University of Central Oklahoma - Bronze Yearbook (Edmond, OK)

 - Class of 1981

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University of Central Oklahoma - Bronze Yearbook (Edmond, OK) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 408 of the 1981 volume:

p 5 ,f6 'v-.1 QQQQM, Bijmjwg 77 ULQWQ : DJ? Contents Favorites 18 Students 46 Happenings 86 Greeks 108 Clubs 146 Sports 220 Music 302 Military Science 326 Administration 338 Index 380 fi' ik sw QFJQ' T 1 ww. '. 5? Trai 1.13: tif, 5' P wb 21 r 'gms 1-,EN Ar 55' w1s'5M?Lf' 'QQ' flwfui 'Af 55" 0 y Lv 4 -I2 H , 2 A2 avr M wh my -4- x v w A -f-. as o a, mumu 1 J 1 P, if A an " A , f ,-f Q. a"g".1 ' . 1 4 4 ,+ , -vnu' iff W . 1, u lu ,U- Q .,. 4 H , 0 W fa H my O .. , K - -.iv 4 l . ' Y se? yy-x, 5 u - , 1, . qw.',,y, , bv .0 ., + f,"Q W.-, n . ,, J., ., J , as n A ,M ,pq ,Q vw " wa X' A.. HM! ,A A ,, In -av w A , lr A :Q v ,Q1,Aw,. , A 'x '40 Na v .yv ,Q , 1. Q 'A' HAP' x 'IA' M fi' , If Q A 1. so A ' 5 F A 4 n 'fav' ig K at., A fa ' . ' Q ' fp' . vt fifgwna , ,. -' ,V ' A ww A my a W "k V,L9 H 'ntral State University. 5 Q . ere varied lifestyles set in an attempt flow in one direction. ik T ff asm V532 i as ' Y , W. W? Q W- '14 .t ' V 1 .,-'f iv 4' ff 595' W Lf - :rin-.-L E, 1 ix A :wg . Q ,, , 5 r FQ- QA 2, I 9 r 4 if i , Tie H W , ' g G 'H i .W W HF!!-P ... -as .- eff 5.5. 2' ,cf ,ti ,rw 1 5' .r ., M- '- m...,. 'X , 'fi -wr-W' ' wiiii if . Q ,,pf5'q.w ff, Y- W -, M-1 f A Url' x K. 4, 'Q H Q 214, v M Q N0 I Md' 1' "M irluur. . . ,Wa .M ul? Henri ,lu sf ,L 1 15 x QW "M W 5 A 4 5 ? 3 A E E qqnuwiulv 1 ww, .Maw ,mwgnniega .-fnfsefgw fm, M,.,,.4w,4f-9-uf fe .- .1-K 'N-w if D Alone or with others, people provide the background for the priceless education gained in a university. With pride as a motivator, unity evolves from the spirit of action and portrayal of talent. li lt, Mfiilli' lb' alma. ,S 'Safari Li Counteracting the studious spirit. moments of leisure pour forth We in expressions of self ,555 AWQX? " "f'f,'F'3 wiv A 45:36 ii wr f 'W ew--ff 'Q MIL' """"'WllmlM' Providing a world of experience, campus life helps to mold students into unique personalities .--"J, ir! f,....u:: ,ff 3 51361 u f 1 - ill I :1!iJ::1':9,-p::'.'1 f2Hf'5"i.'?:"" ' + .. 1.. . - M i ...S 5 ? mg-:.s:.-.. -.-.., , , ,,- nav.: anno on f- . U J 5: n nu nga 4 use 1 ' Haan: an -,, , ,- M I as no . ' I , .uitltu Q,-,. uv.,-A, 5 ff" -H- 7- ,'1'. "5 517'1Ul,Tff'7'l A :3s.:?3f5g-!i5:p:!a,. 3 :.r,.,,,1.1,i..,l.l,.4 P s1g2f '::: Hg--,.,..J: Jrwv as g s-4 -WK 1 K -- , R . ,. ,, ' E ' J. , . - , , W '. "af - ' J , ,., ' A L: 1 '1..3 "Q Em' ' 'N '. 'V 'Ra ' ,. - ' ' ,!M""' ' " 6' Vu". w ' -gg , 14-ff-'1 f, '24 'V Pi-slim mpg., x- ii ,:'1vi5-91" :wif N' . . -- -' Ai Wy- , 1--IJ ., TH 71,45 X ,q'fg:L:4-P -1 , my 2.3 KN . , n ' 'lf 4- . " 'A ' . -'A .6 5 I f .N .N ,N A i ,,':f , qv Y l ,tr , I Qhwtf... -4 A - " ,M ,W , ,, ' .- WJ .. 13 'F' ' ,. - hu' by r, 1 YL' ' Q '- QWWQ It D N-T A v-.Q ,xaynv W Q4 1, iv J., ,HL . .. ' , .. 7 . 4- , ' 2 Q 1 ,-I M . - ' :. . El , ' ,- ' I I nj '. 1. , f , ,, Q ,gi AK , , q Q 1 1 Q li 'l 5 3,,,..4: , IZ LLL K kr 1 L 1 Lf: ,.::3fF:1 sig 1 .1 ':.,s . ur ,. -Q, Y . 1 2 gg: hy, ,, I.:-,,.Q -V X , : .1 2 11.2 2 '- . - . , ' 14 riff . fqj IIE? 'i '1:':f2 'rv -.ff I - .. -'f -, 1133" ----,-Q, Q 115: .-, , ' , - I aj 2513 5 g.:Q.jw 3 -5522, I I . -'fig 1 -:E::: 1 .::.':f 4 fgazmyf f- ' V. ' ff , Q41'.'24fZ 'mx'-7 - '.:Zf.Z.: it 1 YL .jk ..:-.,- r J:-I:--,JL ..-uv F :Tuff Pf. ' 5 FJ' ' tv. , 4 1- ,Elf ,, H V qg Z-:uf KL' :Ii 'T .1!,::5 139 'i1:: a - ,Q 2. ,NW ' tg . . f . , :gf M, v1:..'., e A.. ,A v , ,L- ,- "' 4,4 5 3 1 , g :Y V ',A,j',Q, . ..- v..w u-. - ---. .Av 4 X .-1. ". . 5- v-rr, - ww.: fl, 5' ' fh, , - -'f'f.QQ1a, . 2-H' .rv " f .fg , mi I gl I f ' ,' ' 'K 4 -- ' , - ' H er -: -F---. .4 n .5 v Q ff. fri- 'W-i..-JN' - 1 ' Q -- I '-"70K3,Ml'Wn,5: ,,, l .A D ami' - qi D. '7 Y' 5 m- 'lk M T I 5' E V . igvg'-,QS " 'bf' ,Kg ' q.1-S,-qi, ,v .,,f, - "nv - N J' I-35, if I 45- ,-3 :.s ' .. 4 'i. " hw Wx M ' - 1 -L.- "sv . 'A ' . ' ,., ' N L ,. ,..,, ' ,, . W .M.' -ww, . 3 wr' x , AL "' A ' ".f+" ". '- " ' ' , q 'Uffh " " 'L 'L ' . . . .. , W . am . .M X ., , pw Q... xv - wq Q . ,,, - , . wx- . ,.1..' , x,J- A 'K , '-'. H' v-' ', it , W " . 3 ' , X M :gm f - I I. ,. ' ..f UMW .LW ' i ' r' QA? 1 A .L ,, -Mi M' Wk "W . ." . , w . -"-A .L L-" .I - , " 1 . AL 1 "7" 0 ,. " ,N ' ' , 5 'W ff ,l l'v ' .X X 5, . A, Q R 1 .,,,,, , ,V " , - ' f 4, H 1 X ., V-W if QQ - '- -we if W ' w 1 lv ' ,. W " f " t "Avi "" Q". Q 'J'--' ,- A N , - W7 w-N , f,,fAQgff rv' , Q - . P-- , ff .--' .1 w K ' A I ' . , , , .vin finfl ' fa'-1"-u .5 '..'1K-"J v -Q.- LF. M548 JZ' 'WM K Q .qw ,H 4 " im ...-WwwMmmwMN-QMW,.mA..,M.wM,,K.L.,g.,,.q .M M.. W ..W..wy.-.0 ,..,,.M.V,...4f- M....5.,m.W ww ,.m.,.M K ,.a.,.,w.M,.,.m.m, .K M- . Q- QMMwW.M..fu,.1 WM .W v.-,WA .W .. M ,...,..M- WH, MMA-,,....,1.,w N-mm-w.q,m my-M.W.M.g.f..v-Mmvw..1wwmuwfvM1.wMz-uww,, Mf,.w,w,.. M M-1-,wmmvmmf-W..w.'Wmw.mmm.wM4Mmmfwmmwmw,W-ww.M,wmAmm .M-.Maw,1,wm In or out of the classroom, the variety of days brings challenges to be met. A lo- E ,iign K 'N " M . Z! 5 1' V QA", vp J"'f QQ es' f gm Wfsgf' I x K U V W ., I ,nl 3' M. 4f."'f 5. 1 -.1 if f 3' eff ' v My ski, f 2g,.,, A Q. f 6 12 Y, -.hy ws -. :iffy " J 41" ,, ,-V' :sy . ,iv " f , ,svn 1 ' , 5 . gif M 4 ' 'iwfar 4 lf - gn: " , . A Q . .. - ff '- .., 4, 4.14 A . .EM A 4 nr-,, In A ,N 1 www? A N W ,. 1.4! W, 4. m , nib? mf' "af 4 "5,fi 1 ,n Karen Brlttlnghem Lori Wilkerson Bronze Book Princesses Carolyn Lindsey Homecoming Queen Runners-Up DOUI73 DUI' 317 5 Freshman Queen Runners-Up Dana Smith Felicia Jones Calendar Girl Runners-Up Janell Schmidt Outstanding Greek Woman :six Becky Crews Outstanding Greek Man Daniel Morgan 30fFa vorites Bronze Book Beauties sf Shohreh Ameli Freda Harris yn, 'X """""'Y Gayle Johnston June Lantz Evelyn McBrayer Tammy Payne Tracey Phillips Lisa Sali Stephanie Stephenson Barbara Watson 1 ti""'i, Bronze Book Beaus if ii Steve Carpenter Hassein Chehelakhtarni Q X Kendal Cudjoe Ricky Langland Harold Luter Alan Maddox Frederick Mattia Mike Mayfield Larry Smith Mark Snapp r ty g , X Fa voritesf31 1980-81 Calendar 32fFa vori tes Girls . X , 3,X w 4 JSR t.,,,,..,..--vw .,q s " : X 4 WWXQ ff? M yr J ska as N 5 K ails as as , 1 is N ,M Q e Q Q an K QQ X wr W' X X : .Sl xv f SXT 1 xx , 5 l 1 f M k N is 'ii ss 9 'w ,x , as Ann Stooksberry Gayle Johnston Diana Hussey X' ,,., , Tamara Mooneyham Lisa Sali Lezlie Long grew Shari McDonald Terri Ann Peaster Kelli Lamb fx ,fy f r , X I 9 Carl Battles Benny Christensen Ricky Fillips Kip Hassen Randy Hunt Dwayne Long Danny Morgan Larry Smith Brad Wages 1980 Miss CSU Escorts Fa vori tesf 33 Who s Who In Arnencan Colleges and UH1V6IS1t16S Tlmothy A Chavez Journahsm Major S1gma Delta Ch1 VICE Pres Bronze Book Staff V1St3 Sports Ed1tor V1St3 News Ed1tor V1sta Ed1tor Deans Honor Roll Jeanne Clure Vocat1onal Home Econ omlcs Major Alpha Lambda Delta Tlaras Kappa Delta P1 Student Home Econom1cs Assoc1at1on Rebecca L Crews HPER Major Delta Zeta L1ttle S1sters of the Maltese Cross Pres Vlce Pres UCAB Sec Assoc1at1on of Women Students Sec Kappa Delta P1 T1aras Mortar Board Student Nat1onal Educat1on ASSOCIH t1on Whos Who Deans Honor Roll t1on Major ROTC Ph1 Beta Slgma VICE Pres P Chapter H1gh SchoolfCol1ege Relat1ons Board Dean s Honor Roll Pres1dents Honor Roll Donna M Duran Spec1alEducat1on Major Delta Zeta Student Senate UCAB VICE Pres Pres Tlaras Mortar Board Sec Hlgh SchoolfCollege Rela t1ons Board Sec Student Counc11 for Except1onalCh1ldren Sec Daughters of D1ana Pres Panhellen1c Whos Who Deans Honor Roll Renny J Fannmg Pubhc Relat1ons Major Alpha Chl P1 Kappa Delta Pres Debate Team Pres Student Senate 7 . : ' ' 5 , -Q .l . . . ' l , Y , A ' 1 1 Z S . : ' 3 Z y -r -Z 1 -S Y -1 1 Z S D . 7 4 1 A 1 , - Ronald Gene Dumas: History Educa- l 3 1 .g 1 3 . l , , , - , , . ' 1 1 1 1 -I -S S , -s - y -5 ' . l ll ' . 1 , -, 1 , , , . ' 1 'Q ' , -1 1 -2 34fFaVorites Timothy A. Chavez Rebecca L. Crews 'H Donna Duran Jeanne Clure Ronald Gene Dumas Renny J. Fanning' shin Sywwf l rf' A l X Maria V Gerah Mariea Lynn Grubbs Karen S. Gill Donna L. Hardway Cari Marilyn A. Heath Vicki A. Hillis Who s Who In Arnencan Colleges and UH1V6IS1t16S Marla V Gerah Health Adm1n1s tration Major Alpha Gamma Delta AWS Vlce Pres Pres Txaras Sec Mortar Board Nursmg Club Pre sldents Club Deans Honor Roll Karen S Glll Speclal Educatlon Major Delta Zeta UCAB Treas Panhellenlc Jr Panhellemc Cheer leader Calendar Glrl Llttle Slsters of the Maltese Cross Marlea Lynn Grubbs Jour nal1smfPubl1c Relatlons Major Sigma Delta Chl Pres Tlaras French Club Sec fTreas President s Honor Roll Vlsta Staff Donna L Hardway Math Educa Math Club Pres Tlaras Kappa Delta P1 Mortar Board Marllyn A Heath Busmess Educa t1on Major Ebony Gospel Cholr Sec fTreas Zeta Phn Beta Afro Amerlcan Student Unlon Deans Honor Roll Vl0kl A Hlllls Speech Pathology Major Sigma Alpha Eta Pres Vlce Pres Councll of Exceptional Chll dren Student Educatlon Assoclatlon BSU Presldents Club Mortar Board Ed1torfH1stor1an Kappa Delta P1 Deans Honor Roll 9 t ' ' 1 9 , -I -2 y -S 1 2 ' - , , 1 , . ' 9 , , -1 S - S ' Q Z . . . . 5 , -Z Z . ' Y , - -, 3 . tion Majorg Alpha Lambda Deltag y -5 5 5 . . . S . Y - -9 5 - . . - , , 'fxffn-WA' A I ' 1 .y I 3, 'gf f A f . . . . U W , Y . ' 7 Q , , y S .. , , . Fa von tesf 35 Who s Who In Arnerlcan Colleges and UHIVGISILIBS Joe C Hocking Jr Vocal Music Education Phi Mu Alpha S1nfon1a Pres Tunesmiths Mens Glee Club University Choir Chamber Choir Laurie B Hulin Computer Science Major Student Senate Data Processing Management Association Tiaras Alpha Lambda Delta FCA Presxdents Honor Roll Deans Honor Roll Sherry L Hunter Sociology Major Alpha Gamma Delta AWS Pres Panhellenlc Vice Pres UCAB Pre sident s Club West Hall Dorm Council Dianna Lynn Hussey Marketing Major Alpha Gamma Delta Tiaras UCAB Sec AWS Panhellenic Deans Honor Roll Calendar Girl Mary Ellen Jobe: Elementary Educa- tion Major' Murdaugh Hall Dorm Council' Sigma Alpha Iota' Kappa Delta Pi' Student Education Associa- tion' Tiaras' Mortar Board. David Lee Kinney: AccountingfFin- ance Major' Tau Kappa Epsilon' Student Senate' Accounting Club' UCAB' Young Democrats' Deans Honor Roll. 36fFa vori tes , ,VW 11,3 il n7'.,,l Joe C Hocking, Jr ivfx Laurie B. H ulin Sherry L Hunter Dianna Lynn Hussey Mary Ellen Jobe David Lee Kinney Dena Kirby at I lWq'mkFm""'1- ,, wi or Curtis John Kretchmar Carolyn Marie Lindsey mf'-.. Linda L Klemme Gerald Alan Krittenbrink Who s Who In Amer1can Colleges and Un1vers1t1es Dena Krrby Vocatlonal Home Econ omlcs Major Alpha Lambda Delta Pres Student Senate Sec fTreas Murdaugh House Councll Pres High School!College Relations Board Pre sldents Club Treas Home Economics Club Student Educatlon Assoclatlon Txaras Llnda L Klemme Nursmg Major Alpha Lambda Delta Txaras Alpha Theta Tau Student Nursmg Assocla tlon Pres Curtls John Kretchmar Marketmg Major Slgma Tau Gamma Inter Fratermty Councll Pres Presxdents Club Marketmg Assoclatxon Man agement Club UCAB Deans Honor Ro Gerald Alan Krlttenbrmk Account mg Major Slgma Tau Gamma Pres Accountmg Club Presidents Club Deans Honor Roll IFC Carolyn Mane Lindsey Buaxness Major Sxgma Kappa Phl Beta Lamb da Hlgh SchoolfCollege Relations Board Rose of Sxgma Tau Gamma ROTC French Club Scabbard and Blades Tlaras Cheerleader Deans Honor Roll Lorl Lookabaugh Nursmg Major Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Chl Pres Tlaras Nursmg Club Presxdent s Club Calendar Gxrl Presldents Honor Roll Deans Honor Roll of , z r L '9 V o u o ,gt 1 , I . : A - inn' . . I , , . .g , . .5 I 1 -C . , . , . - , -, S S 0 z . . Q S Z Chl? Mortar Board, Vlce Pres.g Slgma 9 - , . ' s ' 5 - . . I . , , -, S S ' 1 4 7 , , ll. X ' ' 9 ' , -1 . l , , j , , 7 v , . 9 ' : ' - 3 3 S 5 Q . ' . . 7 ! 7 1 . : . . 3 3 y -Z ' Q ' 1 ' l 4 'V v 1 1 . . , j I , , J K . Lori Lookaba ug Fa von tes!3 7 l 2' Who s Who In Arnerlcan Colleges and UH1V6IS1t16S Timothy M McCord Management Major Student Senate Thatcher Hall Dorm Council Pres Men s Glee Club High SchoolfCollege Relations Board UCAB Management Association Pre sldent s Honor Roll Dean s Honor Roll Tammy Kaye Mallcoate Speech Pathology Major Alpha Gamma Delta Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross Sigma Alpha Eta Tiaras Mortar Board UCAB Vice Pres Treas Student Council for Exceptional Chil dren Presidents Club Sec Melba Manderscheld Office Admlnlb tration Major Alpha Camma Delta Phi Beta Lambda Pres High SchoolfCol lege Relations Board Tiaras AWS President s Club Dian Marshall: Biology Major' Alpha Gamma Delta' Alpha Lambda Delta Pres.' Tiaras Vice Pres.' Presidents Club Pres. Vice Pres.' Mortar Board' Nursing Club Vice Pres.' High SchoolfCollege Relations Board' Student Senate' Daughters of Diana' Alpha Chi Vice Pres. Tammye Jean Mineo: Journalism Advertising Majorg WICI, Pres.g Sigma Delta Chig High SchoolfCollege Rela- tions Boardg Alpha Delta Sigmag Dean's Honor Roll. Daniel E. Morgan: Business Adminis- tration Majorg Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres.g Student Senateg President's Clubg UCABg High SchoolfCollege Relations Boardg Young Democrats. as an it Wlww:-S 'If' Tnnothy M McCord Tammy Kaye Malicoate Melba Manderscheid Dian Marshall 38fFa vori tes X, or NX Tammye Jean Mineo Daniel E. Morgan Gayle Ann Morton Vicki Murrell Benjamin H. Odom Connie Beth Roberts W VV,. W ,,ff"K Who s Who In Amerlcan Colleges and UD1V9TS1t16S Gayle Ann Morton Busmess Educa tlon Major Kappa Delta P1 Phl Beta Lambda Hlgh SchoolfCollege R8l8tl0HS Board Secondary Educatlon Assocla t1on Dorm Councll P1 Omege P Women s Cvlee Club UDlVeTSlty Cholr Dean s Honor Roll Vlckl Murrell Accountlng Major Student Senate Sec !Treas Mortar Board Vlce Pres Tlaras Young Democrats Sec BSU Presidents Club Deans Honor Roll Benjamin H Odom Polltlcal Sclence Major Student Senate Pres Young Democrats Pres Tau Kappa Epsllon UCAB Ph1 Eta Slgma Presldents Honor Roll Deans Honor Roll Connle Beth Roberts Speclal PEMM Club Pres BSU Varsity Basketball and Softball Klmberly A Roblson Voc Home Economlcs Educatlon Major Tlaras Kappa Delta P1 Home Ec Club Pres AWS Student Educatlon Assoclatlon BSU Deans Honor Roll Marsha L Rowe Speech and Hearlng Therapy Slgma Alpha Eta Ebony Gospel Choir Delta Slgma Theta Vlce Pres AWS Whos Who Deans Honor Ro , l 5' . . 3 .5 . Q 5 . 2 S 15 , . . . . - , , 7 . . : . . 5 , - -9 , -Z P Q v ' , Y 'Y 7 , , , . ' 1 , -9 r -S I . . . I . , , , , , , . Educ.!Phys. Educ. Majorg FCA, Pres.g y -2 I . . . 5 . g Q - y -Z 5 5 , , , . , in K 3 . 3 A 3 v ' , u 1 , . 7 A '! Y Y Q ll. Kimberly A. Robison Marsha L. Rowe Fa von tes! 39 Who s Who In Amencan Colleges and UH1V6IS1t18S Karen M Russell Publlc Relatnons Major Ebony Gospel Choxr Afro Amerlcan Student Unlon Sec Pres Orchesls Student Senate Delta Slgma Theta Resldent Asslstant Vlrglnla Marne Seabrook Fashlon Merchandlslng Major Junlor Pan hellenlc Delta Zeta AWS Treas UCAB Roses of Slgma Tau Gamma Cathle Smith Vocal MUSIC Educatlon Major Unlverslty Cholr Old North Belles Tunesmlths BSU Happy Slde Slngers Slgma Alpha Iota Deans Honor Roll Presxdents Honor Roll Mark C Snapp BUSIDESSXFIUHHCB Major Phu Eta Slgma Management Club Student Senate Accountmg Club Presldents Honor Roll Dean s Honor Ro Scott Snapp Physlcs Major PhyS1CS Club Pres Slgma P1 Sxgma Ph1 Eta Slgma Mortar Board Alpha Chl Student Senate Whos Who Ann Stooksberry Marketlng Major Alpha Lambda Delta Treas Tlaras Alpha Chl Sec Varslty Tennls Presidents Honor Roll Deans Honor Roll Calendar Glrl 4 0fF a vorites Karen M. Russell Virginia Marie Seabrook Cathie Smith Mark C. Snapp Scott Sna pp Ann Stooksberry Joe E. Swanson ji- RN Judy Kay Warren Peggy Lynn Wiseman 5 4 A f - X1.. .. :KV A K 1 A S XX 5 ZF! Shelly Lea Williamson Stephen W Harkey Who s Who In Amerlcan Colleges and UD1V8fSlt16S Joe E Swanson Instrumental Muslc Educ Major Scabbard and Blade Concert Band Orchestra Dean s Honor Ro Judy Kay Warren Masters of Secon dary Educatron PEMM Club Kappa Delta P1 Presldents Honor Roll Shelly Lea Wllllamson Elementarv Educatlon Major Alpha Lambda Delta Reporter Tlaras Treas Mortar Board Student Educatlon Assoclatlon Treas Presldents Honor Roll Peggy Lynn Wiseman Vocatlonal Home Economlcs Major Student Home Ec Assoclatlon Student Educatlon Assoclatlon Kappa Delta P1 Tlaras Mortar Board BSU Presldents Honor Roll Deans Honor Roll Stephen W Harkey Computer Science Major East Hall Dorm Councll Vrce Pres Pres Management Club Treas Data Processlng Management Assocratron Deans Honor Roll Pre srdents Honor Roll Jon B Womastek Journallsm Major Phr Eta Srgma Srgma Delta Chl Dean s Honor Roll Presldents Honor Roll 7 - 3 Q . . 7 , , ll. 2 S .I . , , . ' 5 , Q y J w 1 -Q - , Z - 2 5 Z Q . . ' 7 Y , , Y , . S , -1 -Q y I' . . , I 7 F - - y , . . . . . .. ,l , , . ' v , , Fa von tesf41 -I i I I Outstanding Senior Woman ' n I Diann Marshall " ....."'...""' '- Gutstanding Senior Man Ben Odom Outstanding Senior Woman Runners-Up Vlckl IVIurreII Donna Duran Outstanding Senior Man Runners-Up Curtis Kretchmar Danny Morgan ff? f R ff R U 5.3 QW 2 'A ' w'1':Z'wi 4 , if-1. , gint: af WWE wwwmg Q3 V hm ,,' 'fe'i2iff:Q, ...,5Si5:L1,4'i "wg 'j me ., 5,31 ' Ha in Nw 5 W, . Wg 'V 5: '- QQQQAQQ W .Vf ifi ff X- 5 5 '-x , MW ,f , , 1 LM Y, , 2214 WH .LW 46fStuden ts mf. .H fLf,:if,w1 6 M M .gg 3 , A W2 Qlijggi . .V ,I A , x ,IRFH if 3 fc I 48f Grad ua tes . Lf! xx Q . ..,.. Q N i x X Graduates sf lg: .w. sv W! iii, l if Ar' v ' i-viii.-yn M, ii ,ii 'I va Y Robert Adams, Jr., Sch. Admin. Ismail Akande, Bus. Admin. Ebrahim Alizadeh, Ind. Tech. Tari Anderson, Couns. Psych. Joseph Atuaka, Pol. Sci. Takon Aungboonreung, Ed. Admin Godwin Ayeni, Bus. Admin. ' Chung Sook Bae, Guid. Couns. Linda Barnett, Elem. Ed. Jerri Burke, Psych. Claudia Chestand, Sec. Ed.fFash. Merch. Chiping Chu, Bus. Admin. Dinah Davies, Phys. Ed. Joanne Denney, Elem. Ed. Dhiren Desai, Bus. Jusu Eric Dorley, Crim. Jus. Elizabeth Ekwueme, Bus. Admin. Monday Ediebet, Bus. Admin. Olaoye Faboro, Bus. Rebecca Fagbohun, School Admin. Paul Goetz, Art Juan Gonzalez, Pol. Sci. Betty Henderson, Educ, Dorita Hooper, Fam. Rel. Ali Hosseini Anvar, Bus. Admin. Ke Hua, Bus. Admin. Ibanga Ikpe, Inter. Affairs Ufot lnamete, Pol. Sci. Joseph James, Bus. Admin. Larry Judd, M. Ed. Voc. GraduateSf49 Zia Khan, Bus. Admin. ' Shelf Koo, Pol. Sci. Tzong-Jeng Lin, Bus. Admin. , , V Jan Lingenfe1ter,.Edue. Wendolyn Maixwell, Guid. Couns. f Mike, Mayfield, Crim'.lLaw f Trena Milliner, Pre-Optometry Nabeel Mirza, Bus. Admin. 'Seyed Naghavian, Bus. Mgmt. Mohammed Nomani, Bus. Admin. Emmanual Nwonu, Bus. Admin. Julius Obasade, Comp. Sci. LK. Kwash Ochiagha, Pol. Sci. Josephai Okeke, Bus. Admin. Obase Okongor, Pol. Sci. Adelaja Olojede, Bus. Admin. Emmenuel Oloyede, Bus. Koorosh Parvia, Bus. Admin. Amanda Pfeffer, Sp. Educ. Marie Rasmussen, Bus. Admin. Rasheed Sanni, Acct. Sue Lynn Sasser, Home Ec. Steve Saunders, Educ. Anwarshaikh Shaikh, Bus. Admin. Charles Simmons, Photo-Journ. Elsa Tankersley, School Admin. Mike Telford, Educ, Admin. A Bill Trask, Educ. Patrick Uchebo, Mgmt, ' Etim Ederni Utin, Admin. Peter Uto, Educ. 'Ronald Walker, Guid. Couns. Tsyr-Jiang Yang, Bus. Admin. , Hanwei Yu, Pol. Sci. 50!Graduates 1 A 4 4 "" i f ffl - 1 r - Q. f "' in 1 42 ' ' ' ' " 1 'Q f H: .1- X ,Aw 1? y A AJ .i 43' f :y-.3-.' .- 5 E' qw.. , . is r Q. r v vw. . R. .K un., , A . nf. IT . W. .X , K f..-f , H - . !' 1 44 ', H . ki ..3 , . 'K E K I' A Egfi-T fl' an S Sf M Q 4 Q 5 'G x ' V K I a, e ,. i , 3 2 rm R5 I . . ,F F 1- S 5 I 1 I 7? Z UV. .. W.. . . . W . . Mmm ' if 9i.L:LeS!fL3'EE" " ""!f'Q"hvE Wag' Q.. nz. :' A 'Egg f WH? .3 K, is ' ff -Q., , . . ,ur J e .- .xlf r is A X. agfffgl F-Elf: -aff.: 7 3513 13 if' iii fn A ls... 4- 5 .1 'Z' 1 ff LN? fan X 'h.... X Q 2 ,gmfvg fy' 'Z'-21" A A Sem ors Seniors!51 Cynthia Adams, Elern.fSp. Ed. Omololu Adebayo, Psych. Samuel Adetoro, Marketing Debi Affentranger, Broadcasting Grace Afolabi, Home Ec. Pat Alexander, Music Ed. Athar Ali, Bus. Admin. Jason Amar, Biology Shohreh Ameli, Comp. Mgmt. Carolyn Amoozegar, Bio. Darlene Anderson, Mgmt. Janet Anderson, Bus. Ed. Martha Anderson, Bus. Admin. Deborah Anneler, Elem. Ed. Teshia Arambula, Phys. Ed. Pam Armstrong, Med. Tech. Lauri Ashby, Marketing Patricia Atkinson, Soc. Charles Bode, Math. Mike Baldridge, Mrktg. Desmond Barnett, Crim. Jus. Pinkie Barnett, Crim. Jus. Gwen Bazar, Lib. Sci. l.aVonda Bengs, Art Ed. Rhonda Bergstrasser, Oral Comm. Kelvin Berry, Fun. Ser. Betty Bishop, Music Ajom Ndoma Bisong, Ind, Tech. Deborah Bolt, Art Ed. Betty Bondy, Comm. Art. 52fSeniors a-F half, in ,554 . Y- ah. Q Q. s .. .. ,.. nfl X... ,.. 5, . ff 4. 5 4.-5... a.. 'Ag l- QU,f,? We FTW yn-.9 A av ' 'U 'Tnw Q an 4 ow, W " + 4 , ,. ,i 4 wi Joseph Bowie, Mgmt. Arthur Bowser, Bus. A , mv nl ww, M' P a 1342 i b -3 .., Y Cindy Bradford, Comm. Art Lavanche Brasioski, Health Andrea Brewster, Home Ec. Terri Brisbin, Mrktg. Roberta Briscoe, Bus. Admin Krinna Brock, Pub. Rel. Rex Bross, Broadcasting Donna Brown, Spec. Ed. Nell D. Brown, Bus. Admin. Rocky Brown, Bus. Mgmt. Carolyn Buckner, Mgmt. Mary Bunting, Phy. Ed. Pervaiz Butt, Bus. Admin. Kathy Buttry, Elem. Ed. Lorraine Caddy, Bus, Christy Calhoun, Nurs. Toni Cardwell, Phy. Ed. Patti Case, Journ. Diann Cassidy, Broadcasting Tim Chavez, Joum. Semorsf53 Hossein Chehelakhtami, Math. . r - Poke: Chu, Comp. Sci. . Craig Clark, Photo-Journ. C Kerry, Clemons, Crim. Jus. ' ' , s Christie Coe, Art Karen Collins, H.P.E. Paul Corley, Bus. Mgmt. Marsha Craft, Fun. Ser. Terri Cravens, Phy. Ed. Martha Crocker, Nurs, Hanson Damen, Broadcasting Mary Claire Danaher, Engl. Becky Davis, Nutrition Debbie Davis, Nurs. Loreita Davis, Spec. Ed. David Dockery, Acctg. Sharon Dodd, Music Mike Donnell, Mrktg. Ronald Dumas, History Donna Duran, Spec. Ed. Debbie Duvall, Eng. Ed. K Cynthia Earls, Bus. Debbie Earnest, Bus. Ed. Vernon Edwards, Crirn. Jus. , Enunanuel Egar, Eng. gy. . . rroi 5 Kim Faken, Nursing, ,L Corrie . Flanagan, Bus. Mgmt. I fShar0i1i Flank, Fash. iMerch. ff ffhoiiiee Froese, Crinii., Jus. Gabei, phy, Ed. 54fSeniorS V , Bernadette Galanis, Psyc. Gay Garrison, Biol. Dan Gentry, Comp. Sci. Judy George, Mrktg. Valerie George, Soc. Maria Gerah, Health Glyna Gipson, Comm. Health Jim Goldsmith, Acctg. William Gorman, Bus. Delta Gouker, Soc. William Graham, Finance Cherrie Gragg, Phy. Ther. Melva Green, Bus. Ed. Mariea Grubbs, Pub. Rel, Karen Hagmaier, Spec. Ed. Evelyn Hale, Photo-Journ. Donna Hancock, Soc. Mark Hanstein, Chem. Jennifer Hardin, Spec. Ed. Anna Marie Hrdy, Off. Adm. Carolyn Harjo, Art Ed. Janice Harper, Pol. Sci. David Harris, Mrktg. Jim Harris, Phy. Ed. Sherrie Harris, Elem. Ed. Lawrence Hartzell, Sp. Path. Jamal Hashemi, Comp. Math Edwin Hatch, Chem. Patty Hawkins, Pub. Rel. Sally Haydon, Eng. Semors!55 Randy Hayer, Bus. Mgmt. Marilyn Heath, Bus. Ed. Jim Heidebrecht, Bus. Mgmt. Ozelle Henderson, Soc. Jim Henry, Mrktg. Julie Henry, Spec. Ed. Steven L. Herron, Ind. Ed. Avis Hill, Mrktg. Candice Hoff, Journ. Dianne Hoffman, PhotofJourn. Kathy Holloway, Elem. Ed. Bryan Howard, Elem. Ed. Denise Howard, Bus. Michael V. Howell, Journ. Stephanie Hudson, Mgmt. Ellen Hull, Nurs. Joy Hunt, Elem. Ed. Sherry Hunter, Soc. Joan Ice, Gen. Studies Rima Ingersoll, Phy. Ed. Judy Jackson, Bus. 56fSem'ors I if ,ei . W ,L ,. X Ginny Jenkins, Home Ee. Mary Ellen Jobe, Elem. Ed. Mark John, Mrktg. Conna Johnson, Psych. Christopher Jacobs, Pol. Sci Gayle Johnston, Spec. Path. Amy Jones, Nursing Valerie Jones, Music Jay Jordan, Pub. Rel. Marlene Karner, Nursing Bruce Kelley, Mrktg. Paul Kelley, Acctg. Vicky Kelso, Crim. Jus. Kim Kirpatrick, Lib. Sci. Linda Klemme, Nursing Donna Kling, Pub. Rel. Steve Koonce, Music Ed. Curtis Kretchmar, Mrktg. John Kurowski, Voc. Ed. Faith Lalimar, Biol. Mary Lambert, Nursing Robert Lane, Broadcstg. Cynthia Latta, Acctg. Rickey Lemon, Comp. Sci. Jacqueline Lester, Bus. Robert Lewis, Phys. Ed. Cindy Lindley, Bus. Carolyn Lindsey, Bus. Alicia Long, Spec. Ed. Denise Long, Bus. Semorsf5 1 Lori Lookabaugh, Nursing Michele Lovell, Eng. Barbara Lowery, Comp. Sci. Jamie Lowry, Sp. Path. Loan Luong, Gen. Bus. Cynthia Luster, Educ. Harold Luter, Bus. Fin. Dan Luton, Chem. Tammy Malicoate, Spec. Path. Clarissa Maloney, Pol. Sci. Charlotte Mansfield, Journ. Dan Martin, Chem. Michael Martinez, Chem. Keith Martinkewiz, Mgmt. LaDonna Marzett, Broadcstg. Thelma Marzett, Crim. Jus. Barbara Mauldin, Home Ec. Stephanie Means, Music Ed. Doug Mineo, Bus. . 'Tzimrnye Mineo, Journ. i 1 .Cheryl 1M0oreg'Bus. VAclm. 58!Senfors Elia-rfmift'ileihiikmiibikilig 'F-'W' 'QQ rf safer ,Q A .Swain 1 4 , f 4' ' so F -,ygxf ' I .'3rf.iFiQf . ' ' 1 'A . Q fi 2334, -- if K if I 1 ff , '!, , VY ,gg . 1, ,J was 54- we 4 SJ pf '!9Q'l5" ff wir ..,.,,,.,, X ,4 'K Eimisl T53 K uf fi .-f, x 1 . ., C 1 , 1 iss" - , iq, 1, N 42: v. F I I 61 fi . f 2 ,ver rzrfld .- Sm' 51' Q 'a itil- ' N Bmw ' ' ' J.. 4- '-if ' '0- 11.13 ky fu . N ,il I v,,A .i Ellen Moran, Nurs. Daniel Morgan, Bus. Adm. James Morgan, Jr., Comm. Art Gayle Morton, Bus. Ed. Steve Muckin, Journ. Beth Munda, Nurs. Christi Muno, Med. Tech. Candace Morse, Spec. Ed. Rene Murphy, Mrktg. Cheryl Murray, Educ. Mike McAuliffe, Journ. Sandra McBride, Adv. Katie McCaleb, Pub. Rel. Michele McClure, Elem. Ed. Steven McCurley, Drama Juanita McDade, Lib. Sci. Mark McDonald, Fun. Ser. Cheryl McSpedden, Elem. Ed. Leonna Nation, Int. Design Donna Neal, Spec. Ed. Bichene Okorn Nchor, Bus. Lisa Nichols, Music Ed. Sem'ors!59 Olu Ogbeide, Chem. Chizam Okoye, Fin. Solanke Onafuwa, Bus. Tina Oney, Early Child. Ernest Onley, Safety Ed. Barbara Orza, Nurs. Laura Padden, Nurs. Gale Patton, Biol. Sister Diann Paulin, Early Child. Dennis Peacock, Chem. Faye Perkins, Psy. Stanley Perkins, Ind. Safety Lucia Perri, Acctg. Carol Phelan, Fin. Clara Pineda, Biol. Ali Pirouzmand, Biol. Teong Pong, Bus. Adm. Beth Poole, Home Ed. Ed. James Popkess, Fin. Lizann Porter, Music Ed. Julea Purvis, Acctg. Sherry Preston, Biol. Philip Quinn, Fin. Sima Ramesh, Gen. Bus. Floyd Ramsey, Ind. Tech. Darrell Reed, Ind. Ed. Linda Richards, Psy. Connie Roberts, Oral Comm. Mary Ann Roberts, Nurs. Kim Robison, Home Ed. 60ASeniors -sv! 9-PE: R I S -vnu if in l . f"'i.ii W4 ' Lf.51s2g-3' 1 it . N W N ,.- . K . ii, iii' . it J 1 . l V M. , i ii- I il. i W 0 na i ll.. 1, , . esilii f - , ,..iu1f'g. , sf,:sg3,5. i i Wi V .- gm 4 . J Z v fi .H W" X! X WW " lu... ,l . . l".ll'l fi .M 'I lx 0' J, l I ,ff Rl l in My SN? if ii M tl ii l is ' lilffl SJFSES- if-i it W wil 5 is itil " it Q. Xl? '-A'X W , w 1 .fav i fginr' ,...' ini XM? 'll " all all-Til "H 6 it L.......-n Wendy Rockhold, Spec. Ed. Penny Rockwell, Elem. Ed. Susan Rush, Soc. Kellie Russell, Music Ed. Faith Rutz, Bus. Jim Sandburg, Mrktg. Melody Scherich, Phy, Ed. Catherine Schroeder, Acctg. Sharon Schiltz, Off. Adm. Kelli Schwandt, Elem. Ed. Ron Schwarz, Bus. Mgmt. Linda Schweitzer, Nurs. Connie Selders, Elem. Ed. Mohammed Shadjari, Biol. Bob Shahan, HealthfPhy. Ed Nancy Sharp, Spec. Ed. Doug Shepherd, Pub. Rel. Judith Shipp, Fun. Ser. Linda Shoemake, Art Guyla Shook, Journ. Edward Short, Hist, Rosie Sidwell, Fash. Merch. Rene Smallwood, Pub. Rel. Ardrea Smith, Span. Ed. Carlton Smith, Ind. Art Cecelia Smith, Comp. Sci. Stacy Smith, Journ. Scott Snapp, Physics Cathy Spaulding, Journ. William Spivey, Biol. Ed. SEHIOFQXGI Kay Stafford, Nursing Dolores Stanfield, Adv. Sharon Steely, Finance Stephanie Stephenson, Or. Comm. Cathy Stingley, Journ. Keith Stingley, Acct. Michele Stokes, Nursing Ann Stooksberry, Mrktg, Kathy Stroup, Mrktg. Nancy Strozier, Oral Comm. Kevin Suitor, Chem. Janet Suitt, Bus. Debbie Sullivan, Mrktg. Connie Swanson, Home Ec. Joan Swanson, Off. Adm. Steven Swart, Ind. Art Ned Tarrant, Finance Clyde Taylor, Mrktg. Deena Taylor, Journ. Eric Taylor, Phy. Ed. Terry Taylor, Comm. Art Pam Telford, Elem. Ed. Sherri Tipton, Acct. Tracy Tregembo, Adv.fJourn. Sherie Trice, Adv.!Journ, Cynthia Turner, Drama Louie Walker, Phy. Ed. Rosalie Walters, Elem. Ed. Marianna Wassilak, Comp. Sci. Rhonda Wray Watson, Finance 62fSeniors .fc 'i -of! J. f Liao ff WD ""'9' 1 G in V lu Z? xx K C Q' -: -ya' 'QQ cr if . A . , l -' 1- 7 I W' Robert Waugh, Linda Wharry, Evan Wheeler, David Whelan, Psych. Crim. Jus. Chem. Phy. Ed. Doris White, Crim. Jus. Joan Williams, Elem. Ed. Mary Williams, Gen. Bus. Ron Williams, Mrktg. Shelly Williamson, Elem. Ed. Berna Wilson, Safety Peggy Wiseman, Home Ed. Candy Wright, Phy. Ed. Roderick Wright, Crirn. Jus. Lisa Wulz, Nurs. Seniorsf63 X: ,x "" ? ' .sm ' 5 , N Undergraduates 64fUndergradua tes ag. I ' r fM 4 S y ? QS , M "' J 3 ' IQ1 Q' NF 1 ' fl ,I S F , wi ., 1 crm If -M, wF,xfi by f 1 y , iq ,lg . 7 A , . , , Q 'P ' aa' ,, f -, V. I , f' Q' , ff.. n 2 ' " ,, ,M AM I ., il ,ywsirh lvlz ig gigids 7 , H M w Kg it , X , jaw M51 f , if , Mr A ,S f 'Z' ai V' ea 45 'JQQ if . K' f .f Q J fy, A 4 f 1 ' -s 'X 1 1 A iff ,d f ' ' ?!n .f f , . ga, Wi, .Af MJ V i liar ' my W , , . fu .,, 1, 5 M vw L. -1' if , r V, fa ,.,f, .xv L. ,MW Q4 1 iff. w f 1 if 4 x , lx, gain Q V v,, g A Xi' I H , A , 'V W ,if fi- ,W i zu 4hf'Tw .N Ax li i,A - JiM2y:EIJ , A vpagn-A Mull? vugiiilzg A s i A A ,L 4 ' M V 3 r f fy: A F if ff H lx J 5 Qfa. ,xt Q4 G 92- I ,i-lsr, ,- -2 V, dale. .fi Qiai , , I . ?Q X f, 1 I A 'J ' no iii . .. i I J A, " F i as pm. . V 9' V ' fi:-,rr fp .gr ,. . V A 2 ' ' I ' , "JT 'J S I U W S' ,S J A g p , ' , K " ,, I N,Z7 4:45 S A J in Lisa Adair, Freshman Katherine Adam, Freshman Edward Adams, Sophomore Byron Addington, Junior Carolyn Adebiyi, Freshman John Adie, Freshman Sandra Aguero, Sophomore Deana Admed, Freshman Ayoola Adinwande, Junior Tunde Akinyemi, Sophomore Rita Alday, Freshman Gregory Allen, Junior Kim Allen, Junior Sarah Altman, Junior Christy Anderson, Junior Debbi Anderson, Sophomore Deirdre Anderson, Freshman Emily Anderson, Freshman Karin Anderson, Freshman Lanassa Anderson, Sophomore Lucinda Anderson, Freshman Natalie Anderson, Sophomore Sherri Andrews, Sophomore DeeAnn Arms, Sophomore Kendal Arric, Sophomore Shawn Atkinson, Sophomore Lynson Autry, Sophomore Jean Autry, Freshman Rod Ausbrooks, Freshman Karen Axsom, Sophomore Glen Badger, Junior Nancy Baer, Sophomore Bruce Baird, Freshman ' Daniel Baker, Sophomore David Baker, Junior Darrell Baldwin, Freshman Becky Barber, Junior Elizabeth Barnett, Sophomore James Barnett, Sophomore Norma Barnett, Freshman Troy Barnett, Sophomore D. J. Basse, Junior Undergrad ua tesf65 Engrid Battle, Sophomore Pamela Bebout, Freshman Stacy Beck, Sophomore Toni Beeson, Junior Allison Begley, Freshman Jeff Begley, Sophomore David Bennett, Sophomore Donna Bennett, Junior Karen Benson, Freshman Anita Benton, Sophomore Jon Beilich, Sophomore Keith Biglow, Freshman Sally Bisel, Sophomore Donnie Blackshire, Sophomore Alton Blakely, Freshman Charmayne Blandon, Sophomore Phyllis Blandon, Freshman David Black, Junior Joyce Boggs, Sophomore Emma Boone, Sophomore Michelle Booth, Freshman Pamela Boston, Sophomore Jeroi Bowles, Freshman Caroline Bradford, Freshman Steve Bradshaw, Junior Lenny Branch, Freshman Lane Bratton, Sophomore Betsy Brawner, Freshman Jeanette Bray, Junior Kim Breedlove, Sophomore 66fUndergradua tes K . K gi, li, N E x was J r K , - X. ., ,y if , as ,. Q 'N L so ,ff x sv . Q A .5 . N x ' rx 1 o r"-2c ea's A QJJ, v ' iii Q 5 .ix tus, sa s. 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LL . . . ah C ""- X 'Kb ii 'R 5 aasvus .A X Rene Brock, Junior Evelyn Brown, Freshman Jena Brown, Sophomore Linda Brown, Junior Patricia Brown, Junior Susanne Brown, Freshman Wayne Brown, Freshman Laural Brownlie, Sophomore Brett Bryan, Sophomore Debra Bryant, Freshman Romonda Bryant, Sophomore Barbara Burden, Freshman Lynne Burn, Sophomore Mary Burns, Sophomore Jimmy Byrd, Freshman Kimberly Cady, Sophomore Diana Caldwell, Freshman Kim Caldwell, Sophomore Missy Calhoun, Sophomore David Campbell, Sophomore Earl Campbell, Sophomore Hubert Campbell, Freshman Jim Campbell, Junior Terri Carmichael, Freshman Donna Carlisle, Junior Rita Carney, Junior Dietra Carroll, Freshman Undergradua tesf6 7 Kelly Carroll, Junior Steve Carpenter, Freshman Jeff Carter, Freshman Marca Cates, Sophomore Tammy Causey, Junior Mical Cayton, Freshman Terri Celestine, Junior David Chambers, Freshman Cynthia Chamlee, Freshman Janet Chartney, Sophomore Denise Childs, Junior Cathy Christianson, Freshman Linda Clark, Sophomore Sharon Clark, Sophomore Larry Clein, Junior Jud Coldiron, Freshman Christy Coleman, Freshman Charlene Collier, Sophomore Pam Collins, Sophomore Sarah Collins, Freshman Tim Collins, Junior Kevin Colwell, Junior Jeannie Conger, Freshman Rebecca Cook, Freshman Linda Copeland, Freshman Roy Cordell, Freshman Nathan Cornell, Sophomore Mark Cotton, Junior Dana Jo Cox, Freshman Steve Cremers, Freshman Bonnie Crittenden, Freshman Don Crofort, Junior Ronald Crook, Sophomore Cyndi Crossland, Freshman Susan Crouser, Freshman Scott Cumbie, Junior Kendal Cudjoe, Junior Cecil Cullen, Sophomore Lynndal Daniels, Junior Ronnie Darden, Junior Harley Darnell, Sophomore Angie Davidson, Freshman 68fUndergradua tes ,.,, ' S F F 'il' A F , -Q , F F - F ,,,,, .X 'F ' rr is f F F' F fi " S F is ,sl ...X L We is , lt S F- V' X r .. 5 s F a F I-N, M: L - 1-L -Q, , ii x 4 - .... . K: K K , , FF - , F' , ' ' Frl . , 4 t , s F 'F' L " A' .L LQ.: ., Q ' S t K L ii . I .l . . . Q F . ' -i,:iTQr 1 JF .st F - Fi'i - T S , ':i" . is ,.F1 J FF -F TF .lv W-.f F F 2 - ..,,,.. - -- r , J iati -- ff' 495 T 5 K K ,. : wi K T I - , . , ,gg FF jr F Q .Es F . 1 v .Q FF F,--- 1, F , i f jo, K - Film' ' QF 'iff f ff any i if J FXS ' .iiii :iii iiii i n K F2141 -FFFF ,qi as F- 1 , . e FF 'F 'FF 5' X , ii- 7 SFCC a X X X J ,f ,g X 3 5- A-1 Q "k""'!' f RJ :F For , R ' l : Q ' ":' X 4 E 1 to f H Q -, - ir- il A K . " J ' 3 1 v If , ,,,, EQS i X f f f-fix, 'WL 5 . ii Shaun QA' , N 3 p Q .:-. ",k:- i ,A as irf'T"?' J' ,Qi X, Be Q-,sf-f. -'Q , , 'DI ' . ' , W , ,S . rt f 5, X . Q, 3' ' .. ,I .- -T.. if cj! . X i. ,, x - A K hi! . . . If ,254 . ii ?5'.'7 QA - ' ,s 'fi ,Sf ne . J., 'N 94 3 . 1 -5' i ' S rs, I a 3 3 Qi Q , w?,r,T,,,, J vw? 4 i. af .f .K.k Q x a ,J si., R A T, ww.. Artesia, is Q i Q l i J 7 ,a,,,, ,,, ' X' rv! p ff, I. , , asv- E is P QS- i p S C? ig it J J . , Q' 1' , ii S, J 'fn F ykifs 1""'T? lair F .M 5, yy A , isa, 5555 1i3i?Y Bobby Davis, Junior Mark Davis, Sophomore Kim Davis, Sophomore Chrystell Dean, Junior Dorothy Debies, Sophomore Alma DelBianco, Junior Morris Deville, Freshman Carl Dickson, Junior Syd Dickson, Sophomore Robert Diggs, Junior Linda Dockery, Freshman Nancy Dodd, Sophomore Carol Doke, Freshman Barbara Donnelly, Freshman Theresa Dorsey, Sophomore Vicki Dotson, Sophomore Davie Downey, Sophomore Jackie Doyle, Freshman John Doyle, Freshman Nelvetha Drake, Sophomore Curtis Driscoll, Freshman Lisa Due, Freshman Julianne DuPertuis, Freshman Teresa Dutton, Sophomore Jamie Eastham, Junior Chris Edgmon, Freshman Audrey Edwards, Sophomore Terri Edwards, Freshman Martina Egar, Freshman Kristy Ehlers, Junior Nwaeju Ejiogu, Sophomore Rhonda Elliott, Freshman Trudi Elmenhorst, Freshman Tracy Emann, Freshman Marilyn Emert, Sophomore Sharon Emmons, Sophomore Asuquo Enekere, Freshman Tammy Enyart, Freshman Isaiah Etuk, Sophomore Steve Escalante, Junior Stacy Evans, Junior Yasemin Evrenol, Freshman Undergrad ua tesf6.9 Debra Fisher, Freshman Thomas Flaxbeard, Sophomore Jeff Folks, Junior Terrie Fontenot, Freshman Cheryl Fore, Sophomore Donnie Fox, Freshman Roberta Frazier, Sophomore Shirley Frazier, Sophomore Susan Frazier, Sophomore Mike Fraizier, Junior Bryan Frank, Freshman Erick Freeman, Sophomore Melodie Fulmer, Junior Barry Gabbert, Sophomore Sherri Gallaspy, Junior Beverly Gallimore, Freshman Diane Garrett, Sophomore Joanne Garrett, Junior 70!Undergrad ua tes KN Marlene Ewert, Junior David Farris, Freshman Tracy Farris, Sophomore Barbara Faulkner, Freshman Jana Felty, Sophomore Walter Fidel, Freshman Joe Fine, Junior John Finney, Freshman F -92' r K 4 K f .Q lift!! .1 3 J lr V li -1 ' wa F . 1 Q - .. 