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PAGE ,-, LAW COLLEGE QiE'Cl1l lJli2iZ8l'llO1l ijPCV50ll. Highly respected and admired by the lawyers of the coming generation is the Dean of the College of Law. What about the College of Law titty years ago when the Cincinnatian was being launched? The Lavv School ot the Cincinnati College was then 60 years old, It was housed in a building on the site ot the present Mercantile Library Building. The Honorable Jacob Cox, a former Governor ot Ohio and a General in the Civil War, was Dean of the Law School. Mr. Alexander H. lvlcGuttey lbrother ot William Holmes Mc- Gultey of "Reader" tamel was Secretary. The requirement tor admission was "the elements ot ct good English education." There were 5000 volumes in the Lavv Library. Says the venerable Lavv College to the enter- prising Cincinnatian on the occasion ot its fiftieth anniversary, "Many Happy Returns." Merton L. Ferson ABOVE: Lleft to rightl Dean Ferson, Professor Morrison Professor Lavery, Professor Woodbridge. BELOW: l X Ns XA XXX X x. PAGE KLUSMEYER, JAMES PATTERSON, REID E. PUCHTA, C. F., JR. LLB. l.l.B. LLB. Glee Club, Oraforio, LAW COLLEGE Phi Alpha Delfa, Case Club. SHAW, HENRY P-LL.B. WETHERALL, RAYMOND C.-l.L.B. I Y Ten years from novv, vvill you remember The verdicT of The famous --- vs. --- case, or will you become nosTalgic over The many SENIORS WITHOUT PORTRAITS Martha Allen, Dale Case, Robert S. Christie, Mark A. Getzend- aner, James J. Geygan, David Griffith, Norman Hoover, John good argumenT and cs snack aT Ship's'? K. Lewis, wausem D. Meyer, Edwin E. Mefgen, John H. Rmer, E. Robert Schellhase, Howard P. Schewiiz, Olive D. Will, John Wood. Times you played pin-ball and enjoyed a 2' ' 2 L ufslky 4? mai! 512 M I K 2 4 US."-i': J QQ iv 5 J fr N . ww + Q exif J' .1 , it A..- ,Q 525' Q' ' 1 , . , 4 if Pffla' 2 ,I ., ...,T,E1i:.q 1-pq: 4' Q1 25 4,22 .N f--1 'r'2i.,a?rs1 ,xv 31-4-1? V' 3 5341, v -V - 'I .fl 33532213 gffw ,Q ww, ,153 I A.,gm:,, 4'-9I2"f47'f-17:4 ' ff 1 ' ',,.- 'J '127.,bf-1y1::1',:.z:.::4W-,.-.,:-',q,.q -V - 1, , ' - V. ,, gig' --ff "72?:rm-af1':1.z:.-,-1.11 21-, 1 1. 1 -- . 3 UR ING ll II AIQTII PAGE NURSING AND HEALTH t XCCI11 !eH CQ. GJE'!llvUG7'Z A calm and efficient person, she rightfully takes her place as dean of wartime nurses. The College of Nursing and Health congratu- lates the Cincinnatian upon the celebration of its 5Oth Anniversary. We, too, can reflect up- on fifty years of progress in which nursing education has been carried forward toward a goal commensurate with the trends of all education. Some of the contrasts of the past and present through fifty years of progress are amusing to consider: the student nurse in the early '9O's with her long, tight, leg-o-mutton sleeved uni- form which swept the floor as she walked from patient to patient, with the trim, neat, shortsleeved uniform of the present student nurse, the first nursing textbook used in the school which contained all the information from care of mothers and babies, medical and surgical patients, anatomy and physiology to materia medica, with the present many sepa- rate reference books now found in the stu- dents' own library in the College of Nursing and Health, the end room on the ward which was the nurse's "home," to the present Nurses' Residence, complete with all accommodations for comfortable, modern living. May we celebrate together another fifty years of noteworthy progress! Helen G. Schwarz ABOVE: A February freshman. BELOW Cleft to rightl: Miss Bohlman, Dean Schwarz, Mrs. Lott, Lt. Pugh, Miss Jung, Miss Mercer. X wax XX 'KESEQQ 'Q-,Q -Y tk?-tix.. ,- Q-:,ws.:2f-'rl ' ' cs ' ' ' so x- News . 1 PAGE NURSING AND HEALTH TL, 4. SEATED Masters B ORourlce J Barr M., Gray, C.: Russell, L. STANDING: Rasmus, H.: Conaway, F., Whiteseli, M., Nursing Honorary - Alpha Chapter Founded T924 - University of Cincinnati The activities ot Alpha Alpha Pi have been greatly curtailed by the war ettort and the extra time it is consuming. In its restricted lite, the chapter still remembers its purpose: to provide highest ideals in nursing, to raise scholarship stand- ings, to further student activities, and to bring about a closer relationship between nursing students ot our school and those of other schools ot nursing connected with uni- versities. Founded in T924 with the idea of possible expansion in other institutions, Alpha Alpha Pi tor years sponsored an annual picnic and ball. The picnic was usually held in Mount Airy forest. A lawn-tete and the initiation banquet were tea- tured this year. One interesting protect started this year was a collection of dolls, displaying the evolution ot the nurses' uniform from earliest times to the present day. Otticers are: President, Mary Barr, Vice-President, Francis Conavvay, Secretary, .lane O'Rourke, Treasurer, Lucille Rus- sell, and Chaplain, Margaret Whitesell. if P1T'E5W:5"i:if:R1:5iJV2 J '1,5L.- '5-5.51-.3 " 'L . I fff l syrc TKT? rim 'uf "Wi IF" -, "",24l'- '2 5-55' ' ms EY ff y, 5' wwfsss - r f f 1 ALTHOFF, EMMA LOU-B.S. in Nursing Junior Advisors, Y.W.C.A., Glee Club. AUSTIN, OLGA-B.S. in Nursing Melody Club. BARR, MARY ADELINE-B.S. in Nursing Alpha Alpha Pi. CARMANY, ANNA DEAN-B.S. in Nursing CONAWAY, FRANCES-B.S. in Nursing Alpha Alpha Pi. DERFLINGER, MABEL-B.S. in Nursing A.I.S. FULGHUM, ELIZABETH J.-B.S. in Nursing Soph. Class Vice Pres. GAISSERT, HENRY-B.S. in Nursing N. and H. Tribunal, Junior Advisors, Mel- ody Club. GRAY, CHARLOTTE-B.S. in Nursing Senior Class Pres., Y.W.C.A., Junior Ad- visors, Alpha Alpha Pi. GUY, JOAN-B.S. in Nursing N. and H. Tribunal. HARSHFIELD, VIRGINIA-B.S. in Nursing A.l.S. HARTLIEB, BETTY-B.S. in Nursing N. and H. Tribunal, Y.W,C.A. JOHNSON, MARY K.-B.S. in Nursing A.l.S., Melody Club. KANOUSE, MARIANNE-B.S. in Nursing PAGE NURSING AND HEALTH No slacks or blue-leans around the Nurses' Home . . . it's unpro- tessional . . . H159 by "grand- father," and the last mad dash for 3259 Elland . . . nerve in hand, lump in throat, and the crucial question, "will you sign my card for an overnight?" Luck be with us all! . . . prediction ot a maior change in earthly ele- ments-vvhen a 3:30 precedes a clay oft, tew and tar between . . . KUNTZ, MARY ALICE LEWIS, MARY BELLE MASON, BETTY G, B-5- in Nursing B-5- in Nursing B.S. in Nursing A-I-S., Melody Club. N. and H. Tribunal, Oratorio, Westminster Forum. l MASTERS, B. D. McCALLUM, BETH McCREARY, LOIS M. 1 B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Nursing A Melody Club, Alpha A.l.S., Junior Advis- i Alpha Pi. org, l i .JI Q iii MUELLER, BARBARA NASH, MARGARET O'ROURKE, JANE E. B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Nursing Senior Class Sec'y., Senior Class Treas., NURSING AND HEALTH Y.W.C.A., Melody Alpha Alpha Pi. Club. PARK, BETTY JANE PETERS, DORA M. QUIGLEY, MARY E. B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Nursing Melody Club. Sfudenf Council. sign in Dr. VVyler's office, "Cold chair," for anyone with regula- Tion symptoms-line forms To The right, 9:30 To lO:3O A.M. . . . left, right, left-noi Cadets-lust Miss Anderson's calesfhenics classes having Their weekly lag . . . cauliflower, sauerlcraut, onion? . . . no, only The plighfs of Anolomy Lab. '1251-'Afi "xg, RASMUS, HENRIETTA M.-B.S. in Nursing Student Council, Alpha Alpha Pi. RUNYAN, FRANCES I.-B.S. in Nursing A.l.S., Glee Club, Orchestra. RUSSELL, l.UCll.LE G.-B.S. in Nursing Melody Club, Alpha Alpha Pi. SPAYD, LOIS M.-B.S. in Nursing Melody Club. STARTZMAN, E. J.-B.S. in Nursing Melody Club. STEHLE, RITA M.-B.S. in Nursing Alpha Alpha Pi. STUMPF, MARJORIE R.-B.S. in Nursing A.I.S., Melody Club. WHlTESEl.l, MARGARET A.-B.S. in Nursing Women's Senate, N. ond H. Tribunal, Al- pha Alpha Pi. SENIORS WITHOUT PORTRAITS Virginia Mae Wheelock. T - 4 I P42444 0 APPLIED ART f 43. 5 , . bu q 13' ,- ,gp- 33,33 QS ' wif 'Q ST' if 's , S Em :skim xNiv'SsEf x . ' xx 5 -4. if 53 ,Q . sw 41 'nd Q1 M255 35 ar, 4. . . -. X N I 4 4 ,CN pa, 'N x xx , N Q fx xx k . va k 'tl L ,J X4 A ,X lx , .,., , W W2 1 lk Q N Y ,P N Q3 c Ly' , , 'KX NPN 5 3 Q , 1 1 , vv T -, -,W -,-f -- V T v -- -N -- H, -V xt . ,- , N, . ., -' ,, -- H- Q.:-,..f,--mg mf-4-w-sm'f?wvfs21. wixw-:ns mku Q.. .. J. , . .. , -.x-':,:2fN-- ., ,. fy, wc-V . , A A H ia- by '-M-M15-+41 5 Enwf-wi." 9:-Q'-Q ..,.. 11 - Q ww Jr W WSw W f Q' ' W' .A A , ' QiA 'NUR TO Fo R ' RANTED' NCR TO TALKQ if ' f ., ' YN N217-Zzziiiiv.-73, '45'1'V- .- , . - . , . .. ' 4 " . 1 'f .H ' , - 95 ' 2 ' x , 'ii ' K' l' z4. ,- ' t15" 'f5':'N 'XT'v k:x? 5"!c.".,l13ix'E?1 ':3'xitVXiE", f:z'3Nk,,1- :lf :,:.".4,-'...IY. ' -,N.-xiii.-vk:-1-':'2L52i5:v'ikIiU55f- . 1 ' U: X, A x ' H: " ' ' ' 5 T A ' wx ' ' W' ' ' ' .. -t . :3.,K,:.:'-:Q .-.-wax X7 1 ,,-xo ., ,f'+-','- ' ' -- ' ' ' ' ' ""w""' X .---. , xv Y X Q Q ,N dn, Q. my -ww, , X X Q Q ax A "QA, W? U Na. QAM It Qwxfigxy Q, ,Q 1 fg . tx Q4 A Q 1 5 v Q N a K - l Y "-X Q, 4 X 3 v , .. 'Wt r - . H Q 'XDIfSm 'lOV RSE QBVT TG AWEIGH A ND C oN s1DE R 2 W a' lm. .N xmx wr y Q Q: X6 Q ,s ax ,Q 4 X h 5 X 5 Q X Q x .Q Y . 3 xx mx W ,M W x K" 3 4 Ni 'H A , : 4 K A 4 HQQ v ala , a x . X N. K sf Qgggwwwkww Q ,Q W, F1 X W , .. X, ., ,O . ,-,W ., .- v 4.. f..:- . .b nw .-.uf w- - ,. ,- . ' , 57' ' ,.. .l . 1' ',z .- - ., 5 -1'-m ix .5 ' , . isgjqfgwf:1g1:g,.fv2r31,g...-'av-gy 1:.:.4fg. G- ,gf-2 ,mg ,X ., X, 1f141i' -11 ,,, ' -W'-lea -M: ff-.V 1 1 , -f:'f-51-3-ry1 k -- 5""' x'x "? s'f'.x3ii.1 :3f'l1'S fi,Z5L:1?w?:'5'?1f1':5?x3?T'AA' 5x"33'f :yf1'5i3?'h':'ff3ll" ' 193 " igfiffsf' W 'A 'FRE l Y-'ff x, . . .I N T.-: 5:31193-li' - 3 z, : a X 1 j , f ' j 1 W., - , ' K' ' M" -' . " ' r - mfvgf' :, v mg:-1.-n:.:5,.,.:g:'4,4:--'-,gs-rbi. ,-Y.--::.1:-:gif-fx -sggif-11.3 -Mai --Ww.v..... -- ,.., -- ..,.....,,.gLV ..,.,,zx,r::.. 1, , ,, ' V -- --- V -5 V -A1-2:-----H ,.. ,J Y H,-QWAL. Yann- ' V . ifv' X- " '-'-'-'-ffg-A'-,nv , V ,.... :.,,,,,.,A..,,...,,A.,,,, - A e i ' 4 i 4 ' '1Tu. iower 0 SiY'E'lfl-gilt, Voc! O! frufll. viii: -- M515 1945 x. K PAGE APPLIED ARTS sf if ' K.. .,,.v.. ij, ,-gb Z L 3 Y .....,. lllllllll'l'llll' IESSAGEZ In September l922, the late Dean Herman Schneider organized a Department of Archi- tecture closely affiliated with the Department of Civil Engineering in the College of Engi- neering and Commerce. This course proved to be attractive, and landscape architecture was soon added. Having built the house and beautified the sur- roundings, it seemed natural that the occu- pants would like to have the interior made attractive, in July, 1925, the School of Applied Arts was created by action of the Board of Directors. Courses were offered in architecture, landscape architecture, and interior decora- tion. Ceramics, industrial design, costume de- sign, general art, and courses for teachers of art were subsequently added to the programs offered by the School. The men in the School of Applied Arts are all required to follow the cooperative plan, but the women may elect an optional full-time program. It is interesting to note, however, that there is an increasing preference for the cooperative work which can hardly be attri- buted entirely to its economic advantage. There is gradual but marked and steady in- crease in the number of non-resident students who attend the School of Applied Arts and a widening geographical area from which they come. Robert C. Gowdy TOP TO BOTTOM: The major-domos-Professor Picker- ing, Miss Paul, and Saint Peter's, Still making mud pies, Work in the bumming room? No, it's posedlf What size I-beam would you use here? PAGE APPLIED ARTS -wrri. izsaa.z, .i.i safrfz. ...- : - - .g.- 1. f' -N. fy . V -Y X rg? L 'f Q wg! 5. ean 0 9' - 01' 9 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Bechfold, Profes- sor Poui, Professor Nash A mon of understanding: his sincerity, ability, ond sense of humor make him popular wifh The siudenf body. X IIIX APPLIED ARTS ROW I: Alexander, J., Beiting, E., Buettner, R., Wilkens, J., Smith, H. ROW II: Quinn, J.,Burr, D., Betz, E., Freitag, W., Reese, J., Eynon, B., Vanl"loef R iii lift 'tt tual ' 3515! ...f Founded 1909-University of Illinois Local Chapter, Osiris, Founded 'I929 OFFICERS President-Robert Buettner Vice-President-Donald Pansiera Secretary-John Wilkens Treasurer-Edward Beiting Historian-James Alexander Scarab was the first undergraduate archi- tectural fraternity to be founded in this coun- try. Membership is limited to architects, land- scape architects, architectural engineers, and students studying for these professions. The aims of the organization are, to attain a broader knowledge of architecture and allied arts, to secure, through association, the ad- vantages of a more refined culture, to stimu- late a greater interest in expression of the graphic arts, to promote friendly competition among the students and schools of architec- ture, and to create a lasting spirit of fellow- ship and co-operation within the fraternity. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Ernest Pickering Merle Bottomley George Roth, Jr. Reginald Grooms Leslie Martin PAGE lllll APPLIED ARTS LEFT TO RIGHT: Marten, W., Terry, N., Miss Knutson,, Lovell, M., Tucker, R., Ho J., Burkhart, H., Mohr, R., Sellers, S., Weiland, G., Bransky, P., Kreyenhogen, M., DELTA Plll DELTA Alpha Zeta Chapter ot Delta Phi Delta, na- tional art traternity, was installed on the U.C. campus in May, l94l. One of its Chief pro- iects is the scholarship tund for outstanding Applied Arts students. At Christmas time the tund vvas augmented by returns trom an art sale, the first of its kind at the University. The social events ot the season consisted of the annual Christmas Tea, a grill party tea- turing a talk by Mr. Reginald Grooms on stu- dent lite in Paris, and the annual Co-op Day Banquet. pkins, H., North, D., Blase, J., Kneuven, E., Livingston, Er Quinn Howe. B. Vx. iv i. i Founded T912-University of Kansas Local Chapter, Alpha Zeta, Founded T941 OFFICERS President-Margaret Lavell Vice-President-William Marten Secretary-Dorothy North Corresponding Sec'y-David Woolford Treasurer-Ida Louise Krueck ALEXANDER, JAMES M., JR.-B.S. in Arch. Beta Theta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Ap- plied Arts Tribunal, Pres., Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Cincinnatian, Editor, Junior Advisors, Orientation Board, Scarab. BAIN, VIVIAN-B.S. in A.A. Applied Arts Tribunal, Y.W.C.A., Junior Ad- visors. BEAM, MILDRED E-B.S. in A.A. Alpha Chi Omega, Applied Arts Tribunal, Cincinnatian, Delta Phi Delta. BUETTNER, ROBERT P.-B.S. in Arch. Pi Kappa Alpha, Scarab. COOMBS, GEORGE-8.5. in A.A. Pi Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Track, Profile, Mummers Guild, Y.M.C.A. DOHME, ARTHUR J.-B.S. in Arch. GAHL, JANE-B.S. in A.A. Orchestra, Delta Phi Delta. GARGRAVE, ROBERT J.-B.S. in Arch. Alpha Tau Omega, Sophos, Applied Arts Tribunal, Cincinnatian, Junior Advisors, Y.M.C.A., Football Manager, Applied Arts Club. GLICKMAN, PAULINE J.-B.S. in Art Ed. GOSIGER, ADELE M.-B.S. in A.A. Theta Phi Alpha, Pres., Guidon, Delta Phi Delta. GRIFT, M. ELAINE-B.S. in A.A. Theta Phi Alpha. HEISMAN, VIRGINIA A. Phi Mu, Pan Hellenic Council, Guidon, Arts Board, Greek Games, Co-ep Club. HETTERICH, MARTHA F.-5.5. in A.A. Kappa Kappa Gamma, VVomen's Senate, Junior Advisors, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Delta Phi Delta, Lit, Vocational Interest Confer- ences, Chairman. HOWE, BETTY JANE-B.S. in A.A. Delta Phi Delta. PAGE SCHOOL OF APPLIED ARTS Another successful Beaux Arts Ball, this year a studio party . . . Can we ever target the faculty skit with Mr. Bechtold as Ca- mille? . . . Another year of look- ing tor a boys' bumming room . . . Delta Phi Delta's Christmas sale, Scarab's new temple, the watercolor dance with its black- out, the Senior picnic in the Ceramics lab-all these have their place in A. A.'s I943. KICHLER, GENE C. KINDEI., GWEN B.S. in A.A. 8.5. in A.A. Zeta Tau Alpha, Glee Club, Oratorio, Ap- plied Arts Club. KIJNE, JOHN I.. B.S. in Arch. KOCH, BETTY JEAN KREYENHAGEN, M. 8.5. in A.A. B.S. in A.A. Zeta Tau Alpha, Co- Delta Phi Delta. ep Club. KRUECK, IDA I.. B.S. in Art Ed. Kappa Delta, Teach- ers College Tribunal, Applied Arts Tribun- al, Y.W.C.A., Delta Phi Delta. LAVELL, M. M. uviNGstoN, M. E. MCCANE, HENRY L. PAGE B.5. in A.A. B.S. In A.A. B.S. in Art Ed. Kappa Delta, Junior Theta Phi Alpha, Sigma Chi, News Rec- Class Vice-Pres., Ap- Delta Phi Delta. ard. plied Arts Tribunal, Pres., Y.W.C.A., Co- operative Engineer, Junior Advisors, Del- ta Phi Delta, Pres., Lit, Newman Club. MILLER DON H MILLER SYLVIA M NORTH DOROTHY I BS in ch BS in A BS in A Alpha Tau Omega Delta Delta Delta Freshman Football Delta Ph' DBITO Manager Professor Picl4erinski's post-war Poland . . . Co-op Day with its Applied Arts sponsored dance featuring the aviation cadets . . . Little clay pellets mysteriously appearing onthe walls and ceil- ing of the "holy of holies" . . a "new deal" in life class . . .- and, of course, the first sign of warmer weather, A. A. students on the lawn just west fof Swift Hall. QIQQY ,i ' -I SCHOOL OF APPLIED ARTS PANSIERA, DON-B.S. in Arch. Sigma Chi, Scarab. ROUSH, RAYMOND E., JR.-B.S. in Arch. Pi Kappa Alpha, Applied Arts Tribunal. RUDOLPH, HELEN R,-B.S. in A.A. Theta Phi Alpha, Applied Arts Tribunal, Delta Phi Delta. SCHEID, CAROL ANN-B.S. in A.A. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Applied Arts Tri- bunal, Junior Advisors, Delta Phi Delta, Wig Wag Council. SCHWENINGER, BRUCE M.-B.S. in Arch. Pi Kappa Alpha, Y.M.C.A., Mummers Guild, Delta Phi Delta. SWOPE, BECKY P.-B.S. in A.A. Delta Phi Delta. WEILAND, GLORIA J.-B.S. in A.A. Delta Phi Delta, Arts Board. WIKEL, LOUISE E.-B.5. in A.A. Delta Delta Delta, Applied Arts Club, Var' sity Vanities, Wig Wag. WILKENS, JOHN J., JR.-B.S. in Arch. Scarab, Newman Club. WOLFORD, DAVID G.-B.S. in A.A. Iota Chi Epsilon, Pres., Inter-fraternity Presidents' Council, Scobbord and Blade, Profile, Delta Phi Delta. WUEST, VIRGINIA-B.S. in A.A. Kappa Delta, Applied Arts Tribunal, Wig Wag, W,A.A. Board. i I 07118 I I CULLEGE UF IIIIME E00 UMIU fi"m"s'f'c""4"m'g"'f"'+?"2"I"fPM'd' 5-.fzwff -fws,sfff.f sfz.+'wf.f 995953 CUUKEHY METHODS is 5 Q any lfnzam cull , . an cool. Psnbmrfmg " 'if Fai: yqurn f nlal GW Nw E Q-8-ew V 3155 'Ii x ., ,.,, 1 Q f P .,....-.....mxw'41" - -W- " 2Gw.'s:,wg V' - . ,- ' 5 LYS ' "M" 53-"iw ww.-PN 'FY -1 , - . . . -' ' , - : .f gg:-vp Nj -.Eiw ? " x -w2:s-N-2- -L, .M .. N.- .:, . -.Q.wwx4mQ5lmi.f , -A ix-R-W N - l H 3 m c Qean gfzlzabefli Qyer' A woman of innumerable tasks-yet unsurpassed in poise, graciousness, and vitality. Fifty years ago the Home Economics move- ment was iust beginning! "Domestic Science" found its way into a few public schools and colleges. A hospital in Philadelphia employed ci trained dietician, the first institution to make such a venture. An experimental kitchen was conducted in Boston. Today Home economists are serving in every phase of public life-from hospitals to factories, from army camps to school lunchrooms. In peace times and in war times, the demand for trained women with intimate knowledge of human needs and family life has constantly increased. The zenith of home economics is still to be attained. Elizabeth Dyer TOP: tLEFT TO RIGHTD Miss Maclay, Miss Gerstenberger, Dean Dyer, Mrs. Smith, Miss Knauber. BOTTOM: Tea- time in the Women's Building lounge. PAGE HOME ECONOMICS LEFT TO RIGHT: Renn, M., Ritchie, V., Bishop, J., Rothenberg, R. Oufsfonding sTudenTs moioring in child core ond Troining ore pledged To Tou Pi Epsilon. An opportunity is given for These sTudenTs To meef outhoriTies in The field. This yeor's big proiecT wos The moking of scropbooks for The Chil- dren's HospiTol. Officers ore: President, .lone Bishop, Secretory, Rito Rofhenberg, Treosurer, Morgoref Renn, Custodion, Verno RiTchie. VT TT" 'ft' ,- f, .wif - ws' R gf: -pai' ff fy, rf , me 1-- sffe N 1 7 . . . ..,,.,,,,, V ,,. ,.,,..,,,,.,..,. .... ....... .....,.......N-,,..--.M Cf - f ' ' 3: T I , I 2 .R Q 1 ' - ' 'i 2. f. s - ' T f - Y- U? ELL.. I MQ.. ..Q...glCi.z.C.,.lf., . ......:..-..,, .....a,...1.J.:.N..-new Any Home Economics girl is oufomciticolly ci member of The Home Ec. Club. A chonce for procficol opplicotion of Theories is offered by This group which hos sponsored on cookie sole for The U. S. O., o Point RoTioning Exhibit, ond oTher interesting proiects. Officers ore: Presi- denf, Jonet Lillord, Vice-Presidenf, Morilyn Troeger, Secretory, Potty Blockwell, Treosurer, Ellen Crosley. Illllllll EUII IIMIUS CL II ROW I: Moores, B., Crosley, E., Lillord, J., Troeger, M., Blackwell, P. ROW II: Mothers, L., Kroft, C., Bloir, A., Schworfz, H., Chisholm, A., Frodkin, R., Rei, R. ROW III: Geisler, M., Rolfes, R., Golvin, N., Holt, V., Ritchie, V., Von Londinghom, M., Voorheis, J., Kane, G. ROW IV: Lehon, B., Mills, O., Downing, V., Motsch, A. Knogge, M., Wogner, J., White, M., Hill, A. ROW V: Howord, M., Quinn, J., Motz, M., Noberhous, B., Johns, J., Johonning, C., Lipsky, E., Nichols, J., KCIUTZ, J., Hoffeld, M. 2 N I 2 Zfaqf-:f,,-,. QK,fa1'.siiy cfeafr varsiiy, daily Ioyal cnifclren we un!! Le ff , - Q L! V -ff' 4 , 13 ff ZX! i Q- if ,P 0 72"' 'r 2 F Jn ,QA , ff? w -ww Hn ,A S-4f7y' YV 9757 f ,fa ,,f1,m Q ,Q -f 1, Q Lf L' 4 x Jil Q v f ,I my 1, f, u w Umm E mx Lf '.J . : -yu A ,0 if-77? L , 5 ' A ' '?xx ' -' ,ffm SQ-.N -,ag , L5-5-f QW?s i'Fi2TKT?.,-Qisgig n Q 1- Zu f1' "5E"'w: gf 1124 EM! -- f.ff+--JS -, ' ,,f fwnyqi'-' - -. iw fp -L U- ...I . - ,F This honorary pledges moiors in Home Econom- ics on the basis of scholarship and interest. Girls are selected in their iunior or senior year. The group aids lin many proiects sponsored by the college. It was especially active on Sub-Fresh- man Day. Officers are, President, Jane Bremer, Vice-President, Dottie Eichelberger, Secretary, Loraine Sternberg, Treasurer, Charlotte Smith. ARMANDROFF, LlLLlE MAE-B.S. Zeta Tau Alpha, Home Ec. Tribunal, News Record, Cheerleader, Varsity Vanities, Pro- file, Glee Club. BLAIR, AUGUSTA L.-B.S. Alpha Chi Omega, Pres., Pan-Hellenic Council, Glee Club, Oratorio, Junior Advis- ors. DOWNEY, VIRGINIA-B.S. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Wig Wag, Home Ec. Club. DUBIN, DOROTHY-B.S. Delta Phi Epsilon, Mummers Guild, Wig Wag. PAGE HOME ECONOMICS ROW I: Moores, B. J., Brewer, E., Sternberg, L., Ludwig, H., ROW ll: Touff, M, A., Breck, M., Smith, C. 1 l Ullllillllli lllll BLANK, CAROLYN B.S. Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y. W. C. A., Junior Advis- ors, Greek Games, Vigilance, Wig Wag. BREMER, ELMA B.S. Alpha Lambda lata Sigma Pi, ron Nu, Pres., Ec. Club. JANE Delta, Omic- Home CULVERHOUSE, M. J B.S. Y. W. C. A., French Club, Home Ec. Club EICHELBERGER, D. B.S. Entered from Denison University, l 9 4 0 , Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Guidon, Cap- tain, Junior Advisors, Union Board, Pres. FAHNLE, HELEN FRADKIN, ROCHELLE B S B S Zeta Tau Alpha, Glee Phi Sigma Sigma Club, Oratorio, Home Home Ec. Club. Ec. Club. PAGE HARTEVELD, BETTE HOFFELD, MARJORIE HOWARD, M. B.S. B.S. B-5- Home Ec. Club. Alpha Chi Omega, OrGt0fi0, G f 9 6 lf HOME ECONOMICS Home Ec. Club, Ca- Games, Home EC. det Corps. ClUb- KOONS, MARY JANE B.S. Theta Phi Alpha, Home Ec. Club, Vig- ilance, Wig Wag, Newman Club. LEHAN, BETTY JANE B.S. Alpha Chi Omega, Greek Games, Home Ec. Club, Wig Wag. LILLARD, JANET B.S. Delta Delta Delta, Student Council, Wo- men's Senate, Home Ec. Tribunal, Home Ec. Club, Pres. Those A. D. C. dinners . . . the change in name from Household Administration to Home Econom- ics . . . those miniature room dis- plays . . . the U. S. O. cookie project. SENIORS WITHOUT PORTRAITS Ruth Wuerdeman. . - ""'2.T 2. f f' LINDNER, MARTHA W.-B.S. Alpha Gamma Delta, Glee Club, Oratorio, Home Ec. Club, Wig Wag. LUDWIG, HELEN-B.S. VVomen's Senate, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.C.A., Junior Advisors, Greek Games, Omicron Nu, Wig Wag, Home Ec. Club. MOORES, BETTY JANE-B.S. Chi Omega, Women's Senate, Home Ec. Tribunal, Y.W.C.A., Junior Advisors, Ori- entation Board, Social Board, Omicron Nu, Home Ec. Club, MOTSCH, ADELE-B.S. Alpha Chi Omega, Home Ec. Club, Wig Wag. RITCHIE, VERNA-B.S. Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres., Tau Pi Epsilon, l-'ome Ec. Club. ROSEN, NORMA-B.S. Phi Sigma Sigma, Home Ec. Club, Wig Wag. KOSENBERG, SYLVIA F.-B.S. News Record, Arts Board, Home Ec. Club, Gfee Club, Oratorio. ROTHENBERG, RITA L.-B.S. Tau Pi Epsilon, Home Ec. Club, SMlTH, CHARLOTTE-B.S. Glee Club, Oratorio, Omicron Nu, Home Ec. Club, Cadet Corps. SPURLOCK, MARY E.-B.S. Women's Senate, Quadres. STERNEBERG, LORAINE M.-B.S. Chi Omega, Home Ec. Tribunal, Omicron Nu, Home Ec. Club, W.A.A. THRELKELD, KATHERINE I..-B.S. Alpha Delta Pi, Pres., Home Ec. Club. TOUFF, MARY ANN-B.S. Phi Sigma Sigma, Pan-Hellenic Council, Home Ec. Tribunal, Alpha Lambda Delta, Omicron Nu. VOORHEIS, JEAN C.-B.S. Delta Delta Delta, Home Ec. Tribunal, Home Ec. Club. PAGE 118 S F QEEGH CQIZOTHQCIVI .mllgllffl A graduate of this University and now its youngest dean, he is already prominent nationally in the field of evening college education. if 20 GM993 IDEA ' MESSAGE: Fifty years ago, when the "Cincinnatian" made its initial appearance, there was no oppor- tunity for a man or woman to obtain a college education in his leisure time. lf he didn't have sufficient means to attend college full time during the day, higher education was "out" for him. Happily, that situation does not obtain any longer. In fact, the University of Cincinnati was one of the first in the country to offer courses in the late afternoon and evening. Former President Frederick C. Hicks is the father of adult education at U. C. Shortly after the turn of the century he arranged for instruction in commercial subjects in downtown Cincinnati. The response was excellent and re- sulted in the formation, in l906, of the Col- lege of Finance, Commerce, and Accounts. The several dozen men who attended this twi- light college nearly forty years ago now watch a younger generation of day-time work- ers enioy the opportunity of comprehensive study programs in commerce, liberal arts, en- gineering, and applied arts. From a very mod- est beginning there has developed an Evening College which last year enrolled nearly 6,500 men and women in credit-bearing courses, and nearly 3,000 in informal lecture groups-a College that ranks fourth or fifth in enrollment in the country. Education is a continuing process-a life-long endeavor. Those who encouraged the Uni- versity to develop night classes forty years ago recognized that principle, their sons and daughters realize it as they walk through the lighted halls of McMicken, Baldwin, Swift, Chemistry, and Old Tech to attend night classes. They see men and women of all ages -l7 to 70-in the classrooms and laboratories. They know that a full third of them have al- ready attended day college and that many are degree holders. They and their classmates are seekers of learning who are helping to hold the torch of culture aloft in these war- torn days. Norman P. Auburn X TOP TO BOTTOM: Keeping up with the times, What happens if I'm changed to the night shift? No paper shortage here. ALLEN, WALTER F.-B.S. in Commerce ASHER, BEVERLY-B.S. in Ch.E. BIRK, HEDWIG-B.S. in Commerce Sfudenf Council, Delta Mu Delta, Mu Ome- ga Bela, Commerce Club, Choral Club. CANNON, JANE-Cert. in Sec'y. Proclice Student Council, Journalism Club, Secre- tarial Club. ELLIOTT, ROBERT T.-Cert. in C.E. FISCHER, MILTON-Cert. in Real Eswie Dramatic Club. GREGORY, LEROY P.-Cert. in E.E. HUPPERT, JACK E.-Cert. in Lab. Tech. KNOEPFLER, ROBERT J.-B.S. in Ch.E. LADLEY, RUSSELL E.-B.S. in Commerce LADRIGAN, F. CYLDE-B.S. in M.E. OETJEN, J. EDWARD-Ceri. in M.E. OTTE, VIOLA L.-Ceri. in Acct. Phi Kappa Epsilon. PERLMAN, H. S.-Cert. in Assoc. in Arts .Rs STualenT Council sponsors U.S.O. Trips . . . Journalism Club, brighT lighT of The Evening College campus life . . . lnTer-American Week . . . no spring dance This year, as a subsTlTuTe a boaf ricle vviTh The Day School . . . a wom- an as presialenT of STuclenT Council for The second Time in The hisTory of This college . . . Those gossip columns in The Eve- ning Division's News Record . . . The commuTers frorn oTher ciTies anal ofher sTaTes. PHILLIPS, HENRY W. RIESZ, HAROLD O. RINCKENBERGER C Cerf. in Acct. B.S. in Commerce Cert. in Bus Ad Della Mu Delta, Tau Kappa Alpha, Delta ' Sigma Pi. SALZWAS, S. H. SCHAEUBLE, CARL L. SCHOENBERGER P PAGE B.S. in Commerce B.S. in M.E. Cert. in Bus Ad IZII EVENING COLLEGE PAGE IZI SHIPWASH, ROY N. SIEBOLD, PAUL A. SIEGEL, SYLVIA BS In Ch.E. Cert. in Acct. in Assoc. in EVENING COLLEGE SENIORS WITHOUT PORTRAITS Carl Allendorf, George P. Atkinson, Robert Biedenbender, Ray K. Bolenbaugh, John W. Cheek, Virgil T. Clark, Loretta R. Conlon, CI1arIine E. Eckert, Cecil A. Ellison, Frank P. Ferrante, William F. Ham- ilton, Mildred L. Horak, Earl P. Kaufman, Emanuel G. Komnenovich, Henry M. Martin, Oscar C. Mohr, Robert W. Otten, Walter L. Retzsch, George W. Ruth, Vincent S. Tierney, Ray E. Twenhofel, Robert A. VockeII, Donald E. Wade, James C. Windgassen, T. M. Zimmer, Allen A. Zobay. THOMAS, RAYMOND-B.S. in Commerce TIEMAN, LOUIS E.-Cert. in Acct. WESTERMEYER, PAUL H.-B.S. in E.E. WHITNEY, CARL E.-B.S. in M.E. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E. YOUNG, NORBERT J.-B.S. in Eng. Chem Mu Pi Kappa, Newman Club. xgy gi 5, aff W f Jw S+' 'fi Q me . I... ,...... ..., .,. R: ' Q- -- 2.3fjV,:jY.f1'g:.5Q'r1iQ:,ff?15Q5g3iQk5i3,,,f -'Si 11 1-'fi .155 .fxkf-11,-3'-mr f' 133226. - 2 'f-reefs: ' '-L --: X fm , zQf:w:.1-s1:- ' ' S-li1:2'C::'i?., . 1 . V' . . , fm. ,452 f f- .,51vzsg.-5...5-'gg-.a 2 N- -, .1 ,. - .LVHZL ,QW Q s 4 f 7 29. V. n ,w , Mgr 'xc .M -err.. W' Ifffjeg "jj :magma -K .A Q . '45 I.: -.- I.. -ffm,-2 , 7 A.. b I .- VW- - -4 , ., ,ur QYECGH- gQOL!1l8y 1:gQOLI'llSOll Noted poloeogrclpher ond Lofin scholor, he return d 11 11 h 11 h d h T is yeor Tof e post to vv ic e vvos olopoinfe T school yeor of 1941. md nie fy lon 1 1 1 1 GRA111111'l'11811111111110l1e11l1TSiA11l11S111E11UESf 1 PAGE 122 EEA 'S MESSAGE: Although the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was not formally opened until 1906, graduate work had been offered as early as 1880, three students receiving master's de- grees that year-one in astronomy, a second in chemistry, and a third in philosophy. From 1880 to 1906, twenty master's degrees and three doctor's degrees were conferred. By 1906 the graduate department of the Uni- versity had so increased in strength that a separate Graduate School with a separate faculty and organization was established. The formal opening on November 16, 1906 was marked by the inauguration of Professor Joseph E. Harry as Dean, and an elaborate civic function, including a torchlight proces- sion. Ten years later in 1916, after the appoint- ment of Professor Louis T. More as Dean, a second reorganization of the Graduate School took place. At this time all the graduate work in the humanities and sciences was combined into a single Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. By this measure the School was greatly strengthened through the addition to its staff of outstanding scholars on the fac- ulties of the College of Medicine and other professional schools. From a small school of 15 departments and a faculty of 27 in 1906, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has grown to its present strength of 36 departments and a faculty of 214. The enrollment has increased from 51 students to approximately 300 in pre-war days. Naturally, the war has brought about a sharp decrease in the number of students. However, we look confidently to the future, in the belief that with the end of the war the Graduate School will increase in importance and that its contributions to the promotion of higher scholarship will continue to multiply with the years. Rodney P. Robinson Graduate students conducting tests in the Tonner's Re- search Lab. PAGE iii Za GRADUATE SCHOOL a wh.. R351 K ' S mv. ,. 4335. 5, 1,55 1. H ' ' - Q . is , :.' I 3"55fX 34 255 frilfifw, If - , QSM-f K xsgz, XM iw- :qs ,G . A '- f " 1ii91,?EE:52. ,f.5l. Q , 2 :Sari-59" 2' - 1,54 . . 'ii ziiii' J: 555-.1 -1-.:g,.r. f -v , .. .vzrcb-xl :"':5::.- -2 . . - 1 1: , 4, ,- 4.-,Q 5.-:pf -.53.:3- .3 -.f'1q:y 5.5. ,gAx:g,l,-g-+g3,'-f:?- ff.: mv, M D . - M. --x, A-1 ,. . M ila. , f ag '. . X j. N am- 1.-'.:.,:. w: 9-Q-'ff Q ., K x gf Q31 41X5.4+.,, f':,g' 93152, -bf - 5 x . ':, W- . Q23-. ff. L- A ee! P ,QQ A Q ew. V u " X - -:J 122. xii? 'inf - ' , ' ' J: S' .f if 5 , ' V'-:'.1.'::515g,.f-f nf- ' W-,yi P ' ' + ' - -wwe.. 1 Pm ,L Y ,. Q a , x vw " ., .. S A L. ' 1 -. v -war' as P' 559' P. -' wx ,if 2- :- 1' b .- LQ ' lin" ' 5' '55 .2 - ., wx, X M f.. 'lffxix XT A ' i -x Pc X ix F,- , .,.,. .M ., 5, kv Q 9 .. M . N .f . xx X AN. Wg. K H .Xwwggw ,..v,z..w.A Q.. sf X X -my 5: N , .kb Q X Q' x l - W Q . fi - X .- vw uf:-ws f-:N M.. 3 , -rf V i r . , all N15 f 'B ' ' ' 9 ' 'QE s . X SXSSSFQQ-f .TX Q , w ANA. - ,X . . x,.,.9fS:x Y- Qiffxs YQ QWQSX X X -X3 ' ' Q ' A X T5 3 Q Is' ' f - 1 Qfv - , -' T' ' ' Tx' W ' Q. 'xmgfv ' UNSC, ' 5 . - X 74 S", . 31. Q' Q W,,,M., N Je 5: C . ' ' A vigx X 'M , A 'EE' ,wp "":-if - , N . il? :Ex f X .3 ,.....- - :af-?.n,1 .-Y. I U34 .,..,.f-1. . , ,.,n,,,', i A V. Nw Q ., V ,5 ,. , ff ,, wf:?ffm2z44v..-'ab , 1,32 'f:.g.w1X':f,ff:Qff- Q, 'F-r42.1,,5m,lw ...vii r ' 'T' 4. iqgegg, A M 4-un.-as-P , b ' - 4fy11.5'.'r wwe. y ZOQCIL ZOQGZ Cll,i!J1'6H ZUQ Hal! LE X '3i'i+ ' w G0-'ESL K- Aj-5QT'?9x .QCML1 L ' i -f+Qfi?v Q X, 1, 1 3 I I A-'T I , 5 I 1 PAGE! 126 I Q , we , '. ' "Xi Q90 . iw, , Q 3535 . . , Quan PAGE UNIVERSITY LIFE gedlt Q7,CE1f!1E?1'il10 fjinffe IIIIiIIII IIF WIINIE A brisk enthusiastic ottitude cind cin etticient vvciy hove won mony ci vvomon student who come to Decin Ingle tor odvice. She hos o sincere cmd ctctive interest in the University ond vvomcin's port in its deveIopment. , ETTE , W .,y. .,E. .,.c r A , - . We W 3-NNW-as -r c. - - New s ...,, ,I QICGH cgqrffzur 'gposfle IIIIII IIF MII A gciy greeting ond ci cheery manner do not cietroct from the efficiency ond oibility of this busy mcin. I-Ie knows how to commend respect from men students, cmd he meets their prob- lems with understanding ond sympathy. PAGE UNIVERSITY LIFE "AT last the class ei '94 is able to present this mush-looked-Ter volume . . . " Thus runs The opening edirorial senrence of The I89-4 year- book-we say "ediTorial" because The TirsT several pages of The modesT brown colored liTTle book were devoTed To adver- Tising:-"CincinnaTi's New Grand I-loTel . . . STricTly FirsT Class . . . PaTronized by all College FraTerniTies", "Solid Trains Daily via The Big Four I2ouTe", "The George W. McAlpin Company-The HandsomesT Dry Goods STore in Town". DedicaTed To Charles lvlclvlicken and published by The Sen- ior Class, Volume One of The CincinnaTian TeaTured an elaborate TaculTy secTion, compleTe wiTh biographies, Uni- versiTy AThleTic records lhalf mile run by Dan Laurence, 2 minufes, 33 secondsl, organizaTion reviews: The Glee and Mandolin Club, Las Trovadoras, The Mclvlicken Review, The '96 Canoe Club, and The TraTerniTy secTion Tor The campus- Three TraTerniTies and Two sororiTies. ii CLASSES F X Q. . . Q. e al s .ff , in nineillour 6T'i e T ! 7 , Aw Proud indeed vvos the closs of '94 of it's enrollment- U thirty-three groduotes, the lorgest closs ever grod- nl uoted from Mcfvlicken. Victors in neorly every othletic 3 ' event through their four yeors, these seniors were still , U, i chuckling tvvo yeors loter over their copture os soph- 5 omores of the flog in the onnuol flog-rush, the other f A , , 0 r closs hod hung it on some telegroph wires. This too . . vvos the yeor the University boseboll teom first ployed y ' th Cincinnoti Redle sl The climox of the eor come ' ff A s I X e Q' Y ' 'E ,,, 3 with the soving of the Columbion Exposition from fi- 'T ' nonciol ruin by the guest oppeoronce ond subse- sdlgl- f -uf quent success of the University Glee ond lvlondolin " '-' - ,Q-V , H- . . . --T1 TV ' f -fx - Club-ot leost so mointoined our worthy progenitors, -f , T- T g ond who ore we to doubt? and in iort -three Groduotes of o vvor yeor necessorily postpone their own coreers to enter into ormed service or inclustriol- service, looth men ond women will enter these two fields in nineteen hundred ond forty-three. They go into the future with foith, troining, enthusiosm, ond memories of hoppier times during corefree college doys. Their only worry, in true Senior foshion, is thot U. C. moy not be oble to corry on without them. The lost long mile . . . See, third from the left on the fourteenth row. ii WT TWT Tn nc J i X T llllll ll ll ll l lu Ulu l l yy l W X ,Af l.i 1 Ri u T T 1 .Ti ii- ' cl-T .u .1 T- L -UL Because of early graduaTions and imminenT calls To The colors, This year's Senior Prom was held nearly Two monThs earlier Than usual. Like The very successful Prom lasT year, This year's aTTair was informal and was held in The STu- denT Union Building. IT cenTered in The GreaT Hall buT managed To overTlow inTo every parT of The building. AT lasT year's Prom The slighTly hoT buT deTiniTely happy mobs did Their shoving To The music of STan KenTon's Band, clirecT from imporTanT engagemenTs in The EasT. The warm weaTher made The TounTain in The Grill and The Terrace facing The sTadium very popular spoTs. This year's seniors, many of Them enioying Their lasT big U. C. dance, will have The sparkling music oT Bill Cross' band To remember as They look back To Their lasT and mosT evenTTul year of college life. l-leading This year's commiTTee in charge of arrangemenTs was Don SchroeTer, chairman OT The Social Board. PAGE J Tw -1 l 7:1 T i llflill -x.,.. CLASSES iii CLASSES F 35 fb. . . Cs in ninety-iour 9 E The prospecT of finishing Their college doys on o new Burnef Woods compus dominoTed The ThoughTs of '- The Juniors in T894. BoTh The Boord of LegisloTion ond l : Q The Deon had promised oi Mclvlicken groduoTion, so V hopes were high. Though iTs members dwindled in f succeeding yeors, The closs oT '95 held The disTincTion 25 I ' ' of being The TirsT Treshmon closs To counT iTs numbers T , - wiTh Three digiTs. This sense of "ushering in ci Renois- J7 I Igvg A ' X ll ,,.,"': lr '.'1 -, STREET . sonce seemed To more Thon compensoTe Tor de- .5 . jg xg . TeoTs in The Tlog-rush in The minds of The Juniors in ---1 il i 1 .- T opproising Their chcinces Tor immorToliTy. Leodership " -1' - .5-sf , ' Q, N- "" Z ' f ,-T55 T23-.5 " in boseboll ond good men on The TooTbcill Teom gave "f ' ' o genuine ring To The closs yell, "Roh, Roh, Ree, Rip, Roh, Ree, '95, '95, U. of C!" and in fort -three The Junior closs of i894 indulged in "rushing for The flag," buT such ci posTime is no gome To The closs of 1944. IvlosT of The men do noT expecT To obToin o degree before They ore colled inTo service. This closs's Junior Prom will be The losT one Tor o long Time. These upperclossmen will miss lvlcMicl4en Commons ond secTion chcinge more Thon ony oTher group on compus. AT skirmishes! . . . Congrc1TuloTions, Mary Anne! This last "glamour" event of the season and, of necessity, the last Junior Prom tor the duration was a really gala event. The Florentine Room ot the Hotel Gibson was more than tilled, thanks to the enthusiasm with which Omicron Delta Kappa, national upperclassmen's activity honorary, sponsored the attair. Mitchell Ayers and his "Fashions in Music" reigned supreme until glamorous Dorothy Ayer of Delta Delta Delta was elected Prom Queen, it was her dance and her evening from there on in. At twelve-thirty Miss Ayer was presented by Dean Postle and received the large streamlined trophy donated by O.D.K. and a lovely bouquet ot spring flowers. Despite cheers, applause, and her own excitement she was able to "say a tew words" over the air. O.D.K. pledges were summoned at the inter- mission iust after the Prom Queen candidates had been introduced. Allan Whaling was the general chairman ot the dance tor this year. PAGE Spb will Heil CLASSES EIT CLASSES TH 0PHlllll0liE ,CV "l-li RickeTyl VVhoopyTy Dix! V , I VVhoT's The moTTer wiTh 'Qol -A.. 1 T T . 0, l-lulloholixl Terrogonixl ' AusgenzeichneT '9o! 1, 3' V 'I This wos The boTTle-cry oT The Sophomores in nineTy- ,.,:i f Tour. WiTh only Two yeors behind Them, This sTolwc1rT gg ',.. ' iff' crew could looosT of o sTerling vicTory over The up- Q 'f:fii i" l perclossmen hordes in o TwenTy-Tour hour Tlcig-rush. I Q VicTories in everyThing from The hundred yord dosh f X f' "Tf1L-- ' fixxg To The Three-legged roce eorned These enTerprising A y I T T T Sophomores Their oThleTic prowess. Une of Their l i members "mode on record Tor himself down ciT Lex- --"- U-id ingTon by sliding TorTy-Tive TeeT on The cinTerior por- 1 ' Tion oT his corporosiTy, l:nuT he unTorTunoTely sTopped 'l T someThing like ThirTy-nine TeeT ond eleven inches shorT of The loose. OTherwise his slide wos ci perTecT success." and in forty-three The Sophomores will probobly feel The reyoluTionory chonges on o wor-Time compus more Thon ony oTher closs. They hove hod Two yeors of coirefree college doys ond now will experience Two yeors of cn more orgonized rouTine which minimizes sTricTly universiTy ocTiviTies ond obolishes inTer-collegioTe oTh- leTic compeTiTion. Civilion men will be oT oi premium on cornpus, buT They soy "There's someThing obouT oi soldier." VVe'll get her GT The Trial . . . "Sophos summons --" . . . li PAGE J Q W, ,E Q1 CLASSES A L MA Lb My Q nimmmu KWfTTN'fX :TWT fTY',"V'fYuf'1 lxvwyklmg lx-we P11xX y'w lu 'ug gel? ,l,"Q NJ Q1 .llx-xx- Engineers pick one from the class of '46 ogoin . . . Soph closs in grillology. 'aa xg Jw Rong box "od ox we ' clxoooix xx 'Woe QOQNXONN QR 'xi06xKx OX CMN N YGOX Q0 N ako' X04 'Rox ' diese o OX OWL 6 K o OK. ' V-60 ngx ' G- Q doqddw 'NOK gexxkg 'xokeddec C. meox ood Kedwixc e wINc,yINxc, 'deamq oixoo NGN odvxe A MN. ce x KN doecoqvee Xie X We We axle xx Ke dmc ed 'S R005 00 X06 OO6YO0QGf ie,Qie,f ' Qa- Y ,fl jf ff 6 .I LJ : 1 3, N N d ONOCN Xiu d doe ov 'N mo we x mixov, Q06 46 xrixw ood Xen oo ok Ko d 5 Rox Wo Que ' 0 'XGQS me GW d Q0 Nd cow dweoaxo xbfiweffgxxq 5 ixde 'xo 'de odox 'ds 06661 Ko OQQXNQ KNO 'oeoesixk oX We odixoo do Nllxdd dofxoq, ood oXXex Q06 xed 6 C we XN Q owxcj X0 6 Koo J K I A1 .I jd! f l I X , I ,,, ,ff ,ff ,271 ,. X 'eq E we ON as i6CxO'ixOO :X Ks ow Q de d fvedxow. We added? e OQQ 'xg xo Noe, dew1e,d '54 QQ QQXKOKQ. o4dxoQ4, We xx odxixov GS Pxcixfx X1 QS esxx fO C, Pu, OX 'x ' C, Q do X000 , N . 9800 Q, xl x de we x CA dqixxq ds GQ dx 'de Rosie dvd OQQOKK NGN Rome OX o Xoxoodeds 'mo C- de O96 XONQQXN. HE CLASSES UPHO Sophos, activity honorary inaugurated in l93l, se- lects its members from freshmen and sophomore men on the basis of campus activity and school interest. Membership continues throughout the first three years of school. This organization lays the founda- tions of inter-fraternity spirit among its pledges. The group may pledge a maximum of sixteen freshmen and eight sophomores. Pledging takes place at one of the school's big dances. Sophos, itself, sponsors a traditional event, the Sophos Swing, at which the Freshmen Queen is chosen. At football games, the Sophos cheering section is evident. The organization has also established a scholarship fund. Election of officers is held at Christmas time. The officers are: President, Pierson Davis, Vice-President, Vic Abnee, Secretary, Bates Lowry, Treasurer, Charles Perrin, Faculty Advisor, Dean Joseph E. Holliday. ROW l: Abnee, V., Whaling, A., Strubbe, J., Smith H ROW ll Cor coran, R., Frederick, R., Helmholz, R., Perin, C. MEMBERS: Vic Abnee Fred Bohnstengle Larry Boling William Christian Bob Cook Bob Corcoran Pierson Davis Ray Fredericks Bob Helmholtz Don Langford Bates Lowry John Mason Walt Meier Clark Oyler Charles Perin Milton Robinson Ollie Robinson John Rushmer Jim Shepherd George Shrader Herb Smith Jack Strubbe Don Sweeney Verne Ullom Tom Walker Albert Wellman Allan Whaling Bob Whitehead f . mfa'f"s:""gNms:w':-s.