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4 lwrcmwg P Lzhyhmdntw . 5-'iii' .- -u UI ' i h h . g: , ,fgtiv , 5.., . 1, ff ... ., .. 1'- A ..?,...,'-:T,:-.- .',-,Qiliugjl-9. :ff - -. inf '- Aix- 'i41f,',: ...f-1.'-gg? 3--'- 'Q f' 'r-loft' -' "1 , ' v:,,. I 2 viz.-:,.i'.,f.'.,n.4-l I 134-I . 1 4.5: if .s.ze1-we-'1" f 'fha- :Af 'U fy--'f . Q' , ' 1 "- wg. ,Iii . ...rg A ,. , .1-ag, 1 .- A x . . ' I ' -HI! I' ,rw N ,F k vlgf' , ...gig-.a,:.:1,:'...'i f..:,II7:?',l. K , 'F -Lf .lug-1----' , ' . Q.: -rvss - rw' ' l , . r Jn., 1 X,-: ., - x n - .gi fun., - -vp fwf ' 1.5 3-4.-. , vi" I K ".v 1 1 ak 1 4 4 1 4'-x..l,' -AA. .. - . , .-r, . . , . ,4.. f 'Ak-." " '-' 'A -'f ' --.we 11-'!:l - .1 ' ' 'if-5 ' "'2'L 1Jfm""1 "fl-'." ' -- -' . '. ,.. .Q .. 9 1:A".f.'-.... '-,H ,. .9 . D - '. - , p. 5. .4 - ..,,l-1 .v,,-'- , ' qs' 1 ,p ..,,.,, , . 39, A '.,,-f.n,,-H. .V L- - g.,"4,- " 1-.' ., . eff!! " " ' - fr .4 gy'- ,.- . . - . :,. ',.'c?v ff 131, -. ini' . 1111325.47 3 . ' 1 1 4 A . ....we'3'.M"'N5-2 . . 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U, , 6.55, , . H ,. V' -sg 1 " '..,K-Lsgbfgzawgrf .H - . ng-.- 1 , Q -L M , - .1 . W J QR ,V tx 1' Q 'L A' ,. , - I. ,., 5' ,N ,J:2i'fW -iii? guy. '- W - 7 H, A vm. ,Q MA W f ' M ,. ,A 1, v E W Q4 , ff? , D J .nf xx Run NN -xm "H-1 1, '2- 1 in I wk T Q if , 1 z To Dr. Harbour and Dr. Mcffarrel, who have given unselfishly of their time and ability during the many years of Bronze Book publi- cation: who, through the years have endeavored to, and succeeded in, giving unfailing ideals, intellectual training. and the challenge of great principles to each student of Central State College: whose untiring efforts in behalf of the college and all its activities have won for them undying devotion from their many loyal friends: whose lives have been a guiding star to the seniors from year to year until they have become known as "Nia" and "Pa" ofthe cant pus, this 1942 Bronze Book is affectionately dedicated. FUR The Ninteen-Forty-Two Bronze Book begins the record of the second half-cen- tury of Central's service and progress. In this tragic era of world conflict Cen- tral State College is alert to render every possible service for the cause of American- ism and Democracy. Her students and alumni are in every branch of defense and war service, and new "gold stars" already decorate her service flag. The institution is zealous to protect and preserve those traditions which are the spiritual foundations of the collegeg char- acter, scholarship, service, democratic spirit, a high rank in fields of music, art, debate dramatics and athletics To those who shall grace the halls of Central this second half century the pres ent student body the alumni faculty and friends of the college pledge an all out effort to maintain these ideals during this crisis and transmit to future students this institution endowed with those qualities through which she has enriched a great commonwealth and has embellished the lives and enlarged the service of all who have been touched by her influence ica and the World is closing an epoch in history Central State College has had a part in this closing drama and will have a a part in fostering the new age We of the present join in handclasp-as it were the two halves of this first century The benedictzon of the one and the pledge of fidelity of the other shall serve as beacon lights of inspiration for all who shall pass this way i ' KA' There is general agreement that Amer- . . 1 . ,Q asm .. ,, ix, H ..V, m57 'wwf ,mfmimg . , vs , . -' T: . I 75 5 Q qs! V H A as-,gg ',, qlij gigggj f' ' Q ' " " mfr ' f 4 fa azifgff g, Qs, - . A f, ff f 'ifiwf-"XF 'iff 'V " ix K x :K 'f 'rf 442' ,,f17,fW'f ' " f 51, ' - N 'A F 5, I Qi: . A , - . fn rk,, fix Ak S K Q aww lg, gg A . i f ? ir xii , Q N 'MM Q m'3naTfW MQffafw'gi f -5- , 9 -3 Q gg. w1f yn , 'L fp k , 4 if W Q Q, f A ,L u V L' L. .ia Nh it hy r gm MA it If Q . EG f 1 W . ML P 1 V -fr-in , wr ,ff g ,Z mf ww 4 , ,,: Q1 gg , "ill-M ,ii ,- Q 4, 1' fs "2 ,. 'IVR N , qask .X my film n he FL , I . v . if ' www' LM agp 1 W K Q QQ... A , M Y 11 W vw 2 J fff , 'P . W 'MM -Q I - . , 14 f Q.. +I ' . "' 4. ' , sv.. -W, ,, A ,, , is ,-W I A 4 , 4 .Qs at k ., is Si vm, .4 M 4 4 W m ... .-Q K ' g g,,,,-gm X P ,if J , Rf " 4 xg 4 5 4 ,i v I i 4 W I ! v W 4 ,.:: .,,. f-. ,, I.. Q3 'P' WE' -x iS'M Aw A .f wk Q 1 ,. ,ik Ng' f 1, A ' :Uma ww? V A , :Y ?A4 V am- fi ,f 'X if E , ue 913 W" :US ,fi '41-P BOOK NUMBER ONE: Administration BOOK NUMBER TWO: Classes BOOK NUMBER THREE: Organizations BOOK NUMBER FOUR: Athletics BOOK NUMBER FIVE: Features UHTEHT5 Q ui ' 5 . ,. .1 2' 2 ', -:sn Q Bai- - ,.. , fu? :api AT ,. Q X f A S1 rj'q.,?.? . -4-.,:,:.rr' , ,- 51-ii' .5--. - 5GF"SQf , ,f c fi" ' - , ffgigliflf I .- .9 -53, f, f , f. ,--.cffjffj .- , gr .- ' x.. ,H 3 . .V ' k 5 :F X 'x, ,'a.v qw, I 4' ,Q 45' Q, 33 "",f,w'-,.' , ,A , 2, 'psig' -3'-,, -' ' 'af Pf -YF' -fr? Film: 1 x v A' -. UNF! 'v Egg jr ' 'fun X T gp s .1-ig, 31 f S -'ash 1 JJ . :fag'!'L Q if-'iz '4' x .n,,, . 1 YW:- , jg' x K . .,,-nk: , fa. -I ' 2Ef.f'gLQ,. . 4-'. xfm A . f .wi 2 3. ggi 5 - M 1. .W a - Q- b -Qi Q, - 5"l'w 5Qf""Q, 2 'Q N fr ' -4 Mg ,EK A L X.: , AV xv, , ,, A2'YfN"3"w,fw,. v ,,. M K ,Q 9 r -Y U - . X -A Jw M -L - nw gwm nw. S'V.,fa,' Q f,-':w"w:'t- wwf. ff :ks s 6 r-'1m.".- 33 Maxx- f ' Q W 4 sfifif 7'f" ".fsfNQ,g,,,,f' " 'Y ' 3 A ' f.l3' W' .A ,uf 'f "'W'5 f ffQff"Qi? ' - ' . -f'u?wf:v gd, , . ,ix f x ?aw:1 4f 1 'Q' ' .WS-'W ' - ff 'fm 1 Q mf , V " W use A Q N214 , , 'wggliqf 15:1 1 fL1i.ff iAfg,?,R f 5, . It W K 2 1' . . r 'Z ' ? 7 " 'I mafwffffliff if .ww ,. if fl. - Xmf f M..:-- f .I-1--A Sz 4 ,F ' ' , 1, 1,-,dx-,1 j '.gv?igwg .. W., . iff' 'K gx, '1,--5?-,.-Q.: , f,'mwM,!x F - f' yfa rw. fwfw:-we sus:-1:"f , - M 1 354 41 f , .022 ff, '.Tj'?'TuQ J. fi Y' ,'if'fj, 5,2 ,iff 1 ' 44?-2-fn 41. ,'viLs.' fgyf"?5'1,w 5 X fff13f1 . 'Q 4 "'w" rk' f""f fiif"34 T,t:u-.P . f , 455 'N ff" Ma "Eff5f' 5f'i'f5T' X ,i m , . ' 4'...:V1 ,, 'ffm 1352513 is f' li. c.iv'i.f,fyQ,?mw--"-Q : P f" X 4' .aff ff: R435 R Qjff S.: ,umm 1 Q ' A - I ,Y -. I wx 1 , . ,"' Hgx , .xi X 1wl'f. M M 1' W , , -. '9' WWF 5-," xi? ' 3,0-.. ,X .,.,.L W J GOVERNOR BOARD OF REGENTS PRESIDENT DEANS DEPARTMENTS .N Y 'M ,Y ,., Q Y 'A1 2 " : W , A ' V' E as-, K "i i i, 2 R X . ' 1 in xx A.. A . , K, ' ,eff 5 1 xy 1 .Q -f f ,ju 9"" f f pk, , ui K x ax , i f! cen79"'C' Sc"V'ce ' ' Q '22 If W- ifi ' DfP'EC't'UI" gf oen1onsAty-if-iff 5 A I . ' ' v 5 s."U'EC'lr'l'e5 xx Of is mu 7 H' Ins fro-cf . . I ffl ohif Sri-ff Lf6"0-fianf , A uf-Q fo k QQ V F II of Musgqn, J V .V H sg, . , gf ' V. '5'055e5 of Dl""""0"4'13! xx LA "NX-N ... , 1' nlgd - I ekbp-,Q66 I 7ke Side Qamcf fgeqefih fm Ufefaficwza Qalfeqw FRED A. HOLMAN, Chairman ,,Y, EEE Guthrie G. S, SANDERS , , . , ,w, E EE Holdenuille MRS. JEWEL ROBBINS EEE E-. .E EEEE Pauls Valley G. E. CROOKS l,,,,l, EEE EEEE Medford FORREST MCKENZIE EEE EEEEE EEE Mangum T. T. EASON EEEEE EEE EEEE E. EEEE Enid ROBERT N. CHASE EEEE EEEEE EEEEE EEE Oklahoma City ELLIS F. NANTZ, Executive Secretary EEEE EEE Oklahoma City f 21 '1 fl fa A ,, . LEQN C. PHILLIPS Ciouemor of Oklahoma Padded '4 Central State College is beginning its second half century. It is now more than fifty years since the institution began. The students in attendance at this time are beginning to make history for the institution in its second fifty year cycle. The first half century is history and recorded. These years belong to the ages and now exist in the memory of those who attended during that period as well as in the records left. What a world of service rendered by this institution during this first fifty year period! Let us hope that we will see the beginning of another fifty year period in which even better service to the great Commonwealth of Oklahoma may be maintained. As this book goes to press, we find the world in a period of emergency. I have every reason to believe that the student body of Central State College feels the same way about this situation that is before us. We can come out of this period of anxiety and danger only by each individual doing the very best, that thing for which he is most capable. We do this in a spirit of service and this book does, represent all of this. I believe you are fortunate: I believe we are all fortun- ate: to be within the atmosphere of an institution with such a glorious past and with such a promising future. Yours sincerely, R. R. ROBINSON President ,MM ur -wg H 1 5 'Dean of the Gollege RoY W. JoNEs Dr. Jones received the Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma City Uni- versity, Master of Science from Kansas State College and Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Jones is past president of the Oklahoma Academy of Science, and is a member of American Association of Advancement of Science, American Society of Zoology, American Microscopic Society, Sigma Xi, Tri Beta, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma, Pi Kappa Delta and Kappa Delta Pi. Dr. ,Jones is admired and receives the support of the entire student body in his capacity as Dean of the College and assuming the responsibility of Dean of Men. Before taking the responsibilities of Dean, Dr. Jones was Professor of Biology and has continued teaching in that department. Page Eighteen X . Kllean of 'women 1 1 l ,lf 5, l 2 z 1 r V i I x DOROTHEA MEAGHER Dean Meagher became a member of the faculty of Central State College sev- enteen years ago, and is known personally to all girls of the institution through her charming personality and gracious manner. Dean Meagher received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Central State College and the Master of Arts de- gree from the University of Oklahoma. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Kappa Delta, Delta Kappa Gamma, the American Association of University Women, and the American Legion Auxiliary. She is sponsor for Alpha Phi Sigma which keeps up the scholarship of the student body. Dean Meagher is taking an active part in the Defense Program. Dean Meagher has done much to help the girls of Central State College adjust their lives for college and for their life after college. Through her work with the House President's Council and the Activity Club Council, she has assisted in shaping the social and scholastic activities of coeds, and has graciously guided such activities in a democratic and beneficial manner. She also serves as associate professor in the Mathematics Department. Page Nineteen 'Department of English F. C, OAKES Professor Oakes has been Head of the English Department of Central State College for thirty years, coming to this institution in 1903 as a member of that department. Mr. Oakes received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Univer- sity of Oklahoma and the Master of Arts degree from the University of Chicago. The English Department provides a four-year liberal arts course, as Well as professional courses in the college. It is organized under. the following divis- ions: composition and linquistic, English literature, speech and journalism. Other members of the department, each highly trained in his respective field, are: Dr. Cox, Dr. Eordice, Mrs. Biondo, Mr. Watkins and Miss Bottoms. WILLA CIJVRE COX, PH, D. lYlRS. LUCILLE BIONDO, M. A. MOLLIE RUTH BOTTOMS Associate Professor of English lnazruclor of Speech and A-Ssoflate pfofes-SUV of English F. EORDICE, ED, WATKINS Professor of English Associfa or of English Page Twenty ,fx X . fDepa'rtment of fgfistory and Social ,Science EMA A I-IARBoUR Dr. Harbour came to Central Sftate College in 1912 and through her efforts has developed the department of Social Science. She received the Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oklahoma College for Women, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Oklahoma, and a Diploma in Ex- pression from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is a member of the Alpha Phi, Delta Kappa Gamma, Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Psi Omega, Acad- emy of Political Science and State Historical Society. Dr. Harbour's name is listed in Who's Vvlho in the Women of America, Whos Who in American Ed- ucation and Oklahoma Whos Who. The Department of History and Social Science offers work in history, politi- cal science, geography, economics and sociology. This department is rapidly coming to the foreground with its unceasing study of modern trends and devel- opments and the greater stress that is being placed upon it by the National Gov- ernment. Other members in the department are Dr. Martin, Miss Davis and Miss Hampton. ,- A Z 2 'Y S ROBliR'l' l.. lVlAR'l IN l.l5l'l A lDAYlS. , LUCY .ll3S'l'ON l'lAMP'l'ON, PH, D4 .flssoi'i'i1le Piwfess ' of lislory Professor of Hislory Assislanl Professor' of Social Science Page Twenty-one fDepartment of Cgioreign Languages GUY CHAMBERS Dr. Chambers received the Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma and the Docteur de l'Universite from the University of Toulouse, France, Dr. Chambers served in the World War as interpreter to the Modern language and School Review Magazines. The Department of Modern Languages consisting of French, Spanish and German endeavors to give the student a practical working knowledge of the language as well as something of the history and the language of the people whose language he is studying, i Mr. Davis assists Dr. Chambers in the Foreign Language Department. DWIGHT M. DAVIS 4 Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Page Twenty-two 'Department of Latin . '1 Jessie D. NEWBY Dr. Newby holds the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from the University of Oklahoma, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree from the State University of Iowa. She is vice-president for Oklahoma for the Classical Asso- ciation for the middle west and south, and Oklahoma State Chairman of the American Classical League. She is a member of the American Numismatic Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Kappa Gamma and Eta Sigma Phi. She is Chairman of the Y Chapel Building Committee. Dr. Newby's book, "A Numismatic Commentary of the Res Cestae of Augustus," has been published and received favorable reviews. In the department of Latin there is a number of courses which are interesting from the standpoint of amusement, dress and meals of the Romans, and the ruins and monuments of ancient Rome. There are other courses offered for those who desire to become teachers of Latin. Page Twenty-three fDepartment of eflffathematics 4 EDGAR WAX Professor Wax received the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Wax became a member of the Faculty at Central State College in the summer of l9l9. Prior to that time he served fifteen months with the Navy, being stationed at Harvard University in the Radio school and Officers Material School. The Department of Mathematics has as its aims to offer courses that fulfill the requirements for entrance into engineering schools, tol give students a com- prehensive knowledge of mathematics as a whole, and to prepare students to teach mathematics. Seborn J. Payne and Dean Dorthea Meagher are other faculty memebrs in this department. .1 S. J. PAYNE, M. S. Associate Professor of Mathematics Page Twenty-four Tepcirtment of Education B L. B. RAY Professor Ray holds the Bachelor of Arts Degree from Indiana University and the Master of Arts degrees from George Peabody College for Teachers. He came to Central State Collge in 1916 and since then has become head of the de- partment. Professor Ray is a member of the Alpha Chapter of the Phi Delta Kappa honorary fraternity. The work of the Department of Education is the preparation and training of teachers for the state public schools. Other members of the department are Miss Hindes, Dr. lVlcCarrel and Professor Cantrell who assist in the direction of students in education. LORENA I-IINDES. M. A. E. I.. CANTRELI., M. A, Associate Professor of Education Professor of Education PRED lVlCCARREL, PH. D Professor of Education Page Twenty-five fDepa'rtment of Industrial Qillrts VAN M. THO'RNTON Professor Thornton received the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. He has served as Head of the Department since 1931. The Department of lndustrial Arts has three objectives. First, to train in- dustrial arts teachers for high schools of Oklahoma: second, to give training to those who do not desire to specialize in the department an opportunity to become acquainted with the field and, third, to get a working knowledge of materials and finishingsl in order that he may select and buy more intelligently. The department offers courses in woodwork, mechanics of the household, carpentry, wood finishing, forging, radio construction, welding, arts and crafts, arc welding, auto mechanics and adminstration of vocational education. Page Twenty-six I 'Department of Science CLIFF OTTo Professor Otto came to Central in the fall of 1919. Since that time he has played an active part in developing science teaching and an interest in the sciences in Oklahoma. He served as Dean of Administration from l935 to l937. He received the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science Degrees from the Univer- sity of Oklahoma. Professor Otto is a member of the American Chemical Society and a fellow of the Oklahoma Academy of Science. The Department of Science at Central offers courses to many students Who are doing the work for its general cultural value. At the same time the de- partment offers Work to many more students who expect to use their science professionally in the fields of science teaching, home economics, engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, agriculture, and other related occupations. This dual responsibility of tvvo types of students makes it necessary that the science courses be fundamental in their nature and substantial in their content so that the students who goes out from Central may be able to meet his ccmpetition as he finds it. Dr. Derrick, Dr. Ott, Dr. Jones and Mr. Woodward also serve in the depart- ment of Science. , J ifl e Nj , I aj -CARL S. Wooowaiaiz, M. S. CHARLES N, 0111 QJ Assocziale Professoz' of Phtfsics Professor ofCl7L'177isl17y G. E'1'l'iljL DEIQRICK, Pll. Dir Associate Professor of Biology Page Twenly-sec'en it J J 'Department of Cgfome Eeonamies OLIVE Triomzxs Professor Thomas received the Bachelor of Science degree from the Okla- homa Agricultural and Mechanical College and the Master of Arts degree from Columbia University. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi. She has served as Head of the Department of Home Economics since she came to Central State College in 1916. The Department of Home Economics aims to provide training for the teaching profession as well as the profession of home making. Courses are offered along almost every line of foods. clothing, household management and child training. As an extra-curricular activity of interest to home economics students, Profes- sor Thomas sponsors the Les Chefettes Club, which is affiliated with the Nation- al Organization. Mrs. W, T. Doyle assists in the Department of Home Economics. Mies. YV. T. DOYEL, M. S. Assislcml Professor of Home Ecorionizics Page Twenty-eight 'Department of Qommerce EARL CLEVENGER Professor Clevenger holds the Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree from the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. He has done graduate work in the University of Denver. Teachers College of Columbia University, New York University and University of Iowa. He has done work on his doctorate at the University of California. Professor Clevenger has contributed many articles to various commercial journals. He has published a series of shorthand tests and contributed chapters to several commercial text books. The Department of Commerce is rapidly expanding and in addition to the professional training of teachers, offers an opportunity for students to receive sound basic training in business administration and secretarial training, as many courses are offered in vocational training. Serving in the department are Mrs. Phillps, Mr. Bast, Mrs. Riggan and Miss Gillis. RUBY lvl. PHILLIPS, Nl. A, Assistant Professor in Commerce lVlIl.'l'ON L. BAST, M. A. flssistam Professor in Commerce Page Twenty-nznc Clflepartment of wflrt ANITA HOWARD Miss Howard holds the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma and the Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Southern California. Besides these degrees she has done work at Harvard University, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Broadmoor Academy of Colorado Springs. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Pi, EL Modjii, and the Association of Oklahoma Artists. ' Through the work of the Art Department, an attempt is made to study the history of art so that a greater knowledge and enjoyment of works of art will bring a deeper appreciation of the master workmanship of the artists. The courses are designed for art appreciation as well as expression and creating and rounds out the liberal education of students. Page Thirty Tepartment of efbflusic V ,- MILDRED KIDD Miss Kidd holds the Bachelor of Arts degree from the New servatory of Music and L. R. A. M. degree from the Royal Aca in London. The Music Department offers one of the most complete pr department of the college. Instruction in orchestra, voice, band other instruments is offered to Central students. Group particip organization is offered through chorus. A Cappella choir, Wom Glee Clubs, Quartets and Trio. Other members in the department are Douglas Johnston, J P. Lance and Mr. Albert Vvfeatherly. l l ' England Con- demy of Music ograms of any and piano and ation in special en's and Men's r., Mrs. Beulah R . x DOUGLAS JOHNSTON. JR. Mill, ALl5l5R'l' VVVEATHIQRLY ziretfor of CDI'i'f7PSll'L1 and lrvslrxztloz' liuml Director una' Asszslunt Instructor Of Strrngeel Imtrnnzsnis In lV1'ndlnstrumer1Is AlRS. l5lL'l..