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 - Class of 1934

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5 F . .,. Ex ii if 57 x S . -X 'Cs EW . +5 li A -. Q 5 ' ' ' if 7' . 3- ' , ' x I I 5' 2 r ' N , aj R .. SL 1 'X if'+i1g,- V ' ' E, -I-2: Q fi 'X-W! A , f Nw - ,gif ,VV , H: I ,V 'A X,-'U Q, 1 1 V ,RX Q , I . V I ' n . V 1-.xl JYYX , -V . ' A ,xx "Wx V -'i ' " ' L ' '- Y V .' :J .A f bv 5 '33-W4 V .. s A! , X -- , j 2' V 'i. pang' S S ,V S , -L mf I y'- Qi . , I --R ' J.: Q V' . V-. -. 4 J f sv., ,A' Y V 1 J - l 5 Nf-TX . , X . 5 'N , -H. fi. X i. 2 NX -S Mx un- xg 'Y -41 N. ..,S r , ... ,,-1- ELM . , 'S fx z . X img? R 'Y fd Q K ,. ' R: AHF., It I r-1- . L X 4- 9 S . ., P5 , X -- X ' A ff - iv 2 .H I Ph I V ' - , -in M- E5 ' ' il- . H ' ' in -L 1 . , It - . V 3, - N 1:-, K ,X wx . . - ,S , X. ' L, S ' 1 A L, xv . , -A , b I ' lv ri - if-,3 Luz. . . ' 'fd' 'H V xx i ' ' - , M Q ,X Kvx S A ' QA ,Rx fx , 6 S 3 'ra :L F -5 Marghmenf ,EE 124 E CINCINNATIAN OF 1934 by MEL SERNSTEIN EDITOR DUNCAN I5. FRAME BUSINESS MANAGER THE CONTENT I BY COPYR IGH . clRcuLATloNA I 1 . - . N15 Me Gncinnaiian M 0 1934 Q' N 49 M MW My TC TI-IE YOIJTI-IEUI. SPIRIT CDF CLIRICDSITY AS EXPI2 ES S ED IN TI-IE RESEARCI-I AND PRGGRESS OF wzfe cggaezlfi 1 1 : f 5 5 5 f LM...ummm.,........,,....,.......................,.,.......,,.m...HN .,,. N ..., x..x.. ... ,...,.. .X W .x.,. N .,..x., .x ...,m.. ,.,x,,....,..,.x,.,..x....,., . mm., dlflfb 14.4 We may be at the university but a few years, yet we are aware of definite change. Buildings are reno- vated. New ones appear. Whole departments move from one end of the campus to the other. Projects for further growth are bruited about. The beauty of the newer structures cannot displace the pleasure the greying and ivy-covered ones afford our sentimentalities. We feel and suffer the change in people. The old heroes go and the youngsters came up- inadequate, not like those we gaped at four years ago. Behind the surface attributes of the area dedicated to youth and learn- ing we feel-and too often are met face to face with-a power, a driv- ing and administrative force. There is a hierarchy of entangled and at times conflicting governing bodies. Nor is this conflict unpleasant, but rather, amusing and even beneficial to the running of this vast institu- tion. And some of them are the people who send those letters home to our folks .... Sr Xxxxgsxx , A+ qu F- BOARD OF DIRECTORS WALTER F.MURRAY FRANK F.DINSMORE GEORGE H. WARRINGTON HERBERT G.FRENCH FRANK H.NELSON ARTHUR R.MORGAN LESTER A. IAFFE IOHN I. ROWE SANFORD BROWN Mke-um ALTE ESIDENT CDF TI-IE UNIVERSI It is a happy circumstance that the pretatory word of your President for this 1934 CINCINNATIAN can honestly be full of cheer and Confidence which economic conditions a year ago forbade presenting in the volume for l933. We toce a brighter world. There is now a reasonable basis to expect that, although we may have setbacks, we are on the way to better things for our country and therefore for our University ot Cincinnati and her sons and daughters, We are joytul that this should be so. We should resolve to do all in our power to avert a repetition of these recent years and to foster those ways of thinking and acting which promote a secure and a just order ot society and creative opportunity for the individual human spirit. I hail this fine volume as a record of our student lite and as a token of significant things to come,-alike for our University and for the students now within our halls. giigioswiew V VICE-PRESIDENT yn -A K A- "-:, 'Mg' -Jia-j,,.., 4 ' ,, , if E 2 ', ai f ix , ll f It I 11 , 1 . ' - N, -... -- - - 1 H,.f . ' 1 .'-:. fv - . A, , li -4-- "fi -li-'rv , . H ra 'Q f.,."jE591-,fi .' .--'A' V-'JL' i'cMQ'.' 45745,f,g-f,L'f A ' ' '-' ss' -' ' "'n'e" I X ff. 5 5' f' ii if-35 xl' ' Q 'limi' if A -' :JSA fa. :"93"' "4 V ff 1g- f1 ' Q Q' X ." 5 Ji L ' ,. 4 . 's fs!! - - 'F f 1 45 5."!f' QQ? EL 1- 312 ,Wh , ' ' ,HA d I :rg is fl 'rl Q, in 1 ., 1 5 Q 4 1 ' .-,--.1 ,,, 1,-.7 X ,- IOSEPHINE ' P ' SIMRALL IITIDEAN OF WOMEN DIRECTOR SCHOOL OF HOUSEHOLD ADMINISTRATION Annuolly thot most exciting- ond often bitferest-of busi- nesses, sorority pledging, dis- turbs the dignified ond quietly congeniol 'Won1en's Building, scene of teos, club sessions ond l-lousenold closses. lllilll OPS PI-I D DEAN OF TI-IE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS LOUIS'T'MORE'RT-LD- AN OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL Af the Sign of the Stone Lions, deep in the lower possoges, the center of cornpus life offers o more 'fnon liberol educotion. SCHNEIDER ' SC D DEAN of the COLLEGE of ENGINEERING and COMMERCE and SCHOOL of APPLIED ARTS - Conceived cind de- veloped nere, the ideci of leovening cicodemicswitnrecn- 5 nice! practice nos become the forned co-opercirive system ond nos mode This one of the greet sects of engineering training. 'Tl-1-Ijw-'F - ' : R 2 'I-M '1 -f 'Z -A ' .M ee if I I m II 'I!l I!I iii f fiii II IB IHiii'i .K OF TI-IE COLLEGE CFL!-KW Many of the truly greet of our Notion s low-makers look-or hove looked-T Taft I-Ioll os Almo Meter. D E A N 0 E T H E COLLEGE OE EDUCATION -.S I D E A N O F T H E COLLEGE GE MEDICINE KLEY'R'N'B'S' DEAN OF THE CCDLLEGE OE NURSING AND HEALTH -f i. A- ,sp 235 WEE.: ' fie,Q.fg" ' F""?,x sail E f ? 2 f E 2 Q 9 e Q Q 2 ff Q ef 9 ei' f .H 3?- 1 x 4.-J! ,J , -, ., M' --1, .QE gf: ..-phiiv-a'ggEj-5'5vvzv:1'-s'4f1g-.1--rv 1 I-hifi' r 1,, ' '.4r,fL:'--.-,-1.,,,:-p,-.Y -1 , . " "-.xnxx -ffruvrlmrumlm I JQ5 UW wfua ma 14krs ra:Hl A In W i M L f film! H M H L ,H F Qi ! ' ii! Q ff iv " 'f!'.:.'f:'Tt'Qf 1 WW 'I IJ 'K , STUDENT MULLIKIN FELLOW STUDENTS: We have made a genuine attempt to effect changes which will make good student government possible in the future. Much depends on the reaction of the student body in the fulfillment of this worthy task. I wish to thank the members of Student Council, and COUNCIL our Advisor, Mr. Arthur W. I-lolmes, for their kind co-operation in the execution of our duties. Particular credit is due Spencer Booz and Corty Winall, as Chairmen of two committees most vital to our reorganization, also to Ray I-lilton, as Chair- man of an unofficial investigating committee. Sincerely, SIDNEY MULLIKIN. 0 F-F I C E RS SIDNEY MULLIKIN ....................... .................. P resident DOROTHY BURKHARDT .......................... Vice-President GEORGIA MAY BENHAM ........... .................. S ecretary MULFORD MENTEI. ............... ............ T reasurer BURKHARDT MEINTEL BENI-IAM EXECUTIVE BOARD S. MULLIKIN D. BURKHARDT G. BENHAM M. MENTEL A. W. HOLMES Faculty Advisor REPRESENTATIV ENGINEERING S. BATZ s. Booz R. FRANCIS R. HOEFER vv. KOOLAGE C. WINALL LIBERAL ARTS R. BENHAM J. BURTEL M. L. DIETERLE D. FRAME J. HENNEGAN E. SMALL TEACHERS COLLEGE M. BOHART R. TOWERS H. AD. COLLEGE A.FISCHER V. FREDERICKS H.PHILLIPPS APPLIED ARTS M. DOWN I NG T. HOMA J. FI NDLAY REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE M. MCEVILLY G. BENHAM D. BURKHARDT S. MLJLLIKIN M. MENTEL HOMA FRAME TOWERS HOEFER FRANCIS BENHAM, R. RICH FINLEY WINALL PHILLIPS DIETERLE HENNEGAN BENHAM, G. MU LLI KIN FREDERICK DOWNING MCEVILLEY FISCHER ES RASCH IG BUHMANN POWELL VAN BLARICUM BRUCKNER COLLOM WEISHAUPT PHILIPPS THOMPSON NICHOLS TOE PEER GRIESHABER RUDOLPH McEVlLl.EY RUEHLMANN KOOLAGE GOETTSCH MEYER MERK OMEN'S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION O F F I C E R S Margaret McEvilley ........ ..........,............... P resident Elinor Small ............... ..................... V ice-President Helen Ruehlmann ...... ........ C orresponding Secretary Erna Goettsch ........... ........... R ecording Secretary Janet Koolage ........ ...................... T reasurer Josephine Simrall ......... ........ F aculty Adviser EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Pearl Beren Martha Bohart Shirley J. Brown Dorothy Burkhardt Louise Eastman Margaret Gillette Erna Goettsch May Grieshaber Greta Hastings Hildegarde Haupt Lucille Koelblin Janet Koolage Charlotte Kungers Margaret McEvilley Jeannette Merk Helen Philipps Aneta Rivard Helen Ruehlmann Elinor Small Betty Jane Slough Beatrice Thompson JUNIOR ADVISERS Ada Alpauqh Virginia Barnum Ailleen Van Blaricum Jean Bruckner Dorothy Buhman Esther Collom Erna Goettsch May Grieshober Janet Koolage Betty Meyer Jeannette Merk Mary Nichols Helen Philipps Eloise Powell Francis Raschig Jane Rudolph Helen Ruehlmann Beatrice Thompson Mae Toepfer Glenna Weishaupt IGNATI US DRUCKER FRANCIS SCHWEIN PAINE IE I ENGINEERING' TR L IBUNA OFFICERS NCHARDFRANCR ................President HARRY PAI NE ................ ........... V ice-President ALICE SCHWEIN ........... NED DRUCKER ....... ...............Secretcry ..........Treosurer REPRESENTATIVES SENIOR RICHARD FRANCIS NED DRUCKER JUNIOR HARRY PAINE ALVIN IGNATIUS PRE-JUNIOR Bos GETZ SOPHOMORE EDWIN Fox I WOMEN ALICE SCHWEIN WEINIG HELLEBUSH GILBERT BURTEL RUMMEL RHAME LIBERAL ARTS TRIBUNAL JOHN N. BURTEL .................. .........,............ P resident DOROTHY ALEXANDER .......... ................ V ice-President EDITH RUMMEL .............. ........... S ecretory-Treasurer REPRESENTATIVE S E NIO R JOHN N.BURTE D E R J D J M OROTHYALEXANDE DITHRUMME ICHARDSCHWA U N I O R ONALDGILBER OHNHELLEBUS AE TOEPFE SOPHOMORE WILLIAMR HAM JACKWEINI S S L R L B 5 T H R S E G BARONE AREND STONER TRANKLER PRESSLER WEBER IANNITTO LANGE DOWN I NG BAETZ KOELBLIN WI ESMAN APPLIED ARTS TRIBUNAL OFFICERS MARGARET MARY DOWNING ......................,... Women's President LUCILLE KOELBLI N ........................,........... Women's Vice-President FRANCES STONER ........... ........... W omen's Secretory-Treasurer GEORGE BAETZ ........... ........................... M en's President PASCAI. BARONE .......... .......... M en's Vice-President ARTHUR AREND .......... .................... S ecretory REPRESENTATIVES FRED WEBER ............ .......... T feasuref CHARLES ANDERSON NANCY GORDON MARIE IANETTO I-IOMER LANGE FRED LOUIS FRED PRESSLER DOROTHY TRANKLER GEORGE WIESMAN SENI CLASS OR PHILIP HEIL .......... ............ P resident MARTHA BOHART ................ .......... V ice-President GEORGIA MAE BENHAM ........, ........... S ecretcary ROBERT BENHAM ......... ........... T reosurer 1 9 3 4 MORTIMER POWELL ....... .......... P resident HELEN PHILLIPS ...,...... ........ V ice-President ESTHER COLLOM ....... ......... S ecretory ROBERT HOEFER .......... ......... T reasurer JUNI CLASS 1 9 3 5 OR SOPHOMORE A E CLASS FRED PRESSLER ......... ........... P resident LOUISE EASTMAN ........ .......... V ice-President JANE FORDYCE .......... .......... S ecretory LAWRENCE TRAME ...... .......... T reosurer 1 9 3 6 1 LEONARD BOSKEN ......... .......... P resident ANETA RIVARD ............ ......... V ice-President AUDREY ALEXANDER ....... .......... S ecrefary ALLEN VOGELER ........ ......... T regsurer FRESHMAN CLASS 1 9 3 7 college of law THIRD YEAR RODNEY NASH SECOND YEAR JOHN NOLAN FIRST YEAR FRED LUEDERS THIRD YEAR SECOND YEAR O N A FIRST YEAR S S college of eclicine college of nursing and Iwealtlfm I October .v 1110 i'.'ilQLI-L'lfP1l uvva' 1 , 'fii'u" . 1 Pwhfiw my 1 Sw-. . ned: 1.1 1.111.111 11. 11,111.1 1 . In rlulv. the .eng-ui lgnfk -JUYPC' "mms, wx- 111111112 1a1:1'u:t1 sumo ' A ,I .e ua. .1 xnyn. I I. .1 I I - - 1 1 1 , -. . - - -- - f""'1' I I I II 1 -,. in I, H. h, 1311951 time and with mont ofI1he W1 1 -- - , ll'--Ill, li- ily el11.1n1 hum .md scarf - .1-1F11 18 . 1 1 1 . - .. . ,I .. , 1 spelled H 'h.. Ruth Vlalker :1.11d 1 C 1 ,.. 11 K L own I- " 11 W! bl' 1 d Hwy rn up "l U1-f .-5' 1 - Yfau Ile" ' A -'th vww Spending 1111141 uf ' fttlflmn ' 1 -. V -1 Q 1 '. : I1 ' I " 1 ' 1" 1' 'I F l 1 1 0 I an B ml ml' Mlmkdbzvdl ' S ' Tilxullifsgm C1 -H111 ihald my 11011112 "4:d'I1 'v ' l . .'. ' T. ' JE 'hu-5' . ' ' 1 correct .Hardlv F' bi'-151 , 1 I ' Inella K, ,, I ,V U.-' Ingng lrom yen-1- .mv IIMIIIQ Tigml 'I .N 11 1' urls. l90l ein 15, 1 . ,, across thc: " " I ' .' ' W -- Y . Lf Yowcl I S .- Lg. I!! dnb ' I 341112 nther cuff. 'l3EImI fjfu' " Willa 5 b,-rv? ' 'W J ,4-"ue had in black ua' I ,CIW II' It 'I 1 , 1I by 11:11 U ' ' Y If 11111. 1111- 52,91 l " 'JQVQUF' III 1 1. , , - , , . , 1 1. 1 ll 1 5.- ' . 1 ' llmf' -'FF' We 1-aught li ggilnvasn nf :1 vel- I I 1 , 1 l 1 d I ll 'll N N " .1 nl" fz'm'1-V Wm V' I l t lorxmxl hG"G hm aw 11 w1--1 bo- 93' : nl C 5 M I lv., I I., , I I I II . . . I, . . . 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E 111 1.11: lop by ilu? 1:a1r1'u1vu1s!I I'-'an Nmzlmc-1' tom? r 1: ' gal: 19-1 0' 0 IJ 1 :ilk tl liams, 11-vnwlwn-.11 l.z-.wu- :lm 111193-use.-:11 nlmzlsrzr 111 mst ffnI43"U .. I --31:1 rim-.':'f. W?1111:1-1.-cr' the Brfurcai h1zckf:lf"'IgW , .,..11 an lun-f 11.,1I1111. 1 1,1'1-- - -' ' -. . - . 1 -0 W' D.111 flhfxzff 1... , . . .-1 , 1 , - - glfffflffffvn ' :1 5114-f.fQ1:f1g! :Im ll I S I B lk I L11 ,..'e1stLw0 111111 1111 "' ' ' ' J ,,g31,g51'1:1ufsl11.'1 14' ,1.-.' ?.1Za:11 ' '1 4 f" Lymzci 1 INIL11.-'.I1'1lu. All 1 3 ' I i,L3fbTlCl:'8 li .r1. 11.11119 1111. I, I I . N . IW Qzlallmve 11:15:11 23-U. CH S P Q R 4 IJWu1IIIfg1n5-5. 1 I11'lf-3flC:SlL:,' L. - L-' - I ' i Thaw 1-1-.ns weve 11:12 - T -4 ' ' '1 1, 110111: or 11 1111112 land if Y X P 0 ,V Isbilsgmgn 11 vfin 21-111. 'HI , 'Jing nu '111 111 21:11 l,-111:25 ---f--- Um 31231.11 C 1 .. -. 1 1 JZ 5 ,In 1,1 l'u1w11l, Ol Dznwa Will Go fo I 1111 'flllillllll Charity hlml 7me1-hmgm I L L lllilllfdllf' S ...-.- .....I I f,1,mI,,5LY:10Ii1 1 Xl e f f- , 1 , -. - mn: If 'RI 0 mmlly 1111f11111g campus sf"fmf'l mfaruqf ' S111 11111114-114, Soph-"H"'m'm51Yll' W' W' I1 BSU ,M Swap 1:11 His? 1ic1lcl.l'-"hUf'1' I.. 1-1... 1 1 11 II, II It .11I I. 3 1,- 221 1 in TIII e U, C. clufenselI'J"m"E 1,I,,,,..11. 11.21.1111 il 1..111y12!12f"1 muc - ..,11E1nu1 Ca-:I having Il 0111 gmgixyz Noveml' Ll 310, I if 1 lv: '3 L ffl 1 :1-f.. 11. ll 5 ' ' . His tackling was the hvstlcfili 'l I r, 1- . 1 . 1 1 1 . 'lu' bu' 1-" "1"- 1:1 Nu, wr! Staclzuxu this 'ami 'ma'-ll Pl 1 -1 '1111' 1.l:11?:111'1 gei a plrirv F73 Lla-.1 WH- ill 1.1-va :cum SlI!Y'lL!'ll'1Il'l11 nxegfmffl ' - 1111115 1 "well, 1 .IS . 06.11 .1 BILL! fluii, .1nilCl:11'l Q no Be M111-. V311 O 111 ca 4 ' ' 1 ' 111 1.-4 H lj? Xl 11rl41nI 1 1 T61 fin-11 i 11 '1 lay, thcmlis V1 1 1 1 . l1Pll2I'il Iillu H I --'F um B 1p1'v:11.1' 11:.:'1-' 5: ! l 1 1 L-.1 T ating th fy 15111.11 nailz ' " ' 4' -1...f--I.-11.-11.-. -.-.4 F -v1-Q 1111yIcl'11e 111351 ' let me .hear Dresiclellh .-.. 1-.Q-qw' 1-gp vm DI M I I Dm II 'fihm ..e, 1 111111 g1s.l.1'1L.. .::..IFUIns j1.1sL'Qmz'l sfcnp fu setlf, 1 nr bmw 111 'lixmiiz 1Tf1xl:11lIlsf9mf atb With the bite of chill in the oir comes the nostolgic recognition of "footboll weotherf' The color, tight, ond utterly collegi- ote quolity ot the moment ot- trocts us in droves to the sto- dium to moke ond unmoke heroes on o single ploy. Thonksgiving recess posses. We pock ourselves in the swel- ter ot the Men's Gym to see bosketbollers tlosh obout ot heod-on speed. And reolly. vic- tory or deteot becomes quite inconseduentiol-tor it is neor- ing ten P. M. ond we hove our best dcirling with us. Then spring ond o complete jumble down ot the sporting fields, whot with boseboll, trock, tennis ond thot old bug- beor, spring footboll. And one by one new fellows oppeor in new sweoters morked with the precious "C" ond olumni moke new speeches obout the honor ond glory of it. COACHING STAFF DANA KING DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS CHARLES MILEHAM TAY BROWN CLIFFORD GOLDMEYER KENNETH PARKER ROBERT LEWIS THE CLUB ACTIVE MEMBERS O. ASHE C. AUSTING I vv. BAETZ J. C. BAKER C. T. BALLARD R. BENHAM M. BOEHM J. C. BOLTON E. BUSAM P. M. COLLINS R. COUCHMAN vv. CROSS O. A. DAVIS O. DEVORE H. DUNCAN R. DUNKER R. ELO E. ESHMAN O. ERIKSON R. EVANS L. FITZGERALD J. FLEMING R. FRICK H. GEAR O. GRANDLE J. GOODMAN J. HALL N. G. HAYDEN P. HEIL R. HOEFER C. HOUGHEY M. HUBLEY R. JOHNISTON K. H. KEIM F. KNAPP H. LANGE H. J. LEAVER A. LEININGER H. LOTHES C. LUDEKE C. G. MCCABE R. H. MCKEE R. MATHER M. MENTEL E. T. MILLER C. NAU R. NOLTING R. PELLANS R. POST C. RATLIFF W. ROGGE O. ROSENBLATT M. ROSENSTEIL F. RUCK F. SAUNDERS J. SCHNEIDER R. SCHWAB W. SCHWARBURG H. SEYMOUR N. SHAPIRO C. SMITH G. SMITH W. L. SNYDER V. SPENCER J. STAFFORD W. J. STEPHAN W. SUMMERVI LLE L. TRAME M. TOWNSLEY R. UIBLE P. VON BENKEN J. P. WALSH C. WILLIAMS M. WILLIAMS A. M. WILSON J. WYATI' F. YEAGER R. ZIMMERMAN THE SQUAD . TOP ROW SCI-IWARBURG, FITZGERALD, WEIS, M. WILLIAMS, POST, DAVIS, I-IALL. S E C O N D R 0 W BALLARD, GULECK, NAU, RUCK, G. SMITH, DUNCAN, ZIMMERMAN, PRESSLER. T H l R D R O W COUGI-ILIN, LEVENGOOD, BUSAM, VAN HORN, KAEMMERLE, WOERNER, COOK. F O U RT H R O W GWINNER, EMMERICK, STROTI-IMAN, TATELMAN, BUNKER, SCHNEIDER, VOELKER, ROSENDAHL B 0 T T 0 M R O W BURDICK, HEIL, TRAME, C. SMITI-I, YAEGER, NOLTING, KNAPP, MEGUIAR. T! E' 1 R ' PHILIP Hsu. A WINNER O D K TROPHY ,...... ..-WV f-., I , V4 THE BEARCAT WALL OF STEEL HOLDS THE WILDCATS AND WINS THE FIRST LEG GN THE RALPH HITZ U. C.-OHIO U. TROPHY T.. vi LLM. TT F231 'W MERLE WILLIAMS HONORARY CAPTAIN L TT-I T T, N1 Kiel.. 0 Ope ll the most glomorous seoson of locol grid history-AI - f ericon Toy Brown summoned to help Cooch King mo! 60 condidotes into o fighting Vorsity-nord grind o w octice in which 30 Fresn- men win numerols drubbin them. ie.: , 1 HEIL, END HALL, TACKLE O U. C.--20: RIO GRANDE--O NIPPERT STADIUM, SEPTEMBER 30 The usual opening game. Baptismal fire for the inexperienced yearlings. Long line of substitutes still trying out tor Varsity. New uniforms. New faces. New plays. Awkward blocking, fumbles, incomplete passes. Cincinnati having the edge over an outclassed opponent. Half-back Yeager clicking off honors and long runs. Nolting opening the way. Fitzgerald's comeback pass to Schwarburg for a score. A promising line. Elimination is over. Coach King will settle down to football. U. C.--13: SOUTH DAKOTA--O NIPPERT STADIUM, OCTOBER 7 Rejuvenated Bearcat squad stampeding the Coyote pack. The Red and Black forward wall hammering the Dakotas while Merle Williams kicks, posses, and runs the ball. incidentally scoring both touchdowns. Yeager's sixteen yards in three plays. Schwarburg follows interference for twenty. Tackles Hall and Smith opening up. Carl Williams again breaks through. Another fifty yards from "Butch" Williams' toe. A habit. Cincy still locks scoring punch. Dakota fails in only threat as stadium empties. Onward Cincinnati. Beat Kentucky. -Q .x, 'serzsmi g, ff-"fi s- . .i w, ' -g ' nj-:-f . le .Af - , , -4' . ""'.M!"V""' ' A , it it - 5.111-Q fab le-fl " FITZGERALD QUARTERBACK M. WILLIAMS FULLBACK DUNCAN RUCK TACKLE TACKLE 02 WET Bearcats move to the fore in mid- west interest-the whole town backs the team like mad-record owds of 21,000 for K. U., 20,000 to Miami, 18,000 for Ohio U.-talk of enl rging Nippert Stadium. I U. C.--og KENTUCKY--3 NIPPERT STADIUM, OCTOBER I4 Cincinnati's successful bid for fame. Dona's super-running machine outplaying Kentucky's Wildcats. Big time football. Kercheval wins with a last minute field goal. Kentucky takes the credit. A fighing Bearcat line ripping through and blockng out. Quintessence Kercheval and Merle Williams matching punts. Carl Williams breaks through to recover Kentucky fumbles. Cincy passes over Wildcat goal for another incomplete pass. "OO" McMillan, from Kentucky's trick bag runs thirty-seven. As Kercheval goes so goes Kentucky. And goes and goes. U. C.--1 95 MARSHALL--O NIPPERT STADIUM, OCTOBER 21 Morshall's flashy back, Zontini, is stopped. The new Cincinnati system again shows a power-line. Combination of passes and plunging attacks down the Green Herd at will. Nolting slashes through for long gains and a score. Yeager maintains his pigskin heights. Fitzgerald passes forty yards to Schwarburg. Nolting passes to Yeager, fifty yards and another score. Sophomore material prominent, Yeager, Nolting, Schwarburg. Spotty football with the Bearcats taking the advantage in spots. "March On, Cincinnati." f-'T' i , . .v ri-- 'i Gig,-ft' M.s.i'iY"'l. r . .,,L A ic., ,k . .4 , 1-vi F... W, .ii, '-. 4 :i- :L.-1 . .,, .. .- , . , V , ,,1-.,i ., .N Y. -lr V cf, - J-' V 52, L -'Yw'?L,vL: .x BALLARD END NOLTI NG HALFBACK NAU G. SMITH CENTER TACKLE Q CSM W o m e n cheerleoders, cord section, new song- big time stuff-Boosters Committee well ot work -migrotions with bond Q ' oll thot-toll betting os los nord gomes op- prooch- cl d e o d I y, gruelling wor outs. U. C.--34: BUTLER--7 NIPPERT STADIUM, OCTOBER 28 Cincinnati's Kingmen. On to their greatest gridiron season bouncing the Butler Bulldogs. Schwarburg, Nolting and Yeager running wild. Fifty-yard run. Touchdown from kick-off. Bearcat goal line crossed for first time in '33 as reserves fail to hold. The whistle. U. C.--7: OHIO WESLEYAN--O DELAWARE, OHIO, NOVEMBER 4 Tie score. One minute to go. Yeager intercepts a desperate Wesleyan pass, skirts the sidelines for forty yards and scares. Pandemonium. Fitzgerald dropkicks to make it seven. The Bearcat line holds on the one-yard stripe. Carl Williams breaking up the Wesleyan aerial attack. Nolting and Yeager Crashing through tackle for first downs. CinCinnati's spaghetti shift draws Wesleyan off-side. Merle Williams punts to the two-yard line. Again the Kingmen take the ball on downs. Ohio U, and Miami, obstacles to the championship. U. C.-- 14: WITTENBERG--6 SPRINGFIELD, OHIO, NOVEMBER 'II An overcanfident Bearcat team fumbling through three quarters of uninspired football. The underrated Lutherans score. Surprise. A Cincinnati rally sweeping the Wittenberg eleven off its feet. Cincy's fifty-one yard drive. Little jubilation in the Bearcat camp. WILLIAMS GUARD C. SMITH CENTER Buckeye title snared with Miami-first laurels ed to Cincy since conference started in '25 - seniors and l3 others win Varsity C.-G. S 'tn and bath Williams an All-Buckeye-Carl Williams aptains All-Ohio. Buizolcic SCHWARBURG QUARTER HALF O U. o.--25 or-no UNIVERSITY--O NIPPERT STADIUM, NOVEMBER I8 Two great defensive lines battling to a standstill. Vicious tackling. Carl Williams hammering into the Bobcat wall. Heil gets his man. Valiant Bearcat goal-line stand, three yards in four downs, goal to go, but the Ohio U. eleven fails. Carl Williams again. Fearful suspense as Ohio U. tries far o field goal. Ruck blocks the kick. Bearcats show poor pass defense as Bobcats hurl down the field. Merle Williams exceeds his punting record holding oft the invaders. Another try for field goal goes wide. George Smith breaks through to block a Bobcat punt. A safety. Two points. Cincinnati gains its greatest victory. U. C.--2: MIAMI--6 NIFPERT STADIUM, THANKSGIVING DAY Cincinnati's let down before a killing attack. Fertig goes off tackle for o first. Fertig passes for fifteen more. Fertig goes through center. Miarni's ball on Cincy's one. A Redskin score. Merle Williams passes for a long gain. Ruck's attempted field goal falls short. Get Fertig. Fertig gains seven. Merle Williams again kicks the Kingmen out of danger. A Bearcat punt to the three-yard line brought back as Miami's ball. A present far Miami. Williams swarmed under for o loss. Substitution in the Cincy line. Carl Williams scores a safety. Reconciliation. Fertig and Merle Williams share the honors. Bear- cats and Redskins share the championship. Gold footballs. W. xx g g ,J I - - - ,el .'EfF'iY7l: nf.-I ' 'pw ' Exif. - has fic' 'A Lf . A X75-1953 ' - ' 3 .z+?Q?'?6 "fi ,,272liLiB'f' POST QUARTERBACK YAEGER HALFBACK Leif! SQUAD T O P R O W DEVORE RAIDT DALY STOCKWELL TRAME BOND! GULICH PRESSLER B O T 'I' O M R 0 W KOLP SUMMERVILLE BALLARD SMITH GRANDLE AUSTING BROWN DAVI D DEVORE Manager o U. C. 25 0 MARSHALL 35 Q Cincy's Buckeye opener Tay Brown, yeorling. The Green Herd snaps up a lead. Cats trailing with Austing bolstering. Cincy ties 20 all. Hope. Marshall works the ball to captain Gill. Baskets and game. 0 U. C. 56 0 WITTENBERG 36 0 Invincible Bearcat offense and defense. Grandle breaks fast for hoop shots. Two men on Austing. He scores four buckets. Grandle bits season's high score. Earns All Cincinnati. Be- wildered Lutherans. Ballard, Grandle, Austing. OLEN GRANDLE Guard Honorary Captain , , . . , 4 , , , . g , N , Y i W , i i , 4, 2 N , l I W Di . - ' , ' Y,' xl n of . w f' 'I . .' ' LJ, ' , I .' .tl x.,,f lj Bishops and Bearcats. Hardwood rivals, Men's Gym jammed. Austing and Hendricks. Point for point. Tie. A crowd gone mad. Summerville in the pinch. Cincy leads. Three minute desperate shooting. Wesleyan retains the Buckeye lead. , J J- ,i', ix, asc'-,iii H '-Alf i R. 1. - V .,,. ,'.l...-1 -. .' .' ,- jf. ,. Lil f ' Wild passing. Rim shots tottering on the wrong side, Fouls and missed fouls. Berens and Austing duel. Deadlock and half. Last minute warm-up and Ohio Bobcats win on the foul line. CLARK BALLARD Guard ,wv,q-1g-'-1- -1 -iv-lm - 'urfR' . i i 1. .L ci ij . Bearcats and Indians roughing it. Ballard at his best. A test in toul shooting. Benches claim their own. Cincy reserves show. Austing leads in Buckeye scoring. Bearcat basketball at a low. N V -Y' ' ...f ,l, .. 4. 'CJ .' . .us -J x- ,r .. JE. .L . if 'CJ Bishop superiority. Cincy hits new low. Wesleyan hoop ma- chine grinds on. 20 to 9 half time. Work the ball into Austing. Bishops block Cincy try. Wesleyan conceded the Crown. Austing, Bearcat pride l CHESTER SMITH Forward l i 'lvl . Vf ,fi qi 1, X ,,,, , V i.. in , . . 5, ,l . .1 Li. -16,1 xi l ll '.J'.1.' -, cf' .i-.- ' Amateur contest. A toss-up victory. Summerville hits from any angle. More sloppy passing. Raidt, a competent substitute. Nine points behind, Cincy. A passing lesson between halves. Cincy hits the bucket. Conciliations. ,fxl 1 A 'M in if 'f at Cf . W 4-1 , LJ. "ii .L - 1. .- .- :J My. 1. ..i -H The awakening. Fast breaking plays. Feeding the ball to Austing under the hoop. Austing scores nine loops. And cinches Conference scoring honors at lO7. Perfect ball freezing. Fire from Raidt. A sure third place. CARL AUSTI NG Center l l 1. "f'7,T"',I""j"i, f-1"r.-nj: Free scoring. Austing again. A basket for you and a basket for me. Bearcats lead at half time. Summerville scores again. So does Berens. Ballard drops a foul to tie. Overtime, And a foul wins. fy Vx ull. If lr. Xj, X ,fy j'u!l. l .v Last game torGrandIe and Smith. Sharpshooting. Even honors on the basket. Miami one-up at the period. Summerville's game. Foul shots will win. Reserves play for tradition. Miami held. Cincy shares second place with Marshall. l-lail Tay Brown. Hail Carl Austing. Yea, Teaml And a round of "C's." WILLIAM SUMMERVI LLE Forward RESULTS 1933 APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL MAY MAY MAY Track at U. C.-Green material presents handicap- L. B. Harrison falls-Bearcats take 8 firsts and IO seconds -Berea swarmed under-Hopes-Run away by Ohio U.- DePauW left in the cinders-Dash men and hurdlers beat Marshall-I-Ioefer outstanding-Denison cops a close one -Pellens and Patten over the hurdles-Willenzick sets a Varsity record-So does Elliott-Miami closes the season in victory-Relay team breaks another Bearcat record- Ohio U. takes the B. I. A. C. and championship-Bearcats record the fastest squad since when-Football men on the team next season. Ae! Z! E SQUAD E COACH REUSS EVANS HEI NZ MEYER HANSEN BONDI DAVIS KLAVENER ERI KSON BUBER ETZEL PERRIN GRANDLE BAETZ SCHWARBURG ROGGE EMRICH HABERER HARRY WILKINSON MANAGER First call for battery, infielders, outfielders-Large squad-Seven veterans-Gloom in the Bearcat camp-Opener with Miami at bat-Thompson on the mound-Four errors -4 to 3 Miami--Wittenberg up-Evans hurls for Cincy-Ashe lams a homer-More errors-5 to 4 decision for Lutherans-Ohio Wesleyan and free hitting-Second to short to first and out-lO to 7 Bishops-Marshall takes the next-Nine Bearcat errors-Cincy retires swinging-iO to 3-The cellar 'Cats-Rained out and rest- Ohio U. plays host4Pitcher's duel-Scoring in fifth and sixth-Cincy takes Bobcats -Evans takes the mound against Marshall-Tie in the eighth--Cincy blows-Man shall drives in four and game-Ohio Wesleyan-Erikson and Ashe-Grandle steals- Tie in the ninth-Long two-bagger drives in Bishoplwin-Thompson and Evans turn back Wittenberg-Grandle boosts an average at the keystone-Bearcats close the season-A third win-Miami to the showers-Ashe scores three-Marshall the Buck- eye champs. . SCHEDULE AND RESULTS, 1933 April 28 Miami 4 April 29 Wittenberg 5 May 5 Ohio Wesleyan I0 May 6 Marshall 'l2 May 19 Ohio U. 2 May 20 Marshall 6 May 24 Ohio Wesleyan 4 May 27 Wittenberg l May 30 Miami 6 533- I e.i I - B-.lj M i it i ASHE BAETZ DU N KER ER! KSON ESHMAN EVANS GRANDLE HAYDEN LOTHES ROGGE ROSE NST I EL THOMPSON VOLZ vvummsom, Mgr. Cincy's red stocking ball club be- gan the l934 season under the severe handicap of a deficiency in diamond material. Instead of a string of veterans to bolster the green yearlings, four regulars reported from last year's team, Ashe, Grandle, Evans, and Erickson, A Nevertheless, strenuous practice sessions under the tutelage of Assistant Coach Reuss displayed a competent squad. ' Competition of big 'league caliber threatened the hopes of the Var- sity nine with ten Conference tilts and four non-league games. Yielding only to the unavoidable setbacks, the Bearcats com'- pleted the season on the diamond with a satisfactory record. I University of Cincinnoti in the nototorium-Beorcot tonkmen stroke to victory over Wittenberg-I 9 to 56- Illinois U. proves woter prowess-Cincy sinks-Return meet with Wittenberg-Lutherons lett in the woke- Fosdick ogoin scores-Incliono Normol outstroked tor third U. C. score-Ohio Stote retoins tonk supremocy over 'Cots-Ohio Intercollegiote Meet-Fosdick ond Elo stroke Cincy to second ploce-Colm upon the pool. SWIMMING RESULTS 1934 U. C. U. C. v. Wittenberg ...................................................... ............. W on U. C. v. University of Illinois .......... .......... L ost U. C. v. Wittenberg ................... ......... W on U. C. v. Indiana Normal ......... ......... W on U. C. v. Ohio State ................. -...