-ss sf-V-we evmf-.ww-,a..Wa ,ares-be----r if ........,Y . M ,,----,,, ,--- ., ., ., .N . , . L fem-so ik ss' 4,5 Q Lf- r Q ', ,7 YQ Q3 L X- N , w ww- pgs: ,gf -fi.. ' .X ,Q S f, N , gm' ,, Q MN f dl , -x xx 9 wzjz H , 4-, E, C x X 3 iff .., f 'd1?Q'Q.,'A, ,,..,Q JL. :-L1 'lx .Q-sig.:-,xE12 -'i' 'f:.j..g .gcgs--.125-5j,:'l gif .irijfl -- Q..,,,::.j'QEb::,.5Lj'.f ,':5fi:5,:,-,E x- t-SIQ fghgi, :figQ11.2fi31rf'g,'g:, qjf V 1.2-iii 0I'll0'S SW! G This yeor's Sophos Swing vvos held in The GreoT l-ioll of The STudenT Union by o record-breoking crowd of o Thousond couples ond Two TooTboll squods. The disTincTive music of Johnny "ScoT" Dovis ond his orchesTro kepT The mc1ioriTy of The crovvd on The donce floor every minuie. DespiTe The heoT, people seldom "soT ouT" o number. Lovely lvlory KisperT of TheTo Phi Alpho vvos selecfed Freshmon Queen. She vvos presenTed oT midnighT by Deon I-lollidoy, odvisor of Sophos c1cTiviTy honorory Tor Treshmon ond sophomore men which sponsors This donce onnuolly. Amid The shouTs of odmirers, The Queen received officiol congroTulc1Tions ond ci bronze Trophy. Previously cull TiTTeen condidoTes Tor elecTion had been inTroduced by Allon Wholing, ouTgoing presidenT of Sophos. Members oT This orgonizcnion pc:- roded during The inTermission. The donce, probobly The losT of This series Tor The durc1Tion, vvos o huge success iudging by The oTTendc1nce ond The generol enThusiosm. PAGE CLASSES 53? CLASSES 'I' ll ll ll ITE ll lllll is . . lg l in nine y- our . I 7 H5533 W h Like ThoT of ony freshmon closs, our record of The X closs of nineTy-seven conToins few focTs ond mony 5, i , ,J Lslgw ,..- L : A ' predicfions. AdopTing vvhiTe ond gold os iTs closs IJVA Colors and ffgoom, vvhofl Ru Reel NineTy-seven, U. 5' of C." cis iTs closs yell, These fledglings enTered col- 4 T - I. K lege vviTh high hopes. Numbering ll5, This closs ' pg- had liTTle Trouble in seeing ThoT Their "mud-spongled l 4 bonner sTill vvoved" in spiTe of The "Juniors, Seniors, C -:I Q: X mules, ond dump-corTs" orroyed ogoinsT Them. A 'T ' glonce of The school colendor for l894 Tells us some- -.EQ A, Thing of The eloboroTe rushing by The froTerniTies, "T" -gi., ff ThoT The "Sigmo Chis' gooT kicked ouT o six dollor 1 f' pone of gloss," ond hovv well The Freshmen sTood up under Their pre-iniTioTion ordeols. and in forty-three The presenT Freshmen experienced o TosTe of collegiofe glomour pre-vvor vinToge, buT iT vvos jusf o TosTe. The women will finish Their college yeors on o compus where zooT suifs ore on onochronism ond The vvell-dressed mole vveors o uniform. Men moy find Themselves Troining on ofher compuses ofTer in- ducTion inTo The ormed forces. IT will be This closs's problem To see ThoT U. C. TrodiTion is noT buried for- ever, even Though iT be forgoTTen for o Time. "I'rn lust Too hoppy To speck" . . . Self-explcinofory EUPHYTE UF I TELLECT A Il FRIE ll HIP Double duty guard duty . . . H-m-m, so this is college . . . University pub- licify shof . . . Only three squore feet more To fill out . . . Is This what we Come for? PAGE CLASSES PAGE CLASSES ALPHA LAMBDA liEL'l'A Alpha Lambda Delta national scholastic honorary for freshman women encourages leadership as well as study. lt was founded at the University of Illinois in l924, and the local chapter was installed in l93T. Women must have a 4.5 average in their freshman year to be pledged. A book is given each year to the senior with the highest average. Last year's recipient was Martha Ann Fischer. This group has established a scholarship fund which they renew each year by sales and projects. The fund is handled by Dean Ingle and the scholarship committee. There are bi- annual pledgings and initiations in the spring and fall. One of Alpha Lambda Delta's traditional events is a ioint party with Phi Eta Sigma, freshman men's honorary. The officers are: President, Peggy Maisch, Vice-President, Ruth Pierle, Secretary, Evelyn Shute, Treasurer, Carolyn Forbriger, Faculty Advisor, Pro- fessor Jean Winston. ROW I: Shute, E., Pierle, R., Moish, P., Forbriger, C. ROW ll Diesendruck, E., Eberhard, L., Wetzel, S. J., Kuethe, A., Hull, B. Golfer, B. J., Bowman, A., Hopkins, P.ROW III: Light, M., Shirley M,, McCullough, M., Mills, R., Stein, S., Liebing, A., Johnson, M. Doyle, A. e- r sfzffs . --' , 2. Aw. X : iTf'f"U-fit. is A 1.3"tTt'5 -. 'EV T: .... PAGE CLASSES PHI E'l'il lllllil Phi Eta Sigma is an honorary scholastic fraternity for men. It was founded at The University of illinois in l923, the chapter at the University of Cincinnati be- ing installed in T933 The purpose of Phi Eta Sigma is to encourage and reward high scholastic attain- ment among the men of the freshman classes in all colleges. Freshman men who make a designated scholastic average are automatically invited to ioin. Active membership continues through the Junior year. Meetings ofthe local chapter are held once a month. AT these meetings speakers of interest are invited to put timely topics before the group. The speakers are faculty members, student speakers, or outside guests. Because of its important place on campus, Phi Eta Sigma has a representative on Men's Senate. Officers are: President, Ray Wuerth, Vice-President, Dick Hanford, Secretary, Fred Blanchard, Treasurer, Andrew Owen. I f ff 4 Qs N f 'ff . M F-Wersi: me '29 af 1 zfff1.3sf.., A X .W X. s. . , ...M s sc -ss , ,,.ss,.w,, f 4? Q 3 1' S. X X J 1 f W jf ,, ' ' ff' ,ff a,:se,yr WW J ,1g5,f'i5M:-iM35x ,X, Mg, 2 ,,,,7.,,g4, . A. Lygsmemswswvs.....,s,ss.-..A...,,.. ..t...,.......,.-...., ii? HONORARIES 'E Q- National Upperclassmen's Activity Honorary Founded I9I4-Washington and Lee Local Chapter Incorporated I93I I W Alpha Theta Circle ROW I: Alexander, J., Cromer, J., Friedman, J., Gausmann, W., Graham, H., Griffes, C., Herbes, W. ROW II: Hemstreet, H., Hoffman R Hoge D., Klahm, W., Kreider, T., Meyer, A., Pow, G. ROW III: Reiman, R., Scheumann, L., Schroeter, D., Sheridan, C., Stevens, R., Wartik, T., Whaling A 0 IIJIIII IIELTII Those iunior and senior men honored by member- ship in Gmicron Delta Kappa must not only meet the prime requisite of exceptional attainment in scholarship, but must also be well known for their work in campus activities. Pledging takes place twice a year, the last group is announced at the Junior Prom. This honorary organization is a rep- resentative cross section of leaders in college af- fairs and as such aids in establishing a mutual understanding between the faculty and the stu- dent body. The officers are: President, Tom War- tik, Vice-President, George Pow, Secretary, Joseph Halliday, Treasurer, Bill Gausmann, Faculty Ad- visor, Professor lvl. Charles lvlileham. MEMBERS: Justin Friedman William Gaussman Hoyt Graham Charles Griffes Harold Hemstreet Richard Hoffman Douglas Hoge William Klahm Thomas Kreider George Pow La Verne Sheurnann Charles Sheridan Tom Wartik Allan Whaling ACTIVE FACULTY MEMBERS Charles Mileham Joseph Holliday George B. Barbour James Quinn ACTIVE ALUMNAL MEMBERS: John De Camp William Restemeyer John Klum John Humphreys NEW INITIATES: James Alexander James Cokely Jackson Cromer William Herbes Albert Meyer Robert Reiman Robert Stevens iii HONORARIES National Senior Women's Activity Honorary Founded 1918-Syracuse University Local Chapter Incorporated T932 Mystic Thirteen ROW I: Obermeyer, R., Weber, L., Nenninger, M. A., Heisel, E., Sawyer, V., Gregory, H. ROW Il: Cooper, H., Luning, V., Lueders, E., Seyler, D., Blank, C., Smith, A, lIOII'I'iI OFFICERS: Pres. Mary Ann Nenninger V.-Pres. Lita Weber Sec. Virginia Luning Hist. Elsa Heisel MEMBERS: Caroline Blank Dorothy Cleaver Helen Cooper Hcirriette Gregory Esther Luedders Virginia Sawyer Dottie Seyler Alberta Smith Illtll IIII Active Mortar Boards at U. C. can be recognized by their smart beige iackets with official insignia, and pledges by the large red poppies which they sport. Members are "tapped" in the spring of their iunior year, and are selected on the basis of ser- vice, scholarship, and personality. The society pro- motes college loyalty, leadership, and scholarship. It also advances the spirit of service and fellow- ship among university women. The officers are: President, Mary Anne Nenninger, Vice-President, Lita Weber, Treasurer, Rita Obermeyer, Secretary, Virginia Luning, Faculty Advisors. Professor Grace B. Davies, Miss Lois Eliot, Professor William S. Clark. PAGE HONORARIES To foster college spirit and to enhance The glory of The University of Cincinnati are the purposes of Sigma Sig- ma, founded in 1898, society of upperclassmen of The University of Cincinnati. The members are chosen on Their merits alone, without regard for fraternity affili- ation. Sigma Sigma is strictly a local fraternity and will remain so, as its most important function, that of teach- ing loyalty to The University of Cincinnati by giving un- selfish service To The Alma Mater, can best be performed as a local organization. The officers are: President, James Fuller, Secretary, Richard Anderson, Trea Joe Morris. lillll Founders 1898 Russell Wilson Robert Humphries Walter Gebhardt Parke Johnson 1899 Charles Adler 1900 Adna Innes 1901 Henry Bentley Andrew Hickenlooper Smith Hickenlooper 1902 Coleman Avery Hugh Bates Carl Gold Arthur Cranger Edwin Hutchins Robert Kreimer Charles Peters William Probasco Stuart Walker 1903 Albert Baker Eustace Ball William Fillmore Edgar McAllister Harvey Shepard William Strietmann 1904 Robert Buck Lester Collier Adolph Fennl Carl Gantvoort Walter Heintz Howard Jones Ville Kerpatrick 1905 Bert Lyon Fred Mehlhope Paul Richardson Calvin Skinner Arthur Wadsworth 1906 Frank Buchanan Robert Caldwell Edward Forbes Alfred Kreimer Walter Shafer Curtis Williams Frank Wilson 1907 Edward Hurley Thomas Kite Walter Markworth Brown McGill Robert O'Connell Frank Payne 1908 Newin Aultman Norman Conway Fred Flach William Foley Bates Williams 1909 Hayward Ackerson Fred Hooker William Kite Edward Rowe Charles Williams 1910 Ernest DeBray Fred Hyndman 1911 Clifford Porter Hall Alden Hart Ralph McComas James Taylor 1912 Harry Buchanan William Hall Walter Heuck Lesley Johnson William F. Mitchell Vance Towler 1913 Richard Goettle Robert Heuck, Sr. Nalter O. Hill Chester Klein John Maescher 1914 William Engdahl Chauncey Hand Jerome Howard John Sheriff Bert Stansbury Chauncey Tilden Meil Wright 1915 Leonard Baehr Arthur Gordon Norman Kohlhepp Norman Lyon 1916 Howard Behle Victor Fishbach Henry Hoppe Roy Palmer Harold Payne Harold Porter John Reese Edwin Robinson Herbert Schroth 1917 William Ellis Karl Hetsch Carroll Lewis Joseph Morris Cr. James Pease Bayle Richardson Anton Schneider 1918 Harold Altarner Walter Haenle Herbert Jones Carl Lund illll Carl Margraf William Myers Carl Rogert Millard Romaine Harold Talcott Earl Widau 1919 Howard Justice Edgar Powers Bradley Roberts Herbert Winans Francis Wright 1920 Robert Dorsey Cornelius Petshold 1921 Hugh Bowen Willard Breiel Carlton Brown Carl Frey Donald Hall Edward Meyer Phillip Meyer Cyrus Osborn Robert Sarvis Edward Strietelmeier 1922 Chase Davies Daniel Fries Edward Gabriel Allison ldeson Arthur McClure Howard Metzger Frederick Schierloh Wylmer Scott Robert Todd Edward Wagner Randall Walker Edgar Coons 1923 James Beaman Lewis Gregory John Harrod W, C. Havelaar Rossiter Hoobs Ellsworth Ireland Joe Linneman James Nippert Mike Palmer John Petzhold 1924 Nathan Badhman Walter Becker Ben Bryant Morton Francis John Heizer Robert Hynes Oliver Rhodes Ed Roth Edwin Wolfson 1925 Lyne Barber George Bradner Warren Marvin M su rer, il Anthony McAndrews Louis Nippert William Schmid Kelly Siddall 1926 Fred Berger Charles Franklin Edwin Levi James Paisley Wesley Schmid 1927 John Bachman Harry Franklin Richard Jervis Robert Maddux 1928 Richard Bryant Arthur Fennekohl Albert Mayer Donald West 1929 Evan Chatfield Ellis Crawford Richard Dial Daniel Earley Daniel Laurence 1930 Charles Adams Harnf Anderson Richard Bolton Thomas Clifton Donald Crane Frank Dost Richard Franz John Gayman Jack Grieshaber William Hammond Ralph Holterhoff William Nieman Frank Owens 1931 Bradford Allin William Berwanger Harold Bohl Ralph Burseik Frank Chandler Robert Gowdy Erle Hanson Paul Heckel Silverius Kunz William Leach Lawrence Levi Carl Muth Earl Soesbe Herbert Starick Richard Steves 1932 William Atkinson Herbert Brown Waller Conner Richard Dexter Duncan Frame John Griffiths Paul Grischy f0To'o'a'.' Arthur Hallett Phillip Heil Ed Lidseen Carl Lunsford Louis Mendal Robert Nau David Porter Harry Rabe Edward Simrall Nathan Salinger Dan Tobin Alan Walsh Robert Wright 1933 Mel Bernstein Ged Brown David Devore Robert Galbraith William Gilliland Clifford Goldmeyer William Groppenbacher Fred Hoehler Robert Johnson Kosciusco Kemper Bernard Levin Louis Levy Sidney Mullikin Leon Saler George Smith Gordon Strauss Robert White Carl Williams 1934 Carl Austing Robert Eagen Robert Hoefer George Kramer George Levengood Fred Pressler Donovan Sayrs Victor Strauss Walter Tuttle 1935 James Cook Harry Duncan Donald Gilbert John Hellebush William Lloyd Clyde Nou Kenneth Parker Frank Purdy William Rhame Wayne Rich Russell Towers Larry Trame Wilbur Wright 1936 Robert Bachmeyer John Findlay Jack Keefe Walter Knocke Charles Weichert Harry Wilkerson Ralph Yeager 1937 Douglas Day William Feldhaus Larry Gibboney Robert Heuck Jr. Ralph Grace Clifford Mueller Gordon Orr Charles Gillett 1938 Robert Dalton Robert Kamp Charles Mileham Richard Powell Jed Small Charles Sulas Robert Biedenbender Milton Brooks Frank Malloy Rick Campbell Bud Kelchner Bill Ferguson Wes Newkirk 1939 Ed Alexander Bill Petitt Lloyd Gysin Joe Lowry Roger Anderson Roger Van Schoyck 1940 Charles Grimm Kenneth Heuck Robert Kreimer William Parchman Kenneth Pitt Marty Scheider Ray Virgin Merrill B. Van Pelt Sid Freidman 1941 Mac Benedict Fred Daniell James Fuller Charles Grimm Kenneth Heuck William Kelchner Ellis King Joe Morris, Jr. Lloyd O'Hara Nick Skorich William Parchman Ray Virgin New Members 1942 Richard Andersen Verne Ullom Active Members 1943 Fred Daniell James Fuller Joe Morris Nick Skorich Richard Andersen Verne Ullom ROW I: Longenbeck, R., Strubbe, J., Kraske, W., Ful ler, J., Munz, C., Hunt, J., Bode, J., Mitchel, R. ROW ll Schmadel, R., Louder, H. Meier, R., Colegrove, R., Ul lom, V., Moore, G., Morris, J. ROW Ill: KieseweTTer, C. Stephens, R., McKee, R., Fiel- mon, F., Bedway, J., Schoett mer, H., Skorich, N. .Q- '.r- ' "STeeped in Tradition" buT oddly dressed in straw hats, ieans, and pillow cases, pledges To Ulex, men's honorary, Trot abouT campus bi-annually-"weaving a web of social gaiety and spinning Threads of Trivolity To enhance The leyiTy of This mournful peace . . . "Aspiring ever, failing never, such is 'Their' mission." Joseph Babcock Jack Bode John Bedway Frank Coburn Ralph Colegrove Lloyd Deist Bill Ezell Frank Fielmon James Fuller Charles Griffes Bill Herbes Jack Hunt Charles Kiesewetter Bill Kroske Dick Langenbeck Hal Louder Gordon Mays Dick McKee Bob Meier Bob Mitchel George Moore Joseph Morris Charles Munz Fred Nathanson Campbell Neptune Elbert Nickel John Rushmer Richard Schmodel Harry Schoettmer Don Schroeter Nick Skorich Bob Smythe Bill Smyth Robert Spear Bob Stevens Bill Steinforth Jack Strubbe Verne Ullom Linton Vorwerck iii HONORARIES .- .rg 'Q .- Q Q, '. I -zwlirlt .I iix x ,S -X-1214 2 f ' 0 AQX XX ., 5' 1- It .wr Z In I . . . -'I IA f :uf fr. - , s we is s . 1 -1 L f . -l g H sg 3: ' ' all ,lj h' 'ag i94'3four tittieth yeorfis o yeor stripped ot super- ticioiity, one in which true voiue is recognized. Pride in our post ond o growing reoiizotion ot our voiue os trained peopiefthese ore the torces thot motivote us. As o schooi we expand our tradition ot vitoiity ond utiiize these times os on impetus to ochieve reoi o ress. To this oim we 'Yiie Fiifieiiiiisiiiiiie iiiiie X ' 1 f X Mffffzwdf X ugbafiiiorw 0 fin I I 1 1 44111644 L 0 L'lfL0lf744fl4ii df144'01fQjli 60 sZLa uW4 ' 5114514614 Wagga Zflvfwr, ? - f III? UNIVERSITY LIFE fl U T ' 'W T I ,I T I ' W II IL I3 I I IL IJ I IL II I I ' JIM IIIIMIIIIIM I I I I f . 1 III I I IIIII MIIIIII Ei hx U If JN my IA.IhIlI.1lLI.II PAGE UNIVERSITY LIFE 1. .. , ..., IM: .,.. Q N yur, V'-' ' Q I I I ,, T ' I7iii'12ifCF:f':-fi'r'f . 'ii "fi ,. f' ' H "'A T M : ' .f , .f s :-Ss1x1f6:::: is " ,X 1. 'sw izpeasf -'YiK1"f,3f'15-i"' - I ,. '-'SQL -. 45553 I .irq ,, ' Tx WL 5 3 li? KX w ' ', K fl- ' ' - is l,, ii is 'T I f ss ig -, -fr., rc? ' - A ' 7?-:uw ' I sr' r 4 . 1, . . We ' 'i ' .- s, The indoor circus midway . . . The Tri-DelT "blow-ouT": prize booTh . . . TheTa Phi's live ducks splashing waTer all over . . . The winning Phi DelT side show-Ten cenTs a dance . . . BesT pinned couple George Woodward and Skippy WiTTe. The ineviTable TranTicalIy The Top deck . . . Beer in congrous couple aboard. WWWW laTe couples missing The boaT . . . Popcorn and pin ball machines . . . Romance on The engine room . . . The siren oT Ship Wreck Isle and The Bearded Man, mosT in- f llii is ll I ' 1. T ,.i, l , ,, An ArTisT's TanTasy . . . The draTTing room Transformed inTo a plan of beauTy . . . Prizes Tor The besT cosTumes . . . Dancing To an unnoTiced orchesTra . . . SlciTs by The TaculTy and sTudenTs . . . Awarding The Order of The Sacrificial Lamb. PAGE ORGANIZATIONS llllll0 ll0llllll Ping-pong in The gome room, o coke in The grill, ci nop in the lounge, dinner in The cofeterio-This is what The Union meons To The LJ. C. student. But he is seldom owore of the existence of The Union Boord which reguloTes These octivities. This representotive group, composed of students ond foculty, sets oside The rooms for his meetings ond recreotion. Boord members recently oppointed Professor Woylond M. Burgess os supervisor to reploce Professor Rolph Bur- seik, now o Coptoin in The Army. The officers ore Dorothy Eichelherger, President, Tom Smith, Vice-President, ond Mory Linn DeBecl4, Secre- tory. Deon PosTle, Deon lngle, Deon Govvdy, ond Mr. Lourence ore members in The foculty. TOP TO BOTTOM: The Grill, the Lounge, the Greczt Hull. LEFT TO RIGHT: Cromer, J., Smith, T., DeBeck, R., Wczrtik, T., Dr. Burgess, Mr. Laurence. IICIAL lillllllll "This may be Social Board, but this isn't a social meeting," quotes Chairman Don Schroeter as he calls the group to order. Secretary Lucy Voss reluctantly crushes out a cigarette as she prepares to take notes. Deans lngle and Postle are the only members who do not have to feign an efficient air. Amazingly enough the Board gets things done. They arrange and accept petitions for all recognized social functions on cam- pus. This planning prevents conflicts. On the social calendar in the Union all dates are registered for public notice. Members are: B. J. Moores, Don Schroeter, Lucy Voss, Dick Daubenspeck, Bob Stephens, Faculty rep- resentatives: Dean lngle and Dean Postle. TOP TO BOTTOM: Senior Prom, Sophos Swing, lnterfraternity Dance. PAGE ORGANIZATIONS ROW I: Stevens, B., Schroeter, D., Morris, B. J., Dean Postle, Dean lngle, Voss, l.., Daubenspeclc, D. ii ORGANIZATIONS URIE TATNI'BOARD Four compleTe orienTaTion programs insTead of The regular Two-ThaT is The Task The UniyersiTy OrienTa- non Boardfaced Hnsyear.Thernembem oTThm on ganizaHon,iNho are in charge of acauainnng The new Mudan wnh me worhngsci Wm campus an ranged progranw TorThe June and February ckwses as well as The usual Two in SepTember. The orienTa- Tion program included such highlighTs as Tours of The canWnw,rnowng pkjumx on coHege acnwnes and opemng banauem in The CkeaT HaH. The Board helped adminisTer psychology and reading TesTs To incoming sTudenTs and also planned The OrienTaTion I-land Book. Freshman inTervie-ws handled by The DeansarecninnegralparToTThm'heshman progranm The Board officers are: Chairman, Tom Kreider, and SecreTary-Treasurer, Carole Ginn, FaculTy Advisors, Dean PosTIe and Dean lngle. SEATED: Carole Ginn, Tom Kreicler, Charles Sheridan STAND ING: James Alexander, BeTTy Jane Moores Art PlauT Jack Rad cliffe, Dean Posile. ,X M' x 'Q' 'Nxixs X cs. , ix MQW Q ' -QE: 1. .:.-R+? , -:. s. er ' f '-rmcsaiifa. ----WH .,., W-We-vw....,v, .,...,,, .. ......,, -W,,,,,Y,,,,.,w..NX,g,..gRS,YX,,SY,...,w,, ..,,., , .,,. M..Mc,w I-N X x XX ix X ig ixx . N Q, K I , sigprxlsxxxigs fgffggvl ' X f Q is .- Q .5 if Q ' Q. Q MA .v W , W.I.e,,,ic,SQ.x,, .WW ..c, Q wislicisss v W PAGE 151 ORGANIZATIONS ROWI Towers L Bishop R Hoge D STroebel P Griffes C Row ii. sfhnsadgr, L., duaiili, J., lfvyllm, J., aflifd',' vv., sisml forth, W., SchroeTer, D. f SSITCIATITI This year's membership drive wenT "over The Top", largesT in The hisTory of The Y. M. C. A. The campus sTill Talks vviTh enfhusiasm abouT The ouTsTanding lec- Ture series by Dean Gilkey of The UniversiTy of Chi- cago. A small chapel was opened in The basemenT of Mclvlicken Hall aT The beginning of The second semesTer. The TradiTional Thanksgiving Eve Dance was quiTe a success. The "Y" again sponsored a lec- Ture series on "Marriage and The Home." IT is now planning a program To help meeT The needs of The army men who will be Training on This campus. The officers are, PresidenT, Douglas Hoge, FirsT Vice- Presidenf, Lloyd Towers, Second Vice-PresidenT, Charles Griffes, LeGrand Terry, SecreTary, Charles Riggs, Treasurer, Thomas Kreider, ExecuTive Secre- Tary, Dr. RoberT W. Bishop, Chairman of The Board of Management Dean Louis A. PechsTein. ms swcsfffsw emamuf , ,fs W f Esker, 2049s fi s s Pifgivixkbs Qs! Us gf A X ' . .. . -. L QW . - W WWA W x..sYf.,'fvw:-ff-w4f'M I W., , . -,,-L . . . , f, w c. ,.4.,,.. , sv cf 4 fa? - . s ,f . , V - :Sf QV. ,isvgw-ss-M - -sms! sfwcyAM,mff. Lx, , ss, Q2??i2w'vf, V 'szT'3's ff" A Cf, rw ,,f,,W,.v'mf,wsy 1 45'f6Wif:S'0 4. 924. ' w e . sm-sw ,l N 1i"ss-f,mfZwf su ywzfswf :f'f?F"5s1f T . H gsusbwfx asus wi: fm, I , 0 fwfr T, ,Ai ,iff 0 ,f . Q: W aiwvf- ,gWfz,,Nw,vv4s Z1 ,XsvQ,gxqQ sbs-r . f X- fx .f ev ' T f 'sw T Tx L- ,.a1sys.Zms',ys- 2,-, ya-eww sexism es -was was 0 W Q ss: 'asv me wx-if M T WFS-as 4, sv ef Q sf ess ,cs ,jx .. - f T gf .ww vi wwf. MMM ' ff av ,.,v,,..s,,,. A .M A1 M s -- - :.:.4..:.- -ws -T f sms! ms M- x..fMsw WMWM f4'f1s,Wrwf4QY ALPHA PHIO PAGE ORGANIZATIONS Interesting friends and friendly interests can be cultivated at the Y. W. C. A. Fifteen com- mittees meeting weekly discuss everything from Hillcrest to Hitler. The four hundred and seventy-five "Y" girls go in for fun and frivol- ity at the monthly all membership dinners, dances, and parties. -2,12 -sf '-' is -ww vb csiiekfsx my aaa ssq.1f....:mgg,,,,,,N zispw, L 455' xsfx x ss wx-,,,ff ROW I: Hill, J., Hagstrom, L., Patterson, R., Brandt, A., Semsprott, D., Sardis, S. ROW II: Valentine, G., Grimes, A., Uphaus, R., Klover, J., Bertsch, J., Beinhart, E., Winston, R., Isaac, A., Kohl, J., Vehslage, H. ROW I: Cleaver, D., Sawyer, V., Cooper, H., Gregory, H., Koppius, M., Blank, C. ROW II: VonBehren, E., Kauffman, R., Burgess, D., Ahlering, M., White, M., Hetterich, M. ROW III: Wagner, A., Meth- ven, M., Gray, C., Sedgwick, C., Kuhn, D., Webster, D. YIIU N ' W UAIE ' CHRI TIA ASSUCIATIU vi-sssvwfz-zrwti ' ' wvfsa. i X . , ..,,. f,..,...t,,w..-. ..... ... . .. N X x Fx wk si W ..wM,.,.mck.L,.vas.,.. . ,. , .... - .wivm ........ 4... W... -- AWAY-wage 1 W2 Q nfl Mics X 2.1551-X K ff ' ff. i f 1 GSMCQXAAQ Wt A "W ' sw -'sp gssizvmr... A,-.,.s,,.sX,n-f.m,,.sm.x nwmxum W..Aw.rm.may.-,gmc:.s...,.amv.,M.W. Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity is dedicated "To assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law . . . " Cincinnati's chapter was installed this year. Members assisted the F.B.I. in finger print- ing students for the Washington civilian file. Officers are: President, Adolph Brandt, Vice- President, Jess Wolf, Treasurer, Harold Sem- psrott, Faculty Advisor, W. A. Campbell. ' W- A . . .Q .W-:,..f:gI 1 PAGE Ji IV? ORGANIZATIONS ROW I: Niclcum, R., Adoms, J., Ginn, C., Erhordt, V. ROW ll: Sil- verblott, C., Wulfekotter, C., Rindsberg, S., Burgess, D., Jenike, E., Hundley, A., Kouffmon, R., White, M. ROW III: Knoop, B., Dough erfy, M., Sedgwick, C., Boechle, V., Webster, D., Koutz, J., Rodtke, H., Treinen, B. J. IIIH illlliliillii' A Junior Advisor styles herself os "friend, oid, ond fother-confessor" to entering frosh women. Thirty-five selected iunior girls guide smoll groups of freshmen in their discussions of problems, studies, octivities, ond proiects. Weekly meetings continue throughout the first semester. Officers: Choirmon, Corole Ginn ond Vice Choirmon, .lone Adoms. We-M-f , K f W A fevff-A we fbi? . . -. ' I - ,iff is it 5 Ng., . Q Q - ' K . r ' 'X ,,.. ,,.. , ...... ,. .M -- Co-Ep Club sponsors friendly relotions be- tween the girls of Applied Arts or Engineer- ing ond Commerce ond their colleges. Out- side speokers entertoined ot the formol of- foirs, teos ond bridge in the bumming room furnished informol fun. The officers ore. Pres- ident, .lone Monogue, Vice-President, Rito Obermeyer, Secretory, Ido Lee Feldmon, ond Treosurer, Helen Rodtke. ROW I: Rodtke, I-I., Feldman, I. L., Monogue, J., Obermeyer, R. ROW Redmond, M. J., Mueller, B., O'NeiI, M., Horris, V., Koutz, D. eg. ,.,,.-v-w,p--wv- .-A 4 PAGE 154 ORGANIZATIONS SIICIIVIIII 0F I IIEI'Il IIElll'I' 'IUIIE 'Il OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary President Vice-President Secretary Mary Lou Teufel Rita Obermeyer Beth McCallum Frank Malick Warren Weise John Rushmer ,,,,,,,xT,f...,,........,,.,,.s.,w...... .W The Association of Independent Stu- dents offers friendship, activity inter- ests, and social contacts to unaffili- ated collegiennes. lt is also interested in promoting scholarship. Events like the amusing School Daze party, the Square Dance, and the clever Grave Yard party furnished novel recreation. The activity side of this organization is represented by people like Rita Obermeyer and Jane Manogue of Mortar Board, Bernice Knoop, VV.A.A. President, Peg Hopkins of Varsity Vanities, and Drum lvlaiorette, Ginny Juergens. ABOVE CSeatedJ: Mueller, B., Weise, W., Obermeyer, R., Vandergriff, P., Malick, F., Hoeflein, R. QStandingJ: Vtfoodwarcl, S., Whittington, M. BELOW: Grinding out publicity for a big event. if 'f'i,.f'A xkgwlwif-Wes7?y5T?s.x'EQf51f5fsf-et'kit KX. grab 'KXQQ-W s . 5 Nas 5 1 5 K '-N 5 ti - X. '- ff Wssmv.i.iimim I... ....... -.-...-.,V.-.. Asif .2.QWs.'f,wsYs..ssTYi.AN?'Ns MSNSSXX X ...... . ss llWlllA CL Reverend Frederick Hochvvalt assists in co-ordinating the varied group inter- ests of Newman Club members. ln- tellectual concerns find an outlet in study groups, speakers, and work on the club publication, THE NEWMAN WEAL. An extensive social program of open dances and weekly meetings of the Saddle Club and the Bowling Club offer recreation. Hay rides, bridge, and ping-pong are favorite pastimes, too. The traditional Ivlay Re- T55 ORGANIZATIONS lfffl oFFlcERs President Bill Gruber K T15 Social Vice-President Betty Luther is Culture Vice-President Dick Neubauer Corresponding Secretary Jeanne Henkel Recording Secretary Betty MacDonald Treasurer John Sullivan Historian Esther Detzel """ f If "f' 1 . ,X union Breakfast is held at the Hotel Alms for old members and friends. I TOP: The Newman Weal goes to House. press. BOTTOM: The Wurw , ,AA,, .. X WIWW V . cc ..,. ,V ,MA-7-WW ' s ff wvs 1 4 Q WQ: "" -Q 'sv '2r"G.MQ,-fe,-is same .1 X' - 122: -,..:p5"f'Wf 5 I ei n V is HQ, S5 . f B Q . 3' -ai- ., Jer' Q-'mi .V wx. J -34. L . , Vg. .. A . tg. , V, Q . ,f I 1 .. 0. - ' A s . , 'ir' S 1 Q J -if I ', nl p.? -ff: -. I k- - ,. g,-' '71 -4-5 4 x ,J :Z .r 1-'3 'n 3 . . 5 "f A."-4 A. 'K ' gRx?j!g': .2-':' if .ann- Q Q ' 4 4 va 1 N.. J- 1 f -Q 'ffkfa-im vs.. ' v . 1- - - '-.ALM .fr-1 Q ' f.-Q' -QL' -U'-xryw luv-ix " 'm'-4-,.-.. " - ' ff, .,. x . X'.,gf'. 3 h' 4- ,Q I f 0 ,.. " ' 'og 'ig' C . ' I 0 .f. 1 'V A 'D 0.4 1 'Q f O 6 I at ' 0 my .1 R- 4 ,S :ga . -M s :?32e.'ff' , fb l 31. .,. , A ,,.,-L. . ,, .f- . faprig fp J' ,Q If ' 2' ' :Z-'C . ' 'ji'-Q' Aff. I: f 1: " ' .", 'Lili' . , 11 ,Q S159- ?Z':'L ,.' 45.4" 1.5. f " "1 -- r . . .' QU . -'ffl' .?. .. . 5,349 'b V . 1- 2 .9- .M - , S 45' 1' 1 Gia, v : fu- in . 'E 1,12 '.:" ' I r 1 'Y '14 A .,., 'ff . A -rf '31 1-"3f':""' ,FT ' U ,. ff A -:-1 .psfac -Q 'f"f1e,QFT1. . .217 . ' , if " -A-1 . -. . 4 -H.. , , -"Tw" FPQSISF' .PE-"f, A. A N37 .L-,i s in ii I , ., , ,z ,. ixt ,S Wk PAGE 7' ii' iii ORGANIZATIONS Wig Wag's Freshman Council handles the program of the only required activity for "frosh" women. The members of council are elected from among women who have partici- pated in the first semester's group proiects which include bridge, pingpong, knitting and athletic competitions. This year's officers are: Chairman, Rosemary Eagen, Secretary, Betty ROW I: Driskell, D., Bratcher, M., Diltz, S., Surdo, M., Stagge IZ Roberts, M. l.. ROW II: Loos, M., Eugen, R., Erhardt, B., Graham Thornburgh, M. T if ll if J lil li rr TT , Q V n Erharot, Treasurer, Roberta Stagge. lxllj :g..,5,,ge4,g,5My5gw3,53sL,33:sW4,,.4Mgsg,c .sy .. X 1. vw- . J-. - r ,, M, ,,,...+r- 1 -----,,, + aw - -f-- V- A 1. s--- I .sw-f.s.'- s W , N , .s ws. A 35 Sophomore council, chosen from members of it fl llf fi ffl ill? W last year's Freshman council, decides upon 4 QL KU, JL tht JR il' various activities to be sponsored by Wig my g ,I Wag and plans the welcoming tea for new in V fi' lin " . iili'l P ill l I freshmen. The council also selects leaders for l i ll Q U L ld. L L LL ROW I: Held, S., Stewart, J., Bierle, R. C., Hunt, M., Fielman, I.. ROW II: Hopkins, P., Wetzel, S. J., Aerni, J., Maish, P., Luckhart, B. the activity groups. Officers include: Pres: dent, Ruth Pierle, Secretary, Jean Stewart, and Treasurer, Margaret Hewetson. PAGE ORGANIZATIONS ,s K, ROW I: Luning, V., Kuhn, D., Knoop, B. ROW II: Voss, L., Erhardt, V., Teufel, M. W0 lElIl' IlIlllLil UE I Singing a Grill menu to the tune of "Yankee Doodle," playing toss with raw eggs, and chug-a-lugging cokes are some sample stunts frosh girls must perform at annual Vigilance trials. Council, under the leadership of Chair- man Virginia Luning, and Secretary Bernice Knoop guides Vigilance Committee in mak- ing "lowly" freshmen toe the line. W 1 N t I rf .... ...M - ... tw .W--" --- ,V-.,-.Ps-1-,s-:. .- ,t-4...-: f fewrk'-fy'-is'7Kf'-A1S"i?fn'c 3' W- '7i'Q1Xt FX? , it l . t , , fy -. '- ft Quadres was established to encourage better inter-racial relationships and to promote cul- tural and social contacts. This year's dramatic production, "Mr. Pim Passes By," was excel- lent. Traditional Bow-wow was held in Burnet Woods: fun, refreshments, and dancing. Offi- cers: President, William Stargel, Vice-Presi- dent, Nathaniel Guy, Treasurer, Mchlellious Sharp, Secretary, Pauline Mynatt. ROW I: Hogan, W., Allen, J., Graye, N., Stargel, W., Mynatt, P., Watson, D., McClure, E. ROW II: Neblett, R., Allen, H., Hawkins, T., Hamilton, C., Craig, C., Henderson, J., West, E., Bryson, R. 'Ls 1 ""'Y PAGE ORGANIZATIONS The question, "VVhere's the 'tomosho"?" is not o request tor some Russion dish, but the query of ci Lit. member obout on troditionol tunction. Seven sophomore girls pledged every spring to Lit. help plon discussions ond reviews of Iiterdture. Officers. President, Lito Weber, Secretory, Mory Dougherty, Co-Treosurers, Betty Golter ond Ruth Nickum. ROW I: Nenninger, M. A., Weber, L., Golter, B. J., Dougherty, M. ROW II: Nickum, R., Kouffmon, R., Adams, J., Sowyer, V., Terry, N., Hetterich, M. .- ,.,.,...,,.....,,W.,.-..,..,. U...L,,.....,..W..N-M1-w--e--,-fe:e-M'v"-W -'Hue--w, J-'r"'1'1'Wsx .r'wm'r:'5"1W'"w'f"vsss:'+sg'1vMu'Nzs"r3t",. 'W2Z'K?W 2z"zVw'w . A. . vwag fL3?4S,fL"f-A . S: -I fri". 1 f f - , , be ' -A U 1 w'w',W'is?i ' i ,, 'N',,.s Q , 'X-if sf . .X G 1- D511 'NN -'1Ef2H:f, . "A fwfr ..4s.. J., - Q1,..Ls,.MsQ5.m.M.vQ...,,...msgi4:s....... CHI DELTA PIII ROW I: Kriete, H., Miller, M., Frank, H., De Beck, M., Nolon, ROW II: Stites, R., Schneider, A., Bowmon, A., Webster, D., Dough- erty, M., Sellers, S. Chi Delto Phi, notionol Iiterory sorority, tos- ters creotive endedvor in the field of vvriting. The sorority vvos founded in IQI9 ot the Uni- versity ot Tennessee. the Iocol Chcipter, Alpho Omicron vvos estoblished in I93O. Present otticers ore: Heddy Fronk, President, Non Shermon, Vice-President, I-Iorriet Kriete, Trecisurer, Mildred Miller, Secretory, Mory Linn DeBeck, Editor. PAGE 159 ORGANIZATIONS ROW I: Klahm, B., Rule, M., Nolan, J., Mr. Gefzenclaner, Hofmann, R., Miss Ressler, Walker, A. ROW Il: Sfone, N., Jacobs, D., Zenick, J., MeTz, B., Wilkerson, M., Duccilli, E., Pace, J., Rosenbaum, M., Mendel, M. DEBATE UUIJNCIL f'Ladies and Genflemen-we of The affirmafive are firmly convinced ThaT . . . " and Thus for many long hours did The members of The Debafe squad and council conTend. Kappa Alpha Thefa and The Inde- pendenT Team-boTh came Through To win The awards in The annual Infrarnural DebaTe Tourney. Janie Pace, Joyce Nolan, Bill Klcihm, and Al Walker, in spife of vvar olifficulTies managed To iourney To lovva, They even carried Their own bags. On The home fronT Howard Frazier, Max Mendel, Nelson STone, MorTon Rosenbaum, Al Cripe, Dan Jacobs, Markie Wilker- son, and Rosemary Hofmann encounTered sTiff resis- Tance from Wiffenburg, WesTern Reserve, and Xavier. The council is composed of Presidenf, Bill Klahm, Vice-Presidenf, Al Walker, Secrefary, Joyce Nolan, and Treasurer, Rosemary Hofmann. Marfho Rule is The Inframural Manager and Myron Spenser f is The Coach. -.-.... . -mv' -k-rf ., , "':"svv, ,fn -:wmv Q f J' "" ww- -.,- 4.-,F A-W' 9,9 5 ff- ,f"s',f'YZX1fV'l+X"fVfAY7?3f, sv smflifvggvvzlfifilf ' fQ"?"'f"'529"l'5"I?'W"fff7T4EXT'i"1ZfS'y N , mf , , , . . . X 0 - .1 ' M f Q6 .f W' T X " , KW 14' f 4' ' if Q30 'i A ' V97 HYZAF- if 'l1,5'fW N f "kiwi CLR. w-YQ:-fAQfi 9' -X U f", . gif' -7 SY6 NN ' ff A-9f5:7'fS1 ' SVT 'WNQ SJ' ' - i WZ. TA :YM 'V +34 " fl In ' "'541f?MZ2 fi 'Q - ' S J ..:: ,, V . sffmigl was-A-.g:v..,,, U-w.cgQ,".,-ff -M M., .Q--f A , ...Mos f . ,JL .. ,wen .- PAGE WAR EFFORT Q35 5,1 ',,,.,s .. .X V --WN' ,......,.-v -WN" wvwww The vital sulijeet: University a1tWar, een- eerns the entire student hed . . . ln the words of President Raymond Walters, "The University of Cincinnati has enlisted for the duration." ln this manner he has summed up the ways in which the University, its staff, its students, and its facilities are contributing to the war effort. Shortly before the opening of the current academic year, President Walters was appointed to a committee of twelve college and university presidents formed by the American Council on Education at the request of the War and Navy Departments and Manpower Commission. All phases of University life are being remolded to ful- fill their respective roles in the war effort. Since the begin- ning of the war, special courses have been planned in all colleges. Some are adaptations of regular courses with em- phasis placed on parts of the courses bearing special war- time significance. Some are entirely new courses and are offered in cooperation with the armed forces. Dean Arthur S. Postle, Representative of the Armed Forces on Campus. - iii WAR EFFORT During The firsT World Wor The Uni- versify wos The sife of o unif of The Sfudenf Army Troining Corps. For six monfhs The progrom oTTempTed To coordinofe ocodemic ond mili- Tory Troining, The Troinees living in borrocks on compus during This period. AT The end of The Idsf vvor The Reserve Officers Troining Corps wos esfoblished on The Compuses of This ond oTher leoding universifies ond colleges. The coming of The presenf vvor, Therefore, found mony Uni- versify of Cincinnofi men olreody Troined ond reody To moke reol confribufions To The fighfing forces. To porolfel The disciplmory Troining offered The men in The R. CD. T. C., The Women on compus hove or- gonized The CADETS. PAGE WAR EFFORT TOP TO BOTTOM: The Scrap pile, Civilian Defense Exhibit ai Co-op Day, USO Dance for servicemen, Nurses' Aide Corps Enlisfment. The Universify is now passing inTo an even more compleTe phase of war service by puTTing aT The disposal of The armed forces iTs faciliTies for Train- ing and housing of enlisTed personnel of The Army. Less publicized, buT viTally imporTanT conTribuTions are To be found in The various research proiecTs being car- ried on by The UniversiTy for and in coniuncTion vviTh The armed forces. RepresenTaTive of These proiecfs are The vvork in leaTher research and The sTudy of The effecTs of high alTiTudes on human beings. Eagerness of The sTudenT body To do everyThing possible To help The war efforT is reflecfed in many nofeworfhy Civilian Defense proiecTs on campus. Perhaps mosT noTevvorThy of These vvas The drive for scrap rubber and meTal carried on lasT fall on an all- Universify scale. Framework for air-raid defense was seT up early in The year and included designaTed shelTer areas, assignmenT of wardens, and pafroling of The campus by The R. O. T. C. uniT. TesT black-ouTs are included in The pro- gram for perfecTing These facilifies. Donafions To The Red Cross Blood Bank, purchase of War Bonds and STamps, and The alloTmenT of Time To various Civilian Defense proiecTs have all become services in The lives of mosT UniversiTy sTudenTs. USO dances for service men were evenfs of The summer monThs, and ex- cursions To Army and Navy Training cenTers by The Glee Club have furfher shovvn The desire of sTudenT acTiviTies To lend Themselves To war Time de- mands. MILITARY ir oj! Qhrengilz PAGE MILITARY I s 4. Lzf' '-q.- IIIIIII ZQ - Colonel Sydney H. Guthrie IT is a sfrilcing coincidence ThaT I, who organzed The R. O. T. C. aT The Uni- versiTy of Cincinnafi in I9I9, should be again on The job as The Advanced Course of The R. O. T. T. is Temporarily suspended for The duraTion of The war. During all of These 24 years, CincinnaTi has given iTs share of worThy and efficienf officers To The Army, some of Them To a life Time service To Their counTry as professional soldiers. Several have disfinguished Themselves in baTTle and have received promofions and have been decoraTed for service over and above The call of duTy. CincinnaTi has reason To be proud of her sons of The R. O. T. C. All of our presenT Advanced Course sTudenTs-279 in number-will be in The service of Their counTry before The middle of The year and will be com- missioned officers probably before The end of The year. The Basic Course will be conTinued, modified To conform To The Army Spec- ialisT Training Program To be placed in effecT for The duraTion of The war. Through This Training, many more sons of U. C. will be commissioned offi- cers as The war conTinues. By conTinuing The Basic Course, we will be fully prepared To resume The Advanced Course when The inTeresTs of our CounTry will permiT. The UniversiTy has reason To Take pride in iTs supporT of The R. O. T. C. Through all These years and of The conTribuTion iT has made Through The R. O. T. C. To The winning of This war. LeT us resolve ThaT when vicTory comes and we are all allowed To resume The ways of peace, we do noT forgeT The service rendered and ThaT we will make our fuTure conTribuTion To our CounTry ever more effecfive and effi- cienT Through a beTTer, an improved R. O. T. C. 0? Sidney H. Gufhrie Colonel, U. S. Army RTd P. M.S The University R. O. T. C. pro- gram is undergoing vast changes. Unforseen modifica- tions are in store as the full co- operation of the University with the Army crystalizes. The basic course will be affected greatly, and advanced students in coast artillery and ordnance will take accelerated courses in order to be eligible soon for officers' training. The graduates of this year will soon join last year's men on the far-flung battle fronts. 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Cadet Major Hum- phreys, Cadet Major Van Saun, Cadet Colonel Schroder, Cadet Major Geiger, Cadet Major Hart- mClI'1. PAGE MILITARY LEFT TO RIGHT: Colonel Claxton, Captain Oman, Lieutenant Morris, Captain Bedtke, Major Sutherlin, Cadet Major Meyers. LEFT TO RIGHT: Cadet Colonel Niemeier, Cadet Major Hoffmann, Cadet Major Van Wye, Cadet Major Kranz, Cadet Major Meyers. B LQOOL. QU? E IIN II EIIS IT Y ADMINISTRATION STUDENT ADMINISTRATION COLLEGES LIBERAL ARTS ENGINEERING COMMERCE TEACHERS MEDICINE LAW NURSING AND HEALTH APPLIED ARTS HOME ECONOMICS EVENING SCHOOL GRADUATE SCHOOL WWQQE WQWWEWFWHY Cow on E I IQBOOK 'fijll'l7 UNIVERSITY LIFE STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS T28 MILITARY I63 PUBLICATIONS I7I MUSIC AND DRAMA T78 FRATERNITIES I85 SORORITIES 207 DORMITORIES 228 ATHLETICS 233 ADVERTISING 256 I A , Mg? 1: w:f:4 ,, QM, H :ew-f f ..... :..,ff,1:W,,,W, " ' r C, A 1, -0, H1 AJ,-f gf- A ,L S"'1'1g "m'Zf. ' """3 'f iQ'1Gf'7'W5'fY2, 'M fa' f Q ,. f wiv.-. -' H 'E wg- , ,yw-V W , ,, ,,:-6g:v- Ty- ,31:,W,l,,.2A My ,ggx X 5 --f . af - f ,gays xv my fl,-Z3 I -hk3,x,, A . 1- 34 gf f ,E ,,,. - ' M ii? ROW l: Wood, C. D., Humphreys, R., Gousmann, W., Bryant, O. W., Howland, H. E., Mauch, W. A., Fiedler, H., Stephens, R. ROW ll: Connelley, J., Brofherfon, R., Schneider, G. W. Ellig, E. L., Sweeney, J. R., Yingst, P. V., Graham, H. B. ROW Ill: Sordis, S., Meyer, A. L., Tekarnp, D. G., Doggy, E. N., Beinharf, E. M., Schonhoft, R. J., Ball, F. A., Fielmon, F. F. ROW IV: Meier, W. M., Berfsch, J. F., Klover, J. M., Mohrenholz, A. H., Van Saun, H. E. The members of "C" Company, FourTh Regi- UAB B A HD A I' BLAI, E menf, Scabbard and Blade, aware of The Na- Tional need for alerT officers, Took an acTive parT in collegiafe milifary affairs. NineTeen U Q Q9 cadeT officers pledged aT The MiliTary Ball were iniTiaTed aT The MariemonT BoaT House aTTer a week-end of pledge acTiviTy. The 5 Scabbard and Blade Spring Formal, held aT The Kemper Lane l-loTel To The Tune of ArT WaTson's music, was The scene of CapTain Wayne BryanT's reTiremenT. PAGE MILITARY OFFICERS AND NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS-ROW I: Meyers, C. ROW II: I-loffmonn, R., Geiger, R., Mouclc, W., Boll, F. A., Schneider, G., Pot- terson, G. ROW Ill: Butcher, C., Schroeder, R., Strotmon, W., Hotterschide, R., Alter, G., Plunkett, M. P E R I-I I G R I F L E I Pershing Rifles Wos founded in l894 by Gen- erol John J. Pershing. lts originol title, Vor- sity Rifles, wos chonged to honor the founder. y wp' . This group vvos orgonized to develop o pre- cision drill teom in the R. O. T. C. bosic course ond to further the ideols of the mili- 49 tory profession. Compony E-l, instcilled in 'Xie J Y i934 in the lst Regiment of Pershing Rifles, wos under the leadership of Coptoin Chorles Meyers this yeor. They mode on outstcinding showing. PAGE MILITARY -www WN- ff, ROW I: Reuwer, R., Rei, R., Weber, R. M., Farrell, M., Cuni, G., Meyer, B., Braun, N., Gosiger, A. ROW II: Otting, R., Nickum, R., Rinsberg, S., Fisher, P., Homer, P., Stewart, B. l l . If she wears a snappy red coat and overseas cap as o complement to her navy skirt, she's a member of Guidon, honorary auxiliary to Scabbard and Blade. Established on campus in l934, Company E works to develop leadership and citizenship within it's ranks. Guidon participated in the colorful flag-raising ceremony before football games, assisted at Co-op day, presented a drill at the Military Boll, and aided in the college defense program. Officers this year are: Captain, Ruth Weber, First Lieutenant, Libby Rei, Second Lieutenant, Adele Gosiger, Sergeant, Ruth Reuwer, Clerk, Betty Stewart. cADEts off duty Www sw Wmnsxsss XCXX X ASXXYY "" 'tf"""QQ """" "" """ ' 1- ., me .-1 :swf f Xt"' .s 3, gglxfzi .ENE ' , Q. ,, x R. C fs QYLNQMSXQ 'c ZXQRNNXXQQM 1- :Km f .xxss-'XXNXQA1 N-i. QQXY: t -ie ., PAGE I69 MILITARY TOP TO BOTTOM: 40 mm. Anti-aircraft gun, Weopons ond mczferiol in Ordnance closs, Seffing in corrections on The Correcfor. PAG E lil? Although the old campus was vvhitenecl by the vvinter's deepest snow and cold weather was abound, many en- thusiastic cadets came to the Great Hall of the Student Union on December twelfth to attend the most success- ful Military Ball of several years, To make the last Cadet Officer's Ball a memorable event, the Cadet Officers danced with enthusiasm to the strains of Art Watson's orchestra in the colorful sur- roundings ofthe Queen City Club Ballroom. Smiles and good wishes were abundant. The grand march, the superb performance of the Pershing Rifle Drill Team, and the singing of the Alma Mater marked the final R. O. T. C. social event. Til T T i ,fi Til W Tll T H M rl M i lu l i i lli li ul X s Q 't l ll ' ' i , l ' ' iilhllidlu 'llrllhllll ld A Honorary Colonel Gladys Cuni Not an officially recognized part of old U. C., but nevertheless a real and colorful one, is the peren- nial class of the CORRYVILLE CADETS. To round out the picture of our campus as it really is, we devote our division pages to their "Class of '43." 1,q,f':y. - 17,052 52:31 .,,. V - - f, ,,.,v.: .5 5.,,,,:, . , V , , if-. ..f-"'J l'UBLlCA'l'I0 proucjly fo Zlze zvorfcl procfuiwzl PAGE 171 lwlllllkllllllll -0 i . 5 1, H if V - W WK ES'-ff , lk B745 ,T 'W T fD"1BF im F ir U in IE ii iii ii ri iii - is Ul J ln cl ll ll -, I .J J .1 - - - -H - - MU ,U All i if ' i fl is i21siqi"?