-XII lj,-XYXI5 l,ANClf lnslrtzcfoz' of XVCIIACL' cmd Public School Music Page Thirty-one fDepa'rtment of 'Physical Education for eybffen CLAUDE REEDS Professor Reeds, Who received the Bachelor of Arts degree from the Univer- sity of Oklahoma and has been head of the Department of Physical education for Men since 1931, is on leave of absence this year. The activities of the department are dominated by Intercollegiate sports, yet it is the aim of the department that every student shall have the opportunity to participate in some sport, either intercollegiate or intramural. Central teams are consistent winners of Oklahoma Collegiate Athletic Con- ference championships and participate in football, basketball, track, baseball and tennis. Dale Hamilton, acting Head of the department this year, and Mr. Smith assists in the program. . K, J, J x . Y i V 1 it DALE HAMILTON, B, S. EUGENE SMITH. B, S. gf Assistant Professor of Physical Assistant Professor of Physical Q Education for Men Education for Men Page Thirty-two 'Department of 'Physical Education for 'women YT.. Y, Y. . .... -.....-.., .... M.,...,,-M....-,,.-2 EMMA PLUNKETT Professor Plunkett received the Bachelor of Science degree from George Pea- body College and Master of Science degree from Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Psi Kappa, and Delta Kappa Gamma. The department endeavors to educate the student through physical education. There is an attempt to be of assistance to both those students interested profes- sionally in physical education and to those students preparing for other life activities. To the former is given the opportunity of participation and observa- tion for future teaching: and to the latter is given a chance to develop the physical body and to gain workable knowledge of play and recreation for fu- ture reference. Assisting in the Department of Physical Education for Women is Miss Mavrico. 'P W ew BETTY JANE MAVRICO, B. S, Instructor of Physical Education for Women Page Thirty-three Elie Gollege Library MRS. VERNON JOHNSON Professor Johnson is serving her third year as head librarian at Central State College. She received the Bachelor of Arts degree from Central State College, Master of Science from the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. Mrs. Johnson is a member of Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, the American Library Association, and the Oklahoma Library Association. The College Library is widely used by both students of the college and Dem- onstration School. The Library provides students an ideal place for study and affords extensive sources for research and reference. Also serving in the library is Miss Margaret McC1uire. lVlARC1ARET MCGUIRE, B. S. Assistant Librarian Page Thirty-four fDepartment of Cfllgricultwre FRED I-I. IvEs Professor Ives holds the Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Science degree from the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. His background gives him a firm basis for the type of Work he offers. He served as County agent in Muskogee and Wagoner Counties for four years. He was state super- visor for agriculture 4-H club work in the State and was assistant State Agent in Cooperative Extension Work. The Department of Agriculture continues to carry a large enrollment each year in qualifying teachers for good practical service in the schools of Oklahoma. With Visual Education and Vocational Guidance as secondary interests, this department reaches students from training school age to college graduation. Page Thzrlyefree Temonstration School ROLAND BECK I Dr. Beck received the Bachelor of Arts degree from Oklahoma Baptist University and the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Oklahoma. He is a an-'W member of the Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Sigma Oklahoma Academy of Science and American Research Assof ciation Dr B cki Director of the Training School which proxicles actual teach- Mwe ing evpeiienee for Central students en- tering th teaching profession Page Thirty-six T. A. REEVES. M. A. Principal LILONA H. Rose, B. A. Supervisor of Music FRANCES RANSON, B. A. Supervisor Second Grade GERALD BARNETT, S. Physical Education MARGARET HORN, Supervisor of High School Social Science VJINIVRED STAYTON, Nl. A. Supervisor Third Grade CORA STROUD, lvl. A. Supervisor High School English BESSIE l-Eli I7REliMAN, Nl. S. Supervisor Home Economics and Mathematics NADINF CAMPSEY, Supervisor I-lifth Grade DlXlli SMITH, Supervisor fourth Grade 4 cfflclministmtion 5 I FRANK BATEMAN Mr. Bateman received the Bachelor of Science degree from the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical college and was declared the best all-round student for 1927 by that institution. Mr. Bateman serves Central State College as its Executive secretary, Director of Student Personnel, and Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, and in these capacities aids in carrying out the policies of the administration and assists in the smooth functioning of all departments of the college. Serving in other administrative positions on the campus are Mrs. Bausher, Mrs. Riggan, Mrs. Shelby, Miss Gillis, Mr. Hart and Miss Moberly. MRS. XVINIVRIED BAUSHXQR l-OlS GILLIS, Die1z'cz'an ASSliSil4lf'1I Fzinarvciul Secfelurrf lVlARl'l'A RIGGAN. HART Hosless of iwurdaugh Hull Printer lVlYR'l'l,lf Slll1l.BY, A. LOUISE MOBERLY, Hostess of Thatcher Hull Publzdly Director fd? Page Thirty-seven Ggiinancial Secretary MRS, LEDA BROOKS Mrs. Brooks has been connected with Central State College for three years, serving as Financial Secretary. It is her duty to handle all financial affairs of the college, as well as for the various departmental and social clubs on the campus. Assisting Mrs. Brooks in the Finance Office is Miss Lois Gillis. Page Thirty eight IB! flQgist'rar f A. G. HITCHCOCK Professor Hitchcock holds the Bachelor of Pedagogy degree from the Nlichigan State Normal College, the Bachelor of Science and the Master of Science degrees from the University of Oklahoma. He is a member of Alpha Alpha Chapter of the Phi Delta Kappa. Mr. Hitchcock sesrves as registrar of Central State College and head of the Placement Bureau and the Department of Correspondence. The responsibility of registration, classification, certification, for degrees and certificates, and the recording of Central statistics is in the Registrars Depart- ment. Page Thirty-nine Tepartment of Wealth S. N. STONE Dr. Stone received the Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Louisville. He has practiced medicine for a number of years in Edmond, but is for the first time connected with the college this year. At the time of enrollment the student pays a slight medical fee which entitles him to infirmary treatment, certain preventive medical treatments, a complete physical examination, and one house call for treatment if necessary. Page Forty Qllumni ,Secretary v EDNA rl ONES Professor Jones received the Bachelor of Arts degree from Central State College and the Master of Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma. She is a member of the American Association of University Women and Kappa Delta Pi. ' Miss Jones serves as Secretary to the Alumni Association and it Was through her influence that the Second Generation Club Was organized, Miss Jones also serves in the English Department. Page Forty-one L Q nn y ' xi ul 1. . 'gi'v.- Q N J. is Y. 0 ' L s kk S 5 .1 H. W' ' ' Q gf ' 4 Q '?-is i Q jf is Q if 'W A 3 ya- x Y, 4 Q ' L 5 ,. YQ A w "x ' - ,H , 5 XS ' 1 ' f ul 1 " Q' ' " gf yt! 51. 'lk t V, 1 Q, , ' x fv' if U1-,LV , ,Y 'X j - ' . 1. b . 1 , I Q A .zgf .D , ' ' fxyfyw' .' " ff PL- J v , ' ".f fx X ,Qs ' ' I ,nb K ' gg, 'Vis-' ,-1.2: if .s - iv- . .1 ", . 'n Mn , . Ar J! sg' K Q ji 1 1 5 fa Q x ' "H ?xw l14sf2 . 5 1--.w!'w' ffm, 1' nuff!-,f -.X 4, ,,-.-'AA1z.x',l Z . 1 K .- Y 4 xf.a 'Q' 5. iffy!! ' .A .Q-,+ ' , Q ,Q if , ' gf af fi .- f' .af .. - Q Y , . Y . . , , I ' ' ff' . W xkX Q .,'!, si f ' Q S , fat 4' -' w' il". ' I lu, K' " . I 1 r 1 I Fw 4 'i g ,qt I .1 n A ,Mr , , I Q I A ' Y ' ," Ya, ' 4' 'w N 1 y ' f Af ' 'W' P 1 "' ,. L11 wifi Q,:, Wh? ' 1fK.g2ff1 gsyd-QQJQE ne il. ' iw, , ' , , if f.w,.g pg,w ffQ -4 . - Q . Z w : ,1g4f,'?,,f A 9 fl! A HE, g, I .K ,I , ,Q 'V ,E v' w kg 4 Jw" f,f,f4"z? " ff ifxu ' oQs,5!'. V ' ,Qt SJ 5,5 Q wtgii ' VA . 9. N rv. X' 'Lx Nuff, 155,103 .gfff my :sz f W sf' X 4,-V xi' "v Q W 1,.,. Q gn sf V ' dr af ALJX 1 wjjlgy .r - ,.., ,, , ' f- rl, 2 im, -wx. wr, " 'f'if'if"x'.xg.LZiEl'i'fQf12gefi 'Q "ff AA-,f M.-KC: Mg i!'ffis'Jf' ,Q 1 ff :gn K ..v -.t, ., . , ' Lf. A ' " . Wy QS . v f ff, ,'Q,,f!,.,f?b fi, 1 - A, f,, V, ,. 5333:-f ,P , 2 -giw ,hh gk -.Nga ..,fjg,'.. I' F Page Forty-six SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Af-'lb-p.. 12?- fkw 'k' ff! 4 x i., , gl ' .R VM A wg. Af q In 4 Z If I M . . 2 i .P If . - 1 f 'Q f A,,, f f - S . gk N' W-1-y.,x7 . s-Q-fm-,,,..f.,f-ff" Q 2.3. E . A E K, -1 5 i s Q Q Y' . . Mi ,-2: 1 E a i... I rw. K Y -A-' . ff' 'T .. ' Qs- 'Q "xa3w5Q.j5Qy,ts1Q" f ,JZ s we -.. ""!XxvIf Xx5'w- is-vm.,-Q . Nm.. nw.,-a,,. 1-.N-'L Sewcvw M .M Q- H M .EQ V i . : 5 .K .M . X . x y's,n":'.5 L . ,. v - 3 Z N 5 5 .Z . L 5 f 1 Q ,B N SENIOR CLASS OF I iaf I .IODIIL SMITH XVANDA HAMILTON JUNIA STROTMAN President Secrelary Bronze Book Representative WILLIANI MILT HUSKEY SYBLE PENN - Vice-President Treasurer Page Forty-eigh! Q ' 1- '4 I 1 I x 'I , 1, ,, . . - I I I u I, ' I Is ' F ,I A uh, w figw . .U 15" , AU- 4.1 -I A 2 V, z3WfV M ,H ' 'XlUl'l,l, lJlll3DS:Xl.l XVXNDA l-l.XXlll.lOX ililll l.Xl.X l-ll NNY Xl.-'xl.'RlNl' l5.fXRNliS ilfjljlli SiXll'l'l EL'I.All Xlnll C1l5l.l.l li WI l,Y Xll'l7lllil 'l'l:liS UliLii.X XNUY Nl l,l lili.XX'l5 DCUl2'lll.X lDOYl,l' .lL'Nl 'I"l'l v. .l l.XXlS lilvl l. .lllNl S YUUNQ. .llQ. OXIAIDI-I.l. BIRDSALI. l4111'li1.x'. KJIYILIIYUIYYLI POLLY lVllll7llEE'I'l-RS Ifrlimmd. Uklclhonm Alplia Phi Siginn: Coninisrcc Cilulii Slml-ccsiw.ii'c: XX'lio's Crilcrioni Signu 'Inu Delta: Social Scicncc Cluli: XVlio's XX'lio: Vicc-llrcs, Slmlxcspcaicz l"rcs. Xlurclaugli lliill1 ljrcs. XVlio: ljrcs. Criterion: Vice-Pres. Signm 'liau Delta: Src., llous: Council, 'l4rc.i:s. Social Science Club, XVAXIJX HAXHIIIUX lrciclurnlr. Olclulwomu Criterion: XYlio's XX'lio: SL'cl'ClAl'Y Scnior Clnxs. GlgORL.lA Sl XBOX YULNL., JR. Oliluhiimu Cfrfu, Olzlrzhomu Sli.ilw5pcAi'c. llll LMA HENRY Bunmir, Olclulzorml lriumviratc. NI-I,I. 'I'li.'XX'lS rl'-4'lfkUlL'lI. CJI?il.llYiJI7YLl Xl.XL'lQlNl' l5.5xllNlS Omuilu. fHI1Ll,YfJY77Cl 'liI'lLlIT'lVlf.NC. lcs Cluclctlcs: llousc ljrcsiilcnlk Council: DQR'lH,X DOYLF lk-1-ful Oliliihofmz lrcns. XlllI'LlJllQl1 Hall: Sec lcx Cliclclics: Pics. House ohm I . .- 5 Pres-Council: Humor lgclilor PDYUIXIC Book. ww rt K MMS A101311 Syiiiii 1jU,7i-im, fJl41U1,.,,m1 JLNI 'lull XX'II.I,l.-XXIS l'r'rru. Oliluliiimu Scniilcz .Xlplm lllii Sigma: NYlio's XYlio, Pres, Scnior Clnxsi Slmlxcspcarc: Qrplicusi Orclicsisi fx Clippcllni XX'lic's XX'liCi llrcs. Tliatclici' ll.ill. llrcsiclcni Orplicus: Rush Captain Slmlxcspcarc: lcaiuru l.clilor Broun Book. BI'L,'l.pXll MAL Cil-ll I R lVL!'LlL'77, fllilulviimiz lriuinviratcz illplm Signin: A Cappella: Cilcc Club: EXUJL AIONIS lflmmml, Ohldhwnm Urplicusi Prcsiclcnl lr1unix'ir.iici Bronzc Book Quccn: 'XA H I xr x ,Q CI 1' Sv Y M I X I . .I Paronlc Book Rcprcscnmlivc lor 'l'riL1inX'irAlc: X'icc-l5rc5- ' Mlm' 'L tgmmlll ' uf' 'unmll "lummn S C' ull' Mom Orphcusn Xlcn 5 ,Xllilctics lgclilor ol Bronzc Book. uric, lorzy-mn v A-I .IIXIXIY Ill I I INI- ,XI,I.YNl' I,OYI' XVIIKIK SANIUI IQSON l1VI LIN PJIQUXVN I2r.XlI.l I XIl'Rl.l Xl. ,XNIDI RSUX Ii.YlllliYN Iillili .IKNIK SIIQOI XIXN RLBY 'I'llUliYllll,l. Xl.Xl4ki.Xlll"li CKIQPI XII ll IIXIQI .NN P.' Slllll. I Il II33 l.X'l-INN IQIX HL'I3I5:'xRID A I f M .IIFXINH lIL'I l INI C mm-nl, Olclulvmml .ILNIA SIRHIXIAN Olclilfwnm C ilif. Ulzlulmmrz YXYCA: iIiI'llll11X'lI'8lCI Nous Yuila: .Nlplm Pbi Sigma: I v N I t JI, XVINM XYIUU, Viuc-Ijrcx. YXK'C.'X: Sm. Nous Yoiln: 'M'l'IPl IZOIAI . - E . -. . Ilmwmll' I lldllmm RL'DUI'lL'I' ixlllllldllglll H.ilIi Scnim Cliiss licpiusciilalivu ul CIILIIUII. Cmnnicnr. SOLICU' Ipnlimi' Paiiiiifs Buiulx. Bmnlu Bunk. Ka?4Fu D. tra l XX'lI,XlA SANIJI-.RSUN .SIUi'1'U, Cllzllzlmnuz Ill lil' 'I llwliflllll llllklffililb fllilizlwfmz K ilu. fJl2lxIl7lH77Ll 'I'riumvimtcs: I.cs Cbcfcltrs: .Nlplm Plii Signm: INJ5. I, O- IN-I INS Cl?-'lClIC'SI PWS. I U. Ix. l.cs Cliclcllcs: Pres. IXILIIKIALIQII H.ill: XX'liii's XVlw Xl.XIili.Xlll l CXRPI Nllli 1il.ll?wr?if. UlQfr1f7f1r7?Ll NIXXICZIXI 'l'i'ii1mvir.1ir: Socilll Science Club: Kappa Della I-'ig Prus. YXYCIX. I.X'l INN BROWN I'1.'XII,l-Y Olzlukwmil Czlif. Olzlulmimz Sli.1lwspcArc: Alpha Phi Signm: XVlw's XVlio: les Cbclcllcs: Ifclilor Bionic Book: Vice Picsinlciil lN'lui'nl.u1gl1 Ilall. IIi'XIQI..'XN PAlll.liA Ollluhlinnl tml. Ul?l11l7fH77f1 ' SIISYI. lill-I lux Ifilmwmi, Ulclclhmmz fXlk'Rl.lNl IXNIBI- SO. li 1 llll . Olclizlzfmvgl YXVCJX: Sociiil Sciuncc Club: Vista Smll: Alplm Pbi I.cs Clwlcglgl' 'If O. .. Prus. I CI ' Q. Sigmag Rcpwlci' Sufilil Scicncc Club: Rcpoiici' YXVCJX. I In 1 ix lilNlHl is I fllllllfiifi. Olqliifiiimli IQXIIIIQYX RR BROXN' Illmflmf. Ulzllzlriilmz YXYCIX: 'l. Cl li Su:i.1l Slicing Club: Cuiicspomling Slm xpcaru: Ii ppi Pi: rcs. Slii spcnrc. Swi'ci.iiv X. XY. C. .X .I IW! fl 0 rc.. ya' 'Xfili l'l.'XXX'liINS VlliillNl."X lX'lffCAlN Nl5l,l,l' ,ll5l'l'l3l2SON l5l"l"l'Y .lil Kklllli XlUI,IN SKU Ikll Nl.XlQIll.'X .JUX SSllf lvlfll' COL'l.'l'lkli lfUklllNl5 LONQ VlOl,A Cl,-XliVw'OOlJ lXlll,IDlQl IU liX'.XNs l.K'Cfll.l.l' XX'IlIl'l,UW vllQlllNl.'X COR .l:XC'li ll.'XXYKlNS flzllfmmly CJI21LlhIJ!77fl BLQSSH5 Nlkl' CUL'l.'l'l:R Ulhww ff'f2lc1l7wl7l1 IXFCILI. YVx'C.'X. YlIQMlNl.X XlCCAlX l.ULIl'I7. Cpklllhlllllkl 5 N Q N Critcmon: Socml Scicnic Club. kLC,1l'Xl' l,UXL-1 -A 1 R ULIUVT. ,fJfIfLlf747l7'Ll Alplm llln Sxgma: Pnluu C,l1IlJl!l. Nl I,I.I .Il-l-I ERSON Tulxlz. Olzlulmmaz l!'llllITlVll'JfCS1 .Mlm lllu 512117132 Qoxunwrcc Llub: Vlcc- YWLA CMRWOUU Blmklwll, UMUIMHU lyrcsxclcm Commcrcc Llulv. YXVC X Bl 'Il Y ,ltd COOK lizzlflm. CJ,21Ll,jrfI7HI Cifilffiwnr 31111111 Phi Sigma. Xiu DRI ll lxqxxs Hv777717'Z1'. fJ1:1.11ww.1 YXVCA. fNlOI.I.l SXIVIH Yzpmn. Olcllzhfmm A Cappella Clmir: Orpheus: 1Xssixl.111l Dlrcctor Boyk QQLIAYICL. l,UCll.I.l- vx'lll'll.OXV Hfflrhfmzll, fJlQI41l7qay7111 MMG I l l.X li. .IONI S lulllx, Ofzlullmmz 'lf O. li.: Commcrrc Club: Alplm llln Sigmlx: Sccrcmrv YIIQGINI.-X CRHQISIX Igl:w.w.i, Hfrlldmnlz 'lf O. li. Y. XV. C. ,X.: Rcc1'c.1lmn Cflm1rm.m Y. XY. L, .X Fug of SUI- lVlONliOl lfVl'l.YN HAMII. lVlARY lVlARGARli'l' OWVN Al.'Xll'TA lVlARSllAl,l, ANNA lVlARll- lVlAY GLEN ROSL Ifaieizow UI' Nl.-'XRc3Alll4l WIIITI- Licuaa CAx1Pisif1.1. MARY CaTHi'2RiNi1 5i'm,i- PLNN Dlxiaiaiai. JORDAN -X'iR5Ig1pig1k P ljly ToL'sLEi' p ., l lil, .i Ll ' ri ,f I Skl NTUNIQLHI Dustin, Oklahoma Xl.-XR1iARl'I KX'lll'll Hurhimlz. Olzluhoma il . O. li. Alpha Phi Sigma: Shalscspcarc. l,R'l-IAN H.-XVII, Lfiuul, Oklahoma lau 'lihcta Kappa. Alpha Phi Sigma: Y, XV. C. A.: Sigma l.l'OR.-X CAXlPISl'l,I. Ccmcnt. Olzlahpnm 'lau LjCllill Scicncc Cluh. Dchaicz Prcs, 'l'au Theta Kappa: lrcasurcr Alpha Phi Sigma: Scc.-Trcas. Science Cluh: V H ,, V , Recording sec. YWCA: img, sigma Tau Deira. MflRlC0f:nLiiif'ghlflliilgfxl Fdmml" OHU'7'l'W Nl.'XRY NlARnl.'XRl'l Owl N Huszmus. Ohlczhcwmu 'liriumviratcsz Alpha Phi Sigma: Viccfljrcs. Triumviratc. SYBU, plgxx Gf,,l,b,,' Uhluhoma , Sl.k 2 'z lf: Cl f- il' S ' Clin: li. l ' Al.NllzI'A MARSllAl:l. V Q I vflklzlhcinycl CHU, 4Oklclf7iJn7il Iigigufspglgnlc Lpgookif Qrzigrlyrcgilqqcx Ellxsfzttcshuq Nu tl Alpha Phi Sigma: lriumviratcs: Second Licncrationz Pres, Alpha Phi Sigma: Corresponding Secretary Tiixmviatc, DARRH. JORDAN 13ri'smu.', Oklahoma ANNA MARIII MAY liARRHW Ccmcnt, CJklCIhOf77ll Scnalc: Vice Pres. Scnalc. Criterion: lndian Club: A Capellag Glcc Club: Pres. Indian Club. V N IRQHNIA l'Yl,lf Yukrm. fJfZ1ClhOf77fI Kill-N ROSI- fJf2IllhU!Y7L1f,iIllf, Oklahoma YXVCA: Social Scicncc Cluh: Chorus: Parliamcntarian lndian Cluh: Assistant Business Manager Bron7e Bpolx. YXVCA: l,il1i'arian Social Scicncc Cluh. urn' lilfilll'flL'O - 4 'if J' Y ill ,f ,4?C1M GlR.'Xl.lU1Nlg DOXX'lU Bl 'lnll' JOHNSON JOSlilllllNl' Bl.AlUl 5 Tlll RIS Bowl-X XYll.l.lgXXl iXlCfl3l.Y.'XNY Bl li'l'Y RUM XV.Xl.l,.XC l NVJXNNA XVlLLlfXNlSON JOIINNYI: VRANKS Cll1XRl.O'l'Il' iVl:XNSl'll'l.ll XYILLIAM Nlllfl' HL'SKl:X' VURNA M.-xii RlEYNOl.lJ5 iXlAl'wl,l' Cil,.'Xllilg H:'XMll,'lON Gi llAl.DlNl- Down Ifilmimii. Uliliihmvm XV,xxx,x Unis Vfll l.l.'XXlSON fliiifmaiiw, Ofelizlvwnriz A Cappclla: Qrphciis: Vice-Pics. Orpheus. .Nlplia Phi Signia: Science Cfliili. Bl-'l'l'Y JOHNSHN .Slilliullfw fN21ll17lJI7YLI JOHNYYI' I-RANKS llwmmif Olelizlmmiz Cimiriicrcc Club. .1O5l,lPHlNl lil .XIJLQS Ififnwmi, Olzlizfvfirml lxappa Pi: Art Editor Bionic Book: Pres. lxappa Vi, CH3RUyl'I-1. NMNM NLD fm,.1,k,,. 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A.: Pianist Y. XV. C. A. AI.ICIi lVlARll2 HORN Yukon., Okluhomiz HOLLIS OLIYISR lizilzfm. Okltzhrmm Alpha Phi Sigma: Science Club: Band: Rcportcr Science .IIaWl-.I.I. Cooiai-is .llurliiitt CJf2ILlhUf77tI Club. iliau Theta Kappa: Rush Captain ol' lau 'Iihcta Kappa. Page l'!f,flf','!-L K QRBRA ROGERS BOB PHILLIPS LEON STORIXIS LLOYD IVIURRAY JAMES CUNNINGIIANI GI2Ii'I'RUDli BRANSON VANCE KINIES VILRLAIIIVIAYTIIONI.-XS CDRBRA ROGERS Boys Quartet: A Capella. BOB PHILLIPS Arena: Alpha Phi Sigma: Assistant Business Manager LILON STORMS Arena: Alpha Phi Sigma: Assistant Business Manager LLOYD IVIURRAY CLCIL STRICKER Page Fifty-six Newalla, Olzlahomcz Okluhonm CIW, Oklahoma League of Young Democrats: of Bronze Book. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma League of Young Democrats: of Bronze Book. CjhLII7ll'1L'I', Oklahoma Gz'ueemonl. CJAICIAIOITILI JAMES CUNNINLSHANI GliR'IiRUDE BRANSON VANCE KIIxII2s Arena. VIYRLAH MAY THOMAS HERBIQRT BIAS CILII, SI RICK l'll2RBl:R'I' BIAS Bel hum! EI Reno Dr1L'e17poI'!, lVelIsIon. M ee le If s' Olzlulllmm Ofzlrzlaonm O12 Iuhomaz O12 14117 oma CJIQILIAIUIYYII xv-N Y nw wa Z' fd' x mm 1 32. .5-3 ffxw Sf JUNIOR CLASS GFFICERS I1 President NIV!!-rv ,V V 'Y' W nsL,cAzSeI2fgQmW X . . VX A x , Page Fifty-eight DUGGAN ROBERTS DELOIS NICKINNEY Vice-Prcsizient Bcmze Book Representatzic . 4f MVN ' ty w - JTARTIIA XVAl.l.ACIi TVTARY VlRLilNl1X NORNTA liVl'l.YN RUTH lVlARlli .lUliDlJMAN TMOLSISNE STPIGLADTQR SCRITCT-Tlilljl.D JOHNSON DELOTS NTCKINNEY VPRNA TVTYERS TXTORMA TQARLLENLE BETTY MAE EVANS JOHNSTON, JR. Vl0l.liT LA VELLTQ CONLEY WALLACE MARTHA VVALLACF I DUSUIVY- OkIf1l70f77U DELOIS MCKINNEY Dl1L'l4llSKJH, Oklahoma Criterion: Criterion RUSTI CJPIHIHZ Olee Clklb. Shggkggpgafgj Bfgnjc Bogk I-lgprgggnfatiycl BOB ENDICOTT Gulhn-9, Oklahoma VIERNA MYFRS Crescent, Oklahoma Arena: League 'of Young Democrats: Thatcher Hall Councilman. TVTARY VIIQCTINIA SCRlTClll3lliLD AIILIVUI, Olildhomll Criterion, Orpheus: A Capella. Norma TQVELYN JOHNSON Oklahoma Cfztrf. Oklahoma Triumvirate: Alpha Phi Sigma: Commerce President: Triumvirate Secretary: Alpha Phi Sigma Secretary. RUTII NTARIE JULDTQMAN Edlhl. OklLllI0r17d Orpheus. TMOGVNIQ STEIGLADLR lil-pas. Oklahoma Second Generation: A CappellaJ Orpheus. Triumvirate: Vice-Preesident Triumviratez Junior Class Secretary. NORNTA EARTJENE CONLTZY Tklellstcm, Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma: Second Generation: Triumvirate: Commerce: Alpha Phi Sigma President: Commerce Sec- retary. BETTY lVTAli EVANS Criterion. T. C. JOHNSTON, JR. Y. M. C. A.g Senate: Y. M. C. A. President. VlOLlf'l' LA VPLLP XVALLACT Tau Theta Kappa. Oklahoma Crlu. Oklahoma Clemsml, Oklahoma Blue Curtainp XVho's VvlllOC Manzlou. Oklahoma Page Fifty-nine ,N az. M . x 0. 'WSJ' 'KT SlllRI.lzY lVlCIC.'Xl,I.A CiI.Al7YS l,1 ill: JOSEPH SLAYTON JR. FRANCIJS EVA lVlOL'I.IN lVlAliVlN MASON .lACQlfI'I.lNll TIBBII Hl'llXl.'XN NlL'NS XVILNA RUBY DILNTON BISSSIIL V, 'I'HONlA5 CHARLYNL CARI'L1NiIAl:R VlOLz'x FENI KREFTING 2 fix Sllllilll' fX'lffC.'Xl.l..X Eclmcmtl. Oklahoma HFRMAN MENS BF1illll77. Oklahoma! Sliakcxpcarc: Kappa Pi Plcrlgc: Alpha Phi Sigma. Orchcsis: Alpha Phi Sigma. Senate. Junior Class President: Thatch- Orchcsis Vice-Prvsiclcnt. gr Hall 'I-rcagurcr, C'I"XDYS I-'XXI' Gffffffwlur Oklahoma XVILMA l3l5RC3L'SON Cfr0sc'e17t, Olzluhomcl Orphcus: Girls' Trio, Orpheus Treasurer. JOSI-PII SI..-XYIOX. JR. EC1'I77O!7fl, Oklahoma A"m'1: Orphwsz PM Cumm' RUBY Disxiox KRlfl-TING Ifrlmoml. Oklahoma T. O. K.: I.Cs Chcfctlcs. l5R.'XNCl s livfx iVlOk'l.lN Wi-llszfm, Oklahoma Triumviralcz Commerce , BESSIIZ V. I-IIOMAS Chamllvr. Oklahoma MARWN MASON Sand Springs. Oklahoma V Sammi Debug CH,-XRI.YNli CIXRPIQNTI-R Oklahoma Czlif, Oklahoma Criterion: Bluc Curtain, JACQUliI.INlf 'l'Il3lBli'I'S Oklahoma Clly. Oklahoma Criterion. VIOLA l7l-NT Guthrie. Oklahoma Page Sixty ,M,AZWf,M ' , W, TEN 'llf SS ' GEORGI5 rl-Al.l.ClllEl'7 ljDI'l'lll1lL3l.liS'l'ON AliXllfl.DA ,ll2l:FRll2S KlfNNliTl'l ATOORE Sll':Yl. ESTA PlNliGAR T l UA CO '5 . BETTY JANE YATES Nlblil. XTTLNARD CORA JENTYVA lVlAliQ3ARl.T Jo DlLl.C3N IILDON PAYNTQ BUCHANON TIZNNILE Ross Edmond, Oklahoma MINA Scouifos Olwmah, Oklahoma Les Chcfcttcsz Shakespeare. GEORGE TALLCHIEF l"alz'l'l1,x', Olzlahonnz Indian Club, Football. BlfI'I'Y JANE YA'I'liS Avant. Oklahoma Shakespeare: Murdaugh Hall Rcportcr: Vista liclitor. EDITH EGGLESTON lllafloiu. Olelahomcz 1 MLRI, H. VI-NARD Combo, Oklahoma lfootball. ARMliLDA .llll'l3lfRll:S TVUll.SIfJr7. ffkltlhcimfl Iles Chefmcsi Tfl?'m"lmC5 Second C'9'l'mlf9n: Us Colm J12N12vA Bufjimwow lfafmomi Oklahoma Chcfcttcs Corresponding bccrctaryg Triumviralc lrcasurer. NTAIQLLAIUTI' Jo DlI.I.UN Ifdmoml, CJ'2lCll7OI'77Ll KliNNlETlI MOORE Nvluasllu, Ulzlahoma Shakespeare: Orpheus: Scwnd Indian Club. Vista, SIBYI. lfS'lA PINEG.