--.--- I- ost Ohio Intercollegiate Meet .......... ....... 2 nd 5 i LETTERMEN R A Y E L O ROGER FOSDICK ROBERT GRUEN EDWARD ILIFF FRANK KRENTZ HOMERLANGE JOHN SCHNEIDER CHARLES MOELLER, Monoger Rf fha -,K if Beairat tennis is e Q, J , schedule M ly nclude cal M ff whose esams willigffer Compgtmgn equal,-to the i ng cali NR wif' the U. Cxaqetrpen. This year's ti' nisfsaUad met such MRS Tulane Unaiif- sity, Ohio State, Earlgmigl and Michigan Sta 'n'J?,fW lkfigzw - xigij -ll- ...T T!EfN QE S UNL S 19 at-,U,,i'C. sf CENTER 1 ft' U. c. A,-'Ui c. 3, U. OF ILLINOISA ' U. c. v KENTUCKY 3 ,E ff' U. . .Zag oHlo WESLEY 2 U. c. 8-NWITTE ERG I MEN if U. c. , BUTLER 4 U. ci 95 ANTIOC ' g ts.. ff' iz E s i, sz U. c. w N 6 i. 2 LETTP' Xt- 'W f A ERMEN QT. f' , J' M. FLAX S ws' c. LUUEKE E.,E - ' C. RATLIFF XL RATTE RMAN R. M FENCING Cincinnati svvordsmen meet Ohio State-Fails, epee, and saber clash-Lopez disarms his man- Sabers crash on masks-Tie score, U. C. SVZQ Ohio State 8V2-Red and Black duelists invade the Dayton Fencers Club-Lopez again leads- Captain Spencer lunges through guard-Dayton tolls to the Cincy "touche"-9V2 to 75- Swordsmen attention-A meeting with Notre Dame duelists-Irish guardsmen find the vulner- able spot-Cincy unmasks in deteat--I2V2 to 4K2-LOPEZ, the tailsman, unconguered-one Ioss, one deteat, one tie-State Championship in the future. PHIL GREEN ROBERT LANCE RICHARD LOPEZ FRANK KROEGER LARRY LIBECAP HAROLD RILEY VANCE SPENCER, Capt. PAUL STEWART AARON ROSEN, Mgr. Q VANCE SPENCER S CAPTAIN MATCHES RIFLE POSTAL-43 WON .................. .......... 1 4 LosT STATE CHAMPIONSHIP ........................................................................ IST PLACE PRELIMINARY LEAGUE TO NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATE .......... 4TH PLACE NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATE ................. TEAM SERGEANT FRANK MILLER, Couch A. BERESKIN J. GOODMAN J. BOLTON J. MAYER W. C. CROSS A. McKEE M. G. TOWNSLEY M. E. PLACE B. H. MOORE E. A. NEWMAN V. RAABE LUKENS, Manager THE SQUAD 1 INTRAMURAI. S R CD R T S CHARLES MILEHAM, DIRECTOR MANAGERS ROBERT HOEFER .................................. Senior Manager EUGENE-DAWSGN ................................ Junior Manager ROBERT LANCE .................................... Junior Manager WINNERS, ALL-YEAR TROPHY 1927-SIGMA CHI 1928-PHI KAPPA 1929-SIGMA CHI 1930-SIGMA CHI T T 1931-BETA KAPPA 1932-ALPHA TAU OMEGA 1933-DELTA TAU DELTA Ist. 2nd 3rd. 4th. Sth. 6tI1. 7'rh. Bth. 9th. IOth. I I TI1. I2tI'1. I3th. I4th. I5th. I6tI'1. I7th. I8tI'1. I9th. 20th. INTRAMURAL STANDING 1932-'I 933 DELTA TAU DELTA BETA THETA PI ALPHA TAU OMEGA BETA KAPPA PHI KAPPA DORMITORY SIGMA CHI IOTA CHI EPSILON PI KAPPA ALPHA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI DELTA THETA TRIANGLE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON AM. COMMONS CLUB SIGMA DELTA RHO DELTA SIGMA PI EVENING ENGINEERS EVENING COMMERCE CLUB SIGMA ALPHA MU ALPHA PHI OMEGA 593 377 372 36I I92 I82 V2 I60 If2 I54 If3 I422f3 I39 I38 V2 I35 I27 V2 77 46If2 44If2 29 2I If2 9 7 DELTA TAU DELTA, WINNER IN I933 W H! Qflfgfv HELEN SMITH DIRECTOR fff lg? fQS OFFICERS GRETTA HASTINGS President IQ MARION GILLHAM vice-Pfesadenr .4 GEORGIA MAE BENHAM Recording Secretary W LILY CHRISTENSEN Corresponding Secretary GLENNA WEISHAUPT Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS GRACE B. DAVIES HELEN L. COOPS W. A. A. BOARD ERNA GOETTSCH ELINOR SMALL EVELYN WINKLER GAYLE HEXAMER FRANCES RASCHIG ELAINE GUENTHER MARTHA J. PULLIAM SHIRLEY J, BROWN HELEN CONVERY IRENE DIECKMAN MARGARET DICK Hockey Manager Swimming Manager Archery Manager Basketball Manager Fencing Manager Rifle Manager Baseball Manager Tennis Manager Outing Club Social Chairman News Editor BENHAM CONVERY GUENTHER GOETTSCH WINKLER SMALL RASCHIG BROWN DI ECKMANN CHRISTENSEN HASTINGS GILLHAM HEXAMER WEISHAUPT fa TJCIV ln the fall, hockey takes its place as a repre- sentative sport - Played upon a field with a ball as the "puck" the game follows the pattern of ice-hockey - It is a sport requiring steady -nenfes and speed. The player must be able to withstand hard knocks and bumps. In spite of guards, legs become bruised and scraped, for many a hard whack meant for the -puck lands on someone's. unlucky shin. Competition in hockey is keen and each class strives to win the championship. This year the sophomores were victorious, winning their championship from the freshmen in the final game. Each year an honor team is chosen which consists of those girls who are first in sportsmanship and skill. W. A. A. M A N A G E R ERNA GOETTSCH CLASS MANAGERS Senior Manager MARGARET DICK Junior Manager JEAN BRUCKNER Sophomore Manager ELAINE GUNTHER Freshman Manager MARGARET WHITE W. A. A. MANAGER GAYLE HEXAMER CLASS MANAGERS Senior Manager MARGARET DICK Junior Manager HARRIET EVANS Sophomore Manager NANCY CROW Freshman Manager RUTH KNAGGE BASKETBALL Basketball - inaugurating the winter season - each class frantically striving to perfect a team - every sorority bent on capturing the prize - weeks of prac- tice and then the games begin. One after another the teams are eliminated until the seniors and sophomores oppose each other for the championship. This game is the important one of the season - it establishes the supremacy of one team. After the dust of battle clears away there stand the seniors - victori- ous. An excellent sport developing a keen mind and quick action - the abil- ity to do the right thing at the right time - and speedily -'o sport in which each girl takes part for the sport alone and not for the honor and glory of victoiy SWIMMING This year, added to the scheduled meets, the U. C. women entered the Telegraphic Swimming Meet for the first time. This meet was under the direction of the University of Illinois with twenty-one mid-western colleges participating. Each college had the same order of events which were run off in its own pool. The results were wired in and the winner ascertained. Besides the Telegraphic Swimming Meet, there was an inter-sorority meet with Kappa Alpha Theta tying Alpha Delta Theta for first place. The classes competed in a speed swim, the Seniors winning, closely followed by the Juniors. An interesting meet was held in which skill was not necessary. It was the stunt meet which the Seniors won, the Freshmen placing second. A. A. M A N A Euuorz SMALL CLASS MANAGERS Senior Manager Junior Manager Sophomore Manager Freshman Manager IRENE DIECKMAN MARIE LIND HELEN CONVERY ELLEN PERRIN .1v'!sQ-,,g,5,ulpilvJ, V 1 -W. . . BASEBALL The bright sun - the crack of bat against ball - the slide for home - dust filling the air - and again the pitch -- the smack of the ball landing in the catcher's mitt - the umpire's nasal call - yells filling the air - urging the run- ner to steal base. Grimy faces - skinned knees - tired legs - but it's a grand sport. lt makes one learn to scorn cuts and bruises -- to forget aching muscles and smudged faces - to lose oneself in playing the game and playing it right. lt is a sport which encourages friendly competition and rivalry, W. A, A. MANAGER MARTHA JANE PULUAM CLASS MANAGERS Senior Manager Junior Manager Sophomore Manager Freshman Manager LUCILLE BERNING FRANCIS RASCHIG LUClLLE GARRISON ELSIE LUCKMAN GREEK GAMES Greek Games - with all the spirit of congenial rivalry of ancient Greece. Chariot races - statues - all the events which took place in Greek amphitheatres thousands of years ago were transported to the Men's Gym. This pro- ject was brought to life in Barnard College to promote a friendly feeling of competition be- tween the sophomore and freshmen girls. U. C. adopted the plan and has found it serves the purpose well. The Games give a vivid portrayal of sports as they existed in the Hellenic Age. This year the sophomores carried off the honors although the freshmen made a splendid showing. November ,,.,ii.,H., .,.,,.,.H ..,... .. ,.., I, ,,!, , - - N- --v--- ----- :------ -5- ----' - , ,,,,, 71-J, ,, , ,.. .. . , . M 1. . Q- B' ' .' V will w, W U 'dns mn Mzu'sha4l College won a def I 29' ' L F ' L V K ,qu '. V, 1l1EllIlFQBf S ' U W 19 tq 0 I-.-xctory las: Saturday 'bin . 4 I: U :H j 'v-T.-5l'!1,,'fgj,i jg" , j , , ' l Wiltbuberg they established ."' ' V in L e EDJ? E the dark homes of thug- l .L J , :,3l!,, V, ,l 5.1 N 'hr 1 , eye r race. 1 V- , . 'Q 5 ' ' llc the Herd was trampmg over . FG 0 5 'grin' ', Dr: Cn theran eleven at Htmtiugion. , ga 'Q.L':2:'fj1f'9'ir'!' A ..,, 'Q Vffdl ' " W- Y or coriferencb members were by 4 'i heavy Dllkvill Thu vaqious luck aguinsf nun- lm UN jgfhifggl L1 lhd "flown 01 Modern Nuixi? 'bbntcrence foes. 1' ' , the l'l'Hi28 ,L ' X 4 ' r URW ' NYE. ' N '0f- l - Mamhn1l's victory was not au grcat'mz A ' w was .llgmg In bnhimiffver op his 1-prise to liumingtun football fans I tharum -,.rx.zGF':'7-1-if.: 'J if -:.i'bf1?3Ei:gQ1iQg'5ji1 dems-' "H-'T "' 1 210' i .- :Q phy-'-Sq lr' X 11' 12:44 10Y11.' figinkcir kxckcgl ho haw predicted gram things i Ten champs sgiamps the Athens ,gut-E -,-Q ' . - -11 lQ"1.' N, 'Winn 9 ,to tha Hvqmu-.M yur gif pc from m Coach Tom Dau' -L 4 . rldders f th as a real t rea! for the Hue eye A H, AMP: ba ,f--, , ,Z . , ' ff ' "noir vf'hm1!3'f1L:.:innziti carried xo ball in 'er since- - ' ' H. The Bobuats km their mul 5"""'al mn' I-i:'!1!Ix?x11:?raELs:Lig:t wi Actllllre FOIH' :X 1:1 "lf ' 1 the twelve yard line un -X the an -1 X H-- 4 'kfield and . 'x - 'T 'M . R ' 'UE I , 1' HIL' ,- I,-X Y , ..-' V X U , Y 0- 1, um! R10 Grande. th ,' I H. ' ---M npr ' w. "1'1P"L'1"F""'11 . ,A , -- gn? 5 -' Ach 12 blgflllll 51,1114 the mg mp P1'es1deiuP1eai x 's ' V., rv " 'uf 1" the mmf' Pevmd me " ' K 'J -1 'I Ib Bm' ' .w :st ihv Coyotes, Ii HQ .IQ I- V if ,N ' 1 -t d 3 Lh . yy. ' ,craving n . - ff' . ' , ,-,i 1 . I . , ' ----Y' " I' -'P ' at En Halen Qgvigmglijlva I firm wh - V 1 ,Q xii .nd sim P ?'f'v"' 1'-Wilt' sul- Q . V j , P 'S . . v -ws V- - . . X , , , U one wud nu mLl4,gwrud - U V V7 ,uw Bm ig gif'-UU1 Wifi Sh, Un 0nn.g.x .Xml Ixupym U4-lm 1 4 " N ' V ' ' I ' , 1-5' XXVI? mhqy n """'k V A chi Emu-h '51-cxlm: 'l'ln-vf- Hfiioa-1 Uma Y vm! ' 5' ,hey liuvick l Y l H - ' WFS .nj H0 'UAE iv" t"'mhull 'lm'g'm:"v 1:1 Zin'-re lxu!m'4:! lm. - "" ' " 4 " 'hmm -5' V f?'fxW'f'5 wifiv B V' 1 N C" 'Mn' . -'.-.,,1..,m. u:----.1,pwJ-- my -:ami wifi- Him 'l'l'l'I'Al. uxl.l.u'r1N4: mam' UEYWIQYF- , , ' RUM mr B .M lim . - ' J lj -' ' ,,-., war mght. for the f , ' . 'W' TWT their 0:11513 11 YA df:5if'5 .' I 1 V F7 .-5 ran in lust SHiUf-E255 Q ,, ' N wood, mm. ,..., -' ---' ' 'fl 532'-ffm' A ffgifjf' f I. '-' aizmfem make any i UmS1n-m--rful Hruup Plrdgvi Hg., I A X- . . - , k VD, 1 . N , X J. . I at ING! mmf the 3 wrrimq- ff? 'fl fx ff' 5 'I in Nw UQ and golwrm' Iq- 5 I I I - 1 f All -' " ' JJ' " " " ' - -' "UL , ' 1,-4 . . , ',. , t Y A, - ' 0- J ru ul 1:.Iril.1 ,mv'L!1e ED- - ' l ,i...,,I1P ,, Q '. mxiy to bv stopped by the ilglxtmg H- t HE.-U' 3 --ffklpij ' D , ickmgf gin .ne p"e-:Minn V, Aw , , . ' - : -- 1 .1 , as : xv- , I f ' + -- ' - zx -. . Wi" I: " ' R d ,, ruimnlulel . ' mnrrg nrxgnfvn-2-m,4 e-1: 'Thu 1 rl 'fvwll Id" 3 ., - , ' 50Uf-V111 Center' 1 JKQH Ah, ymint Luc up, 1 , K- I U I Vu fm W 1 q 11'-, lem .J-,rma 11 If vi jf 911.99 WF' ' y ' KQ,',,,, 'nm ms. cxwmwwzvrx ' M W L' 55,11 ,j1IfA,I""f1 E 6' , "0 1:1 1fIm,.....-.,,4.. .,,,,,.gL nn, ,, ,,,,,p,.1 , W ml ' L4 .-..-.-.-- -' M ' ., . r Y' 4:rz,:,, A If f- If N W - ' gy M Yb11"l'u1wu u. L' JC. 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"':i"' WI' N 'V , ' A fl' me aislus' ' f "" 'N .-my U '3fxf':':'i?" 1' Wf3IMAlA7llill'4f!Si-S N Wllcll' hm U.. llwm, ugh . :Gp um 1 A 'flu 3,41 -X ! ,D Y' A151-ni!! f,,,A,,:,,,'L,, "Q 'ef tlhm :1lLz:lxz7:!.1:3'1,1.inal::: fMl','.lil,,, i',:-,mfg-i, mol! with jeux rl opp-'rsiii H emma . wu'vfex'rv-. f , " f ,I A W -V ' 1 My ff 'WV' '1I'flfnt"'f'3' Pf"L'f""":':':'1?' V, W. i Y 5 . ' ' ' l ' b - I - - - A ' ' I M' ' ,H , m :.'r:.1f',iszit .-2 3 'vu c em 1y,q13 gn ' , - V V 'I J 7 Q 1-, ' 9 L, gl Y. Y' sg-.rit nz' vengeance. Im: with Eu: fl ,M X 'V X ,YQ Q, ' X J A A ' ' ' ' V lxjlrzzzfllnrz tixul.. wr-rv liar :n:s':'x'c'-ln J ,Hy ,N U ' , , , . , . - 4, . ' lx - lf. gtmnilu gf: 1:':p:4Zu-maxi. :unch ia ' ' ' i V ' . w ' AA 'I 14.211-4 !'h"', ff ' , T 'v"' A Vu H ' rx mlhn W , . . 7 7 . X V A , ,, W. , . .. T . I If 1 rcpfsmg 1,1 u..:1c--HQ.. 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Strip- lings just from their freshman and soph- omore classrooms radiate a soldierly and almost too-mature stateliness that loses its machine-like precision as now and then they miss a step or let a line get wavy. Very human fellows, these, tramp- ing on down the hill between the campus road and Clifton Avenue, and back up again. l-lip! two! three! four! Their officers are hardly older than they in years, yet they have something of age and sturdiness about their self-assured sauareness. l-lonors, the basis for most effort, military or otherwise, come freely to the well-drilled and the assiduous, in the form of commissions and bright- colored decorations. Nor are we really surprised that the co- eds stand all a-flutter before the natty finery of the officers. We fellows in mufti must admit, "there's something about a soldier-" , I w - w X W , Fnljwzf . ,, wb ,. 145, . K. nm- . .1-3191? 2, ,, X ,.,L. .- IL- 5,1114 iw .5,!,1,M-W4 ,Y 75, . I . MM .....- ,LB ,. 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WYATT, Assistant Regimental Adjutant MAJOR C. E. SMITH MAJOR R. H. VAN SAUN Commanding CAPTAIN C. E. STEVENSON CAPTAIN L. A. DICKERSON Commanding Company A CAPTAIN C. M. ROBINSON CAPTAIN E. J. HILL Commanding Company B SECOND BATTALION MAJOR H. D. SEYMOUR MAJOR S. B, BOOZ Commanding CAPTAIN E. TEEGARDEN CAPTAIN R. E. JONES Commanding Company D CAPTAIN E. M. JOHNSON CAPTAIN E. MILES Commanding Company E MAJOR J. R. KEATES MAJOR R. J. THOMPSON Commanding CAPTAIN E. G. RAHE CAPTAIN W. W. DE MUTH Commanding Company G CAPTAIN C. E. REICHERT CAPTAIN C. N. TOLLEFSON Commanding Company H CAPTAIN J. M. MINTURN Commanding Military Band RUTH R. RICHEY Honorary Colonel LOIS RIFFLE Honorary Lieut. Colonel THE STAFF MILITARY FACULTY MAJOR SHUEY E. WOLFE PROFESSOR OF MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS CAPTAIN HAROLD HENNESSY ADJUTANT CAPTAIN ROLLA V. LADD SUPPLY OFFICER LIEUTENANT MYRON LEEDY COMMANDER OF CADETS LIEUTENANT GEORGE C. REINHARDT ASSISTANT SUPPLY OFFICER LIEUTENANT M. LEEDY LIEUTENANT G. C. REINHARDT CAPTAIN R. V. LADD MAJOR S. E. WOLFE CAPTAIN H. P. HENNESSY SCAEEARD AND BLADE I-IONORARY MILITARY SOCIETY EOUNDED AT TI-IE UNIVERSITY OE WISCONSIN, 1904 82 COMPANIES . ' C COMPANY, 4th REGIMENT, ESTABLISHED, 1923 'xl' MEMBERS IN FACULTY MAJOR R. A. ANDEREGG DR. R. GOWDY LIEUTENANT G. C. REINHARDT CAPTAIN E. WERNER CAPTAIN W. BAUDE CAPTAIN H. P. HENNESSY DR. HERMAN SCHNEIDER MAJOR S. E. WOLFE CAPTAIN L. CHENOWETH CAPTAIN R. V. LADD MAJOR H. SEIBERT CAPTAIN N. GEIS LIEUTENANT M. LEEDY MAJOR E. SMITH ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MAJOR F. LOGAN LIEUT. COLONEL W. W. MERRILL LIEUT. COLONEL R. NEWHALL LIEUT. COLONEL STEWART COLONEL R. MADDOX LIEUT. COLONEL C. E. MUCHMORE COLONEL L. RYAN MAJOR A. J. ZERBEE ACTIVE MEMBERS C. O. ADAMS M. H. FLOOM E. G. RAHE F. L. STORY J. M. ARCHIABLE J. K. GALL C. E. REICHERT E. TEEGARDEN C. M. BEACH E. J. HILL C. M. ROBINSON R. J. THOMPSON E. M. BELKNAP B. E. HORN R. A. ROWLAND C. N. TOLLEFSON S. B. BOOZ R. JAAP G. SCHNICKE M. TOWNSLEY V. L. BROWN R. E. JONES C. P. SCHMIDT J. TROUTMAN R. Q. CONNER J. R. KEATS A. C. SEITZ - R. H, VAN SAUN T. W. COULTER D. P. KRISHER J. W. SELTZER C. WINALL H. M. CLOKE S. W. LITTLE H. D. SEYMOUR J. D. WYATT W. W. DE MUTH J. M. MINTURN C. E. SMITH A. T. ZELDENRLJST L. E. DUBUQUE H. A. PAINE E. K. SPOONER R. N. ZIEGLER ADAMS HILL VAN SAUN MINTURN SEYMOUR CLOKE TOLLEFSON LITTLE DE MUTH CONNER TEEGARDEN BELKNAP TLJCKER BROWN GALL SPOONER SEITZ ARCHIABLE ZELDENRUST PAINE THOMPSON WYATT HORN RAHE SMITH REICHERT SCHNICKE BOOZ ZERBEE SELTZER WINALL COULTER ZIEGLER W, .Qi V-.r -Y . , tc X X J T- 'JA xx X F. y N i 2 ',,il fi- l1. N A fl l x xx 'X X l I l NX i if jf x if X ' I, '. i I. '.' x' '. 44 li! 'r l X w, X -. 5. X, xx ,X x . N . y , ' W' 7 fr ' l lla l I I , .1 ll -.7 .A i ,ff Lf J ' 'A A ff l 1 ' l' " 2 -' TN 1 x . , . r' 1 M i 4 ' " w T-.N , '. V, Q iv t yy, x ,f 1. , Rf -, T lx XV" Xxx VARSITY RIFLES Basic R. O. T. C. men may, upon showing ability and interest in Military science, be elected to Varsity Rifles. This honorary organization is ot local origin and has as its purpose the improvement ot proficiency in drill. Two companies exist ancl compete each year for the drill honors at the Military Ball. Tl-IE WINNING DRILL TEAM -, V., , x 1 0 -T' ' Ni 1 5' 'tl n V- 1 1 , 67? u- ' ..-1-af ' ' 'Il' 3 fi- ' - J". ,. . , ' ,g ir Qi ,, 5251 N , .4 V I . 4 1 , nf, 21 ., I - fn 1-. 1 My :FJ 1-. lx: Div ' 1 , 3, -f ' WE," 'A 1 0 mfxy-J s . i 1 A 9 Q f f: . . xr.. , ,. fl QU'-n 'L 5-,fr I 4 ai: 'j ' 4 fs O I I T ' 135 3. Y f if " ' ' Ziff f . " QF'-. , ', W VJ, -mf, F nm '- ' ,,.+ . ..,- , , - , -in 5" I ' l . 7jfli"993: , ' J Q. ' YN , h I ' , wa, lf' , wi' N . J " ny 4 a 'K ' ' , TW n I' 1 V l ' 1 '5 -ff- w. , , if 1 W - nr ' ', fun? g ' fx' 1 L. QI Oni: I , .A mx I 5 ws QQ. L' 5, .m,g,X , '4' .Q A fr 1 if if -541: 4 . , -' J 1 , ,I . 1 - J -. . . g, b ' I ,- . A . - . - . 3 if Y 1 . .Ai ,A 4, A 1 '? It . L "2 .f, NJ 'E ,ix fi, -. ,.j. 'pl 'R' 'iq " 3 ri Y s I 'v 'VH K Z a f'-fl! 1" .1441 A 5 4 131 , I V 4 l W' . . 3 : 9x.',-iifxrf .5 :f W' M -' X W4 Q W W Q wx .. . 1. a I x - ,. -I 1- . 1 , , . . ',, u. 1 f. l ,. Q, x. . , Q - 1 A J, . fl. G, , , 1? g J 'I 'gg Q 1, Yu 'Q atb -in Q 9 vi' .gb lf' 'W 4. gb, 'L e W - 1. -, af' ' " ef ' 5 ef w, I r - Q , . f' li .4 vr , ,ma 1 1- 1, " m, i , 1. . , ri f if 'fxgvfiiif wg-4 " Y ,g? 3 A 7 4 1 3 X xx it ' Zi' N' U' - "J H- f ijaw Q if 1. 3 pi"g"f,fiE,gU 1 if U13 1 4 , K ,fi,xfs:,q,fig,xffd ffig--qgix. lv' fl A Q' q 2 3 43 rgi W ,. -1 . y . ,sr , Lf. . i f ' , ZF' , V . 'rf .. .... .-,1-- 2 '1 . T 'v , f 1 s 'x S , : 1 4 f ' ' ,, ,Y ..,- 4- W. 'f' -"' -- ' ' " V 'w . :-- 45'-Q'L'ln , - ,. . .. fvyifwi.-" -""" ' , ' ',, . ' 'H '- ' I ' . ' , , f ,'. ..--.,.j'1,-3 '. n-1--- -r 1-, - wr, A -- - . 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And the next doy we discover the News critigue to be o mess whether it pons or proises the Mummers show. How the oldsters tire us with their: "Bock in the doys of Fresh Point-f" QQ 5 -c K" . -14. . yi 50 xx: QW IIIEIB C ILD TI VE S T A F F WOODROW HUNTER DOLLY BRITTEN SINN .WILLIAM S. CLARK JOHN K. ROSE ANK R. BYERS I Ad TION STAFF Manager .................. SUE SLOUGH .WOODSON BRIGHT ED A tress ...................................... N KOPER ...............CALVIN OSBORNE ANATOLE KIRSANOFF MARGARET WESTON CHARLES LEVINSON STANLEY WAXMAN RICHARD LEIGHTON J MR.I-IUNTER lobbying WIT THE FIR -NI The Crime of Martin Flavin Both the story and Mummers production of "Criminal Cade" of Friday, December eighth, had to do with murder under extenuating circumstances. That the company should have displayed the temerity to slush such tripe into the faces of a university audience surprises your old First-Nighter no less than the fact that the customers "took it." lt was more the d2rector's labors than Mr, Flavin's that held the spectators in their seats after the first two or three scenes. lt appeared that the audience took to heart the four-times repeated manuscript admonition: "Don't let those bastards get your goat," and sat and sat. At this point the First-Nighter presumes to deplore the necessity for the individual effort af the director, for the company has as its purpose the development of student ability in the theatre arts rather than the shallow idea of presenting near-professional exhibits. Plot entanglements of "Criminal Code" having to do with a sex-starved hom- icide lead to an experiment by Dr. Reinwulf iAnatole Kersanoffl to recon- struct the morale of Robert Graham iLouis Levyl. The Warden's daughter does the trick in adherence to Fruedian doctrine. A mix-up over the murder LOUIS LE MISS BRITTEN of the Warden's clerk ends with Graham in solitary confinement from which he escapes by killing Police Captain Gleason Uoseph Berningl, This bit of blood-letting happens at the moment that Graham is to be paroled. So the fellow ruins his future and all the cottage-by-a-water-fall plans of the Warden's daughter. The talent of Mr. Levy, veteran Mummer, suffered exquisite torture under the strain of weak dialog, The scene with the Warden iStanley Waxmanl in which the latter pleads with Mr. Levy to divulge the clerk's murderer's identity, was the high-spot of Mr. Levy's work. This one big moment is compensation enough for enduring all that goes before and after. Mr. Waxman, well on the way to topping all Mummers stars, did a well-studied interpretation of the politico-jurist warden and covered his miserable lines. Yet his hair got into the First-Nighter's teeth like mad. Woodrow Hunter earned the tinsel laurel wreath by shouting his fool head off as the bumptous political boss. John Sinn enjoyed a well-conceived role and did a commendable job of it. His weird tales of prison-breaks and such were provokingly interesting, were told in a provokingly attractive manner, and, most provoking of all, were never finished. This role was the playwreck's one bid for fame. Mr. Kersanoff, with his natural and appropriate accent, provided the one spark of cheerfulness. His refreshing overseas mannerisms and verbal inflec- tion were the most sincere elements in the action of the play. The neglected women's parts, the Warden's sister by Marguerite Lotspiech and the hotcha daughter by Laurette Fillebrandt. Nordic Miss Lotspiech, a capable performer, was carelessly cast in a part obviously designed for a sanguine, jittery, screetching bundle of nerves, but she carried it off well enough. Miss Fillebrandt did heroically with her mediocre role. Lorna Doane Newman added a single relieving touch of Police Gazette humor to the extraneous prologue. Besides the calibre of work tabulated by your possibly too hypercritical First-Nighter, in the above airings, there are the rest of the cast to mention. And that, briefly: Their acting just about came up to the level of the play. lvl.i-LB. V Y L ff, 4 l ." y H g p 21-3 X Lui: A T' l wis,1 f ,aaggx . if I if Q- qji I ' -fr: ii -. fi T iii 4 si.-...- LSON QLQU trial fggrt l l M Ei Y 7'l?"! -PQIEQSSN ,ggggl FURTHER LoBB ING Thp Constant Wife The "First-Nighter" saw the "Constorpt Wife" M rch l, and thouglht it mighty handsomely done the fits "drawin ttle butlea, that the Mummer . The Maugha Ti piece was roorn comedy," with its volume f dialogue have atte pted since T and ri 3 they avorted in the "Royal Family" las season and its selection is to e commended. . Alth ugh the play was, as a whole, painfully talky and lacking in a tion, it offer d a splendid opportunity for the Mpmmers to dra e themselvesleabout one of the handsomest set eve been seenlo the unraveled ma ried life. Th mo Sh a d has no hol . Bacon-"h ve another string to hi i t is interesting il v lved to remaiil int of beirigf Ore startling yh irector John K, nced cast for th xceptions, gave I l ern wife dog nothing to earn fid lity from her husband. no longer rws, cooks, scrubs or he ce is really indebted to her husban y that has n the Wilson stage, and seem quitle witty as Vlr. Maugham's ultra-modern phil sophy of s philosophy is based I pon the the ry that a ares for children and for her maintenance upon him should he c re to-in the words of bow." In pro ounding ttle idea, Maugham h s allowed eve yane in- remarlcably civilized a d objective ev n to the bit bored by the fact that there wa nothing an an intrigue to occuply their nttenti n bal- Rose has gathered abo t him a e "Constant Wife," on oll, with a notable fine performances. Ja e Schroder, in role l of the obviously na ed Constance, was truly excellent in view f the fact that sh was appearing for the first time with the uild in this play. S e displayed a poise and surety which lent er performance dig ity,-and this quoli-ty together with a fine ice should make he one of the most outstanding performers ich the Mummers h ve had in quite a while, The role of the ithless husband was f led by Woodrow l-lunter, and, except for e occasion upon whic he forgot that he was a stolid English- n and began playing 'actor-fellow" to the cheap seats, his p formance was excelle t. Mp garet Lotspeich in an ther elderly characterization con- ti' ed the fine work whi h she began in "Criminal Code." l-l r was the character of rs. Carver whose primary function in play was that of raisso eur. ln the role of Bernard, John Sin urned in an appropriate y colorless but workmanlike per- for nce, And May Toepfer as the thoroughly disagreeable sist r of Constance was ode ately antagonistic as well as deco tive. The cast was comp eted by Molly Kallos, Maurice Wils , and Stanley Lawwill wh did little more than complete the t. Direc r Rose staged the "Cons ant Wife" splendidly. The single s t which served for all three acts stood the test of seem- ing ju as attractive as the final urtain fell as it did when it was irst discovered. We performances of the the first and for this as well as nominally a R. G. E. that the second and Wife" was much better reason regret that we were "First THE DIRECTOR Outguessing the Adding Machine As the "Adding Machine" slowly grinds into motion the First- Nighter hears the presses yelping their jittery souls out for copy, and he finds that he has nothing more than a few pre- liminary rehearsals upon which to draw to appease them. The first rehearsal found Edward Keuhner reading the lines of the sorely beaten and ill adjusted Mr. Zero, Laurette Fille- brandt whining in apt assistant bookkeeper fashion in the role of the alliterated and illiterate Daisy Diana Dorthea De Vore, Dolly Britten already petulant in the character of Mrs. Zero, scads of people filling the lesser roles and Director Rose's red pencil working overtime purging the script of author Rice. Mummers, for the second successive year have selected an acrid piece of expressionism for their final splurge of the season, and, incidentally, the First-Nighter feels that the play's great resemblance in form to "Beggar On Horseback" will be a definite weakness of the production. The play in the course of its seven scenes stalks sneeringly from the figure splattered apartment of the Zero family, through the shadowy office in which battered chunks of nothingness slave, and ends in the Elmer Rice version of heaven. The whole, we are told, is to be done on three stage levels and this arrangement coupled with Mr. Rose's skill in lighting promises to be a most striking presentation. Predictions as to the final worth of the play at this point are beyond the ken of the First-Nighter, what with changes in cast, more purging and stagefright looming upon the horizon, We always, however, have implicit faith in Mummers-until the curtain rises-and look forward, ever hoping, to the First Night. R. G. E. -.-1 fy- ff - :,i ,Y,.., .. V 1 - s - . -., F , . .r , 1. . . 4 -rg 'l'1:-L, K : N - -'L'-L' hit" 'I .ffl-97 1 . -iff-'If J iii' , ' ,IC--r -4..5,-4 ., L-jx.: -. V . A ,Ii ., .gp 5, , ,-,.,, .. . 1-, 1 - -15,4-sie. .fri " -1' f i+ -Tfi - L4 ,- .5-'5.vV,,i,fi5 ' ,,.r1i.':,l',fvf V "G, ' ' 5. ,'::': turf- J-i''. i'f"',"': f "1"f' 'gf ' , ' ' ,1 - T'-Qty?-,1. 5. '31, .-1 Qi? -134. . 1'.31'ff'x ' A" 't'i':ff.i1.fnF 1 .. V X - t feif ...f Mir-1 ' 'c ie Y A - . if -g1.,7. i ' - --142 -:I .1 ' . 2. ' f'r.7' fQfj tgrseri ' 'F ' - - ,L . ,. 215 -k 7 ff" '?",- ,. 'l"':' 'inf Ll " 'V f 5, f'e'.Qjgf"d',-gH',"' Q A .e if - 5.