+5 fi 'E '5 fi l KF r J !,,f Jff: -5522 XL -jf wi? 7.11 ,4,,, AZ, O .KXLAZTJ , ,gl wb 'XJAXX V ' " - X4 ,Zvi Q l i JIM ALEXANDER, EdiTor ond BUD GRIFFES, Business Manager Doris Heuck and George Schneider "Come To The Cincinnofion office for o cuT-roTe nervous breokdownf' soys Jim Alexander ond George Schneider of The "inner office" lUncle Som hcis prioriTies now on C. T. Griffesl. JoneT Rovvson injecTs originoliTy inTo The loy-ouTs, Dory "BoTTleneck" Heuck irons ouT snogs in picTure schedules, Monoging EdiTor Lowry comes To The rescue of "Clancy" DougherTy ond sToff when They hove no more synonyms, Bob Gorgrove's helpers moke sure engineers ore-n'T lisTed vvifh B.A. de- grees, Bill STeinTorTh surveys The compus sporT seoson, ond Rose- mory l-loffmon, Miles Todd, Alice Bovvmon eT ol "svveoT blood" over comero, Telephone, TypewriTer, posTe-ior, ond olrowing boord. Joyce Larimer and MorTho Petry PAGE 172 i'AgE ,A ...,,.,,.,..,. .... , . s1q.fwp-Q-mv., - "'f'::-faesgfef--ix 3'4"?jf3".':f'f'N1"K'N'Y+'SS'. S 'UXTXQY Q, M" Q... X'X""TNN?1"Ci" ', 'WT' "7'77'T'f"'1f?'t?MX"'S"f -. , f t ' 1 t s - Q, we , swag exyexy, . ,.. . ...MW X-R. . ...W . -ss .xcxm -,. .w,,iu,N.Nm , . , s,N.X...R. . .I .s..s,s. .. K , . . ...s ,xx .wwf as f1,,-tggygz rfgwe- .K ive. is xg 'LNCS' F13 "sqft 3 Q .L , X Q. f .33 .sz .gs ws SB 'V 5 cs.,,...,,. .e.geJg.s.J. .....WsM-...W. ,N ....u...v.M.s..1....., ...s........w... .,.. se.....,..,.ss.- EDITORIAL Editor-JIM ALEXANDER Managing Editors-BATES LOWRY, DORIS HEUCK Copy Editor-MARY DAUGHERTY Alice Bowman, Emilie Duccili, Shirley Held, Jean Stewart, Pat Homer, Carol Mitchell Sports Editors-BILL STEINFORTH, EVELYN SHUTE, Ed Keen Senior Editors-BOB GARGRAVE, JOYCE LARIMER, DICK COOK Martha Petry, Joe Verkamp, Lloyd Towers Picture Editor-ROSEMARY HOFMANN Index Editor-MARGE MCCULLOUGH Student Photography-DICK TULLIS Doris Heuck, Dick Hagemeyer, Doug Hoge Art Editor-JANET RAWSON Dave Wolford, Alice Chenoweth, Dottie Koehler, Harriet Schurter Office Staff-Miles Todd, Marty Goldman, Dottie Ayer, Betty Luck- hardt, Dave Shaw, Lorraine Fielman, Rosemary Kaufman, Norma Dustin. BUSINESS Business Managers-BUD GRIFFES, GEORGE SCHNEIDER Advertising Managers-CHARLES MUNZ, MARY ANN BREWER Charles Mueller, Doris Drislcell, Bob Munz, Jack Garlich, Bob Mitchell Circulation Managers-JEAN STEWART, CATHERINE KISE Faculty AdvisorfRALElGl'l SHARROCK ROW I: Goldman, M., Luclchardt, B., Stewart, J., Larimer, J., Bowman, A. ROW II: Shute, E., Held, S., Hoffmann, R., Ayer, D., Brewer, M., McCullough, M. ROW Ill: Gaines, P., Jones, D., Towers, L., Crutchfield, W., Brotherton, T., Crozier, C. ABOVE: Business Mandger-1943 model. RIGHT: "The Assembly Line," or "This is How it Happened." y ---jgxbnee. vice president: Bates EW PAPER: Series AO 26 Z552 Home Ec To Ease Ration BY HARRY With thu lit-giiiiiiitg of ci tht- t't-:lt-rail guxernntent only it aitlvmicetl nutrition class of nomics has instituted ri the impact of rationing the U.C. cam- pus less notice- able. according tu Eleanor R. Maclay. profes- sor of Nutrition in the College ol Home Eco- l10llllCS. . l in tie preparation of these meat' m,5sgL,,,, in in .ii it they have .-lr.:iii.c:i them and they will then enter the Army as seventh class privates. This new clnssitlcatiun will ielluw the student to continue his studies under gorernnient supervision. All tuition books. :md other expenses coincidental to train- ing will be paid by the Army. In addition allowances will be made tot' laundry and mulntcn- ance . Each private will be paid a salary ot' 550 per month. saving dishes. and some ot the -ltidents have distributed to homes in t-he districts in which they live. pamphlets describing 99 ways to snve meat. Miss Xlaclziy pointed out in this con- nection that it is always psycho- Sce KATIONIXG--P, 3 Sophos Names Officers, Selects 'Pledging Date Sophos. underclassman activi- 'ies fraternity elected its 19-43 -itflcers at a meeting Thursday. lan. 7. Officers elected are as nllous. Pierson Davis. president: Vic college women ac nun bein, sought by the Corporation for spcclnl us engineers for utrtrailt tau-turing plants. LTC. with at sophomore standing better are eligible to luke 10 month uuursc. Wright's Seek Woman For Engineering Training Some 800 quulitied American I- - ' 11 L.:-wry. secretary: .ind Charles Pcrin. treasurer. Ffirinal pledging for new Sophos members will take place at whatever all-University dance i- held Saturday. Feb. 6, . Professor Returns To U.S. r X x N f After 21 Years In Chino J BY ETHEL 8AMl'ELS 'That he would someday see every Amvricnn unl- verruty closely connected with it Chinese Chrlstlun university for mutual inspiration was the hope expressed ln' Professor Stunton Lautemichluizer. Canadian-born. LS. educated Chinese professor and mlsitlniiary nt an informal luncheon an intent ol' the cunipnn Y.W.C.A. early thin week. -1-----1-.i.. . .Fimfnffn'.jflfulcnmhmlcf rg' ltmrl ln thn Fall in mmotm... nv.. I ""1 0hio'r Lai-gen Collage Newspaper - of Cincinnati, January 9, 1943 Saturday--Vol. XXXXI, No, li Frank S. Dinsmore Re-Elected Chairman Of Board Of Directors Given Of 'Y' worc- ancl desk 8. tit the ul thi: pei in the cziixipnign. joined. Litnibtlu tint' tokens support. t.i luli lxlX Thi-s lroin Hull ot' ut A HL' -D. , "Mit-el cur" Jumt-s' urclwstrn t.n nninitution limiting ti'ut'tt-rl in thu Grout Hull. Students To Moot Professors At Luncheon l Punt Third Time He Has Held Office Annual elections were held at the meeting ul the Bfmrd ot Dirccwrs at thc L'nivcfsny Tuesday. Jan. 5. Frank S. Dini- imirc was voted to serve his third term an chairman ol the Board. John J, Rowe to his third txirsxi an vice-chairrnan. and Daniel Laurence, U.C. vice-presy dent. to his tfirtxcth term az- clerk uf the Board. ' Mr. Dinsmort- has been an omfcr of the llriard sind' 1924 v hen he was elected vwc- chair- Itilln. Gilts. Grants. Pledges Announced Following thc clovzuin.-. Presi- dent R.xyinunu Vk'gilti:fz. an- irotinccd gifts, g r a ri t s, arm i-lmlgcs tu thc L'n:'rQ-rsity trilat- Frank Dlmsmorf Liberal Arts iuz liver Slstuimi, Dr. Ton' D Spit-s. associatt- giifiwfsur Q: , i. miivinv in tht- Ll-lit gf 'l lied - 1 mu t'u't-ixerl ffll Zt.'.i7 'ii cirrjf 1-1 has yititrztimnil .ii .--1g::'.-'n- the som-it-l nun- iii atidftion, Aiiiilplms Bu-42: 1' atiitit--ses lx-ti-it lll. pre-idx-nt ol Anhl:U:4.':- lin- ,-Xitiwlii A-- llnsvli 'ltnz im- pi'-izc-1' to:- Dx. tio:-fill' TT tlit' KW-llCL:t' i-' t.tztn:'d tlnnnrzfti -rig it, -1 tif' -11:51 1.i:nu:.i gg: ant- -' 5.114 Ie 4' tt- thrc1,- yt-:tix to Di Iii is .l.rnigit'y l. lf'Q.i ir: .- rn. il tht- Hutt: - sciitfrfi about s' - tn1if.- il 'r :i ful or mint. nm- xt-ti iiy Ct' Dean Pcrhsta-in llr.'r?- 4 ommillef Pros dt-tit '.'.'. ' - - . ls-- rc- lbfl mat tht' L"i i -'y An- Cumi:'.1't1- ur! Wa: 1 A it afar-9 bv 'tt tu- been .ttf '-- put'- Q' - me discuss the not know exactly tonimt .leant T. Painter. it spunky Yattkiie nen'iv,LQ-N navy some uniform. who proved to he it vt-ry human and und chitrmtniz lady. lu disctiwinir the pi-obit-ni of tfvrrq-veg i whether college xvoint-n should --------- Q"llf'2.SD?UQS?h00lll'-I 01' R0 NN sr.. ...M ....... . TOM WARTIK, Editor ond JACKSON CROMER, Business Monoger PAGE l74 TE 'til St" . VIS?" M -X VJf4"f57 'fi N Y s Fw QW T513 E515 U V if 'Q 4 - "W r W'7T77: . 1 A ' 2 M 'xp 3 if so, .R Aw X ' an ,sq Wggf.,gm:S2 1 1-3.2. f - s ' . ' S ' " f 2 - A L44 ..... . Msg... ,,,..-,..... r. . . .- L 1. .J ' - EDITORIAL Reporters-Ruth Castellini, Martha Closson, Howard Frazer, Jeanne ' Lammers, Allan Lurie, Alice Nantz, Peter Outcalt, Harvey Ed'l0'-TOM WARTlK Zwerin, Fauneil Rinn, Norman Gansen, Don Allan Associate Editors-Arthur Plaut, Mary Linn DeBeck, Jim Cokeley Managing Editor-Hyman Weiland News Editors-Ethel Samuels, Joe Carr BUSINESS Headline Editors-Ruth DeBeclc, Lavern Scheumann Society Editors-Martha Rule, Bates Lowry Business MUUOQSV-JACKSON CROMEP Secretary-Barbara McGill Associate Business Managers-Harry Tischbein, Warren Foster Faculty Advisors-Henry Segal, Frank Byers, Norwood C. Geis Audnor-Muriel Boker Acting Faculty Advisor-Raleigh Sharrock Advanced Reporters-Bill Levi, William Dietrichson, Stanley Foster, Margaret Hall, Lowell Lehenbauer, Evelyn Shute, Mary Worth- ington, Henry Hauenstein National Advertising Manager-Jack Taylor Business Assistant--Pierce Matthews Circulation Managers-Gladys Krichbaurn, Jane Kaplan ROW I: Shute, E., Bowman, A., Jones, D., Taylor, J., Lammers, J., Larimer, J, ROW II: Matthews, P., Stein, S., Krichbaum, G., Baker, M., Plaut, A., Carr, J., Outcalt, P. This year's Cincinnati News Re- cord has taken part in the war effort by reporting the Univer- sity's war program activities as well as by economizing in print- ing the paper in tabloid form. Adequate space is still reserved for descriptions of school events. Rather thorough information of "what's what" and "Who's Who" on the campus is presented by the News Record's iournalistic- minded staff. V 'D I , . ' YS: l A D a avi' si, ,H V - V V a ' I 5. , :',,'1lf. ' V : . , 4 . 1 o I, . V '. s.f" X I 9 Q.: 4' 40 ' ' i 1' 'gl I 0' ov ' A 0 I 3. gl. V +I' if s my N'f '- ' .. ,. " " ,vias -- ' 'A I V ' fl fi V V5 V ,,,,.V,,,,.-VV- . jf? VN ,QR .. V Qr.?-1-4:1 AI: U ' 9"'V" " VV' K' V ' V ,, ...-...,.. -,4......--....S- V V V V-1.1. Q. .7x3,V,,-8.1: ':5q.g4,.fwn1',,,.VV4,,5giHi '-sg fm- E.. :'j2'!'i'VuD'n:V V VV -,Vin V V XV VVVV .V 'Jil 2, " V VV VV V VV,V::wfVlV:..V .. Q.. V --VN :V 1Vg:'h5,gx Ziiiififjf, V ,V VV VQ VV , 'VY-v.. . VV SV, MVVVVV.. ww,-Vs V. V- ggi? V . 54. .. V VV .V -. V.:V 'QV VI Vg.V V Vg: E ' fix' 'E F ' 3-if I' ' -f" V 11? . I' 1 ' 'lk ."QJfViE V "?37L'ef5'-if? w V VV.. V :V V -V V, .34-V ,V F 3,1 , il - ,V t .T V V fV LN! - V :nw V. ,V VP.:-V, MYR V V 1V ...V . . V lL'.7:g.VVVV A V, . .V VV VVV. VV V. Vl V V . VVGAQVVQQV GK zz V5 V3 .RES E .VV 5.9. ' V VVWLVVV VV V, . MLUV . V. .4-Vg Vi r- . .. ZIV, ' V- U? A 5 VV, is V V-,Q HV j V .. ' , ' - -V Vim 'gigs-g.ngg1L --1 V. ' 3' ':"' V! 'DEW'-. FTF'-'ff .VV - ' -s 3 V. - 'z .I 'V' -F . 3 3' V 5422 5 it '-if .V 'i " Vi' S I' .Ti V ff S i 4 ' FE 7 V sV 1 In 4" .2 ,H V L, 1-4, . . ,gl p -- E,....,lf . L Lff V , . V A- Ann 7- 'Vg 'lk ! -'V VR? V- ,V 1- . V ' MVA 'V' ' 7 'J 'H - '--- Kniwgi :V Ag' LSVSL ' 2 . "f 'L 'J 'f .-L I' 1 YH' "' 5' ' f . VV :V ,, V -3.4 ,S , Vx ,rf . ' V V V ,s . A ' if V , V ag . . 315 VV ix.. , F "V " M. . :H .V . . - yr: 11 V VV- ,V :"7"x"""-n:w""' Q1 V Zim- - ' V . . :: N V V. x' x"""i ' ' .. V. .- ,V M V- .V .V ' 7m5K: Wye "QwW.!V'P.f"Y"f' "W ' n: "' A 'Q , ,.. V' -V .V .Vg-g.5f:.V.V .... -Q--f. lJ. f""':"" 'F -1'1" Qff' W ' X' ' 'i ' ' 'SF 'Q' ' ' V V- ' x"' 'ff' '-R 1 am N' ' K- . .V,V,V,.,V . --.V VVV VVA V V .V HM VV31 VV . QV. .V QVEVVM ' w x :VV wg-+ VV V - - "x51"? ' r QM, P V ' 'ink ' sf . A V I K .. .,..., .V VV V-,Vw V ,.V,V.V. . V V W... .... 25' ,V vias? V " Sbxkt 1 . 2 WV VV V V. V VVV V N V..V TV .. . . wa., . -' H. p."1 . ,- "w-V, -QV .V 1, . . - wi: . . an f 1x.. WVR.. a'1"VP'-- my Ve'-A. .. .V x' V. f, 'S -V - QV . ' VV V e , ,VV VV VV V VV:-K W. QV ,V QQ git, V V . I ' XXV K ,--- . V V j . V ,, - ., V - V VV .. .V.-VVV-.Vi.V- 1- , 9. V Vi . V'-0' ' V A ' .. .VVLV . X bl. . - . -. . ,F fa V V Q V-V QV . ,. . X . . .A I .V V V V fix V. VV V V -V -V-V- V. I QTVR 'V '-.V -K Rf' VV 5 "N V ii- I F ' "- 'V Y RV T X' 'Mi fy " 'Q' 'TV Vw .. . V . N V sf... . WLANVVL V VVVV V VV .V : V VVV V V.: . .V xg V V he . ..-VV Vg ' -: ' . 1' X V, V V V V- V ,VV V V- , V ... N . -f NV A . 155- ,MQ4 -9-51 ' iw? .. -'ww .V . V Y M mmf V ...VV'V- V V ,M V XV N V 8' ffffs MV. x. 235' -fl . ww- +.i'f.,,. 'gn ' . -Vw m VV 'V V V . N NN .-A 1- N V xg. V' X -V - -4 V- gg- .. V. V,VVV,VVVM. ,V,.VVVV.,,,7.A f.,rxV V+- , V . . V' Vg, .V V VVX V, V6 VV.. VNQVV M VV 'VSV .. Vi . .Q vw., .ix-'VSV Q. . V V B, V4K,,.VV. VVV-VV d's4VVVVV.fVVV,Q-VV .N VAQQVQ-VMV -. ,,.-.Q V KV-,XYRVV -- lm V855 V RAVEN, ' Vg.. .V 4 . K X ' " ' VV .VVg'f253rPq-. 'vii' VV g,"sJ' w..,q,- '14, 'Y' vi lVV':',.' 1. V 'QV-V+ 'X -+V .V -,x w-pw'-N' N: X ' .'5vwVV.,rq . g Vx A ,V .V VV . V - V- V V '- V .,, V V45 . V: V A VV. ...N V' V . ' . g VVVV , .SN NV. V VV-w V-VVVV 'J' xv VV VM 4 -.ViVi96,V.Vu V ,VVQRTQIY .VVWVVSTVV at K. ish Av .Sxn .:lg,xV w- VIN V V X V iU'!!'5V?'LiV-1" f3!!,gfVnf""'f P XSVRQ, F I Qffww SYQNPQ - 1 .Wg -V ",V 'D-V"'Vf 2 VXRKVSX 'I YV ' A" ' N "V ' V -is "MT" ' .V MV- Q.. VX .iw Q51 X T. "V wP9 '5f-.VT' "'i'tvf"'i- V' V. VH V 'V "x .Vial V gt .V X ' x 'X V- S Sy. .' 'F N . Al .. ' U EWS N x Wil- ."" . Vi". was 'im " VVQSVJQ ng. 5 VV -ia' V 4- a V V33 suv' -gr Q VV, .Q Q VV ..- 5' 'Q-,NV-gV... . .Y ., .x . H+' NV- Vg .SQ 3 ii y 'A N VV- VK "s.,,nV4 V M, 'rw . -. -V - N f VV hm ', Va, my ,, ,N av X wh .sq We VV. Q . -M .-N' -'Q ef .FV v Vrxal R SN- Q. ,nu 4--., ,' . A " ui V . ' V 3 ., 'x 1 'W .' x N xi. VV . Wk ' V 'V N X M -"" 'pl' -Q ' Of' .ami lf S' - 'WNV' ' ' 'Q V-Q' viz' .ul ax es 1:50, , W V, - . . X . V- f- VV -V.. 'QV ., X u. V A Q, 4 af wa 'W V in .WY . V Q 'F iwx W Kgs" A X ink 'Q ",gis"V if V, , AN' ' Vw.. gf, ww' ...Wilma , -VV '53 ,. .A-xii.. .fs 52", V . .- N' ' -X 4 - '. + TVX ' ' 1 .r"' 'w"w..,VVV :ar 'auf' x" P .V .. N .1 V klxw. fx K N X L. -A TEIIII IUIIL IIAIIAZI E: tip, ic X' K- QC' 'W Li, ,A x- i .. f ' K as W s f .4 sw r H 1 ff fs, J- 'f sf s s- s I K 1 A .. SAW. xxx? sw ,Z Q cygg at 7 g . g . Q .L .z Jac.. X Ifnia.. XA.. :- viEf,:k1L,S3h.N 4 J.x3,..ff.IML,,sI-f4.AK.?m.f.SZ.Musk-wk nd.. ac! CWNA h.ZQwh .sLa.i2t... .,....f.. R '.,.4.J.Lg.. . I. lLx....gC..Q:...:,.fs s.A:.,.....xL.. -AL.. Miller, E,, Fusaro, A., Jones, R. The Co-op Engineering attice manages to combine business with pleasure in a satis- factory it slightly noisy manner. The metallic clicking of typevvriters does not disturb weary engineers sleeping by the vvindovv. The frant- ic shouts ot editors never disrupt Co-op Day Committee meetings. Amazingly enough, is- sues come out on time. Editor'-in-Chief-EDWARD S. MILLER EDITORIAL Managing Editor-Armando Fusaro Associate Editors-Rita Obermeyer, Albert Walker !rt Editor-Margaret Lavell Assbtant Eglitors-Leroy Pryse, Roger Laib, George Paw AI',mn:iI Editor-Virginia Harris Thotographer-Sidney Rindsberg Cut Librarian-Jay Antenen Staff Assistants-John Kemeny, Fred Levine, Franklin Malick, William Ptitzer fe:retary-Helen Radtke BUSINESS T,us.ness Manager-VERA MAXSON Assistant Business Manager-James Zenich Secretary-Martha Feucht Executive Secretary-Richard Jones CIRCULATION Circulation Manager-GERRY SCHWARTZ Assistant Circulation Managers-Betty Mueller, Dorothy Platt Exchange Manager-Betty Laos Assistant Exchange Manager-Ruth Sickmeier Assistants-Clarence Ensminger, Marian Gorsuch, Victor Levy, Bob Linn, Richard Minges, Bernard Solomon, Delores Stewart, Eugene Tannen- baum, Charles Witte ROW I: Whittington, M., Ste- wart, D., Maxson, V., Schwartz, G., Obermeyer, R. ROW II: Lovell, M., Gorsuch, M., Feucht, M., Rindsberg, S., Antenen, J., Zenich, J. PAGE 176 STAFF Editorial Editor Carl Press Associate Editors M. J. Redmond David Wolford Managing Editors Ruth Nickum Randall Morgan Art Editor Sue Gordon Associate Ed Hirschl Business Business Manager Jay Goldstein Assistant Don Korchmar Business Secretary Circulation Manager Don Schroeter Bookkeeper Helen Radtke Jean Gellhaus . i - 1 -3 3 i ' A Q,ef1 The Board was founded to select the editors and business managers, to determine policy, and to control the budget and honoraria of all student publications. The officers are: President, Hoyt Graham, Secretary, Peggy Lillard. Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month. LJAJJL4 - Jihlgl ROW I: Nickum, R., Gellhaus, J., Radtke, H,, Ferguson, S., Lammers, J., Lovell, M., Forbriger, C. ROW Il: Morgan, R., Clare, A., Hagerneyer, R,, Schmitt, R,, Berger, T., Teese, J., Korchmar, D. Ui' JCE ,fl Tw U Qi lfi llll lit fix .ir ', wi Ml, '1 'il Q- 'D 7 1 i T 1 fx" T 'WT T' T' T' . , , i . X , it i7 f si L u Ji U L U fc 4 Jim iii U SEATED: Prof. R. R. Sharrock, Goldstein, J., Press, C., Baker, M., Graham, H. STANDING: Wartik, T., Alexander, J., Cromer, J. PAGE 177 ,143-13 2 E, R,- , - Wx: 3: I ' ,xx I 1 V -'aim 1. , . -r was 522312 , :gif 'I ZS: k 2 gy. .A,. wx-'xf .,: uv 11. , :Q Q ' if 1 , X X SIX gM.g.:Q. S'3Tf1-254 'lf' ki 'Q ., wvgpqs-y Rf vii: 3Q'.-lfw iiffcgib X N N x ' Ns'-:lf xx- N 1-X ISYS: XI . --waxy -' -, -. -""IZi:l' ,.f' ' ., iN-.JxIf"'.Tf fredii wx X X' Y Xslf' X , X X X QA? if' N Q -1 'ff--sf -Q25Qis-wliavfwsNffffie-Eff2.332-RQ? N N my e.:i:.2z: X 'F Q Iisf sf gffgfgzptf.-22' 31 ,141 f ' NNN ICA IIIIRAMA ll W X Zo sweeier wor A eler C arwze my ear . .H PAGE 178 PAGE " i iflf lit MUSIC AND DRAMA GLEE fixes GLUE me are The i943 Cincinnati Glee Club expanded its activi- ties to meet wartime requests for musical entertain- ment. Chosen by USO. to sing at ten of the larger army camps, the club carried a full schedule of school, camp, church, and private concerts. USO. sponsored concerts in Forts Sheridan, Harrison, Knox, Hayes, Great Lakes Training Station, and Patterson Field permitted members to visit and sing in Louis- ville, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Chicago. "Ameri- : ca's Outstanding College Chorus" sang in over thirty l concerts, including four commencement programs and the annual Spring Concert, and combined with the Oratorio Society to give an effective performance of Handel's "Messiah" "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" PAGE MUSIC AND DRAMA MEMBERS D. Apple-quist P. Bouer W. Beeler J. Bennett A. Bernet A. Brigham R. Brown J. Ccxlvert D. Dortnoll P. Dobert R. Duble E. Eisert J. Fe-istlicxmmel R. Fink D. Gollentine R. Gohs G. Hogomcxn J. Haley W, Hort H. Heciretlt E. Holland E. Huber R. Hunter E. Korres J. Keebler R. Keeton R. Knight J. Kruse L. Kruse D. Leussing THE ll il Q35: 'L- K X wv KYQXKKXKNXXYQYDSXXYY N " We PM t KX QXKKQK KKXKK 't"'i' A B ii'itJ. is W Ti MUSIC AND DRAMA . T. -x QV ,Q .X 4'1" ThoT snoppy UniversiTy Bond "swings" down The field oT one hundred ond sixTy sTeps per minuTe lforTy beTTer Thon The Armyl. Drum moior, Al Wholing, Bond Sponsor, Mory Lou Clorke, ond Tour MoioreTTes sTepped ouT in Their TrodiTionolly smorT Toshion. I-lighlighT of The seoson vvos The musicol ond boToniCol TribuTe of "One Dozen Roses" To Mory Lou. The X-UC. gome sow The premiere of di- recTor Merrill Von PelT's "Worr Hymn of CincinnoTi." "The Red ond Block did Triumph," ond The bond wos righT There Hmorching down The field." ,"M-wfrr-s-yfny ,,3..,....,..,, , ss-F , , .,. , .... . ...... . ., ,,,f., . ,.., . f .. .,, ., W. A, ,,, emo ,.,..,..W Wh sw,-wi ',f21ff'Nffsww Rs- """'WS"iSWi9. LY. , "N . s, A 1, T X H -, ss f 'T MT 'SRM-wasmsvw '- .552-ww f -sf 1 www sx.+:Mw,"s 'v - ' , X ' T. R .QT Q Q, X, . , s ss T, N assi- s.Qfs'e.a-'f,s'.4,ss M f A ,Q . ,Q M f M 'Jas-ql -' f r.'r.-,MQ-fy, T 1 N J T .1--nm Q-,Q A X 'gg-,M .E '75-.vas .Wy ,fgymop ,Q - 45. . 'A .. - MEMBERS C. Iviourmeier A. MerTon A. Meyer F, MiTchell G. Pofferson R. Pefficrew N. Riboriu S. Rindsberg F. SchoTz G. Schmidr R. Siemon G. Silver E. Snopp E. SuTTer H, Von ATTO H. Voyhinger A. Wholing R. Wesfrich W. Williamson E. Rupp R. Burders J. Koufmon C. Glclzier L. Mustord R. Evons W. HoTfield R. NeckerT H. Niehus R. Reed R. Meisel PAGE J Music AND DRAMA SEATED: Le Monek, S., Baker, M., Friedman, J., Rule, M. STAND- ING: Rose, J., Prof. W. Clark, MUMMER Rehearsals are riots, but opening nights are deadly serious. Dr. Clark, faculty advisor, dis- cusses business matters, "dances at Mummer revels, and mourns at their Board meetings." Mr. Rose, director, is tireless and the more be- loved because he laughs at those slight quips about his hair. Justin Friedman and Joyce No- lan enioyed emoting to their heart's content in that old melodrama "Lucy's Lament, or the "poor of New York." Sylvia Le Monek handles the publicity as well as the "femme fatale" angle. Those inimitable humorous portrayals by Gracie Kleine are greatly missed. Muriel Baker, Business Manager, and Secretary Martha Rule are overheard discussing their respective duties. President Justin Friedman beamed benignly at the excellent turn-out for the annual spaghetti supper. A second production is now under consideration. K S. sN I' sg if . H Tfield, W. R., Beiz, . W. PAGE 183 MUSIC AND DRAMA In planning The book This year There have been Times when we frankly ThoughT The Fif- TieTh CincinnaTian would be liTeralIy pox-marked wiTh blank spaces-ediToriaI bomb craTers, so To speak, wiTh all The planned copy and picTures bIasTed away because of sTudenTs leaving school, organizafions dissolving, and conTracTs being cancelled. In facT, Bud Griffes, The Business Manager, and I were Trying To Think of clever ways in which we could fill up suddenly vacafed pages and half pages. Bud Griffes is now away in The Air Corps doing himself proud by creaTing a few bomb craTers of his own, so I'm doubly glad ThaT This is The only craTer To fill. I can Think of noThing beTTer wiTh which To fill This space Than wiTh hearTfeIT Thanks To all The sTaff members, busy sTudenTs, and harried faculfy members who have gone ouT of Their way To help us presenT To you a fairly normal yearbook in This very abnormal year of I943. JIM ALEXANDER W -F'f?'1'f5..."5iT fFZl1iX.'Mf' i5'1.Eff?L'?lSL.Y'f?TK . Kappa Kappa Psi, naTionaI honorary so- I z , , K A P ll A K A ll P A S I cieTy for college band members, was founded aT Oklahoma A. 81 M. College in Q I November, I9I9. ITS forTy-one chapfers en- g courage friendship, leadership, and musi- 1 cal abiIiTy among members. The local chap- f Ter, Upsilon, was esfablishel in I928. The . presidenT is I-Ial Vayhinger. ' T Lg .eel W I: Vayhinger, H., Niehu , H, E PAGE MUSIC AND DRAMA ART iillilllli One of the most unusual and outstanding campus groups is the University Arts Board which offers opportunities and experience to students with crea- tive interests in its Workshops. The Radio Work- shop directed by Rome Hartman provides its mem- bers with experience on local stations. Plays are produced by the Dramatic Workshop under Justin Friedman, Sylvia Le Monek, and Betty Lou Bone. The weekly concerts in the Arts Board room are sponsored to provide enioyment and increase music appreciation. Eileen Herweh is chairman of this division. Another unique group is the Mar- ionette Workshop directed by Sally Taylor for students making puppets and producing shows, and the Poster Shop which takes care of most of the campus signboard publicity. Bob Tucker's Art Appreciation committee has as its outstanding pro- iect this year a successful exhibit of "Isms in Art." The Arts Board officers are President, Melvin White, Treasurer, Bert Berman, and Secretary, Bone, B. L. Standing: White, M. Sitting: Le Monek, S., Taylor L. Standing: Tucker, R. Sylvia Le Monek. 4YF'sw'ff 1wk1ivf.-.5--f..w.z.fy, "sz Q.: -.Tf""f2't'f'fqv't" WT "" - "W" w44i3" eil?" "" 'B' ""i W "'7'w.g.s Hfiwiwfki Tiff Tsxsfwiwflzit ....... LEFT TO RIGHT lsittingl: Herweh, G., Friedman, J., Ressler, K. "I: . -, 1 . A ,. . f .. .- .hm W X X WC X f WLMWMQ JlQWWHmS PA D 'O 'Q P OWU N 'X PAGE lllllllu FRATERNITIES ROW I: Borders, C., Abnee, V., Hoffman, R. S., Neuerman, M., Griffes, C. ROWII: Schroeter, J., Wolford, D., Gahr, W., Towers, L., Mess, A., Rhodes, J., Passhcius, R. llilliill.ll2lLl.lillilflilS9 IIIIIUIIGLII Oh happy day for pledges! The Interfraternity Council and its advisor, Dean Arthur Postle, decided that initiation of pledges would be based on seven weeks' grades as a war measure. The Council, governing body of the seventeen Greek fraternities on campus, was organized in l93l by Vice-President Daniel Laurence to form a closer bond betvveen the fraternities and the University. The group supervised the publishing of the Freshman Fraternity Handbook which is an aid to freshmen in their choice of affilia- tion. The annual lnterfraternity Dance was an event of early February. The officers are: President, Dick Hoffmann, Secretary, Melvin Neuerrnan, Secretary of Student Affairs, Vic Abnee. ACACIA ................... ........ B ILL KLAHM ALPHA TAU OMEGA ......... ..... H OYT GRAHAM AMERICAN COMMONS CLUB .... ..... R OBERT SHROYER BETA THETA PI .............. .... C HARLES T. GRIFFES DELTA TAU DELTA .......... ....,.... B OB REIMAN IOTA CHI EPSILON .... .... D AVID WOLFORD LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ..... ...... J OEL RHODES PI LAMBDA PHI ...... ...... H ILLARD SAYBLE PHI DELTA THETA .... ...., D ON SCHROETER PHI KAPPA .....,..... .,..... C HARLES MEYER PI KAPPA ALPHA ,....... .... R ICHARD HOFFMANN SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. .. ...,... JOHN MASON SIGMA ALPHA MU ...... .... M EL NEUERMAN SIGMA CHI ........... ,....... B ILL GAHR THETA CHI ...,,... . . .LLOYD TOWERS TRIANGLE .... .... C HARLES LAMB PAGE Hill? FRATERNITIES ROW I: Saeks, H., SpecTor, R., Abnee, V., Thomas, J., Dingeldein, T. ROW II: Rice, M., Jack, S., Talmage, J., Fraasa, D., Goheen, A., Wells, D. ROW III: Sheppard, W., Kay, H., Tannenbaum, E., Chesser, A., Lanx, G., Sullivan, M., Stokes, L. Wlllmllllllllwmllllllll TMTIIIITIIE lllllllllllllli The red and black "dinks" of freshman TraTerniTy pledges form o colorful secTion in The sTadium during The TooTball games. This is only a slighT ouTvvcird symbol of The inward uniTy among These Tufure Greek leTTer men. This year's acTiviTies were greaTly curTailed by The uncerTainTy of The reserve sTaTus. The InTer- TraTerniTy PresidenTs' Council rush order on iniTiaTion auTomaTically disbanded The Pledges' Council. Plans Tor The dance, an annual TradiTion, were almosT Tinished when They had To be scrapped. The siTu- aTion was unTorTunaTe, buT unavoidable. The officers were. PresidenT, Jim Thomas, Secrefary, Ray SpecTor. ACACIA ......,............... D. DEXTER, E. ZUERCHER ALPHA TAU OMEGA ............... J. TALMAGE, R. ROSS AMERICAN COMMONS CLUB ................. R. WOREL BETA THETA PI ........ DELTA TAU DELTA ..... IOTA CHI EPSILON .... LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. . . PI LAMBDA PHI ....... PHI DELTA THETA .... PHI KAPPA ........... PI KAPPA ALPHA ...... .. .... M. SULLIVAN, M. RICE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. . . . . . . SIGMA ALPHA MU .... THETA CHI ........ TRIANGLE .... .L. STOKES, D. FRAASA . .L. GRIMES, R. WELLS .C. MARTIN, R. DAVIS . . ...........,... A. CHESSER KABAKOFF, M. MEITUS MATTHEWS, H. HOPPE J. SCHULTE, D. TOREN B. SWAIN, H. FRAZIER H. SACKS, R. SPECTOR .J. THOMAS, G. LANZ SIGMA CHI ........... .... .. . . .F. SMATHERS, W. LINER . . . . .R. ADAM, R. WELTY PAGE FRATERNITIES 'I 555215. lui-Q. .,. suv fs c, ALL llll llll 'l'll lllM WHO llllllllS Ill Lieut. Col. Carroll A. Powell Maior David L. Strickland Maior F. Mills Judy Maior Carlton W. Winsor Captain George H. Muth lst Lieut. John M. Harrod Lieut. Com. Kent E. Martin Sgt. Ralph A. Miller Maior Kenneth B. Hanson Maior John S. Bachman Captain Charles H. Moore Lieut. Robert S. Vosmer Maior Daniel E. Earley F. Wilson Bailey John W. Cablish Lieut. Frank E. Dunbar Lieut. Byron C. Stuhlman H. Irving Crane Lieut. Alvin K. Torney Sgt. John Hellebush Lieut. Albert E. Gates O.C.S. John L. Heckle ist. Lieut. William A. Moore Richard D. Searight Maior Charles G. Sattler lst. Lieut. Raymond H. Weaver, Jr. lst. Lieut. S. Calvin Skinner Lieut. John W. Keefe Midshipman Richard A. Powell Lieut. John Crosky Naval Cadet C. Donald Ferguson Captain George Ley Lieut. William S. Kent O.C.S. John W. Weining, Jr. Captain Alvin F. Spiess Lieut. David Weinig Captain Phil J. Veith Captain J. Edwin Bowman Lieut. George D. Bennett Lieut. Max Haas Corp. Paul Keam Lieut. Watson Luther Captain Edward C. Pandort Ensign Randolph H. Peters Lieut. Louis A. Wiegele Cadet Randall M. Custer Lieut. John S. Frietsch Lieut. John G. Griffith Sgt. William E. Grimm Lieut. Charles W. Hayes lst. Lieut. Mark P. Herschede Richard Hypes Midshipman Thomas J. Keefe Ensign Richard W. Norton Cadet Ben G. Reemelin Corp. Robert S. Rippey Lieut. William Siebenthaler Cadet Ross A. Thomas 'Killed i Lieut. Miles Wachendorf Midshipman John Wood Cadet Taylor Alter '17 Signal Corps '19 Air Forces '20 Engineers '23 Medical Corps '23 Quartermasters Corps '24 Engineers '24 Navy '25 Army '27 Medical Corps '27 Army '29 Medical Corps '33 Navy '31 Medical Corps '32 Army '33 Army '33 Air Forces '33 Medical Corps '34 Army '34 Air Forces '35 Air Forces '35 Air Forces '36 Quartermasters Corps '36 Medical Corps '36 Army '36 Army '37 Medical Corps '37 Medical Corps '37 Air Forces '37 Navy '38 Army '38 Navy '38 Army '38 Air Forces '38 Air Forces '38 C.A.C. '38 Navy '38 C.A.C. '39 C.A.C. '39 Air Forces '39 Medical Corps '39 Army '39 Medical Corps '39 C.A.C. '39 Naval Air Force '39 Medical Corps '40 Air Forces '40 Army '40 Air Forces' Japanese Prisoner, Bataan '40 Army '40 Air Forces '40 Signal Corps '40 Army '40 Navy '40 Navy '40 Naval Air Force '40 Army '40 Army '40 Naval Air Corps' n flying accident Dec. 11, 1942 '40 Army '40 Naval Air Force '41 Air Forces Ullllll'l'llY Lieut. Newton A. Brokaw '41 Anti-aircraft Cadet Walter C. Byrd, Jr. '41 Air Forces Clayton L. Creoger '41 Army Captain Robert G. Etter '4l Army Cadet William A. Ferguson '41 Air Forces Robert A. Harpenau '41 Navy Lieut. William A. Morton '41 Army John E. Naylor '41 Army Kenneth P. Pitt '41 Army Cadet Robert Rieckelman '41 Air Forces Ensign Richard C. Scobell '4l Naval Air Corps Roger Van Schoyck '41 Coast Guard Cadet James P. Wilt '4l Air Forces Ensign George C. Allen '42 Navy Lieut. Robert E. Block '42 C.A.C. lanti-aircraftl Richard G. Bolles '42 Army Lieut. Richard S. Crane '42 Air Forces Lieut. James Q. Doran '42 Marines O.C.S. J. Barrett Druftel '42 Air Forces Ensign Thomas R. Eberly '42 Navy Sgt. Robert Hogan '42 Army Ralph Holterhoff '42 Army Lieut. William D. Kise '42 Navy lst. Lieut. Henry G. Nichols '42 Army Cadet William Robinson '42 Air Forces Ensign Carl Riedmiller '42 Navy Cadet Robert Schmidt '42 Air Forces Midshipman Charles Shank '42 Navy O.C.S. Robert B. Warn '42 Army Laurence C. Yeardley '42 Air Forces Theodore H. ZeHagen '42 Army Robert D. Fisher '43 Army James R. Garvin '43 Air Forces Charles R. Hartman '43 Army Thomas W. McCammon '43 Ordnance Lieut. G. Clyde Mitchener '43 Navy Cadet Robert ZeHagen '43 Air Forces Cadet John Brosseau '44 Air Forces John R. Butcher '44 Army Cadet Stephen H. Cramer '44 Air Forces Cadet James E. Eaton '44 Air Forces Lieut. Charles R. Harrington '44 Air Forces Harry A. Hodges '44 Marines 1st. Lieut. Albert G. Schneider '44 Air Forces Lieut. James T. Stewart '44 Air Forces Harry J. Tischbein '44 Army Cadet Matt. W. Williamson '44 Air Forces Cadet Edgar F. Waite '44 Naval Air Force George J. Woodward '44 Army Cadet John E. Childe '44 Naval Air Force Howard L. Finn '45 Army A. Gray Holterhoft '45 Army Cadet John B. Murphy '45 Air Forces Roderick Perry '45 Army David Bridge '46 Army Cadet John W. Donahue '46 Air Forces . Robert Helmholz '46 Medical Corps Cadet William T. Crutchfield '47 Air Forces imeteorologyi William J. McMullen '47 Army Allison F. Stanley, Jr. '47 Military Police William W. Victor '47 Army A.C. Donald Freeman '45 Army Air Force IGMII CHI President-William Gahr Vice-PresidenT-David Woellner SmooTh sailing vviTh The Sigs . . . beer aT The Bee . . . Alex and Pund's eTernal and harmonious l'?J duet . . . TorTy-one pledges iniTiaTed . . . Jackson Cromer, News Record Business Monager, Tom Kreider, L. A. Tribunal prexy, and Joe Morris, Men's SenoTe president: The acTiviTy boys . . . Abnee ond Freddie oc- Tually serious about Sophos . . . aTTer-game ceIebraTions . . . whiTe crosses on Deltos Dorie Heuck and Jon Briol . . . Sigma Chi SvveeThearT1 lovely Rosemary Hofmann of Theta Phi. Treasurer-Bruce Fisher SecreTary-Frank Pund PAGE FRATERNITIES Founded 'I855-Miami UniversiTy Cincinnati Chapter Established 1882 One Hundred ChapTers of Sigma Chi ROW I: Lanz, G., Hilmer, H., Helm, G., Thomas, J., Cleo, Frishkorn, P., Finn, H., Hill, R., Helmholz, R., Koch, C. ROW II: SchIueTer, E., Muller, Abnee, V., Walker, T., Mrs. Allburt, Gahr, W., Pund, F., Carlson, D., Field, J., Runyczn, R. ROW III: Gouspohl, B., Kauffman, J., Eiler, K., Ball, D Mueller, C., Williams, D., Wurzelbacher, R., Haile, R., McEnaney, J., Duble, R., Frederick, K., Haaser, W. ROW IV: Hafer, D., MaTThews, P., Sh n non, R., Bohnstengel, F., Cross, F., Prior, J., Baur, J., EvereTt, W., Robinson, K., Crutchfield, W., Muth, C. ROW V: Maier, G., Tischbein, H., Crom er, J., Stolley, A., Hansen, P., Harper, R., Harpenau, W., Victor, W., Scha tz, F., France, R., Duble, VV. ROW VI: Green, J., Apgar, R., Stanley, A Bond, W., Fosdick, A., Ulmer, J., Granzow, C., Ashley, J., Shertzer, L., Halley, G., Foster, W. ROW VII: SrniTh, C., Kranz, R., May, J., Buchert, W Woellner, D., Chenoweth, R., Hawley, D., Leinart, J., McMullen, W., Frishkorn, G., Fisher, R. PAGE FRATERNITIES ' illllllil ALPHA EP ILO President-John Mason Treasurer-Price Gaines Vice-President-Elfon Helfrich SecreTary-Jack Graham "Swinging along vviTh dear old S.A.E." whose men are seen burning The midnighT oil before quizzes, loafing in The grill, bumming rides To dances, singing aT Ship- ley's, and generally having a gay Time. ParTicularly acTive This year were: Pierson Davis presiding over Sophos . . . Bob Spear hurrying To Ulex meeTings . . . .fi ll ' Doug EgberT and Dick Scherer looking very scholarly ,I vviTh Their Tau BeTa Pi keys . . . The TiTTy-one broThers proudly represenTed on The Sig Alph service flag . . . Price Gaines, presidenT of Alpha Kappa Psi . . . The Founded 7356-UUIVSVSITY Of AIGbUm0 pledges vvho had To kiss The lions in TronT of The door- Cif'Cln"0'iCI1C'Pfef Esfdblished 1889 vvay during hell week . . . and "The GreaT WhiTe one H'-'ndfed Gnd Thlffeen CI"0P'efS of FaTher" BrevvsTer Sanders keeping everyone laughing Sigma Alpha Epsilon and happy. ROWI: Richards, W., Ellison, A., Bimel, F., Janes, R., Burinskas, V., Maioewsky, V., RiTTer, R. ROW Il: Tharp, R., Andrew, T., Dornetie, W., Gaines P., Mrs. Beall, Mason, J., Helfrich, E., Manchester, R., Kalmbach, W. ROW III: Frondorf, W., Jack, S., Stumpe, H., Cruse, D., Heifzman, F., Doer- ger, T., Schofi, W., Beck, R., Jones, B. ROW IV: Georgenson, H., Miller, R., Dickens, A., Crane, E., Keffer, R., Salisbury, R., Tekamp, D., Frazer H., Valentine, T. ROW V: Wheeler, H., Egberi, D., Wilfse, B., Bauer, O., Lengeman, D., Sanders, B., Robertson, W., Burns, S. ROW VI: Pike, B. Simpkinson, S., Mason, VV., Hoeland, J., Niehus, H., Hildebrandt, J., Dickerson, R., Thompson, R. ROW VII: Davis, P., Quinn, J., Eaion, J., Messing W., Donohoo, J., Kalmbcich, R., Campbell, D., Spear, R., Oufcali, P. IISWIII llllllillllll lllll PAGE llil FRATERNITIES President-Bud Griffes Treasurer-Jack Bode Vice-President-Gordon Ingram SecreTary-Jim Fuller Ever keeping The "Dragon Song" as Their moTTo, The BeTa's have upheld The chapTer in all lines . . . Jim Alexander, EdiTor and Bud GriTTes, Business Manager of The CincinnaTian . . . Sophos pledges Bob Munz and Tom BroTherTon . . . Bill Ezell, prexy, acTing as campus lnTramural Manager . . . nine men wearing The Ulex key . . . Al Whaling, Drum Major of The band, pledged To G.D.K .... The sporrs side of The CincinnaTian I handled by Bill STeinTorTh and The copy maTerial by BaTes Lowry . . . buTTeT dinners . . . Tea dances . . . The pledge-acTive TooTball game and parTy . . . scrap drive beTween The Sig Chi's and BeTa's . . . The Service Con- Founded I839'MIc'mI University TacT issues going To approximaTely eighTy-Tive members CIUCIHHUTI Chflplef Esfablished 1890 . . . every broTher pledged To donaTe blood. Ninety Chapters of BeTa Theta Pi X ROW I: Gregg, H., Fuller, J., Bade, J., Ingram, G., Mrs. Sullivan, Griffes, G., Smythe, R., Johns, G., Whaling, A. ROW Il: Albaugh, W., Munz, R., Robinson, J., Cogan, E., Holtson, J., Lowry, B., Ryan, D., PaTTerson, J., Alexander, D., TeeTor, M. ROW Ill: Gregg, K., Bludau, A., HeTheringTon, W. Munz, C., Sellers, W., Ballew, J., Kenney, W., Bruckmann, G., Alexander, J., Hallock. ROW IV: Todd, M., Lamprecht, J., Porter, H., Moore, G., KiesewetTer, C., Diederich, R., RaTcliffe, A., Broiherton, T., Campbell, J., Sfroebel, P. ROW V: Brown, N., Gray, J., Cone, H., Thomas, W., Moler, R., Cook, J., Hicks, G., Fuller, S., Ventress, W., Stokes, L., Foster, F., BuTler, S. ROW VI: Lammers, S., Raine, F., Shrewsbury, K., Shriner, J., Hoffman, H., Crozier, C., Shaw, D., Eichelberger, R., Schneider, L., Todd, H., Scholfield, C., Knab, D. FAU I: -l 199 FRATERNITIES PHI DELTA 'I'llllTil President-Don Schroeter Treasurer-Ed Doran Vice-President-Bill Herbes Secretary-Bill Mullally "Phi Delta Theta, grand old fraternity" . . . Never ask a Phi Delt "Y" . . . He'll be able To Tell you . . . Don Schroeter and Ed VVuest "Y" cabinet men . . . Ken Matthews, president ot Freshman Council . . . Don Dietz and Elmer Boehm, oTTicers of The Sophomore Council J . . . Bill Marten, Student Council member and Vice- President of Delta Phi Delta happy about planting his pin . . . Carl Press editor of the Profile tearing his hair ,A out . . . Don Schroeter dashing pell-mell to call Social " " WL' if . . Board meetings To order . . . Jim Royer of Tau BeTe and Allan Ahrens of Phi Eta Sigma Talking over The vvar hs Jr' . 1 1 1 1 Founded1848- ic i Diversity situation . . . Athletic-minded Bill Herbes elected To Student Council . . . Ken Matthews and Henry Hoppe pledged to Sophos. Cincinnati Chapter Established 1898 One Hundred and Six Chapters of Phi Delta Theta ROW I: Gard, W., Bohn, E., Doran, E., Herbes, W., Schroeter, D., Mullally, W., Boyne, C., Bradford, R. T., Starck, B. ROW II: Bernet, H., Pfing- stag, H., Hoppe, H., Rover, J., Ostendorf, W., Clark, J., Corbin, V., Pottinger, G., Shepman, J., Phillips, F. ROW Ill: Boehm, E., Lehrer, R., Hard, R., Stueve, S., Taylor, Z., Ginn, C., Hagemeyer, R., Dietz, D., Vance, E. ROW IV: Addison, W. G., Gentsheimer, R., Barrett, T., Press, C., Mullally, J., Steinern, J., Ellis, R., Marten, W., Rich, H. ROW V: Heidi, R., Deremo, D., Miller, D., Feltrup, A., Teese, J., Deakin, C., Smith, R., Clare, A. ROW Vl: Wuest, E., Lucas, A., Deprez, F., Kipp, R., Ahrens, A., Wagner, G., Peterson, C., Matthews, K. PAGE 0 M3 FRATERNITIES lllEllill.ll lllll IJEINIU. Presidenf-Robert Reiman Treasurer-Linton Vorwerck Vice-President-Frank Fielman Secretary-Ralph Flohr Fun ond ocTiviTies while avoiloble . . . and Then To duTy for Uncle Som-The DelT's motto for '42-'43 . . . They're 52. B A ' 2: succeeding, Too . . . Fronk Coburn, Joe Bobcock of The vorsity Team and Jock Strubbe of "Y" ond Sophos Top- :,'-: Mg! I ' f - iv w- ' ' el' 1' '. I .ff- E S Nga - ped for Ulex . . . Bob Reiman receiving congroTuloTions on his presidency of Engineering Tribunal ond Bud Vor- -..V werck geTTing his share of opplouse os SecreTory- N 9--x - i gzfgir .L Treasurer of Men's SenaTe . . . Tlogs of all nc1Tions herolding The winning Tloc1T in The Homecoming Parade d d Foun e 1859-Bethany College . . . Those fomous DeIT beer parTies . . . Fuzzy ond Emily, Morcio and Soup lnow in The Air Corpsl omong Cincinnati Chapfe' Established 1909 The Well'lmOW"I De-If pinned COUPIGS. Seventy-Six Chapters of Delta Tau DeITu X ROW I: Raible, G., Gerrmann, J., Golter, L., Floor, R., Reiman, R., Gamma, Fielmon, F., Strubbe, J., Hight, W., Dietrichson, W. ROW II: Hughey, J., Neuhausser, H., Duccilli, H., Will, J., Zochman, B., Schindler, C., Hartke, R., Moore, R., Weisshaor, C. ROW III: Coburn, F., Wilson, W., Mino, J., Rothacker, R., Glozier, C., Wells, D., Pell, N., Wolf, D., Reimon, R. ROW IV: Bertsche, W., Womsley, C., Walker, R., Flatt, C., Clark, S., Coffman, E., Wever, R., Wuerth, R., Garbett, B. ROW V: Schmidt, W., Lewis, E., Flinn, J., Calvert, R., McFarlan, D., Underwood, W., Morrissey, J., Glozer, R., Frazier, D. ROW VI: Anderson, R., Schroeder, C., Burton, W., Zimmerman, C., Smyth, R., Babcock, J., Fishcher, C., Burton, E., Cordes, B. PAGE FRATERNITIES Founded 1868-University of Virginia Cincinnati Chapter Established 1910 Eighty-One Chapters of Pi Kappa Alpha President-Richard Hoffmann Vice-President-Howard Geers Treasurer-George Coombs Secretary-William Meier Pl KAPPA ALPHA 4 Less than three years after Appomattox, the mutual friend- ship of six students of the University of Virginia who had served in the Civil War together had ripened into a stead- fast companionship. They founded the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Through the decades of the l88O's and the "gay nineties," the unique institution of the national Greek letter college fraternity came into being. Pi Kappa Alpha was a part of that typical American youth movement. On May l7, l9lO, the first charter to a chapter north of the Mason-Dixon line was received with pride at the University of Cincinnati. Members of the then local Epsilon Gamma Chi who became charter members of the "Pi Kap" group included: Frank S. Gavin, Elmore C. Walters, Frederick D. Lotter, Ellis McNelly, Herman Vogel, Glover Boake, Ward Sterling, Louis F. Werner, Arthur C. Hewitt, Edward G. Rie- man, Arthur B. Robertson, Robert M. Schell, Charles Jahnke, Herbert Shaffer and our own Reginald C. McGrane. Men of Pi Kappa Alpha have known the sorrows of a nation torn by civil strife, some went down on the battleship Maine, more than 2,000 followed Pershing "over there" in World War l, today the sun never sets on Pi Kaps who are in the service of Uncle Sam. Nor are they alone in this. Equally courageous men of other college fraternities stand ready to sweat and die if need be to hold on to those possessions which mark us as American collegians-the right to meet as often as we like with friends of our choice, to strive for better things in free enterprise, to read the books and listen to the lectures of qualified scholars regardless of their religions or political creed. ln its seventy-fifth year, Pi Kappa Alpha salutes American universities and colleges everywhere and their offspring, the Fraternity System. Together they have produced a young manhood and womanhood with the leadership and the "know how" to win this war. Going on The assumpTion ThaT This mighT be Their lasT year around The Alma MaTer, The Pi K. A.'s decided To make The mosT of Their Time . . . ThaT parTy ouT aT "Doc" STraehley's hunTing lodge . . . Prexy Dick Hoffmann presiding over lnTerfraTerniTy PresidenT's Council . . . Verne Ullom and Fred Daniell making boTh Ulex and Sigma Sigma . . . The boys making iT an All-Pi Kap Homecoming Day by capfuring The award for The mosT humorous floaT . . . The pledge formal ouT aT Clovernook, preceded by a cockTail parTy aT Harry Whallon's home . . . Doug Hoge capTuring The "Y" presi- dency . . . The boys keeping an eye on grades and Thinking of seeing The world aT Uncle Sam's expense. Q mimic FC rw fo ii ci QLEETRTQTJ 1+ To Diller L T l lg lp sci. it 1 1 Row I: Rice, M., Meier, W., Red L Hoffman R Geers H Coombs G Boerstler L Roy G ROW ll 'f XJ? Cokeley, J., Honecker, D., Klep nger D Neiser R Roush R Bertke D GroTe W Wolfe R Fisgus R .ff-A. LQQQX ROW Ill: Mays, R., Howland, H BradfuTe D Hufl-i T Boling L Hagstrom L Gebhardf C Schciudig 'Q' -Xlfiiffl R., Schroder, F. ROW IV: Block J Sull von M bfoll ngs G Schafer J Bueffner R Pr ngle G Don ell F,, Brown, C., Mitchell, F., Kohl J ' ...I L , 1 1 N 7,Q.,.1 if fig-.Q . ,. 5, .iff -'f 'axvigipfla I 7, , J.-X' , 'VL , lr' ' . . wax! K N, 1, A d ' "1 vs' K, . ,L-4 - -- rw + 1 ' u 4,,' 1 L . .,, A -JF. Y' . -Jn' .f' ' 1 ing' -' A Az- . -E , .R V i-L, -. ' di, , 15. ' ,,',,. ,L , K . . , ,Q 2 y ' 'bi' 1' " fix , ,:.. 1 7, Xe- '- 'I , 1' 7" f 4:53 Y nk. A .F . "7 . T 5..:, 1 -,J ..,1,g,, Uv' v ,vm ' "1f'!!" 4 -U, ,L 7 fx, A Ja 1 i 11... - ' ii' 'ne EW' fi ""ii'?'3E1::'. 2 f :ww ggvigggf 5536 3333325 Q S5255 . Y E , 1 , . ' X ' ' x : , V: 3 ' ' a C . . . .6 MUN hghsugzigiq :HRH A -M X1 iifiifl.i!ff!X1 sd lqgfq1fQg.!H3?ggTggg3,gHqg.a..5..f.. 1 .5 i- 'my 2!:'i!' f I' . xg5gf2Pg jf 53333 az: 4 f i ig- ivy glggg 5 it HRH Q 'siy aCl!HNllU!U H S ii: ..ufsQi!uu,q.q- . - X' 5 iiiwzinmgism 4,Vg,1gu,,,,'g,,:,5., 1, 1.13. 4, Q 3.1 , 1,.bN N . Q . y ,4 . nlsxiuuewsnn- 5, img w.m.wm-...uf ' . IL H ' 2 , r 1 , 5 ' e' , ,'! ' H,',,.,,,,, ..". .. .i 5 j1ff3?:?A'5 233 ,..f.F-g.gQqqgaos- Hs. U 8 ' "' ""' ' ' H ' , i I ' W-.11-'i-l-q6NNwiwMLw'z:3.:aExe:a?fa'2:tx-vmsmiai::'fa: ...- .Q -- . , ------ ' ,K ,,,,A x 'mx .11 i 5 -1 ...nn U G1 X1 sm-ek 'ff' T ' 'M ' . fa.. . . , M Ii ,X , "Q sag N ' ,I ' 2' 1r:g.:I"' ,Q S . EX ! X ,- -. ' ' ' ..- is 'Q ,Elf-s N, 'fffrt I xx xx .1 1 gf xq'Wf?"' 1 A wr" ' .,,xL ., - - x.,..,,f, J- E L? Al I L+ N, N 5 . , ,.-,.-,.:...,. W..-LL 'X , ' . ' - """" 'W ,., ..,,. 1 ., . V 4 Sig? Y ,E , Y X . ...L-Q-xE::l:' A l f , ' ,..5 f 5-., , A -v- '- K .1 .mzxzw 3 'uxu uxi ,R 12.5 N A, ,. Q Q N gn vf In ' 1, Q. . .. WM 41' N.-4' ':1----..-- . ' M Q , W -'-M"W'A' 'W - Q Af - u Y 1 A K 5 -:1-. Y - x" ' -l W. 'E I K ,Ai av ' ' 4? 5 i V " ,A W WA? xv' 3 'V f s 'W " , "' :Q Q ' : A ' r xg X X 5 ,. X ' J ' ,XX ii , :MM , Q X b wg: Q Q i I Q N. 