-XR Billzugfs, Oklahoma lQl.lJON PAYNIE Y. XV. C. A4 Aggie Club: XV. A. A. Arena: Basketball: lfootball, Ccncrnlion: Soci livlhanif. cry Editor Olzlalvoma Page Sixlif-one Mwrw af JACK PURCELL IVIARY Bl:I.I.l,i SWANSON LALA IVIAIQ TITROTTIZR MARIE PERKINS I'IENRIIlTTA GOUCHER IVIAQRICIL ,I.,OCK'1IART RUBY MOORE l:.,l,.,, ,.,,.,4uu.A,J,1 VJILLIAM LIQROY IVIELBA CODE , , N- LANIiI.L HINKLIZ NIARY EVELYN IVIILL Clzozualz LL Iv-"' ,L ' ' CONSTANCE ALMIHDA HARLTLS KINCANNON DUGGAN ROBERTS PICKETT JACK PLJRCELL Grandfjglfj, Qklghoma 'NVILLIAM LEROY CROZIER Billings, Oklahoma Scnaze. HENRll2'l"l'A GOUCHER Hennvssea Oklahoma CUNSTANCE ALMLDA FICKIQTT Clwelandf Oklahoma Tau Theta Kappa, Science Club, Y. W. C, A. T. O. K. Vice-President, L MILLBA CODE N Y. XV. C. A.: Social Science: Tau Theta Kappa: Chorusl MARY BELLE SWANSON Cooperton, Oklahoma Assistant Museum Curator- W. A. A. MAURICE LOCKIIART Oklahoma City Oklahoma CHARLES KINCANNON Hastings, Oklahoma Vista Staff. , LANIQLL HINKLE Depew, Oklahoma LALA MAE TRQPI IFR Shawn' Oklahoma Triumviralez La Tertulia Alegre. Alpha Phl S1gma. RUBY MOORI3 Geary, Oklahoma DUGGAN ROBERTS ' 4 Eclmond, Oklahoma Aggie Club' A P tb ll J Cl V P cl ' rena: oo a 1 umor ass ICCA YQSI ent. MARIE PERKINS Garhrie, Oklahoma MARY EVI:I.YN MILLAM Lawton, Oklahoma Criterion, T. O. K.: Chorus. Page Sixty- two .-..., SWG Q K 'W fps- ,I ' 9' 1 5. ,f 'M,,s.,, 'S - k ,. , In ,im ., gf-f' :sf ' '2-g 7 1 Q X 4 ff inf' Qiix A' 1 Q ,N Mk 4 W ,V , X 4. 2 ' 210 ""455F? ' W' W .wi Y . tk .LX . .. X. 1 Q XYS WVR ' 1 far 1 W X L .- sg :Y 3 Q is 1 f xg, A 5 Or-f ' 535: ' A1 X x , U5 4.1 E S v'-Q.::,:,' :- 4 R 5. IJ , ': f W' H - ,-1,25 ' Q wx V". ffff fx., ,E ,V - is 25 Q M ' ' 'W , wk- . Q '- - 5 . X Q ,..,.,, l,,: E 1, 4. as -fa six J ,,V, ,, Q,x 'x ' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ff ff ff D Sify 'TE,Mif W S WWA W fw . W my WWW MM W W ff W W ' W vw v V4- 5 --.6 G Page Sixty-four S fnaflhu., gnu. vw- KOL'Rl lVlARijARl:'l' XVllliA'l'l.l Y BOB l'lOVN'liLL Nl,fLD.X .,ll5AN S'I'l5WAlZT CARI COAIBS BETTE JANE HILL olANl1 HAI-liY IDALLAS XVADSWOli'I'l'l KATHLRINI' A.'N BILL RHODES GlLB . Pl:l.L A,lARK EKISS Comix' L05 QUL Q20 AN W L 4 1:9 QADOL, Q10 Jfl L50 CA N 0 fo VU Q58 7 L XLDU5 Clio CIIARLIQS KOLQRI Chelsea. Ofzluh :mu JANE HALIZY Jones. Oklczhonm Arena: Science Club: Bronze Book Representative. Shakespeare: lreas, Alpha Phi Sigma: Second Generation: A Cappella. NMRLL.-XRI-'I' XVlIl1A'I'I.l2Y Yukon. Oklrzhttmu Blue Curtain: Shakespeare: Alpha Phi Sigma: Orchesis, DALLAS Vw'Al3SXYOR'I'll Ijdmond, Ohluhmmz Arena: Blue Curtain: A Cappella: Boys Quartet: Chorus. BGB llUWliI.l. Edmond, Oklahoma H K 1 Y y A V Arena: Second Generation: Pres, Blue Curtain: Sec. Arena. KAHN'-R'Nl1 ANN CORN f""W'LU' OklUl7'm7U Shakespeare. Nl:I.D,-X 'JEAN .S'I'l3WARjIi, I v I dmoml, Cjhlllhflfvtl BILL RHODES Bdxmw. Okluhmml Criterion. Orchesis. Latin Clklll, surer: Rush V.-XP, vi AIN - I A P V , Captain Criterion: SCCA Latin Club. nc- res. iena. lootbalvl. res. Classa House Council, Bronze Book Representative: Lettermens Club: League of Young Democrats. CARI. Coxnss Davenport. Okluhofh Afvlml lvclblll' GILBUQM Cillallm-1.1: CJkIahtifm1 cfm. Ohlulvomn Shakespeare, Blg'I"I'lf .IANV lllI.I, Edmond, Oh1Cl17CDI77ll Shakespeare: Alpha Phi Sigma: Blue Curtain. MARK ILKISS Cjiidlazie. Oklalmma Page SlA.Xflf'filAL'L : O an-S U Ct, t V JM it tt lil' ' at as v' l,l5lf V.'XL'RillN LANE XVAX l,l'XV VAL'CHl'lN RITA K1XN.'Xl.Y GORDON lVllLl.S l.l"l'1'x MAIS HELDERY PIIYI, . S lj1Yl'Ili SON BILL l'lOXVlfLL NILA SCQTCI' BILL BROXVN XLXRTHA BLOSSOM BUNNY CARLISLIL i t i p lt p 'slid i'Qi 14151 VAUQIIN Cjuflym-, Uhltihtmm l7llYl.I.IS PA'l"I'llRSON Iftlmonti, CJfZItI17Of77Ll Scngtg. Slialtespeare: Second Generation. Corres. Sec.: Les Chef- ettes: Bronze Book Representative. JANI' .XVAX . . .1?d'mmd' Ohhlhonm BILL HOWI-l.l- Edmond, Okltthornu Shakespeare. Rush Capt.: Orchesislreas.: A Cappella: Arcm, Music Club: Swimming Team. K' NILA SCOTI' Oltltthomcl Cfzlu. Oklahoma LLW VALTUIIN GutIvrz't', Oklahoma Senate. RITA KANALY Oklahoma Ctltf. Oklahoma Shakespeare: Les Chefettesg Second Generation. GORDON MlI,l.S Sl7tIl77!'fJt'l2, fJl2Itlf'IO!77ll Senate, Secretary: Y. M. C. A.. Vieesllresident. i Ll-TA lVlAl1 HI I.Dl-Rfxli-XN lftlmomi. Ohltthonza Shakespeare: Les Chefettes: Oreliesis, Page Sixty-six Shakespeare. Corresponding Sec: Blue Curtain. Bronze Book Representativeg Alpha Phi Sigma: Second Genera- tion: Sec, of Class: See. of Murdaugh Hall, Btu. Biaowrv Arena. OkILIhKJl77tl Cftttf, Oklclhomcl MAR't'ttA Blossom Criterion: House Council. CJf2It1l7tJ777lI Cfiltf, fDkltIhO!'77tl liristoir. Ohluhomu B1 NNY liootlvall. ff yf'i'9 QP ve fl T, ' v U fi, to 41. ROI3liR'l' HARTMAN Bl2R'l'llA KATHRYN EDWARD BROWN IONA GRAHAM KENNETH P ' N Dlj NOLA lVlARSllAl.L FORDICE 2 AllLDRllD JACOBS XV. C. SAWYLR DORO'l'l'll-A 'l'llliXlER AL'l3Rl2Y STRINGLR HLLEN J. IRVIX AlCiVllLLAN REE? 1 Rout-ut HARTMAN Ile:-ru, Olzluhomu Mu,DR1itJ JACOBS Tulsa. hlahtima Senate: League of Young Democrats. Criterion: Blue Curtain: Girl Scout. ' BlER'I'llA KATHRYN I5ORDlCjli Edmond, Okluhonm XV. C. SAWYER 1.1-I'IdSLlLf, Okluhom Criterion. Treas.: Alpha Phi Sigma: Social Science Club: Arena. Treas.: League of Young Democrats: Vice-Pres. Y. XV. C. A.: Second Generation Club. Class: Sec. of Thatcher Hall: State College Sec ol' League ot Young Democrats, EDWARD BROWN Paden. fD.1?ltlI7Ul77tl U b 'E U Senate: Commerce: Debate: A Cappella: Senate Pres. UUR0IflI'A THLMVR lV'7W'5hf'f' OkI"h0'77f' Triumvtrate. XV. A. A.: Commerce Club: Chorus. PM GRAHAM Yukon' OM'hf"W Atrtstulr Srutxcitau Orlando, Okluhunm Quartet: Band: A Cappella. Kl5NNlf'l'll PERRYMAN 1'ifi'dCl'lf1?. Ok1tlf7Ul77Ll Alplm Phl Slgma' Hl-l.l-N SMITH Yukon, Ol?ItIh!JI77Cl Triumvirate, Latin Club, Pres. Dli NOLA lVlARSllAl,I, fJl?ItIhOl77il City. Olzluhomu 'l'riumVirate: Orchesis: Alpha Phi Sigma: Les Chefettes: J. IRVIN MCMIILAN Etlmond, Olcluhonm Second Generation. Arena, Science Club. Page Sixty-seven O O O R S CLARYQNCI: LA BRLTIE GLIENNA NIAIQ COIL CHARLES GUHHRIL LILLIAN 'I'Ili'l'Z I7A'I'RICIA 'LANKl5RSI.I4Y LIEO VJARD N CAROLYN Hi-Wy BLNNYIZ Lou Ross JULIA PRLJITT ICKLL ADA LLSLS 'I'Ro1'1'i1R l:LORliNClE MOTL BOB BRoXxx1l mx Cmiaixfii- In BRU- Gii-NNA MAL Coil, CIlARl.I5S GLVl'tiR1i1 Arena. LILLIAN TIETZ PATRICIA 'I'ANKl5RSLl:Y Critcrion, Orchcsis: Second Ll O W1XIilJ Page Sixty-might Chandler Oklahoma City, Lucien Mahan Oklahoma City. Generation. Crescent Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma J CAROLYN Hi-Y Triumvimtcz XV. BIENNU5 Lou Ross JULIA PRUITI' CI IARLENIQ NICQKI.l: Aggie Club. ADA LIEIZ 'I'RO'l'IiIfR Alpha Phi Sigma. IILORMNCII Mo'1'15 Y. W. C. A. B015 BROWN Okvvna, Oklahoma A. A.: Chorus Vernon. Tvxas Oklahoma City. Loco, Sharon, Tryon, Yale, Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma ff-'U'-O FJJHU ' 1' 7' V MARY BARN1 Y -1.141 fwivi- so lVlARY Noiirs DcYRcY'1'ilY C.-xN.'x1u.Vx lVlARlON PAWS lVlARY .IANIF l5l'll!SlMM0NS bl'HliR BOL! L. 'R, 'Uli QILL 'i' W. .ITA EAGEN LoRL'1:'1'A 1511.15 GAZl:Ll,lp Jomis THELMA ANTONLE LoRi5Ni1 GiiY1iR NIARY BARNI-,Y illutuul. Oklullunnl ll5'l'lll4R B011 XXVCIISUJII. Ohlulmnm Cgmmqygc Club, Y: XV. C. A.. lrcas.: 'If O. K.. 'I'rCas.: Alpha Phi Sigma: Commerce Club, HALLLN 'ANDVRSON Chc'mUL"" OM'hU'm' l,.'XL'll.X Sui C'ill,CllRlS'I' .lilurlou-, Ohlulmnm Glcc Club. XV.'XL'NI'llA li.YXL3l,N Iiurnsclull. Ohlalwnm MARY NUKI-S Oleluhwmz City, Oklahoma XV. A. A. l.cs Chcfcllcs. l.ORli'I'l'A Bll.l-S Chumllcr. Olzlzllnmm 7 DOROTHY CANADA Edmond. Olzlclhomrl VV' A' A' Second Cviwinliuiiz XV, A, A. Y C1AZliI,I,l- JONI-,S Ni-wullu. Olzlulwmiz Chorus. MARION liAVI1S Edmond, Oklahoma Crlwnoni XV' A' A5 Second Cwmmuon' 'I'IIlfI.MA ANTONIS Oklahoma Cilif. Ohlulvcmnz Music Clulv: T. O. K.: Chorus: A Cappella: Indian Clula, MARY JANIS l7l'I'ZSIMMONS Olaluhonvu City, OrlZ!LIIPl,JI7?lI N N E Shakcspcmc: Music Club: Band: Second Generation. lfORl'Nl5 C1l'Yl'R C1U1h1'H'- OIYIUIYUITYU Page' S1'.x'tif-111570 Page Seventy .Q Q 5 :L Q SA 3. if X z.1W W..Qg,,ilF'1L7 1 3 , 2 5 sf' 5:1 wr '5 ,Zio 1 f.. Q ag 'X :af Mk ek Y 1 'pw ig wa. .Q --4 4 ' E' K '3 X2 X W gl Y Q ' X5 I xii 3 we .V.,,.,,.,. 1 Q 3 5353 5 ' ff ? l.ff?'4-QSQE In I A ' .I ., " L, Axis M N .1 f I ,Wa.1..fp,-L.. , mf ,,,,,,v W fn. 5- t MZ! xqgggw, ., .W -wf K HAL: iw 'K- , f v. , " 3 . Q N , -K' A X. by FW' mpg ww , A 'si A Q' H .X 'i'-izfi A ' :am . if f ' 1 " 5 M f fila 1 F, 4 2, jf W ,ff w a f. 9 2 'F 'fi 1.3 ff - N :rl 1 -, -P Qi ff " WW ,. , ., , L. v'v- . " ' A " M: ,if ' QQ' 2 4 ,f f ' x g A -11, x ,x :Q is Q wk. 4 -.1 f f' I 2 r cgi 255' f . F 5 . , wi -if ' , W R- -if' gg 3 fm 4 Q-'ii iff V ' 35' hifi N ,lf V, .zwgiw O t WU ' if 1 , 1'7" 4 4 fir H1 597 L ' if -' 7 Y i5 W? f Q - QQ . 'fl 5 , W5 . 3 - ' f 553 X , . A Nfix Ki gf A M?Y" i?kJ -gif' 'Q WM K N .,,. ,, VK Eg ,S A-L . if 'Y 'thx , Q N-v-..-,fm Q " ig ,MIQQJQV 'X .X , O .uw W "-M., K' X. Af' f' Qwffxf ,xijy 47 7 ,fi ,.,.-'W ., if 'K fi- Q 92 if Q f sf? Gaiam .Smith C ed at Homecoming Football Game October 11, 1941 A x I - I ', J A- -3 Xp JJ! yy 0 N5 nb v 3, re Q3-V 5' Q 9 JN Ji Q, Qs .Nj X553 X4 K MM' e f V u- WJ l ox ef 5- x Ex 5 X J" lj J Pugu .SULTVJILX ll: FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS T 5 I ' ORE QQQTHY DEIBRIDQE Q!! Jqxidigf Secrelarg ,Ni S ,GEM 1 W, gs L - ' S" 'QD no N ' i SS'S S ,f -at -M ' 4 ' S Q , 'S L S GILLILHNDN I 9 7 0 LHTE HQ ELHEE A Hur I 'l' l iw J SUI Ni?M1N1w 'ce-P dem r asurcr ff! I -fl I I f!,fIf'lQql I J , DOROTHY DIQLBRIIDUI1 'I 'RI.I-Y fXSORI'. SUI: INICNIININIY HL'BI5Il'I' IIEI COL IMI: BIRDXVI-I.I. TIIEODOIQIQ HORNBAKITR X RAY GII, ILAND UN I EDGAR BROWN S INI5 .i 'C . RION OTTO IVIARIAN TALL CHIEF M .,,,:,.pf' ,.,,, . . Q 1 . A '. ,I t W DOROTHY DISLBRIDGE Edmond. OfZItII'ZOH7LI RAY GILLILAND Bcmiwmg. Oklahoma Shakespeare Club: Freshman Class Secretary. Indian Club: Pep Squad. VJARREN TURLIEY BASORIE Ohlahonvu Ciltf, Oklahoma Arena Club: Freshman Class Bronze Book Representative: President of Freshman Class: Band. I SCL MCMINIMY Edmond, Oklahoma Shakespeare Club: Ifresbman Class Treasurer: Bron7e Book Popularity Queen: Orchesis Club. I-IUBERT XVI-'I.CH. JR. Edmond, Oklahoma Arena Club: Orchestra: Band: Brass Ensemble: Vice- President of Second Generation Club: Vice-President of Freshman Class. COLETTI2 BIRIJWILL Neosho, Missouri' Shakespeare Club: Pep Squad: Band VIQIIILODORIQ ROBIQRT I'IOIlNBAKI2R Edf77Of7tIl, flkltlhtlmtl Arena Club. Sttsrzfzwa, Okluhrmvrz Indian Club: Blue Curtain Club: Criterion Club, .I EAN PLUMMER EDGAR BROWN Puden. Oklahonm Senate Club Treasurer: Social Science Club: Debate: A Cappella Choir. ELAINI1 BFNNINGIOX Oillon. Oklclhonm Shakespeare Club. MARION OTTO Edmond, Oklahoma Arena Club. MARIAN RUSSELI. 'IiAI,L CIIlI'I5 fDI?ItIf7t1r77d Clty. CDIZICIIICDTTTLI Criterion Club: Vista Staff. Page Seventy-fiL'e -' If'I2I.,fS1.f' CAROL Jo SALTER Bora BARToN IvIA12TInx" Jo N' DE.I.iifi.i. Ix OWHES JEAN PHILLIPS Euoiami SM JACK Cox Q DIXIE lVlAYI7ll2I.D Vffrlilgfw Vw"YCOl'li lNlALiD'!L9lll CA ALFRED CAMP PAT FOOTL X . 'CXFQ 056.11 Fisk C O in 'Lle- egf . W CAROL Jo SALTER fllex, Oklahoma JACK COX, JR. Luther, Oklahoma Arena Club. BGB BARTON Slmud. Oklahoma A Cappella Choir, DIXII2 JUNE MAYFIIELD Pureell, Oklahoma Shakespeare Club. MARTHIX Jo NEWMAN Ednvuml, Oklahonw Criterion Club: Pep Squad: Blue Curtain Club. XVARRIEN G. XVYCOITF Oklahoma Czttf, Oklahoma DURRELL K. KNOWLIES Chlitxkll-5,711-. Olrlahoma NIAQIDALILNIL CARLTON Meeker, Oklahoma Senate Club. Criterion Club: Blue Curtain Club. JEAN PHILLIPS Emil, Oklahoma ALITRIZD CAMP Oklahoma Cily, Oklahoma Criterion Club, Senate Club. EUGENE L. SMITII flnzber. Okluhomx PNIAIQICIA POOTI? Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Alpha Phi Sigma. Page Seventy-six Aggie Club Vice President: Chorus: A Cappella Choir. f l V M,-""fA:' yy :N ' A . X Vffix' , , gf fl fi' U HJ gy 7 vi! I I .Q ' ' p Jw " I .. U . X v , . MINNIE HICKPRSON Grundfield. O12ItIl74I!77LI RUTH STEVFNS lvimltt: Criterion Club: Band . Band. RLT'l'll HALE Goin Poreau, Ohluhonnz BAIQBARA DRLZIQSIN Sprutzrti. Alpha Phi Sigma: Shakespeare Cluh: Band. Shakespeare Club: Nous Voila. .IOYCL CAMPBIELL Cement. Okllll7iJ777lI IQYLLYN BURTON Briltorv. Alpha Phi Sigma. Criterion Cluh. MONNA JEAN HILL Britton, fJ,216ll7Ol77ll HAZEL SHERMAN lVtmneu,'uotI: Les Chefettes Club. Women's Athletic Association: Aggie Club P XVINONA GOSSIi'1"I' Rush Springs. CJf?I4IhUf77Ll LOREE MCCONNI-LL Edmond. Alpha Phi Sigma: T. 0. K. Clulv: OZIELLA KELSO Oklahoma City. Okltilzomrz Debate. .Ii-writ- LEE SMV111 Ytilwn. KJIIILIIYUITII Ol2lt117rm71 Olclrzhi 1117.1 Olilahmmt resident. fJkltIf7UI77Ll Olzltthtuml Page St'L'enly-sou: iqwtafcf K XNLIN A . UKVA Duwiugb IXKLLNIL MLLil1.L, UULUIA iviL.L,UcKiNi11 Kblll rmimzm 13111 ll L,U11.1. 0' . 0 it ' . U - XVINIVRIED HINKLIE Depew, Oklahoma GOLDIA lVlCCOURTNllY Tusscy, Oklahoma Criterion Club: Bluc Curtain Club. Commerce Club. ORVA Bowii-5, Scicncc Club. ARl,l-Nlz NlCGll.l. Young XVomc Page Seventy-eight Arnctt, Oklahoma MAR.lf5Rllf Rlllkll l'lAYNl5S u't1ShIr7gIOV7. Criterion Club. Perry Oklahoma V n's Christian Association: Science Club. Bli'I'lY COYL13 RUSf7 SPfU7!7Sf Ofildlwmd 'Q Ut lL'fi.Xl.l.-X ASTON liilll. pOXVl1ll DOXNK XVICST Slll-l.lUON XVAY JOY Dl:l.l. PaI,OSSOXl Cl.Cll. XVAlil7 CllARl.lfS Bl.fXKl1NlORl: rXl.Pll.-XDl1Nl'. C1lLl:S HARRY LEROY lJ2l"IA'lkY JVAN l'lOOD .fp-J ' XV Y. ' ' I Q,-I V I J' A1 '- ,rx lj 1 ' l,L'f1,'XI.I,fl ASTON Olzlulwfmz City. Olzlulmnm Cgqjpl, 'IQ XXVARD gm-SL-L-,yf Qfqldlymym Trlumvimlc Club: lndi.1n Club: Aggie Club: XXVOINCHVS Athletic Association. Cllli.-Xlll.lS Bl.zXlil'XlOlQl' xllrlx' O1Q1lIl71J177LI , Il. Cll:S'1lS'A'Cll. lxARL XV. POWLR Gulhrze. fJli1tI1Y1J777tl mlm ul mn Umm ul DUNNA PIlYl,l,lS XVl:ST uhllsmn. fN2lLII7HI77ll AWl1'V?fal14611415 B"'Al'l"7f Offflffmhf 'I'riumVir.uc Club: Commcrcc Club Treasurer, 'LS 'Ruins Club' gmildmgx 14' XVAY gf,-1,54-e,,,I Q1q1Uhf,mt, HARRY I,l1ROY, JR. l,ClV74ll77tI, Olzlahmml .IUY DIZLI. Blnssoxl Oklulmnm Cflry. Olzllzlwmu Bl2'l"I'Y A11-,xx H0011 G,-um11'l'l-Ill, Cjlqllflyfmm Crilcriun Club: Cborus, .Xlplm Phi Sigma, Page Scumly-nirle 1 -1-f' -2 A --514.3-1 L, , Q' Qffaii' iift' - :Tia . i' -' ,. . -sfgg,'g'.1-1 'AQ I W1 M ',y 1' 5, 'S 3, 1 si Q -f si , WVU M -H K "P V. 4 N . A ' " Q A A - L M ff Q f-, -V-5..,', i . M. . 4 .1 ,Xu 4- .. - 4 - f 4 ,, L K xl? :" qffqiilf J' Q , .5ff' i if Q' xx J is v4 x w 1 Af. 5 , A 2 rm, . I ' 4' 0 ' ' A ig' vs' Q K kg' X HN- ' 'Ns as 35 n ws up ff if-f' - QW , M ' Q 5 ffl W ' M K yi' w 1'0" -,W " 'iw I lwfx , M2 Q ' k My I P wb J if 5' W nk , 4' '5 'H x gif' ' f31'9 '?' "" I in 1 Q ' K ,ah 'WZ' ' I . it if ' 6, L ' 'Q if ' . o X M y I-,Aix .al . in '53 A w H if ' l , s 5? F W' 5 Y 'Q tw . an 'Y xp- ' 0 . -f' ", 'N 0 if' Q A if w95'5 4 'N . 'v is . ' iq , , L N gf Af . R 'ff 5 V wg dv V A 5 'xy 4, ' if 1' , tif . Wh . . . , A Y v 3' - ' K . ' ' , .Q Q '63 'Sri ' .4 ' r Q' gg." f i 4, Q 'Q 5 9 K V 'fa Y ' 3 . 'W G A ' , A 2 Q. in . . . K lwif N ' pf' ef. "uv Q5 V 4 4 is k G H . 1 If K 1 . Q D Q Q 1 uf o , f ' . fi AT: SK . " Q uq . ", ijt if w ' f rf Q 1' A 'A .tv, 4.54 rf :-4 fn SW .a Ae L -' :tt if ,?,h x I .iv , ,Y i. i 355 Sz' L4 K 14 Q4 xlfv , Mfr' A .,, N J A g.1Q1 Yang . Afpfigg? 1 N U f ' mfs' ,K A 1 . . . as sg ' . Qi' 1. If 1'.'7!i ww W I A ,WI 9 Q 5 ' I . I ' ff' fl" 4 g- ,A 1 7 fww- , ,, BRONZE BOOK STAFF SOCIAL CLUBS DEPARTMENTAL CLUBS MUSIC EORENSICS DRAMATICS PUBLICATIONS . W .. .2 5:52 ' 'S . I-5.jgE,., A Ag ..:,.. , , I :- ' , 4 in ,W ' F . ,J . , f .5 'X by-' x .. .. - 35. Y- Qg .- :- 4 . J. 3 H . :.:EsEsf- . , W Q- 1 - 3. -. A P' Y 4, .2 4. , ., 1 .3 an ,,:: b . 4 + - 1 .5 ..,. . . . ., ., 311-1, C .6 . ,. ' N . .Xvh M i.. ' :. I ,figs ' 1 f Q 'Y ,ii Q .,.. :fag 572. - , N X 1 S :g T- if EI, . "X: M .:e ag ,M 0 ..--., 43. , . lll E .giiig p ' -M-. 'Q A z 'Q' ,. V4 . 3 :f 1 1 K 43 R em m n zA'r a Page E1glIIU'flL'z ,gg MW ew Qmm EMMA Wwe Qallea Tziamwizaflle 1 fm 'ami I ....,,,w K 2' 354 -Q fmww .Wig-M. L . If .. ,L Q Raya! W W 'mx V gs BRONZE BGOK CO-EDITORS 1' f 1, f N XX, 1 TIIERIS BOWEN S' Aff! HIAROLD MCELVANY EVELYN BROWN-BAlI,l-QY x,., V N J BUSINESS MANAGERS lx f J W GLEN Rosh IDARREL 'ISROXEL ge Eiglvly-eight Q, ,Q i 1 I QAM. BRONZE BOOK STAFF l,IZON STORAIS BGB PHILLIPS RUBY KREIITING SYBLE PENNO O O OOOO JUNETTE WILLIAMS OOOO WANDA HAAIILTQN EWUL JONES O EDITH MILLER O O Assistanr Business Manager OOOO Assislanf Business Manager O O Assislant Business Manager O O OOOO Facully Editor O OOOO OOOO. Feature Editor Fealure Edilor OOOO O OOOO OOO Men S Alhletzcs KVomen's Alhlelics W1I,MA SANDERSQN OOO OOOOO OO Club Editor KATHERINE KIERR-BROWN O OO Art Editor JOSPHINE BLADES OOOOOOOO OO OO O O O OO Ar: Editor MABLE HAMILTON OOOOOO ,O OOO OO O OOOO O Class Editor BEULAH MAE GELLER OOOO OOO OOOO Music Editor MAURINE BARNES OO OOOO O OOO OOOOOOOO OO O Humor AIOLYNE LQVE OO OO O OO Socielu Edifor A "HQ-f N54 if flvmf' 915' il' ,Wvmwf Of 49-M 'ff' -s--rf T150 551 'ind' ,WW 'i . 'L f ,' 'f ' ' '-z'J"""j f Page Izigflzlgf-nm ! -ff ff,-,fr , I X 1 I gv Nino! g 4 gglh rf ,Av :PM 1 S ' 4' W f X X , 5 DR. GUY CHAMBERS Supervisor of Clubs Page Ninety-one SHAKESPEARE CLUB HATTIE SEAY BINION Sponsors BEss1E LEE l5RIiIiMAN 91" , 'J , J ' + OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester KATHERINE BROWN E ,,,,,EEE We , President ,E E,,,,, E ,,,,,,EE, E DOROTHY ODER OMADELL BIRDSALL ,,-.-,,,, ,,.E, Vice President W ,,,,,,,,,,, E ,,,, MINA SCOUFUS DOROTHY ODER ,,OEE.,,,E,E,,,,,E, Secretary ,,,, ,EE., E,.,O,,, E E JOANNE COOPER JANE HALEY EE,,,,..,E,,,O,EO,, Treasurer E..,,, E ,,,,,.,,E, BETTE JANE HILL MARGARET Jo DILLON ,EE,..,OE,,,, Reporter ,,,,,,,Ov WE, MARGARET Jo DILLON JANE WAX EEEEEEEEEE E, ,E,.,EE,,, Rush Captain EEEE, , EEEE LETA MAE HELDERMON BETTY PAY STONE EEEEEEEEEE E A EEEE Rush Captain EEEEEE ..,,,EE, S l-HRLEY MCCALLA JOANNE COOPER .EE,.. ,...,,E... .v..... 4 ,,..,E....,, B r onze Book Representative The Shakespeare Club, the oldest girls' club in Oklahoma and one of the most prominent at Central was organized in l908. The purpose of the club is to promote a beter understanding of the Works of Shakespeare and also to carry out numerous social activities in which the club engages each year. Among the annual events are the Homecoming Tea, the Christmas Party, the Mothers Day Breakfast, the Spring Formal, the Garden Party, and countless other such parties and informal affairs. This year the Shakespeare Club was fortunate in having chosen from its membersg Freshman Queen, Queen of Central State, Murdaugh Hall President. House Council President, and Co-Editor of the Bronze Book. Page Ninety-two li A Xlina Seoultts Dorothy Dellwrielee Margaret Jo Dilltvn Katherine Brown Phyllis Patterson Dixie Mayfield I.eta Nlae Heldermtwn Georgia Sexon Sue MeMinimy Charlotte Mansfield Bette .lane Yates Mary Jane IIIIISIIIIIIIOIIS Roberta Bradway Imogene Burke Barbara Crick XVinona Dickerson Katherine lllliot Mildred Ifattlk ROSTER ITIRST Roxy Katherine Ann Corey Margaret XVhite SECOND ROW .lane Haley .Iunette XVilIiams 'IHIRD ROXV Gillverta Chappell Omatlell Birdsall FOURTH ROXV Hazel Beirey Jane XVax MIgNIBIiRS NOT IN I3 Ma rgaret .I une Hardy XVanda Harrell Shirley MeCalla Helen Mooney ICTURIQ Nlargaret XVheatley Ruth Gold Delois McKinney Iilaine Bennington Nita Scott Sybil Penn Doi-otha Doyel Ifvelyn Bailey Bette .Iane Hill Rita lianaly .loanne Cooper Dorollly Oder Iillian Ogg Odessa Smith .Itman Steele Betty Ifay Stone Bernieee Swartz xknadelle Vwlilkins 'mm -W6 'FI' 'W' kwklrf' 'vs-I gas iv- 'W NE' Ia e Ninelyfthree MILDRED KIDD First Semester POLLYMCPlllll2TERS , ,,,,,,,,, W Bi5'1'TY TRLEICHLER ,,,, ,,,, .CW MARY Lli MARTlN ,,,,,,, BIZRTHA KATHRYN TIORDICE CRITERION ooooooo 0 o 0 O o O U o o OFFICERS Secretary Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,, W ., President ,,,,,,,,, e Vice-President ,,,,,, BEULAH LANCE Second Semester BERTHA KATHRYN T7ORDlCE ,,-- ef- BETTY 'T4RlflCl'lLlfR lVlARTl'lA BLOSSOM NLQLDA JIEAN STl,fVs7ART BETTY ROSE WALLACE ,,,,,,,,,, Sergeantfat-Arms U ,,,,,,,,,,, MARTHA WALLACE Nl-ARIUN RUSSELL ,Ln .YYYY ,W YYYY.. R9pOVi2'et' ,,,,, MARION RUSSELL TALL CHIEF NIELDA JUAN STEVVART LLM, ,,,,,,,,, Rush Ctlpftllifls ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, W, WINlliRED HINKLE MARTHA WALLACIE eu., ,,,,,..A. ,, .LLLA.LLLLLLL O. LLLLL MARJORIE PATTERSON MARY Lli MARTIN ,,,,, ,W M,,,,,,,.,, ,,w,,,,,,,,,,, , Bronze Book Representative MAQ3DAl.liNl5 CARLTON ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, .. - ,,,, D., ,,,,. ,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,, Historian TllliRIS BOWEN ,LYL ,.