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I ,J Debi Gaston, Junior Stanley Gates, Junior Patti Gatewood, Sophomore Mary Gehringer, Junior DeLayne George, Junior Roseann Gerah, Junior Debbie Gilbert, Freshman Tammy Gilbert, Junior Mar Gibson, Freshman Peggy Gipson, Freshman Steve Glazier, Junior Jean Gloriod, Sophomore Nancy Gloriod, Freshman Anthony Glover, Junior Marshall Goff, Junior Robin Gold, Freshman Regina Goodwin, Sophomore Lyn Graham, Freshman Linda Grass, Junior John Graves, Freshman Christianne Gray, Sophomore Lori Gray, Junior Conzy Grayson, Junior Terry Gregg, Junior Todd Gregg, Sophomore Shawn Greenfield, Junior Derrick Griffin, Freshman Terry Griffith, Freshman Lynn Gudenburr, Freshman Terri Guillory, Sophomore Barbara Gunter, Sophomore Mike Hale, Sophomore Kim Halford, Freshman Brad Hall, Junior Ingrid Hall, Freshman Jane Hall, Junior Dedra Hamby, Freshman Byron Hamilton, Freshman Wayde Hamilton, Sophomore J. D. Hammil, Freshman Sheila Hammons, Freshman Julie Hanke, Junior Undergradua tes! 71 Carolyn Hankins, Freshman Robbie Hankins, Freshman Laurie Hanna, Freshman Mark Hansen, Sophomore Serena Hansen, Freshman Leigh Harp, Sophomore Brent Harris, Sophomore Cindy Harris, Sophomore Cynthia Harris, Sophomore Douglas Harris, Junior Freda Harris, Freshman John Harris, Freshman Mike Harris, Sophomore Sondra Harris, Freshman John Harrison, Freshman Mike Hart, Freshman Brian Harterover, Sophomore Jay Hatcher, Freshman Julie Hawthorn, Junior Stephanie Hayes, Freshman Brenda Haywood, Junior Cindy Heaton, Sophomore Lisa Heinlein, Freshman Rhonda Hellstern, Junior Bob Helton, Sophomore Carla Heltzer, Sophomore Melissa Henry, Freshman Teri Henry, Freshman Jason Hensley, Freshman Lisa Henson, Junior Micheal Hester, Junior Shahrokh Heydrian, Junior Holly Hicks, Freshman Martin Higdon, Freshman Cindy Hill, Sophomore Judd Hill, Jr., Sophomore Lei Hill, Junior Melissa Hill, Junior Tracy Hill, Junior Dalita Hilterbran, Freshman John Hodge, Sophomore Richard Holden, Sophomore 72fUndergrad ua tes asrs ffl fig li . XQL, J .A A :, x . H Q ,pw SQ 3 A X Q ', f A , l e. in ' S f - We F Q or is S t le l aww: sv S Said' Pi . 41? .6 , """:,, iii ,A i k . ,fi - fffrfifiwixl lv-lx . . ,, 1 so , X we X, F3 , , J x wr -X - E , in if , W -'-b' , L far X -r 'T' 5 ' if 'K X. t X 1 ,5's f2. 5 F rl .N i R s . - X A x X Qs, 'K , r if I , Q ,Y f. ,L -3, xg X Q' - F A Q Q I 4 :X aj X- f-if ' E .-.. 1 Sie .Q 1 -Ffkfin K A K ,. f cw Ah ,P ,fT:'Tfi ' , H L was X- , 5:13 ' i f "' " 4- ':-'., y 3 N 1 if H x 5 ,.,. P .5 N-- iarfxf X X X E ,I K, , 4'3fA':'X5 If ix , 0 ' I ::R!- , , i- "' I b , : ,gi-, J it 1 Q :uq Jw . ' ' I ':" I Q x Q 4 -jf I ,A "fi ww X . Y ,. s A e ff' ,:- , . 1 :sf f ' w X X gb 1 ri -J., SYN. -fi? gi , ,, T, ,- ,aan-. his mar l , , 1 .. Z' eg. iii? ii. . , . '15 S, 'H zz. N f K x:,,,, we ,tam as -5. -Q4 X f 3 X.--SF' K 'Xfvf tl pu. , 3 .3 , Kim Holder, Freshman Billy Holland, Sophomore Candice Holland, Junior Victor Holloway, Junior Jill Holsted, Sophomore Donna Hood, Freshman Barbara Hooper, Freshman Debbie Hoover, Sophomore Arlynn Horne, Sophomore Carol Hosek, Sophomore Lisa Howard, Sophomore Wilbur Hudson, Freshman Ramona Hughes, Freshman Laurie Hulin, Junior Randy Hunt, Junior Patti Hunter, Sophomore Vicki Hunter, Sophomore Valerie Hurte, Sophomore Diana Hussey, Junior Tammy Hutton, Junior Aloysius lbe, Freshman Peter Ifeorah, Sophomore Lorri lnda, Junior Cynthia Ishem, Freshman Valerie Ivey, Sophomore Eloise Jackson, Sophomore Ida Jackson, Sophomore Laura Jackson, Sophomore Vickie Jackson, Junior Barry Jacobs, Sophomore Wayne Jaggars, Junior Mary James, Sophomore Tami James, Sophomore Tammy Jaque, Junior Steve Jarbo, Junior Jill Jebsen, Freshman Debra Jeffries, Junior Terri Jernigan, Sophomore Clarice Johnson, Sophomore Kathy Johnson, Junior Wesley Johnson, Freshman Alicia Jones, Sophomore Undergradua tesf 73 Angela Jones, Freshman Debbie Jones, Sophomore Felicia Jones, Freshman Judith Jones, Sophomore Karen Jones, Freshman Rebecca Jones, Freshman Tammy Jones, Sophomore Tina Jones, Freshman Nadereh Kashanchy, Sophomore Sherry Keeler, Sophomore Cathy R. Keesee, Sophomore Connie Keith, Junior Kerry Keith, Freshman Debbie Kelly, Junior Mike Kelley, Junior Rene Kendrick Freshman Gregg Kennedy, Junior Clint Kerr, Sophomore Cheryl Kesler, Freshman Karen Khoury, Sophomore Brian Kilpatrick, Sophomore Kenny King, Junior Romona King, Sophomore Kathy Kingsbury, Freshman Dena Kirby, Junior Kenda Dirby, Freshman Richard Kirkham, Freshman Michael Kitchen, Junior Terri Kizer, Junior Cindy Klinglesmith, Junior Hans Knuppel, Sophomore Berneta Koehn, Junior Kayna Kohler, Sophomore Bill Kress, Freshman Sheryle Kudy, Sophomore Mark Lacy, Freshman Risikat Ladejobi, Freshman James Lambert, Sophomore Linda Lane, Sophomore Linda M. Lane, Sophomore Ricky Langland, Freshman Lester Laham, Junior 74fUnde1'grad ua tes .1 3154? A 5 5 f Ki rv., .. its 3 531.3 r 5 Q ,. I, 5 gg. , . 9 Q 3 ,CX ll X fl 5 ,Q ,A Ir. -1 K s Q i 49 is , 4' 3 -Q s L- .." an ' L N - I 4' Y, i Iq, 53 .,, .,. . . ,,.,, qs, . Q FJ cf? fi fi 7 I 4 in X: : if 75 X E s . 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'G ,, ff51if,f.?i if mf k I t. , X . Iq K, , as f 4 fif iff --':'i f ,. ix f' J it Debbie Mason, Junior Debbie Massey, Freshman Mary Massey, Junior Kevin Matthews, Sophomore Frederick Mattia, Junior Andrea Maudlin, Junior Paula Maupins, Freshman Robin Maxey, Freshman l 76fUndergradua tes Y' , , . , .:,, i -X-N , W i 19 x if "" ' -kik ti nk: , , 3 mr ,M 1- KN . 1' ... 1 7 1 - :, K K 8.33 F S ,y y ,gizf-,3 1 A K iii 'FW' .A ia 5 gg 251 Q S ' X'- Q' l lg F G-if? K Q Y? x ws S Q 'NX 1 'Wy Q X N 10- if fl , . , K I ,L as ,, 15 if QS mi 9 5 f? X A x in-an Lisa Means, Freshman Gary Mears, Sophomore Susan Mengel, Sophomore Dot Miller, Junior Kris Miller, Sophomore Kristy Miller, Junior Penny Mills, Sophomore Peggy Miluszusky, Junior F0055 f' 'il' if f gs. 2. ,, .Z v. J h of " s i . s., 1 'ifimw Q . ff Q 'N-ws Q 'R 'si ., J .ff -F. X P .J 'nn-4 A-ax fx . 'gg -- F K' s ,, 5, Q QB 4+ .A Tony Mims, Freshman Sharon Monday, Sophomore Larry Moon, Junior K. C. Moon, Sophomore Robin Moon, Junior Barry Moore, Sophomore Lisa Moore, Sophomore Raymond Moore, Junior Vigen Moosissian, Sophomore Erin Moran, Freshman Scott Moreland, Freshman Pamela Morris, Sophomore Terrie Morris, Freshman Trey Morris, Junior Lewis Moses, Junior James Mosley, Freshman Don Munday, Sophomore Undergrad ua tesf 77 Sharon Murdock, Freshman Brenda Murray, Freshman Tinita Murray, Sophomore Laurie Murphy, Freshman Nancy Murphy, Freshman Michelle Murrell, Freshman Bill Myers, Sophomore Patrick Myles, Sophomore Evelyn McBrayer, Junior Syletta McCaskill, Freshman Tracey McCauley, Sophomore Laverne McCloud, Freshman Denise McCullock, Sophomore Lori McDaniel, Sophomore Shari McDonald, Junior Jody McElhaney, Junior Dennis McGowen, Junior John Mclntire, Jr., Freshman Kathy McKinley, Junior Jeanette McLaughlin, Freshman Hartwell McNelly, Junior Lori McVay, Junior Jeff Naylor, Freshman Jamee Neal, Freshman Patricia Neal, Junior Mary Nelson, Junior Sonya Nelson, Junior Sherri Nero, Sophomore Gary Newby, Sophomore Mercedes Newton, Sophomore Jeff Nieman, Junior Bret Nimerick, Junior Dea Norman, Junior Shelley Nowlin, Sophomore Anna O'Bannon, Sophomore Susan Obe, Sophomore Christopher Ochoa, Freshman Ike Cajeten Odunze, Junior Paul Oldham, Freshman Erich Olds, Junior Cynthia Olsen, Freshman Barbara Olson, Junior 78fUndergrad ua tes ,. X wr l 1 A K -2 'Ei' Q , 5- Ns :Clif af" Q M .. WF? KY s. n N l lb 1 I 3- ,ls 1. . L lr was W' !' M2 851958 P1 , Q. :KKK F- .,- K t 4' wx Q V' 'nn 'K is H if f v , 3 ,Q 1 Sf X1 K ' F' A ag . EXE. V, pe ,Q im , xi " K ar 1 ' 2 - wx?" ,,,, :'i 'Q' I X 'Z Q Wu A. . e r -. SIN 's J A -1 s as s , S it s S J ri if S i t '+s:?,- S' - i fi 91 S . A N ii ' ,'i'. L . H -J 'ii 'Z l ' it s N X .,.., , J A il V' f X T4 F ::-: .,' ,,. F 8 'N F A -"" " Lf X X . i I ,,,,,,:.,:.. .. ,, w g-' Us - "" ' I v J A ,,., ,K ,A NY A xg -1.-, -a Sa. so arg, ., x .A in s sg 'Q Q , N N 4 ,. . + , ,. , .... , 4 1 L 'WS ,.',:Q: E H b qn . X ' eA"'i A , . xv R25 X '-- I ' A :1Qf'V ,J -A 0 fi?f I flTi75'94 vit -.5 i f ,. Kg? ' 1f'sfi1.1 --: .ii 1 ,, .fs , 5 c Rx 35 A 5 , as as, , at , NE? XL .,., 4 x X, Q K :QM X f,. f x H ,E X , 'rl Av Pai 'S d'.N"" Q , 3 sl' 5 'N,' l . i ' ' r,a', +?' 9-3 -dl A 1. Q 3 2 X s Yi? .," S 3 as ,Us . .. Q . Q, ls S ' , A In . , :P 'A x g, M Q +L 1 .5 si? 9 , , - ..: P , ...,,.. .- Ji H K S ,, S :f. , ll' as ,- -I yy: X 5.49 'XA 6 -Q -W P f-Mar ,Q , J., Sampson Omeke, Junior Edward Ondak, Freshman Deborah Orcutt, Freshman Matthew Oswalt, Freshman Isaac Oton, Freshman Carolyn Oxford, Sophomore Misty Pace, Freshman James Panzer, Junior Ronnie Parks, Sophomore Rebecca Parish, Sophomore LaDonna Patterson, Junior Myrna Patterson, Freshman Valerie Patterson, Sophomore Sunshine Pattrick, Sophomore Tammy Payne, Sophomore Terri Payne, Freshman Jody Peeler, Junior Don Pekrul, Sophomore Connie Peters, Sophomore LaDonna Peters, Freshman David Peterson, Junior Suzie Phillips, Sophomore Pat Pickerill, Sophomore Cyndi Pipes, Freshman Pam Podolec, Sophomore Allen Pool, Junior Susan Porter, Freshman Tammy Porter, Sophomore Kim Posey, Freshman Paula Powers, Freshman John Presley, Sophomore Ross John Primeaux, Junior Sherry Privott, Junior Tammy Puckett, Freshman Judy Purvis, Freshman Mark Pylat, Freshman Suzie Quigg, Freshman Anthony Rainge, Junior Beth Ramsey, Freshman Brenda Rangel, Freshman Amy Rawls, Freshman Carol Ray, Sophomore Undergrad ua tes! 79 Gregg Reber, Junior Richard Reherman, Sophomore Tim Reese, Sophomore John Reimer, Junior Neil Reynolds, Freshman Leslie Ribera, Sophomore Lisa Richardson, Junior Claire Roberson, Junior Debbie Roberts, Junior Robin Roberts, Junior Tyronne Robertson, Freshman Jacquelyn Robinson, Freshman Debbie Rodgers, Sophomore Jody Rogers, Sophomore Derron Rose, Sophomore James W. Ross, Junior Samuel Ross, Jr., Junior Sharon Rose, Freshman Cheryl Rothermel, Freshman ff f Christie Ruffin-Jenkins, Sophomore Gladys Rupert, Junior Karin Russell, Junior Terry Russell, Freshman Julie Sago, Freshman Lisa Sali, Freshman Kafayat Sami, Sophomore 80fUndergradua tes mr -wh, we-1 - KJV' su. ., , , iw, if 'Ng Q X ix K ASS xui. , 'fig is x fi -"2' Ii, '-s"'- 1 rms X fk , as 45? , ,re 1 rf? .fha-S svqv fl A J. S X 1 liiii .Ja f ' ' A - - . In .yy ,H p -- K .Q 3, S1 4 l pvc get ..-- --X ' fu 5 . 4, ,M M 1 ' 6 q I Ei Si . J , -S W ff-Y .. 1 XR . 14 5 Q., 3, :E i ,, R ,K Q in Ay x , QR in ig K 1 'fx ,fl f l N, if s , AY, . . 5 , A,... V rffykq . 1' it 1 Ab if kiss JI f V , S, , to or ,X t C 5 ' 1 arf!! an YR -sv f ,.'v"" 4 . su , xx. LK. .. N X -S 5 - ws, .'5,A , .P ' :" X ,,., V ' is I p .,q. , r , has Qg,.c.::r 1 Q '+P ,X KY "" 5 T27 Q' i g, F e a i ra' rnt so W o :',, . . 1 V E ff We ' fs 'P 'g Q 'rr , '- Q if QQ? X M he gg R, M" r , TN? -, a f Cf ' 3 1 Y f ' X ff J M35 at rxz?-P? ,,,X e Hr Keven Sasser, Sophomore Linda Savage, Junior Andy Schmidt, Freshman Janel Schmidt, Freshman Cathy Schuette, Sophomore Mary Schula, Freshman Cyndee Schwab, Freshman Trent Scott, Junior Jamie Sears, Sophomore Dan Seffel, Freshman Stacy Seikel, Sophomore Becky Selvey, Junior Charlotte Severin, Sophomore Warren Sharp, Junior Gary Shaw, Sophomore Debra Shepherd, Freshman Vicki Shepherd, Junior Michael Sherman, Freshman Monte Shibbelhute, Junior Edna Shipley, Freshman Lori Shipley, Freshman Susan Simmons, Junior Rachel Simon, Freshman Cynthia Singer, Sophomore Amy Skaggs, Sophomore Julian Sleeper, Junior Kathie Slutter, Freshman Craig Smith, Sophomore Dana Smith, Freshman Denny Smith, Junior Undergraduatesf81 Engla Smith, Junior Jaketa Smith, Freshman Karen Smith, Freshman Larry Smith, Sophomore Nancy Smith, Junior Randy Smith, Freshman Valentine Joy Smith, Junior Mark Shapp, Junior Jeanetta Snider, Sophomore Sheri Snow, Freshman J. R. Soliz, Sophomore Cindy Souders, Junior Doloris Souders, Junior Clay Southard, Sophomore Elizabeth Sowards, Freshman Gina Spain, Freshman Tiger Sparger, Freshman Randy Spence, Freshman Sherry Spencer, Sophomore Pandora Sprowd, Junior Nita Stacy, Sophomore Brenda Stafford, Sophomore Dean Stallard, Freshman Cathy Steele, Freshman Shannon Steele, Sophomore Cheryle Steckler, Sophomore DeEtta Stephens, Junior Grant Stephens, Sophomore Sherrie Stevens, Freshman Sharon Stieber, Freshman Dennis Stokes, Junior Elaine Stone, Junior Larry Stringer, Sophomore James Russell Stroup, Freshman Gail Strunk, Junior Brenda Sullivan, Sophomore Cynthia Sullivan, Freshman Bo Summers, Sophomore John Summers, Sophomore Tammy Sunderland, Freshman Terry Sweetwood, Junior Fariborz Toabashesh, Junior 82fUndergradua tes NME lf? Nt gf xii? gs -XX? 'N...,-f y in Q23 .. Emi: :il 'K , a t L :QI ' as 'wc-n-I l f 4 A4 - a. -V ,, -, ' .,.. . , " X 9' I -ra s a A Q K ., 1 Q , ,, . .. 1 ,, Q af' or S at f 748' 5 ' J A 'L , pf' ' A ' Wifiii F .4 . '- " af, Q. pr .,: K ,., X Q. 9 -1 , q N Q - Q F7 at W7 , , - S :I - X J i S , J -.xr in 'flax ,rm A S . 'S' ,lr i , , lm, be S P, -fs? J we af '- p I I i 'W 'K' S , X- '45 is . A. - ,wiv i xi-ff,-f ",i l N .. - X . gil, A , A . ' J In , ' , b -8 X- " sassy! i ,Nz 5, - 3v"k"'N' K W - .41 J .. A A - Q " fi "5 .rs 5, V f a g, , an 1 i i Mixer ff' , 'i ' .S 11 m Q Lak? ,ve J i I - "V ' 4 fi G S, i -ST . 2- ,, ,K . kk x , . 1 o T""""Y -f-:.. T 1 1 I A ,I Q' we--Q. .. 1, 5 --1' f Q 'Af ' ,..'5'Jr-fl fr- 43 . 1 A S i. S ' so H ., S T - 2- f 5 ..., awe ai, , , , x 5 .J -'W.ls4.'lv.vg1,w-fw, , J vi, I F 5 . X T' '33 Q ' i is S 'U' , W? F . if T 1 hzqlzz, Z e . ,se , ,,q,, , P ,Q li 'Q T . i r e-uf Y I r Q igff', i.ij,' 53, F Q Q 5 was L mAA r. 1' 'P '1- 5 X. w X i g p --is ii Wi fi vffxr A I-A c" 1 . Jackie Turclos, Freshman Michelle Turner, Freshman Jonathan Turner, Junior Debra Turrentine, Sophomore CENHLR r i r J X T 3 ,S 'CQ ii? me Q Ipek Ucucu, Junior f Isaac Uko, Junior 5 , f .L S Y Shahla Talie, Junior Traci Taylor, Freshman Jo Ann Terhune, Freshman Andrew Tetteh, Sophomore Jerry Thomas, Junior Labron Thomas, Junior Marsha Thomas, Junior May Thomas, Junior Shawn Thomas, Junior Toni Thomas, Sophomore Toya Thomas, Freshman Janet Thornton, Sophomore Brenda Tittsworth, Junior Robbie Titus, Sophomore Bryan Tobler, Freshman Barbara Todd, Freshman Sharon Todd, Sophomore Danette Toles, Sophomore Debbie Treat, Sophomore Robin Treps, Junior David Trosper, Junior Darryl Troupe, Sophomore David Tucker, Freshman Melette Tucker, Freshman a.asas..a-8-ieswuawu H...-M., Undergrad ua tesf83 Cornelia Unang, Freshman Ann Underwood, Freshman Jennifer Underwood, Junior Emeka Uzowulu, Freshman Connie VanHorn, Freshman Jo VanHoutan, Freshman Lisa Vandiver, Freshman Nancy Vaughan, Sophomore Mike Vaughn, Junior Terry Vierling, Sophomore Sherri Voskuhl, Freshman Terri Voskuhl, Freshman Brad Wages, Sophomore Devin Waggoner, Sophomore Kenneth Wagner, Freshman Faye Walker, Junior Christy Wallace, Sophomore Pamela Wallace, Freshman Robin Wallace, Freshman Russell Wallace, Sophomore Rhonda Wallis, Freshman Brian Walther, Sophomore Phil Ward, Sophomore Debra Warren, Freshman Lawrence Washington, Freshman Becky Wasson, Freshman Susan Wasson, Junior Abra Watkins, Junior Jana Watts, Junior Mark Watts, Sophomore Barbara Watson, Freshman Martha Watson, Freshman Phyllis Watson, Freshman Becky Weaver, Sophomore Tamara Weaver, Freshman Susan Weidenmaier, Freshman Phillip Weiss, Freshman David Weiss, Junior Bill Wells, Sophomore Tammie West, Sophomore Marie Wheeler, Freshman Paul Wheeler, Junior 84fUHd9IgF8dU8 tes , , kgs, 0 FHWA .K E 'NW XMNEFV fx , I -- 3' ? 'K r-VV! S 4 Q X af' Frei X ,iw YV ff, X Y., I? ,s r- S a s ff ' . x 4, 1 K A 4.-. A S -'--f ff X 2 rprr a s , . X if ville. Qi Yrs-gp -ii wr ,.-My .A . F 1, ' - as 'F .5 I R ' .Qs sa! ,vi 7, . aw-N., -,a l R , ti -L s A.. IS .--if , as te' , ffgsgog, - i 1 ,goalie FE me of em: ncggerzsvee EQQQQE asm: 1' Beatrice White, Freshman Carolyn White, Freshman .S X 2 :L up x R 1 9- 4 ,sooo . o 4' W Loo Whoo Sooooooooo Q Steven White, Jumor , ott.o F 1 o. ', N Y M- E. N S I ot X 3 Qi we l -ew. WN F F 'Y F 5 2 p k . et , I ,il '- Z ..k . J ,riff rtt' r ,o ,:-,.. Q Ti okqiiiyo i on if 'A ITP to lx ,, ., , A lxx ,,,,, r,rrr , H Sue Dawn White, Freshman Debbie Whiting, Freshman Donna Wiginton, Freshman Lori Wilkerson, Freshman 2 ob xx A wx i so . tt'o -tot , st.e f ' ,V r .i --.o - , . - , . D - . i, oft, iii, gy if is 5 .. S -o.i., - s iff Q . so W , Y i . kg 46 -. 3, Pat Willett, Junior Beverly Williams, Freshman Cynthia Williams, Junior Leslie Williams, Sophomore Lisa Williams, Freshman Mike Williams, Freshman Sandra Williams, Junior Rhonda Williamson, Junior Michael Wilmeth, Sophomore Diana Wilson, Junior Marla Wilson, Sophomore Matt Wilson, Junior Pam Wing, Freshman Audrey Winston, Freshman Marvin Winston, Freshman Susan Witt, Sophomore Toni Woods, Freshman Stella Woodyard, Junior Yeleche Amadi Worha, Junior Marcie Worl, Freshman Pam Wren, Junior Wilbert Wright, Freshman Rhonda York, Freshman Tracey Phillips, Freshman Undergrad ua tesf85 86fHappeningw Q Happenings Broncho Fever - Spirit of the Old West CSU's 1980 Homecoming captured the Broncho spirit as well as that of the Old West. Homecoming festivities included, clockwise, the CSU Flag Corp, parade flag bearers, the CSU Marching Band, a patriotic young motorist, on-lookers with the western spirit, and the crowning of Tammy Malicoate, homecoming queen. 88fI-Iappenings Y T5 'W 053, .6 5 5' Y"p Q FWQ rf-W Happenings!89 "s-.., Broncho Fever- Spirit of the Qld West 90fHappenings E F QMMJAFI GQPLF. S980 WANTLAND STADIUM effifyffifilf, N 5' V W fi 39' mira Xe' A .L-3 59 Y . , 'S' N , - 1 A' Av X-533255 ,M W- "AXP Q eff ' Y V X 1 X e ands-A ra - ' . , ' .: -, t , ,W any ' -'-'N :. ., X ' X . -. f .- ... ,I -rvff -+A a Q V N we W' M -L :, XX iaa Clggdllf 798 Above right: A radiant new "Miss CSU" Pam Lyon smiles before her court after winning the title. Above: Wendy Hagee "Miss CSU 1980" places the crown atop her smiling successor Pam Lyon. Y At right: Giving the judges one last look, the contestants and their escorts await the decision of the judges. 92fI-Iappenings ff. si N222-1 1. figs- -A -W .i g 5 MISS C SU Above: First Runner-up Karen Brittingham dances to the music during the talent competition. Below: The Tunesmiths provided entertainment at the Pageant. tiqwg Q, 'HM' of W"u""'M'f'W lV11DO 5 Above: Marilyn Heath and escort Dwayne Long stroll down the runway in the evening gown competition. Below: Jan Roberts appears in the swimsuit competition. Top left: Wendy Hagee sings final song as Miss CSU. Top right: Pam Lyon smiles as she strolls down the runway. Bottom left: Lori Wilkerson presents her dance routine in talent competition. Bottom right: Benny Christenson escorts Karen Price in evening gown competition. 94fHappenings x kt 3 ,3 1 Ag, ,A 54 ', , r W' L7 Cy . , fi if A ff MW' fi -.,. 5 if LJ' 1 X QE Q 5 2 NSW ses X t si.. t X U1 X' L? Above: Karen Khoury poses before the crowd in swimsuit. Below: Paulette Allen appears to be enjoying herself in evening competition. gown f Q' ez y 1 f 4' ,,.A , nf? j 1,1 l l 1 Above: Taking their turn in evening gown competition are Angela Jones and Danny Morgan. Below: Susan Porter, in costume, sings a religious song in the pageant. my 2 My f' 2f,,wf,.,,,-,, f fiwi: yfw, , , ,"' 5 ffl 1, 9, W i 1 11 f 4 ,L ff ,A :V f ,' .QQ X ' i f A ,y. ,,, ,Q ,JM ' f' mjf. P Happeni11gsf95 CSU Students- Individuals on the Move In 1980-81 CSU students represent all facets of life as they prove their own distinct individuality. Top right, Rodney Lipe demonstrates his ability to conquer a mechanical bull. Bottom right, psychology major Bob Waugh shows off a van equipped with chair lift as he finishes a driver's education program. Wk. 55, Y bf. X X . 'M' Us Q- . .a .J-1: -4 sig gi' 96!Happem'ngs -S-I Top left, Biology major Pam Lyon reveals to spectators her special flair on the gymnastics mat. Bottom left, Janet Thornton sings a gospel song during the talent show sponsored by the Afro-American Student Union. Below, Ed Query controls the audience as he masters the art of puppetry. vs X Campaign '80 -- S orkshop John Zink, candidate for U.S. Senate, addresses the many students attending U.S. Senate Candidate Don Nickles. "Campaign '80.'l ' 3' 42,4 M k fp V y, , or I f i 5th District Congressman Mickey Edwards elaborates a point as he talks to the students enrolled in 'Campaign 80. 98fHappenings Above: Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Andy Coats addresses a moral majority question at the workshop. At left: David Hood, former state legislator, campaigns for the 5th District seat. Leroy Crozier of the CSU Political Science Dept. and U.S. Senate candidate Zink contemplate the issues dis- cussed in "Campaign '80." Happem'ngs!99 Greek Week Fun ay. , 1 5 1 00fHappenings Q 1 e 2 X 51 .Q W' 5 'XF is-.V w e .,.. e 1 1": eefei 1:2" e ' , e A ,.,. , if F5 -iif Qs. S -jjfaig e.L:AmLk 1 A XkLh?h n 'ff e r wesiiwi 1' 1 ma A ,1 M y Li? if i ""f' ' V ff, -, 7 his ,M ' ,, fa, fi 0 Wwllnonq, Greek Week was filled with many activities including the All-Greek Picnic, a beep ball game to benefit the League of the Blind, and the selection of Becky Crews and Danny Morgan as Outstanding Greek Man and Woman for the 1981 year. ,ff Happeningsfl 01 The Madwoman The Little Man ....... The Prospector ........ The Doorman ....... The Waiter ....... Therese .............. The President ....... The Baron ............. The Street Singer The Flower Girl ...... The Ragpicker ...... Paulette .................. The Deaf-Mute ........... of Chaillot Chip Burch Steve McCurley Jay B, Hatcher Neil Reynolds Jean Cafky Joe Moore Terry Veal Wayne Wooderson Amy-Lu Skaggs Chuck Huddleston Cindy Adams Susie Johnson Denise McCullock Irma .............,......,............. The Shoelace Peddlar ....... ................. ,... K e lly Morris The Broker ..................... ...,.. Dr. Jardin ..................... Countess Aurelia ..... The Policeman ..... Pierre ...................... The Sergeant ........ The Sewerman ..... Constance ....... Gabrielle ......... Josephine ........... The Presidents ..... The Prospectors ...... Shawn P. Greenfield Sam Morris Claudia McCullom Brett D. Dotter Scott Gordon David Farris Shawn P. Greenfield Marcy Roberts Christi Knight Jamie Brewster Joe Moore, Terry Veal, Chip Burch Steve McCurley, Brett D. Dotter, Sam Morris The Ladies ................... .......... K elly Morris, Jean The Adolphe Bertauts 102fHappenings Cafky, Cindy Adams Jay B. Hatcher, Wayne Wooderson, David Farris Young lovers Erma CDenise McCullockJ and Pierre fScott Gorderj share a tender moment as the Countess Aurelia fClaudia McCullomJ watches. 'Of' Left to right are cast members Sam Morris, Brett Dotter, Steve McCurley and Claudia McCullom. fm :R 4.3 I. 4. ,N ZA- A is r ' . N, A ' Y "V-sg. f e X se ab. .. or Mm ' i t , "?.,fS4"i'5i 5 . 4 l To Eg 11 Y M 4' Z 3-V? .iff Q l li x. B f X 0 Q' iv X sf 1 7 Sl' b 5 . 3 e ti: 31,565 :tial Z: is N . I LAA iff, .um 'W '-,L 1, 1. QQ -" Above left, Claudia McCullom as the noteso-mad Countess Aurelia. :, 'iw 23. l . if r Above, Scott Gordon as Pierre and the Countess. ...av V im' lie iw. ,xx X 5 wi i K Shawn P. Greenfield and Claudia McCullom in a delightful moment in the production of the Madwoma n of Chaillot. Happenings!! 03 104fHappem'ngs n Golden Pond Cast Norman Tharye - Chuck Huddleston Ethyl Tharye - Lou Crimmins Chelsea Tharye Wayne - Jamie Brewster Bill Ray Jr. - Sam Morris Bill Ray - Scott Gordon Charlie Martin - Chip Burch Cast members are, starting at bottom: Chuck Huddleston, Lou Crimmins, Jean Cafky, Scott Gordon, Neil Reynolds, Marcie Roberts, Sherry Keeler, Chip Burch, Kelly Morris, Jamie Brewster, Steve McCur1ey, Brett Dotter, Sam Morris, and Linda Savage. Not pictured is Susie Johnson. Left, Scott Gordon and Chuck Huddleston display their talent as actors in "On Golden Pond." Below, Jamie Brewster and Chip Burch in a scene from "On Golden Pond." Happeningsfl 05 Campus Sees Changes There were several changes affect- ing the students at CSU during the 1980-81 years. Among these were at Right: Englishman Geoffrey Bocca served as artist-in-residence for the fall semester. Bottom right: the Rev. Rick C. Parker helped to reestablish the Newman Club for Catholic students after an absence of six years. ? gl run... A Top left: With Christmas came a change from the traditional Hanging of the Green to Feast of the Carrolls. Right: Dr. John Lolley joins CSU as the new Director of the Library. Bottom left: the Dairy Queen, a fast-food restaurant frequented by CSU students, was gutted by a fire early one fall morning. Happem'ngsf107 -qv I 08!Greeks K ' .. 'fn- ' ..- . - MQ- YV Rf " ,1:. ?5'fV 'Y K' + , ' '- ' f mam. ,M ,A-5 -7. , kv. ,M wwixgayg, xy .Aw vm W, .U "mm rl vo. , YAP . Q W . ,ET Q X ,A an if L, ygygg., g4 I Greek Greeksfl 09 Panhellenic Panhellenic is comprised of delegates from CSUls sororities. They sponsor Rush, Greek Week and work closely with IFC to improve the Greek 33131 system at CSU. 1, Celia am? Above, rushees become acquainted with each other and the Above, Mrs. Mary Alice Fisher talks to rushees and members during members of the three sororities at the Rush Week Picnic. the Rush Week Picnic. NAM., "" -2 . if-TY .. . X - if 5 I ' Q 5 . 53 5 5 f .i.i 5 t . . , is ia Q as i ii A S151 if if X i if ' .. Q gy Q Y 5 f K- ' " . 5 ju 3 E 5 f .5 :. 3 1 - QNLPN M. -. -5. W ' f-' S' X i:r. LQ Q XM sp . L .hs K 3 ie, . . 3... ku Z K S 5 9 Panhellenic members are, seated left to right, Sherry Hunter, AFA vice president, Julie Thomm, AZ, secretaryftreasurerg Lori Gray, EK, president, Cecil Cullen, EKQ Lezlie Long, EK. Standing are Dian Marshall, AFA, Lana Malone, AFA, Dean Land, sponsor, Lisa Wofford, EKQ Tracy Cooper, EK, Lisa Moore, EK, Karen Gill, AZ. IFC no M IFC members are, standing left to right, Calvin Banks, CIPBEQ Don Cox, ATO, Lynn Daylor, ETF, Larry Smith, TKEg Steve Alton, ATO, Scott Stuart, ATO, Benny Christensen, ATO, Kevin Cain, ETF, Lonnie Lee, KE, David Ball, ETF. Officers are, Dan Morgan, TKE, vice president, Finn Blevins, ATO, secretary, Curtis Kretchmar, ETF, president, Ronald Schwarz, Acacia, treasurer, and Dr. Dudley Ryan, sponsor. Upper left, Becky Crews takes a swing at home plate in the Beepball Game during Greek Week. Lower left, Beepball players take time out to discuss the game. Below, hot dogs seem to be a main attraction at the Greek Week Picnic. assi IFC 111 1 1 2fA ca cia Acacia M 5, If Q, i E Q. iii Zire sz sm yew if if iff ri in ,ar 552 ,QE f, :wif in-M -, 2252? ,Wx fiiiifi f, S. fr, ,,,-, M W fi U -' ' K ,ygzigw K W, in is Amir- View ef wif we w : "'AL V' A f M "' WI ATMM:-mi22'x MH' ' 2 L Q 'gin f14gQff:iff3fQffff'NjBMM iff' 1 X WM, 5,'+'?fSfWlci1IMwA' A ri Q i H N W Q 0' - Q ,. W Elks if Q 'elf ti 'Z 'W' Y' E"...iw 9' if li, E meaw 'Q L eff W - wary - f MM WM Q TWV rf-:Meir Mr by 2 wg N 'i 4 mm-1:15 3 2' J rr.. N H , 5, L Wm A , Qi M H 2 if ,. ,Q .... QM W ,,, K, V M fm 45 ,553-H ,Q R ,S gi Mag, re - 3r+::,g,rzfM. H M Q ry Meg i --haf ,J W is 1 4 izfffigk N1 ,H ww in wwf 2, , r -5, -,Q :wo :gg-,gl je A Mr , V J W . fr , Q 3w:W?5sfv Mzgirggi, ww 'Q . I 55" Q, friffggg in W L gi N Y .g,..1egMf L5 M 'f 3215 X 5 P, wiizriieiew W Q M , 5 ,.:-v., M, W? eww QAM 32212 ' W W N Ps, w Q . 2' V21 , :ff Mm 5, :gd M 5 W Mar., A Q ie Q Brett Bryan Brian Dumler Mike Elmore Greg Garcia Steve Glazier James Lambert Robert Lawler J.C. Lowe ' Rick McLain Scott McLain Gary Newby Richard Reherman in Ron Schwarz Doug Brewer Mark Lester .ni S' 2 -im., A' , Z 5, , 'Zig' K h... V r 2 ii-wil LE. fix' ' 2, f in . L Q A 1 x Q rg' ., is , elf, ,1 M fn-'ff .., vi ., v M Q 'if' '-Q., -,Q,,'... ' '.jy.,1 ,k 1 2 Vi "7'lg-it-4.2-V, Y, it nv .t i . , , if 54 W, . at X M I 2 4' J U' Aww fl??'Vi J M , V :KQV A',,,5i t Qfgxbw? , tg. -, , l,f.f2',fV, ,zwimv-..,.' . M? 4319+ 'u.j:j'.u'. .,, 2, QA' sw- 3? MY. , 3, ,-gh, ' QV V142 f'milu'f' K. .4 ' t f 4 x 1 , , 4' 1, . .. V X l an ' if 'a ' A + if 4,-MQ t tim' 3, Q lv 4, 4. Q W ' 5 2 .Q 25 U Q K 4 M? 3 .43 UH. X sr , .. ., 4 X 5 M. . Q 1 1 xi' H2 ai ' 1 . 'Q Q ff 3, I .M ,ii , 5' x V V an Qi an L ,, W ' ' 4 Ha "M'ft'2f. Vff,,V.':Q,wi'V V ..ifAfv." . n:.,e. 'A' - WW i V Y v ,nw ':,V, Nigffu 4 ta.,4V V ,..., Wu '96, . .' 'X ' K , Q, 4V , j.l."f,',g'v ,', Elf. , , , .. ,'. ,I . 4 . !'a,a'.'.,..,',... , N M... .,. me-,.-. VV' A ky .. 5, .'.,..,4h,:ra.ki4 1. I, A flu, u Q ggl 'J - 4 .V ' - A -.,f,.,. iii! Jody Peeler, Vice President Becky Barber, President -- wx .3 , A --W, A gf- ,,VV4- - n o v' 'maj Yr., rm' V V A 'eV V f,,V- -V :gill V' 'hgh ' K p g, ,QV 3. ".9"5,Hsz', '1'iajsf1'f ,M , give uf A W Jfflgs V 2 .1 , :Jim Mq-QV-wet, ,fa J , I M v v ' 2 4,5 Vx , , V ,-W AH.. V + 4-4.' V ,ff , V .4 , 4- 4 H 1 : , ,V V ni :M gy 14,8 QSM? 33? A ' , ,VM , 'V Q at 15's nf.fZf2.t?54'352-.-a. V. '3?' ,fffl'V t 3, Q 'V 7 If -iw: ..',-f'i'f'IV Fw ' f ivy' K 'MV , Bti'-YV ff V 'f W'-V lqfs':?t'.'.'.'l'. , -QV Z LV f2?f.i VV Viz? M. ' V rf 2 XA'-':m'.aV ,.s'.s'.-.-.-.w V V Q, J ,, QW 'V ,f.j,y.a.'V, i V V c iii?f'Q'V2w..'f1.2'.':.-.-Va- LV V' : .1,4Vs'z':'V f 4.-'-"4 1" ' f H-Mm . ' . Y .,,,fgg-,, fy ' , ,V n 4. n:iff,'A'l.'8-X'2'-S".".'.' 5 ' A ' Vi 44 L4'.4'.:l.Q ' -V ,+ 1' Un... ',..,'., it , 5' un 4.4, e 3 ' gi, -1 lf!-24-lj-Z6-24:1if1:V1V,-, . ' Fi VVS' if 2 2,9 ,-. , . ,, VV.Ti:gVg.f . VV ?af.'.ty.':.x:.:.a' ., f . f :V 'M . V, mag LV ,V . iA..,4',....x...l. w.,VfV3,Vq,V ,y , . , , M gs H . ? ,W ,V , 5 .un--... , gzyrw A .,4, ,J .4 , I , af , . 1 if auf-H, VVGCJI, K I V vt, ,- , V W , 1 47" ,ew ' .V Qu ., ,cf w w . 1 1 1 46 nu.. v ,, z, . .4 p , A-VV , VV o f Q ' ' fe, 1 ff 'Va mf , . , -Q, , "'.'H.""'t- W?7i,'VVf?' 3? Q ,' ' E l ' i J' V ' 'Ze A 1 4 V. 4,-,,-,ft-V,. Vi . qc , Y , , , . V., 'iffy ff: ,M , V A 3 '. , -' Q V, 7 ' V.,' 1. is A ,,f ', Q 'V ' fmt , 4 ' Glyna Gipson, Treasurer Joyce Hennessey, Social Chairperson ,- ., ,.,., 3 ' x , , .,, ., .V ,Wm ,..7,,l.l.. -3,5 .J dffgffg, ,,V,Q'M's-Xqm:g.x.::g.. 'ex VT. - .s , V . am v.'.w-,- .. - , i r,. , i'4vu'l-.Nana Q .x.- f. ,. 3 -V rw,-.-.-,-,im-.-. ' ,. ,,,jg,:'4,,,:vk.:WW Mu..,,,. , , unuu,,,4,,,' v ?i'14'ii:xM'1-il l:2f'fQ ... '-4.21 .. ,te , .,,,ga, lu., r, gg-1' V 4 iW.' ff 1 J..'I.,,a.nx f?:.'.m n Q 'M ff? 1 J V 5 1 f-ws? 'VH , . . 9' Q L 0 1 4 V. ,. v .M A V' u 4 4-O. X am. l 4-?Q,gf1,' 5541? ' ge 4 vm, 34? uf 332. , . t v i . . . Q A 2' 1 ' 'flvff Lynn in 3, 14 U,-it ' 4 .'.'2't i Qui:.u.3,"g2j5',,,',,'i f ,'fA4,uflwut.4 .Munn ,Il ,-4,,iH,.-f1.,.,V Vinum-+.,.i,Q.. -HMV , .tmws,?.t 'if v .U in ' X, V'l 54 4 in 4 V y,,',.a:WQ.Q'oK.f,34.3'J1' 'ffffk x. Q19 xl S 1,55 1 C3 Gt cnt 44rs.e'nZ4'.'wV1i.-'91, I wig V, Y , Q'l"'f'I'f'I':l':T-3' J ' X 'i15f','.'.'f.'.'.'X' 5 KS .i.n4w.,. ,X .,...m. . M..-N .f 7 4 Q , U m V HQ .15 M? at . 'V U, 5 S G 'g Q films 1 Kim Osborne, Secretary ,W ., if f -MV .Wim ' XF,-my-Li, i n V V 5? SEMA mf' V Qt! 1, ' t Hg f " M, V1 4 1. gf - t L P3 +L 'gli ,V f' f f,A2a,V.,tM H jfgq., - C 4, X W Mia,-.H.x,Q1,h ,Alam A L w.'iA,'.,.f.,xW+xiU?.'.k....,.1 A2 Yr i. Ai.'4'.2X'J?a's4Jt,'i!,'f,','.'. if 1 ma- - 4.,,,.',x 4 -uu.,u.,,f ' m.,.b,W4j'.4,,mV.i- . an no N .n'l4n1'l:'1 gi P3e':f:-'1'T-151-'tftffftV:-14-2VV fe. f A 4 4 a'4's'.'.' ' Eff! 3227 4 , .:.s?g16.i+'f3.l,,44,? !-LV 3 A , K ,-A 1' mf fi V, . t V-I ma ,ws -1 . 3 l.,,xg.f'kg.g.gff,5lsf, f : -5 ignrnjlflail .','1f,f V A?" t F , V- . A , . V 'nv "6fQ:A5', s 2' I' 'M in I V f' ' ,. ' J' ' ...V ,e Z in Nw ,f j M f N .A V Cathy Christiansen 15 gi Seated left to right are Kim Osborne, Becky Barber and Joyce Hennessey. Back row, are Glyna Gipson, Cathy Christianson, Jody Peeler, Janette Opat, Kelly Schulz and Liz Sowards Janette Opat tv ,qt 'QQ 1 5 4313, .. .. ,, , Ugg- S. 4 o + v if ,pfQ..w.u X ff ,ff 'f4'?8.. v A. I 4. nf.-N '3?EQvX,+ W... 1.3: yr t.s.2AA 'lf ' ,gfn 5'?4Mx,,s' an no I x ' f H . 42fl'H!'l ' flfgnffaix :wx if BI 'H ' v We fi 4 2w.,if1f'?,,,5vg , N ' 'sq V I 1 .V lm' -- ' V.4-aff. f, +. . ...--,MV 'V-tain 3 fff' ,ZW 'fu H 'V stuff' V".XLi,,L'5 ,',,-17 : V Ag, lf.Q.:.'..'. ' "xi, I I ,V N .,,......'V" is yy If'ff4P.SQg3pgq-5.5.-.'.ug,Q-3 A q V ' V! if ...'.' S Tv. .tc f V V .. , .. 5 4n6,4,u n.,V4 ' . ,',z -i- A ,x V Y,. ,3.A.,..,, , V ' wi . ,.-. ,. vi V' "4 .' '.nl,f?'3'. V5 K .pi if J f i fi.. 4,".'.' VX 5 1c:5W"'."s5f-'Vif VV i f ez cgi, I-V557 VV V it A wi A pill x, V . Liz Sowards 4 ' A on 'Mun ' QF .vig M m y pi, J "fi A .V I , . 4?f'N2i'ff"+25f1?:.': .3137 i, 4 4465 ws' V -'AffJ.'f4f9?Tw'-..,-,.. Q ug 'V , Q. ,wiki 'Y W AZ-rs ! ,Jag izcgagigq 3. A G Q 'f i " ffm as - -z V ' WMM .....V. '- i l3?'W" - - f lun zu.-,Hsu ' A .4 if :sf .m'.'V3'.K' gg'.Q'...w . V 'fi 14:Vs:V:-rm,V:V:V:4+:efV:',-.- :'pun.....n4...,vf' sm. . .M ...AVI n'4?!Qi':Tff.6' ff" M I mg., 43 .5 .4-Ne. fr 4 14 nmts..-gf ,qf5lufnnml.,m 'A z 'fs-.f,f:4'i'l,f ff 'M 'L-44,2 45' 1, eng, if ln 4 5,7 QQ V 5' O Q ,L V LZ, .V mi 'rw V- V 1 ... LV .,,m, 2 f3I'I4,' V1 5-SH 'Ei' V. Q, 4 i". 14s J .pi vi N? ,, 1 Vg , .V Z -. lf , i f , 2 at 41 , W 3. . .5 Kelly Schulz Q if +5 4 Acaciafl13 Alpha Gamma Delta Leadership and scholarship Can give you a tip To squirrels and pearls and roses, too. ,- , ,-, The sisterhood we have is true blue. President ........ . .... Dianna Hussey Vice President! Frat. Ed. ................... Kim Davis Vice President! Membership ....... Shelley Moody V' Q W , ,gl . , f Vfiff V nf! -.x xx ,. XL , 5 , Kfg " l f , 1 e ' . X' , , ' gk 'i fd ? . X 5. X ' I H. ir . " , ,-f E K , L' 2- ., ' .A W 5 ' , 4' .r W' ' I V A -ff.--.M ..--, VJ K . , .,., , . .Nh in . 4 A S 'E s ' or ,, X i ir' s 2 . ag Q ' In . Q .. 1, H x ' .. , rf 4 as , J, 54 x ,A Q ,, . . . Q ' - I . , 1-. . lf? I L' . S: gf--54 1' X x fi , .1 il. K if - f Y- X S ,Qs Y' if x , x we - ff- - -gg-11. X Q Q., were 1 14fAI'A Kim Davis Vice President Frat Ed. , Melba Manderscheid Vice President Scholarship Julieanne DuPert1us Corresponding Sec. Karen Benson, Rush Lisa Sali, Social Teresa Williams, House Chairman Tammy Pickett, Activities Vicki Lohrey, Altruism Deedee Black, Standards Ann Jacob, Ritual Dianna Bickford, Song Leader Lori Wilkerson, Song Leader Lisa Adams Denean Avery Janis Bailey Sue Black Angie Claxton Christy Coleman Lori Crawford Cindy Emrich Trudi Eimenhorst Maria Gerah Roseann Gerah Patti Hunter Sherry Hunter Lori Lookabaugh Tammy Malicoate Lana Malone Dian Marshall Kim Martin Cheri McVay Susie Meister Cindy Nelson Carolyn Oxford Jamie Poteet Suzie Quigg Cheryl Shockley Lisa Smith Cathy Steele Cynthia Sullivan Traci Taylor Barbara Toumhs Carolyn White Pam Wing Connie VanHorn Below left, clowning around at the "Barn Party" is the 1980 Fall Pledge Class. At right, Shelley Moody and Cheryl Shockley take time out to pose for a picture. 116f.3ILl The excitement of being choosen as ACD is overwhelming to Nancy Snow, Kim Davis, and Carolyn Oxford Alpha Kappa Alpha Presldent LaTany a Slmmons Secretary Dehlah Murphy im -. ML-,gm ,MP . ff-W. .',' 3 Rene Smallwood Dean of Pledges .............................. z"'.ff" 'xp AKAf11'7 fx nu ll Ill!! 'nl H485 ...Q ' -.555 Alpha Phi Alpha f'President .... ..........,............... . A Derrek Lewis Vice President .... ........................... Tony Akins Dean of Pledges ........................... Alpha Phi Alpha members listen intently as a member speaks Wilbert Wright during a meeting. . s i , 4 'X 2' ' lfg: Alpha Phi Alpha officers are, back row, left to right: Carleton Carpenter, Senate Representative, Terrance Mitchell, Secretary, Wilbert Wright, Dean of Pledges. Front row: Dwayne Long, Treasurerg Derrek Lewis, President, Tony Akins, Vice President. if ,,o0' inf if Alpha Phi Alpha members are, left to right, Tony Akins, Warner White, Terrance Mitchell, Carleton Carpenter, Dwayne Long, Wilbert Wright, Derrek Lewis, Bruce Rayes and Earl Jackson. Not pictured are Robert Henderson, William Graham, Phillip Hall, Todd Parrish, Sylvester Moore, Floyd Ramsey, Mike Pander, Donny Miles, Jerry Robertson, Gerwayne Fitzpatrick, Delmon Porter and sponsor Ms. Shirley Hurd. Af15Af1 19 -an Hx fi. ,- 1, -v. I 20Z4 LPA lil! t 'ge E . 1 s S L 4 1 -e.........b3 I . Alpha Phi Alpha members discuss their upcoming activities. Some Alpha Angels participate in the homecoming festivities during the parade. j., Alpha Angels are, left to right, Jacqueline Peoples, Wilma Harris, Jean Perry, Leslie Williams, Charmayne Blandon, Larita K. Blandon, Sandy Newton and Sharon Hill. Alpha Tau O Things seem to be stacking up right for Carey Warren, left. Top to bottom are Mark Misner, Steve Alton and Ron Hillery. At right is Bob Davis. mega "Peel me a grape" says Rick Kirlrham while surrounded by beauties at the Alpha Tau Omega Toga Party. Little Sisters of Maltese Cross are, bottom row left to right, Kim Mar- tin, Connie Tucker, Greta Watson, Karen Gill, Pledge Class Sweetheart and Terry Henry. Top row, are Janie Sweely, Julie Thomm, Becky Crews, Chapter Sweetheart, Kathy Collins, Jonna Morrison, Tracy Farris and Jody Rogers. Not pictured are Gina Morris and Tammy Malicoate. ATI2f121 Joan Luxemburg, Faculty Advisor Benny Christensen, President Steve Black, Vice President Steve Alton, Secretary Mark Misner, Treasurer Don Cox, Pledge Trainer Jim Henry, House Manager Scott Stewart, IFC Representative Finn Blevins, Social Chairman Andy Schmidt, Philanthrophies Tony Beffer, Intramurals Chairman Richard Baker Scott Batary Lenny Branch Mark Calvert Dan Carnes Gordon Christensen Jim Crabb Jim Dougherty Ken Eubanks Ron Groover J.D. Hammil Tim Hoagland Ron Holly Mike Kennemer Rick Kirkham Bill Kress Robert Lane Lewis Larkin David Miller Trey Morris Chuck Norred Darryl Reed Brian Smith Craig Smith Craig Stevens Randy Titony Don Wahl Carey Warren Chuck Wynkoop 122fA T9 r I T RR, ' rv ,W ei' ,yiiigss t .H A Q, 7 RJ P k .k Tnvritji an J - A 'i--r - ' 3 ' " ' N .1 qkt f gg " '- if . in - , 'rllt in lkbl i Q X A I . it A ,., t -: kv .. ..:: - L, , , ' 1? if ,f errr l 5+ v vcffwiw ::-. i'QR, K .. Q ,r , .rri,r.lH X 1 if , , Q .. i - QL xg V Q- X e 1 L 'F '- . " In sv 4 L . , into e ee gg. f N TR We if i Fr 'il' X r N Q r 92:21 " 2 if Q 31.5 if' 5 3 E . E S n V F ,4uumqN K i , R ' S 3' K I 1 Jig". ' 'ffm I if- ' J I ., i S in :ie ii.. ., 4,1 . xx x V E or r, . K if if 3 E W5-ll S-ff' mf'-Q ra: 5 iii. ' " ee: 'Ya-r w MW WX I go 'C ' h A S 1 -1 3 is .. . 