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 Malinda Walkup Sloan Guyla Shook Editors-in-chief Kerry Estes Lisa Henson Roseann Gerah Betty Palmer Jeff Buehner Steve Gooch Associate Editors Dr. Stan Hoig Sponsor Debbie Wood Art Director Metha Cottle Secretary Monty Reed Head Photographer Bill Fullmer Brenda Smedley Steve Muckin Photographers 3?-S- 3  TMf M r'TStarting school — Our dreams for the future are sunrise dawning reality. 3if Campus scenes — If we could sing laughter, it would be our perfect theme song. 5 Footprints — Impressions upon the pages of time.Campus Improvements — Every tomorrow is the hostage of a dream. Games are not just games — They are the expressions of emotions. 11 given birth by competition.Mr illii uni niiiiari ii wall . iiiii: !.. mill ■I 1Oklahoma City — Our neighbor with wide shoulders and a pioneering soul. 13Commuters — Sometimes we are shipwrecked before we get aboard.iversity Centi,'V Styles — Prisms which throw varied rainbows according to the ways they are turned.-X—L Specialis 1978 Homecoming: "Building Memories" 201978 Homecoming was a whirlwind of events — all centered around the crowning of Miss Pam Adair as Homecoming Queen. Her attendants were Salli Smith and Connie Carolina. The Tuncsmiths, clowns, various animals, t-he CSU band, and the newly unveiled "Buddy Broncho" added to the color and pageantry that makes CSU Homecoming unique and full of memories. 21Homecoming 22Parade The Homecoming parade, a tradition at CSU, was one of the Highlights of 1978 Homecoming. Participants included various campus organizations, fraternities, sororities, and civic organizations. Entries centered around the theme "Building Memories" with Kappa Sigma Fraternity, First Americans Student Organization, and Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity winning first, second, and third places respectively in the Social Club division, and University Center, Murdaugh Hall, and Men's Glee Club placing respectively in the University Independents division. 23Dean Armstrong Says Goodbye Dean Armstrong has been at CSU since August 26,1953. She began as a teacher of student teachers in the Home Economics Department and in 1954 she became Dean of Women. She has served under three different presidents. On December 25, 1978, she retired, leaving an empty spot in the lives of many students and staff. Members of the Bronze Book staff interviewed Dean Armstrong shortly before her retirement. The following is an excerpt from the interview. Dean Armstrong, do you feel that student attitudes have changed in the past 25 years, especially since the sixties? "No, I believe the attitudes have essentially remained the same. However, in the past two years, students seem more interested in getting an education." What has been your most rewarding experience here at CSU? "It was great to see the campus grow from just 1-100 students to its size now, and I have enjoyed getting many of the campus organizations started." You were responsible for organizing Mortar Board here at CSU. How did that come about? "In 1968 we started the Bronze Key, a Senior women's honorary group, and waited five years to apply for Mortar Board. On April 16, 1978, Mortar Board was chartered. It was one of the highlights of my life." Please comment on the charges in CSU that you have seen. "I can say I grew up with CSU, the job has grown as the University grew. I originally lived five blocks off campus. Now I live only one block away and I have not moved!" I am sure you have had several interesting experiences while here at CSU. Could you tell us about a few of them? "I've had many experiences both good and bad; for instance, one of the worst things was having to go to the hospital to identify a student injured or dead-on-arrival. You don't sleep a whole lot of nights. When I first came here and moved into an apartment, I had spoons in a rack on the wall that someone left behind. Someone started a rumor that I collected spoons, so students began bringing me spoons from all over the world. I now have 72 spoons. I became a collector of spoons. There were other times, critical at the moment but to be smiled over later. Like the morning one of the most popular girls on campus showed up in my office with her head lightly bound in a scarf and her hair was green. She and her sorority sisters had tried to bleach her hair and something went wrong. The girl's mother was called and she came and took her for a day-long session in a beauty shop." We hope you come back after your retirement and visit friends and family here at CSU. What are your plans after your retirement? "I will do what I have been too busy to do, such as getting together with friends and cooking. I am also going to travel, and I've been asked to help with Pan-hellenic Kush activities next year. I've kept notes over the years and have been encouraged to write a book. The people at CSU have become my family . . . the good years here have outweighed the bad ... if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing." 24Dean Armstrong and her brother Ike share a special moment during a reception held in her honor. Dean Armstrong receives a Service Award from AWS President, Pam Adair. Members of Kappa Alpha Psi presented Dean Armstrong a check for the Dean Freiberger Memorial Fund in 1977. 25Sidle Senator Phil Watson lields questions from the floor during the Cam- Republican nominee for the U S. Senate, Dr. Robert Kamm, stops to t hat and paign '78 workshop. pass out pamphlets while visiting the campus. Views, Issues, and Answers in '78 'Campaign 78' was the topic for the tenth annual Central State University Political Science workshop in October at the Liberal Arts Building auditorium. The purpose of the workshop was to give the students an opportunity to become familiar with the candidates and ask them questions concerning their viewpoints on current issues. The format of the workshop was arranged so that each candidate was given an hour to speak and answer questions from the students. Students received one hour graduate or undergraduate credit by enroll- ing in the week long workshop which featured many distinguished politicians and professionals. Among the speakers included were Gov. George Nigh; Obera Bergdall, Chairman of the State Democratic Party; Rep. Mickey Edwards; Ron Shotts, Republican; State Senator David Boren; Terry Campbell, Democrat; Bob Kamm, Republican; State Senator Phil Watson, Rep. Neal McCaleb, and Rubye Hall, Chairman of the State Regents for Higher Education. "Too many times we sit around talking about the good old days when the real good old days are all those days ahead of us because they are the only ones we can do anything about." George Nigh "If we are to have a good government, we must assume responsibility for it." Bob Kamm "I'm concerned most of all about the way we're not going anywhere as a state. We've spent so much money, yet we haven't gone anywhere." Ron Shotts 26Our younger adults are the major goal with which to identify ' said overnor Ceorge Nigh. Governor Nigh was the first speaker in the held at CSU. Ron Shotts, Republican candidate for governor, discussed the role of municipal government within Oklahoma's overall governmental structure while speaking to the intent crowd in the liberal Arts Auditorium. erry Campbell, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, talks to students during a campaign stop made at CSU Monday. While on campus, lampbell addressed the Student Senate and campaigned for votes in the University Center. 27Highlights of BronCHo or BronCo? On Monday, Nov. 6, the Student Senate passed a resolution which would change the spelling of BronCHo to BronCo. The resolution, authored by President Dan Foley, was to put into effect as soon as possible the use of the word "Bronco" in the press releases, school publications, public information and school facilities. "There is no reason why we should misspell the word — it is just an insult to us if we misspell it," said Foley. Most of the debate on the resolution was over whether there would be a large expense in changing over to the new spelling. Sen. Craig Farrow summed up the matter of expense by saying "Being right is worth a little expense." The bill was brought up for a vote and passed 19 to 11. How did the student body feel about the change? Vista Sports Editor, Joe Hight, took a random poll of 25 students without telling them the word was correctly spelled either way and asked them if the spelling of the nickname should be changed. Fifty-six percent said, "no", citing expense and tradition as reasons why. Sixteen percent said, "yes", while twenty-eight percent had no opinion, saying "who really cares." A quote from Joe Hight seems to sum up the opinion of most CSU students on the matter; "I think the person who came up with the original spelling was trying to set this university apart from other schools and organizations with the spelling Broncho. And I think CSU is and should lx unique from other organizations even if it means the spelling of one simple word." "In my opinion the Student Senate was wrong in their vote and they should rescend it as soon as possible and should take such vital matters as changing our mascot from Buddy Broncho to Buster Coat or other important issues as this. But I myself will continue to root for the Bron CHos, not the BronCos, or the Goats, or the . . .!" Two weeks later a motion was made by Sen. Mike McQuaid to reconsider the resolution President Foley established that in order to reconsider the resolution it would be necessary to suspend the rules. The Senate then voted to suspend the rules by an 18 to 7 vote. 28Bronchos Get a Head 1978-79 Kathryn Alcorn, left and Virginia King, faculty members of the CSU art department, and Lori Inda, the Broncho herself, pose with "Buddy Broncho". The head was constructed for the Homecoming game. Mrs. Alcorn estimated it took more than 75 hours to construct the horse's head, which will appear at all games. Pranksters Strike CSU Campus Pranksters, rumored to be from Thatcher Hall, had a hayday on campus in October when they moved a speed sign from its appropriate place to the flower bed outside of Evans Hall. It was never quite certain whether the limit applied to pedestrians, cyclists, or to the occasional university vehicles that move up and down university sidewalks. The sign had a short vacation, however, and was quickly moved back to its original home. A few evenings later Murdaugh Hall received a visit from some paperhangers — the same pranksters? Apparently they got their holidays mixed up and decorated the trees and shrubbery in front of the dorm. This episode, too, was quickly cleaned up. 29"Ah, Wilderness!" Opens Season 30I ugene O'Neill's "Ah, Wilderness!" Directed by judge Springer Nat Miller, owner of the "Evening Globe"........................................... . Gene Reeves Essie, his wife.......................................................................................Cynthia Coffield Arthur, their son ......................................................'....................Jonathan Reed Richard, their son ............................................................................. Bill Oliver Mildred, their daughter................................................................ .. TerrieVarner Tommy, their son ............................................................................. Jeff Forsythe Sid Davis, Essie's brother, reporter on the Waterbury Standard Gary Richmond Lily Miller, Nat's sister.....................................................................Rozilyn Miller David McComber, dry-goods merchant........................................................... Michael Miller Muriel McComber, his daughter................................................................ Stacey Autry Wint Selby, a classmate of Arthur's at Yale.................................................... Ken Calkins Belle..................................................................................................Thelma Nixon Norah.................................................................................... Catherine Cannon Bartender .......................................................................................Mike Shaw Salesman..................................................................................................Ion Womastek Members of the Miller family pau'e for a moment to take a family portrait. 31"A Midsummer Night's Dream" Tilania (Christy Rector) and Oberon (Toby Nichols), queen and king of the fairies, have enough trouble but Puck, the impish fairy, manages to mak things worse.A Midsummer Night's Dream Directed by Dr. Lee Hicks Theseus......................................................................Mike Miller Hippolyta .......................................................... Rozilyn Miller Hermia .......................................................................Ava Cordell lysander.................................................................Jonathan Reed Demetrius....................................................................Mike Shaw fairy King....................................................................Toby Nichols Fairy Queen.........................................................Christy Ret tor Puck...........................................................................Ken Calkins Workers...............................................................C. S. Cannon Cary Richmond Mike Jones Shawn Greenfield Lou Crimmins also appearing .........Bill Oliver Kelly M Donald Slat y Autry Trudy Wheeler Terry Varner Cindy Reeves Claudia M Collum Cindy Klingelsmith Chris Klingelsmith Peeping out from behind (he trees are Trudy Wheeler, Stacy Autry, and Bill Oliver. Love was the theme for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" which was the second production of the year. Shown here are Demetrius (Mike Shaw), Hermia (Ava Cordell), and lysander (Jonathon Reed). 33"The Three Sisters" — Spring Opener"The Three Sisters" Directed by Don Bristow Prozorov, Andrei Segeyevich........................................Cary Richmond Natalya Ivanovna, (Natasha) his fiancee, later his wife...........Elizabeth Fleming Olga, his sister.....................................................Rozilyn Miller Masha, his sister....................................................Thelma Nixon Irina, his sister....................................................Christy Rector Kulygin, Fyodor Ilyich, a high-school teacher, husband of Masha.........Ken Calkins Vershinin, Aleksandr Ignatyevich, Lieutenant Colonel, Battery Commander . .Mike Shaw Baron Tuzenbach, Nikolai Lvovich, Lieutenant.............................Bill Oliver Solyony, Vassily Vassilyevich, Staff Captain .......................Jeff Le Compte Chebutykin, Ivan Romanovich, Army Doctor..................................Gary Sims Fedotik, Aleksei Petrovich, Second Lieutenant....................Shawn Greenfield Roday, Vladimir Karlovich, Second Lieutenant ..........................David White Ferapont, porter of the District Board, an old man ...............Michael Stripling Anfisa, the nurse, an old woman of eighty........................Claudia McCollum The Maid.........................................................Catherine Cannon Chrisiv Re lor played Inna, youngs ,,i -The three Sisters", and Hit ' • ' played Baron Iu enba h, her husband m the lour ac t drama JSWinter Fun? This year Oklahoma had ils share of winter weather from chilling winds to blizzards, but with a few falls and traffic jams, we trudged ahead and conquered winter storms. Some of us even had time to have a little snowball fight or to create a jolly snowwoman. T6is. A , V - •9 ssvao JJO d33MEleven contestants vied for the Miss CSU title on February 16, 1979, in the University Center Ballroom. The contest was sponsored by the Bronze Book. Pamela Peters of Pryor, Oklahoma, won the title and rec eived a scholarship, a $500 wardrobe allowance, and a trip to the Miss Oklahoma Pageant in Tulsa. The CSU Princesses for 1979 are, Stacey Autry, First Runner-up, and Marsha Younge, Second Runner-up. Stacey Autry is from Yukon, Oklahoma, and Marsha Younge is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Pamela Peters is all smiles after being crowned Miss CSU for 1979. Gina lash. Miss CSU 1978, says farewell by singing a final song. Christy Nance Stacey Autry IBDeNease Johnson Marsha Younge Jan Soars Melody Newton 39The Emcees for the evening were Ben Odom, president of Student Senate and Charla Haley, Rene Lanier senior broadcast major. Tensa Garrison )o Lynn Graham Donna Kling 40Jana Wright — "Queen of Hearts" Jana Wright sparkles after being crowned “Queen of Hearts" by her escort Tim Want land. Jana Wright, Alpha Gamma Delia social sorority was crowned Queen of Hearts during February at the annual Queen of Hearts dance held in the University Center Ballroom. Wright collected a total of SI,005, which will be donated to the Heart Association. A total of $1,323.66 was collected and all of it will go to the Heart Fund, in conjunction with Valentines Day. Miss Wright was crowned by Richard Buchanan, state Youth chairman of the Heart Association. The other contestants were Debbie Bowls, Sigma Kappa with $54.66, Lori Biby, Delta Zela with $200, and Hiedi Hamerly, Murdaugh Hall with 64 dollars.Clowning Around? Bill McCutchen is a Freshman from Guthrie who demonstrated his expertise in clown makeup for a CSU Humanities class. McCutchen has come to CSU for a degree in special education. Because — he likes children. Each Saturday morning in full clown makeup he skates the beginners session at a Guthrie roller rink with an 11 -year-old clown he trained. McCutchen has trained 34 Junior High students to be clowns. Putting on the right socks for his clown clothing, he starts the metamorphosis of being a clown. A dot on the end of his nose is a trademark of "Sniffs" the clown. Getting into the act starts with a lot of white stage powder. 42Drawing a new mouth is part of the transition from Bill to "Sniffs.' The hat has to be just right and "Sniffs" will be ready for another performance. "It's just something in me. I've always been a clown, even A smiling "Sniffs" leaves the real world behind and smiles for the audience he intends to entertain, out of makeup." 43Changing Seasons Affect 4445Signs of the Times 46■■H there they go, I MUST HASTEN AFTER TH FOR I AM THEIR LEADER.Pam is a freshman working towards a votal musk education degree. She is a member of Tunesmith, Old North Belles, Happy sides Singers and the BSU.Homecoming Queen Pam Adair Pam is a junior foods and nutrition major. She is president of AWS and was Outstanding Freshman Woman. She is a member of Presidents Club and Alpha Gamma Delta.52s Calendar Girl Christy Nance Christy is a junior in the CSU Business Education Program. She is a member of Panhellenic, Student Senate, Pi Omega Pi, Delta Zeta Sorority, and Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross.Freshman Queen Jan Dunn Jan is a freshman commercial art major. She is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Tau Gamma Sweethearts. Calendar Girl Runners- Up Julie Gilchrist A sophomore fashion merchandising major, Julie is also a member of Alpha Gamma Della sorority. Teri Lacy Terri is a sophomore criminal jus-lice major and a member of Della Zeta Sororily and Litlle Sisters of the Maltese Cross. 56Freshman Queen Runners-Up Becky Morgan Becky is a criminal justice major and a member of Delta Zeta sorority and UCAB. Terri Ann Peaster Terri is a physical education major and is a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority.Outstanding Senior Woman a Karen MaloneOutstanding Senior Man Tim WantlandOutstanding Senior Woman Runners-UpDoug Folks Outstanding Senior Man Runners-Up Dan Foley iBronze Book Beauties Tensa Garrison |o Lynn Graham DeNease Johnson Rene lamer Melody Newton Christy Nance Ian Sears1978-79 Calendar Girls Jan Teague Miss January Donna Coker Miss April Pally Hulchmson Miss February Rhonda Wright Miss March Donna Klmg Miss August Judy Parks Miss July JamsKnocht Miss September Charla Haley Miss November Diane Hughes Miss DecemberWHO'S Paul Abner William Arnold Paul Abner: journalism Major; Alpha Tau Omega; Inter-Fraternity Council; Presidents Club; Sigma Delta Chi; Vista Staff; Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities; Intramural Tennis Champion. Christine Albasi: Biology Medical Technology Major; American Chemical Society; American Society of Medical Technology; Biology Club; Dean's Honor Roll; President's Honor Roll; Association of Women Students; Student Tutor. William Arnold: Journalism-Photographic Arts Major; ROTC Orienteering Team; Raiders; Sigma Delta Chi; ROTC Battalion Commander and Public Information Officer. Soozi Bales: Elementary Education Major; Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Alpha Chi; Student Education Association; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's Honor Roll; President's Honor Roll; AWS; Pan-hellenic; Student Senate; UCAB; Presidents Club; Tri Sigma Scholastic Award; Herwanna Barnard Leadership and Service Award. Christine Albasi In American Colleges 64Who's Sandra Whitaker Bell Debbie Bishop Sandra Whitaker Bell: Chemistry Major; Alpha Chi; Dean's Honor Roll; President's Honor Roll; Sigma Kappa; Association of Women Students; Student Senate; Edmond Association for Retarded Children; Edmond Youth Council. Charlotte Berryman: Biology-Med. Tech. Major; American Chemical Society; American Society of Medical Technology; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Chi; Biology Club; Student Tutor; Association of Women Students. Debbie Bishop: Computer Science — Marketing Major; Delta Zeta; Panhellenic; Presidents Club; UCAB; Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross; DPMA; Management Association; AWS; Student Senate; Calendar Girl; Miss CSU Finalist; Outstanding Freshman Woman; Sperry and Hutchinson Scholastic Scholarship; ATO Pledge Class Sweetheart; Outstanding Member of Delta Zeta. Charlotte Berryman's Picture Not Available Connie Butts: Public Relations Major; Mortar Board; Pi Kappa Delta; Forensics; Student Senate; Traffic Appeals Board; Varsity Debator. Connie Butts Charlotte Berryman and Universities 65WHO'S Barry Duren Barry Duren: History Major; East Hall Dorm Council; Outstanding Freshman Debater; Announcer for CSU Basketball games. Donna Jo Ethridge: Marketing Major; American Marketing Association; Sigma Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tiaras; AWS; Dean's Honor Roll; ROTC Queen; Stardustcrs; Calendar Girl; Superior Cadet Award as Outstanding Freshman ROTC Cadet; Mary Low Carver Award for Outstanding Scholarship. Thomas Finley: English Major; Student Senate; Kappa Sigma; Dean's Honor Roll; Everett E. Cook Award for Scholarship. Donna Jo Ethridge Dan Foley: Political Science Major; President of Student Senate; Pi Kappa Delta; Young Democrats; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Kappa Episilon; Dean's Honor Roll; Continium Committee; Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature; Varsity Debater; Joe C. Jackson Outstanding Debater Award. Thomas Finley Dan Foley In American CollegesWHO Tim Campbell Tim Campbell: Elementary Education Major; Student Senate; Marching and Concert Bands; Men's Glee Club; Handbook Committee; Continuim Committee; Dean's Honor Kolb-Architectural Barrier Removal Committee. Mike Ciskowski: Finance Major; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Kappa Delta Pi; Varsity Football; All-District team. William Dekanick: Accounting Major; Accounting Club; Alpha Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's Honor Roll; George C. Marshall Award for Superior Cadet of the Year; ROTC Battalion Commander; Distinguished Military Student Award. Mike Ciskowski Larry Dowell: Marketing-Business Administration Major; Marketing Association; Sigma Tau Gamma; Presidents Club; American Marketing Association; Inter-Fraternity Council; Kaleidoscope Dancers. Larry Dowell William Dekanick and Universities 67 iWHO'S Karen Foley Dani Garner Karen Foley: Nursing Major Nursing Club; Presidents Club Science Club; Student Senate Stardusters. Doug Folks: Journalism Major; DECA; Sigma Delta Chi; Dean's Honor Roll; Vista Staff; Thatcher Hall Dorm Council; PIO writer. Dani Garner: Nursing Major; High School College Relations Board; Nursing Club; Oklahoma Student Nurses Association; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tiaras; Mortar Board; AWS; Panhel-lenic; Sigma Kappa; Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross. Jeanne Heyser: Biology-Prc Med. Major; Health Sciences Club; American Chemical Society; Association for the Advancement of Science; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Chi; Dean's Honor Roll; President's Honor Roll, President Club; F-tigh School College and Relations Board; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Jeanne Heyser Doug Folks In American Colleges 68WHO Monte Hill lake Jones Monte Hill: Political Science Major: Kappa Sigma; Student Senate; Dean's Honor Roll; U.S. Army ROTC Scholarship. Donnie Horton: Biology Major; Health Science Club; Phi Eta Sigma. Jake Jones III: Business Major; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Marketing Club; Presidents Club; High School College Relations Board; Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities; Student Senate; Dean's Honor Roll; Business Scholarship; Varsity Tennis. Andrew Kissinger: Biology Major; Health Sciences Club; Biology Club; Dean's Honor Roll; Kaleidoscope Dancers. Donnie Horton Andrew Kissinger and Universities 69WHO'S Janis Knechi Janice Knechi: Business Management Major; Alpha Gamma Delta; Management Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tiaras; Mortar Board; Student Senate; AWS; Outstanding Freshman Woman; Calendar Girl; Presidents Club; Panhellenic; Dean's Honor Roll; Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities; Bronco Matmaid; Star-dusters; Business Scholarship; Judith Ann Bartley Scholarship; Emma Estell Harbor Scholarship; Freshman Tuition Waiver. Tim Krisher: Physics Major; Physics Club; Physics Society; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi, Student Senate. Patricia Krittenbrink: Vocational Home Economics Major; Alpha Gamma Delta; Panhellenic; Tiaras; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; AWS; High School College Relations Board; Presidents Club; Sigma Tau Gamma Sweethearts. Becky Kuntz: Accounting Major; Alpha Gamma Delta; Accounting Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tiaras; Hanging of the Green; Panhellenic; Dean's Honor Roll; Pledge Class Scholarship Award; Outstanding Scholarship Award in Alpha Gamma Delta. Patricia Krittenbrink Tim Krisher Becky Kuntz In American Colleges 70WHO Karon Malone: Marketing Major; Alpha Gamma Delta; UCAB; Tiaras; Mortar Board; Marketing Club; Student Senate; High School College Relations Board; AWS; Panhellenic; Presidents Club; Dean's Honor Roll; Judy Bartly Memorial Scholarship; Hanging of the Green. Cynthia McGowan: Health, Physical Education Recreation Major; PEMM Club; Alpha Chi; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Varsity Volleyball; Varsity Tennis. Valerie McMahan: English Education Major; Alpha Chi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tiaras. Cynthia McGowan Karen Malone Valerie McMahan Margaret Melton Margaret Melton: Biology Education Major; Biology Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tiaras; Murdaugh Hall Dorm Council; Baptist Student Union. . and UniversitiesWHO'S Chuck Mills: Business Management Major; Sigma Tau Gamma; Presidents Club; High School College Relations Board; Inter-Fraternity Council; DECA; UCAB; Student Senate; Management Club; Marketing Club; Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities; Outstanding Greek Man Runner-up. Sharon Moore: Marketing Major; Sigma Kappa; Roses of Sigma Tau Gamma; Marketing Association; AWS; Panhellenic; Kaleidoscope Dancers. Chuck Mills Steve Murdock: Political Science Major; Alpha Chi; Baptist Student Union; Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Sharon Moore Susan Naifeh In American Colleges 72WHO Christy Nance Christy Nance: Business Education Major; Delta Zeta; UCAB; Presidents Club; Presidents Club; Panhellenic; Pi Omega Pi; Student Senate; Calendar Girl. Debbie Sanders: Business Major; Delta Zeta; UCAB; Marketing Association; Alpha Chi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tiaras; Mortar Board; Student Senate; AWS; Presidents Club; Panhellenic; Cultural Arts Committee; Grace Mason Lundy Award; Cleo Arterburn Award; Dean's Honor Roll; Calendar Girl. Martha Denise Speed: Biology-Pre Med. Major; Alpha Chi; Health Science Club; Kappa Delta Pi; High School College Relations Board. Martha I)enise Speed Cynthia Stocks: Nursing Major; Sigma Kappa; Army Blades; Nursing Club; State Student Nursing Association; National Student Nursing Association; Tiaras; Mortar Board; Graduation Usher; Flag Girl. Cynthia Stocks Debbie Sanders and Universities 7iWHO'S Kent Taylor Kent Taylor: Pre-Dental Major; Varsity Wrestling; Wrestling Scholarship; All-American. janette Teague: Elementary Education Major; Alpha Gamma Delta; Tiaras; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; AWS; Calendar Girl. Greg Thomas: Psychology Major; Alpha Chi; Psi Chi; President's Honor Roll. Laurel Turvey: Journalism-Advertising Major; Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross; Sigma Delta Chi; Tiaras; Dean's Honor ™ Roll; Vista Staff. Janette Teague Greg Thomas Laurel Turvey In American Colleges 74Who Tim Wantland John Williams Tim Wantland: Political Science Major; Kappa Sigma; Inter-Fraternity Council; Student Senate; Dean's Honor Roll; Young Democrats; Varsity Football; Fencing; Delta Zeta Dream Man. Cherryl Williams: Speech and Hearing Pathology Major; Delta Sigma Theta; Sigma Alpha Eta; National Student Education Association. John Williams: Chemistry Major; Biology Club; Health Sciences Club; Dean's Honor Roll; American Chemical Society. Helen Zimmerman: Physical Education Major; Kaleidoscope Dancers; PEMM Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Orchesis Dancers; Chairwoman of Women's Intramurals; Commuter Representative for Intramurals. Helen Zimmerman and Universities 75Outstanding Greek Woman Janis Knecht: . . Mortar Board, Secretary; Alpha Gamma Delta; President, UCAB, Treasurer Calendar Girl, Presidents' Club, Panhellenic Board, Dean's Honor Roll, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Kappa Sigma Starduster Judith Ann Bartley Scholarship, Alpha Gamma Delta, School of Business Scholarship Janis Knecht (left) Janis poses outside her home the Alpha Gamma Della Sorority House. (Below) Jams shares the Christmas spirit with a young child. 78Chuck Mills (Right) Chuck Mills relaxes in front of the fraternity house (Below) Chuck exhibits trophies he has helped the fraternity win. Outstanding Greek Man: Chuck Mills . . . Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity President, Presidents Club President, High School — College Relations Board President, and Inter-Fraternity Council President. . . . Collegiate DECA, UCAB, Student Senate. Management Club, and Marketing Club. . . . two year member of Who's Who on American Universities and Colleges. 