---,, ,, , W W ,,, - Defense Chairman The Criterion Club was organized in 1912 for the purpose of studying mod- ern play production. Criterion is now one of the outstanding social clubs on the campus, sponsoring varied social activities, such as the Summer Garden Party, the Fall Rush Party, the Homecoming Tea, the Snowball Dance, the Mother's Day Breakfast, the Little Sister Party and a Defense Party. Wanda Hamilton reigned as Snow Ball Queen. The club owes much of its success for the year to the sponsors, Miss Mildred Kidd and Mrs. Beulah Lance. Page Ninety-four x t. lvx l IJ gil 'Q Marion Tallchief Anna Marie May Pat Perkins Joy Dell Blossom Virginia McCain Patricia Tankersley Allyne Love Helen Easterwood Jean Phillips Mildred Jacobs Theris Bowen Charlyne Carpenter Evelyn Burton Irene Cates Magdalene Carlton Virginia Carson Alphabell Chambers Jean Dawson Elaine ljwing Lois Ciiles ROSTER lflRS'l' Row Minnie Hiclxerson SECOND ROXV Ruth Haynes THIRD ROXV XVinifred Hinltle l7OUR'l'll ROXV Martha Blossom Ml,lMl3LRS NUI' lN PICTURE lilorence Green Oneta Hedrick .lane Herod Betty Hood .loanna Hersperger Margo Johnson Margaret Long Mary Le Martin Mirtha XVallic' Virginia Scritehfiield .lean Plummer Betty Evans Polly McPheeters Marion Eaves XVanda Hamilton Jacqueline Tibbitts Betty Rose Vwlallace Martha Jo Newman Bertha Kathryn Lordice Nelda Jean Stewart lidith Miller Marjorie Patterson Dorothy Ryland lfranees Swan Jewel Lee Smith .lane Thompson Phyllis Thompson Betll' Treichler .' 1. LL , ' IK' ff"'5,f' MNA Page Ninety-five SENATE MR. L. B. RAY, Sponsor OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester EDWARD BROWN ,o,,oo,,o on .,.o President o,,, .A.,o,,, ,rr MARVIN MAsoN DARRELL JORDAN L, ,,, Vice-President ,Y ,,-A,,,,,, LL-, HAROLD HICKS GORDON MILLS ,,,,..,. ,,,-A L- Secretary ,,,., o,,,,,,,,, F LOYD HUBBARD VANCE HORN L,,L.L,LL LLLLLLLLL , , Treasurer L,,,,L,,-L,,LL ,L,, E DGAR BROWN LEE 25 LEW VAUGHN Sergeant-at-arms ,L L ..,..--. , ,.,, HISEL HUDSON As usual the Senate opened the social season with the first all-school dance. The club engaged "The Swinging Rays of Rythmf' an all-girl colored band from Piney Woods, Mississippi, tot play for the occasion. Three smokers were held: two in Thatcher Hall and one at the home of Mr, Ray, the Senate spon- sor. The annual steak fry was a source of pleasure to the members and their dates. Senators were elected to fill the prcsidencies of the Junior and Senior classes and of Thatcher Hall. The vice-presidents of the Senior class and Social Science Club were Senators. In keeping with the spirit of the times and with the founding of the fund itself, money collected for the Senate Loan Fund was reserved to be applied on a defense bond. Speech activities were continued throughout the year with the club uphold- ing its traditionally high standards. Plans were compeletd to meet again with the Congress Club of the University of Oklahoma for speech training. The club is especially proud of its record this year in view of the fact so many mem- bers found it necessary to leave school to serve Uncle Sam. Page Ninety-six Darrel Jordan Edgar Brown Marvin Mason Lee Vaughn Jack Purcell Herman Muns Milt Huskey Milton Baker Dale Boles ljd Chapman Forrest Chapman Orval Cordis Jodie Deputy Ray Gilliland Bob Hamilton Harold Hicks Raymond Hisel Vance Horn ROSTER FIRST ROW Jodie Smith SIQCON D ROXV Bob Hartman THIRD ROW Gordon Mills If C. Johnston l,ew Va ughn Darrel 'lwroxel Allen Price Durrell Knowles lfdward Brown MEMBERS NOT IN PICTURIL lfloyd Hubbard Hisel Hudson J. C, Jewell Jess Linn Bruce McConnell Bob Nicholson Hollis Oliver l.ewis Ray Eugene Simpson liranklin Stebing Bob XVatkins Page Ninety-seven ARENA are R . . E Il N ll QA I Sponsors DR. CIIAS. N. OTT DRYICI IT DAVIS OFFICERS lfirst Semesler Second Semester PAUL VVALTERS ,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,L, ,L PFGSIIKIBIYI L ,, ,L , BILL ANDERSON l1wIfN KIZNYON ,,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,,,,, Vit?-Pfeslldent LLHLLL, L , ,, ,LL Ln, BILL RIIODIQS BOB HCJWIELI, ,.,,, e ,,,,,, ,,,.-., SeCl'9ZClry ,,,, ,, R,,,,,,,,,,,,. W, BIQN KIQNYON W. C. SAWYER , , ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,A,,, Treasurer ,,,, , , ,,,,, , L, WL, JACK HAWKINS Bus ANDELEL LL, ,L ,,,, . ,,,,,, Sergeant-at-Arms , , EWU1, JONES Bronze Book Representative ,L ,,W,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, L M, L, C1xA1u.12s Kouiu The Arena Club is the oldest forensic club in Oklahoma. Being formed from the R. A. K. Society under the Arena constitution in l908. The club presents during the year a varied program of inter-club activities and social functions. The highlight of the social season at Central is the annual Arena Barn Dance. Also at the end of each school year the Arena members hold a farewell dance at Springlake in Oklahoma City. To the Arena goes the distinction of having among its members three class presidents, Second Semester President of Thatcher Hall and the Secretary of the State League of Young Democrats. The Arena Club stands for Scholarship, Loyalty, and Character. Page Ninety-eight FIRST ROXV SECOND ROXV THIRD ROXV Bob Endicott W. C. Sawyer Duggan Roberts Bill Howell Bill Rhodes Bill Anderson Bus Andeel Earl Applebee Merle Applebee James Black J. W. Bake Bill Brown James Bruno Louis Borgman Jack Cox Bill Doublin Cranford Prench Leon Gilkey Charles Guthrie Ted Hornbaker Vance Kimes Charles Kouri Carl Combs Jack Hawkins Ewul Jones Hubert Vklelch MEMBERS NOT Ralph King Ben Kenyon Jack Kenyon Dorman Landtroop James McCleery Erwin McMillan Clyde McBride Jack Newman Bob Phillips Karl Power XValter Richardson liloyd Reed Charles Simmons Glenn Simpson Bernard Simpson Eldon Payne Marion Otto Joe Slayton Bob Howell Turley Basore Don Stone Okleigh Smith Billy Smith Reed Scott Leon Storms Jack Thompson Luke Thompson Onial Thomas Clarence Taylor Murl Vcnarcl Dale Vdhitted Bob Vvlalton Wayne Williams Dallas Vvladsworth Paul Vklalters sims 3 . f I, f 1 7, C Page Ninety-nine X jfnailfg 'uf 5 TRIUMVIRATE WILLA CLAIRE COX Sponsors l.OlS CHLLIS OFFICERS First Semester Serum! Semester PJl1Ul.All lVl1'XE Cililalallli ,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,,, Pl'?SI'dCr7l ,,,,, ,,,,,, W, iVlAURlNli BARNES VERNA lVlYliRS ,,,, ,Y , , V1'4'C'PfCS'id'077f M, ,,, en, ,,,, lVl1XRY iVlARG1XRET OYVEN BIORMA JOHNSON ,,,, ,, W, W fQCCOI'dI-VMI SLT. , , ,, ,,,, ,, BlQL'LAl'l iVl.'XE QELLER ALMETA MARSHALL ,UW ,, Cor1'e.spondi'nq Sec. ,, ,,,,, NORMA CQONLFY l-UCIl.LE GLEASON ,,,, ,, WW, ,,,, NELLE .ll2l3I-l:RSON YY, , ,,,, , Reporlez' e,,,, , Sergeant -ill' rlrms C, NORMA JOHNSON HELEN SMl'l'li The first Triumyirate Club, organized in l9l4 by Dr. Emma Estill Harbour, is one of the most outstanding clubs at Central. This year they won the Scholas- tic award for havinng the highest grade average of the social clubs. Miss Beulah Geller, the first semester president, was voted Bronze Book Queen. FIRST ROXV SECOND ROXV THIRD ROV? FOURTH Beulah Mae Geller Carolyn Hey Nelle Jefferson .lunia Strotman Mary Margaret Owen Armelda Jeffries Thelma Henry Norma Conley Dorthea Themer La Nelle Hinkle De Nola Marshall Lucalia Aston Almeta Marshall Helen Smith Maurine Barnes Margaret Carpenter Frances Moulin Verna Myers NVilnia Sanderson OTHER MEMBERS' Jewel Bellah Lucille Gleason Bonnie Moran Mary Connell Norma Johnson Charlotte Moran Myrtle Cusick Helen Knoepfli Mary Moran XVilma Ferguson Maxine Lingelbach lilorence Mote Ola liisher Evelyn Malone Helen Myers lvali Sartain Donna Phyllis Pledge Irene Moran ROVJ NV est i i Page Hunrlretl' TAU THETA KAPPA l3lfTTY JANI1 Mi'xX7lilC:O Y, SpOl7SU1'S lVlr'XRli.'XRl"l' Nlill, HORN OFFICERS first Svmexler Serorul .'iunir',ster RLTBY llL'l5l5.'Xlil3 PIT-SILfL'l7l , lfYlfl.lN l'l.'XXlIl. liX'l-LYN HAXIII, Ifzirsl lilAiL"l,I'l'.XfllL'l7l ,Y CilrR'l'RL.'Dl1 l7Rl-l IJ HENRI CrOL'CllliR ,,,, Secoml lilll' I'rvs1dw7t , l,ORl-l- fX'lCiCONNlfI I. iVlARTllA JONES , W Sl'LIAL'I4ll'lf , , OPAI, CRAVI N lfSTllliR BOLZ , , '14!'L'1lXllI'L'I' ,, lVllfl.Pa1X COl7l5 OPAL CRAVl'N ,OOM O, leiipor-rw ,, 7 IZSTIIIYR Bom Jilwiiu. COOPI-li JY- , RL1.sl7C,c1pZu:17,s , lZL'1.a1ulNi1 XVlll'l'l lllfNRl GOL'Clll5li TINXlll l5Rl'l-D lironzr- Book Ruprexenlrzlwi- , H, WW, , W, MILIDRI IJ VLRIIINVS v The Tau Theta Kappa Club was organized in the fall of l9l7, as a girls social club. Members are chosen on the basis of social and scholastic standing. The club motto is A'Know Thyselff' ROSTER Ruby Hubbard Mary livelyn Milam Dolly June Cra Murlene Anderson Martha Jones livelyn Hamil Georgia Headriek Violet Vw'allaee Melba Code Opal Craven l.oree McConnell Sue Monroe Henri Gouuher Jewel Cooper Rose Peters w lord MllNlBERS NOT IN PICTURE Erma l,ee Baty Tinnie lfreed Ciladys l.ane Geneva Crotts livclyn Kinder l.ois Lane Lenora lgaton Margie Landers Ruth Reed Cierlrude Freed lhelina IXYIIOIIC llsllier Boll Ruby Kreliting Ada Trotter l,ola Mae Troller Mildred Verhines Verna XValler 1' K if fm pf M-..,..s-f4 ev-' mas 5- 'qu-an-4 Page One llumlreclrone KAPPA DELTA Pl Gamma Omega, Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, was installed on April 25, 1935. This is a national honorary society. It is not only honorary, but it is likewise professional. Its purpose is to inculcate and encourage in its mem- bers a higher degree of social service. To this end it maintains the highest educational ideals, and fosters fellowship, scholarship, and achievement in ed- ucational work. lt seeks the advancement of the teaching profession, and bands together students of Education, the better to achieve this worthy end. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,A,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,, ,- EVELYN HOLCOMB V169-President W ,,,,,,,,,,,,, W ,,,,,,,, LETHA JANE BROCK Secretary , ,d,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,,,, MARGARET NEIL HORN Treasurer ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... ,L .a,,, ,,,.,Y EDNA JONES Historian-Reporter ,,,,,,,, ,. ,,,, -. ,,,, .-,,,,,., T. A. REEVES Qoufygefor AYYWN A, Y, ,,Y,,Y,,,,,,,,,,, WINIITRED STAYTON MEMBERS Letha Jane Brock Nadine Campsey Margaret Carpenter Willa Claire Cox Leita Davis Nellie Drake Lois Gillis Margaret Neil Horn Page One Hundred Two Anita Howard Edna Jones Juanita Lee Dr. Robert L. Martin Dr. Fred McCarrel Dr. Jessie Newby T. A. Reeves Winifred Stayton ROSTER l71'1'.sl Sermusler' lVlL?Rl.l-Nl' ANIJIRSON BI5'1"I'Y Jo Cooii , O Witxifx Sixxm-Rsox LES CHEFETTES 01,1 Smui Pifxx ,,,, , H ARX'll1l,I3A .llil'I-RHZS rlllll-LMA Ifox , l3llYl.l.lS l3A'I"I'lfRSON Vl: 'l'llOXlAS. Sporisor' O EEICERS llzmidenf lilL't"1,I'L'SZilli.'I7Z Serrelclrtf , ilirerzstzrer , , , fflPI'!'t'Sf7OI7tll17Q'SCC!'L'fLII't1 St'I'lll'lIl7f'Uf'1'lI'I77S , Reporzer ,,, , ,, Seroml Seniester' 7 , Bii'Vi'Y .Io Coon ,, 85151.15 Piixx MAURINIE Bmzxifs W11,xiA Saxoiiizsox ARSIELDA .lliIiliRIl5S 7 Limoll Nlll,l.l-R N L11.1.1AN Onan Object: To study different phases of Home Economics, to give the mem- bers the benefit of club life, to aid in the development of lasting friendships and to teach the girls how they may best serve their communities. Alair, Ethel Anderson. Murlen: Barnes, Maurine Bailey, Evelyn Brown Burge, Rella Opal Burns. Eleanor Burke. Imogene Carson. Virginia Combrink. Armelda Connel. Betty Jo Cornforth. Jannie Darrow. Nlarvallo Jo lillioi, Kathryn liaulli. Mildred Giles. Alphadine Griggs. Zelda Haley, .lane Helderman, l,eta Mae Hill. Monna Jean Howell, Madalaine Hubbard. Mrs. Ruby Jeffries. Arnielda Kanaly. Rita Krefting. Mrs. Ruby Leonard. Roxie l.ykins. Alice Miller, Edith Morgan. Mrs. Velma Monroe, Sue Nokes. Mary Ogg. Lillian Patterson. Phyllis Penn.Syble Petters. Rosa Sanderson.. Vwlilma Scoufos, Mina Thompson. Phyllis Uniburger, Elma Page Om Hundred Ihrtt ORPHEUS CLUB IVIILDRED KIDD, LEONA ROSE, BEULAH LANCE, ALBERT VJEATHERLY, and DOUGLAS JOHNSTON, JR. First Semester JUNETTE WILLIANIS LL, CSponsorsj OFFICERS ,L President ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,, Second Semester BEULAH MAE GELLER BEULAH MAE GELLFR ,, ,aww .LLL Vice-President ,,,.-,- , . ,.,, ,W . GERALDINE DOWD DOROTHY ODER ,,,, , ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, Secretary ,, ,,v,,,,,,, L ,,,,, DOROTHY ODER IVIARGARET Jo DILLON L, Reporter ,W - WEEE ,,,,, MARGARET' Jo DILLON WILMA FERGUSON YYYY W, W, MLW, 4 Treasurer ,Ld ,,,,,,,,,, W ,,,,,,, L, JANE WAX JOE SLAYTON ,, L, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Sergeant-at-Arms LLL, ,,,, --.LLL FLOYD REED MEMBERS Dorothy Oder Ruth Gardner Joe Slayton Edward Chapman Junette Williams Helen Mooney Molly Smith Nelda Jean Stewart Floyd Reed Edna Mae Vlasak Beulah Mae Geller Jane Wax Thelma Antone Opal Craven Maxine Lingelbach Mae Dean Starry Geraldine Dowd Orbra Rogers Roberta Bradway Wilma Ferguson Erma Lee Baty Barbara Crick ASSOCIATE Myrtle Cusick Ruth Juedeman Mary Anna Ozmun Imogene Steigleder Elvon Dickerson Freda Been Margaret Jo Dillon Nova Hawkins Mary Jane Fitzsimmons Ruth Gold Jean Plummer Betty Faye Stone MEMBERS The Orpheus Club, Central's musical organization, after being inactive for several years was reorganized in 1941. The purpose of this club is to promote interest in music, to aid in friendliness, to enable students to have contacts with great musicians of the present time. The club meets twice a month. Excellent programs are presented. Music majors are regular members, Others are associate members. Page One Hundred Four First Semester BLUE CURTAIN JOANNI2 COOFIQR YLYWYYYW W PAUL VJALTIERS , BETTY FAY STONIQ DALLAS VJADSVJORTII , Bronze Book Represenluliue Charlyne Carpenter Joanne Cooper Bette Jane Hill Nila Scott Betty Faye Stone Margaret XVheatly Mildred Jacobs Betty Treichler Ben Kenyon Norlene Bash Bill Adams Bill Brown Ray Gilliland Verna Green Kathryn Ifordice Dorothy Oder Joe Slayton OFFICERS President , Vree- Ilwsnimz , W Seereturg W 'I'reusurer Sponsor Members PLEDGUS INACTIVF MFMBIQ PICTURES: Second Senvesler BIQTTIQ JANIQ HILI- Blu, Howiirt, ,,,, IVIARKEARIET XVIll5ATI.IiY , ,L DALLAS VJAIJSWORTII Magdalene Carlton Ola Fisher Florence Green XVinifred I-Iinkle Kathryn Irby Zelma Kirkman Jean Plummer Oakleigh Smith Odessa Smith LeRoy Wolex'er Martha Jo Newman Betty Jane Yates Jess Linn RS Dallas XVadsworth Bill Howell NILA SCOTT I.UCILI,lf BIONDO Magacllene Carlton, Joe Slayton, Margaret XVheatley, Ray Gilliland. Nila Scott. Charlyne Carpenter. Vwlinifred Hinkle, Mildred' Jacobs, Jean Plummer, Eugene Long, Martha Jo Newman, T. C. Johnston. Betty Jane Hill 'MQ' 5 ,saw a Q' Page One Hundred lite w KAPPA Pl JOSEPHINE BLADES First and Second Semester Officers JOSEPHINE BLADES . LL, ,LLL ,,,,,, WL, President LETHA JANE BROCK ,,L,,, -LL Secretary and Treasurer Sponsor ANITA HOWAIQD Kappa Pi, National Honorary Art Fraternity established its Phi Chapter on Central State College campus April 14, 1939. Those Students who have twelve hours of art and a good scholastic record are eligible for membership The fraternity sponsors art exhibits and encourages creative art activities Josephine Blades Kathryn Kerr Brown Letha Jean Brock Gertrude Freed Tinnie Freed MEMBERS AND PLEDGES Mary Le Martin Shirley McCalla Patsy Pearce T. A. Reeves, Jr Arthur Van Arsdale, honorary member Page One Hundred Six ITTANAHA CLUB DR. IANINIA lgS'lll.l. II,fXlil3OL'R, Slwcmsur OIIIIICIHQS flliwl S:-rr1l'.xIl'r Sutmnl Sr'ml'.sll'1' ANNA IXIKIQIIL NIU' fill! f IRIN! , RAY CiIl.l,lI,rXNIJ KII:RSli CiUXZ.Xl.IS , Iazzli' Chief W, I,L'c1M.l.x ,XSIUN MARY IQXIIII IQIXI- IUXYI RS , Suvhem um! Klwpi-r nl II'i1m1mn7 MARY li.X'I'IllzlQlNI- I .VXYVIQN GLEN ROSI- ,,,,, , Iliuzrmz' ,,,,, , Cil.l5N R051- illvrlztlzii' illtlll , CllAlQl.l S ISI,.'XIil,MOIQlg The Ittanaha Club is composed of several different tribes of Indians. The chief aim is to create a closer feeling among Indian students at Central and to preserve their Indian traditions and customs. ROSTER Anna Maiie May Mary Katherine I.aVers Thelma Antone Kenneth Corley Ray Gilliland Gale Holt Glen Rose I.ucalia Aston luke Th tmiii psun Merse G0n7ales .lean Plummer Charles Blakemore George Iallchiel' Kenneth Moore sq IJLIIIL' Om' Ilumlztd .Srtrn SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS THERIS BOWEN C,,C , LLLLL ,C,,C, ,LLLLLLLLL President ALLEN PRICE LLL LLL LL ,,,,. ,,,,,, V ice-President MELBA CODE ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Secretaryffreasurer BUEIILA PRESCOTT ,,,,,,,,,M,C LL Assistant Secretary-Treasurer GLEN ROSE LLLLLLLLLLL .,,L,,,,.,, LL Membershi'p Chairman DARREL TROXEL LLLLLL L ,LLLL International Relations Chairman VIRGINIA PYLE LLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Club Librarian IL. JESTON HAMPTON, Sponsor The Social Science Club was organized in 1915 as the Central State Normal Historical Society with Miss L. Jeston Hampton as sponsor. It is the oldest departmental club on the campus. In 1931 this organization became affiliated with the Carnegie Foundation. Through this affiliation it became a member of the Southwest Conference on International Relations and 'receives each year the latest publications on national and international history When the organization has completed the years study, these books are donated to the Central State Li- brary. These ten or twenty volumes donated each year for the past eleven years has made it one of the most adequate libraries in the state on contemporary problems, particularly in the field of International Relations. The work in this club includes collecting and preserving the Historical Museum: a study of state, national, and international history. The program is planned for the year in which students, faculty, and others participate. All meetings are open to the public. For the eleventh consecutive year the Social Science Club sent delegates to the Southwest Conference of International Relations at Denton, Texas, March -7. This club has presented papers at each conference. The delegates this year were: Theris Bowen, Edgar Brown, Margaret Carpenter, Bertha Kathryn For- dice, and Darrel Troxel. Bill Anderson Charles Blakemore Theris Bowen Edgar Brown Margaret Carpenter Melba Code Syble Fields Bertha Kathryn Fordice A. D. Hagle Ruby Horne Page One Hundred Eight MEMBERS Evelyn Kinder Kathryn Kneisek Dixie Mayfield Pauline McPheeters Kenneth Perryman Buelha Prescott Allen Price Virginia Pyle Glen Rose Darrel Troxel THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN Y. W. C. A. MARGARET CARPENTER JUNIA STROTMAN ELEM FLORENCE MOTE EEEEE O BERTHA K. PORDICE ..EE EVELYN HAMIL EEEEEE EVELYN KINDER WEEE... ESTHER BOLZ EEEEEEE ZELMA KIRKMAN EEw.EE Dr. Jessie D. Newby Miss Lorena Hindcs Miss Cora Stroud Mrs. W. T. Doycl Miss I.cita Davis ASSOCIATIONS OFFICERS Y. M. C. A. President T. C. JOHNSTON EL Frm VIICQ-PfGSl'dPUl . GORDON MILI-S, JR, Second Vz'cefPresz'a'en! E , DARREL TROXEL 'I'hird Vice-Pres.idenr E. . . ROLLAND HINSHAW LLL ALLEN PRICE E , Recording Secretary A Corrcsponding Secretary LL OWEN CAVETT Treasurer L ,E L ,, . LE E Membership W LL E O MILT HUSKEY SPONSORS Dr. F. I., Fordicc Mrs. J, Payne Dr. ROl.1ndBcck Mr. Milton East Dr. Robcri Marlin Page Ono Hundred Nine SECOND GENERATION CLUB BOB HOWELL OEEICERS EDNA JONES, Sponsor -.-W ,E,,, W ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,E,,,, President HUBERT WELCH ,, v,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,L,, ,,,,,,,, Vice President LILLIAN OGG ,.,, ,s ,LLL ,,,,,-,,,-W ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,L H, Secretary PHYLLIS PATTERSON ,,,,,,, W ,,,,, UW, Corresponding Secretary MARGARET JUNE HARDY ,,,, ,,,,,.Y,, ..,., H ,,,,L,,, Treasurer CLARISSA ENGLAND L,,,,,.. ., -,,,,,- ,.Y,,,, W ,,,,, W Reporler The Second Generation Club was organized on October 26, l938, by the Alumni Secretary, Miss Edna Jones. As the name implies, only sons and dau- ghters of former Central students are eligible for membership. The chief aim of the club is to perpetuate the spirit and traditions of the Central of yesterday as it reaches new heights today. ln response to numerous requests, the club was opened to all second generation Centralites--alumni and former students as well as resident students. There were eighty-five charter members. More than ten per cent of the 1940 spring graduating class were of the second generation. 1941-42 SECOND GENERATION Edward Brown Edgar Brown y'Dorothy Canada Betty Jo Cook Katherine Ann Corey Maxine Crabb Glenn E. Dill Clarissa England Kathryn Fordice Lena Eva Hammond Jayne Ann Herod Hisel Hudson Armelda Jeffries Martha Jones Margie Landers Naomi McCubbin Pauline McPheeters Gordon T. Mills Lillian Ogg Robert C. Patterson Karl Power Bill Sheldon Betty Faye Stone Cecil Ward Wayne Williams Gail B. Young Page One Hundred Te V2 Magdalene Carlton Goldie Mae Corbin Jannie Cornforth June Dawkins Margaret Jo Dillon Louise Fields Thelma Fox June Hardy Bill Howell Robert S. Hulsey Leta Mae Johnson Rita Kanaly James McCleery DeLois McKinney Almeta Marshall Verna L. Myers Marion Otto Kenneth Perryinan Nila Scott Joe Slayton 'kPat Tankersley Jane XVax Orvin XVilliamson Rella Opal Burge Norma Conley Virginia Jean Corbin Jack Cox Dorothy Delbridge Marion Eaves Mary Jane liitzsimmons Jane Haley Alleyne Hatman Bob Howell :tCharles H. Jamieson Gazelle Jones Ruby Denton Krefting Loree McConnell Sue McMinimy DeNola Marshall Dorothy Oder Phyllis Patterson Constance Pickett Reed Scott Imogene Steigleder Phyllis Thompson it Hubert Welch Lesty Jo Wilson Lee Roy Ziegelgruber DOI J ALPHA PHI SIGMA iO'l'l llfA lXll .Mil I I'USfll'L'I7f , V ire - PIYSI-Lfl'l7f SL'Cfl'fllI'lf Treasurer liyelyn Brown Bailey listher Bolz Norma Conley 'lhelma Conley .lo Anne Cooper Maxine Crabb Opal Crayen Kathryn lfordice Omadell Birdsall lilizabeth Carlson Beulah Mae Geller Bette Jane Hill Ruthelma Horton lfthel Harris Alair Mellia Barclay Haiel Berry Josephine Blades Joy Dell Blossom Coralie Boyd Roberta Bradway lileanor Burns Alfred Camp Joyce Campbell Virginia Carson Dolly June Crawford lannie Cornforth Betty Jo Cook Bonnie Cowan l.enora Eaton Clarissa England Viadell Gillaspy Sybil lfields SPONSORS OFFICERS MASTER Ciertrude Freed 'llinnie lfreed Jane Haley liyyelyn Hamil Bob Howell Norma Johnson Julius Krober i-Xlmeta Marshall APPRENTICE Charles Jameison Nelle Jefferson l.oree McConnell Mary M. Owen Nila Scott NOVICE Ray Gilliland l.ueille Gleason Ruth Cold Belly Jane Hood Madeline Howell l7loyd Hubbard Milt Huskey Armelda Jeffries l.eta Mae Johnson llarlene Jones Martha Jones Joyce Kendrick Ruby Krefting Maxine Linglebach lfugene Long De Nola Marshall Virginia Marshall lfdith Miller Mary Nokes A. Ci. lllllfl ICQOCK rM.lNllz'I'A lVlAAlQSl liXl.l. ,, NORMA CONLVY W, NORMA JOHNSON liVl1l.YN l'l1XMlI. Shirley McCalla llernian Muns Wilma Sanderson l.eon Storms Junia Stiotman Margaret XVheatley Margaret NVhite Jodie Smith Betty lfay Stone Roy iliolliyer Catherine Tousley Wanna XVilliamson Margie Norton Dorothy Oder Hollis Oliver llhyllis Patterson Kenneth llerryman Mrs. Verna Reynolds liarlene Sallis Dorothy Silyerthorn lfern Simpson lfugene Smith Herbert Stevens Ada 'lirotter l.ola Mae Trotter Darrel 'l'roxel lidnamae Vlasak Marguerite Vincent Verna XValler Betty Rose XVallaCe lfuladine XVhite 1 gg if ,-X' ,gn We ,J 57 i a .per--1 lin uv A .5 tsl if ygy- wi' K gf CL. S Sis as 'W' I lJ,,,.,.f3.1,, LJ...1,l.