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Text from Pages 1 - 294 of the 1959 volume:

Central Stat Coll dmond, klahoma . - H ' i?i?'?L':4lf , U- 1' 31:1 rvl' 2: lhvui- , ..,, , Y Z-1,4 A .P'-iz.-Lia -L Lg! -I N T, -,Ju N M-t2w:1,' w,1. ' ' - 'N 1 x f' ' 1 ...' 5.7:-,k'Z.,J'-.-'11 -' , 4 . V 'H ,, , , ' 'gf X '1 M-i'1f','q?5.'5'4.--If gvmlgmgtlffaa r,fW,w 'Tt,,.Qy, W wx ' H I A P-A . , X X X U If A A Q A Y t Y L W H x '. x , , , 1 Q w CSC . . . and The New ,L A P- ?Y. . 2 w 1 w ,... .. , 3 f-5 ...i W " Q,..-f .,--f- ,- ...-- Yesterday, today and tomorrow-all are important at CSC. just as the buildings range from the beloved and historical Old North Tower to the modern convenience of the Max Chambers Library and the Physical Educa- tion annex, so the entire college retains the best of the past, while embracing the new. Traditional studies are taught along with the newer finite math, physics and Russian courses to modern students who attend the oldest institution of higher learning in the Sooner state. ,Z . gm., V, like :TW 73N 2579. if A Q gps: Iywww' as ix X iw, rf .JEEEV n vu' fn si' i K 1- 52,4 'S' J tv M1 P, WJ ,Q 2,32,aP1 TAX as yi L 'sf J 4333.223 ,We- f -yss 1 is 1 if Q X sa is We 12132 ff? ESQZSQ1 ., T iw v Q x f l were sf fanei E 1 W' 45, 2 4 5 X X if as Xiu .f X 1 5 f 1 H sk .1 5 2 :,gx x Q 1 X v 3 us gigs: I! 1 EF., ,,,,, AERA AWBEHL BRUSH! mmmnmm nwmsam The early history of our struggling young state was paralleled by the courageous spirit of early administra- tors of the college. Following completion of Old North in 1893, and the Administration building that brought much pride in 1903, it was many years before money was again available for such projects. Finally, after a fiery campaign for funds in 1916 by Charles Evans, work was begun on Evans Hall that was to serve as the library until 1957. Now completely remodeled and air-conditioned, Evans houses the social studies department and the widely known Library of Original Evidence. XXXX Mitchell hall, the auditorium, is the scene of many dramatic pro- ductions, musicals, assemblies Y and many other activities. 'X .ull x 1 -' N :iw , . Q"x1-- E ,J .. x 'L li 2,15 4 A . .jx ,L 1 4 9, yy 4 mmm-n.m mi W 122 sis 4 .. is ami 5 is E 4.5911 Saw LU EH, is Q Q Q 431 Ev Q Q ii T2 i1FQ!3kQ?2!E Q 5 SM ffah BRA Q Q W Q -rv 2 fm Ligfiijfa mEE!SEfif imgifmfiii His FQQQLZNHQLQ !?QL?wfEt rw-new-Q EHQESWQ gmvjiwv Z' .-f" s 1 Health and physical education students lzea-med with pride this year as the new annex provided them with four new classrooms, offices and an activity room- all air conditioned. Wantland hall continues to serve other facets of the PE program. Music and drama departments were expanded fol- lowing World War II. Practice rooms, a band room and amphi-theatre equipped for radio broadcasting are now in daily use. : -xx: 1r:mf,z-na aazevggv -Summa mmmmgg m:m:.:s -Www.: X532 EE amassi- gn mms Tm mmf :fines as n mann X ss msaw gm as a a as sm as as mn mm f 1: mr X a sum ,asm using si NU ,, :r 5-4- ---.. '-8 ' if .. 1- eff 11, - 1 ' Practical and fine arts live peaoeably under the same roof in the Industrial Arts building. Woodworking and the use of tools are taught in one side of the huild- ing while on the other students are painting or carving pieces of art. Eager young journalists also develop skill in this build- ing. They write and edit the VISTA, the oldest con- tinuous college newspaper in the state. The awe- inspiring presses reign over the rear of the building, turning out the newspaper twice-weekly as well as other printed matter used on the campus. yu' gk ve W 55+-1.3 ' 51, 1" ,,,aif'zs K' M1-, gs is '23 . KL! 1 ll 6 The advent of the space age adds mystery and excitement to the hallowed halls of Howell hall, Budding young scientists, pre- med, pre-dental, and pre-nursing students all get their basic training here. Underclassmen in other fields also taste a small portion in their general education courses of science and biology. A paradox of the dreaded, yet the most appreciated when illness strikes, the modern CSC infirmary with the registered nurse stands guard over the student's health. From the smallest of pains to the more serious, to the preventative medicine, students find the help they seek, either from the RN or the staff doctors. f of Q 1 T2 2 if . ' 5352. 'ag '-sri' 1. ef' .df-YP 4527 TW E emi? I "Keri-v Q3 -wllfwfi 1- rvfjisig jfqf - .fe -1 . , YV ., , W jg. S. -ga , 7 Y L19 I 'Y E' 3-.nt Enrollment time is full of thrills-and tired feet and aching fingers. There are forms to be signed, tests to be taken, lines to be waited in, people to be found, and books to be bought. Seniors tell freshmen, "You never had it so good! You should have been here when I was a freshman." Yes, procedures have been simplified and enrollment ac- celerated. Literally, a hundred advisers, are now on duty during enrollment to assist the student and speed him on his way. Information desks are set up, instructions are clearer and lines are far, far shorter. Enrollment is now on specific days according to alphabetical order of last names. Further improvements are even now being plan- ned. Maybe todayis freshmen will have a tale to tell when they are seniors. 4 1 1. I w, .,. LP: jg- A. iff -,..-Q. ---fr ,E 'f se -- H. . y 3':-'s'1'f. ' , vhgipi s. .l li- ,fs . ,I Y., ti, ,F -,-,, 1,-,Ny ,. wr , ,L-1 .i f - r' 1 rm, E5 4-ky 'M JM Pl .nga M if N. fy , 4 B5 q B his .L 5 if E W H ra, mx E N I F H 1 L, qs, .- qs, s gf. wfregea ' -' 'w'Hf- M., I f--wa 5 gr A 31' ' 1+ .15lii'iF. Q75-:Q , fi,1J4r H, fu wi--if iff.. -5351, N I H55 - f- . '!1?'E1'5'f - :K 5 'f f. A ,, 1,-,w4x.+,s+X 1 - 1 Jn mei. .1-fha, Q E15 ,5 in .336-pg qi- ,Ev gn E ' i,, J fr. . EM .A. ,i 5?-5,1 . .. -nv Q J, -1 1 ni' I r 1 ,. sf L, h W -' , ,J 1 W. rr , V. P X, 5 :H .3 ,2 , fl' -3.5, 'EX 2-LI-T A P" " '-X 9.4, 2 nf' -af is V '5-m,. , V V l' 75 ls ,-71 . .V , b ,fy 1 E 'S ,W . L ' film. " 1, ?.. . ,. f, A F "lim w f l 'I ui, ii ,i Q, lx w 'I -' Q- 1 ' . " riffs X-ini -'ww -. ' is A v."1l?f 5 y wi- s .f 'QI J! V 'A '.'4 4' . , sv Q n am ri Q 1 -.,, 5-1 ' A --A 1 N A: E -z v' if ':L?f,, :FS . is A ' 'YW' .Q -rg 'Kr w si at? wi I Fjlfu :H E L A : a?.,.fs- .iff r it S E if EFF ' ' iw M Y Q- A 'Wir - , NE E was Q vef- ' S" Q , , .3L45'L, - xiii V-Jn 'V , .ii Q mu, , Q '32 una . . , W., E3 i ffl, ' .. mi-,ini ic - 1 A . mfs, ,LA effs, -gif: if . QQ 5 ' fm.,-1:21 'i I - 'Vai 'I FRE'-jf . . :?,EwHa,t.fJ.e if 'E-im L is in A - .sf .. ,f . V1-f .idk QV., -A - 412,-,..,,s ,,- .x -1. Rest and relaxation, coffee and colces, dining and dancing are all on tap at the favorite spot on campus -The Student Union. A long-awaited dream of stu- dents of yesteryear, this building hosts students on the few minutes' break, as well as the regulars who major in uunionologyf' Dates are rehashed, theories are expounded, tests are worried ooer, teachers praised or blamed, last minute cramming is done- all in the friendly hub-bub in the Union. The large ballroom is the scene of the prettiest gowns or the sloppiest of jeans, depending on the occasion. Music may be provided by hit tunes on the jake box or a band acquired for the special evening, JU! ,.'f,,ff,- -- - ffxwy 'ffgffie SMI' Quiet and solitude in the midst of busy campus life is provided in the unique Y-Chapel of Song. A long labor of love sponsored by the YWCA and the YMCA, theuchapel was finally completed following World War II. Beautiful hand-carved benches, stained glass windows-designed by students and forged in the ovens of the Art department-add beauty and dignity to this place of peace. Many weddings, prayer and song services and even me- morial rites are held here. The rose window shining down over the pulpit tells the story. It says "Blest Be the Tie That Binds Our Hearts In Christian Love." 5. xx 4"'2v.,,,,,gq -r V ii .C 1 I ..... in I, 'E y M L Q, xl . sl-. I i I . ' 'G I F ' V Y 5:if,a-21:1 ' Y v , 3- ,WV 1. fy 'W ,Z - 1 I .ff as .-AL in I 1 .ln igwwgiy 2 "'. -aunt. aimaufmil mn 'ms' KH' S ,EEE mm ZQSXQQ' V2 1 iz? Q W-QS! T' iw? ffm A Effffffiteiwl .Q-zsmifzmcf .w:,:..,s1'few s m Q ,.: is . i Y-U1 is .1 1 3 , Q E W - as at ss a ss nt ' 'S-H B H -:Bi gs W... Baja- ss ummm Q kg ss an use my an mg ss sf' Q sag a W : msgs B .45 germ ,tg zmiigffg-fgw lie fiwqufozw '. ieuhmmsx . Fizwwrii fem weggsfga , f- 3 . we Q snkgs 1 ..:-:- .Q SE gi? we Ygigmgwigzi tiegwwz ggi? Mwgi fi iarmamy 295155 rf gg! ww tg' 1 rv ,xwajx ..,.-1,5 Y 353.1 fs go, Msg E xEg i2fw. F-EWESXWN 1 Kiwi ' M g et A-5 -4 Heading up the faculty and staff at Central State is Presiklent W. Max Chambers, who has devoted more than 40 years to education in Okla- homa. A graduate of CSC himself, Dr. Chambers has degrees from Berea college, OU, and Colorado State College of Education where he received his doctorate. He also attended Harvard Law school and Columbia university. One of his biggest honors among many was his being inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame during this year. Recognized for his scholastic and patriotic endeavors, he was presented the award by Governor Ray- mond Gary at a Statehood Day banquet. He has long been listed in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in American Education and the Directory of American Scholars. A forthright and friendly individual, the President is known and loved by faculty and students alike. Although he works tirelessly for academic superiority for the college, he always has time to enjoy sports, plays and musical programs. I-Ie is also active in many civic and charitable activities. This year he received an award for outstanding service in the state Mental Health program. Since coming to CSC as president in 1949, Dr. Chambers has seen the enrollment triple and has been responsible for many, many improve- ments to the school. Curriculum, faculty, and physical plant have all been expanded to handle what is now the third largest college enrollment in the state. 11 .vs As President Chambers has said, buildings, teachers and administrators exist for one reason-the students. CSC has many activities for both girls and boys. Murdaugh hall is called home by more than 350 girls each year. There books are studied, letters are written or read, secrets are told, and impromptu parties break out on a minute's notice. Of course, the head residents are al- ways on hand to chaperone. Many jobs on campus are available to co-eds. Office work, the telephone switchboard and lots of others help pay expenses. And, somehow, time is always found for rest and play. A 1,,w,:s, 1, - , 1 'by Ja . H, :H -Us-Jf :XY , :A ul If-3' 2-T"" ' " I 'Y , A L-'1,.,. . g, My , N 4 ' a I - ini I x, N- A :Yi la , - ' I i j-X "2,' . S 1 x if ,ff is -Af Y" il f fir if r Eli-,,g'i" Qs-' X i-s h I' s i I w 1 l I H - 1 1 vqllfx K t li H r mwah 'M apu Illllll mlm nnmil. mimi ml 1 s s 12 Thatcher hall is home to the boys on campus. With the new wing added last year, there is now comfortable space for 240. lt's a place of retreat ew, ff . L KJ where men can be men. Housemothers manage to turn bedlam into order, though, when study- ing is at hand. y 1 ss A .L ,. ,. -xxf' 5 MIWP1 nw s Un., Lxizflza ,V ,. 2'-X :L MZTJQ 5 ' my 'Q H H - Needless to say, the boys find relaxation over the snooker table, Qwnrs it M in friendly chats on the lawn, and at the many formal and informal get-to-gethers on the campus. They drive everything from hot-rods to the latest foreign ujobsf' Others find walking quite convenient. A well worn path runs between Thatcher and Murdaugh. cm , .,. 55223, ez .-we . -fu. SEEK-V' ww- RQ? , ga if - ri , mm. 5 . J as wk Q ss n 5 ua, B -SS an mv mmm 5 ami, ax-ww, Q, -, El 'uni-'FS gs'-'n Y -wx 'ff EMW 4 nn- m -X xx min-. K na as 5 was he M -wg?-.mms gmes.s HBE Swift? B Q9 ' E W i,w.w, AO B5 C0?'Dd E Qq RP SST Qi Work and play-play and work. They are well proportioned at CSC. Sometimes the two are evenly combined. Students learn about government as they hold and take part in elections. Fresh- men learn good sportsmanship at Kangaroo Court. But soon they'll settle down to hard work. HJ ,jx I Although CSC is noted for its hard working stu- dents, many of them being cornmutors, there is still plenty of school spirit on display, Car stick- ers and banners proudly bear the school name. Homecoming always finds downtown windows decorated for the Broncs. sigma si iffelw. ? 'if K Lv: ff S ' zzfv I K Band members forget them- W selves as the big play is made. A minute later the 'll be s f Y,i'4l3a y leading the stands as they A52 cheer the team to victory. f M .s X . V. . ITL-J ellflfi H W XY5 Zz 12545518 Backed by the sports minded town of Edmond which includes many alumni of CSC, crowds through to the football games and other events. Whether it be the sweltering heat of Indian summer at Homecoming or the wintry blasts near the end of the season, students and townspeople alike braoe the elements to spur the Bronchos to bictory. Enthusiasm paid off well, especially for the basketball team which won the state play offs and went to Kansas City for the first time in twenty years. But the big game that the crowd enjoys is just the encl result of long months of Q fr training and practice to get the boys in shape. Coaches work endless hours to ready the athletes for action, whether it be for football, basketball, track, tennis or golf. v' jf Vw .. 'Y . . - So even an amateur mathematician 'A ' 1 zzzz ""' "" c o uld add up the academic studies the teacher training the social activities the 2 ,' , Wi, , ag .xr , , 'ggi im! work and play, the school spirit, and ' Q . it would equal the well rounded Ameri- ,K x 1 4, can boy or girl-a product of Central State College. is 259 ' 1 'Wigs ..,... .. s . 5. .. .,:ga :aft 1 Y ,,.. . .. I juni n r Y ., if ,Y .:r"" axis-, 1- -f . Ygiiiiiix 1. ' 1 r , J , 1, -m1.'fff-' ' """-' 'V . A ' . , - :"' - -,M W" " ,- ,V 'JIU' eh: ma.. YM i -I I ,. "'- - f- Ph.: " efwff , 1, V1 .- r"lk 4 -Ep :f'55-'Eiga fs,--ggaivrg 12, E, fi . , 21525-i::57-'riff'-'f-li' i' K 'L ter' 'L .-- N 'il-1. Q ,r . 5 .,,- ,PEM - W - ef l m ' ' ' ' "" ' -, -.,.- n, ' . ,--:l:q1.'g1:1! 1 hz " nj,-' I - , 1 ... -1141.-- ,,,, ' 1 1 f. I . ' lf. -1 ff- , -N, -, wx, sz . - , - .' ' . --fv-41... ' - .,- h .x P . 1 .4 .gg gl , 1 1 E 1 1 'V rv' x a . . K . If 1- iw 'gif' - -1- - I . . Q v 'am' -,,i..l 31. ,1C,s,'a..i "H H Y ' wap-w '1-212.31 sci 5 A Q' ' 5 "fl t ,J 4' ' af. ll I ' xi' 'r "" I9 Q 6 J- 12 3' 3 f 1' Fu , X 1 -1. 1 x 1 x ' 42 'S .z 1 4 1 1 1' vgf vi- , 4 11 '. I lf. ... ' ' - wif i .,,. , Q mud ,,, - 5 fe., ,, .bs -. If -3: -' . .azvzhvgyp .. Y. " Hr-' i . if Q' f,,1A,Tt -c-' -LAY , .. .,- 1 , "4-gf - 4 , afsz.-,,.. .f.s,. . .ut " 'I -- Q", . . ,-' -55.59-e-7: A , 5 . K. 1 .:', P .I - 1: , if ,. , Um? .-'J-" - g 'J .--L 3. -1? fir:-25+ ,, L5 'n 31 L- -. 935 . 1 "1 ' '--vw -, - W1 5 '-Wi. 1-M , . 4" ' -5' : 'ilfakffft' , ' + , - UW- ...,.gj' L "U ,, ,J , '-gi-5,- nag,-.l . we 4. - 3-fs 2:2-1:-9. 7 - 5 4Q,g,3..'7-- A 1 ,-gfe4t4g,-a,,,1-s.wi.f-- --y .,,Q,,g,. 2:51-f-. ,L:,',jI'1+js:-5...:.f."fd.fziei'1??5:f.fQ -. "f'a7f.'1i1:" . ,, - , , egg , 3.5 - I Q1.'LgTQ"i1"Q-f'ffQ.'.gr,g',.gQ.1.E?'5f. " ,,g,:f:-33gg.1:g'5gf,Z-'15 er.-.-L.I1 ,. 2 jj-" -Q: '.' ,--:iff .1 lf--'fp - '1 ' '-,311-1?-1-.L'v, -5- 2 '- -2 ,1 .fu ,. - ----'ffm-,ah ..---p ,-hr.1v,,gfiK. zfffiaf-:P,',. ,JZ ,jj-ff:-ff-2 lf? ff, '5fH'.:,'- 3. .1 it :gfj -rs--'5'ff,3,,"y5 J.: -f"irgf..fg3-1-Af:--.-if:-I:-Tift..-l ' f -- S35 5, ,I , Qi- .--1'-"'Q'1"'fQ.1"'f'1:Ili ':-.- n :ff-yg'-':i! rw fx, a.. V , .W -,f ..,. , , ., 5 . ,,. 1 9.523511-3"f Pwr- 3.-'fsf -L f:,::fv:i?ff4ivavffE 11.314-2 "e:"1.f ' 'if-'figs Y . to EW ' ' -if x - iii' sw- - 3'-'249"'A - 1' ' 1 Y I W -s' 4 C l ' , sf- L? V I 1 . Z, ..- X Ar.: - -V 1, , clit' ,- . A. K H , is Vs 3 522' if ' -A --.' ' .,.. - A Pig! - W- I :LN h "'3,f,fi V G12-:L 7 "r'- r g -A 4 - . - it ,-QQ..-, ,gig 5, Q 1 Q "' A C if E ' so f. 3 i' 4522, 3- if f -sgjk 4 -3, ikj ra '5 N To Search is to findg To find is to learn ZH ,WL , I K f f f I s ' ri , f , I, . . Y W Ag V ,KL, wr- f """i 4 i mm lair . ... wyplgm ,,'gL- ,,., .,L,. .ZQZ "A: E1 , 2 i W ff CLASS PER FINE ,AfRTS A . ,- . Q PORT . fa- wif: ORGANIZATIONS we 'KM-Wiimsi To the Students and Faculty of Central State College: I extend my greetings to the students and faculty of Central State College and also wish to express my appreciation for the fine work that has been done during the past year. I am glad to have this opportunity to congratu- late the members of the staff of the BRONZE BOOK as I am sure this issue will be as excellent as those that have been produced in prior years. As a member of the Board of Regents of Central State College, I am in a position to note the growth and the resultant problems at our great College. Al- though I believe Dr. Max Chambers and his admin- istrative staff have used wisdom and sound planning, I know we still have many problems. I urge all stu- dents to give their best to help further the interests of the College. I urge this of you now and also when you become graduates. Sincerely yours, Oliver Hodge State Superintendent To the Students and Faculty of Central State College: To thousands of young Oklahomans this is one of the most important times of the year. To you and to those who are finishing another school year in the colleges and universities of Oklahoma, it is a time to look forward and a time to reflect. It is a time to look back over the past year and determine if all possible advantages were utilized to their fullest during this school year. At Edmond you are priviledged to be attending one of the finest schools of its kind in the nation. It is a school with out- standing staff and with an outstanding physical plant. This is also a time of the year to plan ahead. To plan either to return another year to the classrooms at Edmond or to some other university or to begin the application of what you have learned during your years in school. It is my sincere hope to each of you that on whichever course, it will be one of progress and of prosperity to you and to your state. Sincerely, I. Howard Edmondson GOVERNOR , ,. """x.. u lf ' ' V. M X i , Q .V V1 H.. Z I L 'x 37 Q. 'Q' if M-1' , . +722 -i I :J x ' . H ju, .' 7- hx- Y ' Q L QMS! ' 1 - iii.. . X-.xx I. Q? G-,J- STATE BOARD OF REGENTS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION. Top row-Cleo O. Doggett, Cherokee, Vice Chairman, VVharton Mathies, Clayton, Chairman, S. A. Bryant, Cushing, Secretary, W. D. Little, Ada, Iulius H. Iohnston, Lawton. Bottom row-Guy Harris, Ardmore, Dr. Claude S. Chambers, Seminole, Bob F. Allee, Hammon, Assistant Secretary, Dr. M. A. Nash, Oklahoma City, Chancellor, T. G. Sexton, Okla- homa City, Administrative Assistant. Board of Regents STATE BOARD OF REGENTS OF OKLAHOMA COLLEGES. Top row-Mrs. Elizabeth Anthis, Muskogee, S. C. Boswell, Ada, Bert Brundage, Thomas, M. C. Collum, Oklahoma City, Executive Secretary. Bottom row-Dr. T. Colwick, Ir., Durant, Vice-President, Earl Drennan, Oklahoma City, President, john Fisher, Marlow, Joe B. Mon- roe, Cherokee, Oras A. Shaw, Tulsa. ' ::' 7'Tf Y V . ' if W . Lf' '5-..v-' . 'J r A--A " S J X Y f""N ar- , I 2. n-fi . A A 9 .. W N-sf is Q.. ' Ha.-2 U, , .ami ' fjrhxg - f' 5 ' , ,, 1 N p --- 1 aw r ., V V r. Il President Chambers takes time out of his busy schedule to enjoy a social evening with Mrs. Chambers. Mrs. Dorothea Meagher does the honors at the punch bowl. Message from the President EDUCATION is a striving to reach distant realms of knowledge and skills. Higher education re- quires greater purposes for those who seek to develop their potentialities. Higher education has a responsi- bility to develop citizens who are able to meet the obligations which today,s events place upon them. A group of citizens, dedicated to uphold the tra- ditions and high standards of excellence of our six state colleges, is the Board of Regents. The members of this Board are representative of the major areas of knowledge and skill as revealed by their occupations and professions which include medicine, law, in- dustry, business, education, housewives, oil produc- ing, ranching and banking. These faithful, conscientious citizens receive only passing recognition for the great work they do in the supervision of the six state colleges, accommodating a combined student enrollment of 11,802 served by a total teaching and administrative personnel of 629 and supported by a total of 34,275,481 Central State College takes this means of ex- pressing thanks to our governing board for their help and guidance. No college is greater than its faculty, for in their hands rests the educational destiny of the thousands of students who beat a path to their doors for help and guidance. We take this opportunity to pay our respects to a valiant group of soldiers of education who struggle to advance the cause of education and at the same time try to maintain a position of economic respect- ability. We must not overlook the choices many of our devoted teachers make when they choose between paths of materialism and personal service to their fellow men. Society owes a great debt of gratitude to these teachers who have cast their lot on the side of human resources. Once again we pay our respects to another group of noble men and women. Colleges are more than stone, glass and steel. Colleges do not exist for Board of Regents, teachers or administrators, but for our future citizens. Central State College views with great pride the student body, which in a short space of time has in- creased from 1,000 students to more than 3,000. The institution has received a greater challenge to do justice, to so many, who rely on the college's resources for the realization of their dreams for a brighter future. "Humane learning, essentially invisible and in- tangible, is central to a good life, a good nation, and a good culture, only, we take it for granted." DR. W. MAX CHAMBERS Administration 1 ARMSTRONG Dean of Women DR. JOE C. JACKSON Dean of the College President CHARLES RICHMOND Dean of Men .f, ,:----- :mr , if Q l ' T E. TRUMAN WESTER Registrar Business Manager Financial Secretary OSCAR SULLINS LEDA CANTRELL 21 I wa MARILYN AFFLECK Instructor 'of Sociology HERWANNA BARNARD Assistant Professor of English DR. JOHN BOLAND Lecturer in Education JOHN H. BOWEN Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts .4 ,, ,r.,, X. KATHRYN ALCORN DR. DERYLE ALLEN Instructor of Art Education DR. MILTON BAST Chaimlan of Department of Business LILLIAN BOLAND Instructor of Speech DONALD BOYCE Instructor of Mathematics Associate Professor of Education JOE E. BEAVER Instructor of Science N x . l . 1 9 4, CLARA ALTAFFER FRANK ANDERSON DR. CLAUDE Assistant Professor of Assistant Director Associate English of Printing of English DONNA BET OW ALFRED T. BLEVINS Assistant in Finance Physical Education BOATMAN Office Instructor and Football Professor of Sci e Coach ' MOLLIE RUTH BOTTOMS Assistant Professor of English NOAH BRIDGES Head of Maintenance Department EDITH BUTLER, R.N. GLENN BUTLER JAMES F. BU'l College Nurse Director of Publications Instructor of Assistant Professor of Econonucs Ioumalism rf-..:F"' E LJ HOWARD CLARK REBA COLLINS ELLEN IEAN COTTON DR. ANN COYNER Instructor of Business Assistant to the Director Photographer Professor of Business JAMES B DAVIS MARION DAVIS DR. ETHEL DERRICK ARTEOLA B. DEW Professor of Biology FRED DRAKE Assistant Professor of Social Studies OVA FARROW Student Union Manager Assistant Professor of Speech and Humanities W. M. ELLIS Printer LOREE FERGUSON Instructor of Education HELON CRAVVFORD Secretary to Dean of the College RALPH DEWEBER Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts MARVAL EVANS Chairman of Division of Science GLADYS FORD Chairman of Home Economics Dept. ARTHUR GADDIS Assistant Professor of English JOHN GRAHAM Instructor of Speech H 'Heal ,sf-f .ri GLADYS GAYLE DOROTHY GLEASON PAULI E BARBARA GARDER DR. CLARENCE Assistant Professor GARDER of Music Professor of Music DR. FREDERICK DR. GEORGE GUESS I. GRAVES Associate Professor Professor of History of Education Faculty and Staff Instructor of Education Member of Library Staff Instructor of CAL F. GUTHRIE CATHERINE HADEN DR. E. C. HA Instructor of Mathematics Instructor of Education Chairman of Du of Education F Year Coach John Smith, athletic director Dale Hamilton BERTHA HAMILL D ALE HAMILTON MARITA B and program chalrman Bill MCM1Hlmy discuss Chairman of Director of Athletics Assistant plans for the homecoming lettermen's banquet. Department of Art of Education s--Lg-, '-"SEE -sw.. Su 52 YM at 4'-it H GI sr mg! VIRGINIA GLENN HARDWAY DR. H. G. HENSLEY ,- FL . RDEN Graduate Assistant Professor in Science IVAN C. HOLMES Assistant to Director of Publications JOHN W. HUTCHINSON Instructor of Business Associate Professor of Education DR. GERLOF HOMAN Associate Professor of Social Studies CHESTER INGRAHAM Instructor of Industrial Arts X xxifx C. E. HERRING Assistant Professor of Mathematics DR. REGINALD O. HOCKER Associate Professor of Biology Faculty members greet students at the Presiclent's "5-?', .2 M .. ,,, . -- . ,. J ' ,1..,i5 .' ff'-." .' Hi fig.. J V n 1 , este' si TD. 3 3 L: 2" 1 ' J J 13 8. V X V., 'I ' ff . rip I ia.: . at xi +L . ADA INCRAIW Assistant to Librarian Iii .. 1 A 5 i, PAULINE INCRAM Instructor of English MILLIE JOHNSON DR. ERNEST JONES MARION LEWIS Secretary to President Associate Professor of Maintenance Educationg Director of Reading Services JOHN LUIDENS LARRY LYNCH ROBERT E. LYON DR. WHIT MARKS MARGURETE McGUIRE Assistant Professor Graduate Assistant Instructor of Science Associate Professor of Assistant Librarian of History in Science Science MARY MELTON CARRIE BELLE MEYER Bookkeeper Head Resident of Thatcher Hallg Assistant Librarian Mrs. W. Max Chambers and Mrs. Kathryn Alcorn enjoy conversation and punch at the President's EYPLARDE' NICHOLS MARYETTA NICHQLS reception. airmanf rid Oepartment Instructor of Education o usic GENE A. Instructor of DOROTHEA Mum Chairman of Depar of Mathematics CARL MILA Instructor oz Social Studie WILMA Assistant to the if ' O N5 C3 giwx L. PAYNE LUCILLE PETERS r in Finance Office Instructor of Mathematics TH RALSTON WENDELL RALSTON usic Lecturer Assistant Professor of Music VIRGINIA PETERS Instructor of Physical Education DR. RALPH REED Professor of Business 'Qi College nurse Edith Butler takes care of Janie Coil, one of the many patients she treats throughout the year. pai W ELMER PETREE Director of Extension and Correspondence, Associate Professor of Education DR. EARL C. RICE Professor of Mathematics VIVIAN ROOFE Assistant Hostess, Murdaugh Hall PEARL SHELDON Instructor of Business JANE PINKERTON EMMA PLUNKETT Instructor of Mathematics Chaim1an of Women's Department of Health and Physical Education ROBERT RICHARDSON VIRGINIA Assistant Professor of Social Studies NELL RUSTON Instructor of Education S. D. SHEPHERD Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education RICHARDSON Lecturer in Mathematics CARL SHAFER Instructor of Science EUGENE SIMPSON Head of Graphic Arts Department lf,-Jef. 'Gil Y , ... e,.. V-,gg ff- Q 'Iii IACK SISSON Instructor of Music WINIFRED E. STAYTON Instructor of Education College teachers and students alike enjoy one of the many social functions on the CSC campus. DR. ASBURY SMITH JOHN SNIITH Chairman of Division of Basketball Coach and Industrial Arts Instructor of Health and Physical Education DR. CARL THOMAS ROGER UMPHERS Chairman of Division of Instructor of History Social Studies and Government :Biff-""' -M I, .I 9, K 4, . 1 ,, rug... I 45 ',-.- - I s. . LORAN B. SNELS ON Assistant Professor of Education ROY K. VALLA Assistant Professor of Science DR. SAM O. WEBSTER Associate Professor of Science C. H. SPEARMAN, IR. PHYLLIS Social Studies' Lecturer Secretary to GRADY WATKIN S Professor of English BARBARA M. WHEELER Inshuetor of Business and Home Economics 1. Dean of DR. HARRISON Professor of Educ FLORENCE Instructor of MARY E. EDMUND WHITSON FLORRIE WILSON DR. DAN L. WILLSON SHIRLEY WISDOM HITEHURST Assistant Professor of Director of Student Associate Professor of Assistant to the Registrar ead Hostess, Social Studies Teaching Science Faculty and Staff Miss Emma Plunkett relates her summer fishing trip to Ian Hoberecht and Mrs. Hoberecht with the fisherman's typical ex- pression "You should have seen the one that got away." 'vt- .23 75. s :l'qi":"x. J if ss? Q'-I.-fbi! ,x, . , 'J'-1-' H- , P xiii' 59 fi-:2i"f'ff S 44,2 ff ' I - ss '. :rn Q ,N Q, " ' 51' 'I i"5'k:f'l 53531 X.: in .-if as-sw fa. 4- we f ' P' fm ,-"gf KM: fu- J -IJQ, 'I My ,Q QJQQ '.,--eff' 1,14-' I ,lqfil Q Sf I fix-:,,, ff' .Q-its sizes 1' l . "X, Alf' Bobby Allensworth Beverlee A. Barnett r pw...-.2 5 W fav? wg? .3 'I is ss, Don Anderson John W. Battershell Tom Alsip Homer O. Barnett Lloyd Betow az. aw. fir . 'Q Y f .3 A l X -g f -N .A V si , ...4 A-E J J. -. W ,4i- -, aff' 3 - K., A Inn , fn T-,al 'E .V Y " . .rf-3 A 'xiii-Wsfaeif 'l ri' ,M .tv 515' "' :.?'f ,JV .lf Wxlxgg na. . f -um NW I Eiqg lihl I 'N ' ' lirmn 9.45 59" A - Ellouise Bishop Cheatwood Lola I. Blake - Q 4 .M ' mf .Vigil Ioe B. Bingham Bob L. Blackburn Carl Blakely James C. Boatman 'im 11 M . A ., BML-4.1.5331 at ,, .air .2 EW7 F A . ,Z .. ,. 5 , ' 4'silf?i:z ' gm V Y W. W 1 f' .,sl,.:.,. ,, sf, 'A ' T ,.,:.- - ' 251 Q.-.zu .mm ' .fr .Ls . az: .4 egos 'f . , X ee AQ? - 1 ,.f.f:. . A , fu, ur wwf ' A . :F..3,: 1 '1'.:fw:2k. f" A fu. H1 EBSQ? - - , Q K. . . fi Zig? - , ..... , fin - ,A w . ,..,.. . .2 . , , ' . H. . rip' 'Q , .Qi l, fi, . ,EV 1 4 X A - . : . " H lx ' ' lx - - ., Q R. Mi r 'Z ,. . .. , ,- , M M. 5 H... Ls. sw V .sw :.: . t -,HEI .,-,.,....... ,, rg 5 H Ming. ,., W ww m . M- ..-l... 955' ' 'Jn 1 ' . - f- V551 Q Wm .Si-. yfu 8 131 ' , 55 Q' . , I , i . x M , . 3 P 'Q N E 'ab ' 35 4' ' vv -,L ,Ah aww... X w 4732 Q. Q 1 Ek , sw I " 2 ,M .H .. Q , il ' -.I l . 531 if 7 ' 'eral 1 gg? N? 5 H fx .K ' T ,, , on 'JC A -ff ' ., Y it El. I .1 .. ."E?e, ,. C . " Guqueta L. Austin Iohn G. Bednar Mary Io Bondurant ,iiws F a M!5?1fl dlpsif Jmfnl' Qs wr . Martha D. Bard johnny L. Bam: jack E. Bennett Jean A. Benne L. Elizabeth Boone john R. Bow j. ' .ski - fr I 5 'ohh if if l 3 X sn if .. 5 x x EA. Xi F SENIORS 'bf rr? M I f .A'b , . W V f .Z .1-ffawfwllf -if ' gil .yjffl ' lx V. Bowen G. Brown M. Callaway D. Iayne Boyers Robert E. Browning Bonnie Campbell B. Ca.1-bin Bob L. Careathers I rn S .. w Robert L. Bratton Carlton E. Brock David D. Brunsen Mary L. Burns Alma Brown Gale Brown Carol Cagle Doyle E. Caldwell ,. ni.. .: , A. XF , During a gay conversation in front of the girls, dorm, one of the mem- bers holds the attention of the group by demonstrating a little. Della Io Carlson Robert N. Carlson - r nrrr 'lf' .,,.. L If , ..., io . " - 13. f , 1. Neva Carraway AB if V Charley D. Carter -x -is... ii ,J A wifi: :miami l, W ' '92 , L wi X lx 1 mlm Q A Julian C. Cavalier Carroll E. Clarkson Bobby H. Clifton Val Cochran O. I. Collins . Nag, , 'QA .-QQ ,Q X ..,,,' W -sig A it Aaron B. Copeland Thomas C. Daniels Jim R. Danner LaRue Davidson Delman L. Dennis -12136 f4U' , .,o A J ,X X 'Fir X 2 5. 55- ' V V H A 1' 'dh-L Billie Dieball Dick L. Dolpli Alberta C. Eddens Wilma I. Edge ri: . '1,,,Q, Don Dougherty Barbara K. Edwards SENIORS james Elliott Roberta Elliott Boyd R. Endecott Odell A. Enoch Murl D. Ergenbright Clyde Eslick 'SSA . X If-il. Marion C. Earnest Vernon W. Ebert Clarles W Freda V. Eichor Billie R. Elliott Bob G Clifford V. England Donald F. Ethridge .xx Pauline K Ethridge Peggy .Jem . .Q Y' gf.-"f'1 J pun' 1. X' ,Qui 3 N , ,-gg in-v iv V -G?" 'W filliam R. Faulk jerry R. Fent Bob G. Fincher Eula E. Firth A. Gaines Ray Gambill Gardner Lanny A. Gardner ar- e ? . 'W I ' , Iack E. Fields Mary C. Fields Ray Fields Wallace R. Fields David A. Fisher Pat D. Fournier Stan Fredrick Russ Frye 4- ,V Y Central Staters pause to cool their dancing feet in the student union lounge. johnny O. Garland LaVeme Garrison Linda Garrison Larry O. Garten mm fm: - W 51: wg- w ' .4 , ' it r .rx-'J ' 192232, 1' .,' fl ..1:.,e 1.3-rl X-pix-,Haw E we . ..,.. gm EB' 511 . wa-ff J it 5 A F 1 W l , , has L j g 2? isa ' if u Q- mail: alll? -.4 ' uw r X gy L QE? M' 5 'uw u naw U uw Robert L Glover eanme M Glbbens Thomas G Glelchmann Ronald D Good oyce Graham Gary Gray SE IDR Robert A Greenwood Thelma B Grywalskl james E Hall Sandra Hall iii!" X 935 Z' ' N . ..., , .Q 4 kiwi' V F FP" Q -' " "-'7"" . w . . .Y ,. .aw , .. w i' . + X- 4 ' ' X 'lf' f ' M ' s P A 5 . , . . Q sg 'g 1' f ' rf Q I 5 'i jt-r --.Q! ,l- . X' if fi ww. . 532 fm, Q'-x 9f""Y 'P s ,V .av -gs-fx 9. A 1, T 'Q' ii , fflfipfla 5 1 , 4 , l V ' , lbert L. Handke eggie C. Harris mes M. Heflin eon Henderson ilbert R. Hill UP' i-' W 5- L, 5, I ,vein limi. f'rs.....f-Qfsmgi' 'marie X 'W 5 '4 .21 , 1 l 5,5 xfl: 'Mx QF, Q P .xl Q 3 Norman N. Hanks William S. Hart Motie A. Heller jack Hennessey Marjorie D. Hively M ,. , -4 L .r -45- -L ,5f:,li. X sr-""" L- 5 1 N, NG' Hugh Hardway Carolyn Hauser Charlene Hixenbaugh n 11 rv" Mary E. Harper Neely P. Harper Don I. Harris Patsy I. Hawkins Marion W. Hayden Oran H. Heath Central State students pause for refreshments at the student union. Royce D. Hodges Carrol D. Honeycutt Frank S. Hopkins as-4-' i1w H , ,B f 3:33 W in 'r X :wwf nw? E-,,gQ . M ig 55, . wi c W 553 we Q . Mavrice L. Hubert Virginia Irvine Charles Iohnson Donald L. jones Delbert R. Karnes '71 'QM 1--15 SJ' ' Z ET "N if 923 L Xe Fr2 M L 'ii f W 1 ff '75 fkv .A fx l ' lf A 5 H ,h ,m 'R -- , fa- .7 ,f fi ' ' i ". ,1 . .gee . ,. - ,. W EM ,U 1 . 3' l -,ef fx. i f J E,E .. ,, fi is . fd ii l.i F, 'J ""' fr X AALII Af. , I Don S. Hughes Clyde H. Jackson Naomi L. Johnson Paul K. Iones james T. Kelley , VAN Robert L. Hussey Ronnie James Robert L. johnson Luveme A. Husen Robert F. jaggers Oscar johnson Gerald L. Hurst N. Lois Iackson Nelson L. johnson SENIORS Michael E Kelley Carl Kelly Jack W Kendall Edward L. Donald jerry D. Olga M 1 7' 'HH MCS ,-15 E Ruby Kirk I. Lawrence L. Lipe A. Lund B. Lupton Emma Mae Krueger jackie R. Lenhart William R. Lollis james D. Lund Charles M. Luschen ,. wgrigii , W -wig 'fl 'QM 2 Q 2 , y ZS- 5 fg, -Q.. ,. ",, .. . FE '1 ferrf 41 Jackie M. Kmtsinger M. Nadene Levay Elvan H. Lombard Dale C. Lundy June I. Maddox I .S Fi Nh :ax Wifi Bill E. Ladd Setha M. Leveall William B. Lowe Kerey Land Robert E. Link lack M. Lucas we. news,-+G? '- i i . - ' 15.1515 I xxx xi 'X x X ara -FN. nf, ' Q db' .H Peggy A. Langley Ioan S. Linscott Raphael Luna Students climaxed the first week of school with the annual mixer. R 114401 3 -'-3 9 'W fr ' r' ' 2, H H -'P S F J-P 17 V if ' x 2: N .4 5123. " ' ' V ..: .:. Patrick L. Manning Laura M. Mitchell IDRS Yvonne M. Monkres Aubrey P. Morgan Robert L. McCain IZ'-5 ' -. McDaniels E. McWhorter A. Neal E. Nesom F. Outhier . - 1v.!g.?!,:. Y me ""' 2 31... Q 'Hn . W1-WTI. 11104 . I - ., H 3 .K R 5' N. . H . Jackie A. McElroy John G. Nance Lewis G. Neal Leslie E. Newsom Donna M. Owen . r 'A ll" , Q . .. .. Ki , ' :Y.f1- o A. , U I6 .. 1, W BML... 'K i , :,.. ,. . A FN . . , L., lf' A. G. McFall Louise A. McHan James L. McMinn Edwin B. McNally . .ii l I I jfi 15 A full house was on hand to see CSC down East Central in the Bronchos' home- coming contest. Richard Nichols Donald C. Nix john R. O'Conner Bobbie Oesterreicher Gene Palmer Moody K. Palmer Don R. Parham Tommy Park ffiwq .8 fn . . Y. .- . vgfsmq VB... Gish? 'Qu flair? if ' vu X H. ,H , .pi james P. Parker Dale R. Parkhurst Bob I. Parmeter james R. Parsons jack Pasley 1. K. Patte Gary Patton jean K. Paxton Iocile Pedigo james T. Perry Lural I. Perry Barbara M. Harold F. Phillis Karl Pinkston Elizabeth Poindexter if A YEL. . 3 Pwwmzasin 'P U if 5 , Ierry F. Pinion Clarence Pledger Lockwood Poisal Christine Pollard p-. . ,Q - Marilyn R. Poore Lewis C. Pope Keith W YY We ......-MN. --.. C -sa-Q 3- ia l"'QQ, 'E Sl . .. .. , , g. H ri A ' if 5 - .-21 K :aut T W ,Q bg, L , . A. X. .. I of 'TZ-I" ' -4- FH! H K N 1, gm x-41.9 -. f -f .-. H Mi. f :.!..a-if-lu 'L' . f A ul ,. is '-Emu' uk - .ell m 'Q 10311. .L D Powell Russell Prince Donald R. Rae james A. Raglin Betty Io Rains ,Guyleen R. Rankin D. Reeves john I. Rickerts jim B. Rosenlieb Ramona F. Prounsavell Hazel Rowden Gerald D. Rue cl Humbaugh Doris I. Risdon ond L. Rodgers Marcheta I. Roclkey am T. Rosecrans Bob G. Sanclers -1 win. 1 A! 5 ,ff llxlym N. W 'Zi N, Mass confusion reigns at enrollment time. john G. Savage Leroy Schultz Wayne B. Scott William V. Shadrick 4 age: 1 . Tif f . .,.. ""' 1 1 : i ' 4 ve- lf i E' J' 1. I - --L V .A narx wi g gle. V , -5.351 . M A .f,,,N,, ' " Q TK 'W is 5 iligtifu. - R -A Mamas- .gf Q YY ., In KB - L: Q Y V 1 :-v:',.:..-: H rv"2'i-t V 'fp .Q 4-'yi 'K 1 e ' ' ' fr.: ' Aff: i'i:15'I5'l i 6 XX 1 D. . -' if 4. .ff ig if-v w Q- f , 4 - . iam? wife , fsiifesg, .V 5 azsgff A ., ,ljyff fg5'1"' I .aaa Bethel I. Shambra Norma Shaw Franklin D. Shive jane C. Shumate Fran Siehuhr Polly L. Kathryn Simpson Ralph M. Simpson Clarence H. Smith Hazel Smith Hellen R. Smith ferry R Marcelia Smith Mary C. Smith Melvin E. Smith Merrianne Smith Robert E. Smith Virgil Smith Pat-t Snider james C. Sparks Eldon F. Spencer Roy Don Steely Sylvia L Steffev Alvena Stephens Virginia Stephenson Lurene , Nsxg. - :H , x ' ."- 'x ' x . . :, V .1 THQ .LE P . .W 4 V. Ingram . l x p bp ff ,. 32 t. . ... X iv :Ty X, Vivian Stone aul W. Taylor th W. Thompson ra Troll Twibell 35:6 -dk rn H . Gordon R. Stotts Frecl A. Teague Frank D. Tinsley Ion Hilton Turnbull Hellen M. Unruh ff. vm ' --4 . ab so tmvlmn nail 1 Y X " Yi . WI 3, M' M ,fi - is -D . 4' ' - - 393'-. T As.. ' ' ' r 'Y V 4 all Al l qi? if 1 . ., fwffsm gs' I' , 1 .jx A I -- .- fe, , - N . Cecil E. Stricker Paul E. Swan Carolyn D. Tackett George E. Tebbe Bob A. Thomas Royce Thomas John H. Tinsley Kent O. Tomah Walter Toney s sw.,i sf ' Y fs H Y Doris P. Taylor Iohn R. Thompson Floyd L. Trieber Mrs. Edith Butler, college nurse, explains to Janie Coil Claude Turner the importance of getting polio shots. Bob Valderas '3 'R QM ' N . E5 F' oss. y 5? 'J AF' ' 1 QAM, Rxchard D Waggoner Betty A. Walker David Walker Madge D Ward Donald W. Warren jerry R. Warren Helen J- 9 P9 , V Raymond N. VanNor David L. Vaughn Ray Ventris Wise' ..,, .lim ,.,.,, ,In ln. -C".l.'-f G Webb Twyla A. Wen E Westfall Eugene H. Wheeler C mite Camille A. Widclifielcl Wxlcoxson Harriet S. Williams Wllllams Grace S. Willits 5 . ' :Q L V " "' be rf 'NX ' l',4Q3 ,. : 4 r , , 'fi L J '11 - ey., Ere! 2 EE.: U :Sami S51 '5' ii xi fr? 5. ev. 171557 Y -V 1:-.rg . ..,l "mH?e . . , 1 , f It E4 7 , .' ,C , W it 4 H Q 7 x - - S .sas I, ,Q gg ,Ira .ov IT5 Marjory Wohl Larry G. Wood Sarah L. Wood Arthur D. rfb' ff- 11 ' lv. ' . Co-Captain Lloyd Rumbaugh crowns homecoming queen Ioan Myrick while Iohn Smart, No. 74, and attendants Starley Cherry and Ken Thompson, No. 29, and other runner-up Betty Mohr look on. Keeping school spirit alive, Central students cheer at downtown pep rally. Barbara L. Wilson James B. Wineinger Iarrell L. Wootan Kathryn I. Wyatt Iimmy E. Yoder Ruth Ann Young Carolyn Younts Dale E. Zeman . ,, I 5.23. , - WN. 51 " 'f if-br I' frgyfq SPECIAL STUDENTS GRADUATES wer . ,,, ,,,. ,, lil , Ezzxr ' ' '-"i..Lf.. . f 'C' rg 7, 5 K Gertrude Allenbaugh Ovella Ames Bennie Anderson Nina Bamett Wanda Bennett Morris Blake Sue M. Burget Savanah V. Burkhart Helen Cabaness A. C. Carman Clifford S. D. Cole I : Luana Chapman Lee Cowherd . W - -rr -.- ,A N... H fm -, 5 r' ' .1 :seeing Ll 5 i rr ! rg ga, hi 2 V IIN 1 ll 4, ,H TK' 1 , 1 - :gin 15? ggi? E C gage , K H 52 Z8 ,, . 'N , YR' ww 1- .W 3 Qi J ' . ' Ti ' -X, .er M. ,f . . l . K W r , ' EE . 1122 . ' ' , ' I vaa' 2 rf ' if w ' I A . 1 111 5234 ngjfj H A 1 ff, -L , L " 335 ' k?i5'?r?.Q -' W ll' WE? H EQ. "' .EJ -'Q as ' X ft., -, Hr- -, -aw . 'fl' ' -5,4 ' 1 ,Q A Mx l Simi E 'gk -'WJ Lili-ll" if-:L 1-5 ,. ll , xv 'z ,i ,aw Q. .W -Wa, . ,J , ...Q W --ui 'Q Q .. Y aw Sue Anderson Helen L. Blosch Q L...U Mildred d'Avignon Lloyd Doris Boyers Alyce Boyle TE Thelma Clayton Betty lane Marvin G. Cullison . Jack Curtis Marion R Alice Clark V 5: eerie wha? fs.-, .seam i .2 r 3? Wifi f? Virgil Dick S. Frccmun B. Griffin Dale Hall ictor Heister 'Zhi wiki 1 1 1 '-ff '1,,,.. un-" ' Mary Ellis Virginia A. Gilliam Mary Griffin A. E. Hartsell Blanche Herron 635' no fi, i,...-. Vernon Enlow Sarah B. Ferguson Ray A. Fogle Willa Freels Mabel Gillian Neil B. Ginsterblum Janice Coodnow Norval E. Gray Homecoming found these lovclies vying for top honors as queen of the affair. ZW, ,,...a- Q-dk Irma Hill Johnnie jones Mary W. jones Allan N. Ladd Edna Little A "'lK "1's. '-Q Margaret Hughes Mary Io Iones Marguerite Keyser ummm Krdd Bettyj K1rk Lester Kmght Eldon G Krrva Pauline Ladd Ehzabeth Lefmdmgfox I-Ifzrry Lees V1ol'1 Llgon Clflrfl L1tt.le john F. Lyter Ruby M'1llory Floyd Martm vii- --v Ax ,fx 5 , .5 j, , J" . 1 Dick Monson unice M. Nutt rances E. Orren Patsy Pagan Persing H. S. I ' Wesley E. Moore Virginia D. Muenzler Marie Mulder Bobby R. Nealy rf: Elda Marie Moore Leonard Ogle 4 , . A ,L-lQ3?4'L' T Julie London albums and bongo records rate first spins on the phonograph in Kathleen Osbom the new Teke house. Carter Cavalier, Michael Sutton, Chuck Stanfill and Sarah Mae Pate Donald Iones relax in the musical atmosphere. M. Ladell Peterson "Go, Bronchos, Col" cheer CSC fans during a late game rally: i R is ?"'b 'H' X - 1 ew-X P --1:-' . 1 ,gg 1 I V M1 We i f-If ' Q' ' f TFQ L: if f I 4 5 rag fi . fa A . ' ... Hee. A .1 'Q Bn... l " H M 1 x Martha Pettit Ruben C. Poteet Nan Peyton Catherine Powell GRAD George C. Prentice Howard Ray Willie C. Sadler , ,SL is-4,H.? f, , 5,..1?W,,xV , 'ECU' - 1 1' j - I -I, 5. 'fr f -' , ' f fl - Lucille Pritchett Leota M. Ramsey Alma P. Sanders Fred Phipps Cornelius Pittman Barbara Pitts Ruth Pollock TEN Jimmy Reeder Eloise R. Rees Iohn R. Reid Ruth Rodgers Conrad Schreiner Ruby Schreiner Kathleen R. Setter Iackie I. 'Eggs of -94-as I, I. Ha Q Y Q 6? is E7 , .. fi xg? Betty Slinker Dorothy M. Smiley Irene Stipe Ann Taylor E. Tyson H. Stephenson Ida M. Stevens Norma R. Taylor Pauline Thomas Lorene Umphcrs L 3" A . I' 5,1 , ..eumv, ' :J Q i 1 . '- Phi Lambda Chi men aid their hard-working sisters in construction of the Pi Kappa Sigma sorority's homecoming float. Tragedy struck the next day when fire destroyed the structure ten minutes before parade time. Central band members step lively as they appear in Southwestem's homecoming procession ,mi-If Elizabeth Threatt Evelyn Vandiver Frances Twine Irma West Sibyl F. Tilsner Martha Vickrey Evelyn Tucker Nellie Waldron -x lm' yi' fa , ":':' l : ' 'E , S Z l f f Q. A . M we , f on li . R. Ken Williams Wederali M. Wilson Altin W. Wingo Ruth White Dennis G. VVhitley Billie Woods Gennie Wright SPECI L T DE Robert R. Arn Frances A. Bascus Richard M. Chesser Rufus H. Kenyon Arnold S. Krob Paul Miller Gail D. Newcomb Bob G. Nolan Geuevia Prock - 3 V-T f-K-Q-Q - ..,.1 . T V 3-KW? , .....'. iig Z' Vi Y lll W 2' 3, 1 Sarah S. Edwards Torn Montgomery Dorothy Sisson megs. T Estella M. Garay Ramon Muguia Dorothy I. Veneck IQ' Charles S. Wil Iudith A. Herbert Carole Way My Q' 55 N -we iis s -' i'!2:1 ' 5. -' EL? 7 5 ' ' "sf, 2 -- 4 121+553 ' l'.' I . . t f-V ' 5' ,, . im its 1 x I s- H. 4. , K, , Ei X l Wim' -if 1 ' "--A tw-..1' , . 35.4 in UN IORS fe V ..4- K Q-D, Aw.: .Y .Y , we ...Q ri 1 4 :aaa - -L X: in .. I , 1,5 wiki ,4 ' , A .-.- , 3 le'-'sm all at fi ,4 . , . -6. W. in l wwf W., sa. fy ? i ThornaQ W Abbott Cliff G. Adkins Gerald S. Alipeatone Stan Alexander Wallace G. Alexander Kathleen B Allen Kaye L. Allen Iames R. Armstrong Marlin Arnett Willie Arnett Vaughn Autrey Sue Baggett George B. Baker Ronald G. Baker Noble L. Ballard UNIOR Don R Bamey Marilyn Basham I Don Bass Robert D. Baxter llly R Beagle Leonard Beason Nelson D. Beckett Robert L. Beene dw my lem lee W , e .M .5 1: ' Ulu 'ilk Q ,551 ' In A : M. wx, li H M5 l David P. Benson Cecilm if L. Bever L. Bowker M. Brandt A. Brown L. Burke W KE: 5, wp 5 -aw il 'f rms A Wg U 1 M. " .