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CEM M T VV T 5 6 7 8 IZ 13 I4 15 I9 20 21 22 26 27 28 29 l 'U 'w 3 S G 7 S 9 lO l2 l 3 l4 V5 l6 l7 l 9 'HO Zi '77 lean Puttmeyer, petite Union Boarder and Mr, Bufsiek, congenial director of Union leave for Convention of college unions at University of Minnesota, Many hopeful men cut classes and spent whole day sprucing up to make a good impression at the Theta Pledge Formal Even the beautiful girls present were overshadowed by the pledge skit at the Phi Delt Formal v Class weary students wander around campus calculating number of days before Xmas vacationf fSigma Chis ho'd skating party. Ardath Burks, Charles Kenney, and Louise lohnson are the intellectual wizards chosen for Phi Beta Kappa U C-ites hope that the basketball team's 47-3l victory over Georgetown is a preview of the whole season l.ou Capelle scores i2 points, Dotty Thauwald, Rod Stewart, less Wilson, Marcella Fink, and Cirace Klein star, and such Freshman charmers as Mary Cortwright, loanna Riley, Pat Easton, Dotty Wittekind, lo Rule, and Crace l-larmeyer put Mummer's "Stage Door" over with a bang Bo McMillan, head football coach at the University of Indiana, speaks at "Y" All-University Stag Ulex selects Pitt, Bayles, Scheider, Daum, Frey, lones, Neff, Bohrer, and Rip Van Winkle during halves of Morehead game U. C 53, Morehead 36. Deshon and Ritter firmly announce that Senior Pictures must be taken before january l. B W O C's elected to Freshman Wig-Wag council were lane Cravett, Maxine Shaw, lean Ritter, Dotty Rempe, Carol Scheid, lane Miller, Betty Doyle, lane Monogue, Patty Reum, Beverly Ewald, Ruth Dunlap, and Tillie Winder. Bearcats meet first defeat of season at the hands of Wayne University to tune of 53-36. Last convocation before holidays brings Dr Frank Nelson with a Yule message and Oratorio Society with a Hallelujah Chorus The Oratorio Society under the baton of Sherwood Kains thrills the audience at Wilson with sixth annual production of "The Messiah," Military Ball brings forth beautiful ladies and escorts resplendent in uniforms as Pershing Rifles drill, Scabbard and Blade pledges QB, and lean Rempe, honorary cadet colonel, is presented The student body has stopped counting clays and is now counting hours until vacation. S A M 's win Intramural Debate for the fourth year Carl Rubin was given first prize, Karl Keck, ind for individual prowess There is a premium on girls as the round of fraternity formals begin. At lastf a-vacation, as students rush downtown to do their Christmas shopping 96 Il I I 1-'111w11 fX11111i1111,111 511111111 N 1 1 5111 1111' 1-1a11'11 ALl1DQV1 51,1151 131:11e1'111e T11111 13151151151 131111 31711179 115111 51111115 Marv C61'l1'11Y1ll Daw 6311511 11g1L'I' 011113011 111114 63111111 111 11i1 D51111111 P10131 DA11111 F1111 F151g11E1i111 D511 C-13111111 M111 C11j1x111 A1 Q131113.L111 1-1111 11111111115 11 11'111 H1111C1' 1i11Y11'111,111 11111 D1111 11711195 P11151 111111311 E11 1111 1 1-V F1111 1.511111 1:11,-11 1 155111 131111 11Y11gi1'1111,1 14111110 511111111 1 1 ,L D111 V111-111-113 1511 1-15115111 11111,-1 B1 111'e1' 1111- Ee1111111C',1. L11:1111. LQ1111111 1111L1' 1 GFFICERS 1.1111111 11,-111:11 1111111 P6111 VV1 1-11111 14111111 5.1 11 511111111 EH" E111"1Ll' 1 1111'1 N111E'113111 1191111 1 1 11111117111 111111111 1111 1111111111 1 1 11111 11111111111111 11111, 111-111111, 1 11. 1 11111126 1111111111--, 1111111111' 21111111 1' 111 1111111111 1 1.1 . -11111111 Ce1g11g111111 111 H1-1,11 11.1111 1N,1111yX.1k1 1 11111311 M11-1 'W D111 11-1,11 P1 t, 111 1111 C1111 1 p1111,1" 1-191-111' V '1 111311 111111111' 1 1111 F111 111' D11 1 1-'11vv1i'11 ., w L11-151 1'11j1' 1 ,, 13111 P1111.1,1L1 L 11 111' 11 11'1 ,1111 1111'11111'1 P111 1111111111r1111 kH11d11L 1-11111 111111'x' 1'111'1'11g 11111, 1'1'111'111 1' 1 111' l P11111 f,11111,1 111111111 "11f111., .1 11.11 1,111 11111111111111 l3rC:1111Y-111 P'1eg11,11,-111 1r513L111'e1 Seq 1141511 A1,1v11-,or A111 1111 131,11 f411211 11' f1'111,',,11 1141111 S1111 11 1 f'111'1 1Q1.11.11e1 X1 L11111 :W A11 1711115111 '11 '111 '11,111 W11'1 X1111 11-11 E1111111 11'111 TQ11111-1 111.31101 L1 '11111 F1111 i1"1 PM 11 D1111 15131111 1111, 55111 13111111 11.11 111511 11311 111 11,'1q 01111 C-11x111"'I1111111 1 HY-11 L1111 L.311111,11l1Q F-11 M31 11114 EH11 1311111114 11 11Y1 M6111111' 1.111111 1-1,1111 1111111 f-1111 , 1 1'1'11 1 1.11'11111'1x Q1111'1 1X1111' 1111.1 Ma-11 11111 1".1'1 1,1 19 Le11111. 1- 111111111111 1.11 IIB 11 1-111 1,11,1 3111 D111 L511'1,1111- 1-1111111 151111 111 111-1 1 C H I C I4 MILEH A A T H L E T I C D I R E C T O R WOODWORTI-I W ' ' ' " "" f"" 5 Vg, Q . ,, W '-, f ', '32 1. r ' . .- ' V , 3 5, r gg . 5 4 . gs 1 V' . - 5 I. ,Q .' ks x.p,,Q5,.3Y:' , , , A. ,I - ' X Ki -F552 I ' '2Z5L4,j5 ' 'ff 3 f. T 3 M EYER ANDERSON WM up-in--.J -.Q nu-in-i f' -ww . "'. :U-TT Vw '-.'D1',- 91-1 CCLUHD F1f'V.'.' p: i- ffm Xt . ?.1g.P-- T111 D Vp., ,wx :, x FOUFTH PCN PM MN BONAP Rx IQII " T"'LiV'1i", fix, "Q, F3-l'wre', F 'fix A' ff ' 1,'. 3 :My F'1v.eN, Mwrtwedf, Fxfaf, TAFI.-u , rw 5- bert-QV, FQ-,g,.1wm iffu, E ',,f E -,vw H:-5'Ni1:', 'faux' Saw 1' ,,A:N Vw FWJMAWY, Qpp-sr'wi:ewr'w ", NEH3, Cirxmi Vvwewjvrwdv, fi-Mir" Dv 'im.3d'ws HABY VANXVINKLE KOLP iff"""', 3 'mi .x 1 if 1 LOUISVILLE 9 CINCINNATIIQ Cul dtngl A . reloxenatecl Bearcat xxttlw sharpened claws, more vltallty, entltuslasnw, and splrut marches into Ntpoert Stadnurn and nwetnodncally dussects the touted Loulsvrlle Unlverslty Car- new coach, two ot them, ongnt new names tangle on the program We lllqe to near tlwe names ot loe Meyer Ped Woodworth and l-lnnlc Anderson Tnere us sonwetlwtng pleas- etnt lil vlctory Wutlw renewed wgor A A A new blood A sptnt and tnsplred ettort A A tlwe tntnre Qt tlwe Eegtrcet lools Llt'lClI3IWl:3lDly brlgnt-er Ceotaun Harry Shelby turns ll'l tlwe lstlctl lQll'Illlqilll' portorntanco Lonuswlle retreats tlwe wlser tor lmwng encountered our stout lmctrtcd ldcls on tltre grld everyone on the Bearcat cettnlms IS tlwe happier A A tlwo tall lt is 'wud dncl plcwf 'lnl ..c- -is cgc A L. AITTEWEDE CEPDSEN O E l-l : Q' Y Ax, JA AA X F J A fum 5 HQ!! with-zsameassalm ILLINOIS WESLEYAN O CIN CIN N A TI 6 Victory is exhilirating old grads return to see second game highly en- thused Titans ot lllinois Wesleyan meet Bearcats and get decisiye turn- back . . Otto Oppenheimer punts ball around park with ease , . . guard and senior Bill Oeh turns in admirable pertormance . Bob Teubner catches everything around his end at the expense ot aserious injury . i Malloy Dixon and Sid Friedman proye two excellent sophs on way to win berths tor lteeps . . . coaches tickled with smoothness ot Notre Dame system swing , , man- ager Bob Bachmeyer turtles out to boys with into and water, too . . . Red Cerdsen cayorts at the ciuarter-back post in distinctive style . . grads, stu- dents and players alile, leaye tired but haDDV number two challed up in xiictnry column IUEESNER lvl CARVIN HELEN' . . ,-AE,, t X 4 A fuk K W fa-fs w iw s Q ' G' f O 'Nr 7' 52, ' - - I 'G ' lv Q4 . ' in 5 f -. .1 I A . .I Q- . as ,... . ,.4. , , S, 47 .. "tg ati' - ' 1 5 . , , L '3?4-N A ' . ' 0 ' ' -5 " ' ' ' if tf't'1YY':ai wists' gf Q' -r j Q Q s K - eh-w p.. . ' .. ' if-2 1 fx. - -if N '-1.2 .V P- 5 . uf ' , r . . , iw 1 , . . ':'1s:5c'gi::.v-. . T: i ' - an . .1 L iz , I 'X ' """ " , . 9 , , V t' ' ,wg-4 , I , 1 .:1.z:If.i:1f' ' " 1 ' ..,.-t-I.:-sv...f..1-ft' -2 ..,, -sam as v '.. Us.. . F 2 Hx. . In mgrzv-is A xx A 4, Q- V1 .is J a Qi! . , V ,Lt N r . j"'j':"",5,.c:',....3g -5- fi sf mga N , f 5. .M Q A ., ., ...N 3 A A ...,, X , Y, i 3 ai, ,b 3 A X wx I 'Y iqww 'Q I' 9 Q 2 fi I I s Af 'VK t t o "JH " 'X t 41 A at +. A .S 5. --f M fl W' 'Ma -' -. -..,- , . -wreak. . " srwwiwswfa' M. M , X , o Lrg .N , j - ' V -W ' ' A i DAYTON26 CINCINNATI7 University ot Dayton Flyers literally annihilate Bearcats with deadly aerial bomb released by highly rated backs . . . scjuad replete with injuries under crushing blow , . i Bud Kelschner sutters paintul knee injury , . . Ed Alexan- der, Claude Wilson and Dick jones blast away from guard positions with help from punished teammates c , i George lvleyers and Roy Malone look likely as backtield men are replaced . i i Coach lvleyerand Anderson dejected on bench as unexplainable deluge ot penalties and injuries pile up , . , scjuad looks sad . , . big Oppenheimer lets one go and the pertect punt crawls down and out on Daytons six inch line . . , band scores yictory with Alexanders Ragtime Band . . . mourntul look gives way in anticipation ot following game , . . campus has contidence that is inspiring , i . inspiring enough tor scjuad to dig in hard- er in practice. IONESBOHRER PQPOV " A 'ff If . . . X, .- A: f ' - 'l' . y , ' f ' - , X . ' V l 1 'f' a ,N A ' .4 ,f ' ,.- , . ' , Q, f i 3, 0 , ,. 'Hg ff. saw. if rf 1 , , Y R 5 ""'vv. A .f.s,,is.1 L 4 WAY -rf f as 1 ' 'ff I . , - fr sgJ"M'?3 5355! .L u V ,r A V J 'VM g M T A M P A6 CINCINNATI7 From daycoaclw to Pullman to Florida and to Tampa and a needed yictory , grapefruit game postponed a day because of lwurrlcane over gulf area . . l-larry lvllttewede quarterbacks persptrrng team under a blusterlng sun , . . George Meyers turns tn ftne game as flgntrng fullbaclg Ntck Qaryln lost to squad wltb broken yyrtst Roy Malone looks flne as Bug Walt Aplte loses anotb- er cbance to turn a stellar performance by ylrtue of a leg llllLll'y Buck lordan takes oyer actlye managerslwlp Wlll'l unparalleled :eal Smttb Capelle smaslwes and drlyes on sturdy legs to gaun and gain , r , Ralph Mcblamee man- ages to bundle in armfuls of legs and stop things around lms end . , s Tower Robertson stretclwes out snags ground-galntng passes . , . team looks better s Confidence returns wltlw squad , ,trtp all tlsre educatlonal value professed by Dean lyleyer CAPELLE N CARVIN I-TELCHNER WESTERN RESERVE 33 CINCINNATI O lt is difficult to believe that the Bearcat Team could bog down and set such a slow pace Western Reserve was definitely the team all the way the boys tried hard but eyen the collective pat on the back and spirit didnt break the stride Scotty Kolp gets more injuries than he can handle Coach Meyer refuses to substitute freely Director lylileham suffers a headache . Freddy Fleig contemplates publicity for game warily , , I Grads get sleepy students actually sleep , . . eyen band reflects spirit . , , some' thing wrong Chuck Rounds, Dan Garvin, Don lacobs and Bill Ferguson stand out in performance . squad absorbs terrific punishment to appease yictory of Red Cats Coaching staff anticipates heayy game and plan stiffer xi.oi'lQrits for following week. F 5 P Q l, 51,3 ll 5ChlVxfAl2bUhtsi lvl c ltl XX hl E E F . xsxff, I Q ' T -u ,rg-rx, ' 9 ,ll"- K ? 1 I , , I fM..4a.v.j . " , - r--c , .4 an 1 7,141.1 OHIO UNIVERSITY I3 CINCINNATI I2 Migration day tinds Bearcats at Athens with surprisingly good chance to take Bobcats into camp , as expected game turns out to be best played all year , , , coaches well satisfied . everyone enthused , high spirited souad takes oyer Athens' l-lotel Berry and celebrates until traintime daring Dick Powell and bobbing Bob l-leuck migrate and get lost in vicinity ot Athens 'lSmitty" Capelle crashes through Bobcat line again and again Bobcat band sports two swell drum maiorettess Bill Ferguson twinkles at a tackle post , Sid Friedman eases around end in good style , loe lvleyer well pleased i tlunlq Anderson and Red Woodworth talk about coming things PANCALLO OPPENHEIMER D, CARVIN -.I Af' i 1 AI! i 1.4.1 I i- I- 1 gp'---'-Q" ' . c ,n , '- ij ig 1 lg V -, 14" , i 'Agn-1 ' - - Y - .. " My' V' A - .--, N a - fungi' OHIO WESLEYAN 7 CINCINNATI I4 Battling Bishops back on Nippert Turt again to meet Bearcats in what is becoming fighting tradition . , . Coachas more confident . , . boys in high spirits . . i campus enthused about everything including the game . . , grads too . . . Bearcat ottense tairlv scintillates , , , rvthmic shitt ot Notre Dame leaves the Bishops confused as Bearcats march ott to easy but deserved vic- torv . s . Chuclc Rounds, Dan Carvin, Walt Aplee, Don lacobs stand out tor Cin- cinnati , . , Homecoming , , , nostalgic moments . , , band svvings out with novelties and all that , . , Van Pelt is on the lips ota spellbound stadium dur- ing the halt , Cincinnati and Victory sounds harmonic and pleasing as it should, APKE DIXON MALONE 3? B i A I ...1...7,- ,. ..-r-v4-ui nl 1- 101 X H MARSHALL COLLEGE 27 C I N C I N N A TI 9 Cincinnati kicks high and long , . . the Thundering l-lerd ot Marshall take the ball i one down , , , touchdown , . , a confused Bearcat squad calls time , , redeterrnine their position . , . on to the goal and a touchdown . A A the game eyens up . . I Oppenheimer Blocks a screaming punt deep in Mar- shall territory and two more points tor an exuberant Cincinnati squad . . . Bearcats lead the ganne . . . Marshall and its rnentor Cratty Carn l-lenderson corne back stronger and harder and push the unwilling Bearcat back literally crushing the bewildered lads . 4 . Cincinnati recuperates and holds the l-lerd tronw stanipeding . . . Coach Meyer calls tor rigid practice tor the week in anticipation of the Redskins ot Miarni in the traditional tiltl FRIEDMAN ROUNDS ROBERTSON WV X ,, ,. U . Wives., , .K - .,,. . , , ' X f' K -' ' 1,- -'.,:'. ' ' 'W' ' . .-.1 4........1' . MIAMI UNIVERSITY I6 C I N C I N N A TI 7 Thousands jam Nrppert Stadium as raun sprunkles the fueld and the setting for another "turkey day" battle presents itself , . . Bearcats and Redskins scent trctory airlke looks luke the Bearcats are slated to vvrn by a touchdown s . . lklrarnr vvrth an understandable surge of strength leaps ahead and holds the rnargrn to the bltter end . , lvllami proves one touchdovvn better as Bear- cats try lu vlndrcate themselves in the last few minutes of play , . . seven seniors frnrsh therr rntercollegrate football careers tvrth the Bearcats , . l-lar- ry Nhttvvede, Captarn l-larry Shelby, Bull Oeh, Albert Cerdsen, Edvvin Alex- ander, Malt Carvln and Bob Teubner vvon't be playing on the Bearcat squad anymore one of the funest seasons in Bearcat hrstory dravvs to a close and everyone as happy s . and looking forvvard to the next season l fl C O Fi S fl I N E R B O L E S fx RQXV 5011311 Ivhwweff, Emxw, XN'e4dmv1 Lugnlml, Alibi. Tgmcr, HM flfrxm fm, fiArv'm Baumfarfner, Hamer, Hemp Ciwrtx Wahimguy Sferrwiwgfrl' :mix X'.'v-Tvwfrh DLE POXV Maolni Dl,IfTQI'rjN Qgpp-Ale, Ifjvm-'QI IBCOUE, ,flIIf'V, Crue I, Vfrq1,Ll'w lflgqwwhrfmr IM! i W Wav M-exer NT ROXVV LCv1fl'u5n. Pnpfw, Dwwv, lex, QM.. XN'3m'mtv 'Twvwwvw-i fjw1"v1, Fruwlwuw ' gl : -, ' ' :.Y:,f,"ig'15,1s::-, :ren - pw., -- :V Af' N Q i 11 . .. . , + s si, x-.A a. ., ,,, Q. ..+ .1 W. .,. . . A vis .a ,w r -flvilsas .iivgiifsii-:QV im .1 as f as W' 'QQQZ ggi its we mf.t13.Y?Sw 'r -,s - -A-we-'ssr4,t"ff"..xi'f:N-'N'i:?f.s.-Esitsw.: lgrzl-rv fi --Je '5w,p,.s r . 'k4:g:MaX1,x1gQKt if +u,-xSfh+.,'ig5e-S-N figs-5, ,,.,, .re fy rt NWA Nvxq- jim -'AQQQAI' x g, A-. 5:-xy-,.-.. !..,q:1,:.'1X,,: . ,ws TWH?g-f3wwttS'5TS5s?is3w it ff ' gsft' E' Pa 5-f--',wk.'M' r' if?9fff'1f'hTv-'I f .4 Ms'iiSg:s:iJxa'wg'e::g--.:ss:'.g.:fi64"'4' 1 ' t -:.wN,1gtg5svx- N .,:,s'-.:-:s.:t:w...- -vw v sr yffff r - - X-:i . T 's:s5:fef4fff's--r- 1' f i X -. V , .YA ' i .fr ox - wgv:m,g'.'-Wafzqru im ir Wa i ff 1' i Q -QS-Fi, X SFR i t -st r RUG . " -4- T MWEP- . if fav 'C 1: X NQQNI ,S . tg ., . ,.,, 3. Q . ,,.. V X ima' - iv "' 5ta.s.,K W,,.ifff'113 ' No.1 ,, 'sew - f gg-ext,-., so X , Ysrrtg- - , qs Q? -' A t .qns"'3gik3gfE!i'dW- Qs -Q QW ' gtzissgstegtt ' 3 NNN -X X 2' 1 ig, Q 533, 1. Q I AX Kwai- f. six msgs. ,X N. ciw,-5:'p+siL?l- SQA? ,.-grv' yxigtif -N ' r K ' . ,Qc - 1,4 xi f.f'-,Mg , A- 'tsp xi, 'Y-1 X A veg m A Aff, sf X is - ,1 1. A-1 Q' ,re :Q N --rf 1: Q fa , tx ' ti...-C .mfr f-' r 'ss ist ptr: Q- 1 ' r' Q i Q ' A g- C - z r . P' i - .1 X -Nw h W fist, lfitfygggor :JY -1 :ire K: U x . r , -' ,RRP-', - ,faq as 5.32 The Unixersity of Cincinnati Varsity Bearcat is published quarterly pi. the Varsitt Letterman Club in cooperation with the Department ot lntercollegiate Athletics Printed in attractive colored format, illus- trated iiith action, team and individual photographs ot players, coaches and personnel, the magazine endeavors simplicity of copy, design and dualitt without pretentiousness STAFF Martin Rosen , T Editor Pill Hopkins , Associate Editor tsliclg Carxin Associate Editor Andrew Hopple Features Patricia Dotle , Typist lagrie Byrne Typist Bob Combs Circulation Editor Protessor Charles Mileham Advisor Professor Palph C Eursielg Advisor DEPARTMENTS loseph A Neyer Vifalter "Rip" Van Xftfinlxle Linus l-laby Scottt Kolp 0, N. Nickolott BUSINESS STAFF Henrt jordan Otto Oppenheimer Bob Chace Bop Teupner lohn Popov -iigi - , SCHEDULE A- a, CEG"g,:Tcvxxr. " Cwrugrwwu , X' 47 -L, Mfjlfeiqewi Cwflr " 1 , W. ,- ,, , 1. fluff, ww .- L-VUIWLLICL x W Cm: mf wfmfx Q w LQLHSXNL v.'- H C1rNffwr',1fl Q4 XX'1vr-:xy r TY CWC "X' J" E13 Tded: 4g Cw1::rgm fy Xlwami EJ Cwmjwzwrmtw '13 DJ, mr" Af Crr:Qwr:rmTl 47 x.'3r'5f15:" Cuiwr-V:,1'm if f5xL1,,Vmirml 'L Cw,.Iwr1mTN il D53 Tarn 41, Cwrzgwrwgffl 27 X"vL'PV, Q' f::wjw':'LfTl -L7 ,Y i3'irw LV, -HX Cnrwiwrmgam 47 fxL1r'iL'3.NN , C:H'M:1!EHdfl 1. L ' ilifl JW CHRC'rwg1TN 42 LETTERMEN 7'Qfw l1ENLFEflE-EYJDEF, Cgfptgawrl L O U C A F P E L L E O L L' A L T O N Q Q F L' Q F: W L L I F F E D XV I N j U C P Q E R Lf Q El F A N1 I3 J Q H N M I C H V D L E Ei I L L 'Aw, ' 1 P E HEFTSCHEL SMITH DVC! 'AVELV' PCJXVELL F F' fx N I Ox Q N E 2 ETBALL Uckef, Kamp, Van XXHm1-le, Pcwell. MCC3rdNe, Bwedemhemder, Baclmf-yn S U ll VAN WINKLE C O A c: H N O T E II111 I 11-1-1'1b1111I.1L11II 1 1 11 I 1 1I1.1' I1'1XI111'11Q111'1'11I1TLdI1 1L1I1II1 I' TI11, U11111g1'51I1, Qf C111111111L1I1 III IIILIII 1111 XV1 1 111 1 IIIII -11111111191 111111 II1 I 1 1 '1 IIII III II1 II 1 1 I ,L ,,,1.1 1,1112 111v11'II1 11I11I1? I-E1gg11111111g 1I'1i 111 131 IIL'I II Ig I11- 512111511 II 11111111 1s.I111gI1 I1g1j II11 -II11g I:11,1,,111RL1f: 1,1 71 1.111 TIEI-QIL If Ed I111iI 1,11 1'1gI11 YI'I'11'1.11 1I11,'f I311' g,1'1 1,1 , -I'-If P1311 I' g"111g 511L11I Io I'I,11111g 'I1 1-1,1141 ICM, 11'1g 1,,11I1 111 Qg,11gIfa ,gm 11:51 -IIM E1QQ1I1',,iI5 1jI'1v1I I1 :I III II 11 'IH Iv1f,'I 11.115 1111 1 ,Q,11111g I1111 II'11j C355 411 CIO1 II N O T E S Trgwgfrr g To L.Q,r,.rsxrrl'3 and wrhom rlmg ferxrcfis ur CJDGMV krrwji ELredrer'.h wrder, tha Priarcgis Mgr. err urrhzri game and mm 2+ ir , , Mil-e'f, lfgzfrg- 3176 Vhrf go wld rr +6 zrziimj IEW jrfrd hrr rhf hOOLIr hir ff porrrl , , , I-imrru grad Mm ghrhe on thc defcmf ?ffur'r'rr:'g ro fhi' hrjrrrfi Court gr-rd ah- ini' :wifi-r, Th, XQfr'5rT, YVIVIW 3 Trjugh ffrl'w',g'rir' Cciregge Qurmfgf :FS-27 A . I-ob Errr,-fifryrrhzhder' :,rf51r'5 The 'Cam To wif fgry x-.rth J Shgrlurg QH round perform- ,wte . Cgfperk bmgg U hows low-1-,-rrrrg ro Tfirfidfjr 10 gmgage rhrf h 5hQ,ftfr,r?r3d TUWQ-do Fodeta hrwds Thr! Hc'.EfT+rrrr. ,,,f rr or the Qhort errrl or ga +L' F5051 r ,rrrrr hrjrid, th! vhrghf, Chdl' NL: ff' 2 flxhj gljffxi VrCTr,:r" No ! found Thu Eearriats Trgr-nrrrjrrq therr Tmdrhrjmal hge! Mrmhu Unra- .erirfy ,QT Qsfird 1urrr3rr'rg mm rhe it 'he rzpefwrg XX,X, hiirre rhe 'Cars mrrr rr am 6511, 'LS-51 v-.urr A , Carrtarrr Ewdurwf herwder Jud lfalhrjr flvhlf, havrjvi xmrlh NWIJITINYN f:Werwzuf Car:rfHrg md Iufilor rrorch ff pw-T'3 lf1tr.xe'3rw Therh 3,315 Ur: 'heir l'rQVr':f3 HOQI' Jggmrr the hrgjg 4ror,1r'rd th: lfP3,rorr Flyers by gr acore uf -V-f7 LQ-rr Cjrp-Q-Ire srrrd H1311 Bneder- hfdrgr 'h VP ,nd If rjromrg. rf?-p6C1'uxf,'fN, Lui 'hi rf"5fCV luder :rm -',- ds up thy' frgrjl r,'r. 'h sgrrre griur pgrszurrg Hr,mrrrrgr+grrr XV VM was The ecerme of 'F'-5 1 -7-+ Klfgr-fjgf -grrfjrj,w'rrQr The srrcrrng x-4f:VEh3': Cifhige rrwrtfif urisgr The 'Car-2 im EI lvggfrfhregl Cr xxrrh wwe rmxwfe +3 gp iher Hgrrj Ercmrrr, three rrrgrrrr-A md drwrr The hghhrrg Vargrr, fflfff Vrjrrrrp ho1d'1 LJ!-Fhrqlrirfgrr iurg Fr rfrm rg rjrrzrg prjrrrrr , hnjbjfrr hrig rfjrr G rr,rr"rrr5 Eng Lou Cgfpili, rrrrggfis Trrrr ,grrvj the hrgg rmss hug. :,f'.xg: V -..r,r 3? Qs BACHMEYER M ADJA GE R The 'Cats return to thelr home floor and the vtctory trawl when they outlast a gallant out easrly tnnng Alumnr team Ballard Austmg, Baldt, Summerwlle and Brooks shine the oldtlmers Illtt and Kamp score QE pomts to pace the Bearcat vlctory ' U C travels to Dayton to meet the Flyers but stopped lay that old tnnx r The Bearcats are way ott form but the Daxtnn lads are plenty hot , Ft-,ferg -LC, 'Cats 27, Reluvenated Bearcats claw the Wtlmlngton College qulntet agaln . Capelle and luclfer score l-l and lj pomts ll? the rl?-36 tnumph Kamp and Bteden- hender detenswe Stars Western Reserve Unlversuty IS the net-t xfucttm ot the conttdent Bearcats and lose to the tune ot -lf'-Sli? A , Even hus trouble cant stop the boys now . . , Capelle and llltt hut tor lf and 9 pounts Marshall Colleges Thundering l-lerd mxade Cmcy and tall hetore the 'Cats . . , U C leads at the halt H-li . . . the Van Wmltlemen platfng a delayed ottensa lteep plunglng and wan B5-BU In a nzp and tucl. game Capelle and lllft are the ottensne stars , , , Kamp, lucler, Nltre, Dalton, Btedenbender stand out on defense r pest game ot the wear and the 'Cats gain retenge The Bearcats close the season wth an tmpressute tlctory over the lxfluamt Ped- slons r , A rough and tumble contest vlhtch saw touls heung called all over the place , the Varsttg start sfowlt out plcls up speed and wan -l'ff3l llntt and Capelle score li and ll to lead the team , , Kamp and Bledenhender shtne on the defense ni 'GMX' X.