'h r' SSS! K. :i s Q ' lk I QQ N alll b r A 5 W i Y v m X W 5 . ' L it ' -5 Sd A " L z , g.r , A . f N K .r.i - 2 Aman ww TG 'Mil-Us LG i'53 si3ixiS E ' .al- llll llll llll IV? :gf f1Q Aww 6 11" A413711 23 I 24,0126 Delta Sigma Theta Karen M. Russell ..... .. .......... President Marsha Rowe ..... ..... Vice President Denise Roberson . ...... ........ . Secretary Delta Sigma Theta officers are, left to right, Karen Russell, presidentg Karolyn Motte, treasurerg Stephanie Hudson, historiang Marsha Rowe, vice president. Not shown is Denise Roberson, secretary. Q22 QT . if , ,, tv 1. Members are, front row left to right, Vanessa Solomon, Stephanie Hudson, Karen M. Russell, Marsha Rowe, Karolyn Motte and Michelle Edwards. Second row, Clarice Johnson, Diana Lynn Eckford, Sharon Monday, Paulette Allen, Karla Shaw and Janet Thornton. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is an organization of college and graduate women pledged to serious endeavor and community service. The members of Delta Sigma Theta demonstrate a vital concern for social welfare, academic excellence and cultural enrichment while de-emphasizing the social side of sorority life. Our ideas of scholarship and service have withstood the test of time, and today Delta Sigma Theta is a public service organization dedicated to a program of sharing membership skills and organizational service in the public interest. E , E . ..lZ9fI25 I 26fAZ Delta Zeta President . ....... ........... . .... Karen Gill V1ce President .................................. Delayne George Vice PresidentfPledges ................... Julie Thomm Mildred Babbitt, Housemother Jeannie Spangler, College Chapter Director Donna Duran, President Carolyn Beck, Pledge Advisor Julie Thornm, Pledge Trainer Pam Barton, Corresponding Secretary Greta Watson, Recording Secretary Robin Treps, Treasurer Karen Gill, Rush Chairman Cheryl Roden, Rush Advisor DeLayne George, Historian Sherri Andrews Lauri Ashby Debbie Beemer Lori Bergstrausser Kim Breedlove Meagan Brown Lynne Burn Tracy Bussey Becky Crews Jeannie Conger Dana Jo Cox Amy Crocker Cyndi Crossland Christi Draughan Carol Duran Alana Faulkner Cindy Foster Kelly Goddard Trudy Gorman Lynne Gudenburr Rhonda Hartman Joyce Hennessee Jill Holsted Karen Jeannont Vicky Kantner Tracy Knutson Sheryl Kudy Jo Ann Landers Karen Lavender Evelyn McBrayer Lori McDaniel Lori McVay Paula Maupins Martha Mikolajczyk Kris Miller Jamie Neal Shelly Nowlin Karen Price Cathy Rayhill Terri Russell Janel Schmidt Linda Shepherd Rosie Sidwell Melissa Smith Rita Stacey Dena Stallard Susan Swanda Ipek Ucucu Lisa Vandiver Robin Wallace Andrea Wilson Wendy Winn AZXI27 K i :Q 6 s CJ? 4 128fAZ The purpose of Delta Zeta is to unite our members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, to stimulate one another in the social culture and to develop guidance and unity in Delta Zeta. 'S-.ef Kappa Alpha Psi A y .,,, V Si ts QE. ' Q - ":- Kenneth Austin IACVICG President .....,... .......... Kelvin Berry Treasurer . .... ........................... . Rocky Brown President . ..... . .... .. .............................. S Officers are, sitting, Ken Austin, standing, Rocky Brown, Members are, standing, Ken Austin, seated from left to right, Steve Austin, Eric Bobby Allison and Kendal Cudjoe. Freeman, Rocky Brown, Bobby Allison, Anthony Sledge, Kendal Cudjoe and Gerald Scott. K in he 1 5 5 2? ea , 'K' if 5 A r. .,,. r,h, , .Q r r ,,,, g.l.W Seated from left to right are Rocky Brown and Ken Austin. Standing are Steve Austin, Anthony Sledge, Kendal Cudjoe, Bobby Allison, Gerald Scott and Eric Freeman. KAWH29 ? V P I 130fKA!P S 1dQ!Smur-at ,ff N .. W Kip,-. Q... W""'Ef " ,W ,, ,, ,M ,, J f'f ' ' ..KappaSigma N 2553 3 x F A we Q Qi ,f ax sf 5' R vm af. we In Memory of Steven Garrett in .. + m-2 NR F ke'1 '43 ,flaw ge fini? X Q x ni K27131 132fKZ Bruce Whitfield, Grand Procurator Scott Griffey, Grand Scribe Russell Riecken, Pledge Educator Steve Flake, Rush Chairman Lonnie Lee, Athletic Director Robert Memmott, Social Chairman Richard Powell, Fund Raising Gregg Allen Rodney Armstrong Jeff Best Kevin Campbell Bob Danaher Neil Eddins James Engel David Farris Mike Flake Pat Henry Scott Jacobs Denny James Gary Jones Mike Knox Randy Matthews Pat McTiernan Ed Miles Dan Mulick Randy Parks Tom Pope Dennis Ray Jeff Silverhorn Mark Smith Toby Tindel Danny Trosper Ken Wantland Danny Williams 9 Mt 9 Xi My 'iw f M 15 J? J X I 2. Larry Foster, Faculty and Alumni Advisor Joe Flake, Grand Master 'G I 4 Q C 'if-ii? X ' X gy ,af K x 3' fr I ,W f' Ll fl ff ff: if A JK .,, H' ., L W fi f Hin in... Natalie Anderson Pam Anderson ---fat ,, Y,., 55 553W fi I ' V v+Sx 53 1 Af if'-. N N JM. uf 1 i f 7 ,Z , , :lj lf, 1 aff- ! f -2x2 mr, iz 17 M RSV if fi: u kW ,.1' Janis Bailey Christy Draughn Roseann Gerah Julie Gilchrist The Kappa Sigma Stardusters take time out to pose for a photo. Tamara James Martha Mikolacjzyk Shelley Moody Cindy Nelson Debbie Parker Suzie Peak Tamara Rharnes Janell Schmidt Barbara Toumbs Pat Williams K.Yf133 ii H el 1' fl X gs .3 I Q, ,mf. "m+9""'Y .Q R 1 X . 1 6 3 mar T A x r X ill , X ,. Mx-f X Y. S 3" X X X 3 K' Officers Seated: Tim Derritt lPi-esidentl. Standing, left to right, Gary Hayden, iBusiness Managerl, Michael Jones fParliamentarianJ, Anthony Swanagan fSecret,aryl and Lester Knauls. Not shown: Marshall Goff Nice Presidentj, Tommy Glden iAsst. Secretaryl, Carlton Smith Cfreasurerl and Eric Brewer lSergeant at A1-mal. 458271 35 Sigma Kappa President Cathy Loving Vlce President Pledges Carol Hosek vice Presgdli-l5'f"IIffIII... Leziieililggsng Starting off the year with formal rush set the pace for the rest of the year. Sig Kaps seem to be full of smiles as the year of parties, picnics and celebrations progresses. W Q. AQQX ' .. M N i, XS, 52' C A .mm sg Hi if Wilma Armstrong, Housemother Krittenbrink, Beau Lester, Beau K A as V is 'V'-i 6 i C 1 K f L ji .. ig A Q, S s is fb' i it "' sg is li All C Q' ' 3, -W Q f 'ii'- V. A3153 r K li ii. . 'ki' V " 7'.-, ,'.L ' H 2- -' 2:7-is. f . , , f-K, 0'-'NX P5 is 'UN x ' es- 'ESQ 5 4- 1 Q Q. qw, . Q psf? "2 S ,K 1- sf T is-Si Ns Joel Stinson, Beau Cathryn Loving, President Lezlie Long, Vice President Susan Witt, Vice PresidentfMembership Carol Hosek, Vice President!'Pledges Cathy Christiansen, Corresponding Secretary Patti Gatewood, Recording Secretary Marla Wilson, Treasurer Penny Mills, Registrar Lisa Moore, Panhellenic Deirdre Anderson Karin Anderson Lynda Bradshaw Tracy Cooper Renee Cosper Bonnie Crittenden Cecilia Cullen Angie Davidson Tracy Farris Lori Foltz Terrie Fontenot Glyna Gipson Robin Gold Lori Gray Serena Hansen Debbie Hoover Dana Jennings Angela Jones, Heidi Krauss Julie Linder Carolyn Lindsey Tracey McCauley Shari McDonald Susan Morrison Candi Oden Tina Oney Sunshine Pattrick Jody Peeler Cyndi Pipes Jody Rogers Cyndee Schwab Lori Shipley Dana Smith Melette Tucker Ann Underwood Gay White Lise' Williams Lisa Wofford EKXI37 Pledge duties, member duties and hours of work perfecting rush skits - is it all worth it? You bet it is! The fun and smiles represented here proves that this is true. 1 38!2K fs. is Sigma Tau Gamma C ,QQ X .yvpzrfv Pmm "V A 0 Q Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity was founded on June 28, 1920, by seventeen students who sought to perpetuate their friendships and the ideals of brotherhood in a college fraternity. These bonds of fraternalism have spread to many campuses. Q ZT1'f139 140fZ'TI' Curtis Kretchmar, President Elmer Lee Howe, Jr., Vice President Mark Hansen, Vice PresidentfMembership Dennis Ottis, Vice Presidentfliinance Lynn Daylor, Vice PresidentfEducation David T. Ball Dale Bogle Kevin Cain Eric Clay Jeff T. Cooper Mike Donnell J. Harley Darnell Rick Edwards Terry Edgar Ted Green Jeff S. Harbison Max Boyd Hester Jerry Krittenbrink Brian Kelly Brad Kimbler Greg Kimbler Greg Manning Brad McHam Randy Moore Rusty Moore Kurt Myers Jack Myrick Bart Payne Jeff Phillips Larry Robbins James J. Seabrook III Rusty Shelton Johnny Spencer Bryan E. Story Jeff Stuart K an K I W SL airy rs 1' Ll rx ll 1 Q a Kr Q S gl , ,.,. r,1f,,. . it Xi .... I is ' sr 4- 5 Q X 1. W if or or Roses of Sigma Tau Gamma Karen Lavender 1980 White Rose The Roses is an auxiliary of Sigma Tau Gamma and helps the fraternity with rush functions and pledges. The Roses sponsored a Thanksgiving feast for the members of Sigma Tau Gamma in honor of their new initiates. Virginia Seabrook Pledge Sweetheart White Rose of Sigma Tau Gamma, Karen Lavender, makes an appearance at the Homecoming Parade. Denean Avery Carol Duran Donna Duran Marie Hutton Lorri Inda Jo-Ann Landers Sigma Tau Gamma Sweethearts are, top to bottom, Carolyn Lindsey, Carol Hosek, Lisa Sali, Jill Holstead, Nancy Amos and Shari MacDonald. Bottom row, left to right, are Wendy Hagee, Lesylee Sullivan, historian, Cathy Loving, treasurer, Cindy Edwards, president and Robin Treps, secretary. Not pictured are vice president Jana Pokorny, Candi Oden, Gaye White, Debbie Bowles, Cindy Rogers, Diane Shelton, Peggy Sherman and Tammy Blankenship. ZTI7141 142fTKE Tau Kappa Epsilon Presldent J nm Campbell Craxg McVay V1ce Pres1dent!P1edges Tzm Reese Vice President ................ . .... .. ...... vu. ' Dila 5 li g z L to R. Hansel Stack, B111 Burns, Shawn Greenfield, Mark Mumma, Mark Wood, 2nd Row: Randy Cannon, Sparger, Ben Odom, Joeff Miller, Craig McVay, 3rd Row: Mike Sample, Timm Reese, John Oglesby, Danny David Young, Sky Pulliam, Back Row: John Bond, David Anderson, Jim Campbell, David Kinney, At top: Lineenmyerg Not pictured: Bo Summers, Price Oswalt, Fred Harris. 495 , I A Front L to R McVay Vice Shawn Greenfield Historian Tiger Sparger, Sergeant-at-arms, Odom, Chaplin, Back Jim Campbell, Tim Reese, Pledge Trainerg John Oglseby, Treasurerg John Secretary. Da hters of Diana TKEXI 43 Clowning around at the Look-Alike Party are Chuck Webb and Joe Bowie. l44fTKE Daughters of Diana, the TKE's auxiliary, are, back row left to right, Sharon Hargrave, Lori Inda, Karen Malone. Middle row, are Daneen Avery, Wendy Winn, Jo Ann Landers, Donna Duran and J. R. McClanahan. Zeta Phi Beta President ...... ................................ Brenda Finney lst Amt-Basileus ............................. Phillis Scarborough M 2nd Anti-Basileus ....................... ..... Marilyn Heath Andrea Marigny show a rushee one of the Zeta Phi Beta Officers are, left to right, Brenda Finney, president, Phillis Scarborough, lst anti-basileusg Marilyn Heath, 2nd anti-basileusg Claudia Chestand, 3rd anti-basileus. scrapbooks. Zeta Phi Beta members are, left to right, Patricia Monday, Phillis Scarborough, Brenda Finney, Marilyn Heath, Mary Carson, Andrea Marigny, Gladys Rupert and Claudia Chestand. Zd5Bf145 9, myfh ,.ffffv74?MW Sx gif? ,555 F 5 5 mg' 34' . ' 'W , f 4 ML V if R K x fs Wiki ' vi ' ' 4 fi? Mx 1?, 2 A f M WN lk' Wig x -vm. Student Senate Officers for fall are Dena Kirby, David Kinney, Steve Jennings, Danny Mor- gan and Ben Odom. 1 48fClubs LDS Student Senate Student Senate Officers . . . President - Ben Odom Vice-Pres. - David Kinney Sec.!Trea. - Dena Kirby Attorney Gen. - Steve Jennings Parliamentarian - Danny Morgan 'S S- S -rwwnwfm -svmmq-Mary' .Jun :. V- . 3 - S it . , K. , -a I S 'i . Q? . 7: .. .sz : . K 2 X E I X if f ,, President Odom addresses the Senators .mm my 1 I i Above: President Lillard, Vice-President Cassens and the Deans enjoy the Senate Cookout. Right: Senate officers participate in the Homecoming Parade. Below: Joffre Miller addresses the Senate floor. MZ? ,few , . .I wif, r , A 1.1, 1: ,Q - ' M, fig, : :eg M 21 A ' , iii wff ,EL iw 1? , ,Kr f Q ian, ,, -, 5, W ,W ,mg 4 I 'amy 3 5' , z . . , 4 M22 32+ fir! +2 sf ' Z 5 S if 5. ia, -A 14 A MM, ag, if , -- ,ggi if t I is Q Q f 1 ay, ,, gy .2 f, 1? fy N ,,,, A f 5 . -nw im fi wal. WWW 'WY 5-L Clubsf149 Senate Active In Campus Life 5 NV. XX X,.... e is ,, .Q Q v 1 ia fi, F' ,em Dean Deanna Land and her husband are caught dancing at the Officers elected during the Fall were: Carolyn White, Sec., Tim McCord, Pres., Monday Senate-sponsored hoe-down. 150fC1ubs Etiebet, Vice-Pres. j Student Senate sponsored an International Student Reception for the many students from various countries attending CSU. vt I . , A CSU Police Officers Doris Smith and Mark Holland stop to enjoy a burger ani I Gayle Johnston, Bernie Marinovich and Kenda Kirby fight the wind at the cookout. at the Broncho Week cookout. N, . list we-f"'5f X 'lag-qqqmwmk Tim Schaffer and J. C. Douglas listen intently to a speaker during a Senate meeting. C1ubsf151 1 52X Clubs Faculty Senate Not pictured are Dr. Jack Deskin, Ed Hill, Joan Luxem- burg Ingle and Sandra Nichols. Lynne Altstatt Dr. George Avellano Douglas Duke Dr. Frank Finney ,J-"dig, Dr. F. R. Goodno Dr. Fred Grosz .khk Dr. David Hart Dr. William Hildred Ray Beasley Carl Brazeale I Qx 'N Dr. Larry Foster Dr. John George NNN Dr. Engel Grow Donna Guinn vt Dr. Margaret Isaac Dr. Kathleen Lipp I 43 as 3 Dr. Malcolm Coby Dr. Lonnie Gilliland Dr. Margaret Hamilton Anne Lynch Anne Lynch - President Dr. William Radke - Vice President Lynne Altstatt - SecretaryfTreasurer Dr. Larry Foster - Reporter!Historian Dr. Jack Deskin - Parliamentarian X ,ml Dr. Gene McBride Dr. Gene McPhail Dr. Dorothy Marotte Charles Murdock Dr. Glenda Owens Norma Miller Dr. William Radke Dr. Jere Roberson in up Jfffi? James Rote Ann Shanks Dr. Charles Dr. Mack Wedel Stumbaugh Dr. Dale Mullins 5, 2 55 gs 53 ii -sf Dr. Bette Roberts Sam Woolridge Clubsf153 1.54fClubs Afro American Student Union I Talent show winner Anthony Rainge does his interpretation of "I Have A Dream". oo t l -f,V all , Q Q ' ,, I A l A I 7,1 Q Officers are: Above Left to right: Karen Russell, Presidentg Denise Columbus, Secretaryg Dwayne Long, Vice-Pres.g Shar Hill, Treasurerg and Ann McCaskill, Public Relations. "2 I , l, W.. - - ,M ff Gr ,fa L, A Q1 ' U '17 s., . Union member Jackie Thornton participated n the talent show by singing "If You Move Yourself". Wx Dwayne Long, La Tanya Simmons, and Delilah Murphy listen intently during a Union meeting. President Russell moderates as Union members debate during a meeting. w f,""::lg 7 W-e C1ubsf155 156fCIubs Baptist Student nion The Baptist Student Union is an organization of Christian students who are striving to be disciples of Jesus Christ. The four fold emphasis is Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and witnessing. :ff l Members of the Outreach Dept. are: Dwayne Long, Sandra Manning John Reimer, Elaine Stone and Ronnie Payne. y BSU Staff Members are Left to right: Gerald Wilson, Sherry Reime Anna Jo Wilson and Charles Lillard. BSU members pose before their banner proclaiming "Reach For The Son". Missions Dept. staff are: JoAnne Loming, Becca Parish, Darrell Haley, Rene Brock, Gerald Wilson and Jeannette McLaughlin. Cl? ng: rf . 4, CSU students from various fields attend the BSU Noonday Sessions. Dept. workers are: Left to right: James Jones, Syd Dickson, Kendra Lay, Kathy Johnson. C1ubsf157 Pauline Owens Lori Lookabaugh Sponsor President Bonnie L. Aeschliman Glenn W. Adamson Mari Kay Albert Donna Alford Patricia L. Bailey Joanna L. Ballard William A. Ballinger Frances Y. Barfield Shelley D. Barton Edith Kennedy Blackwell Linda Curtis Blakely Robyn Brevard Kent F. Brockmann Anthony Gray Brookes F. Ann Brown Debra Dawn Brown Steven W. Brown Mechelle Rene Bull Dana Marie Burnett Wanda Starritt Burris Tambra Ann Bynum Judy A. Clancy Linda Ellen Coniglio Linda Ann Smith-Conner Donna Raye Cosby Cathrine Diane Cox Robert Curtis Cox, Jr. Cathryn Cheryl Croom Stephen Lawrence DeGiusti Jana Janelle Denbo Colleen Francine DeWald Nicholas Paul DiToro, Jr. Mickle Dean Duggan Melissa Cheryl Edmonson Renny Joe Fanning Bonnie L. Frederick Sonja Margo Freeman Chester Guy Fonner Glendon S. Forgey Sharon Kay Hargrave Linda L, Klemme Jiann-Chiou Kung John J. Lacey. Jr. Sanh Ngoc Le Sheri Roberts Lewis Terry L. Long James Ray Looney Mary A. Maddox Dian Louise Marshall Victor Ray Martin Linda J. VanBrakel McCartney Barbara Anne McDowell Martha L. McElwain Mark Laurence McGlynn Joan C, McMillin Stephanie Ann Means Debra Lynn Melton Joan E. Miranda Linda J. Mitchell Naomi Jane Mobley Mary Elizabeth Gasal Mogab Sharon Colleen Moise Bradley M. Moore Shirley Ann Moore Richard Keith Mossman Richard Leyton Mulcahy 158fClubs Kurt Evan Muers Glenda P. Nolte Jay Patrick 0'Niel Ramolee Ozment Mickey S. Ozolins Kary Dwight Pace Ronald Brad Petersen Phung Pham Leslie B. Phillips Beatrice Tapia Pitstick Carol A. Ray Christy Ann Rector Marcia Jane Rennick Ricki Ann Rickard Diane L. Rohwer John T. Rose Chester C. Schierkolk Cathy Ann Schrock Linda Diane Schweitzer Elizabeth Anne Scott Kathleen G. Shiflett Ellen M. Shrouf Lynda Kathryn Siavashpour Regina L. Simon Scott W. Snapp Donna Southwell Barbara Maga Stolle Cynthia Kay Stone Ann Stooksberry Kay S. Sullivan Janice R. Swartz Elsa L. Soderman Tankersley Clyde F. Taylor Linda Anne Thompson Susan Kim Karrenbrock Toews Denny Gerald VanPool Suzanne Visnieski Sheri L. Walker Rhonda Denise Wallace Michael Anthony Wassell Diana E. Welker Zaida Tonguette Williams Donice Ellen Woodside Leah Childers Wright Donna Lynn VonRissen Yoes Lori Lookabaugh Ronald Dale Moore Ruby Bernadine O'Loughlin Teresa Lynn Patterson Rosalie Walters Terrie AdamsABeck Barbara A. Allen Donna Marie Alley Janice Camilla Alvarez Barbara J. Amos Rita J. Andrews Carol S. Aston-Kerr Gloria J. Auth Bob K. Avey Kathleen Backus Tami Lynn Marie Baker Rolan Dale Ball Rhonda Gail Barnhart E. Diane Barrett Laurayne Annette Barrett Mary Jolene Barritt Alph1 Chl Dian Marshall Vice Presldent Bonnie Kay Bartlett Scott Hugh Baxter Cindi Benthall Major T. Berry II Joy Lunn Berryman Karen Elaine Bigbee Teresa Diane Billen Mark R. Blevins Dionysios Mattheou Bloufas Sandra K. Bobzien Rebecca Ann Steichen Bolene Jacqueline Shelley Bollenbach Ramolee I. Bonds Toby D. Boyer Ernest J. Brandon, Jr. Wm. G. Branscum John Robert Breaud Kathleen Briggs Alice Elizabeth O'Hara Brown Betty Jean Baikie Brown Suellen K. Brown Richard Leon Burlingame Mary Beth Long Burns Dorothy Faye Burt Cynthia Gaye Calhoun Cindy Marie Campbell Eva Nell Campbell Sevilla Ann Vance Carlton James J. Carroll Karen Denise Caskey Donald G. Chandler Thomas P. Chase Marjorie Ann Meeker Chiles Glenda Paulette Choate Margaret Anna Christensen Willis Albion Church, Jr, Patricia Marie Cissne Judith A. Clark Tona R. Clayton Jimmy L, Coffey Warren Paul Connelly Melody Ann Cotten Carol Lynn Coursey Diane L. Cox Dorothy Curtis Cox Glenda M. Crabtree Paul David Craig David Mark Davenport Cynthia Lane Davis Kenneth E. deCordova Ruth I. Dedering Mark A. Dees Jean Bene Capps DeLancey James Stanely Denton Kathy Louise Dickson Beatrice Lillian Dixon Jeannie Marie Drake Margaret Ann Duncan-Smalley John David Duran Bonita Kaye Dyess Vernon Dean Edwards Elizabeth Anne Elston Catherine Sue Emde Sandra K. Emrich Linda Jean Estell Ann Stooksberry Secretary Donna Jo Ethridge ' Patsy R. Evans Virginia Beth Cozby Evans Gina Jo Ewers ' Duane D. Ewy Richard C. Fant. Sr. Jeanne Therese Farrell Joe F. Fatchett Marsha Allison Ferguson Gerald Lee Ferguson Victor L. Fey Brenda Joyce Fillamn Cyndy K. Forgue John Eric Foster Claud Lee Fox Carey Lynn Freeman Verna Ann Froese Janette Elaine Fryrear Clydia Sue Gentry Joyce A. George Janet Kaye Gilliam Wanda L. Gimlin Cheryle Elizabeth Glenn Bruce Goodwin Mary Therese Goetz Jo Lynn Graham Denise R. Gray Kathryn L. Green Jack Hachmeister Patricia S. Hale Dalann S. Fritz Hall Peggy Dawn Hampton Frances Elizabeth Hardcastle Rubye L. Harrington Bernice Jean Harris Kim Wayne Harris Susan Francine Harvey Susan Hunter Hatcher Carol Waunita Hayes Gregory Taze Hearn Shelley Arah Hebblethwaite Frances Jane Henderson John D. Henrichs Lanita Belle Henricksen Patricia Ann Herren Donna Jean Hester Roy E. Hier Marilyn T. Hight Debra Kay Holloway Donna Kay Holman Sidonie J. Holmes Robert L. Hood David A. Hough Pamela Dawn Howeth Richard Allen Hudson Paul Stephen Hull Sherry Ann Imgrund Ira Lee Isch Teresa Marie Jaime Wilma Jo James Diane Kathryn Jensen Judith Margaret Jobe Deborah J. Johnson Vida L. Johnson Jerry J. Kadavy Dawna Marie Keel Stephanie Means Student Delegate Janice Kemmerly Paula Killian Arthur L. Kimbro Cindy L. Kirtley James A. Kowals Judith iDeArmanJ Krautlarger Timothy Philip Krisher Cheri Lynne Krittenbrink Patricia Jeanne Krittenbrink Linda Gable Kroeger Dorothy D. Lackey Delhi E. Landrum Jr. Nancy Jane Lankford Robert Edmund Lastowski Debra Leae-Lemmerman Barbara Jane Lowe Coleen J. Lucas Maureen Lynch Gilbert L. Madron Tammy Kay Mahoney Jennifer Erin Mangus Amu Beth Marshall David James Marshall Jerry F. Marshall Mary Kathleen Massey Mike William Mathews Diana Lea McCain Linda M. McConnell Michael Lasley McMillan David L. McNeill, Jr. Marsha L. Miller Richard Reed Miller Rozilyn Miller Marian Thomas Millican Rosalie Paula Mitchell Linda M. Mones Loretta Ruth Montes Jane Lee Moody Clara Rene Moore Jill A. Moore Johnny Eugene Newsom Ellen Christina Nitzel Marella K. Nowlin-Stephenson Miriam Eileen O'Reilly Eric Alan Overby Alice M. Parker Mary Frances Parsons Craig Mark Person Marlyce A. Peterson Shelley Diane Pittman Barbara J. Pruett Branda Kay Pruett Beth Pugh Darla M. Johnson Putnam Karen Dobson Quinn Toni Strasner Radcliff Susan Kay Ramseyer Larry Raschtschenia Marie Nicotra Rasmussen Leola May Rather Janie Jackson Reinhardt Helen Wallace Riggs Luemma C. Roberts Kathryn Louise Roe Cheryl L. Rothschild Joseph N. Sartin . S' Alpha Chi is a national honor society with approximately 400 members. Membership is based on grade point average. Mark Alan Saunders Kimberly A. Sauter Andrea M. Savidge Jackie Qualls Scalph Lisa L. Schneider Ralph Lee Schultz James Steven Scuba Harriet Eula Selvy Catherine Shahgaldi Margaret Kathleen Shannonhouse Montrel D. Shipley Douglas Shirley Diane Joy Sisemore Jamee Reid Sloan Carolyn Pearl Smith Gary D. Smith Margaret Burrowns Smith Norma Jean Smith Paul L. Smith Susan K. Smith Daniel Haldeman Smouse Stephanie Lynn Snare Peggy Dawn Snell Leah Gayle Spivey Bali Ree Sterrett Janet Lee Stooksberry Gwendolyn Marie Stotts Debra J. Suazo Paul S. Sullivan Mark R. Swanson Tamara Kay Tacker Joyce L. Talley Swquoyah J. Taylor Janette Marie Teague Larry Dale Theis Audrey M. Thomason Sharon S. Thompson Edith Patricia Tompkins Barbara Diana Uldrich Marshall L. Upjohn, Jr. Nickie Vassilopoulos Norma Lee Walker Kathy Janine Ward Ernalea Darlene Warren Barbara L. Wassom Sheilah S. Watson Ann M. Weathers James B. Weimer Trudy Noell Wheeler Sharon Anne Whiteside Nancy L. Wilburn-Pinto Barbara Ann Williams Cheryl Yvonne Williams E. Dorinda Williams Kathleen Marie Woodrome Lisa J. Wulz Lenora Francine Wyatt Donald E. Yelton Nabil Zuhdi Patricia Sandidge Norvell Lesli Rodkey-Scates Teresa E. Rohrer Patrice Marie Zoeller Dawna J. Bates Steven Frank Rossman C1ubsf159 Alpha Lambda , Delta Members Mona King and Terri Guillory chat with a guest. l60fClubs ,X 'fs Junior Advisor Dena Kirby speaks to the members at a Spring Meeting. Officers are, left to right, Dena Kirby, Junior Advisor, Judy Jones, Historian, Sitting, Mona King, Treasurer, and Terri Guillory, Reporter. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is an honorary organization, whose purpose is to promote scholastic attain- ment among freshmen young men. Phi Eta Sigma officers are- Left to right, Jody McElhaney, Vice'Presg Dwayne Long, Sec.f'I'reas.g and Lonnie Lee, Pres. Some of the members are Front Left to right- Paschal C. Ogbejesi, Lonnie Lee, Po Kar Chu, 2nd row Dwayne Long, Jody McElhaney, Justin Selman. C1ubsfl61 I62fCIubs First Americans N 0 Members of the First American Student Association are Nancy Amos, Orvella Amos, Rick Baker, Judy Birdshead, Darnell Carson, Gary Davis, Curtis Factor, Beverly Harjo, Melissa Hill, Karen Horsechief, Sarah Johnson, Fred Mattia, Donna Maytubbie, Doug Maytubbie, James Neils, Susan Obe, Amanda Roberts, Barbara Ross, James Ross, Connie Selders, Wynena Smith, Patricia Huitt, Carolyn Harjo, Sanah Scott, Leon Hawzipta, Michelle Villicana. fs fi, Princess Sanah Scott and President Fred Mattia. Some First Americans are, front row left to right, Melissa Hamon, Michelle Villicana, Judy Birdshead. Back row, are members Fred Mattia, Karen Horsechief, Carolyn Harjo, Connie Selders, and Sarah Johnson. nxxn ,1 , K ,av-U 't ' -- J .gag . i ni' . A f "fix ,ii 1553 f 6 f x 'ff Q f 5 A - M , f e 1,31 f?iJ,ii.i'f- m ,- N .ff :ik rl- J W. 1, " if e. -1 swf? f P 5 X 'X Q. , Q M Q Rio 4 A I . . f 4 A ifixi V "fs x Q 'li A horse, a brave and a princess were the three components of the First Americans float, which took first place during the CSU Homecoming parade. 'U' Q 4' -A. l . . . . 5 Officers are Fred Mattia, presidentg Melissa H. Hamon, vice presidentg Carolyn Harjo, reporterg Connie Selders, l secretary-treasurerg James Noley, counselor and sponsor. Clubsf163 East Hall Wiz' 'Q Two East Hall residents relax in the lobby where students may entertain guests or simply Joyce Jarvis and a East Hall house-keeper show off Homecoming relax and read. decorations. President Larry Klein Vice-Pres. Mark John Sec.!Trea. Barry Gabbert Sponsor Joyce Jarvis Some of the 450 residents of East Hall gather in the lobby. 164fC1ubs East Hall Dorm Council members and Head Resident show off their "Terrible Towels." Left to right: Ms. Joyce Jarvis, Larry Klein, Mark John and Barry Gabbert. Barry Gabbert of the East Hall Spirit Committee presents a personalized "Terrible Towel" to President Lillard. C1ubsf165 urclaugh Hall Murdaugh Hall partici- pates in many campus activities including Homecoming, Hal- loween, and the President's I Club Underpriviledged Chil- dren's Christmas Party. They also co-host the Spring Fling with Thatcher Hall. A busy doorway Murdaugh. 166'fClubs provides a gathering place for the many girls living in Sharon Thompson, and Patti Atkinson demonstrate their spirit by decorating their door at Murdaugh. Hall Council members are left to right - Dena Kirby, Felicia Jones, Mona King, and Julie Hays. 2nd Row - Carol Doke, Suzie Quigg, Debbie Warren, Debbie Jones, Kenda Kirby, Lise Williams, Carol Duran, and Cynthia Sullian. g ' I 1 .L t xh,, y,-,,N e 11 R QQ W. The mailboxes become a busy place as Murdaugh residents rush to get their daily mail. rx , It 8 if S fx or X ' K Q L i Q i 3 L Q v lg y an stgy' a,.!55f'!4 I 'ieiii Above: Hall Council member Evelyn McBrayer gives the Ranger Hangman a tug. At Left: Rene Lanier takes advantage ofa quiet moment to catch up on some studying. 5 x I ClubsfI67 Thatcher Hall I68ff'1ubs , NMMA , Gathering in Thatcher Lobby for a meeting are Brian Walther, Larry Smith, Phillip Ridgway liil and Gary Mears .1..i1.... WW if Dorm Council members are left to right - Brian Waltherg Treasurerg Nancy Adler, Sub. Hostessg Phillip Ridgeway, Back Row - Moses DeNyeko, R.Ag Larry Smith, Pres.g Darin Rose, Sec.g and Gary Mears, Vice-Pres. Floor Rep Residence Hall Association A-v"'X M ,,,, '- '-4-4 , i -- - ' Www, V I Vliq W ' '-,.-3Af55'1,-- - ,y,,,mA 4- Q Officers of RHA are Don Jaeger, Pres., Mona King, Sec.!Treas., and Michael Martinez, Vice-Pres. 7-JN -140 The purpose of the RHA is to improve re- sidence halls communica- tion, initiate programming, uphold and recommend residence hall policies and procedures and to instill pride. ,fav Members are lst row-left to right, Joretta Franks, Dena Kirby, Mona King, Betty Bishop, Devvie Musser, 2nd row, Dean Land, Barry Gabbert, Larry Klein, Bon Jaeger, Felicia Jones, Gary Mears, Bill Winsworth, and Michael Martinez. C1ubsfl69 Resident Assistants help to make the environment within the Re- sidence Halls pleasant and friendly. They assist with enforcement of hall policies, students with their special needs and communication of campus activities. Resident Assistants WEST HALL DeeDee Bowen Joretta Franks Brenda Haywood Cheryl Johnson Sherri Liebl Barbara Olsen THATCHER HALL Moses DeNyeko MURDAUGH HALL Julie Hays Lauren Dempsey Karen Russell Tonya Staden LaKesta Tenison Paula Williams EAST HALL Michael Martinez Anthony Sledge Ronald Williams Mike Farina fig Q pf f 52 , .5 7 1 fllr , 11' i,ff,'g rylwsi ,' iizgigii Lf? Q J: Above front row left to right: Dean Land, Dean Ryan - Sponsors. Second row: Anthony Sledge, Mike Farina, Lauren Dempsey, Pam Wing, Carla Williams, Barbara Olson. Back row: Moses DeNyeko, Tonya Staden, Joretta Franks, DeeDee Bowen, and Brenda Haywood. 1 70fC1ubs Black Peer Center The Black Peer Center is con- cerned with the retention of Black students at CSU until the completion of their degree requirements. Services such as tutoring, counseling, class scheduling, freshman orientation, fin- ancial counseling, general information and social services are all offered in an effort to make the Black student feel at home on a predominately white cam- pus. Trena Milliner and Andrea Marigny are co-chairpersons and Ri- chard Mitchell is sponsor. Wwwf ' .ff-""",Z Andrea Marigny and Karen Russell discuss plans for Black Heritage Week. Clubs!! 71 Association of 1 72fC1ubs Women Students The purpose of the AWS is to act as a coordinating body of all women's organizations in setting the standards for living and working together on cam- pus and sense of individual responsibility, to aim for strong student government and a mutual understanding between administration and students, to strengthen the spirit of unity and fellowship among women of Central State University and to encourage closer relationships between all women students, to develop leadership and promote school spirit through the en- couragement of womenls par- ticipation in government and university activities. - ff 1' ii Officers above are left to right: Kim Martin, Sec., Barbara Toumbs, Vice-Pres., Maria Gerah, Pres Members above are left to right, first row: Kim Martin, Barbara Toumbs, Maria Gerah, and Deanna Land. Second row: Phillis Scarborough, Carol Hosek, Marla Wilson, Carolyn White, Rene Smallwood and Cynthia Sullivan. Kelly Graham Kim Davis Chris Miller Donna Duran Marla Wilson Serena Hansen Rene Smallwood Latonya Simmons Marsha Rowe Phillis Scarborough Lezlie Long Carol Duran Cynthia Sullivan Tammy Enyart Lisa Sali Danta Wilson Cindy Emrich Members of AWS discuss the planning of "Queen of Hearts" during their weekly meeting. Clubsfl 73 174fC1ubs ursing Club Officers: Linda Klemme, President Kay Sullivan, lst Vice-Pres. Steve Flowers, 2nd Vice-Pres. Linda Schweitzer, Recording Sec. Kristi Wassilac, Corresponding Sec. Lisa Bergmann, Treasurer Emily Fowler, Nominating Chair. Above Kay Sullivan works at the Convention for the Oklahoma Nursing Studen' Association. ll an Above officers of Nursing Club left to right: Lisa Bergmann, Linda Schweitzer, Linda Klemme, Kay Sullivan, Kristi Wassilak and Steve Flowers. gr Above left to right Janice Kessler, Beth Munda and Steve Flowers dawn their costumes for a bit of "Hospital Humor." The Nursing Club of CSU has 25 members and is sponsor of the annual Blood Drive at CSU. Members also had open house at Homecom- ing and participated in the Oklahoma Nursing Student Association Convention in Oklahoma City. 'Wm Members of the club above listen intently as President Linda Klemme makes a point. Clubs!! 75 1 76fClubs Pemm Club President - Vicki Lopez Vice-Pres. - Sam Ross 2nd Vice-Pres. - Zane Casey Secretary - Denise Eden Treasurer - Stephanie Swanson 2 Pemm Club is an organization for Physical Education majors and minors whose purpose is to promote professional interaction with under- graduate and graduate students. Dr. Homer Coker shakes hands with Vicki Lopez. I AGP" I I Above left to right: Stephanie Swanson, Denise Eden, Vicki Lopez, Sam Ross and Zane Casey .L it X. l............. - f f-nv., Pemm Club Members Above top left: Guest Speaker Candy Wright Barbara Bowens Connie Roberts David Mack Douglas Harris Donna Miller Stephanie Swanson Diane Greene Vicki Lopez Denise Eden Amy Hile M. Wade Robertson Sherri Hartman Fariborz Tabesh Bob Strader Connie White Narrah Howard Zane Casey Samuel Ross Penny Rockwell Marci Fleet Teshia Arambula Judy Warren Maryann Shelley. -f " - , -.','f a Sri? ,. .nm 0, 4' ,Maw ...M ,. - ff Q O and ' if Above top row, left to right: Judy Warren, Raymond Melton, David Whelan, Wade Robertson, Bob Strader, Karen Collins, Fred Tabesh and Sam Ross. Middle row: Cindy York, Stephanie Briscoe, Diane Greene, Mike Tennell, Connie White, Laurie Gray, Zane Casey and Stephanie Swanson. Front row: Tammy Tomlinson, Nada Joseph, Kat Heinlein, Becky Crews, Denise Eden and Vicki Lopez. Clubsfl 77 Chi Alpha Chi Alpha is an interdenominational youth ministry sponsored by the Assemblies of God. The purpose is to provide a source for Christian fellowship on campus. a it s 1 if 3 li f xl Members of Chi Alpha came decked out in their finest at the Christmas Party. 1 78fC1ubs 04' .W ' V . ias aei gay Officers are: Tammy Hutton, Vice-Presg Martha Anderson, Presidentg Philip Quinn, Treasurerg and Cheryl Murray, Secretary. L-.. - ................ . -wif' Debbie Massey prepares the table for the Chi Alpha Thanksgiving Dinner. officers and Rev. Frank Cargill look on. T27 sf an H Philip Quinn burns a note on the Chi Alpha House as other Showing off their athletic abilities are members of Chi Alpha as they form a human Enjoying a lollipop while dressed as children at the Halloween Pyramid. Party are Philip Quinn and Debbie Massey. Clubs!! 79 180fC1ubs P1'esident's Club The President's Club is a campus organiza- tion whose purpose is to reach and inform all campus organizations about campus events. President's Club sponsors many events includ- ing the Fall and Spring Leadership Confer- ences, the Underpriviledged Children's Christ- mas Party and an Easter Egg Hunt for the children of married students. A smile of accomplishment lights up the face of a child as she shows off a snowflake at the party. Members are, front row, left to right, Brenda Finney, Linda Klemme, Donna Duran, Tanya Simmons, Dena Kirby, Marilyn Heatlg Delilah Murphy. Second row, Dian Marshall, Vicki Murrell, Phyllis Scarbrough, Lisa Henson, Tina Oney, Karen Russell, Vicki Lope Kim Robinson, Gary Mears, Joanne Garrett, Cynthia Butler. Third row, Dr. Lillard, Larry Klein, Renny Fanning, Mona King, Melb Manderscheid, Cindy Gorham, Mariea Grubbs, Rene Smallwood, Fred Mattia, Ike Odunze and Larry Blandon. R ,Q-.-,N Sponsor Laurie Parsons joins two of the children at the party in making a Gordon Christensen and Vicki Murrell help popcorn chain. make a wreath at the Christmas Party. President's Club officers are, left to right, Dena Kirby, treasurerg Lisa Henson, secretaryg Dian Marshall, presidentg and Vicki Murrell, vice president. C1ubsf181 Kappa Delta Pi Clubs!! 82 1.1 l i x Officers are: Dr. Earl Newman, Sponsorg Virgina Sims, Hist.4Rep.g Marjorie Harney, Sec., Leslie Trent, Pres.g Boyd Braden, Vice-Pres., Donna Tate, Committee Chairperson. SE J' Members of Kappa Delta Pi listen intently as a speaker address them. Cathy McKinney nw., Tammye Mineo Public Information Office www' naw-i Tony Williams it v 2 . 5 PIO Student Staff left to right: Joanne Garrett, Tony Williams, Tammye Mineo and Cathy McKinney. Student Stafff183 I84fClubs arketing W Club NZ Xb Marketing Club officers are Judy George White, Presidentg Glen Ahrens, Vice Presidentg Craig L. Martin, Treasurerg Debbie Gist, Publicity. xiii ...I 1 Judy George White and Gustavo King discuss plans for the Spring Convention in New Orleans. my V V :iam ,ff H ,V,,?V X M ,V V any ,ga v,.. -M-M M than i J 414 an nazi .fl L 4.,V VVVV ,A , .M VV 1 ,V 5 yr V I ,1 , 'vo SV gi V. 3V 'V V QQV, Vi. ., ,V , V . V V . . V y Magi 5V M. at it " 3 if .. 2 i if-7 .f M s f M M J 27f5.' 