, Newman Club, YVVCA. GAILEY, JAMES-A SME, American Com- mons Club GALL, IRA C.-Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Mu, YMC A GAMORAN, ABRAHAM--l Z E A Pres , United Jewish Ap- peal, Beta Gamma Sigma, Y MC A GARBER, KENNETH-Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma GARDNER, THOMAS-Sigma Chi, Y.M C A, GEORGENSON, HERBERT-Sigma Alpha Epsilon GILLEN, WILLIAM-Theta Chi, W M C A GILLETT, MELVIN--Phi Eta Sigma, Y MC A. GINN, RAWLINS C.-Phi Delta Theta, Y M C A , Mummers, Vets Assoc, Republican Club, Engineering Tribunal V Pres , Al EE., Il? E., Air R O,T.C., Co-op Engineer Sec of Board of Controlsi Garber, Kenneth Bus. Acl,, B.B.A. Lewisburg, Ohia Gillett, Melvin Lib, Arts, A,B. 'QM Garbutt, Robert App. Arts, B,S Cincinnati Gilson, Jean Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati , . .-Q., . eq, J .V x tx 3 Cincinnati 3- ' X ,... X . 'TY i -wha f" ,g 3 it . , la A. ,Q 'i D K-'Tx ' i f .9 Q! '.E?'g:g. . .I K . rio: A L Gardner, Thomas Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Gim, Elizabeth Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati J A. , -. V., b Garlich, Jack Bus. Ad., B,B,A, Cincinnati Cwinn, Rawlins C. Eng., B.S. Cincinnati R rch' 1 . ,g Y A 1 L fr Q Q -2... : : :"-1:1125 171- ,A-Isgeggqn , ',.,, 12 .wvxr -5 I ...- Gast, Hamilton Eng,, B,S. Cincinnati Girton, Warren Eng., B.S. Cincinnati f :tar-f . A . . fx. '4"f"' -' " . 1,'g5'Si:il'31rV.v '1:52fj:3' ' 4 ' 4, is , I ,, ,., ci S 4 3 .133 'X 247 GRADUATES Greenberg, Sylvi Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Gruener, Martha Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati fb :writ T ,, . I K- Tri V ami GRADUATES ,T I I eff " Y ". .15 ' gi 'ff of es . U A i 'A .,Q'iL3t h V . I5 'ii X , l 1 K iiifiiii II ill. R in .. ...W fil I I - 15' Glazier, Clifford Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati Glins, Richard Med., M.D. Hamilton, Ohio Glazer, Walter Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Glass, Ercell Eng., B,S. Cincinnati Godby, Thomas Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Goosman, Robert Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Goodhand, Charles Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Troy, Ohio Gordon, William Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Goto, Unoii Med., M.D. Kona, Hawaii, T.H. Graham, Irene Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati TOP ROW: GLASS, ERLELL-'Lambda Chi Alpha, A.S.lVi.E., Student Religious Council. GLAZIER, CLIFFORD-Delta Tau Delta, Varsity Board, Bus Administration Tribunal, Beta Gamma Sigma, Newman Club, ROTC., Y.lVl.C.A. GLINS, RICHARD-Phi Sigma, Phi Chi, Newman Club, GOLDMEN, ELMER-Arts Board, I-Iillel, News Record, Freshman Fencing, Glee Club, Alpha Epsilon Pi. GOOD, CLIN- TON R.-Phi Chi, GOODELL, DOLORES-Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.VV,C.A., Alpha Delta Pi, Modern Dance Club. GORDON, WIL- LIAM-Beta Gamma Sigma, GOTO, UNOJI-Pi Kappa Epsilon 1Sec,1, Pediatrics Society, GRAHAM, IRENE-Phi Mu iPledge Dir., V. Pres, Rush Chr, House Chr. , Panhellenic Representative, Bowling Team, Freshman Commission iArt and Publicity Chr.i, Cadets, Y.VV. CA, Classics Club, Glee Club. GRAHAM, SOLON-Alpha Tau Omega, GRANT, ANITAeNursing Senior Class V, Pres., Tribunal, Bridge Club, Literary Club, Music Appreciation GRAY, JAMES S.eBetci Thetci Pi, Nu Sigma Nu, Tennis, GREEN, ELIZABETH A.-Theta Phi Alpha V, Pres., Rush Chr ,VVomen's Senate Pres-, Mortar Board, Student Council, Jr, Advisors 1Chr,i, Orientation Board, Convo- cation Board, Social Board Sec., C-Ring Committee, V I C,, I-lonor Day Chr., Intramural Dabates, Ivlemorial Dorm iPres.i, Inter- Dorm Council, Vigilence, Pan-Hellenic Council, Y.VV,C,A, Cabinet, I-Ionorary Literary Society, Penguin Club, Student Directory, News Regard, lvy Chain. ci Greer, Betty Home Ec., B.S. Ft. Thomas, Ky. Greive, William G. App. Arts, B.S. Lawrenceburg, Ind. Griest, Howard Bus. ACI., B.B.A. Cincinnati Griffin, Robert C. Eng., B.S. Sharonville, Ohio Griffith, Suzanne Nursing, B.S. Cincinnati Grimes, Arthur Eng., B.S. Ravenswood, W. Va. Groth, .Iune Nursing, B.S. Guerrea, Venna Mae App. Arts, B.S. Haas, Elmer J. Eng., B.S. Hachen, David Lib. Arts, B.A. Hadrilta, Marian Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Hater, Harold Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Great Neck, LI., N.Y, , - . 'Q' msgs I 'Tia .99 i 4? - " ' 4 f -I '3 ii' 'fu -V M.. . T.: "4" -ir' tial' A Q . .- . s . g I s 1 T. ., . . sf Q-0' ...rv 4 , . . ii ':. , I ' .. .- ' I i 1 Q X t silss 248 Q.-QE, +3 -.Q fi was-' ,Q .-,-- I X " ' I f ii A va.. .L 'jx ob' . ,. Gohs, Robert Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Graham, Solon Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Clarksburg, Ohio viii NTU! Gold, Baron H. Law, LLB. Cincinnati Cvrannen, William Law, L.L.B, Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: GREENBERG, SYLVIA- . awk s, . - 'WN E C. ... Q ' c X X ' X L I A . Ng Q as x '10 'Q Nw .Ji 4 F ,. 1 Goldtorb, Hyman Lib. Arts, B,A. Cincinnati Grant, Anita Nursing, B.S. Tallahassee, Fla, - Q SR' -N - xx ,V .l - i '-'-xl ': 511, -T 5 1 .gs X 7 N.. f . 5 4- -N. -x 1 , .-,, Y T3 W as xg' N-:N - it Wt 4- all ' Goldmen, Elmer Lib. Arts, B.S, Cincinnati Grassbaugh, Francis Bus. Ad, B B A. Cincinnati ,.,.-A K. T, Z? if ,,, an T 4? C, R, w-fi' ' ,,,,..... .av i'i' " J '-'- -W 1 ragga: , . - A " 3 - 12 r -X.-f-N.. ' f. N ,. f-,A-mifxh - .Q ' . . '33 '95 M 'W -as ,P Q .F x ' I' 3 gf C, I , V A ' i j'gtY'ii:Q1,t 3j5,5.,A':,'Q. E , f '.f,'3,:3z.?ti'93?t . X .. .Ant N . . .Sei Goldsmith, Earl J, Good, Clinton Goodell, Dolores Bus. Ad., B.B A. Med, M.D, Teachers, B S. Cincinnati Grouse, Thomas Lib. Arts, A B Cincinnati Cincinnati Gray, James S Med, MD. Cincinnati Cincinnati Green, Elizabeth Lib Arts, AB. Cincinnati Y W C A Cabinet, Sigma Delta Tau, News Record, Y WC A GREER, BETTY-Home Ec Club, W.Y.S,F. Committee, Ivy Chain GRIEST, HOWARD-Football, Lllex, Onncron Delta Ivappa, "C" Club GRIFFIN, ROBERT C.-A S C E, Y,lVI.C A. Cabinet, GRIFFITH, SUZANNEfGIee Club, Bridge Club, Music Appreciation Club, Social Committee GRIMES, ARTHUR- Pi Tau Sigma, Alpha IDI Clmega, A SME GRISMER, JEROME T, -Football and Easl-etliiall Intramurals, GROGG, ARTHUR S. Signifi Chi iTre-asm, Alpha Kappa Rst, Metro GRUENER, MAR- THA-Zeta Tau Alpha, Pan Hellenic Rep, Itlevvman Club, Co-ep Club, Y,W.C.A, GUERREA, VENNA MAE'-Chi Omega Sec , YWCA, Vigilance, WAA HACHEN, DAVID-Debat Team, Debate Council Sec , Sociology Club Tre-as , I-Iillel, Sigma Alpha Mu, Y MCA HAG- ENBUCH, BETTY-Zeta Tau Alpha Sec and Social Chr , Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Delta, Wig Wag, W.A,A, Cincinnatian, Applied Arts Club, Arts Board, Applied Arts Review, Y.WCA Grimes, Lester Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Hagedarm, John Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Grismer, Jerome T. Med, MD. Dayton, Ohio Hagenbuch, Betty App. Arts, B.S. St. Clawsville, Ohio Gro99f Arthur S Bus. Ad, B.B,A Cincinnati Haggard, Walter Bus, Ad, B,B.A. Cincinnati gb Swift Hall ,f L , ii ' ' V G 1 'S - x if fri '- rv-1 FQ' 1- I'-5' 3 ,. it ,,-5 - A 'R A X .... Q A' " "' ...Ri X ii. I ..1- 1 cl-' . I "ff: f s. A V - as I X1 i -if A ,, ., -.of .- I , N js! 'ii L I , I ' 'Fix---':f'i.. ' , I 0 I 249 ss 4: . 'hi 'iff cr R gg . f -i..-. .1 .5 . L. mini ef: .C' L. i JE Hale, Howard Eus Ad BBA Cincinnati Harris, Seymour Med, M D Toledo, Ohio f-ti"-gi iflt X, 9.5.3 ii' ifiijiit Ls -.J ch T , 'Z l 1 1 gt' A fb Q. Hall, William E. Bus Ad, B B.A Cincinnati Harrison, Elizabeth Teachers, B S. Cincinnati 42 eau N..4. se--1 .v 4 bf i -3-,vs Q 'C7 Lid' Haller, Walter Bus. Ad., BB A, Silverton, Ohio Harrison, Joan Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati 'Q 'W' .J 4 4v' . Hamilton, Betty W. Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Harrison, Shirley Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati .. QA so .ze af x 'TJ' fs , cc- . .t . . L3 Xxx. ' 1153A , . . ., Y 'L . i.-hc' Ek -. .1 'S' Hanauer, James Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Hart, Elaine App. Arts, 5.5. Houston, Texas Hannum, Harry Teachers, B,S, Cincinnati Harteveld, Roslyn Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati X 5. -.3 i yang, .LZ :LO .rv :aug it I Hanseman, Carl Bus, Acl., B.B.A. Cincinnati Hartman, Marcia Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati TOP ROW: HALE, HOWARD B. ,Phi Delta Theta, HANNUM, HARRY-Football tVarsityr, Baseball tVarsityi, Ulex. HARPER, RICHARD Ani-rotator, Historian, Song Leaderr, Jr, Class Pres., Sr. Class Pres., Cincinnatian iArt Ed., Editori, Omicron Delta Kappa , , , Delta Phi Delta, Cheerleader, Glee Club Board Member, Y,lVl.C.A. Sr. Cabf, Tax Levy Campaign Co-Chry, Din, Clit , Ji Prom Chr, Sr Prom Chr, Board ol Publications, Applied Arts Tribunal, Applied Arts Review ilfditori, Plaster weft, lvanitiei, Mumniers, Veterans Association, VV,S.S F., Applied Arts Club, HARRISON, SHIRLEY-Home Ec. Club, Wig 3 'r i.'. C A, tl V A, Arts Board HART, ELAINE-Chi Omega, Applied Arts Tribunal, V.l,C., Cincinnatian, Treas. Unit F Memorial C 'i HARTMAN, MARClAfflsappa Kappa Gamma, Ji' Advisor, Y.VV.C,A,, Cincinnatian, VV.S.S F. HATTERSHIDE, ROBERT-Phi Kap- Seniiite, Pershing Rifles, A l Ch E, Newman Club, Jr Advisors, Varsity Vanities, Hauenstein, Henry Eng, B S, Cincinnati Hermanies, John H. Law, LLB. Hauer, William Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Herrman, John App. Arts, B.S. Hawkins, Ruth Anne Teachers, B.S, Cincinnati Herwitz, Paul Lib. Arts, B.A. Heather, Juanita App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Hesrick, Jeanne Nursing, B.S. Heather, Loren W. Lib. Arts, B,S. Cincinnati Hetzel, Suzanne Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati . X J ,. -..x J Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Payne, Ohio l WX N95 ,ali sm Qin 'iff' X K3 i A Lag . Q.: nh.. lj 3, W ,t . 3? ,gg I. ,nv ' ,. ' bf. - - 'tj e-- ' l GRADUATES T 3 I B h.-f-c'L-L..-.iz --" ' 250 'X ,, y ,v as-' fa-- if I ,Q ps . .3 6 ' 2' I :iq -49 ' -4' 'li x .af ' ""' x" I 'K X S' A Qi 1 f Harper, Richard App. Arts, B.S. Niles, Mich. Hartwell, Howard Bus, Ad. B.B.A, Cincinnati 4' f i Harris, Emily Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Hattershide, Robert Eng., B.S, Cincinnati Colne time in the Union Grill I , Vvflc-tcin: A:tw-fCic1liflli Trf-as BOTTOM ROW: HAUENSTEIN, HENRY-Tau Bela Pi, News Record Assoc, Ecl , A S CE Res HAUER, WILLIAM S.-Sigma Chi, Newman Club, YMCA, VV S S F, lvluintners, llews Pecaitl, Slutllg-nt Diiigttgttgily HAWKINS, RUTH ANNE-Gull Pcirlc Jr. College, Chi Omega, Republican Club, lvlunirners Publicity, lciritjle-rgarltg-n Piiiiitny Club, Y VV If A HEATHER, JUANITA-Zeta Tau Alpha, Della Phi Della, Glo? Club, Orataiia HEATHER, LOREN W. Alpha Tltu lilllliglgllil, llu mimi llii Phi .,,i Y, Eta Sigma, Glee Club, Oralorio. HEEPKE, CAROL-Alpha Chi Omega V Fics. ,Alpha Lainlttla Diylta, Slutltftnl Lfliif.-glory Bus. Mgt , Liberal Arts Tribunal, Board al Publications, Junior AClVlE,Ol, VVS SF CClIllITTlllEJC', Religious Eniplmjtsl-5 VVQL-l Caniiinllig-c-, X'Via VVag, VVAA., French Club, Ivy Chain, YVVCA Sec HELD, LEONARD J. Phi Alpha Della HERMAN, THOMAS D5-lla Phi Alpha, American Chemical Society, HERMANIES, JOHN H.-Theta Chl, Phi Alpha Delta, "C" Club, Tracl Captain, Cragg, Qrgiunliy HER- WITZ, PAUL-Transfer from Univ. ol VViscansin HESRICK, JEANNE-llursing Class V Pres anal Tilfritf, Ivlusic Apple-ittjiliiilli, Sparta Club, Discussion Group, HETZEL, SUZANNE-Della Della Della V Pres. , Wig Vxfag, YWCA Varsity Vanitit.-s., Driiia: Cluli, League Ol Women Voters, Republican Club HICKS, MORSE-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sophos, llu llappa Epsilon. HIGHT, WILLIAMS R,-Sigma Chi Heepke, Carol Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Hicks, Morse Med., M.D, Cincinnati ,f fs, are - . .-L B . -of if Heft, Dorothy Nursing, B.S. Cincinnati Higgins, Ann Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati 'Q '7 H -..,,,, . 2 Q .N . N Held, Leonard J Law, L.L,B. Sandusky, Ohio Hight, William R. Bus. Ad. B.B A. Cincinnati ,--. lf 1' .'---' 1 5' Henslee, Forrest Bus. Ad, B,B.A, Cincinnati Hill, Clarence Bus. Ad, B,BA Herbert, Francis Teachers, B,S, New Richmond, Ohio Hillarcl, William E. Lib. Arts, B.S Cincinnati Wilmington, Ohio f QS 1 g it ,av R . fn 1 X. . 5 if '5' ,....-0 I X 'fri . was 'C 3' 'F S 'Stamci llu, Petilitgitlics Society, Pi Herman, Jean Lib, Arts, B.S. Elmwood, Ohio Herman, Thomas Liberal Arts, BA. Cincinnati Hippert, Robert D. Hirsch, Betty Lib Arts, B,A Cincinnati Lib, Arls, B,A. Cincinnati ' '-05 251 4' A A5 dl Ia- D '4' ...J Q3 33 X K4 . Y 1-rr.,-vs. :egg xg, Qs v ,T -,,s N? X .,,,'::., NI' - ...,- h Hobson, Mar ory Lib Avis, BA Cincinnati Holmes. Joseph Bus Ad, BBA, Cincinnati Ie fr-i' ii .. 1.41 L A ' -J i 4. V ,LZ X1-X F ...A 7 .ina me -Pi X -0' ' ttf' N . l ...Q s -. ,:. 55 W, 1, es Q 5 x A .. X, . '-is st' we " ' 'Z -0 E i' rf K , -...v H V . -. 0 5 .1513 I Q, , L, . NYT -'iii' Hack, Jeanne Hodell, C. H Hoeland, James Home Ec,, BS, Cincinnati Holtson, James Engineering, B.S Clayton, Ohio Engineering, B,S. Cincinnati Holton, Harry Graduate School Florence, Ky, Bus. Ad., B,B.A Dayton, Ohio Hopper, Harold Med., M.D. Cincinnati W ,tg Hoerth, Carl C. Hoerth, J. Hoffman, Robert Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Law, LLB. Med., M.D. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Hopping, Harald Hauser, R. Houston, Jack Lib. Arts, B.A. App. Arts, B.S. Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati TOP ROW: HOCK, JEANNE Alpha Chi Omega, Mortar Board fPres.i, Senior Class V. Pres., Omicron Nu lTreas.t, Union Board, .igm f,f' if Senate Rec Sec , Junior Advisors Co-Chrm, Home Ec. Tribunal V, Presp, l..l,T. iTreas,l, Guidon, Vanities, Mummers, -I ncrringitian, Alpha Lambda Delta Sec , Ivy Chain, Wig VVag Council rChrm r V,l C., VV.S.S,F., Vigilance, Home Ec. Club iSec,, Exec, Ctmil Freshman Beecher Avvard, Tax Levy Comm. CofChrm,. HOFFMAN, ROBERT-Beta Theta Pi, Nu Sigma Nu. HOGAN, EDWARD A. Sigma Chi, Bus Ad Tribunal HOLBROOK, ELAINEeDelta Phi Epsilon, Home Ec. Club, Y.VV.C.A., College Fashion Board. HOLLAR, MARY Senior Class Treas Nursing, Music Club, Bridge Club. HOLSTON, JAMES A.-Beta Theta Pi, A.S.M.E., Pershing P 'lets Pitlc- Tf,-am. Tracl. HOPPER, HAROLD-Al-L K, Pediatrics Soc., Pi Kappa Epsilon, Stanford Univ. HOUSTON, JACK-Football 3- -.- Administration Building 7 X -.... . . ,qu V, - M. A Q .H l 11 , -Q--9-5 252 Varsity, Ulex, Intramurals. HOWELL, RICHARD H.-Theta Chi, Y.lVl.C.A. HOWISON, JOAN-Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Cincinnatian Copy Ed., Adv. Mgrt, News Record, Profile, Student-Alumni Committee, Junior Advisors, Jr. Prom Committee, Varsity Vanities, Y.W.C.A., Q.Q. Club, Ivy Chain, VV.S.S.F., Student Directory, Speakers Bureau. HUFF, JAMES A. JR.-Delta Tau Delta il2eC. Sect, En- gineering Tribunal, l.R.E., A.l.E.E,, Glee Club. HUGE, AL JR.-Phi Alpha Delta. HUGHES, MARJORIE-Alpha Hughes, Robert Lib. Arts, B.A. Middletown, Ohio James, Wand H. Engineering, M,E, Miami, Arizona -vi-.wi -a ' A -'Gil wi X G MZ? N .. -.55 Hunt, John Teachers, 8.5. Norwood, Ohio Jamison, Barbara Home Ec,, B,S, Cincinnati 3 .Slim no -HN S . I .,,, Vi ii Huth, Thomas Med., M.D. Cheviot, Ohio Jamison, Natalie Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati 'lb ESD agar? VV' JH ' , 0' cc N of E I X Hogan, Edward Bus. Ad., B,B.A. Cincinnati Howell, Richard H. Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Hogue, Raymond BUS. ACI. B.B.A. Cincinnati Howison, Jody Lib. Arts, B.A, Cincinnati S i I S , Xi 'Y X. 1 Hague, William Bus. Ad. B.B.A. Cincinnati Jr. Huge, AI Jr. Engineering, B.S. Huff, James A. Cincinnati sw- 1 "QE 3 u Holbrook, Elaine Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Law, LLB. Cincinnati J" 'O- ? '57 Hollar, Mary Nursing, B.S. Cincinnati Hughes, Marjorie Teachers, B.S. Newport, Ky. GRADUATES Omicron Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Epsilon Tau, Vllestminster Foundation, YWCA BOTTOM ROW: HUNT, JOHN-Football, Basliebtall, "C" Club, Ulex IGEL, ROBERTMA SME, Pi Tau Sigma ISAAC, ALFRED E.-- A.I.S, Alpha Phi Omega Pres. , Vets Assoc., Arts Board, Applied Arts Club JACKSON, WILLIAM B.wAlpha kappa Psi, Cincnnatian, News Record, Jr Prom Committee. JACOBS, MIRIAM-Alpha Gamma Delta, Y VV C A, Home Ec Club, Cfamma Delta iV Pres, Tre-as lt Vanities, JAFFE, MURRAY-Phi Eta Sigma, Cnlee Club JAKES, HAROLD--Sigma Chi Sec, Rush Chrnt , YIVIC A, M I T JAMES, WAND H.-Triangle, A SME, ROTC JAMISON, NATALIE-Alpha Chi Omeaa, Panhellenic, VVIQ Vlfaa, Y WCA, French Club, Club, Freshman Commission, Oratorio Society, Republican Club JENNEWEIN, JACK-Scabbaid and Blade, French Club JEN- NINGS, HARLON-IJ C Band, A SC E, Vlfesley Foundation JESSEMAN, WINSTON -Phi Chi, Pi Mappa Epsilon, Pediatrics Society, Phi Beta Kappa JIPPESON, VlRGINIAfJunior Advisors, Glee Club, Recreational Instruction Comm JOHNSON, Pediatrics Society Igel, Robert Engineering, B.S. Ludlow, Ky, Jenneivein, Jaclc Lib. Arts, B.A. Isaac, Alfred E. App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Jennings, Harlon Engineering, B.S. Jackson, William Bus. Ad. B.B.A, Cincinnati Jesseman, Winsto Med., M.D. X, Cincinnati Cincinnati Bettsville, Ohio ' 11. I V I 1 "" A- ' . ' ., ' ,rg "N"" '-cr:-9 - ' I KP X 1 - Us . .siffeywg "' we -ck, i I 'X ATN t .95 . ,gc f,,,v-,, .'....K. . .1 I 1: 4 X 2 i 1 ' M, , -x 'v 3 "--:grili ii X, i - E I A E A ' 5 M Jacobs, Miriam Home Ec., BS. Cincinnati Jippeson, Virginia Home Ec., B.S Dearborn, Mich. .-,, not Nm! -P-. . V. , .2'5,.5 - l' , ' X-3,-'eg L ., Q ' , nn s sf 1 XX M V 253 Jacobson, Robert J Law, LLB. Cincinnati Johannemon, Melvin Bus. Ad B.B A. Highland Heights, Ky. g :, , N e X .. , . 5 X S ,N lf , Q he xv ss M, Q' h ze, . 2 2 .- .' 'FF ' 'is-1, I so sis . ' ... :w 5 :'. L3 X 5- ,741 . '- .C 1155-- Jalte, Murray Med., MD. Cincinnati Johnson, Austin Bus. Ad, B B.A. Cincinnati f- ' ..--. ,, 4, . , A-:IM . -2. .s 1' N inlfllavg , 9 1 Q +- 5 ,... 3 . CARLffPhi Chi Jalnes, Harry Lib. Arts, BS. Chillicothe, Ohio Johnson, Carl Engineering, BS. North Bend, Ohio -5 K nasal' ', . -cs, ...sf-2. Q 7' .2 Library - 'F' ix -is , J fl! N ' it 55 -w NN: Johnson, Charles M. Bus. Ad. B.B.A. Cincinnati Kanast, Barbara App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati as -5: ': Q -we wx . P ' Johnson, Phyllis Nursing, B,S. Ellcin, Narth Carolina Kator, Jerry Bus. Ad. B.B.A. Cincinnati 3 X 3 . X i X .V Ji 153 ty D , it Johnson, Sally Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Kaylor, Richard L, Bus. Ad. B.B.A. Cincinnati TOP ROW: JOHNSON, CHARLES M.-Vets Assoc. Presm, Y.M.C.A. lCabineT', Univ. Says Club, VV.Y,S,F., Univ of Kansas City, Univ. of Pittsburg. JOHNSON, PHYLIS-Senior Class Pres. iNursing and l-lealthi, Glee Club, Sport Club iSec. , N, and l'l, Tribunal, Nomination Committee, Jr. Advisor, Inter-Club Council, JOHNSON, SALLY W.- Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alleghney College. JOHNSTON, DAVID-Delta Tau Delta, Profile, Ohio State Univ. KAELlN, CLAIRINE-Chi Omega, Kinder- Clxf, t WC A KAHN, JOHN H.-Phi Lambda Upsilon, Delta Phi Alpha, Y,lvt.C.A. KALLMEYER, JEAN-Links iPres.i, VV.G,S. L. Twig Ole'-e Club, Ji Advisors, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Co-ep Club, VVar Service Council, Varsity Vanities, , Sql. isis We-el Ciiiniittee, Student Directory, Oratorio, Wig VVag, Y.VV,C A. KANOST, BARBARA D.-Activiteis Board, he ..i -f, -1-'ii Pitlc- -l""Cllll, lnter Dorm Council, Simeral Dorm iPres, , Junior Advisors, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Delta, vt A A Ti-:Lentil KEATING, CHARLES JR.-Swimming Co-Capt., Nat'l Champ l94ot Phi Alpha Delta Vice Justice, L'2'ii1 Keller, Ruth M Lib Arts, BA Cincinnati Kevios, Betty Eus Ad, B B A Cincinnati f- i rt bigcii,-fy, Cixi Kellogg, Nancy Lib Arts, BA. Cincinnati Kiclwell, Thomas B, Bus Ad, B B.A, Cincinnati -x I, ali up ' -J ' 0 4? -"T' TX , T ff' tg f r if V " 1 gh., fl AK 'Q Z? 4' A A I ., -J '-:V , ' 3 -J' ti F Club, Grill A C KEATING, WILLIAM J.fSignia Chi, Varsity Swimming, "C" Club, Y.tvt.C A. Kemp, Mrs. Dorothy Music, B S. Cincinnati Kieswetter, Charles Teachers, B.S, Kemper, Walte Bus. Ad. B.B.A Cincinnati R. Kindig, Mary Nursing, B.S. r H. Kemphues, Louis Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Kingharn, Alan Bus. Acl., B.B.A. Kennedy, Eldon C. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Kirschmer, Leonard Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati 'Q ,.,.p . SI C3 , . i X "'l .,i Kennedy, Pat Teachers, B,S. Cincinnati Kizer, James B. Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati A 'Y' Norwood, Ohio Cincinnati Cincinnati U ,, NQHXN, , It P ang, .' 'fl - ' 52 - .3 ' LL . .Y I ' -A 254 Dk N. vi ,si sf y Xue" g. In i -.WSI """c, , . gli L if J 3' G. i 'N t 5: . A' - V .wx I -.uit -.r W . . ' . T' 3' s K R vt 1 1 r . .- JJ J 'Ti L I l-2' Nye .. -A N F-s wg 'Qi - .3 ' ' S i P? K: 'T 'quit' 3' 7' - -515 QQ i' J j ,, , A 'sd' -.1 V ...4-or . - . N -97 ' -,-v 'WA' ,---' ,vis . ,ce I . X , f .e. ,, , x J i 5 ig es: .fe '12 . . A . '33 'Q iifiif' 9418. ...I , 1 , Tlx' b i Johnston, Carl Johnston, David B. Jones, Dale R. Jones Gwen Kaelin, Clairine Kahn, John H. Kallmeyer, Jean Med., M.D, Cincinnati Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Lib. Arts, BA. Cincinnati Nursing, B.S. Cincinnati Teachers, B.S, Cincinnati Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Keane, William P. Keating, C, J Keating, Charles Jr. Keating, William Keeton, Robert Keininger, Gertrude Keister, George B, Law, L.L.B. Bus. Ad., B.B.A Law, L.L.B. Bus. Ad., B.BA Bus. Ad., B.BA Teachers, B.S. App. Arts, BS. Dayton, Ohio Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnat. BOTTOM ROW: KELLOGG, NANCY-VVe-sley Fcunclatron V Pres , Jr Aclytsors, Flelrgtous Emphasis VVeelc Cimmtttee Chrm r, Pres, , Cmrcron Capt. , R o T c C VVAA., Y.VV.CA KEMP, DOROTHY-Orchestra, Bancl, Phi Beta Music ancl Drama Society KENNEDY, ELDON C.--Phi Delta Theta Delta Kappa, Beta Gamma Szgnta, Alpha lsappa Psi, Sophos, Mens Senate, Sicral Boarcl, Scalnharcl ancl Blacle Lt Col , Varsity Tracl- Team, Varsity Rttle Team, lntramura's, Glee Club, Vanities, Tolntes, Y MC A KERN, LOIS C tsl and l-t , Senior Class -ez ll amil t-l Dtsguison Cfreup, Music Atgprecratron Club, Sports Cluln Pres , Convoca- lnter-Club Council, VVAA EC-arcl KERNS, JOSEPH D.-Plir Alpla Delta, Dorm Superyrsrir, lntramural Ahtletacs, VIRGINIA-Alpha Gamma Delta UC Band, Varsity Vanities, YVVCA KESSLER, MARGARET-Chr Ctntega Rush Cltrm , Iota Sigma Pt, Alpha Lamlgcla Delta, Varsity Vanities, Vigilance, YVVC A KESTNER, MARY M.--lsappa Delta, lanclergarten Primary Club Sec , YVV.C,A, VVtg VVag WIESWETTER, CHARLES R. 'Beta Theta Pr, Ulex, Phi Epsilon, lxappa, lntramural's Stuclent Manager KIRSCHMER, LEONARD -Y MC A, Ctncrnnattan KLAYMAN, HELENH Varsity Vanities, Alpha Lamlucla Delta KLEHFOTH, JEAN-Chi Omega V Pres , Gamma Delta Pres, V Pres , Home Ec Clu Y.VV,C,A, Student Religious Council Scph, Class sec tion Committee, YMCA. KERR, Kern, Lois Nursing, B.S. Dayton, Ohio Klausing, Raymond Bus. Ad., B,B.A. Cincinnati 3 S it sz i fi Kerns, Joseph D. Law, L.L.B. Urbana, Ohio Klayman, B. Helen Lib. Arts, B.A Cincinnati KLEIMEYER, VERNON T.-A S M E Kerr, Virginia IM App. Arts, BS. Cincinnati Klayman, Martin Law, L.L.B., BBA Cincinnati rs,l Kessler, Margaret Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Klehfoth, Jean Home Ec., BS. Cincinnati lb, Junior Aclytsors, l-lealtlt Committee, Varsity Vanities, Kestner, Mary Teachers, B S. Cincinnati Kleimeyer, Vernon T Engineering, M E Cincinnati if ra .IV Ti' 2- RV W 'xi "'5i7 ,f " - . A VY ' K , , A I 1 1. 'V "lnt A AJ .J 255 153' D ef GRADUATES 'Ac as sr Af ni '- . ,.-. in. er... 9- fv- s- YS' ROW I-Dick, L.g Thompson, J.g Green, E., Phillips, D. ROW It-Bishop, R., Porter, W., Schorfenberger, I., Reed, G. ORIENTATION BOARD The biggest function of the Orientation Board might be symbolized by a pointing finger. The job of directing the large influx of freshmen each fall to unknown buildings be- comes a week-long chore. And as it always happens, there is the senior who still must be directed to the Physics Building. 1 It if ln the summer of 1947 the Orientation Board gave a short program for one hundred and eight students, who were either new or transferring to the University. At this time the Orientation Board proctored the Psychological and the Vocational Interest tests. The tests were followed by a dinner in the Student Union where special entertainment was provided. ln the fall of 1947 the board had a program for the freshmen and transfer students. This was the maior function of the year. Due to the difference of one week in the time of regis- tration for the different colleges, the Orientation Board had two separate programs. Both of the programs started with a welcoming address by President Walters. Later the same day the new students were given the opportunity of meeting their respective tribunals. Here, they learned the many facilities, services, traditions, and activities the university has to offer. The Orientation Board closed the I947-48 program with the annual Freshman open house and dance. Music, food, and special entertainment were provided, and the new students had a chance to meet their fellow class mates. As an extra attraction for the out- of-town students, the Orientation Board sponsored a city-wide sight seeing trip by streetcar. ..,.,,, GRADUATES , x. . hw. .- ffl x ' 1, ic 73 fx-.M-f-vwv . sf- ,-.www---www J -3 1: Klein, Charles C. Law, L.L.B. Iranton, Ohio if aa Klepinger, Richard H. Engineering, A.E. Dayton, Ohio we-v--f--. , XX 9' " We , -X. A ,J , ' A ,.,, N yi Q, 5 x Y P Q' I . 1 my V ,U , .P .. b. ' si,...-,vi i ss' - si I - A Kline, Romaine Nursing, B,S. Huntington, W. Va Klover, John M. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Kluener, Rosemary Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Karchmar, Bennett Kartz, Flora Mae Kraft, Robert S. Kramer, Eugene L. Kranz, Robert Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Home Ec., B.S. Lib. Arts, B.A. Teachers, B.S. Med., M.D. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati TOP ROW. KLEIN, CHARLES Sigma Nu, Delta Phi Epsilon. KLEPINGER, RICHARD, H.-Pl Kappa Alpha, l.A,S. KLINE, ROMAINE- ','5"'1:' Eiciril Triliunal Pres, Se , Jr Adyisor, Literary Club, Residence Policies Committee, Chr. Constitutional, Convention Commit- ' -'-- f - if Cuii KLUENER, ROSEMARYfffAlpha Chi Omega, News Record, Jr. Advisors, Glee Club, VV.A.A., Oratorio, Y.W,C.A. V J Ad isor News Record KOCH GEORGE Sigma Chi IV. KOCHIDOTTIE kappa kappa Gamma, Dance Club, Varsity ariities, r. v , . , -A Pres Wes Push Chr , Student Council Pres, Treasn, Union Board Chr.-, Engineering Tribunal, Bus, Administration Tribunal, Sophos Iiwce Clrr lntertratermty Council, Orientation Board, Cincinnatian, Metro, Sigma Sigma iCarn,Chr ,Presi KOEHNE, .IEANeAlpha Chi ESTER WILLIAM H Alpha Chi Sigma A I Ch E Tau Beta Pi KOLO CP Giga Pepublican Club, Home Ec Club, VVig VVag, Y,VV.C.A. KO , .- D , .. . ., , , JEAN--Triln nal, lylusic Appreciation Club Pres Sec , Y VV C A KOODISH, BETTYeSigma Delta Tau, Home Ec. Club, Y.W,C.A. KRAFT, ROBERT S.---Pi Lambigla Phi V Pres , YIVICA Handbook iEditor ,Inter-Fraternity Council, Glee Club. KRAMER, EUGENE L.-A.l.S., Ph Epsilon kappa, Basketball Varsity :Mgr , "C" Club, KRANTZ, RUTH-Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, O r C' Club YVVCA KRAPP MARTHA-'Sigma Epsilon Tau fPres, Kappa Delta Pi. KREIDLER, CHARLES W,-Y.M,C.A. TER- A S ME Kuck, Margie Lib. Arts, BA Cincinnati Lakes, Cecil T Lib Arts, BA Cincinnati KREKE, HMATQYCE. Zetiii Tau Alyha, Arts' Board, Newman Club, Latin American Club, Spanish Club, Y,VV.C.A. KRISTOF, JOACHIN- I Limlnla Clit Alpha, A l EE KRONE, DOROTHY -Cadet Corps, Vigilance, Alpha Chl Omega, Co-ep Club, Y.W.C.A. KRUSE, WAL- Kuhn, Nell Med, M.D. Cincinnati Lamb, Mary E Home Ec, B S Cincinnati 5 'i 2 fb '55 ,. - vi' 'fi . 1 . rv- .z 4- .,, I -it V Qt- 2 ' , ? .I l Kuhn, Robert Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Kuhr, Bernard Med., M.D. Cincinnati Kuller, Frank E. Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Kumpf, Mary Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Lammers, Stanley Kunnelce, Edith Nursing, B.S. Cincinnati Lang, Francis Lamb, Wayne Lambero, Vincent Lambert, Vernon Bus. Ad., B.B.A Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Engineering, E.E. Gen. Engineering, B.S. Teachers, B,S. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Lowell, Ohio 4 , -82' . s?9S.'