-,ol III U S U Q age.. ...W Page Om' Ifumfrnl 'lslmf A CAPPELLA CHOIR SOPRANO5 Margaret long Anna Marie Mae Jane NVax Charlotte Moran Molly Smith Betty Rose XVallace Mary Anna OLmun Patricia Foot Beulah Mae Geller Geraldine Dowd 'ITSNORS Jess Linn lldwarcl Brown Elvon Dickerson Don Coler Marion Mesliew lltlward Chapman Page One Hundred Ifourleeiz BIEULAI l LANCIL, DI'l'Ut'lCJI' ALTOS Ruth Juedeman Mary Garwood Jewel Smith Myrtle Cusick Imogene Steigletler Dorothy Oder ljrlna Mae Vlasala l,uealia Aston Martha Jo Newman Kathryn Knesek Helen Mooney BASSES Bill Howell Dallas XVadswortl1 Audrey Stringer ljdgar Brown Bob Barton Orbra Rogers MIXED CHORUS y 1 - 1 I. 15 r C 1 l,'l1ll'llfl E , rl 5 l r lla 'Ilielma AIXIOHC Donna Beal Joy Blossom Marllua Blossom Barbara Caldwell .Iannie Cornforlh Palricia lfool Gertrude lireed 'l'innie l7reed Jane Haley Ruby Hays Carolyn Hey Alice Horn Margo Johnson Gazelle Jones Helen Kiess Maxine Lingelbaeli Margarel Long Mary Milam Marie Moore Ruby Bleore Virginia Pyle Rlllll Reed Virginia Serilelafielcl Odessa Sharp llelen Slllllli Mae Dean Slarry Nelda .lean Slewarl llorolliea ,llllCl"l1CI' l.eali lfssery l,J"llY R-.use Vflllale lmogene XYillll'ord .Xnna Marie May l5liLjl.All LANCL. Dill' . s,.. ,M ,:.V?'.-'MG:me.s:q- . f . - . r va K KMM .. , M, . Q , . . - I Q ' 559' " 5194 12, af 7 Uflol' ALTCS l.uealia .Xslon Helen Clapper Nlellua Code Opal Craven Nlyrlle Cusick XVinona Dickerson lldwina lfrisman Viola Garwood l.orene Cleyer Henrella Ciolleluer Rlllll .luellenian Clwarlolle Moran Marllua Jo Newman Jewel Slllllll Imogene Sleigleder llelen Sleplienson Palrieia lankersley TISNORS llelward Brown .less l.inn Marion Nlesllew Ralph lliarp Boll XValkins BASSES lfrlgar lirown Raymond llellsel Bill Howell Ben lienyon Dallas XX'allsworlli 1: imc' One lllllllflell lille GIRLS' TRIO GF CENTRAL STATE ROBERTA BRADWAY, First Soprano J Page One Hundred Sixteen WILMA FERGUSON, Second Soprano DOROTHY ODER, Alto Director and Accornpanist, LEONA ROSE . 1 'Q if X ?y 'J gg J BOYS' QUARTET x ELVON DICKERSON, lfirsl Tenor JESSE LINN, Baritone GORDON lVlll.LS. SL'L'OI7Lf 7iL'l7UI' CJRBRA ROGERS, BLISS ALIEERT VUEATHERLY, Director MOLLY SMITH, Accompcmist CENTRAL'S MIXED QUARTET This Quartet was organized second semester under the direction of Beulah Lance, voice instructor, at Central. Alternate Sopranos are used. JANE XVAX, Bli'I"I'Y VAYI: S'l'ONI:, Soprano ELVON DICKHRSON, 'lienor DOROTHY QDER, A110 ORBRA ROLEIZRS, BASS Hl2LliN GARDNER, Accompcmisz Page One Hundred Secunrei BAND AL1sia1a'r W1iA'1'ir1ii1zi,.i', D1'm-m1- I7LU'I'Il DRUM Marjorie Asher Colette Birdwell Edward Chapman CLARINITI' Ifloyd Reed BASS rm Mae .mimm Hn 1'Lw iii riarii X Doroiby Miner Marion Meslww W Ruth Stevens Joan Ilarspbergcr OBOIQ VFX ,, . 51 i 1 Don Vitllr ,, BASSOON ' Ruth Haynes 'VROMBONPS Orval Cordis YRIINCH HORN Lewis Dodd Opal Craven 15rXRl'I'ONli CORNET Audrey Stringer Mary Jane Firzsimmons Reed Scott James Mcfllerry Huber 'clch Page One Ilundred Eighteen ORCHESTRA VIOLINS DOL'CiL,'XS .lOIlNS'I'ON. JR.. Nelda .lam Stewart Patsy Picrcc Hclcii Nlimiiuy Aliiiciii Nl.ir5lmll Harold Hicks Mary l..u'crs Momma llill liaihryn lfimiicc Viola Raines HORN Opal Craven Clil.l,O lidwaixl CQli.ipiii.iii .luiicilu XX'illiiiiiis VlOl.A Aulvrcy Siringci BASS D:1'i'i liir Cl.iXRINlQ'l4 Dorolliy Mincr lfloycl Rccd CORNIQT llulwii XVclChQ i OISOIQ Don XX'clls l5l.U'I'lQ M.iijiu1'ic Asher 'l'RL'Ml3lQ'IA .limmic Hughes IMXSSOON Rulli llnyms l3'I.'XNO Xliirx' .Xiiim QJIIHCLII llillic Ruth Buwu Page One Hundred Twenly SHAKESPEARE GARDEN C6 Orff Flumir PI KAPPA DELTA Sponsor, Roi' XV. JONES OFFICERS Pl'CS!iCl'L'!7I Y, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,, Y, BE'I"I4Y 'l1RfflCllLlili Sec,-Treus. WW, ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,, BEN KENYON Due to the graduation of all student members last year, Pi Kappa Delta honorary debate fraternity, was inactive the first semester, During the second semester seven new members were initiated. Because of the lack of transporta tion and finances it was decided to abandon the National tournament this year Edward Brown Ola Fisher llvelyn Hamil Betty Jane Hill Roy Jones Ben Kenyon Page One Iftzndred 'Ilwenfy-two MEMBERS Grady Watkins Lucille McGuire Biondo Dortbea Meagher Allen Price R. R. Robinson Leon Storms Betty 'llreichler DEBATE .T e 1 is 'T f"jLl' Allen Price livelyn Hamil 0' ,rf larvin Mason Edward Brown lldgar Brown Ola lfisher X' l Bette .lane Hill lflorence Qireen 1-J. JJ! Although tlte stringencies ol' the present emergency limited somewhat the extent of the participation of the Central Forensics group this year, the school has nevertheless sponsored the regular program of competition in debate and individual events. Tournaments were attended at Ada. Norman, and Bethany. The girls' team. composed of livelyn Hamil and Bette Jane Hill debating their lirst time in college competition, Won second place in the Ada Tournaf ment, which included contestants from seven states. The mens team, com- posed ol' Allen Price and Edward Brown, received a rating of "excellent" in the Norman contest. Mr. Grady Vyhtkins has been very patient with his beginners and their ratings indicate that his Work was not in vain. Every member of the Central squad this year was a beginner in college competition. none of the last years group having returned. The teams have expressed their gratitude on various occasions lor the help and company of Mr. Watkiits on their trips. little One Humlretl l'LL.'t'I?llf'l D f Iclge Jne Hundred Twenly-four 576 Om Humirvd Twwvr BLUE CURTAIN PLAYERS Prcscnts BY W. O. SOMIN DIRIiC'l4IiD BY l,L'c:11.1.11 Mclclrllzl- Iilotwo I.ICH'I'INC, BY Jmufs IJJIONIUO SIi'I"I'ING BY CHA1el.x'N14. CARI,IzN'I'I 14 CHARACTERS: I,lliSA B121zc3MANNf'W1N11414111 I-IOIIMAN GUSTAV B1i1u3xIAN--V1-1z1.1a IVIIiADli SCENES: ACI' 1 KIICHIEN. LIVING ROOM OIT BIZRGMANNS I'I.A'I' IN A 'I'I2NIlMI1N'I' OI? A CON'I'INIjN'I'AI. CAI'I'I'AI. ICI' 7 1 - PARLOR OI7 IBIQRGNIANNS NIQXV ISI,A'I' ACI' 3 SAME AS ACT l age Om- Hurzdrvd 'I'ww7Igf-.six BLUE CURTAIN PLAYERS Prcscnts SUNDAY COSTS FIVE PESOS MITCH BY .IOSEPHINE NIGCELI DIRECTED BY LUCILLE BIONDO ELL HALL. 10:00 O'CI.OCK. NOVEMBER 27, I9-+I CHARACTERS BL-rm E ,,EB EEE EEE DoR0'THY Omni Tfmia f -f -Y, ,,,, NIARGARIJI' VJHEATLI-Y Salome 7 BETTY ITM STONI' 1"z'd0I,,, WE ,, , DALLAS VJADSWORIEII Cjeleszimf JOANN13 COOPER SCENERY DESIGNED BY CHARLYNE CARPENTER SCENERY CONSTRUCTED BY EUGENE LONG PROPERTIES BY MRS. BROWN X 'Q 7 R .., . Q 'Civ ' 'Ila n ' , Y ' -. Page Om' llumlred TLL'L'l7lLj-SOL'L'l1 CENTRAL STATE TRAINING SCHOOL Edmond, Oklahoma Presents KIND LADY BY JEROME CHODOROR Directed By Mrs. Biondo CAST OF CHARACTERS Mr. Edwards Peter Santard Mr. Iioster Gustav Rosenberg Lucy Vwfeston Aggie Edwards Mary Herries Henry Abbott Mrs. Edwards Phyllis Glenning Rose Ada Doctor XVaIdo Harrell Iirnfzst Shiner Lee Smith Gene Hardy .Io Ann Chitty Patricia Shiner Jo Dell Chitty Howard Chaney Margaret Davis Bette Thompson Ruth Robinson XVanda Orrell Iris Powell The action of the play takes place in the Iivingioom of Mary Herrie's hoiie in NIIUIIIIQEIIL Square. London. Page One Hundred 71LUU!7lU'Cl'ghl THE JUGGLER OF NCQTREgDAME Candleholders Reader . Merrymakers Juggler . ,M M o nk s Madonna Angels Candle Lighters Children , Monks The Story : Scene 1 Charlotte Moran. Donna Phyllis XXX-st ,YW . ,W ,W ..,. Rev. li. A. Morton ,,,, .,,,.. ., ,W Billie Bowles. Catherine Ann Corey. Dorothy Delhridge. Magdalene Carlton, Vat lioote. Iona Ciraham. Alphadine Giles. Jayne Herod. Monna Jean Hill. l.oi:s Lane. Sue McMinimy. Dorothy Miner. Rhoda Ann Reed. Hazel Sherman. Earlene Sallis. Jo Darrow. lirancis Vwlalker. .,,.,. ,,,... ,, W Betty Jane Mavrico ,,,. ,, DeNola lVlarshall. Pat Tankersley Scene Z ,,, ,. ,H , Dorothy Oder . ,,,. ,. ,,,, ,, June Hardy. liarline Jones ,,,, W Y,, .lean Dawson. Leta Mae Helderman ,, lirank Sageser. Murle Maple. Lois liitzergerald. Dick Thornton. NVillirnia Clashy. l,ee Roy Porter. Edna Beth Clevenger. l.eatha Joyce Treece. Joan Beck, Pat Coder. Catherine Campbell. Shir- ley Fowler. Sydney l.ynne Hodges. Yvonne Touhee, Nlarvin Baird. John Thompson. Clarahelle Sageser. Larry Hannah. Dwight XVhelan. Mich' ael McGowan. Maxine Sims, Joanne Cooper. Betty liaye Stone. Jane XVax. Margaret XVheatley. XVanda Harrell. Dortha Doyle. The Madonna of the Cathedral. according to legend. comes to life on Christmas live to hless the giver of the perfect gift. llach year the cathedral square is crowded with people hopeful that their gift might he the perfect one. Jean. the poor juggler. comes to the group of merry- makers in the square to earn a few pennies. Scorning the juggler. the crowd leaves on its merry way. Some monks on their way to the Cathedral take pity on him and lead him into the Cathedral where the sacred statue of the Madonna stands. There he sees the children and the monks laying their gifts at the feel of the Madonna. Jean has nothing to offer her hut his tricks of juggling. These he performs. forgets where he is andfsnatching his capfholds it out to the Madonna for alms. Horrified hy his sacrilege, he offers in atonement the best of his skill: then, exhausted. he dies at her feet. The monks return and are filled with horror .at the sight. But as they look. the Madonna slowly moves and hlesses the Juggler, the giver of the perfect gift. Paye One Humlred Twenty-rizrie Page One Hundred Thirlzf Page One Hundred Thfrru-one THE VISTA LOUISE NIOBERLY STAIT VOR I 9-I I --I2 BIJVIIY JANE YATES 77 7 ,g!,, 7 Editor SIBYL FIELDS. FERNE SIMPSON 7777 77 7 7 77 7 Assotizzle Editors IVIARGARET Jo DILLON. IVIARION TALL CHIEF 7777Sot'1'eltf Editors IfWUL JONES 77 777 77 7777 7777 777 777 77 Sports Gi3NiiViEvE DAVIS. Miwizicia LOCKIIART, JACQUELYN 'I'11sBi3'1"i's, NORMA .Io11NsoN, l.AN12i,1.E HINKLIT, LUCILLE CILEASON 77 7 77 7777777 7 7, Reporlers MISS LOUISE lVlOBIiR1.Y 77 fucully Supt'rL'1'sor MR. C. F. HART 77777 77 Przinlinq Stzpt-rc'1'.sor The Vista. official newspaper of Central State College, mirrors the activities of students, faculty and campus organizations through its news columns, pro- vides a laboratory for student writers and serves as a connecting link between the college and its alumni. The Vista is published weekly by a staff of student editors and reporters un- der the editorial direction of Miss Louise Moberly. Reporters are members of the journalism classes. Mr. C. F. Hart directs the printing of the weekly publi- cation in the college print shop where he is assisted by two student printers, Eu- gene Simpson and Hisel Hudson. As a member of the Oklahoma Senior College Press Association, the staff attends the annual fall press meeting of the organization and also enters the Spring contest conducted for state college newspapers. In the 1941 contest, The Vista won a first place cup in the division of news stories, second place ribbons in society stories and special editions, and third placees in the best all- around newspaper division and editorial writing. Putge Om Ilumlred Tl11'i'ty-Iwo 4 1 1 1 M wi ag WSZQQ' vi-frm? 4 , y X Pugh' Om' 1IILH7Ll'I'L'Li 'I'fm'lgf-Iliree 1-J' Q -Rav-. 1 -M Sk xt T 511' "'1- 1 ff' ff ' 43' ' - Iv K 5 - ig-'waz 5 ' ,,,,,x.,,E5 3 1 kV.k , K: .W 1 NJ i 1 E 1 L Z ! Q E i 5 r K Y it Q - S il SW Www Page One Hundred Thirty-eight FOOTBALL BASKETBALL W. A. A. ORCHESIS -f VARSITY TEAMS K, Srsvws- -W' , -rn-u..e'. rc, lmzv Om' l1'umIz1ml llilllg-IIIIIL CENTRAL YELI, LEADERS NIARTIIA Jo Nfiwxmw RAY GILLILAND ODESSA SMITH 15' x N x ,, "X Page Om- I1'umfz'.w1' lurlgf FOOT L 3 Q Q. .1 . COLLECJATE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS-1941 Carl Combs Bill Anderson Dorman Landtroop Ewul Jones Coach Gene Smith Cwail Holt Charles Johns Benny Carlisle Dale Boles Tex Ritter Bud Bates Earl Applebee ROSTER Back Row Frank Thompson Bill Brown Elmer Kincannon Middle Row Jake Moody Warren Niles Murl Venard Front Row Bus Andeel James Bruno Way'ne Roberts SCHEDULE Sept. 27-Arkansas University Oct. 3-Arkansas Tech Oct. l l-Southeastern Oct. 18m-Northwestern Kenneth Corley Dudley Brown Luke Thompson Bob Hulsey Bill Doublin Bill Rhodes Jack Thompson Coach Dale Hamilton Sid Carter George Tallchief Cranford French Cleo Beck Oct. 24-Southeastern Oct. 'Sl-Northeastern Nov. 7-O. C. U. Nov. l4-East Central Page One Humirvrz' 1-'orty-one 1 f W" ' ' "'-Vi-i By agreement of both lettermen and coaches the captain of the 194l season was chosen by W1 4 the honorary selection system for each game. Q Ewul Jones-All State Pullback from Pana- ' ma was elected honorary captain of the 1941 . i yyyht 1 Champions. K GRIDIRON REVIEW The football season began on September l, with only five returning from the 1940 squad, along with a host of freshmen and new men. reporting for practice. Coach Dale Hamilton started his first season as head football coach along with assistant, Gene Smith. Coach Reeds on a leave of absence turned the squad over to Hamilton and retired to the farm to live. The Bronchos were slated to finish near the bottom in the Oklahoma Col- legiate Conference. O. B. U. champions in 1940 had given up the sport and most sport writers had ceded first place to Southwestern of Weatherford. ln O 1 the backfleld the Bronchos had most of their talent with four of the five letter- dk 0 me stationed here. ln the line there was only one man who had any experience. 0 9 Coach Hamilton succeeded in getting a good crop of big green material for hii JB NN 15 line. With his experienced backfield and a large but unexperienced line C aclxx 'Cv 'Cayo Hamilton began the 1941 season. NX ,pl X D y. li ik, CHARLES JOHNS-Fredrick Fullback LUKE THOMPSON-Waurika i A End li ke ti Z - . Page Om' llumlred Forty-ltuo Na A W tal" .lf fyylpo A so VX ,,,... , ,.. , ., -Y....,1 FRANIX T HOMPsON-Moore Iclclzlt WAYNE RoBER'1's-Edmond End it 'P s fame The first game of the season was September 23, at Fayettville, Arkansas, with the mighty Arkansas Razorbacks. The Central Bronchos held the Razor- backs to a 13-O half-time score. However, the Broncs finally bowed to their hefty opponents 5 6-O. The first home game of the season was played with the Wonder Boys of Arkansas Poly Tech. The Bronchos were aiming for revenge for the de- feats they have received from Tech in the last three years. The Wonder Boys with a bigger and more experienced team proved to be too much for Central. Arkansas won l 9-0. Before a large Homecoming crowd the Bronchos played their first Confer- ence game October ll. The Bronchos surprised everyone by thoroughly Central went ahead in the first half Kenneth Corley took a long pass trouncing the Southeastern Savages 25-O. by scoring just before the intermission. from Landtroop which was good for 35 yards to Southeasterns 5-yard line. Bus Andeel took it over in two smashes at the line. Bill Anderson, senior from yt f X BILL RHopLs-Bristow Center BILL ANDL2RsoN-+Ponca City Halfback Page One lilumlred forty-lhree ' 4 EARL APPLEBEE-Ponca Cir Halfback ELMER K1 AN N-Hastings 1 Ml QW U X Ponca City, who is known to all in these parts for his grand performance at forward on the Broncho cage team had never played more than two minutes at a time in the Central lineup until Saturday. But Saturday was Anderson's day and perhaps to make up, for the time lost he quickly put the game on ice when he went in soon after the second half had started. French intercepted one of Harold Jones's tosses on Southeastern's 35 and took it back to the Savage 20-yard line before he was grounded. Anderson carried the ball five times, including the touchdown plunge to score standing up. Bill set up the third touchdown by nabbing a Savage forward on his own nine and dashing back past midfield. Jones picked up a first down. Landtroop passed to Benny Carlisle, Broncho end, who was way out in front of the Savages. The ball carried 45 yards and a score. The Savages kicked to Anderson who received it on his own 45-yard line and twisting and weaving Bill shook and Outrun the whole Southeastern squad to score. Central won 25-O. GEORQL1 TALLCHIM2-Fairfax Center CARL Comissn-Davenport J Fullback :E , 'wif if if ' 3 ag lurfc Om Hrmrlrecl Iiorty-four if 25 1 pf f 44Q-if., G2 5 L" liN1AN 1 ANDTRooPkNorman All Stale Quarlerbaclz CRAN11o1ao FRENCH-Panama X is Hulfback 3 The Bronchos made it two conference wins in a row October 18, by de- 'n featin the Northwestern Rangers, 19-0, before a large Alva homecomi g 3 crowd. Coach Dale Hamilton's team continued their Collegiate winning ' - f' t streak to run up points scored against league foes to 44. After a scoreless irs quarter marked by a touchdown made by Bill Anderson but called back on a penalty, the Bronchos made the second quarter count with two touchdowns. Cranford French, Central halfback, made the first score with a plunge over h a d line Shortly after during the same quarter, French pulled from t e two-y r . , off a 65-yard run down the sidelines to score. Benny Carlisle scored the last touchdown with a pass from Landtroop. The next game was with the powerful Bulldogs from Southwestern who had won three conference games in a row. The Bronchos, a more improved team than started the season ruined the Bulldog win streak by defeating them 7-6. The Bulldogs scored early on a pass to Harold Springer, Brady's conver- sion try was short. Dorman l-andtrcop's passes after a 19-yard gallop by Cranford French set t pins for the touchdown. French s dash put the ball f", I kg 1 14,4 1- I Ki2NN15'1'11 Comm'-E1 Dorado End BILL Douni.1N-Tuls Tackle s 2- J N . f--- Page One 11'um1'z'ed lforly-Eve N lyljfpywnefl JAMEs BRUNoa-Okla, Crty Guard MURL VENARD-Goteba , Tack Ie ,et W 1 zif 'i wg . at , ,. , I Q V . , 1 -w a-m:,:f ' -' age .1-f-Pv-'- N semi: 1-S, 5 2 l an r . 3 A N .. ,. ..,,. . , if' .1859 , . , ........ A . . War W , A ,,x:. ,K . -3 A f on Southwestern's 31. Landtroop circled end for eight yards and Anderson chipped in five to make it first down on the Bulldog l8. Landtroop tossed three straight passes but failed to hit, on the fourth try he dropped one in Luke Thompson's arms for the score. Carl Combs split the uprights with the kick that meant the game. The game with Northeastern Was postponed because of the rain until Nov- ember 26, this gave the Broncs an open date and a chance to get their breath. November 7, the Broncs played Oklahoma City University on the Dad's Day program. There Were a great many of the players' dads here to see the game and the Bronchos did a good job by defeating the Gold-Bugs 26-O, to make it four Wins in a row. Cranford French got away for 31' yards to set up the first score from the one-yard line. Ewul Jones crashed the middle, Carl Combs missed the kick. The second score came from a pass from Landtroop to French. After a recovered fumble Landtroop again cocked his arm and threw one to Ben- ny Carlisle for a third score. The final score came when Jake Moody blocked BENNY CARLISLE-Bristow All State End JAKE MOODY-Stroud End I , - K1 4, .4 ' i il Iugc One Hundred Forty-six .2 . 