5 ' fri of - 'C-aff Officers are, from left to right, Judy George White, presidentg Craig L. Martin, treasurerg Debbie Gist, publicityg Glen Ahrens, vice presidentg and Dr. Howard Clark, sponsor. E l L lax W.. Gustavo King and Dr. Howard Clark enjoy conversation at the Wine and Judy George White, Debbie Gist and Ann Cheese Party. Stooksberry show plans for Business Week. mm Members are, from left to right, Gustavo King, Hector Lopez, Ann Stooksberry, Glen Ahrens, Debbie Gist, Craig L. Martin, Judy George White and Dr. Howard Clark. C1ubsf185 186fC1ubS Phi Beta Lambda is a I business organization whose purpose is to develop vocational competencies for business and office occupations and business teacher education. , Members of Phi Beta Lambda visited the Hostage Christmas Tree while in Washington, D.C. x 1 l Members are, left to right: lst row, Lenise Hamlin, Jan Markus, Tracey Taylor, Kelly Rose, 2nd Row - Cindy Keesee, Delores Soude, Dr. Colene Maxwell, Jan Suitt, Terri Stulve, Terrie Blay, Cathi Schuette, Sharon Gage, and Susan Webb, 3rd Row - Anna Marie Hrdy, Philip Quinn, Melba Manderscheid, Stacy Evans, Dave Smith, Scott Cambie, Joffre Miller, Tim Reese, and Charles Webb. 5 -as 3? . A .4 The Washington Monument was another of the sights seen by members of the PBL Conference. W Melba Manderscheid, Dolores Souders, and Elaine Hrdy, attended t 5 HS' If 'Ch S as he awards banquet at the National Leadership Conference for Phi Beta Lambda. my Y N-J and Dolores Souders. Officers are: Front row left to right - Cindy Keesee, Anna Marie Hrdy, Melba Manderscheid, Dr. Colene Maxwell, fsponsorj, I C1ubsf187 Student Education Association ' President - Kathy Buttry Vice-President - Brenda Miller SecfTreas.- Shelley Williamson Sponsor - Donald Helberg Sponsor - Carl Downing 188fC1ubs WM Two SEA members listen and take notes as a speaker addresses the group ll all A 5 s Student Home Economic V! Association f - Debbie Orcutt Ni 5 f 1 f A - Bonnie Crittenden 5 s.,, . Q Dena Kirby 4 if ,iw 5 5, Denise Rigler Sue Lynn Sasser ff: Kimberly Harper Cheri Lamb Peggy Wiseman ' f Colleen Dewald H Karen Smith Becky Parish Tonia Posey Vicki Lohrey y Beth Ramsey A ' ' 5' 'S 'F Barbara Mauldin . sf Si Qi mx minus Officers above are: Becky Davis, lst Vice-Pres.g Kim Robison, Pres., -,-l-,,,-,-,,,l Andrea Brewster, Sec.g Jeanne Clure, 2nd Vice-Pres. Above, front row sitting left to right: Andrea Brewster, Kim Robison, Becky Davis, and Jeanne Clure. Second row standing: Rebecca Parish, Dena Kirby, Berneta Koehn, Karen Smith, Peggy Kemp Wiseman, and Donna Wigginton. Clubsf189 190fC1ubs Sigma Alpha Eta Sigma Alpha Eta is an organization for Speech and Hearing majors, whose purpose is to foster a spirit of unity by coordinating the interests and efforts of persons with a common goal by offering opportunities for social and professional fellowship and by providing situations in which students and faculty may work together to advance the profession as a whole. - Officers of Sigma Alpha Eta are left to right: Larry Hartzell Trea Jaimle Lowry Vice-Pres., Cathy Cooper, Sec. and in front is Lennis Blackburn Pres J , ,. me P N , 5. p In .aff - v bk .L l - :FQ , 4 . . N: .MN-V , wwf X A ' 'If ' Q ' S' fs S .X- . fn 'Xi' N25 Members are front row left to right: Jan McCreight, Cathy Cooper, Larry Hartzell, Jaimie Lowry, Lennis Blackburn and Sherri Llebl Back row: Carrie Woods, Tammy Malicoate, Kathy Hazelton, Gayle Johnston, Lisa Eckstein, Mary Gehringer Marsha Rowe Janet King, Laura Green and Dianna Craun. wsfefigsffzwgfg 4? Z Giving learning tests is a big part of learning in the Speech and Hearing field, as Jaimie Lowry and Jan McCreight demonstrate. 4"'!.'2?"i .4 s k T: .,,,,gs, .5 ...Misra 1 N"1wY.. 1 M ..: Q Q N 1' , ... its is-E rw m 5 V-fl l . A 1-2 191 in X aa. :sly Boning up on their education are left to right: Jan McCreight, Jaimie Lowry, Larry Hartzell and Lennis Blackburn. C1ubsf191 192fC1ubs Sigma Delta Chi The purpose of Sigma Delta Chi is to promote journalism on the CSU campus and other schools, including high schools, across the state. SDX also strives to raise standards of compe- tence, advance the cause of freedom of information, and elevate the prestige of journalism. President- Mariea Crrubbs Vice-Pres.- Tim Chavez Treasurer- Donna Bennett Secretary- Joanne Garrett Sponsor- Dr. Ray Tassin f 'W ff,f , at y .W uf' Members of SDX are: Left to right, Joanne Garrett, Tim Chavez, and Donna Bennett. 2nd row, Diane Hoffman, Stacy Smith, Mike Howell, and Marlon Sanders. 3rd row, Kim McConnell, Sheryl Kudy, Chris Miller, Cathy Spaulding and Dwayne Long. Last row: Terry Badger, and Mariea Grubbs. The SDX chapter at CSU promotes journalism on campus and in the community by sponsoring such activities as the Calendar Girl Contest, visiting high school jour- nalism classes, Communications Fair, participating in the national SDX convention, organizing a spring ban- quet and inviting speakers to talk on journalism-related subjects. 25-f ii iliii xiii V ii Officers for SDX are: Left to right, Donna Bennet, Treas.g Tim Chavez, Vice-Pres.g Mariea Grubbs, Pres.g and Joanne Garrett, Secretary. C1ubsfl93 Student Council 194fC1ubs For Exceptional Children SCEC is a non-profit organization that helps in promoting activities for excep- tional children, in supplying information about exceptional children and in fundraising for materials needed by various schools. l, A child and her sponsors use hand work supplied by the CSU SCEC at the President's Christmas Party. wi 1' 57 , 5, Some of the members of SCEC stop for a picture between selling coloring books as a way of raising money. STUDENT NCIL MWOMMCHILDREN Nancy Fulton, Shelly Pittman, Candace Morse, and Karen Hagmaier, pose - in front of the SCEC Booth in Old North. -1 -,- -, Officers are: Darwin Waterman, Candace Morse, President. I , ZW E ,f Sponsor, Karen McGrath, Sponsor, Karen Hagmaier, Secretaryg Nancy Fulton, Vice-Presg and C1 u bs! 1 95 1 961 CI ubs The purpose of Mortar Board is to provide service to the campus and community to advance a spirit of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership and to support the ideals of the university. Mortar Board President- Vicki Murrell Treasurer- Scott Snapp Secretary- Donna Hardway Alumnus Corr. Sec.- Dian Marshall Rec. Sec.- Donna Duran . ... ... Historian- Vicki Hillis Mortar Board members are: Left ot right, Kaye Albert, Dian Marshall, Linda Klemme, Vicki Murrell, Peggy Wiseman, Donna Duran, and Scott Snapp. Mortar Board, Bronze Key Chapter is an honorary service organization for Seniors. To raise money during the year calendars of CSU activities. The money raised went towards the sponsorship of a child at the President's Christmas party for Underprivileged Children, and the giving of a Thanksgiving basket to a needy family in the community. This year membership was opened to any male who wished to join and could meet the qualifications necessary for membership. Gordon Christenson and Vicki Murrell help with one of the children at the President's Underprivileged Children's Christmas Party. C1ubsf197 1 98!Tiaras Tiara in Iigggp Tiaras is a junior honorary and service organization with 19 members. Officers are: Joanne Garrett, president, Jennifer Underwood, vice president, Shari McDonald, secretaryg Laurie Hulan, treasurerg and Lezlie Long, historian. r""Kf aff of! Joanne Garrett is presenting Dr. Donna Younker, Tiaras' sponsor, with a wreath - -1 created by contributions from each Tiaras member. X S , gf' Sponsors and members are, standing left to right, Dean Deanna Land, sponsorg Elaine Woolever, Barbara Toumbs, Melba Manderscheid, Lana Malone, Dr. Donna Younker, sponsorg Sarah Altman, Diana Hussey, Greta Watson, Ipek Ucucu, and Jane Woods. Mariea Grubbs helps a child make a Christmas card during the Underprivileged Children's Christmas Party. R .iss Officers are Underwood, 499-f Dr. Younker gives punch to Dean Land while Lezlie Long, Shari McDonald and Dena Kirby wait in line. ,,-M., 'CJ -Q21 41 '62 ,---0 -ami , left to right, Lezlie Long, historian: Shari McDonald, secretaryg ,Joanne Garrett, presidentg Jennifer vice presidentg Dena Kirby, parliamentariang and Laurie Hulan, treasurer. I Tiarasfl 9.9 Vietnamese Student Vietnamese Student Union officers are Cam Hoai Ly, presidentg Kham Lam, vice presidentg Hung Viet Ho, secretaryg Thu Anh Pham, treasurer. s Tuyet Pham and Vu Pham model the traditional Vietnamese wedding dress during a style show. Vietnamese students from CSU, OSU, OU and OCJC gather to sing the national hymn. 2062! Clubs nion Vice president Lam Kham and members pose in front of the University Center. Vietnamese custom dance is performed by Chi, Huong, Mai and Anh. Some Vietnamese Student Union members take time out to pose for a picture in front of the University Center. Toastmasters Below left: Steve Reeser addresses a meeting of Toastmasters. Below right: Members of Toastmasters listen intently to speaker. s rtt- 'Q ,XTWN . fait: S , , esrr Officers: Kelly Rose, Pres., Tim Schaefer, Vice-Pres., Dave Smith, Trea., Steve Reeser, Sec., Doug Lacina, Publicity Chairman, and Kathy Stroup, Grammarian. Toastmasters are: Darlene Anderson, Cynthia Crumbly, Debra Jefferies, Peter Johnson, James Pres- ley, David Peterson, Regina Sutterfield, Ken Violette, Jac- queline Lester, Tom Diehl, Vick Newton, Roberta Briscoe, Christy Farris, Matt Brietling, Tony In- gram, Alma DelBian- do, Stacy Evans. Clubs 201 High School College l Relations Board 1 we W-40 41:9 mwwwww ,Q 'x R '47-X uw Member Dena Kirby shows Rhonda Edmondson, and Lisa Webb around the CSU Officers for HCSC are left to right: Lisa Henson, Vice-Presg Cindy Gorham campus when they visited from Perkinsffryon High School. President, and Dena Kirby, Membership Chairman. y ved' 'vvwvl 012' .x' .Q gms: i 0' , . 'xi W Members are Left front - Lisa Henson, Cindy Gorham, Joanne Garrett, Marlene Ewert, Right front - Cindy Freeman, sponsor, Dena Kirby, Dian Marshall, and Kenda Kirby. 202fC1ubs Z Wesley Foundation LuAnn Baze - Food Chairperson Cathy Spaulding - Publicity Chairperson Jill Wilson - Evangelism Intern Rene Brock - Workshop Chairperson Mindy Hart - Historian Sherry Keeler - Education Chairperson Dorine Webb - Evangelism Chairperson Sponsor - First United Methodist Church Members of the Wesley Foundation include, kneeling, Dorine Webb, seated, Rene Brock, Sherry Keeler, standing, Jill Wilson, LuAnn Baze, Jim Scott, Cathy Spaulding and Mendy Hart. Not pictured are Director Charlotte Teel, Mike Kane and Marilyn Shuman. The Wesley Foundation is a student center for Methodist students with an average of 20 members. It is a Christ-centered organization, reaching out and enabling students to exper- ience Christian fellowship and spiritual growth through programs and activities. C1ubsf203 20-4fCIubs CAB ,W Z wsu., E f Y Listening as their sponsor speaks are Cindy Emrich, Carolyn Oxford, Tammy Puckett, Lori Crawford and Suzie Quigg. Members of UCAB are, front row left to right, Ann Underwood, Jennifer Underwood, Gayle Morton, Cheryl Morgan, Felicia Jones, and Cindy Emrich. Second row, Joanne Landers, Susan Witt, Diana Hussey, Ann Jacob, Lisa Sali, Suzie Quigg, Lori Crawford, Tammy Puckett and Carolyn Oxford. Third row, Mark Snapp and Greg Wedel. OFFICERS President - Donna Duran Vice-President - Tammy Malicoat Secretary - Diana Hussey Treasurer - Karen Gill COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: Special Events - Kim Martin Dance - Kim Davis Recreation - Delayne George Student Events - Craig McVay Personnel - Tammy Malicoate !Publicity - Jamie Poteet x 5 1 wi Q Sponsor Richard Caram addresses the group as Diana Hussey takes the minutes. CIubs!205 206fClubs Young Democrats President - Ben Odom Vice-President - Tim Reese Secretary - Susan Witt Treasurer - Robert Walker The purpose of the Young Democrats is to coordinate with the Senior State Party and to function as our own CSU body, doing their part for the betterment of the Democratic Party. 3 i T1 no any ' nr jr 5 'C F Officers pictured are: Left to right, Tim Reese, Robert Walker, Susan Witt, Ben Odom. 'fin' VMS XX X .,,,,,,1Nx .. .s.,,NN 1 ix r"""""'----.. """' ---1-. ...Nfl Officers are: Eric Oesch, Pres.g Mona King, Vice-Pres., 2nd row- Marnel Wiedemann, Sec.f'I'reas.g Michael Anderson, Recruitment Dir.g Donna Bennett, Publicity Chairman, and Dr. Tom Guild, sponsor. Young Republicans The purpose of Young Republican is to encourage and assist the election of Republican candidates to local, state, and national officeg formulate and coordin- ate programs aimed at involv- ing college students in poli- tical activities. 6' I C1ubsf207 nion Nigerian Student fl.. 9 film -Q. 04. W- Officers above bottom row, left to right: Monday Etiebet, Vice Press Michael Green, Pres.g Rebecca Fagbohun, Treasurer. Second row standing: Ike Odunze, Publicity Chairmang Haeu Umar, Financial Sec.3 Obase Okongor, 1:2 ze: We X L T 'SSS if .r-..,g2f" ' . 1-Qsaagfr, 'wrrfsaas r,f1.c- -imtaafsas 1ILri.+',X:':.gxi ld .. M2 V .-rA3.f-array' 1: i,q.5.m,1-5 f1:me11?'.a-2 'J faaseess 542251-iet, as - - se-qt Nigerian Soccer Team above, front row, left to right Alphonsus Okoyeocha Aloysius Ibe, Samuel Echie. Second row: Fmeka Uzowulu Director of Sports Austin Ossaig Ossy Nwokolog Cajetan Odunze Yeleche Worha Captain Sec. F' .iv t 4? :win ,ip 2:1 In :Ur lpn WU fd Ur, :nova ,M . . 'Z X 3? Lv' -. Jnijgmrwgf 1 f f ,wg 1 fi, rig' 1 x Members above bottom row left to right: Cajetan Odunze, Emmanuel Otugo, Rebecca Fagbohun, Saturday Ikoro, Molly Ogbuku Paschal Ogbejesl Second row standing: Josephat Okeke, Alphonsus Okoyeocha, Bemibo F. Otorubio, Victor Oparah, Emmanuel Utah, Michael Green Joseph Atuaka Aloy Ibe Monday Etiebet, Obase Okongor, Habu Umar Danbatta. 208fC1ubs Sigma Delta Pi Left to right are Elsa Tankersley, secretary-treasurer, Maria Elena Garcia Moral, president, and Doris Anderson, vice president. The purpose of Sigma Delta Pi is to honor those who seek to attain excellence in the study of Spanish language, culture and literature and to acquaint and encourage students to gain a greater interest and understand- ing of the Hispanic culture. Members are Doris Anderson, Donna Duran, Debbie Moore, Julia Ryan, Elsa Tan- kersley, Isabel Werts, Dorothy Dunlap, Maria Elena Garcia Moral, Lori Mac- Vay, Richard Moore, Kenneth Robin- son, Ardrea Smith, Leslie Toepfer and Joe Macom. Two members display Spanish dress and dance at a Sigma Delta Pi function. Officers are, front row, left to right, Elsa Tankersley, secretary-treasurer, Maria Elena Garcia Moral, president, Doris Anderson, vice president. Back row, Debbie Moore, Ann Phillips, sponsorg Joe Macomg Lori McVayg Mrs. Mildred Lyon, sponsor. C1ubsf209 210fC1ubs 5' KCC .WY wel. at Jonathan Turner, student disc jockey, selects an album during his time on the air. 2 KCSC Staff Members above, left to right, front row: Laura Despain, Karen Brittingham, Debbie Affentranger, Carla Mayfield, Dr. Mike Dunn - Station Manager, Michelle Edwards. Second row: Ed Adams, Benny Christenson, Robert Summers, Linn Dodson, Bob Lawson, Kevin Kepley, Dot Miller. Third row: Robert Lane, Todd Westfall, Ben Savage, Peter Bob Pattrick, Mitchell Miller, and Jonathan Turner. Not pictured: Mark McCuen, and Friday Epley. lil! W l'1'ic: f' Q , will 5,4313 1 .Sr iii!-K is sr ii Photographic Services ff if Q s fi 4 ,2 if . 4' ,,. ,X " I M W of ' , 4 IP X we , J ,. , X D 4: ,kt V ,,. W if - Q 4 N 5 Q? E si 1 W if is Q K g as ,M rr QW 4 we 1 ge ,' R., is Director of Photographic Services is Daniel Smith. Head student photographer is Diane Hoffman and student photographers are Michael Keen and Paul Hellstern. Student Staffs!21 212fStudent Staff -:L-ff, , 2 1 . ii- - N X lr 'Q Denny Hall-Sponsor Tim Chavez-Editor L K2 rw W -V Terry Badger-News Editor Patti Case-Assoc, Editor Q I" A Cathy Spaulding-Assoc. Editor 7 E ww 5 if A Bill Wells-Sports Mariea Grubbs-Ad. Mgr. DeWayne Long-Circulation Editor X . E.: K X 1 2, ' 'Q "x:" ' I A - ,, V si 3 Q A S" ,-'2 if 5' S x ' Q f 1,p"'i3 ". 1 l5""F' Ki' -X .lf l ,x,k ,uh , .. t fs, tot 1 t gs gg gg' A Z. -I M -L QNQI 5' , , t Dr. T Patti Case - Co Editor 'iii UBL H W 1 5skN?Qs31 its wr 'ET wg , V v . -if is W- S 5 L T! fli- "- zf f.. 4. N . , -5:1',:Es.ii'f: 6 '-LL .. A 35 1 .JA-' . t ' -- A Q 5 x H John Perry - Sports Editor Cathy Spauldmg Associate Ed1t0I Tony Wllhams Assoclate Editor 214fClubs Bronze Book lk 'fb C Y 7 The Bronze Book staff consists of, from left to right, Dr. Stan Hoig, Roseann Gerah, Deborah Bolt, Lisa Henson, Kristy Miller, Cathy Stingley, Sunshine Pattrick, Metha Cottle and Tammy Stevens. Cathy Stingley Lisa Henson Co-Editor Co-Editor Associate Editor Roseann Gerah Tammy Stevens Associate Editor 'WW Qvrwi ,,., I li ...,4 x Sunshine Pattrick Kristy Miller Associate Editor Associate Editor '3 qui?-"q 11 i E 'jaw-AW' Q Art Director Pops Popcorn L. C1ubsf215 Deborah Bolt Members of the Bronze Book staff clown around with their mascot, Bronze Book Beau, as he Queen of Hearts Rob n Roach Eight contestants vied for the title of Queen of Hearts. The fund raising event was sponsored by the Association of Women Students in conjunc- tion with the American Heart Association. Collecting the most money was Robyn Roach of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. Kevin Matthews and Audrey Winston get in some dancing before the announcement of the winner. 21 6'fC1ubs Q , f Looks of surprise and joy show on the faces of Robyn Roach and her escort Craig McVay. ii 1' 0 Q sr gg s S s X?" , rf- ., 5 1 l 3 Supporting a lovely new crown and bouquet is Robyn Roach and her escort, Craig McVay. A At Right: Kevin Matthews and Dana Watson step to the music at the Queen of Hearts Dance. 5' ., X X 1: .1 'n Y X. 5. is Hifi ff fi? X .1 t E s e as Lug, 5 -3 it Ni? Stepping forward to be crowned Queen of Hearts is Robyn Roach and her escort. C1ubsf21 7 Hostage Release Spurs Patriotism At CSU The release of the 52 American hostages after being held 444 days in Iran, struck a patriotic note on the CSU campus as students welcomed this renewal of freedom with a special ceremony. Old North donned a yellow ribbon in commemoration of the freed Americans while students gathered in silent prayer to express their mutual feelings of thankfulness. f-""" N-gy ffl 4 4 4a Sports 222fMen 3 For The Record L 2-7 W 5-2 L L L L L W 7-2 Ten Scoreboard Fall Tennis Football CSU OPP Southwestern 16 Northwestern 0 East Texas 33 Panhandle 17 East Central 28 Cameron 14 Eastern N.M. 24 Evangel 20 Langston 7 W2, L6 Oklahoma City University Oscar Rose Jr. College Cooke County Jr. College Oklahoma City University Cooke County Jr. College East Central Oklahoma Baptist Cowley County Jr. College Basketball csU w 12 - L 15 so Oklahoma Baptist Univ. 68 Bethany Nazarene 55 Oklahoma Christian 66 Tulsa Univ. 90 Southwestern 87 East Central 75 Oklahoma Baptist 53 Northeastern 68 John Brown 64 Northwestern 64 Langston Univ. 88 Bishop 80 Jarvis Christian 63 Southeastern 84 Phillips Univ. 67 Oklahoma Christian 67 Cameron Univ. 73 Bethany Nazarene 74 Phillips Univ. 72 Bishop College 55 Northeastern 99 Bishop College 55 Southeastern 66 East Central 84 Southwestern 65 Northwestern 70 Cameron 71 Langston Wrestling CSU W 12 - L 5 5 Oklahoma University 42 Southern Missouri 12 Oklahoma State Univ. 30 Tennessee 12 Nebraska 37 Central Florida Univ. 46 Central Missouri 20 Adams State 32 Fort Lewis Univ. 28 Western State 23 Air Force 21 Kentucky 37 Southern Illinois 52 Northwestern Missouri 3 Oklahoma State Univ. 32 Brigham Young Univ. 26 Indiana State Tennis Bethany Nazarene Oscar Rose OCU Tulsa University Okla, State Univ. Bethany Nazerene Bison Tournament Cameron Cowley Jr. College Univ. of Science Sz Arts Emporia State Inv. East Central Southeastern Midwestern Univ. of Science 8a Arts OBU East Central OCU Cameron NAIA District IX Blue Stem Open NAIA National Tourn. Baseball OCU OBU Northeastern Nebraska Wesleyan Tulsa University Southeastern OCC Northwestern Southwestern OCC Langston East Central Cameron Langston Northwestern Cameron Southeastern Tulsa University East Central Southwestern OBU OCU There Here There There There Here There There Here Here There There Here Here There There Here Here Here Okla. City Emporia KS. Kansas City There Here There Here There There There There There Here Here Here There There Here Here Here Here There Here There Here Men's Scoreb d J Chatrnan District Nine Player of The Year Clifford Chatman NAIA First Team Fullback NAIA District Nine Player of the Year W WWW Senior Bowl Blue Gray All Star Team get NAIA First Team Fullback Clifford Chatman blasts his way through Northwestern defenders. 224fAll-District Honors CSU 1980 All-District Honors W Kenny Olsen Scott Burger Willie Henderson First Team - LB Second Team - QB 8a P Second Team - FB Jay Jordan Jeff Leader Ricky Leath Steve Tate Second Team - DE Second Team - C Second Team - G Second Team - 3.2 Broncho Coaching Staff: Larry Heard, Asst. Coachg'Craig Carter, Grad. Asst, John McGivern, Asst. Coach, Gary Howard, Head Coachg Marlon Gay, Asst. Coachg Ross Dodson, Grad. Asst. All-District Honorsf225 2 6fBroncho Broncho Boosters A 'y A? A 4 Ni, Wm A Q Z' K .4 'fag ie F . W' 'af 1' w zu , if , H0 Q 12-55- Central State University Athletic Director Charles Murdock heads the inter- collegiate athletic program for men and Women that presently includes 13 varsity level sports. He had very little getting acquainted to do when he was named to the position in 1976. He had been on the coaching staff since 1962, handling various coaching assignments in tennis, track, football, and intramur- al sports, following five years as an assistant football coach at Capitol Hill High School. But Murdockas Central State roots go even deeper than his coaching experience. After winning All-State football honors at Central High School in Oklahoma City and serving a tour of duty in the Air Force, Murdock played football for the Bronchos and completed his degree at CSU in 1956. Charles Murdock 228fAthIet1'c Director Q Central State University Assistant Athletic Director P X X 3 ff m K, Dr. Karen Dowd Dr. Karen Dowd assistant professor of health, physical education, and recreation was appointed assistant athletic director in charge of women's programs, a new position established last summer when Dr. Bill Lillard, CSU president, combined the women,s athletic department with the men's. The combining of the athletic departments raised a few eyebrows and many have expressed a fear that the women's department might suffer. Dowd stated, "The women,s athle- tic program has been growing for 40 years . . . having this program placed under the umbrella of the total athletic program cannot and should not eradicate the tradition and quality of this growth." ,gn-" ,V ff Assistant Athletic Director!229 ff ,-ei:-my . JF. , tv wmv-W' ri Southwestern The CSU Bronchos opened the 1980 season against Southwestern State, squeaking by their old rivals in a see-saw thriller, 18-16. It took seven plays for the Bulldogs to initiate their first drive of the game, only to be halted by a pass interception by CSU junior linebacker Karl Scales. Broncho senior defensive end Jay Jordon broke in from his end position to pressure the pass throw, This gave the Bronchos the ball, but on the first play Central's Clifford Chatman ran into a solid wall of defenders and fumbled. Six plays after the turnover, Southwestern kicked a 25-yard field goal to put the Bulldogs on top 3-0. Two series later Broncho play caller Scott Burger punted 45 yards, putting the Bulldogs in bad field position near their own goal line. 230fF oo t ball 9' F' in 'if ,L V ' 'i3L me 0. A sis, 2 .:,'fsf?'M.Q3 ,I , , . ii , , ,, y a , , , uw.-M , , , .N ,. H A ,MF Senior quarterback Scott Burger 161 and senior fullback Clifford Chatman 1311 run the option for the ...l...--- Bronchos. Vi, The CSU defense attempts to block a Northwestern kick. Freshman fullback Willie Henderson 1155 dives to the Northwestern 20-yard line. FUOTBALL Two plays after the turnover the Bulldogs fumbled the ball back to Central on the one-yard line. Three plays later Chatman hurdled a pile-up of defenders to score, putting the Bronchos on top 6-3. The conver- sion try failed. At the beginning of the second half, Burger brought his crew back to the field and capped off an eight-play, 73-yard drive with a 40-yard pass to fullback Willie Henderson. Again the conversion attempted was no good. Central State now led 12-3. Southwestern scored again at the end of the third quarter, and again in the top of the fourth to take the lead, 16-12. Taking the ensuing kick-off on their own 20-yard line, Burger and the Bronchos moved down the field with long gains by Randy Jones and Burger. The drive was climaxed when tailback Steve Tate took the ball in on a wide sweep to regain the lead, 18-16. A two-point conversion try failed. Southwestern drove downfield to the Broncho three-yard line in the final seconds before fumbling away their last hope for victory. Graduate assistant Ross Dodson exhorts the Bronchos from the sidelines. Sophomore Randy Jones 1241 tries to elude N.W. defenders. Footballf231 Clifford Chatman 1311 hurdles a pile of defenders to score a TD against Southwestern Bulldogs. CSU defenders Tony Knauls 1573 and Kenneth Howard 1855 force a fumble from the Bulldogs. BELOW: Graduate Assistant Ross Dodson discusses various plays with defenders Jay Jordon 1455 and Karl Scales 1553. affix SQ fwwwx. 232fFootball Northwestern The Bronchos took a No. 1 ranking in the NAIA Division I poll before their first home crowd of the season when they squared off against the Northwes- tern State Rangers. The 8,000 homecoming fans were treated to a runaway 34-0 rout. The scoring came early on the Bronchos first possession. Quarterback Scott Burger threw a 42-yard pass to Willie Hender- son with 11:16 left in the first quarteri ln CSU's first possession of the second quarter, Burger ran in from the nine-yard line. The Rangers failed in their next possession and punted. The Bronchos started another drive from their 35-yard line. Fullback Cliff Chatman turned the corner around end and left the Ranger defense behind on a 65-yard run for the Bronchos third touchdown of the first half. The hapless Rangers fared no better in the second half. On their second play of the half the Rangers were forced deep in their own territory by a clipping penalty and a sack recorded by CSU defensive lineman Jay Jordan and Ron Mackey. A strong southwest wind blew the Rangers punt back twelve yards, giving the Bronchos excellent field position. Starting from the Rangers 22-yard line, Burger scored in four plays, taking the ball across the goal line himself. The Bronchos scored on their next possession with a nine-play, 62-yard drive, that ended with a touchdown by Chatman from a yard out. Offensively, the heroes were Chat- man and Burger. Chatman carried the ball 25 times for 187 yards and two touchdowns. Signal caller, Scott Burger completed 66 percent of his passes with no interceptions. Defensive heroes were ends Jay Jordan and Ken Olson. Clifford Chatman 1311 plows into two East Central defenders to get the first down for the Bronchos. Tailback Steve Tate 1255 runs around teammate Clifford Chatman 1313 to move the Bronchos downfield. .4amsaa.,.- Taking care of Business, Cliff Chatman 1311 takes a break to rest and have his legs checked by trainers. Footba11f233 East Texas State Still perched atop the NAIA rank- ings, the Bronchos fell to an impressive East Texas State squad. The Bronchos footballers took a 33-7 loss from the visiting Lions in a rain-soaked game at Wantland Stadium. For a team expected to pass a great deal, the Bronchos could not generate an air game, while the Lions were effective when they passed. However, much of the Lions offense, 303 yards of it, were on the ground. Scott Burger fell to a new passing low with only two completions for 11 attempts, taking his average down to 42 percent for the season. Though Broncho tailback Steve Tate played with an injury, he managed 60 yards on 12 trys, while Clifford Chatman had his second 100- yard game with 114 yards on 30 attempts. The steady light rain may have had an effect on Burger's receivers. Twice he attempted to go with the Bronchos' leading receiver Willie Henderson and came up empty. Burger scored the Bronchos only touchdown on a nine-yard run on an option play. Notable in the loss were offensive guard Rick Leath, who forced a Lion fumble and Mike Ciskowski, who blocked a Lion conversion attempt. Panhandle State The Aggies, who were undefeated coming into the contest at Wantland Field, left with a loss as the Bronchos saddled up a 27-17 win. The Bronchos scored on their first possession with fullback Cliff Chatman taking nearly all the hand-offs for the 15-play, 73-yard scoring drive. The Bronchos exchanged turnovers with the Aggies late in the first quarter when freshman Daric Zeno fumbled a Burger pass on the Aggies 24. 234fFootba11 .V WrN,,mi.g,,',.i.p,i,,g4, W, - 'F -"'.- .,1 9'0" . ,. "'1'.f?,-K ".- 5 ai-rf' '. .smi.,-.- A.. .. . 1? V -x -,I .f-Ab., Freshman Greg Walcher practices his punting before the ENM game. Q . . ,.,. Sf . in 51.29 .'.: , ' 5, 5? U 'E' if g ' Q a if -' 1 , A -are s ' UI if V' 1 S 'r W Ati if .ant ,,wl li ,f,f 1 U X ii '-' vQ" - . is '.1: .t-T221 flares' ii 'www if iii lrjw A "'LL 1 AKVA f: K A aml. 1 iw-1 +2 ,fi ag g Us . f it '- -it 4'-I-sr ii -. Wifi Q. J. . .:rQ.. fa . me A --Af-,g---- - - f 111 f,f,- Y iff 7' -5ff2lsNs,,,-k f """ ' --f ff - - is -5 ' " """'f""1"'?f4 'arf' ' f4Q ?':""fff lp Q mg J ef? 59? . 7 F A ' K Emo i ' Q FRONT ROW: Jeff Jones, Sylvester Moore, Clifford Chatman, Steve Tate, Lester Knauls. ROW TWO: Tony Knauls, Kenneth Howard, John Howard, Jay Jordon, Carlton Smith, Scott Burger, Larkin Ryal, Rick Leath, Mike Ciskowski, Kem Pepkins, Johnny Scott. ROW THREE: Marshall Goff, Ron Mackey, Glen Lee, Carl Dickson, Rod Chaney, Ron Dumas, Russ Wing, Mike Royce, Matt Fusco, Robert Hines, Brad Hall, Steve Duty. ROW FOUR: Don Williams, Kenneth Olsen, Daric Zeno, Tim Stone, Tony Wilson, Bob Schwab, Justin Jackson, Jeff Leader, Jeff Follis, Steve Webster, Mike West. ROW FIVE: Martin Rolin, Willie Henderson, Ron Quillin, Randy Jones, Lorenzo Breath, Bruce Vann, Jimmy Vaughn, Walter Seal, Greg Walcher, Billy McClure, Mark Weimer, Ken Sutton. ROW SIX: Van Wooten, Rick La Crone, Anthony Swanegan, Dannye Webb, Larry Carter, Loney Bellows, John Bunn, Willie Hall, Spencer Schwarz, Chris Edgmon, Dewayne Deaver. ROW SEVEN: Chris Haskins, Jaun James, Buck Avington, Dewayne Meridth, Karl Scales, James Banks, Cecil Green, Anthony Rainge, Ray Griffin. BACK ROW: Vernon Atkinson, Coach Larry Heard, Craig Carter, Head Coach Gary Howard, Ross Dodson, Graduate Assistant, Head Trainer, Jeff McKibbin, Mike Kitchen, Jeff Folks, Kent Dickey, Danny Black. , se., A ef, T , fi' , ,K : 5 J f ,A '- H .,g..,.,,,,,, ., ., V, in A . W ii it iifiilwlle-it '.5l:'-Qswfw-if tw . . 'w1n:i."ii tit, fem 'E iz, W. iw --.1 ,fs . a 4-Q, is WWW.,Nggkv,Q A 3 mu " ber-1 f'1fsf,f"Wffg,, , o We 1. Gif Y ' -a - r .er . . ,Q , ,Si . f . '- " ,L ,N ,,gA,l 2 4 ' me-a+,.., vi, 11- ,,"'..x . ss.. if' N ' A my sa fa + : as if ,J Ze 3' DR Q 25 me is ,L V -X gf? V. .V 2 fi FST' Finite 5-if V ie?-W' -, '-ew' - "" V 4- f - if . 'S .sf . by-P , ,2yg,'r.f'f- sm-5.,.'--.- i i, ,, vas - ' 'rsfsfe we- 'ji 'i V YL, ix V g . - . r' f' 5.541 i:Q3'llwi'1"z'43""k . . . 't ' 7 V' ' if Erik N ! Q.-.--ir!-"1-iS '. - 5'-,Avy is Y'-,,,. -V -4. r, .Q . 1 ,'1"?ig:e 2532,,4 .- , 11-sw-s f . 1 .,., ' tw' r ' . A w- -is . fa' i- waffig, --Egg, i er - age 'f ww, W - W H ,sz 'qteaitaig - 5, -M .z ifgsusn js v . .ggmie . fwfr. 1-eg -img Te .573 ,' ig-Q-B ,,f '3gg.,g.' '1 rj ' fi .152-4.1 .nm , A gs. , .fi , , A ,,,, ' 35 wie . W if: iii" F ' L . i f SEE ' 'T vi' A -T 'Q 'JMJM' "W 1 A lf-'Vic' Nrfie..-S-.Ike-' 5 F 4 ft 'TEA ff.r'?f iris::'fie'sg,f1fegr?rii1f aw 6. . 9' Q ?.f'fi.if':iW jf .'iil?gV -.s.tii"5" . f'gi5'f Senior Clifford Chatman breaks away from a Northwestern defender. On the next play, Panhandle fumbled to Broncho linebacker Anth- ony Swanegan at the Aggie 22. From there the Bronchos took the ball in for a touchdown. The third quarter began with the Aggies turning the ball over to Broncho Rod Chaney on the Aggie 44-yard line. The Bronchos took eight plays to score via a Chatman three-yard run. History was made in the third quarter on Panhandle's next possession when Mike Ciskowski stepped in front of a Kenny Hughes pass on the Broncho 48 to clinch the Broncho career interception record with 14. The Bronchos were unable to capitalize on the interception when Tate fumbled the ball away. From the turnover, the Aggies were able to march downfield to set up a 31-yard field goal. CSU immediately struck back, going 73 yards in 14 plays. Steve Tate took the ball in on a 10-yard run. The Aggies responded with one more touchdown. Offensive standouts were Tate and Chatman, both of whom ran for over 100 yards. Swanegan and Chaney recovered Aggie fumbles, and Ciskowski intercepted an Aggie pass. Footballf235 CSU defenders Kem Pipkins 1321, Karl Scales 1551 and Bruce Vann 1231 tackle the Aggie ballcarrier to stop play. BELOW: Willie Henderson 1151 makes the catch as a Langston defender attempts to intercept East Central University ECU was the mid-point game on CSU's nine-game schedule. This was the 65th meeting of the two teams in one of Oklahoma Collegiate Footbal1's oldest rivalries. The host Bronchos came up with three turnovers and Burger passed for 50 percent, but it was not enough as the Tigers whipped the Bronchos 28-14. The Tigers scored first on a 69-yard gallop by Steve Pollard and converted for a seven-point lead. A swarming Tiger defense prevent- ed the Bronchos from scoring until the second quarter when Karl Scales recovered an ECU fumble on its 34-yard line. Jeff Jones took a hand-off from Burger, ran left and threw a fourth- down pass 21 yards to Willie Hender- 236fFootba11 1 son. The play set up a touchdown from a yard away by Chatman who plunged in from off-tackle. Burgerls kick failed, and the score was now 7-6. The Bronchos defense could not stop the break-away running of the Tigers who scored again in the third quarter. Burger came on the field after the third ECU touchdown in the quarter and put together a brilliantly executed drive of 71 yards using the pass and his two favorite receivers Zeno and Hender- son. Burger took the ball in to score and junior tailback Marshall Goff ran in for two points to bring the Bronchos within a touchdown and a conversion to win. Defensive end Jay Jordan, who was rushing to block a Tiger punt, dropped the Tiger punter and drew a roughing- the-kicker penalty. Three plays later ECU scored. This play effectively shut down the Bronchos hope for a come- from-behind victory. 1 Cameron A missed extra point in the last quarter by Scott Burger came back tc haunt the Bronchos on an attempted 32-yard field goal as the Bronchos fell to Cameron University 14-13. The loss erased the Bronchos 13-31 hope for NAIA playoff spot at the end of thi season. Cameron drew blood first on a 10-yard play, 80-yard drive. The Bronchos answered immediately with a 12-play, 77-yard drive. The Bronchos, using the strong running of Clifford Chatman and Steve Tate, moved briskly downfield. Burger ran for seven yards on two plays, scoring on the last. The defenses of both teams was tough. Each forced five punts. The Bronchos had the edge in turnovers with two fumble recoveries and two interceptions to the Aggies two recover- ies and one interception. Brad Hall 1721 is being helped off the field after an injury. l Ani H? Quarterback Scott Burger Q61 leaves the field after being slightly injured. Tailback Steve Tate 1251, meets a wall of Evangel defenders as he attempts to move the ball. The third quarter began with fireworks on the Bronchos first posses- sion of the second half when Burger threw an interception to Aggie defen- seman Ketch on the Aggie 45. Cameron was unable to gain the first down with the six yards they eked out against the Bronchos and were forced to punt. The Bronchos, in turn, could not move the ball and kicked. The Aggies had the ball for six more plays before fumbling to Broncho defensive end Jay Jordan. Burger punted a second time after being unable to move the ball down- field. The Aggies managed to keep the ball for six more plays before safety Mike Ciskowski intercepted a pass on the CSU 12-yard line. Unable to resist the act of charity, the Bronchos took eight plays to cover 88 yards to score. The Aggie drive left the Bronchos a little more than five minutes to score once more and take a one-point victory 14-13. Eastern New Mexico The Bronchos continued their riches-to-rags story as they lost to previously winless Eastern New Mexico, 24-6. The Greyhounds wasted no time as they took the ball in for a touchdown in only two plays. On the first play ENM came up throwing with a 56-yard pass, putting the Greyhounds 9 yards away. On the second play of the game, the Greyhounds took the ball in for the score. In the second quarter CSU gave away to charity again. The Bronchos fumbled on the 36-yard line giving the Greyhounds good field position and their second score to make it 10-0 Greyhounds. In the third quarter, ENM scored yet another touchdown when Scott Burger threw an interception. The Bronchos managed to score a touchdown only in the waning minutes of the game. Burger missed the extra point, making the final score 24-6. Evangel The Bronchos evened their season 4-4 when they crushed Evangel College. The game was a special treat for senior tailback Steve Tate who became CSU's all-time leader in football offense after a 71-yard gallop on his first carry of the game. CSU fullback Clifford Chatman began the scoring for the Bronchos with a one-yard run. Burger connected on the field goal and that set the scoring pace for the first quarter. In the same quarter, Burger dashed over the goal line on a 53-yard run and then complimented his achievement by nailing the extra point and putting the Bronchos ahead, 14-0. Evangel answered with a score of their own with a three-yard run, but failed to get the extra point. Broncho's Chatman turned around and scored a touchdown on an eight-yard run with Burger booting the extra point which paced the Bronchos, 21-6 at the end of the first quarter. Footballf237 1 . I I ! i - 4 Q , 9 5 w, L 4 J awgye Q Y 1 ' + M , 'A in 7? me , s , K7 v+'S'Qef. 1 4' jafsaf gf, 5 1 , 1 "' V' Q iv. 1, . ,,,,.. , , ,, , , qvun AWK ,A Y W A H f 65,5 W o1w?r. ft. drone WW W or J ' 'S V wwf' W5 ra J , X ,va .i r """'? me 'M 14" W' ' RIGHT: Tailback Steve Tate C251 scrambles over two Eastern N.M. defenders. BELOW: Scott Burger 163 'A fades hack to pass as Greyhound moves , 1 k I W' " in N' ' WSW - 5- iw ,- rv , an V LA v ' . , ,ye . , w Lvl . , , N ',- 'VL , ' Head Coach Gary Howard observes th action on the field. .2.'