-J vs aa , 'tl " V 2 A -A I J. T 3 Lit: 5 gf '37 'QT -as-5 T 'Q-q:,si,i,ff JB: -4 -4 ' ,,, ' ,,, , 'L ,J V Aw., A Q, -' - f g - 5 I, it L I A t "J" ri it N . fm .refine ,Serif .i 256 gg NL x s Q . A 1 ' .C 31 g + T ' I-T 9+-' -ff L -1' , " A-g -A xx Nil.-'IQ r' MX ,EN , ings ,: ' , 2. , . M' iv i Ti 5 1,3 ii T ff . .. Qgxffs-"+" -Q 2 . P I E, Ji, x 45 , , 429' "T-I A -3 . -A 5' I if -A . -4, A J' 1 -+f V 'Na' -- 'Y' Koch, Dottie App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Kranz, Ruth App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Koch, George Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Krapp, Martha Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Koehne, Jean Home Ec, BS, Cincinnati Kreidler, Charles Lib Arts, B,A. Cincinnati Kaester, William H, Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Krelxe, Mary E. Lib, Arts, BA Cincinnati Koller, Betty M. Home Ec,, BS. Cincinnati Kristof, .Ioachin Engineering, E.E. New Salem, Pa. ..A- T is c -Ak ,.. 1 :fi 7 5 ,.. - 'rr X 5, -.Ji ,f Kola, Jean Nursing, B,S, Ft. Thomas, Ky. Krone, Dorothy Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Koodish, Betty Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Kruse, Walter Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: KUCK, MARGIE-Alpha Cltt Cltnega, Music Carnnnttee tor Union, YVVC A KUMPF, MARY--Alpha Gamma Delta, Tau Pi Epsilon, VVon1en's Senate, Varsity Vanities, I-tonne EC Tnlgwnal, l-lanie Ec Club V, Pres, Pres 1, Glee Club, Band, Y,VV.C A, LA CAMERA, FRANK-Glee Club Bug Mgt , YMC A Cabinet, Varsity Vanities, Religious Emphasis VVeel-, YMCA Handboal, Oratorio, VV Y S E, LAMB, MARY E. Home Ec Clnlv, Y VVC A LAMBERO, VINCENT'-R O T C LAMBER, VERNON -Iota Chu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi Pres , Eta ltappq tit, Sec , Elm Eta Sigma Pres txt-n'e Senate, A I EE LAMMERS, STANLEY--Beta Theta Pt, LANG, FRANCIS'-'Kappa Delta Pt, Fon:-:gn Paltcy Af,-.t.1-ctfgttttm, V,tetan5 Awsnctcttiatt LaCamera, Frank Lib. Arts, B.S. Warren, Ohio Langen, Donald H. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Lagaly, Roy Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Langenbeck, Fred R. Bus. Ad., B,B.A. Cincinnati .V - 1 X R we tim, X it i if 'Q , Us a... pg 'i 51, . , ' 'X -E Q. 5' ii. 'ii' t. " iE:f'mf'fk3i- ' i' ' i-XF: 'VL !1?31fifi'i+5i-:'?: Ulf 257 'X l 36 -I it 43 v J J 'J 'U' i lah Lappin, Berg Phyllis Teachers, BS Cincinnati Leonard, Charles O Bus Ad, B B A Cincinnati 115 -J' ,gl Lappin, Robert Bus. Ad., B B,A. Cincinnati Leonhard, Carolyn App, Arts, BS. Knoxville, Tenn I V . I i Cf O Larson, Richard Med , MD, Cincinnati Le Sueur, Arth Bus. Ad, B,B.A Cincinnati H. Ur i' 's ANI- Q s lf- ac F nf' K Ai 'vi ' I -ta. Q i -A' 5 -.K 1 I "' . - 53' ,mm- -....-ns 'ef i 0 'Y Y, V Larson, Walter H, Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Gurnee, Illinois Levi, Richard Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Latourette, Mary Lib. Arts, B,A. Covington, Ky. Levinson, Peritz Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Laubner, Francis Med., MD. Cincinnati Leive, Pat Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Lazar, Elizabeth Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Lewin, Frances P. Home Ec., B.S. Blanchester, Ohio TOP ROW. LAPPIN, BERG PHYLLlSf Sigma Delta Tau, Kindergarten Club, Y,VV,C.A LAPPIN, ROBERT-Sigma Alpha Mu Presp, band lntertraternity Council, YMCA, Varsity Vanities LARSON, RICHARD H.-Phi Chi, Pi Kappa Epsilon, LAZAR, ELIZABETH- Sigwizi Deltii Tau Alpha Lambda Delta, Jr. Advisor, Hillel. LEMING, ROBERT O.-Phi Alpha Delta LEONARD, CHARLES O.-Delta 'ac Delta Sand Circhestra, News Record, Profile, Varsity Vanities, YNIC A LEONHARD, CAROLYN-Alpha Gamma Delta 'V. Pres., Pres , Delta Phi Delta, Wesley Foundation Pres , Glee Club, Pan Hellenic Council Treasy. Jr, Advisor, Varsity Vanities. LE SUEUR, ARTHUR Freshman Fencing LEVINSAN, PERITZ-News Record LEWE, PAT HELEN-Alpha Gamma Delta, Freshman Commission, g lfvlizg Vigilance, Y Vt! C A, Kindergarten Club, Varsity Vanities, Pan l-lellenic, Newman Club. LEWIN, FRANCES PHOEBE-Home E3 C uijt Transter tram Micinti Univ LEWIN, GERALDINE-Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Varsity Vanities. LEWIS, BETTY- in'n"'s Varsity Vanities, Applied Arts Club, Be-aux Arts Ball BOTTOM ROW: LIEBERMAN, BERNARD -Freshman Track, Veterans Association LIEBERMAN, BETTY-Glee Club Home Ec. Club, LIEDTKE, NANCY Alpha Chi Omega, l-lame Ec Club, YVVCA LIPSKY, RALPH-Sigma Alpha GRADUATES Lieberman, Bernard Lib. Arts, A.B. Cincinnati Lucas, Stan J. Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati . ?' '51 ' 1 3 NJ .4-n all Lieberman, Betty Home Ec., B.S, Cincinnati Luddeke, Rhoda Lib. Arts, B.A. Washington, D,C, 5fff'. -if 258 Lieberman, Harold Low, L.L.B. Cincinnati Luebering, Jane Lib. Arts, B,S. Cincinnati 'Egg on- - -a... -I ' Ivlu. LIVESAY, PHYLLIS-Chi Omega Liedtlxe, Nancy Home Ec., B.S. LaGrange, Ill. Luedelse, Carl C. Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Lindsey, Donald Liberal Arts, B.A, Cincinnati Lumley, Gordon Engineering, M,E. Cincinnati i ra- . T- . tx W ' l I is . - .... 'tl' Lear, Elaine Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Lewin, Geraldine Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati .ai Leming, Robert Law, L.L.B. Cincinnati Lewis, Betty App. Arts, 5.5. Cincinnati 299. - Q " .fx , vi. ie s x 'L E X at E s Lentz, Henry Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Lewis, Everett E. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Band Sponsor, 'Pledge Mistress, I-lame Ec Tribunal, Varsity Vanities, Glee Club, Inter-Dorm tional Interest Conference, Jr Prom Queen, Sweetheart ol Sigma Chi, Ivy Chain, Jr Advisors, VV A A, Y VV C A, Home Ec. Club. LOHNER, ALMA-Phi Mu Sec, Chap- lain, I-Iistarian, Delta Phi Alpha, Arts Board, Varsity Vanities, VV.A.A, Freshman Commission, Wig VVag, Y.VV.C.A. LONG, JAMES D.-Phi Delta Phi, Case Club, Legal Aid Clinic, Order oi Coil LOWER, JACQUELINE -Kappa Delta Social Chr , Vigilance, Jr Advisor, Freswmai -Sigma Alpha Mu, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Epsilon, Y MC A. LUDDEKE, RHODA 'A I S., Glee Club, Varsity Vanities, Psychology Club LUEBERING, JUNE-Alpha Lambda Delta, Iota Sigma Pi LUMLEY, GORDON-ASME, YMCA LUTHER, ELAINE-lsappa Council, Vocal .C W -Y Q. - . Agni... -..... .-. . Union Building I w Commission, Aiete, Home Ec Club, VV.A A, Y.VV C A. LUCAS, STAN J. Delta, YVV.C.A, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vigilance, Jr Advisor, Home Ec Club, Vocational lntormation, Omicion llii Tau Pi Epsilon Pres. , I-lame EC. Tribunal Treas LYNCH, JULIAN-Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha lsappa Psi, Mumnieis, Oratoiio MACE, ROBERT A. -Phi Alpha Delta, Case Club, Order ol the Coii, Glee Club Lipslly, Ralph Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Luter, Ray S. Engineering, 8.5. Littleiohn, Robert Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Lutier, Elaine Home Ec., B.S. Livesay, Phyllis Home Ec, B.S, Lewisburg, W. Va Lyman, Robert Engineering, B.S, Loftspring, Allen Bus. Ad., B B A. Cincinnati Lynch, Julian Bus. Ad , B B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati South Bend, Indiana in I 5 2 H A-sr 'v vlu .ns ,T 1. .x AQ Q, I .i ' 'ol . -.2 j-. .: 11 ' To . X XX Rf: ' 4 ' - 'mi 3159 gi n - A V, 1- f is Q is ,Q 5 , . you 1 , ,FIN - i ' 5. - 'f ' 5 , WSP- 4 . . -3 y - ' " of 1 .Q V ef.-ie '-ff ""'Ti.' A if . ' "'Ri" -. A . i 'Q far: -. 259 Lohner, Alma Lib. Arts, B S. Cincinnati Mace, Robert A, Law, LLB. Cincinnati Long, James D. LOW, L,L.B. Cincinnati Magness, Charles Bus. Ad, B.B.A. Cincinnati D. Lower, Jacqueline Home Ec., 5.5. Cincinnati Mcihalfey, David Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati . -v 8. him as ' 4311 I " 'W fm -A 11' ' f" 'W .- .J "' .V X... . , . W our P- A . J NE- - . S. UN. ' s, .3 me E . , ,g E 3 QT, sr ' 'Q 'i 4' -f . , 'T 'N I 'if-QZESQ: s i I GRADUATES :fa- JQ A A, t r ,ui Emil ri: F - as A S . 'A -'V 04 . ?'T , . 'zz 'J' fs" , , N- xy. iii I is ' .c ' i Mahler, Leona Maierson, Theodore Manchester, Robert Mancini, Nick Manderson, Rufus Lib. Arts, B.A. Lib. Arts, B.A, Engineering, B.S. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Martin, Ruth App. Arts, B.S. East Orange, N.Y. Martin, John T, Engineering, B.S. Martin, John T. Med., M.D. Cincinnati Martino, Joseph Law, l..L,B. Cincinnati Marx, Robert J. Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Cleveland Heights, O. TOP ROW: MAIERSON THEODORE Ritle Team MANLEY, MARY H.-Varsity Vanities, lvlurnmers, Glee Club, Oratorio, Y.W.C.A. MAPLES, ROBERT Tart Beta Ri, R OTC, A SCE MARDIS, MARIAN B.-Glee Club, Oratorio Society, Varsity Vanities, Y.VV.C.A. MARMER, SAUL Chfferleacler MARTIN, JOHN T.-Phi Chi, Pi Kappa Epsilon, Pediatrics Society. MARTIN, RUTH A.-Alpha Chi CH'-fitri Lvl: Eil, Carres Sec ,Cincinnatian, Glee Club, Delta Phi Delta, Applied Arts Club, Arts Board Chrrn Poster Workshop, E-i 1 Cp' ci' A A, Y VV C A., Memorial Dorm V Pres., Soc Chrm MARX, ROBERT J.-Zeta Beta Tau, Debate. MATHERS, MARY T. 'l -.-tt Phi Alpha Applied Arts Tribunal Treas, , Delta Phi Delta V. Pres. , Wig VVag, Y,VV.C A. MATRE, WILLIAM-Nu Sigma Nu, 7 P i it -tion, Mitchell Undergraduate Pediatric Society Sec MATUSKA, ROBERT-Nu Sigma Nu MAYERSON, EVELYN-Home bg Xi im, Silo.-V' Eus Chrm, , Home Ec Club, YVVCA., A.l.S., VV A,A,, Hillel. MAYERSON, MARIAN-Home EC. Variety Show iDi- 'lrctfir , aniriizs, News Record, Arts Board, Hillel, Al S., VV.A,A,, Y.VV,C.A., Home Ec. Club. Law School 260 1 McBride, Eva Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati McClain, Roland R Med, M.D. Cincinnati McKemie, Mary Alice McLelland, Robert Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Med., M.D. Cincinnati e. -3 R -C X S X B ' -'s an .fr N ,, - .. . . T :ii ' ,1- ,-' f 'Q' A to 'W x 2 - - X h ,. ' p X - ' ,Q ,f Q i .1 Q .wk . , , -:E -..V ,. A 21 -tiiiirfizlifiill 51 .gg ' .s ' . ,A r I Q If 1 AX LL, w',:sses?sei . e.:'c:.,s,...'S -., . li- N ,g X f 1 sc- , ',... as Manley, Mary H. App. Arts, B.5. Cincinnati Mathers, Mary T. App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati. Q .1 Q' ' Q 5 ,,-. ,-, --..-a- --., Manning, Paul W. Eus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati Matre, William Med., M.D, Reading, Ohio Maples, Robert Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Matuska, Robert Med., M.D. Cincinnati Q. i 1 A J 'R' , .s-' of X . R Maros, George Engineering, BS. Cincinnati Mayer, William H, Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati - 41 5. ff 'J 'G' v Madis, Marian Bradford Teachers, BS, Florence, Ky. Mayerson, Evelyn Home Ec., B.S, Cincinnati Marmer, Soul Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati Mayerson, Marian Horne Ec., B.S, Cincinnati It . -J J ..of ,.., ,..vx a - ',,,. wav - K, I . S! J' fe. , , ..,, , .Q i , 1: ,Q Sf,- t A, .cb , . yi. H .mlufr 9 . si '- Martin, Carl D. Bus. Ad, B.B,A, Cincinnati McBreen, Robert E Bus. ACI., B.B.A, Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: MCBRIDE, EVA-Cfiuadres, Pyramicl McCLAlN, ROLAND R.-Phi Chi. MCDOUGALL, CLAYTON-lnter'Dorm Council Pres , Republican Club, A SME MCGINNIS, MARY L.-Freshman Class V Pres, Literary Club, WS SF, lil and I-l Tribunal V Pres , Sports Club, Womens Senate, Junior Advisors, Inter-Club Council tChrm , Basketball Co-Capt, Honor Teami McGINNISS, NEIL---Phi Eta Sigma MCGRAW, ROSEMARY-Alpha Delta Pi Rec Sec ,Wig Wag, Co-ep Club, YWCA MCKEMIE, MARY ALICE -A I S, Glee Club, WG S, YW.C A MCNALL, BARBARA'-kappa Delta Pres , YWC A Freshman Council Pres , Vigilance, Wig Wag, Oratorio, Cincinnatian, Panflclellenic Council, Home Ec Club, League ot Women Voters, Volleyball MERKLE, SHIRLEY Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Lambcla Delta, Cvlee Club, Y VVC A MEUTTMAN, PHYLLIS-Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Phi Delta Sec , Latin American Club, Cincinnatian, YWCA MEYER, ALBERT Orchestra, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta llappa ilu Treas , Tau Beta Pi, A I EE McCormick, Howard Bus, Ad., B,B.A, Cincinnati Mi:Nall, Barbara Home Ec., B.S, Cincinnati McCrate, Charles Bus. Ad., BB.A. Columbus Grove, Ohio McSweeney, Betty App, Arts, B.S, Cincinnati McCullough, Mary Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Mendelsohn, Louis Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati ,T fe:-svzv .vw -Y? 'Sift eq -9? 312 --r' ,,...-A McDougall, Clayton Engineering, BS, Grave City, Pa. Merlrle, Shirley Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Q., i 111 Y I ' N ,,,. 261 McGinnis, Mary Lou Nursing, 5.5, Cincinnati Meuttman, Phyllis App, Arts, B S. Cincinnati , , ,- -'V' A ' Q " Z4 3 x, w fi 8, A-at ,' McGinness, Neil Lib, Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Meyer, Albert Engineering, BS. Cincinnati McGraw, Rosemary Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati Meyer, Clifford Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati ,3 . 'F v3 all I S mx . RN u I . ' I - , 1 I ' Ai- , .. Jigga CP A J ii :M is. 'L ,g ,I i,.jQg.:1.. F511 .sf 'SGT .fir frm. .. ii 1-4' 'rid 'i-e'H' 5 ,A . , X5 ' Lia ......... m e I: " LESS fs- I! ,. ::rg1..'-,mess .s:2s" if get-sg::2s1' -1: . A Q 9' Knitters go into mass production pt? Meyer, Kenneth F, Bus. Ad., B.B.A Cincinnati Monce, Martha Home Ec., B.S, Cincinnati Meyers, Mary T. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Monter, George Bus. Ad., B.B.A Cincinnati TOP ROW: MEYER, KENNETH F.-Cvlee Club, Oratorio Society, Alpha Kappa Psi. MILLER, BERT-Lambda Chi Alpha, Theta Alpha Phi, Y M CA, Fresh. Cabinet, Senior Cabinet, Fresh, Adyisorr, Orientation Board, Intramurals, Jr. Prom Committee, A.A. Club, Arts Board, Spealcers Bureau, VVYS F., Varsity Vanities, AA. Tribunal, Cincinnatian, Mummers iPres,1 MILLER, DONALD C.-Phi Delta Theta, Engineering Tribunal, ROTC, Y.iVi.C.A. MILLER, JOSEPH J.-Olee Club, Alpha Kappa Kappa, MILLER, LLOYD-News Record. MITCHELL, JEAN F.-Delta Delta Delta. MOLER, ARTHUR-Beta Theta Pi, Nu Sigma Nu, Mitchell Undergraduate Pediatrics So- ciety, MOLTER, RUTH H. 'Olee Club. MONCE, MARTHA-Alpha Chi Omega, Student Directory, Ivlummers, Psychology Club, Glee Club Oratorio Society, Home Ec. Club, Sociology Club, W.A.A., Y,VV.C.A. MONTER, GEORGE-Alpha Kappa Psi. MOOK, ELMER R.-Acacia, MOORE, GEORGE-Beta Theta Pi rPre-sm, Sigma Sigma, Ulex, Scarab, Inter-Frat Council. MOORE, GLORIA-Delta Phi Delta, VV,A,A. MOORE, JOSEPH-UC Band, iviummers, Varsity Vanities, Y,IVl.C.A. MOORE, THELMA E.fAl h L mbd D lt , Si na Epsilon Tau, Kappa Delta Pi, MOROE, DAVID M.-l,A.E.S,, Delta Tau Delta, Y.tvi.C.A. Mott, James Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Myers, Ruth Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati X ,J -r 1.7 .- ., 9 Mueller, Helen App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Myers, William Law, L,L.B. Muff, John R. Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Myron, William Bus. Ad., B.B.A L. Muirheid, Charles Bus. ACI., B.B,A. Cincinnati Nathanson, Fred Teachers, B.S. Dayton, Ohio Hamilton, Ohio Cincinnati "" zu- A - 'fa -., I -.C , as 1. of , -EQ -l ML N - . ,rg , ew rr. IIB ll .Mi JY f' 4' :I ' ' " S , ... - n- Q- 9' 2 K3 f'.4 l S' I -aff .tr . V , - A it l fr- ', 'L r I I "1 I , 262 Mullally, James W. Bus. Ad,, B.B.A. Cincinnati Naylor, Paul D. Law, L.L.B. Cincinnati . . .. foo ' -.f -l '27 POC! CISG Q- Mullally, William Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Nehls, Gordon H. Lib. Arts, B.S. Mullee, Robert D, Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Nelson, Bessie Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Cincinnati , i . - If -C , es- ?- ' . v i- I -4 -ti si 's ., ,Z 4 -5 'W N s- - Q ..:s,. rf' ' i 'XCSH ,lf N. ATX. Y ' QCQQGL 9 N. A A b.b. nb r 'Q' - ra "" 'V . ' il 'i ' f Q . ' I X V 5, .A K . X 'i New 5 4 , X A .. N ff 1.2",S,, , gf ' I K in "PN , Miller, Bert App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Montgomery, Frank Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Miller, Don C. Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Sandusky, Ohio Maolc, Elmer, R. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Miller, Joseph Med., M.D. Cincinnati Moore, George App. Arts, B.S. J. Miller, lloyd Law, LLB. Cincinnati Moore, Gloria App. Arts, B,S. , ,L Q X . A - A -+- 6 ee' " -of if t i if-1' ... 3, 1 K fifig k'-,. Mitchell, Jean F, Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Moore, Joseph Lib. Arts, 8.5. is a 'X- 'T'-f Moler, Arthur Med., M.D. Cincinnati Moore, Thelma Teachers, B.S. .Q .x Q45 is -- ' . .40 '2' -Q .-s .pv' -.iv . . Molter, Ruth H. Nursing, B.S. Cincinnati Morse, David M. Engineering, B.5 Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Wharton, Penn. Youngstown, Ohio Cincinnati Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: MOTT, JAMES- Eta Kappa Nu Pres , Phi Eta Sigma, A I E E , News Record, Co-op Engineer, A I S MUELLER, HELEN- Alpha Delta Pi, YVVC A, Cadets, Alpha Lambda Delta, Junior Advisors, Delta Phi Delta MULLALLY, JAMES W.-Beta Gamma Sigma V Pres ,Treas . MULLALLY, WILLIAM-Phi Delta Theta, Scalirlbard and Blade, ROTC MULLER, ROBERT D.- Beta Gamma Sigma. MURPHY, JAMES-Phi Delta Theta MURPHY, JOHN B.-Sigma Chi, YMCA MURRAY, JULIE-Chi Omega, Ji Advisors, CO-ep Club, Y VV,C,A. MUSAT, OLIVER D.-Alpha Tau Omega Pres , Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, A SM E, AI E E, IR E, I EC, Greek Week Chrm. , Mummers, Homecoming Committee, Cofop Day MYERS, RUTH-eAlpha Delta Pi, YVVC A MYERS, WILLIAM Alpha Tau Omega V. Pres, Treas , Phi Alpha Delta, Case Club NATHANSON, FRED-Ulex, Phi Epsilon kappa, Intramurals NAY- LOR, PAUL D.-Phi Delta Theta, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Aid Clinic, Case Clulb NEHLS, GORDON H. Alpha Chi Sigma NELSON, BESSIE-Ouadres, Delta Sigma Theta, YVVCA NEUMANN, HILMER--Nu Sigma Ihlu, Phi Eta Sigma, I9-I7 Osterman Fund Piize NEWMAN, CARLYNE A.-YVVCA, WAA, Arts Board, Fr Munz, Robert Bus. Ad., B,B.A. Cincinnati Neptune, C. A. Engineering, B.S, Cincinnati Y fi. w 1 -I Murphy, James Bus. Ad., B,B.A, Cincinnati Neubauer, Rosemary Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati ,X vi 'F C , '-,,,.g-:- .9 -rf is is - Murphy, John B, Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati Neumann, Hilmer Med., M.D. Cincinnati .--Q A - ., eshman Council, Murray, Julie Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Newman, Carlyne Lib, Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Cin CIITITCITICIIT Musat, Oliver D. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Newman, Rita Teachers, B,S. Cincinnati 263 GRADUATES GRADUATES -. J 'Qui -.0 c - a D is .TV 1-3 --5 . sa PPT I. .ft Nicholson, Donald B. Niedenthal, Richard F. Med,, M.D. Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati Brookville, Ind. Oberhelman, Emily O'BrIen, Eugene I.. Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Engineering, B.S. Middleport, N.Y. S Pvi 1 'W Niekamp, Welborn W. Engineering, B.S, Evansville, Ind, O'Connor, William R, Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Niemeyer, C. P, Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati O'Ferrell, Eileen Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Nittler, Milo Med., M.D. Cincinnati O'Krent, Sara Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati TOP ROW: NIEDENTHAL, RICHARD F.-Beta Theta Pi, Vet's Association, Men's Senate, Y.MC.A. NIEKAMP, WELBORN W.-A.S,M.E., Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, R O TC, NITTLER, MILO-Nu Sigma Nu Sec., Pediatrics Society, NORTON, CLIFF-Glee Club, Oratorio, Arts Board NUSSBAUM, FRITZ S.-Pi Lambda Phi, A I Ch.E, Fencing Team, American Society for Metals. NUTINI, LOUIS-Phi Chi, Pi Kappa Epsilon NUTINI, MARY-Pi Lambda Sigma Pres-, Pan-Hellenic Council, Y,W.CA,, Newman Club, Glee Club, Ivy Chain, Student Directory copy-editor OBERHELMAN, EMILY-Kappa Delt, News Record fassist. copy editori, Vigilance, Mumnwers, Wig Wag council, VV S S F., Y.W CA, O'BRIEN, EUGENE I..-ASME. OSBORNE, SAMUEL R.-Alpha Chi Sigma, A.l.Ch.E. OTTO, JOHN Nu Sigma Nu Pres Pi Kappa Epsilon Pres , Preclicitric Society, Sigma Chi Pres. OYLER, CLARK A.-Beta Theta Pi iRe- Qcrder- Pledge Trainer Sophos, Y.MCA, Intramurals. PANSING, WILLIAM F.-Phi Lambda Upsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma, A.l.Ch.E. BOTTOM ROW: Alpha Lambda Pappas, George Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Pavey, Lincaln BUS Ad., BBA Cincinnati PARCZEWSKI, VERA-Secondary Elementary Club, l.L,F,A., AIS., Progressive Youth Club. PARKER, SALLIE LOU! Delta, Classics Club, Profile, Religious Emphasis Week, Y.W CA., Arts Board. PARKER, STANFORD R.fSigma Alphci Parczewski, Vera Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Payne, Jack Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Parker, Correlus Low, LLB. Cincinnati Peacock, Dorothy Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati W A V: -N 'A i er. fs i V' as -0 -:S 1? Q? . 3 x P1 i ,if '. ' H. Parker, Paul B. Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati Pease, Richard W. Engineering, B.S. Springfield, Mass, O 4- Q x U, an J' ..,..- , fi rllf finhm, msg ,,, SK Q1 264 Parker, Sally Lou Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Perlman, Harald Lib. Arts, B.S, Cincinnati .fr A, ax --15' .sp ,ew-A -' 'J -,,- 4 A Parker, Sanford R. Bus, Ad., B.B,A. Mays Lick, Ky. Perry, Roderick lib. Arts, B.A. Passell, Alfred Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Petrie, Bruce Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Warsaw, Ky. Cincinnati . 1? Q, , 51" . , -.3 c , X TTU' x I X 3 5 - c R Q' .. ,f .t r -gap, - .T , l"1:.rp5I1 -. .sT5.iQifA. 1 1.a1..g551:fS ' i ,Q . fisrithx 'av' I' t-.C l I V 'rl ' i -Q N' i i 'N S ii "' s , 'sas f "" . .t A- ef? A' 3 , R , an . Q , , A -ob f - 1, , J 'Ni I Ol' 2 . , J ... -J Z. W.. f .4 I I 5? 3 ' . x, A Ti l" -. C . ,g:1'Q- Q " 6 A ,cc-Q. ' T. A . fggsiffr , K v A , n 'as 3 id? W? :ga ,-33 ff...-.t , ,R ,-:P ef? , ua, 'JP' av .53 - ' - 1 ' -r' , M-' -- - L I - :5 , Noelclle, Wilber Noll, Mary Norton, Cliff Numriclm, Eugene W. Nussbaum, Fritz S Nutini, Louis Nutini, Mary Lib, Arts, B.A, Teachers, B.S, Lib. Arts, B.S. Lib. Arts, B A. Engineering, B S Med, M.D. Lib Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Covington, Ky. Cincinnati Memphis, Tenn. Ft Mitchell, Ky So, Ft Mitchell, Ky Osborne, Samuel R. Ossenbeclx, Edwin J. Otto, John Overmann, Joseph Oyler, Clark A Pancoast, Robert Pansing, William Engineering, B.S. Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Med., M.D. Engineering, B.S, Bus Ad., BBA. Engineering, BS. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Epsilon, Student Directory, Y MC A, PATALITA, LOUIS-A I S Pres Dormitory Pies , Y M C A Caliinet, Iyluinnic-is, A 5 M E, New mon Club, InterADorm Council Vice-Pres PATTEN, JANE- kappa kappa Gamma, Ji Aclyiscrr, Home Ei: Clulr lciu Pi Epsilon, Cincin- natian, YVVCA., Vigilance PATTERSON, GEORGE-Acacia Pres , Plii Alpha Delta, Qnncion Delta Icappa, Biincl Pies , Varsity Vanities Production Manager, Kappa Kappa Psi Pres' PAVEY, LINCOLNffSigmci Clwi Social Clwciiiinan , Y MC A PAYNE, JACK -Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Eta Sigma PEACOCK, DOROTHY-Alplria Chi Omega, Y VV C A, Vfig XNiig, VV A A, Aiete, VV S S F , Play Day Chairman , Jr, Advisor. PEASE, RICHARD W.-Alpha Chi Sigma, Alplni Tau Omega, A I Clt E , CIwE Ccilnini-t, Si.-ilili it l iinil Eliirlil Pershing Rifles PERLMAN, HAROLD-R O l C, News Record PERRY, RODERICK-Sigma Chi Treos YM CA. PETRIE, BRUCE-Sigma Chi Pres , Y MCA PFIS- TER, RAY L.-Nu Sigma Nu, Pi Kappa Epsilon, Pecli- atrics Society. PHILLIPS, DAVID-Transterrecl from Uni, versity of lII,, ASME PIRRUNG, JOEY--Pi Idappa Alpha House Mgr , Pepulnlican CIuI'i, Sperilers Bureau, Veterans Club, Y M C A. Patalito, Louis Engineering, B,S. Cincinnati Pfister, Ray L. Med., M.D. Cincinnati Patten, Jane Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Phillips, David Engineering, B.S, Cincinnati Patterson, George law, L.L.B, Cincinnati Pirrung, Joey Lib. Arts, B,S. Cincinnati I -A Q , , Q A 'W 'Pins -I - A if . sb I . , , b 1 ie' 5 , Q ., , - . . , V ' ' 'H y . ,. , X 1 I-'Ei F. Zoology Building 265 It might have been a perfect autumn day, but we had to pretend we didn't notice. Freshmen tests came above all else, and we found ourselves bending over pages and pages of printed questions. Crowded into the huge lecture amphitheater, we fought a losing battle. Ever-suspicious proctors roamed the room while someone at the front desk kept screeching "Time is up! Turn the page!" Al- though they did allow us three minutes to read the directions, it seemed as it the actual test time limit was three seconds. But it did give us a chance to make groaning acquaint- ances with those sitting next to us, and we began to feel more at home. an A- avi 5 It-4-Q ' Q .i-vs .-r.i 'J' -,1 -'if it S , . Y ,asv -"7 Y I , J'.1g . . , .. Q. 'li-Q: , . I QS- -, C , , 1 'T .2 ff' ffm 'fffff "'f"".: ,A- . I' an - -"' I V9 4 ' -A ' I t ' c N "" ' 'S' X . Q . ' I ' -. 11- -r . ff -'..l 3 -f . W cgi . .. Xa. Palanstri, Stanley Law, L.L.B Plohr, Virginia Home Ec, B.5 Cincinnati Mineral Ridge, Ohio Power, Jeanne S Power, Wallace Lib Arts, BA Law. LLB Cincinnati Cincinnati Paiksa, John J. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Pranikott, Eleanor Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Pollack, Clifford R. Med., M.D. Cincinnati Pranikoft, Sidney Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Pollalr, Eunice E. Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Pratt, Harry D. Engineering, B.S. Middletown, Ohio Poole, Roberta App. Arts, B.S. Youngstown, Ohio Pratt, William S. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Popin, Mary Jean Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Primosic, Albert Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati TOP ROW: PLOHR, VIRGINIA I-lame Ec. Club POLANSKI, STANLEY-Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Aicl Society. POLIKSA, JOHN J.- C A POLLAK, EUNICE E.-Glee Club, YVVC A, Wig Wag, A LS., Home Ec Club, Oratorio Society, Varsity Vanities. PORTER, BETSY 'ii'VtQit"'lElilif1it rmscic editor, I-.appa Alpha Theta, Applied Arts Club, YVVCA. POWER, JEANNE S.-Kappa Delta, Psychol- ogy Clut., 'VW CA POWER, WALLACE-Phi Alpha Delta, Transfer from Uniyer5ity ot Virginia PRANIKOFF, ELEANOR-Murnmers, 3i1..iiwflt Cub, lntrarnural Debate PRANIKOFF, SIDNEY-Pi Lambda Phi, Hobby Club, Institute ot Aero Science iVice-Presm. PRATT, HARRY D, ftignia Alpha Epsilon, Varsity Banrl, R OT C, IA S PRATT, WILLIAM S.-Y MCA. PRIMOSIC, ALBERT-A.I.Ch,E,, A.S.iVI., C A lItiii1'l'LJItfIlE PUSHIN, LOIS YVV Rabinovich, Esther Lib. Arts, B.S. Rodin, Dan Liberal Arts, B.A. Medellin, Colombia, S. A. Cincinnati Reed, Karl Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Rehn, William Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Ramsey, Anne Nursing, B.S. Cincinnati Reichel, Ellen Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Ranz, John H. Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Reinhart, Ed. J, Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Rasseil, Eugene Lib, Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Rentschler, Rita Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati A Fix I 'T X . T J : O 'R x 9 TL A .J Q, J 1 Q . 5- 5- ver ix 1 'J Q . . ,Ml 1 3 J' . liar i. I NAM U i M ,R 3 55' - . -, 29' K T' , s . , , -. .4 -J X. ' , ,.-:I I hv. P .H -5 f GRADUATES ,f A ,N . A -. .... .z.-..u....aga.. -ff- 266 it l 'QQ' .an rw? Porter, Betsy Powell, James App, Arts, B.S. Lib. Arts, B.A. Troy, Ohio Cincinnati Pushin, Lois Qualheim, Robert Home Ec., B.S. Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Denison, Iowa Engineering Quadrangle BOTTOM ROW: RABINOVICH, ESTHER-Delta Phi Epsilon, Arts Board, Spanish Club RAMSEY, ANNE-Mortar Board, Ivy Chain, N. and I-I. Tribunal, Student Council, Class Night Chni, Comm c n Residence Politics, Literary Club, Music Club, Sports Club, Social Comm. RANZ, JOHNANewman Club. RAY GRIFFITH'-Pi Kappa Alpha, Pershing Rifles, Tau Beta Pi, A SCh E RECORDS, JOHN K. '- I.R.E. REDDING, HOWARD- Alpha Kappa Psi V Pres, Treas , Inst of Radio Engineering REDMON, JOY-Alpha Lambda Delta, Vigilance, Jr Advisor, Tau Pi Epsilon, VV G S Council, Varsity Vanities, VV A A, Home Ec Club, A I S, Y VV C A REECE, MARGARET eKappo Kappa Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Jr, Advisor, Glee Club REED, GORDON Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sec , Alpha llappa Psi Pres. , Men's Senate, Student Council, Jr Class Pres, Ulex, "C" Club Pres , Basletball Letterman, Orientation Board, Plaster Board, Migration Day Chairman, News Record, Business Admin Tribunal, Ped Cross, YMCA, Jr Prom Chairman REED, KARL Intramurals, VV.S.S.E, Red Cross, Veterans Assn REHN, WILLIAM -Alpha Chi Sigma, A l Ch E, American Society of Metals REICH- EL, ELLEN-Delta Phi Alpha Pres. , Tau Kappa Alpha Sec , Mumnters, Spealers Bureau REINHART, ED J.