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-E- aw S E :sm 1 Q 2 ' N E E ,ai si SA .Wg W iw Q EE. a. i 4 535 AF., X ii? .2551 555 mx Q '5 mag .... -,.. 2 . ig11: -122 EW ':"" ii' E g .ssx 1 31 2125 an . 1 I iw K 5 .,.:. .,,.,.,.,,A ..., .,., 1 ' ",' . I 1 .I ":': 2- J Z' 5 55 g 1 ' ,Q f':? :r. Nga 5? 1 1 1 :xx I -::- gf. :::,,g I 'WE 1 ' ' " ' ., W1 W-: Mg 15 3 ' ff? 5 ': 5? , 'i?E'35- Egwgsi is 2 '--- W ff V 5'f if l Central State University Edmond, Oklahoma QQGNZE G00 'fe 1 S :IDOL CU"0lfU'l Vile. Can 568 my EL LQ!0I"8 H18 banning ringri cwoun file way if MJQCJ f 22, . v w A W -.SQ I Q- ,. , Q ww., . x , ,,, Jw I- 'Ni bl ,.ffM .gf Nl. F, , .9 6U'l'l Ofilelf' HOW owe more flzan wlzaf .9 wanfec! WKWWWMLMTWHW 3 7 H Q f!f'fLz',g. K , 5 . . Home 9.5, Y lm ummm ww, I gn ' 'X A WL P,-cf 9, gi., . X1 -Vt.. -- F,.4- A :f i:Wxk'L' Q. W t" 1.-i1L's.-65.5 ' X 3 .xdncl flzerefi do muclz fime fo ma e up eueryw ere you furn, fime we owe wcwfe on file way. J fiy' ' l1"?' 2 L f ,,n o muh wafer mowng Yfflwlerneaflz flze bridge . . . I , wx A l '1zi:,5' Qu u ,F my e wr A M iff' , ua V al . 4 F M Q ! n Aww-vs'-31, J if .,. J, ,. N h,'n5 . AF? y 4 M JJ it an 5 . 'w""A N1 VC: , " A 1' K -.W Q L ,X . - s'- . 'IJ """.., -kr gwgk 15 V Ti gr wk , ' ' ' N, 1,f-xfjy55T,'fp,sLMQ5l,,M: 71? L .. ' -Q f ' ' M ii? 1 K A-TE., . '- - " . t 3 -ff. , 3 if ,Q'f':frE Vi ' - 'Tir ,- fsv' " ,w . - 751 Jef flw wafer mme .And C6U"l"y M5 away 5 I 'E bs I W' ,I I OA, when yOU LUQVQ y0lfU'lg you quedfion cc! file amiwerd? cl yOU Qfllfy Cl!! 0 A6461 Cl!! ik? l'lQl"U IDOL Cll"0lfU'l6l yOU l'l0bU you l'l'llfl6i Q0 !0l" Uflldf yOU LU6ll'liQ Q ,sl 2-LQ!! .1-if A fi ! , ,L . ' U 'M MW af a my friencld wlzo got' wlzaf flzey clefierueal 5 Vs.. K H v Q!! .5 'T K If-'Qu !,! rv ,ei , .!4l'l6! fAQl"Q,5 do muclz KOUQ fo Fila 8 MI? 8UQl"ybU QV? yOU flfU"l'l, 1 OUQ we CQUQ Llldfffe Oil fA2 way . mf 1,,,,N,! 'X 1 l f "T 0 mac wafer moving un erneafla file Lriclge. J' ef ik? bUClfQl" C0l'l'lQ all CCU"l"y U5 away. W 'wif ur ,.. x, Words from the song "Wasted on the Way" by Graham Nash ' 1982 Putzy Putzy Music - All Rights Reserved Used by permission -Av' "W .F .Q-, WJ vi w 'inn " ' ' wr vw,-A -M.,M 4, K - . ' Hggxifui, 11,59 .g :I ,I -L .AQ-:J 'F' A wi 'QV . I -?-fx 'A ill , M ' A mv x ,TM WW . .',z'f'f'a M,J?f,-I r- M W, 'W' Q, ' J- iw-1, ,, in :wtf 'C H H ' 1,41 . .V ,, "Si its? Q. 1. ,M ' . 4 wwiwd' M Honors Program A challenging learning experience, classroom instruction taught in an atmosphere which induces learning, put all of this together and you have the makings of the CSU Honor Scholarship Program. The Honors Program began in the fall of 1981 on the CSU campus with 30 students enrolled, now there are some 46 people in the program. The Honors Program consists of eight faculty members who choose students who are academically inclined and they must have had an ACT composite score of 24 or higher. Dr. Diane Kremm is the faculty coordinator of the program. According to Kremm, "Once a student has been accepted to the program, the general education requirements are the same, but they are more challenging." To stay in the program, a student must maintain an overall grade point average of 3.5 and is required to enroll in two honor courses a semester. The student receives a scholarship of S360 each semester for four years. The class size is limited to encourage learning and group discussion. 18 ABOVE: A few honors program participants. Front row: L-R: Mary Martin, Cheryl Kimbrough, Theresa Tucci, Michele Davey, Kelly Wright and RIGHT: Mary Martin stands in punch line at honors program tea. BELOW: Cheryl Kimbrough, left, cuts up with Theresa Tucci as Helen McNutty looks on. Marcie Everhart. Back row: Tracy Harris, Jaree Hill, Janet Nibel, Rodney Davis, Helen McNutty, Deborah Smith, Iyk G. Nsiegbel, Cheryl White. lx l l TOP: Dr. Bill Lillard stops to chat with Tracy Harris, left. Rodney Davis and Cheryl White at Honors Program tea. Left: Rodney Davis and Iyk Nsiegba discussing the CSU football team plays to Jaree Hill and Cheryl White, or principles of physics? CSU Students Accept Challenge g 1-D. 9 l .silk M, t RW- 'Rf r, Q 'T . X, V, L a X A N'- llfhxifi, .s ' OPPOSITE PAGE: Hot chocolate and balloons add to amusementg CSU ROTC Color Guard raises flags on new poles, 1982 senior class gift. THIS PAGE, Above Left: Clown Debbie Hahn poses with friends Lauren Allen and Sonya Potter. Above: Threasa Byler checks to see if David Anderson was hit with a real whipped cream pieg Left: Kaleidoscope dancers performing square dances: Below: Linda Matthews takes advantage of a once in a lifetime chance - throwing a pie in Tim Reese's face. 21 ' l Fitness Enthusiasts Invade CSU CSU was one among 15 sites across the nation chosen to host a Forum on Youth Fitness seminar this year. Sweat suits, shorts and sneakers were common attire for the par- ticipants in the sessions held on October 7. Participants included teachers, students, youth leaders, YMCA workers, and city and state park leaders from across the state. The free seminar, geared toward anyone who was working or interested in working with youth groups at any level, had sessions held in the Broncho Fieldhouse, Wantland Hall, and Bron- cho Corral. Emphasis was placed on the 7-17 age bracket. The opening general session at 9 a. m. featured an address by former Miami Dolphin quarterack Bob Griese. He stressed the importance of physical fitness to the health of Oklahoma youth. The sessions offered help in broadening knowledge and understand- ing youth fitness, sharpening teaching, training and conditioning skillsg and encouraging life-long fitness attitudes in children. Topics ranged from aerobics, various evaluation and teach- ing techniques, to nutrition in relation to fitness and sports. TOP: Connie Crew, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation faculty member from South Oklahoma City Junior College, helps demonstrate skin fold tests on seminar participant. The test, administered during one of the sessions, helps determine the percentage of a persons body fat. Above: Participants doing "b1eacher" exercises. Left: Bob Griese, former Miami Dolphins' quarterback, involved in a deep discussion with Dr. Loyce Willett, center, consultant of Health and Physical Education for Oklahoma City Public Schools, and Dr. Kathleen Black, CSU Health Physical Education and Recreation professor. TOP: Stuedents discuss future job opportunities with one of the corporation representatives attending CSU's School of Business' fourth annual Career Day. Above: Mr. I. W. "joe" Webb, left, Ms. Kathleen Henry, Mr. Randal Dunn, and Mr. Donald Wright were honored at the Career Day luncheon. Mr. R. A. Young, right, was the keynote speaker for the event. Fourth Annual Career ay Profitable The School of Business sponsored its fourth annual Career Day October 27th in the University Center. All CSU students were invited to the event. The purpose of the day is to give students an opportunity to meet with prospective future employers. By meeting with the representatives of the firms seniors and graduates have the opportunity to make that all important first contact, with resume in hand. Underclassmen also benefit in that they learn what kind of courses and experience will help them get their first "real job." Founder of the TGSLY Stores Co., R. A. Young, was the keynote speaker at the luncheon. Dr. james Perry, Dean of the School of Business presented each of the four distinguished alumni of CSU with plaques and gifts. Honored were Mr. Randall Dunn, partner Deloitte Haskins Br, Sells: Ms. Kathleen Henry, Directorf Store Marketing 8s Sales Promotiong McDonald's Corp.g Mr. I. W. "Joe" Webb, President Sz, Chairman of the Board, Joe Webb 85 Associates, Inc., Dallas, Texasg and Mr. Donald Wright, President of Allied Lakewood Bank of Dallas, Texas. 23 24 Pledges Find Sororities in Formal Rush Every year in colleges and universi- ties all across the nation many female students go through a week of parties and major decision making called Formal Rush. This year's Formal Rush at CSU was held August 25-29. The three sororities that participated were Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Zeta, and Sigma Kappa. Wednesday a picnic was held at Stevenson Park. In spite of the threat of rain, the rushers and rushees met for the first time over hotdogs. Thursday was Open House night, where the rushees were invited to inspect the sorority houses. Friday was Theme Night. Each sorority put on a skit and sang about their group. Saturday was Preferential Night. On "Pref Night" the rushees learned how special a sisterhood can be through a more serious presentation by the members. Then it was back to the University Center to make a decision they would live with for the rest of their lives - which sorority to pledge. On Bid House Day, August 29, the members eagerly awaited and welcomed the rushees into their chosen Sisterhood at the Y-Chapel. -Q .ki .1 .I ,K si X,-I fh. .1 Q31 v. K OPPOSITE TOP: Carol Duran, Ruth Karner, Gina Epley and Amy Crocker discuss Delta Zeta at Theme Night Party. MIDDLE LEFT: Cyndee Schwab and Ann Underwood greet rushees in front of the Sigma Kappa house on Theme Night. MIDDLE RIGHT: Bonnie Crittenden, La Donna Horinek and Cyndee Schwab at Sigma Kapp house on Bid House Day. BOTTOM: Delta Zeta's taking bows after "Fantasy Island" skit. t THIS PAGE, TOP: Sandy Huebner and rushee are all smiles at Delta Zeta rush party. BELOW LEFT: Cathy Christiansen and Tracie Taylor ham it up for cameras at Sigma Kappa picnic Bid Day. BELOW RIGHT: Terry Russell, Shelly Nowlin, Lori McVay, Karen jeannont, and Lynn Gudenburr between parties. ra sim va Holiday Seasons CSU Style Being away from home for the first time can be quite traumatic for many students. When the holidays roll around, however, CSU students find ways to make the season more homey. At Halloween, ghosts 85 goblins seemed to come out of the woodwork. Various organizations sponsored costume parties, some in conjunction with homecoming. Thanksgiving was the first chance many had to go home, but before leaving special Thanksgiving dinners were served. As soon as students returned from their homemade turkey dinners, Christ- mas parties began. First the President's Club sponsored a party for under- privileged children on November 29. The children came from all over Edmond. Different clubs sponsored the children by making sure Santa had toys, clothing and a stocking of goodies for the little ones. December 2 was the Feast of Carols. After the dinner CCornish game hen, baked potato and sour cream, veggies and strawberry cake were served,J campus organizations were invited to dedicate and present a wreath to a person who helped them during the past year. The wreath presentation was followed by a short program presented by a few of the various choirs and singing groups on campus. A short play reminding us of the real meaning of Christmas was presented. Santa Claus showed up at the end in time for after dinner cider and conversation. Even though students are busy and away from home, the holidays are not forgotten. TOP: Tim Reece presents a wreath to Deans Land and Ryan at the Feast of Carols. ABOVE: Jester Denny Ott gets help in lighting a candle at the Feast of Carols dinner. RIGHT: All kinds of spooks haunted the corridors of Murdaugh Hall. 26 1 v"NNY1Q if 1 Tx TOP: Trick-or-treating with a new twist - room to room. RIGHT: Trick-or-treaters pause during their rounds. BELOW LEFT: Buddy Broncho fEric Oeschj helps Heather Dawn Watkins with her packages from Santa CBob Austinj at the President's Club Underprivileged Chi1dren's Christmas Party. BELOW RIGHT: Carolers sing during Feast of Carols program. 5 l E, 'N ff Homecoming '82 "CSU - a gem in Oklahoma's Diamond Jubilee" was the theme for this year's homecoming celebration. i The festivities were kicked off with a picnic and pep rally on Wednesday, October 27. Due to high winds the bonfire was not lit, but East Hall won the award for the most original piece of wood contributed to the bonfire efforts. Despite a boycott started by a few of the dorm residents against the Greek Homecoming Queen elections, there was a high turnout for the election held the week before homecoming. iAll contes- tants were members of sororities.l Thursday night the University Center Ballroom was the scene of the 1982 Homecoming dance and crowning of the queen. Michele Merhib, a sophomore, was crowned queen. Kris Miller, Cynthia Sullivan, Shelly Moody, and Susan Witt were the attendants. Since Homecoming was so close to Halloween there was a costume contest and series of scary movies in the University Center on Friday. Saturday, October 30, was the long awaited day, Homecoming. The festivi- ties were kicked off at 9 a.m. with a commuter reception followed by the parade. After the parade the CSU Alumni had a luncheon in the University Center Ballroom. In the morning parents and families of students were invited to the campus to see where their sons and daughters went to class and lived. The dorms and Greek houses held "Open House" for this purpose. Before the game against Cameron a special ceremony was held on the football field. Mike and Risa Russell accepted a plaque in honor of their sister Karen, who was killed in a car accident in May of last year. Karen was last year's homecoming queen and candidate for graduation in July. . To end the week, CSU's football team creamed Cameron 38-6. The turnout for the game was the largest thus far for the season. At half time, in addition to the coronation, Broncho fans were introduced to the football team on the field. p Who says Broncho fans have no spirit??!! C A.,., v J .f os. ' N ' . , iggmjggifibw X Y . .. ' TOP: Senior Randy Jones skirts left end during the C ARES Homecoming game. ABOVE LEFT: One of many CSU students gather for hotdogs at the Pep Rally. ABOVE: Fans come out in mass for the game. LEFT: Juanita Hillburn leads the women of Murdaugh Hall in the Homecoming parade. . sem IU CSU OZLAHOMA5 IIIEILEF 4,54 '.. .. 5 A WA. , A jr -- fi ll .V 'f'a.-Qfwffs' FQ -- fig... - 1.5. , M. .., . . .. a '06 5 , , .Q H ' i -.J ., jk L' Yr- eg . .Q if . I fe- N qx jg-I A. 121, A u io w' .wg"-1' K .' V W . L' ' 5, P- , . 'W ,Q W M , , siding: lg if W if-ir.. . . 4, .. ,A x 1 EL, v . J, .. f K, an F. J 3. 1 t . A . ,wr A W -A 4- V v, - ' -A K .a I fqrgx h " - x, ,' . wi iv X - . 4. 21 . , 1 I .-f f 4' tiubgai Fc. , . l 4 - QW , .. 2 1: am? -We EV' ww' 3' ,T tiff 'Y . xi' a Q :Q " X .if V11 ' 3. .w :' w fffvst -w x, 'K , '- 'Tv ,V ' ' -, R " qqulg. , lf , ,ff , ' 'L ', ,, . ' Mo' - ,A f pg? 824, sr ' 3 . V,-O ,sealy Sa 1. ' fl- , .' 4-'.E'3: -if .na-if ff - . ta .i.., Y wil. 1 " m .,,igig, 1 wQff,,Q51iw'1' :,w,,:,,,'i ,+ x X , 1' if - . in-Q. l' vw g,jg,9,,.,,'g gwgfu 1-Q ,Ax i 1 . ll, " fi :f w"WllW .. mf, - .2 X- ' a s si . A ,. Q :M -Y V , 'fl - 1, . , ' ' wif? as HfwZ"ld"i ' 2 L Qi if Y ,sniww K A . , . f X - 'fp4i,5112".:lil9iw 17:3 " ' "QQ 5'liif',, 1 ,- X 3' ' A ,N 4 x'ri1PN':fwf+iWll l ,.,, ,, 1.wV?'f2a.il15 . , -X ' 1'fVf1l1:f,wi i :MQWflwwwi35fglrMlam,Mx . . X rw-ig, TOP: Many organizations entered floats in the parade. This one belongs to XX" ' ,fl " 'gi' Kappa Sigma Fraternity. ABOVE: Mike Tasby rus through barrier at the end 'f ' of half time. ABOVE RIGHT: The Homecoming Queen and her court, left to right, Ed Metz and Shelley Moody, Ben Odom and Susan Witt, Tim Reese, s Michele Merhib and john Oglesby, Richi Brown and Kris Miller, and Billy Leibold and Cynthia Sullivan. RIGHTQ Pyramid building, courtesy of the cheerleaders. They are, top to bottom, Terri Schoo, joy Omalah, Denise Webb, , X Su Robinson, and Sonya Potter. Not visible, Anne Patterson and Jacquelyn E Carter. . L i -5,1 .- IX' fir-in NM It r 1 K T l 3 ' 4 YM "' nr 5 . ' .- 1 W' ' . l H - 4 Q.. JU .S-, li . gt" TOP: East Hall got in the spirit of Homecoming. Pictured is a portion of their winning entry in the dorm decorating contest. BELOW: Sounds of laughter and dancing fill the University Center Ballroom during the dance. BELOW RIGHT: Michele Merhib jumps with joy as she and her escort, john Oglsby, hear the good news. Q w Hula. 'i 'vo -xr A -., E 30 ABOVE LEFT: Broncho Cheerleader, Joy Omalah, helps cheer CSU to its 38-6 win over Cameron, ABOVE: Buddy waves to crowds at parade. fi sf 45 5, 4, . , ff MIDDLE: Steve McKeaver, 20, carries the ball during the big game. ABOVE: Fillies drill team member, Threasa Byler performing at Pep Rally on Wednesday. LEFT: CSU marching Band in formation performs during halftime. I I ! I E i i W i : F X' K P kffxqxf- Faculty and Administratwn Bi-11 J. Liiialzfl ' I President I All Lynda Rettke, President's Office President Lillard and Carl Reherman present a plaque to Won-Kyung Kim, Korean advertising expert. 1 4 5 1. Mickey Lucas, President's Office Assistant to the President Carl Reherman 35 Offices I I Vice Presidents' I 'I ff' rv? Deanna Land, Associate Dean of Students f'0"X svn! Dudley Ryan, Dean of Students 36 3 ' if me N Dr. Patrick Cassens, VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Richard Mitchell, VP for Student Services Helen Munn, Dean of Students Office Wanda Voss, VP for Academic Affairs Office Bobbie Groves, VP fo Academic Affair's Office Claudia Huddleston, VP fo Student Services Office Alvin AlC01'Il, VP for Administration S-'1i"'.... ffthlig- i WW' Marie Hancock, VP for Administration Office Dr. Barbara Ryan, Asst. VP Admin. Albert Lynd, Asst. VP, Acad. Dr. Clyde T. Jacob, Asst. VP, Larry Williams Asst VP Acad. Affairs Admin. Personnel Office M3.X1I1C Treece Institutional R yyl A i W Far Left, Margery Danlcy, LV' A tsqawiai viiil :Eg g , ' 2 6- search cf ,xi s I 37 ga?" dv-Y 'K ,F-f' James L. Mills Dr. J. A. Leone Bob F. Allee Chairman Chancellor Elk City sais s gr on H W.. 9 .6 , l Joe F. Gary J. D. Helms Bert H. Mackie Durant Oklahoma City Enid s K X. .wg ig.: SFX H Q ' i f """"'-"M K Q i:5E': :-- .,,. . Scott E. Orbison Ms. Avalon Reece Eugene L. Sweaxlngen Tulsa Muskogee Tulsa Regents for Higher Education Governor George Nigh R.....uD.v..ugh. Regents for Oklahoma Colleges Midwest City Q. 'ith L 1 i 4 r. r it C ' . as H eeni "" is J " it J T L5 N A-,. 'X , Y 1 . f ii X Mrs. Clifford Holmes Jack M. Annis Bowie Ballard, Jr. President Woodward Ada Gordon Keith Allen John R. deStelguer Leslie R. Fisher Executive Secretary Tablequah Oklahoma City W R Bradford Durant , . . f- Edward K. Livermore Edmond Jon Bruce Lawton Wayne Salisbury Clinton I Q Academic Deans : i I I Dr. Frank Finney, School of Liberal Arts Dr. Dale Mullins, School of Education Dr. Bill Fisher, Graduate School 'C-.""'S Dr. Lucille Patton, School of Special Arts and Sciences F, A Dr. David Hart, School of Math and Science fl Dr. James Perry, School of Business 39 Academic " " Chairpersons I ..... . i I , e r, iiiiwi, .. in . ' e KK Dr. George Avellano Marketing Lt. Col. James W. Case Military S cience Dr. Clarence E. Garder Music H K 1 W . ii,, X M I sw 4355- f " 55232 , 2' W ,liz , .iel 5 iii i,,, f1.1. A-1ix . . . -ii.lsiiii we Dr. Lorren H. Beavers Accounting 9 gg f fm, t K ,.. l:: K : 1 , .D '-,:,:A . ,. e n l5El!:i5EE:::IlFF2 ' , fisffrlvffii-23. as Y f:5::ffffmgf3v5 A . '-L s. Dr. Homer Coker H.P.W.8r.R. is ' he fi gssiggissq i as-ask N 3. fa, B J ' B ' fi, ,mai K i if Dr. Lonnie Gilliland, Jr. Safety Education 1 ."' , ""'N"" - -- . '. r 5 .W ' X' ziii 5 1 .Q iii ' , ., Dr. Donald J. Boyce Math ee aaa . . t 5 3: Q X ff fs Leory W. Crozier Political Science a 3 f QP' "H . eil!! . ,. N ,1::f:iy:a-::- Dr. Donald Green History sz. .af A K fwegazzfisrzigiself K " ffm: Carole Bryant Nursing Dr. Kenneth Elsner Professional Teacher Ed. V' ' A K was 1.15" -' - - f:gg,e.:.fag:5: is sagmffaaw . -:K-afar.: ,, . .. . wg... A 'E 5:11:22- X S., K fmeyxxg si. X5 .r.i,,, , .re, X . ., it G - fiiiififiil I fsaa. ., :::'?E'-WEE E 1 X S Tom Hawkins Geography . sss liiinc e ea -: ssssc MISFZZH 1.111 John H. Cage Funeral Services Dr. Ed. Fortenberry Management Dr. Charles Hembree English 'hx , .Qi +5 i . 1.. Dr. Darry S. Carlstone Physics . Y . .' 5 5 ,,.. X 5 Dr. Larry Foster General Business Dr. Terry Horton Curriculum 81, Instruction 40 X Q iff'-eiisa .fy if 'ifw':ff.1:ei Academic Arnell Johnson Finance . ' dr. Dr. Gene McBride Sociology X A Q , 'N . l . ik V xi , S A Dr. Mike J. Knight Psych. 8 Pers. Ser. 411 Barbara Norman Oral Communications 7:-we .rm .I , . Ce., -W , . ce 5 X .. -, f , ' Lei' ' X . 1. K is as l Ee W iq 5 3' 1 "' ii Q i ,e , Q , x ,XR .QF ' X Xi ci. -l e i i. Kathryn K. Kunc Art e V Z fl I 1" 3 'J .Qj WNW ! 4 Dr. Emmet Osgood Industrial Education 1 isi' Dr. Virginia Lamb Home Ec. . iris V K il ii 5' X.. Q F' s if e -fs- Dr. Clarence M. Parker Philosophy Chairpersons if f. ,1- fip . xi' it an ,lg Wg -.s K 5 X? f , "1?zf'+'X , ,Q ei V 2.1 'sz Wlmviif it Dr. Mildred H. Lyon Foreign Languages Ethel Quickle Humanities f-dvi Dr. Colene Maxwell Business Ed. ,si fs I if f eff .1m sA772'i'mn Dr. Warren Smith Biology Dr. Ray Tassin Dr. Clifton Warren J. W. Weatherford Dr. Frank S. Wert Dr. Larry Journalism Creative Studies Adm., Voc., Economics Westmoreland Adult Higher Ed. Chemistry 41 Faculty Dr. James Abram, School of Math 81. Sci. Jo Ann Adams, Asst. Prof. Art Dr. Riaz Ahmad, Asst. Prof. Biology Dr. Doug Allen Dr. Fl'arlCeS W. Alsworth, Assoc. Prof. Curr. E Instr. Louisa G. Arnold, Asst. Prof. Nursing RObe1't H. Aubrey, Asst. Prof. Music Maj. William H. Bache, Military Science Michael Bachi, Professor Art Dr. James F. Baker, Prof. History Dr. Phil Ball, Assoc. Prof., HPE8r,R Don Barstow, Instr. Nursing Francis D. Baxter, Asst. Prof. H8uPE Raymond E. Beasley, Asst. Prof. Math do Comp. Sci. Dr. Stewart R. Beasley, Assoc. Prof. Psyc. 85 Pers. Ser. Dr. Joe W. Beckham, Prof., Industrial Arts Dr. Elizabeth A. Berger, Assoc. Prof. Sociology Dr. Kathleen Black, Prof. H8nPE Ernest E. Bleakley, Asst. Professor, Economics ., . Q 4 ? .au- 4 x. 4 Q .X g ...... .... gn ...W .fig 3 .f E .fm xii . I .7 , .L .,.,-1' , ......,,...W: 1 , . .I Sw . ,F R .H , , . if its 4 1 Ze s ki , M t ,, if - ,,ii L ttttf A . . .f. 1' , .... s.. ll.. . ....f. if V' .ff wut, . - Q 'XX 0 N. "esQ45.g.f:t1'i' fi mai 'li M ww' ei fi -' 'K all o .. fl .1 zf- f. "W i f .. .- , . nw- i W 52 3. fi f 'L 'rv M K 1 r .. l r '-3 s K V ,st 'A f wiv .... - M f' 3 A Ac srllli . .2 x y Q Z 2415! fd 'r at H' V- ..,' ,, . . I Faculty Not A Day Missed In 30- Year Career In a musical composition, the music flows from measure to measure until the song is completed. Professor of music education, Dr. jack Sisson's career at CSU is likened to a musical composition. After completing one job he moved to the next, knowing that what is behind is over and it is time for another challenge. Sisson taught in the Edmond School area before coming to CSU. "I haven't missed a day of school in 30 years," professed Sisson. Sisson accounts for his "healthy" career by not worrying about it. Sisson was a band director from 1956-1969. Then for the next 10 years he was chairman of the music department. Sisson will soon retire but his work will not be done. Seven years ago he modestly went into the horse business on his farm east of Edmond. "I've got to watch for the next spring's colts," said Sisson. "I'm impa- tient to find out more about the horses," added Sisson. "It's exciting. It's a gamble." However, while Sisson is still teaching he neither neglects his horses nor his students. "I have to feed the horses before and after school," said Sisson. "I have to be there at foaling time also." Sisson's job is full of anxiety and excitement, but to him it's very rewarding. Equally so are his students. "I believe in music education," stated Sisson. "A music teacher knows his students better than anyone besides his parents or preacher. It's a privileged position to be in." W- g- 5 ,- dp, ijt., A I 1 fi' " W Mx-LY, f K Q in g f NOl'ma Bodin, Funeral Service Education if , Ig r ig I Hifii ggygz' Lillian Boland, Lecturer, Humanities 1 Q. A "Q , .Q Dr. Joan E. Bottger, Prof. H8uPE r b y ' ' VV Q Carl E. Breazeale. Assist. Prof., Safety Ed. .ss is r 1 f . l is QI 5 A-cz.. ,gn-,.r - 5 s, K i . s es 5 if "L 3' f . is I , 9 P fa Q W I Dr. James H. Brewster. Assist. Prof. Management X2 ." A Donald G. Bristow, Assist. Prof., Oral Communications 'i gi Dr. John E. Brothers, Assist. Prof., Admin. Dr. Bobby Brown, Assoc. Prof., Voc. Adult Ed. A gggg Dr. Alvin Bryan. Prof. Accounting , ' Dr. John L. Butler, Prof. Management 3 William E. Campbell, Assist. Prof. History xiitf V GOI'dOIl E. Carlin, Asst. Prof., Management Faculty I Sharon Carney, Political Science Dr. David Chance, Psychology 85 Personal Serv. Morrisine W. Chandler, English Dr. Jin T. Chen, Mathematics Dr. Cavannah Clark, Curr. dz, Instr. Dr. Howard Clark, Marketing Kerry Clemons, Sociology Dr. Malcom Coby, Curr. 81, Instr. Dr. Eugene Cochran, Curr. 81. Instr. Dr. Moody L. Coffman, Physics Cynthia Coleman, Chemistry Dr. Edward Collins, Curr. as Instr. Shirley Connelly, Nursing Kenneth Curl, Funeral Services Dr. Max O. Davis. Oral Communications Dr. William T. Dever. Political Science Edith DiBartolo, Music Dr. Robert M. Dillon, Music Dr. William Douglas, Education Karen Dowd, HPEZLR Dr. C. DeWayne Dotson, Accounting Dr. Carl DOWIling, Elementary Education Dr. Donald Duffy, English DOLlglaS J. Duke, Oral Comm. and Debate Coach Dr. Ben Duncan, Ad., Voc., Higher Adult Ed. Dr. Hall F. Duncan, Art Dr. Marina Eaton, Foreign Languages Dr. Harry Ebeling, English Li. 2' Y Q r. ., l , , 4? frrr A 1 fl G' M ,.,, ' ' W ' ' ' ' .i" ' , ,,.,, x " Q . , ,V 5' ' V I if x ,- "'i' ,in ,,,,. -Maw ,, an f C ' V x V in '- 2Lf,fiif2.:gfQ1:'g,.2 f I P 1.32 , ,, .1?if?,?? 121, . I V, V , , , 'Q if AJ z M .r L Va . Nr ia. - QM , 2, ii ti . . ig W, , g 1 4 3 '3 10 sf , ,,.. f J J ,, - f 'M 'Z' Ex ,fl f27ii 1 f X f sr 2 1 X L ni ' ff 2 x f h , " - - V f ' ' 'Ig ' Nlf ,J,1i, .1 if " Q , , I' , ,, . I he , I T vi i M . A 1-Mr i ,5 l M 2 3 , no . r . . H., ..V e V3 .,,, I ,Q 5 . if . 2 4, U , I .ffl in Q lik ii! , ,A W H., ,J-5 I ,gn Z , it 'tv M. .ZW s f 1 Wd? ,da .iw V if 1 sc , I ef -. C? ' Ns l l ws. if Q i 'WD' S I Q- I M . . , .A Y .. st? ats Are Among His Best Friends "Oklahoma Bats Need Friends" is the name of a brochure written by Dr. Bill Caire originally for Alabaster Caverns State Park. The pamphlet turned out to be a success and now Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department has taken over the printing. Caire is an associate professor of biology who does extensive research on bats. He started 10 years ago and has worked on several environmental projects dealing with the winged mammals. For one project, Caire took some , - X QA I-in flamed.-1 A - .-3.1 : Faculty Frank T. Edwards, Management Joyce Eisel, Marketing Dr. Mary Elliott, Finance Ruby Ewing, Library Science Dr. Howord H. Farris. Secondary Education Mary Alice Fisher, Home Ec. Nelda Fister, Nursing Donald G. Fitzgerald, Physics KW -9 Dr. Bill Caire, professor of Biology proudly shows off one of the bats used for research in the Biology department. A coffee can is its home. CSU students to Alabaster Caverns to study different bat habitats. They put lights on the bats to see where they live. "We need that kind of research to know what habitats to preserve," he said. Caire has been bitten several times by bats but doesn't worry about rabies. "Bats don't have rabies near as much as the public thinks," he explained. "A lot of the more common mammals have a higher incidence of the disease." Caire has lectured at several schools and science organizations. He recalled an unusual experience when he was asked to speak at a women's garden club state convention breakfast meeting. "I thought it was kind of unusual that they wanted me to speak at a breakfast about bats," he said, "but it turned out that they had bought a cave and wanted to find out about the bats in it. I enjoyed talking to them." Faculty : - ' Margaret Flansburg, Instr., Humanities ThOInaS Ford, Asst. Prof., Math Bu Comp. Sci. Patti Freeman, Instr., Math 81. Comp. Sci. Dr. Dorothy Frosch, Prof., Biology Dr. Frank Frow. Assoc. Prof., Chemistry Herman E. Fullgraf, Asst. Prof., History Dr. Woody Gaddis, Assoc. Prof., Journalism DI' DOI'eatha E. Gaffney, Assoc. Prof., Home Ec. i ict 9 W A 5. fi Y - ' ' ' it 1 Q f I n f, ,4 X x. 1 e e A Ili , French More Than just Another Language To Marina When students enroll in Dr. Marina Eaton's French classes they do more than learn how to speak French. French students get the chance to experience the French languages, culture and history. In the past Eaton has taken groups to Paris for three week workshops. Students receive three hours of credit and get to visit cathedrals and various restaurants. "All in all it was a wonderful experience," said Eaton. "We will try to take students this summer." Eaton also concentrates on the history of France and how Greek mythology found its way in French drama. Eaton has studied French plays and their sources. She lectures in class on plays that derived their subjects from Greek heroes. Eaton who is originally from Athens, Greece studied mythology and was attracted to French. She also traveled to Belgium and Italy. "' '- " ""'1, " " ""- Faculty 1 9 Q , 'Rx'- 'fs ' ,swf 1- E Vi ia' ,Huw ef' 'PH if 41: .,. , . .., Q if A E Eaton likes her work in the U.S. "I find my French students stimulat- ing," said Eaton. "They have a thirst for knowledge and most achieve at what they do." Several are going abroad to learn better French said Eaton, "It will open new vistas for them." Eaton also enjoys reading and researching the history of France and other countries. "I enjoy teaching," commented Eaton. "I share what I know and my own experience." "Those students that are in my classes have an opportunity to experience the countries, the French literature and way of life," explained Eaton. "It is tremendous for me. The students have enriched their lives and mine." X NW Dr. Barbara W. Gardet, Prof., Music --tr f Dr. John H. George, Prof., Pol. Sci. . -'i iiii: 1 Sue Ann Goodman, Asst. Prof. Math 8a Comp. Sci. ' . g iii' Dr. Floyd R. GO0dn0, Professor, History Dr. Fred GTOSZ, Asst. Prof., Chemistry Dr. Engel Grow, Prof., Teacher Education Dr. Thomas E. Guild, Asst. Prof., Pol. Sci. Dr. Peggy J. Guthrie, Asst. Prof., Biology Q Dr. Dennie Hall, Assoc. Prof., Journalism Cal F. Guthrie, Assoc. Prof., Math Bs Comp. Sci. Dr. Margaret W. Hamilton, Prof., Biology Diane Hammack, Instr., Math. Br Comp. Sci. L Dr. Samuel L. Hankey, Prof., Math ar. Comp. .... Y P... fl :Ei f Sci- . , F S . Dr. Thieron P. Harrison, Assoc. Prof., Biology f.,: ....... I A ...... - . .. img 2' . ..-.,,,..,,Q. Donna A. Hawkins, Asst. Prof., Admin. Serv. E , ' Dr. Donald H. Helberg, Prof., Psych. ar, Personal Serv. .... M ' ..,.,, P Eugene J. Hellstern, Assist. Prof., History ig. , Dr. Mary Ann Henderson, Prof., Curr. do Instr 47 Faculty :" Math " o. One', Subject to Owens In the teaching profession, as any other profession, teachers come and go. Some prefer to keep moving and exerting their energies in a variety of places. However, 17 year CSU veteran Dr. Glenda Owens, professor of mathematics prefers to exert her energies right where she is. One of the things that Owens devotes her time to outside of CSU is the "Math At Work In Society" CMAISJ association. She mails tapes to public middle and high schools across Ok- lahoma. These tapes show math at work and stress a career in mathematics. "The response has been good for the last two years," commented Owens. "As long as people want them I'll continue sending them." Owens' main objective is to instill some appreciation of math in her students. Muriel A. Herbrand, Assoc. Prof., HPEGBR Patricia Hervey, Instr., Special Ed. Dr. LCC Hicks, Prof., Oral Communications Dr. William Hildred, Asst. Prof., Economics Dr. Jerry Hill, Assoc. Prof., Elementary Ed. Donald E. Hines, Asst. Prof., Humanities Dr. Reginald D. Hocker, Assoc. Prof., Biology Dr. Stan Hoig, Prof., Journalism Gary Howard, Asst. Prof., Head Football Coach Bobby Lynn Hunt, Asst. Prof. and Baseball Coach Shirley Hurd, Instr., Nursing Dr. John W. Hutchinson, Prof. Accounting 48 "Students either like math or they hate it," said Owens. "I would like for them to see it is not as bad as they thought it was." In high school Owens had a good math teacher who directed her toward a mathematics career. "I just Wanted to study mathema- ticsf' said Owens. I have a strong feeling about math? Owens particularly feels it's best to have big goals. "That's what keeps me going," explained Owens. One of her many goals is to always be available for her students. "I don't like to be absent," said Owens. "I'm selfish in that I Want to be the one who teaches them everything they learn. I feel very responsible." Q , 3 -.g, . .5 ,.: I '55, Q . " M' I , . . PM ., " ' Q, 1 it . - . . ,,, M., X ,, . , .. ' 'fm , N, jr, , j A : ' . ' - f '- , ' - , I, .5 P , . - v ' - e .,,, ' f W " f I ' i'f"t f i f . ' I we , I I " A 6 ' V VW ., , if-.1,g5iG5, ' QV .. ' ls' 5 ..... ' ,,.. . , ff f Y x LT - ..... "" "' "' " : Faculty F'-, if X 4 I ' is Xa .- lk 'X avg NA-Q- A E lx X j g . ., f x , ccS .i.. NJ- 'E s fb. 2 ' s A' ra s . r XX .- K . N x :ws ff r iff. E - ...rl . ,,g,, . , ' . -A X L' , if . W, .c S..sf ssc i , . Q -of ,. -1 . -VAL I . , , ' , - .tix I i K 1 . . i W , ,ff . fgiifi ll, .. I f . X1Q . , 1' 1 sc.. K G iii i f L X f, --wx E I kk .,., 1 gas: ,it W Q . of . - . Q .... . Q. 4 c rs. J . W -1 11.51 X mm... , . . .... " ,,. so A .A 'A A-fi' A ' Q f f .iff 1 A - we .Sk ' - ' .i ii VN .Sr 'ks X ' X '.'.. iifffl f HL . X .K . so eil 9 fwsssi s c 2ses . L .... L I!! S is-X? . - X 5 L K 1 E,L I ' Dean F. Hyde, Assoc. Prof., Art Travis Hyde, Asst. Prof., Finance Leilani Irby, Asst. Prof., Nursing Dr. Lewis H. Irving, Prof., Sociology Dr. Margaret P. Isaac, Assoc. Prof., Psych. 81. Pers. Ser. Dr. Imogene T. Johnson, Assoc. Prof., Curr. Sr Instr. Dr. William A. Johnson, Assoc. Prof., Sociology Dr. Randall Jones, Prof., Pol. Sci. Dr. J. Kent Kidwell, Assoc. Prof., Music Dr. John P. King, Prof., Physics Virginia W. King, Asst. Prof., Art Paul L. Kirby, Asst. Prof., Physics David M. Landrum, Asst. Prof., Marketing Jeananne Lawson, Instr., H8z.PE Dr. Th0IIlaS C. Leckie, Asst. Prof., Music Dr. Melvin L. Lee, Prof., Music Dr. Paul R. Lehman, Assoc. Prof., English Sandra R. Leonard, Asst. Prof., Math E. Comp. Dr. Kathleen W. Lipp, Prof., Home Ec. Dr. LaVeme Loman, Prof. Math 85 Comp. Sci. Dr. Joan Luxenburg, Assoc. Prof., Sociology Anne G. Lynch, Asst. Prof., History Dr. Fred D. Mack, Assoc. Prof., Admin. Voc. Ad Dr. Subr B. Mandagere, Assoc. Prof., Sociology Dr. L. W. Marks, Prof., Physics Dr. Dorothy Marotte, Assoc. Prof., I-I8nPE Dr. David L. Martin, Assoc. Prof., Physics Janice K. McCoy, Asst. Prof., Finance Sci. ult 5. HXE Faculty Dr. Patrick E. McGinnis, Prof., History Karen K. McGrath, Asst. Prof., Curr. Sn Instr. . ' Dr. Majorie McGregor. Prof., Oral Comm. f W' ..,, .. Cpt. James McMaster, Military Science I P T 1 W. . ,.. . ,f Dr. Gene D. McPhai1, Prof., Adm. VXA an HIE . ,..., r it f A 'zu U Dr. Ralph H. Mengel II, Assoc. Prof., Mangt. l - ,,.... , 'Er t.tP , ---' Glenn Meye1'I'OSe, Instr., Sociology Q V . 1 V Norma P. Miller, Asst. Prof., Art 5 Q ' ,,,.. , Q, Ziff? Ns " k'l'L-E15 -2:35 .4 I", : 215 Wx-if: Dr. DOI'0thy R. Mills, Prof., English Orval lHankj Mooney, Instr., Journalism TCI'1.1O MOI'iShige, Asst. Prof., Physics Dr. Ge0l'ge J. Mulcahy, Lectr., English K, ,. 5' f Q ,wg Q J QSM A Q . Qi . . .s , XXXFX 'SX 3 his Dr. Cheryl Myers, Assoc. Prof., Home Ec. A A, Dr. Gertrude A. Myers, Prof., H8rPE . X . , ,,,, qkl g V ' Q Dr. Earl N. Newman, Prof., Prof. Teach. Ed. ff, Q , - f Francis G. Olbert, Asst. Prof., Math 8s Comp. Sci. 5' gf, an . i""'N' ,',, .FPL S Q . ',f.. ' r'fff ss ...... ' . aegis me . Marotte Gives Special Help Every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. children from Johnson Elementary School come to swim at CSU. Like most children they look forward to the hour of fun and exercise. The only difference is these children are physically disabled and mentally retarded. Dr. Dorothy Marotte, the develop- mental physical instruction coordinator, has worked with special children for two years, eight of them at CSU. The swimming program is part of a "Hands On" class in which students experience I working with handicapped children. Each student works individually with the same child every week. "The most important thing for students to realize is there are no mentally retarded children, just children who are mentally retarded," pointed out Marotte. "These kids have the same rights as any others. But, many people don't look at them as persons, just labels." Marotte is trying to change that way of thinking. She works on building the children's self-confidence. "It's harder for them because they have to prove that they can do something, prove that they're human," said Marotte. Marotte earned a bacheloris and master's degree in education and was interested in coaching sports. Then she attended a conference on the relationship :o Special Kids 5 . fb, J ' f . Q .Q 'A , ' , S N 1-J X , V V I , .:.4,:"':, V , YV 5 f f 5 . iwmiff f . MM' , ,. , A an , V .WL T V V , m l, K .idly , , 5'5" L 1. , X 4 af' , .1 f i '32 1 if A .K Mug 5 Rr. A- ,,,, 1 , " . V 7 I 'ff A irr, 3 H I g i I ,:-" A I Y ., K, I K A fy 'M 74" A43 A ' f gf'-3, 4 p S -1- r N' ' ' ., .ff 3 " ' J Q if .sd I Q U Z V ,T ff 9 : Faculty Dr. John D. Osburn, Prof., History Dr. Glenda K. Owens, Prof. Math Gu Comp. Sci. Jackie Owens, Business Education Pauline I. Owens, Assoc. Prof., Humanities Wallace Owens. Asst. Prof., Art Paul G. Parent, Instr., HQPE Carl M. Parker, Asst. Prof., H8r,PE Dr. William D. Parker, Assoc. Prof., Sociology Dr. Virginia Peters, Prof. HSLPE Royce H. Peterson, Asst. Prof., History Ann L. Phillips. Asst. Prof., Foreign Language Dr. Emmet L. Phillips, Prof., English Dr. Gerry C. Pinkston, Asst. Prof., H8z.PE Edith V. Poe, Asst. Prof., Curr. 85 Instr. Jan P. POk0l'I'ly, Instr, Music LeIl0rah Polk, Instr., Home Ec. of learning problems to self-esteem. "That conference revolutionized my thinking," said Marotte. "I feel much more attuned to their needs and the ability to help them." CSU is the only college in Oklahoma to offer special classes for students working with handicapped children. "We have terrific cooperation in this school," said Marotte. "Students have an opportunity here that other places don't have." Marotte's enthusiasm for her job and CSU is evident in her attitude, along with her genuine concern for handicapped children. "I want to help them feel good about themselves," added Marotte. - F aculty I Marvin L. Powell, Instr., Funeral Ser. Dr. Loy E. Puffinbarger, Lect. Pol. Sci. Maj. William Rader, Mil. Sei. Dr. William J. Radke, Assoc. Prof., Biology Dr. Bobbie J. Ralph, Assoc. Prof., Music Wendell E. Ralston, Assoc. Prof., Music SGM William Reeves, Mil. Science Vernon R. Ribera, Asst. Prof., Math tk, Comp. Sci. Dr. Earl C. Rice, Lect. Math 85 Comp. Sci. Dr. LOI'ee M. Rice, Prof. English Dr. OdI.1S W. Rice, Asst. Prof., Adm. VXA 81, HXE Dr. Verlin H. Richardson, Prof. Chemistry Dr. Charles H. Richmond, Prof. Pro. Teach. Ed. Paul E. Roach, Asst. Prof., Marketing Dr. Jere W. Roberson, Prof. History Monty R. R0bel'tS, Asst. Prof., Math 85 Comp. Sci. William H. Roberts. Asst. Prof., Adm. Svc. 8s Bus. Ed. Richard E. Roby, Lectr., Journalism Jimmie L. R0gCI'S, Asst. Prof., Geog. Lee V. ROSC, Asst. Prof., Bus. LawfCom. 81. Stat. Glen E. Ross, Asst. Prof., English James W. R0te, Asst. Prof., Economics Kenneth E. ROiLh, Instr., Oral Comm. Wadad H. ROtzingeI', Lect. Adm. Ser. 85 Bus. Ed. ffc if ' "'if. ' ,A V ,',, 5 ,," nw 'Tiff -1 f '..' fe' hi i'. iiii iii i .. V f , VA ... .ex W . 2 . f i".-g'if . w x gf ,K www, K .L f IV. , . U ' . 4, 5 n . f ' . W... l . A XQ . .... .... . A P WS. ky ' V Y m "ji I gy' . "i, , ... f .. P M ffir .. . ...f . . if X . 2 --4 .,,, M in Z ii 4041 'Irin- 4 A . At the end of a maze of offices in f ,..,i we fs if e f 53 J e r 3 l M y . V ee eeee , n eee , 5,. yyy AZZ , y ,-" V ' . Q as I gv 'px ,. U . V1 vvv fr ., , . i.e H Z 4 'P 'P 1 , ,,,,, V13 q Qeef l . - ,A v l e - feqe fr AAVII ' V my -':, I ,A il L -Faculty Wadie J. ROI.lI1tl'ee, Lect. Adm. Ser. 8: Bus. Ed. Dr. R0y C. ROWlaIld, Asst. Prof., Curr. 8a Instr. Dr. J. G. Russell. Prof., Psyc. 8s Personal Ser. Dr. Sheldon Russell, Assoc. Prof., Curr. 81. Inst. Dr. Shelley H. RutheI'fOI'd, Prof. English Dr. Irmgard Schneider, Assoc. Prof. Foreign Lang. Elizabeth R. Scott. Curr. Bu Inst. Jerry D. Scott, Asst. Prof., Bus, LawfCom. 8: Stat. Dr. Donna K. Sears, Assoc. Prof., Home Ec. Dr. Mohammad Shaaf, Asst. Prof., Economics DT. DOH G. Shane, Prof. Curr. 81- Inst, Frances A. Shanks, Asst. Prof., HBLPE Whit Marks Studies Energy Forms the science building is the office of a man who is very concerned about the use of energy. Dr. Whit Marks, professor and former chairman of the physics depart- ment, works on alternate sources and forms of energy that won't deplete the earth of its natural resources. Marks is concerned about the ways energy is consumed and how to conserve it. Serving as chairman of the Mayor's Energy Committee in Edmond, Marks examines many ways to conserve fuel, from big things like building codes for homes to how long the street lights are left on. Marks mainly works with renewable energies, energy that is a product of the sun and wind. One project deals with possible uses of hydrogen. According to Marks, many people are afraid of hydrogen because of the "Hindenburg Syndrome." But he pointed out all fuel can be explosive if safety precautions are not taken. Hydrogen is actually safer than gas in containers and it offers advantages, such as no pollution or exhaust when used in cars. Marks first became interested in different energy sources in 1960 when one of his students did a project on solar energy after reading a book on an international symposium on solar energy. Marks read the book also and realized that oil and gas won't last forever. Since then he has extensively studied other sources that will not run out. FWNW Fail-lty L... .. .. ... Charles Simmons, Instr. journalism A .4 V, Franklin W. Simons, Prof. Art Royce A. Singleton, Instr. Actg. 5 gp A A :AA I flg K Dr. Jaek Sisson, Prof. Music , V gi V:1.1. , V I Dr. Coleman R. Smith, Prof. Music my , gl .I , Capt. John N. Smith, Jr., Mil. Science I ix . I ' lra E' Dr. Ten-i11 D. Smith, Prof. chemistry hh . . I D . W L. S 'th, B' 1 A I - f.i1'r' ilffmil rrra . r arren mi io ogy ZZV 1 , Q A i ."r A r .... 