-NP get-55555 Such sluggers as Tower Robertson, Eddie luclaer and Red Powell tound them- selves this year under the capable tutelage of head mentor "Rip" Van Winkle and the Baseball team coordinated well to take hard earned victories over highlv touted opponents With batting, fielding and tearn-work better Coach Van Winkle was pleased with the showing ot his team tor the season Wading through a ditticult schedule and with bovs improving and showing enough abilitv to win tryouts with farms ot maior league clubs the team has this year an enviable record and when practice sessions take up next year the aspirants tor team positions will have a higher mark to shoot tor. L E T T E R M E N S C H E D U L E T O M B I 5 H O R OBERLIIXI COLLEGE ED ALEXANDER OHIO uRIIvERsITv lvl I LT BRooI:s EASTERRI STATE, Iiir. b I c IQ II A R R IXIIIAIVII uItIIvEI2sITY TOWER ROBERTSON LOUISVILLE UITIIVEPSITY E D I U C lx E I2 IEIITLICIWurIIvERsITY CHARLIE IWEYER DANTOIRI LINIVERSITY HARR, MITTWEDE LouIsvILLE IHIINIIMEFISITH' LEIRITPE COLLEGE U I C lt P 0 W E L L Ieriruciwuriiverzsitv A L R I Q H T E IQ DANTON UIRIIVEFIEIITY , CENTRE coLLEoE 'O E L O W R El EAsTERIsI state Iiv, lOl-IN PAUL IOIXIES LIIIAIII urIIvEIcsITY I .n..',:am:rs,.. .,-A - wif,-wee--ow I--f .s s ,. ,. . vs X CHE l t giit lfalrriny Bausewine, Fessler, Smith, Pteitter lCoachi. Fletcher, Kocher, t-leucla, Teub- X THC Srumpe 'Freshman lxlgr J, Hollrneyer, Plettner, Wfescott Senior Mgrl. Vxfitte, Waller, x T nerl I M M I N G ln keeping with the general trend ot improvement the swimming team took top honors W.nning all but one meet they brought their successful season to a close by overpowering a strong Western Reserve team The men exhibited such tine team work that it would be ditticult to tind one out- standing Mention should be made though, ot the captain, Dick Fletcher, who was highpoint man ot the season Bill Smith, handsome custodian ot the Athletic Department, also turned in a tine record, thereby making him second in high point scorers I F L E This year the Rifle Team again entered intercollegiate competition with a number ot men who were capable ot performing in admirable style and several notable victories were evidenced Several meets were conducted this gear on a telegraphic basis and the results showed that this year's team pertormed outstandingly and could compare with the tine teams ot the past in rank The triumphant ritle team is proud ot its record and points to the rnen returning next year testitying to growing interest in this irn- portant sport. N C I N G A highly rmproved and rated team, the U. C Swordmen, carried a rather full schedule They were successful in most ot their ventures and promise an even better team next year ln the spotlight' as usual were the Red and Blacks Dick Bechtenwald and lohnny Crittith Rechtenwald is the master ot the saber and tolls Alex Alexander who handles all three weapons also turned in a commendable performance, L E T T E R M E N GEORGE BAUSEWINE BiLL DALTON DICK Hercnere rcapri pici4 rioLLMi2vER ROBERT Kocrieit srufxiar PLETTNER loan Poivov BILL R USS l2lCHARD BILL SlVllTl-l EUBNER LKER WITTE WESTCOTT llxflgrl BOB T WA SWIMMING SCHEDU Kenyon -l6 Crncinnati Vrfmenbefg I3 Cincinnati Mrchigan State 3 Cincinnati Wittenberg T Cincinnati Wayne U 53 Cincinnati Ohio U 34 Cincinnati Ohio U V9 Cincinnati Western Reserve 33 Cincinnati L E T T E R M E N E D C E B l-l A R T Ci U Y O D O lvl R O , N I X O N MYRON lOl-lNSON L R P E A S L E E W Ci . L E I-l lvl A N LETTERMEN HN CJRIFFITH DICK RECHTENWALD ALEX ALEXAND l O E R 118 Vxfrth a track lsr rtearly talr shape CrrrcrhrratrS tracl. tearrt had rolgrre thart a regcrectalnle chance ol gGlllIWQ tfllo COlTdIllOl1 to meet ggmtg Qt the gtrglrtgfil' Trecl. Tealrlg ot The lTrldvXrQSl C0351 Vwlaili "Red" Woodworth succeeded Charles Nlrleham as tracl. coach thus, tear wrth Coach lX.'lllE'll3l7W dEX'OllI'lg hrs ehtrre turtle to the drrectora ghrp or the Athletrc Department Thus gear tcrrtrrd lvlarxrrt Cahrlcrrr bacl ll? Lrmforrh to assrat wrth the coachrhg alter hawrrg oaced the Bearcat lracl Team for three year? Vxflth more c-rrthlelelagrrr and maternal Qoatjh X'Vcrcrdworth louhd that hrs IxlW6l'l could he drgf trrhoted rrr all of the exwertta and he ettected a more balanced team Last leafs orttgtahdlhe tracl mart. lohh Comte, retrrrrred to .garrx ll7VOl,lgl'l l'lWClSl ol the Seaacrh Sl:OVllxlg llherallg XVrth the rettrrh ot Several veterarrs the team wag strerrgtherled The dasheg totemd Scrrgrhomore lullah l-lolleshder and Stf?lWlOF lvlult CJSFMIIW trr the short dashei wlth Bull Hcrplrhs, Brucc Erowrr Harrx Acthert, George Foster and Pau! Bums rrthhrrlg the lcrrrefdrgtmceg Freltj lourwd Bob leuhher, Dah Carvrh arrd Srrrrth Cargrelle throwmg the laxellrz, drgcug and shot-put The tearrr gcrerrerj well ll'l exert KITTQQT and tallhg '-.everal br excellent coordrrratrort amd good rjlractrgtg xworl ljll the new rracl LETTERMEN Lflll-'r lQlhElQllrlEH 'Q l r f ll l- e l r ll ll rl Er,l,rT rl T I' A' l' H Y lX ' Q l' l' ll 2 l lt l' U ll lf it l r tl cw rr! 5 more lf rt ll l 5- ll lf r: Z MJ H W Q U U I-l I E S C H E D U L E l- Cl lf ri l r rr or r rv fl ft lllltl tl fl or L L CE ' 'Tr, If KfUL dm wl lflqll. erglrw l lf 'P' lfraltj llfllXEF3lTXr t f'tl'V lll l-flllllfflll llllllrltllt UlllXEl!ftllXr ill L llcjlll llli of-tlllirtl l-3llllkl'ftITlt' Dc-spate a vlealerred team the U C het :nerr were agatrr soccew- lol Ther' operred the QGSSOH by dOX'l.'I'llllg the Nlldllll Pedslms, thue dup-lrcatrhg therr rlctorr of last tear Colt Bull Tallnert and lxflrlt Margolts were left from the lettermah ot Ia5t seasorr Talhert ot hatlohal amateur tame ll,ll'IWQd :rr hlg Cl,lSlOlUSll't hoe worlr, whsle sophomores such as Polly Hoople amd Al Dorrlirar showed the pcrtehf tlal power ot the team LETTERMEN SCHEDULE rrlrrorl rlfxrxcorrg lxllflltll l,llllX'EF'Sllw .el -, .ee ,f-.lr1c tlttrlcrfglrt lhr'ft" 'UUr'lCll'lle vtrtgraltiwrl irfxrc R'.'lLl.l!XlxT OWENS rtrlrlocrl ccrrrgtgg at ,, - cr A rl r 0 rl Hldltl SCHLALHT rcrlrrsrjtt leltllxcr-litlrw xxlrrlfxrt rwrecr-sr EHIEKQI f-H0nLLLLEE?E i 'Xl ll LQ Yr L0Ullr ellllOl rrfrrell LllIllEF'SITY U!XllTlll lfoitcll Nllfrltl utll l,l5lTY Ollllrr flfxlc l,,llIlXEl'l1tTlr G Y M LETTE R M E N IOE AIXIICIQ E:ILL BISCHOFF EPANI1 FIELMAN BILL cRIIvIIvI DALE LUTHER IOHN PORTER PfRRY RITCHIE EOE SARSEIELIJ wELpEisI XNlESSl'lELlXflEN HLEIERT CALLE AL ITIRTLEY DICIX XVI-IITE GI O L F 1 v-Qi I V- .U The gym team broke precedent this year by appearing in a musical comedy and literally beating every opponent faced on the court and mat. Coach Frank Mixie has developed such outstanding lads as Frank Fielman, Bob Sarsfield, Bill Bischoff, Perry Ritchie, Bill Grimm, loe Amick, Dale Luther and Welden Wesshellmen. With grace and delightful skill the gym team entertained several times between the halves, of basketball games always with the warmest approval of the audience. This year the golf team paced by Dick Meinkin and lohn Norwessel and Bob Vordenberg found their way over a rough field and their shots accurate enough to score over their opponents with ease in some meets . . . with difficulty in some . . . and naturally dropping one now and then to more fortunate teams. The collective efforts of the boys on the team this year was encouraging and the divot digger squad has a promising future in teeing off into a bright future. SCHEDULE MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY T E N N E S S E E KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY CENTRE COLLEGE MIAMI UNIVERSITY MIAMI UNIVERSITY DAYTON UNIVERSITY KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY CENTRE COLLEGE OHIO INTERCOLLCIATE DAYTON UNIVERSITY LETTERMEN I. A. CI-IAMBERLIN CHARLES I, FUI-IR WILLIAM CEBI-IARDT RICHARD MEINKIN IOHN MORWESSEL OUY STARTSMAN ROBT. VORDENBERO IOI-I N WOOD RICHARD F. NEFF 'Vs i IOE DOWNEY INTRAMURALS The intramural division ot the athletic department main- tains the finest form of diversion and wholesome recrea- tion throughout the school year The program ot athletic games is on par with that ot the larger Eastern Universities The aim of the department is to reach every student in the University whether atfiliated with an organiiation or not The response this year was especially gratitying In all the sports the participation tar exceeded that ot former years. Frequently, undiscovered talent turns up and a coach is always willing to learn ot a students ability in the athletic held Individual as well as group awards are made at the end ot the school year The individual awards are attractive medals given as a result ot outstanding work in a particular sport, The organization winning the champion- ship in a certain sport is ottered a silver trophy It the group retains the trophy tor three years it becomes the permanent possessor ot it. At the end ot the school year the organization scoring the greatest number ot points is awarded the all-year trophy This is a large silver cup which also becomes the permanent possession of the group which wins it tive consecutive times. The intramural program is terminated at the Athletic banquet at which time the awards are made, INDIVIDUAL SPORTS lrdrw,rdual 3por's trnd an lnereailngly prornlnent place II'l the womens Sports pro- gfern lncluded rrr thus Category are lennls, archery, rrfle, tenljrng, golt. and bad- !'lllIWlOl'l Evert. gurl I.-I ,th the lnrilrnatron has the opportunrtv to develop her dblllft HW one ff more Qt these to :ts fullest Caoacrlx The supreme value rn the development ot 'su-ill slrlls, It rs thought, llei rn the tact that they depend solely on the rndrvudual rgwher than on a team, and thus Can Contmue long after college days are over Tournaments an archery and fennus vvere held both tall and sprlng In the tall events, the teams ot Alpha Chr Omega earned off the cups rn both rntersororrtv attalrs Pesults ot the sprung tournaments are undelermmed at thus vvntrng Fencrng, under the dlrectron of Dr l-lutchrngs. and ntle enloved marlred populantv 'hls year Eadmmton vvhrch vvas trred as an expenment, vvas so vvell recerved that rl ls to be detrnrtelr, rncluded rn the sports program tor next tear, as an organrzed actlvltv vvlth a manager and probably Intramural Competrtlon 123 BASKETBALL Perhaps no other sport on the vvomen's athletrc program rs talcen as serlously as basketball Emphasis rs placed on the development ot team play as well as rndivrdual abllrtv Tournaments were run off in three drfterent leagues thus year Inter- class, unter-college, and inter-group, the latter rncludrng both sorontg and nndependent organrzatrons. ln the unter-college drvrsron the Teachers Cola lege team, favontes from the begunning, vvallced oft vvlth top honors The inter-group tournament Savv keen competrtron, vvrth the trnal vrctort go- ung to the Olympecs, a team organrzed Independently bv luanrta Freeman Clarmrng therr last vlctorv, the Sensors came out ahead rn the unter-class tournament, thus rnsunng to therr possess:on the All-Year Sports troph-, HOCKEY Ever the tavonte ot tall sports, hoclfev attracted thus year an exceptronal turnout Unusuallv tarr vveather made the season a lov from begrnnrng to end, and the schedule vvas run ott vvlthout one postponement ln an unter-class tournament, the Freshmen proved superror to therr more experrenced oppon- ents, dasplavtng excellent teamvvorls and exceptuonal sloll Keen interest and enthusuasm vvas marntalned to the end ot the season Added :est came vvrth a trip to Earlham College, vvhere U C partrcrpated in an unter-college meet An rnnovatlon an the program vvas an lnvttatlonal game vvuth Westerrw Hrlls Hrgh School, tollovved by a tea rn theur honor The tradrtronal allestar game closed a successful season SWIMMING BASEBALL Swimming found new impetus this year in the formation of the Penguin Club. All activities formerly incorporated in the swimming program were taken over by this organization, which added several new events to the calendar as well. Tests were devised for entrance into Penguin Club and officers were elected, A series of inter-class meets was sponsored during the year, a splash party and several co-recreational affairs attracted good crowds. A water pageant on May lO climaxed a highly suc- cessful year. The fact that U. Cfs team triumphed in a swimming meet over Ohio State, Miami, Ohio U., and Butler is significant of the new interest and spirit aroused by the organization. Another highlight in the swimming season came during an inter-class meet when a freshman team broke the medley relay record at forty-five seconds Warm spring days drew a good crowd of girls out to the diamond to swing the bat and ball. An inter-class tournament was held, the results of which are unknown at this writing. A new feature of the baseball program was the hobby period, under the direction of Miss Coops, which was held for the benefit of those girls who wanted to hit a few homers just for the fun of it without getting involved in serious tournament competition. PLAY DAY Play Day again took its traditional place as a major event on U C 'c calendar this year. With a total of 467 participants repre- senting eighteen colleges included in three states, this affair by far surpassed any other of its kind held in the United States. l-lotly contested games in basketball, deck-tennis and volley ball, as well as swimming meets featured the afternoon program. Com- petition was between definite college teams, although emphasis was placed on high quality play and good sportsmanship rather than on winning for the alma mater. Following the afternoons activity, supper was served in the Great Hall of the Student Union Building followed by songs and stunts. The eighteen colleges participating this year included Antioch, Butler University, Capital University, Marietta College, Earlham College, Miami University, Mount St. joseph, Ohio State, Ohio University, University of Akron, University of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Otter- bein, Our Lady of Cincinnati, Wilmington, and Wittenberg. The increasing popularity of Play Day proves the value of an inter-collegiate affair of this sort from the standpoint of widening social contacts as well as giving to girls of outstanding ability an opportunity for keener competition than they find ordinarily in intramural sports. 124 . if - 1' f . fiisss? ' . 'J 'Nxg -Vwgswgi: Q4 sg .gist-gi 5, Huw' F' Ei i eg Q' 2 .we I .5 - -. .,.. 5. 'sxvtxi X. wi. K H 'B V Ebzqrt 5 ,k.kX. 2 vi KJ Q fx fn xi i C, fi fi Dillereni' from her predecessors was the orbil' ol feminine 'lashions' and popular aliens, she found inlernalional Heirs an arlenrion. Compellecl ro relinquish a role ol coed ol l939. lnexorably swung from thc music ini'o the circui? ol socio-economic consider CE a d:s?urb-ed sociery claiming ar but more of her lighi' sophislzcarion lor rhe less-youthful. more serious unclerslucly ol worlcl :lrama-ye? Hue E23 her lemininiiy. she did not lose her ers eCl'ive. Flaunlin a manfle ol orimism in the face cl oessimrs?ic ro hecies and l . P P gloomy predicfions ol her elders. She held unswerving 'flue comficfion Mar a bright future would somehow prevail-mainffained a ready confidence thai' the imporrancc of living was a precious concepr nor heedlessly ro be cas The class ol '39 was challenged on many frorwis. No longer were ol life, political philosophies. and econom logical conflicts conlronfed all s'?uden'?s r.'l 1. ic :heories accepfecl as 6-he . ESI052. 'fhe usual sfandarcls gospel rrurh ldea- .ne ..oni'ier5 had changed and readiuslmerifs were necessary. The new uncflergrafluafc design ol the pasfg luifrer was rhe realizaiion of men? were noi' his lor liel in Yhe "American lirear-n." Turning lound new The ESl-ting. iilwalien as courage in rho unclaunred spin For living loroswore mere cynicism and bravado ice College" That 'lhe goals ol ambilion and achieve- i'l1i CVT? 1' of "E him. he fhereby resolved Tha? she would noi' 'find struggle ro come he should noi' be found lacking. s r::alijz.3iion was his hererolore Fervcnr be- for consolafion from The weaker sex. he erry Coed." lnspired by her confidence in 'thai' confidence misplaced-fha? in the I E A N H E M l E H O N O R A R Y ADET CO U W 4 ll I8 25 We're going to set a precedent and not breathe a word about holiday head- aches, hangovers, etc Ciosh, gee, but we're starting the New Year ott right. Candidates tor next year's bigwigs on campus are introduced at a tea,- prominent possibilities include Puttmeyer, Bell, Beichler, l-loft, Ciregory, Cleaver, and so torth, Prospective chorines show up tor Varsity Vanities tryouts at Wilson. Such well known legs as laney Morrow's, Betsy Erommeyer's, and lanet Schilling's make their appearance. Copy Editor Marion Rule announces that today is the last day to get CINCIN- NATIAN copy in. l-la, hal Wig-Wag Council elects otticers tor the coming year, Beverly Ewald, president: Maxine Shaw, secretary, and lane Miller, treasurer, Library unusually crowded tor a Saturday as pre-exam crammers begin to do what such promising Phi Betas as Marge Wheeler and Lauriel Eubank have been doing all year. Last chance to get your tace in the annual. Will these Sunday afternoon picture schedules ever run on time? Kappa's, Theta's, A. D, Pi's, Phi Mu's, and Pi Lambda Sigma's gather together enough b'oomer girls to enter the inter-group basketball tournament Betty Bell chosen Women's Senate Prexy tor the coming year. lean l-loft heads W A. A, and Rowena Gregory will be the "Y's" guiding light. The tenseness and gloom ot the approaching exams are tast taking hold of the campus. Long faces and worried looks are quite in order now. The Old Commons suddenly becomes a smoker's paradise with Madge Emery showing the girls the proper technique of handling a pipe. "Those strange scratches you may have noticed on the barks ot the young trees along Clitton Avenue are caused by the Thetas, Theta Phis, etc. sharpen- ing up their claws tor the battle tor this year's Prom Queen And it you think war is hell you've never seen a Prom election " lQuoted from Dick Powell's NEWS RECORD columnl, Engineers' Ball held in the Union The A l, Ch E put over Miriam Striecher, their vivacious brunette candidate, as Queen ot the Quadrangle. Examsll We knew this would happen eventually, but ohl why does there always have to be a day ot reckoning? Bill Miller wishes he could tind a college where they didn't have any classes, Cood idea' Why doesn't somebody start a college like that? Mummer's Cuild will present "Topaze" in February with Posthorn, Fink, and Stewart playing the leads. Exams are certainly convincing,fMinnie Pangallo tells us that he won't be in school second semester. l-le wants to play protessional baseball. Pity the poor Phi Kap Pledges,eethey've been having l-lell Week all this week. But then havent we all, more or less? Our candidate tor Number One Waiter in the Crillfklart Fisher. You should see him handle those grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk shakes, We can't tell who are more worried, the actives or the pledges, about making sorority grades to be initiated, The Engineers are beginning to make plans tor their annual Co-op Day with Dave Brown as general chairman for the attair. 128 R. 0. T. C. FIRST RECIMENT DAVE BROWN WI LLlAM BERTSCHE SECOND REGI ELLIS BELLONBY CARL HOOCE Colonel Lieut -Colonel M E N T Colonel Lueut -Colonel ,si Y 0 0 n I 0 Each year from the student body of the several colleges on our campus come the men vvho go to make up the military unit knovvn as the Reserve Officers Training Corps, These men enter the col- legiate military service entirely at their ovvn will and vvith the understanding that they may resign at any time during their college career. The par- ticular military departments represented in our di- vision require a high degree of engineering theory and the actual dril! provides a proving ground for all sorts of phenomena studied in the classroom and around a field gun After a period of training throughout the four years of college and the pass- ing of a successful two weeks at an Army post, the R O. T. C student receives a commission as second lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve-fa better man for the discipline and technical training he has undergone 1 Xu. Q msm..x.:- imwmxmw wmmm sv-, umm. .U. .'