-Journalism Club Sec , Rifle Club. RETZ, MARILYN-Delta Zeta Sec, Treas VVAA Board, Vigilance, Pres of Memorial Dorm Unit F, Arete, Sec Inter- dorm Council, Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Badminton, YVVCA REUTER, ROBERT'-Theta Chi, AIA, Cincinnatian, YMCA Ccibinetr, Applied Arts Club RICHEY, JACK A.-Alpha Ixappa Psi, ROTC, Intramurals RIEGERT, ROBERT'-Kappa Delta Pi, Vets Assn. V. Pres, Pres , News Record Copy Editor, YMCA RIES, LOIS-Delta Phi Delta, A I S, Cadets, YVVCA Ray, Griffith Record, John K. Redding, Howard Redman, Joy Redmond, Helen Reece, Margaret Reed, Gordon Engineering, B.S. Engineering, B.S. Engineering, B.S. Home Ec., B.S. Engineering, B.S. Lib. Arts, B.S. Bus. Ad, B.B.A Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Reuter, Robert Retz, Marilyn Rice, James Richards, Allan Richey, Jock A. Riegert, Robert A Ries, Lois App. Arts, B.S. Teachers, B.S. Engineering, B.S. Teachers, B.S. Bus. Ad., BBA. Teachers, B.S. App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati New Kensington, Pa. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati 1 A F ' 5' U wg , Cl -vw-, I .. ' J, i 39- -K Qs -L L1 1 I out L -fr, ,E-ii ith- :Q ,- 29261 ' , 1: A i ' '23 rr L . .1 at . 267 NC 33s. f...4f.:. C '57 ' 'ZF J .J I J 3 1 .oi S t rv. t 1 . JM.-. i. , I he A +2-A so I -aff? 4 T X I "Skin ' It K S5215 Et L -, i is .a I J Ffa ' ,a y 5 J 5 -J' 1 SI' A is cr -'L' I ' ' I -: ' C .Q ' 1 X 'i 'fi 9 ' I Ai? 5 ,fn ' l ' Riestenberg, Albert Ripley, George B., Jr. Rissover, Howard E Roberts, George S, Roberts, Robert Roberts, Stewart Roberts, William A. Bus, Ad, B,B,A. Bus. Ad., B.B A. Lib. Arts, B,5. Bus. Ad., B.B,A, Lib, Arts, B.S, App. Arts, B.S. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Rosselot, Trudy Roth, Paul Rothe, Leonard Rothchild, Meyer Rothfield, Edmond Ruclx, Robert Rudig, Robert App, Arts, B.S, Lib Arts, B.A. Engineering, B.S. Bus. Ad., B,B,A. Med., M.D. Bus, Ad., B,B.A. Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Norwood, Ohio Cincinnati Middletown, Ohio TOP ROW: RIESTENBERG, ALBERT-Phi Kappa Tau. RIPLEY, GEORGE B. JR.fAlpha Kappa Psi tTreas.l, Oratorio, Glee Club, Tobies, Varsity Vanities, RISSOVER, HOWARD E.-A I S., Delta Phi Alpha, Arts Board, Vets Assn. ROBERTS,ROBERT-Delta Phi Alpha, Men's Senate, Oratorio, Glee Club Presn, Varsity Vanities ROBERTS, WILLIAM A.-Alpha Kappa Psi, ROBINSON, MICHAEL-Hillel. ROD- ENBERG, ETHEL RUTH-Alpha Delta Pi Presw, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, Teachers College Tribunal, W.A.A., VV.A,A, Board, Arete, Y WC A Freshman Council , Alpha Lambda Delta, Wig Wag, Vigilance, Jr, Advisor, VIC., Ivy Chain. ROSEN, .IULES D.Y Sigma Alpha Mu, YMCA ROSENBAUM, ROBERT A.-Debating, News Record. ROSSELOT, TRUDY-Alpha Chi Omega, Cadet Corps, Freshman Council, Wig Wag, Jr. Advisors, Y,W C.A, Delta Phi Delta. ROTHE, LEONARD-Alpha Chi Sigma, Am. Society for Metals, Am, Inst ol Mining, Reserve Officers Assn., A.l.Ch.E. ROTHCHILD, MEYER--Pi Lambda Phi, Y.M.C.A. RUDIG, ROBERT-Kappa Delta Pi RUMBLE, LENORE-Phi Mu, Spanish Club, Latin American Club, Y.W.C,A,, News Record. RUMBLE, ROBERT-Lambda Chi Alpha, Spanish Club, Latin American Club, RUNDELS, WILLIAM R.-Pi Kappa Epsilon, Pediatric Society, Alpha Kappa Kappa, RUN- YAN, RALPH- Sigma Chi Ass Ed , Glee Club Campus YMCA Txi r, Xu. . 268 Rusclte, Paul App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Sole, Lewis Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati 'K' Rush, Helen Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Salisbury, Richard Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati QQN 4? ,F- an S I U- ,pry 5 ii I 5.-.-. gnvvv-S--f.--.N-.-f ,mi I. 1 Q10 , . 1 Robinson, Michael A. Lib. Arts, B.A. Asheville, N.C. Rumble, Lenora Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Rodenberg, Ethel Ruth Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Rumble, Robert Lib. Arts, B,A. Cincinnati -x. , ,R 'fy 'Q' A Q: . su, ,X ., Roehr, Alvin F, Bus. Ad., 8.8 A. Cincinnati Runclels, William Med., M.D. Cincinnati GRADUATES 'X .. .x- iy .X . . Q' ' I -r X. ig' TA 2 ' 1 X1 f A 3 I E I X T' , 1 , ' P Q 50' ' Rosen, Jules D, Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati Runyan, Ralph C. Lib. Arts, A.B. Cincinnati Rosenbaum, Robert Allen Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Reeps, Robert J. Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: RUSCHE, PAUL-Applied Arts Tiibunal, Sophos RUSHMER, JOHN-Ule-, Sophos, A I S, Mens Senate, Dorm Coun- Cil, Alpha Phi Omega, AS ME RUST, LOWELL-A I Ch E, A S IVI RYCKMAN, WILLIAM -Eta Kappa Nu, A I EE SAID, KATHRYN Links itreos., Inter-Relations Club ISGS, Prolile, Newman Club, Co-ep Club, YVVCA SALISBURY, RlCHARDeSigma Alpha Ep- silon V. Pres , Liberal Arts Tribunal Pres , News P6-cord, Ivlummers, Varsity Vanities, Sociology Club, Y MC A SAMAD, STANLEY Phi Alpha Delta, I-lonor Comm Pres , Legal Aid Society, Case Club SARDIS, SAM W.-Theta Chi, Alpha Phi Omega, Pershing Pilles, Scabbard and Blade, A SM E SAUER, JOHN J.--Alpha kappa Psi SAYERS, JACK-Beta Gamma Sigma SCHALL, JOHN E.-Alpha Chi Sigma, A l Ch E, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Tau Beta Pi Rushmer, Jahn Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Samad, Stanley Law, L.L.B. Cincinnati Fussell, Melvin Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Sardis, Sam W. Engineering, M.E. Clarksville, Tenn P Rust, Lowell Engineering, B.S. Batavia, Ohio Sauer, John J Bus. Ad., l3.B.A Cincinnati Ryclmman, William Engineering, B.S, Chicago, lll, Saville, Jesse J. Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati 4' ,ws tc.. .1 W P, . A. . X " .. 269 Ryle, Bernard Lib. Arts, B,A. Cincinnati Sayers, Jaclx Eus. Ad., E,B.A. Cincinnati ,. . . f- X Sadacca, Joseph Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati School, John Engineering, B.S. Logan, Ohio Said, Kathryn Bus Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Schaefer, Carol Nursing, B,S. Cincinnati ' 1 23' i X -..,t .5 Q ,..i -g.5.- r'R A 'VN GRADUATES 'SQ-v Schafer, Donald Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Schanwald, Ruth Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati .3 Q 3 Schankin, Chester D. Schierloh, Mariorie Schirmer, Russell Engineering, B.S. App. Arts, B,S. Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Schramm, Janet Schreyer, Mildred Schroeder, Carl Nursing, B.S. App. Arts, B.S. Engineering, Ch.E. Covington, Ky. Buffalo, N.Y. Cincinnati Schlueter, Elmer Med., M.D. Cincinnati Schroeder, Roy Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Indianapolis, Ind. TOP ROW: SCHAFER, DONALD-Y MCA. SCHIERLOH, MARJORlEfCadets, Y.W.C,A., Delta Phi Delta lSec.l. SCHLUETER, ELMER- Pht Crt SCHMID, JENNY-Delta Delta Delta, Mortar Board tSec.i, Student Council iSec.i, Women's Senate lTreas., Vice-Pres.l, Jr. Aaptscrs, L A Tribunal, Lit Club, Women's Inter-Dorm Council, Wig Wag, Vigilance, Varsity Vanities, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W. C ,-A ivy Chain SCHMIDT, JEAN-Alpha Chi Omega, Wig Wag Y.W.C.A., Home Ec. Club, Republican Club. SCHNEIDER, JUNE- i W C A, Wig Wag, Varsity Vanities, Co-ep Club, Cheerleader, Business Admin. Tribunal, Kappa Delta, Dance Club. SCHOENECK- ER, EARL-Alpha Kappa Psi SCHOENHAFT, ROBERT-"C" Club, Varsity Baseball and Football. SCHONWALD, RUTH-Kappa Delta, TenniS Bciclininton, Bowling Team, Archery, Basketball Team, Y.W.C.A. SCHARMM, JANETeAlpha Omega Pi, News Record, Y.W.C.A., Music Club Literary Club, Sports Club, N and H Tribunal, SCHROEDER, CARL-Delta Tau Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Chi Sigma, A,lCh. E, Pershing Rttle SCHROEDER, ROY-f-Beta Gamma Sigma. SCHUFF, JEAN-Chi Omega fl-louse Mgrw, Delta Phi Delta, Cincinnatian, lviummers Applzecl Arts Club, lr. Prom Committee, Olee Club, Y.W,C.A., Varsity Vanities, Migration Day Committee. JUDITH--Alpha Lambda Delta, lota Sigma Pi, Pi Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, A.l.Ch.E., Cox l-lall lVice-Presl SCHWED, EMll.lE F.- Q l E SCHWEGMAN, ROBERT-Delta Tau Delta Schwenlner, Wallace Eus. Ad., BB.A. Cincinnati Sharp, McNelli0us Liberal Arts, B.A, Cincinnati Schwinger, Howard Lib Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Shaw, Robert Liberal Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Secrest, Robert Med., M.D. Cincinnati Sheffield, William Law, l..l..B., Cincinnati "" ., cg' iii :if ,- i .xv s 'Ut 1 'S . 5- , 2 Fi. .t'1Tf' .fi V i ,sa .li Seidel, Carol Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Shepard, James C. Engineering, 8.5. Cincinnati 0' ,"'.' 'fa-" -an 270 Seitried, Walter H. Bus. Ad., B.8.A. Foster, Ohio Shepard, Harold Bus, Adm., B.B.A. Cincinnati - Q ww Sellers, Robert B Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Sher, Ethyl Liberal Arts, B.S. Cincinnati SCHWAIN, Serbin, Richard Lib. Arts, 8.5. Cincinnati Sherman, Roger Medicine, M.D. Cincinnati Schliclr, Joseph Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Schrugham, George Lib. Arts, B.S, Cincinnati Schmid, Jenny Lib. Arts, BS. Cincinnati R. Schutt, Jean App, Arts, B.S. Marietta, Ohio Y ' E' ,f ix Schmidt, Jean Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Schulte, John Med., M.D, Cincinnati .c , .F s i - sa- . -i t N 4 J Rf, Schmitt, Earl W, Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Schumacher, Margaret J Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Schneider, June Bus. Ad., B,B A. Cincinnati Schwain, Judith Engineering, B.S. Miclcieport, N.Y. J 'vw X Q . T, T fx., 04' M, X Schoeneclcer, Earl Law, L.L.B. Cincinnati Schwed, Emilie F. Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati X .S Schoenhatt, Robert Teachers, B,S. Cincinnati Schwegman, Robert Bus, Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: SECREST, ROBERT-Phi Chi, Pediatric Society SEIDEL, CAROL-Delta Zeta lhlistorianl, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, WA.A., Co-ep Club SEIFRIED, WALTER H.-Sigma Chi SELLERS, ROBERT B.--Spealiers Bureau, YMC A SHANK, LOIS-Delta Delta Delta, Home Ec, Wig Wag, YVVCA SHARP, McNELLlOUS -Alpha Phi, Quacires Society, Alpha Fraternity, Sa- ciology Club. SHAW, ROBERT-Delta Phi Alpha SHEFFIELD, WILLIAM T,-'Phi Alpha Delta Treas , Senior Class Pres Law Schooll, Case Club Judge, lntramural Sports, SHEPARD, JAMES C.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sai,il'ta's, Phi Lantlncla Upsilan, Pershing Rifles, A.l,Ch.E, SHER, ETHYL-Alpha Lambda Delta, ALS, French Club Sec -Treas Wig Wag, Y W C A SHOCK- Ngppen giodium LEY, RUBY-Y.W,C.A, Seto, Candelu Lib, Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Sherman, Suzanne Nursing, B.S. Seto, Joseph A. Engineering, B.S, Cincinnati Shockley, Ruby Teachers, B.S. Shank, Lois Home Ec., BS Cincinnati Shohan, Ruth Lib. Arts, BA, Cincinnati Birmingham, Ala, Cincinnati ' if 1 fw W- V Y x v. 5 , J '21 , ,L V - "" -' - . s' -' i ' ' " i " l , j "" ' A -P ' ' ' M ?i1,, 4:- 1, ,V f- . A i uni-i in al 1. t , ' 1 JV T i' 1 "al:-v -Q1 V he ...U i' ' ,if L i +A Je , S, P pg tt- ' N - s il -A , XS-X - it A- , --1, ,gg , L ,X ,LW , "-1'-J rf' l' '- ..' ,' . i ' . if-I 'Z'. ' ' - ' , Q, ,. - .1 iffssagi 'ref'-fs is 'is - A .t L i fiig. 1 A sin? as-n .Q " X:-its-V, .fji A V3 V' 1 . A : , . - : 1 , . . , . t , AA- - if . ,v 15,' ,se i'izis.swa-Qf'iiw:eww-f , .- V. ' f, ' zz., nz, 'V A R. , A V' X tifllr' 271 - , .gg-L71 -, ,g ,X gi . Greek Amphitheater and Library Sis' Rs -.ul I Shohl, Jane Med., M.D. Mirror Lake, N.H. Silverstein, Irvin S. Lib. Arts, 8.5. Cincinnati Shriner, James Teachers, B.S. Oxford, Ohio Simon, David Med., M.D. Cincinnati TOP ROW: SHOHL, JANE-YWCA SHRINER, JAMES-Varsity Football, SIEGEL, THOMAS-Mummers, Sigma Alpha Mu, Baseball, Phi Delta Epsrlcn, Intramurals. SIEMER, CARMELITA-Alpha Chi Omega iRush-Chairman, Sect, Co-ep Club 4Treas.l Jr. Advisor, Vig- ilance, YWCA, Wig Wag SILVER, GORDON H.-A.l.Ch.E., Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. SILVERBLATT, DONALD-AIS., Vet's Club. SILVERBLATT, JULIAN'-Sigma Alpha Mu, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Epsilon. SILVERGLADE, PAUL-Vet's Club. SILVERSTEIN, IRVIN S.-Delta Phi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Ylvl C A SIMPSON, MARIAN-Tau Pi Epsilon. SKEIST, LILAwl.Z,E.A, Glee Club, Music Appreciation Club SKOLOS, ORVIS H.-Delta Phi Delta, Orientation Board, Profile iArt Editorl. SLIM, ELEANOR-Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Jr Advisor, YVVCA, Wig Wcig, Varsity Band. SLONEKER, MARGARET-Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Chr Epsilon, Ca-ep Club, Newman Club Smith, Donald G, Bus. Ad, B,B.A, Cincinnati Spencer, Margu Teachers, BS. erite Smith, Irene Teachers, B,S. Cincinnati Spiers, Don App, Arts, B,S, Smith, Jean Teachers, B.5. Cincinnati Spring, Ray Engineering, Ch.E, Sm'th, Jeannette App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Stansberry, Eldon Teachers, B.S. Smith, Leslie L. Lib, Arts, B.S. Cincinnati StaPPf John Engineering, Ch.E. a - i. Smith, Patricia Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Steele, Elizabeth Lib. Arts, B.A. Smith, Ramona App. Arts, B.S. Garrison, Ky. Steele, John Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Cincinnati rf t , . ,V V K Km.. . Lrg-'A Y V Y' ' -Q1 Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Dayton, Ohio 3 'ix ' 12' - A-' fav . ,,, . A Q -4' ' g 4:3 I ai. ..-. V . , . .:i " ' A-5X '- , 'xx I ' ,T "' ,Q tg' 'ee ff- f "3 , 1 2 A. ,4 K A . 1 i . Q h ,. ,- I I A i I ' Q I i 7-'K ' r l ,.Y,a.1-12.4 iii! ii? , c. , 272 - '25 .1 'IS' Siegel, Thomas Med., MD. Cincinnati Simpson, Marian Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati ., 1 Q- NJ' - ....-I 5 ,iw t.-f A, Z .. A s fy . -at Q .+. X D K gigs V AY -.P ,f -v-9 " S . . X We S ' f.Ii1ff-.15afj.333 , iss ' .f ' .sirsiif is? nt. -NK PF, C 'ic I ' fri RX' rear-Q"'scx is Y ' . . N. -gc . - ' "QF .B ' -4 f"':' .ff -. , 0 F! 94.5-'ri , A ff . e Siemer, Carmelita Silva, Chester A. Silver, Gordon H. Silverblott, Donald Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Engineering, M.E. Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Singleton, Jack Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Slceist, Lila Nursing, B.S. Worcester, Mass. Skolos, Orvis H. App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Slimp, Eleanor Lib. Arts, B.A, Cincinnati it -ix, wal ' t ,QB- ,uv mic us. . . su-Q li' I", is xx C 39. -ggi ri 19 Silverblatt, Julian Med., M.D. Cincinnati Sloneker, Margaret Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Hamilton, Ohio Silverglade, Paul Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Slye, John D. Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Smith, Robert E. Smith, Samuel Smith, Thomas Solomon, Murray Southern, Charles BOTTOM ROW: SMITH, DONALD G.-Sigma Chi, Sophos SMITH, JEANNETTE-Alpha Delta Pi, Y,VV.C,A, Glee Club, Caclets SMITH, PATRICIA-Newman Club, Home Ec Club. Glee Club, Arts Board Y,VV.C A, AIS. SMITH, ROMONA-Delta Phi Delta, A,l.S,, VV.G.S., Dorm Council, SMITH, ROBERT-Iota Chi Epsilon. SPENCER, MARGUERITE-Phi Mu Pres I, VV.A.A, Board, Y.VV,C,A,, Arete. SPIERS, DON-Alpha Tau Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scarab Pres Delta Phi Delta Pres , YNICA, Y Cabinet, American lne stitute at Architects, A I S., Applied Arts Tribunal, Cincinnatian, Glee Club, Varsity Vanities, Oritorio Society. SPRING RAY-A.l,S, Alpha Chi Sigma, Glee Club, Orcitorio, Varsity Vanities, YlVl.C.A., Wesley Foundation, A I.Ch E STANSBERRY, ELDON-Alpha Phi Omega, A I S, GI-ee Club, Oratorio Society. STAPP, JOHN JR.-A l Ch E, Alpha Chi Sigma, American Commons Club, STEELE, ELIZABETH-Alpha Delta Pi, YVVC A, Stuclent Directory .STEHLE, ROSE-lvlusic Appreciation STEIDLE, RAYMOND-Y,VVC A. STEIN- BERG, RHEA--Alpha Lambda Delta, French Club, AIS, VVGS, YVVCA Freshmcin Council VVIQ Wag, STEINFELD, SHIRLEY- Alpha Delta Pi Trecis., Jr. Advisor, VVA.A Bocircl, Arete, Penguin Club, Dance Club, VVAA., Y.W.C.A. Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Stehle, Rose Nursing, B.S. Cincinnati Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Steidle, Raymond Bus. Acl., B.B.A. Cincinnati sei? -'fr - I . A . : Engineering, B.S, Cincinnati Steid le, Walter F. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati 5' -2 Ni -. --def .an , N ' X ,-,,.-s ca . A- A Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Steinberg, Rhea Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Lib. Arts, B.S, Cincinnati Steinfeld, Shirley Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati 273 ' fp. W'-' GRADUATES an '. '3 X , l .i ts fa - 52' - ,-u Q7, Stenger, Martha Teachers, B S, Cincinnati Stern, Jaclx Lib Arts, BA, Cincinnati Stitt, Howard Bus Ad, B B A. Cincinnati Stoclxmeyer, Thelma Bus Ad, B.B A. Cincinnati 3 I- C' l .P-X Stern, Melvin Bus, Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Stoeckle, Lois Home Ec., BS. Cincinnati t A5 - vii 18 " i --9, tc qi-gl' Stevenson, James Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati Stolley, Alex Engineering, M.E. Cincinnati '9- fiii , W , - we V- -an . i Ts i N, . , 33, ., f i Stevenson, John F, Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Story, Julian Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Stevenson, Roena Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Struder, Curtis Bus. Ad., B,B.A. Cincinnati C x c X ,- Stevie, John Lib. Arts, B.S. Newport, Ky. Strasser, Albert Law, L.L.B. Cincinnati TOP ROW: STENGER, MARTHA Theta Phi Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, Wig Wag, Y,W,C,A. STERN, JACK-Sigma Alpha Mu, Phi Eta Sigma. YMCA., Pre-Hillel, Inter-collegiate Debate Team, Sociology Club, STERN, MELVIN-Sigma Alpha Mu, Intramurals, Student Peigicics Council Hillel, Y MC A STEVENSON, JOHN F.-Glee Club, Varsity Vanities, Kappa Delta Pi, Y,M.C.A., Oratorio Society. STEVIE, JOHN-Delta Phi Alpha, Y MC A STICKLER, LESLIE-Pi Lambda Phi iPres, , lnterfraternity Council, Veterans Club. STOCK MEYER, THELMA -Chi Omega Treas , Pi Chi Epsilon TV Pres i, Cincinnatian iSr. Editori, Vigilance, Co-ep Club, Wig Wag, Y.W.C.A STOECKLE, LOIS-,Theta Phi Alpha, Pan l-lellenic Treas , Home Ec. Club. STOLLEY, ALEX-Sigma Chi, Varsity Vanities, Y.M.C.A. Pershing Rilles, Nc-ws Record, Co-op Engineer, ASM E. STORY, JULlANfWesley Foundation, Alpha Chi Sigma, A.l.S., A.l.Ch,E. Scaulzard and Blacle Vets Assoc STRADER, CURTIS-Alpha Kappa Psi. STRASSER, ALBERT-Beta Theta Pi 'Pre-s.i, Sigma Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa, Sophos, Phi Delta Phi, Cincinnatian Editor, Bus, Mgr. , lntertraternity Council -Presf, Men'5 Senate iV. Presi Orientation Board, Speakers Bureau, Social Board iclirectorl STRASSER, EDWARD-Phi Chi. STRATIS, LEON J.-A.l.E.E. IV. Pres, l R E GRADUATES fa 4 'CF' Strauss, Greta Home Ec., B,S. New York, N,Y Sullivan, H, R, Engineering, B.S. Dayton, Ohio J? y . 1 Streicher, Mildred Home Ec., B,S. Cincinnati Sullivan, Lonnie Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati 'WS Stricker, Sidney Jr. Law, L.L.B. Amberly Village, O Sumo, Frank Med, M.D. Cincinnati 274 '45 Stroeble, Paul G. Bus. Ad, B.B.A. Cincinnati Suma, Ruth Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati ...nv 1 1 1 I l 1 Struble, John Law, L.L.B. Cincinnati Sutton, Evelyn Lib. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati xx -xi K .43 I , ' ,3 .tis fe. .iii .cc +..,..,.NQ Q KW.. 'D ii.. Wd an .WW fp , J' 25 sa x C -T ii 1 ' E l xy " ,X 5 N ' ..A4. . -7 Stewart, Catherine Law, L.L.B. Cincinnati Strasser, Edward Med., M.D. Cincinnati Stickler, Leslie Law, L.L.B. Cincinnati Stratis, Leon J. Engineering, 8.5. Dayton, Ohio " 'J' p . t si X XXX X Q 5 , 5:3igKq'5,i5Q Cx,,gr . .iii -1 .-new .H .,,. X, ,, 1 s I 5 Stieg, Frank Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Hamilton, Ohio Stratman, Lee Lib. Arts, B,A. Southgate, Ky, BOTTOM ROW: STRAUSS, GRETAWY VV C A, AIS, I-lame EC Club, V,l C , A I. D , VV C: S , VV Y SF STREICH- ER, MILDRED-Chr Omega, Olee Club Board , Oratarla Society, Home Ec Club, Varsity Vanities Personnel Dir , Republican Club, Home Ec Variety Show STRICK- ER, SIDNEY JR.-Baseball Squad, Varsity Vanities, Radio Show, Case Club Justice, Legal Aid Clinic Sec , Mummers STROEBLE, PAUL G.-Beta Theta Pr, Beta Gamma Sigma, Intramural Atheltics, Freshman Act- yisor, Cincinnatian, Y MCA Program Chrm, Fresh Council, Sec Cabinet , A l Cl1E STUDT, WILLIAM --A I EE STUEWE, HOWARD -Theta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Psi, Sahpas, Mens Senate, Delta Phi Alpha, Fencing, Arts Eiaarcl Chr Music VVarl-shap, Omicran Delta Kappa, YMCA cabinet, Student Directory STUTH, SANDRA L.-Alpha Chr Omega Tre-as , Student Directory, Y.VV,C,A,, Olee Club SUDHOFF, MAX F.,-Phi Chi SULLIVAN, H. R. Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pr, A SME SULLIVAN, LONNIE Me-n's Senate V Pres., Ouaclres Society SUMA, FRANK-Phi Chr SUTTON, Sigma Chi Strunk, William Lib. Arts, 5.5. Cincinnati Sutton, Thomas Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati ..s ., X -"' A x -' fsf 35.3- rise ' .sfili i rife? i s o -L. ..,, . 4:3 , ,, 'UA , .Y-Ci. .1 C. Studt, William Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Swabb, Lawrence Engineering, B,S. Dayton, Ohio .ir x t : . 'N' ,Q r 'I X was 2 Sfsqig, ,Q ,, c P' ' :ri i C x..N'?j ' ,N Stuewe, Howard Lib. Arts, BS Cincinnati Swain, Merrill Lib Arts, BA. Hamilton, O 'T Stuhlbarg, William Bus. Ad., B.B.A Cincinnati Swearingen, George Law, L.LB Kissimee, Fla 275 Barracks classrooms abolish crowded contions, EVELYN--lata Sigma Pr SUTTON, THOMAS C,- Stuth, Sandralee Teachers, BS, Cincinnati Tarkington, Martha Teachers, B,S. Sudholf, Max F. Med., M.D. Cincinnati Taylor, Alexander Engineering, B.S. , x Madisonville, Ohio Cincinnati --- ,N r -1 ""- Q 34-I -ff-' , . fy X 'fi' in Y f.,.,.,-tr. .- ' '3 .4--'V r 2' A A A Suffron, Ben Med., M.D. Cincinnati Taylor, Jane M. Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati as if . i ef -GQ' if After ci morning ot filling out "Please Print, Last Name First" registration blanks, we joined the ranks and tile that found themselves waiting to get into the Registrar's office. Remembering the long winding lines back in the days of khaki and blue, we stood for hours-only to emerge with a stamped cord, totaled bill, and empty bill- lold. Next on a Registration day schedule comes the long, long line that forms in front of the bookstore. "Slow-moving line, isn't it?" is the stock phrase of the friendly peo- ple who optirnistically look on this line as the place to make all their acquaintances for the year to come. The hands on the clock over the Grill moved at the some turtle-pace as our feet, but somehow before the long day was over, we reached the popu'ar boys behind the book-order blanks, -fm--' v sr' 7 ,S -""' ,IO f 43 f-0 Q- y Tekomp, Donald Engineering, B.5 Cincinnati Trestel, Joyce App. Arts, BS. Cincinnati Tennenbau m, Albert Med, MD, Cincinnati Trippel, Omer A, Engineering, B,S. Cincinnati Thiem, John Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Turner, William Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Thomas, Lois Teachers, B.S, Cincinnati Tuttle, Dottie Home, Ec., B.S. Cincinnati .-.--,-N--.-. ll all X . fi. , -5' . sn Q Thompson, June Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Tye, Frances Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Thomson, John Jr. Law, L.L.B. Ludlow, Ky. Uchilrura, Donald lib. Arts, B.S. Hamilton, O. - it X Vs., 'tis wi Nd' Qt ... il Tidball, June App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Uhling, Robert Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati , Phi Delta Epsilon. THIEM, JOHN-American Commons Club. THOMAS, LOIS TOP ROW:TENNENBAUM, ALBERT-Pi Lambda Phi Kappa Delta Pi Sec , Kindergarten Club, Links, WGS THOMSON, JOHN JR.-Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Aid Society. THOMPSON, JUNE Zeta Tau Alpha V, Pres, Pres , Mummers Sec , French Club 'V. Presp, Wig Wag, Freshman Commission, Liberal Arts Tri- bunal, Orientation, Profile, Arts Board, Y.W,C,A, TIDBALL, JUNE-Kappa Kappa Gamma, Profile iAss. Ed, Glee Club, Cadets, Oratorio Society, YWCA. TIMMERMAN, RAYMOND-Alpha Tau Omega, German Club, Y.iVl.C.A., Univ. ot Colorado. TINGLEY, DONALD-UC Bond, ASME TRAVIS, WALTER L.fAlpha Chi Sigma, R Baldwin Hall fl' W "' Y -pr, 'fr X ' 4 r. . s if is naar: ..-1 Ah., '- X! . ..., 1 2 ii 'efxzai i O " C ' ..-Ly' gm -- '- lx ff 'r ' ' f A f 21,-3: s. ,. ,,,.., ... A - t -- es, , it Q . lr..-4" . s ' ' as 2 A ,,ff' nf' I 5 '-FIN-'ary-ga 'xl-LET!! ,A A X4-JT f 4-an T 9,3 qw, ... V.-J .O.T.C., French Club, A.l.Ch.E. TREFZGER, PATRICIA- Theta Phi Alpha iSec. , Mortar Board iEditori, News Record iAssoc. Edu, Student Directory iEd,t, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Vigilance Council, Wig Wag Council, Speak- ers Bureau, VV,S.S.F. Publicity Chrm, , V.l.C. Committee, lyy Chain, Alpha Lambda Delta. TRIPPEL, OMER A.- ASCE., Tau Beta Pi. TURNER, WILLIAM-A.l.S. TUT- TLE, DOROTHY-Kappa Kappa Gamma, Band, Vigi- lance, News Record, Home Ec. Club, Intramural Bowl- Volerius, Poul Engineering, B,S, Cincinnati Wachs, Robert Law, L.L.B. Cincinnati Vance, Edwin Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Wagner, Elaine Lib. Arts, A.B. St. Bernard, Ohio Vane, William E. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Walker, William Engineering, B.S. West Chester, Ohio -.i.:.: -4-"""' , 5 ,',. "7 'ifgftif ' I ,, .gin Q . Ill gg 'PII ll A L, - A , avg, im me Q. W E- ' 31, il r L i f' - Ill II it -- EU? s A i . H :pa 5- 03 A- nf: - " " .3 ' .a-R , ,gf . -ff , , si' x , .i.' f r l rt 276 Timmerman, Raymond Lib. Arts, B.S. Bellevue, Ky. Undeutsch, William Lib. Arts, B.S. I lc- ' is E Tingley, Donald Engineering, B.S. Elmira, N.Y. Unkle, Suzanne Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati -.36 : Q, . , -IQ W 1 l ,, ,N Tischbein, Jane Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Urbanac, John Med., M.D. Cincinnati Hamilton, Ohio J ,lb - Travis, Walter L. Lib. Arts, B,S Cincinnati Utman, Dorothy Liberal Arts, B.A. Madeira, Ohio 9 1:- -A wmv is ta- , .J- :Q-ll' AA? Tretzger, Pat Lib. Arts, BA. Cincinnati Utrecht, James Law, LLB. Cincinnati GRADUATES ing and Valley Ball, UNDEUTSCH, WlLLlAM4Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon UNKLE, SUZANNE--YVVC A, Business Education Club, Alpha Gamma Delta, UTMAN, DOROTHY-Alpha Gamma Delta, VVomen's Senate, Vigilance, Gurdon, YVVCA cabinet, Panhellenic Rush Chrm , Mummers, League of VVomen Voters UTRECHT, JAMES- Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Aid Society, lnterfraternity Council Pres., Glee Club, Oratorio Society, YMCA BOTTOM ROW: VERGON, JAMES M.-Phi Chr, Pi Kappa Epsilon, Pediatrics Society VILLERS, JOANNE-Y VV C A, Music Club, Sports, Club VITUCCI, JOSEPH A.-Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma VON SCHLICHTER, MARGARET-Vets Assoc, Delta Zeta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Stgma, Oratorio, Glee Club, Co-ep Club, YVVC A, VVestminster Eatuni VOSS, MARYLIN-Theta Phi Alpha, Mortar Board WAGNER, ELAINE-Alpha Delta Pl, Varsity Vanities, YVVCA WALKER, WILLIAM -Theta Chi, ASME, Y MCA. WALL, JAMES CAA l S, Y M CA, A I E E WATERFIELD, ROBERT-Acacia Treas , Arts Board Treas , SiLltflE'l'Il' Directory, Y.M,C A., VVe-stminstei' Foundation, Delta Phi Alpha WEBER, MARY G. Home E11 Club Van Hoy, Robert Engineering, B.S. Evansville, Ind. Wall, James C. Vaughan, Frank Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Warn, James D. Vergon, James Med., M,D. Cincinnati Warnoch, Willi om E. Villers, Joanne Nursing, B.S Fairmont, W. Va. Wassler, Fred Vitucci, Joseph A. Bus, Ad., B,B A. Cincinnati Watertield, Robert Von Schlichter, MargaretVass, Marylin Bus. Ad, B.B.A. Cincinnati Wayman, George W App, Arts, Cincinnati B.S. Weber, Mary Glenn Engineering, B.S. Lib. Arts, B.A. Bus. Ad, B B.A. Bus Ad., B B A. Lib. Arts, A B Bus Ad, B B A. Home Ec B S. Huntington, W, Va. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Wilmington, Ohio Bellevue, Ky. Cincinnati "R Q H N, - X, V '-s,. - ' ' . 1 -L3-gig? Q I - ., -.yfi ' ii' 'ix w ff." not ,- M ,fc " f 'su f -ff ' A 0- L - L it J , to-f l . C 9- ' 1. D f I f -3 1 ., -rf of 1 .J , , -- it '-2' ' "fi "F I'-1? , V - A Q ' "K ,. wwf' .L . M -.S : X X y - -' ' ' ' '5" iE'i':: xv. I . -. 1 ,- we . H -v at - . , ii, P , ws. - i 1' ' 1 - , -45 . 'Q N5 sf J . . 1 ' ., A M . T7 u "4 -' 7 A '- 3 l"" ' ' i .A 'fm' il .l E5 - gQeQ.Ls2.s -sk 4 .' s3if'iV?zf'i " ' ' -"5E"'7"'i:5if 5""4"J-"iii 277 I . 1 -1 if Q fi-, . 