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 - Class of 1947

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'l'mdztz'on railed for ll jubilee. 1 ' " A-Q' D-.W . -s...,, v ,V fs' Q mi, ,gm TSM I M kA,.,i,j Zi , ebruary A rv gmne Ccm Svc 411 a glance This was the CIVYULICII . -uv W W rx, A,,f . A2758 ,awmfQ29isZ1w1wfww Sweetheurl Duncan 16 ...Ta sf J 'fwwm 4' . , A4-,X my 'HP sf' hdarch XVe listened to the March XVz'nd's roar Amz' laughed to hear it howl some more. April YVz'rh the campus all in puddles. Dripping students stood in buddies. May You'ue had your fun. your work and play, The final louch --' Commencement Day imilflfll To You, the Students of Central State College, XVe dedicate this l947 Edition of the Bronze Book. May it, in vears to come, be A reminder of a year of pleasant and profitable associations. The Staff ,MM f 5 ,ff 5 W1 T ' ,wr ,, 'wr 7, ' X171 if ' 4 fy ef V if ' 1 ' 5 -'M 1, 1 2:15, Q H ,wi 4 A ' Q Q,-sf., - Q ,f,, Q S f 'wi' ' k. 7 -J w avwmfgp. , , .W ,-, jf' fu .Q ,A Q Six 145' in-gif ,pf as ,M WMM Qam 72a HN!" 1,7 vi WQZGZM Jail xa x 3355 13225 v SVS 52 EP? 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Al i' 4' "' ' K"fc' nf 4'i':' M fx Q Q 3 + W af' a sb, .1 L-QV. 1 NA' Q ff:-059g A , kk , Q A i .xx x . vu' . . 4- f 'f?fzQ,f Sl l Aw: -V hi' 7 f H, K I x. gk . ws 2 ,N ' -,- NY ' W ,. ,N ' 4 '-' 9 - 8, gi 4 P . 1 'Q' . , ',f'3' 5 Q E s "xl S ' ' M N .4 , if 1. W R' 'f 4 89' EXA v K -.Q,3 .Y.,,, 3 -, -sf ,n v Q . f ax - ,., Q-. ' 4-- 3 4 -M - I 4' Q f lv! , ' in fl' .' V P . , . f . ' 4. 'F Y' " WA f 1 Af 235' 3, H . . iz ' f ,m fl bali'-5' . S' f - l " 552' QA' 'ir Q ,.,' f' 'wp' .4 M ,Q QJWI , -'Q 0? .1 Q , pb," , F fn Aqhnuv--' f .1 Q, ' A, ' ,- -. 'Q f' Mm- 1 If-4 to X, .ui I- 'Q , f. fi ii gf: 'L '3 5, 1, -- 9: 'wx - YW -www-p - -2- 'J-,qw -- -f -- V .K - --L- .... i. gn, ,,,. -.'.. N., . .. Y ,mt It . . .x A . . . NW., K. ,E gg, ,, gg , ,iv-,frm Q 1 ' JQQK? -s ., fy ff-.4 ' f gi-K -5, ,- we iffy -Q'-s,,a ,'. 5' 2, -, Q' ' will ', ' 5 , 'Q ' ' Q vii, is 1 wt ia fl ij, ff+if'l'2? 3 X " V ,QNX - - A ' 1 1 ' V 2 0 ' A .. 5. 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L -' Al in ffl .ga .wf 1' - 4, 'AY' Y A an-A ux.L w Gm. awww 11 awk-was Lglwil'-Y44?l9ll'Flliif . 4,., bmw 1M...., ,,,,.. , ,A WM Newman. MW. 5.-, , n.,,1.wmw.,w.,, .4-Z .ww ww-Kwan Pikw-iw-Ahwwmhiw ev fw new fv,--f ffLxfQfn ,.,' , A, ..,.,A.v X. WW, , K gszhy ,L , K, 411161-:ah ' my I Page Eighteen A Message from The Presicleni' It Was five years ago that Central State College published its last year book. In that period. of time a great deal of world history has been made. A portion of this history was created by the sons and daughters of Central State College. The servicei forces have done their work and have come home. The task of fin- ishing the great work is now in the hands of the statesmen. Let us give them the same encouragement and assistance in doing the task as we gave the men in the fighting forces. Many of the men and women who left Central to partici- pate in the great struggle are now back on the campus, taking up their Work where they left off, attempting to prepare themselves to live bigger and richer lives. This book is in part a record of their attempt to prepare themselves for a better understanding of the problems of life. I feel certain that every- one knows that it is in a spirit of service that this volumle comes forth. All, who have participated in making it the excellent book that it is, are to be congratu- lated. lt is a fine achievement, accomplished by a splendid student body, in a college whose ambition is to serve. R. R. Robinson President Ye Page Twenty S+a+e Board of Eclucalion Dr. Oliver Hodge, President, -- ---- W. T. Doyel, Secretary, A.... .... - - R. L. McLean, Vice-President, CL- -.-- Hugh A. Carroll, .Member, ---.--- ----- Elbert L. Costner, Member, ,LL -LL- Oscar V. Rose, Member, rw.... .... - -- C. R. Bellatti, Member, .... ..... Robert Cull, Memiber, ,M........ .- .,... Oklahoma City Oklahoma City ,. -- -, .Anadarko Lu. Fairview ,,---- Poteau - Midwest City ----- Srillwurer ,-L Frederick Oklahoma S+a're Regents For Higher Educalion John H. Kane, Chairman, ......... -- William Dee Little, Vice-Chairman, ....aa M. A. Nash, Clhancellor, ......... -- T. G. Sexton, Assistant, .................. M. L. Dudley Hugo Dial Currin Shawnee Guy H. James Oklahoma City William Dee Little Ada Clee O. Doggett Cherokee John Henry Kane Bartlesville John Rogers Tulsa Frank Buttram Wharton Mathies Oklahoma City Clayton ,a---- Bartlesville LL------ Ada ------- Edmond Oklahoma City Term Expires 1955 1954 1953 1952 1951 1950 1949 1948 1947 RGY J. TURNER Governor of The Slate of Okfahoma Page Twenty-one ROYW. JONES Dean of +he College Roy W. Jones, Dean of the College, Professor of Biology, received the BA. degree from Oklahoma City University, the M.S. from Kansas State College, and the Ph. D. degree from the University of Oklahoma. Doctor Jones is a mem- ber of the Oklahoma Academy of Science. In addition to his duties as Dean, he teaches biology in the Science Department. Page Twen-ty-two LEITA DAVIS Dean of Women Miss Leita Davis, Acting Dean of Women, and Professor of History, was graduated from the University of Michigan with the B. A. degree, holds the M. A. degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and has done graduate work at Columbia University and at the University of Colorado, Miss Davis also teaches in the Department of History and Social Science. Page Twenty-three RoscoE ROBINSON Presiden+'s Office R. R. Robinson. President of Central, received the A. B. degree from Leba- non University, the M. A. from the University of Oklahoma, the Ph. D. from George Peabody College, and the LL. D. from Oklahoma City University. Doctor Robinson came to Central as president in 1939. KATHLEEN PERRYMAN Page Twenty-four Elmer Petree, Director of ln- Service Training, Was granted the B. S. degree from Central, the M. S. from Oklahoma A. 'ES M. College. and has done graduate work at George Pea- body College and Oklahoma University. Miss Kathleen Perryman, Secretary to the President, re- ceived the B. S. degree from Central in 1946 ELMER PETREE l LEDA BROOKS Finance Office Mrs. Leda Brooks, Financial Secretary, has served in this position at Central since 1939. Mrs. Verona Lewis, Assis- tant Financial Secretary, first came to Central in 1944. Nlrs. Frances Hostetter, As- sistant in the Finance Office, re- ceived the B. S. degree from Central in 1943. VERONA LEWIS FRANCES HOSTETTER Page Twenty-five A. G. HITCHCOCK Page Twenty-six lVlILDRED HELLER A. G. Hitchcock, Registrar, Director of Placement Service, and Director of Correspondence Study, received the B. S. and M. S. degrees from the University of Oklahoma. Registry Office Miss Mildred Heller, Assis- tant Registrar, was granted the B. A. degree from Central in 1945. Alumni Office Miss Edna Jones, Secretary of the Alumni Association, Assistant Profes- sor of English, and Instructor in Com- merce, received the B. A. degree from Central and the M. A. from the Uni- versity of Oklahoma. Miss Jones writes the Alumni column for The Vista. Veferans Office Eugene Smith, Advis- ' or to Veterans, Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- cation for Men, and In- structor in the Demonstra- tion School, was granted the B. S. degree from Cen- tral, and has done gradu- ate Work at the University of Southern California, Mrs. Ann Basore, Sec- retary to Mr. Smith, will receive the B. S. degree from Central in 1947. EDNA JONES ANN BASORE DERIOT E. SMITH Page Twenty-seven E MRS. ELMER PETREE DR. T. H. FLESHER Page Twenty-eight Murclaugh Hall Mrs. Lora Joyce Petree, Hos- tess of Murdaugh Hall, is a former Central student. School Physician T. H. Flesher, School Phy- sician, looks after the health of students. 1 Tl1a+cl1er Hall Mrs. Myrtle Shelby, Hostess of Thatcher Hall, was graduat- ed from Central State College with an A. B. degree. School Prinler C. F. Hart, College Printer, began his duties here in l935. MYRTLE SHELBY C. F. HART Page Twenty-nine BERTHA E. HAMILL Page Thirty ASBURY SMITH Art Department Mrs, Bertha E. Hamill, Chairman, Department of Art, Assistant Professor of Art, re- ceived the B. S. degree from Kansas State Teachers College, and the M. A. from Colorado State College, Industrial Arts Asbury Smith, Chairman, Department of Industrial Arts, and Professor of Industrial Arts, was graduated from Cen- tral with the B. A. degree, and holds the M. S. degree from Ok- lahoma A. 8 M. College. La+in Jessie D. Newby-Ray, Chair- man, Department of Latin, and Professor of Latin, received her B. A. and M. A. degrees from the University of Oklahoma. and her Ph. D. from the Uni- versity of Iowa. Agricul+ure Fred H. Ives, Chairman, De- partment of Agriculture, and Professor of Agriculture, holds the B. S. and M. S. degrees from Oklahoma A. '35 M. College. JESSIE D. NEWBY FRED H. IvEs Page Thirty-one GRADY C. WATKINS Grady C. Watkins, Chair- man, Department of English, Professor of English, holds the B. S. and M. A. degrees from George Peabody College, and is a graduate student at the Uni- vrzrsity of London, at Kings College in London, and at the University of Chicago. EDNA JoNEs Page Thirty-two English Stella H. Sutherland, Assis- tant Professor of English, re- ceived an A. B. degree from Queen's University the M. A. from the University of Chicago, and the Ph. D. from the Uni- versity of Illinois. F. L. FORDICE E. L. Eordicc, Professor of English, was granted the A. B. and M. A. degrees from Wa- bash College, and the Ed. D. de- gree from the University of Ok- lahoma. STELLA H. SUTHERLAND Miss Edna Jones, Assistant Professor of English, was grant- ed the B. A. degree from Cen- tral and the M. A. from Okla- homa University. Francis C. Oakes, Professor of English, holds the A. B. de- gree from Oklahoma Univer- sity, and the M. A. degree from the University of Chicago. FRANCIS C. OAKES CARL THoMAs Carl Thomas. Chairman of the Social Science Department. and Associate Professor of So- cial Science, received his B. A. degree from Central Missouri State College, his M. A. from the University of Missouri, and his Ph. D. degree from the Uni- versity of Nebraska. I-lis+ory Fred P. Drake, Associate Prof fessor of History, holds the B. S. from Northwestern State College, and the M.S. from Olk- lahoma A. 55 M. College. FRED P. DRAKE Emma Estill Harbour, Pro- fessor of History, holds the A. B. degree from Oklahoma Col- lege for Women, the M. A. and Ph. D. from Oklahoma Univer- sity, and has done graduatt Work at Columbia University. Frederick Graves, Assistant Professor of History, has a B. A. from Michigan State Nor- mal College, and his M. A. de- gree and some graduate Work were completed at the Univer- sity of Michigan. L. JEsToN HAMPTON L. Jeston Hampton, Profes- sor of History, was granted her A. B. degree from Cieorgc Washington University, her Nl. A. from Columbia University. and has done graduate work at Stanford University, Columbia University, and at the Univer- sity of Chicago. FREDERICK GRAVF5 EMMA ESTILL HARBOUR Page Thirty-three Commerce Milton L. Bast, Chairman. Department of Commerce, and Associate Professor of Com- merce, holds the B. S. degree from Southwestern State Col- lege and the M. A. from Co- lumbia University. MILTON L. BAST J. RALPH REED J. Ralph Reed, Assistant Professor of Commerce, holds the B. S. degree from Northeastern State College and the M. A. degree from the University of Okla- homa. Marita B. Handley, Assistant in Commerce, holds the B. S. degree from Cen- tral State College. At the present, she is on leave of absence doing gradu- ate work at Northwestern University. MARTHA J. RODRIGUES Page Thirty-four Mrs. Martha J. Rodrigues. Instructor in Commerce, was graduated from Central State College with the B. S. degree in 1946. FRANCES LAUDERDALE Miss Frances Lauderdale was added to the Commerce depart- ment in February. She holds the B. S. and M. S. from Okla- homa University and has done graduate Work at O. U. MARITA B. HANDLEY Physical Educafion Emma W. Plunkett, Chair- man of the Department of Physical Education for Women, Professor of Physical Educa- tion, was graduated from the Cieorge Peabody College with n B. S. degree, and holds the M. S. from Olklahoma A. S5 M. College. DALE HAMILTON EMMA W. PLUNKETT Dale Hamilton, Chairman of the Department of Physical Education for Men, and Associate Professor of Physical Education, holds the B. S. degree from Cen-4 tral, and has completed graduate Work at Oklahoma A. '85 Nl. College. Eugene Smith, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, received the B. S. degree from Central, and has completed graduate work at the University of Southern California. Gerald K. Barnett, Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- tion, was graduated from Cen- tral State College with a B. S. degree. EUGENE SMITH GERALD K. BARNETT Page rzlfllifflf-flliljk' LOUIS B. RAY Eclucafion L. B. Ray, Chairman of the Department of Education, and Professor of Education, receiv- ed his A. B. degree from Indiana University and his M. A. from George Peabody College. He has also done graduate work at the University of Oklahoma. E. L. Cantrell, Associate Professor of Education, was graduated from South- eastern State College with the B. S. de gree. and holds the M. S. degree from Oklahoma University. Fred McCarrel, Professor of Education, received his B. S. and M. A. degrees from Okla- homa A. Y5 M. College: and his lVl.A. and Ph. D. degrees from George Peabody College. E. L' CANTRELL FRED MCCARREL Page Thirty-six Home Economics Mrs. Starr Otto Doyel, Chairman of the De- partment of Home Economics, and Professor of Home Economics, was graduated from Central State College with a B. S. degree, and holds an Nl. S. degree from Oklahoma University. LORA MENDENHALL Lora Mendenhall replaced Miss Bolt as die- tician in November 1946. She holds the B. S. t and M. S. from, Kansas State College at Man- hattan. Miss Thelma Walker, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, holds the B. S. and M, S. degrees from Oklahoma University, and is a graduate student there. She has also done graduate work at Colorado State College. Miss Mary Alice Bolt, Assis- tant Professor of Home Econ- omics and Dietician, holds the B. S. degree from Iowa State College, and has had Student Dietetic Training at the Uni- versity and Crippled Childrens Hospitals in Oklahoma City. at it 39 fa, STAR OTTO DOYEL MARY ALICE BOLT THELMA WALKER Page Thirty-seven WILLARD 'NICHOLS Music Willard S. Nichols, Chair- man, Department of Music, and Professor of Music, was gradu- ated with a B, M. degree from Bethany College, and holds the M. M. degree from Northwest- ern University. CHARLES NEISWENDER Charles Neiswender, Assistant Professor of Voice, received the B. S. de- gree from the University of Kansas, the M. A. degree from Columbia Univer- sity, and is a graduate student of Juilliard Institute of Music, New York City, Paul Roe Goodman, Assistant Professor of Piano, holds the B. A. and B. M degrees from Ottawa University, Ottawa, Kansas, and received an Artist's Cer- tificate and a B. M. in organ degree from Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas. Mr. Goodman has also studied at Kansas City Conservatory, the American Conservatory at Chicago, and David Mannes School of Wlusic in New York. Benjamin Cioodsell, Assistant Professor of Stringed lnstru- ments, has studied at the American Conservatory of Mu- sic, Chicago, Oberlin Conserva- tory in Ohio, and was a student of Jacques Gordon and A. O. Anderson. BENJAMIN GOODSELL PAUL ROE GOODMAN Page Thirty-eight Journalism Miss Mary Rouse, Assistant Professor of Journalism, received her B. A. and M. A. de- grees from the University of Iowa. She is Pub- licity Director for Central and is faculty advis- or of the college newspaper ,rThe' Vista. Speech and Drama James A. Biondo, Associate Professor Of Speech and Drama, received the B. P. A. de- gree from Oklahoma University, and the Nl, F. A. degree and a certificate of Play Production from Yale University. l MARY ROUSE J AMES BIONDO Paqe Thirty-nine GUY CHAMBERS Modern Languages Guy C. Chambers, Chairman, Department of Modern Languages, and Professor of Foreign Languages, received his B. A. and M. A. de- grees from Oklahoma University, did graduate work at the University of Chicago, and studied in France and holds the title of Docteur de l' Universite, from the University of Toulouse. Evans Hall houses the Foreign Language Department. Its curriculum con- tains French, Cierman, and Spanish taught by Dr. Chambers and Mr. Davis. DWIGHT DAVIS Page Forty Dwight M. Davis, Associate Professor of Spanish, was graduated from Central State Col- lege with an A. B. degree and holds the M. A. degree from the University of Oklahoma. Libra ry Mrs. Vernon Johnson, Librarian, received her B. A. degree from Central State College, her M. S, from Oklahoma A. '25 M. College, and the B. S. in Library Science from George Pea- body College. MRS. VERNON J oHNsoN The library is situated on the second floor of Evans Hall, and consists of a large reading room, a children's reading room, a stack room, and two offices. The college museum is located on the balcony. Miss Margurete McGuire, Assistant Librar- ian, received the B. A. in Library Science de- gree from Oklahoma University and is a gradu- ate student there. lVlARGU'RETE lVlCGUIRE Page Forty-one Ma+hema+ics l Harold Wierenga, Chairman Department of Mathematics, and Associate Professor of Mathematics, received the B.A. and M. A. degrees from Kan- sas State Agricultural College, and is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. HAROLD WIERENGA DOROTHEA IVIEACHFR Mrs. Dorothea Meagher, Associate Professor of Mathematics, received the B. A. degree from Central, and the M. A. from Oklahoma University. She has been a member of the Mathematics Department for many years, but taught only part time while she was Dean of Women. She now teaches full time in the de- partment. S. J. Payne, Associate Professor of Mathematics, was graduated from Cen- tral with a B. A. degree. He also holdsl the M. S. degree from Oklahoma A. 'ES M. College. Edgar Wax, Associate Pro- fessor of Mathematics was grad- uated from Oklahoma Univer- sity with the B. A. and M. A. degrees. In addition to his regu- lar college classes, Mr. Wax conducts several extension class- es each semester. EDGAR WAX S. J. PAYNE Page Forty-Iwo Science Cliff R. Otto, Chairman, De- partment of Science, and Prow fessor of Chemistry, received the B. A. and M. A. degrees from the University of Oklahoma. He is a member of the American Chemical Society and a Fellow of the Oklahoma Academy of Science. 1 CLIFF R. OTTO MARVAL D. EVANS Marval D. Evans, Associate Professor of Chemistry, received the B. S, degree from the University of Colorado, the Nl. S, degree from Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio, and has done work on his doctor's degree at Colorado Uni- versity. Carl S. Woodward, Associate Professor of Physics, received the B. A. degree from Olklahoma City University, the M. S. from Oklahoma University, and has done additional graduate work at Oklahoma University and Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. Miss Ethel Derrick, Associ- ate Professor of Biology, re- ceived the A. B. degree from Phillips University, and the M. A. and Ph. D. degrees from the University of Oklahoma. Miss Derrick received the Ph. D. degree in 1935. ETHEL DERRICK CARL S. WooDWARD Page Forty-three Demonslralion School Roland L. Beck, Director of the Training School and Pro- fessor of Education, received the B. A. degree from Oklahoma Baptist University, and the M. A. and Ph. D. degrees from Ok- lahoma University. ROLAND L. BECK CLARA KESSLER Miss Clara Kessler, Assistant Professor of English, holds the B. A. degree from Central and the M. A. degree from Columbia Univerity. She is in charge of English and Speech in the high school. Miss Cora Stroud, Instructor, holds the B. A. degree from George Peabody College and the M. A. degree from Columbia University. Miss Stroud is in charge of English in the junior high school. Elmer Kincannon, Instruct- tor of Mathematics, holds the B. A. degree from Central State College. Mr. Kincannon teaches mathematics and physical edu- cation in the high school. ELMER KINCANNON CORA STROUD Page Forty-four Demons+ra+ion School E. C. Hafer, Associate Pro- fessor of Physical Education, holds the B. S. degree from Cen- tral State College. Mr. Hafer teaches physical education to boys. E. C. HAFER W. A. HENDERSON W. A. Henderson, Assistant Professor in the Demonstration School, holds the B. A. degree from William Jewell College and the M. A. de- gree from Oklahoma University. Mr. Henderson teaches history and grade work, Miss Ruth Miller, Assistant Professor of. Music, holds the B. M. and M. M. degrees from Kansas University, and is supervisor of music in the grades and high school. Miss Mildred Schultz, Assis- tant Professor of Art, holds the M. S. degree from Missouri Un- iversity. Miss Schultz is in charge of grade and high school aft MILDRED SCHULTZ RUTH MILLER Page Forty-five L1LL1A A. SISNEY NADINE CAMPSEY WINIPRED E STAYTON Demonsl'ra+ion School The teachers in the elementary grades of the Demonstration School are Miss Lillia A, Sisney Assistant Professor of Primary Grades, who has the first grade room: Miss Nadine Campsey, Assistant Professor in charge of the second grade: Miss Winifred E. Stayton, Assistant Professor, third grade room: Mrs. Gladys Gale, Instructor, fourth grade: Mrs. Plorrie Wilson, Assistant Professor in charge of the fifth grade: and Mrs. Dixie Smith, lnstuctor, sixth grade. DIXIE SMITH FLORRIE WILSON GLADYs GAL? Page Iforly-six MARION LEWIS ETHEL BURK Engineering Sraff Caring for the college grounds and buildings are Marion Lewis, Chief En- gineer, who received hte B. S. degree from Central in l94lg Mrs. Ethel Burk, housekeeper at Nlurdaugh Hall: J. D, Fletcher, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds: W. T. Morrisett, Janitor in Evans Hallg W. J. Bartley, Janitor in the Administration Building: and Lee Vern Mcliinnis, Janitor in Old North Tower, W T MORRISETT W. J. BARTLEY LEE VERN MCKINNIS J. D. FLETCHER 8 O'c:lock ,,, , 4 . ,.-.,, . . f. .iw f, .W ., 1, ,Q-,f,.f,.,A-, W -Wm.-w.,.,..,.hfm A- f 1 :fu mv .. 13,-.W--3-,g.,az2v -me-A . H ., V 0.3, ,v ,L -.fgrg-LL, ',,,n5,354,. x '1"f- 1' fi' SENIORS XV. C. SKWYER EUGENE SIMPSON HIFI FN 'ISAYI OR HELEN BROWN BETTY DOWNEY President Vice President Sefrvtary Treasurer Parliczmenlurian The SENIOR CLASS IDOROTHIEA NIIQAGHIQR 25 NUXRVAI. EVANS Sponsors Page Fifty JAMES F. ADAIR Bristow, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma Future Teachers of America DORA A RROCHA San Francisco Veraquos. Panama Science Club Triumvirate Club WAIQRFN T. BASORE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Arena Club, Bronze Book Staff, Gamma Iota Alpha. Press Club, League of Young Democrats, Vista Feature Editor. MARY ELLEN BRADEN Chevy Chase, Md. Blue Curtain Players, Bronze Book Staff, League of Young Democrats, Shakespeare Club, PATSY BREWER Chickasha, Oklahoma Commerce Club. JAMES DUDLEX' BROWN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Football, Lettermen Club Wrestl- ing. SENIORS ,4 Tl le' cl l.9'47 2, DELMA JEAN AHRING Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma. Bronze Book Staff, Criterion Club, Correspond- ing Secretary: Future Teachers of America. President: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. ANN ELLIOTT BAsoRE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, League of Young Democrats, Press Club, Sec- retary and Treasurer. Shakespeare Club, West Murdaugh, President: Wbo's Who in American Colleges and Universities. DORIS BOYERS Edmond, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, Criterion Club, Future Teachers of America, Report- er: Les Chefettes, Vice President. KENNETH L. BRADY Springdale, Arkansas Arena Club, Baseball. Football, Cap- tain, Season '46-'47: Lettermen Club HELEN BROWN Edmond, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, Treasurer: Bard. Bronze Book Staff, Criterion Club, Secretary: Press Club, League of Young Democrats, Senior Class Treasurer: Vista Editor, Yell Lead- er. Who's Who in American C31- leges and Unive sities. SAM CARPENTLR Red Rock, Ok'ahoma Paae Fifty-one BETTY CHRISTNER HOPPER Edmond, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, Bronze Book Staff, Commerce Club, Vice Presi- dent: Member of Murdaugh Hall Council, Triumvirate Club, Y. W. C. A., Treasurer. MARION CHURCHILL Webb City, Oklahoma Bronze Book Staff, Future Teach- ers of America, Treasurer: Histori- cal Society, Murdaugh Hall, Presi- dent: Triumvirate Club. GLENN COLLINS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma JERRE DAWKINS Edmond, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, Blue Curtain Players, Bronze Book Staff, Cri- terion Club. President. AARON DRY ' Talihina, Oklahoma Baseball, Football, Indian Club, Lettermen Club. JEWELL PFEIEER ESTES Rush Springs, Oklahoma Blue Curtain Players, Future Teach- ers of America, Literary Arts Club. Page Fifty-two SENIORS 7 GALE CHUIVILEY Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, Bronze Book Staff, League of Young Democrats. LUCILLE COLEMAN Carnegie, Oklahoma Triumvirate Club. PAULINE COYNER LEHMAN Depew, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, Commerce Club, Criterion Club, Future Teachers of America. BETTY Lou DOWNEY Minco, Oklahoma Faculty Editor, Bronze Book, Al- pha Phi Sigma, Commerce Club, Eu- ture Teachers of America. Vice- President: Second Generation Club, President: Senior Class Parliamen- tarian: Triumvirate Club, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi. CHARLES L. EDEN Minco, Oklahoma HOBART PANNIN Loveland, Oklahoma SENIORS lVlELLVlLLE ERVIN l:lTZPATRlCK Guthrie, Oklahoma Bronze Book Staff, Arena Club, Blue Curtain Players, Reporter: League of Young Democrats. MARGIE ROSE GRAHAM Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Criterian Club, Les Chefettes, Fu- ture Teachers of America, W. A. A., Y, W. C. A., President. GEORGE HARREL Foster, Oklahoma i RUTH D. HARRIS Kellyuille, Oklahoma Future Teachers of America, Indian Club, Secretary and Treasurer: Tau Theta Kappa, Secretary. MARY ELIZABETH HOLCOMB Okeene, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, Bronze Book, As- sistant Editor: Future Teachers of America, Secretary: Kappa Delta Pi, Reporter: Shakespeare Club, Presi- dent: Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. l RUTH HUSTON Guthrie, Oklahoma Tau Theta Kappa. I947 CARMEN Gowns Panama City, Republic of Pana- ma Science Club, Triumvirate Club A. D, HAGLE Edmond, Oklahoma Historical Society, Vice-President: League of Young Democrats, Sen- ate Club, President. MARY IMOGENE HARRIS Newkirk, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Band: Blue Cur- tain Players. Secretary and Treasur, er: Bronze Book Staff: Kappa Del- ta Pi, Secretarvg Future Teachers of America: Triumvirate Club: XV. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: League of Young Democrats. KATHRYN HASTINGS Ponca City, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Bronze Book Staff: Criterian Club: Future Teachers of America, Vice-Presi- dent: Les Chefertesg Murdaugh Hall, Treasurer: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. G. C. HOPPER Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Commerce Club. CLARICE JACKSON Edmond, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Bronze Book Staff: Literary Arts Club. Page Fifty-three DOROTHY ANN KEARBY Edmond, Oklahoma Blue Curtain Players: Criterion Club: Senior Class, Reporter. THELMA LOU LAIVIBERT Edmond, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Second Genera- tion Club, Treasurer: Shakespeare Club: Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities: Bronze Book Staff: Kappa Delta Pi. WALTER LE GRAND Luther, Oklahoma Future Teachers of America. DoRoTHY MAE IVIALONE Tulsa, Oklahoma Future Teachers of America: Shake- speare Club, Treasurer. FDITI-I MILLS Yukon, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Commerce Club: Bronze Book Staff: Second Gener- ation Club, Vice-President: Trium-- virate Club: Pi Omega Pi. RAY V. IVICINTYRE Tryon, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Gamma Iota Al- pha: Science Club, Treasurer: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Page Fifty-four SENIORS of I947 fc-D LEO MAE KOPP Tonkawa, Oklahoma Glee Club: Future Teachers of America. PAULINE LANGHAM Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Bronze Book Staff: Criterion. President: Les Chefettes, Secretary: Vice President Murdaugh Hall. FRANK S. LIVINGSTONE Edmond, Oklahoma Arena Club: Science Club: Second Generation Club: Gamma Iota Al- pha. BETTY JEAN MILLS Meeker, Oklahomla Alpha Phi Sigma: Future Teach- ers of America. Historian: Trium- virate Club. Vice-President. KATI-IRYN JONES IVICINTYRE Fallis, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Commerce Club: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. .IUANITA PERKINS Edmond, Oklahoma Criterion Club. VIRGINIA MCIXINNEY PERRY Frederick, Oklahoma Bronze Book Staff, Assistant Busi- ness Manager: Alpha Phi Sigma: Future Teachers of America: Les Chefettes. Reporter: Murdaugh Hall President: Shakespeare Club, Secre- tary: Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. PEARL ZELMA POWELL Gorebo, Oklahoma Music Club: W. A. A., President: Shakespeare Club. Treasurer. EARL H. ROUILLARD Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Bronze Book Staff: Free Lance Writer: Gamma Iota Alpha: Indian Club, President: Press Club: Mem- ber of Thatcher Hall Council. W. C. SAWYER Lindsay, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, Parliamentarian: Arena Club, Past President: Gam- ma Iota Alpha, Treasurer: League of Young Democrats, President: Science Club: Bronze Book Editor: Senior Class, President: Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities: Chairman. Fifth Congression- al District State League of Young Democrats. EUGENE L. SIMPSON Guthrie, Oklahoma Gamma Iota Alpha, Vice-President: Historical Society, President: League of Young Democrats: Senior Class, Vice-President: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. NINA STORY HAGLE Edmond, Oklahoma Blue Curtain Pla ers, President: V Criterion Club: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Q, SENIORS I I947515 BILLY B. PoE VI BE Waurz'ka, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Arena Club: Gamma Iota Alpha: League of Young Democrats. OLA RAINES Edmond, Oklahoma Pep Leader: Shakespeare Club, TTYE I.-EE STONEBRAKER SAMPSON Edmond, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Literary Arts Club: Nous Viola Club: Trium- virate Club. LORENE SEAGO Oklahoma City, Oklahoma .IEWELL LEE SMITH Yukon, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Commerce Club: Bronze Book Staff: Criterion Club: Girls Quartet. WILLIAM C. SUGHRU Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Arena Club, President: Gamma Iota Alpha: Historical Society: Letter- men Club. Page Fifty-five LAURAL S. 'TAULBEE Delaware, Oklahoma Indian Club: Palette Club. VIRGINIA THURMOND Healdton, Oklahoma Pep Leader: Shakespeare Club. LOU ALICE ROBINSON Shawnee, Oklahoma VIRGINIA WEST Ponca City, Oklahoma Future Teachers of America: W. A. A. DENZII- I'IUSTON Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Page Fiftyfsix SENIORS I947 HELEN IVIAXINE TAYLOR Mountainburg, Arkansas Bronze Book Staff: Future Teach'- ers of America, President: Literary Arts Club: Shakespeare Club, Pres- ident: Secretary. Senior Class: Sec- retary of Murdaugh Hall: Wlxo's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. MARIE LOUISE TREVINO Apache, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigmag Triumvirate Club. LEO L. RODRIGUES Edmond. Oklahoma Indian Club: Science Club. LEE R. WlI.LlAMSON Addington, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, Secretary: Arena Club: Gamma Iota Alpha: Letter- men Club: Future Teachers of America: Track: League of Young Democrats: President of Thatcher Hall: Who's NVho in American Col- leges and Universities: Business Manager of Bronze Book, ALLEN JACK HARRIS Bartlesuille, Oklahoma Science Club: Senate Club. JUNIORS JAMES PIULSEY O. SHORT MARGARET BEADIE BILL HUGHES BILLIE HUIKT President Vito Pres, Secretary Treasurer Reporter The JUNIOR CLASS LEITA DAVIS 8 L. B. RAY Sponsors P1109 Fifty-eight MARY' LOUISE BARTLETT Miami, Oklahoma Tau Theta Kappa, President: W. A. A. MARGARET LOUISE BEADLE Perry, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma, President: Bronze Book: Junior Class Repre- sentative: Commerce Club. Secre- tary: Criterion Club, Treasurer: Kappa Delta Pi: Junior Class, Sec- retary: Murdaugh Hall. Vice-Presi- dent: Pi Omega Pi: Who's Who in American Universities and Col- leges. JAMES C. BLACK Marshalltown, Iowa Arena Club. Sergeant at Arms: Bronze Book Staff: G. l. A. Presi- dent. JEAN CAMPBELL Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Criterion Club. GLENNA COLEMAN Checotah, Oklahoma Palette Club, Parliamentarian: Cri- terion Club: Future Teachers of America. LOYCE D. IDAUGHERTY Chelsea, Oklahoma Veteran's Wives Association, Secre- tary: W. A. A. of I9 4 7 leo JUNIORS LOREN A. BATY Carlisle Pennsylvania ELMER C. BECK Lindsay Oklahoma G, I. A.: Lettermcn Club: League of Young Democrats. JAMES B. BRUNO Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Arena Club: Lettermen Club. VIRGINIA CARMICHALEL Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Future Teachers of America: Shakespeare Club. VERNA MAE CROZIER Billin gs, Oklahoma Science Club, Secretary: Shakespeare Club: League of Young Demo CYZIIS. REX W. DAUGHERTY Chelsea, Oklahoma G. I. A.: League of Young Demo CIBIS. Page Fifty-nine JUNIORS GERALD MARK EKISS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma League of Young Democrats. J. D. GIDDENS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma RANDOLPH HARRIS Edmond, Oklahoma Art Club: G. I. A. ALFRED BURKE HINKLE Edmond, Oklahoma G. I. A. LYLE DOUGLAS HOSTETTER Wellston, Oklahoma BILLY ul. HUGHES Edmond, Oklahoma Arena Club: G. I. A.: Junior Class. Treasurer: League of Young Democrats: Lettermen Club: Pho- tography Club, President. Page Sixty D cl 1 9 4 7 ARZETTA PEARL EWBANK Carmen, Oklahoma Band: Triumvirate Club. HELEN COOPER Orlando, Oklahoma Tau Theta Kappa Club. WINNIE HERRIAN Perry, Oklahoma PATSY HOLDER Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ELSIE HUGHES Wellston, Oklahoma Criterion Club: Future Teachers of America, JAMES C. I-IULSEY Edmond, Oklahoma Arena Club, Secretary: Bronze Book Staff: Junior Class, Presi- dent: League of Young Democrats: Lettermen Club: Who's Who in American Universities and Col-- leges. W Y BILLIE HURT Fullerton, California Junior Class. Reporter: Veterans Wives Association, Vice-President. CLAUDIA MAE JONES Wilson, Oklahoma BEVERLY LIVINGSTONE Edmond, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Bronze Book Art Editor: Criterion Club: Eu- ture Teachers of America: Palette Club: Second Generation Club: Who's Who in American Universi- ties and Colleges. ANITA JUNE MILER Sapulpa, Oklahoma Art Club: Blue Curtain Players: Future Teachers of America: League of Young Democrats: Press Club: Shakespeare Club. SARAH MARIE PEARCE Edmond, Oklahoma Criterion. Sergeant at Arms: Liter- ary Arts Club, Secretary-Treasurer. DONALD ORVILLE RANDLE Edmond, Oklahoma Science Club. JUNIORS A. B. HUSKY Washz'ngton, Okkzhoma Science Club, President. ELDON LITTLEEIELD Fletcher, Oklahoma Commerce Club: G. I. A. CHARLEs DANIEL LONG Guthrie, Oklahoma MARX' CECELIA O'BRlEN Edmond, Oklahoma Commerce Club: Second Generation Club. EORREST A. RANDLE Ponca City, Oklahoma LOUISIE ELAINE RAY l Edmond, Oklahoma i Blue Curtain Players: Shakespeare Club: Y. W. C. A. 5 l 7 Page Sz'xty'one JUNIORS JOYCE REAMS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Criterion Club. XlELTA ROSE RUBLE Arcadia, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma: Les Chefettes: Tau Theta Kappa Club, Vice-Presi- dent. RUTH LOUISE SHOPE Edmond, Oklahoma Second Generation Club. ALENE TIDROW SIMPSON Hendrick, Okla. Music Club, Triumvirate Club, President. BERNICE C. SMITH Chickasha, Okla. LILA WATERS Drumrigh-t, Okla. Aggie Club. Secretary: Future Teachers 'of America: League of Young Democrats: Tau Theta Kap- pa Club. Rush Captain. Page Sixty-Iwo ,N i- R I 9 4 7 S GLEN MURL REEDER Brislow. Okla. C. I. A. DOROTHY LEE SERVICE Billings, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma: Commerce Club Vice-President: Future Teaghers 0 America: Pi Omega Pi. LAURENCE SHORT Fallis, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma: Arena Secretary-Treasurer: Julnior Vice-President: Science Club. President: League of Young crats. BETTY JEANNE SMlTH Mulhall, Okla. ROBERTA VOGT Oklahoma Cily, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Tau Theta pa Club. DOUGLAS WAYNE WEAVER Eunice, New Mexico Press Club: Sports Editor. Club Class Vice- Dem- Kap- I SOPHOMORES : HAROLD KIDD GEORGE WALLING MARIIQTTA STONE JOHNNY STONE THONTAS EsTEs President Vice-Pres. Secretary Treasurer Reporter The SOPHOMORE CLASS ETHEL DERRICK Ed RALPH REED SPONSORS Page Sixty-four CARL ALEXANDER Drumright, Okla. Arena Club' Lettermen Club. IVIARY AGNES ALIG Okarche. Okla. Triumvirate Club. President: Future Teachers of America. Commerce Club. Secretary. ELVEDA BARBER Guthrie. Okla. W. A. A.: Alpha Phi Sigma. DORIS .IEANNE BARNETT Edmond, Oklahoma Criterion Club: Blue Curtain Players. JACK W. BLooMER Edmond, Oklahoma Aggie Club. AVIS BOWMAN Bethany, Okla. Historical Society. HARRY W. CALLAWAY Marlow, Okla. Gamma Iota Alpha. BOB CARTMILL Edmond, Oklahoma Arena Club. TIIOMAS EDWARD COYLE Rush Springs, Okla. Literary Arts Club. President: Gamma Iota Alpha, President. HERBERT NEIL COYNER Depew, Okla. Aggie Club. .IACQUELINE DARROW Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Triumvirate Club. RALPH DENNY Guthrie, Okla. Science Club: League cf Young Democrats. CLYDE DUCKWALL. JR. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Music Club: Press Club: Se'ond Generation Club. g OIQUINN DUNN Chirkafhii, Okla. Football: Lettermen Club. GLORIA ElSliN'I'RAU'l' Fayetteville. Ark. Band: Orchegtza: Music CIu'n. PIQIIOMAS ESTES Rush Spri vas, Okla. I League of Young Dcmogratsz I Historical Society: Press Club: , Second Generation Club: Bronze I Book Staff: Arena Club: Soph- omore Class Reporter. SOPHOMORES olse-41,0 REA JOYCE ALSPACI-I Edmond, Oklahoma Criterion Club. MILTON BAKER Oklahoma City, Oklahoma .IOSE BARRIA Panama City, Republic of Panama. BETTY LOU BEELY Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Band. BONNIE LEE BIQOWN Kingfisher. Okla. Criterion Club: Les Chefcttes: Alpha Phi Sigma. GALEN BROWN Britton, Okla. Arena Club: Lettermen Club: League of Young Democrats. EILENE CHUCULATE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Criterion Club: Palette Club: Alpha Phi Sigma. ZOLA COLLINS Prague, Okla. Triumvirate Club: W. A. A.. Les Chefettes. President. LAVOISE CRITTENDEN Rush Springs, Okla. GIA JAMES E. CROWDER Edmond, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Senate Club. ARGUS DICKERSON Piedmont, Okla. Shakespeare Club. MANDAJO DOWNING Guthrie, Okla. W. A. A. BEVERLY EIDSON Wagoner, Okla. Shakespeare Club: Alpha Phi Sigma. .IOE EIDSON Wagoner, Okla. Arena Club: Lettermen Club: Football. OVA EARROW Cushing, Okla. Arena Club: Football: Letter- men Club. I'IOY'l- FERGUSON Holdenuille, Okla, Basketball: Track. Page Sixty-five JAM11s PlKIiS Britton, Okla. Basketball: Tennis. IDLIARD GIVIZNS Chickasha, Okla. Football: Lettermen Club. BOMA' E. GORDON Chirkasha, Okla. GIA: Commerce Club. I'lARRY DIQI2 CTRIPIJIN Guthrie, Okla. XVILLIAM HARR Edmond, Oklahoma Arena Club: The Blue Curtain Players. G. I. A. IVIARY Lou l'lARRIS Bristow, Okla. Triumvirate Club: Press Club. IVIARY IRININ Edmond, Oklahoma Criterion Club: Bronze Book Staff: Choral Society. .IOANNE JOHNSON Edmond, Oklahoma Criterion Club: Blue Curtain Players: Choral Society. IVIARY WANDA JONES Wichr'ta, Kan. Shakespeare Club: League of Young Democrats. CHARLES KELLOG Guthrie, Okll. BETTY LOU KINNISON Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Triumvimle Club. LOUIS I'IIiNRY KRETLOXV Edmond, Oklahoma Basketball. OBDULIO LASSO Panama City, Republic of Panama. I'II'2LIiN LIjAKIi Chandler, Okla. Triumvirate Club: Alpha Phi Sigma: Future Teachers of America: Commerce Club. SYLVIA LIZWIS Hallett, Okla. Tau Theta Kappa Club. Josii LLITERAS Ponce, Puerto Rico. Page Sixty-six SOPHGMORES ol i947 to EARL GOERKIQ Wa-tonga, Okla, Arena Club: Football. NEAL GOODMAN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Music Club: Glee Club. IMOGENIE HAIQBIN Chandler, Okla. Triumvirate Club. IVIARY MARGARET LIARPSTER Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Criterion Club: Y, W. C. A.: Les Chefettes. ALBERTO HAUSEIY Mar Miediterraneo, Mexico. ROBERT .IAMIZS HENSLEY Shawnee, Okla. Football. VJILLIAM JOLLEY Rush Springs, Okla. Ci. I. A.: League of Young Democrats. .IIMMY JONES Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Lettermen Club: Bronze Book Staff. IVIAURICE KIiRR Edmond, Oklahoma HAROLD KIDD Britton, Okla. President. Sophomore Class. IVIARLEIE KYLE Edmond, Oklahoma Literary Arts Club: Music Club. DAVID LANGFORD Britton Okla. RICHARD H. LIQIJAVER Watonga, Okla. Football. CARL LESTER Rush Springs Okla. EDWARD MALONIi Tulsa, Okla. Science Club: Vice-President: League of Young Democrats. KATIIRYN IVIALONE Mountain View Okla. Triumvirate Club: Music Club. IXIORMA INIANWELI. Jones, Okla. Criterion Club: Historical So- ciety. JEAN MAXEY Harrah, Okla. Shakespeare Club: Les Chef- eltes: League of Young Demo- crats. JACK MELSON Chandler, Okla. Historical Society: Alpha Phi Sigma. BERNARD MERVEL Brooklyn, N. Y. Photography Club. ROBERT LEE MORGAN Marland. Okla. BONNIE LEE MUNS Oklahoma City, Okla. Criterion Club: Music Club. XVILLIAM IXIORTHCOTT Edmond, Okla. Historical Society: Senate Club. SARAH PEARCE Edmond, Okla. Criterion Club: Literary Arts Club. D. C. PIPPIN Edmond. Okla. Arena Club: League of Young Democrats. JAMES POWELL Smithville, W. Va. Arena Club: Art Club: Vet- eran Club. ROBERT ROOKSTOOL Oilton, Okla. Arena Club. ALLETTA ROTROFI3 Edmond, Okla. Shakespeare Club: Art Club. HERSCHEL SHERRILL Bethany, Okla. Veteran Club. W. ALLIEN SMITH Chickasha. Okla. League of Young Democrats. ELEANOR SNYDER Edmond. Okla. Criterion Club. Blue Curtain Players. MILBURN SPENCER Barnsdall. Okla. SOPHOMORES PI I947 F VERNON MCDONALD Britton, Okla. Art Club. LEWIS MCMILLAN Oklahoma City, Okla. Indian Club: G. I. A. G. E. MICHAEL Drumright, Okla. Arena Club: Press Club: Blue Curtain Players: G. I. A. MOZELLE MILLER Chandler, Okla. Triumvirate Club: Commerce Club: Indian Club. WILLIAM MURPHY Princeton, Ky. Aggie Club, President. WAYNE NICHOLS Edmond, Okla. Band: Brass Quartett: Arena Club: League of Young Demo- crats. GLEN PENN Gotebo, Okla. Arena Club: G. I. Club. PHYLLIS PHELPS Edmond. Okla. MARY JEAN RIVES Oklahoma City, Okla. Shakespeare Club: Future Teach- ers of America. STANLEY ROBINETTE Guthrie, Okla. Arena Club: Lettermen Club: League of Young Democrats. SEAY AUSTIN SANDERS Oklahoma City, Okla. Arena Club: Aggie Club: G. I. Club: League of Young Demo- crats. STERLING SAVVYER Lindsay, Okla. G. I. A.: Science Club: Arena Club, Treasurer: League of Young Democrats. VIRGINIA SMITH Tulsa, Okla. Triumvirate Club: Palette Club. ROXIE SMYRL Edmond. Okla. Criterion Club: Blue Curtain Players: Choral Society. NEVA DORIS STEPHENS Velma, Okla. Criterion Club. RUIIUS STINNETT Edmond, Okla. Arena Club. Page Sixty-seven ELXNA NDA S'I'IiVvIAll'lS Prague, Okla. Triumvirate Club: Les Cheff cites: Y.W.C.A. Joi INNY STONE Edmond. Okla. President. Arena Club. Treasur- er, Sophomore Class. JANV 'I'OWl.liS Edmond, Okla. Criterion Club: Cheer Leader. ANDREW voor Art Club: C. I, A.: Alpha Phi Sigma. VJANDA NVAI,'l'I'.R Edmond, Okla. Y. W. C. A.: Future Teachers of America: Alpha Phi Sigma: Triumvirate. NOIQNIA VwIlfI'IRIfNl3ERG Edmond, Okld. W, A. A.: Y. NV, C. A. .IANIQ XVCUDLE KIDD Oklahoma City. Okla, Shakespeare: W, A. A.: Alpha Phi Sigma. IVIARCIARIYI' VJOOIJROIVIP Edmond. Okla. Shakespeare: W. A. A. I,ORIiNA S'l'ANLliY Goodnight. Okla. 'liriumviralt Club: Press Club. LILLIIQ L,OUlSIz RUSSI-LL Meeker, Okla. Tau 'I heta Kappa. XVARRPN NICHOLS Walcmnga, Okla. Lettermen Club: Football: Bas- ketball. Generation Club. Page Sixtyfeight SOPHOMORES t-all I 9 4 7 jliffl - lVlARIE'Ii'I'A STON E Edmond, Okla. Secretary. Sophomore Class: Alpha Phi Sigma: Second Gen- eration Club: Shakespeare Club. VIVIAN FISHOIVIPSON Edmond, Okla. Les Chefettesg Triumviratc Club. JAMES J. WALEQBONIQIQ Indianapolis, Ind. GEORGE XVALLINQ Rush Springs. Okla. C. I. A.: Sophomore Vice- President. VVIANDA WESSIQI, PI'L'llIT1OV7l, Okla. Shakespeare Club: Future Teach- ers of America: Music: Alpha Phi Sigma. VIELLA BIERNICIQ WlI,LIAMS Sparks, Okla. Triumvirate Club: Second Gen- eration Club, IVIAY YANCEY' Wellston, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma. Future Teach- ers of America: Triumvirate Club: Indian Club. GIQRRY SIMPSON Piedmont. Okla. Shakespeare Club: Blue Curtain Players: League of Young Dem- ocrats. CARI. BURGETT Dewey. Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma: Iiootball- Lettermen Club, W1X'Ii'I' I-IAMILTON Oklahoma City. Okla. Arena Club: League of Young Democrats: Football: G. I. A. IIORRESI RORI If Edmond: Okla, JACK I-IOBBS Oklahoma City, Okla. Basketball. 4, 1 4 , f EW n L 7 L 6 A nga, A L 'i'i:!siE-A A ' ' ,EL , Q Q, ,pl-,1'2.1"'5i1imQu - f Z fE1!!i'a. if-'Ei H' 2 ' I- ,ms-,gxwjiggggjir ' 31,443 ,. uruen . ' + 1' fi j -'-1 .f-Q3 Jap- ' , --., Q' 3-If 'iufgf A fi Tie? 1: M, f - flffzff' -5? , 5 if 5 'T ' 11 J ,, --- .Q Grew: P N i , 1- --If- 1 3!'V'A: 5.' 4?-I llff ' - likg- MM. , 'g Qi!iff,,j:. IA 5- '- 21 -fix-,gvuwmgix . Iii :Y .if- 'L ,L Lv .ggsm-Warne' '41 ghggfgii' f y , , U., , "'i , R3 SL EQ., 5' :' 55555 5:54. --Bl x ., .. fjv x 1- fu : ,. ,v ', SJ 1 ..... A V K fi-E.. , c --... 5 . - if ' "1 , ' 1- - S-- ..., L Q L "'lEE 5'5fE:'fr'f 1 2-4 I H 4 ,, i-if-EQQQP' E I 345:15 Ax AJ -.L'.f"' :Q : s L 1 31141: - ' ' -Our ' '- z-3-I! :lg is F I Ef gjfffi' 'I fl I ' - + Y ..- 'E E 4-JQI""E' 4 l i.sJI..x'5, Q 1 f-A -I ,- I -F-'- " me ' . f-- 7 - gi, F -L: M. nu-:I up M T .ur li ,JS'ii'l5fl'l .-sf f- KNOWLEQQE ,eg 'ff O -L Ahzzn 1. - fc: -an-ur. 5' iff- if 1125 .'a,,E" ..l,C5Qfli L ff!! 1, -nf . M 0 ,H AA ,,A,,,,,, .. Q , we ggi? Nag. 5 V -1 f... ff , 'f 51773 rf- X -ia jf ' uf! 47 A 1 J: '1 I 39-5 -' Affiiaa TY I V I-H. ...,:,,v: 1, F 'I-Q-5 1 Jw IIQMM ,nf l- Y T Y. f 1H.i I sm ,wb -ffggfuiu Ill: is IFIVIII A H J 3' ' -A ai: - -gr:-3-'ly intl'-Pllunl M blank- FRESHMEN , .-... .I - JOHN DUNAWAX' LEROY PAAS KATIIRYN ANN MARTIN MAUIQINIE SPENCER President Vice President Secretary Treasurer The FRESHMAN CLASS EMMA PLUNKETT '55 FRED Ivlis SPONSORS Page Seuenxlu LAVERNA AHRING Oklahoma City. Okla. Criterion: Alpha Phi Sigma: Historical Society. VELTA ALLEN Edmond, Okla. Shakespeare. League of Young Democrats. BILLY BALLEW Tulare, Calif. Basketball: League of Young Democrats. BONNIE BASH Edmond, Okla. Shakespeare: Girls Cilee Club. HELEN BEELY Oklahoma City. Okla. NADINE BELL Kiefer. Okltr. Shakespeare: Historical Society. FRANK Boocs Oklahoma City. Okla. Press Club. BETTY ANN BORDER Edmond, Okla. VAL BREVVER Oklahoma City. Oklu. TOM HERFXRT BRINKVJORTII Edmond, Okla. HOWEl.L BUCKHOLTS WHUFIIRU, Okla. HAROLD MAX BULLARD Edmond, Okla. JOSEPII Il. BURNS Fairview, Okla. G. I. A.: Arena Club. WARRIZN R. BURNS Guthrie, Okla. Arena Club: League of Young Democrats. VJILIVIA CAVE Maramec, Okla. GUY CLABAUCIH Edmond, Okla. FRESHMEN I947 .29 IVIURIEL ANSELL Superior, WIsconsi'n. CHARLES BAKER Ponra City, Okla. Football. PATRICIA BEASLEY Ninnekah. Okln. Criterion Clllb. BENNY BECK Newkirk, Okla. JAMES E. BENESH Edmond, Okla. CHARLES BIGHAIVI Edmond, Okla. DOYLE BRADSHAVV Wellston, Okla. Science Club: O. I. A.: Photog- raphers Club. V IOLA GERALDINE BRANSON Mounds. Okla. Commerce Club: Shakespeare Club. XVAYNE BROVVN Britton. Okla. Arena Club: CI. l. A.: of Young Democrats, BILLY BRUTON Waurika, Okla. GORDON. L. BURKETT Wellston, Okla. JAMES Loi' BURNETT Oklahoma City. Okla. PAUL IVI. CAREY Guthrie. Okla. Football. LOUISE CARLISLE Overton, Texas. .caguc Shakespeare Club: W. A. A. ELIZABETH ANN COOK Edmond. Okla. Commerce Club: W. A CHERRY LOU COLLIER Edmond, Okla. Band. A. Page Seventy-one DANIEL L, CRISWELI. Sapulpa, Okla, IVIARY Jo CROWDER Edmond, Okla. Criterion. ROBERT DAUGHERTX' Chelsea, Okla. G. I. A. CHARLES DAVENPORT' Oklahoma City, Okla. JOIIN DENNIS STEPHENSON Guthrie, Okla. RICHARD DONNELL Oklahoma City, Okla. Blue Curtain Players. VIRGINIA EAVES Edmond, Okla. Criterion Club: VV. A. A.: Blue Curtain Players: Cheer- leader. IVILLIAM ELKIND Brooklyn, N. Y. MARJORIE EVITTS Edmond, Okla. Shakespeare Club: Band: Music Club: Girls Trio: Alpha Ph Sigma. ROBERT FIELDING Quay, Okla. C. D. FOSTER WaurI'ka. Okla. JAMES O. GARDNER Chandler. Okla. ALVIE E. GOOCH Guthrie, Okla. G. I. A.: Arena Club. GEORGE GOFF Oklahoma Cify, Okla. DAN T. GRAY Marlow. Okla. G. I. A.: Aggie Club. PAUL GRAY Pauls Valley, Okla. Puqe Seuenly-two i FRESHMEN el I947 REBA L. CURB Luther, Okla. Commerce Club. DELLIE CUSICK Ponca City, Okla. Criterion Club. MAX DAVIS Oklahoma City, Okla. IVIURIEL DAVIS Edmond, Okla. SUE IDUBENDORFI: Edmond, Okla. Shakespeare Club. JOHN DUNAWAY Bristow, Okla. Football: Basketballg President Freshman Class. IVIARY C, EMRICK Wellstrnn, Okla. Indian Club: Band. UJILLIANI EMRICH Oklahoma Cily. Okla. SHERMAN FLOYD Panama, Okla. Commerce Club: Football. HAZlil. FORSI-IEE Oklahoma Cily. Okla. HCDWA RD GARNE R Drumrighl, Okla. RENE GIBBS lfrederirk, Okla. Commerce Club: Shakespeare League of Young Democrats. VicefPresident: Cheerleader. AUDEAN GOIN Haslings, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma. XVANDA GRAHAM Oklahoma Cily, Okla. Tau Theta Kappa: W. A. A. BILL GRAYSON Jefferson, Okla. WILLIAM GRIMES Oklahoma Cily, Okla. Aggie Club: XVrestling Team. EARLENE GRUBBS Fletcher, Okla. Tau Theta Kappa ALVIS GRlCiSBY Davenport, Olzla. Football JOHN HANCOCK Tryon, Okla. JACKSON H. HARAUGHTY Oklahoma City, Okla. Blue Curtain Players ELRED GEORGE HAVER Fallis, Okla. GLORlA JEAN HAWKINS Edmond, Okla. GLEN HELLER Goteho, Okla. IRL W. HENRX' Perry, Olzla. BILLY HOL MES Edmond, Olzla. JACK HOSKINS Edmond, Okla. WAH'NE HURT Waurr'ka, Okla. lVllTCHELL JACKSON Charlottesville, Va. NCTLAN JETER Eunice, New Nlexiro. DOROTHY lVlARlli JONES Wr'lson, Okla. BILLYIZ KAISER Holdenuille, Olzla. W. A. A. BETTY Lou KAPKA Britton, Okla. FRESHMEN of I947i BETTY JO HAGGARD Oklahoma City. Ohla. W. A. A, FRED HOLLOWAY Edmond, Ohla. Press Club: C. l. A. NEVA HARBIN Chandler, Okla. Triumvirate Club, PAUL CONRAD HARRISON Edmond. Okla. MANEORD HAXTON Gotebo, Ohla. Alpha Phi Sigma. ROBERT R. HAYES Edmond, Ohla. G. I. A. NADINE HINCH Ringling, Okla. Shakespeare Club: Art Club KERMIT STEVE HOLLAND Davenport, Okla. PAUL HOUOH Cromwell. Olzla. Arena Club: League of Youn Democrats: President, Thmtche Hall. STANLEY HUDDLESTON Sand Springs, Okla. DOLORES IRENE JAGGERS Britton, Okla. Art Club: W. A. A. RALPH JORBOE Edmond, Okla. JAMES l4.AENllVlERLlNG Sand Springs, Olzla, ROBERT N. KAEMMERLING Sand Springs, Okla. GERALD RAY KENNEDY Guthrie, Olzla. NAOMl JANE KINCT Bri-zton, Ohla. Page Seventy three W11,l,1AM KING Davenport, Okla. VIRGIL KINNISON Oklahoma City, Olzla, Bronze Book Staff. VIRc31N1A KIMBLIE Hydro, Okla. Music Club: liuture Teachers of America: Band: Glee Club: Trio. TIIIELDA I-. KIRKWOOD Mutual, Ohla. DAl2X'L LAIWB Hennessy, Okla. G. I. A. Club. lVlARGARE'l' LINIDSIEY Tulsa, Okla. Photography Club: Veterans Wixfes. NANCY JANE LlfWlS Waurz'kt1, Olrla. Music Club. DoN Locikwoon Sanclsprrnas, Okla. LOUIS MAl'lNKE Gulhrie: Ohla. G. l. A. Club. ..lOllN MAIZKS Edmond, Oklu. KATHRYN ANN lVlARTlN Mulhall. Olzla. Shakespeare, Alpha Phi Sigma: Music Club: Bronze Book Rep resentative. BERNICE NTARTINDALE Edmond, Okla. Criterion Club: W, A. A. KATHRYN MANAUGH Lone Vlfolf, Okla. Shakespeare. OMFR LIEON lVlANLEY Jennings, Okla. .lCllN lVlAYBERRY Edmond, Okla. GUY V. lVlCCLURli Edmond, Okla. s Page Seventy-four FRESHMEN I 9 4 7 EEF Vlill'I'lClf KINSER Oklahoma City, Okla. Shakespeare: W. A. A. PLEASANT P. KIMBALL Davenport, Okla. Science Clubg Photography Club: Band: Choral Society. GEORGE A. KNOL Britton, Okla, GENE LANE Edmond. Okla. WlLLlAM LINDSEY Tulsa, Okla. Photography Club: G. I. A. JACK LESTER Britton, Okla, ROBERT LYNCH Perry, Okla. Commerce Club: Photography Club. ALBIiR'I' MACH Wtlttnnga, Okla. LUTHER WHlTlTlEI,D lVlARKS Edmond, Olzla. JOHN lVlARTlN Cleveland, Okla. League of Young Democrats. KEELY MARSHALL Ralston, Ohla. G, I. A.: Literary Arts Club: League of Young Democrats. NEAL MALONE Tabler, Okla. CHAPMAN W. lVlAUPlN Oklahoma City, Okla. G. I. A.: League of Young Democrats. JOHN JACK MAY Guthrie, Okla. Pootball. PHYLLIS NICKINNEY Frederick, Okla, Shakespeare Club: F. T. A.: Alpha Phi Sigma. VIRGINIA MILDRED MCMILLAN Edmond, Okla. Palette Club: Shakespeare Club. IVIAURICE IVIEANS Arkansas City. Kans. JOHN IVIEGEHEE Luther, Okla. ALTON IVIETHENY Bridgeport, Okla. XVILIVIA IVIEYER Edmond, Okla. VIC IVIILLER Oklahoma City, Okla. .IIMNIIE IVIITCHELL Oklahoma City, Okla. ORAN NUNEMAKER Kingfisher, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma. DEE BRENT ODEN Perry, Okla. Aggie Club. OWENS Oklahomx City, Okla. President. Freshman Class. IVIARGARET OWEN Oklahoma City, Okla. Blue Curtain Players: Apha Phi Sigma: Criterion Club. ROY WILSON PEACE Avant. Okla. .IOETTA PENN Oklahoma City, Okla. Shakespeare. E. RAY PRICE Lindsay, Okla. Band. BOB RAINES Edmond, Okla, Arena Club: G. I. A. Club: League of Young Democrats, BILL REECE Edmond, Okla. Band: Mens Quartet. RICHARD LEROY REED Guthrie, Okla. FRESHMEN I947 VA LETA U. IVIEGEHEE Luther, Okla. VIRGINIA IVIEISNER Edmond, Okla. Tau Theta Kappa: Science Club. DOROTHY JEAN MOORE Oklahoma City, Okla. Tau Theta Kappa: Blue Cur- tain Players. IVIARY ANN IVIILLER Kingfisher, Okla. Shakespeare Club: Alpha Phi Sigma. PEGGY NEILL Wellston, Okla. BILLYE JEAN Novi' Oklahoma City, Okla. RALPH ODOR Edmond, Okla. FRED OPPEL Kingfisher, Oklii LEROY G. PAAS Edmond, Okla. Arena Club. IVIYRA JEAN PATTON Ames, Okla. Commerce Club. .IOANN PIPPIN Edmond, Okla. Shakespeare Club. GLORIA PHILLIPS Oklahoma City, Okla. Shakespeare Club: l,es Chefettes. JACK RAY Wellston, Okla. Cu. I. A. Club. VIRGINIA RAY Oklahoma City. Okla. AURILLA BANDY REEDER Shawnee. Okla. Veterans Wives Club. PAT RITTER Wetumka. Okla. 13 Page Seventy-five Roscou Ross ROBINSON Edmond, Okla. Arena Club: Alpha Phi Sigma: Historical Society, Treasurer. League of Young Demo:rats. BEBE RODRIQUES Henryetta, Okla. Commerce Club: G, I. A. Club. GWENDOLYN ROUND Oklahoma City, Okla. JOYCE ROWELL Marlow, Okla. W. A. A.: Commerce Club. FRANCISCO SANIPSON New York, New York. JAMES SCHEPR Guthrie. Okla. LESLIE SELLERS Davenport, Okla. G. I. A. Club: League of Young Democrats. LOUIS SELLS Oklahoma City. Okla, IVIARVIN SHIELDS Holdenyille, Okla. League of Young Democrats. STANLEY SINCLAIR Oklahoma City, Okla. Arena Club. XVILLIAM DALE SIMPSON Guthrie, Okla. LEE SMITH Summerville, S. C. VIRGINIA SOWERS Guthrie, Okla. Tau Theta Kappa. IVIAURINE SPENCER Mountain View, Okla. Criterion Club: Art Club: Al- pha Phi Sigma: League of Young Democrats: Glee Club: Choral Society: Bronze Book Representative. ELNORA STANLEY Goodnight. Okla. Commerce Club: Triumyirate Club. WILLIAM ZIELNEY Oklahoma City, Okla. League of Young Democratas. Page Seuentyfsix FRESHMEN of i947 319 PHYLLIS ROLLIER Ponca City, Okla. Commerce Club. PATSY ROSE Ringling, Okla. Shakespeare Club. OMA LEE RUSSELL Oklahoma City, Okla. Shakespeare Club. CLAUD N. RUSSELL Oklahoma City, Okla. League of Young Democrats. Joie SCHMIEDBAUER Guthrie, Okla. Music Club: League of Young Democrats. GLEN SCHWENDEMIXN Okeene, Okla. Music Club. MERCER Sl-IANV Edmond, Okla. Music Club: Blue Curtain Play- ers. ROGER SHERIDAN Ponca City, Okla. Aggie Club. RAY SILKNVOOD lfVuurika, Okla. ROY SILKWOOD Wdll!'!illIl, Okla. PAUL SMITH IWIIHQLIIT7, Okla. G. I. IX. NORMA SNYDER Piedmont, Okla. Commerce Club: Alpha Phi Sigma: Shakespeare Club. LAWRENCE SPRAY Hennessy, Okla. Photography Club. JACK STAFFORD Oklahoma City, Okla. Senate Club. CLYDENA STAUDE Loyal, Okla. Les Chefettes. DALE STEIIFENSEN Edmond, Okla. BOBBY GENE STORIE Edmond, Okla. IVIAURINE SULLENGER Tulsa, Okla. Shakespeare Club. NELSON TERRY Edmond, Okla. BETTY TETHER Pauls Valley, Olzla, Band. DANIEL TILLOTSON Nelagony, Okla. Aggie Club. PATRICIA 'I-OLBERT Bartlesuille, Okla. Criterion Club: Les Chefettes: Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club: Choral Society. HOWARD UPSI-IAW Britton, Okla. League of Young Democrats. JAMES VAN IVIETER Guthrie, Okla. Science Club: Photography Club. DAN WALKER Chiclzasha, Olzla. G. I. A.: Aggie Club. .IOE WALL Guthrie. Olzla. Arena Club: President. League of Young Democratsg G, I. YVONNE WELCH Waurz'ha, Ohla. DONALD WHATLEY Rush Springs, Olzla. LARL LEON WAIILLSON Crescent, Ohla. RALPH I'I. WlT'TEN Britton, Ohla. IDA PAULINE YANCEY Wellsron, Okla. Triumvirate Club: lndfan WILNIA AILEEN YORK Seward, Okla. A. Clu'- FRESHMEN I947 gre NIILDRED SWAILS Edmond, Okla. Art Club: Shakespeare Club. R. LEE TALLEY Los Angeles, Calif. Aggie Club. TED TETHER Pauls Valley, Okla. Band: Orchestra: Blue Curtain Players, LOWELL THOMIDSON Edmond, Okla. Arena Club: League of Young Democrats. IRENE TREVINO Apache, Ohla. CLYDE V. TURLEY Oklahoma City, Ohla. ERNEST VAUT Pauls Valley, Okla. League of Young Democrats. BILLY WAGONER Luther, Ohla. Aggie Club. ROBERT LEE WATSON Edmond, Okla. Arena Club. JOHN WAX Edmond, Olzla. JACK WHISENHUNT Velma. Olzla. .IOHN WILLIAMS Oklahoma City, Okla. League of Young Demacrats. FRED WOLLARD Arkansas City, Kane. THELMA ANN WOOLEVIR Edmond, Okla. BILLY NI. YOUNG Marlow, Okla. LAWRENCE ZIELNEY Oklahoma City, Olala. League of Young Democrats. Page Seventy-seven l i l Ma+ching Quiz Match phrases with thus: faces WW VX 'lj' ,-WW. ,Aft WN. T In x Si M , ,f 4 xxx , l Mx K f xx-X ly with or A W ' x fjl .- FV T"Q"'tlR X K , XX R -. ,,,,-f lk 7, f ,X Y T X 1 lm If ,ffff xg i i i, QA lf 'ff We ff - ,f X ,f if fill, X, Ze 1 mfr ' if l i'3i!Zi i'. W ' Y "ff:ft3f1J:f.i i ' Q1-"-,T ,K 'Q I 7 ..,. -N . ,- U in .1 VV! X s N ,wil Z M Z ,N fy ffT x . ft XX I , y I ff TX 1 f ' ,ff T I- i f ' Th: B 1'.1 in Low Grades The lflirt The Sophisticate The Blush The Casanox 1 The Crouch The Linguist The Chemist The Shape Ice Cream The Artist The Philosopher The Advisor The Gay One The Entertainer The Voice The XVoman-hater The Athlete The Ugly One The Pretty One The Sleepy One The Wit The Tfgotist The Shy One if' Page Seven fy, eight Mafching Quiz ' x.,,. f MQ' X N x ix 3 X MUWX if ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Cenlral Slale College OFFICERS JOHN KESSLER. '29 Roisiim' D, ANGERMAN, '18 M. A. Nfisri. '10 pr.eS,'dem Vit-g.11re5i'de-nf Honorary President ELMER E. GRIFFIN. '04 EDNA JONES. 329 Treasurer Secretary DIRECTORS Mrs. Hattie Gray Chitwood. 'IS J. Win Payne, '32 Guy M. Rankin. '26 A. G. Carman, '38 liarl C. Rice, '37 Joe D. Hurt, '28 Nellie Broad, '06 Ira D. Griffin. '04 Clyde M. Howell, '10 The Alumni Association of Central State College provides a medium through which the College and you Alumni can keep in close touch for purposes of mutual helpfulness. The Alumni .Association is, so to speak, a connecting link between your school days and those that follow: it is an anchor that will keep you from drifting too far! away from college shores: it is a magnet that will draw you back for the happy reunion occasions. The first meeting of Central Alumni was hgld June l2, 1901, in the Old North Tower. On June l6, 1902, the group met again and at that time the Alumni Association was organized. As the years went by. a need for closer cooperation of the Alumni Association and the school was felt. so on July 20. 1921, the association was re-organized: fl Board of Directors was selected and the first paid secretary, Fletcher Davis. '21, was employed. The position has been held in turn by Loren N. Brown, '22, Wheeler Simmons, '24, Wallace G. Borum, '25, VVa.'ner H. Ford. '2'J. Loren N. Brown, '22 and Edna Jones, '29. The Alumni Association promoted the interests of Central State College and her graduates by: l. Maintaining a complete card file of the 6000 alumni. 2. Keeping an envelope file. Each graduate will have a large enve- lope in which will be kept his degree card. information sheet. news- paper clippings. pictures, announcements, etc. Page Eighty Wendell Simmons, '27 Frances Jewell, '28 Mrs. Winifred Dailey, '28 Mrs. Freda Stewart Spearman. '25 Mrs. Ann Scroggs Coyner, '33 Mrs. Charlotte Grass Griffin, '20 Dorris A. Givens, '46 Mae Hiatt, '20 W. T. Doyel, '23 Sam J. Bell, '35 Barbara Bailey, '26 Helen Hicks. '30 Wallace Coyner, '31 Mrs. Estelle Casto Thompson, '26 Mrs. Vieva Huffman l.obsitz, '13 Thomas S. Rogers. 'l7 3. Arranging two alumni reunions-Homecoming Day in the fall and the Alumni Luncheon duifinig the State Teachers Meeting. 4. Honoring at homecoming each year the class that graduated 25 years before. 5. Adopting a ten-year-cycle-reunion plan teasy to rem:mberl which schedules a reunion for each class once every ten years-on the years ending in the same numeral as the year of their graduation. 6. Printing and distributing football programs for the home games. 7. Having a column of Alumni news in The Vista each week tSeptember to Juneb. 8. Sending a copy of Th: Vista to the members of the Alumni As- sociation and to all others whose names are mentioned in the column that week. 9. Sponsoring the Second Generation Club-the members of which are sons and daughters of former Central students. All second genera- tion Centralites. Alumni and former students, as well as resident stu- dents, are eligible for membership and urged to join the club. The only expense is a 50e membership fee. l0. Publishing an occasional Alumni Directory. a copy of which is given to each life member of the Alumni Association. ll. Contacting graduates. Twice a year. every Central graduate-- whose address we have-is sent something lhomecoming announce- ment. bulletin or letterj from the Alumni Office. "Ode To the Men From Central Who Gave Their Lives In the Service of Their Country" Written during the War by the creative Writing classes under the direction of Mollie Ruth Bottoms Page Eiqhtq-one -..-.,.,---,,, ,,.,,.,.. , O I We who have waited, We who have wept, We who have prayed-- We, who have given little, Come in humble reverence to honor those who have given all they could We come to! honor the sons of Edmond who have made the supreme sacrifice We come to commemorate the Nobility of them, the Bravery, The Greatness the Goodness: We come to write their names like words of living fire in living hearts Page Eighty-two II For those who gave up youth to fight and die That Freedom's banner shall not cease to fly, For those our hearts an ode of tribute raise, Forgetting not that God deserves the praise. For those who've given all they had to give, For those who shall return no more to live Among us. For those in whom all wars shall cease For those, we thank the God of Peace. Echo Soldier rest! thy warfare o'er, Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking: Dream of battled fields no more. Days of danger, niqhts of waking. HI We realize the good of all of those Whom humhlv we attempt to honor here Remains steadfast and present for all time, Knowing well that God Shall never die. We learn with knowledge of the Real That Truth in men is safe from harm -- All that is good no man can kill No man can kill the sacred charm Def life, of Love, of heaven's Will. We pray for power to see that in these de Through self-forgetful struggle for the Right, A portion of that one great Death was shared: That these, our friends. have suffered on the cross Which reaches upward toward eternitv. Have suffered on the holy cross with Him Who died that all the sons of Man might live. aths, Echo I haue seen Him in the watch-fires of at hundred circling campsg They haue builded Him an altar in the evening dews and dampsg I can read His righteous sentence by the dim a,nd flaring lamps. His day is marching on. I haue read a fiery gospel, writ in burnished rows of steelg 'As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall dealg Let the hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel, Since God is marching on. In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea, With at glory in His bosom that transfigures you and meg As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free, XVhiIe God is marching on. IV History is a record of how men Have sacrificed themselves for Freedoms sakes, How they have toiled and prayed and fought and died That out of wildernesses they might make New worlds where Truth and Life and Peace abound, Where danger is subject to the Good, Where only God's eternal Law is found. And this, our country, has its history Of how the Right has triumphed over wrong, Of how, from victory to victory, Democracy has sung the freeman's song. To the voice of Gettysburg and Bunker Hill,- From Lexington and Concord to Versailles, We hear echoes of the voice of Freedom still: Echo We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are life. liberty, and the pursuit of happiness . . . Fourscore and seuen years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. I know not what course others may take: but as for me, giue me liberty, or giue me death. There are slauets who dare not be in the right with two or three. Page Eighty-three V What was the error when last we signed for peace Which quickly proved to all that we had failed? Could it be that false belief began A wail of man's supreme authority? Could it be that greed had tempted man To turn him from the sanctity in which He lives and moves and has his only being? What was the error that proved our peace had failed? From whence arrived the cry, "We'll end all wars"- The cry that thrilled men's hearts with zeal to fight, Commanding them to go through blood and death, Commanding them to give themselves to war To make the world safe for democracy? What error said, "We fight to end all wars?" 