. The Cincinnati division consists of an Ordnance Department Unit and a Coast Artillery Unit The Ordnance has as its mission the procuring and distributing of all ordnance material required by the Army The Ordnance R, Oc T C course sup- plements the technical instructing given in the College ot Engineering and Commerce vvith such military instruction and applied problems as vvill best help the student to carry out the mission ol his department, The mission of the Coast Artil- lery Unit is primarily one ot national defense, Training is given in anti-aircraft gunnery and the handling ot the big coast guns This unit is not trained lor oftensive duty but rather for the pro- tection of the lives and properties ot the average American citizen -..,.,,...Qw "-f.4'1, V, fi EP IJUHUTHY THAUVVALD P R E S I D E N T M U M M E R S G U I L D CD QD 1 Z I-IJ LD CD M T W T I UA 2 9 I3 I4 I5 I6 20 21 22 Z3 Engineers who laughed at their less fortunate fellows during exam week have the tables turned on them as they trudge wearily to their classes while L. A. students play, Croundehog dayeit's a cinch he didn't see his shadow. Frank Davis could never figure out whether this is a good thing or not. Freshmen women are paying the price for overcutting lunior Advisor meetings. Patty Reum is trying to find excuses for her six cuts in order to stay in the cast of the Varsity Vanities. The Cireeks assemble in the Cibson Ballroom for the Annual Inter-fraternity Ball Ward Ratcliffe, Paul Warner, and Bruce Zimmerman were the committee in charge and Tommy Tucker's ork presided, Colly, what do people do on these Sundays? U, C. acquires limmy McDonald, All-American footballer from Ohio State as a special student. Too bad he won't be playing for Cincy. Long faces and wrinkled brows indicate that semester grades weren't all they should be, Fraternities and sororities begin to take toll of casualties among their pledges, lack Tarr and lohn Brueggeman entertain Union loungers with some super special twin piano playing, A "l-lold Tight" is all the rage around the campus with such exponents of the Andrews sisters style as Bruce Brown and loanna Riley teaching their fellow students about "l want some sea food, mamma." The Boys' Dorm is in quarantine because of the scarlet fever epidemic. Some people have all the luck l?i. lt's rumored around campus that Cordon lliff and Bob Biedenbender have sworn off wine, at least on Saturday nights. Oh, come now, boysl Pan-l-lellenic personnel changes as sororities choose new prexiesewill they ever decide about these rushing rules? Lots of candy and other ways put Betty Co-ed in a super daze as clever Dan Cupid holds sway over another St Valentines Day linx Moore takes up her bow and arrows and masquerades as Cupid at the "Y" All-Membership Dinner, giving forth with her best Valentines greetings, Mortar Board sponsors a Liberal Arts' Student-Faculty Mixers Will we ever forget Dr Barbour crawling around on his hands and knees impersonating Ferdinand the Bull? "Topaze" is making a big hit with the audiences, Stan Posthorn brings down the house with his presentation of the title role. The elite of the army entertain visiting officers from Kentucky U., Ohio State, Dayton, etc, Festivities are topped off by the Cadet Officers' Ball at the Sinton. Secretary of War Woodring presents U. Cfs Robert Connor with the Pershing medal for distinguished attainment in military education. Nice going! Fathers' Association shows the right way to give a banquet. The hit of the evening was Reverend Dern with his "Psychology of Laughter," Iliff, Biedenbender, Kamp, and Capelle, playing their last basketball game for U, C. star as the Bearcats defeat Miami, 46-3l. lt certainly was considerate of Ceorge Washington to have a birthday yesterday. Or when would all these new Kappas, Thetas, Tri Delts, Zetas, etc. have been initiated? First section engineers Fritz Breuleux, Ceorge Bausewine, Ed Dinkelaker, Fred Daum, etc, bid farewell to the campus for another seven weeks. Ardath Burks is chosen by the Senior Class as lvy Day Orator. lack Weeter and Warren Rociuet, ClNClNNATlAN photographers, wander around campus, candidly snapping pictures for the annual. Tl-lE PROFILE lrevised LITTLE MANl, edited by Richard Lyons, is scheduled to make its appearance on the campus next week, But, asks cynic loe Cilotz, will it? 136 MUMMERS UILD EXECUTIVE STAFF Dororlwy Tmuwald Prxifwdlfmt Martin Cerelwmam Busmesi NTLIITJQQI' Ruth DLIVTFEVT fv1ember-gm4LJrge john K Pose Dm-Ufnr Fred H Pglwg PrQ.jL1QTwfg "'X Mgmgeger 1655 EY Mfwlgom XTimber-ATfl.argf Framl F' Pverg FJCUNT5' Adwgor Business Staff ,. L fr f Q V' g 5, wwf VA T.::w,14g-U Y"',1,, f"'?PW X ' E",Q,Q"fi 'T 1 ' Q E " . T' Aww. Production Staff W T 'fin r' FT- r F"l'w?rT D' xl 'wf E,-:w 24.14, View 'mum fww' E311 THE PLAYERS DA W5 Uwvwvw' TMJ xlxlfy ,, , , T . e i wi T, .1 11 ialw X Mqvvffl Jirw Pr! ww -, La, 1 , Tm, ' 'MW' ' '-3..m V HW- M E' www IM M r ww -'T i., ,,,' wx ,. '5,,.:,, ny, ., ,.., ' .fm DM T 1 .' print - -0 Q -1vz' 4, 5544.5 .D .A-.Irv ix . - be , a Q' G. ' , JY fqn , J 'fa- SAL!!! ,- 'L WX X L nxvurrfuwmz .oluaa7-,. N ., , N L A-4 A2 ,XL Q-Y . KN., ' wi-bww Q Si f .. ,,,. ,Wm,. , LN. flwuqx-5gsskw..w.,-:Sw 3 S , fx X' 5 5 3 1 , my ' X .3 -. J? r Q 3 'A -0--..., R A E OF 1939 DIPECTED BY MERRILL B, VAN PELT FACULTY ADVISER RLIPEIQT A ANIDERECC EXECUTIVE STAFF g I I .f,.i. Ev' IIIII,II'IeIgI1Ir EIIIIderII Dao-'Il DIrectI3I S. EI.I F ,TEH -'IIITT ICE DRI, IF MARX IAQQEIS .I' I LII' II I IIIIIISOVI BUSINESS STAFF I L' 'L ' TLII IIII'III,IiI'EJIT K II,I,I-jg, FAI FIIIIQIQSIQ Publicity Office Stat j Eg LI IA.:II fII'I'I'aj?er Tk, I NEI,-IIZIQI-I,I5,,I EIIQIIWSIIIWI LIL-rnafd 5 C I I fm-Iaf' PIII QIILIIIINIIQ DI5IrIItIII FII'IcIeIIIDecI1 F I Ir: F III, j,II,II- III,-IQ 4 IQIIIII IXIatI3gQ JI" EEITZ Q 'L III, IIIgIgII FVSIII LIVISLIIIIQII F I , 5- I'IIQ,IerT Dore XVII-1I'I-I V VII' IfI5I'I I7 prcgram Nberi IIIIYJII QI - I 'III II:II'II'Ifi"'I QIIIAII EIU,-I S Presale Ticket Contest I NI III II EITITEIIIET ILIIII EIEII: Fat Ea-II'II'I II Im I IIIII DVIIFIIIIII-QI-g IIIIIIW, ELIEIIC II'II'IaII NIaIII'IgIIe IVIEYVX TIIIII'I1II'IjIII PRODUCTION STAFF Makefup '-I' Iyif I IC IIj"IW51'II Li-I IfI'I5ggIrII I I 1 I, If I.31II'IW IMI II SIQIIIIQQIEIII' II V V A " , Fe" rw QIIATI-f CII: fIiI1a"t5QIIII.IgIIII MI P OMIM 'S I3-II, IIIIIIIJII II-III SIIQWIIII SIQIIIIQI TIQSSSI 'I -- , IIIIII IIIIIIII I'I,III I'I"IIX EIVITIIES I I k I 1- 3 EIQII, I-I IIISIE '-IIaI'I CI3rrIIgIIt II'I'II'II IOIII . :II 'III I':'IeI II"l'Q:"I' 19 FI IL' FIIIII TI II 1' Proremes IA My I 4, AINIMNUII I IIIHD ' gI Y , ' ' N " ' F' KV I-'IIIHIIII DQIIQII-SII U YQ HIII 1, use T I: II Irggi TI,I5I' XII'arrIrII3r I II- .. I Wardrobe F II, Precision Line ,VI Clk., LI-I-A I-III' I--I -1I .I- III Tap Chorus II 1.,I, Stage Crew 'Y I II- III . . III IIIIa'I'I IIIIIIjaf PQI F W E Electricians I NJ' H III, I.,,V,,,I II'kIIIIId3dIf I3YIIIfIf Ie II5. CIIIIII EI-,-QIIIQ an F 'III' QI,-I I-QI IIIIIII LI I'I XI.'II1I II FIIIIII EILlI'I.Lj CHORUS LINES ei KI QE, I, Ie, T II, III IIQI, IIIQILIIIS Q. I3 IEW? Iv H ' Ig!I 'If AI ,III - V ISIQIII CIVQQIIIIQI E lymy Paw: Ed IWVIXIWICN Pershing Rltle Team I:guI,,I3,d Iam IEITI, I'fI,II'I'I CIIQIIQQ III.'III'II'IgIIIIIIIgl CPsftI,-IHII'IIIIIfI- ISI'iIIQ':'I' II'I CIIQII4 CIIII LafrIcI S. S, Ch IIIIIIII-IIS I I Igma lgma orus -- 5-i 'I ,IM ,mmm 1, -I Y f, ,I EI VIJIIIIILIII ' - ' ' I IJ'-1'I II L IAM! I- IIMI SIQIQIAI: II 4 , qI5I,III, H-gg Men's Chorus I: I Id, I '-3 II' ""- ,II,.1.,f H , E, C A I , 1 I I if DIII-L ,IIII-IIIIIQIT L I, jgj 1, 5 I Ljje Ja I. .III I I'IIITIf-IIIQIIZIIIIE EU I"iJIIU I, J ICNLVNNN I:'I,I'I, ILIIIIIIIII IIVISIQIII -my I EMI PXWLII I'III I Ig'III I I I X p QIEII I, Orchestra 5,-II-Ixgplqgwg " SI IQ, IIIIII'- FIAIIICI LII 'XIarIqLIaIr I' I'I-IPIIII IIIEI z LI II I"I,I,II, L7 I-I Sihater I, II I I -I I II, T 41' III 'I ILLIIIIIII III I Ran Mme ICI D.3I1I'II' NV8IIS FLUTE SId Rmdsberg DRI.INISi IazI-I Llssenden BASS' Lester RLIIJIJ P1 ll T H P L A T T S S O C I A L B O A R D 142 lvlarch tiptoed in like a lamb but may soon develop into a lion. Such weatherl Dick Powell comes to blows with the authorities over censorship of the NEWS RECORD At least they won't dump him in the lake. O D. K. begins a drive for a new Field l-louse and Crym with Bill Pettet as chairman of the committee. More power to 'eml Coodman fans are outraged to hear that the Prom committee passes up the "King" to "wait for something better," R. O T. C announces the selection of lo Ector, Kappa Delt charmer, as honorary Cadet Colonel, Oh, to be a soldierl The forthcoming "Varsity Vanities," directed by Bandmaster Van Pelt and Robert Stewart, student producer, is rousing curiosity over the campus. Can this be true? Artie Shaw for the Prom. Hurrah for Bachmeyer and the Prom committee. l-lalf the L, A. College makes Phi Beta Kappa,-anyway, twenty-three. Three of your best cheers for the intellectual geniuses, please. The U, C. mermen, led by Dick Fletcher, Bill Smith, and lohn Popov have completed a successful season, scoring 363 points to their opponents' total of 237 This was the football players' night, what,with Spring training starting the thirteenth. Crowds gathered in front of the Crill to see lvlortar Board tap Sally Blank, Betty Bell, Evelyn Cleaver, Rowena Cregory, Betty lane lvlalley, l-larriet Kirst- ing, linx lvloore, jean Puttmyer, and Myrl Ricking. The wallflowers' dreams come true with the announcement that U, C. will observe Sadie l-lawkins' day. The "Vanities" opened with a banggelots of praise due to lvlary lacoubs, fvho directed the dance routines, to her assistant, jess Wilson, as well as to such super specialties as Grace Klein, jean Clark's rendition of lrv Birlau's "Dopey Cokey," and Denny Nead's ventriloquism. There is an addition to the football coaching staff in loe Maxwell. The best of luck to him. The campusites are looking forward to Tommy Dorsey's sojourn at Castle Farm on Sunday next. Ruth Shannon and her assistants entertained eighteen Ohio colleges at the annual Play Day. Such fun' Rod Stewart gives gardenias to the fair femmes in the "Vanities" as the final curtain falls on a successful show. The U C Day Banquet is held in the Student Union with the alums having a gay old time, Opinion is divided as to the success of the new method of distributing Prom tickets ls it going to work, Newkirk? Bob Baer is elected President of the "Y" for the coming year and an able Cabinet is chosen to aid him. S. A M. wins O, D. K.'s scholarship cup for the sixth straight semester, followed by Phi Beta Delta and Delta Tau Delta. Fourteen candidates announced as competitors for Prom Queen. l-low is a guy expected to make up his mind? A new disease hit the campus and everyone fell victim to Spring Fever, thus noticeably swelling the ranks of Bridge players in the Crill, lvlummers completes tryouts for last play of the year, 'Cwendolyn l-lareathf' Dottie Rhauwald, joe Wiltsee, and Rod Stewart to play the leads, The passing of the beloved Dean of the Engineering College, Herman Schneider, is mourned by the entire campus Crace Klein, Cal Cioodrich, Mary Cortright, and other prominent lvlummers journeyed to Longview to present a one-act play. And they actually let them get awayl Out of respect to a great educator and a great man, all classes were adojurned for the day, lvlarch roars out like a lion, must have seen some of those mid-term grades. I44 L11 NIJ 5 . Lf' FD QU U1 O D 5 Cu ffr 5 Q. Q UO C nj -f Vu Q. 2 T -f T 11, up Li 5' rj, r r r OPHOS WING Sgfurdgy QCTQUJV QNQITTIW The fgfffr-'og SO- zamce fdlownng the omg Dayrorr-U C fooff ail game Everyone emoxed the rmossr: of Ierdwer Henderson amd rwrs oarrd of fourteen msncrarms rrr the Crea? Hal! of the Urrnom The Great i-4aH was oeaofrrullx decorated, rrudoe effects were created bg rhe use of rrlfncual irglrmrmg, whrdw produced :Humana- lorw for an axenoe of flags lanet Fobuarro vom the Covered Tlfle of Freshman Queen Dean joseph Holrday presented her wutlrm rm orclmd and a cup 145 Q U A D R A N G L E I W if ,Q , U ' ,4-pl ' "Q: ,a 1 : 'C - 1 5 1 'R ye, 'N W - X 5' 32,44 K, " X Xu , wt X? ig. ' X 1: + Q z N-+ Q- , w . , V If m9 K X A , A , A M ,dl 4 Jn X 1 s 1 n , 31.5 5 F 1" Q, be-T2 . i . The V939 edltlon ot the luntdr Prom was held at Castle Farm enwtdst as complete and tnteresttng surroundtngs as ahx- dne present Could wtsh tor The Stgrna Stgnwa prom Cent- nwttee tn -iontunctton wtth the Student Board et Soetal CGW' trol Wert? all the Wilt' lll proxltdhg et'tt13rtatt'tlh?nt lor the student body and thetr thanx guests from the outstde The srnooth rhythms ot Al Donahue ard hrs hand supplted thi ntustc vvhtle the cetchx xofe ot Paula lfellv caused ntjnt e teelous glance to appear on the gurls' pretty taces The hugh potnt ot the ewentng was, as always, the selectnoit et the dueen ot the luntor Prom As we all ltnovv lxfllgg lean Htne v 'l.f as the luelqy gtrl She was Crowned tnwrnedtately after the grand rnerfh led hx two dutstendlng luntors, Marte Leudders and Tom Bruner Mlss Hlner approached the handstend en the erm ot the Frern Cdnwrntttee Qhatrntan, Eltjtb Batjltrneterg and was presented to the students hx the hlonerelule Fussell Wtlsen whc else presented the Queen hw radtit ever WCPO Atter the presentgtten ot the ClUE'El'l, Al Donahue plated agatn and the assernlnled student hedw went lwepgittlt heel td 'hetr danctng Net long atter the Hwldlllglil hour two l'TO7lOl'3Vt trdtetnls tres surnmorted new rnehthers Llle-, was the hrst to anneunce tts l93lf9 Seleitldns to ntemliershtp, VXlll'l fitphds tdllg-tttng Ptjl' long after wtth thetr tn-tpresstte ntasl Qerenwent, R ,N M YK X 1' X. if 'R la 'AN B A N D D A N C E Saturday, November fifth. As a climax to Dads Day and the Homecoming program, the U C band sponsored a dance in the Creat l-lall ot the Union after the Ohio Wesleyan- U C, Came, Clyde Trask and his swingsters band helped to make the evening a great success. Martin Schneider, drum maior, who has won national acclaim tor his leadership, -lxflarybelle Bradford, band sponsor, Merrill Van Pelt, director, shared honors with members of the band who pre- sented a special feature as part ot the floor show. Candidates for new band sponsor were introduced, cups were presented to winning sororities and fraternities ot the float parade. L. Saturday December seventeenth. R O T C offrcers and cadets, rn therr unuforms, presented a gala appearance at the lilth annual Mrlrtary Ball held IIT the Creat Hall of the Unron The Crreat Hall, the Scene of thrs happy and colorful affair, Wai decorated rn true nmlrtary fashron rn keeprng yyrth the Sprrut of the ewenrng The belles and beaox of thus festryrty danced to the rhythms of Art Nlorgans orchestra The hrghlrghts of the evening were the lrnpressne ceremony of the pledg- rng of men to the honorary natronal fraternrty of Scab- bard and Bladeg the competrtrve dnlls of the two R Q T. C unrtS of Pershlng Plfles, and the presentatron of leanne Rempe as honorary Cadet Colonel by lvlalor Walter Higgins. E-'CDi-'l Lil D KC U s CCI Ld U I'-I L11-i LT-i O i4l 'srl no The Cadet Officers Ball, an annual event on the campus of the University of Cincin- nati, is, as its title implies, strictly a com- missioned officer affair l-lere it is that the military men who have attained a degree of success take a whirl at the social life so widely separated from the usual military af- fairs At this dance one meets many digni- taries of the regular army who take pride in associating with their potential brother officers At midnight the honorary cadet Colonel is presented to the assemblage amidst a panorama of intricate drill and a blaze of sound The pretty young officerette then presents deserving officers with awards before signaling the orchestra to play again . 4 smart uniofrms . . , handsome men, glittering silk, and pretty ladies 150 ENGINEERS' B A L L Saturday, lanuary twenty-trrst The "Bell lvlusne' ot Bert Block and hrs orchestra provided the rhythms tor the Engnneers' Ball held :n the Great l-lall ot the Unron At midnight, amrd brrghtly colored streamers and flashing lrghts, Sylvua Bottenhorn, last year'5 attractrve queen of the Quadrangle, presented the lovrng cup to Mirram Stretcher and was chosen her succeseo' who was Candrdate of A I Ch E 151 B A OPHOS DANCE OCTOBER8 RIBUNAL DAN ND DANCE NOVEMBER 5 CE DECEMBER 10 U, ot Cfs tirst All-Tribunal Dance was held in the Creat l-lall ot the Union after the Morehead-U C basket- ball game and the lvlummer's Cuild presentation ot "Stage Door " This was the tirst ot a series ot three popular priced dances to provide collegiate atmosphere in response to campus sentiment tor more trequent and less expensive dances Larrv Smith and his Ambassadors played tor the danceg Coral Cable vvas the soloist MILITARY BALL DECEMBER 17 AMPUS CAGERS JANUARY 14 The second of a series of inexpensive All-University Dances was held in the Creat l-lall ot the Union atter the U, ot Louisville-U C, basketball game This attair knovvn as "Campus Cagersu Dance was sponsored bv the Association ot Independent Students The Shades ot Blue orchestra furnished the rhvthm, NGINEERS BALL JANUARY 21 INTERFRATERNITY DANCE FEBRUARY 4 PERSHING RIFL "Y" T E A One ot the most successtul socual events ot the year was the tutth annual lntertraternlty Dance, sponsored by the Creeks, wtth Ward Radclrtte as chairman The dance was held nn semr-nlte club style at the Cubson Ballroom Fraternrty insugma and pennants luned the walls ot the ballroom Tommy Tuckers orchestra played tor thts congenual group ot men and thetr dates Thus dance does much to establush a democratuc teelung and pro- mote good wall and fellowshup rn the yanous orgamzed groups DANCE APRIL 15 Cn Saturday evennng, Aprll lbth, l93'3l, the Pershtng Rufles Group held a dance rn the great hall ot the Student Unuon Agaun we were treated to a sught ot beaututul ladtes and smart unrtorms The attatr was ex- clusnve and only members and speclal guests ot the organtzatron were permitted to attend The muslc was grand and an general all present had a good tame D A N C E S As otten as possble on eyery other Fruday BHEVIWOOIW throughout the school year the Young Mens Chnsttan Assocnatlon presents a Tea Dance open to the entire student body The dances are organlzed by a specual social commtttee ot the general councrl ot the "Y" whuch was headed thus year by genual less Wvlson whose et- torts were the talk of the campus No one orchestra was used consustently and the yartety attauned was one ot the mayor attractlons ot thts series ot dances FIFTY CENT DANCES During the trnal halt of the school year the Student Board ot Socual Control drew up plans tor a series of Saturday nrght dances whrch would cost the student only tntty cents to attend The Idea was tune and the tnrst dance so presented was a success The Board plans to extend nts efforts tn thus drrectuon so that nn the years to come such dances wall be an Integral part ot the campus socual lute IEANETTE HISTNEP1 P R E S I D E N T A D ORTAR BO R ............w.a......, ZX X f X X 1 X. wf' F J P-N ui 1 F 5 L F i , ,. ar. I L N N I 4 M X W 5 ' I ,1 x xxx X -9 X 3 , x ,- si X - X x XX X' 2 1 X 4 3 'X Q xx 2 x Y x -, ' , Ky . 5, XS T! Q X M 5 Y xx if Q N, X -A -, , xx, Y . is ' K ' .xfvgxg N at 'X X. , x E. - 'X X 1-.Qx 5 R . ..5.'5.A'1"iw4 x xx X, . -xii X . ,, Q .4 ,KP if N ivf'.,Xg , 'ix ,Q ax Q iw , 'E xg? Q 1, R ,Xb Yxgx 'Qu 9 a 'QWQWQ N NNW' w ,- x xx , h. K I X V 5X wx.-X ,wgii QPN ' 2 A Nw x x Q . Q, . , , 'f , . f. . xx :-' f 'F P M-. , - . 1- : .. N ' Pg ,Lil 'Subs " 5 f. w V39 Q ' N., xkixxxv K N' Rurnored to be that way about each other Pat Easton and Wes Newkirk, Sally Blank and Bill Pettit, and Phil Calloway and Wade Cooper. Chi Omegas return from their convention in Columbus where they were represented by President Poetker, Tenner, Moore and Conant. Spring and Romance are indeed here Peg Griffith and Bob Dalton are seen sleeping peacefully in the Lounge with their heads together. Two of our better girls, Betty Bell and linx Moore are off to Kansas for the Women Senate Convention there. Phi Bete Spencer is awarded the Taft Fellowship in Economics. Oh, these smart peoplell Chi Delta Phi does a convention in the right way when Barbara Salisbury, Myrl Ricking, and Helena Holterhoff go to Lexington, Co-op Day, a memorial to our beloved Dean l-lerman Schneider. Chairman Dave Brown expresses the sentiment of the entire quadrangle.'s take a day off and think how nice we looked on Easter Sunday, lust peeked into the lunior Play rehearsal. lean l-lunnicut, Bee Willig, Rowena Cregory, Anne Kroger, etc are taking off the Seniors with a vengeance, "YW", gives a carnival. The big top rises over the campus and Evie Cleaver and her committee wander around in overalls advertising the merits of various concessions. Certainly nice that we can rest up for the Prom at the C-lee Club concert. Well, we didn't think it would ever come off, but Artie Shaw creates a memorable lunior Prom topped with elegant coronation festivities, Bon Voyage to the Clee Club. l-lope Dotty Wilson, Cinny Tye, Ellen Stickle, Mary Lou Rodenbeck, limrny Pease, Carl Ruehlman, Tiny johnson, etc haven't forgotten their rubbers and their Alka-Seltzer, All This and Heaven Too Spring vacations Back to the grind with renewed vitality and the end of school in sight, Mary Dot Bucher, a charming traveller, tells Lit about a thrilling college year in Switzerland, lf we can only get through Aprilfemaybe we won't have a war after all, The Mummers put on their spring play, 'Cwendolyn Hareathf' We'll miss the talent of Dotty Thauwald and Pod Stewart next year. Milt Carvin and his fellow HC" clubbers, in one of their lighter moods, sponsor a jolly dance. The O D Ks follow suit with their dance, chairmanned by Bill Pettit. "ln the spring a young man's fancy . . . " 156 2 ' 5 2 .iii CANDID SHOTS "Thu Carft E36 Low" oh wo' XV. P. A9 Hi xfourielf, IXfiarxbelle Amen All over but the slwoutmg, Spring scene- Walfnrwg fm The bath Honest, folks :Vs only coffee' "Take Me Out to the Bali Cam We dorfr luke gou either, CMH 157 swf if xf S Q.. 2 STR, QF? if f X! X-v----vf::- S M . an . ,...-,- M333 I v.m4 ,QS hm: 525711 , fum l 4413 ,rf u. ,- . Q . I 1 1 , . YQ ,e 5 A xxkv!hCT!3 Fm Vrwef A1 wt he Tfgmgfhp FUN 55 Nong Sfdgei , XXL: mms! Imam: rwmdfp L: Lvmjwr H' ' ' ' frm VV! 1,719 XXV w md Fha! Lmflxxd Ar gf Thy Qdmsr' IDU: Xu" ,4 Kfgm rw 4 U' fryrx, Mo .x I-L1QrJr'fji Em lame lzagew gum lwllw xxlllw a "l.Sw-lu-llwe- Ulf' bmlllj- CII'ICllWlW3lI3lT-S QmmprGS- Gm Cameraman watlilwe-S llwg ball game 'Tlclel muwwber llwret, wth a "lex:-lu-tlwe gm" gmlle Nou tale rlve pwljv- lem lm dlllerenllal -jal- Cului- llwex Ioljll lxle lull will ,lf wafer XX'l'Iall Sulmgomi zludy- mg? The ljlmvuzlrni, LM 31x55 wax lv tlm luqlx new bugrq' Ilgxt all, Red Tape Dvml Qlmg-.5-lug, ClWl,lgA aflug Q0 lm amllml rlglwl end, XOLI ljljepew N llml E5 9111165 l-llglvl Hlllef Lool at Pamgellg gram- mg that lme' "These Tlwree"-Dom. Frltl, and Cupld Elll goes url a colwf spree l-lellim 3115! Sally,--fm'w pljvrlarwl D61 'L1lG NlOVv,' F ld 5' Ewa and Elarbx Lllllp Slam Bllfl er lu lsfsulf, Lafl lu gy ur lvrgl lil ljlgrmf-7 l3'mer'g - llwg perjljlmallty lm Rgg lljlg up aml lvgl'llE, up Tlveei a Q:-md "l-lold Tnglwl U COfECl Clllfll SWGGIB lror'n thg gweer "Tlm3t'3 :wt tlwg answer l gfvlu CClIWVf:l'lllOll lvmlrwd lllUll-XE' Clcilla BL 5 Football l-lem" Theres that wuple again HDSCD Ill a DV-9am ll "Tale a letter" Arrgglmg aljvgvrllgmg x ---...wma .X . HE F F J U0 xg, 5. R lun 'Frei' A J' -5. ' X lil X, ll 1. M45 U Q Hvg. 1 f . K , 4 12 T. . .gf ,yy , - 3.-f nig, 4 , lx , u wm- l 'm 1. 'N . V inf. I - Z -J 1:11. k. x. 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V x . -,xx V.X.