'r .J it QQ-'gf l A ':" .M my "'V V I ,,,, L V 1 :,' V GUY Sokollr Inst'-1 Funeral Ser- V - ' f f f M Dr. Douglas C. Sprung, Assoc. Prof., Curr. 85 Inst. H 4'I' ' If , Dr. Frances Stephens. Assoc. Prof., Curr. 85 Inst. Al tWi'I' E James E. Stewan, Prof. English g A AV l I' . " VI r' A U U . .III . ,:::' ,VVV ,,,.. , . ,.., it ,.r'f . - ' 3 William F. Stockwell, Inst., Math Br Comp. Sci. A - I 'hh' NN Dr. Roger W. Strong, Assoc. Prof., Music , . ".V A 22.6 .V I , ..- J Dr. Charles C. Stumbaugh, Prof. Accounting VI W . . 'V ' if ' " ' A ' Dr- Richafdl L- SU11iVaH'Adm-V00-Adult if Hff: I ' ,W . if ,. " f i, is X Eg , M .,, ,. .... VZ ZZZA ,.- . . x v iw Y! El? ..... if -:' .I , 1 EX-Student Returns as Vf . The position of assistant vice president for academic affairs has been filled this year by someone new to the job but not to the university. Dr. Clyde T. Jacob, an alumnus of CSU, joined the staff after being assistant dean of the I college of arts and sciences at Oklahoma University. "I lived in Edmond while working at OU and have always felt a strong committment to the university here," said Jacob. jacob graduated from CSU with a bachelor's degree in speech and hearing. He also earned degrees from Phillips and Purdue University and has worked as a speech pathologist. During this time Jacobs developed an interest in academic administration which eventually led him back to CSU. He now looks at the university from a different perspective. "I see more assets now than I did as a student," said Jacobs. "CSU has grown and has a great deal to offer intellectually. I also see the professors in a different way." "It's important for us to not be like other institutions. We have our own identity," explained Jacob. "CSU has the opportunity for providing education that others don't have." Jacob enjoys interacting with students. He also thinks it's essential to have a strong tie with teaching: otherwise administration and faculty would never understand each other. -, I Faculty ' ,Glu If 4,2 V Dr. M. Ruth Taylor, Psych. 81. Personal Ser. 1 h ' A ' if N Phyllis Thornton, Instr., Math 85 Comp. Sci. 5. -3' Dr. Jimmie F. Thrash, Adm. VXA Gr HXE Dt. Charles A. TiSSC1'aI'ld, Assoc. Prof., English K' , l f' .ff ,, :if A' Y nr Vi Tom Trittipo, Inst., Marketing f Dr. Verdine E. Tl'0l1t, Prof. Physics Mary K. Van Horn, Ad. VXA tk HXE Carl Vandever, Asst. Prof., Pol. Sci. LJ. Quan' - , 4 ' DT. William R. Van Osdol, Prof. Curr. B Instr. F '5- V 4 J William M. Wallo, Assoc. Prof., Art ' ' Dr. Darwin E. Waterman, Assoc. Prof., Curr. GL Ins W Allen A. Watson, Lab. Assoc., Biology l .I ' I ., V V A ...M Vh 3 CV? ,EV , V ' , Dr. David D. Webb. Assoc. Prof., History ' I V V. Dr. Maek R. Wedel, Prof., Pro. Tech. Ed. A V f f Lynnette Wert, Lec. Creat. Studies ,mir V ' 6 Dr. John E. Westerman, Pro. Teach. Ed. . V 1 A A VV V, .V.. V! V V ' ,, . .' i 1 r .N . , - ,H ia 1' Dr. Charles M. Whipple, Psych. 85 Personal Ser. "M f""r A 1 V ' Wanda Wilson, Asst. Prof., Home Ec. Q 'gli 2 ' 'A Regina A. Woodberry, Instr., English x ' V Calrence E. Woolridge, Asst. Prof., Management. .x 4 499 ,f Q Dr. James H. Yates, Prof. Math. 8 Comp. Sci. Dr. Donna L. Younker. Prof., Pro. Teach. Educ. ' V 'IL 'li1 Dr. John Lolly, Director CaI'0l Barry, Reference Librarian Fritz Buckallew, Cataloger R011 Curtis, Asst. Dir. for Tech. Ser. Ed Hill, Personnel Officer Bonnie King, Reference Librarian Mark Luetkemeyer. Cataloger Clemma McCaw1ey, Asst. Dir. for Pub. Ser. Sue McGee, Cataloger Andrew Peters, Reference Dept. Kitty Pittman, Reference Librarian John Purdy, Serials Dept. Carolyn Rylander, Cataloging Dept. Bill Sowers, Reference Librarian Vicki Stough, Cataloger Imogene Troxel. Cataloger Irene Voit, Acquisitions Dept. 56 Ii... ,,... M X W dm, ..., x A 1 Qi 5 LEFT: Joyce Mitchell, Directors Sec. BELOW: Circulation Staff: Virginia Roberts, Norma Griffin, Beth Cooper, Evalyn Cox and Doylene Manning. Q? u. '- 47 tt, CENTER LEFT: Periodicals Department: Ruthie Forshee and Norma Ward. LEFT: Library Night Shift: Rosemarie Martin and Gladys Jones. ABOVE: Cataloging Depart- ment: Frankie Potts, Chris Mahowald, Barbara Miller and Elizabeth Edison. YR' UPPER LEFT: Technical Service, Acquisition Department: Valerie Stewart, Dorothy Billen, Renee Spencer, Charlsie A. Martin and Wanda Montgomery, ABOVE: Serial Department: Toni Lewis, Roxie Parker, Mary Hiland, Deborah Coundiff, Glenda Carlson and Doris Detweiler. LEFT: Public Service: Betty Drennon, Mary Bond and Grace Appleby. 57 Staff irectors Debbie Atchley News Bureau Darrell Guilliand Counseling Center Dr. Ronald Paddock Int. Student Advisor ' i , ,,... 1 Naomi Bachi Assoc. International Student Advisor Sherri Hancock Student Financial Aids J 5 ' TQ HW kkik , a 'K , I the - - ft' John Pantier Internal Auditor U ,J m- ' ass s gy TS J r vi E s H, . .. X 5 X sas s Jack Beeson Admissions 8: Records ,K figs. .J my L ,Q 'Ls ss A 3 ,, sg 1 wr ' :,L. ,r .ist x A as . 3 if 2 , Q f A if . . Jean Caldwell Center for Economic Ed. Y ' if '11-vswgis , - N-'Q i 5 A 1 4 -- ' flaw. .--sv -:QA ...,. --sua ' Dr. Stan Hoig Bronze Book Advisor 'A .QSQEQT Joe Park Public Relations 8, Publications William Jenkins Computer Center .rv Gerald Pledger Assistant, Physical Plant so s xx ,,.. N A x E Nimrod Chapel Physical Plant Maintenance Coordinator Kim jones Assistant, Personnel Services Mary Roseman Assistant, Food Services 1 Q ii 1 b ..- G. 2 .5 AiA 3 1 'Q f N': Q i , l ii 31. 1 QE .,W. A XL . K 1 ", Pete Dunham Physical Plant Truman Coffman Financial Aids Counselor l Dr. John Lolly wiuie Maxwell Max Chambers Library Food Services Chief Jim Dunn Campus Security Larry Mercer Machine Rental Staff irectors an-1 A aussi 2 Dr. Michael Dunn Robert Fields KCSC RadiofBroadcasting Housing 81. Auxiliary Enterprises Q. k .s,5,,. f ,:,i,-:M , . P2 1 -2 5 - k hw A . .KE S: KIQHBQK, 3- 4 T: , .V N f5"X . P' K 's j " iii 5' I .X il .1 Ruby Morgan Correspondence Study james Noley Indian Affairs f',:,- M, ----. E is 'K lg , Dan Smith john Wagnon, Alumni joseph Ward Kathy Williamson jon Wright Photo Services Placement, Spec. Events Assistant Comptroller High School! Certification College Relations Coordinator I f 1 W ji Q A ,R XX 0nOr S Clytee E. Campbell Computer Science. Management Club, Treas. Alpha Chi, Scholastic Tuition Waiver, Junior Achievement Scholarship, jack Byler Memor- ial Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, Pre- sident's and Dean's Honor Rolls. ho's Who 1983 1 W Carl P. Battles Business Finance. Kaliedoscope dancer, Tunesmiths, Phi Mu Alpha Vice-Pres., CSU Men's Glee Club Pres., President's Club, Freshman Music Scholarship, Outstanding Pledge - Phi Mu Alpha, First Christian Church Music Scholarship. -J' Sherri Ann Andrews General Business. Student Senate, Delta Zeta, Panhellenic Pres., Health Sciences Club, AWS, President's Club, High School College Relations Board, President's 81. Dean's Honor Roll. Eliza beth Ann Brook Child Development. Edmond Association for Children Under Six, Alpha Chi, Fee Waiver Scholarship, EACUS Scholarship, President's and Dean's Honor Rolls. Lynda Cearfoss Marketing. Tiaras Vice-Pres., Delta Zeta Recording Sec., Student Senate, Marketing Club, Toastmasters, College Republicans, American Marketing Association, Dean's Honor Roll. Win My Christine Dianna Collins Distributive EducationfMarketing. CSU Collegiate DECA 81-82 Sec.fTreas., Pre- sident's Club, CSU Collegiate DECA, Scholar- ships from Eastern Star, American Business Women's Association, and CSU DECA. Linda Lea Copeland Computer Science. Tiaras Pres., RHA, AWS, BSU, President's Club, Tuition Waiver Scholarship, Dean's and President's Honor Rolls. Timothy Wayne Derritt I Industrial Education. Phi Beta Sigma Pres., IFC Pres., Industrial Arts Club, Afro American Student Union. Received Fel-Pro Scholastic Scholarship. Darla J. Dunlap Public RelationsfOral Comm. Army ROTC, President's Club, Maurauders, Alvin Friebur Award, Scholastic Tuition Waiver, Dean's and President's Honor Rolls, Good Conduct Award, Distinguished Military Student, National Defense Award, Recondo Badge, Physical Proficiency Award. Debra Lynn Fisher Accounting. Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, UCAB, Ebony Gospel Choir, Tiaras Treas., Delta Sigma Theta Vice Pres., Accounting Club, President's and Dean's Honor Rolls, Tuition Fee Waiver. Eric A. Freeman Public RelationsfOral Communications. Kappa Alpha Psi Pres., Sigma Delta Chi, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Black Greek Alliance, Afro American Student Union, President's Club. Dean's Honor Roll, Kappa Alpha Psi Scholar Award, Kappa Alpha Psi Regional Office Holder. Sandy J. Gann Promotion Management. Interhouse Council Historian, Mortar Board Vice Pres., Phi Beta Lambda Vice Pres., Dorm Homecoming Committee, Scholastic Tuition Waiver, Dean's Honor Roll. ho's ho 1983 Theresa Rene Guillary Special EducationfSpeech 85 Hearing Path- ology. Mortar Board Alumni Corresponding Sec., Tiaras Junior Advisor, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Eta, AWS, Dean's Honor Roll. Gina Elizabeth Hankey Accounting. Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, Mortar Board, Accounting Club. Scholastic Tuition Waiver, President's and Dean's Honor Roll. ,,.....-all Randy Hunt BiologyfEducation. Alpha Phi Alpha Secre- tary, Afro American Student Union, Student Senate, High School College Relations, Floor Representative, Co-founder of RHA, Dean's Honor Roll. Clarice Renee Johnson Special Education-Learning Disability. Delta Sigma Theta Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Student Council for Exceptional Children, President's Club, Afro American Student Union, AWS, Black Greek Alliance. Dean's and President's Honor Roll. Mary K. Kelly Public Administration Major. Student Senate Sec.fTreas., Young Democrats, President's Club, OIL, Secretary, Oklahoma Young Democrats. President's and Deanls Honor Roll. Ramona Lynn King Business AdministrationfMarketing. Mortar Board, Tiaras, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres- ident's Club, Student Senate, RHA, Mur- daugh Hall Council, Marketing Club, Phi Beta Lambda, College Republicans, AWS, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Nominee, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Tuition Waiver Scholarship, Dean's Honor Roll. Li. - '-'fw- is Kenda R. Kirby Art Education. Alpha Lambda Delta, Tiaras, Sigma Alpha Iota, Art Club, President's Club, High Schoo1fCollege Relations, RHA, Pres. Sheryl L. K udy journalism. Delta Zeta Pres., Sigma Delta Chi Vice-Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Tiaras, Alpha Chi Pres., Mortar Board, Kappa Tau Alpha, President's Club, Vista, KCSC, Bronze Book Editor-in-Chief, Elizabeth Coulter Stevenson Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, Tuition Waiver Scholarship, Dean's Honor Roll. Kendra C. Lay Psychology. Alpha Lambda Delta, Tiaras Treasurer, Mortar Board, Alpha Chi, Psi Chi, BSU. .J I Dwayne E. Long journalism. Sigma Delta Chi Pres., Ebony Gospel Choir, Afro-American Student Union, Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, BSU, Black Greek Alliance, East Hall Council, Vista, Outstanding Senior Man, Outstanding Greek Man, Outstanding Beginning J-Student, Gridiron Newspaper Scholarship. Cherri Lee Lowther Political SciencefPublic Relations. Mortar Board, Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, First American Student Association, Young Demo- crats Treasurer, Student Senate, Pre-Law Club, President and Dean's Honor Rolls. Joseph L. McCormick Political Science-Public Administration. Kappa Alpha Psi, Student Senate, Young Democrats, Toastmasters, Pre-Law Club. Dean's Honor Roll. Who's Who 1983 "" ' 'I all Joseph M. MCCOUHY Political Science. College Republicans Pres., Student Senate, Phi Eta Sigma, State Federation of College Republicans Treas., President's Club, Harry S. Truman Scholar- ship nominee, Science Department Scholar- ship. Jody Pattick McElhaney Physical Education. Phi Eta Sigma, Mortar Board, HPEGR Club lst Vice-Pres., OAH- PERD, Thatcher Hall Dormitory Pres., FCA Pres., President's Club, BSU, Kappa Delta Pi, Dale F. Hamilton Outstanding Senior PE Major, All District 9 Track Performer, Alumni Foundation Award Scholarship, Dean's Honor Roll. Shelley C. Moody Commercial Art. Alpha Gamma Delta, Art Club Vice-Pres., UCAB, Ad Club, High SchoolfCollege Relations Board, Kappa Sigma Stardusters, AWS, President's Club, Scholas- tic Tuition Waiver, Einstein Art, Queen of Hearts, Calendar Girl lst Runner-up, L Carolyn R. White-Munholland Finance. Alpha Lambda Delta, Tiaras, Alpha Gamma Delta, Student Senate Sec.fTreas., Young Republicans, Freshman Scholastic Tuition Waiver, President's and Dean's Honor Roll, Nominee for Harry S. Truman Scholar- ship. Eric Stanton Oesch journalismfPublic Relations. College Repub- licans Pres., High SchoolfCollege Relations, Student'Senate, Sigma Delta Chi, President's Club, Sports Editor, Bronze Book, Buddy Broncho, Vista, Tuition Waiver. Carol L. Osborn Computer Science, Tiaras, DPMA, Murdaugh Dorm Council Sec., UCAB, RHA, High SchoolfCollege Relations, Dean's Honor Roll. Pamela G. Parker Business Administration Management. Man- agement Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Delta Theta Chi, President's Club. Dean's Honor Roll, President's Honor Roll, Management Club Scholarship. X X 'Ss' as i Q Tim Reese Political SciencefUrban Management. Student Senate Pres., Tau Kappa Epsilon, OIL, High SchoolfCollege Relations, Phi Beta Lambda, IFC Vice-Pres., Thatcher Hall Council, President's Club, Traffic Appeals Court Chairman, Edmond 2 News, Faculty Senate, 1980 Statewide Outstanding Young Democrat, Dean's Honor Roll. Leslie Ann Ribera Computer Science, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, D.P.M.A., Math Club Pres., Mortar Board Sec., President's Club, Dorthea Meagher Mathematics Award, Outstanding Upperclass Math Student, Math Achievement Award, President's Honor Roll, Tuition Waiver, Alumni Scholarship, Computer Science Scholarship. 5, ,ge- Lisa G. Riley English Education. English Club, Secondary Education Association, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Mortar Board, Okla. Education Association, Fee Waiver Scholarship. Eric Schrock Accounting. Phi Eta Sigma, Accounting Club President, Mortar Board Treasurer, Dean's and President's Honor Rolls. fs Justin Wayne Selman History Education. Phi Alpha Theta Pres., Mortar Board Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Chi, President's Club, College Republicans, President's and Dean's Honor Roll, Tuition Waiver Scholarship, History Dept. Scholarship, CSU Foundation, Scholar- ship, Guthrie Scottish Rite Scholarship. Who's Who .cf .jg A N Qf:.'4xliSWS Q,iz2YXlW.'-32 Fi 1.-wiv. Robert James Summers, Jr. Public Relations. Tau Kappa Epsilon Vice- Pres., Alpha Epsilon Rho, Iota Beta Sigma, High SchoolfCollege Relations Board, Student Senate, KCSC, ROTC Carmyl, Debate Tuition Waiver, KCSC Broadcast Tuition Waiver, Army ROTC Scholarship, Depart- ment of the Army Superior Cadet. 1983 Not Shown: Susan K. Abernathy Thu Nguyen Dao Sandra D. Harris John E. Karis Vicki Van Stavern Anthony A. Sledge Physical Education. Kappa Alpha Psi, Ebony Gospel Choir, RHA, RA, Army National Guard, Afro American Student Union, H.P.E.R., Dance Club, Delta Sigma Theta Graduate Chapter Scholarship, Tuition Waiver, ROTC, Dean's Honor Roll, Academic Award, ROTC. Jan Elizabeth Roberts-Smith Vocal Music Education. Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota Pres., Mortar Board, Tunesmiths Pres., Freshman Vocal Scholar- ship, Flag Corp Captain. Cynthia Louise Sullivan Health Educationflnterior Design. Alpha Gamma Delta Rush Chairman, AWS Sec.fTreas., Panhallenic Sec.fTreas., Tiaras, Murdaugh Hall Council, ASID, Interior Design Club. Dean's Honor Roll. 1 J ,f:' -W' .iff .1 Q f 1 , .ff 7 l zy,,,N iz',3,L A , 75,31 1' ,sw f, ,Zn,5g,s3 Noah John Spiva III Human Resources Management. Tunesmith's, Phi Mu Alpha Pres., Pre-Law Club, CSU Musical Theater, University Choir, Men's Glee Club. Susan Kay Witt Public Administration. Sigma Kappa Pres., Student Senate Vice-Pres., Young Democrats, President's Club Vice-Pres., OIL, UCAB, High SchoolfCollege Relations Board, Best All Around Greek, TKE Sweetheart, Daughter of Diana, Katrina Dennis Memorial Scholarship, Student Senate Officer Scholarship. .jgeuen Jqofgerf anal Wie J nox Above: Slow, fast, and country music attracted students to the Queen of Hearts dance. Right: The Queen of Hearts, her court and their escorts. Front row: Juanita Hillburn, Keven Holbert and Teresa Williams. Back row: Sam Hedrick, Mike Knox and Greg Manning. bieefl, of earfa JIQUQI1 aH0!68l"f Every year AWS sponsors a campus fundraiser for the American Heart Association. The girl, with the help of her sponsoring organization, who raises the most money is crowned Queen of Hearts This year just over S2600 was raised. At the dance on Feb. 10, Keven Holbert sponsored by Delta Zeta, was crowned Queen of Hearts. She raised 351400. The runners-up were Juanita Hillburn, spon sored by Murdaugh Hall, and Teresa Williams, sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta. H 153,379 A I"Q5Al'l'l6ll'l M0271 , ,4 '1 H x W M V51-w L . nfaxqxiw gm ,M 3 yzvl ' 'uf'WwiMj W MW,,,,,,. ,MQW ix wh, - +P' M., awww mf?" MQ' ff" H win! WM. 'Er if m , W 4... A fm' MQ a, M , ,. ml .M , -L x f 1 f- J , 71 ef L Beefllel' am- 'wa W wr ,Homecoming Courf Jgria Wifkr Sheff? Woocfy ,acid grown Wefz Cynflzia Sufgvan Suoan wif Clleioofcl gen Oolom L .JPQJAHQCJH bleefl Qbllillefrf' vedffa Zzur-AQA Jvvvp f i In , gf, , x , Q. Ai ,Vx X Jeri moughfy me gerah .jJeA:n mcnuhy l T 23" Q Sonya moore .xdnnie Wea! Jana .ganolera C A clear gir , M X , , W, ,, VV , ' 4 4 " m Q iTkY:f"f1:fl5gg . gl :N 'ff' Xfvflf .-i53i?fJgig?.g5 -' vw if ' il. l A .4 1 'tam ii .- vmvnwj 'LL M Vg: 1 H 1 rw, ,w Q, 'xii'-ffg.. L M , 7" ?. k WUFM. " 5 num' O i nn N N aren eannonf Uuffifanaling QPQQL 'l :David Wickogdon ufafancfing Woman .Mm maui d P Calendar G1rlS QR MgL Leigh Harp July M 54, 1, N' A2 ,M ff-me Q. Q , 'Q . .,.: A aren'Cai'fQvgayL Krittenbrink April QQ Jiffy Kathy Williams March Russell Barfield Darrin Landes Stanley Oliver 4 . Chetti Carr ig , B John Leinweber Bronze Book Franky Dreadfulwater Juan Lopez :KX as is B f l David Shields Beaus Y' Buddy Hanter Delbert Mayberry Torn White 78 ll . A i . . . Beaut1es S43 S 'QF ff Shari Davis Debbie Hanbury Karen Harper Arnetta Harris se Nancy Jaramillo Lisa johnson Melissa Juneau Shelley Klemme r S X if X681 15? ,W S fntafi Tiffiney McCleary Jana Sanders Lisa Thomas Sherry Thomas 79 University Leaders on Campus 80 joseph L. McCorm Timothy W. Derritt Timothy S. Reese Anthony A. Sledge !, sf ' . f' ! H Vi ,ffl .ff Q X ff K P K ' uf' " f ' , ' my . A if sf ,- W - 1 I EJ .ii ,l -3 '3- YWYY .Y Shelley C. Moody Mary K. Kelly wb Sf: J 4. V35 l ii . l 'f 7-fm-W- -4-L Susan K. Witt V Cynthia L. Sullivan University Leaders On Campus 81 Outstanding Students -Nxt - W 45 .V ' Vickie D. Van Stavern School of Special Arts and Sciences Joe T. Fine School of Liberal Arts Thomas G. Kennedy Graduate School Theresa R, Guillory School of Education Leslie Ann Ribera School of Math and Science Frederick Kirkwood School of Business i We 85 Freshmen Don Adams, Tuttle Dian Akers, Davis Samuel Akpan, Nigeria Mark Allen, Lawton T. Lee Allen, Guthrie Carla Archer, Bartlesville Dawn Armstrong, Yukon Sandra Astley, Oklahoma City Roger Auchenbach, Oklahoma City Steven Bailey, California Winston Banta, Stroud Liz Baranek, Edmon Sheila Baretta, Oklahoma City Troy Beaty, Oklahoma City Brooke Beavers, Edmond Willa Becknell, Tulsa Carl Bell, Oklahoma City Dyane Bell, Edmond Scott Bell, Oklahoma City Sharon Bennett, Oklahoma City james Berry, Oklahoma City Ken Berry, Midwest City Deborah Betterton, Oklahoma City Linda Bigbee, Perry Stephanie Bingham, Oklahoma City Eric Black, Oklahoma City Iva Boyd, Poteau Darrell Bradley, Oklahoma City Wendy Bradshaw, Choctaw Kathi Bray, Oklahoma City Christi Bridges, Blanchard Todd Bridges, Kingfisher Tremea Brothers, Guthrie Robert Brown, Tulsa Zina Brown, Tulsa Veletta Burleigh, Oklahoma City Garnetta Burris, Oklahoma City Rodney Buss, Beaver John Buttry, Yukon Threasa Byler, Oklahoma City Deborah Carey, Oklahoma City Katherine Chastain, Oklahoma City 86 M-W, .an ,41, t H ' - I -A ,f Q A .Q ' Lv' 'L.7 T A 251' ' --9' it fs- WLEQ' i .14 Mita 9 . xaa Yi? 2 4 ,am 1' A f s y I MJ, gf' A ffm 6 l '?"" ld .Ai 'x 1 lb. Freshmen Cerphenia Checotah, Edmond Enam Chowdhury, Bangladesh Margaret Chwalek, Iowa Kelly Claxton, Wellston Melissa Coker, Piedmont Timothy Coker, Nigeria "I grew up watching the old Errol Flynn movies with the swashbuckling and bravado," stated Steve Bailey, one of the 10 fencers in Dr. Virginia Peters' fencing class. "We used to jump around using garbage can lids and sticks were heroes of long ago." fencing is more mental than physicalf, "It,s like a chess game enacted. It's move, countermove. It's also a lot of opponent out and getting your confidence pretending we "Actually, Bailey added. strategic. It's psyching your above his. There's all kinds of little tricks and mind games." For instance, Doug Mclntire of Oklahoma City and his "bowed blade"? Mclntire explained, "The opponent will usually watch the bright plastic tip of the weapon and in this case, would be fooled by the actual movement of the blade." Why would someone get involved in the rather unpopular sport of fencing when they could play football and always be in the limelight? john Leaf, who has two brothers, George and Bill, that are also active in the sport, admitted, "My brothers did have a lot to do with my getting involved in fencing, but more than that it offered an alternative to me. I was a good wrestler in high school, but not a great one and you have to be great to compete on a college level. Fencing is a lot like wrestling to me in the way that they are both strategic and one-on-one. It doesn't matter how someone else on the team has done in his match? And he adds, "Besides, it's a great way to pick up girls!" The fencers in Dr. Virginia Peters' fencing class pause during practice for a group shot. En Garde! With flamboyant style, freshman Steve Bailey scores a direct hit on Anthony Webb. Protective gear is worn at all times. 87 Freshmen Alva Collins, California Anne Coney, Oklahoma City Laura Conklin, Kansas Clyde Connor, Grove Manuel Cook, Coyle Dolores Cooper, Mustang Diana Cozadd, Enid James Cunningham, England Shannon Davis, Oklahoma City Shari Davis, Sand Springs Michael Delaney, Edmond Edward Dempewolf, Edmond Deborah Dempsey, Oklahoma City Annette Descher, Enid Vicki Dillon, Oklahoma City Garfield Doakes, Anadarko Hester Doke, Oklahoma City Paula Dolese, Oklahoma City Ruth Anne Dolezal, New Mexico Dee Donaldson, Yukon Lori Doughty, Edmond Mike Douglas, Oklahoma City Devin Drake, Texas Franky Dreadfulwater, Tahlequah 13 iz , i fi C 'U 'ml-My 0 I my :V V M '4- ' : lj 11 Q 7 t l'i ,, M V '25 , IQ , , ,Q il 1 1+ L " f f l ' "" ' , ' -fa' y s so , Z LEFT: A participant in the Sigma Gamma Rho fashion show held in November models a skirt! jacket outfit. ABOVE: As the rains poured the latter part of September, streets on campus flooded and cars sloshed through water up to their doors. 1 ,gig V fl 1' 'Ayr if 2 S' i if Freshmen LEFT: Ron Mackey, All-District tackle, displays the Broncho spirit that helped CSU make it to the playoffs in '82, BELOW: Cadets from the ROTC department lead the homecoming parade. I H I .1 li if -:xv Q V A ,. N-NH In v I L ai - , nr: Q , . !, ,xii W - W, 1' 433, l , 4 ' 5 ""' 'W' ' i at i si i fi i V E 5 ii Q L ...fx .av K -ve , Y ? X, , is iiieii y , F C A r I fn Q t ,fx A i X I, ll F gl rv ,ll Jeff Duncan, Oklahoma City Bonnie Ellis, Edmond Kathy Elzey, Guthrie Cheral Emery, Piedmont Alan Erwin, Chandler Marcie Everhart, Oklahoma City Lori Farmer, Oklahoma City Michael Fisher, Yukon Lisa Flanagan, Morris Sherrie Foister, Moore Darrell Franklin, Oklahoma City Michelle Free, Cashion Jennifer Freeman, Oklahoma City Rosetta Fuller, Texas Keith Futch, Oklahoma City Theresa Gabrish, Moore Kimberly Garrison, Pawnee LaGail Gentry, Oklahoma City Ken Gladden, Oklahoma City Cheryl Glenn, Oklahoma City Melissa Goff, Pawnee David Gorman, Texas Geoffrey Grabow, Kingfisher Guy Graham, Blanchard Freshmen Freda Grayson, Langston Cheryl Green, Guthrie Joanie Gregory, Edmond Lana Griffin, Oklahoma City Lee Haff, Sand Springs Kristi Hammon, Blanchard Debbie Hanbury, Collinsville Robbie Hankins, Oklahoma City Q X Penny Hanneman, Oklahoma City i 1 " ' f' Karen Harper, jones A " 0 Holly Hawthorne, McCloud ii 'V Michaelle Hayes, Oklahoma City - V? iff Q 5 A if ,sf '23 9 4, , . Q -2 ,zz fl xg g f i ll -ng, 1 l Q, ' :.. "1" M Z' . Upside Down World 's1srsur aqs H'1B!D9dS au: sagem 1snf ll '0N,, ga1oe1sqo ue aq 01 aAo.rd anbruqoa1 Bugpm 1ua.rag55p Jaq mM 'a3J0a9 smfiqd 1aq10ura aq O1 sadoq Rep auo aguugg 'sugaldxa aqs H1133 01 amen I uoseai aq1 sg xqoog azuoxg aql '1r alreqo ug mtl 1eq1 paUr1q1 Aueai lull os sqooqseafi e ur aux s1sa1a1ui Aura:-JJ 1eq1 3urq1 Kluo aq1 sr s1.rodg,, 4321s 11003 azuoxg arp uo SUOOUJ31-12 aq1 ur u0r10as S118 Buguuopad aq1 30 .l01!P9'03 pue SIB.!'K'lU.!2.I1Ul PUB- uor1oas s1J0ds s,uauxom aq1 go J01gpa se Surzuas ueruqsalg ra sg aruugg 'DSO 13 sqsap News arp uo Bur1rJm GIQHOJZJ amos s1ruxpe pue spieoqxueqo uo 31lJM O1 alqe uaaq .raAau spqg H'ure.xq aq1 Ol sa3Bssau1 uorsyx-aAa arp ug uopaungleux ra pa1oadsns Raul gaux Lpgm Suomi sem Surqzgauxos gg aas 01 1sa1 ,.xourux, e aux aAg3 01 pain uana Jaqoesn e aouon 'aruugg sfies u'a1r.rm I Aram arp aas Karp uaqm 1n0 snqeaxg auofiiangn guogsgzx 50 aug Jaq' 01 rxmop-apgsdn Apaapad sa1g.1m pue 'une 1,91 .raq sp1em01 pueq 1191 .raq s1srm1 'iaq 01 1sas0p do1 aq1 q1gm umop-apgsdn Al919ldLU03 .raded arp su.m1 aqs Buppm axogaq 1nq '51as1r up lensnun 1ou sr qagqm 'pueq 1391 .raq rprm SQJQJM aruurg 'eruoqepqo 'Hapsuxag 10 .vanogaax aguurg 103 lensnun 1ou sg umop-aprsdn puom aq1 Bugaag Dana Hays, Duncan Robert Heflin, Crescent Theresa Helt, Sand Springs Gloria Herndon, Watonga Jaree Hill, Edmond Sandra Hill, Davenport Patti Hines, Betheny Allison Hinton, Guthrie Tammy Hobbs, Blackwell Kim Hobson, Edmond Keven Holbert, Bartlesville Marcia Homer, Oklahoma City f'-v 90 -1uau.ruxo: awe?-a.xd e .roy Heq aq1 ur p.1em0H Mag rpeoa sd01s aguurg 'A.1o1s 2 qsgug 01 saqsm aguurg 'aurrpaap uo -1 AWHK 'fr.a..l..4 3 Freshmen Tami Fischer, Student Senate vice-president, and Gary Astle wait for guests to arrive at the Commuter Reception held during Homecoming week. Gayle Hoover, Kansas Richelle Horney, Enid Anita Horton, Oklahoma City Tarita Howard, Tulsa Nanine Huddleston, Texhoma Sherry Huffman, Yukon Qs ii WIS? . , ,XX E. a if lliiei , .. . . - ,. 9 4' e e e ,- :, ii 5 Yi? of ,,,, . KL V: Ein' A ::, N' Q X A M sasfsikf, ea.s +-Q -' . E ft- 'i ::' ' 'K Qi? I Q , ,,., Q.. K H , x , X x X H am V3 .mf Ks is X am E .af , X , i X ,Xsf Mical Hull, Mussouri Terry James, Duncan Kelly Jay, Midwest City Alane Johnson, Oklahoma City Bill Johnson, Oklahoma City Alan Jones, Bartlesville Jana Jones, Oklahoma City Kristen Jones, Edmond I Lori Jones, Noble K V Nancy Jones, Edmond l 'f . 'il Terry Jweid, Oklahoma City P Hollie Kee, Yukon Ginnie Keefover, Barnsdall Billy Kennedy, Blanchard John Kerr, Chickasha K , , Sharyl Kidd, Edmond i ss" . ' Cheryl Kimbrough, Oklahoma City A s Jean-Marie King, Bethany Larry Kirkland, Oklahoma City Shelley Klemme, Yukon Kim Kromanaker, Midwest City , Robin Lackey, Gore ' Regina Langford, Oklahoma City , f Christie Lanham, Moore 91 Foreign Population, Delightful Mix Approximately 1000 foreign students are enrolled at CSU making up almost 10921 of the total population. Sixty-seven different coun- tries from all over Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America, and Australia are represented on campus. Nigeria is the main contributor with 270 students. There are 192 from Iran, 140 from the Republic of China, and 90 from Vietnam. The other 308 are from the various corners of the world. International Student Week was held October 11-15, climaxing October 15 with an International Student Reception. The differ- ent nationalities displayed their cultures through style shows, songs, classical in- strument recitals, sword, fan, and hat dances, and even a Kung Fu demonstration. A dazzling array of Vietnamese wedding attire as well as many other cultural costumes were on display. A new organization of all international students got underway in late November with the election of a president. "The response was really surprising," observed Dr. Ronald Paddack, International IH Donna LaQuey, Duncan Steve Lee, Hennessey Katherine Lehmann, Oklahoma City Omaida Leon, Oklahoma City Kay Lewis, Del City Rick March, Enid Brian Martin, Spencer Valerie Martin, Texas Delbert Mayberry, Okmulgee Michelle Mayfield, Edmond Pam McDowell, Bethany john McGinley, Oklahoma City Helen McNulty, Oklahoma City Susan Meadon, Oklahoma City John Minden, Oklahoma City Fara Mitchell, Duncan Tracy Mitchell, Woodward Sonya Moore, Guthrie Wayne Nevills, Broken Bow Tu-Anh Nguyen, Edmond Kim Norcons, Guthrie Anna Novny, Prague Deanna Novonty, Wheatland Alfred Nwabuzor, Nigeria Advisor. This International Student Union will offer fellowship to all foreign students in helping them make the difficult adjustment from one culture to another. XJ' i X f' A 1 R . 'T w'13"f - X KW ' V .,... VA V V 2 X 'wif D ' 1 i..i pf if r 1 . Jf il' .ia ,. 'vu' T ' Z' iff' - .V . 1 f, J FAR LEFT: Nigerian students, Olorunnisola Moses Kayode, Sampson Omeke, and Samuel Ekundayo Alao, chat with Carl Rehermann, Assistant to the President at CSU and Mayor of Edmond. RIGHT: Fatemeh Seifi of Iran displays the traditional costume of the women of her home country. BELOW: The Republic of China CSU Alumni Association gather for a group shot during a meeting in Taipei, Taiwan. All are recent graduates. M ,V Q . Me' if 'W ' ,,., E' 4' B 4 :r ia iffy, V I' Zz W iii . . fl e If , M' ..., - T r 4,5 , Q L 'f M X Nw if! i. i w4p5 A Picnic: N .- 4' X, .sw lt.-i..'. g .I ' P' I' I 1:- l w mi V , 041: . . ,- -I Hope Okeke, Nigeria Olayemi Adenreli Olabisi, Nigeria Lawrence Onwusa, Nigeria Jana Orten, Oklahoma City Sonya Owens, Oklahoma City Stephanie Patton, Blackwell Lisa Peppers, Madill Kim Phillips, Oklahoma City Shirley Piel, Perry Annette Pierson, Oklahoma City Kristi Pipes, Edmond Verna Platt, Guthrie Tina Plunkett, Oklahoma City Lori Postier, Enid Verna Preston, Oklahoma City Kim Pruett, Ponca City Lisa Queri, Midwest City Abour Rahman, Bangladesh Richard Randall, Moore Lynn Ratliff, Oklahoma City Janice Revels, Oklahoma City Tim Rhoades, Choctaw Nancy Rhodes, Kansas Jequeta Richardson, Oklahoma C ity 93 Freshmen Brenda Risenhoover, Stroud jimmy Roberts, Ardmore Brenda Rogers, Duncan Lee Anne Rose, Bethany Lance Rosson, Oklahoma City Keith Russell, Oklahoma City Mike Sandefur, Edmond Jana Sanders, Thomas Renita Sandles, 'IX1lsa Darrell Schantz, Yukon Don Schille, Florida Shelia Seals, Tulsa BELOW: Amidst younger faces, Fern listens to Dr. Virginia Peters' health lecture. W A .Ny ' et., ,,.. ff-"5 ' N, i ' fi 'tial H ' , vw Merrie fi Le 1 my f r- 4 Ji K 'W 9 f .1 A Crisp New Leaf As the leaves once again have begun to fall and the wind has shifted from a light breeze to a crisp flurry, busy multitudes cover the campus as they rush to class. Each passing face is different and holds inside a unique personality. The faces reflect the different cultures of faraway lands and of the variety of different ages, spanning those 17 and fresh out of high school to those 70 who have raised a family then decided to come back to school to make their unfulfilled dreams come true. Fern Richard is one of these spunky people in her early 50's, who has decided to embark on a career after raising two children. She is classified a junior and is now carrying five hours. She explains she is only a part-time student because she is a full-time "granma". "I didn't get my college education before my children, but I will before my grandchildren!" she jokes. Fern is an art major but admits that she'd really like to be in fashion designing. She feels she has an uncanny knack for "predicting fashion." "People are dressing neater and more organized. I believe clothes are an indicator of the world situation and the world is becoming more relaxed and organized than the scene reflected in the l960's," she explains. Fern plans to take many years to graduate because she wants to take her education "slow and easy." 'it fra ff 'EF' 1' 1.7 .ia A - 'Z T7 , l f' w X f' fiat V37 AJ .fp -5-l , ,., f' all ' td Q ,, '.. - i in g.t. ,llg ' ' H O ." X, 'TQ' ' 1 1' Kg-5 1 . 3 ff " f ' X' .l::l if..ll ,ff , 1 '32, A + - 'fs wwf , - as . I .W -, , ,Jffg of G,, , A Al I , M VA :V-J JL ,, 4 4? e A 2 ,,,,,ga -ww--l, ,,..,,,i,,,,l.,--f n, ., ,. K "F .5919 , Q1 HJ 1,-Q, . - i 'T-,Cp wa. my-3 . A if ., .,'?",af, 4 W " w ' , f 1" A 7 " 'V' 1. , .- 'fl - ' , ' Sw, 'K s2f.ff.'- 'L 1 4, f.'M " fl .1 ABOVE: Many students participated in intramural sports in the fall, choosing from football, volleyball, and soccer. FAR RIGHT: A dorm resident enjoys herself at the Watermelon Feast sponsored by the Resident Hall Association during first semester. 6' gl QW ,- ,A ,Xt Freshmen Don Sears, Altus Dana Seaton, Edmond Leann Seaton, Kingfisher DeAnn Shadid, Yukon Trayla Shadoan, Oklahoma City Jim Sharkey, Enid Paul Shepherd, Oklahoma City Jeri Sheriff, Nash Joanne Smith, Tatums Stacey Smith, Oklahoma City Vonda Smith, Duncan Della Soney, Oklahoma City Leslie Sorenson, Oklahoma City Daniel Spencer II, Del City Henry Stafford, Guthrie Becky Staggs, Oklahoma City Rachael Stanfield, Newcastle Shreese Stephenson, Watonga Susan St. John, Edmond joe Stripling, Oklahoma City Charlotte Symes, Yukon Tracy Talley, Lawton Terrie Taylor, Choctaw Ronda Tenison, Oklahoma City 95 Freshmen Lisa Thomas, Oklahoma City Sherry Thomas, Arkansas ,,,, :" Wendi Thompson, Midwest City A H V Spencer Todome, Apache b 2 Kris Tomasevic, Oklahoma City ffl' M' " Aaundrea Truelove, Oklahoma City V VV .5 , M 1. R ' 1 Barbara Tucker, Arkansas Elaine Turner, Oklahoma City Michael Turner, Oklahoma City Pam Turner, Yukon Friday Udoh, Nigeria Godwin Udoji, Nigeria Ifeanyi C. Uzoewulu, Nigeria Holly Vanderslice, Mustang Susan Vigue, Moore Zelda Viney, Stringtown Hung Vo, Vietnam Cheryl Vorel, Luther Patti Waller, Moore Lisa Washington, Oklahoma City Allison Watson, Shawnee Tracy Weatherly, Choctaw Paul Webb, Tulsa Lisa Welker, Edmond Ronnie West, Oklahoma City . Shannon West, Arkansas Cheryl Westfall, Moore .1 . ' all Lora White, Midwest City W- r ,V Tom White, Davenport ' -' V 1+ Amy Whitson, Oklahoma City ' " nm , . W by ' 'FF' - - 2, -2: ' . if 4, 35 y wwWW'M 'Q ,Mg , ,, . , l 5 , fa, ' F 3 2 Sonia Williams, Tulsa I " Kim Winter, Okeene V V Deborah Wolfe, Edmond Doug Yoder, Kingfisher VV ifvzv 1, Jan Yoder, Lindsay ' 5 jenny zaikis, oklahoma City 1 V, Z1 Wernher Zenteno, Oklahoma City 96 aff 5 ra 5 .r - , ,, . 8 9 , V ...,,,,, I 4-' iw , t H We ,fa f f" l , f 1 :f I' 555' J L. 6 1-4 if E MK' 33' , ,,,,,, ,Q , E if ei, X ,ii L my 'NP 'QP S4 Sophomores Laurie Adams, Bethany Ezeklel Agusi, Nigeria Kazi Ahmed, Bangladesh Maha Ahmed, Egypt Oladele Ajau, Nigeria Simi Akinbobla, Nigeria Kent Anderson, Madill Idiat Balogun, Nigeria Barney Barnett, Edmon Michael Barton, Edmond Lanita Battle, Chandler James Beard, New Lima Dawnda Beck, Edmond Sherri Becker, Yukon Allison Begley, Edmond Steve Begley, Midwest C Karen Bentley, Lawton Rhonda Berene, Kansas Mark Beutler, Cashion Lisa Black, Norman Sharon Bledsoe, Ralston ity Gret Bohlman, Oklahoma City Rick Bollenbach, Altus Tammy Boyd, Cushing Sophomores Piper Braden, Oklahoma City Linda Bradford, Boley Karen Bramble, Shawnee Shirley Brintnall, Enid Brett Bryan, Edmond Lee Anne Bryant, Duncan Shelly Burge, Meeker Len Burton, Agra S. Butler, Oklahoma City Scott Carmichael, Owasso Connie Carollo, Tuttle Erachetti Carr, Enid Joseph Grover Carter, Oklahoma City Nita Clifton, Moore Todd Clouse, Oklahoma City Collyer, Harrah Mike Phyllis Cudjoe, Oklahoma City Anja Daberry, Oklahoma City Marcia Davis, Midwest City Shelley DeLonais, Midwest City Melanie Dennett, Enid Dana Dever, Oklahoma City Ann Downey, Tulsa Armond Dunn, California Ignatius Ebohl, Nigeria Geoffrey Efochie, Nigeria Chinyere Eleonu, Nigeria Carol Elliott, Duncan Lisa Farmer, Oklahoma City Lisa Farris, Edmond Amy Ford, Oklahoma City Melissa Frank, Oklahoma City Bea Gaddis, Guthrie June Garrett, Luther O. J. Greenhoward, Hennessey Nancy Grigsba, Ponca City Buddy Hanter, Midwest City Guy Hardaker, jones Arnetta Harris, Tulsa Michael Harris, Tulsa Tracy Harris, Choctaw Sherrill Hart, Edmond 98 'F' i I., if a 'D , 1 Jia if N Vein , 0 an If rw V M ,Xi I fJ K 2 " L 7 YT? , 1: .B Sophomores Tonya Haywood, Oklahoma City Sam Hedrick, El Reno Dick Heflin, Crescent Denise Hensinger, Oklahoma City Della Henson, Mustang Nita Henson, Crescent Trina Herring, Thomas Kay Lynn Hill, Muskogee Darla Hodges, Moore Kathy Horgan, Collinsville Gilbert Hornbeak, Marietta Sandy Huebner, Turpin Anthony Ikpa, Nigeria Ijezie Ikwuezunma, Nigeria Joel Ilomechine, Nigeria Clement Inyang, Nigeria Dana Ivey, Duncan Glenda Jackson, Oklahoma City Tara Jeanguneat, Tuttle Beverly johnson, Del City Kirk johnson, Oklahoma City Lisa johnson, Tulsa Johnny Jones, Oklahoma City Kent Kadavy, Kindfisher Gary Kelley, Edmond Cecil Kielhorn, Ardmore Rick Kirkham, Oklahoma City jacquelyn Knapp, Lindsay Kathy Koehn, Helena Peter Kollie, Liberia Rhonda Lackey, Edmond Donna Lavicky, Enid Rhonda Lawson, Edmond John Leaf, Oklahoma City Lekwa Kekwa, Nigeria Cynthia Leyda, Ponca City Margarett Lindsay, Oklahoma City Bob Long, Guthrie Mary Lowe, Crescent Zelma Maly, Enid Susie Markes, Waukomis Greg Mason, Edmond 99 Sophomores Randy Mason, Colorado Carol May, Edmond Tiffiney McCleary, Oklahoma City LaVerne McCloud, Boley Robert McDowell, Edmond LaDonna Meadon, Blackwell Michele Merhib, Oklahoma City john Montgomery, Edmond Tina Moore, Oklahoma City Brian Morrow, Tulsa Deanna Mote, Edmond Lori Muegge, Tonkawa Mark Mumma, Blackwell Scott Munn, Oklahoma City Tammy Nease, Oklahoma City Randy Newcomb, Oklahoma City Tennyson Nkemka, Nigeria Vincent Obiajulu, Nigeria 100 wif ,iv LEFT: Mike Sherman from East Hall adds a little excitement with the C-S-U yell during the homecoming game against Cameron. ABOVE: Barbara Tackney, Moko Hulme, June Lantz, Leslie Montgomery, Shari Rose, and Cathy Christianson, the women cadets in ROTC, pose during the awards ceremony. RIGHT: Gayle Deal and Mike Shaw walk hand-in-hand after lunch at the Central Cafeteria for dorm residents. ' ' 2152? l P 'rf T H25 ,f 'A, ' 1' I : li f , ',, ff zxilk , V' , ' 'Q ' 'NTP ' f VX, 1 G., if V? -may ufl't gel, Nd -Arif . , ar 9 ,, fl '32 1 f ' In -' 5 " A 1 nf, lg: in 'nt H' , ' li ix If ' 5, 471 iii? I' , F H W 2 1 iv 'air ,XZ , on ,E ,Ai '-A 'V P, , N ivy? ff a Q ' 1 W w yy-hi ,A.' ff 0-- 'lu 0, ' :f f Ni -ru wi ysyy P, -q-v I . 'R "" W 3' 1, l ,. lp-. .M 44 ,. ,jr , , X Sophomores Sun-Young Oh, Korea Sam Okeke, Nigeria Felicia Okorn, Nigeria Nnanna Iheany Okwara, Nigeria Stanley Olie, Midwest City Sonny Comas Onyekwere, Nigeria Leisa Parent, Ponca City janet Pate, Moore Celia Patmon, Crescent Norene Patterson, Sayne Terri Payne, Edmond Stacey Perkins, Tonkawa Therese Phillips, Woodward Christopher Pinkston, Oklahoma City Brian Pitre, Oklahoma City Paula Pittman, Harrah Mike Powell, Broken Arrow Mark Preston, Yukon Karen Reherman, Okarche Su Robinson, Mooreland Merle Rodgers, Germany Rhonda Roots, Moore John Roper, Yukon Shari Rose, Oklahoma City Eric Ross, Oklahoma City Pamela Roulston, Midwest City Jack Russell, Oklahoma City Margarett Russell, Thomas Lynna Sago, Edmond Linda Samuels, Tulsa Brett Sanner, Duncan Danny Saul, Mannforcl Laura Schuchman, Enid David Scott, McAlester Kathy Seale, Oklahoma City Carrie Simnacher, Kingsville 101 Sophomores Cindy Sloggett, Stillwater Cameron Smith, Choctaw David Smith, Oklahoma City Janelle Smith, Luther Kevin Snyder, Piedmont Toni Splane, Enid Suzanne Stafford, Guthrie Christie Statum, Oklahoma City julie Strozdas, Oklahoma City Kathaleen Sumpter, Vian Jeff Suttle, Del City Ronald Tackett, Chandler Vincent Talley, Lawton Mike Tasby, Texas Tammy Tate, jones Sidney Terry, Edmond Kim Thomas, Oklahoma City Stella Thomas, Bethany 102 ive from CSU! t's Lights, action, camera "Welcome to Broncho Highlights I'm Gregory Kerr along with " This is how Greg Kerr starts off his broadcast on CSU's chanel 2 and KSCS's airing of Broncho football. Greg came to Central State from Dallas, Texas, to play basketball and found that the Communication Depart- ment was his second home. He started out by conducting interviews with coaches and players, and has worked his way up to hosting the Gary Howard Show. In the spring, he did his internship at OKC's Channel 5. "You have to deliver something people can identify with. When you broadcast, it should be like you're talking with your aunt or grandma and not a whole crowd." commented Greg. "CSU has the perfect training facilities in the communications depart- ment. It's there if you want it," Kerr added. After graduating in May, Greg hopes to be able to stay in sports and find a job around the Oklahoma City area. I A if r Greg Kerr prepares to do an on-the-spot report during a Broncho practice session. .. Gregory Kerr! i' ali Kg A? , ,, I' 4 lm-..... , -J 4 '38 Qi if 52 f 1 if , S , . in me r. s ' X :S X . +., A, 1 f f LEFT: Wendy Backstrum and Frankie Dreadfulwater learn the "four corners" during a countryfwestern dance workshop. BELOW: Graduate assistant Bob Stidham and the umpire seem to disagree on a certain call. JG' i tsl S5 Y is 49 Sophomores Sherry Thompson, Tulsa Zina Thompson, Oklahoma City Darryl Thurmond, California David Trent, Oklahoma City Sheila Turrentine, Lawton Benard Udochi, Nigeria Isaiah Udomfu, Nigeria Idioong Ukpong, Nigeria Michael Underwood, Choteau Natalie Vaught, Luther Jose Villarreal, Bolivia Loutasha Viney, Stringtown Debbie Wakeley, Muskogee Leeanne Westbrook, Ardmore Brenda Wheeler, Midwest City Charri White, Duncan Bryan Williams, Collinsville janet Williams, Oklahoma City Toni Williams, Oklahoma City Andree Willis, Tulsa Barbara Wilson, Muskogee Luther Winfree, Pennsylvania Frankie Wood, Edmond Margo Wright, Oklahoma City ,.yV like 103 Juniors Raphael Acquaye, Ghana Carolyn Adebiyi, Nigeria james Adeniyi, Nigeria Bernard Agorua, Nigeria Deana Ahmed, Egypt Bioye Akeem Ajao, Nigeria Morakinyo Akinrinlola, Nigeria Emily Anderson, Duncan Sherri Andrews, Oklahoma City Lori Ansley, Adams Russell Arfield, Norman Rex Arnold, Comanche Sammy Asubiojo, Nigeria Jim Balkenbush, Oklahoma City Norma Barnett, Dewar Jamye Beaty, Oklahoma City Jeff Begley, Edmond Patrick Berglund, Harrah Keith Biglow, Okmulgee Donnie Blackshire, Wetamka Lea Blackwell, Altus Adrian Bland, Tulsa Barbara Boatman, Edmond Michelle Booth, Piedmont David Boswell, Bethany Caroline Bradford, Pond Creek Lisa Bragg, Clackwell Clifford Braggs, Guthrie jo Breath, Ardmore Burneele Bridges, Oklahoma City Tabe Brownell, Liberia David Butler, Oklahoma City Terri Caldwell, Del City David Canavesio, Oklahoma City Dietra Carroll, Tulsa Jacquelyn Carter, California Sherry Caster, South Dakota Mario Castro, Peru David Chambers, Oklahoma City Lisa Chinn, Oklahoma City Ehukah Christian, Nigeria Paul Chukwuma, Nigeria 104 W , A? LX O 'irrvvlil . ' - .l ar f f Zi, 52.2 Aj ,f -yn VLH X 'ls -3. lvr- sq ' A I .YVV . ,ji A ,,,, L' ., ,,,, ,.,,, , . i A, , i. ' ll ' H Y ' 5 J if V M' ' 5- "" """ " ' :ily .tm .,,., ,,, - . ' -., V l ,f ' fy. .