-T., ggi 1 Q ll H 1 N ff ' ' b.f- , ,gs l if If 'di Q M .. 'N P ixy KEGI vil , 'V 1-, Q rf if 1 'L V wiv Kenneth L. Billingsley Dwayne Bird Richard C. Bishop William D. Bonham Claude R. Borthick James L. Bowker Jane Boyle james R. Brackensick George E. Branch Gloria K. Brandt Nell Breeding Betha Lea Bridwell Connie Brooks Joe D. Brooks Tamara Brooks Ioan Myrick and Bob Thomas manage cheerful grins While leaving the stands at Alva. Central suffered a disheartening defeat at the hands of Northwestern. Ralph Bullard George D. Burk Morris R. Burns Don R. Burt i E, ' ""' Gm F 1 rf' t, ,, i, .sf 61 l r lv: - I V I y 1,. .ullnlq J .. ae. W U 4 1 I 1 7 " , n n wi' -ff " 5 7 "1 'Wiz w "V N , X iN ,Pfe- ,Q'5'g.'lz,:l1ii.1z - , Marlene M. Bush Naomi I. Capshaw Jose Carvallo Barbara Cathey Thomas D. Cheatwoofl Starley A. Cherry David Combs Doyle H. Connelly E X gi W Roland M. Butler Wirt W. Cain Donald D UNIURS Bill Cathey Boyd M. Chittim Chelsea C. Cook Burton B. Cave Paul Churchmen Dick R. Cook Him f?'+Mll ,.n- ' .. WFWA 'S H 5.Lq':,L' -...zz-zw:-M11 if ' 1.52155 .. .1511 -VHW151 . . J 3 if Q3 'lu' if 'nd L 3 ,i A, V .. 4 . I , . , Roma A. Cox Eldon L. Cunningham Phyllis Sue Cypret Jerry S. Davis Pat O. Delaney 95 , ff ll NWN W if ll ll , l -,I -if If I X ' lv' 2' r 4 .hmm-, 1 ,ucv- l 1 , Q , ,. Pz,1'Z,i -'X , 1 an Ei -V Q Fu I ff Q Nt' 435 1 ,ww "Q-,F Ee ef 'Q wgxgmme, ' i ii QQ 3 Sf' A .Q , EW' A 'VR ' my ,XQL " , gg- 2? rg Howard H. Divine Charles E Doggett David Clarence C. Drumeller Don D Duffy Richard L Fred D. Eakers Eddie I. Elias A1 Engel Q . Q J QQ Fifi? ., F ". , -1 ::,g,l25,3f, ' 1 'K 42- S Z1 5 iii? if ,Lark pnviuj .f-:- H 5 0 'Il' d"'7' S .-1' ' ' Qaems.. fig? iif A i L. ' Q? 51.4. 2 . 2 3 1 7 512 'at mg .. X 4 " 14: , , 4 ' 2 wi "S 4 s I :Q-.I 11' 22 , .LZ '- lic Ray Erickson es G. Fendrych 'WV'- N. Fikaris A. Flynt B. Frew ,r P19 Q 'I' i . f ' s w 2 " ,. 15- . - , Q 11. --3 25. 5-.2 , Q- H ' If V3 J -3-7 ,' Q K ' 2.2 45 I 'R' 1, is ffuhlg- e- :P ,va ik 1 ag. it " it f Yin fi' x 'Q' if ze' 12. Q- -wh.:-n ,: JJ: Bob G. Estell William C. Fendrych Larry L. Fisher joe C. Formby Bryan E. Friday . .1 - "'w'-if " , q lff X -,Z , ,QP 'HN r .Qi , ss. .1 "' .'n T' "sf A .mx Henry L. Estes Gary G. Evans Pat Evans Otis O. Farrington rr? President W. Max Chambers greets a CSC student at th reception. Business manager Oscar Sullins looks on. Rodney L. Foster Sarah Fox Royce L. Freeman J. R. Fulton Clifton H. Gardiner Maurice E. Cebur "W -'vm--1: ,anna-Q in-1 Q, J , . 1. .V W ,, , wg., '1-,.,, V ,, m,54V ,. h lm? ,,Wymfi,9,v5-gsgf, yy - Y .. wwf--si f I +' . - ff..W..,,., . , if1M,,,.., 'ff 'Id 531:54 ,, ' . 5 .5 .. nib f' f-M51 ,fl :X 1 f Nh 'Y' ' e President's Patricia R. French Loyd Geddes -.4-,xr 1- -- -.. --,Q - --Z- 3., -ig ,K 1.3 figs: + 'meg r '1' .. ,W ,.., , X rl. .ft if fl , .sflw l .- .ge ...Vw ,.:-' 1.517- MF 1 1 . . .. ..2ffs.212iiLsf1. Mfg . N... r y . 3. ,..sQ.,,. -M e . .- 1.4-I?"T"'.m' FU! V. 4 ,gm . . .. . Kenneth W. Gee Ian Goucher Sammy E. Greenwood jerry D. Haley William E. Hall Vi Q PN Q? Martha A. George Bob G. Graves David Max Gregory james T. Hall B. D. Hardcastle Doris L. Girty Barbara I. Glazener Albert Gloria we slim my 11511. , V .3192 , .MM A-4-Q ii . johnny R. Graves Bob F. Gray Lavonne A. Green David R. Griffey Charles Griffith Jack G. Grove UNIORS james Hardy Gerald L Harrell in I-C" ,lube iii? 'M' :Ex . jerry B. Harris eg . "' fr A 12: W , i ,,.. A V an le ww-. jack L. jerry G. Bill Hale Joyce ' ' " mm ll . imma , a 1' il., ,Ap-r arryman L. Hayes . Heath Heflin H. Heller 5-t 1'- Xxx 3, 5 gn A if-1 X E-... -4 ri rw qqzk, . rqg' QM .gi if 5 :XX QR Ax v J, 1.-1. V H N 1 mm: ' serv 1 'ss ,J ll ws li, 'V v QW sf ir ff ' Q. X 1 . l VM-wr , K' 5 K .., 1 ggi 1 X , 1' -f -le Ti I : A , 5 .1 r A ,. . 01- l 'Gl"" I aww? ' IU . - ,. .. ,, ,4 I ' l Little Bo Pee has traded her shee for a masculine com- . P P 5 pamon. Iequeta Overfelt and Ronny Uhl take a stroll across A fm ' wi' W the campus during pledge week. 51" gi ",' u'.ggw,':9?lfk: ,. f 'fw' H 'N :Wi-lung if ' if'5"'E'f l ri' , 'gif 75 - f V 'H ll ' f 'X 1 , x Frances Hawkins Jim Heard Billy Heavin Maxine Hawley Harrison Hearn Stuart Hedrick Rosalin Heflin Charles Henderson gm f' ' f Left: 4 :KZ 'WYEYE E v l l uv I- V. .vs ' l .Q , - All eyes focus on the television set during World Series action. Fans overflowed the Union for the exciting games. Jimmie Henderson Bob Hendley Don J. Henricks i E :.: z ,. . 1 W ' -- ' eeel ' '-'- 1 - -, .... T' -' -' ' ,-'J' I , 0 Y f rl , , ' , g K X i :if Ny: rl i ' 'f' 3 l ' QE., A. 1221- ll", l .mx- . 1 W X NX f '--ex 1 1-, KF' ,1 t-.q .' Denny I. Henry 'Avi .. M X NW. , 2 . v f e H , S M Es M. , M gm .l qi H2325 Jerry L. Hensen Hershall W. Hodges Robert K. Hoskins Bessie Ruth Hubbard Elsie A. Hurst 53' -b-'J 4 SP- james H. Hepburn Gordon Hoefer Jack B. Howard Gerald G. Huffman Herbert C. Hutson '- 5.42 ilk wmv 1 1 11ff5 ,. - - . nl? -in " :f.. A ' ' i ' eazfsig f ,. Q V Aliifiwg :Vu . :E l 1'Q1 Y 1 ., ,,A. 2, ,Lb. ,.,. 5 , . V W " M- -f 121' gi K flu. . ,L,W - 'flfiiilr Qu . M . ,.. V Tv 1' ' ' 4' R I ' Qi - . 2, QE' f-42" Y Lam.. A JN an !lQx K A . .Y 'N ' I ...Q 4 i"" K ,ls ' . .. L Carol Iohnson Henry E. Iones A. Iohnson Charles Jones Pi Kaps enjoy Pat Boone records in their new sorority house after Doris K. johnson Johnny L. Jones g.Wfyv,r cf. V N , Sig 5 I ...X 5,46 -""'PN 'ag .4 Q Nil .,. . lil: ,, 1 1 lx Q, ' ' jul?- iv .. gi H ,- - :v . 5.9 l E 5 L Lois H. Johnson Paul H. Johnson Richard I. Johnson Lymon E. Iones Lyndol W. jones Billy Iudkins Curtis I. Jung Ierry R. Kelley Ron Kennemer Cay Chinn entertains as Little Black Sambo at one of the Tri Sigma rush parties. school hours. C. Kidd Robert D. Klllebrew G. Killough Haskell K. King win .i 'ms :Nbr 'f 'UMW-'bs f A . 19 ' Q' Kendall D. King f69 - X .1 5 'N m SRX 'IIA , LQXL-g,,? Illi aaa. 'F :SP-"li, "r"VL1i .Dx ' -Y f 2,191 'Wg l X .S JU VX C' ' X Q.-EEF 'fl f . sa ' if ev? ' 1 ima-- ,J 122: .M 1 'M ' --A A 44 we L.. .. ina? , yu. .1 'ff A A Q fx-.. Robert C. Knol Donald Langston Doris F. Lollis john R. Maloney Danny E. Marker 43' Zi ., x l ' , . 1 . We M. M ei , all l an mtg X . uw 1 .sas nag W 1.4. L 5 L ' . 'S f x W ' ' . '. l . . 31: 1 5 .... .-ww.........m,f 1 H , .sefssifgss ,,..s11sww vrlilv ' ..-.505 'f 'B 2 UN IOR Charles T. Kyker Don D. Lacy Robert Carol K. 'Lewis Kenneth E. Leyerle Lyndon David M. Lowe Tim S. Lowell Donald W Charles Martin Orvilene A. Massey Wayne C. Matthews Forrest R W 1 , 5 . H 3 WE! ,yu- 'fr 4 ' 1 inda A. Means Dee Mitchell effrey E. Moore YQ" rf" A 2' Z Z 41.,, .f:'f-CNE ? .AJS I ge fi 13, ' ' X em! E Donney C. McQuerrey James F. Mitchell Troy Moore .. -,,,,,Le----f 5 S MAA :EK-f , 'Q-if V , is , .1-we ' 75 -9- H 5 l ' L A i 1 l ' -: K 7 .Q i l 1 E.E.ie5gggg:i:. -' ' '- ' .S i 1'iE1,Qj".ei' li N l ' f Leslie N. Merrill Fay A. Montroy Willis W. Moore 1 m 1 lr . . :QQ l 1 'Q4 .i K3 I a Lanny I. Michaud Robert L. Moody Bobby Ray Mooneyham Charles Moore Bobby G. Morgan Aline Morris Brooks E. Mosier Lela B. Dye Miller Billy C. Mitchell Frankenstein fChuck Stanfilll seems to be amusing as well as horrifying. Carol Sue Earl bravely consented to dance with the monster at the Phi Lambda Chi Halloween party. WE, its ,.' f 73. A. Muret L. McAulay Gary L. Mynatt jack McCarty IWW Inna M. McAnally Phyllis F. McCleave x l --.-p l , ' 1 -,. '- - 112 ' . E l 1-"""Ufi 4, 25 ,R 535 Lag! 5 Q 'Q sg Q, , H t' EL , QQ V . ' s Q In if k .:,f.Y . .5 ,Q I -, A Q i su. s ,Li p.. 'nfl Patrick O. McCoy Billy McKelvy Dale E. McNew john H. Nesom N. Karen Novey + , gALA ' YV ' I .X It iigx W, Buddy R. McDaniel Ellen McKown Iohn McNulty Clinton M. Nevil David Nunneley an N 2 QT"" glue ' 11 PTM. .. -Q "QQ, ,En will ' .-rx QI' 'Gus Sqn 1 ' A N 4-gal ul- i U. . 4- , il . I Ray Payn D Perkins ilham D Pickle ward W Price ne E Rawlinson .W N Jim G. Peavler Fred D. Perrin Harry Lee Pierce Charles H. Prichard T. G. Beames . ' 'i f:- i -" -A .qi . eii: we me iii W -J . J' vgybyi U il-dnl? J -g l. 'A . 'J 4' M A' , wx' 1 , - 3. in ' .gg - 'E 'I uf .mmf , I ""':" - . wg.. ' v Ralph Perdue Trudy L. Phillips Glen D. Plaster Garland Prock Powell E. Redwine We-qv Q' -. - . - mf . 35313 1 Q Pepping up roasting rooters are CSC Cheerleaders 'it thc East Central game. Homecoming crowds sweltered under blazing rays of the late-season sun. Lorene B. Plumlee John R. Postier Billy D Price Jim Pruitt joe C Pyatt Leon R. Reinke Roberta F Rhodes rw? 'QP' -ali 5 ' ' - 54 :L j lg f'-Q, ' " qw '7' E fi- - ' A .. r I . -.l -I--X J . W 45524 fr-ml.. I , is 5 'S an gf! , , . ...... P . sf we Z .N . , - 12 . iii? 5 A flew -ra: Q. . , , Mr, .. my QE' ,,u,, , -.-. 4 W, . .,.. . -We .. .. ,, . .... . me .emi . af , 5 . :" J 4-was ii- i :-: 'es Lili , PL 59 3 U'- . ,... .. .M a ' H30 gr 11 tl ull 45' VA Q eg l . P r e. 3 if W was w ' I. 'Z5' ."N ' - l sg..-ex .sew MW . W 1' E .H Fwy H """'Q gn iw it R .pl-aww All Wag.. was or xi .. l -1--F' D , V zgivzzi bl it , rg. 1 Qi W -far L HH' ' K' 3 i ' as vfiffllii K. ,., EEE ,.: ' 3. My . I .H g c. - . if 'i Wanda Sue Rice David E. Richardson Paula Richey George A. Rigler Leroy E. Rinehart Pat C. Rite Earl Robertson Richard D. Robinson Jim Roblyer Marlin Rodgers Kenneth L. Rose Charles H jo Elaine Royse Frank J. Ryan Ronald I. Sanford Don E. Savage Thomas B. Scott Ernest C. Segraves I I I I Fred C. Seibeldt Willie Self 'Don H. Shamblin Cyrus D if ,.-1 "ff?9i?W' if M , 'Nga David A. Saxon La Donna F. Schein Raymond Schellenger Dale Sch j. were I X :ski i r , ,X 'i im 'nge r Mildrecl Z. Shirm E . ml ., gr, . ,,,, W, ,JM ,, ,E .fgyafff R W, use , 1 'T' f HZTIWT' '1?!'5E 22221. I i Y Y will we ...Q-ar ge. V1 iiruilsi' W V,,. r, WM w Q-w:.i?.-32 billiiiif 6-Z' i M 'fiiL2121fFfs3?li'i'i H 71' V' f p t i f ' L xr W p .4 .': ' P O- r Q 3 -- - , X V' X X ,X it 3 .agggg ., J rr XSJQ . ra, u xi N Ronnie G. Shire Cuyvan Shirley Melvin L. Shope MIHHIC F Shrode Central,s "Pep Band" works on last minute arrangements as they prepare to le'1d a rally parade for the Northeastern game. PAGE 80 - 8 cal any Francis A. Smith Jack Smith Junia N. Spence Forrest Spoons l EL? 1' f' , 'iffg-f"??.Wi2bk li '9 '15 "" f. l I-. SL- - b i A , Q- . ' - L , -JF' .1 I fa x ffm' ' l QA 'gs ' 'W ,. S S f ,. . ayeg, , Q . x . Ola M. Smith Charles W. Sprague , 1 f- xi n ' , 1 'ry r . S s 4 fr 1 KW V, 2 ww iii ' - lift MSL X, .1 . fill -""" if 3-.giziiaq , . nz., ,. 6 -. . 142' ' L' , , ' Charles W. Stackhouse Chuck E. Stanfill Quinton H. Stine Lowell G. Stoabs Joann W. Stricker Alice R. Swan VJ: 'QP' ""I3" ww QW., e :sr NVQ- .11 f :Qi ,v SQ' mi' .J M, em Betty Io Stephensen Davrd Stevenson Myrna L Stewart Conrad W1ll1'1m D Stockwell NIHUYICC I Stockton B111 Stone Danlel R IDRS Carl I. Swanson I. C. Swanson Edward E. Swick Donald C. Taylor Donald R. Taylor Edwln K Esther Y. Taylor Tallulah Taylor William R. Taylor Mary Ann Team Nelda W. Tebow Albert G ..-Z -1 W ini "1 QQf,4mA5ifi 7152 00 Q 04- !f7','K 0 5 7X5 L30cQJAf5yf M24 506 vga ffwf 1 f fffigfi f f' , ,J ,'v, I ! Qfyyaggj A"!6!gfQ,f!fV1 , . 7 ' 1 4 Zfefw iff A f-904 f gud U V V K X::g:2::uiEA': 2,.3,:- "gg f' .- L w.,.,, - 5.L 11. Z gs Jvfk ,.:', 3 X H5 V ' 3 121 fa., , a a JT. :.. Iohnny H. Thompson Wxlham H Thorne R W Tmdall amce Tmsley David A. Tracy Anita B. Vickers Tom T. Walker Donald L. Webb -msznrfni rf: -:gag --1 -, -mu 1 F af' A -fu 1 LQ., M V K I - ' Esau Q . Y' in -4' get T ,Q Carol Wells Kenneth P. Williams Iolm M. Wilson Conrad E, Womack Norma L. Wynn ja Dwight Whelan Jerry Williams Royce D. Winters Elaine Womack William I. Yates 3- ff its .2 !. 5.55. ' - 1' 2 Tggf-ii fl- A fig v ' ' 1 g ' ''fe5 ww .4, ,.: 5 -Q "h ' SOPHO ORE 3' 3 Ralph L. Abel Dewayne Anderson Dale W. Armstrong Steve S. Austin 4 Carol Baxter Charles W. Bennett X., 51" WDP! Q. .9 V 5 'Y-fwr' w2.s1f,- . . l 4 2, -.I f W -a ei A nbnee " .52 11 A9 " ' ' 'sv 31 25? Qgy ,- lf' -. ' T , -3' 1 A . nnk " V H .- .YQ T' ',f e e B -K. t if , ' no ,.i any E My N r at t .N Q. M , HQ... Y ' E ' ' - I ,,.: i rzr' EL A I - ' N K Y r, A A A, ' , ,. 1 j Y" av A g5ll"5 """'-ed. ' svl iifl 'tl ':-: 5' 'VI ' -V f lie, 4... -K ...M p. 3- I lf ,. .lf ....,. V .Ig J , New X ' I ' , Q A K l L ' ",:1'... ' . Q Q ,, , . N ,' V Q ,Q ,,.b.VV ' qw e 1, ' F A B J -4- 'Q ' 'V-1 t . '1 a A fl' ' 'W 1 1 lfli sglllwllrm ,,. Peggy N. Larry L. Daniel K. Robert , Alexander Allen Almond Al 4 3 Jerry H. joe Victor R. Te " " ' Angle Apostal Araujo Armo ' :mg 'K Ianene Monte W. Lee Adams Akridge Alexander Edward D. R. Leon Anderson Anderson Anderson Wilma L. Iay D. Harold D. Armstrong Atwood Austin Morteza Kay Gwen Jean C. Jeffrey M. Bill CBadii Barker Barney Bartlett Bartlett Bartram eci F. Larry G. Kenneth Jerry Rex Floyd Beagle-:s Beal Beaver Beesing Beistle Beller Iosep L. Jerry L. Torn Beverly Lena Gary T. Bertok Biby Bishop Bivens Black Blackman .. LSL., Viv . Ea V ' 'ii ...Q , ll Z Wibafij ' ., ' -f ' " 2 'vw , E N fa V.1: . --5 1 if r Ubi' A ' U '-v! ,- -ia : 1 ff LE 52121 'f::: H --, 5 :I ' ff A EQ 2 7' A swf' 5 :., Gif: 'D Nl " f Q. 77 -,,.- 'L ' A T lv-'N .. 1-'V q-'D ei-. if 1-- Q . 2521, .. qi x l 1 Q We ' 'mi 2 1 JG, .V ,., in-31 YM -I r 'K J fc x in fini' 41' L' 3 - --:S '04 In 1 'E A , Larry D. William Darlene D. Ieane A. Carol S. Boston Bowman Boyce Boydston Brarmon "X Charles W. Donald M. Blenkin Boles Teddy Bill D. Bressie Bridwell Rmlifld G- Balrbafa Zae Ann Knoepfie, Joyce Lynn Smith, Sue Iohnson, Anita Bflghf Button Maddox, and Kay Richert relax on the campus between classes. Charles R. Isiah Paul Terry L. Don L. Ray L. Eva E. Brown Brown Brown Bruce Bryant Bryant Bucke Delbert L. Sondra L. Jerry I. Thomas Doris Marlene Nick Buckner Burgert Burgess Busche Buschhorn Button Byford Billy R. Carlos Roberta Phil jerry L. Ralph I. Lahoma Byrd Cabrera Caffrey Caldwell Campbell Campbell Canada . 'H R . l H- e 4 .. on f M aaaa a h V! I Ql - Y s ,,.. ann., lyk l ffl w .,, ,U -"- f Alfii .r,.,E JN fi L N L- f l . ..,, 5 L, 4,-" A 1-r 1, w X ,ay V S' I ' ' l Q 5' ,f j K ' Q ' 1' e Q N f ,U , fr A gi ..,. a falkhnul e av C 1 C . - P212 ,QQ ,- g.. Q l " .f ll - . f L. 5 .Q " . ' "-' :Q ED . Z - V J' X ' .'. ww, , f A ' 5 N. ffl he lk r ,mfr ' Q .. ww -"-,Q ,, ,,,a...,. , 3-5, 3? 'Q X WMM X ,.... rv' 'V Kill-N ' ' . ff : ' "3 ' , . ' 3, :i ,,g , ii , , ' QM S ' , - l 3 in F. , -. l I Y- t b, ' V , ' O gr 4. ,xii REM Q iq img V W my j Q Ei wi. A f .. ir L, . Y ll m ' hx gl who E 7 -..gifs J f ' r l Yo' 'A ' ' -g' .i:5'::,w . - ,:'::'H' ' . 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Ml big." ffz: 'Y gm -I .ix N Q . ... .,,' 2 1 ff L lr J' gr sex i is . l N A 1 aih in , A H , f 1 .- ' 1 F v r f . l e A ll 1 if , eh Q fa 'Q 'lik 5 FQ aff. 53' 'Q X13 I-'X F7 Ti f b - w V :Ljirmw , 1 rf: , .3 W U. I 'ti N ih. M ' ull gm M it V Linda Charles R. Nancy Betty M. Carman Carpenter Carr Cartrnell james Zeta F. Elbert Herbert F. Cay Caster Caughell Chaney Chapman Chin A. Ben Donald R. Margaret Bill 0. Darle1 Clevenger Coe Coin Colclasure Cole Bob S. Earl W. Blair D. Eugene Marilj Couden Cowan Cox Cox Cris: David Earl Randall Stephen Davis Davis Davis Dawson vw-'- 4 gf ? G ' ,.,-, ,H-A A . WFP 5 12- '- :ie 'f .- . . we V 2. ' ' .' ez? - - H.-H.: E. .,.. -r - 1-.2 , 1:-:J : 1 "-. 321-Ffa Ay .rg .K - .fm ,zgsizsw ' ,- , ,- . A 'V Sggagm up Va. ' k ' -,-- "-2 4' ,Q . ' rf' in - . 1- 1 ,Q r neg ,wa -,-1 0 MY . ' i I HI k ,N is-3 If v 2 ' 1 E ml ls! ln 1 ak V 611, 11 ii' 1 if L ,src .Zi n l. V I' A f I is 'un jimmy Denman George Dittman Cornell Dunlop Kay Endicott Raymond Ferguson Roberta Dennis Roy T. Dittrnar Quenton Duren Keith English Alice Fairless Wiley C. Fields Q l Ili i' W 'Fi 'if' 7 alms 'iii iv Bob Densford James H. Ditto Frank Durkee Iesse Enoch Faulkner Robert .5 415: ,ii . L11 S . f K .1 re mn -L .5 if G 1 if Willie Katherine Denton Deonier Dolores George Dolph Dreessen Robert Maralynn Dye Eagin Donna Keams and Kay Richert get ready to 'lut the books" in the Broncho Corral Donna Willie E Fisher Fize ffl. Y ign- vow Inky' if E' N' mlm ' M X - ai l l J i . "' r i- - R V i A,, . 1 1 1?-'gg Iirnmy F. Fleming William Fowler, Ir. Ben French Teressa I. W Genzer James F. Glass Howard E. Gray s. ir " w - I 7 " . ES, 4 j ' , ' fi 2 Eliza.. gb: ,, . "1 "' J D mieilf wi 5 , in Cecil R. Robert L. Ford Forga ORES fa V. T., I E.. ,bg Iiilll. -, D - . 11 , '::2:':s':. Q qw? .,.: X X N ax., ar si 9 1--1 V: , I 5 Q.: .:., . A E, V X v 1'1?!'-fexxxw . 5. i Juanita Bob L. john R. Forbes Flowers Flurry Bob james L. Billy Fredrick r- Fox Franks Daniel M. Charles Carolyn Friess Frizzell Fry Mary B. Wilma Io jerry George George Gibson I Gale jack L. Judith Glasscock Glover Glover Vicente Dorman L. Harry D. Grbic Griffin Grisham rel "F Guy Fugate Warren Gillilan Jerry W. Gore Barbara Guerrero Carol Arm Furr Robert A. Gillespie Iohn A. Goss David Guerrero ee ' 3 -'f ill' '51 sg Charles Foster Carole Candy Robert Gillis Edward L. Goucher Albert L. Hackett . VVV- :5:. . .lj if -'fir' - :, , 4 igfri-T'r'.'E , . iiurw, 1 "': Y-E" 'ql s Hr' fu M ? Q, , ' 1 -1. aw. , ntl! K - A.. WM! M. voir' Qian Q- frrn QW I .fu ' ' l ' u .. :A Z r .J . - -- f .-.. ' 'f."::. " 5 '- 1 - .... , W aj . A - Q W , V - y- gg f M l A I Z Y' -w , 1 " . i JS A" v' ,' -:v"' 5 N f -, M H ,sg-15129 , 4 'C " . 'u ' : fit m ai 4 ...Fr gps. me mx lung: Q m i Aa E 511 R 1.-5,5 1 Q Q H Haley Ron Harmon Robert Harper Bill S. Hause arjor Hess 'QYN N-ni Joyce Hall Bill Harper Ianell Harris Janice Haunschild Larry D. Hicks Bruce D. Hodge .,, sf -V JZ' - Q. Ax rn. 1. 51' X K XD nr as w T' - X X 1 v X 3 X: I 1 1' I . Ii . . ,rr . M if? ill, J' ' r if ' if . .f l , y ' - ng., iE,TfE:.,A Z .. . -.. Ronald Jerry Lawrence Leonard Ray Ralph Hall Hampton Hannah Harrison Hardin Harkin Bill D. Harrison Sharon Hawkins johnny A. Higgins jean C. Hoff Aaron Hart Io Anne Hawthorn Jean Hightower Richard Holan .. L fi .. . Q-gf? L M A , F -.afar lr "What ya studying?" is the question asked as students get with last minute studies. I ,. .gfa Daniel Haslam Allen E. Herd James - Hill Eugene Hook David Hatley john W. Hess jerry L. Hines Bobby Hopwood 29' 'nn-s sn- Dillis Bob Hart Harwell Pat Mary Anne Hefner Heinlen Douglas Clyde Hilbert Hill Tom A. Carla C. Holdaway Holding -N W ll ...B was 'ii lb: 'S ,L ll ? 1 l sf Al ""6 i'i ' . K Ia, TWT L X Q-A. . ,. I we ' fm 5 - 'LQ-. ' W A are S ,1 1. ' .. "- 1 amz?" . , ,,, H W.. ,,. 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Jifdlti " ' 2 H in -Q gg. ..-S.. ix J J X j -'IW If fi ,, me , 2225 W . .5-Q viz., nz rr L ...:r... , f- ww fi 1 21.5 5, Qgww... sig, 5. 4 is in sa ' 5 U' ' Q 'gf 1 .N W 2 QC rf x fi 1. 'ss . f ' Pw.s,....i1..f. asf . QE' 25:5 ,f'i, 2-Le. w .J . 2 ' gr ' x 1+ J 1 .rr- H wssffvgf l . 'S "isa" . . I-54, . F is-M s,,sP'l PM 'r ll . 5 A ' fwffi L Wu 4 lkili 2 Q if 1 W 4 1 -if J .F mi. ' N in In -my , W, 2 .M f zz, fm ' . 3' I I 5 211 ' b l ' 5 51' F ' ' 4 'ei ,I 1-' ' ' 3 if J ' .f r' . , , h, . . Q J A J 52. 3 ' - Q - +1 - I '. , , 4 1 f , ' -f-' 'V lf tx 5 . .gs-ig.: --il if iz: Z' H f' g.fZiq3f,,,c, .lv.. an 'f-v':S0 ' " he - ' 1' Elaine Cathren A. Houshang Sam Ramona Horn Hottenstein Sabouri-Ford Houghton Hover Harold H. Max J. Clarence E. George H. Albert R. Huffman Huffman Hunter Hulgey Hurley Mary Beth David L. Bob D. James M. Norma B. Hutchinson Ison Ives Jackman Jackson Bernice Gary Ronald Thomas Jim IQIIOVY Iantz I 61115115 Jennings links JOSeph Robert Tommy L. Barbara Johnston Johnston Johnston Jordan Mary Jane" Ted L. Jerry Donna M. Kadavy Kalka Kapka Kearns I? 1' 1 E 3 1 n f' N ug f'f'f'f U 1 H li k '--' Donna T. ' A, ' Keel .J . tb -, 2 ' eazgagu W2 .rss 1. Q , sr. E me . an . is uf Dale Leonard Carol B. Huddleston Huddleston Don E. Jack L. Hurst Hurst Calvin Charles James James Buddy Earl Johnson Johnson Keith Darwin M I Miah Keel Keller Kelley ae! 'M jgf. 'Ms- 9., fy , 'H 'r X m - i .K r ,fy 1. ' 2' . V 'fu f glow. ,,,g,,,, .ly RL. 1 L . 3 ,. ,V 1. - ' 1136-L.-"J W I V n. X 'V f mga? ea Q wxnuy+1LUfvlh lc v H. .L Q: ,Q r I A I rg, 173 , X gr fn, !fii::x,2! ', V g .j,.l -af' ., X '-L "" I , W f- ' 1 1 . ,.., ...T --1 ' ' .' .fee vi . - - " v- H 'L ?i'3?:Uri i 753 W I., K f . , u YZ, 'rf' - ' ' .. . EF. V V f?l2'f+i"lF.:.:. . fir' 1' --e'f':"w 5 'W V 531. H .Q 4 1..:f 3 l Y V '7aip..i-P+ .fm5if,i3fiii.' " 'WEE' ' E . -'fr .ge is 1 F Y?ff'.1i??i'z'31iiffT5 W it .A A ' 1 L ff . L..-Ljsmzizgziii vl , ...ll Z. xl A l T-gf. ffffi---. N , . .M 'H N: 1 gil X X' .. ff'V f ue, . V if ur' w .11 111-.i.:x,..f . Kelley Paul King immy C. etzschmar Ioe Lee, Ir. ames A. Lietzke A iZ.'S.,"i' T -J.,-1' - ...Z 4..Ml,l""H---.,:-..,.' Iohn E. Kennedy Emmett Kinkade Gloria I. Kyle Earl L. Leewright Okey H. Linde Randal D. Lindsay :KH in ,f ' r !I.,aaa:if 41- "V:-9, "' T1 in-iii! 1 " , I.. 3' 5 ' H 'V lip-Qiili Y li Virgil I. Kephart J. M. Kirchner Daniel Lagunas, Ir. john E. Le Grange Conrad G. Linder Michael Link Carole jo Kerley Denice R. Kirkham Hershel J. Lancaster Freddy I. Lemmons Bill R. Lindsay John David Lipscomb Richard L. Key Larry Kohler Kenneth C. Lansford Billy D. Leopard Jack Sisson, band director, strikes up a victory song after a CSC touchdown at the Langston game. Q, 4 jesse R. King Jean Knue Lloyd L. Lauback Barbara Leyerle '?-37" .-09' I --' ' r., 'Q ,gr-g,f3-at-, . . f ..-wwf 'J f J -1, . ,-was-tru 445, , , -r . - r- J -.., if 2,1 '- if' .X .. . f ut -g-Q . ,ixv , ' ' ,.',y.,,,ZftQ. x 5 . . , ..:.., bg-I, if 1 1 VFX, fi K K it fs- " fi kai? F .fig Lg , n ...ui ' Y, . H. mm .,. ,H A Q, i V . . . Q. f 'U' ,V 5 gina: . 1 . .G D ' ' A A .'w,f:... l M . ,m .vftylw .. , .M . - ...xi , .- t PSS. rt' WSW , fy i ' g1 j'l57Z."."s "::"' , il . . X . 1 1 ,. I Y. Q.. lp " ,. ' . . , .-,-N. xl ' "'ilff,kk 5 , i HA K 3 -L A . l IL 'Q , L, ' f ,, wa W " ' a , .5 . -- . ,. b.',g-,- fs . V,..WN mi. fsizaixsggg gg I -M .- -1m..1an . . ,- w Q is QS, C, iii? A ,. n ,, fi 'Gary' Q.. I' Q u'. , i . l is K. . ll 9, -, "lf 'S ' Q'-if H -. A -ix 1" ' Y xi , " Y if .-V hi . 'NX J. W. Lockett Darrell C. Lynch Gary L. Martin Kary K. Meadows James P. Miller Louise A. Moody .Z N Q fi, . N. fer u ,gig I I mg. 1 X V .1 - H - Fg 2"55f gf I.. , y .wf""rf .W E QE f li: . . v 5, im, ,,x Q ' if.. ' ', 2 r . . oo: if . X. 5 it , k .iw Tx, ,Z .el 1 .+'vw?f, ., V Q ,ir-am pg .Y .iw Lf' LW Y . r 19, ' 1 x 1 W ' 1' .Q 1 A A au Carl R. Dale L. Myrna M. Delores Fred Dale C. Loneall Long Long Lowe Lowery Lowder Donna A. Freddie L. Twyman D. Billy H. Alvaro Darrell Andy Lynch Lynch Lyne Mackey Malave Manlapig Mann La Cretia S. Steve Iess lim R. Charles Gilbert D. Paul C Martin Martin Martindale Massay Matteson Maxey Mead Ioyce M. Firouz Ianese David Lynn Mary Ann Robert Meinecke Mollaian Menn Merideth Metheny Meyer Mikas Florence W. Wayne E. James G. Milton Mock Monteith Connie S. Duane H. Robert D. ,Moon Moore Moore jane A. William P. Reece B, Charles Morgan Morgan Morrel ,.f1a.. 1m 'W ' AR 'F S? if M .::,:V- ...,::, . M .f. X ,QE-.i 1,-mr: , ski ... ,. If nf, iw, 'QM ,453 V .1 wx I V' my EK ? , . 4 e 1 1 W' t 2 l 13 K' . 43 'VN A I I Y + Ee- f s 0 as r r 5 L. I ilfred Neel aryV. ichols len D. olan W. K V .,...,, 4 ' L ". ' f 5' LZL- 1 ' ' ' if f -1 lf? IV- Q , Aga 2 N5 A , Q ki. . A-f I 1 'L - ' lx " J Fil' 5 l1s1'iQ"", 1.73341 .Ha,9"5 ' Wm' .... any L "F", l, . JT , rv' Y l C 34 li' ,s"L- .fgs if ' unix '- ,L rl , I:A, --Qi -gm-M. -- 5 1 il 5. 1. l ,, ,ir A Thomas A. Ronald Rosemary A. Moss Mullin Munday Clark Frank L. Tom H. McConaghie McCoy McEvers Bob E. Larry M. Ioan M. McKenzie McKinley McMinimy Charles R. Roberta Lee Gordon L. Neil Nelson Nichols james Kay D. Donald I. Nickel Niles Noak Dana L. Bob D. Kenneth D. Norton O'Conner Ohagan iigegg f o' J m " QA L Q' Q, 1 . 9 l 'Ji 1. 1 ,A 'U Q f uf Slim . -- ,.,. 'HIE Russell McAnemy Sam F. McGraw Nelson McQueen Steve A. McClanahan Phyllis McGuire De Lois Neal Pi Kappa Sigma members clear out for Christmas vacation. From top to bottom are Sue Craig, Sarah Fox, Nomia Waggoner and Leaudra Troll. .J ff , ,234 51' I iv 4 -ci., ffgfrx I 11 J ,X sv' .1 its l' S! 'f 'in Cf' W 5' Q A 'D fr. . . y 'es -253 Y nzfws We I W J SEE 5 A f xl . : l 1""""""'SQ..4x Cathleen George OPHO Charles M. Io Ann Pugh I Raab Homer N. Marlin R. Z' " Tiki Y I fe ffl fffv 'Fig I-L ,, 19-' ,y ' g,LA'.'N 5 ,E 55 h. -VI , Z H: Peggy O'Neill Owen Edward M. Naomi Peck Perkins Glen D. Emma I. X Pickering Pierce Larry A. Marisue Preston Prince Bob L. Pringle William Reynolds v lg l Y l Rhodes Rhodes Y Jg..q, .- , - , we . K xi M . . 4, , 6 'ng 5, 9' Hi""l' ,fl Y'l.Ql 'i 'kjise '.: :." in 1 F JV J . .e.1 i GQ .. ... a ... . ,J l X nr . fl li jim Robert E. john L. Ann Pagonis Park Parsons Payne David K. Ellen David Jesse E. Petty Petty Phillips Phillips john E. Stanley R. Carl F. Bruce Poarch Pollock Ponca Powell Robert M. Foe A. Pauline M. David erry Radford Ray Raymond Redmond Paul P. Billy L. Harold Maudie E Richardson Richey Rieker Rife 'S' 5905. v-rffx 'Q 2- X lmlwl' 'got Q .-q.g M mu. vip sir,-A ' -..A1.v...i,. 1i2.'f5'if?' ff Z- Qx f ' ,V .f gfxx-gs' rf --,Q V I gk. U.., 5. .. P yn ng. ,i , alvggg ' Rx ,ff , ddr -.g, Melvadene Kenneth E. Robertson Robbins Pete jean B. Rogers Rose Walter L. Bill Saloga Sanford Evelyn M. Karen Schreiber Schroeder Bobby Sexton Darrel D. Shepard Robert H. 2 Y. Shepard I q A - Y, , ' fiat 2 ' mfg? , -. H ' .',: ---': wifi ' fi w az! in , Q .,.,' V ., X' , J, . .. . . 74 . ., -x---".af'::- . Barton R. Robinson Thomas H. Ross Ioe N. Sasser Anita Seabolt '53 IS- 45' ,t J . A - is ,tl .S f. . gi.. , ififw -.ff Y ff.-1, me AGM J' - David L. Jerry W. George H. Robinson Robinson Rodkey Jack W. Sue E. William H. Ruff Russell Russell Sylvia Mary A. Arthur L. Saunders Scheihing Schmitt Frank Eddie W. Iames L. Sears Seagraves Selders Are these students lost? Of course, many were the first week Where do we go next? . 'Ra . S.. T Robert L. Lee G. Sieg Simmons, Ir. Hollis G. Io Anne Smith Smith Kent H. Don F. Spalding Speaks Anna Sue Stevens Stevens Clifford E. Luther Stout Stubhlefield Gloria A. Lawrence J. Tate Tate a n Iean Ronald C, Billy Sims Skaggs Slama Ronald Willadean Mary Lou Smith Smith Snelson Wayne Gerohn Iames Spears Spence Spencer johnny L. Sonnah Iohn R. Stiles Stockton Stork johnny F. Donna L. Mary E. Stricker Stroup Stumpff Clarence Hazel S. Jean Taylor Taylor Taylor Charles D. Slaton Alfred C. Snider Carroll Stariz Robert L. Smothers Phyllis Sorleder Herschel Stearman al' Y Nano Sing. ORES -B, 6 Lawrence Michael Sullivan Sutton Marvin R. Ray L. Terrell Tettleton Newton T arver T Eula . tag Wwe Aw K ftfii . 'eo , fist 31.5 V' Est fs if 'ff . 1: 'ff wr . -sie nl'xwpl . , . -if ' . H 1 . f H3 E' fl.. . U. M ' 1 r vf E. .41f...mre. f i L. Gerald Jack R. omas Thompson Treat oyd R. Gerald A Betty S. renary Tucker Turner race L. joel B. Bryce G. Ulmer Van Hom Vann Jolene Vandever, Roland Dodson, :md Iequeta Overfelt Sylvia Steffey and Ronald Good Work on the Kappa Pi home- P1'eP9-fe for their next h0U1' Class in the 1ib1'e-1'Y- coming float. The two art majors are also members of the Bro I. Don L. Vernon Dorothy Walker Iames A. Wagner Thomas Wardall ,M A . 4 - . 'N aff' ,, xy n 'tg L - Y Q . I-Q an fl' o ,, ,.,. 'J' I ,HW F4 i V 'l'i?"if'!g XJ-,I ' , ,. :Q Q "t, I 55: E., 19' ,. ,V jyvk'-Y,? X -M X' , H, Qx, ffA-- . ., ..., Q e 2 - t 12 F " ,, K we r if bfi Y 5 1 I I Q. :sz gk ' f' we o V - me .9 3 QI' X: 1 lx Pg SDE P ff' ff" E ,,- l 3 I .4 ,Q ' 1 f' ' We K i B - , i n f B - f H it A l sssi V ,A S ivgripe in - lk Q, V pl ,v.,.,. , H I -sf" WR: : ' - A ' ' V L . , f 44 D ' w tr , - . ., il' , AV ,T J i Pi . if ,,, 5, ...H , i -. ffl 1,2 - av- M , ls fox 4 K -I if SU' V g e t f 'L ' 17 l' " , V Martha Sharron Zackie Iames Jerald Dorn Virginia Bob CVhYlarrera Warren Walters Watkins Weatherford Weaver Webb ' ton . James Lorn Pete Kenneth Virgil Glenn D. Wells Wells Westfall White Whittington Whittington Wigington Morrison Luclare Melvin L. Mike O. Billy Edgar Kenneth Zenol Wiley Williams Williams Williams Wilson Wilson Wilson Wimbe Glenda Londos Steve Winkles Winn Wirtz ' Marjorie Billy G. Ronald K. Wolf Wolff Wonn Thomas E. William Darla I. Wood Woodward Wootan Continentals tum on the charm for their audience. This vocal group sang at school and professional funcions throughout the Gary Wood Shirley Woolf year. 3 V "Q gr!-3, 'fi 'Z' Qfffg ', Q ' 1+'?j5' 1- . ,K ytr. if f ' r y L i ' 'I I , it f :U ls fm Ed I. Barbara I Bob L Worsley Wright Young FRE SHMEN 1-2 :H 1' .5 Q. - ' - ,g . ,..,.,. .1 E.. ' '----,nl ' ., .Q mx, - - - film: . ' 4 1 ' , il ,- La , . , , . . , , , . l I I , I . . , . fra-1-fi 5, " , ,'..'i:l..I.'i" ' .. .::. ...:..:.d . 1 92 'H A 4 m y is K m L ,sr N N H Y f ul 2 ' ll ' -v 5 A 6' F 2 A ' 4 it lg ll I IN Q , If y ., m,H,.htEg I W QI 'r Em- 1 S. t ' FA . -X 4. .- .' S -alias: V+ H vc: -2 , JE f -f 1 ,Q f 1, .1511 -ef M, M liiddi ,iv-"'5f I A ' ., A-ff: I, .' '.-. 23, " 4 Q "fa .L ' . , ,jLfiEs.i, .. X'-: gr 1 A, . , -' mfg 1. n .' J fr - 'f i ' in Ha, T fi A' T I - ffl. 45' ' my--a 1- a t A1 B- 1' A D ea 45 givi t r f -1 f g pg, Q ' , S1-,li i',.W E? M : N., .sf'::, , 1. -' "" 1 ' 1. f e ' A ' w Wil V " A il l W4 ' ,, 7 , Don Iean Don John Abercrombie Absher Adams Adams Kenneth M. Walter C Linda Elizabeth Alford Allder Allen Alspaugh James Dorothy Jimmy Don Anderson Andricos Angle Archer Cordon W. Ora Ray Barbara Ioyell Askridge Aubert Baggerley Baker Richard Weridel R. Don E. Barbara Baker Baker Ballard Ballew Phyllis Karalyn Burt Vemon Bamett Barr Barrett Barrett Heidary Akhavan Kenneth Ambler Betty Arwood Dwayne Larry D. William Barber Barham Barkdull Betsy Don Judy Barrow Bartell Bartley 4P'1 ,wIlL""!i 5 Y- mil i , AM. fd-N X l-fs 'V I ! 4 Si, W . .4 QM: I 1 1816 Q f in ag p ? I ....... Q - ,.,,.:ll eff If .,..,.., Yi. ew 0 .. V ff r X MQ ll it e :'- l A. B- ""' l 'Z ' - . "H ' . , s 2... Y q,,,, - .- rg IL :2-: "'-' nf 5 re? "El 13 wi RQ ia it , e 3 5 ll l X I X I If 1 f 32 Wi Y Eze... E5E...... .1. 1. ' sisisi.. s BJ I I ba It gl l I Q.: V Vi' .hr-i zjrf J X -Q . ip : :.. I -M- IP 5+ ,1:. 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Richard Brewer Bridges Brindley Fred P. Patricia jerry D. Brooks Brooks Brown l oe Verne Frank L. Bruce Brummett Bruner Bruce Eugene Bernard Bunge Burden Burkhart Sally Donald Johnny Bushea Butler Butler 'J-..-. i sw E X '55 l gi? Q .J ss l 21 I A 'l 1 U BL E l 'I r 4 X "' Y ' ? l ll! ' l HMB! Charles E. Bradshaw Jimmy Brock jo Ann Brown Jimmy R Bryn Carol Burns Jimmy Byers Frank Brainard Judith Brown Sylvia Bucker George A. Burns Delven D. Cagle Wir , ew Y Lary J. Brandt Roy Brown Ronnie Buckelew Mary L. Burris joe Cagle we ,. . '--,fx f 11 f ' A Paul Brawner jim W. Brownell George Bucklin Pricilla A, Burroughs Billie Cain 'A B f fy in xi Vw, ' 6 5-5 X if ' Ai r".' ,K 4, , , ,, N I WY ' 15 f In -1- lx Di' 1 le 'G :ua li 4 V " ' l 'Q 17- .-. l 'au . V v ..ggeaeza'11 p L Barbara Norma Gloria Lawrence f . . ,, , Callas Cameron Cameron QW 4 ' . 4 --: t 1' Teke pledges entertain Delta Zeta pledges at their new fraternity ,Q house. .4 -A H- --f -I' . 'Q-1 l ' I p 4, William Bob L. Canfield Cantrell Francis H. jerry Carpenter Carr . Ronald Melvin Audra Don Virgie Cast Cater Catron Caughell Cauthen Chenault Joseph Albert Zelma Charles John Christian Cisper Christy Clark Clark Naomi William Stanley Truman E. Fred R. Clark Clausing Coatney Cobb Coe Coffey erry Jimmie Ion Mary David Marilyn man Gollum Conley Connelly Cook Cooper ,, V., , .H .wry -. -f 11 az, 1 Z X , , 1535222 i ' W .fw:1fw, v gy m, H it ifi A .k.V ' 4. HWS 'I f -L rhe' . Bob I. Nancy Capehart Cardwell Patrick Arvel L. Carrell Casey Bob Dorothy Cherry Chesser Karl Lelan Clark Clark Dwayne Charles Colbert Cole Ron Sharon Cooper Cooper 14' ff' ,, , ., I fi ' f , -- - if ff f 'x 'Q ' C f 1 . it 3,4 cr! ,Q 'w :mu 1 Y me ' f " 1 K r' . i" t N .... G y l S 1-. X l N 'I 9045 '17- ,4- reef' , H ..., if-I ,. M V N QQ:-1: a ae .5 I ' . ii -9 . L, ..,.. if We li?-A . . ...,,. 4 + 3, .J ,fig r ll' wil? F ,ll is 2 fi lr lx l fl ,..-.. 'gf 1 L Q K r ::...:: Vw M ' 513. 5. 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Donald Ray it X V 3, 52,2 H M T -t2'? ,g H Duncan Duncan Dunford Dunn ' E is Ei - ' :TE- Loren Jerry L. Beverly Mary jane A DuPuy Eades Easley Ecker a if : 4 His- 53 A my 35Eg:F"':--'ibig f 54-I ig ,,, :- ,luig AF W ' .. P l' r 7 ,1 ti e -,..,,. fi -115 ' ai! M ,, N l Vlv- Aj ey.. y yyyyy ill' . l - REU nr H mDS1E!lfQ 4 h - N 1 fs ,pax Q- fag 'fu' A u 1'-3 Z . we Q 4 - r K if f ,,k, 1 I 'I -1, if . George M. Leatriee jerald jimmy Eddens Eddens Edge Elder Patricia F. Patsy L. Robert A. Phillip G. Elliott Emerson Emerson Emrieh Robert T. Paula Connie Cheryl Engel Epley Askew Estes Mike R. Robert Mary Tom Farris Fusli Feken Ferguson Kenneth Ann L. Lowell jonell Flanagan Flzmery Ford Forrester Ray A. Sandra Loretta R. Ward M. Fos ter Foster Foust Fowler Q I se 5 , Myrla S. Phil V. Eliot Ellegard David G. Ronald C. Estes Evans Roger Luci Fields Fink Don Morteza Fortune Fos-Hat Alvin Raymond Franklin Franks :QUTF 2.-elf ri- Y J 'ii 1 ii' 1 53 .ze wi 1 Qt! Lewis T Wayne Ellerbee Elliott Jerry H. Robert Ewing Farquh Donald R. Larry Fisher Fitzgerz Carol L. Hubert Foster Foster Lynda H. Odell Freeman Friar .. of-Ji .,.f gl k 15 """"..2 ,., W., . 25,1 e 1fg,Lfi5?Q5gvTg .12 a a - j-:Vx , ,, , '- ' -1- 3 J 6-U. - 'K if 3 N, ,Q-iw " . 'sa ' ' ew., N. f ' , L " ,- ' ' -E1 f , W il! f ifii. 5 -f, 'r ' E - M' ' 4 ' fir' Q -'F i' ' ' r Z -' . e 7 Z' - 'L - - l baby .aw K , .., ' 2 ' . 1' ' . ' 'J ' V ' A - ' V - 3 lil. A '4 - .'w1,:5 I 'f ,.- , QQ Q A XM:-'W ,I ,X .' ,W . -- L l 'Til .1 " if 1. - i l I ll Billy Wilson R. Burton D. Betty Beth Garrison Garrison Gepford Germany Geyer Don Judd Fronko Gambill Iraj Orville Gharib Gillespie harlotte Max L. min' Glover Thomas Grant Gray Rebecca Grueser Roger Hamit ,f 43 Q , .ar . 1 V 4... .L 5 l'llr2lii'i"' K 'Qi' 2-I ie ii lack W. Garner Robert E. Gipson Gary Archie D. Donald L. Goodman Gordon Grace Fred Loyd Lynda Green Green Griffin Florene Iolm Delores Guynn Hagen Hall Arnold George Kenneth Hancock Hanneman Hansen mf, ' Vg.?Qg4! r QL. E 5 P cc c f a b, vflnffa' .. 1 ,. ,-is-lb. 1 1 1,4 , ga J. .,. 1,4 as .1 a" sr' :lull . nf: " is f ., L f ll Z? 5 34" if - , :WE if., -,.. gp., ,ffdfy 'ig L - -., - Y i B... .f omiigw ' K ii ' --h. .N ev ' "" X ' Y :Q .. L sf. a M . E'- .. 1 1 . 4 2 ,fl .,- ' , ' , yzir, S? - . 2, 1 ' 9 ' , fig r :E 5' x ,xi X 4 L, M y 25 SQL R la L F s . W' 11 E x " w ' 4 I X ' 1 4 'Q - 1 ""' .. 'R 7 Ns s 1.1 5 ., as 't l--T' x C L' i ' ' EMT W "QS, f ...A f 9 R . V ,, . Esc.-f Mfr. Y "li . ' . 1: J Q Q 5 ri. 1 . ,f N . 1 ua .g N c w i I ' f Q 2 K l : "2 Ei- K ' :L . '. Celestine Roberts entertains upperclassmen at initiation time. Glen Pat A. Graham Graham Barbara I. Norma I Griffith Griskell Glenn Nancy Hall Hall Burnell Patricia Hansen Harbert :QQ 14" V -9 ,,... Wayne Graham Alice Grisso Ralph Hall Larry Harden I , , :A - l ax g N 4... ,s . ,f ll .xiii 'xiiirsk 'a X 9 if ,, . r f X. ry ea'-1 1 A Q 5 1- A "fV " R L , X D fl Ml -1 .Af 4 V , H aff 1 - if W H : I ',.. me . EI: Michael Leonard Ted Vinis Harmon Harper Harper Harrigton Tommy I. Peggy C. Buster Janet Harris Hanyman Hart Hart Sue N. Eva Phillip Sam A. Hatchel Hatley Hauser Hawk Maurice D Raymond Rodger T. Terry C. Hayes Hayes Hayes Joe Joy W. Hershell Hazen Hazen Heath Gracie Roy Ioe E. Hellner Helm Hendrickson Tom W. Heath Larry K. Hendrix fx QPNEAQ. , ,merger '13 gaY AHRTQ 1 Curley Harris Kenny Hart Henry Hawkins jan Hoberecht David R. Herd ' ' MA ' ' 'iw mr-fi' Q f "' T if-eb x 2 jf' , i " V' , 'Ei 4 David Harris Iauet Hartman jim Hawkins Irvin Heckes Todd Herman ,uv . - W Z M . Q .. :M 'f i :fe 'TY' -- , , 1 H' ' 'x '-1, Ney 6 i ii xg , 'B 'vs l xr -is .- .:ff1"'- - Q - e if-5' , 'S :eg- .. ,ef .. .,.,.. 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William Ronald Betsy undley Hunsalcer Hunteman Huntington Hurt onald Bobby James Lester Bill Hynes Ingram Isom jackson A '. . .8 -I.. .I v 1- , A 'K f an 4 r C E C as ag - v 'H A' r ' pq' ,,,,N , -pf. is or a if , 1 5 yyrrr i W , C W 'mia l W a r l a l ' - ' -ll Q if 1" 5 .F x Q ' - ..-e wx. 135-1 as -- - fs' . fuse fiil , if ' f +- .f-1 - ,,e 11 ' .11 N ee WY-L si: if 2 . , .s....... , , , , 1 2 ni QT S "' 52 e Q ai 5:3 H' Q5 535 David Ireta Homer Hill Hillerby Hines Sharon Carol Dexter Holmberg Holmes Holmes Tommy Charles Bobby Hudson Huey Hughes Judy Patterson draws everyone's attention when she approaches the football boys for their autographs. , ,-I 9'?JlEX'.2.',fi'i?IWB!!lTr'LE3?f, , ,W , sf- ? ig ff? was V ,, "KMb.n,,. . I 5 Drotha Eddie Jackson Jackson Leslie F. Gerry Jennings John Kay Mary Johnson Johnson John S. Gerald Joles Jones John A. Raymond Junker Justice Carolyn Don Kellogg Kellogg V ...gag E yi J lm ! , .Kee fs.. 'K S.-- Eie 5 SSW ff ai W P3 Quentta Jay Charles Don B. Marjorie M. Jackson Jacobs James James Jeffries Donald Ann Autxie Damon David R. Johns Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Joln Mary Nell Monty Johnson Johnson Janis Melvin Jones Jones John Evelyn Kaskaski Kay Eugene Sandra Kelley Kemper Suzanne Winifred Neal Davi Jones Jones Jordan Judki Deana Michael Pat K. Vick Keams Keefe Keenan Kell Larry W. Richard W. Arles L. Georgia Kendrick Kennedy Kent if KWH fm "' H fl J iw? -E' i J 'QUE eel 'v 1' 3: S. -1.1, - , It -1 ,JEQTEVIYYEQ "N .J 7' 5 . '. df ' Q 55 1 4. " l' i 'R ' 1 X 1 sig lf? 55 . Q' X' - E 1'- v 5 K ?QL""" ' 4 X Mx Paul amer M2-fy dgraf ony G. Laster "'- 1 3 0 'Qi ,v qs- ' 1 , 1 fl F 5553 - . ' f 1 aQ I , E 1 f I 'bl 65' if F' I P EQ N ,F 1.1, allay! V r l . A. A 4 ' ui Nj, 4, X sub i F ""', 'TJ i A sf x . V. Bruce Norman V. Gerald C. Roger N. Phil Janice Richard Kilpatrick Kimball Kimbrell Kimbrell Kime Klng Ku'uk Kathryn E. Ray Dixie Robert H. Zae Ann im Lee Klieiver Kneury Knight Knight Knoepfie Knorr Knost Richard Krey, Ir. Richard Landon I . .e Lauer ' If .r ff f WS . .Lf jf X' ni 2.14 'X i A I i .f JL y w gi? ' , NN Q 'ffl WMM. 'I 1 D 'L V 1' .1 1 I 4 - 9- -2'- A 3 'QI -1-r .sera Ramey Krueger Ginger Lane Charles G. Leathers az . mm, 1, A - B. KL., 2551.4 ff ' "' ' 19 X41 .r.':,, 'Kr .l r J Ex? M 1 . 2 43 3... . i " r 1. J" Nan Lacy Rosalee Lankford Don Leathers nr-H'-. Agi' 3 iwff, . t J E Z l if - MU X N: R X .. -. 0. 'Pi 'ww 22 M A J' ' Q-155 ,- . Xxx X Wall-sitters wistfully gaze at the crowded dfmce floor as other couples enjoy a Friday night party Sim Tom Lafferty Lambke Dennis David N Lapp Largent David W. Lowell Lee Lenhart -- . r ' .em ' 2,2 N.: 7. " sw X I F wg we 4. ,P J Q as R , l L ...AQ ,. il., r. J- nl i ,ww F m f - 5 J S Z? E ri NAI 1 . 5 NYS F, V- 7 ...... an e- gag... ,I by-.L , wfblffl lfif' "' 5 'S fe . L 5 115 - in QV. ,IV .aa wi, g. .fs El " . Larry Lette La Marr Lilly Donald Loganbill Wanda Lupton Deanna I. Mack Don R. Mansfield .5 if Wai. N 362 K , Y ,ff-f Comelius Lewis Winfred Lindsay Adolph Long Gerald Lusk Anita Maddox Louise Manspeaker Gerry A. Lewis Don L. Lindsey Long e1TY Mabry David Magruder Geraldine Manuel im- -.9 ig? . 'i .,.:,E 'Ai Dan W. Lieber Gladys Linn Albert C. Lorenz -K 1 ew: 'f J 52' Fred Lietzke Jim Lipe Iames Lott 'u ff. . , ,, John Ligon Rexalyn Little Edwin Loutherback FRESH Tony Betty I. Weldon C. Maguire Mann Mauney Larry Jerry Levon D. Marker Mars Marshall Ronnie James Likes Lillard Roger Ronnie Lockhead Logan Talquino joe H. Luengo Luker Valvia Manning Alan R. Billie Martin Martin Fx -L i Tvs , ,ff A. -fj,.:..- ji 'flilk .ff S 5' J ., . ,ww WZQWH 1 3 if 4 t ,. ., 5 ' - 'iT'-il: , xf Q' Q- j 1 ,., . Q Q llllef rald izell, hn B oore ames organ , . 1' l 4 in Il 3 1"'l'Lr P fx all 'A If 'Q' 4 r -, x Q tx A I f LaReta Martin F. 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May Don Miller Sherrill Mitchell Manouches Mohazei Pretty Gus Davis officialy becomes freshman queen as Iohn McClure, frosh president, crowns her. Attendants are Iody Dalton, Carolyn Beard, Billie Io Martin and Sylvia Sanche7 M fgf fam X Sn' Y AAA 3 Q 'A Q-...v if EQ , A v 1 W, ' M1 1 Av' " , 41" 9' 51 N . . .J ,kfgfixgilim w .5 fx www . . .MX , , 1 f2,A.m,, , : 1 f-:szzxmsi Kiwi? , - ' V9 7 .. wk W: N 'fi -N95 ,N 'f ,.-.,,, L W v - ..,4 5123559 Q35 ra Z Q . l 57 , 1 5-4 . . D 5 5 3 gm Q-5 3::wE1Q..-H ,...K4,j2' cu I' ii?,. 'N Kc . co Q z: 5 pg EF I I I ggggggggiw A QQQFOQ OUgCjzO f ,.,. , , 3 :za Q-O '11 . QW N O E! f -:-4 3 A' :L Z H, ,.-. O 5- 4 v-E ua K .H argssw 5a:QaB Q g Q rr D- UQ Y x4 . A g'g 5 A l wg Q gggwmggffg A 4 3 .. 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QQ 1 YV Y F giggle to S ' 1- 5 ,gun gy 9- "fig , .Y V1 5 f Y ' L 4 Linda Pratz, Janet Hartman, Maxine White, Melva States, 1 J F M1123 I, " 'U J Jolene Vandever and Frances Zwirtz find out that Kangaroo F 'J . I , . .1 ls' '-XM 1' .X I lg Court keeps Freshmen hopping. L I M pl ll' 7 J L '- W " ZEN" ail Jerry Clara William eely Neighbors Newberry Newell J ' H. Leroy Jerry Edwin I. chols Nichol Nicks Nittler Hair-pulling agony of Freshman tests causes many a headache for the younger set. erry Charles Hadi Leonard Don Margaret jerry Norman Norouzi Northcutt Norton Nutt O'Brien Elliott Jeanne Linda Linda Iequeta Lee Odom O' Orr Orr Overfelt Overton Ieana Patricia Carl D. Harlan Judy JoAnn Parker Parker Parkhurst Partin Patteson Paul QPU? I,-new ' X' 1' XXXQ I .C W7 f A-l lhl .llPIII!Illlllllllllllllyllnl. ..1 lrMfIWHl E. 5 E Payne Y -gf, My 3? 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'fi 1 . f ,ff r " " Y K , , , A ::, 4,t- N aren K. Iudy A. Marvin D. Donald E. imrnons Silvis Silvernail Siler Freda Richard Tom Charles Shope Shore Shores Short Co on in-the books are inviting. Ronald F. james William johnny Shuey Singley Sites Slama Dale Gerald jack James Smith Smith Smith Smith Tom Tommy F. Don Hassan Smith Smith Snider Sobbani Edward Hurley Marcia Iean Spear Spence Spicer Springer W aw tephen Bobby Carmelita Carol . ' x lfgf Sloan Smith Smith Smith lllul ' JHQ Ierry Joy Iucly Thomas F. f Smith smith smith smith tt tl si Gary David Bobby Harold V. I W Sorrels Souder Sparkas Sparks ' W,.' L l ' XY X -1 ,ae-1 gyda S. k ,. . g ' ' fr 7 1 . ' K X 'YF-1 ' . ! ft-I 1 ' " . " ' iii ' ' X. L - ' , ,ff ' Y ' L'-V 5 ., A it 3 i t ....: f X - 4- U, 1 . , 'r.' 3 -::.-. Y: 2 1'. ,. , "'9F':'Q , 'N LM 5 . 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'sg' A S " 'nzs 1 . , l-'N r Ak ' ' 'H r El? s W T' o o'l A V VA" 1 .Y fm fi wi . , r fr 5: ii 1 A .+ ' 'wk Betty Stephenson Don Stockton Virginia Stults Spence Tatum Roberta Thompkins Edward Thompson x is I", NLE mail ph Robert Glen Stepp Stevens Dean :ferry Stone Stone Iimmy Tom Sumpter Swanson Rex Dick Taylor Teel Grace Virginia Thompson I Thompson Burton Steward Ray Donald Stone Francena Swearengin Franklin Tefertiller Faye Thoresen Wd 1-on vga fe L1- David Alice Story Donna Max Terrell Leslie Thornbur 'Q xii: 425 in . f-is , -1 ' l 9 ' 5 5,55 sg - , 5 131- 'L Ll ' T " ,., at mg ' 11. . , 2' Q we We HE, it , if aia T if -r ' ,Auf 2 VM- lm 1 lx L! I X -X , ' 5 Y xi' 1 .. : x ' ff: '-.4 T .Q Sf T 6 iizizijijj .VVI iii i y 7, 3 4. T Y- , y ' jo", rrllrpsl .A 'Q' 1- i, cgi , - lg rg! . , ' 5 ir' 12 T ll 2-Q Sonya Sue Marvin Jimmy Thorpe Thurman Tindall George Don Ethel Tracy Trammell Trinkle Patricia Evelyn Nancy Turner Turney Twibell Ieanne Daniel Glenda Uptegraft Uncncla Valentine Parviz Rubin Jerry Vassali Vaught Verser jerry Charles Jerry Vloeclman Voss Waggener fha, -. . Wk X P E 0 If Tgy,k4, n v' V 2 M " X? Ai K , h W -fry - '-:-v 6 YV ' o ------ VIW- " T i e .. or A ? Wi- 'N - 1 l l EXW ' ' " ia. f ll, ll if ll' l i . W --i. f if , Y Q E -.Vin V , A X rsaglf- ' 3,1 fr T 5, ga .ggi y a ,.v-' 1' wi , '2 i l 1 47 ll lk Eunice Tiner Iohn Trotter jimmy Tyler Iolene Vandever Van Horn Van Leeuwen " 1 'L-. : Ii". : - .... : 4:52 , .,. ' ...... , , ,.,.,.,.,E. my T y f , W xrfww V e W T Edna Toles Ken Turner Jackie Underwood Charles Vandiver Pledges Nancy Cardwell and Carolyn Beard thought that college was the place to grow up. ' I rl iv gi? H " .vf --g . 