-.m,,v:m:AwfX.:y::,.x-ez-xwwemz: TANNER'S OLD TECH M c M I C K E N LAUHIEL EUISANH P R E S I D E N T Y W C A NN M, , .,. , awww. ...f yv..f,.1 V J. eq ' x qw 134 f iff? ln l L 'W -t D 20 -l 5 ,J 9 lO ll li l3 li lo l7 lS l9 U "WW 23 T-l 'TT LJ jr, 'S 27 29 BO Sl Registration Day for Section l. Too bad vacations over, isn't it, boys? The Newman Club is getting all set to give their play, "Death Takes a Holiday," Ginny l-lamilton and Don Kincaid play the leads. l-l, Ad, busy getting its preparations for entertaining the high school seniors, Dorothy Korros, l-l. Ad Glub prexy says it will be bigger and better than ever. Seniors going around in a dither these days what with graduation so near. Only a month until they leave these walls behind to try their fate in the cruel, cold world. Lots of dancing going on these days. The "Y" gives a tea dance with such talent from the Vanities as less Wilson, Pat Easton, and Lloyd Gysin, Not to be outdone the Tri Delts put on one of their extra-special Spring Formals U G has its first Tri-ad Dance with the Betas, Sigma Ghis, and Phi Delts letting bygones be bygones . A , for one night. lack Wood, Dick lvlienken, and Bob Vordenberg, golfers extraordinaire, practice digging divots and using their vocabulary . . , l lEds. note: not tit for printl, lnterefraternity Sing, and a great noise was enjoyed by all. The regular bridge fiends such as Pat Cleveland, Emily l-lumphries, Dick Klein, Bud Weigle, and Betty lane lvlenefee are still going strong in the Grill, l wonder if they'll leave for summer vacation? lvlortar Board and O D. K. sponsor Day with l-lelen Biggers as chairman l-low nice it must be to be clever! The Betas add one of their best to the round of Spring Formals with the good brothers Boyd, Brown, Pettit, etc, trying valiantly to blow the roof off the place. Beaux Arts Ball and the faculty proves again that they can be funnier than the students, Such fun to see George Albers, lohn Shott, Tom Rodgers and all the rest dressed up as characters in Grand Gpera. All activities come to an end, increasing noticeably the population of the Grill. lt's about time we were seeing one of those lwhat are they calling it now? Oh, yesfl Profiles about. Where is it, Lyons? The Go-op Glub gives one of their instructive banquets. Men may come and men may go but the Senior Readings go on forever. Stags pursue such belles as Betty Renter, Lillie Mae Woellert, Sue Backman, and lvlargy Barber at the Theta Formal. All the sororities get together to give a riotous Pan-l-lellenic Dance. Seniors are even beginning to look sad about leaving, if you can imagine such a thing "Lit" picniofinitiation and ants are prominent. The approaching close of school is overshadowed by the imminent exams, The Terrace looks lonely and deserted with all the L, A students busy at their books. We are beginning to wonder if a college education is really worth working for' Oh, to take time off for a movie or a game of bridge! Now that the annual is out Go-editor Deshon can take time out to think about other things. Now, Desh, who is she? Delt dance at l-lighlands Gountry Club. These Delt affairs are getting better and betterl Memorial Day-and a welcome relief from exams. When are the Gincinnatian Editors coming across with our keys? 168 Founders 1898 Russell Wilson Robert Humphries Walter Eberhardt Parke johnson 1899 ' Charles Adler 1900 Adna lnnes 1901 Henry Bentley Andrew Hickenlooper Smith l-lickenlooper 1902 Coleman Avery Hugh Bates Earl Cold Arthur Granger Edwin Hutchins Robert Kreimer Charles Peters William Probasco Stuart Walker 1903 Albert Baker Eustace Ball William Fillmore Edgar McAllister Harvey Shepard William Strtetman 1904 Robert Buck Lester Collrer Adolph Fennel Carl Cantvoort Walter Heint: Howard jones Villie Kirkpatrick 1905 Bert Lyon Fred Mehlhope Paul Richardson Calvin Skinner Arthur Wadsworth 1906 Frank Buchanan Robert Caldwell Edward Forbes Alfred Kreimer Walter Shafer Curtis Williams Frank Wilson 1907 Edward Hurley 169 SIIG M A S I M A MEMBERS IN FACULTY Daniel Laurence C. K Weichert Robert Cowdy M Chas. Mileham H K. justice Frank Chandler ACTIVE MEMBERS Bob Heuck, ji. Bob Bachmeyer Bob Dalton Milt Brooks Russ Towers Doug Day Bob Kamp Larry Cibboney Dick Powell jack Keefe Charles Sulau Wes Newkirk jed Small Clift Mueller Bob Biedenbender Rick Campbell Bill Ferguson Bud Kelchner Sigma Sigma, the society of upper-classmen of the University ot Cincinnati, was founded in the year IBQB, lts purpose is to foster college spirit and to enhance the glory of the University of Cincinnati in the college world The members are chosen on their merits alone, and without regard for fraternity affiliation, Sigma Sigma is strictly a local society, and will remain soy as its most important function-that of teaching loyalty to the University of Cincinnati by giving unselfish service to the Alma Materfecan best be performed as a local organization Thomas Kite Brown McCill Robert O'Connell Frank Payne 1908 lvlerwin Aultman Norman Conway Fred Flach William Foley Bates Williams 1909 Hayward Ackerson Fred Hooler Vxlilliam Kite Edward Rowe Charles Williams 1910 Ernest DuBray Fred l-lyndman 1911 Clifford Porter Hall Alden Hart Ralph McComas james Taylor 1912 Harry Buchanan William Hall Walter Heuck Lesley johnson Wm Franklin Mitc Vance Towler 1913 Richard Coettle Robert Heuck, Sr, Walter O Hill Chester Klein john Maescher 1914 William Engdahl Chauncey Hand jerome Howard john Sheriff Bert Stansbury Chauncey Tilden Neil Wright 1915 Leonard Baehr Arthur Cordon Norman Kohlhepp Norman Lyon 1916 Howard Behle Victor Fischbach Henry Hoppe Roy Palmer Harold Payne hell MEMBERSHIP ROLL Harold Porter john Reese Edward Robinson Herbert Schroth 1917 XWilliat't't Ellis Karl Hetsch Carroll Lewis joseph Morris james Pease Bayle Richardson Anton Schneider 1918 . Harold Althamer Walter Haehnle Herbert jones Carl Lund Carl lvlarlgrat William Myers Carl Rogert Millard Romaine Harold Talcott Earl NViclau 1919 Howard justice Edgar Powers Bradley Roberts Herbert Winans Francis Wright 1920 Robert Dorsey Cornelius Petzhold Alfred Wenzel 1921 Hugh Bowen Willard Breiel Carlton Brown Carl Frey Donald Hall Edward Meyer Phillip Meyer Cyrus Osborn Robert Sarvis Edward Strietelmeier 1922 Chase Davies Dantel Fries Edward Cabriel Allison ldeson Arthur McClure Howard Metzger Frederick Schierloh Wylmer Scott Robert Todd Edward Wagmer Randall Walker Edgar Coons 1923 james Beaman Lewis Cregorv john Harrod W C Havelaar Rossiter Hobbs Ellsworth Ireland joe Linneman james Nippert Mike Palmer john Petzhold 1924 Nathan Bachman Walter Becker Ben Bryant Morton Francis john Helier Robert Hynes Gliver Rhodes Ed Roth Erwin Wolfson 1925 Lynne Barber Ceorge Bradner Warreri Marvin Anthony McAndrews Louis Nrppert William Schmid Kelly siaaal 1926 Fred Berger Charles Franllin Edwin Levi james Paisley Vtfesley SCht'niCl 1927 john Bachman Harry Franklin Richard jervis Robert lyladdux 1928 Richard Bryant Arthur Fennekohl Albert Mayer Ranald West 1 929 Evan Chatfield Ellis Crawford Richard Dial Daniel Early Daniel Laurence 1930 Charles Adams Harry Anderson Richard Bolton Thomas Clifton Donald Crone Frank Dost Richard Fran: john Cayman jacl. Crieshaber William Hammond Ralph Holterhoff XiVilliam Nteman Ceorge Smith Cordon Strauss Robert White Carl Williams 1934 Frank Owens 1931 Bradtord Allin William Berwanger Harold Bohl Ralph Bursiek Frank Chandler Robert Cowdy Erle Hanson Paul Heckel Silverius Kun: William Leach Lawrence Levi Carl Muth Earl Soesbe Herbert Starick Rtchard Steves 1932 William Atl inson Herbert Brown Walter Conner Richard Dexter Duncan Frame john Critftths Paul Crischy Arthur Hallett Phillip Heil Ed Lldseen Carl Lunsford Louis Mendel Robert Nau David Porter Harry Rabe Edward Simrall Nathan Solinger Dan Tobin Fred Tower Alan Walsh Robert Wright 1933 Mel Bernstein Ced Brown David Devore Carl Austing Robert Eagen Robert Hoeter Ceorge Kramer Ceorge Levengnod Fred Pressler Donovan Sayrs Victor Strauss Walter Tuttle 1935 james Cook Harry Duncan Donald Cilbert john l-lellebush William Lloyd Clyde Nau Kenneth Parl er Frank Purdy 'William Rhame Vfayne Rich Russell Towers Larry Trame XVilbui' Wright 1936 Robert Bachmeyer john Findlay jacl Keete Walter Knocke Charles Weichert Harry Wilkerson Ralph Yeager 1937 Douglas Day Vtfilliarn Feldhaus Larry Cibboney Robert Heuck, jr. Ralph Crace Clrltord Mueller Cordon Orr Charles Cillette 1938 Robert Dalton Robert Kamp Robert Calbraith Willtam Cilliland Clittord Coldmeyer William Croppenbacher Fred Hoehler Robert johnson Kosciusco Kemper Bernard Levin Louis Levy Sidney Mullikin Leon Saler Charles Mrleham Rlchard Powell jed Small Charles Sulau Robert Biedenbender Milton Brooks Frank Malloy Rick Campbell Bud Kelchner Bill Ferguson Wes Newkirk FCM' A Iwrw-1fwwNI7. XJ, Bfmog' I J S.3kfwaara, I H I33'trer,1 E HQIIwdax, W Lwhf, jr . E Festewexe' D Nimrg-imew, .D 9' C FX HMI N, Ii' D:bIwr1 C 'farm'-Q D I Cfvlwmx D I I Illwxxry I7 I, XI. wglhr If ECW. If MargoI 5, F, fxnwdevsfm, P, Aiirfidev' I Cuueiwmyg, F Daw, C Harrfffl IIOUWLIQCI IQII MvIdSI"IIlWQ'IOH amd LFG I,II'1WGI'QIIf, 45 CHCIS5 fjwmfmrmfm Alljlwgr Them CIVQIG, EST3bIl5IWed IDBI Honor Fvirmtwes mid L-ladershm Som-efx' I , mberghup is awarded to jumor md Semor mem mn ilwe mms of character, ImI'1rghu4I, Lind dw5ruru0uus.i'1ed affammemts In CQIIQJQ 5 N STUDENT MEMBERS fm 3- ,if-1 I r:1J1I lf Dax v jgfI IGEIQ. X'X,'uIIw5m I5',Lf1m'wexf1r V-wif:-'M Uw1g,aA- Da, fkwflun IOIwwfvVw ICICI I-HITEV I Egfr 1- Iimivr Dexlw Vw Wrlfuarvx Lxrlxr jfvrma Sakwaavg v vp l,jfmIw CLIEIU H, DOHBIJ I II.I0l'xIQ,fv1'rWP EVINKAMI I SHWSII 1 ITJI iwrhw Hgf1.:vw,ar KIIVMJI fxI5rgwI X CIwav'w Sprwvwg IQIMJIH- Har! HI I.I.rII'am Pvflzl QI1,3r'IeQ SIIIJM MEMBERS IN FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION v v' rw.: In I,I.1IIwgm S CI5rI I+epI'w H I' mfjI9 Iavw-w fx Qumm fl Eng! I M, F' IDffffa'I'1I Dame! Laur'er'wi5- VIEIVINBIW SrIme1c'I'Sr H Emi llerwx L Vw'-Uv, PM lim Ggdcm Sperwfer Shank Q, E, ,i-Ml, I-'nf-,,:rr C f",q-, jx Lmw A Pe-'I'1'-le:l'w PEM W' SIIIIUII L I- 5,1-fx I, ml In I I I.iI"'-. fi! IINLH S PM I I9 H35 v'vNOl'vxI XIf3I!El"2 I Cr Q1 'X IN lr-.1fg.M E H Img. fxmlmxl--I Pwmel' Robert Xb' I-1oe1er fx QL X IK E : iii , V, ", -I I M O R T A R B CD A R D , , y T, Ig ' 'T' QIUQ Mr, I I I1 IIII'IIwf" LIHIIIII LI III I'I'I"I I1'Iw'E.II'vIFg, 'LII FACULTY ADVISORS Q-II MEMBERS IN FACULTY OFFICERS I I "1' ' I :,"' '.1":' . ACTIVE MEMBERS , 1,I,gI4,7I, I I I I- W,1f,4I-I, I II I v rr-ref' 1- rr-rr lf, Eermilr Hui'-err C Elvx-Irgrr Mrles Burnett, Cars-Jn Q Donlex, Errarr Dann, Marvrn Cr Delaplane, Robert c "iz S Hmm M1 l3alr lr if -: 'lr-.,r'l E llrrrielrrrarr Irglrrr Xl." larry!! E XX'rn l3arrr,g lr, 1-Iovxard E l-l,+l'l1'rrnqg Robert RL11:.endun5l, Don r l had T Xlrrc Honorary lvlechanrcal Engrneerrng Fralernrty Founded Unrxersiiy or lllinors, 1915 Crncrnnarr Era Chapter Esrablrshed 1915 Dr 15111 Srgma Wm organrzed by a group ol upperclassnwen rn Mechanical Engl- rrcwrrrg at the UVNXGVSITX' or lllrnors. rn 'rho year 1915 Thev planned an organrzarion rxhrch would exrbr "ro roster the hlgh sdeals of the egrneerrng professron, ro shmo- lare rnturesr ll'l co-orclrnare departmental actrvrries, and to promote The welfare ol rrs members " There are now 17 acrrve chapters of the frarernrry The Crncinnarr Eta chapter recerved urs charter rn 1926 Members are chosen from the sensor, Qorrror and pre-rumor classes on a basrs of echolasrrc srandrng, leadershup, personalrry, arrd other errrrrbrrreb xwhrch will lead To Success an rhe held of Ivlechanrcal Engrneerrng MEMBERS IN FACULTY If E 14L1l'rrl C fr lr'-,g,r E E 'frnrllh I '.',' Illrlrrlrrrg lfl C 11.1 '-,'. rnger li L Srnrth OFFICERS ffrrlrvl ljr Eerrrwgll P15111-QVII l-.lrillrrr I lrlqlrgv lyrfrg Prgnlrlrrnl lfrrlrrrl F l-lrllrerr-lllrr'1, Ireawrc-r lXlrlr3. D Ilimrrel, Cnr SS-ivctarx Qavrrrr lil lllrgrrlrrh l"'f fri'-crclm. frlr-,dpi S Slllllll, ra rrl, fl.ilxr',r,r GJ ACTIVE MEMBERS I H1 law, lyrrrvrifl llkrxrfr If llflarrlawg lrlalrrlful llrfle I-lcxxarrl I-lrrlirhrng 1 l- l-gr! if 11-orrvrpll l-rglerl D Drrogrlrgrr I-Sdlrglr E l-lrorjle Flrjlljerl F lxlrlbenclrlrril 'la' E Io-E Qarggn Q Unlrix 1-1rrv.arr1lE Hntjrlzrrln lac! E Satferlee T l-lrrlrr, I lrrrrrl Cade 1' Elm lwlrn XY larrell Donald L Smrrh i llerlrrrl E l1Lrv,nr'r Eogrg-ne l Ire-rp-:Yr Prrlrrgrr F lmng George E Stoclharn I lrfrlf- U Imrnel lfrlserr F' L-avvef, Iivlll, 1' Clflfjrn lr3rne'- hl Tarlrnglon Q' rralrj ,fr lldrrrylrll llarr-ij Ii 'Qr.,gr,rrl, Drrngflrl Rl OJ,-:rr Harry C I-aglor Lu rrr l Errwr l,ll'rGrr Sr Hahn Erer1erlclcXl.'r'n Pape, lr Firchard 1 Vxllie 172 DSIII F' A2?II'IaI'II'I, PIQIIIQII CI EFIIIINII F' L FII'IIIIIIgIfI'II?, DAIII II EI 1,'X. -,II .'.'II I Ife' I I I III ,I I III I 'I FI DIIIIIQIII E EIIEI, Qmafef F. Ii,3II 'IX"IIII3IIfI E CIE"IIIdII'II IACCILI If. 1EI.IgII:II'.g ,III IIYIIIIQII IIII I-IQI1-QI , I I- rII,g I I I1 I I IIRIII II I II II I D CI I-TI,-II, Daw! S I-IIQQIILILIQ I'IU'I'IfIII E'5IIIIId"'5I DI-'III L EIIIIIIIII QIII-IIII-'v SIIIIIILI. IIIIIII'--.III I' 5I'LIIfI1'IIIII I L IIIIIIIIIIII I I I' I. XI II II X' II III I X' IIII E I3 XIIIIIIJV' LIIII' LIIIIJV FOIIIIIIQII IEICILI. LI?IIIgII LIII'I.I,IsII'I III CIICIQIQIS OIIIQ Hem. E5ICILIII5IIQd IFIIEI H0III,II'aI"I EIIQIIIIJIJIIIIQ FIIII-3I'IIIII. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Lux-,IIII IX? FIU, -IIIIIII HG' IIII I IYIJIIIHI I: ".-, I3I'I I5 I IIIII I I Ia I I II I LIIIIIIII I Pa' IIa IQ IILII-.eI'I I III II I I I If I I ,II XIJIIILI A EMI. II. I. I"ifI L IfLII I-13 III-I'I, L 'XVIII I III I I EI I LIIIII IfII4III,I Q AIM II I IIIIQJ I.I, III .aII'I Iv Q II II II'I'I I-IIIII'II'II I II I IIJIIII II A UJIIQWI I IIYIIIIJIII I III,I'I1I? I IQXIIS I: I'II"III'I I III II A I HII I'-'II1,I-I. I,I',II III -IIIII ,I7 VIII II I IIIQIMI I- II I' VIII II.'. I5'I I'I' I I I ',' I I7 - ,III I-J ',' YI. II I ACTIVE MEMBERS IEIAIII I+' II' I"IdIIII IILIII fIII I1 II--1-I I II IIIIIQII LI 'K II I I 'ISI I 5' E I-'IIIIIII fI LIIIIIIII I-3fIII L I'IIIf1 IIIII' I II II , I I I- 'II' I La II. I"gIII' I E-SII I'IIg I'I'I-3II' IIIYIL IE'IIIiI,I L EIII I I"IIII'I I-'C DCII Ii H EIIIgI-II HIII-.aI I L HIIIZQIIIIVIII IEIIHIILK WI ZIIIIIIIII I'I QI,-IIIQ C CaII'IIIIgII I' II,I I, II,' II XII, I'IIIIZi-IIIIIIII I II,II IIE E I IIIIIIIIILIII I- I II I III I I PIIZIIIHWI FI Fam IdI'IIzX E IIIBII I'III L" If XI. III I II' L I I.I3III, DIIIIIQIIII E FIM 'III-jI'I SI I I I fx I II.' I 3'I'eI'I L I. 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Carter Franl, XXI Chandler XX"llran'r S Clarl. t'lLlLt6rtr5 lXl Cl,lt'nrrlrlg, llalph XV Eddy Paul Ellaworth ln-leyrn M Eennerrran Eugene E Eerrr5 Clarence CJ Crardner Anthony George lfrldolf E Crottlrrrgrel lruhert C Cowdy rr- r llarl' fXrrQlalll lilrlrl 5 Esther' Alrrern Helen Buvrnger Xlrnton Cirf lames Chapman Lourse Clerrnonl' Harvey Ergherrnan Lararrel Errbanl larneS l'larl1rn DELTA CHAPTER OF OHIO Pltrlrp Ogden 3rd Xfrce Presrdent Robert lxlrrlharrser 'lth Xfrie Presrdent lohn Downer Treason Cl MEMBERS IN FACULTY Laurlel Elalbdlil Parrl Herget Frederrcl. 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Secretary ...Treasurer ouncil President Secretary Treasurer l88 D!XHLlXflAll ODOM FAPR CO-OP CLUB OFFICERS Flchard Farr Preerderrr Framl lQOlDIllSOl'l Vnje l3re3ldel'll Dom Dahlmah Secretary Cul' Odom Treasurer The oblecl or the Coeorjr Club ls. To encourage rhl'ermlmglmg of the students of the College of Ehgrrreerlhg ghd Commerce Through socral achwheg Durlrwg the past year The club has attempted lo altaul thls erld by spohsorrng a Socral evehl url each seetrorl Thls yeark program mag hugh-lrghled bg lhe El1glI'lG12l'5' Ball, held lll l43lWLldl'j, the Co-op Stag, and a Selmer pdrly, both held un the gprlrlg ORCHESTRA OFFICERS Art johnson , Dorm WIISOIW. A Don Schafer, jr. jerry Doermberg . WOUNS Frank Qradmarw Carl Larrrcl-1 Donald Wrlson Dom Smger Bernard VaNrm FLUTES Srdmey Rmdsberg Eetfy 11,1116 Arrhur TRUMPETS PrrH'u,1r lOl1r1SOl'1 we W Daws Sem: Srmpkmson jerry Doerrwberg QLARINETS Dun Schafer, jr. Charles Leonard Arm Turney Ahce jones TFJQMBUNE lame Cahl PIANQ Mary Lou Beary Mary Dubnrmsl-gy BASS Drck Shnbrya Herbert Yeagley Lesfer Rupp .President Vice President Secretary ,Treasurer B A N D President ,... .. ,. Vice President. , Secretary ..., ,.,, , Treasurer . Director ,. . , , Drum Major ,...,,, Band Sponsor l93B-39 Band Sponsor V939-40 , , Advisor , ,.,,, ....... . , Band Managers . Student Director .,,,,. , Trumpets Howard Balthasar Robert Brode joe Chomel joe Davis jerry Doernbeig Chester Dones Norman Durst Harold Haber Royce jennings Arthur johnson Byron Kress Forrest Leever Charles Merckel Albert Meyer Frank Pustat Otto Scharfschwerdt Henry j Schroeder Bruce Shuey Scott Simkinson William Spicer Robert Stevens Clarinefs Marion Anderson Flavius Bartlett Bill Boatright Raymond Brecht Edwin Burdette Donald Cruse Le Roy Gregory Fred jarvis Charles Leonard Edward Marquart . ,, .Bill Arnrnon, Personnel Edward Medley Eugene Polk George Pulskamp Niclsolas Ribarue Don Schafer Robert Skinner Robert Tour jaclc Van Wye Harold Vayhtnger Danny Vxfaits Phil While Drums john Abel Armin Bernet Robert Devenish jack Llssenden Ray Podesta jarnes Scheprnann Stanley Trossett Homer Van Atta Richard Vxfeldon Herbert Yeagley Trombones Bill De Vaux jack Elgin Edwin Fink Elton Helfrick William Koehi Robert Morton Robert Mullenrx Karl Schlacter Robert Stewart Sonny K , Arthur johnson , William Beltz ,. jerry Doernberg . joe Davis Merrill B Van Pelt .. . Marty Schneider Mary Belle Bradford Nancy Schmid , ,. R A Andregg lein, Richard Willson . Charles Medert Don Wtlson Basses William Belt: Robert Brute Eltan Lester Virgil Saxoph Harold Sylvan David Mayna Robert Henry Einl, Geiger Horwi t: Rupp Watson ones Brown Burke Klarer rd Knapp McNutt F Schroeder Robert Shively lacl, Sixsrnith Marvin Smith Phil Steitler Baritone Donald Angell Carl Best Flute 6' Piccolo Nelson Chambers Ernest Eckerle BruCe Kellogg Sidney Rindsberg Alto Horns Paul Burke Richard Eink Chester Flurkey William Montgomery Eugene Painter Founded WIT' MEMBERS IN FACULTY rwfffw I+ MI f I I II 1 vi I IIINI- ,V FI ,'.., OFFICERS Frfid I:wr..VI6 . IND IIIIVVII Frgmjwf SIwa'Ir'II "I I I'vIg-Id-"HI I-XIII E31 x,XA JI :I EIWIIFIJII, 'fr' I'Ifjv.I :VI 'Inga' uw ACTIVE MEMBERS 936 I' j'I'wi'I HEMI If PIII 'II I'RgvvvI'rIbIIgI ' 4- ff- L AI- 'rw I II' ,'II',1rII IIIIIIII , - 5- A, ,Y QII3vII5j I-"I'I,f:I F' 'I L , LV, I' ,IEW Kafzip Ifm, F :XIII I 41 I3 "" '31 L5..iI I"Iw'I Er vw ,V ' Har' '.' Iixxfu' il Ii EIN -II ,. I15rj'I II'5":'1r LII IIJI QI' II f EWTI IIf:T,v I.Ix',I 'I ,, G, E'5IWf'f fIwav'v' ' I""1 Img' ix I A ' Ev Iv ' ,I" xx: 1 ' I' FqL1I.fv'I 937 F1111 I -"' 'Iam' , 1938 I A4I,'!! X I' iI Il3v'WfD1iII 1939 ,JL In I--IIIQII E'.3II'v Ilkvwm IMI! I ,III M I PIII, I-'I I-ww . . ., E, , I E .I AICEE 'Q 193 N k THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OZEF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS PPO? REUBEN S TOUR CCIHISCHCI HAROLD CAREER Adxwi3Cr DONALD IVIONTCQMERAI pVG'SId6VIT RICHARD A, FARR Vrcefigresuderwr IAMES L XWEILEF SCQVCTEII-TICSSIIICI ..,. V. AMERICAN SOCIETY OE CIVIL ENGINEERS The Student Clwaprer of the fxmenean Socuety of Cum Enguneers was esfabhshed Try r-mm,3f3 .goqrggrg between The varnous classes of The Crwl Engineering Depart wgnf and rn foster La professronal Sonrrr among the smdents Prewjenr D E Frye .mg-F'reerJ1fv'r Fl X' Curm Se-Qrelan XV I Cnnnrngham T:'r'3srur?'I' E H AIISVI Fgqnfrr Xmjxrfer Pvwfesgfrr H B Lullrer Seniors 'U,rr,1e:,v XV B ixlrge-,I, C S I X, I Ilferlrlfgrr, D I Inl'J'QIdVbC, A w f . 'XIE,,"VTi'J, N H I'-lujl1al'd'5, VJ' F ,rr I- If f',Irrr'n:rr Q A li-I,1L'rt'2. Cr If L " fear- Cl C Sflwhacnl, H " f' I' 'L-r frrvfirim, T li Sifuswrilrdff,-r, Cr fx jrg I W 'Inu 'rrdhr If Q Iiwrlrai., M A L E flreffrgng, I fr. xxarvrvf, Q xx' Q I.X'IWrlE V." XV 1 if I.'.' Pre-juniors XX'erner, I C . Y' r HaHa, I I XV1'hany Fl 0 S' fl E fwavrrfrr, L D , Sophomores Ii?rgvf,I ' T 'I , Nmdm' Q Arnld! I fe 'awk' 'r ru ,M A, I I rf I ' x.'. If Cu'fvv511,1, A A Edngii A KFC rr. n 1 Crnrnfuj rg b'r"I"'- Mdx K V p M Lim,-I I A Cndnnrdn E L, WY P E VAN C P QOEVIWQV, I H 'fe.'r'JvwrE1', D fx. braid' P juniors flarxrvm, Dame! HM-e D LW 1'-,A . r 1, E, 1: Hannernann Fl H lndrere. I-4 I, H VV! g H MMU' A roriner, R NV E-rwmaff rfff, V' FL, Uwrier. F R Lecramd' H W La' M P E ret' 3 NIaiuexvsI.xg V NV 'IW' Hgmqi XVL' , I r raw' L F I-'erIrns, E , L QT' F I VENT, Xx'IcjTL,vr EIEIILUU' F I' A err n Lewlwry W "'?""'eIC'-FI' I- P 'z Irgw, rn L FFL L!""V' ENE" 1 M D vid MM' P I Egranrg, F IX1 If' EEE F' E ixqaham' C L Van Cuelpen, li f9"'V'3'j.1. T- I Mal'-"yd S E' Wagner, ix T r wire-rg E F, MWIW'-' I P Xkfaldrnan R S I V15 p H FIWLUIN, C V, Xxfargjefu I B 5 faq Dagd F5'rer,r3, L Weber, C E WTI H 7 Daie'-g I Flnj-awww: I- Hmzeviav E Warm: I '.'.a11e. E Da" 5V'I"ID A If Q 1 Q"'Ice: K ' f Yedr V N' Vs f ' Fa Iwjgxx wgx. wk 1 , ,E. tw AMERICAN SOCIETY CF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS HQX.X."fXF'D L?UI:EI,fxVxVl Clwawwknv DQIXI EYIXIITH Cl-J-nfIWjIV'I'I'I,,'l!, FCEEPT F'Llt1ENDUNfT SecremmfTrs3fur.3-r FUEL L SMITH H0rWQV5sr", CHawrVV,sru V IV I I C 'Hr-D 'xg Vw? CM, r1f'.1'f.wv I'fuv'11-I FQL7IKv?-I I-l . TW I 51.r' 'PW IW" 'I'-L7 I g""'E ' T335 pq -'vu -v isaL....z..,.m.,...a.." W 'we I 3 3' Q "FAQ , ..,,, . . ,iq f.-1'A.2f!a .li-JAKHMHI A - 1 a. E Y V U .' ,, .., 1. - 1 1 ll I 'Q I rf ' CC QD l U1 T E A C H E R S mm EV wE HE mi im .. , , ,- r Hoge, 9 .efrflrotlyj l'f'Tl, c lolwnifnr ' l" wr 2 la,g:f, r oeirrwr, kr Clv.,-rx X: :rr Ji C A':.'WL V, C 'Z'-ie, ,Brandau l Dr'-I' ll' E Lffr-'Le V Cweerr C, lx r,l,rrrlrl1LL:,L1lWLlLlll r' Barer A Becnrer, R lvloeller XV A A B oard loncrrozrg to srrrnulaie rnreresr rn SrJOrT3 arrrong women on Camoui ard br serrrng LID a xarzed program of actrvrrreg ro male avarlable 'ro them an L ooo El. rronrn ro parrrzroare rn rlwose sports Ir also regulates The organrzarron of rlwe rcrarron, sooerxfrsee rlwe pornr sysremv prowdas for clwoosrng rlwe "C"-ring grrl, frd xxoflg on rornr prorecrs rrrrrlw otner' famous organriarrong In Sellrng up rlwe arms ol rlwo organrzarron, W. A A Board Srrrves ro place wr- rn ,rlW35rE on the value ol sf-ortQ from rlwa slandgirornl ol lrgalrlr, rerjreatronl l'r3l.Elx-1r3- nur E3 rj nd rncreasrng socral conracrs ' l OFFICERS mi: P Vlr 1,-r Prep'dE'nf Fr Ill l rlrrzetrrn l3'PrTr:'fl ng S6-Ifelary r :rr ig, 'rrr Jr' , r riri- Pr'6'1'rlen! lrfanrana Ffandfrlglr Treasurer L-r ,','r1V:l fr CC'rr'e5L ll'v rrrjrna Sr?Cr'v3l.3r5 MANAGERS ' H-me Hofl-Ley lriollw Shannon l3'la5 Day Clrarrman V arror Lr,r5rr'rl5rr,rlrl Basl.erlva'I lxlary Ellen Looney Socral Clwarrmarr I fo! Elreztel Baseball lvlarrorre Clrrrsrran Red Cross Corps Caotarrr n Hall , Swrmrnrrrg lone l-llll , A F O C W Treasurer rrgrrza Del: , Archery Belly Baller.. .. , .. , .Outlng f l ge Ererilwler llrflery Florence Endebrocl Eng neerrng Reoresentarrve E 'rfrre Owen Fencrng liorlw lvloeller Er-rgrneerrng Reoresenratrve l ne Erandarr ,Tennrs lrva lXfle-Qlxsrrotlw Pulirlrcrty Clwairrnan 'ar aarffr frweerue. C-oll V II. L I I I IPI LC CH IIIXII IVIQI- 'I 4 ILIIIEIILI LIIIIIsbI,IlF, EIJH II' 'Huff' IIITQII Lam ,I Eu, :III f I KIN STU Iw' I ,UI IE WIIIII'-I II .III I " Iwrvrxf-IL fX:Ij-1 I-.I .III,IIIII FII53 U59 E qgw I-Jar, IQaI I""VCII. FIYQIIW I'r'I1Ixx VI, UNI, TIT, FIV. Ijmgur, LIII an BI,IrIIIaIdf, A. Iearww C3IIwIIII9II. I.3rI'1IeI?r'I C:II.,ivIIIIrI'E, LN? IXI CIIQIIJI, LIVQI,-: :Q Iam Rug QI- IIIIJII Lixizfe fx-Iv'Iv1'I Iigyv. II-I, IXIAVI' ffI.IIIIII'Ig,II3-II, DI3rqIIIwI, joyce Dewry, Marg LOUISE Droege, Rogma Mary I ELT PI-II , . I , I I I IjIJ'III.1II-I If Id" ,CI LII -,VV IIC AIIIIH: LII'-IIiII'II EeII,II,III'NIwIj IWW , I IZIIIII ',IIL If.IjI'I1I' X LII "iw I:"1III'f'III ,x E. MEMBER IN FACULTY PIII EI 'II I I-I5I5rN Ig., OFFICERS ,VI vi, ACTIVE MEMBERS DERGIA DENT OFFICERS pfcilrj I' Tn ,IHI,II'CV and Edwlm 1,5051 Aff, RTE CLUB Faculty Adviser I QI! I Iv - . I I' 3 gg IAIICII-, I I I I,zII, I-' I-. 