- W MQ LQ-'x I "hmmm r-rtx1., , , ' 5 S l '1 K :Y-. l "'-35' NUT! sz I EQ J: f I, .41 if wi V Wg -ff . 47 " ,iii 9, B l 'I-an :af -ff. ,132 HRH as sg ff iigfgfifg out it f' ""l1u1f 5 .. kwa: 'U 'Hu H .sa 5, l 1 'K . . 'fs 1 EF! pq 'W E it-7 3 , it ,X ,Tx 'S i "El V f , , -L -- li , 1 X 01 'F X x , . + X1 'l i AN 4 3 S ' " f, 1 5 :. f .,,.,, N fi ai! - n a i, .., x C93 nz 5 , E Z -in 7- 1 Q . qu, O 'C :I Q , an BELOW: Senior Rochelle Ware uses her height over a Northeastern guard for another two points. RIGHT: Sonia Williams, Lisa Washington, Eric Peoples, and Juniors Anna Trammell concentrate on the Four Corners during the Countryfwestern workshop at night. 'EW Or' err f , ti' v . 'Y its af qi? ai: ff, faq:-5 ""'?' li- M ,it ,, , , lj V' 'L ' fy ' la. E -fa any , ,ziy A I 1 pw , Z I X I, HX 1 i-Q .nn ' '...i3 ,, ' ' 4 if ' L, t A j in ' xx' A J Dale Clayton, Del City Kathy Coe, Midwest City Benny Coleman, Choctaw J. Paul Collins, Edmond Linda Copeland, Macomb Cheryl Corkle, Bethany Patrick Courtney, Oklahoma City Rhonda Cowan, Oklahoma City jim Crabb, Georgia Kaye Crocker, Lawton John Darnell, Oklahoma City Arifali Datoo, Kenya Timothy Derritt, Enid Delma Diacon, Stroud Denice Dick, Bethany David Dinkins, Oklahoma City Tina D'innocenzo, Shawnee Beverly Dockery, Oklahoma City 105 Juniors Nancy Dodd, Edmond Sue Domagola, New York james Dono, Michigan Lisa Due, Newcastle Carol Duran, Yukon Edmund Eboh, Nigeria Jackie Eckels, Alva Chris Edgmon, Davis Jenny Edwards, Edmond Kim Edwards, New Lima Felix Ekanem, Nigeria Nsima Ekpo, Nigeria Monday Elenya, Nigeria Emmanuel Essel, Ghana Charla Farmer, Bethany Julie Filer, Midwest City Rick Fillips, Harrah William Finley, Pawhuska Debra Fisher, Oklahoma City Jennie Francis, Edmond Terrie Francis, Oklahoma City Brenda Frick, Cushing Kay Gales, Oklahoma City Robin Gandy, Oklahoma City Genel George, Del City Marilyn Glenn, Texas Randy Gotschall, Ohio Rickey Greene, Florida Shawn Greenfield, Edmond Sheila Gregory, Ponca City Derrick Griffin, Tulsa Todd Guinn, Ponca City Debbie Hahn, Moore Ed Hamilton, Oklahoma City Delana Hardesty, Paden David Harris, Oklahoma City Freda Harris, 'hxlsa Lori Harris, Tulsa Mark Hauton, Oklahoma City Mark Heard, Norman William Henderson, Texas Clyde Herrod, Oklahoma City 106 il' 1 iw W gyf it 2 if Y , 2 - W 1 li Q 4 iv f - ,Q :': 4 fff,,s1a:5f:2 In 11 2:3 - Us ,, 1!!': ff ' --el f l , 'sn - 'QM any gy .f f an t ,, :H 1 if 1 f W' ff f Yi if if '? iiiff f iii. , if ,Q L K 3 i 81? TJ' FIM ,nanni- ' 4 ,Gil V -dffgyf X I , ,. it L2 14,4 Alggzzz- gy 43 x cl , f' 'f ,M 5 W YT e-fi! X 1 1, -Y 4 ,f r ., -I-ug. M ,Q ff' .ff S .1 W 2 1 .,,. .V CSUS Very Own of OU has its Sooner Wagon drawn by the horses Boomer and Soonerg OSU has its Pistol Pete. But CSU has its very own special character, Buddy Broncho! Buddy was born in 1978 when the Student Services purchased a yellow, fuzzy horse costume. The first person to ever don the "Buddy identity" was Dwayne Long. Although he enjoyed it, it got to the point where people couldn't distinguish the mascot from the real person. Eric Oesch, a senior majoring in B-SQ Ur - -s-.1 .l ','U"' R x In -H if erll Q fl ff, I Public Relations, is the man inside the horse now. Buddy's job is to attend CSU sporting events and work in conjunc- tion with the cheerleaders in generating school spirit and entertaining the crowd. He also puts in many other appearances at parades, community activities, and charity events. To see Buddy, go to any CSU activity and look for the horse in the latest "Broncho-Wear" Cblue denim vest and fashionable red bandanaj. Or listen for laughter. That's where Buddy can be found. 107 Juniors Quarterback Randy Page, following behind blocker Randy Jones, looks for a receiver downfield. Juanita Hillburn, Madill Cathy Hoelting, Ponca City Chris Holly, Oklahoma City Joseph Holzendorf, Florida Barbara Hooper, Oklahoma City Tim Horsley, Texas Gary Howell, Colorado Wilbur Hudson, Illinois Uchenna Ifeorah, Nigeria Cynthia Ishem, Bartlesville Andrea James, Oklahoma City Nancy Jaramillo, Oklahoma City Dana Jennings, Claremore Debbie Jones, Oklahoma City Peggy Jones, Okemah Melissa Juneau, Oklahoma City Samuel Kajubi, Uganda Karen Kern, Chickasha Joe Kessinger, Kansas Aamer Khan, Pakistan Khalid Khan, Kenya Shirmard Khoshnudi, Iran Kenda Kirby, Perkins Liddell Kirk, Oklahoma City Darrin Landes, Crescent Scott Layton, Yukon Sterling Lee, Deaver David Legrand, Edmond William Leibold, Del City John Leinweber, Colorado 108 , K 'f , gi .WV ,,,,.: f A 2 H 5 YI: 4 ' ' Q J? , 1 ,Y-fe wi .I M aj ' , 'li' f fir P i a ia f t J ,, i ili V'?,',-1 X 1 K 'x 0: , sf 5 E !1,, Q, ... J Wi 4 R! Juniors Jessica Leming, Ponca City 5 Getachew Lemma, Ethiopia 'Q 1 VZ1, Angela Lesher, Crescent mt gf Stephen Leverett, Oklahoma City I f N Melissa Little Axe, Oklahoma City i VVV, Linda Long, Enid 1 ,f X K f E Ex A ,J f Juan Lopez, Oklahoma City Dan Luskey, Enid Terri Lynch, El Reno Rene Mahoney, Del City Robin Major, Oklahoma City Gwen Martin, Dewey 7 A Tanara Martin, Tulsa Lisa Mason, Moore Connie Matheny, Taft Evelyn Mayes, Oklahoma City '.. Dahl McKinney, Harrah fl., ,,., , ,,, ' Emmanuel Mettle, Ghana alla Andrew Miller, Oklahoma City Nancy Miller, Moore Mohamoud Mohamed, Somalia Ruth Moore, Moore 1 Q- - .AM l,,,...,v- . LEFT A new satellite dish was installed near the Communications Building to serve CSU s new Cable 2 television station ABOVE jenny Fowler gets in some practice 109 Juniors Tim Moore, Texas James Mosley, Oklahoma City Warden Ndok, Nigeria Jamee Neal, Norman Donatus Nnadi, Nigeria Eric Nwolisa, Nigeria Chris Obanye, Nigeria Danny Ogu, Nigeria Lawrence Omeke, Nigeria Carol Osborn, Oklahoma City Ann Owens, Crescent Randy Page, Oklahoma City Carlos Pardo, Columbia Mark Parent, Ponca City Gayle Passey, Edmond Donna Pate, Duncan Tammy Payne, Edmond David Powell, Ponca City John Preston, Texas Jeanine Pugh, Oklahoma City Jeannie Purdy, Oklahoma City Nancy Rahm, Kremlin MD Akhter Rashid, Bangladesh Tim Reid, McCloud Neil Reynolds, Duncan Joyce Ritz, Yukon Tyronne Robertson, Tulsa Tommy Ross, Tonkawa James Rowe, Tulsa Julie Sago, Edmond Nasir Salam, Sudan Sonya Sasbee, Edmond Andy Schmidt, Oklahoma City Cyndee Schwab, Ponca City Laurie Scott, Oklahoma City Greg Self, Ponca City Debra Shepherd, Yukon Michael Sherman, Maryland David Shields, Harrah Lisa Selvey, Choctaw Kathie Slutter, Yukon A1 Smith III, Oklahoma City 110 N aw 5 .. , w ,, a n , ,, J fs .4 ,l ,X ,V 'f' fziaeez rr X n nf V fi 'KW Q .Y ,, -'Z .. A ,- 4 1: .. i Q Q ,is '1 X I,1"'n'w ., ' 14 VK? ,'fM' Mg ,g,5i Jzfga V M5135 '- 'P , ' may X" n K 4, ,j E - . in .gf ' . ,, ., 5 D ,I ,, .L l '-1 .. 1? , 19 .,. fl I '- 4 R r. sg... UR' ? 5' ", ' .ef " 'ef ' iq L., 5 al' . Y r.. , ,V .1 5 e f.f J 'ge , X., 1 A 15 'LLC V ,XR , f X ff fv- EQMM i I A I 7 K I I Q 9 fa X if QI 'Huq Senior Jan Roberts-Smith has devot- ed most of her life to music. She started piano lessons in second grade and voice in fifth grade. "My parents thought it would be a neat opportunity for me to take music lessons,', she said. "If I liked it, fine, if not, that was okay, too." But she did like it, so much that she continued in music all throughout high school in Blackwell. She picked up saxophone lessons along with piano, but her strongest subject was voice. She was selected for All-State Choir two years in high school. At CSU, Jan's major is music education with an emphasis in vocal. She was a member of Tunesmiths show choir for three years and is presently in the CSU choir. Her other memberships include Sigma Alpha Iota, women's honorary music fraternity: Mortar Board, and Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary education society. "I think music is more demanding than other majors," she said. "Most people have to do a lot of studying. Music majors have to study and spend time rehearsing every day. I don't think it's necessarily harder, just more demand- ing." jan practices voice and piano an average of two hours a day, in addition I Y 1 4 If juniors james Berry makes a point during a discussion at an Afro-American Student Union meeting. Music s I-Ier Life to carrying a full load of classes and working 20 hours a week. Despite all the hard work, she considers music "an excellent way of relaxing." After graduation jan hopes to teach music in an elementary or midhigh school and teach privately in her home. t'That's the nice thing about this profession," she pointed out, "I can teach a few students at home along with a class at school." Relating music to children shouldn't be hard for Jan. After all, she's been in the profession since she was a child. Nun' 3 W , ., is n , ,,, A XX. by Kathie Slutter ABOVE: Jan Smith has devoted most of her life to the art of music. LEFT: Ms. Kay Hudson, jan's voice teacher, gives Jan instruction during their afternoon sessions. Cindy Smith, Edmond Q jakera smith, Oklahoma city F jean Smithey, Colorado ' , Gina Spain, Moore :A ,R 'I I Mark Spears, Owasso Sherry Spencer, Kingfisher , I N lll Juniors Susan Stangl, Meeker Grant Stephens, Missouri, Tracie Stephenson, Kansas Larry Stringer, Perry james Stroup, Edmond Tonia Sykes, Edmond Charles Tascier, Moore Robert Taylor, Spencer Erin Thomas, Harrah Albert Torto-Doku, Ghana Quang Truong, Vietnam Melette Tucker, Oklahoma City Thomas Tucker, Tulsa Sharon Tush, Broken Arrow Ann Underwood, Okemah Irene Usoh, Edmond Dennis Vaverka, Hennessey Carlos Vergarn, Cuba Kenneth Wagner, Yukon Larry Wasson, Cushing Martha Watson, Oklahoma City Shelley Webb, Yukon Paul Weber, Blackwell Terri Weese, Kansas Susan Weidenmaier, Faye Carole West, Edmond Carolyn White - Manholland, Oklahoma City Donna Wiginton, Paden Katherine Wilmeth, Bartlesville Connie Windes, Norman 112 l , 1 A l' -' -. 5 PN ,... X, l Q , gl- ff u l .. il x ,, J ,... 'fI:"i . 3 X ' ifffffffc l 'L ,.,, i N' A 'T W' W e an XSS K -5 m K X. ,Q B L y ' ' ,sg , vm 1 K ki, rf F -Q . l K. K t i t x .5 v 1, 'Q Offs. ff 5 2 3 - if l Q -rx iY"7 K X L L l W 1 N Mary Witt, Oklahoma City y Robin Wood, Bartlesville Marcie Worl, Edmond W Daric Zeno, Texas i :QN 1 . fi! ' nP""'u Seniors Ed Adams, Tuttle, Broadcasting Oluyemi Adeosun, Nigeria, Marketing Sandra Aguero, Texas, Nursing Matthew Akinade, Nigeria, Accounting f.w+. 1. ' 'rm Tony Akins, Hugo, Education Roxie Aldrich, Deercreek, Nursing Lyle Alexander, Altus, Comp. Sci Paulette Allen, El Reno, Bus. Market. Bill Ameen, Midwest City, HPER i fyg is kk was ef! -, A Lucinda Anderson, Harrah, Business Iran Ansari, Iran, MBA Mansour Ansari, Iran, MBA Deborah Armstrong, Tulsa, Pol. Sci. Annett Ashley, Okay, Computer Science WWW 6' ? a W 'ff' '- 4165 if ,, .lily as joy Chizobam Aninwene, Nigeria, Fash. Merch. Steven Austin, Tulsa, Business Admin. Effat Badawi, Egypt, General Studies Scott Batary, Edmond, Accounting Lenora Bates, Oklahoma City, Nursing A' A is-A at uc K., r .fi ?' ABOVE: Central State's Homecoming brought record crowds to Wantland Stadium. RIGHT: Kathi Bray masquerades as a clown during Central U State's 91st Birthday Party on November 9. 0114 Seniors Liana Bates, Ponca City, Hum. Res, Lu Ann Baze, Enid, Ele. Educ. Godlove Benjamin, Ghana, Management Donna Bennett, Oklahoma City, journ Charmayne Blandon, Idabel, Comp. Sci. Larita Blandon, Idabel, Nursing jan Borelli, Okarche, Gen. Bus. Pamela Boston, Oklahoma City, Ind. Arts Educ. Sue Boyd, Oklahoma City, Accounting Susan Bracken, Texas, Phys. Educ. Erin Bratt, Edmond, Computer Science jamie Brewster, Oklahoma City, Oral Comm. Kathy Brown, Oklahoma City, Comp. Sci. Tammy Brown, Moore, Elem. Educ. jim Bryant, Tulsa, Accounting Dennis Burns, Oklahoma City, Math Educ. john Burruss, Moore, Bus. Admin. Clytee Campbell, Midwest City, Comp Sci, Crystal Carpenter, Ponca City, journ. Educ. Mary Carter, Oklahoma City, Sociology Bryan Coffey, Davis, Management Kevin Colwell, Warracres, Management janet Conway, Harrah, Business Carol Cooper, Oklahoma City, Oral Comm. Nancy Cottrell, Moore, Marketing Bonnie Countess, Oklahoma City, Psych. Twyla Cowan, Webbers Falls, Journ, Kenneth Cumbie, Waynoka, Business Admin. Liz Curnutt, Edmond, Nursing Joni Darnell, Oklahoma City, Soc. 115 Seniors Don DeVault, Midwest City, journ. Mary Drain, Edmond, Office Admin. Thomas DuBois, Oklahoma City, Gen. Stud. Darla Dunlap, Oklahoma City, Oral Comm. Aderinsola Efunnuga, Nigeria, Market, Asuquo Enekere, Nigeria, Med. Tech. Etuk Okon Etuk, Nigeria, Pol. Sci. Chukwudi Ezeani, Nigeria, Bus. Admin. Innocent Ezeobi, Nigeria, Pre. Med, Thomas Fallah, Liberia, Pur. Michelle Ferguson. Sapulpa, Ed, Brenda Finney, Webbers Falls, Spec. Ed. Mary jo Fitzgibbon, Miami, Pol. Sci. Cynthia Foster, Tulsa, Soc. Kathy Fried, Mustang, Nursing Sandy Gann, Enid, Market. Diane McCulley Garrett, Guthrie, Biol. Stanley E. Gates, Pryor, Comp. Sci. Kimberly Glass, jenks, Spec. Educ. jerry Guffey, Oklahoma City, Fine Arts Theresa Guillory, Bartlesville, Special . Ed. Mardecc Hanlrins, Oklahoma City, Pub. Rel. Gina Hanlcey, Edmond, Accounting Abdul Hassan, Somalia, Finance Ibrahim Hassan, Somalia, Comp. Sci. Robert Helton, Oklahoma City, Bus. Admin. Cheri Henderson, Edmond, Nursing Frank Henderson, Oklahoma City, Mgt. jim Hill, Sapulpa, History Ed. Judd Hill, jr., Comanche, Fin. 116 Anybody who has ever had a class in Howell Hall has probably come in contact with Allen Watson. He is a spry little man who has more energy and enthusiasm than most of the younger students. Watson is a senior who has been attending CSU off and on since 1944. He works as a biology lab associate and will gladly tell anyone all about his work. He likes it so much that he is in no hurry at all to graduate. K Working with animals is one of Watson's many hobbies. He often carries a snake in his pocket and likes taking care of the animals in the lab. At home he owns a collection of 23 parakeets C16 different colorsj, three dogs and a snake fthe one he carries in his pocketj. Watson's love of people is evident in his personality. "I especially like talking to foreign students," he said. "I've learned to say hello in all kinds of different languages like Persian, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian." "I've got the best job in the United States," he smiled. "It's the best job anybody could have." Seniors Spry Senior on 38-Year lan by Kathie Slutter asks. W N -'K vga-N wi f W 2.9 wife mi flaw ,Y ,,., 'Iva 'au 'W' A 5-. 1. I , .W . xruxvar Bill Hinton, Oklahoma City, Mgt, Gloria Hoard, Oklahoma City, Bus. Admin. Cherie Holkum, Choctaw, Inter. Design Terry Howard, Leedey, Indus. Ed. T onda Howard, Leedey, Gen. journ. Sandford Huff Oklahoma City, Elem. Ed. Randy Hunt, Wewoka, Biology Boniface Ifemembi, Nigeria, Bus. Market. Saturday Ikoro, Nigeria, Market. Kanako Ise, Japan, English joseph jackson, Liberia, Pol. Sci. Wayne Jaggars, Wetumka Phys. Ed. Valerie jamerson, Midwest City, Market. Tamara james, Okemah, Spec. Ed. Clarice johnson, Oklahoma City, Spec Ed. 117 Seniors Ivan johnson, Altus, Math Glenn jones, Canton, Comp. Sci. Sherry Keeler, Norman, Oral Comm. j.R. Keith, Enid, Theatre Mary Kelly, Oklahoma City, Pub. Rel. Kristen Kelting, Guymon, Voc. Home Ec. john Kersh, Grove, Comp. Sci. Clinton Kerr, Walters, Business Gregory Kerr, Texas, Broad. Alfred B. Kessellie IL Liberia, Pub. Admin. Fazlolah Kiasi, Iran, Business Lisa Kincade, Muskogee, Eng. Educ. Mary Ann King, Oklahoma City, Pub. Rel. Ramona King, Mustang, Marketing Frederick Kirkwood, Tennessee, Mark. Michael Klaene, Oklahoma City, Mgt. George Kofa, Liberia, Econ., Pol. Sci. Kayna Kohler, Altus, Phys. Ed. Kay Kolb, Edmond, Gen. Bus. Lewis Kowena, Snyder, Soc. Sheryl Kudy, Edmond, Gen. Journ. Susan Lane, Spencer, Sociology Jeannie Langmacher, Minco, Finance Mathilde Lanham, Oklahoma City, Acct. Emma Laosebikan, Okmulgee, Nursing Robert Lawler, Ponca City, HPER. Tania Lee, Lawton, Communication Moshood Leshi, Nigeria, Chemistry Jacqueline Lester, Wisconsin, Mgt. Mark Lester, Piedmont, Advertising 118 Seniors Kim Lindsay, Claremore, Business Wayne Linsenmeyer, Glencoe, TV Broad. janettia Lisenbee, Owasso, Music Cindy Liston, Oklahoma City, Ele. Educ. Vicki Lohrey, Oklahoma City, Int. Des. I Dwayne Long, Tulsa, Journ. Educ. Louise Long, Oklahoma City, Nursing Theresa Lovelace, Enid, Gen. Stud. Mona Low, Tulsa, Home Econ. Michael Lowe, Florida, Pol. Sci. Cherri Lowther, Oklahoma City, Pol. Sci. Lynne Marcus, Edmond, Psychology Keith Martinkewiz, Tulsa, DE Market. - Paula Mathews, Oklahoma City, Voc. Home Ec. Tracey McCauley, Stillwater, Per. Mang. joe McCormick Oklahoma City, Pub. Admin. J D. McDaniel, California, Journalism Jody McElhaney, Norman, Phys. Educ. ' Randy McGee, Oklahoma City, Comp. Sci. janet McGuire, Edmond, Home Ec. Gary Mears, Oklahoma City, Sec. Educ. Charles Menefee, Oklahoma City, Crim. Jus. Kris Miller, Bartlesville, journ.. Anthony Milligan, Moore, Bus. Admin. Linda1Mills, Shawnee, Ele. Educ. Penny Mills, Oklahoma City, Business Terrence Mitchell, Oklahoma City, Journ. Ahmed Mohamed, Somalia, Accounting Shawn Molloy, Pawhuska, Computer Science Patricia Monday, Tulsa, Off. Admin. 119 Some girls come to college and pledge a sorority, to help charities or attend parties. Others want to take another kind of challenge and join the ROTC where they belly through muddy ditches. However, Private Cathy Christianson, Sigma Kappa social chairman, seems to enjoy doing both. "I'm not rough and tough or ultra-prissy. I'm Cathy Christianson and doing what I want to be doing," explains Cathy. "I joined the sorority for friendship and social activity, I joined the Army for a future." At basic training, Christianson qualified as a sharpshooter on the M16. "You bet I was scared. I was scared I was going to hurt someone or myself," Cathy comments. "Then I loved it." Now, Cathy is very involved in rifle contests. "I really want to mention the other girls in ROTC. Nothing can be said about me without including them - we're a team." The other girls are Moko Hulme, june Lantz, Leslie Montgomery, Shari Rose, and Cheryl Craig. dm! 'af yi' Wi .935 119 if iw' , 11 v z "4 3-2 'S P ,5 1 n,- .ff iw X l, ,I . . al' 'Q . In ,., -X 1 . r al F. . if A-fits is rf' 1.1 ig I Wil' 'N il ' W f- VX If ,jg V', I- Q 1 'H a Levi lf ' Q, I it , a F N. f. I. - D, . - .-A My f , ,X : .. gi ' V f ' - -' f' " .- : gi If J 1 . su , . ' ' ig 1' .Af 1 X g, T X X -1? . W , ., .1 .. ,M - I 1 tx M A . ..,. 3 - -I ,- , E I ff Left: Cathy poses with a new pledge Lori Meyer on Bid House Day during Rush Week. l 0 0 Above: Second from left, Cathy waits in the chow line with P r 1 V C h I' 1 S t 1 at n S 0 n the other girls during basic training. Sharon Monday, Tulsa, Office Admin. Shelley Moody, Oklahoma City, Comm. Art Michael Moore, Edmond, Finance Mohmed Moradi, Iran, Safety Deborah Morris, Wynnewood, Sp. Ed. Ahsan Muhammad, Bangladesh, Bus. Admin. Mohammed Musa, Somalia, Finance Melvin Mussyal, Oklahoma City, Fin. James Myers, Noble, Finance Patricia Neal, Ardmore, Fash. Merch. Greg Nelson, Edmond, Marketing May Nguyen, Vietnam, Comp. Sci. Bret Nimericlr, Ponca City, Comp. Sci. Uchay Moku, Nigeria, Market. Malachy Nkantion, Nigeria, Market. Rocky Northcutt, Ardmore, Pub. Rel. Sherri Norton, Wellston, Speechfl-Iear. Eric Oesch, Oklahoma City, Pub. Rel. George Ohli, Nigeria, Acctg. Molly Ogbuku, Nigeria, Health 120 Seniors Nii Okai Okantey, Ghana, Comp. Sci. Shade Okeowa, Nigeria, Mgt. Amobi Okolo, Nigeria, Market. Simon Okonjo, Nigeria, Phy. Sci. Alphonsus Okoyeocha, Nigeria, Bus. Manage. Emmanuel Okwunze, Nigeria, Market. Samuel O. Oladipo, Nigeria, Real Estate Abdi Omar, Somalia, Finance Livinus Onwuchuruba, Nigeria, Acctg. Roger Parker, Oklahoma City, Acctg, Diane Pasquarelli, Idaho, Nursing Lim Peacock, Edmond, Broad. Suzie Phillips, Midwest City, Spec. Ed. Hat Pickerill, Tulsa, Comp. Sci. Polly Pitezel, Tulsa, Child Develop. Mohammed Qazi. Bangladesh. Finance Tim Reese, Enid, Political Science Carla Releford, Roland, Bus. Admin. Patricia Reynolds, Kansas, Comp. Sci. Robert Reynolds, Georgia, Comp. Sci. Zahid Reza, Bangladesh, Finance Phillip Ridgway, Oklahoma City, Sec. Ed. Diana Roblyer, Afton. Bus. Admin. Karen Rockhold. Ponca City, Speech Path. Pamela Rodriguez, Oklahoma City, Gen. Stud. David Rolle, Oklahoma City, Market. Samuel Ross, Oklahoma City, HPER Gary Roughton, McCloud, HPER Christie Ruffin, Bethany, Crim. jus. Kevin Rushing, Oklahoma City, Speech Ed. 121 Seniors Lisa Sali, Midwest City, Fash. Mer. Penny Salyer, Oklahoma City, FoodfNutr. Gus Samara, Lebanon, Journalism Larita Sao, Oklahoma City, Pol. Sci. Keven Sasser, Piedmont, Finance john Schenberg, Oklahoma City, Marketing Monty Schibbelhute, Edmond, Comp. Sci. Dolores Schiltz, Ponca City, Spec. Ed. Rhonda Schmitt, Oklahoma City, Acctg. Richard Schneider, Edmond, Psychology Kelly Scholz, Del City, Elem. Ed. Trent Scott, Oklahoma City, Crim. Just. jamie Sears, Altus, Elem. Ed. justin Selman, Maysville, His. Ed. Becky Selvey, Marlin, Elem. Ed. Warren Sharp, Clayton, Photo. Journ. Mike Shaw, Oklahoma City, Oral Comm. Abdul Sheik, Somalia, Finance Rick Shelton, Sand Springs, HealthfPhysical Educ. Paula Sheperd, Stillwater, Library Science Carla Shipman, Moore, Management Glenda Simmons, Guthrie, Finance Connie Keith Simpson, Ponca City, Crim. Jus. David Sir Leali Liberia, Criminal Justice Robert E. Slankard, Broken Arrow, Journalism Iva Slaughter, Vernon, Home Economics Anthony Sledge, Oklahoma City, Physical Educ. David Smith, Oklahoma City, Marketing jan Smith, Blackwell, Music Shari Smith, Ponca City, Art Educ. 122 , We i 1 .Av 25? it Semors Valentine joy Smith, Tonkawa, Psychology Scott Snider, Midwest City, Accounting Noah Spiva, Midwest City, Business Management Virginia Steele, Oklahoma City, Elementary Educ. Beverly Sternberg, Missouri, Accounting Lesa Stewart, Stillwell, Business Administration Robin Steward, Midwest City, Management Mary Stinnett, Oklahoma City, Pre Law Dennis Stokes, Guthrie, Finance Brenda Stout, Kansas, Computer Science Bob Strader, Pawhuska, HealthfPhysical Educ. Terri Stulce, Oklahoma City, Computer Science Robert Summers, Tulsa, Public Relations Shu Chen Sun, Taiwan, Home Economics Olyfunbi Taiwo, Nigeria, Accounting Dennis Talley, Midwest City, Accounting Tracie Taylor, Choctaw, Business Educ. Robert Taylor, Oklahoma City, Oral CommunicationsfPublic Relations Ashok Thakkar, India, Marketing Craig Thomas, Oklahoma City, Oral Communications Left The Broncho the official CSU mascot rears up on its haunches in front of the Broncho Fieldhouse Below Craig Clark receives some balloons with a Happy Birthday message. , - 1 ' 'l Seniors Jeanie Thomas, Midwest City, Econ. janet Thornton, Lawton, Nursing Beth Ann Todd. Afton, Elem. Educ. Nancy Trindle, Kingsfisher, Nursing Debra Turrentine, Lawton, Fash, Mer. Ekponudim Umanah, Nigeria, Pol. Sci. Mary Anne Unsworth, Oklahoma City, Acctg. Patricia R. Uselton, McAlester, journ. Richard Uselton, McAlester, journ. Octavius Valai, Liberia, Mark. Hellena Vann, Oklahoma City, Psy. Nancy Vaughn, Yukon, Comp. Sci. Cheryl Vaughn, Midwest City, Music Ed. Mike Vaughn, Mangum, Funeral Service Melissa Vierheller, Claremore. Oral Comm. Jennifer K. Wade, Durant, Child Devel. Elizabeth Wahlstrom, Minnesota, Soc. Sue Wang, Taiwan, Mgt. Phil Ward, Norman, Mgt. Teresa Ward, Midwest City, Int. Des. Rochelle Ware, Enid, Spec. Educ. Roy Weber, Okeene, Acctg. David Weiss, Edmond, Comp. Sci. Tammie West, Oklahoma City. Bus. Admin. Christian Whipple, Edmond, Comp. Sci. Paula White, El . . E Mike Wilmeth. Susan Witt, Edmoni Theresa Witt, Edmo 124 .gi if 'Q' 5 J ' ,I Graduates W--A ,, - Ahovc: Skydivcrs thrilled the crowd at the CSU Birthday Party held on "Thatcher Lake." L4-lt: 'Eat 'em up, eat 'em up, rah-rah-rah. A little CSU fan watches intently as Buddy Bronchu swallows up a student. Foluso Adebanjo, Nigeria, Crim. jus. Samuel Ajayi, Nigeria, Pol. Sci. Tundc Akinycmi, Nigeria, Finance Abimbola Alder. Nigeria, MBA Moliamad jzikiri Aryaee, Arani Bahman. Iran. Education Abl1Uit Biswas, India, Business Lorraine Caddy, Choctaw, MBA Gregory Cary. Duncan, Psychology Ming Chen, China, Computer Science Phillip Chen. China, MBA Craig Clark, Comanche, Photo. Journ. Nwaeju Ejiogu, Nigeria, Bus. Ini Emmah, Nigeria, MBA Isaiah Etuk, Nigeria, MBA 125 Graduates O. Austin Ezugha, Nigeria, MBA Richard Filer, MWC, Business Colleen Garsicle, Utah, Comm. jr. College Ed. john Gblah, Liberia, Sociology jean Grass, OKC, Elem. Ed. Majorie Grinnell, Fla., Elem. Ed. Phillip Hanley, OKC, Business Mohammad Haque, Bangladesh, Bus. Adm. Lisa Henson, MWC, MEd. jana Hill, Tulsa, Int. Design Tracy Hill, Harrah, Guidance Saturday Ikoro, Nigeria, MBA Gballay Karma, Liberia, MBA Terri Kizer, Sand Springs, Urban Affairs jengyen Lai, Taiwan, Comp. Sci. so Q A' ,fam--m JM 126 ,,gNy,,s Mies' 4 Ray Griffin unwinds with a little game of pool between classes in the University Center game room. Kris Miller, Homecoming queen candidate, and escort Richie Brown enjoy their special dance. Graduates jackson Landrum, Nowata, Crim. JusticefMgt. Adm. Phillip Liles, Norman, MBA Portia Love, OKC, CjCEdfArt Charlotte Mansfield, Choctaw, CjCEdfjourn. Margaret Melton, OKC, Biology Nancy Myers, OKC, Psychology Pauline Moku, Nigeria, MBA Emmanuel Nwabuba, Nigeria, MBA Virginia Nwoke, Nigeria, Fd.fNutr. Innocent Obi, Nigeria, Spec. Ed. Collette Obichere, Nigeria, Criminal justice Ike Odunze, Nigeria, Biology Paschal Ogbejesi, Nigeria, MBA Shiro Okazaki, japan, Pol. Sci. Sampson Omeke, Nigeria, MBA Isaac Oton, Nigeria, MBA Benibo Otorubio, Nigeria, MEd. Bernard Oyaghire, Nigeria, MBA Panos Panayides, Greece, MBA Clifford Parrett, OKC, CjCEd. Timothy Pasquarelli, Florida, Pol. Sci. Leslie Riberia, Edmond, Comp. Science Ollie Robinson-Haskins, OKC, General Studies Shirley Russ, OKC, Fash. Merch. Shi Yeu Tarn, Taiwan, MBA Andrew Tetteh, Liberia, Fin. Chi Him Tsui, Hong Kong, MBA Nwabufo Ugochukwu, Nigeria, MBA Isaac Uko, Nigeria, Pol. Sci. Tsyr jiang Yang, China, Acctg. 127 Y 'W' 7 ' 'WYHY' 'YY H ""Y I X f r ACCOUNTING CLUB The Accounting Club of CSU furthers the students knowledge of the accounting profession and helps to bring together students with account- ing professionals. The Accounting Club's activities for the year include a sale of T-shirts, a spring banquet and monthly meetings. f ff Guest speaker, Levert Graham, addresses the Accounting Club on the advantages and disadvantages of a small accounting firm compared to a large accounting firm. M n I' 'in' OFFICERS CL-R Abovel Dr. Charles Stumbaugh - Spon. Zoe Haskins - Hist. Kelli Daviee - Sec. Levert Graham - Spkr. Donna Harrington - Pres. Janet Williams - Treas. Dennis Talley - V. Pres. iii' MEMBERS: Burnell Bridges, Timothy Charter, Karen Crawford, Robert Davis, Jim Denton, Cathie Gigse, Gina Hanky, Mary Kay Hollings- worth, Diane johnson, Hope Junigan, Phillip Fraker, Neil Kallstrom, Terri Rae Lynch, Brita Long, Dewey McGee, Marvin Miles, Mike Moore, Kim Olsen, David Poade, Denise Richardson, Sarah Roe, Rezaur Rahman, Cheryl Saulsbury, Rhonda Schmidt, Robert Shaft, Cameron Smith, Rosalyn Spanier, Walt Stam- mer, Lisa Steanberry, Beverly Sternburg, Toni Thomas, Diep Tran, jeff Wedel, Charri White, Becca Whitfield, Carrie Wilson. PHI BETA LAMBDA Phi Beta Lambda is a business organization whose purpose is to give business students the vocational com- petencies for business, office occupations and business teacher education. RIGHT, Seated, L-R: Susie Markes, Shirley Brinthall, Sandy Gann, Janelle Smith, Shelly Webb. Standing: Karen Shires, Clint Kerr, Jerrie Hrdy, Lori Mayor, David Boling, John Schenberg, Brenda johnson. BELOW, Seated: Shirley Brinthall, Hist., Jerrie Hrdy, Pres., Sandy Gann, V. Pres. Standing: Brenda johnson, Sec., john Schenberg, Treas., Lori Meyer, Rep. mlm.. ,. .A'.V,wL V lt bx.-:G Q 'wx' .ppnr is.-ss. .ft V74 W3 ,V..0. Lb: r fy 5' vi W Q., .pin f:f.f,:. gf. .. , . ,p vi- .A -, 1 nf v..-,f ' 'i' 5 r. pr., -ig.. " ia, 1 -' ni- . ' 2 if Us f, iffhyg ,' .gzffsz 4' 'vge.?.,gnwj"' ,S wi z ."'1 t 1 f'M." 'H 's'i"""5?'3'3'f 3? if-fi f1T"6f .-W? lf" .if-.W '1'-: .I V -'. . i 'Z wr' .1 W 5 ., ,A qu- 'Jig'-'15 vw: ,al fy: K b l'i'+"+ '-af v' Q r l32 4 I if W' i COLLEGE REP BLICANS The purpose of the College Republicans shall be to encourage and assist in the election of Republican candidates to local, state and national office and to formulate programs aimed at involv- ing college students in the Repub- lican Party. The club was awarded the Outstanding CR club in the state. ABOVE, Seated, L-R: john Buttry, Helen McNulty, Maurene Cavnar, joe'McCourry, Melissa Vierheller. Standing: Don Tucker, Scott Brown, Dr. Tom Guild, Stuart Case, Dean Kiser. LEFT: Dr. Guild, Dr. Lillard and Sen. Don Nickles pose for a cake-cutting pic. BELOW: Officers, L-R: joe MeCourry, Pres., Kathy Murphy, Sec., Scott Brown, V. Pres. 133 MANAGEME T CLUB First Row, L-R: Donna Pate, Deborah Smith, Ron Watson, Barbara Boatman, Kim Law, Peter Hayes. Second Row: Don Jackson, Gary Newby, George Aston, Gary Lemaster, Ugochukuu Einest, Andrea Strickland. Third Row: Michael Klaene, Marilyn Peck, Kim Girodano, Keith Inskeep, Natalie Vaught, Fourth Row: Mark Davenport, David Weber, Bruce Pullen, Gregg Nance, Janelle Smith. Fifth Row: Tony Toscani, Vincent Obiajulu, john Willis, jr., Norman Roper. The Management Club is an organization devoted to fellowship, professionalism and service. It is composed of future business leaders dedicated to the study, conduct and promotion of the principles governing organized effort in industrial and economic life. Members are dedicated to bring together the University and the business world and improving the art and science of management. l 1 Mr. Bryan Gibson, guest speaker. 143' 'f', k 4 A4 "he 1 .4 'B "xii hi' 'lil' M,-W. Officers, Seated, L-R: Donna Pate, Kim Law, Deborah Smith. Middle: Ron Watson, George Aston, Marilyn Peck. Back: Gary Newby, Mark Davenport, Tony Toscani. 134 MATH CLUB i-BI.-.- -B-7...- 'R The purpose of the Math Club is to further knowledge in Mathematics and to make known to the student opportun- ities 1n the field of mathematics. Officers, Front, L-R: Tracy Hill, V. Pres., Leslie Ribera, Pres.g Back: Scotty Griffey, Sec.: Mark Lacy, Treas.: Dr. james Yates, sponsor. WX A is-Q-am, ABOVE LEFT, Front, L-R: Kim johnson, Mark Lacy, Rick Williams, Back: Lisa jobe, Tracy Hill, Leslie Ribera, Sharon McAllister. ABOVE: Members of the Math Club help with children at the Presidents Christmas Party. LEFT: Math Club participates in the Presidents Childrens Christmas Party, 135 MARKET I CLU The Marketing Club is a professional fraternity organized to promote an interest in the marketing field of business. The American Marketing Association, as it is known today, originated on January 1, 1937 with the consolidation of the American Marketing Society and the National Association of Marketing Teachers. Membership includes over 30,000 individuals. The objectives of the association as stated in the AMA constitution and by laws are as follows: C15 through demonstrated competence of our members to lead in the development, dissemination and implementation of Marketing concepts, practices and information, 25 as a world leader among marketing associations to be the focal point for marketing interests of business, consumers, education, government and other institutions, 35 to probe and promote the use of marketing concepts by business, non-profit and other institutions for the betterment of society, 45 to simulate the marketing principles so that marketing knowledge and practice are used toward legitimate ends. Marketing Club activities for the year included monthly meetings, money making projects such as credit card sales, and a trip to St. Louis, Missouri, to attend the American Marketing Association Conference. ABOVE, RIGHT: Greg Reber, right, thanks jim Hammons, a former CSU graduate and representa- tive of the Domco Company, for speaking to the Marketing Club. RIGHT, Front, L-R: jim Rogers, Gan Bhukta, Palmira Campos, Nancy Dodd, Karen Keller, Anil Balva, Mary Roberts, Mona King, Arvn Gore, Patrick Courtney. Back: Ken Mosburg, Greg Reber, Dr. Giles, Pat Moore, Jim Summers, Henry Boschen, Cleve Dodd, Robert White, Lee Howe, Greg Porter, 136 LEFT: jim Hammons of the Domco Company, speaks to the Marketing Club. BELOW, Seated: Dr. Howard Clark, sponsor. Standing, L-R: Leigh Harp, V. Pres., Becky Potts, Sec., Mona King, Treas., Doris Wise, Rep., Greg Reber, Pres. 137 EBONY GOSPEL CHOIR il nn . v .W-'rf P ' . as 4 1. ay, ,A ,Q 4-.ff14,1.q L'S,3.a'f ,,,. . gf, 7 Ebony Gospel Choir provides I International guidance through the ministry of song. The choir , . , averages two engagements per month. OFFICERS: Seated: L-R: Eloise Jackson, Rita Carney, V. Pres.g Tarita Howard, Ass't. Sec.3 Sherri Love, Sec. BACK: O. J. Greenhoward, V. Pres., Juan Price, Pres. fr 1' gf 4 rv' 'lr W . . I . V., . V as e 'f W A '. ' ffl: 4 Q. 4, Q M416 47.1 s . f . if '2'fY.,.lig g "' LEFT: Cynthia Ladd plays the piano. BELOW: Members Seated L-R: Kerri Davis, Jo Ann Smith, Linda Samuels, Sherri Love, Sharon Monday, Rita Carney, Jaketa Smith, Veletta Burleigh, Georgi Brooks. Back: Sheila Seals, Kim Price, O. J. Greenhoward, Dwayne Long, Juan Price, Derrick Platt, Michael Turner, Terrell Dunnum, Janet Thornton, Tarita Howard. f ng... ,,M,4,,,,,, ,.,....- . .. W 138 JA. -AFRO-AMERICAN STUDE T UNIO - The Afro-American Student Union, KAASUJ stresses academic excellence among members and promotes a good public reputation. AASU unites Black brothers and sisters of CSU. UPPER LEFT: Officers: L-R: Brenda Finney, RIGHT: Members: Seated, L-R: Lisa Washington, Alasha Parker Sonja Treas.g Tonya Haywood, Pres., Paulette Allen, Owens, Tonya Haywood, Paulette Allen, Brenda Finney, Lisa Farmer Sonia V. Pres. ABOVE: Members Adrian Bland, Eric Lee. Back Row: james Berry, Adriane Bland, Eric Freeman, Anthony Sledge T Freeman and Lisa Washington listen intently Randy Hunt, David Dinkins. at a meeting. BLACK PEER CE TER Black Peer Center is an office whose purpose is to develop and maintain social and scholastic relation- ships between the Black students on campus. Activities for the year included Black Heritage Week and a workshop on how to study. -Qi 'NN Q -'wma Members Cynthia Singer, Tonia Lee, Tonya Haywood and Sonya Owens. 140 " " ismuisi Tonia Lee, sponsor, discussing Black Heritage Week with Cynthia Singer and Tonya Haywood. CHI ESE STUDE ASSGCIATIG The purpose of the Chinese Student Association is to act as a bridge to connect their countrymen and their American friends. The motto is "all people are brothers helping each other and sharing the true fullness." L-R: Cheng Wei Lu, Sheu Victor, Cheng Long Lin, Hsiao Fan Chu, Chang Gin Yee, Bi Sing Lin, joselina Chang, Chen Pei Jee, Ming Whei Wang. Some members of the Chinese Student Association spent their summer together. N.. Ming Zin Lie, Shiu, Ying Chiu Men Hua Tsao Chas - Ming Liu celebrate Chinese National Day by performing at the Edmond Library. if I FIRST AMERICANS The First American's Club is an organization that helps Indian students adjust to college life and to work within the framework of existing rules of CSU and to promote Indian Heritage. BELOW: The Head Drum Group performs during the CSU Indian Pow Wow. RIGHT: A young traditional straight dancer takes a rest from pow wow activities. Xa.. CPD lzasztltz .. I . . Seated, L-R: Nadell Monarco, Povi Albert, Dee Deltaas, Liana Bates, Judy Birdshead. Standing: Gary Davis, Spencer Todome, Lamont Frazier Mike Driskill, Willie Curley, chief, james Noley, sponsor. 142 X of ,, Q aff , 4 , if ! , z U f, 1. W ,M X X X, VA , ,gf rw L O Q C55 ,f, V? , 4 x f e s I 5 1 4 I fi 522 5 Q , H E , , S Qi E 1 1 ffl! 'LQ' ., 1 Q y , V - 55: YV, I- I , W, af ,Q ..,...'f' LEFT: Former CSU student and Indian Princess, Sanah Scott, displays her traditional costume during the CSU Pow Wow. ABOVE: Indian Royalty Princesses from across the state dance Sandra Albert Michael Allen Liana Bates Judy Birdshead Joe Bointy Willie Curleychief Gary Davis Delores DeHaas Franky Dreadfulwater Margie Francis Lamont Frazier to an honor song. David Ingram Patti Komalty Lewis Kowena Cherri Lowther Laurence Martinez Nadell Monarco James Nells Spencer Todome Woodson Whitebird Brad Youngblood A young Indian war dancer performs during the CSU Indian Pow Wow. NIGERIA ST DE T,S U IO The purpose of the Nigerian Student's Union is to bring unity, understanding, and cooperation between Nigerians. On October first members celebrated Nigerian Independence Day. RIGHT, L-R: Moses Olorunnisola, Pres., Sampson Omeke, V. Pres., Iyk Godpower, Sec. Gen., Emmanuel Nwabuba. BELOW: Nigerian Stuclent's Union members display their cultural clothing for International Week. x E 111.1 144 Members displaying costumes during International Week. L-R: Iyk Nsiegbe, Lawrence Omehe, Paul Chukwuma, Chinyere Eleonu, Sampson Omeke, Emmanuel Nwabuba, Ikem Ifechukwu, Moses Olorunnisola, Olabisi Yemi. fi Q. President, Moses Olorunnisola. ALPHA CHI III fi Pauline Owens, Sponsor Sheryl Kudy, President Sandy Helm, V. Pl'6S1C1Cf1t Albert J. Abello Candyce Slack Adams Buster Owens Alexander Charity Elizabeth Allen Nina Porterfield Avery Belinda Gayle Avey Patricia Barbara Boyer Elizabeth Ann Brook Sandra Carol Bruhwiler Romana Catherine Burchett Barbara J. Byrd Clytee Eugenia Campbell Debrah Suzanne Campbell James Edward Carpenter Jeanne Marie Clure 146 Julie Catherine Cocklin Monte Carlo Cook, Jr. Carol Lynne Cooper Judith Lynne Cunningham Debra Lynn Daniel Alma Sweaton Del Bianco Sharon S. Dolph Barbara Jean Duggan David James Duke Judith Ann Neil, Dupre William Alan Elliott Pamela Faye Barbara Rae Fellbaum Ramona Atteberry Fisher Timothy E. Foley Nathan Stewart Forbes Jane San Antonio Frame Patrick Jay Frisby Jerry W. Fulcher Joanne F. Garrett Kimberly Ann Glass Gina Elizabeth Hankey Charles Ramen Heath Sandy Lynn Helm Clyde D. Herrod James Charles Holder Valerie Jamerson Tamra Lea Jaqua Ellen Raye Johnson Judith Lynn Jones NATIGNAL I-IO OR SOCIETY Kimberly Glass, Secretary Lisa jean Kincade Icel Dean Kiser Berneta G. Koehn Cynthia Brooks Koets Sheryl Lynn Kudy June Evelyn Ladd Janis D. Lambert Laura J. Larkin Kendra Caye Lay Janettia Ann Lisenbee Linda Darlene Long Cherri Lee Lowther Malini M. Madhava Bernadette Maureen Marinovich Rilla Rickner Maritt Sandra A. Martin Clytee Campbell, Treasurer Mary Theresa McAnulty Darlene K. McClelland Pamela Sue McDaniel Harold A. McGuffey Susan Ann Mengel Calvin Marcus Moore, Sr. Debra Jai Musser Gary Duane Myers Co Hai Nguyen Sharon Baustert Norris Paschal Chinedu Ogbejesi Sampson Williams O. Omeke Bernard Nwajei Oyaghire Patricia Gentry Pickerill Timothy Bruce Pistocco Rebecca jane Platt Karen Kay Prvett Myron E. Randall Leslie Ann Ribera Letha Lewis Richey Lisa G. Riley Sarah E. Roe Carolyn K. Rogalsky Lanita Massey Sage David Harold Scates Justin Wayne Selman Charlotte Ann Severin Hollie Lynn Shuler Sarah Lane Simmons Gerlad W. Smith LaVerne Southerland Deborah Dee Stearman - ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to encourage superior scholastic achievement among women in their first year in college. Members also promote a continued high standard of learning and assist in recognizing and developing goals for future roles in society. Officers, Seated, L-R: Kathie Slutter, Jr. Adv,g Deborah Smith, Pres.g June Garrett, V. Pres. Standing: Carol Wingo, Treas.g Donna Lavicky, Hist.g Dr. Kness, Fac. Adv.g Deanna Land. Z New members are initiated at the fall meeting. Members at the fall initiation KAPPA DELT PI Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society whose purpose is to encourage high professional, intellectual and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Membership includes qualified students from the junior year through graduate school. ABOVE: Dr. Altaffer presents the Kappa Delta Pi scholarships to Bernadette Marinovich and Charlotte Severin Buller. BELOW: Phyllis Jarrett, coordinator-teacher for the State Department of Education and Lois Evans, assistant superintendent of Moore Public Schools, spoke at a Kappa Delta Pi meeting. 150 1 hi RIGHT: Lois Evans makes a point to Kappa Delta Pi members during a meeting. BELOW, Back, L-R: Dr. Earl Newman, Dr, Gladys Dronberger, Dr. Bonny Ford. Front: Judy jones, Sec.