'x i ,I Weber, Helen Bus. Ad, B B A Cincinnati Wendel, Virginia Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati - 4. ' v' nr' as -5- i -5 Y' A .ff ' 'r x s - 9 - . -, -, 5 - P- ef 'J' 1' .' .." khaki., .A 'W .rs ' Weiner, Ann Lib Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Wente, Roberta Home Ec, B.S, Cincinnati . ,,,.. Ne- '-wt, ,ia SSH . -' 1 V la 1' -0' ' 4.-K 1 ff' li X, It Q K H . -'i- ilk? X ii Wiener, Betty Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati Weingartner, Russell Lib. Arts, B,A. Newport, Ky. Werner, Maxwell Wurzelbacher, Robert Tc-ggi-ters, B,S, Bus. Ad., B,B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Weis, Daisy Lee Lib. Arts, B,A. Cincinnati Westerkamm, Betty Teachers, B.S, Cincinnati Weiss, Jean Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Wuest, Barbara Home Ec., B.S. Cincinnati Weisshaar, Carl Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Whalen, Edward J. Law, L.L,B. Youngstown, O. TOP ROW: WEINER, ANN-Sociology Club, Al S, Arts Board, Y.W.C.A. WIENER, BETTYADelta Phi Epsilon 'Sec.r, Y.W.C.A,, Wig Wag Hillel. WEIS, DAISY L.-Alpha Lainbcla Delta, Phi Mu 'Education Chrni., Sec., Pledge Trainerl, Junior Advisors, Blue I-lyclra, Classics Club, Y VV C A. WEISS, JEAN--Chi Omega, I-tome Ec. Club, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A,, Dance Club, Wig Wag. WEISSHAAR, CARL Phi Lambda Upsilan, Intramural Sports, A l.Ch E, Engineering Tribunal, Profile, Pershing Rifles, Freshman Advisor. WENDEL, SHIRLEY-fGlee Club V Pres , Oratoria, Alpha Lambda Delta, W.G.S., AIS., Links, Delta Phi Alpha, Arts Board Sec., Iota Sigma, ,llcinen s Senate Council, Varsity Vanities, Red Cross College Unit, YW.C.A. WENTE, ROBERTA-Varsity Vanities, Glee Club Board, Wig Wag, Riding Club, Republican Club, Home Ec Variety Show, Home Ec. Club, Y.W,C.A. WERNER, MAXWELL-Pi Lambda Phi, i'r.'iut'niners, Varsity Vanities, Y lviC A. WURZELBACHER, ROBERT M.-Sigma Chi. WESTERKAMM, BETTYeW.A.A. Board isec. , Arete Pres , YWC A. WUEST, BARBARA-AI S, WGS, YW.C.A., Newman Club iSec,i, V.I.C,, Home EC. Tribunal fTreas.l, I-lame Ec. Club WHALEN, EDWARD J.-Phi Alpha Delta V Pres., Sec r, Legal Aid Clinic Pres., Secw, Practice Court iClerk1, Law Review, La.-, Schaal lntrainurcil Basketball Teani WHITE, BRYON E.-Phi Delta Phi, Case Club. GRADUATES White, David Med., M.D. Cincinnati Winn, William Bus, Ad., B,B,A Hamilton, Ohio au, Ai: Whitehead, Robert Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Wirrick, Elizabeth Teachers, B.S. Cincinnati -"Vs -:sri .4 J vp-fx' ,inn ,, . 'C , 278 Whitney, Nathaniel Med., M.D. Cincinnati Witt, Marian Med., M.D. R, Wiclmemeyer, Nancy Teachers, B,S. Cincinnati Witt, Richard Med., M.D. Wielancl, Keith Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Wolff, Arthur Lib. Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Leland, Miss. of Fi F -if . , .4 . ,gf ' -35' , it . 'F 6 f - an - fe? .4 i i fi 1 , 5-se it - 's .-,,, H. . f 1. .- Ryde, Q V17 . Ja X . sv' .ng A fa Weitkamp, Arthur R, Weitz, John J. Lib, Arts, B.A, Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Wheeler, Joyce White, Byron E. Nursing, B.S, Law, LLB. Cincinnati Cincinnati BOTTOM ROW: WHITE, DAVID- ... -r R. ... Q.. Students climb the newly constructed stairs in front of McMiclxen Hall. Nu Sigma Nu WHITEHEAD, ROBERT-Sophos, Pershing Rifles, Rifle leam, Delta Tau Delta, AS CE., IAS WHITNEY, NATHANIEL R.-Nu Sigma Nu Historian, Pediatrics Society WIELAND, KEITH-Sigma Chi Tre-ass, Intramurals, Y,lVl.CA WILDMAN, JOHN-U C Band, Phi Mu Alpha, kappa kappa Psi. WILLIAMS, ROBERT E.-Nu Sigma Nu WILLKE, JOHN C.-Pi Kappa Epsilon. WILLS, LOWELI.-Laml3daChi Alpha, A l Ch,E , American Chem Society, Glee Club, Y lvl CA WITT, MARIAN-Alpha Chi Omega, Pan Hellenic Council, Wig Wag Counctl, Cadet Corps, WA A., YWCA. WITT, RICHARD- Lambda Chi Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu, pl Kappa Epsilon, Peclratrics Society WOLFF, ARTHUR-Sigma Alpha Mu, Mummers, Psychology Club WOLK, SHOSHENA-News Record, Student Directory, AIS, French Club, YWCA ZARTMAN, JOHN D.-Dorm Council, AIEE., IRE. ZAVALA, DONALD-Alpha Kappa lxappa. ZUDMAN, GORDON-Alpha Phi Omega, Cooperative Engineer, AS lVl.E Pres., Rocket Society Pres , A.I.S, Speakers Bureau, YM.C.A, ZEITZ, HOWARD C.eAlpha Chi Sigrna, ROTC, A.I.ChE, Grill A.C. Wildman, John Teachers, B.S. Chicago, III. walk, Shoshena Lib. Arts, B.S. Williams, Margaret App. Arts, 8.5. Cincinnati Wood, Walter D. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Williams, Phyllis Lib. Arts, B.A. Bradford, Pa. Woodyard, Payton Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Williams, R. E. Med., MD. Cincinnati Zartman, John D. Engineering, B.S. Willis, James Law, L.L.B, Cincinnati Zavala, Donald Med., MD, Willlce, John C, Med., M.D. Cincinnati Zeidman, Gordon Engineering, B.S. Wills, Lowell Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Zeitz, Howard C. Lib, Arts, B.S, Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati . f . i ' W . ... ,'a:.1sS.'g .5 jf- ,if " - ' 5:5 J J ' . , - 1 'UA if , ' ,XQQ -1-' .46 .' ...vs ...pd - ,gf 4 4: ui ' -- . -. xx .-9 , - . 'iss-A.--' ,. . L 95? Cincinnati Cincinnati Ft, Mitchell, Ky. Logansport, Ind. 5 I 'vi G "FY ' I' . -, ' r A W , g i 1 K R :J , ' I . , . I I l-,Q 2 279 Q i Schierloh, Kenneth B s Ad., B,B.A. l 2 wine' 1 raw. - 4 ,fa me tg . . - -4 -A in i -in if it . cw., R, , i 1 ew QC A' A . l i L . If Zeuner, Richard Zink, Jean Zukerman, Betty .rf Old Tech. Ed, Bus. Ad., B,B.A. Cincinnati Zweigel, Robert Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati App. Arts, B.S. Cincinnati Zweigel, Warren Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Engineering, B,S. Cincinnati Zwerin, Harvey Lib, Arts, B.A. Cincinnati TOP ROW: ZINK, JEAN-Alpha Chi Omega iireas. , Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.C.A., Wig Wag, Cadets, Glee Club. ZUKERMAN, BETTY-Pi Chi Epsilon iPres., Secf, Engineering Tribunal lSec.i, Co- operative Engineer Sr. Ed., Man. Ecl., Assoc. Edu, A.S.ME., Co-ep Club, Rocket Society iRec. Sect, War Service Council l,Corr, Sect, Second Section Society, Alpha Lcinibclci Delta ZWERIN, HARVEYMNeWs Record, Arts Board, Latin American Club, Profile lAssoc. Iasillo, Jack Liebetran, Fred Loichinger, W. May, Frances Merz, A. J. Metzger, Helen Oetjen, Edward J. App Arts, B.S. Bus, Ad., B.B.A. App. Arts, B,S. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Engineering, B,S. Applied Arts, B.S, Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Shanks, Weldon Bus. Acl,, B.B.A, Schiveikcert, Wilbur Engineering, B.S. Schroll, Oscar M. Engineering, B.S. Shay, Thomas BUS. Ad., B.B.A. 'Q Sippel, William Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Statham, Russell Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati ,',a'n' -, - -, 3 5 Y 2 ? 3 ,Q -K' 153 1 '5 I-gs rw was Vsfaf .J ' C. , ' A A, -, 'J -L "1" ti 'C' ' cv 2-zr' fe I f r h i . X 5 C- r ir. , . . O .- i' il . l 42. 4 , . I . ' '95 .NY ' 'Et jaw ' X 'iivws xi 1 i I, nz ea? ,Y 'cuff' +- "' ' -I Y Q-is .52-si, . 1? r x . ,,', , N' - -af -1 1 we P -0, rx W, ,,. A ,Q , , , 'N ' J I A.-Z. V Xi , .gr ,,Qr, 'k-i'F xt ,N 31, V , UW. ' . f - . t tiff? - . Lg? li 280 VENING :OLLEGE ' - A isi f GRADS T fxav. Bonnick, Albert Bus, Ad., B.B.A, Cincinnati 4'-x . v 1:1 .. . . QS., g ,X , A - -f. ,Q , . . it : A CQ., its Abraham, Harold App. Arts, B.S, Cincinnati Breitenback, Albert Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati ,wb ,Apg- 4 A-..... as CSP -'S Y... Ll -'XX . X. N fr- AY ,a gf . ms, .msgs ,,. .nc 'P' 'tm N.. ZS K. 5 .ji v 5 ,MX J Q-OF . . Xe y , gl , y s ,P 3 . ff? Q A , Q ,. - -Q ,ii - , Yi Q Af bfi.. .i ii Q I R 1 E. ' . .. Y' .Mi ..,,.,,. ,fi A - F ,Ciile .'-i..5f.s'iffeLf.Q X .. . ,A . .if Ainswarht, Virginia Armbruster, Ronald Bary, Howard F. Becker, Alfred A. Boite F. Bus. Ad., B.B.A, Engineering, B.S. Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Engineering, B,S, Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Doench, William Ellig, Donald Firth, Don Hayes, Margaret Hermeling, William Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Bus. Ad., B.B,A. Bus. Ad., B,B.A. App. Arts, B.S. Bus, Ad., B,B.A. Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati is not over for the Evening College student when he leaves his day-time iob. Classes still remain to The Evening College student finds his college life quite different from that of the day students. For their activities, he must substitute a iob, and for their four or five year courses, he substitutes a college term stretch- ing over many years. The road is not easy and the students who come to school at night find their graduating class very small in comparison to all those who started to work on their degree or certificate in this manner. The day be attended. Purdy, James A. Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Syclonor, Harry A, Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Rornbs, Julienne Bus. Ad., B.B.A. Cincinnati Traphagen, Henry App. Arts, B,S. Sander, S. Bus. Ad., BB,A, Cincinnati Werner, Ralph Engineering, 8.5, Scherm, Richard Bus. Ad , B.B.A. Cincinnati Wiseman, Albert Engineering, B,S. Shewmon, Ray Engineering, B.S. Cincinnati Zumerman, Max Bus. Ad., B.B,A, Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati . .fr , ' W3 G ' . : 4. ii ' , , i is ww Q in .- pn , Y W- '5 , ...Q Q S jf wifi, 5' N Q? . Q , 'uf V V , ., Q . X VY it ss ,1?, .Esgf W 5 i ' 1 .. T' ..-wr ' 'T' 1 K Q ,- 'P .23 .zz :K 3 get just-: 1 ,I A -A, SP'-5. Xia X V Q new E . -rw w-' ' 'A ' - ' f A 281 GRADUATES APPLIED ARTS Andrew Thomas F Davis Pierson Hartman, Charles 9 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bolan, Stephen J Brenner Perry F Bressler Ray Jr Brown Halle! K Cecil Gerald Q Clark Rodney Deprcy Frank Friedholt Elmer Hogg, Ima Johnson Hal Kern R F Lavr-rcombe, Robert R Linkins Arthurs E Robertson, W A Schmidt, l E Sellers, G P Smith Edward Streight W C' Surnrns, Robert Wharton, T Wuellner, P F Yonts, E L ENGINEERING Cummings, Lawrence T. Jr. Engelmann, Richard H Eichner, Robert Jr Girton, Warren E Humphrey, John V Hust, John W Kopp, Herschel Krusling, James R McClintock, June F Moegling, John R Oelker, Cecil E Solovaoro, Jorma Ulanowicz, Emil M. Upham, James B Westerkamp, David A Wolf, Mary Louis Zadtman, John D HOME ECONOMICS Dickey, Mary Jane Watts Harris, Pauline Hsun, Mary Helen LAW SCHOOL Alden, Carl J Barnes, Earl T Barbish, Harry Bell, Eugene Bernens, Robert E Berridge, Richard E Black, David Boyce, John D Brokaw, G William Burke, Edward A Burke, Francis P Buvinger, Margaret S Chattield, Davis Clancy, Donald D Cole, Douglas G. Daugherty, William W Davis. William B Doran. James Q Farrell, James W Fisher, Bruce M Foster, Stanley Fuller, Samuel A Gehlev, Harry Gower, John Hanna, Donald R. Horn, Paul H Harper, Stanley E Hengelbruck, James Hereth, Lee J Hobson, Henry W Jr Hyrne, Clarence F Jacobs, Franklin J Jones, Charles H Keane, William P Knob, Donald R Koons, Patricia D SENIORS NOT Picruneo Leach, Edwc rd V Lemke, Beryl F. Locker, James Lowe, Warren R. Mack, Russell Macek, Frank O Mason, John L. Mattingly, Richard McCaslin, John M. McCann, Jack M. R. McConnaughey, Robert S. Metcalfe, John T Mobberley, T. Morrissey, James Muething, John l. Mangan, Thomas H. Ober, John H. Parkin, Robert W. Pennak, Arthur F. Putnick, Otto F. Rock, Robert W. Reckman, Robert F. Rieckleman, Robert Rogert, Marilyn A. Ross, Simon Sand, Henry A. Sanders, Brewster Scandon, John C, Schoettmer, Harry F. J. C. Schaenecker, Earl F. Schutt, Walter E. Shank, Charles L. Shannon, Raymond E. Sisson, Vincent A. Sitler, Henry O. Stradley, David C, Stewart, Jean Sweeney, Joseph R Taggart, Frank Thomas, Daniel Tylor, Smith H. Wheeler, Eearl J. Wilson, Angus Wilson, Raymond Witten, Sally Sue Woodard, Henry Zollinger, Fredick LIBERAL ARTS Altman, Gerald Aronson, Murray Bacon, David Barton, Ruth V. Bauer, Richard C Bell, John Berger, Thomas L. Bernstein, Marylin Bishop, John J Boone, Ada Brock, Carl J . R. H. J . R 282 Bruestle, George O. Christophel, Ray E. Jr. Cohen, Malcom I. Connolly, Frank T. Costello, Roger Davis, John Dawley, Richard L. Dean, Omer DeSalvo, Russel Devane, Jane E. Dixon, Fred Dohm, James R. Eckerlin, Robert Ellison, Arthur Fogel, Morris Gelwicks, Martha L. Glintmeyer, Victor Greene, Mary Lou Groene, Louis Harry Halabuy, Edward K. Hayne, Forrest Holt, Foster Hood, Leo Ray Hosford, James G. lber, Norma J. Irwin, Robert B, Karnmer, Robert J. Levine, Barry L. Lockwood, Dorothy R, Lugger, J. Kelly Luther, Francis R. Marcus, Herbert T. Mittlehauser, John S. Nunn, Dorothy Mae Pennington, Jacques W Pitcock, Robert F. Rust, James Schneider, Robert Schott, Jeanne E. Shaw, Robert J, Shrimpton, Paul C. Stuewe, Howard Whiteman, Evelyn MEDICINE Christiansen, David Maurmeier, Charles McLelland, Robert Schulte, John Vrbanac, John NURSING AND HEALTH Baird, Lois Buckwalter, Nancy Elberfeld, Elinor Hamer, Dolores Hospel, Theresa Hoer, Jean Johnson, Alice McGarey, Martha Moore, Mary Ann Toshiro, Shirley Williams, Susan TEACHERS COLLEGE Anderson, George Austin, George J. Bellamy, Lura E. Cargile, William H, Cleaver, Jean C, Croucher, James W. Dale, Mariorie M. Donahue, Esther Edwards, George Gilmore, Betty Ann Jansen, Mary Lou Jones, Mary E. Lewis, Charles A. Luppin, Phyllis B. Meier, Melvin F. Phillips, Lewis L. Poppe, Marvin A. Portune, Robert G. Price, Sara B. Rice, Hart A. Jr. Sabato, Allan C. Sanders, Banks S. Schweizer, Randolph J. Stuth, Sandra Lee The biggest week of our college lives comes when the month of June announces that Senior week is upon us. Suddenly confronted with decisions ot what to wear and when, how to be two places at once, and whether to keep or dispose of UC memoirs, we turn our backs to the halfepacked suit- cases that litter the room and head for the next activity scheduled for this momentous week. The Senior prom, the sing, Ivy day, not to mention graduation, take on an en- tirely different aspect as we realize that we are now one ot the people who will our red hair, "Phi Bait" Keys, or physics grades to aspiring underclassmen. X if, 283 ha.. SENIOR WEEK SENIOR PROM , , The crowd pauses briefly to lis ten to the songs of the Tobies. We all turned out en masse for our last dance as undergrads of the University-and a memorable occasion it was! A new custom was born that evening when Jack Shepman of '47 presented a senior ring to Dick Harper of the still struggling class of '48. Their heirloom-to-be of the senior class will remain for one season on the hand ot the class president. Following the ring ceremony, the Metro School Spirit Award was carried away by Delta Phi Epsilon and Sigma Alpha Epsilon for their record attendance at all school functions. Adding also to the color of the prom were the echoes of the "Tobies" as they sang their old stand-by, "The Wiffenpoof Song". A tired but contented crowd wended their way home that June eve with the music of the last dance still ringing in their ears. Don Bertke introduces the new Metro pledges. Lett to right: Sophos summoned underclassmen Don Thomas, Howard Eicher, Phil Jones, Dick Butler, Don Bertke, Don Thomas. Bob Bauman, lrv Behrendt, and Roger Stephens. R Fi. l t" A Q . T 9 ,s P J J 1 DPQZ A lt . . cs' J I Y SEQ 6 I Y i i '. ' i 9 . I '284 gs We The "Ivy Chain," composed of outstanding Junior girls, guide the robed Seniors to the ceremonies in Burnet Woods. IVY DAY The picture of Ivy Day at UC in- cludes a winding procession That be- gins at old McMicken and wends its way Through The Trails of Burnet Woods until it ends at the band stand deep in The heart of The park. Here The Senior Class Prophecy and Will are read That The world and posf TeriTy might know The whims and am- bitions of The graduating c la s s. Through The wooded paths They find Their way back To campus cmd The Union Building To receive again The TradiTional Ivy Day Oration by a member of Their class. A small green plant is Then placed in The ground To grow and prosper beside The other sprouting ivy that has remained from years before. Ivy is carefully planted by .lack Shepmcm, president of The class of 1947 sw F 285 X HON ,MEM For a word of welcome, we migrate to Wilson Auditorium. In the home of Mum- mers' plays and distinguished lectures, we now find President Walters on stage to ex- tend a verbal handshake. 25 All eyes focus on the expressive hands of the song leader as another cup is sung for. Gilda Jensen holds the cups won by Kappa Kappa Gamma, while Claire Kennedy smiles from behind the trophy that is to leave the Phi Delt house no longer. lk Grill hours were cut short and bridge games came to an abrupt halt as everyone adjourned to their re- spective houses to sing again and again the same three songs that became a near nightmare by the time June rolled around. However to the judges and Clifton suburbanites that gathered in the Greek amphitheater, these same songs sounded like some- thing out of a dream. Competition was close and judging was hard. After a period of deliberation that seemed like hours to the participants, Mr. Sarvis gave the laurels to Kappa Kappa Gamma and Phi Delta Theta. INTERFRATERNITY SING Blue blazers, white skirts, three re- hearsed-to-death songs, and seventy pairs ot shaky knees-the Kappas were ready to win the sing. "Singin' a Phi Delta Theta," chanted the possessors of the Sing cup for two consecutive years as they marched on to the platform to win the sing for the third time and the cup for posterity. Caught unawares, th e Kappas couldn't conceal their excitement. lhose long months ot song practices were not in vain! J , President Walters-the figure who welcomes all incoming Freshmen is also the whose address closes the door to their college careers. mGn GRADUATION The long day is brought to a pompous close when the capped and gowned procession finally wends its way into brightly lighted Nippert Stadium. The climax of Senior week has arrived, and the long awaited eve of our college days is close at hand. President Wcilter's speech adds dignity to the ceremonies, and one by one the entries on the program progress to the presentation of degrees. Colored stoles are awarded as the high degrees are bestowed upon graduate stu- dents. Finally it is your turn to share the spotlight, and you find a diploma in your hand and a group of friends offering their congratulations. ,,4- 288 The seats of roaring football crowds now are filled with the more quiet parents and friends at the graduating class. The crowd no longer rises to its teet as the sons of Old McMicken carry a football cmd their school to tame. Instead, mothers and fathers sit quietly by, suddenly realizing what a strange grown-up human being their child has become. The words of President Walter's address some- how are mixed with memories of years ago-the first day ot school, a leading part in the senior play, a whole new college wardrobe, and now, a cap and gown. All minds are not filled with quiet recol- lections however. The thoughts iamming a graduate's mind hold only the celebration that is to follow. 289 . . . And we see the beginning of cz new day. xl xxw if S. QS? .II ,f-QSM E 5 v f' wi .: Acacia, 9-1 Alpha Chi Omega, 73 Alpha Chi Sigma, 42 Alpha Delta Pi, 74 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 95 Alpha Gamma Delta, 75 Alpha Kappa Psi, 37 Alpha Lambda Delta, 160 Alpha Omicron Pi, 76 Alpha Sigma Phi, 96 Alpha Tau Omega, 97 American Commons Club, 98 ORGANIZATION INDEX Cincinnatian, 223 Chi Omega, 77 Clifton Dorm, 16 Co-ep Club, 177 Cooperative Engineers, 224 Cox Hall, 10 Delta Delta Delta, 78 Delta Phi Delta, 32 Delta Phi Epsilon, 79 Delta Delta Tau Delta, 100 Zeta, 80 American Institute of Architects, 33 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 43 American Institute Of Electri Engineers, -17 cal American Society of Civil Engineers, 44 Amercian Society of Mechanical Engineers, 48 Applied Arts Tribunal, 31 Arts Board, 190 Arete, 200 Association of Independent Students, 91 Band, 126 Baseball Team, 204 Basketball Team, 164 Beta Gamma Sigma, 36 Beta Theta Pi, 99 Board of Publications, 219 Business Administration Tribu "C" Club, 129 A Abel, B., 88 Abbott, L., 48 Abegglen, N., 89, 13, 158 Abney, K., 98 Ackerman, L., 111 Adair, T., 99 Adams, J., 48 Adams, M., 73 Adams, R., 111,93 Adams, W., 100, 225 Addison, E., 73 Ades, J., 109 Aeschbach, H., 73 Aglamesis, J., 109 Aglamesis, M., 77 Ahlbrand, R., 47, 97 nal, 35 Engineering Tribunal, 39 Epsilon Phi Sigma, 142 Eta Kappa Nu, 46 Fencing Team, 208 Football Team, 119 Glee Club, 192 Guidon, 183 Hillel, 143 Home Economics Club, 52 Home Economics Tribunal, 51 Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 41 lnterfraternity Council, 93 lata Chi Epsilon, 101 Junior Advisors, 135 Junior Class Officers, 210 Kappa Alpha Theta, 81 Kappa Delta, 82 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 83 Kappa Kappa Psi, 128 Kindergarten Club, 62 Lambda Chi Alpha, 102 Latin American Club, 172 Altvater, R., 103 Aman, A., 31, 32, 78, 225 Ambrosius, M., 59 Amendolara, T., 31, 32, 109 Ammons, B., 82 Anderson, A., 83 Anderson, D., 89 Anderson, J., 82 Anderson, M., 109 Anderson, N., 81 Anderson, W., 99 Andraud, M., 77, 182 Andree, D., 111 Andress, F., 109 Annest, l., 75 Antenen, D., 44 Anthony, D., 52 Appel, 48 Ahlering, F. 147, 150, 232, 83, 183, 32 Ahrens, A., 103, 233, 93, 3 Ahrens, G., 103 Ahrens, M., 78 Akers, R., 111, 44 Albanese, R., 87 Albaugh, A., 81, 135 2, 31 Albers, M. L., 62, 81, 135, 137, 147, 183 Albury, M., 13 Alday, C., 94 Alexander, M., 13 Allen, B., 82 Allen, L., 99 Allgaier, J., 52, 77, 135 Alter, G., 182 Altstetter, J., 43 Applequist, H., 161 Apselhoff, S., 99 Araujo, C., 48, 110 Archea, M., 31, 73 Arlinghaus, E., 182 Armer, G., 47 Arnold, C., 73 Arnold, D., 77 Ashley, M., 89 Avra, C., 61 B Bachrach, B., 106 Badertscher, I., 135 Baer, S., 109 Bagby, R., 16, 146, 182 Bailey, B., 99 Bailey, M., 13 Liberal Arts Tribunal, 55 Links, 90 McMicken Dorm, 16 Memorial Dorm Unit A 12 Unit B 13 Unit F 13 Men's Inter-dorm Council 17 Men's Senate, 215 Metro, 151 Mortar Board, 232 Mummers Board, 186 Newman Club, 144 News Record, 220 Nursing and Health Tribunal, Omicron Delta Kappa, 233 Omicron Nu, 53 Orientation Board, 22 Pan-Hellenic Council, 72 Penguin Club, 201 Pershing Rifles, 182 Phi Beta Kappa, 56 Phi Delta Theta 103 Phi Eta Sigma, 161 Phi Mu, 84 Pi Chi Epsilon, 36 Pi Kappa Alpha, 105 Pi Lambda Phi, 106 Pi Lambda Sigma, 85 Pi Tau Sigma, 49 Profile, 225 Quadres, 90 Rifle Club, 184 Scabbard and Blade, 182 Scarab, 33 INDEX Bailey, R., 32, 225 Bain, H., 160 Baird, L., 13 Baiter, C. 182 Baker, C., 59 Baker, G., 143, 11, 12, 147 Baker, J., 74 Baker, W., 99 Baldwin, P., 87 Baldwin, W., 16 Ball, D., 111 Balsly, C., 161 Balzniser, J., 102 Banfield, B., 72, 80, 183, 196 Bangert, R., 16 Bannan, J., 105 Bard, S., 91, 93, 161, 214 Barnes, J., 94 Barnes, J., 93 Barnes, W., 41 Barnett, R., 99 Barnhart, C., 76 Barrett, T., 103 Barrick, J., 44 Barry, P., 73, 135 Bary, R., 226 Bary, R., 74 Bashein, S., 43 Basinger, M., 158 Baskind, D., 91 Bassett, B., 73 Batscha, A., 43, 161 Battigaglia, A., 100 Baude, H., 107 Bauerbach, A., 87 292 59 Senior Sigma Sigma Class Officers, 211 Alpha Epsilon, 107 Alpha Mu, 108 Sigma Chi, 109 Sigma Delta Tau, 86 Sigma Sigma, 227-230 Social Board, 150 Sohpos, 138 Speakers Bureau, 159 Student Council, 213 Student Directory, 226 Swimming Team, 170 Tau Beta Pi, 40 Tau Beta Sigma, 128 Tau Pi Epsilon, 52 Teachers College Tribunal, 61 Tennis Team, 207 Theta Chi, 110 Theta Phi Alpha 87 Tobies, 140 Track Team, 205 Triangle, 111 Ulex, 216 Union Board, 132 Vigilance, 137 Wesley Foundation, 145 Westminster Foundation, 146 Wig Wag, 136 Women's Athletic Association, 198 Women's Inter-dorm Council, 11 Women's Senate, 215 YMCA, 148 YWCA, 147 Zeta Tau Alpha, 88 Baum, M., 106 Bauman, R., 107, 138, 182, 221 Baumring, A., 79 Baxter, D., 145 Bayer, M., 82 Beall, A., 102 Beals, C., 61 Beard, B., 77 Beanie, M., 51, 53, 72, 81 Beck, E., 89 Beck, O., 16, 48 Becker, C., 103, 151 Becker, D., 97 Becker, J., 88 Becker, R., 102 Beckett, E., 16 Beckett, G., 107 Beckett, J., 44 Beesten, B., 91, 93 Behrendt, I., 108, 138, 221 Bein, J., 99 Bell, D., 105 Bell, J., 73 Beltz, R., 43 Bender, P., 81 Benham, S., 78 Bennett, S., 136 Bentlage, J., 102 Bentley, E., 32 Benzing, E., 83, 168 Benzing, G., 99 Benzinger, R., 88 Bergdoll, E., 97 Berger, B., 108 Bergman, G., 106 Bergold, J., 88, 146 Berkshire, M., 83 Bernard, B., 85 Bernet, H., 103 Bernstein, J., 106 Bernstein, M., 86 Berry, D., 146 Bertke, R., 107 Bertram, G., 77, 196, 198 Bertsch, J., 49, 89 Bertschinger, J., 75 Best, R., 94 Beucus, N., 81, 147 Beyersdorter, J., 107 Beyersdorter, J., 109 Bick, J., 110 Bickmore, T., 182 Bidlingmeyer, L., 73 Biehl, J., 99 Biganeiss, S., 74 Bigler, B., 73, 182 Biles, W., 100 Binder, W., 105 Birn, M., 87 Bissell, P., 83 Blackman, A., 86 Blackwell, R., 41, 102 Blalock, L., 74 Blankenship, S., 77 Blottman, C., 78 Bletso, B., 101 Blickensderter, R., 97 Bloodgood, J., 13 Blum, J., 103 Board, J., 97 Bockholt, J., 61, 99, 129 Bockstiegel, R., 43, 99, 145 Bodenstein, A., 44 Bodkin, R., 87 Boeh, R., 99 Boehm, E., 103, 144 Boehm, l., 85 Bogart, J., 77 Bogart, J., 77 Bohn, M., 77, 160 Bohnenkemper, R., 37, 221 Bokenkamp, G., 48, 102 Bolce, E., 31 Boleky, E., 13 Boles, R., 161 Boling, R., 105 Bolland, A., 52, 77 Boller, R., 104 Bolten, M., 62 Bond, R., 111 Bonde, J., 110 Bonnell, J., 73 Bonner, G., 76 Books, H., 103 Boone, B., 83 Borcherding, G., 103, 182 Borcherding, J., 88 Borgmann, J., 88 Boruft, B., 33 Bosse, R., 101 Boster, S., 108 Bothwell, H., 100 Bottenhorn, F., 100 Bowen, I., 52 Bowman, G., 94 Bowman, J., 101 Bowman, R., 99 Bowyer, B., 158, 13 Box., E., 105 Boyce, S., 100 Brackman, R., 108 Bradham, S., 80 Bradley, E., 101 Bradey, S., 99 Bradford, R., 97 Brandt, D., 103, 138 Branscom, J., 98 Bratburd, L., 108 Braun, F., 49 Braun, M., 82 Braun, R., 103 Breier, N., 102 Breithold, E., 82 Brener, G., 41, 102 Brendamour, E., 99 Brennan, J., 104 Bressler, R., 100 Breting, K., 33 Brewer, W., 99 Brewster, J., 102 Brewster, P., 83 Bridges, D., 77, 147, 214 Briggs, R., 109 Brigham, C., 158 Brinck, L., 48 Brinkman, R., 104 Brisker, A., 161 Bristol, J., 87 Britton, S., 161 Britton, W. 94 Brock, S., 77 Brockmeier, W., 182 Broecker, A., 111 Broerman, K., 75, 145, 103 Bronstein, M., 106 Brown, J., 47 Brown, M., 82 Brownell, J., 100 Bruckmann, J., 99 Bruestle, G., 48 Brumble, S., 41 Bruns, D., 104 Bryan, S., 76 Bryant, W., 102 Bucher, E., 161 Buck, P., 88 Buck, R., 78 Buckingham, P., 77 Buckmaster, J., 78 Bueche, F., 99 Buehren, V., 78, 160 Buente, M., 61, 62, 87, Buford, N., 78 Bumiller, M., 78 Bumiller, T., 109 Burgett, H., 97 Burgett, R., 87 Burk, P., 52, 77 Burkart, J., 99 Burks, E., 12 Bursiek, C., 160 Burt, R., 97 Burzynski, N., 13, 52 Busch, A., 88 Butler, R., 39, 102, 148, Butz, H., 182 Buyer, P., 61, 146 Byers, M., 83, 221 Byrd, J., 129 Byrer, J., 161 C Cabezas, L., 16, 158 Cadman, L., 88 Cadwallader, M., 83 Cahoon, J., 102 135 151, 233 293 Caine, A., 62, 81 Caine, J., 73 Calmas, G., 158 Calvert, R., 49, 100 Campbell, J., 99 Campbell, K., 110 Campbell, T., 105 Campodonico, H., 99 Carey, P., 44 Carnell, F., 31, 88 Carper, G., 48 Carr, T., 94 Carraher, M., 82 Carroll, P., 75 Carroll, S., 107 Carson, A., 36 Cartwright, A., 13 Case, H., 145 Casey, J., 16 Cassady, H., 101 Castellini, W., 37, 103, 205 Catherwood, D., 102 Cecil, W., 109 Chambers, J., 61, 196 Chapnick, l., 16 Chapman, J., 52, 77 Chaput, V., 72, 77 Chartock, J., 93, 107 Chattield, S., 78 Chelius, M., 32, 82 Childs, H., 100 Childs, J., 13 Chinery, J., 87 Choate, D., 100 Chomel, J., 97 Christophel, J., 61 Christopher, R., 99 Chuckery, C., 110 Clagett, R., 107 A 100 Clark, ., Clark, B., 83 Clark, B., 81 Clark, D., 33 Clark, E., 100 Clark, J., 44 Clausing, R., 75 Clay, M., 110 Clement, S., 12 Click, P., 105 Clickner, C., 100 Cotield, C., 77 Cotield, J., 12, 77 Cogan, E., 99, 151 Cohen, l., 13, 79, 143, 147 Cohren, L., 33 Cole, L., 91 Collins, P., 76 Collins, W., 161 Collis, R., 110, 182 Coltinuk, M., 12, 79 Colwell, F., 109 Comer, P., 183 Comisar, M., 106 Conner, J., 48 Connolly, F., 85, 144, 214 Conrad, J., 103 Conway, J., 99 Cook, R., 107 Cooke, J., 44, 97 Cooper, C., 74 Copelan, O., 77 Copeland, D., 101 Corbett, M., 87 Corbin, V., 103 Corcoran, E., 110 Corcoran, R., 110, 151, 215 Cordes, W., 99 Cortright, S., 61, 62, 81, 147, 205 Coursey, N., 78 Crandall, R., 99 Crane, E., 37, 107 Crane, J., 87 Crawford, C., 98 Crawford, R., 146 Crider, C., 83 97 Crider, L., Crist, D., 11, 13 Croll, W., 111 Cross, C., 43 Crow, C., 73 Crozier, C., 32, 99, 151, 221 Crum, P., 81 Crutchfield, W., 48, 109 Crye, C., 102 Cubbage, J., 13, 84 Culbertson, J., 16, 48 Cullen, J., 104 Cundall, R., 78 Cuni, W., 100 Cutter, E., 48 D Dabney, D., 161 Dahlen, J., 48 Dallow, P., 51, 53, 77, 147 Danhauer, R., 101, 221 Dangel, J., 74 D'Angelo, G., 48 Darves, G., 13, 