79Acacia President Marty Bird Vice-President Steve Watkins Treasurer Scott McLain Secretory Scott Butler Steve Escalante Fitch Bruce Kelley Mark Lester lack Murray Danny Pursell Jessie Ramirez Ron Swartz 80Acacia: In (heir leisure lime, Ron Swartz and Tommy Filch match their strength. Spring officers are: Steve Watkins, president; Ronald Schwarz, vice president; Mark Lester, social chairman; and lack Murray, secretary-treasurer. promotes unity of members refurbishes fraternity house 15 members parties are Homecoming dance. Black and Gold, Western Party, and Night on the Nile. The Acacia's new house provides room for entertainment and socializing. 81Thugateres Members are: (Firsl Row) Diane Swartz, Terisa Garrison, and Donna Bracksieck, (Second Row) 8ecky Barber, |. R. McClanahan, and Jeannie Winn.Bid House Day unites sisters living everywhere; left are Stillwater residents Nancy Hosteller and Carla Reeser, right are Kerry Estes and Becky Kunt from Edmond. AI"A: . . .developscharacter,scholarship and leadership . . . sponsors Lil'Miss Bronchette Pageant for altruism project . . . honors include Freshman Queen, Homecoming Queen, Queen of Hearts, and Outstanding Greek Woman. Alpha Gammalams Knecht, president Karen Malone, vice-president fraternity educ alien Tammy Malicoate, vice-president scholarship linda Miller, recording secretary lana Wright, treasurer Sherry ford, rushing chairman Sharon Hargrave, membership chairman Kerry Estes panhellenic delegate Cindy Fridrich, activities chairman Lynne Gollhofer, social chairman Sherry Hunter, standards chairman Dian Marshall, corresponding secretary Debbie Sullivan, house c hairman Barbara Willy, publicity chairman Ian Teague, ritual chairman Terisa Garrison, song leader Goldie Perry, housemother Pam Adair lanis Bailey Becky Barber Cathy Baxter Sue Black Cmdy Boyce Deborrah Castle Kellie Cromer Sherry Daugherty Kelly Diet Jan Dunn Alpha Cam Man Dave MartinPally Krittenbrink Becky Kuntz Sue Lowe |. R. McClanahan Shelley Moody Cindy Nelson Melody Newton Tami Rhames Cherry Rice Laura Roach Robyn Roach Vicki Roberts Barbara Toumbs Barbara Uldrich (At Left) Alpha Cams demonstrate the hand motions to the song Harmony for new Pledges. (Below) Alpha Cams show their school spirit while following their float in the Homecoming Parade. 85Alpha Kappa Alpha Odette Scobey shows transparencies at the national convention which was held on campus. Alethia Young discusses the sorority at the national level.Playing the part of the lion in the Wizard of O skit. Diane Hughes waits for her cue during a rush party. AKA: . . . encourages high scholastic and ethical standards . . . promotes unity and friendship among black women . . . provides a place of service to all mankind . . . donate a basket of food to a needy family . . . holds an Easter Egg Hunt . . . cultural and social activities . . . 18 members. Members are: Myra Walker, basileus; Diane Hughes, anti-basileus; Connie Carnt;«» .. „ . _ . . , . Karin Dewberry. .Jean of pledges; Pat Watson, hodoges; Cass.e Coleman rurlitS. ' Pore,ha Crundv- (P oley Cheryl Elliott; tamm.oches; Alethia Young, graduate advisor. ' P "dm 'n‘anan; Leora Smith, ivy leaf reporter; Judy Douglas, Patricia Powell; and 87Alpha Kappa Alpha national delegates prepare to convene for a meeting. (Above) Pat Watson plays the scarecrow at a rush party while Myra Walker watches. (Right) Myra lugrande, leora Smith, and Karin Dewberry prepare coffee at the national convention. 88ATQ: . . . stresses brotherhood and loyalty . . .won all sports trophy . . . plans the Tradewinds Party, Graffitti Ball and White Rose Formal. Larry Wahl John Wells A member displays school spirit as a clown in the homecoming parade. Paul Abner, president Bill Morris, vice-president Benny Christianson, treasurer Bob Davis, annals Jay O'Niel, scribe Robert Lane, usher Ronnie Groover, sentinel Brian Smith, public relations Robbie Bratton, pledge trainer Mike Kennemer, rush chairman Ken White, social chairman Jeff Masonhall, song DeWayne Misner, special projects chairman Randy Henion, alumni Steve Nash, chapter advisor Richard Baker Scott Salary Larry Croel Jim Doughtery Steve Dunlap Jim Gerhard! Dennis Groden Mike Mairs Mark Misner Chuck Perry Mark Rakes Frankie L. Richardson Jeff Robinett David Sauls Marty Smith 89 Alpha Tau OmegaMany Bernich, Frankie Ric hardson, and Brian Smith fix the por h at the house during work week. 90S' Little Sisters of the Maltese CrossAlpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha: . . . First Black Fraternity . . . helps Black man respect others and himself . . . strives for scholarship, perseverance, integrity, knowledge and excellence . . . awardsSIOOscholarship to Black CSU student. Officers are Stephens Sauls, dean of pledges; David Brown, vice president. Kenneth Jones, secretary-treasurer; and Charles Bible, president Members are (firs! Row) Charles Bible and Edward Shoals (Second Row) lerrance Mitchell, Delmon Porter, and David Brown (Third Row) Kenneth Jones and Homer Mathews. (Fourth Row) Gerwayne Fitzpatrick, Stephens Sauls, and Rod Berdine (Not Pictured) Mike Ponder. Travis Battle, and David Dejure. 92ta Zeta QJ Debbie Bishop, president Christy Nance, corresponding sec retary Connie Davis, recording se retary Susie Brown, treasurer Cindy Ely, rush hairman Kathy Collins, pledge tramer Mildred Babbitt, housemother lorn Ashby I isa Amaya Kathy Allen lourame Barrett Ion Bergstrasser Lon Bil y Susan Boyer Bee ky Crews Donna Duran Cindy Durbin Terri Dyer Patricia llselthett Karen Gill Loni Gorman D'Ann Hartpence leri lac y Karen lavender Sherri Leighton Kay Ann McCarthy Marjorie McGregor Martha Mikolajczyk Becki Morgan Ioanna Morrison Nancy O'Donnell Susan Penkauskas Dona Pitcher Donna Kynder Debbie Sanders lenniter Schweer Virginia Seabrook Sherry Shotner Bobelle Stamper Vickie Slone lulie Thomm Kobin Treps Greta Watson Trudy Wheeler Karen Whitaker Marsha Younge 94Members ready all iheir gear for the hayride. Robin Trepps, Julie Thomm, and Susie Brown sing before formal dinner starts. Lisa Amaya, Marsha Young and Virginia Seabrook try to learn the motions to a song. AZ: . . . develops individual physically, socially, and intellectually . . . promotes campus spirit . . . 47 members . . . honors are Calendar Girl of the Year and Outstanding Upperclasswoman . . . sponsors Mr. leggs Contest, Founders' Day Dinner, Hayride, slumber party. Rerun dance, Christmas party, and Killarney Ball. 95On a trip to Stillwater, Melinda Nimerick, Bob Davis, Julie Thomm, and Bennie Christensen snuggle in the back. Ken White auctions Debbie 8ishop at a slave sale. (Below) Christy Nance, lani Gorman, Trudy Wheeler, and Susan Boyer do their skit at formal rush theme night. Getting ready for a hayride are Becky Crews and Kathy Allen. %(Above) Stephanie Hudson, Sherrie Smiley, and Denise Robertson look at their pledge books. (Below) Kim Hudson and Rowena Colbert look over the agenda for meetings. Members President Sara Berry Vice President Rowena Colbert Secretary Priscilla Johnson Treasurer Cheryl Williams Sponsor Kim Hudson Sponsor Cynthia Cooper Marshetta Berry Denise Robertson Sherrie Smiley Stephanie Hudson Beveryly Nichols AI0: . promotes higher cultural, intellectual and moral standards . nationally affiliated . service organization . benefits needy in surrounding community . Cherryl Williams nominated for a member of Who's Who on College Campuses and Universities. 97 Delta Sigma Thetars £ 60 J5 Q. Q. rs KE: . . . develops friendship and loyally for members ... 76 members . . . honors are Outstanding Senior Man, 1978; Teacher of the Year; and Scholarship Trophy . . . sponsors River Bottom Party, Homecoming Party, Scarlet Formal, Christmas Party, and Kamanawanalayaluau Party. Bailey Bierig, athletic director Richard Powell, grand treasurer Bobbin Mill, grand procurator Joe Williams, grand scribe Tom Finley, pledge educator Pat McTiernan. rush chairman Tim Wantland, social chairman Stephen flake, lund raising chairman Karl McKinney Carl Bonne Russel Riec ken Curtis Williams David Brasher Tracy Long lohn Turnbull John Doughty t arry Stewart David Best Kenton Dykes John Flake lohn Temple Denny James .Mark Chartney Mark Bignell Pal Peters Dayne Fease lames Fngel Nils Rockne Greg Dever Mel Hoig Wally Pugsley Randall Park Mark Bell Patrick Henry Richard Cloud Larry Foster, advisor |oe Flake, Grand master Jeff Peek, grand master ceremoniesSherry Shoiner, secretary Tina Dykes, treasurer Kari Buntyn lorry Burnett Imda Cloud Carol Cram Cheryl Cummins Connie Dav is lu Ann Dillman Donna Ethridge lenny Ferguson lannell Finney Karen Foley Kay Grinin Donna Haves lams Knecht Cathy Moss Kim Munn Linda Owens ludy Parks Deanna Perez lamce Pierce Linda Rogers Linda Shockley Cathy Wakelee 100 101 Darrell Maddox plays the piano while Tommy laster sings along. Kappa Alpha PsiKappa Alpha Psi: . . . encourages achievement in human endeavor . . . unites fraternity bond of culture, patriotism, and humor . . . promotes social, intellectual, and moral welfare. Michael Davis arvd William Tomlin talk about the opportunities ot being a member. William Tomlin, keeper of exchequer, and Gerald Woodson, keeper of records, discuss the agenda of an upcoming meeting.Members ate William Tomlin, Chris Jacobs, Michael Davis, Randv Tucker. Delbert laskev. Gerald Woodson, Richard fani, David Shellon III. Carier McBride, Andre I tancisco, Bobby Washington, lames Millet, Darrell Maddox, Dr . William Roberts, and William Sianlord. Outlets an- (first Row) William Tomlin, keeper ol exchequer. David Shelton, polemarch; Andre Francisco. vice polemarch; Gerald Woodson, keeper oi records (Second Row) Richard Tani. dean ol pledges; Bobby Washington, slralegus; Michael Davis, assistant strategus; Delbert Laskey, reporter; and Randv T ucket. assistant dean ol pledges. Sigma Tau Gamma 104XTP. to promote the spirit of brotherhood and lasting friendships 40 members 20th anniversary for chapter installation Homecoming activities, haunted house for UNICEF, attend Grand Chapter meeting in Dallas, annual White Rose Formal and Frontier Follies won certificate at Grand Chapter meeting, second in IFC Intramural Sports, Outstanding Greek Man Don Bassett, vice president finance Terry Pierce, vice president membership Michael .Meyer, vice president education Mike Donnell, pledge educator Jack Pierce, sports coordinator Jerry Krittenbnnk, social chairman Harley Darnell Mike Doughtery Clyde E. Dowell IV Carry Dowell Rick Edwards 8rad Elder Mark Hansen Jack Horner Mike Hyatt Greg Kimbler Curtis Dretchmar Robert McMinn Kurt Meyers Barney Moon Rusty Moore Bart Payne lou Reeser Sean Quigley Keith Rogers Rusty Sheldon David Smith Mitch Taylor lay Tnpp Mark Williams 105Roses of Sigma Tau Gamma Officers are lorry Dobson, secretary; Sharon Moore, treasurer; and Pally Kriilenbrink. president Not pi lured are: Pally Thompson, historian; and Carla Reeser, vice president White Rose 1979 Patty Kritlenbrink Members are: (First Row) Lynne Golhoffer, Pally Kritlenbrink, Sharon Moore, Virginia Seabrook, and Robin Trepps. (Second Row) Lesylee Sullivan, Brenda Gilliland, Terry Dobson, Tammy Rhames, Sue Block, Linda Miller, lean Ann Southern. (Back Row) Karen Lavender, Peggy Sherman, Vicky Roberts, and Cindy Stocks. Not pictured are: Jan Dunn, Pally Thompson, Jana Pokorny, Carla Reeser, Cathy O'Halerin and Stephanie Speligene. 106IK: . . . national social sorority, . . . stress individuality and develops womens character . . . activities include intramurals, spring retreat, and exchanges. Some girls clown around al the Sigma Kappa Hayride. lackie la Chance, president Kitten lewis, vice-president Kim Underwood, vice-president pledge education linda Owens, vice-president membership Sherri Trice, recording secretary Cay lynn Chartney, corresponding secretary Nancy Schmidt, Registar Lori Grey, panhellenic delegate Pam Anderson Debbie Bowles Brenda Brewer linda Chappell Terri Forth Dani Gardner Tammy Griffin Valeri Hannah Mary Head Ruth |a kson Sharon Moore Cathy Moss Kim Murray Kim Osborn Diana Owens ludy Parks Terri Peaster |ody Peeler Gina Ramos Cindy Stocks lesylee Sullivan Patty Thomas Nancy Wyskup Sigma KappaRick Edwards, Sigma Kappa Beau, and Cindy David Sauls, Pledge Class Beau, and Pally Slocks Thomas 108These members take a break from dancing at the Violet Ball. Posing for pictures on Bid House Day are Clyna Gipson, Marsha Kannada, Lesylee Sullivan, Terri Peaster and Kim Osborne. t 109Tau Kappa Epsilon Members are: lohn Oglesby, vice president; Andy Fairchild, secretary; George Leaf, historian; Chuck Webb, pledge trainer; Robert Clark, sergeant at arms; Doug Vourassa, chaplain; Chad Imgrund, president; 8illy Worell, treasurer; Joe Bowie, rush chairman; Tom Arnold; Ben Odom; Jeff Howard; and Jeff Galloway. Officers pose for a picture before starting the weekly meeting. TKE: . . . promotes opportunities to lead . . . encourages involvement and self-expression . . .offers opportunity to build self-confidence and poise — which gain respect and honor . . . rebuilds chapter . . . Homecoming Parade, trip to Greeley, Colorado, Christmas party for underprivileged children, and Red Carnation Ball 110TKE Sweetheart Sherry Imgrund illSigma Sigma SigmaDisplaying their costumes during the Haunted House week are (First Row) Rick Cloud, Penny Owen, and Terri Barnes. (Second Row) Linda Savage. (Third Row) Mike Savage, Soozi Bales, Sherry Polts, and Valerie George. (Fourth Row) Terri Harrison, Dana Yost, and Kim Hayes. Sigma Sigma Sigma honors (Van Armstrong at her last CSU function and the Sigma Sigma Sigma alumnae the Christmas dinner. Ill: . . . oldest Creek organization . . . stress individual growth through service projects . . . sponsors Founder's Day, Homecoming activities, Greek Week, Haunted House, Sigma Ho-Down Dance, and Deep Purple FormalOrder of the Triangle Sieve Nash Bill Ray Brian Smith 114QOJO: builds faith and trust among members encourages scholastic achievement sponsors a child at Christmas. Omega Pearls Brothers of Omega Psi Phi President Patricia Brown President Darrell Alfred Vice President Schelby Moore Vice President Bobby Davis Secretary Treasurer Kathy Stephen Sitole Secretary Edwards Jere Roberson Treasurer Publicity Manager Elanor Daniel Sponsor Dr. Clarence Parker Rowena Colbert Brends Douglas Conzy Grayson Marilyn Lowe Sponsor Dr. jere Roberson 115 Omega Psi PhiInter-Fraternity Council Mark Hansen passes a lifesaver to Roseann Cerah for iheir punishment at freshman pledge court. One of the activities the Inter-Fraternity Council co-sponsors with Panhcllcnic during Greek Week is the Greek Picnic. 116(Clockwise Starting at Left) Members are Tim Wantland, treasurer; Sean Quigley, Mitch Taylor, 8ailey Bierig, Robin Hill, Mike Kennemer, Jeff Masonhall, Dr Dudley Ryan, sponsor; Jim Doughorty, Jim Cerhardt, Marty Byrd, Paul Abner, vice-president; and Chuck Mills, president. Selected this year as Outstanding Creek Woman and Outstanding Creek Man are Janis Knecht and Chuck Mills. Dean Wilma Armstrong accepts a gift which is a place setting to add to her collection from Interfraternity Council as Dean Ryan looks on. Inter-Fraternity Council . . . governs all social fraternities . . . unites fraternities . . . works for betterment of CSU and the students . . . sponsors Greek Week, intramural sports, and combined rush. 117Janis Knccht gives her opinion on Panhellenic matter as in-coming Dean lay Tripp and Jan Dunn pass a lifesaver at Fresh-Deanna Land listens. man court. Panhellenic officers are: (Front) Christy Nance, vice-president; Patty Krittenbrink, president; lackie LaChance. treasurer (Back) Kerry Estes, delegate; and Valerie George, secretary. Panhellenic 118Outstanding Creek Woman lanis Knecht is presented with her award. Sorority girls enjoy lots of good things to eat at the annual All Creek Picnic. Brent Hoig and Jennifer Schweer pass an apple at Freshman Court. 119Panhellenic: Governs all NPC Sororities promotes good relations among all sororities provides group service to campus sponsors Formal Rush, Greek Week, and the Ribbon Dance (Right) Cindy Ely watches out going Dean Wilma Armstrong opens a gift irom Panhellenic as (Below) other members Kerry (stes, lackie laChance, and Valerie George look on. 120Pictured are members of the Afro-American Student Union. Afro-American Student Union: Officers are (First Row) Shiela Ranger, treasurer; and Cynthia Butler. vice president. (Second Row) William Tomlin, secretary; Darrell Maddox, president; Robert Tapp, activities coordinator; Dr. Malcom Cobv. sponsor, and (not pictured) Dr. lere Roberson. . . . unites black brother and sisters . . .encourages academic excellence . . . promotes a good reputation and public image . . . sponsors a membership drive and Black Heritage Week. 121 Afro-American Student UnionStudent Senate Student Senate . . . heads student organizational structure . . . solves problems of student welfare . . . acts as liaison between students and administration . . .40 senators and four officers elect 10 in spring and 10 in fall President Dan Foley is carried off to creek at the end of Freshman Court. Members of the Student Senate are: Denise Daniels, Steve Jennings, Karen Malone, Toni Fuller, Tim McCord, Craig Farrow, Dean land, Karen Stenson, Dennis McGowan, Tammy Malicoate, Kerry Estes, Lois Porka, Vicki Murrell, David Kenney, and Kelly Cramer.Craig McVay, Donna Duran, Steve Avery, Diane McCain, Tonya Smily, Lurene Matheson, Mike McQuaid, Dean Armstrong, leannie Crosley, Dean Ryan, Mellissa Green, Mark Singer, Patty McCarthy, Sue Lowe, Connie Davis, I R McClanahan, Dean land, Gordie Variavandi, and Karen Whitaker. «rr 123 Outgoing President Dan Foley swears in President-elect Ben Odom.This year's Student Senate was active in the interests of Central State students. The establishment of a Judicial Board, officer scholarships and an Attorney General were among the accomplishments of this year's Student Senate. Again this year the Senate sponsored the annual Homecoming Parade, and Howdy Week at the !x‘ginning of the fall semester. 124Sandy Cravens, Ruth Duck, and Jackie Scalph show a pi club poster. ABA: . . . coeducational library science fraternity . . .enrichesculturally and socially . . . sponsors book sales. are: (First Row) Mrs. Ruby Ewing, sponsor; Beverly Cory; Jun Eng; Mei-Yun Lin; Shelley Barnes, secretary-treasurer; Sandy Cravens; and Felicin llo. (Second Row) Randy Wayland, vice president; Kim Kirkpatrick; Jackie Scalph, president; Ruth Duke; and Uarilyn Shuman. 125 Alpha Beta AlphaAWS AWS: . . . gives CSU women a voice in student affairs . . . membership includes all campus women . . . sponsors Queen of Hearts dance. Fall and Spring convocation Karen Malone Ian Fryear Maria Gerah Tammy Griffin Coyetta lones Sherry Hunter Linda Owens Sherry Potts 126Dean Armstrong accepts a gift from Pam Adair for service to AWS. Dean Armstrong, long time AWS sponsor, receives a kiss from her brother at her farewell banquet. Members gather to formulate activities for upcoming events. 127High School-College Relations Board Members are (first Row) Tanya Gilbert, Jeanne Hevser. and Jeanme Crosley (Second Row) Denise Speed (Third Row) Debbie Wood and Lisa Henson, (fourth Row) Karen Malone (fifth Row) Chuc k Mills and Dian Marshall. (Sixth Row) Roseann Gerah (Seventh Row) Vicki Roberts. (Eighth Row) Donna McGiveren. sponsor (Ninth Row) Melodye Dershem (Tenth Row) lauri Ashley Officers are Denise Speed, secretary-treasurer; Vicki Roberts, membership; Jeannie Crosley, president; and Donna McGiveren, sponsor. High School-College Relations Board: . . . helps relationship with high school students . . . encourages high school enrollment at CSU . . . helps familiarize new students with the campusOfficers are (First Row) Tonya Staden, Karen Dewberry, leannie Crosley, Diane Hughes, Edwina Dcrritt. (Second Row) Cary 8urks, luana Price, Clarence Blades, Terry Steward. Murdaugh Hall officers are: Laura Scott, secretary; Linda Colbert, vice president; Barbara Lowe, president; and Lesylee Sullivan, treasurer. Resident Assistants: live in residents hails and facilitates the development of academic environment assists with promotion of activities interprets policies and general morale nine members 129 Resident AssistantsEast and West Hall Officers of East Hall are: (First Row) David Seidner, floor representative; Steve Harkey, president. (Second Row) Barry Duren, vice president; James Walker, secretary; and George Tetteh, treasurer.Staying in character throughout the Halloween party, Blanche Longoria and ten Loveall participate in a game of charades. ’aula Roberts, dressed in a Boy Scout uniform, watches other costumed residents during sarly. West Hall: . . promotes unify in dormitory . . sponsors Halloween and other parties . . participates in intramurals. Officers are (First Row) Rhonda Wright, vice president; and Deboraah Riggs, president. (Second Row) Vicki Curin; treasurer, and Pandora Sprowl, secretary. Winners in the costume contest are (first Row) Kathy Douglas, second place; Rowena Colbert, first place; and |an Fryear and Lalressa Tomah, (Not Shown) third place. (Second Row) Blanche longeria and Ten loveall, honorable mention. 131 West HallPresidents Club. . consists ot dll presidents ot recognized clubs promotes communication between all student organizations, the (acuity and the administration holds an annual Christmas party tor underprivileged c hildren. Presidents Club officers are tarry Dowell, president; Patty Knllenbrink. treasurer; and Dr Bill Lillard, sponsor. Members are (Front Row) Dian Marshall. Karen Malone. Pally Knllenbrink, Cindy I ly. Susie Brown. (Back Row) David Neighlsors. Chet Imgrund, Ben Odom, tarry Dowell. I im Wantland an l |oe F lake.A curious child empties his Christmas sloe king Who else but Santa to help open up Christmas presents New books are some of the gifts given at the Presidents Club Christmas party for underprivileged children m Mortar Board Mortar Board: contributes to the campus and community 15 members activities include alumnae Homecoming coffee, preparation of a Thanksgiving basket, and Fall convocation. :m Members are: (First Row) Karen Malone and Karen Stark. (Second Row) Glenda Crabtree and Connie Butts (Third Row) Jan Teague and Marilyn Shuman. (Fourth Row) lanis Knecht and Patty Krittenbrink. 134(Left) Mortar Board members compile a Thanksgiving basket (or needy families. (Above) Mortar Board officers are (Front) Patricia Diaz, sgt. at arms; Karen Malone, president. (Back) Connie Butts, editor; and Leslie Trent, treasurer.Tiaras Tiaras: junior honorary and service organization initiates campus and community service 18 members gives Thanksgiving basket to needy, Christmas party. Faster party for nursery children. Oklahoma County Welfare representative Margaret fdinger is a speaker at a Tiaras meeting. Vicki Roberts is initiated into Tiaras by janis Knecht and Leslie Trent Gathering a Thanksgiving l asket for the needy are Margaret Edinger, Cindy Kirtley, Cindy Coe and Dr. Donna Younkers, Tiaras Sponsor. 136Tiaras officers are President Becky Kuntz, Secretory Cindy Kirtley, Vice President Kim Underwood, Historian Ranoe Bradley, and Treasurer Bali Sterret. 137 Tiaras members are (First Row) Carol Haves, Vic ki Roberts, Michelle Schaefer. (Second Row) Bali Ree Sterret, Linda Smith, Gina Ewers, Guyla Shook, leola Rather. Cindy Coe, Cindy Kirtley, l)r. Younkurs, (sponsor), Becky Kuntz, Tambra Bynum, Diane Cox, Debbie Holloway, Ranae Bradley, and Barbara Uldrich.Alpha Lambda Delta Members are: (first Row) Mary Ann Roberts, Laura Roach, and Rosie Walters. (Second Row) Kay Brown, Mary Lambert, Ann Stoc ks-berry. (Third Row)Shelly Williamson, Carol Hayes, Jeanne Clure, Julie Purvis, and lurene Matheson. (fourth Row) Belh Munda. Donna fuhrmann, Barbara Bentle, and Dian Marshall. H8AAA: Pros pec live member signs the roll sheet. . . . freshman honor society . . .encouragesscholastic achievement. . . . 48 members. . . . sponsors freshman tea . . . tutors other freshmen . . . sponsors a Halloween party. Members Barbara Bentle Kay Brown Lorraine Caddy Icanne Clure Gina I vers Donna Fuhrmann Sherri Gallaspy Lynne Gelhlholer Kelley S. Green Kim Green Sharon Hargrave leannelle Hufnagle Gayle Johnston Maryfaye Jones loan Krillenbrink Mary lean lakvage Mary Lambert Dian Marshall Lurene Malheso'n Beth Ann Munda tammy Polen lulea Purvis Nancy Reiter Laura Roach Mary Ann Roberts Ann Stocksberry Debbie Veros Nancy Walker Rosalie Wallers Linda Whitten Sharron Williams Shelly Williamson (lop) Mary Lambert and Ann Stocksberry talk with prospective member, Amy Jones (Below) (First Row) Shelly Williamson, report, Carol Hays, junior advisor. and Ann Stocksberry, treasurer (Second Row) Dian Marshall, president; Mary Ann Roberts, historian; Laura Roach, secretary. 139• MM David Lawrence Akers Leo). Allard, Jr. Glenda Rene Altizer Marcia Lynn Aycock Mary Kathryn Bennett Brian J. Bennitt R. Patrick Bixler Kenneth E. Breeden Linda Reimann Brewer Mae Helen Burge Gary Vance Camp Stephania Casebeer George R. Cornelius, Jr. Karen Kay Cummings Tex Ann Dennis Larry A. Dukes Loretta June Dyson Pamela L. Estep ShiHey Faye Evans Vickie Ficklin Susan M. Fitzgerald Donna L. Fortner Robert R. Garlington Jared D. Giddens Barbara J. Girod Barbara L. Graham Laura Elizabeth Gregory Mary Elizabeth Grissom James Russell Hale Katherine Annette Hall David W. Hamm Susan Lynn Hansen Melissa Paulette Harbison President Doug Woodruff Vice President Denise Ijmb Fall Lawrence Keith Harper Robert A. Harrington Mr. Cormack P. Hearn, Sr. Vivian Lee Herr Kathleen A. Hibbard Kaye Donna Hicks Angela Y. Holden Mary Y. Holdsclaw June M. Huneycutt Joanne M. Johnson Jerri deCordova Jones Rebecca S. Katz Don Russel Kenney Judson D. King Leah Lamar Alice Langford Sarita A. Lay B. Jo Devine Leland Sharon L. Lingo Paula Kay Maggard Kevin Richard Mayhew Nancy K. Mauk Candace A. McCullough Rebecca B. Munson Jane Harding Myers Nikki Nolen Michael Dean Norman Frances J. Ogle Kathryn Louise Pappas Leslie Jean Perry Chery Kay Oliver-Pickett Wilma 1. Plank Susan M. Prater Gayle Wallace Quinn Wayne Paul Rakett Phyllis N. Randolph Margaret Taylor Reed Richard A. Rich Michael Lloyd Ridner James A. Rochford Robert M. Rock Shelia Ryan Denise ReGail Sanders Dan E. Schneider Rita Jane Sloan Deborah Willcox Snider Kathleen W. Snyder Mary Stambaugh Connie Leigh Stone Kip Stratton Eugenia Kay Talley SuzetteTrickey Sharon Armstrong Triplett Nikila M. Turley Candice Elizabeth Turner Cynthia K. Vargason Jerry Leon Vassar Rita Ann Veal Stella Saunders Wagoner Ronald J. Wallenmyer Joy Kay White Jean M. Wilburn Shirley A. Wilkerson Sherry Linn Wilkinson K. Diane Williams Raymond Frederick Wisden James A. Yost 140Rhonda Jan Herman Jeanne I. Heyser Evelyn Ann Hooge Carol J. Hopper Sandra Ann Howard ■ Jay Lee Huckabay Larry N. Hull Ellen Sue Hurt Margaret A. Ihrig 'Karl Mark Inskeep LaDeena Ann James Mdva Maria JaramWi Secretary Amanda Schuessler Susan Alexander Alma A. Allard Judith Brandt Anderson Marcia Kaye Baker Soo i Catherine Bales Cordon Dale Barnes Kenny lee Beebe Charlotte A. Berryman Janette C. Borthwick Elizabeth Anne Wms. Brooks Robert B. Campbell Fred Cantrell Kathy Evanoff Carr Mary Kay Carter Mary Lou Carter Linda Benda Centracco Royce Edward Clark I Kay Lynn Cleaver | Cynthia Lynn Clinesmith j Cynthia Ann Cunningham 1 Kathleen Choate Curran | Myrna Beth Davis ! Rowland Jay Davis William Methodius Dekanich ' Linda Gallahar Dobson ! Keith-Armon Edgar Heather F. Ellis , Chartcie Evelyn Farley I Su anne I. Farr ! Eddie Floyd Fields • P«“8gy I- Fogle [ Jeanann E. Franklin ; Larry D. Galbraith Roberta Sue Garner 1 William Jerry Gamer William L. Gill Jacquith R. Gorelkk Vicky Carol Gregston Pamela Joyce Hamel , Pamela Sue Hart Jane Franecs Haskin Elizabeth Ann Hedberg Sherri Lynne Henderson W'. V T M'SKagy C VY-’rflV Phi Eta Sigma Members are: First Row) Bill Dekanich, Edwin Hutch, and Jeff Carol. (Second Row) Tim Kosher, Joshua Olorunnisomo, Larry Raschtschema, lames Echols, and Jerry Woodall. James Carroll Frank Dance John Deaton Steve DeCiusti William Dekanich James Echols Daniel Foley Glendon Forgey Edwin Hatch John Hendricks Donnie Horton Wade Jones Timothy Krisher Terry Long Thomas Long Christopher Mayhall Richard Miller Benjamin Odom Joshua Olorunnisomo Eric Overby Darryl Owens Larry Raschtschenia James Rogers Randall Schmitz Carry Smith Paul Sullivan Clinton Veach Raymond Wall Michael Wallington Everett Wheeler Richard Wimberly Jerry Woodall Phi Eta Sigma: . . . national honor society for freshmen with a 3.5 in their first semester . . .newchapter . . . 51 members 142Cast for the annual Don Juan play is: (First Row) Isis Martinez and Lori Montes. (Second Row) Jamie Martinez, Vicky Martinez, Terri Barnes, Kenneth Robinson, Rick Moore, and Debbie Hardesty. Terri Barnes, secretary-treasurer, and Maria (Above) Priscilla Farmer. (Below) Vicki and President Vicky Martinez Elena Carcla-Moral Jamie play lovers. . . . encourages understanding of Spanish culture . . . members have completed 18 hours of Spanish in the upper 35 percent of their class . . . sponsors a bazaar of crafts to raise money for scholarships. 143 Sigma Delta PiStudent Education Association lennie Bonder clarifies a point at a SEA meeting. Dr. Heiberg enjoys a cup of coffee at a recent meeting. SEA: . . . promotes professionalism among future teachers . . . honorary affiliate of national organization . . . promotes academic excellence and social activities. Susan Stewart, Karen Nemerick, and Cheryl lovett attend an SEA Meeting. 144Pemm Club: assist members in developing professional attitudes and outlooks provides opportunities to discuss problems and ideas participates in conventions and tree trimmings. (Left) Bobbie Anderson untangles the Christmas lights for tree (Above) Officers are: Cathy Mark, president; Shirley Nixon, second vice president; Candy Wright, first vice president, Bobbie Anderson, treasurer; and Donna Bracksieck, secretary. 145 Pemm ClubFirst Americans First Americans helps Indian students adjust to college life promotes Indian heritage and human relations 15 members is active in the Homecoming Parade, sponsors Pow wows. Heritage Week. Members are (First Row) Rebecca Harrow. Kay Luther, and Dona Thompson. (Second Row) Betty Smith. Connie Selders, Tillie Noon, and Ed Brace. (Third Row) Donna Maetubby, Doug Maetubby, Arlene Furr, and Joe Medrano. 146Indian Princess Te Ada VirgilCollegiate DECA Members of DECA are (First Row) Teresa Miller. Cindy Johnson. I. A. Shepard, Ryan Whitlow, Christy 8lackmore, Kathi lacy, Ian Ma-t olmi, Kristi Mashburn, Mary Thomas. (Second Row) Wayne Hines, Mark |ohn, Sherri Leighton, Steve Sullivan, Debbie Sullivan, Dr. Jimmie Thrash, advisor, Laurie Wilson, Neal Cassel and lean Smith. Officers of DECA are: )an Maz olini, vice-president, Kristi Mashburn, Public Relations, Ryan Whitlow, president, Kathi lacy, secretary, Debbie Sullivan, newsletter, editor, and Christy Blackmore, social activities director. Participating in a DECA Meeting are lauri Wilson, Christy 8lackmore, L. A. Shepherd. Mark Young and Debbie Sullivan Some guests at a DECA meeting are lean Smith, Dr. Jimmie Throsh, John Friedmann; State D.E. Supervisor, and Cindy Johnson 148Dr. Lucille Patton and Ryan Whitlow host the DECA teachers' banquet on campus. (Second from Right) Oklahoma DECA President l on Searle. freshman at C$U. gets ready to speak at the Mini-Conference. DECA: . . . develops members for distributive education teachers . . . readies members for DECA advisors . . . builds self-confidence . . . 26 members . . . received Ryan Whitlow award and was the southern region representative on the National Collegiate Program Development Council . . . sponsors officer training, Mini-Conference, State I eadership Conference, and Career Development Conference. 