-Treas,, Donna Tate, Pres., Belinda Avey, V. Pres., Dr. Clara Altagger. BOTTOM: Kappa Delta Pi members. S . F i f x Y Officers: Leslie Ribera, Secretary: justin Selman, Presidentg and Eric Schrock, Treasurer -new 'MP Front Row: Members Sandy Gann, Gina Hankey, Lisa Riley, Sheryl Kudy, Kendra Lay. Back Row: Amy Hill, Cheri Lowther, Justin Selman, and Eric McElhaney. Mortar Board SE i f 3 in Q. 3, r:r r so sf . ,W I ABOVE AND RIGHT: Mortar Board found a Model A Ford to represent the homecoming theme of the diamond jubilee. Mortar Board is a national honor society for senior men and women. It was founded for the purpose of promoting service, scholarship and leadership. The Bronze Key chapter of Mortar Board supports itself through the promotion of calendars. The sponsors are Dr. Kathleen Black, Dr. Margaret Isaac and Dr. Michael Shirley. Officers: Sandy Gann, Vice-Presidentg Justin Selman, Presidentg and Jody McElhaney, Historian. Above: Gina Hankey listens intently at a Mortar Board meeting. B U A R D I PHI ETA SIGMA - SEATED, L-R: Paschal Obejesi, Sam Omeke, Richard Mitchell, Ike Nsiegbe, Frank Newport. STANDING: Rick Randall, John V Hall, Christopher Pinkston. X TJ, ,ye Phi Eta Sigma is a national college scholastic honor society for freshmen men who attain a grade point average of 3.5 or better. The goal is to encourage and reward high scholastic attainment among freshmen men on the CSU Campus. There are approximately 180 chapters throughout the United States and some 150,000 members nationally and 54 on campus members. 154 ABOVE, LEFT: Christopher Pinkston listens carefully to Dr. Mitchell ABOVE: Members listen to Dr, Mitchell make plans for the next meeting The purpose of the organization is to create and stimulate an interest among college students in the fields of speech and hearing science. Also, to encourage professional growth by providing learning experiences not offered in the formal course structure. MEMBERS: Suzy Meister - Pres. Marla Wilson - V. Pres. Karen Rockhold - Sec. Cathy Cooper Linda Grimes Jo Murphy Kamilla Bremer Dathan Rush jeffrey N. Goudreau Melanie McPherson Beverly Chaumont Cathy Zamadius Kathy Zoeller Sherri Norton Connie Lady - Treas. Annette Ward Talmadge Younger Cathy Maddox Julie Sago Dr. Roy Rowland, spon. MIDDLE and BOTTOM: Sherri Norton helps a child with speech and language 1 5 5 T IARAS Tiaras is a national junior women's honor society service organ- ization. Members strive to serve the university and community and sup- port the activities in which the student body participates. 156 Members: Seated, L-R: Caroline Bradford, Cynthia Sullivan, Kathie Slutter, Barbara Watson. Back: Linda Copeland, Carolyn White Munholand, Cyndee Schwab, Carol Osborn, Kenda Kirby, Lynda Cearfoss, Jennie Francis, Debra Fisher. Tiaras members at one of their meetings. Left: Seated, L-R: Lynda Cearfoss, V. Presidentg Linda Copeland, Pres, Back: Kathie Slutter, I-list., Carol Osborn, Parl.g Jennie Francis, Secg Debra Fisher. Treas. 1:1 ui. +1 fa in . wiflfxf imlzi. .M ,, 25251 2"ii3:f slain 5 ,Mt u.D.,,,!l' fwfr HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE RELATIONS High SchoolfCol1ege Relations is a campus organization designed to help the new student make an easy transition to CSU. Meetings are held every month, and they offer campus tours. 4,-v-"-l Officers: Seated, L-R: Kelly Gordon, Pres., Tonya Haywood, Sec.-Treas., Lisa Farmer, Chrmn. Back: Jaxon Landrum, V. Pres.: Dena Kirby, Spon. ABOVE: HSCR members discussing plans for the year. Members, Bottom, L-R: Alasha Parker, Lisa Queri, Rachel Stanfield, Kelly Gordon. Middle, Dena Kirby, Tonya Haywood, Lisa Farmer, Sonja V Owens, Marc Cates. Back: Cathy Canfield, Scott Carmichael, Bryan Williams, J. W. Landrum, Jr. saw 157 UCA The purpose of the University Center Activities Board CUCABJ is to sponsor and integrate the social, cultural and recreational activities of the Univer- sity Center. The members work with other organizations to provide a more purposeful and enjoyable campus life. Activities for the year included a cow chip throwing contest, Happy Hour, Pyramid Building Contest and Family Feud Night. ABOVE LEFT: A participant in the cow chip throwing contest displays his technique. ABOVE RIGHT: A few UCAB members show their pyramid building style. RIGHT: Officers, L-R: David Anderson, Happy Hour Chrmn., Tracy Evans, V. Pres., Matt Spencer, Spec. Events Chrmn., Shelley Moody, Pres., Price Oswalt, Const. Chrmn., Helen McNulty, Incentives Chrmn., Winston Banta, Homecoming Chrmn. ps. .f A ri?-as TKE ABOVE LEFT: Participants in the UCAB sponsored Family Feud Night prepare to give a quick response to Don jaegar. ABOVE: A BSU team member raises hands in sign of victory in answering a question. LEFT, Top Row, L-R: Della Henson, Karen Reherman, Colleen Garside, jeff Suttle, Mark Mumma, Ronnie Woods, Jodi Morris. Below: David Anderson, Tracy Evans, Matt Spencer, Shelley Moody, Price Oswalt, Helen McNulty, Winston Banta. FACULTY SE ATE l l 1 1 1 l w l, . ' in Iv EV, I 6 "' T 5 i L .-, , c f -gk ' W if is r G ry s fi, in if 2 l , 023 Q: ff . crawl as A he f ,l f J' ' im 52 i .ii ' f f ' f-'I JP" V ' f '71 'f ," G '. -' ' '-'I L f' 'Y i A f- f:,,.i l ' if :gn an if mf' X' , L Qi' ' get ' H 41" ' :f "Q " ll v 'An .I " " 4?j2,E:Ef7'W :Lai 'f"f'f: x 'f4- Q" in l A srl Mu' fi Y 4, 95 A ..-I N' ii . Zi:-555 -V ' , ,.. yn-:::: ::3 M -W L :ff 1 q wjwwx V, -"' .4 Anne Lynch George Avellano 4. " li 1 Yn!"'x 1 Evelyn Duncan Ralph Mengel w l,,,,g' ' ,V A N ,,. Vf. ii 15919 ' WZ ig 2 MM M 54 2 gf ,S ' '21, My -1 zu 5 2, 1 li QW? l M, A X l 3' lf" Q, 5 fi: A ' 41, 2 'yu ig, ig w w, 1 L- ii Ron Miller Glenda Owens UK ew' Kathy Black Gertrude Myers 160 Virginia Peters Dennie Hall Frances Alsworth 'v-ww Sue McGee john Samaras Shirley Hurd ' ,: g 1f""1.,K1" , fa: gfag .J W ny? . -fl., I W l K ff W5 4 1 if ' i , H 1 Verlin Richardson Norman Russell Phil Ball ' 2,1 wg, ,4-.-.q, john Lolley james Perry Skip Wagnon Faculty Senate is an important bridge between the students and faculty of CSU. The Faculty Senate exists to provide a place where students can speak their grievances before the grievance board. Senate members are elected by their departments and work together with the administration in the development of university policies. , Jack Deskin Tom Guild L f' M , ,W . V ,gym , 5 I hilly Eff! 5613 'V I' 3' 3 , f 2 If, y ' 55212 'ew AMX ,fer 44 1532 '95 Q15 'S 4 Q .it Q x g' xc S gvfz 4. X N 2' ia X X Gene McBride Norma Miller President, Anne Lynch Vice President, George Avellano Secretary-Treasurer, Virginia Peters Reporter-Historian, Dennie Hall Parliamentarian, Frances Alsworth '- in ' William Hildred Jean Luxemnburg in 1 faxgg k LMA ,I X . jere Roberson Frank Simons E 'Hai Karen Dowd Edward Collins Kenneth Elsner Al McCormick Jimmie Thrash Joyce Navarre Mark Luetkemeyer Subr Mandagere .ww 5 , Marina Eaton Gene McPhail NOT SHOWN: Beverly Cox, Marla Scafe. l6l ST DE T SENATE Central State's Student Senate makes resolutions that govern the campus and provides activities for the students. if Y ,ss . V3 .rf .f.. - s as-55 i wr, .uw Newly elected Student Senate president, joe McCourry makes his first address at the inauguration. ' ' .- i M Outgoing president, Tim Reese, gives joe McCourry the oath of the office of president. Past secretary, Mary Kelly, gives the oath of office to newly elected Michael Cooke. X Tim Reese delivers his farewell address at the Student Senate inauguration. Susan Witt, outgoing vice president, makes her farewell address LPH EPSILO RI-I0 Alpha Epsilon Rho is a campus club that promotes interaction between the professional broadcaster and the student and enhances the intelligence and awareness of the student in the broadcast field. ABOVE: Officers: Tammy Payne, Sec.- Treas.g Ben Savage, PIO-PR: John Suda, Alumni Coor.3 Greg Kerr, V. Pres.g Ed Adams, Pres. RIGHT: Members Rick McAuliffee, Mark Prater, john Suda, Ed Adams and Todd Westfall at the Quail Springs Media Day. 164 K. 'X if 'WK is Qs H WUI Il 'UW O ms, .C 'ff fb -+ I fl? E .J ...Q in... mf f.,- ?f r"'W John Suda receives assistance with the fortune teller booth at Quail Springs Mall on Media Day. MEMBERS: L-R: FIRST ROW: Lynn Phillips, Kim Pruett, Todd Westfall, Kathy Holeman, Darla Hodges, Tammy Payne. SECOND ROW: Dr. Mike Dunn, Wayne Linsmeyer, Hugh Hale, Rick McAuliffee, Jeanette McLaughlin, Lester Lanham, Greg Kerr. THIRD ROW: Rick Kirkham, Hal Elliott, Ed Adams, Ben Savage, Mark Prater, john Suda. SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi is a professional i journalism organization that strives to give students the chance to expand their journalistic abilities and to expose them to working professionals. RIGHT, Seated, L-R: Twyla Cowan, Sec.: Cheryl Kudy, V. Pres. Standing: Robert Taylor, Treas.g Dwayne Long, Pres. BELOW, Seated: Mary Ann King, Toni Williams, Tonda Howard, Sheryl Kudy. Middle: Twyla Cowan, Robert Taylor, Donna Bennett, Tonia Sykes. Back: james jones, Paul Busch, Dwayne Long. 4 , in ,.,,. ,,,,, . 31. ..., Mi Aw n',.w..,,,,,,M WMM l ,,, ,,..,., ,N WNf,A My g , llli yyyf ,W , 'K ,,,, A we My v-.g "U--..,..-.--"'A'f. 166 The purpose of the Women In Communications, Inc., CWICIJ, is to unite students in communication related fields for the purpose of learning more about communications through interac- tion and professional practitioners. ,-,.-- WICI FAR LEFT, Back, L-R: Kathie Slutter, Jeanette McLaughlin. Second Row: Tonia Sykes, Tonya Haywood. Third Row: Melissa Vierheller, Lisa Farmer. Front: Eva Galipeau. LEFT: Jenny Fowler, jennifer Hoerth. S as X A ' fs, l Q, - L - , ' sr. 4 iMf,.i.Q :.. K K . i A LEFT: Jennie Francis prepares to enjoy a dish of ice cream that WICI members prepared for Miss CSU contestants. ABOVE: Karen Bentley, Joni Billinger and Jennie Francis take time to visit after eating ice cream. 167 HPER Health, Physical Education, Recrea- tion CHPERJ is a local campus club that assists student members in developing professional attitudes and outlooks in the current trends and potentialities in their profession. The club had many activities throughout the year. In October members participated in the Youth Fitness Forum and attended the Southern District Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. ABOVE: Officers: Seated L-R, Jeanice Kennedy, Trees.: Shelly Burge, Sec.: Brenda Frick, Second V. Pres. Standing: Hal Mills, Pres., Gary Acker, First V. Pres. BELOW: Members: Seated, lst Row: Hall Mills, Jeanice Kennedy, Shelly Burge, Gary Acker, Brenda Frick. 2nd Row: Donna Yager, Stephanie Shipley, Tamara Self, Maryann Seirafipour, Melody English: 3rd Row: Susan Bracken, Janet Chartney, Annette Gabel, Sheri Becker, Kay Lewis, Lori Jones, Myrna Cameron, Lauri Doll, Jayne Jones, Debbie Barret, Bill Brown: 4th Row: Denice Dick, Jenise MacKillican, Carrie Tucker, Sandra Albert, Kim Brecht, Ann Preston, James Teeman, Brenda Childers, Scott Luschen, Bob Straderg Sth CTOPJ Row: D. J. Basse, Scott Carmichael, Jodi McElhaney, Kim Kramer, Lee Miller, Steve Guy, Floyd Collins, Mike McCurtain, Tom Champlain, Bob Campo. qi, i S . M agti sa xr' Members of the HPER Club participating in a "design your own mask" contest at a meeting with Dr. Black judging. A-Q-wv.....,,, W....,,,,a HPER members are getting to know each other with a get acquainted game. 169 STUDE T NURSE ASSOCIATIO 1 l The purpose of the SNA is to encourage leadership and professionalism in the nursing student and to provide opportunity for increased awareness of what is happening in the nursing field today. RIGHT, jr.-Sr. Officers, L-R, First Row: Elizabeth Curnutt, Cheryl Beard. SECOND: Shawn Bordine, Barbara Buchanan, Roberta Putnam. THIRD: Carrie Start, Rhonda Meyers, Connie Cross. FOURTH: Brenda Frymire, Peter Castellano, Mary Beth Cooper. BELOW, Officers, L-R: Rhonda Meyers, Treas., Carrie Start, Pres., Mary Beth Cooper, First V, Pres. -QQMML rf L rl ORQER4 fn f Q 0133? i ' ' I0 pl si : : f, Mynf if I I T .wg Ai x ,K M it in x ' g ttts X-..:,-my gm 5 'al Members of the Nursing Club gather in front of the annex. 170 YOUN DEMOCRAT S The purpose of the Young Democrats is to coordinate campus activities with the State Democratic Party. jimmy Adsit speaks to the members at an informal meeting of the Young Democrats. in if' 4? , ,I ' 1, 342961 - ,rl A , I J 0. :- fmxiiwii W t Seated, L-R: Mary jo Fitzgibbons, Mary Kelly, Susan Witt. Standing: jimmy Adsit, Lee Allen, joe McCormick, Mike Powell. 5 "'-Lf' Jimmy Adsit makes a point to members. 171 PRE-LAW Societus Prea Legas is a student organization that promotes student professionalism which will help them in their future roles in the law profession. Activities for the year included speakers from the working field of law. Officers, Back Row, L-R: Mike Powell, Pres., Terry Nix, V. Pres., Simon Okonjo, Adv., Front Row: Tonia Lee, Melanie Bennett, Adv. .....l. S l Barry Stafford speaks to the pre-law club. Seated, L-R: joe McCourry, Dana Copeland, Tonia Lee, David Dinkins, Simon Oknojo. Standing: Janice Williams, Sheri Lowther, Terry Nix, Melanie Bennett, jay Watkins, Morten Virgilius, Mike Powell. 172 CHEMISTRY CLU 6 9, OFFICERS, L-R: Dr. Fred Grosz, Spon., Juan Lopez, B. Pres., Janell jones, Treas.-Sec.: Glen Brunette, Pres. The CSU Chemistry Club is an affiliate of the American Chemical Society and provides a unified organization for students working toward an undergraduate degree in the chemistry field. 'Q-qf Z Back Row, L-R: Dr. Terrill Smith, Dr. Fred Grosz, Juan Lopez, Alfred Schiessl, Ray Broussand, Melissa Watson, janell jones, Jamie Nguyen, Hung Vo. Middle: Carlos Pardo, Jose Domiguez, Glen Brunette, Moshood Leshi. Front: Co Nguyen, Gurdev Bassan, Ronnie West, Christopher Britto. , iii? ' Jai' ' af SIGMA DELTA PI ABOVE: A Spanish club member teaching Spanish to children. BELOW Dancers from a Catholic school give a presentation to the Spanish Club Laureen Shelton Thu Nguyen Dao Devin Waggoner Floyd Taylor Richard Moore Debbie Moore Trena Combs Trish Forsythe Maurice Giles Betty Gilstrap Dorothy Dunlap Donna Guinn Hubert Hammond Kyung Hatfield Joe Macom Vicky Martinez Bea Newman Julie Ryan Floyd Taylor june Welch Isabel Werts Silberia Lopez Lori McVay Andrea Smith Adys Anderson Donna Duran z'?'Fv The purpose of Sigma Delta Pi is to honor those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language, literature and culture of the Spanish speaking people. Activities for the year included a Don juan Tenorio Play, bazaar and Los Amigos meetings held once a month. D af Spanish Club members get together for a covered dish supper. 'Va A Spanish Club member presents a program in Spanish. .. .,,,.,. PHI ALPHA T HET .. Phi Alpha Theta is an honor society in history. The primary purpose is to recognize excellence in the study of history. Activities for the year have included a Christmas Party and the annual Spring Picnic. Officers, Seated, L-R: Mary Ann Blohowiak, V. Pres., Mary Pierce, Pres. Back: Eleanor Johansen, Sec., John Bolerjack, Rep. ff" Seated, L-R: Mary Ann Blohowiak, Eleanor Johansen, Trish Forsythe, Paulette Shannon Callahan. Back Row: Bill Goodrich, Roger Cummins, John Bolerjack Woolsey. Middle Row: Sharon Halberg, Mary Pierce, Dr. Kremm, Guy Albright, Dr. Baker. 176 PRESIDENTS CLUB BACK ROW: L-R: Dana Ivey, Kevin Colwell, Cindy Sloggett, Kenda Kirby, Linda Copeland, Cunknownj, Cunknownb, Leslie Ribera, Sherri Andrews, Syd Dickson, Dean Kiser, Doris Schiltz. MIDDLE ROW: Dena Kirby, Susan Lane, Andy Schmidt, Mike Powell, Mary Kelly, Price Oswalt, Tonya Haywood, Tim Derritt, Eric Freeman, Tim Reece, funknownh, Vicky VanStavern, Kathy Christiansen. FRONT ROW: Polly Pitezel, Kris Miller, Sheryl Kudy, Susan Witt, John Karis, Kelley Gordon, Lisa Adams, Lynn Daylor, Moses Olorunnisa, Dean Ryan. Officers, seated, L-R: Kelli Gordon, Sec., John Karis, Treas., Susan Witt, Pres., Lisa Adams, V. Pres. BACK ROW: Dean Ryan, Dena Kirby. The Presidents Club is an organization that involves all pres- idents of recognized clubs on the campus. The main goal is to encourage communication between the student organizations. Susan Witt discusses upcoming events. 177 ASSOCIATIO OF OMEN ST DENTS .RF -.df Seated, L-R: Michelle Merhib, Ann Underwood, Kris Miller, Phyllis Watson. Standing: Jetta Greeson, Lisa Moore, Della Henson, Sherri Andrews, Cyndie Schwab, Renee Brown, Wendy Winn, Tarita Howard, Paula White, Dean Land. LEFT: Michelle Merhib and escort John Oglesby at the Homecoming Dance. ABOVE: The Freshmen Queen's Court enjoy activities during the crowning. The purpose of the AWS is to act as a coordinating body of all women's organizations in setting the standards for living and working together on campus and to aim for strong student government and a mutual understand- ing between administration and students. Activities for the year have included participating in the President's Christmas and Easter Egg parties for children and sponsoring the Queen of Hearts and Freshmen Queen Dances. LEFT: AWS president, Kris Miller, prepares to make the announcement of the queen, during the Queen of Hearts Dance. BELOW: Kris Miller, Pres.: Ann Underwood, V. Pres,g Michelle Merhib, Sec.g Phyllis Watson, Treas. RI-I The purpose of the Residence Hall Association, CRHAJ, is to improve residence hall communication, initiate programming, to uphold and recom- mend residence policies. Activities for the year included an outdoor dance, Christmas Dinner and guest speakers. The club was named as one of the top 10 most-improved Residence Halls in the country. X 25 y. " ' - TOP, Officers, L-R: Pat Berglund, Sec.-Treas., Kenda Kirby, Pres., Brian Morrow, V. Pres. LEFT: Members of the Kaleidoscope Dancers receive a trophy for second place in the RHA sponsored Family Feud. ABOVE: Don jaegar asks questions to the BSU team. 180 , ABOVE: RHA Council, Front, L-R3 Merle Rodgers, Melanie Dennett, Susan Stangl, Barry Gabbert, Cindy Sloggett, Sonja Moore. Second row: Sam Hedrick, Caroline Bradford, Phylis Watson, Kevin Rushing, joe Scott, Don jaegar. Third row: Luisa Trevino, Brian Morrow, Kenda Kirby, Pat Berglund. LEFT: Don Jaegar asks a TKE team member for a good answer. RESIDENCE HALL ASSISTANTS 181 EAST HALL East Hall is one of the men's dormitories on campus which promotes organizational unity among the res- idents. Activities for the year included ttt a pizza party with West Hall, a ping pong and backgammon tournaments. 182 3 I UC f 5 A .. Q? 5, I Z? ,gg ,M VI I N 'qi M ,gf , ' "-- '- M . if . ., 14 . V. fl 7" yi 5 iii' UM f . . - , . f - ,gg ' , 1, K K l-" f' , may LE,-f 1 "" - ' A fe ' ABOVE, Front, L-R: Mark Beutler, Rick March, Mike Kerkhoff, Craig Dawkins, Scott Carmichael, Jimmy Overall. Back: Scott Gerald, Billy Johnson, Kent Depe, Tom Morris. BELOW: Resident Tommy Jones paints a figure of Buddy Broncho on a window of East Hall. Lum, was fa... ,I W LEFT: East Hall entrance displays the spirit of Oklahoma during homecoming activities. BELOW: Residents of East Hall get into the spirit of homecoming activities with their float. W... . -i. -A.. NNN--. .ct, , ,...k gaze A 183 EST I-I LL West Hall Council strives to make living in the residence hall fun, with lots of activities. West Hall had a Trick or Treat night and a pizza party at the first of the year. West Hall Officers: L-R: Cindy Sloggett, Pres.g Tara Jeanguneat, V. Pres., Luisa Trevino, Treas.g Lora White, Sec. l l ll , , gl . .Vfi Members: Seated, L-R: june Homesley, Cindy Sloggett, janet Williams. Back: Debra Fisher, Sonya Moore, Luisa Trevino, Tara Jeanguneat, Lora White, Sonja Owens, Tonya Haywood, Joy Lynn Tipton. West Hall residents gather in the TV room for a game of cards Residents of West Hall have fun just "showing off." MURDAUGH I I LL . if Murdaugh Hall is an organization Q that promotes the welfare, scholastic I I standing and social fellowship of the i n , l residents. Murdaugh had an active year ll it which included a Halloween and X Christmas party and the president's 1 I' Easter Egg Hunt. R s XE E are RIGHT: Officers, L-R: Tina jo Hutchins, Treas., Donna Lavicky, Sec., Phyllis Watson, V. Pres., Juanita Hillburn, Pres. BELOW: Three Murdaugh residents gather up treats during the Halloween party. Il lg wi LEFT: Residents of Murdaugh get the chance to meet new neighbors during the annual Halloween party. MIDDLE: Seated, L-R: Donna Lavicky, Juanita Hillburn, Angela Watson, Tina Hutchins. Standing: Gina Spain, Lynn Weathers, Sue Robinson, Melanie Dennett, Margo Wright, Narcie Farrell, Caroline Bradford, Shanon Poole, Tarita Howard, Susan Stangl. BOTTOM: Murdaugh residents show off their Halloween costumes. ff M ww 1 S1-IEA I .. The Student Home Economics Association CSHEAJ is affiliated with the Oklahoma Home Economics Associa- tion. The club had several activities M. 'QE' which included an ice cream social, candy making and flower demonstrations. 609' 'gr f i viii' 1 RIGHT: Officers, Seated: Syd Dickson, Pres. BACK, L-R: Donna Wiginton, Treas., Iva Slaughter, Sec., Karen Smith, V. Pres., Rebecca Parish, Parl. ABOVE: Karen Smith assists with the program at the Christmas meeting. RIGHT: Syd Dickson and Brenda McCord arrange articles in the display case SHEA members presented to the Home Economics Department. 188 xx ' hx.. Ad. WESLEY F OUN ATIO The purpose of the Wesley Founda- tion is to provide religious affiliation for the college student through fellowship and learning experiences. Activities include "Upbeat," a fellowship time and "Focus," featuring Bible study. Sponsor, Billy Hamilton, visits with Morten Vigilius and Phoebe Muckelrath. ABOVE, Seated, L-R: Phoebe Muckelrath, Pam Roulston, Sherri Baumgarner, jill Wilson, Lora White, Jackie First, Scott Nobles. STANDING: Morten Vigilius, James Sharkey, Todd Bridges, Billy Hamilton, Laurie Hamilton, Rosemary Blanchards. RIGHT, Officers, L-R: Pam Roulson, Pres., james Sharkey, Missions, Rosemary Blanchards, Treas., Scott Nobles, Pub., Sherri Baumgarner, Dev. 189 BAPTIST ST DE UNIO The BSU is an organization of Christian students who provide op- portunity for worship, prayer, Bible study, fellowship and mission invol- vement to the students of Central State. RIGHT and BELOW RIGHT: Preacher Charles Lillard, giving wedding vows under "harsh" conditions, to John and Sherry Reimer. john Kern is making sure things get taken care of the right way. This was a ceremony informing couples on wedding vows during couples night at the BSU. E 4.. . 1 " .5 Y 'te ABOVE: BSU sponsors, L-R: john Reimer, Sherry Caster, Charles Lillard. BELOW, L-R, Row l: Charles Lillard, Sherry Caster, B. D. Kennedy, Darrin Landes, LaDonna Roberts. Row 2: Twyla Cowan, Delma Diacon, john Kern, Mike Gallant, Greg Krueger, Mike Massey. Row 3: Kathy johnson, Sharyl Kidd, Genel George, Kim Garrison, Joretta Franks. Row 4: Donna Clark, Karen Kern, Rebecca Parish, Tammy Chapman, Peggy jones, Paula Pittman. Row 5: Christi Bridges, Erin Thomas, Sue White, Dawanda Beck, Ann Griffen. -,........ 190 'S' E A : swf . . f 'ls ' ,it A "1 X f. . ' 5 as K , 1 r YM I 'X sg 'S 5 . Q ' SFS Sf 13 'Q 3: Q3 ,aa- gas -. K f , - -I.. J. 4,13 SLK E 51422 vm' ABOVE: Former O.U. quarterback, J. C. Watts, addresses BSU members. ABOVE RIGHT and LEFT: BSU members listen to a speaker at noon day gathering. CHI LPH Chi Alpha is an interdenomination- l al youth ministry sponsored by the Assemblies of God. The purpose is to provide a source of Christian fellowship on the campus of Central State through worship, fellowship, discipleship and witness. Chi Alpha officers at note burning. Chi Alpha Officers, L-R: Hist., Valerie jamersong Treas., Lisa Bogherg Sec., Kim Glassg V. Pres., Kathy Hoeltingg Pres., Kevin Colwell 192 Q fa' f",f"'f7 ., ff y ,MV M, 'WM . .wwf , HKU, I 1 Members, L-R, First Row: Shirley Hatch, Linda Massy, Carla Heltzel. Second Row: Darrelyn Marfield, Kevin Colwell, Clytee Campbell, Leigh Ann jameson, Lisa Bonner, Leann Seaton, Kim Glass, Sheryl Rose, Cathy Hoelting. Third Row: Valerie jameson, Bob McLaughlin, Phil Kerbo, Manuel Cook, Zayne Rose, Frank Cargill. ww 'M My , 5, N ,gil 8,313 V j E- ,Hw f , , 4.3 . , Q ,V fr ,f.-Jug, sz . , 'EEZ ff , T., 54 Q V V ,! i v V Q i E W 5 ! m. ' if flu 1 - - .X . ,, x . ,,, M lt, , M , V , ... A- ,w , -' 5 ug '4 5 A e ' 4 gi ,,,, 5 . ., , , , 94.15 al bwgiqe 53 E if fifiiq 45 f V .Aa 'E 1' Q , fwwfff - V 4? 1 ,-I 4 lift?-6 i N 1 g Q aww me me' - N 545 1 an W 3 fs L-55" .2 Q.: .J ' J? Q: was M iw fd' , 5, 9 W 'L ai! 4. 1 1 M H f 1, .. ' ' A ,, ,uf fi? 'Q ff , , ii. , if g -by W ,wm 6 'Q wg: :, V H, 5' yi J: ' I f W- mf J? , ' m RIGHT: Lori Crawford and Janet Krittenbrink pose at the Alpha Gamma Delta wishing well. FAR RIGHT: It was party time for Rie Gerah and Lauren Allen during the semi-formal party. LOWER LEFT: Tammy Peters, Teresa Williams, Kim Davis and Jennifer Fowler turn the tables on the photographer during rush week. LOWER RIGHT: Pledges celebrate at their semi-formal. BOTTOM: Alpha Gamma Delta sorority gathers during Bid House Day. A I K : A sssg 1 1 1, K? 'x g Eg . ff rw :fm IJ- f U 1 W 'M 4g..n.w 'wr-",v.:fffQ if -, 'ffl . l- ' ' 1. ,Hn f .:x,V,l 1. -XX OMEN ww? A -A X.. ABOVE: AKA on-campus advisor, Linda Matthews. BELOW: Graduate Advisor, Alvah Boyd. A Members of AKA, seated: Larita K. Blandon, Pres., Glory Herring, Recording Sec., Valerie Harte, Corresponding Sec., and Dean of Pledges. Standing: Lae Charmayne Blandon, Treas., Gloria Currie, Vice-Pres., Patricia Neal, Asst. Dean of Pledges. Not shown, Sharon Hill. 'Q .F F 0 The AKA Pledges, better known as the lvies: Gloria Pointer, Gina Bonner, Gloria Bowen and Terri Bush. L. AKA members Terri Bush and Larita Mallory, right, show three rushees the AKA table, including a picture of chapter members with Gov. George Nigh. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., was founded to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards. To promote unity and friendship among college women and to maintain a progressive interest in college life and also of AKA. They show their interest in the community by studying and helping to alleviate problems among women and girls and to be of service to all mankind. Activities of the Beta Beta chapter for this year included a Christmas party and a birthday party, both at the Jeltz Center CSenior Citizens Homej. AKA also won first place in the Eta Phi Beta Cprofessional business organiza- tionj parade. AKA Trivia - Colors: Apple Green and Salmon Pink .M ' Flower: Tea Rose "' l National Founding: Jan. 15, 1908, ' my A A Howard Univ., Washington, DC. Rushees glance at AKA scrapbook at spring semester rush party, Chapter Fourldlngi March 1963. AKA was the first Black Greek sorority. EUGE3 AE Scholarship and community ser- vice are two of the main interests of Delta Sigma Theta. Members demon- strate a vital concern for social welfare, academic excellence and cultural enrichment, without emphasizing the social side of sorority life. This year the CSU chapter has participated in College Knowledge, Halloween and Christmas parties for Underprivileged Children, Founders Day and Shake It Well for Sickel Cell. Two members were selected for Whois Who and Debra Fisher was named outstanding Black Female. 0 bi 200 im UEBM? fi, g Zlf-MA .A.N. , ' 415 1 -v , .-. ':'f'.'. OTHER PAGE, TOP: Sir Debonaire 1983 contestants pose with their escorts: Dorothy Debies and William Finley, Vanessa Solomon and Charles Littleton, Yolanda Wisby and Adrian Bland. LEFT: Delta Pyramids: Brenda Brown, Cassandra Williams and Yolanda Wisby. RIGHT: Sharon Monday discusses officer business with jaketa Smith and Debra Fisher. BOTTOM: Spirited Deltas show their pride. THIS PAGE, TOP: Women of Delta Sigma Theta. Seated: jaketa Smith, treas.g Sharon K. Monday, Pres.: Debra L. Fisher, 1st vice-pres.g Standing, Cassandra Williams, Yolanda Wisby, Dorothy Debies, Paulette Allen, Clarice R. Johnson, Tonia R. Lee. fNot pictured: Brenda Brown, Vanessa Solomon, 2nd vice-pres.: Janet Thornton, Hist.fReporterg Debra Torrentine, Sec.J. LEFT: Vanessa Solomon escorts Charles Littleton, Sir Debonaire 1983. ABOVE: Rushees at a Delta Sigma Theta Rush party perform stomp show for members. Delta Sigma Theta Trivia Colors: Crimson and Cream Flower: Violet jewel: Pearl Mascotz- Elephant National Founding: jan. 13, 1913, Howard Univ. Chapter Founding: Spring 1972 Famous Alumnae: Shirley Chisholm, Nikki Giovanni, Mary Church Terrell, Leontyne Price. 201 2 In Loving Memory of Karen Monica Russell COctober 18, 1960 - May 6, 19825 1 i You were a woman of vision who dared to dream and then make your dream a reality. Your life and your work are a continuing source of inspiration to all of us. Beautiful in persong beautiful in spirit, you are loved and remembered by all Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Iota Omicron Chapter. X ' 3 of us. :f.2 Q fs: f:: Q . ii i ? 5' Lkii 'L': 3 tc' ' "1- ' 'la' I I 5 ef z it - I fi SX I x F s f'M5ff'f:" ' fe J l I ' I I I I I 'I I I I ' I I I I ' I I I I I I W .A . :'f -rs .vm I .. A I I ":' "qk"' l ' 1 .. .. I xx Q In S " N I I -,ip I . I S I .,, I R ir A. I my x' 'iw-'Y I T: 4? is I V It I ,AI I I W , In S, Rita Zgfa I + I S X I ,I A ., I clq I I If "I ' ' I CENTRAL STATE UNIVERSITY I ' I I I' I I I I I I I I I I I T' I I I V, s .:N.:,., Q' -I .gzz X. Wg ' kk ,I .. ,- ,, I ff ,,., .E I . I ,515 fs 1982 1983 ' l It I I I' i I ,D ' I I 99- Q If I 'TT'Qf I I 3 " T I I'- 'T'1" I I I I I I ' I I I"' I I I I I I I we fx I i s :fr 'g.r V, I lk! I x bf I , ,,T. .. I I ..,. I I ..,, ,, . ,T , I .. , I 1, I ,I ,. T.,, I I I ,, I I .. , ,. S , I I , I I I I I I I I ,, I I , . I I I up I I I I X ..",:. I l C 5 I, QI -r I I 5 I TT'TII I I I I ' I I I It I I I I I I I I I I I I I I W I LEFT: Sherry Spencer, Traci Lucas and Tracy Knutson show the closeness of real sisters at the Delta Zeta semi-formal, called "Rerun" as a sorority tradition. ABOVE: Sherry Spencer and Lynda Cearfoss pose with HMS. PacMan" at the Sigma Tau Gamma homecoming party. 203 Delta Zeta "To build up the character and cultivate the trust and deepest friendship among its members," is the purpose of Delta Zeta Sorority. Add to this the encouragement of high standards, morali- ty and scholarship along with love and individuality and you have what Delta Zeta is about. Memorable events from the past year include honors to several members. Lori Holman was selected Outstanding Freshman Woman, Ipek Ucucu was named Outstanding Upperclass Woman. Kelli Beemer was voted Freshman Queen and Karen jeannont is the 1982-83 Calendar Girl. Other members are listed in Who's Who and the Dean's and President's Honor Rolls. This summer the Epsilon Upsilon chapter sponsored a Delta Zeta Leader- ship Conference. Delta Zeta's National President as well as Vice-Presidents for Membership and Collegiate Affairs spoke. This spring the chapter helped the Edmond Alumnae Chapter host the annual Province State Day. At the end of October the chapter worked with the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at t'Night- mare", the world's largest Haunted House. Cheryl Kimbrough and Gail Scoonover at this year's Rerun party. 204 :wifi Delta Zeta seniors gather around the crest on Bid House Day. They are Cstandingl, Michelle Lewis, Kris Miller, Polly Pitezel and Lynda Cearfoss. Seated are Wendy Winn, Sheryl Kudy and Amy Crocker. sri? my sisters Kathi Bray and Cheryl Pledge Kimbrough show their "pearly whites." XXX A . R? ABOVE: Joni Billinger and Nancy Grigsba model their Hawaiian attire, complete with umbrellas, on Theme Night during Rush. RIGHT: Welcoming Rushees to the Delta Zeta Luau on Theme Night are Sheryl Kudy and Kris Miller. BELOW: Karen Jeannont frightj and Debbie Beemer look and listen as Lori Holman ileftl and Wendy Winn try to solve a problem. Delta Zeta Trivia: Colors: Rose and Green Flower: Killarney Rose jewel: Diamond Mascot: Turtle National Founding: Oct. 24, 1902 Miami Univ., Oxford, Ohio. Chapter Founding: Aug. 21, 1956 Cfrom merge with Delta Sigma Epsilonj Famous Alumnae: Marsha Wallac Agnes Morehead. X I I few 'BFS Yi? ,AM 1 . J ,..... A V2 ABOVE: Nina and Polly Pitezel along with Meagan Brown "celebrate good times" at the Champagne Gala. RIGHT: 1 Sisterly love shows on the smiling faces of Shelly Nowlin and Rena Maxwell. s i all 1 s..- x4....B v C, 205 QI 0 x YT VOUNDIHD H 1 lfil l i f EFI' Sigma Gamma Rho is the latest national sorority to come to the CSU campus. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Doreathea Gaffney and Emily Ximinez. The Rhomeo Club is a male interest group for the sorority. The Gammette Club is for women interested in being part of Sigma Gamma Rho, but they are not necessarily pledges. Leadership, service and the elimina- tion of all prejudices for the people of America are some of the aims of the sorority. To this end, the members participate in community service, leader- ship training and education of the youth. A Coming Out Fjarty introducing the members, Gammettes and Rhomeos, the fall fashion show, Project Reassurance Founders Week and participation in the Homecoming Parade kept Sigma Gamma Rho busy this year. Iva Slaughter was presented with the Annie Neville Talent Award. FP Sigma Gamma Rho members, Gammettes and Rhomeos gather for a group picture. Back row: Rhomeos Craig Jones, Record: O. J. Greenhoward, Pres.g Hosea Robinsong Barry McClellon, Garfield Doakes, Vice-Pres., and jimmy Overall. Middle row: Member Tarita Howard, Tamiachusg Gammettes Shelia Seals, Vice-Pres.g Teresa A. Celestine, Pres.g Anita jones, Sec.g and sponsor Emily Ximinez. On the floor: Members Paula White, Basileusg Linda Samules, Epistoleusg and Iva Slaughter, Anti-Basileus. ABOVE: Sigma Gamma Rho members prepare their entry in the Homecoming Parade. RIGHT: Shelia Seals and O. J. Greenhoward pose in front of the completed entry. 206 rwjsnq, "Ribbon In the Sky" was the theme of the fashion show sponsored by Sigma Gamma Rho. Iva Slaughter, left, and Toya Thomas, below, were two of the models on the runway in the University Center Ballroom. Sigma Gamma Rho Trivia Colors: Gold and Blue Mascot: Poodle Flower: Tea Rose National Founding: Nov. 12, 1922, Butler Univ., Indian- apolis, IN. Chapter Founding: Still coloniz- ing. Famous Alumnae: Sharon Hamilton ABOVE: Iva Slaughter and Gayle Overall create a pizza from the menu at the Pizza Hut. RIGHT: Waiting for their sisters outside are Linda Samules, Gayle Overall, Iva Slaughter, Paula White and Tarita Howard. . I . " zl f ' , an I. I A I 2 ,, x ggi I fu , I I I, my I ig I K, I .1 I I Nw I 1 "'A,, :SG ' yn MII: I 'T I I I I ' I I I I I I I' I I I I I I I I I I I I ' ..i,,4 I , lgma appa I ,:1. 1 I I I I " " I I I I I I I' I I ' I Q I" :" I I1 -.., A W I If 22,573 gi? ' .I i v ' f fz 1'I Y IVWI CENTRAL STATE UNIVERSITY I' A I C I,,,, ,,,,,TI I I ,P ,,,,,,, , ,,,,I,T,, I I I I W, ,,K,, A I FALL 1982 I ,,,T,, 4,,,, ,,,iI I I ..T. I I P, ,,I,..Q I I I I II: :,, :EH , , v 3 A X 0 II ' 'II,,-I ' I ii' I 'T xiii: I III sl I I I I I,I,, I,,,I M, I I . A,,,,, I 4,., I I H ,,,,, 5 ,,,, ,, ,,,.,, I In X,., .,,,,,,d,,,., I I I A,,,I ,, I,,T I I I I I I . I I :..i I I I ,I,, I ' 4 2 'L 0 2 -' I0"'d "l'I'f' I I '-"I ':S"'f"'P'W I I I I I I ' I I ' T"'1 I 'Xf" " I I I I I I I' I I I 2 v? . Wig . I 4' 5 V ai I I I f I I M my M In ew-ga fa lambs FAR RIGHT: The sorority gathers in vom- ld ,uw Sw: mf-V front of their house. Sigma Kappa Trivia 208 Colors: Maroon and Lavender Flower: Violet jewel: Pearl Mascot: Dove National Founding: Novem- ber 9, 1874, Colby College, Waterville, Maine Chapter Founding: August 30, 1959 Famous Alumnae: Margaret Chase Smith, first woman senator LEFT Sigma Kappa put on their dancing shoes and won lst place in the Bronze and Blue last spring. BELOW LEFT: The seniors in the sorority gather for one last group picture. BELOW: Tracie Taylor Susan Witt, and Donna Davis are all smiles on Bid Day FAR LEFT: Leigh Ann jeffcoat and Tracy "Groucho" Cooper party with Alpha Tau Omega on homecoming. CENTER MIDDLE: The Sig Kaps invade the ATO's "Tradewinds" party, ABOVE: Karen Miller, LaDonna Horinek, Tracie Taylor, and Allison Watson form a train on the slide a Bid Day picnic. BOTTOM LEFT: Big Sis Bonnie Crittenden and Lil Sis Tami Fischer get together for a picture at Bid Day picnic. LEFT: Sig Kaps go cowboy for their annual Hayridefwestern party in October. 209 I Rig. . :Ili 1 'Y Q 0 lx if ZCIDB Members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority strive for service, scholarship, sisterhood and finer womanhood. Activities for the sisters include Founder's Day and Finer Womanhood Week. BELOW: Brenda Finney, Sherry Love, Deborah Armstrong, Renea Brown, Carla Releford, Patricia Monday, Cynthia Singer, and Evangelia Dowdy. ' J. K, . I x., x . Top row: Carla Releford, pres.: Brenda Finney, lst vice-pres., Deborah Armstrong, 2nd vice-pres.: Cynthia Singer, sec.: Patricia Monday, Zeta Phi Beta members prepare for the Casanova initiation. treas.: Renea Brown, Sergeant-at-Arms. Zeta Phi Beta Trivia Colors: Blue and White Jewel: Pearl Mascot: Dove Flower: White Rose National Founding: jan. 16, 1920. Howard Univ., Washington D.C. Chapter Founding: Feb. 13, 1960 Famous Alumnae, Ester Rolle. Dion Warwick and Natalie Cole, . Q! LOL, , ,. ill' f nigh? A Bottom to top: Members showing off their shirts include Renea Brown, Evangelia Dowdy, Brenda Finney, Patricia Monday, Sherry Love, Deborah Armstrong, Cynthia Singer, and Carla Releford. i ABOVE: Carla Releford performs at a Zeta Phi Beta dance. RIGHT: Kathy Williams serves punch to Brenda Finney at the Sigma Smoker. BELOW: The Sigmas and Zetas show off their Sweetheart and Casanova on their Homecoming Parade float. ldqw --...........-......... gzmv 'V V 'A "' ,,.. 43. V Z ,gf .9 Panhellenic Officers Gs Delegates L-R, Front, Tracey McCauley, Sherry An- drews, Cynthia Sullivang Back: Stacey Magid, Nancy Grigsba, Michelle Merhib. PA I-IELLENIC Panhellenic is the governing body for all of the DPC sororities on the CSU campus and is made up of three members from each sorority. The purpose of Panhellenic is to promote good relations among the sororities. Panhellenic sponsors Rush Week and helps with Greek Week. 212 633' 4? jr. Panhellenic, Front, Seated: Eve Spearman, Tracey McCauley, LaDonna Horinek. Standing: Kelli Beemer, Kristi Salsberry, Sabrina Odom. Delegates: Seated, L-R: Tracey McCauley, Sherry Andrews, Cynthia Sullivan, Back: Tami Fischer, Stacy Magid, Lori Holman, Nancy Grigsba, Lori Crawford, Michelle Merhib. Council: Seated, L-R: Dean Land, Tracey McCauley, Sherry Andrews, Cynthia Sullivan. Standing: LaDonna Horinek, Tami Fischer, Kelli Beemer, Nancy Grigsba, Lori Holman, Lori Crawford, Stacy Magid, Kristi Salsberry, Michelle Merhib, Eve Spearman. 213 Steve Allton rd Allen Nirklmin 4 ar 'bt Randy Txtony Pledge Trainer V 5, " Michael Lanham if E I fm W 49 Scott Stewart Rush Chairman RIGHT: David Rolle merges the victor in the Greek Division of intramural wrestling. The ATO's were the intramural champs int every sport but swimming. BELOW: ATO's practice their mud wrestling skills in front of their house. ww' 'xxx' vt if s 5 Craig 'atc-plmens TPJSUVPI Alpha lem mmvga ' fd U L4 , is Ari at-I Stolz Dennis R Burns John Howard W 4 X I D Nirirtun l " . ifliifff V t,,l - i if 1 16 Mlmllimnmmf tam 'K 5 Qientral itat: Hniuersitg Spring -Zliall 193 L my 5, Z Cvai Smith Social Ehatrman it ot! Miller . 5 f' Q V Connie Tucker junmy Sturm Chapter Sweetheart W, s , K' Swahh lay ' , h i.. f 2, f I fir ,L jj: 5 f I tigi W i , In Ann lpftrnak Qnlu NAEISLEI mu' R1 552 ID, Hammsl House Manager new Bo Mrkrmlagt lx R 4 . W: 1 ,S Tram' C wrxpvr g 2 'X-if xi- rs 6 'Qin Siva. nw S5-' ' Qi' r Q Ann Underwooci V Deb e Xllfal lar Mdfla WllSOn 1 is ,qw Tim Hoagland Tom TOP LEFT: Spring President David Nicholson works his opponent for a pin. TOP RIGHT: Patty Gaskins, David Butler, Scott Stewart, and GiGi Ragland. ABOVE: Members form a pyramid at the "Tradewinds" party. MIDDLE RIGHT: Tom Schula, Brian Murchian, Tim Hoagland, Randy Titony, and Steve Alton at the White Rose formal. RIGHT: Craig Smith thinks a dream has come true as he holds ATO lil' sis, Terry Russell. Z - A it Alpha Tau Omega Trivia Colors: Royal Blue and White Flower: White Tea Rose jewel: Star of the Cross Auxiliary: Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross National Founding: September 11, 1865, Virginia Military Institute Chapter Founding: May 5, 1962 Famous Alumnae: Bob Hope, Walter Cronkite, Richard Nixon, Willie Nelson, Gary Marshall, television producer, David Butz of the Washing- ton Redskins I Alpha Phi Alpha if-5 i fhff em.. 1 1 X Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., was founded on December 4, 1906, at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York establishing the first Black Greek letter Fraternity. The fraternity is concerned with stimulating the ambi- tion of its members to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the courses of humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual, to encourage the highest and noblest form of manhood, and to aid downtrodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic, and intellectual status. The Central State chapter is named by the Greek letters Zeta Sigma. The chapter was founded in 1969 and can be recognized by the colors old gold and black. 216 5 H bixlfawfi 11"-Q D' TOP Kneeling: Terrence Mitchell, Wilbert Wright, and Jerry Robinson. Standing: Tony Akins, Dwight Overstreet, Steve Carpenter, Randy Hunt, Robert Henderson, Derrek Lewis, Keith Biglow, and Bruce Rayes. Not Shown: Darryl Thurman, Dewayne Long, Ivan Kim Johnson, Earl jackson, Warner White, Kent Jefferson, Wendell Fields, Roderick Birdine, Delmon Porter, Gerwayne Fitzpatrick, Stanley P. Agers. Above: First row: Bruce Rayes, Treasurer, Jerry Robinson, President, Tony Akins, V. Pres. and Dean-of-Pledges. Second row: Dwight Overstreet, Parliamentariang Robert Henderson, Angel Coordinatorg Wilbert Wright, Chaplaing Randy Hunt, Secretary. Not Shown: Terrence Mitchell, Historian. l H - if ,, ix, Wil i I Z0 RG 1 TOP: Angel Officers: Sherry Thompson, Dean of Demons, Loutasha Viney, President, and Beverly Johnson, V. President. Not Shown: Kaye Hill, Sec.-Treas. ABOVE: Qsittingl Debbie Harris, Loutasha Viney, Deborah Dean, Beverly johnson Back: Janice Williams and Sherry Thompson. PX! The purpose of the Angel auxiliary is to promote the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha in all endeavors. Angels display the qualities of charm, beauty, and intelligence, while simultaneously project- ing the pride of Black Womanhood. The Angel concept was started at CSU in 1974 and has since seen over 200 members. Angels not shown in group picture are Kaye Hill, Lisa johnson, Leslie Williams, Yvette Sulcer, and Bridgette Franklin. Zeta S1gma Alpha Angels TOP: Brothers Terrence Mitchell and Wilbert Wright enjoy homecoming activities during the parade. MIDDLE: The Brothers and Angels of the Zeta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. BOTTOM: Angel Janice Williams throws candy to children as Angels Sherry Thompson and Kaye Hill wave at the people gathered to view the parade. fi . f-,H , 14 -1- 1 L .4111 -41 1 41. 