3 Y? fe ft fwfafwff g 2-XMSWL, ,Mft JACK THoMPsoN-Barnsdall End BILL BROWN-Ckla. City 3 Tackle I J its L , A a punt and Cleo Beck pounced on it for the score. On November 14 the East Central Tigers were the Broncho victims by the tune of l9-O. The Central attack was led by Dorman Landtroop's passes and Fullback Ewul Jones who made 75 of the 217 rusing yards, Landtroop tossed one counter to Benny Carlisle and French and Andeel made two on plunges. The Bronchos ended the season undefeated by nosing out the Northeastern Redmen 7-6. Landtroop passed the Bronchos to the three-yard line and Bill Anderson hit the line for the score. Combs kicked the extra point. The Red- men had scored earlier on a pass from Burger to Stratton but had failed to kick the point. Thus the Central Broncho Gridmen completed a most impressive season without a loss in conference play to win Oklahoma Collegiate Conference. Cen- tral placed three men on the All-Conference team, Dorman Landtroop, Ewul Jones backfield men and Benny Carlisle, end. RESULTS Central O Arkansas U. 56 Central O Arkansas Tech. 19 Central 25 Southeastern O Central l 9 Northwestern O Central 7 Southwestern 6 Central 26 O. C. U. O Central 19 East Central O ig at p Central 7 Northeastern 6 I DALE BOLES--Cushing ,---... it ... A 'Y Guard Page One Hundred lforly-seven Ilmc Unc Hundred I-urty-cwhz Kanada!! W QQBASKETBALL - 3 ew ANDIRSOIX KENNETH CORLI-Y CRANVORD l7RliNCll ELMER KlNCANNON Ponta Czlq Eldorado Pamzmu Hastings f Stir orxi ard All State Center Captain Elect 1945 Central State landed two cagers on the first team on the All Star team in the Oklahoma Collegiate Conference race. Bill Anderson and Kenneth Cor- ley Won all-star berths. Bill Anderson, slender Ponca City flash playing his last season for the Bron- chos was the first team choice on eight out of nine ballots. Anderson missed two games because of a dislocated shoulder that he received on his Mexico tour but in the other 14 games plunked in l6l points for an average of ll.5 points a game to lead the conference. Kenneth Corley, rangy Central center playing his third season beat out Otis Cioodrich, Southeastern 6-foot-6 freshman for the first team center spot. Elmer Kincannon, center from Hastings, earned his second letter for the Bron- chos this year. Page One Humireil l'orly-nine "' brim LUKE Trio SON EARL APPLEBEE BERNIE SIMPSON lVlURL APPLEBEE Waurika Ponca City Ponca City Ponca City Coach Dale Hamilton had three returning lettermen and a host of freshmen to start the basketball season. With two or three freshmen in the lineup Ham- ilton turned out a good team that finished third in one of the hottest races in the Collegiate Conference history. The season opener was played at Commerce, Texas, with the Bronchos los- ing the first of a two game series to East Texas Teachers 33-28 and the second game 42-37. Central defeated Tonkawa 25-l4 and 37-22. The next two games were with Arkansas University at Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Razor- backs won both games 43-23 and 42-25. The next sixteen games were conference affairs. The Broncs won ten and lost six in the conference games. They finished in third place, Southeastern of Durant finished first and East Central was in second place. The Bronchos didn't win the title but they put up a stiff fight to their more experienced opponents. Before the season ended Central had defeated both the first and second place teams in the conference. Southeastern played in the fi- nals in the tournament at Kansas City, Missouri, where some of the best teams in the country assemble each year. This gives you some idea of what a race there was for the basketball crown in the Collegiate Conference with all the teams having a well rounded squad. Iagt Om Hundred Fifty Howmau SAVAGE l31.u1aN PAYNE JUNE Dmvmxs Oklu. City Bethany Edmond Central East Texas Central East Texas Central Tonkawa Central Tonkawa Central Arkansas U. Central Arkansas U. Central East Central Central O. C. U. Central O. B. U. Central Southeastern Central Phillips Central O. C. U. Central Northeastern Central Southwestern Central Northwestern Central Phillips Central Northwestern Central East Central Central Southeastern Central O. B. U. Central Northeastern Central Southwestern mf 'ref BUNNY CARLISLE Bristow 33 42 14 22 43 42 38 24 27 48 31 27 27 3l 39 50 43 46 31 36 Z8 21 One Hundred fifty-on Wcamew W I Um' Hum1'rm1' Izflu two W. A. A. SWEATER AND LETTER GIRLS First Row QLefI Io Rightl-Eunice Ruth Kennedy. Ruth Hughes. Bethene Mitchell. Second Row-Helen Vv'alton. Lucy Lawter, Vkfanda Shedrick. Edith Miller. Earlene Sallis. Third Row-Doothy Cartmill, Norma Bowser. Juanita Eagen, Elizabeth Heusel, Mildred Eaulk. Four-th Row-Lillian Feltman, Maxine Vollmer. Jean Dawson, Marian Eaves, Hilda Miller. Wanda Hamilton, Loretta Biles. WOMENS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The W. A. A. offers to all Central Coeds an opportunity of expressing sportsmanship, and wholesome use of leisure time through various activities and seasonal sports. Officers for the year 1941-42 are: President, Edith Mil- lerg vice-president, Mildred Eaulk: secretary-treasurer, .Io Darrow: and sponsor. Miss Plunkett. Ciirls who have been active in all sports and who have maintained their academic standing, and have earned eight hundred points are entitled to wear the sweater. With an additional seven hundred points she may wear the letter, and for each year of service afterwards a service stripe. These are awarded by the association. Central was represented at the State Play Day at Prices Falls in 1941 by nine all-around outstanding members. The Hockey Varsity was present at the Eall Hockey Play Day at the University. On October 18 the swimming team attended the Collegiate Swimming Meet held yearly at O. U. In the spring of last year W. A. A. members were hostess to a High School Girls Softball tournament. We were represented in the Norman Spring Tennis Meet. Page One Hundred fzflg three TENNIQUICT VARSITY Left ito Right-Jean Dawson, Lillian Eeltman, Loretta Biles, Marian Eaves, Eunice Kennedy Elizabeth Heusel, Thelma Wilson, Edith Miller, Ruth Hughes. Page One Hundred Fifty-four TENNIS VARSITY Left lu 12z'ght-Wanda Shcdrick, Ruth Hughes, Helen Walton. SWIMMING VARSITY W Left to Right-Edith Miller, Jean Dawson, Bemy Faye Stone, Dorothy Oder, Jane NVAX, Dorothy Miner. Page One Humlred lfifly-five VOLLEY BALL VARSITY First Row CLeft to Rightj-Lucy Lawter, Eunice Kennedy, Earlene Sallis, Juanita Eagen Second Row-Mildred Faulk, Ruth Hughes, Lillian Feltman, Hilda Miller. Third Row-Jean Dawson, Norma Bowser, Helen Walton, Bethene Hubbard, Edith Miller Page One Hundred Ififly-siix PLAYDAY VARSITY Left to R1'ght-Wanda Shedrick, Earlene Sallis, Helen Walton. Edith Miller, Mildred Eaulk, Eunice Kennedy, Dorothy Cartmill, Bethene Hubbard, Jean Dawson. Page One Hundred Fifty-seven SOFTBALL VARS!TY f Frst Row Cleef! lo Rz'ghlJ4Maxine Vollmer, Mildred Faulk, Eunice Kennedy, Juanita Eagan, Earlene Sallis. Second Row--Edith Miller, Norma Bowser, Jean Dawson. Thelma Wilson, Third Row-Lillian Fellman, Rmb Hughes. Alma Rundcll, Loretta Biles. Page One Hundred 1"z'fty-Hgh! HOCKEY VARSITY l.l'l'1 lla liigzlyl-Nlaxgnrcl lfmncs. Mnry Bell Swanson. Corlic Boyd. linlllcrinc Clnppvr. Zuln NlcNu1r. lfdlh Millar, 'llllCll11.1 NVilson. llarlcne Sallis. Marian Eaves. Jo Darrow, Jenn Daw- son. Phyllis Thompson. lilizabcth Hcusel. Pauline Ledbettcr. Page Om' 1'1umI1'm1' IIIIUJYIAVTL K.2?!J .lf V A yf S 1, E, ll! , ORCHESIS . Qu N ,. Ov! self we a af Firsl Row lLeff zo R1'ghll7VJanda Harrell, Jean Dawson, Jane XVaX. Leta Mae Helderman. Second Row'-Margaret Wheatley. Dortha Doyle. Betty Ifaye Stone, DeNola Marshall. Joan Cooper. Orchesis under the direction of Miss Betty Jane Mavrico, is the phase of the W. A. A. organized for the study and appreciation of the dance, Officers are: President, Shirley McCalla: vicefpresident, Betty Faye Stone: secretary, Joan Cooper: treasurer, Wanda Harrell. The annual Recital of Modern Dance was presented April 2, 1942. Orchesis participated in a benefit program for the Y. Chapel at the Frank Buttram Home, October ll, l94l, The girls were invited to Will Rogers Air Base, Oklahoma City, where they presented a Modern Dance program to the men stationed there. Their annual Chapel was held March 4, 1942, at the College Auditorium. Iugt Om Hundred Slixltf Of hu. V i ll ' M il 'EE'-E f f - ff . - +- -fm, .ng -A - vi. Lil if M fg? N-, wg ff: :ilu-- : "?'?m . I 42wi-flfzrfii'-:lF""5M' 1. 'X Lf A 'L 5' ' X LL , ., hw 5 Q 1 -V A A . - X naw. ' " ..Q,,.y':-gf Lf-1' 'rgxwek .-'w,i1t' ,Mfs K W' 7:f1'f2y2.Jiwt1" -'f-.Ls-511:-.fnXzfm',:zff,-ffizx-fe,.zfff-iff-r 5,5 Q? , xr - -i zzilpg.fig,Eggjflgziw,x,y:g,gf,Qg1m.wk gMSW2ffEa.:::::,17 , -15 . -Q.fW??1L12ifX1LL::zifee 2 LL W ' . 'W 1 Mft ' 9 -.--'Qrgigyf-X515--fwwf,wgs.Qawv:ef4f4gsv,f,4 M'14-212'-Hz:ffffflf1fFZFi'X' .ffm fly' 'f' . Af'g1f11 ' z 1 -1 1 L' fy ? -, . L. Q:-af. 2-5.wks111awg12efig'gZszhf4:QQ-Lzixuffwsgggx 3fYLfT5??!l2f 222:-i?'qfg'f?S'1fM,g'vKSffafEf1E5pf5?,gs,3hw1"ggf mgiggmg '- f. gr , f 1-vzagffiggwggxggf532-fwiefgiwigmhgwm.,.,- - :fi-"1 ' Swv -WI-f:'5 Q? xii -Ml: 2 WL. 5142-15:54 lf' ZVQ?-'ik JF ,ENZPA -'sij5,:g'fV 1 ' fkllfe if 4:24 r AV 1- if-, ,j U: ,JJ ,A -iif 1-10351, Vi' . .' - ' 7,Tf1'f'ff:i".ufQu-1 K ,452,if:'ffifS1wf'QgI.q?.i: A M95-Qfl if . 5 4' ' 7 f' ' f , Q Q 14 V f r f f A' . . A S 1' " Y . --,. f 'Q - . mg-fttL'g,s11fefmgi'fmy-xEw6fQi,iEH f V f W7 A, Jsffgjmsff,-.--wal. 2 4 M f r Q41 f'?s2Qif1'1Uivailiigiefffxw A 2 mf?-lffgisgf' A ,. P Q- 1: Y' F F . ' - L,,kgsb-wx pq, A ,.,,. 111fmffsQ.X3,'zfgw1Qtawfw I 1,1 A . 1f.,,. Q., -,,.ef1 f,,1,4,,9,iw1m,151ff:JW .1v:..rfEf5n1z,f:f,sf.S- 1 - V ' f + X -5532519--.fy-Lf,1QLmfg, -,Q 'f ,al-w fy-fx: L'-fa -f.11xv2Sm'f?fgyAk??f Q f Af - mf- 3 L p -.1 Q 5 HQNXMZKQ i :.,,f,,,,,, .,M,H4,,v,5Mi 1, If giilnxgffgmg, .J Q f i ,Q K , ,,.,-,L.2,:f:sf,fig rv 4 . MW' j-MM VM.. f, - mVY'f,1 M 46211 k g 3 Jim? "MZ" 'fix ff f f"", f"f-4 f ffw 5? A .w f ,Q ,- f , , f A 1 1 ,, .V 1 ,., 1 .43-ifgf. - A , "Q, fd- J 1. 7 gf, J ..-n. . ,' ,X . J, I , G jr an 'f' -I Y' f J ,LQ if ,f f 5 V 5 2 E r957i'FLFFFFF ,LZ W N 3 ,msgid , ,pix ya ,,,J.i,,J 3,1 15? gif' " , x M rf, iff A f 'J ,I f 5 2 4 5 TQ-1.52Q 'EF ,-m- w j,3A.53 fr. Q" ,W .gf " 4 w t,-IH" :mv 01,4 ff. . J 'fx' L-f Q! g f "-'-.S 2:-:lf-'E -1:3 E -e:fss.-a ":.'!2.T.1.' 1m -1 "'-2?-1 2..'a"7-E ""-.12 :aw :'3:E-'-E ,Yi il :.f:f-gc,-M, .. ,..i,. 4, 4.,,, .,,.,:,, .,,,f .,,,,,.S,. - -naw-M: M ww., A ff 4. xl N' 4 .5 Page One Hundred Sixty-two RECEPTIONS RUSH PARTIES DANCES WEDDINGS CAMPUS QUEEN www.. CsA 'izgl Um 1'z'um1'1uu' .SIv.X1Lj'llII'L'L Pago Om' HLl!7CfI'C'C1 Sixty f-OLII SOCIETY EVENTS QF THE YEAR STUDENT MIXER The social activities of the school began with an all-school mixer on the evening of Friday, September 5, 1941, in Wantland I-Iall. The evening was spent in playing games and folk dancing undcr the direction of Professor Ives. Refreshments were served by the members of the Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. EACULTY RECEPTION The faculty reception was held Tuesday evening, September 9, in the spa- cious drawing room of Murdaugh I-Iall. President and Mrs. R. R. Robinson together with the faculty members received the students. Lovely refreshments were served at a floral decorated refreshment table. The string trio furnished a background of music for the occasion. "Y" TEA The Central State College Young Women's Christian Association entertained the coeds with a tea at Murdaugh Hall on Sunday afternoon, September 14, Guest speaker at the tea, Mrs. Berta K. Spooner of Oklahoma City, was intro- duced by Mrs. Robinson. The musical program of piano and vocal selections was presented. Tea was served by the "Y W" members. SENATE SMOKER The Senate members opened the fall rush parties Thursday evening, Septem- ber 4, with a smoker in the reception room of Thatcher Hall. The rushees, members, and guest enjoyed smoking cigars and relating customary memory stories. The Senate Club, Central's debate organization of long standing, is sponsored by Professor L. B. Ray. Page One Hundred Sz'xlyffic'e 3 I ' 2-.. . .I ' Qfgf T f H . ,f- ,ye be s ,S I L' SHAKESPEARE PROPAGANDA PARTY The Shakespeare Club was hostess to 50 rushees at a breakfast Saturday, September 6, in the ultra-modern dining room of Royce Cafe. The morning's entertainment followed the theme of propagandist and fifth columnist activities as pertaining to campus clubs. An official welcome was given by president Kathryn Kerr Brown who also introduced the club sponsors, Mrs. Hattie Seay Binion and Miss Bessie Lee Freeman. CRITERION LINE PARTY A back-to-school party was given by the Criterion Club when they enter- tained rushees at a line party and supper September ll. The group went to the theatre after which a special dinner was served at Royce Cafe. Miniature erasers, slates, and pencils were used as favors. The club colors, rose and silver, formed the color scheme for the dinner. BID HOUSE Rush week, a social whirl of entertainment, closed with a bang at the annual Bid House held in Dean Meagher's reception room Friday afternoon, September 12. Criterions, Shakespeares, Triumvirates, and Tau Theta Kappas took part in the ceremony which pledged 56 coeds to Central social clubs. CENTRAL COLLEGE CLUB TEA The Central College Club honored the new college faculty members with a tea Sunday, September 28, in Memorial Hall. Numbers on the program included a piano solo by Bertha Kathryn Eoirdice, selections by the college string trio, and a vocal solo by Dorothy Oder. Page One Hundred Sixty-six Q. l rf l t i QU 0 ,- Ra Qgifll 51 W '- XNLL A 'B X INDIAN CLUB PROGRAM Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour entertained the Indian Club members in her home September 29. The group discussed the program for the coming school year. Anna Marie May was chosen president of the club. TRIUMVIRATE PARTY Very pretty indeed was the rush party held by the Triumvirate Club at the home of Miss Willa Claire Cox. Blue and white snapdragons decorated the terrace where the party was held. A red. white. and blue color scheme was used to carry out the military theme. Miss Beulah Mae Cteller, club president, gave a talk. Special music was played by Mrs. Leona Rose. AGGIE CLUB PARTY The first Aggie party Was held Monday evening. September 29, in Old North Tower. The evening was spent in folk and party games and contests. Refreshments were served. Page One Humlrcd Sixty-sever: ERESHMAN QUEEN CONTEST The "lively" freshmen began their activities on the campus with the election of Miss Odessa Smith as 1941 Football Queen. Miss Smith was crowned at the Homecoming celebration. She was attended by Miss Magdalene Carlton and lVliss Betty Gouldy. The queen and her attendants. Wore sport clothes of bronze and blue, Central State College colors, and carried chrysanthemums, the football flower. SENATE SPORT DANCE Approximately 300 students danced to the music of the "Rays of Rythm" at the first school dance of the year sponsored by the Senate Club Saturday night, October 4, in Murdaugh hall. The program featured the 16-piece colored orchestra. A color scheme of blue and gold, Senate colors, was carried out through the costumes of the orchestra members who Wore gold blouses and blue slacks. Fruit punch was served. Page One Hundred Sixty-eight XR-ff' w' "7"""-X' L f ,E f fl ., 4 .? Ag n Z . tw HOMECOMINC1 The 1941 Homecoming, a brilliant closing page for the history of Centra1's first 50 years, was celebrated October 11. Alumni, former students, their guests, and old friends flocked to the campus. The events of Homecoming Day began at 12 o'clock with a long and color- ful parade led by the Old North Tower float. Central State College band wore new navy blue serge uniforms in the parade. There were 12 visiting bands taking part in the events of the day. Free barbecue for former Centralites and their husbands and wives was at 1 o'clock. The barbecued beef was given by the Edmond Alumni club, down- town citizens, and civic organizations. At 2 o'clock there was the ground turning ceremony for the Y Chapel, at which Mrs. C. C. Hisel, daughter of Central's first president, had the honor of turning the first spade of dirt. The chapel is to be located north of Vkfantland Hall. Saturday afternoon six thousand filled the stadium and bleachers to witness the football game between Central and Southeastern from Durant. The corona- tion of Odessa Smith as 1941 Freshman Football queen took place at the half, After the homecoming game Alumni members were honored by a president's reception in Murdaugh Hall. Social club presidents registered former members, The Senate Club held a smoker in Thatcher for returning graduate members. At the Alumni Banquet in the evening, the class of 1916 was the honor class and occupied the head table. A large Treasure Chest or "Time Capsule", con- taining records of the first 50 years of campus clubs and the institution, was sealed. lt will be put in the corner stone of the Y Chapel and labled to be opened in 1991. The day ended with a Homecoming dance at Wantland hall, which was gaily decorated in red, white and blue. Frank Markwell and his 12-piece orch- estra from Oklahoma City furnished the music at the dance. Page One Hundred Sixly-nim' TAU THETA KAPPA CHILI SUPPER Twenty five rushees were entertained by the members of Tau Theta Kappa social club October 13, at a line party and chili supper. The guests attended the theatre after which the chili supper was held in the mural room at Royce Cafe. ALPHA PHI SIGMA INITIATION Alpha Phi Sigma initiation was held October I6 at 7:30 in Thatcher Hall for 24 new members annd l l old members were advanced to master and apprentice ranking. Almeta Marshall president of the organization, was in charge of the service. LES CHEEETTES STYLE SHOW Members of the Les Chefettes, home economics club, modeled clothes from Harry Katz, Inc., Oklahoma City, in the living room of Murdaugh hall October 20, at' 8 p. m. A background of music was furnished by the college orchestra. Refreshment were served. SPANISH CLUB The Central Spanish club has joined the ranks of active campus departmental clubs. A meeting was held October 20, under the direction of Prof. Dwight Davis, sponsor. The entertainment for the evening consisted of Spanish games. KAPPA DELTA PI HEARS SPEAKER Members of the Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education society, met October 27, in the dean's reception room. The guest speaker for the evening was Mrs. Juan- ita Lee of Oklahoma City. Page One Hundred Seventy III KX! ill , A 7 Cv CRITERION HALLOWEEN PARTY ,Criterion members met October 27, at the home of Kathryn Eordice for an open meeting at which guest and rushees were present. A Halloween motif was used in the decorations and refreshments. Th program consisted of piano num- bers by Lowell Ketch and vocal solos by Bob Watkins. YM-YWCA HALLOVJEEN EROLIC Kathryn Fordice was hostess to YW-YMCA members at her home October 28, for the annual Y Halloween frolic. Appropriate games, contests and char- ades were played by all. A cutting from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Pit and the Penduluml' was given by Allen Price. Page One Hundred Seventy-om .J . ' X' ' S cr Milli A ,.iS'vilKQa I 4 Q Vrrfgawjz ' A l Sw SADIE HAWIQINS DAY Thursday, October 30, was declared as Sadie Hawkins' Day by Central Col- lege girls. Erom 5 p. m. to 12 p, m. the usual ed-coed pursuit was reversed. The students Hwooed dogpatch style" Cand officiallyj and the campus femmes footed all the bills, The girls escorted the boys to an informal dance in Murdaugh hall, after which they treated them to a show. SOCIAL SCIENCE ARMISTICE PROGRAM An Armistice theme was carried out at the Social Science Club program Nov- ember 3. A paper entited i'November ll, l9l8, as reflected in the Press of the Time" was given by Margaret Carpenter, and "The Origin of Woodrow Wison's Fourteen Points" was given by Cvlenn Rose, SHAKESPEARES DONATE TIME TO RED CROSS The Shakespeare members and pledges spent Monday evening, November 3, sewing, knitting, cutting and folding bandages and doing miscellaneous things for the Red Cross drive for the benefit of children and homeless in the warring countries, The Shakespeares are the first Central State College club to donate time and service to this cause. Page One Hundred Seuemy-two DAD'S DAY Central College was a veritable "bed of fathers" Friday, November 9, as dads of Central students came from all parts of the state to attend the annual Dad's Day program. Registration in the morning opened the all-day program which was concluded by the Broncho-O. C. U. football game. Visiting fathers inspected the campus throughout the day, and were entertained at a special assembly given by the dramatics department. At 12:15 luncheon was given in honor of the fathers in Murdaugh hall dining room. Immediately after the luncheon, the officers of the Dad's Day association were elected for 1942. Mr. H. M. Kanaly, President of the association, presided over the elec- tion. ARENAMEN'S INFORMAL PARTY Members and pledges of the Arena, men's social club, attended an informal party and dance in the Broncho room of Royce Cafe Friday night, November 6. The entertainment lasted until 12 p. m. and was for the Arenamen and their dates. ARENA HAWAIIAN DANCE A Hawaiian setting was used when Arena men staged an all-school dance Sat- urday night, November 15, in the Murdaugh dining room. Music was furn- ished by Frank Markwell and his Swingmasters of Oklahoma City. A soft lighting effect was attained by the use of amber lights. A group of balloons in the middle of the room burst and showered confetti on the dancers. Punch was served at the close of the evening. Page Om- Hundred Seuenly-three '4' s 4 l QQ, E. ,A 'fly ' 1 N ' ,f f f E f V' If lp I .1 ' A fri? X ' .' it ',: it ,A f- 1 CRITERION CLUB HOLDS INITIATION SERVICES Members of the Criterion social club held a formal pledge service for l l pros- pective members. The special candlelight ceremoney was held November 10. The ritual was performed against a background of red roses and candlelight. Pink and silver, Criterion colors, carried out the color scheme. FROSH PARTY The Murdaugh hall dining room was the scene for a freshman party-dance November 21. Approximately 75 students square danced to the calling of M. O. Baggerley. The music for the dancing was supplied by a fiddle and a guitar. Page One Hundred Seventy-four NYM FIRESIDE The annual Thanksgiving fireside sponsored by the "Y" was held in That- cher hall Tuesday, November 25. The program consisted of special music, wor- ship service, speaker and recreation. THANKSGIVING DINNER Thanksgiving dinner was served to the residents of Murdaugh and Thatcher halls. The old custom of having a turkey dinner with all the trimmings was observed. The dinner was Tuesday night, November 25. TAU THETA KAPPA THANKSGIVING PARTY Tau Theta Kappa club was entertained November 23 by its new members at a party in the small dining room of Murdaugh hall. A Thanksgiving theme was used in the decorations and refreshments. The group held an informal social hour of dancing to nickelodeon music. KAPPA DELTA PI HOLDS INITIATION A banquet and initiation of two Kappa Delta Pi pledges took place in the dining room of Murdaugh Hall, December 4. Music was furnished by Prof. Albert Weatherly and talks on professional interests were given by Miss Nadine Campsey and Miss Margaret Carpenter. Page One Hundred Seuunly-five MANLESS DANCE Since Uncle Sam has drafted most of the college boys, coeds of Murdaugh hall staged a manless dance Tuesday evening, December 9, The girls have adopted the following theme song, "Why Don't We Do This More Often?" CHRISTMAS PARTIES The Criterion members held a Christmas exchange in Old North Tower. Pauline McPheeters, president, acted as Santa Claus. Triumvirate club attended a Christmas party that was held in Murdaugh hall. Evergreen trees and white tapers were used for decorations. Special music and games pertaining to the holidays were included in the program. Shakespeare members and pledges celebrated the holiday festivities with a Christmas party in the mural room of Royceys. The room was decorated in the traditional red and green. Christmas' carols were sung by the group and games and dancing to the nickelodeon music constituted the entertainmnet. Refresh- ments were served. Tau Theta Kappa club met for a Christmas party in the dean of women's reception room. The group exchanged gifts. Refreshments of fruit, nuts and Christmas candy were served. 