149Marketing Association Officers for the spring semester are: Alan Smiley, president; Donna Ethridge, secretary; Marianna Hootcn. second vice president; Mark Young, first vice president; and Dr. Howard Clark, advisor (Not Pictured) larry Dowell, treasurer. Marketing Association: objectives are to foster scientific study and research, study and discuss legislation and judicial decision, and uphold sound and honest practices in the marketing field acquaints marketing majors with marketing concepts participates in homecoming parade, a disco dance, and a float trip. 150 Serving refreshments at one of the meetings is Nancy Wyskup.Members are: (First Row) Alan Smiley. Donna Ethridge, Mark Young, Marianna Hooten, and Sue Tewell. (Standing) Nancy Wyskup, Neil Trowbridge, Marly Byrd, and Debbie Woodrow. Officers from Ihe fall semester are (First Row) Chatha Blanc hard, first vice president; larry Dowling, treasurer; Donna Fthndge, secretary. (Standing) Dr. Howard Clark, sponsor; Greg Moore, second vice president; and Gary McCuistion, president. Alan Smiley discusses the agenda with a speaker from liberty Bank 0 151Management Association Dianna Walker, President lerry Daniels, Treasurer Cindy f ridrick. Secretary Dr. Ed Fortenberry and Prof. C E. Wooldridge 152Management Association informs students on management brings business professionals and students together sponsors Welcome Back party, Christmas Awards Banquet, and Spring Picnic, has 30 members 153anagement Association Members arc Ali Alshari, Debbie Bishop, Gayle Davis, Paula Ferguson, Ion Hunlind, Author McAnuly. Tern McGuire, Earl Moser, Michael Ottinger, Stan Reisi, larry Satterwhite, Linda Sentracco, ID Scott, Jeff Smith, Ipek Ucuc. A guest speaker presents her ideas on the advancement o( data processing 154Officers are Gayle Davis, secretary; Terry McQuire, vice president; Debbie Bishop, treasurer; and Michael Ottinger, president DPMA: . . . promotes career opportunities for computer science major . . . affiliated with national organization . . . keeps members abreast of developments . . . collects IBM cards for recycling projects for the scholarship fund. 155Accounting Club Ron Youtsey examines the fund raising project. Spring officers are: (First Row) Colleen White, secretary; Cindy Thoms, vice president; and Anita Vaughn, historian (Second Row) David Kinney, parliamentarian; and Ron Youtsey, president. 1%Members are: (First Row) Anita Vaughn, Colleen White, Cindy Thomas, and Sara Darwin (Second Row) Susan Alexander, Rosalie Mitchell, David Kinney, Teresa Foxhaven, Ron Youtsey, and Rick 8!anchard. (Third Row) Dr. Alvin Bryan, Duane Ewy, Dee Landrum, and Ta e Hern. Officers are: (Left to Right) Del Landrum, reporter; David Kinney, controller; Sara Darwin, vice president; Rick Blanchard, president; Duane Ewy, historian; and Teresa Foxhaven, secretary. Accounting Club: . . . brings together students and faculty of accounting . . . furthers knowledge of accounting profession . . .65 members . . . tours local businesses . . . sponsors Big Eight Night Banquet 157University Center Activities Board (Above) Officers are: lams Knechl, treasurer; Debbie Bishop, secretary; Christy Nance, president; and Karen Malone, vice president (Right) A couple discos at a UCAB sponsored function, the Howdy Dance. UCAB: . . . sponsors, integrates, and expands social, cultural, and recreational activities . . . 20 members . . . sponsors Hanging of the Green, Night of Christmas, Howdy Dance, Freshman Dance, Freiberger Fund, movies, and Queen of Hearts dance and fund drive. 158 J A X (Top) Members are: Melody Newton. Cindy Nelson, Sue Black, Tammy Malicoate, Donna Duran, Cindy Fredrick, Ben Odom, Lon Biby, Cmdy Fly, Karen lavender, Leslie Trent, and Virginia Seabrook. (left) Members discuss upcoming events. (Above) Ian Dunn poses as Freshman queen at a dance sponsored by UCAB. 159American Chemical Society .. ji r, Un pe fa Ni Cu ■ ft Sen. „ Q3H :: S’ Y Zr Nb Wo 1C r u rtf) mJ VJi , ' 79 Au ■ lk . Officers arc: Secretary-Treasurer Donna Pickard, President Tim .Marlin, and Vice President Phil LambertMembers are: Mike Graham, Tim Marlin, Phil Lambert, Cheryl Mixer, Donna Pickard, Irene fdin, and Carolyn VanArsdel. ACS: . . .enhances fellowship in chemistry majors . . . 25 members . . . works in conjunciion with science club members . . . sponsors Science Club Picnic, Home Cooked Dinner, Bundle Up Picnic, Banquet, and field trips. Sponsor Dr. Verlin Richardson 161Chi Alpha Waiting (or other members to arrive at the meeting, these members talk of upcom- leona Brooks readies her camera to catch a mg events. lasting memory of the Gospel Hootenanny. Officers are Debbie Heltzel, secretary-treasurer; leona Brooks, reporter; R ,1. Goggm, sponsor; Terry long, president; and Philip Quinn, vice president.Phil Quinn shows satisfaction of enjoying the last days of warm weather. A member of the Michael Andrew Quintet, Dwayne Clcppler, entertains the student congregation at the outdoor Gospel Hootenanny. Chi Alpha: . . . interdenominational youth ministry . . . provides a source of Christian fellowship on campus . . . first place trophy at Christ's Ambassadors Assembly . . . 28 members . . . sponsors Gospel Hootenanny. Members are (First Row) |erri Burke, Debbie Rock, Cayla Smith, Adys Carro, Paul Boutwell, £d Hatch, Randy Wilgus, and Rebecca Hale (Second Row) Bob Shahan, Michael Anderson, Tern |ones, Cheryl lovett, leonna Brooks, Debbie Hellzel, lenora Wyatt, Terry long, and Jim Denton (Third Row) Greg Robb, Kevin Colwell, Rene Moore, Martha Anderson, Phil Quinn, Billy Moore, Steve Escalante, Steve Smart, and Dr. |ohn Westerman. advisor. 163Baptist Student Union The BSU staff consists of: Phil Box, president; Debbie lipvcomb, assistant director; Anna )o and Gerald Wilson, host and hostess; and John Burns, director. Council members are: (Third Row) |ohn Burns, Gerald Wilson, Phil Box, Vicky Gregston, Martha Kinney, Anna )o Wilson, Louise Roe, Kip Kimbrough, and Alan Schanta (Second Row) Guyla Shook, )oy Berryman, Kathy .Manning, Melissa Green, ( huck Ward, Lind'y O'Kelly, Roger Brumley, Lou lay, Joe Silk, Phil Edelon, Reuben Kinney, Robin Brevard, Mary loper. Alicia Jones. Cindy Edelon, Dave Harroll, Laura Wall, Pam Kinder, Dea Rabons, John Rose. Faith lalimar, Debbie Lipscomb. (First Row) Priscilla Garcia, Pam Peters, Lori Inda, Diane McCain, Kim Baker, lee lacky, Annette Klein, and Cary Poulter. Not pictured are: Cathy Allen, Dawn Higgins, Terri Shaha. lanet lahmeyer, Betty Woolf, Ava Tabb, Melanie lord, Connie Enoch. Rick McMullin, Terry and Jeff Daugherty, and Woody Moore, Kevin Burns, and Louise Freese. 164BSU: 165Kappa Delta Pi (Top) Fall initiates are installed into chapter. (Above) Jerry Park of KOCO speaks about the pros and cons of commercial television. (Right) Miss Winifred Staylon, first counselor of gamma omega chapter, accepts gift for 50 years of service to the national organization from Dr. Clara Altaffer, second counselor. 166Initialing members arc: Susie Park, vice president; Or. Margaret Isaac, treasurer; Or. Earl Newman, counselor; Oanny Leigh, past president; Or. Clara Altai-ter, co-counselor; Opal Orr, historian; and Lesley Trent, historian-rpnnrrer Officers and counselors are (Above) (First Row) Leslie Trent, Susie Park, and Opal Orr. (Second Row) Or. lari Newman; Or. Margaret Isaac; Lois Farmer, president; Dr. Clara Altaffer; Miss Winifred Slayton. (Below) Bob Allen from KETA discusses the pros and cons of educational television KAI1: . . . education honor society . . . recognizes outstanding contributions to education . . . highlight is district convention. 167Sigma Alpha Eta Officers are (First Row) Heather Ellis, president; and Vicki McCowen, vice president (Second Row) Cherryl Williams, historian; Tamera Howard, treasurer; and Lisa Hart, secretary. Sponsors are Dr. Gene Cochran, Dr. Lillian Ivey, and Dr. John King. 168Members {in alphabetical order) are Peggy Allsl rook, I inda Brown, Pat Block, |oye Garnett, Ruth Graham, Marsha Graham, Candy Holley, Dan |ohn, Gayle |ohn$lon, Martha Kymes, Lee lackey, |an McCreight, Pat McKenzie, Sherry Olmstead, Mike Perkins, Wendy Roc khold, I inda Roland, Dana Roman, Robyn Rupard, Barbara Sanderson, Harriet Sclvey, Sheri Shenold, Stacy Smith, |an Stooksbcrry, Marella Stephenson, Gay Teter, Sandy Webster, Charlene Worthington, and Talmadge Younger. Sigma Alpha Eta: . . . promotes bettor understanding in fields of speet h, hearing, and other assoc'iations . . . national fraternity . . . 25 members . . . holds luncheon and Halloween Party . . . sponsors a child at the Christmas Parly Mike Perkins teaches fundamental learning to a c hild while doing a prac tic urn Student Council for Exceptional Children Officers are Nancy lames, co-president; Vicki Williams, co-president; Sandra Miles, vice president; Cheryl Elliott, secretary; Karen Hechl, treasurer; and less Irby, newsletter. Sponsors are Dr. f d Collins and Dr. Malcolm Coby. Members m alphabetical order are Teresa Abernathy, Larrie I. Adams. Cindy Calhoun, Linda Chappell, Deborah Davis, Mike Ennis. Calvin Fairbanks, Nancy fulton, Vicky Coll, Debra Harmon, Candice Holland, Paula King. Cheryl Lovett, Janet Lynn, Tammy Malicoate, Amy Marshall, Kathy Manning, Debbie Merrell, Sandy Oliver, Opal Orr, Mildred Perry, Dona Pitcher. Shelley Pittman, Barbara Piddy, Shelley Pittman, Barbara Pnddy. Ruth Proctor, Hazel Sandy, Sheri Shenold, Beverly Silvers, Susan Simmons. Dana South. Susan Stewart, Haleyon Varnell. Maurice Walsh, lanice Walker, Karen Wilson, and Cherry! Williams. 170Dr. Ed Collins explains some facts from a booklet SCEC: . . . nationally affiliate service organization . . . promotes welfare of exceptional children by gained knowledge . . . 45 members . . . received Large Membership Award . . . Sponsors weiner roast, Runathon at Heritage Park Mall, Halloween and Christmas Party for under-privileged, selling giant colorbooks, St. Gregory's Playday, and Special Olympics. Members volunteer to help for the Christmas party Co-president Nlancy lames talks about selling the c olor book while co-president Vicki Williams looks at their notes. Members at the meeting respond to a jest made by Dr. Ed Collins. 171Sigma Phi Sigma IOZ: . . . national funeral service group . . . promotes public understanding, sound thinking, and professionalism . . . sponsors guest speakers . . . participates in Homecoming Parade. Customers are just putty in their hands. Mr. Curl explains the principles of circulation. 172 Fraternity President Curtis Dougherty with a political work of art.Mr. Hole Porter teaches a class in forensic science. Officers are: (Above) Debbie Buelew, secretary lreasurer; Curtis Dougherty, president; and Steve Goff, vice president (Below) Students work on the goal of exact duplication. Members are: (First Row) Al Barnes, Bonnie Barns, Steve Goff, Kelvin Berry, Ron Snell, and Danna Olson. (Second Row) Andy Perrish, les Pinkerton, Lynn Denning, Randy Mathews, and Sponsor Mr. Curl (Third Row) Sponsor Dr. Garrison, Kim Harris, Bryan Garha. Iimmie Boldien, and Debbie Buelow. 173Health and Sciences Club Members in alphabetical order are Charlotte Berryman, Steve Coffman, laverne Cooper, Jeanne Heyser. Donald Horton, Andrew Kissinger, Marilyn Nchls, Sharon Richardson, Laura Roach, Denise Speed, Hay Tonnu. and Carolyn Vanarsdel. Officers are f enise Speed, vice president; Dean David Hart, sponsor; Donny Horton, secretary-treasurer; and leanne Heyser. president. Sponsors are Dr. I rank Frow, Miss Ftelen Callaway, and Dean David Hart Health and Sciences Club: . . . provides information regarding health-related professions . . . offers an opportunity for social interaction . . . encourages development of qualities fundamental to the profession . . . activities inc lude the annual banquet and picnic. 174Psi Chi: national honor for psychology advances the science of psychology activities include the OPA workshop and sponsors the undergraduate Psychology Colloguium. (Left and Below) A speaker at the spring colloguium while Richard Pickett listens. (Bottom) Bill Munsey, sponsor and Psi Chi members pose for a group picture. 175 Psi ChiNursing Club Nursing Club: . . . provides information on current events and research dealing with the nursing profession . . . activities include a meeting on child abuse and collecting cans for Edmond Hospital. Officers are: (First Row) Karen Foley, president; Melanie lord, corresponding secretary. (Second Row) Mary Fu rell, second vice president; Bail Sterrett, recording secretary, and Ann Weathers, treasurer. Dave Roberts talks about the nursing lield as members listen.Members of Pi Omega Pi pose in the background with ihe new imiiaies seated in front. Xficers are Debbie Haffncr, treasurer; lenmfer Humphries, president; and jndy Curlley, secretary. President lenmfer Humphries pins a ribbon on new initiate |o Lynn Graham Debbie Haffner and Cindy Curtley enjoy refreshments at a meeting non: national business teacher education honor society creates fellowship encourages interest and promotes scholarship 14 members sponsors National Business Education Association Award and Pi Omega Pi Award Installation Dinner, monthly meetings, and installations. Pi Omega PiHome Economics Club Members are (First Row) Celia Good, Cathy Myrick, Maggie Wickstrom, Cheri lamb, and Pam Dillinger. (Second Row) Belly Shultz and Jennifer Mangus. (Third Row) Debbie Rapp, Su-An long, Becky Davis, Carol Wood, Bruce Foltz, liz Crowder, Sharon Gross, Glenda Crabtree, and Cindy Coe. Officers are Glenda Crabtree, vice-president; Carol Wood, program chairman; Cathy Myrick, president; and Cheri lamb, treasurer. Home Economics Club: . . . helps provide information on different jobs . . . helps with getting a job . . . activities include: ice cream social, crafts fair, a Thanksgiving basket and a Christmas party. 178 [The CSU Young Democrats: promotes unity among college Democrats invites Democratic candidates to speak at meetings participates in college workshops. The CSU Young Democrats meet regularly and speak-ers are (left) Gov. David Boren, and (above) C H. Spearman. Memtx-rs pictured are (First Row) Johnny McMahan, Steve Jennings, and Dan Foley. (Second Row) Randy Ragsdale. Ben Odom, and Tim Wantland 179 Young DemocratsSigma Delta Chi Members are: (Seated Clockwise) Malinda Sloan, Tammye Foreman, Terri Dobson, Doug Folks, Susan Hatcher, Kenda Sturmon, and Lenore Smith. (Standing) Ron Roberson, David Cannon, and Joe Hight. SDX: . . .affiliate of society of professional journalists . . . raises standards of competence . . . recognizes outstanding journalists . . . advances cause of freedom of information . . . elevates prestige of journalism . . . 35 members . . . attends national convention in Birmingham, Alabama . . . responsible for CSU calendar, selects Calendar Girl of the Year, and 'et al' publication. Officers are: Susan Hatcher, treasurer; Doug Folks, president; and Kenda Sturmon, secretary.New members are (First Row) Kim Tobey, Kenda Surmon, limmie Wadley, and Sheryl Hamm. (Second Row) luemma Roberts, Mary Cannard, Rene Smallwood, Linda Siavashpour, lenore Underwood, Sandra Rester (Third Rowt Bill Fulmer, Burnell Smith. Diane Cook. Tern Barnes, Karen Whitaker, Tammye Foreman Bernice Harris, and Curtis Grimslev. Dr. Ray Tassin shows Tern Dobson a photograph of lay Clark in the Hall of Fame meeting room. Dennie Hall, sponsor; Terri Dobson; Malmda Sloan; Doug Folks, president; and Cheryl Melton at the National SDX convention in Birmingham, Ala Doug Folks talks about voting for a vice president while Kenda Sturmon. |oe Hight, and Mary Cannard listen Joe High! and lenore Underwood discuss the school calendar which is sponsored by SDX. .Malmda Sloan, Tammye Foreman, and Ron Roberson talk while waiting for other members to arrive for the meeting 181Alpha Delta Sigma Member , are: (first Row) Roy Kelsy. Dr. lack Haberstroh, and Bill Astone. (Second Row) Lynda Siavashpour, Malinda Sloan, Laurel Turvey. and lay Clark. (Third Row) Bernice Harris, Phillyis Crumpler, leannie Crosley, Darla Roske, and Danny Christianson (Fourth Row) Paula Killian. Michele Sheaffer. Jeannette Hufnaglor, Tammy Foreman, and Don Keen. (Fifth Row) Mel Davis and Kenda Stur-man. AAI: . . . unites varied majors . . . readies students for competing world . . . newly installed chapter . . . trips to New York and Padre Island. 182Officers are: Dr. Jack Haberstroh, faculty advisor; Phyllis Crumpler, president; Mel Davis, vice president; Jeannette Hufnagler, second vice president; Roy Kelsy, chapter advisor. The officers show both sides of the story. 183 Tammy foreman helps herself to another bottle at a wine and cheese party. Devin Reeder demonstrates his product.The Vista Staff: publishes bi-weekly (abloid covers campus news, editorials, club functions, and sports publishes under the direction of Dennie Hall uses The Vista as a learning tool for themselves and reporters sports editors are Joe Might and Kenda Sturmon. Mike Kimbrell. editor Bill f ulmer, circulation manager Dennie Hall, director. The Vista luanda Boord. associate editor Cynthia Hoel. associate editor Mary Claire Danaher. paste-up artist The Vista — Fall Staff Laurel Turvey, advertising manager 184Betty Farris, accountant Joe Might, sports editor Perry Kuykcndall.circulation manager Doug Folks, Editor-in-chief Bruce Harris, associate editor Ian Dickey, associate editor Spring Staff — The Vista 185 I___French Club French Club: . . . provides an educational and social activities . . . aims at international understanding . . . uses films, speakers, and programs for information . . . improves conversational skills. Officers are: Carrie Pale, secrelary lreasurer; Catherine Scruggs, vice president; and Phil Woolverton, president. Members are: Youssef Assemi, Kathryn Banta, Scott Baxter, Phyllis Boehm, Linda Bowling, Dean Cook, Dixie Day, Liz Gabe, Esmeralda Garcia, Carrie Goennger, lanclle Goforth, Randa Hammoud, Mary Hoklsclaw, |eff Howard, Debi Hudson, C raig Hunter, tammy Hutton, Cary Lawrence, lohn Leatherman, Carolyn Lindsey, Maria Macias, Vicky Martinez, Mark McC lain, Lilianne Ou. Panos Panayides, Vanessa Perry, P. A. Photopoulos, Leanne Pledger, Mary Potlorf, Andrea Savidge, Sheryl Schatz, Dora Schilling, laVerne Southerland, Nancy Walker, Lester Wall, lane Wilburn, Wynona Hall-Williams, Liz Thomas, Ghassan Atx n Samra, Maylan Dunn, lisa Stokes, and Janey Fowler. 186And Company member are: lanet Abercrombie, Warren Armstrong, Diane Barren. DeNease lohnson, Terry Iordan, lohnny Kurowski, Deanne Norman, Mark Parkhurst, Gary Simms, Peggy Snell, Susan Swassam, and lora Wade. Ebony Choir members are: (first Row) |uan Price, Cheryl Wilkinson, Elanor Daniel. Iva Slaughler, Connie Patmon, Rose Mary Houston, Sheila Rainger, Claudia Chestand. and Mr. William Roberts. (Second Row) Randy Tucker, Eloise lackson, Rita Carney, Donna I add, Cynthia Ladd, and Andy Boyd. (Third Row) Tony Knauls, Patricia Alexander, Karen Russell, Sibyl McFadden, Janis McHenry, Nathaniel Starks, Robert Diggs, Kenneth Burns, Marilyn Heath, Bill Armond, Gary Burke, Lawrence While, and lee Cooper. 187 And Company Ebony ChoirThe Nigerian Students, Union Members arc: (first Row) Isaac Nwokogbaa, Rowland Chidomere, and Evans! Okoroafor (Second Row) Raphael Bivong, Bassey Bichcno, Joseph Aluaka, Obi Njoku, Sebastian Ihejirika, Christopher Adetoro, Fumilayo Famuagun.and Anthony Bisong President Sebastian Ihejirika and Vice Presi- Officers are: Roland Chidomere. assistant secretary; Bassey Bichere, sports secre dent Obi Njoku plan upcoming events. tary; Obi Njoku. vice president; Sebastian Ihjinka, president; and Christopher Adetoro, social secretary. NSUA: . . . provides mutual cooperation and understanding with NSUA national chapters . . . discusses and disseminates information on Nigeria . . . promotes Nigerian education goals . . . promotes spirit of world unity . . . promotes international understanding . . . 31 members Sponsor Dr fay Catlett 188Members are: (First Row) Advisor Colene Maxwell, Elaine Hardy, Marilyn Beery, Sherri Rogers, Michele Hodgson, and Pam Murray. (Back Row) Angela Manship, Mary Wells, Billy Trask, Kalheryn Edwards, Marianna Hooten, Anna Hardy. Melba Manderscheid, and Anita Vaughn. Officers are: Angela Manship, secretary; Elaine Hardy, treasurer; Marilyn Beery, reporter; Michele Hodgson, president; Sherri Rogers, vice president; Anita Vaughn, historian. 4 BA: . . . a national organization for students preparing for business careers . . . provides vocational training . . .developscompetent leadership . . . encourages scholarship . . .assistsstudents in establishing goals. Phi Beta LambdaMENC MENC: . . . promotes music education . . . prepares quality teachers . . . sponsors a picnic MENC officers are: Theresa Brooks, secretary treasurer; Robyn Brevard, vice-president; Phil Tyler, president; and Dr. Robert Dillon, sponsor. MENC members are: (First Row) Theresa Brooks, Jeanmne Meretith, Regina Harcourt. (Back Row) Tammy Weis, Marlyce Peterson, Jem Denton, Phil Tyler, Robyn Brevard, and James Briscoe. 190(First Row) Lynn Gollhofer and Paul Bout well. (Second Row) Carol Wright, lean Merideth, Wendell Ralston, Mrs Ian Pokorny, Rene lamer, and Diane Cox. (Third Row) Carry Dowell, Phil Tyler, and Kathy Allen. Officers are (First Row) Lynn Collhofer, president; and Paul Boutwell, Paul Boutwell listens to the activity plans for the year reasurer (Second Row) Wendell Ralston and Mrs. Ian Pokorny, sponsors; ?ene Lanier, secretary, and Kathy Allen, vice president — programs. (Third Row) Garry Dowell, vice president — membership. OMTA . . . aims to (each music . . . sponsors recitals, conventions, and music festivals . . . new organization; 15 members. 191 Oklahoma Music Teachers AssociationPhi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Members are (First Row) Mark Parkhurst, Terry Watts, Alan Schant , Kip Hassen, Bill Ballinger, Charlie Manning, Rick Pound, and |ohn Korowski. (Second Row) Kevin Watson, David Neighbors, Monte Mowdy, Joe Hocking, Ron Stone, Greg Mills, and Doug Bourassa (Third Row) Mike Plunkett, Lonnie Lee, Tim Davis, Andre Francisco, Rick Brewer, Mike Jones, Tom Bell, Rick Perry, and Ron Wilson. Tom Bell listens to a speaker at the Province Workshop. m Officers are (First Row) Bill Ballinger, treasurer; Monte Mowdy, historian; and Joe Hocking, executive alumni. (Second Row) Rick Brewer, reporter; Rick Perry, warden; Mark Parkhurst, secretary; David Neighbors, vice president; and Mike Plunkett, president. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia , . . promotes high standards in music . . . largest chapter in state . . . largest professional fraternity in nation , . . 28 members . . . organizes CSU choir and Band Music Contest. Kristi Gloodt svas named Phi Mu Chapter Sweetheart by members. Bill Ballinger receives an asvard for Outstanding Services from Province Governor at the workshop in Weatherford. Kristi Gloodt and Mike Plunkett participate in activities during the homecoming. 193CT5 QJ (left) (Kneeling) are Core Brown. Melinda Marl (Standing) are Tammy Hutton. Janis McHenry. Cherie Smiley and Sheila Rainger. (Below) Marianna Hooten, Karen Bond, and Debra Barren. Members arc (left) Knnna Brock, Carol Aston, and Connie Palmon (Bottom) Ghenetla Robinson, lisa Gardner, Shan llornor, Berna Wilson. and Sharon Shelton 195Sigma Alpha lota Members are (Firs! Row) Regina Harcourt. Gina Lash, and Salli Smith (Second Row) lanet Abercrombie, Lynn Staples. Mary lobe, and Cathy Smith. (Third Row) Dianne Barrett, Sarah Guiterrez, Jeanine Meridilh, and |oy Berryman. (Fourth Row) Peggy Snell. Gloria Gunn. Dianne Cox, Bonnie Bartlett, Theresa Brooks, and Robin Reynolds. Officers are President Rohm Reynolds; Vice-President Salli Smith; Secretary Gina Lash; Treasurer Pat Alexander; Social Chairman Peggy Snell; and Chaplain Theresa Brooks. Sigma Alpha lota: international women's music fraternily strives to heller eac h human through music promotes music understanding and interest Homecoming Alumni Breakfast, Halloween Caroling Party, Christmas Party. 1%University Choir members are. lanet Abercrombie. Karen Adams, Charity Allen. Tom Boll, Paul Boutwcll. Cyndi Bush. Cathy Bush. Kathy Butler, Ronald Byler, Melody Cook, Fred Custard. Sharon Dodd, Brian Duncan, Donnda Easterwood, Ed forbes. Andre Francisco, Sarah Guilerre , Dan Gilliland, Alice Gilmore, Valerie Hill, loo Hocking, Cheryl lohnson, Denise Johnson, Terry Iordan, lorna Jorgenson, John Kurowski, Rene Lanier, Gina Lash, Bernie Marinovich, Scott Mayes, Jeaninc Meredith, Sonia Motsenbocker. Monte Mowdy. David Neighbors, Mark Parkhurst, Pam Peters, Mike Plunkett, Rick Pound, Rhonda Royce, Cheryl Simmons, Cathy Smith, Lora Wade, Susan Wasson, Theresa Webb. David White, and Director Robert H. Aubrey. 197 University ChoirMen's Glee Club Old North Belles Women selected (or Old North Belles are: Pam Peters, Gina lash, Cathie Smith, Salli Smith, Melody Cook, and Kristi Gloodt Members of the Men's Glee Club are: (Front Row) Bill Ballenger, |oe Hocking. Pam Peters. (Second Row) Rick Brewer, lorn Bell, Gina lash (Third Row) Don Seaton, Warren Armstrong, David Neighbors, Alan Schant , Cathie Smith (Fourth Row) Iim McCord, Mark Shaw, Salli Smith, Rick Perry, Dan Kellerby, Melody Cook (Fifth Row) Ron Byler, Kip Kimbrough, Kristi Gloodt (Sixth Row) Garry Dowell, Bill Cox, Ronald Stone, Charles Manning. Kip Hassen, Terry Iordan, Rick Pound, John Denton. (Seventh Row) |im Yeager, Robert Rahhal, Jim Denton, David Cochenour, Perry Cotton, Monte Mowdev, Danny Gilliland. Steve Koontz. and Brian McGuire. 198 ______Mark Masters, Gina lash and Mike Plunkett display their showmanship at the Homecoming Parade. Members of Tunesmiths are: (Front Row) Bill Ballinger, Kristi Gloodt, Pam Peters, Melody Cook, Dan Kellerby. (Second Row) Kevin Watson, Brian McGuire, )oe Hocking. (Third Row) Cathie Smith, Tim Bell, Mike Plunkett, Gina Lash, Lonny lee, Mark Masters, and Salli Smith. 199 TunesmithsWomens Glee Club Members Charily Allen Kathy Allen Robin Barr Dianna Bickford Lisa Gardner loanne Garrett Regina Harcourt Melinda Hart Valeri Hill Marla McMeans Robin Moons Gayle Morton Kim Murray IX»a Norman Donna Oldner Shelley Pittman lizann Porter Marilynn Pruitt Robin Reynolds Darla Riggins Ian Sears Patti Sturdy Kellie Sullins Debby Thomas Linda Vaughn Pam Willis Dinah Wood 200Kaleidoscope Dancers: Drew Kissenger jitterbugs with |ana Pokorny. Debbie Treat Carlise Washington Marianna Hooten |an Pokorny Rex Humphrey Warren Armstrong |oe Medrano Vicki Stone laun Ashby Sharon Moore Drew Kissengor Dr Ann Shanks, dance director Rex Humphrey and Martha Westbrook practice for upcoming engagements. 201 Kaleidoscope DancersMarching Band Jennifer Abler Pamela Green Debra Moser Danny Anderson Gloria Gunn Tyman Nagode Kathy Backus Leslie Hamilton lisa Nichols William Ballenger Mark Harrell Paul Onspaugh Karen Barker David Hassen Clifford Parrett E. D. Barren Chris Hicks Polly Peters Marci Beasley Glenda Hill lana Pokorny Bruce Beatty lav Huckabay Michael Porschien Joy Berryman lajeune lames Brenda Prouly Monte Bridglorth Mary lobe loci Proutv lames Briscoe Nancylohnson Brenda Kahili I hcresa Brcx ks Charene Jones Ellen Ramsey Cynthia Bucy Mike Jones Dean Richardson Konald Byler Philip |ones Cathy Rucker lames Campbell Marie Kash lee Rucker Steven Campbell Douglas Keck Donald Seaton Billy Cassel Bradley Kiespert Kathy Shahan Donald Cather Karen Kimbrough Sally Smith Kelly Cavmess Karen Kirkham Walt Stammer Dianna Eckford Tammy Kilpatrick Kathryn Staples Barlxara Elder Valerie lefforge Keith Stingley Joe Fine Toppie linico Connie Swanson Carrie Flanagan Gregory lower lot Swanson Andre Francisco Kristi Matter John Toepfer William Fry Carla Mayfield Curtis Woolever Terri Caines leannie Meridith Elaine Woolever Kic hard Gilchrist Robin McAllister Kevin Zetterberg Kristi Cloodt Ann Morris Timothy ZiCMCkFlute Kristi Matter Leslie Hamilton I isa Nichols Carrie Flanagan Sharon Dodd Barbara Howell Oboe Diana Henderson - nn Morris Bassoon Paul Onspaugh Barbara Elder B » Clarinet Theresa Brooks Cathy Rucker Jennifer Abler Robin M Allister Phillip Tolbert I vnn Staf)lcs Tammv Kirkpatrir k I lien Ram ey Debra Moser T Nagode Chris I Ik ks Sue f ry Melinda Proulv Bass Clarinet Danny Anderson Pamela Lyon Alto Saxophone Brenda Prouty Members Gloria Gunn loe Fine Tenor Saxophone Howard Fry Marc Magana Baritone Saxophone Donald Seaton Cornet Keith Stingley Lee Rucker lay Hue kabay Philip Jones Kari Young Kip Hassen Lajeune lames Chris Small Monte Bridgtorth Marie Kash Karl Smith Curtis Woolever Trumpets Bill Cassel Erick Porsc hien French Horn Kristi Gloodt lov Berryman Nanc y lohnson lohn Webster Mary Jobe Sandy Emrich Glenda I Jill Brent Keck Karen Barker Polly Peters Don Cat her Pamela Green Trombone John ToepTer Toppie Lincicome Joe Swanson Jim Sampbell Christopher Augustine Steve Campbell Baritone Sheri Barker Da id illiams Tim Zientek Tuba Andre Francisco Mark Harrell Elisha Martin Greg Lower loel Prouty Percussion Bill Ballinger Diane Barren Clitiord Parrett Brad Kiespert Dean Richardson Terri Gaines Directors Dr. Melvin lee Dr. Kent Kidwcll 20 J Concert Band1st Violins Cellos Philip Tyler Partica Alexander Karen Baker Pearl Pearson Densi McElderry Sharon Coffman Tammy Weiss Kerry Van Laanen Marlyce Peterson Viola Bowman 2nd Violins Jim Shelley Basses A. Maurice Francisco Robyn Brevard Karen Kimbrough Kay Frances Brooks Jamen Denton Mark Crutchfield Tonya Milliron R. Randal Riebe Carrie Poulter Steve Story Flutes Lisa Nichols Violas Kristi Matter Kathleen Backus Phil Minton Oboes Ann Blaess Diana Wycherley Joe Young Darlene Hawkins Clarinets Cathy Rucker Theresa Brooks Trombones Bassoons Paul Onspaugh Sherilynn Barker Toppie Lincicome Brenda Prouty John Toepfer Horns Tuba Nancy Johnson Joy Berryman Kristi Gloodt Polly Peters Doug Bourassa Tympani Gloria Gunn Trumpets Conductor Lee Rucker Keith Stingley Dr. Roger W. Strong CSU Symphony 204(left) Members of the Woodwind Quintet are Theresa Brooks, clarinet; Valerie lei forge, flute; Joy Berryman, fremh horn; Paul Onspaugh, bassoon; and Diana Henderson, oboe (Photo Below) Early American Music Conc ert direc tors are Charlotte Crockett and Dr. Gilbert I Blout. Stage Band Woodwind Quintet 205Flag Girls Twirlers The 1979 Twirlers are: Glenda Hill; Salli Smilh. head (wirier; Marci Beasley; and Polly Peters. The 1979 Flag Girls are: (Front Row) |ana Pokorny, Director; Carrie Flanagan, and Kristi Gloodt. (Back Row) Jeannine Meredith, Joy Berryman, Kathy Shahan, and Connie Swanson. 206Broncho Cheerleaders are (First Row) Roller! lee lones. |r and David White (Second Row) Irene Diaz. Darlene Flanagan, Pal Daives, Ian Miller, laurene Jones, Karlyn Blumenthal. Carolyn Lindsey, and Cynthia lacobs. (Below left) David White tries out to make the heerleading squad (Below Right) At the Homecoming game, the squad cheers the team to vu lory Trying to perfect stance, Robert lones lifts Darlene Flanagan, Before the homecoming game, the cheerleaders take time to do their official stance Cheerleaders 208 0 c a; S) U Dr. Bobbye Persing Dr. Katherine Rader Chwn. Frances Alsworth Herman Fulgraf Dr. Marie Saunders Lynne Altsiatt Dr, Eggar Petty Dr. Homer Coker Dr. Jerry Teel Dr. Donald Heiberg Dr. Joan BottgerFaculty Senate: Dr. Glenda Owens Dr. loy Puffinbarger Chwn. Ethel Quickie Donald Hines means of communication between faculty and administration represents various departments brings improvements to university procedures members not shown are: Shirle Hardesty, Jim Rogers, Dr. Fay Catlett, Dr. Lothar Hornuff, and Jerry Speed. Dr. John King Dr. lames Yales Elizabeth Scott Dr. Ed Collins Donald Bristow Catherine Headmgton Dr. Charles Stumbaugh Dr. Darwin Waterman Dr. Mary Jane Nelson Dr. Wynona Hall-Williams Dr. Gerald Smith Dr. Odus RiceCSU Military Science Department Sgt. Joe Broadnax Capt. William Enge Maj. Roeliff Loomis Sfc. Bobby Motsenbocker The CSU Military Science Department prepares both young men and women for positions of leadership responsibility and authority, as Army officers and leaders in their chosen civilian career field. The department conducts the ROTC program and sponsors Scabbard and Blade, ROTC Color Guard. Military Science is headed by Colonel Victor Hernandez, professor of military science. LIC Victor M. Hernandez Sgm. Roman Perez Sfc. William Picknell Capt. Tommy Vassaur Candy Rairdon Secretary 210Military Science Makes Awards Ll. Col. Hernandez presents three-year military science scholarships to Joe £. Swanson, Timothy L. Kearby, and Chelie R. Smiley. (Above) Charles Bible and It Col. Hernandez toast the coming year at the ROTC "Dining In" dinner at the Tinker Air Force Base Officers' club. (Right) Bill Arnold. |eff Yoe, Jay O'Neal, and Jeff Kirk receive commissions as lieutenants from Colonel Hernandez. 