-Args? ff"2'frff-Efffi-. -4 1 Queen of the Prom Decor - hauteur - a re- strained geniality - these mark the Prom. Luscious coutumes de soir sway, re- splendent against the black and white of the gentle- men's attire. The sophisti- cates, even, evince interest in the choosing of the Queen. And gasp when the handsome favored-one is presented. i VAN ATTA, Chairman COMMITTEE BOB BUTLER VIRGINIA FREDERICK LEO GOERTH EDWARD HIGGINS HOWARD KLETT I FLORENCE LAMPING FRANK PURDY BEATRICE THOMPSON HOMER VAN A'I'I'A GLENNA WEISHAUPT Q50 Lamaze Another Queen - and a King, too - royalty in the Realm ot I-learts. Miss Sue Slough and Mr. Albert Wellman receive the crowns. Sophos dons masks and taps twenty men. The second-year class pro- vides an evening mildly informal and thoroughly pleasant. COMMITTEE GEORGE BAETZ FOSTER EGOLF ROBERT DEWEY EDWARD FISCHER ELEANOR GROENE ALVERTA GUSTIN ELAINE JONES RAY NOLTING PAUL SIEVART FISCHER, Chairman DECE DICKERSON, Choirmon Mmm 666 iL0lfL The spirited Tension of footboll seoson corries over into the frolic of the first oll-compus porty. The Seniors introduce the closs of '38, ond Freshmen "pots" hove o price. Cowled Sigmo Sigrnos summon seven upperclossrnen. COMMITTEE GEORGE BAETZ GEORGIA MAE BENHAM WINIFRED BYWATER PHILLIP COLLINS DAVID DEVORE LEO DICKERSON WILLIAM FOLEY MARY HAMILTON AL IGNATIUS WILLIAM KEMP TESSIE RISCH EDITH RUMMEL RICHARD SCHWAB MILI B LL MEN'S GYMNASIUM FEBRUARY 3 The orrny donces. All ronks ond clcisses mingle in iollity ond Miss Lois Rittle cippeors os Honorciry Lieutenont-Colonel. The Vorsity Rifles compete tor drill honors. A ' ' COMMITTEE ROBERT ADES ROBERT ALBRECHT HOWARD CLOKE JACK GALL FRED STOREY COURTUNND WINALL SINTON-ST. NICHOLAS BALL ROOM MARCH 3 The colonels ond their lodies - bril- ., liont in tormols oncl bross buttons - wotch Scobborcl ond Blocle pledge worthy brothers-in-orms. Others re- ceive recognition for service to the Corps. COMMITTEE. EDWARD BELLKNAP WILLIAM SCHNICKE RALPH THOMPSON A. T. ZELDENRUST BY SCDPI-IOS Seconel onnuol scholarship-fund function. lmposing cboperone list. Desmoiselles Gruen, Toepfer, ond Gustin become the Three Virtues by bollot. The seoson's best porty, good outhority hos it. COMMITTEE WILLIAM DOYLE MARVIN FELHEIM ALFRED MEITUS WILLIAM RHAME FRED STREBEI. ROBERT TAYLOR SDN b fx Y 1 ...TAA I L l1i1"2aig:-I-Qu-Q, Q 7, , ll 4 l Solitude found orriid the rnony, ofop the old side-Wheeler, Liinibering upstreorn lzelween giionr piers Across the red ond oreen mirrorinos of the brides--li his cour ht in The block 'lorhoins oi the Qhio, Gre' rid e D - J Y ,. behind grey ridge of Kentucky hills billowing into the lylilluy Woy. Glearns lroin the f'LlVlilll'lQ'4llQl'llS of lozy- ing river Croft ripple through The moon-iroil. And iniiaic below decks rnolces The nighi' complete, This is the wighr lor choosing the Comous Ugly-Mon. VARSITY BCDATRIDE ABOARD THE ISLAND QUEEN MAY18 BOATRIDE CCDMMITTEE JACK BURTEL viRoiNiA FREDERICK ROBERT HOEEER MULFORD MENTEL TED HOMA RUSSELL TOWERS JOHN vvYATr BURTEL CHAIRMEZN HCDMA. ou winioia spain is i'..QAlNlD THREE 'fi 65 - 4 mzcmms S oN A BUN I -JJ I Here at Cincy we treat nothing lightly. ln fact, we treat nothing, for, as the old chanson has it: There's no Company Like the Dutch Company. VARSITY A grid machine that needs, from time to time, lubrication-or something. BEARCAT A four-page sheet of no mean quality and no mean bargaining power, come Springtime. BUCKEYE A bush-league formed for the exploitation of high-school material at collegiate prices. C0-ED A perennial-utterly something. CAMPUS A thing with traditions, according to an oldster or two. - VIRGINIA CLUB Same dame we haven't met yet. iliditorial "we".l WHITBY Something obviously English, or otherwise unim- portant. TAMPA A verb with implications. DARBY An earl, a race, a hat. Should be spelled Derby. CINCY A place, so they say. JHIPLEY CLUB An exclusive organization not exactly exclusive, and not exactly an organization. lAdvert.l lf you feel adventurous, devise your own defini- tions, There is no harm in good, clean fun if it is good and clean-but then, it wouldn't be fun. o EGGS The savants have it: An egg is a potentiality the past of which was more promising than its future. Campus eggs, chief of whom are your chapter's president, columnists, and investigators, rank among the lesser evils. The first poses as hard- bailed, the second usually are scrambled, and the last are, well,-just eggs. CAVIAR This rarity, as o general thing, is defined as a "dead issue." All of which brings us to the ques- tion of which came first, the Caviar or the sturgeon. Certainly it is significant that ours is a school of many fish, the most bass-mouthed of whom are those dating on the Ieadfoil halo of political office. Wave a Red Ticket at a campus bull-whale and he'lI let himself get hooked every time. e o CIIEESES The precincts of dear old Alma M. fairly reek with the presence of both sharp and very dull cheeses. These are classified as big and other- wise . . . otherwise just cheeses. 9 e DESSEBTS WEE? The 12:20 bangs away like fury and Cynthia Cincy scurries to the corner to pose a bit, count calories, and-traipse back to the Commons, ditching Sister So-and-so the better to monopolize the young bucks. Adulation bloats the ego with a nice, glowing sense of just being. The sweets of the day! l3EATl,lkES QF THE DAY OR THE YQUNG PLAYWRIGI-IT'S DILEMMA For the first time in many years faculty members trod the boards in a dramatic presentation, late in March. The play was the sec- ond production of English Prof, Playwright Byers' shriek splat- tered piece of foolishness, the "Cuckoo" or, as the author would have it, "The Young Playwright's Dilemma." The "Cuckoo" is distinguished by the fact that it is the one of the few plays ever to be presented upon the Wilson stage which has been purposely disconnected. ln the course of his three acts Play- wright Byers skips lightly from the very conventional blood-and- thunder "mellerdrammer" to a charmingly incoherent commen- tary upon the trials ofa young playwright trying to pattern his first play. Undoubtedly the play was clever, but regardless of the witty lines and ludicrous situations, the principal interest of the evening was the faculty. Dr. Clark's confession scene and lvliss Cohen's childish glee, John Rose's swagger and Dr. Cumming's 'flousy" line all held much more audience appeal than the best auips which Author- director Byers could fashion. ARIA DA CAPO, A CURTAIN RAISER Sharing honors for the evening with lvlr. Byers was a poet called E. St. V. lvlillay. l-ler delightful fantasy, Aria da Capo, almost faultlessly played bya group of Mummers stars, was a more adeauate curtain raiser. The parts of Pierrot and Columbine played by Louis Levy and Laurette Fillebrandt were splendidly portrayed. The frothy, aimlessness of the characterizations threw into strong relief the tragedy of the murder scene, finely done by John Rose and Stanley Waxman. We were a bit frightened by the fact that the play was by Miss lvlillay and truly expected to be subjected to the type of slurp which we, perhaps unfairly, associate with the name. We left the theater, however, without the slightest desire to tear home and burn a candle at both ends. R G E March ,Qs ,,,.gQ1,Q'uiiE5 xi'nid -men nm .xam...rLmeQ1nm. Qff'g0Qdm -"UPF Wfnm W DW" 1J1'1cam, mg... imEjxjiyjgggjff'alQ'1JJQ':k'jtjg xrggfggj g5,f,54'Lg54gj"'g,.5,f,g'q-,jegjggglifggg '5,.,,5g' -Mm, tm, ,m,,,,,g,m,, .mg hm- cam- .kaithr new year Monday. Jan. 15, ai E K ' . , . . , 1 L- and -'Y' U'Uc1'f 'P' . iuesy E.4,,wm.,. Boa,-,3 of 5w,'ubru.u:y 264, Lire Clam will he lsrlxy 1:01220 PJHTWJR- E""fh H4m"VcV- Fha nm" can ' 1 1-' V' . v - - 'W"WW'fd Uukltl' fmef' for NV- 3 ' FEWS. iinlhezllairlyf . ' - , ' V .5 ' laying gm, Cf'-u'rmg-flw gmmrs :md cufs sfzwt Xhen' CTm:l'G:-c-am: mine v.i:1e:m' 'Lhal " Wh nh 'au' " W ""'Cf""VU':Y I""7'dm5' fuir' zxivu an imliummns for- za suv-1 10, ..-.. .Cc-uncxh Umm md B"5'fm4'b " ' ' -I ' w . w-:u.....z....... 1.. Phe e.mim--"1'r-.1 1-' ' ' Carhnrt 01-thc F""""' ---J-" "-"-- -'--'J'--' ""'3r1wn1'd,.Q,gg,g ' N' Y ima mfdcul' ' ' Y N Jliil gn: zz . , . ' - I , I L1 2 ' b Ls u-nu. c 1 -1 A 509- fi" Infrluttl Qhllllu-nie,-'S 5014301 lxveyxw 135 V ' :mn beeauseti' 1 3 .. 1 . , ,y 17 'JU W mf' .' ', ' L X ', . N ' ideal 0fPJLI:- A, ' A .ale x pn tllmeu-utr.-d Q., "E5lI'llE!I' IIICB- fcmh 5:12, A A 5, they willy ' . . 15, :nga alla :4,y,,,.1" in Wm I , . I ' . . -. lg . sonally-Each, 4 'W' - -ASVNW-1 Pm M Q. VICTORIOLS- a want - um 0 nf tha. Lrncla, t J chan- eu: T mg: 8:0 a F, I' S :mtg 1 . y, . .,, ... ..... .......,, ...J 4. , ' v ,. ,- mm nunouucemcm Ioflbwsz Miss Helen ltlonv-'ny :unfi 'Singh u E au?hiq2?:,ig V Nmn, je , Fwd W. Hemam' KHP? nl tht! Alumni ETGVPQ Mp- , opinion EAI- Batt M1 ' U. C. Alumni Amo- Www 'mncgf Jan? 7'3m'5f' and fhg p,-om . - 7 N eswc-a-J vs ' Iimunvcd that mam- 510118713 MFHSYS- Y-4-EW-gl' Fgshlfr' vwmim' ' Q- I - 3- W - W A A , Q - . ' rfcq ui i of 1924 will he ne- UUUU1- and JUS- OSH'-H 0 1 9 ,q,,,,-,-U Wm gong Lhii 1,-1 mu-.ns Aruvmg uw :mm 441- '--if ff-M V-JT"-T' f j' 1-1-:ns Jam ,O-Com,,mL,.,. nf gnelddnl Group: Mrs Mzirdlllfth it' A Rm W . -wuums to In 1- r,.:l1:ltl1s'r mm Luc Leaf-1 fn fi' ?1'5"F7 really QUECTHF'-ZI'NLl1'fl ASSKIPGRUJ I I W pm 'uf me 2 IZNWW "cute" Imuaufze she--Tudxilff 51111251 Iwuf w. r 'H cfm mum baby Talk: E nufs L Pvc?-rdenf' f-W' :pn ' nf 1. .guii-.-Q nn 1?w,C1n::pu:'.y. Q .ylx:mg.x. l1cm,4f'21fE- 5 - rnfinu gh-cn Th'-1 U F. Rall! wav. ex, her- Q '11 L' Kzflih Y Lmivgrsnb:-- ni '1E'u.-cv.w:- lu-ld rw 1 E -HF 1 Q'-I W- I 57- if. an-.ual rrwuilxggl - -. Un-r'--. lf' - fi' "rl vu limit I ' Liu tml Ta nb. imi. 'WI 'E' QGH-c-rx, Yue Pri li, them. lljfif ', 1' , ' .. I nlxfm. Lu'-1:-Sr,ln-fl 1 am rg. QLL-re' .il'."li me lim" I 1,5 In his. 21:-mlnif !-mls-f:':!, 1111Y'ffI:'HE'1 i "' f'3Q"1 J 1-szclmg ALxg5usL 1 U:-.nv-1r2:i4.y, 5 Iidzv 'mm .' Wuaziis--ke '?N.'ElSL 'Ui f? md hm. 556 im 2-5 -.--as c ff - '5 PM ish 1553 ,:..,idCm i.md1Y.7nfvm'siL1' during: that time. 1 Fc-i.-4 .r 5.-i,'Icgu.1:4:rm the-:if , C: hid W: HI glamm-,:,uiv 'Um' L-xccu-ding IE-u nzzyfnlxxt vgixic Fc U:-1-:ag v- IH- -".f'1:.,u W-3---E-.'x'a.u.Eyljyllll ' . 1- .N . -, Fu".-ev. 1' - -.- 1 -1 ' -I Q- WV hm tim" kommmu In dbguluuv gizlzi-1'rQEr? QTY Awgfznfiigzlt YV:-IA-"r 'N' 14 'V.'1'm: Q' EMEQVLH !G1'i'- ,ug lam? 1, ,, '- -- - -'- -' ,, M no 'U 1 nriul- - W r "' -M' iff' JFDIT I' REWICTV ' P0 T ,cg flu of ,xlgiie ..l I . 1 A5 71 AS L sm PCP- 'ASmir. H16 ,'x':m -4 - - . , .. ..v.v- Q5 E Y ,-E 1- 1211- I N. ,NT M4 my lil . ., - HIE. ' 1 . - TH. 1 ll 10 lg . -wx Jer: . . - ' , .l .1 11.611 ,. p ,-.J wi ix- -Lml ':,t?!:1i- , -2- -ud 1: .nn e D wi 315111-.s -. 11211 ,f"'1f3-Q uf 'minus-r ft - V 94 'WTI 1' C4.,11l man! 1., uf... km , . - -. 1 -- ply 'Fil "f 1 vxhulle' :.- .- :lm izafnfib ui 535 .mi lu fug,.,- 3L,5,.'. mg ' ir 1.4 -1 ,D .X . ..,':,, . 1 Qs., 11 1 ,. . Q ,,,, ...amid 1 L - - -M1 JZ- Y ,np 1,1-ls!! - vw- H, 3 -Q I 'M 36" 5' hm' E Y I- gl-:Lia-4-.v,C. -'ff fm -f. 115- ll E ., m" .121 41 I 5 "bil xl'-aj" gr, ' lu .up V ' 'firm sh 1 535'-Ll -tymuih uk' '-UWYF5, Tuff. mr 'Q f- - -1-2' We . T" " .UIQ-1 qi' t C e of 1 UE' will -. --L . V Q' ' T . to 0 Y . 0 l .7 6 IC P1 u fl 1. . J 1X "ri X Wnnxenk :Af f ' Q, Da I -1511-V I X- rf.. . dl , -N Us w,f..m. ji., ,V ,.,. f - --.-.uma .--ww ' 11111 lt ' - - - f I! ' 3 ' - clrw-J - wu,5'1"gf .' . "'fu'M' .L::.E:11- v I ' 14!'I- "I7'5'.' V' Ng' PBIL -' un J f- V' nur' BOY! fn D FC "3 iii! - ' fm ' I 44 '1 x -ix-I yuh nf Dlgbnfjprq 1 V , ffl' ., ' Pc-atuu on Annual ffif L I-a nv' D, - ---H Qt' ' M. A Phu Dm Q .Q 'j " gee ,yi su. wa v':1g:. ' . mm ' -.xv :ul -n .11 lf., .. ru: 1 ri: fri .M -.wx R9F"i?2-fslxinpivus from Eleven X-. -, ,. nm -nr: -n-.ur :Qu e . Y h ,. I , .ef :.-f.-L-1,1fA.W fn gugfu. ' pig, n..rsemll-- xc! 571-:dz Yarn. Az: v V,-,V U ,K fun' an um ",Uh'nd", ii grfif- ljfgwf-an rj- rzm nvorc:i1g,f. ,.,,,f,g,M.,',-mf. ma-xenuff I v.'-mid -etc. M-fx ,m,..,,, wr--:i ---1 xh- U: Vi" - ' T' - "' - Wm-Sipnzl j 155,13 Lv 1-p, I..-Lgznssnifi-lf'-1 Pd 7' - ll U5 Lyhfgy, rw-.1 1v.'-- tzerfrxiwfr' -'wuz ! " Y Q " '-13... 1,1 M x NLQ4' via-.12-, ,Mu1':2:eal1 ani! Vie:- V-'52 ' .L 1 3.9, V5 ,FJ 11::..1 mmf- pl.g-:or urwiecv s ' g w , , avogfgy 1- K '- ' V Q? .1-1 -1 --.4 -N -.4 ix-,,flln.fw 515. 1.-1,5 , G rf: : yy. pr,-.1 um- 4 1 1 u-1 'fi 2- Q A A 41 'ef' -'i-441-5 a..-Graf:-x umm:-:-wg u-.'ua'-J U- ilu!-K' ua' ' - 'XA - BX- hm Lg, U,-4.5 gg,'g,y,.1:. L1 drum, XM: 'muh 21.13 " A Y Y W- 1 '35 lf, 'z'f-.un whwln wxlv sffourypx P Y Eiviri' ' V 'G -V-'V-11- WF lHd':5fn1'n'v 2" , .Y ..,. - V W1 QF!! Ind 11 11:-, svmz-:Qic . , - - Y . -k UFx5k!'tba31 Ss-:1z:nn'iR mm 2 , ztiui! If Ba b ' I' am 'OI' ' ' SC C A 'A V s 4 Q V . - kms? z ani aiiam Pledging-the climox to o hectic summer ot kow- towing ond currying tovor with "just 'the sort ot mon vve wont." By October vve ore the deodly enemies ot brocticolly everybody but o smoll group. These Iotter ore our blood-brothers, our very selves, in toct, nurtured ot the some bosom ot the deor old Froternity. And rest ossured, those men thot were the hordest to get were the ones we got the hordest during l-lell Week, yes, sirl And then the honorories: The mocobre tile ot hooded beings snokes ocross the floor mumbling, mumbling, in unintelligible codence. We thrill to the mystery ot this weird business, we coll it hokum -ond like it. We guess whom they will honor with o summons. Someone deor to us is colled into the circle they hove formed. Our joy knows no bounds -except thot of the lump in our throot-vve hove been overlooked. But there'solvvoys next yeor . . . I x. 1.- . V ... 'I w wa fe ,sm .MV 'Ama VB J., . gm nu ' was wwf. ng WV? iihgmk. M' . ' 'V H .. 99351 , -'EVE '51 '. Tig V 52 mx- 4. 'V M ...L 'r' 1 w .J ,- .Hs -,.'1 Va af Q.-A Q w ,w-mxx. mx fig. 1. nm, ' ESRB K A 3 HB8 ww. V Ang ' . mrf E SV, ,mf-?',-lm-m:. :'- '. NEED-M., ' Wm.. Vwf1gf'g.1.fVm. gf , ,fa ,- "X :E H A , ef'.zgaaHm.' -, VV, .ffyij aj' -N .'.wp.,,. 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Mg InVm.gV-31.2-z'jo-,Hmm 2 - In gm:-.ww .mW3,ZAmsg. -A 2 4: V as Kmlpzm,-ml,,Away-,g.wVx7, H ,Q ig .Vw ,, W..M..g KfjVgsfg,,ggQa ggjw WV.. Q.- . -Z-2? A - W, I, ww-QQ..,V-1aw.V-LH?-QV' A -Q ,. '11 gs MV, W :QV-Vggwn., Mani. ,. '. was WFMQF-aviifil-"'A"'Fwf5s:. fn' .A V! H A N... Mm-ggi",-r.A,iWQ'32Q4:zas1xs . aa Ngmm--w4.r:4 Q,-,4.-3--www,-" E . u :wa 4 wars.: f' g mans' , am --an 'Lmsfmfrm-b' ' 'w'?51su,s'-w 'UUA . -V aww! 1 n , 'N LV V"-'.,-az-'Y 'EN . V--1 ,V my -A ,Hx , www. ' Vw -g5.'?Ww-WV' 1:-2. mi W -.-m.MHV. V .1-HV.. Wk V Qian, ,swf fi? ,- V- .V-mm' V V - , V, 5- mu. .. ng ' , ' . w A-I, Founders 1898 Walter Eberhardt Robert Humphries Parke Johnson Russell Wilson 1899 Charles Adler 1900 Adna Innes 1901 Henry Bentley A. Hickenlooper Smith Hickenlooper 1902 Coleman Avery Hugh Bates Earl Gold Stanley Granger Edwin Hutchins Robert Kreimer Charles Peters Ramsey Probasco Stuart Walker 1903 Eustoce Ball Edgar McAllister Harvey Shepard William Strietman 1904 Albert Baker Robert Buck Adolph Fennel Carl Gantvoort Villie Kirkpatrick 1905 Lester Collier Howard Jones Bert Lyon Fred Melhope Paul Richardson Calvin Skinner Arthur Wadsworth 1906 Frank Buchanan Robert Caldwell William Fillmore Edward Forbes Alfred Kreimer Walter Shafer Curtis Williams Frank Wilson 1907 Edward Hurley Thomas Kite Brown McGill Robert O'Connell Frank Payne 1908 Merlyn Aultman Fred Flach William Foley Walter Heintz Bates Williams 1909 Hayward Ackerson William Kite Edward Rowe Charles Williams 1910 Ernest du Bray Ted Hyndman 191 1 Clifford Hall Alden Hart Ralph McComas James Taylor 1912 Harry Buchanan William Hall Walter Heuck Leslie Johnson Franklin Mitchell Vance Towler 1913 Richard Goettle Robert Heuck William Hill John Maescher 1914 William Engdohl Chauncey Hand Chester Klein John Sheriff Bert Stansbery Chauncey Tilden Neil Wright 1915 Leonard Baehr Arthur Gordon Norman Kohlhepp Norman Lyon 1916 Howard Behle Victor Fishback Henry Hoppe Roy Palmer Harold Porter John Reece Edward Robinson Herbert Schroth 1917 William Ellis Karl Hetsch Carrol Lewis Joseph G. Morris James Pease Boyle Richardson Anton Schneider 1918 Harold Altamer Walter Haehnle Herbert C. Jones Howard Justice Carl Lund Carl Markgraf William M. Myers Edgar Powers Herman Rogert Millard Romaine Harold Talcott Earl Widau 1919 J. Robert Dorsey V. Bradley Roberts Francis Wright 1 920 Hugh M, Bowen G. Carlton Brown Carl W. Frey W. Donald Hall Cyrus R. Osborne Cornelius Petzhold Robert Sarvis Edw. C. Strietelmeier Alfred Wenzel 1921 G. Willard Breiel Edgar D. Coons Chase M. Davies Daniel Fries Allison B. ldeson Edward Lee Meyer Phillip M. Meyers Fred Schierloh Robert Todd Edward Wagner 1922 Edward Gabriel Arthur W. McClure Howard E. Metzger Wylmer L. Scott Randall Walker 1923 James Beaman Lewis Gregory Jack Harrod William Havelaar Rossiter Hobbs Ellsworth Ireland Joseph Linneman James G. Nippert Michael Palmer John Petzhold 1 924 Nathan D. Bachman Walter S. Becker Ben L. Bryant Morton P, Francis John Z. Heiser Robert E. Hynes Oliver T. Rhodes Edward L. Roth Erwin S. Wolfson 1925 H. Lynne Barber George Bradner Anthony McAndrews Warren Marvin Louis Nippert William Schmid Kelly Y. Siddall 1 926 Fred D. Berger Chas. E. Franklin Edwin K. Levi James R. Paisley Wesley Schmid l 927 John Bachman Evan Chatfield Harry Franklin Richard Jervis Robert Maddux . 1928 Richard D. Bryant Arthur Fennekohl Ronald West 1 929 Richard Bolton Ellis Crawford Richard Dial Dan E. Earley Albert Moyer 1930 Charles Adams Harry Cf Anderson Harold D. Bohl C. Thomas Clifton Donald Crane Frank Dost Richard Franz John G. Gayman Jack Grieshaber L. William Hammond Ralph Holterhoff, '96 Lawrence Levi William Nieman Frank X. Owens, Jr. 1931 Brad Allin William Berwanger Ralph Bursiek Arthur Hallett Erie Hanson Silverius Kunz William Leach Carl Muth Earl Soesbe Herbert Starick Richard Steves 1932 Walter Conner Richard Dexter Paul Grischy Paul Heckel Carlton Lunsford Robert Nou Harry Robe Nathan Salinger Fred Tower Robert White 1933 W. Ged Brown William Gilliland Clifford Goldmeyer John Griffiths SIGMA SIGMA D HONORARY UPPER-CLASS SOCIETY Sigma Sigma unites men of merit, without regard for fra- ternity or other affiliations, for the purpose of serving and inspiring loyalty to the University of Cincinnati. lt has pledged itself to remain a local organization that it might better realize this aim. MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT E. HYNES HOWARD K. JUSTICE DANIEL LAURENCE V. BRADLEY ROBERTS RALPH W. BURSIEK FRANK W. CHANDLER C. THOMAS CLIFTON ROBERT GOWDY ACTIVES WILL ATKINSON MEL BERNSTEIN HERBERT BROWN DAVID DEVORE IO H N F I N L A Y DUNCAN FRAME ROBERT GALBRAITH GEORGE WILLIAMS HILL P H I L I P H E I L ROBERT IOHNSON K O S K E M P E R GEORGE KRAMER L O U I S L E V Y SIDNEY MULLIKIN 'KENNETH PARKER DAVID PORTER L E O N S A L E R EDWARD SIMRALL William Groppenbacher Bernard Levin Edwin Lidseen Louis Mendel Gordon Strauss Dan Tobin Robert Wright CARL WILLIAMS OMICIRON DELTA KAPPA HONORARY ACTIVITIES AND LEADERSHIP FRATERNITY f fm'-mr NT! Founded at Washington and Lee University, I9I4 I 38 Circles Cincinnati Alpha Theta Circle, Established I93I Officers ROBERT C. JOHNSON ................................................... ................. P resident SPENCER B. BOOZ ........ ............ V ice-President ROBERT W, BISHOP ............. ................. S ecretary MORTIMER POWELL ................ ........ T reasurer DEAN MERTON L. FERSON .......... ............ ........ ........ A d v iser FRANCIS H. BIRD ROBERT W. BISHOP FRANK R. BYERS WILL ATKINSON, JR, mcic E. BAXTER ROBERT M. BENHAM SPENCER B. Booz CHARLES H. BOSKEN Members in Faculty DEAN MERTON L. FERSON JOSEPH E. HOLLIDAY JOSEPH H, KINDLE PRESIDENT RAYMOND WALTERS Student Members PAUL V. FRIEDMAN PHILIP R. HEIL ROBERT W. HOEFER ROBERT C. JOHNSON JOHN R. KEATES ALLAN K. BRAMKAMP WILLIAM W, KOOLAGE I GEORGE A. DAVIS NED DRUCKER AARON F. LEVY MATHIAS E. LUKENS RAY ELO THEODORE M. MCCARTY WILLIAM F. FOLEY SIDNEY A. MULLIKIN ARTHUR S. POSTLE JAMES A, QUINN DEAN HERMAN SCHNEIDER RAY O, NULSEN HARRY A. PAINE MORTIMER POWELL DAVID ROSENBLATT PHILIP W. SCOTT RICHARD L. SCHWAB JAMES W. SELTZER WALTER G. WERNER JOHN D. WYATT ROBERT N, ZIEGLER POWELL LEVI NULSEN KOOLAGE DRUCKER HOEFER KEATS ROSENBLATT FOLEY ZIEGLER PAINE BOSKINS BENHAM SCOTT SELTZER WERNER BAXTER ELO BOOZ DR. SUTTON JOHNSON DEAN FERSON BISHOP SCI-IWAB MORTAR BQARD ,V fi ATT Founded at Syracuse University, 1918 51 Chapters Mystic Thirteen Chapter, Established 1932 Faculty Advisors DEAN JOSEPHINE SIMRALL MISS HELEN N. SMITH MISS HOPE WARNER Active Members LUCILLE KOELBLIN DOROTHY LAUTERBACH MARGARET MCEVILLEY ELINOR SMALL RUTH WALKER MIRIAM BRANNEN WILLA BUSCH MARION GILLHAM JEAN GUSTETTER GRETTA HASTINGS HONORARY SENIOR WOMEN'S FRATERN ITY BRANNEN LAUTERBACH WALKER MCEVI LLEY BUSCH GILHAM HASTINGS SMALL GUSTETTER KOEBLIN CINCINNQTUS SOCIETY HONORARY ALUMNAL SOCIETY Officers ROBERT NAU ........................,....................,.............. ..........,...... P resident MORTON BROWN GUSWEILER ........... ............ V ice-President FRANCIS DURBAN ............................ ................. S ecretary HERBERT DANNER .......... ........... SAMUEL O. BEALL HERBERT DANNER LOUISE DOHRMAN OLIVE EWAN HARRIET GAU CLIFFORD GOLDMEYER Members Elected in June, SALLIE HARKNESS BETTY JANE HERSCHEDE BETTY HEUSCH ROBERT JOHNSON ALLEN LISHAWA MALCOLM MOORES .Treasurer 1 933 PHILLIP SCOTT DOROTHY STEVES GORDON STRAUSS VIRGINIA TRACY CAROLYN WHITE ROBERT ZIEGLER I FA " .ll '. V'-43 , A .IP SOPI-IOS Founded at the University of Cincinnati, 'I931 Honorary Members EDWARD WELSH CHARLES MILEHAM Active Members ROBERT ADES EDWARD FOX ROBERT DAVIS THEODORE KERSKER WILLIAM DOYLE WILLIAM LITTLEFORD, Secy. ROBERT EAGEN, Vice Pres. JOHN MARIS MARVIN FELHEIM ALFRED MEITUS EDWARD FISHER HAROLD MEWHOUSE RICHARD VAN VEEN LEO WEILER Initiates of 1934 JACK BEAR BOB GOSSLING BOB BROWN ED. HOFFMAN HAROLD DEYE WILLIAM KENT WILLIAM DEVEREAUX PETE KERSKER BOB DIETZ CHARLES KRUECK ALVIN FORNEY NAT LEHMAN FRED PRESSLER CLIFFORD PRUEFER WILLIAM RHAME, Pres. ROBERT ROSSELL FRED. STREBLE ROBERT TAYLOR, Treos. JACK RUEHLMAN WILLIAM SCHOTT FRED SPIEGEL WILLIAM TAYLOR ALAN VOGELER CLIFF WOELLERT I-IONORARY SOPHOMORE FRATERNITY KERSKER PRESSLER FISHER VAN VEEN PREUFFER STREBEL FINDLAY MEITUS EAGEN RHAME TAYLOR DOYLE FELHEIM PHI BETA KAPPA Fouhded at the College of William and Mary, I776 I26 Chapters Ohio Delta Chapter, Established l898 S. J. M. ALLEN I, A. BARNETI' DANIEL R. BERGSMARK ELEANOR BISBEE BEVERLY W. BOND, JR. E. LUCY BRAUN BURTIS B. BREESE W. O. BROWN FRANK BYERS B. NOLAND CARTER FRANK W. CHANDLER HUBERTIS M. CUMMINGS C. O. GARDNER ROBERT C. GOWDY ROY C. HACK LELIA G. HARTMAN Members in Faculty FREDERICK C. HICKS J. HOBART HOSKINS ESTELLE HUNT C. M. HUTCHINGS JULIA KELLEY PAUL V. KRIEDER JOHN L. LAMONTE S. GALE LOWRIE REGINALD MCGRANE ARCHIMEDE MARNI C. W. MENDEL GAYLORD M. MERRIMAN PAUL MINAULT LOUIS T. MORE HARRY M. MUEGEL PHILLIP OGDEN Officers of Delta Chapter 'N Q +-'Ir LFIJBK TI - MARJORIE S. PALMER PAUL PEPPER HORACE REID RODNEY P. ROBINSON HOWARD ROELOFS MEYER SALKOVER ROBERT SHAFER HELEN STANLEY SHIRO TASHIRO MIRIAM URBAN OTTO C. VON SCHLICTEN WILLIAM WABNITZ CHI C. WANG C. K. WIECHERT HARRY WIEMAN JEAN WINSTON MR. LESTER W. JAFFE ......................................................................,................. Presxdent MR. EDGAR POWERS .......... ............. F irst Vice-President MRS. L. F. HOBART ........... ......... S econd Vice-President MR. FRED BERGER ......... ........... T hird Vice-President MR. JOHN DOWNER .......... ........................... T reasurer MISS JEAN WINSTON ........... ....................... S ecretary Members Elected in January, 1934 COn Junior Recordj KATA MCDANIEL HERBERT BROWN Members Elected in March, 1934 LORAINE BAGNOLI JOSEPH BECKMAN BELLA COHEN VIOLET DILLER WILLIAM FRANKLIN ESTHER HUSMAN OTHILDA KRUG LOUIS LEVY DOROTHY PIERCE FRANK PREUNINGER PAULINE ROLF FREDERICK SCHLATZ HELEN SCHROEDER LOUIS SEUFFERLE NATHAN SHAPIRO MAXINE VOGELY TAU BETA PI HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at Lehigh University, I885 63 Chapters Ohio Beta Chapter, Established I9I5 Members in Faculty L, M. ALEXANDER R. E. HLJNDLEY R. W. RENN E. J. BARTA C. A. JOERGER HERMAN SCHNEIDER vv. A. BAUDE H. Ic. JUSTICE H. vv. SIBERT L. R. CuLvER A. H. KNEBEL a.sPERrI H. A. DANGEL vv. C. OSTERBROCK R. A. VAN WYE R. J. DUNHOLTER H. B. LUTHER A. M. WILSON L. E. PALMER Active Members FRED ANDERSON FRANK DORR MELVIN ANDERSON NED DRUCKER JOE BOON REINO ELO SPENCER BOOZ MARVIN FLOOM RICHARD BRITTON JACK GALL RALPH DE WEESE EARL GAMLIN WOODROW DE MUTH EDWIN JOHNSON LEWIS DICKERSON JOHN KEATES ROBERT DINSMORE EDWIN KERCSMAR ALBERT DOLNICK GERALD KIBLER JOHN KIRSCHNER DAVE LANGENBRUNNER HOWARD LEPPLE AARON LEVY ROBERT MCDOWELL RALPH OHLHAUSER JACK PANZER HOWARD PRINE JONAH PRONIN CARL REICHERT WILLIAM YOUNG LOUIS SCHUMANN WILLIAM SCHWESINGER JOHN SHAWHAN W. P. SHEPARDSON HOWARD SNIVELY HAROLD STRAUSS MALCOLM TOWNSLEY JAMES TROUTMAN ROBERT VAN TUYLE JOSEPH WANNER ELO PANZER SN IVELY DEMUTH LEVY FLOOM MCDOWELL JOHNSON KEATES YOUNG VAN TUYLE DORR KERCSMAR ANDERSON, M. ANDERSON, F. DRUCKER DICKERSON SCHWESINGER ROSE KAPPZ-X DELTA. PI HONORARY PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION FRATERNITY Founded at University of Illinois, I9II 55 Chapters Zeta Chapter, Established I9I7 Officers ELIZABETH M. TRAINOR ............ ............. ....... P r esident VIRGINIA G. MOHR ................. ................ V ice-President THYRA WELLS .............. .............. R ecording Secretory HELEN REWWER ............... .......... C orresponding Secretary WILLIAM SCHROEDER ........ ............................ T reasurer LOUISE VALENTINER .......... ........ .......... R e porter DR. SPENCER SHANK .......... ............ C ounselor Members Elected in 1 933 ABBY BRYANT HELEN HARRELL LOUISE BROCKMAN LOUISE HEIMANN LEAH CARR MARJORIE JOHNSTON ESTHER CIENER MARGARET REHRING RANENDRA DAS RUTH ROSENSTEIN KATHERINE FOSS YETTA SILVER MARIE FOSS HAROLD WOODRUFF SILVER REHRI NG FOSS CARR ROSENSTE I N WOODRUFF BROCKMAN FOSS Members BETA G-AMMA SIGMA Founded at the University of Wisconsin 41 Chapters Ohio Alpha Chapter, Established 1922 Members in Faculty EARL J. AYLSTOCK RALPH C. BURSIECK FRANCIS H. BIRD WILBUR PERE CALHOUN EARL C. CASE DEAN HERMAN SCHNEIDER RALEIGH R. SHARROCK R. EMMET TAYLOR H. B. WHALING NORWOOD C. GEIS LESLIE J. SCHWALLIE ARTHUR W. HOLMES RALPH W. MILLER FREDERICK C. HICKS CHARLES W. DUPUIS ALBERT BADANES WANDA BATH VIRGIL L. BROWN MARY BURNETT DUNCAN F. FRAME DEAN P. FITE ALICE FUNKE EDNA MEIER DALE PETER ROBERT SMETHURST FRED WEHKING JOHN H. WELLING HONORARY COMMERCIAL FRATERN ITY BATH DALE FUNKE BURNET ETA KAPPA NU I-IONORARY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded ot University ot Illinois, i904 23 Chopters Tou Chapter, Estoblished I923 Associate C. B. HOEEMANN Seniors FRED ANDERSON AARON F. LEVY WILLIAM SCHWESINGER PHILIP GREEN ROBERT McDOWELL HOWARD sNIvELY FRANK IcRoEoER R. J. REYNOLDS JOHN TLICRER HOWARD LERRLE MARTIN ROLLMAN CARL WACKER Juniors A. KEITH BRANDON ALBERT DOLNICK WALTER RRESTER I. EARHART WILLIAM BREUNIG VERNON HEIL FRANK SHAWHAN EARI-IART SNIVELY McDOWELL SI-IAWHAN LEPPLE REYNOLDS DOLNICK TUCKER SCHWESI NGER LEVY KROEGER ANDERSON HOFFMAN PI CI-II EPSILON Founded of University of Cincinnati, I923 Locol Members in Faculty MARJORIE STEWART PALMER HELEN NORRIS MOORE FLORENCE OTIS KINDLE Active Members HONORARY VVOMEN'S ENGINEERING FRATERNITY WANDA BATH '34 BELLE HURWITZ '33 EDNA BECKMAN '33 EDNA MEIER '34 MARY BURNET '34 MARJORIE NICHOLS '33 DOROTHY DONAHUE '33 MARTHA PORTER '34 MARGARET DRAKE '34 MARGARET ROGGE '34 ALICE FUNKE '34 ALICE SCHWEIN '34 DOROTHY HARE '34 HELEN SHANLEY '33 LILLIAN HOFFMAN '33 DOROTHY STEVES '33 HURWITZ BEACH BECKMAN NICHOLS HARE HOFFMAN BATH MEIER SCHWEI N BURNET DONAHUE DRAKE a PI-II DELTA KAPPA HONORARY EDUCATIONAL ERATERNITY Founded at Indiana University, 1910 38 Chapters' Alpha Iota Chapter, Established 1924 Officers .IOHN F. ARUNDEL ........... .................................. OMER W. RENFROW ......... LOUIS G. BOEH ......... O. H. BENNETT .......... DR. W, A. COOK ............................ ......... ....,... ...............President ..........Vice-President ...............Secretary ..................Treasurer ............FacuIty Adviser Program Committee JAMES D. STOVER .,.............................................................. ROY C. BRYAN WEBB C. GOWER ARTHUR BRICKER NELSON BURRBANK SLADE CARR HERBERT DWYER CARTER V. GOOD 1 933 RUSSELL E. HELMICK ALBERT M. LEFLAR Members Elected in JOHN GOODRICH GWYNNE MCCONAUGHEY E. R. MILLER ' WILLARD NIEDERHOUSER ..........Chairmon TELFORD A. WHITAKER JOHN A. WHITESEL 1 934 R. K. SALISBURY H. L. SENGER L. D. PEASLEE HAROLD WOODRUFF PI TAU SIGMA f? Founded of University of Illinois, I9I'5 HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING I5 Chapters Members in Faculty JOSEPH W. BUNTING H. CALVERT MESSINGER CHARLES A. .IOERGER EDWARD S. SMITH RUEL E. SMITH Active Members MELVIN T. ANDERSON JOHN R. KEATES SPENCER B. BOOZ FREDERICK C. KROPF THEODORE R. DINSMORE RAYMOND MARZ NED DRUCKER HARRY A. PAINE JACK K. GALL EDWIN C. REESE JOHN W. JACKSON LOUIS SCHUMANN EDWARD TEEGARDEN MALCOLM G. TOWNSLEY JOSEPH W. WARNER DANIEL S. WERNER MELVIN A. WILSON WILLIAM C. WILSON JOHN D. WYATT FRATERN ITY JACKSON TEEGARDEN SCHUMAN DRUCKER DINSMORE WILSON ANDERSON PAI NE BOOZ GALL REESE WERNER KROPF ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA FRESHMAN HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERN ITY FOR WOMEN Founded at the University of Illinois, I924 University Of Cincinnati Chapter Established May, I93I Members in Faculty ELEANOR BISBEE HELEN STANLEY DEAN JOSEPHINE SIMRALL MIRIAM URBAN EDNA MARIE BALDWIN HELEN EERTENSHAW FAYE CARTER DOROTHY DAVIS MARIE ETZEL LAILE EUBANK VIRGINIA FOERTMEYER JANE FORDYCE LUCILLE GARRISON MARY HELEN GRUBER RUTH ADELSPERGER DOROTHEA BOCK OLLIE CONWAY MAXINE CRIGGER CLARA LOUISE DEASY WILLIE DICKINS EDITH ANN ELLIOT JEAN WI NSTON Active Members GAYLE HEXAMER RUTH HORWITZ FLORENCE HOTT CHARLOTTE HLJTELES DOROTHY JONES ELLEN JONES MILOREO KRAUSS ELsiE KRUG JANE LYLE FRANCES MCCLAIN MTRIAM OKRENT Pledges NANCY GIBBONS WILMA HARTE SYLVIA HORWITZ SYLVIA HURWITZ ELAINE NELSON VIRGINIA NORTH HELEN OGDEN MARJORIE REIFF DOROTHY OTIS WINIFRED RICHARDS MARY ROSE DOROTHY RUSSELL BERNICE SILVERSTEIN LOIS SLATER VIRGINIA -SOMMER FRANCES VEAZY GRETCHEN VON DER HALBEN MARY YOWELL MARGARET RICE UNA JANE RUPP CAROL SMITHNER MARGARET THOMPSON VENDA TOW ELSIE WALTER EVELYN WENZEL HARTE BERTENSHAW ROSE GRUBER NORTH EUBANK BLANK GARRISON HORWITZ NELSON HURWITZ CRIGGER HEXAMER FOERTMEYER GIBBONS BOCK RUSSELL ELLIOTT DICKINS REIFF WENZEL SOMMER DEASY OKRENT KRUG WALTERS SMITHNER RICHARDS ETZEL SCHULTZ HORWITZ FORYSE TOW ADELSBERG FI Q E Igi i Founded at University of Illinois, I923 35 Chapters U. of C. Chapter, Established I933 Faculty Advisors PHI ETA SIGMA HONORARY FRESHMAN SCHOLASTIC c. W. PARK vv. 5. CLARK Honorary Members ROBERT W. BISHOP FRANK F. FERRIS Active Charter Members CLIFFORD PRUEFER ........... ................... ..... ...... ...............................,., ............... P r e S i dent WILLIAM LICHT ............ ........... V ice-President ROBERT PETERSON ....... .............., S ecretary ROBERT E. ADES ............ ...................4................... ........... T r easurer WILLIAM S. AREND GEORGE D. BATTERTON CLARENCE 5. BETZ R. LAWRENCE CARPENTER JACK B. CHRISTOPHER ALBERT M. COX ADRIAN DIAMOND GEORGE FAHNESTOCK BERNARD A. FELDMAN ALBERT O. FINK HYMAN T, FINK JOHN E, FRITZ ROBERT S, GOEBEL ERICH GRONBACH MARION G. HERBERT MILLARD HIRSCI-IFELD FRANK G. JONES JACK R. LANICH GERHARD C. LESSMAN ROBERT M. LOLLAR EUGENE MOORE CARROLL R. MCBETH LEONARD NIEDERLEHNER DANIEL OSCHERWITZ RANDOLPH A. PIEPHO WILLIAM M. QUIGLEY JOSEPH M. RODGERS WILLIAM T, RAY CHARLES G. SATTLER MELVIN SHORR ROBERT F. STEWART JAMES G. TERRILL JOHN S. THOME E. GERALD TOUFF HOWARD WERLE EDWARD WOLIVER ALBERT WELLMAN PHILIP H. WILLIAMS RICHARD H. YOU NGBLOOD NORMAN ZLATIN FRATERNITY FINK A OSCI-IERWITZ GOEBEL HERBERT FRITZ WERLE, H. ZLATIN CHRISTOPHER GRONBACH PIEPHO RODGERS FAHNSTOCK BATTERTON HINSCHFELD TERRILL SATTLER BETZ PARK RAY NIEDERLEHNER WILLIAMS COX WELLMAN FINK H AREND SCHORR JONES LICHT PRUEFER PETERSON ADES THOME MOORE QUIGLEY TAU PI EPSILON HONORARY CH I LD CARE FRATERN ITY iw! if I T EJ E Founded of University of Cincinnati, I929 DR. ADA HART ARLITT ELIZABETH BERTHA ALLEN MILDRED SOWER BENTON ADELE BERGER ALMA BLEDSOE ROSE CARVER BRYANT HAZEL CAIRNS GLADYS REDDERT CLARK BARBARA COHN MARJORIE DEWEY JANE DRUFFEL LOLA EMERSON VIRGINIA FAHRENBRUCK CHALMA FILLMORE PEGGY MOORE FISHER VERA MAE GINGERICH Locol Members in Faculty NELL ATKINS LOUISE KENNEDY Honorary Members DYER FLORA THURSTON Active Members ESTHER LUKENS GREEN ADELIA HANKS THELMA HOINKE IDA HOINKE ISGRIG DORIS KELLEY DRUZILLA KENT ELLEN KLEPPE MARY KIRKPATRICK MARY DeBUS KNAUFT EDNA LAMSON ANITA MCGILLIARD ADELE METHNER DOROTHY NICHOLS MARY OLIVER BETTY PATTERSON PESSA POLASKY VIOLA QUEBMAN MARTHA RANSOHOFF ELEANOR SABIN EDITH SCHREINER ROSALIE SHAPIRO WILLA SIGAFOOSE ADTON SMITH VIRGINIA SMITH HELEN CAMILLE SMITH ALICE SOWERS MARY SLOAN BERNICE THOMAS LOLA YERKES KENNEDY THOMAS MCGILLIARD GOLDSTEIN LEWIS EMERSON BRAV SLOAN FISCHER PATTERSON FILLMORE BLEDSOE DRUFFEL COHN ATKI NS Cldfe'clfLifie.4 FRATERNITY PRESIDENTS C O U 'N C I L ADVISOR DANIEL LALJRENCE MEMBERS ACACIA RAYMOND A. MCCARTY ALPHA TAU OMEGA HOWARD KLETT AMERICAN COMMONS CLUB ALBERT BADANES BETA KAPPA REINO ELO BETA THETA PI, DAVID G. DEVORE, JR. DELTA TAU DELTA ROBERT JOHNSON IOTA CHI EPSILON ELMER G. RAHE LAMBDA CHI ALPHA RICHARD SCHWAB PHI BETA DELTA ALFRED KATZ as of October, 1933 PHI DELTA THETA JOSEPH POETKER PHI KAPPA ARTHUR THORNBURY PI KAPPA ALPHA FRITZ LUEDERS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON DUNCAN FRAME SIGMA ALPHA MU MEL BERNSTEIN SIGMA CHI JOHN HELLEBUSH SIGMA DELTA RHO GEORGE G. BAETZ SIGMA TAU PHI MYRON ALBERTS TRIANGLE OSCAR ERI KSON THORNBURY JOHNSON KLETT BADANES LEUDERS ALBERTS BERNSTEI N HELLEBUSH ELO MCCARTY KATZ BAETZ SC I-I VVAB RAHE SATLER GRAHAM MORGAN STORY BACHMAN KEEF MAYNE LAYE FERGUSON MCKNIGHT PAYNE MOORE WIENIG NIEHOFF SPIES ZOLLER BAUER, G. HAAS HOPE FORNEY LOPEZ SEARIGHT CONWAY HELLEBUSH BAUER, R. BLAINE RICH FRANZ DOYLE DURNELL ACTIVES LANDON BACI-IMAN RICHARD I-I. BAUER GEORGE BLAINE JACK CALDWELL CLYDE CHAMBERLAIN JOHN CONWAY IRVING CRANE, JR, WILLIAM DOYLE RICHARD DURNELL WALTER GILMORE DONALD GRAHAM ARTHUR GRAU CHARLES FRANZ JOHN HECKLE JOHN HELLEBUSH RICHARD ISPHORDING JOSEPH LOPEZ RICHARD LORBACH NORMAN MAYNE WILLIAM MOORE SIDNEY MULLIKIN JOHN PAYNE JOHN REUSS WILLIAM RHEA WAYNE RICH ROBERT ROSSELL RICHARD SEARIGHT FRED STORY JACK WEINIG ESTABLISHED 1882 ZETA PSI CHAPTER PLEDGES GEORGE BAUER MORRIS BERNHOLD WILLIAM BLAINE LARRY CARPENTER THOMAS CHAPMAN WILLIAM FELDHAUS DONALD FERGUSON ALBERT FORNEY MAX HAAS JACK HAGER RICHARD HERSCHEDE RALPH HOPE JACK KEEFE WILLIAM KENT ROBERT KILLEN GEORGE LEY HERMAN MCKNIGHT ARTHUR MORGAN CHARLES SATTLER ALVIN SPIESS ROBERT THORNBURGH PHILLIP VEITH JAMES WALKER LLOYD ZOLLER MEMBERS IN FACULTY DANIEL LAURENCE SANFORD BROWN ARCH I. CARSON ARCH I. CARSON, JR. CARLTON H. CRISLER FRANK B. CROSS VICTOR RAY, SR. ROBERT HYNES LESLIE S. SCHWALLIE HENRY TWITCHELL A. E, SANDBURG WALTER P. MURRAY 'TAY' BROWN QWFP .Q EEE! FOUNDEDI855 MIHMI UNIVERSITY 93 CI-IFIPTERS Ii-I I-I I'-I WOODWARD NAU WEISMAN HOTTEN HACKNEY ROBINSON COURSON FRAZER BRYAN FISCHER BROEMAN GOYERT SCHOTT KERSKER, T. KERSKER, P. FRAME, V. MITCHELL HILL CHRISTOPHER MURPHY RUCKER ABBOTT ROACH HINES GRIFFITH YOUNGBLOOD BALDWIN DUNCAN HARRISON CARMICHAEL FINDLAY VIGOR D. FRAME JEWETT BREUNIG MANCINI PETERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROY O. MCDUFFIE . HARRY T. WIEMAN EVERETT S. YOWELL X IAF. , Q F O U N D E D 1 8 5 6 UNIVERSITY OF HLHBHMH I--I 108 CHHPTERS ACTIVES CLARK BALLARD WALTER BRECHA WILLIAM BRELJNIG GEORGE BROWN HUGH CARMICHAEL JACK CHRISTOPHER CLINTON COURSON DONALD DEWEY FRED DEWEY HARRY DUNCAN JOHN FINDLAY FRED FISCHER DUNCAN FRAME ANDREW FRAZER ROBERT GALBRAITH TAYLOR GREENWALD CHARLES GRIFFITHS WILLIAM HARRISON WILLIAM HARVARD WILLIAM HILL HARRY HINES CARL HOTTEN CORNELL JEWETT ALLAN JOSLIN TED KERSKER WILLIAM KOOLAGE ARTHUR LIGHT CHARLES MAC CONNELL ROBERT MILLER JOHN MITCHELL JACK MORRISON HARRY MURPHY CLYDE NAU KEN PARKER WILLIAM RHAME WARREN ROOS ELLIS RUCKER GEORGE SMITH JOE STOCKWELL HARRY THOMPSON JOHN VIGOR GEORGE WEISMAN ROBERT WOODWARD RICHARD YOUNGBLOOD P L E D G E S ROBERT ABBOTT WILLIAM BALDWIN FRANK BROEMAN REID BRYAN RICHARD BUCHANAN VICTOR FRAME JACK GOYERT ERNEST HACKNEY TOM HILL PETE KERSKER HOWARD MCGLASSEN JULIUS NORMAN CHARLES NUZUM ROBERT PETERS PARKER ROBINSON RIEDER SCHELL WILLIAM SCHOTT NIXON SHINKEL ESTABLISHED 1889 OHIO EPSILON CHHPTER WHITE HAMM DIETZ LEWIS FITE WARRINGTON NEWHOUSE BRUMLEVE FLEMING COLEMAN HECKERMAN SPEER HILTON THORNELL FOSDICK KEMPER SCHMITT CLUFF LANICH KIRTLEY HASKINS CRITTENDEN DALEY GRANDLE LUKENS BROWN KUHN, S. F, STRAUSS FISHER MCCREIGHT SAUER HUSSEY OUTCALT KUHN, R. H. BRUEHL GRUEN DE VORE TAYLOR LITTLEFORD DEVEREAUX ACTIVES HAROLDW.NEWHOUSE '37 MEMBERS IN W. MILLER UT ALT '6 LOUIS N. BAER '35 WILLIAM GIOSAIEQR 136 C U L T Y HERBERT L- BROWN '34 C. NORMAN SCHMITI' '35 VAN NETRE AMES ROBERT BRUEHL '35 VICTOR STRAUSS '35 H K DUNHAM ' W- EUOENE COLEMAN '35 WILLIAM F. TAYLOR '38 R' LIANGENHEIM KENNETH S. CRITTENDON '38 WILLIAM C. TNORNELL ,36 F' H' LAMB JOHN L- OALEY '35 C. WILLIAM VIETS '36 J' R' LOOFROUROW WILLIAM C. DEVEREAUX '38 A NEVIN WAGNER ,36 F' MCKIM OAVIB O- BEVORE IR- '34 THOMAS M. WARRINGTON '36 V' R' ROBERTS G. BROOKS ELDRIDGE '35 ROBERT pi WHITE 138 B' T' SHINE DEAN P. EITE '35 ' ' F. EREMONT FISHER, JR. '34 ROGER L, FOSDICI4 '34 P L E D G E S DOUGLAS P. GRAF '37 OLEN R. GRANDLE ,34 WILLIAM BRUMLEVE '37 RGBERT D' GRUEN 136 THOMAS K, FOSTER '37 ALBERT L. HAMM '37 BUHL GRAY '37 ARTHUR R. HECRERMAN '37 ROBERT H- RUHN '37 MALCOLM W. HENDLEY '35 LOUIS H' SWITZER '37 RAYMOND L. HILTON '36 JOHN C. HUSSEY, JR. '38 KOSCIUSCKO KEMPER '35 ALBERT O. KIRTLEY '38 SPENCER If. RUHN '35 WILLIAM D. LANG '36 JACK R. LANICH '37 OLIVER C. LEWIS '38 WILLIAM D. LITILEFORD '37 I... ALLEN H. LLOYD '34 """' MATTHIAS E LUKENS '35 DAVID N. MCBRIDE '34 B011 JESS F. MCCREIOHT '36 A '31-3-54 NORMAN MOSER I-TOUNDED, 1889 MIAMI UNIVERSITY 87 CHAPTERS ESTABLISHED, 1890 BETA NU CHAPTER lil HAWKE HAMMERSTROM BREESE HANSON PAPWORTH CALVIN MYERS MENTEL SCARLETT JONES STREBEL WALTERS MAJOEWSKY MATHIS WILSON FRANCIS BAUM TAYLOR STEMPLE THOME H. UIBLE BUGHER STENKEN WEIL POWNALL BENHAM KINGSBURY SCHATZ BIEHLE HOFFMAN POETKER WRIGHT MCDONALD VOGELER MEMBERS IN FACULTY GEORGE A. HEDGER S. GALE LOWRIE RALPH TUCK RAY WILSON :J 3-. -., Ski' Ib UFVYW O elif: ..1 FOUNDED 1848 fn' MIHMI UNIVERSITY 103 CHHPTERS ACTIVES CHARLES ALBERTS ROBERT BENHAM WILLIAM BIEHLE GUY BLJGHER FRASER DOLJGLASS RICHARD FRANCIS DONALD GRIFFITH HENRY HAMMERSTROM DONALD HAWKE ROBERT JONES IRVIN R. KOMNICK RICHARD LEIGHTON ARNOLD MAJOEWSKY JAMES MALSTROM HOWARD MATHES THOMAS MCDONALD JAMES MCPHEETERS MULFORD MENTEL RICHARD MORRIS WILLIAM O'NEAL ROGER PELLENS JOSEPH POETKER JAMES POWNALL WALTER STENKEN FRED STREBEL ROBERT TAYLOR JACK THOME HOWARD UIBLE EVERETT WALTERS ALEXANDER WILSON PLEDGES SAM ALLEN OTTO BAUM ROGER HANSON CHARLES HEDGES EDWARD HOFFMAN JOHN HOSKING JAMES KINGSBURY JOHN MEYERS DENNING PEASLEE GEORGE RIEVESHEL JACK SCARLETT JOHN SCHATZ ALAN VOGELER ROBERT WEIL GEORGE WRIGHT ESTABLISHED 1898 or-no THETH WILLIAMS JOHNSON, R, E. RUEHLMANN THORN HAWLEY DORENBUSH BERNHARDT NEEL ALCORN HELJNEFELD WELLMANN LARKBY BOYLE EAGEN PRESSLER EGOLF HECKEL STINE GILBERT MOREHEAD BERNHARD MAC HUFFMAN FISHBACK GIBNEY COUGHLIN, W, COOK STEUBING BURDICK HAUSER HOEFER WATSON BENNETT POWELL JOHNSON, R. C. COUGI-IL IN, C. KAUFMAN HETSCH HIXSON ACTIVES CHARLES ANDERSON CY BAXTER STANLEY BENNETT ROBERT BERNHARDT RUSSELL BERNHARDT JACK BOYLE FRANK BURDICK JACK CAMPBELL JAMES COOK CHARLES COUGHLI N WILLIAM COUGHLIN EUGENE DAWSON ALBERT T. DAVIS G. ALLEN DAVIS ALFRED DORENBUSCH ROBERT DUNING ROBERT EAGEN FOSTER EGOLF WILLIAM FISCHBACK JOHN GIBNEY DON GILBERT ROBERT HAUSER ROBERT HAWLEY ROBERT HECKEL LEWIS HIXSON ROBERT HOEFER MAC HUFFMAN ROBERT JOHNSON GEORGE KAUFMAN JOHN KIRSCHNER FRANK KUGLER ROBERT MOORHEAD ROBERT W. NEEL, JR. '35 STANTON PETRY ESTABLISHED 1909 GHMMH xr CHHPTER MORTIMER POWELL FRED PRESSLER JOHN ROSE JAC SMITH FRED STINE EDWARD N. STEUBING CHARLES WATSON ALBERT WELLMAN W. GIL WERNER STANLEY WOODWARD PLEDGES ELI ALCORN ALBERT GERDSEN LAWRENCE HETSCH PAUL HUENEFELD ROBERT JOHNSON ROBERT JONES WILLIAM KIRBY CHARLES KRUECK OLIVER LARKBY JOHN RUEHLMANN FRANK SHAFER EDWARD THORN ROBERT WELSH ROBERT WILLIAMS FRED YAEGER MEMBERS IN FACULTY JAMES ERVIN ROBERT C. Gowm ARMAND KNOBLAUGH DR. BEN L. BRYANT H. A. KOENIG RUFUS SOUTHWORT EOUNDED 1859 BETHHNY COLLEGE 75 CHHPTERS WILSON HENDERSON RESTEMEYER HUNTER NIEMAN SCI-IOTT YAEGER HONSCHOPP TRAME BROWN COOK BERGHAUSEN CLARK BUCHARD BAXTER WALTZ SCHULZE HOFF BUTLER LUEDERS BRENTSON EVERETT LEVI NGOOD PUGH Members in Faculty REGINALD MCGRANE Q o QU: Actives WILLIAM BAXTER CLARENCE BETZ ALFRED BERGHAUSEN PAUL BRENTSON ROBERT BUTLER JOHN BIRCHARD CHARLES CLARK CHARLES COOK CHARLES EVERETT FRANK ENGLERT ALBERT FINK ROSS HASTIE PHILIP HEIL EDWARD HOFF EDWARD JULIEN ROSS LANCE GEORGE LEVENGOOD FRITZ LUEDERS NELSON LINCOLN RALPH POLLARD RICHARD ROWLAND WILLIAM SCHMID ERIC SCI-IULZE ELMER VAN HORN FOUNDED, 1968 I I UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA -F 78 CHAPTERS f Pledges ALLEN ADAMS SAM GILLILAND ROBERT HAUSSER WILLIAM HENDERSON HUGO HONSCHOPP ALBERT HABERER HAROLD NEIMAN WILLIAM PUGH WILLIAM RESTEMEYER CARL SCHOTT JACK SEYFFER LAWRENCE TRAME ROBERT TRUEBNER GORDON WALTZ MAURICE WILSON RALPH YAEGER ESTABLISHED 1910 ALPHA XI CHAPTER HOMA KOETT GWINNER BUCHMAN KRUSE ERICKSON KNAPP EIB SPURGEON BERTRAM KUTTER KRAMER WILKERSON AGNESS LEWIS PERKINSON LONG WEBER IGNATIUS NULSEN KAHLER ANDERSON SCHWAB RAUCK ADAMS SCI-IIENATZ KELHOEFER ACTIVES CHARLES O. ADAMS RODGER AGNESS RICHARD ANDERSON LOUIS BERTRAM CHARLES BOSKEN CARL FISCHER NORMAN GREEN MILTON GWINNER TED A. HOMA ALVIN IGNATIUS GRIMES KOHLER ROBERT KELLHOFER ARTHUR KOETT FRED KNAPP GEORGE J. KRAMER FRED KRUSE RUDOLF KUTTER BENJAMIN LEWIS JOHN R. LEWIS ROBERT LIEBHARDT WILLIAM LONG RAY O. NULSEN CHARLES O'DANIEL ROBERT RAUCK RICHARD SCHWAB RICHARD SCHWATZ HARRY STROTHMAN THOMAS WEBER HARRY WILKERSON ESTABLISHED 1916 GHMMH GRMME1 ZETQ PLEDGES LEONARD BOSKEN ARTHUR BUCHMAN JOSEPH DEEKIN DWIGHT EIB FRED ERISSON JAMES GLIER DAVE MEEKER WILLIAM MORGENTI-IALER '37 DANIEL OBERKLEIN FRANK PURDY ORVILLE RALEFSON ROY SPURGEON ROBERT WILLIS MEMBERS IN 138 FA C U L T Y '37 ,37 FRANK R. BYERS .38 CLARENCE GLUICK '37 CLARENCE o. GARDNER '36 HARRY E. ROHLER '38 M, CHARLES MILEHAM CHARLES K. WEICHIRT '37 '35 '37 '37 '37 Q - -. 9 ' -I 'wean 5' ' O .,s"'.a, I A Z :IA '1 'QT' FOUNDED 1909 BOSTON UNIVERSITY 84 CHHPTERS Ill BLUESTEIN JACOBS LIEBSCHUTZ, J. FELHEIM LIEBSCHUTZ, D. ROSENTHAL HIRSCHFIELD GLANZBURG PHILLIPS SEGAL HYAMS LEHMAN SEBASTIAN YOUNG MANISCHEWITZ BECKER SCHWARTZ BERNSTEIN ' RAPPOPORT LEVI GOLAND MEMBERS IN FACULTY JOSEPH FILGER EDWARD FRIEDMAN LEO S. FRIEDMAN LEON GOLDMAN JOSEPH HEIMAN LESTER A. JAFFEE MAURICE LEVINE HENRY W. LEVISON CLARENCE LUBIN SAMUEL SELTZ STANLEY SIMON N, fe. 0' Q ACTIVES CHARLES BECKER NATHAN BECKER MEL BERNSTEIN RICHARD BLUESTEIN SIDNEY BRANT SAMUEL CHALFIE PAUL V. FRIEDMAN LOUIS GOLAND ELMER GOLDSTEIN ALLAN JACOBS STANLEY LEVI DAVID LEVIN JOSEPH LIEBSCHUTZ BERYL MANISCHEWITZ '36 MILLARD HIRSCHFELD '37 MILTON RAPPOPORT NATHANIEL ROSENTHAL '35 EDWARD YOUNG FLOYD SCHWARTZ HENRY GLANZBERG MARVIN FELHEIM PLEDGES SAMUEL GARTEL JOSEPH HYAMS NAT LEHMAN ROY NASSAU FRANK SCHATZ ROBERT SEBASTIAN 1 S EAM EOUNDED 1909 ESTABLISHED 1917 H COLLEGE OF THE CITY OMICRON CHHPTER OF NEW YORK 4U CHHPTERS SNIDER MCNEIL BAKER AVERY S. BEESCH A. BEESCH REYNOLDS MOOMAW KAHL MASTERSON MCCLURE ROMINE GOSSLING ATKINSON WILLIAMS HAMILTON COULTER BENHAM SHIELDS SEITZ JACKSON BOOZ PAINE RAHE SAYRS SELTZER HENDRICKS DICKMAN ACTIVES LYLE C. ATWOOD ROSS ATKINSON BRUCE BALDWIN CHARLES BARTLETT CARL BEACH SPENCER BOOZ MORTON BENHAM FRANK BROCKHARDT TODD COULTER BRUNNER DICKMAN JOHN JACKSON WILLIAM I-IENDRICKS ROBERT KAHL ALBERT KERR HAROLD HAYWORTH WILLIAM MASTERSON CARROLL MCCLURE HARRY PAINE ELMER G. RAHE LAWRENCE REYNOLDS FORREST ROMINE DONOVAN SAYRS ALBERT SEITZ JAMES SELTZER JOHN SHIELDS DELBERT SNIDER THEODORE WILLIAMS C. HURLBURT WOODWORTH '35 L O C A L PLEDGES RICHARD AVERY ALBERT BEESCH SAMUEL BEESCH V DENVER DAVIS ROBERT GOSSLING EDWARD HAMILTON ROBERT KERR DAVID MCNEIL EUGENE PAINTER MEMBERS IN FACULTY RALPH BURSIEK JOHN DE CAMP E. K. DRAKE KENNETH MOORE W. HARMON WILSON N ugh. r .sv -Hai 9:1 :QI -51, - ai egg Qf Q X31-., :- 'sage' FOUNDED, 1919 UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI I-I I--I Ill Ii-I COHEN, N. COHEN, D. LEVINE OSHERWITZ, M. WILLINZIK HIRSCHBERG ISRAELSKY PERLMAN OSHERWITZ, H. LEVINSON WEINER PINSKY MILLER, A. BEAR LESSER NATHAN GROBAN DAVEDORF MILLER, 5. ROSENBLATT KATZ OSHERWITZ, D. MEITUS TOUFF SHARON ZYSKIND MEMBERS IN ACTIVES FACULTY HIRAM B. WEISS BERTRAM BERG FYCDBA 9 X O Q 645 'A' Q -:TX jo. Qafg' wh. ,I U T FOUNDED 1912 COLUMBIH UNIVERSITY 41 CHHPTERS HARRY A. GROBAN IRVIN HIRSCHBERG ALFRED KATZ DAVID LAZURUS CHARLES LESSER ALFRED MEITUS SHERMAN MILLER DAVE NATHAN GEORGE NEWBURGER DANIEL OSHERWITZ MORRIS OSHERWITZ NATHAN PINSKY SAUL REISER DAVID ROSENBLATT BERNARD ROSENBERG LESTER RUSSIN NATHAN SHAPIRO ISADORE SHARON DAVID SHOR GERALD TOUFF PLEDGES WACK BEAR DAVID COHEN NORMAN COHEN PHILIP LeVINE MILTON LEVINSON MORTON PERLMAN HAROLD OSHERWITZ SIGMUND VALIN SAM WEINER OSCAR WILLENZIK HAROLD ZYSKIND ESTABLISHED 1920 MU CHHPTER KORROS GREENBERG WI NTERS RICHARDS STATMAN GREENLAND GOLDMAN WOLF FRIEDMAN STRAUSS ALBERT BLOCH KAPLAN GARBER FRIEDMAN SPEIGAL STAITMAN SPIEVACK ALBERT KOHN MANN BARRISHMAN ESTABLISHED, 1920 BETA CHAPTER ACTIVES IRWIN ALBERT JACOB BARISHMAN EMIL BARROWS SOL BERSHADSKY JACOB BROWN ISADOR CLAYBON MORRIS GARBER ROBERT GOLDMAN SANDER GOLDMAN SIDNEY GREENBERG IRWIN KAPLAN LESTER KOHN JACK MAN SAMUEL PASSEL SAMUEL ROCKWERN LOUIS SCHRIBER MILTON SPIEGEL ROBERT SPIVACK IRWIN STAITMAN SOL STATMAN ' HAROLD STRAUSS NORMAN WOLF PLEDGES MYRON ALBERT MILTON BLOCK CHARLES GILLET MAX GREENLAND MILTON FOREMAN JOE ROSEN IRWIN SHARON HARRY WINTERS 0,90 Q Q54 Q51 gf, Q: T 29 ' 4' If. ' QI flag .' by FOUNDED, 1917 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA IO CHAPTERS lil I-I IT! BEREN DRUCKER YOUNGERMAN LEVI NSON SCHOTTENFELS LEVY NEWBURGER SILVERMAN ROTHSCHILD WERTHEIMER EDLEWITCH KAUFMAN MASLOV Ill s fx! Sf" 42 ' -9 U in ,'.' -. ' ACTIVES IRVIN BEREN LEWIS BROWN NED DRUCKER SAMUEL EDLAVITCH CHARLES KAUFMAN AARON LEVY CHARLES LEVINSON DONALD MASLOV MORRIS NEWBURGER LOUIS YOUNGERMAN FOUNDED 1904 ESTABLISHED 1920 COLLEGE OF THE CITY OMEGH CHHPTER OF NEW YORK 32 CHHPTERS STODDARD BELKNAP LONGMAN JOHNSON SCHAETZEL BELTZ CONNER CHENEY MIZER SLUSHER COBB ROGGE SEYMOUR ERI KSON EMERY MEYER SCHWI EKART A C T I V E S EDWARD BELKNAP '34 GEORGE BELTZ '3-4 HAROLD CI-IENEY '36 JAMES COBB '34 ROBERT CONNER '35 DONNO COOPER '36 JOHN EMERY '37 OSCAR ERIKSON '35 GEORGE GENTRY '35 GEORGE LONGMAN '37 JOSIAH MEYER '37 EUGENE MIZER '36 WILLIAM ROGGE '35 HERBERT SCHWEIKART '35 HALE SEYMOUR '34 HARLEY SLUSHER '34 WILLIAM STODDARD '36 ESTABLISHED 1921 CINCINNATI CHAPTER I ir PLEDGES HAROLD BEAVON WILLIAM JOHNSON ANTHONY RIZZO GEORGE SCHAETZEL PAUL SURFACE MEMBERS IN FACULTY EARL FARNAU BRADLEY JONES H. B. LUTHER HERMAN SCHNEIDER f A I 'IE-A EOUNDED 1907 UNIVERSITY OE ILLINOIS 15 CHHPTERS Ill JENSEN DEWEY LANGELER WILLIAMS REDDISH RAIDT BLAKESLEE CARON BRANCH STEWART DAVIS ILIFF ROUSTER HIGGINS SCHELLER LUEDERS RUCK STRAYER KAEMMERLE O'NEAL MEYER LEWIS MOORE BOOTH KRESS DICKERSON GARRETT KLETT MARTIN ' STOCKER COLLINS PINKVOSS MEMBERS IN FACULTY HARVEY DRACH CHARLES JOERGER CARL K. GIERINGER RALPH W. MILLER JOHN H. HOSKINS WILLIAM WABNITZ 'IKE' K . GN I EOUNDED, 1865 VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE 94 CHAPTERS ACTIVES ROBERT B. BLAKESLEE J. EDWIN BOLMER ALONZO M. BOOTHE GLENN H. COLLINS ROBERT J. DAVIS ROBERT J. DEWEY LEWIS A. DICKERSON CLIFFORD GARRETT ROBERT E. GETTER JACK JACKSON CARL H. KAEMMERLE JOHN W. KERCHER, JR. ' HOWARD W. KLETT HOWARD KRESS DONALD P. KRISHER STEWART S. LEWIS ROY C. LUEDERS DONALDG. LYNCH EUGENE C. MOORE HENRY F. PINKVOSS WILLIAM F. RAIDT MERRILL C. ROUSTER FRANKLIN D. RUCK CHARLES P. SCHELLER PARKER STEWART RALPH C. STOCKER EDWARD G. WEBER CARL F. WILLIAMS PLEDGES JOHN R. BRANCH ROBERT P. BROWN CLARENCE E. CARON PAUL W. HEUBACH DELMORE HIZER AXEL JENSEN RICHARD JONES ALBERT B. LANGELER MARCUS B. MARTIN STANLEY H. MEYER C. NELSON O'NEAL CHARLES W. REDDISH JAMES C. ROGERS ALBERT SCHILLING BLAZ Y. SCOTT ROBERT J. SHEERAN WILLIAM R. STONE STANLEY C. STRAYER CLIFFORD A. WOELLERT ESTABLISHED, 1922 OHIO DELTA LAMBDA CHAPTER STAFFORD MILLER FREY HANSON KETAS KUHN CAMPBELL ZORI NI BRANDSTETTOR RITTENHOUSE MOYER JENKINS VAN VEEN MOELLER ROWE LANCE BONDI METZ TOWERS ETZEL ELO HUTCHINSON SCRANTON YORK, ACTIVES DONALD BELL HERMAN BONDI GEORGE BRANDSTETTER '34 BRUCE CAMPBELL JOHN CONNER LOUIS E. DUBUQUE REINO ELO WILLIAM ETZEL , JOHN F. GEERS EVERETT HANSON CARROL O. H UTCH I NSON '35 JOHN R. KEATES ROWLAND C. KLEINE '34 CHARLES W. KUHN ROBERT LANCE CHESTER C. MOELLER '36 HARRY W. MOELLER JOHN SCHNEIDER CLARENCE H. SCRANTON '36 JOHN STAFFORD RUSSELL R, TOWERS RICHARD VANVEEN ' RAYMOND L, WOERNER ' WILLIAM YORK ESTABLISHED 1925 ZETQ CHQPTER PLEDGES ROBERT BISHOP HAROLD BROOKS HARRY ERNST RAYMOND EVANS RAYMOND FREY DANIEL GEEDING ROBERT GOEBEL JAMES HALL SAM JENKINS FRED METZ RICHARD MILLER RAY MOYER JOHN PATTERSON CHARLES RITTENHOUSE '37 MAX ROWE DANIEL THOMPSON GEORGE ZORRINNI MEMBERS IN FACULTY ARTHUR W. HOLMES DARE A. WELLS fl wk:- gbv' Q ., .Q 'V' EOUNDED 1901 I-IHMLINE UNIVERSITY 35 CHI-IPTERS I-ll MERRIMAN I-I. CASSADY SETA DONOVAN CONLEY SEIWERT MCCAFFREY DU BRUL MANNING H. DEYE ZINS A PUNDSACK ECKSTIEN GRIGAS YEAGER DIXON BROADHURST STAUDER REICHERT MOMPER STIENS COLLINS J. CASSADY S. DEYE FISCHER KREHNBRINK WATKINS THORNBURY ADICK H. PUNDSACK BRAUN GOERTH MEMBER IN ACTIVES PLEDGES F A C U I-I T Y NORBERT E. ADICK 'ss JOHN CALLAHAN 'as FREDERIC B. BARKALOW '36 HARRY CASSADY '37 H O N O R A R Y JAMES W' BROADHURST 135 HAROLD DEYE iss M E M B E R JOHN L. CASSADY ,37 THOMAS E. OIXON 38 PHILLIP COLLINS STANLEY DEYE KEVIN DIJBRUL PAUL ECKSTEIN EDWARD FISCHER LEO F. GOERTH JAMES P. KALLAHER FRED KILLIAN LEWIS W. KREHNBRINK REV. CLETUS A. MILLER ROBERT C. KREI-INBRINK JOSEPH A. MEEHAN HERBERT J. PUNDSACK ARTHUR REIQHERT PAUL J. sEIvvERT ROBERT vv. STAUDER ARTHUR 5. THORNBURY JOSEPH vOLz WILLIAM n. WATIQINS JOHN YEAGER ,-Sf, WILLIAM zINs 1 J U I a ' ' O 5t .u D H 0 Q Q, 3- Au EOUNDED 1889 BROWN UNIVERSITY 24 CHHPTERS LARRY DONOVAN ' TED GEISLER CHARLES W. GRIGAS JACK MANNING ALFEO MARTINA JOHN MCCAFFREY JACK MEEHAN JAMES C. MERRIMAN ROBERT MOMPER PAUL H. NETTLETON GEORGE C. PRESTA ALVIN PUNDSACK WILLIAM ROSE MARIO SETA ROBERT F. STIENS OTTO M. STOLZ 5 ESTABLISHED 1925 A OMICRON CHAPTER PRYNE TUNNISON SMITH YOUNG GRAIF CLOKE THOMPSON STONEBREAKER PINI MCDOWELL EISENHART LUEBERING HOPPER WAGNER HARPER SCI-IWEIN NORTH BOLTON BADANES BERESKI N GALLAGHER ALBRECHT ACTIVES ROBERT ALBRECHT VIRGIL ARGABRIGHT ALBERT BADANES ALEXANDER BERESKI N '35 JOHN BOLTON RICHARD BRITTON ROBERT CALLARD FLOYD DIEHL EDWIN EISENHART MARVIN FLOOM JOSEPH CALLAOHER ROBERT ORAEE EDGAR HOPPER BURCHELL HORN EDWARD LEPPLE EDWIN LUEBERING DONALD MAC DAIN ROBERT MAC DOWELL JAMES O'BRIEN ROBERT PINI CLARENCE ROBINSON PAUL RLISSEL VERNON RAOUET FRANK SCHWEIN ARTHUR SCHENR JOSEPH SCHROEDER EREDRICR SMITH 1 MELVIN STONEBRAKER ' RALPH THOMPSON KARL WAGNER WILLIAM YOUNG ESTABLISHED 1926 CINCINNHTI CHQPTER PLEDGES LLOYD ALLEN ROBERT BELL JERRY BLAIR HOWARD CLOKE, JR. DURWARD HARPER FRANK HASSEN ROBERT JOHNKE JOHN JOHNSON WILLIARD KRAUSSER CLARK LAWRENCE ANDREW LINCOLN ELMER MAC FARLAND STEPHEN MORGAN WALTER PRINE WILLIAM STONEBRAKER WESLEY TUNISON EARL WEBER MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. A. ANDEREGG A. SHERWOOD KAINS FRANCIS H. BIRD WILLIAM A. CROWLEY CHARLES N. MOORE c EAI: sig n. fi C it 3 v 4 . I 8'C03c EOUNDED 1917 DENNISON UNIVERSITY 1 1 CI-IHPTERS I--I MARCONETTE WEYMILLER ZELDENRUST NOLTI NG BARONE ABEL ODER VAN ALTA DURST WOZENCRAFT SMITH LOCK TI LTON BUSAM WILLIAMS TEED BAETZ KEMP MCARTHLIR ALLISON MEMBERS IN ACTIVES F A C U L T Y GEORGE G. BAETZ DR. ERNEST L. TALBERT PASCAL V' BARONE FREDERICK W. ROGERS MARK DAVE s"9'C'0i". 9 I , A, gh, Q . oo, Q .1 , Q O X ,f' IO 9'LI3"' .0 .. QQ FOUNDED 1921 I-1' MIHMI UNIVERSITY 9 CHHPTERS NORMAN DURST HARRY HINES WILLIAM KEMP ROBERT MICHAEL WARREN ODER RALPH ROBERTS JACK TEED RAYMOND TILTON HOMER VAN ATTA CLIFFORD C. WEYMILLER DANIEL WILLIAMS PAUL WOZENCRAFT ALBERT ZELDENRUST PLEDGES RAY ALLISON JOHN ABEL EDWARD BUSAM ALBERT BYERS THEODOR JENTELSON HARRY MARCONETTE RAYMOND NOLTING ESTABLISHED 1927 EPSILON CHQPTER ENGLERT TUFTS ROBERTS FITCH CHAPMAN SAKS UNDERCOFFER TEWEL EMBERTSON ALEXANDER HOEFLI NG HODDE M. WILSON MCCARTY W, WILSON BARTON BROADSTON A C T I V E S GILES E. BARTON '34 HAMLYN BENNEY '36 JAMES A. BROADSTON '34 ROBERT E. ENGLERT '36 LEE E. FITCH '34 FERDINAND H. HODDE '33 RAYMOND A. MCCARTY '35 JACK I. SAKS '33 MELVIN A. WILSON '34 WILLIAM C. WILSON '34 ESTABLISHED 1928 PLEDGES RALPH W. ALEXANDER E. BARTON BELL EUGENE C. CHAPMAN MAURICE A. EMBERTSON JAMES K. HOEFLING MONROE M. HORST JAMES W. ROBERTS JAMES D. TEWEL WILLIAM W. UNDERCOFFER DONALD L. ZIEGEL .VI - MEMBERS IN FACULTY WALTER A. BAUDE GEORGE M. ENOS WILLIAM W. HEWETT WILLIAM A. CROWLEY LAWRENCE B. CHENOWETH NEVIN M. FENNEMAN RALPH A. VAN WYE NORWOOD C. GEIS HONORARY MEMBER DR. THOMAS M. STEWART I ' :I uf, 66 606, 0 -Q 9 . ,QL 069 " FOUNDED1904 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGI-IN 29 CI-IHPTERS Ill I-I I KUWACH BENNETT GILB BARTON SCHONHOFT DUNCAN DUNN WIEL MCDONALD EARLY DAVIES vv1NALL M E M B E R S I N F A C U L T Y EARL J. AYLSTOCK EDWIN K. DRAKE NORWOOD C. GEIS l""I HARRY vv. MCLAUGHLIN ' R. EMMET TAYLOR 'www XG 'F-A-vu i!Z"'iff 'XIQQ st -.-.1 5 A 9 fb- -Ry- 'MAB-wg' '31-:far FOUNDED 1907 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 58 CHHPTERS BRACKER MOSBACHER ACTIVES EUGENE G. BENNETT ERNEST E. BRACHER BRECK M. BURTON RICHARD DAVIES JOSEPH DULLEY ROBERT DUNCAN FENMORE DUNN ELMER EARLY PAUL E. GILB ALBERT HOHMAN EDWARD KUWATCH EDWARD LOCKE JAMES MCDONALD HARRY MILLER JOHN MOSBACKER CARL J. SCHONHOFT OLAF STIANSEN HARRY Y. WEIL JULIUS F. WI-IITMIRE COURTLAND WINALL Eve. Eve. Eve. Eve. Eve. '36 Eve. Eve. Eve. Eve. Eve. Eve. Eve. Eve, Eve. '34 '35 Eve. Eve. '35 ESTABLISHED 1924 RLPHQ THETQ. CHAPTER azozifiw WGMANS PANHELLENIC ASSCDCIATICDN RUTH RUBIN ................... GRACE HEMSTEGER ........ ALPHA CHI OMEGA Ruth Davies Maxine Hughes ALPHA DELTA TH ETA Betty Jane Slough Alice Buck ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Ruth Hayes Margaret Ackerman ALPHA OMICRON PI Miriam Hatten Jeannette Merk CHI OMEGA Mary Louise Dieterle Virginia Wade DELTA DELTA DELTA Isabelle Lee Margaret Lotspeich Officers Delegates DELTA PHI EPslLoN Elizabeth Kahn Sadie Singer DELTA Z ETA Yolonde Schneider Mildred Willis KAPPA ALPHA TH ETA Ada Alpaugh Louise Eastman KAPPA DELTA Georgia Mae Benham Martha Bohart KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Dorothy Burkhardt Marian Gillham PHI DELTA Edwina Wolley Kathryn Naber PHI MU Irene Dleckman ............President .Secretary ....... Treasurer PHI SIGMA SIGMA Ruth Kuhn Janet Mehl PI ALPHA TAU Mollie Kallas Ruth Blum SIGMA DELTA TAU Lillian Pushin Margarite Benson TH ETA PHI ALPHA Jean Hennegan Jane Druffel , ZETA TAU ALPHA Virginia Smith Francis McClain PI LAMBDA SIGMA Thelma Frey Dorothy Wiedmer MEHL BUCK ALPAUGH EASTMAN LOTSPE ICH LEE SLOUGH WIEDEMER SINGER BENHAM WALTZ HAYES KALLAS DI ETERLE HALTON MERK KAI-IN HENNEGAN FREDERIKS RUB I N BEREN HEMSTEGER SCHNEIDER FREY VENABLE GOBLE A.HENSHAW MCDONELL CROSLEY BROKAW ACKERMAN MERKEL VEAZEY AKILBY KENNEDY RASCHIG WESTON CHACE BOWMAN M.MOESER GERE GRIESHABER M.HENSHAW BROWN EUBANK WOODWARD LEE SLUSS HOWARD NOTTINGHAM NUTTING HARMON B.MOESER MORSE MURDOCK GATES DEUPREE HEEKIN NIEMAN ECKMAN ACTIVES MARY C. ACKERMAN EDNA ADAM ELEANOR BOWMAN EVA BROKAW ELIZABETH CHACE CHARLOTTE CROSLEY LAILE EUBANK MARY N. GOBLE MAY GRIESHABER ANN HENSHAW JANE HOWARD MARGARET JOHNSTON ANGIE ANNETTA KELLER HARRIET JANE KELLER EDITH KENNEDY ELEANOR KILBY ELEANOR LEE ISABELLA LEE MARGARET LOTSPEICH RUTH MCDONELL HELEN MERKEL EDNA MEYER MARY JANE MOESER ELIZABETH NOTTINGHAM MARY LOUISE NUTTING FRANCES RASCHIG JANE SQUIBB FRANCES VEAZEY GENEVRA VENABLE MARGARET WESTON PLEDGES ELEANORA ADAM ELIZABETH BALDWIN ADA BARBER EMILY BROWN JANE DUEPREE HELEN DREIDAME HELEN ECKMAN NATALIE GATES NANCY GERE SOPHIE HARMON JEANNE HEEKIN MARY K. HENSHAW RUTH MACKOY BARBARA MOESER JANE MORSE JEAN MURDOCK DOROTHY NIEMAN JANE SLUSS MARGARET TALBERT MARY JANE WOODWARD MEMBERS IN FACULTY CORA MAY BOX I MRS. MILNOR F. LITTLE RUTH SORGEL I v'f 1 ESTABLISHED, 1892 FOUNDED, 18 88 ZETA CHAPTER BOSTON UNIVERSITY - 84 CHAPTERS S YA II' JENKINSON ENDEBROCK VIGOR MCDONALD MEYER HELD UDRY SCHICK WEISHAUPT LEDBETTER COE THEIRING N.BOI-IART BUGHER BURDORF SANDBERG GUSTIN DICKINS SAYRS RUEHLMANN LUCIUS ERVIN HUMPHRIES' JUNG HARTMAN M.BOHART GRACE RUDOLPH BENHAM COLLOM KLOTTER MEMBERS IN FACULTY MISS HELEN STANLEY MRS. MARJORIE STEWART PALMER ACTIVES ELOISE BAILEY GEORGIA MAE BENHAM MARTHA BOHART JACQUELINE BURDORF HELEN COE ESTHER COLLOM LAVINIA ERVIN VIRGINIA FAUNTLEROY FRANCES GRACE ELEANOR HARTMAN BESS HUMPHRIES BARBARA J UNG LUCILLE KOELBLIN CHARLOTTE KLOTTER ALMA KOTHE ELOISE LUCIUS WINONA MAGWOOD JANET ROSS JANE RUDOLPH BAILEY KOELBLIN PLEDGES EDITH ALLGAIER NANCY BOHART EMILY BOWEN JANE BLJGHER WILLIE G, DICKINS MARIAN ENDEBROCK MARYHELEN EROOME ALVERTA GUSTIN MARIAN HELD RUBENA JENKINSON JOAN LEDBETTER CAROLYN MCDONALD DOROTHY MEYER KATHRYN OSBORNE EILEEN SAYRS JANE ALICE SCHICK RUTH SPRINKLE HELEN RUEHLMANN ROBERTA THEIRING Q vt GLENNA WEISHAUPT JANE VIGOR of Eu ' C' .5 0 1 P' FOUNDED, 1897 ESTABLISHED, 1913 VIRGINIA OMEGA XI CHAPTER STATE NORMAL SCHOOL 72 CHAPTERS KAISER PETRIE WOLFE HUSSEY MORRIS B. GUSTETTER JGUSTETTER COWELL BUHMANN KEYS CORRUTHERS LAWRENCE HERRING TATEMAN HAFFNER SCI-IRADER TUECHTER ORIDGE LACKNER ACTIVES ADA ALPAUGH ELINOR BAUER HAZEL BEUCUS DOROTHY BUHMANN FLORENCE BRENTSON MARJORIE COWELL LOUISE EASTMAN JEANNE GUSTETTER MARION HAFFNER MARY ELIZABETH HERRING '34 DOROTHY HUSSEY VIRGINIA JONES MARJORIE KAISER JANET KOOLAGE JANE DREW ORIDGE JEANNE TATEMAN MARGARET TUECHTER BETTY VORRIS ALICE WOLFE MARY BETH WYCOFF RHAME BEUCUS PYPER EASTMAN TATEM BRENTSON DOLL HEAD J.KOOLAGE TAYLOR VORRIS B. KOOLAGE ALPAUGH RITTE FITZGERALD JONES CUNNINGHAM SANFORD PLEDGES MEMBER IN HELEN CARRUTHERS JANE CUNNINGHAM DOLORES DOLL DOROTHY FITZGERALD ELIZABETH GUSTETTER JANE HEAD MARGARET KEYS ELIZABETH KOOLAGE JANET LACKNER JEANNE LAWRENCE LOUISE MORRIS BETTY PETRIE ALICE PYPER SOPHIE RHAME ALBION RITTE BETTY ROBINSON DOROTHY SANFORD JANE SCHRADER HELEN TATEM LAURA TAYLOR F A C U L T Y MRS. ALBERT BRECKINGHAM , J Es11ABL1s11ED, 1913 FQUNDED, 1870 ALPHA TAU CHAPTER DE PAUW UNIVERSITY 62 CHAPTERS Ill DIETERLE FROMMEYER BEATTY STONE PHILIPPS GRANGER PERIN GELHAUS FISCHER TELKER ALCORN BARROWS GRUEN STONER FELTON RIVARD ALEXANDER, A. PINFOLD MCDERMOTT OTTO VOLLMER WAFFENSCHMIDT FAWLEY PROBST MARTY IANN ITTO WADE WASMER WIKEL VONDER HALBEN ALEXANDER, I. VOKEL WALLACE WOLFECK BRILL HILBERG DE HAVEN PATTERSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY NELL ATKINS 1 ROSAMOND COOK ELIZABETH DYER 6 pagina f-GZ EOUNDED 1895 UNIVERSITY OF HRKHNSHS 87 CHQPTERS ACTIVES JANET ALCORN ILLA ALEXANDER ANN BATES RUTH BARROWS ELEANOR BRILL MIRIAM BRANNEN MARJORIE CORDES MARY LOUISE DIETERLE GERTRUDE FAWLEY AUGUSTA FISCHER JEAN FROMMEYER MARJORIE GRANGER MARGARET GRUEN MARIE IANNITTO EFFIE ISPHORDING MAXINE KAUTZ LOIS MARTY FRANCES KELLOGG JUANITA LINDSAY HELEN PHILIPPS BEATRICE SMITH FRANCES STONER MARY LOUISE TELKER MARGUERITE VOLLMER GRETCHEN VONDER HALBEN '36 JANET VOCKELL VIRGINIA WADE KATHERINE WALLACE JEAN WASMER FLORENCE WIKEL PLEDGES AUDREY ALEXANDER BETTY BEATTY MARGUERITE DE HAVEN BETTY FELTON VIRGINIA GELHAUS JANE HILBERG MARY KEMPER RUTHMARY MCDERMOTT BETTY JANE OTTO BETTY PATTERSON ELLEN PERIN RUTH PINFOLD DOROTHY PROBST ANNETTA RIVARD ELSA STONE DORIS WAFFENSCHMIDT GRACE WASMER MARJORIE WOLFECK ESTABLISHED 1913 PI HLPHQ CHHPTER KEMP DUCASS DOENCH STEINER,A. PRIBE LITTLEFORD EICHERT TAYLOR KISKER KOHL RUEWER GARRIOT OWEN RANDALE,R. MESSER CULLEN THOMPSON PRATHER RANDALE, A. DONALDSON GRACELY WILSON GROENE WILLIAMS SMALL BROKATE RUMMEL PATTERSON GRISCHY BURKHARDT TRANKLER GILLHAM ROCKAWAY LYNN THUMA STEINER ACTIVES KATHERINE ALLEN JESSIE LEE BESON LAURA BROKATE DOROTHY BURKHARDT '34 RUTH CULLEN BETSY DONALDSON MARION GILLHAM IRENE GRISCHY ELEANORA GROENE ELSA HEIDT AMY LYNN KATHERINE MESSER JEAN MURPHY BETTY PATTERSON JEAN PRATHER ALICE RANDLE BETTY RANDLE EDITH RUMMEL JEAN ROCKAWAY ELINOR SMALL ALICE JAY STEINER KATHERINE STEINER PLEDGES RUTH DOENCH MARY DU CASS ESTELLE EICHERT PEGGY GARRIOT MARY GRACELY MARY RAE KEMP MARGARET KISKER MARION KOHL JANE LITTLEFORD EMILY MASHBURN CECIL MCLAREN BETTY OWEN EMILY PRIBE MARTHA REUWER VIRGINIA SWINDLER ANN TAYLOR ELSA THOMPSON MARY ELLEN WILLIAMS PEGGY WILSON BEATRICE THOMPSON '35 MARJORIE THUMA DOROTHY TRANKLER '36 mt WM.,,u 5 MAY TOEPFER 'L .f 11" u JI- ESTABLISHED 1914 FOUNDED 1870 BETH RHO CHFIPTER MONMOUTH COLLEGE 67 CHHPTERS MCBRIDE SCHNEIDER RICHTER HALLER ULMER OEHLER ZACHMANN ASH BARNUM GIBBONS HANCOCK DARDEN SCHLESSINGER BETTS NICHOLS TOWNSEND EICH SELBERT H. EVANS WILLIS A. EVANS POWELL VOORHEIS ALLEN I," gp ACTIVES JANE ALLEN HELEN ASH VIRGINIA BARNUM VIRGINIA BETTS LISABETH DARDEN ANNA MARIE EVANS GRETCHEN HALLER DOROTHY HANCOCK MARGARET LYND MARY NICHOLS JANE OEHLER YOLANDE SCHNEIDER MARTHA SELBERT VIVIAN VOORHEIS MILDRED WILLIS GERTRUDE WINKLEMAN PLEDGES LEONA BEVIS MARY LOU EICH HARRIET EVANS NANCY GIBBONS EVELYN MCBRIDE BETTY POWELL MARGARET RICHTER NANETTE SCHLESINGER MARY FRANCES TOWNSEND MARY ULMER f., I I II, I FOUNDED, 1902 ESTABLISHED, 1916 MIAMI UNIVERSITY XI CHAPTER 64 CHAPTERS MCCARREN MURPHY MORGENTHALER MURRAY YOUNG PARKER FETICK GARDELL E.McEVILLEY MALONEY MCCOY I.COWEN THUMAN R.COWEN DRATTERMAN DECOURCY M.E.DOWNlNG PETERS MYERS B.GOSIGER GEBHARDT GRIFT MUNRO TOPMOELLER EINSPANIER C. RATTERMAN HARMON WINKLER DRISCOLL BOHMER DALTON TAPKE BUENGER HERSCHEDE POWELL BRUMLEVE HENNEGAN FREIDRICKS GRUBER MEYERS M.McEVlLLEY M,M.DOWNlNG R. GOSIGER DRUFFEL ACTIVES FLORENCE BOHMER MARJORIE BRUMLEVE ELIZABETH BUENGER IRENE COVVEN ROSEMARY COWEN ALICE CROW MARY MARGARET DOWNING '34 JANE DRUFFEL VIRGINIA EREORICRS RUTH OOSJOER MARY ORUBER ' MARY HELEN GRUBER MARY ROSE HARMONY JEAN HENNEGAN DOROTHY HERSCHEDE JEAN LEONARD ELIZABETH MCEYJLLEY MARGARET MCEVILLEY ANN MEYERS PATSY MOROENTHALER ALICE MURRAY ELOISE POWELL CLARIBEL RATTERMAN SUE SLOUOH MARY TAPKE MARY ROSE THUMAN EYELYN WINKLER PLEDGES EILEEN BURKE RUTH DeCOURCY MARY ELIZABETH DOWNING ' KATHERINE DRISCOLL ANNE EINSPANIER GRACE FETIG MARY GARDEL MARJORIE GEBHARDT JANE GLENN ELIZABETH GOSIGER MARCELLA GRIFT MARJORIE HICKEY ELEANOR MCCARREN RITA MCCOY MARION MALONEY VIRGINIA MUNRO MARGARET MURPHY STELLA MURRAY ELLEN MYERS BETTY PARKER MARGARET PETERS DOROTHY RATTERMAN JEAN SCHOTT CRYSTAL TOPMOELLER HELENE YOUNG X it W! .ae .- ESTABLISHED, 1919 FOUNDED, 1912 EPSILON CHAPTER UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 17 CHAPTERS I1-'I MCLAUGHLIN THOMSON BERTENSHAW HOOTEN BRUCKMANN GHEXAMER RUPP MECKSTROTH HARTE GORDON POWNALL OBERKLEIN LISTERMAN VAN BLARICUM FLINN GARRISON REIFF MILLER TODD HOFFMAN MORRISON ORR D. HEXAMER EVANS OTTING RISCH HUGHES JOHNSTON CORKINS DAVIES MEYER FRENCH BURR BRUCKNER OBERHELMAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY HELEN NORRIS MOORE I'-'I LOUISE KENNEDY I . 3 Ei, fl xsz 1 Ivif311'uI,,- ,J .fl T I U Q50 EQUNDED, 1885 DE PAUW UNIVERSITY 57 CHAPTERS ACTIVES WILMA ADAM MABEL BAUER HELEN BERTENSHAW JEAN BESUDEN JEAN BRUCKNER HELEN BURR JANE CORKINS RUTH DAVIES MARGARET EVANS MARGARET FLINN KATHRYN FRENCH NANCY GORDON MAXINE HUGHES PHYLLIS HATHAWAY DIXIE JANE HOOTEN SYBILLA JOHNSTON AUDREY LISTERMAN VIRGINIA MECKSTROTH '35 BETTY MEYER FLORENCE OBERHELMAN T36 HELEN OTTING LOIS RIFFLE TESSIE RISCH GRACE SHERWOOD RUTH WALKER AILLEEN VAN BLARICUM '35 PLEDGES JEAN BAYSTON JEAN BRUCKMANN LUCILE GARRISON WILMA HARTE GAYLE HEXAMER DORIS HEXAMER KATHERINE HOFFMAN ELIZABETH MCLAUGHLIN MILDRED MILLER MARJORIE MORRISON VIRGINIA POWNALL VIRGINIA ORR JANE REIFF JANE RUPP MARGARET THOMSON VERDA TODD BESSIE ZECK ESTABLISHED 1919 ' ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER K. WEND FRASER RUCH LANG STRUNK NIEDERHAFER ACHNER BRYANT GRAUER THOMSON WEND, M. MEIER, E. HAUBROCK ALEXANDER ELLIOTT DUNKHORST KLASEN VOGELER SCHMIDT BATEMAN I FAYEN BOHLMAN MAU SLOAN CONDIT SI-IOEMAKER, M. F. KOPER KISKER GROSS MEYER SHOEMAKER, P. SMITH NELSON LAQUE FRANKLIN AVI LES DAVIS ACTIVES PLEDGES DOROTHY ALEXANDER '34 VIRGINIA AELSNER MILDRED ARNE '34 DOLORES AVILES MARJORIE DAHLMAN '36 ABBY BRYANT RUTH DATEMAN '35 OLGA CONDIT DOROTHY DAVIS '36 DOROTHY DAVENPORT VIRGINIA FAYEN '35 HELEN DIINRHORST CHARLOTTE GROSS '34 EDITH ANN ELLIOT EDNA KOPER '35 ELIZABETH FRANKLIN DOROTHY KLASEN '35 MARTHA FRASER RUTH LAQUE '35 GRETCHEN GRALIER MARGARET MAN '35 RUTH HANBROCK FRANCES MECLAIN '35 PATSY KISKER CELIA MAY NELSON '35 MILDRED LANG HELEN SCHMIDT '36 HARRIET MEYER MARY FRANCES SHOEMAKER '35 CHARLOTTE NEIDERHOFER PEGGY SHOEMARER '34 RENELDA REICH MARY SLOAN '34 DOROTHY STRIINI4 VIRGINIA SMITH '34 MARIAM THOMSON ELEANOR VOGELER '34 KATHERINE VVEND MARGARET VVEND gifl' S5 SJWASZO 'S ef! Q' ESTABLISHED1921 FOUNDED 1898 HLPI-IH ETH CI-IHPTER VIRGINIH STHTE NORMPLL SCHOOL 63 CHHPTERS HOFFMAN AMANN THOMAN HOPPLE CHRISTENSON HASTINGS LEWE WESSEL DRAKE FALLS RUST FLATT MAYNE BORCHERDING HOLLEN BECK RICHTER BRAUN WODSWORTH FISGUS SCHWEIN KOPPENHOEFER LUX RABER SLOUGH .SCI-IUMAKER KNAGGE BRECK PUHL MEMBERS IN FACULTY ALINE ABAECHERLI ELEANOR. C. N I PPERT an 70609 I 40 A 0 ,Q AJB ",, 0 0 0 0 0 0 69 FOUNDED1919 A C T I V E S LILLIAN BORCHERDING ' RUTH BRAUN ALICE BUCK LILY CHRISTENSEN MARGARET DRAKE DOROTHY LOU FALLS DOROTHY FISGUS MILDRED FLATT GRETTA HASTINGS VIOLA HOLLENBECK HELEN HOPPLE ELEANOR KOPPENHOEFER '34 RUTH LEWE GERTRUDE LUX LORRAINE MAYNE ELEANOR PUHL ESTI-IER RABER FLORENCE SCHNELLER MILDRED SCHUMAKER ALICE SCHWEIN BETTY JANE SLOUGH KATHERINE STOUTERBERGH ' ALICE THOMAN MAXINE VOGELY MARY JANE WEIDMAN PLEDGES MARCELLA AMANN BETTY BECK MILDRED FAGELY MARCELLA GUTHRIE MARTHA HOFFMAN RUTH KNAGGE CHARLOTTE MILLER HELEN RICHTER JANE RUST KATHRYN SIMPSON MARIAN UNVERSAHT VIVIEN WADSWORTH JOSIE WISSEL ESTABLISHED 1923 TRHNSYLVHNIH COLLEGE GHMMP1 CHHPTER 26 CHHPTERS I L MAY NEBEL EHRMANTROUT HEIMANN WOOD HAYES BAGNOLI SAUER DOWNING HAMMITT HAMILTON GRIFFITH FRY STEFANOFF KAIL HEITMAN AHRENS GUNTHER GRIGG FOERTMEYER BEYER MCGILLIARD MEFFORD EMMERT HAMILTON WALTZ ACKERMAN KUNDERT BENNETT MERGLER, R. MERGLER,H. CHANDLER ACTIVES MARGARETHA ACKERMAN MARIAN AHRENS LORRAINE BAGNOLI MILDRED BENNETT CATHERINE BEYER ELLEN DOUD MARIETTA DUKE AURELIA EHRMANTRAUT WINIFRED EMMERT VIRGINIA FOERTMEYER CHARLOTTE FREY SARAH GRIFFITH ANNE GRIGG SHANK MARY HAMILTON WINIFREDE HAMILTON CATHERINE HAMMITT RUTH HAYES CHARLOTTE KUNDERT DOROTHY MAY ANITA MCGILLIARD HELEN MERGLER WINIFREDE NEBEL ELIZABETH OESTERLEIN LOUISE SAUR BEATRICE WALTZ ANASTACIA WOOD PLEDGES LOIS CHANDLER MARY DOWNING FLORENCE HEITMAN MARTHA KAIL RUTH MERGLER GERALDINE MEFFORD VALERIA STEFANOFF MARGARET WHITE MEMBER IN F A C U L T Y MARIAN ABBOTT BOYD I l'1 , o.o -L4 -9 Q. e ou ,-B44 , ,I 9 4.9.1. '92 ESTABLISHED 1923 FOUNDED 1904 HLPHH GHMMH CHQPFEB UNIVERSITY OF SYRHCUSE 45 CHHPTERS I-Tl ZIEGLER BEACH COLEMAN FALLON PRAY NABER HEMSTEGER RICHEY BRIENT LEWIS SCHROEDER SCHULMEYER LYONS BELLONBY PIERCE BINNS WELLING CASEBEER BLASE WELLMAN SCHLANSER WOOLLEY ECIARNIELLO WITTERSTAETTER YOWELL LCIARNIELLO IRELAND 4' 5' if FOUNDED, 1918 NEW YORK STATE COLLEGE 8 CHAPTERS ACTIVES MARGARET ROGGE BEACH DOROTHEA BELLONBY AUDREANNA BINNS IRMA BLASE VIVIAN CASEBEER EVELYN CIARNIELLO MARY MARGARET COLEMAN GRACE HEMSTEGER FLORENCE IRELAND BETTY LEWIS CATHERINE NABER DOROTHY PIERCE RUTH RICHEY ANNA MAE SCHLANSER HELEN SCHROEDER GRACE STEWART MARGARET WELLING NORMA WELLMAN ETHEL WITTERSTAETTER EDWINA WOOLLEY MARY YOWELL FLORENCE ZIEGLER PLEDGES MAXINE BRIENT LILLIAN CIARNIELLO 4 ANNA MAE FALLON JANICE LYONS MARY NOONE MAE LOUISE PRAY ELOISE SCHULMEYER ESTABLISHED, 1927 EPSILON CHAPTER CROSS METCALF BUNNELL FORDYCE CRAMER MERK MEYER, D. POTT ROBERTS COX MORRIS MAYER ARCHIBALD BROWN MEYER, M. SINTZ SEYFFERLE COOPER HUWE RHU POE HATTON BRUCE PERKINS HAGEDORN ESTABLISHED 1929 THETH ETH CHHPTER ACTIVES EDITH BOEDEKER SARA BROWN RACHEL COX DOROTHY CRAMER JANE FORDYCE VIRGINIA HAGEDORN '36 MIRIAM HATTON ALICE ELIZABETH JONES '35 MARGARET MAYER JEANETTE MERK MARY JOHN METCALFE '34 ELSIE MOHR JOHN ALICE MORRIS MARY PERKINS DAISY POTT GLADYS ROBERTS IRMA SEYFFERLE DOROTHY SINTZ PLEDGES ELOTSE ARCHIBALD EAYE BUNNELL BETTY BRUCE MAxTNE COOPER GRACE CROSS KATHLEEN CERACT MARIE HUWE MTLDRED LTNO DORCAS MEYER MARY MEYER NANCY POE MARTHA RHU vENoA TOW SUSAN JANE WARD OO, afff' UAA g,A'E,fO OEM-O OIIOYAO wee OO Q S5353 Ll lb,-js if 7 -'i'r"E'7x 1 , Tr .., Ay' ' " - 'T , f . T A DEQ-9 V9-RM 1 ., . ' - A 'Q79-.H if " T.. l' , -A 'T If 'EAI F O U N D E D 1 8 9 7 BHRNHRD COLLEGE 43 CHHPTERS I1-I Ill I-14 SMITHNER KNOLLMAN ABERCROMBE FULFORD SLIMP KINGSLEY ELO RICHARDS STIFEL KABITSCH BOCK SMITH HUNGELMAN ALEXANDER BENZ RUSSELL KLAYER MAENSCHEIN ETZEL MACK DIECKMAN, I. DI ECKMAN, A, SPURGEON RICHARDS ANDERSON QIIDI "IIIyI f M IINQIIIII -D' FOUNDED 1852 WESLEYI-IN CI-IHPTER 60 CHPIPTERS ACTIVES ELSIE ANDERSON LDRRAINE BENZ ALICE DIECKMANN IRENE DIECKMANN MARIE ETZEL PEG HUNGELMAN GLADYS KLAYER KOREYNE KNOLLMAN HELEN KROPF ' ALICE LEE LUCILE MACK BLANCHE MEINSCHEIN MARY LOUISE RICHARDS WINIFRED RICHARDS DOROTHY RLISSEL BETTY SLIMP ELIZABETH SMITH JLILIAN SPURGEON PLEDGES RUTH ABERCROMBE BETTY ALEXANDER DOROTHEA BOCH HELEN MAE COCHRAN ELVI ELO MARTHA FULFORD NORMA KABITSCH LENORE KINGSLEY LOUISE SEUFFERLE CAROL SMITHNER MARGRETTA TUTTLE MARGARET STIEFEL ESTABLISHED 1931 DELTH ZETH CHHPTER APPEL RABKIN KRENT OPPENHEIMER BEREN BAER GREENFIELD GREIBERG SAMUELS STROHEIM SNOW BENSON PUSHIN JOSEPH SEGAL JACOBS ESTABLISHED, 1923 EPSILON CHAPTER In ACTIVES MARGUERITE BENSON PEARL BEREN VIRGINIA GOLDBERG MARION JACOBS RUTH JOSEPH PAULA KRENT JANE MENDEL LILLIAN PUSHIN JANE SIRON PLEDGES LOUISE APPEL EDNA BAER NATALIE GREENFIELD CARLOTTA GREIBERG RUTH OPPENHIEMER ALICE RABKIN GWENDOLYN SAMUELS PHOEBE JANE SEGAL ELAINE STROHIEM 'PLQQ5 .A f FOUNDED, 1917 CORNELL UNIVERSITY 14 CHAPTERS lil I--I lil I-I FRANK NELSON RODGERS SILVERSTEIN BLOOM MEHL HURIVITZ SILVERSTEEN CRIGGER HYAMS WEISS R. RUBIN M. RUBIN SOLINGER KASFIR ACTIVES JANET MEHL ROSALI ND RODGERS RUTH RUBIN JANET SILVERSTEEN BERNICE SILVERSTEIN BERNICE SOLINGER PLEDGES ROSE BENAS BERNICE BLOOM MAXINE CRIGGER JANITH FRANK MIRIAM HYAMS SYLVIA HURWITZ EDYTHE KASEIR ELAINE NELSON MIRIAM RUHN FOUNDED, 1913 ESTABLISHED 1926 HUNTER COLLEGE LAMBDA CHAPTER 18 CHAPTERS BOTWIN FRANKEL NATHAN SINGER L DEUTSCH RAEPHAELSON SIEBLER GUMI NCH SAPADI N KIRCHENBLATT SI NGER, S. KAHN STRAUSS HOROWITZ FRAI D A C T I V E S FLORENCE DEUTSCH '34 SYLVIA FRANKEL RUTH HOROWITZ ELIZABETH KAHN NELI. KIRCHENBLATT '35 SARA JANE NATHAN '36 VIRGINIA RAPHEALSON '36 FLGRENCE SIEBLER '34 SADIE SINGER P L E D G E S DOROTHY BOTWIN '37 JANET FRAID SARA GUMINCH JEAN RENELSON CORA SAPADIN LUCILLE SINGER BETTY STRAUSS SARA UKELSON A f e .1591 o , 0 0 0 IJ'- o ex. 0 0' mon oo 0 M 5 ESTABLISHED 1926 FOUNDED 1917 MU CHHPTER NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Ill Ill CHAIKINA BROWN COHEN PARK! NS LEMPERT PINSKY SIMON SILVER ARONOFF BLUME GORDON KALLAS WI NKLER KULLER FLAX MEMBER IN FACULTY ESTH ER BOGEN TI ETZ ACTIVES RUTH ARENSTEIN FRIEDA ARONOFF RUTH BLUM RUTH BRUSON CLAIRE CHAIKIN HILDE COHEN RUBY FLAX HELEN GORDON MOLLIE KALLAS FANNIE KUHLER BESSIE SILVER YETTA SILVER PLEDGES ANNA BROWN DORRIS LEMPERT CLARA SIMON DORIS SIMON ESTHER TERES ,LILLIAN WINKLER 099 32 T93 'I Tl' I 0.6365 'TI EOUNDED 1918 ESTABLISHED 1928 HUNTER COLLEGE ET H CHHPTER 10 CHHPTERS POUDER KUHL GRIFFITH BETZ EVANS CARR DIERS DILLER KOLKS GEORGE I,-1' 7 UNITS ACTIVES ARETHUSA ANKENBROCH RUTH BETTS MARY LOU BETZ LEAH CARR THERESA CASTELLI VIOLA DIERS VIOLET DILLER ELOISE GEORGE IRMA GORMAN EVELYN GRIFFITH LAUREL HURLANDER MARIAN KOLKS MARY KUHL ELINORE NASH MARGUERITE PLATT GRACE POUDER ARVELLA ROVER PLEDGES RUTH ANDREE MARY NATALIE EVANS 4 14 I ITA FOUNDED,I929 UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI lil +I PENKER HURLEY KI EFER THIEL LAMPING PACHOUD SUTER WIEDMER KRIEGER STIENS O'SHAUGHNESSY SCI-IRODER BYWATER, L. GI BBONS O'NEI LL BYWATER, N. FREY FAY BYWATER, M. JONES BEYERSDORFER 3'-. .79 if. IT I ' -,ja 'A S,gl , F O U N D E D 1 9 2 1 BOSTON UNIVERSITY ACTIVES MIRIAM L. BYWATER WINIFRED BYWATER ROSEMARY FAY THELMA FREY CATHERINE HACKETT ELAINE JONES VIRGINIA KRIEGER FLORENCE LAMPING DOROTHY PACHOUD ADELE PAYNE MARIE PENKER MARY JO SCHRODER LQVERA STIENS ANGELA THIEL DOROTHY WIEDMER P L E D G E S HELEN ANN BEYERSDORFER LENORE BYWATER PATRICIA GIBBONS JOAN HURLEY ROSEMARY KIEFER RUTH MEILLER ROBERTA MICHAEL MARY ALICE O'NEILL CELESTE O'SHAUGHNESSY '37 MARY ELIZABETH SANDER '37 MARION SUTER ESTABLISHED 1933 ZETH CHHPTER W:age.4.41fa1fwz! cjmlfezniL'ie4 ALPHA KAPPA PSI PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL FRATERN ITY FRANCIS BIRD ARTHUR HOLMES ROBERT J. BARTH WILLIAM G. BARTFI LOUIS BERTRAM PHILLIP COLLINS HERBERT DANNER EDWARD HOFF ALBERT BADANES GEORGE BAI-ILING IIT? .. .sr iv' Founded at New York University, i904 5I Chapters Eta Chapter, Established IQI4 Members in Faculty HOWARD MARTIN ALFRED REIS Actives ALVIN IGNATIUS HOWARD KLETTI' EDWARD KUNKEL BERNARD MATTESON RICHARD MENAUGHTON CHARLES MEYER R. H. MDSBACHER Pledges JAMES FOGARTY GEORGE FROMBOLD RALPH A. VOELKER HERMAN SCHNEIDER LESLIE SCHWALLIE DONOVAN SAYRS ROBERT SMETHURST ARTHUR THORNBURY WILLIAM WHISENHUNT, JR RICHARD WITTE PAUL WORSECK ALBERT HENSHAW JOSEPH H. EVERSMANN WHITING EARTH WITTE MEYERS IGNATIUS WHEISENHUNT SMETHURST WORSEEK R. WITTE HOFF SAYERS BERTRAM KLETT KUNKEL S. B. ARENSON E. J. BARTA W, A, BAUDE JOHN ARCHIABLE CLARK BACHLER ROBERT COWHERD REINO ELO EARL FARNAU RICHARD FRANCIS EARL GAMLIN DENNIS TOOHEY NORBERT ADICK JOE BOON ROBERI BRUCK THOMAS BURKE CHARLES COLEMAN ELI KOMNENOVITCH ALPHA CHI SIGMA Founded at University ot Wisconsin, I902 49 Chapters Alpha Delta Chapter, Estabiished I9I7 Membeys in Faculty J. ERVIN E. F, FARNAU K. MOORE Active Members HAROLD GEAR PAUL GRAY AL HEILMAN FRANK HERPERS ERNST HILL ROBERT HURLEY CARROLL HUTCHINSON Pledges JOHN MARIS HARRY MOELLER VICTOR MUCKERHEIDE CARL NERISH ROBERT PETERSON CHARLES SATFLER R. F. REED R. A, VAN WYE MAJOR S. E. WOLFE EDWIN KERCSMAR CLARK ROSE ELMER SCHIERLAND FRANK SCHWEIN ALBERT SPEAR FRED STORY FREDERICK THAYER WILLIAM YOUNG FRANCIS SELL JOHN S. THOME JOE TROUTE ROBERT VAN TUYLE EARL WEBER CARL WILLIAMS PROFESSIONAL CHEMICAL FRATERNITY ALPHA ALPHA PI GLADYS SELLEW PROFESSIONAL NURSING ERATERN ITY 4, F-09 151: '. Ar-If ,2' Founded of The University of Cincinnati, I924 Patronesses JOSEPHINE P. SIMRALL SUSAN LITTLEFORD Honorary Members CATHERINE BUCKLEY PHOEBE KANDEL BERTHA HASPEL LAURA ROSNAGLE SUE ANDERSON JOSEPHINE ARTHUR MARY BAER MARY BUCK OLLIE CONWAY LENORE FOURMAN GAYLE BERESFORD HELEN CRISENBERRY MARGARET WELSH Members in Faculty EVELYN MERCER Active Members MARTHA GARST ELIZABETH HOWARD MARJORIE JAMES ELIZABETH LOIRY FAYE MARSH JOSEPHINE MATHEWS ELOISE MILLER Pledges HELEN ELY LOUISE HAWORTH VIRGINIA HYDE NEVA STEVENSON KATHERINE DENSFORD LUCY GOODRICH MONICA MONTGOMERY JANE PORTER WINIFRED PUTERBAUGH MARION ROBERTS MARTHA STEVENSON HELEN WOODRUFF LAURA KUETHER LOUISE SCOTT BUCK ARTHUR HOWARD STEVENSON ANDERSON JAMES BAER CONWAY GARST FOREMAN WOODRUFF PORTER MILLER LZ?-XTELIER PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY I F I, Q6 'xl ,.,.-, .kk gh A-ti" fa .II k 44 4 5. I II ' . , , Q N ' .H. ii Founded of University of Cincinnati, 1928 Premiere Chapter Members in Faculty ALAN K. LAING ERNEST PICKERING Members in Profession SAMUEL HYMAN GEORGE MARSHALL MARTIN RUSSEL POTTER Active Members GEORGE G. BAETZ '34 TED A. HOMA '34 LOWELL G. PORTER '34 WILLIAM E. BIEHLE '35 CARL W. HOTTEN '36 FRED G. PRESSLER '36 JAMES W. BROADHURST '35 FRANK H. KOPPES '34 ARTHUR J. REICHERT '35 CALVIN T. BURKS '35 LEWIE LANDS '36 EDWARD E. ROSENDAHL '34 RICHARD DURNELL '36 CHARLES B. LEVINSON '34 JERRY J. SCIALDONE '34 JOHN S. FINDLAY '36 DAVID LIEBMAN '36 HARRY B. STROTHMAN '35 WILLIAM B. HARVARD '35 PAUL NEUBAUER '35 FREDERICK H. VOSS '35 FRED C. WEBER '34 GEORGE C. WEISMAN '36 I PRESSLER WEISMAN HEUBAUER DURNELL I-IOTTEN LANDS BIEI-ILE HOMA BAETZ VOSS FINDAY WEBER REICHERT BROADHURST SCARAI3 PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL FRATERNITY ARTHUR AREND I ICQQI I QL' ,J X, I Founded of the University of Illinois I3 Temples Osiris Temple, Established l929 Members in Faculty A. K. LAING ERNEST PICKERING A. LESLIE MARTIN GEORGE F. ROTH Members '34 WILLIAM ERCHINGER '35 LOWELL MOORE WILLIAM AREND '37 EUGENE GALLOWAY '37 JAMES RIDDLE WILLIAM AHLERT '36 JUSTUS HERMAN '35 MARIO SETA PASCAL BARONE '34 RICHARD IUEN '34 EDWARD THORN DALTON BATTIN '34 JAMES KERN '36 ELMER VAN HORN CYRUS BAXTER '36 CHARLES LEX '37 STEPHEN WARDWELL ROY DAVIS '34 ROBERT LIEBHARDT '35 BERT WEBB WILLIAM DRAKE '36 FREDRICH LOUIS '34 CHARLES WEIDEMER FREDERICK WINKLER '34 HERBERT WINKEL '35 LOU IS WEBB DAVIS BARONE WEIDEMER AHLERT DRAKE BATTI N VAN HORN SETA RIDDLE WINKEL ERCHINGER MOORE AREND, W. IUEN THORN BAXTER WINKLER AREND, A. HERMAN AMERICAN INSTITUTE CE CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Officers R. W. VAN TUYLE .............. .................................... .... ...... P r e sident H. J. GARBEN is T, I v. TULLSEN ec 'on R. E. HURLEY ' H. PRINE ........... Assistants to the President ESection ll The University of Cincinnati Student Branch of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was installed in the fall of i926 for the purpose of promoting the social and professional acquaintance of students pursuing courses in Chemical Engineering with men engaged in indus- try. Every student registered in the Chemical Engineering course is a member by virtue of his interest in the profession. Each year the organization sponsors a series of popular lectures, widely attended by Faculty and students, which lectures are held at noon on Fridays. The lectures offered cover o wide variety of subjects, and are designed to appeal to the entire student bodyg thus they serve to broaden the interests of both Faculty and students, .., I 5 .. AMERICAN SCCIETY CE MECI-IANICAI. ENGINEERS Section I. Section II. JOHN R. KEATES ................................ . ,.................... ................ C hoirmcm MELVIN T. ANDERSON ........................................................ Chairman GEORGE C. GENTRY ............... ,.... ................ V i ce-Chairman HARRY A. PAINE ............... .................... V ice-Choirmon HAROLD A. BEAVON ............. ............. S ecretory-Treasurer CARL M. BEACH ............. ................ S ecretory-Treasurer AMERICAN INSTITUTE CE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS U. C. Student Branch HOWARD LEPPLE ................................................ Chairman AARON F. LEVY ............ ............. V ice-Choirmon KARL WACKER ............ ................. T reosurer WILLIAM BREUNIG ...................,........................ Secretory - It II J . ' Q . "'W'Y. '44 0 iff UNIVERSITY Y. W. C. A. LUCILLE KOEBLI N .......... Officers MIRIAM BRANNEN ........... DOROTHY ALEXANDER ..................President ...................Vice-President . ........ ........ . ........ R ecording Secretory ELEANOR HARTMAN .......... .......... RUTH WALKER ........... JEAN BRUCKNER WILLA BLJSCH MARJORIE COWELL MARGARET EVANS Cabinet VIRGINIA FAYEN ERNA GOETTSCH MAY GRIESHABER JEAN GUSTETTER KOREYNE KNOLLMAN Corresponding Secretory ..... . .............. Treasurer ELIZABETH LYON JEANNETTE MERK JANE RUDOLPH AILEEN VAN BLARICUM Faculty Advisory Board MISS GRACE B. DAVIES MRS. JOSEPH KINDLE MRS. FRED V. GEIER MRS. M, F LITTLE MRS. FRED HOEHLER MRS. ARTHUR POSTLE MRS. RUFUS JONES MISS KATHLEEN B. SIMMS MISS JOSEPHINE SIMRALL MRS. ALEXANDER THOMPSON MRS. RAYMOND WALTERS MISS JEAN WINSTON Executive Secretary MRS. DARWIN GRAY SABIN KNOLLMAN GRIESHABER BRUCKNER GOETTSCH MERK RLJDOLF VAN BLARICUM EVANS GUSTETTER BUSCH BRANNEN KOELBLI N WALKER HARTMAN ALEXANDER TORJEN THE UNIVERSITY Y. M. C. A Executive Staff ROBERT W. BISHOP ....... ........... E xecutive Secretory FRANK F. FERRIS, II ...... ........ A ssistont Secretory MARIAN WILSON ...... ......,. O ffice Secretory Officers and Cabinet WILLIAM KOOLAGE ............ ...................,...... P resident SIDNEY A. MULLIKIN ........ ........... F irst Vice-President MORTIMER POWELL ........ ........... S ecorid Vice-President JOHN S. FINDLAY ......... ............................. S ecretory ROBERT C. JOHNSON ......................... ............................ ......... T r eosurer RICHARD H. BAUER .................. ...................... E xtention PHILIP HEIL ...............,........... ........... T eoms Reception JACK BAXTER .........,..... ........................... P ublicity MATTHIAS E. LUKENS ..................................... Freshmen JOHN C. BOLTON ....................... Forums ond Services HENRY NIEMCZYK ................ nlnierriotionol Relations ROBERT A. W. BRUEHL ........................... Social Service RAY O. NULSEN .......... ............................... S ocicl ROBERT W. BROWN ............................................... Music HARRY A. PAINE ............ ........ M embership CLIFFORD PRUEFER .......... ............ S ophomore Forum Board of Management DEAN LOUIS A. PECHSTEIN ........................................... ................... C hairmcm G. W. AMMERMAN, JR. DEAN MERTON L. FERSON JOSEPH H. KINCLE WILL ATKINSON, JR. G. J. GRIESHABER DANA M. KING FRANCIS H. BIRD EDWARD A. HENRY WILLIAM W. KOOLAGE WALLACE S. ESPY FRED K. HOEHLER WILLIAM A. SCHMID, JR. EARLE E. EUBANK ELLSWORTH F. IRELAND PAUL W. STUTTON, M. D. A BLOCK FERRIS NEWKIRK BROWN EAGAN COUGHLI N RHAME BUTLER RICH CI-IENNEY ADDICK BRUEHL MARIS PRUEFER ADES EGOLF NULSEN PAI NE BAUER FINDLAY JOHNSON BOSKIN PURDY BERNHARD MARJORIE BAHLMAN TI-IE UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA R A ANDEREGG ......... ........... F oculty Advisor ISRAEL LAZARUS, Concert Meister MARTHA BECK CAROL DE WEESE EDWIN FINK ROBERT FINK JOE FLEISCHAUER JOHN MI NTU RN ...... GRACE STEWART ......... MILDRED SIZER ................. Officers President .........Vice-President ..............Secretory FRED WI NTERHALTER ....... ........................................ CHARLES FLINT THELMA FREY ROBERT GRANEY ALICE LEE RICHARD LEIGHTON ABE LEVINE GEORGE LONGMAN JOE MCGREGOR Members CHARLOTTE MILLER JOHN MINTURN STANLEY REICHERT VALERA RHODE LEO SIMONS MILDRED SIZER FRED STRICKER NORMAN THULLEN .... Treasurer ROBERT WAHN MARY CHARLESSA WERSEL SIEGFRIED WINSEL FRED WINTERHALTER STACIA WOOD ANDREW WULF AL ZELDENRUST KAPPA KAPPA PSI I-IONORARY MUSICAL FRATERN ITY Members in Faculty R. A. ANDEREGG M. B. VAN PELT Members GILBERT ARENSTEIN DONALD HAWKE JOHN MINTURN GEORGE BELTZ EDWARD HUNTER CARL NERISH CARROL DE WEESE EARL GAMLIN ROBERT GETZ JAMES KERN HOWARD KRESS JOSEPH LOPEZ DON SAYRS R. A. VAN WYE CLARENCE SCRANTON BRUCE SHUEY RUSSEL SMITH FRED STOFFREGEN FRED STORY DAN WILLIAMS ALBERT ZELDENRUST REV. CLETUS A. MILLER CARL SCHONHOFT ....... THELMA FREY ................ Chaplains NEWMAN CLUB MGSR. R. MARCELLUS WAGNER Officers DOROTHY TAPKE ..,................ STELLA TENHUNDFELD ........ WINIFRED BYWATER ....... HERBERT PUNDSACK ........ WILLIAM WATKINS ......... ....,............President .........Vice-President I ...............Vice-President II ..............Recording Secretory ...........Corresponding Secretory ................................Treosurer .........Historion W O M E N'S VIGILHNCE COMMITTEE J LJ JJ FW, Yf I I - E y- . grvgfi,-"1 ' 5-4'?fLjfzQF',.1yL Ze IM Aff Am N. ,Af .- -wi' ,... VJ: 1351 ',q'1 .EL A. -. TU 371 rw-'IAA rl Fr! I C1 ,H .. . 5-2415 ELINOR SMALL ....... ........... S enior Chairman Junior Council MAY GRIESHABER FRANCES RASCHIG JANET KOOLAGE BEATRICE THOMPSON HAZEL BEUCUS FLORENCE BRENTSON HELEN CONVERY LOUISE EASTMAN LAVINIA ERVIN LAILE EUBANK DOROTHY LOU FALLS CHRISTINE FEE LUCILLE GARRISON MARGARET GILLETTE GLENNA WEISHAUPT Sophomore Committee EEEANORA GROENE ELAINE GUNTHER AEVERTA GUSTIN PHYELIS HATHAWAY DOROTHY HERSCHEDE GAYLE HEXAMER ADEEAIDE KRUSE RUTH EEWE Eons MARTY RUTH MCDONELL PATSY MORGANTHALER MARY LOUISE NUTTING JEAN PRATHER MARTHA JANE PULLIAM RACHEL RENCK RUTH SANDBERG SUE SLOUGH DOROTHY TRANKLER JANET VAN LEUNEN FLORENCE WIKEL EVELYN WINKLER RASCH IG WEISHAUPT KOOLAGE SMALL THOMPSON GRI ESHABER Men's Squad DEBQTE COUNCIL Officers President ................................ ........................................ .......... H E RBERT BROWN Treasurer......... ........ Women's Manager........... Faculty Advisor ............... Secretary and Manager .....,.... .......... N ATHAN M. BECKER WILLIAM FRANKLIN .........EVELYN GINSBURG C. VAN WYE Alumnol Representative ...,...... ........................ C ARL RICH Director of Debating ..... .............ARTHUR S. POSTLE NATHAN BECKER RICHARD BLUESTEIN HERBERT BROWN JACK CASPER ARTHUR CHESCHENSKY SAM EDLAVITCH ELSIE ANDERSON EDNA MARIE BALDWIN HELEN BERTENSHAW VVILLA BUSCH MARVIN FELHEIM WILLIAM FRANKLIN PAUL FRIEDMAN HENRY GLANZBERG DOUGLAS GRAF JOHN HELLEBUSH HOMER JENSEN BERYL MANISCHEWITZ ERIE MCLEFRESH KONFRIED OTTO ROBERT PETERSON WILLIAM RHAME WAYNE RICH WILLIAM SCHWERDFEGER Women's Squad MURIEL DOUGLAS LAILE EUBANK VIRGINIA FREDERICK EVELYN GINSBURG ELIZABETH LYONS BETTY JANE OTTO JEANETTE MERK ESTHER LOUISE RABER DELBERT SNIDER ROBERT SPIVACK WALTER STENKEN DAVID TARBELL EMIL VALEMIROV SIDNEY ZIMMERMAN MARY ROSE THUMAN MARGARET WELLING .VIRGINIA WADE TAU KAPPA ALPHA HONORARY DEBATE Members FRATERNITY NATHAN BECKER HERBERT BROWN MURIEL DOUGLAS SAM EDLAVITCH PAUL FRIEDMAN EVELYN GINSBU ROBERTA KELLY RG KONFRIED OTTO ELLEN PETERS ESTHER RABER WAYNE RICH MERK moms WADE WELLING SCHWERDTFERGER FRIEDMAN RHAME MANISCHEWITZ EUBANK GINSBURG BERTENSHAW GLANZBERG FELHEIM SPIVACK SCHNEIDER BECKER BROWN EDLAVITCH BLUESTEIN THE UNIVERSITY SINGIERS .AND PLAYERS LOUIS H. RHODES ......... WILLIAM JONES ........., BERNICE DALE ............... JOHN W. DELANEY ........... LOUISE TOLLIVER JOHN W. DELANEY ......... VIRGINIA ALLEN DORA ARRINGTON MARIE BAXTER VERNELLE BOLINDS MYRON BUSH CARL BUSH ALMA COMER ESTELLE CORK GONER COLLINS REGINA COLEMAN RERNICE DALE Officers Members HARRY DECOURSEY JOHN DELANEY ERNEST FINKLEA JOHN GENTRY CLAUDIA HARGRAVE ALLENE HINSON MARION JONES WILLIAM JONES BOGGS MANN MARGARET MCNAIR WEBSTER POSING ...................President ..........Vice-President ...........Secretory ,Treasurer ..,.....................Librarian . ........ Student Monoger CHARLES PARKER NORMAN PERKINS PHYLLIS PIERSAWL LOUIS RHODES VALERIA SPENCER RICHARD STOTI' CHESTER SMITH I-IATTIE ULMER RHOZA WALKER DONALD SPENCER DELTA PHI ALPHA 23 Chapters - Xi Chapter, Established 1930 Officers JOHN NUELSEN ........ ................ P resident ROSE WOLIVER ......... . .......... Vice-President IRENE RAABE .... .... ................ S e cretary ALFRED KATZ ,,,,,,, ........... T reasurer GERMAN CLUB Officers KATA MCDANIEL ................ ............... P resident ALFRED RUBENDUNST ......... .......... V ice-President JANE BENEDICT ............ .......... S ecretary FRED STREBEL ........ .......... T reasurer MCDANIEL RUBENDUNST BENEDICT STREBEL UNIVERSITY BEND MERRILL B. VANPELT Conductor R. A. AIX DEREGG Faculty Adviser Officers .. ........... ....PresIdent ............Vice-President D. L. SAYRS ................... ........................,........ A. T. ZELDENRUST .......... H. A. PAINE ............... ............. S ecretary G. W. BELTZ ......... ................. T reasurer T. KERSKER ........ ........... D rum Major W. ODER ......................................... ................. M anager C. B. MINTURN ...................................... ,....... As sistont Manager MARY CATHERINE ACRERMAN .................................. ........................ s ponsor Members Trumpets Horns Suxcphones I.. BAILEY vv. D. MONTGOMERY a. BOWKER R. COBURN R. w. EINI4 E. H. HUNTER N. I. DURST E. G. PAINTER H. E. PINKVOSS E. L. ELEc:IcENsTEIN o. H. ROLLEFSON w. HAI-iN Tfmbones R. E. SELLERS E. HATHAWAY H. M. DAVIS R. vv. vvILE D. HAWKE I. c. DEWEESE . E. D. HOPPER G. FAHNESTOCK C"""'e's J. H. KING E. A. EINI4 R- H- BAUER F. LEEVER E. R. GAMLIN D- BL055 G. E. LONGMAN vv. GUNKLACH H- M- ERWN A. D. MAssEY G. L. MILLER R- C- HAHH H. R. MaoRE I. M. MINTURN - A- N- HENKE J. G. MYERS R. STEWART J- E- KERN R. OEERHELMAN R. N. WESCOTI' F- H- KUHN W' H, DUGH W. A. MCCUTCHEON P, U J. MUELLER V, SRARHEEER Dmms H. P. NIEMCZYK D. L. sAYRs J' J' ABEL H- A- PNNE R. L. SCHERRER fi' QSEHEIEIN H- A- PEARSON R. E. scHIEvvETz N' J BISHTON H- E- ROBBWS R. E. SCHLEGEL ' -' J- W- ROBERTS C. H. scRANToN 'f,6gE21TfxLSON J- K5 SHERMAN B' 5' SHUEY H. VAN ATTA Basses F' STOFFREGEN A T zELDENRusT R. R. TEMPLETON ' ' G- W- BELTZ E. M. WINTERHALTER B . R- J- HNK , Grimes I. LAZARUS PIccolo W. HANSEN . E. M. MEGINNIS C. NERISH F. L. STORY P. W. SCOTT W I G W A Gr Freshman Council MARION AHRENS HELEN HESS LOUISE EASTMAN DIXIE JANE HOOTEN JANE FORDYCE ADELAIDE KRUSE MARGARET GILLETTE MARTHA JANE PULLIAM DOROTHY GUNCHLACH RACHEL RANCK DOROTHY HERSCHEDE JANET VAN LEUNEN Sophomore Council ELLENORE CRAMER GLADYS KRALL WILLIE GRACE DICKENS RUTH PINFOLD EDITH ANN ELLIOT DOROTHY RATTERMAN KATHRYN HOFFMAN CLARICE VANCE HELEN HUTCHISON RUTH WILSON DORIS KENWRIC-HT MARGUERITE WURSTER CRAMER WILSON KRALL HOOTEN AHRENS DICKENS ELIOT HOFFMAN FORDYCE KENWRIGHT HESS EASTMAN GILLETTE KRUSE GUNKLACH PULLIAM RANCK THE KTNDERGARTEN STUDENTS' CLUB EDWI NA WOOLLEY .......... KORYENE KNOLLMAN ...... HELEN HOPPLE ............... Officers FRANCES THOMSON ...................... BETTY LYON ............................................ ABBY BRYANT, MARY KIRCHER ........... MISS GRACE ANNA FRY ..................... ........ RUTH ABBIHL ANNA BEARD IRMA BLASE MARTHA BOI-IART LILLIAN BORCHERDING RUTH MAE BRAUN LOUISE BROCKMAN ELMA BROCKSMITH SHIRLEY JANE BROWN ABBY BRYANT EVELYN CIARNIELLO KATHRYN CORDES VIOLA DIERS ELIZABETH EARLE AURELIA EHRMANTRAUT ANNA MARIE EVANS RUTH EVERETT Members RUTH FELS MARY FORNEY SARAH GLUECK HELEN GORDON SARAH GRIFFITH MARY HAMILTON HELEN HARRELL ELEANOR HARTMAN EUNICE HOPPER HELEN HOPPLE BLUME HOSEN MARY KIRCHER KORYENE KNOLLMAN EMILY KOESTER MARIAN KOLKS BETTY LYON ELIZABETH MEYER JANE MULLIGAN ....................PresidenI ..........Vice-President ...........Se-cretory ...................Trecsurer ..............................Auditor ...........Members-ct-Large ...........FocuIty Member SONIA PACKMAN GRACE POUDER MARIAN REGENSTEIN TESSIE RISCH HELEN RUEHLMANN EDITH RUMMEL LOUISE SAUR MARTHA SAWTELLE MARTHA SCHUETTE IRMA SEYFFERLE FLORENCE SIEBLER DOROTHY SINTZ FRANCES THOMSON AILLEEN VAN BLARICUM JOSEPHINE WALKER STACIA WOOD EDWINA WOOLLEY CO-EP CLUB Officers WANDA BATH ................ .................... P resident MIRIAM BYWATER ........ ............... V ice-President FLORENCE LAMPING ......... .......... S ecretary-Treasurer Members in Faculty MRS. MARJORIE S. PALMER MISS MELROSE PITMAN MRS. MURIEL M. ATER The Co-ep Club is an organization embracing all co-operative women students in the College of Engineering and Commerce and the School ot Applied Arts. The purpose ot the club is to bring together in closer relationship the students of these two schools, just as they are brought together in the fields ot art, industry, and science. There are three social functions each year-a reception for the Freshmen, a dance in conjunction with the co-op club and a banquet in honor of the graduates in the spring. TAPKE SCHUMAKER LEVISON WILLKE CLARKE NOONE NABER OBERKLEIN COSTELLO AMANN FREY FISGUS FUNKE LYONS BEYER DRAKE SCHWEIN BURNET WELLMAN DAVIS GEHRUM CHOMSKY BATH LAMPING BYWATER KLEIN DOUGLAS APPLIED ARTS CLUB Officers GEORGE G. BAETZ .......... ................ P resident LOUISE EASTMAN .......,. ........... V ice-President FRED C. WEBER ........... .. .......... Treasurer CHARLOTTE GROSS ...... .,...... S ecretory WEBER EASTMAN GROSS BAETZ I-I O U S E I-I O L D ADMINISTRATION Officers PEGGY SHOEMAKER ....,..... ............. P resident LISETTE BALLMAN .......... ........ V ice-President WINIFRED HAMILTON ........ ............. S ecretory JANE CORKINS .................. ........ T reosurer Faculty Advisors MISS ELEANOR MACLAY MISS NELL ATKINS MISS KATHERINE GERSTENBERGER Members in Faculty DR. A. ARLITT MISS NEIL ATKINS MISS E. DYER MISS LOUISE KENNEDY MISS K. GERSTENBERGER MISS A. J. KNAUBER MISS E. HAYES MISS E. MACLAY MISS R. COOK GEORGE THOMPSON BRUCE EICHERT SCHROEDER LANG KEMP BUNNELL HEGMAN KUNDERT SMITH HILBERG GRISCHY HAMILTON BALLMANN SHOEMAKER KALLAS SCHMIDT BATEMAN CO-OP CLUB Officers WILLIAM FOLEY ...... .......,........... President LEO GOERTI-I ............. ............. V ice-President JACK BOLTON ...... ........ S ecretory-Treasurer Cabinet WILLIAM FOLEY PAUL SIEVVERT LEO GOERTH IRWIN KOMMNICK JACK BOLTON FRANK LEI-IRMAN CARL SCHONHOFT RAY JAMISON KUNKEL SCI-IONI-IOFT SEIWERT JAMISON BOLTON FOLEY GOERTH LEHRMAN ' u 1- ymnvulp ul cimnwpinminp,H011 'il"f'2l:lx 1+ 1 n ' nk: 1 ru om nr mrccl us: if-r lmxxguvf I ' ran. I thmur' frm tg bu 1 thrg' " ..,,. " .A 'E U75 Hlflfil' I April Ohm SLI'-. : 'Wl"u'm ww-1 me awk, Hmmm lux., ll 4 1':.--35.1-4: !I:l".' -!:x!w w A 1 I ,l W ': inn. " 'c '.'u-'uri--u.: zu-u In I IL,-L'-:1- v ul wx u .. D., 4" ' -.., , 1. ,Is ' -A aw Honol 1 V4 1: , L - Y :il 'rv AVE. .j. '.... .-:nab wr .V 11 's:1..-- 1 1 li'1,:.'3Qi'.ij.f.3"lfI.i1'.fgIg'.'1iififtbifiififiiffW1?31wws-fl.. .,,, -3:1 T 1 efwes e?xf2f.fg1g . . , AZ.S.'fSQi -fd ' QFQQE , . , , , 1 ' , . a-'- . 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Only very occasionally now, will we toregather about some cluttered table or in someone's untidy ottice to settle the destinies of men and nations. People will go away and we'll write taithtully for a month or so-then stop even that. But really, now, isn't this all too, too mellow and sentimental ot us? We are university alumni now, you know, people ot the world. I n I Q w X 1 7 1 1 MARY BARR Alpha Alpha Pi GEORGE BAETZ Sigma Delta Pl LORAINE BAGNOLI Alpha Gamma Delta ELDISE BAILEY ala af if if' Kappa Dalia A LYNNE BAKER E, A wuz QEMA? " az' 'A ' swnmcs ARON- A.- s f 1 ELEANQVR-i.A,l.!SIlN. , 5-'5-,. A CLARK 'Lf QBACHLER ch. 5. A - Alpha gnspsagmqg if F 1 w 1 nLQ'+QVhAusw Q ' :wi LumgnAmg i -' .QL Egj H M Q, W', .1 frAvl.ok W. 'uhktnl ."A'?P.'4.5'!?9' ?F"?'-,- - .if 'B.f M. " ,u IZHARQIJES K." ML BARTLEU' 'NQ1Sljlff0f'NIl-z, Z U ,iii 'Qqnyill-'D " ' V- I : - ' , Q A ,mf Av. ' BARON: X QQ GlLEs1.gAnv9N I 1 5:11531 ,A -, 1 v,,- V f - . 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Accounting RUTH BRUSON R. N. Pi Alpha Tau ALICE BUCK EUY E BUGHER FRANK BURDICK DOROTHY BURKHARDT . . OM. . M Alpha Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Q Delta Tau Dgltgp Ulex X- Lliappa Kappa Garnma W .525 , . . Mr ' M F V M ,, , .mugs ,.,1iq.eem ' :',,fa,gHz, Q fi z- 443' .ew 2- bg. E M- f- E g a ' arnma gnla p a mega 1 am a :gma LEAH CARR Pl Chl Sigma Mortar Board wmlmio BYWATER A-IB: EDWARD BUSAM THEADORE BYE A. B1 Trianon B. S. Cert. Marketing , . Pi Lambda Sigma W tg f 'Q' COLEMAN AIKNE CORKlN5, wg.,-,A!phqNChi 0932995 V - ,, A hAgvAlL?lAM wco1fGHLlN E mm 3 X, Ps 312' - COMES- 'f W S gbellp Tau Qeltua, Sophqk H:sgMAnY.coweN ' fniefi rhixipnq an NELSON CRAGG N M. Q.. Phi Delta .Theta - Afvlie 'Sew' Alrfhv' : Aiwifbsimika, I 98.4 SN in 1 Commerce Plililgdppo Epsiidgx - ,HnLg:a,.cnoss I, 156135 gum ' ' Mf f1,cRuwf- ggggggfggggigggggi,-, f . 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In Art and'lnd. ESTELLA GREUBER A. B. LUCIAN GREEN R. N. SIDNEY GREENBERG Ll. B. Sigma Tau Phi A. B. Sn?nLo1"rz Gnoss zbni 'ran Alpha mo saoss M. s. Mnonen .snuszcx rain euznruen A, B. M. E. vmsmm snusscu JEANNE eusrmen ' - . A B B. S. .Kappa Alpha Theta Aigsv V, QXSQARH Tfeta rm Axpuq ci.: .bmega ' A.1B. . HENRIETTE HAHN ., V, V ...Z Mp., ,, .J .,,,. ' .1 . Bf5.'inME S Nlu Pl Kaapa' Z E augur HAMILTON jg .Alplfa Gamma Delta wmmz HAMILTON A l,,,S. ,, , A Alpha Gamma Delfd " V Kun. HANSEN Bias. -, , lf MPM! Dglta A EMMETT ,n. HARDEBEClf A Cert. in Accounting AUGUST L. HAMLELBERGQZ DOROTHY ,HQRE B. sg in cuss? logo Sigsma Pi Pi Chi psilan rLoRA HARPER A R. N. ALBERT HARRISON s M T pnliaaelfz. Epsiibil ooNALu c. HART , E' E' in hawaii' ELEANOR HARTMAN f B. S. Kappa Delta 50,552 3 gmgi. nAsRms V AAiRgAM HATTON Plli 6159 Ka a Alpha Omlcron Pi X 523,22 Xnlign. uAusNsTuN .K""P" mf' 'W' Alpha Tau omega sRmA HASTINGS Nu sigma Nu B. S. Alpha Delia Theta Arm. and ,Hammer sf4A31.NlN"A K. 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DOROTHY STEPHENS JOE. STOCKWELL FRED STORY Com. E. C. E.' 9 Ch. E. Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Kappa Kap a Upsilon A at Arprqg. cm Sigma-t S . V . HAROLDSSTRAHSS M C. E. . Sigma Tau Phli EDWARD STUEBAING B. S. in Commerce AZ 1 .1 'Y FnEES'rYLEs 1' " Cerlggfjgbbgggounfing ,. MARYWE. .TAPKEW Cam: ME. ,, WILLIAM' 'nwc h c. E. , askrnxcs' nxvlgon .n.A Delgg Qglfalhelfa 4 sowmza 'resamznsu M, E, Pi 'nie sigma h C num TEMPLINV R. N.. i wu.uAM 'rsmuson M. o. A ROBERT T. THELEM, Cert. in Finance., A. s. , , , Eorrin SIUART! TAXLQR h 4 sas' - -C ' ' fRAYMOND.THOiAuAS B. S. ' E. E. pane 'Tau 1. Delfhii -.1 ' 2 .1 1 XILEIAALN. THOMBONKIE .kmgs L. 'rucfmsou Sagas iallsrsos FFKNCESVTHCMSON RCS? rg THURSTONF D""' K""""A5i""' 1 ' B. s. cm. E. osmus 'roonzy - . Ch. E. -. 4 . - Alpha Chl Sigma Jossm 1nAuru ' Ch. 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WARD Cert. in Accounting HAZEL WARMKNH Gift: in Advertiiliig WXLTER- wAnNEii Ayn. L Evgen wAn1'nEn rim 'sigma Pi L1 ,L IEUQETON WATEQZQQ Am: , . , EDWARD WEBER A. B. men wssen A s -s f mfg" .- ..Qf,1. HENRY wennmzvtnl COIN E. EDWIN WEINSTEIN B. 5. and B. Mi STANLEY WEINSTEIN P1 WSJ qnd B. 'M. fm f la Q : A ' I ,.1 L2 S1 u ' 'J X 4 1 A if , as , 4 ,Q 1:1 3 as .Q ' s l Yrrfnf W-. .oosarfu wzlss MARGARH wmlnc , A a. A. s. J, H. wsLuNG Ph' 'mf' cumpfe. wn.uAM G. wmmssa- lata Gamma Sigma Aero. E. ' ' MARY E. WENZEL B. S. xutren sl wmasn shui rn neun Omicron Delta Kappa WILLIAM D. WHALEN Cert. in Aeronautical Eng EHQRLES WI EDEMER WILLIAM WILLIS LI. B. ' aLgIS WILLKE rin hviuszgma MELVIN A. WILSON M. E. Pl Tau Sigma W. C. WILSON M. E. aoum.ANn .WINALL Com. E.. Daltailgma PI GENEVA WITTE 3. N. MYRON WITTMER Ch. E. BIPXARD WOOD Phl Rho Sigma WOODRUFF Pl Beta Phi, Alpha Alpha PI EDVQINA WUOLLEY Phi Delta BEN WORCESTER Ll. B. Phi Alpha Delta WYSS .EDEN YAEGER Pili Kappa P 1 1 w 1 1 W coLus A. vouns WILLIAM vouna :uwm ZIEGENHAKD1' Cert. in Advertising ilu. E3 C ig: b Cart. in Acddunting ' ' 'W LORETTA Youncs 'ne' ""' 'f""""" " RlCHARDjZlMME Cen. In Markotini '?2:1hgeE:lP?'gmq RMAN n.s. K s' A: QSARORE zsuss A . A nffggsiulgmfappu Baia Pl, Plli Delia Epsilon . v 1 . 1 ,,. n ,, ,Q gill 5' , 'R :N j3gff,5, , ,4'W '5gQffr?i,+ ,4S"1 ' I PM- fw,., . 'MQQQTEE-, J 1 .MMI,gfmirfszffi, T1 ' HWUWWMQM ,11hl.s' 1!Q,'l5"v' '. :L fm- , 1, ,,e,,.,wHM .1 :wtf ul gQ,ps,',,y1.2giE,N-, 1, "?5g'g,, 3 1, Wqilfig -1,-5, Bam! Q ' Wi' I-irrtf' ' , ,, , 1 ,., gm, mm , '- 4 14, .qv ,-, 9-.5r,. v , ll 3 ,.. ,,,, ,,, ,Q 4 , YL, n . ,,. ,. , ff , ,P FMU ,.", ki' cl 'GQHLW H.,-3,11 'WN' ,A MMw4M.bu W W lr - 2.1! f. 1, ,' -,' ,QT ,l,,, gihwn. .A 41,3 V. ' rf. N ! PM 1 ' A ll 'uf '-'w.!',,:' 11 lr . v LJ' 3 Q N, K W N 1 ,- W ALF-'."'f9 "5Wi ,Z -5 ,lim A' ' , vlllflffi' .,,.. , , .. ..,., fb' N.. 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I hm.-mn'1. mmhexl .hi , ,,: , me E chciwion T m.u'o Lum in X uto Ln rm n med Ilr- 11-,L ff Deux 1 xmu windy nge lim! waz Why can Llfr. gn on fr 1.l'c zm, nlmx fa L.: si Lx 5.1401 nah up Yu r 1 swam he-fum moamugn tif: Aqua gagbl hmm' Wh 1 xlxplcqlahp im her way In P hath hmm ducmg 1'1wm-. hvha ar-d tlxiilw' bl we Why must fn- '-nr' wlmzl mln sh om.-unc Llsf " PUC have B I' 1. .vc- . "2 4, 1: zx L-.'cL-' , 'L rrdu X ..- 11, 1 - 'v 519012: A Committee W of ' bw a gn acxxgm wx Jak 15117 perm ci xslffal Mp ass.: r mx lluuw 1 raps- da uw., lure' MMI fnpr pzfatxcr 'lm n C1 ard una 'ze been nbservecibyam pda A A -V . , .' 'z 00 ' ' Y Villllllg mn x , . , , """ """"' ' ' rw! INF' xnnffvlxlsm I Ir rm In hm lnuxn lnllght lin 1 mm- IREM! l np u Lu h miomw 1 'f K 5 I Ln ll ug -ltr v hemp' pl ,du by 2 J? pull Itlmlfl gr- 1 ilu u gfnzoln an pm I mg L an nf u nm Ll F hu! lmlhf Cam nn, H4 nlpnufh II11 kut Elm Im nh may ml 9.1 w :J me at 'ff':'r-n15.n mmm.: gra, vull ' fm L YLUKE' ll U 'U'-'fl' UV 'd mil Nm. u righ .4 "-vlngwn mum f.n.aL null show L L I :nu rc. IDLXHYXEIS 1 I x Cmlch Fm. Bzownl alll' Kerlwn nw lu what cnn.l In hun lwill he tm bust to have on the fl lf 1 '11 . l-ll Q uf llc. l lx ,, ' x lx 1 'uv '1 f Hg 01' ' V 1 . . . l u Uxsl .Fx I 1-lzl nv 40" or M K hi x fr' ri X- I lnd I rum.-1 n mg . ' l' I H A O I' Y ' ' ' 'X "' 55,1 vu.,-115'-1 :L In tg 1, ng Y I 'P " 'V' fm , an v,,1 A 1 X 1 A iv I 11,1 ,.11 l..L ll - . ,. . 'rl .U 5 , ' 1. X 0 , 8 Il --gl", . l 4 A,-A 7 , Y A ,l . l,, ,, X x M ,- :mb .4- . V! . , . V-X.. . . ,, 1 4, A . if :H A 1-f ug: lv' Lf: :A 5: fr har! Q' f" dm 4i:f'..' PE.-yy "N.x ' 'Y' f'-l NIEL-1" if' .f L . I Xu 1 .- l' 5:1 'Ii 4. S' '1 . ' " N v " if .uf fr M 'g g- Q ' fl 1 E g, fm, gum, 1-. nf' 1 qlu 11.0 im' , nr 'y V in l' . ,Q -l 'M Ill-,xlwm sh' ' ' ' ,f'i ttf'-'? .1 ,E I' - 'df---' '1g.l-""a. 'Af'-'v: -nur" lfi .' , z .. 1-'x' ,ww ., '- ,, .':r - '1,:nf ' ,' - X -'lm-, -J-I ' U'-' "-my 'rv fl!! 5 1- . ' ,' L- " .1 WV: fy Z ' : " .. . vm - - ," f,..- f 3.4 ' ,wr .ju Hug' al'- VY- . lk P9 7' . . , ' -'ll '1 Ali, 9 A . -., Q - , ,Q 'A N - f j 5, - ,. 1' :S 1. rf, -' . if ,, fu, A, A f Lf' ' J ' "' " "' ' ,fi-mf. ' VV4!ilTTi, 1wsl.11'nPfffff! I9-m'. m m?Pf"f"'.. c-1-lK:1vvfH -1-lif2YiE'Ql?'1 f. "' "fill on 'KF Wm? 5 "WM HP'PE'W"'f?l'f - T '- ' " S A 1 . .. .. A. -ff 1.1 cf- .fly-mi-2 ff- S' U' ' ml :lull " '95 ' f ' 'l 1 ' 1 All Q iii ' - 'fzlffntl ., Q. 3- v 9 1 41 -1'.s- ,,-1. ini 1 5. .b Lullilv ik: - : .L f., 1 I, ' , 'f -,-Q00 '-,. - ,- , in., '- ' ' " " 5. Y' 415 , x 5 1 . 1 1 .r',:'P.: E hr, -my-,. in 1- ' ll il Ee, .1 2'-1' 'N the K . V "" . -..,. . . '. ',-. .. . . .. l V -lf I ' ' ' X - - ' - - f- ' - ' - 1 L, , Q ' . .' . -:. :1 , A ,gi - Z jg- Q - 54,3 Y . L. . u l. V b l , , , - 1,4 QV . S ' pt pmsunt IL seems than 'Ifi'01iIi, f. IIODEQI I-Q " ' ' "' " If' " , 'V 1 . " Z l J' - ' ' ' ' L ' ,ni , .. A ,,,.Wn,VA-mm , 4 A N , ' - 2 ,M A 4. ing mun will conswi L-It 1 X. . X - X V , , -, X . v V ------, -V I I - X P I A X - ? XX X. R X ' X 1 X X X ' X X. N X X X X X X W X U ,,,.,,,,., . , N I not ot 'youth alone is PACE MAKING a distinct tunotton Graphic arts industries also lead tlwe way with tlwe newly improved plwoto-ottset-littmograolwy tlwat lwas come from tlwe nationls Iinest laboratories. Flexibility, economy, and colorful presentation answer tlre ole- mands ot tlwe ultra-modern ouolislwer and advertiser. 1934 CINCINNATIAN REPRODUCED COMPLETELY BY PI-IOTO-OFFSET-LITI-IOGRAPI-IY, WITHOUT THE USE OF CUTS, BY PI-IOTO-LITI-IOG-RAPI-IY Q LETTER-PRESS PRINTING S T A T I O N E R Y OFFICE SUPPLIES Q FILING SYSTEMS becomes art when discriminating taste and years of progressive study are apparent in mas- terly creations. Crattsmanship alone cannot make the splendid photograph. A full understanding of the values of human expression, matched with a feeling for the spirit and character ot the subject, assures the success the camera can only approximate. The choice ot a Webb portrait marks you as one who knows fine things. W. CARSCDN WEBB PHOTOGRAPHER TO THIS AND MANY OTHER PROMINENT CINCINNATIANS H'-3'-S' NEW STUDIO AT 415 RACE STREET Service Beyond Price ss s ss Many times your teleplwone serves in ways that are priceless. It quiclely talces your call for any needed aid, it helps in building up all industries, and brings worlc and vvorlcers togetlwerf it l4eeps lriendslwips alive tlwat are ol mutual benefit. wwww Your teleplwone is the universal servant and is the friend ol everyone. w w w v w TI-IE CINCINNATI AND SUBURBAN BELL TELEPI-IGNE CGIVIPANY gusunm Emmsf 2 ilze -6004 1:12 .voor :Sqn ILS' z5oo17O' 127 O Colfer of Of:S'f!27C ,oresseO' 117 07oOgr17 prec! ' 6OlJf7C7'f27 ffre CSf'fOl27f l1f17fCQrfj,177ef770r ' ' 6OC!f7O' 127 'bose 1760 elf s1of7 yoffoog O'LfrQ1'1o17 ffzor 1es o'oP117 1'f'2e,1feors 1'roO?1'1o17s of 656 900061 ffzof f?7O0bff7 ,0C1Z5050f1bf7 Q greof Crcyf Golfers foofeo' by 22 64 sr ribs W IL f1lceC0111P4fVJ' CO0P0'94f6o zfrfv smear - C7NC7NN4 74 OHIO P00ll5'6'F4fJ' Pe1fvrees 0 1 lv o e 4, .r 5441PlF4'J' I 1. s THE CHEF TURNS MEDICO! and righty so-for in the spring a good chef's fancy rightly turns to thoughts of tonics. Spring tonics! What crimes have been committed in thy name-all the way from nasty bitters to sulphur and molasses. But today there's a NEW DEAL in spring tonics. l-lave you tried it-the new de- licious rebuilding spring tonic-Butter- milk! There are those who build their lunch around it. No matter what else-but buttermilk for sure! Then there are those who have discon- tinued all sorts of expensive juices and are having this new frugal spring tonic in fancy little glasses at breakfast time! And we've heard of real he-men who drink it right out of the bottle-before breakfast! They say it dispels "the morning after" and makes you forget "the night before"! Try Buttermilk this spring. lt's nature's own spring tonic. You'lI be surprised how goodnatured it makes you in the mornings! Ohio Valley Dairy C ounc il Uff the Record FOR! U NE 0 IS! IAUT 4!9 .TRI TIME, INC.. PUBLISHERS New young march es, 1954 Dear Mr. Strauss: In Mr. Luce'5 absence I am reply- ing to your letter of' the 24th. FORTUNE will be delighted to have the Cincinnstian use it as a pattern for its Feature Section, and greatly ap- preciates your kind words regarding the magazine. n yours, D Jackson Assis is to the President. Ve . ' ,"iii7f79 1 ff , , Mr. Victor Strauss The Gincinnatien of 1954 University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio Black Wednesday Politics, as you may know, plays a very unimportant part in the life of the students of Cincinnati. Once, or twice, a year, however, enough excitement is aroused about the im- pending elections to make fraternities-and sororities-drop bonds and ally with one another to elect their chosen people -and to promptly forget whom they have elected two days after the polling. It has always been a rather drab affair patterned faintly after the actions of the political parties out in the cold world. This year, however, a ray of sunshine broke the monotony. The campus politicians have always been divided into two schools-the Red and the White tickets. This year a new star appeared on the horizon. The independent students joined together, became no longer independent, and took as their name the last half of the Red Ticket's cognomen--lndepend- ent. Neither of the two tickets took the newly formed party as a serious threat, but continued to carry on much the same sort of campaign as they always had. Early in the year the , 1 . lf il l l ll' l 1 l E i r a 1 I in 1 Off the Record fContinuedJ White Ticket had run an ad in the University News. This gave the Red Ticket an idea. Why not run a full page advertisement for their party? This is just what was done. It was a bombshell. The editor of the paper was a very prominent member of the White Ticket. The Red Ticket had been practically ignored edi- torially. The White Ticket had done pretty well. But here was a horse of a rather peculiar color. It was not odd that the ad appeared. It was perfectly within the hands of the Business Manager to run it. But it stirred up quite a disturbance. The White Ticket had been taken by surprise. The Editor of the News had been taken by surprise. And the campus laughed-laughed particularly at the holier-than-thou attitude adopted by the opposing parties. 'I'he downtown newspapers ran stories. The News adopted a non-partisan attitude on the first page, and ran a political editorial on the second. For the first time, had campus politics hit a different note. Old Dutch Cleanser Janitor at the University for thirty-eight years, and fol- lower in his father's footsteps as Head Custodian, George Fry now runs the school, from a practical point of view. His innate modesty makes him refuse an interview with, "Mr. Lawrence gives out all publicity. None of us. I've been here thirty-eight years, and been in the Cincinnatian many times, but you'll have to see Mr. Lawrence if you want any facts about me." Formerly, Mr. Fry had his office in 11 McMicken. Right up there by the drinking foimtain on the first floor. It was a very convenient place. Those fortunate women-and most of them were Kappas-who were in "George's" good graces were permitted to leave their wraps and books there. Of course, now that the Administration Building houses all offices for the officials of the university, the Janitor's Oflice has gone from McMicken. The staff under Mr. Fry is considerable. But it has the happy faculty of working in remarkable unison. Cincinnati, it must be recalled, is a dirty city. But Cincinnati, it may be noted, is not a dirty university. Mr. Fry sees his duty, and does it. Eppie Cut of a Toal Hole Good sons of McMicken were shocked this year when the C. W. A. spread its province to the University campus, and wiped away dirt and tradition with one fell swoop. The first building to be attacked was McMicken Hall. At the bottom of this venerable pile of rocks lay a basement that was known as "in front of the commons." The painter and plasterer entered and the dark, dingy, comfortable place was no more. There is now a humming room down there that puts to shame the house of the Prince of Monaco. This place in itself is filled with all sorts of ghosts. Part of the room was once the Y. M. C. A. ofiice, back in the days when Fred Hoehler was the secretary, next came the Co-op Bookstore to use the room as an oflice, and now it is whist room. The remaining portion of the room was the old Men's Bumming room. Those with a good memory recall when it was once closed because the men were playing cards there-not studying. The floor of the whole building has been covered with linoleum, the walls have been painted, and even the bullet-holes put in the wall by "Wild Bill" Taylor have been elfaced. O, Temporal O Well. .Sa nw X Q Zi XS l'Ey'l "fbkr-Qc-oof"N giilkiflllw weve MAJORED IN LU URY CAND ECONOMICSID You don't have to have o lot of change iangling in your pocket FFF l"'l" to stroll into one of our grand restaurants. The fare-ond the moisture from our hosty bor-are illustrious. But the check is downright lowly. ln the charming Frontier Room. ln the celebrated Restaurant Continentale. In the merry Pavillon Caprice. In the Cocktail Terrace ond Coffee Shop. Here is luxury without luxurious price. Which explains why this is almost on unofficial part of the campus-why you hear bright, doing Seniors and Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen saying, of on afternoon and evening-"Let's pop in ot the Plaza". Netherland Plaza W. 0. SEELBACH-Manager DIRECTED BY NATIONAL HOTEL MANAGEMENT CO., INC. RALPH HITZ-President HOTEL NEW YORKER, New York HOTEL LEXINGTON, New York THE BOOK-CADILLAC, Detroit HOTEL VAN CLEVE, Dayton THE RITZ-CARLTON, Atlantic City First National Bank ' OF CINCINNATI, OI-IIO P' QGQFI 'K AHMTW NNHONALV I I BANK I nmwf . 'fl UMTS!!- ' Departments - COMMERCIAL U. S. BONDS SAVINGS FOREIGN TRUST TRAVEL I SAFE DEPOSIT CAPITAL AND SURPLUS TEN MILLION DOLLARS EQEQEMEEYYYAEYYEMYWY .60 Mfiortune VOll1m6 LXT Number 1 Contents for 1934 Frozen Music .... ,,,, 9 By Joe Poetker Designs by Author The Rhapsody of Reconstruction ......... .... 1 2 Map by Marguerite Benson Sister, Sister ............................ .... 1 6 By Frances Jones Charcoal sketch by Edna Koper .lingo Belles ................................. .... 1 9 By George Kramer Charcoal sketches by Edna Koper Off The Record ....... .... 4 Faces Of The Year ....... ..... .................. .................................. .... 2 3 Cover by Homer Lange for Next Year New Student Council Constitution . . . Student Reserve Fund . . . The University News and The Platinum Blond Ticket 765 Men . . . A New McMicken . . . The Co-operative Bookstore Editor, Victor Strauss, Publisher, Mel Bernsteing Business Manager, Duncan Frame, Con- tributors-Frances Jones, Joe Poetker, Herbert Brown, George Kramer, Homer Lange, Edna Koper, Marguerite Benson. "Ill-Fortune" is published yearly by "Cincinnatian," 1934, Inc. Subscription rate, S5 a year. S5 a copy. Address all subscription correspond- ence to Subscription Department, "Ill-Fortune," McMicken Hall, University of Cincinnati. Copyright 1934 by "Cincinnatian" 1934, Inc. All rights reserved until five minutes before the curtain rises. O70 V'-,,z---. an 3 AN-A-,M X ,..f- T' f ,.,.,-.--I-1. ,- x xx. V6 Wm ,.., Y"""'--, xx M XX -A R525 VXN- fx f E E ax -- l ' X 'ax O - mr -M .!::,X. GLN gg' .X J-,,,f A SINGER OF SONGS-BILLIONS OF SONGS . 