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A , gm x, .- "Q 1 J, V 'M 'gg' f Y fi A fa ,, M, ..,, 9 W J -ui , if 1 " ,Q M ', :-v- ' .. . 'is 5 -ziz J N 1' J J .t ing J. . t W A fl . 1-ries Tr 1-f ,... rf' 'E We " ' wx Y' 5 aw A-21,559 . ij isle l it 'wi ' . :.W ill' .ig , oiif r' .Q J , an sag, I lx J 6'N,e wp ', . . .ffYf:5'.'j" i ' ' if ma' J f .Av '21, A , A-Sv, V , 4 L I J "" "' .Halma " . H. mikey? : in -.. af f I .fa , j"fi-' J. i , r 'X . 1 . X. .,, ., Wi-dh , .7 , J A I H xt. X 4 ! A JA l. .YL 5 5 'll WM Noella Lilajean Wilkins Williams Robert D. Tom Willis Willoughby George W. Larry C. Wilson Wilson Jacque E. Charles Wisdom Wise Ierry David Woods Woodson Robert L. Billy Yakel Yates , V 6 xi 4:5 i x Wim MM Tm iaq A?- HEQAQ lu ' - IL Q ' e 'W I V w ' Y 'ai l rl A It 7 , sw... :sg F' . fir fl Sharlene Williams Bill Wilson Robert E. Wise M. Helen Woolbright Jiu D. York if X Nervous anticipation caused jangled nerves among fresh- men awaiting social club and sorority bids. Maxine VV'hite, Jackie Underwood, Melva States, Barbara Muret, and Sally Severe try to remain calm. Wilma Wilson jack C. Witherspoon Rodney Woolley Thadis W. Yount Herman Windsor Loyd Withrow Lesli Wright Gerhard Ziesch De Ann Wingfield Donna Witten Verna M. Wright Mike Zink - ,f,--- - 3-Y-.--L? i .YE , - , Mg i-.L ' A -re . we F lu ya. k awning W'..e:r-'L. .. li? 5 '- f y W .xl ,K . 1. TE, V 4 1 2237-Z J:-L? , , A ,Y W , . . . - V I. QL 1 . .'... ' l . wry R . 1 " R' ' 5 25292 ' f ' ' 1 , lu: .S-5' Ml W we . r.. , . .- 4 f p 9 ' -. .lu . l 'H ' .ff .J f' l' - '-5912 5 N i . .. Y PM l I A f 1" 'i 1 wilful- Q I I L -Kd ' ... l " Xe . I , is y . A . 1 w ff' l a. " w - . l 7? Q it 2 3 ' +3 . . - M' 6 L! '- . ..... f-1 wr ' A A' v --.. .i ,. '.......... F' f . f i 1 ' ,.., fa... -S . 'W ' M qw . W . , ' .e....' - - r a--. - ' ..... . . l '.i11- K , at-V me lisss iin i ,L . l fi 1. L li N. W' ' duh' ---L. ,V i -. g if" L Q. gm 63. 5 5' Q . ., if 'Sf as lu? ., . N i , f . 4 L.. . q. - j,4'fy I ,. .. W Q-fi . . " if fe' 3. ' -- ' QW ' R'-' - 342,--f 3 ' 1 1, 'Q' if L ' g,.5g' ,M ' ' nl 1 Carol A. Winkler Betty A. Woltz Whitney Wulff Frances Zwirtz 1. . f 1, ff. K . Q4 ui., V limit . K W - .,u,,11.m wr ,, .,i ff' 'f' ' fig, .- W 55 1 fi ' . rj fa y aw A X... .Bi 1 J? - .. E-. P- x I--X , . 'Fw , - wx :- iq . . x .Q ' 1 Hgh. W 'iw 4, L I 'wu- .Y ...ff 2337 1 ' ww 1 mf . :.. .1 ..,. ..,. . : X, W 4,1 " L fs fy NEW STUDENTS, FRESHMEN, Continued. Top row-Wade Hopkins, Judy Hopper, Lawrence Hunt, Barbara jackson, lay P, Iacobs, Delbert johnson, Harold Johnson. Second rowwjudy Johnson, john I. jordan, Morris jordan, Ernest Kale, Don Kennedy, Charles Khoury, Joyce Kidd. Third row-Charles Kincheloe, Sam Kirk, Bill Knight, Eugene Kenaghan, Ronald Kyle, Gilbert Le Flore, Jerald Leonard. Fourth row-Bruce Lindsey, jerry Lipscomb, jimmy Littrell, james Loafman, Terry Lowell, Robert Manchester, jim Mashore. Fifth row-Seaynoah Mayfield, Monty Miller, lack Milner, joy Molloy, George Mortonhjack Morton, james Moyer. Sixth row-Glenn Murphy, Betty Murrell, Bob Musgrove, McBride, Bobby McCart, Coleda McMurphy, Ronald' Needham. 'YV ur in , , ,Y acyl .sr 5 if . 'sf wi -J f .4 S 'x Y NEW STUDENTS, FRESHMEN, Continued. Top row-Gerald Nelson, Charles Norman, Hassein Nouri, Charles Parker, Robert F. Parson, Gary Pendley, Ward Postman. Secmld row-Floyd Pugh, Dextra Rcaves, Robert Reed, Dale Borick, Jerry Roush, Dean Ryals, jim Sanders. Third row-Richard Sandy, joe Savage, Kay Sawyers, John Schott, David Shade, Wayne Shaver, Darryl Simmons. Fourth row-Carl D. Simp- son, Nancy Sloan, Grace Snodgrass, johnny Speer, Phil Spiller, Paul Staley, Charlotte Stevens. F ifth row-Sam Storey, Shelby Thompson, Charles Tillman, Bonnie Rae Tipton, Donald Toles, Franklin Weber, jimmy West. Sixth row-Tilly William, Clyde L. Winldeman, Ross W. Wood, Dewayne F. Young. NEW STUDENTS, SOPHOMORES: Louie R. Allen, Iris Ames, Dorothy Andrews. I' x 0 1: 6- 15 4 . Sw- ' xl., .ua-...C 21 rw T' 5 , w li' I ' Q' ,Q -A'- -ff: , S ' .,.. '-' 2 . Qs , IH: f. . . 5 X I 1.5 . f' y . M59-4.4, V V' ' , , J W" x "fl T M . I9 f Km-:YT5 . l A If ' , .-....43.'g3f . .33.1,. 'Hmm WV? ' if l X? xr . w ' . - jijff"f"ff2i--.. '42 af' 1 , ,mjjgqff V , , Z. T 's Fw! ' 'z I f ' T? T ' L' 1 A ' . F E- A . , ,N ,r ...Q ,E , X 3 .7 "'-5 r- ' - - Il' 5l'3i'915 ' 5. M . K- m 1 L . fp, " fe- " .,f ' 'N . -V - 0- - , Alfie' , 4 j.,I'E15eg:5f , V -QE Vb,, ga.-',,,' 3 - , . 3 1 R. ,V ,gums iw. I K Z .. i..afr:..i.wi1 , e i. , 1 '1H13.- W. J - l'flyffE?E.f-N V Q. .E :EQ 3, .A :K .tw j W , , , J A gy, A., ' ' 1' -. x ii?" ' ,gi - ' ' 5 , fmt' "fl . Q ' f , li ,X In Y' h , R "P: 5 -4 L NEW STUDENTS, SOPHOMORES, Continued. Top row-jerry Anduss, John Arnold, Carlos Batlle, Velma Barker, james L. Bell, Sue Ben- nett, Marcilee Black. Second row-Betty Boeve, Larry Brocaw, Cherrill Brunson, Frank Bryant, Carol M. Butler, John H. Butler, Ir., Lynn C. Campbell. Third row-La Vern O. Carter, Tom Cathram, jerry Cauthen, Don R. Childers, Alice C. Childs, Donald Cox, Eugene Cox. Fourth row-Warren D. Crook, Ben Crump, Beverly E.Davis, Iimalynn De Young, Bobby Doyle, jim L. Dudley, james Dunn. Fifth row-Boneta T. Dupy, Jerry Eaton, Billy 1. Eisenhour, jan M. Ferrill, Eloise Flenoid, David L. Floyd, Jimmy Frost. Sixth row-Robert F ugate, Terry Grand, john Hames, james D. Haney, David Harris, Dorothy Harris, Harvey Hayes. sm, li W 1 ,. B X. ,qs I f , iii.-ei . T I f " ,gr . - - 'lf me " 1 F' E .. 'Q 3 . !' ri . ,. ' ' 5 1" ei 5 . ' 3 x l ' 31:2 5:3227 . NEW STUDENTS, SOPHOMORES, Continued. Top row-james T. Hayes, Harvey I. Helms, Mikeal D. Hoffner, Richard D. Holma, Raymond Johnson, Joyce Kennedy, John A. Kiser. Second row-Bob Klinglesmith, Wayne Knight, Thomas Kuylcendall, Kenneth Leech, Paul Lindblade, jimmy R. Lynn, jackey Mannen. Third row-Oliver Manuel, Temple Meek, Gilbert Millies, Nova lane Morgan, Tommy Morgan, Ierry Myers, Mary Ann McConnell. Fourth row-jean Ellen McNabb, Don Nyswonger, Bill Oakes, Robert Page, jr., Don Paschal, Darrel Pierce, Harold Purser. Fifth row-Ed Reichelt, Lynn Reeves, Robert R. Robnell, Mike Rollins, Larry Lynn Rose, Warner Russell, Tommy Sanders. Sixth row- Donald Edwin Schein, Katie Settile, Stanley E. Shade, Roger Shilling, James Shire, Raymond Smith, Willa D. Smith. 'if- --Zef' "FU 'ghifi ' l . 1 i ' 'f17'iiA,1JK, , NEW STUDENTS, SOPHOMORES, Continued. Top row-Carol Sue Spooner, Joe Straw, Daniel Swanda, Ralph Timmie, Clifford A. Tucker, Barbara Van Horn, Cary H. Walker. Second row-Clyde Warren, Harold W. Watson, Henry Werner, James White, Hershel Wise, George Wyant. NEW STUDENTS, IUNIORS: Stanley C. Acton. Third row-Leslie Ames, Boyce D. Ashcraft, Tommy Bennett, Ronald Binion, Robert L. Blocker, T. A. Breheme, james L. Burns. Fourth row-William H. Burns, james L. Byrd, james Cannon, O. H. Chadwell, Don Chase, Phyllis Cordes, Mildred Corey. Fifth row-james N. Crawford, Preston E. Creel, Lois C. Denton, Veronica Deplois, john Dukeminier, Donald Dunnavant, Earl D. Eason. Sixth row-Paul D. Egleston, Donald Elliott, Howard Evans, Eddie Faulkner, Nancy Ford, Don Fowler, james K. Fretz. l i l A V 1' an-Y .fox 'L' NEW STUDENTS, JUNIORS, Continued. Top row-Bobby A.Gilclhouse. Second row-William E. Gill, Jr., Sherril Glenn-Allen, Verna H. Griffeth, John Bob Halpain, Evelyn Harris, Luther Harrison, Cale E. Hathoot. Thirll row-Thomas W. Henry, Margaret Howard, Sara Hosack, Paul Hulette, Gary Jackson, Robert R. Jacobs, Robert L. Jenkins. Fourth row-Janice Johnston, Bobby Jones, Charley Keller, George Krepps, Dan La Follette, Thomas A. Lane, George Littleforcl. Fifth row-John Lomax, Allen D. Lunnon, Mary Ann Mainbourg, William Marrs, Barbara Matlock, June Mayor, Lynn Meyer. Sixth row-Donald Wayne Mills, Joseph Mohr, Janice Morgan, Donese Murry, Frances McCollum, Audrey McMaster, Thomas Pearson. Seventh row-Henry Peck, Annette Philpott, Morris Philpott, Opal Pickett, Ruth N. Pierce, Faye Pyles, Lester F. Redding. ig 4' NEW STUDENTS, JUNIORS, Continued. Top row-Robert L. Reed. Second row-Kenneth Rigdon, Ralph W. Ross, Wanda Sanders, La Nelle Shreck, Selhorno Sharp, Karl Shenolcl, lack Sh ockley. Third row-Donald Soule, Russell Teasley, Richard D. Tomlin, james R. Van Horn, William Ii. Warren, Heath West, John Williams. F ourlh row-Bill Workman, Billy Wyant, Curtis Yant, Charles L. Ycrhech. NEW STUDENTS, SENIORS: Jimmie Allen, Paul Beckford, James Black. Fifth row-Billy Black- well, Donna Burkes, Lavona Butler, Murray S. Butler, Betty Cunningham, jewel L. Fent, Lamar Geis. Sixth row-Lee E. Gibson Mary E. Green, Mary F. Harms, Ted L. Harris, Raymond Haynes, Bohert M. jantz, Buster jones. Seventh row-john Lair, Ioe L. Mackey, Bonnie Mason, Kenneth Miller, Beth Murdock, Joe Neville, Memttory Nichols. :Eg l 5 I i f sm , - 1 'V-1 FT NEW STUDENTS, SENIORS, Continued. Top row-Wilma Parky. Second row-Popatlal Patel, Hugh K. Peddicord Fred L 1 kst P'n on, Ed Rice, Ben G. Sasser, Billy R. Sellers, Clara Sizemore. Third row-William E. Stalz, Glen Van Orsdalj GRADL UATES: Robert W., Adams, Betty Adkins, Darla Alexander, Luke Anderson, Annetta Andrews. Fourth row-Orville Ashcraft, Lois Austin, Faye Baird, David Balsam, Bonalee Barnett, jean Barnett, Fred Bingham. F iftlz row-Robert Bland, Betty Bogardus Ferne D. Bowm ' " ' ' ' ' ' an, Wrlhanr L, Brent, David Brown, Don Burget, George Burget. Smth row-Douglas Burkhalter, Lindsey Camp: bell, Ruth Chase, Edward Clark, Loretta Collinsworth, Lawrence Crouse,, Adeline Thurmond Cunninfham. Seventh row- L Iuaruta Dawson, William K. Dawson, Anne M. Dennis, Coker I. Denton, Hazel Dozier, Marian M. Duncan, Dick D. Dykstra :BFQ 'S ag1 U,g Q f i s i4 1, Q ,gy-rf z 1' A kgvgzzlx 'Q AJ it? V rl 1.5 , .- ,L .Z ...... V. .. - ,1..:s-1n L NEW STUDENTS, GRADUA'.l'ES. Top row-Viola Eskridge. Second row-Charles Eubank, Jack Everheart, Ruth Faine, Clyde L. F itts, james Forsythe, Nedella Foster, Dorothy Gardner. Third row-D. I. Gerbrandt, Mary M. Gregg, Carmel Gurver, Betty Harris, Iames Harris, Edith Hedrick, Juanita Hickey. Fourth row-Frances Hicks, David Hoke, Catherine Howell, Richard Huffine, Margaret Hughes, Alice E. Irvine, Barbara Irwin. F ifth row-Gladys James, Arthur johnson, Tom Karns, Marguerite Keyser, Dixie Knight, John Ann Kueteman, Leland Lemmons. Sixth row-Ruby Ann Lewis, Claudia Long, Vertie Love Ward S. Mc Caskill, jack Marlatte, Beryl Matlock, Ruthie Matthews. Seventh row-Gladys Michelsen, james Miller, Margaret,Mi1ler, Elaine Moore, Ever Mae Moore, Charles Murdock, James Nees. 1 'Hi - ,l-1. :STS i KP at I-dia-if 1 I I NEW STUDENTS, GRADUATES, Continued. Top row-Wynona Newman, Clarence D. Niblett, Max Niles, T. Nunnery, Joan Park, Robert Pate, Johnnie M. Pettit. Second row-Joe Phillips, Jerry Potter, Pauline Randall, Grace A. Romine, Bernice Roper, Gene Sachett, Raymond N. Smith. Third row-Wayne S. Smith, James Snider, Dale Stearns, Paul R. Stiner, Dora Mae Tacker, Tommie S. Taylor, Gladys Tomlin. Fourth row-Evelyn Vandiver, Margaret Wahl, Arzetta P. Weber, Jean Williams, Orvin Williamson, Alice Winston. NEW STUDENTS, SPECIAL: Gordon Chambers. F ifth row-Mildred F aulknerson, George M. Pendell Jr., Martha E. Roach, Joseph E. Smith, Sandra Sue Stout, Elva Wilson. NEW FACULTY: Hurshell Hunt. Row six-LATE ENROLLEES: Jim Callan, Virgil Hicks, Donald Hunteman, Karl Johnston, Forrest Lorey, Helen Mercer, Richard Nakaye. 'Y ' L' N x. i 4, Ap . , Ml 'L 'S .gin - fe ?? Ysua .xfxn , me E.- 4. , f' 1 1 Q, fm.-, , . , my Mxflf if 555 f . ,W ' i , SV. vw-55?42'n, I aw" A , 5 N D My ' " gi f- ,QVEQW . iw' 4 ,W , aff- "Q ,F ri 1 M. H , K fa? N K K ' gi i E2 -:Jw 11 X AA q w u 'A M s 5 , vm 551,113 ? w Z' N QE J-' w ,, gesgf sl' it w Jw wg My A :M ' -311 2 K X Gus Dams Freshman ueen J' al 5249! gg. Q f ay: PER O LITIE M vw--ff,1p1.f,.: 1 ,-. , wg-f 1 'Qu iZ2'r5??5?ffx:gQfwf'ii, fig ' .M 1 Q' ff Man - , .:.:.: '9 3 .TEE """ -1 4 ' 1 , ww , 34 ax H - ' W, r . N NW ' "Wi 'fasifas M., xx .W ,,3,:N , .. 5 ,. -- wax wi A-, , I , X ,ww 1. 3 A an fx 1115:-ri 1 mfsgffgg .A i 3 Z 2,1 u , ihsfff-ife Q wfv-W im 5 mmf. ,5.-,Af i J.. zsszgewf p 2 'Q ' ' . .57 Q12 A Ziaigsyi' IM, . 712: . vi 1: :Lggxis-1, m W mm X ,, W, "':',,, Aw , .gk , '-"I1:f:i2'i5Zi5?ELK,Ix?' w 'KV-" xw . 1, 'vig i ' 1535525 --lm , nzsmfffi 5? 7' 5 ax Q . fi '-'AJ QSVXXY' Mum, , Bronze ' J Iy, , L'!Yi:5ml:wfm" K 5 --1 ' iivfazgiq -111 Sq-fy ,ww N: W1 .iw Wx AMN, .gh V N me " KH 1,1-2' 1 4 ' W 1 w . f I4 .f f ii ,MQW K Y 5 . Q . ' w I Ei, Jw W ut' "" i 1 f , LL I x, 'Y , M ,Q .. .A ,V V .:f .- - ,:, 'az 'X " s'w:A,. ,Ioan Myrick Homecoming . ueen gg X ' ' 37 Q we .-Ra - N , B""" L 4' 9 wnug, , 5151 s -2 waz vm 'f"WWszw' X675 mf H -.max-'::' X 1 Mum my lls, , lA,,l Q ... E ffwis gm. - ,. ,aw M 135: H ,gi gs ' WTI wil' My ,Q CTG' -wil. ,ah 5 ' Jw.-N, f ,u , N L4 I: S. W.Jf a 1-' saws mf' gsibfi? .?' ?fQ.1'PL " W , f:1?Efg2?E315' f, H A g I' 13' K, Liuwwaqx-vm. . . ,. W. .M z .' , nz ,- 'zagwz-.5 ,f ,1 ' 121 ',s,. , -2-1-1522? 5. MQW if U 5 -1 I r , M Lien? V x ' ', ' JJ " fi f ,. , 1 4 ":"'F"2p'f11H'Jm, , .-Liu-i A 1" " 144 5: ,WW Q In M., .....L2.L,, Kwik L, ..,,.. W FMA Q,.,'T5fi5w . 'V ' V H if - W 'ai 222 bg Hx? SQ fifglf we Q? . - 1-.-gfywa H, V A M 4 ,qu CJ -.3 Q5 QQ gm' ' Q1 wwf f V wa "aw W' iiiififlfsif' 135113553 aff " ' "' '?.-'SEA , mi, ... ., .J'1jf'.i'.i' :,.:r .- gi: Iy.i3.LCAJ' ,Nfl- Wav 1Qvfsf1g:',. ,s 1. ,, 1 ?,Q.Kr.x 311, X 51 ' w 8.1! Q 4 wyfm Y-21g:54f'j1g,,x.,.Mkvggg EA KVVK is 35611 ' rlltlri 5? I, figffi "QE is 1 ff Bronze Book Attendants Teddy Haley Q ' N-v.""'ig Iocile Pedigo .1 -. Nj 1 uw . ,,- 1 - . :asa :Z Beverly Easley Band Queen Attendant WU: 'N , N rf? A ueen Attendants Nancy Carr Homecoming Queen Attendant W f- Starley Bullard Homecoming Queen Attendant 140 Iody Dalton Freshman Queen Attendant vim, W all Beverly Wilson Ice Princess 141 Carolyn Beard Freshman Queen Attendant .. Ri 'xx' This dme last month I would have sworn it couldn,t happen. But it did, we have a yearbook. I As I sit in the morgue-like silence of the deserted Bronze Book office-type- writers stilled, empty desks but spectres of the hard working staff so recently gone, the telephone quiet at last-I grow nostalgic. Almost forgotten are the long hours, the hectic hurrying to get pictures, copy and names-the times we went home in the wee hours, convinced it could never be done. Better memories are of the lasting friendships we made, the fun and laughter when we were finally too tired to think, and the sense of accomplishment once 'a section was completed. Millions of thanks go to due people who worked- so tirelessly to finish the task. Special appreciation goes to Shirley Underwood who spent her every free hour in the busy office. Reba Collins can take a bow, too, for keeping us all on an even keel when We were ready to throw in the sponge. Editing a yearbook has been a dream fulfilled-a rare experience. And, now that it's over, one I wouldn't have missed for anything. ff Ellen Jean Cotton Editor We hope you enjoy the book. 142 Dale M cC onathy Having many talents, Dale has participated in the ac- tivities of drama, journalism, and English. His creative writing led to publication of poems and features in the Vista. He also authored a play which was presented for competition by a high school. Receiving the Y- Chapel scholarship, he has been listed on the President's honor roll. Dale was Winner of the Mitchell Award for outstanding action in a one-act play last year. Who's Who in American Colleges Sz Universities Peggy Langley One of the most active co-eds on campus, Peggy made a repeat performance on the '58-,59 Who's Who list. She was chosen basketball queen in 1958 and was a cheer- leader in ,58-'59, Listed on the Deanis honor roll, she has also been treasurer of her junior class, secretary of BSU, and a member of the PE Club and WRA. This Oklahoma City senior served on the ,58 Bronze Book staff. , fa i r. V X if , F "tsl, 7 ST' f 143 i E v' 1 KAREN DEAN Recipient of an American Red Cross Aquatic School scholarship and an Alumni scholarship, Karen has been treasurer for the Women's Recreation association and Physical Education club, WRA president and secretary- treasurer of Orchesis Dance club. She also wrote "Women in Sports" for the Vista. She is a junior from Ponca City. MARLENE LEPAK A senior from Yukon, she is majoring in sociology. Secre- tary of the Newman club and Home Economics association, she is a member of the Shakespeare club. Marlene received a freshman scholarship and a scholarship for the Mental Health workshop in 1957. She is minoring in psychology and home economics, ROBERT HAMILTON A repeater on Who's Who list, Bob, natural science major from Edmond, has served as president of his Freshman class, Senior class and Historical society. He received honorable mention in all-conference football in 1957. He also lettered in basketball and track. IACKIE LENHART Another repeater on Who's Who is this senior chemistry major from Oklahoma City who was president of his freshman and sophomore classes and is sergeant-at-arms of the senior class. Minoring in math and physics, he re- ceived an Alumni scholarship. -is . ln., ,., "re-W' , MELVIN SHOPE Taking an ambitious schedule, Melvin is a math major with a minor in physics. Now in his junior year, he be- longs to Lettem1an's clubs, has been on the Dean's honor roll, played in intramurals and this is his third year on the varsity tennis teams. This year he is assisting in the radio lab. After "lots more education" he plans to go into industry. DORIS IAYNE BOYERS A chemistry major from Edmond who plans to teach chemistry or do graduate work in psychology, is this honoree. She is a member of Delta Zeta, the Science club, Home Economics club, Disciple Students Fellowship, FTA, YWCA and AWS. She has been named to the Deanis and President's honor rolls. Doris has been awarded scholarships from General Motors, Farm Underwriters Association and Beverly's Poultry fund. BERT A. GRAHAM Bert is an Edmond physical education major minoring in speech. His future plans include coaching and further study. He is a member of the physical education and Letter- man's clubs and lettered in football. He has been awarded the Wantland scholarship. He is a member of the First Baptist Church and is assistant football and basketball coach at Star-Spencer highschool. He plans to continue at Central and get his master's degree. GERALD HURST Chemistry major, Gerald Hurst, is looking forward to a career in college teaching. His present work as laboratory assistant in the science department is helping train him for that. His current research project is on "The derivities of hydrazichisulfuric acid." He received the freshman scholarship and freshman chemistry award. In spite of his activities, he has been able to maintain a 3.98 grade average. in F' ' 3 F- ..'. ...fe x . 'fr "LX A Q5 ' BARBARA EDWARDS Listed on the dean's honor roll every semester, with a 3.6 grade average, with a major in English Education and minors in journalism and business, Barbara has still found time to serve as editor of the Vista two semesters and as faculty editor of the Bronze Book two years. This Okla- homa Cityan was awarded the Alumni and Freshman scholarships and was named to Who's Who last year, Awarded for being an outstanding journalism student in 1958, Barbarais busy future includes newspaper work, acquiring a master's degree and teaching. PAULA KAY UMPHERS Future study in special education is a goal of this Edmond elementary education major. President of Pi Kappa Sigma, she represented her chapter at the sorority's national convention in Miami Beach this year. Paula is a member of Wesley Foundation, AWS, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Pan- Hellenic council and was 1958 sales manager for the Bronze Book. Secretary at Clyde Howell elementary school, she lists music and writing as her hobbies. fr 6 lg -:S RICHARD WACCUNER Formerly from Hennessey, Richard has majors in English and art. Winner of the Freshman scholarship and the Freshman art award for men, he has been listed on the Dean's honor roll. Senior representative on the Student Senate, he is a member of BSU, YMCA and is past treas- urer of Alpha Psi Omega. At present he is president of Kappa Pi and holds membership in the National Council of Teachers of English. Future plans include teaching and archaeology. IOCILE PEDICO jocile is president of the Criterion, PE and Orchesis Clubs, secretary of AWS and Murdaugh hall and a member of FTA. This physical education major from Clinton received the Orchesis dance award in 1958. Her hobbies are boat- ing, swimming and skating. She is a life guard and swim- ming instructor during the summer months. 4+ Q5 ELAINE WOMACK Central's 1957 Homecoming queen, a pretty Oklahoma City senior, is secretary of the Student Senate. A special education major, she is president of the Home Economics club and YWCA and is vice-president of the Association f Women Students Elaine received the Delta Kappa 0 .. Gamma scholarship. She has been elected President of M urdau gh hall. BETTY MOHR A mid-term graduate and recipient of a Kappa Kappa xv'-2 MARIORIE WOHL Winner of the Outstanding Criterion award in 1957, she was elected Senate club sweetheart in 1958. The Bristow senior, a history major, is past president and secretary of the Criterion club. Marjorie is Senior class treasurer, vice-president of Murdaugh hall and president of the Historical society. GARRELINE HEF LIN A hometown girl who won the award of the highest scho- lastic standard in Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority in 1957, she was a candidate for Homecoming queen that year. Co- chairman of Religious Emphasis Week in 1958, she is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary scholastic fraternity. Garreline is a senior vocal music education major. Iota scholarship, this Mustang belle was Homecoming queen attendant and was secretary of her junior class and the Shakespeare club. An elementary education major, she was president of Future Teachers of America. jj.. j. .1 PAT EVANS A hometown product and pre-medical student who hopes to enter the University of Oklahoma school of medicine, he is president of the junior class and a Student Senate representative. Minoring in biology and mathematics, he is a member of the Historical society, Letterman's club and Baptist Student Union. JEAN KNIGHT PAXTON Extending her vocal music education major into a career in teaching is this housewife and mother who has been a vocal music instructor in CSC,s music department. She is a member of Future Teachers of America and the Music club. She is organist and choir director at St. John's Episcopal church in Oklahoma City. K 4' dish. or its 45-,A J "5 f atm? MARY IO BONDURANT A social studies major from Edmond, she has been band queen, vice-president of the Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association and was student editor and co-editor-in-chief of the Bronze Book. She has served on the BSU executive council and was a member of the Vista staff. JOHN E. WESTFAHL A Kingfisher physical education major, he lettered two years in football and was a member of the PE club and Lettermarfs club. Listed on the President's honor roll, he was president of the Newman club. 5 BOB THOMAS A senior speech major from Edmond he 1S president of the Student Senate Mmoring in journalism and education Bob is Sports Editor of the Bronze Book and is former sports editor and advertising manager of the Vzsta Re cipient of a journalism 'xwird in 1958 he has also ap peared in two CSC drama productions JACKIE KRUTSINCER ackle who started her college career at CSC by winning the award for the outstanding freshman woman athlete graduates as a physical 6dllClf1OI1 major Vice president of the Womens Recreation association she IS on the WRAS executive board She has been '1 house council representative and a member of the Orchesis Dance club Physical Education club 'md Alpha Psi Omega QF 4:5 Qi' di 1+ l , . ' i If ,jazz A- W , , ' J RI M ' if ' A F . . ' 1 ' , "' l . - . , A , - , 'pi 'J I - ' 4 . . . 'I fl A R. . 4- j A - 9 . A 4 1 v ll ' ,gr , T, . . ' A . X K Q ' Q a l .. V . li A: Elf. E. 1 ' .2 ' , , . , Vfflfi I",1g2 f . lx if! A -M' mx I ' liz? "2 mu , , ' A if A v..4 -. iii Y ,. " ' f T 51: .5 -, 11 up iles, - ., . , ' A gn - , il? 'ca ' :za 4 aww-f BETTY BOWKER Treasurer of the junior class Betty is a junior English major from Kaw City. Minoring in biology and educa- non she has been president and secretary of the Science club and president of the YWCA. A member of the Murdaugh House council she is representative-at-large of the Student Senate. BOB BLACKBURN A trooper for the Oklahoma highway patrol the past 13 years Bob graduated in anuary with a major in history. In connection with his work with the patrol, he has lectured various times across the state on safety and also has' written safety articles for newspapers. He was a members of the Historical Society. W ELLOUISE CHEATWOOD Ellouise Bishop Cheatwood, Velma, is active in Wesley Foundation and Alpha Psi Omega. Honors won by Ellouise include best supporting actress and best actress in a one act play, listing on the Dearfs honor roll and past secretary of the Press club, treasurer of her sophomore class and best stage manager of CSC productions for 1957. She plans to teach home economics and speech after gradua tion. BARBARA WILSON This senior elementary education major from Guthrie has been listed on the Dean's and President's honor rolls has received the PTA and Kappa Iota scholarships and was named to Who's Who last year. President of Kappa Delta Pi and Murdaugh hall, Barbara is also a member of MENC, FTA and BSU. In addition to these activities she teaches a Sunday school class, is a choir member and is working on her masterls degree before starting her teach ing career in the fall x'8"'T pj B UDDY VANCE VERNON A senior art major mmoring in English Buddy was listed on the President s honor roll 'lt OBU before transferrmff to Central where he has been listed on the Deans honor roll every semester A member of Kappa P1 Alpha Psi Omega Kappa Delta P1 and BSU after graduation Buddy plans to work on his master s degree MARSHA MARKS VERNON This Edmond senior art mfqor named to Who s Who last year his been listed on the Deans honor roll for two years She 1S '1 member of BSU Kappa P1 and Kappa Delta P1 Also she is a Sund ly school teacher counselor for girls auxiliary and a member of the choir at the First Baptist Church Marsha is minormg in home economics and education A1 U, .. Q1 J ,xl X J 'N "RET, . . . . . 4 Y.. ,Q , . K K . , .. . . . . . , . , .. .e . l . c , 1 . ., . . . , . . , 7 , . . . . . , I . , 1 , . . c '. z , c 4 c 4. c c . ,. . , , . as MSM u e 1 , . GLENN A. HARDWAY His last name might be somewhat descriptive of a double major in physics and mathematics and a minor in chemistry which he has completed while maintaining a 3.5 grade average. An Oklahoma Cityan, he has served as student instructor and laboratory assistant in the science depart- ment. MARTHA DELL BAED A repeater for Who,s Who, this Oklahoma City senior science and education major has been listed on the Presi- dent's or Dean's honor roll each semester of her college career. Recipient of a Delta Kappa Gamma teaching scholarship, she is secretary of the Senior class, vice-presi- dent of YWCA and was co-chaimman of Religious Em- phasis Week. 3 '7 l is I f 2: 5 - f A A W -, Xu . ' 4:5 V r J it 'Y ' . f ' "" ,Q ' : ,N , -1 . - It 1, L 4' It - A ' .. ' ,H T43 -Qi A 4 it f 511 151 DEE MITCHELL A pre-medical student from Oklahoma City, his majors are chemistry and psychology. A member of Beta Beta Beta, honorary biological society, and the Science club, he has served as a chemistry laboratory assistant. VAN SMITH A little man with a big heart for athletics is this physical education major from Edmond. Smith twice was named to the All-Collegiate conference basketball team. He holds the league record for the 220-yard low hurdles in track, and was named the outstanding conference trackman. He also is vice-president of the Student Senate. He was named to the first team of the All-Stars, and is described by the Oklahoman as "the best outside shooter in the conference . . . an expert ball handler." ,u-c,. c,,.. Yami, .. em: ,, --1 Six vs aN4g5" 1 1 . .iii -"Q FINE ARTS -- Serious artist, Richard Waggener, works over a piece of ceramic. gp- h vt, ,-, Art Artist and cartoonist, Vern Thompson, used his talents for the Vista and many other things. z A first place Winner, the art departmc-:nt's Sphinx drew admiration from the homecoming crowd. "Now as one artist to another-" jerry Eaton points out how it should be done to painter Ioan Myrick. The art departmenfs decorative touch refuses to remain confined to the studios in the Industiial Arts Building. From posters advertising campus events to exhibits in the library, the brush-strokes of Central artists have added a bright spot on the college canvas. Dances and social functions have gained real atmosphere from the elegant surroundings created with deft imaginations and skills ofthe art department. Ronnie Good and Ellen Cotton have fun decorating for Christmas. ,H ,, qi? X g I I J W . G X g l X ' I fs , l U at N xy sw x WX Artistic displays are skillfully arranged by Sylvia Steffey. Q0 XXX. Alvin Baum works on an oil, one of his specialties. ,, pl fl' , u 1. ,- .,... F 155 '81 Ronnie Good puts the finishing touches on a watercolor. Artist tumed photographer for the evening is Ellen Cotton who combines the two arts. ' O l Betty Jo Stephenson and Carol Candy get lessons in poise and posture from Director Hicks. P? ,, f r ne,e A ff? Y X... 'lx A love triangle with a scheming onlooker was played by Tamara Brooks, Charles Doggett, Ian Argenbright and Larry Owens in "Goodbye, My F ancyf' Larry makes a handsome tragic hero as the star of "Oedipus Rex." Bearded bums pose majestic- ally b e f 0 r e their appear- ance in "Tam- ing of the Shrew." K , . 4. 156 ,ff The blue curtains of Mitchell hall parted on another magic season of make-believe and spell-binding action. Lee Roy Hicks wielded the magic wand as director for his fifth year. Plays provided a variety of dramatic fare for playgoers. Opening the season was the comedy, "Goodbye, My Fancyf, KWTV was the scene of "Taming of the Shrewf, Shakes- peare,s advice to the downtrodden male. Highlight was "Oedipus Rexx with its over- tones of tragedy by Sophocles. Closing the season was the touching testament of a young Iewish girl, "The Diary of Anne F rankf, Other Creek tragedians from "Oedipus" are Verna Wright and Charles Doggett. J 1 .V. A E Q: I 4 . ' ff t . Winning a trophy brings a big smile from high school speakers. Speech World travelers and just plain weekend- ers could learn a great deal from the packing skill which Central debaters display in their trips for the school. Twenty-five people par- ticipated in the debate program this year in seven toumaments, including four out of state. The department also hosted a Legislative as- Debaters, Wilma Io George and Dale Stockton, look over some of their many trophies. sembly and a speech tournament for high schoolers. One of the many honors collected during the year was the selection of john Graham as Chairman of the nominating committee, Dis- trict 3, of the West Point Qualifying Tourna- ment. Nancy Denner, "Miss Oklahoma," thrilled young speakers when she served as judge at the toumament. ohn Gmlnm oses with two visitin s eakers Ceor e Ni h and Gausten 3' I g . p . g-.p C , X g g Curry, at the Legislative assembly. Elloise Cheatwood enjoys her job of j 4 X C7 presenting trophies to winning high schoolers. 157 Jack Sisson, director of the band, got caught loafing on the job. With an oompah and not quite that many trom- bones, the band has provided pep and music for a wide range of campus activities. At games, the band adds to general noise and enthusiasm with its strong notes. The Band Concert gave the instrumentalists an opportunity to show off their talents. jack Sisson wielded the baton and commanded the very best from his musical charges. Members of the Ken Kash Kuintet warm up for a dance engagement. fgkqdxmtl' , gkygjmtifg I - w it H ' v 2 '2 ' vi - V i ii V. I V . 1 H -3 f. - 1- i . X A , Sr. i v J, 'ly Q r 1 - 1 f A f if Choral Music The happy sound of voices blending in song is the campus contribution of the music majors who lend their time and effort to pro- vide entertainment for campus and non- campus activities. Special events on the vocal music calen- dar Were the faculty Christmas party, the Christmas concert, and Religious Emphasis Week. Dr. and Mrs. Garder added a foreign note to the year's activities as they returned refreshed and enthused from their European tour. Faculty members were entertained by a program of holi- day music at thc Christmas banquet. 3 .. " , 's .i , ,p,,,w M . .. I ,. , H . The young ladies take a break and listen to the lusty voice of CSC's men's choir Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Garder reminisce their grand tour of Europe. 'Wm W-2:43 ,v my sw ,gp xzgfim Y W v f AL, W 2 Nw Q, , , I 3' , :P . E Q5 I is?" , ,A.. ij V Elk IE 23? fi fl A f i fi rr, C a 4-...,, V "' SPORTS r. ...f In rx ll ht 1 IWIXIK A 4' 'l W- ., ,, rr,.,x 1.1-" 1 ,1.inxv. .3 31.21.-..-Lt-:'T-1..l.. First row-Walter Welch, Lloyd Rumbaugh, Ian Northcutt, Wilson Wilhite, Jerry Tucker, Russ Frye, George Rigler, jim Heard and Leonard Harrison. Secoml row-Herb Elias, Ralph Perdue, Bill McNutt, Ken Thompson, Chuck Phelps, John Rowden, Jim Anderson, Wallace Alexander, Mack Kemp. Third row-Cornelius Lewis, Walter Kirk, Jim Hardy, John Savage, Dan Rice, Berry Mashburn, Roland Butler, Brooks Mosier, Marion Earnest. Fourth row-Raymond Hayes, I. W. Lockett, Bob Cray, John Smart, john Bowden, Ronnie Harmon, Connie Brooks, Val Cochran, Don Speaks, Bill Richey. .- .ml fi. JOHN SMITH-Line Coach The newest member of the CSC coach- ing staff is John Smith, new line coach. He graduated from Central in 1949 and lettered in football, basketball, baseball and track. An outstanding high jumper in track, he was selected. to All-Conference squads in football and basketball. CSC Staff AL BLEVINS-Head Football Coach Al Blevins took over as head football coach this year after being backfield coach at CSC for one year. He grad- uated from Central in the spring of 1949 and was selected as the best all- around senior athlete in 1949. Blevins lettered three years in football, folir years in basketball and baseball and was an outstanding quarterback on the Central State football squad. 162 S. D. "STEVE" SHEPHERD Line Coach "Steve" Shepherd graduated from Central State in 1939 lettering in foot- ball and basketball. He played center on three championship football teams and was also a member of the basket- ball squad when they won three con- ference championships. Shepherd is beginning his ninth year as line coach on the Broncho football squad. :gg 4: l 4 T CSC Bronchos 1:-.:,,,+f 'Intl ggi.. +,Tij:-- 5-'wnf , fa ftgfj Oklahoma cr' ge-,f". A1 f-1 Collegiate Conference Runner-Up 1953 ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS An All-Conference selection this year as well as honorable mention on the NAIA All-American team was john Smart, a math major from nearby Midwest City where in his senior year he was named to the Oklahoma Prep School All-State team. After graduation John played one year for Northeastern Oklahoma Junior College and was a member of the squad which participated in the Little Rose Bowl game of 1954. One of the finest all-round athletes in CSC's history is W. Lockett, a 6,2',, 215 lb. end. Lockett, only a sophomore, threw opposing backs for a minus 147 yards in nine contests this season. Opposing coaches learned to respect the Broncho ace, who was named as an All-Conference and also won hon- orable mention on the NAIA All-American football team. ALL-CONFERENCE 2nd TEAM HONORABLE MENTION Offensive leader, halfback Lloyd Rumbaugh, was named to the second team All-Conference squad while quarterback jim Anderson, fullback Raymond Hayes and halfback Chuck Phelps received honor- able mention. Central Bronchos WON - 5 Losr - 4 CSC Langston University CSC Southeastern State CSC St. Benedict's College CSC Southwestern State CSC East Central State CSC Northwestern State CSC Northeastern State CSC Emporia State CSC USN Air Station 1 -1 it Li " r I-' 1 Above are john Smart, left, All-Conference and honorable mention NAIA All-American tackle, and sterling sophomore end W. Lockett, also All-Conference and NAIA honorable mention selection. ' 1953 Record CO-CAPTAINS Lloyd Bumbau gh fr :t: ... ,a i rer A 3 ..c c A ii erre -. f if . I haf e ee I John x a 163 fji- Kenneth Thompson Fullback Raymond Hayes rams for yardage in the homecoming tilt against East Central. Lloyd Rumbaugh and jim Anderson scurry to aid. CSC 22 - LANGSTON 6 Playing before a capacity crowd on the Central field CSC,s Bronchos kicked off "Old King Foot- ball" for the 1958 season with a smashing 22-6 vic- tory over the Langston University Lions. Broncho rooters were treated to an outstanding defensive display by the Central line led by W. Lockett, John Smart, Iohn Bowden, and Boland Butler. Stealing the offensive spotlight was Langs- .il Roland M. Butler Fullback Center Norman Poteau .- Y -i-F' I-'L I. W. Lockett seems to be saying, "take Q X him out," to center Roland Butler dur- ing CSC's 28-8 victory over East Cen- tral's Tigers. ton's fine freshman passer Donald Lee Smith, who connected for 233 air yards. Senior halfback Lloyd Rumbaugh showed the Way for the Broncs by gaining 144 in 18 carries. Also running the ball well were Central backs Chuck Phelps, jim Anderson, Raymond Hayes and Ken Thompson. Central opened the scoring late in the second quarter with a quick-moving pass play. Iim Ander- son called the shots on a drive from the Broncs, 23 to the Lions, 32. Anderson then shot a quick jump pass to stellar end W. Locket, who pounded his way into the end zone for a 6-O lead. Central plowed 70 yards in 12 plays late in the third stanza with Rumbaugh going the final 13 yards for the TD. An Anderson-to-Northcutt pass ac- counted for a 2-point conversion and a 14-0 lead. Raymond Hayes crashed through on the final play in the third quarter for the Broncs' final counter. Rumbaugh ran the conversion over and the Bronze and Blue led 22-0. Langston scored its lone tally on the following kickoff as star quarterback Donald Lee Smith legged back the kickoff 79 yards for a Langston TD. The final score in a successful Broncho home opener was 22-6. jim Anderson Ian L. Ncgthcutt uarterback En Q Cushing Blackwell I. W. Lockett f E d .ski Tulsa CSC 8 - SOUTHEASTERN 0 Exploding on a 27-yard run early in the second quarter by Broncho quarterback jim Anderson, Cen- tral's battling Bronchos grabbed an 8-0 victory in their first road encounter at Durant over the Savages of Southeastern. The Broncs gained their second conference vic- tory under new head coach Al Blevins. Hurt in the ball game was Chuck Phelps, Central's fine punter and hard running halfback. Early in the second quarter gains by Rurnbaugh, Phelps and Hayes set up the lone touchdown of the game, as Anderson took the ball from center, faked to his halfbacks, then danced his way through several Savage defenders 27 yards into the end zone. The conversion run by Hayes was successful and that concluded the scoring for the night. Outstanding defensive work was turned by all Broncho performers, especially in the second half holding Southeastern without a first down in the last two periods. Particularly tough in the Bronc line were Roland Butler, Brooks Mosier and john Smart. Wilson W. Wilhite Raymond Hayes Halfback F ullback Norman Oklahoma City 144, 'ffl-E5"'.'- T'f:.Y-af? 1' - 'YQ N .' A . ,L - 'f ""1'Z"'-.r0if.:.a-"P Raft, 1, W N 5' M ' 3. ,-, . .--., V g.,.1.':x. .N - fc .e X1 un .,l -.,,s --1 T-. L . - , rg-. ' --' S-,J .v,,,,-' - 4, . -p Y ,A x- - - Nw: -.vm --sf. . -' ' Ken fPreacherJ Thompson, leading ground gainer in Northeastern tilt, racks up 9 more yards as half-back Chuck Phelps carries out the fake and Lloyd Rumbaugh blocks. l , Le- A in ',,I '..,, " 1' z e A --A 1 -: nrir 1 5' - W? 5" 2 - '- gl -if ,-ha 1' T- X rss i B'5'!S'.. ' f -- E W..- wfg: fa- - i, gre. Chico Valderas, john Bowden, and jim Anderson team up on a Bulldog back to cause a fumble. Bowden recovered the ball to give Central possession. Brooks E. Mosier John E. Smart Tackle Tackle Shidler Midwest City 5 fb 5 f 213"?"q -Q I 5? Jim Anderson says to Ken Thompson "Let's try a squeeze play on this fellow." Billy L. Richey Ron Harmon Guard Quarterback Nowata Duncan "I've got a drumstickf, says a Southwestern footballer as Ander- son struggles to get away. Other Bronchos looking on are Lloyd Rumbaugh 1352, Iohn Smart C741 and Ian Northcutt CSOD. f Ugg Q T'Q . 5 .- fga W ' gfbjl . 3 I' Q1 -. -Qs -. - , i - awp-fgf'-,:.,, -gf' ' n e .Y - 3 -1. ff -- I,-1.4. ..,. - f.- . . . , 1 -L., -M "' ' A - '1-ii, - 1 .. M- , . Q, ., are f' .9 f E". r,-w..,f rv- ff.-8 , .- wi .M C v ,J - -25,-,,.', The v:-l'q'...- , f ,ft . f f -- ' - ..' 4 "" vfiifxf '-I fi., 'g f rf f- -, '. A :J qlqjy' 4 , f' I "' gi, -4: - ff .-, .5 ,r-,l ' s"rggj,Q'.,,, -..1x3.,,.-17535, 1, -- i afrgffrww- ,A-,fee ff an ffaiif-ts' 'i' 'Q ,--M , ,sf 4,-' f ' Jai ff- J- fa sf . r -ff - - - fs , uf , . , me -fa 1-s. .- 'ff 121. 1 .rfzfzfnv-"ffl f. V Va, --.roy . -.f.12..f..,.,, 4 ..a..f'f112.c:it fn CSC 14 - ST. BENEDICT 34 Central State's Bronchos ran into a tough and determined flock of Ravens from St. Benedict's Col- lege in Atchison, Kan., and found themselves on the short end of a 34-14 score when the evening's battle ended. Penalties played an important part in the loss as twd Broncho touchdowns were nullified because of infractions. The Ravens scored first as Larry Muff picked up a loose ball and scampered 40 yards for the TD. James Hardy Comelius Lewis Center Guard Lindsay Oklahoma City The Ravens struck for two more scores in the second quarter. The Bronchos counted one marker in the first half wheniWilson Wilhite gathered in a pass from quarterback Bill Richey and darted 62 yards for the score. Wilhite scored the Broncs' second touchdown in the second half on a five-yard run. In the final half the Ravens struck for two more scores and a 34-14 victory. CSC 6 - SOUTHWESTERN 0 Gaining a hard-eamed defensive victory at Weatherford, the Central Bronchos crashed over a late first half touchdown and made it stand up for a 6-0 win over the Southwestern Bulldogs. Wilson Wilhite, a fleet-footed junior scatback, rambled 48 yards with a Billy 'Richey pass 50 sec- onds before halftime to grab the victory. Wilhite tried for a two-point conversion, but was stopped just short of the goal line. Senior halfback Lloyd Rumbaugh was the lead- ing Broncho ground gainer picking up 60 yards in 19 carries. . ' W Hiiifvz. vE "tr ',l it M " " . C 5101 . 11 w if? Sm .N mils E img aj .. ,S ohn Bowden Lloyd Rumbaugh Guard Halfback Cushing Oklahoma City The Bronchos pounded out 111 yards rushing compared to 74 for the Bulldogs. The Central eleven also added 80 yards to their total offensive figure through the air-ways. The tough Bronc defense really stood a test in the last three minutes of the furious contest, Central lost the ball on fumbles three times in that period of time within their 30 yard stripe. After the important conference victory the Bronchos held a 3-1 conference record and were tied with Northeastern for the conference lead. "One down, ten to go," says Broncho halfback Lloyd Rumbaugh as he brings back an East Central kick off for nice yardage. Rushing to his aid is guard Jerry Perry. Jim Heard George Rigler Fullback Tackle Cleveland Oklahoma Clt' john Savage Tackle Shawnee VI ,f 1 V I ' is 1 ,r cy 5 A I wir' kk,-A R.