2111st Platoon 'A' Company (First Pit. A) I. Brady; S. Hatter; P. Aldrich; F. Reed; J. Thornton; C. 8at-bkoe (Second Row) J. Smith; C. Scott; I. Black; K. Berry; R. Alberty; C. Jacobs (Third Row) H. Forbes; |. Robinson; R legrande; M. Cole; B Pearson; P. Gerfen (Fourth Row) D. Farrow; R. Hall; M. Jefferson; C. Stewart; |, love. (First Pit. B) J Prout; T. Kearby; D. Blan; D. Dunlap; D. Blankenship; F. Wiley, C. Holland. (Second Row) S. Hnakey; L. Savage; P lesher; T. Million; D. Robinson; I. Moton. (Third Row) C. Carpenter; C Gorham; M Snapp; M Biddle; D. Cater, f Dirks (Fourth Row) A. Brown; R Byler; R Cloud; R Carney; I. Adkins; P. Fauld; D. loscudo. (End) Rt. S. White; It. A. ligons. (Second Fit. A) J. Oglesby; N Kemp; E. Shoals; J. McDonald; A. 8lack; R Hill; M Goddard. (Second Row) |. Ross; N. Cornell; |. loscudo, R Rolx rts; M Houston (Third Row) R Tucker; E Hale; S. Peirce; D. Pierce. (Fourth Row) R. Peters; R Moore; C Allen; D. Fuhrmann; B. Farrow (Second Pit. B) D. Barriongton; R Avington; B Jackson; C. Holland; R. Hardway; S. f5unn. (Second Row) I Knauls; K McDonald; D. Spears; K Honomical. (Third Row) t. Wharry. L. Schwemley; S. Fowler; B Payne; C. Lennox. (Fourth Row) K Ice; T. Ervin; T. Stenard, R McPherson; W. Maddox 2nd Platoon 'A' Company 2nd Platoon 'B' Company Cadet Staff — (1st Row) I Tracy; B. Arnold; D Mack; C Bible. (2nd Row) S. Brown; M. Hill; M. Reed; W. leaf; P. Hart. 1st Platoon 'B' Company Cadet Staff '79 212Crossing the finish line, Francine Swifl stops to turn in her map. ROTC Orienteering and P.T. Members of ROTC stage a combat situation complete svith guns and camouflage during orienteering. Carle! Cpt. Monty Hill records P.T. scores of the participants of orienteering Giving their all. Franc ine Swifl, lay O'Neal, and Terry Steward race to lx the first at the finish line. 213ROTC Queen 1978-79 Suzzane Markwell J 1-4Sylvia Brown Darla Dunlap ROTC ROYALTY Denise f arrow Sharon Maxwell 215Presenting the Stars and Stripes, the Color Guard leads the parade during Homecoming. Commander David Barrington executes a difficult "rifle spin" for the crowd at Wantland stadium. Color Guard and Rifle Drill Team Members of the Color Guard marr h gallantly before the CSU Band during Homecoming. Standing at attention, Denise farrow salutes the audience with her rifle. 216organi mg club activities lohn Tracy, Stan Hankey pause for a moment in betwe with President Dan Mack. Scabbard and Blade The D-Company, 17th Regiment of the National Society of Sc abbard and Blade was established on january 16,1970, at CSU. Scabbard and Blades main purpose is to raise the standard of military education in American colleges and universities; to unite in a closer relationship with their military departments; to encourage and foster the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; and to promote friendship and good fellowship among the cadet officers. Charles Bible Special Services Officer Dan Mack President Maj. Roeliff loomis Advisor Mike Rood )lor Guard Advisor John Tracy TreasurerROTC Women "Victors" of Bedpan Bowl Members of the 1978 Women's Powder Puff Football Team pose victoriously — they're No. 1! Members of the Powder Puff Team huddle for a quit k pep talk ¥ Darla Dunlap takes her position on the field during the game n. Craig farrow blocks a pass by a Weatherford player Victor Pearson and Charles Bible enjoy the dclic ious hamburgers served at the cookout alter the- game, during the game. 21V Ken M» Donald, quarterbac k. lets down the tielil tor the Men's R( )IC teamTennis Coach: Francis Baxter Score East Central Phillips Kansas State Oscar Rose Cameron Tulsa Nebraska Southeastern Cowley County Quachita Baptist Quachita Baptist Tourna Cowley County Okla. Christian Oscar Rose : } . Southwestern Tulsa Cameron Southeastern East Central Phillips District IX Tournament 8-1 9-0 1-8 1-6 9-0 0-9 3-6 2-7 2-7 2- 7 5th 3- 4 6-1 5- 4 7- 2 0- 9 9-0 1- 8 8- 1 6- 3 2nd Wrestling Coach: Edward Griffin CSU Opponent 48 Southwest Missouri 0 24 Western Illinois 15 14 SlU Edville 26 12 LSU 30 6 Oklahoma 25 46 Central Missouri 3 19 Adams State 14 34 Western Colorado 9 35 Alabama 6 25 Ft. Flays Kansas 6 2nd N.W. Missouri Inv. Baseball 1978 Coach: Bobby Hunt CSU 1 3 2 9 3 5 0 9 8 1 3 2 18 20 9 6 14 5 8 2 18 6 6 8 9 4 11 18 11 16 2 1 7 0 2 4 0 4 6 3 3 2 Southwestern Opponent 4 Southwestern 4 Northwestern 3 Northwestern 11 Panhandle 2 Panhandle 8 Southeastern 10 Southeastern 13 OCC 10 OCC 8 OCC 2 OCC 3 Dana College 7 Dana College 3 Mercy Hurst 1 Mercy Hurst 5 Southwestern 4 Southwestern 4 Panhandle 12 Panhandle 4 Langston Langston Northwestern Northwestern East Central East Central Northeastern Northeastern Langston Langston 6 2 16 5 5 6 6 10 1 0 4 3 11 15 8 3 10 6 16 8 4 4— Football Coac h: Gary Howard csu 13 16 25 6 33 21 30 39 20 14 Opponent 42 13 0 3 10 6 14 21 48 28 — Basketball CSU 61 63 55 65 76 75 70 67 72 69 83 78 57 81 90 64 68 74 74 46 106 90 84 71 80 74 Coach: Eddie Evans Texas Tech Eastern New Mexico Arkansas-Pine Bluff Northwestern occ Bethany-Nazarene Lar gston University OCC Bethany Nazarene Carrteron Southeaster xi Soulhwe Jgrn East (Stwrau OBIT L Arkansas-sPirfe BluM Northern Colorado Bethua Nazarene oquTjF Lartgslprv. East Central EasternlSew Mexico Northwestern SouthwA rn Southlfcastfcjn Camwfir North Texas State Opponent 85 61 58 56 % 67 68 75 71 76 67 95 77 73 85 63 71 76 86 45 62 54 86 69 89 84 site — Track Coach: Dorsey Reirdon Sooner Indoor Relays Points 57 Oklahoma Track Classic 9 White Oak Inv. 27 OBU "Bison Relays" 94 Kansas Relays 20 Eastern Relays 84 Un. Texas at Arlington Relays 21% lohn Jacobs Inv, 27 Elvan George Inv. 59 Dist. "9" 2nd 111% — Cross Country Coach: Dorsey ffeirdon 5j; F 5th — Cowboy T rQtpree 4th — OCC Invijonbrf ''- 3rd — E gff rn uckboma Invitational 4th — OB | itf fion'a I 6th — Okla. Aj Col egiate Invitational 3rd — District Nincj Finals t I — Golf Coach: Skip Wagnon Spring 1978 Okla. Intercollegiate Tournament CSU— 15 OBU —3 CSU —11 OCU —7 Gulf Coast Classic Southwest Parks Tournament CSU Tournament ' Crossroads of Amer t Jqijrnament csu — i% OU NAIA Dist. 9 Tournar Fall 1979 CSU 7 ' OU CSU 7% Came All-College Golf Classic Cameron Tournament CSU 11% OU CSU 17 OCU £ 5th 8th 4th 3rd 2nd 2nd 10th 1st 22322422S1978 Season Central Opponent L 13 San Angelo State 42 W 16 Southwestern • 13 W 25 Texas Lutheran 0 W 33 East Central 10 W 34 Langston 6 W 6 East Texas 3 W 30 Eastern New Mexico 14 w 39 Cameron 21 L 20 Northern Colorado 48 L 14 Northeastern 28 Record 7 wins, 3 losses QB Carlton Smith | r« |urt" to make a hand-oil against Texas 1 ulhcran CSU Opens Against Nation's Top NAIA Team Carry Smith (88) t ongratulatcs Steve late (2S) on hiv van) TO run.San Angelo The Central Slate Broncho football team opened its 1978 season against a San Angelo State squad that would soon he rated as the Number I NAIA eleven in the country. Bronc ho hopes were high coming oil a tive-in-a-row season in 1977, hut the Texans quickly doused their expec tations with three TD passes in the first hall. Playing without clelen-sive hack Mike Ciskowski, the Bronchos proved vulnerable to the passing onslaught of Bulldog quarterbac k Mark Embry. The Texans also moved elleclively on the ground, and CSU saw 28 points tallied against them belore they could respond with their lirst Tl), when Clifford Chatman barreled into paydirt trom Tour yards out. key penalties, three interceptions, and two lost Tumbles slowed down the Bronc ho offense, and it was late in the third quarter before Carlton Smith tossed a four-yard Tl) aerial to Garry Smith for the second CSU score, losing I T to 42. Sieve Tate was the leading Broncho rusher with 12S yards on 21 carries. Chatman and Carlton Smith added 67 and ( 4 yards, respec tively. Center Kirk Condry and guard Raymond Pearce in the offensive line were c ited by Coac h Gary Howard lor their part in the TOO yards gained against the strong Texas team. Southwestern Undaunted by their opening loss, the Bronchos fired bac k to lake on the Southwestern State Bulldogs at Weatherford and win a 16-1T vic tory over the 1977 c hampions in a tough see-saw battle. Southwestern took the opening kic kol't and drove 80 yards in I T plays to initiate the scoring. The Bulldogs kept the ball for 6:.T7 minutes, their big play being a J8-yard pass. CSU responded with their first TD, following a Southwestern fumble. The Bulldog quarterback was hit while attempting a pass, and CSU recovered on the Southwestern 14. from there CSU's stellar back Steve Talc broke up the middle, breaking lac kies and driving over for the score . Bert Gilliland added the extra point. CSU scored again early in the see -ond quarter after taking over the Southwestern 41. On the first ensuing play, Tate boiled up the Bulldog middle again for 21 yards. A lacc mask penalty moved the ball to the 10-yard line, and from there CSU quarterback Carlton Smith hit tight-end Garry Smith for six points. The PAT was missed and the halftime score stood at 1T-7 in CSU's favor. David Douglas (74) and Thom Royc e (41) help bluni Bulldog drive. CSU's defensive line held Texas I ulheran sc oreless lor Ihe day. Cary Morgan (6S) puls a hard rush on the Bulldog Quarterbac k.Bronchos Down Two Strong Texas Teams Southwestern came back in the second hall to even the score, following a CSU fumble on its own 13. The score remained at 13-13 in a see-saw struggle through the remainder of the third and most of the final periods. But with 6:08 remaining, CSU blunted a Bulldog drive by gathering in a fumble on the Central 9-yard line. Behind Carlton Smith the Bronchos drove downfield, the big plays being a 12-yard keeper by Smith and a 23-yard draw play by Tate. The Bronchos reached the Bulldog five-yard line , but there faced a fourth and two. Gilliland came in for a crucial field goal effort with difficult gusty wind conditions. The kick was deflected by a Bulldog player, but the ball cleared the crossbar to give CSU an important 16-13 vic tory over their arch opponents at Weatherford. Gary Morgan, 235 pound defensive tackle, was cited as the Bronchos' outstanding player. Texas Lutheran Taking on its second "Bulldog” team in a row — the Bulldogs of Texas Lutheran — Central State opened its home appearances for 1978, taking its second victory, 25-0. The first quarter went scoreless for both teams; but early in the second stanza Central State's Thom Royce fell on an enemy fumble at the 24, and CSU quickly drove for a TD in eight plays. Another fumble recovery by Bronc ho Robert Green gave Central a second scoring opportunity at the Bulldog 40. The second tally came on a Carlton to Garry Smith pass, and the first half ended with a 12-0 CSU advantage. Central added a third TD in the third quarter when tackle Terry Jones grabbed a third Bulldog fumble at the CSU 39. Central launched a drive downfield, which was capped by a 39-yard scamper down the sideline by Steve Tate. Gilliland booted the extra point, and the Bronchos led 19-0. Still another Texas Lutheran fumble in the fourth quarter, this recovered by Danny Washington at the Bulldog 20, sat up a five-play drive that saw (Top) Carlton Smith (5) hands off to fullback George Seacrist (39). (Center) Terry tones grabs on enemy back before he gets underway. (Right) Carlton Smith is helped from the East Central game, out for the season. 228Otis McHenry pounding over from four yards out. Clifford Chatman, with 108 yards, and Steve Tate with 88yards were the leading Broncho ground gainers. 235 pound offensive guard Raymond Pearce was cited for an outstanding game. East Central Now rated 18th by the NAIA pollsters, CSU hosted the Fast Central State Tigers, taking its third victory of the season with a 33-10 win. But the first half of the contest looked dark for the Bronchos, who had lost their last five efforts against the ligers, the score standing at J-0 in favor of the visitors at halftime. The T igers returned to the field in the third quarter to drive 80 yards for a tout hdown and lake a 10-0 lead. But then the Bronchos came to life, faking the kickoff at their own 37, Central drove downfield via the running of Steve Tate, Clifford Chapman and Otis McHenry. Tate bowled over from the one to pul CSU on the scoreboard. He scored again on a four-yard plunge after Central had driven from their own 25 on a 20-yard Carlton Smith-to-Gary Smith pass and a 20-yard liger penalty. Central now had their offense in high gear, scoring the next three times they had the ball and taking a 19-10 lead. Two more fourth-quarter TD's followed, the final one coming after Danny Washington had intercepted a liger pass. Doug Shepherd hit Garry Smith in the end zone and Gilliland added the extra point to give Central a solid 33-10 victory over East Central. Steve Tale was named the NAIA District 9 offensive player of the week for his performance in rushing 178 yards on 26 carries and two TD's against the Tigers. Langston Now ranked in the No. 13 spot by the NAIA with its 4-1 record, CSU traveled to Oklahoma City's Taft Stadium on Saturday afternoon, October 14, to contest an old foe, Langston. They returned home with their fourth straight victory, having defeated the Lions soundly, 34-6. Again the Bronchos proved to be a second half team, holding only a 6-6 tie at the game's mid-point. But in the third quarter the Central offense took advantage of a poor Langston (Top) Broncho defenders close m on an Last Texas runner. (Center) Thom Royee (41) intercepts an East Central toss. (Far Left) Outstanding light end Carry Smith (88) grabs a pass and heads downfield. (left) Flanker Craig Carter (16) takes a pass against East Central. 229Solid Victories Zoom Bronchos in NAIA Ratings punl on th ‘ Lion's if). Clifford Chatman and Stove Tale l egan chewing up yardage in four-yard chunks until Chatman went over from the one. CSU went for a two-point conversion and made it good with a Dennis Cobh to Garry Smith pass. They now led 14-6. The rout was now on. When the Bronchos got the ball again they marched 53 yards for a score; then followed that up with a 47-yard drive, Tate and Chatman pounding the Langston line through holes opened by CSU's offensive front. With the score standing at 21-6, CSU kicked off, but lay Sturgeon recovered a Langston mishandling on the Lion 2i. From there quartcrliack Dennis Cobb hit Garry Smith with a TD toss, and the Broncho lead zoomed to 27-6. A final touchdown came with less than three minutes to go when CSU capitalized on a Langston roughing-the-kicker penalty and drove for the score. Loney Bellows gained 21 yards on the drive, and Otis McHenry went over from the 15. The TD was nullified by a CSU holding penalty, L ut sophomore quartertjack Doug Shepherd hit split-end Johnny Scott for 15 yards, and McHenry went over from the 15 once more. (Top) Bert Gilliland (8) boots an extra point against Langston. (Top Center) The CSU defense swarms over the lion offense at Taft Stadium. (Center) Clifford Chatman (31) heads around end, guided by Steve Tate (25). (Bottom) Rick Ross (24) and lames Bledsoe help stop a Langston play cold. (Below) Steve Tate follows the blocking of Rick Gondry (52) for a good gain. 230(Top) Cary Morgan (65). Ron Cramor (76), an J lames Bledsoe (33) break up an (astern New Mexico effort (Top Center) CSU stacks up a Greyhound play. (Center) All-American Steve Tale eludes a Greyhound tackle. (Bottom) Defensive penetration wrecks this New Mexico play (Above) flanker Ben Young (40) takes a Dennis Cobb hand off for an end around gam. Quarterback Dennis Cobb who had stepped in to replace the injured Carlton Smith, was named the game's outstanding performer by Coach Howard. East Texas Hosting its second Texas team. East Texas State University, Central State exhibited a powerful defense to upend their fifth straight victim in the 1978 season, 6-3, in a battle of field goals. In the opening quarter, the Lions drove 73 yards to the Broncho 13, but were stopped there. Again early in the second period, the Lions made it to the CSU's nine-yard line where they had a first-and-goal down. But Broncho defender Jerry Floyd threw the Lion quarterback fora seven-yard loss, and once again the CSU defense held their opponent scoreless for the first half. The Bronchos came back with a drive to the East Texas 27, from where Bert Gilliland booted a field goal for the first scoring of the contest and giving the Bronchos a 3-0 lead. Gilliland got another chance, though a long one, in the second quarter when the Bronchos were stymied at the enemy 43. But Gilliland's capable toe found its mark, and the Bronchos took a 6-0 lead. East Texas responded with a 26-yard field goal of their own in the second period, and the first half ended with Central holding a precarious 6-3 advantage. The second half proved to be even more of a defensive struggle, neither team being able to either cross the other's goal line or boot another field 231Brorn ho quarterly k Dennis Cobh gels crushed by Northeastern State University tacklers Clifford Chatman slashes through a gang of Greyhound defenders Ron Cramer sacks the Northern Coloradoquarterback. Seventh Win In Row Lifts CSU to No. 3 goal. Central c ame away with its third victory of the season against one loss. Bert Gilliland was cited as the stellar performer of the game, having punted seven times for 291 yards and a 41.6 average in addition to his two field goal successes. Eastern New Mexico for its Homecoming tilt. Central State hosted lastern New Mexico University and feasted the visiting grads with a 30-14 romp over the Greyhounds. They also ran their victory string to six. The Bronc hos went to work immediately, scoring with a 26-yard Gilliland field goal on their first possession. I hey followed this on their second possession with a scoring drive that saw Tate tally on a 11-yard scamper, this, however,ended CSU's scoring for the first half, while the visitors got on the lx ard for 7 points following a 64-yard drive. At halftime the score stood CSU 9, New Mexico 7. I he Bronchos returned in the third quarter to hand another 21 points on the line. The first score came after Central had recovered a Greyhound fumble on the second half kickoff. Fullback Chatman carried the ball over the goal line from the one. CSU then went for a two-point conversion and succeeded, Cobb hitting Bennie West in the end zone. This was followed by another drive of 26 yards, Chatman again scoring. A third third-quarter TD came following a 10-play, 64-yard drive to bring the score to W)-7. The Greyhounds tallied again in the fourth period, but were outdistanced to the tune of 30-14. Tate and Chatman were the leading Bronc ho ground gainers. Chatman was selected as the outstanding performer for the game, having picked up 125 yards and two TD's. 232Cameron Ball carrier Rich Heohne (44) pounds the Northeastern line. Tailback Steve Tate (25) makes a cut on East Central tackier helped by a CSU blocker (Bottom) James Bledsoe (33) puts a (lying tackle on a Redman ball carrier. CSU's victory over Eastern New Mexico, its sixth in a row, set the stage for a critical contest between Central, rated sixth in the nation, and Cameron University, rated second in the nation, at Wantland Stadium on October 28. The Bronchos came away with a tremendous 39-21 victory over their cross-state rivals, playing before a large crowd of 9,200. The Bronchos tallied first when they recovered a Cameron fumble on the Aggie 13-yard line. Tate hit for four yards, then Dennis Cobb faded back to pass and found split-end Don Davis in the end zone. Cobb found Davis in the end zone again in the second period and struck for six, capping an 87-yard drive and opening a 13-point Broncho lead. Bert Gilliland added a field goal for three points before the half, but Cameron struck for its first score on a 45-yard run. At halftime the score stood 16-7 in the Broncho's favor. CSU returned strong after intermission, racking up 16 points during the third period on a Dennis Cobb to Bennie West pass, a Gilliland field goal, and a 59-yard run by Clifford Chatman for a TD. Cameron added its second TD on a 66-yard pass, and succeeded on a two-point conversion. Central now led 32-15. Both teams scored in the final quarter, CSU on a 13-yard run by Chatman. It was an important and exciting victory for the Bronchos, and the win zoomed them to the No. 3 spot in the NAIA national ratings. Clifford Chatman was named NAIA offensive player of the week, and Ross Dodson was named NAIA defensive player of the week. "This is one of those games they will remember for the rest of their lives," Coach Howard commented. 233Northern Colorado Taking a third in the nation NAIA . rating with it to visit the Northern Colorado Bears in Greely, Colorado, Central State saw its victory skein broken by the passing arm of University of Colorado transfer, Jeff Knap-ple. The Bronchos took their second defeat of the season at Greely, losing 48-20. Hitting JO out of 42 aerials for 395 yards, Knapple immediately chalked up three first quarter TD's for the Bears. In the second quarter he upped the Bear lead to 28 on a 28-yard pass before CSU finally got on the board with a three-yard TO plunge by Dennis Cobb. The halftime score was 34-7 in favor of the Coloradans. During the second half the beleaguered Bronchos managed two more scores, the second coming on a 23-yard run by Clifford Chatman and the third on a Cobb to Ben Young pass for 12 yards. Steve Tate passed the 1,000 yards A determined Broncho defense c loses in on 4 Greyhound runner Two Season-End Losses End Hopes for Bowl Bid A i rring u kle by Ross Dodson (SS) ends this running effort «season rushing mark during this game. Chatman ran for 114 yards, while Dennis Cobb connected on 8 or 12 passes for 128. The game's outstanding player was senior pass receiver from Del City, Carry Smith, who now had five touchdowns and one conversion catch to his credit for a total of 32 points for the season. Northeastern Playing before a home crowd in its last tilt of the 1978 gridiron season, the Central State Bronchos fell to a charged up Northeastern Redmen squad, 28-14. The defeat was an especially disappointing end to a very successful season, as it killed Central's hopes for a post season playoff berth. Northeastern took the opening kickoff at their own 31-yard line and began a steady march downfield, scoring on a fourth down pass from the two. The Bronchos came right back, however, after taking the ensuing kick-off on their 37. Quarterback Dennis Cobb utilized the hard running of Clifford Chatman and Steve Tate to drive to the 25. There Cobb hit split-end Don Davis for 21 yards, and the ball rested on the enemy four. From there it was All-American sophomore Steve Tate who scampered the remaining yardage for the Broncho score. Tim Burchett booted the conversion, and at the end of one period the score was knotted 7-7. With 5:42 remaining in the second quarter, the Redmen placed another tally on the scoreboard to take a 14-7 lead. The Bronchos received the following kickoff but were unable to move the ball. At this point, Bert Gilliland's punt was blocked by Northeastern, who then picked up the ball on the Broncho 27 and scampered in for a TD. Northeastern added another tally in the fourth period to take a 28-7 lead and ice the game despite the final CSU touchdown on a Cobb to Jeff Jones pass in the final seconds of the game. Summary As a result of the two season-end losses. Central State plunged from its third ranking berch down to 13th and gave up any claim to post season play. However, it had been a solid seven-wins-in-a-row season, and its 7-3 record was an improvement over last year's 5-5-1. Again several Broncho stalwarts received post season NAIA District 9 honors. Named to the District first team were tailback Steve Tate, fullback Clifford Chatman, offensive guard Chet Mongold, center Kirk Condry, tight-end Garry Smith, and noseman Ross Dodson. Grabbing second team honors were defensive-back Danny Washington and defensive-end Ron Cramer. Tate was named "Offensive Player of the Year" in District 9. Garry Smith was also named to the Kodak Coaches' All-American Division — I First Team; plus he was honored with Honorable Mention on the Associated Press College Division All-American Team. Rushing honors again went to Steve Tate.with 1163 for the season and a 5.3 average. He was followed closely by Clifford Chatman who had 930 yards and a 5.6 average. Quarterback Dennis Cobb passed for 429 yards and six TD's, while senior Garry Smith caught 24 passes for 353 yards and five TD's. Bert Gilliland kicked 49 times for a 38.2 average, also booting seven extra points and six field goals. Chatman scored nine TD's, and Tate seven. (first Row) George Seacrist, Ross Dodson, Gary Morgan, Robert Green, Bert Gilliland, Chet Mongold, Ron Cramer, Kirk Condry, Dennis Cobb, Craig Carter, Don Davis, Garry Smith (Second Row) Mike Keys, Brian Egan, Donny Vrana, Mark Smith, Kenny Basinger, Tim Burchett, Kenneth lake. Matt Armstrong, |im ford, l oug Shepherd, Larry Whatley, lames Bledsoe. (Third Row) lay Iordan, Jerry Floyd, left Jordan, Rick Hoehne, Steve Trimble, Ricky leath, Mike Royce, Ralph Willcox, Matt fusco, left leader, Ray Pearce, Brad Hall, (fourth Row) Steve Tate, Carlton Smith. Cecil Green, Loney Bellows, Zack Parker, lester Knauls, Jeff Owens, Otis McHenry, lames Baker, Jay Sturgeon, Terrence Pipkins, (fifth Row) Don Gilliam, Bernie West, Gifford Chatman, Ben Young. |eff Jones, Eric Howard, Tony Knauls, Johnny Scott, Rick Peters, Russ Wing, King White. (Sixth Row) David Douglas, Danny Washington, Terry Jones, Eugene Dirks, Mike Baldwin, Rick Roop, Thom Royce, Garland McPherson. (Seventh Row) left folks. Trainer; Bill Walls, Trainer; Jeff Williams, Manager; Woody Moore, Trainer; Brad Avant, Asst. Football Coach; Arch Tredway, Graduate Asst.; Larry Heard, Asst. Football Coach; Gary Howard, Head Football Coach; John McGiven, Asst. Football Coach; Marlon Gay, Graduate Asst.; John (Skip) Wagnon, Athletic Trainer (Head). 235Broncho coaches for 1978 arc: (Front Row) Marlon Gay, graduate assistant with defensive backs; Arch Tredway, graduate assistant with split receivers; Brad Avant, defensive coordinator. (Second Row) |ohn McGivern, assistant coach with offensive backs; Gary Howard, head coach; Larry Heard, offensive coordinator and John Wagnon, head athletic trainer. Steve Tate Gary Smith Named All-American Head Coach Gary Howard Clifford Chatman 236 Danny WashingtonCoach Larry Hoard Coach Brad Avani Coach |ohn McGivern Ross Dodson Ron Cramer Ray Pearce 237The 1978-79 Broncho Basketball Squad — (Top) Randy Smith, Coach Eddie Evans, Wesley Clark, Hansen Damen, Clarence Ballard, and Assistant Coach Mark Scooter. (Bottom) Malcom Johnson, Bryan Edwards, lames Spivey, Bruce Honore, Mike Mayfield, Kevin Pierce, Steve Hesser, Dennis Portis, Stephen Sauls, Clarence Buggs, Terry Anderson, Lee Moore, and Charles Crosby. 1978-79 Broncho Basketball The Central State basketball squad began its 1978-79 season under Coach Eddie Evans with five returning senior lettermen: Malcolm Johnson, Wesley Clark, Terry Anderson, Lee Moore and Clarence Ballard. With only one semester of eligibility left, Wesley Clark sat out the first semester of competition. The Bronchos opened the season with a road till against NCAA power Texas Tech at Lubbock, losing by a 61-85 score. Tech immediately surged to a 51-31 halftime lead. Central played the Raiders tough during the second half, 30-34, but could not make up the earlier deficit. Malcolm Johnson led the Broncho scoring with 19 points, followed by Terry Anderson with 12 and Lee Moore with 10. 238Coach Eddie Evans Assistant Coach Mark Sooter Clarence Ballard and Mai com Johnson put up a tight defense against Bethany. CSU Netters Open Under New Coach Eastern New Mexico Swinging on to Portales the next evening to take on Eastern New Mexico. the Bronchos nailed down their first win of the season. 63-61. in an exciting overtime contest. CSU trailed by one, 32-33, at halftime, but came back in second half play to knot the score at 59-59 at the end of regulation play. This time Terry Anderson led the scoring attack with 22 points, while Moore contributed 12 and Johnson 10. University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Still on the road with its third contest of the season, the Bronchos took on the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, losing 58-55. Again Terry Anderson led the Broncho scoring with 16 points, while Clarence Ballard contributed 10. Team shooting percentages were low with only .384 from the field and .454 at the line. Northwestern Playing away for the fourth time, the Bronchos traveled to Alva where it took on their old rival, the Northwestern Rangers, winning 65-56 and ending its season record at 2-2. Terry Anderson was high-point man for the Bronchos with 20 points for the evening, while Clarence Ballard was close behind with 18. James Spivey hit for 12. Overall the Bronchos hit for .423 from the field, and had a big night at 239fans applaud the Bronchos during an exciting contest the charily line, clowning 11 of 12 tosses for a .917 percentage. Oklahoma Christian On December 8-9, Central attended the Oklahoma Christian College Classic, playing its first tilt against host and cross-town rival OCC. Though Central led at one time, a 24-17 margin, the Eagles came back with a late first-half surge to take a 45-32 halftime lead. OCC continued its dominance during the second half, to win 96-76. Ballard led the CSU scoring with 21 points, assisted by 18 from lohnson and 10 from Anderson. Bethany Nazarene In its second OCC Classic contest. Central downed Bethany Nazarene 75-69. The Bronchos were led by Anderson's 24 points, while Pierce contributed 16 and Ballard 14. This win again evened the CSU tally at 3 and 3 — all on the road before yet plaving a home contest. Freshman Kevin Pierce drives for two of his 16 points against Bethany. 