'x . " - 'QM' L' fi .. 'SEENNE , ,, b I P 2 L3 .. Q xl 21,174 , N2-ffh ' Q, Q f 4 X YW , l Q , . V .Kb 1+ : ix .. 1' -ww ' - .5499 X me-4' N N ..,...-.--x I 5 . Q F" x iii FRATERNITIES ,X-XXX My 2 if i Founded 1909-Boston University Cincinnati Chapter Established 1916 One Hundred and Seven Chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha lilllllmill llllllll lililllllll President-Joel Rhodes Treasurer-Robert Van Hoet Vice-President-Robert Willets - Secretary-John C. Rhodes Year oit to a good start with the pledging ot tvventy- three fine boys . . . first big house dance atter the Louisville game . . . everyone very enthusiastic after U.C.'s vvin . . . Lam Chi's beat out the Grill Athletic Club T9-T8 as Intramurals enter the picture . . . the passing combination ot Lutes to Harris was never bet- ter . . . on the big hayride late in October the boys nearly troze . . . pledges lost to actives and lost their hair-their football wasn't quite good enough . . . Pledge Formal a huge success with the short-shorn pledges very easily distinguishable from their elders . . . Jack Taylor becomes national advertising manager ot the News-Record . . . and still a freshman . . . Lam Chi's agree that it was a good year. ROW I: Langford, D., Lutes, R., Nelson, C., Willits, R., Mrs. Ranok, Spot, Rhodes, J., Van Hoef, T., Chesser, A., Cleary, D. ROW II: Geiser, W., Gentry, J., Gast, H., Link, E., Smith, H., Harrison, R., Rehring, C., Taylor, J. ROW Ill: Elsner, L., Schnabel, R., Rumble, B., Drinkuth, E., Keller, O., Reis- inger, N., Kyrlach, R., Krone, R., Uihlein, P. ROW IV: Humphreys, R., Vaughn, B., Teppig, E., Freitag, B., Getman, C., Wakelam, J., Beeghly, R., Sweeney, W. PAGE I .. till? FRATERNITIES Siillllliil .ilililiiiiii Till Prior-Melvin Neuerman Exchequer-Robert Goldman Vice-Prior-Edward Hirsh Recorder-Edward S. Miller Sigma Alpha Mu . . . tops in '43 . . . rating first in scholarship among fraternities . . . the political angle on campus supported by Stan Block, Tom Wartik, and wonder, hurrying from his editor's office at the News- Mel Neuerman of l..A. Tribunal . . . Tom, the activity Record to preside over O.D.K. meetings . . . Hal Oleon, Myron Rudd, and Bob Goldman "happy in love" and , 2-- ' V ji. fi' - still going steady . . . Sherry Radin and Stan Block receiving congratulations on their Phi Eta Sigma keys from Ed Miller, editor of the Co-Operative Engineer Founded 1909-College of New York . . . great fun at the pledge banquet . . . speeches by Mayor Stewart and Myers Y. Cooper . . . Omicron's C'nc'nnol' Chaple' Esmblmlled ww pride and joy: its forty men in the armed forces. Thirty-Six Chapters of Sigma Alpha Mu X ROW l: Rubenstein, E., Spector, R., Nerenberg, R., Miller, E., Neuerman, M., Hirsch, E., Goldman, R., Travis, R., Newman, C. ROW ll: Aronsan, M., Ulasserman, A., Shohet, H., Gold, L., Warschauer, D., Kleinfeld, E., Gladstone, H., Roth, M., Levi, R. ROW III: Lappin, R., Farber, C., Geisrnar, A., Selonick, J., Weinberg, H., Middleman, J. J., Stern, M. ROW IV: Cohen, J., Cohen, W., Block, S,, Brill, M., Oleon, H., Schwartz, H., Altenhaus, J., Saeks, H. ROW V: Perry, H., Rassell, E., Rudd, M., Scott, S., Oscherwitz, S., Friedman, A., Siegel, T., Filler, C., Berger, B. PAGE Lllll X Q21 it FRATERNITIES President-David G. Wolford Treasurer-Joseph Koefler Treasurer-William Walker Secretary-Robert Stevens On both fronts Iota Chi Epsilon men are acguitting Themselves nobly this year . . . on the vvar front there are Iota Chi maiors, captains, and many lieutenants . . , Tormer President Bob Schultz pilots a Flying Fortress in The Pacific Theater . . . Guard Willy STeward ot The varsity tootball team is a lieutenant in The coast arTillery .,,,1 'Ugg overseas . . . on The campus Tront, I.X.E.'s are acTive in Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, and publications lift-l14fg'n . . . Bob Stevens is President of The Applied Arts Club . . . Freshman Les Grice Tires many perfect targets for The varsity ritlemen . . . Hal Louder leTTers in baseball and track and belongs to Ulex . . . Jim WollenhaupT is Secretary of The Intramural Council, a varsity Trackman, One Chapter of Iota Chi Epsilon and a member of Sigma Delta Psi. Founded 1919-University of Cincinnati ROW I: Helman, D., Glaser, R., Nortemen, H., Feitshans, W., Wolford, D., Wright, T., Sheehan, J., Dawley, R. ROW II: LePere, E., Wehr, E., Grice, L., Haag, J., Painter, L., Janes, D., Martin, C., Meyer, C., Flagg, G. ROW III: Dartnall, D,, Emmich, R., Danenhauer, R., Sheppard, W., Denney, H., Davis, M., Vrhanac, J., Taylor, G. ROW IV: Boggild, R., Louder, H., Adams, W., Matthews, L., Bratt, F., Hague, W., Wollenhaupt, J., Grant, J. ROW V: Pike, C., Emmons, W., Krull, S., Ehrnschwender, A., Perk, H., Buch, W., Labermeier, M. J lllllllli Wil WSLLLDN PAGE FRATERNITIES Rex-NaThan Kabakoff Archon-Harold Flax New and larger quarTers were The TeaTure of The posT season . . . in order To accommodaTe all The new ouT-oT- Town men, Ohio Mu moved To 537 Howell Avenue, sTill on The campus . . . Rex NaTe Kabakoff conTinued his leadership as presidenT of The chapTer and speedy cap- Tain of The varsiTy baskeTball Team . . . Pi Lam ranked F351 high in scholarship, coming in second Tor O.D.K.'s Scholarship Cup . . . This year's social calendar, in af- spife of The war, was mainTained aT high sTandards . . . more closely aligned wiTh The war eTTorT, Pi Lambda Phi has given over TorTy sons To The armed forces . . . conTribuTed To The work of The U.C.-X. scrap drive . . . and volunTeered one hundred per cenT Tor The Red Cross Blood Drive. Founded 1896-Yale University CincinnaTi Chapfer Established 1920 Thirty-Five Chapfers of Pi Lambda Phi X ROW I: Oscherwiiz, M., Pockros, M., Loshin, J., Kcibokoff, N., Flax, H., Paul, A. ROW ll: Blankfield, M., Heines, S., Tennenbaum, A., Katz, H., Solo- mon, B., Barach, M. ROW III: Nussbaum, F., Sfickler, L., Dunbar, A., Jacobson, I., KanTer, Leo., Davis, F., Schwinger, M. ROW IV: Tannenbaum, E., Harwood, S., Aaron, A., Tavel, H., Kay, H., MeiTus, M. ROW V: Bronsther, B., Weckstein, N., Horn, R, M., Colker, H., Kaufman, V., Alfman, G. Katz, E. PAGE FRATERNITIES President-Charles P. Lamb Treasurer-Emory Bauer Vice-PresidenT-Robert Passhaus - Secretary-Robert French This was an award year Tor The "all engineer" Tong of Triangle . . . sTarTing off a successful year under The guidance of The new housemoTher, Mrs. Fahrenbruck . . . chapTer ranking TourTh scholosTicolly . . . honored by being presenTed wiTh The coveTed Alumni ReloTions Award . , . Don Burr acTive on The Applied ArTs Tri- rgg. f bunal and Scarab . , . ArT Klinke, Treasurer of The "Y" A Freshman Council . . . besT of luck To Bud Baird and D..-. -V .. A- STew Robinson leaving The chapTer bonds To enTer The armed services . . . Cupid had a busy Time in The Cincy Founded T907-UniversiTy of Iliinois chapTer . . . Charles LongsTreeT pinned To Alpha Chi's Cincinnati Chapter Established 1921 Georgia MarrioTT . . . Audrey Jenkins, Alpha Omicron Pi, wearing Bill Deas' "Triangle" . . . Floyd Dibling hiT- Sevenfeen Chupfers of Triangle Ting The books . . . resulT1 Dean's lisT. ROW I: Primosic, A., Paashaus, R., Fahrenbruck, Mrs., French, R., Bauer, E. ROW II: Child, R., Klinke, A., Welty, R., James, W., Ludwig, J. ROW Ill: Robinson, M., Robinson, J., Burr, D., Adams, R., Bishop, T., Dibling, F. ROW IV: Weeks, R., Wood, R., Brown, W., Cooper, A., Croll, W., DOT- son, D. PAGE FRATERNITIES IIIIIJIIIIIIIII IIIIIII IIIIIIIEIIIII President-Robert Brotherton Treasurer-Stanley Stokel Vice-President-Word Brannon Secretary-Robert Agsten lt was o big yeor for the "I-long Together Tous" . . romonce with o capitol R for Bob Brotherton and Anno- belle Lo Force ond Ward Bronnon ond Virginia Bridge from DePauw . . . numerous other pinnings . . . activi- ties oll along the line . . . George Pow, President of Senior class, A. I. Ch. E., ond Tou Beto Pi . . . olso on 1 I I officer in O.D.K. ond Alpha Chi Sigma . . . Hoyt Gro- if ' C I 'J ...Q hom to the front os president of Student Council . . . Robert Stephens os Junior closs president . . . fun and Founded 1865-Virginia Institute frivolity ot the Christmas formal . . . military matters well in hond with olums in the ormed forces and oc- Cincinnati Chapter Established 1922 tives in The R.O.T.C. Ninety-Seven Chapters of Alpha Tau Omega 1 ROW I: Pozder, R., Myers, W., Hunt, G., Graham, H., Chappelle, Mrs. A., Stephens, R., Reed, R., Cooke, J., Ross, R. ROW II: Gargrave, R., Dunk- er, R., Plunkett, M., Gilbert, T., Clark, D., Graham, S., Shaeffer, W., Goosman, R. ROW Ill: Brown, W., Garwood, R., Smith, M., Brigham, A., Tol- mage, J., Alexander, H., West, G., Brotherton, R. ROW IV: Williams, R., Ames, J., Sweeney, J., Kerney, E., Ramge, J., Hirschl, E., Shorp, R., Perin, C. ROW V: Fritz, R., Boatright, W., Burgett, H., Lenseman, B., Tullis, D., Hines, W., Pow, G., Heaton, S. PAGE 7063 2 ,ii FRATERNITIES 1. 2 ,N A ' - Vi Nh '-C .fy ,T . Founded 1889-Brown University Cincinnati Chapter Established 1925 Twenty-Six Chapters of Phi Kappa lllllllll lilllllllil President-Charles Meyers - Treasurer-Charles Meyers Vice-President-John P. Connelly - Secretary--Pat Dagnillo The times are reflected in the military attitude of the Phi Kaps . . . President Meyer well-known on campus for his position as commanding captain of Pershing Rifles and Maior in R.O.T.C .... Henry Mott, first ser- geant in Pershing Rifles . . . E. J, Connelly, captain of the Fencing Team, discussing the art of crossed sabers with Bill Marcy, Varsity Manager, and Charles Maur- meier, Freshman Manager . . . Joe Gray's unforget- table champagne party at Hotel Alms before his in- duction . . . Rome Hartman emoting in Mummers plays and Radio Workshop performances . . . the Student Auditor finding John Sullivan an invaluable assistant . . . "Sully" busy as Treasurer of Newman Club, too . . . fortunes in paper money made and lost at the recent Monte Carlo party. ROW l: Connelley, J., Mess, A., Sullivan, J., Meyers, C., Gray, G., Ornella, VV., Rolfes, J. ROW ll: Moorman, B., Moorman, D., Mott, H., Hartman R., Wille, T., Moeller, R., Walter, H., Overberg, R. ROW lll: Wuellner, F., Schulte, J., Erbacher, H., Nielander, J., Kruse, J., Myers, D., Toren, R Maurmeier, C. PAGE b 203 FRATERNITIES AXJYUMHMN Ciiiiifiiiiiiiiiw TUUJUHT President-RoberT Schroyer Treasurer-Marvin Landrum Vice-PresidenT-Ralph Lenz Secretary-Robert WhiTe STarTing The season wiTh a bang up hay ride aT Handle Bar Ranch The ACC's conTinued The year vviTh numerous successes , . . in honor of The DayTon Alums, a dinner oTTer The UC-UD game was in order . . . vvhaT could be beTTer Than music, good food, and loTs of Tun . . . ACC C.- is well represenTed in all branches of The Armed Forces . . . pasT prexy, LT. Emil Ulanowicz, is missing from ., ly-. e,.-A,i, Corregidor . . . pride in Their scholarship record is well Taken as They sTand TiTTh in The ranks of UC's TraTerni- I Founded 1917-Denison University Ties . . . honors were copped by Johnny MaTlago when he made Tau BeTa Pi . . .anofher year in TraTerniTy Cincinncm C'wP'e' Esmblished 1926 hiSTOI'y. Five ChapTers of American Commons Club X ROW I: Schumacher, C., Whife, R., Lenz, R., Landrum, W. ROW II: Thiem, J., Marcy, P., Worel, R., Enoch, H., Maricigo, J. ROW Ill: Ray, F., Brown, R., Sleiner, R., Lehmkuhl, J. PAGE FRATERNITIES . or ,. .mort ff Founded 1904-University of Michigan Cincinnati Chapter Established 1929 Twenty-Five Chapters of Acacia President-William Klahm - Treasurer-Fred Stork Vice-President-George Patterson - Secretary-Cecil Carleton Acacia isn't one to be idle, and this year is no excep- tion . . . ranking third among the fraternities in schol- arship . . . keeping a variety at stars in extra-curricular activities . . . holding down the athletic side with Ollie Robinson as a star Varsity back . . . doing a time iob as secretary ot the Band, George Patterson was pledged to Kappa Kappa Psi . . . also strengthening the Band are Don Gallentine, Earl Snapp, Bob Borders, Jerry Hagaman, Bill Beeler, and Bob Heckert . . . sending two debating teams into the intramural finals . . . per- forming their patriotic duty by having Bill Klahm head the very successful U.C. scrap drive and by sending a large number ot men into the armed services. ROW I: Azary, Z., Hagaman, G., Patterson, G., Stork, F., Klahm, W., Moak, E., Schmalzl, D., Borders, C., Beeler, W. ROW Il: Brown, J., Barger, J Heckert, B., Mustard, J., Grater, E., Zuercher, E., VanWye, J., Snapp, R., Best, B. ROW III: Hoppel, P., Wagner, R., Gilliss, G., Dexter, D., Noelcke W., Sigler, J., Sonnenberg, F., Schmidt, G. PAGE 57 IZ' glial FRATERNITIES PresidenT-Lloyd Towers - Treasurer-Rodney Clark FT W 's Vice-President-Raymond Frederick - Secretary-Albert Wellman lf?-43 finds The TheTa Chi's officially on campus . . . Ray Frederick, Treasurer of Engineering Tribunal, aided in his duTies by broTher Bob Corcoran, also a member of ':-.e ll' J: i.-r. 5 3 .:i." ' i,...i 5 1 ThaT augusT body . . . Prexy Lloyd Towers as Vice-Presi- denT of The "Y" sTill finds pIenTy of opporTuniTy To be I, wiTh Becky Swope . . . TheTa Chi well represenTed in 1:11 Eff X ,..f. Scabbard and Blade by Ball, Sardis, Schneider, Mah- fn, ,c.i .1 .ixpy renholz, Doggy, and Beinhorf . . . George Schneider, -' T AcTing Business Manager of The CincinnaTian . . . John l-lermanies pulling down honors in The cross-counTry Founded 1856-Norwich Universny races . . . Wellman, Frederick, and Corcoran help Till . . . , . ' ' ' I' d 1942 The Sophos lug . . , main ThoughT in everyones mind, Cmcmnoll Chapter Eslablshe new TraT house in The fufure. Seventy-Three Chapters of TheTa Chi 1 ROW I: Daggy, E., Frederick, R., Towers, L., Clark, R., Scholz, C. ROW Il: Crail, H., Sardis, S., Kerr, D., Leiner, W., Smafhers, F., Schneider, G. ROW III: Ball, F., Brigham, T., Iorio, V., Corcoran, R., Mahrenholz, A., Beinhart, E., Walker, W. J! A -QE? f 43?2'99'1,. M.. N ,K I ." xsv- -S X -k lf '57 ,W im t Q. "' ' H. ' -1- A ' .,......--..,.,.4."' Vx, ...:-.-:wa---.1-r b xl , ,ea . jfzgx ?"' E- Q is' Awww., X , ig--.IJn" .fygfg -.fs--0.4, K 5 :xzffff .viz --.W 1-.' S4-ww ' - bm V n3,kM,?.V,4 4. ,.- , A , N., .A X lil, -' gr- -K 5 cu d .Z - . fl' , ,asia-9' at 'ia ' fm s . - 2 X .Q ,, ' ,. x ? 'ls . 'x - ' . , F - -null' I I 4' t 9 , A Q -1 M- 'A h ' ,Q,......-- .maui .,,..,,,e Qiii FRATERNITIES Fraternity men pulling down "A's" in all Grillology courses . . . gray suits and black knit ties . . . getting buzzed at the Bee . . .the Sigma Chi-S.A.E. traditional football game . . . old clothes parties . , . bull sessions . . . the Sing . . . lntertraternity Council . . . Triad Dance . . . the increase in pin planting . . . Delt hymns at Ed's . . . the "brothers" leaving in swarms tor the armed forces . . . "Is he a characterl' '... pep talks to pledges . . , lntertraternity Dance . . . unflagging interest in each year's crop ot "trash" teminine talent . . . the Beta week-end . . . cigars for serenades . . . "lt says here' '... Phi Delt tea dances . . . tun and triendship . . . stunts that will sound good to grandsons . . . .-.:.--E-,-:M .:?'c+IgI-XE-,Ii Q ww, 3-. -xx R ex , wig N 2 'Ma . MSYRR 'itxriz ' '1 M A N Y" '1i Q4 'lm ' :fee N "ffl r1x32':?':ii: , :Iii ,ws-Q --., -M 2, E- fxfk? N 1 , v Nfffsliil , NNZSIIQIL' ' :TZEKTTS "r-Ez' 'Slit , ,, WW K H TT 1- -v- e p... V,-X -If-X'-N. K, -wa. v--fm?-wf 'W if -f: .+s - 1" f x, sl. V' '-Af ono 1um I ll one io my Zzecwi was eefr so ear . . f PAGE 207 PAGE 208 SORORITIES PA -HELLE IC "From Alpha to Omega' '... those midnight sessions . . . the sorority uni- lorm: sweater and skirt, anlclets and mocassins . . . pin serenades . . . aueenships and cups . . . rush rivalry and rush exhaustion . . . "VVho is that smooth apple?' '... beauty and brains lsometimesl . . . Pan-Hellenic . . . charm bracelets, leans, and argoyles . . . open houses tor A.A.F. cadets . . . cut lists . . . Home Coming Parade . . . seven A.M. meetings in the Pan-Hell oltice . . . sorority tables in the Grill . . . "Strictly from hunger" . . . the Symphony Drive . . . "She's a charmer' '... showers for engaged women . . . the "Thank-God lt's-Friday" club . . . "Watch him, he's a fast operator" . . knitting tor the Real Cross in meeting . . . years not easily forgotten. PAGE SORORITIES ROW I: Johnston, D., Stites, R., Sowyer, V., Knogge, M., Bloir, A. ROW II: Ritchie, V., Tiernon, R., Jenkins, A., Montgomery, P., Threlkeld, K. "VVe rnusT cuT down," wos The ever-presenT cry in Pon-I-Iellenic Council. ConcreTe meosures were Token To "- T .. '4--' corry ouT This oim by greoTly reducing The rushing budgeT, shortening The rush period, ond elimincning serenoding ond eloboroTe pc1rTies. The onnuol Tornnol dinner-donce sponsored by "Pon-I-Tell" vvos re- ploced by o simple dinner Tor oll Greek pledges ond new iniTioTes. Council lenT The combined glornour oT oll sororiTies To oid oT U.S.O. service cenTers ond conTinued To TosTer TroTerniTy morole by The ex- chonge dinner policy. This yeor's officers ore. PresidenT, Virginici Sovvyer, SecreTc1ry, EsTher Lueders, Treosurer, Morion Kncigge. Mrs. LiTTle gove her TrodiTionolly involucible oid. KATHERINE THRELKELD .... AUGUSTA BLAIR ...... ROSE TIERNAN ........, AUDREY JENKINS ..... . MARION KNAGGE .... BETTY MAESCHER. . . FAY JURIN .............. . . . ...ALPHA DELTA PI . . .ALPHA CHI OMEGA .ALPHA GAMMA DELTA . .ALPHA OMICRON PI .........CHI OMEGA . . .DELTA DELTA DELTA . . .DELTA PHI EPSILON DOROTHY JOHNSTON ............. DELTA ZETA VIRGINIA SAWYER .... . .KAPPA ALPHA THETA ESTH ER LUEDERS ......... PAT MONTGOMERY ...... RUTH STITES ........ MINERVA COHEN ..... JULIA MATTHEWS ..... HELENE SCHWARTZ. . ADELE GOSIGER ........ MARJORIE ERPENBECK .... VERNA RITCHIE ....... ........KAPPA DELTA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA MU . . . .PHI SIGMA SIGMA . . . .PI LAMBDA SIGMA . . . .SIGMA DELTA TAU . . . . .THETA PHI ALPHA .........TRIANON . . .ZETA TAU ALPHA PAGE 2ID SORORITIES 'SW w - T- in X wi Founded 1888-Boston University Cincinnati Chapter Established in 1892 Eighty-Eight Chapters of Delta Delta Delta DELTA DELTA DELTA President-Betty Maescher Treasurer-Ruth Dupps Vice-President-Lucy Voss Secretary-Marilyn Haskell The Delta Stars wink down approvingly upon the Cin- cinnati chapter . . . especially upon: Lita Weber, Vice- President of Women's Senate and member of Mortar Board . . . Janet Lillard, President of Home Ec. Club . . . Dorie Heuck, managing editor of Cincinnatian . . . Secretary of L.A. Tribunal, Mary Ball . . . Rosemary Kauffman of Lit and "Y" Cabinet . . . Ellen Crosley, member of Wig Wag Council and officer in Home Ec. Club . . . activities galore and no neglect of romance . . . not when there are twenty pinned women in the chapter . . . numerous stories from the hilarious Hal- lowe'en stunt party . . . turn-about Valentine party: pledges rushing the actives . . . the never-to-be-forgot- ten fiftieth anniversary celebration of Zeta. ROW I: Haskell, M., Webster, D., Dupps, R., Maescher, B., Mrs. Swope, Voss, L., Lillard, Janet, Stockdale, M. ROW II: Ferguson, S., Woellner, P., Leeker, E. J., Heuck, D., Richter, M., Crutcher, C., Kauffman, R., Meyer, B, Taylor, S. ROW III: Young, S., Leeker, C. B., Noble, M., McCormick, A., Voorheis, J., Webber, M., Longworth, M., Briol, J., Griffith, C. ROW IV: Weber, L., Olt, K., Krehbiel, S., Lee, B., Mitchell, C., Noble, M. A., Franklin, J., Chotfield, L., Nieter, J., Holt, V. L. ROW V: Baechle, V,, Silver, M. L., Ayer, D., Chenoweth, M., Wikel, L., Jacomirii, M. L., Bone, B., Kise, C., Homer, P. 7 W . i I I U i 'WIT I7 'BMW ,ll lj? il 'Ol MlJl Iii 'Irl'..l,i1'ii',fii JL un I li .Q-.Jgii .Lin L its L fix President-Virginia Sawyer Treasurer-Jane Adams Vice-President-Elsa Heisel Secretary-Libby Rei PAGE fmxgfi of it f , ,I i- SO RORITI ES "I ain't a student of Phi Bete, I ain'T The queen of The May . . . " so runs a song of The Thetas . . . yet, They have Their share of both scholars and queens . . . Vir- ginia Sawyer and Elsa Heisel members of Mortar Board . . . Charlotte Winans and Mary Lois Roberts, winners so so . ot The Intramural Debate TournamenT for 1942-43 . . . Delta Phi Delta claiming Two wearers of The "lciTe"- Hope Burkhart and Sally Sellers . . . eight Sophomores ruling The freshmen in Vigilance . . . all Their social events reported by Martha Rule, co-society editor of --9 The News Record . . . The usual collection ot fraternity Founded 1870-DePauw University pins . . . Jane Adams and Virginia Sawyer claiming a , , , . , C Ch E bl h d 1913 place in The American Colleges' Who's Who . . . Theta mclnnml Omer sm ls e In lips GFS smiling. Sixty-Five Chapters of Kappa Alpha Theta f ROW I: Burkhart, H., Golter, B., Heisel, E., Mrs. Holliday, Sawyer, V., Rei, L., Adams, J. ROW Il: Bottomley, M., Feuss, M., Sellers, S., McFarland, P., Davis, F., Blackwell, P., Tredwell, S., Ruff, M., Rei, R. ROW III: Rathkamp, V., Bengert, P., Hexamer, A., Meader, J., Roberts, M., Adams, D., Mathers, L., Postle, P., Kreimer, B., Rule, A. ROW IV: Rosf, P., McLaughlin, N., Marfin, P., Winans, C., Cramer, E., Gregg, E., Feid, B., Hill, A., Stewart, J. ROW V: Haas, A., Shepherd, S., McCullough, M., Rinn, F., RogerT, M., Walker, J., Wulfekoetter, B., Sedgwick, C., McGill, B., Smith, B. PAGE SORORITIES President-Esfher Lueders Treasurer-Martha PeTry Vice-President-Ruth Nickum - Secretory-Ido Lou Kreuck "Swing lT KD' '... a new song added To The old song- book, geTs a warkouf wiTh The quarTeT of Mary Lou Baer, Essie Fischer, PaTTy PaTTerson, and Margie Schau- ferT . . . BeTTy Lovell, Vice-President of Senior Class adds her ward of approval aT STudenT Council meeTing . . . si ' Essie Lueders, KD prexy and chairman of DoughnuT . V Day for MorTar Board, receiving one dozen roses wiTh some hair curlers in beside Them . . . Ginny Wuesf, Chairman of The BlackouT BuffeT, ends up doing dishes Vx '57 Founded 1897-Virginia State Normal wiTh her dafe . . . Kappa DelT walks aff wiTh four Fresh- men on The Y Council . . . seen fencing and off To Cmcmnol' Chcpler Eslabllshed ln l9l3 riflery each week are Helen Beach and Jean Giesen- Seventy-Two Chapters of Kappa Delta berg . . . "Swing lT KD" . . . They sure did swing iT in '43. ROW I: Aurand, L., Blase, J., Krueck, L., Peiry, M., Lueders, E., Nickum, R., Blase, R., Ross, l., Sudbrack, E. ROW ll: Zumbiel, M., Lovell, B., Garde ner, S., Zind, H., Johnson, B., DeBeck, R., McDonell, M., Reid, H., Noll, .l., Lovell, M. ROW Ill: Giesenberg, J., Stewart, M., Fischer, E., Beach, H., Baer, M., Wagner, W., Grassmuck, J., Patterson, M., Wuest, V., Andreira, B., Dornerie, C. ROW IV: Schauferf, M., Fielman, J., Garvin, O., Flesso, E., WighTman, M., Liebelr, A., Buhmann, R., Bower, J., Dick, M., Franz, V. F KAPPA DELTA iii sf SORORITIES President-Marion Knagge Treasurer-Helen Radtke Vice-President-Evelyn Shute - Secretary-Marjorie O'Hare W-1 ' 4 Chi Omega will remember '42 as The year of laughter and tears . . . one in which everyone matured a great deal . . . happy days, suddenly saddened by Jane Grayett's departure To the eternal chapter, returned again with the addition ot new members at pledging . . . gay Times aT Christmas parties and open houses 1,7 during The rest of The year . . . fond Tarewells To Peg rf Lawrence late of Chi Omega now of The WAACS . . . -Q I best wishes to Dottie Kay, Fay Mohney, Virginia Bred- A entoerder, Joanne Ayer, and Bernice Flood . . . all add- ing "Mrs." To Their signatures . . . activities promoted Founded 1895-University of ArkGnSGS with zest by B. J. Moores ot Social Board, Nanc Van , , , , , Wye, new Band Sponsor, Jean Kautz, Jr. Advisolh and Cmcmnoh Chapter Esmbhshed m 1913 others . . . welcome to Mrs. O'Hara, new house mother. Ninety-Six Chapters of Chi Omega X ROW I: O'Hare, M., Shute, E., Knagge, M., Mrs. O'Hara, Kautz, J., Johnson, E., Radtke, H. ROW II: Wurst, M., High, P., Urmston, L., Timmerding, M., Bergman, M., Popp, S., Neidhard, M. ROW III: Graham, B., Voss, C., Zurenko, M., Roberts, J., Urmsion, F., Caine, B., Helle, J., Cherdron, M., Kautz, D. ROW IV: Patrick, B., Kraemer, L., Nichols, J., Link, J., Gellhaus, J., Stockmeyer, E., Moores, B., Doerner, R., lrwin, N., Keefe, P. ROW V: Mueller, M., Graham, V., Vaughn, S., Niemeyer, D., Wilson, S., Thomas, M., Van Wye, N., Luckhardt, B., Finkelmeier, M., Adams, E. PAGE SORORITIES 6,5 :-i!:.:'f' 1' few A " " E151 51 ' BW Founded 1870-Monmouth College Cincinnati Chapter Established in 1914 Seventy-Two Chapters of Kappa Kappa Gamma llill'l'il KAPPA llilllllllil President-Patricia Montgomery - Treasurer-Virginia Downey Vice-President-Martha Hetterich - Secretary-Marilyn Troeger The Kappa owl looks down with approving eyes on a new array of cups . . . the national efficiency cup, Beta l2ho's pride . . . the scholarship and symphony trophies . . . Jane Schweikert's addition-the Quad- rangle Queen . . . Harriet Gregory and Dottie Cleaver of Mortar Board keeping the chapter activity conscious . . . Ginny Erhardt working hard as co-author of the Cadets . . . Martha Hetterich noted on campus as the chairman of the extremely successful vocational con- ferences . . . Janet Rawson, efficient art editor of the Cincinnatian . . . Dottie Eichelberger, now Mrs. Kenny Heuck, and Dottie Cleaver Hall receiving best wishes as Christmas brides . . . a new pin every day in the attractive pledge class and the usual worries over grades. ROW l: Boulware, B., Clarke, C., Braun, N., Hetterich, M., Halvarsen, Mrs. A., Montgomery, P., Downey, V., Troeger, M., Grove, J. ROW Il: Willc- erson, M., Good, G. A., Koehler, D., Fielman, L., Ray, M., Cozine, P., Beaumont, L., Henkel, P. L., Rockwood, S., Noe, N. ROW Ill: Reuwer, R., Gould, D., Hausfeld, J., Long, J., Closson, M., Bailey, A., Bowman, A., Bauman, B., Steele, C. ROW IV: Gregory, H., Brunskill, H., Cleaver, J., Driskell, D., Erhardt, V., Reifschneider, L., Sterrett, R., Dustin, N. ROW V: Hollmeyer, P., Schurter, H., Costello, M., Scheid, J., Rawson, J., Gysin, J., Schulte, M., Mulford, V. PAGE 215 SORORITIES President-Dorothy Johnston - Treasurer-Gerry Schwa rTz Vice-PresidenT-Alma Schneider - SecreTary-Dorothy Ringenbach DelTa Zefa Prexy DoTTie JohnsTon dividing her Time be- Tween Alpha Lambda DelTa and Pan-Hellenic Council . . . Alma Schneider of a liTerary benT, inTeresTed in ArTs Board and Treasurer of Chi DelTa Phi . . . Eileen O'Neill also on ArTs Board . . . SororiTy proiecT: an afghan Tor The Red Cross . . . Gerry SchwarTz, circula- I Tion manager of The Co-op Engineer, worried abouT cle- V liveries . . . BeTTy Burns walking inTo Pan-Hellenic Rep- resenTaTive's Council aTTired in her CadeT uniform . . . Vigilance members BeTTy Burns and Norma Owen Founded 1902-Miami University waTching violciTors of freshman rules . . . lvlargareT von SchlicTen acTive in Alpha Lambda DelTa . . . she and C'nc'nnal' Chapter Eslabhshed 'n 1916 BeTTy Burns Talking up The Glee Club. Fifty-Five ChapTers of Delta Zeta f ROW I: O'Neill, E., Schneider, A., Johnsfon, D., Finley, M., SchwarTz, G., Von Schlichten, M. ROW ll: Ringenboch, D., Cole, D., Koehler, E., Schol'1, J., Ayer, L., Burns, B., Andrews, O. PAGE SORORITIES SKY 6 4 5 1 lm N. Neg :UA A2226 l .P lv! . Founded 1885-DePauw University Cincinnati Chapter Established in 1919 Sixty-Five Chapters of Alpha Chi Omega ALPHA Ulll llllllllll President-Augusta Blair Treasurer-Georgia Marriott Vice-President-Martha Taylor Secretary-Jean Knight "We are college girls-hmmm-and a little bit more" . . . true to their song, the Alpha Chi's did more than ever in '43 . . . with hearts already employed, eight sisters agree that December's a festive month . . . salu- tations to Mrs. Turner, the grand new housemother . . . our pride and ioy-a newly decorated house, thanks to the actives' work this summer . . . sisters Rindsberg and Burgess comparing merits ot their prospective hus- bands . . . Carole Ginn, Chairman ot Junior Advisors, happy over the success of her brain-child, the Cadet Corps . . . B. L. Bone always dashing to a meeting . . . the chapter turning out en masse to greet Dorothy Thompson upon her arrival for a lecture engagement. ROW I: Stueber, M. J., Knight, J., Taylor, M., Mrs. Frank Turner, Blair A., Marriott, G., Hoffeld, M. ROW II: Larimer, J., Solsman, K., Spence, J., Hurdle, D., Thornburgh, M., Blair, D., Billmon, J., Otting, R., Robinson, J. ROW Ill: Motsch, A., Hack, V., Welsh, P., Ginn, C., Burgess, D., Rinds- berg, S., Fleming, P., Emmich, A. L., Fisher, V., Fogle, S. ROW IV: Forbriger, C., Zink, M., Goetz, M., Meier, R., Schatz, M., Beam, M., Lehan, B., Wager, J., Tuxworth, E. J., Mills, O. J. PAGE 21 SORORITIES President-Adele Gosiger - Treasurer-Ma ry Livingston Vice-President-Mary Jane Koons - Secretary-Annalu Tighe Mem-or-ies . . . Mem-or-ies . . . WOW . . . The slumber party at The Thefa Phi house wiTh The usual amount of sleep lnonel and The usual amount of fun lmore than mosT peopleb . . . Mary KisperT reigning as Freshman Queen . . . Rosemary Hofmann, Picfure Editor and Mary Daugherty, Copy EdiTor buzzing madly in and out of The Cincinnatian office . . . hats off To Mary Ann Nen- 136 ninger, Presidenf of Mortar Board and Ginny Luning, Treasurer . . . both made "Who's Who' '... The usual gray hairs over pledge grades . . . more cokes for i4i" Annelu Tighe and Clancy in L.A. Tribunal meetings . . . Adele sporTing Cm S.A.E. pin . . . Shirley l'lelCl, Chi Founded T912-University of Michigan Delta Phi pledge . . . Ros Eagen and Ruth Casfellini ' ' ' h bl' h d ' "debaTing" heatedly . . . Helen Rudolph's Phi Delt Cmcmnah C Gpler Ego ls e In ww Sel'er1ClCle. Twenty Chapters of Theta Phi Alpha 1 ROW I: Voss, A., Spinner, M., Rudolph, H., Gosiger, A., Livingston, M. E., Tighe, A., Jordan, D., Hartley, J. ROW ll: Dubell, V., Castellini, R., Doyle, P., Reynolds, J. A., Wall, G., Dailey, H., Brinker, M., Clott, J., Kammeron, M., Shannon, J. ROW lll: Boewer, B., Eagen, R., Farrell, M., Roltes, R. A., Strunk, B., Ast, J., Kispert, M., Murray, L. ROW IV: Galvin, N., Bradley, J., Degaro, J., Hobson, M., Kiefer, M., Daugherty, M., Nenninger, M. A., Luning, V., Sattler, J., Rutterer, L. ROW V: Sweeney, M. J., Dailey, M. K., Wallenhorst, M. R., Held, S., Hofmann, R., Schauer, A., Shan- non, K., Kuehnle, T., Naberhaus, B. PAGE QI8 SORORITIES bf .N J Founded 1898-Virginia State Normal Cincinnati Chapter Established in 1921 Eighty-One Chapters of Zeta Tau Alpha E'l'A 'PA ALPHA President-Verna Ritchie - Treasurer-Margaret Slimp Vice-President-Lillie May Armandroff - Secretary-Eunice Siegel VVhew! lt's been a busy year for the Zeta's despite the marriage rate depleting the chapter's ranks . . . "NL J." Redmond busy as Managing Editor of the Profile and also a member of Pi Chi Epsilon . . . Lillie lvlay Armand- roff finding time to be on Home Economic Tribunal and also sport the engagement ring of Dick Gillespie of Pi Kap . . . she and Dorie Stewart cavorting on the field as cheer leaders and on the stage as chorus girls . . . Prexy Verna Ritchie happy about her election to Tau Pi Epsilon and her Acacia pin . . . Jeannie Denison re- ceiving congratulations on winning the high score award in the intersorority bowling . . . yes, we'll re- member '43 for a great many seasons. ROW I: Slimp, lvl., Armandroff, L., Ireland, J., Ritchie, V., Fahnle, H., Siegel, E., ROW ll: Plough, V., Long, P., Selmeier, M., McVay, Y., Stewart, K., Taylor, L., Rittmeyer, B. ROW Ill: Koch, B., Wesley, J., Kindel, G., Reininger, B., Motz, M., Tanner, B., Sullivan, H., Brethaur, B. lillllil DELTA 'lil President-Helene Schwartz - Treasurer-Bobbie Sartorius Vice-President-Lucille Dunsker - Secretary-Harriet Neurman With the opening ot school come The re-opening of The Sigmct Tau's apartment at 2635 Clifton Avenue . . . Then rushing and The final result-tive fine girls pledged to Sigma Tau . . . keeping up The morale ot The armed forces . . . Gerri Levine married To on Ensign . . . Eileen Chinsky engaged To a soldier . . . and on The home front Harriet Neuerman, Audrey Friedman, and Miriam Lucas wearing S.A.M. pins . . . campus activities well represented with Naomi Saltzman, Ellen Schurgast, and Ruth Snyder in Mummers . . . preparing for The stage Through The medium of Mummers is Bobbie Sartorius . . . Cadets claim a large number of members . . . all The girls are going out for Civilian Defense proiects such as knitting, first aid, home-nursing . . . dll in cill, it's been a good year. PAGE 219 SORORITIES 55 T ii!-9' ' lll 0 Founded 1917-Cornell University Cincinnati Chapter Established in 1923 Seventeen Chapters of Sigma Delta Tau 4 , ! i l Nl rr .T......V' L'i' X 'V .SCN .. .u..c'3: ROW I: Kaodish, B., Sartorius, B., Colwell, M., Neuerman, H., Schwartz, H. ROW ll: Snyder, R., Euster, l., Schur, C., Dunsker, L., Pepinsky, D. ROW Ill: Lucas, M., Saltzman, N., Bohn, L., Schurgcist, B., Friedman, A. PAGE SORORITIES ff. ,J C 'F Founded 1904-Syracuse University Cincinnati Chapter Established in 1923 Forty-Eight Chapters of Alpha Gamma Delta ALPHA GAMMA llllL'l'A President-Rose Tiernan - Treasurer-Gladys Krichbaum Vice-President-Edith Althaus - Secretary-Martha Smith Striving towards a happy medium ot war work and play, the Alpha Garn's have had a busy year. Activi- ties have occupied a great deal ot time . . . June Elle- brecht as a prominent member ot the Freshman Coun- cil ot the "Y' '... Rose Tiernan and Maddy White hold- ing down responsible positions on the "Y" cabinet . . . Gladys Krichbaum helping the publications side of ac- tivities by acting as circulation manager ot the News Record . . . the social ledger shows a number ot ex- change dinners, slumber parties, and tormals . . . the Cadets have their share of Alpha Gam's drilling and attending defense classes . . . Arley Cherdron promoted from training to Private First Class. ROW I: Walker, B. J., Hamilton, J., Tiernan, R., Brehmer, L., Cherdron, A., Althaus, E., Miller, l., McFarland, N. ROW ll: Lindner, M., Carney, C., Krichbaum, G., Moore, C., Ellebrecht, J., Smith, M. PAGE lil limi liiil President-Frances Scheer Treasurer-Minnie Stein Vice-President-Daffy Dubin SecreTary-Gerry Collis Headlines for Delfa Phi Epsilon . . . romanTic marriage of Bernice Tennenbaum To Roy Frug, upon his arrival from Hawaii . . . ilucky boy given a seaT on The plane by a major who knew of his previous clisappoinTmenTs in Travel accommoalanonsl . . . Bang-up farewell parTy for JaneT Fabe cleparTing To a WAVE Training cenfer i . . , Myra Charek sTrolling To Pan-Hellenic meefings ' lnever laTe eifherl . . . Gerry Collis singing away in OraTorio . . . illuminaTecl pumpkins lighTing The paTh o.,..-,,c,.,g.. To The beTTer-Than-mosT Hallowe'en parTy . . , Fay Jurin and Norman making engagemenT news . . . Frances Founded 1917-New York University Scheer elecTeal To Pi TheTa . . . Hope Hyams of CadeTs leaving The milifary aTTiTude aT home on The nighT of C'nC'nnGl' Chapter ESmbl'Sl"ed 'n W26 The Pledge l:Ol'fTlCll. Twenty-Three ChapTers of DelTa Phi Epsilon f ROW I: STein, M., Scheer, F., Dubin, D., Collis, G. ROW Il: Orlik, H., Charek, M., Hyams, H., Liscow, M., Waldman, H., Brooks, L. i l QAQGE SORORITIES cgfkv' Founded 1913-Hunter College Cincinnati Chapter Established in 1926 Nineteen Chapters of Phi Sigma Sigma Plll lllllll lllllll President-Minerva Cohen - Treasurer-Jean Ginberg Secretary-Elaine Stern Scholarship hits a new high in Phi Sigma Sigma . . . Jean Ginberg initiated into Pi Theta . . . Ruth Roth pledged to lota Sigma Pi , . . Minerva Cohen, member of Beta Gamma Sigma . . . Small wonder that Phi Sigma Sigma's head the scholarship list among Pan- Hellenic organizations . . . high spot ot the year-the Come-as-Your-Lite-Ambition Party, everything from an aerial artist and an angel to a fireman . . . Adele Wie- land pinned to "Sonny" Fine of Sigma Alpha Mu . . . Norma Rosen, Bea Steinberg, and Rochelle Fradkin at- tending Home Ec. Club meetings . . . fun at the pledge formal with "Glen Miller" Ca local boy? . . . several of the sisters singing in Glee Club or marching along in Cadet Corps. ROW l: Harris, H., Yradkin, R., Cohen, M., Ginberg, J., Urdang, N., Roth, R. ROW ll: Miller, S., Gergely, W., Dragul, R., Weiland, A., Rosen, N. Stern, E., Steinberg, B., Rosenbaum, S., Sandow, A. gl ll W TTT PV Q ,Ti TD will W lf T' T ' l T 'lil T , Tv Tl, Ml V T .li l JT il lil J TJ lil' in 1 J President-Audrey Jenkins Treasurer-Be'rTy Ludeke PAGE A , oligiblp Q49 SORORITIES Vice-President-Marjorie Buehren - Secretary-Mary Light Leading The A.O.Pi's down The field for a new year was The i942 band sponsor, Mary Lou Clarke . . . Prexy Audrey Jenkins wearing a Triangle pin . . . our pledges keeping up lasT year's record by winning The award for The mosT effecfive float . . . Jeanne Pugh and VioleT CronenweTT marching knee-deep in mud in The CadeT . ' drill . . . wedding bells ringing for Mary Poe . . . Pi TheTa's adding our BeTTy Ludeke To Their number . . . Hughes seen wifh her hundreds of Air Corps leTTers . . . .. DoTTie Findley dividing her Time befween us and Schus- Ter Marfin . . . and of course Pledge Capfain Marjorie Founded 1897-Barnard College Buehren flashing her newly acquired diamond . . .lasf h I . h u buf noT leasf . . . Helen Jenkins and Rufhie Sickmeier Cmcmml' Chapter Esmbllshed In 1929 pulling for more Army-Navy relaTions Cplug for U.S.O.l. po,fy.5even Chgpferg of Alphq Qmicron pi X ROW I: Hughes, R., Miller, E., Jenkins, A., Ludeke, B., RighT, M., Jenkins, H. ROW ll: Glaser, G., Eberhard, L., Clarke, M., Davis, E., Cronenwett, V., Kinker, B. ROW Ill: Hamilton, M., Findley, D., Sickmeier, R., Diehl, M., Sheriff, P., Poe, M. PAGE SORORITIES ff? ,lf .54 . , ' A -jf ' .4 z e, if A VlC'fCXYl F62 30 le l ll "" - . 43 . 1 Q .f In W .. .,,,,: ,V , ., ...W ,- ,.g.4.1" '1- 4 J.-i - 'C-'U' qlffxc 4- V V ,. , E i ' Founded 1929-University of Cincinnati Seven Units of Trianon 'llllll President-Marjorie Erpenbeck - Treasurer-Florence Nolte Vice-President-Virginia Knodel - Secretory-Ann Schmitz Receiving Honoroble Mention for their potriotic tloot in the Homecoming Doy Porode, the Trionons storted the yeor in fine toshion. Continuing this woy, titty per cent ot the octives ioined the VVomen's Codet Corps . . . one hundred per cent enrolled in Volunteer De- fense Work . . . Anne Schmitz, Morge Erpenbeck, ond Virginio Knodel went to lndionopolis during Thonks- giving vocotion ond had o wonderful time ot Trionon's Notionol Convention . . . Presidency of the Clossics Club tell to Pouline Morris . . . Florence Nolte is busy entertoining the Armed Forces by her doncing in the USO. tour ot Army Comps. . .The pledges mode 0 hit with everyone through the ploy they gove tor the Ac- tives, Mothers, ond Alumnoe ot the onnuol Christmos Potty . . . A stor moy be sewed on the Service Flog shortly when Ido Nolte ioins the WAVES offer her grod- uotion in June. ROW I: Nolte, I., Erpenbeck, M., Knodel, V., Nolte, F., Schmitz, A. . llil Presidenf-Ruth STiTes Treasurer-Evelyn Von Behren Vice-Presidenf-Helen Cooper - Secretory-Verci Moxson Your life insuronce poid? . . .Then drop in oT The Phi Mu house Tor your weekly iiTTerbug Tvvirl . . . pledges Brewer ond Spengler providing exciTing mornenTs . . . The ever presenT vvoil Trom The MorTor Boord Clon on Tuesdoy . . . "HoW's obouT on bridge gome, people?" . . . ThoT's our Helen Cooper . . . monThly Trips To Ohio Wesleyon ond Then o sTunning DelT guord, yes, she's Doris Kuhn . . , The usuol Fridoy nighT procTice, o "Cozy' '...' 'Ship's" sTorTed wiTh Acocio ond going on inTo The yeor . . . our Pledge Formol ond The "young Greeks of '43." V.. PAGE 225 SORORITIES x 5, f f - , Founded 1852-Wesleyan College Cincinnati Chc:pTer Established in 1931 Sixty-One ChopTers of Phi Mu I ROW I: Lozzell, B., VonBehren, E., Moxson, V., STiTes, R., Cooper, H., Spengler, M. ROW II: Graham, I., Koumcm, P., Beall, B. J., Brewer, V., Sieed, H. M., Ohlson, B. B. ROW Ill: Feuchf, M., Zink, F., Hopf, N. M., Kuhn, D., Mundhenk, M., Overbeck, D. . L-"..g: V512 :g .11-,lf',Cf.:,A1tf ,-1?-if :'.1."'1e'.i5f? 25.5223 443f'f42'-i:3.X5:!'.q:-1:'-rf .- fag,5vp4p:4:'.-,'4 11 Lg,-,zza1:.31af -:V-rw M514 f WSZf2fL1Em' :H w-W,,.. , ., . ,,w.,.:a.s4.. agQ.,,,.. AW' l ' - ' ' V,-N f f ff f f if X7 ,, X I, , , ,V XT 1 ,X ., I ,X , V, B. A ' .X If if 4,79 , XJ, 0 , hP,,f H fm'-.fn bg,-.I , X PAGE more gills SORORITIES l. fl 3 it . Founded 1921-Boston University Cincinnati Chapter Established in 1933 Seven Chapters of Pi Lambda Sigma fl lllllllillll Sllllilll President-Cleotha Corbin Treasurer-Betty Loos Vice-President-Vivienne Ryan - Secretary-Patricia Foley You can't have all the fun if you don't do any work! . . . so runs the motto of the Pi Lam's . . . the pledges waiting expectantly for the next formal, and the actives waiting expectantly for the pledges to make their grades . . . Vivienne Ryan, Phys. Ed. Major, bustles about on business for Arete and Teacher's College Tri- bunal, while Betty Loos lends her talent to the work of the Co-op Engineer . . . President Cleo Corbin worry- ing about comprehensives but looking forward to the spring Glee Club trip . . . Pat Foley lending her services to the U.S.O. and loving it! . . . Betty Groeschen anx- ious to start on her first work-section chats with Julia Mathews who is content with the "status quo," espec- ially inthe Grill. ROW I: Mastronardi, P., Foley, P., Colbin, C., Ryan, B., Loos, B. ROW II: Steding, R., Giaccio, M., Groeschen, B., Rothm, D., Diehl, M., Guethlein, .l. ROW Ill: Ollinger, A., Walters, l., Dick, K., Mathews, J., Weber, V. ALPHA llEL'l'A Pl President-Katherine Threlkeld - Treasurer-Marion Deichman Vice-President-Elizabeth Yowell - Secretary-Betty Stewart This is a plug-for-victory-year and the A.D.Pi's have had their share of victory . . . first victory at the Sigma Sigma Carnival: Skippy VVitte and George Woodward win a cup as the best pinned couple . . . Betty Stewart and Lois Lichtenberg marching on in smart military fashion as Guidon girls . . . new pledges making their debuts with a military escort at the formal . . . recon- struction comes after victory, vve're preparing for that, too . . . Betsy Yowell presiding at Sociology Club meet- ings and aiding the "Y" as a Senior Advisor . . . Regina Mills busily helping T. C. Tribunal plan events for that college . . . the freshman debate team happy over their chance at the semi-finals . . . the Alpha Delta Pi's march on in peace or in vvar. i-'Aon 22 SORORITIES 0 A X 5' iz .f,.A , ,,aL. 23 1 A WM if ' Q .V .i., is .-15-g1.35Q!"', ' ' 5:75 frxfk I. I f.-.t'1-iff - V Ah-A .so- .gn--o,, ,fe-"f "' .BQQIAQQ gg .,b,s99,3u wx, Founded 'l85'l-Wesleyan Female College Cincinnati Chapter Established in T935 Sixty-One Chapters of Alpha Delta Pi l f ROW I: Naberhaus, V., Lahke, M., Burton, Mrs., Threlkeld, K., Deichman, M., Lichtenberg, L. ROW II: Lewis, L., Anderson, J., Foote, H., Weidmann, B., Backherms, G., Yowell, B., Sargeant, V. ROW Ill: Fusaro, G., Niehous, M., Feltrup, H., Wiser, R., Shear, R., Smith, E., Detmer, V. ROW IV: Welling, L., Beers, B., Mills, R., Stewart, B., Burnet, G., Giffin, F. fa. V, ,jimi min i . ,,.,.9 avffr ,ix 1' V. ., ,Q fn, M y N f X f .. iff.-. f1 +fQi'2:Q?'fW1 1, -92' WV 4 Ve f w , ' fwfff a'i,'fQVff55H'?-if VJ - ,V I - ff?' f? 6ff...v 1 i f A3het.fGf'f- 'V ffV..V.fQ "W-fin? 'Vf ?'f5'q"' ' ,i.riNf,AV . ' ?T"'f"- ' "if f -. f l , -,gg ,Fi -,fs jf5,4l',.f1Qw1n- x L, tru .71 I, wi .V 1 Q -L., 1,34 V V, .Q mg. ,. -. 'liars Aff'-"'i4'ff'f.fN'a 5 'f va' 1 'ff-if 1 V - ' . 1' "1 ' V ,f ", 1- f '-T .'7.,-ff in f Q' Z!ilNif"f'5f:,: ,ffm f' N5 .1 '1 V V f - wgfffl-7.51, I , 'ggi airgxf 95" if.Vy,G','g ,- 5 , 'ups -f ' V fiQ1i'VsJQf5 e' 1 115' 'MV . , 1 Uh, , if ,,,f,,, A .M ,WWA , -V-,VVV ,ax -Ax, A -gd Vi, - ' V" .Ff1r-- "cf Q H if 1 V 3 . Q ' V 'V f if Pfaf' A - -V 712-A V:V'ar'W' V: flsf ' 5 ' 37153 , ill- 4 Hi: :SE Y42' wir 2111-'+a7Y2fi?-Fw Sa, ' ki , V J!! I1 Tiff' 'fVfV?-"'A""wgf ,Q V L 12 fl .qV:Vf5.F?i.'11 yr, f ,HfQ.f.VVa'n'gf1 5. Gr' M25-V .ffpf-gf. , ff 1' f fb ms . V 4' 4 gulls '22 . r,-fi' nn. ,513 V if ,Q f ' '- g f ' if E ,gill im. fffl. , ,. X!! iw V gin ji , , Ami rg' RE? ,g V g - -, .,-cf 'Ev :il L VV 15 f -- Q , V1 -' L 5' f "ff imi ' Q -Q ,- -f .. , an V nfl? ,: f5 f .gQ. :gi rig vi , , . 1 ,VV W.. .!. ' .11 f-'MA X' - ' 09544, , -.2..f: -- V V - . QQ-g y: QI' lisa g 2 521' .fn V '- Pr fx Wx V 1 1 s BQ: ffl - V 'gig Ms. Mi- -Him L f2V'i'l55iw,f2'. 's'1"Qq1. ? '3 - Wil' -'i'1't:sX:1 I ?2?fVVJ I .,9,ig?2isB3l if W ., waxy, ,gif Vik,-. u X - ff -Q. -VQ7 '.f V215 2' 1 'Vfigf ,Q , -Sgvgillh xl fffifw' 'f. Q' N 5 A A v u . , . 'flu . .if fv:.fV,.i.f. K Vi V' 9225, 45 -T-ff V Q 'a JN -V 1 - in ff V- V .yy - 1 ml. '35 Jw, ,if It -'mv 116, r ,M rf 4 1 Q, V3 5 N V-F EE V : : , ' -f:- 4 . J- J SA Ly , ,k . .,-V ,, - I. . 