142 Daudistel, R., 105 Davidson, M., 106 Davies, J., 81 Davies, L., 77 Davies, S., 81 Davis, E., 84 Davis, M., 198 Davis, W., 109 Dawley, R., 101 Dawson, R., 101 Dawson, R., 43, 111 Day, S., 83 Dean, R., 98 DeCarlo, J., 104 Decker, R., 107 Declert, A., 72, 76 Deiiel, C., 82 Delcotf, G., 80 DelVecchio, D., 104 DeMar, R., 146 DeMent, W., 101,41 DeMoor, S., 111 Delp, R., 109 Denham, B., 81 Denier, E., 75 Denman, J., 41, 101 Dennis, E., 79 Dennis, J., 106, 161 DeNuchio, C., 104 Denyven, D., 107 Dershimer, G., 110 DeSalvo, A., 82 DeSalvo, C., 173, 183 DeSimone, A., 104 Detchmendy, F., 104 Diamond, H., 106 Diaz, F., 99, 158 Dick, P., 98 Dick, L., 32, 82, 135, 214 Dickerscheid, J., 43 Dickey, M., 76 Drake, J., 103 Fabian, L., 48 226 Dtckhoner R., 75 Didlake, E., 99 Dieckmonn, E., 52, 77 Diederich, R., 48, 99 Diehl, J., 91, 93 Dietz, R., 99 Dietz, R., 73 Dingley, S., 110 Dirr, A. 104 DiSalvo, E., 109 Distler, E., 83 Distler, S., 83, 160 Divane, K., 13, 85 Diert, R., 73, 92 Dochat, P. 13 Doerman, L., 97 Doerr, W., 88 Dolman, C., 182 Donahue, E., 78 Donlon, J., 12 Donnelly, R., 109, 225 Doppler, W., 109 Dorsey, J., 104 Doscher, M., 73 Douglas, C., 107 Dowling, L., 113 Dragul, C., 108 Drake, I., 11, 13, 90, 135 Drake, L., 102 Drake, R., 103 Dreibeleis, E., 102 Drew, A., 182 Drezel, P., 74 Duble, R. 109, 182 DuBois, P. 82 Dudley, E., 32, 83 Duffy, J., 74 Dugan, F., 103, 129, 182 Dugan, M., 62, 74 Dumont, M., 52, 53, 88 Ducan, D., 47 Ducan, D., 47 Dunker, R., 97 Dunsky, A., 106 Duppstadt, E., 10, 11 Duquette, P., 103 Dwyer, E., 13 Dye, J., 48 E Earle, D., 161, 182 Earls, W., 48, 91 Eastwood, C., 99 Eaton, J., 48, 107 Eberhart, P., 12 Ebersold, D., 109, 161 Eckrnan, R., 143 Egan, J., 59 Egan, P., 12, 73 Elberty, G., 91, 93 Eldon, D., 101 Elliott, C., 88 Elliott, M., 32, 74, 146 Elliott, R., 43 Ellis, B., 100 Ellis, B., 103 Ellis, W., 94 Elmore, J., 101 Elnan, O., 98 Emmich, R., 93, 101 Endicott, G., 102 Engel, P., 81 Engelke, E., 88 Ensminger, C., 48 Eppinghotf, E., 88 Erhardt, J., 99 Erickson, H., 93, 110 Erman, R., 97 Ernst, J., 52, 74 Eschbaugh, E., 110 Eschenbach, G., 109 Espelage, M., 88 Evanott, A., 13, 158 Evans, D. 182 221 Evans, C.l 77, ,221 D 107 Evans, ., Evans, M., 83, 147 Evans, T., 161 Flaherty, D., 73 Fleming, J., 13 Fleming, M., 105 Flottman, F., 102 Floyd, P., 74 Flynn, C., 107 Fogel, C., 73, 135, 173 Fogel, M., 143 Foltz, J., 52 Forsyth, P., 102 Foster, F., 99 Fox, M., 87 Fox, W., 94 Frame, S., 88, 160, 226 Francis, J., 16 Franq, D., 52, 73, 221 Frank, D., 99 Frank, J., 97 Frank, P., 73 Frank, W., 110 Frankenstein, W., 106 Frazer, J., 107, 150, 138, 233 Frazer, K., 52, 83 Freeburg, L., 73 Freidenheim, J., 106 Freitag, W., 33 Fremont, R., 106 Fried, W., 47 Friedlander, J., 99 Gellin, J., 106 Geoghagen, L., 77 Georgeton, C., 88, 142 Georgeton, J., 142 Gerard, E., 91, 93 Gerdes, D., 73 Gerhardt, W., 100 Gertzman, G., 143 Gohry, J., 52, 74 Giancola, B., 84 Gianetto, M., 103 Gibbins, R., 77, 136 Gibbons, J., 48, 94 Giffin, R., 105 Gillen, W., 110 Gillespie, S., 83 Gilmer, W., 148 Gilmore, F., 101 Gilmore, J., 107 Gim, M., 136 Ginn, R., 39, 47, 103 Ginsberg, T., 106 Glaser, J., 97 Glasser, S., 106 Glazer, W., 103 Glazier, C., 35, 36, 100 Glazier, M., 88 Gocker, P., 83 Goettle J. 93 103 Evans, O., 41, 101 Eversall, R., 110 Eveslage, G., 103 Ewers, M., 77 Ewig, R., 73 Eyink, L., 104 F Fallon, G., 107 Farber, C., 36, 108 Fought, R., 94 Fought, W., 99 Faulkner, V., 75 Foy., M., 35, 36, as, 173 Fay, P., 74 Feibelman, L., 47 Feldman, S., 106 Fellwock, C., 145 Felman, A., 108 Fenlon, R., 129 Fernandez, G., 44, 107 Friedman, J., 106 Friedman, S., 86 Friedman, P., 108 Friesz, D. 110 Frisch, S., 99 Frith, R., 107 Frith, W., 107 Frodge, D., 48, 110 Gold, B., 221 Goldman, E., 99, 182 Goldschmidt, M., 88 Goldzwig, J., 86 Gollmitz, R., 102 Good, E., 12 Goodell, K., 74 Eggensperger, M., 61, 73, 135, Eggleton, C., 101 Eglian, E., 161, 182 Eha, J., 78 Ehle, S., 13, 75, 160 Ehrnschwender, A., 48 Ehrnschwender, P., 101 Eichenberger, N., 94 Eicher, P., 103 Eicher, T., 103 Eichner, R., 49 Eilers, J., 99 Eilers, N., 83, 135 Einersson, G., 61 Eilelein, A., 104 49, 101 Ferreri, J., 16 Ferris, R., 104 Fertig, C., 88 Fenig, A., 13 Fey, W., 107, 129 Ficke, D., 145 Field, R., 79, 143 Fielman, G., 82 Figg, R., 88 Fille, H., 98 Froehle, A., 104 Froehlich, J., 109 Frondorf, E., 109 Frost, M., 32, 93, 100, 225 Fugitt, F., 13, 72 Fuhrman, J., 103, 138 Fulford, B., 39, 41, 87 Fulks, W., 85 Funch, J., 103 Funch, M., 87 Fussner, M., 85 G Gabel, W., 103 Gable, M., 106 Gabriel, J., 107 Gaddis, D., 103 Gall, M., 102 Galyean, W., 91, 146 Games, M., 103 Ganson, N., 108 Garbutt, D., 101 Goodyear, J., 76, 135, 17 105 Gordon, D., Gordon, W., 36 Goshen, D., 77 Gosney, W. 107 Gottschlich, C., 78 Gower, B., 110 Grace, L., 81 Crady, M., 73 Graf, M., 88 Graham, B., 39, 107, 205 Graham, I., 84 Graham, M., 74 Graham, P., 13 Graham, S., 97 Grandiean, L., 97 Grant, A., 59 Grant, J., 101 Graser, E., 76, 93 Grauenkemper, R., 109 Gray, G., 33, 146 Gray, T., 109 Green, E., 12, 32, 205, 214 232 Green, M., 81 Greenberg, S., 86 Filippine, R., 104 Finch, E., 90 Finke, H., 103 Finn, H., 47, 109 Finnegan, E., 13 Fiore, A., 41 Fiori, J., 104 Fischer, E., 111 Fischer, F., 103 Fischer, R. 105 Fish, W., 44 Fisher, G., 105 Fisher, L., 73, 84 Fisk, H., 182 Fitch, D., 89, 158 Gard, L., 100 Gard, F., 146 Gardner, A., 91 Gardner, S., 196 Gardner, T., 109 Greene, L., 84 Greenstein, l., 106 Garfield, J., 108 Garfinkel, S., 16 Garling, W., 161 Garofalos, J., 98 Garties, J., 105, 144 Gartner, L., 160 Gaskins, S., 148 Gates, D., 13 Gebhardt, R., 105 Gebhardt, C., 161 Geier, T., 107 Gels, H., 52, 74 294 Greenwald, B., 86 Greer, B., 52, 147 Greer, M., 81 Gregory, T., 94 Greiner, H., 109 Greiner, J., 13, 32 Greive, J., 145 Greive, W., 145, 103 Grice, L., 101 Griese, R., 104 Griest, H., 233 Griffin, F., 111 Griffin, R., 44 Grimes, A., 48, 49 Griswold, T., 41 Grogan, M., 87 Grogg, A., 109, 151 Gram, L., 87 Gross, E., 101 Grossheim, J., 73 Grote, J., 47, 144, 161 Grulle, E., 105 Gruener, M., 88 Grunkemeyer, J., 103 Grusd, E., 108 Grusenmeyer, R., 87 Guernsey, J., 16 Guethlein, A., 103 Gulley, M., 33 Gumz, P., 80 Gunderman, C., 73, 226 Gunderman, J., 105 Gustafson, B., 83 Gustafson, G., 17 Gutiahr, U., 105 Gutterman, D., 99 H Haag, J., 48 Haas, M., 102 Haas, W., 106 Hoase, P., 83, 147, 183, 196, 198 Hochen, D., 108, 143 Hogoman, H., 47 Hahn, M., 88 Hale, D., 102 Halfpenny, L., 102 Halle, R., 104 Holler, W., 100 Hallo, H., 32, 79 Hamilton, B., 87 Hammel, B., 88 Hammer, H., 43, 111 Hammer, M., 73 Hammond, G., 145 Hamtian, L., 81, 137 Hampton, J., 73 Hanauer, J., 107 Hanauer, J., 161 Hanes, W., 100 Hanford, E., 100 Hanlein, A., 10 Hanlon, E., 87 Hanscom, R. 33 Hansen, A., 105 Hanson, R., 146 Happy, P., 226 Hargrove, C., 102 Harper, R., 32, 109, 148, 151, 233 Harper, R., 110 Harris, C., 90 Harris, E., 90, 196 Harris, P., 79 Harrison, S., 108 Harry, J., 145 Hart, E., 77 Hartleib, N., 81 Hovlovic, J., 107 Hawk, K., 101 Hawker, L., 12 Hawkins, H., 161 Hawkins, R., 77 Hawley, P., 78 Hayes, J., 103 Hayner, R., 107 Hazelrigg, J., 100 Heald, B., 78 Heath, P., 13 Heather, J., 88 Heaton, 5. 44, 97 Hebble, J., 81 Heckman, S., 83 Hedrick, F., 12 Heekin, M., 87 Heepke, C., 73, 147 Heintz, P., 104, 144 Hein, R., 43, 145 Heintzelman, E., 161 Heinz, E., 73 Heinzerling, L., 89 80 Heis, E., Heisel, R., 83, 147, 198 Heller, J., 32, 83, 135, 147, 221 Hellman, L., 106 Helmers, R., 103 Hemmer, P., 44 Hemmert, R., 221, 225, 226 Henderson, T., 94 Hendricks, R., 99 Hengstenberg, J., 83 Henke, R., 85 Hennel, G., 161 Herbest, P., 104 Herman, S., 108 Hersh, M., 108 Hertel, A., 76 Herweh, M., 73 Hess, K., 87 Hesterburg, R., 101 Hetterich, M., 83 Hetzel, S., 78 Heuck, W., 100 Heumann, J., 13 Holtzmon, M., 106 Hone, J., 81 Hoodin, S., 79 Hoover, P., 98 Hopewell, J., 107 Hopkins, H., 99 Hoppenfelcl, M., 108 Horn, C. 97 Hornback, L., 182 Horner, J., 73 Horwitz, E., 44, 106 Horwitz, A., 99 Hosford, J., 43 Hosick, R., 111 Hoskins, R., 52, 74, 135 Hossli, R., 103 Hauser, E., 91, 93, 182 Howell, H., 12 Howison, J., 83 Howison, J., 83 Hayer, P., 84 Hoying, A., 13 Hubbard, E., 13, 146 Huber, R., 61, 97, 129 Huddle, G., 13 Huey, E., 44 Huey, G., 99 Huey, H., 99 Huff, J., 47 Hughes, J., 146 Hughes, J., 83, 196, 198, 214 Hughes, K., 101 Hughes, M., 13 Hughes, R., 101 Huitger, R., 44 Hulme, W., 47 Hummer, D., 107 Humphrey, J., 82 Hunclley, P., 83 Hunt, R., 43, 111 Hurlburt, W., 44 Huss, J., 107 Hussey, C., 48 Hyland, K., 13, 85 Jauch, A., 110 Jay, G., 13 Jee, V., 13 Jegley, R., 73 Jennewein, J., 182 Jennie, R., 78 Jennings, H., 44 Jensen, G., 83 Jeppsen, V., 13 Jester, H., 161 Johns, P., 96 Johnson, D., 47, 94 Johnson, R., 233 Johnston, B., 81, 137 Johnston, J., 52, 76, 135 Jones, A. 90 Jones, B., 103 Jones, D., 82 Jones, G., 105 Jones, J., 151 Jones, P., 97 Jones, P., 35 Jonson, J., 142 Jordon, D., 98 Joseph, A., 102 Judy, L., 12 Jung, M., 78 Jung, R., 87 Justice, F., 36, 72, 86, 232 K Kaelin, C., 77 Kaemmerle, B., 83 Kahle, H., 81 Kalfas, N., 142 Kallmeyer, J., 90 Kamman, E., 145 Kammerer, F., 109 Kane, J., 49 Kanost, B., 32, 232 Kanter, R., 106 Kaplan, L., 108 Kopp, K., 102 Kasey, J., 110, 221 Kattis, M., 142 Kattus, J., 74 Katz, R., 86 Hartman, M., 83 Hartman, R., 73, 135 Harvey, L., 13, 81 Harvey, L., 88 Hassett, J., 109 Hatterschide, J., 182 Houck, J., 77 Hauenstein, H., 44 Hauser, H., 86, 143, 182, 221 Hewitt, M., 12, 160 Higgins, E., 52, 77 Higgins, J., 52, 77 Hight, W., 109 Hill, E., 101, 161 Hill, R., 109 Hill, W., 94 Hipkins, J., 111 Hittner, H., 43 Hoban, J., 104 Hobday, A., 47 Hobt, E., 100 Hock, J., 52, 53, 73, Hodell, J., 33 Hodgson, H., 103 Hodson, D., 78 Hodson, D., 78, 160 Hoehl, P., 13, 32 Hoesl, W., 87, 136 Hoffhouse, D., 103 Hoffman, M., 84 Hoffman, R., 107 Hoffman, W., 43 Hogan, E., 35, 109 Hoh, L., 44 Holdt, S., 80 Holmes, D., 111 Holtson, J., 48, 99 Holzberg, S., 99 Hynes, J. 82 I lacobucci, F., 104 lgel, R., 48 Iglesias, V., 41, 109 Imbus, M., 82 lmmerman, H., 100 Infield, D., 81 lnloes, L., 107 Iario, V., 107 Irons, M., 88 lrwin, L., 99 Isphording, S., 87 lverson, R., 101 J Jackson, A., 80 Jackson, D., 78 Jackson, J., 12, 75 Jacobs, B., 78 Jacobs, J., 225 Jacobs, R., 102 Jacobs, T., 73, 135 Katzenmeyer, W., 182 Kautz, C., 161 Kay, E., 98 Keating, W., 109, Keckler, D., 98 Kee, D., 99 Keeling, S., 13, 52 Keininger, G., 198 Keller, A., 31, 32, 81 135 Keller, C., 82 Keller, M., 52, 88 Keller, P., 82 Keller, W., 129, 145 Kelley, D., 110 Kellogg, N., 145 Kemp, J., 109 Kendrick, A., 55, 81 7 Kendrick, N., 82, 135 47 Kennedy, E., 103 Kennedy, M., 99 Jacobson, A., 106 Jacobson, R., 108 Jaecker, E., 13 Jaffe, L., 106, 143 Jokes, H., 109 James, W., 48, 111 Jamison, N., 73 Janszen, E., 31, 87, 135 Jarson, M., 79 Kerr, D., 110 Kerr, V., 75 Kessen, J., 52, 74, 135 Kessis, T., 110, 142 Kessler, F., 104 Kessler, W., 105 Kettas, A., 13, 36 Kibble, B., 90 Kienast, D., 13, 75, 221 If 1 X 3 + fEEg?5iE?S?i L,i L nnnmiiia d Z' -f 4' J, W, K ,wa Q r' m m m ' Wi lv we 2 1 eq: .. ., . , M Z f V 1 4 'riff :::::5, m ip In I- r I 1 p . Nui I 1 x ig , Pwwoves' i 1 uf me S Sl ,si I Sfyigl F F I 9' rf , 'dw i : 'A ? rrr Q U-Ml- frfl' Y I-I-V m y Mi XXX I- A Eli: V I- V- I- '- 05321. Q -rm-EA1' , I f ' ,we i r ., -.' f,,': C EAOMQXSJIZV LEG3 ' QM' QM ff gf A H p Y L rn r mg! If n L i, ll m f "N y J Q X 1 Rf MII yl W 1::2fVVF . " T rf- N' X ' Q' . i WX - fr W7' K ana.: ...- ww Qs ! IT L MREWRE S, w N Wllllllll rg Lo Hsso EL! -nga., .-l""' President Raymond Walters originated the endeavor to make this a friendly "heIlo" campus. Numerous and varied tasks confront the president of such an educational in- stitution as ours. lt is well to know that at U.C. we have a qualified educational and human leader as the liasion between faculty, students, alumni, and the city. Throughout the nation, President Walters is renowned for his annual surveys of over 700 approved universities and colleges, published in a weekly educational publication, and reprinted by Associated and United Press. As Chairman of a seven-man Committee of American Council of Education, the President makes monthly train or plane trips to Washington, D. C., to help coordinate educational and governmental relations. His doctrine of attaining high human values parallel to educational standards makes the human side of college more tangible. All the while President Walters makes great strides in the educational world. 26 Kimball, A., 102, 182 Kimball, M., 161 Kimmons, L.. 96 Kinder, T., 103 Kinsey, M., 13, 32 Kipp R.. 47, 103, 205 Kirch, G., 9-1, 161 Kirschner, H., 99 Kittrell, D., 110 Kittrell, J., 110 Klausing, R., 100 Klee-spies, P., 77 Klehfoth, J., 53, 77, 145, 147 Kleimeyer, V., 48 Klein, R., 104 Kliman, G., 106 Kline, K., 74 Kline, R., 59, 232 Kloptenstein, H., 41 Klotz, J., 74 Klaver, J., 49 Kluver, R., 107 Knabe, A., 100 Knapp, G., 104 Krtaut, H., 161 Knodel, J., 111 Knodel, R., 43, 161 Knotts, R., 103 Koch, A., 77 Koch, D., 83 Koch, G., 103 Koch, G., 93, 109, 151, 205, 233 Koch, L., 78 Koehler, F., 103 Koehlke, T., 84 Koehne, J., 73 Koelker, L., 48 Koenigkramer, D., 37, 107 Koepnick, E., 110 Koerbitz, M., 77 Koen, J., 78 Kohn, S., 108 Koodish, B., 86 Koodish, S., 108 Koogler, F., 99 Koop, J., 52, 83, 135, 150, Kopp, C., 104 Karte, J,, 82 Kottas, W., 103 Krabacher, E., 39, 48, 107 Krabacher, J., 104 Kraft, J., 13, 79 Kratt, R., 83, 106 Kravetz, R., 106 Kreimer, S., 99 Kreke, M., 158 Kriegel, J., 88 Krieger, M., 75 Kristof, J., 47, 102 Kroger, R., 104 Krone, P., 103, 161 Kruck, J., 82 Krummel, W., 102 Kruse, B., 82 Kruse, W., 48 Kuck, M., 73 Kuhn, L., 99 Kuhn, P., 99 Kulka, B., 12, 143 Kull, P., 160 Kumpf, M., 52, 75, 214 Kunold, V., 88, 135 Kurtz, J., 17 Kutzleb, R., 101 Kyle, S., 74 L La Camera, F., 148, 215 Lach, F., 105 Loch, M., 46 Lacy, R., 101 Laibson, D., 106 Lamb, M., 10 Lambert, V., 46, 101 Lammers, C., 103 Lamping, R., 97 Lane, R., 182 Lange, J., 35, 87, 135, 173, 183 Lange, S., 87 Lapinsky, R., 108 Larson, G., 52 Larson, J., 94 Lasher, W., 105 Laumann, M., 62, 87, 135 Lauter, H., 100 Lovell, W., 97 Lawlace, R., 43, 111 Lawton, H., 32, 78, 135, 18 Laycock, T., 161 Lazar, E., 86 Lebman, F., 13 Lee, R., 182 Leedy, H., 12, 143 Leever, R., 94 Lehmann, S., 82 Lehrer, P., 97 Lehrner, F., 91, 93 Leisinger, P., 100 Leitz, H., 108 Lenox, R., 48, 107 Lentz, J., 161 Lenzer, D., 103 Leo, N., 104 Leonard, C., 72 LeSaint, K., 47 Levey, D., 105 Levine, B., 106 Levine, E., 106 Levine, M., 44, 106 Lewe, P., 62, 75 Lewis, G., 51, 52, 137 Lewis, R., 99 Lewis, R., 102 Leyshon, B., 83 Liedeke, N., 13, 73 Lierman, G., 62, 73, 135 Liggett, C., 12, 182 Lindamood, M., 109 Lindemann, D., 75 Lineback, J., 44 Linesch, E., 100 Linville, W., 103, 182 Lipp, B., 12, 86 Lipsky, R., 108 Liscow, S., 99 Litchfield, A., 74 Littleiohn, R., 37 Littman, W., 43, 145 Litwin, L., 86 Litwin, P., 86, 143 Livesay, P., 77 Livezy, F., 161 Lloyd, J., 52, 73, 226 Lloyd, J., 109, 161 Lloyd, R., 161 Lockwood, G., 100 Lodwick, R., 99, 161, 182 Lodwick, R., 99, 161, 148 Loeb, M., 79 Loeb, L., 108 Lanes, S., 81 3, 221 Long, K., 87 Longstreet, V., 77 Loomis, R., 44 Loos, M., 83 Lorenz, T., 91, 182 Lorenz, W., 107, 221 Loshinsky, O., 79 Loudin, B., 100 Loughry, B., 97 Lounsberry, W., 102 Luckey, W., 104 Luddeke, S., 106 Ludeke, A., 84 Ludeke, G., 73 Ludlow, W., 102 Ludwig, J., 111 Lucke, C., 13, 89 Lumley, G., 48 Lund, R., 100 Lurie, I., 72, 79 Lutter, E., 51, 52, 53, 82 Lyman, R., 46, 47 Lynch, J., 36, 37 M MacGregor, D., 101 Macht, B., 83 Mack, E., 77 Mack, S., 77 Macke, M., 82 Mackie, E., 99 MacMinn, R., 94 Mac Neill, J., 101 Magill, M., 102 Malas, J., 85 Mall, M., 87 Mallin, J., 37 Maltz, F., 108 Mandel, R., 108 Mandel, W., 108 Mangold, D., 161 Maples, R., 44 Mappes, R., 97 Maras, G., 41, 96 Marcus, I., 108 Marks, C., 79 Martin, A., 103 Martin, B., 75 Martin, C., 98 Martin, D., 10 Martin, H., 101 Martin, J., 48, 49 Martin, K., 96 Martin, P., 44 Martin, W., 100 Mason, P., 78 Mast, R., 145, 161 Mathers, M., 31, 32, 87 Matteson, R., 97 Mattick, M., 84 Mattson, R., 160 Maxey, G., 44, 98 May, A., 106 May, L., 79, 160 Mayhall, D., 109, 182 McAfee, R., 78 McCabe, D., 104 McCall, E., 100 McCarthy, V., 225 McCarty, J. 80 McCoy, J., 62, 87 Mccoy, M., ei, 62, 87, 135 McDevitt, J., 103 McDevitt, L., 107, 221 McDevitt, P., 76 McDevitt, S., 31, 87, 135 296 McDonald, A., 108 McDonough, R., 109 McDougall, C., 17 McFarlan, J., 97 McGarry, B., 83 McGilliard, J., 75 McGinnis, M., 59 McGiwra, D., 97 McGlaughlin, M., 83 McGrath , W., 105 McGraw, C., 103 McGraw, R., 74 McGuire, H., 46, 47 99 McHenry, L., McHenry, P., 99 McHugh, J., 78 Mclntosh, R., 97, 221 McKimmie, W., 97 McKinstry, J., 43 McMana 1 McNall, man, J., 52, 84, 47, 183 B., 72, 82 McQueen, H., 44 McVey, S., 13, 81 Megginson, J., 102 Megginson, P., 41, 102 Mehornay, R., 99 Meier, W., 48 Merten, H., 103 Mess, A., 104 Mess, R., 104 Metz, S., 82 Metzger, A., 93, 105 Meyer, A., 46, 47 Meyer, D., 83 Meyer, M., 83, 221 Meyer, R., 107 Meyer, R., 73 Meyer, V., 73 Meyers, C., 104 Michael, E., 13 Micheau, J., 100 Middleman, P., 77 Miller, D., 103 Miller, D., 103 Miller, J., 226 Miller, L., 221 Miller, P., 78 Miller, R., 110 Miller, R., 78 Miller, R., 13 V 77 Miller, ., Milligan, D., 101 Mills, B., 103 Mistler, P., 59 Mitchell, F., 44 Mitchell, G., 99 Moak, R., 82 Modene, B., 72 Moegling, J., 48 Moesch, R., 103 Molloy, H., 88, 226 Monce, J., 102 Monce, M., 52, 73 Mogan, Monroe, Monter, M., 76 D., 110 G., 37 Montgomery, C., 81 Montgomery, W., 46 Moore, C., 101, 161 Moore, D., 109 Moore, E., 102 Moore, E., 102 G Moore, ., 93, 99 Moore, H., 100 1 Moore, J., 13, 89 Moore, J., 16 Moore, L., 110 Moore, P., 51, 52, 75, 135, 14 182, 132 Moore, W., 103 Moormeier, L., 101 Moothart, M., 13, 74, 160 Moraites, J., 142 Morelli, L., 158 Morgan, R., 145 Morledge, J., 101 Morr, R., 100 Morris, K., 83 Morson, B., 73 Moses, D., 98 Motsinger, H., 88 Mott, J., 46 Motter, S., 73 Motz, W., 100 Motzer, H., 91, 93 Mudgett, F., 94 Nieporte, M., 88 Nigro, H., 144 Nikoloft, O.,103 Noble, G., 78 Noffke, J., 105 Noll, J., 52, 135 Noll, M., 72, 78 Nonnez, J., 12, 77 Norteman, H., 47, 101 Notz, K., 161 Novak, W., 138 Noyes, J., 48 Nuber, K., 161 Nugen, E., 16 Nussbaum, F., 43, 106 Nutini, M., 72, 85, 226 O Mueller, A., 81 Mueller, Mueller, H., 32, 74 Mueller, J., 103 Mueller, L., 100 Mueller, R., 110, 221, 226 D., 91, 93, 160, 198, 221 Muhlhauser, P., 81 Mulholland, R., 151 Mullally, W., 103, 182 Muller, F., 43 Munz, R., 138 Murakami, M., 10 Murawski, H., 161 Murphy, G., 87, 150, 161, 205, 221 Murphy, J., 109 Murray, D., 103 Murray, J., 77 Murray, R., 12, 74 Musat, O., 93, 97 Musecamp, G., 97 Mushaben, G., 43, 144, 161 Muth, M., 78 Myers, l., 88 Myers, J., 107 Myers, N., 12 Mysonhimer, W., 182 N Naber, J., 35, 85, 173, 214 Nagel, P., 73, 196 Nakamoto, Y., 59 Nall, A., 74 Naylor, G., 102 Neblett, R., 90 Nedelman, S., 106, 182 Nelson, A., 103 Nelson, L., 81 Nelson, M., 100 Neman, A. 106 Nenninger, N., 51, 52, 78, 13 205 Nenninger, T., 109 Nesbitt, F., 111 Neubauer, G., 48 Neubauer, R., 74 Neumann, R., 76, 135 Newell, P., 103 Newland, F., 80, 196, 198 Nickerson, M., 100 Niedenthal, R., 99 Niehaus, H., 48, 99 Niekamp, W., 48, 49 Nielson, J., 97 Oberhelman, E., 82 Oberlander, J., 83 Obermann, J., 77 O'Brien, J., 87 O'Brien, J., 87 O' Brien, P., 83 O'Connor, J., 107 O'Conner, R., 48, 109 OConner, R., 75 Oenbrink, B., 74 Ogrin, L., 108 Ohlman, l., 12 Ohlman, L., 12 Ohlson, R., 48 O'Keefe, K., 81 Okum, M., 106 Olds, B., 83 O'Neal, J., 82 Oppen, R., 109 Oppenheim, R., 89 Orlik, G., 108 Orr, L., 110, 182 Ortner, S., 87 Osterbrock, J., 101 Ostholthoft, R., 104 Ostrander, J., 99 Ostrander, R., 99 Otten, C., 78 Otteniohn, E., 78 Otting, M., 73, 183, 135, Overton, B., 103 Owens, A., 107 Owens, M., 52, 81, 135 P Painter, L., 47, 101 Palmero, M., 74, 52 Palmer, S., 102 Pancoast, R., 84 Panos, C., 142 Parker, W., 107 Parkins, D. 182 Parry, P., 73 Pascal, M., 78, 142 Passman, L., 108 Patalita, L., 17, 48, 91 1 Pate, S., 11, 13, 73, 135, Patten, F., 94 Patten, J., 52, 83 Patterson, J., 160 Pender, P., 98 Penn, J., 13, 80 Pentlarge, F., 99 Peper, H., 99 Perin, C., 97, 129, 138, 151 Perin, J., 97 Perk, H., 101 Perry, B., 86, 143, 182, 221 Pesa, C. 87 Petermann, A., 75 Peters, V., 82 Peterson, J., 107 Peterson, W., 103 Petrie, B., 75 Petrie, B., 109 Petulla, J., 16 Pexton, H., 98 Pfaft, R., 103 Ptefferle, R., 161 Ptriem, B., 88 Phillips, B., 90 Phillips, D., 32, 51, 52, 93, 137, 147, 160, 91 Piche, G., 44, 109 Pierle, J., 136, 160 Pirrung, J., 161 Placke, D., 111 Plagge, H., 85 Ploss, S., 82 Pockras, L., 44 Pockros, S., 99 Pogue, C., 33 Pohl, W., 105 Poirot, J., 87 Poll, G., 110 Pomeroy, D., 44 Pontius, B., 13, 83, 221 Popken, M., 55, 74 Popplewell, G. 88 Porteous, M., 87 Porter, B., 81 Porter, B., 80 Porter, E., 182 Porter, W., 32, 39, 93, 97 Paul, G. 99 Paullin, W., 16, 37, 144, 150, 182, 215, 226 Peacock, D., 73, 198 Peacock, R., 96 Peacock, T., 73 Pease, B., 109, 221 Pease, R., 97 Pierce, W., 99 Pottebaum, R., 47 Potter, G., 105 Potthoff, M., 81 Pottinger, G., 103 Poundstone, G., 74 Powell, B., 108 Poynter, D., 99, 182 Pranikoft, S., 41 Pratt, H., 41 Pratt, S., 100 Price, J., 73 Price, M., 82, 135 Prichard, J., 110 Printz, W., 48 Pritchett, C., 74, 221 Prochko, G., 94 Pugh, D., 75 Pugh, L., 82, 137 Purcell, L., 33 Pusateri, S., 17 Puskar, R., 161 Py, R., 109 R Raab, D., 10 Rabkin, R., 106 Rader, V., 96, 182 Radloff, E., 62, 74, 146 Radtke, L. 101 Ralston, L., 110 Ramage, J., 81, 136, 137 Ramsey, A., 59, 205, 232 Rank, M., 78 Rannells, C., 82 Ratterman, M., 87 Rauh, M., 73, 221 Rayl, C., 16 Readmond, J., 73 Rebeck, G., 52, 77 Rechtin, R., 105 Redmon, J., 52 Reece, P., 78 Reed, G., 32, 37, 107, 129, 205 215 Rehn, W., 43 Reichel, E., 161 Reichert, G., 81 Reiman, R., 47, 100 Reisland, W., 105 Reissig, P., 87 Rempe, R., 145 Rengering, W., 100 Rethmeier, M., 103 Retz., M., 11, 13, 80 Retsch, O., 100 Reuter, S., 91, 93, 160 Revelos, D., 11, 13, 32, 73 Rice, B., 12 Rice, D., 94 Richards, R., 48 Richey, J., 37 Richter, J., 101 Richter, S., 108 Ridgway, G., 48, 94 Riesenberg, L., 108 Rihm, M., 37 Rimsky, M., 108, 158 Rinderknecht, J., 97 Rissover, H., 91, 182 Ritz, J., 109 Rizick, R., 49 Robbins, W., 109 Roberts, H., 97 Roberts, S., 97 Roberts, W., 37 Robertson, G., 52, 135 Robertson, W., 107 Robison, R., 109 Rodenberg, E., 74, 196, 232 Rodenberg, E., 74, 196, 232 Rodenfels, R., 97 Rodgers, H., 52, 135 Rodgers, J., 12, 160 Roediger, R., 107 Roehm, E., 110, 182 Roettle, J., 44 Rogers, J., 82 Rogers, R., 94 Roland, H., 32 Roll, W., 182 Romery, J., 97 Romine, R., 96, 161, 109 Rose, J., 109 Rosen, J., 108 Rosenbaum, L. 108 Rosenberg, H., 106 Rosenberger, B., 13, 86, 143, 1 Rosensteil, J., 78, 160 Ross, B., 88 Ross, G., 16 Ross, N., 161 Rosselot, G., 13 Rosselot, P., 91, 93 Roth, O., 99 Rothert, J., 62, 82 Rottenberger, D., 104 Rouse, L., 102 Rowe, W., 108 Roy, J., 13 Rubenstein, W., 106 Rudd, L., 13, 182 Rudler, D., 101 Rueger, W., 110 Ruehlman, E., 99 Rule, J., 51 Rumble, L., 84 Rumstield, B., 13, 81 Runch, E., 101 Runck, J., 78 Schluetter, L., 77 Schluetter, R., 48 Schmid, J., 55, 78, 205, 214, 232 Schmidt, G., 94, 215 Schmidt, J., 73 Schmidt, L., 100 Schmidtt, J., 62, 82 Schmitz, E., 182 Schneider, C., 99 Schneider, J., 35, 82 Schneider, S., 51, 52, 86, 221 Schneiderman, W., 108 Runge, M., 32, 78, 221 Runyan, R., 109 Rushmer, J., 48 Russe, R., 52, 77 Russell, G., 100, 101 Rutenschroer, L., 107 Ruwe, A., 102 Ryan, D., 99 Ryan, J., 104 Ryan, J., 104 Ryan, J., 104 Ryan, W., 109 Ryclxman, W., 46 Rydin, D., 13 S Sackenheim, J., 48 Sadler, C., 78, 136, 214 Schneuer, E., 102 Schoenecker, E., 37 Schrader, J., 52, 77 Schramm, J., 59 Schreiber, E., 143 Schreiner, B., 74 Schreyer, M., 225 Schrimpt, C., 97 Schrimpf, M., 88 Schubert, M., 76 Schubert, R., 39, 47, 100 Schuclc, J., 78, 221 Schutt, J., 32, 77 Schullcers J., 161 Schulte, J., 104 Schultz, M., 74 Schultz, D., 145 Shively, R., 109 Shore, D., 108 Shorts, F., 107, 129 Showers, N., 41 Shriner, P., 103 Shubert, M., 13 Shumway, R., 109 Siegel, P., 101 Silverberg, F., 106 Silver, D., 108 Silver, F., 13, 182, 214 Silvian, S., 108 Simendinger, R., 107 Simendinger, W., 105 Simon, M., 99 Simpson, M., 52 Sinclair, R., 44, 107 Singer, D., 161 Singleton, J., 37 Sirkin, A., 108 Skidmore, D., 93, 107 Slaughter, D., 82 Slete, R., 37 Slimp, E., 81 Sloane, V., 76 Slone, P., 83 Sloneker, M., 36, 88 Steele, J., 41 Steele, W., 99 Stegmun, C., 97 Stehr, A., 77 Steiber, R., 88 Stein, J., 74, 161 Steinberg, l., 108 Steinfeld, S., 74, 196, 198 Stenitorth, D., 99 Steingrube, M., 13 Steinman, J., 52, 77 Steinway, A., 83 Steinway, J., 99, 129, 182 Steltenpohl, G., 161 Stephenson, P., 75 Stern, J., 143 Sterne, G., 106 Stevens, D., 145 Stevens, G.,. 97 Stevens, W., 99 Stevenson, R., 97 Steward, J., 147 Stewart, B., 12 Stichtenoth, W., 103, 150 221 Stickney, R., 99 Stickney, T., 103 Stiff, H., 161 Stith, L., 82 Saftran, M., 74 Sagel, A., 79 Said, K., 90 Saidelman, N., 106 Salisbury, J., 78, 135 Salisbury, R., 55, 107, 221 Samuels, M., 108 Samuels, N., 86 Sanzone, V., 104 Sardis, S., 48 Sarslield, J., 35, 38, 103, 182 Sauer, J., 37 Saunders, J., 100 Saurter, C., 76, 160 Saville, l., 84 Sawtelle, B., 13 Sayre, J., 61, 135 Schaal, J., 43 Schaen, E., 32, 108 Schaftield, J., 109 Schaffner, J., 91, 145, 160 Schatstall, R., 52, 135, 182 Scharfenberger, l., 32, 35, 109, 138, 226 Scharnhorst, J., 88 Scharold, F., 145 Schaudig, R., 105 Scheitfele, L., 110 Schelper, S., 13, 198 Scheper, H., 47, 91 Scherpenberg, T., 47 Scheuer, J., 144 Scheurnann, M., 103, 182 Schierloh, E., 84 Schierloh, M., 32 Schierloh, R., 182 Schilling, H., 84 Schilmeister, G., 47, 91 Schimanslci, M., 83 Schimanslci, M., 83 Schindler, C., 44, 100 Schitmer, B., 12 Schlegel, D., 99 Schlereth, B., 35, 85, 173 Schlereth, M., 85, 173 Schloss, E., 103 Schultz, W., 98 Schumacher, R., 87 Schumacher, R., 98, 182 Schwab, E., 108 Schwan, J., 10, 36, 43 Schwarz, A., 48 Schwartz, A., 86 Schwarz, R., 82 Schwarzstein, A., 13, 79 Schwindt, C., 82 Scheindt, R., 103 Stix, C., 151 Stix, M., 55, 183 St. Leger-Barter, G., 182 Stocker, R., 97 Stockmeyer, T., 36, 77 Stockstill, L., 13 Stoeckle, L., 87 Stofle, M., 51, 88, 135, 144 Stokes, L., 99 Stoll, L., 106 Stolley, A., 48 Schwoeppe, E., 43 Scott, B., 78 Scott, B., 97 Scott, C., 81 Scott, C., 43 Scott, T., 44 Scrimenti, M., 104 Sebastian, J., 99, 142 Seeosan, C., 43 Segellcen, F., 101 Seidel, C., 36 Seidel, R., 80, 160 Sellards, B., 82 Sellards, S., 76 Sendelbeclc, D., 81 Sennett, V., 97 Serbin, R., 108 Seybold, H., 100 Seybold, R., 100 Seymour, J., 103 Shafer, P., 89, 226 Shagaloft, J., 158, 182 Shair, E., 79 Shaw, E., 91 Shaw, H., 99 Shaw, P., 43 Shear, D., 108 Sheehan, J., 101 Shelcro, C., 47 Shelley, J.,. 103 Sheppard, J., 62, 73, 136, 221 Sherwin, B., 79 Sherzer, M., 12 Shevelow, G.,. 94 Shipley, G., 107 Slutz, J., 108 Smales, M.,. 83 Smart, P., 109 Smith, D., 109 Smith, E., 76 Smith, H., 75 Smith, I.,145 Smith, J., 13 Smith, M., 88 Smith, P., 32, 82 Smith, R., 101 Smith, R., 110 Smith, R., 196 Snoddy, J., 78 Snow, B., 77 Sochel, A., 106 Solsman, D., 101 Sonderman, W., 107 Sonnenberg, F., 94, 215 Sonntag, R., 88 Sortman, D., 48 Sothras, N., 142 Sowards, P., 12 Spade, L., 55, 107, 205 Spears, R., 161 Speckman, L., 75 Speckman, P., 83, 136 Spegal, O., 110 Spencer, D., 105 Spencer, M., 84, 198 Spettel, E., 101 Spielberg, A., 46 Spiers, D., 32, 97, 233 Spies, H., 52, 73 Spillers, E., 61, 97, 129 Sponsel, P., 81, 160 Spring, R., 145 Sprowl, M., 161 Staats, J., 109 Stachel, S., 32, 135 Stacy, J., 182 Staehlin, P., 87 Stambaugh, A., 102 Stanford, F., 85 Stang, J., 44 Stant, L., 97, 221 Stapp, J., 98 Steele, E., 74 298 Storch, G., 161 Stork, F., 48, 94 Story, J., 37, 145 Story, J., 43, 145 Story, K., 110 Story, Strate S., 62, 75, 135 meyer, A., 100 Stratemeyer, J., 82 Stratis, L., 145 Stratton, R., 107 Strauss, G., 91, 93 Strauss, R., 79 Streckfuss, J., 75 Streicher, M., 77 Stroebel, P., 36 Stroehlein, F., 97 Stuebing, W., 109 Stueve, B., 83, 135, 221 Stueve, S., 103 Stuewe, H., 110, 138, 161, 215 226, 233 Stuhlbarg, E., 86 Stuhlbarg, J., 99 Stuhlbarg, S., 108 Stuth, S., 73 Sudbrack, C., 73 Suddendorf, R., 35, 107, 161 Suer, M., 76 Sullivan, D., 97 Sullivan, H., 49 Sullivan, R., 109 Sullivan, R., 109 Sunnenberg, J., 102 Surnbrock, M., 83 Sydow, P., 145 T Tedford, F., 103 Teipel, L., 48 Tekamp, S., 107 Teller, J., 108 Templeton, D., 73 Tench, R., 110 Tennenbaum, J., 106 Terrell, I., 161 Terry, I., 198 Tessel E., 99 Thorp R., 107 Theys, J., 48 Thiele, G., 77 Thiem J., 43, 98 Thinnes, R., 100 Thomas, D., 99, 138, 151 Thompson, P., 75 Thompson, R., 99 Thompson, W., 99 Thornbury, A., 104 Thurman, H., 44, 111 Tidball, J., 225 Tidd, C., 111 Tierney, P., 74 Tietig, E., 109 Tighe, P., 87 Timm, W., 88 Timmerman, M., 75 Timmers, M., 85 Tingley, D., 48 Tobin, T., 100 Todd, J., 100 Tolpen, H., 106 Torok, J., 104 Torrisi, C., 17 Townsend, R., 97 Trabert, J., 109 Trask, V., 13 Trefzger, P., 87, 232 Trimpe, R., 110 Trousdell, T., 101 Tulch, R., 108 Tumser, R., 107 Turner, N., 82 Tuttle, D., 83 Tyler, P., 32, 82 U Ullman, L., 13 Underhill, L., 182 Underwood, R., 83 Unnewehr, M., 87 Upham, J., 109 Utman, D., 75 Adkins, Vic, 303 A G Restaurant, 308 Alumni Association, 306 Anderson Bookstore, 305 Aronoff Art Galleries, 312 Avondale Chevrolet, 305 Avondale A-1 Dry Cleaner, 305 Avondale Florist, 305 Bauer, Lou, 305 Beck 8. Sons, 305 Bolles Sporting Goods, 303 Bugganer Motors, 305 Bunke, Barney, 305 Busy Bee, 314 C. B., 309 Cedar Hill Farms Inc., 307 Cincinnati Bell Telephone, 301 Uvaas, D., 198 V Valerius, P., 43 Van Antwerp, 96 Vance, E., 103 Van Pelt, P., 103 Varelman, J., 103 Venard, R., 144 Vick, R., 111 Victor, J., 109 Vigran, M., 13, 79 Vigus, L., 97 Villena, G., 158 Vincent, C., 13 Voegtle, J., 74 Voelger, E., 10 Vogel, J., 100 Vogt, E., 82 Vollman, J., 91, 93, 160, 214, 221 Vopat, E., 96 W Wacksman, E., 108 Wacksman, E., 52 Waddell, C., 94 Waddell, J.,. 