'Tis not by fighting that men live in Peace: 'Tis not by killing that they learn to love. Through Goodness only shall all fighting cease: Through Truth and Goodness from the God of Lov Echo Were half the power that fills the world with terror, Were half the wealth bestowed on camps and courts, Given to redeem the human mind from' error, There were no need of arsonals or forts: The warrior's name' would be a name abhorred! And every nation, that should lift again Its hand against a brother, on its forehead Hfould wear forevermore the curse of Cain! Down the dark future, through long generations, The echoing sounds grow fainter ana' then cease: And like cz bell, with solemn, sweet uibrationsg I hear once more the voice of Christ say, 'Peace!' Page Eighty-four 6 VI There is a Power who teaches men to know That Right will always triumph over wrong, That wars and pestilences, death and woe Do not to an eternal Good belong. And in this conflict where men fight for Right, Where these have shed their blood to make men f This Power is filling humble men with might: This Power is giving Truth the victory. Rickenbacker prayed and saw an answer Come to him out of leagues of empty air: And all America shuddered with new courage To read in headlines of a Captain's prayer. God-fearing nations cannot be defeated: God-fearing soldiers cannot suffer wrong. When nations trust the Author of all goodness, Then they can sing for war the funeral song. Let God be praised that there are allied leaders Who seek to follow in Truth's humble way-, Let God be praised that there are those to lead us Who willingly acknowledge that they pray. Echo More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. VII All branches of the Service for our country Are one in Him who calls us to be free, And all the men and women who are serving Are together as in one mighty symphony. ree, Page Eighty-five VIII Man is not dust that he can pass away Like Sparks that fly when woodland fires are stirred Man is not enslaved to death, whose futile sway Has no part in God's eternal Word. Man is ever immortal and triumphant Over all the wrongs that try to master him. Created by Perfection he is only A little lower than the seraphim. God created man in His own faultless image, And in God's image only shall he live. What has this man to do with killing brothers? What has this man to do but to forgive? And of these men whom we call enemies, Are they ever only on the evil side? Do they not thirst like us for living water? Do they not also in God's Love abide? They are only victims of a mad illusion That was not by the hand of Goodness wrought: They are but blinded by a sad confusion: They are the captives of erroneous thought. And if we would prove our faith in God's creation Let us pray as He would have us to Remembering each suffering captive nation, "Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do." Echo Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Page Eighty-six IX As ideal Man is God-like and triumphant, So righteous men the strength of God have proved. So has our mourned commander who has left us, So our leader whom the nations loved. X When freedom on the altar lies, When all that's beautiful and wise-- The sanctity of church and State, The awful purpose of lMan's fatea- When nations faint, and error tries To enslave the children of the Sun? Then youth responds, and Truth is won. So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, Echo When Duty whispers low, Thou must, The youth replies, I can. When Duty whispered low, Thou must, These youths replied, We can! Buster Andeel Marshall Judson Anderson Harold C. Aslin James Woodrow Bigbee Cecil Blakely Charles W. Blakemore Chadwick Neal Bowen Kenneth H. Bozell Norman W. Brittain Harold Jack Bunstine James Edward Butler Ovid Walter Campbell Ernest Blaine Clark Wilson L. Cook John J. Coone Russell R. Dougherty Laurence George Dunnica John B. Eaves Thomas B. Eaves Robert Emmett Fitzgerald Victor James France Richard S. Frank Jack C. Frost Francis E. Hamilton Ralph M. Hart Karl F. Hetzel Warren Cecil Howard Charles C. Hughes William Milton Huskey Paul N. Huston Fred D. Hutchinson William Laurence Jamieson George Dewey Johnston Hugh C. Jones, Jr. Darrel Clark Jordan John L. Juby Hoyt R. Judy Warren L. Keely Harold B. Kiess Elton Vern Kime James E. King Roy S, Kline Baldwin J. Krober William, O. Lacy J. E. Lehman Earl J. Lyon, Jr. Robert Manning Dale Mears Don Meshew Marvin R. Moore Harold J. Morris Frank Pulley Ernest R. Records William C. Rhodes Milton L. Sears Bliss Shelby Bernard Simpson Richard A. Snoddy Alvan E. Stubbs William Robinson Warner Harold Willsie Richard R. Wilson Marvin Ally Woodcock CThis list was compiled by the Cen tra! Men in Service Committee L Jeston Hampton, Chairman J Paqe Fzqhtu seven For these, who lived and breathed this air we breathe, To these, our friends, we send a prayer today: A prayer of thanks, of hope, for strength and love Our memory has tendencies to hold Close to our hearts, as though they were our own, The thoughts of what they did for Freedom's sake alone But this we cannot do. The thoughts their deeds are symbol of are giants, Giant thoughts so high that they exceed our touch-u They cover all the universe at once, Belonging everywhere Freedom belongs, In hearts that yearn for Freedom's Truth and Bliss, In minds that mgirror Freedom's Peace and Love. These are not dead, There is no death -- This God in heaven has made us know. Alive in Him, They are at peace, For eternal Good has willed it so. Final Echoes Yea, though I wtalle through the valleg of the shadow' of death, I will fear no evilg for thou art with me. And now from these we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion . . . We here highly resolve that these shall not have died in vain! that this nation, under' God, shall' have a ,new birth of freedom: and that government of the pteople, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth--- Till the war-drums throh no longer, and the battle-flags are furl'cl I n the Parliament of man, the Federation of the World. Page Eighty-eight ,f If Q fu , 344 IWW? K W Y x 1' 1: , S wa' Q- Q ,, , r Niels. ,W 'AR' -if' 4 4 .ek ,H .zynyp , 2 Ti F, ,E ' ,ma - ,zgfg 'r5,?f33 ff ' 4 , X LS., WF 0 . v I I Q in 33 . W, f . fm. J ,XS J wi W-mm., aw., 1 , 1 ,K Q if Q A 1 .2 K Q 4,.,MA- 3 5 xx ,, 7 mf I '91, 1 T' ?f?" 1' fig 'K "UW, ., Zin! E C NEBZE 5 2. 'S fi Q. KX. ,kk ,W. Aww? fx ,x A Q .n-mktk -.H gig: 74' fiww Q W, ua. 4,54 I 1, .,,l,,:,., v , , V. 5211 - -9, 1X -aff. ,. Q f' .J I fm N -6 .. .,.. 2' mf" .1 19" . '?'! Q 5:1 af ,., Ju-gf' 1 s ,iffy ,-1-an-1453 , f-fu A . Ei w, ,ww 'NI f""'w J., ,. Qi,-lffskf "4 .,,f-5..- mmgg l3!c.xs.1nl liimlvlc l'E'SIlI'ly! 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' .x w. x 1 ' 1 'A da.,-, K li 2 5 'X . 15, L: x X. x M .ff ,ff ,ff 5 , 1 . 1. , E fy I. ff! 4,,,,.u-'W J ,An .. ,.,.mnnv:mr-uvff W, .swf N-5'3",.2,"j Ay---..,......1,,n,,,,.mw ' 'W'--f..,., ,J-""' s "f-ilvumw:.z.'se1u+v1v!lG9i" X ik ., N, I Y N . qua 'Q ig. 'Nh NN "wr , K- -, fa 'Sf '-- bn., M Sqgfw Xxx X n Y K H N f' . 35 X N . ,rg S X is -YA. . '- QQ w, x 1 xx X , Xa x, if 31 1 f'FE:x- gg NES? X. E Fx 1 , .. WL 'uw X '. x - S V "U-., --, x .x . XX 1' ' Hx, M'--Q., Cx -nl, M- 2 Q ".-. , A w.,,,,,m .' xx .X W 3 , 'sf-, nj, Q 9 ' tx 1 tk w 41' 5' Wm fame Emkzm CRITER ION Miss Dawkins models a grey spring suit which may be found in the Junior Shop on the fifth floor of Kexrs in Oklahoma City. Her accessories include white gloves. white stiaw hat, black shoulder-strap bag and black shoes. bn , x M '.s-,H - x 'lfw I Ki," -, -'Q'-V:Ky,.5Y.,,,,v'af ' xx , K S A 2 "fb K Q x -- N. 4 f' w 1 - - x. X "-nk Q 'f ' F, 1 E sk 15 xx' ..,,b.MN IFA' , 1 5 .x ,,.,,,, f ,x Q k " ' '5 ii " 5 K 'R 'Ht r: - . HE if f.,k ig K -v K J ' ' N-.25 ug RR ,S S? ? H I , x Xi "-nam ,lf 2 " I Q, ..,, ,f N3 ., m ZS www . 13, f 2 F xx " 5' K- ff' f" 'J if X a 2 W, Ja, '-., ,M .11 , - X , as ,Q ,Q .. A WW,,.,- A, JW, J , '-4 f- xr. '- 'bw df If . . M N . , , ,mmf it Y. he Mvw ,X fiiq lg. X23 4,5 in 'li , Jr 1221 w- WWWLQQWQQY fl' 'A H. '1 , V. J' V Ay- -A 1? -H, 'gi -- , .,.,,,,.,,,.,,y. ff- - J A X, 3? L ,L .uk A Sr, , wh:-.4 . annex 1-,-,.,,, , D ,K 32 H is, 5' fi f' avi 1 t f M V. 5' :gi 5 21 if ' Ee, 5, M5 'gf 5 'X Xl 40 FK 5 . ' WE S x ' .. 1 21 , N' Y 1 R . W . ' ' , 1 1 H ze' Q .h Q , Y N Y . .. Qs f 2 K -V A 1 , Mud 7596446 fm .famiwi SHAKESPEARE Miss Lambert appears in a dale dress from Devcrcaux'g Store located across the slrect from rhc collcgc campus. Her jewelry came from the Dcvercaux Jewelry Store. Edmond. if X if ,,,,,..X r xr- 1' 5 Nw 1? fl .ff I mi" .-J' - N" '?LKf9f-Qvw-..W, ,N , X . ,S . xgktf . I-qw t "fm ir ' V 3 Az, at ,, x wx 11 Q Q LQ? 3' L Q. 1 Xt 'H - x : i 4 L MMA Jaam TAU THETA KAPPA Miss Harris wears an acorn colored Frank Gallant suit with black ac :essories from Vandevers located at Fifth and Main in Tulsa. N 'N 'sv n. -- X X 'ff ww. X54 X h -.N 'N L . Q41 N wx feb, "lm .R 3 -A 'X -. Nm x ":'R4':ffg,:r:zw" . . ' -X 1, A , bv. 9, . WL as, Xu fr ,iff u. 5 H Eg Xa mvfx: ,AV 'SM' X N, ' "' ' .:SP"' '. '1 ,A .sy .V M ,, R , v. 'wx ie F" 'H V xwtxvh '-LM 1 3 .V 2, xx 35 E ' R4 ,f .h , N. 52 'X We if 55 'H V ' -f , P ,Q , -X kkw xg,-s , 5, ,ff if 15 YBK xc V N 1-AW,.,-0-xv YIKMMZ ' M X is Q" 4vW1m1!- . ' 9 , wma, .N NX , W . x X, wx X W' "ff " M 24' KW., W, 'gig-.. , 0 ' 'vi 53' Xi hx .X W1 K .37 . V 0 Q by x ak .Avi V 'Qtr -X Gb K ,KA k w X2 1 A 0 E X v 1, ta X if 2 ,fxgfx .. 4. 1:2 L 3? l 'X Q, x if wr ,I 2 U il Q, " f' av. V " 6 K 1. W V 4 A ' -.1 X 5 'Y N li' Qi' ' Amwlz YF" ' . ni" -Afuww-n..ufoM"""' ,.f' ' 1-Q.. X... ,Q ' A " fwfw,-mlnvm, .X Q ff -Q, "W-W '11 '11, 'wa X'1,,,, LI X in 4 .-V A , Mm geiiy .fm 2 The Broncho and Gem Theatres of Edmond present Miss Downey wearing a white net cvening dress. 9 f' NWN Mm Umm Kmble INDEPENDENT Miss Kimble models the popular college ensemble. She wears a brown skirt and blue sweater from Browne's Store located in Edmond, Britton, Guthrie and Hydro, She is cofsponsored by the College Shop located across the street from Mitchell Hall, A ,Al-...YW ,,JamW91uimm,.,mmsfmL.ei.,,. ..,, X + XJQPQQ Q Xelkx WI-IO'S WI-I0 VIRGINIA lVlCKlNNl5Y PERRY Senior. Home Economics Major from lireder- ick, Oklahoma, has been Pres. of Murdaugh Hall: Pres. of Future Teachers of America: Secretary of Shakespeeare Club: Reporter of Les Chefettes: Assistant Business Manager of the Bronze Book. BEVERLY .l. LIVINGSTONE Junior, Art Major from Edmond, Oklahoma. member of the Criterion Club:Future Teach- etfs of America: Second Generation Club: Palette Club: Alpha Phi Sigma, and Art Edi- tor of the Bronze Book. .c fc.. ..r--4, Y ss v' t r if . es iwi, LEE R. WlI.l.lrXNlSON Senior. Math Major from Addington, Oklaho- ma, has been Pres. of Thatcher Hall: Secre- tary ol' Alpha Phi Sigma: Business and Ad- vertising Manager of Bronze Book: holds a Masters Rank in Alpha Phi Sigma. He is a member of the Arena Club: G. I. A.: Letter- men Club: lfuture Teachers of America: and the League of Young Democrats. RAY V. MCINTYRE Senior, Pre Medical Student from Tryon. Ok- lahoma, has been treasurer of the Science Club: member of the C. I, A.: holds a Mas- ters Rank in Alpha Phi Sigma. KATHRYN J. lVlClNTYRl? Senior. Commerce Major from lfallis, Oklaho- ma, She is a member of the Commerce Club: and holds a Masters Rank in Alpha Phi Sigma. W. C. SAWYER Senior, Pre Medical Student from Lindsay, Oklahoma: has been Bronze Book Editor: Pres, of Senior Class: Pres. ol' the League of Young Democrats: Treas. of the G. l. A.: Pres, of the Arena Club: Chairman liiith Congressional District. State League of Young Democrats. Paliamentarian, Alpha Phi Sigma. He holds a Masters Rank in Alpha Phi Sigimat KATHRYN HASTINGS Senior. Physical Education Major from Ponca City, Oklahomazz has been Treas. of Mur- daugh Hall: Vice Pres. of Future Teachers of America: member of Alpha Phi Sigma: Cri- terion Club: Murdaugh Council. ' 'f A S M M5391 s " a . K . 15 5 a We Q 'T' res a aff? V f-1 it V I A ja. :.i.t .-Ku J at as :e x . lVlARGARli'l' Lou ISE BPADLE Junior, Commerce Major from Perry. Oklaho- ma: has been Secretary of the Junior Class: Treasurer of Criterion Club: President of Alf pha Phi Sigma: and is a member of Kappa Del- la Pi. THIELMA l.OU l.AMBER'li Senior. Commerce Major from lidmond. Okla- homa: bas been President of the Shakespeare Club: Treasurer ofthe Second Generation Club: and holds a Masters Rank in Alpha Phi Sigma, WI-IO'S WI-IO HIQLEN BROWN Senior. Journalism Major from Edmond. Oklae homa: has been Secretary of the Criterion Club: Treasurer of Alpha Phi Sigmag Treasurer of Senior Class: President of Oklahoma Junior- Senior College Press Association: she is thc' Humor Editor of the Bronze Book Staff: and is lfditor of the Vista. JAMES C, HL'LslfY Junior. Pre Medical Student from Edmond. Ok' lahoma: has been President of the Junior Class: Secretary of the Arena Club: is a member of the League of Young Democrats: and tne Bronze Book Staff. B l:'l'TY LOU DOWNRY Senior. Commerce Major from Minco. Oklaho- ma: has been Parliamentarian of the Senior Class: member ot the Triumvirate Club. Second Generation Club: Commerce Clubz Alpha Phi Sigma: and Future Teachers of America, NIARY E l.lZABlT'l'H HOLCOMB Senior. Math Major from Okeene: Oklahoma: has been President of the Shakespeare Club: President of Future Teachers of America: Re- porter of Kappa Delta Pig Vice President of Murdaugh Hall: and has won the Alpha Phi Sigma honor award. Page One Hurzdzen' Nineteen PUGEN I2 SIMPSON Senior. History Major from Guthrie. Oklaho- ma: has been President ol' the Historical So- fietyz Vice President oi the Senior Class and G. I. A.: and is a member ol the League of Young Dentocratfr. He halds the Masters Rank in Alpha Phi Sigma. MARY INIOLHEN l' HARRIS Senior, Dramatirs Major from Newkirk, Okla- homa: has been Secretary-Treasurer of Blue Curtain Players: Recreational Chairman of Y. XV. C. A.: Corresponding Secretary of Kappa Delta Pi: is Duma llditor of Bronze Book: :ind holds a Masters Rank in Alpha Phi Sigma Page One Hundred Twentq WI-lO'S WI-IO l3l'l,M.'X .llrlhl AIIRIINLJ Senior. lilementarv lfdueatron Nlabfoz' from Ols- lahoma City. has b:en Corresponding Secretary o' the Criterion Club: is a mrmber of luttrre Iimiclavrs of America: I-Xlplia Phi Sigma: and is Club Editor of :he Bronze Book. l NINA Stout' Hauli- Senior: Dramatics Major from Edmond, Okla- homa: has been President of Blue Curta'n Players: is a member of the Criteron Club: and has served on the Bronze Book Stall. ANN PI.l.lU'I' UFXSORIZ Senior. Commerce Maior from Oklahoma City. has been Secretary ofthe Press Club: Mu'daugh Hall Reporter and Council Member: and Presi- Qlent of XVest Murdaugh Hall: and is J member of the Slralwwoeare Club Slt- haltls the Masters Ranlt in Alpha Phi Sigma, I'II'I.l5N NIAXINE 'l'AYI.OR Senior. English Major from Mountainburg. Ar kansas: has been President of Future Teachers of America: President of Shakespeare Club: See- retary to Senior Class: Murdaugh Hall Vice P.esident: and on the Bronie Book Staff. - , ' g'!f.g':l 3,41 ,4 ,:':'Sa5 p g, ,, 1: 7' - , ' - 511' 2 1 'A -1' Nf- EEEEQQL w4f' '7 , ' 2, - -- V ,i ' , "f "Wi iigfl ---- fl - .. ' ' V-5 L1 ' Q. mfr ' 'fi ' 'qlffl 'Hi V, .. f F11 43-,fg5Q2g H! 1,9 ,A in IAg55y?g3Jf5i dung. g.. , git L 1 A- Q ,1 ,LA , 1-4 fx ' H. , ' 5' , '. 2' Q 3 I' - 'M ' " My ia 5.2 , . . WEEEQQ- 2:1 I A "J ha, 'Xi' ' X ' X .,5f:?:f5- ' ' 1 hr- W- H -1 nf-Ease' 1 1. ,A J, , . 1' ff , .LM , K, 5. Lg ,b .V -A-11 . I, -a fa E! ggi: BP-iff f .. :Aww :F-55 Q E saw an-' 2? M.: :- g fx ,, ,,, h gf Il 1 " 5 . , ' .4.,'P.fJ?.Q',,,,, X wmmggf., - , 1 .rr glial, X f. W, w f f 2 ' Qi 'ii' 13 - .Eg .V Q If H7 5 i"?g5!E :?fi. . 5" . fwgggffaf' X 8 1' " -1 -asf-: 'Q S251 ' - 4 "lE::i5!55:1E.42ii'u'. e- - - bf-f,:f',:':'4'11::?' A-:.+-TrhL....-.52 ,J- ....,.-. 4 .. .WAI-np.. : - ,'..... . ...:LP:. ' I S I, ..- 5..'-T- :.:,,.,...... AJ'-. , OCIETY -at 3 2 '4 15 ' ' A 1 M - ,Magi .. L ' ,H ! "" .. rfb ' V - ,I gy: ' H., w :::g:il', .N ,Z , -'sz' 1' f X N:.:.-1. .' f ' -if' 'J f -5252191 . f' ' ,flfl yn W , , -' 'l V. 7 .- ff' IJ ! 4 - . -,...:r ww- . 41,-i , , 22. fu. ' I , --A' .f ' W- f. '3f1!:Q1,.,. i!gx 7,145 iff ig ,ir IL:-l A'-'Y -All: mil V ,K MXL .I lx, I I-iiigg ? ' . wif, , -+1 I, HE' W V' rsffff-:H -' . 1' . . if ' "X R" ? XX' ' Y Y 15223 ip--FW 5 1 f H M L' -" aamzeia Nf"fk vA 5' 4-91 1 ff , . , -.-E Z' "'T'f' V- 1' f W ' 'A ""TCi1' " -'-' I .1 .. W iii"ffE? 5g5f5225 VY- 2 .i , Q L-I I gg I Bl, - ,,- :.:..::,r xl A? Xxx' 3 I, YI' -Y' 'Q N. - ... 1...:lv 5 X I gl' 5,5 , ,.-,:," ,!x :- L. wi W. 'g.fEi5l5-gf-fltjg " j". "ling Q, I 1 1 if gf r'-j w f, 11 . ' 1 ZEQJEFEHF- Lili if ' ,Z Q? E, ,f U. iz" - ' ' , . 11 -3-"rg--'I , ,. .,1 l - as ' ' - "i" 'Si if 1' N. 'wif-alas: "1 -5+ V,Q '1-. . 5' - + . 1" 4 1 ff? f 1, qs- , Tiff? '-r f : ff? " ' 'i '- S-"E L f "5 'jf A ', ,ff 1 9' ?fg'f'f2:f3V5f-7. Im ' A' f- a f f ff-i,:1 e f I fl ii " 'A ' ,- I' . wiv ' ,Q bl " K W 4 25- ' -Qs:.g, A ,gf-'R l -1- Ln. 43:12. ,enun- i Page' Omf Hundred Tu.'mIy-two OUR HRST LADY MM. Qcadcae QCQ44 Society September 8, 1946: Dear Diary: This'll have to be short because I've got to dash, I've been so busy since I got here, I haven't had a chance to get straight- ened around. Things started happening just as soon as I came into the dormitory and they seem to be moving faster every minute. I have to hurry and press a skirt to wear to the mixer tonight. Diary, old pal, I can see right now that you're go- ing to be Sadly neglected this year 'cause there aren't going to be enough hours in the day to do every- thing. But I'll try to jot down some of the most im- portant things from time to time so that a few years from now I can look at them and reminisce over "the good ole' days". I've brought my trusty camera along, too, so I'll be able to remember how every- thing looked. nv Ready for Rush Parties Five cfcloch and time for tea with Mrs. Robinson as hostess September 9: The mixer last night was really good. I met just slews of kids and everyone there was friendly and easy to get acquainted with, After the mixer was over, the Arena club had a smoker for the boys. I'll bet the term "green freshmen" was literally true after those cigars had been passed a few times. September ll: Oh boy! Rush parties got started with a bang tonight. I went to the Shakespeare "Dumbell Party" and had a hilarious time. They played a form of dumbell bridge that even I could understand. The latter part of the evening some of the boys "crashed" the party and we danced a while. September lZ: We had two more rush parties to- day. Tau Theta Kappa's had one this afternoon. They treated us with a line party and then to re- freshments at a cafe after the movie. Page One Hundred Twenty-three Sociely Later the Criterions had a hobo picnic for us. We hiked for a while: then built a fire and sat around it while we sang songs, played games and were served chow in a true hobo fashion. September l3: This afternoon the Shakespeare club had another rush party. lt was a lovely dinner, and the entertainment was in form of a fashion show. The food was served buffet style and while we ate, the latest fashions were modeled for us. And from that party, we changed moods a little and left for the Triumvirate Weiner roast. It was held at the John Thomas cabin out at Lake Hiwassee. lt was so pretty there and we were having so much fun, that we hated to come home.But, since all good things must come to an end, here I am ready to go to bed now ., so goodnight. fzlctllty Reeepl1'or7 in Pres1'denl's home Page One Hundred Twenty-four September 14: This afternoon the Criterions treat- ed their rushees to a dinner at the Skirvin hotel in Ok- lahoma City. Afterwards, the members escorted us to a show at the Criterion theater. No sooner had we returned to Edmond than it was time to go to the Tau Theta Kappa Spanish Fiesta. lt was held at the Royce cafe. All of the en- tertainment carried out the Spanish theme. i A Student Rereption in Murdauyh Sepember 15: Today was the last day of Rush. The Criterions wound things up with a tea held at the home of Dr, and Mrs. Robinson. This put the final flourish on the weeks activities. There was another tea this afternoon this one sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. It was a Big-Sister, Big- Brother, AllfSchoolfGetfAcquainted affair. It was held in the living room of Murdaugh. So September 16: I haven't time to write much to- night. We have to go down to a house meeting at IO o'clock. I think We're going to elect officers, and we'll probably find out what can and can't be done. We had departmental club meetings this evening, too. Even they are planning some parties to go with the rest of the year's activities. Homecoming Queen Candidates September 17: I'm really too excited to write now. We are just ready to go over to Bid House. All of the freshman girls are wondering whether or not they'll get in their favorite club and all of the upper classmen are wondering whether they will get the pledges they want or not. Keep your fingers crossed for me Dear Diary Im on my way. I September 23: Things have been happening sc fast, I've hardly had time to turn around. Last Wednesday, Alpha Phi Sigma met: Thursday, Sec- ciefy Homecoming Reception in Murdaugb ond Generation Club met: Poetry Society met on Friday: I went home over the week end: and social clubs are meeting tonight. Most of the social clubs are having their formal initiations. Gotta dash see ya later? September 26: The student reception was held this evening. It was formal and everything and every- body looked very pretty. Sophomores have their hay- rack ride tomorrow. October 3: I'm on my way to the all-school bon- fire. I can see it blazing already. October 4: We had our first home football game today and we wonl After that we had a freshman party at Thatcher. Punfff October 5: Kappa Delta Pi had a get-together at Miss Stayton's tonight. Hope I can get in that some day. Page One Hundred Twenty-f1't'e Soc:ie+y October 10: Gamma Iota Alpha, the veterans' club, had a stag party down at Royce's. Can't under- stand why they'd rather have a Stag party when they could invite some of us girls. October ll: Hmlmm, this is certainly a perfect night for the Aggie,,Les Cheffetes hayrack ride. Oh well, back to my books. October l7: The Future Teachers of America had their initiation in the Mural Room at Royce's to- night. Nice! October 19: Shakespeares entertained the Arena- men with a picnic, You could smell the weiners cooking at Fink Park clear up to the dorm. October 22: The Y.W.C.A. is having its hallo- ween party tonight. We're supposed to get to see Kilroy. Kappa Delta Pi Initiation Dinner with A. A. U. W. as quests Page One Hundred Twenty-six Sadie Hawkins Day October 28: The Criterion pledges entertained the members. I hear they had a real 'ilVIeller Dramerf' November l: We had a huge bonfire tonight. The pep leaders and Gamma Iota Alpha sponsored it. Tomorrow is Homecoming. November 2: Yippeell Central won the football game. The game is just over and I have come up to the room to comb my hair before going downstairs to the reception. After the reception we're having din- ner at the dining hall and then after that, there is the big dance at Wantland Hall. Sounds like quite an evening ahead of me. November 16: Went to the football game last night. Going to a dance sponsored by the Press Club tonight. It's a Sadie Hawkins affair. I'm supposed to be at Thatcher to pick up my date by 8 o'clock. Some of the costumes I've already seen look like Dogpatch creations, sho nuff! November l9: Alpha Phi Sigma is having its in- itiation tonight. So November 22: We had a pep dance tonight down in the dining room. We have our last home football game tomorrow. November 26: The Y.W.C.A. held a Thanks- giving Fireside over at Thatcher tonight. Vacation Starts tomorrow. December 5: The Triumvirates had their Christ- mas party at Royce's last night. I hear their gift ex- change, dance and everything else was very nice. WoodLt'ard, Robinson, Drake December 6: Kappa Delta Pi is having its winter initiation and banquet tonight. I hear they have a dancer from Venzuela who is to be on the program. December 9: The Blue Curtain Players made a trip to the City to see Stage Door. They've made a number of these trips lately. They went to see Male Animal and Oklahoma last month. cie+y December 12: Shakespeares had their Christmas dinner today. They had a gift exchange, and gifts varied from Kleenex to poker chips. Later in the evening we went to see the Blue Curtain play, Antigone, at Mitchell Hall. December 15: Last night the Criterions had their Snowball Dance. They had the gym so well decor- ated that it seemed like an entirely different place, During the floor show they crowned Delma Jean Ahring queen. The orchestra was really good. December 19: We had the Murdaugh formal din- ner tonight. Everything was delightful.-,We even had turkey. Then, at about 10:30, after we had changed from our formals into something more comifortable, the boys came back to serenade. They were invited in, so we all went back down to the dining hall, where everything had been cleared out of the way, and danced. ,,Fun!l ie.sf,,,g . ...., , a,..... TC c, F. T. A. Initialion Dinner Paqe One Hundred Twenty-seven Sociefy 'N 2 'xxx Criterion Sno wball Dance December 31: Well, I just got back from the Christmas holidays. I had a good time while I was home, but it seems good to be back. There is to be a masquerade dance, sponsored by the social clubs, tonight. The decorations are already up. Looks like fun! January 14: I heard the German class singing today. Guess they are getting ready for their party at Royce's tonight. January 28: The orchestra is having a concert tonight and I'm on my way. February 6: We had the Bronze Book carnival tonight. It was held in the Administration building. Each club had a room for the activity which they were sponsoring. There were dart games, bingo games, a little Casino, a show for men only, a ghost walk, a crazy house and many others. Instead of having a queen contest in connection with it this Page One Hundred Twenty-f'iqht . f , Triumurrare Christmas Party year, top honors went to the "ugliest man". Bill Sughru won. February 8: Things were really groovy at the freshman party last night. In addition to some of our local talent, some musicians from Oklahoma City and Stillwater sat in on the "jam session" and they produced some music that was a delight to us all. Another one of these affairs is planned for 'March 7. February ll: The Y.W.C.A. had its Valentine party this evening. Which reminds me, I'd probably better start dropping some subtle hints if I expect to get some chocolates for Valentine's Day. February l6. The highschool basketball tourna- ment which was held here on the campus ended yes- terday with Byng, Dewey, Paoli, and Friend the champions in classes A, B, C, and D, respectively. February 18: The Criterions are having an in- formal card party tonight. So February 20: Kappa Delta Pi is having its recep- tion for the first semester honor students tonight. l-ater this evening we're to have the first games of the basketball tournament being played by the girls' social clubs. February 26: The only thing l've seen that is funnier than Aunt Susie's new hat is the Nert Fest that the Arenas had last night. Oh, such a chorus line! And that minstrel shownand some people wonder what killed vaudeville Cjust kidding, boysh. The people were laughing so much I missed one or two of the jokes, but there were plenty others. February 28: The college is host to the Futurr Homemakers of America this week-end and Cen- tral's own home economic students are having a tea in their honor this afternoon. New Years Masquerade Ball cie'ry March ll: The Y.W.C,A. had a St. Plat's party tonight. It certainly brought out the Irish in all of us. We played some folk games and sang songs. March 24: The orchestra is having a concert to- night and a group of us are going over together, April 7: Yesterday was Easter and the Easter pa- rade around here was really a spectacle.uaSo many pretty suits and dresses. April 21: This last week-end was Mothers' Week- end on CSC campus. The mothers registered from l:30 to 5:30 on Saturday, and then there was a re- ception for them at Murdaugh at 4:30. We all went down for dinner at 6:00 and a program was present- ed after we finished eating. Sunday afternoon there was a concert at Mitchell Hall. May 2: Tonight is the night of the Kappa Delta Pi reception and initiation. Arena preparation for Barn Dance Page One Hundred Twenty-nine Sociely Shahespeclres preparing for formal dance May 23: I've finished my packing, and I have about thirty minutes before train time. l've slighted you terribly during the past few weeks, Diary dear, but after you find out what all has been happening, you'll understand why. There were two big dances. The Shakespeare af- fair was a beautiful one. There were flowers all over the room so it smelled like a garden. The club's col- ors had been carried out in the decorations, Every- thing went off with perfection. The arena barn dance was just as wonderful, but the atmosphere was exactly the opposite. At the barn dance everyone came dressed in overalls and gingham dresses. The gymnasium was decorated to look just as much like a barn as possible. l'm sure that everyone enjoyed both of these dances immen- sely. Page One Hundred Thirty And there have been all sorts of activities honoring the seniors the past week or so. The members of the A.A.U.W. had a tea at Murdaugh in honor of the Central State College seniors, the seniors of the Edmond High School, and the seniors of the College Demonstration School. Then, of course, there were the two receptions for the seniorstdthe one given by the juniors and the one given by Dr. and Mrs. Robinson. They were both held at the Presidents home. Baccalaureate was held on May l8, and Convoca- tion was held yesterday with Dr. Bruner as speaker. It has certainly been a busy year, and l'm already looking forward to the next one. Senior Reception .QA ff' 1 T5 W . , .. if, , 2 , , , wg. ff,-'1 4, 1 397' ,Q 1 :.,a,:wxw'fwHP'WWf5'i A Page One Hundred Thirty-two The I947 Bronze Book W. C. Sawyer, E, ...., . ooooo ----.--ze,- Editor Lee R. Williamson, -z-...zzzzz- Business Mcmager. Mary Elizabeth Holcomb, .W Assistant Editor Virginia Perry, .sass an.- Ass't. Bus. Mgr. The Bronze Book, official yearbook of Central State Col- lege is published under the auspices of the Senior Class. But, so much for statistics .--The Staff began work CU in September, at least some of the staff did. CA few members never even found the office.J We were plagued with paper, binding, and work shortages, but here is your book and we hope it won't be necessary for the staff to exit en-masse the day it is distributed. Lee Williamson, Jim Hulsey, Tom Estes, James Black, Bill Sughru, and Mr. Petree pounded the pavements of Edmond and Oklahoma City in search of advertisers. Virginia Perry and Mr. Bast tried to keep the books out of the red when we were spending faster than the money came in. Mr. Woodward, Bill Hughes and Virgil Kinnison couldn't hear anything except "MORE PICTURES". W. C. Sawyer, Mary Elizabeth Holcomb, Betty Downey, Helen Taylor, Margaret Beadle, Delma Jean Ahring, Gale Chumley, Mr. Evans and Mrs. Meagher burned a lot of mid- night oil sorting pictures and putting material together. One of the biggest jobs fell to W. T. Basore, who did an excellent job on writing up the Men's Athletic section. It's been rumored though, that wife Ann deserves a part of the credit. Mrs. Florrie Wilson, Pauline Langham, Margie Graham, Edith Mills and Jerre Dawkins spent their time chasing down snapshots for the Feature Section. Thelma Lou Lambert and Marion Churchill wrote the diary of Social Events of the year. The sketches are by Beverly Livingstone, the caricatures by Jimmy Jones. The Advertising section by Alleta Rotroff and Earl Rouillard, Free Lance Writer. I can see that there isn't going to be space to give everyone their just due, but the opposite page will give you an idea as to what each person's job was, and for the miost part, every- one contributed their Share. In closing, let me pass a word of advice to the staff of next year, "Find you a snap 2 hour course, don't enroll in anything more and get settled down to work on this 'l'-ID ?"f2l Annual" The Editor s Q W. C. Sawyer Mary Elizabeth Holcomb Lee R. Williamson Virginia Perry Gale Chumley Delma Jean Ahring Pauline Langham Margie Graham Edith Mills Jerre Dawkins Beverly Livingstone Alleta Rotroff Thelma Lou Lambert Marion Churchill W. T. Basore Kathryn Hastings Mary Imogene Harris Mary Ellen Braden Jewell Lee Smith Gloria Eisentraut Betty Lou Downey Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Ass't Bus. Mgr, Club Editor Club Editor Feature Editor Feature Editor Feature Editor Feature Editor Art Editor Art Editor Society Editor Society Editor Athletic Editor Athletic Editor Dramatics Editor Dramiatics Editor Music Editor Music Editor Faculty Editor Helen Brown Earl Rouillard Nina Story Hagle Clarice Jackson James Hulsey Tom Estes Bill Sughru James C. Black Stanley Sinclair Helen Taylor Margaret Beadle Mary Irwin Kay Martin Maurine Spencer Mrs, D. L. Meagher Marval D. Evans M. L. Bast Elmer Petree Carl Woodward Bill Hughes Virgil Kinnison Humor Editor Free Lance Writer Script Writer Script Writer Advertising Staff Advertising Staff Advertising Staff l Advertising Staff Advertising Staff . Senior Class Representative Junior Class Representative Sophomore Class Representative Freshman Class Representative Freshman Class Representative Editorial Advisor Editorial Advisor Business Advisor Business Advisor Photographer Student Photographer Student Photographer Page One Hundred Th1'rtg,f-three The Visfa The Vista was published bi-weekly through- out the school year of I946-47, the forty-fifth year of its publication. The newspaper was printed in the college print shop located in the Administration Building. The editorial office was in Room 106 of Evans Hall. During the first semester the headline sched- ule was revised in the editorial department to employ type faces in one family of type, Cen- tury, instead of the combination which had been used previously. Featuring pictures of col- lege activities in all issues, the staff aimed at picturing a variety of departmental, class and social functions. Helen Brown presided as president of the Oklahoma Senior College Press Association meeting at Okmulgee in November. Lorena Stan- ley was elected secretary of the organization. Page One Hundred Thirty-four The editorial staff for the first semester in- cluded Helen Brown, editor: Turley Basore, feature editor: Wayne Weaver, sports editor: and Clyde Duckwall. music editor. Second se- mester staff members were Helen Brown, editor: Lorena Stanley and Turley Basore, associate editors, and Vance Horne, editorial writer. Mary Rouse served as faculty adviser. The printing staff which assisted C, F. Hart, instructor in printing, included Gene Simpson, chief linotype operator: and C. C. Hopper and Cale Chumley, chief floormen and pressmen. In addition to writing for the Vista, staff reporters assisted the faculty adviser in organ- izing a news bureau to write college news for Oklahoma newspapers, ff If SOCIAL CLUBS ARENA The Arena Club was established in 1907 and is the oldest and largest men's club on the cam- pus. The purpose of the club is to promote fellow- ship and leadership among the men of Central State. The Arena club was fortunate to have the presidency in the following organizations: the Senior, junior, and sophomore classesg' the League of Young Democrats, Thatcher Hall, and also the Editor and Business Manager of the Bronze Book. During the war the Arena Club was inactive. With the return of the veterans to the campus, the club was re-activated late in January, 1946. Activities during that semester were numerous stag parties, a Dansant, the traditional Arena Barn Dance and a farewell party in Oklahoma City. Page One Hundred Thirty-six The 1946-47 year began with "a Smoker in Thatcher Hall" that was followed by a stag rush party at the Mural Room. Aside from many private parties, the Arena Club proposed and with the assistance of the other social clubs, sponsored a New Years Masquerade Ball which was held in the living room at Mur- daugh Hall. After an absence of six years, a hilarious pro- duction of the Arena Nert Fest was presented on February 25, before a large audience in Mit- chell Hall. The Arena Barn Dance was held in Wantland Hall late in April and was a great success. Several smokers were held during the remainder of the year and the annual farewell party was held in Oklahoma City at the close of school. First Row, Carl Alexander, NV. T. Basore, James Black, Kenneth Brady. Galen Brown. XVayne Brown, James Bruno, XVarren Burns, Robert Cartmill, Joseph Eidson. Second Row. Thomas Estes, Ova Farrow, M. E. Fitzpatrick, Earl Geoike, XVilliam I-Iarr, Billy J. Hughes, James Hulsey. Harold Kidd, Frank Livingstone. Glen Michel. Third Row, Leroy Paas, Glen Penn. Bas-:um C. Pippin Jr.. Billy B. Poe, James A. Powell, Robert Raines, Stanley Robinette, Ikey Robinson, Robert Rookstool, Seay Sanders. Eounth Row, Sterling Sawyer, W. C. Sawyer. L. O. Short, Stan Sinclair, R. N. Stinnett. Johnny Stone, William C. Sughru, Lowell Thompson, Robert Watson, Lee Williamson. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Joe H, Wall Glenn Heller 'XVaync S. Nichols Alvie Gooch Charles Keys Lee F. Johnson Paul Hough Dale .Anderson Joseph Burns W'att Hamilton R. L. Keeton John Ramsey Bill Odor FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER JOHNNY STONE ,,,.E,,,,, - ,,,-,,,, Pf95lvdBl'll W ..,,,. ., ,,,,,., WILLIAM SUGHRU WII.LIAM SUGHRU .,,. ,.,,,. E ,,,,, Vlit'Q-Pf9SfdQf7l ,..,, -,,,.