3 . , J, '-M, 5 --, 1,-5, ' .su ML 1? ' - 1-V .fy ep' 'w.. .-'f',.5sg'.'f'4 faf , mff-:f. 5-nf LE. . 942 nf - -, "YNY 9955525-'fs2f?mw.,,.4V,,N,, H- L. Y 3 Q v u? 'f f- . V bf f."' , V , -,X ..4w,.L 'v5.,,. -,... V .,. V- .,w,,p-.liirn I ,iv ix ,J .F U if if - I Q , A I 5: fs ll , v 4, 1 ' iff" " " .,., ' 1. A,., . . of , mg? ' 'V '.' Q '- 'f 'V f ' ,4, ,. . .V.V,. V .., "ff ' V V- V . V N, I Q JM- x,,, - N N- n .4.V rp, x Q-Q , I , KR , - :f ,V:,iC:v-.NM A - z H- ",,.-V-f-'r x x ff' X ME IHIRMITUIRY PAGE 228 0 Q PAGE DORMITORIES Although uncertainty and unrest comprised The general feeling aT The Dorm This year, iT Turned ouT To be a pretty good season . . . a creditable showing in campus poliTics and honoraries . . . Harding, Sheridan, Hemstreet, Eaton, and Doggy on The Engineering Tri- bunal . . . Daubenspeck and Terry on Stu- dent Council . . . O.D.K. pledging Chuck Sheridan and Harold I-lemsTreeT . . . Tau BeTa Pi's "brain TrusT" of George Kral, Bob Ramey, Royce Jennings, Bob Winston, Stan EaTon, Frank Malick, Hank Eads, Harold l-lernstreet, and Ed Roof . . . The stag dinner aT The Gibson wiTh The usual line of iokes . . . several dances . . . annual freshman picnic . . . improvement of The Dorm grounds . . . Nick Skorich and Johnny Bedway, stalwarts of The TooTball Team, pledged To Sigma Sig- ma . . . Through The leadership of Prexy Bill Emig, Vice-President Boise Macon, Secretary Wayne Bryant, and Treasurer Hal Vehslage, The Dorm Council managed To guide The DormiTes Through a successful year. ROW I: Fiedler, H., Richardson, W., Yingst, P., Bryant, O., Emig, W., Vehslage, H., Hartman, R., Pancoast, R., Burton, W. ROW II: Erb, C., Cochran, D., Ungard, W., Wahlers, J., Potts, J. L., Campbell, S., Dooley, E., Klover, J., Patterson, R. M. Now in completion . . . PAGE DORMITORIES They soy he pulled o fosf one losi seciion . . . FounToin of efernol youih . . . Soiurdoy nighi . . . Precinct heoclquorfers . . . The Touch sysiem . . . Make like leisure, boys-iT's only o picture! --rv -'-- WH-vw--i A - Www 5 f N A symbol of the fun and earnestness of real college life. girls from all parts of the country comparing notes on Spanish, life class, the eligible males on campus, women in the war effort, or the latest shade of nail polish . . laughter, the incessant sound of the tele- phone, shouts of glee, angry demands for quiet from the studious, midnight snacks, gos- sip sessions at any hour, continual borrowing and lending, animated intra-college rivalry, but above all, good fellowship prevailing . . . it seems that every task is not only easier but a lot more fun when shared by many. This cosmopolitan group is guided by its own offi- cers. President, Louise Schroeder, Vice-Presi- dent, Kathie Olt, Secretary, Virginia Sar- geant, Treasurer, Ruth Snyder. PAGE 231 DORMITORIES ROW I: Spengler, M., Sparks, S., Schroeder, L., Sergeant, V., Mark- ham, G. ROW II: Boleky, H., Beall, B. J., Whittington, M. A., Bellamy, L., Gorsuch, M. ROW Ill: Schloh, D., Winans, C. R., Reifschneider, L., Knoop, B., Bryon, C., Guthrie, B. WUME D03 lTORY WW Y 'M'-A' A gigs, ""',gg?'XW W Z6 e.,... .:..- - ' -14... :-s.:f.:.:-of-',I-Im 4.529 -..--.f-:.:.:-Q.-s:Qf:f...v.:. 1- ' .- ' "f'TW , Ltiwlw' "1 " " -.,-..-24-Sw ' -4 ev , 11---v : . , -X " x . typ..-3,-51..:.-1-W, ,AQ -, -...M I Q- .- f-Q ,-.4,,,.-.-.. , - g .... - W Y ..... . ,, 44. Q Y . we 0 1 -4.-ffn, -.-q.1..,..,,.. DORMITORIES Second childhood . . . Break if up! . . . Two 'ro one says he makes if . . . "Life con be beautiful"-Turn Thad off! . .,,. .. e,-,N...e,,M..W,w Xx,,, X. ..,A,, M, ....,, fy., ..:. Y.,,T,,. ..,,.x,. . Q -. x .exkk , L xil 1 V VV V542 xy' Xl: "Y x x t ' ' x ' ii 1 X ' X "" WSE .Y X: Ei,,':f2sf: . . . ee'. e. M , egg, ,,,e, , 1, e.,, V .A.eV ' , . Rf-wg Hof-21? mg.,,,f. , 5. gi M'1'i'i'F1' Teiwifr? 4.431153 4.1 11 :Q- 11-1 " ' fi 3' ' 5 F ?E?2:feg-1 fi? I . 1, 'x ii5'I5Q'V ., iii A-'Elf fl, gy ,ff Q 9. P-xiii 51? g-mf Xziefgfggff WV? zwirfiyw 4 rf, di ffm:-75553 El1:',QZ"'1 A Q JQYQ' QM Q. --Af., k pf f lflfif' MTW., ff, , 4- fx fs-., eff ' 34 ke 9' , 3'- ,-, f 94,553 1 4 ,S fv, Y 'V 5 4 1,5 fl v A.. '-W 5""' 4fZ'..1.f 254 5- '- V , .-My , -. mi fsfrii-1-,','1 .J ,.,.w,m.w,.,.,....f.w.. . ,, u . ,X.,,. ,f',-,Hv-.. -....,w--,.,.., ,,,, TV,,.,-,-,Y,.m,,.v--T.-f.,,f,1-x, ,..v L.. nm-V- ,.,, . r , .-1-15- --ww-1.Wf,,,g-7 -.41 :W-.f'e',f'1'-k,gx,,'4' 'Q V . x . 5.1 V. f' gfiff , V i ,, v fa , -- fffs.j..91-"pr V ,fwiify ' f wL1'-A.f,A,- K imwmw-av-'..,21af5fzL'afw1:'f5-:M"+Law1ffsi2Ffw4Af.2h-fi " 1" 712 ' ATHLETIC NCQ Warsiiy, clear Qfyarsiiy . . PAGE 233 ll PAGE 234 ATHLETICS 64j!IC1l',l'.Y l7l!I'!L'!ldlll Wartime service demands a condition of strength, endurance, stamina, coordina- tion, and agility beyond that ordinarily required for peacetime. To meet its obli- gations to men entering the service, the Physical Education program experienc- ed a vast enlargement under Mr. Mile- ham. Combative activities to develop aggressiveness, initiative, and resource- fulness in personal combat, sports and games to develop cooperation, leader- ship, and "fellowship" were introduced. Training is given for one hour daily on four days each week, four periods were devoted to body building work and a fifth to lectures on personal health, so- cial hygiene, and nutrition. ATHLETIC Pllllllliillll In spite of the wartime difficulties forced on the Athletic Department at U.C., it completed the current year with an ex- cellent record while continuing the pol- icy of offering to the sport fans of the Queen City a glimpse at big-time foot- ball. Coach Meyer and his assistants, expect- ing the loss of key men to the armed services, prepared for it by securing ci large and talented freshman group. This move reaped an unestimatable pro- fit as the ban on freshmen participation was lifted. The 'Cats performances against Georgia and Tennessee, Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl winners were truly steps toward national recognition. The game with Xavier University aroused a keen college spirit, seldom heretofore acknowledged. Our basketball squad experienced a change in its coach. Director Chick Mile- ham obtained a seasoned mentor in the person of Mr. Bob Reuss. His success was hampered greatly by his inability to replace last year's lettermen. How- ever, with the aid of good sophomore and freshmen material, the remnants of the '41-'42 squad managed to keep a 50-SO pace. The program of intramural sports continued to be considered one of the country's most extensive in the number of participants involved and activities presented. ln accord with the War De- partment, efforts were made to empha- size and include those events which per- mitted more strenuous exercise. PAGE 235 ATHLETICS Ray Bonar Trained at Notre Dame, Ray Bonar, a quarterback in his playing days, carrie to U. C. trom Belmont Abbey Junior College in North Carolina. Joe Maxwell A three-year center on tlfie Notre Dame team, Joe Maxwell coached at St. Louis University betore taking up du- ties at U. C. in l939. f QR Joe Meyer From Notre Darne ori- ginally, Joe Meyer c o a c lw e d tootball, baseball, and basket- ball at Xayier betore coming to tlfie Univer- sity ot Cincinnati in i937 as bead coaclri. "4-. .. iw Linus Haby Strictly a Cincinnati product, Linus l-laby gained his tootball ex- perience as quarter- back on the Bearcat eleven in l934, l935, and l936. si S3 2 PAGE ADMINISTRATION The University and the War I Q! 4 'E 3 fi ri 9 A 5 6 -N Q: S is in h gi , s , .sei This momentous war year has brought to the Uni- versity of Cincinnati-as to all the nation-changes unprecedented in scope and magnitude. Our Uni- versity has become a U. S. Army camp,-at the same time continuing most regular courses. The first period of this academic year opened in the autumn of I942 and extended to the spring of 1943. Students returning to the Burnet Woods campus last September found the usual beauty of broad lawns, spreading trees and noble buildings. But instead of the academic calm of peacetime, they joined faculty and staff in laboratories and classrooms in a tense and determined tempo. Loyally they responded to the summons issued by the President: the University en- listed for the duration! In substantially every college of the University ac- celerated courses were given. The College of Law and the College of Medicine graduated their i943 classes on February I and February 24 respectively, and the College of Engineering and Commerce on April 9. The commencement program of other units is scheduled for June 4. I am proud of the manner in which our students worked, undaunted by the uncertainties and con- fusion of changing governmental announcements as to their military status. Along with their academic programs, many of our men students took part in the military training of the R.O.T.C. or joined the Enlisted Reserve Corps of the Army, Navy and Marines. The women students did their share with fine patriotism in activities in- cluding the Cadet Corps and Red Cross classes. To each of the students called to the armed forces during the academic year, the President issued a certificate "in recognition of the patriotic service he is rendering in this great war, and with pride in his loyalty to the nation as a son of this University." As spring followed this war winter of i942-43, the transformation of the University into an Army estab- lishment-officially selected by the War Department for varied training programs-became a literal fact. Like the first robins came the Army Air Force con- tingent, traveling from a Florida center to Cincinnati and taking occupancy March 3 of the Men's Memorial Dormitory. These 500 clear-eyed, stalwart flyer-candidates took to the University and the Uni- ,Y ,., N PRE IIIE 'I versity took to them, Not omitting the co-eds! Week- end dances and varied programs have lightened the daily grind of classroom, drill and flying field. Academic instruction of the Army Air Force men is being given chiefly by faculty members of the Col- lege of Liberal Arts. They are likewise to teach the Army quota of pre-medical students assigned to this University by the War Department. Crowded, as in peacetime, is the wartime schedule of the faculty of the College of Engineering and Commerce. Along the hedge-adorned walks of the Herman Schneider Quadrangle and into the great brick buildings of this famous cooperative college there march these days squads of erect uniformed young men. They are soldiers from all parts of the country, selected by special aptitude and achieve- ment tests at Army centers as capable of engineering training in this and other technological institutions. They swing into the classrooms and laboratories of Baldwin, Swift and other Quadrangle buildings for instruction in civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, and some are taking subiects preliminary to engi- neering. In addition to Air Force, pre-medical and engineer- ing soldiers on the Burnet Woods campus, there are to be 300 medical students at the College of Medi- cine. The following administrative and faculty members, appointed by the President, have had charge of plans and arrangements as the University Committee on War Training Programs. Dean L. A. Pechstein, chairman, Vice-President Daniel Laurence, Dean Norman P. Auburn, Professor Louis Brand and Pro- fessor M. J. Hubert. Serving with this committee have been Dean George B. Barbour, Dean Robert C. Gowdy, Dean Stanley Dorst, Comptroller Ralph W. Miller and Superintendent William B. Schoelwer. Impossible to list here are the war-time research projects of the faculty,-work of very great value to the Army, Navy, Air Forces and industry. A con- siderable number of the faculty are absent on leave for service in the armed forces and in governmental work. An Army Hospital unit has been staffed by the College of Medicine and the College of Nursing and Health, for service abroad. In all these activities the University takes pride. , ,sissxs ,X X X X A . X .x ,X .C , .X . Si SCF' 3 X fit? l If K R' A Xxx A -SQ -X ST ix-'ft' fit F o U. C. 51-LOUISVILLE O A freshmen and sophomore backfield ran wild behind a line that had an easy time ripping holes in the Cardi- nal's first line of defense. Chief Meyer's prayers were answered as his ball carriers proved that they had speed, cleverness, and power which enabled them to score eight touch- downs. Murphy racked up three touchdowns, Williams two, Johnson, Robinson, and Townsend one each. Tllll llEillllJilT I Fllll'l'Y-TWO PAGE 236 Head Coach Meyer was blessed with an ample supply of returning lettermen, but they all were Iinemen. There wasn't one veteran backfield man available. The local scribes put it quite con- clusively, "If Joe Meyer had a backfield, he might have a football team." Well, Magician Joe did have a backfield-no juniors or seniors developed after several seasons under the Notre Dame system-but a backfield consisting entirely of freshmen and sophomores that proved its effectiveness in the first game by scoring fifty-one points. Sophomores Joe Babcock, Len Klusman, Hal Schneider, Jim Murphy, and Ollie Robinson with freshmen Billy Williams, Hal Johnson, Jim Gibson, Bob Creevy, and Joe Townsend shared the ball-toting honors in a manner beyond expectations. Nick Skorich, Johnny Bedway, Bob Meier, and Elbie Nickel, four truly great defensive linemen, will be remembered for their spectacular play exhibited the entire season against heavier and more experienced forward walls. Assisting were Bill Smyth, Notre Dame transfer, Willie Stargel, cagey end, Jake Sweeny and Verne Ullom, iuniors, and sophomores Dick Langenbeck and Earl UPPER LEFT: Skorich and Bedway ABOVE: Reeves Hobt. The '42 win-lost record of eight and two is Joe Meyer's best, Micken eleven since 1897. When Joe picked up the reins at the previous year against small time schools. This year, the Tennessee, one of the first five, were the only squads who has not been easy or quick but has come only after years building with limited facilities. hasn't been equalled by any Mc- U.C., the team hadn't won a game country's No. l team, Georgia, and defeated the Meyermen. His success of thoughtful planning and patient U. C. 18-WESTERN RESERVE 7 Billy Williams, playing his best game of the year, sparked his teammates to victory over the favored Red Cats. He scored one of the three Bearcat tallies on a fourteen-yard iaunt and was indirectly respon- sible for the others. The Bearcats net gain was 124 yards while the Red Cats were thrown for a total scrimmage loss of 64 yards. U. C. 21-CENTRE 0 Either the boys from Centre were playing over their heads, or our boys had a bad night, or both, for Cincy was hard pressed. Blocking was below par, inexperience in the backfield reared its ugly head. Centre's quick kick play caught the Bearcat's de- fense flatfooted. The Cats' line was hampered by the absence of ends Bill Smyth and Willard Stargel. U. C. 26-OHIO U. 7 ln a rough and ready affair, marked by numerous penalties, our Bearcats probably played the best game of the season against Ohio U.'s Bobcats. Fekete and Heinz, a pair of fine backs, were stop- ped cold by the line play of Skorich, Bedway, Meier, and Nickel. .lim Gibson's right arm was in good form, tossing touchdown passes to Stargel and Bab- cock. GEORGIA 35-U. C. 13 The long awaited game fulfilled expectations. Sink- wich, Trippi, L. Davis, Poschner and Co., All-American offense, produced an unforgettable spectacle. Georgids 21 points in the first quarter made things look black. The last three quarters in which Georgia scored 14 points, U. C. 13, were made up of 45 minutes of the hardest fought football you would ever want to see. LEFT BELOW: Nickel. RlGHT BELOW: Meier PAGE ATHLETICS TOP ROW: Klusman, Murphy, STargel, Robinson. CENTER ROW: Ullom, Hobt, Sweeney. BOTTOM ROW: Langenbeck, Schneider, Smyfh, Babcock. rm 3 T f : f X V . . f as Q. ' Q- .N es W N -Q-flaws B ..fimwmM.s.s1 . sums M M 1 ess-W , . U. C. 6-BOSTON 0 Handicapped by ci sloppy field, Cincy was pressed as They nosed ouT The BosTon Ter- riers and overcame a four-year iinx. Will- iams' pass To Ullom marked up The lone Tally. Rcbinson showed great drive. The 'CaTs gained 200 yards rushing To 76 Tor The BosTonians. TENNESSEE 34-U. C. 12 For Three quarTers U. C.'s running and aerial aTTack was sTopped dead. BUT in ThaT final period, The Red and Black marched 72 yards for a Touchdown. Bobby Cifers' passes To Hubbel Took advarnage of a weak passing defense. U. C. 20-DAYTON O The CincinnaTi line completely smashed Day- Ton's ground aTTack, breaking Through Ta Throw The Flyer backs for losses. Much improvement showed in pass defense. Creevy's and Will- iams' forwards failed To click. Sfargel raced 65 yards for a touchdown afTer caTching a blacked pass. U. C. 9-XAVIER 0 Before The year's largesT crowd, in a cold rain, Cincy fans saw a superior U. C. squad beat X.U. in The ciTy's dream game. MuTryn, as well as our backs, was slowed down by The mud. Robinsan's and Babcock's punting stood OUT. U. C. 21-MIAMI 12 The Redskins' screen play among oTher old Tricksters produced The season's mosT exciTing game. The 'CaTs, leTTing down, had a couple of healfhy scares as Triple-Threat Russell paced his Team To Two Tallies, Johnson scored on a 27-yard run. ROW l ileff to rightjz Williams, SmyTh, Hunt, Bedway, Meier, Mur- phy, Captain Skorich, Langenbeck, Babcock, Klusman, Sweeney, Nickel. ROW Il: Harper, Townsend, Shriner, Habt, Ornella, Reeves, Johnson, Pillon, Hartman, Coburn, Ullam, Schneider. ROW III: Graham, De Angelis, Hayden, Reid, Links, Ammon, Hurst, Pramik, Scarpaci, Senn, Sfagel. ROW IV: Robinson, Lindner, Gibson, Luk- ens, Richards, Carver, Jenkins, Oatley, Sharkaff, Vilkoski, Trainer "Scotty" Kalp. ROW V: AThleTic Director M. Charles Mileham, Head Coach Joe Meyer, Assisfani Coach William Kelchner, Smart, Rich- ards, Creevey, LeviTT, O'Brien, Team Physician Leonard Stark, As- sistant Coach Linus Haby. PAGE ATHLETICS PAGE MUD ATHLETICS MSUQWMM SCHEDULE AND RESULTS PAGE 241 ATHLETICS UC. 38-VVilrningTon 31 won U.C. 52-C5eorgeTown 40 won UC. 39-KenTucky 61 losT UC. 49-WiTTenberg 48 won U.C. 37-Ohio U. 51 losT U.C. 33-Ohio U. 48 losT UC. 38-Akron 43 losT UC. 54-Miami 44 won UC. 50-VVilmingTon 30 won UC, 34-DciyTon 51 losT U.C. 48-MounT Union 58 losT U.C. 4O-WoosTer 39 won COACH BOB REUSS UC, 67-Hgnover 33 WO,-1 QUT cooch Tor' The posT Three seosons, Clork UC' 34-Toledo 50 'OST Bollord, T.C. '36, hos left To ioin The F.B.I. U.C. 52-VVesTern Reserve 55 losT Th? new meniozls Ggogllef sc' gg-Us Engl o ormer cour s or, o er euss, . . . UC' 34-Dcylon 47 losl Reuss vvos AThleTic DirecTor ond heod TooT- UC' 52-Hanover 48 Won boll cooch oT WolnuT Hills High School. Pre- U-C 5O'Ml0ml 41 WOT' viously he Turned ouTseverc1l Tine courT Teoms U.C. 37-ST. Xovier 51 losT oT NorTh College Hill High. Row i. Nerten, A., Tnninnef, ic., Boftenhorn, F., Menen, R., coven, c., spnief, A, ROW ii. R R. Cooch, Koip, s., Trainer, icnbnknff, N., Schneider, H. Richards, A., Ammond, c., Robinson, o., Fnnine, R. PAGE 242 ATHLETICS BELOW: BoTTenhorn, Lees, Tagluuer. THE 1942- Pre-seoson prespecTs for o beTTer seoson were brighT since excellenT moTeriol proved ovoiloble. The '41-'42 squod suffered only The loss of Copfoin Ellis King, Bill Mire, ond Norm Krovifz by groduoTion, while on ouT- sfonding freshmon Teom presenTed experi- enced courT sTors. Also, for The firsT Time, freshmen would be eligible for vorsiTy compeTiTion. l-lovvever, lock of inTeresT on The porT of severol who could hove mode The squod, The drofT, ond scholosTic ineligi- biliTy forced Bob Reuss To depend on only Two reTurning leTTermen ond o number of inexperienced sophomores ond freshmen. As o resulT, The i942-'43 squod ron hoT ond cold, winning obouT holf of iTs gomes on o nineTeen gome schedule. Nofe Kobokoff, only leTTermon in The sTorTing line-up, Took up Where he finished losT seoson vviTh Those foncy lefT honded shoTs. l-lol Schneider, o producT of losT yeor's frosh Teom, shored scoring honors vviTh fellow-guord Kobokoff. A senior for- vvord, Chorlie Lees, ployed his firsT yeor A ond proved To be o long shoT orTisT. For- word Allen Richords, Treshmon TooTboller, developed inTo one of The Teom's leoding scoring ThreoTs os The seoson progressed. AT The cenTer posiTion, Ken Toglouer, onoTher Treshmon, Turned ouT To be The ouTsTonding oll-ciround ployer. The seoson sTorTed wiTh on impressive vic- Tory over WilmingTon. Avenging losT yeor's deTeoT, GeorgeTown wos Throshed by on improved Tive led by Willie STorgel. ln- obiliTy To sinlc Tree Throws wos porTly oc- counToble Tor The loss To KenTucl4y. WiTTen- berg wos nosed ouT by o one poinT morgin. Schneider's sevenTeen poinTs Tell shorT c1goinsT Ohio U. An overflowing double- heoder crowd sow Akron ouTploy o Tired CincinnoTi squod. A second holf rolly de- TeoTed Miomi. Honover's excellent record was morred by U. C.'s second drubbing. Ivliomi bowed o second Time, buT X's im- proved Teom kepT The seoson's record be- low The .500 mork. Zigi BELOW: Schneider, Richards, Kabakoff. PAGE ATHLETICS MR. LINUS HABY , Vorwerck. i During his sixfh year as lnframural Director, Linus Haby was assisTed by STudenT Managers Charles KieseweTTer, Bill Ezell, and Bud ,lllFl'iilllllUll1illlliS By providing a sequence of aThleTic evenTs, The lnTra- mural Division of The AThleTic DeparTmenT mainTains The TinesT form of diversion and wholesome recreaTion ThroughouT The school year. The program of eighTeen acTiviTies is designed Tor Three separaTe seasons, Tall, winTer, and spring. During The Tall, Touch FooTball, Volleyball, Badminron, and Swimming are conTesTed. In The winTer season, we Tind Handball, BaskeTball, Bowling, Table Tennis, Free Throw, Boxing, and Indoor Track. Finally, The spring sporTs include WaTer BaskeT- ball, l-lorseshoes, Golf, Rifle, Billiards, Tennis, and SofT- ball. There are Two main groupings comprising The Team compeTiTion, The FraTerniTy Group and The IndependenT Group. These groups are divided inTo leagues. The var- ious Teams compeTe TirsT Tor Their respecTive league championships, aTTer which each league champ en- gages in an eliminaTion TournamenT Tor The UniversiTy championship. VViTh The advance of compeTiTion and parTicipaTion each year, The AThleTic DeparTmenT keeps pace by increasing The number and qualiTy of awards offered.-The organi- zaTion winning a Trophy gains possession of iT Tor The ensuing year. When The award is won Three Times, The Trophy becomes The organizaTion's permanenT posses- sion, and a new prize is puT inTo circulaTion. PAGE ATHLETICS POINT STANDINGS, MARCH 'l, 1943 BeTa TheTa Pi 306 1, ,"' 2 Grill A. C. I72 lfo A. l. Ch. E. I68 lf3 Phi Delia TheTa 164 1 f3 DelTa Tau DelTa T56 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Q6 Dorm Q1 Alpha Tau Omega 74 Sigma Alpha Mu 62 Sigma Chi 60 W2 Lambda Chi Alpha 60 IX3 IoTa Chi Epsilon 51 TJQ Pi Kappa Alpha 50 W2 Pi Lambda Phi 44 Triangle 32 I 'Q Nu Sigma Nu 30 5 'o American Commons Club 26 Quadres 21 TheTa Chi 20 Lounge Lizards I9 lndependenTs I9 Acacia I5 i Q Newman Club O A. S. M. E. -2 Phi Kappa -25 1 2 The sTandings shown here exisTed aT The be- ginning oT March and included only six of The eighTeen sporTs in The lnTramural pro- gram. AlThough Two-Thirds of The program remained To be conTesTed, These sTandings do show ThaT Tive organizaTions-BeTa TheTa Pi, Grill A. C., A. l. Ch. E., Phi DelTa TheTa, and DelTa Tau DelTa-have dominaTed The acTiviTy and ThaT The i942-'43 All-Year Cup winner is bound To be in This group. BeTa TheTa Pi wiTh conTinued persisTence has almosT doubled The scores of iTs compeTiTors by capTuring The UniversiTy championship in Volleyball, BadminTon, and BaslceTball. BeTa was also runner-up in Touch FooTball and Swimming. The Grill AThleTic Club accumulated The ma- ioriTy of iTs poinTs when Taking The swim crown and placing second in BaskeTball. The Touch FooTball Championship and par- TicipaTion in The finals of boTh Volleyball and BaslceTball resulTed in The American InsTiTuTe oT Chemical Engineers' Third place. Finally, Phi DelTa TheTa gained Their'poin'Ts in reward Tor The Indoor Track Championship and Tor being runner-up in The Volleyball TournamenT. LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank F. Dinsmore, Chairmang Raymond WaITers, Presi- denfg Walfer M. Shohl, Mrs. Jane DeSerisy Ear- ly, Albert P. Strietmann, Dr. Reed Shank, Daniel Laurence, Vice-President, Renton K. Brodie, Walt- er F, Murray, RoberT L. Black, John J. Rowe. sy r r S wfs' fQXf' vw wqffw ,,.,, . PAGE ADMINISTRATION IIIIIIIIII 0F IIIIIEIITUIIT AppoinTed for Terms of nine years by The Mayor of Cincin- naTi, wiTh The approval of Council, The Board of DirecTors OT The UniversiTy of CincinnaTi is responsible for The general conTrol and conducT of The insTiTuTion. The Board is made up of nine persons who are prornineni in The civic, indusTrial, and proiessional life of CincinnaTi. In regular monThIy meeT- ings during The school year and Through ThirTeen sTanding commiTTees, The Board acTs on financial expendiTures, ap- poinTrnenTs and resignaTions of The FaculTy, and aThleTic and alumnal aTTairs. PAGE ATHLETICS 9' ITA EITALL X E xrmwrzw- "'I.x'2"ff lf.: .N f X li" ' sE 1 Because of The resTricTions imposed on . ,is N? and The uncerTainTy of The sTudenTs' sTaTus, The Baseball schedule had To remain non-exisTenT unTil The lasT mo- XY menf when iT was subiecTed To im- mediafe and radical changes. c ,KK . S S s X The AThleTic DeparTmenT by O. D. T. , s, vs s,zs.!y5 . . l , ROW I: Louder, H., Schma del, D., Buckmeyer, J. Schoettmer, H., Schroer, R ROW ll: Portune, W., Nickel E., Hunf, J., Klausing, R. Ullom, V., Robinson, O ROW III: Schreiber, C. Reeves, R., Meyer, J. Ccoachl Ornella, W. lmanogerl W any Herbes, B., Schneider, H. Coach Joe Meyer's hopes for a winning diamond nine resfs on a fairly abundant wealfh of reTurn- ing leTTermen. Bill Herbes and Bud Vorwerck will be available for mound assignmenfs. Ollie Robin- son, of fooTball fame, should have opporfunify To perform behind The baT now Thaf Hank SchoeTT- mer has left. Dick Schmadel will again be holding forTh aT The hoT corner as will Jack Buckwald aT shortsfop and Jack HunT aT second. These Three were freshmen firsT sTringers lasT year and should have a greaf fuTure on The ClifTon diamond as long as They remain in school. The loss of senior Wally Porrune puTs firsT base open To all comers. Hal Louder, one of The leading baTmen, should main- Tain his .300 or beTTer average while romping around in The ouTer garden. Hal Schneider and Verne Ullom also will be leading confenders for outfield posfs. l iii ATHLETICS ROW I: CorloiTT, T., HolTson, J., Poggendick, H., Wollen- hciupT, J., Hermcinies, J., Klusmon, L. ROW ll: Lash- er, W., FriTz, R., Roberfs, H., Flunkefi, lvl., Janold, H. lCapfoinl, Klinger, J., Kolp, "ScoTTy" iTrciineri. ROW Ill: Mifchell, F., STorgel, VV., Hamersly, R., Alexander, B., Heinold, J., Erwin, J., Perin, C., Nikoloff, O. iffoachi. Seven leTTermen from lasT year's vicTorious Team provide The foundafion for Coach O. M. Nikoloff's i943 squad. Harry Poggendick specializes in The high iump and discus Throvv, Rex Hammersley, shoT-puT and discuss, Fred lviifchess, quarfer-mile and lovv hurdles, Jim Heinold, quarfer-mile race, Ray Frifz, half-mile and mile, and John Hermanies in The mile and Tvvo-mile. Len Klusman is a dash man. ln addifion, Paul Ribillad and Al RaTcliffe, experi- enced cross-counTry men, may run The mile and half-mile evenTs respecfively. Possible meeTs may be arranged vviTh Berea Col- lege, Miami, and Ohio U. This season marks Coach Nikoloff's Third since he Took up The reins afTer an eighf-year absence from Track coaching. ln spiTe of The numerous difficul- Ties he has confronfed, The final resulTs aT The close of each season have beffered The proceeding year's marks. ,Af QW . is QQ? ' Q Q4 124 My Gr E Xi 3 Xxx Q sgrk S06 4. 1 , -4 W Q -.- si Wfiiiffzzlf. TRACK Because of The resTricTions imposed on The AThleTic Deparfmenf by O.D.T. and The uncerTainTy of The sTudenTs' sTaTus, The Track schedule had To re- main non-exisTenT unTil The lasT mo- menf when iT was subiecf To immediafe and radical changes. PAGE 248 ATHLETICS WIMIIII Jon. Jon. Feb. Feb. Feb. SWIMMING SCHEDULE I5-lndiono, There, losT I 6-DePo uw, There, losT 6 -Fenn College, There, vvon I5-Kenyon, here, losT I9-Bowling Green, here, losT er, W., Lugoly, R ogerb, Pfeiffer, Kolp, "ScoT'ry" Commencing The secison vviTh The loss of only one leTTermon, Cooch Fred lTinyl PTeiTTer Toced pro- bobly The mosT ombiTious Tonk schedule ever in- ouguroTed c1T The lvlclvlicken pool. WiTh The possible excepTion of diving, eoch de- porTmenT seemed quiTe sTrong, buT Cincy's mer- men locked The exTro punch To ouT-poinT ony of The schools conTended vviTh This secison. Fenn Col- lege of Clevelcind, Ohio vvos The only excepTion. CopTc1in Bob MiTchell svvom The 50 ond I00 yord TreesTyle, Roy Legcily, 220, l00 yord TreesTyle, Al Bludou, 50 and l00 yord TreesTyle, Bill Gruber, bocksTrolce ond I50 yord medley, Chorles KeoT- ing, 200 yord breosTsTroke ond medley, ond Floyd Byrd compeTed in The 220 ond 440 TreesTyle evenTs. Honk Hoppe held TorTh wiTh The 440 Tree- sTyle, Bob Huber vviTh The medley ond TreesTyle relciys, while Chorlie Munz svvom The 220 Tree- sTyle ond freesTyle reloy. SEATED ON EDGE POOL: Keating, C h Muc more, J,, SEATED ON BOARD G Hoppe, H., Co p STANDING: Mun Mifchell, R, lCcipT J 'iii ATHLETICS The i943 fencing team features Captain .lack Connelly, manager and iunior epee fencer, Bill Marcy, leading foil fencer, Bob Chase, T940 novice champ, Dick Daucher, Joe Campbell, A. R. Cripi, assistant manager Charley Maumier, and Bill Kenney. Expecta- tions for the current season were not ful- filled, however, for Coach Hutchings' pro- teges failed to out-score any school they met. Kneeling: Professor Hutchings iDirec1orr. STANDING: Chase, R. Cripe, A., Marcy, W. iCoachi, Kenney, W., Maumeier, C., Comp bell, J., Versteeg, S., Loucher, D. FE Ill X,7,,,,.,,.,,,,.,,, ....,,..,Q,... ,W,,m.7.,,7,,f:.7m...,,,.,.y.m, ,.... .. . .....,,. .,?,,,fmW-..., .... ,,::.,k,,,,,,Tf: :,,,.,,,Q,,7 ...Tc ,, W ,w:'.f-., -:sum ex few r' f 'fswmfzffvf W rf' W f' ' ' m,,.'Qx,... ' L- A A W-- The schedule and team remained indefinite because transportation . L difficulties, the availability of .1 I U.C. golfers, and the doubtful i existence of near-by competition r made planning impossible. Y. Coach H. B. Whaling stated that 1 1 I matches were tentatively sched- uled with Kentucky, Miami, Ohio U., and St. X. Warren Foster, Charles Knab, Ed Roach, Ben lvlallin, and Allen Whaling, lettermen, constitute the nucleus ofa promising squad, providing the Army withholds its call until late April. f LEFT TO RIGHT: Whaling, A., Mullin, B., Knob, C., Gunn, R. PAGE iiijill ATHLETICS LEFT TO RIGHT: Kinney, A., Franklin, R., Kolp, "Scotty" iTrainerl, Vocllell, D., Benee dict, M. TEWWDS .-ogg-vyg---vs-fa We 3 :s if ifitssy. :fs gffgygs. X X... .Vi-i!?Ei 1.m.Q.,sy.:s.z,.. ' "'... +A it . 5' Handicapped by the loss of all of last year's regulars, Coach Brigham is nevertheless optimistic about success in '43, The Varsity naturally remained undetermined until the season open- ed. Sophomore Al Bunis is the most promising prospect since Bill Talbert's time. Tom Conely and Bert Burman should aid considerably. Matches are scheduled with Kentucky, Ohio State, Berea, and Antioch. N., .N...,.. ,c.., .. ., ,,... WW ..,,,,, w,,w,...,,,,,....,.,s,..,,.....s,.,R,,,.y.,,.F-.-...,-my-.W-,W-W,-C f . A 51,5 s ' ,sxixr , ,...,., .,.. ...,c s,1.f-i.7.W..X..5Y b ....,.,.. xg ,f X' .31.fX3ii 2. tit .. ' 1 W xxx f. ce, X--,ff C ' '- 'Z' Sfkl ity M Qjyx i ' f 4,4 Continuing last year's string of vic- tories, which included the National Hearst Trophy and the National ln- tercollegiate Trophy, the U. C. rifle- men outscored all but one ot their op- ponents this year. A perfect record tor the year was spoiled by the loss ot the Montana State match by two points out of a total of l800! ililllilii ROW I: Stock, E., Pfeiter, G. Ruyan, R., Wagner, H. Schwessleer, R. ROW ll Capt. Pontius, Crawford, C, Bickle, J., Humphreys, J. Teetor, M., Dunlcer, R., Sgt Downs. The whistle blows, another goal has been shot. The thrill of an exciting game and good sportsmanship more than compensate for the vigor ot the game. By far the speediest sport offered by the Women's Athletic As- sociation, basketball deserves every bit of its popular appeal. l-leads Up! It takes quick thinking and ra- pid action to make a hit in this game. lllllllll ll S lllllllllllllllllll PHY ICAL lit iss Present world conditions have brought to our at- tention the need tor a "sound mind in a sound body" To do its share in meeting this need, the VVomen's Physical Education Department has de- veloped a new course to aid girls in becoming physically tit. Exercises for muscular coordination and conditioning ot the body constitute the maior portion ot this course. TOP: Up and over. CENTER: A sure footing and proper balance are needed here. BOT- TOM: And now down and under. ' X 1 N s kkxkk may ., W0lllIE ' ATHLETIC SSIIIII lTIO Individual and Team sporTs That provide every girl on campus with an opportunity for recreation and fun is The primary purpose of The VVomen's Ath- letic Association. The schedule is divided into The Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. Theoretically, every woman sTudenT is a member of VV.A.A., but voting power is not granted unTil fifty points are earned in active parTicipaTion in one of The sporTs. PAGE 253 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS MISS COOPS, Mary Joe Schroeder, MISS SMITH, and MISS DAVIESS. The governing body is The W.A.A. Board which meets once a week To discuss policies and pro- grams of the organization. IT is composed of exe- cutive officers and managers of various sports. The officers are: Dorothy Seyler, Presidenf, Virginia Bartel, Vice President, Margie Ray, Corresponding Secretary, and Margie Berman, Recording Secre- Tary. Professor Grace B. Daviess is The faculty ad- viser. ROW I: Bartel, V., Seyler, D., Berman, M. ROW ll: Ammann, R., Burgess, D., Wehrmon, K., Shute, E., Sebastiani, J. ROW Ill: Johnson, B., Knoop, B., Webster, D,, Manague, J., Sattler, J., Silver, M. L. BOARD MEMBERS Dottie Seyler President Virginia Bartel Vice President Mariorie Berman Recording Secretary Margie Ray Corres. Secretary Marcia Baker Jean Brown Rosella Ammann Doris Burgess Esther Fisher Elaine Fitzgerald Rosemary Glaser Beth Johnson Bernice Knoop Jane Manogue Lois Kraemer Betty Mueller Ruth Reuwer Martha Rule Judith Sattler Jean Sebastiani Evelyn Shute Mary Lou Silver Esther Smith Dottie Webster Kay Wehrman Virginia Wuest N, X ,.,...... ...wi ri: - rits: -.Q rsifsrrf' 'Jo - wins5'-'w""'swtvfff' Y"'Y"iG- -1' 'C i'?7rWte-'sw A------1.,..,,., t,,.,,..N,..,,N,,,,m,,W . X ' X" 15 A J ' .M S fl QI' S' Q1 c . ' . s L f iz, A f e- X mgf. fesfsemxfsx W. A f. fs s 4 X . . .. - - ue' .ew .....f:lw?ms Q?Mf..'fz..:.Q5S3.Xfw1.lss'Ss?,c,,.,m1...W.4.Se -.,,,..,...,z'f.c..,...f... .,m.a,..,. ...M -. ..... ..,o, .,.,.. EET WOMEN'S ATHLETICS Ml UR 'PIIRT Archery is o highly compeTiTive individuol sporT ThoT is Tun ond eqsy To leqrn. The clirnox of The seqson is The TournomenT, ond ovvords ore given To The high scorer ond highesT ronking sororiTy Teom. A sure sign oT spring ond vvorrner vveoTher is The oppeoronce oT The co-eds on The courTs, Toking odyonToge of This populcnr ond sTirnu- loTing Torm oT exercise. Volleyboll is o good Teqrn sporT which requires olerTness ond cooperoTion. The volleyboll pro- grorn This yeqr vvqs designed more Tor recreo- Tion Thon Tor ropid compeTiTion. This picTure wos Token oT The "Ploy NighT" sponsored by W.A.A. En guorde! IT Tokes quick sTepping here To ovoid The Toil oT your opponenT. BodminTon is on individuol sporT requiring ogiliTy ond speed. ITs mojor ocTiviTies ore cz singles ond doubles TournomenT. A Trophy is ovvordecl To The winners of These evenTs. SEATED: Berman, M,, Webber M., Kraemer, L., Handtman, N. Owen, N. STANDING: Juere gens, V., Stagge, R., Thomas P., Wehrman, K., Farians, B. Goetz, M., Nolte, F. OLD MEMBERS Kay Wehrman Virginia Bartel Elaine Fitzgerald Jean Sebastiani Marge Berman Jean Brown Norma Owen Jessie Albrecht Lois Kraemer Mary Lou Clarke NEW MEMBERS Betty Russell Betty Farians Martha Webber Dorothy Kolhler Mariorie Richter Betty Nagel Mary Ann Brewer Roberta Stagge Pat Thomas Virginia Juergens Norma Handtman Marion Thornburgh PAGE 255 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS PE UNUL ln order to create an interest and develop efficiency in swimming, Penguin Club provides a year-round program which includes water games, tested individual skills, and formation swimming. The club has been requested to perform before many local groups. Here on campus its maior activity is the presentation of the Annual Water Pageant, which was based this year upon a military theme. Be- sides effective water formations, the pageant included dancing, tumbling, and ladder drills. Penguin Club, which was accorded national recognition in a physical education iournal, is guided by: Kay Wehrman, President, Lois Kraemer, Social Chair- man, and Professor Grace B. Daviess, faculty adviser. PAGE Eiiiiiiilliliiil Gllmlllilliicil illliiilillllllllitliii ll liiilliilll llliii liiiiisl lliiiliiiiiiliiiilmiliiill, M. lliiilili illliitll lllliia lilly giilmiit lil m lt is now fifty-three years since I entered the University as a freshman in l89O. Many changes have occurred since then and it may be hard for you, who are students today, to visualize what the University of that day was. ln l89O there were but two buildings. One of these was the College building which was located on the McMicken Homestead property near the intersection of Clifton Ave- nue and the Elm Street inclined Plane. The other was the Cincinnati Observatory building located then, as now, in Mt. Lookout. There was a faculty of thirteen members and, after our class had registered, a student body of one hundred and thirty-three members. The Miami Medical College, the Ohio Medical College, the College of Dental Surgery, and the College of Pharmacy were affiliated with the University. We had laboratories in Physics, Chemistry and Zoology, and a library consisting of enough books to fill a fair sized room. While the faculty was not large, it included among its members some very outstanding men. In spite of the limited physical equipment, a high scholastic standard was main- tained, and many men and women were graduated in those early years who attained eminence in business and the professions. For such a small student body, there was a lot of "College Spirit" and a number of student activities. A paper called "The McMicken Review" was published, and a football and a baseball team carried on regular schedules with neighboring colleges. There was a Glee and Mandolin Club which gave concerts at a number of places notably at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The Colors of the University were adopted. The first "Cincin- natian" was published in 1849 and was a very creditable bcck although much smaller than the "Cincinnatian" of today. lt seems a far cry from the University of that day to the one which you know. Building after building has been erected, as needed, and additional colleges were estab- lished from time to time. Tlre expansion of the faculties, of the teaching facilities and equipment, and the increase in the number of stu- dents has been phenomenal. lt has been my privilege to see and to participate in this growth, and it has been a mcst interesting experience. Today your University has faculties, buildings, and equip- ment equal to any, and although still a Municipal Uni- versity in its ownership and control, it has become indeed a National Institution. Roasdal. , xl ADVERTI EME 'l' Q Qncinnaii, Cmagic O New STAB LITY es pislnrilp 40 W' 'num v ' qt M ECU' 5 2+ aaqisiprnallzuuay 'Puma 1:01, 1 gf' ms sawn' QUALITY SPECIAUZATION ESU gb INDECO GUIDES TO BETTER ANNUALS Since the turn of the century the lndianapolis Engraving Company, Inc., has maintained the highest standards of quality and intelligent cooperation, thus accounting for the continuous use of our service by many high schools, colleges and universities. lndeco quality is the finest that modern equipment and skilled craftsmen can produce. Every engraving is unconditionally guaranteed to be a perfect print- ing plate and to give a faithful reproduction of your engraving copy. Our service-includes help in planning and designing, suggestions on how to get the best pictorial effects, assistance in preparation of engraving copy, and solving the many problems arising in making your book both an editorial and financial success. 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Opposite the "Y" Americ Acacia Alpha 204 Alpha Pi 101 Alpha Chi Omega 216 Alpha Chi Sigma 51 Alpha Delta Pi 227 Alpha Gamma Delta 220 Alpha Kappa Psi 73 Alpha Lambda Delta 140 Alpha Omicron Pi 223 Alpha Phi Omega 152 Alpha Tau Omega 201 American Commons Club 203 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 52 an Institute of Women's Electrical Engineers 60 American Society of Civil Engineers 57 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 63 Applied Arts Tribunal 31 Arts Board 184 Association of Independent Students 154 Band 180 A Aaron, A. 199 Abnee, V. 52, 136, 186, 187, Abrahamson, M. 41 Adams, D. 211 Adams, E. 82, 213 Adams, J. 153, 158, 211 Adams, R. 200 Adams, W. 198 Addison, G. 70 Addison, W. 192 Aerni, J. 156 Agsten, R. 57, 58 Ahlering, M. 29, 152 Ahlfeld, F. 63 Ahrens, A. 192, 141 Akers, R. 57 Albaugh, W. 191 Alexander, B. H. 28, 41, 281 Alexander, D. 191 Alexander, H. 57, 201 Alexander, J. 150, 172, 177, 191 Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Alpert, Alt, C. A. 91 H. 157 J. 157 W. 54, 120 C. 82 A. 91 Altenhaus, J. 197 Althaus, E. 220 Althoff, E. 102 Altman, G. 199 Ames, J. 201 Ammann, H. 41, 239 ltmmann, R. 253 Ammond, C. 241 Anderson, D. 41 Anderson, J. 227 Anderson, R. 41, 60, 144, 193 Anderegg, J. 59 Andretta, B. 212 Andrew, T. 190 Andrews, M. 215 Antenen, J. 176 Aogar, R. 188 Armandrotf, L. 34, 116, 318 Aronson, M. 197 Asher, B. 120 Ast, J. 217 31 103, 110, 142, Baseball Team 246 Basketball Team 241 Beta Gamma Sigma 74 Beta Theta Pi 191 Board of Directors 21 Board of Publications 177 Chi Delta Phi 158 Chi Omega 213 Cincinnatian 172 Co-ep Club 153 Co-op Engineer 176 Debate Council 159 Delta Delta Delta 210 Delta Phi Delta 109 Delta Kappa Sigma 56 Delta Phi Epsilon 221 Delta Tau Delta 193 Dormitory Council 229 Engineering Tribunal 32 Eta Kappa Nu 59 Fencing Team 249 Football Team 239 Freshman WigWag 156 Glee Club 179 Golf Team 249 Auburn, Dean 118 Aukenthaler, E. 82 Aurand, L. 212 Austin, O. 102 Ayer, D. 173, 210 Ayer, L. 82, 215 Azary, Z. 204 B Babcock, J. 193, 238, 239 Backherms, G. 227 Bode, J. 191 Bader, R. 52 Baechle, V. 153, 210 Baer, M. 212 Bailey, A. 214 Bailey, Mr. 81 Bain, M. 110 Baird, W. 151 Baker, M. 33, 175, 177, Baker, R. 57 Ball, D. 189 Ball, F. 205 Ball, F. A. 166 Ball, M. 41 Ballew, J. 191 Borach, M. 199 Barbour, Dean 30, 39 Borger, C. 32, 60, 61 Barr, M. 101, 102 Barrett, T. 192 Bartel, V. 82, 253 C. 51, 53 Barth, Bauer, E. 200 Bauer, J. 91, 189 Bauer, O. 140 Bauer, R. 67 Bauer, W. 54 Bauman, B. 214 Boyne, C. 192 Beach, H. 212 Peall, B. 225, 231 Beam, M. 110, 216 Peaumont, L. 214 Pechman, J. 59 Pechtold, Mr. 107 Peck, R. 190 Beckerman, S. 41 Beckman, J. 59 Bevltke, Capt. 165 Pedway, J. 82, 145, 236 1 l111X l1F 11111111 1 1-l'1'1l1 Guidan 168 Home Economics Club 115 Home Economics Tribunal 34 lnterfraternity Presidents' Council 186 lnterfraternity Pledge Council Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 67 lata Chi Epsilon 198 Junior Advisors 153 Kappa Alpha Theta 211 Kappa Delta 212 Kappa Kappa Gamma 214 Kappa Kappa Psi 183 Kindergarten Students Club 82 Lambda Chi Alpha 196 Liberal Arts Tribunal 31 Lit 158 Men's Senate 28 Mortar Board 143 Mummers Guild 182 Newman Club 155 News-Record 174 Omicron Delta Kappa 142 Omicron Nu 116 1111111111 Beeghly, R. 196 Beeler, W. 204 Beers, B. 227 Beinhart, E. 63, 152, 166, 205 Beiting, E. 108 Bellamy, L. 231, 154 Benedict, M. 250 Bengert, J. 211 Bennett, W. 63, 64 Benley, R. 46 Bereskin, A. 60 Berger, B. 197 Berger, T. 177 Bergman, M. 213 Berman, M. 82, 255 Bernet, H, 192 Bernstein, B. 41 Bertke, D. 145 Bertsch, J. 63, 152, 166 Betz, E. 108, 183 Bickle, J. 250 Biedenbender, H. 91 Billmon, J. 216 Bimel, F. 190 Binns, R. 50, 52, 54 Bird, Prof. 49, 72 Birk, H. 120 Bischot, Bishop, Bishop, Bishop, S. 57 J.115 R. 151 T. 200 Bisplinghoff, Mr. 67 Black, D. 83 Black, J. 195 Black, Mr. 21 Black, S. 141 Blackwelder, D. 46 Blackwell, P. 211 Blair, A. 116, 209, 216 Blair, D, 216 Blanchard, F. 141 Blank, Blank, C. 116, 143,152 S. 91 Blankfield, M. 199 Blose, J. 109, 212 Blose, R. 41, 212 Blizzard, R. 41 Block, Block, G. 91 S. 30, 197 Bludau, A. 191, 248 1 Orientation Board 150 Pan-Hellenic Council 208 Penguin Club 255 Pershing Rifles 167 Phi Phi Beta Kappa 40 Eta Sigma 141 Phi Delta Theta 192 Phi Kappa 202 Phi Lambda Upsilon 53 Phi Sigma Sigma 222 Phi Mu 225 Pi Chi Epsilon 74 Pi Kappa Alpha 194 Pi Lambda Phi 199 Social Board 149 Society of General Engineers 69 Sophomore Wig-Wag 156 Sophos 136 Student Council 27 Swimming Team 248 Tau Beta Pi 50 Tau Pi Epsilon 115 Teachers College Tribunal 33 Tennis Team 250 Theta Chi 205 Theta Phi Alpha 217 Track 247 Triangle 200 Trianon 224 Pi Lambda Sigma 226 Pi Sigma Pi 70 Pi Tau Sigma 62 Quadres 157 Rifle Team 250 Ulex 145 Union Board 148 Women's Athletic Association 253 Women's Dormitory 231 Women's Senate 29 Vigilance Council 157 Scabbard and Blade 166 Scarab 108 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 190 Sigma Alpha Mu 197 Sigma Chi 188 Sigma Delta Tau 219 Sigma Sigma 144 Boatright, W. 201 Boegli, C. 50, 54 Boehm, E. 192 Baerstler, L. 60, 195 Boewer, B. 217 Boggild, R. 198 Bohlman, Miss 100 Bohn, E. 192 Bohnenkamper, W. 60, 61 Bohnstengel, F. 189 Boleky, H. 231 Boling, B. 75 Boling, L. 195 Bonar, Mr. 235 Band, W. 188 Bone, B. 210 Bone, B. L. 83, 184 Borders, C. 59, 186, 204 Borisch, T. 75 Bosk, M. 83 Bottenhorn, F. 241, 242 Bottomley, M. 83, 211 Boulwore, B, 214 Bower, J. 212 Bowan, A. 140, 158, 173, 175, 214 Boyles, H. 75 Bradford, R. 192 Bradtute, D. 195 Bradley, J. 217 Bradt, A. 152 Brannon, W. 68 Bransky, P. 109 Bratcher, M. 156 Bratt, F. 198 Braun, N. 168, 214 Breck, M. 116 Bredemeier, H. 40, 46 Brehmer, L. 83, 220 Bremer, E. 116 Brethauer, B. 218 Brewer, F, 116 Brewer, M. 173 Brewer, V. 225 Brigham,, A. 201 Brigham, T. 205 Brill, M. 197 Brinker, M. 217 Briol, J. 210 Broadbent, A. 75 The CINCINNATIAN wishes to express its thanks to Len Osborne and Al O'Hagan of Pogue Studios ' A for a swell job of covering U. C. pictorially. -also thanks to Mr. Paul Briol and Mr. Russell Benson for special feature shots. Young Men's Christian Association 151 Young Women's Christian Association 152 Zeta Tau Alpha 218 Brock, J. 46 Brode, R. 64 Brodie, Mr. 21 Bradman, H. 41 Bronsther, B. 199 Brooks, L. 221 R. 166, 201 Brothertan, Brothertan, T. 173, 191 Brown, Dr. 89 Brown, C. 195 Brown, E. 52 Brown, J. 41, 60, 83, 204 Brown, L. 75 Brown, N. 52 Brown, R. 203 Brown, W. 200, 201 Bruckmann, G. 52, 191 Bruestle, G. 28 Brunskill, H. 214 Brunst, R. 63 Bryan, C. 231 Bryant, O. 67, 68, 166, 229 Bryson, R. 157 Buch, W. 198 Buchert, C. 91 Buchert, W. 75, 188 Buchmann, W. 67, 68 Buckmeyer, J. 246 Buehren, M. 83 Buettner, P. 57 Buettner, R. 108, 110, 195 Buhmann, R. 212 Bullock, G. 50, 57, 58 Bullock, R. 91 Bunting, J. 62 Burgess, Burgess, Prof. 153, 148 D. 152, 153, 216, 253 Burgett, H. 201 Burinskas, V. 190 Burkam, J. 67 Burkhart, H. 109, 211 Burnet, G. 227 Burns, B. 215 Burns, S. 190 Burr, D. 31, 108, 200 Burridge, J. 67, 68 Burton, E. 193 Burton, W. 60, 193, 229 Butler, S. 75, 191 USY? ore han ver Before! 