48 Wade, C., 110 Wade, R., 101 Waggener, S., 96 Wagner, E., 74 Wagner, G., 62, 82 Wagner, J., 74 Walker, R., 110, 182 Walker, W., 110 Wall, K., 91, 215 Walter, A., 88 Walterman, J., 83 Ware, H., 90 Warner, J., 107 Warnken, J., 48 Warren, F., 103, 182 Wasmer, J., 77 Way, J., 87 Wavne, L., 108 Weber, H., 88 Webster, C., 161 Weckstein, N., 47, 106, 161 Wegener, G., 17 Wehrman, R., 46 Wehry, G., 104 Weidner, P., 94 Weil, A., 91 Weiland, J., 107 Weilhamer, L., 75 Weinberg, E., 13 Weis, D., 84 Weisman, J., 108 Weiss, J., 77 Weisshaar, C., 39, 100 Welch, A., 196 Welch, F., 13 Welling, A., 75 Wenger, J., 97 Wengler, E., 107, 148, 205 Werden, D., 100 West, D., 100 West, G., 33, 97 Westerkamm, B., 196 Westerlund, E., 161 Westgate, V., 78 Wewer, S., 13, 75 White, B., 82 White, J., 13 White, M., 145 White, P., 103 White, R., 13 Whitehead, R., 44 Whiteley, J., 110 Whitford, D., 99 Whittington, J., 13 Wiatt, J., 102 Wiatt, R., 102 Wieland, K., 109 Wiener, B., 79 Wilcox, R., 99 Wilcox, V., 83 Wildermuth, R., 104 Wille, R., 101 Willenborg, I., 74 Willging, L., 104 Williamitis, L., 48, 91 Williams, C., 83 Williams, M., 52, 83, 135 Williams, S., 13 Wills, L., 43, 102 Wilson, A., 33 Wilson, D., 97, 161 Wilson, J., 102 Winder, C., 47 Winder, D., 47, 105 Winkler, J., 91 Winnes, H., 100 Winslow, J., 91, 182 Wiot, J., 109 Wiseman, J., 83 Witt, W., 97 Witte, N., 161 Woellner, J., 99 ADVERTISING INDEX Cin. Conservatory of Music, 309 Cincinnati Photo Supply, 309 Cincinati Stamp 81 Coin, 309 Cin. Real Estate Board, 304 Cincinnati Street Railway, 307 Citizen Packard, 309 Coney Island, 309 CritcheIl's Florest ,309 Dell, Johnny, 302 Fassl's Bowling, 309 Fielman Dairy, 314 Frechtling Dairy, 313 Friars, 314 Gachett Motor Co., 314 Goodall Company, 312 Gregg Cleaners, 312 Greyhound, 303 Gusweiler Pontiac, 312 Hilton-Davis, 307 Hock's Buick, 315 Hosford Motors, 315 Indianapolis Engraving, 320 Kern's Drive In, 311 KIayman's Record Shop, 312 Lances, 312 Danden, Harry 81 Co., 312 Martin, Glen L., 301 Mark, Maurice, 317 Max's, 317 Metropole Hotel, 317 Miller Dairy, 317 Miller Drug, 303 North Bend lnn, 318 Oxford Printers, 310 Photo Reflex, 300 Queen City Chevrolet, 317 Wohl, K., 43, 106 Wolf, C., 79, 143 Wolf, R., 106 Wolf, R., 106 Wolf, W., 108 Wolff, A., 108 Wolff, E., 108, 221 Wolfgang, W., 111 Wolfsheimer, H.,. 106 Wood, D., 12 Wood., J., 77 Wood, J., 47, 144 Wood, P., 82, 183 Wood, R., 215 Wood, R., 150 Wood, R., 48 Woods, V., 82 Woodward, H., 102 Woolley, R., 76 Woolley, S., 91 Woolsey, E., 36, 198, 214, 232 Worthington, P., 43 Wright, D., 84 Wrocklage, P., 87 Wuenker, J., 110 Wuerth, R., 109, 205 Wuest, E., 158 Wynn, L., 107 Y Yeagle, S., 102 Yoho, D., 101 Young, J., 94 Young, W., 16 Yund, C., 101 Yurko, S., 43 Z Zachman, W., 44, 100 Zackerman, S., 47, 161 Zartman, J., 47 Zealley, M., 89, 198 Zeidman, G., 48 Zimelis, H., 106 Zimmermann, E., 101 Zimmermann, R., 105 Zinkhon, F., 81 Zorniger, F., 103 Zuckman, A., 182 Zugelter, D., 97 Zukerman, B., 36, 39 Zumbiel, D., 110 Zweigel, R., 36, 108 Zweigel, W., 103 Zwick, R., 196 Queen City Photo, 317 Schain, Andy Schwarz Shoes, 315 Schwartz Tailors Second National Bank, 317 Seybold Paper Company, 317 Shipleys, 318 Song Shop, 318 Stier's Pharmacy, 318 Toms, Homer, 316 Veranda, 311 U. C., Bookstore, 315 U. C. Grill, 307 Wahle, Vern, 311 Western Bank, 318 Wocher, Max, 313 Yellow Cab, 308 Mark the 0001151011 with 21 Photo Reflex Porfmii L 1 , ll 1111 111 1 1 ff 1 1 1, ,1 ,1 1 , 1 1 ll ll PHOTO REFLEX STUDIOS INC. OF CINCENNATI ENGINEERS . . . PHYSICISTS . . . MATHEMATICIANS . . . CHEMISTS DESIGNERS . . . AERODYNAMISTS . . . DRAFTSMEN . . . STRESS ANALYSTS Eur uture can start todd .V . f ova INITIAL start in the engineering field will affect your entire future . , . it will shape you and your career, and will determine today your status in this field for years to come. We have a number of excellent positions, principally in research, for the right men. These positions are for Career men, capable of working ahead to the top of their profession. We want men who are able to do creative research in unexplored fields-men who have no desire for monotonous, routine work. Consider these important facts: the oldest aircraft manufacturing company in continuous service in the country, and one of the largest. A modern plant, with excellent facilities and equipment. Expert personnel, good working conditions, located in a suburban area of a centrally located city on the east coast. We are working on varied types of research. In iet propulsion, guided missiles, supersonic aircraft, electronics. military planes, commer- cial transports, and in several other fields, including materials and alloys, television and plastics. Our huge new plastics plant has just started in production. If you can keep pace in a strong company noted for its progress, start your future now. Find out the opportunities we can offer. Write, outlining your background, your interests and plans, to Technical Employment Section, The Glenn L. Martin Company, Baltimore 5, Md. ' The Cincinnati and Suburban Bell Telephone Company 'Tm all set, Pop, got a job with the telephone Company . . . good pay I... steady work . . chance to get ahead. Ya know. telephone people must like their work the Way they stay with it." 3Ol X r A ' Kg A -5 fA 5 . : Q 7Q f 'x F Aofif irf f 9 W I . , N Z' ff' ff' XX 41:36 Hut. Captain. I :mum u r1l1r.v1vl1el'0 without my new Mercury LINCOLN MERCURY Salvs - Sf-rvivv - Parts Johnny Dell Motors Incorporated 2105 GRANDIN AT MADISON ROAD TR. 1122 302 This Year As In Past Years-it's VIC ADKINS AND HIS ORCHESTRA The Bond Thot's In Demand Special arrangements-terrific vocal background for the voice of Nita Carter 5635 RIDGE ME 9791 Whether it's HOME FOR VACATION or BACK TO SCHOOI. GO BY GREYHOUND You Get DOUBLE PLEASURE from MILLER'S MALTS MILLER'S DRUG STORE 169 W. McMillan sf. "everything tor every sport" B O L L E S SPORTING GCODS CO T30 32 East Sixth Street CHerry 6240 CINCINNATI 2, OHIO 303 ..,,w' I LHP? N-1,91 nglllll II I ll 12" 11 C? :WLSYVE 'I i Students ot the University: For over 50 years the Cincinnati Street Railway has provided convenient. dependable service for you. It has be- come a part of U. C. tradition-the Crosstown, the Clifton- Hughes bus. the term "streetcar collegef, all tie the Cincinnati Street Railway to the University. Through its facilities this campus has been made accessible to the Whole city. We feel that it has played an important part in the development of the University. The CINCI NNATIAN Staff 304 The W. H. ANDERSON Company Publishers oi Good Law Books Since I887 524 MAIN STREET Come To Us With Your Car! University Students Especially Invited AVON DALE-CH EVROLET 3425 READING ROAD Avondale A-I Dry Cleaner A. E. MEI-IRING, Prop. 8 Hour Service Coll and Delivery Service Flowers For All Occasions by GEORGE MEYERS Flowers Telegraphecl Everywhere AVON DALE FLORAL CO. 3482 Reading Rd, Phone AV. i407 or AV. I408 3l I2 Reading Road AVOH 9535 Nite Calls PR. 8l'25 or ME. 3585 U' -swirls" WM. BECK Cr SONS CO. Xwesf 2 - X, Esioisiished 1856 IT' COSTUMES RENTED Lou Bauer, Inc. Downtown Ford Service Genuine Ford Parts and Accessories WHOLESALE - RETAIL Broadway-Corner of Sixth St. Theatrical and Masquerade Costumes-Wigs-Beards Grease Paints We Also Rent Tuxedos - Cutaways - Full Dress All Accessories Summer Formcils III5 Vine St. CI-lerry 2264 Bugganer Motors Inc. "YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER" MAIN LOCATION BRANCH LOCATION 2340 Gilbert Ave. 2606 Gilbert Ave. PLazo 2330 AVon 3282 "BE OUR CUSTOMER" BARNEY BUNKE fr SONS CO T457 Harrison Avenue FEED - COAL - COKE - SEEDS FERTILIZER Norman P. Auburn, as vice presi- dent and Dean of University Adminis- tration, finds the financial affairs and problems of the whole University laid on his desk. The job is arduous, but one for which Dean Auburn is well qualified. Dean Auburn has played an influential part in the establishment of an effective program in coordina- tion with the Board of Student Activ- ity, the Union Board, and the Board of Publications. His executive ability has made him a very important figure at the University of Cincinanti. BOARD OF DIRECTORS w ' Norman P. Auburn Reed A. Shank Robert L. Black Walter M. Schohl Renton K. Brodie John J. Rowe Jane DeSerisy Earley Walter F. Murray Frank F. Dinsmore Benjamin Tate Little is known about the tremendous responsibility that falls upon the shoulders of the University of Cincinnati Board of Directors. Nine of Cincinnati's civic, industrial and professional leaders gather monthly to discuss matters of student and faculty policy This group of men has much to do in the coordination of athletic, social, and academic func tions. Ranging from posting "No Smoking" signs to the approval of granting academic degrees, the Board is consistently faced with new and trying problems. The reward of their labors was clearly illustrated when the U.C. tax levy was passed by a large ma jority last November. Keep Step JOIN THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFERS THE GRADUATES, Football tckets at reduced rates Employement or Placement Service Out ot Town Aiumni Clubs Ser :ces at Alumni Headquarters Home Coming Reunions Publ cation The Cincinnati Alumnus" THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SPONSORS FOR THE UNIVERSITY University Fund U C Song Book U C Athletic Programs U C Tax Levy THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SPONSORS FOR THE UNDERGRADUATE Interfraternity Sing Home Coming Float Parade Student Welfare Activity Second Generation Tea Scholarships DUES Regular member 52.00 Sustaining member 555.00 Contributing member SI0.00 Life member 5I00.00 'X ...I- 306 Superior Dairy Products CEDAR HILL FARMS lrradiated Vitamin "D" Milk EXCELLENT SORORITY and FRATERNITY SERVICE BRAMBLE T700 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FROM FRIENDS IN U. OF C. DINING HALLS AND GRILL Every REALTOR is a business man--a good business man or he wouldn't be allowed to use the professional title of REALTOR, Naturally he's in business to make a profit but -he places service to his clients above and before profit Service Before Profit' A real estate man must make that pledge before he can be a REALTOR And he lives up to it, not only because the rules governing REALTORS are enforced, but because in the long run, it's a good business to practice A good business practice for you is to place your real estate affairs in the hands of a REALTOR, because a REALTOR must have experience, ability, integrity, and follow a golden rule code of business ethics, When you make sure your Real Estate man is a REALTOR, you are making sure of complete satisfaction Look for REALTOR in classified ads, in the phone book and on business stationery. CINCINNATI REAL ESTATE BOARD .. Merchanfile Library Building ,. 414 Walnut St. MA 5 'Q X I-51 Cincinnati, Ohio III3 ,I ' Q 0 HILTON - DAVIS CHEMICAL CO. Div. STERLING DRUG INC. 2335 Langdon Farm Road CINCINNATI, OHIO Serving For Breakfast . . . Fresh Juices, Waffles, and Eggs . . . Ancl All Through The Day . . . Chili, Hamburgers, and Steaks. F ,LW For service ThaT's gay anytime of The day, Why don'T you Come in and be Served by The guys, with The flashy Ties AT The good old A and G. isis viNE si. A G 213 W. MCMILLAN sr THE YELLOW CAB WAY IS THE CGNVENIENT WAY YELLOW CAB f' A ,L-. Call CHerry 2100 06 ,,., R imnio E' fnuwvfn 306 Convenience, quality, and service make the CB. the ideal meeting place for alter Fraternity meetings, dances, and parties. The "C. B." Cincinnati Conservatory of Music A complete school of music conferring Diplomas, Bachelor and Master Degrees, Special students may enter at any time, Write tor catalog or summer bulletin C. U. BENJAMIN, Registrar 340 LUDLQW AVE. AV. 9240 Highland Aye and Oak St Telephone: AVon 7800 We Buy, CINCINNATI PHOTO SUPPLY STAMPS S-flldof COINS FG e PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIALS Stamp Albums Now Available We buy foreign gold coins , , Grant half dollars, coins of all lands Professional - Graphic - Amateur 1948 Coin Book, SOC 534 Sycamore St, Telephone MA 6365 . . . . Cincinnati Stamp 6' Coin Co. CINCINNATI Q, OHIO 4l5 Race Street MAin N95 Downtown Tale a post-graduate cot se in FUN at SALES sEi2yicE PARTS Americds Fines, CITIZENS PACKARD Amusemen' PM Q16 Sycomore Sy CH M10 The swimming's fine The dinner's delicious Opposite Court-house No liner place to dance CritcheIl's Flowers 406 Walnut Street Cincinnati 2, Ohio Phone Cl-lerry 0735 FASSL'S BOWLING LAN ES 3118 Reading Rd. Cincinnati 29, Ohio Tel, AV 9500 WO. 4517 Open all night Air conditioned COFFEE SHOP FREE Bowling Instruction by Rudy Fassl Cincinati's Match Game Champion Uxforcf frinfing Company 0x!orcL io STUDEBAKER CARS f TRUCKS - PARTS f SERVICE REPAIRS - PAINTING - BQIDY VVOPIQ ELEICIOIY-'IVI'ClIIIC'fEI pIr'ISOITI'lE'I GENUINE FACTORY PARTS QMIIIFICIUI RIJIIII Semnce ll ' ll Andy Schom EIgIs.I EIQIIIII E-IIEJEI, III3IfII' I3I'I,I,1IIwIEIy , Q, IiII'IIIfI PAIIwIjIy S733 JC: A 7 'I "X ------ '1 I I I I I I III I W II - I I .1 Mir II I fX F N Q IX se? 1 -tl 'nyxt Q XX ut aX In I' .-Sb W I' I 'I III I I I III I, I I If I I, I IIIIII Jw "Ixerm'5 I'IcII1IIwurC3f-rs ITILISI Iv QFIVIII IFIIWI- In III KERN'S DRIVE-IN II SANDWICHES AND SOFT DRINKS ' IO CI III To 2 QI III my Q73-v S And His Q,-Chest-ra Coll CH 3333 47OI CCIIUIIIIJICI PI- wy I T! W E g lib Fme Food cmd DIIIIIX 55 I I 'J . R 9 I III IIII- CALL X YQMTYQFIY' wx I AVIJII QEIIEI x I y 1, Q ?' EX L X V E R A N D A X QI! VIIIE STREET ACRQSS EPQIVI TI-IE 200 EIITRAIICE "But you fold mehwe were going to the Veranda" 311 'The Most Interesting Spot in Cincinnati" Section change finds eye-weary students seek- ing relaxation at EcI's. The triendiy atmosphere I I and the carefree songs and laughter provide pertect setting tor forgetting. If GALLERIES 'A ED's I I o - II5 Race si. CINCINNATI 2, oiiio ciieffy 3230 3247 Jefferson Ave' COIIIQIIIIIQIIIS of the GOODALL COMPANY GREGG CLEANERS A 200 West IVIcIVIiIIan Street Makers of CINCINNATI, OI-IIO HPALM BEACH SUITS" GuswEILER's PONTIAC K"'Y""""S Music Shop SALES SERVICE .SQI West Sixth Street CI-Ierry 7644 CINCINNATI 3, OI'IIO 3425 Reading Food AV 8080 RECORDS-RADIOS-APPLIANCES-TELEVISION "Everything for the Student" LANCES U Used Text Books 0 Art Materials 9 Engineering Supplies Stationery 0 Records-Classical, Popular Harry Landen 6' Co. Thonizs the Grcicis and Welcorties the UIICIEFQFCICIS . TUXEDO RENTALS Two convenient locations 606 We We' PA 2750 Qia vv. MCIVIIIIAN 32I Iuoiovv Opening Evenings 312 "I know TIwey're from WocIwers, but enoughs enough" WOCHER'S SICK SUPPLIES "We Are In Busmess for Your I-IeoIIIw" x I SERVEDBY Y Q U FRECHTLING I2 W. SSVSHTIW ST, M4 o Jo I? X h H JUN x f I 1 IFJ N X,-:X I N X I I I I I SC W A"'r X IX 5 ? FQ' muumx -,Lf LeTs QCII up Fre-chtl wgs and Iwwe Them coop U5 up o couple of good dshes vs BNWT To Q U Bw , .W W fhwlx w g g g f- on T ""' "" -f i U, gf-,, :limi-Tiziifi iii llw lffe 1 3 , I y SU, k.,,A V U' - l li L ,UAI Q2-ili A ii K rj ,U Um N , , T 'Y www- BU-fy 5 U, , A,., . - T. ' ig . Jxff ,V ii' i A15 X "- ji' 3 BUSY BEE A VS Qi ' 1 'LW 0035" im 1:1 -to li I, i ll Z,-iff Lg ,,--- 52 Q5 ,,,' ,'f,fj-fi"'-iq, -' 'mb 'T' ,L TT lil 5 MINUTE WALK mom UC. CAMPUS " x il Z5 Yi T ff ll KQV ,i in ff is Q il if TL' ll ig ll U U, U U lg, ,- U. C. STUDENTS l Sf- r",,' Q llrlfl Uriivf'-wily " J. H. Hielman Diary Co. l FRlAR's CLUB Q5l9 lfirw Sl 1 Rooms for YoUng Men AV 31 16 AV 6480 li UN 5922 0 Swimming 0 Basketball 0 Volley ball 9 Boxing 0 Badminton 0 Bowling 0 Handball FRIARS' CLUB Ohio out McMillon GATCHETT MOTOR CC. lflpllil FACTOPY DEALEP DODGE - PLYMOUTH - DODGE TRUCKS E-perl Body ond Fender VVorlx Vlfe Service All Makes il-llf l?f'lIClIIlQ l3i5fif'l AVon 2277 AVon 3l2l 314 BUICK SALES AND SERVICE HOCKS-BUICK CO. JOHN SCHWARZ CO. FINE FOOTWEAR 7544756 E IvtcMiIIan SI 3363 Reading Road WO 3300 Ciixicitiirtimi 3, ania The Student Union Book Store UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI TEXT BOOKS 0 NOTE BOOKS 9 STATIONERY 0 FILERS DRAWING EQUIPMENT 0 FOUNTAIN PENS UNIVERSITY JEWELRY 0 FRATERNITY INSIGNIAS TOBACCO 0 CANDY SCHWARTZ TAI LORS FINE MADE TO MEASURE CLOTHES 52 Years in Cincinnati SI5 Walnut St. 8th and Sycamore SIS. JAMES HOSFORD MOTORS SERVICE PARTS STORAGE CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS AVon I473 3469 Knott Street 'I'I5 guess 'NN Ns "rw 5- fy V Dean Katherine D. Ingle Dean Robert W. Bishop -as "Always ready to help", that is the attitude of the Dean of Women, Katherine D. Ingle. Aided by a staff of able assistants, Dean Ingle holds open house for all girls- with or without problems. Into her ears go the troubles that almost any college girl fall heiress to, and out of this department's thinking-heads emerge the solutions. In addition to this almost overwhelming task, she works in close connection with the women's activity groups. Thus it is that Dean Ingle's own daughter finds herself sharing her mother with every coed on campus. Known throughout the nation as national secretary of both Omicron Delta Kappa and the Association of Col- lege Honor Societies, Dean Robert W. Bishop is known around U.C. campus as Dean of Men. As adviser to the Inter-Fraternity Council, Men's Senate, Social, and Union Boards, Dean Bishop has much to do with student life. Results of a man's intelligence and psychological tests, and records of grades and activities aid in individual conferences of a personal, scholastic or financial nature. u 1 - S N-:-3151: 2 .'51iSSE3E212:2E2E1E -:2:2: Q-S2::g:5:':5:2:5:2:2:2: 13125222522 .2:2:5:1:2 25511322233-.,5,5.5.: " 'g""f2-5:ggE1:1:g: gg?Q:r:Qa5.2.,.1.1:3,::,:::::2:2:::-:-. - . 12: '-:-:,.-- ,:-Q -, :agr:,35:::,:x2-.5:,:::::g::::: ' X' 1' 'QQ212-xx' . EREQQSWZXL , 2 x 5:35. 4 :pg ,::: is . K-. ---X:-:fa-Q-:-.-:W - N X X 2:52. -Q-- 2f1ii1?2-E 2225! 2552: X - -'-- ----' 2:-''film.-N?:--::2ESf:2E2:2E2ip:-21':1E5ig:' 2,-T1 -,.jq.2.,i2:"1SNg:fQq.E3ss 2:4 512 :12E' 2N25E'f'2:'E -. , Q52E2E1E2:-E2E5E2E212 " 555 :EEE-:5i3:5E3:5:3:2:5:55 V22 '-:E2f2f2Ei2f--212Ei2S2E.- 252:25 ':.':2':2-.2.-2:S'.E'-:"w23Q?'- :2- - -, -- s,:Q:2:57:Ei151:55-'F:1:'I,ij :5:""' :-: :::::55:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2: A " :Z 2i'i2' -2252232222222 .es - -2 J 2:2 ' ' 2 I Homer Toms 1 ' .-:2:-. - -22 '2-22532322252522222225223232222235A6iQE1iiQ5:2:5:53:S?2g,i3:?e5:p f 4' :Ez - 1' 'x 2- 2E2E5E2:2E2:5:3 :g:3:g:3::.,.,2-2-2:3:52:55:5-2:2:2 -, .sf:E22Q1:iESG2:1E'E-:1:2E2E:::2i:ga IQ-:2 ' ' .-:-::-2-+"' -:r:2:E5k2: .r::2:2-- .-. 7S51:1:E:l:5:5: 5:29:22 :--N-:2 ' -:-w'2:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:--:ca-.'-:-. --gg. -:2.k ::1.3'c15-:g.,:-.19 ::: .g5qg54f--:- .12 h :2:t-2-'- ,QQ 1-'g1:,:-.-2:5 1: 24 ::.g::g.::::::: :i::3:::3: N -ij:-.153-l.2:12E21 13 22-"'2E5EEE2-1522523152515 ' : 3 32. 222121525 '2E2E2E2E2E2"' :21QE:E?-':2--.r:-:r- -:f2:::r:21:M-N -sm'2:2s?:2: 1:2 2:S:1:z25:E:2a2:2?353-'2 - ., , XQQ. -:2:,:f-s:r: :2 -1 .sf-'Y 1: ':1:?:55: 2 . 22 N2 . 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'fr'-1 vp f 1 '-5,-TP'-.' r,"2.i '. ,.' fe :2,.zf-4,::-'.':',.wq vw.-N .,,,. :.,f,,:,-gg wc: ,:'.v-A,-.X-,mv -z,w,f:,,,n,-',m.1. 1 m .L , ' -- t-.1. V. A -Y :-- '- 4: wwf.,-1 ,,s,-:3.:'x'-- Eff- -2- Y.. - v...-3,-4 .-'J f--..-v-,1..,A.,1 4 5-,g.,.,-nz'--.--v. M.-N, 4".x-,'-"'X'dy,',v,f.1xf'qQfkE14 -x, ,.v, 1,1 V , L ,gp f. -U.. --up 4- ,- '-'1' ' "-.-4' -V -.Zi-ga.'!..w. ,-'A ,'-- gi, 517:-fi FJ: 7.,, .v ' wil,-. J. -Xk'l.1'v4l'-.. 1,:1"'K .K 1 iw- ' .ri ue'-1111.--' ' ,A-f, -.4 .J g, ' is '- . 1 L-f-+112 b? 537. IZ?54,355E922-Wi:-.3-"2",'Q5s1:L 321225-J-1,:g-:aT.??.'I'-21:5-1'.,1,t352m2.'5:?iiv.'5'.-Ti-::?!' 1 -'e.:fi7k.!.5.fiU1.l'f5If!lE'5'1 f I ' M - '. . ' .. . ' . x nn :' fwwvxotv 2 s B S --MW Q 1.4-44, .swf-a M new A S s 1- if With notebooks in hand, we whistle our way up the pathways to campus. The first day of semester Number One was on its way. A quick cup of coffee in the Grill and then, to that 8:30. Professors would be gayer than usual, pencils would be sharper and roll calls would take longer. Somehow, we're re- minded, "This is it!" Classes had started. ly: X APPLIED ARTS Ns., ,,:.- A' E- 'ii I' DEAN ERNEST PICKERING is tl1e man who guides our young would-be artists through their drawing board dilemma. Al- ways ready to hear troubles and to help, he is the mainstay of the college. 30 Qqaiiifnf' Never let it be said that the Applied Arts students have not left their mark on the cam- pus. Even in the Grill you can spot their tackle 49 Q, boxes and drawing looard asithey pause be- X fore an all night session In Swift Hall-cursing X Z K X "S Q their Seventh Week dead lines. Q .N il ' ' I S Distracting abstractions give these smocked X lx X I X .UE f' students their frantic look, in spite of the Tri- VL Y 5 bunal's steering "wheels," Beaux Arts Ball, H- l h f Christmas Egg Nog Party, and Freshman Mix- .gl - t er outshine their ink-splotched ideas. 5 T K .5 , i f fl T X "L-JH :V 1,0 ' xv., l V Hg Q, , E D -N I . E 5'i,w,,g1"'Lf' Ki, ,fine ' i -A A 25ml APPLIED ARTS TRIBUNAL SEATED-Jonszen, E., Archea, M4 Mothers, M., Keller, A, STANDING Ahrens, A., Bolce, E., McDevitt, S., Arnendolaro, T., Aman, A., Carnell, F ,vi I DELTA PHI DELTA So well remembered among our college's honorary groups is Delta Phi Delta, the larg- est ot the National art honoraries. Ranking high in their long list of activities is the annual scholarship awards that this year was earned by three outstanding students. An active pledge class sponsored a Christmas sale of student art work thereby increasing the groups scholarship fund. In addition to this more serious work, the fraternity has en- joyed several theater parties. Delta Phi Delta, whose main endeavor is to recognize outstanding scholastic and artistic abilities, will again be host to the National convention of the fraternity to be held in Cincinnati this June. sri X . ROW ROW ROW ROW 's va Q 1? K-7 I-Roland, H., Harper, H, R., Ahrens, A. J., Cheltus, M., Mathers, M., Keller, A., Frost, M., Dudley, E. II-Revelos, D., Hoehl, P., Friedman, S., Stachel, S., Heller, J., Ahlering, F., Kanost, B., Rosselot, T., Aman, A., Smith, P. J. Ill-Bentley, E., Schaen, E., Hallo, H., Tyler, P., Runge, M., Lawton, H., Naish, J., Kinsey, M., Schierloh, M. lV-Amendolcra, T. J., Schutt, J., Elliott, M., Bailey, R. W., Greiner, J., Crozier, C., Spiers, D., Mueller, H. President-Mary Irene Chelius Vice President-Francis Ahlering Treasurer-Alan J. Ahrens Secreta ry-Jea n H umphreys 32 tix .K ea Q, CF' N....f' 5 es: " :-ss-rv:-. 3:3 X fs -Li... Q Nina? :X , - . 5 ' 'ff , X V 'Q A We XX x A c X 1 Q M XX x Q x P- s Q T ROW I CSeatedj-Hodell, J. E., Freitag, W, H., Breting, K., Clark, D., West, G. R. ROW Il fStandingl-Cohron, L. P., Wilson, A. O.p Gray, G. D., Pogue, C. E. Scarab, the oldest architectural professional fraternity, was founded to produce a finer qual- ity of work through good fellowship and a com- petitive spirit. The group took inspection trips during the spring in order to see architectural projects in the neighboring states. Among its activities, Scarab had a summer initiation, and gave a water-color dance in the grill. The central function of the American Institute of Architects is the promotion of interest in the architectural field. Among its activities, it brings professional architects to speak at its meetings on present day trends in designing and plan- ning. This student chapter was formed at U. C. in l945. ROW I lseatedl-Cahron, L. P., Pogue, C. E., West, G. R., Clark, D. E., Breting, K., Wilson, A. O. ROW Il lStandingl-Purcell, L. H., Hodell, J. E., Hanscom, R. K., Gulley, M. G., Gray, G. D., Nicicerson Ill, M. F., Freitag, W. H.g Boruff, B, B. NX, .v .- ,.f :RSE -3:9 1, -s ' fs f . im -,-- . 3 A. 3.351 3 cffvfaw HS we 33 SCARAB A.LAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEAN FRANCIS H. BIRD who finds time for civic :activities and work cut the UC "Y" between camping trips. 34 ROW l 'Seated -Sarsiielcl, J, Sc hneider, J., Fay, M STANDING Glozier, C, Schorfenberger, I, Hogan, E, Suddendorf, R,, Jones, P, Naber, J., Lange, J., Schlereth, B. ,QQ If ' f I 'U f fr Ili? J- BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION TRIBUNAL The students of the College of Business Administration emerge from the Quadrangle every seven weeks, loaded down with red penciled work sheets, used blue books, and well-thumbed cost books. On the co-op plan most of these hardy individuals enter the business world for seven-week periods ot practical demonstration. In cooperation with the Tribunals of other colleges, the Bus. Ad. Tribunal worked to promote the pep rally be- fore the U.C.-Butler game. On their social calendar tor the year were the March 5 dance which students from all colleges of the cam- pus attended, the Senior Banquet, and an all Bus. Ad. picnic in May. 35 'T ' x Pl CHI EPSILON BETA GAMMA SIGMA v I 'J 5' Q 'A Y' . g .. X4 ? 'Q 3 6 0 U ROW l-Stockmeyer, T., Vice President, Zukerman, B., President, F ROW ll-Justice, F., Woolsey, E. J., Kettas, B., Sloneker, M., Sch Pi Chi Epsilon is the honorary organization for women in the Colleges of Engineering and Business Adminis- tration. Each yeor a scholarship is awarded, and recog- nition is given to the most deserving girl in each class. All incoming freshmen are given a tea, which is later followed by a Christmas party. And as a final tribute to the scholarship and good character, the outstanding senior girl is awarded the Pi Chi Epsilon ring. ROW I CSeatedJ Carson, A. I., Seidel, C., Sloneker, M., Farber, C. - 1 F as' Q Atl.: . If 1 ay, M., Secretary-Treasurer, Boland, B., Corresponding Secretary, wan, J. Men and women in Business Administration attaining the highest scholastic standing in the junior and senior years are elected to Beta Gamma Sigma. An initiation for twenty-one new members was held in November at which time Dean Barbour of the College of Liberal Arts spoke. A twenty-fifth anniversary initiation took place in March at which several outstanding alums were the speakers. An "Accountant's Handbook" was awarded to the most deserving sophomore in the Col- lege ot Business Administration. ROW ll C5tandingl-Gordon, W., Glazier, C. A., Stroebel, P. G., Lynch, J. R., Zweigel, R. L X. YW' 36 RO Achievement in scholarship cmd outstanding participation in campus activities are pre- requisites for election to Alpha Kappa Psi, national professional commerce fraternity. Only upperclassmen in the College of Business Administration are eligible for election. Profes- sional meetings are held semi-monthly, at which time outstanding men in their professional fields are speakers of the evening. This year an all-campus dance was given with Delta Phi Delta and A.S.M.E. "Queen of the May" was Bud Bannon, who was chosen "Ugliest Man on Campus" and presented a ceramic model with monster-like features. S .wmzsw .W . . W I-Custellini, W., Roberts, W., Reed, G., Slete, R., Schoenecker, E., Korman, J. W II-Stevenson, J., Mollin, B., Lynch, J. R., Bohnenkramper, R., Crane, E., Singleton, J, W h ROW III-Story, J. ., Ri m, M K ,, oenigkromer, D., Monter, G. C., Sauer, J. L., Richey, J. A., Littleiohn, R., Paullin, W, President-Gordon Reed Vice President-Robert Slete Treasurer-Birch Ripley Recording Secretary-Walter Fahnestock Corresponding Secretary-Alan Wrassman 37 ALPHA KAPPA PSI ENGINEERING 12' I ...xgn-bf ll DEAN C. ALBERT JOERGER whose entire home is testimony to his interior decorating hobby, cs diversion from his usual routine of advising future engineers. 