- ,F i -f' f Fullback Raymond Hayes picks up steam for a first down in the home- coming game. Quarterback Anderson comes to assist. Val Cochran Herb Elias Guard Quarterback Oklahoma City Tulsa A Ranger halfback gets a lesson in pass receiving from all- conference end LW. Lockett. , IZ-7f'f"" , FM' js" M.-Hairy '. 4 CSC 28 - EAST CENTRAL 8 A cheering throng of 6,000 homecoming fans and alumni were treated to a rousing 28-8 Broncho vic- tory over the East Central State Tigers. The first Bronc touchdown was scored by Ken "Preacher,' Thompson on a four-yard plunge. The play was set up by the hard running of Lloyd Rum- baugh and Ray Hayes. CSC,s line accounted for the next two points as an East Central ball carrier was downed in his end zone making the score 8-0. Using the pass as a potent weapon the Tigers drove 58 yards for a deadlocking marker. Central took the next kick- off and moved 84 yards in 13 plays with Bob Gray hitting W. Lockett for the go-ahead tally. Hayes scored a two point conversion and the Broncs led 16-8. The next two Broncho touchdowns came on passes of 10 and 20 yards from quarterbacks jim An- derson and Bill Richey' to Lockett. The game ended with the Bronze and Blue on the topside of a 28-8 count. Ralph I. Perdue Guard Oklahoma City l Z f l ,X ' w sw - .. Ioe MQNutt Connie Brooks Halfback Tackle Oklahoma City Guthrie CSC 6 - NORTHWESTERN 20 Falling victim to fumblitis and a determined Northwestern State Rangers squad at Alva, the Cen- tral Bronchos, title hopes took a crushing setback 20-6. Northwestern recovered six Central fumbles and turned two of them into touchdowns. The Broncs lost the ball four times in the first quarter and were never able to rally and bring home their fifth con- ference victory. CSC was able to get a sustained drive going only one time, that being right after the second half kick- off when they moved 68 yards in 14 plays. Ray Hayes counted the lone Bronc six pointer from three yards out. Northwestern counted tallies in the first, second, and fourth quarters by taking advantage of Central errors. In the fourth period Bill Richey sparked a Bronc drive to the Ranger 22. After completing four passes, Ritchie had his fifth attempt intercepted on the Northwestern 10 to halt the CSC drive. "Now where to go?" says Bronc ball carrier quarterback Anderson, as he picks up good yardage against Northwestems Rangers Bob Cray Russ Frye Wallace G. Alexander Walter T Welch uarterback End Center Halfback Oklahoma City Duncan Fairfax Duncan rf l 2-X ,Z All-Conference tackle john Smart 1742 hamesses an East Central halfback for short yardage in homecoming tilt. Other Bronchos helping are Russ Frye f83P and Ken Thompson 12.92 ?Fl"3"'FFW'H '6'w4!Qfx Raymond Hayes Chico Valderas Wilson Wilhite and Coaches Blevins and Smith look concerned during a tough fight against the Southwestern Bulldogs Ieray Pelrry Lhgcligheips uar a ac Oklahoma City Cushing CSC 8 - NORTHEASTERN 28 Holding an 8-7 lead at the end of three quar- ters, Central State's determined Bronchos were finally subdued by a fourth period rally by North- eastern's powerful Redmen 28 8 A f1red up Ce1'.lt1'll football team fought gallantly and stubbornly for three periods in front of a yelhng and cheermg crowd of 5 500 fans before yielding to the depth of the Tahlequah Redmen DeLoyd Reed scored the 1n1t1al touchdown of the game on a three yard scamper capping a 58 yard Northeastern drive Good puntrng by halfback Chuck Phelps kept the Bioncs in content1on all the way Phelps boomed punts of 60 52 and 50 yards in the first half Early in the thnd quarter Kenneth Thompson john Bowden Berry Mashburn Guard End Cughmg Oklahoma City F - S ' -Q , - , ' C Fw rr f f r wrgg"12'fv- 1, V -T, , X 2 .Q .5 X , ,lt r H L I ka 'r v A- 'Q Big gun of the Southwestern game was halfback Wilson Wilhite who scored the lone TD, Here Wilson adds six more yards to the Broncho C2.l1S6. recovered a Redmen fumble on the Northeastern 44. From that point the Bronchos marched goalward in 11 plays. The drive was concluded with a pass from quarterback jim Anderson to W. Lockett. This same combination thrilled the crowd with a two point conversion and an 8-7 lead for the Bronze and Blue. With about nine minutes remaining in the game the Redmen battled back to gain a 15-8 lead with Johnny Allen scoring the go-ahead TD. Then the Hedmen added two more scores in a three and a half minute span to defeat the Bronchos. The Redmen went on to win the NAIA cham- pionship in a bowl contest in Florida. CSC 18 - EMPORIA 20 Central's Bronchos ran into an Emporia State Hornets' nest and got stung by a 20-18 count. Big W. Lockett scored the opening two coun- ters for the Bronchos and the Central crew left the field at halftime with a 12-0 lead. Lockett scored the second TD on a three-yard pass from jim Anderson. Prize play that led to the score was a 53-yard pass from Bill Richey to Wilson Wilhite. Emporia took a brief 13-12 lead on a 70-yard run. Central took an 18-13 lead on a beautifully executed pass play from Anderson to end Ian Northcutt. Em- poria scored the clincher on a 43-yard run by backs Jerry E. Tucker Tackle Oklahoma City the Northwestern game. CSC 6 - MEMPHIS NAVY 0 Central State Collegels Bronchos closed out their 1958 gridiron campaign with a 6-0 victory over the Memphis Navy Hellcats at Memphis, Tenn. Central showed a strong defense keeping the Hellcats out of Broncho territory the entire game. Chuck Phelps scored the game's only touchdown on a three-yard plunge to climax a 40-yard drive. Chuck Phelps goes for eight yards in "Oh, hold that tiger!" That's the word among the whole host of Broncho tacklers. Above, Iohn Rowden f65l, Russ Frye l83l, john Smart C741 and Ken Thompson 129D all help make the tackle. Lee Beran and Marvin Moles. The extra point kick- ing was the deciding factor in the game. The victory put the Bronchos over the .500 mark for the season with a 5-4 record. Playing a tough schedule and having injuries to key players hurt their chances, the Bronchos displayed a great deal of foot- ball ability throughout the season. Central State College Bronchos Regional AIA Champions :w g-. U Qtiumlmllliw iyliiglfifllfllll i. 541 favllfliiitfah l ' 413 1 are l X XJ Ji we Front row-Ralph Bullard, Marvin Harris, Jack Treat, Cleatus Doyel, Dean Bejcek, Don Archer, Van Smith and George Hauser. Second row- Coach Iohn Smith, W. Lockett, Bryce Vann, Brooks Mosier, Vern Thompson, Fran Siebuhr, Bill Williams and Willie Fize. NAIA PLAY-OFF S Central, the cinderella team of the Collegiate conference, rop- resented Oklahoma in the annual tournament staged in Kansas City by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. It was CSC's first appearance in the NAIA basketball festival in 20 years. The Bronchos won their first-round game against Kentucky State, 72-65. Sparking the victory were all-conference guard Van Smith and second team league selection Bryce Vann. Vann, whom Coach Iohn Smith said turned in one of his finest performances, kept the Broncs in the game during the early stages, the 6-4 forward dunking 12 of his 19 points in the first half. Vann also grabbed 15 rebounds during the initial period. But a scoring flurry by Smith in the second half was also in- strumental in the victory, the Edmond shorty firing in 17 of his 21 points the second half. The see-saw battle saw the lead ex- change hands 17 times before Fran Siebuhfs pair of free throws NAIA TOURNAMENT Central State's fast finishing Bronchos went into opening round play at Durant against the Langston Lions. The Broncs finished regular season play with an 18-9 mark and a third place position in the conference race. The Bronchos edged the Langston Lions 67-62 in the first play-off game on the strength of a 26-point surge by forward Bryce Vann. The Langston game was strictly a nip 'n tuck affair, being tied four times in the first half and the lead changed hands nine times. Central led at intermission by a slim 37-36 margin. Midway through the second half the Broncs broke the game open with a put the Broncs on top to stay. The 6-5 senior forward also dropped in 11 points. Central was defeated 68-57 in its second-round game by Pacific Lutheran, a team which was seeded third in the tournament. The Lutherans brought a 20-game winning skein into the Broncho game. Central led twice in the game by as much as four points, but the classy Lutherans finally broke the game open in the last eight minutes to advance to the third round. Central was paced by Vann, who registered 16 points, Siebuhr with 14 and W. Lockett with 10. Smith was held to eight points. The Lutherans won by outrebounding Central, Coach Smith said following the contest. Pacific grabbed 47 rebounds while the Bronchos managed to bring down 32. Overall, Central wound up the season with 21 victories against 10 defeats. It was a highly-successful campaign for the Bronchos and made Coach Smitlfs college debut a pleasant one. 12 point spree to give them a 59-53 margin. Second in scoring for the Broncs was Marvin Harris with 11 points. Accomplished on what coach john Smith called "the Bronchos' finest defensive effort of the winter," Central captured the Regional NAIA title. The Bronchos put up a tough zone defense and capitalized on a good team effort to down the Southeastern Savages at Durant, 55-49. Fran Siebuhr, Broncho forward, led the Central scoring with 19 points. Siebuhr also did an outstanding rebounding job. Helping in the scoring attack were Van Smith with 14 points 'and Bryce Vann with 11 markers. CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC CSC First team All-conference selection Van Smith. Benedictine Heights Emporia State Eastern New Mexico Emporia State, Kansas Panhandle AGM Fort Hays, Kansas Southwest Missouri Druly, Missouri Austin College, Texas Midwestem, Texas East Texas State East Central State Southeastern Langston University Oklahoma Baptist U. Northeastern Phillips University Northwestern Southwestern East Central Southwestern Langston University Phillips University Northwestern Southwestern Oklahoma Baptist U. Northeastern NAIA Langston University Southeastem KANSAS CITY Kentucky State Pacific Lutheran ll - Conference l' llf A X ri' x .347,g7,, Second team All-conference choice is Bryce Vann 1958-59 BASKETBALL RECORD WON - 21 LOST - 10 John Smith. aff ' KN f J 'F ,. A Q ' ""l'TF Basketball Crashing over the century mark in their first game under new head basketball coach john Smith, the Central State Bronchos opened the 1958-59 cage season with a resounding 104-70 victory over the Benedictine Heights Braves of Tulsa. Before an enthusiastic crowd in Wantland Hall, the Broncs sent four men into the double column in scoring. Heading the parade was Bryce Vann with 20 points. He was followed closely by Fran Siebuhr and I. W. Lockett, each with 18, and Van Smith with 16 points. Playing in a weekend festival at Shawnee the Fi'-. Ta 'gf s . 4 1 -qv f 677' """9"' ' ' 1- """ " . Van Smith Fran Siebuhr I. W. Lockett drops in two points in hard milling under the basket as Fran Siebuhr, Van Smith and rival players watch. 1 Fran Siebuhr, dependable Brancho forward, flips up a free throw in early season action against Emporia, Kansas, The Bronchos won the game 87-71. Bronchos captured two impressive victories. Central belted Emporia, Kansas in an opening night contest, 69-51. The following night the Bronchos played a smooth floor game to cart off a 74-62 victory over Eastern New Mexico. Top point-maker for the Broncs in each game was Bryce Vann with 21 and 22 points, respectively. In each contest four players scored in double digits. The Bronchos returned to the home maples to once again measure the Emporia State crew, 87-71. The Broncs played a crowd-pleasing wide-open brand of ball with W. Lockett heading Central Going up for a fast-break lay up is Van Smith. Moving into the picture to give assistance is Broncho forward Bryce Vann. Fran Siehuhr nets two points for the Bronchos in the Southwestern game. In on the action are three Bulldog players and the Broncs' Brooks Mosier. scoring with 24 points. Bryce Vann and Van Smith notched 23 and 19 points, respectively, to aid the Broneho cause. The Bronchos hit the road for the next four games and came out with a split in the contests. Mar- vin Harris fired in a last-second shot to gain a 49-48 victory over the Panhandle Aggies at Coodwell. W. Lockett led the Central attack with 16 points. Central tasted defeat for the first time at the hands of Fort Hays, Kansas, 77-74. Fran Siebuhr poured in 26 markers, his seasonal high, to lead the scoring. The Broncs journeyed to Springfield, Mo., where they lost to Southwest Missouri, 70-66. The next night, Central heat a detennined Drury college five, 67-59. Vann led the attack witli a 24-point spree. Next cage action for the CSC quintet was at the Cotton Bowl Tournament at Dallas. The Bronchos were second place finishers last year at the holiday tourney, but were in sixth place, when the smoke cleared from the haskethall scene in Dallas this year. The Bronchos were first downed by Austin Col- lege, 75-62. With Smith hitting 21 points and Lockett, 16, the Bronchos managed a 66-64 overtime victory over Midwestern University. The Centralites, tourney action ended on a harsh note with East Texas ham- mering the Bronchos 65-46. Smith was named to the all-tournament team. Coach Smith got his charges hack on the winning track on the home court with an 83-57 conference victory over East Central State. Before a big homecourt throng Bryce Vann lays in a couple of points for the Broneho cause with a slick over the shoulder shot. 131511 : 1 . I L -,-5, I, - - - '?'t ' N --4 , ,T . 1 1 .' J? K ,23 J' 1 . .zfqrfinftig , "' 7 -.-:ite .. If -if"5sg7'35'Ui?wr?s , . . Z.. as Q, 'S 1 aw' 'Qi rf' lf .- . . t ..-. ,,....0,,-.,...... ., fr kr . sm- . ga- -Mgr-. -. -1 2.- ' 3 - f eekw iw z Bryce Vann I. W. Lockett In an early season encounter smooth working Broneho guard Van Smith drops in an important field goal on a left-handed shot. lf-'l:,..!,, 2 ' .E 1 . X , 5 l I if Y '5"mtff',?2'- 1 3 I , . A ..., . V 4 I I i 85.1.41 it W K I I. W. Lockett puts up a jump shot as Bronchos Fran Siebuhr and Willie Fize fleftl wait for a rebound. 296 Ralph Bullard Cleatus Doyel Leading Broncho point-producers was slick-shooting guard Smith who turned in a 30-point effort. Over- coming a 36-point volley by Southwestern's jerry Shipp, the Bronchos escaped with a 55-54 victory the following night. Vann scored 15 points, Smith and Siebuhr, 14-each and Lockett, 10, to give the Broncs a balanced scoring attack. Central then traveled to Langston. The Bronchos got off to a poor start and at one point in the first half, trailed the Lions, 23-7. Led by the scoring by Van Smith, who registered 16 points, Central came storm- ing back' in the second ha1f to grab a 60-57 victory. Central dropped its first conference game, a wild and wooly affair, to Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee. With the game tied, 52-52, OBU stalled more than three minutes before Don Masters swished a long set shot from the corner with only 10 seconds on the clock. When the ball dropped through the net, Van Fran Siebuhr hits two points on a fast break against Benedictine Heights. Smith immediately signaled for a timeout, but the timekeeper let the clock mn out. OBU trotted from the court and Coach Smith stomped to the scorer's table in protest. After a conference, Central was given the ball out of bounds at mid-court with four seconds on the ticker. Hoping for two more points against Southwestern is Broncho Bryce Vann as Brooks Mosier C541 waits for rebound. Shown in the fore- ground are Van Smith f10J and W. Lockett 1501. SS t.. 0.-5 sd Y '4 Sa: Knowing Central would not have time to get off a shot, Coach Smith told Van Smith to hurl the ball toward the Broncho basket from out of bounds, hop- ing a Centralite could tip it in. But Smith threw a "ringer," the ball sailing cleanly through the hoop. Lockett and Smith led the Bronc scoring with 13 and 10 points, respectively. Using a good defensive effort, coupled with a well balanced scoring punch, the Bronchos pleased a home throng with an 80-59 thrashing of the North- eastern Redmen. Leading the Broncho point parade were Bryce Vann with 21 points and Van Smith with 17 markers. Moving to Enid for their next contest the Bron- chos bolted to a 10-1 lead over the Phillips University I-Iaymakers and coasted to an 83-63 victory. Five Bronchos hit in the double digits. Smith set the pace with 16, but was closely followed by Siebuhr with 15, Vann with 14 and Lockett with 13. Brooks Mosier netted 10. Their road trip was spoiled by Northwestern, a second-division club which carved out a 56-50 de- cision. Smith and Vann were leading scorers with 15 points each. Siebuln' had 11. Playing at home, the Broncs were bitten by Southwestern's Bulldogs, 69- 57. Smith led the losers with 21 points. Bouncing back in their next outing, the Bronchos traveled to Ada to measure East Central, 64-57. Cen- tral jumped to a commanding 36-17 lead at inter- l Netting a field goal for the Broncs is Bryce Vann as I. W. Lockett maneuvers for rebound position. :Nga V r - 1, ' ' 'Kit f Jack Treat Brooks Mosier mission and were never seriously threatened. Once again the Broncs showed a well-balanced scoring surge. Smith pumped in 16 points, followed by Vann with 13, and Siebuhr and newcomer Oliver Manuel, with 12 each. The next night, Southeastern's revenge-minded Savages smashed the Broncs, 62-43, in Durant. Bryce Vann counted 18 tallies and Siebuhr scored 13 points. Returning from the southern road trip, Central con- tinued its tailspin, being shelled by Langston, 88-72. It was the Bronchos' last conference loss, but at the time CSC was entrenched in fifth place with a 6-5 record and it appeared that's where they might stay. The Broncs began to click. They rolled over the Haymakers again, 107-84, with Smith pouring through 28 points. Siebuhr added 22, Lockett 17, Swishing the net for two points against Emporia State is Broncho I. W. Lockett. Fran Siebuhr looks on from the background. xv' Vann, 13, and Manuel, 11. The next night Central downed Northwesternfs scrappy Rangers, 62-60. Vann notched 19, Smith, 15, and Siebuhr 14. The Wins left Central in fifth place, and set the stage for crucial meetings with OBU, the fourth-place club, and South- western, which was in third. Traveling to Southwestern, the Bronchos, trail- ing by 46-33 at one time in the second half, roared back to overtake the startled Bulldogs and emerge With a 60-55 victory. Smith was top gunner with 19 points, followed by Vann with 16 and Siebuhr with 13. Led by Siebuhras steady rebounding and 22- point scoring burst, Central managed a narrow 65-62 victory over OBU before an excited home throng. The Bronchos overcame a 36-34 halftime disadvantage-to avenge the earlier loss to the Baptists. The score was deadlocked 13 times and the lead changed hands 14 times in the hectic contest. Hitting the road for their final regular season game, the Broncs measured Northeastern, 68-62, to clinch third place in the conference standings and a berth in the District NAIA toumey. Smith led Broncho scorers with 22 tallies, Bryce Varm was close behind with 20. The Central Bronchos ended the regular season with an 18-9 overall reading and an 11-5 conference record. Driving for two points is Broncho center I. W. Lockett as an outstretched Southwestem player attempts to block the shot. Broncho Bryce Vann fires home a jump shot while two Southwestern players look on in amazement. Contesting an unidentified Langston player for a rebound are Broncs Fran Siebuhr and Bryce Vann. 178 W7. as tg .4 but vnnrwn'1'1'1ff- ff . y V .anus . . , -Q5 !W,,.,?gM ,,,,,,,,. 5 gf ,ha .rlffvyg ' it . .nt--L . Z. - w.1r,l.,, grip r iii . , ,St m L' , aff 'f ii ugh-tx ill Dash man Wilson Wilhite gives the Broncs plenty of speed. Track The crack of a gun combined with crisp atmosphere quickly warns that the track season and spring are approaching. Broncho track fans will have more than usual to look forward to this year. On hand will be one of Oklahoma's top sprinters in the history of the Sooner state, Wilson Wilhite. Another bright spot in the Broncho sprint and hurdle picture is the 1958 Oklahoma Collegiate conference low hurdles champion, Van Smith, who represented the conference in the NAIA champ- ionship final in San Diego, California, last August 9. Smith's fine time on the 220-yard low hurdles of 22.9 was by far the best re- :orded in the entire Sooner state, including both college and uni- versities for 1958. jerry Crabs will be Broncho high hurdle represen- tative. J WA. fx 711-1 .of AA ,3 ,.,,. ' P .' 1 - I x gt 1'-px -1 G ' ' AL - . - . F-I, ,fi ,X , -J-3'1" A ' .. J. .-- .A Q2 isis!" ' ' Q- '.-ml ,,,,.... ' 4- A ' 1 5555,-v - i , I 'fo- . , . , . 4' . ' . - . V , - V, In . - 1 ' .-" W' " 9 v-- ' 179 ,yqn W , . . Van Smith shows his fine form in low hurdles. Honors are also due in the distance events. Richard Johnson, former state champion in the event while running for the Okla- homa City Capitol Hill Redskins, will be in the running, Probably pushing johnson will be David Stevenson, a two-year veteran who placed in several meets last season. Others who will see considerable duty are versatile Booker T. Washington, a newcomer with amazing speed and co-ordination, along with Leonard Harrison, a former sprint ace of Enid high- school. Handling the weight events will be james Walton and john Smart, both of Midwest City. -3:4 if . ' 'tf David Stevenson and Richard Iohnson get ready for a busy track season. . f h i ' 'F , 711.1 A :gn 'lf' ll X ' Tn ' .QQATRJZ A .YSHIHAZ wx THA!-ij, .1,'Q'9lTH44 p 61141415 ibQXl.L41,y Nikki lj.. gil M1 415: .4 - - ..t.. , . .LQ I f uf -1 . --1 ",v L ' H -1 E ' . ' Y ' ' "' .fig-Zfzv' V X .I i1 ' ' X - ' " A f l ' . X .' 1 . 5 . 1 .X A C 1 . wL,,, A-9 1 'f ft C ' V 1 1 . ' A A ,Nvy4Wg ' any V ' U, .. ., , ' .f Lf .' 1 fx' f- M1841 L uifnylt , .wut H M1141 i , J K , ' tx W ' M 2, - lx 4' l Ns' U Z' I pn 'Y Vw? .xx , . S H ' N 591' I , ,V ' i -. XX ff , I '-, A p , w - V vp x S ' , IQ, " 1 . . Q 2.9 ,As " A XA gl I , ., .,"Nw4 3, 11' x g W ,lv ' W 1' , 'J U . , xf'..v3 ',---. ',,"-'YJ , ", '.,4-. ' .-bw' " -y..,',f'. , '-1 - ' . A " --1 e -':..' -"V '...1'. ..'f - ' ...,-- v ' , " A N-.-1. ., L-. f' ..- - - . BRONCHO BASEBALLERS 1959. Back row-Coach M. E. Walton, Art Tatum, Wayne Moore, Ronnie Shire, Bob Young, James Bryant, Cary Richardson, Carl Eason, jess Allen and Billy Ritchey. Second row-Lawrence Schein,jim Anderson, Ronnie Skaggs, Bill Oakes, Gerald Huffman, Bob Smith, Don Hendricks, Mike Rollins. Third row-Wilbert Williams, Ron Uhl, Lloyd Laubacln, Bob Cray, Don Wagstaff, Val Cochran, and Ronnie Montgomery. Baseball BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 24 .......,...,..........,........,.... . ......... .......... B enedictine Heights March 25 .,...., ...........,.. N orthern Iunior March 31 ...... ,.............. S outhwestern April 1 .....,. ........,,.,.. N orthern Junior April 3 ....,. ,......,.............. N orthwestern April 7 .,.... ........E B enedictine Heights April 10 ....., ..L............,..,.. . .Langston April 14 ....... ......,,....,....... P hillips April 17 ....... ........, S outhwestern April 21 .,,... ......... N orthwestern April 28 ...... .............,......LL...,,,.L,.. L angston May 2 ....... .........,............,.....,.....,,... P hillips May 5 .,...... ..L.,.... O klahoma City University Grfmwj, May 8 ........ ..,.,..., O klahoma City University -Wuiig: lc 1 I ' 1 ll- will ' 5 V - f I, ,' ' M . w ' L - Y IA- I '5 l ' A H N . 1 , Ali? ' I V " l A f.- 1 N l 1 -A :NN . . 41' f - . H ,la Mit 5:3 1 '::' N'x'i,M+Y, 1 ivigftl 0- rf-.f ... - I, al, ,.,. .T , 25 1- ' , ,M rsr' - 5' 1 ' '- L , A wg-r , ,ww -' A A h miie 4 .. 1 1. K " .. ' f L r .ll -. . Four Broncho pitchers unlimber thc "ole soup-bone." Bill Ritchey, Wayne Moorc, Carl E 3 Eason and Bob Young. -I -a ,X 180 e E R .. . tx W , 1 will "mf .Um wif' wffixlaf 'Gomer Q l.,i'1A?i-uffh ML.w 6 ' "hy, t ' f, . i ,, it B fl 1 l rf-1 A , 1 C: fe ,S 2 i ff ... Y , is " gl "si ' , if 4" if 1.4. t. is i A-L 4 . Q A' ' ,fl V ' f R' . .- Vx ' ,A Broncho outfield hopefuls pictured above are: jim Anderson, Art Tatum, Don Wagstaff, Wilbert Williams, Ronnie Shire, Cary Richardson, Ronnie Skaggs, Lloyd Laubacli and Don Hendricks. maid :gy--- to 3 . 3 .W-'II' -r f r 2 1,-,,,5'g -:rgrf ' r-'arf--ieelgf--,U , 5 ' ifffi-flag' L I - s, V 1 sv - - w - ,. my l L i,. -. ,-.- . A X . . . . ,, u ye dl. ff! , , 5 X L l l- -Q.: '. TELL? 35 A ima- - - Y ' " Y "G ,.a'E4.1s.:?li if mpaieiff , . 'i . X 'g?'55,. fits' 4 v A Yellmg encouragement to lus team is ,5,g:g?7f x ,A 2 ' x. I - I 1-21. -ff", rl- ,ff J fs, , V- X , , -, Broncho student baseball coach M. E. 4, W of , Ndgvjvn zgdei h r.-"':w.'1Q3 :L-rffixfef-"z.g'fl ,Ai gr 1 j 1 , ,U-,'..,g." :Tj Walfvn- ffsf::ft-Q., B- 'ff 1, 3,5 egg' jgiffdfff . 11"-lfrrgiiiif' f if Ready for the play IS Ron Uhl. -' F7 fine ' . 51,32 in 4 f Qiqf--ff" ,sfo-' f ' R, 7, , j V. .,, agen., ' 'iff' .Gr .:,':f 1::v:J i z F: -iffgfrizg if fgiffffir Keeping an eye on the ball is Lloyd Laubach. , fill? -Ev 0 -x 1 ix , : . . I, ' .1 I x , ' i y. ' J' fl .fi A L Q f 'T ' V 1 2 1 4 ' A . - i .,.. I N . -fi :ff A B, Y . es ,fx ff ,.t. ' - f 1 B R f t 1 - tix . r 2 F N ea ' . - -'ff .fi "il 5 ' -'11 wif t ' X fi ,!"i'-l,lvJf3' 'Y EL- 1 A' 2 K 1 vi-4 " f :J A i rlfzllflfsd - , - 3,1 , -1 I .- 1 5 fp-uxgiq'-':f,.q'.'E7'3s',5 Zfgwk.. ' H' K- 'V Lv-' 1 . - " -all!"-W ' """w"""Z'?- Central State infielders set for action are: Bob Gray, Bill Oakes, Mike Rollins, Bob Young, james Bryant, Ronnie Mont- gomery, Ron Ulil and Jess Allen. 181 Tennis Returning to the tennis squad this year are Ierry Haley, Melvin Shope, and Cary Blackmon who will again carry Central State's chances for the Eastern Division title of the Oklahoma Collegiate conference. Last season Haley and Shope advanced to the semifinals in doubles competition of the conference tournament, opposing jay Dalton and Sonny Straw of Cklahorna Baptist University. However, they were sidelined by their opponents who then captured the finals match. Adding a bright outlook to the team will be Leroy Land, brother of Gene Land, who was the conference champion during his years at CSC and is currently holding the Missouri Valley title. Returning from last year,s racket squad is lefty Gary Blackmon. Gary played steadily improving ten- nis for the Broncs last year and should grab several victories for the netters this season. Also on hand to aid the Bronchos net cause will be Ron Cooper, a freshman from Kansas City, Missouri. C,v"""4 at mme Carrying the Broncho tennis hopes this season will be Ron Cooper, Cary Blackmon, Melvin Shope and Jerry Haley. Ierry Haley I1-f.'.'R"' , ' H"'1"'Y X. S ' 1, i2+- wr, 25"m'1lwQJfgaL "V Ron Cooper Melvin Shope 182 Golf The Central State golf team will again he com- posed of the same quartet who captured the Okla- homa Collegiate conference crown last season and placed second in the NAIA tournament in Beaumont, Texas. The four returning lettermen include jimmy Loy who is a graduate of Northwest highschool and state champion in 19569 Wayne Kime, a graduate of Classen highschool who won the Capitol Conference in 1956 and also was runner-up in the Oil Valley invitational tournament at Shawnee last summerg Steve Martin, another golf enthusiast who hails from U. S. Grantg Larry Hicks, a graduate of Southeast highschool and winner of the Midland Conference title during his prep days. SCHEDULE March 13 Fort Worth 'meet Ft. Worth, Texas April 6 Northeastern State College Tahlequah April 7 Tulsa University Tulsa April 13 Tulsa University Edmond April 16 Oklahoma Baptist University Shawnee April 22 Northeastern State College Edmond April 27 Southwestern State College Weatherford May 1 Oklahoma Baptist University Edmond May 5 Southwestern State College Edmond May 7 Conference tournament Oklahoma City 'f-.111 1: -"- -ia nm,---s , . Larry Hicks jim Loy Last year's Broncho golf squad is pictured with Coach Dale Hamil- ton and the trophy and medals won at the NAIA tournament. They are Wayne Kime, Jim Loy, Steve Martin and Larry Hicks. :,,.,.f- lil lil Broncho linksmen for the 1959 campaign are pictured above with coach Al Blevins. Representing the Broncs at the fourball meets will he Coach Blevins, Loy and Wayne Kime. On the front row is Steve Martin Larry Hicks and Tom Haney. B' A Y! Steve Martin Wayne Kime Tom Haney 1 1-- I , ry! -.Q r ff, M , . f. . T, .lf .Vg , ,X ffjf' J' utstanding Athletes 1953 Each year the Physical Education Department awards trophies to the outstanding men and women athletes. Awards are made to the freshmen and senior students who display outstanding athletic ability and a dance award is given to the best woman dance student. Because the awards are not conferred until late spring, the Bronze Book each year honors the out- standing athletes of the previous year. Winners of the awards for the 1957-58 school year were Phyllis Jen- kins Speck, jean Hightower, Jocile Pedigo, Larry Adair, and W. Lockett. Phyllis Speck, winner of the Senior award, par- ticipated in many sports and dance activities during her four years at Central. She played on intercolleg- iate varsities, including field hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball and individual sports. She was an active member of the Physical Education Club, the Women,s Recreation Club, and the Orchesis Club, serving on the executive board of each of these organi- zations. lean Hightower was a member of the Physical Education Club and the Women's Recreation associa- tion, and played on the field hockey, volleyball, and individual sports team varsities. The Orehesis dance award was given to Iocile Pedigo for her contribution by way of creative work, performance and service. Larry Adair, recipient of the Senior men's athletic award, lettered in football three years and in track two years. He was named to the All-Conference foot- ball team two years and the NAIA All American foot- ball team one year. I. W. Lockett was a letterman in football, basket- ball and track. Congratulations to these outstanding students. l 2 I , i 1 S i 7 . I f? -- 'X ll I Larry Adair, I. W. Lockett, Phyllis Jenkins Speck, Iocilc Pedigo, and Ican Hightower proudly displays the trophies they were awarded for out- standing athletic ability. ome11's Sports Members of WRA proudly display school sweaters and letters earned through participation in recreational and athletic events. All womenis sports at Central are sponsored by the lVomen's Recreation Association and the WVomen's physical education department. In order to earn a school sweater and letter a girl must be proficient in a wide variety of recreational activities and sports. Throughout this school year, WRA members have participated in field hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, archery, soccer, tennequoits, fencing, swimming, bowling, roller skating, and horseback riding. Camping and outdoor living skills were experienced in cook-outs and picnics throughout the year, all day outings in the spring and a three day camping trip at Lake Texoma in the fall. This camping week-end included nature study, hiking, boating, a talk by a state game ranger concerning Oklahoma Wildlife, evening camp fire ceremonies and outdoor cooking. Sports are played in season and following intra- murals, varsities are chosen to represent Central at Sports days sponsored by the Oklahoma Athletic and Recreation Federation of College Women. The tournaments are held on different college campuses and include teams from twelve colleges and univer- sities throughout the state. They provide intercol- legiate competition for the highly skilled players and an opportunity for making many new friends with similar interests and skills. This year Central varsities took part in field hockey, volleyball, basketball, and individual sports days. A representative group also attended the OARFCVV combination business meeting and camp- ing trip held at Northeastern State College in the spring. In addition to the sports days competition, Cen- tral badminton and tennis players competed in matches with Oklahoma Baptist University and play- ed several games. Comprising the back-bone of many of the sports varsities are young women who are majoring in health and physical education in preparation for a teaching career. This year Central boasts 30 women physical education majors. The group is not only proficient in athletics but also include some of the highest honor students on campus. Many made the Dean's honor roll for scholastic achievement and several were named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. They are also active in many other campus organizations. WRA's get together for first cookout of the year at Fink Park. l' - Undefeated, unscored on state champions rally round the goal. The first seasonal activity for Central sports- women is that of field hockey. For most girls this is an entirely new game but it soon becomes a favorite and every afternoon the Bronze and Blue teams can be seen battling it out on the hockey field. This year,s hockey team journeyed to Oklahoma College for Women on November 8 to take part in Hockey Sports Day. In winning the state champion- ship not only were they undefeated but they were unscored on. Defensive backs who kept the opposition out of scoring position were Pat Ritchie, Iackie Krut- singer, Aletta Crabtree, Sarah Wood, LaDonna Schein, Carol Iohnson, Mary Morgan, Linnie Lauer, and Mary Jane Ecker. Skilled forwards providing the offensive punch for Central were Karen Dean, LaVonne Green, Phyllis Barnett, Arlene Sims, lean Hightower, Karen Sim- mons, and Mary Ann Team. With hard driving spirited play, the Central squad defeated Northeastern State College 5-0, Okla- homa State University 1-0, and Oklahoma College for Women 1-0. Members of the PE Club perform, to the great delight of on- lookers, at the PE banquet. The Womenfs Recreation Association joins with the Physical Education Club and Orchesis for social occasions. Together they welcomed the alums with their annual Cocktail Party following the homecom- ing football game. On November 20, 1958, the three groups held their Thanksgiving dinner-dance in the Broncho Corral. Entertainment was provided by members of each club. Highlights of the programs included a group participation song, "Ah Wonny Koony Chi Ah Wonny." This was succeeded by a pantomine, entitled "Rifle Firef, presented by the members of the anato- my class. A number of dances were performed by the Orchesis Dance Club, followed by a variety of novelty numbers-juggling, yo-yois, and hula-hoops perform- ed by the WRA. The program was concluded with an- other group song, "Enjoy Yourselff, In the spring the three organizations went to Springlake for their annual picnic and installation of next year,s officers. Iocile Pedigo and Phyllis Speck gaily dance to the tune of "Thumblena" at the PE banquet. ll 3 V l'f'l , il Members of the dance class practice for the coming program. The varied dance program is a popular one among Central women. The physical education de- partment offers courses in beginning and advanced I folk, social, and modern dance. On December ll, members of all dance classes and other dance enthusiasts on campus presented a recital under the sponsorship of Orchesis, the dance club. "Shall We Dancef' featured "Tinkling,', a Philli- pine Island dance, "Kamarinskaia,', a Russian folk dance, Grand Square, the waltz, and the cha cha cha, and modern dance done to both poetry and music. One of the highlights of the program was "The Emperoris Nightingale," the Hans Christian Ander- son fairy tale told in dance form. Dancers also appeared on the program of the Physical Education Club Thanksgiving dinner and the faculty 'Christmas dinner and at a community pro- gram as Choctaw. The women's volleyball varsity did not fare as Members of the 1958 volleyball varsity included Jackie Krutsinger, Karen Dean, Karen Simmons, Dee Ann Wingfield, Pat Ritchie, Carol johnson, Mary Landgraft, LaDonna Schein, Betsy Barrow, Phyllis Barnett, La Vonne Green, and Mary jane Ecker. 1 . 1 - V. time , ,, J i w CL' mf . fav miss? 55 5556 ' . 'Q H, 'l 7- r .nw f Q 1 ww f .5 a 1 -rm , ,ss 1 V . . 187 ocile Pedigo, Karen Dean, Muriel Herbrancl, and jackie Krutsinger put in some extra time on their Russian folk dance. well as the hockey team. They won only one match at Volleyball Sports Day held at Phillips University, Enid. Volleyball season was a profitable one, however, as nineteen women received officials ratings in the sport. Ratings may be earned on three different levels -national, associate and intramural. The rating ob- tained depends on the score made on both written and practical examinations given by national judges. The examinations are taken after many rule interpre- tation and technique sessions, attendance at clinics, study, and practical experience in the team sports class. Central produced eight national, seven associate and four intramural officials. Ratings are also taken in basketball, swimming, and tennis. Students who earn these ratings are called upon to officiate high school games in the Oklahoma City area as well as at Volleyball Sports Day. They also do the officiating in Central's intramural pro- gram. iii-V! ofa .ap Posing for their picture are the nineteen Physical Education majors who received officials ratings in volleyball. One of the most popular sports on the Central campus is that of basketball. Because of the extensive basketball program in Oklahoma high schools, many of the young women who come to Central are highly skilled in this sport. Basketball intramurals are perhaps the most spirited of all intramural competition. Last year eight teams entered the double elimination tournament. The finals brought together the Dizzy Deans and the Centralville Wives. The Dizzy Deans won by a score of 30 to 28. Central also has an Q intercollegiate basketball varsity that plays in the state tournament each year. Last year ten colleges participated in the basketball sports day held on the OBU campus. First on Central,s roster of games was OU whom they defeated 33 to 23. They met and were humbled by Phillips 47 to 30, but defeated OBU by a score of 47 to 40. Leading Bronchoette scorer was Kathy Wyatt with 41 points. Next were LaDonna Schein with 34 points, LaVonne Green with 15 points, and Velva Rathburn with 11 points. Each spring the Womeifs Physical Education department sponsors a tennis tournament for high school girls. Members of WRA and physical education majors serve as officials and hostesses, gaining valu- able experience in the organizing and conducting of such a tournament. Aquatics is a popular sport at Central and justly so with the beautiful indoor pool accentuated by a huge mural which covers one wall. Instruction is pro- vided on beginner, intermediate, swimmer and ad- vanced swimmer levels. In addition a course in Life Saving is offered each semester whereby students may earn the American Red Cross certificate qualifying 13,1 The 1958 basketball varsity. them as life guards. Twice a year a Water Safety In- structor course is offered. Through this course stu- dents become more highly skilled themselves as well as learning the fundamentals of teaching swimming, analysis of the strokes and safety measures involved. Each year the Oklahoma County Chapter of the American Red Cross sponsors a woman student to the National Aquatic School at Lake Murray. A class in synchronized swimming was taught the spring semester and plans for a water show this summer are well underway. rid Standing in front of the trophy case in Wantland Hall are the High School Tourney Champs. .Q Tennis enthusiasts LaVonne Creen, Carolyn Snell, and Karen Dean practice serve fundamentals. With the coming of spring Central Sportswomen began to concentrate on individual sports. The tennis and badminton courts were busy with activity as were the swimming pool and table tennis tables. Fencers and archers began practice while the students began making trips to Oklahoma City bowling and golf facilities. All of this hustle and bustle is in preparation for the intercollegiate Individual Sports Day. Last year this tournament was held on Central's Campus. Con- testants from eight Oklahoma Colleges participated in tennis, badminton, table tennis singles and doubles, competitive and synchronized swimming, diving, and archery. Central made a fine showing as always. Okla- homa State University captured the state title with Central State running a close second. The Broncho- ettes showed their worth in each of the activities with Barbara Buckley, taking second place in tennis singles, The 1958 Individual Sports Varsity. f' . I ,5,f:9y :C y I ' --- ATIUI 'uk ATION i G ndlu ' ' .., ef. iifi? X rj . X :il it ,..x Phyllis Speck and Wilma Rains find the "point of aim" outside the WHA room. Carol Johnson and jean Hightower taking the table tennis doubles crown and Cay Chinn Winning the badminton singles. Beginning and intermediate tennis classes were offered on the seven newly constructed tennis courts north of Thatcher Hall. Intramural tennis tourna- ments Were played in the spring and in the fall. Com- petition was held in both singles and doubles. Win- ners of these tournaments represented Central in intercollegiate competition. Classes in badminton and archery also prepared students for higher competition. This year the Association of Women Students held a play night at Wantland Hall for all women students. The social clubs and sororities and depart- mental clubs each entered a basketball team in a round-robin tournament that was fun filled and ex- citing to both players and spectators. The winners of the tourney then played a faculty team. Physical education majors organized and of- ficiated the games. Table tennis champions are Carol Iohnson, Denise Stollard and Jean Hightower. SQL 189 -TR , Wa My .L W WLPEGEQZ? 1 Lim 1 xii MX? wi? 1 1 z 4 1 1 wx: Q 1 1 1 , ia- 1 51 as 133151 1 1 E2 5 fi .Fw M ii Q 11 Q :' , 11' ng: W? 'wig' Q ' 4221 1 L , ff! il: ld. . ,Y , 1 4 4,1 13111 11111111 .sf-s 1' 71, If 11 .swf Z 'Q' ' -.....iL...... , . 11, ,11 ,,-..,,,1.m:. . 5 gi-1 'Q':.'l'i T - Y .--11, -in ,Z KW' 5- 1, .. 4, I amgfru.. :gg l, , 51:2 19 QE' Q5 an Y gl 1 .V Q:- 1 . Y M ", 1 1111 wg if 1 1 11 M -- 11 :ee . 1 1 Q 5 11 1..,, :, if ,',. , f-'. W .1-g,u1,1 gf-32.,-. 1. ll gn ,, , , ,., if 1:2-.Q F Q52 ' x 1, 1 " 531, g- 5- 113522 25. L N rf 5 W 1. vf H' S x n 115:11 fs ie .,, I , Q I g P P X -, I XX ff' up .J ORGANIZATIONS The Delta Zeta, officers around the piano are Carol Sue Earl, Merrianne Smith, Donece Kirkham, Jayne Boyers, Roberta Caffrey, and Donna Owen. OFFICERS Donna Owen ..... - .... - ........ Carol Sue Earl ...... Roberta Caffrey ........... Merrianne Smith Iayne Boyers .,....... ...,...... Donece Kirkham President --------,-------Rush Chairman V- ......o Pledge Chairman Recording Correspondence Secretary Secretary Treasurer Delta Zeta Delta Zeta sorority started the year off in a big way. During rush week, members took the rushees on a tour "around the world in seven daysf' First stop in the tour was for entertain- ment via South Pacific way, compliments of the DZ chapter from OSU. After this, the rushees "traveled oni' once more, only to soon stop at the Parthenon. The tour was finally completed with a traditional Chinese dinner. A bill for one million napkins is ridiculous, but that was the bill the DZ's received for their homecoming float. Halloween night was a night of double thrills and chills for the DZ's. That was the night the pledges decided to take their sneak and kid nap two members. The rest of the members spent a futile night in search of the missing pledges Little did they know that the kidnapped mem bers spent the night on a cold, hard, schoolhouse floor. A month later, as, a pledge project the pledges went to the Old Folks home in Britton where they entertained them with a Thanksgiv- ing party. The DZ's also sponsor a blind leprosy Top row-Barbara Baggerley, Kay Barker. Second row-Charlene Bierschenk, Doris jayne Boyers, Jane Boyle, Nell Breeding, Sylvia Boucher, Roberta Caffrey. Third row-Della Io Carlson, Lorna Cornelison, Carol Sue Earl, Carolyn Fry, Carole Candy, Wanda Grooms. 'T' lfxf patient at the U. S. Public Health Service Hospital in Carville, Louisiana. They send him a monthly allow- ance and gifts at Christmas and on his birthday. Spring brought State Day in Tulsa, Where DZ chapters from all over Oklahoma gathered for training programs, banquets and parties, songfests, and trophy presentations. With spring also came the initiation of the fall pledges with a banquet honoring them. Too, there was the election of new officers for the coming year. va? The four pledge officers Margaret Nutt, Barbara Baggerley, Charlene Bierschenk, and Sylvia Sanchez look at the trophy that the pledges won for having the highest average for any Delta Zeta pledges in the state. PLEDGE OFFICERS Barbara Baggerley ...,............................,........ ,President Charlene Bierschenk - - - .... Secretar -Treasurer Sylvia Sanchez ...........,. ....... . Social Chairman Margaret Nutt ....... ---M .,........... ...... P arliamentarian 121116 Pinkerton, Barbara Garder M-, ............,.. Sponsors Top row-janet Hart, janet Hartman, Elsie Hurst. Second row- Mary Beth Hutchinson, Donece Kirkham, Pat McCormick, Mar- garet Nutt, Donna Owen, Linda Priest. Third row-Rita Privett, Merrianne Smith, Jean Springer, Sylvia Sanchez, Dorothy Walker, Marjorie Wolf. Pi Kappa Sigma The Alpha Upsilon chapter of Pi Kappa Sigma was installed on this campus, April 22, 1950. This year marked a milestone in the history of the Pi Kaps, for in September, the Chapter house was established at 19 N. College. The rush parties were gay affairs ranging from a Mexican Fiesta to a Circus party and ending with a delicious Spaghetti dinner for Preferential party. Pi Kaps were honored in having Ioan Myrick elect- ed Homecoming Queen this year. Two weeks before Homecoming, the house was bustling with girls mak- ing their sliare of the thousands of Kleenex pom-poms that went into the making of the ill-fated Pi Kap Showboat. It was indeed a sad moment as they Watch- ed their beautiful float go up in flames, minutes before the parade. At Christmastime, not only big and little sisters received gifts, but a needy family received food and toys from the Pi Kaps. Pi Kaps have received many honors this year. Another of the girls, Ann Payne, was elected Bronze Book Queen. OFFICERS Paula Umphers ,,... ' B-- .r.,....... President Roma Cox ........... .........i V ice-President Leaudra Troll ........,.. ...,.,.. , ,... C orr. Secretary Norma Waggener ,,,.... .......i R ecording Secretary Carol Baxter ................................... T r....i....,.. Treasurer X Top row-Nancy Batty, Carol Baxter. Second row-Carolyn Beard, Beverly Bivens, Carol Brannon, Q X Betha Lea Bridwell, Eva Bucke, Marilyn Campbell. Third row-Nancy Cardwell, Marilyn Cooper 1 Roma Cox, Sue Craig, Susan Crowder, Dolores.Dolph. Fourth row-Seymouria Duncan, Beverly ' Easley, Sarah Fox, Lillie Gentry, Judith Clover, Lynda Griffin. m 1 M! 11: Y' gig , l :I-1 M f 1 5?-J J l - i ' "" ' ,fa y f f Ma fi '44 gills-. Four Pi Kappa members, Esther Taylor, Norma Waggoner, Lillie Gentry, and Ianese Menu, talk over their day's events on the steps of the new Pi Kap house. Apparently someone had quite a day judging from the response. Top row Susan Knox Pat MCD1D1Cl9 jackie McElroy Donna McKe1rns, Ianese Menn, Connie Moon. Second row- Ioan Myriclc, Iequeta Overfelt Pat Parker Ann Payne Roberta Rhodes Paula Richey Third row-Aleta Russell, Esther Taylor, Donna Thomas, Janice Tensley, Leaudra Troll Nancy Twibell Fourth row Paula Umphers Norma Waggoner, Sally Walker, Iacque Wisdom, Judith Wilcox, Carolyn Youts. w l i 'Q I 0. n"7 1,311X, Sigma Sigma Sigma The exciting round of Sigma Sigma Sigma rush parties this year included a Hawaiian Party and a Fairy Land Party to which the rushees came dressed as characters from fairy tales. In August, fourteen members and two sponsors made a trip to the Tri-Sig National Leadership in Illinois. They Won a silver serving tray for traveling the largest number of miles with the most members attending. Top row-Doris Buschhorn, Linda Camian, Cay Chinn, Second row-Ellen Cotton, Donna Cypret, Phyllis Cypret, Kathryn Deonier, Pat French, Martha George. Third row-Mary Beth George, Janis Goodnew, Garreline Heflin, jan Hoberecht, Zae Knight, Portia Lupton, Fourth row-Shirley Lupton, Wanda Lupton, Marilynn Eagin, Judy Patterson, Anna Pickering, Nancy Prince. Fifth row- Io Ann Rzunage, Virginia Stultz, Ethel Trinkle, Glenda Valentine, Carol Wells, Beverly Wilson This Christmas instead of exchanging gifts among themselves, the girls brought a can of food and a toy for a basket which they took to a needy family. Several days before Christmas the Sigma Sigma Sigmas held their annual Christmas party and invited the Sigma Tau Gammas. Beta Mu Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma was in- stalled on the campus in 1950. in . .v- 5 U" 1 T f 'ws '14 'TQ rig -, M fa E my 1-4 OFFICERS Pat French .............. Garreline Heflin ....., Carol Wells ..,.,A ...,. Nancy Prince ,. ........ ........................... T reasurer Mary Beth George Portia Lupton ..,...,..,, .-.,.,. Phyllis Cypret .......,. ...,........, K eeper-of-Grades Donna Cypret iii, .,.... -- ' ..-----------,-Recording Secretary xxx :sift , V M , it N i ---,-------------..President 4 M -------1st Vice-President -,---.2nd Vice-President ' KL s pe. , ai?-it ' 'A Corresponding Secretary U DA .. -------------.,----ii,Sentinel l 8 I . l ' fi ' "-x4.s.:Uf.514Q5 Four very happy girls have just learned that they White and Judy Patterson. I fl 3555: 1 A17 v a . L - L -jim ' . f4.:w"Ei"'4'l ' -11 5 3 N 1 . -fs , 'lj 415, The members of Sigma Sigma Sigma smile for the cameraman as they prepare to em- bark on their trip to Illinois. According to the stories related by the members the trip was a huge success. have become Sigma Sigma Sigma pledges. The girls are Wanda Lupton, Melva States, Maxine Beverly Wilson and Pat French have a friendly chat during the tea that the Sigma Sigma Sigma's gave for the alumni at Homecoming. Although Linda Carman isnit entering into the conversation, she is very attentive. 197 I Criterion Club The Criterion Club started their year off with rush parties ranging from root beer parties to coke parties. Also they gave a pink party for their rushees and held their preferential dessert. Their float "Nautilus Iourneyf, won first place in the homecoming parade this year. During the Christmas holidays the Criterions sold Christmas cards and sponsored a needy family. Their Christmas party was held in the home of Mrs. Loree Ferguson. Keeping Criterion tradition, the initiation of new members was an exciting as well as a formal affair. In order to raise money for the club treasury, the members held a rummage sale to aid their decreasing funds. At the close of the year the annual Criterion club dinner was held to top off a year of exciting events. The Criterion Club was organized on the Central State campus in 1912 to forward the study of modern dramatic art and to sustain all ideals of womanhood and good fellowship. The club was later expanded to include the promotion of better social activities at CSC. Top row-Wilma Armstrong, Guqueta Austin, Lena Black, JoAnn Brown. Second row-Carol Brown Donna Cash, Mary Ann Cash, Dorothy Chesser. Sharon Cooper, Charlotte Davis, Pat Graham. Third row-Eva Hatley, Rose Hibler, Zae Arm Knoepfli, jo Ann Mc- Ferran, Ruth Elaine Meyers, Judy Mosley, Iocile Pedigo. Fourth row-Elizabeth Poindexter, Carolyn Schutten, Hurley Spence, Betty Stephenson, Tallulah Tavlor. Sonva Throne. Marjorie Wohl. l 1 I, I: Criterions participate in all regular campus ac- tivities, thus upholding their ideals-"Loyalty, Schol- arship, and Fellowship." OFFICERS Iocile Pedigo ..... - ........ ---- ........... President Donna Cash ni ....................... ........ H -,-Vice-President Mary Ann Cash ...... M-- ....... - .............. .Secretary Wilina Armstrong ..... .................. T reasurer Lena Black ........... .....i,, S ergeant-at-Arms af ' -s.,, sv T., - U g., .ul -ta-V, 1 J ' .-. '- - 4:,, , -- .- ..,,1 '.:.':-- 4 'f , .'.l- i5i?1?55'f2g..',",?:g,--e. '- ,,,. .. - ...,. U -tl ,,,, ,. ,HT fm-'Ls--1,-if I.,-.-.. .4 , , .. . -.. . - ,Q , - .--,. 1. 901,-'-'-'X"'-4 . T: 2:25-.4 , f' 'vf -1 ff? A' . s.-- 1 1' .jiilf " ' 0' A C-ry 1 -' t'f':H'-"'2-11:5 : s' F'-: 1- f:a,:y N. .Q jim! f 1, ' ' Q,h 4401 f f 7 I ' JZ, ---,..- 41.1, -1 1 If I 11, ,fs-r'-23 I' .J 'ff' -7.?,"Q4.fQl3i" A I X.. L1 ip- 'V 1, "A i ...IV - K U . if '-i ii - 4' :Q F' Ei - . . .,-Amr'-11'3-4:2 f'xT12L.'-"Lf -:te :fi 'N D' ,, .. 'f YLH1- Z-91 . E1rr":1w!4c 'ik-'f-ff we The float that won first place at homecoming was the Criterion's "Nautilus Journey." Sue Hatchel was the mermaid who accompanied the various sea animals. Excited girls gather at the Student Union hall room to find that they are now Criterion pledges. Their dress became quite different, though, when they began the rigorous schedule of a pledge. E K' if-4-.J ' Qi" - 4. QQ - 2- p.. .J K as 1 V VG- .TI 5.13, ,fr . , ...H 1'-'-TZ' 'Pas-dx, ' - A. , fi:-ri-,fo5y.f""-sl: - . ' 'mir'-21 'S' if inf' 0 R ' - "' -' ,----.' ' 73 P21Psf!""'1Z3,:- vin-4-f ""' "t'ff4!i?'3"w" ., . ' ' ISU A- ' TmfT"'-'3'+55'5 . iff' 1 qw -, 1 199 if ' E, , , - , 1 Iocile Pedigo, first semester president, and a member of the Criter- ion club, put the finishing touches on their float for the parade. . TF Shakespeare The first rush party the Shakespeareis had this year was called "Treasurer Timef' Dr. Emma Estill Harbour told the members and rushees about the thrilling history of Shakespeare. Miniature treasure chests were given as favors. The second rush was a brunch held Saturday morning of rush Week and the Preferential dinner Was' given by Shakespeare alumni. First semester pledges presented a skit entitled "Shakespeare Bandstandv and each pledge appeared as a celebrity. Second semester rush was held with a Valentine snack supper Where favors were given which Were heart-shaped boxes filled with candy decorated with OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Carolyn Smith Hauser ,,..... .............. P resident Betty Mohr ..,..,.....,.ri,,, ........,.,..,... V ice-President Beverlee Barnett ...... E--Y, ,.,.i,....... Secretary Carole Io Kerley ..i,...,..i...i,.. nm, .i........... Treasurer Peggy 0'Neil1 ,.,... - ..., - .....................,. Historian Elaine Womack ..,....i. .,......ii........ P ledge Mistress Nancy Carr .i......... . .ii,i.., ..,.... S cholarship Chairman Mrs. Kathryn Alcorn ......,.......i...i.............,..,.ii. Sponsor the traditional Shakespeare "Sv Second semester pledges Were: Norma Callas, Iimalynn DeYoung, Carol Foster, Kay Niles, Ioy Smith, Noella Wilkirrs, Pat Deaver, and Indy Calame. Shakespeares held a Christmas party, Went carol- ing and presented a needy family with a love gift. Also there was presented the annual style show on St. Patrick's Day which was entitled "Shakespeares Emerald Isley and their spring formal which cele- brated their 50th year of organization. Shakespeares homecoming float NEI Torrov placed tlnrd rn the parade SECOND SEMESTER Dona Lee Stroup President N frncy Carr Vice President Elarne Womack Secretary Sue Stevens Treasurer Judy Bartley Hrstorrfrn Peggy O N erll Pledge Mrstr ess Delors Neal Scholarship Charrmfrn Betsy Hurt Reporter Vlrs Gladys Gayle Sponsor Top row-janene Adams, Sue Ann Adams, Beverlec Barnett, Judy Bartley, ulianne Bayles, Teddy Bressie. Second row- Nancy Carr, Jimmie Collum, Viki Cunningham, Rosemary Cushenberry, Gus Davis, YVilma Io George. Third row-Betty Goyns, janell Harris, Betsy Hurt, Carolyn Hauser, Barbara Jordan, Sandra Kemper. ,, ft at L.. Y' -11"--em! 1 - - S22-MTW 5 M'5 Sig PM 'lf' iiilfffa Prim 'SWF Q 5 The club received the honor of being "Outstanding Wo1nen,s Social Organization on Campus? The royalty this year was: Gus Davis, freshman Queen, Betty Mohr, runner-up for Homecoming Queen, Teddy Bressie, runner-up for Bronze Book Queen, and Nancy Carr candidate for Band Queen. Shakespeare float, "El Torrof' N l Top row-Carole Io Kerley, Marlene Lepak, Billie Io Martin, Betty Mohr, Sharon Montroy, Barbara Muret. Second row-DeLois Neal, Peggy O'Neill, Ellen Petty, Moonyeen Pollard, Linda Pratz, Lynda Pyle. Third row-Maudie Rife, Evelyn Schreiber, Karen Schroeder, Sally Severe, 1 Carol Smith, Sue Stevens. Fourth row-Dona Lee Stroup, Faye Thoresen, Harriet Went, Karen Wieclmann, Donna Witten, Elaine Womack. Qi ,, wi M W ' ring Bi il W 95 Pr: ? if "l""1 Orchesis "Shall We Dancef' theme of the annual Orchesis dance concert, December 13, was the keynote for a full-ran ge of dance activities during the year. Mitchell Hall was the scene of the dance con- cert, under the direction of Muriel Herbrand. Thirty- three dancers participated, not only dancing but ap- plying make-up and collecting costumes. Highlights of the program were the Philippine Island folk dance, a modern jazz composition, an oriental fantasy "The Emperor's Nightingalef' and a poignant re-enactment of the nativity in dance. Other appearances included jocile Pedigo's in- terpretation of poetry by Dale McConathy at the Oklahoma W1'ite1',s Club and Kappa Kappa Iota, a selection of dances from the concert for the P.E. club dinner, and a variety show for Choctaw high school. OFFICERS Mary Ann Heinlin ii....,..,..,. t.,,...... r- President Steve Anna McClanahan .....,. a .....,.....,. Vice-president Karen Dean ....,........t.,,....,.,......,. Secretary 81 Treasurer Top row-Sylvia Bucher, Carol Burns, Karen Dean, Carol Sue Earl, Mary Anne Heinlcn. Second row-Rose Hiblcr, Sandra Kemper, Dixie Knight, jackie Krutsinger, Charlene Mullin, Dale McConathy. Third row-David McClung, jocilc Pedigo, Ellen Petty, Vicky Pittman, LaDonna Schein, Melva States. "Vik Dr. Ernest Iones and Dr. Carl Thomas are co- Sigma Tau amma This fall on the Central State campus a new fra- ternity was organized. This fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma, has two other chapters in the state, one in Durant and one in Tahlequah. First semester, twelve men on campus had already pledged. Anyone who joined before official initiation in April became a charter member. The social activities were few and far between at first because of the huge organization job that had to be done. One rush party was held first semester, while at Christmas the Sigma Tau GH1l1l11H,S joined the Tri-Sigs for a Christmas party and caroling at the Old Folk's Home in Edmond. Sigma Tau Gamma is one of the 61 college gen- eral fraternitics who are members of the National In- terfraternity Conference. Of 48 chapters which have been chartered since beginning, 36 of these were the pioneer chapters of national fraternities in their colleges. Sigma Tau Gamma endeavors through its Fra- ternity and chapter programs to "promote the highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood, and citizenship." It seeks to "promote social, cultural, scholarly, recrea- tional and benevolent fraternal accomplishments among its members, both undergraduate and gradu- atef, sponsors of the group. Dr. Carl Thomas, a long time member, was graduated from Central Missouri State College, the birthplace of Sigma Tau Gamma. 9 OFFICERS Daniel Boudreau ..c.c.c.c,... .... - .i.President Ioe Millison .,.,t,..,.... ,...i S ecretary-Treasurer Doug Burnett ..,..c ..... . .r.Plcdge Trainer X Stan Bolin ..i...,..,.. ......r S ocial Chaimian A Phil Kime iit....., . ..,,ccr. ,....,, . Activities Chairman Louis Nachtigall ......, c,..... S cholastic Chairman V f 3 . Top row-Stanley Bolin. Sccmul row-Daniel Boudrcau, Doug Burnett, Burton Cave, Schuyler Chadduck, Phil Kime. Third row-Joe Millison, Louis Nachtigall, William Payne, Floyd Powers, Willie Self. , I: N , :.v . -A fr- ET Phi Lambda hi Advancements, awards and a new house high- lighted the 1958-59 school year for the Phi Lambda Chi fraternity. The group climbed on the fraternity house band- wagon early in the year, moving into their new house shortly before the school temi started. First semester rush parties followed in the traditional Phi Lamb fashion. During the year the fraternity collected several national and local honors. They obtained the Phi Lambda Chi National Honor Award given to the chapter with the highest grade average, co-sponsored the Homecoming and Bronze Book queens, and fs 'B 0 carried off second prize in homecoming parade com- petition. Visits to Tahlequah, Durant and various towns in Texas kept some members hopping. After attending the National conclave at Northeastern State, they made a swing through southeastern Oklahoma and Texas installing new Phi Lamb fraternities. Far from neglecting the social side of life, the Phi Lambs came through in fine style with party after party. These included a hot dog barn party, several dinner parties at Sussy's and various smokers. And, of course, there was the annual spring dance. Nancy Batty Phi Lambda Chi Sweetheart Last minute rushing by the Phi Lambs seemed to be the order of the day when it was time for the homecoming float to be finished. GFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Kenton Kidd E EEE.SEEEE. President Bill Byrd E,..E Vice-President Dudley Ryan ,EEE... ..EEE S ecretary Otis Farrington E,.. r Treasurer Ken Vanderslice Glenn Butler, Arthur Guclclis Pledge Master and Vtfendell Ralston EEE.ES SE,S E EA... . Sponsors Top row-Joe Apostol. Sec-nm! row-Steve Austin, Verne Brunnmrtt Don Bry int Billy Bvrcl Thom is Cfrrble Leon Colbns Third row-George Dittmam, Don Duffy, Otis Farrington, ClllflCS Huty Albert Hurley Orvillc Innes Fourth row Kenton if F Kidd, AlX'2lTll Muluvn-, Ste-vc Martin, Bobby Mooneybam, Cblrles Moore Tommy Morgm F1 th row emlcl Peterson Iolin Poarcb, Ducllvy Ryan, Eldon Spencer, jerry Tbomason, lxcnneth Vinclersbcc, ELT' W if 7 au Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon magie history this year. Cen- tral Stateis first fraternity house was purchased after several weeks of negotiation. By raiding family base- ments, attics, and garages, members furnished their new home and moved in amidst much jubilation. Twenty-one pledges kept older members busy planning hazing stunts. After initiation, the TEKE,s settled down to a calmer pace. Highlight of the year was the Red Carnation Ball in December. With an attendance of 140 the affair was pronounced a smash hit. Carol Sue Earl, TEKE sweetheart, received her crown that night. Diane, a 760 pound bell, took over cheering chores this year. These tasks had been performed for years by the much smaller bell, Hercules. Diane began working almost 60 years ago to help put out fires. She was mounted in the belfry of the small fire station in 1904 in approximately the 100 block on South Broadway. She now is used to create fire in the hearts of Central State sports fans. OSU even borrowed her for their homecoming parade after the TEKE's used her in the CSC homecoming. lui .' ",."'g" ref"-' . The Tau Kappa Epsilon members proudly show off their new bell, Diane. The TEKE's have taken their bell to every CSC game this year and it is now a well known and well heard object. ra g Carol Sue Earl TEKE Sweetheart Carter Cavalier, TEKE president, presents Mrs. Ruth Rice with a potted plant. Mrs. Rice is the housemother of the TEKE's new house. OFFICERS I. Carter Cavalier ........... Charles Hidlebaugh ...... Richard Dugger ........w, Patrick Delaney ...,. ---- .........,... President -------Vice-President ---- ........... Secretary ----- ..... Treasurer M1ke Sutton ........ ...... ............. H i storian Donald Iones .............,. - ....... ......r P ledge Master Paul Lindsey ............ - .......... ........., S gt. at Arms Clarence Drumeller .,........,............. CW ......... Chaplain Roy Valla and john Hutchinson Top row-Arles Leon Kent, jerry Bee- sing, Dana R. Cheatham, Jerry Crabs. Second row-Pat O. Delaney, Clarence C. Drumeller, Bill Dugger, Keith H. Ebert, Chick Ray Erickson, and Denny I. Henry. Third row-Charles C. Hidle- baugh, Donald L. jones, Jerry Kel- lough, Paul R. Lindsay, Wayne E. Mack, and David Meridith. Fourth row-Clinton M. Nevil, Terry Petitt, Leon R. Reinke, Chuck E. Stanfill, Roy Don Steely, Sr., and Michael Sutton. W 'Wi J i , Cl' C ea.. 3 . . ...... J .. --------------------.Sponsors Carter Cavalier il ,W , we gi. E X.. ,., si.. fa. Y - E ni A . E Senate Club The Senate Club's year started off with a flurry of parties and good times. Pledges were introduced to the members with a smoker and several informal parties. After formal initiation, the traditional "sneaky was carried out when the pledge master was "es- cortedn out of town. He had to find his way back, without the aid of money, friends or transportation. Around Homecoming time the Senators worked hard and long on their float. Preceding the game members sold mums to the CSC alumni and students. Center of attraction at the annual Senate Fall formal was the crowning of their queen, Marjorie Wohl, by the president D.L. Walling. Senate Club was first organized in 1912 as a de- bating club, but it later changed to a social club. The purpose is "to make possible for all men, who seek fellowship with their fellowmen, to serve their college in the best capacity they may, in the Senate Clubf, First row-Willie Self, James Barton, Claude Borthick. Second row- Paul Bowman, Clifford Brownen, joe Cagle, Kenneth Cornett, Roger Culley, Cleatus Doyel. Third row-Norman Hanks, W. Lockett, john McClure, Darrel Manlapig, Danny Marker, Max Mullins. Fourth row-Iim Peavler, David Phillips, Dean Robbins, john Trotter, D. L. Walling, Clinton Wells. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER D. L. Walling ...,.....,. --,-----.----.President Cano Dick -E ........ - ...... ..,..... V ice-President Claude Borthick ...... .........,.......... T reasurer Darrel Manlapig ..,..., ,.,,.........,,,......, S ecretary Norman Hanks ...... Social Co-ordinator David Phillips ....... .....,. ...........,. . P ledge Master Iim Peavler ................r... E .i.,.... ...,,.. S ergeant-at-Arms Bruce Browen ..............,..... ..... . Sergeant-at-Arms SECOND SEMESTER Joe Cagle ..............,...,....i .....,.,,,....,, , President John Trotter ........ ,.ii.,.. V ice-President D. L. Walling ....,......., - ,,....... ...,,,.i.....,...... T reasurer Kenneth Cornett ......... E. ,,,........... E- .,..,.,i,, ,Secretary Claude Borthick ....... - W.............. , Social Co-ordinator Roger Culley ...,.,,...,...,...........,...,....,.,... ,Pledge Master 571 Kit , ,, , ,. , .tfzmefr E ,, 7 , 1 . 0 1 ,L .am- 5 ij 1 m Pledge m ister Dlvld Phllllps dtudul to prove how gill mt the Senate Club members rnllly 'ure hy h wmg 1 group of pledges seren lde the gxrls ln Murdfurgh H111 Wh It the pledges licked rn volce they made up w1th norse So well m fmt the college, chorus begged them to 10111 thur I'll1lxS .A W4 fb? One of the Senate Clulfs pledge mottos 15 "Be helpful," even lf It does mean earrymg ten pounds of books Iohn McClure and john Trotter are the "Atlas" book earners As the two young men hand them thelr books they SlTlll0 at each other and thmlt wrstfully ot the tune they were pledges 209 NNW 5 fs, 'mst-1 W3 'wr ,, 'H' ,, "- " W Marjorie Wahl Senate Sweetheart xi. 1- 1 'gf lt in t ULU' lui-Qi Baptist Student Union Members of the Baptist Student Union will re- member 1958-59 as the year a bright, young dream finally shimmered into reality with the completion of the new BSU building, formally dedicated December 14, 1958. While dedicated primarily to the needs of Bap- tist and Baptist preference students, the Baptist Student Center is always open to anyone interested in attending BSU activities. It is not intended as a substitute for churchg rather, a reminder to students that the church must have a place in their lives. Far from standing alone, the new building has simply taken its place among many other BSU ufirstsv for this year. School had hardly shifted into gear for the fall semester when a group of eager freshmen con- verged on the BSU to form the premier Freshman Council. Dubbed the Pioneer Council, its members include Dale Stockton, president, and Bill Beck, vice- president, with Sally Walker at the secretary's desk. Public relations man is jerry Neighbors while Donna Witten and Hawkins act as social co-chairmen. Carol Hohnes is devotional chairman with Dale Davis and Bill Pinkston representing the Sunday school and Training union. Mission activities consisted of monthly fellow- ship and devotional periods at the Goodwill Center in Oklahoma City. Fellowship and supper club are standing dates for Sunday nights. In October, the an- nual Indian Pow-Wow was fitted in among the other social events of the year-including a hilarious hay- rack ride A score of BSU,ers from Central State descended upon the organizationis convention in Tulsa, and the new council members sampled the spring retreat at the Falls Creek Baptist Assembly grounds near Davis. By far, however, the biggest social event of the year was the annual BSU banquet in the spring. You can admire the architecture of the building, you may remark about the accomplishments of the Union and relish the activities and,events of the past year. But the really important role the Union must play in the future is in drawing Central State students a little closer to Christ. The New Baptist Student Union Building if KX ' 'Els- ,.,,,.4F ,Lani .1 STL "Q 4 x ' Q ' as ,FX yn - , W an .. .. - -. :B--. . W it -4 , . iffre . 'E , , . f ' S - , ' ':':,.i": : . w . -55:1 ws- .5 f . lu L" . 1 ' -- ' . ai 4. ' ' -"if V VV , 3 V 5 X Y V, .. get . .,, , Y-.f,j , , ,Lf-, 'Juli s 3f.1aa.2g.1 a ng,-sa 'H 1.1: .. 5 1:3 3 1 , 'f:f ,'2:.- . f -iff? f-fag att.. e .' -- V. '- , " " -ere- - rg, K a ,ii M .'f,4.,,,-i?.4-1-Q 1-M--we V-A-5 ,.-ii.-2511 ' 5 . , iff ' - f+F,,,f'5 - jf- . - . ,HY '- , ,I I - - , A ,tg '1L??5?' ' L ' 2 1.11, fIffQ fE.yf fl - 'f ' Brig gs' 'ri'-5" 'iiiffrlf '7.1lj'i l:?L'2.31if'-,Ti g 1 1 " ' -- ' '1' 5 ' ami- fr -5-ar:-'.,gg,1,fL:5p2-e.,? 1' mfg., .inxqix 1, .,, OFFICERS Ralph Bullard ........ ........,......................, P resident Norma Wynn ............... - ,.......... Commuter's Chairman Barbara Wilson .......,......... .Enlistment Vice-President Elaine W01T1aCk and Mary Io Bondurant and ' Ray Fields ................ - ....................,. Social Chairmen Ierry Jolly ................... ,Promotional Vice-President Karen Nvvey and . - . - Dale Flana an ........ Sunda School Re resentatives Naom1 Peikms ........................,...................... .Secretary V. . , K1 g d Y P Starley Cherry Bullard ...................... - .......,. Treasurer ugmla eeman an , . , , S R, D , 1 Ch , Max Gregory ........ Training Union Representatives ue we """""' ' """"""' """" ' evotlomfl afrman Buddy and Marsha Vernon ........,....... Married Young Mandel Brown ....... .....,............. . Music Chairman People Representatives Charlene Mullins ...... ---- .......... ,Missions Chairman Dr.W11it Mal-kg ------ --MM ------ -------Faculty Advisor LaVerne Garrison ...,... - .,.s... Bible Study Chairman Ada Ingram .---,-,--,,, -,,,,,-, S tudem Secretary Sue Basham ---- ........ ..........., B UGLE Editor Dr. M. E. Ramay ....... ..... . .,.Pastor Advisor Top row-Marilyn Sue Basham, Mary Io Bondurant. Second row-Mandel Brown, Ralph Bullard, Starley Cherry Bullard, Ray Fields, Dale Flanagan, LaVerne Garrison. Third row-David Gregory, jerry jolly, Virginia Kleeman, Charlene Mullin, Karen Novey, Naomi Perkins. Fourth row-Wanda Rice, Marsha Vernon, Buddy Vance Vemon, Barbara Wilson, Elaine Womack, Norma Wynn. ll Disciples Student Fellowship Quiet discussions, study, friendly fellowship and a scrumptious Sunday evening Snack-these charac- terize the regular weekly meetings of the Disciples Student Fellowship. Early fall found members in a bee-hive of activity as they planned for the DSF area convention. Hosting over 100 students for two days, they were assisted by the church in handling meals and housing. Turkey was on the menu at Thanksgiving when members were special guests of the Edmond Presby- terian church. In spite of their healthy young appe- tites, the church graciously invited them for a return engagement with the nvittlesf, Taking up more serious matters along with the OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Donna Lee Stroup ....... ...,. - ............ - ...... . President Norma Waggoner ...,..., - ...........i. Vice-President Beverly Easley ,,...,. - ........ .,..,,.... ...,......,.. . S ecretary Donna Lee Stroup ........ -- ,..........,......., -Treasurer Martha George ....,.,,.. .....r,... I .,.. , Service Chairman Vilci Cunningham ..i.., ......... C onvention Chairman food, members discussed organization of an Ecumen- ical Methodist and Christian college level groups. Termed the Christian Student Movement, the stu- dents planned to have several get-togethers to learn the benefits of such an organization. They also ar- ranged noon-day devotionals for three days of the week. Inspiration for future Work came from the re- treat at Camp Ione. Along with recreation and rest, plans for lessons for Worship and enlistment were made. Youth minister, A. Rolando Andrade, attended DSF national Eclesia and brought back many new ideas and plans which have been put to use. SECOND SEMESTER Norma Waggener ........... .r..... Arthur Tatum .,.... Nancy Carr r.iSi,......... Evelyn Schreiber ......,. Van Smith ..,...i...i., President Vice-President ---,----.Secretary .Treasurer -,.Song Leader Top row-Nancy Carr, Viki Cunningham, Keith Ebert, Beverly Easley, Doris Iayne Boyers. Second row-Martha George, Mary George, Alice Grisso, William Hunteman, Carole Io Kerley. Members Evelyn Schreiber, Nancy Carr, Carole Jo Kerley, Dona'Lee Stroup, Vilci Cunningham, Van Smith, Bill Wilson, Keith Ebert, Arthur Tatum, Dallas Nay, Mrs. Dallas Nay, Jayne Boyers, and Norma Waggoner stand around the emblem of the DSF at the Sunday night meeting. Top row-Dixie Knight, Darrel Manlapig. Second row-Ioe Millinsen, Kay Niles, Nancy Prince, David Richardson, Dudley Ryan. Third row-Evelyn Schreiber, Van Smith, Dona Lee Stroup, Spence Tatum, Norma Waggoner. Q 12k .. 1 L - 1 v i A 1 UDP? T 59' G? Newman Club A wiener roast was the highlight of the fall se- mester for the Newman Club with the fragrance of boiling hot clogs mingling with the sharp tang of autumn leaves and breezy crisp air. The Christmas season found the Newmanites collecting baskets of food and gifts for the poor. The Lenten season provided the club members with a spring project, that of repairing the church hall in Edmond. For some of the religious and educational func- tions, the Newman Club enjoyed such lectures as OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Terry Grand ............................. - ........ .... - ---President Marlene Lepak ----.--..------ - ------- - -------.--------- Secretary Donna Keel ,.-.....,...,. .........----..------------ T reasurer Cecilia Berumen --.----- -----..------ R eligious Chairman Fay Montroy ----,,,,,, ......., E ducational Chairman James Stucki .,.,.......... ............... S ocial Chairman Dr. Ethel Derrick ------ ---- - ------.-. S p0nS0r "Christian Marriage" given by Rev. Ramon Carlin, chaplain of Oklahoma City's Catholic High School, and "Scholarship and Modern Thinkingv given by Frank Carey Ir., a prominent Catholic layman in Oklahoma City. Other activities included a weekly Rosary held each Friday morning in the Y-Chapel. Central State chapter of the National Newman Club Foundation functions on three principles: Re- ligious, Educational and Social. The club was named for the famous English Catholic philosopher-educator, John Henry Cardinal Newman. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS John Westfahl ....-.....- E ...-----.-.....- .- -----..--------- .President Anita Maddox ........ ..-...-.. R eligious Vice-president Teresa Cenzer ....... ......... I ntellectual Vice-president Herb Elias ..-...... .-...-..... S ocial Vice-president Dr. Derrick .. ---.-- --.-------.-----.---------- S ponsor ',f.:i3:.QfEIFh-l':ig - ' A special vote of gratitude goes to Dr. Ethel Derrick, Professor of biology at CSC, for twenty-five years of tireless devotion to Catholic students and Catholic organizations on the campus. Standing around her are some of the members of the Newman Club. 1 l ewman lub Top 1010 Ceulu Bgrumgn Swoml row Lfnrry Boston Wxlhfun Brown Suvm Crowder Teressa Genzer Donnu Keel M 1rlc,nL Lepflk 'llurd low An1t'1 M lddox Iolm Mflloney Clmrles M'1rt1n Ffly Montroy Sharon Montroy Gary Mynatt Fmutlz mu, PeqgyONc.1ll K1rlP1nlxston Sue Russell Mllxe Slvlefer Frmcrs Sflllfll I'1mes StllCk1 Fzfth row Tony Vr'1na Suu Wfmlwn Ixrrrn Wxeclem mn Ulm Westf llml DeAnn Wmgflelfl Ed Worsley Z 'Z' lm . , W r - r r Wesley Foundation When CSC Methodists look for other Methodists on campus, they usually head for Wesley Foundation. In fact, every Sunday and Wednesday evening youill find a group congregated in the new addition of the First Methodist Church. Kickoff event for the year was a planning retreat at Lake Carl Blackwell. The year was studded with group and panel discussions. Guest speakers were on hand and student programs tested the skill and wit of Foundation members. A book review brought out the critic in some students and persuaded others that television doesn't have everything. December brought a flurry of activity including a caroling party and a Christmas drama. The crown- ing event was a cookie building festival, fruits of which were hastily sampled, then the remainder was sent off to Wesley House in Oklahoma City. Before the month was out, delegates were singled out and packed off to the state MSM workshop at Stillwater. There, they attacked the problem of "Ways of Peace." To finance a CSC representative to an ecumen- ical camp or Caravan during the summer months, flap-jacks were flipped, buttered and downed at a gala pancake supper. I Wesley Foundation supporters took a king-sized bite with their ecumenical efforts. The first seven days of February were declared Youth Week for this pur- pose. During the process, plans evolved for a noon- day Y-Chapel service three days a week. A hot game of badminton swings into the final, tie-breaking set at Lake Carl Blackwell. The sport was formerly know as goodminton, but this was a grudge game. OFFICERS Marlene Bush ...... ,...ii.i.. . LPresident Vance Morgan ..... ............ ,....,. V i ce-President Donna Cypret ,..... L .,.....,.... ,......iiii. . Secretary Doris Iohnson ....r... - r...... L ....... Treasurer Elizabeth Boone ...... ..-..i,. W orship Eva Bucke .,.......,... ,,..,,..i,i, r Music Gordon Grant .,.....,..,......,...,.....,...,..i,,, ..,.,...,. F ellowship Paul Lindsay ..... LL ...............,. L ......,........,,. .Publicity Polly Simmons .............. World Christian Community Wilma Io George ..c,..i......i L r,...,..,,,.r.........,r...i,.,,, Foods To row Elizabeth Boone Patricia Brooks Eva Bucke, Marlene Bush, Ben Ulevengera Second row-Donna Cypret, Gordon Grant, Wilma p - 7 : Io George, Wanda Grooms, Janet Hart. ' x The members of the Wesley Foundation gather around the piano for an "old-fashioned sing." They boast of having one of the loudest singing groups, if not the best singers. Top row-Doris Johnson, Paul Lindsay, John Lizon, Gail Neely, Polly Simmons. Second row-james Smith, Nancy Twibell, Paula Umphers, Joanne Uptygraft, Virgil VVhittington. S-3-J . ,, :H .mmm 11. , Q .li 1 I ' L. l Q42 ETTTTTT The Young Menis Christian Association has pro- vided good fellowship and good times for its members this year. The two organizations, YMCA and the YWCA combined at Christmas for a caroling party to the Old F olk,s Home in Edmond and various houses in town. YMCA also sponsored a hayride and an all school party. The all-school party was the most successful ac- tivity they had this year. The party was a square- dance completed with apple cider and donuts. Dr. Guy Chambers' son called the dances. The YMCA strives to encourage clean living through its many programs and activities. The organi- zation extends membership to all young men on the campus who wish to join. Members of the group believe that students should be well informed on the doctrines of all re- ligions. They believe that a knowledge of the beliefs of others would do much to better world understand- ing. Through fellowship and study offered by the ac- tivities of the group, each member has the oppor- tunity for self-improvement. OFFICERS Norman Hanks ..rrr ............,...... P resident Burton Cave ..s,... ....,..srr 1 st Vice-President Cary Wray ,.,,,.....,.,.s ...r,.,, 2 nd Vice-President Darrel Manlapig M, ..,,.... ......,....,...... , Secretary Cuyvan Shirley ..r..,......,.. .... - -Treasurer Dr. Guy C. Chambers ..s. T ..,r.. i....r . Sponsor Arthur C. Gaddis .......,. .....i. S ponsor Iames Butler ........,,.........,...,....,.......,...,....,..i,..., Sponsor Top row-Burton Cave, Otis Farrington, Dale Flanagan. Second row-Norman Hanks, Donald Langston, William McVay, Darrel Manlapig, Frank Ryan. Third row-john Savage, Guyvan Shirley, Gerald Thompson, Richard Waggoner, Gary Wray. 16. Fai at mmm ni 'DQ wt!-4 'Q ,, ,,- :lu is WH T , ,f l rt iff r'U::7rjj fi' - 531- I A ff E95 5-'TZ'--, u ' '1 ' . ?- L. 'A l3:'lfE5fi. i tile.- , . A H i Hihvvf. ..... 'T Y.W.C. . Student directories, teas and square dances topped off a busy year for the YWCA. Ordinary meet- ings were livened up by conducting discussion series, calling in guests and having joint sessions with the YMCA. As part of their service to CSC, the YW helped publish the student directory, sponsored two old- fashioned hoedowns and did their part in solving campus problems. Participation in various religious activities always play a big role in YW life. Some of these activities are Y-Chapel mid-day devotions, various denominational clubs and Religious Emphasis Week. Because Centralis club is connected with the na- tional and international organization, representatives attended conferences where they shared problems and experiences with other branches of the YW. This groupis purpose is to stimulate students tc grow mentally, socially and spiritually. Any girl oi campus may join regardless of her creed or race. OFFICERS Motie Heller ..... ............. . ----- .... - ..... President Martha Bard ,,....,.. ------, ........,....... 1st Vice-president Sallie Manning ---,---,s ....... ......... 2 nd Vice-president Katherine Doenier .--- ........ .......... - ....... S ecretary Polly Simmons .............. ............. T reasurer Kathy Owens -C ....... - ...... ---- - ...... Reporter Norma Waggoner ...... - ....... ....... H istorian Top row-Cuqueta Austin, Martha Bard, Betty Bowker. Second row-Donna Cypret, Katherine Deonier, Motie Heller, Barbara johnson, Sallie Manning. Third row-Catbleen Owen, Cuyleen Rankin, Ramona Rounsavell, Polly Simmons, Norma Waggoner. Ria FT Prospective educators provided 175 members for Central's Future Teachers of America chapter. Guest speakers and movies on education high- lighted the semi-monthly meetings. Placement and student teaching tips proved of primary interest to members. FTA day for highschools found Centralites host- ing over 210 young people. The annual spring picnic topped off the year,s work. ii Louise McHan, secretary-treasurer, Loran R. Snel- son, sponsor, and Elaine Horn, president. Not shown are Alvena Stephens, reporter, and Carolyn Hauser, vice-president. Front row-Iayne Boyers, Beverly Choate, Iean Hoff, Virginia Kleeman, Doris Johnson, Darlene Harrison. Back row-Dale Schuler, Io Ann Raxnage, Camille Widdifielcl, Gloria Brandt, Eula Teuscher, Elizabeth Boone, Lois Brandt. af Front row-Carole Candy, Donna Owen, Jane Boyle, Elaine Womack, Sue Rice, Carol Wells, Janene Adams. 5 ip Back row-Marjorie Wohl, Nancy Carr, Iocile Pedigo, Maudie Rife, Kay Niles, Karen Schroder, Carole 0 I Kerley, Betsy Hurt, Patricia Brooks, Ellen Petty. Front row-Naomi England, Belva Castle, June Canada, Loretta Martin, Guqueta Austin. Row two-Guyvan Shi.rley, Delores Schupp, Zeta Caughell, Dale Zeman. Press Club Press Club members had to struggle to find time for relaxing get-togethers this year because of the campus edition of The Vista, which was printed for the first time. With writing chores doubled, enjoyable moments seemed harder to acquire. Guest speakers, conventions and luncheon meet- in s occu ied these idle hours. Scribes smu led fun- . g P I gg filled sessions into hectic schedules. Oklahoma State University staged the fall meet- ing of the Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association. Most of the news hounds managed to attend. Luncheon meetings the first and third Friday of each month took the place of the usual Tuesday even- ing conferences. These gatherings found editors, re- porters, photographers and secretaries rehashing events and listening to informative visitors. OFFICERS Judy Lynn Harris, ....... Leonard Tipton .,.,,..... Judy Lynn Harris was the lucky one who got to interview Lt. Governor Nigh when he came to the Central State campus for the - Legislative Assembly. And being the "lucky one" wasrft a joke, --,,-.------,-,-,,,PI'6S1d6I1t the girls drew lots to see which one would get to interview him. -,-,,,,--,.--.-,Vice-President Nancy Prince ,,,.rv, , ,,,,,,-,., .....,. S ecretary-Treasurer Jake Bloom ,,,,.,i,,,..,.,,,,..,..,..,... .,..........,....,,. B eporter Glenn Butler, Reb a Collins ..i...,............ , ,..,,,., Sponsors Top row-Jake Bloom, Ronnie Buckelew, Neva Carraway, Ellen Cotton, Ierry Cunningham. Second row- Iody Dalton, Marion Davis, Ronald Dodson, Barbara Edwards, Chic Ray Erickson, Stan Fredrick, Ray Gam- bill. Third row-Martha George, Judy Harris, Donna Kearns, Paul Lindsay, Robert Moody, Nancy Prince Betty jo Bains. Fourth row-Ramona Rounsavell, Raymond Schellenger, Joann Stricker, Leonard Tipton Sam Waken, jim Walker, Evelyn White. 2 Ps Omega Pi Seven new members were initiated in October to the Pi Omega Pi national honorary fraternity in Busi- ness Education. With high scholarship a requirement, only 251 members have been admitted to the organi- zation since its beginning in 1939. Three members, Gene Loftis, Howard Clark, and James Davis attend- ed the bi-annual Pi Omega Pi convention in Chicago in December, bringing back many new ideas for the local group. The Alpha Mu chapter at Central State attempts OFFICERS Bobby Clifton ..... ...e.eee,re, P resident Wallace Fields ....... ...... V ice-President Gene Loftis ........ .....,.,. C o-sponsor Iohn Hutchinson .,...e ,e.rce, C o-sponsor to introduce all business education majors to the aims, purpose and rules governing membership in national and local Pi Omega Pi organizations. National purposes are to promote scholarship, good citizenship, and professional life and the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprise. CSC members are expected to have high grades, be active in the community and acquire and develop desirable traits and attitudes through participation in chapter activities. Top row-Dorothy Brown. Second row-Naomi Capsbaw, Lois Brandt, Howard Clark, Bobby Clifton, Phyllis Cyprct, James Davis. Third row-Wallace Fields, LaVerne Garrison, Iohn Hutchinson, Virginia Kleeman, Gene Loftis, Ellen McKown. Industrlal rts F irst row-Gerald Ahpeatone, Wallace Alexande r, Willie Arnett, Billy Beagle, joe Brooks, William Brown. Second row-David Butler, Doyle Caldwell, Jerry Campbell, Carl Carbin, Bob Carlson, Charley Carter, Val Cochran, Leon Collins, james Cox. Third row-johnny Davee, Charlie Dewhre, Don Dillon, Dean Dixson, C. XV. Eekenrode, Robert Emerson, Murl Ergenbright, Don Ethriclge, Wiley Fields. Fourth row-johnny Garland, Ralph Gill, CIHITICS Griffith, Joe Hamilton, Dean Heller, Carrel Harryinan, Aaron Hart, Nelson Johnson, Robert Killebrew. Fifth row-Richard Kirk, Hershel Lancaster, Lamarr Lilly, I. VV. Loekett, Robert McCain, Leslie Merrill, Troy Moore, Glen .Neal, James Nickel. Sixth row-jerry Noland, Emmet Osgood, john Postier, Howard Price, Russell Prince, Garland Proek, Powell Redwine, Richard Rice, Dudley Ryan. Seventh row-John Savage, Dale Sehuler, Cyrus Shaw, Donald Siler, Francis Smith, Thomas Smith, David Souder, Eldon Spencer, David Stevenson. Eighth row-Quinton Stine, Luther Stuhblefield, Royce Thomas, Gerald XVL-atherford, Donald Wigley, John Wilson, Arthur Woodruff, Bob Valderas, Judson Young. qu' uv-"' X-uf J l Kappa Pi Kappa Pi went into the painting business again at homecoming this year. Downtown merchants were the customers as art students decorated store windows with bucking Bronchos. Many parties were on the agenda to introduce new students to the organization and to acquaint them with the members. Considered the most suc- cessful entertainment was the "Parisian Party" com- plete with all the French trimmings, including a can- can. Besides the national membership of Phi chapter, there are two other types of memberships. Art majors taking three or more credit hours of art with a grade average not any lower than a "B" receives Tyro mem- bership. Students having attained six or more credit hours with not less than a "Bn average will receive N eophyte membership. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Richard Waggoner -- Sylvia Steffey ......,... Ronnie Good ,un ..... - Marsha Vernon ....., Ellen Cotton ,.,....... - ...,....,.. .President ,--,,--.Vice-President Secretary -. .,., ............ T reasurer Publicity Chairman Buddy Vernon .....,...,..... ............, . Parliamentarian Camille Widdifield ......, ......., I nitiation Chairman SECOND SEMESTER Ronnie Good ....,........,,,.re.,.. ..... . - ..... President Ellen Cotton .............. n ...... ..,, . .Vice-President Marsha Vernon .............. ,........ .,....... S e cretary Camille Widdifield ,...uu .... Buddy Vernon ...,......,. ....... .. Treasurer Publicity Chairman Richard Waggener ....... - .e.. ..... P arliainentarian Sylvia Steffey ............................,.., Initiation Chairman Top row-John Adams, Robert Baxter, Belva Castle, Tommy Cole. Second row-Ellen Cotton, Anna Cox, Betty Dailey, Carol Sue Earl, Ronnie Good, Nancy Hall, Charles Hidlebaugh. Third row-Sam Houghton, Shanrell Howell, Kay Johnson, Olga Koenig, Joan Myrick, Jo Ann McFerran, Joe McNutt. Fourth row- Dale Reeder, John Savage, Leroy Schultz, Sylvia Steffey, James Stephens, Esther Taylor, Marsha Ver- non, Fifth row-Buddy Vemon, Jimmy Vineyard, Richard Waggener, Mary Wiedmann, Camille Widdi- field, Royce Winters, Judson Young. Historical Society Activities for this year included programs de- signed to add enriclnnent in the field of history as well as provide social entertainment. Col. David G. Wells, student on the campus dur- ing the first semester, showed films and talked on the Middle East. Another career Air Corps student on "Operation Bootstrapf' Capt. Moody Palmer, spoke on college and military life. Films and a lecture on Africa by Douglas Tate, once a missionary there, widened horizons for the members. Japan was included through a talk and films by Charles Moore. Easter was noted by a film "Trial of Christ' of Tow row-Aaron Copeland, Paul DeShazo. Second row-Naomi England, Kenneth Clazier, Carl Kelly, Peggy O'Ncill, Raymond Schellenger, Dale Sehuler. Third row-Sally Severe, jack Smith, Tallulah Taylor, Sidney Twibell, Marjory Wohl, Dwight Whelan. 'Q the Easter Pageant. A spring picnic was scheduled to round out the year's activities. The CSC organization has gained national recog- nition through being listed in the Directory of His- torical Societies in the United States and Canada. A member of the American Association of Museums, it has also been mentioned in the Congressional Com- mittee's Report. History teachers of the state have long utilized their activities in coordination with the Historical Society and Central's Historical Museum in Evans Hall. OFFICERS MRl'i0l'y Wolll . ,,,,..,,.,,,, President Peggy O,Neill .,.........,., Vice-President Tallulah Taylor Secretary-Treasurer Roger Umphers . ,, ,Y,,,,,, ,cg ,,g,c Sponsor Q J .tx y Ex ,fi . ef, 'T in T. il Home Economics Get acquainted gab fests for Home Economics students were held at the begining of each semester. Girls soon became fast friends and settled down to the yeafs work. Regular meetings were held with several out- standing speakers on tap. Mrs. Kathryn Alcorn of the CSC art department briefed the club on attractive table arrangements. Ivy Coffey, Women,s editor for the Daily Oklahoman, spoke on careers for women. Participating in state meetings of home eco- nomics organizations, the group attended Workshops and the Spring Leadership conference at Chickasha. The Home Economics Club is open to all girls interested in activities and betterment of the home. OFFICERS Marlene Lepak ...... - ......... -----,- ........... President Elaine Womack ,..... ........ lst Vice-President Sue Stevens ..c. in ......... - ...... ........., 2 nd Vice-President Nancy Carr ...... Phyllis McGuire Secretary-Treasurer --.---------------,Histo1'ian Top row-Ianene Adams, Anice Byler, Nancy Carr, Janie Coil, Roberta Sue Elliott, Emma Mae Krueger. Second row-Marlene Lepak, Virginia McGaugl1, Phyllis McGuire, Ramey Krueger, Wanda Rice, Wynnona Sherrill. Third row-Kathryn Simpson, Sue Stevens, Sannah Stockton, N arva White, Elaine Womack, Shirley Woolf. wi .H i K ,Yi l gg 2 ix ma ,551 5faiw"'m i Le 1 'x 4 H 3: 14,52 Nj. 'limi' ' " if ,. ,,. n by 1-P i 4 .lp -wr W gala, 5 Physical Education lub Top row-Don Anderson, Connie Brooks. Second row-Bernard Burkhart, Lewis Burton, Robert Carlson, Karen Dean, Richard DeVoe, Mary jane Ecker, Herbert Elias, Henry Estes, Hubert Foster. Third row-Linda Garrison, Bert Graham, LaVonne Green, Jean Hightower, Harold Huffman, Bill Iackson, Carol Iohnson, Richard Iohnson, Lyndol jones. Fourth row4Delbert Karnes, jackie Krutsinger, Peggy Langley, Lloyd Laubeck, Earl LeeWright, Adolph Long, Orvilene Massey, Wayne Matthews, Charlene Mullin. Fifth row-George Pagonis, Iocile Pedigo, David Phillips, David Richardson, Billy Richey, Lloyd Rumbaugh, john Savage, LaDonna Schein, Lawrence Schein. Sixth row-Ronnie Shire, Franklin Shivc, Minnie Shrode, Fran Siebuhr, Arlene Sims, Van Smith, Virgil Smith, Edward Speck, Alice Swann. Seventh row-Don Taylor, Mary Ann Team, Kenneth Thompson, lack Treat, Lloyd Trieber, Gerald Tucker, Ron Uhl, Malcolm Nvalton, WValter WVelch. Eighth row-Mary Welpton, John West- fahl, Jerry Whitten, Wilson Wilhite, DeAnn Wingfield, jim VVood, Sarah Wood, Don Woody, Kathryn Wyatt. 571 l - Hh L Mm! AA 'VEramHl.L W., im EC MENC is the department club for students majoring or minoring in music on Central State's campus. It is a student chapter of the Music Educa- toris National Conference. The club is primarily con- cerned with music education in the schools, in learn- ing of new methods, materials, and techniques of teaching. A part of every meeting consists of a student recital, which offers an opportunity for music majors to appear publicly on their particular instrument or voice. A member of the club, Mandel Brown, holds the Top row-Don Bowman, Mandel Brown. Second row-Eva Bucke, Cay Chinn, Naomi Clausing, Cbelsa Cook, Donna Cypret, Keith Ebert, Lewis Elliott. Third row-Sandra Foster Alvin Franklin Patricia French, Cordon Grant, Kenneth Hansen David Harris Paul Harris. Fourth row-Garreline Heflin James Heflin, Mary Anne Heinlen, Ireta Hillerby, Jimmy Kretzschman, Richard Krey, james Miller. F ifth row-Lural Perry, Max Pruezert, john Neal, Guyleen Rankin, Melvin Turner, Grace Willits, Carol Winkler. --:ff office of vice-president in the state MENC student chapter. Mrs. Barbara Garder, a member of Central State's music faculty is sponsor of the state MENC student chapter. OFFICERS Lural Perry .......... .,... ...... .........,.. P r e sident John Neal .......... - ...... - ....... M ..,.... Vice-President Donna Cypret -vi .........,.... ........ . Secretary Pat French ...,. - ........ ...... T reasurer 1,1 Science Club A newcomer to the Central State campus is al- ways overwhelmed by the odor emerging from the Science building. These odors are manufactured by students who are working toward a career in science. Various fields of science which may not be in- cluded in the classroom are promoted by the Science Club. This year emphasis was placed upon experi- ences of several members of the club, such as a girl who spent the summer doing research at Oak Ridge, a student and professor who told of their adventures at the O.U. Biological Station at Lake Texoma and Woods Hole Marine Station respectively. Other speakers were an aeronautical engineer, a physicist, and a biochemist Meetings were held every first and third Tuesday of the month with speakers or films followed by re- freshments. The end of the year was topped by a club Wiener roast. OFFICERS Pat Ireton ,............ ........ - ---President Max Gregory ........ - ......... ....... V ice-President Betty Bowker ................... , .............. - ........... Secretaly Iayne Boyers ....... - ............................ - ..... T reasurer Helen Calloway ...... ....... R efreshrnent Chairman Laverne Husen ....... ....... P ublicity Chairman Dr. Ethel Derrick ....... ............ ......... F a culty Dr. Whit Marks ....... ---M .,..,..,,,,,,,.,., - ,,,,,,, Faculty Dr. Dan Willson ...... - ...,... ,.,, ..,...., ,.. ,,,,. Faculty Marval Evans ............. ..-- ,,-., Faculty Dr. Virginia Hardin - ....... Faculty Top ww-Martha Bard, Betty Bowker, Jayne Boyers, Helen Calloway, Tom Carlile, Ben Glevenger. Second row- Ierry Fent, Ray Fields, Max Gregory, Gerold Harrell. Third row-Pat Ireton, Dee Mitchell, john Pearch, Carol Russell, Mary Welpton, Glenn Wiginton. ,,f"S 3, E -h.. SEE!" Wwe i7f... . qa -y fs W7 R A The Women's Recreation Association is an organ- ization open to all women students interested in various recreational activities. The weekly meetings provide fun and fellowship in many recreational and athletic experiences, including team and individual sports, different types of dance activities and camping and outdoor living skills. WRA also sponsors intramural tournaments in volleyball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, softball, and swimming. Members take part in these activities as well as organizing, directing, and officiat- ing them. Through this organization women students may win a school sweater and letter. This award is gained through year-round participation in WRA as well as leadership and membership in other campus organi- zations, honors achieved, and work on club Drojects. orricrms , Karen Dean ,,,, W ,-,,,,, - ,........,, W ......,, P1'eS1d6I1f Iackie Krutsinger ..... ---,-Vice-President Pat Ritchie ,......... ...... ......... S e cretary Sarah Wood -Q ..,. ..... - ........ ............ T r easurer Iocile Pedigo ,.....,. .........,.......,............ P ast President jean Hightower ...,, ,...,,. , Sophomore -Representative LaDonna Schein ....,.. R ..........,... Iunior Representative Charleen Mullin ..... ...,...i S enior Representative Virginia Peters ...................,.,......... - ........,.....,.. Sponsor Top row-Jean Absher, Betty Arwood, Phyllis Barnett, Doris Buschhorn, julia Crowder, Karen Dean, Maralynn Eagin. Second row-Mary Jane Ecker, Linda Garrison, LaVonne Green, Iean Hightower, jean Hoff, Carol johnson, Jackie Krutsinger. Third row-Peggy Langley, Portia Lupton, Geraldine Manual, Orvilene Massey, joyce Meinecke, Charleen Mullin, Iocile Pedigo. Fourth row-Pat Ritchie, Celestine Roberts, La Donna Schein, Karen Simmons, Arlene Sims, jean Sims, Helen Smith. Fifth row-Nancy Sowers, Virginia Stultz, Alice Swann, Mary Ann Team, Mary Welpton, DeAnn Wingfield, Sarah Wood. OFFICERS Kappa Delta Pi Numbering top educators throughout the nation among its members, Kappa Delta Pi is the only honorary education society recognizing accomplish- ments of both men and women. Academic knowledge and loyalty to the teaching profession are two of the driving forces behind this organization. Gamma Omega chapter has been active on the CSC campus since 1935. Getting a bid to become a member of this pro- fessional group is considered quite an honor. Records of scholarship and citizenship of prospective members are given special study before bids are sent out. Each year Kappa Delta Pi presents two awards to future teachers showing the most promise. One goes to a sophomore, one to a senior. Another recognition of academic accomplish- ment is the annual reception for honor students held each spring. One of the nicest affairs of the year, out- standing students are treated to a program and re- freshments by Kappa Delta Pi members. Miss Winifred Stayton, counselor for the campus group, was a charter member of the chapter. Barbara Wilson ....i Nell Ruston ...... iw- ...,.. ,Ma ,,-..., - Alvena Stevens ....... Loretta Martin ........ Winifred E. Stayton MEMBERS-Loretta Martin, Nell Ruston, Winifred Stayton, Alvena Stephens, Barbara Wilson. ' ' ' "' fm' 5222235 :. I 1 P -- ,H 11' wa ' QU m y I ".-- :I -1:2--. A K - 1 - .r X . , ' V fgxh-, 'LII X ' - il N ' 'Q it 1,94- rr ,FE ' -hw' -----,i------------------------------President -Vice-President ---------Secretary n.--------.. ..... i ............. Treasurer ---------------------..---------Counselor 5 L .. - N. - H H, , r . H. W 1. a.. me f s . .V .w ' N -asain'-6-'a : 3 A-s-. . Ffa, - .?'2-Y if 2 mst '-1 1. -'L :iii ' fa ' . Y. M. .N V .. z . H, -' -ffitj.sH ny.-3.--f ' J," s-. '-2 5 ' . H . jr,-Iv-"F, "Q 3.6.1 'gnliilf Jzhgoigi' lg I1 g.. Z- MH ,W u - f 1155. ':::+'-:a:.m..:-zu. 1 .- 1. ' "fi H- . f-'fi i.:r"'1""'lnl?4:' "gi 1 'ff-2l'2l 'fO'1 ' JL ' 'fi 1-i -. " 'fq,3 i2.:Vd"1Z'3':5tg!.g ' 1 -. r ,- . ,V-pq.. ,. -, - ..,g':, gg: . tiara- .11 5' v'7:g'75F5,' a-.-5:,9.5g:: 551.2 -1 Y. . ,ff--is 1 ,gg::--Vrgiztw .,.-4-2-., g-.:-.g ig-v .I V' -,, v . 1' ..f eg, yy 4 uaij,-,E-,v.,:'-.5-.,,.v.. - E I gs.3,.. 1..w..N . ,- tm. ,. ugh...-.. , ,i :, . ' Y ,S c '.-" v--.u-:Aung-,:3:::G8h.,g 3- 5 . 1, . Q L... ' '.-. ""t"vi.f ' .. '-'u -" ' 'F .r WM 'a 'H' 1 ,V az: Student Senate Repeal went over with a bang in the student gov- erning body this year. No, not the repeal of prohibi- tion. The big change at CSC this year was from Student Council to Student Senate. Popular vote overwhelmingly approved of the new title and constitution change. Members had to look to their academic laurels as a result of the new rules. A 2.5 grade average is re- quired to remain in the Senate. Also incorporated in this new deal was the election of Senate members at large. Operating on a planned budget for the first time, the Senate contributed to many activities, including financial assistance for homecoming floats, paying part of the cost for chartered buses to football and basketball games. Touring salesmen, they peddled the traditional freshman beanies to newcomers at the beginning of the year. But they made up for it by sponsoring a .ii as -iz' Rx. "" V... ' bang-up frosh mixer for the kids. All year they were busily engaged in sponsoring dances, mixers, elections and many other functions. Another first was the special student section at foot- ball games so they could whoop it up in unison for the home team. Special committees were appointed to study im- provements for the school. The parking situation, plans for floats, signs to point the way to CSC, pins for Senate members, an intra-fraternity council and formation of the President's club were all a part of their work. A more ambitious undertaking being planned was a banquet tor members of the State Legislature to acquaint them with the campus. Five members attended the Oklahoma Institute of Student Associations at Ada. There student govern- ing bodies from all over the state pooled ideas and discussed new ones for the benefit of students. OFFICERS Bob Thomas ...... . .......... President Van Smith ........... .Vice-president Elaine Womack ...... ..... .... , S ecretary Carol Baxter ...... Treasurer ,ld Top row-Ioe Apostol, Carol Baxter. Second row-Betty Bowker, Teddy Bressie Haley, Gloria Cameron, Dan Cheatham, jerry Crabs. Third row-Pat Delaney, Carol Sue Earl, Carolyn Hauser, MarlinArnett, Dudley Ryan. Alfie E ' ,...,...,M. Y " 1 "e, -, 4 t The cream of the crop, CSC Student Senate members meet each W6ClU6SdHY to map plans for the student body iii the Oriental Room at Murcluugh Hall. Dancing to the tunc of "Bow- lcggcd Clxickcn, Knock- Kncccl Hun," the frcslnncn fclt ut home ut thc frcslnnun mixcr. Fun for CSC stuclcnts wus sponsored by the Stn- clcnt Sonnte nt one of their xnnny clnnccs, Vuu Smith, Bob Thomas, Riclmrd Waggener, Elaine Wmnuck, Larry Uptegruft. ifi Mrs. Iva Duggan President -p At homecoming time ten mi-mbcrs of the 1933 graduating class were honored on the 25th anniversary of their graduation. Alumni Association Following alumni objectives to strengthen and extend the organization is always foremost in this associatioifs thoughts and actions. Under the direc- tion of President Iva Duggan this group has carried on many projects andactivities to aid Central State College. Major projects during the year were the organi- zation of Central Clubs, promotion of homecoming, a scholarship fund, and mailing lists to aid with con- tacts of former students. This would maintain and obtain old and new friendships. The alumni organization is and always will be the backbone of this college. Its objectives are to strengthen and extend the scholarship program, to enlarge the active membership, develop a close con- tact with graduating seniors, and involve more alumni in the activities of the school. This organization is looking forward to a very successful year in 1959 with Bob Thompson heading the officer slate. OFFICERS Mrs. Iva Duggan z...c.z . .c.c,. President Bob Thompson z,,. . c. President-Elect john L. Smith ,,cc Past-President W. T. Doyel ...... C Treasurer Ann Coyner ....... ....... . Secretary Dr. W. Max Chambers .. c Ex-officio Secretary Ann Coyncr reviews alumni plans with Bob Thompson, President-Elect. QQ? Presidents' Club Presidents of Centi tl State's social, departmental and religious organiz ltions loined this year in a giant- sized council Under the supervision of the Student Senate the group beg in functioning. Meetings were called by the Student Senate when considered necessary Special problems of in- tel est to all Central students were discussed. By hav- ing '1 delegate fi om each tx pe of club, it was felt the David Boudrmu joe Cagle Sigma Tux G imma Senate Club views of all campus citizens were represented. Bob Thomas, Student Senate president, acted as chairman this year. S K' The President's club's primary purpose is to unite all organizations in order to promote the interests of Central. They will help with school spirit drives, set up a better organized homecoming and handle prob- lems on campus. Donna Cash Karen Dean Pat French Criterion WBA Sigma Sigmr Sigma Wil 1 if . . dy Lynn H irris M 'lry Anno I-Iiinlcn Elaine Horn Press Club Orchcsis Future Teachers of America Marlene Lepak Donna Cash Jocile Pedigo Home Economics Delta Zeta Association of Women Students MP' 1 . 1 41 n L C . . X l . 1 1 I L , L I H 1 C .' . , , . L s C n K. I C ' L I7 L 1 xl ' K i a . 7 'ig Jliiiiws ff-Y' H . was ."" -Hi xiii L ggsieiirrjuaw - --- ' " .-:23f3i?3hf X , ii F3 'Y' .ii-'igl ' ,Y wa, . 1,--7 , , Q:-'Dpi " l "3 it all ' - - : TRI!! - - ' 51-3 1. ' . . " l . , ' 0 X ff 1 fi Ei'-' I f I ii 1 , M 4 e! ii t ' A i , it u 1-'ii X i. 1 f ' ' ' . , L 3 . "if p . f-2 '- t i an L ' H S H 1 , , H Roy Steely Dona Lee Stroup Paul Swan Bob Thomas Jerry Thomason Paula Umphers 1 K ipp 1 Epsilon Shakespeare Science Club Student Senate Phi Lambda Chi Pi Kappa Sigma f lim, .EH I- -me Fifth Year Program In the seven years the Fifth Year Program has been in existance it has increased sevenfold in size, starting with a modest 33 in 1951-52 and growing to a total of 231 in 1958-59. Enrollment increase has stepped up activities of the graduate group correspondingly. The annual sum- mer social was held on the lawn of sponsor Dr. Merle Glasgow,s residence with a large faculty and student representation. At the spring breakfast new officers were elected and plans for the coming year completed. Current officers include Cene Hartsell, Okarche principal, president, Iuanita Kidd, Putnam City counselor, vice- president, and Marion Davis, assistant to CSC pub- lications director, secretary-treasurer. The Fifth Year program of teaching education .gn 1- -- W. tw . directed by Dr. E. C. Hall is designed to further im- prove the instructional knowledge and practices of the potential Master teacher. By developing an increased ability to integrate materials and methods in a useful and meaningful way, developing an increased understanding of the problems related to schools and providing training in the solution of such problems, developing competen- cies in finding, analyzing and presenting data for in- structional purposes and strengthening the student in phases of subject matter where weaknesses may exist, these improvements are accomplished. Originated Ian. 25, 1953, the Regents of Higher Education of the State of Oklahoma authorized Cen- tral State College to offer work above the bachelor degree level leading to the Master of Teaching degree. E 1- K ......,.,-- V-, an ..- . asm . 1 . ' ' HH! i '-if-1 ' tif. 1 r . iff'-' f M- , . 5 1' U1 in fr a ,, sQ,,.-M- 5 , , . M - ,f s s -' f 1 vgf ,J " T 1 I I X I V '. if Officers of tne 5th Year Program, Mrs Juanita Kidd, Gene Hartscll, Dr. Harrison Way, Dr. Merle Glasgow, and Marion X L ' ' ' 'I Q , ' ' I I , . , 4 V Y if i H Davis, prepare for a meeting that is to be held. 236 The purpose of the program is to provide oppor- tunity for teachers to secure broader cultural and pro- fessional development than is possible on the under- graduate level. Each Fifth Year study program is based upon the needs of the individual student and designed to improve his instructional knowledge and practices. Qualifying requirements are having a Bacheloris degree from an accredited college or by lacking less than 16 hours of completing the degree by applying for admission to the Fifth Year division, and present- ing a transcript. Requirements for the degree include earning 32 semester hours, the last 8 of which must be earned at Central State, and making application for the degree. A variety of areas are covered by the Fifth Year program with more and more demand for Master of Teaching degrees in public school administration, special education and guidance. Co-sponsors for the Fifth Year class are Dr. Merle Glasgow, state director of educational television, and Dr. Harrison Way, professor of education and psy- ehology. OFFICERS Gene Hartsell ...... ......,...rc .............. P r esident Iaunita Kidd ....... MEA .c..,.. ........ V ice-President Marion Davis ...... .r.,.. - ........, S ecretary Dr. H. H. Way ..,,,....,.. - ..,........... i...... S ponsor Dr. Merle Glasgow ....... - .... r...,...,.. S ponsor X.. Ang? 'A 'N ,Z ff! .X ,-1-1 , ' , 1 .rf - Dr. E. C. Hall, chairman of the Division of Education is always available to explain the fifth year program to interested students. Adeline Cunningham and Reba Collins are eager listeners. 237 , .35-L4 1 Wfgw f 4 fm 'gpm I .af 'A an-AP" 9- 2 I ,W ' gf , - Y. W QM1, :N .L 4-. YQ 2 few JA , . - if ar-G-H rv 2 R' nk 'w " -1. ..J"' 'eff-M J 1 G QW 'MA U. ie' ' J ..1...,-.v'se- ,j ' 7 sf.- 1? ,W U 2 .ak , . "'p'435ff". 'gif-Q f' A 'YY ACTI IT IES Vista i- Iournalists worked in every nook and corner as the staff expanded and office space didn't. , 35271 S, Second semester co-editors, Barbara Edwards and Marion Davis, confer with Sain Waken, adver- tising manager. FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Bilfbflfil Edwards .-4.. .,---- 5 ------V---f-4,---4 E difor Barbara Edwards EE., as .... .-.Co-Editor Neva Carraway .....,e -,-,. ..,, Managing Edltor Marion Davis O-Editor Iim Walker ,e,.,....... .....r,E.r ports Editor . i Reba Collins ...... ..,... . Assistant Sponsor RAY Gamblu "'M"a """'i S Ports Edltor Glenn Butler ,-,-, .,,r,,,,-,-,--,-, , Sponsor Glenn Butler ,.... .. .....,..,.,, Sp011SOr 1 Barbara Edwards and Leonard Tipton fill one of the eight new Vista bas- kets that gave better dis- tribution service. 1 Office re g u 1 a r s, -Indy Lynn Harris and Jerry ' Neighbors, e x c h a n g e ' smiles over a choice bit of copy. 240 fff Scanning the Scana- graver that turns out the plastic "cuts,' for the Vista are Frank Anderson, Gene Simpson and Dean Heller. "Hey, what day is this anyway?,' was one of the most frequent questions heard at the start of the fall semester, as students observed staff members distributing copies of the Vista over the Calnpus on Tuesday Inornlngs' Cecelia Berumcn and 10211111 Parker operate Accustomed to the usual Thursday the big paper cutting machine. editions, students were unprepared for the campus editions which began to appear on Tuesday mornings. The Tuesday papers provided for more ex- tensive news coverage of campus events. The out-put of 3,000 copies was increased to an approximate total of 5,000 weekly. Of this number, 1,200 copies of the Thursday edition are mailed out to former students, alumni, and exchange papers. A large staff of reporters started the year, but as the fall term drew to an end, only a small percentage con- tinued their chores into the spring term. These were supplemented by a new crop of fledgling reporters who signed up to leam the secrets and fasci- nations of the fourth estate. The boys in the print shop under the direction of Eugene Simpson were patient and hardworking, bearing up bravely under the added work of handling the Scan-a-graver, the new laminating machine for student identi- fication cards and an extra edition of The Vista each week. A former CSC student, W. M. Ellis, returned as full-time printer. He handled the brunt of the linotype work of setting copy, in addition to humor- ing the vagaries of distraught editors, ad men and reporters. "Shop Boss" and Director of Printing, Gene Simpson, maintains records on some of the thousands of pieces of printing that go out each year. 15- pictures for the paper. ' '11 Smile for tht. Birdie says photogi rphtr Paul Lindsay, who with Chick Eritkson Ronald Dodson and Ellen Cotton furnish Into each life some rain must fall- but more than just rain fell in Ellen Cotton's hectic existence as editor. "Now, if youill just stand right here-" Ronnie Dod- son coaches pretty tvvirler, Iudy Glover, in the art of posing. Bronze Book 1959 Shirley - You-name-it-and-she-does-it-Un- derwood pauses to wonder what momentous task to tackle next. STAFF I Ellen Cotton ...........,..........., -,--.Ed1tor Shirley Underwood ,... Assistant Editor Helen Unruh .......,....... ,Faculty Editor Betsy Hurt .,,,.,...........,..,. Faculty Editor Indy Lynn Harris .....,...,.... Copy Editor Dale McConathy .....,........ Copy Editor Ronald Dodson .....,.,.,, .-.Photographer Paul Lindsey ....,. ......,. P hotographer Chick Erickson ........,......t Photographer Sylvia Steffey ,....,... ...........,.,,. L ayout Ronald Good ..........,..... ...,.,....... L ayout Bob Thomas -- ,.....,.,..............,..,,, Sports Eugene McC1ellin ..,. Business Manager Ivan Holmes .....t....,............. Advertising Kay Iohnson .............,. ......,, C lerical Ginger Lane ,........,.,.,..... .....,., C lerical Adeline Cunningham .............. Clerical Wanda Voss .................,............,... Index FACULTY SPONSORS First Semester ...., - ....,., Ivan Holmes Second Semester ,....r..s, Reba Collins Chairman, Bronze Book Committee ...,......,,.,.... Glenn Butler l --, nm. 242 l M vdyffx Assembly lines formed on Saturday afternoon as busy staffers gave up other pursuits in favor of devotion to duty. Yearbooks are like vacations-the nicest thing about them are the memories. And the ,59 yearbook is no exception. "The world will little note nor long re- member . . f' perhaps they will never know of the long hours, lost sleep, the headaches and heartaches of put- ting out a yearbook. Probably itis for the best, or there might never be another one. If there are mistakes, the staff is sorry-we did our best. If you enjoy the book, then We are very, very proud-thatls what makes it all worthwhile. 'gjumpinv Judy takes a well-earned rest between outlines and copy. i I x"' t' t Ns :li Experienced help in the person of Go-rdon Chambers was called in for consultation on W'ho's Who section. ll P The Bronze Book office, affectionately called "Mother,s" is pre- sided over by Mother herself-Reba Collins. At the moment she is looking longingly toward the day when the '59 book joins previous ones as history. Fair faculty darnsels, dressed for basketball action include Virginia Peters, Kathryn Alcom, Carrie Belle Meyer, ,lane Pinkerton, Phyllis Speck, Barbara Garder and Wilma Annstrong. Up, up and away! Sorority members battle to slam a jump ball in the right direction. Cagey Kathryn shoots one for the birdie instead of the basket. Her artistic hands didnit quite fit the ball. Star player of the evening Was Dean Armstrong who scored a total of three points. And no one was more surprised than she! Intramurals Now if classes, clubs and tests were not enough to sap the energies of the college student, someone had to devise intramurals for the more sporty ama- teurs! Among the more celebrated casualties, faculty members show off various cuts, bruises and abrasions, trophies of their intramural careers. It is even rumored that the Redheads, professional basketball team, were scouting CSC games for new talent. Spectators having as much fun as the players are Elaine Womack, Ellen Petty and Gus Davis. Three about who was on the team. i f .-S Freshman Fun "Wonder if an education is worth itf' moan frazzled freshmen after a few hard hours of orientation, Soft green' grass felt mighty good to tired feet during tours and lectures. Freshmen queen candidates, Arlecn Sims and Sylvia Sanchez, smilingly survey the campus. These and the 24 other candidates received royal treatment during the week. "dk John McClure, freshman class president, dons a Halloween mask in prep- aration for the big spook dance. Various other dis- guises blossomed on the ballroom floor that eve- ning. "And be sure to sweep under the bed," admonishes upperelassman Doris Johnson to freshmen Barbara Mills, Pat Doss and Connie Esker. Harried greenhorns took lots of harsh treatment during initiation. 245 '4 F'-Wkif .il .-. -, Freshmen started the year with a bang as they were put through their paces during orientation. Tours, lectures and mixers kept wide-eyed newcomers trotting. Elections of class officers and a queen caused a political ruckus for a couple of weeks. Next came Freshman Week. Upperclassmen joyfully took ad- vantage of scared greenhorns and kept them busy. Naturally the academic side of college life took up a great deal of time and energy. Wliat with classes, parties, meetings, 'church activities, dances and ballgames, freshmen soon were lost in the tangle of Central State and became 'gjust studentsf' Vicky Pittman demonstrates her hula technique before an enthralled audience. Kangaroo court brought out hidden talents during hazing stunts. S.: .ir tri, , ,A I . ."' ,Ji .A A stadium jam-packed full of sweltering spectators cheered the Bronchos to victory over East Central State. Temperatures in the 80's plus high blood pressure caused by excitement made this home- coming an especially memorable one. Lloyd Rumbaugh, football captain, appears happy as he prepares to crown queen joan Myrick in the traditional manner. Bandsmen, spectators and attendants shared their delight. Senate club members await more customers. Their bronze and blue chrysanthemums bedecked the shoulder of many a campus lovely on October 18. no-,ra 22- 3 f -4 is me 75491255 H353 Homecomin Disaster dimmed this year's procession when the Pi Kappa Sigma float was destroyed by fire. The white showboat burst into flames only ten minutes before parade time. f VVhen homecoming rolls around a bevy of beauties always bursts forth in search of a crown. Left to right are queen candidates Starley Cherry, Marjory Wohl, Betty Mohr, joan Myrick, Cathy Owens, Nell Breeding and Nancy Prince. "Ah, for the good old days," sigh intrigued males as the Delta Zeta float drifts past. Onlookers heartily approved of the Grecian-style decorations, 1958 Record breaking crowds thronged back to the Ahna Mater for a jubilant homecoming celebration. Parade watchers, young and old, were thrilled by marching bands and floats. With "Continental Journeys" as a theme, floats represented everything from Iapan to the far North. Enthusiastic fans cheered a fired-up team to victory. Late hours meant nothing to loyal Tau Kappa Epsilon men as they diligently slaved over their parade entry. Dark circles and bloodshot eyes marked workers the next day. 10 I 41,1 C I f Pi Kappa Sigma and Phi Lambda Chi members join forces to complete thousands of pom poms for the Pi Kap float which went up in flames just before the parade. "-'ff X A All smiles as they toured the track around the football field are queen finalists Starley Cherry, joan Myrick and Betty Mohr. 247 "East is east and west is west" but the two finally met on the Tau Kappa Epsilon float this year. American Marines and oriental maidens provided the background setting for the giant buddha. . . Who Will ever forget her college days and the years spent in Murdaugh. The many laughs and tears make the dorm what is is- a tradition. No memories will bring so much to mind as the days and nights spent in Mur- daugh Hall. The pranks that are played, the parties, are all a part of this. Even the feeling when the Christmas tree is lighted, and the girls gather ,round to sing and listen for the serenading of the boys on Christmas Eve. These are some of the highlights of Murdaugh life and future memories. Who says there's no Santa? Not Karen Dean nor jocile Pedigo. What's this, the football lineup? No, it's just Ethel, Ann, Iocile, and Butch' stepping out for one of the parties at Murdaugh. Ah! Peace at last. Mrs. Roofe cuts off the Hi-Fi's. Portia Lupton doesn't seem to really mind though. 248 "Wish you were here," pines Don Fisher as he tries to say in a letter what he would prefer to tell her in person. "Sure hope this tie doesn't clash with her dress," worries F irouz Mollain as he fancies up for a date. l x Thatcher Hall ig km l ,. ,. fi V Larry Uptegraft frowns at his early morning X , appearance as he prepares for the day's classes. i - ' s L Within the walls of Thatcher hall there exists a world all to itself, free from external disturbance. World problems and lunar and solar rockets have no effect on the life and happenings in this home away from home for Central males. The beehive of mass confusion houses boys from all parts of the World. Getting an assist with homework is John Trotter. Morteza F os-Hat could probably be a lot more help if it were written in Iranian. I iw, L e 3, N i Q. , gggtimter relaxes to enjoy one of those priceless gems from his 249 , Q .X Q Doris Iohnson enjoys the spring sunshine tu as she studies. .wi "Hmmm, let's see now," muse business machine students as they try to decide which button to punch next. Studying supposedly occupies the top spot in the thoughts of all good college students. At Central, it does just that, from necessity. N 0 matter Where you go on Campus someone can be found thumbing through a book, scribbling a re- port or mumbling a piece of memory work. Typical study spots such as the library, class- rooms and domiitory desks naturally do most of the business. In addition, bookworms and last minute crammers fill scattered benches, union booths and even cars. La Nelle Schreck's wide smile proves all book work isn't dull and dry. Could be the comfort of the soft chair adds to her happiness. 3 t ev 1 -- fr 'L' ,.7,,S,,f'.-If . A Library dates occasionally prove profitable-grade-wise-that is. These two ignore each other in order to "ace" tomorrowis exam. 5. ., ,A r G I'-N ' 'S 'Y . 4' I I Trophies, uniforms, and world maps provide atmosphere for Colonel David G. Wells as he covers a social studies assignment. 250 Margaret Davis gives service with a smile as she earns her spending money behind the counter at the Broncho Corral, M E83 517. M E C "Nt 7 jr -4, ax V -q iQ Q 2-99 X5 . E' .Es A student gives careful attention to his work in the industrial arts department. Work Work Was the pass word at CSC this year. Stu- dents, faculty and staff all burned the midnight oil. Hundreds of students worked on campus, almost all Worked somewhere to help pay for their education. Teachers kept on their toes to stay ahead of students and students Worked to keep up their grades. Custod- ians, electricians, and other employees tried to keep everyone happy. A familiar figure at the Student Union is J. O. Spoon who keeps busy cleaning up the place. 2 Curious biology students, Dianne DeBerry and Floyd Beller, examine the "innards" of a fetal pig. Faculty members, Dr. Carl Thomas, Ray Whitson, Dr. Cuy Chambers, Elmer Petree and Cene Hodges Work on the adult education program. 51 Relax "All work and no playf, you know, so Central Staters take time out for relaxa- tion. The new Broncho Corral this year provided another place for drinking cof- fee and playing shuffle-board. The Stu- dent Union offered space for the ever popular dancing, eating, and shooting pool. Literally dozens of school-sponsored parties and dances were held during the year. Informal dancing was the relaxation for these students. Ken Kash Kuintet leader, Ken Bridges, looks comfortable at the piano. He and his band furnished the music for inany dances this year. 252 Bob Nolan and Herb Chapman enjoy the warm sunshine in late winter. Billie Joe M a rt i n makes a pretty pic- ture for the camera- man as she takes .it easy on the lawn. E' ' fix 33 'hu 'C' --+L ,..1 Examlnations are as certain as the proverbial death and taxes. When a semester draws to a close, these torturous devices roll around as regularly as clock work. Even party dolls and play boys settle down and study just before the crucial moment arrives. Movies, dances, even the Union are forsaken as students at- tempt to absorb eighteen weeks of knowledge in two nights. Harried looks, blood-shot eyes and screaming nerves are the result of all-night study sessions. Plenty of these popped up in Edmond during january and May. All things come to an end-even finals. A couple of nights free from assignments and collegiates are up and at ,em, raring to go for another term. S TY 6 Last-minute huddles like this fill hours daily for harried Centralites during crucial weeks. "Ah, comfort!" After finals even a hard slab of concrete feels good. 258 Busy Sergeant Bruce McKeown, father, student, service-man, takes advantage of every ten-minute break between classes to cram. Mass torture was administered to almost-seniors when junior pro- ficiency exams were taken. f Exam Time This merry trio was caught by the cameraman before the grind began. Carol Sue Earl, Jeanese Menn and Sarah Fox paused for a deep breath before entering the library. Visiting Statistician, Samuel S. XVilks, demonstrates problems to local math majors. Our youngest Licutcnant Governor, George Nigh, took time out from a busy campaign schedule to drop in on high- schoolers conducting a mock legislative assembly. Well-known faces appeared frequently on cam- pus during the year to help break the montony of the work-study routine followed by students. Politicians, beauty ueens, Indians and pianists livened up meet- ings an life in general. Interviews, speeches and autographs kept them busy during trips to Central. Most agreed as they de- parted for their next stop, "This college is a fine place to visit." Celebrities which he helped judge. Acee Blue Eagle, noted Indian lecturer, entertains members of the AAUW with his sign language, war bonnet and com- ments on world situations. W, P. "Billy Atkinson, founder of Mid- west City, poses with Iimmie Lou Collum during the highschool speech tournament, Balladeer Dylan Todd captivated Ccutralites with his concert of Irish, Scottish, English and American folk songs. Etc. Every year odd pictures crop up in the Bronze Book office. These rarities fit no def- inite category but are just too good to be filed in the waste can. Pictures on this page depict events in campus life that carft be classified but mean so much. 'S in -w Work and worries affect people in strange ways. John McClure, freshman president, must have lots of problems. 'fr' AP X P E N I K 4, if i ' 'QU fa xi--,,, .f- I A S4 ' fairs- if The pause that refreshes is a necessary item on photographers' agendas. Paul Lindsay, Ron Dodson, and Chick Erickson consider the Union an excellent place to snap feature shots. Not content to cover down-to-earth stories, Reba Collins, points out an almost forgotten monument housed in Old North Tower. 'L -I ln Xl XR iff ' Q51 HY Flashing her show business smile is Judy Johnson, Las Vegas import. Anybody who thinks putting out a year- book is easy should discuss the situation with Ellen Cotton, editor. This photo was taken after a hard day's work. The conquering hero lords it over his downtrodden victim during an entertainment spree. , 4. .kr Cut-outs and coloring are favorite activities of Mrs. Clark Nichols' kinder- garten pupils. Three of her charges display enthusiasm for the project. - fl'f . Ei? .5 K H Campus . fi, The Christmas story fascinates first graders Susan Reed, Iohn Nicholson, Iackie Ray Parts and Danny Cobb. This manger scene is part of the activities they enjoy all year. City champions in the fifth and sixth grade football playoffs were the Campus School Little Broncs. Coaches were student teachers Kenneth Clover and Floyd Treiber. 