1.1 0,2721 nf'g'11a" 111, Y ,f T 11. a'.'7Uyz1 Ss . if ,,,. e1Q'.'1U 4 1214 -4111 L1...1. E, we - 'HI' iii" 2 se!! K i ' ' r V7 - -. Y -E , C ,1 ',.,'. , " 7 -'7' '- xQ,11.1 N lf'11l"1l' -i'11L'J.',s ,,,l'...l L 1..'.1.1tx111i.1.'1L., 41f..11,-ff.',l4f1 .l.'1f A 'f1f1,+ Ji-fm '-. 1 1 rr-4 ','1v 1 ,7 ' " f"'r':,l-'11 k 'tv-vi -,' , ' T M .Z1 4.1,-, 151 1 X ' :l..1x:'f,' Q5 1-Mfr-1'f 511 . 1,1214 1 1f1C'11'1 7 , 'ffk 1'kf'Z11.f.1Ti'f" ft WWW QWW 5 'fy - f 'XV 1--V , x,4.'. ,fiflfnl X, K V . 2 . W iv ... A ,. 1 "f . f ' 5 K ix w . .1 -A 1 1 1 - Q Z2.1zrJmyQr X ,Q ' J X ' is ti as .2 . 5, J. v. N ts -qu. : - if , Sffff 152112 7, I 7, -ff -. ,t Qflq ' ,Khiffi 1 ,, ff F 3 x w rx A Q x Y Q , , " A T 'll' C Kfzffdf JZZZQ Mzideaflfg wffw - T - 1 k' 1 f 71 f fff T 1. 1 , 1, Y A A , 1 7i 52IjfjlWA'L1.u1fzv fi i,z !'. 1.f...14 J1 fAw.zc'1'1p'J3f1i1211' ZL57WJ4'f4 ,, .- A , - f -+ ff : T E' V . , ' s Y 1 gig g,'AQg'1ff,ff41:1,7' H f'j'4:g", Q14 fiffilg' KV. 1, .1-.'.'14,1' 1' 1 1 ,"z',,jA' Q 'Ag,Qyf .TX 551111 '71 lt.,ifHf'.f ' 1 Yi ' ZZ' C271 1" 112 '11' Zin. WV' 425'.'.1'1": I I -0 LW W9 25 LEFT: Lonnie Willis and Russel Voss are just a couple of good old boys at their "Bum Party" in February. ABOVE: The men of Sigma Tau Gamma proudly pose with their intramural trophies. 56,1 219 if WW x l 4, Sigma Tau Gamma Trivia Colors: Columbia Blue and White Flower: White Rose Auxiliary: Sweethearts of Sigma Tau Gamma Mascot: "Sig", a Golden Re- triever National Founding: June 28, 1921, Central Missouri State , Teacher's College, Warrens- burg, Missouri Chapter Founding: May 10, 1959 g Famous Alumnae: Stan Musial sql of the New York Yankees TOP LEFT: The Sig Tau's party it up at their annual formal, White Rose. TOP RIGHT: Dale Bogle and Ted Green help jeff Cooper celebrate his birthday in musketeer costumes. MIDDLE LEFT: Tom Trammel from the Board of Directors speaks at the White Rose. MIDDLE RIGHT: Several Sig Tau's act out their "suppressed desires" at the theme party. ABOVE: Brad McHam makes a dash past an ATO during an intramural football game. RIGHT: Debbie Beemer teaches Darren Thompson a lesson at the Homecoming party. 220 lx L15 ' Sweethearts Nancy Amos Vicki Applegarth Lori Crawford Amy Crocker Kim Davis Carolyn Lindsey Penny Mills I Tami Peters Nina Pitezel julie Smith Sherri Spencer Teresa Williams TOP LEFT: Sig Tau men gather with their Sigma Kappa dates to the Violet Ball. TOP MIDDLE: Sig Tau Sweethearts blow kisses to their favorite guys. TOP RIGHT: The Sweethearts of Sigma Tau Gamma. LEFT: Carolyn Lindsey was chosen as the 1982 Sigma Tau Gamma National White Rose. 221 KAW ,frxx Q A , -I l ,I if I A Q sss P -01- Members of Kappa Alpha Psi: Adrian Bland, Anthony Sledge, Darryl Troupe, James Mosley, Erick Freeman, Kevin Gilliam, Kent Myers and Steve Austin. The founders of Kappa Alpha Psi sought a formula that would immediately raise the sights of black collegians and stimulate them to accomplishments ww' higher than they might have imagined. Fashioning achievement as its purpose, Kappa Alpha Psi began uniting college men of culture, patriotism, and honor in a bond of fraternity. The Epsilon Gamma chapter is the sponsor of a S1000 student Revolving Loan Fund that is offered campus wide. This year's three members were named to Who's Who. They also started the Kappa Sweetheart Auxiliary. Fall '82 Scrollers: james Rowe, Kevin Gilliam, Roderick Mayes, and Phillip Hinton. RIGHT: Kappas sit on the stairs in the University Center to model their shirts and jackets. BELOW: Kappa Alpha Psi officers: james Mosley, Keeper of Records, Adrian Bland, Vice-Polemarchg Erick Freeman, Polemarchg Darryl Troupe, Dean of Pledges. BELOW LEFT: Kappa Sweethearts gather for a group picture at a football game. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kappa Sweethearts, back row, Freda Harris, Lori Harris, Cynthia Ishem. Front row: Gail Bonner and Donna Colbert. 55.55 " 4 2' ' 1 5' 1 z if ifgeismr 12342 f gr lil ll' ?.v7'w'-'Q 'A 42? Kappa Alpha Psi Trivia Colors: Crimson and Cream Jewel: Diamond National Founding: Jan. 5, 1911, Indiana Univ. Chapter Founding: Jan. 23, 1963 Famous Alumni: Mayor Tom Bradley, Arthur Ashe, Gayle Sayers. 223 'N-..,M.:. if f -- . - . 1- . K-,gsgrggf , o n 4 . K Qfggif sr we we-of 'L 4 From Colorado to Padre sland! Alb. TOP: jay Hatcher, James Engel, Rodney Armstrong, Russell Riecken and Gary jones ski during their spring break at Crested Butte, Colorado ABOVE: Linda Hugg and Cris Cougill, Stardusters, catch some rays at Padre. RIGHT: The Kappa Sigs are en route to South Padre Island in Texas for a vacation. LEFT: Greg Allen demonstrates a new way to catch a frisbee. BELOW: Rodney Armstrong and Rod Wilburn clown around on the porch of the fraternity house. BOTTOM: Front Row: Neil Eddins, David Farris, Greg Allen, Cliff Bowman, and Rod Wilburn. Back Row: Rick Dugger, Mike Wary, Scott Schnetzler, Marty Hill, Jeff Schmidt, and Kevin Murphy. X Kappa Sigma Trivia Colors: Scarlet, Green, and White Flower: Lily of the Valley jewels: Rubies, Pearls, and Emeralds Auxiliary: Stardusters Mascot: Squirrel National Founding: October 10, 1869, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, West Virginia Chapter Founding: December 10, 1969 Famous Alumnae: Robert Redford, jimmy Buffet, Richard Crenna, Steve Owens, astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, Burt Jones, Robert Dole, United States Vice- President The chief aim. of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity is to work towards the develop- ment of a combination of real friendship and loyalty. Selection of men of character is most essential for outstanding or men have the hood in Kappa only such men can be ever achieve greatness. These capacity to practice brother- Sigma. Kappa Sigma helps its 226 men grow physically, socially, and spiritually, and it prepares them for leadership roles while on the university campus as well as in later life. Their activities included four major annual parties and several rush parties and exchanges with the sororities. The major parties are Homecoming, Christmas, Scarlet Ball, and the Kamanawanalea Luau. Rush parties were held to attract more membership. Themes were a MASH Bash, Hat Party, Rolling Stone, and Woodstock Party. They had a punk rock exchange with Sigma Kappa and went to the park in Halloween costumes with Delta Zeta. Kappa Sigma is 36 members-strong this year initiating 10 after first semester. They held a slave sale at the first of March as a fundraiser. The Chapter Sweetheart was Janell Schmidt. TOP: The Kappa Sig football team celebrates its '2nd place ranking in the All-school intramural competition. ABOVE: Some fraternity members gear up for the Scarlet Ball at the pre-party at the house. Executive Officers Grand Master ..... ..... ..... R o dney Armstrong Grand Procurator ...... .......... S cottie Griffey Grand Treasurer ................... . .... David Farris Grand Master of Ceremonies Eddins Grand Scribe .............. .... G reg Allen s .Ss A jr' ' 'Is . lt K as Q 'sf-Q s-nf C F r ' ' f,'. LL'fi ..,.- H ,h , Qwis. 9 T K E l i k 'Qu-595' Tim Reid, President Shawn Greenfield, Vice-President Matt Spencer, Chaplain Paul Collins, Secretary Tom Moxley, III, Treasurer Mike Cooke, Historian Martin Douglas, Sgt. at Arms Mark Wood, Fraternity Educator Chuck Webb, Chapter Advisor Dr. William Parker, Faculty Advisor Dr. Coleman Smith, Faculty Advisor David Anderson Scott Baze John Bond Richi Brown Alan Cannon Randy Cannon Barry Clark jon Dunn Derek Haney Keith jackson Bobb Johnston john Karis Mike Knox Gene Lehman Wayne Linsenmeyer Craig McVay 1 1 jamie McCrosky Mark Mumma Dennis Murray Price Oswalt Kenny Ott Tim Reese Steve Russell Wade Shewmaker Tiger Sparger Hansel Stack Bo Summers jeff Suttle Robb Taylor Steve Taylor Chris Whipple l Ronnie Woods Carmen Christianson Kelly Gordon Kris Miller jamee Neal Shari Rose Susan Stangl Susan Witt, Sweetheart Not Shown: jim Dunn, Faculty Advisor Lisa Adams Karen Klinglesmith Jeannette Webster Wendy Winn 227 Tau Kappa Epsilon "Not for wealth, rank or honor, but for personal worth and character," exemplifies the spirit of the Epsilon Sigma chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity. The ideals of true brotherhood and love are instilled in every member and in its little sister auxiliary, The Daughters of Diana. Highlights from the past year include the annual Red Carnation Ball fR.C.B.J, held at the Skirvin Plaza. Tim Reece was named top Teke, and Susan Witt, Chapter Sweetheart. Hansel Stack is the Delta Zeta Dream Man. TKE won the CSU Blood Drive Award and were named one of three "Most Improved Chapters" worldwide this summer. The Epsilon Sigma Chapter is the Big Brother Chapter for the TKE Colony at Cameron University. TOP: Associate Members fclockwisej Jamey McCroskey, jeff Suttle, Paul Collins, Lee Allen and Richi Brown implant the TKE Flag at a CSU football game. ABOVE: Derek Haney and Big Brother, Wayne Linsenmeyer pose after initiation. RIGHT: The 1982 TKE Sweetheart, Susan Witt and TKE little sister, 1982 Miss CSU, Jeannette Webster frightj are escorted in the Homecoming parade by David Sizemore and chauffeured by Robb Taylor. ill' UBS! nuns :qu TKE Trivia: Colors: Cherry and Gray Flower: Red Carnation Jewel: White Pearl Mascot: Eagle National Founding: Jan. 10, 1899, Illinois Weslian Univ., Bloomington, IL Chapter Founding: Dec. 17, 1955 Famous Alumni: Ronald Reagan, Elvis Presley, Terry Bradshaw, Arthur Ferrante and Louis Teicher CCSUJ. '. TOP: Several Tekes pose after the final night of working the 1982 "Nightmare," the world's largest haunted house. ABOVE: The Tekes support CSU at the 1982 Homecoming game. Having the TKE bell, "Diana" at every home football game is a 27-year tradition for Tau Kappa Epsilon. RIGHT: Steve Avery leads the way for Tim Reid in a TKE football scrimmage. l' G' it W ,. xY 229 Sherri Love waves the Phi Beta Sigma banner at a CSU home football game. "Culture for service and service for humanity" is the motto for Phi Beta Sigma Social Fraternity. Members strive for academic achievement and community involvement. Nationally, Phi Beta Sigma celebrated its 68th birthday this year. The Lambda Pi chapter here at CSU won third place in the Homecoming Float contest. Phi Beta Sigma Trivia Colors: Blue and White Flower: White Carnation jewel: Pearl National Founding: Jan. 9, 1914, Howard University, Washington, D.C. Chapter Founding: Spring 1979 Famous Alumni: Renaldo Nemiah, Willis Reed, Maurice and Verdine White, Billy D. Williams, Ralph Sampson, Tony Dorsette and Walter Payton. Lf. 230 stile ii? ggi l UNDED X ...,.i TOP and RIGHT: Phi Beta Sigma treats a group of boys from Big BrothersfBig Sisters to Happy meals at McDonalds during Homecoming. ABOVE: Mike Smith, vice-pres., at a home Broncho football game. 1'-a."f:: wma 'iffhn Sigma Doves. Front row: Cynthia Ellis, Melody Wadkins, Kim Martin, Cathy Williams, Alasha Parker. Back row: Michelle Thomas, Patricia Colby, Cynde Tease, Tiffiney McCleary, Kim Price, Cynthia Fife, Lana Griffin, Lelei Sutton, Carla Releford. Crescent Club CP1edgesJ: Front row: Cordell Lewis, Darrin james, Antonio Richardson. Back row: Darrell Franklin, Freddie Kirkwood, Kurt Foster, Brent Alford, Rico Caldwell. Not pictured, Michael Cantley. Brothers From OU and CSU perform precision movements. 231 Phi Beta Sigma Sweetheart and Zeta Phi Beta Cassanova I David Sherman and Carla Releford 232 Front Row: Howard Miller, Tom Jones, Gus Samra, Darren Thompson, Jeff Schmidt, Danny Trosper. Second in ,KW 5 Row: Mike Grilley, John Swabb, Dwight Overstreet, Richard Reherman, David Farris, Tim Reid, Randy Cannon, Dr. Dudley Ryan, Dr. Bill Lillard. Back Row: jerry Smith, James Lambert, Tim Reese, Ronnie Woods. V A T XR TOP RIGHT: President Tim Reese conducts a meeting. LEFT: Gus Samra acting as representative for Sigma Tau Gamma, fills out a form in a meeting. ABOVE: Jeff Schmidt, secretaryg Tim Reese, presidentg Danny Trosper, sports coordinator: Dwight Overstreet, treasurer. nterfraternity Council The interfraternity council consists of seven fraternities on campus and provides a fraternity government, intramural sports program, and academic incentive. fi I , Q 0 3' f ' 1 B ',l " ' 5 4 M , in ' 1 79, X A 1 , :',, ,, '5a1.1 I ,, L V V ,, ,Bm , Vw?-:f4,s, V wat ww ' , fx wygfif "f, ffm, 71 f 5 " ?ii ':'4?' 51 Q .,,, f I CI'fOI'1'I1 . F f' X Arts 'T 15 mfr 11 ivsxfwwfgz , N A bk , W , , 'x V , A 'K , W K 5 ' n . wwf f rf ,. , H" fx , ' I , Z ,i ,,,, f il '11 ' r "" Q , F Q, V " . ,. L.. , - af 'F 4' 'ir 1' "f .,,. -ff L 'L .r-,Z V ....,., ' Zh I gd. ,fu b A M .M ' , I' .A --.... ,A - , .V VX" - v 4..f5" ggi Qf"1"t,' , 'glnbia' ' 'W-+..: - . KJ? 1 , ., gl ,:.,. .. ,.4... K. WL , . fn., w, Q J, Y- ,' ' 'fflh-T4 ' 113.95 ., Lf.. Y, , ,V . 4 :IA-8,'v1, - p '.g,,.,f, 4.615.- '-.F u ,,.,, jp., ' cat I . ev' 1 I -sb, 2- K 5 X Q , , 'AW ,M f wi'g?,43f2 :X1'Ll.f fyllzufif H , ,:,, . W ,,., WQ M ,, f ' g . 2 f 71 Z .3 5 , sg , 3? l 9, . -518 4 .jf fl U .f 4 ,,,,, A , ' if M YH W ' ML 4 42 S, , ,, f . -P ' x W? f 2 'N f H ix 1 2 f , Q ff' ' I w , sv 1 fy ,,, 'I ,H gay, ry N W, I L 3 3.5 UA I Lu pf i .5 'fffqfr A A KA' f x F .A xl V' na M V 11- . 'N sf A ' fix? A fs Q f V ,iifg-335' 1- ' ,. xx 10 Q ,L a ,-af 1 , 1 6 , 3 ' 1 Q -, 4 Q, 'aff' 3 ' ' ff mx: . ,F 1 Q f L 5 , . 92 F h Q ggi! Q3?4g WJ , ' W' Q., ff ' .L .vlgvfy .ds f"-+"f24f1"f'7f 7 A, , W if ' , 135159 , , , v 4'-a, ,x f M Mft ,.a,. ,Wm , ,my-.M Mm 'ww . L M55 H' 3 ! I fm A., mug- -. is? 'W811 my R, X Q.. X U 4-ax. 'Q gi fn lg-suv ,ml l X II HA 10 W ZXKWWX For their first performance of the year the music department did the presentation of 1100 In The Shade, based on The Rainmakers by N. Richard Nash. This broadway musical was directed by Robert Aubrey and assistant Kathy Brod. The cast was chosen from open auditions for the two and a half hour show. THE Bill Starbuck Lizzie Curry File H. C. Curry Noah Curry Jimmy Curry Snookie Updegraff Toby Mr. Curtis Mrs. Curtis Martha Jensen Olive Phil Freddie Belinda Mrs. Hankins Louise Jenny CAST Noah Spiva Christie Knight Joe Hocking John McNeely Don Sears Tom Bell Sherma Tyler Patrick Myles Warren Orr Karen Pipkin Teresa Parks Leah Bell Chris Larsen Derek Haney Rebecca Wooldridge Tammy Black Ruth McNeely Jennifer McNeely I .Nr Above: What could be better than a country picnic for Teresa Parks and Karen Pipkins who played Martha Jensen and Mrs. Curtis. 238 ff '51, V 4 5 - I at 7, 'V 'W Jw: , A , 'V . ' gfef. A 0-A . no iw M A ff: . W A V, in -V,, i A I, X5 A X 3 Upper Left: Snookie Updegraff CSherma Tyler! learned that country boys like Jimmy Curry CTom Bellj have all the charm. Center: What the heck is it? Don Sears and Tom Bell portrayed members of the Curry clan in the production of 110. Upper right: After the picnic Bill Starbuck CNoah Spivab entertained with a song. Above: It was worth taking his hat off to. Noah Spiva captured the lead of Bill Starbuck. Betraya 1 v .wif 11254 ff F E F. ' vi" k , E , . I 7,4 , f"'4'. sf N' , ,fx ' ,S ' J jk ff ' Y 1:'?'m j G? A . Hi wg, 312, -M5 I 3? 3 ani 4 , If +1 5 Q ' w 4 my ww, ,, X W Q 4 v M, AQ A .K .,, lm ,, mumww Ant MW.: 1535 iff 1 1 ., W, 1 , LEFT: Lanny Lee consoles Jerry portrayed by Scott Gordon in Harold Pinter's Betrayal. BELOW: Lanny Lee and Kelly Morris discuss the future of their marriage, FACING PAGE: Scott Gordon surprises Kelly Morris as she prepares dinner. 4 'N --is EY Q, K xx Scott Gordon entertains Kelly Morris at a party in the course of their affair. Kelly Morris and Scott Gordon determine the future of their relationship and the consequences of the affair. 241 Orchestra RIGHT: Dr. Roger Strong directs the orchestra. BELOW: Barbara James and Becky Weaver join in with the violin section. i N-aw. J 4 ss' :2,U1-.' 'asv 1ST VIOLINS: Kay jenkins, Steve Story, Anne Guevara, Barbara James, Jean Sanford, Ann Strong, Deborah Townsend, Becky Weaver, 2ND VIOLINS: Chris Pinkston, Kelly Gregg, Russell Gillian, Cyndy Price, Lisa Sargent, Paula Shoemake, Helen Smith, David Wong, Charlene Copley, VIOLAS: Robert Taylor, Lisa Bonner, Ann Blaess, Greg Harawayg CELLOS: James Shelley, Don Munday, Craig Cates, Susan Dulohery, Bobby Maine, Steve Siceluff, Kim Sloverg BASSES: Haden Riggs, Stan Nichols, joe Scottg FLUTES: Lisa Nichols, Lisa Coats, Susan Wagoner, OBOE: Anne Buvinger, Brenda Davis, Darry Carlstoneg ENGLISH HORN: Anne Buvinger, CLARINETS: Christy Fine, Gisele Seaton, Karie Foster, BASSOONS, Terri Haws, Charles Woods, Andrea Nanneyg HORNS: Bill Cable, Aaron Crown, Spencer Todomeg TRUMPETS: Bob Long, Christopher Cord, Lori Gillian, TROMBONES: Robin Wade, jeff Kidwell, john Pranterg TUBA: Boyd Blackabyg TYMPANI: Doug Fallis. Ulllluuunpqq I Mother like daughter, Britton Davis imitates the finger position of her mother, Brenda Davis. B A s -x E s Si Boyd Blackaby studies the composition of his music. FAR LEFT: Andre Francisco relaxes during practice. ABOVE: joe Scott and Hadan Riggs rehearse an upbeat tune. 1 Dixieland Group Wins Battle O The Bands s 2 Z v in In October of 1982 the music department formed "The Dixieland Band". By january of 1983 this seven member band had traveled to Kansas City to participate in "The Battle of the Bands," a nation-wide competition. There the Dixieland Band was selected the Number One collegiate Dixieland Band in the country. Among the honors that they received were scholarships, a contribution to the music department, and concerts through- out the country, including an opening performance in New York City. They also had the chance to do several talk shows in the major cities. The seven members of the Dixieland Band are joe Fine, clarinetg Chris Cord, trumpetg Jeff Kidwell, tromboneg Ronald Lee, piano, Clifford Parett, banjo: Murray Butler, tuba: and Clyde Conner, drums. .,4,i,a-Q 'AL Ki - K V,.q 245 'f ws, ' Concert Band KV ,,-f""" Piccolo Lisa Coats Flutes Lisa Nichols Susan Wagner Lisa Coats Jacquelyn Kennedy Stephanie Patton Tammy Hobbs Tracy Weatherly Oboes Rick Fillips James Russell Stroup Clarinets Christy Fine Gisele Seaton Karolyn Gannaway joe Fine Billie Mosley Karie Foster David Chambers Robin Wade Sally Jo Kernell Lee Anne Rose Brian Martin Melvin Mussyal Annette Descher Patty Shappee Darren Sapout John N. Minden Lisa Washington Alto Clarinet Michael Fugate Bass Clarinets Chris Glenn Tremea Brothers Bassoons Terri Haws Charles Woods Alto Saxes Kerri Carter Chris Kelsey Gary Gardner Nanine Huddleston Tenor Sax Karen Klinglesmith Baritone Sax Steven Barrett Trumpets Bob Long Brian Bass Chris Cord Greg Tivis john Hodges Randy Decker Ronnie West Dennis jones French Horns Bill Cable Spencer Todome Trombones Mike jackson Lynne David jeff Kidwell David McLain John Pranter Doug Heaney V. Chet Kelly Baritones David Quiett Eric Adams Tubas Boyd Blackaby Martin Douglas Kenny Ott Paul Rogers Murray Butler Percussion Brian Kilpatrick Eric L. Ross Debbi Anderson Don Benefee Doug Fallis Clyde Connor l 247 lst Stage Band Sax Joe Fine Lisa Nichols Chris Kelsey David Chambers Gary Gardener Trumpet John Hodges Chris Cord Brian Bass Greg Tivis Bill Cable Trombone Lynn Davis jeff Kidwell Mike jackson David Quiett john Pranter Rhythm Brian Duncan Bob Brewer Don Munday Doug Fallis Clyde Connor 2nd Stage Band Sax Chris Kelsey Lisa Nichols Christy Fine Chris Glenn Kerri Carter Trumpet Chris Cord Brian Bass Bob Long Greg Tivis Trombone John Pranter Robin Wade Doug Heaney Martin Douglas Jeff Kidwell Rhythm Trey Burton J. D. Higgins Karen Klinglesmith Hayden Riggs Kevin Ray Rich Demonico Stage Band - - 1 eq' ,.nulaqN Wx . . ,fax fi 3 El:'..-... .... El 5 76 RIGHT: Bob Long, first coronet, blasts a trumpet solo in the number, "Spirit of Spain" during the homecoming halftime. BELOW: Band Director Dr. Kent Kidwell gives a cue to the clarinets during a park concert last summer. Eric Adams Elizabeth Almond Deborah Anderson Steven Barrett Brian Bass Don Benefee, Jr. Boyd Blackaby Wendy Bradshaw Shirley Brintnall Tremea Brothers Rhonda Burden Murray Butler Threasa Byler William Cable David Chambers Kelly Claxton l Marching Band 'x I Beth Clegg Lisa Coats Sherry Cochran Clyde Connor Christopher Cook Christopher Cord Cindy Crawford Lynne Davis Shari Davis Randal Decker Annette Descher Martin Douglas Christine Fine joe Fine Amelia Ford Karie Foster Michael Fugate Karolyn Gannaway Gary Gardner Christopher Glenn Kelly Goddard Derrick Griffin Kristi Hammon Terri Haws Dana Hays Douglas Heaney Theresa Helt Della Henson Alison Hinton Tammy Hobbs John Hodges Nanine Huddleston NEAR LEFT: Lynne Davis, trombone: Chris Cord, trumpetg Spencer Todome, French horn, and Curtis jones, trombone march through the streets at homecoming. NEAR RIGHT: Lynne Davis and Dr. Kidwell swap "instruments". BOTTOM RIGHT: Martin Douglas demonstrates correct kneeling posture. BOTTOM LEFT: David Chambers hits the notes on his saxophone during a halftime show on the football field. , Dana Ivey Heather McMollum Paul Rogers Michael Jackson David McLain Lee Anne Rose Curtis Jones Lynette Medlin Eric Ross Dennis jones Valentri Kelly Christopher Kelsey jacquelyn Kennedy Sally Kernell jeff Kidwell Brian Kilpatrick Karen Klinglesmith Donna LaQuey Ronald Lee Bob Long Thomas Manek Lawerence Martinez Michele Merhib john Minden Billie Mosley Melvin Mussyal Connally Myers Selynda Nevenschwander Kenneth Ott Stephanie Patton Annette Pierson John Pranter David Quiett Carla Releford Brenda Risenhoover Tommie Sapcut Gisele Seaton Patricia Shappee Cynthia Singer Vonda Smith James Stroup Spencer Todome Robin Wade Susan Wagner Lisa Washington Tracy Weatherly Ronnie West Charles Woods Fillies f l ' I , . -1 Qi . . 'K ,S F 3' f C . h f ISIN ' Q ' 7 so ,.. 'f f' 'f 31 ' V I I 1 iy ,, .5 , 5 'f I i iff' 'f , . f - K .L 'ef .'- g -I: , xl Q W v KJ- f -X S , kv In V. '-i, ft I A A : in 2- RIGHT: Lynette Medlin, Dana Ivey, and Shari Davis highstep in the homecoming parade down Broadway. BELOW: Kris Hammond smiles at the fans during a pom pon routine at a night football game. fi Wendy Bradshaw Threasa Byler Beth Clegg Sherry Cochran Cindy Crawford Shari Davis Amy Ford Kris Hammond Dana Hays Theresa Helt Della Henson Dana Ivey Tarrence Jones Donna LaQuay Lynette Medlin Michele Merhib Vonda Smith Wanda Thompson I ' is wx , ' Q3 ' ' ' 2 If , ,,, , , n , - . ' , - . f H+ J "- I , Q u rv ll i V 'gf Q ' 7 J . 2 Q, , Qui N, if' . . . I ' A yyfx K E g K' D , . . , , .-1.4, we- , f 3. - L- f ig - I , - M- ' WL 4? A ., i ' ' ' ' -"-5 g Q Q f ' f A , ' N 5 N IA -. AA' M I - H ,. M y 2 1, 'W , -. " A 1 3 xx? . I if I AM: 1 .2517 V K ' , 5 It , H . 1. -fl ' i 1 . 53 - ,. ff ' K K .. K - i3i""f' - ' . if . X T f T my--Mvfsi, '24 -. 5, , . t , rf' , ' T . 7' -T . ,, f A " O f 4 wf f . 15' l T .y . ' . .ya i. ,k,Mg,,'pnM-4.9. 1. 4.9 fl K f , fi f, fi? ?4'? X Juv : ' ggm-42' adv: ,V . , ' . ' M' ' . 1i15Ajf2?3U f -- ' . A ' I-' vi N fH"'f-.i.1121""W ""4.f'.lV'N w , f P2-f:f""i.' f if wwf, E:f i"' , V . o . . o , - in . fZf'T1,' 1 -M I. -, ' ' I - 1 .,fg,. f, - :ye ,, ,L --if ,, . - -- . N wf,w.4--wen we W -nw Y-Q. .-...L ...f - M. , , . . ., w fimffe-pi:aw.:aQ W 2' ' wi ' W -' - . . , Q if f f"' L tg,,,'f1f' 47' A 1 5.-fi - . ' A , I - 1 jew ' ' 0 ., .1 ' X - -- M, K .V N , - f, ,Ri . 'W . Ns 'Y . ,E ,xi T' T TOP: The Fillies entertain students at a pep rally with a highkick routine to "Pepsi's Got Your Taste". LEFT: Theresa Helt and other Fillies grab some hotdogs before they perform. ABOVE RIGHT: Sherry Cochran, Della Henson, and Donna LaQuay salute as the National Anthem is played during pregame activities. BOTTOM: The Fillies open the homecoming parade October 30. 1 Fillies ' ' 253 254 RIGHT: Debbie Anderson and Sally Kernell move through the streets in front of the band in the homecoming parade. BOTTOM RIGHT: Shirley Brintnall kneels for her finale. BOTTOM LEFT: Doug Yoder swings his rifle in his routine. V 'f' f . X V vi,L , J rVV,f V ,, A I ,. ff 3 2 f ' I g ly , X 1' f 1 I Z x X ,V K H - f .., 4 ,W Q, 175 l 'Gaz ef X' nun' l Twirlers Shirley Brintnall Kelly Goddard Brenda Risenhoover l l 4 Q., if I ' , iG?fQn':fa- f' -V+? gil hifi? r .owl Q' 2.32 53 A Flag Corps Debbie Anderson Deanna Copeland Karie Foster Sally Kernell Annette Pierson Lee Anne Rose Lisa Washington Della Wiley ifle Corps Cindy Crossland Karolyn Gannaway Cynthia Singer Toni Splane Doug Yoder . s l f'f'fWf?::?i?gs TOP LEFT: Shirley Brintnall twinkles at the crowd during an unusual routine on the football field. TOP RIGHT: Brenda Risenhoover poses as she waits for a cue in the music. ABOVE RIGHT: Karolyn Gannaway and Doug Yoder somberly salute during a pregame. LEFT: Della Wiley thinks about the upcoming moves in the routine. Cho1r Kathryn Allen Ernie Atchison Tammy Bernard Tammy Black Shelle Bugg David Chambers Nancy Dodd Loyann Ferguson jackie First Jenny Fowler Mike Fugate Mike Gallant Kimberley Garrison Randy Gotschall Alan Gragert joan Gregory David Hadlock David Hall Derek Haney David Hargis Debbie Hassen Mark Helm Tammy Hobbs Glenda Jackson Marilyn Johnson Glenn jones Barbara King Rhonda Lackey Scott Layton Katherine Lehmann Lori Lemons Shirley Leverette janettia Lisenbee Adrian Martin Brian Martin Kevin McAfee Ruth McNeeley Helen McNulty janene McPhail Karen Miller Nancy Miller Warren Orr Teresa Parks Rick Phillips Kim Pool Kim Price Helen Richards Pam Roulston Kathy Rucker Darrell Schantz Linda Sewell Patty Shappee Linda Shirley Noah Spiva Suzanne Stafford james Stroup Ann Taupmann Cheryl Vaughn Anna Waits Jeanette Webster Lee Ann Westbrook Lora White ABOVE: Choir director Dr. Coleman Smith explains to the audience the history behind some of the music. RIGHT: Tammy Bernard adds her voice to the others during the State Music Festival held at CSU. ii 'Sq' 1 TOP: "It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas" is one of the choir's carols at the Feast of Carols. MIDDLE: The University Choir in full force add a sparkle to the Feast of Carols. BOTTOM: jan Smith, Ann Taupmann, Suzanne Stafford and Warren Orr help "hang the greenu. Old North Men's Belles Ernie Atchison Derek Haney Glenn jones Brian Martin uartet l ' Loyann Ferguson Jenny Fowler Joanie Gregory Ruth McNeeley Janene McPhail Karen Miller Men's Glee Club Ernie Atchison Carl Battles Pat Countryman Tom Dubois Mike Fugate Mike Gallant Randall Gotschall Alan Gragert Derek Haney David Hargis Chris Larson Ronnie Lee Brian Martin Kevin McAfee Garyld Miles Marvin Miles Price Oswalt Rick Phillips Darrell Schantz Joe Scott Ne ,X f" ' ,,,--.V me rrss r i 9 ff -L73 ' XX 354. WW -sr Vw,S.y Y , K. - , 3 .X e z S T 'dw 'M- LEFT: Scott Layton, Bill Landsbury, Chris Larson, and Mike Gallant of the Men's Glee Club harmonize during the homecoming pregame. ABOVE LEFT: Ernie Atchison, Derek Haney, Glenn Jones, and Brian Martin making up the Men's Quartet blend their four unique voices into one sound. ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. Coleman Smith directs members of the Men's Glee Club. TOP RIGHT: Belles Ruth McNeeley and Janene McPhail warm up for a rehearsal. Ernie Atchison Carl Battles Tammy Bernard Loyann Ferguson Jenny Fowler Mike Gallant Kim Garrison Valerie Gloodt Randall Gotschall joanie Gregory David Hadlock Derek Haney Chris Larson Scott Layton Brian Martin Ruth McNeeley janene McPhail Garyld Miles Karen Miller Scott Mills i we Warren Orr Robert Taylor Sherma Tyler Marcie Worl RIGHT: Kim Garrison, Joanie Gregory, Warren Orr, and Garyld Miles give a smashing performance at the Chamber of Commerce Christmas luncheon at Oak Tree Country Club. lj' La -.X RIGHT: Tunesmith members gather around the piano, being played by director Dr. Coleman Smith, during an afternoon rehearsal. 260 Tunesmiths 1 ABOVE: The Tunesmiths are noted for adding a little spice to their performances. BELOW LEFT: Carl Battles and Jenny Fowler team up for a duo with "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas." BELOW: Mike Gallant, Chris Larson, Scott Layton, and Garyld Miles spread a feeling of brotherhood at the Feast of Carols. .AWA , Q Wig V,.,, ABOVE LEFT: Gayle Deal and Kelvin Williams kick up their heels in a square dance number. ABOVE RIGHT: Barbara Watson and partner J. D. Wiggins tap their toes to the rhythm on the wooden stage at CSU's outdoor birthday party. MIDDLE RIGHT: Kaleidoscope dancers must work on balance, precision and moving like a team together. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kaleidoscope choreographer Mrs. Ann Shanks, assistant professor of HPER, gives instructions to the group. o -1 Kale1doscope Dancers V' . X l 1' SX f. K , . -1' f ,,,. ,V , K! " an K 1 f ,f ' 7' N x 73 774 H X 'L X "',f james Beard Gayle Deal janet Gist Dedra Hamby Vanessa Holcombe Lynda Leavitt Kimberly Maney Bob Mayfield Sharon Monday Laura Shepherd Judy Thomas Lori Thomason Barbara Watson Martha Watson J. D. Wiggins Kelvin Williams Yolanda Wisby LEFT: Lori Thomason, Martha Watson, Barbara Watson and Janet Gist flip their skirts as they wait their turn mn' X 4 ' f 1, f ip 1? 5 ,f",.f BELOW: Gayle Deal, Lynda Leavitt, Vanessa Holcombe glide as the male partners stand ready to move. i ie e , 15? , f ' ,fl u ff:':,fvff'uV ' A ,. "7 L V l, nk 'uv Z 1' ,. 1 'ru' 'U I ' ,,' M '1 " ' ' ' , 'ws C W, 'J-as 13 .1 5' 5-of . 'Wi - 1 ' ws- , 1' ',-" ,nn-" i , 1' ,ft ,, + , ,, V ' ,fr ff, 'H' , ,s N 'fa' ., ag 'Ns . .7 s W ,X , Q xx V r 4 , , I-w 4 . ,H , . . ,, , f fy W f m . .- , A ,,., . f , f , .- 4. -i 1 ' T " T f' ,, Fw,wn'w9f'l'r14"F 3 ui. .-f ' M Q ' ,rw ' ' , f v ' M' '- 0 sf ' Xp, ' .,i rr- . ,f 45,5 aww gg 5 l , M it " Q 5 in Q7 t s wif J' if ,' 5 if 'M r 3:1 "' 1-,J-. Q 1 V , , -Q. .wr X fy , 'Wi 1. Q. if 613.6 K M'-5: ! Q 1 is 4 , Af: V H-I r ' Q "4 -af . -, ,gp in Q , 9 en. as , , s Q' 1 5 W 4 A 'Cf 4 , , K. 1 , " -, . s ,. s we 4 0 . .,, ft if M . 4 ,f A A , K 4' a A , T - , A , 1+ ' ivfm .t :4',,,pQ,,H. , A E V , A ' ,'5... V, V lr: lx , J I N J V ? ,,, , m -' K, 370 I' - ,, ,ff ' J. ,- 1. ,, ' if ,f--' J Q 'f 46111. J, 4.153 Q 1.7 Y , 7 I ' " f funn. .Q ff, 1 'fig f lllsi s""1 V, 'W ,rg l i , g , Y s s V I Q 6. gi W 2 , We J x was or W, , 4, " V T ,. ' me N 1ZElfQfi5i,, A4-2f3'iFZ'Y1,3-? f fin' Qfmit' :flew C ul 1 Q if if - ffl. "M ' " i' 5563 , Q , . ra, I L ,,,,,,..ff Q b ,,,.:,Q f."-2 - ' lg., M A A ', ,,,, ,awww 1-4 ... I I 5 W V, it Il jf' W lfrp, , p-1, V , ,I at V, if I alia iq, , X I W 4. .K , W 'Q lk Z ,fhpwv ,,, fa, , L i ,,, gg ., or fir, 'fin' pr H Football Cheerleaders Jerri Schoo Denise Webb Su Robinson Joy Omlaha Sonya Potter jacquelyn Carter Anne Patterson, Captain bfi pg ,L A01 N. 1 , ww g , I ' W . ff . M -,ir pp 3 3 X, -as . - Q offs, ' 264 FAR LEFT: The football cheerleaders liven up the pep rallyfbonfire festivities held near the softball field during Homecoming week. LEFT: Su Robinson ignites Broncho spirit during a night football game against Henderson State. Final score was 24-3, CSU. ABOVE: The football cheerleaders make an interesting rising formation for the end of a cheer during a windy pep rally, J ABOVE: Bundled against the cold, the cheerleaders sing CSU chants as they ride in the homecoming parade. Kg, LEFT: Connie Ponder and Winston Banta enjoy themselves as they pick up some pointers from the football cheerleaders during a rally BELOW: Brenda Risenhoover, Lelei Sutton, Connie Ponder Brian Pitre and If ,ns- iv Basketball Cheerleaders i Jacquelyn Carter, Co-Captain Winston Banta, Co-Captain Connie Ponder john Leinweber watch the cheer intently as they prepare for tryouts R-S8 H, Yr Lelei Sutton Tammy Bernard Sherry Thomas Brenda Risenhoover John Leinweber Mat Maids Karen Bentley Lee Ann Bryant Shari Davis Brenda Frick Debbie Hahn Jo Harney Dana Hayes Theresa Helt Dana Ivey Joy Omalza Stacey Perkins Sonya Potter De Ann Shadid Wendi Thompson yyssyii TOP RIGHT: Sonya Potter and Lee Ann Bryant give encouragement to the wrestlers at the opening match against OSU. TOP LEFT: Karen Bentley and others watch carefully for a takedown. ABOVE LEFT Dana Hayes shows her enthusiasm as wrestler Benny Coleman takes a last stand. f Q. Y-I 5 J Debate Team John Buttry Troy Cox Rhett Davis Eva Galipeau Martin Glendinning Bev Graham jim Hill Bill Isbell William Lemaster Curtis Oxyer David Widdoes Chris Woods 3 X """' , 4 VF' ABOVE LEFT: Rhett Davis checks his information one last time during a practice round before a tournament. LEFT: Martin Glendinning and Chris Woods hunt through reports for statistics to back up their cases. 267 S l W ,MW 4 ,ff ,af 5 'Qin ff 'A Www, 'S' AJ 7 ' ff lily .gffv sg., if WN , E ' .Q f 5 L 11 E 4 i ,,, -. A ,.,,.,., Box eals With Death 4 4 'S Joe .......... Stephen .... Maggie ..... Brian ..... Mark ..... Cast Ron Cameron . ..... Mike Barton Ellen K. Ward Lanny Lee Scott Gordon Beverly .... ...... J ean Cafky Felicity ..... .... L inda Arbuckle Agnes Kelly Morris Interviewer ..... Nathan Thomas TOP: Felicity, Linda Arbuckle, snaps at her faithful daughter Agnes, Kelly Morris. LEFT: Joe, Ron Cameron. explains his feelings to the Interviewer, Nathan Thomas, ABOVE: Joe, Ron Cameron, tries to get his wife, Maggie, Ellen Ward, to bring her bags into the cottage. 1 .1 269 in ,,w,,, v-wr-1 sk-I-sf. vxyy. I ' if . , ix .2 ,A 2 X H4 wx . 5 is N. I x 3 o 92 Q' xx, ,,.- ,,,..-in fi gf! A L, ,, f 5 X ' X ZS u , 4 x 'ff' h CENTER: Contestants for the pageant were: Karen Bentley, joni Billinger, Shirley Brintnall, Jennifer Fowler, Jennie Francis, Karolyn Gannaway, Jennifer Hoerth, Alicia Megehee and Cyndy Price. TOP: Miss CSU Jennifer Fowler with lst runner-up Alicia Megehee and 2nd runner-up Joni Billinger. RIGHT: Jennifer Fowler entertained the crowd with her bluesy version of "Black Coffee." ABOVE: Alicia Megehee shows her poise modeling in the swim suit competition. Sport Rise Up To That 'Y Q, 1ff.,f- A 5 Q ,WQFWW . Q A- Q fx fu f A . Q M :,1f2ffws?N"3X'-1" fm., gwqWzy.,,5,fQaM'gf 3 , is . T.. h - , xi", fx X, :Q-if W, . . 3 .J s -K 'H If - 1 , , , ,Q ev ' I ' yy 1 W V ig - - . Q' 'Y w . 'A . ' -. "l ?i::i1 "' 'Q ,.- If , N 3.1- ' I K 4. fiaf 'gm J .g a , 1 1 I qw b Ipf 1 A 4, . T WI: ,.-ff: Nd. ' 5 1 a..- 'A fv, - - 9 vi-5 Y' T... 45 I' W 95- wx: 5 X, .N ,, .W,W, .,,,..,-,,.wig 'A W ,. 'y -warm. X Q Q Bron Cho S piri tl --- ' fu m VL 5 ' -- f -' 1? -42 - X , :,g ff1f"21+5f I ' 1 lf I -.? , V , ' 3 Y Nfw 3 ' ' if :J - V . , Q ' f ' ' 1' Y' - N I , , XX Abu viSk5.-ii'--GIQQLV Q . ,, 1 1 wi x A4 v Q 0' W' N. .JM 11 mxzmfqgil ' M x wp me :wi Z., Q-, lx mg -var- ' 14' 1 V W 11 9 Athletic Director harlie Murdock Charlie Murdock, now in his sixth year as the top man of CSU's athletic program, has been a party to the Bronchos' history since 1950 when he came to Central on a football scholarship. He returned in 1962 to work as assistant football coach, the year the Bronchos maintained a perfect 11-0 record and first took the NAIA national title. He has also served as tennis coach and intramural director. Before coming to Central State as a coach, Murdock was an assistant football and track coach at Capital Hill High School. He also worked with the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department. ,av 'I 4 ,' -vw.--1-.neg-qv ,- .Q , Nw XXX Miki' VX-5. 'wi Q vi, ivvai-o.A.1,....y 7'-in K X, 1 VQj' W KN f '1 E 1' XX 4" x ' 1 filsrwm, I , E w Go All The Way! The CSU football team rose to that Broncho spirit as they made the playoffs after a 7-2 season. This was the third decade the Bronchos had introduced with a play-off slot. In 1962 they were NAIA national Champs, and in 1972 they were NAIA semi-Hnalist conference champs. The 1982 Football squad kept the tradition alive, and CSU fans smiled throughout the season. CONGRATULATIONS BRONCHOS!! WELL DONE!! Northwestern . Due to the number of returning starters, the 1982 season showed great potential. Having lost only 2 starters from 1981's 7-2 team, .the Bronchos entered the season with an experienced team. According to Coach Gary Howard the toughest teams in the 1982 schedule came early in the season. Before the season began, Quarterback Dwain Banks and defensive end Chris Edgmon were lost by injuries, but Howard remained optimistic. Randy Page led the Bronchos to a 15-7 win over Northwestern at the season opener. Page had sat out the previous season because of knee injuries, but soon proved he was back in full strength as he passed for over 90 yards. Although the Bronchos' offense was sluggish in this season opener, the intensity of play by the defense made up for their lack of momentum. A Ranger drive to the 1-yard line was frustrated as the Broncho defense staged a goal line stand and turned the Rangers back. Safety jonn Preston intercepted a Northwestern pass early in the 4th quarter and galloped 26 yards for the clinching score. The defensive duo of Ron Mackey and Derwin Cantley combined for 11 solo tackles and helped to hold the Ranger air attack to under 100 yards. Southwestern The Bronchos' second game against Southwestern again demonstrated the strength of the Broncho defense which held the Bulldogs to 297 total offensive yards. However, there were six fumbles that contributed to the Broncho 12-7 loss. Southwestern scored their first touchdown in the second quarter after a Broncho blunder on the CSU 17. Their next touchdown occured after another CSU fumble and a Bulldog 57 yard drive with 3:11 left in the half. Daric Zeno returned a Bulldog punt 75 yards as time ran out to end the second half. Late in the third quarter Randy Page started a successful 74 yard drive and scored a touchdown in 14 plays with 11 minutes left in the game. Craig Dawkins' extra point cut the Bulldog lead down to 5 points. Southwestern made another attempt to score, but was stopped by the Broncho defense on CSU's 27 yard line with a minute and a half left in the game. David Rolle led the defense with 14 tackles, followed by Mike Tasby's 13 tackles and a fumble recovery, and Ron Mackey's 12 tackles and a quarterback sack. Henderson State The Broncho offense gave the first indication of its potential against the Reddies with an impressive 24-3 win. The previous year, the Reddies had eaten the Bronchos at homecoming 38-12. This victory was sweet revenge. Early in the first quarter, Randy Page launched a 60 yard pass to fullback Willie Henderson. Page followed it up with a 7 yard dash for the first touchdown of the game. Before the end of the quarter, Page completed 4 of 5 passes attempted in 6 minutes, making the score 14 -0. The Reddies drove 70 yards in 18 plays to the CSU 10 but only managed a 27 yard field goal, bringing the Broncho lead down to 11 points. Then with 4 seconds left in the half, Craig Dawkins kicked a 32 yard field goal and the Bronchos regained their 14 point lead. 279 The defense again exhibited its prowess by holding the Reddies to 182 yards total offense. Mike Tasby led the defense with 14 tackles tailed by Ed Desherow with 12, and Ricky Oliver with 10. John Preston had an outstanding game, picking off 2 of CSU's 4 interceptions. He returned his last interception for 14 yards in the 4th quarter for his second such touchdown of the season. Preston was named District Nine defensive player of the week for his contribution against Henderson State. Howard Payne The Yellow Jackets from Howard Payne University scored on the opening kickoff with an 80-yard run. That was their last score of the game as the Bronchos quickly executed four touch- downs in 10 minutes and went on to win the game with an impressive 42-7 final score. The Bronchos first TD came on a 5-yard run by tailback Bruce Vann, set up by Ed Desherow's interception on Howard Payne's 33 yard line. The defense aided in another touchdown immediately afterwards when David Rolle recovered a fumble on the Yellow Jacket 17. Daric Zeno took it in on a 17-yard pass from Randy Page to make the score 13-7. Craig Dawkins then went on to complete his second conversion. RIGHT: Mike Tasby celebrates as a Cameron drive is stopped. BOTTOM: Willie Henderson is all smiles as he receives congratulations from his teammates after a TD against Howard Payne. 7 280 L... TOP RIGHT: Bo Matthews and Derwin Cantley watch intensely as the offense make their move. RIGHT: Daric Zeno leaps to catch a ball as two Langston Lions rush towards him. Mm UQ a-rfwufwwgggngqgsd A 4-play, 86-yard drive led to the Bronchos' third touchdown, capped by a 26-yard pass to Randy Jones. Willie Henderson made a 46-yard reception from quarterback Randy Page. Henderson then scored on a 33-yard reception after an 80-yard drive to end the half. In the second half the Bronchos moved 60 yards on their first possession which culminated in a 4-yard TD pass to Bob Campo. CSU's last touchdown was set up by Randy Preston's interception and 24- yard return. Chetti Carr took the ball in for the Bronchos, and Dawkins complet- ed his 6th conversion. Rolle was named Defensive District Nine Player of the Week and Page was named for the offensive honor. Page's 5 TD passes tied the 1969 school record held by Keni Ray against Western Colorado. Northeastern For the 53rd time Central State met Northeastern in a grueling game that resulted in the Bronchos' 19th loss to the Redmen, 42-26. The Bronchos took an early lead in the first quarter on a 76-yard drive with Steve McKeaver rushing the 42 yards for the touchdown. CSU came alive in the second quarter with Randy Page com- pleting a 47 yard pass to Willie Henderson for a touchdown, the conver- sion attempt failed. Page again found Henderson for a 14-yard pass, and the conversion from Page to Randy jones gave Central a 20-7 at the half. The Broncho defense allowed only one substantial drive in the half. J A -- mHzvK,E7,,,,m ,- 'f V fl, ,nf g .,..,,,.M-,,, 4.4 H,-W. Mymgiw W. -f M, , ,un!"' , , ,,,' , -, , -WM, However, the third quarter saw the collapse of the Bronchos. The only bright spot came when Steve McKeaver broke loose again, this time for a 74 yard touchdown. NSU cut the Broncho lead down to 12 points. Critical mistakes gave the Redmen possession of the ball three times, each turning into NSU touch- downs. The last Broncho drive ended with McKeaver carrying the ball in for the final CSU touchdown. East Central Against the East Central Tigers, the Bronchos were the first to score with 4:19 left in the first quarter. The touchdown was preceded by an 8-play, 80 yard drive and followed by Craig Dawkins extra point. Aaron Bruner's 20-yard reception was one of the key plays in the drive. The Tigers faked a field goal and tallied, tying the game. juan james recovered a fumble on the CSU 19, which set up a 23-yard run by tight end Bob Campo. Dawkins made it 14-7 with 9:33 left in the half. On the next Broncho possession Page hit Zeno with an explosive 35 yard pass. Then Zeno baffled the Tiger defense and galloped 30 more yards to raise the Broncho left in the half East Central scored on a 15-yard pass. Choctaw native Willy s Hall frustrated the Tigers' attempt at a field goal to close the half. Neither team scored in the third quarter. TOP: Senior Derwin Cantley goes after Henderson State's quarterback. MIDDLE LEFT: Broncho's Cham Carpenter and Randy Preston cheer the team on from the sidelines. MIDDLE RIGHT: Coach Gary Howard watches the execution of a Broncho play with keen interest. BOTTOM: Quarterback Page prepares to toss the ball. TOP FAR RIGHT: Bruce Vann runs the ball back and attempts to dodge the Southwestern Bulldogs. MIDDLE FAR RIGHT: Steve McKeaver tries to find a hole as two Aggies from Cameron head in hot pursuit. BOTTOM FAR RIGHT: Van Wooten blocks as Randy Page launches a rocket pass. 282 we-an .. New H 1 fvhmwwf - . '41 V A EF- ffrg UNA w w . , , , H 1' w ww ' - , 'I -,IWW -N ' . 