?8fF0otba11 , ww- .- D at 'f ' wi k. 4 , M. 'f 'Eg In . f. 4 1 1 ' 'H ' ' ,f f , r NL' V. 47, 1 , -5 ' W V The Broncho offensive line opens up the middle to let Randy' Jones t24J gain' W ' yardage. - ,ir ' Coaches and players watch the action from the sidelines, The scoring boiled hot in the second quarter beginning with a 29-yard touchdown by Flvangle which was complimented by the kick for the extra point. Burger then booted a 29-yard field goal making the score 24-13. Evangle answered with a seven- yard touchdown pass completing the score with the extra point and putting Bvangle College slightly behind the Bronchos at halftime, with a score of 24-20. Second half action saw CSU's Burger score on a one-yarder and put up a good kick, the third quarter ending CSU-31, EC-20. The Bronchos scored again in the fourth on a 39-yard run by Tate, followed by a good Burger kick. Chatman made the final tally of the game with a 35-yard touchdown run, and the Bronchos retired from the field with a 44-20 victory. Langston The Bronchos ended its season with a respectable record as they romped the Langston University Lions 35-7. The game was a see-saw defensive battle until late in the first quarter when the Bronchos went 53-yards in 10 plays ending in a Scott Burger two-yard run for the score. The Bronchos already had two touchdowns on the scoreboard before the Lions made a first-down. The thirdquarter proved to be the death knell for the Lions as the Bronchos scored three more times. Broncho running backs Clifford Chatman and Steve Tate both had 100-yard games, accounting for more than half the total offense. The Bronchos dominated not only the "Big Stat," but in other statistics as well. The Bronchos made more than three times the number of first downs the Lions made. The score at the end of the first half, 27-7. The Bronchos made 334 yards total rushing to Langston's 47. The passing yardage was tied between the teams each with 134 yards. Footba1l!239 Mical Clayton 1331 Slam-dunks two points in the Broncho's contest with Tulsa. Guard Mike Kelley 4121 dribbles the ball down court to set up the CSU offense. 240fBasketba11 '80 -'81 Basketball FRONT ROW: Brent Alford, Jim Sandburg, Charles Crosby, Hanson Damen, Mical Cayton, Steve Austin, Clifford Jefferson. BACK ROW: Eddie Evan, Coach Kevin Pierce, Kendal Cudjoe, Frank Henderson, Kevin Gilliam, Steve Decker, Mike Kelly, Mike Kitchen, trainer, James Babeg assistant coach. Basketba1lf241 Head Coach Eddie Evans gives last minute instructions before the start of the game. 242fBasketba11 1111 Charles Crosby 1355 attempts a shot over his TU opponent. Oklahoma Baptist University Central State's 1980-81 basketball season, with a new emphasis on team offense, got off to a bad start as the Bronchos lost their first four games. Their first test came when the Bronchos opened competition at Oklahoma Baptist University. The Bronchos lost to OBU with a score of 75-60. OBU had a 28 point scoring effort from Skip Masters and out rebounded the Bronchos, 45-27, to win the CSU opener at Shawnee. CSU freshman Mical Cayton led the Bronchos scoring with 21 points and 11 rebounds. Bethany Nazarene College Steve Austin led Central State with 21 points, but that wasn't enough as BNC outscored the Bronchos 82-68. CSU had 17 turnovers by the half and by the final buzzer had suffered twenty turnovers. Oklahoma Christian College Central State's home opener was spoiled by OCC, who shot 55.9 percent from the field to beat CSU with a score of 61-55. Kendal Cudjoe led CSU scoring with 14 points. Steve Austin and Mical Cayton also reached double figures with 12 points. Tulsa University The Tulsa University Golden Hurricanes opened their season up on a winning note at the expense of Coach Eddie Evans' Bronshos, as CSU fell 88-66 on the host's home court. Tulsa came out with a hot hand early in the contest, and by the half-time had opened a 51-29 lead. Freshman Mical Cayton led the Bronchos scorers with 22 points. Cayton owned the second best season scoring average at 14.3 behind sophomore Steve Austin who lead with 15 points per game. Southwestern Still wiless on the season the Bronchos returned home to host the Southwestern Bulldogs. CSU finally put a victory on the board beating the Bulldogs 90-86 in one of their roughest games of the season. A total of 54 fouls were called and Central State scored 26 points on 47 attempts from the free throw line. Charles Crosby scored 29 points and Mical Cayton added 23 to the Bronchos first win. East Central University Things were looking up for the Bronchos as they traveled to East Central to beat the Tigers 87-85 in two overtimes. Mike Kelley became the key man for the Bronchos when his free throw with 0:36 left in the second overtime clinched the victory. Kelley also lead in scoring with 25 points. Oklahoma Baptist University Two days after returning home from East Central the Bronchos hosted OBU. The Bronchos added a third victory to their record, winning 75-66. The Bronchos shot 51 percent from the field while holding the Bison to only 33 percent. Leading the CSU scoring attack was Mical Cayton with 15 points and Mike Kelley with 14. Northeastern Tournament In the first round of the Northeastern Tourney Kendal Cudjoe led CSU in game scoring with 22 points. But that wasn't enough as tourney host Northeastern stopped the CSU winning streak, beating the Bronchos 67-53. Central finished 0-2 in the tourney as John Brown College outscored the Bronchos by eight points in the first half and six in the second half for their 14 point win. Freshman Brent Alford was the CSU surprise, scoring 12 points and grabbing nine rebounds. Kendal Cudjoe C105 5 9 Junior guard tries to outreach opponents for the ball Kevin Pierce 1205, looks downcourt looking for a teammate to pass to. Baske tba11!243 Northwestern Central State traveled to North- western hoping to get a new winning streak started after losing two in the NE tourney. Down at the half by two points, 37-35, Central State staged a comeback for a one point upset of the Rangers at Alva. Mike Kelley with 17 points and Steve Austin with 16 points led the Bronchos to a 64-63 victory. Langston The basketball season reached its low point at Langston when both shooting and defense collapsed and the Lions rolled to an easy victory. Central State shot only 38.1 percent from the field losing to Langston 92-64. Mike Kelley was the only Broncho to hit more than 50 percent from the field. Eagle Classic The semester break proved ben- efical to the Bronchos. They resumed play with an 88-67 win over Bishop College in the first round of the Eagle Classic held at Oklahoma Christian College. Mical Cayton led CSU's scoring with 25 points and Bruce Honore, returning after a year out, scored 18 points. CSU closed the Eagle Classic with an 2-0 mark, defeating Jarvis Christian in the second round behind the scoring leadership of Steve Austin. Austin also led rebounding wth 12 grabs as the Bronchos beat the Bulldogs on the boards, 39-27. Southeastern The return home for the Bronchos after the semester break was a disap- pointing one. Losing to the visiting Southeastern. Southeastern jumped out to a 6-2 lead at the start, but CSU fought back to go ahead 8-6, on a jump shot by Mical Cayton. Both teams exchanged buckets l Mical Clayton 1331, 6-6 freshman, drives for a lay-up against the Bulldogs 244fBasketball until Southeastern's Livingston tied things up with a dunk and another bucket seconds later, giving SE the lead for good. The Bronchos were behind at half-time 37-29 and could never catch up, losing 73-63. Phillips An 84-83 win over Phillips help move the Bronchos another step closer to a spot in the Region 9 tournament by moving to 12th in the Dunkel Rating. Steve Austin, 6-4 inch forward from Tulsa hit a 12 foot jumpshot with five seconds left to give the Bronchos an upset win over Phillips in Enid. This was the Haymakers' third loss in 19 games. Christian Oklahoma College The roles were reversed on the Bronchos, however, when they lost by only one point in the last twelve seconds of their game with Oklahoma Christian. Kendal Cudjoe, scored two points with only five seconds left to tie up the score. Ken Orange, OCC's leading scorer in game, missed his chance to win the game when his shot on the buzzer rolled off the rim. The contest went down to the last 12 seconds in overtime. With CSU ahead for the first time in the game 67-66, OCC drove in for a lay-up to give them a one-point lead. Now, the Broncho leading scorer on the night, Cudjoe had a chance for a go-ahead basket in the last few seconds but like Orange's, Cudjoe's shot bounced off the rim. l Cayton puts up a jumpshot. the backboard. Mike Kelley, senior, snares a rebound off l Mike Kelley, guard, attempts to dribble around an Eagle defender. Basketballf'74 5 Cameron The Bronchos lost their third close game in a row when Cameron won by three points at Lawton. The game was tied 12 times and the lead changed eleven times, but Cameron came up with the win 70-67. Bethany Nazerene Fourth ranked Bethany Nazerene outlasted turnover plagued CSU for a 81-73 victory in Broncho Fieldhouse. It was a heartbreaking loss for the Bronchos who led by as many as five and held a 40-39 halftime lead. The Bronchos lost the advantage late in the contest, scoring only two goals in the final eight minutes. CSU's greatest fault came from turnovers, 27 compared to Bethanyis 15. With the loss, the Bronchos stand at 7-11 for the season. Phillips University CSU failed to stop Phillips' big scores in the first period, but an outstanding scoring performance by Broncho Mike Kelley helped offset this. Kelley was responsible for six of CSU's first ten points, scoring from deep in the corner. CSU had impressive halftimes statistics. Lead by Kelley and Mical Cayton's 14 and 11 points. The Bronchos hit 17 of 30 field goals for 56.6 percent and held turnovers to a minimum. Almost as quickly as it had begun, the first three minutes of the second half proved to be the end for the Bronchos. iii 15 "ir A . . . - V -' 'm. rw K .Sf Q A f' .. ' aj. ggi i I ilk, SX . s 0 1 , - egg . if. . . g l--. . ".. . A S 'X ,tt, i' :-' f- X . :. , 5- A' "5 J . . Am' 1 f . L:r' -.-" :51.:. " 22 ri-1. - 'sifnf- :-z -'-,-ins'-:wan Q - YN , . ... 1 . X- ,,,s,fAfx A 5.95, . ,s,,,. X .1 Y, - k-gig,-:.a..,-1, -. - I - F- V Q it X . X .. 1 f I ,f it Vi ' 7 .2 if . . i ' 4 3 1 " Kendal Cudjoe dribbles down court. 246fBasketbal1 Alert to CSU's lack of speed, Phillips switched to more of a run an gun type offense and literally ran away from CSU beating the Bronchos 91-74 Bishop College The Bronchos finally put two good halves of basketball together to post their first win in five games, beating Bishop College 72-71. CSU trailed 33-32, in the first half but their offense caught fire in the second half and the Bronchos went ahead 72-71 in the final few seconds on a jumper by Mike Kelley. Charles Crosby led CSU's attack with 18 points. He was followed closely by Steve Austin with 17. Northeastern The Bronchos dreams of a winning streak were ended by Northeastern State when they downed CSU 61-55 The Redmen threatened to blow the game open midway through the half as Jim Shade of NEO canned six straight to give NEO a 27-16 lead. However the Bronchos held tough and cut that margin to four. CSU's offense remained dormant for most of the second half but the closest the Bronchos managed to pull was within two 55-53, with a little over two minutes left in the game. Despite a strong defensive showing CSU was plagued by poor shooting, hitting only 32.4 percent from the field. With the loss CSU dropped to 8-13. Bishop College The scoreboard read home 99, visitors 84, and 15 minutes after the game fans still stood around in Broncho Fieldhouse talking and yelling about CSU's conquest of Bishop College. In the short span of 60 minutes CSU treated the spectators to its first homecourt victory in weeks raising their record 9-13. One of the major keys in the first half was the inside play of Crosby. Most of his 11 first half points came on shots from under or around the basket. The Bronchos led all but once during the game. Their biggest lead of the night was 81-61 with a little over seven minutes left in the game. The 99-84 win bettered CSU's chances for a regional play-off birth. 42 my vi Y I ,. qw f- if ' 664' W 'Q" ,,, 4,,' ' ,,f' Vi A Mical Cayton grabs the rebound for the Bronchos Charles Crosby and Mical Cayton grab for a Steve Austin falls over the top of his opponent rebound. Cameron Kendal Cudjoe led CSU with 18 points, as the Bronchos saw their winning streak disappear. The 88-70 loss to Cameron virtual- ly eliminates CSU's faint hope for a district nine-playoff spot. After going into the locker room behind by 21 points Central staged a brief come back attempt 10 minutes into the second half, outscoring Camer- on 14-l during a three minute span to trim the Aggies 21 point halftime lead to only seven. at y 'B ev-1 Q P 1 M7 I ,f jx., .. 'SN - Langston Playing at home in front of 3,000 fans the Bronchos lost their last game of the season 75-71. Both teams stayed close through- out the entire game. At the end of the fourth period the game was tied 65-65, and the game went into overtime. Langston won the game from the free throw line canning six of seven shots, pulling out a 75-71 win. East Central University Kendal Cudjoe slipped in a field goal with two seconds left and added a free throw after being fouled to earn Cental State a 66-63 win over East Central University. Three minutes before half ECU had an eight point lead 28-20 but the Bronchos fought back for a 34-31 tie at intermission. Bruce Honore, who led CSU scoring with 23 points had put the Bronchos ahead 63-62 with 1:49 remain- ing when he scored on a follow shot under the basket. The close finish climaxed the contest that was evenly matched from the beginning. The 66-63 win boosted CSU's season record to 10-14. Southwestern Ripping off 17 unanswered points after trailing early in the game, the Bronchos jumped to a 41-26 half-time edge and then coasted to a 84-72 win over the Southwestern Bulldogs. Central State was paced by Mike Kelley who hit 11 of 16 field goals and finished with 24 points. Steve Austin chipped in with 16 and Mical Cayton had 15. CSU shot 52 percent from the field to record its 11th win in 25 outings Northwestern A 65-62 win over Northwestern propelled the Bronchos to their third consecutive win. Charles Crosby and Mical Cayton each dominated a half as the two combined for 41 points and 20 rebounds. Basketba11f24 7 mwadif-M lf- Q Mp .,fM"""' als., was gf ,a-r--fw. 1 wk, fm ,.- """'-.-'i,'v""-f ,,.,fqa' im fi O W: , 'K .. W, 41-,W if 0 Abz, .A Ag :w455W'2QfQ A R f MW ' , , WH 'A ' ,W f2,vmML......,M, , 'ET'-"' .. , Z, I "' fA V - rwggmw, ., A M n ygr X f f I 1 1 During a time out Coach John Keely discusses game strategy with the Bronchettes. omen's Basketball 250fWomen 's Basketball Wanda Harrison tries to out jump her opponents for the rebound. Ella Johnson 1325 blocks an Oklahoma City shot. Cindy Adair's one-hander from the corner ended the Bronchettes "Impossi- ble Dreamn just 12 seconds before it would have been a reality, allowing Southwestern to escape Broncho Field- house with a 65-64 victory in the women's basketball home opener. But it was hard to find disappoint- ment among the Bronchettes or the nearly 200 spectators, the largest crowd to see a women's basketball game at CSU in several seasons and, perhaps, in the history of the school. Overriding the scoreboard deficit was the realization that the CSU women, who had met just 36 days before, had already become a competi- tive team. Southwestern had a chance to put the game out of reach early in the second half at 35-27. But the Bronchettes fired back and tied the contest at 42. Three minutes later Tammy Sunderland ringed a 20-footer from the left of the key. That started a drive led by Sunderland, a 5'-9" Woodward fresh- man, and another 20-footer to provide a 62-61 lead. After Debbie Bruner matched that goal for Southwestern, Theresa Curran scored from short range to put the Bronchettes back in the lead 64-63, with 34 seconds remaining. At that point, Southwestern elected to play for the last shot and Adair delivered. Donna Miller, 5'-11" Okemah junior and the only returning starter from last season's Bronchette team, played a key role defensively. She held Southwestern center Donna Ward scoreless from the field and beat her on rebounds, 9-3. Women s Basketballf251 Teresa Curran looks around her opponent for a team member to pass the ball to 4' M l Coach John Keely draws up game strategy during a time out. 252fWomen 3 Basketball f ' ' Bronohettes Have Disappointing Season CSU,s women basketball team was burdened with problems this season. 'enalties, height problems and low norale are the three reasons for the eams 1-17 season record with seven james left on the schedule. The Bronchettes and Coach John Ceely were optimistic the entire season. lI'm not negative at all. They want to vin but you don't win on Want," Keely said. "At least we've made most teams keep their starters in the entire game." "We just poop out. It's the same thing. We throw the ball away a time or two, they fast break and before you know we're behind by 183' The Bronchos only win came before Christmas against Bethany Nazarene College 73-61. Ella Johnson puts in a layup for the Bronchos. Teresa Curran, Kelly Savage, Susan Castleberry, Melody Scherich, Tammy Sunderland, Donna Miller, Sue Crouser, Lisa Collett, DeeAnn Miller, Jayne Jones, Ella Johnson, John Kellyg coach. xl" l g I Ek , 1 ,-5 J so iii, if 4 N f - 4,4 A 5 . ' i' ,. at It N T. ' Y' -fs f 'T f X I ,,,ff,4'7 , ' 9' ' ir-v , ff V 'lx I i X . W ,v V ,V S I i U Us! I I 5 f 1 A 7: s, , A e M Tammy Sunderland outjumps PSU defender for game control of the ball. Women 's Baske tba1lf253 cxsw Todd Osborn out maneuvers his opponent for the win against Southwest Missouri. Coach Eddie Griffin shouts instructions to a wrestler on the mat. 254!Wres tling Dennis Kendrick uses a cross face hold in an attempt to take down his opponent. 1980 - 1981 restling Southwestern Missouri The Bronchos opened their season with a 42 to 3 win over Southwestern Missouri State. Todd Osborn at 126, Jim Hixon at 134, Mike Clark at 150 and Melvin Gatewood at 189 -all registered pins against Southwestern. Dennis Kendrickg 118, Alan Mad- doxg 142. Lee Fowlerg 158, Bill Ameeng 177 and heavyweight Steve Foster all racked up wins to give the Broncho the match. Oklahoma State University The Central State Wrestlers fell prey to the nation's number four preseason ranked teamg Oklahoma State, with a team score of 31 to 12. The opening match gave no sign of what the final outcome would be later, when 118 pound Dennis Kendrick locked horns with OSU's Mark Perry. Kendrick and Perry surprised the crowd with a 4 to 4 tie that left the opening team score at 2 to 2. CSU's Todd Osborn gave the crowd reason to believe that the Bronchos might pull off another win off the mat with a 13 to 2 decision over OSU's Greg Perry in the 126 pound bout. The Bronchos 4 point lead K6 to 25 was shattered as OSU dominated the middle weights which put the Cowboys in front by 22 points. Going into the heavyweight bout Steve Foster pulled out another victory over OSU's Perry Kaufman. Bill Ameen attempts a single hold on his grimmacing OSU opponent. Foster's win, left the score at 31 to 12, in OSU,s favor. University of Tennessee Freshman Todd Osborn continued his winning streak over early season opponents as the Ponca City native helped the Bronchos beat a stunned Unversity of Tennessee at Chatanooga. Dennis Kendrick started the top ranked NAIA squad on the right foot with a 10-6 triumph over Bill Moor- ehouse in the 118 division. CSU's Alan Maddox took a 4-1 decision in the 150 pound weight class and was followed to the winner's circle by Lee Fowler who powered his way to an 11-6 win at 158. Melvin Gatewood built up an 11-1 lead and was given the match after his opponent quit the match due to an injury. CSU heavyweight Steve Foster put the icing on the Broncho victory as the grappler pinned his opponent in 2 minutes and 59 seconds. Wrest1ingf255 Central Missouri State The Bronchos wrestling showed that the National NAIA Wrestling Championship may be coming to CSU in more ways than one. The Bronchos destroyed CSMU 46-2. Dennis Kendrick set the pace for the night when the 118 pounder virtually turned his opponent inside out, scoring a 24-0 superior decision. At 126 pounds Todd Osborn continued his string of victories, destroying his opponent 25-3. Ronnie James at 134 gave the team and Coach Eddie Griffin a scare by falling behind 5-25 but James ended any doubts in a big way by pinning his man. The rest of the meet went smoothly for Griffin and his team with the wrestlers out-scoring Central Missouri 100-20. Central Missouri's only points came in the heavy weight division with a tie between CSU's Steve Foster and his opponent. Coach Eddie Griffin and Head Trainer Jeff McKibben watch intensely as a match progresses. .,,,., . ,, dam ,, '- . " i 2 if Q f ',,' ffT'f+,f'a'2s2,, ' .. -,Q . . fi' ,.?5'i"' Wa """ , ,, 1' ?,,1.y-ima 1 ' 1 'L 'C "" ' A' A WNWMWQQ-LMLAAL ..w,,,,-.., ,, 1 , , ,,,, L 1 r l l - , ' .. iw ,A A ' 1980-81 Wrestlers are: Left to right: first row: Mike Farina, Mike Harris, Dennis Kendrick, Scott Kirby, Todd Osborn, Jim Hixson, Ronnie James, Alvin Gatewood, Ricky Langlandg second row: Greg Barbour, Ronnie Hawkins, Will Allen, Darryl Tourpe, Mike Clark, Lee Fowler, Mark Allen, Alan Maddox, Darren Huff, Steve Foster, Robert LeGrande, Melvin Gatewood, Benny Coleman, 256fWrest1ing third row: David James, graduate assistant, Will Urban, Bill Ameen, Gary Astle, John Finn, Coach Eddie Griffin. df it Todd Osborn dominates his opponent by using a double chicken wing. Rolling his opponent over his back, Bill Ameen achieves a takedown. Gary Astle controls his opponent's legs for a takedown. Sunshine Open Over the holidays CSU took the Sunshine Open Tournament at Cen- tral Florida for the second straight year. They built up a total of 63 points, winning four championships to bury their closest competition, Purdue, with only 45. Dennis Kendrick 11185, Todd Osborn 11265, Ronnie James 11345 and Benny Coleman 11675, took the championships in their weight class. Consolations went to Jim Hixon 11345, Alan Maddox 11425 and Gary Astle 11675. Wres t11'ngf25 7 Adams State The third ranked Bronchos downed their arch rival in a hard fought dual meet 20-14. Dennis Kendrick, at 118 pounds, started the night off by winning a tough decision from Adam's State senior All-American Dino Aragon, 3-2. Todd Osborn, 126 pound freshman went up against the undefeated nation- al champion from Adams State, Scott Ritzan. Half way into the last period Ritzan scored an escape to move the score 8-5. With only 10 seconds left Osborn scored a final takedown to tie the match. University Of Kentucky In the 118 division action was fast and furious as CSU's Dennis Kendrick scored a near fall on Wildcat Bob Stickelman with 28 seconds left in Alan Maddox controls his opponent to get the advantage 258fWrest1ing the first period. Kendrick racked up another near fall and eventually ended the match with a 20-O victory that gave CSU a 6 point lead. Todd Osborn showed the crowd that he wasn,t going to be an easy win for the NCAA champion Dellagatta. Three takedowns in a row by Kentucky and two escapes by Osborn left the score 6-2. Osborn brought the score to 16-14 but one quick move by Dellagatta left Osborn on his back. Ronnie James 11345 met Curtis Longstreet and won an easy three team points by defeating Longstreet 13-9. Mike Clark 11505 became engaged in a nip-and-tuck match with Andre Offutt, defeating him 8-5. Gary Astle 11585 met David Grant and showed him what it was like to be tossed around the mat. Astle defeated Grant 12-5. Losses came from Alan Maddox 11425, Bill Ameen 11775, and Ronnie Hawkins 11875. Wres t1ingf259 Southern Illinois The CSU wrestling team met little competition when they defeated South- ern lllinois University, 37-8. The match started with 118 pound Dennis Kendrick racing up 17 points to start the grapplers down the right road for a winning evening with a superior decision. The next six weight divisions were exciting only for the Broncho wrestling fans. CSU built up a 28-5 lead with a superior decision by Benny Coleman at 167 pounds, a pin by Will Allen at 158 pounds, a forfeit win by Rodd Osborn and decisions by Darren Huff at 134 and Mike Clark at 150 pounds. The most exciting match was in the 177 pound division when CSU's Bill Ameen overcame his opponent to win a one-point division. Northwest Missouri The CSU wrestling ended North- west Missouri's misery early, allowing only for matches to go the full three periods in the Bronchos 52-0 win. Pins were registered by Todd Osborn at 126 pounds, Gary Astle at 158 Benny Coleman at 167 pounds, and Melvin Gatewood at 190. Astle, who moved down to 158 pounds for his usual 167 pound slot, turned the quickest pin of 2:28. Osborn with a 31-3-1 record, took 6:37 to pin Andy Marty at 126 pounds, but there was never any doubt about the outcome, the redshirted freshman was leading 15-3 before the match ended. Bill Ameen's 19-5 superior decision over Dave Robinson at 177 pounds was also impressive. Dennis Kendrick ran his season record to 25-3-1 with a forfeit win at 118 pounds. Brad Bales defaulted to CSU's Ronnie James at 134 pounds after suffering a shoulder injury in the second period. 26' Of Wres tlin g Mike Clark picks up riding time on his opponent from Northwest Missouri. Will Allen gains a take down. Ronnie Hawkins butts heads with his heavyweight opponent to try and gain control. CSU Takes National Wrestling Titleg Crowns Six National Champs! Dennis Kendrick 118 lbs. National Champion Ronnie James Alan Maddox 134 lbs. 142 lbs. National Champion National Champion Broncho 126-pounder Todd Osborn was crowned National Champion in his weight class and voted the tournament's outstanding wrestler. films.. Benny Coleman Bill Ameen 167 lbs. 177 lbs. National Champion National Champion The 1981 NAIA National Wrestling Champions are Ktop, from leftj Manager Will Urban, Todd Osborn, Ron James, Dennis Kendrick, Alan Maddox, Benny Coleman, Bill Ameen. Bottom, from left is Steve Foster, Assistant Coach David James, Will Allen, Mike Clark, Ron Hawkins, Coach Eddie Griffin. Wrest1i11gf26'1 Volleyball 262fVo11eyball 5-ew! Barbara Bowen's C221 sets up the ball for Lisa Smith 1311 Lisa Smith 1313 spikes the ball over the net. Joyce Ritz 1381 tips the ball to a BNC opponent. u xx. Q X .K u .H XX, i , L ,ff pittt' J k, 3 """ "Q, if 11 FRONT ROW: Joyce Ritz, Pam Podolec, Tracey Taylor, Lisa Smith, Barbara Bowens. BACK ROW: Coach Gerry Pinkston, Judy Warren, Annette Bieber, Karen Porter, Linda Davidson, Nancy Baer, Nada Joseph, Kat Heinlein, Reggie Zar Wey. Pam Podolec 1305 volleys with an OBU opponent. s 5 1 1 . Vo11eyba11f263 264fGymnastics mnastics W 2 E li' - . Comingharound the top bar of the uneven parallel bars, Diana Davies prepares for her dismount. 1980 Gymnastics Team are: Cathy Bethke, Jean Ann Fadely, Dianan Davies, Pam Lyon, Debbie Duvall. Showing versatility on the balance beam, Debbie Duvall performs a handstand. Wwummvii 1 ag W through the air on her floor exercise. G ymnast1'csf265 Pam Lyon moves gracefully on the beam as she performs her routine. I l Cathy Bethke expresses her freedom of movement as she glides 266701-oss Country Cross-Country The CSU cross country team opened it's 1980 season with an 8th place finish, at the Gold Classic held at Wichita State University. Leading the Broncho charge was junior college transfer Rick Baker, who finished 28th on a 25 minute, 5 second clocking over a five mile course. This time shatters the Broncho best time last year of 27:13, ran by team captian Sam Horsechief. The following week the Bronchos placed third in a windy ORU invitation- al. Sophomore Ronnie Park led CSU, coming in 8th with 27 minutes, three seconds. CSU scored 41 points giving them the first place finish at their third meet of the year at OCU. The Bronchos placed first over Haskell in the small college division at OSU. The Bronchos also finished first at Northeastern, 5th at OU and second at the District Nine meet held in Shawnee. Quinn Smith takes time to stretch before the race uni: James Nells, Rick Baker, and Oscar Neal take time out to catch their breath awaiting the start of the race - is ,15fJ,',L"f':9". V L. if I , M A if wi' ' f , -l .fIf1s4:',f,r,w2?ffi fi ', f:!?.u--w.f,'gf,:: - I iwfggzz , VV 'M .M ' 3 ' 'Q' ,Y-'Sl JK mmwwf , .M,,,eygQ5,i? in Ronnie Parks shows a determined face as he runs. The CSU harriers brought to a close one of the most successful years of a Broncho harrier squad as Coach Paul Parent distance men took 16th in the nation at the NAIA National Finals in Salina, Kansas. Although it was the Bronchos goal to finish in the top 15 in the nation, Parent said that he was happy that his finished in the top 20. Right, Lamont Frazier concentrates as he races along. 'NM LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Paul Parent, Oscar Neal, Quinn Smith, Mark Gates, Ronnie Parks, James Nells, Lamont Frazier, Zane Zimmer, Rick Baker, and Sam Horsechief. Cross Coun tryf26 7 268!T1-ack SU Track A i Robert Diggs shows his form in conquering the hurdles ' I 6 NCI I I HUF IA Lamont Frazier, Ronnie Parks, Sam Horsechief and Kenny King take time out to relax and prepare for practice. .if P nf ii'i i .r f r. r aaaa fi Coach Paul Parent horses around with trackster Bobby Davis. , 1,1 ff K - 'Mr - ,grin ,. , an 1: ffvakai ..-mi A.. .W kk' 'f A 1 A Y Q S - .. X :NW A . is ' , sw - . K - - ., -' . t .. M , .MXL ,,,, . , ,. .. 4 M 1- 9 if " M- ' 'F A , . Q., ,wi Q., . ,, ' Q ' i www 5" ' 3 'a '-. , M of . S " f .J ., K ht' ' uw-Cl-W 'M ' .I 4 ,- rr i A .P . r ei M' W v Q' fs. 'P' A , BVS'-1'-' Mft-'L' Y " ri.-15. V U 1 f 'K' A 'Q--aJQ...,. X Q if Q i -- Vim , . 5 i R A Q- , X - i " M' . j- .. . X ,N . - Q. - K . Robert Diggs and Phil Ward practice the hand off technique. Wai Hector Lopez and assistant Coach Vince Friedrick warm up before practice begins. Trackf269 270fT1'ack fa W. ' mnsw I My --f Front row: Keith Bennett, Rusty Barfield, Lynn Daylor, Lamont Frazier, Oscar Neal, Bobby Davis, Alan Barnes. Back row James Mosely, Mark Weimer, Jody McE1hany, Ronnie Parks, Rick Baker, Robert Diggs, Jimmy Vaughn. Phil Ward and Kenny King race against the clock during practice. 1 AJ' Coach Paul Parent demonstrates running technique to tracksters. "Wig, Qi-ww i4'f1j,W Wigs 4416 - W GKVQQQ XZ, ,ff wi, we L 4 ' XWV' L! 75 f :Im ywwg ,wp James Mosley and Keith Bennett sprint to the '- s ,Av-""' .......... Track members take a few laps around the track to warm up Women's Track - . .'-- .--. -. I . - I k'kk M , ai 7 '-,, K fx A " ' Xk-' L ' mf-ff ,. :Z-I' .fr k .w '41 f...g i . - 1 f. 5 "if ' fi' K K K KKKK kk,. ., WKMK MKK NSE. KKK , QQ kkkkk KKKKK ,K .K - K KK .- ., ., A K W 'Q . f fr k-'- . ,-.c fs ' ' , 5 f- K' g-L11 . was M wgwwfax- KKK -- K KK KR ,Z ,.h.k . .K K 535 KK WK ,K K 5 .L..: K 'Nga U K 'L jKsA1'K,Kg..1,,ggS. 3 - -Ng. it ' . . KKNK KK W we .. 3 as K W Q "" -S N., -, Ex .iw 5 KK .Ksras K K AS my kkkrk KK KK K. KK .. .sh . K NKKKKKKQKKKK wg. I X KK SQKSKKKK KK x3 K M S .. .s . - . K3 KK - ' t 'KW' Qin 'Ms-rn.. x.3fTr1KiwKKK5EKKKKKKKK KN -mfr QM. Kg KK t K ig.. 4- -- we KKK ,-,psf .. . . A K K Q. N .Q Kc +""i1 .K ' VW as 5- H.. ,W KK Kgs, A41 5 S ,ww ,.. f SP' is 8 .. V 'xv -- I ' nr: . fr ,ww K , , -K - KQIHP as ', is U' Q 0 eff, -.4 Qi 4: ff gait. ,..,KM, SK?.,,,5K ,iss Q if ,.,.,.N. we .- A - of . li Q.. ' .Mi ,K KKK K .1 . , wg f 'fi' 5 '.,.i.!Nr' ,KK , , is K ,K , J. K .ga Q N .' J ' ypjfxg .Nia f Ni.. - 'Q-if 'gr ik' KS. S A K ,F Qgfilwl A354 -1--A . in-.K Q , ,R 1 'Q-,l',Q" gs! nz" 'K . MQ, . " A a. ,r ,sf L-X K, ' it N 'f LX f 5 .Q . JE 'fi ar" e t .'1'KQ.:'3,5g.. Qfsgigxu. c c 'Q Q A kg vw f'6.i! +1 K ' ,v If 6 .Qrfgrfg .L-H U"'y.-'Kg Q' w...vlf fi' fifatfpkgiz ' fi if ' 7 K . . 'ij gi, g. N K fwf f N K- P . -,-K rf , ,. A ... - .r . . . Q A .1 x , . . 'Q ., ' A' V R. in K K K 'K t KM TK SK fs-Wf - f 512' ccinrrff-Q4 f . ..Q gvi f lg,gf.f 1-'af' M FSU K 1, S3 Kffgfawsfffgs K .V 2 "S, 'WY' .2 t -xx , . .Q r... f J T. 8 .K , mf. ,J W? K vKKK..KKgE.a,gNM-aa. "ff, N,,15fA -1 iti'ifAf,,f "' .Q,.,.K., :Gifs I Q ' lxnrn'-Q5 fp'-fqxgs -vim ffl K KK ' ,KK 'K K. K .K K- K , .K Jkv. xrjg KKQKQAK 'xi V . 'aw' K KKK KK .iw KF KMK. QV ,Q Kr, ,sw M , Ji ,AM if HK KK K,,sK fi, "3!,g. A KK -V ,T Uiklftir KK,,.,S .KKK K b .rfjw-K... k , ,Q Ki at K, , K K , K Q.-4,r,r.w,,, K, .S-3' "1"f'L5" ag fr' ,. Q" 'L gif' Q- .' 1 ,, ,g,K,. ,f K"K K '. A . . . '-A - 'MF ""' I, . '- "" " " L bfzjgx- i N44 , ,Q M -"2 - if 1' ftx!-M. K. Tracy Jennings concentrates on her form as she practices throwing the discus. 272!Women?1 Track 909' N Jana Graham runs her daily workout. l l Coach Dowd go overs the daily routine X A li N. J. 3. l ' i T' x if ,E A . Front Row: Karen Porter, Mitra Farhat, Barb Bowens, Annette Bieber, Carolyn Adebiyi. Row Two: Jana Graham, Peg Miluszky, Katherine Kingsbury, Rosie Davis, Tracy Jennings. Back Row: Coach Karen Dowd. Women Z9 Tm ckf273 274fWom en 3 Track Katherine Kingsbury losens up her muscles before starting her daily conditioning. Barb Bowens concentrates on her running during her daily workout. ' -. p ii' ,X-, yg,..n-W . fs. K Q... ,,,.A.e,v... .Q ivsw. ,.,., - Aw L-1 wal ' .1 N jab gm-,e5, . W ,N ggff Annette Bieber practices her technique in throwing the javlin. rf' N-,, . Q Conditioning her back muscles is Karen Porter. .psf i .ff '7H.h- MW, VV ' :ng ' A ' ,A h :JL dl-, f Members of the track team take a break during practice. rrrkik 'ui X x X . 1 Women 's Trackf2 75 wgw .2553 Q: 51- ,X -- M 5. W M . Q A. .f,:.Ci Ass 5 MW,.- A-ww 53 Wk K YES Q 9, 153251 C U Golf 2 76fGo1f Kent Todd Guy Cormick 3 Jeff Freeman l aw x.f 'iv' T , 1 it , ' 1 . V ,, it W V, V. , L M.w.a,,,., f., , ,nw A4 M .-I, nv, 1981 Golf Team: L to R: Mike McGraw, Tim Hoagland, Jeff Freeman, Robin Freeman, Kenny Gray, Guy Cormick, not pictured: Kent Todd, Shane Kelly vmt ww f7ff,, t ff' I of! f""'P' L ,ygfia , u' L, w'ff5.+ff'. - 2- llia A . U iffijfgaw xx 1 Y aree -W't9"'f212 'VI 1 f ,ef '1 ' Robin Freeman assists Tim Hoagland with his putting 'r"' X "" I 'yW,f'f'-A r, A ' technique ' -IK' 'v . . A . q-. W ag M, 5 .. .WM , af Kenny Gray 'in --s. Go1ff.? 7 7 278fI'ennis Men's Tennis . is-fan, g S55 ,,A. Q it W Mx. Scott Schropp follows through with a long cross-court shot. CSU's Rod Cacato was the only Broncho to down his opponent in the singles against OCU. The Central State Tennis Team finished ninth in a field of 45 in the Annual National Championship Tennis Tournament held in Kansas City, Kansas. Two CSU tennis players received Honorable Mention at the NAIA National Tournament: Rodrigo Cabato and Paulo Pardini. Barney Moon shows fierce determination against an opponent. Q -. n Ramone Dakudao returns the ball with a Preparing to smash the ball across court, strong backhand. Tracy Courtney sets his opponent up for a volley. Tennisf2 79 .wg if ,' .f4e"'. v 4n""""-Q-4 - ,w,.w.e.1fesF"f31r' H N- Fl-V528 in k ,n - r fl K 'L' , f Tennis Coach Francis Baxter takes time out to chat with team members. 5 X Z 1 rv W 'Q 1 tt S 4675 tx M, F, MW gi' A ' :nf x v it-sf ' g,,,, ,ww 74m-w Mike Hyde anticipates the return ofthe volley. Dave Rumble prepares to return the serve. 