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Bylund, L. 50, 52, 54 Byrd, F. 248 Byrd, J. 51 C Caine, B. 213 Callis, G. 221 Campbell, D. 190 Campbell, J. 46, 191 Campbell, S. 229, 248 Campbell, W. 52 Cannon, F. 120 Capitman, W. 41 Carkeek, C. 52 Carleton, C. 57 Carlson, D. 188 Carney, C. 220 Carpenter, E. 91 Carr, J. 175 Carr, T. 91 Carroll, D. 57 Carroll, F. 73 Carver, R. 239 Case, Prof. 39 Castellini, R. 217 Chace, R. 64 Chafin, J. 57 Chappelle, R. 201 Charek, M. 221 Chase, J. 83 Chattield, L. 210 Chesser, A. 196, 187 Cheeseman, R. 33, 83 Chenoweth, A. 83 Chenaweth, M. 210 Chenoweth, R. 189 Cherdron, A. 220, 82 Cherdran, M. 213 Cherrie, J. 63 Child, R. 200 Christen, W. 57, 151 Churella, J. 57 Common, J. 68 Conaway, F. 101, 102 Cone, H. 191 Connelley, E. 52 Connelley, J. 166, 202 Connelly, D. 57 Cook, J. 191 Cook, W. 41 Cooke, F. 60 Cooke, J. 201 Cooley, W. 52 Combs, G. 110, 195 Cooper, A. 200 Cooper, H. 40, 143, 152, 225 Corbin, C. 41, 226 Corbitt, T. 247 Corcoran, R. 136, 205 Cordes, B. 193 Costello, M. 214 Covert, C. 241 Cox, M. 50, 54 Cozine, P. 214 Craig, J. 60, 61 Crail, H. 57, 205 Croine, E. 190 Crang, C. 157 Crawford, C. 250 Crawley, C. 91 Creevy, 239 Crew, C. 83 Croll, W. 200 Cromer, .l. 30, 142, 148, 174, 188 Cronenwett, V. 223 Crosley, E. 34 Crate, W. 52 Crozier, C. 123, 191 Cruse, D. 71, 190 Crutcher, C. 210 Crutchfiled, W. 173, 189 Culver, E. 54 Culverhouse, M. 116 Cuni, G. 33, 82, 83, 168, 170 Deremo, D. 192 Dertlinger, M. 102 Detmer, V. 227 DeVaux, W. 91 Devenish, 1. 75 Dexter, D. 204 Deyhle, W. 75 Dhonau, R. 41 Dibling, F. 52, 200 Dick, K. 226 Dick, M. 212 Dickens, A. 190 Dickerson, R. 190 Diederich, R. 63 Diehl, M. 223 Diehl, M. 226 Diekmann, G. 63 Diesendruck, E. 140 Dietrichson, W. 193 Dietz, D. 192 Diltz, S. 156 Dingeldein, R. 187 Dinsmore, Mr. 21 Di Pilla, A. 83 Doerger, T. 190 Doernberg, E. 75 Doerner, R. 213 Dohme, A. 111 Donohue, J. 52, 190 Dooley, E. 62, 229 Dooley, J. 68 Doran, E. 192 Dornette, C. 212 Dornette, W. 190 Dorst, Dean 89 Dotson, D. 200, 67 Doty, E. 91 Dowman, H. 50, 70, 71 Downey, C. 116 Downey, J. 83 Downey, P. 214 Downs, S. 250 Ehrnschewender, A. 198, 63 Eichelberger, D. 116 Eichelberger, R. 191 Eiler, K. 189 Eisert, E. 52 Ellebrecht, J. 220 Ellenhorst, H. 54 Ellig, C. 60 Ellig, E. 166 Elliott, R. 120 Ellis, R. 192 Ellison, Eisner, A. 190 L. 196 Emig, W. 54 Emmerich, C. 63 Emmich, Emmich, A. 82, 216 R. 198 Emmons, W. 193 Enoch, H. 203 Ensming Erb, C. Erboche Erhardt, Erhardt, er, C. 63 229 r, H. 202 B. 156 V. 82, 153, 157, 214, Erpenbeck, M. 29, 42, 242 Erwin, J. 247 Euster, Everett, Eynon, I. 219 W. 189 B. 108 F Fabe, G. 42 Fagley, Fahnle, Fahnle, Farber, Farians, Farrell, Foster, R. 63 H. 116, 218 R. 241 C. 197 B. 83, 225 M. 168, 251 F. 191 Fehr, J. 63 Feibelman, S. 46 Feid, B. 211 Flatt, C. R. 58, 193 Flax, H. 199 Fleisher, B. 84 Fleming, P. 216 Fleming, R. 51 Flessa, E. 29, 212 Flinn, J. 193 Flohr, R. 64, 193 Fogle, S. 216 Foley, P. 226 Folger, A. 63, 64 Foote, H, 227 Forbriger, C. 140, 177, 216 Forsythe, A. 75 Fosdick, A. 189 Foster, F. 191 Foster, W. 189, 141 Fox, P. 64 Fraasa, D. 187 Fradkin, R. 116, 222 France, R. 189 Francis, W. 53 Frank, F. 91 291Frank, M. 50, 59, 60, Franklin, D. 63 Franklin, J. 210 Franklin, R. 250 Franz, V. 212 Frazer, H. 190 Frazier, D. 193 Frederick, K, 189 Frederick, R. 32, 136, Freeman, D. 67 Freeman, E. 91 Freitag, W. 102, 196 French, R. 200 Friedman, A. 197 61, 158 , 205 Friedman, 1. 42, 142, 182, 184 Friedman, R. 75 Frishkorn, G. 189 Frishkorn, P. 189 Fritz, R. 201, 247 142, 166 Clare, A. 75, 177, 192 Curtis, B. 46 Doyle, A. 140 Feitshans, W. 198 Frodge, R. 63 Clark, D. 31, 201 Doyle, P. 217 Feldman, I. 74, 153 Frondorf, W. 190 Clark, J. 192 D Dragul, R. 222 Feller, C. 60 Fry, E. 84 Clark, Prof. 182 Doggy, E. 67, 166, 205 orrrrirrirh, E. 196 Feltrup, A. 192 Frye, A. 40, 42, 53 Clark, S. 193 Doggy, J. R. 32 Driskell, D. 156, 214 Feltrup, H. 227 Fulghum, E, 102' Clarke, C. 83, 214 Dahle, E. 68 Dubell, V. 217 Ferguson, S. 177, 210 Fuller, J. 28, 145, 191 Clarke, M. L. 83, 223 Dailey, H. 217 Dubin, D. 116, 221 Fersan, Dean 96 Fusaro, A. 51, 53, 176 Clause, M. 91 Dailey, M. K. 217 Duble, R. 188 Fetler, L. 42 Fusaro, G. 227 Claxton, Col. 165 Dalton, W. 91 Duble, W. 188 Feucht, M. 75, 176, 225 Futzly, O. 60 Cleary, D. 196 Dandois, M. 52, 54 Dubowsky, M. 70 Feuss, M. A. 211 G Cleaver, D. 83, 152 Danenhauer, R. 198 Duccilli, E. 159 Fey, C. 51 Gahl, J. 110 Cleaver, J. 214 Dartnall, D. 198 Duccilli, H, 193 Fiedler, H. 67, 68, 166, 229 Gahr, W. 75, 186, 189 Clevenger, G. 59, 60, 61 Daniell, F. 75, 144, 195 Dunbar, A. 199 Field, J. 188 Gaines, P. 73, 151, 173, 190 Close, F. 41 Daubenspeck, D. 62, 63, 149 Duncan, D. 60 Fielman, F. 63, 145, 166, 193 Gaissert, H. 10 Clossan, M. 214 Daugherty, M. 29, 30, 153, 158, Dunker, R. 201, 250 Fielman, J. 212 Gallager, R, 73 Clott, J. 82, 83, 217 Davis, E. 217, 223 Dunsker, E. 46 Fielman, L. 156, 214 Galpin, M. 42 Clause, D. 71 Davis, F. A. 199, 211 Dunsker, L. 219 Filler, C. 197 Galvin, N. 34, 217 Cobbe, A. 53 Davis, M. 198 Dupps, R. 210 Findley, D. 223 Garbett, B, 193 Coburn, F. 193, 239 Davis, P. 190 Dustin, N. 214 Finkelmeier, M. 33, 82, 213 Gard, W. 192 Cochran, D. 229 Dawley, R. 198 Dyer, Dean 114 Finley, M. 215 Gardner, S. 212 Cochran, R. 64 Deakin, C. 192 Finn, H. 188 Gorgrave, R. 110, 201 Coffman, E. 193 DeAngelis, 239 E Finney, N. 75 Garvin, O. 212 Cogan, E. 191 Deas, W. 64 Eads, H. 52 Fischer, C. 193 Garwood, R. 64 Cohen, J. 197 DeBeck, M. L. 148, 158 Eagen, R. 217, 156 Fisgus, J. 63 Gast, H. 196 Cohen, M. 222 DeBeck, R. 212 Earley, Mrs. 21 Fisgus, R. 64, 195 Gausmann, W. 50, 51, Cohen, W. 197 Degoro, J. 217 Easton, P. 41 Fisher, C. 212 Gauspohl, B. 188 Cokely, J. 30, 142, 195 DeHart, J. 29 Eaton, J. 190 Fisher, M. 120 Gebhardt, C. 195 Cole, D. 215 Deichman, M. 83, 227 Eaton, S. L. 32 Fisher, R. 64, 189 Geers, H. 195 Cole, H. 60, 61 Denlinger, J. 64 Eberhard, L. 140, 223 Fisher, V. 84, 168, 216 Geiger, R. 165 Colegrave, R. 41, 145 Denney, H. 52, 198 Eby, Prof. 81 Fisk, J. 75 Geisel, H. W. 40 Colker, H. 75, 199 Dent, S. G. 53 Edwards, R. 91 Fitzgibbon, F. 82 Geiser, W. 196 Colwell, M. 219 Deprez, F. 192 Egbert, D. 190 Flagg, G. 198 Geismar, A. 197 Take a post-graduate course in FUN at ' ' P O E T E R 1 Wholesale Distributors Ame'rica's Finest CONFECTIONS Amusement Park TOBACCOS The swimming's fine . . . The dinner's delicious FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES No finer place to dance 1629-31 Vine St. PArkway 5358-9 Non-Skid Asphalt "Built to Endurei' The BREWER Co. 405-6-7 Hazen Building Cincinnati, Ohio "The Pavement of the Futuren CHerry 6674-75 We take pride in our Announcements, Bulleins and Course Schedules printed for the University of Cincinnati. Their Choice on the Hill MOUNTEL PRESS 54'f"i"e BARBER SHOP 22 . '11 1006 SYCAMORE Cfn:Ym1Xi'fVI5h?f Compliments ol National Carpet Cleaning and Rug Mfg. Co 1 5.351 L . J campus during the last war Gcweive done it before and we can do it againw U. C. GRILL AND CAFETERIA ...J Gellhaus, J. 177, 213 Gentry, J. 196 Gentsheimer, R. 192 Georgenson, H. 190 Gergely, W. 222 Gerger, R. 67 Gerrmann, J. 193 Gerstenberger, Miss Getman, C. 196 114 Getzendaner, M. 159 Giaccio, M. 226 Gibson, 239 Gieger, R. 68 Gieseking, H. 70, 71 Giesenberg, J. 212 Giffin, F. 227 Gilbert, R. T. 57, 58, 91, 201 Gillespie, D. 31 Gillis, G. 204 Ginberg, J. 222 Griffith, C. 210 Griffith, J. 57 Grift, E. 110 Grimes, A. 63 Grimes, S. 152 Grissett, G. 57 Groeschen, B. 226 Gronbach, H. 42 Gross, G. 188 Grate, R. 52 Grote, W. 54, 195 Grove, J. 214 Gruber, J. 60, 61 Gruber, W. 248 Guerin, M. F. 84 Guethlein, J. 226 Gregory, H. 84, 143, 152, 214 Hartman, R. 20, 202, 229 Gregory, L. 120 Harwood, S. 199 Grice, L. 198 Haskell, M. 42, 210 Griffes, C. 142, 151, 172, 186, 191 Hatfield, Hatfield, W. R. 63, 183 Hougseth, E. 67 Hausfeld, J. 214 Hawkins, T. 42, 157 Hawley, P. 42 D. 188 Hayden, J. 239 Hayes, T. 63 Hayhow, T. 42 Hays, J. 92 Heaton, S. 201 Hecker, R. 63 Heckert, B. 204 Hedges, M.E. 84 Heidt, R. 192 Heines, S. 199 Heinold, J. 247 Hundley, A. 153 Ginberg, R. 84 Ginn, C. 29, 150, 153, 192, 216 Gladen, P. 58 Gladstone, H. 197 Glaser, G. 223 Glaser, R. M. 84, 193, 198 Glazier, C. 193 Gleberman, S. 84 Glickman, P. 110 Gocker, J. 70, 71 Goetz, M. 216, 225 Goheen, A. 187 Guidi, A. 52 Gumpo, J. 50, 52, 53, 54 Gunn, R. 249 Guran, A. 63 Guthrie, Col. 164 Guthrie, B. 231 Guy, J. 102 Gysin, G. 214 H Haag, J. 198 Haas, A. 211 Haoser, W. 188 Gold, L. 197 Haby, Mr. 235, 239, 244 Golder, 5. 42 Haeflein, R. 154 Goldhoff, R. 50, 52, 54 Hafer, D. 189 Goldman, M. 29, 173 Hagaman, G. 204 Goldman, R. 53, 197 Hagemeyer, R. 177, 192 Goldstein, J. 177 Golter, B. J. 140, 158, 211 Golfer, L. 193 Goetz, E. 63 Hagstrom, L. 75, 152, 195 Haile, R. 188 Hailey, E. 46 Halevi, E. 46, 53 Heisel, E. 30, 42, 143, 211 Heisman, V. 110 Heitzman, F. 190 Heitzman, K. 84 Held, S. 156, 173, 217 Helfrich, E. 62, 63, 64, 190 Helle, J. 213 Helm, G. 189 Helman, D. 198 Helmholz, R. 136, 189 Hemstreet, H. 50, 63, 64, 142 Henderson, J. 157 Hendrickson, Prof. 81 Henkel, P. L. 214 Herbes, B. 27, 52, 142, 192, Hermanies, J. 247 Herweh, E. 42, 184 Hess, E. R. 92 Hetheringtan, W. 191 Hetterick, M. 29, 110, 152, 158, 214 Heuck, D. 172, 210 Holt, V. L. 210 Holtson, J. 191, 247 Homan, Dr. 89 Homer, P. 168, 210 Honecker, D. 195 Hopf, M. N. 84, 225 Hopkins, H. 109 Hopkins, P. 140, 154, 156 Hoppe, H. 192, 248 Hoppel, P. 204 Horak, P. 73, 76 Hormberg, W. 57, 58 Horn, R. 76, 199 Horvay, B. 60 Hosea, F. 57 Hosick, R. 52 Howard, D. 82, 84 Howard, M. 117 Howarth, P. 84 Howe, R. 57, 58 Howe, B. J. 109, 110 Howland, H. 76, 166, 195 Huber, F. 53 Hubert, R. 52 Huckaby, R. 82, 84 Hudson, A. 84 Huge, A. 42 Hughes, R. 84, 223 Hughey, J. 193 Hughmark, G. 52 Hull, B. 140 Humphreys, J. 250 Humphreys, R. 50, 57, 58, 1 196 Hunt, G. 201 Hunt, J. 145, 239, 246 Hunt, M. 156 Huntington, F. 68 Huth, T. 195 Hurdle, D. 126, 216 Hurst, R. 239 Hust, J. 60 Hyams, H. 221 1 lngle, Dean 149, 228 Ingram, G. 76, 191 loria, V. 205 Ireland, J. 218 Irwin, N. 213 Good, Prof. 81 Hall, M. 42 Hexamer, A. 211 Good, G. A. 214 Holler, G. 189 Hicks, G. 191 Goodrich, C. 63, 64 Hallock, J. 7.5, 191 High, P. 213 Goodwin, P. 46 Hamersley, R. 247 High, R, 71 Goosman, G, 33 Hamilton, C. 157 Hight, F. 70, 71 Goosman, R. 201 Hamilton, J. 220 Hight, W. 193 Gorsuch, M. 176, 213 Hamilton, M. 223 Hildebrandt, J. 190 Gosiger, A. 110, 168, 217 Hommel, C. 73 Hildebrand, Prof. 81 Gottlein, L. 52 Hancock, H. 50, 59, 60, 6 Hildenbrand, M. J. 74, 76 Gould, D. 214 Hanford, R. 141 Hill, A. 211 Graham, B. 213 Handtman, N. 255 Hill, J. 152 Graham, H. 26, 27, 68, 166, 177,Hansen, P. 189 Hill, R. 188 201 Hard, R. 192 Hilmer, H. 188 Graham, 1. 225 Harding, J. 57, 59 Hines, W. 201 Graham, S. 201 Harlow, M. 63,64 Hinners, 63, 64 Graham, V. 156, 213 Harpenau, W. 189 Hirsch, E. 63, 197, 201 Graham, W. 52 Harper, O. 239 Hoblitzell, W. 63 Grannen, J. 54 Harper, R. 188 Hobson, lvl. 217 Grant, J. 198 Harper, S. 46 Hobt, E. 238, 239 Granzow, G. 188 Harrin, C. J. 82 Hoeflein, R, 154 Grassmuck, J. 212 Harris, H. 222 Hack, V. 216 Grater, E. 204 Harris, V. 74, 153 Hoeland, J. 190 Gray, C. 101, 102, 152 Harrison, J. 27, 33, 84 Hoffeld, M. 117, 216 Gray, G. 202 Gray, J. 191 Gray, V.C. 101 Graye, N. 157 Green, J. 188 Grenen, N. 92 Gregg, E. 211 Gregg, H. 191 Gregg, K. 191 Harrison, R. 196 Harshfield, V. 102 Hart, A. 84 Harteveld, B, 117 Hartke, R. 193 Hartley, J. 217 Hartlieb, B. 102 Hartman, B. 165 Hartman, J. 239 Hoffman, R. 191 Hoffman, R. 28, 50, 62, 63 142,, 165, 186, 195 Hofmann, R. 159, 173, 217 Hagan, W. 157 Hoge, D. 70, 71, 142, 151 Hogue, W. 198 Holland, R. 52 Holste, L. 57 Isaac, A. 152 Isaac, E. 152 J Jack, S. 190 Jacobs, D. 159 Jacobs, W. 92 Jacobson, 1. 199 Jacomini, M. L. 42, James, W. 200 Janold, H. 247 Jarvis, F, 63, 65 Jenike, E. 153 Jenkins, A. 84, 223, 2 Jenkins, J. 46, 239 Jenkins, R. 42 Jennings, B. 42 Jennings, R. 50, 57, Joerger, Prof. 210 09 58 Jones, Prof. 49, 67, 190 Johns, G. 191 Johnson, Prof. 81 Johnson, B. 212, 253 Johnson, D. 209 Superior Dairy Products Bramble 1700-1701 C E D R H IL L F IVI S Irradiated Vitamin CGD" Milk 65, 166, Johnson, E. 213 Johnson, J. 63, 239 Johnson, M. 102, 140 Johnston, D. 215 Jones, D. 173, 175, 198 Jones, R. 176, 190 Jordon, D. 217 Juergens, V. 255 Jung, Miss 100 Jurin, 8. 92 Justice, Prof. 49, 69 K Kabakoff, N. 199, 241, Kalmbach, R. 190 Kalmbach, W. 190 Kammeron, M. 217 Kane, J. 141 Kanause, M. 102 Kanter, L. 199 Kaplan, J. 30 Katz, A. 92 Katz, E. 46, 199 Katz, H. 42, 199 Kauffman, J. 188 Kauffman, R. 152, 153, Kaufhold, G. 67 Kaufman, V. 76, 199 Kauman, P. 225 Kautz, D. 153, 213 Kautz, J. 34, 153, 213 Kay, H. 187, 199 Kazda, L. 60 Keating, C. 248 Keefe, P. 82, 213 Keffer, R. 190 Keiffer, F. 52 Kelchner, W. 239 243 158, 210 Keller, H. 57 Keller, O. 196 Kellum, L, 84 Keney, C. 92 Kennedy, E. 62 Kenney, W. 191 Kerney, E. 201 Kerr, D. 57, 205 Kichler, G. 110 Kiefer, M. 217 Kiesewetter, C. 145, 191 Kindel, G. 110, 218 King, J. 43 Kinker, B. 223 Kinney, A. M. 43, 250 Kinstler, R. 54 Kirsner, R. 43 Kise, C. 210 Kispert, M. 217 Klahm, W. 43, 142, 159, 204 Klausing, R. 246 Kleinfeld, E. 197 Kleinman, R. 92 Klepinger, D. 195 Kline, J. 110 Klinger, J. 247 Klinke, A. 200 Klover, J. 63, 152, 166, 229 Klusman, L. 237,239, 247 Klusmeyer, J. 97 Knab, C. 249 Knob, D. 191 Knagge, M. 34, 209, 213 Knapp, M. 60 Knauber, Miss 114 Excellent F raternit and ororit ervice Hilton-Davis Chemical Co. Langdon and Penn. R. R. Cincinnati, Ohio EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES for th ARCHITECT AND ENGINEER special discount to U.C. students HEALTHFULI BLUE PRINTS - PHOTOSTATS Drawing Instruments - Slide Rules F R' E N C I-I - B A 'U E R' Surveying Instruments I CE CRE AM THE FERD WAGNER CO. The Best Dry Cleaning in the City at Blick and Blick .. Silverton, Ohio illiuhor Qllnurt Zinn Pure Drugs . . . Professional Pharmacists e STIEIPS PHARMACY CLIFTON AND LUDLOW D bt E.R.sq'bbes ...Abe Lb t' n 404 Ludlow LUNCH-DINNER Av. 9661 Compliments of Barney Bunke SI Son, Co. 1457 Harrison Avenue Feed - Coal - Coke - Seeds - Fertilizer C0 Morris, Meyer, A. L. 166 Knight, B. 43, 216 Knoch, D. 57 Knodel, V. 43, 224 Knoepfler, R. 120 Knoop, B. 153, 154, 157, 231 Knueven, E. 109 Knutson, Miss 109 Koch, B. J. 110, 218 Koch, C. 188 Koehler, D. 214 Koehler, E. 215 Koenig, H. 65 Kohl, J. 76, 152, 195 Kolb, P. 76 Kolp, S. 239, 241, 247, 250 Koodish, B. 219 Koons, M. J. 117 Kappius, M. 152 Korchmar, D. 177 Kraemer, L. 85, 213, 255 Kral, G. 50, 57, 58 Kramer, M. 82, 85 Kranz, R. 165, 188 Kraslce, W. 145 Kravitz, H. 92 Krehbiel, S. 210 Kreider, T. 30, 40, 142, 105 Kreigsman, L. 43 Kreimer, B. 211 Kreimer, D. 60 Kreyenhagen, M. 109, 110 Krichbaum, G. 175, 220 Kriete, H. 43, 158 Krone, R. 43, 196 Krueck, 1. 110, 212 Krull, S. 198 Kruse, J. 202 Kuchner, R. 57 Kuethe, A. 140 Kuehnle, T. 217 Kuhn, D. 29, 153, 157, 225 Kuntz, M. A. 102 Kurtz, C. 63 Kyrlach, R. 43, 196 L Labermeier, M. 198 Lach, M. 60 Ladley, R. 120, 73 Ladrigan, S. 120 Lagaly, R. 248 Lahke, M. 227 Lally, R. 52, 54 Lamb, C. 70 Lommers, J. 175, 177 Lommers, S. 191 Lommers, V. 60 Lamprecht, J. 191 Landis, F. 63, 65 Landrum, M. 203 Landrum, W. 76 Langenbeck, R. 145, 238, 239 Longford, D. 60, 196 Lappin, R. 197 Larimer, J. 173, 175, 216 Larrick, C. 63, 65 Larson, G. 76 Lasher, 247 Latner, L. 52 Loucher, R. 50, 67, 68 Lavell, B. 35, 212 Lovell, M. 109,111, 176, 177, 212 Lavery, Prof. 96 Lawlace, R. 52 Lazzell, B. 222 LeBlanc, Dr. 89 , 151 Lee, B. J. 210 LePere, E. 198 Lerner, S. 92 Leuders, E. 29, 85, 143, 212 Leeker, C. B. 210 Leeker, E. J. 210 Lees, C. 85, 242 Lehan, B. J. 117, 216 Lehmkuhl, J. 203, 68 Lehrer, R. 192 Leinart, J. 188 Leiner, W. 205 Leith, Dr. 81 Lemke, E. 67 LeMonek, S. 29, 182 Lengeman, D. 190 Lenz, R. 68, 203 Levi, R. 197 Levin, S. 43 Levitt, 239 Lewis, E. 193 Lewis, G. 52 Lewis, L. 227 Lewis, M. B. 102 Liebe Liebe lt, A. 212 rmon, H. 43 Liebing, A. 140 Lichtenberg, L. 227 Light, M. 140, 223 Lillard, J. 34, 117, 210 Linlce, E. 68 Linder, C. 239 Linder, M, 117, 220 Link, E. 196 Link, J. 213 Links, J. 239 Liscow, M. 221 Littman, M. 53 Livingston, E. 109 Livingston, M. 111 Livingstone, M. E. 217 Logan, Dr. 89 Long, J. 214 Longworth, M. 210 Laos, B. 156, 226 Loos, V. B5 Loshin, J. 199 Lott, Mrs. 100 Lotz, R. 67 Louder, H. -145, 198, 246 Loudermilk, A. 74, 76 Lowry, 8. 191 Lucas, A. 192 Lucas, M. 219 Luckhardt, B. 156, 173, 213 Ludeke, 8. 85, 223 Ludwig, H. 29, 116 Ludwig, J. 200 Luebbers, R. 54 Luhan, J. 63 Lukens, J. 239 Luning, V. 29, 85, 143 Lutes, R. 196 Luther, Prof. 56 Lyman, R. 60 M MacGregor, l. 53 Maclay, Miss 114 MacMillan, J. C. 92 Mac Millan, R. 92 Macon, 8. 58 Maescher, B. 43, 210 Mahrenholz, A. 166, 205 Maier, G. 188 Maish, P. 29, 140, 156 E. CAPRONI, INC. 610 MAIN ST. EST. 1886 157, 217 Maioewsky, V. 57, 58, 190 Malick, F. 59, 60, 154 Mullin, B. 249 Manchester, R. 190 Manogue, J. 29, 32, 74, 76, 253 Maple, E. 43 Moras, G. 67 Marcy, P. 203 Markham, C. 231 Marriott, G. 43, 216 Marsh, L. 60, 61 Marten, W. 27, 31, 109, 192 Martin, C. 198 Martin, P. 211 Martin, R. 43 Martyne, R. 46 Mason, B. 102 Mason, J. 190 Mason, W. 65, 190 Masters, B. 101, 102 Mastronardi, P. 226 Mathers, L. A. 211 Mathews, J. 76, 226 Matlago, J. 50, 70, 71, 203 Matthews, K. 151, 192 Matthews, L. 61, 198 Matthews, P. 175, 188 Mauch, W. 166 Maxson, V. 85, 176, 225 Maxwell, Mr. 235 May, J. 189 Mays, G. 51, 52, 54 Mays, R. 195 McArtor, J. 92 McCallum, B. 102 McCane, H. 111 McCarty, J. 70, 71 McClure, E. 157 McCormick, A. 210 McCreary, L. 102 MCCull0Ugl1, M. 140, 173, 211 McDonell, M. 212 McEnaney, J. 188 McFarlan, D. 193 McFarland, N. 220 McFarland, P. 211 McGill, B. 211 McHenry, F. 67, 68 McKee, R. 145 McLaughlin, N. 211 McMullen, W. 188 McNutt, R. 57, 58 McNeill, F. 63, 65 McVay, Y. 218 Meador, J. 211 Mecklenborg, L. 52 Meeko, R. 92 Meier, R. 85, 145, 216, 239 Meier, W. 43, 166, 195, 237 Meitus, M. 43, 199 Mendel, M. 159 Meranda, J. 85 Mercer, Miss 100 Merten, A. 241 Mess, A. 57, 186, 202 Messing, W. 190 Messinger, H. 62 Methven, M. 152 Metz, B. 159 Meuttman, M. 46 Meyer, A. 50, 60, 62, 63, 65, 142 Meyer, B. 85, 168, 210 Meyer, C. 198 Meyer, Mr. 235, 239, 246 Meyers, C. 8, 165, 202 Middleman, J. 197 Mileham, Mr. 234, 239 149, 150 Miller, D. 111, 192 Miller, E. 60, 63, 65, 176, 197, 223 Miller, E. J. 43 3 Miller, H. 73, 76 Miller, l. 220 Miller, J. 44 Miller, M. 158 Miller, R. 190 Millers, S. 111, 222 Mills, R. 140, 227 Mino, J. 193 Mitchel, R. 145, 248 Mitchell, C. 210 Mitchell, F. 195, 241 Moegling, J. 63 Moeller, R. 202 Mohr, R. 109 Maler, R. 191 Montgomery, P, 46, 209 Moak, E, 204 Moore, C. 220 Moore, F. 85 Moore, G. 145, 191 Moore, R. 193 Moores, B. J. 34, 116, 117, 213 Moorman, D. 202 Moorman, B. 202 Morand , P. 52, 55 Morgan, Dr. 89 Morgan, L. 85 Morgan, R. 177 Lt. 165 Morris, J. 27, 44, 46, 144, Morrison, M. 40, 44 Morrison, Prof. 96 Morrissey, J. 193 Mossman, E. 73, 74, 76 Motsch, A. 117, 216 Mott, H. 202 Motz, M. 218 Muchmore, J. 248 Mueller, B, 103, 153, 154 Mueller, C. 188 Mueller, M. 213 Muggleton, E. 67 Mulford, V. - Mullally, J. 192 Mullally, W. 192 Muller, C. 188 Mundhenk, M. 225 145 Munz, C. 44, 145, 191, 248 Munz, R. 191, 248 Murphy, J. 238, 239 Murray, L. 217 Murray, Mr. 21 Musat, O. 63 Mustard, J. 204 Muth, C. 188 Myers, D. 202 Myers, E. 92 Mynatt, P. 157 N Naberhouse, B. 217 Naberhaus, V. 227 Nader, J. 60 Nantz, A. 44 Nash, M. 103 Nash, Professor 107 Consumers Materials C 0. 3716 Montg. Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio Je. 7510 no Senior olass that ooh- Lawroooo now looks loomont . . . fonfpasfj I "cluc,mnn1'uANs1 . - Lai FAQS ADMINISTRATION "H " :. , f- K uf EXW ff '- , "I": I ' fi ' ' ' ' 'E . 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I-1 - " L- , Ns,-ggi I -I " nn: ,,,,ff ' 'fi ' FAD A i I mf if -x --- -' '- CAZSGI4 FIELD ossezv:-:roz.Y "HOSPITAL QUALITY" Health and Sick-Room upplies Cost No More Than Others At WCCHER' We Are In Business For Your Health 29-31 WEST SIXTH STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO MANUFACTURERS OF HIGI-I-GRADE SURGICAL EQUIPMENT Dancing 81 Entertainlnent Nightly Popular Prices Gano at Lodge Street Back of Palace Theater THE BARN ws w No Minimum For Your Late Evening Entertainment Stop in at the Barn suits Styled and Priced for the dresses Younger Element Coats Thye accessories furs millinefry FRENCH BOOTERY S0ciety's Shoe Shop 422 Race St. TRUSSES BRACES SUPPORTS ULTRA-VIOLET RAY LAMPS EXERCISERS REDUCERS STIMULATORS GAUZE COTTON CELLUCOTTON ELASTIC STOCKINGS AND BANDAOES CHEMICAL AND SCIENTIFIC APPARATUS SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES ff If ' 0 W 10 West 4th Street Nliehaus, M. 227 Popp, oefren, J. 120 Sleblett, R. 157 sleff, S. 62, 63 Sleiclhard, M. 82, 213 sleiser, R. 195 slelson, C. 196, 68 Slenninger, M. A. 29, 85, 14 217 slerenberg, R. 197 Nleuerman, M. 44, 186, 197 Nleuhausser, H. 193, 219 Slewman, C. 197 Qichols, J. 213 Nlickel, E. 237, 239, 246 Slickum, R. 27, 153, 158, 168 Sliehus, H. 63, 183, 190 Nliekamp, W. 63 Nlielander, J. 202 Nlielsen, E. 76 Nliemeier, B. 62, 63, 65, 165 Nliemeyer, D. 44, 213 Nlieter, J. 210 Nlikoloff, Mr. 247 Nliper, L. 85 Niitchals, J. 52, 55 Nloble, M. A. 210 Nloble, M. 210 Nloe, N. 44, 214 Noelcke, W. 204 Nolan, J. 158, 159 Noll, J. 212 Nolte, F. 224, 255 Nolte, 1. 85, 224 Norteman, H. 198 North, D. 109 Nussbaum, F. 52, 199 O Oatley, E. 239 Obermeyer, R. 29, 35, 74, 14 154, 176 O'Brien, T. 239 Oelker, C. 60 Ohanian, M. 85 O'Hare, M. 213 Ohlson, B. B. 225 Oleon, H. 197 Ollinger, A. 226 Olt, K. 210 Oman, Capt. 165 O'Neil, M. I. 76, 153 O'Neill, E. 215 Orlik, H. 221 3, 158, I 21QPerin, 3, 153, Patterson, Patterson, J. 191 M. 212 R. 63, 97, 152, G. 151, 204 Patterson, Patterson, Paul, Miss 106, 107 Pavlatos, N. 92 Payne, L. 50, 67, 68 Pazder, R. 201 Peake, M. 63 Pechstein, Dean 81 Pell, N. 193 D. 82, 219 Pepinsky, Perdomo, M. 46 C. 136, 201, 247 Perk, H. 198 Perlman, H. 120 Perry, H. 197 Peters, D. 103 Peters, R. 55 Peterson, C. 192 Petry, M. 172, 212 Pfeiffer, Mr. 248 Pfeiter, G. 70, 71, 250 Ptingstag, H. 192 Pfister, H. 92 Pfister, L. 44 Phillips, F. 192 Phillips, H. 120 Pickering, Prof. 106 Pierle, R. 29, 140, 156 Pike, B. 190 Pike, C. 198 Pillon, l. 239 Plaut, A. 150, 175 Plough, V. 218 Plumly, H. 52, 55 Plunkett, M. 201, 247 Pockros, M. 199 Poe, M. 223 Poggendick, H. 247 Pontius, Capt. 250 Pope, V. 31 S. 213 Porter, Porter, C. 92 T. 191 Porter, W. 141 Postle, Postle, Potts, Dean 149, 150, 228 P. 211 J. 51, 229 Ornella, W. 85, 202, 239, 246 O'Rourke, J. 103 Oscherwitz, M. 199 Ostendorf, W. 192 Osterbrock, W. 60 Otte, V. 120 Otting, R. 168, 216 Outcalt, P. 175, 190 Overbeck, D. 225 Overberg, R. 202 Owen, N. 255 P Paashaus, R. 186, 200 Pace, J. 159 Pain, Prof. 81 Painter, L. 198 Pancoost, R. 229 Pansiera, D. 111 Papas, G. 63 Park, B. J. 103 Parker, C. 44, 51 Paternite, C. 92 Patrick, B. 213 Pottinger, G. 192 Pow, G. 35, 50, 52, 53, 5 201 Pramik, J. 239 Prass, P. 62 Pratt, S. 57 Press, C. 44, 177, 192 Price, E. 52 Primosic, A. 200 Pringle, G. 195 Prior, J. 188 Puchta, C. 97 Pugh, Lt. 100 Fund, F. 189 Pufkey, G. 67, as Q Quinn, Quinn, 229 5, 142. Quigley, M. 103 J. 108, 109, 151, 190 Prof. 39 R Raasch, J. 63 Radcliffe, J. 33, 150 Racltke, H. 213, 153, 177 Raible, G. 193 Raine, F. 191 Ralph, L. 65 Romge, J. 201 Remey, R. 50, 61 Rasmus, H. 27, 101, 103 Rassell, E. 197 Ratcliffe, A. 191 Rathkomp, V. 211 Rauf, R. 60 Rausch, E. 75, 76 Rawson, J. 214 Ray, G. 57, 195 Roy, M. es, 214 Redmond, M. J. 74, 153 Reed, R. 57, 201 Reese, J. 108 Reeves, R. 85, 236, 239, 246 Root, E. 52, 55 Rose, Mr. 182 Rosen, I. 46 Rosen, N. 117, 222 Rosenbaum, M. 159, 222 Rosenberg, S. 117 Rortune, W. 246 Ross, l. 212 Ross, M. 63, 65 Ross, R. 201 Rost, C. 44 Rost, P. 211 Roth, M. 197 Roth, R. 40, 44, 222 Schmitz, A. 224 Schnabel, R. 196 Schneider, A. 44, 158, 215 Schneider, B. 93 Schneider, C. 50, 59, 60, 61 Schneider, G. 73, 166, 172, 205 Schneider, H. 238, 239, 241, 243 246 Schneider, J. 60 Schneider, L. 44, 151, 191 Schneider, M. R. 55 Schneider, R. 50, 62, 63, 65 Schoettmer, H. 45, 145, 246 Scholtield, C. 63, 205 Regnold, L. 73 Rehring, C. 196 Rei, M. E. 211 Rei, R. 168, 211 Reichard, J. 63, 65 Reid, 8. 52, 239 Reid, L. 195 Reid, H. 212 Reiff, R. H. 53 Reifschneider, L. 214, 231 Reiman, R. 57, 60, 142, 193 Reiman, W. R. 58 Reininger, B. 218 Reisinger, N. 196 Renn, M. Renshaw, 115 M. 44 Ressler, P. 52 Ressler, Miss 159, 184 Retzsch, O. 51 Reuss, Mr. 241 Reuwer, R. 86, 168, 214 Rey, F. 76, 151, 203 Reynolds, J. A. 217 Rhodes, J. 186, 196 Rice, J. 52 Rice, M. 195, 187 Rich, H. 192 Richards, A. 239, 241, 243 Richards, R. 63 Rothacker, R. 193 Rothenberg, R. 115, 117 Rothm, D. 226 Roush, R. 31, 111, 195 Rubenstein, E. 197 Rover, J. 192 Rowe, Mr. 21 Rayer, J. 63 Rudolf, H. 31, 111,217 Ruff, M. 211 Rule, A. 211 Rule, M. 159, 182, Rumble, B. 196 Runyan, F. 103 Runyan, R. 60, 188, 250 Rusher, M. 93 Rushmer, J. 63, 154 Russell, L. 101, 103 Ruth, Dr. 89 Rutterer, L. 63, 217 Ryan, D. 191 Ryan, V. 33, 226 S Saeks, H. 187, 197 Salisbury, R. 190 Saltzman, N. 217 Salzwas, A. 74, 77 Salzwas, S. 120 Sanders, B. 190 Richards, W. 190 Richardson, W. 229 Richter, M. 210 Rieckhotf, R. 44 Riegert, R. 57 Riesz, H. 120 Riley, R. 70, 71 Rinckenberger, C. 120 Rindsberg, S. 27, 153, 168, 216 Rindsberg, S. 52, 55, 176 Ringenbach, D. 215 Ringenbach, F. 44 Rinn, F. 211 Ritchie, V. 115, 117, 209, 218 Ritter, R. 190 Rittmeyer, B. 218 Roan, M. 86 Roberts, M. 247 Roberts, J. 44, 213 Roberts, M. L. 156, 211 Robertson, W. 190 Robinson, Dean 122 Robinson, G. 60 Robinson J. 191, 200, 216 Robinson Robinson, M. 200 O. 238, 239, 241 Rockwood, S. 214 Rogers, B. 67 Rogan, M, 211 Rogowski, H. 92 Rogowski, M. B. 93 Ralfes, J. 202 Rolfes, R. A. 217 , 246 Sandow, A. 222 Sardis, S. 63, 152, 166. 205 Sargeant, V. 227, 231 Sartorius, B. 219 Sattler, J. 217, 253 Sawyer, V. 29, 86, 143, 152, 158 209, 211 Scarpaci, C. 239 School, J. 51, 52 Schaeuble, C. 120 Schafer, J. 195 Schamboch, G. 63, 65 Schatz, F. 188 Schatz, M. A. 216 Schaudig, R. 195 Schauer, A. 217 Schaufert, M. 212 Scheer, F. 221 Scheid, C. 111 Scheid. J. 214 Scherer, R. 50, 62, 63 Scheumann, L. 40, Scheve, B. 33, 77 Schipper, R. 60 Schindler, C. 193 Schloh, D. 231 E. D. 77, 189 44, 142 Schlueter, Schmadel, R. 145, 246 Schmalzl, D. 65, 204 Schmick, M. 34 Schmidlapp, T. 63, 65 Schmidt, W. 193 Schmitt, R. I77 OHIO GRAVEL COMPANY SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED STONE AGRICULTURE MEAL FOR LIMING SOILS We Guarantee to Meet All Specifications Scholz, C. 63, 205 Schott, W. 190 Schonhoft, R. 62, 63, 65, 166, Schrader, F. 195 Schreiber, C. 246 Schriver, M. H. 93 215 Schroder, L. 29, 57, 58, 165, 231 Schroeder, C. 52, 143 Schroer, R. 70, 71, 246 Schroeter, D. 28, 45, 142, 149, 151 186, 192 Schuessler, E. 68 Schuessler, R. 250 Schulte, J. 60, 202 Schulz, F. 62, 63, 65 Schumacher, C. 203 Schur, S. 219 Schurgast, E. 219 Schurter, H. 214 Schutte, G. 46 Schwartz, G. 176, 215 Schwartz, H. 197 Schwarz, Dean 100 Schweninger, B. 111 Schwinger, M. 199 Scipio, R. 70, 71 Scott, S. 45, 57, 197 Scully, R. 63, 65 Sebastiani, J. 253 Sedgwick, C. 152, 153, 211 Sellers, S. 109, 158, 211 Sellers, W. 191 Selmeier, M. L. 218 Selonick, J. 197 Sempsrott, D. 52, 58, 152 Senn, M. 239 Senseman R. 141, 201 Severding, H. 63, 66 Seyler, D 86, 143, 253 Shaetfer, W. 201 Shallenberg, R. 63, 66 Shank, Dr. 21 Shannon, J. 217 Shannon, K. 217 Shannon, R. 189 Sharkoff, L. 239 Sharon, E. 45 Sharp, R. 63, 66, 201 Sharrock, Prof. 177 Show, D. 191 Shaw, H. 97 Shear, R. 45, 227 Sheehan, J. 198 Shepman, J. 192 Shepherd, S. 211 Sheppard, W. 187, 198 Sheridan, C. 32, 59, 61, 142, 150 Sheriff, P. 223 Shertzer, L. 188 Shibiya, R. 46 Shipwash, R. 121 Operating Plants Tipples Miarniville-Penn. R. R. Cleves-Big 4 Ry. Bond Hill-N. 8: W. Ry. Newtown-N. 8: W. Ry. Red Bank, Eastern Ave. Covington, Ky. C. 8: O. Ry. Distributors Of SOLVAY CALCIUM CHLORIDE-Dust laying, curing concrete, stabilized mixers, etc. I PRISMO LIFE LINE PAINT-Beaded Pai.nt-Line road striping, road and street slgns and markmgs. RAI-SEAL HOT-POURED RUBBER-For sealing joints and cracks in concrete pavements. ' I CRUSHED SLAG-Base coarse aggregate for road or driveway constructlon, also for light-weight built-up roofs. 5225 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 13110110 EASt 2700 ulVIeet Me At Mullanelsw When itas Sewerpipe Compliments of L. M. PRINCE CO. think of 66UneIe Gus" "Cincinnati's Most Complete Artists' Supply Store Two Locations 429 Vine St. Hyde Park Square St. Level Carew Tower Edwards and Observatory Main 2181-Main 6687 East 6566 Aclmel Quality Paint Store 522 Main Street Phone PArkway 8226 Opposite Post Off THE STUDENT UNION BOOK STORE DRAWING EQUIPMENT NOTE BOOKS TEXT BOOKS FOUNTAIN PENS UNIVERSITY JEWELRY FILLERS STATIONERY FRATERNITY IN SIGNIAS TOBACCO CANDY EVERYTHING FOR THE STUDENT Shirley, M. 140 Shohet, H. 197 Shohl, Mr. 21 Shrewsbury, K. 191 Shriner, J. 191, 239 Shroyer, R. 60 Shute, E. 140, 173, 175, Sickmeier, R. 223 Siebold, P. 121 Sieck, E. 74, 77 Siegel, E. 218 Siegel, S. 121 Siegel, T. 197 Sigler, J. 204 Silver, G. 52 Silver, M. L. 45, 210, 253 Silverblatt, C. 153 Simpkinson, S. 66, 81, 190 Simpson, A. 63 Simpson, Mr. 81 Simpson, J. 93 Singer, D. 55 Singerman, M. 40, 45 Skinner, R. 60, 61 Skorich, N. 86, 144, 145, Wiser, R. 227 Slimp, M. 218 Smart, R. 239 Smathers, F. 205 Smith, A. 27, 29, 143 Smith, B. J. 211 Smith, C. 116, 189 Smith, D. 60 Smith, E. 227 Smith, F. 70 Smith, G. 74, 77 Smith, H. 108, 136, 196 Smith, J. 59 Smith, M. 45 Smith, M. 46, 220 Smith, M. 201 Smith, R. 51, 52, 55, 63, Smith, T. 52, 148 Smyth, R. 193 Smyth, W. 238, 239 Smythe, R. 58, 191 Snapp, R. 204 Snyder, R. 219 Solomon, B. 199 Solomon, E. 45 Solsman, K. 216 Sonnenberg, F. 204 Southers, R. 57 Sparks, S. 231 Spayd, L. 103 Spear, R. 190 Spector, R. 187, 197 Spence, J. 82, 216 Spengler, M. 225, 231 Spinner, M. 217 Spitler, A. 241 Spurlock, M. 29, 117 Stagge, R. 156, 225 Staiqle, V. 51 Stallings, G. 195 Stang, J. 60 Stanley, A. 188 Steele, J. 141 Stehle, R. 101, 103 Stein, M. 221 Stein, S. 140, 175 Steinberg, B. 222 Steinberg, H. 93 213, 253Steinbuch, M. 52, 55 Steiner, R. 203 Steintorth, W. 151 Steinem, J. 192 Stephan, T. 77 Stephens, R. 28, 35, 142, 145, 166, 201 Stern, E. 222 Sternberg, L. 34, 117 Sterrett, R. 214 Stevens, Dr. 89 Stevens, R. 31 Stewart, B. 45, 168, 227 Stewart, D. 176 Stewart, J. 156, 173, 211 Stewart, J. 45 K. 218 Stewart, Stewart, M. 212 236, 239Stickler, L. 199 192 Stites, R. 45, 158, 209, 225 Stock, E. 250 Stockdale, M. L. 210 Stockmeyer, E. 213 Stokel, S. 63, 66 Stokes, L. 187, 191 Stolley, A. 189 Stone, N. 159 Storck, B. 192 Stork, F. 204 Story, J. 52 Straus, F. D. 93 Strebel, L. 77 Strietmann, Mr. 21 Stroebel, P. 151, 191 Strubbe, J. 28, 136, 145, 193 Strunk, B. 217 Stueber, M. 82, 86, 216 Stueve, S. 192 Stumpe, H. 77, 190 Stumpf, H. 77, 190 Stumpf, M. 103, 154 Sturm, J. 86 Sudbrack, E. 212 Sullivan, H. 63, 218 Sullivan, M. 187, 195 Surdo, M. 156 Sutherlin, Mai. 165 Swabb, L. 51 Swan, H. 93 Sweeney, J. 238, 239 Sweeney, J. 166, 201 Sweeney. M. J. 217 Swope, B. 111 T Taolauer, K. 241, 242 Takacs, O. 66 Talmage, J. 187, 201 Tannenbaum, E. 57, 187, 199 Tonner, B. 218 Tarkington, J. 93 Teetor, M. 191, 250 Tekamp, D. 60, 166, 190 Tennenbaum, H. 199 Teppig, E. 196 Terry, N. 31, 109, 158 Teutel, M. 29, 154, 157 Thorp, R. 190 Thiem, J. 203 Thomas, J. 187, 188, 213 Thomas, P. 255 Thomas, R. 121 149,Thomas, W. 191 Thompson, D. 45 Thompson, N. 93 Thompson, R. 62, 63, 66, 190 Thomsen, C. 57 Thorn, G. 55 Thornburgh, M. 156, 216 Thornton, M. 46 Threlkeld, K. 209, 117, 227 Tieman, L. 121 Tiernan, R. M. 86, 209, 220 Tighe, A. 30, 217 Timmerding, M. 45, 213 Timmers, J. 52 Tinsley, E. 50, 60 Tischbein, H. 188 Todd, H. 52, 191 Todd, M. 191 Toren, R. 202 Touff, M. A. 34, 116, 117 Tour, Prof. 51 Towers, L. 151, 173, 186, 205 Townsend, J. 239 Travis, R. 197 Trevis, W. 52 Tredwell, S. 211 Van Wye, J. 50, 59, 60, 204 Van Wye, N. 213 Vayhinger, H. 28, Vehslage, H. 229, Ventress, W. 191 Vigran, l. M. 93 Victor, W. 188 Vilkoski, J. 239 Vockell, Don 250 Von Behren, E. 152, 225 Voorheis, J. 117, 210 Von Schlicten, M. 215 Vordenberg, R. 45 Vorwerck, L. 28 Voss, A. 217 Voss, C. 82, 86, 213 Voss, L. 149, 157, 210 Vrhanac, J. 198 W Wadsworth, C. 93 Wadsworth, W. 67 Wager, J. 216 183 152 61, 165,Westermeyer, P. 121 Wetherell, R. 97 Wett, S. 65 Wetzel, S. J. Whaling, A. 142, Wheotly, W. 93 Wheeler, H. 190 White, B. 67 White, M. 40, 46, 152, 153 White, R. 203 Whitehead, P. 93 Whitesell, M. A. 101, 103 Whitney, C. 121 Whittington, M. 154, 176, 231 Wichman, J. 50, 57, 58 Wiedeman, J. 93 Wightman, M. 212 Wikel, L. 111, 210 Wildermuth, O. 93 Wilkens, J. 108, 111 Wilkerson, R. 46, 159, 214 Will, J. 193 Wille, T. 202 Williams, D. 188 Williams, R. 60, 201 Williams, V. 86 Willis, S. 77, 74 82, 140, 156 191, 249 Willits, R. 77, 196 Wilson, B. 40, 46 Wilson, S. 213 Wilson, W. 193 Wilson, Prof. 49 Wiltse, B. 190 Winans, C. 211, 231 Treinen, B. J. 153 Triplett, M. 59, 60, 61 Triplett, W. 60, 61 Troeger, M. 29, 214 Truman, C. 52, 55 Tucker, R. 109, 184 Tullis, R. 201 Tuxworth, E. J. 16 Tytell, Dr. 89 U Uihlein, P. 196 Ulasserman, A. 197 Ullom, V. 33, 144, 246 Ulmer, J. 188 ulfey, H. 52, 55 Underwood, W. 193 Unaard, W. 229 Uphaus, R. 60, 61, 151 Urdang, N. 222 Urmston, F. 213 Urmston, L. 213 Utrecht, A. 93 V Valentine, G. 152 Valentine, T. 190 145, 238, 239, Vance, E. 192 Vance, J. 52 Vanderman, J. 3, 66 Stapp, J.51, 52 Tovel, H. 199 Vandeqritt, P. 154 Starqel, W. 157, 238, 239, 247 Tavlor, G. 198 Van Hoef, R. 196 Stark, L. 239 Taylor, J. 175, 196 Van Hoy, R. 63 Starr, P. 57 Tovlor, L. 89, 86, 184, 218 Van Matre, J. 30, 45 Startzman, E. J. 103 Tavlor, M. 29. 82, 86, 216 Von Scum H. E. 63' 66' 165, 166 Staubach, E. 52 Tavlor, R. 57 V h Pr f 39 Steding, R. 226 Taylor, S. 210 aug n' 0' Steed, H. ae, 225 Taylor, z. 192 Voughnf B' 196 Steele, C. 45, 214 ' Teese, J. 177, 192 Vaughn, S, 213 "THE COLLEGE HIGH LIGHT" SANDWICHES DINNERS DRINKS at popular prices BUSY BEE TAVERN 316 Ludlow Avenue Wagner, A. 152, 216 Wagner, G. 192 Wagner, H. 250 Wagner, M. H. 93 Wagner, R. 204 Wagner, W. 212 Wahlers, J. 70, 71, 229 Wakelam, J. 196 Wald, C. 77 Wald, J. 77 Waldman, H. 221 Walker, A. 70, 71, 159 Walker, 8 J. 220 Walker, J. 211 Walker, R. 193 Walker, T. 188 Walker, W. 205 Wall, G. 217 Wallenhorst, M. R. 217 Walter, H. 202 Walters, 1. 45, 226 Walters, Pres. 20 Wambolt, C. 46 Wamsley, C. 193 Warner, E. 211 Warschouer, D. 197 Warschauer, S. 40, 46 Winston, Miss 39 Winston, R. 50, 52, 53, 55, 1 Woellner, D. 188 Woellner, P. 210 Wolf, A. 28, 93 Wolf, A. S. 86 Wolf, D. 193 Woltangel, R. 55 Wolfe, H. 46 Wolfe, R. 195 Wolfinger, F. 63, 66 Wolford, D. iii, 136, 199 Wollenhoupt, B. 63, 66 Wollenhaupt, J. 198, 247 worm., T. 27, 30, 40, 46, ue, 157,WoodJ 174, 177 Watson, D. 157 Weaver, G. 46 Webb, Dr. 89 Webber, M. 210, 255 Weber, F. 57 Weber, L. 29, 40, 46, 143, 158,Worel, 210 Weber, R. 29 Weber, R. 193 Weber, R. M. 46, 168 Weber, V. 226 Webster, D. 152, 153, 158, 253 Weckstein, N. 199 Weeks, R. 200 Weqner, H. 63, 66 Wehr, E. 198 Wehrman, K. 86. 253, 255 Weidmann, 8. 227 Weil, M. 86 Weiland, A. 228 Weiland, G. 109, 111 Weiland, J. 40, 46 Weiler, H. 68 Weinberg, H. 197 Weinstein, R. 86 Weisbacher, K. 57, 58 Weise, R. 60 Weise, W. 154 Weisshaar, C. 193 Weller, E. 60, 61 Welling, L. 227 Wellman, A. 52 Wells, D. 187, 193 Welsh, P. 216 Welty, R. 200 Wencka, S. 57, 58 Wernicke, C. 77 Wesley, J. 46, 218 West, E. 157 West, G. 201 Westerbeck, D. 93 Wood C. 57 C. D. 166 Wood, J. 63 Wood, R. 200 Wood, W. 66 Woodbridge, Prof. 96 Woodrum, R. 74, 77 Woodward, S. 154 R. 203 wright, A. 52 Wright, H. 70, 71 Wright, J. 52, 55 Wright, T. 198 Wuellner, F. 202 2I0,Wuerth, R. 141, 193 Wuest, E. 151, 192 Wuest, V. 111, 212 Wulfkoetter, L. 211 Wulfkotter, C. 153 Wurst, M. 213 Wurzelbacher, R. 188 151 Y 60, 61, 166, 229 Young, A. 86 Young, M. F. 82, Young, N. 121 Younker, Mr. 89 Yowell, E. 46, 86, 227 Yung, D. 62, 63, 66 Z Wyatt, J. Yingst, F. 210 Zachman, B. 193 Zartman, J. 60 Zenich, J. 159, 176 Ziglier, F. 40, 46 Zind, H. 212 Zink, F. 86, 225 Zink, M. 29, 216 Zimmerman, C. 193 Zoller, J. 52 Zuercher, E. 204 Zumbiel, M. 212 Zurenko, M. 213 Zurstadt, H. 63 Zwosta, V. L. 86 THOUGHTS OF SPRING BRING THOUGHTS OF ICE CREAM JADED Appetites . . . "Spring fever-ish palates . . . spring quickly back to energy when you serve Natures most delicious food-dessert. PURE FRUITS blended with rich milk and cream and tantalizing ingredients produce the dish which appeals instantly to young and old. NO DESSERT can take the place of Ice Cream at meals, 'tween meals or after meals. To get the greatest enjoyment out of Ice Cream, use FRECHTLING'S SEALTEST Ice Cream-made in a model plant. and every ingredient thoroughly controlled by constant laboratory protection. FR CHTLI TGUS SEALTEST ICE CREAM Compliments of Harry J. Berning Swenson Furniture Co. Makers of Unusual Upholstered Furniture 1015-1017 Broadway Cincinnati, Ohio Telephone CHerry 6880 THE KEILSON CIGAR CO. Distributors Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco Products Smoker's Sundries Fountain Supplies 321 East 7th Street Cincinnati, Ohio Compliments of H. Douglas Buekman Compliments ot the GOODALL COMPANY "PaIm Beach Suits" for Original, Distinctive Emblem Designs Phone us: PArkway 1290 Since 1900 we have been serving campus organization in the design and manufacture of- KEYS - RINGS - PINS GORDON B. MILLER Cr CO. 809 Walnut Street Cincinnati Uxforcl friniing Company frintera and fubfislzem Oxford, Ofzfo Member - National Scholastic Press Association A' "ff, I u . 1 I, 3 w -- 4 if? H' I, 54 ,. 'A 1. '.., WJ ,Jw -1-.9-Q, 1 Nw, , . - ss, 1 lx lx. . . .--Q 1-- A' ,rm , , ,L . .1- .4 wk , ,. ' n x 3 1 '-1' ,, ." '-,., LJ- 7' VA I ,,. ,, 'x 1 ,. ' 4 L .X 1- , n , 1X4':- w..,N,j v 1 . 4 f I M,-s,,. , ' 1 r . , mc' . , .,- .,, ,. v -5 fr' 1 l wr Q. ..,1, ,. -- Q 1 ,,,j,t. ull. :I fx I , lr .' Q -T. , Q ,. l. .' i' - , if V 1 .9 -1 4- ,. fl ,V 4: 1 r :v. s 4 L, .QL J", if xx,' .1 ..n. .Lg , ' m , A ,L VN? ,QA 1 ry . .1 ,", 0 ' l ,ff .M 1.. , Mr, . if' 13 4-". 'v f n ' 'Q 1 m 1 v f f 1 4 I 1 4 1" ' w " " . u .4- .x an I X V 0? :QA x 4. .,, ,.1. jj ,fl , 143, LX: ii W fi L! Ps 4 A ,ni ,. 'Q . x . , N ' .in X1 9 ,.?' ' 4 ' 5 H , 'Zifzn .S ,WI 'HW' +V LKWL , 1,1 a-.fw.LL,cw X m 1 1r:nunr:nur!rvf-1-lvnnnnnxnnunnnnnauuz4'--1rv-u-vu-unnnumunun.a...a:a:::''svn-svsv-nnnnnnnnnnnu.nnuzcunrluunnrr'nnnauunu.ulnnunn:uurnnunuuurlnuunnnluuuuulnnsln uuuzmamznlwunuzum aim: -J-' ' 4 Y- :Tim ' Q- , v -' " - ' , . 'flux W Wav-N iv 'f'??'fe , - ,F Q? , .. 'E 15 LE lf , K, R V l , 1 , V 1' t- V Y N V V M' -.,..wQes.M,,.',.1r,,a..z.-n',.m.-a1'f --115,511 ,...,g,g.s - A wzgz.x,:....,,. 'A ' Y ...J f ff? If wif' fy! ff l V,Vl ff! E' f fVa"1'? 1 , ' X 1 , ff N' ,ffixi ,770 57 L! f J ff 5 A X 5- L,-Z -- ff Jw I , l' I .. 'E hi Mx., fu -r- WHA.. . Tv. 41. ,Y C ,1- . I X 1 .VA 1 fs 1, . r. .1-1 . L - s. 1' is QBGE STUDENT ADMINISTRATION llll 'l'I'l'lI'l'llIlII I NAME The student governing body of the University of Cincinnati shall be known as the Student Council. II PURPOSE its purpose shall be to enact and enforce legislation that will bring about harmonious coordination of the various colleges and promote the general wel- fare of the student body. Those powers not exercised by the Council shall be reserved to the College Tribunals whose constitutions must be approved by the Council. ' 1 '. fbi' Q ,. , ' I" X M 'nfs' --:Y 5 gives? fs Q, 5 F, i if 19 5 .s rf ., ,f 3. 5 a J 4, 5 . gs, i 3 , is ics ,,,, 5 it sq ? lil PRESIDENT HOYT GRAHAM .wer X c . sow, 'sb' 27' fit' J 'LV I-4 'il' ,A ,ti k 1.23 X, My 1.0 ' 'T' Tr , ii E "That money problem again," complains a tired member ot Student Council trying vain- ly to concentrate in spite ot the smoke from I-loyt Graham's stogie and the noise ot reports frantically shuttled by the tinancial commit- tee with its pseudo-businesslike atmosphere. lntorrnality is prevalent, but inetticiency is practically nil. The problems ot student ac- tivity tunds, valiant attempts to install the honor system, the question ot sustaining ac- tivities during a war period, heated argu- ments and the inevitable workable compro- mises are all elements ot the Council's activi- ties. Concrete results are evident in plans for the University Directory and activity budgets. PAGE 27 4 STUDENT ADMINISTRATION Illlllii se MEMBERS Henrietta Rasmus Lewis Harrison Janet Lillard Shirley Rindsberg Ruth Nickum Tom Wartik Jackson Cromer Hoyt Graham William Herbes Richard Humphreys Douglas Hoge Richard Daubenspeclc LeGrand Terry Allan Holmes William Marten Alberta Smith Joe Morris LEFT TO RIGHT: Morten, W., Postle. Morris, Nursing and Health Teacher's College Home Economics Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Law Applied Arts Women's Senate Men's Senate J., Rindsberg, S., Rasmus, H., Herbes, NN., Graham, H., Harrison, L., Smith, A., Nickum, R,, Wartik, T., Dean PAGE STUDENT ADMINISTRATION "Yes sir, we sure make 'em tough!" No, it's not the Allied Strategy Board talking about Commandos, tanks, or planes, it's Men's Senate talking rather remorsefully about the people they trained to handle the problem of gas rationing. The major part of the Senate's activities this year was confined to War Service Programs. Dis- carding the traditional toga for khaki, the Senators aided in conserving tires and gas- oline by organizing a car pool and through a University drive, deposited innumerable pints of blood in America's Blood Bank. Officers for the year are President, Joe Morris, Jr., Vice-President, l-larold Voy- hinger, Secretary-Treasurer, Linton Vor- vverck. Il ' S il I' E co Tmitliiii I PURPOSE To form and coordinate all policies pertaining to men's student af- fairs which are not directly under control of the faculty or Student Council. Also, to further the cooperation and friendly relations among the men of the University of Cincinnati. ii E MEMBERSHIP f I One Senator shall be elected from the following: "C" Club, Dormi- l J tory Council, Fraternity Presidents' Council, Omicron Delta Kappa, . Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Ulex, Sophos, Student Director of Intramurals, Young Men's Christian Association, Sigma Sigma, .- Men's Glee Club, Rifle Team, University Band, and Co-op Club. X """" LEFT TO RIGHT: Meyers, C., Stephens, R., Vorwerck, L., Alexander, B., Fuller, J., Morris, J., Vayhinger, H., Bruestle, G., Strubbe, J., Schroeter, D., Hoffman, R. WIIIIII 'S Sll AT CII STITUTIO I PURPOSE To regulate all matters pertaining to the student life at its members which do not fall under the iurisdiction of the faculty or Student Council and to further in every way the spirit of Unity among the women ot the University, to increase their sense of responsibility towards each other, and ta be a medium by which high social standards may be maintained. fwfr MEMBERSHIP . All undergraduate, regular women of the University shall be ipso facto members of the association. The executive board and the presidents ot the following organizations shall compose the Coun- cil. Women's Pan-Hellenic, Women's Glee Club, Young Women's g Christian Association, Mortar Board, Junior League of Women I Voters, Coeep Club, Women's Dormitory, Women's Athletic Asso- ciation, Chi Delta Phi, Wig Wag, Alpha Lambda Delta, Paint System, and the Book Store. 5 I I I ' C . . A .... I - ROW I: Troeger, M., Teutel, M., Del-tart, J., Goldman, M., Erpenbeck, M., Berman, M., Flessa, E., Erhardt, V., Weber, L., Smith, A., Kuhn, D., Ahler- ing, M., Lueders, E., Ludwig, H., Zinl-c, M., Daugherty, M., Nenninger, M., LeMor1elc, S, ROW II: Ginn, C., Maish, P., Weber, R., Hetterich, M., Luning, V., Sawyer, V., Taylor, M., Pierle, R., Manague, J., Obermeyer, R., Schroeder, L., Spurlock, M. PAGE 6 STUDENT ADMINISTRATION Haytoot! Strawtoot! Eyes ahead! and the University of Cincinnati's co-eds march down the wind-swept tield in perfect order. Women's Senate newest war activity, the Women's Cadet Corps, has become a regu- lar part ot the University lite. The hands you love to touch explore the mechanisms ot 75's and dettly bandage broken arms and legs. In keeping up the civilian morale the Senate is continuing with its traditional rite ot eating large red strawberries on a warm May morning with the Seniors. Otti- cers tor the year are President, Alberta Smith, Vice-President, Lita Weber, Corres- ponding Secretary, Eleanor Flessa, Treas- urer, Virginia Erhardt. PAGE STUDENT ADMINISTRATION LIBERAL AIIT 'llllllill AL 3 l 51 ,.n - Sivx '-2,42 PRESIDENT-Tom Kreider VICE-PRESIDENT-Elsa Heisel SECRETARY-Ma ry Ball TREASURER-Jackson Cromer One-hundred and TwenTy ink smudged Tingers reach Tor a coke, lighT a cigareTTe, or drop lisTlessly To The Table as The Twelve members of The Liberal ArTs Tribunal pause in The Tiring, painsTaking work of preparing Their College's secTion of The All-Universiry Direcfory. NOT all is drudgery in This governmenTal sTudenT body, however, as Those same fingers apply Them- selves To decoraTing The GreaT Hall in The yule- Tide spiriT Tor The Annual College Dance. Falling back on Their menTal powers, The Tribunal per- lorms an excellenT iob, noT only in The Sub- Ereshman and OrienTaTion Day programs, buT aJso in TurTher aiding The Freshman To adapT himsell To college life Through The use of Junior Advisors. LEFT TO RIGHT: Tighe, A., Dean Barbour, Kreider, T., Cromer, J., Kaplan, J., I-leisel, E., VanMaTre, J., Colcely, J., Warrik, T., Block, S., Daugh- eriy, M. Iii STUDENT ADMINISTRATION APPLIED iIII'I'i 'lllllllll AL "lt l could only get a 3,5 in Freehand . . . or a 4.5 in Ceramics . . . might manage tour checks on my Architectural plate . . . " Stop worrying, student, haven't you heard ot the Student- Faculty luncheons your Applied Arts Tribunal sponsors? Ot course, vve don't guarantee you a 5.5 average or immediate membership into Delta Phi Delta, but reaching a level ot personal understanding with your professors is halt ot the battle. In addition to ruling vvith a strong but artistic hand over the various activities ot the College, the tribunal tinds time to take an active part in presenting events like the Annual Water Color Dance and Freshman Mixer that strengthen the friendly feeling prevailing be- tween the students. , ti in ' A I PRESIDENT-Peg Lavell VICE-PRESIDENT-Bill Marten SECRETARY-Nancy Terry TREASURER-Jim Alexander ROW I: Roush, R., Rudolph, H., Marten, VV., Stevens, R., Pope, V., Gillesp.e, D. ROW II: Burr, D., Terry, N., Alexander, J., Clark, D. PAGE STUDENT ADMINISTRATION IIIII EIIIIIII TIIIIIIJ AL LEFT TO RIGHT: Sheridan, C. J., Barger, C. L., Reiman, R., Graham, H., Eaton, S. L,, Doggy, J. R,, Frederick, R. W., Manogue, J. Gi FIX vi viii- fEEw"'ir'will'T .IVKIIL-lim ,, We 'Eli A A Cr' if fm? il I 217 Xl. 'Nl ' IW :ff f .GMI iff ,gf ,fQfi ' fJgl,iQ?j7 A2 UL .. 1 . A I l 5:2 , C' 52K .imw-QR Q PRESIDENT-Charles Sheridan VICE-PRESIDENT-James Wilson SECRETARY-James Manogue TREASURER-Ray Frederick "How does Thar hunk of machinery work?" . . . "Where is The Grill?' '...' 'Why only Three sides To The Quadrangle? '...' 'When do we eaT'?" . . . asks The Typical high school sTudenT on Co-op Day. Engineering Tribunal members spend Teyerish hours planning Tor ThaT day, placing people To explain "ThaT hunk of ma- chinery" To The sub-freshman, answering all his auesfions, as well as arranging his luncheon. The Tribunal is besT known Tor iTs sponsorship of Co-op Day and The Engineers' Ball. AT This year's dance Kappa Kappa Gamma's Jane SchweikerT reigned as Queen, and Jimmie James' band gave TorTh. The Tribunal members also help wiTh The OrienTaTion Program, handle sTudenT-TaculTy luncheons, and wresTle wiTh The problems of The Engineering College. PAGE STUDENT ADMINISTRATION 'l'IliIUIIIlIi iiilLLlliiIl Tlllllliiliilli ROW I: Cheeseman, R., Scheve, B., Finkelmeier, M., Baker, M., Harrison, L. ROW II: Goosman, F., Radcliffe, J., Ryan, V., Ullom, V., Cuni, G. T. C.'s Tribunal successfully sponsors everything from candy stands to convocations. The Tangible proceeds from the former go to the Dean's Discretionary Fund, the intangible proceeds from the latter add interest to student life. A Christmas project to benefit poor families vvas sponsored by Tribunal this year, as are the college's spring and fall picnics every year. Other colleges may vvell envy the cheerful atmosphere around T. C. during Easter and Christmas times, for then open house is held in Annie Laws Drawing Room by members of this group who have appropriately and artistically decorated the room. Both the College of Music and the Conservatory send representatives to the Teacher's College Tribunal meetings. PRESIDENT-Lou Harrison VICE-PRESIDENT-Bob Cheesemcin SECRETARY-Muriel Baker TREASURER-Jack Radcliffe PAGE 3l STUDENT ADMINISTRATION IIIIMII IICII 0l'IIC 'IITIIIIIAIT T v E QW , fix ? if -,"': .347I1"- A . I l l I 1 -515315 A,,. f".:"' ., .ir 1' f' V' 'Ta' . -'f .. , Tig i H D ffeafy-f1i.f-f 'ff vi .1.. ,i if 'f if ,Z ,gg gi.. ' r ' ' ff , ' 'iff-'sf-s:i14E PRESIDENT-Lorraine STerneberg VICE-PRESIDENT-Marion Knagge SECRETARY-Nancy Galvin TREASURER-Mary Ann Touff 312, Home Ec. has The only compIeTely "Co-ed" Tribunal on campus, a male vievvpoinT would be enTirely ir- relevanT in The problems of This college. This demo- craTic governing group inviTes all sTudenTs To offer suggesTions and assisTance in iTs Work. The mosT in- TeresTing proiecT Tor The year was The assumpTion of responsibiliTy Tor baking Thousands oT cookies each week Tor men in service. The U.S.O. and The Tribunal were boTh graTiTied aT The response from sTudenTs who gave Time To The proieci' aTTer school hours. Home Ec. Club, sororiTies, and TraTerniTies conTribuTed Tinancially Tor supplies. Tribunal planned a spring picnic Tor sTudenTs in The college as well as a Tall one To welcome Trosh girls. In Home Economics This group also handled The orienTaTion program. ROW I: Sterneberg, L., Schmiclc, M., KauTz, J., Knagge, M. ROW II: Crosley, E,, Touff, lvl., Armzindroff, L., Lillard, J., Morres, B., Galvin, N. ff Jw I , l' I .. 'E hi Mx., fu -r- WHA.. . Tv. 41. ,Y C ,1- . I X 1 .VA 1 fs 1, . r. .1-1 . L - s. 1' is PG . N . 'I -I J W F' in V ' ff' s , , I 1 "X,q ' ' u W Zu? 1 -'fix' TN 1. 7 A . - VI :gig . J , M AL A l L N: W M 1 'I' .J ,LL A fi 2 gkf n,W -2: 2-tsf Ze af0ZffS MGMICKEN,1A1'm51. -- . , LEGE 0FfLIl3ERALA PAGE '? Qyli ,Q LIBERAL ARTS llez1n's Message: Fifty yeors mokes quite o difference. When Old Mclvlicken first opened iTs doors, The fooT- bcill Teom wos cciptoined by Vice-Presidenf Lowrence ond monoged by Judge Nipperf, co-eds were d new invenfion, ond reolly nice young lcidies did noT smoke. Home Economics had nof been discovered, Psychology, Sociol- ogy, ond Geogrciphy were noT yeT Thoughf worfhy of oTTenTion, Tri-DeIT wos The only no- Tionol sororify on compus. Teochers College was o fufure dreom, condidofes for odmission To U. C. hod To poss on exomincifion which in- cluded "The correcfing of specimens cf bod English" before sfudying for ci degree in ArTs, in LeTTers, or in Science lincluding engineer- ingi. The firsT ediTion of The Cincinnofion wos dedi- coTed To Chorles lvlclvlicken. lTs edifors, Fronk Sonford Brown ond Alfred K. NipperT, plcxced in The forefronf The sfory of The founder's pur- pose in seTTing up on insTiTuTion which would give "ci sound, Thorough ond procTicol English educciTion, ond such os mighT fiT Them for The ocfive dufies of life, os well ds insTrucTion in dll The higher bronches of knowledge." Judg- ing by The record in public life mode by The groduoTes of Those doys, The Twelve professors, Two insTrucTors, ond Two ossisTonTs did ci good job. If Chcirles lvlclvliclcen could enfer The Holl which beors his nome he mighf geT some suprises, buf he would see The reolizofion of his purpose. Hoving ridden from Pennsylvcinio To CincinnoTi of TwenTy-one wifh no possessions buf his horse ond soddle, he would osk for some explono- Tion of The ROTC, "CoedeTs," ond Army Air Corps preflighT uniTs. BUT he would find ThciT his purpose is sTill being corried ouT, in wor os in peoce, ond he would wish To ioin in The soIuTe given To groducfes of T943-presenf or in obsentio-by The members of The lvlclvlicken College of Liberol ArTs. George B. Barbour TOP TO BOTTOM: Before closs, Affer clciss, During closs, "Now Einsfein mciinfciins-" PAGE 4311 71' 4 i. LIBERAL ARTS r -ggfigy :A Kas, fx I 39 wqvwsfv, , W4 ' N4 av, 51:4 msg ,Q vii, was -My y U1 Ww,i,fi-i 9 f ' wma M1:m,i114:5fk WAZVX f X i - LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Wins- ton, Professor Quinn, Profes- sor Cciseg Professor Voughn. ,gdhiigiwgg-'17 : 5 . -LICCUI. CQBEOVQE 'JQECIIAZYUIII' Keen ond populor friend of oll Liberol Arts sfudenis-Their deon since 1938. Y, M. PAGE E LIBERAL Ants P ii 1 T il s iv P ii Phi Beta Kappa symbolizes outstanding intellectual achievement in the field of liberal arts education. This honorary fraternity was founded December 6, T776 at the college of William and Mary at Williamsburg, Virginia. This was the first Greek letter society to be establish- ed. Originally it was founded as a social fraternity, but it became an honorary intellectual society in l825. The officers are: President, Professor S. J. M. Allen, First Vice-President, Pro- fessor Gus Carlson, Second Vice-President, Louis Johnens, Third Vice-President, Nellie Rechen- back, Secretary, Mrs. Grace Little, Treasurer, Dr. John Downer. MEMBERS IN FACU LTY Julia K. Alexandrov Ada Arlitt S. J. M. Allen George B. Barbour Issac A. Barnett Daniel R. Bergsmark Marion A. Blankenhorn Beverley W. Bond, Jr. William C. Boyce E. Lucy Braun Richard D. Bryant Frank Rawley Byers Gustav Carlson Burr Noland Carter John L. Caskey Frank W. Chandler William Smith Clark Hubertis M. Cummings Ralph W. Eddy Nevin M. Fenneman Eugene H. Ferris Clarence O. Gardner Robert Clyde Gowdy Roy Kenneth Hack Paul Herget Frederick C. Hicks J. Hobart Hoskins Merton J. Hubert Estelle Hunt Chesley M. Hutchings Lloyd B. Johnston John Louis Kohl Paul V. Kreider Grace M. Little Sheldon Gale Lawrie Louis A. Lurie Reginald C. McGrane Edward F. Malone Archimede Marni Gaylord M. Merriman William M. Miller Louis T. More Alfred Morrison Harry M. Muegel Mariorie S. Palmer C. W. Park George Renner, Jr. Horace Reid Howard D. Roelofs Rodney P. Robinson Meyer Salkover Otto C. Von Schlicten Theodore K. Selkirk William T. Semple Robert Shafer John Skavlem Elliot Smith Helen Stanley Shiro Toshiro Miriam Urban William S. Wabnitz Raymond Walters C. H. Weichert Heiskell B. Whaling Harry L. Weiman Jean Winston Edwin Zeydel Max Zinninger MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1943 Harry Bredemeier Helen Cooper Albert Frye Elsa Heisel Tom Kreider Margaret Meuttman Maxine Morrison Ruth Roth M. Lavern Scheumann Matille Singerman Jim Van Matre Sherrna Warschauer Tom Wartik Lita Weber Janet Wetland Melvin White Barron Wilson Frances Ziglier COOK, WALLACE-B.S. PAGE MCMICKEN COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS 'vs ANDERSON, DEA M. A.B. Chi Omega, Varsity Vanities, Sociology Club. ANDERSON, R. E. A.B. Sigma Sigma, Track. BALL, MARY A.B. Delta Delta Delta, Liberal Arts Tribunal, Alpha Lambda Delta, Junior Advisors, Vigi- lance, Wig Wag. ABRAHAMSON, M. B.S. Vigilance, Wig Wag. ALEXANDER, B. H. B.S. Alpha Phi Alpha, Men's Senate, Track, Quadres. AMMANN, HELEN A.B. Greek Games, Cadet Corps, Wig Wag, Spanish Club, What will you remember when you leave this hall ot learning? Will you remember that Aristotle did not agree with Plato, or will you recall that tirst registration clay when the advisors were so kind in saying, "No, you can't take that, but we have a course in Elementary Elementries that you will enioy"? 1 1s:,,:3,,V ,. E . v ,, BECKERMAN, STANLEY-A.B. BERNSTEIN, BENJAMIN-A.B. Sigma Alpha Mu. BLASE, RUTH L.-A.B. Kappa Delta, Profile. BLIZZARD, RICHARD R.-A.B. Student Directory. BRODMAN, HAROLD R.-B.S. BROWN, JOHN R.-B.S. Phi Chi. CAPITMAN, WILLIAM-A.B. Mummers Guild. CLOSE, FRANKLIN S.-A.B. Entered from Washington and Lee Uni- versity, 1942, Phi Gamma Delta. COLEGROVE, RALPH-A.B. Sigma Chi, Ulex, Baseball. Beta Theta Pi, Junior Advisors. COOPER, HELEN J.-A.B. Phi Mu, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.C.A., Junior Advisors, Greek Games, Wig Wag, Classics Club. CORBIN, CLEOTHA M.-A.B. Pi Lambda Sigma, Glee Club, Oratorio, . Newman Club. DHONAU, ROBERT H.-A.B. Glee Club, Oratorio. EASTON, PATRICIA JANE-A.B. Alpha Chi Omega, Mummers Guild, Var- sity Vanities, Cheerleader. ERPEN BECK, MARJORIE A.-A.B. -,.U- , .L... -T-1, -.. ,Clif ,2'ZE, JS- I7 -ll-3, , P sul - ---- --:- 1 N:--' e De :z Phi Alphc, ,Ai I. , if A Q . mas, csoaes-A.B. - "-" ' .1-mf ':--..., ...I f.-V- f--.f- , fn--- "':'Q :.- :::.,.- LJ.-- FETLER, LYDIA-A.B. -.-- :-' 4-M :L--M fi ERT EDMAN, JUSTI N-A.B. '..---- ':-- f.::::- ret 'S 21 4 FRYE, ALFRED H .--A.B. G,-.LPii-4, ,-Annum-.-A.B. GOLDER, SYLVAN-5.5, GRONBACH, HEDNIG E.-B5 ,- I ' .,-1,, Muff L- -, .- :, I ,.- 'I L 5 'Z-.....: Je-: H,-LLL, MARGARET-A.B. V ---:.-:- -0- .Z5l2' -5 229- - , - -Ar- HASKELL, MARI LYN-A.B. HATFIELD, PAUL! NE-A.B. rlA'flKi NS, TH EODORE-A.B. f:::: -- - . ...-- ,.. HAYHOVV, TRU DY--A.B. '.E'eef G:"e:. HEISEL, ELSA-A.B. .?l1. wif ,NM .,,, -Q., ..,,.-. :Mm -A-5.4 ..- ,-,',-.,-- 'f--'-A-.. f"'J. f"- Q 2 L f - gf-+5-5, I PAGE 12 MCMICKEN COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS ' 1 viz' .-T , L,-as --za - 'Q .vt-. ' L .-5' w ., .5-L 55 .A -T gvfiek-2,1 . , ff- gyg-fu: Q 5 Z pda?" G xX 'iii - u X 6' 325- ln loTer liTe will you sTill reciTe The poems of Wordsworrh ThoT you memorized, or will you re- coll how The proTessor's words ' ,-.' ere drowned ouT by The wind sholcing The windows? Will you remember The woy you were forced To sTond in line Tor some Four hours iusT To poy ocross The line,-ond Those SoTurdoy closs- es? Vfe will remember, will you? HERWEH, EILEEN HUGE, AL H., Jr. JACOMINI, MARY L. A,B. A.B. B.S. Celia Deira Delta Zcrce Club. ... ...,.....:, Re. :us 5 JENINGS, BYRON T. JENKINS, RALPH KATZ. HOWARD A.B. A.B. B.A. Tennis, Vzfsiry Vcmi. Guacires. Pi Lambda P hi, flee, Speakers Bureau. KING, JAMES E. A.B. KINNEY, A. M., Jr. KIRSNER, ROBERT A.B. A.B. Entered from Denison Spanish Club, Pres. University e I 9 4 l, Kappa Sigma, Ten- nis Team. KLAHM, WILLIAM A.B. Acacia, Pres., Inter- traternity Council Omicron Delta Ka p- pa, Tau Kappa Al pha, Debate Council Pres. 1 - 6 J .4 ., ,., A sk by xx- I KNIGHT, BARBARA A.B. A.B. Trianon, Arts Board, Wig Wag, Cadet KNODEL, VIRGINIA Alpha Chi Omega, News Record, Junior Advisors, Mummers Corps. Guild, Wig Wag. Maybe you'll remember how a geological formation appears, but There's a better chance you'll recall how The music was at the L. A. Tribunal Dance and The party at Ed's every section change. You may not be able To recognize your freshman Eng- lish Teacher, but you'd know Basement Joe anywherei 1:s4i.:.h,gz. V D W 'F'-.:,'5i,: - T r i, if Qi'-21 - . 31: ' Q. v.""' t 5" . T t2ta'9tsi1" 1. . L' WN" I.. ,Q ui T We ie. fe ss F' . J an-4 Q.. 1,3-,I rw- C z"f ff... . ., .. . ' .ig s X ,A Ei , A R 4' 'N t 5 s I . lx .r Ckvrv , W' ' 4 ' I ., I I ,l QS : rf Jr- 2- I . ILA ' 1 , 1 -,-, I PAGE 3 MCMICKEN COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS KRIEGSMAN, LOIS-A.B. FRIETE, HARRIET ANN-A.B. Chi Delta Phi. KRONE, ROBERT-B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu. KYRLACH, ROBERT E.-A.B. Lambda Chi Alpha, Arts Board, Glee Club. IAVELL, BETTY-A.B. Kappa Delta, Student Council, Senior Class Vice-Pres., News Record: Junior Ad- visors, Wig Wag, Newman Club, LEVIN, SAUL G.-A.B. Sigma Alpha Mu, Sophos, Mummers Guild, Arts Board, Freshman Basketball. LIEBERMAN, HAROLD-A.B. MAESCHER, BETTY-A.B. Delta Delta Delta, Pres. MAPLE, EDITH-A.B. Sigma Epsilon Tau, Classics Club. MARRIOTT, GEORGIA A.-A.B. Alpha Chi Omega, Junior Advisors, Vigi- lance, MARTIN, RUTH-B.S. Entered from Nursing and Health Col- lege-l942. MEIER, WILLIAM H.-A.B. Pi Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade. MEITUS, MARVIN L.-B.S. Pi Lambda Phi. MILLER, EDITH JANE-A.B. Alpha Omicron Pi. MILLER, JOSEPH J.-B.S. MORRIS, JOSEPH G., Jr.-A.B. Sigma Chi, Sigma Sigma, Ulex, Student Council, Men's Senate, Pres., Cincinnatian, Swimming. MORRISON, MAXINE-A.B. Alpha Lambda Delta. MUNZ, CHARLES H.-A.B. Beta Theta Pi, Ulex, Cincinnatian, Uni- versity of Cincinnati Handbook, Swimming. NANTZ, ALICE-A.B. New Record. NEUERMAN, MELVIN-A.B. Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres., lnterlraternity Council, Liberal Arts Tribunal, Junior Adk visors, Varsity Vanities. NIEMEYER, DOROTHY-A.B. Chi Omega, Wig Wag. NOE, NELLIE R.-A.B. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Da Wag. PARKER, CARRIE -A.B. Quadres. nce Club, Wig Yi. Yi i i I ROBERTS, JEANNE One year from today will you still speak with some intelligence on Modern European Drama, or will you remember more vividly Dr. Chandler's friendly and knowing smile and your own in- tuitive knowledge lthe first time you met himj that you were in the presence of a true scholar? We know you won't forget in- formal talks with Deans Barbour and Holliday. A.B. A.B. ROST, CLAUDE ROTH, RUTH PFISTER LORAINE-A.B. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Wig Wag. Chi Omega, Cincin- natian, News Record, Profile, Wig Wag. Cincinnatian, News Phi Sigma Sigma, Record, Profile, Mum- Iota Sigma Pi. mers Guild, Varsity Vanities. PRESS, CARL-A.B. Phi Delta Theta, Profile, Varsity Vanities. RENSHAW, MARVIN-A.B. Band, Varsity Vanities. RIECKHOFF, ROBERT-A.B. RINGENBACH, FRANK P., Jr.-A.B. Pershing Rifles. pg! ZIFISE MCMICKEN COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS SCHNEIDER, LOUIS Beta Theta Pi, Y. M SCHEUMANN, L. SCHNEIDER, ALMA A.B. A.B. A.B. Omicron Delta Kap- Delta Zeta, Chi Del- pa, Phi Eta Sigma, ta Phi. Theta Alpha Phi, News ' Record, Mum- mers Guild, Phi Lambda Upsilon. C. A., Glee Club, Oratorio. SCHOETTMER, H. C. A.B. Ulex, Baseball, "C" Club, Cincinnatian, Spanish Club. SCHROETER, DON SCOTT, RALPH PAGE A.B. a.s. Ch Phi Delta Theta, A. I. S., Phi '. Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Sophos, Ulex, Junior Class Pres., Y. M. C. A., Social Board, Chm. MCMICKEN COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS SINGERMAN, MATILLE-A.B. Speakers Bureau, Sociology Club. SMITH, MARJORIE-A.B. Entered from Centre College-l942, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club. Oratorio. SOLOMON, EARL-B.S. 1 X STEELE, CAROLYN-A.B. Entered from DePauw University-l 94l, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sociology Club. SHARON, EDNA A.B. SHEAR, ROBERTA SILVER, MARY LOU A.B. A.B. Alpha Delta Pi, Ora- Delta Delta Delta, torio, Sociology Club. W. A. A., Sociology Club. You may put away in some cor- ner of your memory the thrill that you got when you sang the Alma Mater at the first Varsity game and the lump in your throat when Miami closed the season and the Victory Bell was still ours: but will you still know that "Euclid alone looked on beauty bare"? We know that we will remember, will you? -.-.. F123 STEINAU, MARY JANE R.-A.B. STEWART, BETTY-A.B. Alpha Delta Pi, Pan-Hellenic Council, Guid- on, Cincinnatian, Wig Wag. STEWART, JOHN-B.S. A. l. S., Phi Chi. STITES, RUTH-A.B. Phi Mu, Pres., Pan-Hellenic Council, Chi Delta Phi, SULLIVAN, JOHN .l.-A.B. Phi Kappa, Arts Board, Orientation Board, Economics Club, German Club, Newman Club. THOMPSON, DANIEL J., Jr.-A.B. Alpha Phi Alpha, Quadres, Pres. TIMMERDING, MARGARET-A.B. Chi Omega. VAN MATRE, JAMES-A.B. Liberal Arts Tribunal, Junior Advisors Philosophy Club. VORDENBERG, ROSEMARY-A.B. WALTERS, IRENE-A.B. Oratorio, Newman Club. Pi Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 1888, Otto Juettner wrote "Vorsity, Oh i Vorsity" which become our Almo Moter. A Long o symbol of CI proud, progressive University, todoy it is cu fighting song, o song with o different meoning. New strength hos been embodied in the originol threods of trodition, moking it o fit- ting bockdrop for this, The Fiftieth Cincinnotion. .i' 8 ,, Yflfffyf x 1 L . -- o 0 ,4 -' - , 5. Q f 1 5tEUi11tE1 J W r lilitnii 1 .r.. - V , e g i , wqgfad I fag by in 5 , ,K 8 1Pit " i , , I , , .4 g -ff if 1' S fd' , E . ' K F I F 5... . I I bi' ' sm . ' , . , ,NJA "' Q sg " f 8 8 W km Y X J if X .1 X E - f 1, i k.. 1, Y -'4 ' , 1 i it s li' N sa i t f' is h Ll Q - V a A fl 5' ' f if 5 , ' K 5" X 5 1 f X , X , XX " . ' XX yi X if ggmn' --AN-,Wk -:mate-mmqsygerff-:ff-1 Mmffm-ffsxxizh --,- ,W-4ymwff-QW:--vymwsvkfggpymxmw -is ---- Q 'i"'f:' ...qw ??YW ??7i"h12..,'F?V,lT"f:"" P ..,,, - f. -W: :H-:it"sFfHKs1ff 12 m ""'Fi? vfffRl1? 3 .AQ sw-wQ,i:.,' ,iifff WAMBOLT, CONSTANCE-A.B. Kappa Delta. WARSCHAUER, SHERMA A.--A.B. Alpha Lambda Delta, Debate Club, W. A. A., Sociology Club. WARTIK, TOM-A.B. Sigma Alpha Mu, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres., Sophos, Student Council, Phi Eta Sigma, New Record, Editor, Junior Ad- visors, Varsity Vanities, Union Board, Phi Lambda Upsilon. WEAVER, GLENN M.-B.S. Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Kappa. WEBER, LITA-A.B. Delta Delta Delta, Mortar Board, Women's Senate, Liberal Arts Tribunal, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Delta Phi, Junior Ad- visors, Chm., Mummers Guild, Y. W. C. A., Cadet Corps, Lit Society, Pres. WEBER, RUTH MAE-A.B. Women's Senate, Guidon, Captain, Vigi- lance, Newman Club. WEILAND, JANET-A.B. WESLEY, JUNE-A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Junior Advisors, Wig Wag, French Club. PAGE 6 MCMICKEN COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS WEVER, RICHARD WILKERSON, RUTH WILSON, BARRON A.B. A.B. Kappa Kappa Gam- Classics Club, Span ma, News Record, ish Club. Mummers Guild, De- bate Club, Speakers Bureau, Varsity Van- ities. 5- WISE, KATHRYN L. WOLFE, HELEN L. YOWELL, ELIZABETH A.B. A.B. A.B. A A. I. S., News Record, Glee Club, Sociology Alpha Delta Pi, Y. W. Wig Wag. Club. C. A., Glee Club, Oratario, Sociology Club, Pres. SENIORS WITHOUT PORTRAITS Robert L. Bentley, Daniel A. Blackwelder, Harry Bredemeier, James E. Brock, Joseph Campbell, Bernard M. Curtis, Edward N. Dunsker, Senta Feibelman, Payton H. Goodwin, Elizabeth Z. Hailey, Emil Halevi, Stanley E. Harper, James R. Jenkins, Elmer Katz, Robert H. Martyne, Margaret Meuttman, Patricia Montgomery, Janette Morris, Marta Perdomo, Irvin E. Rosen, George H. Schutte, Richard T. Shibiya, Martha M. Smith, Mar- iorie Thornton, Melvin I. White, Frances Ziglier. 0 I 911166111119 EIILLEGE 0E ENGINEERING ANII UIININIEREE PAG PAGE ENGINEERING llean's Message: ln The firsT issue of The CincinnaTian, fifty years ago, There was noT a secTion devoted To The College of Engineering and Commerce for no such college exisTed. BuT in The year book and caTa- logue of 1894 There is menTion of a de- parTmenT of Civil Engineering. This de- parrmenf was esralolished in 1874 in combinafion wiTh The de-parTmenT of maThemaTics. Engineering has therefore had as long a hisTory in This universiTy as any of The academic deparTmenTs, buT iT was noT unTil 1905 Thar a separaTe college was organized for Technical Training. The laTe Dean Herman Schneider was ap- poinTed adminisTraTive head of This new college, and aT The beginning of his firsT academic year in office he inTro- duced The cooperaTive plan, In 1919 The College of Commerce was merged wiTh The College of Engineer- ing To form The presenT uniT. The hisTory of The College of Engineer- ing and Commerce has been essenTial- ly a sTory of The experimenTal develop- menT of a new sysTem of professional Training, wiTh addiTions and modifica- Tions dominanT over TrcidiTional pracTice. The following secTion of This book is an inTeresTing and significanT expansion of The lisfing of Two candidaTes for The degree of Civil Engineer in The rosTer of The class of '94, RoberT C. Gowcly TOP TO BOTTOM: You'd Think he'd give up affer 5000 years! A slip-sTick calculafion or The real Thing? Are you going To Ed's To cele- braTe secTion change? LeT me show you how iT's done. PAG E ENGINEERING Is rms Ls.2AiMM!w,g.ssf5mssgRf.1,b.sNQzi: QA mi 4 ,. ...ww S 1 E Q X i E if I S ge S S S is , 5 E7 W5 germ fjXo!wrzI gj01vf!y sincerify cmd understanding chorocferize The deem of The Ur1iversi'ry's Iorgesf cmd perhaps mosi vifol college in This wor-Time yeor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Professors Justice, Jones, Shine ond Joerger, Profes- sor Byrd conducting. PAGE 'tl qw ENGINEERING President-George Pow National Scholastic Engineering Honorary Vice President-John Von Wye . . . Secretary-Harold Hemstreet Founded 1885-Lehigh University Secretory-Harold Hancock Cincinnati Chapter Beta Established 1915 TFGGSUFGF-Alben MSYGI' Cataloguer-Ralph Binns Distinguished scholarship is the prime requisite for admission to Tau Bete. Leader- ship, personality, and breadth of interest are the secondary qualifications. Tau Beta .Pi's annual award lo slide rule to the engineering sophomore who ranked first in his freshman classl went to Albert J. Haefner this year. Ralph Binns '43 George Kral '43 Robert Winston '43 Charles Boegli George Bullock Linton Bylund Melvin Cox Harry Dowman Mervin Frank Wm. Gausmann Robert Goldhatf Joseph Gump Harold Hemstreet Richard Hoffmann Richard Humphreys '43 Royce Jennings Richard Loucher John Matlago Albert Meyer Louis Payne George Pow Robert Ramey Richard Scherer Carl Schneider Rudolph Schneider Richard Schonhoft Eugene Tinsley John Van Wye James Wichman ROW I: Binns, R., Boegli, S., Bullock, G., Bylund, L., Cox, M., Dowman, H., Frank, M., Gousmann, W., Goldhoff, R., Hemstreet, H., Hoffman, R., Humphreys, R., Jennings, R., Kral, G., Loucher, R., Matlago, J., Meyer, A., Payne, P. Scherer, R., Schneider, C., Schneider, R., Tinsley, E., Von Wye, J., Wichman, J., Winston, R. Roger Wintermon Edward Culver Henry Eads Stanley Eaton Douglas Egbert Armando Fusaro Robert Howe Franklin Malick Edward Miller Paul Prass Robert Reirnan - Edwin Roof James Smith Gump, J. ROW ll: Hancock, ROW lll: Pow, G., Ramey, '43 '43 '44 '44 '44 '44 '43 '44 '44 '44 '43 '42 '44 fig! vu... ahv- Nu. H R J- im' E Professor R. L. Tour, Head of Department ROW I: Gausmann, W. Mays, G., Fleming, R., Fus aro, A., Stapp, J. ROW II Swabb, L., Retzsch, W., Barth, C., Schall, J., Staigle, v. Row iii. Fey, c., Byrd, J., Parker, C., Campbell, W., Smith, R., Potts, J. ALPHA Clll llllllil PAGE CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Chi Sigma, national fraternity of col- lege men who intend to follow a profession in chemistry, was founded at Wisconsin in l902. U. C.'s chapter was installed in l923. lnformality prevails at meetings, but summer- time offers the best chance for social affairs. Officers are: President, Cyril Fey, Vice Presi- dent, Bill Campbell, Treasurer, Armando Fus- aro, Secretary, Vernon Staigel. PAGE CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AMERICAN IN 'I'I'I'lITE Founded T922-University of Michigan Cincinnati Chapter Established T926 OFFICERS President-George Pow Intramural Co-Managers William Schroeder, Joe Gump Social Co-Managers James Wright, William Gausmann CE CHEMICAL ENCINEEIIS A.I.Ch.E, was organized to promote social and professional acquaintances ot students pursuing courses in chemical engineering or in the industry of applied chemical science. This organization won the intramural football championship this season and sponsored the Sadie Hawkins dance, November QI. SECTION buch, M., Brown ner, S. ROW I: Schaal, J Byr J Stapp, J., Eads, H Pow G Wright, J., Wellman Connelley, E., Hosick ROW II: Keitfer, F Hugh mark, C., Fey, C. Rce Campbell, W., end Gottlieb, L., Brown N Dan dois, M. ROW III: Travis W Eisert, E., Vance, J Gui i A., Ressler, P., Roo Bruckman, G., Plumly ROW IV: Smith, T Lawlace R., Hubert, R., Schroeder C., Todd, H., Zo er Mecklenborg, L., Nitchals J., Grote, W. ROW V Smith, R., Binns, R Denney H., Kennedy, E., Lewis Ford, S., Graham, W Hal land, R., Cooley, VV Mays G. SECTION II ROW I: Abnee, V Gold hott, R., Fusaro, A ein lund, L., Nussbaum F ROW II: Carkeek, C., Winston R Rindsberg, S., Dibling Donohue, J., Story J St bach, E. ROW Ill Morand P., Silver, G., Truman Grote, R., Bader, R Gump J., Ulrey, H. ROW V Gausmann, W., Price E Herbes, W., Timmers J Lally, R., Wright a I PAGE re .5 .gl-I CHEMISTRY ROW I: Gump, J., Huber F., Burgess, W., Barth, C., Wins- ton, R. ROW II: Pow, Reiff, R., Dent, S., Frye, Cobbe, A., Francis, W. ROW III: Littman, M., Goldman, R., Halevi, E., Fusaro, MacGregor, I. Clifford Barth Robert Beremelis Charles Boegli Sanford Byers AI Cobbe Ell Dee Compto Melvin Cox Sam Dent fl G., A., A., lr' Hz...--C :.f-wr" Robert Fleming AI Frye Robert Goldhotf Fred Huber Robert Hunter Marvin Littmann Ralph Livingston George Pow .y.. La Verne Scheumann Harold Schwinger Carl Uraneclc Tom Wartik Raymond Werner Robert Wheelock Waldo Yonker PHI Lil Illllil PILII Phi Lambda Upsilort aims to promote high scholarship and to encourage original investigations in all branches ot pure and applied chemistry. The tra- ternity has always maintained a high membership. It sponsors group discussions on subjects from the varied tields ot chemistry. The Cincinnati chapter was the thirty-tilth to be installed. Honorary Chemical Fraternity for Upperclassmen Founded i890-University of Illinois Cincinnati Chapter Established 1939 OFFICERS President-Clifford Barth Vice President-Robert Winston Secretary-Fred Huber Treasurer-LaVerne Scheumann ALLEN, WALLACE B.-Ch.E. A.l.Ch.E. BADER, ROBERT E.-Ch.E. Chemical Engineering Student Cabinet, Alpha Chi Sigma, A.l.Ch.E. BAKER, WILLIAM E.-Ch.E. A. I .Ch.E. BAUER, WARREN A.-Ch.E. Lambda Chi Alpha, Freshman Basketball, A.I.Ch.E. BINNS, RALPH S.-Ch.E. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E. BOEGLI, CHARLES P.-Ch.E. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E. BYLUND, LINTON D.-Ch.E. Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E, COX, MELVIN E,-Ch.E. Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E. "Man, I can't be pinning up your diapers 'til you're thirty-tive!" Many a Chemical Engineering graduate will remember this re- mark vvith amusement later on as he tackles his own problems in the professional world. I-le will probably recall with horror all the math courses ot those "first three are the hardest" years, CULVER, EDWARD L.-Ch.E. A.I.Ch.E. DANDOIS, MARCEL-Ch.E. A.I.Ch.E. ELLERHORST, HOWARD, JR.-Ch.E. A.I.Ch.E. EMIG, WILLIAM R.-Ch.E. A.I.S., Men's Senate, Freshman Football Manager, Dormitory Council. GOLDHOFF, ROBERT M.-Ch.E. Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Pershing Rifles, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.l.Ch.E. GRANNEN, JAMES E.-Ch.E. Alpha Chi Sigma, A.l.Ch.E. GROTE, WARREN B. Ch.E. Pi Kappa Alpha, A.l.Ch.E. GUMP, JOSEPH A. Ch.E. Chemical Engineering Student Cabinet, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Co-operative Engineer, Co-editor, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.l.Ch.E. KINSTLER, ROBERT C. Ch.E. Cincinnatian, N e w s Record, Varsity Van- ities, A.I,Ch.E. LALLY, ROBERT W. LUEBBERS, R. J. PAGE Ch.E. Ch.E. A.I.Ch.E. A.I.Ch.E. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING MAYS, GORDON A. Ch.E. Ulex, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Junior Advisors, Al- pha Chi Sigma. P16565 MORAN, MARTIN NITCHALS, JOHN L. PETERS, ROBERT Ch-E CI'-5 CI'-5 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Pershing Rifles, Cooperative Engi- A.I. Ch.E. A.I.Ch.E. neer, A.I.Ch.E, PLUMLY, HOWARD Ch.E. A. I .Ch.E. POW, GEORGE, JR. Ch.E. Alpha Tau Omega Omicron Delta Ka p- pa, Student Council Senior Class Presi- dent, Tau Beta Pi Pres., Phi Eta Sigma Co-operative Engi neer, Ass't. Editor, Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Lambda Upsilon A.l.Ch.E., Pres, Ro bert Heuck, Jr, Mem- orial Award. 1 RINDSBERG, SIDNEY Ch.E. Phi Eta Sigma, Kap- pa Psi, Band, Co- operative Engineer, Cincinnatian, Or- chestra, Varsity Van- ities, Rifle Team, Arts Board, A.l.Ch.E, and remember that only in his iunior year did he find time to look over the campus. He may forget who said them, but he'll still be able to quote some at those caustic professorial witti- cisms like: "Pigs plus carrots don't equal apples", or "God hates a griper, anal I hate 'em more'n He does!" JfT'k""1s-Jizgu. s V - sw,g,,' , Qu I H 'ijdff' , ROOF, EDWIN--Ch.E. Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch,E. SCHNEIDER, RALPH P.-Ch.E. A.l.Ch.E. SCHRODER, WILLIAM A.-Ch.E. Junior Advisors, Rifle Team, A.l.Ch.E., A.S.M, SINGER, DANIEL-Ch.E. Oratorio, Orchestra, Glee Club, Varsity Vanities, A.I.Ch.E. SMITH, RICHARD DILLSON-Ch.E. Alpha Chi Sigma, A.l,Ch.E. STEINBUCH, MARVIN L.-Ch.E. Pershing Rifles, A.l.Ch.E. THORN, GLENN E.-Ch.E. Freshman Football, A.l.Ch.E. TRUMAN, CARL H.-Ch.E. A.l .Ch.E. ULREY, HARLEY J.-Ch.E. A.I.Ch.E. WINSTON, ROBERT L.-Ch.E. A,l.S., Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E. WOLFANGEL, RAYMOND D.--Ch.E. A.l.Ch.E. WRIGHT, JAMES B.-Ch.E. Iota Chi Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E. .2 47,1 Q+,,f f' .gf.,,,,, 1: A is X 2,51 : in -T nf N, iff, I Q Q -f"'V ff' , , , 'Lk if-Q-,' Q' Q Z "f vff"Tff MJ- 'V , - W' ,R m, 2'-1 , .- X. 4.,sfV:, x V,, 1 X6 L - , Q,VlCl.1HlC1ii, Qfyzagfc QIIZCITVIE? ..'liZ-- .y xx XM .. f- : Q XXX' J ' J? Fw f.,,.f " .K , - -9-J1"?'zf?22,f Q L, f .N 'N-xg 4 , ff -e . F- TJ-:""3'f ww U ' ' ?-:fix 6 Gi-J "xr K 1-:TT Zh! NEFF? I f. PAGE CIVIL ENGINEERING DELTA KIIPPA SIGMA IWIIL I I - - EIGIIEERIIG A - A - , A , Professor H. C. Luther, Heod of Deportmenf .-,gs-.51 1 1' ,iz vp, " ry.,-, ,, . -, 4, ' . This honorory civil engineering froTerniTy sponsors upper-clossmen who hove been OUT- sfonding in This field. IT wus founded QT The UniversiTy of CincinnoTi in I933. The bi- onnuol iniTioTions ond The December dinner were The ouTsTonding socioi offoirs of This . seoson. Officers ore: PresidenT, John Hord- ing, Vice PresidenT, Royce Jennings, Co- Treosurers, Donold SempsroTT ond KurT Weis- bocher. SECTION I AMERICA llElE'I'Y All students in civil engineering automatically become members ot A.S.C.E. when they en- ter their sophomore year. The purpose ot this national organization's student branches is to co-ordinate information and promote interest in the civil engineering tield. This year the group included in its social affairs a successful student-faculty dinner at which Dr. Francis H. Bard spoke. PAGE CIVIL ENGINEERING IIE CIVIL ENGINEER Founded l852-New York City Cincinnati Chapter Established l933 OFFICERS President-Boise Macon Vice President-Robert Howe Secretary-Treasurer-Richard Reed fSec. lj Denver Carroll fSec. Ill ROW I: Harding, J., McNutt, R., Gilbert, R., Reed, R., Macon, B., Thomsen, C., Bullock, G., Carleton, C. ROW II: Agsten, R., Alex- ander, H., Anderegg, J., Baker, R., Wencka, S., Scott, T., Akers, R., Ray, G. ROW lll: Starr, P., Taylor, R., Buettner, P., Chafin, J., Mo- Joewsky, V., Wichman, J., Hosea, F., Kuchner, R. SECTION Il ROW I: Crail, H., Kerr, D., Connelly, J., Carroll, D., Howe, R., Holtse, L., Grif- fith, J., Keller, H., Kral, G. ROW II: Mess, A., Grissett, F., Wood, C., Bischot, J., Tannenbaum, E., Southers, R., Morand, R., Knoch, D. ROW III: Weber, F., Sweeney, J., Christen, W., Riegert, R., Weisbacher, K., Jennings, R., Churella, J. ROW IV: Pratt, S., Hum- phreys, R., Hormberg, W., Gladen, P., Sempsrott, D., Schroder, L., Reiman, R. t .lf x AGSTEN, ROBERT E.-C.E. Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E. BULLOCK, GEORGE W.-C.E. Tau Beta Pi, Delta Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E. CHURELLA, JOHN H.-C.E. FLATT, C. RUSSELL-C.E. Delta Tau Delta. GILBERT, ROY THOMAS-C.E. Alpha Tau Omega, Men's Senate, Scob- bard and Blade, A.S.C.E. GLADEN, PAUL E.-C.E. A.S.C.E. HARDING, JOHN E.-C.E. Engineering Tribunal, Junior Advisors, Dormitory Council, Delta Kappa Sigma, Pres., A.S.C.E. HORMBERG, W. HARVEY-C.E. A.S.C.E. HOWE, ROBERT T.-C.E. Tau Beta Pi, Delta Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E. HUMPHREYS, RICHARD B.-C.E. Lambda Chi Alpha, Sophos, Student Coun- cil, Scabbard and Blade, Tau Beta Pi, Delta Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E. JENNINGS, ROYCE M.-C.E. Tau Beta Pi, Band, Delta Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E. KRAL, GEORGE J.-C.E. Tau Beta Pi, Delta Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E. MACON, BOISE-C.E. Dormitory Council, Dormitory Intramural Mgr., Delta Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E., Pres. MAJOEWSKY, VICTOR W.-C.E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sophos, Glee Club, Oratorio, Delta Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E. PAGE CIVIL ENGINEERING Unforgettable: The beauty, and beauties, ot the campus as seen through a transit. Unpardonable: Forgetting to check in that nail or piece of string. Inevitable, The bridge tor the senior prob- lem. WENCKA, STEPHEN WICHMAN, JAMES C.E. C.E. A.S.C.E. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, A.S.C.E. MCNUTT, ROBERT J. REIMAN, WALTER R. SCHRODER, LOUIS C-E. Delta Tau Delta, C.E. Band, A.S.C.E. Pres., Omicron Delta Pershing Rifles, New- Kappa, Engineering man Club, A.S.C.E. Tribunal, Tau Beta Pi, Delta Kappa Sig- ma, A.S.C.E. SEMPSROTT, D. A. SMYTHE, ROBERT G. WEISBACHERI K, M, C.E. C.E. C E Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Theta Pi, Ulex, Delfljlpqcppu Sigma' Delta Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E. A,S,C.E, A.S.C.E. PAGE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I wx C WW ff fx' f- YN if ' " ' ' ' W' PH' ' "MCT evil SVG , 'i7'l7F5"7F MP7 f I c X Professor A. M. Wilson, Head of Department This electricol engineering honorory vvos founded ot the University of Illinois in IQO4, ond U. Cfs chcipter, Tou, vvos instolled in I923. Fciculty oidvisor, Protessor I-Iottmcin, wos elected Noitionol Vice President recently. This yeor bowling pcirties, picnics, ond din- ners enlivened the socicil progrorn. OFFICERS President-Chorles Sheridon Vice President-John Von Wye Secretory-Carl Schneider Treosurer-Morris Triplett 1 KNEELING: Von Wye, J., Frank, M., Molick, F. STANDING: Borders, C., Beckman, J., Triplett, M., Prof. Wil- son, Honcock, H., Schneider, C., Smith, J., Sheridon, C., Clevenger, G. PAGE 5- fifi ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AMERICAN IN TIN NE IIE ELECTRICAL ENCINEER Founded 1896-New York Cincinnati Branch Established 1920 Student Group 1919 OFFICERS President-Charles Sheridan Vice President-W. Ropp Triplett Secretary-Franklin Malick Treasurer-Maynard Knapp Faculty Advisor-Professor L. R. Culver The A.I.E.E. student branch on a professional program assisted by the parent institute-the ioint meeting in March at which technical and protessional problems were discussed. Out- side speakers are introduced at student meet- ings. Baseball, bowling, and ping pong tournaments are sponsored throughout the year. SECTION I ROW I: Frank, M., Oelker, C., Malick, F., Sheridan, C., Kazda, L., Triplett, M. ROW II: Van Wye, J., Wall, J., Boerstler, L., Schneider, C., Weise, R., Clevenger, G. ROW III: Brown, J., Schulte, J., Skinner, R., Burton, W., Kreimer, D., Gruber, J., Futzly, O. SECTION II ROW I: Rauf, R., Langford, D., Schneider, J., Triplett, W., Osterbrock, W., Bere- skin, A., Knapp, M., Shroyer, R., Bohnenkamper, W, ROW II: Berger, C., Nader, J., Hust, J., Ellig, C., Lammers, V., Zartmon, J., Yingst, P., Stang, J. ROW III: Marsh, L,, Weller, E., Hancock, H., Runyan, R., Smith, D., Hor- vay, B., Duncan, D., Uphaus, R. ROW IV: Feller, C., Craig, J., Robinson, G., Williams, R., Lyman, R,, Tekamp, D., Lach, M., Cole, H. ROW V: Cooke, F., Miller, E., Meyer, A., Schipper, R., Gruber, W., Tinsley, E., Anderson, R. BARGER, CHARLES L. BOHNENKAMPER, W. CLEVENGER, G. W. E.E. E.E. E.E. Lambda Chi Alpha, A.I.E.E. Engineering Tribunal, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu. News Record, A.l.E.E. COLE, HUBERT L. CRAIG, JACK P. ELLIG, EDWIN C. E.E. E.E. E.E. A.I.E.E. V A,l.E.E. Scabbard and Blade Pershing Rifles, New- man Club, A.I.E.E. YINST, PAUL V. E.E. Eta Kappa Nu Scabbard and Blade Dormitory Council Junior Advisors A.l.E.E. Electrical Engineers will remem- ber ThaT lost feeling when They finally reached lab. in Their pre- iunior year. They'll probably re- call The Tradition That anyone who electrocutes himself auto- matically rates a zero in The course and that i943!inTroduced women into E.E. sanctums Through The E.S.lVl.VV.T. program. Q.2.,:: :Y has - iii ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FRANK, MERVIN E.-E.E. A.I.S., Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E. GRUBER, JOHN R.-E.E. A.I.E.E. HANCOCK, HAROLD E.-E.E. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, WBYX Op- erators Club, A.I.E.E. MARSH, LYNN W., JR.-E.E. Iota Chi Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, A.l.E.E, MATTHEWS, LEIGH M.-E.E. Iota Chi Epsilon, WBYX Operators Club, A.I.E.E. RAMEY, ROBERT A.-E.E. Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Council, A.I.E.E. SCHNEIDER, CARL A.-E.E. Dormitory Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sig- ma, A.I.E.E. SHERIDAN, CHARLES J.-E.E. Omicron Delta Kappa, Sophos, ing Tribunal, Pres., Eta Kappa Engineer- Nu, Pres., News Record, Y.M.C.A., Dormitory Coun- cil SKINNER, ROBERT K.-E.E. Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, A.I.E,E. TRIPLETT, MILO M.-E,E. Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E. TRIPLETT, WILLIAM R.-E.E. Eta Kappa Nu, A.l.E.E. UPHAUS, ROBERT H.-E.E. Alpha Rho Omicron, WBYX Club. VAN WYE, JOHN R.-E.E. Operators Acacia, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Persh- ing Rifles, Band, Varsity Vanities, A.I.E.E. WELLER, EDWARD FRANK, JR.-E.E. Eta Kappa Nu, A.l.E.E. PAGE ow, II.. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pl Til IIIIIIIII National Mechanical Engineering Honorary Founded T915-University of Illinois Cincinnati Eta Chapter Eestablished T926 The obiect of Pi Tau Sigma is to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest in co-ordinate departmental activities, and to establish a closer bond of fellowship for those men in the study and in the profession of Mechanical Engineering. One fall and one spring initiation are held each year with regular business meetings and a dinner meeting each month. The fall initiation this year proved most interesting with C. L. Koehler, an alumnus, speaking on "Human Relationships in Engineering." Never to be for- gotten was the hypnosis demonstration by Dr. Wallen at a February dinner meeting. Il I I II I I I I' I li Q. I, I , L I f. - --- - nv I A . IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I. K . I K , L K Professor C. A. Joerger, Head of Department ROW I: Yung, D., Niemeier, B., Schneider, R., Hoffmann, R., Meyer, A. ROW ll: Schulz, F., Thompson, R., Harlow, M., Schon- hoft, R., Dooley, E. ROW Ill: Helfrich, E., Vandeman, J., Daub- enspeck, R., Scherer, R., Peake, M. ROW IV: Neff, S., Joerger, C., Bunting, J., Messinger, H., Prass, P. BELOW: Lab scene with Section II. President-Bernard Niemeier Vice President-Hilton Wood Corresponding Secretary-Rudolph Schneider Recording Secretary-Herbert Zurstadt Treasurer-Richard Hoffmann Richard Daubenspeck Edward Dooley Marion Harlow Elton Helfrich Harold Hemstreet Franklin Landis Arthur Mahrenholz Albert Meyer Stephen Neff Hugo Niehus Paul Pross Richard Scherer Charles Scholz Richard Schonhoft Fred Schulz Ralph Sharp Roy Thompson Jack Vandemen Harold Van Saun Darwin Young Matthew Peake 'T"'fm' 'I ' ' K's"'WTi?i PAGE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AMERICA IICIETY IIII MEUHII ICAL Illllllllllllllli Founded T880-New York City Cincinnati Group Established T909 Student Branch-T912 OFFICERS President-Harold Hemstreet Prominent persons in mechanical engineering fields speak at the various group meetings, timely movies are also shown. A delegation Secrefqry-TreQ5Urer-Albert Meyer of students attend an annual convention of all student-branches in this area. The tradi- tional picnic at "Elmer's Camp" on the Little Miami provides relaxation and fun. Beer and baseball are the main attractions. Vice President-Hilton Wood Faculty Advisor-C. A. Joerger SECTION I ROW I: Dooley, E., Johnson, J., James, W., Meyer, A., Hemstreet, H., Wollenhaupt, B., Miller, E., Hoffmann, R., Harlow, M. ROW II: Fisgus, J., Niemeier, B., Severding, H., Folger, A., Brunst, R., Peake, M., Schulz, F., Neff, S., Ahlfeld, F. ROW III: Sullivan, H., Rushmer, J., Richards, R., Helfrich, E., Reichard, J., Kurtz, C., Gu- ran, A., Ross, M., Thomp- son, R. ROW IV: Scherer, R., Luhan, J., Daubenspeck, R., Shallenberg, R., Goodl rich, C., Moegling, J., Van- ' Hoy, R., Hayes, T., Ensming- er, C. ROW V: Cherrie, J., Niekamp, W., Hofmann, R., Fehr, J., Schonhoft, R., Van- deman, J., Schneider, R., Hecker, R., Ehrnschwender, A. SECTION ll ROW I: Denlinger, J., Simp- son, A., Hoblitzell, W., Fisher, R., Wood, H., Smith, R., Fielman, F., Stokel, S., Sardis, S. ROW II: Royer, J., Scholz, C., Garwood, R., Dielcmann, G., Hatfield, W., Raasch, J., Frodge, R., Goetz, E., Bennett, W. ROW III: Emmerich, C., Fagley, R., Rirsch, E., Wolfinger, F., Sharp, R., Schambach, G., Zurstadt, H., Jarvis, F., Mc- Neill, F. ROW IV: Musat, O., Patterson, R., Bertsch, J., Diederich, R., Grimes, A., Schmidlapp, T., Hinners, R., Larrick, C. ROW V: Wegner, H., Yung, F., Landis, A., Mahrenholz, A., Beinhart, E., VanSaun, H., Franklin, T., Scully, R. ROW VI: Camp- bell, D., Papas, G., Niehus, H., Klover, J. BENNETT, Wm. H.-M.E. A.S.M.E. BRODE, ROBERT L.-M.E. Pershing Ritles, Band, A.S.M.E. CHACE, ROBERT-M.E. Fencing, A.S.M.E. COCHRAN, ROBERT H.-M.E. Dormitory Council. DEAS, WILLIAM-M.E. Triangle, A.S.M.E. DENLINGER, JOHN F.-M.E. A.S.M.E. FIELMAN, FRANK F.-M.E. Delta Tau Delta, Ulex, Scabbard and Blade. "C" Club, A.S.M.E. FISGUS, ROBERT J.-M.E. Pi Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, A.S.M.E. FISHER, ROBERT E.-M.E. FLOHR, RALPH G.-M.E. Delta Tau Delta, A.S.M.E. FOLGER, ALLAN B.--M.E. A.S.M.E. FOX, PHIL W.-M.E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GARWOOD, ROBERT-M.E. Alpha Tau Omega, Pershing Rifles, A.S.M.E. GOODRICH, CALVIN C.-M.E. Mummers Guild, Varsity Vanities, Radio Workshop, A.S.M.E. ET MECHANICAL ENGINEERING x .x 'Wm-. From Thermo we will always re- member: "lt's so ungodly simple, once you see it.' '...' 'I know a physicist will say water is com- pressible, but I'd like to see you compress it. I saw it under 4000 tons once. I didn't believe it. I say the stuffing box leaked." And then we will always recall 'in- ternal confusion engines '...' 'I clon't know why, but it's True." HARLOW, MARION M.E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. HELFRICH, ELTON C. M.E. I Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Psi, Pi Tau Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Band, Varsity Vanities, A.S.M.E. ' HEMSTREET, H. S. M.E. , Omicron Delta Kap pa, Engineering Tri bunal, Tau Beta Pi Pi Tau Sigma, A.S M.E. HINNERS, ROBERT HOBLITZELL, W. JR. M.E. M.E. A.S.M.E. A.S.M.E. HOFFMAN, R. L. M.E. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., Interfraternify Counqil, Pres., Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Men's Senate, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sig- may .Scabbard and' Bladep Pershing Rif- les, A.S.M.E. PAGE JARVIS, FREDERICK KOENIG, HENRY F. LANDIS, FRANKLIN M.E. V . M.E. M.E. Band, A.S.M.E., Delia Tau Delta, A.S.M7 ' A.S.M.E. LARRICK, CARL W. MASON, WALTER R., McNEILL, FRANK R. M.E. M.E. Ur. M.E. Phi Delia Thefa, Or- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A.S.M.E., A.S.M. ChesTra, A.S.M.E. A.S.M.E. i... . , . From inspection Trips To air- condiiioning ii was always, "Don'T Turn down The corners, use standard paper." This was . always specified vviih L-Q 5 Th-2 iLong quiz given on 5Th Thurs- day during second h.our.J . . . And when vve moved our of our deparimeni They always said: "This is imporiani, if you don'T undersiand, ask quesiionsf' ':'- ' 2?-:Z MEYER, ALBERT L.-M.E. Men's Senate, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Bela Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Pershing Rifles, Pi Tau Sigma, Scabbard 8- Blade, Band, Glee Club, A.S.M.E. MILLER, EDWARD A., Jr.-M.E. A.S.M.E. NEFF, STEPHEN H.-M.E. Fi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. NIEMEIER, BERNARD A.-M.E. Pi Tau Sigma, Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Pres., Scablaard 81 Blade, Cadet Colonel, R.O.T.C., Jr. Advisors, Dormitory Council, A.S.M.E. RALPH, LINCOLN B.-M.E. Acacia, lnferfraiernify Council, A.S.M.E. REICHARD, JOSEPH B.-M.E. ROSS, MARVIN O.-M.E. Triangle, A.S.M.E., A.S.M. SCHAMBACH, GEORGE P.-M.E. A.S.M.E., Newman Club. SCHMALZL, DONALD A.-M.E. Acacia, A.S.M.E. SCHMIDLAPP, THEODORE G.-M.E. A.S.M.E. SCHNEIDER, RUDOLPH G.-M.E. Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Glee Club, Oraforio, A.S.M.E. SCHONHOFT, RICHARD J.-M.E. Tau Bela Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Scabbard 81 Blade, A.S.M.E., Newman Club. SCHULZ, FRED J.-M.E. Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E., WBYX Radio Club. SCULLY, RICHARD F.-M.E. A.S.M.E. f' .-,TTS proucjfy Zo ifle zvorfcl procjaizn ,V fm lW V -'N 1, N. ,v 1:9 gi Nga, ws M :UW-'L',' LC'-,i Wfqfg Nr- H -'U, ,,fLl 'ily ' QX5-igwfffw- f,,-4-Lu, J-Irx-S 'QQ-Q ,Uv .J .f"f K -C,,....x,w V Hugh-GJ.xb-gl, SEVERDING, HUNTER W.-M.E. A.S.M.E. SHALLENBERG, ROBERT L.-M.E. Jr. Advisors, A.S.M.E., Wesley Foundation. SHARP, RALPH T.-M.E. Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Tau Sigma, Glee Club, A.S.M.E. SIMPKINSON, SCOTT H.-M.E. Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Varsity Vanities, A.S.M.E. SIMPSON, S. ALLAN-M.E. Band, A.S.M.E., A.S.M. STOKEL, STANLEY-M.E. Alpha Tau Omega, TAKACS, OTTO-M.E. THOMPSON, ROY-M.E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, Cin- cinnaiian, A,S.M.E. VANDEMAN, JACK E.-M.E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, Gym Team, A.S.M.E. PAGE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING . . . Of course one could never forge? our lat friend who growl- ed, "You might Take ouT a sheer of paper, and alon'T forgei To PRINT only your lasl name." . . . On from The Freshman year To Sophomore year and "hall a Junior." Then we were Told To use "lust plain horse sense" . . . And in the senior year of mili- tary he'd say, "Gel a receipl and don'T Trust nobody or nu'rTin'." VAN SAUN, H. E. WEGNER, H. L. WOLFINGER, F. G. M.E. M.E. M.E. Pi Tau Sigma, Scab- A.S.M.E., A.S.M. bard and Blade, A.S.M.E. WOLLENHAUPT, B. WOOD, W. HILTON M.E. M.E. A.S.M.E. Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. A.S.M.E. It X m' :is YUNG, DARWIN C. M.E. Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.- M.E., A.S.M. SENIORS WITHOUT PORTRAITS Richard Creain, Sieve Elek, Mahlon Gust, George M. Holme, Charles Longstreef, Neil McKinney, Dennis Nead, Jacob Sarver, Douglas Thierwechier, Jesse Wolf. PAGE 54 AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING X .. .1 V i V HH ii 3 5' 4. I la llll. ll all ii, 'i ,li F' 'ip is 'ii Ji, Il I li . I , .1 all if Ti is Professor Bradley Jones, Head of DeparTmenT ABOVE, ROW I: Buchman, W., Wadsworih, W., Daggy, E., Purkey, G., Mr. Bisplinghoff, Burridge, J., Rogers, B. ROW II: Dofson, D., Fiedler, H., Haughsefh, E., Burkam, J., White, B., Moras, G., Muggleton, E., Koufholcl, J., Bryanf, O. ROW III: Payne, L., Hartman, B., Laucher, R., Bauer, R., Geiger, R., LOTZ, R.,Freemn, D., McHenry, F., Limke, E. BELOW: Wind Tunnel lab scene with Section I. OFFICERS Chairman-Glen Purkey Vice-Chairman-Joel Lehmkuhl Sec'y-Treas. fSec. ll-Henry Fiedler Sec'y-Treas. lSec. ID-Earl Daggy Honorary Chairman-'Mr. Ray Bisplinghoff I TIT 'IE IIF iIEIlIIllliIU'l'IUiIL SUIE CE The I. A. S. has as iTs purpose The advancemenT and beTTermenT of AeronauTical Science. The sTudenT chap- Ter aT The UniversiTy of Cincinr1aTi was Tounded in l935. A well-rounded acquainTance wiTh diTTerenT phases of aeronauTics and The aircraTT indusTry is gained by The showing of moving picTures and by Talks by sTudenTs. These Talks usually cenTer around Thesis research or co-op work experiences. Social luncTions sponsored by The I. A. S. include a parTy for each secfion. This year The parTies were held in Mounf Airy ForesT. V, veg: -:,.,, - xx 7 ,,,, fi x, ..... ,- :..:, s . 1, s,,.,,. . W New c W M.. W, ,4 of 2fj' .gw fs: f Rx, .su-. RW ral:-im c 4 f Q36 fl fs ' 4. giwfsws. . 9,1 M xi, X" ::,., . 2a1i:l,1:.,Uf2 I 2 Qfswsf .,.- -:-..,:f 'i .1 HN, f ' W ...Wg-.,,: ,N ,z -1"'s: 5,-:,vy,f:gss-sg., , -. .,.. , .. Q W ew :,,Q:.,' .L :.. T. . ei f amy, ,rf fi 5 .... W"-' M. BRANNON, WARD JR.-Aero. E. Alpha Tau Omega, l.Ae.S, BRYANT, OREN W.-Aero. E. Scabbard and Blade, Capt., Y.M.C.A,, Rifle Team, Dormitory Council, l.Ae.S. BUCHMAN, WALTER H.-Aero. E. Pershing Rifles, l.Ae.S. BURRIDGE, J.L.-Aero. E. l.Ae.S. COMMON, JACK D.-Aero.E. l.Ae.S. DAHLE, EDWIN A.-Aero. E. Junior Advisors, l.Ae.S, DOOLEY, JAMES E.-Aero. E. Phi Gamma Delta, Dormitory Council, l.Ae.S. FIEDLER, HENRY-Aero. E. A.I.S., Student Council, Men's Senate, Scob- bard and Blade, Dormitory Council, l.Ae,S. GEIGER, ROBERT C.-Aero. E. Men's Senate, Pershing Rifles, l.Ae.S. GRAHAM, HOYT B.-Aero. E. Alpha Tau Omega, Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Student Council, Pres., Men's Sen' ate, Scabbard and Blade, Rifle Team, l.Ae.S. HARTMAN, R. BRUCE-Aero. E. Pershing Rifles, Glee Club, Dormitory Coun' cil, I.Ae.S. HUNTINGTON, F. William-Aero. E. l.Ae.S. LAUCHER, R.G.-Aero. E. Tau Beta Pi, Fencing, Oratorio, l.Ae.S, LEHMKUHL, JOEL C.-Aero. E. American Commons Club, Junior Advisors, l.Ae.S. PAGE AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING "lf high ranking privates in the back raw will pay attention, we'II proceed with the lesson" . . . Major Hap Siebert is still laying 'em low at Wright Field with stresses at high speeds. Major Jones, the genial "pilot" . . . Ray Bisplinghoff's "cross- country" flight . . . Pete Liep- mann's wind tunnel . . . SENIORS WITHOUT PORTRAITS Alfred E. Muhlhuuser Fred R. Patschke. SCHUESSLER, E. W. WEILER, HENRY F. Aero. E. Aero. E. l.Ae.S. LENZ, RALPH C. LIMKE, E. J. MCHENRY, FRANK R Aero. E. Aero. E. Aero. E. American Commons l.Ae.S. l.Ae.S. Club, I.Ae.S. NELSON, C. H. PAYNE, L.A. PURKEY, GLEN Aero. E. Aero E. Aero. E. Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau l.Ae.S., Pres. l.Ae.S. Beta Pi, l.Ae.S. "f , X f ' 1 - '::-VM .W EE .:- . . .T o f-if '"f"W'i'Ti?'?3'Xw-'QXTVFN 5"ffimf?5 "WA '4, Y' T " X' ' " is HEFV. '-aaa vw- ,fs 4' ,. ffiiiiwf W6 V Prof. Howard K. JusTice, Head of DeparTmenT UEIETY 0E EE EEAL ENGINEER Founded 1941-UniversiTy of CincinnaTi PresidenT-John Matlago Vice-Presidenf-Harry Gieseking SecreTary-Treasurer-James Daggy All General Engineers on campus auTomaTi- cally belong To This socieTy which was origi- nally a SocieTy Tor Commercial Engineers. A curricular change in The deparTmenT amend- ed The inTeresTs of This group. The boys from The quadrangle won'T soon TorgeT The "TruTh or Consequences" slciT The generals gave aT The STudenT-FaculTy Luncheon or Their co-op clay exhiloiT. as fe- We :J W ,, .V 1 "" . 1' e , ,. ifffW ,:.fw PAGE GENERAL ENGINEERING PAGE Til GENERAL ENGINEERING Pl IGMA Pl Founded 1943-University of Cincinnati President-Harry Gieseking Vice-President-Douglas Hoge Secretory-Frcmk Scipio Treosurer-Harry Dowmon Jcinuory, i943 sow the founding of o new depcirtmentcil honor- oiry ot the University. As on orgonizotion for uppercloss Generol Engineering students, Pi Sigmo Pi wos creoted to further interest in the field of genercil engineering. At present, next to this oim, plons for exponsion seems to be the foremost motivoting force. The members of this, the Alpho chopter, hove established for the future the policy of ovvording onnuolly on generol engineering hondbook to the most outstonding freshmoin in the deportment. Dove Show, oi sophomore, vvos the winner in this first yecir of the orgonizotion's existence. Professor Hovvord Justice serves os the fciculty odvisor. ROW I: Wright, H., Gocker, J., Hoge, D., Geiseking, H., Prof. G. T. Addison, Schroer, R. ROW Il: Walker, A., Wohlers, J., Pfeifer, G., Hight, F., math, F., Cruse, D., ROW Ill: Riley, A., Dowmon, H., DuBowsky, M., Morlogo, J., Scipio, F., McCarty, J., Lomb, C. PAGE CRUSE, DON l. DOWMAN, H. W. DUBOWSKY, M. B.S. in Gen. E. B.S. in Gen. E. B.S. in Gen. E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Society Society of General GENERAL ENGINEERING Sophos, Engineering of General Engineers. Engineers. Tribunal. GIESEKING, H. A. GOCKER, JOSEPH P. HIGH, ROBERT E. B.S. in Gen. E. B.S. in Gen. E. B.S. in Gen. E. Society of General Lambda Chi Alpha, Engineers, G a m m a Society of General Delta. Engineers. The General Engineers know The in's and out's ot the Engineering College. ln addition to getting some information about all The other engineering branches, They get to know some rare indivi- duals commonly called "profs," Until one ioined The armed ser- vices, The boys really found out what accuracy means. He called The course Statistics-the gen- erals have another name tor iT. It isn't so bad being invited over to enioy Thermo vvith The chemi- cols, but it's rather discouraging to tind out that The shortest dis- tance to Hughes corner is not by way ot Burnet Woods. SENIORS WITHOUT PCDRTRAITS Louis Boehm, Robert Brotherton, John A. Wright HIGHT, FRANK, JR.-B.S. in Gen. E. HOGE,DOUGI.AS l.-B.S. in Gen. E. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Student Council, Theta Alpha Phi, Y.M.C.A., Pres., Mummers Guild, Business Manager, Society of General Engineers. LAMB, CHARLES P.-B.S. in Gen. E. Triangle, Pres., Intertraternity Council, Pi Sigma Pi, Y.M.C.A. MATLAGO, JOHN T.-B.S. in Gen. E. American Commons Club, Tau Beta Pi, Orientation Board, Society of General Engineers. MCCARTY, JAMES S.-B.S. in Gen. E. Junior Advisors, Society of General En- gineers. PFEIFER, GUNTHER-B.S. in Gen. E. Varsity Rifle Team, Society of General Engineers. RILEY, A. RUSSELL-B.S. in Gen. E. scnnoen, RAYMOND J.-B.S. in Gen. E. "C" Club, Baseball, Torck, Society ot Gen- eral Engineers. SCIPIO, FRANK Q.-B.S. in Gen. E. SMITH, ROBERT S.-B.S. in Gen. E. WAHLERS, JOHN F.-B.S. in Gen. E. WALKER, ALBERT S.-B.S. in Gen. E. Men's Senate, Tau Kappa Alpha, Coopera- tive Engineer, Assoc. Editor, Debate Coun- cil, Speakers Bureau, Varsity Vanities, Phi Delta Phi. WRIGHT, HAROLD D.-B.S. in Gen. E. American Commons Club, Pi Sigma Pi. PAGE 72 X Q I If , ,C Vw' 11 xft' f. 1 ,f f' M , V, f msd . ff M5 ' . ,J , 0 'JY f 0' ! - f 1 , x V X f 35 NK!! QA W-5 p X - E ,g f on ' JW-R 1 J 'rf fy fx? ,xx 'M ,-"YF , V Y. -o , HPF If ff f by - q ,ig X4 665 ftbcixff' x, 15 Q .i. B. -Q' A-Q 4 Lu.'u.':i' A-VJ.-.-N vi., . .. .-:'. 771171 E170 6' EIILLEGE 0E ENGINEER! G A ll CEM EREE 1-in 5, v .1 r , , 5 .X 5, ., tg- ' ' 'A CHQ ui .1 YAUE 'fit I till' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ALPHA IIIIPIHI I' I Professional Commerce Fraternity Founded 1907-New York University Cincinnati Chapter, Eta, Established I924 OFFICERS President-Price Gaines Vice-President-Walter Dold Recording Secretary-Frank Carroll Recording Secretary-Gordon Melzer Alpha Kappa Psi offers outside training as a supplement to class- room instruction in the fields of commerce, accounting, and fi- nance. Its members make contacts with practical affairs and men of the business world. The group also fosters scientific research in fields which lead to a degree in Business Administration. Two scholarship medallions are presented each year to an outstand- ing engineering student in Evening College and one in day school. The big events on Alpha Kappa's social calendar were the De- cember Initiation Banquet, the spring picnics, and the chapter's Birthday Banquet in May which the alumni attend. WI Gaines P Regnold L Ladley R E S hn ider G., Miller, H. G., Weller, J. F. ROW II: Gallager, R., Carroll, F., Clark, R., Mossmann, E4 FAUI: ,-. I BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION qu... MEMBERS IN FACULTY Francis H. Bird Ralph C. Bursiek Wilbur P. Calhoun Russell L. Chrysler Norwood C. Geis Arthur W. Holmes t Frank R. Neuffer ,, I Leslie J. Schwallie U -.I Raleigh R. Sharrock . I R. Emmett Taylor x ' ,f GM., I g H. B. Whaling Beta Gamma Sigma is a scholastic honorary ROW: iiudermilk,EA.i2woTqdriEm,VS.iI.smgh, G. Row ii. sail- society for men and women in the schools WGS' " Osman' " MC' " "s' ' of Commerce and Business Administration. Membership is limited to the upper tenth of the senior class. The national society was founded in 1913 at the University of Wisconsin, and the Alpha Chapter of Ohio was established here in i922. The officers are Arville Loudermilk, President, Richard Woodrum, Vice-President, Genevieve Smith, Secretary, and Albert Salz- was, Treasurer. Pl CHI EP ILII ROW I: Redmond, M., Harris, V., Smith, G., Feldman, I. ROW II: Sieck, E., Manogue, J., Obermeyer, R., Hildenbrand, M. This honorary for women in Engineering pro- motes interest in professional fields and fos- ters academic, business, and social life. A tea to welcome freshman women in Business Administration, theater parties, and service on Co-op Day are part of current group ac- tivities. The officers are: President, Genevieve Smith, Vice-President, Libby Rei, Secretary, Ida Lee Feldman, Treasurer, Virginia Harris. BOLING, G. C. BORISCH, T. V. BOYLES, HARRY V. B.S. in Ind. Mgt. B.B.A. B.S. in Ind. Mgt. Pi Kappa Alpha, News Record, Bus. Sopos, Theta Alpha Ad. Club. Phi, Mummers Guild, Glee Club, Cincin- natian, Track. BROADBENT, A, M. BROWN, LLOYD D. BUCHERT, WILLIAM B.B.A. B.S. In Ind. Mgt. B.B.A. Pi Kappa Alpha, UI- Sigma Chi. ex, Football. When you, a successful tycoon, sit down to write your memoirs, what will you include in the chapter on your college educa- tion? Will you recall the marve- lous teaching facilities and the advantages of the co-op system, or will you tell of the famous Bus. Ad. picnics where the pro- fessors played baseball and wolfed the food. f ' .f .. TN' -.5 . 1 -4 Q5 ,-bxcqwezm f - , ' --4-ry PAGE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUTLER, STEPTEN -B.S. in Ind. Mgt. Beta Theta Pi. CLARE, ALLEN G.-B.S. in Ind. Mgt. Phi Delta Theta, Mummers Guild, News Record. COLKER, HERBERT-B.S. In Ind. Mgt. Pi Lambda Phi, Mummers Guild, Arts Board. DANIELI., FRED D.-B.S. In Ind. Mgt. Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Sigma, Ulex, Perf shing Rifles, Track, Varsity Vanities, Profile. DEVENISH, ISABELLE-B.B.A. Delta Delta Delta. DEYHLE, WILLIAM H.-B.S. in Ind. Mgt. DOERNBERG, E. B.-B.S. in Ind. Mgt. FEUCHT, MARTHA LOUISE-B.B.A. Phi, Mu, Glee Club, Oratorio, Co-op En- gineer, Co-ep Club, Christian Science Or- ganization. FINNEY, NANCY C.-B.B.A. A.I.S., Co-ep Club. FISK, JAMES S.-B.S. in Ind. Mgt. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sophos, Football Manager. FORSYTHE, ANNE C.-B.B.A. A.I.S., Co-ep Club, FRIEDMAN, ROBERT-B.S. in Ind. Mgt. Varsity Vanities. GAHR, WILLIAM T.-B.S. in Ind. Mgt. Sigma Chi, Pres.: Interfraternity Council. HAGSTROM, LYNN B.-B.S. In Ind. Mgt. Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega, Y.M,C.A., Freshman Cheerleader. ftjiw- . "'-, "'- K ,ii ,.:. T H I I f' '.-A' ' if , Q 'X V Q2 J f 1 J 0 Sweefer Ivor eer C'ltl7'1fVl6 my ear XM Af- 22 X? , X Y -- Q il 1: Z if H Vi' of '-55,4 Q , Mjwfjw if gg M 55 -fakxfi QF!! ' xx .ff ,M "U an Yi XN L ' HALLOCK, JOHN H.-B.S. in lnd. Mgt. Beta Theta Pi. HILDENBRAND, MARTHA JANE-B.B.A. Theta Phi Alpha, Pi Chi Epsilon, Co-ep Club. HORAK, PAUL E.-B.S. in lnd. Mgt. Alpha Kappa Psi. HORN, ROBERT M.-B. S. in Ind. Mgt. Pi Lambda Phi, Mummers Guild, Arts Board. HOWLAND, HAROLD E.-B.S. ln lnd. Mgt. Phi Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles. INGRAM, GORDON B.-B.B.A. Beta Theta Pi, Cincinnatian. KAUFMAN, VICTOR H.-B.S. in lnd. Mgt. Pi Lambda Phi, Y.M.C.A., Arts Board, News Record. KOHL, JACK A.-B.S. in Incl. Mgt. Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega, Persh- ing Rifles, Y,M.C.A., Alpha Kappa Psi, Christian Science Organization. IcoLIa, PHILIP w.-Ia.s. in Ind. Mgf. LANDRUM, W. MARVIN-B.S. ln lnd. Mgt. American Commons Club. LARSON, GEORGE B.-B.S. in Ind. Mgt. Basketball, "C" Club. LOUDERMILK, Arville-B.S. in Ind. Mgt. Beta Gamma Sigma, Pres. MANOGUE, JANE-B.B.A. A.l.S., Mortar Board, Women's Senate, Engineering Tribunal, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Chi Epsilon, Cooperative Engineer, You may include a few words about the courses you found so useful in later life, but we're sure you'll slip in a sentence or two about the famous section change parties that celebrated the end of a seven week school or work period. MILLER, HAROLD c. MossMAN, E. T. I. .B.S. in lnd. Mgt. B.S. in lnd. Mgt. Alpha Kappa Psi. Alpha Kappa Psi Bus. Ad. Club. NIELSEN, ERIC C. B.S. in lnd. Mgt. Delta Tau Delta, Men's Senate: Ora- torio, f Pres., Glee Club, Pres. kr, :::....,W. .R 1. ..-s,.:g:,...Q 53 F -- 1-.N- I -we W . .- g Lv R X as R me 4 - I ' fe, - N-If X W.A.A., Co-ep Club, MATHEWS, JULIA A. Pi Lambda Sigma, Council, Co-ep Club, Pres. -B.B.A. Pres., Pan-Hellenic Newman Club. PAGE r- A BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION O'NElL, MARY IRIS RAUSCH, ED. N. B.B.A. B.S. in lnd. Mgt. REY, FRANK E. B.S. in lnd. Mgt. Beta Gamma Sigma. American Commons Club, Profile, Y.M.- C.A. SALZWAS, ALBERT S. SCHEVE, ROBERT J. SCHLUETER, E. D. B.S. ln Ind. Mgt. B.S. in Ind. Mgt. B.B.A. Betta Gamma Sigma. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sigma Chi, Basket' SIECK, ELOISE L. B.B.A. ball Manager. qu., in SMITH, G. H. stEPHAN, THOMAS s.s.A, s.s. in ind. Mgr. Pi Chi Epsilon, Al- Pi Chi Epislon, Pres., pha Lambda Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Co-ep Club. use Beta Gamma Sigma, Co-ep Club. You'll probably retell all your adventures on the co-op section when you carried mail, licked stamps, and performed other iobs befitting a college man in Business Administration. VVe'll be sure to read your memoirs to see it our predictions about the contents vveren't true! as-.-,J ez, . . , ff ,:?,e.fQg'x A lg V 'linen' iv 5 SENIORS WITHOUT PORTRAITS Richard K. Jones, Robert Linn, Harrison Mootz, Rodger Neiser, Lynn Regnolcl. PAGE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STREBEL, LOUIS H.-B.S. in Ind. Mgt. STUMPE, HENRY C.-B.S. in Ind. Mgt. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Swimming Manager. WALD, CLARA B.-B.B.A. Co-ep Club, Cadet Corps. WALD, JULIA R.-B.B.A. Co-ep Club, Cadet Corps. WERNICKE, CEDRIC B.-B.B.A. WILLIS, SAMUEL A.-B.B.A. Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma Y.M.C.A.p Glee Club, Oratorio, Students Handbook, Editor, Alpha Kappa Psi, Bus Ad. Club, Pres. WILLITS, ROBERT D.-B.S. ln Ind. Mgt. Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Vanities, Scab bard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Tennis, WOCDRUM, R. E., JR.-B.S. ln Ind. Mgt Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, Persh ing Rifles. A I Mm! Gam y , :Er Us Q .-.-mtg -r .i1--- ' 4. 0, ,,.- A: Q.. I ,,-'7fQ?W,."V'.g-'.,-'.,gF7Tfg1?'j"Y,".f'?''.""'3'f'FYN71"f'fjP"'fr""1 7' ' '1 ', 1'I Z'i"'1"'7:' WP 7f'vf-QA f -w.f.- ,. ."-914.09 , rs.r-.:,-,-,-:,y,.,..:-. -I -,,zl ' -- - - - ,, -,z 1, .- 1 .Q-,:,:g4u,f,'.- .V ' ,,.,, ,..., ..,...,f... :A QQ., .gwgxy --.- V ,.,, ,.,, A , , , , . , .yr . TEAUIIER GULLEGE. E E'f'k'afp., L 'DJ ifizvf, 1 fi gf: 5 ,W Q i' ' . 7 f'lff'+ 1, A f- L Q 1, F .W 5, 3 .Q .m,.',,, 2 s I. ,:, . A ,UK f . Wix Q1-' pl 1 3352 7 PAGE "Tiff Ml TEACHERS COLLEGE ....k,i.,-T, Af llean's Message: Teacher's College insisTs on keeping iTs vision prospecTuvem buT in somewhaT labored re- TrospecT, perhaps iT is righT To single ouT some landmarks in The developmenT of The college. . IT was founded in T905 afTer an earlier de- parTmenTal sTaTus within The College of Li- beral ArTs. ln T920 The fifTh year cooperaTive plan of Teacher Training was esTablished. A program of service Training for Teachers was added in T923 when The College became affili- aTed wiTh The CincinnaTi Conservafory of Music, The College of Music and The ArT Aca- demy. By T928 There was an independenT esTablishmenT of graduaTe professional work. The undergraduaTe college was reorganized in T928 To embrace The freshman and sopho- more years. This made possible, among oTher achievemenTs, The elevaTion of universiTy aTh- leTics, To a sTronger place in The curriculum of The College's four year program in physical and healTh educaTion. The generalifies, Too, are significanT: uTmosT cordialiTy beTween faculfy and sTudenTs, The College's home-like afmosphere, careful sTu- denT guidance, inTimaTe Tie-up beTween The Theory of our universiTy classrooms and prac- Tice in The public schools, The insisTance upon educafion as well as Training a sTudenT To Teach, and The belief in The worTh and char- acfer of our sTudenTs. Louis A. PechsTein TOP TO BOTTOM: MeeT you aT The candy sTand affer class, Now To The regisTrar's office, '42 grad back for more, VVhaT are They Talk- ing'abouT in Ed I? PAGE 4 . TEACHERS COLLEGE LEFT TO RIGHT: Professor Ebyp Profes- sor .lohnsong Professor Poineg Mr. Leifhp Professor Good, Mr. Boileyp Mr. Simp- son: Mr. Hildebrond. fy' p 77 ff ff' x CLIII E-OUIS L . H CC 15 ell! A true educofor with o geniol oir ond interest in people os personolifies-no pedont, h PAGE W., III' , -A -. TEACHERS COLLEGE Working with children ot pre-school and primary ages is the interest ot members ot the Kindergarten Students Club. The members give much time to social service by planning parties at settlement houses and handling tiling in the hospitals. Otticers are: Presi- dent, Jean Clott, Vice-President, Gladys Cuni, Sec- retary, Sarah Jane Wetzel, Treasurer, Martha Fink- elmeier. ROW I: Harrin, C. J. lFacuI1y Advisori, Cuni, G., Clott, J., Finkel- meier, M., Wefzel, S. ROW II: Neidhard, M., Taylor, M., Miller, I., Eberhard, L., Voss, C., Wolf, A., Ludeke, B., Cherdron, A. ROW III: Arnold, E., Taylor, L., Spence, J., Emmich, A., Kramer, M., Fitzgib- bon, F., Keefe, P., Pepinsky, D. ROW IV: Young, A., Stueber, M., Adams, E., Ayer, L., Heitzman, K., Huckaby, R., Howard D., Er- hard, B. KI IIEIIIITIIITEIII i'I'llIIElll'I'i' ITLIII ALPERT, CLAIRE-B.S. A.l.S., Sigma Epsilon Tau. ARNOLD, ELIZABETH-B.S. Kindergarten Students' Club AUKENTHALER, EMMA-8.5. Oratorio. AYER, LUCY-B.S. i Delta Zeta, Kindergarten Students' Club. X XXNN 5 wx A sw x xxX QQ Qx WD It S9 'T BERMAN MARJORIE BARTEL, VIRGINIA BEDWAY, JOHN , B.S. B.S. B.S. Cincinnatian, Band Sigma Sigma, Ulex, Maiorette, Varsity "C" Club, Football. Vani1ies, Arefe, W.- A.A., Wig Wag. Women's Senate 1 Teachers' College Tri- bunal, Arts Board, Arete, W.A.A. BLACK, DAVID, Jr. BONE, BETTY LOU 8.5. BOSK, MARION PAGE B.5. B.S. Alpha Chi Omega, Oratorio, Cadet, Alpha Lambda Delta, Corps, Sigma Epsilon Theta Alpha Phi, Tau. TEACHERS COLLEGE .l u n i o r Advisors, Mummers Guild, Arts B o a r d, Speakers Bureau, Student Di- rector. ggi. 'J a HCL 9 I BOTTOMLEY, M. BREHMER, LOUISE BROWN, JEAN B.S. B,S. Kappa Alpha Theta. Alpha Gamma Delta, Arete, Penguin Club, Pan Hellenic Council, W,A.A. ., Q .Qs-'J F' I,- 1 E E 9 i -Q Nr W! - Mummers Giuld, Arts Board, Cadet Corps, Kindergarten Stu- dents' Club. Remember Those Terrible quizzes in Ed. 6? . . . that second Tloor ottice which seemed To guaran- Tee a Navy commission To each occupant isee Ensigns Stratford, Stewart, and Landholm Tor veri- Ticationi . . . Remember, Too, The introduction of Those Twenty-tive cent identification pictures Tor grade cards: The T. C. equivalent of a passport photo . I . Those vvearying observation Trips . . . i i 's 'Q - . ,X is RQ , . . -.,- , X a ,-, , 5 Q .sy - 'sr- Q64 A ,ii': as .,.,, A sf l..", iifisga T 'L K Q5 1 f 2 BUEHREN, MARJORlE-B.5. Alpha Omicron Pi. CHASE, JOSEPHINE-B.S. Entered from Michigan State University, l94l, Alpha Chi Omega, Business Educa- tion Club. CHEESEMAN, ROBERT L.-B.S. Teachers' College Tribunal, Track, Basket- ball. CHENOWETH, ALICE-B.S. Delta Delta Delta, Cincinnatian, Delta Phi Delta. CLARKE, CATHERINE-B.S. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Alpha ltoa. CLARKE, MARY LOU-B.S. Alpha Omicron Pi, Greek Games, Arete, Penguin Club, Varsity Vanities, W.A.A., Band Sponsor. CLEAVER, DOROTHY-B.S. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mortar Board, Chi Delta Phi, Y.W.C,A., Junior Advisors, Ora- torio, Greek Games, W.A.A., Wig Wag. CLOTT, JEAN-B.S. Theta Phi Alpha, Junior Advisors, Pi Theta, Kindergarten Students' Club, Pres. CREW, CONNIE-B.S. Pi Theta, Kindergarten Students' Club. CUNI, GLADY5-B.S. Theta Phi Alpha, Women's Senate, Teach- ers' College Tribunal, Guidon, Pi Theta, Kindergarten Students' Club, Honorary Cadet Colonel, Pershing Rifles Sponsor. DEICHMAN, MARION-B.S. Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Oratorio, Greek Games, Wig Wag. DI PILLA, AMELIA-8.5. Alpha Lambda Delta, Business Education Club, DOWNEY, JARETTE-8.5. Trianon, Glee Club, Oratorio, Sigma Epsi- lon Tau. FARIANS, BETTY-B.S. A.l.S., Arete, W.A.A., Newman Club. FISHER, VERGIE--B.S. Alpha Chi Omega, Guidan, Profile. FLEISCHER, BETTE-B.S. FRY, EMMA-B.S. Pi Theta. GINBERG, REGINA-B.S. Phi Sigma Sigma, Glee Club, Oratorio, Pi Theta, Kindergarten Students' Club. GLASER, ROSE MARY-B.S. Arete, W.A.A. GLEBERMAN, BETTY-B.S. GREGORY, HARRIETTE M.-B.S. Kappa Kappa Gamma: MOVYUF Board, Women's Senate, Kappa Delta Pi: Y-W-' C,A., Pres., Junior Advisors, Oratorio: Greek Games, Vigilance, Wig Wag: Li'- GUERIN, MARY FRANCES-B.S. Sigma Epsilon Tau. HARRISON, LEWIS-B.S. Student Council, Teachers' College Tri- bunal, Pres., Junior Advisors, Sigma Epsilon Tau. HART, ALICE-B.S. HEDGES, MARY EMMA-B.S. Entered from Eastern Kentucky State Teach- ers' College, l942, Y.W.C.A.g Kindergar- ten Students' Club, Pi Theta. HEITZMAN, KAY-B.S. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Greek Games, Wig Wag, Kindergarten Students' Club, Pi Theta. HOPE, MARJORIE NESSEL-B.S. Phi Mu, Oratoria, Penguin Club, Wig Wag. HOWARD, DORIS-B.S. Oratorio, Greek Games, Kindergarten Stu- dents' Club, Pi Theta. PAGE TEACHERS COLLEGE ' i it i . ,,M....-.M-H -.--N 5 . . . the football players who re- fused to "get dawn to business" in a certain course . . . big-time producers who looked over the candy-stand display with dis- dain, and passed on still tightly clutching their pennies . . . the eternal gripes about that re- quired course, Ed .... Do you recall the open house on the last day before Christmas vacation? 'Cz' HOWARTH, PAT HUCKABY, R. HUDSON, ANNIE B.S. B.S. B.S. Arete, W.A.A. Greek Games, Kind- ergarten Students' . Club. , 1:-:--:-1 -fe , 4-we HUGHES, RUTH E. B. of Ed. Alpha Omicron Pi, Pan Hellenic Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, Oratorio, Wig Wag. JENKINS, AUDREY KELLUM, LEE F. B.S. B.S. Alpha Omicron Pi, Student Directory Pres., Wig Wag, Sig- Junior Advisors, Sig- ma Epsilon Tau. ma Epsilon Tau. KRAEMER, LOIS KRAMER, M. N. B.S. B.S. Chi, Omega, Arete, Business Education W.A.A., Varsity Van- Club. ities, Cheerleader, W.A.A., Wig Wag. Y 'F ' ' i .. -' Q Uk LOOS, VIRGINIA B.S. Y.W.C.A., Junior Ad- visors, Greek Games, Wig Wag. 'FEP LUDEKE, BETTY B.S. Alpha Omicron Pi, Oratorio, Varsity Vanities, G r e e k Games, Wig Wag, Kindergarten Stu- dents' Club, Pi Theta, Wesley Foundation. RAY, MARGIE B.S. Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Arete, W.A.A. LEES, CHARLES B.S. Basketball, Baseball. LUEDERS, ESTHER B.S. Kappa Delta, Pres., Pan Hellenic Council, Mortar Board, Wom- en's Senate, Y.W.C.A., Greek Games, Vigil- ance, Arete, Pres., w.A.A., wig wog. REEVES, R. C. l.. B.S. A.l.S., Teachers' Col- lege Bulletin, Editor, Football, Baseball. . . . always quite the thing . . . the numerous club sales which swelled their treasuries and left you with empty pockets? . . . elementary maiors reciting nurs- ery rhymes-tomorrow's assign- ITISFIT . . - -'., 4 . , -.-w.,..,.,, 'f 6 X 2-X .2 If ii' ' vi ai ' 'Q L - X X n i ' -S Q K , - g - .. 't-. ' C. , 1 Q' H .. ' . 1 x 'T gl 'iff I . sans it . l 5? r ., 9 ,. ' 3 PAGE TEACHERS COLLEGE LUNING, VIRGINIA-B.S. Theta Phi Alpha, Mortar Board, Y.W.C.A., Junior Advisors, Varsity Vanities, Vigil- ance, Chairman, Greek Games, W.A.A., Wig Wag. MAXSON, VERA MAY-B.S. Phi Mu, Cincinnatian, Cooperative Engi- neer, Profile, Oratorio, Wig Wag, Co- ep Club, Business Education Club. MEIER, ROBERT-B.S. Ulex, "C" Club, Football. MERANDA, JOHN R.-B.S. MEYER, BETTY-B.S. Delta Delta Delta, Guidon, Oratorio, Vig- ilance, Commercial Education Club. MEYER, GEORGIA-B.S. Trianon, Glee Club, Oratorio, W.A.A., Sig- ma Epsilon Tau. MILLER, IRIS-B.S. Alpha Gamma Delta, Oratorio, Wig Wag, Cadet Corps, Kindergarten Students' Club. MOORE, FRED C.-B.S. NORGAN, LUCILE-B.S. Alpha Lambda Delta, Mummers Guild, Glee Club, Sigma Epsilon Tau, Business Education Club, Pres. NENNINGER, MARY ANN-B.S. Theta Phi Alpha, Mortar Wamen's Senate, Y.W,C.A., Junior Advis- ors, Greek Games, Lit. Board, Pres., NIPER, LEONARD-B.S. A.l.S., Kappa Delta Pi. NOLTE, IDA-B.S. Trianon, Glee Club, Oratorio, Varsity Van- ities, Cadet Corps, Sigma Epsilon Tau, Business Education Club. OHANIAN, MARGARET-B.S. Business Education Club. ORNELLA, WALTER G.-B.S. Phi Kappa, Football, Baseball, Newman Club. 1-:CL f A 1 Qi S -':': one Zo my ear? was eer so ear y 5'RX g J 31151 - Y? f" RATN- ,.-Q .T 7? nf-,',-:T 4"-1,1773 - - of A7 .1 9. L,.,g,X.. , ' , ' -3 ?fL.,w.AQ- f, cjfjy.,-Q 4 j4,L.,,. -. U- V.-w-JK? Ffh' Y 5126 9 bi Z W-"' 4 fin' f ,J ,vm jf ,mm L: L Q: -rf-vw Q ,f .X :M v-N, .-- 2 ,Jn-1 'ur f dy ,UE y MZ?T,w1 im Lug , v - . . - E. .1 H'-ix -.-1 . XJ . - t N EH Q, Q mv, rj: "JF 1 e ' ,W F11 E-SJHPTH 14' 'vf xg W 11JJ:?'LffW rf , WW 5 E 1:2 P Iig y 115' MZ-,FL W if' 'Ui' 1 I fffk iC.,1.,q I W IVE! DEH YN QK pq!-. 1'-"',Vf'Q1,:i:l.' 3Q'-, ,X il.-lf f-Z.. 1, f ,A , 7:1 G-f"'.' f :C ,,,,' f, dig.. ...eff 3 -4" -L isgxk QSZZQQ ' v-mimi 1 REUWER, RUTH-B.S. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Women's Senate, Guidon, Arete, Dance Club, W.A.A. ROAN, MARGUERITE,-B.S. Dance Club. SAWYER, VIRGINIA Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres., Pan Hellenic Council, Mortar Board, Women's Senate, Y.W.C.A., Junior Advisors, Greek Games, Vigilance, Wig Wag, Lit. SEYLER, DOROTHY-B.S. Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Junior Advisors, W.A.A., Pres. SKORICH, NICK-B.S. Sigma Sigma, Ulex, Men's Senate, "C" Club, Pres., Football, Captain, Dormitory Council. SMITH, ALBERTA Mortar Board, Women's Senate, Pres., Vig- ilance, Wig Wag, Pres., Pi Theta. STEED, HELEN-B.S. Pl-ii Mu, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., Sigma Epsilon Tau. STUEBER, MARVY JEAN-B. of Ed. Alpha Chi Omega, Cincinnatian, News Record, Profile, Y.W,C.A., Junior Advisors, Mummers Guild, Varsity Vanities, Wig Wag, Kindergarten Students' Club, Pi Theta. STURM, JEANETTE-B.S. Varsity Vanities, W.A.A. TAYLOR, LORRAINE-B.S. Zeta Tau Alpha, Arts Board, Director, Greek Games, W.A.A., Wig Wag, Kinder- garten Students' Club. TAYLOR, MARTHA-B.S. Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Senate, Cadet Corps, Profile, Kindergarten Students' Club, Pi Theta. TIERNAN, ROSE MARIE-B.S. Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres., Pan Hellenic Council, Y.W.C.A., Glee Club, Oratorio, Greek Games, VOSS, CAROLYN-B.S. Chi Omega, Greek Games, Wig Wag, Kindergarten Students' Club, Pi Theta. WEHRMAN, KATHRYN-B.S. Arete, Penguin Club, Pres., Varsity Van- ities, W.A,A., Wig Wag, Kindergarten Students' Club. . ,,,. , SC. the 5? . . . mass invasion by the Army and the sons ot old McMicken . . that beautiful drawing room . . . L. A.'s Soc. Department- tourth floor. SENIORS WITHOUT PORTRAITS Florence T. Arnold, Marjorie Brennan, Al- exander Glesen, John W. Lambert, Lila W. Michaels, Frances K. Olmstead. ZINK, FRANCES ZWOSTA, VERNA L. B.E. B.S. Phi Mu, Pan Hellenic Glee Club, Oratorio. Council, Cadet Corps, Pi Theta. WEIL, MARJORIE WEINSTEIN, RHODA B.S. B.S. Wig Wag, Business Business Education Education Club. Club. WOLF, AILEEN S. YOUNG, ANITA B.S. B.S. PAGE Kindergarten Stu- Varsity Vanities, Wig dents' Club. Wag. TEACHERS COLLEGE WILLIAMS, VERA B.S. Cadet Corps. YOWELL, BETSY B.S. Alpha Delta Pi, Y.W.- CA.,, Glee Club, Or- atorio, Sociology Club, Pres. GEM? Y .D-"-1x"'f N- fi e 0512212149 UIILLEGE 0F MEIIIUINE PAGE Ln L 12' wi MEDICAL COLLEGE W M, ..E.E ,LLL, LE,LELE 0 , 5 W , -Tw '- ' eau J an 1 fors L -Mx LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Stevens, Dr. Brown, Dr. LeBfc1nc, Professor Homcm, Dr. Lo- gon, Dr. Webb, Dr. Tytell, Dr. Morgan, Dr. Ruth, Mr. Younker. 4-,W ., M,M,y,w,afX A f Q if -, ..Q..,.J Deon of the college from which he groduoted, Dr. Dorst understands problems from bofh sTudenTs' ond odminisfro' tors' viewpoints. X PAGE MEDICAL COLLEGE MEITIUI E 'I'HElll illllll NUW IT is worthy of note That The Medical College is The oldest in The University. The Medical School is The lineal descendant of the Ohio Medical College established in l8l9 by the celebrated pioneer physician, naturalist, and author, Daniel Drake. The college had an in- auspicious beginning. The faculty consisted of Three members, At one of The faculty meetings one member made a motion that Drake resign, The other member seconded The motion, whereupon Drake put on his hat and an- nounced The motion carried. After a lapse of several years, he rejoined The College for a brief period. There was much strife for many years, and This period is sometimes referred to as The "Thirty year war," The catalogue of about fifty years ago con- tains an illustration of The College building Then located on Sixth Street near Vine. The building was provided with Two spacious am! phitheaters in which large classes assembled for didactic lectures. IA favorite sport consisted in bodily lifting up a fresh front row student and passing him overhead to The last row.T The faculty was made up of The able and leading practitioners of The Town. A common school education was all that was required for admission. Upon The completion of Three win- ter courses of about five months each, The candidate was ready for his M. D. degree. Medical schools grew like mushrooms and at one Time There were as many as six such schools in The city. By a gradual process of elimination or amalgamation, all medical Teaching finally came under the aegis of The University, from which Time forth the Medical College has grown to its present position and stature as one of The leading schools in the country. The late Dr. Christian R. Holmes was The guid- ing spirit in The etflorescence and growth of the institution. The milestones from Drake To Holmes encompass the interesting history of medical education in The Ohio Valley. Samuel Iglauer, M. D. TOP TO BOTTOM: Research personified, Scalpel, sponge, l2:3O class. ALLEN, ARNOLD ALT, LOUIS P, BAUER, JOHN M.D. M.D. M.D. BIEDENBENDER, H. L. BLANK. SANFORD BLOCK, G. L., JR. M.D. M.D. M.D. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Alpha Omega Alpha. As Freshmen: Miss I-look's cheery smile . . . Tirsi clay in Anatomy Lab . . . Then The firsf quiz and half The class Tlunlced . . . The Terrible realizaTion ThaT sfudy six nighis a week was an abso- luie necessiTy . . . college was never like This . . . The Time we meT dynamic liTTle Gus EcksTein . . , Dr. Fischer, who TaughT us ThaT everyThing we hacl learned previously was all wrong. -av T, iii MEDICAL COLLEGE BUCHERT, CHARLES H.-M.D. Pi Kappa Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu. BU LLOCK, RICHARD E.-M.D. Student Council, Press., Pi Kappa Epsilon Pres., Phi Chi. CARPENTER, EARNEST B.-M.D. Pi Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Kappa. CARR, LYLE-M.D. CLOUSE, MICHAEL P.-M.D. Nu Sigma Nu. COOMBS, ROBERT-M.D. Pi Kappa Epsilon. CRAWLEY, CLARENCE R.-M.D. Phi Chi. DALTON, WILLIAM JACK-M.D. Phi Delta Theta, Nu Sigma Nu. DeVAUX, WILLIAM D.-M.D. Nu Sigma Nu. DOTY, EARL W.-M.D. Nu Sigma Nu. EDWARDS, ROBERT L.-M.D. FRANK, FREDERICK W.-M.D. FREEMAN, EDSON A.-M.D. GILBERT, GORDON-M.D. Nu Sigma Nu. GREEN, NORMAN S.-M.D. HAYS, JAMES C.-M.D. Phi Chi H ESS, EMILY ROGERS-M.D. JACOBS, WILLIAM R.--M.D. JURIN, BENJAMIN M.-M.D. KATZ, AARON A.-M.D. Pi Lambda Pl1I. KEN EY, CHARLES W.-M.D. KLEINMAN, RAY B.-M.D. KRAVITZ, HILARD-M.D. LERNER, SAMUEL H.-M.D. Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Delia Epsilon, MGCMILLAN, JANE COOK-M.D. Senior Class Sec'y. MacMILI.AN, ROBERT J.-M.D. Senior Class Pres., Pi Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Omega Alpha, Alpha Kappa Kappa. McARTOR, JAMES R.-M.D. MEEKO, ROBERT F.-M.D. PAGE MEDICAL COLLEGE T. J. LeBlanc, The big hurdle in The sophomore year . . . Dr. Brown's mice . . . did you F and IN Today? . . . when we finally saw an auTopsy . . . Physcial Diagnosis. aT lasT we meef a pa- TienT . . . Dr. Weiss' friendly sar- casm . . . The Time We walked abouT vvifh a sfefhoscope in our back pockeis and feIT like big- shoTs . . . as iuniors: The firsT Time in Clinic and all The "brains" pa- raded before Us emiTTing pearls of wisdom . . . horror of a "liTTle Talk wiTh Dr. DorsT." MYERS, EMILIA M. PATERNITE, CARL. L. PAVLATOS, N. B M.D. ' M.D. M.D. Phi Chi. PFISTER, HOWARD PORTER, CHARLES E. ROGOWSKI, H. F M.D. M.D. M.D. Alpha Omega Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu. Nu Sigma Nu. ROGOWSKI, M. B. RUSHER, MERRILL W. SCHNEIDER, BEN M.D. M.D. M.D. Fhi Chi. Phi Delta Epsilon, Basketball. SCHRIVER, H. M. SIMPSON, JAMES R. STEINBERG, H. H. M.D. M.D. M.D. Nu Sigma Nu. Phi Delta Epsilon. SevenTeen exams - complete physical exhausTion . . . as sen- iors: The Times we ran abouT in on ambulance while on OB and delivered babies in TenemenT houses . . . Those awful lab Tech- niques ThaT had To be learned all over again . . .when ThaT MD degree began To look close . . , Surgical Comprehensives: six hours ol hell . . . graduation- Then inToxicaTion-ThaT funny feeling ol vvriTing MD alter your signaTure. SENIORS WITHOUT PORTRAITS John N. Burkey, Modesto Carrasquillo, Clarence E. Claugus, Edward D'Orozio, Word H. Eastman, James D. Fisher, Victor A. Frame, William B. Gray, Cyril A. Gundlingf John Ernest Hertner, Richard Renneker, Daniel Richfield, Charles M. Simmons, Mi riam I. Smith, Mary E. Sullivan, Arthur H. Wells, Donald S Williams, Davis Williams. - Tn -4.--' Q? -:1 PAGE 93 MEDICAL COLLEGE STRAUS, DAVID A.-M.D. SWAN, HAROLD R.-M.D. Student Council. TARKINGTON, JOSEPH A.-M.D. THOMPSON, NICHOLAS A.-M.D. UTRECHT, ARTHUR C., JR.-M.D. VIGRAN, I. MYRON-M.D. WADSWORTH, CHARLES L.-M.D. Alpha Omega Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu. WAGNER, MARION V, HOLMES-M.D. WESTERBECK, DANIEL J.-M.D. WHEATLY, WILLIAM K.-M.D. WHITEHEAD, PHILIP-M.D. Pi Kappa Epsilon, Phi Chi. WIEDEMAN, JOHN M,-M.D. WILDERMUTH, ORLISS-M.D. WOLF, ARTHUR F.-M.D. Phi Chi. PAGE 94

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