240241CSU Falls to OCC Oklahoma Christian College Despite the return of stellar forward Wesley Clark, who had sat out the first semester because of a transfer rule, and contributed 27 points to the Broncho cause. Central dropped its second semester opener to Oklahoma Christian College, 75-67. At halftime, the OCC Eagles held only a 13- JO lead, and the Bronchos came out for the second half with some red hot shooting to take a five point advantage at the fifteen minute mark. But superior bench strength for OCC in the form of two OU transfers brought the Eagles on strong for their hornetourt vie lory. Terry Anderson supported Clark's performance with 20 points of his own. The Bronchos played without the services of Clarence Ballard due to a first semester incomplete. Bethany Nazarene Returning to their homccouri on the following night, the Bronchos edged out Bethany Nazarene for a 72-71 victory. The Broncho attack was led by Wesley Clark, who garnered 11 points for a c areer game high. Once again the Bronchos were on the short end of the score at halftime, the Redkins holding a 37- J3 margin after a nip and tuck first half. Led by Clark's scoring and ten rebounds, the Bronchos came bac k in the second half to overtake the Redskins and win their fifth game of the season. Terry Anderson contributed 17 points to the cause, as the Bronchos record went to 5 wins and 4 losses for the season. Cameron Central look on the powerful Cameron Aggies in Lawton and played the high-ranked NAIA team a close contest before losing 76-69. Led by Clark and Anderson, the Bronchos held an eleven point lead with ten minutes left in the lilt. But the Aggies rallied with a strong finish, shutting off the Broncho scoring attack headed by Clark with 24 and Anderson with 23. Southeastern I he Central State Bronchos claimed win number six when they clowned the visiting Southeastern Savages 83-67. Once again they were led by Wesley Clark who poured in 29 points and hauled down 11 rebounds for the evening. Wesley Clark goes high to contest a Southwestern Savage for the jump ball as lames Spivey (40) watches. 242Charles Crosby and Wesley Clark are caught in some heavy action against Bethany Na arene College. Clarence Ballard began things for the Bronchos with two baskets from the field, and he was soon assisted by buckets from Terry Anderson and Clark. At halftime, the Bronchos held a 36-27 lead. Early in the second half. Central upped his lead to 12 points, but the Savages fought bac k to cut their deficit to 8 with 7:51 left in the game. But from there the Bronchos coasted home to a 16 point victory. Southwestern Traveling to the homecourt of arch-rival Southwestern, Central State fac ed a hostile home crowd and a hot-shooting Bulldog squad to come away with a 95-78 loss. "The shooting percentages were the main difference," commented Coach Eddie Evans, who saw his Bronchos hit on 10 of 73 field efforts for a 41.7 percent while Southwestern downed 37 of 75 attempts for a 49.3 percent. Scoring leader for CSU was Terry Anderson with 27 points, while Clark, who normally shoots at a 60 percent clip, hit for only 7 out of 16. Clarence Ballard tossed in 12 points for the evening. Clark led the rebounding with 11 grabs. "The crowd intimidated us," Evans said. "We played average, and they played very good." East Central Central dropped another road game when it visited Ada and was downed by the East Central Tigers by a score of 77-57. The Tigers led 34-28 at halftime, and despite Clark's 20 points and Anderson's 16, the Bronchos could not catch up. 243 lorry Anderson fights a Bethany Na arene defender for the ball.Oklahoma Baptist University The OBU Bison visited Wantland Hall for the Broncho's fourteenth tilt of the season and provided an overtime thriller, the Bronchos coming out on the top end of an 81-73 score. With the victory, the Central State squad upped its season record to 7 wins and 7 losses. Once more it was Wesley Clark who led the Broncho attack, netting 33 points and grabbing 9 rebounds. Terry Anderson added 19 and Malcolm johnson 10, while Clarence Ballard had 6 rebounds and 8 points. The Bronchos led 40 to 34 at halftime, but second half action saw the Bison erase the six-point deficit and hold a 67-67 tie at the end of regulation play. However, in overtime the Bronchos outscored their visitors by a 14-6 margin and came away with the victory. The Bronchos outshot the Bison from the field by .638 to .563, making only 7 of 11 at the charity line while OBU hit for 19 of 22 one pointers. Basketball Coach Eddie Evans and Assistant Coach Mark Sooter watch closely as a play develops. 244Clarence Ballard (25) and Kevin Pierce (20) close in on a rebound OBU Central State's home contest with Oklahoma Baptist was highlighted by the advent of Wesley Clark's taking over the all-time scoring leadership j of the school from larry Wood of 1955. Clark poured in JO points to pace the game's scoring, but the Bronchos lost to the Bison 76-74. Clark's efforts for the evening brought his scoring total to 1,877 career points compared to Woods 1,850. The 6-7 senior from Altus also tied the CSU career rebounding record ot 1,061, equalling the same number by Eligha Bell in 1974. Arkansas-Pine Bluff With a severe snowstorm causing a I late start of the game, Central hosted j the Golden Lions of Arkansas-Pine [ Bluff. I he Bronchos won the contest, 90-85, racking up their highest scor- ing game of the season. Behind the strong shooting of Terry Anderson and Wesley Clark, Central State took a 46-40 halftime lead. The same two stalwarts maintained the same scoring pace during the second half to mark up the vie lory. Anderson scored 24 points, and Clark 27. Northern Colorado The Bronchos engaged in another cliff-hanger against Northern Colorado, this time coming out on top by a 64-6 3 margin. The game was a seesaw affair for most of the first half, with the Bears outscoring the Bronchos 8-2 at the end to take a 19-12 halftime lead. In the second half the Bronchos turned things around, allowing the Coloradoans only 9 points in 15 2 minutes while scoring 27 themselves. Wesley Clark sets up a play. I he Bronchos enjoyed a 12-point lead with 4:30 to go, but the Bears came back and w'hittled dow-n the margin. Trailing by only one point with 30 seconds left, the Bears fired a lumper that missed. Dunsmoor of Northern Colorado went up and crammed the ball through the net, but officials ruled that the play was offensive goal tending. Clark was high point man with 26 (joints and 16 rebounds. Bethany Na arene Taking to the road. Central visited Bethany Nazarene at Bethany and dropped a tight 71-68 decision to the team they had beaten handily earlier in the year. Trailing by a 40-33 deficit at halftime, the Bronchos fought back steadily during the second half to close the gap. With less than ten (joints tej go, the Bronchos had the ball and trailed only by a single point. But a foul underneath the bucket cost them the ball and two points on free throws. Clark again was high with 25 points, while Anderson hit for 17. 245Wesley Clark receives the game ball from Larry Wood for breaking the latter’s 24-year-old Broncho scoring record of 1,850 points. OBU Taking to the road again, the Central State squad visited OBU at Shawnee to revenge an earlier home court loss, this time winning 81-73 in overtime. CSU jumped out to a six-point lead at the half, 40-34, but in the final 20 minutes the Bison outscored their guests 33-27 to force the contest into overtime. During the five-minute finale the Bronchos outfought and outscored the Bison 14-6 to take the victory. Langston Hosting the Langston Lions, the Central State cagers were simply outshot from the field, hitting only 24 of 60 efforts while the Lions were downing 37 of 83 attempts. Though trailing only by one point, 41-42 at halftime, the Bronchos managed only 33 points during the second half while Langston tallied 44 to win by an 86-74 margin. Clark was high scorer with 26 points for the Central crew. East Central Terry Anderson's three free throws in the last two and a half minutes pulled Central State Bronchos to a 46- Malcolm lohnson congratulates teammate Wesley Clark on his performance. 24645 victory over the East Central Tigers at home. The game was seesaw for the first seven minutes, but Anderson began hitting and led Central to a 26-18 halftime superiority. During the second half East Central cut the lead to three points, but the Bronchos came back to retake a 12-point lead. But from the 8:52 mark the Bronchos suddenly went dry in field goal shooting, failing to score again during the game except for Anderson's three free throws. The Tigers, trailing by one, had the ball and worked for a final shot. But the Tigers final effort was an air ball, and Anderson grabbed it to insure the Broncho victory. Eastern New Mexico Hosting the Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds on Lincoln's Birthday, the Central State Bronchos were anything but hospitable as they ripped the New Mexicans to the tune of 106- (Above) Wesley Clark goes over his opponent for a stuff, (left) Terry Anderson maneuvers in mid-air to put the ball up 24762. Wesley Clark smoked through 43 points in leading the onslaught, a total that broke William Cotton's previous record of 41 points. CSU broke out to a 16-0 lead, and at the end of the half led by 57-30. The second half was a continuation of the first, with Clark, Ballard, and Anderson popping point after point. Clark was given a standing ovation when he broke the school one-game scoring record on the heels of his career-point record previously set. Northwestern Still smoking from their hot night against Eastern New Mexico, the Central Bronchos entertained the Northwestern Rangers, but not much with a 90-54 win. The Bronchos jumped off to a 39-32 first half, returning to the court after intermission even more offensive minded, ripping their victims to the tune of 51-22 during the second half. Southwestern The scoring margin Central had held in recent games was just not quite enough when the Bronchos entertained the Southwestern Bulldogs for their second match of the season. The Bulldogs came away with an 86-84 win. The contest was close from the opening gun, with the widest margin being a CSU lead of six points. The Bulldogs enjoyed their largest lead with three points at the 2:03 mark. Central had an opportunity at 1:15 when Honore cut the Bulldog margin to one with a corner jumper. With ten seconds left, Lee Moore missed the front end of a one-and-one. Southwestern then won a trip to the charity line, but missed. Clark grabbed the rebound and fed downcourt to Anderson, but Terry's desperation shot at the buzzer missed. Southeastern In a close, hard-fought ball game. Central defeated Southeast State at Durant by a 71-69 score. Only one point separated the two teams at halftime. Central holding a 32-31 lead. The second half saw a continuation of the close play, CSU again outscoring their opponent by one point, 39-38. Clark led the Broncho scoring with 20 points, followed by Johnson with 12, Anderson with 11, Ballard with 10, and Pierce with 10. Terry Anderson shoots over the top of two Bethany Na arene defenders. Charles Crosby (44) moves in to assist Wesley Clark. 248(Above) Basketball Coach Eddie Evans gives courtside directions. (Below) Terry Anderson dribbles the ball down the court to set up the CSU offense. Cameron The Bronchos hosted nationally-ranked Cameron, second in the NAIA polls, with high hopes of an upset. But the Aggies proved entirely too strong, leading most of the game and taking an 89-80 verdict. The Bronchos managed to tie the score twice in the first half, hut fell behind in the second stanza and never again caught up. Clark led the Central State Bronchos with 32 points and 8 rebounds, drawing praise from the Cameron coach as the best offensive player in Oklahoma. North Texas State Closing out its regular season play with a road tilt against North Texas State, the Bronchos suffered a defeat that evened their season record at 13-13. Clark and Anderson both hit 23 points as the Bronchos were on the short end of a 84-74 final score. Clark garnered 15 rebounds, and Kevin Pierce led in assists with 7. Central had, however, won themselves at Dunkel rating berth in the NAIA District Playoffs, meeting Northeastern at Tahlequah for postseason competition and winning 73-69. 249CSU Wrestlers No. 1 in NAIA The Broncho wrestlers opened the 1978-79 season with a strong combination in new coach Eddie Griffin anti several returning members from last season. Coach Griffin began the season with the hope that he could lead them to the national championship. He did just that! The second half of the combination was four All-Americans returning from last season: Kent Taylor, senior; Jeff Robinett, junior; David lames, junior; Danny Cruze, senior. The combination was successful. At season's end, the Bronchos were ranked No. 1 in the NAIA! Oklahoma Open The Central State wrestlers opened the 1978-79 wrestling season under new Coach Eddie Griffin with tournament competition at the Oklahoma Open in Norman. Two Bronchos competed in the tournament, David lames and Jeff Robinett. David lames at 134 pounds made it to the finals, placing second. Western Illinois Central State University competed against Western Illinois in Edwards-ville, Illinois, defeating them 24-15. The only pin against Western Illinois was by Jeff Robinett at 118. Kirk Taylor took a 6-6 draw, while Johnny Powell hailed the only major decision at 142. Other scores were David James at 114 pounds, earned a decision over John Niebur, 7-1. Louie Wall wrestled Jimmy Love attempts to escape from his opponent at the Oklahoma Open in Norman NATIONAL NAIA CROWN The CSU Broncho Wrestlers won the NAIA National Crown at Wheeling, West Va., on March 3, 1979, crowning two champions: David James at 134 lbs. and Johnny Powell at 142 lbs. 250|immy Powell trysa "Turkey Bar" in order toestapo from his Oklahoma University opponent. Danny Cru e attempts to release himself to score more points against Kandy Thomas and won by a 1-1 decision. John Finn won by a 7-0 decision at 158. Ron Zeno held a 13-6 decision at 167. Southern Illinois It was Southern Illinois over Central State University 26-14. Jeff Robi-nett took a 3-3 draw. David James at 134 won by a 10-6 decision. Jimmy Powell scored an 8-2 decision at 142. Ron Zeno pinned Charles Shelton at 167. Louisiana State University In the dual match, LSU won over CSU, 32-11. Jeff Robinett took a 9-0 major decision at 118 pounds. David James won by a 5-3 decision in the 134-pound category. Jimmy Powell earned a 16-7 decision at 142. Sunshine Open In the Sunshine Open held in Cainsville, Florida, Central State University placed third. Ron Zeno won the 182-pound division, while Jeff Robinett at 182 and heavyweight Steve Foster finisher! second. Taking fourth place for the Bronchos was Kirk Taylor and Louie Wall. Central Missouri Central State wrestlers overran the Central Missouri Mules with a victory of 46-3, scoring five pins in the contest. the quickest being Pat Pace's pin in 1:20. Heavyweight Rod Chaney was not far behind, needing only 1:38 to finish his opponent. David James scored Central State's David lames rides his opponent to gam more time on the lor k 251first fall in 4:30 giving James a 9-0 season mark. Capturing the other falls for the Bronchos were John Finn and Robert LeGrande. Finn won his 158-pound match in 3:16 while LeGrande took 7:46 to end his contest at 190 pounds. Central State's All-American Jeff Robinett took a 10-3 decision, raising his record to 7-1-1. Kirk Taylor dominated his match, winning 13-3. Zeno defeated his opponent, 22-8, while Alley put his opponent away 11 -3. Adams State College Central State grapplers stunned the Adams State Indians by a victory of 19-14 in a collegiate dual in Alamosa, Colorado. Ron Zeno's nine-point victory gave CSU a 16-8 lead, and then Alley clinched the victory with a 7-6 win. Adams State needed pins in the final two matches, but Robert LeGrande assured a CSU victory with his 7-0 win. All-American Jeff Robinett opened the match with an easy 8-0 victory. Kirk Taylor notched a 5-4 verdict, and David James followed with a 10-4 blitz. David lamps attempts to reverse his opponent for a pin. Kirk Taylor takes his opponent tothe mat fora'Take Down. 252lohnny Powell keeps himself from being faken down by his opponent. Western State College The Central State University wrestling squad continued to dominate opposition by defeating Western State College, 34-9, in Gunnison, Colorado. David James and John Finn continued to excel for Central State with James scoring a 14-11 decision, and Finn blasting to an 18-4 victory. Louie Wall pinned the Mountaineer's Rich Gilsdorf in 1:15. Also winning for Central State were Kent Taylor at 118, Kirk Taylor at 126, Pat Pace at 150, Robert LeGrande at 190, and heavyweight Rod Chaney. Southwestern Missouri Tournament Jeff Robinett and John Finn gathered first place medals to lead the Bronchos to a second place finish in the Southwest Missouri Wrestling Tournament in Springfield, Missouri. Robinett pinned his opponent in 4:54 to annex the 118-pound title. Finn won by a decision of 5-4 to capture the 158 crown. The Bronchos had three other finalists, but came away empty-handed. David James lost to a 5-4 decision, while Jimmy Powell dropped to a 5-3 verdict. Also placing for the Bronchos were Kent Taylor, fifth, at 126; Ron Zeno, third, at 167; David Alley, third, at 177; Robert LeGrande, fourth, at 190; and Rod Chaney, sixth, at heavyweight. Alabama University Central State University swept •hrough the first eight matches and 253David James prepares to throw his opponent for a take down. 254 (Above) Kent Taylor leg rides his opponent to gain more time on the clock (Left) Robert LeCrande handles his opponent for a take down.easily defeated the University of Alabama, 35-6. Pins from Kent Taylor and David Alley keyed the victory for CSU. After the Crimson Tide forfeited to Jeff Robinett at 118, and Taylor's pin, David lames raised his record to 15-1 with a 17-7 victory. At 142, Johnny Powell easily defeated his opponent 12-2. Pat Pace built a 10-3 lead, and then held off his opponent for a 10-6 victory in the 150-pound match. John Finn and Ron Zeno continued the rout. Finn won an easy 9-2 verdict, and Zeno pounded his opponent to an 8-2 victory. Lobo Tournament Central State University crowned only one individual champion, but used an overall balance to finish second in the Lobo Invitational in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Johnny Powell was the only Broncho champion winning in the 142-pound division with a 7-6 victory. Central State put three other wrestlers into the finals. Jeff Robinett lost 8-5 at 118, and David James lost at 134 with a verdict of 3-1. Steve Foster was the other Broncho finalist who was pinned by Herb Stanley of Adams State. David Alley at 177 and Robert LeCrande at 190 finished third for the Bronchos. The Lobo Invitational Tournament was Central's last tournament-action before the NAIA Championships. Fort Hayes, Kansas Central State University closed out its dual wrestling season with a 28-7 victory over Fort Hayes State College in Hayes, Kansas. The Bronchos moved to an 18-0 lead early in the match and held off Hayes to preserve the victory. Jeff Robinett opened the scoring with a 14-0 victory over John Delnez at 118. Kent Taylor followed with a close 5-4 verdict. David James continued to roll through by dominating Wayne Peterson for an 8-2 victory. Johnny Powell moved with an 8-4 decision. Pat Pace kept the competition rolling in the 150-pound match by defeating Larry McAtte 15-5. David Alley at 117 and heavyweight Seve Foster were the other CSU victors. Alley decisioned over Chris Goetz 7-2, while Foster won a 4-1 verdict against Blake Bennett. 255 Kent Taylor uses a t radio to got the pm.Optimism Sparks Tennis Team 256 The 1979 Tennis Team consists of: (Front Row) )orge Rojas, lose "Cherny” Ferroira, Mike "Rabbit" Heppler, and Barney Moon. (Back Row) lake Jones, Mike Fernandez, Byrne Berggman, Jeff Diament, Paulo Pardini, and Coach Baxter.Ranked as Number one player is JorRe Rojas. Icfl Diament holds number two place on team. 257r Mike Fernandez competes as the number (our man. Coach Francis Baxter enters his ninth year as the Broncho's tennis coach with high optimism. Three junior college players, Jorge Rojas, Paulo Pardini, and "Cherny" Ferreira plus an Arizona State transfer, Jeff Diament give strength to this year's team. Returning lettermen Jake Jones, Mike Fernandez, and Mike Heppler will provide the depth to make the 79 Bronchos one of the best ever. The talent is there too, not only win the District, but to finish quite high at the NAIA National Tournament. Holding I he number five plate on ihe team is lose "Cherny" Ferreira. Playing as the number six man is lake (ones 2 SBIn number cighl ranking is Barney Moon. 259Rick Nordyke and Kelly lay watch action develop on the field. The CSU Baseball team returned four starters and a number of squad-men from last season, including the top two pitchers, Andy Bilyeu and Jeff Beighle. Talented freshmen in the persons of Darrell Beeler, pitcher from Jenks, and catcher Larry Knight, were recruited. Johnny Onderek, also a freshman, will solidify the outfield. "We wanted to concentrate on the clubs in our district," Coach Bobby Hunt commented. "The way to qualify for district playoffs is the record against NAIA competition. There isn't any advantage in playing NCAA Division I schools this year, but maybe in the future there will be." Coach Hunt added, "The players are ready and so am I. We are looking forward to having a heck of a year." 'i • • • A CSU player takes a painful slide into second base. Coach Bobby Hunt 260Outfielders (Kneeling) G. Garr ia. I), lames, W. Cleave. (Standing) K Nordyke, S. Mr Bride, K Myers, and |. Onderek. 261Infieldm: (Kneeling) R Payne, M. Anglin,). Hayes, B. Nimerick, M. Prilchelt, and S. Andreson (Standing) I. Knight, I. Singer, R Moore, |. Purdin, S. Berland, I) ‘Reynolds, K longstreth. and M Turner. Baseball learn: (First Row) M Anglin. I Kn.ght, R Payne, D. lames, P Ross. B Nimerick. M Pritchett. M Turner, S Anderson and W Cleave (Second Row) I Singer, I Onderek. R Moore. K Myers. D. Reynolds, R Nordyke. J. Hayes. C. Care .a, K longstreth. VV. Robertson, and D. Beeler (Third Row) D. Beeler, S., A Bilyeu.S Berland. K lay, I PurdumJ. Doherty, | Beighle.M Baldwin. K Iordan and B Hunt 262Hurler Wade Roberson shows determinalion on the mound. 1978-79 CSU Baseball Schedule occ Here NWSU Away ECU Here SESU Here Svvou Away OCC Away PSU Here PSU Here U of Dallas Arlington, Texas Away KSN Here SDS Away Langston Away NWSU Here Cameron Here OBU Away SESU Away PSA Here Cameron Away Langston Here A. Pine Bluff Here ECU Away SWSU Here OBU Here Coach Bobby Hum gives a few pointers to pitcher, Andy Bilyeu 263"Very Good Year" Anticipated by Reirdon According to Coach Dorsey Rei-don, the track team has high anticipation for the year: . . Last year. Central State's Track and Field placed second in the District '9' Championship meet. Oklahoma Christian College, the District '9' Champion of last year, has to be considered the favorite again. "But, I feel we have a very good chance of dethroning them. We should be stronger in the field events than ever before with Jerry King and Jeff Holt in the Long and Triple Jump; Syd Haynes, Bart Grow, Matt Arm- strong, Rick Leath, and Jim Ford in the Shot-Put Discs; Tom Pope, Tim Robinson, and Ralph King in the Javelin; Tom Hill, Jack Neale, and Terry Anderson in the high jump; Grover Compton and Ralph King in the Pole Vault. These members are all capable of placing with some l eing first place winners. "In the Sprints and Hurdles (100-200-440), Anthony Grayson, Clifford Lennox, Randy Tucker, Delman Porter, Eugene Dirks, Jody McElhaney, Billy Worrell, Don McGee, and Ken Ellis, which all give us additional Strength. "In the Middle Distance and Long Distances (880-mile-3 mile), we have Robert Diggs, Mikel Woods, Terry Steward, Fred Mills, Kendall Old Crow, Oscar Neal, Steve Wingfield, Mark Johnson, and Woody Big Bow which all should do a real fine job. "With the most competitive schedule we have had since I've been here and if our men perform to the best of their abilities, we should have a very good year." (First Row) Oscar Neal, Robert Diggs, Grover Compton, Ralph King, Terry Steward, Delman Porter, loon Franklin, Steve Wingfield, Kendall Old Crow, Mikel Woods, Clifford Lennox, Anthony Grayson, Randy Tucker, Bart Grow. (Third Row) Tom Scarbrough (mgr ). Woody BigBovv, Tom Hill, Kenneth Ellis, Jody McElhaney, |eff Holt, Tom Pope, lorry King, Coach Reirdon. (Fourth Row) Billy Worrell, Jim Ford, Matt Armstrong, Tim Robinson. Not pic lured are Syd Haynes. Rick leath, Fred Mills, Mark Johnson, Charles Ferrell, Terry Anderson, and Malcom lohnson. 264Mike Woods passes a Southeastern runner in the 880 relay Kendall Old Crow runs neck and neck with a Cloud County runner in the Sooner Indoor Relays.266-1 (Front Row) K« nt Todd, Tom Merry, David Lutes, Bobby Ware, Steve Allton. David Smith, and Kelvin Parrish (Back Row) Shane Kelly, Scott Campbell, Pete Thonas, Bobby Phelps, Bobby Cole, Kevin O'Brien, left Masonhall. Ken Cray, Ric hard Morris, and Coach lohn "Skip" Wagnon. Season Outlook Bright for CSU Golfers Perhaps Ihc Bronchos' performance in the fall season of 1978 was only a preview of things to come. The CSU golfers were very competitive in the All-College Golf Classic in September finishing tied for 11th with the University of Arkansas. Their best performance, however, was winning the championship of the Cameron Invitational tournament at the Law-ton Country Club. The Bronchos finished ten shots in front of defending NAIA district eight champion Texas Wesleyan, and twenty strokes ahead of district nine champion Cameron. Sophomore Shane Kelly and lunior Ken Gray were outstanding in fall competition. Kelly finished tied for tenth in the All-College tournament and Gray was second at the Cameron Invitational. The Bronchos return four of the five-man team that finished second in last year's NAIA district nine tournament. They are Kelly, Bobby Ware, Kent Todd, and All-District (1978) selection Tom Merry. Leading newcomers in addition to Gray are Jeff Masonhall, transfer from Kansas University; Scott Campbell, freshman from Ardmore; and Kelvin Parrish, freshman from Oklahoma City Southeast. CSU Coach Skip Wagnon says, “Judging from our fall performance, I'd say our team is much improved over last year. Cameron has been the c lass of our district the last few years. I think we are about to catch them. Maybe 1979 will be the year we can win the district nine championship and play in the NAIA national tournament." 2f 8m left Masonhall Bobby WareIntramurals '79 270 Three CSU students vie tor a goal a they panic ipate in a game of intramural basketball.Bob Fields gives some tips to a student about playing pool. Two CSU students enjoy a game of intramural basketball. 271Intramurals Keep People Busy Inlramurals is more than just athletics, there are plenty of things for those not so coordinated. A tug-a-war and a park picnic were among this year's activities.Positioning her que slick, a student makes ready for an intramural game of pool. A CSU coed takes a swing at the hall during an intramural baseball game. 273Intramural Competition Is Fun! Dawn Higgins prepares (or the marathon bicycle race by taking one last drink irom the water bottle. Steve Ingham makes a backhand swing during intramural tennis. 274(left) A student participates in intramurals by blasting a tennis ball over the net (Below) Billy Ray shows Bob fields his favorite cue stick. 275Field Hockey Coach Karen Dowd gives the team a few pointers during a field hockey contest. CSU defenders attempt to get the ball away from OSU's offensive players. Kitty Dvorak smashes the ball to the other side of the net while Cindy McGowan stands ready to help. 276Women's Sports Has Come a Long WayAnd Still Has a Long Way to Go Keeping her eyes set on her destination Chris Caldwell runs to win. 278279 Giving her helpful advice on how the game should lx played is Coach |erry Pinkston.280 Women's Softball (Above) Inca Du makes an attempt to hit the ball for a run (Right) Nada loseph stretches to catch the ball at 2nd base. Melody Alleman heads for home base to score for CSU.(Fronl Row) P Morris, |. Barrilt. N, |oseph,C. Johnson, I). Schwarz, Irma Die . (Second Row) M. Reschkr, C Kemp. P Queen. I Hulin, P Marl, M. Alleman (Third Row) I. Brat kelt, C. Roberts, I. Allen, D. Murphy, S. Thomas, I). Imhoff, Coat h Gerry Pinkston. 1978-79 Soft ball Schedule Cameron osu ou OBU NWOS OU OBU SWOS NWOS osu-ou SWOS-Cameron OBU Tournament Cameron I lore Here I lere Here Here Away Away Here Here Away Away Away Away Shirely Thomas demonstrates the let hmtiue of bunting. 281( Row) Sheri Trice. Bobbie Anderson, Cindy McGowan, Brenda Miller, and Laura Beck (Front Row) Laura Castoria, feena farmer. Candy Wright, and Ann Stooksbury. 1978-79 Tennis Schedule Cameron Here USAC) Away OU Here Oral Roberts Here ECOS Away Cameron Here SWOS Away BNC Here OU Away UsAO Here Oral Roberts Here ECOS Here Cameron Away BNC Away SWOS Here Cindy McGowan drives a Ixackhand volley across the netWomen's Tennis Teena Farmer executes a forehand. The tennis team conditions themselves even in bad weather. 28 iWomen's Track Kay Anderson exhibits her technique in throwing the shot put. (Front Row) C Caldwell, T. Vigil. D. Barnhart (Back Row) K. Anderson, T. (ennings, I. Cray, T. lonnings (Not Pictured) R. Wallace, S. Markwell, C. Wilson, D. Murphy, B Bowen. I Baggett.Taking time to smile for the camera during a hard prac lice are track members Chris Caldwell and TeAda Vigil. 1978-79 Track Schedule Ft. Worth Park and Recreation Women's Track Meet Ft. Worth OSU Track Meet OSU CSU Invit, Track Meet CSU OU Invit. Track Meet OU NOJC Track Meet NOJC Cameron Invit. Cameron CSU Invit. Meet CSU 285Carol Garrison grimar es in pam J4 sho struggle fo. ball Bolhany Na»,eno .on lo,s 286 Going against a Bethany Na arene defender |oy Carmrler pumps in two points.287 Karen Odermatt Molds her ground, as the Belhany Na arene College hall e arner attempts to drive lor the basketBasketball Season Record 9-21 esu OPPONENT 42 Cameron 47 63 OBU 59 53 Cameron 52 56 ESU 60 48 BNC 60 51 Langston 59 57 Abilene C.U. 81 65 Howard Payne 64 64 Univ. Tex. El Paso 75 67 Prairie View 65 50 USAO 65 52 ECU 55 43 OBU 70 50 NWSU 73 53 Langston 67 81 Friends 68 67 OCC 83 74 OCC 67 61 NESU 75 65 NWSU 76 74 OCC 67 61 NESU 75 65 NWSU 76 52 SESU 74 65 BNC 70 52 OCC 83 57 USAO 70 61 NEOS 67 53 ECOS 50 51 SWOS 50 Watching the women's basketball team play Is Coach Virginia Peters 288Basketball "This is a building year, we're inexperienced and young; we're building for the future . . Dr. Virigina Peters, Basketball Coach (front Row) | Barrett. B Bowens, C. Wilson, K. Luther, C. Roberts (Back Row) K. Prtor. | Carmder, C. Garrison, T Parker, I). Greene, D. Murphy, Trainer D. Imhoff (Not Pictured) K Anderson 289Field Hockey "This was a season where we played a higher caliber of hockey than ever before; but we were inconsistent and didn't play to our potential." Karen Dowd Season Record esu Opponent 3 OSU 4 5 OU 0 1 SWMS 6 0 SWMS 5 0 SEMS 6 1 SWOS 2 5 ECU 0 3 OU 4 2 CMU 4 4 SWOS 3 3 ESU 1 0 OSU 2 1 OU 4 2 ECU 1 0 OSU 3 3 SWOS 0 State Tournament: 3rd place Season Record: 7-10 Southwestern sots up their defen shot. s‘‘ 8 'nst , ,a Joseph's smasl Coach Karen Dowd expresses the need for team work in the up-coming game(Below) (First Row) D. Green, S. Pritchett, larrice Adkins, G. Wright, K. Porter. (2nd Row) Coach K. Dowd, P. Queen, P. Heart, N. Joseph, N. Beckett, T. Diez, I. Allen, G. Mears, R Bradley, V. Wilson. (3rd Row) I. Brackett, M. Cline, K. Stark, B. Price, B. Banks, T. Vigil. (Above) Mary Beth Cline and Linda Allen show that field hockey is a contact sport. (Left) Goalie Teresa Brackett readies herself for action in the Bronchettes easy victory over East Central. 