'I "f'!IIv'-if TI TIIHI4 Ir L-Iwi' I'IIIr,,r I'AIII,I EIEIIII IQHIIQ X41 MEMBERS OF THE KINDERCARTEN STUDENTS CLUB lluniors, Seniors, and Fifth-Year Sfudentsl Iv IIIIIIQII, FlIgI'gIj,3 IIIIIII I.IIiQ,3IIIwx, Swim: -"' I ' VI If 'I I ,ITIII-I II ruI:,I,rI, Ma'g.afII: QT f ,I KI CH. EII:a:,If-II1 I :Ima I-II II II FI'I""1'I:II:V ETIQIII I' IJI- VIII? leeI, X'I'a:FI5m ici' iff, Iar-H f,5I-,IIQ Berry ','I5'FaI"av'IIj, E TIIIII I' Q5I'Ij.5fg Ig,3I'I O-ICNPQV, INIBVI Ii5II'IHrII. YBIIEI. EFI, IBVIE' EIIiI'I"P1fII 7I.I,1Vg,5fI,? rim ffIrIIrIrII IIIIIIIIQQIII Math 3 Hafmulru QIirm-ader, EQTcII3 Hg"I'IIItIQIv1 IEIU13 IXII Q: I,I3fII,rI SII3VInI3r'I. FIIIIW NI I'fm'I"IVVIaVI, Ar'Ir'IifIfc KIIIIH, IVIQIIII STHVIEEYQ, CBIUIV "iur'IfIIQ"-LIJIW, FUZIIIQVIJ 'XIIvWgI2'p, EIi'aVII r fIIII-II-In fIIfw'yIe Ann VIII, jxme I ",' IVIEIJII DUI IIIII EI HO TL- I if Ha"-III'I' Huzwe IX'IdrII2 IUIIIIIIII I-EIU: E Tue, IXI3-iI2',,I IIII'II'CII DIIQIIIII, LII' ,III O-flpfgv, LI" f QQIII I U 'II-gf I,1II'I'd:, EIIKIIIIQ P U55 Exemv X C 'l IU3' ,VIII IgI,I,r, I, 'gm 3 'I' Pau' IIl5I'IIjI I.I.fQfI Ijgsi EI -5 II I I- IcIIw'v'z, E LIQUIXQ Petr I, Niarfha EI II' X'.I"f51e'j Lawns I' IIIIQIJI, I-IeIem C I'n'IIII-PQI. Marlha LI,I-'I- If. 'i'afrI5, Bwwie I.IgI Ig EII:abe-III ILWfII.Y'ITE-OIT, AItIer1a IINI, IUVIB Lange, Helen C. Fioehrn, DOI 'y H. E ,. Y - - , E F A' fQf:ev'w"' : :vi-Nw L xmay f Li-P"'fav I E He" EWHVEE X Q 'A fa' 5 , Q, Dam 1 Naoefhauf P-1 N' Srajefxar- R Cwdx X. x. x. Xxwk-R FQ,,mj1kjd 19313, Urwxir'5M2 of SOLAZIW Dal GTB LrmQff'gwIj, QM Qmgumgtm Chapter, Elfalrlivahed lm 4 lJumi:m1'y I-Maxulwgarg To Scaljlimrd gmd OFFICERS Blade Pmr 11 Lartar I' mix ErMVV1fiVT Fw"-I L mf1r'w.3Vw' lfqzw I"+"w'1u S 1,'A,"' Hd Lwl1T6-Warm Efwf' 'Y V 'VV 'E-Lrg',,i'wI-37-,LXrm. fx 1 f mm KAPPA DEL Hormrari Educdtrom Fmrermtx OFFICERS TA PI '.'L1! "M ff f.'-fllgfrlm , FTP- Ajvm HV1v.-xl V.Igm,!',1u- AR Fwqydwvl inf' U? F11 G" l3'Gfwvdwv'i, rrlav ' 4 Qfiff' ' E wr- 'Av iw, f1"'f'ETSlV PM T'nJiL1'r,' ,. L., -L, rfpj-vl,.f ' Fwav 73 je: L rw I wwlwxdlot NEW MEMBERS r ' 4 vt, Ee .fl Ck! X W1 V ambvxrl ff ' ' ,' ' V1 H-'fi V.i.,avwM4 Pk-TEM 4 V' H xi glide' A .dy ,gvww '35 W . E1 F 'I W P .1':w'xQ1I, EUEV: 1-Milf W Im X'nxfj,hNy-F J' , " ' 1' -1.4 if-'T Hull Hfgvnwvw Iwfl v 1 ull XVFKV HONORARY MEMBERS L' H Evan ' Ewh-V Q- in I V x 2-K E ,f q -ff, ,- , .P r. ., .1-,, z is ii it RN n . , f 'nx fb ,FR X sl ,? k -A ' 'fi . 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PM iriwii ii be v Seciemi, 'Q Tregrariiei L '- 1' i, i Ciiftfwiiiiri i ." ff 'V 'V Cm,iv'nff'lii,r Graduates Seniors Il-lni0fS , V ri' ,i 'fy F3 ci .1 D, iuiliy Elrfixtli 17 Jw Eire' i.iian5uier1!r9 Frilwili i Fiiviw iam-2 rem' jmwe Nailpy 5 ' ilaiif i'afFar'ev i Marx Q, H I tr, lfi LLV-r Maririric Vail M W w K 3 xl SQ ' s Se? 32 .I 4 .ai ' X. .P-'PEN :xg W .,., X , 5':Y:W:f:' x Xx X-N . :Eff x x X N435 jim V .Y Y Vwif P 'f'Yi"Vr Xf.'3I-,im XX' PMIZ, I, Daw? fly liwvwirw Pl H, i1eHog,q,C A D011 'i.i.i.1.f E if HJR, E Him-.if:, L Cnc-.1wv'v,h H Eiallliaiar, L1 D1ffX'3Lr-., D Wilmyi, L gmigr, Di5ijfi'p1l1Qyg' I-3 Slqivt i 'f..V i -,,,, , J -4 ,Y , Y, . ,, i X' 'f 1-HH Y w if-x P- 1. , ww K - .V A P . - ,-5.,, - , --V, K A P P Honorary Barwdsmerfs Fraternity NDF F dr'-ijNMv1rl F rlfkiiiiifri FDvriiPwbIxrPgaDiI A K A P P A P S I Officers Vw' I Mr ,ii Pruf'i1EDf W Dewi ,WF Pina'-jrfrwf Ei!! Pdf: Sefreiam I-mm iiiiiiigi Trf9aQ1,ir5-r RX'1i",im Elffxkiil EHITOI' awry E Burde DELTA KAPPA SIGMA Fmwded Urmergity' gf Cmcmrmtu, V333 Hcmorarg C E Fratermm, Members in Faculty I., i' A YUM:-1 L P 'fiiirm F. j if-f H Pl ii-im P' i' wh- fr if Section I Section II 1939 1939 1940 V- "M fmt- Pm- ,mln-ri! ','."Hw.1u, f' l1f1i!ui3lv Pug-,iiii lil i'ilLH'Nf' fxgfihlml 1 f, Vex! 'H if-Y.H', .QM F-.iwrrm Slfrviisri, xxx.'if1i3Vv1 flwwwril I1 V ri JW NY fx. wiiitgfw Culivuvwgjigrii L K I, Y gmviv . F-F iiwfg'-dui I-'am EXCMJNU " ,iv x f:- "J -.f , H, If .Ji , f,lxAr1 f' ,MH IA, :LMT Dgmg , . HI 1 .. x V U ,,Lq.,1 E Frm' cipmge ixlmrmw , 1 , C' ,, uf , . 1940 "" M' ' h"f"'m xtimm s,m,.-1 Hdvvxwuu P Bc-iilieliumg I, C W , 5 ,, , ,', K ' -wlrwvl juvv'lr.lLHI ,Mui .Ni-vw , I VV, 1 ,. ,,i f.MN,,aa,7H, " "HI lizul V."ari'vev I 1 1 fi-meJ,f FAWPW CHM' 7 f 5 'Wjberg Lf ff P1-eviem Iii 11 1 if fi'.,3il+Ly 'T- x is 9 -ga, X A .S ,,., ,Lg v 5? 'Z ,, , , . 1? 5 Q3 Sf saw? 3 Q Q K Q 'ik is M 3 5 .A sg - ' Si is 4 as ' if ,sg 5 3 'Y '4 Q . ,V l 6 sz w 4 ' 1 ,XB -K . X-52' ' ' : . ,QV ' X .. f' 1 V f -1 Q ww , . , 1 V., . ' A V Y. an 6 A 1 , ,,., 1 b V 1 -- X ' 'A N, "wj'i1T .,,,.. gjj' - m X 3' . ' 1 - 4 f ' ' ,-M -..:.1:::gg 2 A ' kb ,,., b b . in qx gl iv f V si 31 iss X3 4. ,':0qqxgeQ2'k 'f K W N P lrfrrgxr, E LV-f3X.1,:.E l"GSsrwH'dN I Vwlferrxr I L N F X 1' I4 "TVN LI1 1 11 , lg ,ig-ww.1 , , 41, If My IVQN, Exyxvv Ly gwgv' FN xt' mi Ur: QUT, Iwlvl PL1lYf"ummr Wvlrxr 1 ur NN R. , ,, .5.v VIGILANCE COUNCIL B E S I G M A Founded UIWVVEVSiff,' of Vxflgcomgm E -H Chapters 01110 Alpha, ESTabl45hf3d 1922 939 M1 Q D'.,4rm'Iv1 fXHHQrI L'MY-nlg XV.,1Her XVH 1 ln VIITH W, 1 ' V 4' U1 Y' rx Im ljff V'vTwUMfU+V N1 H mg Vx?dv'QE!r'C'f V NH 1940 Pl- U rw Crm-,f Uwifwfi HHN Ir x f W'w'vv'a LMM-ruf VfwHl.1vvw SU: TA GAMMA Vxlrlltam Gelvlwardt First Section Carl Lolwrrix Vue Harrg Snadx Plwrlnrr Engle Second Section C1QL'r,ge Slwnelt, lfzrjtj lQl'lfl Elowrzsetl Ellfrirl Lrmrlle Clrarlea P C-all lr-lm 9 Qrrrllrfm P E E?ergl'rau'fen Rcbewt Eredcrrt-er'rder lrlirlri-rt S EWITE E E Llwarl:':v.r,rrtll S V Balry Charles P Eecrjle David l Brrrfvl Howard Erelghvrrd Ce-rartfl H Came Howard Cartner Franl P Cunnrnglwarn lolwn C Erigcllarnp Herbert H Ellacltsclnleger Calvin C Eitirpfjr D E Bowrnan Albert l Bruncl. Faul L Burli- lulfmn P DSVIS lad- Edmonds Edwin C Elllg Waller E Ellis Ma- L Flack 205 Preardtjnt Prefrcler lr Secretarl Treasurer Prep rdrgnl Sscrel arm lrE55r lrr 7 Seniors If ltr' .' 'Sltj Prrrrr ll ll!! ldfl llfllr lt l l l lt,-lllwlrr, juniors Ha", E Llrirf, fr l f 'r ll- fr Erx'.'l"r I Ll lllllll' 'rl Perl T ll,n'.l V, tr lrrfl l' l 31+ Qlri l lnrxr 'liz-fr, ,ln lillfl l.!,l ll glltjrlnllr lflvl ll ll,"lW'lr, Pre-juniors Elw r r l Fm l S Hr, 'ir larncr Fl Fu-.3l'ltir5 larrw, F ltllllfllll lrjllll L liriwlrfrg lirrrrr' lf! ltgrrii Cha? B321 ff,rr,l.'r ikllall. C lllldull LEFOXJ P Crfrgwrx' lQllri ll Lamb L7ull XY Hai-el Erjxnarj l-I Xlarwlurazt Lgrryl S Hallrr H Mlflenntjy Paul XV Hargrrgr Lax1r'rgr'rCe lff PS3':li' L-,l-rrl A Xr.,l'..rag Sophomores Rose F Fox Laxtlrri A lnge'frngr3r XV I Freeman E Drlr.'.jrll1l'3y Faber G-:lay Iarnes Harding C XX' Heater Donald Hrnes Plntlrp A Hoffman Allen HODI- lnS E ll Houser Robert F Howard la-:l1 Wooley Harm Ellri. ling L ll' l'fl'zI'lrfli'l' XX' E Lear Dale S Lullwer lacl E NQCuIltglLtglw lwurrrail Mclierth XVllf0r'rj E Metzger Mrlttrn H, lxlessner XA.f'lll'dl'l'l E I S lr 'rrr ar rw , l lt' :Jn uf "tl 'l X xr,' Crfflrrran if L., lf, Llitf r in r S llnrl llrlxxarql Hr r','.'L 3 rrll Ll: rllrilr' Llrrtr r Ayr' A' rflan lm rrrrr Craig-or lylrrr ',l l'wl jr Vlrrllrg- fn,-4 l rl Fill' JAN xx. V: rr: r", F' Frrric r, Hnlgn Slulbbr Urn XX" Queen lrlurlrtgrt Tragesier lf-Urn F Qt: ttf' lx' V' ern l7 lfrfairrrjr Fw .lL-rtgrgl H Fklrr E, All r rt S Xlfaller l-rrlrrrg A Fwrnarw lan, L'rt 2 XXf'Qar Q f- fnnlt: l,'x ,rain l XVeber Elrnrgr H Srrlltll t,ljr:r3rlCE' A VX'Ell1ul'lll Hrjfrw, A Sl,3'Lrl,1ril. ll rgrn lf lllintririrrnb F A lr-lorton E C Slaltglwter Clwrrf C Plntier F S Sfllllll Arrtrjwlrj l Plillllp Fr't3rfl.Vr'lCl,L C Pop: lax rn., nd C Pig rter T A Prr.1gl1 Nlarxrn Ross George P. Silwarnb E XV Srilwuessler Roland C Shaffer Vxfortlw l l7Lr,gQr l. Slarll-er lffllllanw l Studi Xx.llllErT1 I Sl-Slfrrmr liolaerf H UpIwaLlS A FI. We-lrer aclw Wtllrarn l Weber Rriliard A Xlflllirit l TFVGE V'rn' le BOTANY MEDICAL O 'M..,f Q b g wi Q S ' 'vw' !'x Q .v if Q, W wwqg, W . H U ' S W H AMONC STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLECES UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI REPRESENTATION FOR V937-l938 CAIRNS, Betty, Born' Feb. I7, l9l7, New Britain, Conn. Honors: Pres. Wo.'s Vigilance, Man- aging Ed of year-book, lunior Advisor, Wo 's Senate Bd and Coun., Com. Chair. of Creek Ciames, Sec. Wofs Vigilance, Sr. Ed. ot Year Book. Hobbies: Photography. Knitting. Voc. Pl' Bus. Personnel. Homei Cincinnati, Ohio. ELLIOTT, Edith Ann, Z. T. A, Borni April 5, l9l5, Cin., O. Honors. Pres. ot Sor., V-Pres. ot Beta Camma Sigma, Bus. Man. School Publi- cation, Publicity Director ot Co-op Day, Man ot Mummers Ouildg Treas. ot Alpha Lambda Delta, Vigilance Coun., Wig Wag Coun., Sec, Sr. Y.W.C A. Cab., Mem. Mortar Bd, Pi Chi Epsilon. Hobbiest Reading, Travel. Voc. Pl: Investment Banking Home: Cincin- nati, Ohio. KRAMER, Erna Louise, A. O. Pi. Born, April I9, l9l7, Albuquerque, N. M Honorsi Mem-. ot Mortar Bd 3 Pres. Y.W.C.A , Wofs Debate Man., lr. Advisor, Pres. Alpha Lambda Delta, Mem. Tau Kappa Alpha, Mem. Soph Vigi- lance Com., Fresh and Soph Mortar Bd Honor Rolls. Hobbies Speaking. Sewing Voc Adv. and Radio Work. Home: Cincinnati io. KREECER, Kathryn Elizabeth, Delta Delta Delta, Born: May IZ, l9l6, E St. Louis, Ill. Honors: V-Pres. of Alpha Lambda Delta and Y.W.C A., Man. of Wofs Senate Book Store, Sec Mor- tar Bd , Fresh Latin Prize, lr. Advisor, Mem Wo.'s Senate. Home: Cincinnati, Ohio SIODAHL, Creta, Borni Oct. l9, I9l6, Cin., O. Honors: Pres. ot Wo.'s Senate, Chair. ot lr. Advisers, Wig Wag Coun., Mem. Stud. Coun., Pres. ot Independent Wo., Sec. ot Assoc. ot Independent Studs, and Stud. Coun., Mem. Student Faculty Convoc. Com., Treas. Wofs Senate. Hobbiesi Recreational Work with Children, Reading. Voc. Pli Personnel Work. Homei Cincinnati, Ohio. WILSON, Mildred, Chi Omega, Born: April 30, l9l6, Merchantville, N. I. Honorsi Sec. ot Union Bd., Sec. Soc. Bd. ot Control, Treas. of Mortar Bd., V-Pres. of lr. Class, Pres. of Sor., Mem. ot Wofs Senate, Chair. Prize Day Convoc., Mem. Pan-Hell. Coun. Hobbies: 207 Sports. Voc. Pl: Personnel Work Home' Cin- cinnati, Ohio. BACHMEYER, Robert W., Borni lan. ll, l9l5, pay, oulgias H. s. A E Cin, O Honors, Pres ot Sigma Sigma, Sports Ed ot School Paper, Bus Mgr. ot Year-Book, V-Pres ot Men's Senate, Sports Editor ot Year-Book, Mem. ot Omicron Delta Kappa. Chair. ot lr Prom Q Ed ot Year-Book. Hobbies Sports Voc. Pl' Med Home Chicago, lll Born' Aug IT, l9l6. Cin, O. Honors, Pres. ot Frat, Pres is Coun and Sophos, V-Pres. and Treas ot YM CA 3 Sec. Treas. ot Men's Senate, Bus Mgr ot Year Book, Eng. Tribunal, Bd ot Social Con- trol, Mem. Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Sig- ma. Hobbies. Psychology, Voc PIL Adv. and Selling. Home: Cincinnati, Ohio DIETZ, Robert. Honors: Pres ot Stud. Coun, Memorial Dorm Activity Key, Tau Beta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma. Hobbies: Hunting and Fishing. Voc. Pl: Engineering Research. Home' Wilmington, Del. HECKERMAN, Arthur, Beta Theta Pi, Born, Feb. 23, l9lS. Honors, McKibben Medal, Ivy Orator, Pres. ot YMCA., Mem ot Men's Senate, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Omi- cron Delta Kappa. Hobbies. Sports Voc. PI Law. Home: Cincinnati, Ohio. KERSKER, Ted, S.A.E Born' April 22, IQI4. Hon- LIN ors: Pres Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres. lr. Classl Pres. A. I Ch. E., Col, ROTC, Drum Maior of Band, Chair. lr. Prom., V-Pres. Union Bldg Bd, Treas. Stud Coun., Scabbard and Blade. Hobbiesg Band Training. Home: Nor- wood, Ohio. DSEY, Robert, Born: May I, l9l7, Honors: Pres. ot Mummers Cuild, Omicron Delta Kappa, Dramatic Work. Voc. Pl: Theatre Work. Home: Cincinnati, Ohio. ORR, Cordon, Bornj Feb 27, l9l5 I-lonors: Mem. Men's Senate and Sigma Sigma, Varsity in Football, Baseball, and Track. Hobbies: Sports. Voc. Pl, Coaching. Home' Compton, Calit. DUB , K 'f .. 'sg-n 'fs' rhqiwwivf -Q A Q X T. vie ra - wxfww- g-vxgy, -. 1 . -351 . ' -,-X 7 '. 11-H5524 in . . ' 'X .N .16 .- 9 t . A f ,,N.5'--.e- , -4 H, - fLi-:f+.-5g3:'S5-2'Ee'- 5-SW? Y Q - . . -px -,-.ii vw 4 in-., ' 1 N RQ,,,N HST?-'awiig vzph,-13 ' 'Q Q 1 ,x Pgisfiiii Hafrsfii, ff ei' Beit: The Memorial Dormitory Council is disririgoisiried in being oorsfaindii-ig as e sei?-goxerrziiig doririiiory body It is, in fact, omgricaliy uiiidoe Composed of a floor represeiwfafixe from exergi fioor, a chairriiam of each section, and the four officers it is a iegisiatixe body of tweim-two voting members, assisted im their decisions add iii the admiiwisirgfiom by committee chair- man with their assistants. Accoomfable for peace amd quiet, and for wise disposition of aciixiry funds, it has greai powers and respiomsibiiifies ORM CO FIFST RQXV1 fs. lolmsem I Pierce, D P C Ebyl N Ne'f-rw, L E"ex-,fer E Liiwil'e, P, ft-fffler, C Bratz, X' Dijefiisa' :GND PCN' H i' jiri, E Kiel-ei, Pi lil ini? I Seegei, E' A54-,riri C H5'Tf,'fL V. E571 I 'fiflsfix E fidifii, XV Caipeiiief' 209 UNCIL D O R M N O T E S When the rest of the campus slumbers, the Dormitory is en- grossed in study for the next day's vvork. lt is a beautiful sight when the lights are ablaze. Like a medieval castle the tower rears itself above the moat of trees in summer, its lighted casements almost eerie at a late hour .... The babble of voices in the store and ottice . . . the music in the Memorial Room . . . all remem- brances tor the years to come. Then there are the friends from distant states, shall vve see them for many years? That is the sad part ot leaving. l-lovv about those "bull sessionsn? Remember settling hovv the school should be run . . . and hovv things even greater should be done? Scenes and sounds . . . relationships at vvorls and play . . . we'll remember them all . . . and the Memorial Dormitory. D O R M E Q E nd I 1 75 if Q - J' 1 Mfr .ZA e ,f S -1 .- . 'N , N 25' 9 W Q! V 'ff IIB J if I. da.. -I Y NM 4-1'--iw k""-1m"" Rf' ' 5.2 gi: f, .aWl1,7- , 3 :L -'f, 411.-ff, : :ij ,hvgffz A , v V' ' yu. - ,' .3755 - V A- 1 N..g'9K.f V- 'V " 5 566 E9 Mffv A, -wawws-.+wr-Nag X X x X :X if FS? Pl My ,NNI 2 1. I xx 26 A ANNETTE CUHEN PRESIDENT PAN HELLENIC h A, Q . W ,J,m+eff.w-4-lw "'A" .154 FO D1 'li r-1 N rr. an lil 'E RUARD UF DIRECTORS UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI W A A has a orcnrc LIFE drdn't come to the party but they sure missed a good one. Senror Prom Dance all gou Senrors, for tomorrow who knows? Elrothers Dalton, Hanson, lxelchner, et al enroy themselves at the Phu Delt Formal The Senrnrs sOl3er down trom therr hrlartous celebrating to lrsten to an rn- sprrrng Baccalaureate address Can lou helrexre rt' Another year gone, at least tor the L A students These Engrneers enrol school so much 'Pl they never leave D' Condx rntorms the Unron Board that radzo rs here to stax Such words cut XXlSdOI-tl' Soohomore Wrg-Wag goes to Dayton for a slumber-party lvlrss Wrnston oromrses brrght futures rn her tortune tellrng hy Day: hrrngs memorres and the lnegrnnrng tarewells Commencement' Shall auld acouarntance oe torgot , . . 3 216 TEHF TEH ITY ' I I J l 1 O F F I C E R S R35 l'I'MJWj F1 xg-3 pl ewjur wi A1 Hun' HIWVVI vvAVHYc1Vy-TVA awww: Umm A: Hum' Posile Nix v wx DELEGATES X-Xcacxa 4 SNJVNFQ Euvmvwl, Myizg Vgwgga Pu C-'rum ivhrwxmi' !X'y,Jm Tau Omuga I'-lovhirt M.1lvNmam fxmyv fam Q1 -'wr M "':A KJUVY XX .3 lu :xL'1L!t1VW Ewa I-aw 3 I nw 'r'f- f F111-3 561.1 'I rr- 13 Pu Fr , ,i I4rfw,Y1,-u,1- Dulld T x.rx,1 Dem. V iw!! HMM Ima Ov: Ef1f'!Q'U fNrtMm,u P3f.'Nw'1 L,3Vw'lvJ.'1 Ox: XX Wwe Hmm fXMttxw-1,16 PM Ee YJ D91 I f'w'lw'Vl IVAN Pin DJT3 Tin,-rm X 1 1 Fafilwfm- Ph: Lagfa lad XY.,-M Fl Vnvxga NMA Bmw -mvm-mmm 3151113 fNfQf'1-1 Eg W v Fm! XN',3rmfr Sigma AMM3 Mu Mmm Vxhfrgpls Sigma CM' C wg Wage' 5 w2 Tf' fF'+1 DSW WW frv15T vim-u YF E Emmeu. M I awww H L Tmpge D UM! Dmmwx EiKNwftxW.11,, Ya Frey A FEUDXJ, S Bwrw-err, in V+ f- HQJND FUN' I Q DEa'U1'r'w, P M XX",3VrWrQ X r 1 x f Qhrxe, wi C fma"1NVrWarT, I X," XMJH 217 939 940 Fcumded 11:55, IX'I1a1111 L,l1w1x'er51Tx 95 Chapters Lara Psp F5labI15I'1-ed V352 Members in Faculty D211 LI L31.x1e111gf I1.'..a'f1 P I.M,11':a, 'I 1 L1 1,1 X 1'4X F'ECIWETL'1H -1111 I 1. 11 Paul E IIQA111 , C' J ,, IX-l"'T II IX,I61'1'I1II. I' NIKCHTI V E, C13 , F'L.iI'Ig1 Ie'11'1erI'1 IP' PM 1 f' ' I 5-jf:1'xx3I I F11jI131.j C 511 ELI' ' f1Ij151'11 i Vwr I Q51 Q 1d11SfI1.j1x L -.I C MMI SWHIEQ S C'11u1I1I f1I:111I1-V -'T 113 I .I. 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Hjpplg FT CQVTVTVTQ, R Hardmg, 1 Sherwam, C Pl,-iifuvTS, P X'."ar'r'w, Mrs Albrecht, Q Xi' Mex-.Lxk L, X'..jofSey, C E L TXTChTfUc, XX F Cyiper' THTT-'D F'O'x'. E ,f+.v1:rfv.a, W. XVaiLef, O Le-ggelf, R Iwcher, D Featfwereffh, D Criffm, C Slmjb- Pfifg, D Lwmt-r, E T Mwllard, C N Anjrgw FTLPTA F.OX'Q. R ,fX'1+-ader, D. Nead. C. Earp P I hu tar H Siwmpa J Fofe, W T Kam- mexjx D Crasff, D Day, I Rwfrer. FTFTH RCM' T, Xafwjemah, J, Cam-.aTl B Faafdur, F Fwh'-rt XX' Mag-iw I Sahgxaara, F1 Th mpson '-LI Havhgw., Fl HOT'rh:x-fr, XT Xal, Q P-We Fl. Ere-Zht U 'TH Fl0XRY". H Fuhlimjulyfr, H Yeaglm, HTVTZTTEEV, Vx' TXTaTfwv'w3, F Mahi, E, Sihrhzdf DQWIES, VU, Tafefwiafw, X' Nfa1Jev.'51.g'. Fl Flahh, 5. iuTTlPLTV'l5'lIT SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Fouhded in 1355, University of Alabama TTT Chapters Fratres in Faculfatem .'iD.." Haw, T. 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Q rn gf X , X aff " Pill Cargi- gf, , Em-r Founded 1859, Bethany College Cranwnta Xl, Establlslwed 1909 2,511 '..V . .,," V I if Members In Faculty f 1. Qftgf Flgcvbaclw H F lxoenrg Rtttus Sont1'rwQrtlw -if-'t Q Ccwdx Nnrttnwar Powell Active Members XX rllrarn 1-lenderiit Robert Hettck Dil. 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Ccates, T Anclrewg, l-E F, lioentg lll, H, Frrggle, 13 Wrlllams, 17 Pt t'r"r I Baker X NCTC, ' Tl-llF1D PONY 1 115131, C Dr9X'tile3, 1, Crltes, B Fielrwann, l lxlatfon, l lietlp-gr, 1 lxlnm. A, Vontr E Ctrl 'al r 1. ,, r r- F0l.'5t'l'1-l FIQXX FQ Ersxxn, R Flwlwr, XV Yxfitltv C E Ltlmftin, A Farrell, l Dtjx-met, l ROl3ll'lSOl'I, C m Flatt F1311 FOX' F F Felnzan, V X" Sntztlm C l-l Dawitrt, S Vx Herrnex, XX" XV lfrnael, C Sebree. 13 Tqeftter P11731 F'fDX1.' C Lf,-1j111aq1 F 1.11123-111 1' E1 1?-1' 11 1:1 F5111 1 Q 1111 T -'Q11 E h C ff11g1f XY E 1-5 151' 151 15 F .'x1111C I L 11.1, 1 E1 L 1141 SECQN111 1101111 1: 143 -11:1 1 1 1 1 F' Q1 11. 1' C11 1 1.2 15 11 N1 'L 1' 1 1 11' '1 V, .f 1 .. 1 g1ra1311:,'1 13:-1111341 1. 1 F 111151 11111 P 11 1 11 11111 111 11' H1"1'1L111111g 1- K 'N' 1 111 1 V 1 V TH11-D 43. 1 11111 Q 1. 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THE CINCINNATI AND SUBURBAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY I I Superior Dairy Products BRamble 1700-1701 I I IRRADIATED VITAMIN "D" MILK I I I l I l Acacia 203 Ilaski-lliall 111, 115 Hym 121' lllrip-will ll:-11:1 lxxnppzl :mn Similar lp" Aflvertisimr Iflill-27,1 livin Gamma Sigma :lvl H-msvlmlll Ailmiriislmlpm lllwln-str-:i umzl 'l'.m l'll1 Iiil Alma Malor 211, 31 llcta Kappa 11311 Cluli INT l'i-xwliinu lllllv- wiul S--1-lp-in 1.121 Alpha Alpha l'i 2257 Ili-'la Thi-la l'i 2111 lull-i'l'r:llvrnily 217 l'lii livin ln,-Im .phm jun Alpha Chi 01116-Ea 245 "fm Clllli '17 Intr:lnil1r:lls 121 I'I1l lim-lu Kappa rplpr- Swim: 111 Alpha Chi Siizma 133 Caulot Otfive-rs' llall lin lnta l'lii Idpsilun IN I'ln lim Swmn lu-l-all l'i-pupil I-ll, Alpha Delta l'i 257 Canilirl Shuts 157. 1115 .luniwr .Xnlxiwrs 21134 l'lii lf2Il'l'1l ll' IMI-I l'l IT?-1 Alpha D1-lla Theta 'HT Chi llvlta l'hi 1117 .luniwr l'r4vm llti, 147 l'hi Mu lu l'i lzpsilop Sill Alpha Gamma Dc-Ita 248 Chi Unit-ga 1111 Jvwish Stihl-'nts 1.1-:iunw 173 I'h1 Siuma Slurnu 'T-'unix 112' Alpha Kappa Psi 182 Cim-innalian HH, Nil Klllflfll Allillll 'lihsia 2141 l'i r1ll'I1?l 'l':HI lulu l'Iii .Xlplm 211 Alpha omi.-I-im l'i 253 Class U1'1'icers :in Kun-wi ll""1' :cw l'i vm 1c,ml.... .-lf.l.wl,- :uv Alpha Tan Omega 225 Cu-op Cluh 2031 Kappa llolta l'i lim l'i lizimlula Nlumn ri:uw'l jf.: American Commons Cluh 232 IV'-Ill' Clllh 1Nil Iifillllll Kappa Gamma Bl! l'i 'l':m Sismv lm l'lJ ,Arngrig-an I,-,sgigmp ,,f Cmipq-r:ilix'e l'Inuin4-Q-1' SP2 lN?1l'I'4l Iiilllpu I'si 202 l'i 'I'ln-In nu--vslly liuml lisl Che-miral limzineerw 1113 llvlmh- Squad In Kimlcruzurlm-ri Sllnlmits' l'rur1lf- Sinlf ,il-nv Xzlniviw lll Ame,-ivan lnstitme nf llc-lla llvlta Ili-Ita 12215 Cluli INT l'IrlIlp-ations iu1I:up..- gill Electrical linpzineers 2415 llella Kappa Sigma 2112 llariilwlln Chi Alpha 221 lilllw ' ,X xl l,,,,,-,I 13,15 Amerivan Society of 1191111 l'hi Epsilon 1151 ll' 15111 11. 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I I J ' 350 Fabrics to choose from-any Style you wish 'c ' ' ' - . ' A tradltlon at I . C.for over 52450- 52750 and UP 10 53950- 261 111 years" Line Shown At 2314 Iowa Ave. Louis Reinert WHITE VILLA C-ROCER QUALITY MEATS FRUITS Cr VEGETABLES HOME DRESSED POULTRY MAin 2061-2062 Prompt Delivery N. W. Cor. McMillan 6' Clifton Ave. Clifton Heights Deliveries Anywhere PArkway 6027 Cglrielen TH E FLORIST Flowers for all Occasions Corsages Our Specialty 220 W. McMillan St. Cincinnati School ol' Applied Arts Iirinkmt-yt-r. Tlietnlori- I", 210. liilt-Isohn. Alfrvtl 2201 202. 2011, 140, 191 Merkel, Karl H. 65, 206 Arlkinson. JoM'l'I'l lf. 210. '10 Illli Iiplinir. Mavis ll, 257 Johnson. Charles I". 222. -I0. Mit-hat-I, Mary J. , ,253 Ally.-rs. Ilt-ox-uv J. 206 IH-oeman. Nataliv 'l'. 2-I4 Ifvatln-rstone, T. Dale 200.30 155. 2013 Mi1'h2l1'IS. William 615. 206 -XII-xantlt-r, Jom.-s III Jr. 170 llrimlis, llotty Jean 233. III. lfohl. Alyvemae 257 Johnson. 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Isli IJnn1Iva4'I1or. llruve 20:3 Irion, lictty A. 203 McClain. Helen L. fork Polk, Eugene W. 191 lf""" lV'llI""'YI" If- 231' l':il5II'Tl. I'1l1l'if'i2l I 245. I-I0 Irion, lloluluy 203 McLaughlin. John 210. 1745 RatrIiI'I'L-. VI'ar4I 217. 221, 70. I-owl. l.awr'-noe 41. 221 I'lI'tol'. 'I0S0I'I1ine C. 231' Johnson. Arthur 0. GI. 100. M1-ckstrotlx. lrva M. 230 40. 