1 : Q if H ' " 4- , PM 15, v H2 " fr W ww d.,,,L1:3! M,1:.,M V f - www' ww ,. I ,cl , M xq zefai ,W H ffff xx Q 0 L 'i ' I U A , 1 I X M N, I fm, . was W W , A be w , JWQ, ya? , 4 L? va , f ff, y r uv Jg maw w w WR ,, 1 , M 1. 'W ' Y ww X Q 2 gm 'W 1 W1 x X ' .E QW Steve McKeaver ruthlessly attacked the Greyhound secondary carrying the ball a scant nine times, but scoring three times and rushing for 124 yards. With 11:05 left in the half, McKeaver scored on a 54-yard burst up the middle to give the Brouchos a 35-O lead. At the end of the first half, the Bronchos led the game with a 49-6 margin. Coach Gary Howard substituted freely in the second half and the Broncho offense generated only 120 yards and four first downs. The Broncho defense again demon- strated its power, not allowing the Greyhound offense a score until 35 points were on the scoreboard. Ed Desherow led the defense with nine tackles, trailed by Bo Matthews and John Preston who were second with eight each. Daric Zeno led the receivers with eight receptions for 166 yards. RIGHT: john Preston shows determination as he stops his Howard Payne opponent in his tracks. BOTTOM: The CSU defense works together to frustrate a Henderson State drive. ,..,.-r Qi..- 284 'I -L-ms1..4.Z., 'L Q ,,, , 5 V M-riff' 'za -"7 A " "W f -,!f,- -,Aww-f 1 ffl? f'i.,Zi-,.- if 1 2 A -I' f"WT J3,zan,,f f 5',v"' ,- Q 4 ,f 'W -,ws -pw " M' ' f f i . .V . ,.-. ff, . - W .. A grunt.. f' 14'-Sv" ,, ,' , -,. -.' Q," V .I "L,f2"'f' 4' -, . ,-ff'-1.1M K' aw ay", 6.4. ,Q-r'7h-w ,3g"ff'd, -1 yy 'f - K , ' 'T .1845-i".. ,1-,ant gf ,.,,. W 54,-if., f L, H .. - :gi A ,,5f'f41ff?l,y2zZi'N 'nik Q'if'p4.Q:,,.f J, 4.M'c:"-1.-ff 1 f 'W' lil!-".afi2Hf4 I-?1"'2-dl' 2 HV skim' " " ' f A ' 1' ABOVE: Randy Preston bags a Lion, aided by Bronco Willy Hall, as brother john Preston watches from downfield. BELOW: Steve McKeaver dodges the Langston defense as he gallops toward the goal-line. CPhotos furnished by Christie Lanhamj Willie Henderson followed with eight receptions for 152 yards and two touchdowns. Page was named District Nine offensive player of the week, which was the second time this season he had received the honor. Cameron Running backs Steve McKeaver and Daric Zeno led the Bronchos to a striking 38-6 homecoming victory over the Aggies from Cameron University. Altus native McKeaver scored the first touchdown of the game in the first quarter after a failed Aggie punt. Zeno followed by catching a 24-yard pass for a TD late in the second quarter, which brought the score to 14-6. The dominating power of the CSU defense held the Aggies to a lone touchdown. The Bronchos scored 17 points in the third quarter starting with a 75-yard drive that ended in a 18-yard run by Steve McKeaver. Daric Zeno scored afterward on a 20-yard pass from quarterback Randy Page and Craig Dawkins kicked a 34-yard field goal before the end of the quarter. "4" of 5' 3 sms- X-fe-wr-2-'-rs-i-". - g - ' .-Q. 1.4, .., Y. ' ,- A .-2-QM y,..w1..r-. r. ,,. 1, A I .. .. , ,. A , .vm-,.e-t 1.-Q ,F -f .ff-. - ,, -79.1. 9 ...,, .F f - 1- X. , , ,si ess f ' ,L-3. - . -f--.fs ',,-,".'- . xg-Z-.. .Qppl 4 Lf.: Vg, ,4 Q... - - N .. ' g fs . l .X .ws-..-H rw., - . ..-,... ' r -J faq: f-- M' X -f . 3 me -A A ,,,,,.s.-.vs-,.-M .4 H 0. ""'9"""',, v.i,L.f-.. ff' we PM "':.?' i+f1fMf',x ff' -7' fa 285 1982-83 Broncho Football Team Row 1 CSeniorsJ: Randy jones, Bryan Coffey, juan james, Ron Mackey, Ed Branch, Bob Campo, Dannye Webb, Rickey Greene, Not Shown - Derwin Cantley. Row 2: Cconia jones, Steve McKeaver, Doug Williams, Rod Davis. Jay White, Randy Page, Buddy Link. jeff Zelnicek. Row 3: Aaron Bruner. Marvel Rogers, Wade Causey. David Rolle, Toby Daugherty. Row 4: Norman Ramsey, Gerry Flannel, Don Schille. Clifford Burney, Marcus Carr, Chetti Carr, Ron Whiteley, Ed Desherow, Kevin Huddleston, Tom Gilliaumc. Row 5: Shawn Spottedhorse, Kirk Stewart, Cham Carpenter, Tom White, Daniel Spencer. Herb Allison, Lee Haff, Richard Chergey. Van Wooten, Stanley Reed. Row 6: Bruce Vann, Mike Tasby, Dwain Banks, john Preston. Randy Preston, Tim Stone, Ray Griffin, Daric Zeno, Willie Henderson. Back Row fC0aching Stafflijeff McKibben, Ben Young, Boone Copeland, Head Coach Gary Howard, John McGivcrn, Terry Jones, Marlon Gay. Steve McKeaver finished with 141 yards and two touchdowns, the last of which was in the 4th quarter off a 36 yard run. McKeaver began the run on the left side of the field, but after dodging the Aggie defense ended up making the touchdown on the opposite side of thc field. This was McKeavers' third 100-yard game of the year, and for his efforts he was named District nine offensive player of the week. The Bronchos ended the game with 459 yards total offense, 230 yards passing and 229 yards rushing. The Broncho defense was led with 16 tackles by Ed Desherow, who was followed by John Preston with 12 tackles and 3 broken passes. Langston The Bronchos stampeded the Lang- ston Lions as they scored on their first five possessions for an easy 52-6 win at the season finale. Quarterback Page completed 13 of 21 passes for an incredible 311 yards, bringing his total to 286 1,777 yards for the season. Page connected with Zeno on a 60-yard touchdown pass on the Broncho's first possession. Zeno went on to break the school record for the school record for the most yardage receiving in a year this season, with 824 yards on 38 receptions. The Dallas native received the Offensive Player of the week award for his contribution. Steve McKeaver scored three times against the Lions, the first score followed Zeno's TD on a 17 yard run. He then went on to score on a one yard run, and on CSU's next possession repeated the play, again on a one-yard run. At this point the Broncho lead was 24 points, and if not for an interception the Lions might not have scored at all. Before the Langston team could cele- brate, Page hit Zeno for a 17-yard gain and Zeno then lateraled to McKeaver for a 52-yard run and the score. Willie Henderson opened the second half with a massive 66-yard punt, which ended up in a Lion turnover on the second down. Dannye Webb recovered the loose ball that eventually led to a one-yard touchdown run by Fullback Gerry Flannel. After being knocked down twice, Daric Zeno scored on a 23 touchdown pass reception. Randy Preston followed with an interception and returned it 27 yards for the last score of the game. Although everyone on the defense saw some action, John Preston led the squad with nine tackles. Marvel Rogers trailed McKeavers' 53 yards, but had a career high of 38 yards in four carries. At the season's end McKeaver led the Bronchos in rushing, 569 yards with 11 touchdowns, and an average of six points per carry. Steve ended the regular season with 12 touchdowns for 72 points. TOP: Randy jones rockets towards the goal line as a Cameron University player follows in hot pursuit, BOTTOM: Quarterback Randy Page, NAIA offensive player of the year, prepares to toss the pigskin to Fullback Bruce Vann in a drive against the Southwestern Bulldogs. NAIA All-American 85 A Tackle istrict 9 Honors With Dreams Ron Mackey, a senior from Sapulpa, is one of the leading CSU prospects for the 1983 National Football League draft. The 6' 3", 240 pound defensive tackle transferred to CSU in 1980 after spending a year and a half at Oklahoma University. While at OU he held the position of nose guard and linebacker and was also a member of the wrestling team. During Mackey's 14 years of football he has been named All-conference in high school and in 1981 was named second team All-district and was CSU's fourth leading tackler with 26 solos and 39 assists. After graduation in May, either a job in industrial safety or professional football would fulfill Mackey's career goals. Five teams have expressed interest in Mackey: the Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Cincin- nati Bengals and the Seattle Seahawks. Although the Seattle Seahawks have displayed the most interest, Mackey would prefer the Cincinnati Bengals because they are a World Championship team, plus he enjoys playing in cold weather. "He definitely has the size, strength and great quickness needed to play pro ball," said Gary Howard, head football coach. "I think he has a chance of playing especially since the new league has been formed." According to Howard, Mackey also has the determination and attitude he thinks is necessary to make it in professional football. "I hope someone gives him a shot." added Howard. Mackey feels CSU gave him the opportunity to obtain a degree in industrial safety and play more college ball, which is something he might not have gotten at OU. "A strong college with a good athletic program like CSU's gets as much attention from the pro scouts as a larger school," explained Mackey. "Players get more understanding and attention from the coaches and instructors because of the smaller size of the teams and classes," said Mackey. "Here, education comes first and that makes the game more fun because there is not as much pressure on the athletes." 288 DARIC ZENO lst Team All-American-Split-end lst Team All-District receiver RON MACKEY Hon. Men. All-American First Team All-District Defensive Tackle ROD DAVIS Hon. Men. All-American First Team All-District Offensive Tackle RANDY PAGE 2nd Team All-American-Quarterback 1st Team All-District-Quarterback OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR STEVE MCKEAVER Hon. Men. All-American First Team All-District Running Back-Fullback JOHN PRESTON Hon. Men. All-American First Team All-District Defensive Back-Cornerback ALL-DISTRICT SECOND TEAM HONORS Ed Desherow Linebacker Dannye Webb Back Ron Whiteley Lineman WILLIE HENDERSON First Team All-District Kicker Second Team All-District Receiver 1982 HONORABLE MENTION Bob Campo Split End Derwin Cantley Lineman Buddy Link Lineman Back Juan james Running Back Randy Jones Z5 SE -w 11- -1-112-f-'szeegiaifbi-Bw-215111. --.-fs1ef.:s1I:1ezI Missy. - 1I13e1f1Ivf2:.w1ssg.ff-f-'1 II swi.fI1ws:-:gw11QI1f -1 ifzyg-1:1 I-fifqgsm f1II111s-1.--1s11s:i1.vg1g:wIIaI 11-1I-gs15Ig1?IM-11I-1571-1.1. I L, at,,m5I5I55,I,3iII.1II-11-I1..-I1. .IQIIS-I,,I,,Hw 11 is-swf II1f1I-1fwI11f-II11.- - I- I1I--1:IIII11II11fI--1- I QI. I I -fast:-v.f11II1-, -- 1-:I-1:-1I.11II1I1.-1, . 1 1 1IIIf1-- 1- .11I1s1sI:--1--11 - -III, I .I1II1.IIII1II.-1---1-1.I I. I I. . i?E?l5fS9lI .- 'ilfi--:l1',w 571 :af ..I7f5Ql5igIfj"lf"4- . -' Q1 I Vs?f523QY5f1gjQi. I QQIIIV-fb, Vgjjgfyjf. 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R EZ I If 211 m Q, CSU 61 Southern Colo. 20 CSU 28 ortheastern CSU 14 Mesa Colo. ?w1Qzf11:w I , -151:11-11If ff1Iev11-I EMM,-Ig1II 11IgfIfeI1pI55g1II.111I . .. I I .I ..,, I . I .II,I ,,.,. .,,.v,i I me -ffA I H ILI31Iiyfsfgglii-zefessse-ff111- of 11II1f'1ezsfP11s?7a21A-I15-1I.1I--g-g 5-I 1 I 1iIg.1II.ImI.II1fI is QI., I. I sm 532' 5.3 5 .qi I.. .1 f1I V- 1IIia19111f1-Bf1si1ee'1I11I: -' -111II?115zfe1-I-f1g1f112Ig? 5112'1:11.Pui?1szgfm?:s1Ig1if- I'- ABOVE: In the excitement of the win fans display the winning trophy. BELO Head coach Gary Howard poses with the outstanding offense player Daric Zen and defensive player Mike Tasby. - I -' 11 fi! ' I ---1-I -- 1.II11 II1II.151-f-SI--11-I111-I1II--D141-I II.-11-11111II15I1IrS1-IMIII11 -II11g1.1-e1:fIIIIfII11g1:-I1-Iwi 127-mf-11121-I111:i1.1i:'1I'f21zef1-Isez-1fifI'1'1iI1 I-1 f1:I111f:f1ref1II2ef:2w1QI1fSI'f'1I'f'IE'1I .Ima I I I a.I,I 2 313 2 IZMIKI , I N I 2 . zgw11,g-I fm: 1 -211II1I112I-f:Ig11a1v12I1mI-211511III--I -- Q 1 I U-s.rI1,III-,IImI1-2I9,2Il1I.11.- -I1II1.I-11-5IM11a--PI--211g.11II. II-I. 'ai1s111sflKs71f1T?127?Ei?--'l1xI ' ' A AI t l,,, I My R ,..I I- fI.II II .,--I- II .,II.,, l.,l., LI iIl..I IIIIIIWI . . II -s,lI . I IIII NII l..II.I.l II .iI.. I a I.tI ,Ir lII.III. II fI I Ii Q1 II IfIIIf1:?1ei1wm1es11I-IIII,I,.I.I L-155111--511 r Q 'P ' ,I.,.,i,..1IgII12I 1.1I1I II-1II-Q11-fe 95 22, 2 1 X w111II-s1- I1 .I1I.w21-I11I-II wi-a.I. II 22,5195-211' MII fI1 ?fezI115li I .IIIII .II1I1- 1II. 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I I I IKI M. .I . .I I .I 1:1f4,I -- IIL-11I:f11.f2.'I:I . - -I , I. -- 11 1 1 1 f mf- 1-11 'f'-1 - f 1'-1 - 14111-I :111wf:21s?e:1fI1e-I. 11.-I.sgs11II:f1,5Issif11 I 1.g4,Ii1s'g1:1:4,s1-WM I I1 II':1.e-11II-II11f'a:s11II1 I. -i111 Iva'2i1f1:fsI5I.11I5iffT ' ' 7 1Ir1f 11 l'l1fffI'sKIIr1eH1?1 I-- wzw ffwfli-ma Armstrong Combats Tough Season With The . 51 I i ' - f-5552f'f::::i51f11r Buddy Armstrong, former CSU roundball star, took over the reins of the Broncho basketball team with Steve Austin, Gregg Kerr and Frank Hender- son as the only three seniors returning from last year for the 1982-83 season. The Bronchos, under Armstrong, has displayed a different look from what they've shown in the past. The "Buddy System" gave the young team more discipline, running a more controlled offense and a much stringier defense. Central State opened the season with a road trip against a tough Bethany Nazarene team losing 90-67. BNC went into half-time with a 12 point lead and CSU could not recover from a 10 point spurt by the Redskins in the second half. Fouls and turnovers sealed the Bronchos' fate. Steve Austin led the cagers scoring with 13 points, followed by newcomer Phillip Giachio and sophomore jeff Boyd who rallied 12. RIGHT: Steve Austin battles with a Bulldog for a strong two points. BELOW: It was that kind of season Coach Buddy Armstrong. 5. ' ...... " , ' '-3,919 -"5f5EgE5:5:g 12' fi52"""' as 2 -5g5i: Q f:: , :sgzgzgsgg . .1 55:- .JISIEI A :Incl .1 1.1.5525Eiiiiiififiiifi-1-2. + 1: ''':5:s:a:sgs5sgsg2g?fqs:agsgs:s:s 535: ' .ZQEQEQEQEQE1 .:EQEf.:.3. .. H J "''25S22s2s5s:5:zEs5s5H-2555252525if ' f :1:::s:s:5:s:a:sis:sEz s5s5sS' isisSs""' .2:ErE5Eg5g!535E5E?35E55g1' Zg- EgEgEgEgEgEg1' - fi- : .55 ss:asisisisisisisiaisai -:SSH - - -+1 112112f11f11ffs, 51.2:S:Q1Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:2:2fff5E3ff55fQfi3if5SQEQf5fff5fff2:5Q:5.,'3ff:g:1' -:-:-535555: " .. 1:51. '1:5:5:3: .' 1. 1 .1 11.1.1 .1 .1. 1 '1. 1.1.1 1Z1I1f1I'11Z1I1.1 'J' 11.1 . ': ir : 5S5E5E?ifE?EE5S515E5E5 .:. .-.3:3-s: s:s:s:? '.1 ::::3::::., -.5-.593:Zz-:1:::::f:2:2:Q:2"'2"""'1:f:2:2:f:2:Q""':.-.-:1:2.-.-. ,.,.,:T:Y ""2:f:f:Q:2:2' .1 f ' ' I-I-PI-I-I-I-Z-I-Z-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I ' ''z:s:s:s:s:2:sg5gsgs:s:s'' ,,,sgs:1- " ' f-f- :ffl :5:5' -f5:1:1:1:5f525f5f3 2555: '-fiaiaisisiaisisisiaisi ' "" .-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:- xr 1 sl 'BEF' Big man Phil Giachino finds himself covered by Rangers while Chuck Brent Alford flies high for two points against the Rangers. Kersgietter comes to his rescue. Abilene Northwestern Christian Tourney Northeastern Playing at home for the second time, the Bronchos dropped a 73-65 decision to Northwestern in its best performance of the young season. It was the third consecutive loss, but unlike the others, CSU stayed close the entire game. The Rangers held a 44-34 halftime advantage, but the Bronchos pulled within two points at 63-61 very late in the game. However, the Rangers ans- wered with 10 points while CSU answered with only 4. Austin led the scoring attack with 22 points, while Keith Russell contributed 12 and Boyd 7. On November 25-27, the Bronchos attended the Abilene Christian Tour- nament with their first roundball action against Marymouth, Kansas. Central lost the game 83-71 as Russell led the cagers with 20 points. CSU won the next contest against Emporia State College by a close score of 77-76. At halftime the Bronchos led with a 44-25 score, and they maintained the lead throughout the game. Austin rallied the team with a high of 22 points to give CSU their first win of the season. In the last game of the tourney, CSU lost to the host by a score of 77-71. Brent Alford was the top scorer with 20 points, assisted by 19 from Austin and 14 from Russell. Against Emporia, Austin broke the 1,000 point mark for career scoring. Russell, a freshman, was named to the All-Tournament team selected by coaches and sports writers. Swinging back home, the Bronchos faced the Redmen of Northeastern State University and won the contest 95-80. The win posted the second victory for the young cagers, recording the most points scored by Central in the early season. CSU held the lead throughout the game with a 66.0 field goal percentage. The Redmen trailed 30-47 at halftime and could not answer the buckets of the Bronchos. Another win was posted for Arm- strong, who saw five of his players scoring 17 or more points. Alford led the scoring with 22 points followed closely by Austin's 20. Russell and Anthony Andrews both posted 17 points while Chuck Kersgietter coming off the bench hit 7 for 7 and also tallied 17 points. 291 11 Zi. CSU Falls to SWOSU Southwestern While the Bronchos were at the friendly confines of home, they enter- tained the Southwestern Oklahoma State University Bulldogs in a game that was closer than the final score. The Bronchos gave the Bulldogs a scare during the first half. The Bulldogs held a slim one point lead before the cagers went to the locker room, 41-40. The second half saw the Bronchos improve their shooting with 5096 on field goals compared to 481k of the Bulldogs. However, this was not reflected in the final score, because the Bulldogs went on to win the game 72-69. With a record of 2-7 the Bronchos saw four men in double figures for the game. They included 6'6" Alford with 20 points, Austin 12 and a pair of 10's for Andrews and Russell. USAO The Bronchos took a southern swing to Chickasha, Okla., to face the Drovers of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. As in their previous contest, the final score does not reflect the effort made by the Bronchos. The Drovers led by 3 at halftime with a 29-26 score. However, Central State outscored its opponents by one point in the second half, 36-35. When the last seconds ticked off the clock, the Drovers grasped the victory with a winning bucket. Final score was 64-62. The Bronchos had two men in double numbers. S Austin outreaches an opponent for a bucket. Coach Armstrong explains the game plan during 292 time-out. LEFT: Henderson is robbed of two points as the ball is snatched from the rim. BELOW: Gachino stretches to give Austin a sure basket during the game against the Southeastern Savages. L. Coach Armstrong provides a bit of "body English" during a tough contest. CSU Claims Season's Third Victory Oklahoma Baptist Univ. Chances for a CSU victory were spoiled in the first 61A minutes of the second half when OBU scored 19 points to the Bronchos 6. The halftime score was 23-18 in favor of the Bisons. The Bronchos pulled to within nine points, 79-70, with four minutes left in the game but they could not hold out under the Bison onslaught. Oklahoma Baptist won the game 86-74. High scorers for CSU included Steve Austin with 18, Russell 16 and Hender- P son 13. OCC Classic On January 7-8 the Bronchos -Jinx iii'-' ,mafia Chuck Kersgietter tries to get fancy as he fakes a double-pump under-the-goal basket. Henderson jumps high to sink a basket against OCC. traveled to OCC to grab their fourth victory of the season against Northwes- tern. -2 we ,K l 5 9 ? Broncho fans clap, cheer and smile 3 ? , as the Eagles of OCC fall behind by a bucket. eF"'4l! Sparked by 23 points from Hender- son, the Bronchos beat Northwestern during the first game of the classic tourney, 76-68. Central State was shooting one of its better percentages of the season of 51.2fPb. The Bronchos led by 7 at halftime 39-32. The second half was closer than the first with Northwestern scoring 36 points and Central 37. Besides Henderson's 23 points, the Bronchos also had Russell contributing 14 and Austin with 12. LEFT: All eyes are on Andrews as he goes for a much-needed basket against OCC. BELOW: Henderson scores two of his 23 points against Northwestern. M -II CSU Loses Tough-One TL.-I' 296 Bethany Nazarene Central State returned to the Fieldhouse for a second dose of Bethany Nazarene, the Redskins winning the game 73-64. For more than an hour, everyone sat watching the players warm-up and waiting for the referees to show up. A scheduling error threw off the referees. After the refs arrived, the game stood tied at 16-16 until a sudden spurt from the BNC men made them 34-22 by the time halftime took place. Although the Bronchos outscored the Redskins 42-37 in the second half it didn't tally for an ultimate victory. Austin led the scoring drive with 14 points and Phil Giachino and Keith Russell totaled 10 points apiece. Cameron University After a neck-to-neck battle, the Bronchos took a hard loss at the hands of the Aggies of Cameron University, 66-64. Throughout the battle, the Bronchos BELOW: Steve Austin finds himself in the clear for a perfect layup. BOTTOM: Right, Anthony Andrews fires a set shot outside of the free throw area. Keith Russell goes high for a tip-in were able to maintain at least a one-point margin. When the players went to the lockers for halftime, the score stood at 32-29 in CSU's favor. Within the last 14 minutes of the game, things begin to change even though CSU still led 42-37. Within seven minutes, the Aggies were on top 52-44. They kept the spirit alive with a ten point lead until the last three minutes of the game. Then within two minutes, the young Bronchos had a 15-2 scoring rampage to bring the Bronchos up by one point, 63-62. The last 16 seconds tells the storyg it was at this point that CSU fouls sent the Aggies on to win 66-64. Keith Russell had 18 points, and Giachino had the best game of the season with 12 points and 16 rebounds. Dallas Baptist Turnovers and pressure defense were the culprits for the CSU loss to the Indians of Dallas Baptistg the final score was 72-65. Neither team shot very wellg CSU hit only 40 percent, and Dallas 46 percent. Besides the low-shooting percentage, BELOW: Brent Alford delivers a cinch lay-up. BOTTOM LEFT: Alford and Austin both go for the rebound against an OCC man. ABOVE: Frank Henderson looks for a man that is open. TOP RIGHT: Chuck Kersgieter fights two OCC Eagles for a rebound. 1 Bo'r'roM RIGHT: Mark Mars sets up 8 Broncho play. the Bronchos also had over 21 turnovers compared to 14 from Dallas. Only at 4-4 did the two teams stand at neck to neck, otherwise CSU trailed the entire game. With 10:58 remaining in the first half, the score was 21-20. But then Mark Mars became "hot" and helped the Bronchos stay in the game, bringing the score to 33-30. Within the first 10 minutes of the second half the Indians outgunned CSU 20-5, making the score 59-44. The lead was too much for the young CSU team, though they stayed close to the end. The final score was 70-65. Russell had 18 points. Anthony Andrews was next high scorer with 11 points. Phillips University The next night, the Bronchos played at Phillips University and lost the contest 90-73, in a game that experience was truly needed. Four of the Haymakers were in double-figures which reflected the strong offensive power and pressure defense. -Z The Bronchos also used pressure defense to pull within 12 points before the half was over. The Haymakers pulled away in the second half and won the game. 298 THE 1982-83 BRONCHO BASKETBALL SQUAD: Standing: Grad. Asst. Jeff Laha, Steve Austin, Anthony Dickens, Brent Alford, Mark Mars, Coach Buddy Armstrong, Phil Giachino, Adam Stern, Teddy Noel, Curt Foster, fdropped from squadj , Grad. Asst. Mike Kelley. Seated: Frank Henderson, Anthony Andrews, fdropped from squadj, Keith Russell, Steve Rector, Mgr. Mike Kitchen, Chuck Kersgieter, Jeff Boyd, Gregg Kerr. Cameron University Once again the Bronchos faced the Aggies of CU, but this time the Aggies had a tough time winning the contest. The final score was 75-71. The loss made the Bronchos 4-23 for the season. For most of the first half, the Bronchos were stone cold and could not catch the Aggies, though they managed a respectable 34-29 halftime tally. Q During the second half, Brent Alford 1,3 got a hot hand and laid up three point play for the Bronchos which put the team close at 42-41 with 12 minutes remaining. Within the next two minutes, CSU . finally pulled on top 56-53 then the score ff was tied at 58. . f , l ,f f -MQ , i 4 2 The Bronchos went to full court Q "S pressure defense and let several shots be 2 W A ! S . W 2 made by Cameron. Aggies went on and N f Y . , . captured the victory. Mte-.K t , . iii ' iiif is rr i f ' ii 1 Season Overview The Broncho fans show their concern and disappointment in the time remaining in the game and the score The Bronchos Went on to play Dallas on the clock. Even with a losing season, the fans gave the Bronchos and Coach Armstrong strong support. Baptist again, Lal'1gSt0rl UniVCI'Sity, East Central and Oklahoma Christian College. The Bronchos showed tremendous im- provement in those games but still came up on the short end. With a team of freshmen and sophomores, Coach Armstrong will have a definite advantage next year over this season, that is experience. It was an interesting season with its ups and downs and close call games. The fans, coaches and players shared the excitement and pain of a transition year. 299 Bronchos Tabbed Second in Nation But. . . Injuries Hamper Grapplers Season The State of Oklahoma has long been noted for having two of college wrestling's most formidable mat powers - Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma. However, these two powerhouses will have to make room for a third to join their elite company. The Central State University Wres- tling Program now under the new head coach, David james, All-American for four times, has produced a team that deserves nationwide recognition. Beginning the season ranked second in the nation, the grapplers have had their share of problems with injuries at all or most of their meets. Although several top wrestlers have graduated, the Bronchos still have five returning starters, including one national champ and three other All-Americans. Mickey McGowan, 118, returned for his second season as a Broncho after being forced out of the national tour- 300 nament with an injury, as did Joe Starzenski, 126, who was a big surprise for CSU last year by placing third at nationals. Ronnie James, two-time reigning national champ returned at 142, while junior Mark Allen improved over the season he had last year at 150. Benny Coleman, who won a national title as a freshman and was fourth last year at 167, moved up a weight to 177. Gary Astle, 167 returned to the starting line-up to take back the weight at which he earned All-American honors in 1980 as a freshman. Astle was redshirted last year with a knee injury. The Bronchos opened the season against the OSU Cowboy powerhouse, losing the bout 0-41. Things looked a little better when the grapplers headed north to Nebraska for the Omaha Nebraska Invitational Tournament. The team placed 2nd in the tourney with four men placing in the tourney. They included first places for Ronnie James, Gary Astle, Benny Coleman and second place for Mark A. Allen. TOP: Benny Coleman grasps opponent for a sure pin ABOVE: joe Starzenski holds an OSU man down to the mat. wry? ,vs-. ' x 57 f A in ff, 4 , 17 .2-, -'HY f ,rg 1 46 st ' if hh f ., wk TOP: Gary Astle, 167, attempts to free himself of an OSU opponent. ABOVE: Joe Starzenski has the upper-hand on an OSU opponent. I TOP: McGowan has pressure applied to him by an opponent, ABOVE: Jeff McKibbin, trainer, talks with Ricky Langland on how to defeat his opponent. 301 ABOVE - Benny Coleman strains to gain control over an OSU opponent. BELOW RIGHT - Ronnie James maneuvers with an opponent during a key bout. BELOW LEFT - Mark Allen stands ready in position to take down his opponent. Left to right, first row - Billy Reed, Mickey Mcgowan, Leon Hughes, David Aduddell, Troy Talley, Ricky Bollenbach. Second row - Coach David james, Ricky Langland, Ronnie James, Mark A. Allen, David Molet, Phillip Hinton. Third row - joe Starskenski, Gary Astle, Bill Ogilvie, Kevin Fields, David Patton, Keith Combs, Lee David and Benny Coleman. 302 Billy Ogilvie fights to escape his opponent, MIDDLE - Mickey McGowan, 118, rides on his opponent for a possible pin. BOTTOM - David Aduddell grasps at his opponent for a possible take-down. Bronchos Place Fifth in Tourney Oklahoma Open The Bronchos placed five men in the finals of the Oklahoma Open on Nov. 26-27, and the team received fifth place in the tournament. Two-time National Champ Ronnie james placed second in the tourney for the 142-lb. division. Astle claimed the 167-lb. title with second place and Benny Coleman also grabbed second place for the 177 lb. division. Third place in the 177 lb. division went to Bill Ogilvie and freshman Mark Allen managed to place fourth in the 167 lb. division. Las Vegas Open The grapplers traveled West to wrestle in the Las Vegas, Nevada Tournament. The Bronchos placed a respectable fifteenth in the tourney. Once again, injuries prevented the grapplers from clinching major victories. The tourney hosted 32 teams from across the nation, with OSU winning the championship. Wrestling at 118, Mickey McGowan defeated his first man 5-3 but he defaulted his second match due to a knee injury. Leon Hughes, at 126, lost a tough match 6-5 to his opponent from Ashland College. The CSU matmen excelled in all the weight divisions but especially in 134 lb. and 158 lb. weights. Ballenbach, wrestling at 134 pinned his man as did Mark Allen at 158. Phillip Hinton dominates his competitor during a match against NW Missouri State University. ABOVE Ronnie james holds an OSU Cowboy in check. BELOW: Benny Coleman moves in for a pin. K Q ,... i Q: .... - ii -wif if.. :.f ' ,- Q Q t fav R i fi Q is 4 1 304, l 1 1 Other Bronchos with victories in- cluded Leon Hughes and Phillip Hinton with 11-3 wins. Gary Astle wouldnlt let up on his man and posted a 13-4 victory. Kevin Feilds at 190 totally shut out his man with a 12-O count. Sunshine Open On the road again, the Bronchos traveled to Orlando, Florida, to compete in the Sunshine Open. The grapplers clinched fifth place, and Ronnie James won for the third consecutive year in the 142-lb. division. Mark Allen at 158 took fourth place when he was pinned for the third place position. Gary Astle, wrestling at 167, lost 11-4 for a first place spot and took second position in that division. Ricky Bullenbach won his match at 134 by 9-4 but lost 6-2 in the second round. Ronnie James at 142 made it to the second round of consolations before being surprised by Huber of Nevada. Benny Coleman at 177 advanced to finals but he had an injury default when he faced OU,s Mark Shultz. Central Missouri Despite their injuries the Bronchos managed to uphold the team spirit to defeat the grapplers from Central Missouri 38-11. Ricky Langland manhandles his opponent for a take down. Eat the mat! Benny Coleman demonstrates his Kevin Fields pauses for an injury time-out. power during a bout. David Patton has no problem in keeping his man under control. 305 Central Florida 85 Navy While the Bronchos were in the Florida area, they competed in the Triangular match against Central Florida and the Navy. The grapplers defeated the matmen from Central Florida by a 37-10 score but the Navy reversed the situation with a 30-13 win over the Bronchos. Northwest Missouri The Central State grapplers re- turned home to face Northwest Missouri. The Bronchos were victorious with a 26-12 win. Benny Coleman pinned his man in the 177-weight division. Billy Reid also proved to be successful with a 12-0 win over his opponent. Other men with wins included freshman David Aduddell at 126 with a CSU Picks up Two Victories ABOVE: Ronnie james keeps Glenn Goodman of OU in check for a possible pin. MIDDLE: Leon Hughes attempts to gain the advantage over his opponent. BOTTOM: Phillip Hinton breaks his opponent's hold. 9-3 win, Bollenbach at 134 won 13-6 and James wrestling at 142 won 15-6. Ricky Langland at 167 won a tough dual by a 3-2 score and Kevin Fields at 190 had to accept a 5-5 tie. New Mexico University Two days later and still crippled with injuries, the Bronchos faced the Lobos of New Mexico University. The Lobos won the contest 32-19. CSU won only four matches against the undefeated NCAA Division I school and fell to a 3-3- season record. Although Coleman's pin at 177 cut the Lobo lead to 20-19, a loss from Kevin Fields sealed the fate for the Bronchos. Central State's other victories came at 142 where Ronnie james won 15-7 and at 158, a 3-2 decision by Ricky Langland. Southwest Missouri Invitational Tournament After a 31-18 loss to Nebraska, the Bronchos took part in the SW Missouri Invitational. The team placed sixth in the tourney with two men winning individual titles. Ronnie james finished first at 142 pounds while Benny Coleman won the 177 class. David Aduddell captured a fourth place title at 126 and Phillip Hinton and Mark Allen placed fifth in 150 and 158 respectively. Bronchos Whomp Fort Hays, 43-3 Fort Hays, Kansas The Bronchos returned home to give the Tigers of Fort Hays, Kansas a serious whomping. The grapplers took the match by a 43-3 score, giving CSU the old National Championship look it once possessed. Before the clock ticked its first second, the Bronchos led 12-0 due to two forfeits by the Tigers. Billy Reid 11185 and David Aduddell 11265 were the two grapplers that received free points for the forfeits. The other wrestlers with wins included Ronnie James C1425 with a 6-2 win, Phillip Hinton at 150 with a 4-2 win, Ricky Langland C1505 with a 13-2 decision and Scott Luschen at 190 with a 8-3 win. The biggest point spread occurred at the 177 weight division, where Benny Coleman had a 20-0 lead before pinning his opponent. Adams State, Colorado After a tough match with the University of Oklahoma, the Bronchos traveled to Colorado to take on an old time rival, Adams State. Indeed the score proved how well the two teams matched up, with Adams winning 21-20. Two major upsets were a superior win by Benny Coleman of 22-0 over his opponent and a 5-2 win in the 167 weight division by Gary Astle over Shane Palmer who was the NAIA National ABOVE: Scott Luschen steadies his balance while being pulled down. TOP LEFT: Referee holds up the hand of Billy Reid for a victory. LEFT: "Win some lose some ..." a bleak expression seen on the faces of Mark Allen, Ricky Langland and Keith Combs. Champion for that weight. Southwest Missouri Before the Bronchos left Colorado, they wrestled in the Western Colorado Quad at Western Colorado University. The Bronchos proved victorious by winning 33-18 over Western Colorado and 27-18 over Mesa, Colorado. The grapplers kept the winning spirit as they defeated Southwest Missouri 29-16. Because of this match Scott Luschen and David Aduddell will both attend the national NAIA tour- nament. With a 7-6 season dual record, the Bronchos will be sending six men to the tournament. 307 Broncho Grapplers Place 5th in NAIA Tourney at Minot Ronnie James Wins 2nd National Crown Ronnie james National Champ A11-American NAIA Gary Astle All-American 6th Place NAIA I ffl Mark All 7th Place NASA C 1 l Benny oeman All-American 2nd Place NAIA Benny Coleman dominates an OSU man during a tough bout. Mark Allen waits for the 'go-ahead' signal from the referee Ronnie james' opponent tries to break a strong hold. H . , . , 1--s ,Z y' , .1 9' aa . V N 1 Y by ., vgzggay . f . , .g b,,,, tafijgeg Q N-of L:,,fL 1 A A .XR . - K.. , H-'rf' 9 ,gg 3 TOP: Front row, left to right - Lamont Frazier, Gerard Alexander, Rodney Hawkins, johnell Sloan, Eddie Erwin, Mike Cantley, John Pellow, joe Horton. Second row - Gilbert Hornbeak, Frankie Dreadfulwater, Merle Ashley, Laurence Austin, Ken Berry, Steve Kirby, jeff Murr, Charlie Cedeno, Tim Moore. Third row - Kevin Harris, Alan Barnes, Dale Clayton, Lynn Daylor, Shawn Schlinke, Kevin Davenpot, Tony Howard, Scott Raper. Fourth row - Keith Keel, Shawn Molloy, Willie Curleychief, Kurt Baze, Roger Lemmons, Tim Horsley, Brian Pitre and Ronnie Parks. Fifth row - Bill Hamrick, Jimmy Brackeen, Anthony Carpenter, Keith Singleton, Craig Hall, Joe Scott, Rodney Buss and Mark Heard. Back row - Ron Geary, Mark Alsip, Alan Erwin, Kendal Barnes, Kent Kadavy and John Blair. BELOW: Ken Berry stretches with the help of a fellow team-mate. RIGHT: Anthony Carpenter makes a strong finish for first place. a, N W.. S ffm' , at , 0. ,-a- ,r ,A ,.w V . --::'.+7 ' "J- I f wi , fm -1 , .vif,,,,4'7K " ' ,,,. K- s ' '25-G 4",rw..Azf'- , 5. ' W V 2, L," -any T' Q wiv' .f"" . ,4. i ABOVE: Shawn Molloy edges up to his opponent during the Oklahoma Classic at the Myriad Convention Center. LEFT: Jimmy Brackeen holds his pace on the inside ready for the final kick. 311 4 si 'VNS K K M we . 5 With an astonishing victory from last year's District Nine track meet of a margin of 184.5 points, the tracksters are looking forward to even a better season this Spring. Coach Paul Parent has lost six point-producing seniors but he has also managed to grab some top quality freshmen and transfers for the Broncho team. Some of the strong pointers for CSU includes johnell Sloan who holds the District Nine title for the 100 yard dash. TOP: Eddie Erwin strives to get ahead of his competitors in the distance medley. RIGHT: Brian Pitre makes the final stretch home during the indoor track meet. 312 A wg? - .gg A .Jia 17 Also returning for the javelin throwing position is Brian Coffey where he placed first in the district meet from last year. Merle Ashley is another dependable point man that has returned for high jumps. Last year, Ashley won the triple jump at the district meet. Other needed point men include Gilbert Hornbeak, who finished second in the shot put at the district meet, Charlie Cedeno and Alan Barnes for the middle distance competi- tion. Cedeno was a member of last year's distance medley relay team which won its race at the national indoor meet on last year. With such a team and with much inspiration and spirit from members, chances are still good for the Bronchos to be crowned the 1983 District Nine champions. Parent has set several records while being at Central State and this season will be full of the same kind of outstanding performance on behalf of the CSU tracksters. i J X. 'Y' .of ,,.Mf M.-ff"""'-'od amd- V4 TOP LEFT: jeff Murr strides a step behind an opponent during the two-mile relay competition. TOP RIGHT: Kent Kadavy stands prepared to throw the shot put. CENTER LEFT: jimmy Brackeen finds himself trapped amongst competitors. CENTER RIGHT: Shawn Schlinke strains with all of his muscles in order to stay ahead of an Eastern Oklahoma State College opponent. BOTTOM: Keith Singleton keeps the pace in a 440 relay race during the Hertz Oklahoma Track Classic at the Myraid Convention Center. 313 Men's Cross Country lf' TOP: Jimmy Bracken prepares to pass competitor during a distance run. ABOVE: The cross-country team relaxes and listens to Coach Paul Parent. RIGHT: Roger Lemons out-paces everyone else during warm-ups. 314 Experience paid off for the CSU cross country team as they traveled to Peoria, Illinois to take part in the NAIA National Cross Country Meet. The trip was the second of the kind for Coach Paul Parent after an impres- sive win over Oklahoma Christian College, 22-43. The Bronchos also captured the District Nine crown with the win over OCC. The Bronchos managed to place no lower than third in any meet for the season and they placed 14th at nationals, while OCC finished at 23rd. The highlight of the track meet was Ronnie Park, senior, who finished seventh and earned All-American honors for the second year in a row. Outstanding wins for the season included the Henderson State Invitation- al Cross Country meet where CSU had top five players finishing in the top ten, giving CSU a 28-46 victory. The Bronchos took second at the Pittsburg State University Invitational in Pittsburg, Kan. The men placed second only to PSU with 45 points. BELOW - "Runners to your mark . . . get set . . . GO!! The Bronchos take off for a long distance run. JL" .Q -lr' K is, scifi wma- eg. Q- wa, 2.1, H04 LEFT: Joe Horton passes a competitior during a long field run. BELOW: Members of the 1982 Cross Country team from left to right. First row: Roger Lemons, Willie Curleychief, joe Scott, Jim Bracken, Rodney Buss, Jeff Murr and Bill I-Iamrick. Second row: Craig Hall, Ronnie Parks, Lamont Frazier, Joe Horton, Charlie Cedeno, Curt Baze and Tim Moore. li fwfgf-. Z 1 Baseball 316 In 1982, Central State University's baseball team reached the District Nine Playoffs for the first time in a decade, finishing with a 28-22 record and a team batting average of .310. Perhaps pitching was one of the most important ingredient to this winning team, with Carl Peete, who was named honorable mention All American, and pitchers Ron Maxwell and Kevin Ludwick. if 9 hw' scsissi TOP RIGHT: Carl Peet practices his delivery as Coach Bobby Hunt looks on. ABOVE: Guy Hardaker signals that he was safe on his slide at third base. TOP LEFT: Buster Keasler signals the first baseman that there is one out. ABOVE: Guy Hardaker dives back toward the base to keep from being called out. 317 ,HM ,,,,W,,,,,, ,,,.f....., ,,,,, M,.WW C -ff , 1 Q A ' ' ' H. 37" M ,gm ww . ' . f ' 'W I ' f., M Wy, V ,W 4 ikewpz '- Wim, V, W ,5'ffQ'ffr,"9v,,4,g.fH'J' '- W 'Y - - ' .. I-. , . r. , za., f,,'- X f ABOVE: Kevin Ludwick winds up for the pitch. RIGHT: Ron Black hustles to keep a Langston Lion from reaching the base. 318 LEFT: Coach Bobby Hunt checks the scorebook for the number of total runs in the game. BELOW: Putting his all into his pitch, Mike Welsh leads the Bronchos to a win over Langston. FAR LEFT: Darren Linden awaits the pitch. CENTER LEFT: Was it break time or just a close slide to third? Darren Linden sits tight for the call. A - - f , 3215- 2 TV 'if' - 'K s 'Wwe -5 " ' -'L: ' LEFT: Ron Black watches the pitcher closely for a chance to steal a base. BELOW: It was "too close for comfort" for Wade Causey as he had to jump back to avoid being hit by the pitch. CENTER: Ron Black leads off first base to get a start for second. lik WE 6-wa ce - E QQ. . i 5 3 'S i l-.V -RAS Q Q i..., We ill.