291 Terre Brackett show the anguish of being a goalie. (Right) Karen Stark displays great emotion as she tries to steal the ball away from the opponent's goalie. One thing that has improved this year is the team unity. It has added both to team strength as a whole and to individual skills.” Coach Dr. Certude Myers Gymnastics (left) Gail Thompson exhibits her back somersault at gymnastics prat -lice. (Right) Dinah Wood adds a little pizza to her routine. 294(left) Practicing for the up-coming moot, Pamela Ivon brushes up her form on the uneven bar. (Right) Debbie Duvall attempts a cartwheel on the balance beam. (left to Right) Stacy Broughton, Bet ky Crews, Dinah Wood, Debbie Duvall, Pamela Lyon, Gail Thompson, Christy Zimmerman 295Bobbie Anderson gets ready for the block as her Southwestern opponent hits the ball. Senior Cindy McGowan drives the ball over the net Nancy Bees ley goes up to block a shot against Northwest ern (Right) CSU girls use team work to win. Volleyball Season Record (13-20) csu OPPONENT 15 NWOSU 6 15 NWOSU 6 15 PSU 10 7 PSU 15 15 PSU 8 15 NEOSU 11 15 NEOSU 7 16 Bethany 14 11 BETHANY 15 15 BETHANY 11 9 NEOSU 15 15 NEOSU 11 15 NEOSU 4 13 BETHANY 15 7 BETHANY 15 7 BETHANY 15 9 CAMERON 15 4 CAMERON 15 8 ENM 15 15 ENM 9 14 ENM 16 15 swosu 3 10 SWOSU 15 15 SWOSU 9 15 08U 1 9 OBU 15 15 OBU 8 15 Ft. Hayes 5 12 Ft. Hayes 15 14 Ft. Hayes 15 4 WSU 15 3 WSU 15 8 NWMSU 15 7 NWMSU 15 CSU OPPONENT 15 OBU 4 15 OBU 9 15 SWOSU 11 15 SWOSU 11 15 OCC 10 15 OCC 11 15 NWOSU 3 8 NWOSU 15 15 NWOSU 4 14 OSU 16 2 OSU 15 13 OCC 15 15 OCC 15 11 OCC 15' 5 TULSA U. 15 8 TULSA U. 15 8 BNC 15 12 BNC 15 88 OSU 15 4 OSU 15 4 CAMERON 15 8 CAMERON 15 12 CAMERON 15 13 CAMERON 15 8 OCC 15 14 OCC 16 8 BNC 15 7 BNC 15 14 NEOSU 16 3 NEOSU 15 15 OBU 9 15 OBU 2 15 SWOSU 7 15 SWOSU 4 STATE TOURNAMENT: 5th Place Nancy Beesley, Lori Allred. (Back Row) Carla Kemp, Bobbi Anderson, Cindy (First Row) Barbara Bowens, Pam Morris, Kitty Dvorak, McGowan, Carol Garrison, Coach Gerry Pinkston. 297AcademiaPresident, Central State University Dr. Bill LillardVice President — Administration Dina Lewis, Vice-President for Stu- Alvin Alcorn dent Services Office Vice President — Student Affairs 302Vice President — Academic Dr. Norman Russell Assistant Vice President Dr. Odus Rice Wanda Voss, Vice President for Academic Affairs Office ves. Assistant Vice Pres-cademic Affairs OfficeRegents for Oklahoma Colleges tv k 1 1 £d Livermore, Keith Allen, President Exec. Secretary lack Annis Ruth Holmes Dr. Leslie Fisher, State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jon Bruce W. R, Bradford C. T. Morgan Regents for Higher Education E. T. Dunlap, Bob F. Allee Chancellor Governor George Nigh Joe F. Gary Rubye Hall Chairman Governor George Nigh is I he 22nd Governor of Oklahoma. Governor Nigh was born in McAlester, Oklahoma, where he graduated from high school and later taught after receiving his B.A. at East Central State University in Ada, Oklahoma. Nigh also served in the U.S. Navy. Chief Executive Nigh was a member of the House of Representatives from 1951-1959, and held the position of Lieutenant Governor for four consecutive terms. Nigh has been the past Chairman of the National Conference of Lieutenant Governors, and Chairman of the National Conference of Lieutenant Governors' Committee on Tourism. In 1978, Nigh served as General Chairman of the Will Rogers Centennial Celebration. This is Nigh's first term as Governor. Bert H. Mackie lames I. Mills Scott E. Orbison John H Patten lames A Thomas H. A. Carlson Dr. Eugene Russell D. Vaught Swearingen 304Dean of Graduate School Deans of Students Nrl.i Smith. (.i.iiltialr Krli.i 1 in .1' " m i.tlr I Irlrll tumi «m ulr Si In ml ( )lIii r l)r.Ill' S| in iriil % I r.m ' • • I S| mlr ill ' t nin • ( III.. r tillAdmissions and Records Robert fields. Director Financial Aids lack Beeson. Direc tor Housing stall Dornthv Ma« k. Beulah ilson. leslie Trent. Pat Slalx i'k . Carobn Cot tee hnda Peterburs. Vikki McCord. Annabelle Kennard. lea lones. Gail Bradlev. Dirc'etor Rhonda fr» einan (dna Oliver. i(X)Machine Rental Larry Mercer, Director _ • Computer Center Staff: Leo Kessinger, Ray McGinnis, Dan Hobelman, Julie Wiseman, Sandy Northmgton, Maithreyi Mancharan, Barbara Anaman, Cheryl Meade, Melva Jaramillo. Carol Sumner, Keith Simpson, Susie Lute, and John Lerma. 307Finance Counter Comptroller lorry Bifoy Dorothy Honton, (Comptroller Office Connie Knox, Comptroller Offic e Mary Melton, Payroll Wilma Sharp, Business Offi( e lenmeve Smith, Student Payroll Dolores Barnett Vic key Coffman t indy lofferson Norrna Mr leod t )8Purchasing Dorothy Mason, Pirn hasinx Ollur Hank Parker, Purr hasinx Office Charles Johnson, Pun hasinx Axent Accounting Bol lenkins, C hid A« ounljnt I aVerne K.uh om. A« ountinx )llii • Stefam ()'l )onoh M . A« ountinx )lli« « Internal Auditor Io Ward, Internal Auditor Personnel Joanne Dunlap, Assistant Personnel Director lame Polk. Personnel Office Bobbie Walker, Personnel Office Sharon Warren, Personnel Office Alumni, Placement William Hauser, Director Larry Williams, Director Certification Ion Wright, Director 310Counseling Center M. D. Smilh, Director Institutional Research Debbie Grice, Institutional Research Office Darrell Gilliland Correspondence Ruby Morgan. Director Diana Stokes, Counseling Center OfficeInternational Student Advisors Native American Counselor l)r Ronald Paddat k. Advisor Naomi llj( hi. Asvx idle Advisor Perry Banker. Veterans' Representative Belly Smith Veterans' Counselors William Mii hell. Direr lor. Veterans’ Allans il_ Advisement U } Linda Matthews Joyce Navarre Jerry SpeedStudent Health Center Food Service Vicki Faulkner, food Service Ottice, and David Andrew, Director Beth Camblm, R.N. — C.H.N.P., Director Athletic Director Audie Perkins, R.N. 314 Charles Murdock, Athletic Director Karen Russell. R.N.Campus Police Maintenance Officers Ric hard Fani. Sr., lindall Mclemore, Phillip Riddle, Russell Cottle, lames Smith, and Stan lev Moseley. imrod Chapel, Maintenance Coordinator, Physical Plant Pete Dunham, Director, Physical Plant Su y Hensley, Secretary Chief Jim Dunn Gerald Pledger. Assistant Director, Physical Plant Ben Tavares, Custodial Supervisor, Physical Plant 315I aura Beaver assists a student in ashing a he k at The Corner Arthur Koliinson. Manager Bookstore Kay Niinmo. C arol Wyalie. an l Dana Harper Mo elleMatthews, Helen Ihoinpson, anil lean I'uwell ilelill.i I .lyltH . Supply leik Arlime Young. I velyn Hn «iks. I reiklie Baker, anil Irene I osier il» Bob Keneda and David Polhemus, pressman, sel ly|M lor the Spring '7 1 c lass s hcdulc David I'olhcrnuN, Tom Willard. Graham Bennett, Kathy Ale hley. Wanda fox, W. M I His, and Kolserl Keneda Print Shop Robert Keneda, Direc tor Graham Bennett operates a linotype mac hineMax Chambers Library Professional librarians: Shirlc Hardesty and Imogene Troxel with Andrew Peters, Reference librarian. Third Floor Carol Barry, Reference librarian, and Cecilia Morris, Bibliographer Ron Curtis, Automation librarian Gemma MeCasvley. Head of Acquisitions Ed Hill, Head of Personnel and Calatoger Ann Williams. Head Cataloger Catalogers: Fritz Buckallew, lynn Alston. Sue Merrill, and Carolyn Rylander i 18Periodicals Clerks: Iva Mae Holloway. Glenda Carlson, Roberta Heltcel, Doris Detweiler, Mildred Hauser, Head. Government Documents, and and Clara Dickey |o Royce, Assistant Mary Bond. Fourth floor Supervisor and Betty Drennon. Second I loor Supervisor Third Floor library Clerks, Night Dolores Nelson. David Williams, and Ruthie forshee. Supervisor 319Circulation Clerks, Virginia Roberts, Head, Norma Griffin, and Dorothy Billon Technical Services Staff: Elizabeth E.dson, Marianne Collins Bar bara Miller, and Peggy Akerman leta Huggins, part-time Circulation Clerk, arid Vivian Cartmill, Gate Attendant Technical Services and Acquisitions Staff: Esther Mason. Betty Andrews, Grace Appleby, and Dorothy Klemme Part-time Night Clerks: Avanelle Barton, Supervisor. Mary Hiland. Bobbie- Smith, Virginia Sutton, and Zelma Orton Acquisitions Statt: Vera Knox, Charlsie Marlin, Wanda Montgomery, and lean Reynolds 20Dr. Max Davis, Director Radio Station KCSC David Cannon at the radio keyboard. (left to Right) Angela Manship, KCSC Secretary; David Cannon, Operations (left to Right) David Cannon, President, Jeff Midiff, Vice President. Manager; Dr Max Davis, General Manager. (left to Right) Dr. Max Davis, John Arnold, |ohn Wright and Beta Sigma meeting. Crews discuss plans at a lota Bill DeMand, Chief Engineer for KSCS. 321Public Information Willard Pills, Sports Information Director |OC Park, Direc lor. Public Relations and Public Information Joanne Garrett lla Dell Youngblood, Director, News Rureau Doug folks Iammye Foreman Johnny M Mahan mPhotographic Services Steve Muskin, Brenda Smedley. left Buchner, and lenore Underwood Monty Reed, Direr lor Woody Gaddis, Direr tor Charles Simmons Student Photo Lab Cheryl Melton Publications Dr Stan Hoig, Director m Mctha Cottle. SecretaryOr. lames Perry, Oean ol the School of Business Dr. larry f osier. Chairman. General Business Department School of Business Denise Parker School of Business Office Phyllis London. School of Business Office Marlienne Sims, School of Business Office Or. Wynona Hall-Williams Travis Hyde Or. Mary Elliott f. B. McCollough lamce McCoy Or. Charles Ming 324Business Education Accounting Dr. Colcnc Maxwell, Chairwoman, Business Education Department Carroll Cravens Evelyn Randolph Donna Hawkins Dr. lorren Beavers, Chairman. Accounting Department Dr. Alvin Bryan Dr. John Hutchinson Dr. Gerald Smith Dr Charles Stumbaugh Dr. Charles Ming runs in the Eourth of July Marathon. 325Marketing Management Or. George Avellano, Chairman, Marketing Department Or. Ed Fortenberry, Chairman, Management Department Lunlle Carlson Or Vinc ent Or a f rank Edwards Or Ralph Mengol, II Or Elmer Shellenlrerger Or. Howard Clark David Landrum Paul E Roac h Or |ohn I Butler Gordon CarlinSpecial Education Dr. William VanOsdol,Chairman.Special Education Dr. Dale Mullins, Dean of the Sc hool of Education Patricia Horvey Dr. Lillian Ivey Karen McGrath School of EducationVocational Education Secondary Education Dr.). VV. Weatherford, Chairman, Vocational Education Department Dr. Charles Douglas, Chairman, Secondary Education Department Dr. fred Mack it' ' ' Dr. limmie Thrash Dr Earl Newman Dr. Charles Richmond Dr. Mack Wedol mElementary Education Guidance and Counseling Dr. Terry Morton, Chairman, Elementary Education Deparlmenl Dr. Edgar Petty, Chairman, Guidance and Counseling Or. Engel Grow Department Dr. Carol Downing Or, Mary Ann Henderson Dr. Cavannah Clark Dr. Donald Heiberg Dr. Gene Russell Dr. Bette Roberts, Chairwoman, Reading DepartmentAdministrative Education Psychology Dr. Gene McPhail, Chairman, Administrative Education Depart- Dr. William Frederickson. Chairman, Psychology Department ment Dr. |ohn Brothers Dr. William McCallum Dr. Stewart Beasley Dr. Fay Catlett Student Teaching Cheryl Caldwell, Student Teaching Office Karen Chcrmcky, Student Teaching Office Dr Kenneth Eisner, Director of Student Teaching Dr. David Chance Dr. |ohn Knight Dr. C M WhippleArt Kalhryn Alcorn, Chairwoman. AM Department Dr frank Finney, Dean of the School of litreral Arts |o Ann Adams Mic hael liar hi Dr Hall Duncan Dorothy Cross. S hool of lilx ral Arts Office School of Liberal Arts franklin Simons William Walk) Dr lulia VYalthcr Dean f Hyde displays a pie e of contemporary art Dean f Hyde Virginia King Norma Miller 331Creative Studies Humanities Or. Chiton Warren, Chairman, Creative Studies Department Ethel Quit Me, Chairwoman, Humanities Department lynette Wert Dr Gene Hellstern Rita Thompson, Human- Lillian Boland ities Lab Anne lynch John Pic kard Dale Reinhold Dr floise Spear McCrayForeign Language Dr. Mildred I yon. Chairwoman, Foreign l anguage Departmenl Sociology Dr, Gene McBride, Chairman, Sociology Department Dr Marma Jaton i Elizabeth Berger Ruth Garwm Dr. Lewis Irving Dr. William lohnson l)r Irmgard Sc hneider Dr, Subr Mandagere William Parker Ann Phillips Dr. loan luxcnburg Philosophy Dr. Clarence Parker, Chairman, Philosophy DepartmentEnglish l)r Marlin Ausmus, Chairman, English Department Dr Donaki Dully Morrisine Chandler Dr Clara Altalfer 1 Dr Katherine Rader Dr George Mukahy Dr Ronald Paddac k Dr. Emmelt Phillips Dr Shelley Rulherlord lamps Slpwarl Dr. Charles lissprand Regina Woodlierry UAMusic Robert Aubrey Fdith DiH.irtolo Or Robert Dillon Or. |ac k Sisson, Chairman, Music Department ((heard Bahr » ili abeth f arris Or. Barbara Carder Or. Clarence Carder Or. |. Kent Kidsvell Wendell Ralston T.C. leckie Or Melvin lee % |an Pokorny Or. Bobbie | Ralph Or Coleman Smith Or Roger Strong Jesse Webster f ram es Spurloc k Feodora Steward H5Dr. Ray Tassin, Chairman, Journalism Department Barbara Norman, Chairwoman, Oral Communications Department Journalism Oral Communications Betty Pharis, Journalism RichardCrum Office Woody Gaddis Donald Bristow Douglas Duke Dr. lee Hicks Dennie Hall 336History Dr. Richard Peters, Chairman, History Department William Campbell Herman Fullgraf Royce Peterson Dr. Donald Green Gene Hellstern Dr. Patrick McGinnis Dr. John Osborn Dr. Jere Roberson David Webb Royce Peterson and Joe Ward, Internal Auditor, examine an old spinning wheel in Central's museum. 337Economics Dr. Upton Henderson, Chairman, Economics Department Geography Tom Hawkins, Chairman, Geography Department Ernest Bleakley Dr. William Mildred Jimmie Rogers Margaret Nolop, Dr. Frank Kiang Dr. James Pinto Economics Office Jim Rote Dr. frank Wert John Stroup 338Political Science Bureau of Or. Leroy Cro ier. Chairman, Political Science Department Carl Reherman, Director Dr. Cene Aldrich William Dever Dr. |ohn George Dr. Randall Jones Carl Reherman Sonya Sost ee. Bureau of Government and Public Services Offic Carl VandeverMath Raymond Beasley, Chairman, Math Department Dr. David Mart, Dean of the School of Math and Science and Science Dr. Jin Chen Tom Ford Sue Ann Goodman Dr. Sam Hankey Sandra Leonard LaVerne Loman Francis Olbert Dr. Glenda Owens Dr. toy Puffinbarger Dr. Earl Rice Dr. lames YatesChemistry Physics Dr. Terrill Smith, Chairman, Chemistry Department Dr. D. S. Carlstone, Chairman, Physics Department Dr. Verlin Richardson Dr. Moody Coffman Donald Fitzgerald Dr. tarry Westmoreland Dr. John King Paul Kirby Teruo Morishige Dr. Verdine Trout Charles Yarger . • loo Callfranco Alsworth. Chairwoman, library Science Department Dr. Lucille Patton, Dean of the School of Special Arts and Sciences Ruby (wing fli alx-th Scott Mary Alice fisher Dr. Doreatha Gaffney School of Special Arts and Sciences Dr. Kathleen lipp Dr. Cheryl Myers Home Economics Dr. Virginia lamb. Chairwoman of the Home Economics Department M3Funeral Service Nursing |ohn Cage, Chairman, Funeral Service Department Dr. Barbara Henthorn, Chairwoman, Nursing Department Louisa Arnold Shirley Connolly Dr, David Garrison Nelda Fister Shirley Hurd Dr. Larry Morgan Norma Leslie 44Health, Physical Education and Recreation Brad Avant Eddie Evans Dr. Virginia Peters, Chairwoman, Health, Physical Education Eddie Griffin and Recreation Department Francis Baxter Dr. Kathleen Black Dr. loan Bottger Dr. Homer Coker Karen Dowd Larry Heard Gary Howard Bobby Hunt Dr. Dorothy Marotte Charles Murdock Dr Gertrude Myers Carol Parker Gerry Pinkston Ann Shanks John Wagnon 345Safety Education Industrial Education Dr. Lonnie Gilliland, Jr., Chairman, Safely Education Depart- Dr. Loren Smith, Chairman, Industrial Education Department ment Dr. Lonnie Gilliland, Sr. Carl Breazeate Wadad Rotzinger Dr. Emmett Osgood Wadad Rotzinger teaches high school mg techniques. | student 8ruce Ryan proper driv- Dr. Joe Beckham John Bowen Tony WishonMilitary Science 91 lieu! Col. Viclor Hernandez, Chairman, Military Science Lieut, Col. Hernandez commissions Bill Arnold as a 2nd Lieutenant. Department Cpt William f ngel Maj Roeliff Loomis Candy Rairdon, Military Science Office Sgt. |oe Broadnax J47Graduates 350Paul Ugabi Adeshi, History Ed. Saleh Ahmed, Business Mohammed Ahsan, Pol. Sci. Victoria Ajayi, Graduate ludy Anderberg, F inance Abolghassem Badie, Business |udy Bruce, Early Child. Ed. Kung-Shih Chao, Bus. Admin. Miriam Conde, Bus. Admin. Hisayoshi Danbara, Bus. Admin. lay Davis, English Lynda Dawson, Graduate Gunkelu Femi, Graduate Karen Dillier, Education Ebuta Ekure, Management 351Alexia Freeman, Bus. Admin. Sian Core, Nursing Robert Griffis, Pol. Sci. Deana lohnson, Elem. Ed. Richard Kerr, Pol. Sci. Siriporn Komolpis, English Soralip Kritkanianapan, Graduate Pei Ling Lo, Graduate fran a Marsh, Vocational Ed. Arcia Martinez, English Debby Mayes, Graduate loyce Miranda, Graduate Mohnaz Mohammadi, Bus. Admin. Rene Moore, |r. College Ed. Nantana Netnoparat, English Dung Nguyen, Business Evarist Okoroafor, Graduate loshua Olorunnisomo, Management lohnson Olowoyeye, Bus. Admin. Sharon Park, Spec. Ed. 352W Douglas Parker, Graduate Rhonda Pierce, Psychology Supapak Plubjang, English Mohammed Rahman, Business Vern Rasmussen, Bus. Admin Claude Rcdbird, Pol. Sci. Mehdi Rezaie, Bus. Admin. Teptapin Samonpal, Bus. Admin. Piramol Sangkrajang. Management Steven Smart, Graduate Robbie Steward, Graduate George Tetteh, Graduate Marvin Thomas, Crim. Justice Edsvard Trattner, Bus. Admin. Suksanti U-Pool, Bus. Admin. Bill Walls, Sec. Ed. Chris Westhof, Acctg. Ing-Shyh Yang. Bus. Admin. 353154 Chris Adetoro, Bus. Admin. Edward Akufo, Business Richard Akufo, Bus. Admin. Melodie Alleman, Crim. lust ice Lori Jo Allred, Comp. Sci. Victor Ashley, Comp. Sci. Barbara Astley, Nursing Debora Atchley, Senior Theophilus Azumah, Senior Linda Ballard, Elem. Ed. lames Barrow, Physics Bonnie Bartlett, Music Ed. Donald Bassett, Broadcasting Richie Beaver, Commercial Art Cindi Benthall, Phy. Ed. Dionysios Bloufas, Senior Rene Bohanan, English Horace Bowen, Business Vesta Bowers, Bus. Ed. Ronald Bradley, Acctg. Mary S. Bray, Senior Carlisa Brent, Nursing Theresa Brooks, Music Ed. Dee Lloyd Brown, Management |ohn Bruce, |ourn. Roger Brum ley. Speech Jerri Burke, Psychology Glen Burling, Phy. Ed. Marty Byrd, Marketing Cindy Campbell, Crim lustice Joseph Campbell, Pol. Sci. Tim K. Campbell, Elem. Ed. Neal Cassell, Distrib. Ed. Susan Castillo, Elem. Ed. William Chamberlain, Marketing Steven Chambers, Phy. Ed. Linda Chappell, Spec, Ed. Rowland Chidomere, Senior Glenn Chilcoat, Phy. Ed. lanell Clark, Early Child, lay Clark, Marketing PR Philip Cloud, Physics 355Dean Cook, Journ. Rachel Collrell, English Dorothy Cox, English Priscilla Crabbe, Nursing Cynthia Cunningham, Acctg. Don Dade, Bus. Admin. James Daley, Comp. Sci. Jerry Daniel, Bus. Management Rebecca Deacon, Comp. Sci. Math Jean Delancey, Senior Irene Diaz, Art Tricia Diaz, Pub. Rel. Larry Dowell, Marketing Dcvoria Duhon, Bus. Management Barry Duren, History Ed. Linda Earnest, Senior Susan Eccles, Music Ed. Phil Edelen, Oral Comm. MBA Ekwri, Business Donna Ethridge, Marketing Gina Ewers, Marketing Jaafar Falapour, Comp. Sci. Richard C. Fant, Sr., Safety Ed. Richard C. Fant, Jr., Senior Suzanne Farr, Pol. Sci. Sharon Flesher, Commercial Art Daniel Foley, Pol. Sci. Karen Foley, Nursing Douglas Folks, Senior Marian Folsom, Elem. Ed. Cindy Fridrich, Bus. Admin. Dani Garder, Nursing Roberta Garner, Nursing Edwin Gatlin, Journ. Ben Gay, Senior Joyce George, Art Ed. Tanya Gilbert, Biology Joseph Glenn, Sociology William Goodlett, Psychology Jacquita Gorelick, Pol. Sci. Susan Gosney, Nursing Billy Green, Phy. Ed. 356Cynthia Croon. Nursing Kathryn Croon, Acclg Vi ky Gregston, A tg Marsha Grillin. Bus Management Samuel Hanson, Managomont Rubye Harrington, Bus. Id. Kim Harris, funeral Service Ed. loyco Hart, Senior Claim Hayes, Marketing Mary Pat Head, Atttg Kathy Holm, Nursing Watt Henry,Com. Justice 157Ricky Hensley, Musk Ed lames Henson, English leanne Hcyser, Biology laVana I Hill-Moisanl, Nursing Hung Viel Ho, Business Kenneth Hobson, Arl Ed. Kathryn Holloway, Off. Admm. Phillip Holmes, Business lanie Hopson, Spec. Ed. lames Horn, funeral Service Linda Hosveth, Nursing Diane Hughes, Spec Ed. Deborah Humphrey, Senior lennifer Humphrey, Bus. Ed. Sebastian Ihejinka, English Cay It Ingle, Sociology Toss Irljy, Spec. Ed. Hamid lahangirian. Comp. Sci. Stewart lohnson. Chemistry Sullivan Johnson, Senior Brenda lones. Spec. Ed. lake lones. Business Michael lones. Management Shahriar Kalkhajeh. Indust. lech. Dasvna Keef, Spec. Ed. till Keith, Biology Kathryn Kenyon, Geography Craig Kelt hum. Bus. Admin. Kip Kimbrough, Sociology Dale Kime, Crim. lustice 358Maurice King, Senior Martha Kinney, Home fcon. Reuben Kinney, Pol. Sr i. Kathleen Kiser, Nursing Drew Kissmaer, Biology lanis Knecht, Management Vosoughima Kombiz, Comp. Sri. lames Kowals, Biology Patty Kritlenbrink, Home £con. Donna Kropfinger, English lee lackey, Speer h Hearing lanet lahmeyer. Comp. Sci. Math Delhi Landrum, |r., Acctg. Andrew laughlin, Elem Ed. Keith leftwich, lourn. Clifford Lennox, Phy. Ed. Joy leverett. Senior Deborah Lewis, Nursing David Lindquist, Business Tadashi lometo, English Candace low. Senior Barbara lowe, Pol. Sci. Ed. Karen Malone, Marketing Kathy Manning, Spec. Ed. 359Amy Marshall, Spec. Erl. Suzanne Marshall, Nursing Sue Marlin, Spec. Erl. Isis Martinez, Spanish Erl. Mark Mazzolini, Dislrib. Ed Diana McCain, Elem. Ed. Early Child. Linda McConnell, Elem. Ed. Phillip McConnell, Bus. Management Michael McCoy, Nursing Gary McCuistion, Marketing Sibyl McFadden, Acctg. Marilyn McGmty, Elem. Ed Johnny McMahan. Journ. Valerie McMahan, English H. C. McMinn, Elem. Ed. Glenna Mears, Phy. Erl. Cheryl Melton, Journ. Bill Mercer, Art Erl. Nita Miller, Bus Admin. Patricia Miller, Bus. Admin. Terry Miller, Physics Chuck Mills, Management Rosalie Mitchell, Acctg. Ignatius Modey-Ntol, Inrlust. Tech. Hossein Mohammadi, Indust. Tech. Albert A. Moore. Geography 60Ronnie Moore, Elem. Ed. Sharon Moore, Marketing John Muntz, Nursing Stephen Murdock, Pol. Sci. Susan Naifeh, Senior Hien Nguyen, Nursing Shirley Nixon, Phy. Ed. Pamela Ochs, Elem. Ed. William Ochuba, Bus. Finance Francis Ojong, Marketing Christopher Okere. Eton. Sandra Oliver, Spec. Ed. Adelaja Olojede, Bus. Management Opal Orr, Spec. Ed RamoleeOzment, Management Betty Palmer, English Lori Parrel I, Home Econ Vicki Peace, Business Beth Pershall. Senior Becky Phillips, Elem. Ed. Donna Pickard, Chemistry Cindy Pittman, Elem. Ed Rita Ponder, Crim Justice Cheryl Porter, Senior Roy Prichard, Crim Justice Larry Raschtschenia. Bus. Admin, Mane Rasmussen, Management Cary Ray, Senior Reha Ray, Biology Erl Mary Rich, Comp. Sc i. Sylvia Rolx rls, Senior Pamela Robertson, Nursing Louise Roe, Elem Ed Keith Rogers, Management David Roland, Nursing Linda Roland. Speech Path. Marci Rollins, Art Ed Amanda Schuessler, Spec Ed. VVilda Scott, Elem Ed. Harriet Selvy, Speech Hearing .Mohammad Shahiada, Business .Marilyn B. Shuman. History 361Lynda Siavashpour, Commerc ial An Joe Silk, Marketing f red Simpson, Marketing Malinda Sloan, Journ. P.R. Tanya Smiley, f lem. Ed. leora Smith, Sociology Linda Smith, f uneral Service Paul I. Smith, Distrih. fd. Salli Smith, Music Ed. Susan Smith, Psychology Terry Smith, Sociology Peggy Snell, Music Ed. Denise Speed, Biology Dianna Spivey, Elem. Ed. Noah Standifer, Marketing Monte Steele, Biology Cynthia Stocks, Nursing Kenda Kay Sturmon, lourn. Debra Suazo, Ex. Child. Ruth Sutton, Nursing )an Teague, Elem. Ed. Greg Thomas, Psychology Lois Thomas, Distrih. Ed. Phillip Tolbert, Lib. Sci. Hay Tonnu, Biology Cliff Traverse, lourn. Leslie Trent, English Ed. laurel Turvey, lourn. Adv. Ibe Udobi, Econ. Sheilah Watson, Bus. Admin. J62Ann Weathers, Nursing Gail Wells, Crim. justice David White, Music Sharon Whiteside, Psychology Kandy Wilgus, Comp. Sci. Daniel Wilkerson, Management April Williams, Art Ed. Rari ara Williams. Management Gerald Williams, Pol. Sc i. Vicki Williams, Spec. Ed. lee Ann Wilson, Art Ed. Eddie W iseman, Marketing Marjorie Woodard, Senior Russell Woodward, Comp. Sci. Katherine Worsdale, Nursing Linda Wullcnwaber, History Ed. lenora W'yatt, Art Ed. Howard Wyble, Spec. Ed. Nancy Wyskup, Marketing Brock Yowell, Comp Sci.Undergraduates 364Teresa Abernathy, Sophomore lenny Abler, freshman Pam Adair, junior Karen Adams, freshman Niki Adcock, f reshman Omololu Adebayo, freshman Iraj Admadi, junior Ismail Akande, Junior jos Segun Alayande, lunior Reginald Alberly, junior Sarah Aldrich, f reshman Paine ia Alexander, junior Charity Allen, freshman Bryan Alsup. Sophomore Jason Arnar, Sophomore Ali Aminian, junior Charles Anderson, junior Danny Anderson, Sophomore Gloria Anderson, freshman Martha Anderson, Sophomore Pam Anderson, f reshman Sharon Anderson, freshman fssien Aniebok, junior lauri Ashby, Sophomore Joseph Atuaka, Junior Regina Avington, junior Stacey Autry, Sophomore Godwin Ayeni, lunior Lori Baggett, freshman Deirdre Baker, Sophomore Kim Baker, freshman Mike Baldridge, lunior Mike Baldwin, f reshman Christi Ballinger, Sophomore William Ballinger, Junior Dena Barnhart. Sophomore Diane Barrett, Junior Shelley Barton, lunior Bichene Bassey. lunior Scott Batary. freshman lorn Bell, freshman Cathy Benda, junior Donna Bennett, freshman lisa Bergmann. Sophomore |oy Berryman, lunior Teresa Bert well, freshman Dianna Bickford, freshman Mark Bishop, freshman Raphael Bisona. freshman Steve Blac k. Sophomore Sue Blac k. freshman Teresa Boggs, lunior Betty Bondy, Sophomore Gayle Boren, junior Delsorah Bowles, freshman Steve Bnwlware. Sophomore Cindy Bovc e, f reshman Cmdy Bradinrd. Sophomore Delaine Bradlord, Sophomorelean Bradley, junior Ranac Bradley, lumor Sieve Bradshaw, Freshman Virgil Bradshaw, junior lavanche Brasiosky. Sophomore Robyn Brevard, Junior Brenda Brewer, Freshman Carolyn Brewer, Freshman Leona Brooks, Sophomore Ann Brown, junior David Brown, junior lames Brown, FreshmanKay Brown, Sophomore Ten Brown, Freshman Wilfred Brown, Sophomore Cynthia Bucy, Freshman Vickie Buffington, Sophomore Deborah Burnell, Freshman Pam Burnell. Freshman Shirley Burnell, Sophomore Roberi Burns, Junior Kathie Butler, Freshman Kalhy Bullry, Sophomore Ronald Byler, Freshman Tammy Bynum, Junior Jackie Byrd, Sophomore Lorraine Caddy, Sophomore Cremona Cam, Sophomore Keith Cain, Sophomore Kevin Cam, freshman Chris Caldwell, Sophomore Bellye Carlin, Freshman Rila Carney, freshman lisa Carroll, Freshman Mary Carson, Junior Zane Casey, Sophomore Shelly Casileberry. Freshman Clint Caswell, Freshman Sian Cates, Freshman Tammy Cawe. Junior Tern Celestine, Freshman Brenda Chartney, Freshman T im Chavez, Sophomore Coral Cheadlc, Freshman Claudia Chestand, Junior David Chilcoat, Sophomore Mic hael Clang, Freshman Deborah Clark, freshman June Clark, Freshman Kerry Clemons, Junior Sunny Coffman, Sophomore Linda Colbert, Junior Rowena Colbert, Junior Marc Cole, Sophomore Rolx rl Cole, Freshman Cassie Coleman, Junior Eva Coleman, Junior Janie Coley, Junior Kevin Colwell, Freshman Susan Cook, Sophomore lee Cooper. Freshman Charles Copeland, Sophomore Lawrence Cotton. |r., freshman Carol Coursey, Junior Vicki Cowan, Junior lerri Cowperthwaite, Freshman Richard Cox, Freshman Cheryl Craig, Junior Natalie Crawford, Sophomore Martha Crocker, Sophomore Sharon Croley, Sophomore Jeannie Crosley, Junior 167Bruce Daniels, lunior Denise Daniels, lunior Karen Deniels, Sophomore |ohn Darnell, Freshman tarry Darler, Sophomore Bee ky Davis, Sophomore Debbie Davis, Sophomore Gayle Davis, Junior Marcia Davis, Sophomore Marianne Davis, Sophomore James Daves, Sophomore Penny Dawson, Junior Sieve DcGiusli, Junior Tommy Dell, Junior James Denlon, Junior Melodye Dershcm, freshman Anthony Dewberry, Freshman Edwina Dewitt, Sophomore Veda Dickinson, Sophomore Kelly Diet , freshman laDonna Dinkines, Sophomore Terry Doherty. Freshman Connie Dommert, Sophomore Bill Doray, Freshman Brenda Douglas, lunior Josephine Douglas. Freshman Jeanme Drake, Junior Tracey Dunn, Freshman Cindy Durbin, Sophomore Cindy Fdelen, Junior Gerald Idem, Sophomore Dana Annette Edgin, Sophomore Irene fdin. Junior Nathan Edmond, Sophomore Deborah Edwards, Junior Kathcryn Edwards, Junior mMichelle Edwards, Freshman Elizabeth Edwueme, lunior Sharon Emmons, freshman Connie Enoch, Sophomore Kerry Estes, lunior Monday Etiebet, Sophomore Debora Ezeobele, Freshman Chick Bryan Farha, Junior Craig Farrow, Junior F. Denise Farrow, Sophomore Stephanie Ferrell, Sophomore Kathy Figures, Freshman Frances f inncy. Sophomore Darlene Flanagan, Sophomore Robbin Folger, freshman Michael ford, lunior Sherry Ford, Junior Nita Foreman, freshman Tammye Foreman, Sophomore Teri forth. Junior Andre Francisco, Junior FJoward frankenfield. Sophomore Mike Frazier, Junior Katherine french. Freshman Louise Froese, Sophomore Sue F ry. Sophomore Thad Fuller, Freshman Nancy Fulton, Sophomore Lori Cadd, Sophomore Terri Jo Games, freshman Sherri Gallaspy, Sophomore Gilbert Garcia, Junior Priscila Garcia, Sophomore Renee Garner, Junior Diane Garrett, Freshman Joanne Garrett, Freshman 369Debra Gaston, Sophomore Felicia Gentry, Freshman Judy George, Junior Steve George, lunior Maria Gerah, Sophomore Roscann Gerah, F reshman Paul Gerfcn, Freshman {va Gholston, Sophomore Mark Glenn, F reshman Kristi Gloodl, lunior Anthony Glover, Freshman Marguerite Glover, Freshman lanelle Goforth, Sophomore I ynne Gollhofer, Sophomore luan Gonzalez, Junior Velois Goodlett, Freshman Delta Gouker, Sophomore linda Gray, lunior Lori Gray, Freshman Con y Grayson, Sophomore Kim Green, Junior Tammy Griffin, Freshman Peretha Grundy, Junior lohn Hamilton, Freshman Heidi Tiana Hammerly, Freshman Donna Ftancock, Sophomore Mardece Hankins, Sophomore Valerie Hanna, Freshman Mike Hardesty, lunior Veronica Harris, Freshman Melinda Hart, Freshman Fdwin Hatch, Sophomore Doug Ha ugh t. Freshman Sherry Haury, Sophomore Carol Hayes, Junior Julie Hays, Sophomore 370Brenda Haywood, Freshman Marilyn Heath, Junior |im Heggan, Sophomore Deborah Heltzel, lunior |im Henry, Junior Lisa Henson, Freshman Mike Heppler, Junior Donna Hermanson, Junior Michael Hester, Freshman Kent Hewett, Junior Dawn Higgins, Sophomore Anita Hilderbrand, Sophomore Glenda Hill, Freshman Reginald Hill, Junior Vicki Hillis, Sophomore Lee Hinsley, Sophomore Leslie Hise, Sophomore Amy Holcomb, Sophomore Candice Holland, Freshman Daryl Holland, Freshman Greg Holland, Sophomore Debbie Holloway, Junior Marianna Hooten, Sophomore Sharon Horn, lunior Ali Hosseini-Anvar, Freshman Eric Howard, Sophomore Barbara Howell, Freshman L. Robert Howerton, Junior Elaine Hrdy, Junior Shawn Hubble, Sophomore Jeanette Hufnagel, Junior Laurie Hulin, Freshman Kristie Hunter, Freshman Sherry Hunter, Sophomore Diana Hussey, Freshman Sheri Hux, FreshmanChristian Ihegboro, Junior Chad Imgrund, Sophomore lorri Inda, Freshman Rima Ingersoll Junior Linda Irwin Junior Allen Jackson, Sophomore Bruce Jackson, Freshman Eloise Jackson, Freshman Ruth Ann Jackson, Sophomore Vickie Jackson, Freshman Christopher Jacobs, Junior Wayne Jaggars, Freshman Lajeune James, Sophomore Debbie Jeffries, Freshman Roycea Jimerson, Junior Mary Jobe, Sophomore Mark John, Junior Denease Johnson, Sophomore Kathy Johnson, Freshman Priscilla Johnson, Junior Roger Johnson, Freshman Alicia Jones, Junior Amy Jones, Sophomore Charene Jones, Freshman Kathryn Jones, Freshman Kenny Jones, Sophomore laureen Jones, Junior Philip Jones, Junior Robert Jack Jones, Junior Jerry Kadavy, Junior Marsha Kannada, Freshman Jim Keating, Freshman Peggy Kemp, Sophomore Bruce Kemper, Junior Renee Kerr, Sophomore Michele Keyes, Junior Ray Keys, Junior Jeffrey Keyser, Junior Nja Y. Khorsand, Junior Pam Kinder, Sophomore Sharon Kinder, Freshman Kenneth King. Junior David Kinney, Junior Dena Kirby, Freshman Cindy Kirtley, Junior Annette Klein, Sophomore Steven Klein, Sophomore Linda Klemme, Sophomore Christine Klinglesmith, Freshman Ron Knight, Freshman Stella Knight, Sophomore David Knotts, Freshman Mary Knowlton, Junior