280fT8HI11'S W 4 wx, 1 uf The strings on a racket are important in tennis, and Rod Cabato makes sure they are Raymond Dakudao watches from the sidelines as intact. teammates play. Team Members 1980-81: Front, Raymond Dakudao, Mike Hyde, Scott Schropp, back: Rod Cabato, Dave Rumble, Jeff Nashburn, Barney Moon, Tracy Courtney. Tennisf281 Women's Tennis Dennis Griffin backhands the ball to defeat her ORU opponent. Gen Moczarney 282fW om en ,S Tennis CSU tennis player Susan Rowden makes a two-handed return. Laura Beck eyes the ball as she sets up for this Sel'V6. Women is Tennisf283 From the sidelines Denise Griffin watches her teammates workol during practice. S ' E A fx.. Coach Francis Baxter looks on as team members practice. 284K Tennis Xi. Carris Cox takes a break from tennis practice. Front Row: Genevieve Moczarhy, Susan Rowden. Back Row: Denise Griffin, Laura Beck, Carrie Cox, Cindy Earls, Sherry Spencer. www Laura Beck carefully eyes the ball as it bounces out of bounds. i il x 3 e":' 3 SEXY j 5 is 'Uris -ss r s ww Sherry Spencer concentrates on opponents serve. Tennisf285 286'fBasebaI1 C U Baseball Waiting for the "perfect pitch" Bob Bailey takes a ball Kurt Myers beats the throw to third base. Ni. ,1 if--V eff- ? Qi we ii? hand 4. .ij-f ,W 4. - all QW ., Q t ,nh ph we X Q - We w A Q Hi, W Ta? IN. 1'- 1 -aw, me Ron Williams cautiously waits for the pitch to be thrown before leading off. Mm r I , f ' ff,,, VM, if 'Q 'af QM ,Qf,p,fif,wf"ik f , ' ' , gl- , 'Z'-4"7:'v,,'f" ii-V 5' 'QQ' wniw ' ,,, ,, - W 'vW???7?W'1f+"'f'M fv A- ,A 'Y ,. , wi " We mf, - 'V 1 ,K ,, V K fyzf' ' W I 1. we f if igff, oi,i ' 'IQHI Hurler Andy Bilyeu delivers a curve ball. Baseba11f28 7 CSU Baseball Baseball coach Bobby Hunt said this seasonls squad may be the best he's had in 19 years as CSU's baseball coach. "I know we're better. We have a better attitude and we have more team speed. We've got some excellent freshmen and We definitely have more pitching depth than we've had before." said Hunt. Players expecting to see playing time are returning starters, Barry Reynolds at shortstop, Buster Keasler and Duncan All-Stater Jay Watkins are also battling for the starting position at shortstop, along with sophomore transfer Roger Adair from Conners. Outfielders Greg Nelson, Todd Green, and D. J. Bossey make up what Hunt calls the fastest outfield he's ever had. lnfielders include Scott McBride at third base, Scott Borland at first base and Bob Bailey and Bob Stedham at second base. New recruits include All-Stater catcher J. B. Watkins from Duncan, Brett Bond, shortstop from Jenks and S. C. Cartwright, pitcher from Perry. Also Brett Turner, outfielder from Southeast, and Lonnee Vickers a utility infielder from Douglass. 288fBaseba1l -.-W W..-.X s Maw- -mer... .,N.........,...sMms Ai' , eiie' ' ' A. if igt i v W: D in J .., -.. .ZS if F W . . - . . s W r k . . f -- J .. p A , Y so we cx,,'.1' -i .ai J V x 1 'lsfvi " - . t 7 55 A . . N fn ,XSQA I ' Q ,."N. as s if Q-5 ll Milft' ww Kurt Myers is congratulated by a teammate as he runs into ' " Nz. home plate. . .,,,, . ,Q K . . ' . ' ' f i, fi , Ig. . X sf Ls, 0 ,QQ ,. 'Q + N. J -as. . - ' Q " . 5 Q gf . s Q , . . . ...QF ......... -. 252 MT. . , , QR. N f f X +---we--ff 1, 1-me A-,A - Qs.fs.....,.a-s..-.EM -- M ...... . 2 1 . 'W V a I . - 5 Y Q 5 . ,-Z, f ,iw 'Vai 51. gift. kk K in ' - .fc me .f ,f ,. e- J ' X , , 5 e,f.iQX:bL,,i35 h:kj -K . ssggswgkiiis A K K' it sf9f-Fi. e . K , 'fi W i - fs- Q -iii 'Ii i ' ' S? ' ,' 1 ., -z. . -' X 43,31 :- E M JW...:1'1s,wgs A -' :: j' ., " H ff We - - f K- A 'xsiw-'tf1.Ms9'i 'fir ' wg. - M ' ' Sf " a s f. - fi-Egg -K as ' f a -' '--sf-f.-W -Q Q., :e,,js-f.ekf1 fre- fM5,g.kegg.i . .. . ., .W.Q..1.v.,,:. Scott McBride slides into second to adv ance the runner. ' ,, -'Kal Baseball 1980-81: Front Row: Kurt Myers, Brett Turner, Jon Winger, Bob Stidham, Barry Reynolds, Grey Nelson, Jay Watkins, Brett Bond, Boyd Robbins, 2nd Row: Bob Bailey, Ron Williams, Tim White, Willie Briscoe, Rick Soliz, Ron Maxwell, Wade Robertson, Craig Bryon, Dave Lewellan, Rick Nordyke, Grad. Assistant, 3rd Row: D. J. Bossey, Coach Bobby Hunt, Scott McBride, Andy Bilyeu, Eric Brewer, Todd Green, Scott Borland, Roger Adair, Buster Keasler, Doug Benson, John Robertson, Bob Weckstein, Grad. assistant. el wi. fi? i' . ,bangb- sw . gsm, .ss ms,g,, i my ef' .-wiv.. 1 it I Greg Nelson attempts to beat the ball to second base. Baseba11f289 Women's Softball , f Amy Hile stretches to catch a line drive. l N,,. an "Q U 'gg :iv sr g .Q A, H ,E r N ,F S! , ML'- 'Hx 290fSoftba11 Cindy Johnson practices sliding into home base Coach Pinkston hits ground balls during infield practice. 510, mf -,M .W..,4W' Amy Hile scoops up a ground ball. Q-as i'i ' , X p ssf fix M3551 Laurie Buser tags second base and prepares to throw to third base. SoftbaI1f291 S wi 292fSoftbalI Front Row: Laurie Buser, Pam Podolec, Kat Heinlein, Janet Chartney, Sondra Harris, Dana Reynolds. Row Two: Miche Ferguson, Cindy Johnson, Kim Cady, Nada Joseph, Stephanie Briscoe, Jamye Beaty. Back Row: Joyce Ritz, Shelly Willian Amy Hile, Tammy Parker, Engla Smith, Sandi Smith, Skeeter Harney, Connie Roberts, Laurie Hulin, Lisa Allen. -X Q f ..,, V 14 Q if? . yall. Dana Reynolds takes batting practice. in X93 Janet Chartney carefully eyes the ball during batting practice. Pam Podo lec takes a break from pitching practice. Q 5 573 57 if 1 ' A 1' Q7 , H ' 'ff M 1 1 7 X Coach Gerry Pmkston loads the automatic pitching machine gf' Softba11f293 294fCheer1ea ders Central State Universit Cheerleaders Trudi Elmenhurst Dina Marsh 1980-81 Basketball Cheerleaders are top: Cindy Emrich, Tammy West bottom: Alana Faulkner, Debbie Jones, middle Connie Keith, Dina Marsh, Sharon Thomas, Karen Ford, Trudi Elmenhurst 6, W., 'w 1143.-1. L, The 1980-81 Football Cheerleaders are fback row L to RJ Teresa Kersigieter, Lisa Cheadle, Lisa Moore, Qtirst rowj Cindy Emrich, Jakitfa Smith, Karen Gill, Diana Hussey, Becky Crews. W Connie Keith, Right Photo: Cindy Emrich Cheer1eadersf295 296fMa tmaids SU O Matmaids Matmaid Kim Davis assists Ronnie James after the match. Matmaids for 1980-81 are: front, QL to RJ Julie Linder, Janice Gleave, Lori Shiply, back: Kim Davis, Johnna Nixon, Donna Hood, Dana Crawford. C U Fillies AK' Ka CSU Fillies for 1980-81 are: Inside front, Cindy Klinglesmith, Renee Murphy, Terri Brisbin, Front row CL to Rl: Jeri Johnston, Kathy Thornton, Audrey Edwards, Rhonda Hartman, Jennie Purdy. Cathy Steele, Janine Wilson, Dana Smith. The Fillies support the Bronchos by going to the basketball games and cheering them on to victory. Back row: Tracy McCauley, Valerie Ivey, Peggy Gipson, 1980-81 Fillies Officers: QL to RJ Teri Brisbin, Renee Murphy, Cindy Klinglesmith Fi11iesf297 298fIn tram utals Intramurals Keep Football Men Boys of Summer Tigers Sigma Tau Gamma Women Kappa Tappa Keg B.S.U. Sigma Kappa Volleyball Men Sigma Tau Gamma BSU Alpha Tau Omega Women Kappa Tappa Keg Sigma Kappa Delta Zeta Students Involved Qs Swimming 1. Sigma Tau Gamma 2. Nads 3. Kappa Sigma 4. Alpha Tau Omega 5. Older People 6. Tau Kappa Epsilon 7. Minnow Maids Folio In tram ura1sf299 For the Record Volleyball Invitational Tourn. Kansas Bethany Nazarene Here Invitational Tourn. Missouri Oklahoma Christian Here W.S.U. XL Bethel Kansas Bethany Nazarene There CSU Invitational Here Oklahoma Christian There Southeastern There Sam Houston Inv. Texas Southwestern Sz Okla. Baptist Here Tulsa Invitational There Oklahoma Baptist Here 300fW B sketball Women' s Basketball Southwestern Here OBU Northwestern Oklahoma Christain Bethany Nazarene Phillips Univ. Oklahoma City Univ. Langston East Central Oklahoma Baptist Univ. Southeastern West Texas State Oklahoma Christian Panhandle State Cameron Bethany Nazarene Southeastern Southwestern Northeastern Northwestern East Central Oklahoma City Univ. Cameron Northeastern Phillips Univ Langston State Tournament There There There There Here Here There There Here There Here Here Here There Here Here There There Here Here There Here Here There Here Shawnee Gymnastic Odessa College T. W. U. Southern Arkansas O.R.U. Washburn Univ. Central Ark. Odessa College Washburn Univ. Emporia State O. R. U Tarleton St. Univ. S. W. T S. U. Cent Missouri T. W. U. Winter Sun Classic Womens Tennis Bethany Nazarene OCU Southwestern Bethany Naxarene Cooke County Tourn Cameron Univ of Science Sz Arts Southeastern Midwestern OBU East Central OCU Cameron Southwestern Oscar Rose Jr College OAIAW Div II State Tourn SWAIAW Div II Reg Tourn There There Here Here Here There There There Here Here There There Here Here Here Texas There Here Here Here There Here Here Here There There Ada Texas 7 , , . Univ. of Science Sz Arts There Womenis Scoreboardf301 302fMusic M , S +3 mv' '. f an r V f - Lb isskmm 2 I 1 m ' 2 V- .wmsw-F 2 ,FUI .vw ' ,- Y 1 l 5 it N 1 1 f i J I Music -Dance N Musif.-X303 Q 1 304fMusic University Choir Patricia Alexander Charity Allen David Baker Carl Battles Allison Begley Melinda Blake Ierri Bowlware Beverley Byrd David Chesser Kevin Colwell Carol Cooper Cynthia Crawford Lisa Crutchfield Debbie Daniel Randy Daniel Ianice Daniels Ioe Dennis Nancy Dodd Stanley Fields Richard Fillips Cheryl Fore Valeri Gloodt Alan Gragert lohn Graves Melinda Hart David Hassen Rhonda Hellstern Iuanita Hillburn Ioe Hocking Iohn Hocking Iimmie Hudson Kelley Hughes Laura Iackson Andrea Iames Laleune lames Cheryl Iohnson Kathryn Iohnson Luther lackson Michael Kane Terry Lacoste Rene Lanier Wesley Larson Karen Leath Ronald Lee Ianettia Lisenbee Nancy Maschino Alfred Mendez Nancy Miller Marsha Montgomery Robin Moon Penny Morrison Mark Mumma Teresa Parks Lizann Porter Susan Porter Marilyn Pruitt Guy Ragland Darla Riggins lan Roberts Marcy Roberts Deborah Rothrock Alan Schantz Iamie Sears Donald Seaton Wanda Seay Cheryl Shoumaker Deana Slaton Kimberly Smith Norene Smith Tracey Smith Mary Ann Spiva Kathy Stolz Connie Swanson Pamella Thomas Martha Turner Susan Wasson Marcie Worl Carol Wright Robert Allen Chamber Choir Robert H. Auhrey, director Stephanie Means, pianist Charity Allen Warren Armstrong Bill Cox Rick Fillips Rhonda Hellstern joe Hocking lohn Hocking Wayne Hudson Kelley Hughes Cheryl Iohnson Mike Kane Rene Lanier Robin Moon Don Seaton Deana Slaton Tracey Smith M usicf305 306fMusic Members of the Tunesmiths are, seated left to right: Robert Taylor, Marci Worl, Kelley Hughes, Leah Cline, Valerie Cloodt, Cathie Smith, lan Roberts, and Melvin Roberts. Standing: David Baker, Cass Smith, Randy Daniel, Tom Bell, loe Hocking, Iohn Hocking and Brian Kilpatrick. The Men's Quartet consists of, left to right: Ricky Fillips, Kip Hessen, Kevin Nunley, and Bill Cox. 121 3 73511 K VXVV ff., Stageband members are, front row, left to right: Ty Nagode, Chris Hicks, Gloria Dempsey, Ioe Fine, Danny Anderson. Second row: Iohn Pranter, Toppie Lincicome, Gene Pointer, Ioe Swanson, Ierry Ward. Back row: Elijah Martin, Monte Bridgforth, Lee Rucker, lay Huckaby, Robert Lange, Chris Small, lohn Graves, piano: Bob Brewer, guitarg Brad Burns, Congo drumsg Doug Fallis, drums. -"" 1 1 i i Musicf307 B .A , K Front row: Barbara Hooper, Carrie Higgins, Kay Ienkins, Tammy Weiss, Becky Weaver, Steve Story and David Wong. Second row: Chuck Moore, Ann Blaess, Valerie Gloodt, Patty Cackstatter, Robin Wade, Christi Wallace, lenny Abler, Lisa Nichols, Lisa Coats, Pat Alexander and Don Munday. Third row: Robert Taylor, Dr. Strong, Ieff Bolt, Randy Daniel, Rex Arnold, Ioe Swanson, Fred Harris, Paul Onspaugh and Bill Cable. Above: Barbara Hooper and Carrie Higgin concentrate intently as they perform. Right: First violinists Tammy Weiss and Kay lenkins await their turn to play at dress rehearsal. 308f M usi c Concert Band Piccolo Lisa Coats Flute Leslie Depurtis Lisa Nichols Lisa Coats Cindy Bridges Lisa Due Iill Iebsen Dana Cox Oboe Kay Gamble Clarinet Ienny Abler Tammy Kirkpatrick Ellen Hawkins Christi Wallace Gisele Bryce Robin Wade Ioe Fine lack Mitchell Connie Swanson Bass Clarinet Cheryl Kesler Bill Burns Alto Sax David Chambers Mike Mitchell Lawerence Martinez Tenor Sax Danny Anderson Laura Iarnagin Cornet Patty Gackstatter Kerri Young Bill Cable Kenda Kirby Mark Hauton Robert Lange Randy Cannon Trumpet Monte Bridgforth Marie Kash Horn Iohn Thomas Shari Rose Kip Hassen Trombone Gene Pointer Ioe Swanson Toppie Lincicome Rex Arnold Paul Listen Curtis Vass lohn Pranter Baritone Mark Mumma Eric Adams Bruce Anderson Tuba Fred Harris Keith Biglow Ronnie Lee Iason Hensley Percussion Brian Kilpatrick Ben Butler Clarice Landon Kevin Cash Mallets Debbie Anderson Timpani Clifford Parrett Piano Debbie Daniels M usicf309 Orchesis 1 31 0fMusic v Orchesis dancers, Kathy Payne, Vicki Van Stavern, Mary Brookins, Karen Ford, Alene Langsdorf, and Sherri Andrews are fixed in a movement from the Outer Space Suite. Right, left to right: Sherri Andrews, Mary Brookins, and Alene Langsdorf. Karen Ford, Kathy Payne, and Vicki Van Stavern, are in a position taken from a dance dealing with geometrical shapes. Grace is one of the qualities learned in Orchesis, and Alene Langsdorf, Sherri Andrews, and Mary Brookins demon- strate. A M 11sicf31 1 Kaleidoscope l 1 Clowning around are Dedra Hamby, Dale Sledge, Iana Pokorny, Pat Myles, The Kaleidoscope officers are, left to right: Dale Sledge ltitudent Directorj, DeLisa Hutchins, Warren Armstrong lbackl, Paulette Allen, and Carl Battles. Teshia Arambula lReporter!Historianl, and Warren Armstrong ISecretaryl. Kneeling is Mike Martinez with Debra Galbraith, Kaleidoscope Members are, left to right, seated: lana Pokorny, Teshia Arambula, and Lori Wilkerson. Standing in the middle are: Brenda Roberts, Paulette Allen, and Deborah Galbreith. Back Row: Trudi Gorman, Lauri Ashby, Warren Armstrong, DeLisa Hutchins, Carl Battles, Beth Dan, Pat Myles, Mike Martinez, Dedra Hamby, Connie Swanson, Dale Sledge, and Linda Hugg, 312fMusic Sigma Alpha Iota I , ,MLA I LL a wr SAI officers are, standing left to right: Ian Leath and Lisa Crutchfield. Seated: President Valerie lones and Vice President Betty Bishop. The members of SAI are, standing: Becky Weaver, lan Roberts, Ian Leath, and Lisa Crutchfield. Seated: President Valerie Iones and Vice President Betty Bishop. M usicf31 3 314fN!usic . if 'FS Officers above left to right: Joe Hocking, Pres.g Kip Hassen, Historiang Don Seaton, Vice-Pres.g Brian Kilpatrick, E ' I S Ra i Q leff: 5 3 . sais. " f ' Q Q. ,K Ti A Q Y ms L'-k, S fm? ' rg, it We si! M K9 'B ' fs SQ 0 SI g I f ', i I -Y X 5 Secre tary. mf G I Q5 Dr. Coleman Smith plays the piano and helps Dr. Edward Bahr lead the Phi Mu members in a song. The purpose of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is to encourage and actively promote the highest standards of creativi- ty, performance, education and research in music in America. P3 Q W i , 1 9 5 1 . Q Members Sitting left to right: Joe Hocking, Ron Stone, Carl Battles, Brian Kilpatrick. Second row standing Dr. Coleman - Faculty Advisor, John Kurowski, Kip Hassen, Dave Chesser, Dr. Edward Bahr - Faculty Advisor, Don Seaton, Randy Daniel. Musicf315 Seated left to right: Cheryl Fore lPresidentl, and Terri Blaylock 12nd Vice Presidentl. Standing: Kellie Russell list Vice Presidentl, Carol Wright ISecretaryl, and Mark Schwartz ITreasurerl. 31 6f1VIus1'c Seated left to right: Cheryl Fore, Kellie Russell, Terri Blaylock, Carol Wright, and Mark Schwartz. Middle Row: Sponsor Wendall Ralston, Sponsor Ian Pokorny, Penny Morrison, Debbie Daniel, and Debbie Rothrock. Back Row: Deana Seaton, Suzie Phillips, Kathy Morgan, and Lisa Due. OMEA members are, standing left to right: Ioe Hocking, Ian Roberts, Vice President Lisa Nichols, Leslie DuPertuis, Brian Kilpatrick, Sponsor Robert Dillon, President Tammy Kirkpatrick, Christy Wallace, Ioe Fine, Iennifer Abler, Secretary Robin Miller, The Student Oklahoma Music Educators Association is designed to provide educational experiences for those wishing to become music educators. Mus1'cf31 7 S33 VA,A , IAV, ,, i it .fi K lg TAA Y Q l:iH4'Jf'1, m.XL A ".,.ca"'7 X 'lg J l if 'li ' ' f llliglb 5 ,'-' . 19- 'zle 'lk ' ' 5 M Officers are Above Left to right: Tony Knauls, Pres., DeWayne Long, lst Vice-Pres.g Robert Diggs, Sgt at Arms, Lester Knauls, Sgt. at Arms, Gary Hayden, 2nd Vice-Pres.g SPOUSOYS of Ebony Gospel Chilli' are Left to fight! Carl BHFCIHY, Sharon Monday, Sec.lTreas. lst Vice, Nelvetha Drake, Sec.lTreas. 2nd Viceg and Marilyn Rnd RObel'tS. Heath, SQCJTI-egg, Choir members are lst Row Left to right: C. Ladd, F. Jones, I. Slaughter, P. Loggins, C. Adediyi, C. Chestand, S. Monday, D. Griffin, T. Tubbs, C. Singer, C. Patton, S. Love, T. Thomas, A. Overall. Row 2: N. Drake, D. Turrentine, B. Harbert, L. White, F. Jackson, P. Jackson, L. Knauls, M. Rowe, A. Boyd, T. Dorsey, D. Armstrong, C. Clardy, E. Jackson, D. Columbus. Row 3: J. Robinson, M. Heath, L. Stewart, C. Ishem, J. Thorton, M. Roberts, S. Atkinson, D. Smith, G. Rupert, G. Hoard, R. Graves, C. Caine, J. Bray, R. Taylor, R. Carney. Row 4: A. Rainge, T. Knauls, R. Diggs, C. Barclay, C. Davis, D. Long. 318fIVIusic Rifle Team ,V Wm i Rifle Team members are, left to right, Cindy Crossland, Jack Mitchell, Marilyn Emert, and Cindy Singer. M usicf31 9 320fMusic Flag Corp Above: Front row, mascot Mandy Hensley, daughter of Suzie Hensley, and captain Connie Swanson. Second row, Felicia Galbrieth, Charlene lacobs, and Mary Hunt. Third row, Debbie Anderson, Iill Iebson, Carrie Flanagan, Sherry Pickard, and Beverly Williams. Fourth row, Debra Galbrieth, Barbara Lowry, and Tammy Iones. Not pictured are Ian Roberts, Robin Lindsay, and Shari Rose. Left: Mascot Mandy Hensley, daughter of Suzie Hensley, exhibits a shining smile for the camera. 9 , Twlrlers Above: The CSU twirlers are, left to right: Susan Porter, Rosie Sidwell 1Fea- ture Twirlerl, and Gayle Iohnston ll-lead Twirlerl. Not pictured is Kelly God- dard. Left: Drum Major lack Mitchell and Rosie Sid- well, CSU's Feature Twirler. Right: Gayle Iohnston IHead Twirlerl. 193, Musicf321 322!IVI usi c Jenny Abler Bruce Anderson Danny Anderson Rex Arnold Keith Biglow Boyd Blackabay Bruce Blaylock Monte Bridgforth Gisele Bryce Bill Burns Ben Butler Bill Cable Randy Cannon Kevin Cash David Chambers Debra Cherry Tryon Cherry Dennis Clement Lisa Coats Dana Cox Lisa Due Mark Eby Lynn Eckford Doug Fallis Joe Fine Patty Gackstatter Carrie Garrett Janice Gilley Leslie Hamilton Fred Harris Kip Hassen Ellen Hawkins Jason Hensley Juanita Hillbury Mark Houton Jay Huckabay Jay Wayne Hudson Lejeune James Steve Janke Laura Jarnigan Mary Jobe Valerie Jones Cheryl Kesler Brian Kilpatrick Kenda Kirby Tammy Kirkpatrick Steve Koonce Clarice Landon Robert Lange Ronnie Lee K. C. Moon Mark Mumma Kent Myers Lisa Nichols Paul Onspaugh Cluff Parrett Gene Pointer James Popkess John Pranter Ron Schoen Don Seaton Michelle Severns Chris Small Joe Swanson John Thomas Sherry Tubbs Curtis Vass Robin Wade Deadre Walker Jerry Ward Darlene Webb Cindy Winter CSU Band The CSU band directors are Dr. Melvin Lee and Dr. Kent Kidwell. Dr. Lee has been at Central State for fourteen years. His tremendous reputation as performer and educator keeps him in constant demand as clinician, conductor and adjudicator throughout the Southwest. Kent Kidwell is the assistant band director and also directs the University Jazz Ensembles. He has been at CSU for eight years. The CSU band performs for literally thousands of persons each year. From the exciting half-time performances at each of the Broncho football games to the annual concert tours by the band, this group has gained a reputation for excellence in musical performance. In order to provide variety and excitement in its football half-time performances, the CSU band plays selections ranging from traditional marches to the most current pop, jazz and rock music. Principal arranger for the band is Dr. Robert Dillon of the CSU music department. The high calibre of performance coupled with the pride and enthusiasm of these young people combine to make the Central State University Band one of the nation's finest. Student director and drum major Billy Cassel leads the CSU band in another Lisa Nichols and Christi Wallace practice before their half-time performance. fight song. M usicf323 324fIVIusic String Quartet String Quartet Members are, left to right, standing: Patricia Alexander and Robert Taylor. Seated: Tammy Weiss and Kay Ienkins. Woodwind Quintet Members of the quintet are, left to right, standing: Diane Henderson, Lisa Nichols, and Ienny Abler, Seated: Steve Koonce and Paul Onspaugh. Brass Quintet Seated is Mark Eby, Standing left to right: Toppie Lincicome, Bill Cable, Patty Gackstatter, and Steve Koonce, L 4 Dr. Ed Bahr demonstrates his talent by playing his euphon- ium. M usicf325 ,P x, 4 -X T in , if ' X ,..--. 2 -W .i., A 53. Q: 4. 'Af 3 . W r T Q .wt ,V - A 5 Qi if K' awk W 2 fi A wk my .N 2. 'QE fm i 2 M X aw . .Q sf Q .. ww- kj Q ' yi F il x Q, X Q, i V 3, v R as 34 -. 2 Y RQ? gk A W 4 W Nw X fm Q' my H ,defy 1 YS 5 is ,Y A x . YA S ,, A Sw A -5 ,N A , Xi Q sf- mxk .wukgrl 5 , YH. 4 we W. fx saw! f . . gh .I SN ifh figfif i Mifxs 4 + Lt ' aan ,i ,vim it I if ii -I. US g, 'P A , ,R 4 my 1 ,G , Q 'E P? 4? M I. Q 4 AS, ,. 5 1 Q' 1 , 'K .Wk 1 'P .5 X39 3 Li, f X4 S " Til ii f 'sf fm V fy ? U MV L M Q ui ,Q XSS? fm E 5 5, A if 'il xii 1 . X 9?3.:i3f"'- 'WZ f .0 2? 5. is i QQ ZR li k as as af f Q ii ' 1 g EK. 'L H5 xx QQ Q Kiigxxvm ls T 3' Q .V S' Q, A s s a XA as M VW' Ne. x . . --A- i jg .. -W. QL - "T an 5 V, 3 Q if ' W ' 'lkh 2 ' g , V . H Q. +V 8 MEX W A is h Q . . il 6 i K 1 L if W A 'Q QA f jen, A We . 5 Q iw Q ff waxy gg "'k 3 Q Q , :Rfk Q S5 A 'X -Q. 4 6 L ' gk m K Sfgwsfi 5 , - viii . W - Vilfwe K Wg Rx -ff S V I WA, 2 7 Q av iff - f ,Q 5' 1 - E - . it 22 A ge ' - ,,,. Y ,X Nj M ,- . p . K 'Y11 'H 'S Sl . 1 SY , fi A - A ,lm 'Q 3' f' if 1 gg axww. fl T5 9 'K .. X Military Science Military Science The school year 1980-81 has been an exceptional year for ROTC. The Cadet Corps has grown in size for the seventh consecutive year and student participation in sponsored activities has been overwhelming. The demonstrated performance of many cadets is proof positive that ROTC enchances a student's education by providing a special dimension of leadership and management experiences found in few college courses. Highlights of this year's activities included: a truly superior performance by cadets who attended Advance Campg two float tripsg Annual Bedpan Bowlg Ft. Sill orientationg orienteeringg Dining-Ing Military Ballg numerous color guard appearancesg war gamingg Talihina deer huntg initiation of the Rifle Team and "Marauders"g and the first air assault exercise. Congratulations to all who made these activities successful. 328fR OTC Battalion Commander and Staff Cadet LTC Ronald Dumas Battallon Commander Cadet CPT Steven Cadet Major Joe Swanson S 3 Cadet CPT Mark McPherson S 4 Cadet CPT. Linda Wharry, S-5 Cadet CSM. James Chapman ROTCf329 330fR OTC Senior Cadets Anthony Brown James Chapman Ron Dumas Mike Fergason Randall Garrett Evelyn Hale Kenneth Houston Mike Howell Rex Ice Steve Lee Sharon Maxwell Mark McPherson Joe Swanson Ron Thomas Linda Wharry Q 'xii X A if John Alterbaumer Pat Bailey , f r ' S fps' - X is , nfl' ff, John Bilbury David Block Lyndon Brady xx' 'z if as ,Nih- il A junior Cadets Roy Clark Nathan Cornell Darla Dunlap Andy Fairchild Maxine Feary David Fulbright Mike Gonzales Charles Kelso Steven Laubach Steven Lewis Thomas Massey Mike McAlister Ron Peery Joel Prouty Anthony Rainge J. D. Scott Trent Scott Dennis Simon Mike Tayer Ron Tucker ROTCf331 I 3 5 Dr. Patton, Dean of the School of Special Arts and Sciences, presents the 2 year ROTC Scholarship Award to Cadet Ronald Tucker. The Frieberger Award is presented to Cadet James Chapman by Dr. Bill Lillard, President of Central State University. ROTC Awards W! , Dr. Patton, Dean of the School of Special Arts and Sciences, presents the 3 year ROTC Scholarship Award to Cadet Robert Summers. Cadet Joe Swanson receives the Superior Cadet Award, presented by Ltc. James Case. Major Roeliff Loomis presents the Reserve Office Association Award to Cadet Mike Thayer. Cadet Linda Wharry is awarded the Physical Proficiency Award by Captain Bill Engel. ROTC7333 Bed Pan Bowl This year's Bedpan Bowl was hosted by Southwestern University. Despite the efforts of the highly motivated and talented CSU ROTC men's team, Southwestern's men managed to win the defensive struggle by a score of 6-0. Thus for another year the infamous "Bedpan" will remain in possession of the CSU Cadet Corps. The pride of the Cadet Corps, the never beaten women's team, continued the tradition of totally outplaying their opponents by defeating Southwestern's females by a 13-6 margin. From the first snap of the ball to the last, there was never any question of the pure superiority of the CSU ROTC team. The "Pink" furlined pan remains at Southwestern destined never to disgrace the halls of the CSU Military Science Department. in i Q--. 8 I -ia 4 .. Yu i , ..iv A E " S' .. ,. if il - . s . 3 . ,, - r -- - X ' Y' 4' X l -was if i 5 ' c 5 A ux f Q x t : MA . A - 'Y' T " - , H if T 1 ' sit -- ' gg, ' i s i ' ,ig 2 ,. 2' . - Q L i 4 . ,, - X f . 7 + I - F, ff. v ,W 1-ts.-me .si fs we ,- I. .- .1 ' -' ' 'xiiqiikf ff- -figxpf ,G . fav, 'ff v ,- '--1 -. r 'i 1 5 in K f A it Ilfdf- - rms .Ma-gifs is'5iQ5,,g-' Lx: .,. .f:Z":"': - f t 1 e ms 'L 1 - :ii . Wfsfiskiaea : gr' .., il5t:ffs?sf.sf.s,ysnfsx asm-L 334fR OTC s Ft. Sill Orientation Each year the Fort Sill Orientation visit provides students in the Military Science Department an opportunity to visit a major military installation and to participate in many challenging training activities. This year's Orientation visit was another outstanding success. Cadets participated in such activities as: rappelling, five power demonstration, air field operations, howitzer firing, leadership reaction course, post exchange visit, dining in a military mess facility, and evening entertainment in the Fort Sill Officeris Club. 'With , 'U fi' ,f"' Jfif ' 7 ,. H , ' ' ?'S"I.:,1, -fl 'J H - ,, f' X, u 4 , f " ff' ,f A W We f at 4 " 2 was ,, - ' " M 'Wu ' sl mf ' . V. - it R OTCX335 Activities Cadet Ragan issues patrol orders fFall FTXJ. 336fR OTC 5 if Q. A r ,X s . . -1 my , A Q ' .SSL - New L is ro , A or g g SQ Q M, Cadets prepare to enter the gas chamber at Ft. Riley Advance Camp. Ron Peery, Major Vassaur, Bill Winsworth, Cpt. Merkel, Jerry McNabb, and James Chapman, relax after a successful hunt. - s . if Activities Z- Slide for Life, Ft. Riley Advance Camp. Cadet lce conducts TOW training class IFall FTXD. ASN "SESS ' +V ' y i.,Qa,4,?5g , Q my. V 75: 'Q . ffbibt Wifi- , QMS' fgbifege V -, W f A - fs 41, ': ' 1 .jig :yi ' V "gig 23,1 'sf Mountaineering is just one of the many challenging activities performed by ROTC cadets. ROTCXS37 435. :Ai " L , .N 2 338fA dminis tra tion Administration 340fA dministra tion Assistant Vice Presidents of Administration '27 ' I ' z ' uf f 'H f, ,, fi V L .ffig:'gff ,V V , ff at W , ,Z ,, tV,, ,.V'f, V, . X, If 13 'xl N C' 'Nr ff fr' '4 f 1, if , , aw' XV M ,M ' ..' i'!xVX"i,XfFr Margery Danley Office , , New 7' , - we 'i ff! Mg ' f" 2 f ' 'eee' Treece Dr Barbara Ryan Marie Hancock Vice Pres. of ministration's Office Vice Presidents Cassens and Alcorn join Senator B111 J Crutcher and Mrs Cassens at the Homecoming Alumni i r Vice President Assistant Vice President Academic Affairs Academic Affairs ,..:,,:v , ' . ' fr . Q - PM 5 X X is f' 3 NV Q' if Af as 4 2 jg as f ' A ft, ? X Y v 5 4' X 4 t 1 ,-t ,, 5' if ' in . sr A ,M .1 A M M X we X t N i iw! 1 Tx k ,. 9E is 'B - - . Q,?..X,N-, - - K. . is w rs if w X F with Dr. Odus Rice Bbb 'Q Wanda V ss o ie Groves Dr Vice Pres. Oiffice Asst. Vice Pres. Office Associate Deans of Students ' Dr. Dudley Ryan Deanna Land VM I I ,wash n ew VV ' ' ,ag f ' 1145 si. fl, J! ,, 47 fr V QQ f 'WJ' X V' ,A ,, gm- -1 , 7 K ig f51'i f..fx 1 S X Q 2 Claudia Huddleston Helen Munn Reba Lucas Vice Pres. Dean's Office Dean's Office Student Services' Office Ad Regents for Oklahoma Colleges A Jon Bruce President if 1 ' sss . 2 V' 9 "" J . ff ,,,. ,. 'AIV if ":' Keith Allen Jack Annis Bowie Ballard, Exec. Sec. Jr. L it 1 W e L iilii if- . L 'V 'si' ' "s : :e" -Q W 1 iff 2 John R W. R. Bradford desteigugr Marion Diel , n iiii 1 ,,f,'V'-e , dieser. ' ...V ' :, I i': an . r 5 Leslie Fisher Ruth Holmes Ed Livermore, Jr. Regents for Higher Education Scott Orbison Chairman 344!Administration ' .,. . -. fa.-, ' 'L , K , K I M lil -x 0 KK "" i f i ,, 'VN f-- 9 9 9 Dr. E. T. Dunlap Bob Allee Joe Gary Chancellor f 2 ' ie .',i :K 5 1 'J S fd - K Bert Mackie James Mills John Patten Ms. Avalon Eugene Russell Vaught Reece Swearingen . .ss W.. Governor George Nigh Governor George Nigh is the 22nd Governor of Oklahoma. Governor Nigh was born in McAlester, Oklahoma, where he graduated from high school and later taught after receiving his B.A. at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. Nigh also served in the U.S. Navy. Chief Executive Nigh was a member of the House of Representatives from 1951-1959, and held the position of Lieutenant Governor for four consecutive terms. Nigh has been the past Chairman of the National Conference of Lieutenant Governors, and Chairman of the National Conference of Lieutenant Governor's Committee on Tourism. In 1978, Nigh served as General Chairman of the Will Rogers Centennial Celebration. Academic Deans Dr. Frank Finney School of Liberal Arts Dr. David Hart School of Math and Science R ssc X as SX so fm Dr. Lucille Patton Dr. Bill Fisher Graduate School Dr. Dale Mullins School of Education Dr. James Perry School of Special Arts and Sciences School of Business Adminis tra tionf345 346!A dministm tion Robert Aubrey, Music Dr. George Avellano, Marketing Dr. Lorren Beavers, Accounting Dr. Donald Boyce, Math John Cage, Funeral Service Dr. D. S. Carlstone, Physics Lt. Col. James Case, Military Science Dr. Homer Coker, HPESLR Leroy Crozier, Political Science r Academic Department Heads 'PE Wflffif i,4W,,f"5,i'fW','l3 Wii iifydifjff' 557' l f Q Q 7 A My g y , ' Ex 2 N g A , 1 I' izi Qt -f fl r etr ff? I ' V' Z ,.,, X . Academic Department Heads Dr. Charles Douglas, Secondary Ed. Dr. Kenneth Elsner, Student Teaching Dr. Ed. Fortenberry, Management Dr. Larry Foster, General Business Dr. William Frederickson, Psychology Dr. Lonnie Gilliland, Safety Ed. Tom Hawkins, Geography Dr. Upton Henderson, Economics Dr. Barbara Henthorn, Nursing Dr. Terry Horton, Elementary Ed. Kathryn K. Kunc, Art Dr. Virginia Lamb, Home Economics Dr. Mildred Lyon, Foreign Language Dr. Colene Maxwell, Business Ed. , Dr. Gene McBride, Sociology AdII11HIStI'8tl0Hf34 7 Academic Department Heads Dr. Gene McPhail, Administrative Ed. Dr. Barbara Norman, Oral Communications Dr. Emmet Osgood, Industrial Ed. Dr. Clarence Parker, Philosophy Dr. Richard Peters, History Dr. Edgar Petty, Guidance Sr Counseling Ethel Quickle, Humanities Dr. Bette Roberts, Reading Dr. Marie Saunders, English Dr. Terrill Smith, Chemistry Dr. Warren Smith, Biology Dr. Ray Tassin, Journalism Dr. William VanOsdol, Special Ed. Dr, Cliff Warren, Creative Studies Dr. J. W. Weatherford, Vocational Ed. ..,, u W .Q- 1 F 3 l i wi' J is , it nn- xt ww. I Q f FQ? i 1 s it 'V . . .. ' C ... Q C s -' ' s rss, f , ., , W ' Qilbfffii ' r . if W 's""f""' . . , W- r L 'ii - ' f ' "-.i i f I. i V gg Q A ,gil A , 5, . L , Y A ' 1,7 A 71. , ' , 5 f , rllriwssi 1 'rfb at i it .7139 W if w a l . 3 t p ,ik fm as ,JV E, 5 ,.. F nr 5 ., -v ,gs wg 'E P1 fr .41 18' 348fAdministra tion ,Ni 4? Mr Faculty if l i Jo Ann Adams, Art Bill Alters, Chemistry Louisa Arnold, Nursing Michael Bachi, Art Dr. Edward Bahr, Music Dr. James Baker, History Dr. Phil Ball, HPE8zR Donald Barstow, Nursing Francis Baxter, HPE8zR Raymond Beasley, Math Dr. Stewart Beasley, Psychology Dr. Joe Beckham, Industrial Ed W 'N Q XY - .. i x If X N v Q ,1 Q- P X. Q' , . V K z Elizabeth Berger, Sociology Q 3 - J Dr. Kathleen Black, HPE8:R gfigf' Ernest Bleakley, Economics Tififafe ,l 'f rdsifwfffi s FacuItyf349 Faculty . ,Q-, 1. '1'- f' -. .N 3 V 'w ' .k S Norma Bodm, Funeral Service ..,.' cg S Lillian Boland, Humanities it Rhaelynn Bonham, Nursing 'C -.r.: ---: , ..L. , .. f 'ii' ii i ' S 1 SL. 'l--bdti, ' J -' Sis. S f. A. K fgl ZVI ff2'i.QgiZ.L Dr. Joan Bottger, HPESLR I 3 -l-l John Bowen, Industrial Ed. J !',3,f'V,-f'f5 Carl Breazeale, Safety Ed. r'-l' !yi'fV'fx'ff " i f 'fl ,QQ ' it Donald Bristow, Oral Communications SSG. Joe Broadnax, Military Science Dr. John Brothers, School Administration 'Lai' Dr. Bob Brown, Vocational Ed. Dr. Alvin Bryan, Accounting Carole Bryant, Nursing .qv L7 M HW ' .. it 3 E . ... , I g fig gl Q Swag, 'lf ., eil as .Pea T757 . Q, :NX X -' X TE? J A'-2 t' .Jil xi K as - - .M .fi f - 1 1 4 fsiklsilswi - fsga-vzcP' l5g ...Nagy X 1 azvyazfia - isigsifasf . . .ffwrs o f sf-'fdfb -I .. ,f .- S f if -Q .., 'Q 1. t X Cu-'IW gg ,fig l'i33,'5'.w t 1 1. ' 1 ' at ii ,gf-gi ...,.,. . ' 14. ' 'Y ' , A. 2,-rim.. 2 - . S 'Q -, ,if ,- i . i-O 5.5 , . :Xu . 5, : 4 t. 'Q , ... I: s 'Q M? lg.. J - ,.-.t 1. .fx-lf" 2 - aa.. . Dr. John Butler, Management ii-i A L 0 Helen Callaway, Biology 3 ' 0' '45 bl 9 L William Campbell, History Suggs ou' f gr 4 A if .ff SQ -food fmiif ff .Af F 95a..9.dsz2" .25 9 fi 'X I i Allilf 1 350fFaculty Sidi A MQ.. ., Sis , I in if 1 f' ' - , me E X + .X 2:- 1'lS3?l? ' w Faculty -, -' 5 Gordon Carlin, Management . Sharon Carney, Political Science , Q ' ' Dr. David Chance, Psychology J 2 fn SX "' .. ft ,IWN JW! K 5.1" ii Morrisine Chandler, English EW, Dr. Jin Chen, Math Dr. Cavannah Clark, Reading M1 E x AP 1. qgpfgig K - W Efgiagevs :Sw H" N ai i S ' , o,. H .- . Q. . ' - . Dr. Howard Clark, Marketing " L i . s ' - ' - L ' xx!! ft . 7, - '- Dr. Malcolm Coby, Special Ed. gy -ka 1. ,Q kf-. A g ' 1, gE,,,,,5jg 5, , , ,A ,egg g Dr. Gene Cochran, Special Ed. fi? My K Q V5 K- ,gavgfgi -gk-. in , sggiifk -5459332 ,L ,P f , Q' 1 k.-,, f.!,,f'fgi- fs, - - , :ll ezzkexhlsise S wfbi T sf-Q is Y 5,5 if N Q Dr. Moody Coffman, Physics Dr. Homer Coker, HPE8zR I ,ti i Dr. Edward Collins, Special Ed. 4 fs.Q:-21-al:-rf:-:sm X ' fffi 312 1 f S I lj J , , Shirley Connelly, Nursing 'X Carroll Cravens, Business Ed. it Kenneth Curl, Funeral Service Faculty!351 Faculty Dr. Max Davis, Oral Communications William Dever, Political Science Edith Dibartolo, Music Dr. Robert Dillon, Music lst Lieut. Douglas Merkel, Military Science Dr. Karen Dowd, HPEKLR Dr. Don Duffy, English Douglas Duke, Oral Communications Dr. Ben Duncan, Community Jr. College Relations Dr. Hall Duncan, Art Dr. Michael Dunn, Oral Communications Dr. Marina Eaton, Foreign Language Dr. Harry Ebeling, English Frank Edwards, Management Dr. Mary Elliott, Business Finance 1... "'T'5"'t .lg , ,f K5 , ' A at C19 'sg W' f f d ff' 253,15 , xy, 0 t t x-,H 'E W ai 'xiii f 4'-IS. gzip' . fer- Laing frifllt If X l fs , if S fr : ' 211. 3 LE si 5 Q: . Lf.L . , .,. fs . --M,-,gs-:l,si'fs , :,t, 5 --,,.. is 9 " S is 1 ERN l X as R5 is X 1 ,E is ,K ,i si Z X 1 3' Xing s S X ts as X all ' by six ,ix ggi s X . f ar e i Q. Yi' 1 E... 'mst QQ? z X. zz if 5 if 2 X 1 55 3 3 Qi ,529 SQ kr 1 23, 55 2 5 2 f M-5fT32'1s'Cln'L i z + f 4 lx S s ,er eee c , as , i 352!Facu1 ty Faculty f Susan Ely, Nursing Q 3,1 ,MMR 1- " .'f,'? -N , ' ,ff S xQQj,gj1' ' . .4 J . 9' ' . . 3 . -,im 3 ff Cpt. William Engel, Military Science le f Ruby Ewing, Library Science Elizabeth Farris, Music Dr. Howard Farris, Secondary Ed. Zelma Faulkner, Business Ed. r X , I is ix 'va-QF? fi 'v' or Q . . . """"!!" ' Mary Alice Fisher, Home Economics Nelda Fister, Nursing Dr. Paul Fitzer, Computer Science V! ' ' , ,M . ,Z E115 Ewa. , Q., , I If , K ' ,.,. f g f R S, .. 4 WV 4 5 X . K Sa lk Xl X W Y ill I 1 gf? ' " I ,lg 'ff fl i li il ' slil was Donald Fitzgerald, Physics r t Margaret Flansburg, Humanities gf fi Marlene Floyd, Library Science li , 5 5 L Torn Ford, Computer Science Nelda Freeman, Safety Ed. Dr. Dorothy Frosch, Biology Facultyf353 Faculty Herman Fullgraf, History Dr. Woody Gaddis, Photography Dr. Doreatha Gaffney, Home Economics Dr. Barbara Garder, Music Dr. Clarence Garder, Music Dr. David Garrison, Funeral Service Ruth Garwin, Sociology Dr. John George, Political Science Dr. Lonnie Gilliland, Safety Ed. Sue Ann Goodman, Math Dr. F. R. Goodno, History Dr. Donald Green, History Eddie Griffin, Physical Ed. Dr. Fred Grosz, Chemistry Dr. Engel Grow, Guidance Sz Counseling Y W-vp fn., as 'Qu-Ra ff' Lui' I' ,,4vuau.,,,. fanned' .11 my 1-Jil? 354fFaculty Ee K 'lf . f . ,f . M x x ' H g H iii? . Ii ' i t l . . i ' i 3 ff V yr. t ak: -SiE?i:.iigi3iiQ5E 33g ,..: . as ' 1 ' i ' - ., . H- 55 55 'L i U , ' i - - ' 252-5:-'f.., 'Q 'QW 'fs QF? , - .3939 fs F-lf s 5 .- V .ss X X .N Q ff .. , l 'kv - 2 if LLLL it -m"'v:'?f'f2W fififgiffiadf rw 15,5550 514' on vu-M, ii 1-P it 44i22'iifii3Yf'f aff W ""'s1f -f , 5. .-aiffeigsiri Q 'wi 'Hffw ga 2. 