205 f-f f - if f - J fin- , I I I TRUSSES - BRACES - SUPPORTS - ULTRA-VIOLET RAY LAMPS - EXERCISERS - REDUCERS ' I STIMULATORS - GAUZE - COTTON - CELLUCOTTON - ELASTIC STOCKINGS AND BANDAGES ' I CHEMICAL AND SCIENTIFIC APPARATUS - SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES I I I . I "HOSPITAL QUALITY" I I Health ancl Slclc-Room Supplies Cost no more than others I We are in business lor YOUR HEALTH y 29-31 WEST SIXTH STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO I MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH - GRADE SURGICAL EQUIPMENT 262 Radio Repair Radios - Rental Service - Sheet Music CONGRATULATIONS OF 1939 . -- TO THE CLASS K PIERSON LUMBER Clifton Appliance and Music Co' 2514 Clifton Avenue Cooper C7 Cherry STS. UNiversity 6237 -Klrby 0465 - 0466 - 0467- POPULAR RECORDS CLASSICAL RECORDS "YOUR LUMBERMEN SINCE 1850" Rohm.-, .lar-li H. 22-1 Slrzrrmnri, .lulm I'. 7-l. 21111 Williams. l.':itlx--rim- A. 2-lo liernluri, Anim IC, 21" 1le1'x'i.'Ia. Iirlmi 167 Reimzin. Rulrl-rl Il, 22131 Slmzmn-.ri, Iiitzi M. 2313, E131 NVilliun1s..ri, Iizii'I.:irai IC. 741 Isl. 11.-Its, liotrv 211 Ili.-tx. Yizuinin 7.I1. 2.13, 12113 R.-nter. Iietty M. 2111 SIx:i1'm:i1i. lllrxr-1' W. 211' Wilson, Ann I.. 212. 141' ltilsnn. Iiziiilmrzr 2413 ltrzir'--, Nilsi 7.21. 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Milrlre-I 173. 1317 Svlu-iriesr.n. .liilinn 735 Stifel. Viruinizi I.. 27.7., lsr., Avlrnuer, .lc-:inriv 214- li1'Il1l"ll. NlHI'I"I1 34" l'lt"11YUl!II- H1H'l1"1 lite Svhillinu Jump. Mv 3.4. hc. 5.34 A,g..1N.,,.l-!,.,.. V.,-U,,m 1.1. iq Iii..-.44-1.141111-ii Su, 1N7, jul I1-.l.i:.ri:i. .Inuit-1 214.1-17 1111 1... Slillinus, rs. is.: a...l...-....., i.......1i..' ::+7.:.1:i, in lin.-rl...-1'. ic.-my -I1-vw :rw 1-'...-.-ir...-y-f.'. ICM- 255- UE S.-11111.-lit.-1-. Kzirl J. 73. 21111, Sl..lIn...n-r. f'i.rinn.- V. Ill. Ai.-It-rs-.r.. 1'I..r.-r.-'t- 157 lillVIlIUlX1"I'. .lim-'I 239 lfnll-.--rtli. Iilziii-'Ii-' 310. IN 144. ig.. S.,-Ui.-ht..-V 311,-im.. Lf 211 Ana...-t. lhlry 313 line.-, Itlnry 2.11 llrrllnuln-r, I':.tri--rn 2111 Si-hmirlt, Hel.-no I. 711. 1w..S1I Surwl... ICII--n W. 1x41 Arviiil, f1l:ii'uzu'.-1 2lI' 1x7 k':ii'li.-x'. l'lIYllie 31, 217. I-7 121.1--lm-1', Ht-It-n "fir S,hnei,.,.,, qg,.,,,.gg,, 14- 314, .rn '1'.,..ff, rinitlin 27.4. An.-1., .Indy 2111 167 Cfirlw-.ri. 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Poetkel f Son Wholesale Distributors You fvvtions Tnlmc-vos Fountain Supplivs 'l'lm1ry'l1Is of SIPFIIIU' "' P' , I ICE CREAM IADED APPETITES ....,. "Spring fever-ish" palates ..,... spring quickly back to energy when you serve Nature's most delicious food- dessert. .ring Ilmuglils nf PURE FRUITS blended with rich milk cream and tantalizing ingredients produce the dish which appeals instantly to young and old. and NO DESSERT can take the place of Cream at meals, 'tween meals or after meals. lce To get the greatest enjoyment out of Ice Cream, use FRECHTLINCS SEALTEST lce Cream-made in a model plant, and every ingredient thoroughly controlled by constant laboratory protection. FRECHTLlNG'S 1629-31 vane sf, PA. 5358-9 gealfesf ICE CREAM 263 EMM "As seen from Cincinnati" 0 DEPENDABLE CONSERVATIVE FIRM-ESTABLISHED THIRTY-THREE YEARS 0 COVINGTON PLANT II2 SCOTT ST. "IUST OFF THE SUSPENSION BRIDGE" O CUSTOMABUILT OUTFITS TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS Q INCREASED SAVINGS-FACTORY TO HOME DISTRIBUTION 0 CAR SERVICE FROM YOUR HOME TO OUR COVINGTON PLANT-PHONE COLONIAL l576 O: EXPERT ADVICE AND INFORMATION ON STYLES AND PERIOD FURNITURE ""' I I f f' F ix ,I N .XS I . . . . I I I' 3 :Y- I I II I EX I I I cl y I MI I y I I -I--Im Y fT'l'.T X ' . V H , iigi,.,. y S ii I I I, I N U 'I . I , TW' ' IFfrn.III I I XI llll I I 'IIi'I Z i f 'fi I f Il ----, l Ii II l ""IITI'I'IUfIILI-In I II I I TI III I I IV ff J . I fIfl I FIV fi I V' I ' ' 'W I II I -I IIIIC I I IS- L I III HI I .I I I' I I mi "r ."'iiii'i II' I. 2 .I,.., I IIIIM I II If 'I , I I 'I I I -"" I BWSQWIIX , 'fi I 2 :sf - I -I II 5 :sas -- e y - I II QTIIEJ E VI I S ' ..... - -'7 ITjIII III I. UI j ongif -I l i351 "' ' 52 . I TM pl ? . 'II E 'I I "" I'I 5f'IIIlIII1I-'ll - , R I H e ' ,I.. X- ' I "An Aisle. of ' "As the bridge- Omms Aisles of outfits-50 Model rooms from which to build your com- end glpsgff-9 ml' pletely furnished home-or to select individual pieces of furniture to perfectly fit your needs. In our perfectly furnished rooms you see suites just as they will appear in your own home .and with our Self-Service Plan selections may be made without confusion or hurry. By bringing coupons from the merchandise you select to the office, your order is placed. ln this way each member of your family has the opportunity to ponder over every purchase. Thought must be given to the furniture you buy because of its lasting utility. The Bellonby Self-Service Plan allows for this extra time and offers an ad jitional two percent savings on all furniture purchased in this manner. Q O Q Q SELF O THE BELLONBY SERVICE FURNITURE ST RE 112 Scott Street Covington, Kentucky 264 V, . 2.2, DIITSII' LESSIINS for IIENNY GINIIIDIAN? I just can't do it. boss," my ad-manager said to me when l told him to write this ad. "What good is it to advertise furniture to undergraduates? They aren't interested in furniture! Now. pipes or automobiles, or dresses or cigarettes-that's different-but furniture? No sirree . . . why that's like trying to sell clarinet lessons to Benny Goodman -he just clon't need 'em, that's all." Still l've got this space to fill and that's what l'm paid for . , , Now that I think it over. what do college students want with furniture. unless . . . unless . . . That's IT! . . , unless they're getting married! That's what I'il write about , . . our swell stuff for newlyweds . . . beautiful, youthful, and, best of all, economical! Thank goodness! That's one worry off my mind. S 'Eff N Flf NITY E l0l5 Broadway "REMEMBER, YOUR HOME IS OUR SHOW ROOM," CHerry 6880 Hearun, Lynetli- Sh. l3T. Kiivermzin, Mary Virginia 214. lklrnirw. Vera 1ST whim. liiilli 'l'vii-rv-y. .Xmi Nl. 211 2-11, 35. 1hT Kiirriis, lliii-rilliy viii. INT. llurris, lib.-My J. IST. l'4i. Svliir-r. Huw! 'l'yi-, Yiruliiizi Aim 2ll Heekin, Mary 1537. 2-14 173. 2411 JH. 157 54'llllll1l- N1lll"5' Yi. 1.--ry, .liriii 213 Hellman. Esther 250, 1x7 Krehnlxrink, Iliirls 24-l. IPT Morrisun, fileuimi 233 tw.-hmirll, l'l1:ixlu Xlwl. liwvlx 211 Helmimr, Edith 250. 157. 175 lii'oi:er. Anne 2-l-1 Murriiw, Jciyne 212 brl11:lil4'11, liiilli Xlqillli--e, l':iiiii'in ,Ay vi He-ruld. Virginia 2419 Krime, Aiielaiilii 233, lTT Mintz. Betty 223 hi-lirzillenlniruer. Xknril, lil-llx' ,fmrv 2-lu. Hulters, Jane 2350 Kuhn, Wilma 242 Munrlhg-nk. Miriam 233 Sr-l1i'in-llc-i', Alive "T lhil. l,'ri..lvii 1317 Hunneman. Marjorie 2517 Krumrm-. Henrivltzi 4314 2-lil Nelson. June 253. lr-T 5 hvilti-, Mary .lf XX'-'trim-iv, Ill-.iii 27.11, lTf. Hunnii-ut. Jean 2-ll, IST. 2113 Kimtz. Thelma 2-lT Nivhuls. .l:ini- WP. 2'2 Seifrerl. liliml. WHHEIVN MNA' 334, 1x7 Hutzelman. Marie 50 Lanii-inu, Hilnzi 2-lr llsherwitz. lilziime 231 Shxif--r. llli-i'r-me .l, -.-- Xxliiiqq. .lnziit 22is Isel-qeit, Dorothy 2411 Lately. I-'liireni-e 256 l'm'karil. l'f-uuy 2'1 Slmimiin. Mziiunii-l -..O-, Wliiw. .l.irii.- 213 Jafiib, Virginia 241, 157 I,iu-kliiirn. Mary iii. 2-in l'i'nrler'y. I-Ive-lyn 2.10 WK S111 invinnl, Yirgiiim -ln Wiilvll. Mui-it 233 Japp, Ruby 240 Liioney. Mary lllli l'i-tors, Ruth 2315 Slinieili-V. filzilly- i., Will-litre. livttx' li llll Jenkinsun. Lee til, 2311 McIJanii-ll. Flnru 2434. S131 Vinsky, Sum 230. HT, lT3 Sielil. L'li:irI-ilte Wuviklei' .lim-i "ll Kablpi-I Stella 254 ML-I-Ivilley, Helen 24.1 l'lzitts. Ruth l-12. TU. .film Su'krn4i1i.Heli-1: 1-wt-fi-rnziii lliitli 241 Kaplan, Shirley IT5 McKinney, Ali--e 67 lite. 2111 sz' Smiller. Ir..rT.1hy 111, Wim In-i-..i1it 31:5 Kapfyr, Virginia 255 Mar-Suhr-V, Mary 23A l'liiui:hm:in, Duriitliy 214 Sliirlsnizlli, Sliirlix' Hill'-. M:irlli:i .lziliv 2755 Kathmiiii, Bgiaiiiw- 2515 Mahan, .lvzmcllu "4-l lhlaner. lmuh 231, IHT Sli-ulier, .-'Kiln-i-ii NYU!!-. kYlll'.:l.i 23T Kegfy. ljuris 245 Muphet. D..rl.thy 2-15 l'yle, lithi-lwyn Lifts, 1:7 Si.-pluiii.-t1'. Jenn i -' Will'-liiiitl. 11--i-7.1111-ii 211 Kee-fer. Glaflys 0.1. 257 Martin, Marian 241 Rlmllv- l'4'l'Ufl15' 2441. DT. la-. Slilllmn-e :Nil--lv WNV. l'2H'4'l lti. if Keller, Mary gas, su May. llvlty ns, 3.4.1, lxT, 24:1 iw. 132' Sir.-itli-.rsi. 1.117 1'.H-lf, It1il.1i.T1 217. Kellum. Louise 253 Miller l7H1'Ull13' tif. Ri-nilw. Jenn 126. Tl, 2 J, Slrivklziml. l1v1.y Tli, Ljll Wiiinl, Iii-tix' 214s Keniigriy, Mars' Jang 2.54 Memlelsohii, Ili-riiiue 231. IIT lhT. lilx 2111 Sxvuuiey. fllziruz 1'i'..ii.l, Si-r--ii:i su Kesgell Hai-ri..f 3504175 IVIL-renlilmini, l'i-im-illii 11110, 177 R--liins. Miriam T1 1'.'i1i-:X-l m'iri l-lwli 214' Keys. Laura tif. 241i Metz. Phyllis 35:5 Ruwan, 1.V:il!-er Mane "il 'lfimi-r. I-Iiireniw Zim--I. lilsii- 177. Kiefer, Lvi-i-iiiiio 2451 Michael. Virginia 2313, INT 5:1 Rule, Mzirizin N-l. TJ. 517. 'l'i'iivi.-nlniiim l-mini., Kiefg-rl Rust-iiii.ii4y gpg. 254g Mimzvs, I-Ileanin' 233 2411. 347, Sis '71 sit lrirlvx lilrtuiiv-L-ring.: l'nIleg.:e Kildiiif, peg 344, 3, Miller. Mm-jun-ie ma, 241 liuiip, Mm-y Jani- 3111, 144: 'Iwi-i---v-. lfli-r.ii.T-T. 17.1. .XI.1...ii, l7lii',.l 1. lllr Kinney' Jeannette 'il 157 Mllllvilll. !.'arlr-no 15.7 Si-limiter. Mziry lniui "il 'l'l1.irniie..xi, ln- Ku .Xa--.etivwi Iiviiii.. 1' 1"l. Knut-lwvl. Jane rig. 245 Minin. Lim Ann 233. IX7, 154 Svhie-ar, .Ii-:in 341 'lhiirm-r, ll.-levi rg, 'wi IW l . . on Cheap Elecincuy l . 1 Gef more ouf ofhfe l l l i ' I. ' ' ' ffl ' C3 e mcmnafi as Gi ecfiic 0. 265 GEUH GE BAHBULIP1 D E A N O F AL AR l IF O R S BAND - - - R.O.T.C. O All-Wool Fabrics Individually Tailored O Perfect Fit The FQCIIIICIIIIQI' Bros. Co. UNIFORMS FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS j fspff 'QV f x " ,f- R l 'K-7 gl., ,, 2 . IQ,-XX I Q x 1 if-X ,Q 252, n 3 ,Zig 1 '. BE MODERN - LEARN TO FLY NOW Lowest Rates-New Planes-Experienced Instructors Hamilton Aviation Corp. 4th Cr Pike Sts. Cincinnati, O. Mt. Healthy Airport Phone, DOuglas lll6 Assn-r. Hi-I1-fri 1711 llziffzi, .loc 1114 lh-nnel, Roln-rt ll. la, 173. lilnom, Ralph 112 Brocle, Robert ,191 All-xnnnler, Lewis W. 2111 liziilr-y, llvoiwlv 171' 172, 311 l9onLri1:h1, Wm. 225, 1111 Broclerson. Fre-ilui'iuk 219, 183, All--n, litlwin 1111, 2112,2I111 linili-y, June 112 Iii-nnvt. Slnnley 217, 233 liorli-, Carl 17N 178 S9 ,-Xlll-n. Rulivli 512 11:11-mr, Ronzilil 22141 Ili-rulizinsun. l'l1ilip 221. 2415, lioursller. l"1':im-is 1711 Brokaw, Newton 218 ,111,,,,,,3 w,,,,..,, gggi ygukv, gmnlvy 17 2111 liolnn-r. Mus 111-I Brooks, Milton 451, 1651, 192 Alilizixnmer. Sliirlvy 242 linlrlwin. .lolin 221 lli-rninn, Slnnley 2211 liohn, Leon 1141, -111 111 Brooks, Russell 228 .-Xlnlxonis, .losupli 1141 linllmnn. 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Hulvn 411, 257, 2413 Burnet, Miles 511, 172 M xima Cum Laude For leadership in school-and later on in life-good health is essential. French- Bauer Ice Cream has won the highest praise of physicians, dietitians, and athletic directors for its nutritive and general health value. University men and girls should make it a part of their regular daily diet. FRENCH-BAUER l 1 l 266 I , , , A 1 1 J f L4 , xj?f ' 1 Butler, Wm. 231, 179 Cory, Juhn 2311 l11'lVlar1'u, Frank 53, 2252 l-llliyl. Edwin 2115 J -1, 7 . 4 Butts, Ruhert 205 Cottrell, Ferris 230 1514 202 Elgin, John 1511 Rglazger Butz, Barbara 242 Cuurte, Juhn 1114 Di-nie. Rt-bt-rt 175, 1514, 2112 Elliott. Allan lsj, 1715 lv.,,.,.tmQ.W,1 ,yunv Byluml. Linton 232 Cowan, Edward 2221 Denlinprer, Carl 1751 Ellis, Dun 1143, 173 1-',,,51,.,,,,rfg 'Ruth Sli- Cadwell. Juhn 220 Creahan, L1avid 22-1 52 Deveuish, lsahelle 23N Ellis. Katherim- 2411 p,,,,te. Juiu, Six: Caine, Gerard 2115 Cretors, Patil 220 Dave-nish. 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Daniel 1115 l11f1'lf1-I-d Cohen, Ralph 226 Davis, Joseph 15111, 154, 202, lflastun. Robert 53 Finyrerman, Albert 234, 175. E11 ' " 'Q-1 Cole, Richard , 230 191 Eberlimr. Charles 2311 Fink' Rtiy 225 Garvin. Nick md Q7 li", Colker, Herbert 227, 137 Dawson. Geurire 222 Eherly. 'l'hum2lS 21N Fischer. Carl 2211 Gust. Hamilton ' i V Q94 Collier, Georzre 17S Day. Dourzlas 2211, 1711, Ehy, Clyde 21121, 172 Fisxzus. Jat-uh 1754, 1751 Gaqt Mahlon Q34 Colter, Thomas , .224 52 1651, Ss, 2117, 255, 192 Etlmumls, Javk 225, 2115 Fisher, Rohert 1212 CEi,H,u,t Ed H ,I ,Q "' Combs. Carl , 194 DeAmicis. Remlentu 176 Ealwarcls, Virxrinia 2413 Fisher, Hart H51 cfxlh' ' lla" lf" gg Compton. Ell Dt-Q 52, 2251. ws Dean, Russel 2111 meet-5, Jack 54 Fisk, James 1751 'jf' aff- Wm- 543' 113 Conneirthton Patricia 257,203 De-arburn, Stephen 217. 229 Eihe, Donald 2114 Flack. Max 205 C'9"nl9'-'rg' Ernst 233111 140 Conrad, Albert , 1514 Deas. Wm. 229 liichellieiet-i'. Robert 2151 Flatt. Charles 222, 194 G5"I'11'lfU!91'. Arthur 183 Cook, Wm. , 2151 Delaplane. Marvin 52, 195, Eisenlierg. Stanley 226 Fletcher, Richard 1514 Geile, Ruth 256 Copp, Edgar . ,,..,,, 229 172 Elek, Steve 232 Flohr. Ralph 222 Gerstner, Dave 229, 194 267 olnl Schwarz l 7 1 1 Fine F ootwear 754-756 E. McMillan St. Walnut Hills Phone, WOodburn 9728 "That Wuerdeman Look" Entree to Finer Living WUERDEMAN'S Cleaners - Dyers WOodburn 3200 ieefe, Robert 215 153 Gruber, Paul 57, 231 Heater, George 205 Hogan, Ruben 215, 132 Ingelfinger, Aaron , 205 ilberr. Uhzirles 220 Guehrinzl, Jurols 57, 170. Heil. Kenneth 223 Hoge, Douglas H223 Ingels, Otis .. 60 illvert, Roy 220 30 37, 173 Heiser, Jonas 205 Hoge, John , 59 Ingold, Frank 229 iles, James 233, 175 Gulden, Vllynne 57, 205, 201 Heithaus, Fred 231. 1-10 Hoke, Maurice 222, 59. 173. Ingram, Gordon . 219 illespiv. Robert 225 Gultn1an,1VIelyin 227 234. 175 Heitmann, NVm. 173 11-1, 172 Jacobs, Arthur 22 60 lutx. Edward 231 Gwinn. Carl 22' 192, 91 202 Hollmeyer, Richmond 220 Jacobs, Julius 226 rwker. Joeeph 224 Gysin. Lloyd 192 Helfrich, Elton 191 Holterhoff. Ralph 218 Jacobs. Thomas , . 222 twtlfrey, John 2034 jo1 jog: Haliel. Louis 205 Henderson, Ashland 53, 153. Holton, Gordon 176 Jahnke, Kenneth , ., ,...219 Nettle. Rit-111.1-tl 221 Haber. Harold 1511, 140 173 Hooge, Carl 59, 179 Jamschi Rik-ha,-11 194 Uluy, 1-alter 205 Hatfner, Louis 215 Ht-pp. Richard 152 Hope, Ralph 215. 59. 173. Jarret, John 219, 61 172 tiltlln-r'l'. Robert 179 Hahn, Leroy 205 Herbstriet, Jack 53. 173, 172 Jarvis, Frederick 191 Ulqlrnun, A, W, , 305 201 Hahn. Robert 57. 173, 172 205, 201 Hopkins, Allen 205 Jean, Jamgg 61, 232, 173 uldemith. David 1.10 Hahneman, Robert 19-1 Hersehede, Mark 215, 205 HulJDlG, Andrew 59, 110 Jenninils. Royce . , 191 ootlniaii. Adolph 57 Hall. Vhirren 222 Heuek, Kenneth 222, 192 Horn, Robert 227. 217. 137 Jewell, Lloyd 179 oodrivh. Calvin 137 Hall. Wm. 195 Hellvli. Robert 211. 222. 159- HUUSSYI Kniuht 219, 205 Johnson. Arthur 170, 178, ottsvhzzlk, Eugene 225 Hallock, Jack 219 192, 140. 39 Howard, Robert 205 179, 97 140 rod, Martin 170 Hammeiun, Wm. 231 179. 1-10 Hiatt. Georlre 221 Hudson. Bert 205 Johnson, Earl ,, ,, 205 rzul, Phil 194 Haruourt. Dorothy 55 Hiener, Robert 221,194,517 Huffsteder, Wm. 230 Johnson, Frederick 205 rzihuni, Clyde 220 Hartlimr. Jamee 205 Hildebrand. Matha 24-1 Hughes, James 219, 59 Johnson. James 233 205 rahzim. Hoyt 225 Harding. John 55, 175 Hilgendorf, Harold 179 Huitizer, Frank 194 Johnson. Myron 222, 180. S9 raham, Marion 57 Hardy, David 232, 19-1 Hill, Russel 223, 200 Humphrey, John 194 Johnson, Theodore 230 runnin, Robert 231 Harlow, VV. Marion 220 Hindman, Robert 223 Humphreys, John D. 230 Jones, James 205 reuory, Harold 172 Harp--r, I'aul 205 Hines, Donald 205 Humphreys. Richard 224 Jones, Paul 61 192 reuory. Leroy 233. 205, Hartman, Charles 215 Hines, VVm, 225 Hunter, Robert 183,173 Jones, Richard , 225, 102, 140. 191 Hartman, Robert 179, 140 Hirsehfield. Irving: 226, 173 Hurd. Franklin 225 97,192 riest. Howard 220 Hartsouk, John 225 Hirtriniler, Jim 220 Hutzeman. Howard 60, 178. Jones. Thomas 61. 173, 92 ritfith, Robert 153 Hztsselbzivh, John 231 Hoeper, Herman 59, 173. 173. 195, 172 Jordan. Charles 225, 192 rimrn. Churlt-Q 231. 152 Haut-k, Andrew 223 205, 201 Hutzelman, Robert 60,175,173 Jordan, Edward . 97 rimm. Wm. 218 Hawke, Frank 205 Hol'1'eld, Edward 222 lmhotf, Maryann 239 Jordan, Henry 223, 91, 110 rote, Charles 17 231. 194 Hawkins. Paul 223 Huffman, l'hilip 205 Indiere, Harry 19.1 Kammer, Robert , . S9 ng Q LL Q C C O C I-l ' lu ' 'II ' lw li lu or any other day . . . 268 M1011 4-O97 ' 1 Ill, Cars on Ulebb Artist Photographer 44 qc QVX, as PD 415 RACE ST. Gjnczkfnazi, Ohio. C9 dai Spfvotograplver 0 C5176 Gz'ncz'nnatz'an Kamp.Rol1ert 1611, 117, 1112. Kaplan, Plullene Karam. l'hilip Kartalia. Mitt-ht-ll Katz, Simon Kaufman. Vit-tor Kay. litlxvard 232. Kazda. Louis Keam, Paul Keck. Reynold 1H3, Kee. James 210, Kellerman, Chester Kellogg, lirure 202. 1-10, Kemper. Melvin Kennedy. Thomas 220, 1114. Kenny. Kathleen Kerkhoif. Ralph 62. Kerr, Robert 152. Kerstintr. Harriet 253 Ketterinu, Bertha 62. 247 Kildutf, William 231, Killian. Ruth Kincaid, Charles Kintlberu. Edwin 1114. King, Ellis 2111. King, Ralph King, Robert 2114, 62. Kinstler. Robert 91 Kirby, Betty 62. Kise. William Klarer. David 194, 209, Kleespies, Keith Klepinirer, Richard Kline. Edward 225 Klinii, Richard Klum, John 222, ISO, 149, Knapp, Maynard . Kneuht, Robert , Knost, Ralph Kocker, Robert 220. 194, Koenig. Fred 269 1-IU 227 til 2071 1114 111 205 205 21S 175 1112 02 101 153 202 2515 152 22s 212 S12 205 E13 2211 2412 2415 10-1 172 H51 243 2114 1211 220 223 G2 103 1-H1 1511 G2 176 140 222 Kohlmann. Spent-er Koons. Henry Kornlenl1rot'k, James Kraemer, Carl Kral. Georue Kramer, Douulas Kranz. Robert Krapp, Leo Kraus. Vietor Krauslgopf, Henry Krauss, lien Kreexler. John Krt-i41er. Clyde Kress, Byron Kreulen. Herman Kreuck. Charles Krupp, John Krnthaup, Genevieve I-'red Kurtz. Lamb. Charles Lamb. John Hains Landen. Landman, Israel Landwehr, John Larriek. Carl Lathrup, Albert Leader. Leland Lear. William Letlbetter. Elaine Lelltrett. Oliver LeGrancl, Harold Lehman, Ruth 19S Levy, Melvin Levy, Russel Lewis, Wendell Licht, John Liles, Helen Lindberg. Ramon Linville. Elbert 22.1. 15151, 232, lm. 220. 1-141. 03. 0.1. 2413 17s. 221. 153, I-33 220 41.-1 2241 221 1751 21s 21s 194 194 2011 23-1 2241 2415 1111 223 1x3 133 1515. S12 22:1 2221 205 37 175 170 1441 22412 351 205 2141 220 194 63, 247. 170, 257, 64. 203 92 19-1 227 224 19-1 203 183 209 l.ipins1ty, Stanley 1.iss, Harry 2311. l.issen1len, Howard 2313. 140, List, Hn-i'l14-rt Little. George 2115. Littmann. Martin lhii, lnirkwootl, Ro.-:er Loheimle. 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Marjorie Matson, James Mauvh. liertrudz- Maurath. Robert May, John Medley, 1'Idxvar4l 2113. 202. Meer. 1-rank 05. 1-.4. Meier. James Meinmlers. William Meinken. Dieilrieh 222, 1111 M4-nderson, linlmar, .li 510, Menefee. l'aul 225, 150, Merline, John Merwin, Roy Messner. Milton 205, lvletmrer, Wilfor-1 Meyer. Albert 1751, Meyer. Vbarles 4345, Meyer, Genryt' G42 Meyer, Howard Meyer, John 153. Meyer, l'aul Meyer. Stanley 227 Meyers, Charles Millard, Bert Miller, Daniel Miller. Robert Miller, Robert D. Miller, Robert E. Miller, Robert .I. lei 1513, 17s 1511 1317 'Z241 1341 2513 110 27111 222 177 4.5 1x2 4111 1721 45 11'-1 .117 111. 1-10 lm. 17:1 1511 222 10-1 205 1211 1711 E17 4143 512 2214 4:41 231 220 2211 E11 06 1751 ITI1 .1- Miller, William 115 Mintnrn. Charles Citi. 17S Mira-. VYilliam 221. 1112 Moeller, Harry till Moeller. Kenneth 4341, 152 Mohlman, Arthur 225 Momlan, Edwin 2 1x4 170 Montgomery. llonald 4341. 1741. 153. lf1Il, 171, 51" 311 M414-ar. VVilliam 140 Moore. fleor1:e 223 137 ltloore. Millirent I 12151, 203. 2414 Moore. Norman 157 Moorhead. Jane 203 Moraml. Martin 2211. 1751 Morris. Edxvartl 223. 153 Morris. Mark 1114 2112 Morton. George 222. 1114 202 Morton, Robert 140, 1111 Moster. Robert -31 Moyer. John 1711 Mueller, Ruth Hope 1110, 2413, 512 Mubl, l"re4l 2241 Mullenix, Joseph 210 1211 Myers. Ralph 178 Myers. Sheldon 22S Nalxerhaus, Jean lim. 203 Natorp. Merton 221 Nead. Dennis 2241 Netf. Rin-harrl 1112 Neiser, Rodger 223 Nelson, Charles 224 Nelson. Ellsworth 1113 Nelson, Norman 2021 Newkirk. Wesley 2241, 11351, 1441, 1212 Newlin. VVilliam 632 Nielsen, Erie 222 Niemes, Jack 221 FOR THE PAST THIRTEEN YEARS THE MOST POPULAR SUPPER CLUB 1 Phones AV0'13l'6-6480 ,, 4, Now U. AT YALE , THE J. H. FIELMMI DAIRY 00. BARNEY . 1 RAQPS HIGH GRADE DAIRY PRODUCTS Hi: 555,11 of' E125 Lbzunzu Cs. Most Popular Clu b 1 2519 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio Nitschke. Joseph 220 Rana, Frank 205 Schafstal, Helen 41. 73- Sluss. William 152. 20-1 Tateman, William 205, 220 Nixon, Roirer 110, 173 Rasper. Vincent 71 02. 171, 1s5. 100, 203 20-1 Small, John bb. 07, 140, '1'atgt-nhorst. Robert. , 77 Nodarse, Aristides 10.1 Rathkamp. Evelyn 230 Schambach, George 205 11551, 170 1112, 219 Taylor, Andrew , ,221 N,,,.I.i5, Lnuis 173 Ruodelyaugli, Thomas 220 S1-harfschwerdt. Otto 140, 101 Smith, Ballard 210 '1'g1y10r, Harry , 172 N..r-ron, Fay. Jr. 205. 20" Rawson, Suzanne 01, 242 S1-heirler. Martin 140. 175. Smith, Donald 75. 172. 173, Tennenbaum, Irving 227 N...t..... Rachel-.I sis, isrs, 117, I4..yn...n.1. Janet 255 192, 225 178, 1115 'raweI1, James 233 102 Rr-ctenwald, Richard 178. 215 Schcve. Robert 220 Smith, Edwin 153 Thauwald, Dorothy .13-1, 137 Nllvlxolla. Charles 12'-1 Reed. Carroll 1111 5l'114'11'11Z- H0W111'11 227 Smith. Elmer 205 Thomas. Melvin 1-10, 104, 225 tflirien, I-7I'aIicis 222 R.-Iran, William 223 Schrifrin, Elaine 73, 02. Smith, Glenn 174 Thomas, Wm. Washington 223 Odom, Donald 172. 173 R1'1l110111- LY1111 223 185, 10s, 203, 237. 2-10 Smith, Herschel 07 Thompson, Edward , 2151 o.I..m, any ov, 150. 172 1:1-hrimr. Carl 170. 224 Svhlavht. Harry 104 smni.. .lark 232 '1'humpsUn, Roy ., 220 tn-li, Vtilliam -11. 02. 07. Reider. GUUYZIQ 71- 175. S-'111vSSs1'. 1-101115 73 Smith, James 232 Tinlrley. Robed 219 loo, 1Ta. 102, 225 104, 202 St-hlueter, Edward 213 Smith, John . 75 Tompkins. Dale .. .77, 220 Uliver. Clilford 225 Reik. Don 71, 173, 201. 205 Schmalzl. Donald 233 Smith, Marie 02 Tour, Robert 140. 101, 225 t1'Ncil, Mary 211 Reimmmi Wzlltiilh 322 Sl'11m1f1f- E11W31'11 2211 Smith, Marvin 101 Traixesser. Herbert , 205 Orr, William 222 Reinmuth, James 231 Schneider, John 2211 Smith, Mason 220 Troutman, Eugene . 75. 