Patricia Kratky, Junior Curtis Kretchmar, Sophomore Joan Krittcnbrink, Sophomore Becky Kuntz, Junior John Kurowski, Sophomore Jacqueline Lachance, Junior Lynda Ladner, Sophomore 372Faith I all mar. Sophomore Mary Lambert. Sophomore Linda Landrum, lunior Tommy Lang. Freshman Lester lanharn. Freshman Mathilde lanharn. Freshman Ajibola laosebikan, lunior Gina lash, lunior Caesar C. Latimer, |r„ Freshman Carey Lawrence, Sophomore I imothy Lawson, Freshman Kendra lay. Freshman Lou lay. Sophomore Michael lee, lunior Rickey Lemon, Junior I mda Leonard, Sophomore Kitten lewis. Freshman Robert lewis, lunior 373Andree ligons. Junior lorry Long, Junior Blanche Longoria, Freshman Zana Longwilh, Freshman Ten Belh Loveall, Freshman Cheryl Lovett, Junior Marilyn Lowe, Junior Gregory Lower, Junior Jaimie Lowry, Sophomore Eliezer I). Lugo, Sophomore Marchella LugrancJ, Freshman Harold Luter, |r.. Junior Janet Lynn, Junior Pamela Lyon, Freshman Thurman Mack, Freshman Tammy Malicoate, Sophomore Kevin Malone, Sophomore Clarissa Maloney, Junior Mica Maloney, Freshman Melba Manderscheid, Freshman Bill Mannen, Freshman lane Manners, Junior Charlotte Mansfield, Junior Angela Manship, Junior Bernadette Marinovich, Freshman Cathy Mark, Junior Dian Marshall, Sophomore Linda Martinez, Freshman Patty Mason, Freshman Lurene Matheson, Freshman Kristi Matter, Freshman Carey Matthews, Sophomore Sharon Maxwell, Sophomore Kevin Mayes, Freshman Scott Mayes, Freshman James Maynard, Freshman 374Calvin Mayo, Junior Ian Mazzolim, Junior Rick McClain, Junior J. R, McClanahan, Freshman Randal McCoy, Freshman Michael McCurtain, Sophomore John McDonald, Freshman Jody McElhaney, Freshman Juanila McCade. Sophomore Domni McClasson, Sophomore Dolores McGrocklin, Sophomore Brian McGuire, Freshman Janis McHenry, Junior Inell McIntyre, Freshman Janet Me Kanna, Sophomore Chris McMurry, Junior Howard McMurry, Junior Richard McNair, Freshman Garland McPherson, Junior Richard Me Pherson, Sophomore Cathy McWhorter, Sophomore Gary Mears, Freshman Margaret Melton, Junior Susan Mengel, Freshman Teresa Mercer, Sophomore Glendora Meyer. Junior Michael Meyer, Sophomore Brenda Miller, Freshman llene Miller, Sophomore Jan Miller, Sophomore Kathi Miller, Sophomore Linda Miller, Sophomore Sheryl Miller, Freshman Tonya Milliron, Freshman Greg Mills, Junior Carol Moffat, FreshmanPatricia Monday, Sophomore Shelley Moody, Freshman Aneesha Moore, lunior (ill Moore, lunior Karen Moore, freshman Rita Moore, lunior Bccki Morgan, Freshman Cheryl Morgan, Freshman Ann Morris, Freshman Sheri Morris, Freshman Candace Morse, Sophomore Gayle Morton, Sophomore Karren Morton, F reshman Cathy Moss, Junior Sonia Motsenbocker, Freshman Linda Murphy, Freshman lack Murray, Freshman Kim Murray, Freshman lames Myers. Freshman Kurt Myers, Sophomore Cindy Nelson, Freshman Sheryl Newlin, Freshman Melody Newton, Freshman Anh Hong Nguyen, Freshman Anh Thuy Nguyen, (unior Huong Thien Nguyen, Sophomore Khanh Nguyen, Sophomore Kim I ten Thi Nguyen, Sophomore Janet Nicks, Junior Dea Ann Norman, Sophomore Sandie Nowlin, Freshman Isaac Nwokogba. Sophomore EloiseOatis, Junior Benjamin Odom, Sophomore Eric Oesch, Freshman Benedict Okerengwo, Junior 376Nchor Bichene Okorn, Freshman Chiazam P. Okoye, freshman A. Onafuwa-Solanke, Freshman Anne Marie Ondak, Sophomore Tamala Opsahl, Freshman Kim Osborne. Freshman Holly Oslby, Freshman Darryl Owens, Sophomore Diana Owens, lunior Linda Owens, junior Adeleke Oyelade, lunior Laura Padden, Sophomore Lori Page, Sophomore Kandy Palmer, Freshman Donna Parker, Sophomore Loice Parker, Sophomore Judy Parks, Junior Clifford Parrett, Sophomore Kelvin Parrish, Freshman Laurie Parsons, Freshman K Parvin-fshghabad, Junior Constance Patmon, freshman Dianna Payton, Junior Dennis Peacock, Sophomore Byron Pearson, Sophomore Terri Peaster, freshman Jody Peeler, Freshman Laretah Pence, Sophomore Jamie Penner, Freshman Susan Penrod, Freshman Clarence Perkins, III, Freshman Lucia Perri, Sophomore Carla Peters, Freshman Pamela Peters, Freshman Tijwana Petty, Junior Anh Dao Pham, freshman 377Thuy Nga Thi Pham, junior I ra y Pharr, Sophomore Carol Phelan, Sophomore Lori Phillips, Freshman Anita Pickett, junior Shelley Pittman, junior Paula Plunk, junior Michael Ponder, junior I i ann Porter, Sophomore Veronica Posar, Freshman Janet Potter, Freshman lerri Preston, Freshman Benicc Pritchett, Freshman Karen Pruett, Freshman Marilyn Pruitt, Sophomore Danny Pursell, Freshman Paige Queen, Freshman Sean Quigley, Sophomore Philip Quinn, Sophomore lamara Rackley, Freshman Brenda Rahill, Junior Sheila Rainger, Freshman Gina Ramos, junior Mark Ramsey, Junior Robin Randolph, Freshman Sanni Rasheed, junior Bernieco Rasmussen, Freshman Leola Rather, Junior Anita Reaves, Freshman David Reed, junior Felicia Reed, Sophomore jana Reedy, Freshman Aria Reimer, Sophomore lames Renfro, Freshman Bernestine Rentie, Sophomore Sondra Rosier, Sophomore 378Tamara Rhames, Sophomore Melanie Rhoades, Sophomore Cherry Rice, freshman Cary Richmond, Sophomore Ricki Rickard, lunior Kalhy Rickey, Freshman Phillip Riddle, lunior Deborah Riggs, Sophomore Robyn Roach, Sophomore Darla Roark, Junior Carl Robbins, Sophomore Ronald Robbins, Sophomore Connie Roberts, Sophomore Mary Ann Roberts, Sophomore Paula Roberts, freshman Vicki Roberts, Junior Debra Robertson, Junior Chenetta Robinson, Freshman Shirley Robison, Sophomore Steve Robison, lunior Debbie Rock, Sophomore Wendy Rockhold, Sophomore Penny Rockwell, Sophomore Eddie Rothermel, Freshman Marsha Rowe, Sophomore lisa E. Rowland, Sophomore Mike Royce, Sophomore Thom Royce, Junior Lester Ruda, lunior Cindy Ruiz, Sophomore Carla Rupp, Freshman Susan Rush, Junior Karen Russell, Freshman Robert Russell, Sophomore Susan A. Sanders, Junior Rima Sarian, Sophomore 379Stephen Sauls, Junior Rendala Saulters, Sophomore Rhonda Savage, junior Kerri Schaefer, Sophomore Michelle Schaefer, junior MonteSchibbelhute, Freshman Marilyn Schiltz, Sophomore SharonSchillz, Freshman Nancy Schmidt, Junior Kelli Schwandt, Sophomore Denise Schwarz, Freshman Ronald Schwarz, Sophomore Steve Schweikhart, Freshman Pam Scoggins, Freshman Stephen Scoggins, Freshman Laura Scott, Freshman lames Seabrook, Freshman Kathleen Seikel, Freshman Bob Shahan, junior Catherine Shahgaldi, junior Bohaeddin Sheikholeslami, Sophomore Rusty Shelton, junior Cuyla Rae Shook, junior Michael Shuler, junior Dan Shuman, Freshman Julie Simmons, Sophomore Susan Simmons, Freshman Stephanie Simpson, Freshman Mark Singer, Junior Iva Slaughter, Freshman Brenda Smedley, lunior Alan Smiley, lunior Cherie Smiley, Sophomore Angela Smith, Freshman Elizabeth Smith, Sophomore Georgia Smith, junior lamce Smith, Freshman Mark Snapp, Freshman Scott Snapp, Sophomore Delane Sneed, Freshman jayne Snyder, junior joey Snyder, Junior Doloris Souders, Freshman Tami Sparkman, Freshman Bonnie Spivey, Junior William Spivey, Sophomore Pandora Sprowl, Freshman Mark Stafford, junior Dolores Stanfield, F reshman Lynn Staples, Sophomore Nathaniel Starks, Freshman Sandy Steinberg, Freshman Charlene Stephens, lunior Bali R Sterrett, lunior Chocolate Stevenson, lunior |ohn Stewart, junior Susan Stewart, Sophomore Dennis Stokes, Freshman Cmdy Stone, lunior Ronald Stone, luniorVickie Stone, Sophomore Ann Stooksberry, Sophomore Michael Stripling, Sophomore Kathy Stroup, Sophomore Kathy Stubbs, Freshman Debbie Sullivan, Sophomore Lesylee Sullivan, Freshman Karen Summers, Sophomore Regina Sutterfield, Freshman Doris Swiger, Sophomore John Sykes, Junior Leonard lampkins. Sophomore Paul Tarleton, Junior Ned Tarrant,Sophomore Linda Tate,Sophomore Don Taylor, Freshman Robin Taylor, Sophomore Kathy Teague, Freshman 381Larry Terry, Freshman Pairicia Thomas, freshman Gail Thompson, Freshman Nancy Thompson, Freshman Shirley Thornbrue. Freshman Jacqueline Thornton, Sophomore Glyna Tipson, Sophomore Brenda Tittsworth, Freshman William Tomlin, Junior Barbara Toumbs, Freshman Thu Tran Junior Dlese Travis, Junior Sherie Trice, Sophomore David Trosper, Sophomore Randy Tucker, Junior Brenda Tyson, Sophomore Barbara Uldrich, Junior Brenda Underwood, Junior lennifer Underwood, F reshman I enore Underwood, Sophomore Peter Uto, lunior Catheryn Varlen, Freshman Wesley Vallance, Freshman Carolyn Vanarsdel, lunior Venita Vasey, Freshman Susan Vaughn, Freshman Ipek Vcucu, Freshman Terry Vierling, Freshman Mike Wakely, Junior Dianna Walker, Junior Faye Walker, Freshman lames Walker, Sophomore Katherine Walker, Sophomore Laura Wall, Junior Kathy Ward, Junior Kendal Ward, Freshman 82 Carlise Washington, Junior Christi Wathor, Junior lavon Watkins, Sophomore Patricia Watson, Junior Jana Watts, Freshman Kick Weir, Junior Mary Wells, freshman Linda Kay West, Freshman lisa Wheat, Freshman Evan Wheeler, Junior Jon Wheeler, Freshman Kevin Whitaker, Junior Colleen White, Sophomore Kevin White, Junior Steven White, Sophomore Terri Whitesell, Freshman Shari Whitt, Freshman Darlene Whittaker, Sophomore Rita Wiggs, Freshman Cheryl Wilkerson, Junior Andrea Williams, Sophomore Anthony Williams, Junior Shelly Williamson, Sophomore I aurie Willis, Freshman Jeanie Winn, Sophomore Sammy Winn, Junior David Winterscheidt, Freshman lames Witmer, Freshman Charles Witty, Junior Danny Wood, Junior Debra Wood, Junior Donna Woods, freshman James Woods, Sophomore Pauls Woods, Sophomore Gerald Woodson, Junior Elaine Woolever, Freshman 383Debra WooUon, Junior Don Young, Freshman Lary Young, Junior Mark Young, Junior Darrell Marshall, Freshman Kathryn Simpson, Freshman 384Debra Wootton, junior Don Young, Freshman Lary Young, Iunior Mark Young, Iunior Darrell Marshail, Freshman Kathryn Simpson, Freshman it? Q' Q? I it t gg Y ' .uf W3-i 1: X sh 5 ' s A 'x W S -f ', 'f'f 'P 1 ir f ' V Sify ,7 W, .M . p f :r uns-le? '.1f?"5 S, .-.ab sg' .F T' +051-..' VI ,A L' f 5 Q if 1 I i H' 'HH .J - ,af if Index Photo by Dan Smith A AW f'f J, i.- is Q ,rl f' fx. iww Mw M 1 5 If , 4' mi 1 -s 2, ORGANIZA- TIONS OMIA l 191 Old North Belles FB Omega Psi Phi 115 Orchesis 194. 195 PEMM Club 145 Panhellenic 1 18, 119, 120 Phi Beta lambda 189 Phi Eta Sigma 142 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 192, 193 Pi Omega Pi 177 Presidents Club 132,133 Psi Chi 175 llO1C 210-219 Resident Hall Assistance 129 SCEC 170. 171 SEA 144 Sigma Alpha HA Eta 168, 169 Sigma Alpha Iota 15 Sigma Delta Chi 113,101 Sigma Della Pi 143 Sigma Kappa 107. Itl. 109 Sigma Phi Sigma 172,173 Siem: Sigma Sigma 112,111 Sigma 1au Gamma 104, 105, Ill: Stage Band 205 Student Senate 122, 123,124 Symphony 204 1au Kappa Epsilon 110, 111 Tiaras 136, 137 1unesmiths 199 Iwirlers 206 UCA8 158, 159 University Choir 197 Vista 184, 185 West Hall 130,131 Womert's Glee Club ll! Woodwind Quintet N5 Young Democrats 179 ORGANIZA- TIONS AWS 126, 127 Acacia ll. 81, 82 Accounting Club 156,157 Atro-American Student Union 121 Alpha Beta Alpha 125 Alpha Chi 140, 141 Alpha Delta Sigma 182,183 Alggua Gamma Delta 83, B4, Alpha Kappa Alpha 86, 87,88 Alpha lambda Delta 138, 139 Alpha Phi Alpha 92, 93 Alpha Tau Omega 89, 'll, 91 American Chemical Society 160, 161 And Company 187 BSU 164,165 Cheerleaders 207 Chi Alpha 162,163 Concert Band 203 DECA 148, 149 DPMA 154, 155 Delta Sigma Theta 97 Delta Zeta 94, 95, 96 Ebony Choir 187 tast Hall 130 Faculty Senate Ztll. 209 first Americans Club 146, 147 flag Girls Ztls french Club 15 Health 6 Sciences Club 174 High School-College Relations Board 128 Home Economics Club 178 Inter-fraternity Council 116, 117 Kappa Alpha Psi 101,1lT2, 103 Kappa Delta ri iss, 167 Kappa Sigma W, 99, Iw Kaleidoscope N1 MINC IW Management Association 1 52, 1 53 Marching Band 202 Marketing Association 150, 151 Men's Glee Club Ill! Mortar Board 134, 135 Nursing Club 176 Nigerian Student Union 188 STAFF, FACULTY, AND GUESTS. A Adams, lo Ann 331 Alcorn, Alvin N2 Alseman, Peggy 320 Alcorn, Kathryn 29, 331 Aldrich, Dr. Gene 339 Allee, Bob D4 Allen. Bob 167 Allen, Keith 134 Altstatt. lynne 213, 31B Alsworth, Frances Ztll, 343 Altalter, Dr. Clara 166, 334 Anaman, Barbara 307 Andrew, David 314 Andrew, Michael 162 Andrews, Betty 320 Annis, laclm 304 Appleby, Grace 320 Armstrong, Dean Wilma 113,117, 120,123,127, 24 Amold, louisa 344 Atchley, Kathy 317 Aubrey, Robert 197, 335 Ausmus, Dr. Manin 334 Avant, Brad 235, 237, 345 Avellano, Dr. George 326 B Babbitt, Mildred 94 Bahr, Ed 192 Bachi, Michael 331 Bachi, Naomi 312 Balmer, freddie 316 Balmer, Dr. lames 337 Balman, Dr. Gail 313 Banker, Perry 312 Barnett, Dolores 3U Barry, Carol 318 Barton, Avanelle 320 Baucom, laVerne 309 Baxter, Francis 345, 256 Beasley, Raymond 340 Beasley, Dr. Stewart 330 Beaver, laura 316 Beavers, Dr. louen 325 Beckham, Dr. loe 346 Beeson, laclm Ill: Bellmon, Sen. Henry 301 Bennett, Graham 317 Berger, Elilabeth 333 Biby, lerry Ztll, IU Billen, Dorothy 320 Black, Ann 313 Black, Dr. Kathleen 345 Bleakley, lrnest 338 Blout, Dr. Gilbert 205 Boland, lillian 332 Bond, laferne 305 Bond, Mary 319 Boren, Sen. David 179 Bottger, Dr. loan 215, 345 Bowen, lohn 346 Bradford, W. R. N4 Bradley, Gail E Brealeale, Carl 346 Bristow, Donald 209, 336 Broadnax, Sgt. toe 210. 347 Brooks, Evelyn 316 Brothers, Dr. lohn 311 Brown, Dr. Bob 3B Brown, Harriet 334 Bruce, Dr. lon 304 Bryan, Dr. Alvin 157, 325 Bryant. Celia Mae 191 Bucliallew, Fritz 318 Butler, Dr. lohn 326 C Cage, lohn 2tH, 344 Caldwell, Sheryl 330 Callaway. Helen 174, 342 Camblin, Beth 314 Campbell, Ierry 27 Campbell, William 337 Carlin, Gordon 326 Carlson, Glenda 319 Carlson, H. A. 134 Carlson, lucille 326 Carlstone, Dr. 0. S. 341 Cartmill, Vivian 320 Catlett. or. ny 1aa, 209, 330 Chance. Dr. David 311 Chandler, Morrisine 334 Chapel, Nimrod 315 Chen, Dr. lin 340 Chemiclsy. Karen 311 Clarli, Dr. Cavannah 329 Clark, Dr. Howard 326, 150, 1 51 Coby. Sr. Malcom 121, 170, 327 Cochran. Dr. Gene 168, 327 Coltee, Carolyn 306 Coffman, Dr. Moody 341 Coffman, Viclsey 3113 C0ll0f, Dr. Homer 243, 345 Collins, Dr. Ed 170, 171, 139, 327 Collins, Marianne 311 Connelly. Shirley 344 Cooper, Cynthia 97 Cottle. Metha 323, 399 Cottle. Russell 315 Cravens. Carroll 325 Crockett, Dharleme 205 Cross, Dorothy 331 Crozier, Dr. leroy 339 Cnrm. Richard 336 Curl, Kenneth 344,172,173 Curtis, Ron 318 D Davis, Dr. Max 321, 336 DeMand, Bill 321 Detweiler. Doris 319 Dever, William 339 Dilartolo. Edith 335 Dickey, Clara 319 - Dillon, Dr. Robert 111, 335 Douglas, Dr. Charles 32B Dowd, Karen tcoachl 276. 345, 291, R3 Downing, Dr. Carl 329, 146 Drennon, Betty 319 Duffy. Dr. Donald 334 Duke. Douglas 336 Duncan. Dr. Ben 328 Duncan. Dr. Hall 331 Dungam, Pete 315 Dunlap, E. I. 304 Dunlap, Ioanne 310 Dunn, Chiel lim 315 .E Edinger, Margaret 136 Edison, Eliaabeth 320 Eaton, Dr. Marina 333 Ebeling, Dr. Harry 334 Edwards, frank 326 Elliott, Dr. Mary 324 ElIis, W. M. 317 Elsner, Dr. Kenneth 311 Engel, Capt. William 210, 347 Evans, Eddie 138, 241, 345, 249 Ewing, Ruby 343, 125 F Fant, Richard 315 Earris, Elizabeth 335 Farris, Dr. Howard 328 Faulkner, Vicki 314 Faulkner, Zelma 325 Eields, Robert 116, 275, 271 Finney, Dr. frank 331 fisher, Dr. Bill 305 Eisher, Dr. leslie 304 Eisher, Mary Alice 343 Fister, Nelda 344 fitxgerald, Donald 341 ford, Iom 340 Eorshee, Ruthie 319 fortenberry, Dr. Ed 152, 326 foster. Irene 316 foster, Dr. larry 324 Fox, Wanda 317 fredericltson, Dr. William 311 freeman, Nelda 346 freeman, Rhonda 15 Freiberger, Lillian 313 Frosch, Dr. Dorothy 342 Erow, Dr. Frank 174 fullgraf, Herman 20, 337 C Gaddis, Woody 323, 336 Gatlney, Dr. Doreatha 343 Gardner. Dr. Clarence 335 Gardner, Dr. Barbara 355 Garrison, Dr. David 344, 173 Garwin, Ruth 333 Gary, loe F. 304 George, Dr. Iohn 339 Gilliland. Darrell 311 Gilliland, Dr. lonnie lr. 346 Goggin. lt. f. 162 Goodman, Sue Ann 340 Green, Dr. Don 213, 337 Grice, Debbie 311 Grittin, Eddie 345 Grittin, Norma 320 Groves, Bobbie 113 Grow. Dr. Engel 329 Guinn, Donna 313 Guthie, Peggy 424 H Haberstroh, Dr. lack 183, 182, 336 Hall, Dennie 181, 184, 336 Hall, Rubye 304 Hall-Williams, Dr. Wynona 209, 324, 186 Hamilton, Dr. Margaret 342 Hancock, Marie 302 Hankey, Dr. Sam 340 Hardesly, Shirle 209, 318 Hardisty, Clyde 31 3 Harper, Dana 316 Harris, Marilyn 332 Harrison, Dr. Ferry 342 Hart, Dr. David 174, 340 Hauser, Mildred 319 Hauser, William 310 Hawkins, Donna 325 Hawkins, Tom 338 Headington, Catherine 209, 334 Heard, larry tAsst. Coachj 235, 236, 237, 345 Helberg, Dr. Donald 144, 218, 29 Hellstern, Gene 2111, 332, 337 Heltcel, Roberta 319 Hembree, Dr. Charles 334 Henderson, Dr. Mary Ann 329 Henderson, Dr. Upton 338 Hensley, Suzy 315 Henthom, Dr. Barbara 344 Henton, Dorothy 1B Hernandez, lieut. Col. Victor 210, 211, 347 Hervey, Patricia 327 Hicks, Dr. lee 336 Hill, Dr. lerry 329 Hiland. Mary 320 Hildred. Dr. William 338 .om Hill, Ed 318 Hines. Donald 209, 332 Hobelman, Dan 307 Hocker, Dr. Reginald 342 Hoig, Dr. Stan 323, 336, 35 Holloway, Iva Mae 319 Holmes, Dr. Ann 301 Holmes, Ruth 304 Homutf, Dr. lothar Horton, Dr. Terry 329 Howard, Cary tCoach1 135, 236, 345, 223 Huddleston, Claudia 313 Huggins, leta 320 Hunt, Bobby 345, 260, 263, 262 Hurd, Shirley 344 Hutchinson, Dr. lohn 325 Hyde, Dean E. 331 Hyde, Travis 324 Ingram, Ada 318 ' Irving, Dr. lewis 333 Isaac, Dr. Margaret 167, 320 Ivey, Dr. lillian 168, 327 Iaramillo, Melba 307 lelterson, lindy 13 lohmson, Charles 119 Iohnson,Dr. William 333 Iones, lca 15 Iones, Dr. Randall 339 K Kamm, Dr. Robert 26 Keneda, Robert 317 Kennard, Annabelle 116 Kessinger, lee 307 Kiang, Dr. frank 338 Kidwell, Dr. Kent 202, 335 King, Dr. lohn 160, 209, 341 King, Virginia 29, 331 Kinzer, Dr. loe 328 Kirby, Paul 341 Klemme, Dorothy 320 Knight, Dr. lohn 330 Knox, Connie 13 Knox, Vera 320 lamb, Dr. Virginia 343 land, Dean Deanna 118, 128, 122, 123, 115 Landrum, David 326 leckie, l. C. 335 lee, Dr. Melvin 202, 335 Lehman, Dr. Paul 334 leonard, Sandra 340 lerma, lohn 117 leslie, Norma 344 lewis, Dina 302 lillard, Dr. Bill II1, 132 lipp, Dr. Kathleen 343 livermore, Ed 114 loman, laVerne 340 london, Phyllis 324 twmis, Maj. Roelitf 210. 217, 347 lucas, Reba 305 luidens, Dr. lohn 337 lute, Susie 307 luxenburg, Dr. lohn 333 lynch, Anne 332 Lyon, Dr. Mildred 333 M Mclride, Dr. Gene 333 McCallum, Dr. William 330 McCoIlough, E. I. 324 McCawIey, Clemma 318 McCoy, lanice 324 McCord, Vikki 36 McCray, Sr. Eloise 332 McGinnis, Dr. Patrick 337 McGinnis, Ray 117 McGiven, lohn 235, 236, 237 McGrath. Karen 327 McGregor, Dr. Mariuorie 336 Mack, Sr. fred 328 Mclemore, lindall 315 Mcfhail, Dr. Gene 311 Mack, Dorothey JM Mackie. 8ert 114 Q Mandagere, Dr. Suhr 333 Monaharon, Maithreyi U7 Marotte, Dr. Dorothy 345 Martin, Charlsie 320 Martin, Steve 320 Mason, Dorothy 309 Mason, Esther 320 Matthews, linda 313 Matthews, Mozelle 316 Maxwell, Dr. Colene 189, 325 Meade, Sherly 307 Melton, Mary 15 Mengel ll, Dr. Ralpi 326 Mercer, larry 117 Merril, Sue 318 Miller, Barbara 320 Miller, Norma 331 Mills, Dr. Dorothy 334 Mille, lames 114 Ming, Sr. Charles 324, 37.5 Mithchell, Dr. Richard 112 Mitchell, William 312 Montgomery, Wands 311 gpufrock, fume, 335 Walker, Bobbie 310 Morgan, C. I. 304 Morgan, Dr. larry 344' Morgan, Ruby 311 Morishige, Teruo 341 Morris, Cecillia 318 Moseley, Stanley 315 Motesnbocker, Sfc. Bobbu 210, 347 Mulcahy, Dr. George 334 Mullins, Dr. Oale 327 Munn, Helen 305 Munsey, Bill 175 Murdouc, Charles 314, 345 Murray, I. W. 31 Myers, Dr. Cheryl 343 Myers, Dr. Gertrude 345 N Navarre, loyce 313 Nelson, Dolores 319 Nelson, Dr. Mary lane 209 Newman, Dr. Earl 167, 328 Nigh, Gov. George 27, 114 Nimms, Kay 316 ' Nolop, Margaret 338 Norman, Barbara 336 Northington, Sandy 307 O 0'Donohoe, Stefani N9 Olbert, Francis 340 Oliver, Edna 306 Orbison, Scott 304 Orton, Zelma 320 Orza, Dr: Vincent Osborn, Dr. lohn 337 0sg8od, Dr. Emmett 346 Owens, Dr. Glenda 209, 340 Paddack, Dr. Ronald 312, 334 Pitts, Willard 322 Pledger, Gerald 315 Poe, Edith 329 Pokorny, lan 191, 335 Pblhemus, David 317 Polk, Ianie 310 Porter, Hale 173 Powell, lean 316 Puflinbarger, Dr. loy 209, 340 . PurdY, lohn 319 Quickie, Ethel 209, 332 R Radar, Dr. Katherine 213, 334 Radke, Dr. William 342 Rairdon, Candy 210, 347 Ralph, Dr. Bobbie 335 Ralston, Wendel 335 Randolph, Evelyn 325 Ray, Dorothea 319 Reed, Monty 323 Reherman, Carl 339 Reinhold, Dale 332 Reirdon, Dorsey 345, 264, 27.3 Rettke, linda 301 Reynolds, lean 320 Rice, Dr. Earl 340 Rice, Dr. loree 334 Rice, Dr. Odus 209, 303 Richardson, Dr. Verlin 341, 161 Richmond, Dr. Charles 328 Riddle, Philip 315 Roach, Paul 326 Roberson, Dr. Iere 121, 337, 115 Roberts, Roberts, Roberts Roberts, Dr. Bette 329 Teresa 308 . Birginia 320 Dr. William 103, 325 Park, lerry 166 Park, loe 322 Parker, Carol 345 Parker, Dr. Clarence 333, 115 Parker Parker Denise 324 Parker, , Hank 309 , William 333 Patten, lohn 304 Patterson, loy 327 Patton, Dr. Lucille 149, 343 Perez, Sgm, Ramon 210, 347 Perkins, Audie 314 Perry, Dr. Iames 324 Pei-sing, Dr. Bobbye 208, 324 Peters, Andrew 318 Peters, Dr. Richard 337 Peters, Dr. Virginia 288 Peterburs, linda 306 Peterson, Royce 337 Petty, Dr. Edgar 2lll, 329 Pharis, Betty 336 Phillips, Ann 333 Phillips, Dr. Emmett 334 Pickard, lohn 332 Picknell, Slc. William 210, 347 Pinkston, Gerry 378, 279, 345 Pinto, Dr. Iames 338 Robinson, Arthur 316 Rogers, lim 209, 338 Rote, lim 338 Rotzinger, Wanda 346 Royce, lo 319 Russell, Dr. Gerne 329 Russell, Karen 314 Russell, Dr. Norman 313 Russell, Dr. Sheldon 329 Rutherford, Dr. Shelley 334 Ryan, Dr. Barbara 311 Ryan, Dean Dudley 117, 123, 305 Rylander, Carolyn 318 S Saunders, Dr. Marie 208 Schaefer, Mavis 344 Schibbelhute, Koveta 322 Schneider, Dr. lrmgard 333 Scott, Elizabeth 209, 343 Scott, lerry 324 Shane, Dr. Don 327 Shanks, Ann 345, 201 Sharp, Wilma IIB Shaw, Margaret 329 Shellenberger, Dr. Elrnei 326 Shotts, Ron 27 Simmons, franklin 331 Simpson, Keith 307 Sims, Marlienne 324 Sisson, Dr. lack 335 Slabotsky, Pat 306 Smith, Betty 312, 146 Smith, Bobbie 320 Smith, Dr. Claire 324 Smith, Dr. Coleman 335, 192 Smith, Dr. Gralerald N9, 325 Smith, Iames 315 Smith, lennieve 308 Smith, Dr. loren 346 Smith, M. D. 311 Smith, Neta 305 Smith, Dr. Terrill Smith, Dr. Warren Sooter, Mark tAsst. Coachl 238, 239, 241 Sosbee, Sonya 339 Spearman, C. H. 179 Speed, lerry 209, 313 Speiser, Phyllis 300 Sprung, Dr. Douglas 329 Stayton, Winifred 166,167 Stephens, Frances 329 Steward, Eeodora 335 Stewart, Iames 334 Stokes, Diana 311 Strong, Dr. Roger 204, 335 Strolllb lohn 338 Stumbaugh, Dr. Charles 209, 325 Sumner, Carol 307 Sutton, Birginia 320 Swearingen, Dr. Eugene 304 T Teel, Dr. lerry 208, 327 Thomas. Harold 326 Thomas, Iames 304 Thompson, Helen 316 Thompson, Rita 332 Thrash, Dr. limmie 328 Tisserand, Dr. Charles 334 Trent, leslie 306 Trout, Dr. Verdine 341 Troxel, Imogene 318 Tuepker, lan 327 Tassin, Dr. Ray 181, 336 Tavares, Ben 315 Taylor, Glenna 316 V Van Osdol, Dr. William 327 Vandever, Carl 339 Vassaur, Cpt. Tommy 210, 347 Vaught, Russell 304 Voss, Wanda 303 W Wagnon, lohn 235, 345, 268, 273 Wallo, William 331 Walther, Dr. lulia 331 Ward, loe 309, 337 Warren, Dr. Clifton 332 Warren, Gwynne 334 Warren, Sharon 310 Waterman, Dr. Darwin 209, 327 Watson. Allen 342 Watson. Phil 26 Weatherford, Dr. l. W. 328 Webb, Dr. David 213, 337 Webster, lesse 335 Wedel, Dr. Mack 328 Wert, Dr. Erank 338 Wert. lynette 332 Westerman, Dr. lohn 163, 328 Westmoreland, Dr. larry 341 Whipple, Dr. C. M. 330 Willard, Tom 317 Williams, Ann 318 Williams, David 319 Williams, larry 310 Wilson, Beulah 316 Wilson, Wanda 328 Wiseman, Iulie 307 Wishon, Tony 346 Wright, lon 310 Woodberry, Regina 334 Wooldridge, C. E. 152, 326 Wyalie, Carol 316 Y Varger, Charles 341 Yates, Dr. Iames 209, 340 Young, Arlone 316 Youngblood, lla Dell 322 Younkers, Dr. Donna 136, 137, 328 STUDENTS A Abercrombie, lanet 196, 197, 187 Abemathy, Teresa 365,170 Abler. lenny 365, 202 Abner, Paul 64. 117, 89 Abolghassem, Badie 351 Adair, Pam 365, 21, 25, 84, 126, 51 Adams, Karen 365, 197 Adams, larrie 365 Adcock, Niki 365 Adebayo, Omololu Adeshi, Paul Vgabi 351 Adetoro, Chris 355,188 Adkins 212, 291 Ahmed, Saleh 351 Ahsan, Mohammed 351 Aiayi, Victoria 351 Akande, Ismail 365 Akufo, Edward 355 Akufo, Richard 355 Alayande, los Segun 365 Albasi, Christine 64 Alberty, Reginald 365, 212 Aldric Ald ric h, Patty 212' h, Sarah 365 Alexander, Patricia 365, 196, 204, 187 Alexander, Susan 156, 157 Allred, Darrell 115 Allem Allen, Allen, Allen, en, Melodie 355 Charity 365, 197, 200 Curtis 212 Kathy 9a,1r,4, 191,91, Ztll, 94 Allen, Melinda 291, 281 Allerl, lori 291 Allred, lori 297, 355 Allsbrook, Peggy 169 Allton, Steve 268 Alshari, Ali 154 Alsup, Bryan 365 Amar, lason 365 Amays, lisa 95, 94 Aminian, Ali 365 Arrnond, Bill 187 Anderberg. ludy 351 Anderson, Bobbie 145, 279, 296, 297, 282 Anderson, Charles 365 D 1 Anderson, Danny 365, 202 Anderson, Gloria 365 Anderson, Kay 289, 288, 284, 285 Anderson, Martha 163, 365 Anderson, Michael 163 Anderson, Yam 365, 107 Anderson, Sherwood 262 Anderson, Sharon 365 Anderson, Terry 238, 243, 247, 248, 249 Andrew, Michael 162 Aniebok, Essien 365 Anglin, Michael 262 Armstrong, Matt 235, 264 Armstrong, Warren 198, 201 187 Arnold, lohn 321 Arnold, Tom 110 Arnold, William 64, 211, 212, 347 I Ashby, laurie 201, 365, 128, 94 Ashley, Victor 355 Assemi, Voussef Ill: Astley, Barbera 355 Aston, Carol 195 Atchley, Deborah 355 Atuaka, loseph 365, 188 Autry, Stacey 365, 31, 33, 38, 39, 52 Avery, Steve 123 Avington, Regina 365, 212 Ayeni, Godwin 365 Azumah, Iheophilus 355 B Bac kus, Kathy 202, 204 Baggett, lori 365 Bailey, lanis 84 Baker, Deirdre 365 Baker, lames 235 Baker, Karen 204 Baker, Kim 365, 164 Baker, Richard B9 Baldridge, Mike 365 Baldwin, Mike 365, 235, 261, 262 Bales, Soolie 64,113,112 Ballard, Clarence 238, 239, 245 Ballard, linda 355 Ballinger, Bill 192, 193, 198, 199 Ballinger, Christi 365 Ballinger, William 365, 202 Banks, Brenda 292, 291 Banta, Kathryn 186 Baoutwell, Paul 163 Barber, Becky 84, 82 Barren, Debra 194 Barker, Karen 202 Barker, Sherilynn 204 Barnhart, Dena 365, 285, 284 Barnes, Al 173 Barnes, Shelley 125 Barnes, lerri 112,113,114, 181, 143 Barns, Bonnie 173 Barr, Robin 200 Barrett, Diane 365, 15, 107 Barrett, E. O. 202 Barrett, lody 289 Barrett, louraine 94 Barrington, David 212, 216 Barritt, lody 281 Barrow, lames 355 Bartlett, Bonnie 355, 196 Barton, Shelley 365 Basinger, Kenny 235 Bassett, Donald 355, 104, 105 Batary, Scott 365 Batekoe, Chansom 212 Baxter, Cathy B4 Baxter, Scott 186 Beasley, Marci 202, 206 Beatty, Bruce 202 Beaver, Richie 355 Beck, laura 282 Beckett, Nita 291 Beeler, Donnie 261, 262 Beeler, Daryl 262 Beery, Marilyn 189 Beesley, Nance 296, 297 Beighle, leff 261, 262 Bell, Mark 98 Bell, Sandra Whitaker 65 Bell, Tom 365, 199 Bell, Tommy 368 Bellows, loney 235 Benda, Cathy 365 Bender, Iennie 144 Benne, Carl 98 Bennett, Donna 365 Bennings, lynn 173 Benthall, C indi 355 Bentle, Barbara 138, 139 Berdine, Rod 92 Berggman, Byrne 256, 259 Bergmann, lisa 365 Bergstrasser, lori 94 Berry, Kelvin 212,173 Berry, Marshetta 97 Berry, Sara 97 Berryman, Charlotte 65, 174 Berryman, loy 365 Bertwell, Ieresa 365 Best, Danny 98 Bible, Charles 92, 211, 217, 219 Bichene, Bassey 188 Biby, lori 159, 94 Biddle, Maureen 212 Biering, Bailey 117, 98 Bichene, 0. Bassey 365 Bickford, Dianna 365, 2111 Biddle, Maureen 212 BigBow, Woody 264 Bignel, Mark 98 Bilyeu, Andy 261, 262 Bird, Marty 80 Bishop, Debbie 65, 96, 154, 158, 94, 61, 60 Bishop, Mark 365 Bisong, Anthony 188 Bisong, Raphael 365 Black, luke 212 Black, Samantha 212 Black, Steve 365 Black. Sue 365, 159 Blades, Clarence 129 Blaess, Ann 204 Blanchard, Chatha 151 Blanchard, Rick 157 Blankenship, Dawn 212 Boord, luanda 184 Boren, Gayle 365 Borland, Scott 262 Bourassa, Doug 192, 204 Boutwell, Paul 163, 191, 197 Bowen, Horace 355 Bowens, Barbara 297, 289 Bowers, Vesta 355 Bowles, Deborah 365 Bowling, Linda 186 Bowman, Viola 204 Bowlware, Steve 365 Boyce, Cindy 365 Boyd, Andy 187 Boyer, Susan 96, 94 Bowie, loe 110 Box, Phil 164 Brace, ld 146 Brackett, Teree 291, 292 Bracksieck, Donna 145, 82 Bradford, Cindy 365 Bradford, Delaine 365 Bradley, lean 366 - Bradley, Ranae 366 Bradley, Ronald 355 Bradshaw, Steve 366 Bradshaw, Virgil 366 an-um, lames 230, 233, 235 f""Y- lY"""" 212 Bloufas, Dionysios 355 Block, Pat 169 Block, Sue 106 Blumenthal, Karlyn 207 Boehm, Phyllis 186 Boggs, leresa 365 Bohanan, Rene 355 Boldien, limmie 173 Bond, Karen 194 Bondy, Betty 365 1 Brasher, David W Brasiosky, laVanche 366 Bratton, Robbie B9 Bray, Mary 355 Brent, Carlisa 355 Brevard, Robin 366 Brewer, Brenda 366 Brewer, Carolyne 366 Brewer, Rick 192, 1W Bridgforth, Monte 202 Briscoe, lames 190, 202 Brock, Krinna 195 Brockett, Teree 201 Brooks, Kay Frances 204 Brooks, leona 366, 162 Brooks, Theresa 355, 190, 15, 202, 114, 205 Bross, Rex 183 Broughton, Stacy 295 Brown, Ann 366 Brown, Anthony 212 Brown, CeCe 194 Brown, David 366 Brown, Dee lloyd 355 Brown, lames 366 Brown, Kay 367 Brown, linda 169 Brown, Susie 95, 132, 94 Brown, Sylvia 212, 215 Brown, Ieri 367' Brown, Wilfred I7 Bruce, lohn 355 Bruce, ludy 351 Brumley, Roger 355, 164 Bucy, Cynthia 367, 202 Buehner, left 323 Buelow, Debbie 173 Buftington, Vickie 176 Buggs, Clarence 238 Buntyn, Keri Ill! Burchett, lim 235 Burke, lerri 355, 163 Burks, Gary 129, 187 Burns, Kenneth 187 Burling. Glen 355 Burnett, Deborah 367 Burnett, larry 100 Burnett, Pam 367 Burnett, Shirley 367 Burns, lohn 164 Burns, Kevin 164 Burns, Robert 367 Bush, Cyndi 197 Butler, Cynthia 121 Butler, Kathie 367 Butler, Scott 80 Buttry, Kathy 367 Butts, Connie 135, 65, 134 Byler, Ronald 36, 197, 202, 212 Q Bynum, lammy 367, 137 Byrd, Many 117,355,151 Byrd, lackie 367 C Caddy, lorraine 367 Cain, Cremona 367 Cain, Keith 367 Cain, Kevin 367 Caldwell, Chris 367, 287, 285, 284 Caine, Tammy 367 Calhoun, Cindy 170 Calkins, Ken 30, 31, 33 Campbell, Cindy 355 Campbell, lames 202 Campbell, loseph 355 Campbell, Scott 268 Campbell, Steven 202 Campbell, lim 355, 167 Cannard, Mary 181 Cannon, Catherine 31, 33 Cannon, David 321, Itll Carinder, loy M, 289 Carlin, Bettye 367 Carney, Rita 367, 187 Carolina, Connie 21, 87, 53 Carpenter, Carleton 212 Carro, Adys 163 Carroll, lames 142 Carroll, left 142 Carroll, lisa 367 Carson, Mary 367 Carter, Craig 229, 235 Casey, Zane 367 Cassell, Billy 202 Cassell, Neal 355 Castillo, Susan 355 Castle, Deborrah B4 Castleberry, Shelly 367 Castoria, laura 282 Caswell, Clint 367 Cates, Stan 367 Cather, Donald 312, 212 Caniness, Kelly 202 Cawe, Tammy 367 Celestine, Terri 367 Chamberlain, William 355 Chambers, Steven 355 Chaney, Rod 253 Chao, Kung-shih 351 Chappell, linda 355, 170, 107 Chartney, Brenda 257 ' Chartney, Gay lynn 91, 107 Chartney, Mark Q Chatman Clifford 211, 232, 235, 236 Chavez, Tim 57 Dlvslvfflr. Teffv 164 ourm, Shelly 212 Chidomere, Rowland 355 Cheakle, Coral 367 Chestand, Claudia 367,187 Chidomere, Rowland 188 Chilcoat, David 367, 271 Chilcoat, Glenn 355 Christianson, Benny 89, 96 Christianson, Danny 182 Ciskowski, Mike 67 Clang, Michael 367 Clark, Deborah 367 Clark, lanell 355 Clark, lay 355, 182 Clark, Iune 367 Clark, Robert 110 Clark, Wesley 238, 241, 242, 243, 245, 246, 247, 248 Clemons, Kerry 367 Cline, Mary Beth 291 Cloud, linda 100 Cloud, Phillip 355 Cloud, Richard 98 Cloud, Kick 113, 212,114 Clure, leanne 138,139 Cobb. Dennis 231, 232, 235 Cochenour, David 10 Coe, Cindy 136,137,178 Coffield, Cynthia 31 Coftman, Sharon 204 Coffman, Steve 174 Coffman, Sunny 367 Coker, Donna 63 Colbert, linda 367 Colbert, Rowena 367, 131, 97 Cole, Bobby 268 Cole, Marc 367 Cole, Robert 367 Coleman, Cassie 367 Coleman, Eva 367 Coley, lanie 367 Collins, Cathey 91, 94 Colwell, Kevin 367 Compton. Grover 264 Conde, Miriam 351 Condry, Kirk 235, 237 Cunningham, Cynthia 356 Cook, Dean 356,181,186 Cook, Melody 197, 1N,199 Cook, Susan 367 Cooper, Cynthia 97 Cooper, lee 367,187 Copeland, Charles 367 Cordell, Ava 33 Cornell, Nathan 212 Cory, Beverly 125 Cotton, lawrence 367 Cotton, Perry 198 Cottrell, Rachel 356 Coursey, Carol 367 Cowan, Vicki 367 Cowperthwaite, lerri Cox, Bill 198 Cox, Diane 137, 191, 196 Cox, Dorothy 356 Cox, Richard 367 Crabbe, Priscilla 356 Crabtree,GIenda 178,134 Craig, Cheryl 367 Crain, Carol 1fll Cramer, Kelly 122 Cramer, Ron 231, 232, 235, 237 Cravens, Sandy 125 Crawford, Natalie 367 Creel, larry 89 Crews, Becky 96, 295, 91, 94 Crews, Kyle 321 Crimmins, lou 33 Crocker, Martha 367 Croley, Sharon 367 Cromer, Kellie 84 Crosby, Charles 238, 243, 247, 248 Crosley, leannie 367, 128, 123 s Cross, Sharon 178, 109 Crowder, liz 178 Crumpler, Phyllis 182,183 Cmtchfield, Mark 204 Cruze, Danny 251, 255 Cummins, Cheryl 100 Curen, Vicki 131 Curtley, Cindy 177 Custard, Fred D Dade, Don 356 Daives, Pat 207 Daley, Iames 356 Damen, Hansen 238 Dana, Annetta 368 Danbara, Hisayoshi 351 Dance, Frank 142 Danaher, Mary Claire Daniels, Bruce 368 Daniels, Ierry 356, 152, 153 Daniels, Denise 368,112 Daniels, Karen 368 Daniels, Elanor 187 Darnell, Harley 105 Darnel, lohn 368 Darrow, Rebecca 146 Darter, larry 368 Darwin, Sara 157 Daugherty, Ieff 164, 261 Daugherty, Sherry 84 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis Becky 368 Bob 89, 96 Bobby 115 Connie 123,1lll, 94 Davis, . Debbie 368 Davis, Don 235 Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis, . Gayle 368. 