38 The Engine school, with its excellent con- tact in the engineering world, provides prac- tical experience while attending school. Armed with slide rules and graph paper, the students of this quadrangle college face the cruel business world every seven weeks, only eventually to return to Baldwin, Chemistry, and Swift. The Tribunal's main function is the alloca- ti of funds to the varied activities of the col- lege. A large percentage of the money col- lected from the activity tees goes to the Co- op Engineer, the students' engineering publi- cation. The annual Engineers' Ball also comes under the Tribunal's jurisdiction. ENGINEERING TRIBUNAL yKbhe,E H 4. l g .u-N -Q X L-X 39 TAU BETA Pl Tau Beta Pi annually elects undergraduates in Engineering who have brought honor to their Alma Mater by their fine character and distinguished scholarship. Outstanding among the events ot the year was an address by Roscoe Duncan, Director of Crosley Television at the mid-year election. At this time twelve new members were initiated. Established at the University of Cincinnati in 1915, Tau Beta Pi has grown to become an outstanding factor in encouraging spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges. ROW l-Krusling, J. R., Braun, F. H., Larnbert, V. L., Niekomp, W., Swabb, L. C., Maples, R., Meyer, A. ROW II-Lyman, R., Oelker, C. E., Martin, J. F., Sullivon, H. R., Done, S., Roy, G., School, J. E., Hauenstein, H. W. ROW III-Meier, W., Conner, J. R., Klaver, J. M., Hoefner, A., Trippel, O. A., Scott, T. M., Schroeder, C. A. President-Vernon Lambert Vice President-James Rice Treasurer-Fred Braun Recording Secretary-Larry Swabb Corresponding Secretary-Welborn Viekamp 40 Under the domain of the depart- ment of Aeronautical Engineering are included the subiects most vitally im- portant to the future of air power in this country. Keeping abreast of mod- ern developments in the field of avia- tion, the embryo designer of air craft and engines may take courses in iet propulsion and the like, completing his course with a thesis and plane de- sign. Membership inthe Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences is open to upper- classmen in the College of Engineer- ing who are maioring in this field. At their weekly luncheon meetings the members discuss theories on aviation and review student papers. INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES ROW l-Bremer, G., Pranikolf, S., Steele, J., Fulford, B, Mares, G., Meggrnson, P ROW II-Denman, J., Iglesias, V, Barnes, W. H.g Klopfensteun, H., Brumble, S., Shows-rf, N ROW Ill-Pratt, H. D., Fiore, A, W , Griswold, T, Blackwell, R N, Evans, O Y ,' DeMen9, W i 3 '51 k .. CT? 41 f ALPHA CHI SIGMA 'x l 47 1:- ,-ss. . l Q "Jef ,F .J W I, L ,. rp v , .5573 , E ,I 5 It X, 'P ff 1 ., 1 0 1 4 c , , i 'HH 45 I 9 1 .ui I -J .. ROW I fSeotedt- Aldoy, C., Nehls, G., Story, .l. R., Travis, W. L. ...Q v 'H For the first two years' work, the future Chemical Engineer's course differs from the other departments of the College of Engineer- ing only in the Chemistry classes, However, much of his remaining time on campus is spent in one of the many labs applying the theories learned in the basic courses. Outstanding students who intend to follow a career in chemistry are annually elected to Alpha Chi Sigma. A ioint meeting is held each year with the professional chapter in the city to which these men automatically become members upon graduation. This season Ray Nolting filled the speaker's role as he ad- dressed the group on some interesting facts on the Miami, Florida football game. 25 ROW II fS9ondingJ-Zeilz, H. C., Byrd, J. F., Buch, W. E., Butler, R. T., Ludlow, W. J. 42 A. I- Ch. E- Established at the University of Cincinnati in I926, the student chapter of the American Institute ot Chemical Engineers was founded to promote good fellowship and interest among students in the Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Department. A. I. Ch. E. works also to draw the faculty into closer contact with these students. The presentation of fifty-dollar scholarships to worthy undergrad- uates indicates the interest of the fraternity in the promotion of scholarship in the field of chemical engineering. ROW I-Dickerscheid, J., Friedman, J., Knodel, R., Valerius, P., Scott, C., Thiem, J. ROW Il-Cross, C., Belfz, R., Yurko, S., McKinstry, J., Mushaben, G., Hittner, H. ROW III-Schneider, R., Wills, L., School, J., Nussbaum, F., Wohl, K., Rehn, W., Hosick, R. ROW IV- Hammer, H., Hunt, R., Dawson, R., Bashein, S., Lawrace, R., Story, J., Davis, R. ' I 1 i I I I 2 I I I as M, i A ,L I Q. . s ,vga Q: O 1 O, lg . : . :I if f' I ROW I-Secosan, C., Fischer, C., Schwan, J., Schwoeppe, E., Batscha, A. ROW ll-Shaw, P., Worthington, P., Littmann, W., Hein, R., Hoffman, W. ROW Ill-Elliott, R., Altstetter, J., Bockstiegel, R., Peters, N., Muller, F. 43 A. S. C. E. The American Society of Civil Engineers, a national organization, is composed of students in Civil Engineering who have completed their freshman year. One ot its major activities was an all-day trip sponsored by the Chamber ot Commerce of Cincinnati This excursion took the junior and senior civils on a tour around the city to view the proposed sites at the new expressways thot are one day to lead into the Queen City. Also, a ioint meeting of the stu dent chapter with the Cincinnati chapter of A.S.C.E. was held on March 3. Its social activities were highlighted by a stag party at Sharon Woods. ROW I-Huitger, R., Hoh, L., Maples, R., Whitehead, R., Antenen, D., Clark, J. ROW Il-Horowitz, E, Mitchell, F,, Hurlburt, W., Hauenstein, H., Cooke, J., Levine, M. ROW III-Pomeroy, D., Barrick, J., Clark, W., Hemmer, P., Roettele, J., Piche, G., Martin, P. ROW IV-Huey, E, Beckett, J., Akers, R., Carey, T., Thurman, H., Scott, T., Griffin, R., Jennings, e i s 'N x C-r 41' ROW I-Loomis, R,, Heaton, S., Zachmon, W., Maxey, G., Sinclair, R. ROW ll-Spieker, G., Fish, VV., Fernander, G., Lineback, J., McQueen, H. ROW Ill-Bodenstein, A., Stang, J., Pockras, L., Schindler, C. 44 H . Q.. .pv- cw . 353. 1. as ,.,. ,. X e J l Roaming the campus in all kinds ot weather are the civil engineers, who find their only protection in the knowledge that they are learning their lite's work. Truly sons of the transit and the rod, these men are those who will in the future plan and build the airports, bridges, dams, buildings, and the highways upon which the cars ot tomorrow will travel. I F fs 531 'T Riggs 1 'X I i4 A w x NE x X x '-, Analytical geometry, mechanisms, and calculus problems chain the Engine student to his desk and always unsure a well-ordered class room session. Page-long problems don't offer much chance for "disgression." THE 1948 CINCINNATIAN UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI S40 Z IQ X 679 tb A A 0x fm'O Nunn "U'4Nr P 0 J' E - In I- I 'Loi J A ,Nj fir Behind the Vector slide rules are the student Electrical Engin- eers. Working for five years for a B.S. in E.E., they alternate such subjects as calculus, electrical sys- tems, and other technical prepar- atory courses with co-op iobs. When their courses are over and their work is through, the Electri- cal Engineers are the men who plan the lighting of the plants for the Mechanical Engineers and the illumination of bridges and dams for the Civil Engineers. Scholastically outstanding upperclassmen in the College of Electrical Engineering are eligible for election to Eta Kappa Nu. This fraternity has revived the custom of award- ing an "Engineering Handbook" to the outstanding pre- junior. ETA KAPPA NU 1 4. 1 hr- 1' ,lk H Y ,APU X .V ' 4 J' it 1 if ROW I-McGuire, H. G., Lyman, R., Mott, J. E,g Meyer, A. ROW II-Montgomery, W., Lambert, V., Ryclzman, W., Loch, M.: Wehrman, R., Spielberg, 46 ., X , . Y, N x ,X-, . v I. E- E- The opportunity to develop leadership ability cmd to become better acquainted with various phases ot engineering is the object of the student branch of A.l.E.E. At the meetings, either students, faculty, or graduate engineers lecture on subiects pertaining to electrical engineering. Inspection trips acquaint students with engineering projects and accomplishments. These various activities supplement electrical engineering courses with practical application. ROW I-Scheper, H., Wood, J., Hobdoy, A. J, Wechstein, N. McGuire, H. ROW II-Redding, H., Hulme, W., Johson, D., Scherpenberg, T., Brown, J., Nortemon, H. ROW III-Schilmeister, G. Chopnik, l., Kristof, J., Duncan, D., Grote, J., Painter, L., Zacherman, S. Y 'B wo. ROW I-Armer, G., Zartman, J., Shekro, C., Fried, W., Duncan, D., Hagaman, H., LeSaint, K. ROW Il-Wright, H., Winder, C., Feilaelman, L., Huff, J., Reiman, R., Ahlbrancl, R., Ginn, R. ROW Ill-Winder, D., Pottebaum, R., Schubert, R., Finn, H., Meyer, A., Lyman, R., Kipp, R. 47 A. S. M- E- The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a professional organization of upperclassmen, meets weekly to present speakers and movies. One of the more outstanding events on the A.S.M.E. calendar was a joint meeting with the senior chapter in the city. At this time, students presented papers on their respective fields. Socially, the members enioyed picnics, dances, and beer parties. ROW I-Grimes, A. Ensminger, C., Patalita, L., Stolley, A., Braun, F. H., Schlueter, R. W., Brinck, L. E., James, W. ROW II-Eichner, J., Fabian, L., Tingley, D., Kruse, W, Kleimeyer, V. T., Ehrnschwender, A. R. Meier, W. W, ROW lll-Hunt, M., Rushmer, J., Teipel, L., Moegling, J., Niekamp, W., Holvsan, J., Martin, J, Diederich, R., Culbertson, J., Conner, J., lgel, R., Bruestle, G., Warnken, J. A. ROW IV-Abbott, L., Araujo, C., Crutchfield, W., Stark, F., Krabacher, E., Adarna, R., Wood, R., Sortman, D., Sackenheim, J., Carper, G. ROW V-Beck, O., Gibbons, J., Williarnitis, L, Ohlson, R., Bokenkamp, G., Frodge, D., Bader, K., Lumley, G., Pancoast, R., Adams, J. W. ROW VI-Ridgway, G., Zeidman, G., Dye, J, Waddell, J., Haag, J., Cutter, E, Noyes, J., Sordis, S., Koelker, L., Earls, W., Gailey, J. l l i l l gt I S i rf, if is I , 2 x S 1 . ff r . 1 ,. .-N . m . .1 f --s vs 5 Q. Q-, ROW I-Hussey, C., O'Connor, R., Range, J., D'Angelo, G., Richards, R. ROW II-Appel, A., Lenox, R., Eaton, J., Schwarz, A., Dahlem, J. ROW III-Smith, R., Oldiges, J., Niehaus, H., Theys, J., Printz, W., Neubauer, G. 48 Now combined with the former department of General Engineer- ing, the department of Mechanical Engineering is the largest of the College's subdivisions. Struggling under such formidable-sounding subiects as Thermodynamics or Technical Mechanisms, the Me- chanical Engineer is distinguished by the heavy mental load he car- ries. Upon graduation, the stu- dent is fitted to go into the fields of general engineering and ma- chine design. Many of the co-ops associate themselves with the Cin- cinnati Milling Machine Co. Pi Tau Sigma, national honorary fraternity for mechanical engineers, stresses the ideals of the engineering profession and strives in every way to bring about the coordination of all the activities of the department. Members are selected from the outstanding pre-iuniors, iuniors, and seniors. lt takes an active part in A.S.M.E. affairs, and presents a hand- book to the Mechanical Engineering sophomore with the best scholastic record. PI TAU SIGMA l . I NDING Ka e, J., Sullivan, H., Calvert, R., Grimes, A., Bertsch, J., Niekamp, W., Rizick, R., Braun, F. TED Klo e J., Ehrnschwencler, A., Prof. J. W. Bunting, Martin, J., Eichner, R. 49 HOME ECONOMICS DEAN DYER is olwoys wearing cz light, perky hot which belies the fact that her iob is solv- ing the weighty problems of her siudents. -.qt-N 50 3 .ys .-1 l V f N- F SV x R N-'Q X N , . N ,fr .K Q SEATED- Beattie, H., Nenmnger, N, Stofle, M 1.3, .gi SSRN .lllif 3- f STANDING-Moore, P., Dallow, P, Schneider, S, Rule, J, Lutter, E, Phillips, D, Lewis, G ii V llll ll , 1' . ' all ANU M Nt lr we . YN it Q Sli' Blll "F ,i O ff dy! i lfitl 'fi ' N ' -up 'vs .N ,if tx, W'J!!!!tlM,. . fl l X! lvl W"-H. vig ' l. N N , ill HQ. t Y X i X i E i ll ,- M... O , J I r K f ll K -.J5xi':?.1sk'h'xe1g1. gf" , fi i hifi-i D ccwzimf KE 4 Q fill l .N 'C ft HOME ECONOMICS TRIBUNAL Home Ec is not all kitchens, day nurseries, and floral Decorations from "House and Gar- den." The Tribunal carried on its own "Home Beautiful" program by initiating a project for further redecoration of the Women's Building Lounge. Assisting in the Orientation Program for new students, the Fall Pep Rally, the an- nual President's Tea, and the Faculty-Student Christmas Party kept this governing body on its toes. But don't let the exclusive name of the building fool you! Men often enter these sacred portals: the single ones to pick out a competent wife, and the married ones to in- vestigate the day nursery. 5'l X X HOME ECONOMICS CLUB TAU Pl EPSILON :J 6 Qi. - K , , , , ,E Si i .3 5 v- 'Irv ROW I-Larsen, G., Rodgers, H., McMananmon, J., Historian, Koop, J., ViceAPresident, Kumpf, M., President, Phillips, D. J., Secretary, Williams, B., Treasurer, Lloyd, J., Bowen, l. ROW ll-Hock, J., Keller, M., Steiber, R., Chapman, J., Lewis, G., Russe, R., Burk, P., Rebeck, G., Palermo, M. E. ROW Ill-Hoskin, R., McHugh, P., Allgaier, J., Owens, M., Anthony, D., Foltz, J., Nenninger. N., Bolland, A., Lutter, E., Geis, H. ROW IV-Ernst, J., Monce, M., Burzynski, N., Johnston, J., Spies, H., Moore, P., Noll, J., Schneider, S., Dieck- mann, E., Schrader, J., Kessen, J. ROW V-Ghory, J., Keeling, S., Philippi, A., Franq, D., Schafstall, R., Greer, B., Robertson, G., Higgins, E., Higgins, J., Steinman, J., Wacksman, E. The Home Economics Club is a source of inspiration combined with friendship, parties, and fun for any Home Ec. girl. The activities for this year were many, among them were suppers given by each class, a var- iety show sponsored by the sophomores and seniors in Home Economics, and a spring dance in March. Philanthropic work included the collecting of gifts for poor children. Composed of outstanding women in the field of child care and training, membership in Tau Pi Epsilon is an honor for those meeting its qualifications. Ac- tivities for this year included a Christmas party and gifts for the children at St. Joseph's Infant Home and an initiation banquet at the Cincinnati Club. A schol- arship was presented to the iunior woman who showed the most merit in scholarship and interest. ROW I-Kumpf, M., Lutter, S., Frazer, K., Patten, J. ROW ll-Redmon, J., Dumont, M., Simpson, M. if . i- i l Y x , l. . 11: ' 6' .egg -1 S. i A Z 5 ' Y 'T 1: - f ii, ,fs 1 f ,, . i ' ,gg sf .4 Q- .4 "' la ' .4 l. 1 , A .iff " if if: I, x J A 6 .fri 5 'let .3 Z' A i 52 R' f sy , .,,, .. Z t X ., ., . ts K. .ig Y is 1 535 if 4 ,E W ,348 Xlei. hi' fi H Y i, yi, i . ' 4 X S. . il' 4 ,yi ., i Q, 1' ' i . Qi , i 4 . ,". 5 6345, , , Election ot seniors and second term iuniors in the College of Home Economics to Omicron Nu is based on high scholarship, leadership, and promise of achievement. Scholarship is rec- ognized by congratulatory letters and by a tea given with Tau Pi Epsilon for the upper fifteen per cent of the underclassmen. On Honor Day, Omicron Nu announces the name of the senior who has contributed most to the field of Home Economics, cmd inscribes her name on a permanent plaque. , x ROW l-Dallow, P., Lutter, E,, Klehfoth, J., Dumont, M., Hoclx, J., Beattie, M. President-Jean Klehfoth Vice-President-Patty Dallow Treasurer-Jean Hock Secretary-Mary Beattie 53 OMICRON NU LIBERAL ARTS 1 I: Ji K - S BOTA ...L DEAN GEORGE B. BARBOUR, our traveling explorer, whose own etched Christmas cards picture the many places he has been. 54 er .14 .-J TED Schmid, 1,5 Thom son With another year gone by, the orphans ot Liberal Arts as yet have no place to hang their hats, despite the rumors of their new home. However, the feeble structure of old McMicken is still intact, undoubtedly standing from force of habit. The "No Smoking" signs constantly remind us that a tire may easily be started it given a shove in the right di- rection! Nevertheless, with the Tribunal at the helm, there is little dissension among the ranks ot the bewildered Liberal Arts children. The Tribunal plans the convocations that ex- cuse us from our ll:3O classes and the Vo- cational Interest Program held every spring. LIBERAL ARTS TRIBUNAL STANDING-Salisbury, R,, Morelli, A, Carlson, G, Beckett, G,, Barbour, Dean George, Poplren, M J, Spade, L .ir 'I . I f - 1 X f 'T T IJ w 1 f ,f A-i" f FROM REGISTRATION TO GRADUATION .' The life and times of 17,552 University of Cincinnati students as depicted in .... I Published by the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. H. Richard Harper, Editor ii 4? ac fu ff A Ii IX 5 wrgiga T ,mlki Earl Cogan, Business Manager 2 PHI BETA KAPPA FACULTY MEMBERS William Alderman Ado Hart Arlett George Barbour Jan Bertenshaw Marion Blankenhorn D Carl Blegen V Beverley Bond Jr. Melba Phillips Bowers Richard Bryant Iwi: i John Caskey Violet Diller Clarence Gordner Robert Gowdy Paul Herget Frederick Hicks John Hoskins Merton Hubert Estelle Hunt Paul Krieder Gale Lowrie Carl Ludeke President-Paul V. Kriecler lst Vice-President-Mrs. Rachel Robinson 2nd Vice-President-Mr. Samuel P. Todd 3rd Vice-President-Dr. Charles K. Weichert Louis Lurie Archimede Marni Gaylord Merriman Harry Muegel Mariorie Palmer C. W. Park Anna Present Rodney Robinson Otto Von Schlichten William Semple Florence Silverstein Myron Spencer Helen Stanley Shiro Tashiro Miriam Urban William Wabnitz Raymond Walters Charles Weichert Heiskell Whaling Harry Wieman Jean Winston Max Zinninger Secretary-Treasurer-Mrs. Melba Phillips Bowers Stressing the ideals of friendship, morality, and intellectual attainment as the goals of all educated men and women, Phi Beta Kappa represents high scholastic achievement in the College of Liberal Arts. Candidates for either the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees are selected from the highest fifteen per cent of the class. Initiation into the honorary is held each spring. 56 Far from being a full time diet of classes and labs, Liber- al Arts college often finds its students putting into practice their liberalization. Always to be found lounging and smoking under the "No Loung- ing or Smoking on Library Steps" sign, these students vary their leisure moments by reading the exam schedules. L. A. orphans swarm over the campus going from class to class, still hoping for the day when a new McMicken will open its doors. DEAN ROSNAGLE, who is distinguished by her purposeful walk, which is sometimes di- rected toward c1 door-slamming demon. . Ee, NURSING AND HEALTH 'lg si XP-ssgsqx--.. 'if i ,. . X, I 1111, i ' S :Q lx! '4 -F ' N QW' QHN' WNW X c 2. L rm we ggi- . Xi? ii i E is I i Lg, ROW I-Ambrosius, M.g Baker, C4 Whittaker, U4 McGinnis, M4 Corfezan, J, ROW ll-Ramsey, A4 Mistler, Pg Hartman, E,, Kline, R.g Grant, A4 Egan, J.g Schramm, J. STANDING-Kessler, J.g Gusweiler, lg Nakamoto, G F 'Vw u vim :kr gc fill l lf ' l A l Q ,f4ZT?i4'D. ffs A 5 U .71 1 l K NY 4 A fi L., 0 Q' AO mal 6 : as t A ' Q ff - t Q Rf 'A I t if f X: 'V - rr, ,YV I I lr 'L f , rx 1 if . a it f ix ,fa xx . J-.. - Y - Weis. if if , ' -vxsffx T35 Wil tint ....-1 re ,, I R i l V r KQ gig A sm. NURSING AND HEALTH TRIBUNAL Leaving instruments sterlizing, textbooks open, and aprons hanging, the N 81 H stu- dents give meaning to the words "Off Duty." A carefree evening progresses until the real- ization ofa late shift sends them back to their Hospital Campus. Planning all the social functions and clubs for the Florence Night- ingales is the inclusive iob of this Tribunal. A Bridge Club, Glee Club, and other varied organizations help the future nurses pass their time between classes and floor-walking. 59 TEACHERS COLLEGE DEAN CARTER V. GOOD becoming Deon of Teachers College ond o grondfother the some dczy has mode this year very eventful for Carter V. Good. 60 -v Q -Q Are teachers human? A struggling third grade male might give a iolting answer, but since there are no obvious characteristics to distinguish the students of the school next to the library, we are torced to admit that, at least while they are in college, T.C. students are normal. Education classes and student teaching keep them busy, while the Tribunal takes care of their lighter moments. In the tall, an orientation program and picnic in- troduce everyone to everyone else. A Thanks- giving and Easter convocation, Christmas open house, and the final picnic till out the year. On December 7 a plaque was dedi- cated to perpetuate the names ot the Teach- ers College students in the service. And now who says the teachers aren't human? TEACHERS COLLEGE TRIBUNAL ELING Ch stoptel J C gh S o e ene a e s ensperger, M, Sayre, J, Buyer, P, Skelton, P NDING McCoy M Beals C H be R a oc ot a, C, Spiller, E 61 3 V XE e L.: x 2' -P- -R v1 TT KN T5 lllt All ROW I-Kestner, P., Story, S., Cortrighl, 5.5 Bollen, M., Sheppard, J., Albers, M. L. ROW II-Radlotl, E., McCoy, J., McCoy, M., Buente, M4 Laumann, M., Miller, J. ROW lil-Schmitt, J., Wagner, G., Rotherl, J., Dugan, M4 Lewe, P., Caine, A., Lierman, G, KINDERGARTEN CLUB President-Martha Bolton Vice-President-Sally Cortright Treasurer-Joyce Sheppard Secretary-Mary Lou Albers The Kindergarten Club, made up ot girls interested in kindergarten-primary teaching, has programs pertinent to the lower grades. Music, art, and games are topics discussed. Any girl in kindergarten-primary training realizes the im- portance of knowing how to quiet a noisy group. Social functions and student teaching experience enliven the rest of the bi-weekly meetings. A faculty tea and mother-daugh- ter banquet in the spring ended a successful year. 62 . I f l ' 1 ' Q 2 1 , , Q, L.,, , , . . A W scHooL W' s wxnxsitw lllllitltl it 3-1 .3 " D W. N: , ' , ..-- f . ,, 1- ' -.vf-f"i5i'5:fIi:,.r.vj-. '- .. X mx was .. ,,,. , i. ., -x X sw.. . -. xx .. .. r . . '.x.4.--W-.--rs.-.--,- A x ., X. A .awk ' --2:-g-NN: 'N'--f.t':-.-.QA wa- X. sg. , - -- w-Nf2- -:- 1-:Gm Sk in 'X -A "tif- X' Y?-was-,::'4.:f:f """'R-'-fwfw .. -. Y ' The Graduate School, enlarged by the influx of veterans and frustrated pre-meds, has made forward strides under the lea-dership of Dean Hoke S. Green, Godfather of the Graduates. Students from all twenty-six departments meet often as the Graduate Club for discussion and to swap "blues" stories concerning their up-and- coming theses. HOKE S. GREEN-Dean of the Graduate School 63 4 .H r 75 k iifi l if f , Qu! w 1 ,Q A , J LAW 'W' ,- EW' I f . I x' 5 .-S i I ,xx DEAN FRANK S. ROWLEY is "The Memory mon behind our future burristers. r ye' wi' . Q' 141522 E ., C1 '. 7- -'1--Li nf , SF' ,4- f""""-Au ,-ftvffxxgg 11' Q R' '15 L ig 'gil iw fi? ew, A ,"?ij,1Aj ,:3 1. 55:11 Z e 1- A . . lg '1 64 - l, f u l? UQ Q S 'vor Kg! f f IIEYV' Z i Y , The honor system ot the College of Low, including unproctored exoms, is enviously odmired by the students in the rest of U.C. However, on Honor Committee does review the cases of o few offenders. The Cose Club, where mock cippelcite procedure is practiced, offers or useful extro-curriculor octivity. The top students ore permitted to serve ot the Legol Aid Clinic, giving help to those who otherwise would not have the benefit of legol counsel. 65 gf'- I XWWQ lr xv 3 Qgw ytF'a Q wb QQ' .il ,.... 299' -Y"'!"- N rg? r""'2"' 'UR 'Eff' -s . . N, yi. .AP- 9 QQ min W' 'W P' 5? KQNPSNX N v N -A NK 3 ,,,. ii? 'v , 'QW' ' 'on 'lf I X, 4, 1 NPO kji., QFH N. , 18" MQ' f""w MEDICINE 4-as '...:: 1 DICAL COLLEGE Xxxx DR. STANLEY P. DORST-Vofed by pre- meds as the name they would like to see most on a registered lefter. 66 -?,- x irevfmwm ,Ve, -is " YES X 'Y fo wg KNEE awe ,WE KNEE SOME 336559 is CONNQUED To we rtilfiiFONEx, ,J fr J7 F . f Q X fix ji f 4 K, K-1 A ' K f M , V A XX L' Y Ali? h lf! if I A G Wa V 1 3 Zi! L 5. f tl i Ji? it H wrokierv 02 159 gr ' M After months of not-too-patient waiting, The letter comes. With it, another letter- friendly advice as to where to buy a micro- scope. Registration, the first encounter with the cadaver, sweating out hours of study and exams . . . aside from these memories etched clearly in the mind, the med student remem- bers Longview, Cincinnati General, Holmes, and Chrildren's Hospital, affiliations of which the College of Medicine may justly be proud. All Med school operations aren't awe-inspiring, as even a dog falls victim to the medic's scapel. "Every dog has his day" the saying goes, and a human being finds he isn't the only one with an operation to talk about. ,nv 67 ,sr- 1 liter -11 . Medical School has been espec- ially busy this year. The familiar cadavers are still present, with the personal touch of a name such as Buttercup to distinguish one corpse from another. Starting with a ca- daver and degenerating up to a dog, the med students are kept on the go, as usual. Somewhere be- tween humans and dogs, "Susie" fits in. Each student is equipped with his own prize piece of this erst- while gorilla. If anyone happens to be passing a med lab late at night, strains of "If you knew Susie like we know Susie" may be heard. Senior students perform autopsies a n d master such terms as leucocytosis, apyretic, hematose, and taeniacide to frighten the freshmen. Although studying occupies most of the time of these future M.D.'s, they always find time for a few hands of bridge between classes. Even when they go to bed, med students are still under the influence of their school, for each medic prays for grades, and the grads offer prayers of thanksgiving. Some ninety-one hundred people cannot be wrong concerning the advantages of Evening College tor development of their cultural and professional intrests. Sparsely lighted walks and steps lead the way to brightly lighted buildings that are a haven indeed to weary workers. Through the various facilities and organizations ot the Evening College, the University meets the demands of Cincinnati's people who work to keep pace by night with the world they are helping by day. FRANK R. NEUFFER-Dean of Evening College. 69 EVENING COLLEGE l'lNiXIllllll A Something new has been added to the list of rush parties as excursion buses open their doors to fraternities. The purpose was originally a sneak preview of the Queen City, but the oustanding spot "on our left" is forgotten as an active holds everyone's interest with "the traveling salesman who . . . " Introduction to the Greeks-and a n y Freshman will say that it's more than a hand- shake. The standard requirement is a smile that will hold up for two weeks and an Emily Post book on etiquette. Rushmen and women have spent a clothes-conscious summer get- ting ready for the maze of September parties. Actives have gone over their stock con- versations and the first party finds everyone responding to the question, 'And what col- lege are you in?" Houses are crowded and eyes are strained as name tags become smaller and smaller. lt's a confused few weeks of parties and worn-out grins, but it's rushing that paves the way for college fun "in the bonds." Buffet suppers and swimming parties stand as a big part of fraternity rushing. The rushmen are served first as actives try to take a polite back seat. lt's short-lived paradise though, as two weeks later the wined and dined rushman becomes the hurried and worried pledge. ,L A, Air" Z, 70 Beginning with a tea for all new girls interested in becoming Greeks, rushing is a constant whirl of parties. The climax comes when, on a memor- able Sunday afternoon, each sorority conducts the "lucky" ones to a window in the Union, where screaming girls let the new pledges know that they are welcome. Fraternity rushing is more in- formal, but beer parties, dances, and stags add to the glamour ot this period. An air of inter- ested aloofness is the best way to make pledging a reality. Pledging is nothing but a dream with a few light duties added, such as cleaning the house, taking the dog for a walk, making beds, and one especially easy factor-making grades. The pledges' plight may seem unbearable, but with a clear head and a strong constitution, they become actives! f' K" sk A. lxlf fcfrto Sen, Screams echo against the Student Union building as the appearance ot each new pledge causes a frenzy ot excitement in the crowd ot actives below. F? ' 5? 