3 fi as X 2, gig as z if fwfr . Vu " . gsavfiwx ,qt 'kwa awifiqby, r- yan is K 1s21sif5??sf - . sassiifeifsami s. 2 .. 2 " fivis-':r1 aw ' r 1 , , X Q 'Nz 1:1 X ggsw- waiv e ' -, ,f " 'i 2 f rss- L im. EQ t ' 2 Qs i I I X S X 5 lb Eff, Q Q Q -4 33253 , E , E as QQ? 3 X 5323 32 EE ' Q, s 32 iii .QB Z 3 1 E S s'5i"w"Nw .af ig X X 1 x X 2 ex ss X 2 E N S E L X E ,i Q . Y! . N. gl Xj. . . . . I.- M, 3 K .f U Facult Cal Guthrie, Math Peggy Guthrie, Biology Dennie Hall, Journalism Dr. Margeret Hamilton, Biology Dr. Sam Hankey, Math Dr. Terry Harrison, Biology SSG. Ricky Harvey, Military Science Donna Hawkins, Business Ed. Catherine Headington, English Larry Heard, Physical Ed. Dr. Donald Helberg, Guidance 8: Counseling Gene Hellstern, History Dr. Charles Hembree, English Dr. Mary Ann Henderson, Elementary Ed. Muriel Herbrand, HPE8zR Facu1tyf355 Faculty Patricia Hervey, Special Ed. Lee Hicks, Oral Communications Dr. Jerry Hill, Elementary Ed. Donald Hines, Humanities Dr. Reginald Hocker, Biology Dr. Stan Hoig, Journalism Gary Howard, Physical Ed. Bobby Hunt, Physical Ed. Shirley Hurd, Nursing Dr. John Hutchinson, Accounting Dean F. Hyde, Art SP' aff. S S 'L A --' -X V LX .V Q new if-qw ' -I f . 'V A I q:.k W 9? 3 2 xggfi .f si ttf' .J r..... v--X 15:3 RS? . i R .,..., i. sssi ,tsl salst sssg S , -ai .-h, 'i,h . S S if li 'W I .' if -gL' -lilEi1s??,x fmelag, I as S ss M' I I sf- L it I mi 'Ffh i s ,Arb I Q., ' il' I J X, 5 Llvfxc ,af ,sex ff'- Nfl, ng-3-nf' I ' - ' 5: S2 ' ' - ' "5 SFT ' -az-755: 3 ':9T7El--i P51-E' . , . .'h- f -3 ' . ' 5- A was ai ' f 'ly I -h.' 2 J 1 I g -. r My , V ' Ni ' - -, ' S fs. fL'.L,. 2 'ai N' ., rtata fm- - fs' " - x 'f ' 2 f' vs f S as -4, ' X I Faculty Travis Hyde, Business Finance Cathy Irby, HPE8zR Leilani, Irby, Nursing Dr. Lewis Irving, Sociology Dr. Margaret Isaac, Secondary Ed. Dr. Lillian Ivey, Speech 8: Hearing Darlene Johnson, Humanities Dr. Imogene Johnson, Reading Lori Johnson, Home Economics Dr. William Johnson, Sociology Dr. Randall Jones, Political Science Dr. Frank Kiang, Economics Dr. Kent Kidwell, Music Dr. John Paul King, Physics Virginia King, Art Facultyf35 7 f k r .3 . I a :,.,y,wr-If 3.525133 : 1 7 s ll -, ss . fi5i3Q:g: 1 t " ":-.: Q85 Q. "WW t r A Dr. Joe Kinzer, Vocational Ed. . . . Paul Kirby, Physics Dr. John Knight, Psychology W 1 5 4 X . X 3, . 1 u ,i . 3- ,- R. 2 , E 7 ' 5 Jw,,s...m-. David Landrum, Marketing Dr. T. C. Leckie, Music Dr. Melvin Lee, Music .. ... .. . 5 i Q Dr. Paul Lehman, English Carolyn Leman, Nursing A Sandra Leonard, Math gfl Q5 sf' El 5 r in lli 1 5 Xt , .gf A. if li ,E 5 is f f'il...fTi"f'.Srss : ' 1 s A Norma Leslie, Nursing lf "H Dr. Kathleen Kipp, Home Econ. t i-1.. , ' 1 Q Dr. LaVerne Loman, Math ff. M 3 5 -3 if + ag a X . f. - F : - .KN Maj. Roeliff Loomis, Military Sci. Dr. John Luidens, History Dr. Joan Luxenburg Ingle, Sociology 358fFacu1ty -ilk 5 """' ,Q --ra Q Q sghfffw E - X - S C - A , '.., pr? is .E as 4 ' l if ,-:Stir , ,.:':-VZ-' I C 1i:::f-III' Y 'SWWSQ .Q . ---.,,,:,Q,s i:.Qebx, lulngpyn ,Q ,Refi nslnugu ,S ,V u','x'pf, lf' 5 nl.""0 - 'II 1 s Q . n, ri U1 S 1 M xl s',s",1 Maxx. 1 x ' 1' s'lx 'Ml' .. ,s 5 5 1 x. ll " 0 1' ,S t 'I x 0 g.s',1.s , Us I n n u':,s'.,': ,, :mln ,W s ,,..4 1 ..lfllns:.?a".s' X N" C x, 1 Nt my-x wig ai it wgefs egg, . 42 -Q-f r: ' , , . . . A, N, h q .rr ivswi isa, , Af, .if ,I ix., 4. T535 'Tfl3. P-33 1 'Q ,ifw'x. r V"-U w.v,,4 'Pa'-. J :Z 4 ' 5, ri .H eq!-, ,X 1- 1 1 3 N ,mx,x,. , ,NW fA,g,3.',g. -I Q. ,gsl 1 . T- PM Q-ff, lk . .gg X L " s k k " rr --1-an Y '-Qrwvi .ICQ Faculty Janice McCoy, Bus. Finance Dr. Eloise McCray, Humanities Bill McDaniel, Computer Sci. Dr. Patrick McGinnis, History Karen McGrath, Special Ed. Dr. Marjorie McGregor, Humanities Dr. Fred Mack, Vocational Ed. Dr. Subr Mandagere, Sociology Dr. Whit Marks, Physics Dr. Dorothy Marotte, HPE8:R Dr. Ralph Mengel, Management Norma Miller, Art Dr. Dorothy Mills, English Dr. Charles Ming, Bus. Law Dr. Lou Mooney, Bus. Comm. Facultyf359 Faculty , Q X ,351 x Dr. Larry Morgan, Funeral Service Teruo Morishige, Physics Dr. George Mulcahy, English Dr. Cheryl Myers, Home Econ. Dr. Gertrude Myers, HPE8zR Dr. Mary Nelson, Bus. Comm. Dr. Earl Newman, Secondary Ed. Francis Olbert, Math iix A X E 'fffm , , -Q: is it 'wail' E Q x Dr. Vincent Orza, Marketing 4 F I af-Q Dr. John osbum, History P Dr. Glenda Owens, Math -"" Pauline Owens, Humanities 'W eaiv 'S 1? ,. K121?'3.l 40975 s A ' xx-LWYU-we ,af -vt f, is 2 Q 35 i fx ,fu I fa .IW-: 'ma -ii Itl ,XV if If Q All l f lb X 'E 4'--'yr E I f gu t , Wallace Owens, Art :J ii iiil Q P PX P, - Paul Parent, PE ff' I, - V j '1' b h Dr. Bill Parker, Sociology , :rs-,X L ,ix 'L P I f ' I 5 K , 360fFacu1ty ff lf JX iw!" Faculty Carol Parker, HPE8zR Dr. Bobbye Persing, Bus. Stat. Dr. Virginia Peters, HPE8zR Royce Peterson, History Ann Phillips, Foreign Language Dr. Emmet Phillips, English John Pickard, Humanities Sfc. William Picknell, Military Sci. Gerry Pinkston, HPE8:R Dr. James Pinto, Economics Edith Poe, Reading Jan Pokorny, Music Lenorah Polk, Home Econ. Charles Pollard, Funeral Service Dr. Loy Puffinbarger, Math Facultyf361 Faculty Dr. William Radke, Biology Dr. Bobbie Ralph, Music Wendell Ralston, Music Evelyn Randolph, Bus. Ed. Vernon Ribera, Computer Sci. Dr. Earl Rice, Math Dr. Loree Rice, English Dr. Verlin Richardson, Chemistry Charles Richmond, Secondary Ed. Paul Roach, Marketing Dr. Jere Roberson, History Luemma Roberts, English Monty Roberts, Math William Roberts, Bus. Ed. Richard Roby, Journalism NMR if. 5 f YRS ,, 5-.rf li ff? mi pf viii? 1 ll X 3 W.-'Q-nah 'nf' .av-W-s"""' We ,Xggr ,405 362fFacu1ty CN ,grfvh ,aft ,tl l 'Wai ig we . ie, . xgw 3 A 4 A. . .km :- -Q : 5 R, c ,, ,, ., .ef Faculty Jim Rogers, Geography Lee Rose, Bus. Comm. Glenn Ross, English James Rote, Economics Wadad Rotzinger, Safety Ed. Dr. Gene Russell, Guidance 8a Counseling Dr. Shelley Rutherford English . Irmgard Schneider Foreign Language ,ESSEX ' 1... Dr. Sheldon Russell, Reading Q Q Z 'X Dr , K Elizabeth Scott, Library Sci. Jerry Scott, Bus. Statistics Dr. Kaye Sears, Home Econ. Mohammad Shaaf, Economics Dr. Don Shane, Spec. Ed. Ann Shanks, HPE8zR Facultyf36'3 Faculty 2, A 'Ag. Gerri Shock, Computer Sci. Frank Simons, Art Dr. Jack Sisson, Music p 35 -4 vs w s - f - s. all 2 x g Dr. Coleman Smith, Music Dr. Douglas Sprung, Elementary Ed. Q Frances Spurlock, Music 3 s K ,k,V. .krk i - K , l-s' asss 2 zii S K gag, . Q. 5:45 kkk.k K if ' YM s s . ,aca J. mm ..': i I sssa as W Dr. Frances Stephens, Reading .N L Feodora Steward, Music 5 g James Stewart, English VA A s l - President Lillard greets new staff members Susan Townsend, Gerri Shock and Gloria Auth at the staff reception. 432, 1 364fFaculty 4 2 S axes is N! if fc an fi XXV . 'Qi ,f 1 19 Y? ' --h- x , . , -. ewiEi37?ii s at K WM 'K Wikis? ai r sais tw ix xagvkgg N R Q X swag QS? 1, as xiii .. . - , ,Q NXNKX M xx 0 if 3- X Q f witty , XM: is N 315, X a SSR SR? N Q jr E 1 Q 2 5 .s Q X 4, is E , it 2 E 'nur' 9 1 .1 I , W . E X Faculty SGM Robert Stinson, Military Sci. Dr. Roger Strong, Music Dr. Charles Stumbaugh, Accounting Dr. M. Ruth Taylor, Psychology Harold Thomas, Management Dr. Jimmie Thrash, Vocational Ed. Dr. Charles Tisserand, English Susan Townsend, Nursing Dr. Verdine Trout, Physics Carl Vandever, Political Sci. Maj. Tommy Vassaur, Military Sci. William Wallo, Art Gwynne Warren, English Dr. Darwin Waterman, Spec. Ed. Allen Watson, Biology Facu1ty!365 Faculty Dr. David Webb, History Jessie Webster, Music Dr. Mack Wedel, Secondary Ed. Dr. Frank Wert, Economics Lynette Wert, Creative Studies Dr. John Westerman, Secondary Ed. Dr. Larry Westmoreland, Chemistry Dr. C. M. Whipple, Psychology Wanda Wilson, Vocational Ed. Tony Wishon, Industrial Ed. Regenia Woodberry, English C. E. Wooldridge, Management Charles Yarger, Physics Dr. James Yates, Math Dr. Donna Younker, Spec. Ed. ,af +r.'?v -f - 1- rm Q 5+ 'gr qi.. like if ,J J... x 3 ' X Y 5 5 ,ff-' X 1 ., E 0. ts 2 X if xg Q ss . get R ,X 3, 432 " i + t ark , , - isis ,Si 5 xr ,,,,, ' Staff Department Heads . as iq! it . ff if-e N L, ...- i I , 5 -. x j . T f f l f 5 K If .X Q1 P . eeee . . ' s ' ' 5 3 5 A .R , . ,xxx Q E V i . 51 ,.. . , N . A F F , X . 2 f - X S . Y - -Qs -A w Q S .ss .. 4' "N .A x X 5 'V' g X f ,,... 'Eu .Q 4, ,.,.,,,. . Calvin Allen, Dir. Printing Naomi Bachi, Assoc. Advisor Int'l Students Jack Beeson, Dir, Adm. and Records Jerry Biby, Comptroller Beth Camblin, R.N.-C.H.N.P., Dir. Health Center Nimrod Chapel, Maintenance Coordinator Pete Dunham, Dir. Physical Plant Joanne Dunlap, Asst. Dir. Personnel Jim Dunn, Chief Campus Police Dr. Michael Dunn, Dir. KCSC Radio Robert Fields, Dir. Housing Cindy Freeman, Rep. HSfCollege Relations Rhonda Freeman, Dir. Financial Aids Dr. Woody Gaddis, Dir. Student Photo Lab Darrell Gilliland, Dir. Counseling Center Dr. Stan Hoig, Dir. Publications Dr. Mildred Hust, Energy Coordinator Bill Jenkins, Dir. Computer Center Charles Johnson, Purchasing Agent Dr. John Lolley, Dir. Library Stal'ff367 Staff Department Heads Willie Maxwell, Dir. Food Services Larry Mercer, Dir. Machine Rental Bill Mitchell, Dir. Veterans Affairs Ruby Morgan, Dir. Correspondence Studies Charles Murdock, Athletic Director James Noley, Native American Counselor Dr. Barbara Norman, Dir. Media Center Dr. Ronald Paddack, Advisor Int'l Students Joe Park, Dir. Public Information Gerald Pledger, Asst. Dir. Physical Plant Art Robinson, Bookstore Manager Dr. Barbara Ryan, Dir. Institutional Research Daniel Smith, Dir. Photo Lab Ben Tavares, Custodial Supervisor John fSkipJ Wagnon, Dir. Placement 8z Alumni Joe Ward, Asst. Comptroller 3 sf? gf 'arf " N 3 W' '. 4 a :Tiki .. .. frifsfl sz' - iaswffifff ' .1 i' iq it 5, T.. "1" 'Y 'sy .7 1 I XX 5, if-'mm':v"' 01a-ans Larry Williams, Dir. Personnel swsi Jon J. Wright, Dir. Certification 't Ila Dell Youngblood, Dir. News Bureau X W, 7 3 'RA L w. l lf 'S or w . .. . M N3 f W 3 r .gs Q as as . .U X X ls rid Q si 3 in 4 li is 3 X. 5 if .ses I ref 368fSta!I' ,,1 L aff Staff KVM ts. ti. c QMS, r n ,,., at .-,- 2... r ' ., I . '. QQ K K I if I in af' S., . " ' . 1 :- 1 . bv' Eff a fig' 8 ' . .K K if S 4 N 1 X f Q L . r ,, 'i' Y Te 'x ' 5-. ,ki F S vi'-Y Chix: r 3 TQ Z ' X ff 5- 4 3 . Xe. , A - . . M 3, . . ,. , ,Y.5,g. ,Eg i fl 911 . 'Zh ' i ,QQ H' ilQxQ.,Q2lR N' fl, . M V- S -, ,Xue ' ' "W 4 ,. 1 we E. lt .v al, '-K fix 3 QS M M' Q W ' X S, rs, 3 X I X 25 A A i. t Aa I N Orvella Amos, Health Center Office Dolores Barnett, Finance Counter Robin Barrett, Military Science Office Kathie Bradshaw, Machine Rental Office Joyce Bridwell, Library Services Office Margaret Bryden, R.N., Health Center Cheryl Caldwell, Student Teaching Office Metha Cottle, Publications Office Judy Courtney, Accounting Office Dorothy Cross, Liberal Arts Office Margery Danley, Personnel Services Office Sue Davis, Personnel Services Office William DeMand, Media Center Engineer Garreline Ebert, Payroll Marvonne Farrell, Sectioning Stafff369 Staff Joyce Freeman, Personnel Services Office Sue Garrett, Special Arts 8L Sciences Office Dorothy Henton, Comptroller's Office Dorita Hooper, Murdaugh Hall Hostess Ruth Hornish, Thatcher Hall Head Resident Town' .,. 'ggi :rr wwf' Claudia Huddleston, Student Services Office Joyce Jarvis, East Hall Head Resident John Johnston, Media Center Technician Rhonda Kyle, Counseling Center Psychologist Phyllis London, School of Business Office Dorothy Mason, Purchasing Leanna Mize, Accountant Gina Morris, Inventory Linda Morris, Acctg. 8a Purchasing Office Hank Parker, Purchasing 1' 1-Q Ysfv' 3 70fS taff Staff ? F 1-n S Yr? as " i r YT? Q, N! is M Q ca r ig- Y 5 wx at, . K f-"A K is 1 es Christine Wheeler, Special Ed. Office Audie Perkins, R.N., Health Center Betty Pharis, Journalism Office Irene Ray, Nursing Dept. Office Nancy Ritz, Media Center Coordinator Koveta Schibbelhute, Public Information Office Wilma Sharp, Business Office Charles Simmons, Student Photo Lab Technician Neta Smith, Graduate Office Phyllis Speiser, Business Office Diana Stokes, Counseling Center Office Maxine Treece, Institutional Research Office Jan Tuepker, School of Education Office S tafIf3 71 Above: University Center Bookstore workers are, left to right: Mozelle Matthews, Gerri Pruitt, Marie Wheeler, Patsy Fruidenrich, Jean Powell, Lalit Sancbeli, and Rita Moore. Left: Art Robinson, Director of both The Corner and The University Center Bookstore, stands with Jean Powell of The Corner. Lower Left: The Corner workers are Deana Mills and Sandra Sizmore. Below: Supply Room workers are, left to right: Barbara Kiespert, Shirley Lancaster, Carolyn Kirkes, and Carol Brewer. Advisement V. 'Q 'fig if . Donna Guinn Linda Lofton Office Bob Austin Coordinator if F Q' X 3 if M... .s,..w A My ,K k . . .f5?i Q L A. . A Gloria Auth Gail Balman Ann Black Calvin Fairbanks Linda Matthews Joyce Navarre S tafff 3 73 3 74fA dm inis tra tion I I ".2'v"' ff Dr. John Lolley Director of Library Ser- vices Q Peggy Akerman 15" Betty Drennon .5 I sgliwg, 'Q " 4:-W1 'A , 1 4 l' 'ie 4 . M, is if' 9 4: Q Q '1 Charlsie Martin in Q. 1 ...... , Clemma McCawley Asst. Dir. for Public Services . a f, .4 , V' I T1 514+ ' ' 'fi' A V A f - ' ' .. A' K I F" ' i. Mfr' -, . Grace Appleby Y? Elizabeth Eidson if M tiff! -9 Ml I Barbara Miller ,Ja f if 'Y 0? fi Ron Curtis Asst. Dir. of Tech. Ser- vices .. i W ,1 MZ' X ,..' 'W if 9, Dorothy Billen Ruthie Forshee X ' 4 .. Wanda Montgomery Max Chambers Andrew Peters Reference Dept. if .4 , f" ' 32' !..,f Xt' I z., rx. Mary Bond Andrea Gerberg Kitty Pittman J 'ivi' si y .,, MM we Waxes , .,V 4 ' + na, . vw :,:A.,fggJa.,g. .Qt ,. Imogene Troxel Library Lynne Altstatt Acquisitions Dept. WW 4 1 1 . . fir?" Glenda Carlson 'wif Mildred Hauser Frankie Potts 'ISC' If ! Z David Williams Ann Williamson Cataloging Dept. Marianne Collins 57 l .1 f 7 .. ,, mwyxf Ja if i w H f Ed Hill f 1 I fl Q V f 4 ' M ,fe . .. . ,X ,W Y ,, Jean Reynolds John Purdy Serials Dept. 49' Deborah Coundiff ' Iva Mae Holloway Jo Royse 'X i A? v 'W ,h 1 1. , y Joyce Bridwell Library Secretary W V7 , , - 1 ' j AYYVX f . f , N, . , 19 Ai ' ' Doris Detweiler M1 , X Dorothy Klemme 'di' Carolyn Rylander Administra tionf3 75 KCSC + 1 The KCSC staff consists of front row, left to right: Laura Despain, Karen Brittingham, Debbie Affentranger, Carla Mayfield, Station Manager Mike Dunn and Michelle Edwards. Second row, Ed Adams, Benny Christensen, Robert Summers, Linn Dodson, Bob Lawson, Kevin Kepley and Dot Miller. Third row, Robert Lane, Todd Westfall, Ben Savage, Peter Bob Patrick, Mitchell Miller and Jonathan Turner. Not pictured are Mark McCuen and Friday Epley. Right, Kevin Kepley checks the daily program log. 376fK CSC Campus Police Standing left to right: Officers Doris Smith, Bobby Roberts, Mark Holland, Tim Henderson, Lindall McLemore and Dispatcher Cynthia Luster. Seated: Officer James Smith, Chief Jim Dunn and Officer Russell Cottle. Print Shop saws- -f l s l Q Many students are acquainted with this certain duty performed by Officer Russell Cottle. W. M. Ellis prepares to start the offset press. Print shop employees are, left to right, Tom Willard, Graham Bennett, Calvin Allen, director, Wanda Fox, Billy Stumbaugh and W. M. Ellis. S tafff3 77 4 5? Vi X f 4':'Q".l,,, ,i Above, left to right: Judith Swisher, Rhonda Freeman fDirectorJ, Rose Marie Wright, Dianna Franklin, Annabelle Kennard, Linda Peterburs, and Helen Thompson. Right: Beulah Wilson, Pat Slabotsky, Lavon Bennett, and Dorothy Mack. 378fStaff f-,.'.::::CF:""' Left to right: Marvonne Farrell, Linda Johnson, Bobbie Aguilar, Laqui- ta Ballew, Mary Collins, Brenda Tate, Jill Lang- ston, and Brenda Mel- son. Below, seated left to right: Gary Sturgis, Judy McDaniel, Barb- ara Anaman, and Gay- lynn Spear. Standing: Suzan Bymun, Sammy Winn, Rebecca Owens, Sharon Dance, Elaine Coleman, Sheri Sweet, Maureen Shontz, Danny Kidd, Rob Jor- dan, Dan Hobelman, Maithreyi Manoharan, and Julie Wiseman. ""' q. --Q v-,. 380fIndex Index IndexA'i8l Organizations Afro American Student Union 154 Alpha Chi 158 Alpha Lambda Delta 160 AWS 172 Baptist Student Union 156 Black Peer Counseling 171 Bronze Book 214 Chi Alpha 178 Faculty Senate 152 First Americans 162 High School College Relations 202 Kappa Delta Pi 182 Marketing Association 184 Mortar Board 196 Nigerian Student Union 208 Nursing Club 174 PIO StudentaStaff 183 PEMM Club 176 Phi Beta Lambda 186 Phi Eta Sigma 161 Photo Lab Student Staff 211 President's Club 180 Radio Student Staff 210 Resident Hall Association 169 Resident Assistants 170 SCEC 194 SEA 188 Student Home Ec. Association 189 Sigma Alpha Eta 190 Sigma Delta Pi 209 Sigma Delta Chi 192 Student Senate 148 Tiaras 198 Toastmasters 201 UCAB 204 Vietnamese Student Union 200 Vista Staff 212 Wesley Foundation 203 Young Democrats 206 Young Republicans 207 Faculty and Staff A Adams, JoAnn 349 Aguilar, Bobbie 379 Akerman, Peggy 374 Alcorn, Alvin 342 Allen, Calvin 367,377 Alters, Bill 349 Altstatt, Lynne 375 Amos, Orvella 369 Anaman, Barbara 379 Appleby, Grace 374 Arnold, Louisa 349 Aubrey, Robert 346 Austin, Bob 373 Auth, Gloria 364,373 Avellano, Dr. George 346 B Bachi, Michael 349 Bachi, Naomi 367 Bahr, Dr. Edward 349,325 Baker, Dr. James 349 Ball, Dr. Phil 349 Ballew, Laquita 379 Balman, Dr. Gail 373 Barnett, Dolores 369 Barrett, Robin 369 Barstow, Donald 349 Baxter, Francis 284,349 Beasley, Raymond 349 Beasley, Dr. Stewart 349 382fIn dex Beavers, Dr. Lorren 346 Beckham, Dr. Joe 349 Beeson, Jack 367 Bennett, Graham 377 Bennett, Lavon 378 Berger, Elizabeth 349 Biby, Jerry 367 Billen, Dorothy 374 Black, Ann 373 Black, Dr. Kathleen 349 Bleakley, Ernest 349 Bodin, Norma 350 Boland, Lillian 350 "Bond, Mary 374 Bonham, Rhaelynn 350 Bottger, Dr. Joan 350 Bowen, John 350 Boyce, Dr. Donald 346 Bradshaw, Kathie 369 Breazeale, Carl 350 Brewer, Carol 372 Bridwell, Joyce 375,369 Bristow, Donald 350 Broadnax, SSG. Joe 350 Brothers, Dr. John 350 Brown, Dr. Bob 350 Bryan, Dr. Alvin 350 Bryant, Carole 350 Bryden, Margaret 369 Butler, Dr. John 350 C Caldwell, Cheryl 369 Callaway, Helen 350 Camblin, Beth 367 Campbell, William 350 Carem, Richard 205 Carlin, Gordon 351 Carlson, Glenda 375 Carlstone, Dr. D. S. 346 Carney, Sharon 351 Case, Lt. Col. James 346 Cassens, Dr. Patrick 149,343 Chance, Dr. David 351 Chandler, Morrisine 351 Chapel, Nimrod 367 Chen, Dr. Jin 351 Clark, Dr. Cavannah 351 Coby, Dr. Malcolm 351 Cochran, Dr. Gene 351 Coffman, Dr. Moody 351 Coker, Dr. Homer 176,346,351 Collins, Dr. Edward 351 Collins, Marianne 375 Collins, Mary 379 Coleman, Elaine 379 Connelly, Shirley 351 Cottle, Metha 214,369 'Cottle, Russell 377 Coundiff, Deborah 375 Courtney, Judy 369 Cravens, Carroll 351 Cross, Dorothy 369 Crozier, Leroy 346 Curl, Kenneth 351 Curtis, Ron 374 Bynum, Suzan 379 Cage, John 346 D Dance, Sharon 379 Danley, Margery 342,369 Davis, Dr. Max 352 Davis, Sue 369 DeMand, William 369 Detweiler, Doris 374 Dever, William 352 Dibartolo, Edith 352 Dillon, Dr. Robert 352 Douglas, Dr. Charles 347 Dowd, Dr. Karen 229,352 Dreenon, Betty 374 Duffy, Dr. Don 352 Duke, Douglas 352 Duncan, Dr. Ben 352 Duncan, Dr. Hall 352 Dunham, Pete 367 Dunlap, Joanne 367 Dunn, Jim 367,377 Dunn, Dr. Michael 210,352,367 E Eaton, Dr. Marina 352 Ebeling, Dr. Harry 352 Ebert, Garreline 369 Edwards, Frank 352 Eidson, Elizabeth 374 Elliott, Dr. Mary 352 Ellis, W. M. 377 Elsner, Dr. Kenneth 347 Ely, Susan 353 Engel, Cpt. William 353 Evans, Eddie 241,242,248 Ewing, Ruby 353 F "Fairbanks, Calvin 111,373 Farrell, Marvonne 379 Farris, Elizabeth 353 Farris, Dr. Howard 353 Faulkner, Zelma 353 Fields, Robert 367 Finney, Dr. Frank 345 Fisher, Dr. Bill 345 Fisher, Mary Alice 353 Fister, Nelda 353 Fitzer, Dr. Paul 353 Fitzgerald, Donald 353 Flansburg, Margaret 353 Floyd, Marlene 353 Ford, Tom 353 Forshee, Ruthie 374 Fortenberry, Dr. Ed 347 Foster, Dr. Larry 132,347 Fox, Wanda 377 Franklin, Dianna 378 Frederickson, Dr. William 347 Freeman, Cindy 202,367 Freeman, Joyce 370 Freeman, Nelda 353 Freeman, Rhonda 367,378 Frosch, Dr. Dorothy 353 Frudenrich, Patsy 372 Fullgraf, Herman 354 G Gaddis, Dr. Woody 354,367 Gaffney, Dr. Doreatha 354 Garder, Dr. Barbara 354 Garder, Dr. Clarence 354 Garrett, Sue 370 Garrison, Dr. David 354 Garwin, Ruth 354 Gay, Marlon 225 George, Dr. John 354 Gerberg, Andrea 374 Gilliland, Darrell 367 Gilliland, Dr. Lonnie 347,354 Goodman, Sue Ann 354 Goodno, Dr. F. R. 354 Green, Dr. Donald 354 Griffin, Eddie 354,254,256,258 "Grosz, Dr. Fred 354 Groves, Bobbie 343 Grow, Dr. Engel 354 Guinn, Donna 373 Guthrie, Cal 355 Guthrie, Peggy 355 H Hall, Dennie 355,212 Hamilton, Dr. Margaret 355 Hancock, Marie 342 Hankey, Dr. Sam 355 Harrison, Dr. Terry 355 Hart, Dr. David 345 Harvey, SSG. Ricky 355 Hauser, Mildred 375 Hawkins, Donna 355 Hawkins, Tom 347 Headington, Catherine 355 Heard, Larry 355,225,235 Helberg, Dr. Donald 355 Hellstern, Gene 355 Hembree, Dr. Charles 355 Henderson, Dr. Mary Ann 355 Henderson, Tim 377 Henderson, Dr. Upton 347 Henthorn, Dr. Barbara 347 Henton, Dorothy 370 Herbrand, Muriel 355 Hervey, Patricia 356 Hicks, Dr. Lee 356 Hill, Ed 375 Hill, Dr. Jerry 356 Hines, Donald 356 Hobelman, Dan 379 Hocker, Dr. Reginald 356 Hoig, Dr. Stan 214,356,367 Holland, Mark 377 Holloway, Iva Mae 375 Hooper, Dorita 370 Hornish, Ruth 370 Horton, Dr. Terry 347 Howard, Gary 356,225,235,238 Huddleston, Claudia 343,370 Hunt, Bobby 356,289 Hurd, Shirley 356 Hust, Dr. Mildred 367 "Hutchinson, Dr. John 356 Hyde, Dean F. 356 Hyde, Travis 357 I Ingle, Joan Luxenburg 358 Irby, Cathy 357 Irby, Leilani 357 Irving, Dr. Lewis 357 Isaac, Dr. Margaret 357 Ivey, Dr. Lillian 357 J Jarvis, Joyce 370 Jenkins, Bill 367 Johnson, Charles 367 Johnson, Darlene 357 Johnson, Imogene 357 Johnson, Linda 379 Johnson, Lori 357 Johnson, Dr. William 357 Johnston, John 370 Jones, Dr. Randall 357 K King, Dr. Frank 357 Keely, John 250,252,253 Kennard, Annabelle 378 Kidd, Danny 379 Kidwell, Dr. Kent 357 Kiespert, Barbara 372 King, Dr. John Paul 357 King, Virginia 357 Kinzer, Dr. Joe 358 Kirby, Paul 358 Kirkes, Carolyn 372 Klemme, Dorothy 375 Knight, Dr. John 358 Kunc, Kathryn 347 Kyle, Rhonda 370 Jordon, Rob 379 L Lamb, Dr. Virginia 347 'Lancaster, Shirley 372 Land, Deanna 150,170,172,343,l10 Landrum, David 358 Langston, Jill 379 Leckie, Dr. T. C. 358 Lee, Dr. Melvin 358 Lehman, Dr. Paul 358 Leman, Carolyn 358 Leonard, Sandra 358 Leslie, Norma 358 Lillard, Dr. Bill 149,180,165,229,340,364 Lipp, Dr. Kathleen 358 Lofton, Linda 373 Lolley, Dr. John 367,374 Loman, Dr. LaVerne 358 London, Phyllis 370 Loomis, Maj. Roeliff 358 Lucas, Reba 343 Luidens, Dr. John 358 Luster, Cynthia 377 Lyon, Dr. Mildred 347,209 M Mack, Dr. Fred 359 Mandagere, Dr. Subr 359 Manoharan, Maithreyi 379 Marks, Dr. Whit 359 Marotte, Dr. Dorothy 359 Martin, Charlsie 374 Mason, Dorothy 370 Matthews, Linda 373 Matthews, Mozelle 372 Maxwell, Dr. Colene 347 Maxwell, Willie 368 Melson, Brenda 379 Mengel, Dr. Ralph 359 Mercer, Larry 368 Merkel, Douglas 352 Miller, Barbara 374 Miller, Norma 359 Mills, Deana 372 Mills, Dr. Dorothy 359 Ming, Dr. Charles 359 Mitchell, Bill 368 "Mitchell, Dr. Richard 343 Mize, Leanna 370 Montgomery, Wanda 374 Mooney, Dr. Lou 359 Moore, Rita 372 Moore, Rita 372 Morgan, Dr. Larry 360 Morgan, Ruby 368 Morishige, Teruo 360 Morris, Gina 370 Morris, Linda 370 Mulcahy, Dr. George 360 Mullins, Dr. Dale 345 Munn, Helen 343 Murdock, Charles 368,228 Myers, Dr. Cheryl 360 Myers, Dr. Gertrude 360 Mc McBride, Dr. Gene 347 McCawley, Clemma 374 McCoy, Janice 359 McCray, Dr. Eloise 359 McDaniel, Bill 359 McDaniel, Judy 379 McGinnis, Dr. Patrick 359 McGrath, Karen 359 McGregor, Dr. Marjorie 359 McLemore, Lindall 377 McPhail, Dr. Gene 348 N Nelson, Dr. Mary Jane 360 Newman, Dr. Earl 360 Noley, James 163,368 Norman, Dr. Barbara 348,368 O Orza, Dr. Vincent 360 Osburn, Dr. John 360 Osgood, Dr. Emmet 348 Mack, Dorothy 378 Navarre, Joyce 373 Olbert, Francis 360 Owens, ' Owens, Owens, Owens, Dr. Glenda 360 Pauline 158,360 Rebecca 379 Wallace 360 P Paddack, Dr. Ronald 368 Parent, Paul 360,267 Park, Joe 368 Parker, Dr. Bill 360 Parker Carol 361 Parker Dr. Clarence 348 Parker Hank 370 Patton Dr. Lucille 345 Perkins, Audie 371 Perry, Dr. James 345 Persing, Dr. Bobbye 361 Peterburs, Linda 378 Peters, Andrew 374 Peters, Dr. Richard 348 Peters, Dr. Virginia 361 Peterson, Royce 361 Petty, Dr. Edgar 348 Pharis, Betty 371 Phillips, Ann 361 Phillips, Dr, Emmet 361 Pickard, John 361 Picknell, Sfc. William 361 Pinkston, Gerry 263,291,293,361 Pinto, Dr. James 361 Pittman, Kitty 374 Pledger, Gerald 368 Poe, Edith 361 Pokorny, Jan 361 Polk, Lenorah 361 Pollard, Charles 361 Potts, Frankie 375 Powell, Jean 372 Pruitt, Gerri 372 Puffinbarger, Dr. Loy 361 Purdy, John 375 Quickle, Ethel 348 R 'Radke, Dr. William 362 Ralph, Dr. Bobbie 362 Ralston, Wendell 362 Randolph, Evelyn 362 Ray, Irene 371 Reherman, Carl 341 Rettke, Lynda 341 Reynolds, Jean 375 Ribera, Vernon 362 Rice, Dr. Earl 362 384fIndex Rice, Dr. Loree362 Rice, Dr. Odus 343 Richardson, Dr. Verlin 362 Richmond, Dr. Charles 362 Ritz, Nancy 371 Roach, Paul 362 Roberson, Dr. Jere 362 Roberts, Dr. Bette 348 Roberts, Bobby 377 Roberts, Luemma 362 Roberts, Monty 362 Roberts, William 362 Robinson, Art 368,372 Roby, Richard 362 Rogers, Jim 363 Rose, Lee 363 Ross, Glenn 363 Rote, James 363 Rotzinger, Wadad 363 Royse, Jo 375 Russell, Dr. Gene 363 Russell, Dr. Sheldon 363 Rutherford, Dr. Shelley 363 Ryan, Dr. Dudley 170,343,111 Ryan, Dr. Barbara 342,368 Rylander, Carolyn 375 S Saunders, Dr. Marie 348 Schibbelhute, Koveta 371 Schneider, Dr. Irmgard 363 Scott, Elizabeth 363 Scott, Jerry 363 Sears, Dr. Kaye 363 Shaaf, Mohammad 363 Shane, Dr. Don 363 "Shanks, Ann 363 Sharp, Wilma 371 Shock, Gerri 364 Shontz, Maureen 379 Simmons, Charles 371 Simons, Frank 364 Sisson, Dr. Jack 364 Sizmore, Sandra 372 Slabotsky, Pat 378 Smith, Dr. Coleman 364 Smith, Daniel 211,368 Smith, Doris 377 Smith, James 377 Smith, Neta 371 Smith, Dr. Terrill 348 Smith, Dr. Warren 348 Sosbee, Sonya 341 Spear, Gaylynn 379 Speiser, Phyllis 371 Sprung, Dr. Douglas 364 Spurlock, Frances 364 Stephens, Dr. Frances 364 Steward, Feodora 364 Stewart, James 364 Stinson, SGM. Robert 365 Stokes, Diana 371 Strong, Dr. Roger 365 Stumbaugh, Billy 377 Stumbaugh, Dr. Charles 365 Sturgis, Gary 379 Sweet, Sheri 379 Sancbeli, Lalit 372 T Tassin, Dr. Ray 213,348 Tate, Brenda 379 Tavares, Ben 368 Taylor, Dr. M. Ruth 365 Thomas, Harold 365 Thompson, Helen 378 Thrash, Dr. Jimmie 365 Tisserand, Dr. Charles 365 Townsend, Susan 364,365 Treece, Maxine 342,371 Trout, Dr. Verdine 365 Troxel, Imogene 375 Tuepker, Jan 371 V Vandever, Carl 365 VanOsdol, Dr. William 348 Vassaur, Maj. Tommy 365 W Wagnon, John tSkipl 368 Wallo, William 365 Ward, Joe 368 Warren, Dr. Cliff 348 Warren, Gwynne 365 Waterman, Dr. Darwin 365 Watson, Allen 365 Weatherford, Dr. J.W. 348 Webb, Dr. David 366 Webster, Jessie 366 Wedel, Dr. Mack 366 Wert, Dr. Frank 366 Wert, Lynette 366 Westerman, Dr. John 366 "Voss, Wanda 343 Westmoreland, Dr. Larry 366 Wheeler, Christine 371 Wheeler, Marie 372 Whipple, Dr. C. M. 366 Willard, Tom 377 Williams, David 375 Williams, Larry 342,368 Williamson, Ann 375 Wilson, Beulah 378 Wilson, Wanda 366 Winn, Sammy 379 Wiseman, Julie 379 Wishon, Tony 366 Woodberry, Regenia 366 Wooldridge, C. E. 366 Wright, Jon J. 368 Wright, Rose Marie 378 Y Yates, Dr. James 366 Youngblood, Ila Dell 368 Younker, Dr. Donna 366 Yarger, Charles 366 Student Index A Abler, Jenny 308,309,317,324 Adair, Lisa 65 Adair, Roger 289 Adam, Katherine 65 Adams, Cynthia 52 Adams, Edward 54,210 Adams, Eric 309 Adams, Lisa 115 Adams, Robert 49 Addington, Byron 65 Adebayo, Omololu 52 Adebiyi, Carolyn 273 Adbiyi, Carolyn 65,318 Adetoro, Samuel 52 Adie, John 65 Adler, Nancy 168 Admed, Deana 65 Adinwande, Ayoola 65 Affentranger, Debbie 52,210 Afolabi, Grace 52 Aguero, Sandra 65 Agrens, Glen 184,185 Akande, Ismail 49 Akins, Tony 119 Akinyemi, Tunde 65 Albert, Kaye 196 Alday, Rita 65 Aleerbaumer, John 331 Alexander, Pat 52,304,308,324 Alford, Brent 241 Ali, Athar 52 Alizadeh, Ebrahim 49 Allen Allen Charity 304,305 Gregory 65,132 Allen, Kim 65 Allen, Lisa 292 Allen, Mark 256 Allen, Paulette 95,124,312 Allen, Robert 304 Allen, Will 256,260 Allison, Bobby 129 Altman, Sarah 65,199 Alton, Steve 111,122,121 Ameen, Bill 255,256,257,259,261 Ameli, Shohreh 52,30 Amoozegar, Carolyn 52 Amos, Nancy 162,141 Amos, Andy 400 Amos, Orvella 162 Bailey, Pat 331 Baird, Bruce 65 Baker, Daniel 65 Baker, David 65,304,306 Baker, Rick 162,266,267,122,270 Baldridge, Mike 52 Baldwin, Darrell 65 Ball, David 111,140 Banks, James 235 Barber, Becky 65,113 Barbour, Greg 256 "Barclay, Carl 318 Barfield, Rusty 270 Barnes, Alan 270 Barnett, Desmond 52 Barnett, Elizabeth 65 Barnett, James 65 Barnett, Linda 49 Barnett, Norma 65 Barnett, Pinkie 52 Barnett, Troy 65 Barton, Pam 127 Basse, D.J. 65 Batary, Scott 122 Bates, Dawna 159 Battle, Engrid 66 Battles, Carl 33,304,312 Anderson, Bruce 309 Anderson, Christy 65 Anderson, Danny 307,309 Anderson, Darlene 52,201 Anderson, David 143 Anderson, Debbi 65,309,320 Anderson, Deirdre 65,137 Anderson, Doris 209 Anderson, Emily 65 Anderson, Janet 52 Anderson, Karin 65,137 Anderson, Lanassa 65 Anderson, Lucinda 65 Anderson, Martha 178 Anderson, Michael 207 Anderson, Anderson, Natalie 65,133 Pam 133 Bazar, Gwen 52 Baze, LuAnn 203 Beaty, Jamye 292 Bebout, Pamela 66 Beck, Carolyn 127 Beck, Laura 283,285 Beck, Stacy 66 Beemer, Debbie 127 Beeson, Toni 66 Beffer, Tony 122 Begley, Allison 66,304 Begley, Jeff 66 Bell, Tom 306 Bellows, Lonny 235 Blevins, Finn 122 Bengs, LaVonda 52 Bennett, David 66 Andrews, Sherri 65 Anneler, Deborah 52 'Arambula, Teshia 52,177,312 Arms, Dee Ann 65 Armstrong, D. 318 Armstrong, Pam 52 Armstrong, Rodney 132 Armstrong, Warren 305,312 Armour, William 134 Arnold, Randy 308 Arnold, Rex 309 Arric, Kendal 65 Ashby, Lauri 52,127,312 Astle, Gary 256,257,258,261 Atkinson, Patricia 52,166 Atkinson, Shawn 65,318 Atuaka, Joseph 49 Atkinson, Vernon 235 Aungboonreung, Takon 49 Austin, Ken 129,132,133,239 Austin, Steve 129,241,247 Ausbrocks, Rod 65 Autry, Lunson 65 Autry, Jean 65 Avery, Denean 115,144,143 Avington, Buck 235 Axsom, Karen 65 Ayeni, Godwin 49 B Babe, James 241 Bade, Charles 52 Badger, Glen 65 Badger, Terry 212,192 Bae, Chung Sook 49 Baer, Nancy 65,263 Baily, Bob 286,289 Bailey, Janis 115,133 Bennett, Donna 66,207,192 Bennet, Keith 271,270 Benson, Doug 289 Benson, Karen 66,115 Benton, Anita 66 Beilich, Jon 66 Bergmann, Lisa 174 Bergstrasser, Lori 127 Bergstrasser, Rhonda 52 Berry, Kelvin 52 Best, Jeff 132 Bethke, Cathy 260,261 Bickford, Dianna 115 Bieber, Annette 263,274,273 Biglow, Keith 66,309 Bilbury, John 331 "'Bilyeu, Andy 287,289 Birdshead, Judy 162 Bishop, Betty 52,313 Bisong, Ajorn Ndoma 52 Bisel, Sally .66 Blackshire, Donnie 66 Blacely, Alton 66 Black, Danny 235 Black, Steve 122 Blaess, Ann 308 Blake, Melinda 304 Blandon, Charmayne 66,120 Blandon, Phyllis 66 Black, David 66 Blandon, Larita 120 Black, Deedee 115 Black, Sue 115 Blackburn, Lennis 190,191 Blandon, Larry 180 Blankenship, Tammy 141 Blaylock, Terrie 316 Blay, Terrie 186 Blevins, Finn 111 Block, David 331 Indexf385 Bogel, Dale 140 Boggs, Joyce 66 Bolt, Deborah 52,214,215 Bolt, Jeff 308 Bond, Brett 289 Bond, John 143 Borland, Scott 289 Bondy, Betty 52 Boone, Booth, Emma 66 Michelle 66 Bossey, D. 289 Boston, Pamela 66 Bowens, Barbara 177,262,263,273,274 Bowen, DeeDee 170 Bowie, Joseph 53 Bowles, Jeroi 66 Bowlware, Jerri 304 Bowser, Arthur 53 Boyd, A. 318 Brack, Krinna 53 Braden, Boyd 182 Bradford, Caroline 66 Bradford, Cindy 53 Bradshaw, Lynda 137 "Bradshaw, Steve 66 Brady, Lyndon 331 Branch, Lenny 60,122 Brasiosky, Lavanche 53 Bratton, Lane 66 Brawner, Betsy 66 Bray, Jeanette 66,318 Breath, Lorenzo 235 Breedlove, Kim 66,127 Brewer, Bob 307 Brewer, Doug 112 Brewster, Andrea 53,189 Brewster, Jamie 104,105 Bridges, Cindy 309 Bridgforth, Monte 307,309 Brietling, Matt 201 Brisbin, Terri 53,297 Briscoe, Stephanie 177,292 Briscoe, Roberta 53,201 Briscoe, Willie 289 Brittingham 23,913,210 Brock, Rene 157,203 Brookins, Mary 310,311 Bross, Rex 53 Brown Anthony 330 Brown Donna 53 Brown Evelyn 67 Brown Jena 67 Brown Linda 67 Brown Meagon 127 Brown, Nell 53 Brown Patricia 67 Brown Rocky 53,129 Brown Susanne 67 Brown Wayne 67 Brownlie, Laurel 67 Bryan, Brett 67,112 Bryant, Debra 67 Bryant, Romonda 67 Bryce, Bryon, Gisele 309 Craig 289 Buckner, Carolyn 53 Bunn, John 235 Bunting, Mary 53 Burch, chip 104,105 Burden, Barbara 67 Burger, Scott 225,234,235,238 Burke, Jerri 49 "Burn, Lynne 67,127 Burns, Bill 308,143 Burns, Brad 307 Burns, Mary 67 Buser, Laurie 291,292 C Cabato, Rod 278,281 Caddy, Lorraine 53 Cady, Kimberly 67,292 Cafky, Jean 104 Caine, C. 318 Cain, Kevin 111,140 Caldwell, Diana 67 Caldwell, Kim 67 Calhoun, Christy 53 Calhoun, Missy 67 Calvert, Mark 122 Campbell, David 67 Campbell, Earl 67 Campbell, Kevin 132 Campbell, Hubert 67 Campbell, Jim 67,143 Cannon, Randy 309,143 Cardwell, Toni 53 Carmichael, Terri 67 Carlisle, Donna 67 Carnes, Dan 122 Carney, Rita 67,318 Carpenter, Carleton 119 Carroll, Dietra 67 Carroll, Kelly 68 Carpenter, Steve 31,68 Carson, Darnell 162 Carson, Mary 145 Carter, Craig 225,235 Carter, Jeff 68 Carter, Larry 235 Case, Patti 53,212,213 Casey, Zane 176,177 'Cash, Kevin 309 Cassidy, Diann 53 Cassel, Billy 323 Castleberry, Susan 253 Cates, Marea 68 Causey, Tammy 68 Cayton, Mical 68,240,241,249, 248,247 Celestine, Terri 68 Chambers, David 68,309 Chamlee, Cynthia 68 Chaney, Rod 235 Chapman, James 330 Chartney, Janet 68,292 Chatman, Clifford 224,234,235,230,233 Chavez, Tim 53,35,212,213 Cheadle, Lisa 295 Chehelakhtarni, Hossein 54,31 Chesser, David 304 Chestand, Claudia 49,318,145 Childs, Denise 68 Christensen, Benny 33,94,110,210,122 Christensen, Gordon 181,122,197 Christianson, Cathy 68,137,113 Chu, Chiping 49 Chu, Pokar 54,161 Ciskowski, Mike 234,235 Clardy, C. 318 Clark, Craig 54 Clark, Linda 68 Clark, Mike 256,259,260,261 Clark, Roy 331 Clark, Sharon 68 Claxton, Angie 115 Clay, Eric 140 Clein, Larry 68 Clemons, Kerry 54 Cline, Leah 306 Clure, Jeanne 35,189 Coats, Lisa 308,309 Coe, Christie 54 Bussey, Tracy 127 Butt, Pervaiz 53 Butler, Ben 309 Coldiron, Jud 68 Coleman, Benny 256,261 Coleman, Christy 68,115 Butler, Cynthia 180 Buttry, Kathy 53,188 Byrd, Beverley 304 Byrd, Jimmy 67 386fIndex Collett Collier, Collins, Collins, , Lisa 253 Charlene 68 Karen 54,177 Kathy 121 'Collins, Pam 68 Collins, Sarah 68 Collins, Tim 68 Columbus, Denise 154,318 Colwell, Kevin 68,304 Conger, Jeannie 68,127 Cook, Rebecca 68 Cooper, Carol 304 Cooper, Jeff 140 Cooper, Tracy 110,137 Copeland, Linda 68 Cordell, Roy 68 Corley, Paul 54 Cormick, Guy 276,277 Cornell, Nathan 68,331 Cosper, Renee 137 Cotton, Nathan 68 Courtney, Tracy 279,281 Cox, Bill 305,306 Cox, Carrie 285,284 Cox, Dana Jo 68,309,127 Cox, Don 111,122 Crab, Jim 122 Craft, Marsha 54 Craun, Dianna 190 Cravens, Terri 54 Crawford, Cynthia 304 Crawford, Dana 296 Crawford, Lori 115,204 Cremers, Steve 68 Crews, Becky 28,35,110,177, Crimmins, Lou 104 295,121 Crittenden, Bonnie 68,189,137 Crocker, Amy 127 Crocker, Martha 54 Crofort, Don 68 Crook, Ronald 68 Crosby, Charles 241,242,248,247 Crossland, Cyndi 68,319,127 Crouser, Susan 68,253 Crumbly, Cynthia 201 Crutchfield, Lisa 304,313 Cudjoe, Kendal 31,68,129,241,243,247 Cumbie, Scott 68,186 Cullen, Cecil 68,110,137 Curran, Teresa 252,253 D "Dakudao, Ramone 279,281 Damen, Hanson 54 Dan, Beth 312 Danaher, Bob 132 Banaher, Mary Claire 54 Daniel, Debbie 304 Daniel, Randy 304,306 Daniels, Debbie 309 Daniels, Janice 304 Daniels, Lynndal 68 Darden, Ronnie 68 Darnell, Harley 68 Davidson, Angie 68,137 Davidson, Linda 263 Davies, Diana 49,260 Davis, Becky 54,189 Davis, Bobby ea,2e9,121,27o Davis, Debbie 54 Davis, C. 318 Davis, Gary 162 Davis, Kim 296 Davis, Loreita 54 Davis, Kim 69,114,173,205 Davis, Mark 69 Davis, Rosie 273 Daylor, Lynn 111,140,270 Dean, Chrystal 69 Deaver, Dewayne 235 Debies, Dorothy 69 DelBianco, Alma 69,201 Dempsey, Gloria 307 Dempsey, Lauren 170 Denney, Joanne 49 Dennis, Joe 304 DeNyeko, Moses 168,170 Depurtis, Leslie 309 Derritt, Timothy 134 Desai, Dhiren 49 Despain, Laura 210 Deville, Morris 69 Dewald, Colleen 189 Dickey, Kent 235 Dickson, Carl 69,235 Dickson, Syd 69,157 Diehl, Tom 201 Diggs, Robert 69,318,268,269,270 Dillon, Robert 317 "Dockery, David 54 Dockery,Linda 69 Dodd, Nancy 69,304 Dodd, Sharon 54 Dodson, Linn 210 Dodson, Ross 235 Doke, Carol 69,166 Donnell, Mike 54,140 Donnelly, Barbara 69 Dorley, Jusu Eric 49 Dorsey, Theresa 69,318 Dotson, Vicki 69 Dotter, Brett 104 Doughtery, Jim 104 Douglas, J. C. 151 Downey, Davie 69 Doyle, Jackie 69 Doyle, John 69 Drake, Nelvetha 69,318 Draughon, Christy 133,127 Driscoll, Curtis 69 Due, Lisa 69,309,316 DuPertuis, Julianne 69 Dumas, Ronald 54,34,235,330 Dumbler, Brian 112 Dunlap, Darla 331 Dunlap, Dorothy 209 Duran, Carol 166,173,127 Duran, Donna 54,23,34,180,173,205,209, 144,127,196 Dutton, Teresa 69 Duty, Steve 235 Duvall, Debbie 54,260,261 E Earls, Cynthia 54,285 Earnest, Debbie 54 Eastham, Jamie 69 Eby, Mark 325 Eckstein, Lisa 190 Eddins, Neil 132 Eden, Denise 176,177 Edgar, Terrie 