-,, ,YEE Lf, BILL HARR JAMES HULSEY ,.,.,.W,,,. Em-, ,-, SECFCIZIFQJ ,-,E.,,,.,,, IVIELVILLE IIITZPATRICK L. O. SHORT ,,,,,A ,,,,-.,,,- .,,,,., Treasurer ,.- ,,,,. .W ,,,,,, STERLING SAWYFR JAMES BLACK ,,,YY,,. .. if-..,, Sgt.-UI-Arms ., ,,.,, ,,-,, YEE. IVIURL APPLEBEE TOM ESTES E.,. ,. , .fff ,WW -nc., Reporter , YY,,,, Y. ,,,Y ,.,,.,, GLEN IVIICIIEI. DWIGHT' DAVIS ,.,,, ,,,-,Y.,. aff, f-, SpOf7SO!'S W-.. ,,..E,, .,,.Y,, ,- DYVIGI'iT DAVIS FREDRICK GRAVES ,,,.,,, ff, Sponsors , W 4--- . , ,,,,,,, FREDRICK GRAVES Page One Hundred Thirty-seven Criferion The Criterion Club was founded in 1912 for the study of modern dramatic art and to foster and sustain all ideals of womanhood and good fellowship. At the present time the club is, for the most part, a social club: however the original pur- pose has been carried out by its members par- ticipating in the activities of the dramatics de- partment at Central. Since the last publication of the Bronze Book the honors received by Criterions are as follows: Queens--Freshman '42 Jerre Daw- kins: Freshman '43 Doris Huffman: Harvest '44 Beverly Livingstone: Snowball '45 Eilene Chuculate: Snowball '46 Delma Jean Ahring: A.A.U.W. Awards '43 Bertha K. Fordice: '45 Patricia Shiner: Pi Kappa Delta Key '43 Pat- ricia Shiner: College Scholarship Trophy '44 Audrey Dodd and Patricia Shiner: '45 Imogene Christner: Freshman Athletic Awards '44 Kath- ryn Hastings: '45 Clara Cusick: '46 Eleanor Snyder: Commerce Awards '44 Jerre Dawkins: '45 Kay Hersperger and Imogene Christner: Page One Hundred Thirjty-eight Drama Awards '45 Nina Story: Alpha Phi Sig- ma Award '45 Audrey Dodd, Scholarship Award '45 Imogene Christner. The Criterion Alumni Club was organized August 5, 1944, and has been a great aid to the active campus Criterion Club. At the close of each spring semester a ban- quet is held by the alumnae association for ac- tive members and pledges of the Criterion Club. The outstanding Criterion girl of the year is presented with a pink rose in the center of which is a jeweled Criterion pin, the winners of this pin were Patricia Shiner in '45 and Nina Story Hagle in '46. Social Activities sponsored this year were the Formal Garden Rush Party, the Fall Rush Party at the Skirvin Hotel, the Formgal Pledge Service, the annual Criterion Snowball Dance, the Hobo Picnic, and the Pledges Parade. The Criterions received first place in the Homecoming Parade Float Contest. First Row. Miss Ruth Miller, Sponsor, Delma Jean Ahring, LaVenna Ahring, Doris Jean Bar- nett, Margaret Beadle, Pat Beasley, Mrs. Doris Boyers, Bonnie Brown, Helen Brown, Jean Campbell. Second Row, Eilene Chuculate, Glenna Coleman, Mary Jo Crowder, Della Cusick, Jer're Daw- kins, Virginia Eaves, Marjorie Graham, Margaret Harpster, Kathyrn Hastings. Elsie Hughes. Third Row, Mary Irwin, Joanne Johnson, Dorothy Kcarby, Pauline Langham, Pauline Leh- man Beverly Livingstone, Norma Manwell, Bernice Martindale, Bonna Lee Muns, Mar- garet Owen. Fourlh Row, Sarah Pearce. Juanita Perkins, Jewel Lee Smith. Roxie Smyrl. Eleanor Snyderl, Maurine Spencer, Neva Stevens, Nina S, Hagle, Patricia Tolberl, Jane Towles. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Rea Joyce Alspach Virginia Calloway Phyllis Moreland Deneice Barber Twila Cogburn Joan Smith Sally Jo Bartley Virginia Kimble Joyce Reames Miss Frances Lauderdale, Co-Sponsor. CRITERION CLUB OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER PAULINE LANGHAM ,,.Y,.f . LL L ,,,, Presfcfenl . ,LLL LL.L LLLL .L L JERRE DAWKINS ROXIE SMYRL .YYE L L ,,,.Y L LL L -L Vice-President .E,.. ,L Y,,,.Y,, IVIARGIE GRAHAM HELEN BROWN L LLLL ..,E. L LLL Recording Secretary L L LAVERNA AHRING DILLMA JEAN AHRING Corresponding Secretary YL.. SARAH PEARCE IVIARGARET BEADLE Yrff, LL LL LLLL L Treasurer L L LLL.. ,LLLL LLL MARGARET BEADLE BEVERLY LIVINC-STONE ,LLL LLL -LLLL Reporter LL L ,,.,. ,L ff,,. ,. PATRICIA TOLBERT SARAH PEARCE ,,,,,. L frfa LLLL Sergeant-al-Arms .,,. .L L. BBYYL MARGARET OWEN JUANITA PERKINS L YYE, LLLL LL ,LLL Song Leaflet LLLLLL L L.LLL.L. JUANITA PERKINS REA JOYCE ALSPACH LL LLL LLLLLLL Historian LLLL L LLLL L ROXIE SMYRL KATHRYN HASTINGS LLL LLL, .LL ,L ,,,, Rush Captains LLLLL LLLLL BEVERLY LIVINGSTONE NINA STORY HAGLE LL LLLL LLL ELEANOR SNYDER DELMA JEAN AHRING Page One Hundred Thirty mne Shakespeare The Shakespeare Club, the oldest women's club in Oklahoma, was organized in 1908, with the purpose to promote a better understanding of the works of William Shakespeare and also to carry out numerous social activities. From this small group the Shakespeare Club has a large and active membership of the most out- standing girls in Central. In addition to being the oldest women's club on the campus it is the only one having national affiliations. This chapter is a member of the Shakespeare Associa- tion of America. The first sponsor of the Shakespeare Club was Miss Maude Drake. The official pin of the Shakespeare Club, which was adopted in 1915-16, is a gold Eng- lish 'S" set in pearls. The pledge pin is a plain gold English "S". The membership slogan of the club "Once a Shakespeare always a Shakespearef' colors, pink and green: the flower, La France Rose, were adopted when the club was organized in 1908. ' In 1914 the club obtained permission from the President, Dr. Evans, to create a garden in the Northwest corner of the campus and since that time the garden has been "a thing of beauty and a joy forever." One year the pergola was Page One Hundred Forty erected, next, shrubbery was added, and then the seat, which is an exact reproduction of one in the garden at Stratford and Avon. The annual club events are the Rush Tea, which was given in the home of Mrs. M. A. Nash, an alumna, the Homecoming Tea, and the Christmas Dinner. Each year a dinner honor- ing graduating seniors is had at which time a publication of the works of William Shakespeare is presented them. The annual Shakespeare Spring Formal Dance is the last and most beau- tiful dance of the year. In addition to the annual club events, the girls mix pleasure with study and have delight- ful picnics and parties. The Edmond Alumni gave this year a prize to the most outstanding Shakespeare member merited on their character and scholarship, They also gave this year a coffee for the Homecoming Alumni, the Shakespeares, and the Home Chap- ter. This year the Shakespeare Club was fortun- ate in having selected from its members the Freshman Queen, who reigned during Horne- coming, the first semester president of Murdaugh Hall, and the assistant editor of the Bronze Book. First Row. Miss Lillia Sisney, Sponsor, Velta Mae Allen. Bonnie Bash, Annie Elliott Basore, Nadine Bell, Mary Ellen Braden, Louise Carlisle, Mary Virginia Carmichael, Verna Mae Crozier, Ruby Argus Dickerson. Becky Sue Dubendorff, Second Row, Beverly Schmitt Eidson, Marjorie Ann Evitts, Margia Rene Gibbs, Mary Eliza- beth Holcomb, Nadine Hinch. Mary Vifanda Jones, Vertice Lahoma Kinser, Thelma Lou Lambert, Dorothy Malone, Kathryn Martin, Kathryn Manaugh. Third Row, Jean Maxey, Phyllis McKinney, Virginia McMillan, Mary Ann Miller, Virginia McKinney Perry, Gloria Phillips, JoAnn Pippin, Pearl Powell, Louise Ray, Mary Jean Rives, Patsy Rose. Fourth Row, Alletta Rotroff, Oma Lee Russell, Geraldine Simpson, Marietta Marshall Stone, Helen Taylor, Virginia Thurmond, Wanda Wessel, Mary Jane Woodle Kidd, Margarette Woodrome, Viola Raines Patterson. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Geraldine Branson Patricia Ritter Dorothty Horne Norma Snyder FIRST SEMESTER MARY ELIZABETH HOLCOMB HELEN MAXINE TAYLOR LL PEARL POWELL LYY. LY--M VIRGINIA MCKINNEY PERRY MARY ELLEN BRADEN ,LLL MARIETTA MAIZSHALL STONE THELMA LOU LAMBERT LLL Maurine Sullenger Mildred Swails SECOND SEMESTER LLLL President LLLLLLLLLLL HELEN MAXINE TAYLOR LL Vice-President LLL L LL LLLLL VERNA MAE GROZIER LLLL Treasurer LLLLLLLLLL DOROTHY MAE MALONIE Secretary LLLLLLLL LLLLLL L LLLL JEAN MAXIIY LL L Reporter LLLLLL LLLLLLL KATHRYN ANN MARTIN Corresponding Secretary L ,L Rush Captain LLL, ,LL MAR1E'1"l'A MARSHALL STONE ,LLLLL MARY WANDA JONES LL RUST? Cdplcllirl LLLLLffL- lViARGARETTE WCJODROIXIIE MARY ELLEN BRADEN LLLLL Bronze Book Representative MARIITTIAA MARSHALL STONE JANE WOODI.E KIDD LLLLL. LLL Page One Hundred Forty-one Triumvira+e The First Triumvirate Club was organized as a girls debating club in the spring of 1914 and is now a social club with a three-fold pur- pose: literary, scholastic and social. During the year, various studies are made of the lives of great literary artists. The outstand- ing guest speaker for the first semester was Mrs.. R. R. Robinson who reviewed "Singing Wat- ers". Other interesting social activities have includ- ed rush parties given for prospective pledges and members and a Wiener roast held on the shore of Lake Hiawassee at the cabin of Mrs. John Thomas, an alumni of the club. A tea was given in the home of President and Mrs. Robinson. The rush parties were followed by a formal initiation service conducted in a beautiful can- dle-light setting for new members. A pledge ritual was held for all pledges fol- lowing the initiation of members. Oln Homecoming Day we entered a float in the parade which was decorated in the club's colors, red ,white and blue, with the club sym- Page One Hundred Forty-two bol on each side. Neva Harbin was our candidate for the Homecoming Queen. After the football game we assisted with the reception, held for all visitors. A Christmas party was held in the Mural Room at Royce's Cafe, which consisted of en- tertainment in which all present took part. The opening of gifts revealing our mystery friend and a dance closed the party. The Club collaborated with other social clubs in giving the New Year's Masquerade Ball. We were responsible for the preparation and serv- ing of refreshments. At the spring all-college carnival the Trium- virate Club members elected to design and pre- sent a "Ghost House" as their project. The club has been active in every phase of school life. A high standard of scholarship has been maintained. This year two of our members are included in Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. They are Betty Downey and Mary Imogene Harris. The club motto, "Find a way or make one", gives each girl an opportunity for development. self-expression and initiative. First Row, Mary Agnes Alig, Dora Esilda Arrocha, Betty Christner Hopper, Marion Church- ill, Lucille Coleman. Zola Collins. Jacqueline Darrough, Betty Downey. Second Row, Arzetta Ewbank, Mary Lou Lambert Harris, Carmen Gomis, Imogene Harbin. Neva Harbin, Mary Imogene' Harris, Betty Lou Kinnison, Helen Leake. Third Row, Kathryn Malone, Mozelle Miller, Betty Mills, Edith Mills, Betty S, Samson, Alene Simpson, Virginia Smith. Elnora Stanley. Fourth Row, Lorena Stanley, Vivian Thompson, Irene Trevino, Mary Louise Trevino, Wanda Walter, Vella XVilliams, Pauline Yancey, Mae Yancey. Betty Border Hazel Crume Gwendolyn Dahlke Muriel Davis MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Dolorez Jaggers Jeanne Kerr Bonnie Garms King Allcne Norris OIIIIICERS lfirst Semester AILENE SIMPSON L ,,,,, . ,.,,v, ..LLL .,,,,,, President LLLL BETTY MILLS LL L ,,.,,,, LLLL.LL.LL LL Vice-President LL BETTY DOWNIEY LLL .,YYf,,,,,,. .ff.Y L L Secretary LLLL VIRGINIA SMITH LLL . ,Y,,, L .L. .LL L,,,, L Treasurer LLLL MAE YANCEY L L.. ,,,,,,, LLL LLL LL Corresponding Secretary BONNIE KING LL. LL..LL ..L ffaff .. . ..L.L Reporter LL L VIELLA XVILLIAMS ,,,,. LLLLLLLLLL.. ,,,,, PurI1'amentarz't1n LL. WANDA WALTIQR, ZOLA COLLINS ,,,, L.. Rush Captains LL LUCILLI? COLEMAN LL LLLLLL .L LLLLL .L Sgl, al Arms L L THELMA WALKEI2 LLL .LLLLLL L .LL... ,,,,, L Sponsors LLLL Myra Jean Patten Lou Alice Robison Edwanda Stewart Second Semester LLLLLLL LLLLLL IVIARY ALICE ALIG L. ..,, LL BETTY CIIRISTNER HOPPER .L ,,,, . LL.. .,,,,, L CARMEN GOMIS L.L ,,,,,, ,,,.. L L VELLA WILLIAMS LL. ..LL . LLLLL .LL LL WANDA WALTER L L.L LL LLL LL ..LL L LORENA STANLEY LLLLL..L..LLLLL L VIVIAN THOMPSON PAULINE YANCEY, IVIARIAN CHURCHILL ..L ARZETTA EWBANK LLLLLLLLL MRS. MARTHA RODRIGULQS Paqe Onc Hundred Forty-three Tau Theta Kappa OFFICERS NAD1NE CAMPBFY , an ,a,,, O dns- -, WL, ,,,,,a an SPONSOR MARY LOUISE BARTLIETT ,s,,,..-,,, ,,a,, -aa President arrr ..- V- a,,,aYY MARY LOUISE BARTLETT VISLTA RUBLE W ,,A,... ,,s,,,,,,,, ,,,,, W- Vice President H ,,,,a, , ffffn feng- VIRGINIA MEISNER RUTH HARRIS an ,,a,,a ,O ,,,a. 7, aa,,,a, ,, Secrerary .-,sm, -MO Yrar. W .ararafr RUTH HARRIS MARX' ANNA PERREN Wnsr aa,a L, aa,,a and Treasurer sm as O, ..Yaa faaaarara H ELEN COOPER SYLVIA LliWlS LL, Y,,, W, .,,,,, - VELTA RUBLE LILA WAIAIERS iiiiiiwiiii WWW -,,, , Rush Captains ,La ,,,, YYYYYYYYYYYK , Y-- Tau Theta Kappa, organized in the fall of 1917, is a personality and the sustaining of ideals of womanhood social club for girls in which those interested in person- and good fellowship' In ll I d ll ,bl f b A feature activity of the year is a Spanish Fiesta Dinner t, t t . at i mem er- , , A 1 y lem um, music, an r are gig 6 or in the fall for prospective members, The Club Motto is ship. lt has as its purpose the study and building of "Know Thygelfn. Ftrs! Row, Miss Nadine Campsey, Sponsor. Mary Louise Bartlett, Helen Cooper. Vwlanda Ciraham, Earlene Grubbs. Second Row. Ruth D. Harris. Ruth Huston, Sylvia Lewis, Virginia Meisner, Dorothy Jean Moore. Third Row, Velta R. Ruble, Louise Russell, Virginia Lea Sowers, Roberta L. Vogt, Lila J. W'aters. MEMBERS NOT lN THE PICTURE Cherrie Marie Arnold Melha Gail Hurst Helen Sheridan Martha E. Burris Helen Knoepfli Mildred Shultz, Sponsor Mildred Finley Mary A, Perren Frances M. Walker Page One Hundred Forty-four V ,. 41 -v.,,4 41, - ,- . ,..,-,, , . J.. W" ' lu' 'N 3 g L X ' ' f: ' ffff.-' -I-A new 1-emu? - r e -m-1 .V r' M ""' Tl 'Q gl .f lv Efgaff "1 Nllfill? :H Cay, , ., ,un ,V ,X ...-1 'X L, .,. ,, I ,Narnia LL. . 1: . '-f" --'-' - ...1: zwfxfffn 572247. " -'Uluumnq , - ' I ll L- , 'fre-wmv f, . ' ' I , 1- f,L,,. I , 'F' qsxq P T-film, ' 1 Qu 'm H-m::e'1 -"- ' ., x 1 xg- -A .-... . .lf 'Q GIUBWI! "i"m!" ' ,H I 'L Xl 14- A I M .,.L.a- ,T A ff- fr. - ifgfg' ' v wfiaagffifigglgflg i F7f1ff'f,":f':' '- - "MF ' ' Erie 'ETH' -'I Hi: J:',-94':'f'll,L.jT',"' ,U , I 47 l ll I! ,Tk 1, flip, 11 . 'M:5fs:u - li --5 ' u ,fin l 3 L ' ""'-e5,g'-- Tug? - 1 - ia5.vE 5 1 3 ' In my ?'ii. ....,E..". .il'iii'-.-Y. . ' ' Nga. f --vigw jj- 'S' X K '.1ii1IiW.5f'i" 4' Y . V , ---, v A . ,f 1 Nfzej- ,- ,,..... 1 si 1 aff ' - . 7 W wx X05 ' ' ' ' -. . 'QS' "'f ' ' ' , u 4 -- ' . ,I -,,-R1s,.J2:- - Y: 1 J Fw . '-fx . ' , '- , .- "- ".' ' ' gf rg 1 1 F . 1 -.e-.4-f-,lg-fi, U C, , ?,jg?g:-r-,Zgn 1 'iii riylyr .. Ng 7,,a - .f-2 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ,feigffa sw5:s-if UW: .Gif ie- ' "Nw 4 u S P T56 I fir. , 5fH".'5E'5 df ' iliigiil :P 4: -- I ,'g- !:: 5 ' .' -- ., 5. I V ::!iggfg!, fn ggggff! M25 I ' f ihF! -s4i':aEE2'52?N' es: "-2 " ' ar- Q 1 i H H.--.masfonuig il gif , -I , ,Qi iH'r?!555i3Fi3 5 Q fa ' 553 -yu-neg,-...QA-.: f ----..: '-. V .. -1.- -- -.-.--.-r.......,y LALJ.- 1a., ,. .- . an fluff' .,. ful." -L fi- ' '-sf: . 72.4.-film -. . -., .-T. AL. . -Q. -14. ...- f--' - ff ' "lift", R I fh ?' Rig'-sf IFS? Qi. as fa E.. Q-,. " NN X 1335! --s-A-gnln an 'Q 'X .., , 5 ' ' ' --. f N A ' ::E.. , , x . ,N 1 He- , 1 , . , i N, ii A xx, ,N. ,E if ' X . 25-Q 'xx' , 522.14 "Y-' ' ' "'1 -f. n 1 Vin w- f x R- , R, . T-xjvvf' I 'ii '3' h , . .. . , , 121j,Qf'f..A- g'!!' 12952 :v:."1: 'VX .i,"'- 5-5 - Ep.. -,fl:.,"i , g,5.f'y ,117- wg" : 1 1 ' ,,,:i!'f .fp 1' pf" ' fig... , fx ull .- w 9 1' G ., 1 ' -. - - - Q,-Q I 11- :: --1- 5 I 1' E" 5 " "i1f3"' . !FY5AU ' 'ig 5giL'7 '7 Ag, " .VF 1 ?f, ff- I f 3 .Vs , si 554 gzgggf J',w,f4!2' '51 I E I , . rm ... n U , V y g,-:3:.I.i,. Llp-H :::::? 1 .-H .,, ' E 5 K ,H SH 2 JW' L fllwz .- .,J11 F1??f-3?-Q x a ' ni N' JW! I -5..:w . H 1' fu! ', . "flux ex ' far-'ff'a1"' 11? F 'FEW ,mfr ff "w i h : 1r . L11-"H V, .affefef 1 I 1 I-'fa,1.,! , 1 ,- "z ' +4 uf f' ,ff '11 Ah ,z 555535751 ' I of al Vkizmf? 'HK' ibn-rE,' 7i V 1f"fV' ,fo .'-" :EFSEE J 5:55 :Lf --I-. 5 J' RH. .u ,Lf L Ii' ,V :,. fr :QEQEEI ,P Eff: -41:1 1 , A :ffm . 4- , ' 4' 'ggzz lf :ig up '- 5 . f 'A V 1 , H als. ff- ! H" A-Q. Q 'L ' f "'-'----- '1 ffLf'.f52, fa 4 3' N - ..,..,A,,, .,-f-, H-D., Bw 523255 - ,. ,s .4-.-N ... ff- H, -' .. --U.-x NH- .. - X ,f X 1. ' Qgrg ,sv . ' .. --.-.. '12 ,, I -,. .:."E'f1k"'fT5g1Q:l,xF ' I ' glbfxqff - Y -Nix-if 'U' L' ' - ' , - Af I -ws., F 1 5.1 W j "::"- - dj- 5' K L' ' . H"-.1 - ' 1 ,.,A.kx. ,N 4 . -Q N' "wh---1' " ....., H- 4, ,L - P ' N - . '- 7-H A ,N - - 1 . , - N as ,f 1-Q , '. '- fffi -is ,qi :---- . , r-1 7N:,,lL..: -Y H'-' 'R I:,:?W. -Z ""' DEPA TMENTAL CLUBS Blue Curtain Since its organization in 1930, Blue Curtain Players has been one of the leading department- al clubs in Central State College. Members of this club are furnished by the Dramatics De- partment, currently headed by James A. Biondo, who, along with some of his students, has just recently returned from the wars. Blue Curtain Players sponsor all major drama productions representing Central State, as well as helping with the annual speech tournament which attracts high school students from all partS of Oklahoma. Membership fell during the four year period from 1940 through 1945, but the quality of instruction and performance has maintained a high standard at all times. This fact is estab- lished by the list of plays presented during the war years, which includes: "The Boor", "Hap- py Journey", "The Devil and Daniel Webster", "You Can't Take It With You", "Stagedoor", and "So Long". The school year of 1946-47 found an in- crease in numlbers and the club looks forward Page One Hundred Forty-six to an even more successful future than the past has been. The only major production presented the first semester of the 1946-47 term was "Anti- gone", a two-act, modern version of the old Greek tragedy. This version was written by Jean Annouilh. Short productions to be presented in the reg- ular college assembly programs, along with others which are taken to Oklahoma City and presented before Various civic organizations, fill out the Blue Curtain Players' program each se- mester. Club members are well aware of the wisdom in the old adage about all work and no play, so they gather at odd times, either back-stage or in the home of a member to enjoy a bit of social relaxation. Organization of theater par- ties to attend presentation of all touring theatri- cal productions is another part of the activities which is usually on the lighter side of life. All are agreed that the entertainment, as well as the educational value, has been well worth any effort which might have been expended. First Row, Mr. James A. Biondo, Sponsor, Doris Jeanne Barnett, Mary Ellen Braden, Jerre Dawkins, Richard Donnell. Virginia Eaves, Jewel Estes. Second Row, Jack Haraughly. Marv Imogene Harris. Dorothy Ann Kirby, Anita June Miller, Dorothy Moore, Glen Michael, Margarfet Owen. I Third Roux, Louise Ray, Mercer Shaw, Roxie Smvrl, Nina Story Hagle, Eleanor Snyder, Ted Tether. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Arthur Baptiste Sally Jo Bartley Avis N. Bowman Max Davis M. E. Fitzpatrick Ida May Gossett First Semester NINA STORY I-IAGLE ,Y YY, ,, ,, I,OUISE RAY .YV YYYYDY ,CY IVIARY IMOGENI2 HARRIS ,EE ANITA JUNE MILLER Y, WY, PROFESSOR JAMES A. BIONDO William I-Iarr Floyd Holzapfel Clarice Jackson Joanne Johnson Charles Keys OFFICERS J Vice I resident ,,,,, Secretary- Treasurer ,, Reporter ,,,,.,.,,, Sponsor ,,,,, E.-- Lorene Seago Gerry Simpson Virginia Sowers William Spearman Howard Upshaw Second Semester ROXIE SIVIYRI. , , President Y- ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, ,, W, , IVIARY IMOGENE HARRIS sbs, ANITA JUNE MILLER , MELVILLE E. FITZPATRICK PRoFt5ssoR JAMES A. BIONDO Page One Hundred Forty-seven COMMERCE The Commerce Club was organized in September, An effort is made to bring several of the outstanding 1935, for the pnomotion of interest in various divisions business and professional men of the state befor the club of commerce. Membership is open to all those who are each year so that members may have contacts with those concerned with the possibilities and aspects of commerce. :onnectecl with business. FRANCES LAUDERDALE WW WWEW Sponsors WWWWG We GLM. RALPH RFFD OFFICERS I-'irsr Semester Second Semester BEBE RODRIQUES W ,s,. WWE WWW President ,.s,,s W- ssaaa G NORMA SNYDER BETTY CHR1sTNr5R W sssss WWW Virefllrtrsrdrnr W . W DOROTHY SERVISS MARY AGNES ALIC, , ,W,W W, WW Secretary W ,W -s W E MARC-ARIET BISADLE KATHRYN MCINTYRE W, .W.W WW Treasurer ,WW H., .J .LL GLORIA PHILLIPS G. C. HOPPISR WWW, , ,WE EW. Reporter E, WW,-- ,WEEEWW RENE GIBBS First Row, Mr. Ralph Reed, Sponsor, Mary Agnes Alig. Margaret Beadle, Gerry Branson, Betty Hopper, Elizabeth Cook, Reba Curb, Betty Downey. Second Row, Rene Gibbs, Bobby E. Gordon, G. C, Hopper, Joyce Rowell, Helen Leake, Paul- ine Lehman, Eldon Littlefield. Kathryn Mclntyre, Third Row, Mozelle Miller, Edith Mills, Myra Jean Patten, Phyllis Rollier, Dorothy Serviss, Jewel Smith, Norma Snyder, Elnora Stanley. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Bebe Rodrigues Archie Solomon James Bruno Gloria Phillips Thelma Woolexter Hazel Crume Pat Brewer Lou Alice Robinson Hobart Eannin Page One Hundred Forty-eight Historical Society l OFFICERS EUGENE SIMPSON H....... .f.........-....4... .. --g--..-.YA-H. . ..- President A, D, HAGLE --,,-------,,-,..-.... ..,.--,..-,,...........,.. V ice President! JACK MELSON --.-n4-,,,,.4.m,..,...- ..-.-f...,,...,.,,. S ecretary E6 Treasurer LAVERNA AHRING ,.!..v-..,...,-,....,.,,.,,....,,,,.,.,. Program Chairman W, H, NORTHCOTT --,....-.-.,...,..... International Relations Committee Chairman Avis BOWMAN C........,C,wC.,...................CaC.fA....-....a Librarian TOM Estes ,C..4.C.,.....C....C.C.Y., - .,,..,,....,f .aA........-.a R eparrer MARION CHURCHILL ,4.....,C...,.,O,,..,,,,.Y,.. ,..,. ,. Membership Chairman MEMBERS Bell, Nadine Bigham, Charles Crowley, Jay Daugherty, Edna Daugherty, Loyce Daugherty, Robert Donnell, Richard Emrick, Mary Haxton. Manford Hoskins, Jack Hopper, G. C. Hostetter, Lyle Hutchinson. Owen Jaggers. Delorez Lanman, James Mach, Albert Maxwell, Lucien McGuire, Juanita Nunemaker. Oran Oppel, Fred Prickett. Jack Randall, Adrian Riggs, Dick Scheed, James Stewart, John Sughru, B'll Tidrow, Joe Waggoner, James Walker. Dan The Historical Society was organized in 1915 with Professor L. Jeston Hampton as the first President and Advisor. In 1931 it became af- filiated with the Carnegie Endowment. Through this affiliation the society became a member of the Southwest Conference on Inter- national Relations. The work of this group includes collecting and preserving Central's Library of Original Evi- dence, the Historical Museum. Valuable records have been secured recently, including photo- graphic portraits of two of Central's Founding Fathers, Dr. J. W. Howard and Honorable An- ton H. Classen: the Classen Collection of rare newspapers, 1889-95, donated by Mrs. Anton H. Classen. Central men who served in Global War II have made rare contributions: President R. R. Robinson and others of the faculty have placed in the Historical Museum many authentic re- cords vital in the restoration of the rule of law. The Society aided the College in collecting the records of Central men and women who served in the Global War. Page One Hundred Forty-nine Les Chefe++es Object: The Les Chefettes Club was organized to study through democratic spirit and true friendshipg to stimu- the different phases of Work pertaining to the home. to late higher ideals of home lif.: and to esrablish the home give our members an opportunity to profit in club life as an educational and social institution. LES CI-IEFETTES OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester ZOLA COLLINS LLLLL ,,,.. LL, LLLL ,L PfESl'dent LLLLL---L YLYY LL' -- DORIS Bowus DORIS BOYERS LLLLL L LLLL LLL LLL. Vfce PreSfd9f1t L LLL YYY,YfY,, IVIARGIIS GRAHAM PAULINE LANG!-IAM ,,,,,,, L ,,,.,, L Setfelafy -LLLLLLLLL ,LLL REA JOYCE ALSPACH BONNIE KING LLLLLL ,,,, . LLLL LL LLLLL Treasurer LL LLLLL ,L LL IVIARGARET HARIJSTIQR VIRGINIA PERRY LL LLLLL L L LLLLLL L Reporter LLLLLLLLLLL -LL KATI-IRYN HASTINGS MARGIE GRAHAM LLLLLLL LY LLLLL Parliumentarzian LLLLL , LLLLL PAULINE LANGI-IAM MARY ALICE BOLT ,L LLLL LLLLL Sponsor .LLLLLLL L LL ILORA IMIIZNDENIIALIL Fira! Row, Doris Boyers, Bonnie Brown, Zola Collins, Margie Graham, Margaret Harpster. Second Row, Kathryn Hastings, Pauline Langham, Virginia McKinney Perry, Billye Novy, Gloria Phillips. Third Row, Clvdena Staude. Pat Tolbert, Vivian Thompson, Viola Raines Patterson. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Ren Joyce Alfgpach, Lola Ma-1 Dollar, Marv C. O'Brian, Daphne Stuteville and Miss Lora Men- denhall, sponsor. Page One Hundred Fiflu PaleHe Club First organized under the name Les Metieres in l93l, and vicinity and to uphold the highest ideals of an art it was reorgani7ed in 1945 as the Central Palette Club. education. The Club's purpose is to provide a means for in- The meetings consist of art exhibits, reports, trips. and frrmal study and entertainment for men and women of Campug activities pertaining to art' artistic interest, to perpetuate art at Central State College Second Semester VIRGINIA SMITI-I ANDREW VOGT BEVERLY L IVINGSTONE NADINE HINCI-I JAMES POWELL LL, ALLETTA ROTROIIE IDENTIFICATION OFFICERS First Semester ALLETTA ROTROFF ,-,, ,,,, ,Lan -L President L.- Y,,, L., ,,,, LLLL, JAMES POWELL L, W- Nw-, W ,E,, Vice-President E,,,. , ,,.. , LLL, VIRGINIA SMITH -,,,,-,t,,,,, ,,,,, ,- Secretary ,,,, ,,,,,,, ANDREW VOGT ,,,,,,,,,, ,L E,,, L, Treasurer ,---..,-..,,a,-.-a-,a RANDOLPH HARRIS LLLLLLL -L,,,,,L, R9pOfIE'r ,L,,,.L ,,,,,,,,.,,-,, VERNON IVICIDONALD LLLLLL, LLLL LL, Hl.SflOfl-UU ,,,,,,,,, .-- GLENNA COLEMAN ,,,,,.,,a., ,LLL Purliamentarian ,L,,-,,..,-L,,,, ILANDOLF HARRIS First Row. Mrs. Bertha Hamill. Sponsor. Eilene Chuculate, Glenna Coleman. Randolph Harris, Nadine I-Iinch. Second Row, Dolorez Jaggers, Beverly Livingstone. Vernon McDonald, Mildred McMillan, Anita Miller. Third Row. James Powell, Alletta Rotroff, Virginia M. Smith. Mildred Swails, Laurel G. Taulbee. Andrew Vogt. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Maurine Spencer Virginia M. Woodword Mildred Schultz Page One Hundred Fifty-on LUKE THOMPSON EARL A PPLEBEE LeHermen OFFICERS ....,,,..,,,..,L- .,.--,,-. w,,,,,,,,, M, . ,.,, ,LL,.,,-,,,., President - Vice President the nations largest invitational with 64 teams participating reorganized February 6 194-7 DUARD CvIVliNS ,,,,,. W, --.e . ,.,, . 222, e- , . ...,,,. .. ,,.,, ,,,, Secretary-Treasurer PAYE ODELL LLM-, LLL. 2-27 . -,.- ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,.,,,,, ...,e,2-,,.-,, ,EL Sgf. al Arms Club was organized in 1922 membership consisting of all The club sponsors one of men who have earned a letter in any sport at this college. basketball tournaments The purpose of the club is to create a better spirit of co- this year. The club was operation among athletes. and met for the first 'time since 1942. Top Row, Carl Alexander, Bill Ballew, Cleo Beck, Kenneth Brady, Dudley Brown, O'Quinn Dunn, John Dunaway, Aaron Dry, Second Row, Joe Eidson, Ova Farrow, Sherman Floyd, Duard Givens, Earl Goerke, Holloway, Bill Hughes, James Hulsey. Bottom Row. Jimmie Jones, Dick LeFavor, B. C. Pippin, Stan Rohinnette, Herschel Sherill, Bill Sughru, Lee Williamson, Ralph Witten. Elmer Kincannon Al Blevins Galen Brown Bud Smith Bill Oder Cranford French Merle Applebee Paqe One Hundred Fifty-two MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Wally Schweisberger Marion Fagan David Moore Warren Nicholas Hoyt Ferguson Rex Shedrick Lyle Berryhill Jake Goggin Faye O'Dell Bill McMinimy Luke Thompson Oscar Raglin John Smith James Fikes Perry Sexton Watt Hamilton Tom Levay Earl Applebee Carl Burgett Roy Berger Jim Bruno W. A. A. OFFICERS PEARL POWELL .,,., vo-. ,,..,,,,,,,,v,,..,,,,.,W,, ,- President JANE WOODLE KIDD - ,,,.,,,,,..,.,,. ,,,,, ..,,- - V ice President ELEANOR SNYDER .,..,,..,,,,,....,,,,.,,,. Secretary '25 Treasurer MARGARETTE WOODROME ,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,- ,,,,.,.,,,,,, Reporter The Women's Athletic Association was established for the purpose of fostering the interest of women at Cen- tral in athletic, recreational, and developmental activities.Thig Objective is furthered by the many' varied activi ties of the organization. These activities include hiking, Swimming, tennis, archery, basketball, volley ball, ten niquoits, hockey, and softball. The W. A. A. is a member of the Oklahoma Athletic Federation of College Women which sponsors inter- collegiate tournaments and meets. Those attended by Cen trals W, A. A. include the Hockey Tournament lat Ok- lahoma College for Womenl, Individual SpOrts Meet tOklahoma Universityl, the Playday COklahoma Bapf tist Universityj, Basketball Tournament QC. S. CJ. W. A, A. was also represented at the State Athletic Convention of the O. A. F. C. W. which was held on the A. Y5 M. College campus. ' 5 3 I W2 't c 'K 'W- i First Row, Vertice Kinser, Louise Carlyle, Mary Imogene Harris, Betty Cruzan, Kathryn Hastings, Norma VJ?ehren- berg, Margie Graham, Peggy Neil, Virginia West, Doris Barnett, Virginia Eaves, Phyllis Rollier. Second Row, Pauline Robinson, Bernice Martindale, Mary Louise Bartlett, Manda Jo Downing, Wanda Graham. Roxie Smyrl, Betty Jones, Wilma Hoover, Elizabeth Ann Cook, Elveda Barber, Joanne Johnson, Joyce Rowell. Standing Are, Eleanor Snyder, Margarette Woodrome, Pearl Powell, Jane Woodle Kidd. Page One Hundred Fiftu-three Music The Music Club was organized in 1941. Its member- include, guest speakers, the playing of records, and musi- ship is composed of those who are particularly interested Cal reviews' in music. Meetings are held every two weeks, one of Aftivities this year hive included a Cake raffle and the Joint sponsorship, with the Commerce Club, for a which is given over to a student recital, Other programs Night Club for the all-school Carnival. OFFICERS President cw,, , .,,,,,,,, ,,,,..-,--. .,,,, .-,, GLORIS EISENTROUT Vice President ,, ,,,, ,,,UW,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,.,,,,.. ,W BONNA LFE MUNS Secretary and Treasurer aa ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,c,,, aaa, KATHRYN MALONE Program Chairman ,aa .c,,,,,,,, -. ,,,,,, ,-,,,,,, WAX'NE NICHOLS Social' Chairman ,,,,,,,, W Y ,,,, ,.-,,, ,,,,...,,,, VIRGINIA KIMBLE Repor-ler -va I ,,,,,,,, -,,,,--,, ,,,, , ,,,, . ,, CLYDE DUCKWALL First Row, Argus Dickerson, Clyde Duckwall, Gloria Eisentrout, Marge Evitts, Virginia Kimball, Second Row, Marge Kyle, Nancy Jane Lewis, Kathryn Elizabeth Malone, Kay Martin, Bonnie Lee Muns. Third Row, Pearl Powell. Glen Schwendeman. Mercer Shaw, Wanda 'Wessel. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Neal Goodman 'Wayne Nichols Page One Hundred Fifty-four Press Press Club activities during 1946-47 included an all- college Sadie Hawkins dance sponsored in November and a booth at the Bronze Book Carnival in February. The dance was held in Murdaugh Hall, with prizes given for the most appropriate costumes. Officers and members assisted in selecting Vista entries for the Oklahoma Senior College Press Association con- tetsts in the spring. They included editorials, news stories, sports stories, features, and society news. OFFICERS President ,,,.,.,, LLL, L ,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,..,, W ,,,,,d,, FRANK Boggs Vice-president LW- e.e,eee,..,,e,,,, e,,,,, MARY ELLEN BRADIEN Secrezary-treasurer ,LLL d,..d, .v,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y M ARY LOU HARIQIS Reporrer vefereeeeee,ee.,eeee,e,eeee..eeA .LL CLYDE DUCKWALL Sponsor eYeYeYeY,-Ye .e eeee..,L,...eLeL ,,..L,,,L - MARY Rouse First Row, Miss Mary Rouse, Sponsor, Mrs. Turley Basore. Turley Basore, Iirank Boggs. Nlary Ellen Braden. Second Row, Helen Brown, Clyde Duckwall Jr., Tom Estes, Mrs. Mary Lou Harris. Fred Holloway. Third Row, Keeley Marshall. Glen Michael. Anita Miller, Earle H. Rouillard, Lorena Stanley, Wayne Weaver. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PlC'I'URli Iris Powell Max Davis Pane One Hundred Fifztf-five CARMEN GOMIS ,EMM ,,,,.. ,,,,,,, L. O. SHORT -, ..,,,.,,.. ,,,,,,- VERNA MAE CROZIER YYA. -, -A,c.-,, Science OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester -- President .... acc- .. ,- .., A. B. HUSKY aaaaaaaaaaaaaa EDWARD MALONE Vice President RAY lVlClNTYRE Secretary ,aww -..c-,,,,,, Sponsor E ,..,,,M,,,, ,.--,,.- ,,,,,,,,,,,, CLIFF OTTG The Science Club was organized in l924, "in order to cal phenomena, to keep in touch with modenn scientific promote an interest in scientific knowledge, broaden the discoveries, and to give those who are interested a chance field of the future scientist, alleviate prejudice and physif to exchange opinions." first Row, Mr. Cliff Otto, Sponsor, Dorn Arrocha, Doyle Bradshaw, Verna Mae Crozier, Ralph Carol Denny, Caifmen Gomis. Second Row, Jack Harris, Pleasant Kimball, Frank Livingstone, Edward Malone, Ray Mcln- tyre, Virginia Meisner. Third Row, Orville Randle, Leo Rodrigues, Sterling Sawyer, W. C. Sawyer, I.. O. Short, James Van Meter, Page One Hundred Fifty-six MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Earlene Grubbs James C. Hulsey William E. Lewis Robert Hayes A. B. Husky George Polly -rg, 1 41 N an. x ny--- S4 Fu'rure Teachers of America The Central State College Chapter was organized in young people in teachers colleges and schools of educa- the fall of 1944 and is affiliated with the national organi- I , , , tion an organization which shall be an Integral part of 1 zation. Its purpose IS to interest the best young men and women in education as a life careerg to develop among state and national education associations. , I OFFICERS First Semesler Second Semester HELEN TAYLOR .e,,,C,,,, LL Ce.e,, L President Yee... LL e,,, LL DELMA JEAN AHRING KATHRYN HASTINGS ,,,,o, L, ,,,,, Vice-President ,,,e L L e,,, L BETTY LOU DOWNEY MARY ELIZABETH HOLCOME LLLLL L,,E Secretary LLLLLLL LLL ELLE LL VIRGINIA KIMISILE MARION CHURCHILL LLLLL ,,., ..,..Y L Treasurer ,,,,,, LLL LLL. LLLLL DOROTHY SERVISS BETTY JEAN MILLS LLLLLL L LLLLLLL Historian LLLLLLLL LLLLL LL LLLL L HELEN LEAKE ANITA JUNE MILLER LLLLL L LLLLLLLL Librarian LLLLLL LLLLL L LLLLL MAE YANCEY DORIS BOYERS LLLLLLLLLLL L LLLLLLL Reporter LLLLL LL LLLLLLL LLLL ANITA MILLER Parliamenturian LLLLL L, L LLLLLLLLL HELEN TAYLOR NIARCIE GRAHAM LLLL LLLLLL LLLLL L Song Leader LLLLL L LLLL LLLLL LEI5 VJILLIAMSON I I SpOf?SOF, IVIRS DOROTHEA IVIEAGHISR X . I First Row, Mrs. Dorothea Meagher, Jack Adair, Delma Jean Ahring, Mary Agnes Alig, Doris Boyers, Marion Churchill, Glenna Coleman, Betty Lou Downey, Beverly Schmitt Eidson, Second Row, Jewel Estes, Marge Graham, Imogene Harris. Kathryn Hastings, Mary Elizabeth Holcomb, Virginia Kimble, Leo Mae Kopp, Helen Leake, VValter LeGrand. Third Row, Pauline Lehman, Beverly Livingstone, Dorothy Malone, Phyllis McKinney, Anita Miller, Betty Jean Mills. Virginia Perry, Mary Jean Rives. Dorothy Serviss Fourth Row, Helen Taylor, Wanda Walter. Lila Waters, Wanda Wessel, Virginia West, Lee Williamson, Mae Yancey, Viola Raines. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Ruth Harris Mary Anna West Elsie Hughes Page One Hundred Sixty Indian Club The club obiectives are: to promote fellowship among The Indian clulv was first organized at the beginning the Indllm SYUCIQHTS of Cfnffali YO keep informed 011 In' of school in l93l. Many tribes are represented each year. d' Afff 'dl hD t fIt' 'cl .. . lan urs Emerg Dy I C epiimem 0 n enor an The club membership is open to any student of Indian to preserve the customs and traditions through study of Indian History and folklore. dCSCf'f1t- OFFICERS' Fir.-it Semester .St-wmi Synyyslcr EARLE H, ROUILLARD ,, ,, President BASIL CHAPMAN ..,, ,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,Y , V1'fePre3z'dent RUTH D. HARRIS Y, ,,,,,, ,....,,, Serrelclry-Treasurer' DR. FRED C. MCCARRIEL ,,,, We Sponsor LW.-. , me IIRUI5. E, L, CAN'1'izi2LL First Row, Aaron Dry, Ruth D. Harris, Louise A. McMillan, Mozell E. Miller, Leo L. Rodrigues. Second Row, Earle H. Rouillard, Laurel G. Taulbee, Mae Lavon Yancey, and Ida Pauline Yancey. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Jack I3. Adair Basil Chapman Charles B. Smith George Brannan Edna C. Daugherty Albert Kirby Rider Alma Rae Chapman Mildred KV. Finley Page One Hundred Sixtu-one Gamma Gamma Iota Alpha is a national organization whose membership consists exclusively of stu- dent-veterans of World War II in the colleges throughout the United States. The Alpha Chapter at Central State College has provided its members with information and assistance in their difficulties with class schedules or allotment entanglements. During the school year of 1946-47 there have been representatives of the veterans organi- zations at the regular meetings of the GI. asso- ciation to inform and explain the latest changes in their operating procedure. The G.I. Association has been represented at all college activities and their displays at the annual Homecoming and Carnival have won the wholehearted approbation of the entire cam- pus. Page One Hundred Sixty-two lofa Alpha Created to bring about a bond of friendship and consideration among veterans and non- veterans alike, the G.I. Association is an en- thusiastic sponsor of any worthy project which aims at the betterment of Central State College. It has been a staunch supporter of the College Student Council. The aims of Gamma Iota Alpha may be sum- med up in the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who said: "Lives of great men all remind us, We can make our lives sublime. And in parting leave behind us, Footprints on the sands of time." The members of Gamma Iota Alpha hope to leave a worthy record behind them when they leave Central State and in their future deeds and accomplishments to reflect credit upon their Al- ma Mater. Ftrs! Row, Elmer Beck, James Black, Doyle Bradshaw, Joseph Barns. Harry W. Callaway, Edward Coyle, Lavoise Crittenden, Rex Doughtery, Alvie Gooch, Bobbie Gordon. Second Row, William M. Jolley, Randolph Harris. Alfred B. Hinkle, Pleasant Kimble, Daryl Lamb, William Lindsay, Keely Marshall. C. W. Maupin, Glenn Michael, Ray McIntyre. 'Third Row, Louis McMillan, Billy Poe, Jack Ray, Glen, Reeder, Bebe Rodriguez, Seay Sanders, Sterling Sawyer, Wi. C. Sawyer, Jack Schmeidbauer. Fourth Row, Leslie Sellers, Henry Smith, Bill Sughru, Dan Tillotson. Andrew Vogt, Dan XValker, Joe Wall, George B. Walling, Lee Williamson. W. T. Basore Wayne Brown Joe Eidson Tom Estes B. L. Farmer Charles Finley Mildred Finley Watt Hamilton Owen K. Hutchinson First Semeslez' MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE William Harr Robert T. Hayes Donald Hines Roy W. Jones Elmer Kincannon K. R. Keeney Jimmy Mitchell Wayne Nichols Oran Peters OFFICERS Glen Penn James Powell Bob Raines Eugene Simpson Richard Stults Billy Thompson Douglas Wallace Allan Zachary Allen Claver Second Semester ED COYLE JAMES O. BLACK ,,.,,,d,D , ,,,,,,, Presrdent -,,.,,,-,, ..,,..,,,, ,-,, GENE SIMPSON , ,,,. L OWEN K, HUTCHINSON L W. C. SAWYER ..,,,,,, TOM ESTES Yrrd., ..,. , , DR, ROY JONES ,,,,,,,,, W., ,YY- ,,,,,,,,,L, Vice-President ,,,,,, ,.-,,,,,,, ,A,,.-. ,,., D Secretary ,,,,,,, -, -A, ALLEN W. CLAVER OWEN K. HUTCH1NsoN L..- ,,,.,,, Treasurer 4 ,,,,,. , ,,,,,,, -- ,,,, DAN GRAY ,,,, ,,Y.-,,, Reporter ,,,,,,, K, ,,,, HARRY CALLAWAY Sponsor .- D,,L,, ., ,,v,,.,D., DR. ROY JoNEs Paqe One Hundred Sixty-Ihre League of Young Democrats The purpose of the League ol Young Democrats is to At the I947 State Convention in Oklahoma City, an d d d' ' t ' ' I f d d t , . 32235029 ill idiiim:EaOirp11:i?Cs 0 emocmcy an O alliance was formed with delegates from the other Col- Delegates from this chapter have attended all State '55 leges of Oklahoma for the promulgation of greater par' District Conventions. ticipation by the youthful element of the League. OFFICERS 1946 1947 W, C, SAWYLR ,,,,,, ,.,,, ,. ,L .,,... ,. President ffffff .. .-f-ffa aff- Joe H. WALL JOE LAWTIZR L ,,,,,., . ..,, .,L--L- Vice-President ...WW ,...-,a- W fffaf RENE GIBBS GALLC1-IUMLEY ,.,,,,, -,,,,,H- Secretary-Treasurer ,.,,-Y.- .vaaf .,- IKEY ROBINSON Fifth Congressional District Chairman -,,--- W. C. SAWYER Sponsor ,,-,,4,4, !,.,,-, Y,,,,.,,, , L L- ELMER PETREE Ifirst Row. Velta Allen, Ann Basore. W. T. Basore, Marry Ellen Braden. Wayne R. Brown, Gale Chumley, Verna Mae Crozier. Second Row, Clyde Duckwall, Mark Ekiss. A. D. Hagle. Mary Imogene Harris, Billy J, Hughes, Wanda Jones. William M. Jolley. Third Row, Jean Maxey. John E. Martin, Anita Miller, Herbert N. Coyner, Glen Penn, Billy B. Poe. James A. Powell. Fourth Row, Bob Raines, Roscoe Ross Robinson, Sterling Sawyer, W. C. Sawyer, Eugene Simpson, Joe H. Wall, Lee Williamson. MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE Jack Schmeidbauer R. C. Denny A. B. Husky Seay Sanders F. A. Holzapfel Bill Ballew Rex Daugherty Frank Livingstone Myrtle D. Shelby Keely Marshall H. L. Brown M. E. Fitzpatrick Thomas J. Estes Emma Plunkett Page One Hundred Sixty-four Leda Brooks Leila Davis Kathleen Perryman Mildred Heller Carl Woodward L, O. Short Lester M. Reed J. T. Williams J. C. Woods Elmer C. Beck James Hulsey Bascum C. Pippin Jr. Emma Estill Harbour Wayne S, Nichols Stanley Robinette Warren R. Burns Melburn Spencer Helen Brown Howard Upshaw Gerry Simpson Phyllis Moreland E. J. Vaut Lee F, Johnson Eleanor Snyder Mrs. B. C. Smith Allen Smith Leslie Sellers Lawrence Zielny Oran Lee Peters Lowell Thompson Curady Watkins Rene Gibbs Jim Petree Elmer Petree Galen Brown Marvin Shields Marjorie Morris Maurine Spencer Paul Hough Daniel Tillotson W. H. Northcutt Bill McMinimy Second Generafion Club The Second Generation Club was organized in 1938, implies. Second Generation Club members are sons and by the Alumni Secretary, Miss Edna Jones There were daughters of former students .,Centralites who caught 85 charter members. "Once a Centralite. always a Cen- the true Central spirit and are passing it on as a priceless tralite" was adopted as the club slogan As the name heritage to their children. OFFICERS BETTY Lou DOWNEY , .,,, H.- ,,,,,,..,,,.,,,,.,,,, L,,,,, President EDITH MILLS ,. ,,,,,,,Y,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., Vice Presidenl MARIETTA STONE ,,,,,, ,C,.,.,C,,,.,,.,.,.,,,,,,.,.Y, Secretary 'ISHELMA LOU LAMBERT LL, ,,,,, W ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, -,- Tfeaxuifer BETTY LEE SAMSON LL., ,,,Ad,,,,, - ,.,..,.V,., L,.,, ,,,, R e porier EDNA JONES ,,.-f ,,,.YY,,Y,,,.,,..,,,,,,..,,,., ,. ,,,, -, Sponsor First Row, Miss Edna Jones. Sponsor, Herbert Neil Coyner, James Crowder. Jr., Betty Lou Downey, Clyde Duckwall. Second Row, Thomas Estes, Thelma Lou Lambert, Beverly Livingstone, Frank Livingstone. Kathryn Ann Martin. Third Row, Edith Mills, Cecelia O'Brien, Louise Ray, Bettye Stonebraker Samson, Ruth Louise Shope, Marietta Marshall Stone. Edward Blades Betty Ann Border Robert Cartmill Wilma Hoover James Hulsey John Lacy Pauline Coyner Lehman MEMBERS NOT IN THE PICTURE John William Marks B. C. Pippin Luther Whitfield Marks JoAnn Pippin Shirley Ross Martin Alletta May Rotroff Anita June Miller Willard Stewart Bill Odor Rufus N. Stinnett LeRoy Paas Marjorie Snyder Sara Pearce Bill Edward Tuck Paqc One Hundred Sixty-five Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS President -, ,............-............ .. -...... MARGIE GRAHAM First Vice President ...........-...-..--.,.A........ LOUISE RAY Second Vice President ,E ,...........eH....,, MARGARET HARPSTER Worship Chairman -.- ......e.........,,.......... PAT TOLBERT Treasurer ..... ----., ,,-.......A., - ..,, ,- BETTY CHRISTNER Recording Secretary ,.EAA........,.... ,, ,...... WANDA WALTERS Recreational Chairman ,H ,,E.......Yw.-- - ..-.. IMOGENE HARRIS Music Leader EE.. ....-.......,,,,,,..,...,E.. E LEANOR SNYDER Pulwlicity ,-- .,,,,...-..,,., ,,,. - NORMA XVEHRENBERG SPONSORS MRS. STARR OTTO DOYEL DR. NEWBY RAY MISS CORA STROUD YWCA Big Sister, Big Brother All-School-Get-Acquainted Inter-racial Tolerance Miss Anna Sawyer Faith--Mrs. F. W. Brigham Dedication Jefferies Window Halloween Party Thanksgiving Fireside Page One Hundred Sixty-six EVENTS Buffet Supper--cabinet members The Power of Christian L1V1I1g Rev. Lumen Cockerill Valentine Party Dedication Thatcher Window Music Program St. Patrick Party Weiner Roast Installation Banquet Kappa Delfa Pi Gamma Omega Chapter WINIFRED E. STAYTON, Counselor I 61 4, -I-I I OFFICERS CLARA KESSLER ........,,,.............-........-... EDNA JONES L ..... ........,....... .......,... - - Vice .IUANITA LEE .,,. -. ...,......-,........ .,..,.....- - -- NADINE CAMPSEY E...,,E,E...... ............ ,.,.,. ,. - MARY ELIZABETH HOLCOMB -- .,,E.. -, ..........-.... --- IVIARY IMOGENE HARRIS ,, ,.-- President President Recorder Treasurer Reporter Secretary DR. FRED MCCARREL ...,,...E.,..... .. ,....... Executive Member Gamma Omega Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a .national honor society in education, was instal- led on the campus of Central, April 27, 1935. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high intellectual and scholastic standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to educa- tion. To this end it invites to membership such persons as exhibit commendable personal quali- ties, worthy educational ideals, and sound schol- arship. It endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members and to quicken professional growth by honoring achievements in educational work. MEMBERS Margaret Louise Beadle Letha Jean Brock Nadine Campsey Ann Coyner Leita Davis Betty Lou Downey Fred P. Drake Nellie Drake Mary Imogene Harris Mae Hiatt Mary Elizabeth Holcomb Mrs. Vernon Johnson Edna Jones Clara Kessler Owen King Thelma Lou Lambert Juanita Lee Mary Mahood Dorothea Meagher Dr. Fred McCarrel Emma Plunkett Dr. Jessie Newby Ray Dr. R. R. Robinson Winifred E. Stayton Grace Wattenbarger Florrie Wilson Paqe One Hundred Sixty-seven Thafcher Hall A-E1 Q my A H HQ l , We W First Semesler OFFICERS Second Semesler LEE WILIAMSON ee e. . ,,, , President ,g,g ,, en, ,, nh, PAUL HOUGH DICK LAVAVOR no ,,,.-,e ,, Vice-President ,,,e,,e,-,,,,,e who ALVLE Goocu A. B. HUSKEY ,-,,,,,,,,,,,.. ,,,,, A 4 Secretary ,,,,,,, ,,,, ,, MARVIN SHIELDS AARON DRY ,,,,,,,, , wenewe Treasurer ,,,, ff-, ,,,, H, CARL ALEXANDER FARLF ROUILLARD W ev, e Reporzer 7 ,,, , .,,, ee KEEIX MARSHALL Hostess e e, e e .W,, MRS. lVlYRTl.F SHELBY Housing more students than ever before, The lounge of Thatcher has been the scene Thafdief Hall has Served 35 residence fOr ap' of innumerable social activities, with dances and proximately 215 men throughout the 1946-47 school year. Page One Hundred Sixty-eight receptions for residents and guests. Murdauglw Hall OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester VIRGINIA PERRY ,,II Won--- President I,III, , ,IIII MARION CIIURCIIILI. PAULINE LANGHAM ,,,,,.I ,WWW Vice-Presidenr ,..,, ,. ,Y,, ,, MARGARET BIQADLE MARGIE GRAIIAM III, ooto-.,,,,,-,, Secremry ,,,,. ,..,I . .ow HIQLEN T,wI,0R KATIIRYN HASTINGS ,, W ,,,,,,, Treasurer ,,,,,, ,,,,,, H VIRGINIA KIMBLE Hosress ,,,eIe,.. I , -tom MRS. LORA .IOYCIE PIETREF This beautiful building was named for Dr. E. It is beautifully furnished and equipped with D. Murdaugh, fourth president of Central. It every modern convenience. The arrangement of houses more than three hundred women, in the living room makes it a center of social life spacious and luxurious surroundings. on the campus. Paqe One Hundred Sixty-nz'ne ODE TO CENTRAL STATE COLLEGE Hail to Central! Alma Mater! Mother of a mighty host, You, who claimed a hundred victories, To you, heroes quaff a toast, To your standard We will rally, Hold your colors high. Against the windswept sky. Through two ruthless wars you stood Protected by eternal good, The many silent tears you shed Can but be measured by the dead. As time dragged by on leaden feet Your great heart throbbed with every Each stroke that tolled the hour While nations struggled to devour Freedom, that immortal creed, That stifles fearful hate and greed. Twice you saw the hand of peace Reach down to soothe and give release To hearts in pain. Twice you saw the khaki clad Wounded, disillusioned, sad, Made whole again. Still you stand, erect and strong, Endowed with blessed light and truth Yours is the sacred task to mold The characters of countless youth. You are young. You have before you Years to grow and powers to gain: In your song of education Progress is your one refrain. Hail to Central I Prairie daughter! Guardian of a sacred trust, With your spirit leading onward, Conquer then we must! And your sons shall sing your praises Wherever they may be Proud to bear the cherished symbol Of a school like C. S. C. Claric Page One Hundred Seventy beat e Jackson + -Q , i'. . L 1325? ' ,--gs!-,--5 ' if 'AIHL ESFQ 13'-e:::: 1,lf1 A . : A-:eng-fgiaxfzstssiiun uw 4 . 1 . .Awh " Ea"?EE2'5'fissaa.1 " ' - 'Hr v ill-. 'f "7.f1Eir,Z A f I ' , 1 - fi. Q 1 ' A ' "1 ' :1f7iiZ4.,-lf I ,:1ff.'I.gi7 ff ' wi553f??'f 4 ' -hy - llllllll " xvx gn nv u I I I -1 '51- I BN' 77 if snllnu nel. x "': ,,.a::' P+ HELHIRU il QU -IE' 4 -:gg ulfaaflifiglr g Hlfm! I! S :Emirzsz m """"' E gas!! flmilifg , "ff 'Y 3 YF Pl rg 1 In " LF. 1' X Ex:-Elm. -xgalvaxrtu HBE' 4 'Y an Q' -+- fg,,,a:.alml " fuer: nz 43.24 lui Inuuun- y we 1 X r- '- fx ' fr 1. il :Ilia 'F' F-' r 'H'-Q ? sv -5' "wb Xegksx V 1, 1 A ' . .f-- - - --ng- L.. .Le , Y 1 W.. .,,. .., "1,.. f .- , ' -.L . .:':E ' :N T- .YQ . HA.. .,.,., ....:. . . f' qu -L' , f .51 -1 'I A ,.,:,:,,, .. . 1 , ..,. .,...,:i: A , u--1-. , A iii-. - ::T12....... gg 'ELQQQQQTQ ?--w55i':+u- Q, 1 Ns. L ' -. QU. JL' --.. . K t g1f?2ii? D-.L-53.2-X . wi-3: ' """ " ' E Z:rL' I I . 4, .I , 54.4 'Q ny: A:-asia.: 1, A I i Q . X -74.5 .N :I ,f , , I Kun-,., . x l'-:f - X' f isis i5f?1 '- I" 't--W L.: -- Str--. ' +. .,.. -,LL 5: Elf. L. ...-,4.-f-T- - - E::.",'f'1'. W? A-- ". -jf. Q , :,:gfH',, g5:f1gs.r,.Q n ,,?.. 12,--yn 4:45. -. X ' if-f5gg!!:':E!:ES5EE5EE3S'Ffg,, ,. gilfwi m fig '---. ' 'v-- - . ':"'.., .:: srfrrsit -13:21 r " ' -. '. 1-E. 1 5 f -- WF- :.g'::::-saayf-if .531 .. 2' ,fb ' O EEEQEEESED 'gfigi' .1!-T- ' J. W 1:14 'T' f, i"'J:..a1g..' " . I-HQ ' ffff' J' ' ' fig' -4.-'R 5" ..w4"i '- ' - . F'i2g:::gggg:uQ3 Vgggg:-gf,- +P.-373'--'--:"' , 1E::x,ii JQ?'.!,'.'kv Q. ,: ' .,di,.xEI'imlnl! I A 4:vsxF?1!:-:E mv- an 4:59, .1 .l 'gf Ei i 'g," . ' " , 4 H-25:1 . V H-ff.s.- A , . .1::::'z fi .. . ,Q -,:- fa , g. I ' ff in re. 'viii X--.gL,2. 1- --lv gp 'M . ,-L.::iE-::.1 . , I' f.:::5S5 .. 1:25. T 55:-, "if, Y X . J gm. N, -ff 1. 1..r.. . , ' . w-.----:- ': , ': .-----:I -,. 1- V ' M 4- -, " 'T ...Wi . A1'q:u.4.Z?f2sEi'if rf f gffxzzfl- JT nr i4 up E- A , .- fixes-ff.gP f ' ,-i.f5..ff-- .+--Q-fi 1.14 Sh . :gf L ' ' ""' .'i"'-F2 m 5535 ',"E5f-55:7 " T..-.','f 'YW ' - I 1 ff js E". Q , - Al- - if Rlxv rl r-2 'S 'L D ! ---- '. ' - .4 , 33, .-1::s -' 3--:-4 ,L . . Q-M, ,Y .A , H Egg j,.fg.,5,:,: .X M 4? .Q V 1 J- ..- 1 ir?" .iii5:2! in . v ffufrfr- 'i""' Ziff- X ' . 1 1 1 --F. -...zur -' ..... .::i:E: ' :.::"'f "- ' . - .71 'YP' -I-5ia...:: 1 . :sig 2--gn ' 4,1 fggzggiv-12-t-,.2 " 3 , 111- .. . f-il - "lf 4 p::g.f .- f.:1:--s.-- 5,4 X f g,..... - A M gf . -" ii . .5 ff -51 , .M -:::'4 - "' Mfg:-4.5 'T f Q :.T-'-mf , 1- ---+ 'rg MMM- """"--f--- - -.1 .. . ' 'K ! I":J '-ik 5' . R -tQx:' f. 5-N-. X,-.j 11 I X- K " Q 5""Y'7"'?T' ' ,L i f-F-' Vf - .T-: , 1-,'ff"f1' " 'igA - - Qf g'-W f 'Q'-2-A X X -. X A wh - - ' .,vf', 4- - " -Q-. " 1' "" ' - fr x' x .f X 'sr-f-X' QR .-... -xx f' -an MIN . . X . 'los -f ' -Qu: .."'1,. 3'2" ' '-Q ' , f ' ':-" 'F X 4 ' X px, 'luxy X gh ,,,. ,, .'x xx W 1 3 2 I F?.':ET'jki X- .N xx, Nx , X 'xx X M - N km V t , W , . - - - :Wi-K ' i' Sm Q A 'S' " 4 'Q .-Q:454g -.- , A-W Q ,st-. 5. 5 -. ---y . 1- , -- -1--arf: 'rf-' - - X 'xxx w, V Q- Q .... --,.y. . ' '1, -A 5. X . . 'A-,J N ,r::, .Q .. .M 2 ? 'au K- -. . .. , ---511+ X 5 + X ' X l.Q."'.,l -up-2 fbfm' fefxxa,-N 4 .1 Q . . ff: - 'wmv W - -X x. - X X -- x X - . ' - f-L .64 5- 'NNN L f" 'X K n h 5,3 - ,- JM.. T I-IE ARTS Mary Irwin Juanita Perkins Eleanor Snyder E. B, Snyder Charles Neiswender Choral Sociely XV, S. Nichols, Director Ruth Miller, Accompanist Soprano Soprano Contralto Tenor Baritone The Choral Society presented the Christmas Oratorio by Saint-Sacns This group is the College Chorus which for the second semester of the school year formed the nucleus of the Edmond Choral Union. At Easter time Staincrs "Crucifixion" was presented. This was done with soloists and orchestral ac companiment. Page One Ilumlred Seuenly-two Women's Glee Club CHARLES NEISNlv'ENDER. Director Amos DICIQERSCDN, WANDA WESSE1,, Accompaniszs The Central State College Women's Culee Club presented several concerts during the school year. It was the Choral group which was heard at the Y Chapel window didicatory services, presenting the music suggested by the Win- dows. Other programs during the year were presented at Will Rogers Veterans' Hospital and at the Edmond High School. Paqe One Hundred Swentu-three Women's uarlel .GQ l.eft to Right: Mary Irwin. Soprano: Jewell Smith, Soprano Argwtu Dicktrwn to llleanor Snyder, Alto, Aceonipanisl , XX'.1nd.1 Vw'essel Men's uar+e+ Left to Right: YVillard Stewart. Tenor: Basil Vvlahling, Second Tenor W int Niehols Baritone Bill Reese. Bass Page One Hundred SeL'entt1-fmzr Aecornpanist , , Gwendolyn Round A Cappella Choir Charles Neiswender, Director Wanda Wessel, Accompanist MEMBERS Sorprano Contraltos Virginia Callaway Cherry Collier Marjorie Owen Juanita Perkins Dorothy Serviss Rosemary Stewart Tenors Clyde Baty B. C. Pippin, Jr. Mercer Shaw, Jr. Willard Stewart Argus Dickerson Virginia Kimble Phyllis McKinney Bonna Lee Muns Eleanor Snyder Basses Loren Baty Robert Dornberger Bill Harr Wayne Nichols Th1S group is newly organized of highly talented young singers Serious music of sacred as well as secular nature comprises the larger part of the Choir s repertoire This Choral group was a featured attraction at the Music and Art Festival Concerto. Page One Hundred Seuenzq five BAND Orchesfra BENJAMIN GooDsELL, Director The College Orchestra presented a Concert assisted by Paul Roe Goodman, pianist, who played a movement from the A'Schumann Concerton and Charles Neiswender, baritone, who sang "Figaro's Aria" from the i'Barber of Seville." The Orchestra's spring concert features outstanding student soloists. Members of this group accompanied the Edmond Choral Union in its presentation of the "Crucifixion" at Easter. Paqe One Hundred Seventy-seven Brass Quar+e+ BRASS QUARTET PROFESSOR W. S. NICHOLS - Director AROUS DICKERSON - Accompanisf WAYNE NICHOLS THELDA KIRKWOOD LEWIS DODD BILL REECE The brass quartet appeared on several High School Chapel programs over the state as well as several appearances on local programs. The quartet was in- cluded on the program representing the college on a broadcast from the Uni- versity of Oklahoma. Page One Hundrled Seventy-eight Jam Session 'AThe Jive Five" Mercer Shaw, and Argus Dickerson sang to the soft, sophisticated rhy- thms furnished by Professor J. Ralph Reed, Commerce Department, guitar: Wayne Nichols, trumpet and James Powell, bass. You all remember these musicians for their ability to produce top-notch entertainment on the spur of the moment for all occasions. Page One Hundrfa' Seventy-nine Drama+ic:s December 12, Chorus ,W Antigone Nurse ,,, lsmene , Haemon Creon ,,,, First Guard , Second Guard Third Guard Messenger Page Win, Y Eurydice ,, Staged by ,, Stage Manage Lights ,,,,,,,,,, , Building and Painting Crew Harr. Merce K' -----V ,f YYY. YYYY ,,,,, ANTIGONIQ by .lean Anouilh 1946 Mitchell Hall CAST Oli CHARACTERS , , , Mellville ll. liitlpatrick Joanne .lohnson , Nina Story Hagle Roxie Smyrl Arthur l.. Baptiste James A. Biondo Cilen ll. Michael ,, Vw'illiam M. Harr W Mercer C. Shaw, Jr, Richard Donnell Ted Tcthcr , Lorenc B. Seago PRODUCTION STAIT , , , James A. Biondo Mary' Imogene Harris Anita June Miller Mary lillen Braden Gerry Simpson. Ticket Sale Property Crew Avis N, Bo Publicity ,W Page One Htmdreti' Eighty V , ,,,,, ,,,,, , Nina Hagle, XVilliam f Shaw, A- IV- BHDIISICY Warren C. Keys. Betty Kinnison, Virginia l., Sowers, , ,, , ,, W, W, lVlargtt1'el Owen Dorothy Kearhy , W in ,,,,,, Doris Jeanne Barnett, wman, Sally Jo Bartley, Virginia Eaves and Jerre Dawkins, ff , , ,,,, ,, , ,W ,,,,,, - ,U ,, Max Davis THE MAN IN THE BOWLER HAT hy A. A. lwilne Oetoher 29, 1946. CAST Oli CHARACTERS Mary , ,, , , , ,,,,,, -WH ,, John Y , Villain , , Hero , H , , , Heroine , , C ,, , , , , Villains Assistant ,, The Nlan in the Bowler Hat PRODUCTION STAFF Mitchell Hall , , Nlargaret Owen Vv'arren C. Keys Arthur L. Baptiste , Jack Haraughty .lerre Dawkins , Mercer Shaw , YVilliam Harr Directed by ,, , , , W , , C, W, ,, James A. Biondo Stage Manager , Mary Imogene Harris Lights , , Anita June Miller This picture shows the play in rehersal. The second semester the Blue Cur- tain Players presented two scenes from Sidney Kingley's "The Patriots". Three performances were given. One was for the Daughters of the American Revolu- tion in Oklahoma City. The drama department participated in a variety prof gram and presented a regular spring production. Plltjl' One Humlrecl' Erahltf-:me Deba+e The debaters this year consisted of Nina Story Hagle, A. D. Hagle, James Crowder, and Pleasant Kimball. They worked on the National Debate Ques- tion, "Resolved: That Labor should have a direct share in the Management of Industry". This group made a trip to Ada Where they participated in the State Collegi- ate Debate Tournament. They also journeyed to the University of Oklahoma to hear a symposium on the National Question and to practice debates. The debaters did much research on the National Question and had many good arguments: Page One Hundred Iiighty-Iwo Radio Produclion The class in Radio Production studied nearly every phase of radio Work from script writing to recording. The project in Radio this year was to write a regular show. The idea was to be original, The best script was recorded and the one decided upon was Melville FitZpLa'trick's "The lneligiblen. Those in the cast were M. E. Fitzpatrick, Professor James A. Biondo, A. D. Hagle. The sound effects were done by Jerry Simpson, Nina Hagle, and Anita Mil- ler. Mary lmogene Harris did the recording. The group studied the profession- al side of radio and got much practice using the mike. Page One Hundred Eiqhtil-three ART 'V Cfkwlfj' -.A A 1' ,Pi 5 ' The picture above is a typical studio class painting a still life in Water colors, as still life studios are encouraged for beginning classes in that media. Beginning courses, fundamentals, principles of design, art appreciation, per- spective and composition, and puppetry need no prerequisites for entrance. Stu- dio classes are organized for advanced art in water color, oil, figure drawing, and pictorial composition. Design is emphasized in classes of commercial art modeling, color, home decoration, and interior decoration. A Bachelor of Arts degree is offered to students wishing to teach art or to those desiring to spec- ialize. Art courses are offered persons interested in art for hobbies, teaching cer- tificates, and for electives. Art is expressed in all classes with a democratic spirit of creativeness: individuality is also encouraged. The art department of- fers twentyfthree courses from which students may make wide selections lead- ing toward art fields. Page One Hundred Eighty-four sf 1 will Q 'ggwhfiiii if BUD NICHOLS Watonga, Okla JAMES BRUNO Oklahoma City JOHN DUNAWAY Bris to LU, Okla. .1 OH N SMITH The Foo+balI Season REVIEW 1943 -1945. From Spring 1943 through December 1945, The Vista annals of Central State College reported a blank in sports activity signifying the Bronchos had gone all out for war. Although the Bronchos did not get a pennant or an official championship to add to the record, they completed the 1942 grid season undefeated. The 1942-43 basketball squad of the college played a variety of Army and Navy service teams from nearby installations. The team continually suffered from loss of its players as services called the men. The final percentage for bas- ketball was 500. Undecided about a continued Sports program, Dale Hamilton awarded nine cage letters to his remaining soon-to-depart basketeers. Finally Hamilton him- self went to war in the U. S. Navy in April, 1943. Hoping to keep life in the string of victories which carried them through the 1942 season unbeaten, Broncho football men began practice September 1 as did the other five Oklahoma Collegiate Conference teams. Page One Hundred Eighty-eight Bridgeport, Ohla. Bris- and here the the was .,V.. yrzk 1-. f-Q-ug W 5.,.: z Z V w L " 'xg , gw 3? N F , b. Z , F 5 I r Fm fw- , A fm. N K Coaches COACH D. F. CGENED SMITH has been head wrestl- ing coach and line coach since l936. He received Freshman and Senior Awards for best all-round ath- lete, while earning four wrestling and three football letters at CSC. Smith was an All-State wrestling champ for two years. He received his BS. degree and coached a year each at Calumet and Edmond, before joining the CSC faculty, and since has done graduate work at O.U. He entered the Naval Air Corps physi- cal training program in 1941, where he attained the rank of Lt. Commander. Page One Hundred Eighty-six COACH DALE HAMJLTON came to CJSC from Bris- tow Highschool, where in l927 he was an All-State Center. At Central he won 12 letters, with additional honors of Freshman and Senior Athletic Awards and All-State Football Center in 1932. After coaching a year each in Cushing, Bristow, and Ponca City, he returned to CSC in l936 and has since climbed to Athletic Director for the college. In eight years here he has coached ten championship sports teams, Dur- ing three years in the Navy he coached Aviation Ca- dets at Georgia University. COACH GERALD HCOWBOYH BARNETT handled the pass-snatching department for the '46 Broncho eleven and is the main-spring of CSC basketball. At CSC. he earned eight athletic letters and graduated. to do his graduate work at Oklahoma A '55 M. Barnett join- ed the Central faculty in 1939. While in service "Cowboy" attained the rank of Lieutenant in the Naval Air Corps physical training program, and was a member of the NATTC Memphis "Hellcats" bas- ketball team which ranked fifth in the nation in 1944-45, A ww f . , A M--,.f.,.a,,,,,,,,,,, V, .M-.-...S-,W-..,.,..,....a..,..a. FOOTBALL "7 .. , ..,. 'F' , . - K 'BP " 'vw-M f . . H .M - s.s,ir -- Q a,r,.s,s,+,: e ,, . K W kb My A ng, v 7 A agua, ,,,. . ,. 1946 BRONCHO FOOTBALL SQUAD Left to right First Row, Don Coleman, Luther' Marks, Mickey Clabaugh, Howell Buckholts, Roy Silkwood, Jack Moss, Don Lockwood, Aaron Dry, Earle Goerke. Second Row, Joe Eidson, Jimmy Jones, Al Blevins, Tom Levay, Jim Bruno, John Dunaway. Faye O'Dell, Jack May, Dick LaFavor, Lyle Berryhill, Oscar Raglin, Duard Givens. Third Row, Coach Gene Smith, Warren Nichols, Oquinn Dunn, Marion Fagan, Kenneth Brady, Sherman Floyd, Ralph Witten, John Smith, Merle Applebee, Ova Farrow, Earl Applebee, Coach "Cowboy" Barnett, Head Coach Dale Hamilton. Fourth Row, Floyd Baker, Paul Hough, Stan Robinette, Ralph Springer, Watt Hamilton, Alvis Grigsby, Wally Schweisberger, Bill McMinimy, Cranford French, Roy Berger, Luke Thompson, Dudley Brown. -- C1946 SCHEDULED -- September 27 Arkansas Tech, Russelville, Arkansas 0 - 7 Ottober 4 Murray A E5 M, Tishimingo, Oklahoma 13 - 7 October ll Southeastern State, Durant, Oklahoma 0 - 6 October 18 Southwestern State, Winfield, Kansas 0 - 13 October 26 Southwestern Tech, Weatherford, Oklahoma 20 - 20 November 2 East Central State, Ada, Oklahoma 30 - O November 9 Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas 12 - 13 November 15 Northeastern State, Tahlequah, Oklahoma 19 - 6 November 22 Northwestern State, Alva, Oklahoma 27 - O Page One Hundred Eighty-seven BUD NICHOLS , Waronga, Okla JAMES BRUNO Oklahoma City JOHN DUNAWAY Bristow, Ohla. JOHN SMITH The Foo+balI Season REVIEW 1943 -1945. From Spring 1943 through December 1945, The Vista annals of Central State College reported a blank in sports activity signifying the Bronchos had gone all out for war. Although the Bronchos did not get a pennant or an official championship to add to the record, they completed the 1942 grid season undefeated. The 1942-43 basketball squad of the college played a variety of Army and Navy service teams from nearby installations. The team continually suffered from loss of its players as services called the men. The final percentage for bas- ketball Was 500. Undecided about a continued sports program, Dale Hamilton awarded nine cage letters to his remaining soon-to-depart basketeers. Finally Hamilton him- self went to war in the U. S. Navy in April, 1943. Hoping to keep life in the string of victories which carried them through the 1942 season unbeaten, Broncho football men began practice September 1 as did the other five Oklahoma Collegiate Conference teams. Page One Hundred Eighty-eight Bridgeport, Okla. DUARD GIVENS HB MERLE APPLEBEE T CRANFORD FRENCH HB 1 Chickasha, Ohla. Ponca City, Okla. Panama, Okla. DICK LAFAVOR C lVatonga, Olzla, The Foofball Season CSC AT ARKANSAS TECH. Although general opinion was that Tech would emerge victorious it was still a disheartening loss for the Bronchos who invad- ed Russellville with every intention of returning home with a rousing victory. A series of fumbles, a string of serious injuries, and a list of bad breaks that would stretch from here to Russellville, sent Central State's Broncs to the showers that night with a 7-0 defeat pinned on them by Arkansas Tech. MURRAY AGGIES AT CSC. Seeking the first win of the season, the Bron- chos rolled over the Aggies in their first home game in four years, Friday night, October 4. Bud Nichols punched over the first score in the early min- utes. Cranford French plowed his way over to a touchdown from the five-yard stripe, and John Dunaway converted overpowering the Aggies 13-7, CSC AT SOUTHEASTERN. Turned back by the inspired Southeastern Sav- ages, the Bronchos played before 4,500 homecoming fans at Durant, October ll. The Savages struck quickly from their own 17-yard line on the opening kickoff netting them the only touchdown of the game. Protecting their narrow Page One Hundred Eighty-nine AARON DRY Talihina, Okla. JOE EIDSON Wagoner, Ohla. AL BLEVINS Dewey, Okla. BILL MCMINIMY Edmond, Ohla. The Foo+ball Season lead, the Savages stayed on the ground. The Bronchos. heaved several passes trying to get the lead, but could never connect to break the 6-0 score. CSC AT SOUTHWESTERN OF KANSAS. The Southwestern Builders of Win- field, Kansas chalked up a 69-yard double lateral run and a 50-yard run-back on a pass interception to score a 13-O decision over the Central State eleven in Winfield October 18. The Bronchos threatened to score every time they got the ball but lacked the extra punch to put the ball over for the tally. The Winfield Courier's sports editor, however, said, "My opinion is that the Bron- chos are the best team the Builders have met in many years". CSC AT SOUTHWESTERN. The Southwestern Bulldogs took advantage of a fumble and pass-interference penalty to gain a 20-20 tie with the Bronchs in the last four minutes of play at Weatherford October 26. Duard Givens, hard- running halfback, went for all three touchdowns as he mixed beautiful brok- en-field running with hard hitting line play. Kenneth Brady kicked two ex- tra points after having the first one blocked. Special mention was due the Page One Hundred Ninety Fi-OM LEVAY QB Pocahontas, VV. Va. EARL APPLEBEF HB PAYE O'DELL HB RALPH WITTEN T Ponca City, Ohla. Springdale, Ark. Britton, Okla. The Foo+baIl Season Broncho linemen who played most of the game in the Bulldog backfield. Consistently they outcharged the opposing line. EAST CENTRAL AT CSC HOMECOMING. East Central's Tigers tried to break the "Dale Hamilton jinx" which menaced their football camp for 6 of the last 7 years in the climax of Central's first gigantic Homecoming festival since 1942. Four lightening fast touchdowns by a vastly improved team sent East Central State spinning to a 30-0 defeat before 2,600 fans on November 2 on Central Field. A 7-0 lead was chalked up when Warren "Bud" Nichols tossed 16 yards to end Marion Fagan, then Al Blevins bucked over from one foot out. Early in the second period Tom Levay and Faye O'Dell teamed up to form the third tally as Levay rifled a 28-yard airial pass to O9'Dell. John Smith stepped off 38 yards for the final touchdown. The final stanza brought Central a safety. Brady neatly kicked for the extra points four times. CSC AT CORPUS C1-IRISTI. In the field of statistics the Centralites led the Comets nearly all the Way in a disheartening l3-l2 loss at Corpus Christi, NO- Paqe One Hundred Ninety cn , 5 l l,YLE BFRRYHILI. Dewey, Okla. OVA FARROW Cushing, Okla. KENNETH BRADY The Foofball Season vember 9 as the Broncs played the Naval Training Center's Comets. A pass from John Smith to 'ASlick" Levay tied the game 6-6 at the half-time. Aft- er the Comets again took the lead, Al Blevins went over from the one, follow- ing a firey march down the field for a score. Brady was there, but was denied his point kicks--a very rare disappointment. NORTHEASTERN AT CSC. Scoring three touchdowns which were countedland two which were called back the Bronchos moved a step nearer the pennant No- vember 15, as they blasted the Northeastern Redmen 19-6. Central received the kickoff and drove downfield where Duard Givens raced into the end zone from the 11-yard marker, culminating a 62 yard drive. Joe Eidson, who suf- fered a broken nose later in the fray connected with a 29-yard pass from Al Blevins and stopped on the two. Blevins broke over that point on the next play. Central protected its 12-O lead through the third quarter when Givens skirted around left end for eight yards and a touchdown. Levay and Givens crossed the double stripe twice during the fray, but the penalties on those plays nullified both scores. Dudley Brown, Captain-elect, was injured early in the game. Page One Hundred Ninety-two XVALLY SCHWEISBERC ER C Edmond, Okla Springdale, Ark. JIMMY JONES G ROY BERGER E DUDLEY BROWN T UKE THOMPSON E Oklahoma City. l Shawnee, Okla. Oklahoma City Wa'uriha, Okla, The Foofball Season NORTHWESTERN AT CSC. Officially closing the 1946 football season NO- vemlber 22 on Central Field, a 27-O victory gave the Bronchos four wins, three over conference opponents and the other over the Murray Aggies. A pass from Blevins to Givens began the foray, Givens going over upright. The second marker came on a pass from Levay to "Smoky" Dunaway. Oscar Raglin, Jimmy Jones, and Dick LaFavor, CSC linemen, blasted through the Ranger line and Al Bevins churned through for six points. Brady kicked the extra con- cluding the scoring for the first half: the Broncs out front 20-O. Levay drifted back and shot a pass to John Smith who fought off two men for the remaining distance to pay dirt. Brady worked like a machine, thus tally 27-0. Crys of 'iWe Want Watt" from the throng called at least one CSC athlete into action when during the fourth quarter the aimable Watt Hamilton Cnot related to the coachj carried Bronze and Blue color to glory on Central Field. While at the same time pre-school age Peggy Smith called out from the crowd to her daddy, line coach Gene Smith, to take a bow. Page One Hundred Ninety-I ree I Fi: , The Foofball Season Conference Standings College Southeastern CENTRAL Southwestern East Central Northeastern Northwestern Won Lost 4 l 3 1 2 2 2 3 2 3 1 4 SHERMAN FLOYD Panama, Okla OSCAR RAGLIN Oklahoma City CARL BURGET Dewey, Ohla. MARION FAGAN Oklahoma Citq OQUINN DUNN Chichasha, Okla, Tie 0 1 1 O 0 0 Chosen from the Broncho team in 1946 for All-Conference are the five players listed below: Oscar Raglin Kenneth Brady John Dunaway Dick LaFavor Duard Givens Page One Hundred Ninety-four Cuuard Tackle Half-back Center Half-back Plays The Foolball Season SEASON SUMMARY First Downs Yards Passes Passes Yards Passes gained rushing attempted completed gained passing intercepted by opponents Penalties Cyardsj Punts Average per punt Fumbles Score Totals fExceptions: Corpus Ch CSC Opponents 84 45 l43l 654 84 lll 30 46 593 495 5 ll 265 205 37 38 31 32 10 5 l2l 7l risti and Arkansas Techj ' s Qin.