8 0 N X Frozen Music A frozen song--its transformation-an architectural masterpiece . . U OW Firm a Foundation," that powerful hymn, roar- ed up from the barren Arctic wastes and hurtled its way to the loftiest reaches of a sullen Northern sky. Intensely cold air took effect on this musical invader, the song was instantly frozen and transformed. .There took form a huge buff-coloured solid with tremendous wings. As this object fell it seemed to search for a spot worthy of receiving it, a site which deserved to be favored with its occupancy. The noble crest of an emerald green hillside, which lay fast by a romantically picturesque wood, was suddenly, thunderously graced by this meteor-like guest. Quiet returned to enshroud the digni- fied facade of a proud building whose entablature bore the long- to-be-respected name "McMicken Hall" An ice-bedecked colossus, safe in his Arctic retreat, shrugged his great shoulders, and indulged in a satisfied smile, but he did not want to sing "How Firm a Found- ation" again-his music would have variety, no matter what the cost, no matter how intense the suffering . . . Who is this immortal, you wonder: for surely one possessed of such powers must be immortal! What mortal explanation of this creature exists? And yet a mortal has rhymed "I breathed a song into the air, it fell to earth I knew not where," and a mortal has beautifully created the thought "Architecture is frozen music". Can you not see, our colussus is the Master Architect? . . . A FROZEN SONG . . . Many of his songs-songs of varied description-have soared aloft to be transformed into the campus structures of the Univer- sity of Cincinnati. It may seem perplexing that the Master could have presented songs so harmo- niously appealing as the refined lines of the colonial architecture of the University of Virginia in- dicate, and still be the almost totally despicable wag as portray- ed, or betrayed by, his renditions for McMicken's campus. Imagine a bold simple ballad, well proportioned in arrangement, and fine in spirit. Certainly such must have been the unfrozen bal- lad which gave the campus its ex- cellent library. Fromthe approach, its strength and solidity, enhanced by a slight entasis of the walls of the upper portion of the structure, give the observer a sensation of grandeur and well being. The well-studied sculptural panels of sQ. the side balcony motifs on the main facade, thedeftly executed modern door design, and the heavy retain- ing wall in the foreground compose a pleasing unity. Both interior and exterior details are aptly handled, and beyond question the general character of the work be- speaks the reserved calm and quiet reverence so desirable in a collegiate library. The Master is to be praised! But rest! Can it be that this One too has his whimsical mo- ments? Unless the frigid sound waves deceive, the last plaintive strains of "I'm No Angel" must have been solidified, and there fell near McMicken's right Wing the Physics Building. Indubitably the song was Mae West's hit song for, lo, the parapet wall had the famous Mae West curve, unpre- cedented in architecture until this date. The martial "Onward, Christian Soldiers" climbed into the icy air and the resulting structure proved to be the University Y. M. C. A., a building so ideally suited to its use and so handsomely erected, that the vocalist was obliged to repeat this selection for an Europe- an site. An unmistakable favorite next mounted to the skies, "Alice Blue Gown", after metamorphosis, proved to be our ironically un- beautiful Women's Building. It was diihcult to account for such an uninteresting design of a re- treat for our alluring "true blue" Crushing excepted! co-eds. Perhaps the Colossus had had experience with deceptive feminine intrigue, and his only revenge had to be an architectural one. The Master must have been an ardent "Old Gold" fan for it was the touching music, "You're an Old Smoothie", which was frozen to bestow upon the southwest corner of the campus, the stately Alphonso P. Taft Hall which has always housed the smoothest men in the college drama of the Alma Mater. Who cries for proof? "Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer true, I'm half crazy . . ." Here the Master's song was cut, and so was the Botany buildingg in fact the Botany and Zoology shelter with its rare birds flank- ing the portals, is indeed a quaint architectural devise. It was cir- culated that a pipe organ accom- panied the Colossus on this oc- casion even as exposed pipes accompany the building on every floor. The Master's inclusion of a goat yard at the rear of the struc- ture seemed ominous. "In a ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech", sung in three part harmony, issued from the magic throat, and brought forth the "LOVE'S OLD SWEET SONG" . . . under the power of the Colossus, could bring us a new Student Union Building with a tower as lofty as the song's theme-student union . . . Engineering Quadrangle, a sturdy trio of work houses designed along hard modified classical lines. The quadrangle, with its co-ops, R. 0. T. C. and slide rules, was ever a grim domain, and of a certainty grim structures were in keeping. It could have been any radio, any night at any time during March 1934 but it was still the singing Colossus. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" clambered its dolor- ous way upward only to descend as the oilicial University of Cin- cinnati Power House. Our Engi- neering Quadrangle was almost unadorned but our Power House smoke stack was resplendent with expensive, intricately laid, brick mosaic. Some thought the Colos- sus was partial to power . . . The Master next must have sensed himself the victim of a strange dramatic lift which seemed to best assert itself in Wagner's "Evening Star." The song rose to greet the frosty airg a mon- strous ice cube appeared, and almost as suddenly a voluminous burst of applause seemed to issue from it. Another "Evening Star" was casting his aura across the boards of Wilson Memorial Audi- torium and another Mummers' audience was held spellbound. This theatre, modern and emcient, admitted a kinship to no other structure of its immediate sur- roundings. The serene splendor of the sculptural frieze by Clement J. Barnhorn, which adorns the ex- terior side walls, depicts oratory, drama, and music, the arts which Wilson Auditorium houses and fosters. The severely simple con- tours of the building are properly softened by well arranged plant- ing, and our campus is beautified. Again all praise to the Master. A swinging rolling melody then reverberated round and round through the icy caverns. The in- tense cold settled upon the ever 0100 tt SILHOUETTED ROMANCE . . . this may some day be a scene on our campus, if, perchance the Master's rendition of "Japanese Sandman" should bring a new girls' dormitory. popular "After the Ball is Over", and the football stadium of Carson Field was created. So it was with this fascinating sport at old Mc- Mickeng after the ball was over the stadium was built, and after the ball was put over enough more times the capacity of the stadium was increased. The Colossus knows the ways of King Football. "I'm Young and Healthy", an old air, or does the Master recog- nize the element of time? How jauntily he sang, and to be sure, with a bacchanalian head, or else how could the University Gym- nasium, with its ponderous cor- nice, have been so top heavy-how could the ornament have been so spotty, and illsuited? The Master hid his face! Of how many moods the Master boasts! But, who will gainsay it, his most coy and mischievous tem- perament was most provokingly exposed in his choice of that piti- able sympathetic ditty "Always in the Way" as the origin of the Teachers College. And still the Master is omniscient! What song could better describe that quartet CContinued on page 265 BRONZED SHOULDERS . . . flashing in the sunlight-rythmlc cadence of eight gleaming oars-a shell streaking through the water. This sight may greet us if the Colossus gives us his interpretation of the Russian classic. "The Volga Boatmanf' and graces the banks of our beautiful Ohio with a boat house for our much' discussed crew "to be." may find the Master singing "Peek-a-Boo, I See You," and simultaneously bestowing on the campus, glass houses for our professors. How eyes would pry, and how stones would be thrown . . . The Rhapsody of Reconstruction The Vindication of Virtue . . . the cessation of corruption . . . the heroic conquest of a campus hitherto swathed in grimy rags . . . a soul, upright and lustral, effects similar purgation in the midst of the hornets of mercantilism . . . N the twilight days of 1928 ffiscal year beginning October-same month that Eintz Amalgamated Pickles es- tablished enviable record of 26,986,764 dills output, calculated to stretch from Brooklyn Csouthj to Mercury, if placed in line-excluding stems, which if boiled into a mass would suffice to fill a kettle the size of Omahaj a group of entrepreneurs incorporated under the name of Delta Tau Delta invested heav- ily in a hitherto unremunerative project subsequently termed the "Annual".be- cause of the yearly division of profits derived from the undertaking. As though the ensuing graft refiected in- efficiency, due to the infiltration of a few sporadic cases of chronic honesty, a group of professionals, backed by an illustrious predecessor whose activities in other fields had marked him emi- nently qualified for work along this line, especially in that he had been fortiied behind the title "Judge," merged with the inefficient dabblers who were un- mindful of the basic tenets of account- ing, with the result that a new high was achieved for the current year. Reliable statistics place the proceeds at 39446, which when reduced to penny units strikingly coincide with the population of Esthonia, or if magnified 753 times the size of this type and cast into gold ingots would fill the teeth of every mas- todon in the British Museum, with but a negligible portion remaining. Delta Tau Delta, Inc. withdrew in heated indigna- tion from the coalition when their part- ners began the construction of a spacious but garishly appointed hostelry directly across' the thoroughfare on which the University of Cincinnati was situated. Unprecedented opportunism followed, ably managed by the remaining group. The campus was in an iron grip of viceg the fortunate ones wallowed in sensu- alityg lust quite literally groaned from the very tables in the Annual office now scarred by more than the heels of mere time, if the office were to be stuffed with balloons all filled to capacity with the alcohol distilled from the beverages consumed, five or six of them, well sat- urated, would have to put in the corners of the News Office to provide room. Oh Tempora, Oh Mores! When shall the old order change, yielding place to new? How Shall God fulfill himself? Let the venal roast in Hell! for at Shipley's, where 232 barbecues are purveyed dailyl. Is there no Galahad to ride forth and rout the infidels . . . no champion of fair aspect and gloriously tattered raiment? For rags are royal raiment Cestimate of Oakland Paper Co.J when worn for virtue's sake. Riding...riding...riding... from the Pennsylvania coal fields that furnish light and power to the entire Middle West at a price that makes one an ass for paying 30.46 for electricity Csold by an undemocratic Fascistic util- ity companyj. Yes, it is none other than he . . . the avenging angel of the-Lord! PICTURE OF THE PRESIDENT . . . of Student Council upset as usual and all in a dither over the "big clean- up I1 Behind that twisted smirking swarthy countenance the afliicted see a great soul fand a heel, tool. And who is our Saviour? Well, just a meddling engi- neer who found that academic studies kept whirling over his head in an in- comprehensible way. He had to orien- tate himself in something that suited his mentality, so he went into activities, a general term referring to a raucous bustling around the Y. M. C. A. event- ually rewarded by the women's home companions bishoped together in a group appropriately called oh Decay, loudly apotheosizing temperance, medi- ocrity, drabness, and virginity. QFor the sudden return of this last commodity, gloriously devaluated in pristine days .120 by Sigma Sigma, now buried like a jewel beneath the grass, emasculated rabble who would be blinded by its courageous brilliancej cf. records of Koolages, Small, Simrall, and Aimee Semple MacPherson, practicing evan- gelist. Drucker . . . Ca Loud mouthj. Brown . . . fa louder mouthj. Reform! oh divine word, thou art here at last, not vaguely and abortive, as in former years, but with a specific pro- gram, nicely outlined, hilariously op- timistic, clearly conceived, beautiously formal . . . Drucker rejoins. If all the 985 windows in the Chrysler Building were piled one on another one could readily look down through them, though they be 685 feet high, a distance comparable to that traversed by the average clam in 215 years, and this can be done in regard to the reform project too. The members of their committee, with the golden ideals of purity and right- eousness, afford an interesting commen- tary on the entire enterprise: An alien named Tuttle, eminently Htted for an analysis of conditions, in that he has spent most of his time in an eastern University . . . A frail named Hennegan, the last two syllables of whose name might easily be truncated. That avatar of superficial hurly-burly, decked out in all the emoluments of women's activities, horizontal brain pan Small . . . I-Ier satellite, giggly, girlish enthusi- astically unnerving Dorothy Burkhart Another big woman from the artistic interests, Margaret McEvilly . . . A really big woman, Pearl Beren . . . Cheerful little cherub cheeks Bob Johnston, deprived from winning the Prom Queen honor only because Delta Tau Delta had suddenly become recalci- trant in regard to an entry . . . A pseudo intellect named Brown, long on polysyllables and short on ideas, ani- mated pair of bellows . . . Somebody named Rahe . . . Golden Eaglet Scout Erna Goettsch A Beta Whose name slips us at pres- ent. AFTER H . . . the "big clean-up." Drucker retaliates. It seems that a statistical analysis reveals that-Drucker objects. The reporters are scooping in the news . . . the giant presses rumble and roar . . . the editor sits at his desk issuing hurried orders over half a score of phones . . . the dummy has been made . . . the illustrations are completed . . . a great industry is seen in the midst of all its glorious activity . . . the whole prlant affords a beauteous play of lights and shadows . . . 'tis the life blood of the nation, the pulse of a people . . . the index of our national consciousness, hell yes. Suddenly the presses slacken their enormous speed, the pul- sation in the plant ceases, the roar dies down to a moan . . . all is now silent . . . orders are barked out by the owner of paper himself, hurriedly arrived on the scene in frock coat, wing collar, striped tie . . . on his broad intelligent brow one sees unmistakably stamped the marks of courage, idealism, altruism, civic responsibility that characterize the run of our industrialists. Why have the presses stopped? Why has this great man come personally? Why all the rush and bustling? Drucker remonstrates. Ah, the news has come-the eagerly awaited news-the epoch making report: Shakeup in Student Activities Imminent! Drucker terms it undemocratic. Levy terms it undemocratic. Drucker replies to this accusation. Kramer came to school shaved. Drucker calls this undemocratic. Drucker vindicates his position. Drucker shaves. Through those immense arteries of the social organism, speeding their message of good cheer, informing the electo- rate, Western Union disseminates that inspiring word Reform! Giant political parties quickly change their plat- forms . . . the swindlers and thieves scurry in the night . . . strong men cower . . . weak men, too . . . THE CHAMPION IS COMING! . . . An immense and far reaching program is outlined . . . the secretary of State exchanges notes with the diplomats . . . BEFORE . . . the "big clean-up." foreign complications are averted . . . but the capitals of the world anxiously wait . . . ah, the champion is unfolding a large document. HE IS GOING T0 READ IT! Ye Gods! The parking lot must be regraded! Will the champion stop at nothing? Marines are uniformed . . . envoys leave the country . . . Is the champion afraid to carry out his program? A hundred-a thousand times-NO! Fearlessly he reads on- The lunch room must be reorganized! Will he stop at noth- ing? nothing yet? Children scream, women collapse, strong men not only cower but simper .. . . That is, all except Drucker. He retorts. But the champion is valiant and fearless. He quells revolt. He inaugurates his sweeping reforms. Peace settles down over the troubled land once again. A parade the like of which has never before been attempted is being rrarshalled for the champion. The band is blaring out its stirring music . . . the flags of our republic, glorious pieces of red, white, and blue bunting are unfurled . . . What a tribute to the genius of one man! The appointed hour has come . . . the parade is ready to start . . . But where in the hell is the champion? He flimks out of school. Drucker is graduated. But results live for aye in the hearts and lives of men even after their great leaders pass to the other world. Virtue has been re-enthroned, and from her shrine radiates peace, purity, and efficiency. The wheels of industry and the gears of commerce turn quietly now . . . lovely clouds of smoke roll up from the factory stacks . . . loathed venality has dis- appeared . . . business and activities are beautiful, oh so beautiful. God is in his heaven, and regulated activities are in the university. Even the little annoyances have been re- moved . . . the professors have been expelled for lack of interest in activities. All is centered here, as all should be, and the honest, graftless activity, the ultimate in life, has assumed its rightful heritage. It is superb to live i.n this marvelously reconstructed age . . . And to the champion- all hail! To him the praise and glory, and we his children- may we follow in his paths. Drucker objects. Well, my Gawd, who wouldn't? .13. LEGEND WILSON AUDITORIUM "A Vestige of another day, Here true dramatic art holds sway." McMICKEN HALL Wherein Liberal Arts students become gentlemen, and Hebrew Union stu- dents, pseudo-intellects. BASIC SCIENCE RESEARCH LABORATORY Wherein the life of many a germ is short-lived. OLD TECH Which is more like a building in a college movie than any other on the campus. ' BEECHER HALL . . . has never been known other than "the Woman's Building." TEACHERS COLLEGE Wherein Physical Education students are taught folk dancing. BIOLOGY BUILDING Wherein Pre-Medical students are given their first cadaver-Rana Pipiens. THE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Wherein are sixty-five miles of shelves, and no place for students to talk. ALPHONSO TAFT HALL Here young lawyers are taught in the wiles of torts and retorts. Outside, they play ball. THE CAMPUS TENNIS COURTS . . . oddly enough, are used to play tennis on. TI-IE GYMNASIUM Wherein athlete's foot is champion of every sport. I A STADIUM Which, in Greek, means a measure of lengthy but, in America, a place to play football. SWIFT HALL Wherein Applied Art students are taught that Duncan Phyfe was not a musical instrument. BALDWIN HALL Here engineers vegetate, or become "Commercials" CHEMISTRY BUILDING VVherein students learn that yeast, sugar, and water make good mixers. PHYSICS BUILDING Wherein propositions are based on phenomena and laws are derived by induction. 0140 Yi' Y' YV YW YV-Y?13W , .,'. --'j,, : N X1 " C-: I- .rf- 'W 1 , W ' Q, I W .mg :gl .W .PK W 'lf 1. ,y 'fig s' if Fr V 1 ft 7? 13 , I ul In 1- -1,34 'on-a.-.hw ,ix-li, -vvinrtv A ., L , -si 1- ' f' If as asf' " JS V x V1 I 'll ' 1 .3 'Y ft Z i Cx un PM , if lg . I ,X ,-.ard 1 -v f E gs. 1 1 1 ,, 3. 'fe -.265 -, ,.. .-A- . '. ... v .777 1 ' Tw . :Vg-57":, N- 19 "' ig?" -4, 1-: Jig , ,P W -ffm: 69 l ill .5 r'1r..4 , -V ii' it " fi If L Ai 5 nf ' I r "Ai 1 'tx J. , 'Y 1 P 3 1 4 '61 . 1 , 5 ' 'Y 1 i 1" 4, If l .- : - w N .17 2, 'vc 1 f Q " -. eh. we E E I : L I' E is 1 I .-3-' ,gg-I .", "gill, Lffi.,i': j.1-, 1 'iglm M ,gi if ' gg e. - v ,. .' t ,g iff W.. 5 'qv R ' M' H F1 5 if II Q5 Tv' QI -si - . - ' EBU! fa r 'A 'M in l 2 j:.Ql5-l52f'i 1 ir l-lwlliifgii Ml Alljilil QF- T' 213131Z 31" y -,uf,',r,,.,5,v-a,g,,Q , -. . . - Q-- , ..,,. -- I ' YE'-1,:-:M , ,..-f,ff3'.i"Q,i'i"1.'5C21"fi!1' -:2.5'xf:r'9?Txf::f.,- f,,.v53fk4 - fl:-Q QI ga A G 1 l 3 :' 13 Q , l 'MTJ H xl Q. Sl 5 , LL-crgxlk QQ V 9 fg EBA -NMTLL' 'g X ew gggig CQ QQ . ,I ,. f . EHQJZ p U MQ E3 xmgu. QL 135mm Q 2iZlr.Qnf fi. if I g il,., K V . J 5.. TQ gc-SL g 55 ggEi?'JH :Kg ,rgfjk Camjaua unavezabfafaa x W " f N A .D fi C If , ,X . ,x I mcufufm Leung fa ,kr . C . 0 c i 9 QL U3 Qgiw Sv 9 CMJ J auxilio Eel, Avmnniiue .- 4 H f -- Anno Domine MCMXXXIV - A"' ' "1 ibi' AL'4A"l:43tj Ail, I ars facta aMarCJueriie Benson JLZL Ali Qu . 0150 Sister, Sister A Modern Technical Device To Meet The Exigencies Of The Rushing Season . . OMEN'S Fraternities have gradually come from a pe- riod of great simplicity and deep sincerity, coupled with dark- est secrecy to a time of consider- able, marked competitive pressure, and ambiguous emphasis. This article is advancing on the errone- ous major premise that there still remains unaltered the ideal that motivates all fraternity groups- that members are chosen on the basis of congeniality and friend- ship. In the seething maelstrom of contemporary University Lifeg among the treacherous shoals of Campus Favor which beckon gol- denly in the slanting rays of mo- mentary fortune and gleam dully in the after yearsg amid the per- sistently and smoothly lapping waves of Patronage and Discrim- ination, we have one great shape looming up, the only everpresent body, omnipotent force . . . Yea, the saviour of us all! . . . "The Sorority Ideal. During the rushing season of nineteen thirty-three, when tradi- tions were falling all about us, when proud hearts were tasting unparalleled defeat, had it not been for this staunch supporter of our greek letter system, all must have fallen. In what lies the inher- ent strength of this concept which proved the essential sturdiness of the sorority idea. First, there are the very timbers of its construc- tion. Though different groups have 19 called them by different names, the discriminating few know that they are the Theories Of Rushing. The word rushing will occur and re- occur since it is the very raison d'etre of Pan-Hellenic life. In rushing there will always be certain obsolete individuals who hold out for National Standing, but, naturally the Youth Move- ment has proved that National Standing is a mere bagatelle when compared with the merits of a vigorous young local. There will be others who insist on the im- portance. of Social Prestige fathere are after all Certain barriers to maintain, My Dear"J, and there are inevitably those who know that nothing is more important than Popularity With Men fand did some one say "the men of the campus can make you or break you"J. Surely an impressive array, enough to impress any prospective member, National Standing, Social Prestige, and Popularity With Men. But for some precocious -freshmen even these things were not enough, they wanted to know just what were sororities, and why were soror- ities, and why rushees should be- come pledges. In proud answer to such ques- tions the sages of Pan-Hellenic philosophy propounded these ideals. They said that sororities were the strong white light passing through the prism of female edu- cation, a white light that resolved .16. itself into fine radiant parts that compose the whole,-seven rain- bow hues-seven fundamental elements. The first .of these was Information, valuable information which is part of the stock in trade of any organization worthy of the name. The sisters had assembled a brave array of astonishing facts, a careful combination of definite endeavor and definite achieve- ment, truly enlightening statistics. "Exactly 1616 smiles per sin- gle vote for Prom Queen, 2 de- voted men in each fraternity to cinch Queen of Heartsg 1 editor of Cincinnatian to ensure a Per- sonality Girlg an active chapter of 65 to determine president of W S G A." This information dated back to the establishment of each chapter and boasted an imposing list of girls who had "made good." The hearts of the rushees thrilled with pride at the thought of belonging to a group so efficiently organized. The second element and the nat- ural sequel of Information was Inspiration, that intangible some- thing that means an enthusiastic response to every demand, not once have the sisters failed to re- spond nobly to the challenge of "Who shall be Hop Queen," Prom Queen, R. O. T. C. Colonel, Band Sponsor, who shall have the Swiming cup, Basketball cup, Float cup, Ticket sale cup? It will always be the inalienable privilege of every sorority member to be inspired to ever greater deeds by the illustrious example of those who have gone before. No element was stressed more than the third, Co-operation. The fundamental importance of this quality, so valuable and so necessary, was brought out in Monday night meetings, in Y. W. C. A. meet- ings, in Leadership lectures, and in Pledge meetings. It became obvious that no goal could be reached through the exercise of individual effort, but only through vigorous and conscientious team work. Information, -- Inspiration, - Co-operation, of course they brought Vision and National Spirit la more virulent and fatal attack of consciousness of National Standingl. The Vision of a 9 Q A that could be, the vision of future opportunities. They stretched limitlessly, one Queen after another, row upon row of stag-drunken dances, page upon page of scurrilous writings, stack upon stack of broken hearts and severed friendships. The rushees were impressed at the thought of National Spirit, which meant the love of one mem- ber for another, a love so strong that it caused its bearers to tear the Greek letters from their hearts when they recognized other wearers of the badge, and at the beautiful loyalty of one chapter to an- other, a loyalty so strong that it could never be safely tested. Everyone has heard of these beautiful and rare phenomena, but there are few indeed who have ever seen them. The talk of dissatisfied pledges concerning the wonder of other chapters of tragic mistakes, and of breaking pledges was only a trans- parent cloak to disguise their true affection for the order as a whole. In the midst of the rainbow rays the rosy one of Companionship was very prominent. Companion- ship brought the happy memories of never to be forgotten events, such as the glamorous winter for- mal when the sisters snaked each others men. Memories such as these bind east and west, north and south into a splendid and enduring unity. The last and the strongest of the seven qualities was Friendship. Friendship so weak in its ties, so barren in its possibilities that the rushees were great- ly impressed. This Friendship meant the breaking up of old intimacies, the formation of new bonds and associations. Friendship was and ever will be the most precious possession of the organization. The sages paused content, the sorority idea was vindicated. The rushees were enthralled at so noble a prospect, they looked forward to a period of Pan- Hellenic growth which would make Life rich and fruitful, filled with a glorious companionship, and wrapped in the protecting folds of Sorority Ideals. 1 ' I g,'f7"' L' F 1.11.-gif - ' Q i " ' - ilifzafgsf I-"Mega .-H1412 "1 i?2eQ+ie'A4- , ai-"U T 4 ...q.t5::2?i42:.a2 . ' 1.52, . ifu- V , 1 ref., .f is, ,ii -, - H . ' 'E Lf f ' I 2 li 'F--1ffs':rf-'-f A .1 , I' ., 11.3 -5 I Y E . 559 -I-.rgf-1ffsa1.t . w .- 5.15 xl ,.-..s. ,QQr,'s Yq .5x. .l., , ,:,l.5:12,, I .: -' ,,u, M L A fag,-mg, ..t 3 -1, V 'J '- it 4 ' -'J ' Q if ':. , T f c as r . fl . - if x ' , ,f .1 . 5 3 , .. . X' -:Y , '. , V , 1. I . +32 Z h I .X 5 l , I ' eb sg 1 Q l Quit-'1'x . -A R ' P 'I Q 1 eifsgfasffi " i . E f Fl -T' fgjf -57-Q e 1. .1 . 2 1 . Q. wx Q ' 1 3 E ' Q' , W' I . jr . Mil: K1 -Ili-Zell'-r 5 .tl is , it w l ls SORORITIES PICTURE TOTTERING PANHELLENISM A The gregarious nature of homo sapiens causes him to group together, but the selfish expressions of personality, developed in a pseudo-civilized state, ever tends to tear down the towering structure of fraternity. 0170 '1 Y THE UNIVERSITY ARMY Each year a new crop of privates enlist from the ranks of freshmen engineering students-knowing no better, no doubt. .6180 ,lingo Belles "I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier" . . . Students are taught the art of being a general . . honorary commander is a woman . . . the Standing Army sits . WENTY-THREE hundred years ago, in a little peninsula on the northern shore of the Mediterranean, fighting was so im- portant that mothers' gladly--pen haps proudly would be more exact -gave up their children to the State when the progeny reached the age of seven. The boys were taught to be soldiers. The casual observer will remark, "Barbaric." But that is not so. The boys were fighters-and splendid ones, too- for thirty or forty years. Why, in the battle of Thermopylae, one of the most famous in all history, only three hundred Greeks were killed. With the adaptation of gun- powder to warfare, much of the glamour, and all the common sense went out of being a soldier. Percival could no longer shout, "On, you British." The run from Marathon was not even cruising distance for a respectable shell. The old days of battling Qwith half the ferocity and danger of the modern professional wrestling match, were gone. Battles sud- denly became perilous ventures. More men were to be killed in the World War than lived in Golden Greece. However, the world was not yet civilized. Men would go on fighting. The question was, "What was to be done about it?" A Solution is Found It is true the world was not yet civilized, but the world was learned. It was quick to grasp realities. Those men who were in the service, soon began to notice that some of their number were never wounded, and, of course, were never killed-dying rather of old age. This group became known as oiiicers. The name sig- nified that they were in charge of the duties of the army, not that they were immune from bullets. It has been definitely proven on two different occasions that offi- cers can be killed by a bullet. These were the men who sat ten miles behind the fighting and planned the next attack-a very necessary thing, be it understood. lt was, however, a happy coinci- dence that the only places that were never bombarded were mu- nition plants and officers quar- ters. So, if War could not be kept a gentle pastime, why not at least develop the art of being, no longer a soldier, but a general? With this in mind, a unit was established iin the United States knovm as the r. o. t. c. fCapital let- ters were not used until 19251. The r. o. t. c. was to be the finest army in the world. Every man would be an ofiicer. He would wear boots. He would carry a sword. He would be able to dance. He would be able to purport him- self always as a gentleman. There were a few other things such as ballistics, and drill-work, and map-making to be consideredg but the meeting for organization had to be stopped short, so some things were never quite settled. However, the r. o. t. c. did become a fine finishing school for the mili- tary Four Hundred. It was late afternoon. The au- tumn sun slowly sank-apparent- ly into that quaint little creek west of Central Parkway. Al- ready the last of the undergrad- uates' roadsters were leaving faculty parking spaces. The turf smelled-just smelled, as it has .190 always smelled-of decent bour- geois dust, intermingled with those clinging odors and almost fainted. Of a sudden this ethereal still- ness was broken by a rasping command, "Fow'd Mawtch!