148 Edgmon, Chris 69,235 Ediebet, Monday 49 Edkford, Diana 124 Edmondson, Rhonda 202 "Edwards, Audrey 69,297 Edwards, Cindy 141 Edwards, Michelle 210,124 Edwards, Rick 140 Edwards, Terri 69 Edwards, Vernon 54 Egar, Emmanuel 54 Egar, Martina 69 Ehlers, Kristy 69 Ejiogu, Nwaeju 69 Ekwueme, Elizabeth 49 Elliott, Rhonda 69 Elmenhorst, Trudi 69,294 Elmore, Mike 112 Emann, Tracy 69 Emert, Marilyn 69,319 Emmons, Sharon 69 Emrich, Cindy 115,173,204,294,295 Enekere, Ausguo 69 Engel, Jamss 132 Enyart, Tammy 69,173 Epley, Friday 210 Escalante, Steve 69 Ethridge, Donna 159 Etuk, Isaiah 69 Eubank, Ken 122 Evans, Patsy 159 Evans, Stacy 69,156,201 Evans, Virginia 159 Evrenol, Yasemin 69 Ewers, Gina 159 Ewert, Marlene 70,202 Ewy, Duane 159 F Faboro, Olaoye 49 Factor, Curtis 162 Fadely, Jean Ann 260 Fagbohun, Rebecca 49 Fairchild, Andy 331 Faken, Kim 54 Fallis, Doug 307 Fanning, Renny 34,180 Fant, Sr., Richard 159 Farhat, Mitra 273 Farina, Mike 170,256 "Farrell, Jeanne 159 Farr, How 400 Farris, Christy 201 Farris, David 70,132 Farris, Tracy 70,121,137 Fatchett, Joe 159 Faulkner, Alana 127,294 Fryrear, Janett 159 Fulbright, David 331 Fulmer, Melodie 70 Fulton, Nancy 195 Fusco, Matt 235 G Gabbert, Barry 70,164,165,169 Gabel, Stan 54 Gackstatter, Patty 308,309,325 Gage, Sharon 186,187 Galanis, Bernadette 55 Galbreith, Debra 312,320 Galbreith, F. 320 Gallaspy, Sherri 70 Gallimore, Beverly 70 Gamble, Kay 309 Garcia, Greg 112 Garrett, Diane 70 Garrett, Joanne 70,180,198,183,202,192 Garrett, Randall 330 Garrett, Steven 131 Garrison, Gay 55 Gaston, Debi 71 Gates, Mark 267 Gates, Stanley 71 Gatewood, Alvin 256 Gatewood, Melvin 256,261 Gatewood, Patti 71,137 Gehringer, Mary 71,190 Faulkner, Barbara 70 Feary, Maxine 331 Felty, Jana 70 Ferguson, Marsha 159 Ferguson, Gerald 159 Ferguson, Michell 292,330 Fey, Victor 159 Fidel, Walter 70 Fields, Stanley 304 Fillamn, Barbara 159 Fillips, Ricky 33,3o4,3o5,306 Fine, Joe 70,307,309,317 Finn, John 256 Finney, Brenda 145,180 Finney, John 70 Fisher, Debra 70 Flake, Joe 132 Flake, Mike 132 Flanagan, Carrie 54,320 Flaxbeard, Thomas 70 Fleet, Marci 177 Flowers, Steve 174,175 Folks, Jeff 70,235 Foltz, Lori 137 Fontenot, Terrie 70,137 Follis, Jeff 235 Ford, Karen 294,310,311 Fore, Cheryl 70,304,316 Forgue, Cyndy 159 Foster, Cindy 127 Foster, John 159 Foster, Steve 256,261 Fowler, Emily 174 Fowler, Lee 256 Fox, Claud 159 Fox, Donnie 70 Franks, Joretta 170 Frazier, Lamont 270 Frazier, Roberta 70 Frazier, Shirley 70 "Frazier, Susan 70 Frazier, Mike 70 Frank, Bryan 70 Frank, Sharon 54 Frazier, Lamont 267,269 Freeman, Carey 159 Freeman, Erick 70,129 Freeman, Jeff 276,277 Freeman, Robin 277 Froese, Froese, Louise 54 Verna 159 Gentry, Clydia 159 Gentry, Dan 55 George, DeLayne 71,205,127 George, Judy 55 George, Joyce 159 George Valerie 55 Gerah, ,Maria 55,27,35,115,172 Gerah, Roseann 71,115,133,214,215,398,399 Gilbert, Debbie 71 Gilbert, Tammy 71 Gibson, Mar 71 Gilchrist, Julie 133 Gill, Karen 35,110,205,295,121,127 Gilliam, Janet 159 "Gilliam, Kevin 241 Gimlin, Wanda 159 Gipson, Glyna 55,137,113 Gipson, Peggy 71,297 Gist, Debbie 184,185 Glazier, Steve 71,112 Gleave, Janice 296 Genn, Cheryle 159 Gloodt, Valerie 304,306,308 Gloriod, Gloriod, Jean 71 Nancy 71 Glover, Anthony 71 Goddard, Kelly 127 Goetz, Mary 159 Goetz, Paul 49 Goff, Marsha 11,71,235 Gold, Robin 71,137 Goldsmith, Jim 55 Gonazales, Mike 331 Gonzalez, Juan 49 Goodwin, Bruce 159 Goodwin, Regina 71 Gordon, Gorham Scott 103,104,105 , Cindy 180,202 Gorman, Trudi 312,127 Gorman, William 55 Gouker, Delta 55 Gragert, Alan 304 Graham, Jana 273 Graham, Kelly 173 Graham, Lyn 71 Graham , William 55 Gragg, Cherri 55 Graham, Jo 159 Graves, Graves, John 71,304,307 R. 318 Gray, Christianne 71 Gray, Denise 159 Indexf387 Gray, Kenny 267 Gray, Lori 71,110,177,137 Grayson, Conzy 71 Green, Cecil 235 Green, Kathryn 159 Green, Laura 190 Green, Ted 140 Green, Todd 289 Greene, Diane 177 Greenfield, Shawn 143 Gregg, Terry 71 Gregg, Todd 71 'Green, Melva 55 Gresa, Linda 71 Griffin, Denise 285,284 Griffin, Dernick 71,318 Griffin, Terry 71 Griffin, Ray 235 Griffey, Scott 132 Grover, Ron 122 Grubbs, Mariea 55,180,199,35,212,213 Gudenburg, Lynn 71,127 Harris, Sherrie 55 Harris, Sondra 72,292 Harris, Wilma 120 Harrison, John 72 Harrison, Wanda 250 Hart, Melinda 304 Hart, Mike 72 Hart, Mindy 203 Harterover, Brian 72 Hartman, Rhonda 297,127 Hartman, Sherrie 177 Hartzell, Larry 190,191 Hartzell, Lawrence 55 Harvey, Susan 159 Hashemi, Jamal 55 Haskins, Chris 235 Hassen, David 304 Hassen, Kip 33,306,309 Hatch, Edwin 55 Hatcher, Jay 72 Hatcher, Susan 159 Hauton, Mark 309 Heaton, Hunt, Joy 56 Higdon, Gullory, Terri 71,160 H Hachmeister, Jack 159 Hagee, Wendy 92,94,141 Hagmaier, Karen 55,185 Hala, Mike 71 Hale, Evelyn 55,330 Hale, Patricia 159 Haley, Darrell 157 Halford, Kim 71 Hall, Brad 71,235 Hall, Dalann 159 Hall, Ingrid 71 Hall, Jane 71 Hall, Willie 235 Hamby, Dedra 71,312 Hamilton, Byron 71 Hamilton, Wayde 71 Hamlin, Lenise 186 Hammil, J.D. 71,122 Hammons, Sheila 71 Hamon, Melissa H. 162,163 Hampton, Peggy 159 Hancock, Donna 55 Hanke, Julie 71 Hankins, Carolyn 72 Hankins, Robbie 72 Hanna, Laurie 72,24 Hansen, Mark 139 Hansen, Serena 72,173,137 Hansen, Mark 140 Hanstein, Mark 55 Harbert, B. 318 Harbison, Jeff 140 Hardcastle, Frances 159 "Hardin, Jennifer 55 Hardway, Donna 35 Hargrave, Sharon 144,143 Harjo, Beverly 162 Harjo, Carolyn 55,163,162 Harkey, Stephen 41 Harney, Marjorie 182 Harney, Skeeter 292 Harp, Leigh 72 Harper, Janice 55 Harper, Kimberly 189 Harrington, Rubye 159 Gunter, Barbara 71 Hawkins, Ellen 309 Hawkins, Patty 55 Hawkins, Ronni 256,260 "Hawthorn, Julie 72 Hawzipta, Leon 162' Hayden, Gary 318,134 Haydon, Sally 55 Hayer, Randy 56 Hayes, Carol 159 Hayes, Stephanie 72 Hayes, Julie 166,170 Haywood, Brenda 72,170 Hazelton, Kathy 190 Hearn, Gregory 159 Heath, Marilyn 56,180,35,93,318,145 Cindy 72 Hebblethwaire, Shelley 159 Heidebrecht, Jim 56 Heinlein, Kat 177,263,292 Heinlein, Lisa 72 Helbery, Donald 188 Hellstern, Paul 211 Hellstern, Rhonda 72,304,305 Helton, Bob 72 Heltzer, Carla 72 Henderson, Betty 49 Henderson, Diane 324 Henderson, Frances 159 Henderson, Frank 241 Henderson, Ozelle 56 Henderson, Willie 225,234,235,231 Henery, Jim 122 Hennessey, Joyce 113,127 Henrichs, John 159 Henry, Jim 56 Henry, Julie 56 Henry, Melissa 72 Hillis, Vicki 35 Hilterbran, Dailta 72 Hixon, Jim 256 Ho, Hung Viet 159 Hoagland, Tim 277,122 Hoard, Gloria 318 Hocking, Joe 304,305,306,317 Hocking, Jon 36,304,305 Hodge, Jan 72 Hoff, Candice 56 Hoffman, Dianne 56,211,192 Holder, Richard 72 "Holder, Kim 73 Holland, Billy 73 Holland, Candice 73 Holloway, Debra 159 Holloway, Kathy 56 Holloway, Victor 73 Holly, Ron 122 Holman, Donna 159 Holmes, Sidonie 159 Holsted, Jill 73,141,127 Hood, Donna 73,296 Hood, Robert 159 Hooper, Barbara 73,308 Hooper, Dorita 49 Hoover, Debbie 73,137 Horne, Arlynn 73 Horsechief, Karen 162 Horsechief, Sam 267,269 Hosek, Carol 73,136,172,137,141 Hosseine, Anvar Ali 49 Hough, David 159 Houston, Kenneth 330 Howard, Bryan 56 Howard, Denise 56,235 Howard, Kenneth 235 Howard, Lia 73 Howard, Narrah 177 Howe, Lee 140 Howell, Micheal 56,330,192 Howeth, Pamela 159 Howeth, Rich 159 Hrdy, Anna Marie 55,186,187 Hua, Ke 49 Huckaby, Jay 307 Huddleston, Chuck 104,105 Hudson, Jimmie 304 Hudson, Richard 159 Hudson, Stephanie 56,124 Hudson, Wayne 305 Hudson, Wilbur 73 Huff, Darren 256 Hugg, Linda 312 Hughes, Kelley 304,305,306 Hughes, Ramona 73 Huitt, Patricia 162 Hulin, Laurie 73,198,36,292 Hull, Ellen 56 Henry, PM 132 'Hull, Paul 159 Henry, Teri 72,121 Hensley, Jason 72,309 Lisa 72,181,202,214,398,399,400 Henson, Herren, Patricia 159 Herron, Steven 56 Hester, Donna 159 Hester, Michael 72 Hester, May 140 Heydrian, Shahrokh 72 Hicks, Chris 307 Hicks, Holly 72 Hier, Roy 59 Martin 72 Harris, Bernice 159 Harris, Brent 72 Harris, Cindy 72 Harris, Davie 55 Harris, Douglas 72,177 Harris, Freda 72,30 Harris, Fred 308,309 Harris, Jim 55 Harris, John 72 Harris, Kim 159 Harris, Mike 72,256 388flndex Higgins, Carrie 308 Hight, Marilyn 159 Hile, May 177,290,291,92 Hill, Avis 56 Hill, Cindy 72 Hill, Judd 72 Hill, Lei 72 Hill, Melissa 72,162 Hill, Sharon 154,120 Hill, Tracy 72 Hillburn, Juanita 304 Hunt, Mary 320 Hunt, Randy 73,33 Hunter, Patti 73,115 Hunter, Sherry 56,36,110,115 Hunter, Vicke 73 Hurte, Valerie 73 Hussey, Diana 73,199,32,36,115,204 205 295 Hutchens, DeLisa 312 Hutton, Tammy 73,178 Hyde, Mike 281,280 I Ibe, Aloysius 73 Ice, Joan 56 Ice, Rex 332 Ifeorah, Peter 73 Ikpe, Ibange 49 Imgrund, Sherry 159 Inamete, Ufot 49 Inda, Lorri 73,144 Ingersoll, Rima 56 Ingram, Tony 201 Irons, Jackie 118 Isch, Ira Lee 159 Ishem, Cynthia 73,318 Ivey, Valerie 73,297 J Jackson, Earl 119 Jackson, Eloise 73,318 Jackson, F. 318 Jackson, Ida 73 Jackson, Judy 56 Jackson, Justin 235 Jackson, Laura 73,304 Jackson, Luther 304 Jackson, P. 318 Jackson, Vickie 73 Jones, Valerie 57,313 Jordan, Jay 57,225,235 Joseph, Nada 177,263,292 K Kane, Mike 203,304,305 Kanther, Vicky 127 Karner, Marlen 57 Kash, Marie 309 Kashanchy, Nadereh 74 Keasler, Buster 289 Kell, Dawna 159 Keller, Sherry 74,104,203 Kenn, Michael 211 Keesee, Cathy 74 Keesee, Cindy 186,187 Judd, Larry 49 Kadavy, Jerry 159 Krittenbrink, Gerald 37,137,140 Krittenbrink, Patricia 159 Kroeger, Linda 159 Kudy, Sheryl 74,127,193 L Lackey, Dorothy 159 Lacoste, Terry 304 LaCrone, Rick 235 Lacy, Mark 74 Ladd, C. 318 Ladejobi, Risikat 74 Laham, Lester 74 Lalimar, Faith 57 Lam, Kham 200 Lam, Onthe 399 Kurowski, John 75 "'Lacina, Doug 201 Jacobs Ann 115,204 Jacobs Barry 73 Jacobs Charlene 320 Jacobs Christopher 57 Jacobs, Scott 132 Jaeger, Don 169 Jaggars, Wayne 73 "James, Andrea 304 James, David 256 James, Denny 132 James, Joseph 49 James, Juan 235 James, LaJeune 304 James, Mary 73 James, Ronnie 256,261,296 James, Tamara 133 James, Tami 73,32 James, Wilma 159 Jaque, Tammy 73 Jarbo, Steve 73 Keith, Connie 74,294,295 Keith, Kerry 74 Kelly, Bruce 57 Kelly, Brian 140 Kelly, Debbie 74 Jarnagin, Laura 309 Jeannont, Karen 127 Jebsen, Jill 73,309,320 Jeffries, Debra 73,201 Jefferson, Clifford 241 Jenkins, Ginny 57 Jenkins, Kay 308,324 Jennings, Dana 137 Jennings, Steve 148 Jennings, Tracy 272,273 Jensen, Diane 159 Jernigan, Terri 73 Jobe, Judith 159 Jobe, Mary Ellen 57,36 John, Mark 57,164,165 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson , Cheryl 170,304,305 , Cindy 290,292 , Clarice 73,124 , Conna 57 , Deborah 159 Johnson, Ella 253 Johnson, Kathy 73,157,304 Johnson, Peter 201 Johnson, Sarah 162 Johnson, Vida 159 Johnson, Wesley 73 Johnston, Gayle 57,30,32,151,190,326 Johnston, Jeri 297 Jones, Alicia 73 Jones, Amy 57 Jones, Angela 74,95,137 Jones, Debbie 74,166,294 Jones, Felicia 74,26,166,204,318,169 Jones, Gary 132 "Jones, James 157 Jones, Jayne 253 Jones, Jeff 235 Jones, Judith 74,160 Jones, Karen 74 Jones, Michael 134,135 Jones, Randy 235,231,239 Jones, Rebecca 74 Jones, Tammy 74,320 Jones, Tina 74 Kelley, Mike 74,240,241,249 Kelley, Paul 57 Kelly, Shane 277 Kelso, Charles 331 Kelso, Vicky 57 Kemmerly, Janice 159 Kendrick, Dennis 254,256,261 Kendrick, Rene 74 Kennedy, Gregg 74 Kennemer, Mike 122 Kepley, Kevin 210 Kerr, Clint 74 Kersgieter, Teresa 295 Kesler, Cheryl 74,309 Kessler, Janice 175 Khan, Zia 50 Khoury, Karen 74,95 'Killian, Paula 159 Kilpatrick, Brian 74,306,309,317 Kimbler, Brad 140 Kimbler, Greg 140 Kimbro, Arthur 159 King, Gustavo 184,185 King, Janet 190 King, Kenny 74,269 King, Mona 166,180,160,169,207 King, Ramona 74 Kingsbury, Kathy 74,274,273 Kinney, David 36,148,143 Kirby, Dena 36,74,160,166,180,181,148, 189,169,202 Kirby, Kenda 74,151,166,202,309 Kirby, Scott 256 Kirkham, Richard 73,122,121 Kirkpatrick, Tammy 309,317 Kirkpatrick, Kim 57 Kirtley, Cindy 159 Kitchen, Michael 74,235,241 Kizer, Terri 74 Klein, Larry 164,165,169,180 Klemme, Linda 57,180,37,174,175,196 Kling, Donna 57 Klinglesmith, Cindy 74,297 Knauls, Lester 235,318,134 Knauls, Tony 235,318 Knox, Mike 132 Knuppel, Hans 74 Knutson, Tracy 127 Koehn, Berneta 74,189 Kohler, Kayna 74 Koo, Shek 50 Koonce, Steve 57,325,324 Kowals, James 159 Krauss, Heidi 137 Krautlarger, Judith 159 Kress, Bill 74,122 Kretchmar, Curtis 57,36,111,139,140 Krisher, Timothy 159 Krittenbrink, Cheri 159 Lamb, Cheri 189 Lamb, Kelly 32 Lambert, James 74 Lambert, Mary 57 Landers, Joanne 143,144,204 Landon, Clarice 309 Landrum, Jr., Delhi 159 Lane, Linda 74 Lane, Robert 57,210,122 Lange, Robert 307,309 Langland, Ricky 31,74,256 Langsdorf, Alene 310,311 Lanham, Matilda 75 Lanier, Rene 167,304,305 Lankford, Nancy 159 Lantz, June 30,75 Larson, Wesley 304 Larkin, Lewis 122 Larwig, Jeannie 75 Lastowski, Robert 159 Lavender, Karen '141 Lauback, Steven 331 Latta, Cynthia 57 Lawler, Robert 75 Lawson, Bob 75,210 Lay, Kendra 75,157 Leader, Jeff 225,235 Leath, Karen 304 Leathe, Ricky 225,234,235 Lee, Brenda 75 Lee, Dana, 75 Lee, Glen 235 Lee, Lonnie 304,309 Lee, Shirley 75 Lee, Tonia 75 LeGrande, Robert 256 "Lemmerman, Debra 159 Lemon, Rickey 57 Lester, Jacqueline 57,201 Lester, Mark 75,137 Lewellan, Dave 289 Lewis, Derrek 119 Lewis, Melvin 75 Lewis, Robert 57 Lewis, Sandra 75 Lewis, Steven 331 Liebl, Sherri 190 Liles, Kathy 75 Lillard, Charles 156 Liming, Jo Anne 157 Lin, Tzong-Jeng 50 Lincicome, Toppie 307,325,309 Linder, Julie 75,296 Lindley, Cindy 57 Lindsey, Carolyn 23,37,57,137,141 Lingenfelter, Jan 50 Lipe, Rodney 96 Lipps, Ray 75 Lisenbee, Janettia 304 Listen, Paul 309 Little, Teena 75 Loggins, Phillis 75,318 Lohrey, Vicki 75,115,189 Long, Alicia 57 Indexf389 Long, Long, Long 199 Long Long Look Denise 57 Dwayne 20,33,75,93,119,154,155,318 Lezlie 32,75,110,136,137,173,198, Marty 75 Wilson Ira 75 abaugh, Cindy 75 Lookabaugh, Lori 37,25,58,115,158 Lopez, Hector 185,269 Love, S. 318 Lopez, Vicki 75,176,177,180 Lovell, Michele 58 Loving, Cathy 75,136,137,141 Lowe, Barbara 159 Lowery, Barbara 58,320 Lowery, Robert 76 Lowry, Jamie 58,190,191 Lumry, Karen 76 Lucas, Coleen 159 Luong, Loan 58 Luster, Cynthia 58 "Luter, Harold 58,31 Luton, Dan 58 Ly, Cam Hoai 200 Lynch, Maureen 159 Lyon, Pam 20,76,92,94,97,260,261 Mc McAlister, Mike 331 McAuliffe, Mike 59 McBrayer, Evelyn' 78,30,167,127 McBride, Sandra 59 McBride, Scott 288,289 McCain, Diana 159 McCaleb, Katie 59 McCaskell, Ann 154 McCaskill, Syletta 78 McCauley, Tracy 78,297 McClain, Rick 112 McClain, Scott 112 McClanahan, J. R. 144 McClure, Billy 235 McConnell, Kim 192 McConnell, Linda 159 McCord, Tim 38,150 McCloud, Laverne 78 McClure, Michele 59 McCurley, Steven 59,102,104 McCreight, Jan 191 McCuen, Mark 210 McCullock, Denise 78 McCullom, Claudia 103,104 McDade, Juanita 59 McDaniel, Lori 78,127 McDonald, Mark 59 McDonald, Shari 75,199,198,32,137 McElhaney, Jody 78,161 McGowen, Dennis 78 McGrath, Karen 195 McHam, Brad 140 McGraw, Mike 277 Mclntire, John 78 McKibbin, Jeff 235,236 McKinley, Kathy 78 McKinney, Cathy 183 McLaughlin, Jeanette 78,157 McMillan, Michael 159 McNeill, David Jr. 159 McNeely, Hartwell 78 "McPherson, Mark 330 McSpedden, Cheryl 59 McTiernan, Pat 132 McVay, Craig 205,216,143 McVay, Lori 78,115,127,209 M Mack, David 76,177 Mackey, Ron 235 MacMarris, Dianna 76 Macon, Joe 209 390fIndex jx . I 4, Madden, Edwinna 76 Maddox, Alan 76,31,256,258,261 Madron, Gilbert 159 Mahoney, Athrienna 76 Major, Robin 76 Malicoate, Tammy 58,155,190,21,38,205 Malave, Ted 76 Malone, Carol 76 Malone, Karen 143,144 Malone, Lana 76,199,110,115 Maloney, Clarissa 58 Maloney, Debbie 76 Mande rscheid, Melba 76,38,114,143,180 186,187 Mangu S, Jennifer 159 Manning, Greg 140 Mansfi eld, Charlotte 58 Marigny, Andrea 171,145 Marinovich, Bernice 151 Markus, Jan 186 Marsh, Dina 294 Marshall, Amu 159 Marshall, David 159 Marshall, Dian 181,180,38,110,115,158, 202,143,196 Marshall, Jerr 159 Martin, Craig 184,186 Martin, Dan 58 Martin, Elijah 307 Martin, Gwen 76 Martin, Jana 76 Martin, Kim 76,115,172,205,121 Martin, Mitsy 76 Martinez, Lawerence 309 Martin Martin ez, Michael 58,170,321,169 kewiz, Keith 58 Marzett, LaDonna 58 'Marzett, Thelma 58 Maschino, Nancy 304 Mason, Debbie 76 Massey, Debbie 76,179 Massey, Mary 76,159 Massey, Thomas 331 Mathews, Mike 159 Mathews, Kevin 67,216,134 Matthews, Randy 132 Mattia, Frederick 76,180,31,163,162 Maudlin, Andrea 76 Mauldin, Barbara 58,189 Maupins, Paula 76,127 Maxey, Robin 76 Maxwe ll, Ron 289 Maxwell, Sharon 332 Maxwell, Wendolyn 50 Mayfie Mayfie ld, Carla 210 ld, Mike 50,31 Maytubbie, Donna 162 Maytubbie, Doug 162 Means, Lisa 77 Means, Stephanie 58,159,305 Mears, Gary 77,180,168,169 "Meister, Susie 115 Melton, Raymond 177 Memm ott, Robert 132 Mendez, Alfred 304 Mengel, Susan 77 Meridith, Dewayne 235 Mikolajczyk, Martha 133,127 Miles, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Ed 132 Andrew 134 Brenda 188 David 122 Cris 192 DeeAnn 253 Donna 177,253 Dot 77,210 Joffre 149,186,143 Kris 77,173,127,143 Kristy 77,214,215,398,399 Marsha 159 Mitchell 210 Nancy 304 Richard 159 Robin 317 Nieman, Jeff 78 Miller, Rozilyn 159 Millican, Marian 159 Millner, Trena 50,171 Mills, Penny 77,137 Miluszusky, Peggy 77,273 Mims, Tony 77 Mineo, Doug 58 Mineo, Tammye 58,38,183 Mirza, Nabeell 50 Misner, Mark 122,121 Mitchell, Jack 309,319,321 Mitchell, Mike 309 Mitchell, Richard 171 Mitchell, Rosalie 159 Mitchell, Terrance 119 Moczarny, Gene 282,285 Monday, Sharon 77,124,318 Mones, Linda 159 Montes, Loretta 159 Montgomery, Marsha 304 Moody, Jane 159 Moody, Shelley 115,133 Moon, Barney 279,281 Moon, Larry 77 Moon, K.C. 77 "Moon, Robin 77,304,305 Moore, Barry 77 Moore, Cheryl 58 Moore, Chuck 308 Moore, Clara 159 Moore, Debbie 209 Moore, Jill 159 Moore, Lisa 77,110,295,137 Moore, Randy 141 Moore, Raymond 77 Moore, Richard 209 Moore, Rusty 141 Moore, Sylvester 235 Moosissian, Vigen 77 Moral, Maria Elena Garcia Moran, Ellen 59 Moran, Erin 77 Moreland, Scott 77 ,MW Morgan, Cheryl 204 Morgan, Daniel 59,29,33,38,95,148,143 Morgan, Kathy 316 Morgan, James 59 Morris, Kelly 104 Morris, Pamela 77 Morris, Sam 102,104 Morris, Terrie 77 Morris, Trey 77,122 Morrison, Jonna 121 Morrison, Penny 304 Morrison, Susan 137 Morse, Candace 59,195 Morton, Gayle 59,39,204 Moses, Lewis 77 Mosley, James 77,270,271 Motte, Karolyn 124 Munday, Don 77 Muckin, Steve 59 Mulick, Dan 132 Mumma, Mark 304,309 Munda, Beth 59,175 Muno, Christi 59 Murdock, Sharon 78 Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murray, Murray, 1 Murray, Murrell, Murrell, Musser, Delilah 180,155,118 Laurie 78 Nancy 78 Rene 59,297 Brenda 78 Cheryl 59,178 Tinita 78 Michelle 78 Vicki 181,180,39,196,197 Debbie 169 Myers, Bill 78 Myers, Kurt 286,288,289,146 Myles, Patrick 78,312 Myrick, Jack 140 N Nagode, Ty 307 Nashburn, Jeff 281 Nation, Leonna 59 Naylor, Jeff 78 Neal, Donna 59 Neal Jamee 78,127,143 Neal, Oscar 266,267,270,134 Neal, Patricia 78 Neils, James 162 Nells, James 266,267 Nelson, Cindy 115,133 Nelson, Greg 289 Nelson, Maru 78 Nero, Sherri 78 Newby, Gary 78,112 Newson, Johnny 159 Newton, Mercedes 78 Newton, Sandy 120 Newton, Vick 201 Nchor, Bichene Ikorn 59 Nichols, Lisa 59,308,309,317 322 323 Nimerick, Bret 78 Nutzell, Ellen 159 Nixon, Johnna 296 Nomani, Mohanned 50 Nordyke, Rick 289 Norred, Chuck 122 Norman, Dea 78 Norvell, Patricia 159 Nowlin, Shelley 78,127 Nunley, Kevin 306 Nwoni, Emmanuel 50 O 'O'Bannon, Anna 78 Obasade, Julius 50 Obe, Susan 78,162 Ochiagha, Ikechukwuka 50 Ochoa, Christopher 78 Naghavian, Seyed 50 Odom, Ben 39,148,206,143 ff 9 5 5 l a ' 2 E l S X 4 MURDAU Oden, Candi 137 Odunze, lke Cajetan 78,180 Ogbejesi, Paschal 161 Oglesby, Mark 143 Oesch, Eric 207 Ogbeide, Ilu 60 Okeke, Joesphai 50 Okongor, Obase 50 Okoye, Chizam 60 Oldham, Paul 78 Olds, Eric 78 Olojede, Emmanuel 50 Olsen, Barbara 170 Olsen, Cynthia 78 Olsen, Kenny 225,235 Olsen, Barbara 78,170 Omeke, Sampson 79 Onafuwa, Solanke 60 Ondak, Edward 79 Oney, Tina 60,180,137 Onley, Ernest 60 Onspaugh, Paul 308,322,324 Opat, Janette 113 Oraitt, Deborah 79,189 Orza, Barbara 60 Osborne, Todd 254,257,256,258,261 Osborne, Kim 113 Oswalt, Matthew 79 Oyon, Isaac 79 Ottis, Dennis 139 Overall, A. 318 Oxford, Carolyn 79,115,204 P Pace, Misty 79 Padden, Laura 60 Panzer, James 79 Parish, Becca 157,189,79 Parker, Debbie 133 Parker, Tommy 292 Parks, Randy 132 "Parks, Ronnie 79,267,269,275 Parks, Teresa 304 Parrett, Clifford 309,322 Parson, Laurie 181 Parvia, Kootosh 50 Patterson, LaDonna 79 Patterson, Myrna 79 392fIndex Patterson, Valerie 79 Quillin, Ron 235 Patton, C. 318 Quinn, Philip 60,178,179,186 Patton, Gale 60 Pattrick, Peter Bob 210 Pattrick, Sunshine 79,214,215,137,398,399 Paulin, Sister Diann 60 Payne, Bart 140 Payne Kathy 310,311 Payne, Ronnie 156 Payne, Tammy 79,30 Payne, Terri 79 Peacock, Dennis 60 Peak, Suzie 133 Peaster, Terri 133 Peery, Ron 331 Peeler, Jody 79,137,113 Pekrul, Don 79 Pepkins, Kem 331 Peoples, Jacqueline 120 Perkins, Faye 60 Perkins, Stanley 60 Perri, Lucia 60 Perry, Perry, Jean 120 John 213 Peters, Connie Peters, LaDonna 79 Peterson, David 79,201 Pfeffer, Amanda 50 Pham, Thu Ann 200 Pham, Tuyet 200 Pham, Vu 200 Phelan, Carol 60 Phillips, Jeff 140 Phillips, Ann 209 Phillips, Suzie 79,316 Phillips, Tracey 85,30 Pickard, S. 320 Pickerill, Pat 79 Pickett, Tammy 115 Pierce, Kevin 241,243 Pineda, Clara 60 Ragland, Guy 304 Rainge, Anthony 79,154,235,318,331 Ramesh, Sima 60 "Ramsey, Beth 79,189 Ramsey, Floyd 60 Rangel, Brenda 79 Rasmussen, Marie 50 Rawls, Amy 79 Ray, Carol 79 Ray, Dennis 132 Rayes, Bruce 119 Rayhill, Cathy 127 Reber, Gregg 80 Reed, Darrell 60,129 Reese, Tom 80,186,206,143 Reeser, Steve 201 Reherman, Richard 80,112 Reimer, John 80,156 Reimer, Sherry 156 Reynolds, Barry 289 Reynolds, Dana 292 Reynolds, Neil 80,104 Rhames, Tamara 133 Ribera, Leslie 80 Richards, Linda 60 Richardson, Lisa 80 Ridgeway, Phillip 168 Riggins, Darla 304 Rigler, Denise 189 Rieken, Russell 132 Ritz, Joyce 263,292 Roach, Robyn 216,118 Robbins, Boyd 289 Robbins, Larry 140 Roberson, Claire 80 Pipes, Cyndi 79,137 "Pirouzmand, Ali 60 Pittman, Shelly 195 Platt, Derrick 134 Podolec, Pam 79,263,292,293 Pointer, Gene 307,309,322 Pokorny, Jana 312 Pong, Teong 60 Pool, Allen 79 Poole, Beth 60 Pope, Tom 132 Popkess, James 60 Porter, Karen 263,273,275 Porter, Lizann 60,304 Roberts, Amanda 162 Roberts, Brenda 312 Roberts, Connie 60,39,177,292 Roberts, Debbie 80 Roberts, Jan 304,306,317,313 Roberts, Marcie 104,304,318 Roberts, Mary Ann 60 Roberts, Melvin 306 Roberts, Robin 80 Roberts, Willian 318 Robertson, John 289 Robertson, M. Wade 177,289 Robertson, Tyronne 80 Robinson, Jacquelyn 80,318 Porter, Susan 79,95,304,321 Posey Posey, Poteet, Powell, Kim 79 onia 189 Jamie 115,205 Richard 132 Porter, Tammy 79 ,T . Powers, Paula 79 Pranter, John 307,309 Presley, James 201 Price, Juan 134 Presley, John 79 Robinson, Kenneth 209 "Robinson, Kim 60,39,189,18O Rockhold, Wendy 61 Rockwell, Penny 61,177 Roden, Cheryl 127 Rodgers, Debbie 80 Rodkey-Scates, Lesli 159 Rogers, Jody 80,137,127 Rohrer, Teresa 159 Rolin, Martin 235 Rose, Darin 168,80 Preston, Sherry 60 Price, Karen 94,127 Primeaux, Ross John 79 Privott, Sherry 79 Pruitt, Marilyn 304 Prouty, Jeol 331 Puckett, Tammy 79,204 Rose, Kelly 186,201 Rose, Shari 309,80 Ross, Barbara 162 Ross, Ross, James 80,162 Samuel 80,176,177 Rossman, Steven 159 Rothermel, Cheryl 80 Pulliam, Sky 143 Purdy, Jennie 297 Purvis, Judy 79 Purvis, Julea 60 Pylat, Mark 79 Query, Ed 97 Quigg, Suzie 79,115,166,204,143 Rothrock, Deborah 304 Rowden, Susan 283,285 Rowe, Marsha 39,173,190,124,3 Royce, Mike 235 Rucker, Lee 307 Ruffin-Jenkins, Christie 80 Rumble, Dave 280,281 Rupert, Gladys 80,318,145 Rush, Susan 61 18 Russell, Karen 180,40,155,154,170171 124,80 M44 f-,X Russell, Kellie 61,316 Russell, Terry 80,127 Rutz, Faith 61 Ryal, Larkin 235 Ryan, Julia 209 S Sago, Julie 80 Sali, Lisa 80,30,32,115,173,204,141 Sami, Kafayet 80 "Shelton, Rusty 140 Sample, Mike 143 Sandburg, Jim 61,241 Sanders, Marlon 192 Sanni, Rasheed 50 Sasser, Keven 81 Sasser, Sue Lynn 50,189 Saunders, Steve 50 Savage, Ben 210 "Savage, Kelly 253 Savage, Linda 81,104 Scales, Karl 235 Scarbrough, Phyllis 172,180,173,145 Schaffer, Tim 151,201 Schantz, Alan 304 Scherich, Melody 61,253 Schiltz, Sharon 61 Schmidt, Andy 81,122 Schmidt, Janell 81,27,133,127 Schroeder, Catherine 61 Schropp, Scott 278,281 Schuette, Cathy 81,186,187 Schula, Mary 81 Schulz, Kelly 113 Schwab, Bob 235 Schwab, Cyndee 81,137 Schwandt, Kelli 61 Schwarz, Ron 61,111,112 Schwarz, Spencer 235 Schweitzer, Linda 61,174 Scott, Brent 331 Scott, Gerald 129 Scott, Jim 203 Scott, J. D. 331 Scott, Johnnie 235 Scott, Sanah 162 Scott, Trent 81 1 ff f'.- 9 vi Selders, Connie 61,163,162 Selvey, Becky 81 Severin, Charlotte 81 Shadjari, Mohammed 61 Shahan, Bob 61 Shaikh, Anwarshaikh 50 Sharp, Nancy 61 Sharp, Warren 81 Shaw, Gary 81 Shaw, Karla 124 Shelley, Maryann 177 Shepherd, Debra 81 Shepherd, Doug 61 Shepherd, Linda 127 Shepherd, Vicki 81 Sherman, Michael 81 Schibbelhute, Monte 81 Shipley, Edna 81 Shipley, Lori 81,137,296 Shipp, Judith 61 Shoemake, Linda 61 Shockley, Cheryl 115 Shook, Guyla 61 Short, Edward 61 Shoumaker, Cheryl 304 Shuman, Marilyn 203 Sidwell, Rosie 61,127,321 Silverhorn, Jeff 132 Simmons, Charles 50 Simmons, LaTanya 1 18,155,173 Simmons, Susan 81 Simmons, Tanya 180 Simon, Dennis 331 Simon, Rachel 81 Sims, Virginia 182 Singer, Cynthia 81,318,319 Skaggs, Amy 81 Slaton, Deana 304,305 Slaughter, l. 318 Sledge, Anthony 129,170 Sledge, Dale 312 Sleeper, Julian 81 Slutter, Kathie 81 Small, Chris 307 '4 M6535 Smallwood, Rene 61,180,172,173,118 Smith, Andrea 61,209 Smith, Brian 122 Seabrook, James 140 Seabrook, Virginia 60,141 Seal, Walter 235 Sears, Jamie 81,304 Seaton, Deana 316 Seaton, Donald 304,305 Seay, Wanda 304 Seffel, Dan 81 Smith Carlton 134,235,61 Smith, Cass 306 Smith Cathie 306,40 Smith Craig 81 Smith, Cecelia 61 Smith, Dana 26,81,297 Smith, Dave 186,201 Smith, Denny 81 Smith, Dana 137 Smith, Engla 82,292 Smith, Jaete 82,295 Smith, Karen 82,189 Smith, Kimberly 304 Smith, Larry 31,33,82,111,168 Smith, Lisa 115,262,263 Smith, Mark 132 Smith, Melissa 127 Smith, Nancy 82 Smith, Norene 304 Smith, Quinn 267,266 Smith, Randy 82 Smith, Sandi 292 Smith, Stacy 61,192 Smith, Tracey 304,305 Smith, Valentine Joy 82 Smith, Wynena 162 Snapp, Mark 31,40,82,196,204 Snapp, Scott 40,61 Snider, Jeanetta 82 Snow, Sherie 82 Soliz, J. R. 82,289 Solomon, Vanessa 124 Souders, Cindy 82 Souders, Doloris 82,186,187 Southard, Clay Sowards, Elizabeth 82,113 Spain, Gina 82 Spangler, Jeannie 127 Sparger, Tiger 82,143 Spaulding, Cathy 61,192,203,212,213 Spence, Randy 82 Spencer, Johnny 140 Spencer, Sherry 82,285 Spiva, Mary Ann 304 Spivey, William 61 Stack, Hansel 143 Sprowl, Pandora 82 Stacy, Nita 82 "Stacy, Risa 127 Stacy, Seikel 81 Staden, Tonya 170 Stafford, Brenda 80 Stafford, Kay 62 Stallard, Dena 82,127 Stanfield, Dolores 62 Steckler, Cheryl 82 Steele, Cathy 82,115,297 75 4.1, Indexf393 Steele, Shannon 82 Steely, Sharon 62 Stephens, DeEtta 82 Stephens, Grant 82 Sterrett, Bali Ree 159 Stevens, Craig 122 Stevens, Tammy 214,215,398,399 Stevens, Sherrie 82 Stephen son, Stephannie 62,30 Stewart, Scott 122 Stewart, L. 318 Stidham, Bob 289 Stieber, Stingley, Stingley, Stokes, Stokes, Sharon 82 Cathy 62,214,389,399,400 Keith 62 Dennis 82 Michele 62 Stolz, Kathy 304 Stone, Elaine 82,156 Stone, Tim 235 Stooksb Stooksb erry, Ann 62,32,40,159,185 erry, Janet Lee 159 Story, Byran 140 Story, Steve 308 Stotts, Gwendolyn Marie 159 Strader, Bob 177 Stringer, Larry 80 Stroup, James Russell 82 Stroup, Strozier, Strunk, Stuart, Stuart, Stube, Suazo, Suitor Kathy 62,201 Nancy 62 Gail 82 Jeff 140 Scott 111 Terri 186 Debra J. 159 , Kevin 52 Suitt, Janet 62,186,187 Sullivan, Sullivan, 'Sullivan Sullivan, Sullivan Sullivan, Brenda 82 Cynthia 82,115,166,172,173 , Lesylee 141 Debbie 62 , Kay 174 Paul S. 159 Summers, Bo 782 Summers, John 82 Summers, Robert 210 Sunderland, Tammy 82,253 Sutterfield, Regina 201 Sutton, Ken 235 Swanda, Susan 127 Swanegan, Anthony 235,134,235 Swanson, Swanson, Swanson, Swanson, Swanson Connie 62,304,309,312,320 Joan 62,307 Joe 41,308,309,330 Mark 159 , Stephanie 176,177 Swart, Steven 62 Sweely, Janie 121 Sweetwood, Terry 82 Tabesh, Tabesh, Tacker, T Fariborz 177 Fred 177 Tamara 159 Talaie, Shahla 83 Talley, Joyce 159 ley, Elsa 50,209 Tankers Tarrant, Ned 62 Tate, Donna 182 Tate, Steve 225,234,235,231,233,238 Tayer, Mike 331 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor Teague, i Clyde 62 Deena 62 Eric 62 Robert 306,308,318,324 Squoyah 159 Terry 62 Traci 83,115,263 Janette 159 Teel, Charlotte 20 Telford, Telford, 394fIndex Mike 50 Pam 62 Tenison, Lakesta 170 Tennell, Mike 177 Terhune, JoAnn 83 Tetteh, Andrew 83 Theis, Larry 159 Thomas, Jerry 83 Thomas, John 309 Thomas, Labron 83 Thomas, Marsha 83 Thomas, May 83 Thomas, Pamella 304 Thomas, Sharon 294 Thomas, Shawn 83 Thomas, Toni 83,318 Thomas, Ron 330 Thomason, Audrey 159 Thomm, Julie 110,121,127 Thompson, Sharon 159,166 Thornton, Jackie 155,318 Thornton, Janet 83,97,124 Thornton, Kathy 297 Tindel, Toby 132 Tipton, Sherrie 62 "'Titony, Randy 122 Tittsworth, Brenda I Titus, Robbie 83 Toabashesh, Fariborz 82 Tobler, Bryan 83 Todd, Barbara 83 Todd, Kent 276,277 Todd, Sharon 83 Toeplier, Leslie 209 Toles, Danette 83 Tomlinson, Tammy 177 Tompkins, Edith 159 Toumbs, Barbara 115,83,133,172 Tourpe, Darryl 256 "'Turcios, Jackie 83 Turner, Brett 289 Turner, Cynthia 62 Turner, Jonathan 210,83 Turner, Martha 304 Turner, Michelle 83 Turrentine, Debra 83,318 U Uchebo, Patrick 50 Ucucu, Ipek 84,199,127 Ukp, Issaac 84 Uldrich, Barbara 159 Unang, Cornelia 84 Underwood, Ann 84,20,137 Underwood, Jennifer 84,198,204 Upjohn, Marshall 159 Urban, Will 256 Utin, Etirn Edem 50 Uzowulu, Emeka 84 V VanHorn, Connie 84,115 Vanl-Ioutan, Jo 84 Vandiver, Lisa 84 Vann, Bruce 235 Van Stavern, Vicki 310,311 Vass, Curtis 309 Vassilopoulos, Nickie 159 Vaughn, Nancy 84 Vaughnm, Jimmy 235,270 Vaughn, Mike 84 Vandiver, Lisa 127 Tgyay Thgmas 83 'Vi9I'llIlg, Terry 84 Trask, Bill 50 Treat, Debbie 83 Tregembo, Tracy 62 Trent, Leslie 182 Tr eps, Robin 83,127,141 Trice, Sherie 62 Trosper, Danny 132 Trosper, David 83 Troupe, Darryl 83 Tubbs, T. 318 Tucker, Connie 121 Tucker, David 83 Tucker, MeLette 83,137 Tucker, Ron 331 Villicana, Michelle 162 Violette, Ken 201 Voskuhl, Sherri 84 Voshuhl 84 W Wade, Robin 308,309 Wages, Brad 84,33 Waggoner, Devin 84 Wagner, Kenneth 84 Wahl, Don 122 Walcher, Greg 234,235 Walker, Faye 84 Walker,Louie 62 Walker, Walker, Walker, Wallace, Wallace, Wallace, Wallace, Norma 159 Robert 206 Ronald 50 Christy 84,308,309,317,323 Pamela 84 Robin 84,12 Russell 84 Wallis, Rhonda 84 Walters, Rosalie 62 Walther, Brian 84,168 Wantland, Ken 132 Ward, Jerry 307 Ward, Kathy 159 Ward, Phil 84,269,276 Warren, Barbara 159 Warren, Carey 121,122 Warren, Debra 84,166 Warren, Judy 41,167,263 Washington, Lawrence 84 Wassilak, Kristi 174 Wassilak, Marianna 62 Wassom, Barbara 159 Wasson, Becky 84 Wasson, Susan 84,304 Waterman, Darwin 195 Watkins, Aba 84 Watkins, Jay 289 Watson, Barbara 84,30 Watson, Dan 217 Watson, 199,121,127 Watson, Martha 84 Watson, Phyllis 84 'Watson, Rhonda 62 Watson, Sheilah 159 Watts, Jana 84 Watts, Mark 84 Waugh, Robert 63,96 Weathers, Ann 159 Weaver, Becky 84,308,313 Weaver, Tamara 84 Webb, Charles 186 Webb, Dannye 235 Webb, Dorine 203 Webb, Lisa 202 Webb, Susan 186,187 Webster, Steve 235 Weckstein, Bob 289 Wedel, Greg 204 Weidenmaier, Susan 84 Weimer, James 159 if 2 Indexf395 Weimer, Mark 235,270 Weiss, Phillip 84 Weiss, David 84,324 Weiss, Tammy 308 Wells, Bill 84,212 Werts, Isabel 209 West, Mike 235 West, Tammie 84,294 Wharry, Linda 63,330 Westfall, Todd 210 Wheeler, Evan 63 Wheeler, Marie 84 Wheeler, Paul Wheeler Trudy 159 Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Mary 63 Mike 85 Pat 133 Paula 170 Ron 63,170,287,289 Sandra 85 Shelly 292 Teresa 115 Tony 183,213 Williamson, Shelly 63,41,188 Williamson, Rhonda 85 Wilmeth, Michael 85 Wilson, Andrea 127 Wilson, Anna Jo 156 Whelan,y David 63,177 Carolyn 85,115,150,172 White, Beatrice 85 White, White Connie 177 White, Doris 63 White, Gay 137 White, Judy 184,185 White, Lisa 85,318 White, Steven 85 White, Sue Dawn 85 White, Tim 289 White, Warner 119 Whiteside, Sharon 159 Whitfield, Bruce 132 Whitney, Debbie 85 Wiedemann, Marnel 207 "Wiginton, Donna 85,189 Wilbert, Wright 85 Wilburn-Pinto, Nancy 159 Wilkerson, Lori 85,23,94,115,312 Willett, Pat 85 Williams, Barbara 159 Williams, Beverly 85,320 Williams, Carla 170 Williams, Cheryl 159 Williams, Cynthia 85 Williams, Danny 85 Williams, Dan 235 Williams, Dorinda 159 Williams, Joan 63 Williams, Leslie 85,120 Williams, Lisa 85,166,137 396fIn dex Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Berna 63 Danta 173 Diana 85 Gerald 156,157 Janine 297 Jill 203 Marla 85,172,173,137 Matt 85 Tony 235 Wing, Pam 85,115,170 Wing, Russ 235 Winger, Jon 289 Winn, Wendy 127,143,144, Winston, Audrey 85,216 Winston, Marvin 85 Winsworth, Bill 169 Wiseman, Peggy 63,41,189 Wood, Mark 143 "Witt, Susan 85,204,206,137 Wofford, Lisa 110,137 Womastek, Jon 41 Wong, David 308 Woodrome, Kathleen 159 Woods, Carrie 190 Woods, Jane 199 Woods, Toni 85 Woodyard, Stella 85 Woolever, Elaine 199 Wooten, Van 235 Worha, Yeleche Amadi 85 Worl, Marcie 85,115,304,306 Wren, Pam 85 Wright, Candy 63,177 Wright, Carol 304,316 Wright, Roderick 63 Wright, Wilbert 119 Wulz, Lisa 63,159 Wyatt, Lenora 159 Wynkoop, Chuck 122 Y Yang, Tsyr-Jiang 50 Yelton, Donna 159 York, Cindy 177 York, Rhonda 85 Young, David 143 Young, Kerri 309 Yu, Hanwei 50 Z Zan Wey, Reggie 263 Zeno, Daric 235 Zimmer, Zane 267 Zoeller, Patrice 159 Zuhdi, Nabil 159 Producing a yearbook is a full time job, but this year's staff found time to do other things, both in and out of the office. Top left, co-editor Cathy Stingley spent her time showing her true feelings about the parking rules. Top right, co-editor Lisa "Crash" Henson spent her time taking a crash driving course at Taco Bell. Bottom left, Lisa and Sunshine Pattrick spent their time eluding the campus police by attempting to hot wire a meter. Bottom right, when not at the fieldhouse, Roseann Gerah spent her time looking through yearbooks for her Bronze Book Beau. iii ,, ,. .z .f wi. . fy-4,52-h,' !unmzm fYHQFF mm FACULTY ODHQY Y' H '-7711 ,Pb are Sggiidfa KWH. ,",!f',, nuff- 4 fjiyi z 1 ,wr .LI W, 9 'QW H is 7' 3? ffl 24 h .grow wrkhlx Bronze Book Staff Cathy and Lisa spent their time at the Cowboy Hall of Fame outrunning the security guards. Top left, Kristy Miller spent her time smiling innocently and claiming that "life is a piece of cake." Top right, Sunshine Pattrick spent her time by polishing her pinup pose. Bottom left, Tammy Stevens spent her time oversleeping before dashing in to work. Far left, Kristy and Sunshine spent time combing the cam- pus for eligible men. Left, Cathy spent her time trying to look older. Sunshine spent her time entertaining the staff with a makeshift microphone. 400 uf Looking back on the year I only hope we've captured the memories of 1980-81 with the enjoyment and growth that we the staff have experienced. This year will always be special to me because of the help of a very special group of people.Thanks go to Metha for keeping me together when things got rough. To Russell for keeping me from being towed away. A very big thank you goes to Daniel and his group at the Photo Lab for their undying cooperativeness in taking on a momentls notice and always making me smile. staff I appreciate your devotion in putting out a book. Roseann and Tammy, you two are real good pictures To the smooth "sports.', Kristy, you are a real soldier in the tradition of the ROTC. helping Sunshine, thank you for being there for me and me get off my collision course in life. A thank you is not enough for Dr. Hoig, for the opportunity to have such a rewarding experience. You truly are "the incredible Dr. Hoigf' When it comes to Cathy, I'm reminded of the statement Dorothy made to the Scarecrow, "I think I'll miss you most of all." Thanks for sharing the late nights and hard work. You may be a little girl from Wellson, but your heart is as big as Texas. It was a year full of memories I'll never forget. WWW Designing a yearbook that successfully captures the year's memories is a job that calls for a variety of requirements. Each staff member fulfilled these requirements by contributing uniquely not only to the work, but also to the insanity that crept into the office. Sunshine, Kristy, Roseann and Tammy were all pleasures to work with and I thank each of you for your dedication and cooperation. A very special thanks goes to Lisa Henson for her patience, willingness to work and bubbling enthusiasm that gave my days an added spark. Thanks, Lisa for your help, your friendship and your jokes. I also sincerely thank Dr. Hoig for being an excellent man to work with and for putting up with six crazy, and sometimes noisy, females. I thank Metha Cottle for her hours of help proofreading and typing and Deborah Bolt for her help on the cover design. A special thanks goes to Dan Smith and The Photo Lab for their wonderful cooperation. All of these people have made my year on the yearbook staff a very memorable and worthwhile learning experience that I will always treasure. U

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