'Vliss Jeston Hampton entertained the Social Science members with a Christmas party at her home. DORMITORIES HOLD ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY Thatcherites and Murdaugh coeds met at lO o'cloclc, December l8, in their respective residential halls for Christmas parties and gift exchanges. Musical numbers were provided as entertainment at Thatcher party, after which the boys came to Mrdaugh hall and sang Christmas carols to Murdaugh coeds. Page One Hundred Seventy-six CRITERION SNOWBALL DANCE Miss Wanda Hamilton was crowned queen of the annual Criterion Snowball dance by Herman Muns on Saturday night,December 13. The identity of the queen was revealed by a shower of white ballons, after which Miss Hamilton descended from behind a huge snowball. Miss Hamilton was escorted to the throne by Mr, Muns and was followed by the attendants, Pauline McPheeters, Virginia McCain, Allyne Love, Betty Rose Wallace and Ruth Haynes, The decorations consisted of the traditional pink and silver which was car- ried out with the flowers and tall candelabra. Snow filled the windows and covered the throne. Pink and Silver programs were used. Frank Markwell and the Swingmasters furnished the music for the program dance. The floor show consisted of a skit of Brenda and Cobina. The program continued with Vir- ginia Scritchfield, Pat Tankersley and Betty Treichler singing a song written in honor of the occasion. CRITERION FLUNKIE ELING Pledges of the Criterion club entertained the members and their dates with a Flunkie Fling Thursday, January 15, l942. The dance was given to celebrate the flunking of final semester exams. Bids resembling slates were given to the members. Lollypops were given as favors. HOUSE COUNCIL TEA Members of the House President's Council, together with their housemothers, were honored at a reception and tea Wednesday afternoon, January 28, at 4 o'clock at Murdaugh hall by members of Murdaugh. The affair was in charge of the Murdaugh hall council. SECOND SEMESTER INITIATIONS Ecrmal initiation of pledges into the four Central State College coed social clubs was held Monday night, February 9. Candlelight iniatory services were used by the Criterion, Triumvirate, Shakespeare, and Tau Theta Kappa clubs. Page One Hundred Seuenly-seven PRESIDENT'S RECEPTION Dr. and Mrs. R. R. Robinson, entertained Central State College faculty mem- bers and additional guests at a reception in their home Tuesday night, February 3. Decorations of red and white carried out the St. Valentine theme. Red carn- ations adorned the center position of the dining table. Music for the occasion Was furnished by the CSC string trio. ALPHA PHI SIGMA INITIATES NEW MEMBERS Initiation of new members by Alpha Phi Sigma, honorary scholastic fra- ternity, took place March 5, in the living room of Thatcher hall. Officers of the club Were in charge of the initiation. ARENA SMOKER Arena smoker was held in the living room of Thatcher hall, February l6. A progam was presented by the Shakespeare and Criterion clubs. Refreshments consisted of candy and cigars. Page One Hundred Seventy-eight ., aa- a J G.. X . e-,ii ,Tw + A be .T A fif' ' if MURDAUGH COEDS BUY DEFENSE BOND Residents of Murdaugh Hall invested the house funds in a defense bond. The bond was the first purchased by any campus organization. The money was originally saved for the spring dance, but a patriotic move was highly favored by the girls. RECEPTION FOR HONOR STUDENTS Honor students of Central State College were guests at a reception Monday night, February 23, given by the Gamma Omega chapter of Kappa Delta Pi in the drawing room of Murdaugh hall. Refreshments were served. W. A. A. STAGE COED COSTUME DANCE Fifty manless couples attended the initial WAA dance-party in the gymnasium Thursday night, March l9, CSC femmes were admitted by coming in couples, one dressed as the "girl l left behind" and the other as one of those much-dream- ed-of males. The first part of the evening was spent dancing waltzes, jive numbers, and popular selections. Prizes were given for the most comical, most original, most beautiful and most ridiculous costumes. ARENA BARN DANCE The annual Arena Barn dance was Saturday night, April 25, in the college gymnasium. The decorations consisted of a realistic setting of a regular barn dance. The Arenamen and their dates were dressed in country style. Refresh- ments of apple cider was served. An added feature of the dance this year was a country-style box-supper which was conducted during intermission. The pro- ceeds of the dance were used to buy a defense bond. PRESS CLUB WIENER ROAST The first warm days of spring meant a Wiener roast in Fink park for the members of the Press Club. March 30, the group Walked to Fink park and played softball, but the highlight of the evening was the roasting of the wieners on a campfire. Page One Hundred Seventy-nine BOOGIE WOOGIE BLACKOUT On April ll the members of the Criterion staged a Boogie Woogie Blackout defense dance. The proceeds from the dance went to buy defense stamps. SHAKESPEARE BRIDGE TOURNEY The Shakespeare Club sponsored a bridge tournament during the Week of March 30, in which the Shakespeares, Criterions, and Triumvirates participated. The Shakespeares came through victorious. SENIOR TEA On May fifth the American Association of University Women entertained the College Senior girls and High School Seniors with a tea in Murdaugh hall from 2:30 until 5 o'clock, The room was beautifully decorated with spring flowers. The center of the refreshment table consisted of an arch of orange blosoms with a couple of senior girl dolls standing under the arch. The Seniors were intro- duced to the reception line by Dr. Harbour, sponsor of the l942 Class. The Freshmen girls played hostess to the Senior girls, ROBINSON SENIOR PARTY Dr. and Mrs. R. R. Robinson gave a party in' honor of the seniors in their home May 14. Spring flowers and the senior colors were used in the color scheme. The receiving line consisted of Dr. and Mrs. Robinsong senior sponsors, Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour and Dr. Fred lVlcCarre1l: and class oficers. Page One Hundred Eighty EVELYN BROWN LLL LL GEORGIA SEXON 22 ,H MAURINE BARNES 1V1fXRION RUSSELL L DELOIS MCKINNEY ANNA MARIE MAY WEDDINGS ,November 16, 19412 WL December 30, 1941 January 14, 1942 ,.,,LL,January 18, 1942 LLLLL February 7, 1942 IX offs I 'haf rw XL L L WILLIAM BAILEY November 29, 19412222 2.22 B. B. YOUNG, JR. X EARL YOST, JR. GEORGE TALL CHIEF I W. T. BROWN ,- OVA LEE FARROW r W --.LV lu 1, 'pw , C, , X I , I A I f 1x Page One Hundred Eiqbfy-one 9 'P Queen ef Qeehel Side eec!74 QW af eww sm Sm MCfW 5 umired Ezghly-four MW , gJ'XWi,WJfWj 2? M 1 f F P NZZQMZWZ Za Zim Zum Welch fean Siemmfi NZZMCZWLZ Za Me Qmm WWW awww ,MQTYJM QW gggffjif MWMWW lumirvd Izmir! ugh! 2 J W STM. 511, 5,1 ZZYZCQZ WM dj Qwhaf Side x uf A buy Xs if WAV 1 I F L 2 1" ef' f , I f 1' 5' I 5 : J V! ff' f I fir, V. Il 1 K sf J' , 5 .G " x X ' s V ,- If LL If" lr ' L, ll. I jr I I X N r I 'Q s X t LW Vztx f x Om llmfdrrd .NVIWPIU Uris' Um UM amz fda Wm. Q. X3 Qammm 1 1 5 4 1 1 . I , 1 l i 1 1 5 1 i 4 i 1 1 Page One Hundred Ninety-Ihree ililll-RIS BOXX l N .Senior She is president ol the Social Science Club. D' lense Chairman of Cri- terion Club. and was a delegate to the interna- tional Relations Confer- UNCC. l,l'ON S'l'DRSlS Senzor lle has served as vice-president and Bronze Book reprssentative for Alpha Phi Sigma. President ol' Sophomore Class. Reportcr of lndian club. Treasurer of lhatcer hall. Bronze Book Rep- resentative for Commerce club. Assistant busi'ness manager of Bronze Booli. also is a member of Arena cltib. Debate Squad and League oi Young Democrats. He was Winneagof the lfreshman vmrd Scholarship '. . College Scholarship tgophvfxand is on the l,ist ot- Di9tirf'gtl.i'shed Studengs af Centrally ' -If ,I v ia. ft- : f '. f ml ' ul .ag - A' ref .- if i- 1 J ,. ,. it t. g 6 ' .W 'lr' f' , 4' ' ' li! BERTHA K. Foizoicgt. Sophomore She has been President and Treasurer of Criterion Club. Re- porter of Social Science. Recrea- tion Chairman of YXVCA. and is a member of Blue Curtains. Second Generation. Alpha Phi Sigma. and A Cappella. She was winner of lfreshman Essay contest. and a Delegate to Inter- national Relations Conference. and is on the of Disting- uished Students of Central. lEXVL'l. .lostfs Senior He is President of 'l'hatcher Hall. Secretary and 'lireasurer ol' l.etterman's Club. Reporter for Press Club. Sports lfditor for Bronze Book. Sports llditor for The Vista. and Sergeant-an artns of Arena Club. He lettered four years in football and was selected as All State this year. 3 Z SYI3I.t1 PENN Senior She is a member of Shakespeare Club. Tre urer of Senior Class. F ultv Editor of Broi Book. and has been C responding s e c r e t a 1 Treasurer and Vice pr ident of Chefet She is listed among XVh Vwlho Among Students American Universities 2 Colleges and is Secretl to the President. l K.'X'l'llRYN lil-RR-BRUWN Seriror She has been a student at Central since l0l7. start- ing in the first grade. con- tinuing through high school and college. She is Art llditor ol' the Bronze Book. member ol' Kappa Pi Art lfraternity. and is on the l,ist ol Dis- tinguished Studentrs ol Central. and also President ttf Shakespeare cltib. RUBY KRl1l'l'lNtH Senior She is asistant Busness Manager of Bronze Book. and is a mem- ber of Alpha Phi Sigma. Chelettes. Second Generation Club and is on the list of Dis- tinguished Students of Central. IDARREI -l'ROXlil. Senior He is Business Manager of Bronze Book. Vice-president of YMCA. Secretary of Thatcher Hall. President of Vvlesley Foun- dation. as well as being a mem- ber of Social Science Club and among Whos Vwlho Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. He is Bronze Book representative for Senate Club. 5, T. ,.L. v V .tl . W' l .Mr A. .. yt E-X fy XVILHA SANDERSON V Senior SlllRl.lfY lVlCC:Al.l,A Jtmror She is President of Orchesis. Rush Captain of Shakespeare and a member of Alpha Phi Sig- ma, Kappa Pi. and is listed on XVho's Vslho Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Sh: has been Secreta and president of Triumx rates. Secretary and Tres urer of Les Chefettes. ai Vice-president and Pre: dent of Nlurdaugh Ha She is a member of Alp' Phi Sigma. Club Editor Bronze Book and is list on Vs7ho's Vklho Amor Students in American U iversities and Colleges. Haiti is Mem, Bots Pllll.l,lPS .lk'NlfI"ll'. kvll.l.l.'XXlS liX'l:l.YN BKDNYN B.Xll.l Y kk C Sxxxt Senior .Senior N ell e mor la Sentor p7 17711 in has been Treasure She is president ol' Ofpheus. and He is assistant edit ol' Bronze She is a member oi' .Xlpha Phi He has lieen uphomore class. 'l reasure a member ol' Shakespzare. A l'moolC.o'ri the list1of7.Disti1igiii'Qi' Sigma and is among the list oi -Xreni S eitttix nd Bronze Book Re Jr Cappella. Orehesis. Girls Quar- ed Studtntslof Gtelntimll. and is Distinguished Students ol' Cen- er i Stite To Lge ve ol' Are a C 1 . let. and is lfeattiri liditor of atnonxg kVl'1o'i5lYilho.l1Xmong Stu- tral as well as V.'lio's XVho Am- Seqrettrv f ei is Assistant 'utr ss Bronre Pmookf e alsCp,ifsJlisted ylet is in tg ni 'fan Universities .ing Students, in zkiiierittlti Lfni Young Demoeiats me flanager of Bron: , ok among XVho's E. ho Angling Stuf .L lp Colleil s. X, xx eet'siti.'s and Colleges. She has Viet president me is a membe -' t e dents in Aipzeiiican Universities i 'QQ XQJ XX. 'X been Vice-president. Secretary. Sophomore Cliss Ommerce Clu . o ral and Colleges? I ' x. Xiu VX Corresponding Seeretarv. and nee Club. I ag of ,, 7 , Q Reporter of Chsliettesi See- oung Demo' s. D, ha ' m ' IelJI'V and l.'iee'pi'esident ol iSigma. rc is 1 the ' Nlurdaugh Hall. She also ha of J d Stu- . ,, s ' 'A been President and Seeretatv ol ens of I -3' I I 2' the Shakespeare Club.. She is ' ' q' A' ' ' A editor of the Bronze Book. Y -Ai . D i J . .f L , ,. . i' -J ,,' , Q V .7 i' I t A1 1. 1 I I. ' 'Ya V in I. Vik Gl.l-N RUBY liVl'I,YN ldrkhlll. Hl'llXlAN NlUNS .ll,'NlrX S'l'RO'l'Xl.'XN EDW Xlill BROWN SUI7l'4PF Seritioz' JUVYIVOT Senior Sophomozt ts Business Manager She has been Vice-president and Ile is 9 inembrr of Alpha Phi is Vice-President el' YXYCW.. He ts 1 me we Bronze Book. member President of 'l'au ilihgta Kappa. Sigma. Science Club. is listed Seeretarv ol' French Club. lie apt D lt v Indian Club. Soil-Tl Treasurer and Bronye Book Rep, among XVhois XVho Among Stu- porter ol' Xlurdaugh llall. Co unit u nec Club. Debate resentative of Alpha Phi Sigma. dents in American Universities Pmronle Book Representative ol Stuid w ts Hd and is liSlCLl Gm- Seeretarv and 'lireasurer of Sci- and Colleges. and President. Senior Class. She is listed on ttnguisi uunts The DiSIif1tllliSllCll ence Club Recording Secretary Vice-president. 'I't'easui'et'. and XVho's XVho Among Students in Central l x 1 dUllS of CCHIYJI- of YXVCA. as well as heing a Sergeant'at-arms ot Senate Club. 'Xmetican Universities and Ciol ol Smile member ol' the Debate Squad and is on the list ol' Distinguished Students ol' Central, She is also iI.I'CJSlIl'QI' ol Sigma 'liau Delta. llc is president of the .Junior Class and has served as Secretary and 'lireasuret' ol' Thatcher Hall. leues. and member ol Alpha Phi Sigma and Triumvirate. is ',-:Lx . we u w s fx? 6 m,... X .. Q-A X N 'TA ' I '-L:f--- Yi if Q x V' I X M1 Q , Xt i Q - Q X l xx A IE if THE CALL TO SERVICE The bugles sound, the roll of drums and strains of martial music are in the air as the Bronze Book for l942 goes to press. For the third time in the brief history of the college the sons of Central are marching away to the various branches of the military service. Their classmates, the college staff, the citi- zenship of this college town and the state as a whole thrill With pride as these fine men go in defense of our flag, to honor themselves and us. Every thought- ful student, past and present, thrills with pride at the thought that Central State College has had a part in the training of these intelligent, efficient and loyal men. They, and such as they, have represented the college in intellectual, artistic and athletic contests as the years have passed. They go in 1942 to en- gage in the greatest struggle of history, in a contest whose final stakes may be our Democratic ideals and our Christian civilization. Their names and their deeds will embellish pages of history of the college and the state. To offer one's services in response to such a call at such a time, for such a cause, is to discharge the highest privilege of American citizenship. One Hundred Ninety-Seven The bugles sound and a world becomes aware that the ideals of gg i Ufreedom, equality and democra- cy" are faced with the grim "strug- f gle for existence", Totalitarian 5 D ideals have challenged the ideals of Democracy. The altars of Pagan- ism have dared to threaten the altars of Christianity and Barbarisrn invites Civ- ilization to at death struggle. To such a contest for such a prize, to defend the cause of right and righteousness, Central sends her finest sons. The bugles sound and wheels begin to turn in mill and mine, in field, and factories, in shipyards and assembly plants, in experimental laboratories and in schools for specialized training. In all these, and many other fields of service, are found ranks of men and women, acquitting themselves with credit and dis- tinction who once graced the halls of Central College. "Co-eds", who represent the "Bronze and Blue" are found in every avenue of civil service, open to women, They are found in Red Cross, in U. D. C., in the Medical Corps, in production and administrative offices. Like their alumni brothers, they are stationed in ev- ry part of the United States and many will be answering the call to lands across the seas. The bugles' sound reminds "old timers" that twenty-five I f ah years ago this semester another "-s- +- " T' eneration of Central's sons g A-C marched away to do 'Atheir bit" All QS l C f ' in the First World War. Our 1' Xl college Service Flag, which they Page One Hundred Ninety-eight ' -l covered with stars and glory, has been the pride of the institution this quarter- century. Its stars of gold speak for the Willingness to sacrifice which filled the hearts of all. lf it is true that such men "won the war" only to have the leaders of Democracy Hlose the peace", the Spirit of Freedom-in 1942- throughout the world, is aroused and determined that the fruits of victory of this Second World War shall become the permanent possessions of a lasting dem- ocratic civilization: determined that this shall, in fact, 'Abe a war to end all war." The bugles' sound reminds the thought- ful citizen that War, with all its tragedy, is a passing event While the ideals of Free- i1,,.,-L-2 -Q1 '-gr 'Tiki w dom are eternal. The Spanish American War and the First Vv'orld War are largely X history now. Central made her worthy -2 NQQM, contribution to each. With Many excep- tions, our boys returned to establish homes, to become successful business and professional men and to set worthy examples of intelligent citizenship for a grateful commonwealth. lt has been said that immortality is the reward for having had a part in movements immortal in their final significance. lf so, those who have gone out from Central to serve in this World struggle, in the cause of Freedom and Democracy, will bring immortality to themselves and their Alma Mater. A second service flag will Page One Hundred Ninety-nirzc grace these college halls. Sacrifices, to be represented by gold stars have already been made. Before that flag We shall pledge, in every succeeding generation that the ideals for which they lived and died shall be cherished upheld and em ulated. They are, and shall be, our pride, our example our hope of institu tional immortality. X"J N S,-.1 XC J fi' gf S Page Two Hundred i 'JN on f2 g,XxXX 211 Q??W.f 44: -,.- I I 6,1 ff ,X 1 V!" vwl' f ,Sv f 'V X fwhwffy 'ff f , , l f ff fi ' E X fvHW Q ff! lj X 2 5 A f 6 A Q7 718 MW XX J! gn f x :ff 6 1: Q1 I M N f A M A X G .14-f 1? 'R W' rt ui f 5 g x fflfv oi' .N , an Q wvgf.-L M, ,, ,. .vim , W Vg. .rg Luz' , f a- 3 5 gf, SQ X ' A ,. ,L af, xii- ':,,VF2' , 4' R . " Si. 'fri , 91 n- 4. , Q , 'Q .M . 'Q R'-, Q, 'fi . . wg A A2555 'QQ X' + ff' if if iQQ ' 3C.' I Rx , 3 y , it ,K :Sz in " ff- I, 'T 'QQ as A m QE . af: A '55 -'fx , -w ,. 1 .A . F I L V Q , A i' Q ,T ,fawfxiw msg, I, 7 A fi if , Q MQM , 4' mf I 1, 352 : - i , W I is "fi, f ww 3 3 N 5 ff R w'KQlBAk 4 . 'A 'zi' -Q 0 vi ug T ' F43 ' V' U X .f , A, - w, f Q ws'-,iv X 53 M' - zz f ,u.a'W . .. 1 f-,gi ' fr y ' 'w'lJlgiQ,?QQf-' L' ' . f 5 , -A gi - .5 ,, ' gg : , ,fl ' , ,, - , an-A 'Q ' " 'Q 7, .fi 'Qgfv 3 ,, . , ,' , 5 2 Jr if f 'A'- f . a gf 1 .V m WW 9 ' M ' fifi' W , 'V A 4 44 is a : 4 53, , . f x Q X . . ' ,' -,reg Y Sk' A Ag J H 1 . - '.g ' 3 ff: 1. f Xi 1, il ' QQ? ' . xx, , X 6, . '-245 ' Y M 4 535' 53+ Q, 4. er R, x MX' g f 5 S -J ' E E , .va 'SNK V E ' H if-P. B , 56 kwa 5 , my A h W, t- , Quay My uv 3 wif 5 ' 4ff"wfi4m4.f , . X A , .,x. W . ss. QM 35,3 Sl H N wif Wi. , "L L2 , A z3"A,gQJifH 'J?"7'W3iwL,fw MQW ,555 rf ' ..ui"m 'W Aviv? X .K X? 'X X f V' f"4,V xy v. A3 , 1 '39,-Y'f-f9'f-'fix ' 1 3 .V ,V M I g fs wtf div 5 fl'-wfgw I ag X s- Xflfqs ,,f'y,. 3. t V V? ' , Sv :M ' 5 4' 'W n .- ', ,M 43SiK15'Nw:f. 4 I' w 'Z 5' 2 -Q- Page Two Hundred Six SCENES IN MURDAUGH HALL SCENES IN THATCHER HALL CAMPUS SCENES CANDID SHOTS MILITARY SCENES all IL! ILL Ill If fbwn Be-own.. ln a tree. Omadell Vacationing Margo and Cadet Newman A scene at Abilene. Some Fighting Bronchos. Dorothy Minor. What Feet! Mr. Reeves. All dressed up. Evelyn and bridesmaid. A close-up of Mary Le. Posing. Dancing on the courts, Looks like Orchesis, Margie and Theodore. A prize couple. Watch it, Wheatleyf. A made worker. Our Homecoming queen. Those Oilfields. McCalla in Abilene. The Army and Hogtown. Plenty cute gal. Julie and Dub. Steadies. A plenty swell guy. Tonkawa girls. Roommates, Dot and Nell Our hostess, Mrs. Riggan. Shakespeare buddies. Iago Two Hundred Eight "ssm f9'? ,Q it 'Ui 'R Mousey, just loafing. Roberta. Wilma and Dot. Nice Work, girls. Two pairs of roommates. Campus Kids. Newlyweds. Shirley and Hilton. Asperino. Another Bride. Shakespeare President. Murder, no doubt! Old North. Nice work, Ham. I-Iousemeeting. Herman Muns. After a swim. Virginia and Kieth. Roommates. Edith and Irene. Cooling off. Dot Doyle, from Perry. Looks natural. Ewul. Tommy Thomas. Betty Jane and Leta May Mr. and Mrs. Tallchief. A swell girl. Murdaugh girls. Maxine and Marion. Dee Marshall. Paqe Two Hundred Ten A H +..., '22, f fp' A. B. C. D. E. 1 . 