- - Q , l , 5 I .ss 'W' LEFT: Taking his own time getting there, Darrin Linden adds another run to Central States score. ABOVE: Brett Turner and Bob Bailey help Darrin Linden stretch before the game. , 4 FW-4 . . X ABOVE: Bob Bailey jumps to make the play at first. 319 CSU Tennis 1. BELOW: Kneeling: David Moore, Ray- mond Dakudao, Arif Datoo, Khalid Khan. Standing: Keith Williams, Brian Barnes, Brad Redding, Lonnie Phillips, Coach Francis Baxter. Not Shown - Rod Cabato. RIGHT: David Moore delivers a powerful backhand smash, 'i 320 Left: Brad Redding aims for an ace on his first serve. A f W 1 w., A E . 'a 12 -' ,1 1: ,df M: 1 5IlW'j5T'29i Llwwww X , ,, , V f ,, P' fggcwwxwfffsss M W'5?HBQ?r'wX 'M Wswww VSxY-wa dv , :X 'f WN55'5VffX?'VR'9YxN Wi+vw- , W ff , N' v"N ,1,. X X , ' W my QM-msww w1:Mf+Xk.Q mm NX wwf 1 WMMWKN,mtwwmw-M,N Www kwmifgf vwwmL:f::ff5 ,ff W My X - N , X"X' ww wifwm ,wwim A Ngwmvvl Q. ww' wffgfww ww-111, Aggmsmi xv ffzfgw ,Q Zia Y , 'f'f' ff 19- L of 'xrxvfswa ww W 12Ai1wwXXyw W my X , "M wffsff + N ku Q.35fqg311a.x,n,n.1:E?2?55f,1f. ' ,i a:' , 2525 1512? wwfmwffwm' -WWWQQQ wwmwekg,MMwSwfgf?ffw,sbwx: H 1 ,V N- lift sm v5lt+li+J:mH-- , Y' V N-mmgiwww fm -J , . f:f2 fQf wqwggy wwwwf?mafS'w:xwg4 A, ,mw.www:f+qmxmwwwrxSggggffssvx Vw vez ww. 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H Q W Y f - 1 W, -wh , f Q gi fs' QQQQJQS? 33.31 QA New W 'Ag ff MTH g533 " +z K I - ' H' '- W 1 W 5 finzi ifl Q WW. , Mr WW . F -. f QW M U A , H E1 ' s b ?H1 z5g:g rx, Wifi : mega MQ wi 'Q ' . , fx! !.,4h +mMW ,E ,Wy , K K K W- qw N -ff' Qu mm ' Q 4,4 ,Q tw, FAM L L Q aw ' L ,A X'X,! V ,, X ,ww A Ari' ni' , A 1, 'QA A A A A W A f sf 'nz A- S.: Q H',H'ag' 521 .A 'Ll A .A A-XA- V A QA? A 1' A, A xx pm. , 4 A ""'f:!.,, A ww-Af, with ' ff H 'w w ' W ' 'fu A x x L ' 'WA-A M A. 1 w A Nw " ,: "" swAAAv'v- --- A U V U I X .. A A ,Awwww--AAQA-.Q.. AAAwv,AvA,+mAA.,,,,. , ' AA.,-K2 A, -u,A,..Aww A-, A mwrww ,aw aw A 11.. . ,, .+V A ' J, 4 A A A K i AAA AIA AA Pi - fin Tw. A-a, ,,,,-N .mi ,'. , AA VK 4 YK K 2 Q " mfs XX L RAS T V , -Q - his ,A 15 'X if xt., A, A ,, X- - A A M ,QAQAN if As Fav, ,Ag-A,f+f1'3tAnvi2f x- , A fAS-will '-" ' an N rx -A: 1 T' A ," M AN gg K A, Q X Q ' 2 1 A f . A A , AM . A at A A X + A ,, ,Ik is Q: K A lv M ,ir SA 4, Q an A 5531 A I A RQ v A+ me X N . v' ,AYAQAR A f? 5 'f A hi. A sf A' K2 W igAu1AA?A.A,i,i yi, K Ai9.AM"5l:' 4 ML , A A. Xw"Qffw?Pff'. "fi 1 :HA 3 A A5 M- A ff?N"2,'fAAAAAf, 3 x S Aff, A A 1 in Aw AAA-AQM A, A4 f Az.-E A 1 A ' wg WQAA A4 v 'Z U f ' 'i i A 4 A. A i A 34. Af. 1 N. .A ,A' A g wg , S -f Aff. av .2 A A Asst. Athletic Director In Charge f Women's Sports In the two years prior to the '82 season, Coach John Keely turned the Lady Bronchos from a 2-25 season in 1980 to a 25-10 season in 1981, in which his team took State Champions lst Regional and National Quarter Finals. Before coming to Central State Keely coached ten years at Choctaw High School, two years at Northwestern Oklahoma State University and one year at Edmond High School. "At first I started out to be a football coach and changed to basketball, both boys and girls. The girls team was better so that's where I decided to stay, commented Coach Keely. 324 -T Milk. Gil ? :..L.-: I - 152151 L' - mm, , -, 7 . Fi 5 Sq -Nkiwsiw-:wk A X A S if .-.k f " .:. K wk . -yxgw 5 x A-V 'A--X -- M. :M 53. MQ .205 K K g .k,, F -Q . ,X , x.,. 4-x.,,NL ,-5.55 , .K ,. . A EL I Q .L,kA if 1 J,-A N 'H x -Q N v if M -A - -ff was ' if-, -sz K . ' - X5 K Y 5 5, ik:--, gags,-S: . sg-Q .. , 4 5 S 3 f OITICII S Sports "Nu.gfL Q- iz' R. ax X ,, , 1 , , wi Q u. w Yi .. . ,841 'o Q. 'Y XQW'-'ei , . ta 'n II' is .V A f -if Podolec Named All-American Pitcher In May of 1982 the women's softball team traveled to Sioux Falls, North Dakota to play in the National Softball tournament tak- ing a 8th place finish. But the outstanding moment for this team and Coach Gerry Pinkston was when Pam Podolec earned the title of AIAW All- American Pitcher. Pam was recog- nized nationally for having the lowest ERA at a National Tour- nament. Her AIAW record of .000 is a record that can never be broken! Her accomplishment for the spring season of '82 was a remarkable win-loss record of 18-8 and a ERA record of .7S0. omen -Softballers lace 8th Nationally as - xmfgx' ee, -ui is si , -- V, ki, . fe, -- .W--Liigsgfi f iv . Y r 'NH A in I K 0 ' " , K ' 2 ' N .- -- ffl- F .- ,, , cgi.. ., !: .s3'-,z H , , . ,gsm r. 6 A L .. - ,l . M , .3 A,.. -1 K L im, f X X ' l' - A f , f .' v is Q K ,V '- r gs' Q- . 1 ns. if N ' .. if .L.-filcuflf' 1- A, EE Wlrfgmss k ff ' ' WN 'N TT, 'I 'ff U' - 'Qi ufki f f , ' .:":'fQf Y t'!':q,2i4-2' ' t.,,'2"' ' tiff. fig My nf. x A r ,. V, ., :X f, at .ia by .Y : f Is., K X . he . if 3QbTB5fmrf:vf-ri-so v - ' to 2- :r,f.s,Q?f?"' .W ' K " s - - - l dh! Freshman Mary Martin follows through on her swing. 'fair fl if 4 4 ft, , J A- 'fm fHf'f,l ww- SE Missouri Nebraska Wesleyan SE Missouri OBU OBU Southwestern Southwestern Okla. City U. Okla. City U. W. Michigan' St. Louis' SW Missouri' W Texas St." Okla. City U." OU OU Marymount' ' Emporia " " U. Nebraska " " U. Nebraska " " OCU OCU Southwestern Southwestern Texas Tech. "' ' "' Sam Houston' "' " N. E. La. " "' " U. Texas Arlington""" Stephen F. Au."""' Angelo Stata ' " ' Cameron Univ. Cameron Univ. Butler College Wichita State Okla. Baptist Okla. Baptist NW La. ' " " " Nicholls St. ' "' " " Angelo St. " ' " " Angelo St. " ' "' ' Eastern Ill. ' " ' " " Portland St. " "' " "' "' 'Tournamen t - Bartles v1IIe OK "' 'Tournament - Emporia ' "' "' U TA Tournament " ' " 'S WAL4 Regionals " " ' "' 'Na tional Tournament Front Row Crystal Carpenter, Lisha Brown Nancy Rahm jessica Dudge Lori Sheridan, Susie Prafka, Mary Martin Back Row Rhonda Lawson Jeanice Kennedy, Lisa Marsden Jo Harney Coach Pinkston fills the umpire in on substitutions Susan Brachen Tammy Parker, Kathy Konk Joyce Ritz Sherri Becker and Coach Gerry Pingston. CSU 4 6 0 0 0 2 1 1 3 1 328 Midwestern Midwestern OSU OU OU OU Wich OCU OCU OCU ita State Women's Softball CSU plays first fall season OPPONENT 8 3 4 10 7 9 5 8 2 5 Senior Tammy Parker connects for a hit. Nancy Rahm swings at a high fast delivery it fi it fd ,Q lll n , ,JM ..':,f -,,' . -, K' ,J-ff! Crystal Carpenter, Lisa Marsden, and Tammy Parker gave support to their pitcher Pam Podolec. il fy ,izzprra 1 1' , K' 'Wg-" Sliding in for a close play at 2nd was Susie Prafka. rm- f-x For the first year Central State participated in a fall softball season. Though they only went 2-7 on the season, Coach Gerry Pinkston commented that the losses of the fall season prepared her team for the spring season. With eleven returning players from the '82 spring season, the lady Bronchos defetaed Midwestern and OCU, but injuries kept them from capturing wins from both OU and OSU. "The fall season basically was to help the new players get acquainted with CSU, help improve our other player skills and bring unity to the team," said Coach Pinkston. 329 K V ,VVV, ,L H , , ', ,UA ,i L',-, Q q., f , mam "" V .iv 'f i V - Ms, KJi,V I Q , - ,. iw- if , , if' wgfff 121 "ig 'W i " ' ' in WW ,fu-a-f fb f J X 1, .W , X f A, M X X ' Q i s 5 2 . hiv!! f Q ' , Q af wif " 2 X xx, ew i F .5 v ' ' 'W 1 f f 8 I I4 if ' V X Vs? 4 'Aj fix l I W 1 MW , , , f 2 1 y J qi f mf 1 , K 6 f " fe 4? 91 av I X K 414, a Ja Mi, A, if if J I 'rf X 5, ' K .Wm ,,,, , ,af W ' 1 L ,W " 4 f r W K2 2 K .- gi Zig, i 1 5 . ,A 19 2 f R ' ' Ml if I V L W , t .. f. W , t ,Sus , ,f M' ' 5 V v -W F ' J f J' my Q V 452 J I W ' f v .W ff 5 'sf ,- X W va 7 H ' f 'M L W iw Q if 'W E aw? au 5+ 451 5540 2,21 if' ir 1 fa f Qi' L. K Y o A Numa Upper Left: Coach Pinkston discusses pre-game strategy with 2nd baseman Mary Martin. Above: Tammy Parker watches the action from the dug-out. Left: Pam Podolec awaits the Midwestern pitch. Qs ,L a M -f1...f"l 3 r. sf- Muna s ff-.44 Above: Crystal Carpenter slides past the 2nd baseman. Left: Shin guard, chest pad, and face mask were necessary to protect catcher Crystal Carpenter. I 331 he Lady Bronchos ABOVE: Connie Means fights for possession of the ball. RIGHT: jackie Eckels works her way around a USAO opponent for a shot at the basket. 332 6 ':. vtfgfg as w, se ' .Q Q2 'QQ If f - v H-s, ,, . . .,... 5-.v-gs... -- ,p x ,,. 'Tm tickled to death!" expressed Coach John Keely about his Lady Bronchos. "If we stick together and work hard, the winning will come together." And "tickled" Keely should be. The Bronchos ended last season with a 25-10 record, and just missed a shot at the final four by losing to the eventual AIAW winners, Francis Marion SC. From this winning team Keely returned starters Patti Komalty, who was CSU's first female All-American, jackie Eckels, Gayle Stout, Allette johnson, and Rochelle Ware, plus adding Carrie Tucker to his lineup. LEFT: Carrie Tucker goes up for two points against Southwestern. BELOW: Graduate Assistant Danny Black checks Jackie Eckels for possible injuries. if-A Bronchos Streak to Nine Game Win The Bronchos entered the 1982-83 season with a winning streak of nine straight wins. This record gave coach Keely and the Lady Bronchos a hopeful outlook for the new season. Bethany Nazarene became the first of Central States victims, with Eckels and Komalty leading the Bronchos to the 63-39 win. After this the Bronchos followed the tradition by beating-Phillips University 66-56, and Huston Tillotson by a score of 94-84. Then later in the season the team made an impressive win over the Pittsburgh State Gussies in the OBU Tournament. The 77-58 win gave Central their fifth victory of the season. Top scorers for the game were Jackie Eckels who hit 6-7 from the field, and 4-6 from the line, for a total of 15 points and 8 rebounds, with Carrie Tucker having 12 of the 77 points. Against Northeastern the combination of Eckels and Komalty came together once again for 28 of the total 73 points. For the first time of the season junior transfer Carrie Tucker led the team with astonishing 23 points to lead the Bronchos to a 67-65 win over Southwestern. This was possibly the biggest success of the season since the Bronchos had just beaten the 1981-82 National Champions. TOP LEFT: "It was up and over" for Jackie Eckels as she adds two to the scoreboard. BOTTOM LEFT: Gayle Stout works the ball upcourt. ABOVE: Alette johnson goes in for the lay-up. L9 ' ., rf 'Q .. S git 22 A .Q my b N ' ..1: gag x x. B Nu BELOW: Connie Means outjumps her opponent. RIGHT: Patti Komalty works her way to the goal. BOTTOM LEFT: Rochele Ware adds two against USAO. BOTTOM RIGHT: jackie Eckels is triple teamed by the Fillies. l VAL 5 , 7 .1 ABOVE: Alette johnson takes aim for a shot against Phillips University. RIGHT: Struggling for position, Kim Kramer stretches to reach the ball first. Bronchos Regain Winning Ways After a successful start Central State took its first loss of the season to OU 56-82. Carrie Tucker led the Bronchos with a high of 16 points. The next two games against East Central and Oklahoma Baptist saw a decline in the performance. The Lady Bronchos lost both times by less than 12 points, bringing their season record down to 9-3. Then in the Jennies Invitational tournament Keely's team pulled out a 65-45 win over Missouri Southern, but lost 78-84 to Central Missouri, who was ranked sixth in the NCAA Division. After two back-to-back wins over Northeastern and Southeastern the Lady Bronchos were ranked number two in the NAIA. The Bronchos ended the season winning ten of their last sixteen games, making their overall record 23-11. Patty Komalty was named All-District player, while Gayle Stout lead the team in scoring with 414 points for the year, making her career total 1004. This made her the all-time leading scorer at CSU. ABOVE: Rochelle Ware uses her height to get the ball down court for the shot. RIGHT: Freshman Leigh LeGrande works her way around a USAO guard. ni 6 i y if 1. ,mlm i 5 ' 7 E l 'li fi If XX 'Q Q 174' V f fxi 4 4 l ' fl C xx 'Ili E I "" 4. ii S i f "' 4 i i k P , J 5 bkkk , ' S V xx f isis Q- il, ,N A -11 y.-.-...- The Lady Bronchos: Front Rowg Kelly Savage, Kim Kramer, Jackie Carrie Tucker, Shelly Burgs, Alette johnson, Gayle Stout, Teresa Eckels, Rochelle Ware, Connie Means and Lisa Spurlock. Back Row: Campbell, Carla Taggart, Peggy Pedigo, Patti Komalty, Cynthia Assistant Coach Jim Roberts, Tammy London, Leigh LeGrande, Foster, Danny Black, and Coach john Keely. Women s rack - . N. X X if BY Q X .,,, x xg , .Q Si Q XX. fXX:..' f .1 .X - .X 'Xi Q' R .. w,,iX..., Q A, I . "'g 1 A , . . xxxx . . -- .X , .. . . N ir- f-- . . ' X.. Q ...Q if ..1,,eW '- . is AQQXXXQQFQQSF mix. .. . . X, K 'X N - . . X X - . ..,, A ' X- A . L' N115 X Mg K . .X . gygg' i 1, 1f.k,gg,+f... ww? 25451 CX ,Q X W .w 3- H WT- .. ' Eff: . L I -, - .f R . .X . . . . 'X .. - 1 , I A -. . ' .XX W. 'X' .-. - 1. 1. -K inf? wig . X- -5 - . - 'XH'1?iX.s:4-. 1 1 Q.-. A -2. X-H F-S. WY... ,X L. A q X A . V . . 3 X. . , ,... ......,, .. . ...... X A X ,W . 3 Ai . -. w -.pi -..-s .-r-.-5.,5X- ,SQ .. 7 N.-as f - - -- 1.-ry A M . R ' 'YK , A - .6 . X X -. A ' X 4 f" . ,if f 2 X N' - .55 f QE ,, X 'X L 1. -' K l X ug. 'X' 340 K .x a ' .2 ,ay gf A' 'z .W Q Wx! Ulf if' VT' w W , , erfmiv . - ,, tqfggg-,'1,fg W , ,ws , Far Left: Anette Bieber runs in the two mile event at the Myriad. Above: Linda Dunham concentrates on her breathing control in the 880. Left: Annette Bieber attempts to pass the crowd for a lead in the race. Annette placed seventh in the two mile. Other Page: Carolyn Adebiyi pulls ahead in the last lap of the 440 yard dash. 341 Women's L an fr 1 . I f. ?"".. ' . ri" Right: "Up and Overg" Denise Dick stretches to outreach her opponent. Far Right: Melinda Newcomb serves to Panhandle State to pull out a 15-11 win. if Front left to right: Lisa Rogers, Joyce Ritz, Kim Edwards, Melinda Newcomb, Lisa Peppers, Denise Dick and Paula Oliver. Not pictured - Karen Porter. 342 Volleyball fi 1, ' Q Denise Dick returns the ball back to Panhandle State ., - W, L . . M e,.:a Z W R Q ig? jaw.: V 'sg ' M ,,n, i 1 , ,,,.. W Kim Edwards positions herself to pass to the sitter. if V ,W . , Women,s Tennis 5.-. A i -.9 vp . ...A , Salsa Right: The women's tennis team: front row: Terry Rogue, Petra Hocerle, Deana Nordmang back row: Kathy Mathis, Wendy Backstorm and Coach Francis Baxter. Upper Right: Kathy Mathis reachs for a cross-court slice. Above: Wendy Backstorm checks her opponents position. 344 .fpafvvvf DATE Sep. Oct. WOMEN'S FALL TENNIS SCHEDULE 3 14 17 21 24-15 28 30 1-2 8-9 22 29 OPPONENT Oscar Rose Okla. Univ. "B" East Central Cooke County Emporia Tournament Oscar Rose Cooke County Cooke County Tourn. Broncho Classic fMidwestern, East Central Okla. City Univ.J Okla. City Univ. Tulsa University ,,,......--. . Above: Terry Rogue from the Philippines played at the number one position in CSU's women's tennis. Right: Seconds before smashing the ball, Terry Rogue positions herself for the hit. 345 ff 4 Y W' :x1,:, x W ,, Q , ,,, SQ7: M M . Q ,gf . M? 5 if Ame M, 4. us ,W Wwg,, . ,,,,, .,,, f f ff if , 23 a AW , W W Ni 6 ml? f In 1950 Orren Mixer was a student at Central State, which at that time was known as Central State College. Now he is one of the foremost horse painters in the U.S. His painting Cfacing pagej portrays the sports that CSU participated in at that time, most of which are not in the curriculum now, 30 years later. It originally was displayed in Want- land Hall Stadium, but has been refound by Dr. Virginia Peters and now hangs in her office. Intramural Drrector . ,..,. N, Q ,Q af it According to intramural director Tom Hollis, "The purpose of intramural sports is to provide an opportunity for every student to take an active part in competitive sports and recreational activities within the framework of educational endeavor." Hollis has directed the intramural program for the past two years at Central State and is also in charge of the recreational program. Before coming to CSU he coached and taught on the high school level. He said, "My goal was to coach at a college level. I knew it wasn't just something you stepped into, so I used my public school experience to get me here." 347 Intramural Flag EQQQ g 5 Nix S x X X-Y , . 5 ,, ist' f Q J r : Football it sss allll tgagg,M5 Wwmsgy ,--,' j S 5 r it rr 4- 4- is, ami- .Q Q .Q sy.-li V vig Q ,.y.,i, to -sg SS i Intramural Men's Teams S 85 M Beast From East Beer Hunters Stray Cats Werewolves In London Wesley Foundation First Floor North Harvesters T. K. Killers We Tappa Keg " Mustangs Second North ATO Kappa Sig Sig Tau TKE Acacia " Intramural Flag Football Champions uf ' H+ Q 4 Yiigf ia ui J ,if N .K A .. iifvx VN ,r agar i-.QA - i i a oi. 3 X if 5 4' a f ff' 1 f ' if was Mama' 1 ,Q K ,, Q K, A 3, 3 , -, Aiea, Q 'if 2 l 5.3-wg" 1 '-,' , 4- -:'. V .. .I ,. X , fuk- l' H- - ' I NAV- -?--4, V ' f, wg: -' fu -',,.'H1,.f.. , , ,. , . , W ' f . ,, fa , gym Q WJ Nu 4 mf 11 1 K' 1' 5 K 5" Walesa fr l 1, , I fir' lv ffA ln, ,,.L W . .wliiif ,, 1 K fi 4 f , 2 ,M ,,,, 8 f Ziff Q ' l - Vi -1 F :ya f 1 I f A : 4 -gy f wg, H, 1 ,mjwfy 3 ' E Qkjm , My ,f , '.,Q51jf if an 'Qi a mi " , Jw, jx Al , M 1 1, H LL" W .1 , 2 ' Q wif ' G la!" ' M 9 Q frm " "M , fn 7 a , ffm' Q 5 ' 1 1' ' W 'L V- ' 2 'iff fi?" A it if Q-fue: 7 ' ' f I 5 fy ., 3 ' 4 5.1 we V'r'fMWf3v2"".,,AA A 1 2542 ITf"'K 3 All ' 'fi ' 'lf v a72Z,,g ,,5w wW'?'1igg'5? 95 4g'V'4"?g ,yftslg 4,421 . 1 qi 5 J ' ll 4' Y ' , V' W5 K5 'imlif X 4 1 A " QRJ"F1fi2 MW' 'QA ,W r A H Q ' A W K V M 4. ,V ,L :,?W,Q ,A ,Qffk ,K E ? X I 'VM , , , L, .. 1? K H ff'W'l Q V L E . I ' 4 '11 ' - ' " f lf .,,, 1 f 1. W 1' 'f Y J W- A ..,. . M52 agqfix. .Q vs Q-s.-Q--was f - 1- - .-fs Q 5 . .S 3 Intramural Women's Teams Kappa Tappa Killer Queens Lonestars " G. D. I.'s Crusaders Delta Zeta Sigma Kappa Alpha Gams Keg " Intramural Flag Football Champions 3 4 9 s v YW , 1- 4 " 4 1ra,f,fg.W Intramural KING, V- 9 5 x Soccer 351 BSU Wins Intramural Volleyball Titles '53 1 P-1 Left To Right: Tracy Hill, Sharyl Kidd, Shari Smith, Denise McElhaney, LaDonna Roberts, and Tammy Chapman. M1312 Front Row: Stuart Case, Jody McElhaney, Karl Smith, Darrin Landes, B. D. Kennedy, Back Row: Mark Spears, Greg Krueger, Guy Graham, Leonardo Roger, and John Kern. Women,s Intramural Basketball f V A x iwlavs Upper Left: A Sig Kap pass is broken up by an Alpha Gam guard. Center Left: It was a battle of the independents, as Melanie Dennett tries for a GDI steal. Bottom Left: "Following the bouncing ball." Everyone scrambled for position of the ball. Top Right: Lonestart huddle. Far Right: Polly Pitezel sticks with the girl. Above: janet Krittenbrink shoots over the heads of Sig Kap guards. f 0x Q s ,Ve iw. if l' y A V if lgfl A 1 'Ik Q, A gr ,1 QM! Q 'W A Ai E-3' Env '45 6- ff" 1 J'- S Qx ,ff-7 , Y MILITARY SCIENCE F 4493? 2,2 -2 ...4-nfwf K NH ' I .f V 5 fJ5..L7f!11j'fA ,',' H 'f ,YH .V .. ,,,, 1 4 NWN-2 , 1 ,, f 43 M .4 'V Zn W1 A! ww we W .lk 356 Cadet Staff X K- 5 X E 5 si ---- f I Hal Persun Cadet Bn. Com. Hansel Stack Cheryl Craig Cadet Ex. Off. Cadet Bn. Sl. :.k W K he f X t..f5f'5 Laaa ' ' C, Ye R N K, .. f f ' . . 1 'xx X' f .Q 5 David Smith Mark Treanor Richard Shelton Cadet Bn. S3 Cadet Bn. S4 Cadet Bn. S5 43" 4 fs. he Marauders Rugged physical fitness, expertise in practical military skills, confident leadership and teamwork are what the Marauders are all about. The Marauders carry on the commando tradition of the famed World War II "Merrills Marauders." The Marauders are sponsored by the Military Science Department. Full membership is open to all students with a GPA of 2.0, who can meet the demanding standards of dedication to excellence, physical fitness and applied leadership. Each Marauder must pass the demanding Army Physical Fitness Test, assume a leadership position, and take responsibility for the effective management of the organization. 1 444, we-q.,,,, gf qv Ziggy-, f , 1 f ,-' n , H Tony Lambert Michael Gebur Mark Treanor Carl Keesey Hal Persun Cheryl Craig Sherry Rose Richard Moreno Richard Shelton Lorna Fairchild MEMBERS OF MARAUDERS june Lantz Michael Sprinkle Rachael Van Horn Joni jones Leslie Montgomery Cathy Christianson Sam Rice Daryl Ping Troy Beary james Lemser ROTC Receives Honors CPT Smith and Mrs. Ivy pin 2nd LTD bars on joel I In a swearing-in ceremony, LTC Case gives the oath of 2nd LTD to Joel Ivy and Stephen Lewis. Alvin Alcorn presents Rachael Van Horn with an academic award. L -K' , 1 1 K .5 n 1 .MN K , LTC Case and SGM Reeves present Hal Persun with CDT Batallion Commander pin. 361 , Senior Cadets Lorna Fairchild Richard Moreno fr ,I Y .Q . X' f Hal Persun joel Prouty . 'kkk K - k sg T Jerry Robinson f A - f Nfl 'Xa Richard Shelton ' ' 5 ' ' 'F' ' ,Ri X a ra, X' Y f David Smith Hansel Stack Hi. I-if, s PM ff i Mark Treanor I fi 5 Junior Cadets sf A K in f tm i X C We i i E I S t -Y 1 I X i if XZ I l 5 933' Q9 ,,, X , i fb C- in e ff NRE Q wx tx, saae fs lx ff' Ex X' ,4 gl'--. , 7 xgp. K! is..-.-I ..1.,,:.:,,? :'E' . N ty i my y iV, . Q vw jx 2 ,VNQQ N, v :A K I fi , 9124 f ,Q X 1 1' ft' X ll 1 S l li if ' 'E' iii , mf- gif T Ih . S m F x g ,.,, . P f f if M E -" ' ' fs C jim Starling Barbara Tachney f Q 5' 2 L ! Carlos Vergara Charles Boyd Cathy Christenson Cheryl Craig Motoko Hulme Dono james June Lantz Stephen Marks Kent Meyers Leslie Montgomery Les O'Brien Glenn Oister Sam Rice Sharon Rose Anthony Sledge Floyd Smith Mike Sprinkle Cadets Takes Part In Field Activities L ' 'uf ., , ,Q 4 gM,,, ,- f , 132'1"M,,n A if-di . X"" Q Ser ices gf V A. . , w , sk, A A fi ,nl rw -fr-"Q, lg . '13- in 1, fm. , ,JF-V A I, 4, , lv-M-'. wg. ' 5 -1 31-1 .- V Z: . fm-'ff Academic Advisement TOP: Donna J. Guinn, Advisement Co-ordinator. LEFT itop to bottomj Robert E. Austin, Elizabeth A. Black, Linda Matthews. ABOVE: Gloria J. Auth. RIGHT ftop to bottomj Dr. Gail E. Balman, Calvin Fairbanks, jouce Navarre. X 0 5 Xl u i s ' 1 .wa ix S 7NTKN F N W University Center Bookstore RIGHT: Jean Powell, Lou Prize, Mozelle Matthews, Joyce Felts, and Rita Moore. P t ff ' RIGHT: Laura Beaver, Darlene Scott, Anna Quesenberry and Art Robinson. University Center Bookstore LEFT: Art Robinson, Carolyine Sauls, Dean Mills, David Anderson, Shirley Lancastor, Carol Brewer, Will Roberts, and Gerri Pruitt. The Corner LEFT: Art Robinson, Wanda Abbott Tina Pallard and Auclrey Sinclair, in rss, Ginnie Keefover doesn't take kindly to interruptions while she works on the Women's Sports and Intramurals pages. RIGHT: Marcie Everhart, however, welcomes a break while she alphabetizes the Student section. She and Ginnie also coordinated efforts for the Performing Arts section. 1 m,.!f .s 'CSP K ,I 7 I? Keeping busy with the Club and Greek pages is Tonda Howard, 370 Twyla Cowan. Even though she worked on the staff for only the fall semester, the FacultyfAdministra- tion, Honors and Services sections got done. wi-if . X t.,.r M,,,,..,.,,.Vm , yi' x X RQ' Early graduate, Terrence Mitchell, also only worked on the staff in the fall. Between completion of Men's Sports pages he kept everyone entertained with the 'educational' stories he told. M xkjzi Chief Pop Corn Maker and slave driver, Editor-in-Chief Sheryl Kudy, also keeps busy creating Bronze Book pages. BR' 'Qs Q 4 Taking over the Men's Sports section in the spring is Dwayne Long. Staff LEFT: Dr. Hoig, advisor, often helped with pages before deadline. BELOW: Virginia Dodson and her incredible typing ability saved the staff more than once. 371 Central State --smugmug we 3 I Fall Staff: Barbara Boatman, Koni Overturf, Mike Sherman, Dwayne Long, Robert Slankard, Donald DeVault, and Patricia Uselton. RIGHT: Robert Slankard keys in his story to the VDT. BELOW: Staff writer Mike Sherman peeks out his story before deadline. BOTTOM RIGHT: Donald DeVau1t pastes up a layout on the light table. 3 f E 1 Q .. E Fall Staff Editor ......................................... Assistant Editor ....... ....... Assistant Editor ....... Sports Editor ...........,................... Advertising Manager ................,. Paste-Up Artist X Circulation Manager ....................,............... Staff Writer ....... Administrative Publisher ................ Director f Executive Editor ................. I 1 .1 Barbara Boatman Patricia Uselton Dwayne Long Robert Slankard Koni Overturf Donald DeVault Mike Sherman . Dr. Ray Tassin Hank Mooney w M: YIS University, Edmond , Oklahoma Spring Staff Editor ...................................... Donald D. DeVault Copy Editor ............... ..... Barbara Boatman Assistant Editor ,.... .,........... T wyla Cowan Assistant Editor . ..,........,....... Christie Jo Lanham Advertising Manager ..................... Paste-Up Artist X Circulation Manager ..............,...................... Staff Writer .........,..........,..., ..... Photo Editor .... ...... Administrative Publisher ................. ..,... Director f Executive Editor ...................... ..... . Koni Overturf Beth Shumaker Mark Spears Glenda jackson Dr. Ray Tassin . Hank Mooney O .81 News? F. .. 1 H '-'ug gi u 373 ay-.. f mn no HI fame ml ac E sm on 'V' Wx Spring Staff: Todd Felker, Twyla Cowan, Tonia Sykes, Mike Sherman, Glenda jackson, Beth Shumaker, and Mark Spears. BELOW: Koni Overturf busily lays out ads with the help of the light table. LEFT: Reading press releases and checking facts keeps Tonia Sykes busy in the Vista Office. ff S. spies ,f ,N Photo Services Nui' mmf avian ni Photo Staff, L-R: jeff Duncan, jim Freiberger, Theresa Gabrish, Sam Hendricks, Glenda Jackson, Mike Schumacher, and L. Craig Clark, l w 3 N Public Information ffice SW-,ff 'V' than .., 1 ' I Nfl Q . QA as if ,HN xi J! . fli f w : . SI it XY 4 'AK4 1. A 'li' 4 ' i:ii 4 Y ,, p 5 I f', ,i ,, afQ,,.f if I ::l:l - A lli ' ,S U : : : : : af JU 'Y vw' y-H tfqw 'N N- is i TOP: P.I.O. Staff, LEFT Front: Sally Kernell, Debbie jones, Susan Lane, Eva Galipean, Rocky Northcutt. Front Right: Kathie Slutter. ABOVE: Rocky Northcutt works on a news release. LEFT: Student secretary Debbie jones helps keep the office together with her typing abilities. X CSU 2 YW First Row, L-R: Ed Adams, Tom Baker, Ben Savage, Lynn Dodson, John Suda, Mark Prator. Second Row: Engrid Battle, Beverly Moore-Smith, Sue Boudreau, Steve Barrett, Dot Miller, Lim Peacock. Third Row: Rick McAuliffe, Tammy Payne, Brent Trice, and Rick Lippert. M gil 'Ns KCSC ABOVE: KCSC Staff: Dr. Dunn, Doug Heaney, Kent Anderson, Mark Spears, Phil Manning, Jim Stroup, Darla Hodges, Kim Pruett, and Karen Barnett. LEFT: Coleman Hall checks out numbers for KCSC. T Housing Department L-R: Dona Watermeier, Frankie Chapman, Patsy Fredenrich, Peggy Myrick, Dorthy Mack, Joyce Franklin, and Peggy Bailey. Financial Aid L-R: Helen Thompson, Sherry Hancock, Eddie Ingram, Annabelle Kennard, Judy Swisher, Joy Brown, Truman Coffman, and Helen Crowley. Admissions and Records L ,viii , f" Nl 1 X , X n 9 Front row: Linda Lofton, Jill Langston, Anthony Hunter, Dana Mantooth, Back row: Terri Ahinn, Debbie Dietz, Vicki Hillhouse, Brenda Estes, Bobby Aguilar, Connie Walker. Computer Center 1 X Front row: Victor Cortes, Lee Kessinger, Rob jordan, Bruce Jackson. Middle row: Sheri Sweet, Becky Brooks, Susie Lute, Jan Douglas, jackie Steinman, Barbara Anamon, Sharon Christenberry, Gaylynn Spear. Back row: Maithreyi Manoharan, Michell Lash, Bill jenkin, Rebecca Owens, Sam Martin, 378 Student Health Center pw e 1 it on -B 4 x W l Doris Nichols Sandara Roberts, and Beth Camblin. , Norma Rieker and Patrice Calvert. Print Shop Director David Polhemus, W. M. Ellis, Wanda Fox, Becky Mounger, Graham Bennett, Tom Willard, and Billy Stumbaugh. 379 ta Cheryl Caldwell Secretary, Student Teaching an Judy Courtney Accounting Sue Garrett Sch. of Spec. Arts Gs Sci. 'SGH' Dorothy Henton Comptro1ler's Office J , xref 0.0-' 0,1 1 9 .I ,'...' ' JL. Koveta Schibbelhute Sec. News Bureau .IVV M I E af . .,, .z 'Y 1, - f My zzlgv . Q I Helen Chastain Sec. Math-Comp. Sci. ,....M-r' ig in iw e- Ruth Hornish Head Res. Thatcher Hall Kathryne Sites Sec. Biology I Geraldine Cutler Sec. School of Ed. Dena Kirby High School! College Relations .i a Q 1 Mi , V ' . X Neta Smith Graduate Office 'Maw Carrie Daniels Finance Joy Mansfield Sec. Journalism! Vista .V 'fit iv f , i i, ' -VIZ' ' if QS if 'Q ' Y 4 QW, Phyllis Speiser Payroll I ,,,,, we ., , Qs . , Lf k Wes' ii, X,e Sue Davis William DeMand Personnel Chief Engineer, Media Center - ikkk s i ' erreA i-' c K 31 ,rerere l Hank Parker Purchasing Maxine McReyno1ds Reading Clinic '31 Wanda Theyel Jan Tuepker Sec. Chemistry Sec. School of Education Virginia Dodson Sec. Journalism! Bronze Book i gm? 'ik M19 'G' Bonnie Phillips Business a aas ' -. 1 i g I 7 . L 21: if Joyce Freeman Personnel 'lf' Nancy Reitz Media Center QS? i Rose Marie Wright Christine Wheeler Finance Special Education Staff Nelda Freeman Safety Education Willma Sharp Business Clubs Accounting Club 130, 131 A E Rho 164-165 Afro American Student Union 139 Alphi Chi 146-147 Alpha Lambda Delta 198, 199 Assoc. of Women Students 178, 179 Baptist Student Union 190, 191 Black Peer Center 140 Chemistry Club 173 Chi Alpha 192, 193 Chinese Student Union 141 College Republicans 133 East Hall 182, 183 Ebony Gospel Choir 138 Faculty Senate 160, 161 and rganizations President's Club 177 RHA 180, 181 SHEA 188 Sigma Alpha Eta 155 Sigma Delta Chi 166 Sigma Delta Pi 174, 175 Student Senate 162, 163 Tiaras 156 UCAB 158, 159 Wesley Foundation 189 West Hall 184, 185 Women in Communication 167 Young Democrats 171 First Americans 142, 143 High SchoolfCollege Relations 157 HPEER 168, 169 Kappa Delta Chi 150, 151 Management Club 134 Marketing Club 136, 137 Math Club 135 Mortar Board 152, 153 Murdaugh Hall 186, 187 Nigerian Student Union 144, 145 Nursing Club 170 Phi Alpha Theta 170 Phi Beta Lambda 132 Phi Eta Sigma 154 Pre Law 172 .J 1 N5 382 ,--., TyW , f ' Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Delta Delta Greeks Special Groups Gamma Delta 196, 197 Kappa Alpha 198, 199 Phi Alpha 216, 217, 218 Tau Omega 214, 215 Sigma Theta 200, 201, 202 Zeta 203, 204, 205 Interfraternity Council 233 Kappa Alpha Psi 222, 223 Kappa Sigma 224, 225, 226 Panhellenic 212, 213 Phi Beta Sigma 230, 231 Sigma Gamma Rho 206, 207 Sigma Kappa 208, 209 Sigma Tau Gamma 219, 220, 221 Tau Kappa Epsilon 227, 228, 229 Bronze Book 370, 371 Chanel 2 376 Cheerleaders 264, 265 Concert Band 246, 247 Debate 267 Dixieland Band 244, 245 Fillies 252, 253 Flag Girls 255 KCSC 376 Kaleidoscope 262, 263 Marching Band 250, 251 Mat Maids 266 Mens Glee Club 258 Mens Quartet 258 Old North Belles 258 Orchestra 242, 243 Photographic Services 374 Public Information Office 375 Rifles 255 Stage Bands 248, 249 Tunesmiths 260, 261 Twirlers 254 Choir 256, 257 Vista 372, 373 1 , Facult and Staff A Abbott, La Wanda 369 Abram, Dr. James 42 Adams, Jo Ann 42 Aguilar, Bobbie J. 378 Ahinn, Terri 378 Ahmad, Dr. Riaz 42 Alcorn, Alvin 37 Allen, Dr. Doug 42 Alsworth, Dr. Frances W. 42, 160 Anaman, Barbara 378 Anderson, David 369 Appleby, Grace 57 Armstrong, Buddy 290, 292, 294, 299 Arnold, Louisa G. 42 Atchley, Debbie 58 Aubrey, Robert H. 42 Austin, Robert E. 368 Auth, Gloria J. 368 Avellano, Dr. George 40, 160 B Bache, Maj. William H. 42 Bachi, Michael 42 Bachi, Naomi 58 Bailey, Peggy 377 384 Baker, Dr. James F. 42, 176 Ball, Dr. Phil 42, 160 Balman, Gail E. 368 Barry, Carol 56 Barstow, Don 42 Baxter, Francis D. 42, 320, 344 Beasley, Raymond E. 42 Beasley, Dr. Stewart R. 42 Beaver, Laura 369 Beavers, Dr. Lorren H. 40 Beckham, Dr. Joe W. 42 Beeson, Jack 58 Bennett, Graham 379 Berger, Dr. Elizabeth 42 Billen, Dorothy 57 Black, Elizabeth 42 Black, Dr. Kathleen 42, 153, Bleakley, Ernest 42 Bodin, Norma 43 Boland, Lillian 42 Bond, Mary 57 Bottger, Dr. Joan E. 43 Boyce, Dr. Donald J. 40 Breazeale, Carl E. 43 Brewer, Carol 369 Brewster, Dr. James H. 43 Bristow, Donald G. 43 Brooks, Becky 378 Brothers, Dr. John E. 43 Brown, Dr. Bobby 43 Brown, Joy 377 Bryan, Dr. Alvin 43 Bryant, Carole 40 Buckallew, Fritz 56 - Butler, John L. 43 C Cage, John H. 40 1 Caire, Dr. Bill 45 Caldwell, Cheryl 380 Caldwell, Jean 58 Camblin, Beth 379 Campbell, William E. 43 Carlin, Gordon E. 43 Carlson, Glenda 57 Carlstone, Dr. Darry S. 40 Carney, Sharon 44 Case, Lt. Col. James W. 40 Cassens, Dr. Patrick 36 Chance, Dr. David 44 Chandler, Morrisine E. 44 Chapel, Nimrod 58 Chapman, Frankie 377 Chastain, Helen 380 Chen, Dr. Jin T. 44 Christenberry, Sharon 378 Clark, Cavannah 44 Clark, Dr. Howard 44, 137 Clemons, Kerry 44 Coby, Dr. Malcom 44 Cochran, Dr. Eugene 44 Coffman, Moody L. 44 Coffman, Truman 59, 377 Coker, Dr. Homer 40 Coleman, Cynthia 44 Collins, Dr. Edward 44, 161 Connelly, Shirley 44 Cortes, Victor 378 Coundiff, Deborah 57 Courtney, Judy 380 Cox, Evalyn 57 Crowley, Helen 377 Crozier, Leroy 40 Curl, Kenneth 44 Curtis, Ron 56 Cutler, Geraldine 380 D Daniels, Carrie 380 Davis, Dr. Max O. 44 Davis, Sue 381 DeMand, William 381 Deskin, Dr. Jack 161 Detweiler, Doris 57 Dever, Dr. William T. 44 DiBartolo, Edith 44 Dietz, Debbie 378 Dillon, Robert M. fDr.j 44 Dodson, Virginia D. 371, 381, 400 Dotson, Dr. C. DeWayne 44 Douglas, Jan 378 Douglas, Dr. William 44 Dowd, Dr. Karen 44, 161 Downing, Dr. Carl 44 Drennon, Betty 57 Dronberger, Dr. Gladys 151 Duffy, Dr. Donald 44 Duke, Douglas J. 44 Duncan, Dr. Ben 44 Duncan, Evelyn 160 Duncan, Dr. Hall F. 44 Dunham, Pete 59 Dunn, Chief Jim 59 Dunn, Michael 59, 165 E Eaton, Dr. Marina 44, 161 Ebeling, Dr. Harry 44 Edison, Elizabeth 57 Edwards, Frank T. 45 Eisel, Joyce 45 Elliott, Dr. Mary 45 Ellis, Will 379 Elsner, Dr. Kenneth 40, 161 Estes, Brenda 378 Ewing, Ruby 45 F Fairbanks, Calvin 368 Farris, Dr. Howard H. 45 Felts, Joyce 369 Fields, Robert 59 Finney, Dr. Frank 39 Fisher, Dr. Bill 39 Fisher, Mary Alice 45 Fister, Nelda 45 Fitzgerald, Donald G. 45 Flansburg, Margaret 46 Forshee, Ruthie 57 Fortenberry, Dr. Ed 40 Ford, Dr. Bonny 151 Ford, Thomas 46 Foster, Dr. Larry 40 Franklin, Joyce 377 Fox, Wanda 379 Fredenrich, Patsy 377 Freeman, Joyce 381 Freeman, Nelda 381 Freeman, Patti 46 Frosch, Dr. Dorothy 46 Frow, Dr. Frank 46 Fullgraff, Herman E. 46 G Gaddis, Dr. Woody 46 Gaffney, Dr. Doreatha 46 Gardner, Dr, Barbara W. 47 Gardner, Dr. Clarence E. 40 Garrett, Sue 380 George, Dr. John H. 47 Giles, Dr. Herbert 136 Gilliland, Dr. Lonnie 40 Goodman, Sue Ann 47 Goodno, Dr. Floyd R. 47 Green, Dr. Donald 40 Griffin, Norma 57 Groves, Bobbie 36 Grosz, Dr. Fred 47, 173 Grow, Dr. Engel 47 Guild, Dr. Thomas E. 47, 133, Guilliand, Darrell 58 Guinn, Donna 368 Guthrie, Cal F. 47 Guthrie, Peggy J. 47 H Hall, Dennie 47, 160 Hamilton, Dr. Margaret W. 47 Hammack, Diane 47 Hancock, Marie 37 Hancock, Sherrie 58, 377 Hankey, Dr. Samuel L. 47 Harrison, Dr. Thieron P. 47 Hart, David 39 Hawkins, Donna A. 47 Hawkins, Tom 40 Helberg, Dr. Donald H. 47 Hellstern, Eugene J. 47 Hembree, Dr. Charles 40 Henderson, Dr. Mary Ann 47 Henton, Dorothy 380 Herbrand, Muriel A. 48 Hervey, Patricia 48 Hicks, Dr. Lee Hiland, Mary 57 Hildred, Dr. William 48, 161 Hill, Ed 56 Hill, Dr. Jerry 48 Hillhouse, Vicki 378 Hines, Donald E. 48 Hocker, Dr. Reginald D. 48 Hoig, Dr. Stan 48, 58, 371, 400 Hornish, Ruth 380 Horton, Dr. Terry 40 Howard, Gary 48, 282, 286 Huddleston, Claudia 36 1 Hunt, Bobby Lynn 48, 317, 318 Hunter, Anthony 378 Hurd, Shirley 48, 160 Hutchinson, Dr. John W. 48 Hyde, Dean F. 49 Hyde, Travis 49 I Ingram, Eddie 377 Irby, Leilani 49 Irving, Dr. Lewis H. 49 Isaac, Dr. Margaret P. 49, 153 Jackson, Bruce 378 James, David 302, 308 Jacob, Dr. Clyde T. 37 Jenkins, William 58, 378 Johnson, Arnell 41 Johnson, Dr. Imogene T. 49 Johnson , Dr. William A. 49 Jones, Gladys 57 Jones, Kim S8 Jones, Dr. Randall J. 49 Jordan, Rob 378 K Keely, John 339 Kennard, Annabelle 377 Kessinger, Lee 378 Kidwell, Dr. J. Kent 49, 250, 251 King, Bonnie 56 King, Dr. John P. 49 King, Virginia W. 49 Kirby, Dena 380 Kirby, Paul L. 49 Kness, Dr. Darlene 148 Knight, Dr. Mike J. 41 Kremm, Dr. Diane D. 176 Kunc, Kathryn K. 41 L Lamb, Dr. Virginia 41 Lancastor, Shirley 369 Land, Deanna 36, 148 Landrum, David L. 49 Langston, Jill 378 Lash, Michell 378 Lawson, Jeananne 49 Leckie, Dr. Thomas C. 49 Lee, Dr. Melvin L. 49 Lehman, Dr. Paul R. 49 Leonard, Sandra R. 49 Lewis, Toni 57 Lillard, Dr. Bill 19, 34, 35 Lipp, Dr. Kathleen W. 49 Lofton, Linda 378 Lolly, Dr. John 56, 59, 160 Loman, Dr. LaVerne 49 Lucas, Mickey 35 Luetkemeyer, Mark 56, 161 Lute, Susie 378 Luxenburg, Dr. Joan 49, 161 Lynch, Anne G. 49, 160 Lynd, Dr. Albert Lyon, Mildred H. 41 M Mack, Dorothy 377 Mack, Dr. Fred D. 49 Mahowald, Chris 57 Manoharan, Maithreyi 378 Mandagere, Dr. Subr B. 49, 161 Manning, Doylene 57 Mansfield, Joy 380 Mantooth, Dayna 378 Marks, Dr. L. W. 49 Martin, Charlsie A. 57 Martin, Dr. David L. 49 Martin, Rosemarie 57 Martin, Sam 378 Marotte, Dr. Dorothy 49 fi! IX 'dim . Q- FM ,gy rs. . 1 W ,, , . r-.fx ' 2 . ,- Qxg' . ,. K. NL , ei ii i A i ..--i g I3 3 . ' 1 ai is '-, " A Matthews, Linda 368 Matthews, Mozelle 369 Maxwell, Dr. Colene 41 Maxwell, Willie 59 Mengel II, Dr. Ralph H. 50, 160 Mercer, Larry 59 Meyerrose, Glenn 50 Miller, Barbara 57 Miller, Norma P. 50, 161 Miller, Ron 160 Mills, Dean 369 Mills, Dr. Dorothy R. 50 Mitchell, Joyce 57 Mitchell, Dr. Richard 36 Montgomery, Wanda 57 Mooney, Orvial CHankJ 50 Moore, Rita 369 Morgan, Ruby 59 Mounger, Becky 379 Morishige, Teruo 50 Mulcahy, Dr. George J. 50 Mullins, Dr. Dale 39 Munn, Helen 36 Mc Murdock, Charles 276 Myers, Dr. Cheryl 50 Myers, Dr. Gertrude A. 50, 160 Myrick, Peggy 377 McBride, Gene 41, 161 McCawley, Glemma 56 McCormick, Al 161 McCoy, Janice K. 49 McGee, Sue 56, 160 McGinnis, Dr. Patrick E. S0 McGrath, Karen K. 50 McGregor, Dr. Marjorie 50 McMaster, Captain James 50 McPhail, Dr. Gene D. 50, 161 McReynolds, Maxine 381 N Navarre, Joyce 161 Newman, Dr. Earl N. SO, 151 Nichols, Doris 379 Noley, James 59, 142 Norman, Barbara 41 O Olbert, Francis G. 50 Osburn, Dr. John D. 51 Osgood, Emmett 41 Parker Hank 381 Parker Roxie 57 Parker Dr. William D. 51, 227 Patton, Lucille 39 Perry, Dr. James 39, 160 Peters, Andrew 56 Peters, Dr. Virginia 51, 160 Peterson, Royce H. 51 Phillips, Ann L. 51 Phillips, Bonnie 381 Phillips, Dr. Emmet L. 51 Pinkston, Dr. Gerry C. 51, 327, Pittman, Kitty 56 Pledger, Gerald 58 Poe, Edith V. 51 Pokorny, Jan P. 51 Polhemus, David 379 Polk, Lenorah S1 Pollard, Tina 369 Potts, Frankie 57 Powell, Jean 369 Powell, Marvin L. 52 Prize, Lou 369 Pruitt, Gerri 369 Puffinbarger, Dr. Loy E. S2 Purdy, John 56 Quensenberry, Anna 369 Quickle, Ethel 41 R 330 Roach, Paul E. 52 Roberson, Dr. Jere W. 52, 161 Roberts, James 339 Roberts, Monty 52 Roberts, Sandra 379 Roberts, Virginia 57 Roberts, Will 369 Roberts, William H. 52 Robinson, Arthur 369 Roby, Richard L. 52 Rogers, Jimmie L. 52 Rose, Lee V. 52 Roseman, Mary 58 Ross, Glen E. 52 Rote, James W. 52 Roth, Kenneth E. 52 Rotzingwr, Wadad H. 52 Rountree, Wadie J. 53 Rowland, Dr. Roy C. 53, 155 Russell, Dr. G. 53 Russell, Norman 160 Russell, Dr. Sheldon 53 Rutherford, Dr. Shelley H. 53 Ryan, Dr. Barbara 37 Ryan, Dr. Dudley 36, 177 Rylander, Carolyn 56 S Samaras, John 160 Sauls, Carolyine 369 Schibbelhute, Koveta 380 Schneider, Dr. Irmgard 53 Scott, Darlene 369 Scott, Elizabeth R. 53 Scott, Jerry D. 53 Sears, Dr. Donna K. 53 Shaaf, Dr. Mohammad 53 Shane, Dr. Don G. 53 Shanks, Frances A. 53, 262 Sharp, Wilma 381 Shirley, Dr. Michael 153 Sinclair, Audrey 369 Simmons, Charles 54 Simons, Franklin W. 54, 161 Singleton, Royce A. 54 Sisson, Dr. Jack 54 Sites, Kathryne 380 Smith, Dr. Coleman Smith, Dan 59, 400 Smith, Cpt. John N. Jr. 54 Smith, Neta 380 Smith, Dr. Terrill D. 54 Smith, Dr. Warren 41, 54 Sokell, Gary 54 Sowers, Bill S6 Spear, Gaylynn 378 Speiser, Phyllis 380 Spencer, Renee 57 R. 54, 227, Owens, Dr. Glenda K. 51, 160 Radar, Maj. William 52 Owens, Jackie 51 Radke, Dr. William J. 52 Owens, Pauline 1. 