- Paqe One Hundred N net tc Baske+ball 21.54 Buck Row, Tom Levay. Herschell Sherrill, Wdyrie Metheny, Lee Smith, David Moore. Center Row, Gus Rybk.1,l2arl Applebee. Bill Ballew, Roy Berger. I.ou Kretlow. I-'rom Row, John Smith, Bud Nichols, Luk-3 Thompson. Jack Hobbs, James I7ikes. 1946-'47 VARSITY SQUAD Tom I,evay Al Blevins Earl Applebee David Moore Bill Ballew John Smith Roy Berger Bud Nichols Jack Hobbs i James Pikes Merle Applebee Dan Tillotson Herschell Sherrill 1946-'47 JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD Ray Silkwood John Ramsey Roy Silkwood Jim Prickett Mickey Clabaugh Howard Ruddell David Fitzwater Page One Hundred Ninety-six Wayne Metheny Gus Rybka Lou Kretlow Luke Thompson Hoyt Ferguson Ed Hulsey Alvis Grigsby Jim Shaw Dale Anderson SW! 9 F 3 Qt JAMIIS FIKES Britton, Olzla. 'VOM LISVAY l,OCLlh0V1llIS, Va. EARL APPLEBEE Ponca City, Ohlrl. BILL BAI.1.Evv Marlow, Olzla. f fm. Baske'rball The l946-'47 Basketball Season Coached by Gerald "Cowboy" Barnett the CSC basketball season opened with five straight wins, over Hutchinson, Kansas Junior College 35-30, North- ern Oklahoma Junior College 5l-2l, Tulsa University 39-28, Northern Gkla- homa Junior College again 46-35 and Frigidmist of Kansas 36-27. First defeat of the season came at the hands of Texas Wesleyan at Fort Worth 70-44. In the next game, still out of conference play, CSC beat the Cameron Aggies 46-29. The Bronchos started conference play the next week and dropped the first two games to Northwestern 47-56 and to Phillips University 38-36. A win was then chalked up on a conference tilt when Southwestern Tech went down to the Bronc cagers 43-35. A return engagement with the Cameron Aggies again brought the Bronchos victory in Wantland Hall 55-27. ln another return engagement CSC had re- venge for Phillips University's previous win. This time Central won 53-33 on the home court. Puae One Htmtlred Ninettf-seven GUS RYBKA Dewey, Ohlu. JACK HOBBS SOVlI1if7L'f, Okla. VJAYNF lVll?THF NY Bridgeport, Ohlu. LUKE THOMPSON lVuurilza, Okla. Baske+balI However, in the next match the Bronc cagers found the Northwestern Rang- ers tough, losing 56-45. To repeated press comment that the '46-'47 basketball season was topsy-tur- vy, Central was no variant on win and lose upsets noted throughout the nation. The Broncs were moving down the schedule with no more than due strain, until they played two overtimes to beat Tulsa University 41-40 and again one overtime period to take Southwestern Tech 38-37. The Broncs then measured two more conference foes for the defeat brack- et. The result: Northeastern was defeated 56-38 and East Central suffered the same ailment by a 34-31 score. Southeastern then entered Wantland Hall and grabbed a 54-46 triumph from the CSC men-of-the-round-ball. The Broncs then struck back with the unleashed fury of struck vanity putting Olklahoma Baptist University down to defeat 44-33 on the score board. North- eastern then sent home a harder fighting tribe to Edmond, but again went home defeated 39-35. Page One Hundred Ninety-eiql7r Al- BLEVINS G l Deweu, Ohla. BUD NICHOLS It XVatonga, Ohla. Rox' BERGER Shawnee, Ohlu. DAVID MOORE G Oklahoma Czly Baske+ball East Central, resenting the big-brother licking at their first encounter. came back and caught the Broncs at their worst, resulting in 3 defeat of 58-4l that hurt. To this point the Central quintet had a total of 14 victories and six setbacks, beaten only once outside the circuit by Texas Wesleyan, a major ranking team in the nation. This put the Broncs at eight conference tilts won and five lost. Or in fourth place by virtue of the 58-41 spanking given the CSC' men by the East Central Tigers. In the two remaining matches, Central split the card losing to Southeastern 40-35 and winning again from the OBU Bison 56-43. This drew the finalee curtain on the '46-'47 season and the Broncs looked over the team to figure out the men individually distinguished by the score book. An added feature to home games was the presence of wives and children among the fans of many of the players who are returned veterans and family men. Half- time floor shows were often one or more of the youngsters who wished to imif tate some of their fathers more serious motions in the court game, Pace One Humlred Nmetq-nine Baske+balI Conference Standings HOYT FERGUSON Hofdenuille, Oklu. JOHN SMITH Bridgeport, Ohla. LOUIS KRFTLOXV Putnam City, Okla. l'lFRSCHEl. SHFRRILL Bethany, Olzla. Teams Won Lost Pct. Points Opponents Southeastern 12 2 .851 684 611 Northwestern ll 3 .786 799 675 East Central 9 5 .643 664 580 Central State 8 6 .571 613 587 Phillips Univ. 6 8 .429 586 666 Southwestern 5 9 ,357 590 634 Northeastern 3 ll .214 552 686 Okla. Bapt. Univ. 2 12 .149 504 650 High Basket Scorers Bill Ballew - Free Throws 62 Field Cioals 75 Total 214 John Smith - Free Throws 77 Field Goals 66 Total 209 Bud Nichols - Free Throws 44 Field Cwoals 48 Total 140 All-Star Squad Bill Ballew Forward Second Team John Smith Center Second Team Bud Nichols Forward Honorable Mention Jack Hobbs Guard Honorable Mention Page Two Hundred BILL HUGHES Edmond, Oklahoma B. C. PIPPIN Edmond, Oklahoma GEORGE PATTERSON Britton, Oklahoma l r JAMES FIKES Britton, Oklahoma Tennis l 9 4 6 Season Coach Gerald "Cowboy" Barnett's Broncho Tennis men met great compe- tition and became victorious in the Collegiate Conference Tournament the first week of May, 1946 on the Bronc courts. Teams from every college of the con- ference, including dual meets with Tulsa University and Oklahoma A '25 M, played the tournament. Against Tulsa, CSC won five of the six matches. The Broncho team won without dropping a single match in both the upper and tin-can series, Winning both doubles and singles championships. Bill Hughes, winner of the singles, played 14 sets in a single day. The collegiate meet also gave the Broncs a third and fourth in singles play, those honors going to George Patterson and James Fikes respectively. The Central team, all veterans, later entered the Oklahoma City Invitation Tournament and there won additional honors when Hughes and B. C. Pippin won the Men's doubles. Pippin went to the semi-finals in the men's singles. With a 1947 tournament in sight on the home courts the first week in May, another Broncho tennis team is Warming up with hopes of victory. The '47 team includes Hughes, Pippin, Pikes and Mellville Fitzpatrick of Guthrie. Page Two Hundred One Wreslling Early in 1947 Central State opened its first wrestling season since 1940, with DONALD COLEMAN ALFRED HINKLE OVA EARROW JESS KIRK LYLE BERRYHILI, JACK MOSS BILLY GRIMES IRL HENRY DEE ODEN CHARLES LAWSON JOHN MARKS PERRY SEXSON Coach Gene Smith at the helm scheduling seven matches. The opponents were: Oklahoma University, Oklahoma A fd M, Southwestern Tech, Wichita University, and Kansas State of Manhattan. Of the matches held by press time, Central had won but one, dropping the other four to experienced opponents. Prospects for successful seasons in the future were seen in the number of men reporting for wrestling, of which only three had reached their junior year. Picture above shows some of this years participants. Below are listed names and weights of squad men expected to put a new star on Central's hori- zon. C1 pictured above.j Name Weight Benny Beck, Newkirk 'Lyle Berryhill, Bartlesville Dudley Brown, Oklahoma City James Bruno, Oklahoma City Bill Bynum, Edmond James Cheney, Britton :"Donald Coleman, Edmond 'kOva Farrow, Cushing Billy Grayson, Jefferson 'fBilly Grimes, Perry 'glrl Henry, Perry 'Alfred 1-linkle, Edmond Page Two Hundred Two 128 165 H.W. H.W. 135 128 175 H,W. 165 136 136 H,W. Name ":Jess Kirk, Perry Jack Lester, Britton Omer Manley, Jennings 'John Marks, Edmond 'John Moss, Oilton "'D4e Oden, Perry Kirby Rider, Ponca City Eogiest Rorie, St. Bthn. Tennessee 'Perry Sexson, Edmond Ernest Vaut, Pauls Valley Ward Hill, Tulsa Carl Standefer, Eunice, N. M. Weight 165 175 145 121 165 145 175 128 135 128 128 135 THE 1946-47 BASEBALL SEASON The spring of 1946 marked the renewal of varsity baseball at Central State College, the last season being in l94l. The team's first bouts were hard luck to the club as Coach E. C. Hafer strived to build a nucleus to carry this sport to its proper heritage on the CSC campus. The Broncs, who before the season had ended, shellacked the much vaunted Phillips team and lettered l4 men. They were: John Smith, Bridgeport: Lang- don Smith, Austin, Texas: Charles "Bud" Smith, Barnsdall: Leonard Che- bohtah, Lawton: Alfred Blevins, Dewey: Warren Nichols, Watonga: Aaron Dry, Talihina: Lyle Berryhill, Dewey: George Harrel, Foster: Mor- ris lVlcCarver and Rex Shedrick, Edmond: Watt Hamilton, Bill Sughru, and Hershell Sherrill, all of Oklahoma City. This year, coached by Gerald HCowboy" Barnett, nine Broncho baseball let- termen, one from the 1941 team, with a larger than ever turn-out of new ma- terial has every chance of being all the competition the conference can stand. New grey and blue uniforms and a complete outfitting of new equipment prom- ises to give the Bronc nine a great season. Names of men reporting as new material for the '47 line-ups are: Oscar Rag- lin, Daniel Tillotson, Howard Dunn, Merle Applebee, Bill Ballew, John Bak- er, Faye O'Dell, Joe Tidrow, Wayne Metheney, Carl Burget, Bob Holder, Cius Rybka, and Cleo "Smiley" Beck. Fourteen games had been scheduled at Bronze Book press time including a conference tournament at Southwestern Tech. Other teams scheduled were: Olklahoma A 25 M, St. Johns of Winfield, Kansas: Northwestern, East Central, and Phillips University. Page Two Hundred Thr e JAMES HULSEY' Edmond, Oklahoma STANLEY ROBINETTE Guthrie, Oklahoma LEE Wll.l-lAlN1SON Addington, Oklahoma i JOHNNY GOGGIN Meeker, Oklahoma l"lOYT FERGUSON Holden ville, Oklahoma JOHN SNIITH Bridqeporl, Oklahomz Track THE 1946 TRACK SEASON Central States' track men placed second in the annual State Collegiate Track and Eield meet held on Central field May 4, 1946. Oklahoma Baptist University with 87 points out-distanced 64 point CSC, who in turn led the 13 point South- western Tech team. Many of Central's points came from field events and the mile relay win cap- tured by Joe Eidson, Stanley Robinette, Lee Williamson and Joe Whitson. Broncs won the Discus throw, Shot-Put, and .Javelin throw. These three first place honors were: Discus throw-Langdon Smith, first: Bill Edwards, second, and James Hulsey, third. Smith also won the Shot-Put event with John Smith, second and Edwards fourth. Edwards Javelin throw won that competition with John Smith placing sec- ond. John Goggin was fourth in Pole Vault and Williamson was third in the High Jump. Central placed in the track events as follows: 100-Yard Dash -- Eidson, sec- ond and Hoyt Ferguson, fourth: l20-Yard High Hurdles -- Williamson, sec- ond, and Dee Gregory, fourth: Mile Run -- Gvoggin, second: 440-Yard Dash - Whitson, second and Robinette, third: 220-Yard Low Hurdles -- William- son, second and Gregory, fourth: 880-Yard Dash -- Whitson, second and Rob- inette, third: 220-Yard Dash -- Eidson, second. At press time a new CSC Track team was warming up for the l947 meet to be held on Central Eield the first week in May. Fage Two Hundred Four Women's Physical Eclucalion The Department of Physical Education for women has three objectives on which to base its program. The first is to provide an all-round activity program, for those women who seek to be playground instructors, physical educators, physiotherapists, etc . . The second is to stimu- late the interest of women at Central in athlet- ic, recreational, and developemental activities. The third is to supervise the physical training of the children in Central's Demonstration School. The department is located in Wantland Hall. The head of this department is Miss Emma VJ. Plunkett who has been at Cen- tral since l9Z8, and, since com- ing, has directed all program ac- tivities for women in physical education. The department also includes Miss Kathryn Hastings, assistant instructor in charge of the demonstration school pro- gram. Classes in the Women's De- partment include theory courses, practice coaching, folk dancing, hockey, volley- ball, basketball, tenniquoits, archery, softball, tennis, and swimming. This department has as its club the Women's Athletic Association which is affiliated with the National Federation of College Women. A point systetm, is established for awarding school sweaters. letters, and stripes to persons achieving the necessary points. Upon reaching eight hundred points, the participant is awarded 3 school sweater with emblem. When seven hundred more points have been earned she re- ceives a school letter. For each additional year of service she may receive a strip. At the end of each year a per- manent trophy is given to the best all-round senior athlete and one to the best all-round freshman athlete of the depart- ment. This award is given at the annual Awards Assembly in the spring semester, E MMA PLUNKl:T'l AND OSCAR Page Two Hundred Five FIRST ROW NVANDA LEGAKO KATI IRYN HASTINGS BETTY CROUSE SECOND ROW I,OLA HUNT LORETTO BOSTICK MILLIE HIBBERT THIRD ROXV VERNA CROZIER THIELMA ONAN FOURTH ROW MARGIE GRAHAM FRANKIE GARWOOD MARGAR ISTTE Woooizoiviii 5 JANE WOODLE KIDD ELEANOR SNYDER Page Two Hundred Six W. A. A. siila. The Women's Athletic Association of Central offers an opportunity to the women of Central to participate in athletic activities and tc develop their sportsmanship. Events that further this interest are team sports, individual SpOrtS. and different inter-collegiate trips. The Women's Athletic Association is a member of the Oklahoma Athletic Federation of College Women which sponsors many tournaments, meets, ect. Events in which Central participated were the Hockey Tournament at Oklaho- ma College for Women: the Individual Sports Meet farchery, tennis, swim- mingj held by Oklahoma University: the Playday sponsored by Oklahoma Baptist University: and the Basketball Tournament sponsored by Central's W. A. A. At this tournament Central was hostess to Agricultural and Mechani- cal College, Oklahoma University. Oklahoma College for Women, Northeast- ern State College, Southeastern State College, Southwestern State College, East Central State College, Oklahoma Baptist University, and Phillips Uni- versity. Five representatives of Central's W. A. A. also were sent to the State Ath- letic Convention of the O. A. E C. W. which was held on the A. 8 M. Col- lege campus. The W, A. A. of Central sponsors intra-mural basketball and volleyball for women during the spring semester of every school year. Co-recreational evenings are scheduled by the W. A. A. to give all students fun playing mixed games. Many picnics, camping trips, hikes, and such events complete the sports year for the W. A. A, of Central State College. Hockey Varsily HOCKEY is a sport of the Autumn. The Varsity is: Cleft to rightl Betty Cru- Zan, Pauline Robison, Norma Wehrenberg, Virginia West, Margarette 'Nood- rome, Wanda Graham, Wilma Hoover, Betty Jones, Elizabeth Cook, Deniece Barber, Joan Johnson, Joyce Rowell, Manda Jo Downing, Marge Graham, Jane Woodle Kidd, Kathryn Hastings. Page Two Hundred Seven Baske+ball Varsily .... I946 BASKETBALL comes during the Winter months. The Varsity is: first row fleft to rightj, Verna Crozier, Kathryn Hastings, Ruth Maxey, Wanda Lega- ko, Thelma Onan. The second row is: Cleft to rightj, Marge Graham, Zola Collins, Margarete Woodrome, Mildred l-libbert, Viola Wilson, Eleanor Snyd- er, Betty Crouse, Myra Bottoms. y Page Two Hundred Eight Tennis Varsiiy .. I946 Amit sr4,e QQYYK3 to HAL 5714, .9 " 1 Q 'Rf -D fab 'Fifi . 3. -A UKLAHUF A ,MANGHA ifpmfsifi GKLWQQ Jimfimr, 5 2 i E , 1 f' 'ME y J if 1 2 TENNIS is for sunny days. The Varsity Team is Cleft to rightj, Valeta Dome, Mary Jane XVoOd1c, Kathryn Hastings, Wanda Legako, Mildred Hibbert. Page Two Hundred Nine i Swimming .- I947 SWIMMING is an all-year-round activity. The Varsity Team is, Cleft to rightj, Eleanor Snyder, Margie Graham, Kathryn Hastings, Joanne Johnson, Mary Robison, Norma Wchrenberg, Jane Towles Virginia Eaves, Bernice Martindale. Page Two Hundred Ten Volleyball .. I946 VOLLEYBALL is the game for early Spring days. The Varsity is Cleft to rightb, Viola Wilson, Ruth Maxey, Margie Graham, Jane Woodle Kidd, Thel- ma Onan, Kathryn Hastings, Wanda Legako, Margarette Woodrome, Mildred Hibbert. Page Two Hundred Eleven SoHbalI - I946 SOFTBALL is the sport of late Spring, The Varsity is Qleft to rightj, Viola Wilson, Mildred Hibbert, Ruth Maxey, Pearl Powell, Margarette Woodrome, Bonnie Garmes King, Myra Bottoms, Eleanor Snyder, Margie Graham, Nellie Sherwood, Kathryn Hastings, Mary Jane Woodle Kidd, Wanda Legako, Verna Crozier, Thelma Onan. Page Two Hundred Twelve TenniquoH's Varsiry.. I947 TENNIQUOITS is a game of the Wiiitertime. The Varsity is Cleft to rightj, first row: Norma Wehrenberg. Kathryn Hastings, Virginia Eaves, Betty Cru- zan, Second row: Mary Robison, Betty Jones, Joanne Johnson, Margarette XVoodrome, Waiida Graham, Margie Graham, Pune Two Hundred Thirlcer All - Around A+hle'res .... I946 The BEST ALL-ROUND-ATHLETES are, Senior woman, Mildred Hib bertzsenior man, Bob Van Antwerp: The freshman woman, Mary Jane Wood lc Kidd, freshman man, John Smith. Page Two Hundred Fourteen Pep Squad fp f- - ,gnu The CHEER-LEADERS are: Standing, Joanne Johnson, leader. Kneeling are Cleft to rightj, Joe Wall, Roxie Smyrl, Rene Gibbs, Doris Jean Barnett, Jack Melson, Joan Pippin, Wanda Jones, Virginia Eaves, Jane Towles, and Lavoise Crittendon. Paqc Two Hundred Fifteen AIR VIEW OF CENTRAL CAMPUS Resume of War Years We have attempted to gather here, in these next few pages, a brief summary of the happenings at Central State Col- lege during those years in which no Bronze Book was published. No doubt, some very important events will be omitted, but we have attempted to include all information which was made available to us. Paqe Two Hundred Seventeen From September in 1942 until December 1945 will for years to come be known at C.S.C. as "the war years", because it was during these years that so many of the activities connected with college functions could not be carried on. There were, as all will remember, shortages of materials and people, both very dear to the normal life of a college. Therefore it is the pur- pose of this page to outline and summarize in a chronological order those events which took place on the C.S.C. campus, including the co- operative efforts ofthe college with the armed services in training many of its flyers and cler- ical technicians. September found 15 Army and Navy flight trainees at C.S.C. in a program then known as the Civilian Pilot Training program. These men were the first not enrolled as regular students. but sent to C.S.C. by the services. Eight faculty appointments were made and leave of absence was granted to several. New at Central were Professor Fred Drake, Profes- Page Two Hundred Eighteen sor Marval D. Evans, Professor John William- son, Miss Nelle Jefferson, Mrs. Mildred Stapp, Miss Beatrice Paschall, Professor Charles Nies- wender and Professor Asbury Smith Leave of absence was granted: Dr. R. L. Martin, Dr. Charles N. Ott, Gerald K. Barnett, Miss Anita ,l-loward, Miss ,Margaret Horn, Miss Lucille McGuire, Miss Mollie Ruth Bot- toms, Miss Betty Jane Nlavrico, Dr. Willa Claire Cox, and Coach Claude Reeds. By October night classes in machine shop practice and aircraft inspection were under way under the direction of the Industrial Arts De- partment, These classes were to continue through the war, and did turn out many skil- led people to the newly born war plants in the area. This month Carl S. Woodward went into military service. And, too, seventeen students were selected to Who's Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges by members of the College faculty. They were: Bertha Kathryn Pordice. Betty Faye Stone, Bette Jane Hill, Dorothy Odor, Nelda Jean Stewart and Bob Van Ant- werp, all of Edmond. Nila Scott and Gertrude Freed, Oklahoma City: Bettye Jane Yates, Avant, Norma Conley, Wellstong Helen Smith, Yukon: Florence Mote, Tryon: Fern Simpson, Guthrie: Euladine White, Lawton: Wilma Fer- guson, Crescent: Elmer Kincannon, Hastings: and Jack Thompson, Barnsdall. At the Homecoming festivities October 17, Jerre Dawkins, elected freshman queen, was crowned, Two of the Central College faculty entered military service during November. Dean Roy W. Jones entered the Navy as a Lieutenant Cjgj and Professor John Williamson entered the Navy as a Chief Petty Officer. Late in November Dr. Robinson met with students then residing in the two dormitories to tell them that the Army airforces planned to send some six hundred Supply, Administrative, Engineering and Olperations clerk-students to Central to be trained and housed. The women all left Murdaugh Hall, some going to help in the work of winning the war, others going to find a place of residence in Edmond where they might continue their careers as students. The campus was streaming with arm-loads of feminine frills and finery as the coeds dashed de- termincdly in every direction or stopped mom- entarily to take a breathing spell before dashing again. Never before and never since have the privacies of Murdaugh been so exposed to pub- lic view. This event brought the grimness of war vividly to the minds of Central coeds. The Bronchos were the winners of seven football games and the losers of none. They scored a total of two-hundred and five points against their opponents sum of twenty. The Vista printed its first Special Edition for Service Men December 10, reporting at that time nine men who were battle fatalities. December 13, the Holy City oratorio was presented by the Edmond Choral Union, Four days later the Y.W.C.A, had a "White Ele- phant" sale. Pace Two Hurzdrecz' Ninefeen The Spring semester 1943 began at Central with men of nearly all service reserve programs alerted for call at any time. And by the end of the term scarcely a man was left on the campus. Social aspects, however, were not so dim, since women students of the college strived to entertain the soldiers stationed here at many dansants in Murdaugh Hall "barracks". The soldiers in turn mustered their talented men to present stage productions such as the campus could not have otherwise had. Many of the men with the Airforce group had been in civilian life those of professions and skills in many fields. Two of their productions were: "This is the Army" and "The Night of Janu- ary l6." Heading an article on the Sports page of the Vista was this sign of the times caption: "Bronc Gridiron Sees She Games Till Boys Get Home". The story explained seats could be "found" to witness feminine teams playing Field Hockey on Central Field or Basketball in Wantland Hall. Page Two Hundred Twenty A tragic fire January 21 leveled the Indus- trial classroom and shop building ending that needed aid to war production. This was the year that the Home Economics Department worked with the Red Cross and made lots of boys' wool pants and men's pa- jammas in the regular clothing classes. The pants were Sent to the boys of England and the pa- jamas were sent to hospitals, A different and stepped up semester program had been inaugurated using a sixteen week se- mester. The basketball season closed with the Bron- chos having won seven games and lost seven games. March 4, Dr. Fred McCarrel celebrated his Fortieth year at Central. By April the Service men's edition of the Vista reported fourteen Central men killed or missing in action. The Arena and Senate Clubs had proclaimed "Inactive" status of their organizations for their work was of greater national moment. At this years annual Awards Assembly the following presentations were made. Kenneth Perryman, the College Scholarship Trophy: Joseph Carl Kolb and Audrey Dodd, Fresh- man Scholarship Awards: Ferne Simpson, Al- pha Phi Sigma Award: Mildred Faulk, Senior Athletic Award for women: Mary Helen Wit- ten, Freshman Athletic Award for women, Bertha K. Fordice, A.A.U.W. Award: Barbara Crick, Music Award: Norma Johnson, Account- ing: Margaret Loper, Office Machines: Ferne Simpson, Secretarial Award: Herman Muns, Thatcher Hall Citizenship Award: and Bettye Jane Yates the Murdaugh Hall Citizenship Award. A Summer school program on the campus was as usual a success, many teachers returned to get more training due to their increased re- sponsibilities. Beginning the Fall term in 1943 found the college still engaged in training Naval Aviation Cadets in their primary flight program. The Cadets moved to Thatcher Hall and the wo- men again resided in their dormitory. Industrial Arts classes were held in the Pio- neer Hall of the Administration building but were restricted, necessarily, to classes in draft- ing. Although an appropriation was made to rebuild the shops building the effects of the war made it impossible. In November Asbury Smith received a com- mission in the Navy and was granted a leave of absence for the duration. Some of the classes were maintained by other faculty members but there was only a minimum desire for Industrial Arts training. A 1944 Who's Who list chosen by the col- lege faculty included Madeline Howell, Loree McConnell, Sue McMinimy, Charlote Moran, Phyllis Patterson, Nelda Jean Stewart, Albert Weatherly all of Edmond: Rita Kanalay and JoAnna Herpsberger of Oklahoma City. Page Two Hundred Twenty-one .lo Darrow, Vinson: Helen Mooney, Tulsa: Mary Garwood. Blackwell: Kathleen Perry- man, Frederick: Ruthelma Horton, Hydro: Al- phadine Blakely, Britton: Margaret Lawson, Ponca City: Donna Phyllis West, Welstong and Florence Mote, Tryon. A Service Mens Edition of the Vista in De- cember listed twenty-two Central men dead or missing in action. At the same time eight-hun- dred forty-one men were listed as in service having been students. at Central. War Bond drives were aided and promoted strenuously throughout "the war years" at Central. This year found "the good ship the U.S.S. Thatcher Hall" still berthing eighty-eight Navy Aviation Cadets who were engaged in the sec- ond year of a program then being steered by Professor Cliff R. Ditto with a ground school teaching staff of twelve college instructors in- cluding: professors Fred Drake, E. C. Hafer, Page Two Hundred Twenty-two Fred Ives and Dwight Davis. Mr. J. M. Oakes, Dr. Ethel Derrick, Mrs. Dorothea Meagher, Mr. Ernie Stout, Miss Emma Plunkett, and Mr. A. Daugherty. An April Edition of the Service Mens Edi- tion of the Vista listed twenty-nine Centralites killed or missing and a total of nine-hundred forty-one men in service. In May the Home Economics department's chapel program was 'AThe Dress Shoppe". The college classes and the demonstration school both worked together to present this program. Mrs. Dorothea Meagher was the borrowed Mother who almost disrupted the show by comparing a dress to her husband's old shirt. This was an unrehearsed program of the show- ing of the garments the girls had made. The Home Economics department assisted in the annual Camp Fire Ciirls' Baking Con- test by providing the place and doing the judg- ing. This contest was sponsored by the' Okla- homa Natural Gas Company. The senior girls used the preparation for judging as one of their study units in evaluating. In September civilian students were living in Thatcher Hall for the first time in two years, Again selections were made for the year's Who's Who titles, the honors going to the fol- lowing twelve coeds: Elizabeth Ellen Carlson, Jones: Betty Lu Chambers, Betty Jean Dar, and Pat Shiner, all of Edmond: Audrey Dodd, Britton: Mildred Heller. Gotebog Kay Herps- berger, and Cay Lytton of Oklahoma City: Margaret Loper, Crescent: Martha Wallace Phillips, Dusting Mary Helen Witten, Britton, and Joy Yates, Avant. December l3, a "Y" Chapel window was dedicated to Mr. George Gray. Establishing 1944 to have been the least eventful for the college, but quite different in the rest of the world, the December 7, Vista, special edition for Service Men reported forty- five Central men either killed or missing in ac- tion on war fronts covering the entire globe. By April of 1945 the figures read eighteen missing, twelve prisoners of war and forty-two dead. A total of one-thousand one-hundred thirty-six Central men were in service. February 26, the First Triumvirate Club voted to finance a pew in the "Y" Chapel of Song. The following awards were made at the awards assembly. Audrey Dodd, Mrs. Madelaine Scott Howell, Margaret Loper, Loree McConnell and Pat- ricia Shiner the College's Scholarship Trophy: Ralph Lee Wood and Pauline Langham, the Freshman Scholarship Awards: Elizabeth Carlson, Alpha Phi Sigma Award: Marvalee .lo Darrow, Senior Athletic Award for women: Kathryn Hastings, Freshman Athletic Award for women: Charlotte Moran, Olympian Coun- cil Medal: Elizabeth Carlson, Speech Award: Paqe Two Hundred Twenty-three Helen Mooney, A.A.U.W. Award: Helen Mooney, Music Award: Ruthelma Horton, Ac- counting: Loree McConnell, Office Machines: Jerre Dawkins, Secretarialg Sammye Keeney, Drama. and Marvalee Jo Darrow the Murdaugh Hall Citizenship Award. The 54th Convocation was held May 20, l'-'45, and forty-seven seniors received degrees. Along with good news and a point system of discharge of service men, prospects tha? life on the Central campus would brighten created a buzz louder than any ration or priority com- plaint. The war was over, the Atom Bombs had been dropped, Germany had been occupied for four months, and already the point system of discharge of service men had released some fac- ulty members and students to civilian pursuits. In October the Central State Who's Who contained the names of one World War II Vet- eran: Gene Simpson of Guthrie. Other names Page Two Hundred Twenty-four were: Loretto Bostick, Oklahoma City, Betty Crouse, Ripley: Kathryn Hastings, Ponca City: Mary Elizabeth Holcomb, Okeene: Sammey Keeney, Haworth, Myra Mobley, Comancheg and Norma Jean Allen, Helen Brown and Nina Frances Story all of Edmond. Veterans returning, eager to resume their left- off educations were enrolling every day until late in the semester. They formed an organiza- tion for dealing with their special problems known as the Gamma Iota Alpha CG. I. AJ first headed by a former student and senior, Thadeus C. Johnston, Pampa, Texas. By No- vember Dean R. W. Jones had returned from the Navy. The faculty was near its pre-war roll when Gerald Barnett, Dale Hamilton, Asbury Smith, Dr. R. L. Martin, Deroit E. Smith, and Carl Woodward returned from the Navy and Profes- sor James A. Biondo was discharged by the Army. The awards for this year were as follows: Imogene Pauline Christner, College Scholarship Trophy: Raymond D. Chedester and Margaret L. Beadle, Freshman Scholarship Awards: Aud- rey Dodd, Alpha Phi Sigma Award: Mary Helen Witten, Senior Athletic Award: Clara Mae Cusick, Freshman Athletic Award for Wo- men: Mildred Irene Fisher, Speech Award: Pat- ricia Shiner, A.A.U.W. Award: Kav Herpsberg- er, Accounting: Betty Lou Downey, Office Machines: Imogene Christner, Secretarial: Dil- lard Eugene Brewer, Thatcher Hall Citizenship Award: and Doris M. Farmer the Murdaugh Hall Citizenship Award. A benefit "Y" assembly for the dedication of the Indian Window to Dr. B. F. Nihart was held July 12, 1945. The following February IZ, the Chariot Window was dedicated to Miss Virginia Howard. The program for this as- sembly was presented by the acapella choir of Langston University. At the Faculty Slave Market, April 3, Presi- dent Robinson's shoe shine services went to Bill Hughes. All Central College casualties of World War II and Lt. James Woodrow Bigbee were honor- ed by the dedication of the Knight Window, July 3. By mid-year 1946 a condition very strange to the campus occured, when a count of men and women students revealed that there were more men -sthe majority veterans., attending Central than women. All departments of the college began to hum with activity. Central was settling up to aid in winning the Peace and Progress to follow. The Sports seasons closed with the basket- ball team having wcn twelve of their sixteen games. The track team won second place in the Oklahoma Collegiate Conference and the Bronchos baseball team won three of their ten games played. Page Two Hundred Twenty five oo oeoqoooooo oooooev QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q-- Q aooooo oo-oo O O O 0 0 0 u 0 ll I 0 U ll ll O 0 ll 0 0 O 0 ll ll ll O 0 0 O 0 0 in O 0 0 0 0 0 0 ll ll ll ll 0 0 0 0 0 u in 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 nu 0 0 0 O 0 ll 0 0 ll 0 ll ll ll O 0 0 0 0 II ll 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 ll O O O O nu u O 0 0 0 ll II ll ll 0 n 0 ll I 0 During the year the Home Economics Club joined the Aggie Club at a Christmas dinner and a Folk Game party. The two clubs also en- joyed a hayrack ride and a Wiener roast. At the annual Awards Assembly the follow- ing students were honored. Kathryn Jones Mc- Intyre and Ray Vern McIntyre, the College's Scholarship Trophy: Ruth Elaine Maxey, Freshman Scholarship Award: Mary Elizabeth Holcomb, Alpha Phi Sigma Award: Robert Van Antwerp, Senior Athletic Award for men: John G. Smith, Freshman Athletic Award for men: Mildred I-Iibbert, Senior Athletic Award for women: Jane Woodle, Freshman Athletic Award for women: Imogene Harris, Speech: Nina Frances Story, Drama: Betty Crouse, A. A.U.W. Award: Irving Bennett, Music: Jodie Smith and Betty Lou Downey, Accounting: Betty Crouse, Gffice Machines: Ann Elliott Basore, Secretarial: James F. Adair, Thatcher Hall Citizenship Award and Betty Crouse the Murdaugh I-Iall Citizenship Award. ll Jo ------- Y- -----. ..... . ----- ---v-f---O --Yv. :A--:::::::: :::Q:::o::::::::::::::: Page Two Hundred Twenty-six Adver+isers Page Two Hundred Tnu0r:fu'sr'z'en i 4 JL! f N In This Bronze Book you will find many advertisements from reputable firms in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Guthrie and Tulsa. Let us show our appreciation by buying from them whenever possible. T THE BUSINESS STAFF Page Two Hundred Twenty-eight 'I Y AH," 'f' ' - Ran E .. a 5 'E mmmm 1 3 amass an x U 4544 unsung Q YO W IX ' bl IX l IX TULSA'S DOMINANT DEPARTMENT STORE 0 FOURTH 8. MAIN 0 DIAL 2-7101 09900000-99----- 9000- 99 9 0- 9090--9099999099099-0--99009 909099990990-9099-9-9990--90999999-999-9999099999---099-9904, 99099-0099999-000- -99009999-990--090-09 KUPPENHEIMER, CAPPS, and CURLEE CLOTHES oel Datin MEN'S WEAR Guthrie, Okla. Phone 107 900990-9-00----9----- 9- -0-0--------999 Edmond Drug Company PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Phone 1 Edmond, Okla. -990-999099-0000- 9099- 9---9- -9--000--9 EDMOND SNOOKER PARLOR WHERE ALL CENTRAUS MEN MEET 119 South Broadway R. L. BROWN, Prop. 999-09009------ 0- -0---9-9---909-,-,--9-- - Bill I-larr: "Me leave her raging At the door, Me Wish she wasn't Quite so sore. Me go to kiss her But oh, my dear She moved her head Me bit her ear." 9999990--9--0009--9-99-- 0000909 9 0-99-96. THE OKLAHOMA AGENCY F Security Mutlibal Life Ins. Co. Associates: Paul W. Meade CHARLES RANDOLPH E. A. Duhendorft .Agey. Mgr. John Gammil ROSEMARY STEWART, Paul Veg nfs Cashier 0-- 9, JOE KOLI- EDGE E14 BETTY KOE EDD by Earle Henri Rouillard Most of the students taxing Central States capacity this last fall, like students in other U. S. schools, are former service-men starting col- lege anew, or picking up their courses Where they left off to fight in World War II. Anyone coming out of the army has a read- justment problem. When you're dumped out of the service you don't know what you Want to do. Central is a good place to make up your mind. But before coming back to the grindstone, one must dress up and while shopping for my wardrobe in Tulsa's Brown-Dunkin, fthe place they sell only the best of clothesj who do you think I ran into? Nope, it was Joe Koll Edge and Betty Koe Edd. Golly it was like old home week, Yes Sir! The four years Joe spent in service have not been totally wasted. Neither was Betty's time 0000-0-00-9-.990009009999--V9---99999 .g. 999-00 9000000009900- ::::-9::-0 0 0 9 O 0 0 0 0 0 ll O I 9-0099990909000099-00-000-99-90---00-0--000000099000900-- 0-9-99 : : : : :90 0 I E 0 0 O O 0, 0 O 0 0 0 O O O O O O 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 9 0 O 0 O O 0 O 0 0 O O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 O 0 0 O v O O O I 0 O 0 O O 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 O .