-Tu! -'Treel-Fo! It was so authori- tative, yet so soothing-so like the voice of the owl on St. Agnes' Eve. We breathed a sigh of relief and round the drive they came-four abreast fnothing abnormal, just the formationj, heavily chev- roned, booted and spurred. It was the Rotcswehr! Our own army! Another scene: early in Decem- ber, on that same bourgeois sod fwe must be democratic, of coursej stands a row of Varsity's fairest Co-eds valiantly attempt- ing to impress, with their respec- tive charms, the sturdy squadrons of Generals that face them. Apart, and to the left stands another group of Rotcswehr oH'icers-dis- tinguished from the ordinary gen- erals by an extra three-tons of decorations. Always remember- ing Napoleon's mistake Uoseph- ine, not Waterlool, these hard- bitten veterans of the Co-op Day encounters are warily deciding on some new strategy to maneuver their favorite "femme" into a commission. A coup d'etat if you will,-for such is the scope of mil- itary science and tactics. It's the day the Honorary Cadet Colonel is chosen, and: A1l's fair in love and Honorary-cadet-colonel-choosing. Still another scene: late in Jan- uary. It is 10:30 P. M. on a Satur- day night. Soft lights stream through the grimy windows of the Men's Gym and form intricately vague patterns on the snow. The -Av: ' Mit- - ' " 'v -. is Q, !. ,.. , A i l ' . -,i 'P' 5 'iff-. I I -vs I ' . I . . , -Z , , , '-.A , 1 ,, lu -. I '- H - 2' 'sg w ' I - Qual - V. ,. e ,. ,,f:',, Y -. + .--. Q y .311-I i , i A Il, , 13. 1 .fl g I - v .itz-,, W I B'-,-'in .I,'-'gc -5. gl' ,Lt I t I f 151 x-1 L 1433 J , . i, . .eg . . . .. A , 2 I ' 'KODEK HOCH DER KAISER . . . Der Tag and other expressions fit in remarkably well with the military precision of the Reichswehr of Germany. snow covering the paths has been tightly packed by the crunching steps of boots-spurred boots. Inside, too, these spurred boots were leaving their impres- sion-especially on the shins and ankles of everyone within a ra- dius of three feet. It is rumored that the Folk Dance Club and W. S. G. A. have petitioned the War Department to issue rubber rowels as a part of a general's commissary accouterments. fEquestrian Note: The horses think this is a swell idea too.j Author's Note: It is the opinion of the author that each general should give his date one spur upon entering the floor, thus evening things up a bit. Otherwise, the Marquis of Queensbury Rules should hold on the dance Hoor. A. A. U. catch as catch can every- where else. Guns stacked in the Foyer, the Men's Gym camouflaged with can- vas to represent a barracks, still they can't fool us, 'cause we know. A mess-tent! The music stops. A fanfare from the orchestra clears the center of the Hoor and two columns of sober-faced youths-their faces reflecting the seriousness of the business at hand-file in. A young General, cool and brave under fire, steps out of line and solemnly summons Mr. Umpty Ump and General Fred Floop to become members of Scabbard and Blade -the inner order of the army- the true "Garde Regiment zu Fuss" of the Rotcswehr. It is an honor coveted by all candidates- to wear Achselklappen Coiiicers shoulder strapsj. Perhaps these scenes will go far toward disclosing the impreg- nable position that the Rotcswehr occupies in the hearts of the mili- tant undergraduates. Little did President Wilson realize when he signed the Hay Bill of June 3, 1916, that this Act was destined to establish a literal "Wehrfreudig- keit"-flock it up for yourselfj- throughout all the learned institu- tions in the' land. Nor did Colonel Guthrie realize on the same day three years later when he took charge as Com- mandant of the Cincinnati Rotcs- wehr that it would become so in- tegral a part of the Campus. What V- 20- with supplying ushers for football games and guards for Co-op Day exhibits little more could be ex- pected in the way of co-operating to the best interests of University life. Service is the keynote! Serv- ice to the best school on earth and the grandest flag of all! Years later, in the days of Rooseveltian alphabetism and Tugwell-versus-Wirt'ism, when red-shirt Communists, brown- shirt Nazi's, black-shirt Facisti, and no-shirt Literati of the Col- lege of Liberal Arts have risen and subsided, the Rotcswehr alone has remained foremost in the annals of Campus publicity. Disregard- ing entirely such non-military or- ganizations as the Fencing team and Jerry the cop, it is this army that has recently engaged the at- tention of the general staff of "Ill-Fortune". The Rotcswehr is divided into two Regiments, each comprising three Battalions. Each Battalion embraces two Companies, each Company embraces two Platoonsg each Platoon embraces a number of lnfantrymen, while each In- fantryman embraces another. Whoops, my dear! w i w w ll ,1, Il ll ' r w J w 45 'Uv if wi .A il F la ii i. ,J l i ,P ,J E if If w r l 5 . 4 .M 11 H ffl .U V ,N . e. u x .rl N. w 'A 1 Under the command of General Cadet Col. James W. Seltzer and General Lt. Col. Courtney Winall, this small but mighty fighting unit is well equipped to take the field, with: Rifles ........... .......... 1 ,200 Uniforms ........ ......... 1 75,000 Corporals ....... ................ 3 Privates ...... ................ 1 Generals .............................. 100,000 Field Guns .............................. none French 75's Know quoted at 591:51 ............................................ 4 Trenches .............. fsee parking lotj Sabres ................................ 79,852M-4 Bullets fspentj ........ 55,000 rounds Honorary Cadet Colonels ............ 2 Tanks .................. tdon't mention itj No more. Indeed, the day of the dumb dis- ciplined cannon-fodder is past. Modern armies are targets of well-trained technicians. No long- er need the modern General hide calloused hands or feel ill at ease in the tea salon, for tea-dancing has become another phase of the rigid training that the neophyte general must endure. Just a month before he died, old'Grand Admiral James Patirpitz C'Hon- est Jim"J Von Walsh, famed for his parted whiskers and departed wallet, said, "Whether our ene- mies like it or not, these uniforms sure play hell with the ladies". The ordinary general of the Rotcswehr is paid roughly about fifty-three pfennigs a day. The Rotcswehr accepts none but the best of Varsity's man-power. They will not deviate in the slightest from their strict physical requirements, the essential quali- fications being two arms, two eyes, one head, one torso and two feet fpreferably not ilatj. The Cadet-General is taught to handle a rifle teither endj, to dig a trench fthe Co-ordination De- partment usually takes care of thisj, the mysteries of ballistics, range finding, scouting, ball-room dancing and fire-by-friction. Every year, shortly after the Spring mobilization the "Man- overzeit" is held. It is holiday time for Generals. Here the rou- tine of drill and manual is dis- pensed with for the lighter pas- times of "Drop-the-handkerchief, red-rover-come-over, and go- sheepie-go." The Pacific fleet may go to Atlantic waters, but the Rotcswehr will go on forever-as long as engineers continue to wave the flag. The Rotcswehr, like every other army has its secret new-fangled devices the most guarded of which are: a delicately intricate mechan- ism, officially known as the Iwon'tdoit-ograph, to measure the amount of insubordination in every embryonic General, a re- spirator to keep Generals from dying in bed, a self-packing para- site to hang on to when you fall out of airplanes, and a smokeless, noiseless, non-existent bullet. These adroit misapplications have done much to further the impo- tency of our estimable "Truppen". However, the most zealously guarded of all military secrets is the discovery by Major-domo Fitzgerald-Pershing Von Himmel- gott Lord8zTaylor Dusseldorf of a blond Big Bertha whose acquaint- ance we have been unable to make at the time this publication goes to press. We hope you will feel only that this is a protocol inspired by com- mon weal, for no mean mortal could fully and aptly describe the glories of the Rotcswehr! But then soldiering has lost its charm. Why is it not better to use the uniform for school clothes, to beat the sword into plowshares? Why is it not better to keep one's respect for an Honorary Colonel rather than a Himmelstoss that feels for no one? There will be more wars and more men will be killed. But generals will die in bed-their own, even-perhaps. EXCLUSIVE PICTURE . . . showing oflicers dying with their boots on. THE HONORARY COLONEL . . . is the only one who doesn't wear his uniform to school. .210 NEWEST AMONG THE CAMPUS ROYALTY AND . . . said by many to be most inane, are the Wampus Babies-picked from the freshman class. Reqinae QW QUEEN OF QUEENS . . . is she who reigns supreme at the SPONSOR . . . of the band is Mary Catherine. . . has its selected ruler. Honorary Ackerman. ' Junior Prom. Eloise Powell, first of all, became a Theta Phi Alpha. EVEN THE ARMY Cadet Colonel is Ruth Ritchey. ' ' 4 UP FROM THE ENGINE MARY OF WINDSOR SCHOOL . 7 . and friend. 1 . . . comes the Queen of the Quadran- NAMES MAKE NEWS gle. Miss Aneta Rivard has taken the place of the slip-stick in the hearts of Miss Slough holds the f.l'11'0l1e of the the embrygnig engineers, second-year students. 022. h, n i , P l l I , l I I yi 42 I sl l 'l 5 I r w A . l A -1 n -r Faces of the Year Dean of Women through many hectic years, Josephine Simrall passed through the torrentious twenties when the rest of us were bobbing our hair, dancing Charleston, and staying up all night, with characteristic equanimity that earns for her the true' title of lady. Prom Queen and outstanding personal- ity was Adele Berger, now secretary in the oiiice of the Dean of Women. She stayed on the campus to soften the breach between undergraduate life and the cold, cold world. Miss Berger ap- pears to be in her cups. FACULTY FAVORITES ' Popular fellows of the Quadrangle schools are Profs. Wabnitz and Oddy of the English and History departments. Believe it or not, them there engineer fellas even read and things, thanks to this pair. Outstanding in the field of Endicrinol- ogy Charles K. Weichert, Ph. D., has yet enough time to devote an appalling amount of it to his students. At five after four of a summer's morn- ing, one is not likely to be one's spryest. Especially when one has been a stag and drunk his fill. Duncan Fraine was caught by the photographer after a hard night's study. Inspirations of poets and ad-writers, motive force long before the automobile, feet are still held by professors Cas they were in the first class-rooms in the Garden of Edenl to encase the brains of students. 023. SHIPLEY'S An institution devoted entirely to the increose of goiety in student life. An eoting ploce to which every visit ofter groduotion will bring pleosont memories of glorious school doys. A nome of which we ore justly proud. I For more than Fifty Years . . . . U. C. Seniors Have been taking a l . Post-GRADUATE COURSE . IN "HOW TO ENIOY LIFE" AT C C N E Y IS L A N D Get Your D. H." Degree There This Summer SWIMMING 77 DANCING yy DINING D PLAYING 'Doctor of Happiness LCDGKEE ll Mr Holmes 9 9 W here We are' Requ1escat 1n Facultata Faces of the Year V "Don't send me back to Petrogradf' Mademoi- selle Glenna Weishaupt will now sing "My Old Kentucky Home." Beware the wrath of a sxlent man says someone wlth au thonty Champ Hell has the physical make up that allows a man to be a gentle man at all costs Good sports wnter IS Mulford Mentel not hand ln hand however with that faculty goes an abxhty of bemg a good meteorologlst wxtness h1s early blossommgs of sar tonal u'r1descence Forgotten Men Young Strasser and Johnson Left found lmgs by an unapprecxatlve News, and a dead and buned solatlon, however, have all three-Johnson, his Y M. C. A , '1 I O - , l , - P O W E L L Q W H I T E Muslcal Comedy they are now ready for rnummigying- Con- Young, h1s get aroundmg, and Stasser, hxs consolatlon. 0240 Faces of the Year Overcoming a tremendous handicap of one year at Comell, Walter Tuttle has so well adapted himself to Cincinnati conditions he thinks nothing of usurping his immediately superior's bit of feminine property. This picture does exactly what George Kramer has done onthiscampusgitisfill- ing space. His column in the News was the only bright spot in a very dull weekly and that has justified Kramer's presence. This photo Ctaken in May, 19345 shows him thinking up ideas for the 1933 musical comedy, "Calamity Com- rades". Proud indeed is Cincinnati of native son Henry M. Waite. Gentleman and outstanding engineer, he, this year, received the honorary degree of Doctor of Engineering. Editor of this section is a Beta -oddly enough the group pre- sented here is composed al- most entirely of Betas. Thousands Killed or Injured Every Year by Blow-Outs vw' The Life G o I d e n every new Silvertown blow-outs Saver Ply in Safety p r e- This amazing invention resists internal heat. Rubberand 7 Q K X T' 4 1 A xx ,X Xa XX . 'l fabric don't separate. Thus blisters don't form inside the tire. The cause of blow-outs is eliminated before they EVEN SiOl'l', I Meaclor Motor Car Co. aaos cunon AVE. PHONE, UNiversity 0120-0121 4 Complete Automotive Service 'mE'ff- NASH AND LAFAYETT in E SALES AND SERVICE J A A A SERVICE . . . OPEN DAY AND NIGHT --1. -..--I --- -- ..- un. nn. uu- nn- --- .- class of '34 Welcome Qld 'eiznna ROMANCE . . . GLAMOUR . . . OLD WORLD CHARM DANCING NIGHTLY . . . NO COVER CHARGE iames K. Switzer, Manager In the year 1870 . . . . . . the University of Cincinnati was founded and the first swimming pool in the United States was established by Philipps. Philipps Pools are proud of their ancestral traditions . . . "Swim in Drinking Water" has been their popular slogan for more than twenty years . . . Such is Philipps responsi- bility and the reason for Philipps Leadership. 'I I' -25' of double doors, barring one of the most important avenues of circu- lation on the campus? VVhat verse could more aptly attach itself to a building which robbed our cam- pus of one of its lovliest green carpets, and obliterated a charm- ing view of our impressive library? Perhaps the Master could have given us a convenient interesting open archway instead of the bat- tery of portals, and, in so doing, could have afforded through the arch a picturesque glimpse of the campus beyond. Some may think the Master cantankerous! The Colossus showed a slight Weakness for talking pictures when his rendition of "I'm a Dreamer" from the screen pro- duction "Seventh Heaven" was crystallized into the University of Cincinnati Men's Dormitory. Frozen Music CContinued from page Ilj The mystic number seven may have been meant to indicate that the dormitory, the only approach to collegiate Gothic architecture on our campus, was the seventh different architectural style to abide in McMicken's troubled landscape. The gargoyles scream for companionship and the Master is amused. Then, as the campus had become almost completely peopled with buildings, the Colossus, in graci- ous gesture, turned to the Master musician of all time for an inspir- ation, and gave utterance to Shakespeareis "Sweet are the uses of adversity, Which, like the toad, ugly and venemous, Wears yet a precious jewel in his head," That jewel of the Master is a veritable architectural gem on our campus, The Tanner's Research Building, fine in proportion, good in scale, and excellent in design. And now a song which seems to ring with the Master's ecstatic delight in his polar hideaway, Al. Jolson's old vehicle 'Tm Sitting on Top of the World". To what bit of architecture might that verse give existence? It appears to be in truth it is an eskimo's igloo and it is "sitting on top of the world". The Colossus be praised! He has given our campus no igloo! Indeed, let the Master sing on! Next month's "lIl-Fortune" will bring you a fascinating, educational article, "Color Capers," by Professor Y. B. Green, internationally renowned col orologlst This article wrll include color trucks and clever color charts which Professor Green has prepared exclusively for lll Fortune The intricate diagram, here presented, taken from the coming article, shows at a glance how much blacker IS black than white, and also how much whiter rs whrte than black By turning the diagram up less whrte rs black than white and also how much less black rs white than black The charts rn your next Issue of Ill Fortune wrll brmg you more color capers ' ll - ll side down, the reverse or opposite will be evident--how much I ll - ll ' ' . .26- THE HAPPIEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE PROVIDED YOU PREPARE ARE AHEAD OF YOU FOR THEM The time has come that you are to be sincerely congratulated We wish you the greatest of success in the coming years and hope that we may ID some little way help that success to come about. gggjgr L'fe Insurance These Plans can be started with A Comb'nat'on of Savings and Protectuon a savmgs as small as thrrty-hve Retirement Income and Annuities a forty cents a week THE GUARDIAN LIFE of NEW YORK CINCINNATI AGENCY Est bll hed 1860 928 Chamber of Commerce Bulldmg Phones-MAIn 1609 and I6I8 Glenn W Isgr'g Agency Supemsor Harry lsgng Manager Ted M. McCarty Special Agent TRUSSES HOSPITAL QUALITY BRQCQORTS I"IZdItI1 dnd SICIC ROOITI SUDDIIZS ULTRAVIOLET RAY LAMPS EXERCISERS REDUCERS Cost No More Than Others STIMULATOI19 GAUZE COTTON CELLUCOTTON 0 4 H E R S ELASTIC STOCKINGS AND BANDAGES CHEMICAL AND SCIENTIFIC APPARATUS 2931 WEST SIXTH sr CINCINNATI OHIO SURGICAUNSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES WE ARE IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR HEALTH MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH GRADE SURGICAL EQUIPMENT Q 0 0 o Q I . II . . . . I' CS - I1 ' .I 1 I II ll ' O 0 . . - I 0 . at , I , I ' ' O . . .27. THE BEST BUCK GF Tl-lE lvlCDNTl-l ss s 771, ' This book we are talking about is written in figures-a language everybody understands. The story is so simply told and so readily comprehensible that illustrations are unnecessary. The figures, however, paint beautiful pictures of travel, vacation, automobiles, homes, and no end of things you long for. ' The book has not been reviewed by literary critics, but it has the hearty endorsement of everybody who possesses it, which includes people in about every walk of life. There are not many pages in it, but it is chock full of meat. You never will possess a book that you will prize more. ' The title of this book is "The Bank Book." Your very destiny depends upon your having one. Once you own it you can add and add to the story, and with each addition it gets more interesting. To top it all, each addition you make brings you more returns per pen scratch than is enjoyed by the best-paid novelists. The book is free every day in the year at the PROVIDENT. All you need do is make a small deposit. Stop in at the home office or at any of the fourteen convenient branches at your first opportunity. We never run out of them., l o o T 'run P SAVINGS BANK GTRUST CO. Home Office: Seventh and Vine, Cincinnati, Ohio Fourteen Convenient Branches .28. THE lITTlE ULD LADY WHO CAME IN T0 "GET ACIIUAINTEIV' hy Thomas Kent 0 ' W 1 , 'f --2f1,,,. Q . . . she was really one of the owners of the company NE afternoon, a couple of weeks ago, a little orphanages, schools, hospitals and colleges-fraternal organ- white-haired lady was ushered into the office of an executive izations as well as church societies-public and civic institu- of the gas and electric company. After introducing herself, tions. Banks and trust companies, too, select these securities she opened her well-worn hand-bag and took out a stock for investment. And you might be interested to know that certificate. "You see," she said proudly, "I own five shares the owners of the largest blocks of this preferred stock are the of your preferred stock, so I thought I'd come in to 'get leading life insurance companies of America. acquamtedjl There is scarcely an individual in this community who is "We're glad you did," the executive assured her, "for you not interested-directly or indirectly-in the welfare of the are really one of the owners of this company." And that's gas and electric company. And you may be sure that the true. She is a part owner of the great company serving company will protect this interest to the best of its ability- Cincinnati-in fact, 80 percent of the total number of stock- against great odds and unfair agitation. holders live here in the city. There are more than 8,000 of wk wk wk them. Teachers and tradesmen, doctors and. mechanics, Your gas and electric company does not belong to a few- wldows and oflice workers-men and women in all walks but to many. It is managed and operated under strict regu- of hfe' lation, in the interests of its consumers, its investors and Besides these, the list of shareholders includes endowed workers, and the public. Published ny THE Union Gns 8. Eizcnuc COMPANY CO AND ED COME TO ye QIcIe CoIIe9e I-Iangout Ior iVIarIc I:uIIer's Ritz American Ice Cream -9- A Good Place to Eat and Visit '42- 345 CALI-IQUN STREET F. M. LINDLEY, Manager AVRIL and SON 4 SMOKED MEAT AND SAUSAGE OUR SPECIALTY-BAKED HAM 4' 33 East Court Street Phones: CHerry 2433-2434 For the I-Iighest Quoliiy in Stereotype Ploies ond Mciis Depend Upon WESTERN NEWSPAPER UNION 22 East-12th Street CHerry H04 - CHerry IIO5 lfL.4lfL'l!9d4.466! . . . Nothing you con buy tcisies quite so good cis ice crecim. Then, Too, there ore few foods thot rnotch it for heolthfulness, for it is o STIERS' PHARMACIES Cincinnoii's Finest o o CLIFTON AND LUDLOW AVE. CLIFTON AND MCMILLAN STREETS well known fact thot ice creonn hcis oil the voiuoble heolth prop- erties thot ore contoined in No'rure's perfectfood-milk. M2fr0p0IItah Motors I . . BUICK-PONTIAC S E V E N T H A T EAT ice ci2Ef-xrvi DAILY BROADWAY J" .30. Speaking of Selling Points . . . One of the strongest inducements toward joining the geniality of the Commons mob is the omnipresent Basement Joe Heidler. For years Joe has touted the Prom Queen victories, presented boxes of candy to the touchdowners at the big games, and cheered the drearier of us with his "hello!" In fact, a Fresh Paint Musicomedy once dedicated a song to him entitled "Hello, J oe." When asked about his health he assures us he's "sick in bed with a nurse", and when questioned about his academic interests at the University he invariably cracks about his B. M. degree-Bachelor in Mopology. And say, did you ever try to crash a gate that Joe was handling . . . ? And did you ever see him wink when you made good at it? Index of Advertisers A P F erd Avril ...... -..-.---..---. -------- 3 0 Phillips Swimming Pools .......... ......... 2 5 C P ll d Whi P ............................ ......... Cincinnati and Suburban Bell Telephone Co ....... 2 owe an te ress 24 P 'd ' ................... Cincinnati Process Engraving .................................. 24 row ent Savmgs Bankljnd Trust Co 28 COHCY Bland Company --------- -------- 2 4 S. Rosenthal and Company .......... ..... 3 F S First National Bank ..........-.... .--- - -- .--- 6 Shipley .................. ....... ....... . . 24 G S ' ' Ph ' ............. ........ 0 Gibson and Perin Company ...................... Inside cover hers armacles 3 U Guardian Life Insurance Company ......... ........ 2 7 Union Gas and Electric C0 .'..... ........ 2 9 M W Meador Motor Car Company ........ ........ 2 5 W Carson Webb Studio 1 Metropolitan Motors ................. ........ 3 0 Western Newspaper Unionmmn-mm 30 N Netherland Plaza ...,...'.....,..... .,,, 5 Max Wocher and Sons Company ........... ........ 2 7 O Y Old Vienna ....... ........ ........ 2 5 Ye Olde College Hangout ........ ........ 3 0 Q 31 e I to those strange folks that have reacl this lar: No doubt the patience of the entire calendar of saints has been called upon to complete a perusal of this tome. That the reader into these mirky regions of the jahrbuch has shown something of the waning pio- neering spirit and indomitability of will we cannot goinsay. Such a one as reaches this page that fairly draols with saccharine and tears has earned our admiration, for we appreciate a connoisseur when one appears in this most stupid of all stupid worlds. The Herculean efforts that have joined with a healthy case of insomnia to make this CINCINNATIAN complete, mark those who have clustered about and harassed the -undersigned in the brewing of this concoction, as people who have earned a single and simple thing-a headache. Odd persons, curious about curious things, ask what goes into a yearbook. Well, at the present writing, with the battered lay-out book glaring at us through its spidery pencilings, at this solemn hour when the last of the blessed drudgery, with its cloying deep-nightness weighing mightily upon the "mine" beneath lvlclvlicken, curls up to die an unmourned death, an answer comes hard-and hazy. Perhaps, if the motley band that reeled giddily in and out of the office day after crazy day could shout its maudlin uproar, we would hear contradictory claims. "Photolithography!" the printer fellows, smiling and incorrigibly tardy Bud Marsh and the very scientific Ollie Perin would say. "Portraitsl" the kindly and infinitely helpful W. Caron Webb would insist. iln the last instance we have reason to suspect bias.l Faculty Advisor l-lolrnes-to whom thanks for a friendly confidence-would offer: "A new deal!" Don .luan Gilbert might take a moment from his philanderings to suggest: "Group photos," and "Good copy!" would be the beaming urge of those sources of immeasurable effort and aid, Managing-editress Weishaupt and "Dutch" Ruehlmann. Probably, if one took the time to trail and find Vic Strauss he'd explode with "More cynicism, dammit!" Yet, as the summer's lethargy dribbles in on an easy breeze to wilt thought itself, we can only stare blankly at the Tobin caricatures on the wall. Even they have long ceased to do their bit to help us carry on, and we faintly mutter in sleep-clogged reply to the question, the trilogy: "Finance, whimsey, time." FINANCE . . .shackles the scarred and tender wrists of strident creativeness, grins, and iauntily waves away all protestations of the need for more pages and prettiness. WH l MSY . . . saves the unholy "we" from the head- banging that comes with the silly questions and grumblings of organization representatives, and the wild flutterings of the Freshwomen and office habitues who have been a welcome trial to the Broken One. TIME . . . the Hitting marker of motion, clips months into weeks and then days. And ulti- mately, the hours shave down to small numbers and press-time is here. Try as we might, we have failed sadly to live up to tradition. The book appears, we fear, on schedule. rather dully, t-mi Batiem 1- , . , - A f X 2 'w.,.,' ,T . - li , A x Q ff - -lg., - V . ., f ,bjkgi i I A dir - , K . Q --n-" ,R xxx , - wt, , I... .' Q ' '- ' ' N".:',. ' U15 ri ' X- K A x inn - - -4 X ' . , ,zz X-Q55 , b - V., S .RX ,451 J . b ' V, X i n Z ' Q - 0 I , 11 I in ,S .- X X V. I " .V W i . 5 -5 '.:,g,xI-,l r 'A , V, , L7 ., ,. , ,, Qi 5 . , , L i x ,X .ilgkk ' X . J . f--X X 'Bs Y- -""'.,.-, :-?- X . ' g ., . ,' ' S fl" 3- ' - V- ' - X ' ' 's. , - . -.., -, , 13, ,x V. A Y, . .. VF ,ri E x , .H 1 5. 1 . ,- ' Ti ' ' ' H , 'ff' 'PTI'-2 ,V ' 1 A X :S Nj' ' t I. . X K X115 WS: N N gf - S 'ic Q X19 X 2-,gi .L V V bi K . S if - -1 V ,C , " X Y MQ X .,,-.,, 1 ' ' if ' . , ' R ' q ' -im "--i 'R ' " " X ' . ' 'Gln ' ' - as X X95 - ' 5 If V V ' Y -blurs X kb lf Y ,I , i 5:1 . gl-Ii . . , X H . K --.S XX ' ' 11739 , " , 2 '- V - Q 7. , U' ' V , L J b - . N: V , - ' i-,iv .1 IV ' A 4 ' X Egg-442 X" --.Q ' b 1: --s if. ug' ' " , mah 3. , 'E+ J X , ,,,,.l g L , , . ,54- . 4 f, N. sn ,V 1 V -+A N:-..' -NX pg 455 ' If 1 Y ' f ' ' ""A r P - -- gi . 1 Tv X Sfff 'QNX 5'-,J' ,iff 4 1 X ff X ,,.f X GX X if J XXX ..QQ X "X1AfA E ' 4 Il! -f" ll! im aff A A A, 'XXX A - A I ! V 1 ' '1 - 1 v fi 41 ml aff , m1 wf Hx! -A A GJ X 1 55 -'F ' ' X 4'-QWXX ,' I, X X . fx X ' fi ml RI H - Az W in H! X 011 A N X XX X Q3 X f ' 'XX XX EXJ X ff X f X R jf W V l mf Ill nf M uf! 1- FU , ,r 01 5 buf f . ,, N 'W ,fx X. ff: N. KN. F ?f N.. Q- Q K!! ,. J' X. V-X VK X fg

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