173 Usst-nberiz, Fred 22-1 Reiss, Carroll 1775, 153 Schneider, Walter 225 Smith. Robert 205 201, 205 U,.,.,-fem, Gilbert 231 Rt-nn. Mary J. 177 S1-hoenstem. Albert 205 Smith, William 225 T,.m.S,1911, page 75, 229 Usti-oni, Doris 2-15 Renneker. Maurice 104 Schottlekotte. Franlin 225 Smythe. Robert 210 Tgchop' Edwin Albert 225 lrwt-ns, Robert 231 Reuthc. Robert 1243 Scbrenker. George 22S gnarly, Hurry 1140 Tucker, Thomas 75, 219 l'ancerev, Clifford 152 Rey. 1'1l'?U11i 232 S1'111'2'3's'1'. W21Vl'1'l1 225 Snyder, Sherwood 22-1 Tyler, Jack 140, 219 l'andorl'. Edward 215 Rice, Edwin 233 Schroder, Louis 170, 231 Sollt-k, Irving 2111 Ulanowicz. Emil , , 232 l'anian. Robert 201. 205 Rive, Roger 71, 153 Schroeder. Edward 230 Sonngnljgrg, Herbert 222 Uphaus, Robert 205 l'a1Ie. 1fYilliam 1111- 172 Richards. WVilliam 104. 233 f14'11l'0911Hl'. Henry' 1-10. 1111 Sosteric. Louis 22-1 Utter. Norwood 219 l'ai-chmann. William 210. 41 Rimishgi-g, Donald 225 S1-huessler. Eugcne 20:1 5l.,..1r, Howard 219 Vu,-,,k.n,an, Jack 220 Partington. Kenneth 2512 Rinmlsbt-r1:,Si1.l11Qy 140 1110. 1111 Qt'111111Z- Ha1"11f1 1115 Spicer, Clarencc 37, 30. VanderI,eun. 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CLIFF DUNCAN PAUL KEMP VANCE C. LANG EDWIN F. PIERLE Y 1 1 1 o 1 1 I lIlNllElllllallhIaIl S tate E. W. s1MPK1NsoN ' ' 1 Y 71 71 . 36 E351 Un'vefS'1Y S. P. BLLIS, General Agent 1216 Union Trust Bldg. NV1-lver. V1'illiz1m, Jr. 12115 Zinli. Herlu-rl 2271 li:111fe1', Yi1'uiniz1 lil. 1117 21111 l'11llil11lv1'.'R111-111-l 711 Tzrylur, Mz1ri11,n 77 VVv1:clin. Vi1-1111' 17S, 232 Z11k111'm:1n. Sylvia 175 K1-ll:11', Viviun 351 175 l'11w11ll, R11'h11r11 22111, 111 T1-1111-1'. Hcrmlne 77. if-11. VVQ-ileyg H1-mfy 3:11 Ki,-L1-hy Hvlun 11174 21111 Rz1n1l11l11l1. M11nI:1na 711, 11111 1117, ISIS W1-iler, James 512, 155. 15171 Teachers College R111-vniz. l'1liz:1l1--th 253 gi1li'l1ll1'11. xM:11111:1 71, 211 '1'1111m:1s, A11111-ltv 24N VV1-ir. Mzulriuzi 137 Apkv, VYalt1-r 2121 11,111 117 H111-h, Vern 113 1111'1'Is, .frm 111111, 315, 177. Tyrf. 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Www-111-1-n1:1n, 111111.-1 11, 182, Hill- ,y,,,,,. 353, j1H. 1117, 11111 Diamonds, Watches, jewelry, Leather Goods, Wm ,tu F, I 1304 Hi1'lin1:er. M:1.i1-l 213 , 1 "Wm" 1711 Him-1-. .-Xlc11n1- 311 T k d M ' I I 1111141191-. W1111-Q11 11, 1:11 1,3 H, N FH, .., ,, run s an usica nstruments Y11 1 1 H 1 1 11 21211 Hi117if1111. 11115111111 'ii' "VW" JU- 1111 2241 Hrxnsivkor. 1C1lil11 237 , 1Y1.f111llS1'.- -Lan'1'en1-13 31, Hum' 1-31.10, '34, Cor. 6 Plum :Y-111111 law-1111 11. 17:1 11:1 H1111111, 111111-11 1117 , , , , gjfgfg- 41'1'M1 2115 .1111-1111111. 1411111.-1111111 -11 PArkway 3072 Cincinnati, Ohio 7ininh'l 327111 1 lx 2221 Jay. Clmrlvs 23111 S. 'l'4""l'l"' 2211 .111hns111n K:1thcrin1- 177 L1mn1e1'. John ,I -141.1 I ,Q H' ,, -I 5lmf11f'r11111nA. 131-me fl, '117 N1ixrrn:111iml-211-Ile 111, 1117. MIYUUM 11'-111s sl. 113, 2111 2115 31111, 111. Complrments of the Compliments Of 3 Goodall COITIPBTIY 1 11 - nv Makers Of Palm Beach Suits 1 271 'YA 2 1 I I RA I S I Fraternity jewelry and Stationery "The Complete Food Market" edas and Trophws Engraving I OUR POUCY L G BALFOUR C0 Courteous Service, Good Values and a Choice ' ' ' gf fhe I I OFFICIAL IEWELERS FINEST PRODUCTS AVAILABLE ' 1:1 pORT5RI Rep,e5e,nan,e 1 Phone: MAin 6906 ' V can uniieisny 8237 210 W M Mmexgtlo 5"'P'eYE. . . oh. . . I . c ian . incinn ti i 2900 jefferson Ave., at University Ave a 1 0 Ht-1-1tern1ai7, Arthur R. 170,207 Stine, Fredmirivk A. 741 Baldwin, Bruce 225 Eullank, Earle . 21 Levine, Maurice . ..226 Hiirr, William H. all btratman, l-.dward J. 'fb Ballinkin. Isay 231 Farnan, Earl 229 Levinson. Henry ., .,.226 IliH'. Gurdon lf. 517. 192. 225 Tl'1111'T1l'11. W1I11111'11 C1 77 Barbour, George 23 Felts. Wayne 31 Liebschietz, Joseph , . .226 Keefc. John VV. 61 140, lli!I Tst-hantz,1RIuhert H. TH Barnett' 1. A1 I 174 FPnn1,mnnI Nevin 233' 174 Little, Grace . .. .,,.124, 238 Malone, Robert E. nf Vilells, William 11. 79 Barta, Edward 173, ITS Ferris, l-Iiurene 174 Lowrie, S. G. ..,. ., 221, 174 Metz. Nathan '12 WII'111l'l1"11Sif- -1111111 11- 114 Baude, NValter 233. 173, 175, F1-rsun, Merton 170 25 Lllberllefi Fl'Ed 29 Url:-rI. '1'h1imasI T. 3. Vtisf-, 1.711115 J. ml, 2:14 30 Filgrer, Joseph 226 Luhin, Clarence ,, 226 iwnningwn. R11-hard H1 122 W-'111'QH ,1'1'111'11f11 if' 11,-nil, Samuel 1711. 31 221 lfishback, vit-mr 222 Lurie. Elmer .. .174 Peters, Rnhert I.. QI yinnil. Lim: If-ut N" Berzsmark. Daniel 174 Friedlander, Alfred 25 1-111'-11915 Heward 1 1229 l'm-ttit. NVill1am R. 3i'.1l1- L1'me1'iY- 17111111 11 Bills. Arthur 30 Friedman, Edward 226 Malvnei Edward -- 1- 174 D II l7Il 12124 Zollimzt-r, William K. S1 H51-,L Francis 232. 1741, 21 152 1-'1-i1-dman, Leo 225 Marni. AEch1mede ....174 Reeves. amv S. 1 N I I Bishop. Robet 120 Fry, Gra' 9' 21"i1'l, es ie .206 5Qmn1,,n,I Ma,-11111 11, 0 I,4 bchool of Nursing and Healtn I 111Zn.kI Robert- 15 Garber. I-ii,-Qld 193I 175 Maxwell. Joseph .. . . 97 511101111 1ilIU1'1 E- 1 U lf- 250 A"11f'1e- 111101 M" gulf Bond, Beverly 17.1. 21 Gardner, Clarence 229. 174 MCDURI9- ROY, 1 - -- 220 aniTI1i. n111innIIt1Y iw. 110 1i::':1'11 ID-I1n1w -311 1g,,1,,,,,,1e,., Mens 206 Geis, Nnrn-Und 2:13. 30. 92, 91 Mfgfane- R161f1111a1d 224. 133 'a wr, arnr 1. -1'-1 NS I- B If 1 W I 1-4 G r, A gh - 1-4 C rerzor, acom ,,.. , Wise. .lusellh 334 liultertn-ld, Dnrnthy - Ulf Marldian 245, in 1271115-45:17, Rrdheiilizi 2219 MfK1f1'1- V- F- -- .- - 219 Ziezrel. D--nald F. rl, 223 lfush. Rnth 110, 2011 Brand IIUIIIS 173 Goldman Leon 225 Meizr1sh. James . ., .. .226 zionier. nninin N. Fl 511j11II'1'1f'1'-- B,a,,,,f Lucy 174 cgQufIrie11I Iainininn III II 174 MZ:IZI1m2I11IIIIGai'lord .. .IIH 133 " - 1 - , .-. f- , - 1-Lg, " " . ., 1, Index of College of Medicine Cline. 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O 3 I , 4040 Spring Grove Avenue FLORIST FRIEND I 1 , I6 Years With Oldsmobile I 1 I Cincinnati, Ohio II I I I ,1,,,,,,,,,,, W Y W Y I 272 Shop Take a post-graduate course in FUN at K 4 W L Y L Coney Island AMERICA'S FINEST AMUSEM ENT PARK The swimming's fine . . . The dinner's No finer place to dance delicious P IC T u R E .51 YOI R ' College Memories Complete Photo fr Movie Supplies af Pathels Camera 542 Main St, CHerry 0458 o I Svhroedvr. Mary Jo 256 Amlersun. RUIJS7' 46, 223. UU. Bruner, Thumas - 215' Dfxlirwkilw. Alfred l-UI lfrim-wlnx:nnL Iialmettv si-hwalliv, Lwlil- 21Pl, 1:42 1741, nv, we, 511, mr Brunton, Ruth Alive :ia rmnn: nim-5-whamhlwvlv :ff YQU1-1111, Pvfmfwlx 3-" Selkirk, Then. 174 Andreas. Gloria 241 Iiuvher. Mary U. ZW. lfi UU4NI'l'l1!l'.' lhUY'ljHf W- -jf I'4"'1'tf"h1H'J','h'1 5-V Seltz. Samuel 2203 Asbury, Pauline M. 46, 2310 Bu:-herl, Charles 211 Dnmm-ll. Lutherlm- dir-5 Izrusf. VN1lll:4m IN. Semvle. 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Qin-tvhelm 15, 24-I Hfvlw. lietijw' IFN 19" S M O K E The Wlllls Music Company N . . ., - P H I L L I E S Cmcunnatl s Complete Music And L Record Store w L AMERlCA'S LARGEST SELLING x Q 5C CIGAR L 137 w. Fourth sf. man 5095-6-7 W N W I N 273 -1 2 1 1 1 1 , , An Appreciation to Class ol 1939 1 Pure Drugs . . . Professional Pharmacists , , , I , Although you are graduating from the University 1 1 n - - - of Cincinnati this year, we still look forward to , your enjoying many hours of leisure with your friends at . . 1 CLIFTON and LUDLOW X 7 316 Ludlow Avenue Distributors . f After the Theatre - Cocktail Hour Q E. R. Squibb C1 Sons . . . Abbott Laboratories 1 After the Dance 1 Hope. Rosemary 5:1 Longley, Ruth L. 13-1 Uppt-nh--imer, Otto 1111. 1115. Svhaber, Jael: 223. 137. 91 Thorpe. Grace 177 Hopkins. William C. 511. 117. Loneman, lietty Lou 2311 117 Schaefer. NHHC5' 3411 TOEIJfer. Robert ,. 222 1111 Lowther, Mary .1, 257 Osterveer. Roy 3 Srhafer. Donald 1-111, 191 Towers. 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Miller 8: Company 809 Walnut St. PA. 1290 1 1 1 7 - - - --W - - ffnff- - --.W Y 2 L4 -Y - 1 274 HEPIMAN HNEIIIIEP1 E A N O F N G I N E E R I N G O M M E R C E P P L I E D A R T S 'l ,W 0 1, +V Q 4 Q1 v 'P 6 1 I ",.l',:','g!g',': ' Q N' auf' ' 1 pw- LJ-1, Q ' 'ff 'w,4I.s wh f , we wi H n v x -v SIA X X , I -, ,-f Q . :.-1-r'-. ' 1.- --'w-',.:- : - . f : . . - 1,-gif"-g..v1'-5".,-1f.- . N 'Y g.f C 1, 3 1 I x s I N 4 x 1 x 1 I , I x 1 x X I ' S4 A I q N X sv ul 4 A '1-F-UT'-S'-112:-'."n""".'-5 r 1: V5 'f Q' 1' ' ' " . I ,I.II.rI III IIIIIIILQII- ,I I.I II I I I. IgI II. I Iggy-gil!-1.2-jg'?I'I'3-I 5 ' 'E , 'v - , ' .gII1Ig.-,::'j-:Iijg'.-zf:g".:,-4:-'I IiI,j f :I F it ., . , 'I f ',Q I '-Q'Z2!'f,"1f'2'b' Elf'-FEEiI...1'4: '5ff,f, I il , ,nv "4 J' r' , - 1.-,H I Q, I 'Ik "W-'i4i:iif.Z ?'::'f5'3 L -' if 4' 'F' ' ' K' . ' -- 3 " ' ' v '- -, .- .- -'K ...A . w, -: '.' 1' 1 , - .- I - f SE.-Eff'-'-fl-'Aliiff f sfgp--'i"-Tff 'l'r'Gf"+N'- '- ' : Iififf-if an 1' :Lf ma. ,. 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E Y V U .' ,, .., 1. - 1 1 ll I 'Q I rf ' JACOB GUEHRING P R E Sl DEN T SARAH BLANK vucs PRESIDENT ARTHUR POSTLE FACULTY ADVISOR CURT VARLAND T R E A s u R E R DOROTHY RODENBECK S E C R E T A R Y IE AN WINSTON FACULTY ADVISOR UIIUNUIL P- Z CT.: 1 - 3 i- Cf J Stud-er-rr Courrcll has rho problem of reorgamzmg, revitalcmg, and rebudgellhg the cmlre e-Ira-Currucular aclrvmes program The Wisdom ol Then lhorough and riomgrilerrllcrui solurron wrll be ludged m future years Merrlbem of Srudrarwl Council algo dexoled fhelr Tlme and errerguei to the following mcluujual prolnlerwrs Elecrrorrs, Honor Sxfsteru. Oruerwlarnom, Comer'llror'rS.. Cor'rsrllutrurrQ hlarwdlfool, lruhurrale. amd Drrecforx Ale-rarrd-ar, Ed Blarwl, Sarah Elrowrr, Davld lfagerw, larre Quehrmg, lalae Larrderw, l-lalrWS Margolls, Mrltorr Qlgler, Thomas Pamlor, Paul Puchra, Charleu Poderrhecl, Dorolhy l3ule, lVlarlarw Sproar, Clarence Sprung, Charles Vxfllllams, lacl Varlarld, Curhs F'o5llr3, DLS-gm Arlhur XVurr'ator'r, Mass learn lulqg flfrarlllurh lvVllll.3I'IT, hlalgrrlli Qgrlfrl, l'rrr,'.xl' Parrlrr, Elgar' llll'll" Teachcrk Llberal Arrg Euglrweermg Vlfom-Sn'5 Beware' Errgglrreermg Erwgmeermg Lnhural Arla Law Applled Arls LlbQr.3l AVTS Lrberal Arts l-lousehold fAXCll'l'lllllSTV3llOH Mews Senate Ehgmeermg Ehgmeormg Emgmeermg Faculty Adviser Fariulry Adxflser l.l.l t- QE Z u.: I CB K Z t.t.J T Z f? i .Jw The XX'ornen's Senate regulates all matters pertauntng to t-tetr.en's Qtittxtttes vxhtch do not tall under the lurtsdtctton of the tatiultx or Student Counctl lt ts governed by the Execu- tne Board and a goterntng counctl composed ot a representa- ttte tront exert vtorrrans organtzatton The obtect ot Womens Senate ts to turther rn every way the splrtt ot unnty among the xmrnen ot the Unrversuty. to tncrease thetr sense ot re- sponstbtlttx toward each other. and to be a nwedrum by whtch htgh soczal standards rnat be made and ITT3lfWlt3llWGCl at the Llnneritlx EXECUTIVE BOARD lane D Eagan Prestdent lxlartarz Rule Vtce Prestdent Bettt Etell. Recordtng Secretary Nltrtarn Endebrotjl Correspondtng Secretary Irene Srandeau Treasurer Sarah Fllanl. Student Councitl bettx Elell Chavrnwan ot lunlor Advtsers Peggt, Ftldutt Chatrntan ot Vtgtlance Dean Kathenne lngle Facultt Advtser COUNCIL Dorcas 'wlarohn Wtg-Wag Ann Fobetts Alpha Lambda Delta bettt, lane lvlorrts Crrls' Clee Club leanette titstner lvlortar Board Lgnette l-lerron l-lousehold Ad Club Lauruel Eubanl Y W C A Vtrgtnta Moore Womens Senate Second I-land Bookstore Bettx Correll Womens Dornwttory Lots Eubanl luntor League ot Women Voters l3utlT Sl't3nnCvr't W A A. Edxrxtna Rand Co-Ep Club Suzanne Wolt Annette Cohen Wornen's Panel-lellenuc Nlxrl Fld we Chr Delta Ph' Martha 'Wood Llt Society " ' rt L l' l ,lu 'xl Er jfslrttfl. 2 barn' , E'ttt':n +,-- tr,l Eratijar. 38 U11 g11mp11f1u 111 11119 PXZCWX' f1131'1.,a11E 1. 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T ETTW' TV'1f'E:i1,IVxV r L wx' F,fQL1'fx ,fXVlx1'wr 5 E N I O R S r lwwrwllw' M1114 Xxmiwf 1'T'.xIClI'1w, I w I U N I O R S lj .Nw lwffv'-wrt foult NTJTNTEXXQ Pwr- XVIMTP PRE-IUNIORS P- ET',l3ff ffwlvf'H Clmarfis fwwflw SOPHOMORES fu' ,fkdlwrx-Er! infix I-Q-,ir Erigls FRESHMEN . .H Q- -. Y. P- gl. lf... ,,5W'wvwjrr, Edxxdsd Num STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE T' ml I-J,1":fe,'!. V ' W' T +V V1 Nr -, 'ff- l I AIILIEII A IH T S IHIN O F F I C E R S Vxfllllam Gelw Preiudflrri Byron Dann Vrrjfg- Prcsrdfg-rr! Helen Scmrsmli Se-cretgrrn 1955 Vxfulsorr Trmmrrrr PODEVT C Cowxdx r'QeCL1N, Acjxrw r Wrlluam Qeh, Durrald Frm Sem r Byron Damn, Harm' Kramilwolir jurruor jess Wrlsom Prefjmnror Mhfliam Parchrrrgm Soplrujrrrrm' Helen S-Cf1.3T5.T3H VVGIUJII ENGINEERING TP1lHllNALrr HELEN ISIHHEIHS VICE-PRESIDEN SENIOR CLASS jf- ,, if ,, ' 1 , 4 5 r U C comes through again, deteating Illinois Wesleyan 6-O under the lights. Ropov passed to Robertson tor the only score when the game was in the third quarter, and did the U C stands go madl lose lturbi thrills students at the Mortar Board Symphony dinner at which leannette Kistner presided. They especially liked his rendition ot "Rhapsody in Blue." The Student Broadcasting System sounds exciting. Dotty Thauwald, Dotty Rodenback, Rat Easton, Cal Coodrich, Russell l-lildebrand, and Carl Rhares are chosen tor positions on the cast. Freshmen women are going around campus donning pink bonnets at the sight ot a Vigilance button Some babesl Editors Ritter and Deshon ot the ClNClNNATlAN and Anderson ot the NEWS RECORD are busy gathering statts tor their publications, Will linny Ficks ever stop wearing that sailor hat? Fletcher Henderson swings out at the Sophos Dance, and the Theta Rhi's come through as usual with janet Fobiana elected Frosh Queen Wig-Wag tea. chairmaned by Betty Hope held tor Freshmen women Cood tor the Clee Club,-ethey're going to sing at the New York's World Fair this summer, l.ucky kidsl Mummbers hold spaghetti Supper and tryouts tor "Stage Door " Prexy Walters speaks at Convocation Cuilty Freshies punished at Vigilance Trial headed by Elaine Rosenthal. "Y" Tea Dance, panned by the social committee, under less Wilson makes a big hit with the student body. Chi Ds and Kappa Delts begin the round ot Pledge Formals. Cood news trom the Sunny South,-Bearcats beat Tampa 7-6 Malloy Dixon is the day's hero. Ri K A's, S A, E's, win awards in the "Y" membership drive, Dean lngle gives tea tor Freshmen women What, another one? Freshmen seem to have become so acclimated to U, C. that we're beginning to have ditticulty telling them from upperclassmen Dr Bills tells neophytes how to study at Freshmen convocation College Night inaugurated at the Foy and Crow with D C's famous and intamous turning out. Cincy footballers crushed by Western Reserve 33-O, but l.l C band under drum maior lylarty Schneider and the bands lvlary Belle matches and tops everything opponents' crack outtit has to otteri Dick Powell dumped in Burnet Woods lake by R O T C Oh, revenge is sweet lso is publicityll lake Cuehring heads one-man show at Student Council meeting Sophomores win song contest at W A A -Y, W C A Dinner The upswept coitture is all the rage with coeds such as lean Attleck, lulie Zull, and Doris Krehnbrink Newman Club gives l-lallowe'en Party planned by Reggy Lavell and Dick Wehrmeyer, The Bearcats iourneyed to Athens gaining a moral victory though losing to Ohio U l3-l2 Brightest star ot the gamefBud Kelchner. The key to the city was turned over to ghosts and goblins tor the night. R Sfthe witches weren't the only ones riding high. 44 cn :fl l-I-l L' fl i 1 Qi' A- 7 i i i Z l.L.l I "lt's not plucl, tt's lucl, not push, but pull, not what you lnow, but who you lnow ,.,' ' and the SENIGP LAMENT tor '39 becomes audible The usual complaint yotced by the comrng graduate, 'Stnce Ike been in college, l'ye neglected my educattonf' assummg mayor proporttons And yet we must dustrust they Sensor who tales hrmselt too senously Asude trom the nostalgra brought on by remmts- censes ot Student Unron loafung, pl-lW3lA!lt,SglX'lWg Day tootball games, lunror Proms, pre-out: crammrng and the other ngreduents ot "college humor," rust what has xt all meant We shy away from the expected references made on class day to :vy- coyered wnes and the sorrowful good-bye ot the tradrtronally melancholy senior as he starts down lrte's tfaul "with a tear ID hrs eye and a smlle on has lnps " Oddly, these sweet emotuons once so eagerly accepted, seem no more now than tnte sentumentalttues. 'Aloe College" and l'l3etty Coed" are approachrng matunty More yttal to them concerns the abtlrty to thrnls along oblecttve lrnes In other words, when a young sentor's fancy lrghtly turns to thoughts ot flWhat next9"- the realt- :atron should be present that rt as not so much what you have learned, but an awareness ot what has not been learned LIBR LIBR LX L1BR S E N I O R S ry., ,- rw E .I ,,L.r.H w IJ ,AFFLEO1 i. . V ' r ROGER AFXJDEFSON A B Eduror, News Ref-md Y VX! C IX Preiujenf FN Papua Nplwa Pvegwjgut Qrmrfrgm DEAITG lfgpvxg 'I 1 OMAS ,A.F'F'LEQ!XTE M E GRANGE ARQHIAEILE E 5 A A ELEM-IQR VXI-IE AFIMSTPQNC Q--:I ww S9417 V'rdCTwCQ v V g , Hu PAVING Egggwluw i'fKl,1LNNE XNQEXLIITY A E 'AIM-:I Ddla l"XlvllY R fXfSfxVXVklfl U1 E Tau Esta Pu Wu EIA Sngrud NALCQLTXI E AYDT M E Pu Epgwhuw PM Qmega Tau Els Durrnmllwg CUu,1v1QwN A S M E A I-' C Life' Savmg If-dmv VITA BACHMEHEP1 A B Tlwe-ICJ Pin Alpha F'engum QNUIJ 46 ROBERT XV EXXCHMEYER A B. Sugma Sigma, UNQWK Ormcron Delm Kenra "C" Cub Sr, Mgr, nmlwafl Sr Mgr Ea-.M-tba!! Fresh Pawn Xfarsm' X"awMef News RE'fC'Vu1 Edntor Cmqffwatwam Chr Hlvzxxjr Vrwyvx FUOIDSHU BiI2u'f1aU V. M3 RE TNI PA, ! L' -'XUZEF V! C-JVV: E QgrvwlwWev'ULaW Er wgtg CN LJ11 Ljub fx1!XFQAPET E Nl EF E 5 m EQ1 STANLEY E Efai' ES rlly E fx 1, CII E MILDHED XX !TT?.'fNIl EA E4 S am E1 EYEIJH " EF-I 'ff E' E1 P apps Ilftg lf1L1:irv': N- IWW" I Y P W-'L I T li' fy ww A fx 5 ,I Hu Fda UWM f5,1.'l,1 ful Y1 XZ lLLl7".f C Ml? WL A L1 LL I" LN MA Tm: l."f'1,z V111 Elgrd P311 ,4 Um ryw EH-314 Y 511 L"-'Lx 4 I L4 X -11 lx. 1, N nj PE I 1 xl DEE U S E N I O R S fn' y x prsq 3 4 75. . ,KTT ""Nnuu T' ' B' A, --M "' Giang. ' l : . amy P ,- ...... .swam ig , ,H ., ,. E , ,k., , ' ff 1 A ,. rn . L J 1 J LONE "WN INCH IHIC , 1'Y'raTu,'w fgr ,arzynng H- Ti,C+f4L J KMHM' BEYRHWCJ F B A Aims Edwtcr, C0-operative Engineer Cn-Ep Club Cin-n'n-Ccnwrnerie Chill BARBARA BIECHLER E5 S IU Ed Morfar Board XX' A A, Pmswdent A,gng13nnn .gf Independent STANLEY R BNESACK C E Dena kappa Swgma A S C E HELEN EWCWCXERS B S ln A A Mwrtar Enard Xue Premdenr N XV C Mme Preswdenr A A Cfuh A A Trzlmnal Mio Pwewdenr. Synm Cla Alpha Chu Omega THOMAS ENSHCIF' A E R L E W :PL W HCXHCJVF Ann' E LINTH Fi! TTMAV HI P S wn Ed YY' A A X155 f'1g.nnjfnl ICI. V 2 C ESLCJESU IC' L-1 Ll ,N Students A S E N I O R . S E N I O R S LEON EGHN XN"W-'Wx EELQE VP-f"C2FGF'E fx B P3 1 r:' H KW! Dia live-A L'-,ha F.-wi SQL", f 1' :mr E734 FUTH ECIFISCH T Q F" Er, ' N' E 5 lm H Ad UN Cfwfza "f-5-C F U-V-Lf'-14 fx li' KPELL ECSLER M E pffii A S W E f: ppc - FT Ci-if Clk- Caffe? W Q' 'Q J Suienf :rw Exim ' L'Neg6 L 'Vi Q" My 'J A l r '. IV' ,INN EQYffTfH1"F F E A ,m'C,U!.'i 5 Tiwfa Pu: Ngiia , ,A lmH1.H X Lf M g E1 C 1 5 Kf1":.-Cjv:rw,f g K yt Q-ii llc? Cub ' ' L 4 Qrarorio 'Xrri Efwnil Vxivrl ,M 5. V. 51, Y Xl' C 4 YTOAI . r Nl-ix'."'N-3:1 CHL ' ' - CEOPCE L E-OXXDEN A B USTA Tau DJTE 510135 LONS ERAC1' F' N STLIdE'l'Nf Cpfumixl Orchestra Gee Club CEOPCE F BRADLEY M E. Urwrvirilv, Eamf CRETCHEN E, BRADLEY A. B. Quadra-3 49 1' I-' f IJ- W JW., , ., 'N 1.- Q ,e gre N ff- Qin Eg - ' ' Q Q 1 E' 1 H- Tfm Elma F1 F-'alwvafj ff' Fajfi' C:-H jrgm Dafa Vepfie FFENDN EYFQXY. Tl P" Ei A P WAVHWS T61 1 I in ' KUZKEETH PENN EFOXN PA E '-'ve Leffiigf 'Fife S E N I O R S f? QE I EFL".'1EI5', C , , ,- -":1 EL-til .,I'W't'T'3 EEUXI' C AFL EFUFIST VN E1 ts Tire EIEII-E? I' E EPYSON '.' E. I Tn. E gma I " Z A 'T E C EL ECEL i "Wild t: I CLSW I 3: Pt Eg,L'IQ"t L ELIESCHER ft. ff: F'1'11.:'I ww 131' It I' I 2 ,tx I f ,I :rr 2 Eztiwty CII? E.i':7-if I ..t,t 111 51 EUECIVI E, I, ILLIf' ', EIIQVCITI 2 VI I-I XVII IIQLEI it TIIL-1 1- 'K' vt '-WIFI' III AII on Etpti-gal -as 'af LOUIS LEE ELIIQIXE AQUA E I Aw tjv S A S M IEANI IE I'lL'IQI HARDT B S an Ed Theta PIII Alpha Y VV C A IVI LI m m Q V2 Nufvvmam CIt,tI't Iilvwfle-t'gparlcv1 Students CILIID Bearcat Staff ARDATH WALTER EURKS A I3 PIII Esta Ixgtgtta Ofltsqtglt Dt-,Ita IQBDDB PIM Eta Stgtra ROIIVIWEM SCIIt'Id7' IEQT-39 Stttfkml SIIQIEI: Ektrcau Stmttgttt Ilttgttgte Coach MILES D IBURNET M E Pt Tau Sgma IQLITH ELIZAEZETI-I BUSH R N Atpha AIttIwa Pt DOPOTIIN EUTTEFIEIELD R I-I HELEN BUVIIHICER A Ii Alpha CIM Omcga IXfIorIar Eltqard Alpha Lambda Delta Ltt Sffftety, Ctlee Club Y W. C A CaI1met,Oratot'to Itmtw Advtsersl Vngdamce SI'-c'aI-ers' Burfi-au CORIQIE C CAIXIIYIACK Aero E Amertcart Ctjt:'utmt,tn', Club PIM Eta Srgma Tau Beta Pt IAero S R O T. C. 50 P YMCA l R MMES CAMPBELL 5 M f-Um P Cwlxpwm A, B Quadres , Alpha PM Alpha 15 if lf-A-.TES CLAH ETOFV IE PHYLL IS RAE CARLIER B S IH H. Ad A'pha Delta Th-eta , IULNE M LLEAV' N1 V3 Law-.13 D173 JAMES W CARR Ser 'Q' AEUIUVWHE V51-13 Q,amr'w:g1 Q gm G fi! NU e ta LUCILLE Cl.EMEIlf, WALTER N CARROLL pp g W Ej Com E ? V'4j'.'VQEVT'Q'V1 QMEL-mg. UU EDD X8ElfZLE "fb V:w,:L L'rd:1fQ fy: NVQ MINE CI.1pwQ" YANCEY CARWILE LCLHSE E CLE!-'MQJNT A B ' A E ' Lim' Hmfra VINTON THURSTON CERF U-H'!f,TH1E CLlIlE A E F' Fl PM Era Sigma UQJHI1 D CLOUD CAROLYIXJ r3,fx5EL CHAMPLIN LL E A B Trwanom Sgrcrrry AIHQETTE V CUHEW 5 ff m H AJ F y Vzf'-, pJrw5wf'Uwvw11' fX'iCi JAMES rwmorxl CHAPMAN M M 5 m,,,, ww A E VIL P' Af-4-L1 T311 Cleo Club H AJ Cm S E N I O R S l"l fcllll 1 l l,,-N Cl Bela Dalfa llama k -, f wall mga E ,ld Hi STVBTE' Pj mf r Lu j lLfTC A f l LAE L um. PE, flylzm zflfll ':Tmw ., N C: f L COST . , Ep ll' gn l COLTEB r B MEAD l I r "fl wr QW: Alllgl :OK l lELlUS TT I' ,. lr XA 1 llgwg, A hh... Z' - MARYBELLE BRADFORD Elm Carl, Coclle and llwe band DAVID l CREAHAN B B. A, Lambda Chu Alpha lOl-lN T CREMER Cert un Finance KENNETH S CRlTTENDON lvl E Beta Theta Pl A S M E jAClX E CROSKEY Com E Srgrua Clsll Scabbarcl G Blade Gee Club '32 '36, '37 Soclely ol Com Eng GUY C SUMMllXlCS, ll? B B A Alpha Tau Omega LAURA CURTlS B S ir1Ed ROBERT V CUl?'TlS C E Della Kappa Sigma A S C E BYRUN lx DAMN Nl lf pl Tau Sgma S E N I O R S E N I O R S FI-'IXNCNS KfUi51Vw!fxP! Mx XX Ei, 51511113 Atphd Elk' wr Qrmiforw U9 Ia F fi 1 -1 Sophos Uie Mem! Sfmt, L TY' L XHMYQ IUQHXE1 ffm? CUM! Iflebafmg NY M C A Cilmvl HAYEL MfXr'IE D'mfx'X1"r W El 1 'OJ C A MARX WN CLE Nl DEL fxif M, E pl THU Sxsrria Hl'NKlrQ DeX'!'l4'CQ C E Ds-Ita Page S4 4 fXVT'zffH:8l-I Cm W- rv-. 