1 256 gk Q if School I 4 4. gr First graders shown above are Mike Jessup, as the littlest angel, whose halo simply would not stay on straight, Becky Whitson, left, choir girl and Dicky Gibbens, right, choir boy. They are posed beneath a portion of the 14 foot panel depicting the plight of the littlest angel as portrayed in the annual Christmas program. Old North Tower's sandstone walls house the laboratory elementary school, which is known as the .campus school. Campus school classes range from kindergarten through the sixth grade with a total of 209 pupils this year. In addition to the special ad- vantages offered by a college-connected elementary school, which include diversified physical education activities such as swimming and a strong music cur- riculum, the limited number of students in the classes makes the laboratory arrangement especially attrac- tive. Headed by Dr. George Guess, some of the school,s activities include annual Christmas and spring music programs, participation in city-Wide elementary athletic programs, and special clinical reading assistance for students needing remedial work. ' i Dr. George Guess dictates a letter to Mrs. Wanda Voss, his secretary, as part of his duties as principal. . ,1-u-S"j X Y -Ae Q . , ml Student Teaching The big payoff for Central State seniors is their wind-up stint in student teaching. Each semester a new crop troops off to face the younger generation. Classroom jitters, reminiscent of the first day of kindergarten, beset practitioners as they start training. After a couple of Weeks of observation, instmctors hand the reins over to beginners. Two hundred sixty-nine student teachers, under the supervision of Mrs. Florrie Wilson, serviced 46 schools in the Central vicinity. Eleven of these be- came television performers While teaching via the educational channel. Mrs. Florrie Wilson, co- ordinator of student teaching, explains class- room procedures illustrat- ed in the handbook to Guqueta Austin. if So Little Red Riding Hood picked up her bas- ket . . .," Pat McDaniel, student teacher, tries her hand at an old faithful fairy tale guaranteed to fascinate first graders. "The Children's Marching Song" came to life daily on campus as physical education majors paraded Q their charges from Old "' 't " - V North to Wantland hall and back again. . 41' -.'1.'L::-"-" ff-W "This is thc way you fill out applications," instructs I. Arthur Herron, placement director. Camille Widdifield and Guqueta Austin, along with hun- dreds of other "nearly" teachers spent hours answering questions for placement files. Hicfywix mi , RE uean Wilma Armstrong, general chairman, confers with student co-chairmen Martha Bard and Ralph Bullard about Religious Emphasis Week plans. Quiet moments became more frequent in the "Y" chapel during this special vveek. Its worshipful atmosphere proved a welcome relief from hectic college life. v' i fl- T' is 4 Dignified strains from the organ call students and faculty away from work and worries to REW convocations. Inspirations, guidance and fellowship were spot- lighted during the four days given to Religious Em- phasis Week this year. Speakers of all denominations headed convocations in Mitchell hall, conducted fire- side chats at dorms, fraternity and sorority houses and presided over marriage seminars. Noonday devotions in the Baptist student center rounded out the pro- gram and gave Central Staters ample opportunity to participate. An inspiration any day but particularly during REW is the unusual "Y" chapel of song which houses meetings, noonday devotions and silent personal meditation periods. fm an . ffl:- la. 258 6 e. Sta-LIC GPT1 miami KN o 3 'Q r 2 .L QF-'ES fwff' FURNITURE 'E ' D lm 5 A 1 ,Q E '1- Y womans WEAR BAKER TNSURA NC5 . 1 ADVERTISERS "" INDEX ,7 g6 eFe fo 342177, v JOE WYTHE TROPHIES OKLAHOMA'S MOST COMPLETE SELECTION OF TROPHIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS 120 Park Ave. RE 6-8024 523 S. Rob. CE 2-5105 THESE FIRMS HAVE TAKEN AN INTEREST IN US AND OUR COLLEGE- WHEN DOING BUSINESS LET'S THINK OF THEM FIRST Proving that unionology is not confined to students, President W. jim Walker, Vista sports editor, is first in line to buy his ticket f Max Chambers and Dean Ioe Jackson join Roy Valla for a coffee Helen Unruh fOr 2 IJLIS ride to the big game. break. 260 I 1 Campaigning over the coffee cups is a perennial practice at the student union. i. , . E 1? XX THE STUDENT UNION- BRONCHO CORRAL EDMOND, OKLAHOMA WHERE OLD AND X A sneak look at the deep subjects in wait for the next semester is made by these glamor gals in the Student Union Book Store. Pride and joy of the campus is the new Broncho Corral where friends meet to enjoy good coffee and food. NEW FRIENDS MEET FOOD - FOOD - FOOD Everything from delicious hamburgers to heaping plate lunches To thick malts are on the menu... at a price you can afford. Homemade pies a specialty Coffee-5c 261 DEVEREAUX JEWELRY WATCHES SILVERWARE JEWELRY POTATO CHIPS I L T bg Pototo Chips the new woy with on automatic mo chme The most clecm ond sanitary way I'I2S Bdwy Edmond Farmers Gram Company ti' ht Ctt The home of Edmond s Best line of feeds A hom product mode by home folks for home folks 'I02 W 'I Phone 31 BAGGERLEY FUNERAL HOME Phone 373 Edmond Oklahoma Your Negahves Are on File In Our Studio HAL OWEN pL,0t0gl'6ll0 el' F05-'I733 224 W. Main OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. 262 ATX' E ' he i moment is here 1 7'-V for this lucky couple. :Sb i 3,- . N .... . I X I N ll I ll - Acme po a o chips nd thoug s of a picnic bring smiles to Ellen 0 on and au indsoy. I C Mr. Collegian finds clothes to suit his taste at McCallslT 7WCCQffZ Featuring Latest Styles in Clothing For Young Men Also Featuring Pendleton and Jantzen Sweaters and Skirts for Women BRONCHC Always Showing First Run Features Phone 836 Edmond These students coulcln't resist the tantalizing aroma of fresh pop- corn to help them enjoy the movie. 2'I South Broadway Phone 89 Morris Gibson, Mgr. H. W. Granzow, President E. E. Courtney, Cashier G. B. Granzow, Vice-President H. K. Pickett, Asst. Cashier THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BA K OF EDMOND, OKLAHOMA :je KMA o emona! .shruice v Member, Federal Deoosit Insurance Corporation 263 Phone 1234 COYNER-PAYNE CLINIC 7 North Broadway Edmond. Oklahoma Both Dr. Wallace Coyner and Dr. Ralph Payne are familiar figures in Edmond. Both attended Central State and served in the Edmond school system previous to becoming a part of the medical profession. They also provide medical care as school physicians, seeing students in the college infirmary each day. A pleasant smile from the receptionist makes the patient feel , better already as she makes an appointment. These CSC'ers open the door to the modern clinic equipped to give medical attention to students and townspeople alike. KIRKLAND DRUGS WESTERN AUTO 105 S. Bdwy. 1 ,x g L. Girrolganixnxuunsr KIRKLAND'S BLVD. DRUG Edmond so1 s. Blvd. Ph. aao of s . . . fl Ha h nt sa sh th Prescription A Specialty I besrzpgl Emir by-1M:iw1?arke Edmond Oklahoma V , rift? 1 - " 117 s. sdwy. FRIGIDAIRE LONGBELL LUMBER CO. Product of General Motors D . Phone 'I9 Since 1875 Edmond Refrigerators - Ranges - Dishwashers Automatic Washers - Dryers Built-In Kitchen Equipment Air-Conditioning - Heating Commercial Refrigeration Refrigeration Sales 81 Engineering Co. 2217?-llfrbjfrziff X Oklahoma City 3'l'l-313 N. W. 6 St. Phone CE 2-8124 23 W. 'l Building Material W. R. Coyner, M.D. Ralph E. Payne, M.D. ROYCE'S CAFE R. R. McCoy Manager f- , lla' Nm-'X I ' Y 1 -:N ,' ,:', 1455- .' ' , A , . . Students find that eating is fun in the b tiful surrounding at Royce's. 402 S. Bdwy. Phone 34 KHMQIZ3' x 'I f lf? 5 1 f .7 :GX -'Z c, 51 Q K 19 f N aiu , I 1 I N X If lt's Bordens lt's Got To Be Good 2126 N. Bdwy. Oklahoma City BOULEVARD SUPER MARKET 507 S. Blvd. Phone 1226 An apple for the teacher? TOM'S SHOE SHOP First Class Shoe Repairs - All Work Guaranteed Tom Damron Edmond, Oklahoma BROADWAY FURNITURE CO. QUALITY MERCHANDISE 4 N. Broadway Edmond, Oklahoma Phone 'l'l60 HENDERSON HILLS ADDITION Edmond's Newest and Finest Real Estate Development c. A. Henderson Home Mortgage 3, Investment Co. Developers RE 9-'l37'l Oklahoma City Box 972 At CENTRAL STATE you attend an OLD SCHOOL but its facuIty's concept is modern, thus its students are trained to cope with this fast moving age. At FIRST NATIONAL you deal with an OLD BANK, established l893, but it too is modern. Our facilities are attractive and up to date, Every banking service is available. Folks like to bank at the First National. Come in and see us. The First National Bank of Edmond Fi rst Edmond, Oklahoma in Name First in Service Member F.D.I.C. Madeline's Funeral Designs Cut Flowers-Corsages Potted Plants-Bedding Plants Flowers for all occasions Member of Flori Telegraph Service Phone 1030 Edmond, Oklahoma City Phone st Ladies' and ChiIdren's wear. Aren't these lovely? Oklahoma l030 S. Bdwy. MONTGOMERY'S Furniture Warehouse Beauty Rest Mattresses Alexander Rugs Many other outstanding lines Just West of the Banks Phone 442 15 W. First I as VI 2-1240 'iowa' Shop THE DIXIE STORE EDMoND's LEADING INDEPENDENT DEPARTMENT STORE We carry only Nationally Advertised Brands and can save you money in every department We have Men s Phone 277 113 115 S Bdwy Pearl Fra'nk, Leon Frank I it-f I JI Now what he really 1 ans IS PHONE ' '51-rbi.--1.1-,-. Hurd at Broadway 5 PM ' ' I 5- tb v M 'E E- Since 1907, we have been the leading Dry Cleaner for Queens, Presidents, and Students of Central State College. Your Appearance is YOU! Let us keep it the best-always. Central Cleaners 81 Laundry Hurd at Broadway-Phone 600 Edmond Dairy Products Grade A Products8flce Cream Q ll ll - WHOLESALE l5 North Llttler Phone 'l'l27 f I Steele s Conoco Station Phone 230 229 East 2nd Street Wash and Lube Guar. Recap Tires Popular Oils Auto Repair Flal'S Edmond, Oklahoma THE DEVEREAUX STORE Facing College Campus Ladies Ready to Wear 'l2'I North College Phone 110 Sports Wear Lingerie Hose Gym Supplies MEN'S COSMETICS 81 SHAVING SUPPLIES Cosmetics Costume Jewelry Painting Athe town with Bronchos in rc aration for the lui f Home- P P 2-, ing celebration are artists Sylvia Steffcy and Leroy Schultz. A LITTLE OUT OF THE WAY JOHN w. THOMAS .IIIIII 6 IIUIA nm fsriff LUIISIE INSURANCE john Thomas, w1th helpful ZISSISIS from son BoI g f servlce to PYOSPGCLIVC home- wners DICK CHRISTMAN APPLIANCE-TV 'I7 West 'lst Phone 288 or VI 3-5315 FLOYD PICQUETTE SKELLY SERVICE Road and Wrecker Service Ph ne 'I61 mon 8 E I Ph 70 Ed d Ed d Okl h MEMBER FEDE 0 E I gpg NAT10 AQ fb Q OKLAYXQ NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY IS SERVICE ongrafufafionfi Class of II59ll Oklahoma City Linen Service I HONQGENXIED X Numa Meadow Go d HOMOGEIIIZED . . VITAMIN D Z Meadow GQXQ if -.i-- Iv KN 1 M QW I Gig B u K I Nzs DI A pA:l'l:UlIZf9 s EI 5 , ,.....f....-....- divx "lf, X nm, if r -1 I MEADOW GOLD MILK "PURITY" Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Need Lumber and Building Materials? CALL 88 B U E L L LUMBER COMPANY 106 W, Third EDMOND MOTOR I t FREIGHT COMPANY A EDMOND TIRE grguppw 'I305 S. Bdwy. Phone 49 HAVE TRUCK WILL TRAVEL HOME or amen vALuEs FOR OVER 40 YEARS 19 S. Bdwy. Phone 404 ' ' or J , o Sadler s Magneto Sales 8nServlceV L. -fc. gggienlwxgt. Manager Specialist in automotive electric TIRES Systems and Carburetors BATTERIES RANGES 'I'I05 S. Broadway Phone 'I34 TELEVISIONS REFRIGERATORS INSURANCE REAL ESTATE LOANS 205 S. Bdwy. Edmond Wifi ml- QTL. """l5u-?'x ff- The whole town turned out to enjoy the homecoming parade. Phone 48 And right on th main street-- I Robinson .lonitor uppl 1200 West Main Oklahoma- City, Oklahoma Insurance, Loans, Real Estate ,hone ,Z Bill Eisohoid Pontiac NEW AND USED CARS 10 West First Edmond, Oklahoma Phone II70 Edmond, Oklahoma GENE HARDY SERVICE STATION PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS 3rd 81 Broadway Phone 66 Edmond, Oklahoma COMPLIMENTS OF The whole family gets excited when it's a new B R G C Q. FORD from the Graham Motor Co. I I I se , ' -V '."fe. 'W-. s -s TNA -:L s-vbs gk K ' 4 ' S- -.. :- - 9 - I 4 I ' i N-Q4 .gegfif - f -8-1,91 E 1 2 l f is I 555 Quik, L '. ?,..w.lE I , I I lii1iTTl1lTl1iTT1i lt's such a natural, perfect way to broil the most delicious food In you've ever tasted-whether it's a juicy steak, fresh fish, chops Authorized Sales 81 Services Phone 270 Edmond, Oklahoma keeps heat andismoke out of the kitchen Of whatever, While food broils to perfection behind closed door, the clean blue flame inside consumes smoke and grease particles. kitchen stays cooler when you broil with gas- feature does it! Be sure you select a new Naturally your the closed door range for your own beautiful, modern kitchen so you can always enioy closed door broiling and many other wonderful features for most convenient, efficient and economical cooking. I I I I I I automatic gas I I I I OHLFIHOITIFI Ill-ITURQL flfsl Q6 Qmfmwy class 270 GRAHA V 0TOR CO. "closed door" broiling A go oo is McDowell Brothers UNIFORMS Fon EVERY OCCASION 8'l'l North Western-Oklahoma City Congratulations Grads! 0 9 0 0 Fralm s D-X Service Station At2East2nd F Phone 'I 12 ' Friendliness :nd BoRoN f is is our r specialty E v Fast, friendly service al- l- 'F YQ ways attracts customers 2:1llaggC students not ex- Underwood heet Metal Co. First in Quality. . .Foirest in Prices... Fastest in Service. . .A Satisfied Customer is Our First Consideration 4804 N. W. 39th Wl 7-8569 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Thompsmfs Book Store Textbooks and School Supplies for all Grades 0 Sporting Goods O Typewriters I School Furniture O Mimeogrophs Sales - Service -Rentals Edmond, Oklahoma l Students always find a helping hand in selecting books and supplies at Thompson's Book Store. LU RRY OFFICE MACHINE co. 0 SALES I SERVICE 0 RENTALS New Royal Typewriters Used Machines of All Makes 110 South College - Bethany, Oklahoma Phone WH 9-5929 Office or Residence If Q .-, I Mr. Heflin proudly shows the new suits to a customer. Headquarters, Anthony Building, 701 N. Broadway Oklahoma City VAN'S BAKERY Eat VAN's Good Bread Wedding and Party Cakes Our Specialty Could romance be about to bloom as these two admire the made-to-order wedding cake at Van's Bakery? Founded in Cushing, Oklahoma, in 1922 . . . through friend- ly, courteous service and by offering the highest qualify merchandise' at the lowest possible prices we now serve over 260 communities throughout I9 stotes . . . and still growing. When you thing of clothing, think of Anthony's and remember . . . Wherever you ore, it isn't for to your nearest Anthony store. Wom'en's wear in the latest fashions are to be found at Anthony's. I i This is operation "drool over the long, low lines of the '59 Buick at Orvil Shirley's. SHIRLEY BUICK CC. 'l6E2 Phone55 Pearce Flower Shop The beautiful and unusual arrange- ments by Pearce are admired by these CSC students. Phone 205 'I23 N. Blvd. Hayhurst Plumbing 81 Heating 102 E. 5th Edmond, Okla. Call 203 FIXTURES WATER HEATERS HEATING EQUIPMENT ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS "Let George Do It" I . Western Newspaper Union EVERYTHING FOR THE PRINTER Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Atlas Roofing Company 329 N. Blackwelder All types of roofing and roof repairing. All types of siding - spray painting Free Estimates Work Guarantee Phone 21 EDMOND Oklahoma George Deal Oil Co. We give daily service on all orders unless next day delivery is ordered. 323 S. Bdwy. Phone 345 lr , . LITTLE CAFE 15 E. Second Phone 951 Edmond, Oklahoma 3 1 I 1 1 il ...xl num! Phone FO 5-3333 I 1003 W. Reno Compliments at SUPPLY CO., INC. Okla. City Refrigeration Air Conditioning Heahwiiihoiesaievgzillahon AND A soon TIME wAs HAD BY Au. C0n9fHfUlaf'0nS i.. D. HowARo 3. soNs Qlass of '59 WHOLESALE MEATS Hunzicker Brothers PEERLESS BOILER AND ENGINEERING CO. 2015 N.E. Park Place Okla. City, Okla. Sooner - Select - Brand CURED HAM - BACON - SAUSAGE FANCY BEEF 304 S. Klein REgent 6-4641 W V My ' C-2 John Clark CEntraI 2-7848 129 N.W. 3rd Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma HIGHSCHOOL AND COLLEGE EARBOOKS 129 N. W.THIRD STREET OKLAHOMA CITY I, OKLAHOMA P.O.BOXl32l B, I. SEMTNER PRESIDENT LITHQGRAFHERS GNERS Pmnfsas 274 Black, .D- FACULTY.AND STAFF ...A- Affleck, Marilyn-22 Alcorn, Kathryn-22,26,244 Allen, Deryle-22 Anderson, Frank-22,241 Armstrong, Wilma-21,24-1, 258 Arnold, Claude-22 Altaffer, Clara-22 -B. Barnard, Herwanna-22 Bast, M. L.-22 Beaver, J oe-22 Betow, Donna-22 Blevins, Al-22,162 Boatman, Claudw22 Boland, John-22 Boland, Lillian-22 Bottoms, Mollie R.-22 Bowen, John-22 Boyce, Donald-22 Bridges, Noah-22 Butler, Edith-27,47 Butler, Glenn-22,242 Butler, James-22 -0- Cantrell, Leda--21 Chambers, Guy-23,251 Chambers, W, Max-21,234 Clark, Howard-23 Collins, Reba-23,236,240, 242,255 Cotton, Ellen-23,35,142,155, 196,224,241,242,255 Coyner, Ann-23,234 Crawford, Helon-23 Davis, Davis, Dwight-23 J ames-23 Ballard, Davis, Marion-23,235,236, 40 D rri lc Ethel 23,229 e c , - Dew, Arteola-23 Deweber, Ralph-23 Drake, Fred--2 3 ...E- Ellis, W. M.-23,241 Evans, Marve-23,229 -F. Farrow, Ova-23 Ferguson, Loree-23 Ford, Gladys-23 -P- Payne, Velma-27 Peters, Lucille-27 Peters, Virginia-27,244 Petree, Elmer-27,251 Pinkerton, Jane-27,193,244 Plunkett, Emma-27,29 -R- Ralston, Ruth-27 Ralston, Wendell-27 Reed, Ralph-27 Rice, Earl-27 Richardson, Robert-27 Richmond, Charles-21 Roofe, Vivian-27,248 Ruston, Nell-27,231 .S- Shafer, C, J.-27 Shelden, Pearl-27 Shepherd, S. D.-27,162 Simpson, Eugene-27,241 Sisson, Jack-28,87 Smith, Asbury-28 Smith, John-24,28,162,172, 173 Snelson, Loran-28,220 Spearman, C. H. Jr.-28 Speck, Phyllis-28,184,186, 244 Stayton, Winifred-28,231 Sullins, Oscar-21 .T- Thomas, Carl-28,251 -U- Umphers, Roger-28 -V.. -Ialla, Roy-28 ...W- Watkins, Grady-28 Way, Harrison-28,236 Webster, Sam-28 Wester, Truman-21 Wheeler, Barbara-28 White, Florencc+28 Whitehurst, Mary-29 Whitson. Edmund-29,251 Willson, Dan--29,229 Wilson, Florrie-29,257 Wisdom, Shirley-29 STUDENTS -A- Abbott, William T.-60 Abel, Ralph L.--80 Abercrombie, Don-96 Anderson, Sue-52 Andrews, Annette-129 Andrews, Dorothy Jean-123 Andricos, Dorothy E,-96 Anduss, Jerry--124 Angle, Jerry-80 Angle, Jimmy F.-96 Apostol, Joe G.-80,205,232 Araujo, Victor Ricardo-80 Archer, Don-96,172 Arganbi-ight, Jana Raaw96 Armould, Ted R,-80 Armstrong, Dale W.-80 Armstrong, Donald Joe-96 Armstrong, James-60 Armstrong, Wilma-80,198 Arn, Robert R.-58 Arnett, Marlin-60 Arnett, Willie-60,223 Arnold, John Darrel-124 Arwood, Betty-96 Ashcraft, Boyce Donaldfl26 Ashcraft, Orville-129 Ashlock, Deanna Vee-60 Ashmore, Gerald Wayne-91, 96 Askriclge, Gordon W.-96 Atwood, Jay D.-80 Aubert, Ora Ray-96 Austin, Guqueta Lee--32, 198,219,220,257 Austin, Harold Dean-80 Austin, Lois Nicely-129 Austin, Steve-80,205 Autrey, Vaughn-60 cl'Avignon, Mildred-52 Beller, Floyd-80.251 Benedict, James Davis-120 Bennett, Bill-97 Bennett, Charles W.-80 Bennett, Ike-97 Bennett Jack E.-32 Bennet Bennet Bennet Bennet Bennet Benson t, Janice Ann-120 t, Jean A.-32 t, Sue Dunn-124 t, Tommy-126 t, Wanda-52 David P.-60 Se h Louis 80 Bertok, Jo p - Berumcn, Cecilia Marie-60, 214,2 Besett, 15,241 Jimmy-97 Best, Glenn-97 Betow, Herman Lloyd-32 Bever, Duane Lee-61 Bewley, Wayne E.-97 Biby, Jerry Lloyd-80 Bierschenk, Charlene May- 97,192 Biggers, Harrell-97 Billingslea, Delois-120 Billingsley, Kenneth L.-61 Bingham, Fred--129 Breeding, Nell-61,192,246 Brehme, Theodore A.-126 Brent, William-129 Bressie, Teddy-8l,l39,200, 232 Brewer, Billy Lee-98 Bridges, Edward-98 Bridges, Kenneth L.-252 Bridwell, Betha Lea-61 Bridwell, Bill Duane-81 Bright, James-81 Bright, Ronald-81 Brindley, Richard Wayne-98 Britton, Barbara R.-81 Broadway, Oliver J.-81 Brocaw, Larry-124 Brock, Carlton Elbert-33 Brock, Jimmy-98 Brookes, Fred P.-98 Brgiuks, Connie-6l,I62,168, 7 Brooks, Duane-120 Brooks, Joe Dale-61,223 Brooks, Patricia Warner- Bingham, Joe B.-32 Binion, Ronald-126 Bird, R. Dwayne-61 Bishop, Richard-61 Bishop Sonny-97 Bishop: Thomas W.-80 Bivens Barbara Lee-97 Bivens: Beverly K.-80 James-128 -B- Badii, Morteza-80 Baggerley, Barbara-96,192 Baggett, Sue Nelson-60 Baird, Faye-129 Baird, Robert-120 Baker, George Bernard-60 Baker, Letha Jozell-96 Baker, Baker, Richard Charles-96 Ronald Gene-60 Baker, Wendell Ray-96 Don-96 Ballard, Noble Lee-G0 Ballew, Barbara Kay-96 Balsam, David-120 Barber, Dwayne Marland-96 Bard, Martha Dell-32,151, 219,229,258 Barger, Henry K.-60 Barham, Larry D.-96 Barkdull, William Edward-96 Barker, Kay-80,192 Barker, Robert Jack-96 Barker, Velma Mercer-124 Barnett 169,223 -G- Gaddis, Arthur-24 Garder, Barbara-24,193,244 Garder, Clarencw24 Gayle, Gladys-24 Gleason, Dorothy-24 Graham, John-24 Graham, Pauline-24 Graves, Fredrick-24 Guess, George T.-24 Guthrie, Cal-24 -H- Haden, Catherine-24 Hall, E, C.-24,235,236 Hamill, Bertha-24 Handley, Marita--24 Harden, Virginia-25,229 Hardway, Glenn-25,323,152 Hensley, Genw25 Hensley, Sue-25 Herbrand, Muriel-25 Herring, C. E.-25 Herron, Arthur-25,257 Hicks, Lee Roy-25 Hocker, Reginald-25 Hodges, Gene-25,251 Holmes, Ivan-25 Homan, Gerlof-25 Hunt, Ella-25 Hunt, Hurschell-131 Hutchinson, John-25,222 -1- Ingraham, Chester-25 Ingram, Pauline-26 Ingram, Ada-26 Absher, Joan Marie-96 Acton, Stanley-126 Adams, Don J,-96 Adams, Janene--80,200,220, 226 Barnard, Johnny Lee-32 Barnett, Beverlee Ann-32, 200 Barnett Bonalee-129 Barnett Jeane-129 : Homer-32 Black, Lenna L.-198 Black, Marcilce+124 Black, Tenna-80 Blackburn, Bob L.S32,149 Blackmon, Gary T.-80,182 Blackmon, Jim Ray-97 Blackmon, Libby-97 Blackwell, Billy J.-128 Blair, Bennie Dean-80 Blake, Lola Jewell-32 Blake, Morris-52 Blakely, Horace Carl-32 Bland, Robert Buford-129 Blaylock, George Darrell-81 Blenkin, Charles W.-.81 Block, Philip-97 Blocker, Robert L.-126 Bloom, Jake C.-97 Blosch, Helen L.-52 Boatman, James C.-32 Boden, Dan Michael-120 Boeve, Betty Louise-124 Bogardus, Betty McPheeters-129 Boles, Donald Melvin-81 Bolin, P, Stanley-97,203 Bollinger, William L.-97 Bomhoff, Patricia Louise-120 Bond, Bart G.-120 Bondurant, Mary Jo-32,148 211 Bonham, William L.-61 98,216,220 Brooks, Tamara J.-61 Brown, Alma-33 Brown, Calvin-120 Brown, Charles R.-81 Brown, David W.-129 Brown, G'ale-33 Brown, lsiah-81 Brown Jack-120 Brown: Jerry D.-98 B rown JoAnn-98,198 Brown: Judith Ann-98 Brown 228 , Mandel A.-61,211, Brown, Paul-81 B rown Roy Lynn-98 Brown: wiuaam G.-sa Brown Brown Brown , William L.-215,223 ell, James-98 en, Clifford Bruce 98,208 Browning, Robert Edward-33 Bruce, Joe Kenneth-98 Bruce, Terry Lee-81 Bruce, Wilma GenP120 Brummett, Verne Edwin-98,120 Bruner, Frank LeRoy-98 Brunson, Cherrill Banning-124 Brunson, David D.-33 Bryan, Crosbyi120 Bryant, Don LeRoy-81,205 Bryant, Frank-124 Bryant, James-120,180 Bryant, Lyndol Ray-81 Bryn, Jimmy R.-98 Buchanan, William Minton-120 Bucher, Sylvia Ann-98,202 Bucke, Eva E.-81,216,228 Buckelew, Ronald Lee-98 Buckhalter, Richard H.-81 Adams, John-96,224 er W 129 Adams, Rob t .-, Sue Ann-91,536,201 Adkins, Betty-129 Adkins, Cliff Gary-60 Adli, Iradj-120 Afrharpour, Bahman-120 Ahpeatone, Gerald-60,223 Aigner, Janice Beverly-96 Akhavan, Heidary Heidarali-96 Akridge, Robert Monte-80 Alberts, Albert Alvin-120 Alexander, Darla Hawk-129 Alexander, Otto Dean-96 Alexander Peggy-S0 Alexander: Stanley J.-60 Alexander, Weldon Lee-80 Alexander, Wallace-60,162, Barnett, Lloyd-52 Barnett, Nina-52 Barnett, Phyllis Jean-96, 187 Barney, Don R.-60 Barney, Gwen-80 Barr, Karalyn Leigh-96 Barrett, Burt-96 Barrett, Vernon-96 Barrow, Betsy-96,187 Bartell, Don-96 Bartlett, Jean C.-80 Bartlett, Jeffrey M.-80 Bartley, Judith Ann-96,200 Barton, Elvertt-96 Barton, James T.-120 Barton, James E.-97,208 Barton, Janie Coil-27,34, 47,226 Boone, L, Elizabeth-32, 216,220 Boone, Etta Mae-97 Boone, Polly June+97 Boone, William-97 Booze, Sidneye-97 Boren, John Dee-97 Borthick, Claude Ralph-61, Bucklin George-98 Buckner Delbeit Louis Buckner Edra Musgrovw42 Buckner, Luther-98 Bucklew, Jerry D.-120 5. ' ' -31 1 Bullard, Carl Ralph-61,l72, 176,21 ,258 Bullard, Starley Cherry-62, Alford, Kenneth-96 Bartram, Bill-80 208 Boston, Larry Duke-81,215 Boudreau, Daniel A.-97,203 Bowden, John Robert-32, 162,167 Bowen, Dorothy V.--33,222 Bowerman, Paul David-97 Bowers, Donna-97 Bowers, Ronald Coy-97 Bowker, Betty Lou-61,149, 219,229,232 Bowker, James Lee-61 Bowlware, Ruby Allder, Walters-96 Allen, Charles Kent-60 Allen, Jimmie D.-128 Allen, Kathleen-60 Allen, Kaye Leon-60 Allen, Larry Lew80 -J- Jackson , Joe-2T1 Johnson, Millie-26 Jones, Lewis, Loftis, Lorey, Lufiden Lynch, Ernest-26 .L- Marion-26 Genf?2 6,222 Forest-131 s, J ohn-2 6 Larryf-26 Lyon, Robert-26 -M... Marks, Whit-26,229 Meagher, Dorothea-26 Melton, Mary-26 Meyer, Carrie Belle-26,244 Milam, Carl-26 ...Me- McGuire, Margurete-26 -N- Nichols, W, S.-26 Nichols, Maryetta-26 Allen, Linda-96 Allen, Louie R.-123 Allenbaugh, Gertrude Fisk-52 Allensworth, Bobby Genw32 Allman, Juanita D.-120 Almond, Daniel Kay-80 Alsip, Tommy Gerald-32 Alspaugh, Elizabeth-96 Alsup, Tommy-120 Alvarado, Jose R.-96 Alyea, Gene-96 Alyea, Robert D.-80 Ambler, Kenneth Ernest-96 Ames, Iris Sue-123 Ames, Leslie D.-126 Ama, Ovella Kid-52 Anderson, Bennie L.-52 Anderson, Billy Ray-96 Anderson, Charlene Hixenbaugh-39 Anderson, Don-227 Anderson, DW8YHf+80 Aigdlerson, Edward Dan-32, Anderson, James L.-96 Anderson Jim R.-80,162, 163,l64:1 65,166,168,180 Anderson, Leon-80 Anderson, Luke-129 Bascus, Frances A.-58 Basham, Marilyn Sue-60, 211 Bass, Donald D.-60 Bates, Joseph K.-97 Battershell, John Wesley-32 Batson, Eldon Ray-97 Battles, Heber-80 Battle, Carlos-124 Batty, Nancy Ann-97,204 Baum, Alvin-155 Baxter, A. Carol-80,232 Baxter, Robert-60,224 Bay, Kenneth L.-97 Bayles, Julianne-97,200 Bays, William-97 Baze, Danny-120 Beagle, Billy Roy-60,223 Beagles, Cecil Floyd-80 Beal, Larry G.-80 Beard, Mary Carolyn-97, 109,117 Beason, Leonard K.-60 Beaver, Kenneth J.-80 Beaves, Jimmy E.-97 Beck, William-97 Beckett, Nelson D.-60 Beckford. Paul-128 Bednar, John Gerald-32 Beene, Robert L.-60 Beesing, Jerry-80,207 Begley, Donna Jean-97 Beistle, Rex-80 Bejcek, Dean Riley-80,172 Belcher, James-97 Bell, James Lowell-124 Bell, Sandra-120 2 75 Leaudratroll-47,195 Bowman, Don Ray-97,228 Bowman, Fern Deal-129 Bowman, Mildred-97 Boqxgman, Paul Everett-97, 8 211,246,247 Bunge, Bruce Michael-98 Burden, Eugene-98 Burgert, Sondra Louise+81 Burgess, Jerry John-Sl Burget, Don E.-120 Burget, George Grant-129 Burget, Sue-52 Burk, George Dewey-61 Burke, Herman-61 Burkes, Donna Bradley-128 Burkhalter, Douglas-129 Burkhart, Bernard-98,227 Burkhart, Savannah J.-52 Burnett, Douglas-203 Burns, Carol Ann-98,202 Burns, Mary L.-33 Burns, George A. 1Buddyl-98 Bowman, William-81 Boyce, Darlene D,-81 Boyd, Wallace Lee-97 Boydston, Charles-98 Boydston, Jeane Ann Martin-81 Boyers, Doris Jayne33,52, 145,192,2l2,220,229 Boyle, Alyce-52 Boyle, Jane-61,192,220 Brackensick, James Robert-61 Brackett, Thomas Eugene-98 Bradley, Patsy Ann-98 Bradshaw, Charles-98 Brainard, Frank Woodring--98 Bramlett, David Carl-120 Branch, George-61 Brandt, Gloria--61,220 Brandt, Larry J.-98 Brandt, Lois Marilyn-61, 220,222 Brannon, Carol Sue-81 Brannon, Faye E.-81 Bratton, Robert Lynn-33 Brawner, Paul 0.-98 Bray, Bobby Allen-98 Burns, James L.-126 Burns, Morris Ray-61 Burns, William Hugh-126 Burris, Mary L.-98 Burroughs, Priscilla-98 Burt, Don R.-61 Burton, Lewis-98,227 Burton, Mollie L,-62 Buschhorn, Doris J.-81,196 Bush, Marlene Mae-62,216 Bushea, Sally Surs98 Busche, Thomas J.-81 Butler, Carol M.-124 Butler, Cecil David-62,223 Butler Donald R.-98 Butler: Glynn-120 Butler, John-98,124 Butler, Lavona R.-128 Butler, Murray-128 Blitgir, Roland M.-62,l62, Button Byers, Byford , Marlene Kay-81 James Russell-98 , Nick-81 Byler, Anice Williams-81, 226 Byrd, Billy Ray-81,205 Byrd, James L.-126 ..C... Cahaness, Helen-52 Cabrera, Carlos Alhreclo-81 Caffrey, Eva Roberta-81, 192 Cagle, Carol-33 Cagle, Delvin Dean-98.235 Cagle, Joe W.-98,208 Cain, Billie Jean-98 Cain, Patricia Lord-120 Cain, Wirt William-62 Calame, Judy-98 Caldwell, Barbara Jones-99 Caldwell, Doyle E.-33,223 Caldwell, Phil-81 Callan, Jim-131 Callas, Norma Ruth-99 Callaway, Helen M.-33,229 Clark, Charles-99 Clark, Edward-129 Clark, Eula Ma-34 Clark, Howard-222 Clark, Jim D.-82 Clark, John Edward-99,120 Clark Karl Eugene-99 Clark: Lelan-99 Clark. Milton-82 Clark Sharon-99 Clarkson, Carrol E.-34 Crowe, Laird-100 Crumley, Joe-63 Crump, Ben Curtis-124 Crupper, Perry Leon-100 Cuddeback, Lawrenc-82 Culbert, William John-100 Culley, Roger Edwin-100, 208 Cullison, Marvin G.-52 Cullum, Jack-100 Cunningham, Adeline Cameron, Gloria-99 EPO ll Lawrence-99 232 Cam , , Cammack, Donald David-62 Camp, Lulu Jean-120 Campbell, Bonnie-33 Campbell, Jerry Le-81,223 Campbell, Lindsey S.-129 Campbell, Lynn-124 Campbell, Marilyn Elona-62 Campbell, Ralph Jones-81 Canada, June-81,220 Canfield, William-99 Cannon, James-126 Cantrell. Cantwell, Capehart, Capshaw, Capshaw, Carbin, C Robert-99 Robert C-82 Bob Joe-99 Billie D.-S2 Naomi-62,222 arl B.-33,223 Cardwell, Nancy Gelene-99, 117 Careathers, Bob L.-33 Carleton, Lois Marie-62 Carlile, Tomas Jefferson- 62,205,229 Carlin, Carles B.-82 Carlson, Della Jo-33.192 Carlson, Robert N.-33,223, 227 Carman, A. G.-52 Clausing, Naomi McCollum- 99,228 Claxton,,0mar-120 Clayton, Thelma-52 Cleary, William R.-34 Clevenger, Alva Ben-82, 216,229 Clifford, Jim-52 Clifton, Bobby H.-34,222 Clifton, Betty Jane-52 Clovis, Aaron J.-34 Cloyd, Bobby G.-62 Coatney, William Burton-99 Cobb, Stanley LeRoy-99 Cochran, Herman Val-34, 162,l68,l80,223 Coday, Harold L.-34 Codding. Jack M.-120 Coe, Donald R.-82 Coe, Truman-99 Coffey, Fred R.-99 Coffey, Nance M.-62 Coffey, Robert-120 Coffman, Toy C.-34 Coin, Margaret-82 Coke, Leroy-34 Colbert, Dwayne-99 Colclasure, William Otis-B2 Cole, Charles-99 Cole, S. D.-52 Cole, Tommy D.-82,224 Coleman, Jerry-99 Collier, Frankie L.-120 Collins, E. Leoh-34,205, 223 Collins, O. J.-34 Collinsworth, Loretta-129 Collum, Jimmie-99,200,254 Thurmond-129,236,242 Cunningham, Betty-128 Cunningham, Dean Bryant -120 Cunningham, Eldon L.-63 Cunningham, Jerry B.-63 Cunningham, Cunningham, Larry D.-100 Viki Beth- 235 Davis, LeRoy-100 Cash, Mary Ann-82,198 Ferzy Carman, Linda Sue-82, 196,197 Carpenter, Charles Riley-82 Carpenter, Francis Henry-99 Carr, Jerry-99 Carr, Nancy Lee-82,200,212, 220,226 Carraway, Neva Ruth-33, 240 Carrell, Patrick-99 Carter, Charley D--33.223 Carter, LaVern O.-124 Cartmell, Betty M.-82 Cartmell, Larry Wayne-82 Cartwright, Walter F.-82 Carvallo, Jose Lorenzo-62 Casey, Arvel Lee-99 Cash, Donna Deane-82,198, Castle, Belva Jo-34,220, 224 Caster, James-82 Castor. Dale Ray-99 Cater, Ronald D.-99 Cathey. Barbara Neal-62 Cathey, Billey Joe-62 Cathram, Tom-124 Catron, Melvin Earl-99 Combs, Combs. Billie Dec.-34 David Marion-62 Cone, Patricia D.-35 Conley. Jon-99 Connely, Doyle H.-62 Connelly, Mary-99 Cook, Annette-34 Cook, Byron L.-82 Cook, Chelsea-62,228 Cook, David H.-99 Cook, Dick R.-62 Cooper , Dave W.-34 Cooper, Kenneth B.-62 Cooper Coo er Marilyn K.-99 Robert J.-34 100,200,212 Curtis, Gail A.-100 Curtis, Jack-52 Cushenberry, Charles N.-S2 Cushenberry, Rose Mary- 100,200 Cutter, Chester C.-100 Cutter, Duane-82 Cutter, Lester C.-100 Cypret, Donna Lea-82.196, 216,219,228 Cypret, Margaret-82 Cypret, Phyllis Su-63.196, 222 ...D- Dacus, Kenneth-63 Dailey, Betty Darlene- 100,224 Dailey, Donald C.-63 Dalton, Jody-100,109 Danford, Glenn-100 Daniel, ErnLr.t E.-120 Daniels, Robert W.-63 Daniels, Thomas-35 Danley, Gerald Wayn-35 Danner, Jimmy Ray-35 Darland, Luella-100 Darrough, Jim-100 Dautant, Alfride Jose-35 Davee, John Harvey-82,223 Davenport, Joe-121 Daves, James Wayne-63 Davidson, Caroline-121 Davidson, LaRu-35 Davidson, Patricia Moore- 63 Davidson, Penney-100 Davis, Beverly-124 Davis, Charlotte-100,198 Davis, Dale W.-100 Davis, David Henry-82 Davis, Earl-82 Davis, Gustina Nell-100,109, 134,200,244 Davis, James-222 D . Cooper, Ronald Elgin-99. 182 Cooper, Sharon Ann-99,198 Davis. Jerry S.-63 Davis, Joe P.-100 Davis, Leonard Dean-100 Copeland, Aaron Belton-35, 225 Cauthen, Caughell Audra-99 Caughell: zefa Frances-82, 220 Don-99 Cauthen, Jerry-124 Cavalier, Julian Carter-34, 207 Cave, Burton-62,203,218 Caywoorl, Jimmie Ray-120 Fitts, Clyde L-130 Chadduck, Schuyler G.-62, Copeland, Dale Edward-100 Copeland, Donald-100 Copeland, Mickey-100 Corey, Mildred-126 C01-des, Phyllis-126 Cordes, Tyler-82 Corkle, Vernon C,-100 Cornclison, Lorna B.-35,192 Cornett, Kenneth Warren- 100,208 Cory, Frank-82 Cory, Mildred West-126 Cossey, Carolyn-63 Coston, DiAnn-'120 Cotton, Doris Hedrick-120 Cotton, Ellen-23,35,l42,l55, 196,224,24l,242,255 Couden, Bob S.-82 Cowan, Earl William-82 Cowherd, Lee-52 Davis, Margaret Joy-100, 251 Davis, Marion R.-52,240 Davis, Mary Inez-35 Davis, Pauline Culver-35 Davis, Randall N.-82 Davis, Steve-G3 Davis, Walter-121 Davis, William-121 Dawson, Juanyta-129 252 Chapman, Luana-52 228 203 Chadwell, Oliver Henry-126 Chambers, Gordon-131,243 Chambers, Jacques M.-120 Chambers, Willis Doyle-34 Chaney, Elbert-82 Chapman, George P.-34 Chapman, Herbert F.-82, Charles, Robert-120 Chase, Donald-126 Chase, Ruth-129 Cheatham, Dan R.-62.207, 232 Cheatwood, Ellouise Bishop-32,150,157 Cheatwood, Thomas D-62 Chenault, Virgie Mae-99 Cherry, Robert Cecil-99 Chesser, Dorothy-99,198 Chesser, Richard-58 Childers, Donald-124 Childers, Vernon-34 Childress, Madalyn Lela-99 Childs, Alice C.-124 Chinn, Cay Carol-69,82, 196,228 Chittim, Boyd M.-62 Choate, Fleeta M.-34 Choate. Marquerite Beverly-82,220 Christian, J oseph-99 Christy, Zelma Baber-99 Churchmen, Paul-62 Cisper, Albert Charlie-99 Clark, Alice-52 Cox A nna-100,224 or-mf Blair-82 Cox, Donald K.-124 Cox Eugene Aaron-82,124 Coxl James-63,223 Cox, Lou Ann-35 Cox, Roma-63 Cox, Tommy-100 Coy. Bill W.-63 Dawson, Stephen Robert-82 Dawson, William-129 Dayhoff, Delbert Earl-35 Dean, James Robert--100 Dean, John-63 Dean, Karen-63.144,187, 202,227,235,24S Dear, David-63 Deatherage. David-100 Deaver, Patricia Ann-121 DeBerry, Dianne-121,251 Deliock, Jimmy-63 Decker, Betty Arnold-82 Decker, Melvin-35 DeGeare, Mary Alice-83 Degn, George-100 Delaney, Billy-101 Delaney, Patrick Owen-63, 207,232 Denley, Pat J.-35 Denman, Jimmy Don-83 Coy, Davis-63 Coyner, Charles Wallace- 120 Crabb, Charles-100 Crabs, Jerry Douglas-97, l.00,179,207,232 Crabtree, Aletta Rhea-35 Craiir. Elsie-100 Craig, Harriett Sue-63,89 Cramer, Eugene Ray-120 Crawford, J. Clinton-100 Crawford, James N.-126 Creach, Andy G.-35 Creason, Daphine G.-63 Creel, Preston E.-126 Cress Merilyn-82 Crew, Keith T.-63 Crist, James Arden-100 Critchfield, DeWayne-100 Critchfielcl, Roy-100 Cronk, George Victor-120 Crook, Warren Dean-124 Crouch, Owen W.-100 Crouse, Lawrence Edward- 129 Crowder, Julia Ann-100 Crggder, Susan Love-100, 1 Dennis, Anne M. Boyd-129 Dennis, Delman Lee-35 Dennis, Glen-35 Dennis, Novella Roberta-83 Dennis, Robert,-10'1 Densford, Bob-83 Denton, Coker J.-129 Denton, Dick-63 Denton, Jimm Don-83 Denton, Lois C.-126 Denton, Willie Lee-83 Deonges. Virginia-35 Deonier, Katherine Anne- 83,196,219 Depel, William Donald-83 Deplois, Veronica-126 DeShano, Joy-121 DeShazo, Francis M.-35 DeShaze, Paul-101,225 Detwiler, Paul Robert-101 Deur, Charles-121 Devero, Kenneth Ray-63 Devine, Richard-121 DeVoe, Richard L.-315,227 Dewbre, Charles K.-63,223 DeYoung, Jimalynn-124 Dick, Virgil-53 276 Dickenson, Bobbie-101 Dickerson, John E.-101 Dickerson, Kenneth-83 Dickey, Johnni-83 Dickson, Gerald-101 Dickson, Tommy-101 Dieball, Billie-36 Diehm, Frank-101 Dillon, Donald Dean-64,223 Dillon, Robert-64 Dillon, Samuel-101 Dittman, George-83,205 Dittmar, Roy T.-B3 Ditto, Jack-64 Ditto, James-83 Divine, Howard H.-64 Divine, Richard-121 Dixson, Bob D.-101,223 Dixson, Sandra Yvonne-101 Djavaheri, Daryoush-101 Dobson, Charles-101 Dodd, Lester-121 Dodson. Ronald-10l,240, 241,242,255 Doenges, Virginia-35 Doggett, Charles-64 Dolph, Delores-83 Dolph, Dick L.-36 Donaldson, Ronald B.-101 Donham, David-64 Donovan, Paul-101 Dorman, Richard-101 Dorsey, Jimmy-64 Doss, Dwayne-64 Doss, Patricia Ann-101,245 Dotson, Ernest-101 Doty, Archie B.-101 Dougherty, Don J.-36 Doughty, J. L.-101 Douglas, Nolan-64 Doyel, Cleatus Wayne-101, 172,176,208 Doyle, Bobby Leroy-124 Dozier, Hazel-129 Drew, Ted-101 Dreessen, George-83 Dreessen, Richard-83 Dronyk, Paul-101 Drumeller, Clarence-64,207 Drummond, Gayle-101 Dry, William-83 Dudley, Jim-124 Duffy, Donald-64,205 Dugger, Bill-101,207 Dugger, Richard L.-64 Dukeminier, John-126 Dull, William-101 Duncan, Gary-101 Duncan, Marian-129 Duncan, Mary Sue-101 Duncan, Seymouria,-B3 Dunford, Mary Alice-101 Dunham. Phil-64 Dunlap, Cornell-83 Dunn, Donald-101 Dunn, Harve D.-64 Dunn, James-124 Dunnavant, Donald-126 DuPuy, Loren-101 Dupey, Boneta-124 Duren, Quenton-83 Durkee, Frank-83 Dye, Robert Eugene-83 Dykstra, Dick-129 -E- Eagin, Maralynn-83,196 Eadm, Jerry L.-101 Eakers, Fred D.-64 Earl, Carol Sue-64,71,192, 202,224,232,253 Earnest, Marion Cecil-36, 162 Earnest, Stuart-121 Easley, Beverly Sue-101,212 Easley, Elizabeth-83 Eason, Earl-126,180 Eaton, Jerry Lynn-124 Ebert, Keith-64,20'7,212,228 Ebert, Vernon Wayn-36 Ebey, Elizabeth-83 Echols, Carl-121 Eckenrode, Charles William -36,223 Ecker, Mary Jane-101,187, 227 Eddesns, Alberta Christene - 6 Eddens, Leatrice-102 Eddens, George M.-102 Edge, J earld-102 Edge, Wilma J.-36 Edwards, Barbara Kay-36, 146,240 Edwards. Janice-64 Edwards, Kenneth-1121 Edwards, Sarah-58 Edwards, Johnny-64 Egleston, Paul David-126 Eichor, Freda V.-36 Eichor, Perry-83 Eisenhour, Billy J.-124 Elder, Jimmy-102 Elias, Eddie J.-64 Elias, Herbert Ellis-64,162, 163,214,227 Eliot, Myrla Sue-102 Elkins, Henry J.-64 Ellegard, Phil Vincent-102 Ellerbee, Wayne-102 Elliott, Billie Bowles-36 Elliott, Donald-126 Elliott, James-36 Elliott, Lewis T.-102,228 Ellis, Mary-53 Elliston, Wayne-64 Elrod, James-121 Elrod, Jesse-64 Elston, Glen-121 Emrich, Phillip G.-102 Emerson, Patsy-102 Emerson, Robert-102,223 Endecott, Boyd R.-36 Endicott, Kay-83 England, Clifford Victor-36 England, Naomi Ann-64, 220,225 Engel, Al E.-64 Engel, Robert Thomas-102 Engle, Glen-64 English, H. Keith-83 Enlow, Ralph Vernon-53 Enoch, A. Odell-36 Enoch, Jess-83 Epley, Paula Sui-102 Ergeznbright, Murl D.-36, 2 Erickson, Chic Ray-65,207, 240,24l,242,255 Estell, Bob G.-65 Estes, David-102 Estes, L. Raymond-83 Estes, Cheryl-102 Estes, Henry Ler0Y-65,227 Estes, Harvey Thomas-83 Eskew, Connie-102,245 Eslick, Gary Clyde-36 Fskridge, Viola-130 Ethridge, Don F.-36,223 Ethrgdge, Pauline Klingmai - 6 Eubank, Charles-130 Evans, Howard H.-126 Evans, Ronald Curtis-102 Evans, Jo Ann-121 Evans, Gary G.-65 Evans, Eddy-121 Evans, Pat-65,148 Everhart, Jack-130 Ewing, Jerry H.-102 ..p.. Faine, Ruth Ward-130 Fairless, Alice-83 Farquhar, Robert-102 Farrington, Peggy Irene-36 Farrington, Otis-65,205,218 Farris, Mike Randell-102 Fash, Robert Erwin-102 Faulk, William Ray-37 Faulkner, Eddie Earl-126 Faulkner, Ina Whitfield-83 Faulknerson, Mildred-131 Feken, Mary Margaret-102 Fendrych, James G.-65 Fendrych, William G.-65 Fennell, Alvin F.-83 Fent, Jerry R.-37,229 Fent, Jewel-128 Ferguson, Louie-83 Ferguson, Paul-121 Ferguson, Sarah B.-53 Ferguson, Tom-102 Ferrill, Janice Marie-124 Ghlamali-121 Fields, Jack E.-37 Fields, Mary C.-av Fields, Ray Charles-37,211, 229 Fields, Roger McKinley-102 Fields, Wallace R.-37,222 Fields. Wiley C.-83,223 Fikaris, Luke Nick-65 Fincher, Bobby Gus --37 Fincher Virginia-121 Fink, Luci-102 Firth, Eula Esther-37 Fish, Robert Cecil-83 Fisher A. Michael-121 Fisher, David Alan-37 Fisher, Donald Ray-102,249 Fisher, Donna-83 Fisher, Larry L-65 Fitzgerald, Larry J oe-102 Fize, Willie E.-83,172 Flanagan, Henry Dale-83, 211,218 Flanagan, Kenneth Jack- 102 Flanery, Ann L.-102 Fleming, Jimmy Floyd-84 Flenoid, Eloise-124 Flores, Jorge W.-83 Flowers, Juanita-84 Floyd, David Lee-124 Flurry, Bob L.-84 Flynt, Joseph A.-65 Fogle, Ray A.-53 Forbes, John Ray-B4 Ford, Cecil Ray-84 Ford, Lowell Dean-102 Ford, Nancy Joann-126 Forga, Robert L.-84 Formby, Joe-65 Forrester, Jonell-102 Forsyt he, James L.-130 Fortune, Russell Don-102 Fos-Hat, Morteza-102 Foster, Carol-102 Foster, Charles E.-84 Foster, Rodney L.-65 Foster Hubert D.-102,227 Foster, John Alfred-84 Foster, Nedella-130 Foster, Ray A.-102 Foster, Sandra Kay-102, Elliott Elliott, Elliott, 1 Patricia-36,102,226 Robert Eugen-36 Samuel D.-64 Fournier, Pat D.-37 Foust, Loretta R.-102 Fowler, Don-126 Harryman, Peggy C.-4104 Howell, Fowler, Ward M.-Luz Fowler, William-84 Fox, James L.-84 Fox, Sarah-65,851,253 Franklin, Alvin4102,228 Franks, Bill Ray-84 Franks, Raymond L.-102 Frederick, Babetta Lucy- 121 Frederick, Bob D.-84 Fredrick, J. Stanley-37 Frederick, Jerry D.-121 Freels, Willa-53 Freeman, Lynda Raye-102 Freeman, Royce Lee-65 Freeman, Shirlee Storm-53 French, Bennie M.-84 French Patricia Rae-65,196, 197,228,235 Fretz, James K.-126 Frew, Johnie B.-65 Friar, Odell-102 Friday, Bryan E.-65 Friess, Dan M.-84 Frizzell, Charles-84 Fronko, Don-103 Frost, Jimmy-124 Fry, Carolyn-84,192 Frye, Charles Russ-3'7,162, 169 Fugate, Guy W.-84 Fugabe, Roberb-124 Fulton, J. B.-65 Furr, Carol Ann-84 -G- Gaddis, Edward-121 Gaines, Jerry A.-37 Gambill, Judd M.-103 Gambill, Ray Eugene-37, 240 Gandy, Carole J.-84,192. 220 Gai-ay, Estella-58 Gardner, Dorothy 0.-130 Gardner, Gary Dean-37 Gardner, Lanny-37 Gardiner, Clifton H.-65 Garland, Johnny-37,223 Garner, .Tack W.-103 Garrison, Billy-103 Garrison, Linda-37,227 Garrison, Rae LaVerne-37, 211,222 Garrison, Wilson-103 Garten, Larry 0.-37 Gebur, Maurice-65 Geddes. Lloyd J.-65 Gee, Kenneth W.-66 uraham, Pat A.-97,103,198 Graham, Wayne Edward- 103 Grand, Terry-124.214 Grant, Gordon-103,216,228 Grant, Walter-121 Graves, Bob Gene-66 G-raves, Johnnie Russell-66 Gray, Bob F.-66,162,169,180 Gray, Gary A.-38 Gray, Gray, Gray, Howard-84 Mike J oe-121 Norval E.-53 Gray, Thomas Alex-103 Grbic, Vicente-84 Green, Fred-103 Green, LaVonne Adria-66, 187,227 Green, Loyd-103 Green, Mary-1128 Greenhaw, Jerry G.--66 Greenwood, Robert A.-38 Greenwood, Samuel-66 Gregg. Mary-130 Gregory, David Max.-66,211, 229 Grey. Mike-121 Griffe David R.-66 Harris, Marvin-172 Harris, Paul Warren-104 Harris, Reggie G.-39 Harris, Ted-128 Harris, Tommy-104 Harrison, Bill D.-85 Harrison, J. Dar1en?220 Harrison, Joyce-G6 Harrison, Leonard-85,162 Harrison, Luther J.-127 Harryman, Carrel Robert- 67,223 Hart, Aaron L.-85,223 Hart, Janet,-104,193,216 Hurt, Buster-104 Hart, Kenny-104 Hart, Dillis-85 Hart, Wi Iliam S.-39 Hatter, Floyd-121 Y. Griffin, L nda-103 Y Griffin Barbara-103 Griffin, B. J.-53 Griffin, Dorman L.-84 Griffin Mary-53 Hartman, Janet-104,111,193 Hartsell, Avis E.-53 Harwell, Bob-85 Haslam, Daniel-S5 Hastings, Carl-104 Hastings Lil1ie?104 Hastings, Richard-121 Hatchcl, Sue N.-104.199 Hathoot, Dale Edward-127 Hatley, David-85 Hatley, Eva Mariw104,198 Haunschild, Janice Hays-85 Hauser, Bill-85 Griffith, Charles-66,223 Griffith, Verna Howe-127 Grisham, Harry D.-84 Griskell, Norma-103 Grisso, Alice Pearl-103,212 Grooms, Wanda Lou-103, 192,216 Grove, Jack-66 Grueser, Rebecca Ann-103 Gruver, Carmel W.-130 Grywalski, Thelma B.-38 Guerrero, Barbara June-84 Guerrero, David-84 Guynn, Florene-103 -H- Hackett, Albert-84 Hagen, John-103 Haggard, David-B4 Hale, Connie-4121 Hale, William John-66 Haley, De1bertg85 Haley, Jerry Dean-66,182 Hall, Dale53 Hall, Delorm-103 Hauser 232 , Carolyn-39,200,220, Hauser, George-172 Hauser, Phillip R.-104 Hawk, Sam-104 Hawkins, Frances Marie-67 Hawkins, Henry Clay-104 Hawkins, Jim-104 Hawkins, Patsy J. Shipman -39 Hawkins, Sharon-S5 Hawley, Maxine-67 Hawthorne, Jo Anne-85 Haydock, Eugene Sidney'- 104 Hayden, Marian-39 Hayes, George-121 Hays, Harvey Hugh-124 Hayes, James T.-125 Hayes, Martha L.-67 Hays, Maurice D.--104 Hayes, Rodger-104 Hayes, Terry C.-104 Hayes, Raymond-162,163, Hightower, Jean-85,189, 227 Hilbert, Douglas P.-85 Hill, Clyde-85 Hill, David Wayne--105 Hill, Gilbert-39 Hill, Irma-54 Hill, J ames-85 Hillerby, Ireta-105,228 Hines, Homer-105 Hines, Jerry-85 Hinton, John A.-85 Hively, Marjorie-39 Hixenbaugh, Charlene39 Hoberecht., Jan MarisP29, 104,196 Hodge, Bruce D.-85 Hodges, Hers-hall W.-68 Hodges, Royce D.-39 Hoefer, Gordon E.-68 Hoff, Edwin-68 Hoff, Jean-85,220 Hoffner, Michael Dale-125 Hoke, David Daniel-130 Holan, Richard-85 Holcomb, Dale Lee-105 Holdaway, Tom-85 Holding, ,Carla C.