51, 146 Ralph, Dr. Bobbie J. 52 Owens, Rebecca 378 Ralston, Wendell E. 52 Owens, Wallace 51 Reaves, SGM William 52 P Paddock, Dr. Ronald 58 Pantier, John 58 Parent, Paul G. 51 Park, Joe 58 Parker, Carl M. 51 Parker, Clarence M. 41 386 Regents for Higher Ed. 8 Okla. Reherman, Carl 35, 93 Rettke, Lynda 35 Ribera, Vernon R. 52 Rice, Dr. Earl C. 52 Rice, Dr. Loree M. 52 Rice, Dr. Odus W. 52 Colleges 38 Richardson, Dr. Verlinv H. 52, 160 Richmond, Dr. Charles H, 52 Ritz, Nancy 381 Sprung, Dr. Douglas C. 54 Steinman, Jackie 378 Stephens, Dr. Frances 55 Steward, James E. 54 Stewart, Valerie 57 Stockwell, William F. 54 Stough, Vicki 56 Strong, Dr. Roger W. 54 Stumbaugh, Billy 379 Stumbaugh, Dr. Charles C. 54, Sullivan, Dr. Richard L. 54 Sweet, Sheri 378 Swisher, Judy 377 T Tassin, Dr. Ray 41 Taylor, Dr. M. Ruth 55 Theyel, Wanda 381 Thompson, Helen 377 Thornton, Phyllis 55 Thrash, Dr. Jimmie F. 55, 161 Tisserand, Dr. Charles A. 55 256, 259, 360 131 Trittipo, Tom 55 Truout, Dr. Verdine E. 55 Troxel, Imogene 56 Tuepker, Janet 381 V Voss, Wanda 36 Vandever, Carl 55 Van Osdol, Dr. William R. 55 Wagnon, John CSkipJ 59, 160 Voit, Irene 56 Walker, Connie 378 Wallo, William M. 55 Ward, joseph S9 Ward, Norma 57 Warren, Dr. Clifton 41 Waterman, Dr. Darwin E. 55 Watermeier, Dona 377 Watson, Allen A. 55 Weatherford, J. W. 41 Webb, Dr. David D. 55 Wedel, Dr. Mack R. 55 Wert, Dr. Frank 41 Wert, Lynette SS Westerman, Dr. john E. 55 Westmorland, Dr. Larry 41 Wheeler, Christina 381 Whipple, Dr. Charles M. S5 Willard, Tom 379 Williams, Larry 37 Williamson, Kathy 59 Wilson, Wanda 55 Woodberry, Regina A. 55 Woolridge, Clarence E. 55 Wright, John 59 Wright, Rose Marie 381 Y Yates, Dr. james A. 55, 135 Younker, Dr. Donna L. 55 Student Index A Achison, Ernie 259 Acker, Gary 168 Acquaye, Raphael 103 Adams, Don 86 Adams, Ed 114, 164, 165 376 Adams, Laurie 97 Adams, Lisa 177 Adebanjo, Foluso 125 Adebiyi, Carolyn 104, 341 Adeniyi, james 104 Ajayi, Samuel 125 Akers, Dian 86 Akinbobla, Simi 97 Akinrinlola, Morakinyo 104 Akins, Tony 352, 355 Akinyemi, Tunde 125 Akpan, Samuel 86 Akinade, Matthew 114 Akins, Tony 114, 216 Alao, Samuel Ekundayo 93 Albert, Povi 142 Albert, Sandra Albright, Guy 176 Alder, Abimbola 125 Aldrich, Roxie 114 Alford, Brent 231, 291, 297, 299 Alexander, Gerard 308 Alexander, Lyle 114 Anderson, Debbie 254 Anderson, Emily 104 Anderson, Kent 97, 376 Anderson, Lucinda 114 Andrews, Anthony 296, 298, 299 Andrews, Aninwene, joy C. 114 Applegarth, Vicki 221 Arbuckle, Linda 269 Armstrong, Dawn 86 Armstrong, Deborah 114, 210, 211 Armstrong, Rodney 224, 225, 226 Arnold Rex 104 Ansari, Iran 114 Ansari, Mansour 114 Ansley, Lori 104 Archer, Carla 86 Arfield, Russell 104 Sherri Ann 62, 104, 177, 178, 212 Adeosun, Oluyemi 114 Aduddell, David 302, 303, 306, Adsit, Jimmy 171 Agorua, Bernard 104 Agusi, Ezekiel 97 Aguero, Sandra 114 Ahmed, Deana 104 Ahmed, Kazi 97 Ahmed, Maha 97 Ajao, Bioye Akeem 104 Ajau, Oladele 97 307, 308 Allen Allen , Greg 225, 226 , Lauren 21, 197 Allen, Mark 86, 302, 304, 308, 309 Allen, Paulette 114, 139, 201 Allen, T. Lee 86, 171, 228 Alsip, Mark 308 Alston, Steve 215, 352 Ameen, Bill 114 Amos, Nancy 221 Ande Ande rson, Adys 174 rson, David 21, 227, 158-9 Arne, Ralph 322 Aryaee, Mohamad jafari 125 Ashley, Annett 114 Ashley, Merle 308 Astle, Gary 301, 302, 307, 308 Astley, Sandra 86 Aston, George 134 Asubiojo, Sammy 104 Auchenbach, Roger 86 Austin, Bob 27 Austin, Steven 114, 222, 290, 296, 299 Avery, Steve 229 Avey, Belinda 151 Backstrum, Wendy 103, 344 Baranek, Liz 86 Blandon, Charmayne 115, 198 Badawi, Effat 114 Bahman, Arani 125 Baker, Tom 376 Bailey, Bob 319 Bailey, Steve 86 Baldwin, Kevin 322 Balkenbush, jim 104 Balogun, Idiat 97 Balva, Anil 136 Banks, Dwain 286 Banta, Winston 86, 158, 159, 265 Begley, Steve 97 Bell, Carl 86 Bell, Dyane 86 Bell, Scott 86 Bell, Tom 239 Benjamin, Godlove Bennett, Donna 115, 166 Bridges, Todd 86, 189 Brintnall, Shirley 98, 132, 254, 255 Britto, Christopher 173 Brook, ElizabethAnn 62 Brooks, George 138 Brothers, Tremea 86 Broussand, Roy 173 Bennett, Sharon 86 Bentley, Karen 97, 167, 266, 271 Berene, Rhonda 97 Berglund, Patrick 104, 180, 181 Baretta , Sheila 86 Barfield, Russell 78 Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Alan 308 Brian 320 Kindal 308 Barnett, Barney 97 Barnett, Karen 376 Barnett, Norma 104 Barret, Debbie 168 Barrett, Steve 376 Barton, Michael 97 Batary, Scott 114 Basse, D. J. 168 Bassman, Gurdev 173 Bales, Liana 142 Bates, Lenora 114 Bates, Liana 115 Battle, Battle Engrid 376 Lanita 97 Battles, Carl P. 62, 261 Baumgarner, Sherri 189 Baze, Kurt 308, 315 Baze, Scott 227 Boye, LuAnn 115 Beagsi, Beard, Paschal 151 Cheryl 170 Beard, James 97 Beary, Troy 359 Beaty, jamye 104 Bernard, Tammy 256 Berry, James 86, 111, 139 Berry, Ken 86, 308 Best, Jeff 352 Betterton, Deborah 86 Beutler, Mark 97, 182 Bhukta, Govinou A. 136 Bieber, Anette 341 Bigbee, Linda 86 Biglow, Keith 104, 216 Billinger, Joni 167, 205, 271 Bingham, Stephanie 86 Birdshead, Judy 142 Biswas, Abhijit 125 Black, Danny 333, 339 Black, Eric 86 Black, Lisa 97 Black, Ron 318, 319 Blackaby, Boyd 243 Blackshire, Donnie 104 Blackwell, Lea 104 Blair, John 308 Blanchards, Roesmary 189 Bland, Adrian 104, 139, 201, 222, 223 Blandon, Larita 198 Bledsoe, Sharon 97 Blohowiak, Mary Ann 176 Boatman, Barbara 104, 134, 372 Bogher, Lisa 192 Brown, Bill 168 Brown, Brenda 201 Brown, Kathy 115 Brown, Lisha 327 Brown, Meagan 205 Brown, Renea 178, 210, 211 Richi 29, 72, 126, 227, 228 Brown, Brown, Robert 86 Brown, Scott 133 Brown, Tammy 115 Brown, Zina 86 Brownell, Tabe 104 Brunette, Glen 173 Bryan, Brett 98 Bryant, Jim 115 Bruner, Aaron 286 Bryant, Lee Ann 98, 266 Buchanan, Barbara 170 Buddy Broncho 31 Burge, Shelley 98, 168 Burleigh, Veletta 73, 86, 138 Buller, Charlotte 150 Burney, Clifford 286 Burns, Dennis 115 Burns, Donald 322 Burris, Garnetta 86 Burruss, John 115 Burton, Len 98 Busch, Paul 166 Bush, Terri 199 Buss, Rodney 86, 308, 315 Butler, David 104, 215 Butler, joseph S. 98 Buttry, john 86, 133 Beaty, Troy 86 Beavers, Brooks 86 Beck, Dawnda 97, 190 Becker, Sherri 97, 168, 327 Becknell, Willa 86 Beemer, Debbie 205, 220 Beemer, Kelli 71, 213 Begley, Allison 97 Begley, Jeff 104 Bogle, Dale 220 Bohlman, Gret 97 Bolerjack, John T. 176 Boling, David 132 Bollenbach, Rick 97, 302 Bond, John 227 Bonner, Gail 223 Bonner, Gina 198 Bonner, Lisa 193 Bordine, Shawn 170 Borelli, jan 115 Boschen, Henry 136 Boston, Pamela 115 Boswell, David 104 Boudreau, Sue 376 Bowen, Gloria 198 Bowman, Cliff 225 Bowen, Gloria 198 Boyd, Charles 363 Boyd, Iva 86 Boyd, jeff 299 Boyd, Sue 115 Boyd, Tammy 97 Boye, LuAnn 115 Bracken, Jimmy 308, 313, 314, 315 Bracken, Susan 115, 168, 327 Braden, Piper 98 Bradford, Caroline 104, 156, 181, 187 Byler, Threasa 21, 31, 86 Caddy, Lorraine 1 2 5 Cafky, Jean 268 Cadwell, Jeff Caldwell, Rico 231 Caldwell, Terri 104 Callahan, Shannon 176 Cameron, Myrna 168 Cameron, Ron 269 Campbell, Clytee 62, 115, 14 Campbell, Teresa 337, 339 Campo, Bob 168, 286 Campos, Palmira 136 Canavesio, David 104 Canfield, Cathy 157 Cannon , Alan 227 Cannon, Randy 227, 233 Cantley , Derwin 280, 282 Cantley, Mike 308 Caraway, Karen 77 Carey, Deborah 86 Cargill, Frank 193 7, 193 Carmichael Scott 98, 157, 168, 182 Bradford, Linda 98 Bradley, Darrell 86 Bradshaw, Wendy 86 Bragg, Lisa 104 Braggs, Clifford 104 Bramble, Karen 98 Branch, Ed 286 Bratt, Erin 115 Brauser, Lynne 77 Bray, Kathi 86, 114, 204 Breath, jo 104 Bremer, Kamilla 155 Brewster, jamie 115 Bridges, Burnelle 104, 131 Bridges, Christi 86, 190 Carney, Rita 138 Carollo, Connie 97 Carpenter, Anthony 308 Carpenter, Cham 282, 286 Carpenter, Crystal 115, 327, Carpenter, Steve 216 Carr, Chetti 78, 98, 286 Carr, Marcus 286 Carroll, Dietra 104 Carter, Grover 98 Carter, Jacquelyn 29, 104 Carter, Mary 115 Cary, Gregory 125 Case, Stuart 133, 352 Castellano, Peter 170 Caster, Sherry 104, 190 329, 331 i D ...-..,., 'ff ua.. ,i 1 306, 307, 308, 309 Collins, Alva 88 Collins, Christine 62 Collins, Floyd 168 Collins, J. Paul 105, 228 Collyer, Mike 97 Colwell, Kevin 115, 177, 192, 193 Combs, Keith 302 Combs, Trena 174 Coney, Anne 88 Conklin, Laura 88 Connor, Clyde 88 Conway, janet 115 Cook, Manuel 88, 193 Cooke, Mike 163, 227 Castro, Mario 104 Cates, Marc 157 Caunar, Maurene 133 Causey, Wade 286, 319 Cedeno, Charlie 308, 315 Celeston, Teresa 206 Cearfoss, Lynda 62, 156, 203, Chambers, David 104, 251 Champlain, Tom 168 Chapman, Tammy 190, 352 Charter, Timothy 131 Chartney, Janet 168 Chastain, Katherine 86 Checotah, Cerphenia 87 Chen, Ming 125 Chen, Philip 125 Chergey, Richard 286 Chinn, Lisa 104 Chowdhury, Enam 87 Christian, Ehukah 104 Christianson, Carmen 227 Christianson, Cathy 25, 100, Chu, Hsiao Fan 141 Chukwuma, Paul 104, 145 Chwalek, Margaret 87 Clark, Barry 227 Clark, Craig 123, 125, 374 Clark, Donna 190 Clayton, Dale 105, 308 Claxton, Kelly 87 Clifton, Nita 97 Clouse, Todd 97 Cochran, Sherry 253 Coe, Kathy 105 Coffey, Bryan 115, 286 Coker, Melissa 87 Coker, Timothy 87 Colbert, Donna 223 Colby, Patricia 231 204 120, 177, 359, 363 Coleman, Benny 105, 266, 300, 302, 304, 305, Cooper, Carol 115 Cooper, Cathy 155 Cooper, Delores 88 Cooper, jeff 220 Cooper, Mary Beth 170 Cooper, Tracy 209 Copeland, Boone 286 Copeland, Dana 172 Copeland, Linda Lee 63, 105, Cord, Chris 251 Corkle, Cherly 105 Cottrell, Nancy 115 Cowgill, Cris 224 Countess, Bonnie 115 Courtney, Patrick 105, 136 Cowan, Rhonda 105 Cowan, Twyla 115, 166, 190, Cozadd, Diana 88 Crabb, Jim 105 Craig, Cheryl 357, 359, 363 Crawford, Karen 131 Crawford, Lori 197, 213, 221 Crittenden, Bonnie 209 Crocker, Amy 25, 204, 221 Crocker, Kaye 105 Cross, Connie 170 Cudjoe, Phyllis 97 Cumbie, Kenneth 115 Cummins, Roger 176 Cunningham, james 88 Curleychief, Willie 142, 308, Curnutt, Liz 115, 170 Currie, Gloria 198 D Daberry, Anja 98 Dakudao, Raymond 320 Danley, Margery 37 Dannell, john 105 Dao, Thu Nguyen 174 Darnell, Joni 115 Datoo, Arifali 105, 320 Daugherty, Togy 286 Davenport, Kevin 308 Davenport, Mark 134 Davey, Michele 18 David, Brenda 243 David, Lee 302 Daviee, Kelli 131 Davis, Donna 209 Davis, Gary 142 Davis, Kerri 138 Davis, Kim 75, 76, 197, 221 Davis, Lynne 251 Davis, Marcia 98 Davis, Rhett 267 Davis, Robert 131 Davis, Rodney 18, 19, 286 Davis, Davis, Shannon 88 Shari 79, 88, 252 Dawkins, Craig 182 Daylor, Lynn 177, 308 Deal, Gayle 100, 262, 263 Dean, Deborah 217 Debies, Dorothy 201 Delaney, Michael 88 DeLonais, Shelley 98 156, 177 370, 373, 400 315 Deltoas, Dee 142 Dempewolf, Edward 88 Dempsey, Deborah 88 Dennett, Melanie 98, 172, 181, 187, 353 Denton, jim 131 Depe, Kent 182 Deritt, Timothy Wayne 63, 80, 105, 177 Desherow, Ed 286 Descher, Annette 88 DeVault, Don 116, 372 Dever, Dana 98 Diacon, Delma 105, 190 Dick, Denice 105, 168, 342, 343 Dickens, Anthony 299 Dickson, Syd 177, 188 Dillon, Vicki 88 Dinkins, David 105, 139, 172 Dinnocenzo, Tina 105 Doakes, Garfield 88, 206 Dockery, Beverly 105 Dodd, Cleve 136 Dodd, Nancy 106, 136 Dodson, Lynn 376 Doke, Hester 88 Dolese, Paula 88 Dolezal, Ruth Ann 88 Doll, Lauri 168 Domagola, Sue 106 Domiquez, Jose 173 Donaldson, Dee 88 Dono, james 106 Douglas, Martin 227, 251 Douglas, Mike 88 Doughty, Lori 73, 88 Dowdy, Wangelia 210, 211 Downey, Ann 98 Drain, Mary 116 Drake, Devin 88 Dreadfulwater, Franky 78, 88, 103, 308 Driskill, Mike 142 Dudge, Jessica 327 Due, Lisa 106 Dugger, Rick 225 Duncan, Jeff 374 Dunn, Armond 98 Dunnam, Terrell 138 Dunham, Linda 341 Dunlap, Darla J. 63, 116 Dunlap, Dorothy 174 Dunn, jon 227 Duran, Carl 25, 106 Duran, Donna 174 E Eboh, Edmund 106 Ebohl, Ignatius 98 Eckels, Jackie 106, 332, 333, Eddins, Neal 225, 226 Edgmon, Chris 106 Edwards, jenny 106 334, 336, 339 Edwards, Kim 106, 342, 343 Efochie, Geoffrey 98 Efunnuga, Aderinsola 116 Einest, Ugochukuu 134 Ejogu, Nwaeju 125 Ekpo, Nsima 106 Ekanem, Felix 106 Elenya, Monday 106 Eleonu, Chinyere 98, 145 Elliott, Carol 98 Elliott, Hal 165 Ellis, Bonnie 89 Ellis, Cynthia 231 Elzey, Kathy 89 Emery, Cheral 89 Emmah, Iri 125 Enekere, Asuquo 116 Engel, James 224, 352 English, Melody 168 Fine, Joe T. 82 Finley, William 106, 201 Finney, Brenda 116, 139, 210, 211 First, Jackie 189 Fisher, Debra 63, 106, 156, 184, 200, Fisher, Michael 89 Fischer, Tami 209, 213 Fitzgibbon, Mary Jo 116, 171 Flanagan, Lisa 89 Flannel, Gerry 286 Foister, Sherrie 89 Ford, Amy 98 Forsythe, Trish 174, 176 Foster, Cynthia 116, 325, 339 Foster, Curt 231, 299 Fowler, Jenny 10-, 167, 197, 261, 270, 271 Fraker, Phillip 131 Francis, Jennie 106, 156, 167, 271 Francis, Terrie 106 Epley, Gina 25 Erwin, Alan 89, 308 Erwin, Eddie 308, 312 Etuk, Etuk Okon 116 Evans, Lois 151 Evans, Tracy 158, 159 Everhart, Marcie 18, 89, 370, 400 Francisco, Andre 243 Frank, Melissa 98 Franklin, Darrell 89, 231 Franks, Joretta 190 Frazier, Lamont 142, 308, 315 Free, Michele 89 Freeman, Eric A. 53, 139, 177, 222, 223 Ezeani, Chukwudi 116 Ezeobi, Innocent 116 Ezugha, O. Austin 126 F Fairchild, Lorna 359, 362 Fallah, Thomas 116 Freeman, Jeff 322 Freeman, Jenifer 89 Freiberger, Jim 374 Frick, Brenda 106, 168 Fried, Kathy 116 Frymire, Brenda 170 Fuller, Rosetta 89 Futch, Keith 89 Farmer, Charla 106 Farmer, Lisa 98, 139, 157, 167 Farmer, Lori 89 Farrell, Narcie 187 Farris, Farris, David 225, 226, 233 Lisa 98 Felker, Todd 373 Ferguson, Michelle 116 Fields, Kevin 302, 305 Fife, Cynthia 231 Filer, Julie 106 Filer, Richard 126 Filips, 390 Rick 106 G Gabbert, Barry 181 Gabel, Annette 168 Gabrish, Theresa 89, 374 Gaddis, Bea 98 Gales, Kay 106 Galipean, Eva 178, 375 Gallant, Mike 190, 259, 261 Gann, Sandy 116, 132, 152, 153 Gandy, Robin 106 Gann, Sandy J. 63 Gannaway, Karolyn 255, 271 Garrett, June 98, 148 Garrett, Diane McCulley 116 Garrison, Kimberly 89, 190, 260 Garside, Colleen 126, 159 Gaskins, Patty 215 Gates, Kay 77 Gates, Stanley 116 Gay, Marlon 286 Gblah, John 126 Geary, Ron 308 Gebur, Michael 359 Gentry, LaGail 89 George, Genel 106, 190 Gerah, Rie 73, 197 Gerald, Scott 182 Giachino, Phil 291, 296, 297, 299 Gigse, Cathie 131 Giles, Maurice 174 Gilliam, Kevin 222 Gilliaume, Tom 286 Gilstrap, Betty 174 Girodano, Kim 134 Gist, Janet 263 Gladden, Ken 89 Glass, Kimberly 116, 147, 192, 19 Glendinning, Martin 267 Glenn, Cheryl 89 Glenn, Marilyn 106 Godpower, Iyk 144 Goff, Melissa 89 Goodrich, Bill 176 Gordon, Kelley 157, 177, 227 Gordon, Scott 268 Gore, Arva 136 Gorman, David 89 Gotschall, Randy 106 Goudreau, Jeffrey 155 Grabow, Geoffrey 89 Graham, Guy 89, 352 Graham, Levert 131 Grass, Jean 126 Grayson, Freda 90 Green, Cheryl 90 Green, Ted 220 Greene, Rickey 106, 286 Greenfield, Shawn 106, 227 Gregory, Joanie 90, 260 Gregory, Sheila 106 Greenhoward, O. J. 98, 138, 206 Greeson, Jetta 178 Griffen, Ann 190 Griffey, Scotty 135, 226 Griffin, Derrick 106 Griffin, Lana 90, 231 Griffin, Ray 126, 286 Henderson, Robert 216 Henderson, Willie 280 Henson, Della 253 Herndon, Gloria 90 Herring, Glory 198 Herring, Trina 99 Helt, Theresa 90 Henderson, Cheri 116 Ifeorah, Uchenna 108 Ikoro, Saturday 117, 126 Ikpa, Anthony 99 Ikwuezunma, Ijezie 99 Ilomechine, Joel 99 Inskeep, Keith 134 Inyang, Clement 99 Ise, Kanako 117 Grigsba, Nancy 98, 205, 213 Grilley, Mike 233 Grimes, Linda 155 Grinnell, Marjorie 126 Gudenburr, Lynn 25 Guffey, Jerry 116 Guillory, Theresa Rene 64, 8 Guinn, Donna 174 Guinn, Shelby Todd 106 Guy, Steve 168 H Haff, Lee 90, 286 Hahn, Debbie 21, 106 Halberg, Sharon 176 Hale, Hugh 165 Hall, Coleman 376 Hall, Craig 315 Herrod, Clyde 106 Henderson, Frank 116, 298, 299 Henderson, William 106, 286, 288 Hendricks, Sam 374 Hensinger, Denise 99 Henson, Della 99, 159, 178 Henson, Lisa 126 Henson, Nita 99 Hill, Amy 152 Hill, Kaye 218 Isham, Cynthia 108, 223 Ivy, Joel 360, 361 Ivey, Dana 99, 177, 252 Jackson, Don 134 Jackson, Eloise 138 Jackson, Glenda 99, 373, 734 Hill, Sandra 90 Hill, Tracey 126, 135, 352 Hill, Jana 126 Hill, Jaree 18, 19, 90 Hill Jim 116 Hill Judd 116 Hill Kay Lynn 99 Hill Marty 225 Hill Sharon 198 Hillburn, Juanita 28, 108, 186, 187 Hall, John 154 Hall, Willi 285 Hamilton, Billy 189 Hamilton, Ed 106 Hamilton, Laurie 189 Hammon, Kristi 90, 252 Hines, Patti 90 Hinton, Allison 90 Hinton, Bill 117 Hinton, Phillip 222, 302, 304, 306, 307 Hoagland, Tim 215, 322 Hoard, Gloria 117 Jackson, Joseph 117 Jackson, Keith 227 Jaeger, Don 180, 181 Jaggars, Wayne 117 Jamerson, Valerie 177, 192, 193 James Andrea 108 James Barbara 243 James Darrin 231 James Dono 363 James Juan 286 James, Ronnie 302, 304, 306, 307, 308 309 James, James Tamara 1 17 Terry 91 Jameson, Leigh Ann 193 Jaramillo, Nancy 79, 108 Jay, Kelly 91 Hammond, Hubert 174 Hamrick, Bill 308, 315 Hanbury, Debbie 79, 90 Haney, Derek 227, 228, 259 Hankey, Gina Elizabeth 64, 116, 131, 152, 153 Hankins, Mardece 116 Hankins, Robbie 90 Hanley, Phillip 126 Hanter, Buddy 78, 98 Hanneman, Penny 90 Haque, Mohammad 126 Hardaker, Guy 98, 317 Hardesty, Delana 106 Harney, Jo 327 Harrington, Donna 131 Harris, Arnetta 79, 98 Harris, David 106 Hobbs, Tammy 90 Hobson, Kim 90 Hocerle, Petra 344 Hodges, Darla 99, 165, 376 Hoelting, Cathy 108, 192, 193 Hoerth, Jennifer 167, 271 Holbert, Kevin 69, 90 Holcombe, Vanessa 263 Holeman, Vithy 165 Holkum, Cherie 117 Hollingsworth, Mary Kay 131 Holly, Chris 108 Holman, Lori 205, 213 Holzendorf, Joseph 108 Homesley, June 184 Hooper, Barbara 108 Hoover, Gayle 91 Jeanguneat, Tara 99, 184 Jeannont, Karen 25, 74, 205 Jee, Chea Pei 141 Jeffcot, Leigh Ann 209 Jennings, Jana 108 Jobe, Lisa 135 Johannsen, Eleanor 176 Johnson, Alane 91 Johnson, Alette 334, 338, 339 Harris, Debbie 217 Harris, Freda 106 Harris, Kevin 308 Harris, Lori 106, 223 Harris, Michael 98 Harris Tracy 18 98 Harp, Leigh 77, 137 Harper, Karen 79, 90 Harle, Valorie 198 Hurt, Sherrill 98 Horgan, Kathy 99 Horinek, LaDonna 25, 209, 213 Homer, Marcia 90 Hornbeak, Gilbert 99, 309 Horney, Richelle 91 Horsley, Tim 108, 308 Horton, Anita 91 Horton, Joe 308, 315 Hoskins, Kennon 322 Howell, Gary 108 Haskins, Zoe 131 Hassan, Ibrahin 116 Hassan, Abdul 116 Hatch, Shirley 198 Hatcher, Jay 224 Hatfield, Kyung 174 Hawkins, Rodney 308 Hauton, Mark 106 Hawthorne, Holly 90 Hayes, Michaelle 90 Hayes, Peter 134 Hays, Dana 90, 266 Haywood, Tonya 99, 139, 157, 167, 177, 184 Heaney, Doug 376 Heard, Mark 106, 308 Hedrick, Sam 69, 99, 181 Heenan, Frank 322 Hef1in, Dick 99 Heflin, Robert 90 Helm, Sandy 146 Helt, Theresa 253 Helton, Robert 116 Heltzel, Carla 193 Howard, Tarita 91, 138, 178, 187, 206, 207 Howard, Terry 117 Howard, Tonda 117, 140, 166, 370, 400 Howard, Tony 308 Howe, Lee 136 Hrdy, Jerrie 132 Huddleston, Kevin 286 Huddleston, Nanine 91 Hudson, Wilbur 108 Hueber, Sandy 25, 99 Huff, Sandford 117 Huffman, Sherry 91 Hugg, Linda 224 Hughes, Leon 302, 306 Hull, Mical 91 Hulme, Motoko 100, 363 Hunt, Randy 64, 117, 139, 216 Hutchins, Tina Jo 186, 187 Ifemembi, Boniface 117 Johnson, Beverly 99, 217 Johnson, Bill 91, 182 Johnson, Brenda 132 Johnson, Clarice Renee 64, 117, 201 Johnson, Diane 131 Johnson, Ivan 118 Johnson, Kathy 190 Johnson, Kim 135 Johnson, Kirk 99 Johnson, Lisa 79, 99 Johnston, Bobb 227 Jones, Alan Jones, Anita 206 Jones, Ceonia 286 Jones, Craig 206 Jones, Curtis 251 Jones, Debbie 108, 375 Jones, Gary 224 Jones, Glenn 118, 259 Jones, James 166 Jones, Jana 91 Jones, Janell 173 Jones, Jayne 168 Jones, Joni 359 Jones, Judy 151 Jones, Kristen 91 Jones, Lori 91, 168 Jones, Nancy 91 Jones, Peggy 108, 190 Jones, Randy 28, 198, 286, 287 Jones, Terry 286 Jones, Tommy 183, 233 Juneau, Melissa 79, 108 Junigen, Hope 131 Jweid, Terry 91 K Kadavy, Kent 99, 308, 313 Kajubi, Samuel 108 Kallstrom, Neil 131 Karis, john 177, 227 Karmo, Gbally 126 Karner, Ruth 25 Kayode, Olorunnisola Moses 93 Keasler, Buster 317 Kee, Hollie 91 Keefover, Ginnie 90, 91, 370, 400 Keel, Keith 308 Keeler, Sherry 118 Keesinger, joe 108 Keesey, Carl 359 Keith, J. R. 118 Keller, Karen 136 Kelley, Gary 99 Kelly, Mary 63, 118, 163, 171, 177 Kelly, Mike 299 Kelting, Kristen 118 Kennedy, Billy 91, 190, 352 Kennedy, jeanice 168, 327 Kennedy, Thomas G. 82 Kerbo, Phil 193 Kerkhoff, Mike 182 Kern, john 190 Kern, Karen 108, 190 Kernel, Sally 254, 375 Kerr, Clint 118, 132 Kerr, Gregory 102, 118, 164, 165, 299 Kerr, John 91, 352 Kersgieter, Chuck 294, 298, 299 Kersh, john 118 Kessellie, Alfred 118 Khan, Aamer 198 Khan, Khalid 108, 320 ICI! U 'L' 1 Khoshnudi, Shirmard 108 Kiasi, Fazlolah 118 Kidd, Sharyl 91, 190, 352 Kielhorn, Cecil 99 Kimbrough, Cheryl 18, 91, 204 Kincade, Lisa 118 King, jean Marie 91 King, Mary Ann 118, 166 King, Ramona 64, 118, 136, 137 Kirby, Kenda 65, 108, 156, 177, 180, 181 Kirby, Steve 308 Kirkham, Rick 99, 165 Kirkland, Larry 91 Kirkwood, Frederick 83, 118, 231 Kiser, Dean 133, 177 Kitchen, Mike 299 Kizer, Terri 126 Klaene, Michael 118, 134 Klemme, Shelley 79, 91 Knapp, jacquelyn 99 Knox, Mike 69, 227 Knutson, Tracy 203 Koehn, Kathy 99 Kofa, George 118 Kohler, Kayna 118 392 Lee, Tonia 118, 139, 140, 172, 201 Legrand, David 108 LeGrande, Leigh 339 Lehman, Gene 227 Lehmann, Katherine 92 Leibok, Billy 72 Leibold, Billy 29, 108 Leinweber, John 78, 108, 265 Lekwa, Lekwa 99 Lemaster, Gary 134 Leming, Jessica 109 Lemma, Getachew 109 Lemmons, Roger 308, 314, 315 Leon, Omaida 92 Lemser, james 359 Leverett, Stephen 109 Lesher, Angelea 109 Leshi, Moshood 118, 173 Kolb, Kay 118 Kollie, Peter 99 Komalty, Patti 335, 336, 339 Konk, Kathy 327 Kowena, Lewis 118 Kramer, Kim 168, 335, 338, 339 Krittenbrink, Janet 77, 197, 352 Kromanaker, Kim 91 Krueger, Greg 190, 352 Kudy, Sheryl es, 118, 146, 152, 1 205, 370, 400 L Lackey, Rhonda 99 Lackey, Robin 91 Lacy, Mark 135 Ladd, Cynthia 132 Lady, Connie Laha, jeff 299 Lai, Jengyen 126 Lambert, james 233 Land, Dena 178 Landes, Darrin 78, 108, 190, Landrum, J. W., jr. 157 Landrum, jackson 127 Landsbury, Bill 259 Lane, Susan 118, 177, 375 Langford, Regina 91 352 66, 177, 204, Langland, Ricky 301, 302, 305, 306, 307 Langmacher, Jeannie 118 Lanham, Christie 91 Lanham, Lester 165 Lanham, Mathilde 118 Lantz, june 100, 359, 363 Laosebikan, Emma 118 LaQuay, Donna 92, 253 Larson, Chris 259, 261 Lavicky, Donna 99, 148, 186, Law, Kim 134 Lawler, Robert 118 Lawson, Rhonda 99, 327 Lay, Kendra C. 65, 152 Layton, Scott 108, 259, 261 Leaf, John 99 Leavitt, Lynda 263 Lee, Sterling 108 Lee, Steve 92 187 Lester, Jacqueline 118 Lester, Mark 118 Lewis, Cordell 231 Lewis, Derrek 216 Lewis, Kay 92, 168 Lewis, Michelle 204 Lewis, Stephen 361 Leyda, Cynthia 99 Liddell, Kirk 108 Liles, Phillip 127 Lin, Bising 141 Lin, Chen Long 141 Lindsay, Kim 119 Lindsay, Margarett 99 Lindsey, Carolyn 221 Link, Buddy 286 Linsenmeyer, Wayne 119, 165, 227, 228 Lippert, Rick 376 Lisenbee, Janetta 119 Liston, Cindy 119 Littleaxe, Melissa 109 Littleton, Charles 201 Lloyd, james 322 Lohrey, Vicki 119 London, Tammy 339 Long, Bob 99, 250 Long, Brita 131 Long, Dwayne E. 65, 119, 138 400 Long, Linda 109 Long, Louise 119 Lopez, juan 78, 109, 173 Love, Portia 127 166. 370, 372 Love, Sherri 132, 138, 210, 211, 230 Lovelace, Theresa 119 Low, Mona 119 Lowe, Mary 99 Lowe, Michael 119 Lowther, Cherri Lee 65, 119, 152, 172 Lu, Cheng Wei 141 Lu, Ming Zen 141 Lucas, Traci 203 Ludwick, Kevin 318 Luschen, Scott 168, 307 Luskey, Juan 109 Lynch, 109, 131 M Mackey, Ron 89, 286 Mackillican, jenine 168 Macom, Joe 174 Maddox, Cathy 155 Magid, Stacy 213 Mahoney, Renee 109 Major, Robin 109 Mallory, Larita 199 Maly, Zelma 99 Manning, Greg 69 Manning, Phil 376 Mansfield, Charlotte 127 March, Rick 92, 182 Marcus, Lynne 119 Marfield, Darrelyn 193 Marinovich, Bernadette 150 Marks, Susie 99, 132 Marks, Stephen 363 Mars, Mark 298, 299 Marsden, Lisa 327, 328 Martin, Brian 92, 259 Martin, Gwen 109 Martin, Kim 231 Martin, Mary 18, 326, 327, 330 Martin, Tanara 109 Martin, Valerie 92 Martinez, Vicky 174 Martinkewiz, Keith 119 Mason, Greg 99 Mason, Lisa 109 Mason, Randy 109 Massey, Mike 190 Massy, Linda 193 Matheny, Connie 109 Mathews, Paula 119 Mathis, Kathy 342 Matthews, Bo 280 Matthews, Linda 21, 198 Maxwell, Rena 205 May, Carol 100 Maybe rry, Delbert 78, 92 Mayes, Evelyn 109 Mayes, Roderick 222 Mayfield, Michelle 92 Mayor, Lori 132 Meadon, LaDonna 100 Meadon, Susan 92 Means, Connie 332, 336, 339 Mears, Gary 119 Medlin, Lynette 252 Megehee, Alicia 271 Meister, Suzy 155 Melton, Margaret 127 Menefee, Charles 119 Merhib, Michele 29, 30, 70, 100, Mettle, Emmanuel 109 Metz, Ed 29, 72 Meyer, Lori 120 Meyers, Kent 363 Meyers, Rhonda 170 Miles, Miles, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, 2 2 7 Miller, Miller, Garyld 260, 261 Marvin 131 Andrew 109 Dot 376 Howard 233 Karen 209 Kris 29, 72, 119, 126, 178, 179, 204, 205, Lee 168 Nancy 109 Milligan, Anthony 119 Mills, Hal 168 Mills, Linda 119 Mills, Penny 119, 221 Minden, John 92 Mitche Mitche Mitche Mitche ll, Fara 92 ll, Richard 154 ll, Terrence 119, 216, 218, 370, 400 ll, Tracy 92 Mohamed, Ahmed 119 Mohamed, Mohamoud 109 Molet, David 302 Molloy, Shawn 110, 308, 309 Moraco, Nadell 142 Monday, Patricia 119, 210, 211 Monday, Sharon 120, 138, 201 Montgomery, john 100 Montgomery, Leslie 100, 359, 363 178, 179, 213 Moody, Shelley C. 29, 66, 72, 81, 120, Moore, David 320 Moore, Debbie 174 Moore, Lisa 178 Moore, Michael 120 Moore, Mike 131 Moore, Pat 136 Moore, Richard 174 Moore, Ruth 109 Moore, Sonya 73, 92, 181, 184 Moore, Tim 110, 308, 315 Moore, Tina 100 Moradi, Mohamed 120 Moreno, Richard 359, 362 Morris, Deborah 120 Morris, Jodi 159 Morris, Kelly 269 Morris, Tom 182 Morrow, Brian 100, 180, 181 Mosburg, Ken 136 Mosley, James 110, 222, 223 Mote, Deanna 100 Moxley, Tom III 227 Muckelrath, Phoebe 189 Muegge, Lori 100 Muhammad, Ahsan 120 Mumma, Mark 100, 159, 227 Munholland, Carolyn R. White 66 Munn, Scott 100 Murchian, Brian 215 Murphy, jo 155 Murphy, Kathy 133 Murphy, Kevin 225 Murr, Jeff 308, 313, 315 Murray, Dennis 227 Musa, Mohammed 120 Musayal, Melvin 120 in Myers, James 120 Myers, Kent 222 Myers, Nancy 127 Mc McAllister, Sharon 135 McAuliffe, Rick 164, 165, 376 McCauley, Tracey 119, 212, 213 McCleary, Tiffiney 100, 231 McCord, Brenda McClleon, Barry 206 McCloud, LaVerne 100 McCormick, Joseph L. 65, 80, 119, 171 McCourry, Joseph M. 66, 133, 162, 172 McCrosky, Jamie 227, 228 McCurtain, Mike 168 McDaniel, J. D. 119 McDowell, Pam 92 McDowell, Robert 100 McElhaney, Denise 352 McElhaney, Jody Patrick 66, 119, 152, 153, 168, 352 McGee, Dewey 131 McGee, Randy 119 McGinley, John 92 McGivern, John 286 McGowan, Mickey 302, 303, 304 McGuire, Janet 119 McHam, Brad 220, 355 McKeaver, Steve 31, 282, 285, 286 McKibben, Jeff 286, 301 McKinney, Dahl 109 McLaughlin, Bob 193 McLaughlin, Jeanette 165, 167 McNeeley, Ruth 259 McNulty, Helen 18, 73, 92, 133, 158, 159 McPhail, Janene 259 McPherson, Melanie McVay, Craig 227 McVay, Lori 174 N Nanee, Gregg 134 394 Ndok, Warden 110 Neal, Annie 73 Neal, James 110, 227 Neal, Patricia 120, 198 Nease, Tammy 100 Nelson, Greg 120 Nevills, Wayne 92 Newcomb, Melinda 342 Newcomb, Randy 100 Newly, Gary 134 Newman, Bea 174 Newport, Frank 154 Nguyen, Co 173 Nguyen, Jamie 173 Nguyen, Mary 120 Nguyen, Tu-Anh 92 Nibel, Janet 18 Nicholson, David 75, 215 Nimerick, Bret 120 Nix, Terry 172 Njoku, Pauline 127 Njoku, Uchay 120 Nkantion, Malachy 120 Nkemka, Tennyson 100 Nobles, Scott 189 Noel, Teddy 299 Norcoms, Kim 92 Nordman, Deana 344 Northcutt, Rocky 120, 375 North, Sherri 120, 155 Novotny, Anna 92 Novotny, Deanna 92 Nowlin, Shelly 25, 205 Nsiegbe, Iyk 18, 19, 145, 154 Nvadi, Donatus 110 Nwabuba, Emmanual 127, 14 Nwabuzor, Alfred 92 Nwoke, Virginia 127 Nwolisa, Eric 110 O Obanye, Chris 110 Obi, Innocent 127 Obiajulu, Vincent 100, 134 Obichere, Collette 127 4,1 sa NX W 1 O'Brien, Less 363 Odom, Ben 29 Odom, Sabrina 213 Odunze, Ike 127 Oesch, Eric 27, 66, 120 Ofechukwu, Ikem 145 Ofili, George 120 Ogbejesi, Paschal 127 Ogilivie, Bill 303, 304, 320 Oglesby, John 29, 30 Ogu, Danny 110 Ogubuku, Molly 120 Oh, Sun-Young 101 Oister, Glenn 363 Okantey, Nii Okai 121 Okawra, Nnanna Iheany 101 Okaazki, Shiro 127 Okeke, Hope 93 Okeke, Sam 101 Okeowo, Shadi 121 Okolo, Amobi 121 Okonjo, Simon 112, 172 Okorn, Felicia 101 Okoyeacha, Alphonsus 121 Okwunze, Emmanuel 121 Olabisi, Olayemi 93 Oladipo, Samuel 121 Olie, Stanley 101 Oliver, Paula 342 Oliver, Stanley 78 Olorunnisa, Moses 144, 145, 177 Olsen, Ken 131 Omar, Abdi 121 Omalah, Joy 29, 31 Omeke, Lawrence 110, 145 Omeke, Sampson 93, 127, 144, 145, Onvvuchuruba, Livinus 121 Onwusa, Lawrence 93 Onyekwere, Sonny 101 Orr, Warren 257, 260 Orten, Jana 93 Osborn, Carol 66, 110, 156 Oswalt, Price 158, 159, 177, 227 Oton, Isaac 127 Otorubio, Benibo 127 Ott, Jester Denny 26 Ott, Kenny 227 1 Overall, Gayle 207 Overall, jimmy 182, 206 Overstreet, Dwight 216, 233 Overturf, Koni 372, 373 Owens, Ann 110 Owens, Brett 322 Owens, Sonya 93, 139, 140, 157, 184 Oyaghire, Bernard 127 P Page, Randy 108, 110, 282, 286, 287 Paine, David 322 Panayides, Panos 127 Pardo, Carlos 110, 173 Parent, Leisa 101 Parent, Mark 110 Parish, Rebecca 188, 190 Parker, Alasha 139, 231 Parker, Pamela 67 Parker, Roger 121 Parker, Tammy 326, 328, 32 Parks, Ronnie 315 Parks, Teresa 238 Parrett, Clifford 127 Passey, Gayle 110 Pasquarelli, Diane 121 Pasquarelli, Timothy 127 Pate, Donna 110, 134 Pate, janet 101 Patmon, Celia 101 Patterson, Anne 29 Patterson, Norene 101 Patton, David 302, 305 Patton, Stephanie 93 Payne, Tammy 110, 164, 165, 376 Payne, Terri 101 Peacock, Lim 121, 376 Peck, Marilyn 134 Pedigo, Peggy 339 Peete, Carl 317 Pellow, Peoples, Peppers Perkins, Persun, Peters, Peters, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips. Phillips, Phillips, John 308 Eric 105 , Lisa 93, 342 Stacey 101 Hal 357, 359, 361, 362 Pat 352 Tammy 197, 221 Kim 93 Lonnie 320 Lynn 165 Therese 101 Suzie 121 Pickerill, Pat 121 Pierson, Annette 93 Piel, Shirley 93 Pierce, Mary 176 Ping, Daryl 359 Pinkston, Christopher 101, 154 Pipes, Kristi 93 Pipkins, Karen 238 Pitezel, Nina 205, 221 Pitezel, Polly 121, 177, 204, 205, 353 Pitre, Brian 101, 265, 308, 312 Pittman, Paula 101, 190 Platt, Derrick 138 Platt, Verna 93 Plunkett, Tina 93 Poade, David 131 Podolec, Pan 329, 330 Pointer, Gloria 198 Ponder, Connie 265 Poole, Sharon 187 Porter, Greg 136 Postier, Lori 93 Potter, Sonua 21, 29, 266 Potts, Becky 137 Powell, David 110 Powell, Mike 101, 171, 172, 177 Prafka, Susie 327, 329 Prater, Mark 164, 165, 376 Preston, John 110, 283, 284, 285, 286 Preston, Mark 101 Preston, Randy 282, 286 Preston, Verna 93 Price, Cyndy 271 Price, Kim 138, 231 Price, Juan 138 Prouty, joel-'362 Pruett, Kim 93, 165, 376 Pugh, Jeanice 110 Pullen, Bruse 134 Putnam, Roberta 170 Qazi, Mohammed 121 Queri, Lisa 93 R Ragland, Gigi 215 Rahm, Nancy 110, 327, 328 Rahman, Abour 93 Rahman, Rezaur 131 Ramsey, Norman 286 Randall, Richard 93, 154 Raper, Scott 308 Rashid, Akhter 110 Ratliff, Lynn 93 Rayes, Bruce 216 Reber, Greg 136, 137 Rector, Steve 299 Redding, Brad 320 Reed, Stanley 286 Reese, Tim 21, 26, 29, 67, 80, 177, 227, 233 Reherman, Karen 101, 159 Reherman, Richard 233 Reid, Billy 302, 306, 307 Reid, Tim 110, 227, 229, 233 Reimer, John 190 Releford, Carla 121, 210, 211, Revels, Janice 93 Reynolds, Neil 110 Reynolds, Patricia 121 Reynolds, Robert 121 Reza, Zahid 121 Rhoades, Nancy 93 Rhoades, Tim 93 Ribera, Leslie Ann 67, 83, 127, Rice, Sam 359, 363 Richardson, Antonio 231 Richardson, Denise 131 Richardson, jequeta 93 Ridgeway, Phillip 121 Riecken, Russell 224 Riggs, Hadan 243 Riley, Lisa 67, 152 Risenhoover, Brenda 94, 25 Ritz, john 110 Ritz, Joyce 327, 342 Roberts, jimmy 94 Roberts, LaDonna 190, 352 Roberts, Mary 136 Robertson, Tyronne 110 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Penny 122 Samuels, Linda 101, 138, 207 Sandefur, Mike 94 Sanders, Jana 73, 79, 94 Sandles, Renita 94 Sanner, Brett 78, 101 Sao, Larita 122 Sasbee, Sonya 110 Sasser, Keven 122 Saul, Danny 101 Saulsburg, Cheryl 131 Savage, Ben 164, 165, 376 Savage, Kelly 339 Schaefer, Scott 322 Schantz, Darrell 94 Schenberg, john 122, 132 Schibbelhute, Monty 122 Schiessal, Alfred 173 Schilitz, Dolores 122 Schille, Don 94, 286 Schiltz, Doris 177 Schlinke, Shawn 308, 313 Schmidt, Andy 110, 177 Schmidt, Janell 226 Schmidt, Jeff 225, 233 Schmidtt, Rhonda 122, 131 Schneider, Richard 122 Schnetzler, Scott 275 Schoo, Terry 29 Scholz, Kelly 122 Schrock, Eric 67, 152 Schuchman, Laura 101 Schula, Tom 215 Schumacher, Mike 374 Schwab, Cyndee 25, 110, 156, 178 Schoo Scott, nover, Gail 204 David 101 Scott, joe 181, 243, 308, 315 Scott, Laurie 110 Scott, Trent 122 Seale, Kathy 101 Seals, Shelia 94, 138, 206 Sears, Sears, Don 95 jamie 122 Seaton, Dana Seaton, Leann 95, 193 Seifi, 396 Fatemeh 93 Seirafipour, Maryann 168 Self, Greg 110 Self, Tamara 168 Sellers, Rod 322 Selman, Justin Wayne 67, 122, 152-3 Selvey, Becky 122 Selvey, Lisa 110 Shadid, DeAnn 94 Shadoan, Trayla 95 Shaft, Robert 131 Sharkey, jim 95, 189 Sharp, Warren 122 Shaw, Mike 100, 122 Sheik, Abdul 122 Shelton, Laureen 174 Shelton, Rick 122, 357-9, 362 Shepherd, Debra 110 Shepherd, Paul 95 Shepherd, Paula 122 Sheridan, Lori 327 Sheriff, jeri 95 Sherman, Mike 100, 110, 232, 372, 373 Shewmaker, Wade 227 Shields, David 78, 110 Shipley, Stephanie 168 Shipman, Carla 122 Shires, Karen 132 Shomaker, Beth 373 Simnacher, Carrie 101 Simmons, Glenda 122 Simmons, Jr. Robert J. 68 Simpson, Connie Keith 122 Singer, Cynthia 140, 210, 211 Singleton, Keith 308, 313 SirLeaf, David 122 Sizemore, David 228 Skaggs, Kathy 77 Slankard, Robert E. 122, 372 Slaughter, Iva 122, 188, 206, 207 Sledge, Anthony A. 68, 80, 122, 139, 363 Sloan, Johnell 308 Sloggett, Cindy 102, 177, 181, 184 Slutter, Kathie 110, 148, 156, 167, 375 Smara, Gus 122, 233 Smith III, Al 110 Smith, Andrea 174 Smith, Beverly Moore 376 Smith, Cameron 102, 131 Smith, Craig 215 Smith, Cindy 111 Smith, David 102, 122, 357, 362 Smith, Deborah 18, 134, 148 JN , ,,,,1, 'W ,v.,.-a-""""' A 1 I A' af f I , 'ni 4,7 . ' W, 4 9 Www If Smith, Smith, Floyd 363 jaketa 138, 201 Smith, Jan 68, 111, 122, 257 Smith, Janelle 102, 134 Smith jerry 233 Smith jo Anna 95, 138 Smith Julie 221 Smith Karen 188 Smith Karl 352 Smith Lewis 322 Smith Mike 230 Smith Shari 122, 352 Smith Stacey 95 Smith Valentine Joy 123 Smith Vonda 95 Smithey, jean 111 Snider, Scott 123 Snyder, Kevin 102 Solomon, Vanessa 201 Soney, Della 95 Sorenson, Leslie 95 Spain, Gina 111, 187 Spanier, Rosalyn 131 Sparger, Tiger 227 Spearman, Eve 213 Spears, Mark 111, 352, 373, 376 Spencer II, Daniel 95, 286 Spencer, Johnny 352, 355 Spencer, Matt 158, 159, 227 Spencer, Sherry 111, 203, 221 Spiva III, Noah John 68, 123, 239 Splane, Toni 102 Spottedhorse, Shawn 286 Sprinkle, Mike 359, 363 Spurlock, Lisa 339 Stack, Hansel 227, 357, 362 Stafford, Barry 172 Stafford, Henry 95 Stafford, Suzanne 102, 257 Staggs, Becky 95 Stammer, Walt 131 Stanfield, Rachel 95, 157 Stangl, Susan 77, 112, 181, 1 Starling, jim 363 Starzenski, Joe 300, 301, 302 7 'N M 1, lb- ., ,l J Statum, Christie 102 Steanberry, Lisa 131 Steel, Steve 322 Steele, Virginia 123 Stephens, Grant 112 Stephenson, Shrease 95 Stephenson, Tracia 112 Stem, Adam 299 Sternberg, Beverly 123, 131 Steward, Robin 123 Stewart, Kirk 286 Stewart, Lesa 123 Stewart, Scott 215 Stidham, Bob 103 Stinnett, Mary 123 St. john, Susan 95 Stokes, Dennis 123 Stolz, Mike 355 Stone, Tim 286 Stout, Brenda 123 Stout, Carrie 170 Stout, Gayle 334, 337, 339 Strader, Bob 123, 168 Strickland, Andrea 134 Stringer, Larry 112 Stripling, joe 95 Stroup, James 112, 376 Strozdas, julie 102 Stulce, Terri 123 Suda, john 164, 165, 376 Sullivan, Cynthia 29, 68, 156, 213 Summers, Bo 227 Summers, jim 136 Summers, Robert 123 Sumpter, Kathaleen 102 Sun, Shu Chen 123 Suttle, jeff 102, 227, 228 Sutton, Lelei 231, 265 Swabb, John 233 Sykes, Tonia 112, 166, 167, Sumes, Charlotte 95 T Tackett, Ronald 102 Tackneu, Barbara 100, 363 Taggart, Carla 339 Taiwo, Olyfunbi 123 Talley, Dennis 123, 131 Talley, Tracey 95 Tallet, Troy 302 Talley, Vincent 102 Tarn, Shi Yeu 127 Tasby, Mike 29, 102, 280, 373 286 Tascier, Charles 112 Tate, Donna 151 Tate, Tammy 102 Taupmann, Ann 257 Taylor, Floyd 174 Taylor, Robb 123, 227, 228 Taylor, Robert 112 Taylor, Robert 166 Taylor, Steve 227 Taylor, Terrie 95 Taylor, Tracie 25, 123, 209 Tease, Cyndy 231 Tenison, Ronda 95 Terry, Sidney 102 Telteh, Andrew 127 Thakkar, Ashok 123 Thomas, Craig 123 Thomas, Erin 112, 190 Thomas, Jeanie 124 Thomas, Kim 102 Thomas, Lisa 79, 96 Thomas, Michelle 231 Thomas, Nathan 269 Thomas, Pete 322, 323 Thomas , Sherry 79, 96 Thomas, Stella 102 Thomas, Toni 131 Thomas, Toya 207 Thomason, Lori 263 Thompson Dale 220 Thompson Darren 233 Thompson Sherry 103, 217, 218 Thompson Wendi 96 Thompson, Zina 103 Thornton, Janet 124, 138, 201 Thurmond, Darryl 103 Titony, Randy 215 Tipton, joy Lynn 184 Todd, Beth Ann 124 Todome, Spencer 96, 142, 251 Tomasevic, Kris 96 Torto-Daku, Albert 112 Toscani, Tony 134 Trammel, Tom 220 Trammell, Anna 105 Tran, Diep 131 Treanor, Mark 357, 359, 362 Treece, Maxine 37 Trent, David 103 Trevino, Luisa 181, 184 Trice, Brent 376 Trindle, Nancy 124 Trosper, Danny 233 Troupe, Darryl 222, 223 Truelove, Audrea 96 Truong, Quang 112 Tsao, Men Hua 141 Tsui, Chi Him 127 Tucci, Theresa 18 Tucker, Barbara 96 Tucker, Carrie 168, 330, 333 Tucker, Don 133 Tucker, Melette 112 Tucker, Thomas 112 Turnball, John 352 Turner, Brett 319 Turner, Elaine 96 Turner, Michael 96, 138 Turner, Pam 96 Turrentine, Debra 124, 201 Turrentine, Sheila 103 Tush, Sharon 112 Tyler, Sherma 239 U Udochi, Bernard 103 Udoh, Friday 96 Udohi, Dodwin 96 Duomfu, Isaiah 103 Ugochukwu, Nwabufo 127 Uko, Issac 127 Ukpong, Idioong 103 Umanah, Ekponudium 124 'f' if - v, M: f . 1. A 'f ' 149 yy My 398 Underwood, Ann 25, 112, 178, 179 Underwood, Michael 103 Unsworth, Mary Anne 124 Uselton, Patricia 124, 372 Uselton, Richard 124 Usoh, Irene 112 Uzoewulu, Ifeanyi 96 V Valai, Octavius 124 Vanderslice, Holly 96 Van Horn, Rachael 359, 361 Vann, Bruce 283, 286, 287 Vann, Hellena 124 Van Stavern, Vickie 82, 177 Vaughn, Nancy 124 Vaughn, Cheryl 124 Vaughn, Mike 124 Vaught, Natalie 103, 134 Vaverka, Dennis 112 Vergara, Carlos 112, 363 Vierheller, Melissa 124, 133, 167 Vigilus, Morten 172, 189 Vigue, Susan 96 Villarreal, jose 103 Viney, Loutasha 103, 217 Viney, Zelda 96 Vo, Hung 96, 173 Vorel, Cheryl 96 Voss, Russel 219 W Wabuansee, Robert 322 Wade, Jennifer 124 Wagner, Kenneth 112 Wahlstrom, Elizabeth 124 Wakeley, Debbie 103 Zaikis, Jenny 96 Walker, Lisa 96 Waller, jay 322 Waller, Patti 96 Wang, Ming Whei 141 Wang, Sue 124 Ward, Annette 155 Ward, Ellen K. 269 Ward, Phil 124 Ward, Teresa 124 Ware, Rochell 105, 124, 336, 3 Washington, Lisa 96, 105, 139 Wasson, Larry 112 Watkins, Hether 27 Watkins, Joy 172 Watkins, Melody 231 Watson, Allison 96, 209 Watson, Anglea 187 Watson, Barbara 156, 262 Watson, Martha 112, 263 Watson, Melissa 173 Watson, Phyllis 178, 179, 181, Watson, Ron 134 Weatherly, Tracy 96 Weather, Lynn 187 Weaver, Becky 243 Webb, Webb, Webb, Webb, Weber, Weber, Weber, Chuck 227 Denise 29 Paul 96 Shelley 112 David 134 Paul 112 Roy 124 Webster, Jeannette 228 Wedel, Jeff 131 Weese, Terri 112 Weidenmaier, Susan 112 Weiss, David 124 Welch, june 174 37, 339 1 Welsh, Mike 318 Werts, Isabel 174 West, Carole 113 West, Ronnie 96, 173 West, Shannon 96 West, Tammie 76, 124 Westbrook, Leanne 103 Westfall, Cheryl 96 Wheeler, Brenda 103 Whipple, Christian 124, 227 White-Manholland, Carolyn 112 White, Charri 103, 131 White, Cheryl 18, 19 White, joy 286 White, Lora 96, 184, 189 White, Paula 124, 206, 207 White, Robert 136 White, Sue 190 White, Tom 78, 96, 286 Whitcley, Ron 286 Whitfield, Becca 131 Whitson, Amy 96 Wiggisn, J. D. 262 Wiginton, Donna 112, 188 Wilburn, Rod 225 Wilcox, Stacy 77 Wiley, Della 255 Williams, Bryan 103, 157 Williams, Cassandra 201 Williams, Doug 286 Williams, Janet 103, 131, 184 Williams, Janis 217, 218 Williams, janniece 172 Williams, Kathy 77, 211, 231 Williams, Keith 320 Williams, Kelvin 262 Williams, Rick 135 Williams, Sonia 96, 105 Williams, Teresa 69, 197, 221 Williams, Toni 103, 166 Willis, Andree 103 Willis, john 134 Willis, Lonnie 219, 355 Wilmeth, Katherine 112 Wilmeth, Mike 124 Wilson, Barbara 103 Wilson, Carrie 131 Wilson, jill 189 Wilson, Marla 1 55 Windes, Connie 112 Winfere, Luther 103 Wingo, Carol 148 Winn, Wendy 178, 204, 205 Winter, Kim 96 Wisby, Yolanda 201 Wise, Doris 137 Witt, Mary 112 Witt, Susan 29, 68, 81, 124, 227, 228 Witt, Theresa 124 Wolf, Barry 355 Wolfe, Deborah 96 Wood, Frankie 103 Wood, Mark 227 Wood, Robin 112 Woods, Ronnie 159, 227, 233 Woodshunt, Chris 266 Woolsey, Paulette 176 Wooten, Van 282, 286 Worl, Marcie 112 Wray, Mike 225 Wright, Kelly 18 Wright, Margo 103, 187 Wright, Wilbur 216, 218, 355 Y Yager, Donna 168 Yang, Tsyr Jiang 127 Yee, Chang Cin 141 Yemi, Olabisi 145 Yoder, Doug 96, 254, 255 Yoder, Jan 96 Young, Ben 286 Younger, Talmadge 155 Z Zamadius, Cathy Zelnicek, jeff 286 Zeno, Daric 112, 280, 286 Zenteno, Wernher 96 Zoeller, Kathy 155 163, 171, 177, 209 399 About a year ago when Dr. Hoig asked me to be on the Bronze Book Staff, let alone the Editor, I was hesitant. I was also flattered that he had the confidence in me and my talent to put together such an important book for Central State and the students who go here. One of my first duties was getting the staff and myself to work on the opening section. We chose the words to the song "Wasted On the Way" because we felt it would have a special meaning for the seniors, indeed everyone, as they looked back over the past four years as well as the 1982-83 school year. Now as I sit here burning the midnight oil to get out the last pages for this last deadline, the words take on a new meaning. I remember back to the first semester. How far away graduation seemed! Now it is only two short months away. When I look at this yearbook in years to come, I know I will remember all the joys, tears and friendships I have experienced in this extraordinary year. I hope this years, Bronze Book will do the same for you. I also remember deadlines. When it got down to the wire all of us wished for more time. Somehow the scheduled time for a critical picture on a layout was in the eleventh hour. Whatever happened to the four weeks between deadlines? Much thanks to Dan Smith and everyone in the Photo Lab for understanding and putting up with us in our ugliest moments! The most important part of this book would not have been possible without "you guys"! Now I would like to extend my deepest appreciation and thanks to the only two freshmen on the staff, Ginnie and Marcie. You two have put up with us mighty seniors quite well. You two were the experienced yearbook people. For us seniors this was our first time on a yearbook staff. Your abilities to whip out pages just blew us away! We could not have done this without you. I wish you much success in your future here on the BB as well as here at CSU. College is what you chose to make of it, and I see great things for you two. This does not mean, Dwayne, Terrence, Tonda and Twyla, that I do not appreciate you. You were a vital part of this book. We could not have accomplished this task without your abilities also. I wish all of you much success after graduation. Last, there is special appreciation to Ginny and Dr. Hoig. We could not have accomplished any of this without your support. I thank you, Ginny, just for being you and for being here when we needed you. What can I say to you Dr. I-Ioig? Thanks for giving us the opportunity for these afternoons and the guidance we needed to put this year's Bronze Book together. I also want to thank my family, my sorority sisters and my friends for putting up with me and supporting me in my attempt as yearbook editor. It has meant a lot. I would never have done it without your encouragement. A lot has happened this year. Now it is just water under the bridge. Think of this book as a bottle containing some of this water. From time to time take a sip but don't drown. The future has too much to offer us all. wA1swon'rH Punusi-nNc coMPANYf Mhncsum-1 M ssnmu un.

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