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HT H Ad BETTY KlRBY B E, A Della Zeta IEAN ETTE HISTNER B S IIT A A. kappa Della TXTUVISV Board Alpha Lambda Della LIT Slgma llama Tau ROBERT W KISTNER A, B Fresh Paint Nu Sugrvwa Nu EDWARD E RLINE I3 B. A. Baseball, '37, '38 Alplwa Tau Omega lANE KNAEBEI. B S. ln H Ad Zeta Tau Alpha ROBERT S KNECI-IT Aero, E, I Aero S AA S, lvl. VERA KOCH I3 S. in Ed. HENRY KOOPS B B. 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E, Sxqma Npha E1w5uMiu'v U'-1-, NC' Club fx S N, E S E N I O R S s E N 1 0 R s ROY MANOCUE, JR A B Phi Eta Sugrna Pres Irwtemat-orwal Relattons Board Speakers' Bureau Plat Beta Kappa JOE lvl MAPES M. E R, O T, C. A S M E, MILTONJ MARGOLIS A B. Omltjmrw Delta Kappa Sophos Student Ctntmcrl Varstty Tennis Board Lvl Smal Comtrol Phi Eta Szgma Spealzers' Bureau Phi Beta Kappa R J MARKLEY PAUL X"AF"lEl5' l'trtr1 tlwe '-rw B S rn Ed M, E S, C, J " ,-r, f -5 , at L LUTHER A MAROHH A A an l B, B A ' " Sriabtnard G Blade ,pit 5, fx V CHARLES MARSHALL J' B, S m E, E. 2 X Sigma Delta Gamma CHARLES MARSHALL , Cert, rm Lute lnSurartce J ,1 A . EMMY LOU MATHER XSS E Delta Delta Delta "" 65 JQCJBEFQT lXlAUl"ATH Cum A S Ltirrt E Lrg-rkrJr Emgtrteg-r E,- BETTY JEAJJ MAY E' S nr I"l Ari Theta Plwl Alrlwa Tau l3't Epgtlrrrt SGWTY, Y XV C A lJ'r?3R, l'l ALJ Cltlllr CEOFYVJE E fXlA.N EE, JR B S zrw A, A Stgrrwa Clm Sfarab AEI-lttrxrl Arla Club FRAJXIJ. 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MOODY A B, Alpha PIM Alpha Y lvl C A MlLl.lCElXlT MCQRE B B A Alplwa Lambda De'ta Bela Camma Slgma Pl Cllr EDSllOn Y VX! C A Chem-Commerce Club CQAEQ Club RUTH SPENCE lX!ClCll1E B S In Ed XVlLl,lAlX,'l A MOQRE B lvl Pres, pl kappa Erlsllwm SGCL5' and Tfcas, Pedl lNlOFllX'lAlNl l. 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S . joseph Fonts ............................ ......... B . M. David Ellsworth Frankel ......... ........ M . D. Frederick Freihofer ............. ......... B . M. Eugene Paul Fromm ......... ......... M . D. Samuel H. Furer .......... ........ L L. B. Irving A. Gale .............. .......... M . D. Sara A Gaissert ......... ......... A . B. Robert Lloyd Garber .,...... ......... M . D. Richard Gardner ............ ......... B . M. Gordon j. Gibert ......... ......... A . .B D. E Gilmore .......... ......... B . S. Edward Crleim ................ .....,..., B . S. john S Godfrey ............... ....... E . E. Alberta Goff ...... ..... .............. .......... B . S . Fred Wemrner Gooding ........ ........ L L. .B Robert V. Gravey ........ ...... ......... M . E. Carollynne M. Gray ......... ......... A . B. Robert Sandan Greiser ..... . ........ Ch. E. john Gregory ...............,..... ......... B . M. Bryant Griffin ................ . ........ LL. B. 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S Eleanor Maline ....,.............,.,, .,,,,A,,, B A Sadie Mann ,,,4......,...........,. ..,...,,. B , Virginia Mann ..................,... ,,4,,,,, B , Raymond L. Marienthal. .,..... ....,... A . Raymond Marr ...,...,... . ....,.. ,,,,,A, M Afeo john Martina ........ A,,,,,,,,, B lmanuel Marx ,........,, . ,,44AA,4 A, Susie Maston ..........,...,,, ,,,,,,,, A Harryette Mathas ..,... Elizabeth McCoy ...,... Katherine McGinnis ........ Wanda McNeal .... .,.. Donald P. Meeker .....,,. joseph Messler .........,.. Ethel Metzger ,...,,..,. Dorothy Meyer ..., Rosemary Meyer .,,.. Harold Miles ....., .. Marilyn Miles... .. Doris F. Miller. lsadore Miller .......,. Mollie C. Miller .....,... William A Miller ,,,.a. Harry L. Mittwede ,.., Albert A. Moebus .,......, Morris Moel ....... ....,...... Elva Moffett ......,............. Dorothy Ellen Morrison Ruth G. Moss. ...,. ..,.,.,, . Charles Murry .........,....., Ben M ers y ...,, Claire Myers .,.,...4 Golda Nan .,,, .. ,.... .. lohn F. Naylor. ,. . .. William Leonard Neal.. .,,. .. William Urville Neel ,.., . Marie Neuffner ,...,.,,..,. l. B. Nieman Ray O Nielson ....,,,... William R. 'Oeh .... . Daniel Oscherwitz .. . .,.., B. Aero. LL. .. ..,, B. .. ,,,. .B. Enginee . ...,...... B B A. A . B. .B .. . B. HM .B LL. . . .,,, M. ..........Enginee S E B D S B B S E S E E M S B .E M .E S D E B B ring D . S . E B . B M S . S S D . D .S B D ring M Lois Osler . ,.... . .. ...,. N Elizabeth Owens ....,,. .. ,,,, ,A , B. S Charles Morris Oxley ..,.,4...,. D Thomas T. Oyler ,,.,... ...... ,.,,. . L L, B George Parkin ,,,,..,., .. . B, M Pausch ,.......,.. M Dwight Cheever Peltay .... . ,... . .. .,.,.... . .. .M D Carl Phares A... ...,.,, .....,. ...,.,..,...... . . .,,....,. B . B. A Alexander Constantine Philipides. ,..., ......,,,,, ,,., M . D Alfred j. Piecuck... ...,.,..,........ ,.,.. ,,,,, ..., E n g ineering Ann Louise Pitts ....,. ,... joseph john Podesta ,.,..,.. . Mary Porter ..,.., . ,i... Stanley Posthorn... Howard A. Price ,....,. Lillian Radcliffe ,..,,,... Mildred Ramsey .... .,.,... Alice Randle .....,..... Laura Reckman....... Sibbia Reimer ......,......,.... Carroll R. Reiss... ...... Delos johnson Reynold ...... Chester A Rice ,,.........,,. Katherine Richmond ......,,... . ....,.,.. M ..A. . B. .. ,....,.. Enginee D .S E B S .S B .B .S ring ,..,...,... Com. E. ......, .B. S. B. S. Frank j. Rick ...,........,... ....... A . B. Alberta Robinson ,.,,.... ...... . ..B. E. Carl Roden ..,............... ....... B . M. Katherine Ronsheim... ....... ..B. E. Helen Ruoff .,..,,.....,,... .....,,.. B . E. Richard Saik. ............... . ...... Ch. E. Florence Sammons ........,. ........, B S. jean Sanders .............. ......... B . E. Ruth Saunders ................... ......... B , S. Sadie Saunders ...................... ......... B . S. john Archibald Scarlett ........... .......... M . E. Helen Schaftstoll ................. ........ B . B. A. Frank Schapps .................... ....... L L. B. Mae Grace Schissler .......... M. A. Schmidt .............. Estella Schneider ......... 83 D. S. . E. Harry Morton Schneider ,,,,.,.. Albert Frank Schoenstein ...... lohn Edward Schoenling ........ Florence Schonake. ............ . Henry K. Schrott ........... Alfred Gordon Schulze ....... .... Hans Augustus Schulze . Paul Charles Schumacher.. Frank Schwab ..... .. . Marcellus joseph Schwegruem William B. Shaker ...... ...... ,.... Norman O. Shattel . . Herbert Nathan Shaver. Francis Xavier Shannon ...... George H. Sherraid . . Gus Shobein . .. George Sigman . Iulitis Simon .. Nathan Silver .. . . . Frederick Smith Skeen ......, Tom jerry Smith ...... . Bertram Lawrence Snyder Lewis Roy Soloway. .... ...... . Fred Francis Somma ...... .. William Emil Sovile ....... . Lyda Sparks ........ .. Eelen Audley Stahl .. Doris Starisbury . .. Ware H Stanton . .. Valaria Stefanoff .. Anita Hazel Steinruck . Helen Stevens . . Mervin Franklin Steves . Victor Maurice Bradford Stra Elizabeth Strauss ..... . David Stuhlbarg . . Mary Margaret Sullivan .. Robert Teubner .... . .. Charlotte Toeohe , .. john R Toberg Nevin TrimlDur.... james R. Tulley . james Twell .... . Marcella Tye ..... .. Lucy Ulmer... Reno Urban Dot Usinger . Elmo R. Uthoff .. . Violet Valensky Herman Corwin Van Kirk Abert W. Viet:lsey .. Carl Vilter .... .... .... ...... jean Voss ..... .. . . Viola R. Wahlbrink Dan Warts.. George C. Wallis, jr Isabelle Wallingford ..... . . Irene Wanden . .. ..... .. . Frederick William Ward .. Woodrow Ward . . ....... Grace Kathleen Wassmer ...... jean Paul Wazencraft .. Charles Thomas Wehby... . Anna jenia Weinstein . ..... . Albert Dames Weioun ....... Louis Albert Wellman.. .. Thomas Edward Welsh. .... . Anne Elizabeth West ...... . Ruth We-terstroem.. .... .... . . Laura Roberta Whitaker... Bernice B. Williams ........... Robert Porter White .. Thelma Williamson .............. Ruth janice Winterman ....... joseph Wise ......... ............ Helen Wolfe.. . ..... Betty Lee Wood .......... Helen Wolfe ............ Paul Allen Wright .......... Owen Foley Yow .......... Donald V. Young ........ Verna Young ...... ..... Cyrus Yungst ................. Richard P. Zimmerman .......... USS . ....... M. D. ......Engineering wif' sf' 3 UU 3 D. j-2 TZ 05' .......Engineering . M. D. D. .......Engineering .......Engineering .. ...... B. M. .......Engineering D D B.Si D. ..M. D. . ...... M. D. D. D. .. .... MB S. E . ........ B. S. E. S. E. D. .. ..... M. D. E. .......Ch. E. S. B. E. E. M. S. E. E. . ...B. E. . .... B. E. .. ..... B. E. D. n Education . ...M. D. . ......... ...... .... E . E. M. S. in Ed. .......Engineering Engineering S in Ed 331331350 U morn U Z 33 U E. E. E. E. E. S. in Ed. LL. S. n Ed. S. in Ed. . ................. . E. Ed S. M in D. M A IR I A N li ll L E COPY EDITOR CINCINNATIAN 84 W- - .ra-Mix f., 9 -A va. If,-9:17 " "' f" . r Q-' ,.3g:'?'2:'p1 v 4. . .5151 "' .. , ,,,..,.,.., -f-'A' - 'ggi' 1 ., k , S.." ' ggi-S' .iff ... '- ,-,nv-nf. 75 '71 'W f'- IIJ I:-7 II-fi Q .L .44 .LL L. C-.JI IAMES ALEXANIDE VIRGINIA IESBUIQ IOANNE ATE ROBERT L. BENTLE FRED EIIOUERSO EIIUCE BEIOW RUTH ELLEN BROW B'ETTY IANE BURDOR BETSY BUTTERFIEL VIRGINIA BUT D A L E C A S ALLEN C. CLAIZ EDNA C?-IRISTE LUCY DUI'-II-I A GEORGE EMMIC MIRIAM EINIDEBROC LIZ EVELAN ALBERT FINCERMA T. HART FISI-IE R AL P I-I FL OH IPEIVIES IZ. GALEREAT M I L T O N C A R V I V I R G I N I A I-I A I-I K E N N E T H H E U C S A R A H I-I E Z L E I. MORCAN IAYNE DOROTHY IGHNSO LOUISE IOHNSO MYEON IOEINSO SARAH IOHNSO HENRY ICRDA MUIT IQELLE Bos KINSTLE :AME KLIEI IOEIN c.:fLU MARGARET M, LAvEL :OE LEv:N ALICE MAGS MILTON MARCOLI DORCAS MAROI-I WALTER MIIISO EDGAR MEN'JEI71SO K"'Y,T INC! I M I w E IE E w A H I2 M M E I: P s I I A E M E E I-I M M I P If IM I2 'P .I B P I n IX B R D 5 M IMI I f-, HT ' AIIOAIQET MILLIOA ANE MOI-110 ESLEY IIEWIQIR RED NIPPER DITI-I NOEL AUL C. II,:.NTE ILLIAM PARCI-IMA LIC! I, EEIII ELEII EEEIEEENEITTE UTEI ELATT TETLE POETI-:E Aavum I, RASSEL VELYII IIATIIIIAM OBE IIEIMAN A T E U II. R I2 Y Q I E: OAIEIIII. EILE EAN RITTE NN OBERT OM OIJGEE Us E EOS me II EUL LSA LEE 'IIE EIWARIJ sc: 'VIID ELENE SCHMID ICKIE SHA AYEE SIMO ED 5 M II L AULINE MYT O T E Il .IQATIHI-T STEUV U T I-I T I-I EI O Y I-IO M E 5 O ET TOWLE AT Iv IILLEC AC IIIEETE UT I, TUE: Us wIEcEL OBEIZT WILIIEESO ORCTE-IY W'LSO EULA!-I WINSTE ARTH IANE WITT Esc ET YUNGE M W Freshman women meet the B. VV, O. C, in the persons of Eagen, Kistner, Rule, Eubank, etc and plan to develop their personalities along the lines laid down by Prof. Hoffman at Y, VV. C, A. Freshman tea. Co-editor Ritter, showing up late for first meeting of Cincinnatian staff announces with due solemnity that the annual must be out by May l5. New Drama Work Shop to be sponsored by Arts Board and Mummers Board sounds like an all right idea, - Dave Cohen is senior class president and lim Fisher junior class ditto, l-lelen Biggers, Sarah Blank vice prexys, Tri Delt Pledge Formal. Dads Day, Homecoming Came sees U. C. defeat Ohio Wesleyan l4-7 while Pi K, A.'s, l. X. E's, Chi Omegas, and Pi Lambda Sigma's capture float honors. Tongs arrive at Wilson to have pictures taken looking like morning after night before. The second Sections in-Phil Calloway, Rick Campbell, Bob Dalton, Bob Warren, etc, seen wandering around campus once more The kind of a day that makes one remember that there is such a thing as winter Arts Board sponsored concerts in the lounge of the Union at noon are very nice. Fall Lecture Series brings us Edna St. Vincent Millay. Armistice Day, and even Mary Baxter and layne Morrow break down and go to hear Charles Taft at the all-University convocation, Kappa's fight off stags at annual pledge formal. Sports Editor Brown of the News Record figured out on paper that U. C. was 3-l points better than Pitt, but Marshall proves IB points better than Cincy t27-9l. Last week of Philip Morris contest finds such regulars as linny Fucks, "Pody" Farrell, Crutcher, and l-lansen, filling out backs of packages in the Cirill, Beta Kappa's all puffed up on account of setting all time high score- in intra- mural football with 43 points. Puchtas elections committee seeks solution to scarcity of votes in class elections, Betty l-lope Toastmistress at W. A, A. Banquet and girl athletes given awards for l-lockey, Archery, etc. Campus Republicans, still rejoicing over last weeks elections, rush to see Ceorge M, Cohan's "l'd Rather Be Right." Bearkittens meet Kentucky Freshmen in mud up to their ankles, and come out on wrong end of l3-6 score. Coeds turn reversibles to cope with rainy weather. Dr Morris Fishbein speaks on "Food Fads and Follies" at Wilson, Zeta Tau's Nancy Schmidt announced as Band Sponsor for next year. Lucky girlfLucky band. U C, students can be thankful for vacation from classes and Turkey Day feasting, but not for I6-7 defeat by Miami. Cerdson, Oeh, Shelby, Mittwede, Carvin, Teubner, and Alexander play last game-We'll miss them. -27, Oh' The luxury of sleeping 'til l2.00l' Congratulations to Bill Ferguson, Rick Campbell, Wes Newkirk, and Bud Kelch- nerwtapped by Sigma Sigma at noon. Basketball gets under way as lliff, lucker, Dalton, Mire, Freidman, Powell. Capelle, Beidenbender, etc, report for practice. Cirover is sober for oncewwhy? 36 beareat ulntet bee is Win W CIYCIXN wmv worms , -1 uniuyg fi Q XS I 1 Fib A 1 'S Sqnzul Hope." For Ro ,I Eltxtn J Q ' ' ribs I lely the d dlin for .ill .l . , 11, qi - ppl-I A Fox-n l l rt, rfleq lgcll fro G1 A f Senior Pictures lor the C' in- H ini N im in I I Fronl J S cinnntian. The Co-Editox frl'0l'r'II'l0M'll P 0 lan Bela I Q S301-ial Board 'I'I5-XMtiFNl7IIlENT lo Be 1 Sp0lla0l , Hfli on na lniliation ' 1 ff W'll N ' Com-In Pin fwi is The it NWI 'MOI' ex ff! Dance Tonite lim-I-i.,,.f-.-.I Pliiylmz lllllllill? 29 S S I Cups-lle Stairs f of , ' . . ' E INTRAAIUYRALIBWVVLWG Q Game With Louisville Q ,jg 6 ff r . g., NOTICE S QV To P ecede Dance I Q6 QV Q5 6 y 0 0 1 XII! 4 i rlllllllill Fees 4.5, In G1-ia-:SHS oo Q 'ft 46 GEL I 09 ox M 106 0,53 as e 4 'Z Q T 'l'o Be llH'l'63S94 5? 90 0 omilt . ob of QP 132 if G13 I ' ' Five Perlnent Qicx COG wsu Z C151 0c2b'O0,5K.f5:v Q5 1? QV l Jus be "L" 'Wa 'E G 6' 60521 qf br i Y' 0 GK Q9 'PA Q Q' G 623, wakes QQS X 9 ei Y .ilk 5. cg. i Jig? O lb 9 . a 'B' A 'P Q O 0 'isis QW' 5665? 6 -use 46 is 30 W9 704 to 'X X00 sew 9 v 'Q 63 O4 ii 71 9 X ' 1 Qfflnent ine Prom 0 feb O, di 726 3 6 CS 'sni Ion M 0 cf e - sw 'P 2, f- is " 9 ' 'lg Rifle C20 my 9'm,vQ6 X066 Ae QW, 32 Qi? ,Aw 103. vention Is Y O ec + ybcic, Yyqoi ,Q Q U ,Q U. C. Toflay A QQSQXX YNY 609 "2 'E Q ff? 'S' Q' WA 0 0 I' M? ' -5 P , AQ ' urveys Says No No vial U Q. P' iyixliixocka gi- , R659 College Men 6 N Qi- xx N 0' .I I T ' 0 K C V Against War 10 X XX 'UA PREVIEW IRITIE S Y . wack W .xi I'31eXTon1gl1t Is Last Night .ECQGQ 90 SM For MIIIIIIIICFS Guild Show lfzat ll as Blake Your Hale est 9 , 3 FC' ' 0 5 . Q Quoin For Annual Dane? E D001 A901610 in ,-3506 All'-ll I5 Capacity Amlienires En'o J Y U FCIICCTS XVH-ICQ Qovmpllony First Two Pen-fo glances SD Q D ' A A f Eiferylliiilg Vlfelllilonclg Aflfll'43S5 L Q ing F1 5 Cm il 5 m fa -s mx! CU na 1 i Q E S H-4 no F to li 3 if A Thriv ' ueen Qf U.C.Qll3fll'3llgl6, To Be Chosen At Annual Geits 5ta,.t,,,1 Loafers Club Cllllegf L A. Junior after t Christ Epi opal Bert Block Will Supplv Music In Great Hall Of tnflenl 1 IC t TI 1, H ed V 1 . es n both Day and Evening 7 Union: Will Have New Style By Using Colleges were dismissed for mc- X . . C.A' French Ceieste day Ex-Mayor Russell Wilson ls Scheduled To Conduct Prom Oueen's Crnwninn Z et I- QE Z Z F! Z Z 1 F5 Z Sf as 'X 4-'f 3 QIVNCINNATIAN :f Q if I ' :gd ' s 5 . I i'f-K:Qz T W I E P A I S W I L K W E E 5 -Z L-L, EoiToRiAL STAFF Managing Editors: Miiig-ii Mergiiiis, Special Fegitiiiet ifuii'ii'i3 F' i ig, Poi X'.'3'33ff Copy Assistants: Riirii Piatts, Senior Seijiioii T Hari F ,i1.,r Marino Fiiie, Copy Em:-ii, E1i,,i laik Wee-fe", Pi'iriiri'grai1ii'iy if-glam fipg-it Photographers: fl GTB L V Fred Fif,idei'zuii OUR I' 'W " jail Ei.eidii'5lf'i iam: uaiiiicarii i- ,ww av id Hui pic- Fvii i 'iisiiiei' if "ive-ri i' 3ii'ii'i':f3r Eiimi iii ii Lieii Mxiuii i,iiiiip.3ii Art Editors: Faiii Paiiiiei' End Wiegfe Assistant Art Editors: iirfeiii Piafieiiiitt-fr Hf'ei'ia Siiiimdt Tom Illodgers Men's Sports Editors: M 'tim Caiwi lrgrg Dgiii mei, Aridiew i'iOl"ifirl' Assistant Sports Editors: Ei MUTE' 'ir Vfirl Ei Shar ii El I-'wir xiaiwmn Womens Sports Editors: Fxiiii Fifi-:tts Ei-J LFP Qfiivi EX-fiiii Cidixigi Senior Editors: fXiai'iii.3 Siiiexc Iwiiiw i 'iiiii Di -i i -,ie i'.i,Hi1f'iWi'i 'Xix 1 I ie' piiifii ri i Y-Elyiiiiii Eiiiif Digijiiii, 'i,','i",ii Typists and Staff Assistants Eiifiix fiiiii X renin Hrfiiiiw jiri: iiewi jieeii' Eileli' E'-gi fig Slim iw idwwi fifiiiiiii F',,iii'i Viieiier ieaiieti-5 Eieriy Executive Secretaries: Du iiiix if'i4Vigfii'I tem im-e Memeiee i-Will: E3iijix'.ii Pais Cav iiiiigiir' Ei'iijwi"'.,--ji, liiffi Business Staff: Efiii C, 1 ixiififilfi EXdiVf' xiii Frm,-efiidii ijiiiii isiiieii X. eiii, Ndxwi Teri Meiisin ig.,iii Xi, i? i iexxi in bil Psi: 'iiiifgiii Ed Sijii'iii.,fi i-ri Siiidii , P' ii. Ti'iiii'i'iiUj'ii Senior Assistants: F' -ik: Mui S-iiiuiii m fxtiii' iiriirii i' if Vx ii rg! Ni FIRST FLOW Fi Paris, D fxiaiiiiw, ix? Siigxv, L, jieiiisirwii, F' F'ei,i'i1 i4 Em ifif, i ,f'V,fy 1 Pvfei 1 Ven A FXi1g,i-.1 SECCJND PCHXY' i'-.i Lgxiiii, E Qif'gii.3g V Agiiiiiy, M Siugxig- ,fi if 'beif , D Qjimy if XY' ilfii' E Sfiiitf, il .i iiiii ii B XX iiiffe' Ti-iii5iD FLQXN' M i1yiii'isr.iii F' HiQ'Sf1ggiC, M Xiiiiigeij F' Smyth N Ciiiiiiii, iii F'i'E1ir?i, E' i ixieiiifu FOUPTH FCXN' E Pose, M 'Vaigiiiis XR' Naam, R Tiirompsrgvi, F Firgiiwir E1 Eigmii is. Hi,-iii, i D-jixmex I N' e e FQQXX' PHE F1 Eigier, V. Cool, if E XViii-seisoii 5Ci1midt, i'l'Dpei" F'si'i-L' B O H N Buslmss MANAGER W U IR R A N S 0 H 0 F M E N D E R S 0 A L P E R Z I E C E T A F F EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-lrt-Chief Foger C Aoderiolt Bosmess lvlarreger Leom Flolwfr Faculty Adwsers Norwxood C Cots, Freml P Byers Teclwrtueal Advlger l-lettrxf Segal Assoclete Fdttors Kerr Znegel, lefty Fltrtsoltott, FlFed hvlfllQIli'lF5IFJ'l, Eetlter Alpem Soorts Fdltor Bruce Brown Fdntorlel Vxfrtter lolwrt F lvlettltews Colummsts Left Broolts, Bert I-'om lame lFlEllFl. lxlatlwerr lxfletg Arm Eeetz, Dt-fl Powell, Alvin Fotlw, leltjl Fllclrrrore, lvllltorr Carvm Vxforrwert Sport5 Fdltor Fvelw Cleaver NGVVS Edllof Carl Cwilllw Assoiljle lNlewS Fdltors Ctjm Xlvflllterox, lr l-lerbert Stem Feature Wrlters Potlw lorrrer, Meldelnrre QLIlTlEF' ler-rt, ltgrlwrwatort, Fl flxllwert Xlxlggrlv Bgtgr-lt Ewgld Pltotograplwg , Hoo lflrwgtler Fleadlllwe Editor lkflax Lorre Copy Readers Charles Slwertdam, loartrte Mer, Natalte Petlm lerrg Poburt Reporters laclt Sclmber, Clmrlee lklasrorw, Carl l?t,1blrr Loulse Frederrt:l lvlrtjlet Shaw Catlwerme Pamsey, Frerrces L Brown, Clwerlette Palm, Else Lee Scltltt, Vletor liaotmerr Sports Peporteri flxllllflll Qttrxlrt, Sleeter Straseer, lflrcl Clllegpre, Clmrlee Filoomy Flerrrg lOlFdJ!l Secretarles Dorotlm Wllsorr Ellfgi lerte Ftelerlfl, Cgrrrte Steaclwarr B U S I N E S S S T A F F Assocmte Flosmess Nlarregerg Walter Pgol, Clterlee Peril-rle. lF'oFert Nfllllrgr, Detxtd Wolf Advertlsrrlg Manager Lounge Qolrl Advertrsurtg Assfstertts Algae Mearrdell, Albert Fmgerman Copy Orgarrlzer Folirert lllwrlfl Promotuort Nlmmger lecl. Iflumpe Credlts md Collectrorrs, George Strlcler flxudltor F'ol'verl Miller SQCVGTSVIFS FF F F FF FF FF F F F' F FF FF lN'lJVl,lql XfVelr, Due l'.,lXX'l,lll, Lfollwf Llllt: l:!L'L'E-lj, lljelli Lelwerlllree FlF1STF'QM F l:'t,l',L' F FFl:rl'fgr lf SAV., D E Xlffbvrl ll frllrllyl flxxry' X lXl,ll3'y llf,-,Il F All ll SECOND lf'OX't l-l Fr3"rdt-ftjllfg, Fr lk.,-Jw fi X'2Fllltr,lr'rrx. F' "'lr1Llr, l Fmt rl ll L ,vw 2' lic-tt-,V L l frrjf' ll'llFl:' FQXX. fl l'-VH l F lr, lEt,l"'r'.2H, C Ffuu'l lull F F321 F l :v4:'. ll Fllrv L.Ll P l- QE A- I.l.l i i i i IR l AF' 1 l.I.l Z i AF! if Z L.l.l CD3 Dil l'-'Ll 1 P E-juror-ln-Clllef Managlng ECl.ror , Business lxlanager Z E-ecotlve Seclelar, Assistant Elusrness Manager pq Pfesldenr Co-op Clnh Edltornal Advlsor Buslness f,X'jVl5Ul U2 Art Aclvsfw' D O Conrrlbohng Edlor ,. Art Edllor ,, , Z Lu Alumni Edlllfl' .Assoelale Eclnilr Aalvertlslng Manager Crrclllanon Manager Asfoclate Edltor Dlreclor or Pnhllc Flolahons Exchange lvlanager . O T A F Board of Control -, Prealclenl lfnglneerlng Trllnunal ,. ,Davud Rosenberg . Donald Montgomery Elarne Schilnn ., lulla Clear ,, .Hlulia Clear Vxfllliam Oeh , , Rldiard Farr , Profr C. Vx! Parl-1 Prof N. C. Ceis ., Prof, D. Cool: Associate Boa rd , Charles Spring K Henry Merkel . Harriet Kersting Emlly Beynng Melvln Feldkamo Eerlha Ketrenng Marlon Phares Helen Schafstall , , Ruth Lehman Z az L... Assistant Board 0 Asslslant Ednor , ,. . . ,, .Thomas jones ,-' Fcreonnel Aislslanl Carl Lohrev 4 Asxalstanr AClvE'fll4IlTg Manager .Ralph Allen Z ll."l5l-JE'l.l1Qv Edrtor , . . lack Meyer Asaoclate Clrcnlatlon Manager . Ceneweve Krurhaup 42 Arr Asslsrant , . Alice Magee ml E Associate Clrcnlanon Manage: .. Helen Broclahoff Staff LL' Mart Andres Marlun Llllman Madelyn Eael: Polh Moeller ua lane- Barley lvlarulyn RLlE'lll V1 Fialrgrh Bloom Mary Rllirjher "' Artllnr Brand RVlIllan'l Scholl: I-I-I Plnllp Cohen Mane Srnnth Monroe Dnle Donglai. Vest Z Iacl. Fnednlan larnre-ll XVell-er Ch D FIPST RQXV ll' Le-hrnan, C llrnllwaup, M Sllllllly D. Mont- cn gomery, C Sprung, I Clean P Mueller, A Magee 1 SECCHD POV." M F. Llllrnann, I L XVe:ler, T loneS, M l Dole. Cl l Lowendrcl., R, W Allen, H Schafstall THIRD RCW! l Meler, M lzeldlarnll, S S Myers, li. l'l. 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Suggestions in the University of Cincinnati - Cincinnatian Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) collection:

University of Cincinnati - Cincinnatian Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


University of Cincinnati - Cincinnatian Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


University of Cincinnati - Cincinnatian Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


University of Cincinnati - Cincinnatian Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


University of Cincinnati - Cincinnatian Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


University of Cincinnati - Cincinnatian Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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