-85 Holland, Haskell-105 Hollingsworth, William-105 Hollis, Charles G.-105 Holloway, Ernestine-68 Holman, Dan-105 Holman, Richard D.-125 Holmbersr. Sharon Mae?105 Holmes, Carol-105 Holmes, Dexter-105 Honeycutt, Carrol David-39 Hook, Eugene-85 Hoover, Daniel-121 Hopkins, Frank S.-39 Hopkins, Jim-68 Hopkins, Michael L.-68 Hopkins, Wade Bennett-122 Hopper, Judy Lynn-122 Hopwood, Bobby-85 Horn, Kathryn Elainz+86, 220,235 Horton, Johnny-105 Hosack, Sara-127 Hoskins, Robert-68 Hottenstein, Cathren Ann! 86 Houghton, Sammy-86,224 Hover,,Bil1ie Ramona-86 Howard, Jack-68. Howard, Margaret Herd- 127 Howell, Catherine-130 Ison, David-86 Ives, Bob-86 .J- Jackson, Barbara.-122 Jackson, Billy W.-105,227 Jackson, Clyde-40 Jackson, Dortha-106 Jackson, Eddie-106 Jackson Gary-127 Jackman, James-86 Jackson, Janet Loving-54 Jackson, N. Lois-40 Jackson, Norma R.-86 Jaizgcgon, Quinetta Joyce- Jackson Roy454 Jacobs 'ay Pat 106 122 . J - . Jacobs, Robert Reynolds- 127 Jaggers, Robert Franklin- 40 Jakubowski, Mary Anna-54 Jams, Calvin-86 James, Charles-86,106 James Charles R.-86 James: Don B.-106 James, Gladys-130 James, Orville-86,205 James Ronnie-40 Janovgi, Bernice-86 Jantz, Gary Dean-86 Jantz, Robert M.-128 Jarrett, Pauline-68 Jeddie, Mohammad Roza- 109 Jeffries, Marjorie M.-106 Jenkins, Mary E.-68 Jenkins, Robert Lee-127 Jenkins, Tommy4106 Jenkins, Ronald W.-86 Jennings, Leslie 15.4106 Jennings, Thomas-86 Jenks, Jim-86 Jewell, Donald M.-40 John, Geraldine-106 Johns, Donald RayW106 Johnson, Ann-106 Johnson, Arthur A.-130 Johnson, Autrie-106 Johnson Barbara A.-69,219 Johnson, Buddy Lee--86 Johnson, Carol-69,187,189, 227 Jogigxson, Charles Edward- Johnson Damon-106 Hall, Glenn Phillip-103 Donald Joe-105 Geis, Lamar-1128 Gentry, Lillie Lenora-84, 195 Genzer, Tersa-84,214,215 George, Martha A.-66,196, 212 George, Mary Beth-84,196 212 George, Wilma Jo-84,15'7, 200.216 Hall, Harold-121 Hall, James Edward-38 Hall, James T.-66 Hall Joyce E.-85 Hall, Nancy Ann-103,224 Hall, Ralph-108 Hall, Ronald-85 Hall, Sandra-38 Hall, Thomas-121 Hall, William-66,103 164,165,169 Haynes, Raymond-128,164 Haynie, Phillip--104 Hazen, Joe-104 Hazen, Joy Watson-104 Heape, Judy Kaye-121 Heard, Jim-67,162,167 Hearn, Harrison-67,229 Heath, Hershell-104 Heath, Oran H.-39 Heath, Paul A.-67 Heath Thomas W.-104 Gepford, Burton D.-103 Gerbrandt, Dietrich J .-130 Germany, Betty Jean-103 Geyer, Beth-103 Gharib, Iraj-103 Ghere, Marion-121 Gibbens, Jeannine-38 Gibson, Jerry-84 Gibson, Lee-128 Gibson, Neil-1241 Gifford, G'1en D.-38 Gildhouse, Bobby Allen-127 Gill, Ralph K.-38,223 Gill, William E.-127 Gillmpie, Orville Duane-103 Gillespie, Robert A.-84 Gilliam, Virginia-53 Gillian, Mabel-53 Gillilan, Warren Allen-84 Gillis, Robert Elliot-84 Ginsterblum, Neil-53 G'ipson, Robert Earl-103 Girty, Doris Louise-66 Glass, James Floyd-84 Glasscock, K. Gale-84 Glazener, Barbara-66 Glazener, Gerald R.-38 Halpain, John Bob-127 Hames, John-124 Hamilton, Dale Allen-121 Hamilton, Jan Smith-38 Hamilton, Joe D.-38,223 Hamilton, Robert Edwin- 38,144 Hamit, Roger Thompson- 103 Hampton, Jerry Lynn-S5 Hancock, Arnold-103 Hancock, Darlene-38 Handke, Delbert. L.-39 Haney, Jamw+124 Haney, Tom-182 Hanks. Norman Ned-39, 208,218 Hannah, Lawrence-B5 Hanneman, George-103 Hannon, John-121 Hansen, Burnell--103 Hansen, Kenneth-103,228 Harbert, Patricia Steimer- 103 Hardcastle, Bobby-'66 Harden, Larry Wayne-103 Hardin, Ray Macy-B5 a Hu h Gvover 39 Glazier, 225 Kenneth Gene-38, Gleichmann, Thomas-38 Glenn Alvin-121 G1enn1Allen, Sherrill-127 Glisan, Charlott1?1 0 3 Gloria, Albert-66 Glover, Glover, 2.42, Glover, Glover, Golden , Goldsm Jack-84 Judith Ann--49,84, Max L.-103 Robert Leonard-38 Jerry Ralph-38 ith, Jackie Lee-66 Good, Ronald Dale-38,93, 155,224,242 H rdway, g - Hardy, James-66,162,166 Hargis, Philip-104 Harkins, Ralph-85 Harmon Herman Lee-121 Harmon: Michael-104 Harm on , Harms, Mary-128 Harold, Gerald-66 Harper, Bill W.-85 Harper, Robert-85 Ronald-85,162,166 Goodall, Gerald J.-38 Goodman, Gary--103 Goodnow, Janis-53,196 Gordon, Archie D.-103 Gore, Gerald Wayne-84 Gormley, James D.-121 Goss, John A.-84 Goucher, Edward Louis-84 Goucher, J an-66 Goyne, Betty-84,200 Grace, Donald-103 Graham, Bert A.-38,145,227 Graham, Ernst-38 Graham, Glen-103 Graham , Helen Joyce-38 Harper, Leonard Thomas- 104 Harper, Mary Hellen-39 Harper, Neeley P.-39 Harper, Ted-104 Harrell, Gerold Lee229 Harrington, Vinis-104 Harris, Betty June-130 Harris, Curley Hugh-104 Harris, David-104,124,228 Harris, Don J.-39 Harris, Dorothy-124 Harris, Evelyn Anderson- 127 Harris, James D.-130 Harris, Janell-85,200 Harris, Jerry B.-66 I-131233, Judy Lynn-104,235, Harris, Paul-228 Heavin, Billy-67 Heckes, Irvin Wesley-T104 Hedrick, Edith-130 Hedrick, Stuart-67 Heflin, Garreline-67,147,196 Heflin, James M.-39,228 Heflin, Rosalyn Baker-67 Hefner, Pat-85 Heinlen, Mary Anne-85,202, 228,235 Heinzig, Alice Ann-104 Heister, Victor-53 Held, Marty A.-39,104 Heldaway, Tom A.-85 Heller, Motie A,-39,219 Heller, Dean-67,223,241 Hellner, Lula Grace-104 Helm, Roy Eugene-104 Helms, Harvey J.-125 Helvie, Judith A.-58 Henderson, Charles B.-67 Henderson, Jimmie Eugene- 67 Henderson, Leon-39 Handley, Bob-67 Hendrix, Larry Keith-104 Hendrickson, Joe E.-104 Hennessey, Jack-39 Hem-icks, Donald Jay-67, 180 Henry, Denny Joe-67,207 Henry, Thomas-127 Henson, Clifford L.-121 Henson, J erry-68 Hepburn, James-68 Herd, Allen-85 Herd, David Ray-104 Herman, R. Todd-104 Herndon, Carl Dean-104 Herren, Eldon-105 Herren, Wallace Bi-68 Herron, Blanche-53 Herrera, Manuel-105 Hess, John-85 Hess, Marjori4?85 Hess, Robert Emil-68 Hignggr, Rose Marie-68,198, Hickey, Juanita-130 Hicks, Ja.mesf130 Hicks, Larry D.-85,182 Hicks, Lewis Donald-105 Hicks, Virgil Lee-131 Hidlebaugh, Charles-28,207. 224 Higdon, Martin H.--105 Higgins, Johnnie-85 Hight, Terry-105 277 Howell, Sharrell-68,224 Hubbard, Bessie Ruth-68 Huber, Maurice L.-40 Huckaby, Michael-105 Huddleston, Carol-86 Huddjeston, Clark-105 Huddleston, Dale-B6 Hudson, Carl-105 Hudson, Tommy-105 Huey, Charles-105,205 Huffman, Gerold Gene-68, 180 Huffine, Richard D.-130 Huey, Leonard Gene-86 Huffman, Harold-86,227 Huffman, Max-86 Huffner, Richard-68 Hughm, Bobby-105 Hughes, Don S.-40 Hughes, Carmanita-68 Hughes, Margaret Williams -54,130 Hughm, Paul-105 Hughes, Patrick-105 Hughes, Thomas-105 Hukill, Gene-105 Johnson, David Ray-106 Johnson, Delbert-122 Johnson, DorisA69,21'7,220 Johnson, F, Earl-86 Johnson, Harold-122 Johnson, Judy-122 Johnson. Karen Sucw8l,106 Johnson, Kay-106,224 Johnson, Lois-69 Johnson, Mary Lynette-106 Johnson, Mary Nell+106 Johnson, Monty-106 Johnson, Naomi L.-40 Uohnson, Nelson L.-40 Johnson, Oscar William-Q40 Johnson. Paul H.-69 Johnson, Phillip-86 Joimgxion, Raymond Paul- Johnson, Richard John-69, 179,227 Johnson, Robert Lynn-40 Johnson, 77,110 Truda McBryde- Johnston, Janice-127 Johnston Johnston , Joseph Henry-86 , Karl K.-131 Huletbe, Paul-127 Hulsey, George-86 Humes, Bill-68 Humes, James A.-105 Hundley, Scotb-105 Hunsaker, Hal L.-1105 Hunt, Hurshell-131 Hunt, Lawrence-122 Hunteman,Ronald-131 Hunteman, William-105, 212 Hunter, Al-68 Hunter, Clarence E.-86 Huntington, Ronald-105 Hurley, Albert-86,205 Hurst, Don E.-86 Huxisst, Gerald Leroy-40, 1 Hurst, Elsie Ann-68,193 Hurst, Jack L.-86 Hurt, Elizabeth fBetsyJ- 105,200,220 Husen, Laverne Alfred-40, 229 Husmann, Karl M.-86 Husman, Ronald--105 Hussey, Robert Louis-40 Hutchinson, Mary-86,193 Hutson, Herbert,-68 Hwang, Mei Ming-68 Hynes, Bobby Ra?105 .1- Inglish, Mary-54 Ingram, James-105 Inman, Edward-40 Ireton, Patricia-68,229 Irvine, Alice-130 Irvine, Virginia--40 Irwin, Barbara-130 Isom, Lester+105 Johnston, Robert S.-86 Johnston, Tommy-86 Joles, John Sullivan-106 Jolley, Jerry-40 Jones, Bobby-127 Jones, Buster Gene-128 Jones, Charles-69 Jones, Donald Lee40,20'7 Jones, Gerald Wayne-106 Jones, Henry E.--69 Jones, Jones, Jones, Janis-106 Johnnie Leroy-54,69 Lymon E369 Jones, Lyndol-69,227 Jones, Mary Jo-54 Jones, Mary W.-54 Jones, Melvin-106 Jones, Paul K.-40 Jones, Suzanne Marie-106 Jones, Winifted L.-106 Jonovy, Bernice-86 Joi-ggm, Barbara Janw86, Jordan, Morris G.-122 Jordan, Nea1S106 Jordan, John-122 Judkins, Billy-69 Judkins, David M.-106 Jung. Curtis I.-69 Junker, John Arthur-106 Justice, Raymond-106 .-K- Kadavy, Mary Jane-86 Kale, Ernest Hart-122 Kalka, Ted-86 Kapka, Jerry J.-86 Karnes, Delbert Raymond- 40,227 Karnes. Lee Thomas-130 Kaskaske, Johnfe-106 Kay. Evelyn-106 Kearns, Deana Kay-106 -Mc, Miskelly, Helen Caroline- -42 Mackey, Billy Harry-88 McHan, Kirk Kiser, John A.-125 Martin, -N- Forrest-13 1 Lacy, Donald-70 Lagunas, Daniel-87 I' ., Kearns, Donna Mae-83,86 Keefe, Michael-106 Keel, Donna T.-86,215 Keel, Virgil Keith-86 Keenan, Pat K.-106 Keller Charley M.-127 Keuerj Darwin M.-sa Kelley. James Thomas-40 Kelley, Jerry R.-69 Kelley, Lester Carl-40 Kelley, Miah-86 Kelley, Michael-40 Kelley, Stanley-87 Kelley, Stanley Lee-87 Kelley Vicki-106 Kellogg, Carolyn-106 Kell0gZ, Donna-106 Kellough, Jerry G.-207 Kelly, Eugene S.-106 Kemp, Robert Mack-162 Kemper, Sandra-101,106, 200 202 Kenaghan, Eugene-122 Kendrick, Larry W.-106 Kendall, Jack W.-40 Kennedy, Don-122 Kennedy, John E.-87 Kennedy, Joyce-125 Kennedy, Richard W.-106 Kennemer, Ron-G9 Kent, Arlos Leon-106,207 Kenyon, Rufus H.-58 Kephart, Virgil J.-87 Kerley, Carole Jo-87,200, 201,212,220 Kerley, Georgia-106 Key, Richard L.-S7 Keyser, Marguerite Ellen- 54,130 Khoury, Charles-120 Kidd, Agnm Juanita-54 Kidd, Eddie-69 Kidd, Kenton-87,205 Kidd, Juanita-54 Kidd, R. Joyce-122 Kilburn, Samuel E.-107 Killougb, Jerry G.-69 Killebrew, Robert Don-69 Kilpatrick, V. Bruce-107 Kimball, Norman-107 Kimbrell, Gerald-107 Kimbrell, Roger Neil-107 Kime, Phil Richard-107,203 Kime, Wayn-87,182 Kincheloe, Charles Alvin- 122 King, Haskell Keith-69 King, Janice-107 King, Jesse R,-87 King, John Paul-87 Kintr, Kendall D.-69 Kinkade, Emmett S.-87 Kirchner, J. M.-87 Lancaster, R. Darlene-107 Land, Kerey-41 Landgraf, Mary T.-107,117 Landon, Richard-107 Lane, Ginger-107 Lane, Richard L.-70 Lane, Thomas-127 Langley. Peggy Ann-41, 143,227 Langston, Donald-70,218 Lankford, Rosalee-107 Lansford, Kenneth Gene-87 Lapp, Dennis-107 Largent, David-107 Larson, Curtis J.-87 La Rue, Billy Neil-107 Lashly, Richard-87 , Laster, Jerry-107 Laster, Tony G.-107 Lauback, Lloyd Luther-87, 180,227 Lawrence, John J.-4'1 Lauer, Linnie Boyd-107 Leadingfox, Elizabeth-54 Leathers, Charlm-107 Leathers, Don-107 Lee, David-107 Lee, J oe-87 Leech, Kenneth-125 Lees, Harry-54 Leewright, Earl L.-87,227 LeFlore, Gilbert-122 LeGrange, John-87 Lemmons, Freddy-87 Lemmons, Leland-130 Lenhart, Jackie-41,144 Lenhart, Lowell-107 Lennington, John David- 107 Leonard, Ernest-107 Leonard, Jerald A.-122 Leopard, Billy D.-87 Lepak, Marlene-70,144,20l, 215,226,235 Lette, Larry D.-108 Leveall, Sctha M.-41 Luna, Rafael-41 Lund, James Dale-40. Lund, John A.-41 Lundy, Dale Curtis-41 Lunnon, Alle-127 Lupton, Portia Belle-41,196 Lupton, Shirley-88,196 Lupton, Wanda-108,137, 196,197 Lusk, Gerald Edward-108 Luschen, Charles-41 Lynch, Darrell Gene-88 Lynch, Donna-88 Lynch, Freddi-88 Lynn, Jimmy-125 Lyne, Twymah O.-88 Lyter, John-54 ...M- Mabry, Jerry Don-109 Mack, Deanna J.-108 Mack, Wayne E.-207 Miller, Kenneth Ellis-128 Miller, Lela Dye-71 Miller, Margaret Sanders- 54,130 Miller, Monty Max-122 Miller, Paul J.-58 Millies, Gilbert-125 Millison, Joseph Marion- 109,203,213 Mills, Barbara A.-109 Mills, Donald Wayne-127 Milner, Charles M.-109 Miler, Jack T.-122 Milton. Florence W.-88 Mynatt, Gary Lawrence- 71,215 Myrick, Joan Kaye-50,89, 136,195,224 Mackey, Jon-128 Maddox Anita-81,108,205 Maddox: June Pope-41 Maddox Magrud , Thomas Rex-42 er, David T.-108 109 Mitchell, Billy-71 Mitchell, Dee-71,151,229 Mitchell, Donald Lee-109 Mitchell, James F.-71 Mitchell, Laura McMannis Mitchell Sherrill Jean-109 Levay, Nadene Carmichael- 4:1 Lewis, Carol Kay-70 Lefgiss, Cornelius-108,162, Lewis, Gerry Ann-108 Lewis, Harry-87 Lewis, Ruby-130 Lewis, Waymond-87 Leyerle, Barbara-S7 Kirk, Kirk. Kirk Betty Jo-54 Richard E.-107,223 Ruby-41 Kirk: sam R.-122 Walter-1 62 Leyerle, Kenneth-70 Lieber, Dan W.-108 Lietzke, Fred Ray-108 Lietzke, James Allen-87 Ligon, John-108 Ligon, Viola-54 Likes, Ronnie-108 Lillard, James-108 Lilly, La Marr-108,223 Lindblade, Paul Victor-125 Linde, Okey-87 Linder, Conrad G.-87 Maguire, Tony-108 Malave, Alvaro-88,205 Maimbourg, Mary Ann-127 Mallory, Ruby-54 Maloney, John R.-70,215 Manchester, Robert E.-122 Manlapig, Darrel Eugene- 88,208,213,218 Mann, Andy-88 Mann, Betty J.-108 Mannen, Jackey-125 Manney, Weldon C.-108 Manning, Valvia-108 Manning, Jackie-108 Manning, Patrick L.-42 Manning, Sallie-42,219 Mansfield, Arthur L.-70 Mansgyld, Donald Raymond Manspeaker, Louise Marie -108 Manuel, Geraldine-108 Manuel, Oliver-125 Marker, Danny-70,208 Marker, Larry Gen-108 Marlatte, Jack-130 Marlin, Arnett-232 Maris, Jerry Kenneth-108 Marrs, William Robert-127 Marsh, James-42 Mizell, Gerald Wayne-109 Mock, Wayne E.-88 Mohageri, Manoucher-109 Mohr, Betty-42,147,200,201 Mohr, Joseph L.-127 Mollaian, Firouz-88 Molloy, Joy Williams-122 Monlges, Yvonne Monscy Monson, Dick-55 Monteith, James G.-88 Montgomery, Ronald-109, 180 Montroy, Fay Ann-71,215 Montroy, Sharon-109,201, 215 Mgntroy, Sharon Rose- 01 Monroe, David A.-42 Montgomery, Tom-58 Moody, Louise-88 Moody, Robert-71 Moon, Connie Su-88,195 Kirkham, Donece R.-87,l92, 193 Kissclburg, Paul R.-107 Kleeman, Virginia Ruth-70, 211,220,222 Kliewer Kath 107 Lindsay, Bill B.-87 Lindsay, Randal D.-87 Lindsay, Winifred-108 Lindsey, Bruce R.-122 Lindsey, Lyndon-70 Lindsey, Paul Richard-87, Marshall, Levon D.-108 Martin, Alan Ray-108 Martin, Billie Jo-10l.,108, 109,201,252 Martin, Charles J.-70,215 Martin, Etta Newton-42 Martin, Floyd-54 Martin, Gary L.-88 Martin, Janice-109 Martin, LaCretia Sue-88 Martin, LaReta Rae-109 Martin, Leona S.-109 Loretta Anne-42, , rim- Klinglesmith, Robert Dean- 125 Kneury, Ray-107 Knight, Bill-122 Knight, Dixie-107 Knight, Dixie Nell-130,202, 213 Knight, Lester-54 Knight, Robert-107 Knight, Wayne-125 Knight Zae H.-87,196 Knoepfli, Zae-81,107,198 Knol. Robert G.-70 Knorr, James-107 Knost, Leaf-107 Knox, Susan A.-87,195 Knue, Jean-87 Koenig, Olga-40,224 Kohler, Larry J.-87 Kramer. Paul-107 Krepps, George-127 Kretzschmar, Jimmy-87, 228 Krey, Richard-107,228 Krivanek, Eldon George-54 Krob, Arnold S.-58 Krueger, James Earl-70 Krueger, Emma Mae-41,226 Krueger, Ramey-107,226 Krutsinger, Jackie Marie- 41,149,187,202,22'l Kueteman, John-130 Kuykendall, Thomas-125 207,217 Lindsey, Don L.-108 Link, Michael-87 Link, Robert E.-41 Linn, Gladys-108 Linscott, Joan S.-4'1 Lionel, Ted C.-70 Lipe, Jim-108 Lipe, Richard L.-41 Lipscomb, Jerry-122 Lipscomb, John-87 Little, Clara Neer-54 Little, Edna-54 Little, Rexalyn-108 Littleford, Georg-127 Littrell, Jimmy-122 Loafman, James-122 Lolcgcshead, James Rogers- Lockett, J. W.-88,106,162, 153,164,168,172,175,184, 208,223 Logan, Ronnie-108 Loganbill, Donald-108 Lollis, Doris-70 Lollis, William-411 Lomax, John-127 Lombard, Elvan Horace-41 Loneall, Carl-88 Long, Adolph-108,227 Long, Claudia Tuttle-130 Long, Dale LeRoy-88 Long, L. C.-108 Long, Myrna-88 Lorey, Kyker, Charles-70 Kyle, Gloria J.-87 Kyle, Ronald-122 -L.. Lacy, Nan Sparlin-107 Ladd, Alan N.-54 Ladd, Bill E.-41 Ladd, Pauline-54 Lafferty, Jim-107 LaFollette, William Dan- 127 Lair, John-128 Lamb, Robert-70 Lambke, Tom K.-107 Lampley, Billie Jean-107 Lancaster, Hershel-87,223 Lorenz, Albert Carl-108 Lott, James-108 Louthegback, Edwin Briggs -10 Love, Vertie W.-130 Lovett, James D.-70 Lowe, David M.-70 Lowe, Delores Howland-88 Lowe. William- Burton-41 Lowell, Terry-122 Lowell, Tim-70 Lowery, Donald W.-70 Lowder, Dale C.-88 Lowry, Fred J.-88 Loy, James-70,182 Lucas, Jack Marion-41 Luengo, Talguino-108 Luker, Joe H.-108 220,231 Martin, Steve Dale-88,182, 205 Martindale, Bob-109 Martindale, Jwse-88 Mashburn, Berry-162.170 Mashore, Jim Cleon-122 Mason, Bonnie Jo-128 Mason, Richard A.-109 Massay, Jimmy-88 Massey, Orvilene Ann-'70, 227 Massie, Allen-109 Mattson, Charles Edward- 88 Matthews, Ruth Drake-130 Matthew, Wayn-70,227 Matlock, Barbara Cain-127 Matlock, Beryl H.-130 Maxey, Gilbert Dean-88 Maxwell, James C.-109 May, William Fred-109 Mayfield, Seaynoah-122 Mayor, June-127 Mead, Paul G.-88 Meadows, Kary-88 Means, Forrest-70 Means, Linda. Ann-'71 Means, Walter Lloyd-109 Meek, F. Wilson-109 Meek, Temple A.-125 Meinecke, Joyce Maxine-88 Menn, Gail Janese-88.195 MeQuerrey, Donney-71 Mercer, Helen-131 Merideth, J. David-88,207 Merrill, Leslie-71,223 Messerli, Evelyn S.-109 Metheny, Maurice Lynn-88 Meyer, Alton Lynn-127 Meyer, Mary Ann-88 Meyers, Ruth Elaine-109, 198 Michaud, Lanny-71 Michelsen, Gladys Brumley- 130 Mielke, Barbara Rose-109 Mikes, Robert F.-88 Miles, James Clayton-109 Mileski, Robert Frank-109 Mooneyham, Bobby Ray-71, 205 Moore Charles-71,205 Moore, Dorothy Mae-109 Moore, Elaine-130 Moore, Elda Mari-55 Moore, Ever Mae-130 Moore, Forrest-109 Moore, Hoyt Duane-88 Moore, Jack Edward-109 Moore, Jeffrey E.-71 Moore, John B.-109 Moore, Robert D.-88 Moore, Rosemary-109 Moore, Moore. M oore, Roy Dean-109 Troy Udell-71,223 Wesley-55 Moore, Willis W.-'71 Moorhead, Cecil R.-109 Morgan, Aubrey Ray-42 Morgan, Bobby G.-71 Morgan, James-109 Morgan, Jane A.-88 Morgan, Janice-127 Morgan, Mary Kathryn-109 Morgan, Michael David-109 Morgan, Nova Jane-125 Morgan, 205 Thomas Allen-109, Morgan, 'Tommy S.-125 Morgan, William P.-88 McAbu, Dave-110 McAnerny, Russell R.-89 McAnnally, Juna-71 McAtee, William-110 McAulay, Michael-'11 McBride, Jim Walton-122 McBride, Sam-110 McBroom, E. L.-42 McCain, Robert L.-42,223 McCall, Keith C.-42 McCart, Robert Edward-122 McCarty, Jack Eugene-'71 McCaski1l, Ward-130 McClain, Kenny-110 McClana.han, Steve-89 McCleave, Charles E.-89 McCleave, Phyllis-71 McClellin, Eugene-42 McClung, David R.-110,202 McClure, John Allen-109, 110,208 McCo1lom, Frances-127 McComas, Richard L.-42 McConaghie, Clark-89 McConathy, Dale-42,143, 202 McConnell, Mary Ann-125 McCool, Herbert D.-110 McCormick, Pat-110,193 McCow'n, Phillip Lee-110 McCoy, Frank-89 McCoy, Patrick O.-49,72 McDaniel, Buddy-72 McDaniels, Johnny-110 McDaniels, Patricia Ann- 43,195 McElroy, Jackie-43,195 McElvany, Robert Leroy- 110 McEver, Noel Ray-72 McEvers, Tom H.-89 McEvoty, Warren Francis -11 McFadden, Joe Charles-72 McFall, Ancil George-43 McFall, Donald J.-72 McFerran, Jo Ann-110, 198,224 McGaugh, Virginia-89,226 McGlasson, Jimmy E.-72 McG1on, Evangie Lee:-89 McGowan, Fay-54 McGraw Sam Franklin-89 McGrew: Jon Terry-110 McGuire, John-110 McG'1.lire, Phyllis Lea-89,226 Louise A.-43 ,220 Mclntire, Alfred-110 McIntosh, Judith Rochelle- 110 McKearns, Donna-195 McKelvy, Billy Joe-72 McKean, Johnny-89 McKee, Richard W.-110 McKenzie, Robert E.-89 McKinley, Larry M.-89 McKinney, Grady Lee-110 McKinney, Joe Paul-110 McKinney, John C. Jr.-110 McKinney, John L.-110 McKinney, Richard Jordan Morrel, Jimmy L.-42 Morrel, Reece-88 Morris, Aline-71 Morris, Charles S.-88 Morrisett, Thomas Larry'- 110 Morton, George-122 Morton, Jack W.-122 Moses, Tommy-110 Mosier, Brooks-71,162,165, 172,177 Mosley, Judy M.-89,198 Moss, Thomas A.-89 Mott, Anna-110 Mousszavi-Saeedi, Faramarz -11 Mowery, Darlene-'110 Moyer, James Ralph-122 Muenzler, Virginia N.-55 Muguia, Ramon-58 Muhlberg, Elaine Robinson- 42 Mulder, Marie-55 Mullin, Ellen Charleen-42, 202,211,227 Mullin, Ronald Wayne-89 Mullinax, Robert Orville- 110 Mullins, Max Howard-208, 110 Mulvaney. Herbert Loren- 58 Munday, Rosemary A.-89 Munguia, Ramon-58 Murdock, Beth-128 Murdock, Charles-130 Muret, Barbara-71,201 Murphree, Wanda-110 Miller, Carl R.-42 Miller Don-109 Miller: Harry West-109 Miller, James D.-130 Miller, James Paul-88,228 Miller, Jim L.-109 278 Murphy, Carolyn Kay-110 Murphy, Gary-110 Murphy, Glenn M.-122 Murphy, Hurchel J.-110 Murray, F. Donese-127 Murrell, Betty June-122 Musgrave, Bob Gene-122 -110 McKown, Ellen-72,222 McMaster, Audrey J eanne- 127 McMillin, Elsie M.-72 McMinimy, Joan M.-89 McMinn, James Leon-43 McMurphy, Coleda-122 McNabb, Jean Ellen-125 McNally, Ewin-43 McNally, Jama R.-110 McNeely, Rose McDaniel-89 McNew, Dale-72 McNulty, John-72 McNutt, Joe 0.-110,168,224 McNutt, J. C.-89 McNutt, William Lawrence -100,162 McQueen, Nelson-S9 Mclluearrey, Conney Mack- 71,7 McRee, Jarrett D.-110 McVay, William A.-72,218 McWhorter, Perry E.-43 Nachtigall, Louis Henry- 110,203 Naehritz, Carl Marion-110 Nakaye, Richard-131 Nance, John G.-43 Nashert, Robert E.-72 Nave, Joe W.-110 Neal, DeLois-89,200,201 Neal, Glen-43,223 Neal, John Leroy-110,228 Neal, Lewis G.-43 Nealy, Bobby R.-55 Needham, Ronald Milton -122 Neel, Wilfred Perry-89 Neely, J. Gail-111,217,158 Nees, Jam B.-130 Neighbors, Jerry D.-111,240 Neil, Charles R.-89 Musgrove, Edra-42 Musick, Pauline Ellen-110 Myers, Billy Eugene-89 Myers, Jerry Kent-125 Nelson, Nelson. Nelson, , Daniel E.-43 Nesom Gera ld-1 2 3 Herron G.-72 Roberta Lee-89 Perrin, Nesom, John H.-'12 Nevil, Clinton M.-72,207 Neville, Joseph-128 Newberry, Clara-111 Newcomb, Gail D.-58 Newell, William-111 Pepper, J erald-112 Percival, Eddie-112 Perdue, Ralph-73,162,168 Perkins, Naomi-90,211 Perkins, Gary-73 Fred-7 3 Nichols Newman, Ray-72 Newman, Wynona B.-181 Newsom, Leslie Eugene-43 Niblett, Clarence-131 Nichols, Gordon L.-89 Nichols, James N.-111 Nichols, Mary-89 Menttory L.-128 Perrin, Ted-112 Perry, Elaine-112 Perry, James-44 Perry, Jerry-167,170 Perry, Lural-44,228 Persing, Bobbye Sorrels-55 Peterson, Jerald-205 Peterson M. Ladell-55 Petree, Billie J.-90 Nichols, Richard-43 Nickel, Jams-89,223 Nickel, Leroy L.-111 Nicks, Jerry-111 Niles, Kay Darlene-89,200, 213,220 Niles, Max-131 Nittler, Edwin-1111 Pettit, Johnnie-131 Pettit, Martha-56 Petitt, Terry-112,207 Petty, David-90 Petty, 220 Ellen-90,101,201,202. Nan 56 Raba, Roger-112 Radford, Bob M.--90 Rae, Donald, Richard-45 Raglin, James A-45 Rains, Betty-45 Ramage, Jo Ann-112,196, 220 Ramer, Charles-112 Ramey, Wilbur-112 Ramsey, Don-112 Ramsey, Leota-56 Randall, Pauline-131 Randolph, Bart-113 Randolph, Bill-113 Randolph, Denis-113 Rankin, Guyleen-45,219,228 Rannel, All-113 Rathbun, Danny-113 Rawlinson, Wayne73 Rawson, Bobby-113 Ray, Joe-90 Ray, Howard-56 Raymond, Pauline-90 Rowden, Charles Wilson- 113 Rowden, John-162,165,170 Rowden, Hazel-45 Royce, J o-7 4 Rue, Gerald-45 Ruff, Jack-91 Ruhl, Joseph-114 Rumbaugh, Lloyd J.-45,162, 163,164,165,166,167,227 Rumsey, Glenda-114 Russell, Aleta-114,195 Russell, Carol Jean-114,229 Russell, Sue-91,215 Russell, Warner-125 Russell, William-91 Rustin, William D.-91 Ryals, Ryan, Dean 'BQ-123 Charles-91 Ryan, Dudley-205,213,223, 232 Ryan, Frank-74,218 -3.- Sherrill, Wynnona-114,226 Sherwin, Carroll--114 Shiever, O. Gaylene-114 Shilling, Roger-125 Shinn, Charles-114 Shinn, Mildred-75 Shipley, George'+114 Shire, Ronald-75,180,227 Shires, James LeRoy-125 Shirley, Guyvan B.-'75,218, 220 Shirley, James-114 Shirley, William-114 Shive, Franklin-46,227 Shockley, Jack-128 Shope, Freda Ann-115 Shope, Melvin-75,145,182 Shore, Richard-115 Shores, Tom-115 Short, Charles-115 Shrode, Minnie-75,227 Shuey, Ronald-115 Shumate. Jane-46 Nix, Donald Claude-43 Peyton, - Pfannkuche, John-112 Razey, Daniel-113 Pinion, Pitts, Barbara-56 , Rice Noak, Donald J.-89 Nolan, Bob G.-58,252 Nolan, Glen Dale-89 Noland, Jerry M.-111,223 Norman, Charles B.-111,123 Norouzi, Hadi-111 Norris, Reba-72 Northcutt, Jan LeRoYrJl2, 162,164,166 Northcutt, Leonard-111 Norton, Dana Leon-89 Norton, Don F.-111 Norvill, Bill-'72 Nouri, Hossein-123 Novey, Karen-72,211 Nunneley, J. David-'72 Nunnery, Thomas-131 Nutt, Eunice M.-55 Nutt, Margaret-111,193 Nyswonger, Don Alan-125 -0.- Oakes, William D.-125,180 0'Brien, Jerry-111 O'Brien, Michael-72 Ochoa, George C.-111 Ochsenfeld. James-72 O'Conner, John Richard-43 O'Connor, Bob D.-89 Odell, John Patrick-111 Odom, Elliott M.-111 Owterreicher, Bobbie D.-43 Ogle, Leonard-55 O'I-Iagan, Kenneth-89 O'Kelly, Jeanne-111 Oliver, Manuel-125 Olmos, Giovanni-84 O'Neill, Peggy-90,201,215, 225 Orr, Linda-111 Orr, Linda June-111 Orren, Frances-55 Osborn, Kathleen N.-55 Osgood, Emmet-72,223 Outhier, Millard F.-43 Overfelt, Jequeta Ann-111, 195 Overton, Lee-111 Owen, Cathleen Ruth-90, 219 Owen, Donna M.-43,192, 193,220 -P- Pachal, Don-125 Pagan, Patsy-55 Page, Robert-125 nis Jim 90 Phelps, Charles-162.163, 165,170,171 Phillips Barbara Moore-44 Phillips: David-90,208,227 Phillips Phillips , Jess-90 Joe E.-131 Phillips: Trudy-73 Phillis, Harold-44 Philpott, Annette Kerr-127 Philpott, Morris-127 Phipps, Fred J .-56 Phoenix, Roberta-112 Pickens, Wanda L.7112 Pickering, AnnaLou1se-90, 196 Pickering, Glen-90 Pickett, Opal-127 Pickle, William-73 Pierce, Darrel-125 Pierce, Emma Joyce-90 Pierce, Garry-90 Pierce. Harry L.-73 Pierce, Ruth-127 Jerry F.-44 Pinkerton, Kirk-f112 Pinkston, Bill-112 nkston, Carl-44,215 Read, Stanley-113 Reames, T.-73 Reaves, Dextra-123 Redding, Lester-127 Redmond, David B.-90 Redwine, Powell-73,223 Reed, Jerry Randall-90 Reed, Robert L.-123,128 Reed, Ivan Robert-1113 Reeder, Dale B.-73,224 Reeder, Jerry B.-113 Reeder, Jimmy-56 Rees, Eloise-56 Reeve, L. Edward-113 Reeves. Lynn-125 Reeves. Vivian-45 Reichelt, Edward-125 Reichert, Kay-113 Reid, John R.-56 Ricketts, Dan-113 Reinke, Leon-73,207 Renshaw, Lesley-113 Reynolds, Larry-113 Reynolds, William-90 Rhoads, Michael-113 Rhodes, Homer-90 Rhodes, Martin-90 Sabouri-Fard, Houshang-86 Sackett, Gene-131 Sadler, Willie C.-456 Sage, Darrel Ray--114 Saloga, Walter-91 Sanchez, Johnny-114 Sanchez, Raymond-114 Sanchez, Sylvia-109,114 Sanders, Alma-56 Sanders, Bob-45 Sanders, James-45 Sanders, Jim-123 Sanders, Lloyd-114 Sanders, Tommy-125 Sanders, Wanda-128 Sandy, Richard E.-123 Sanford, Bill-91 Sanford, Ronald-74 Sasser, Ben-129 Sasser, Joe-01 Saunders, Sylvia-91 Savage, Don-74 Savage, Joc+123 Siebuhr, Fran-46,172,174, Savage, John-45,162,167, 2lz5,223,224,227 Savage, Lamoise-114 Savage, Steve-114 P. Pinkston, Fred L.-129 Pinkston. Karl-44 Pittman, r elius 56 Co n - Pittman, Vicky-112,202 Rhodes, Roberta-73,195 Rice, Dan-162 Rice, Ed-129 Rice, Richard-113,223 Pitts, James-112 Plaster, Glen-73 Pledger, Clarence-44 Plumlee, Loraine-73 Poarch, John-90,205,229 Poindexter, Clifford-112 Poindexter, Elizabeth-44, 198 Poisal, Lockwood-44 Pollard, Bette Moonyeen- 112,201 Pollard, Christine Armolia- 44 Pollock, Stanley-90 Pollock, Ruth-56 Pollock, Ted-112 Ponca, Carol-90 Poore, Marilyn-44 Pope, Lewis-44 Poplin, Rosella-112 Porter, Larry-112 Posey, Alma-112 Post, Marloww112 Postier, John-73,223 Postman, Ward Eugene-123 Potter, Jerry-131 Wanda-74.211,220,226 Richardson, David-74,213, 227 Richardson, PaulM90 Richert, Kay-81,853,113 Richey, Billy L.-90,162,166, 227 Richey, Paula-74,195 Rickerts, John-45 Ricketts. Dan-113 Rieker, Harold-90 Rickey, Glenn-113 Rieken, Marty-113 Riemenschneider, Linda- 113 Rife, E. Maude-90,201,220 Riizdon, Kenneth-128 Rifzler, George-74,162,167 Rigler, John-90 Rinehart, Leroy E.-74 Riney, Charles-113 Risdon, Doris Evans-45 Ritchie, Patti C.-74,186,187 Roach, Charles-91 Roach, Martha-131 Roach, Ralph R.-113 Robbins, Dean W.-113,208 Potter, Keith-44 Pago , - Pagonis, George-90,227 Paine, Jerry F.-111 Palmer, Gene43 Palmer, Moody K.-43 Parham, Don R.-43 Park, Joan-13'1 Park, Robert E.-90 Park, Tommy John-43 Parker, Charles-123 Parker, J. E.-72 Parker, Parker, James-44 Jeana-111 Parker, Pat. Ann-111,195 Parker, W. Andy--111 Poteet, Ruben-56 Powel Powel l, Bruce-90 l, Catherine-56 Powell, Eddiv-45 Powell, Linda-112 Powell, Richard-1412 Powers, Floyd-112,203 Robbins, Robbins Ken neth-9 1 Yvonne-l'13 Roberta' Celestine-103,113 Roberts, Roberts, Linda-113 Ronny-113 Robertson, Don-113 Sawyers, Kay-123 Saxon, David-'74 Sayers, James-114 Scheihing, Mary Alice-91 Schein, Donald Edwin-125 Schein, LaDonna-745187, Q 188,202,227 Schein, Lawrence-114,180, 227 Schellenger, Carol-114 Schellenger, Raymond-74, 225 Schettler, Albert G.-114 Schiel, Jerry D.-114 Schmidt, Donald L.-114 Schmidt, Howard-114 Schmidt, Robert L.-114 Schmitt, Arthur Lawrence -91 Schneider, LeRoy'-114 Schofield, Bonita-91 Schopfer, Andrew-114 Schott, John F.-123 Schreck, LaNel1e+128 Schreiber, Evelyn-91,201, 213 Schreiner, Conrad-56 Schreiner, Ruby-56 Schroder, Albert-114 Schroder, Karen-91,220 Schuler, Dale-74,220,223, 225 Schultz, LeRoy-45,224 Schupp, Delores-91,220 Schutten, Carolyn-114,198 Scott, Sharon-114 Scott, Thomas-74 227 Sieg, Robert-92 Siler, Donald-115,223 Silvernail, Marvin-115 Silvis, Judith Ann-115 Simmons, Darryl-123 Simmons, Karen-115,186, 187 Simmons. Lee-92 Simmons, Polly-46,217,219 Simpson, Carl-123 Simpson, Charmaine-114 Simpson, Kathryn-46,226 Simpson, Ralph M.-46 Sims, Eloise Arlene-114, 186,227 Sims, Jean-92 Sims, Maurine N.-75 Singley, James-1'15 Sisson, Dorothy Hager-58 Sites, William-115 Sizemore, Clara T.-129 ,Skam'.!s, C. Ronald-92,180 Slaatten, Alf Peter-75 Slama, Billy-92 Slama, Johnny-115 Slinker, Betty-57 Slaton, Charles D.-92 Sloan, Nancy Ann-123 Sloan, Stephen-115 Smart, John Edward-75, 162,163,165.l66 Smiley, Dorothy Yancey-57 Smith, Bobby Wayne-115, 180 Smith, Carmolita-115 Smith Carol Sue-115,201 Smith: cm-rel Jokvs Smith, Clarence H.-46 Smith Dale-115 Smith, Don D.-'75 Smith, Don G.--75 Smith, Earl Lee-92 Smith, Francis Arthur-'75, 215,223 Smith, Gerald Nicholas--115 Smith, Hazel S.-46 Smith, Helen Ruth-46 Smith. Hollis Gene-92 Smith, .lack Loy-75,115,225 Smith, James Ule-115,217 Smith, Jerry-46,115 Smith, Jo Anno--92 Smith, Joseph-131 Smith, Joy Lynn-81.115 Smith. Judith Ann--115 Smith, Marcella E.--46 Smith, Marianne-46,193 Smith, Mary C. Williamsf 46 Smith. Melvin E.-46 Smith, Ola M.-75 Smith, Raymond Leon-125 Robertson , Ea rl--74 Scott, Waync+45 Smith, Raymond Nelson- - 131 Robertson, Melvadene-91 Pratt, Margaret--112 Pratz, Linda-101,111,112, 20 1 Prentice, G'eorgi21f56,1 12 Robinson, Barton-91 Robinson, David-91 Robinson, Jerry W.-91 Robinson, Richard-74 Parkhurst, Carl Daniel-111 Parkhurst, Dale R.-44 Parky, Wilma-129 Parmeter, Bob Joe-44 Parsons, James R.-44 Parsons, John L.-90 Parsons, Robert R..-123 Partin, Harlan Dean-111 Pasley. Jack-44 Pate, Robert Thomas-131 Pate, Sarah May-55 Patel, Popatlal-129 Patterson, Gerald-112 Patterson,'Jimmie K.-44 Patteson, Judy Kay-105, 111,196,197 Patton, Gary Kent-44 Paul, Joann-111 Paxton, Jean Knight-44,148 Payn, Ray-73 Payne, Paul Curtis-11'1 Payne, Ann-90,135,195 Payne, William-90,203 Pearson, Thomas-127 Peavler, Jim-73,208 Peck, Edward-90 Peck, Henry W.-127 Peddicord, Hugh-128 Pedigo, Jocile-44,139,146, 184,l98,199,202,220,227,235 Pendell, George131 Pendley, Gary-123 Pres ton, John-90 Price, Curtis-4112 Price, Billy-73 Price, George-112' Price, Howard-73,223 Price, Leonard-112 Price, Robert--112 Price , R. J.-112 Prichard, Charles-73 Roblyer, J im F.-74 Robnell, Robert-125 Rodgers, Marlin-74 Rodgers, Raymond-45 Rodgers, Ruth-56 Rodkey, Georlle-91 Rodkey, Marcheta-45 Rogers, Homer Dale-91 Priest, Linda-112,193 Prince, Nancy--196,213 Prince, Russell-45,223 Pringle, Bobby-90 Pritchett, Lucille-56 Privett, Rita--112,193 Prock, Garland-73,223 Prock, Geneva-58 Prough, Jack-73 Pruegert, Max-112,228 Pruitt, James-73 Proyor, Lynn-112 Puckett, Bill-112 Pugh, Floyd-123 Purke, Dean-112 Purser, Harold-125 Pyatt, Joe-73 Pyle, Lynda-112,201 Pyles, Faye-1127 -Q- Quijada, Julian-112 -R- Raab, Jo Anne-90 Rogers, Pete-91 Rhode. John-911 Rohrer, Jim-113 Rojas, Carlos C.-113 Rollins, Michael-125,180 Romine, Grace-131 Romines, Jack Arnold-113 Roper, Bernice-131 Rorick, Dnlc+123 Rose, Jean Bale-91 Rose, Kenneth-74 Rosecrans, Wm. T.-45 Rosengrant, David L.-113 Rosemzrant. Suzann4113 Rosenlieb, Jim B.-45 Ross, Bob W.-113 Ross, Ernest Leroy-113 Ross, Larry Lynn-125 Ross, Ralph-128 Ross, Thomas H.-91 Rounsavell, Ramona-45,219 Roush, Jerry-123 Roth, Charles-74 Rothe, Sammie+1l3 Roush, Jerry-123 279 Scruggs, Luetta-114 Seabolt, Anita-91 Sears, Frank-91 Seaton, Lawrence-114 Segraves, Eddic+91 Segraves, Ernest-74,91 Seiboldt, Fred-74 Self, Willie-74,203 Selders, James-91 Sell, Don-91 Sell, Lowery-91 Sellers, Billy-129 Setter, Kathlecn456 Settile, Kaite-125 Severe, Sally--114,201,225 Severns, Jackie-56 Sexton, Bobby-911 Shade, David M.-123 Shade, Stanley Edwards-125 Shadrick, William-45 Shaefer, J. Mike-114,215 Shaffer, Earl David-114 Shamblin, Don H.-74 Shambra, Bethel J.-46 Shanahan, William A.-114 Sharpe, Selborne-128 Sharum. Florence-114 Shaver, Wayne L.-123 Shaw, Cyrus D.-74,223 Shaw, Norma J.-46 Shehorne, Billy-75 Shelby, Ted E.-114 Shelton, Benny Lester-114 Shelton, C. Dale-91 Shenold, Karl A.-128 Shepard, Darrel-91 Shepard, Robert-91 Sherman, Madeline+114 Smith, Robert E.-46 Smith, Ronald J.-92 Smith, Thomas F., Jr.-115, 223 Smith, Tummy Arnold-115 Smith, Tommie F.-115 Smith, Van-75,151,l72,173, 1'74,179,2'l3,215,227,233 Smith, Virgil446,227 Smith, Wayne-131 Smith, Willa Dean-92,125 Smothers, Robert L.-92 Snell, Carolyn-189 Snelson, Mary Louise-92 Snider, Alfred S.-92 Snider, Don Raye-115 Snider, Jamesf131 Snider, Patt Petrcc-46 Snodgrass, Grace-123 Sobhani, Hassan-115 Sorrells, Hazel Greene-75 Sorrels, Gary-115 Souder, David J.-115,223 Soule, Donald David-128 Sowers, Nancy Eileen-92 Sparks Sparks . Bobby D.-115 Harold Vaughn-115 SDarksi James C.-46 Speaks, Don Franklin-92 Spea r, Edward Loy-115 Spears, Wayne F.-92 Speck, 227 Edward H.-75,162, Speer, Johnny SZ-123 Spence, Hurley Marie fDebbiejf77,115,198 Spence, J. Gerohn-92 Weaver, Don-94 Spence, Junia Nathanel-75 Spencer, Eldon-46,205,223 Spencer, James-92 Spicer, Marcia Irene-115 Spiller, Phil-123 Spooner, Carol Sus-126 Spoons, Forrest-75 Sporleder, Phyllis Ann-92 Sprague, Charles-75 Springer, Wanella Jean- 115.193 Spurlock, Virden-75 Stackhouse, Charles-76 Staley, Paul-123 Staly. William-129 Stanfill, Charles-71,76,207 Staples, Bob-116 Startz, Carrol-92 States, Mclva-111,116,197, -202 Stearman. Herschell-92 Stearns, Dale-131 Steely, Roy Don-46,207,235 Steffey, Sylvia Lancaster- 46,93,155,224 Stearman, Herschel Dean- 92 Stephens, Alvena Hickok- 46,220,231 Stgghens, James Louis-116, 4 Steplgenson, Betty Jo-76, Tatum, Spence Arthur-116, 180,213 Taylor, Clarence Lee-92 Taylor, Donald Gene-76,227 Taylor, Donald R.-76,227 Taylor, Doris-47 Taylor, Edwin K.-76 Taylor, Ikthcr-76,195,224 Taylor, Hazel Sharp-92 Taylor, Mary J ean-92 Taylor, Norma H.-57 Taylor, Paul Wayne-47 Taylor, Rex D.-116 Taylor. Rose Ann-57 Taylor, Tallulah-76,198,225 Taylor, Tommie S.-131 Taylor, Willie Ray-76 Teague. Fred Arlo-47 Team, Mary Ann-76,186,227 Teasley. Russell W.-128 Tebbe, George Edward-47 Tebow, Nelda W.-76 Teel, Dick-116 Tefertiller, Franklin J.-116 Tensley, Janice-195 Terrell, Marvin R.-92 Terrell, Max E.-116 Terronez, Leonard-116 Tettleton, Ray L.-92 Teuscher, Eula Tuton-92, 220 Thomas, Albert G.-76 Stephenson, Betty Kay-116 Stephenson, Duke H.-57 Stephenson, Louis-92 Stephenson, Spruce-198 Stephenson Virginia-46 Thomas, Donna Kay-116, 195 Thomas, Pauline-57 Thomas, Robert Allen-47, 149,233 Thomas, Robert Lea-93,235 Thomas, Royc-47,223 Stepp, Frank-116 Stel3D. Robert-116 Stevens, Anna Jaruis-92 Stevens, Charlotte Ann-123 Stevens, Glenn-116 Stevens, Martha Su-92, 201.226 Stevens, Ida-57 Stevenson, David Le-76, 179,223 Steward, Burton D.-116 Stewart, David-116 Stewart, Elmer W.-116 Stewart, Myrna Lee-76 Stigler, Conrad-76 Stigler, Lurene Matthesen- 46 Stiles, Johnny Lewis-92 Stine, Quinton-76,223 Stiner, Paul-116,13'1 Stipe, Irene-57 Stoabs, Lowell-76 Stockton, Dale-116,157 Stockton, Don-116 Stockton, Mauric-76 Stockton, Sonnah-92,226 Stockwell, William-76 Stone, Bill-76 Stone, Dean-116 Stone, Jerry-116 Stone, Ray-116 Stone, Vivian-47 Storey, Sam-123 Stork, John-92 Story, Alice-116 Stotts, Gordon-47 Stough, Daniel-76 Stout, Clifford-92 Stout, Sandra-131 Straw, Joe-126 Striblins. Larry-116 Stricker, Cecil-47 Stricker, Joann-76 Stricker, Johnny-92 Stroup, Dona-92,201,213, 235 Stuart, Wayne-116 Stubblefield, Luther-92,223 Stucki, Jamcs-116,215 Stults, Virginia-116,196 Stumpff, Mary-92 Sullivan, Lawrence-92 Sumpter, Jimmy F.-116 Sutton, Michael-92,207 Swan, Paul F.-47,235 Swanda, Daniel-126 Swann, Alice-76,227 Swanson, Carl J.-76 Swanson, John C.-76 Swanson, Tom-1-16 Swearengin, Francena-116 Swick, Edward-76 Swilley, Donna-116 Swink, Richard-116 Swint, Dale-116 Sukovaty, John-116 .T... Tacker, Dora Banning-131 Tackett, Carolyn-47 Tarver, Newton J.-92 Tate, Gloria--92 Tate, Lawrence Joseph-92 Thomason, Donald-116 Thomason, Jerry Neil-93, 205,235 Thomason, Jesse-77 Thomason, Judy-1 1 6 Thomason, Lindel-77 Thompkins. Roberta-116 Thompson, Diana J.-116 Thompson, Edward-116 Thompson, Gerald Robert- 93,218 Thfzrgpson, Grace Pearce- 1 Thompson, Johnny H.-77 Thompson, John Robert-47 Thompson, Kenneth-A'7 124 165,166,227 Thompson, Luvernie Roy- 116,172 Thfxzrgpson, Shelby Lynn- Thfargpson, Virginia Wood- 1 Thoresen, Faye Orene-97, 116,201 Thorn, William H.-77 Thorpe, Sonja-117,198 Threatt, Elizabeth-57 Thurman, Marvin Raymond -117 Thornburg. Leslie-116 Thornhill, Sharon Adair- 117 Tilley, William James-123 Tillman, Charles Owen-123 Tilsner, Sibyl F.-57 Timmie, Ralph E.-126 Tindall, Jimmy Royce-117 Tindall, R. W.-77 Tiner, Eunice G.-117 Tinsley, Janice-77 Tinsley, Frank-47 Tinsley, John-47 Tipton, Bonnie Bowen-123 Tipton, Leonard Paul-117 Tlapak. Thomas R.-77 Todd, Claude E.-117 Toles, Donal D.-123 Toles, Edna,-117 Tomah, Bobbi-117 Tomah, Kent 0.--17 Tomlin, Gladys Evans-131 Tomlin, Richard D.-128 Toney, Walter-47 Topham, James Everette-77 Tracy, David-77 Tracy, George L.-117 Trammell, Don Wayne-117 Treat, Jack Richard-93,1'72, 177,227 Treiber, Floyd Leroy-47,227 Trenary, Lloyd Ray-93 Trinkle, Ethel R.-117,196 Troll, Leaudra-47,89 Trotter, John William-208 Trotts, John-117 Trower, Ronald D.-93 Truitt, Billy Jack-'117 Tucker, Clifford-126 Tucker, Evelyn-57 Tucker, Gerald Alan-93,227 Tucker, Jerry-77,162,171 Tucker, Raymond-117 Turnbull, Jon H.-47 Turner, Betty-93 Turner, Claude-47 Turner, Kenneth Wayne- 117 Turner, John Aris-77 Turner, Melvin-117,228 Turner, Patricia-117 Turney, Evelyn Wynell-117 Twibell, Nancy Lynn-117, 195.217 Twibell. Sidney Roland- 47,225,251 Twine, Frances-57 Tyler, Jimmy-117 Tyson, Flora E.-57 ...U.. Uhl, Ron Kent-117,180,227 Ulmer, Grace-93 Umphers, Lorcne-57 Umphers, Paula Kay-'77, 146,195,217,235 Underwood, Jacquelyn-117 Underwood, Shirley Jean- 117,242 Unruh, Hellen Mari-47 Ulagezgraft, Larry Kent-117, Uptygraft, Joanne Faye- 117,217 Urana, Tony-48 Urenda, Daniel Joe-117 ..v. Valderas, Bob-47,165,223 Valentine, Glenda Gene- 117,196 Vzraderslice, Kenneth J.-48, 5 Vandever, Cathy Jolene- 111,117 Vandiver, Charles Neale- 117 Vandiver, Evelyn Holcomb -57,131 Van Hook, Frances-93 Vairgglorn, Barbara Sue- Van Horn, James R.-128 Van Horn, Joel Burris-93 Van Horn, Ruth J.-117 Valqgleeuwen, Donald F.- Vanloon, John T.-48 Vann, Allen-48 Vann Bryce-93,172,173,175 Vann, Euyvonne-117 Van Nor, Raymond Neil--48 VanOrsdol, Glen-129 Van Wey. James-77 Vassali, Parviz-117 Vaughan, David L.-48 Vaughn, Severlan D.-77 Vaught, Rubin Don-117 Veneck, Dorothy-58 Ventris, Ray-48 Vernon, Don Lee-93 Vernon, Marsha Marks-48, 150,159.21l,224 Vernon, Vance-48,150,211 Verser, Jerry-117 Vick, Laretha-48 Vickers, Anita Boyd-77 Vickrey, Martha-57 Vincent, Donald Ray-48 Vineyard, Jimmy-117,224 Vloedman, Jerry Niel-117 Voss, Charles-117 Voss, Eddie R.-93 Vrana, Anthony J.-215 ...W.- Waggoner, Norma J.-48. 89,195,213,219 Wagner, Dorothy L.-118 Wagoner, James Alex-93 Waggoner, Jerry-117 Waggoner, Judith Webster- 93 Waggener, Richard Dean- 48,146,218,224,233 Wagstaff, Donald Gene- 118,180 Wahl, Margaret-131 Waken, Sam J.-77,215,240 Walcher, Leslie-93 Waldron, Nellie-57 Waldrop, Bill-118 Wallace, Norma. J.-118 Wallace, Gaylen R.-48 Waller, Sharon Su-118 Walling, Dewey Loyd-93, 208 Wallis, Huitt H.-77 Walters, Zackie-94 Walton, James-118 Walton, Malcolm Edward- 48,180,227 Warren, Martha-94 Warren. Sherron-94 Ward, James M.-118 Ward. John Thomas-118 Ward, Madge D.-48 Ward, Robert-77 Ward, Ronald L.-7 Wiginton, Glenn Dale-94, 229 Wigley, Donald-118,223 Wilcoxson, Jack A.-49 Wilder, George Everett-118 Wilcox, Judith Ann-94,195 Wiley, Morrison-94 Wilhite, Wilson-78,162,165 179,227 Williams, Harriet-49 Williams, Jean-131 Williams, James P.-49 Williams, Jerry Duane-78 Williams, John F.-128 Williams, Kenneth P.-78 Williams, Luclare-94 Williams, Melvin L.-94 Williams, Mike Oliver-94 Wggdall, Thomas Weliam- Warner, Bill-118 Warner, Fred-118 Warner, Larry Joe-118 Warren, Clyde--126 Warren, Donald-48 Warren, Ethel Sharron-94 Warren, Jerry Richard-48 Warren, William W.-128 Watford, Paul-118 Watkins, James R.-94 Watson, Allen A.-77 Williams, Robert Dale-78 Williams, R. Ken-58 Williams, Tilly-123 Williams, Wilber Lee-180 Williamson, Orvin R.-131 Williford, Jimmie Moore-78 Willits, Grace Snow--49,228 Wilson, Barbara-50,150,211, 1 Wilson, Beverly Sue-196, 197 Watson, David O.-126 Watson, Harold-126 Watson, Theodore Leon-58 Way, Carole-58 Wayland, Helen-48 Wayt, Ronald-77 Wgggherford, Jerald-94, Weaver, Harold Edward- 118 Webb, Donald Lee-77 Webb, George-118 Webb, Jack G.-49 Webb, James H.-77 Webb, Virxzinia-94 Weber, Arzetta Pearl-131 Weber, Franklin-123 Wehrenberg, Janet Ann- 118 Weinard, Mary Jo-118 Weir, Twyla-49 Weiss, Thomas C.-77 Welch, Ethel May-118 Welch, John L.-49 Wilson, Billy Lynn-94 Wilson, Blanche P.-78 Wilson, Edgar Bates-94 Wilson Wilson Wilson , Elva-131 , George B.-78 John Mac-78,223 Wilson: Kenneth-94 Wilson Wederah-58 Wineinger, James-50 Wingfield, DeAnn-215,'187, 227 Winilo, Altin W.-58 Winkler. Carol Ann-228 Wimberley, Zenolia-94 Winkleman, Clyde Leroy- 123 Winkles, Glenda-94 Winn, Charles S.-58 Winn, Londos-94 Winston, Alice-131 Winters, Royce Dale-78,224 Wirtz, Steve L.-94 Wisdom, Jacqueline E.-195 Wise, Hershel Lee-126 Witten, Donna Kay-201 Wohl, Marjory-50,147,198, Welch, Walter T.-77.162, 169,227 Wells, Bob-94 Wells, David-49 Wells Carol-78,196,220 Wells: James-94 WEEE, Clinton George-94, Wells Kenneth-118 welpion, Mary-49,227,229 Wendt, Jeannetta-1 18 Went, 201 Harriet Jane-1 18, Werner, Henry-126 West, David Parker-118 West, Heath-128 West, Irma-57 West, Jimmy-123 220,225 Wolf, Marjorie R.-94,193 Wolff, Billie G.-94 Womack, Conrad Earl-78 Womack, Elain-78,147,211, 220,226,233,291 Wonn, Ronald K.-94 Wood, Gary Albert-94 Wood, Jimmie L.-78,227 Wood, Wood. Wood, 227 Wood, Larry G.-50 Ross William-123 Sarah Lou-50,186, Thomas Eugene-94 Woods, Billie-58 Woodward, William F.-94 Westerman, Harold-118 Westfall, Lorn-94 Westfall. Wm.-49 Wwtfahl, John E.-49.148, 227 Whelan, Dwight-78,225 Wheeler, Eugene H.-49 Wheeler, Floyd Gerald-118 Whinery, Helen M.-118 White, Bob-118 White, Charles J.-118 White, Evelyn C.-49 White, James-126 White Karl T.-118 White: Le-118 White, Maxine-111,118,197 White, Narva Lea-118,226 White, Norman-118 White, Pete-94 White, Robert Solomon-118 White Ruth-58 Whitehead, Larry c.-is Woodruff, Arthur-50,223 Woody, Don Gene-78,227 Woolf, Shirley Ann-94,226 Wootan, Darla J.-94 Wootan, Jarrell Lee-50 Workman, Billy Joe-'128 Worsley. Ed J.-94,215 Wray, Gary-78,218 Wright, Barbara H.-94 Wright, Gennie-58 Wright, Jerry David-78 Wyant, Billy-Ray-128 Wyant, George Bailey-126 Wyatt, Dickson Kathryn- 50,227 Wynn, Norma L.-78,211 -Y.. Yant, Curtis-128 Yates, William J.-78 Walker, Tom-77 Walker, Betty A.-48 Walker, David-48 Walker Gary-126 Walker: Dorothy Jo-93,193 Walker, James-48,118 Walker, John-118 Walker, Richard-77 Walker, Sall Sue-118,195 Wall, R Y obert T.-118 Wallace, Larry-118 OKLAHOMA CITY 280 Whitley, Dennis-58 Whitley, Robert E.-118 Whitten, Jerry-118,227 Whittington, Kenneth E.- 94 Whittington, Virgil Glen- 94,217 Whitwcll, Jacqueline-78 Widdifield, Camille Ann-49, 220,224 Wiedemann, Karen-118.201, 215 Wiedemann, Mary Frances- 118,224 Wieganrl, Linda-118 Wight, Joseph L.-78 Yerbech, Charles L.-128 Yoder. Young Jimmy E.-50 , Bob L.-94,180 Young, Dewayne-123 Young, James-78 Young, Judson-78,223,224 Young, Larry R.-78 Young, Ruth Ann-50 Youts, Carolyn-50.1 95 .Z- Zeman, Dale Elvin-50,220 Zink, Carol-78 Zummalle, Jeanette G.-94 Zwirts, Frances Evelyn-111 i ,W - 7 . -. -T ,- Y -- I iii' - ff, , Ani

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