154, 155 , lay 351 , Marcia 368 , Marianne 368 , Mel 182, 183 Michael 101, 102, 103 Davis, Tim 192 Dawson, lynda 351 Day, Dixie 186 Deacon, Rebecca 356 Deaton, Iohn 142 DeGiusti, Steve 368 Dekanich, William 67, 142 Delancey, lean 356 Denton, lames 368 Denton, Iohn 198 Derritt, Edwina 129 Dershem, Melodye 368, 128 Dever, Greg W Dewberry, Anthony 368 Dewberry, Karen 87, 88, 129 Dewitt, Edwina 368 Diament, Ieff 256, 257 Diaz, Irene 356, 207 Diaz, Tricia 356, 135, 181, 280 Dickey, lan 185 Dickinson, Veda 368 Dietz, Kelly 368 Diez, Tricia 293, 291 Diggs, Robert 264,187 Dillier, Karen 351 Dillinger, Pam 178 Dillman, lu Ann 1fIJ Dinkines, laDonna 368 Dobson, Terri 181, 1llJ, 106 Dodd, Sharon 197 Dodson, Ross 234, 235, 237 Doherty, Tell 262 Doherty, Terry 368 Dommert. Connie 368 Donnell, Mike 105, 114 Doray, 8ill 368 Dougherty, Curtis 172, 173 Dougherty, lim 89 Doughty, Iohn 98 Doughtery, Mike 105 Douglas, Brenda 368 Douglas, David 227, 235 Dougas, losephine 368 Douglas, ludy 87 Douglas, Kathy 131 Dowling, larry 151 Dowell IV, Clyde 105 Dowell, Garry 105, 191, 198, 114 Dowell, larry 356, 67, 105, 150. 132 Drake, leannie 368 Dretchman, Curtis 105 Duck, Ruth 125 Duhon, Devoria 356 Duks, Eugene 212, 235 Duncan, Brian 197 Dunlap, Darla 212, 218, 215 Dunlap, Steve 89 Dunn, lan 118, 84, 159, S5 , Dunn, Maylan 186 Dunn, Tracey 368 Duran, Donna 123, 159, 94 Durbin, Cindy 368, 94 Duren, Barry 356, 67, 130 Duvall, Debbie 295 Dvorak, Kitty 276, 297 Dyer, Terri 94 Dykes, Keneton 98 Dykes, Tina 1111 E Earnest, linda 356 Easterwood, Dorinda 197 Ebelthoft, Patricia 94 Eccles, Susan 356 Echols, lames 142 Eckford, Dianna 202 Edelen, Cindy 368 Edelen, Phil 356, 164 Edem, Gerald 368 Edgin, Dana 369 Edin, Irene 368,161 Edmond, Nathan 368 Edwards, Bryan 238 Edwards, Deborah 368 Edwards, Katheryn 368 Edwards, Michell 369 Edwards, Nick 105, 113 Egan, Brian 235 Ekure, Ebute 351 Edwiri, M.B.A. 256 Ekwueme, Elizabeth 269 Elder, Barbara 212 Elder, Brad 105 Elliott, Cheryl 87, 170 Ellis, Heather 168 Ellis, Kenneth 264 Ely, Cindy 120,159,132,94 Emmoms, Sharon 369 Eng, lun 125 Engigel, lames 98 Ennis, Mike 170 Enoch, Connie 369 Ervin, Tammy 212 Escalante, Steve 163, 80 Estes, Kerry 82, 84, 118, 120, 369, 399 Ethridge, Donna 66, 100,150, 151, 356 Etiebet, Monday 369 Ewell, Cindy 84 Ewers, Gina 137, 139, 356 Ewy, Duane 157 Ezeobele, Debora 369 F Fairbanks, Calvin 170 Fairchild, Andy 110 Falapour, laafar 356 Famuagun, Fumilayo 188 Fant, Richard 356, 103 Farha, Chick 369 Farmer, lois 167 Farmer, Priscilla 143 Farmer, Teena 283, 282 Farr, Suzanne 356 Farris, Betty 185 Farrow, Beverly 212 'Farrow, Craig 369 Farrow, Denise 369, 215 Faulk, Paul 212 Feese, Dayne 'll Ferguson, lenny 100 Ferguson, Paula 154 Fernandez, Mike 256, 258 Ferrell, Stephanie 369 Ferreira, lose 256, 258 Finney, Francis 369 Figures, Katy 369 Fine, loe 202 Finley, Thomas 60, W Finney, lannell 100 Foley, Karen 1M Fitch, Tom ill, 81 Fitzpatrick, Garwayne 92 Flake, loe H, 132 Flake, lohn 98 Flake, Stephen 98 Flanaian, Carrie 212, 216 Flanagan, Darlene 369 Flesher, Sharon 356 Floyd, Ierry 235 Foley, Daniel 356, 66, 122, 123, 142, 179, 61 Foley, Karen 356, 68, 176 Folger, Robbin 369 Folks, Douglas 356, 68, 181, 185, 322, 180, 61 Folks, leff 235 Folsom, Marion 356 Foltz, Bruce 178 Forbes, Ed 197 Forves, Hayes 212 Ford, lim 235, 264 Ford, Sherry 369 Ford, Michael 369 Foreman, Nita 369 Foreman, Tammye 369 Forguy, Glenton 142 Forsythe, leff 31 Forth, Ieri 369 Foster, larry M Fowler, Ianey 186 Fowler, Steve 212 Foxhaven, Teresa 157 Franciso, Andre 369 Frankenlield, Howard 369 Franklin, leon 264 Frasier, Mike 369 Fredrick, Cindy 159, 153 Freeman, Alexia 351 , French, Katerine 369 Fridrich, Cindy 356, 84, 152 Fmese, lousie 369 Fry, Sue 369 Fry, William 202 Fryrear, lan 131,126 Fuhrmann, Donna 212, 138, 139 Fuller, Thad 369 Fuller, 'loni 122 Fulmer, Bill 181, 184 Fulton, Nancy 369 Furr, Arlene 146 Fusco, Matt 235 Fuzzell, Mary 175 C Gabe, Elizabeth 186 Gadd, lori 369 Gaines, Terri lo 369 Gallaspy, Sherri 369 Galloway, loe 110 Garcia, Esmerelda 186 Garcia, Gilbert 369, 262 Garcia-Moral, Maria Elena 143 Garcia, Priscila 369 Gardner, Dani 356, 68, 91, 107 Gardner, lisa 195, 200 Garha, Bryan 173 Garner, Renee 369 Garner, Roberta 356 Garnett, loye 169 Garrett, Diane 369 Garrett, Ioanne 369, 200 Garrison, Carol 277, 286, 289, 297 Garrison, Terisa 84, 62, 82, 40, 39 Gaston, Debra 370 Gatlin, Edwin 356 Gay, Ben 356 Gay, Marlon 215, 236 Gentry, Felicia 370 George, loyce 356 George, ludy 370 George, Steve 370 George, Valeri 113, 118, 120, 91, 112 Gerah, Maria 370, 126 Gerah, Roseann 370, 116, 128, 84, CIW Gerfin, Paul 370 Gerhardt, lim Gholston, Eva 370 Gilbert, Tanya 356, 128 Gilchrist, lulie 84, 56 Gilchrist, Richard 202 Gill, Karen 94 Gilliam, Don 235 Gilliland, Bert 230, 235 Gilliland, Brenda 84, 106 Gilliland, Dan 197, 198 Gilmore, Alice 197 Gipson, Glyna 382, 109 Gleave, Richard 262 Glenn, loseph 356 Glenn, Mark 370 Gloodt, Kristi 370 Goll, Vicky 170 Gollhofer, lynne 191, 370, 106, 84, 139 Godlett, Velois 370 Goodlett, William 356 Glover, Anthony 370 Glover, Marguerite 370 Goddard, Margie 212 Goeringer, Carrie 186 Goff, Steve 173 Goforth, lanelle 370,186 Gonzalez, luan 370 Good, Celia 178 Gore, Stan 352 Gorelick, lacquita 356 Gorham, Cindy 212 Gorman, lani 96, 91, 94 Gosney, Susan 356 Gouker, Delta 370 Grgham, Io lynn 62, 177, 40, 9 Graham, Marsha 169 Graham, Mike 161 Graham, Ruth 169 Gray, Ken 269, 268 Gray, linda 370, 284 Gray, Lori 370, 107 Grayson, Anthony 264 Grayson, Conzy 370 Green, Billy 356 Green, Cecil 235 Green, Cynthia 357 Green, Diane 289, 291 Green, Kathryn 357 Green, Kelly 139 Green, Kim 370 Green, Melisa 123, 164 Green, Pamela 202 Green, Robert 235 Greenfield, Shawn 33 Gregston, Vicky 357, 164 Griffin, Kay 101 Griffin, Marsha 357 Griffin, Tammy 370, 126, 107 Griffis, Robert 352 Grimsley, Curtis 181 Groden, Dennis 89 Groover, Ronnie 89 Grow, Bart 264 Grundy, Peretha 370 Guiterrez 196, 197 Gunkelu, Femi 352 Gunn, Gloria 196, 202, 204 H Haffner, Debbie 177 Hale, Evelyn 212 Hale, Rebecca 163 Haley, Charlie 63, 40 Hall, Brad 235 Hall, Reggie 212 Hamilton, lohn 370 Hamilton, leslie 202 Hamm, Sheryl 181 Hammerly, Heidi Tiana 370 Hammoud, Randa 15 Hancock, Donna 370 Hankeyk, Stanley 212, 217 Hankins, Mardece 370 Hanna, Valerie 370 Hanson, Cathy 100 Hansen, Mark 105, 116, 114 Hanson, Samuel 357 Harcourt, Regina 190, 196, Ztll Hardesty, Debbie 143 Hardesty, Mike 370 Harway, Roger 212 Hardy, Anna 189 Hardy, Elaine 189 Hargrave, Sharon 84, 139 Harkey, Steve 130 Harmon, Debra 170 Harrell, Mark 202 Harrington, Rubye 357 Harris, Bernice 181,182 Harris, Bruce 185 Harris, Kim 357, 173 Harris, Veronica 370 Harrison, Terri 113 Harroll, Dave 164 Hart, loyce 357 Hart, lisa 168 Hart, Melinda 370, 194, 200 Hart, Pam 212, 281 Hartpence, D'Ann 94 Hassen, David 202 Hassen, Kip 192, 198 Hatch, Edwin 370, 142, 163 Hatcher, Susan 180 Hatter, Steven 212 Haught, Doug 370 Haury, Sherry 370 Hawkins, Darlene 204 Hayes, Carol 370, 137, 138, 139 Hayes, Claire 357 Hayes, Donna 100 Hays, lulie 370 Hayes, Kim 113, 114, 112 Hayes, lohnny 262 Haywood, Brenda 371 Head, Mary 357, 107 Heart, Pam 293, 291 Heath, Marilyn 371, 187 Hecht, Karne 170 Heggen, lim 371 Helm, Kathy 357 Heltzel, Deborah 371, 162, 163 Henderson, Diana 205 Hendericks, Iohn 142 Henry, lim 371 Henry, Patrick 98 Henry, Patrick 98 Henry, Watt 357 Hensley, Ricky 358 Henson, lisa 371, 128, 399 Henson, lames 358 Henton, Ricky 89 Heohne, Rick 233 Heppler, Mike 371, 256, 259 Hermanson, Donna 371 Hern, Tale 157 Hester, Michael 371 Hewett, Kent 371 Heyser, leanne 358, 68, 128, 174 Hicks, Chris 202 Higgins, Dawn 371, 274 Hight, loe 181, 184, 185, 181 Hill, Glenda 371, 202, 2M Hill, Reginald 371 Hill, Robin 117, H Hill, Rom 264, 212 Hillis, Vicki 371 ' Hill-Moisant, laVana 358 Hinsley, lee 371 Hise, leslie 371 Ho, Hung Viet 358 Hobson, Kenneth 358 Hocking, loe 192, 193, 197, till, 199 Hodgson, Michele 189 Hoehne, Rick 235 Hoel, Cynthia 184 Hogue, Debbie 146 Hoig, Brent 119 Hoig, Mel W Hoke, Doug 354 Holcomb, Amy 371 Holland, Candice 371 Holland, Daryl 371 Holland, Greg 371 Holley, Candy 169 Holloway, Debbie 371 Holloway, Kathryn 358 Holmes, Phillip 358 Holt, leff 264 Honomicnl, Kathy 212 Honore, Bruce 238 Hooten, Marianna 371, 194 Hopson, lanie 358 Horn, lames 358 Hom, Sharon 371 Homer, lack 105 Horner, Shari 195 Horton, Donnie 69, 142, 174 Hosseini-Anvar Ali 371 Houston, Mike 212 Houston, Rosemary 187 Howard, Eric 371 Howard, leff 110, 186 Howard, Tamera 168 Howell, Barbara 371 Howerton, Robert 371 Howeth, linda 358 Hrdy, Elaine 371 Hubble, Shawn 371 l-tuckabay, lay 202 Hudson, Debi 15 Hudson, Kim 97 Hudson, Stephanie 97 Hufnagel, leanette 371 Hugges, Diane 358, 63, 87, 1 Hulin, laurie 371 Humphrey, Deborah 358 Humphrey, lennifer 358. 177 Humphrey, lex 201 Hunlind, lori 154 Hunter, Craig 15 Hunter, Kristie 371 Hunter, Sherry 371, 116 lngle, Gayle 358 jofseng Hussey, Diana 371 Hutch, Edwin 142 Hutchinson, Patty 63 Hutton, lammy 186,194 Hyatt, Mike 105 Hun, Sheri 371 Ice, Rex 212 Ihegboro, Christian 372 lheiirika, Sebastian 358 llo, Felicin 125 Imgrund, Chad 372 Imgrund, Chet 12,132 Imgrund, Sherry 111 Imhoil, Donnie 281, 289 Inda, lorri 372 Ingersoll, Rima 372 Ingham, Steve 274 Irby, Tess 358, 170 Irwin, linda 372 1 lackson, Allen 372 lackson, lruce 372 lackson, Elosie 372,187 lackson, Ruth 372 lackson, Vicki 372 lacobs, Shristopher 372 lacobs, Cynthia 207 laggers, Wayne 372 lahangirian, Hamid 358 lames, Darwin 262 lames, David 251, 252, 254 lames, Denny Q! lay, Kelly 261, 262 lames, laleune 372 lames, Nancy 170, 171 letlerson, Michael 212 leitries, Debbie 372 limerson, Royce 372 lennings, Steve 122, 179 lennings, Terri 285, 284 lennings, tracy 284, 285 lobe, Mary 372 lohn, Dan 169 . lohn, Mark 372 . lohnson, Cheryl 197 lohnson, Cindy 281 lohnson, Deana 352 lohnson, DeNease 372, 62, 39, 187, 197 lohnson, Kathy 372 lohnson, Malcom 238, 2.39, 241, 246 lohnson, Nancy 202, 204 lohnson, Priscilla 372, 97 lohnson, Roger 372 lohnson. Stewart 358 lohnson, Sullivan 358 lohnston, Gayle 169, 139 lones, Alicia 372, 164 lones, Amy 372, 139 Iones, Brenda 358 lones, Charene 372, 202 lones, Coyetta 372 lones, lake 358, 68, 258, 256. 259 lefl, lones 235 lones, Kathryn 372 lones, Kenny 92, 372 lones, laureen 372, 207 lones, Maryfaye 139 lones, Michael 358, 192, 202 33 Innes, Philip 372 lones. Robert 372 lones, Robert lee 207 lones, Terri 163 lones, Terry 228, 235 lones, Wade 142 lordon, lay 235 lordon, left 235 lordon, Kent 261, 262 lordon, Terry 197, 198, 187 on, Lorna 197 f loseph, Nada 279, 291, 281, 281 K Kadavy, lerry 372 Kalkhaieh, Shahriar 358 Kannada, Marsha 372 Kash, Marie 202 Kearby, Tiynothy 211, 212 Keating, lim 372 Keck, Douglas 202 Keel, Dawna 358 Keen, Don 182 Keith, lill Kellerby, Dan 198, 199 Kelley, Bruce ll! Kelly, Shane 269, 268 Kelsey, Roy un, 183 Kemp, Carla 297, 281 Kemp, Niki 212 Kemp, Peggy 372 Kemper, Bruce 372 Kennemer, Mike 89 Kenney, David 122 Kenyon, Kathryn 358 Kerr, Renee 372 Ketchum, Craig 358 Kerr, Richard 352 Keys, Michele 372 Keys, Mike 235 Keys, Ray 372 Keyser, Ieffrey 372 Khorsand, Vaggoob 372 Kiespert, 8radley 202 Killian, Paula 182 Kilpatrick, Tammy 202 Kimbler, Greg 105 Kimbrell, Mike 184 Kimbrough, Karen 202, 204 Kimbrough, Kip 358, 164, 198 Kime, Dale 358 Kinder, Pam 372,164 Kinder, Sharon 372 King. lerry 264 King, Kenneth 372 King. Maurice 359 King, Paula 170 King, Ralph 264 Kinney, David 372, 157 Kinney, Marhta 259, 164 Kinney, Reuben 359, 164 Kirby. Dena 372 Kirk, lelf 211 Kirkham, Karen 202 Kirkpatrick, Kim 125 Kirtley. Cindy 372 Kiser, Kathleen 359 Kissinger, Drew 359, 69, 174, 201 Klein, Annette 372, 164 Klein, Steven 372 Klemme, linda 372 Kling, Donna 62, 63, 40, 39 Klingelsmith, Cindy 33 Klingelsmith, Christine 372 Knauls, lester 212, 7.35 Knauls, Tony BS, 187 Knedtt, lanis 359, 63,16, 70, 38,117,118,84,136,158, 134,101 Knight, larry 261, 262 Knight, Kim 372 Knight, Stella 372 Knotts, David 372 Knowlton, Mary 372 Komhiz, Vosoughinia 359 Komolpis, Siriporn 352 Koontz, Steve 192 Korowski, lohn 372, 192 Kowals, lames 359 Kratky. Patricia 372, 112 Kretchmar, Curtis 372 Krisher, Tim 70, 142 Kritkanianapan, Soratip Kfinillbfiilk, lerry 105 Krittenbrink, loan 372 Krittenbrink, Patty 359, 70, 118, 85, 134,132, 106 Kroptinger, Donna 359 Kuntl, Becky 372, 70, 83 Kurowski, lohn 197, 187 Kuykendall, Perry 185 Kymes, Martha 169 L lachance, lacqueline 372, 118, 119 Lackey, lee 164, 359, 169 lacy, 1'eri 56, 94 ladd, Cynthia uf' ladd, Donna 187 ladner, lynda 372 lahmeyer, lanet 359, 164 lair, Karen 112 - lake, Kenneth 235 lalimar, faith 373 lamb, Cheri 178 lamb, Denise 140 Lambert, Mary 373 lambert, Phil 161 Landrum, Delhi 359, 157 n l l l Y long, Terry 374, 142, 162 F Landrum, linda 373 Lane, Robert 89 lang, Tommy 373 Lanham, Lester 373 Lanham, Mathilde 373 Lanier, Rene 191, 197, 62, 40 laosebikan, Agibola 373 Lash, Gina 373, 38,196,198 Laskey, Delbert 103 laster, Tommy 101 Latimar, Caesar 373 lavendar, Karen 106,159, 94 Laughlin, Andrew 359 Lawrence, Cary 186 Lawson, Timothy 373 Lay, Kendra 373 Lay, lou 373, 164 Lawrence, Carey 373 leader, leff 235 leaf, George 110 leaf, William 212 Leath, Ricky 235 Leatherman, Iohn 186 Lee, Lonnie 192,199 Lee, Michael 373 Lefforge, Valerie 202, 205 leftwich, Keith 359 Legrande, Robert 212, 255 leigh, Danny 167 Leighton, Sherri 94 Lemon, Rickey 373 Lennox, Clifford 359, 212, 264 Leonard, linda 373 Lesher, Patrick 212 Lester, Mark Ill, 81 leverett, Ioy 359 Lewis, Kitten 373, 107, 109 Lewis, Robert 373 lin, Mei-Vun 125 Lindquist, David 359 l ligons, Andree 374 lincicome, Tobbie 204, 202 lindsey, Carolyn 207, 15 Lipscomb, Debbie 164 Lo, Ling Pei 352 lometo, Tadashi 359 Long, Su'An 178 Long, Thomas 142 D Long, Tracy 98 1 Longoria, Blanche 374, 131 H l umgwim, pm 374 Longstrath, Kirk 262 P loper, Mary 164 3 Lord, Melanie 164, 176 q loscudo, Dan 212 3 loscudo,lim 212 2 Love, lim 212, 150 loveall, Teri Beth 374, 131 l Lovett, Cheryl 374, 144 I low, Candace 359 Lowe, Barbara 359, 129 , Lowe, Marilyn 374 : Lowe, Sue 85, 123 a : lowe, Gregory 374, 202 A Lowry, Iaimie 374 ' Lugo, Eliezer 374 luGrand, Marchella 374 . Lugrande, Myra 88 I lutes, David 268 N luter, Marold 374 Luther, Kay 289, 146 Lynn, lanet 374 Lyon, Pamela 374, 295 M McAllister, Robin 202 McAnuly, Author 154 McBride, Carter 130 McBride, Scott 261, 262 Meyers, Kurt 261 McCain, Diana 360,123,164 McCarthy, Kay 360 McCarthy, Patty 123 McClain, loni 301 McClain, Mark 186 McClain, Rick 375 Maglanahan, I. R. 37S,123, McCollum, Claudia 33 McCoy, Randal 375 McConniII, Linda 360 McConnell, Phillip 360 McCord, lim 122,198 McCou, Michael 360 McCreight, lan 169 McCuistion, Gary 360, 151 Mcluntain, Michael 375 McCutchen, Bill 42, 42 McDonaled, lohn 275 McDonald, Kelly 33 Mcflaerry, Densi 204 Mctlhaney, lody 375, 264 Mcfadden, Slibyl 360, 187 McDade, Iuanita 375 McGinly, Marilyn 360 McGaIsson, Domni 375 McGlac hein, Doloses 375 McGowan, Cynthia 71, 276, 296, 297, 282 McGowen, Dennis 122 McGowan, Vicki 168 McGregor, Mauiorie 94 McGuire, G. Brian 375 McGiure, Debe 100 McGuire, Terri 154, 155 McHenry, lanis 375,194,187 McHenry, Otis 235 Mclntire, Inell 375 Mack, Dan 212, 217 Mack, Thurman 374 McKanna, lanet 375 McKenzie, Pat 169 McKinnely, Karl 98 McLain, Scott W McMahan. lohnny 360, 178, 3D McMahan, Valerie 360, 71 McMeand, Marcia 2111 McMinn, H. C. 360 McMinn, Robert 105 McMullin, Rick 164 McMurry, Chira 375 McMurry, Howard 375 McNair. Richard 375 McPherson, Garland 375 McPherson, Richard 375 McQuaid, Mike 123 McTieman, Pat Q McVay, Graig 17.3 Mcwharter, Cathy 375 Macias, Marla 186 Maddox, Darrell 101, 103, 121 Maddox, William 212 Madrene, loe 146 Maetubby, Doug 164 Mairs, Mike 89 Malicaote, Tammy 159, 374, 84, 122, 170, 91 Malone, Karen 359, 71, 135, 84,122, 261, 158, 134,132, 61, 58 Malone, Kevin 374, 128 Maloney, Clarissa 374 Maloney, Mica 374 Manderscheidt, Melba 374 Mangus, lennifer 178 Mannen, Bill 374 Manners, lane 374 Manning, Charlie 192, 19 Manning, Kathy 359,164,170 Mansfield, Charloltte 374 Manship, Angela 374 Marinovich, Bernadette 374 Markwell, Suzzane 214 Mark, Cathi 374, 145 Marsh, Franza 352 Marshall, Amy 360, 170 Marshall, Darrell 384, 374 Marshall, Dian 374, 128,132, 84, 138, 139 Marshall, Suzanne 360 Martin, Dave 84 Marlin, Tim 161,160 Martinez, Arcia 352 Martinez, Isis 360, 143 Martine1,lamie 143 Martinel, linda 374 Martinez, Vicky 143, 186 Mason, Patty 374 Masonhall, leff 177, 89, 269, 268 Masters, Mark 199 Matheson, Lurne 374, 173 Matter, Kristi 374, 202, 204 Matthews, Carey 374 Mattews, Homar 192 Matthews, Randy 173 Mazwell, Sharon 357, 215 Mayes, Debby 352 Maues, Kevin 374 Maues, Scott 374 Mayfield, Carla 202 Mayfield, Mike 231 Mayhall, Christopher 142 Maynard, Iames 374 Mayo, Calvin 357 Ma1zolini,lan 375 Mazzolini, Mark 360 Mears, Gary 375 Mears, Glenna 360, 291 Medrano, loe 201 Melton, Margaret 375 Melton, Cheryl 360, 181, 323 Melton, Margaret 71 Mengel, Susan 375 Mercer. Bill 360 Mercer, Tersea 375 Meredith, leanine 190, 191, 196, 197, 202, 206 Merrell, Debbie 170 Merry, Tom 268 Meyer, Glehdora 375 Meyer, Midhael 375 Midiff, left 321 Mikolaielky, Martha 94 Miles, Sandra 170 Miller, Brenda 375, 282 Miller, Ilene 375 Miller, lames 103 Miller, lam 375 Miller, Kathi 375 Miller, Linda 375, 106 Miller, Michael 31, 33 Miller, Nata 360 Miller, Patricia 360 Miller, Richard 142 Miller, Rozilyn 31, 33, 34 Miller, Sherly 375 Miller, Terry 360 Millicon, Tonya 375 A Mills, Chuck 360, 71, 117, 128, 79, 105 Mills, Greg 375 Minton, Phil 204 Miranda, loyce 352 Misner, Dewane 89 Misner, Mark 89 Mitchell, Rosalie 360,157 Mitchell, Terrance 92 Mixer, Cheryl 161 Midey, Ntol, lgnativa 360 Moffit, Betty 112 Moffat, Carol 375 V Mohammadi, Hossein Mahammadi, Mahnaz 352 Monday, Patricia 376 Mongold, Chet 235, 237 Montes, Lori 143 Mont1,lohn 361 Moody. Shelly 376 Moon, Barney 105, 256. 258 Moons, Robin 2ll1 Moore, Albert 360 Moore, Aneesha 376 ' Moore, Bily 163 Moore, Greg 151 Moore, Karen 376 Moore, Lee 238 Moore, Rene 352, 163 Moore, Rick 143 Moore, Rita 376 Moore, Roonie 361, 262 Moore, Rusty 105, 212 Moore, Sharon 107, 201, 106, 361, 72 Moore, Woody 235, 164 Morgan, Becky 57, 94 Morgan, Gary 227, 111, 235 Moris, Pam 297, 281 Moss, Cathy 107 Moore, lill 31 7 Morgan, Becki 376 Morgan, Cherly 376 Morris, Ann 376 Morris, Bill M0rriS, Richard 268 Morris, Sheeri 376 Morrison, loanna 94 Morse, Candace 376 Morton, Gayle 376, Zlll Momm, xirfen 376 Moser, Debra 202 Moser, Earl 154 Moss, Cathy 376, 1ll3 Motes, Lori 143 Moton, Leona 212 Motsenbocker, Sonia 376 Mowdy, Monte 193, 192, 197, 1Q . Muckin, Didit 432 Muckin, Steve 323 Munda, Beth 138, 139 Munn, Kim 1llJ Murdock, Stephen 361, 72 Murphy, Deana 287, 289, 281 Murpht, linda 376 Murry, lack 376, 81 Murray, Kim 376, 200, 107 Murray, Pam189 Murrell, Vicki 122 Myers, lames 376 Myers, Kurt 376, 262, 105 Myrick, Cathy 178 N Naifeh, Susan 361, 71 Nagode, Tyman 202 , Nance, Christy 73,118, 96, 158, S4, 91, 62, 38, 39, 94 Nash, Steve 89, 114 Neal, Oscar 264 Nehis, Marilyn 174 Neighbors, David 192, 193, 197, 198, 132 Neiman, Io lo 112 Nelson, Cindy 376, 85, 159 Nimerick, Karen 144 Netnoparat, Nantana 352 Newlin, Sheryl 376 - Newton, Melody 376, 159, 62. 39 Nguten, Anh Hong 376 Nguyen, Anh Thuy 376 Nguyen, Dung 352 Nguyen, Hien 361 Nguyen, Houng Thien 376 Nguyen, Kim lien Thi 376 Nguyen, Khanh 376 Nichols, Beverly 97 Nichols, lisa 202, 204 Nichols, Toby 32, 33 Nicks, lanet 376 Nimerick, Brett 262 Nimerick, Melinda 96 Nixon, Shirley 361,145 Nixon, Thelma 31, 34 Nioku, Obi 188 Noon, Tillie 146 Nordyke, Rick 261, 262 Norman, Dea Ann 376, 200, 187 Nowlin, Sandie 376 Nwokogba, Isaac 376 O Oatis, Dloise 376 0'8rien, Kevin 268 Ochs, Pamela 361 Ochuba, William 361 Odermatt, Karen 287 Odom, Beniamin 376, 123, 142, 159, 132, 40 O'DonneII, Nancy Oesch, Eric 376 OglesllY, Iohn 110, 212 0'Halerin, Cathy 106 Oiong, francis 361 Okelly, lindy 164, 361 Okere, Christopher,361 Okorn, Nc hor 376 Dkoroafor, Evarist 352,188 Okoye, Patrick 377 Dkerengwo, Benedict 377 OldCrow, Kendall 264 Oldner, Donna 200 Olive, Bill 30, 31, 33, 341 Oliver, Sandra 361, 170 Olmstead, Sherry 169 Oloielede, Adelaia 361 Orunnisomo, Ioshua 352, 142 Olowayeye, lohnson 352 Olson, Danna 173 Onafuwa-solande, Olaniyi 377 Ondak, Anne Marie 377 Onderek, lohnny 261, 262 0'NeaI, lay 89, 211, 213 Onspaugh, Paul 202, 204, 205 Orr, Opal 361, 167, 170 Osborne, Kim 377 Opsahl, lamala 377 Ostby, Holly 377 Ottinger, Michael 1 54, 155 Ou, lilianne 186 Out, Freak 411 Overby, Eric 142 Owens, linda 126, 107 Owen, Penny 113 Owens, Darryl 377, 142 Owens, Dinana 377 Owens, left 235 Owens, linda 377, 100 Owens, Penny 112 Oyelade, Adeleke 377 Ozment, Ramolee 361 P Page, lori 377 Padden, laura 377 Palmar, Betty 361, 399 Palmer, Randy 377 Panayides, Panos 186 Pardini, Paulo 256, 257 Park, Randall W Park, Sharon 252 Park, Susie 167 Parks, ludy 1lll, 377, 63, 107 Parker, Donna 377 Parker, Douglas 353 Parker, Tam my 289 Parker, Zack 235 Parkhurst, Mark 192, 193, 197, 187 Parks, lois 123 Parker, loics 377 Parrett, Clitlord 377, N2 Parrett, lori 361 Parrish, Kelvin 377, 268 Parsons, laurie 377 Parvin-eshghabad, Koorosh 377 Pate, Carrie 186 Patmon, Constance 377, 187, 195 Payne, Bart 105, 212 Payne, Ronnie 262 Payton, Dianna 377 Peace, Vicki 361 I Peacock, Dennis 377 Pearce, Ray 235, 237 Pearson, Byron 377 Pearson, Pearl 204 Pearson, Victor 212, 219 Peaster, lerri 377, 57,107, 109 Peek, left 98 Peeler, lody 377, 107 Pence, la Retah 377 Penkauskas, Susan 94 Penner, lamie 377 Perez, Deanna 100 Perrish, Andy 173 Perry, Clluck 89 Perry, Goldie 84 Perry, Rick 192, 193, 198 Perry, Vanessa 186 Pershall, 8eth 361 Penrod, Susan 377 Perkins, Clarence III 377 Perkins, Mike 169 Perri, lucia 377 Perry, Mildred 170 Peter, Karen 289 Peters, Carla 377 Peters, Pamela 377, 38, 39, 50 Peters, Pat 'B Peters, Polly 202, 204, 215 Peters, Richard 212 Peters, Rick 235 Peterson, Marlyce 190, 204 Petty, Tiiwana 377 Pham, Anh Dao 377 Pham, Thuy Nga 378 Pllarr, Tracy 378 Phelan, Carol 78 Phelps, Bobby 268 Philips, Becky 361 Phillips, lori 378 Photopoulos, P. A. 186 richard, Donna 161,160 Pickett, Richard 175 Pierce, lanice 100 Pierce, Kevin 7.38, 240 Pierce, Rhonda 353 Pierce, Sidney 212 Pierce, Terry 105 Pickard, Donna 361 Pickett, Anita 378 Pierce, lack 105 Pinkerton, les 173 Pipkins, Terrence 235 Pitcher, Dona 170, 94 Pittman, Cindy 361 Pittman, Shelley 378, 170, 2tlJ Pledger, leanne 186 Plubiang, Supapak 353 Plunk, Paula 378 Plunkett, Mike 192, 193, 197, 199 Pokornyf lana 112, 215, 201 Polen, Tammy 139 Ponder, Michael 375 Ponder, Rita 361 Pope, Tom 264 Porschien, Michael 202 Porter, Cheryl 361 Porter, Delmon 92, 264 Porter, Karen 291 Porter, Lizann 378, 200 Portis, Dennis 238 Posar, Veronica 378 Pottar, lanet 378 Puttori, Mary 186 Potts, Sheri 113, 126, 112 Poulter, Carrie 164, 204 Pound, Rick 192, 198, 197 Powell, limmy 251 Powell, lohnny 253, 254 Powell, Patricia 87 Powell, Richard 98 Preston, Terri 378 Price, Becky 291 Price, luan 129,187 Prithcard, Roy 361 Pritchett 242 Priddy, Barbara 170 Pritchett, Benice 378 Pritchett, Sheri 291 Proctor, Ruth 170 Prout, loel 212, 202 Prouty, Brenda 202, 204 Pruett, Karen 378 Pruitt, Marilyn 378, Zlll Pugsley, Wally 98 Pulley, x.f.c.r. Purdum, left 262 Pursell, Danny 378, 80 Purvis,Iulie138,139 Q Queen, Paige 378, 281 Quogley, Sean 378,117 Quenn, Philip 378, 162,163 R Rabon, Dea 164 Rackley, lamara 378 Ragsdale, Randy 179 Rahhal, Robert 198 Rahill, Brenda 379, 202 Rahman, Mohammed 353 Raibler, Shelia 194 Rainger, Shelia 378, 187 Rakes, Mark 89 Ralston, Wendell 191 Ramirez, lessie 80 Ramas, Gina 378 Ramsey, Ellen 202 Ramsey, Mark 378 Randolf, Robin 378 Ranger, Shiela 121 I Rapp, Debbie 178 Raschtschenia, larry 361,142 Rasheed, Sanni 378 Rasmussen, Berniece 378 Rasmussen, Marie 361 Rasmussen, Vern 353 Rather, leola 378 nay, sau 114, 275 Ray, Gary 361 Ray, Reba 361 Reaschke, Mary Kay 281 Ready, Always 409 Reaves, Anita 378 Rector, Christy 32, 34 Redbird, Claude 353 Reed, David 378 Reed, Felicia 378 Reed, lonathan 31, 33 Reed, Mike 212, 217 Reeder, Devin 183 Reedy, lana 378 Reeser, lou 105 Reeves, Cindy 33 Reeves, Gene 31 Reimer, Arlar 378 Reisi, Stan 154 Reiter, Nancy 378 Renfru, Iam es 378 Rentie, Bernestine 378 Rester, Sandra 378 Reynolds, Daryl 262 Reynolds, Robin 196, Rezaie, Mehdi 353 Rhames, Tamara 379,106 Rhoades, Melanie 379 Rice, Cherry 379 Rich, Mary 361 Richmond, Gary 33 Richardson, Dean 202 Richardson, Frankie 89 Richardson, Sharon 174 Richmond, Gary 379 W . 3 ,,,..z,.M. Rickard, Ricki 379 Rickey, Kathy 379 Riddle, Phillip 379 Riebe, Randal 204 Riecken, Russell 98 Riggs, Deborah 379, 131 Riggins, Darla 200 Roach, laura 85, 174, 138, 139 Roach, Robyn 379 Roarck, Darla 379 Robb, Greg 163 Robbins, Carl 379 Roberson, Ron 181, 322,180 Roberson, Wade 263 Roberts, Connie 289, 281 Roberts, Dave 176 Roberts, luemma 181 Roberts, Mary Ann 138,139 Roberts, Robin 212 Roberts, Sylvia 361 Roberts, Vicki 85, 136, 112, 106 Roberts, William 187 Robertson, Denise 97 Robertson, Pamela 361 5 a E ...Y M, -V-A... -.r..-A mal... Robbins, Ronald 379 Robinett, leff 89, 253 Robinson, Ghenetta 195 Robinson, Kenneth 143 Rock, Debbie 163 Rockhold, Wendy 379 Roberson, lere 115 Roberts, Paula 379, 131 Roberts, Vicki 379, 128 Robertson, Debra 379 Robinson, Denise 212 Robinson, Ghenetta 379 Robinson, lanet 212 Robison, Shirley 379 Robison, Steve 379 Robinson, Tim 264 Rock, Debbie 379 Rockhold, Wendy 169 Rockne, Nile 98 Rockwell, Penny 379 Roe, louise 361, 164 Rogers, lames 142 Rogers, Keith 361,104 Rogers, linda 100 Rogers, Sherri 189 Rojas, lorge 256 Roland, David 361 Roland, linda 361, 169 Rollins, Marci 361 Roman, Dana 169 Roop, Rick 230, 235 Rose, lohn 164 Ross, lames 212 Ross, Phil 261, 262 Ross, Rick 230 Rosy, Oblio 403 Rothermel, Eddie 379 Rowe, Marsha 379 Rowland, lisa 379 Royce, Mike 379 Royce, Rhonda 197 Royce, Thom 379, 227, 229, 235 Rucker, Cathy 202, 204 Rucker, lee 202, 204 Ruiz, Cindy 379 Rupard, Robyn 169 Rupp, Carla 379 Rush, Susan 379 Russell, Robert 379 Russell, Karen 379, 187 Ruda, lester 379 ' Ryan, Bruce 346 Rynder, Donna 94 S Samonpal, Teptapin 353 Samia, Ghassan Abon 186 Sanders, Debbie 73, 94 Sanders, Susan 379 Sanderson, Barbara 169 Sandy, Hazel 170 Sangkraiang, Piramol 353 Sarian, Rima 379 Satterwhite, larry 154 Sauls, Stephen 3tlJ, 92 Saulters, Rendala 3111 Savage, linda 113, 212, 112 Savage, Mike 113 Savage, Rhonda 381 Savidge, Andrea 15 Scalph, lackie 125 Scarbrough, Tom 264 Schuessler, Amanda 361 So, Stupid 411 Schaefer, Kerri 380 Schantz, Allan 164,192, 198 Schibbelhute, Monte 380 Schilling, Dore 186 Schiltr, Marilyn :iso Schmidt, Nancy 380,107 Schhutz, Randall 142 Schuesster, Amanda 141 Schwandt, Kelli380 Schwarz, Denise 380, 281 Schwarz, Ronald 381 Schweer, lennifer 119 Schweikhart, Steve 380 Schwemley, linda 212 Schweer, lennifer 94 Scobey, Odette 86 Scoggins, Pam 380 Scoggins, Stephen 380 Scott, Gerald 212 Scott, I. D. 154 Scott, lohnny 235, 381 Scott, laura 3111 Scott, Wilda 361 Seabrook, lames 380 Seabrook, Virginia 95, 159, 106, 94 Seachrist, George 228, 235 Sears, lan 62, 200, 39 Searle, Don 149 Seaton, Don 198, 202 Seidner, David 130 Seidkel, Kathleen 380 Selders, Connie 146 Selvy, Harriet 361, 169 Sentracco, linda 154 Sheafier, Michele 182 Shaha, Terri 164 Shahan, Bob 3111 Shahan, Kathy 202, 206 Shahgaldi, Catherine 3m Shahiada, Nohammad 361 Shaw, Mark 153 Shaw, Mike 31, 33 Sheikholeslami, Ziaeddin 38.1 Shelley, lim 204 Shelton II, David 103 Shelton, Rusty 3111 Shelton, Sharon 195 Shepherd, Doug 235 Sherman, Peggy 106 1 Shoals, Edward 92, 212 Shofner, Sherry 100, 94 Shook, Alup 422 Shook, Guyla 381, '11, -itll Shuler, Michael 3111 Shultz, Betty 178 Shuman, Dan 381 Shuman, Marilyn 361, 134, 125 Siavashpour, Lynda 362, 181 182 Silk, loe 362, 164 Silvers, Beverly 170 Simms, Gary 187 Simmons, Charles 323 Simmons, Cheryl 197 Simmons, lulie 3M Simmons, Susan 3U Simpson, loe C52 Simpson, Kathryn 384 Bronze Book Staff m Editing a yearbook is a matter of getting a number of diverse personalities with independent ways to work together as a team to produce a valid picture of the school year at Central State University. To do so we must persuade students to get their pictures taken; schedule individual and group photos; get identifications; coordinate with administrators, departments, and clubs; worry about meeting deadlines; do the editorial chores of layout, photo scaling, copy and cutline writing; take complaints of various sorts; and, hopefully, produce a book that will represent the school and the school year in a creditable fashion. It has been work; it has been fun; it has been a great learning experience. We hope it pleases. Co-Editor, Guyla Rae Shook and Sponsor, Dr. Stan Hoig Associate Editor, Roseann CershAssociate Editor Betty Palmer Associate Editor I isa Henson Associate Editor Kerry Estes Co-Editor Malinda Walkup Sloan J99 MMM Ives as much as us. it?Ti • 5 y§] ill riTti • iTii«rr-).f:«r»]»; •. c . jtfyri v tiTi ft £4; '."! 1 • V..'' i1 -. 1 - 1' •11. - '.vV.:. I '-: •.-••• i 7: -i:i i! ’ i'r''fif ': ” ''' 7 .;v-'V • A I'm a Greek I'm a Catholic I, rM I'm a Republican SraB; I'm f rom the city jfm a journalism major All in all this year has gone well Betty learned to pop popcorn; Lisa learned ROTC is not a men's cologne; Roseann learned jocks can be cult and nice when they want to be; Kern learned the difference between Ch Alpha and Alpha Chi; Malindt learned it's possible to catch th photo lab in a good mood; and learned how to cop out of a deadlin by overworking myself and geltin; Mono. “Thank you" to all of the spe cial people who helped me ge through the year — you know whc you are — and especially to L.W whose "craziness" kept me sane and to R.B. whose saneness kept me crazy. Cuyla Rae Sloan I'm a BSUer I'm a Baptist I'm a Democrat I'm from the country I'm a graphic arts major P poo , 's. Mr. Bill thinks he has pro Dr. Hfota. Imaging a guy trying to coordinate a "wild and crazy" year keep telling i there's never been a more harmo plems — he should trade places with wo editors with our different back-round this annualimal house. People ■nous year — maybe they are trying toI 9 9 8 ISpecialis 18 NobiHs 48 Coterie 76 At hi eta 220 Academia 298 Collega 348 

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University of Central Oklahoma - Bronze Yearbook (Edmond, OK) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


University of Central Oklahoma - Bronze Yearbook (Edmond, OK) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


University of Central Oklahoma - Bronze Yearbook (Edmond, OK) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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