- 'U Q LQ fo "i E O E C B Q. '1 ru Q "l E' 1. -Q 4' QQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQ Q QQQQQ QQ Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0 O 0 O O O QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ -QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q Q Q Q Q QQQQQQQ . . UQ Q V QQQQQQQQQQQ QQ-QQQQQQQ ,', C5716 Gollege 5 7101? Cen+ral S+uden+s Headquar+ers Founfain and Lunch THOMPSON BOOK AND SUPPLY School Furniture College Text Books MQQZZQQSAMRP Sets 117 NoIc'rH COLLEGE Pictures Typewriters EDTVIOND, OKLAHOMA CENTRAL CLEANERS and LAUNDRY 600 -. PHONE ..-600 QQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ--QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0 0 0 O O 0 O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 0 O 0 O I QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQ-Q -QQQ QQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQ Q n QQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQ QQQQQQQ QQQQQ QQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQ Q QQ Q QQ -.QQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQ CO. Mimeogrziphs and Supplies Primary Materials Office Svpplies Paqe Tao Hundred Thirlu-om .--- --- --.- -....--..------- .------ --. ----------- -..---------. .,-.-. ..- ---------..------ -- ----------- ,ga AQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q qqooooooobooogqoqgqoooo THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF EDMOND ESTABLISHED 1893 FIRST IN NAME FIRST IN SERVICE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation McMINlMY HARDWARE RCA RADIOS CHAMBER'S RANGE MAGIC CHEF - BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATOR 0QQ--Q0-ooooooooqeooooocoooeeag---ooo Graham Motor Co. AUTHORIZED SALES SERVICE Phone 270 EDM ON D OKLAHOMA -QQ-000Q---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQoooeeooooqoooooso Page Two Hundred Thirty-Iwo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ spent in war plants and Red Cross work. To- gether, the three of us gabbed to our hearts con- tent and covered everything in the books. In the following paragraphs, you will find humorous, tragic and other experiences, comparisons and things in general. If you happen to get lost, hop over to Finland and listen to the Finis. Before I get started, I would like to say that Mr. Datin, of the Noel Datin Clothing Store in Ciuthrie, is proud to announce that the suit so oft mentioned in the "Richard Open The Door" ditty is a Kuppenheimer brand and strictly a Zoot, drape shape model. While Joe and I stopped off to sip a coke at the Edmond Drug Company, some literature caught my eye with this headline, "Lit Lips Are Next On The Cosmetic Scene, Lads." It seems that a couple of chemists have perfected lip and face rouge that is luminescent, which means it glows in the dark. This may make Candy-Lamb easier to find in a blackout but if the stuff isn't kissproof you'll really have a glow on! 3 QooooooooooooooooQooo-p-q0Q-ooooooooH O O 0 0 E 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 O 0 O 6 0 O O E 0 O 0 I 0 6 --------------Q-o--oQQQ. 0-09000 ooeeooooooooooo 0-00000 agqqqeooooooooooooooooo --oooo-QQQooa 0-0-9. QQ. ,QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ --------- ------- - ---- ---------------,,--- -------------- ---- ------------------------------------ .3 ,- ,------------------ ----------------- --------------- 1 1. 5. 1 ---------- -- ------------ --- g '- ,..,,.,....,... -x,aaiva-www--un---M.:.,,...g,,.,,,,,,....--,.-,,,,,..... ..., . ,. U :EH :ZI x 5 Rx ' Q ' , ' 1 1 1 ,. , . Q? A 1 SW,ms, . -M if - - , x S W if ms , , , A ' :QQ - -,-'A X , ...'..v L 1 2 K g M - f fm ff qc.. Www mmqww ' Y W sl Y 2 :-e-:2 E - f- ",, 4: K Y! www l , . ,,......,. , ,.::::. .I --v.-- vw: :--- - W. , ,,:: 5 5 , ' in E A Q i . f f . , 4"f' f4'W CW . A - If 0 35 '."- -.wgiitf-m,..5..:-A-. W-if ....Q .f-fgf-W. fx- 'dbx .,,.:.. 1 2 , Vx 5 H 5 f 2 ff 'X XE ! 'z'-W "":" ' J' N' - , ,X f' ,..',, 3 M. b , "hw W PM 4" if' r I 1. Q if ,s 0 it ' X I 1 I I 1 'll I ' 1 ' ' IL! ' I II' --------- -------------- --------------------------------- ----------- v , rf - ---- --- -------- ---------- -- ------- ---- -------------------- ------------------ -- -- --- -------------- -- -- 0 A oz. Page Two Hundred Thritzffthree QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ qgoooaooeooooooeaooo COMPLIMENTS OF R. A. YGUNG CO. YOUR T. G. Sz Y. STORE QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQ-Q--- Small Town Newspaper Item: The ladies of the church have cast off clothes of all kinds. They may be seen in the church basement any afternoon this week, PAAS FUNERAL HOME PHONE 96 Edmond, Oklahoma QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q. 4 00-0-0-0 And then there was the little moron who jumped off the cliff with the rope around his neck because he thought he was a yoyo. QQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQ oo----Q-Qo-o-Q-- ARROW CAFE When Back to See Dear Old Central Make The Arrow Cafe Your Headquarters PHONE 13 NO BEER Page Two Hundred Thirty-four 0 ---oo Q oqqoooooooooeooeoooqQQQQQQQQQQQQ On the way home, we entered the Edmond Snooker Parlor and I said to the manager, "Say, your door sticks." He glared at me and said, HYeal and if that won't keep you out, I'll use tear gas next week!" How about that? Well, we had our shoes shined and went home. I was over to J. Kfs home and picked up a copy of PIC and mind ya, this sky high selling is no longer a gag! More and more air ports are installing vending machines which will give you a five thousand dollar policy, good for seven days. You deposit two bits, grab the policy and head for the wild blue yonder. Better still, hop down and get yourself a real policy from Secur- ity Mutual Life Insurance Company, Boy, this writing is heavy work and how I'd like to dash over to the College Shop and snatch onto a delish hunk of hamburger but I guess I'll have to finish this first. From .Ioe's service travelouge I learned that the Tree Dwellers in South Pacific Islands are -O--,,,-,,,,,-,,,-Q.q---QQQooQoooooo ,,,,,,,- ---------------- -----------------------------.----- - --- - ,:, - .5 ----------------------------------- v -- -- ----- - --------- -------------------- THE DEVEREAUX STORE 121 N. College -- ---- -- Q- ----------------------------- 5. ---- -- -- --- Carry the Following Nationally Known Lines DuBzu'1"y Richard Hudnut Helen Rubenstein Yardley Lentheric Old Spice Coats Sz Suits hwy Junior Deb Xz Leeds Ltd. Dresses by Carlye Paul Sachs Nardis 8x Junard of Dallas Gay Gibson Georgiana Lample Serbin Marcey Slacks Play Clothes Gtifts Stationeiy Lingerie Blouses Hose Sweaters Costume Jewelry Sundries 'TL' Q H: 5 5 cn 5 fl Q fn 3 no S-'Z ez m 'U o V1 E cn 5 -- ---- -- Courtley Lentheric ::--::::- --- SHIRTS 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 l O O 0 O O 0 0 O O O U 0 I l b 0 0 9 9 0 0 5 9 C I 0 O 0 9 -::::--::-- O O O 0 0 0 Oklahomflls I,argest and Finest J 2 "Ll 34 Yffgi if- ' tf1'f'2 :LIE 'ii I 5 f: 1- . 7' - Z: I . 1 4 H, , ,fl I ,Aff X, 'ff-2 j'Tff J,L Vi? 7 4? Y -.f?- 4 is 1 f'- X I'1W , QE N 3511 . D X 621 gl: l Hx u QXL T 552' ,Ll fu' X l -2 gl . My ,gl Q -if" i 12 1 lgfl 2-. s -fi-,f 1 3' 1 C :E ' 2 Lf ii sggllig n lu' X i X lf E Hx ' L H "' lil llllliiillql .Q - 1 owrtes CREATES ITS OWN WELCOME Visit our Coffee Shop - Food Served tc Your Satisfaction The Hotel B I L T M CD R Oklahoma City Old Spice Seaforth SHORTS TIES, BELTS, SOCKS AND HANDKERCHIEFS -,- - -------- -------------- -- ---- -------- - - -------------------o --------------------- --- ------- -- - -- Yardley PAJAMAS ------- ----------- ll Q nk K H C 4 4 I.. II. "George" Poesch, . ififvff Manager e ., L 1 if-w if' ffl ' '51 f-.r ' -- 4,4 - ,- rj, X 0 O O O I O O 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 O O 0 O I O I O O O 0 O O O 0 t 0 0 O O E O O O O 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 0 0 .vi Page Two Hundred Thirty-fiue O I 0 O 0 0 2 I O 2 0 O 0 l 0 0 O 0 O I 0 O I O 0 O O 0 O 00 00 00-000000000000 00 0090000000000000 0900000000000900000000 09900 00 00000 000 900000000090 0000 00 0900000- 000090 00 , 0000 CHET MOORE Ufieawleif PHONE 92 Edmond, Oklahoma 00000000 00000000000 0000900090 000 00 0 0- 00 Mrs. Tea Wiffle: "Did you change the table napkins as I told you?" New Maid: "Yes'm. I shuffled 'em and dealt 'em out so's no one gets the same one he had at breakfast." 90000000000000000 00000 990 0090000000000 IN EDMOND . . . It's EPCO The HOIVIEtown Twice-A-Week NEWSpapers The Enterprise -I Every Tuesday The Booster - Every Thursday Office Supplies, Stationery, Printing THE EDMOND PUBLISHING CO. "The Banzett Family"-All Centralites 13-15 S. Broadway Phones 26 8: 27 00000000 0090000900000000000000 0000 0000 "YOUR NEGATIVES ARE ON FILE IN OUR STUDIO" HAL OWEN -- Phofographer 224 W. MAIN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -------..----.------------------.... O 9090 009090 00 -0 --0 0 0009000000000000000 0 00000000000 00 90000 000 00 00 F2 2 2 "3 a E o O o rc o : e I o 33 at o 'rl 0 Ei 5 1 o Q o fc. I X 2 o o o o o o o 0 O o o o O O o o o o o 0 Q i------------------- o made to go to high school. after already receiving education, presumably, in the lower branches. I do know that Thompsons Book Store has the contract on this deal. Gads, six hundred! Did you ever think how easy it is to give numbers to things? For in- stance, a train from Chicago to Minneapolis carrys this figure. In Edmond, you will find that 600 is the phone number of the Central Cleaners and Laundry, Call them up, will you? You know the collection plate has a habit of making a dollar bill hide away down in some folks' pockets. I'm not discouraging church donations but a safer place to keep your dollar is the First National Bank in Edmond. I have about 32c there. Well l 1111 I Among Jt:c's d ary scribhlings, I found the following: Many politicians are going to find that they have failed to lay in stock of the right kind of materials when they start to mend their political fences. QI know where they can get glue or even hardware for the job. Right you are, McMinimy's Hardware in Edmondlj 0 O I 0 O 0 O 0 I O l l I 0 0 I 0 I I l C 0 O 0 9 0 O 0 0 I 0 O 0 l I 0 n 4 -0000000000000000 90009 00 9000 00 000000000000000 00 00000 000 0090 00000000 0090 0000900 000000900 00 009000000000000000 00 O 0 G 0 0 0 l 0 0 0 6 O 0 O O I 0 Q H I I I I 0 O l 0 O O 0 0 I 0 I 0 -ooooooooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQon--ova'-u-on-oc-00-00-oo ooooo oo-one-no 090.009, Q Q-.4-Q po--QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ COM PLIMENTS OF ' Rancf .9nc. LIBRARY EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES TYPEWRITERS AND TYPEWRITER EQUIPMENT ooeoaeoooooooooooooeog. z z z : z z I z 2 E E 0 E E E 0 2 ADDING, CALCULATING AND IEOOIKKEEPING MACHINES Q S 0 SYSTEMS AND OFFICE SUPPLIES QQQQQQQQQQQQ-on Q Q -oe Qooq 0 -Q -Q Q.- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ COMPLIME N TS CF Browne Dry Goods LADIES' READY-T0-WEAR AND MILLINERY and GEN'l"S FURNISHINGS EXCLUSIVE LINES: Carole King for Juniors and Misses Martha Manning IN Mynette Half Sizes oo ..o..o4 0 0 0 0 0 U U O C 0 0 0 0 U -- -- -.-.. ------..----. . I 0 0 O 0 ll ll 0 0 0 0 ll ll 0 0 0 0 IP ll II 0 0 5 I U 0 'P 5 I ll lb o 'J I O 0 O C O O I I O C O O 0 I S 0 0 O O I I of. Page Two Hundred Thirty-seven 0990090999 99999900 9 3, 0::000:: 0 0 O 0 u nu 9 6 I U ll 0 O 0 0 0009099 : :0 00 000900000000000000090 09000000 00000000 00090000000 2,00 , ::000::00: :9::0::00::00.00: ::000000000 0090000000000000000 00000000000000000000 C-5 6- W Grocery and Market GLENN WISE WLYATT SILVEY EDMOND, OKLA. Phone 494 0000000000000900000000009-0000000-01?-0-4x00 Photographic Supplies Eve1'ything'forthe PhotographerfEastman Ku. daks. Cine Kodaks, Films. Photo Elquipment, Com- plete Repair department for all cameras! Photo pa- pers. Chemicals, Frames. OKLAHOMA PHOTO SUPPLY CO. 308 N. Broadway Oklahoma City 00000000000000000 000 00000 .vq---000-1--f-wp.-.e,. 001.- Paul La Mar Edmonds Associated Grocer Finer Fresh and Frozen Foods Main 8: Broadway Plione 114 IGA FO0D TORE JESS and GUY 00000000909909900-9000-00 0. 0 900 0000000 0000 Glen Michael: "l understand your kisses speak the language of love." Sally Jo Bartley: "Yes?" Glen: "Well, let's talk things over." Page Two Hundred Thirty-eight 0000000000000 000 1. 00000099090000000-0 00 .. 0 0 O 0 0 4 0 9 0 l 0 0 0 0 I 09 000000 90 0009 00 0000 000990- 00 00 0099900000000000000 09 0::::0::0 I nu nu 0 0 0 0 0000009090 : : S 0 S 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 2 4 0 0 0 I Q O 0 0 i 2 O SUPPOSE Tl-IE demmycrats will use thc same slogan next year that they used in '46? You know the one: "TWO FAMILIES lN EVERY GARAGE!" Betty suggests we have one of the best garages in town in the name of Graham Motor Company. Let's switch but fast to a thought for a windy month ,Legs are wonderful things. Seems too bad they should be used merely to hold gals upf Well, while we are on this sub- ject, Betty proudly showed us the glowing pair of nylons she bought at Kerr's in Okie City. She went on to show us lamps, washing ma- chines, scads of other things and in the next breath she told us of a complete ensemble she got at Lintz in Guthrie. As l sit here and puff on this pipe, which l purchased at T. G, '55 Y. for the sum of 39c, l find that time and space is running out but fast. lf you have time on your hands drop in to see Mr. Herscher at Young's, will you? Wonder- ful store. lt was awful of me to press Joe for his war aims but he gave out with the following: Qlj l want a world treaty to guarantee that any- .0 0000000000090 0000000000 In 00000000 0 00 00 0000 0000000 90::9:::::0 099000000000 099090000 00 0: : : :0 000909 00 .5...-..--------------------...---..-.-.-------... I O O O I O 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 O 9 O I O 9 O O O I 0 O 0 I 0 O 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 9 I I 0 I I 0 O 0 O I O O 0 O O O O O I I 0 0 0 I 0 O O 0 0 I 9 I I I A O O E E I H. W. GRANZOW, President E. F. COURTNEY, Cashier I I ELMER E. GRIFFIN, Vice-president I 000000000000 000000000000 THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BA K I I ' I I OF o I I I o P1 5 9 I3 :L O E m ?' J 3 as g . ' E 0000000000000000 000000000000000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,-,-,,,,,-,,----,-- U O U Q U O U Q H L4 O CU 'SU L? '1 ATI U P9 Z QF fi wif P? O f: I4 ? 4 Tidwell Motor Company o 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 'H QQ. SE Q5 .Q- 0, OO 'EI Is: I:- Io Is gm 0 4 0 0 0 0 o O 0 0 0 0 o I I e o e I 9 0 Q 0 e C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O Q I ' 'v ' 5' 'Q I: .co oc: oo: 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 I I 0 5 QAKES MATERIALS co. 5 5 104 NV. MAIN E S Edmond, Oklahoma I I Cement Transit-Mixed Concrete I : Sand Reinforcing Steel E S'C0Fl0 Building Materials I I QUALITY Sz SERVICE I 0 I I O +:::ff-f:f:--:::::::-2:-:::::: .---.---o---.-------..--.-.. .-.. ....... ... .... ...+ Page Two Hundred Thirty-nine --.Q O -------- ------------------------- .3 ---------------- ------ ------------- -------- --------- -------------- Q -------- ------------1. ------ --- -- --- ------------------ ------------------- Pearce Flower Shop Flowers for All Occasions 123 N. Blvd. Phone 205 My mother told me not to drink, Hal I-Ia! Hal I don't My mother told me not to smoke, I-la! Hal Hal I don't My mother told me not to woo, Hal I-Ia! I-Ia! Greetings From John Kessler President Central Alumni Association Representative The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States Home: Edmond, Okla. Office 617 Perrine Bldg. OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. Lln+z Department Store Guthrie, Oklahoma Leading Department Store The Home of Smart Clothes Customer: "Your dog seems very fond of watching you cut hair." Barber: "It ain't that: sometimes I snip off a bit of a customers ear." :::: ::::::::::-:f:--::::-e:------::-:: : Paae Two Hundred Fortu ---------------------- Q - ------------1 ---I ------- ------------- --Q. -- -------- Q- -- ------ body who designs an airplane to carry any weapons whatsoever gets bumped off quietly with gas from Oklahoma Natural Gas Com- pany in O. C. Natural gassed that isl Q25 All wars should be of standard size. Any war cov- ering more than one continent should be il- legal. Or hire the Nichols Hills Transportation Company to haul us to 'E5 fro. UD Instead of mustering out checks, each GI be presented with a new auto like the one's sold at Norton-Chris- ty Buick Company. And last, C41 I favor a universal action to bar concentrated food for army rations. This has gone far enough. We want food like Buddy Weaver sells in his Col- lege Grocery. While in service Joe was detailed to drive a new Chevy thlike the ones sold at Cher Moores! for a commissioned officer who used to be his caddy before the war. Well by now, he must be back to caddying. Anyway this post war thing is really good. Shortened or lengthened. They certainly take care of everyone in Edmond ,Cfrom Edmond Publishing Company's Boosterb. This ad ap- -,-::::::-::::::::ce-:::::::::-:: :::::: -------------------------------- --'E' -- --- -- -- - ---- --- -- ---- -- ---------- ------- --- -- ------------- ----------- -- --- .------ - v .3 - UUO E705 OLL OOU... N nw., WFP NCE .,,NHwN Our post-war expansion program has now come true with the opening of the ultra-modern Main Street addition. Yes, now we are twins. But despite the breath-taking changes in the outer personality of the new store, the inner character of Vandevers remains the same. constantly enriched and deepened by the loyalty of our many friends. We shall always endeavor to make Vandevers THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE - FOR YOU! Convenient passage - ways connect the second and third floors of BOTH buildings. ffiffv M099 gain my wg was..-nf-n f"'I.'TfZT' Sll SOUTH M'AlN 0 FIFTH AND BOSTON P4106 Two Humlred I-'urlu om 000000 ,:, 00 0000 000 000000 00000000 0000000 000 00 00 0000000 0000000 00 0000000 0000000 00 0000000. --.000 0 00 0000000 0000 pq.- EI 0 FI CII ?I 5 5-I sl 570 QI 53 so Oz I I 0 O I 0 I I I O I O O O 0 O 0 I 0 0 I 9 uAr2nygc,rtATz Oklahoma City Fashion Headquarters for Fashion and Value Wise Oklahomans Dresses, Coats Suits, Furs .Accessories 0000000000000000000-00 00-004. 00 01 0004. 00 000- The 'IFLAV0R" ueen of The Campus! Borden' MILK ICE CREAM Y 0 5 0 O O I I I 0 O I 9 0 0 0 I 0 If 9 0 O O I I O O I I O 0 0 0 O 0 I I 0 0 ---------, g I I 0000000 000 000 0000 00 0000000 0000000 0000000 000 0000000 0000000 00 0000000 0000000 00 000-.000 peared in the classified section: lVlEN'S, wo- men's and children's alterations and repairs. Ph. 600. Are you by any chance waiting for a new car? So are we. By the time you read this there should be 19 makes of standard size cars on the market in more than 160 body styles. Well, if you're still waiting, why don't you drop down to Brownes Dry Goods store and get in on the latest styles in sportswear. You know you can find Browne's store in Edmond, Guth- rie, Britton and Hydro. Joe kills me! Out of a bistro's blurry t'other suppertime he said: "Chief, world civilization is hurtling to a sociological impasse." Natch, by this time, I had fallen through the ice looking up at the champaign bottle and it came to me that the only thing I could recall resembling his speech was Tex Benekes recording of 'APasse." Clf you think that's bad, wait.I If you happen to A'passe" by Jennings, why not load yourself down with some Van Heusen shirts, ties, pa- jamas Q5 sports togs. You know the longer l sit here and peck away tftwo fingersI the more paper I waste but 000 0000 0-0 00000000000 0000000000000000 --3 000 00 0000000 00 000 00 00000000-00-000 0 00 00 00 000 00 ooooo1 10000000000 00 000000000 00 000 00 000000000 0000 00 000000 00 I I I I I I I 6 I I I I I I I 0 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,Y Qggoooooooqooqqooeoeooo Q--- 4. Q--- ------ Q QQ-- Q Q.--1.000-900-0000 To Serve The S+uden'rs of Central Slate College ichols Hills Transportation Co. Q--- Q-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQ--- Diamonds of Perfection Jewelry of Distinction Ray Devereaux Jeweler Phone 407 112 S. Bch --COLLEGE PINS, KEYS LQ RINGS-- Page Two HllV7ii!'L'li I-rm Il Il X -......-ooo..-- f--2' V 4 o o o o o c a o o 9 a o 4 o o 3 o00-------..---Q-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q ---------..- ------o--- Q-----ooo-0---Q-QQ1.------0---- Q-QQQQQQQ -Q I E 0 O 0 0 0 E 0 E 5 0 6 O 9 0 O 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 ir 0 lb 0 U ia n lu ls ir ia nu 0 an 0 Page Two Hundred Forty-four QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Centrals ideal coed has: Hair like Jewel Lee Smith Eyes like LaVerna Ahring Nose like Sue Dubendorff Mouth like Velta Ruble Teeth like Kay Martin Smile like Rene Gibbs Dimples like Delma Jean Ahring Figure like Verna Mae Cozier Feet like Sally Jo Bartley Hands like Anita Miller Complexion lil.-2 Mary .Jo Crowder Personality like Jerre Dawkins Intelligence like Mary Elizabeth Holcomb Musical ability like Argus Dickerson Athletic ability like Kathryn Hastings Popularity like Beverly Livingstone Line like Lila Waters Sportsmanship like Margie Graham Q.----Qc-QQ--.--QQ.- 000 00000000 00000000000000 00000000000 0 000000000000000000 0. 0.. 00.0000 000000- 00000 0000000000000000 00 0000 00000 0000- 00. 0 0 i O O 0 I O 0 O O 9 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 6 I 0 0 0 I 6 0 O O 0 I 0 O O O 0 O 3 2 O 0 0 O 0 O 0 9 O O O 0 0 0 0 I 000000000000000000000000 000000 0 00 00 COIVIPLIMENTS OF 000000000 000 0000000000 0 00000 000000000 . carton -Christy Buick Co. OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. COLLEGE GROCERY C. R. VVEAVICR, Prop. Quality with the Right Price, Our Specialty FREE Delivery Service Closed Car Service Phone 36 13 N. College 000000 00000000 00 00-0 0 0 000000 000. 0 0. 0.0 00000 then we get scads of bond stuff from the Car- penter Press. The rest of the bond stuff I haul from Dallas, ooopsf While Betty was slurping up some of the Borden's fine ice cream, she recalled the time when she was working for the Southwestern Engraving Company, a man caught his coat in a revolving wheel, was whisked up and whirl- ed round and round till the foreman managed to wake up and switch off the machine. The man dropped and up rushed the foreman. 6 O O 9 Q 6 0 O O 0 O O 0 0 O O I O O 000000 00000000000 000 00 000000000000000 000000 0-0 00000 Q .--000 000000000000--0 0 000000000400 00000000 0000000000, ,---.,-o ,....,.,.,-,,-,,,,,,, For O Department Store Style, For Quality Fore VALUE 0000000000000000000-0000 00000000 00 00. Consider how Royal s Superior features contribute to BEAUTY OF WORK Ni5.A.TNr-iss: Locked type segment, plus smooth-riding cairriage, assures perfect tvne alignment. MORE CARBON COPIES' Accelerated type hai"-each identical in speed assure cleaner-cut impressions . . . more car- bon Copies that :ire clearer, more uniform. CRISP. CLEAR 'WRITEHY Automatic Paper Lock, smoothing out paper. assures :1 crisp, clear 'iwrite". Cornpare the Work . . and vou'll Choose u Royal! Royal Typewriter Co. Inc. Branch Offiee 518 Bramiif Bldg. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 000000000000000004 .00000000-00 000000000 ' Page Two Hundrtd Foriuffit -0 pq -Q-pqeeoqczz ::: ::Q::ooo::::o::::-e::oQa "Speak to me, speak to me," he pleaded. The victim looked up. "Why should I," he said, 'AI passed you six times and you didn't speak to me." Don't the owners of the vending machines know there are no pigeons in the bus depots, or do the people eat the peanuts? Say, that re- minds me, there is not a better place to eat than the Arrow Cafe when in Edmond. Joe, Chief, Richard and Kilroy all eat there. On the house that is. Before the War, Joe and Betty could step into the l.G.A. Food Store CJess 8 Guyj and snaffle up a dressed pelican for a mere 33100. Those days are gone, bub. In the same Edmond market today, a pelican will set you back 3300. Gosh, I wonder how things are in the gopher business back in Minnesota? If you're bored with your hypochondria and my idle chatter, let me help you rest your per- spicacious skull by telling you of some new gadgets. This could easily be the final frenzy of a little girl's dream world. Yep, while elbowing my way thru Paas' Hardware Store, I actually --- ..... ----..-..------..-- ----------- Page Two Hundred Forty-six ooo oo heard a doll say "Daddy" instead of the con- ventional "lVlama." And do you know, John Kessler was selling an insurance policy with the doll so that she could go to college when she grew up. Ooops! Joe's Uncle Richard, the one who doesn't open the door, is in the doghouse again. It seems that when Aunt Harriet asked him to as- sist with the spring cleaning he carried out a rug and beat it. CSpeaking of rugs, catch the ones on display at Vandeveres 2 Tulsa stores. They have the best.j When one thinks of pretty things, I think of music. Claude Thornhill obtains the most delicate color shadings in an orchestral arrange- ment. As you hear his new band's subtle inter- pretation of a ballad, you suddenly become aware that there are a thousand delicate color changes . . . blue to blue-violet to blue to blue- green . . . whereas the average band seems to have only one color change from a quiet blue, say, to a blasting, brilliant red. I don't know if you understand what I mean by comparing band music with art colors, but o O O 0 0 O 2 0 0 0 O 0 0 2 O 0 O O 3 3 0 0 0 O O 0 2 0 0 0 0 3 -oo -ooooo ooooo .Q oosooooo- -0 soc-was so so oo voooocoo oooooeoeeqoooooooo sooo- Q-- eaoogoo Q aqooooooooooooo 0 oooo-poo.. Q.- o so oooooooooooooo oqoooooooooq ooo 0 0 0 U 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 6 O O A O O 0 O O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 O O O .--- Q---------------------- ----4---0---Q-a---o ------Q----Q--------05 O O I I I 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 74 leaf fm Zwiwia 0 O O U 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I O 0 I U O BRONCI-ICD AND GEM THEATERS EIJMOND, OKLAHOMA -9OQQQQQQQQQQ--oo-o-------o--o---Qo--Q- C O C l O O 0 0 0 0 0 O C I O 0 O O O 0 O O O O 0 O 0 0 l Q 0 9 9 0 0 O 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 9 i 0 Q U 0 9 I 9 U 0 0 0 P rw liwu Humfrml l1J1'lLffxvL'0r7 N -----------------. 00000000000 0 00000000.24 00-00000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000 000 000000000000000000000000 Nup+ials I946-47 F,5,00 23 H 52 ro E0 20 30 so SO pg! 1. E O is Q. 2 00 000 000000000 00 000000000000000-0000000000000 000000000 4 00000000000 000000000000 0000 000000 0 .-0 Bonnie Garms Margaret .lo Dillon Doris Dillon Mary Anna Perren Sue McMinimy Rhodes Rosemary O'Rourke Billye Novy Nina Story Lois Ann Phillips Patricia Anne Studer Mary Jane Woodle Norma Wehrenberg Nellye Wilson Betty Christner Lorraine Lyter Carolyn lVlay Bright Beverly Mclxme Maxine Hunter Viola Raines 000000000 000000 000000000-00000000 Ralph King Charles Rollins Bob Barber Bobby Ray 'West Carl Burgett Willard S. Stewart Bob Shore A. D. Hagle John W. Lacy Joseph Albert Goins Harold L. Kidd R. S Smith Chapman Maupin C1. C. Hopper Ralph H. Witten Perry Sexson XVayne Ricketts Marvin E. Waid, Jr. George Patterson -------------------------? 00000-00 0000 0000000 0000000000 00 0000000000000000000000000 00 00 00 000000000 00 000000000 0 O O O 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 O 9 03' 3 .3 -- -----n---- --------. ------------------ ---------------- - - ----- - ---- ------- --------- -------------.-----------------------------------------------------------, . . ---- ----------------------------- ------- IT WILL LIGHTEN YOUR WWW owif DAY The typewriter that secre- taries wanted. What they asked for . . . we gave them plus the latest achievements in type-,vriter engineering. It lightens their days. Yes, you'll like this Rhy- thm Touch Underwood Type- writer--hetter than any otn- er typewriter you've ever used. Rhythm Touch . . an en- tirely new idea in a modern typewriter . . .better impres- sions . . . greater typiig speed-less fatigue. Call your Underwood Rep- resentative today to demon- strate this wontlerful type- writer made by Underwood: Tytpewriter Leader of the World. UNDERWOOD CORPORATION One Park Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. Sales and Service Everywhere Oklahoma City Office 511 North Broaciwai' VV. fl- lV0lSl1, llesfieuzll Mer. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. ------------------------------6.--------- l do hope you do, for that is what makes Koda- chrome great in taking pictures. They are now available at Oklahoma Photo Company in O. C. Wlaile Joe was away, Betty was chosen as bridesmaid in a Drumright wedding held dur- ing a circus performance, Quite a novel idea three ring ceremony. flhe rings were from Ray DCX'CYL'e?!YX'Si and the flowers were from Pear:-ss. Hal. of Hal Owen Photos, says nazi war criminals are like proofs. The more they'rc brought to light, the darker they get. O 0 0 O 0 O O ------------------------------------------------- C l l l l O I 0 0 O O 0 O O O l 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O 0 I 0 O O I 0 0 l O I l 0 I in- O According to J. K. Edge, the darkest hour in any man's life is when he sits down to play how to get money without earning it. l should like to add that the brightest hour is when you deposit the same at the Citizens National Bank, i just borrowed a neat nylon brush from Devcreauifs Store and it smells just like a par- achute. Speaking of brushes, iet me teli you of a neat brush-off. .lcf was driving one of those new Plymouths from Tidwell Motors and as he drove down the main drag, he almost ran -------------------.------------------1 A - , --------------- -Q -q.