1 . s W II N t M Thom so c all, B.g Lurie, I. M, W lll Chop B a e et A M ller, H4 Banlield, B. MRS ROSE M RUPP Assistant to e president-Rufh Dierf Secretary-Gerry Murphy Treasurer-Carolyn Leonha rd Organized to keep an ever-watchful eye on so- rority activities, we are the organization known around campus as Pan-Hell. You'd be surprised at the duties we are called upon to perform- all the way from clothing a needy family to seeing that rush- ing remains above the rat-race level. Mrs. Rose M. Rupp, busy as she looks, is always ready to advise her "adopted children." This seems to be a good place to introduce you to them individually, first on the list being Alpha Chi Omega. Of course, we think that the whole Alpha Chi chapter is pretty outstanding, but Ulex only seemed to be able to honor the senior class. Deciding that a class of girls would be better than one queen, they arranged the boat ride a little differently last spring. Not condemning any innovations though, we emerged with the distinction, and as repres- entative of the class, "Phil" Hock carried off a trophy practically as big as she. They set quite an example for following classes, and it looks like a good honor to hang on to! Founded in 1885 at De Pauw University Alpha Delta Chapter established in 1919 President-Ruth Dierf Vice President-Carol Heepke Treasurer-Sandra Lee Stuth Secretary-Dorothy Peacock ROW I-Revelos, D., Bell, J., Freeburg, L., Heepke C ROW II-Liedtke, N., Hartman, R., Archea, M. Barry S., Grady, M., Peacock, T., Readmond, J. ROW Ill-Monce, M., Asschback, H., Rauh, M, Mo er M., Arnold, C., Hampton, J., Otting, M. ROW IV-Fugitt, J., Bonnell, J., Sheppard, J., Due z Herweh, N., Price, J. ROW V-Flaig, J., Egan, P., Ewig, R., Frank, P. Hein heim, J. ROW VI-Doscher, M., Solsman, J., Lloyd, J., Larsen A l 1 1 , C Q L f.ln,on in l l S i 2 114 l X wmv I l an wwf 6 :mfg ROW I-Oenbrink, B. L., Gaodell, K. D., Dugan, M., Mueller, H., Hall, M., Rodenberg, E. R., Steinfeld, S. A., Abegglen, R. ROW II-Schreiner, B., McGraw, R., Kessen, J., Wagner, J. A., Elliot, M. A., Stewart, A., Willenborg, I., Popken, M. J., Nall, A. ROW III-Fay, P., Pounclstone, G., Schultz, M., Fischer, R., Kattus, J., Neubauer, R., Palermo, M, E., Saffron, M., Smith, V., Tierney, P. ROW IV-Wagner, E., Murray, R., Bary, R., Kyle, S., Moathort, M., Stein, J., Steele, E., Ghory, J., Drexel, P., Ernst, J. ROW V-Biganeiss, S., Roehm, P., Pritchett, C., Voegtle, J. A., Little, P., Hoslcin, R., Radloff, E., Blalock, L., Floyd, L., Dangel, J. ROW VI-Cooper, C., Klotz, J., Myers, R., Baker, J., Geis, H., Kline, K., Gee, P., Graham, M., Floyd, P., Duffy, J. ALPHA DELTA Pl if""W 53 iiygffxm- ,gv5"X'l5 :,3,fN git, Q 1.5 I - . ,. 43W if 5 'LPS fa f' Q wf'P"' ' .. ' if f ' " Lf . fl- 'L 'f ' ' , fi ME - 1- 2.71--,5 -:J Ta, '. gf' .il 'sw fit sf 'fxslx n Founded in 1867 at Wesleyan College Beta Pi Chapter established in 1935 President-Helen Muller Vice President-Ethel Rodenburg Secretary-Myrtle Dugan Treasurer-Shirley Steinfeld Even if we can't match the Alpha Chi's Ulex award, we did have a Founder's Day celebration to end all Founder's Day celebrations. In case you don't know it already, A D Pi was founded in the "deep South." So southern atmosphere hung from the candelabras and "you all's" monopolized the dia- logue of a skit depicting the lives and doings of our famous founders. It was fun being Southern Belles for one night, but the next morning shoved us all back in the Grill-Goon swing of things again. .fmvm 'ffuviq is A i z in 5341K fill ..,,.f,,.NffriwfM'4'f't S? E' ROW I-Timmermon, Mary, Lewe, P,, Lindemann, D., Allison, H, D. Mrs., leorihard, C., Thompson, P., Fritz, G. A, Streclctuss, J, ROW II-Petrie, B, Volz, P,, Kumpf, M, Pugh, D., O'Connor, R., Welling, A, Kiencst, D., Weilhomer, L., Denier, M, Smiht, H Petermann ROW lll-Stephenson, P., Specliman, L, Jackson, J. A., Bertschinger, J., Clausing, R., Martin, B, Kerr, V., Story, S, Carroll, P. ROW IV-Wewer, S., McGilliard, J, Glenn, B, Dickhoner, R4 Annest, I., Utman, D., Faulkner, V., Moore, P., Ehle, S Founded in 1904 at Syracuse University Alpha Gamma Chapter established in i923 President-Carolyn Leonhard Vice President-Doreen Lindeman Secretary-Regina Brodgon Treasurer-Patricia Thompson Valentine's Day gave us another good excuse for a party at the house. Decorations were first on the list of things to do, and all our dates found them- selves stepping through a big gold-frame doorway, complete with red hearts and cupids. Records fur- nished the music, while baked-beans and hot dogs furnished the refreshments. A party mood prevailed, and everyone was everyone else's Valentine before the night was over. i 'W cv 5. 'z Dusk silhouettes the big cityA blending people, lights, shodow, ond sound into cm tone-picture. Crowds molce their wczy home to dinner ond sleep, while we trovel on with the thoughts of registration lines ond morning classes. This, the outumn picture known to oll who return to Cincinnati ond its Univer- Sity. 3 Q rs llil f is 'Z pu E el TP' Tb - Q f i E ROW uer, Mrs. E., Deckert, A., Woolle ROW ll-Barnhart, C4 Sloane, V., Hertel, A., Neumann, R., Schwarz, B., Sellards, S. ROW III-Kottis, M., Sautter, C., Johnston, J., Hastez, A., Schubert, M., McDevitt, P. ROW IV-Bryan, S., Bonner, G., Smith, E., Zimmerman, M., Dickey, M., Mangan, M., Goodyear, J. Founded in 1897 at Barnard College 76 Theta Eta Chapter established in 1929 President-Adele Beckert Vice President-Ann Hertel Secretary-Pat Collins Treasurer -Ruth Neumann Our-pride-of-the-year stands in the form of a new house on Swiaa Chalet Court. We did a lot of the renovating work ourselves and you can't imagine how much fun we had, in spite ot banged-up knees and bruises. Convenience seems to be the biggest selling point though, as we're now within throwing lroclcsj distance at the campus. Everyone seems to be unan- imous in her approval, so we've decided to settle down for a long stay. Welcoming friends, alums, actives, and pledges, we set up shop in the Pavilion Cap- rice on December 14 for the annual 'Mus- icale.' The alums really went all-out to pro- vide an entertaining program. With a back- ground ot Chi O songs, an alumna read the Chi Omega 'Symphonyf Even the pledges came up with entertainment and introduced a new song, 'We're Southern Born.' The Mus- icale came to its usual appealing close when we all ioined in with old favorite songs. Founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas Pi Alpha Chapter established in 1913 President-Virginia Chaput Vice President-Jean Klehtoth Secreta ry-Julie Murray Treasurer-Thelma Stockmeyer .,,, x' i ii? N CHI OMEGA ROW I-Bolland, A., Houck, J., Stockmeyer, T., Murray, J., Chaput, V., Grover, Mrs. E., Klethfoth, J., Livesay, P., ROW II-Rebeclr, G., Ewers, M., Aglamesis, M., Obermann, J., Longstreet, V., Steinman, J., Nonnez, J, Buckingham, J., Copelan, O, Wagner, P., Bogart, J, P,, Middlemon, P., Chapman J, Bridges, D, Bogart, J, ROW Ili-Russe, R,, Thiele, G, Andraud, M., Streicher, M., Bertram, G, Dieckmann, E., Koch, A., Han, E, Schuff ROW IV-Gibbens, R-I Mock, S, Higgins, E., Higgins, J., Miller, V., Evans, C, Wosmer, J, Colle-ld, J, Schlueter, ROW V-Klee-spies, P., Cofield, C., Davies, L, Beard, B, Wood, J, Hawkins, R., Burk, P, Kaelin, C, Koerbitz, M., ROW Vl-Blankenship, S., Snow, B,, Schrader, J., Mack, E, Goshen, D., Geohegan, L., Brock, S, Guerrea, V, Bohn, Krieger, M. fo zuqwq v- i Q L, Weiss, J Allgoier, J, ,...... , twig, DE ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW fr 1-1.9 LTA DELTA DELTA Again, another year and again, another Found- er's day celebration. We discovered a new recipe for a banquet success this tall and just happen to have a copy with us! 'For impressiveness due the oc- casion, mix a guest speaker and an active's talk on the services of the sorority. For humor, add a dash at satire on the services of pledges to actives. For conclusion, stir in a pledge skit based on the original founding. And when well done, serve as a successful function. Founded in T888 at Boston University Zeta Chapter established in T892 President-Mary Noll Vice President-Sue Hetzel Secretary-Sue Chatfield Treasurer-Virginia Buehren Marshal-Lee Donahue l-Donahue, L., Buehren, V., Hetzel, S., Swope, Mrs. S., Noll, M., Chatfield, S., Lawton, H., Runge, M. ll-Koett, J., McAfee, R., Uraas, D., Jung, M. L., Salisbury, J., Miller, R. M., McHugh, J., Ahrens, M, L. Rank, M, F, III-Reece, P., Jennie, R, Aman, A., Buck, R., Scott, B., Jacobs, B., Schmid, J., Eha, J., Hawley, P, IV-Miller, P., Buford, N., Noble, G., Bumiller, M., Runck, J., Blattman, C., Buclrmaster, J., Gottschallc, J., Schuclc, J., Otteniohn, E V-Coursey, N, Heald, B, Cundall, R, Wright, P., Hodson, D., Koch, L., Sadler, C., Nenninger, N., Otten, C., Rosenstiel, J. VI-Benham, S., Pascal, M., Krause, J., Mason, P., Hodson, D., Muth, M., Snoddy, J, S., Jackson, D., Westgate, V. L, 1 . S 5 f.. ,iss ,. Ts' i Q . N . , ' . 1 ROW I-Baumring, A., Sagel, A., Harris, P., Lurie, I. M., Wiener, B., Jarson, M. ROW I1-Shuir, E., Wolf, C, Hallo, H., Leuine, E., Field, R., Schwarzstein, An Coltinuk M ROW Ill-Moy, L., Loshinsky, D., Sherwin, B4 Vigran, Mg Cohen, R., Kraft, S. ROW IV-Hoodin, S., Marks, C5 Dennis, E4 Loeb, M., Rcbinovich, E., Strauss, R. Founded in 1919 at New York University Mu Chapter established in 1922 DELTA PHI EPSILON President-Ida Mae Lurie Recording Secretary-Anita Sagel Corresponding Secretary-Adrian Baumring Treasurer-Shirley Hoodin - . . No one can say that D Phi E's didn't have the spirit. We've got the trophy to prove it. Selling the most forget-me-nots for the Dis- abled American Veteran fund, we were awarded a cup of recognition. It wasn't all easy going either. It you've ever stood on a street corner in one of Cincinnati's spells of nasty weather and tried to interest hurrying crowds in posies, you know what we mean! But don't misunderstand-we're not com- plaining. The cause was worthy and we are proud ot the part we played. 79 E , 1 ' , -t e -. 5 u -.l Y to " , . ' 3 i Q' . 9 X x ' 1 4- Q - X . ' X gun- d F. W II Po te S Haldt S Sm th R Jackson A Mourman, M. W III d mz s c u osner, R., Smith, J. Founded in 1902 at Miami University Xi Chapter established in 1916 President-Betty Danfield Vice President-Jo Ann Penn Secretary-Marylin Retz Treasurer-.lean Schott Corresponding Secretary-Faynelle Newland 'Deck the halls with boughs of holly' would have been a good theme song for the activity that went on before our Christmas formal. We decided to have the dance in the house this year and after a four-piece or- chestra had been hired, everyone lent a helping hand on the decorations. Holly was seen everywhere, and anyone would have to have been blind to miss all the mistletoe that was hung at strategic points. All in all, the dance was the perfect opener to an extra special Christmas season. 'Q 5 l e . Vi A K. K . i is X ROW I-Lanes, S., Keller, A., Boland, B., Beucus N Chapman M s F Beattie Mary Albers um Davies ROW II-O'Keefe, K., Sendelbeck, Dg Kahle, H Sponse ama e Ken rlc Grace Owens M McVey S Muhlhauser P ROW lll-Hebble, J., Mueller, A, Harvey, L, Hamon eson n e o re en on omer n e B Johnston ROW IV-Denham, B,, Scott, C, Crum, P, Poftho avies eic er one Rumsie Ben er Hartlueb ROW V-Martin, .l,, Green, M, Greer, M, Anderson orter anne au in on Car B Cortrlg Founded in 1870 at DePauw University Alpha Tau Chapter established in l9l3 President-Mary Beattie Corresponding Secretary-Betsy Boland Recording Secretary-Aileen Keller Vice President-Norma Beucus Treasurer-Susan Anne Davies We can't claim the D Phi E's recognition cup, but we do have a cup to show off too. We won the trophy for having the most pop- ular booth at the Sigma Sigma carnival, that popularity being determined by the amount ot money we collected. The minute a 'custo- mer' stepped inside the enclosure, he knew why he had paid to enter. Thick with night- club atmosphere, the show was cheap at half the price! g i s 1 5 Kappa Delta was fifty years old this year and as a consequence, we were in for a lot of clever quips to the effect that we didn't look a day over forty-nine. Of course, the gold ribbons that we wore under our pins didn't hush the matter either. Proud of our aging years though, we gathered at the Hotel Gib- son for a banquet and message from our National President. After concluding the pro- gram with songs, we decided that every Kap- pa Delt had enioyed a truly Happy Birthday." Founded in i897 at Virginia State Normal University, Kappa Delta Omega chapter was established in l9l3. President-Ba rba ra McNall Vice President-Peggy Wood ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW Treasurer-Jea nne Rothert Secreta ry-Dorothy Slaughter I-Chelius, M., Lehmann, S., Slaughter, D., Wood, P., Keegan, N., McNull, B., Rothert, J., Kruck, J., DeSalvc, A. ll-Fielman, G., Wood, D., Dick, L., Turner, N., Ammons, B., Stratemeyer, J., Oberhelman, E., Dick, B., Moak, R,, Kruse, B., Deifel, C. lll-Kendrick, N., Schmitt, J., Stith, L., Anderson, J., Wagner, G., Tyler, P., Peters, V., Macke, M., Jones, D., Kestner, P. IV-Smith, J., Schwindt, C., Braun, M., Breithold, E., Schwarz, R., Keller, C., DuBois, P., Bayer, M., Rogers, J., Schneider, J. V-Brown, M, Carraher, M., Price, M., O'Neal, J., Pugh, L., Keller, P., lnbus, M., Smith, P., Allen, B., White, B. VI-Hymes, J, Ploss, S., Lutter, E ,, Humphrey, J., Woods, V,, Rannells, C., Sellurds, B., Vogt, E., Metz, S., Korte, J. a 7 3 a Q Ai' 2 Q-if v,-r I ? XA. .. 'i' , 'Q .5 J L iititfi .,,... 1 0 X EA l . 4 ' ' K A Y I , X. -V i 1 , rf . f . N ,X W - . . f we 4. - . s . g N Y ' ' P Q - I N ,5 .,ws .. xv 'kk y M," , , ,i ,ur lx N17 i 'P' ' Q. V Y' 2 , - , tif' 1: v lk- if ' ,Nb .N , . . . Q Q 5. ., , t . Q is 5-,ss-I .V .1 -4 . . vp, , e- I -' ., Jfr,::gagg5:g:,:55:5::,.fc5gf L . 4' - 24 ' " .. ' - :?llli.Q'E ' " A -it N' ROW I-Gillespie, S., Ahlerzng, F., Surnbroclc, Caclwallader, J., Halvorsen, Mrs. A, Hartman, M, Smales, M., Frazer, S., Hetterich, M. ROW ll-Wolterman, J, Berkshire, M., Hughes, J., Day, S., Kahle, J., Gocker, P, Bissell, A. P., Laos, M., Speclsmon, P, Brewster, D., Mocht, - Wrigley, J, Boone, B. B., A., ROW III-Heller, J., Stueve, B., Gustafson, B, O'Brien, P., Eilers, N., Steinway, A., Slone, P, Hundley, P., Byers, M., Clark, B. J., Anderson, - Williorrtf. M ROW IV-Distler, E., Koch, D., Patten, J, Williams, C, Olds, B., Underwood, R., Wilcox, V., Meyer, D., Evans, M., Jensen, G., Schimanski, M. J. ROW V-McGlaughlin, M., McGorry, B., Pontius, B., Leyshon, B., Morris, K, Heclcmon, S, Oberlonder, J., Tuttle, D., Hengstenberg, J., Distler, ' House, P. S.. ROW VI-Kaemmerle, B., Meyer, M, J., Benzing, E, Howison, J., Crider, C, Wiseman, J., Heisel, R., Dudley, E,, Howison, J., Stanford, F., Koop, J. Founded in l87O at Monmouth College Beta Rho Chapter established in 1914 President-Jean Cadwallader Corresponding Secretary-Martha Surnbrock K Recording Secretary-Katherine Frazer l Treasurer-Martha Smales l There wasn't a single quiet Kappa in the Greek ampitheater after the iudges announced that we had won the intertraternity sing. Months ot song prac- tice had gone into the program that everyone heard y that night. Stores had been scoured for the navy blue blazers with the embroidered crests that we wore. And no one could forget her efforts over a y sewing machine, tor all the white skirts had to be exactly alike-a lot of work, but a satisfying re- ward. j 83 l . 4 Q I . 1' PHI MU ROW I-McManamun All we needed was the invitation-and we went! The Ohio State chapter had been given a new house by National and they invited us up for a big weekend house warming. A Christmas formal held the place of honor, though we did get to hear the Christmas Fes- tival, in which two of our Phi Mu sisters sang the leads. Then, to show them what a won- derful time we had, we sent a product of our own city, a Rookwood vase, as a house- warming present. Founded in 1852 at Wesletan College Delta Zeta Chapter established in l93l President-Marguerite Spencer Vice President-Peggy Hoffman Secretary-Daisy Weis Terhar Treasurer-Dorothy Jean Wright , J., Hoffman, M., Wright, J., Spenser, M. Press., Keith, A. M., House Mother, Lucleke, A., Weis, D. L., Graham, I ROW II-Hoyer, P., Urmetz, J, Saville, I., Mohn, W., Vance, S., Schilling,H,, Lohner, A. ROW Ill-Davis, B., Greene, L., Giancola, B., Manick, M., Fisher, L., Rumble, L., Schierloh B K , ., oehllce, T. M., Cubbage, J 5? T' i l l t 6 F3 H+ CW Q is . 5 Q S 1 - X I S ' S . S - -, .. 1 4' i Ti, s A ' ' ii- 5 " ' Nb sr Xs,v . ' Y V- W -' -1. 1 ' V il ix """ f w -. r- , . : " . S qt X v . :LX b e N 1- i N., ,P . -" A "' i ' - I I in ' ia . 'Q N I gs . 1 V i . i X 1 ' ' T gli? ik - " ' . 'N x - s ,S ' K, f ' 5 D -Q - A ' - , X A . ,. 1 ii YV Est., f , , 3 CT ' 3 Q- Q 1 V' 1 P N? . E -. ' K , 9' H 532. ' ., .- iff? -. ' tl ' 'O' X I K. .. ,gi Y t ga X . . s ., N Q .4 X x it M .s . I .' X gc . , .. -Q G, . .ES E.. V X R, Vex ex Qi K ., Q 1- 1 H . .ft s e st Q s . " ' gf c,,35,'w A-" ., Ne Q s M sf K :N e' X ,am 'f v - K -. -f .Q-+5 ' f ' Y, Q : , N. 32" 4 W ws. i P , - Y -ar. fvgyi' . , 1 'Z 1" V, - V g , Lf-4355-1 L -i .. , . , f 2 ' JW,-h1'3',1Ey,2"'x , 'f X l 3 -. . . s 1 . '22,-wf 'cg i 11 l i - A - -s-tai., , ' '-.. fl, -1. V ' A xi - - 9 .- :fue-.5, , ,- , Va - jan f .7 'P' .1-!"' e- 3 ' - LFEWET' 1 . PM .,!'Kn.l- ' Wh.. F ROW I-Schlereth, B., Meyers, T., Nutini, M., Mrs. C, Meyers, Fulks, W., Schlereth, M., Timmers, M. ROW ll-Weber, A., Fussner, M., Henke, R., Doran, A,, Fay, M., Hyland, K., Bernard, B,, Klein, J. ROW Ill-Connolly, M., Divane, K., Plagge, H,, Boehm, I,, Weber, D,, Smith, R. ROW IV-Malos, J., Fries, M., Weber, R., Naber, J, Bernabei, A., Steiber, B Founded in 1921 at Boston University Zeta Chapter established in 1933 President-Mary Ann Nutini Vice President-Margaret Timmers Secretary-Marion Schlereth Treasurer-Betty Schlereth The Metropole Hotel was the scene of the biggest dance of our school year. Given in November, this formal was called 'The Snow- ball.' We thought it would be a welcome re- lief from all the warm weather that Cincin- nati had been seeing, and so, we made our own winter in the form of white cotton flecks of snow. Snow men decorated all the tables. At midnight we introduced our pledges to the tune of a song that fitted their personal- ities. It was a wonderful sample to them of the kind of dances Pi Lambda Sigma would be giving for them. , 'Q 85 A,-H , ,guf M 'N' ff, I Aw? 'fu' .I it 'X k "2 ' . N ,::.. J' 5 3, a 1 . '. ff .2 S , gg gp 21 x S 1 X 1 f' so L X Q i Q Pj.-bv I Our big day came this year when we celebrated S D T's twenty-fifth birthday. Knowing that twenty-fifth anniversaries come only once a lifetime, we decided that a big celebration was in order. So we invited our national president and took over the Hotel Gibson tor a dinner dance. The active chapter furnished the entertainment in the form of a skit which compared sorority lite of twenty- tive years ago with the way we see it now. Not wanting our guests to forget this "mo- mentous occasion," we gave them silver cigar- ette lighters. The night was perfect from the first sight ot the tresh table flowers to the last glance at our withered corsages. Founded in 1917 at Cornell University Epsilon Chapter established in 1923 President-Marylin Bernstein Vice President-Janice Phillips Secretary-Lois Litwev Treasurer-Alice Jean Schwartz Rush Chairman-Naoime Samuels P W l G o se o ch 1 A Blackman, A4 Bernstein, M, W ll Gold g Friedman, S. t P Pe B 9 hlb E Ko d h B L Bj Katz, R. 1 1 V n y 7 jPk 4L.:,VlVl,5:'3.-. , 2 Jfffgif r ' '. . - .if f ai il Stags-Stags-Stags. Maketewah Country Club was lousy with them and were we thankful! We wanted to show the pledges what kind of a pledge formal we thought they deserved, and this year's dance turned out to be a pacemaker! We had lots of laughs over their nervous excitement while waiting to be formally introduced-even though the time wasn't too far distant when we also had faced that sea of faces and tried nonchal- antly to stroll the length of the ballroom floor alone, and just to show everyone that we weren't "one-way" - each pledge was given a silver identification bracelet. As a gratifying reward for all our labor, we still hear the pledges talk about the dance. Founded in 1912 at the University of Michigan Epsilon Chapter established in 1919 President-Fay Justice Treasurer-Jean Lange Pledge Mistress-Betty Green Rush Chairman-Gerry Murphy ROW l-Schumacher, R., Tretzger, P., Lange, J, Buck Mrs Jus ice F Mc o Func ROW ll-Mothers, M, Ortner, S, Buente, M., Bauer och A an e oumcnn at ermann ren ruen Urine Q r ROW Ill-Bristol, J,, lung, R, Porteous, M., Birn ur ett oe e ro on roc a e ox Sc maz Albonese ROW IV-Hocks, J., Grom, L, Hamilton, B., Reiss: anszen rusenme er ourot ur ae rn s 1g e ROW V-McDevitt, S, Heelrun, M, McHugh, P Klos er emper oes onner ss Isphor an Hanlon Stoeckle Corbett, M., Bodkin, R, McCarthy, M ROW Vl-Way, J., Mull, M., Baldwin, P,, Crane ener on eso Mc o Fulfor i fi 1 3 . G r ?' ,,.......7 QW . ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW VI-Busch, A, Steiber, R., Ccdmon, L., Bailey, M., Gilmore, B., Engelke, E., Sloneker, M., Doggett, E., Keller, M., Frome, S. ofle, M., Kunold, V., Smith, M., Thompson, J., Bonclel, Mrs. T., Walter, A., Clunt, W., Smith, V. ll-Motsinger, H., Glozier, M, Becker, J., Ross, B., Abel, B., Harvey, L., Heather, J., Dumont, M., Weber, H., Myers, l., Graf, M III-Borcherding, J, Buck, P., Fertig, C., Nieporte, M., Miller, J., Poppleweli, C., Gruener, M., Gates, J., Sonntog, R. H., Espelcge IV-Hummel, B, Bergmann, J., Martin, M., Schornhorst, J., Timm, W., Georgeton, C., Smith, J., Bergold, J., Elliot, C., Irons, M. chrimpf, M. K., Cornell, F., Goldschmidt, M., Pfriem, B., Hahn, M., Benzinger, R., Eppingholf, E., Kriegel, J., Figg, R., Molloy ZETA TAU ALPHA x V Founded in T898 at Virginia State Normal School Alpha Eta President-Ju ne Thompson Vice President-Audrey Walter Secretary-Virginia Kunold Treasurer-Mariorie Smith idents. 88 This year we joined the ranks of the other sororities on the campus who had bought new houses. We planned all the remodeling and redecorating ourselves and spent the summer doing odd iobs while trying to stay out of the way of carpenters, plumbers, and painters. The second tloor was converted in to a dormitory, and the basement found itself housing a large dining room Burgandy and light green were chosen as the color scheme tor the spacious light living room As a fin ishing touch, we introduced our house at a reception tor the alumns and sorority pres ,- -L 5, 5 ' Q- '67 3 TA ROW I-Diehl, J, Bard, S, Strauss, G, Beesten, B ROW ll-Phillips, D J., Vollmon, J., Elberty, G, Reuter, 5, Barnes, J., Lehrner, E ROW III-Hauser, E., Smith, R, Gerard, E, Motzer, H, Rosselot, P., Mueller, D. WZ After winning the Women's Group Scholarship Cup, A. l. W. established more firmly their importance on cam- pus. The cook sales being held in T. C. are moving with great success, and plan to continue. A slumber party has rounded outa full campus schedule. And the members are iustifiably proud of such a campus schedule which A. I, W. works to carry out each year. TMANON Much was to be gained by way of chapter organization at the recent convention held with the Butler University chapter at the Gibson. Future events were planned at the business meetings, and the U. C. Trianons took the visitors on a tour of the Queen City. National officers were in- stalled at the banquet held in the evening, making the day one to be remembered. ROW I-Smith, L, Luke, C, iTreasureri, Smith, J A, iPresidenl, Shafer, P, Secretary, Dimmevt, V ROW ll-Link, H, Fitch, D, Moore, J., Bertsch, l., Oppenheirn, R., Heinzerling, L, Oscherwitz, C, Abello, N " .1 gg it ,, -1 NK 'FsQ'i," , 4 Ns ,ly ,J W -D 8 'ff fx ' A ' 0. 15 ' 4 -K ' - -3 ' -q t ' A . -- lf! . ., 45 ' - X v-' . , . m D Qs 4 3. ,gl ,A i 5 1 x 1 X - - 1 i I 3 l i q v l 0 r :- I L 'N .ww-" 2. R ,J 89 F9 x S K. V LINKS QUADRES ROW I-Harris, C., Said, K., Kallmeyer, J., Phillips, B. ROW Il-Finch, E., Wendel, S., Bishop, M., Drake, I, Making the rounds of member's homes for the eve- Of the several dances held after the meetings, ning is a favorite pastime. There is nothing like a re- Quadres' Hallowe'en dance was an outstanding suc- loxed group at home with games near an open fire, cess. Cider and donuts were served in true Hallow- song sessions at the keyboard, cake, and ice cream, e'en spirit. Thus, with 0 reputation established, the Betty Hull Scholarship Dance had to live up to its pre- And every member will testify to the life-long friends decessors. Plans were complete, much work was done, for cementing those friendships. that grow from Links. and the dance was as successful as past events. ROW l-Beaver, M., Jonson, A. A., Nelalett, R,g Ware, H, ROW ll-Harris, E., Jones, A., Martin, J., Kibble, B. 'I 1.1L ffl s . r 'WTA W lk This yeor's Independent Formal was held at Mariemont Recreation Hall and considered a success by all who attended. Complete with a Christmas tree, the decorations were as gay as the season itself. Midnight brought a floor show when the talent of the chapter did a take off on "The Night Before Christmas." Party spirit was much in evidence and it was only the rigidness of campus rules that finally brought a close to the celebration but A.I.S. had added another successful dance to its list of activities. ROW ROW ROW ROW 11440' nf-vw mv . .en is 4 S! a Woolley, S., Hauser, E., Barnes, J., Cole, L., Bard, S., Schalfner, J., Patalita, L., Diehl, J, Strauss, G. ll-Gerard, E., Phillips, D. J., Vollman, J., Rosselot, P., Reuter, S., Mueller, D., Matzer, H., Elberty, G., Lehrner, F., Beesten, B. lll-Weil, A., Dasser, T., Galyean, W., Rissover, H. E., Earls, W. L., Braun, F. H., Scheper, H. W. Baoher, J. R.Williamilis, L. IV-Schilmeister, G., Durr, H., Shaw, E., Winslow, J. W., Lorenz, T., Meyer, F., Gardner, A., Baskind, D., Winkler, J., Wall, K. President-Livingston Cole Vice President-Shirley Bard Treasurer-Janet Schaffner Secretary-Jean Diehl 91 We'll always remember those de- termined voices of big brothers ring- ing in our ears, and those days we spent scrubbing the floors and clean- ing the windows, but the few months as a pledge is only a small portion of memories that four years of college fraternity lite brings. Those old beer parties with the gang, ancl nights of tramping the campus singing our lungs out, plus the tire-sicle-bullses- sions with a bunch ot swell guys all add up to days that should never pass, but just live on and on. I is iz! -1 5 . N-, 'T 1 QP 'CZ' X x ROW I-Musat, O D, Ahrens, A J, Alderman, W E ROW II-Goettle, J W, Porter, W, Koch, Cn, Moore, G C, Frost, M, Skidmore, D S ROW IllfAclams, R, Emmich, R H, Groser, E, Metzger, E, Chcurtock, J, Kraft, R, Erickson, H INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL President-Marion Fleming Vice-President-Al Ahrens Secretary-Treasurer-Ollie Musat As the gavel pounds madly down on the table, "Jug" Fleming starts the ball rolling at another session ot the ln- tertraternity Council. This year, as every other year, has seen the Council, with their sleeves rolled up, wading into several big undertakings. Remember the passing ot the school tax levv last Fall that out U.C. back on the "Gold Standard?" Hand in hand with University officials the tra- ternities on campus were one ot the swaying elements in the passing of the bill. The survey of extra curricular organiza- tions on campus was indeed one of the drives that add up to a better campus and fresh university spirit. The Inter- traternity-Pan-hellenic Publicity Committee, which functioned as a organization to further constructive publicity for frater- nity and sorority projects, brought to the public's eye the truth about outstancling Greek events. Nothing need be said here about the lntertraternity dance, for we're sure you were there and joined in the merry making. We can't iust paint a picture of work, work, work for the Council, for many an "after meeting" bull session at the "C. B." or "Ships" kept spirit high and good fellowship strong. 93 T ' l in ,tg ROW I-Ridgway, G., Brown, R., Waterfneld, R., Sonnenberg, F., Weidner, P., Wagner, R. W., Britton, W. W., Hill, W. ROW II-Gibbons, J., Stork, F., Barnes, J., Best, R., Ellis, W., Young, J., Rice, D., Larson, J., MacMinn, R., Eichenberger, N. ROW III-Gregory, T., Schmidt, G., Waddell, C., Carr, T., Johnson, D., Rogers, R. S., Fax, W., Williams, W. L., Bowman, G., Mudgett, F. ROW lV-Miller, R., Henderson, T., Leever, R., Shevelow, G., Nolte, W., Prochko, G., Alday, C., Patten, F., Kirch, G., Fought, R. ACACIA 9 W' '- I '- V 'A-vu... Founded at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in T904 Cincinnati Chapter established in 1929 President-Paul Weidner Vice President-Frank P. Sonnenberg Secretary-Richard E. Brown Treasurer-Robert L. Waterfield Our actives squirmed in their stiff shirts as the pledges beat them at their own game in a skit. Given the night ot the Christmas pledge formal, it was a take oft on the little things in lite of an average Big Brother. The Crystal Ballroom ot the Sinton Hotel rang with serenading and the grand announce- ments ot not one but three engagements. Pledges, actives, and alumni all agree that this night was booked for a high place on the memory shelf.

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