- .Q e----...------ v----------------------------------------------------------- ---------------.. ---------------------- ------------------- 'E Q 'Nl F C -. -L C R 3 R '7- -it 3 3 mv: - -------------------------------------J, -- ------ -- -v -------4. - ---------------------- -----..- 0 4 0 0 0 C ---------- -------- ----------------- into an M.K.O. bus, but this he didn't see as he had his eyes peeled on a chick coming the other way. My boy slammed on his brakes about the time she passed by and as Joe looked, a sign on her back read: i'Thank U, Resume speed." The situation embarrassed his so much that he got out of his car and ducked in the Broncho where we saw 'lThe Dark Woman." I Wonder why he didn't go to the Gem? They were showing 'lThe Chase" with 'lThe Wick- ed Ladyf' Yak? Yak! Miss Koe Edd says land she should knowb that it takes a baby about two years to learn to talk and about 40 or 50 to keep his mouth shut. XVell. no matter what age you are, Harry Katz can furnish you with the latest in styles. She goes on to say that the post-war gowns may be made from glass. Looks like great days ahead for window washers. I keep checking at Oakes Material Company but no luck yet. For years Betty's mother has been reading Old Mother Hubbard 25 her bare cupboard. QTo Page Two Hundred Fifty --- ------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------------------- editorj Will you please write and tell her about the fine foods on sale at G. Y5 W. Grocery here in Edmond? They even carry good stock of ci- gars. If she was on the other side of the street she could stop at Paul I-aMar's If Joe ever finishes that sassy letter to the VA about his last two checks he didn't receive. I'd like to use that new Remington-Rand, or maybe a Royal and Underwood, so I could complete this for the Bronze Book people. Ho- hum, there must be another one nearby. When I read the sign on the Biltmore Ho- tel door l'Stop, have you left anything?" I said to myself l'Nothing but the dresser and I couldn't get that into my suitcase." CSeriously, I only took one towel.j Well, even bad things must come to an end and although I am about the last man on the totem pole I'd like to thank all of the adver- tisers for Joe, Betty and myself. Ohl Oh! Here comes that Bronze Book man, I wonder what he wants? ' 000OG--- ------- --- er- ---- . --------------- vga -- ,-------------------------------------- -- ----------------- 4- ------ ---- ---- - -- - ----- --------- is For Convenient Economical Transportation N. X X x g V' I v XWIX S Q- -A A SI ff .. , 'nm 'I 3 03, . N . X x X XM XI S MIG U Y , I ' X. W R f x . - A I blk! vxmxxw N5 . f bwvxxl , . . . . UNKQVIIIQ ,I 'ugssxtt ' Z FL' . . Mlxja t xu 1 Q Sl I -f 'Z'!'KxxWil ".,q., . SE? i ma !! Pix ms ' ' X n e we X Q 0 GW-I . is ek ,A 6 f X2 ,M QV X S' f 0 I I V7 E X I Q Q ' 3 f 49"-WP' PLAN T0 G0 M. K.6n0. Frequent schedules in and out of Edmond dailyo departure times arranged to fit your needs olow fares to fit your budget. UNION BUS 'DEPOT 4 North H1'oacIWay PHONE 90 TRAI LWA YS HOWARD W. ALLEN. PRESIDENT - W. P. HICKS, GEN'l. TRAFFIC MGR. Pau Two llzzwfrul lfflnl Q 'Q 'Qc 3 E 0 5 0 3 0 Z 3 E Central Students Are Known for These Things I 9 -- ...- --' .--- O 0 U C 0 0 2 Ed Coylen his loud ties l Bill Sughruaeugliest man at CSC and president of Arena E Nina Hagleosdramatics 2 VJ. C. Sawyervmess hall lawyer, editor of Bronze Book and president of Sen E ior class EE Sterling Sawyerd., preaching ability and his bow ties " Wayne Nicholsd his Trumpet ll QE Maurice Kerrwhis ability to hold drummers music ii Big John Smith, basketball ability lb I: Bill 'ATeeter" Ballewtwbasketball ability 0 " Jimmy Powell Chase fiddle and his doghouse 3 Helen Brownnher laugh, editor of The Vista and snare drummer 2 L. O. Shorty his whistle bait figure ll 2 Glen Michaeln obvious reasons ff Helen TaylorL,southern speech and president of Shakespeares E Roxie Smyrlnher laugh, dramatics and yell leader Q Carl Alexandern his girlfriend Bubbles and his layer cake 1 :E Joe Wall,tLhis cheese sandwiches and yell leader ff Tom Esteswtrumpet and his Chesterfields E Mary Imogene Harris,,her height 3 Clyde Duckwallwhis ice cream cones E Prof. Reed,,his rhythm guitar if Jerre Dawkinsnpresident of Criterions 3 Owen Hutchinson -, his English jokes o 2 Juanita Perkinsnher songs 5 Lorena Stanley,Lsecretary of the Oklahoma Senior College Press Association 3 Lee Williamson,,business manager of the Bronze Book E Bill Harr personality and friendliness 5 O O U l Page Two Hundred Fifty-two A 4 ..QQQQQooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ0000000-04500 Q. 009000.-9-0000000000 -oo oo o QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQoaqooocq-00-00-0000oooooooeaoooooooooooooo000,000.04 " " sc' W' ' ' 53-Inch Miehle Automatic Unit, one ot the modern automatic presses, upon which our Annuals are printed. This press prints l6 pages of an annual at one time, Specialization .... In School and College Annuals enables us to offer discriminating buyers of printing a better product, better service and better prices. Dozens of schools in four states take advantage of our specialization and for years have used our service to their entire satisfaction. For this reason we have become recognized among the leaders in this field in the territory in which we operate. Every operation under one root-Composition, Printing, and Binding. Auto- matic presses and every modern device to improve quality and lower costs is used, manned by a force ot skilled workmen who take pride in maintaining our reputation of quality. Get in touch with us for any Printing Requirement. We also manufacture a representative line of School Diplomas in book form, and maintain a complete Bindery and Ruling department. Ask for samples and prices. The Carpenter Press 7l6 4th Avenue Oswego, Kansas P4100 Two Hundred lfzlfty-fhrm ----- - ------ --- ------------ - - ---- ----- : 1 ----, -ee --- : : ----- : : -------- 0.1. ------ -----------Q.------------------------ - ------------ ------------- , - ---------------- --- -- - ---- ---Q g -Q. --------- E. l z : E z z z z : E Z E z z z z z z z z e is z z z l E s O There's More Behind Your Gas Service J Than Just A Well! . .px JA : ffl ""' ?22ie15f'If1f3' --.A--'A , . H lt's: :1 dramatic story-.tue ,.,. A gas industry! And this bus. s PN' K t .arse 4- -:-: -.-- -1-1-za:-mf: H . ' ' --4--- -- - 4 sas 24 hours a day is HC small ta k. You dont Just it x. "jQ.QiI. , ' k'gIj,'4I,I'Q 'JjIj.' '..1l.Z' 21.1.1 'Z.ljI,."' ,E5E5E:f 4ii ,:5EgE5Ef:I , Q ' ' 4 i':fE5Zg.llf5'i' VZ 5'f'f 5'51fi:ES 'gigigiff' 'igiiigif i5ifij5f'..E5E?5f:'. . 5t' f ' f iif22EEi5EEEi ,E ' ' " . ' 4222555...1.1E2:t-iw . as.. -1 S Q- j '5' 1-f i w . :':f:2EfE2E2,':'E41'E5E1E1215g55' hook up pipe to a gas well J - s we . . . ' 6 ind figure tl1f1t's it . . . no, . "f25i " E5E3E1 5555555325252 .,.. 121E2E1255555255522255555552555555Q252525325isisis25152533Qsiaisisiaiziaiaggggsii' 555522ii2g95:2" ' :eras Z11:1:2:azz::::rfi:I:i1i11:1:i:42:i:zz2:as:::::f:::::::2:s:a:a:: .. IE252515E2:1:2ElwiIEIEIEIEI.-EIEIQIEI' - 1: :2:1:' .' --352:25:r:r:r:f:r:r:f1r:f:... 'I-2'f-rw'2:I1t:2:2:r:r:r:2:I:I:1:2:1:2:1:2:::21::r:1:r:z1:xQY:'.': 'r:f:2:1:"r-2':f:2:2:r'- " l J ' 325355E535E5E5E5E535E5E5E5E5E5Ei as:aff2safe2:asf2zsffffeaseassfzsszeeezeaisiaii -'lr' . q:a:::::1..,.,.. Good gas service demands careful thought and plan ning. lt means co ordinating the efforts of ovei 1300 people-each with a separate task to do. It takes men to produce the gas . . . others to purify and transmit it from hundreds of Widely scattered Wells to growing cities . . . and still others to see that it reaches the burner tips in factories, commercial establishments, and in your home. And all of us here at Oklahoma Natural are ready and eager tx do our jobs well-so that your community, your family, and you will have the best of gas service at all times. Oklahoma Natural Gas Company Central's ideal ed has: Hair like M. E. Fitzpatrick Eyes like Lee Williamson Nose like Val Brewer Mouth like Mercer Shaw Teeth like Ed Coyle Smile like Don Coleman Dimples like Johnny Cioggin Physique like Bill Ballew Feet like Faye Odell Hands like Neal Goodman Complexion like Arthur Baptiste Personality like Johnny Dunaway lntelligence like Ray Mclntyre Musical ability like Wayne Nichols Athletic ability like Luke Thompson Popularity like Bill l-larr Line like Glen Michael Sportsmanship like John Smith Paqe Two Hundred Fifty-four --- ------- -- -- -------------------------------- --------- -------- ----------------1 ---- Q --------------- '--------------- -- -------- .---..-..------ -----.-------- -- ------ -p ---- - ---------- - - ---------- -- ----- - -- ------------------------ -------------------Q---00-0-0000 ---------o-o------q..-----QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ--QQQQQQQ- , ,Et X 5 2 E s s E -..woo Q-.-09.4-0-0 Q .ite Q 'If'w QX With this SWECO label, a mark of distinction to be found in out- standing yearbooks of the nation, we designate with pride our work in designing and engraving this 1947 BRONZE BOOK. Our sincere congratulations to the staff on a production of unusual excellence. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY World Building -------- -n------ T ulsa, Oklahoma PUT' H d'f1'F' Q- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ --o----..--------------- - -,-..-.--..------------------------ I O O O 0 O O I 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 -0 Q oo--- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQVQQQ coca-as QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ o o o o o o a o o a o 3 O 0 I 3 3 0 9 0 O O O 9 4 2 l z Sayings of Centralites 2 2 0 0 3 I 3 E E Maurice Kerr , Hoot Mon S ' Dean Bash ,, Just Corkin' Off E Q Bill Murphy H lt's premium E 0 i 3 Margie Graham Big Joke E Margaret Harpster Oh Golly 2 Omer L. Manley o lt's she that's the lover. 1 T 2 Pat Tolbert to l don't know 2 E Johnny Wax H Give me a red head E E Lila Waters,a,You better quit i E l Carl Alexander G Does anyone know Bubbles? E O 2 Harry Callawaya, lt scared nie, but l wasn't there. 2 E Duard Givens to Son-of-a-gun E l Nina Hagle Oh crumb 5 E Dorothy Kearby f,aCotton Pickin' 2 Lorena Stanleyaal-lorse Feathers 2 f Wafdie HMGGCENSORED f 2 Allen smifhoaooiiy Bum 2 s Bill Harr-,Olh Poot 5 0 2 Ervin Fitzpatrick up Double Darn 2 Q Jim Powell,aGidget 2 E Sterling Sawyer,-FUBAR 5 2 W. C. SaWyer-,TARl:U 2 0 5 Ciyae Duckwall at Ch fudge 3 1 Roxie Smyrl,aYou ole pot E E Naomi King ,-Oh spit z 2 Bill Sughru , That's a bunch of noise 2 E Phyllis Moreland ,al gotta chicken ranch S E Joanne Johnson ,aOh piffle E S Anyone in Thatcher Well, l'll be a dirty name? l 2 S 9 0 5 0 9 0 g O 5 0 Q O Q 0 g 0 Q 0 9 O Q O 9 O ' 3 3 9 q...-....-..----.... ...... .. .... .... -- .... ......... ..... ::::.A-A---- ------v W T Q Q fb 'Tl E o E c 3 Q. "1 'D Q. '31 If Q 2 X -oooeoooo--oooeoooooqqqqqqq-- qv- oqocoo O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O O 0 0 0 0 O O - ,--q-ooQQ9---------- - ,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,- 3- o o QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-Q-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ90-9-00QQQQQQQQQQQQQQooqooooqgooooooo Index +o Adve r+ise rs Arrow Cafe Biltmore Hotel Borden's Dairy Products Broncho and Gem Theaters Browne Dry Goods Brown-Dunkin Carpenter Press Central Cleaners and Laundry Chet Moore Chevrolet Company College Grocery College Shop . Deveraux, Ray, Jewelry Deveraux Store Edmond Drug Company Edmond Publishing Company Edmond Snooker Parlor Graham Motor Company G and W Grocery and Market Hal Owen Studio Harry Katz I G A Food Store Jennings Dry Goods Kessler, John, Insurance Kerr's Lintz Department Store McMinnimy Hardware M K Q5 O Bus Lines Nichols Hills Transportation Co. Noel Datin Norton Christy Buick Company Oakes Materials Oklahoma Natural Gas Company Oklahoma Photo Supply Company Paas Funeral Home P and L Grocery Pearce Flower Shop R. A. Young Company Randolph Insurance Remington Rand Typewriter Company Royal Typewriter Company Southwestern Engraving Company The CitiZen's National Bank The First National Bank Thompson's Book Store Tidwell Motor Company Underwood Typewriter Company Vandever's 234 235 242 247 237 229 253 231 236 245 231 243 235 230 236 230 232 238 236 242 238 245 240 233 240 232 251 243 230 245 239 254 238 234 238 240 234 230 237 245 255 239 232 231 239 249 241 ..,..------- .... --..---.----..-------- ------- --.....-., ..... ......,--- Paqe- Two Hundred F:'ftr,'fseue 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 C O O I 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 4 - Q. -QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ' Qqqo..-QQoo-0-000000000000300-QQQQQQ Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ .QQ0Q---0-------------------- 00000000-00-.000 -Q-.QQ -Q Q-- Q-- 4.4 I7 I 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 QQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQ QQ Q Q Q QQ QQQQ Q-QQ Q Q QQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ El?" Q 2,1 :E gl C 3 il 331 5 2 1 Q -QQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQ QQ Q QQQQQ QQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQ QQQ Index +o S+uden+s Adair, James E 51, 159, 160 Ahring, Delma Jean 51, 120, 139, 159, 160 Ahring, La Verna 71, 139, 159 Alexander, Carl L. 65, 137, 152 Alig, Mary Agnes 65, 143, 148, 160 Allen, Velta 71, 141, 164 Alspach, Rhea Joyce 65 Ansell, Muriel 71 Applebee, Earl 187, 191,-196, 197 Applebee, Merle 187, 189,196,214 Arrocha, Dora 51, 143, 156 Baker, Charles 71 Baker, Eloyd 187 Baker, Milton E. 65 Ballew, Billy J. 71, 152, 196,197 Blarber, Elveda L. 65, 153, 159 Barber, Denice 207 Barnett, Doris J. 65, 139, 147, 153,183,215 Barria, Jose 65 Bartlett, Mary L. 59, 144, 153 1 Bash, Bonnie Janice 71, 141 Basore, Ann Elliott 51,120,141,155,159,164 Basore, W. T. 51, 137, 155, '164 Baty, Loren A, 59 Beadle, Margaret Louise 58, 59, 119, 139, 148, 159 Beasley, Patricia 71, 123, 139 Beck, Benny E. 71 Beck, Elmer C. 59, 152, 163 Beely, Betty Lou 65 Beely, Helen 71 Bell, Nadine 71, 141 Benesh, James E. 71 Berger, Roy 187, 198, 196 Berryhill, Lyle 187, 192, 194, 202 Bigham, Charles 71 Black, James 59, 137, 163 Blevins, Al 187, 190, 199 Bloomer, Jack W. 65 Boggs, Frank 71, 155 Border, Betty Ann 71 Bottoms, Myra 208, 212 Bowman, Avis 65 Boyers, Doris 51, 139, 150, 159, 160 Braden, Mary Ellen 51, 141,147, 155, 164 Bradshaw, Doyle V. 71, 156, 163 Brady, Kenneth L. 51, 137, 152, 187, 192 QQQQQQQQQQQ-QQ Q -Q QQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQ ,QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q QQQQQQQQQQ Q QM' QQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q Q QQQ QQQQ QQQQQQ QQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQ Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQ QQQ QQ 4... ,:, -------- -------------- ------..--.. --..Q,------..- QQQQQQQQ-,-,--------------og Q Q--- Q.-- --- ------------..----..--,----oo .IQ I 1 I O O 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 O O 0 O 0 O 0 O O ,------Y ,oo------,,-o Qooooooooooeoeo -on-oo ooo- on-oooqqoeooooooa 1ndex+o S+uden1's Branson, Viola Geraldine 71, 148 Brewer, Patsy 51 Brewer, Val M. 71 Brinkworth, Tom Herbert 71 Brown Brown, Brown Brown Brown Bruno, Bruton, Bonnie Lee 65, 139, 150, 159 Galen 137 Helen 50, 51, 119, 139, 155, 159 Jamxes Dudley 51, 152, 187, 193 Wayne R. 71, 164 James B. 59, 137, 187, 188 Billy 71 Buckholts, Howell 71, 187 Burgett, Carl 68, 194 Burkett, Gordon L. 71 Burnett, Loy James 71 Bullard, Harold Max 71 Burns, Joseph J. 71, 163 Burns, Warren R. 71. 137 Callaway, Harry W. 65, 163 Campbell, Jean 59, 139 I Carey, Paul M. 71 Carlisle, Louise 71. 141, 153 Carmichael, Virginia 59, 141, 159 Carpenter. Sam D. 51 Cartmill. Bob 65, 137 Cave, Wilma 71 Chucu1ate.Eilene 65, 139. 151, 159 Chumlev. J. Gale 52. 159, 164 Churchill. Marion 52. 143, 160 Clabauqh, Guy M. 71, 187 Coleman, Don 187. 202 Coleman. Glenna 59, 139. 151, 160 Coleman. Lucille 52, 143 Collier. Cherrv Lou 71 Collins, Glenn K. 52 Collins. Zola 65. 143, 150. 208 Cook, Elizaheth Ann 71, 148, 153, 207 Coooer. Helen 60. 144 Coyle, Thomas Fdward 65. 163 Coyner. Herbert Neil 65, 164. 165 Criswell. Daniel L. 72 Crittenden. Lavoise 65, 215 Crouse. Betty 208 Crowder. James 65, 159. 182 Crowder, Mary Jo 72, 139. 165 Crozier, Verna Mae 59, 141, 156, 164, 206, 212 , L I.- -oo : : ---Q-Q -Q-QQQQQQQQQQQQ Q-foooooooc f o o o o I 1 o o o o o o o o 3 Qqoo .QQ Q00 Q- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-.0 -0 Q-pq- 0 ,QQ 0 QQ. Q-- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 50-0-0 5 Q Q oooeooooooooegoooqege Q.. 1 0 S 1 1 0 0 O 3 0 0 1 1 Page Two Hundred Fiftu-wine 9 O 9 Q Q 0 I 9 9 9 9 0 0 1 O O I 6 O 0 0 O I O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 O O O O O 0 O 6 0 I O 0 Qoooe Q QQQQQQQQQQQ Q- Ocoee-.. . -.1-----ooo-Q---Q- Index +o S+uden'rs Cruzan, Betty 153, 207, 213 Curb, Reba L. 72, 148 Cusick, Dellie 72, 123, 139 Q-v-QQQQQQQQQQQ -een oo- QQQQQQQ Dawkins, Jerre 52, 108, 109, 139, 147, 159, 181 Darrough, Jacqueline 65, 143 Daugherty, Loyce 59 Daugherty, Rex 59, 163 Daugherty, Robert 72 Davenport, Charles D. 72 Davis, Max 72 Davis, Muriel 72 Denny, Ralph C, 65, 156 Dickerson, Argus 65, 141, 154 Dome, Valeta 209 Donnell, Richard 72, 147 Downey, Betty Lou 52, 114, 115, 119, 143, 148, 165 Downing, Mandajo 65, 153, 207 Dry, Aaron 52, 152, 161, 187, 190 Dubendorff, Sue 72, 141 Duckwall, Clyde 65, 154, 155, 164, 165 Dunaway, John R. 72, 152, 187, 188 Dunn, Oquinn 65, 152, 187 Eaves, Virginia 72, 139, 147, 153, 210, 213, 215 Eden. Charles L. 52 159, 160, Eidscn, Beverly Schmitt 65, 106, 107, 141, 159, 160 Eidson, Joe C. 65, 137, 152, 187, 190 Eisentraut, Gloria E. 65, 154 Ekiss, Gerald Mark 60, 164 Elkind, William 72 Emrick, Mary C. 72 Emrick, William 72 Estes, Jewel Pfeifer 52, 147, 160 Estes, Thomas 64, 65, 137, 155, 165 Ewbank, Arzetta Pearl 60, 143 Evitts, Marjorie 72, 141, 154, 159 Fannin, Hobart 52 Farrow, O'va L. 65, 137, 152, 187, 19 Ferguson, Hoyt 65, 204 Fielding, Robert 72 Fikes, James 66. 196, 197, 201 Fitzpatrick, Melville E. 53, 137, 183 Floyd, Sherman P. 72, 152, 187, 194 Forshee, Hazel 72 Foster, C. D. 72 Foster, Wanna Williamson 159 French, Cranford 187, 189 2, og QQQQQQQ-QVQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-.Deep --.sooo-Q so -.QQ oo Q I, Q 9 QQ----90-00044-cocoa ,QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ P age Two Hundred Sixty -.. ff- ---QQQQQQQQ---- Q qoooooooooooaoooooo 0-0000900909 Q.. Q. ..-Q oooooo Q- -ooooooo QQQQQQQQQQQQ .Q-oo oo.. Q.. QQQQQQQQQ .QQ 05... - ------------------ ---. ---- -- ---- - - -- Index 'ro S+uden'rs Gardner, James C. 72 Garner, Howard 72 Gibbs, Rene 72, 141, 148, 215 Giddens, J. D, 60 Givens, Duard R. 66, 152, 187, 189 Goerke, Earl 66, 137, 152, 187 Goggins, Johnny 204 Goff, George B, 72 Goin, Audean 72, 159 Gomis, Carmen 53, 143, 156 Gooch, Alvie E. 72, 163 Goodman, Neal 66 Gordon, Bobby E. 66, 148, 163 Graham, Margie 53, 139, 150, 153, 160, 206, 207, 210, 211. 212, 213 Graham, Wanda 72, 144, 153, 207, 213 Gray, Dan T, 72 Gray, Paul E, 72 Grayson, Bill 72 Griffin, Harry Dee 66 Grigsby, Alvis W, 73, 187 Grimes, William 72, 202 Grubbs, Earlene 73, 123, 144 Haggard, Betty Jo 73 Hagle, A. D. 53, 164, 182, 183 Hagle, Nina Story 5, 120, 139, 147, 182, 183 Hamilton, Watt 68, 187 Hancock, John 73 Haraughty, Jackson H. 73, 147 Harbin, Imogene 66, 143 Harbin, Neva 73, 143 Harpster, Mary Margaret 66, 139, 150 Harr, William M. 66, 137, 181 Harrel, George 53 Harris, Allen Jack 56, 156 Harris, Mary Imogene 53, 120,143, 147, 153, 159, 160, 164, 183 Harris, Mary Lou 66, 143, 155 Harris, Randolph B, 60, 151, 163 Harris, Ruth D. 53, 112, 113, 144, 161 Harrison, Paul Conrad 73 Hastings, Kathryn 53. 118. 1.93, 150, 153, 159 160 206, 207, 210, 211, 212, 213 Hauser, Alberto 66 Haver, Eldred George 73 Hawkins, Gloria Jean 73 Haxton. Manford 73, 159 Hayes, Robert 73 Heller, Glen 73 7,0 0 Q -2 -.. --Q -- -------------------------.---.- ------.--- --I - --.U- 1 0 U U 0 0 0 0 C 0 9 1 O 0 0 I C 9 1 0 Ao -. -------------------------- - - ------------- oo- oooooo o u-------------------------------4,------p------------------4 's' -- --- use , P4103 Two Hundred Sixty-one 6 0 0 O O 1 O 0 0 O 0 I 1 O 0 1 1 O O 1 v 0 O I I U U U I 1 O O U I 0 0 1 0 I 0 0 I 0 0 0 ll 0 11 0 0 0 0 O 0 ll 11 0 0 ll ll U 0 ll ll 0 0 0 U ll ll 0 0 0 ll U O O 0 O U 1 0 0 U O 0 O O 0 1 0 O O 0 I 0 0 I I 1 0 O O 0 1 O O 0 0 0 1 I 1 1 .000-..000-000+'000000.00000000000000 00000000000 Index 'ro Sfudenls Henry, lrl W. 73, 202 Hensley, Robert 66 Herrian, Winnie R. 60 Hinch, Nadine 73, 141, 151 Hibbert, Mildred 208, 209, 211, 212, 214 Hinkle, Alfred B. 60, 163, 202 Hobbs, Jack 68, 196, 198 Holcomb, Mary Elizabeth 53, 119, 141, 159, 160 Holder, Patsy 60 Holland, Kermit Steve 73 Holloway, Fred C. 73, 152, 155 Hoover, Wilma 153, 207 Holmes, Billy 73 Hopper, Betty Christner 52, 143, 148, Hopper, G. C. 53, 148 Horn, Dorothy 1 84 Hoskins, Jack 73 Hostetter, Lyle 60 Hough, Paul 73, 187 Huddleston, Stanley 73 Hughes, Billy 58, 60, 137, 152, 164, 201 Hughes, Elsie 60, 139 Hulsey, James C. 58, 60, 19, 137, 204 Hurt, Billie M. 58 61 Hurt, Wayne 73 Huskey, A. B. 61 Huston, Denzil F. 56 Huston, Ruth 53, 144 Irwin, Mary Norene 66, 139 Jarboe, Ralph 73 Jackson, Clarice 53, 159 Jackson, Mitchell 73 Jaggers, Dolorez lrene 73, 151 Jeter, Nolan A. 73 Johnson, Joanne 66, 139, 153, 207, 210, Jolley, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, William M. 66, 163, 164 Betty 153, 207,213 Claudia Mae 61 Dorothy Marie 73 Jimmie L. 66, 152, 187, 192 Mary Wanda 66, 141, 164, 215 Kaemmerling, James 73 Kaemmerling, Robert N. 73 Kaiser, Billye P. 73 Kapka, Betty Lou 73 0.04. 04- 000 000 00000000 00000000 0000000 213, 214 9---------------..----..--------..------------------........----....- Page Two Hundred Sixty-two . Q---------------------..--------------------..----------....-----------------..----------..------------------------..v :::- oo: : ::o: : oooo:: ::Q: cogoooeoqec coooq :: : : :: aoeoo: :Q : :-Q. - - -9- - A A00 - - - - -Qooaoqeoooooc ---Q -.QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ,X Index 'ro S+uden'rs Kearby, Dorothy Ann 50, 54, 139, 147 Kellog, Charles A. 66 Kennedy, Gerald Ray 73 Kerr, Maurice 66 Kidd, Harold 64, 66, 137 Kidd, Jane Woodle 68, 141, 153, 159, 206, 207, 211, 212, 214 Kimball, Pleasant P. 74, 156, 163, 182 Kimble, Virginia 74, 116, 117, 154, 160 King, Bonnie 212 King, Naomi Jane 73 King, William Edward 74 Kinnison, Betty Lou 66, 143 Kinnison, Virgil A, 74 Kinser, Vertice 74, 141, 153 Kirk, Jess 202 Kirkwood, Thelda L. 74 Knol, George A. 74 Kopp, Leo Mae 54, 160 Kretlow, Lou 66, 196 Kyle, Marge 66, 154 La1:aver, Richard H. 66, 152, 187, 189 Lamb, Daryl D. 74, 163 Lambert, Thelma L. 54, 110, 111, 119,141, 159,165 Lane, Gene 74 Langham, Pauline 54, 139, 150, 159 Langford, David L. 66 Lanson, Charles 202 Lasso, Obdulio 66 Leake, Helen 66, 123, 143, 148, 159,160 Legako, Wanda 208, 209, 211, 212 LeGrand. Walter 54, 160 Lenmpn, Pauline Coyner 52, 139, 148, 159, 160 Lester, Carl James 66 Lester, Jack 74 Levay, Tom 187, 191, 196, 197 Lewis, Nancy Jane 74, 154 Lewis, Sylvia 66, 144 Lindsey, Margaret 74 Lindsey, William R. 74, 163 Littlefield, Eldon 61, 148 Livingstone, Beverly J. 61, 118, 139, 151, 159, 160, 165 Livingstone, Frank S. 54, 137, 156, 165 Lliteras, Jose A. 66 Lockwood, Don L. 74, 187 Paqe Two Hundred Sixtu-thr I . 1 ' 3 0 0 O 9 O Q O 9 O ' 3 O 9 O 9 O Q 0 0 O 2 3 O O 0000 00000000000000000000000 J. 00000 000000 00 00 0000000 0000000000-00 0 00000000000000000 0000000000000000000000 00000 Page Two Hundred Sixty-four 000000000 000000000 000000000 Index 'ro S+uclen1s Long, Charles D. 61 Lynch, Robert 74 Mack, Albert H. 74 Mahnke, Louis 74 Malone, Doro,hy M. 54, 141, 160 Malone, Edward Ray 66, 156 Malone, Kathryn 66, 143, 154 Malone, Neal 74 Manaugh, Kathryn 74, 141 Manley, Omer Leon 74 Manwell, Norma 67, 139 Marks, John W. 74, 202 Marks, Luther Whitfield 74, 187 Marshall, Keely 74, 155, 163 Martin, Kathryn Ann 74, 141, 154, 159 Martin, John E. 74, 164 Martindale, Bernice 74, 139, 153, 210 Maupin, Chapman W. 74, 163 Maxey, Jean 67, 141, 164 Maxey, Ruth 208, 211, 212 May, John Jack 74, 187 Mayberry, John C. 74 McClure, Ciuy V. 74 McDonald, Vernon 67, 151 Mclntyre, Kathryn J. 54, 116, 148, 159 Mclntyre, Ray V. 54, 118, 156, 159, 163 McKinney, Phyllis 74, 123, 141, 159, 160 McMillan, Louis 67, 161, 163 McMillan, Mildred 74, 141, 151 McMinimy, Bill 187, 190 Means, Maurice E. 75 Megehee, John J. 75 Megehee, Va Leta V. 75 Meisner, Virginia 75, 144, 156 Melson, Jack Ci. 67, 159, 215 Mervel, Bernard B. 67 Metheny, Alton Wayne 75, 196 Meyer, Wilma 75 Michael, Ci. E. 67, 137, 147,155, 163 Miller, Anita June 61, 147, 151, 155, 160, 164 Miller, Mary Ann 75, 141, 159 Miller, Mozelle 67, 143, 148, 161 Miller, Vic 75 Mills, Betty Jean 54, 143, 159, 160 Mills, Edith 54, 143, 148, 159, 165 000,0000-,000000 0000 0000000000 000 0000000000000000000000000 0000000000000 9 o o o o o o o o o o 9 0 o 3 0000 00000000 00000 0000000000000 00 000 000 0000000 000 00000 -00 of 000000 0 0 0000 00 0000 00000 -0 0 0000-00 0000 0 000 00000000000000000000 0099000009099099090-090900-009 909-090000099 00000-090099906 00000 00090090 000 00090 09900090090 00 .vc 0000090090000000000 000000 4 -000009900000099000 09000000000000000 00 Index +o S+uden+s Mitchell, Jimmie 75 Moore, David 196 Moore, Dorothy Jean 75, 144, 147 Morgan, Robert L. 67 Moss, Jack 187, 202 Muns, Bonna Lee 67, 139, 154 Murphy, William S. 67 Novy, Billye J. 75, 150 Neill, Peggy Sue 75, 153 Nichols,Warren 68 Nichols, Wayne 67 Northcott, William H. 67 Nunemaker, Oran 75, 159 O'dell, Faye 187, 191 Odor, Ralph H. 75 Oden, Brent Dee 75, 202 Onan, Thelma 208, 211, 212 Owen, Margaret 75. 139, 147, 159, 181 O'Brien, Mary Cecelia 61, 165 O'wen, H. D. 75 Oppel, Fred 75, 159 Paas, Leroy G. 75, 137 Patten, Myra Jean 75, 148 Patterson, George 201 Peace, Roy Wilson 75 Pearce, Sarah 61, 67, 139 Penn, Glen 67, 137, 164 Penn, Joetta 75 Perkins, Juanita 54, 139 Perry, Virginia 55,l18,141,150, 159,160 Phelps, Phyllis Alletha 67 Phillips, Gloria 75, 141, 150 Pippin, Jo Ann 75, 141, 201, 215 Pippin, Bascum, C. Jr. 67, 137, 152 Poe, Billy B. 55, 137, 159, 163, 164 Powell, James R. 67, 137, 151, 164, 184 Powell, Pearl 55, 141, 153, 154, 212 Price, E. Ray 75 Raglin, Marion 187, 194 Raines, Bob 75, 137, '164 Raines, Viola 55 Randle, Donald Orville 61, 156 Randle, Fdrrest A. 61 Ray, Jack H. 75, 163 Ray, Louise Elaine 61, 141, 147, 165 -0000000 0000000000000090909009 90 090000000 o 000'.' 0000000000 00000000 0000 0900000000000000 0000000000000000000 0 0090000090000000000000009090000 900000000 00 00000090000000000 000 09 00000000000 00000000990000099000 'U Q Q W "1 S O 1 C :s 5 rv: 3. 23 54 -. 'F in 2 .g.---------.. 0-9-9990-99999 99999999 -9 0999 - -9099999-9990099999-99-099999990-99 99 09 9990999 9999-999 9 9 999 99-999 09-99 9-9 0-90-9 rg?" so Hs S3 Oo go 331 in Q0 0.3, 0 0 0 O 0 E 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 E o O 0 0 O C E O O -1 0 3 1 Q. 0 'D 3 X o + 1 0 3 U1 0 .P I c 2 O. 1 cn 2 3 O ,,, e Vi Ray, Virginia 75 Reames, Joyce 62 Reece, Bill 75 Reed, Richard LeRoy 75 Reeder, Aurilla Bandy 75 Reeder, Glen Murl 62, 163 Ritter, Pat 75 Rives, Mary Jean 67, 141, 160 -099-09-9099-0--9-999909-9999 Robinette, Robert Stanley 67, 137, 152, 187, 204 Robinson, Roscoe Ross 76, 137, 159, 164 Robinson, Lou Alice 56 Robinson, Mary 210, 213 Robinson, Pauline 153, 207 Rodriques, Bebe 76, 163 Rodriques, Leo L. 56, 156, 161 Rollier, Phyllis 76, 148, 153 Rookstool, Robert 67, 137 Rorie, Forrest 68 Rose, Patsy 76, 141 Rotroff, Alletta 67, 141, 151 Rouillard, Earle H. 55, 155, 161 Round, Gwendolyn 76 Rowell, Joyce 76, 148, 153, 207 Ruble, Velta Rose 62, 144, 159 Rybka, Gus 196, 198 Russell, Claude N. 76 Russell, Oma Lee 76, 141 Russell, Lillie Louise 68, 144 Sampson, Bettye Lee 55, 143, 159, Sampson, Francisco 76 Sanders, Seay Austin 67, 137, 163 Sawyer, Sterling 67, 137, 156, 163, 164 Sawyer, W. C. 50, 55, 118, 132, 137, 156, 159, 163, 164 Scheer, James Hoyle 76 Schmiedbauer, Joe J. 76, 163 Schwendeman, Glen 76, 154 Schweisberger, Wally 187, 192 Seago, Lorene 55 Sellers, Leslie 76, 163 Sells, Louis V. 76 Serviss, Dorothy Lee 62, 148, 159, Sexton, Perry 212 Shaw, Mercer 76, 147, 154, 181 Sheridan, Roger 76 99-999990000990999-9-9-9900099-0 1 --Z' 9 99999 099 9-9000999 99000 9-0 0909 00909-9 -9-990 990999 0 99 999-9999990999-99999099-9 999 99009 9-9 0 0 I O 2 O O I I 0 0 0 3 O 0 O O 0 O O 0 0 I S O .v 00? 001. 000000 00000000000000000000 0 000 000 0 0 -,-100 0 -v 000000 0000 00 000 00000000000000 00 : : : 0 :00000: : c :00000: :000000000 000000000 3 0 0 0 0 0 S O 1 O 2 0 O O O 0 1 00000000000 000000004 Index 'ro S+uden'rs Sherrill, Herschel 67, 152, 196 Sherwood, Nellie 212 Shields .Marvin L. 76 Shope, Ruth Louise 62, 165 Short, Laurence O. 58, 62, 137, 156, 159 Sowers, Virginia Lee 76 Silkwood, Ray G. 76 Silkwood, Roy Lee 76, 187 Simpson, Alene Tidrow 62, 143 Simpson, Eugene 50, 55, 120, 164 Simpson, Gerry 68, 141, 183 Simpson, William Dale 76 Sinclair, Stanley G. 76, 137 Smgith. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smyrl, Allen W. 67 Bernice C. 62 Betty Jeanne 62 Jewel Lee 55, 139, 148, 159 John 187, 188, 196, 207, 214 Lee 76, 196 Paul William 76, 163 Virginia 67, 143, 151 Roxie 67, 139, 147, 153, 215 Snyder, Eleanor 67, 139, 147, 153, 206, 210, 212 Snyder, Norma 76, 148, 159 Spencer, Maurine 76, 139, 159 Spencer, Milburn 67 Springer, Ralph 187 Spray, Lawrence 76 Stafford, Jack 76 Stanley, Elnora 76, 143. 148 Stanley, Lorena 68, 143, 155 Staude, Clydena 76, 150 Steffensen, Dale 76 Stephens, Neva Doris 67, 139 Stephenson, John Dennis 72 Stinnett, Rufus 67, 137 Stewart, Elwanda 68 Stone, Johnny 64, 68, 137 Stone, Marietta 64, 68, 141, 159, 165 Storie, Bobby Gene 77 Sughru, William C. 55, 137, 152, 163 Sullenger, Maurine 77 Swails, Mildred 77, 151, 184 Talley, R. Lee 77 Taulbee, Laura1S. 56, 151, 161 Taylor, Helen Maxine 50, 56, 120, 141, 160 Terry, Nelson D. 77 Tether, Betty 77 Tether, Ted 77, 147 .0 0000000 000000 0000 0000000 000 0 00 00000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 o o e o o 0 0 o o O o o o o o o o 9 0000000 00 0 000 0000000000000 00 00000000000000000000 00 00 00.00000 +---..-------------------------------------------------- F Q fb 9 E o 2 : 5 Q. '1 'U Q Y 5. Q . f'3 'U Q V9 3 400000000 0000000000000000000000000000000 0 0000000000 - O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 O I 0 0 0 1 O O 1 3 0 i O 0 0 0 0 O O ll ns in 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 ll 0 0 0 ll u ll 0 ll 0 0 0 0 ll nr O 9 v 0 0 O 0 I 0 O O 0 0 O O 9 v 0 1 9 1 O i I 0 O O 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 O O E O O 0 0 O I I O O 0 0 0 O 0 qw---..----- --- --.M --..-- Page Two Hundred Sixty-eight Index +o Sludenls Thompson Lowell 77, 137 Thompson Luke 187, 193, 196, 198 Thompson Vivian 68, 143, 150 Thurmond, Virginia 56, 141 Tillotson, Daniel M. 77, 163 Tolbert, Patricia 77, 139, 150 Towles, Jane 68, 139, 210, 215 Trevino, lrene 77, 123, 143 Trevino, Marie Louise 56, 143, 159 Turley, Clyde V, 77 Upshaw, Howard 77 Van Meter, James L. 77, 156 Van!-Xntwerp, Bob 214 Vaut, Ernest J .77 Vogt, Andrew168, 159, 163, 184 Vogt, Roberta 62, 144, 159 Waggoner, James J. 68 Wagoner, Billy 77 Walker, Dan 77, 163 Wall, Joe H. 77, 163, 164, 215 Walling, George B. 64. 68, 163 Walter, Wanda 68, 143, 159, 160 Waters, Lila J. 62, 144, 160 Watson, Robert Lee 77, 137 Wax, John E, 77 Weaver, Douglas Wayne 62, 155 Welch, Yvonne 77 Wehrenberg, Norma 68, 153, 207, 210, 213 Wessel, Wanda 68, 141, 154, 160 West, Virginia 56, 153, 160, 207 Whatley, Donald 77 Whisenhunt, Jack W. 77 Wilson, Viola 208, 211, 212 Williams, John T. 77 Williamson, Lee R. 56, 118, 137, 152, 159, 160, 163,164 Williams, Vella B. 68, 143 Willson, Earl Leon 77 Witten, Ralph H. 77, 152, 187, 191 Wollard, Fred M. 77 0000 0000000000 00 00000000000 Woodrome, Margarette 68, 141, 153, 206, 211,212,213 Woolever, Thelma Ann 77 Yancey, Mae Lavon 68, 143, 159,16O, 161 Yancey, lda Pauline 77, 143, 161 York, Wilma Aileen 77 Young, Billy M. 77 Zielny, Lawrence Lee 77 Zielny, William 76 v V 000 000000000-00000 0000000000000000000 0000000000000000000 Q --....-2' 000 000000000 00 00 00 00-00000-000000000000 00000 000 0 000 00000000000 0 up 0 00 -000 000 000-00 000000000000000000000 5 0000000 O 0 0 I 0 O 0 O O 0 0 O O 0 000000 0000000000000000000000 0000000 00 0000-0000000000000 0000 0000000 0 0000 000 0000000 00 00 -0000000000000 00 00000 000 000000000000000 00000000000000 0 00000000 4- 0000000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O O 9 -..rg- 3 5 Table of Confenls g O 5 Administration 17-21 2 0 Advertising 227-255 1 ddr KOl1 Edge as Betty Koe Edd 230-250 Q 0 Air View 216 1 U Alumni Association 80 1 C Art 184 E 0 Athletics E A11 Ardurrd Athletics 214 2 Bdrirrrbdii 196-200 2 Basketball Varsity 208 S Pddrbrrii 187-195 5 Hockey Varsity 207 g Pep Squad 215 z Softball 212 1 Swimming 210 1 Tenniquoits 213 E Tennis 201 . Tennis Varsity 209 1 Track 204 2 Vdiiry Ball 211 3 W. A. A. 206 3 Wrestling 202 E 0 Bronze Book Staff 132-133 E Caricatures 78-79 E 0 Classes 1 Freshman 69-77 1 Juniors 57-62 1 Seniors 50-56 1 Sophomores 63-68 : O Clubs E Alpha Phi Sigma -159 2 Arena -137 1 Blue Curtain -147 O Commerce 148 1 Criterion -139 Future Teachers of America 160 3 Gamma Iota Alpha -163 0 Historical Society 149 1 Indian Club 161 2 3 0 0 O r m,+000::::--: :--00::--: :--.-.,: : -000 2 2 ----- 2 0 0 9 3 0 0 O 0 0 0 I 0 0 O 2 S U 0 3 O 0 1 0 O 0 O 0 O O O l Pacle Two Hundred SIIXILI-V71-TIP 3 0 O 0 0 3 2 0 0 0 soooo oo-------------Qy-Q-- QQQQQQQQ-oo oo ooooooooooooooooooo- -0000 1- -QQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oemooooo Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-Qooooo Table of Con+en+s Kappa Delta Pi League of Young Democrats Les Cheffettes Lettermen Music Palette Science Second Generation Shakespeare Tau Theta Kappa Triumvirate W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. Faculty Features Foreward Memorial Months on Parade Murdaugh Hall Music Panorama Queens Resume of the War Years Society Speech and Dramatics Thatcher Hall The Vista View Section Who's Who QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ9 oooggoqooq-ooq 90-00- 167 164 150 152 154 151 156 165 140-141 144 142-143 153 166 22-47 89-104 8 81-88 4-7 168 172-179 2-3 105-116 217-226 121-130 180-183 168 134 9-16 117-120 QQ- ooooooo QQQQQQQQQQQ -------Q--oo--Q--on - 1 1 z z 5 : : 2 z s E z z s z F Page Two Hundred Seventy Q -oe if Qaooooooooeq -ooooooooooooeooaQoooooooaxooooooooo-.. ooo ooo Q--- oo, 00-00-00-Q--f Q.. -.QQQQQQQQQQQQQ oo Q., Pasfe Your Favorife Snapsl1o+s Here Page T Page Two Hundred Seumty-Iwo Au'rographs

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