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ll. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Page Odessa and attendants. Anna, Ova and Jim. Betty is out for sports. Real Pals. Shakespeares float. Oakley, between yells. Our gossip writer. After the I-like. Resting. Criterion Buddies. Anita Howard. Bobby and Marge. Jo Darrow. Lovely Ladies. Virginia, Keith and Jack Senior Prexy. Plenty cute Kids. Irene Evans. Tommy and Dot. Joe College. Wheatley and date. Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Syble Penn. Nell without Dortha. Hoot Thurman. A close-up. Football Heroines. Freshman Prexy. Wanda and Jack. Two Hundred Twelve af 2 A if' ...f. 'Uk MM mud A. An Army Jeep. B. Posing for the camera. C. Edmond Fire Fighters. D. Two cute Shakespeares. E. Bridge after hours. 1. Just resting, thanks. 2. Firemen at work. 3. Margaret Jo as Juliet. 4. A tennis twosome. 5. The Madonna, Dot Oder. 6. Murdaughites. 7. Phyllis and Billy. 8. Nellie Williams. 9. Beulah Prescott. 10. Well! Miss Steele! ll. The All American Redhead 12. Julia and Betty. 13. A cute girl. 14. Bette Jane Hill. 15. Where did you get it? 16. Cute Couples. 17. Pretty Jeanie. 18. Our Editor, Theris. 19. Billy and Harem. 20. The Fighting 45th. 21. Freshman Prexy. 22. Against the rules, girls. 23. College Shop Jack. 24. ln the army now. Page Two Hundred Fourlem f? 5 ff E E 3 E sz 1 4 ln my , M W wiwwmm ,, , , W ,. . .- A. Postoffice Posing. B. St. Mary's Episcopal church. C. Shakespeare Officers. D. James and the Hawk. E. Thatcher-ites. 1. Swing High, Kathryn. l 2. Ewul and Judy. i 3. Look at the men! 4. Santa Claus Thompson. 5. Murdaugh girls. 6. Another one, Billy? 7. Jean and Chas. Kincannonn. 8. Dilbury, Dot, Betty and Joanne. 9. Little Wax and Model Tom. 10. College shop gang. 11. The Dad's Day Officials. 12. Ruth, Hazel and Pat. 13. 1t's Meshew. 14. Benny and Sid. 15. Plenty good buddies. 16. Milt and Mary Katheryn. 17. Last Year Buddies. 18. Nice work, Smiley. 19. Polly picks the cars. 20. Dance, girls, Dance. 21. Men in Central Uniforms. 22. Cute, aren't they? 1 23. outdoor Studying. gf-Ja 24. Nice Work, Joe. Page Two Hundred Sixteen U Qifim :Q i' ?N x 'lv . ,ww 'Q X, gffgi M 5 'if ,.. v" S . . , if 1 M LW V 1- Our Editors. Obeying Signs. Freda and Defense work Suicide! Juggler Dancers. Criterions in the snow. Roommates. They went that way! Oh Boy! Conserving rubber. Posing in a "Peep". Wash Day. Bernice vacationing. Dr. Martin. Decorating Murdaugh. Louise and Dub. Leta Mae Helderman. Chief. Dr. and Mrs. Fordice. Tennis stars. Don't Push, Joe. Dr. Harbour. Bill and Dallas. Blossom, Blossoming. Pals from way back, Whats the joke, girls? Minnie and Ruth. Thatcher Pals. Holt and Hudson, Inc. Page Two Hundred Eighteen I9 X39 M ..iA., 1 , ' .1 K Q r wus' ,ga --..,, s'- JIUI RSI Q ,,A.---" .- . "" ..- ,F .AV ,-,.. ,H , ,E . Juni EWS JMB A. Lucy Jane and lkey Robinson B. Beauty Queens. C. Theris and Winnie. D. Club Sisters. E. It must be cold. 1. Gyp plant at Southard. 2. Going my Way? A' 'M 'terions. s ff g O. K. 5. A gang of swell girls. 6. Senate Prexy. 7. Our President and friend. 8. Jane Haley. 9. James and harem. 10. Roommates. 11. Hcw'd they get up there? 12. Pals. 13. Nelda Jean. 14. Triumvirates. ff QV' 15. Herman and Buddies. 16. Room 251 in Abilene. 17. The Best Dorm in Oklahoma 18. Miss Davis. 19. Eugene Long. 20. Love at first sight. 21. Fashion Fannie. 22. Omadell and Wilma. 23. Get some swing, girls. 2. Our Football stadium. PLILIC i1'tt'o lilumlrcd 'I-LL'L'I7lll Q .1 Pl' Q. - ,I a H sf- 5 N . AQ-gx Zig "w. if i s l 1 ,gA qnnH'4---fi, ,,-f4ffV' 73-A"x o 'HJ' f A J. 1 iw wg. LR, is 'xi -an 5 L.. -54" 1 Ring. Murdaugh Officers. Lucy .lane Robinson. Life in the dormitory. Mrs. Riggan and girls. Playing in the snow. The Vista Staff. Betty and Dub. Mr. Coffin, the poet. An inside view of Old North Louise and Betty Jane. Betty and Black. Faculty members. Well, Well! Miss Mavrico. Little Betty Ann Barnett. The Blossom sisters. Mrs. Riggan. Shirley and Eldon. A popular foursome. Some Central Bronchos. Ewul, Luke, and Virginia. Hilton Lewis. Judy and Jimmy, A message to Garcia? Cambus Scene. Joe Bake and Ganymede. Sadie Hawkins Day. Martha Jo and Katherine. ,ff A familiai tfyyosbnie. V ,-f i' I re 1 f . Page Two Hundred Twenry-two smear..- ss ' rv' 'fit : Pd f u-if x s E x .31 Agp ' .4 I Page Two Hundred Twenty-four ow 9' . , ..,.,...,.. . . 4.-:-. L: gg. A44 4- Wsffafi ., I Q X M , . ,A wt., 41 I S. ,, Wm?-if ff Q M sag? M1 oy X MJQM svn ,gif , xox. wk-:J f. 'px Q , x M4 W. 'Qs N 4? If 4- -, , ww . suv YV mu , , ww' WMA N M f E5f57fSQEf5ffEQEQE5f515 ,:::::3:g:53132::::-'Zg:E:g.g,g.f.55:3,,- 2.3.g,:.3.:,:.:::.3: 5:5:g:5:315:5:5:5- 55- 5"E1E1E1ErErE1E1E :5:2:5:2:2:s:a:1 ::2:5:s:sE5s?' ."?1f5?5EiE5Es g5gsgsg2:z:1:1 ,q:,g "M 22155555 fifli' 2251- 22:53 5525 25525555 Z' P 2325 5:1115 . :-be '--em.'fsmrffe-,1:.:i' NriE:E' -:-z-:vm - 4.-a:1w-:f4:,e-:-:-,:- :5:1:5:g:- 1, .W gegr:-sigh. -ze' :-:- '-:-:-:- :-. '-' fi?"-5:41J.kM ' .1:': 13:1 525252512 P sis? ffffEf5:5 tif! fflff' 335155-fS9,f151:2. ,ffilfi 'fl +5221 tie. :pr-.fb "" .V 2:1 55123555 Nj ffiiff. 555 :Qf2ijff' '1f:Q:2:Q:Q:5:f:Q:5: Lf: :5fE535E- 23' 5?iffZ55i3E55EE531:EE 2553535 4 ' 'M " . "?3w1f21:5?:f'1f:f:Ii5'-:-+24 -- '- ., .. P-ftg3::::55f,s 12251-f' "gf'j5- , 11" -- xc'-" .iiqiigiffgf E.:-5g:5Ei:.'1: -- ,rw ,. . .-.Q . A 5-:1151?q13:Q'Q:f:3:E:Q..:QA- .5f., A :z as :g5::.:f::5G -'-' f1"'4.L- If L, is ng- 23.313-'v,.1:.,.g,g., .1 .:,:s.:9R-.14 5' 2533-:5:5EiZ3:5E5Eg?'v N229'I1EF33YERY:fI'Zf.I:2E?S- E 5 "1 V ' Vg .vI3,5:,:5g:g.' -1,:'g::"'5:g:5f :ig -.5 - fm11gf:'11:-gg: :xiii-2-1: E 22 QM g i isiigiiirf' 5 f 'GF +-'f11-Q:::5:54:5g,1,1:Sf::EfE- 'rf , I i ifT525-afgffiiiififilif1512223 .:,: F., 5 -:-1-3:2151-:f'32jQ:::2:f:Q:!gf:f5:', X f A .51 25:3:g::::,g:1:':3:5:c,:g:+.- A ' -:-1-:cf W. WM f A '-A37 1 pm.1.1fr:r-1-2f:fr111:1:1:-:::1r:112sp:1:1:1:::1:1:1 1:55 Ci- D f-fC52TH TOV!r'L!'l. Since the World War highlights the news as we ap- proach the 1942 commencement, it seems appropri- ate to include in this issue of the Bronze Book a bit of war-accented verse by the perennial Dad of the Senior Class. Q-'K Page Two Hundred Twentyffiue THE PASSING OF 1941 The year is old, fast dying now, How strange it once was young. Of "peace on earth" there is a dearth As passes HForty-One". With beard and scythe and modest mein Time once bestrode the Earth, Field guns in ranks and bombs and tanks Await the New Years' birth. Those cruel Japs-extended hands- Their faces wreathed in smiles, Hailed us a friend, said "war must end", Then bombed our lovely' isles. Their prate of peace is insincere, Their friendship wholly sham: Their hearts are hard as granite shard, They're beastly to a man. Gorillas roaring in the woods And sharks in primal seas Witla brutal hearts have counterparts In soulless Japanese. So we'll roll out the armoured tanks To shed our share of gore, To shoot Japs through in A'Forty-Two' And 'AForty-Three" and "Four", We bid Uadieu" the dying year And join the fighting men. War's might release to restore peace And hope to Earth again. Page I Leo Hundred l'werztg-six PRECAUTION The crash of worlds is in our ears, The roar of revolution, Stern duty calls and we respond To make a contribution Against a ruthless, zealous foeg We must have no illusions, Must look with care before we leap, Have no cock-eyed confusions, For if our parachutes should fail Wc'll be jumping to conclusions. INDIAN BRAVE Great White Father, call it Roosevelt, Say right and freedom no time won: Kiowa brave must join in battle, Kill it Jap and scalp it Hun: Wear the war-paint of his people, Totem sign and mark of clan: Some day stand before Great Spirit, Many scalp-locks in its hand. No walk old trail, no ride it pony, Fly like eagle in the air: Shoot it bomb, no shoot it arrow, Foe with panther heart, no spare. May go down-no go down courage- Leave bones in sea or desert sand: Great Spirit glad to welcome warrior Kiowa brave, scalp-locks in hand! Page 'I wo Hundred I Lcenly .seten L G7 Cf5l.LEEE H 5 is 51' VI X GILLILHND 'if' r-A Ns ?f ' 6 If 1 5' ' ' :rf 1 ff 1 Q, ' - F x 'T ' " mx 111111 JI LHTE PDQ EL ll HES 5, 94. QS E 1-'. W ,M - ge-, .9 ...,q' . Mi N i vm gm ewmzfd ' L GMM X Page Two Hundred Twenty-nine CENTRAL STATE COLLEGE Edmond, Oklahoma Presents ROTH STRING QUARTET EERI ROTH. lsr Violin JULIUS SHAHQR, Viola RACHMA11, VUEINSTOCK, Znd Violin OLIVER EDEL. Violoncello One of the finest chamber music ensembles on the concert stage ln Concert Mitchell Hall Tuesday, February lO, l94l 8:15 p. m. Page Two Htmtlred Thirly lil Wednesday, March 11 CENTRAL STATE COLLEGE Edmond, Oklahoma Presents AGNES GEORGE DE MILLE and her DANCE THEATRE with JOSEPH ANTHONY KA'1'HER1NE LITZ LILLI MANN At The Piano TTRUDE RITTXIANN Page ILUU Hun! I ll If Gafwalf Qleffm Young American violinist was heard in Recital Friday, May 1, in Mitchell hall Page Two Hundred Thirty-Iwo lil CENTRAUS Y CHAPEL GROUND BROKEN OCTOBER 11 Page I wo Hundred Thirty- lh MUSIC DEPARTMENT CENTRAL STATE COLLEGE Presents CHRISTMAS CONCERT PROGRAM a. Cherubim Song LLLL ..LLLLLLCvLLLLLLC wC.LLL,.LL B artnyansky b. Carol of the Bells ..W.L,LLLL ..LLLL .CCW .L CCLLLL Leontauich-Wilhausky A Cappella Choir Andante Cantabile LL LLLCCCCC LLL ..,,,CL,C L. LLL Tschaikowsky String Quartet He Shall Feed His Flock "Messiah" .,..,,..,, .CLL H andel Dorothy Oder Come Unto Him "Messiah" LLLL LLLLLLLLL LLL Handel Betty Faye Stone Prelude and Fugue in B Flat Major LLLLLLL LLLLBacl'2 Leona Rose a. Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella LL L LLLOld French Carol b. The Virgin Slumber Song LLLLLLLLL LLLL L L L LLLLLL Reger c. Silent Night LLLLL LLLLLL LLLLLL LLL LLLLL LLLL Gruber Trio Comfort Ye, My People "Messiah" LLLLL, ..LLLL LLLL Elvon Dickerson Rejoice Greatly "Messiah" LLL Largo LLL a. And the Glory of the Lord H Maurine Payne P EJSE51i9iQ P - rv b. Hallelujah Chorus "MessiahA' Page Two Hundred Thirty-four Mixed Chorus Messiah LLLLLLLLL LLLL Handel Handel Handel Handel Handel The Music Department Of CENTRAL STATE COLLEGE Presents March 16, 1942 Piano Studio PROGRAM Suite for brass 'iGay-Somber-Gay" ,,,, L .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,L,,,,,,, LL Carl Busch Trumpet: Hubert Welch 5Q'?J fy 14 Trumpet: A. Weatherly 4 ' '1 Baitone: Reed Scott Hungary ..,,,,L,,,,, ..,L L . L,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W.,,.. L L-- ,,,,,,,,, Koelling James Curtis Chambers Tarantelle LL LLLL LL,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LL ,,,,,,,, .-L KLLH ,. LLL Dennee John Roland Beck Until ..,,,,,,. .... L LL., .,,L, ,...,,. ,,,L,,,,,,, , . . L,,,L,, Sanderson Margaret Long Waltz in A flat major ,,,,,,,,, L ,,,, L ,,,,, L ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,A .,,,,,.L, Brahms Eloise Eggleston Songs My Mother Taught Me .L L ,,,,.,A ,LLLLLL ,,,, L LL Dvorak Geraldine Dowd Prayer from "Hansel and Gretel" ,,,,,,,,, L ,,,,,, Y -L ,,,,, Humperdinck Wood-wind Quartet Oboe: Don Wells Flute: Marjorie Asher Clarinet: Barbara Crick Bassoon: Ruth Haynes Clair de Lune LLL ,,,,. Y,,.,,, - ,-fa, Yffff ffffff - -- Debussy Jane XVaX Blue Are Her Eyes ,,,,G,,,, ,,,,,,,, - ,,,,,,,,f. - --,,--- ff.. - -- WLUIS Wilma Ferguson a. Sweet and Low ,,,, W,,, . fffff. ----. .ffffffffff fffffffffffff - -- Bflfnlly b. Hunting Chorus "Frcischutz" L ,,,,, L .Y,,,,,,v,,,,,,,,,.,,,,. --4 Weber Brass Quintet , , Trumpet: Hubert Welch "Qf:2L..A,9, rx Cornet: Mary Jane Fitzsimons Trumpet: James Cleery Horn: Opal Craven Baritone: Reed Scott Rhapsodie in C Major L ,,,.,, ,Y,YAYY. .-- AYYYYYY --- Dohnanyi Billie Katherine Matthews a. Panis Angelicus LL ,,,,,. - ,fff ----. ffffffff --- ------- ---- FfUf7ClQ b. Stride La Vampa "Il Trovatore' ,,,.,,Y -,---- ----- Vffdl Dorothy Qder Fiesta en Purchena ,,,...,.,,..,,,,, .ffff - --------- ---4--4. I-U MOH? Roberta Bradway Song of India from 'ISZ1Clk8" ---i -------- --------- --- Rlf77Skll'K0f5Uk0U Clarinet Trio Floyd Reed Joan Hersperger Leta Mae Johnson a. O Lord Send The Fire LL' ----.--. - ----...-------- -- -- ---- - V Calf? b. Vilia from A'Merry Widown .-----.- ----------------------- - --W - I-9l7QU' c. Sweet Low, Sweet Chariot .----.---- ------------- f --- ------------ -- Aff- Cam Mixed Quintet Jane Wax Elvon Dickerson Betty Faye Stone Orbra Rogers Dorothy Qder a. Russian Hymn .------ --------------- -------- - - ------- - ---- b. Come Sweet Death ---- -. .------ ---- -- ---- --- ---------- --ff- Brass Quartet Hubert Welch. A. Weatherly, Reed Scott, Harold Hicks LLLL Bach L . Bach Page Two Hundred Thirty-Eve Q 5' , -..+ in DINHXJG HHLL BOUND 728 il- l -. ,..1---1-,.. 1--1 .11--. 1 J 'I'h1r'ly-sr4.x' LEAGUE OF YOUNG DEMOCRATS Dr. EMMA ESTILL-HARBOUR, Sponsor ln 1931-32 the Central State College Chapter of the League of Young Demo- crats was founded as a part of the state organization. This organization was established upon the principle of promoting the cause of Democracy by further- ing patriotic interests in government and governmental activities, by training our youth for the leadership of our nation, and by giving partisan support to the functions cf the Democratic party. At no time in the history of the State League have these principles been threatened as they are today. Never before has the desirabilitty of assembling been so great. not for the purpose of a social gathering, but in the nature of a strong, united group of red-blocded American citizens raisinng their voices in protest against those we feel are detrimental to the cause of victory, and equally as loud in praise of those who are giving their best in the interest of the country. Thus we find ourselves looking forward to the State Convention at Enid, Oklahoma, on May l6, 1942. At the present the two immediate past presidents of Central's Chapter are serv- ing in the armed forces of our nation. John Martin 11939-4Oj is serving with the U. S. Coast Guard and Bob Singleton Ql94Of4lj is in training with the U. S. Naval Air Corp. The office of State College Secretary has been held by a Central student dur- ing the past year. Philip Hughes was elected to the office, but he resigned to enter the Coast Guard Air Corp. W. C. Sawyer was appointed to succeed Hughes, but he resigned to enter the Navy. At the present time Leon Storms is serving in that capacity. Dr. Emma Harbour, Chapter sponsor, and Storms, along with other delegates will attend the convention at Enid. Page Two Hundred Thirty-seven F? Thaioher Housekeeloer' -- VX 55 L E N 94 75:43 3 14 1 F- 'Z i Q y 5 ' 'M 1THId Ih I CENTRAL STATE COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Presidem TT TT TTTTTTT TTT TTT JOHN KESSLER, '29 Vice-President TTTTTT T TTTTT ,T T JOE D, HURT, '28 Honorary President TTT TTTT TT H. BLACK '13 Treasurer TTTT.TT.T TTTTT T T .TTT TTT ELMER GRIFFIN, '04 Secretary TTT TTTTT TTT TTTT TTT EDNA JONES, '29 DIRECTORS DR. FRED MCCARRELL, '14 GUY M. RANKIN, '26 JOHN FISHER. '25 FRANK BUTTRAM, '09 MRS. VVINIFRED DAILEY, '28 MRS. FREDA STEWART SPEARMAN, '25 XVENDELL SIMMONS, '27 J. T. STRIPLING, '15 JAMES STATEN. '38 The Alumni Association of Central State College provides a medium through which the College and the Alumni can keep in close touch for purposes of mu- tual helpfulness. The Alumni Association is, so to speak, a connecting link between your school days and those that follow: it is an anchor that will keep you from drifting too far away from college shores: it is a magnet that will draw you back for the happy reunion occasions. The first meeting of Central Alumni was held June 12, 1901, in the Old North Tower. On June 16, 1902, the group met again and at that time the Alumni Association was organized. As the years went by, a need for closer cooperation of the Alumni Association and the school was felt, so on July 20, 1921, the association was re-organized: a Board of Directors was selected and the first paid secretary, Fletcher Davis, '21 was employed. Page Two Hundred Thirty-nine AUTOGRAPHS FACULTY , . x V v , W,4?fff54ff1 Q W 2455511 , ' X0Z'451.Z2'6.44 f,,Q!m,L,QrL V, W , , 'f L gn-of Page Two Hundred Forty 1 L AUTOGRAPHS FACULTY x X , . I Page Two Hundred ,Fo-rry-one fic. 1-Q5 v nf is 3? f he ,z .fi f S ali fi , Q, fl , L -if '-an "Q-' ' ff. Hifi' . J ,1 , .wie 'E f 'Bi we-, .2 - 031. ' 1 'bi ' Law ,V .gy sn,-av ' pi? 1 ,- ': -f .mv 2 - Tiygl, . M FE T5 - 'Y fi? 33 51 Mg, ,ll , A. . T' .Jf :il 'E Ei 'PLY .2 AUTOGRAPHS CLASSMATES gfM3-mf7l,M71L,7 if 1 ffzL WA ,f,22iL iLi, v4 . QM eww ki 'gy gwf ff ,.g,1.,g,LgQZ-j,9"- ,Qs M57 - .Qc 4-f"f 1- ,. 07' 6 "' Za gay UPC., ,W "' ,6 6 AI , Y, W ,,,i,21,f,! M A -NWN Q ,,,, , ,,.,, A ,AA,,A, mA,Mm.,..,, A 7 V 7 fi JM I 0l'pN01a-46, Q-3,2 , , JZ M ,.A Af QOM4 or if Page Two Hundred Forly-two AUTOGRAPHS CLASSMATES ZUJLQPJQG 6lv7f2.7-- foxfg-425 f ,f WmQ1:eq?,.,.Qw.,,Mj6iw1Q,usxe, WJ , XQMQ U?6,,,,,,Uw ,4ff ,Ma,fJ W4 pmJ7j ww '2 7 iff? ' LW7mA?'gfW'm'l7 144444 jd,JMzfMf,Z,:Az 45 fiwvbfowo ' JAWL f ZXLZZMLM Zwf'WMfL.M ZMJLM JMV47 f Qwbihdgwfmggy Jw. My M XQIM A204 Q J r 7 ,.. Pilar 1'LL'u'lfumIruJ lwfzf IIJH1' 5Ml71bJ Fw Jw. ?,,m,,.5Zl:.'S5L,,N AUTOGRAPHS CLASSMATES fi,WL4?g.'f 334,71 fifvfg f-ff ww Hgaw fer-noir of LMMAQVAM Jian! iw few 4, ff!vwWWf5 74,4 WJ iq, 6Lfc7,f- f .NM,,:. 760 iam Q, MW. Jtwewrf ,aww-,,m4!Mwm., AE.,..M1,f0f2f yi - .QV .,,, Q2 e J, g 2 fg yz.g, .f ,2, 1 If f qwm, Q MMM fmw-in Mu, Adm! J ww Qlljwwiwfiwumw f fin 1224 UMLMC, ZXZQ fxgvbwz ffilg QZQMQ Z5 Qfwizjhfax- A1004 5,4 ,awhfgi QZ,...,., -f2o4.1.! - I IJCIUK' 'Ikwu llundrvd lkrwlu-flmzzr X : AUTOGRAPHS CLASSMATES 73.1.7 ZW 6,66 of me ,LJ jour ,.,, AWJ4 4 M .. , -XX WM WMWMAJ Wwe UMM WW, 5ff!2fw2 ,f-,ZzJw77AaaMLm ' Pam' 'lxwo llumirvd I'-Ufflf live AUTOGRAPHS X 2 CLUB MEMBERS VQLMJNMM Q if v f AZ?-wL,,m ,,n M,m, e , m ay H W T,g?4Nffffs. am CD91 ww 3.x.f14QQJJJ QW Jw fpxmb ,M,,JQV..d. Page Two Hundrvd l'wUflLl'SlX AUTOGRAPHS CLUB MEMBERS WW f 57WMLWW0M9,9f40J JM :ima wfirviff - QAM vazffb llllfft' 'I ww lfclrzdmd lurlu- MEMORIES GF CENTRAL STATE PASTE YOUR SNAPSHOTS ON THIS PAGE MEMORIES OF CENTRAL STATE PASTE YOUR DANCE PROGRAMS ON THIS PAGE Page Two Hundred Fifty LOVERS LANE BMS I I . .2 gre..-f CZ X.: -5 0- KF- X: llmr' luv: Hum -'kv'-wr-Q -N:-' ' x S: ,, X-'Sf YN, iff R- Q2 :ffl-.-f.: .., if 0 f, Q figs JS v0 X, oo -Lo, sjo, Sh l 7 J I I 'Z' I O 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 00-0000--00-00000000-000-00-000-0000-000-0---0-0-00--0 ,-,,,00--00-------------0-00--000000000000 0'4- '0--0-00----00-00000000 Characteristically Speaking . . . Shelby-"The first year Without a Thatcher assembly." Ray-'Read three books and give an oral report. You should never be absent . . . a great sin." Watkins-i'HaI I-la! l guess so-but that is not right." Oakes-"A country fiddler is the salt of the earth." Wax-"Hmmmm. All here. Class dismissed!" lVlcCarrell-'AGO it while you're young, for when you're old you can't." Otto-i'Did l tell this class the one about ..... " Harbour-i'One hunderd per cent American-half Indian and half Demo- crat." Biondo-"Someday when l can find the right characters and equipment." -00-000-0-0---000000-000--0-0000000-0000000000--0-0000000---0000000000 W. S. PATTEN, President C. H. PATTEN, Vice-Presidenf FRED PFAFF, Cashier ESSIE SMITH, Assistant Cashier ----00--00000- 00-0--0000-000A The First National Bank Edmond, Oklahoma Member Federal Deposil' Insurance Corp. -00000000000-00-000000-0000000000-000-000-0000----0000-0 0000-00000000000000000-00000--0000000.-0000000000 . o a o ! 0- 00 00-0000000-00000000-00000000-00---00000-0000-00-0000-00000 -00---0--0-0-0-000000000-00000-000000-0-0-000- '04 Q. Q 5 c c -. 'S at :. 5 ff Sr.. 'r- N. xc sc o- 'X 3 .,- '. 5 0 0 0 5 9 O O O O O 0 0 O 0 0 0 I O O O I O O O O O E O E O O O 0 U O 0 O 0 O O O O O 0 O 0 E O 0 O 0 E . Characteristically Speaking, Too . . . ii Chambers-"In France . . . Shaving twice a day." g Ives-'AI comb my hair with a nice soft towel." i ff Plunkett-"Play hard, girls. I'll be watching you from the car." 5: Kidd-'Tm trying to reduce-I bought a bicycle." nu If Clevenger-"If my memory serves me correctly, you will find that on page li ll :Q 13, paragraph 2 and line 4." n 5 Davis Cmj-"I write in my spare time--poetry about you." 5 Hampton-"My! You can just see those 14 points written all over the ii walls." i Davis Qfj-Ten stories a day and never the same one twice. U 2 Newby-'AWhy! Chapel." 3 0 0 5 2 3 O 0 0 0 0 ..... .. .,.,. .....,.,.,. . O 0 0 0 . . O . li O 0 g 11- . .111 0 0 vff""L'l I-ibrii M "art itll 1 l 2.5. :A ' i . .! 0 2 A " 0 0 C ....... 0 3 O O l MOST POWERFUL STATION O O O 0 O 0 0 , 5o,ooo D IA L 3 WATTS 1 1 7 o AQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQq---Q----- Page Two Hundred Fifty-four OKLAHOMA'S E zQQ----QQ-Q--QQQooooeooooogeoooooooooeQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q Q ,:, --------------- ----------- -----..---- ----------------- --------o---------- --.boooo -QQ--0-.-Q-o--.,-------------,x, I . o I I I I I I I I ff- I I 0 H E F o 5. I ff- 2 I C5 E 5 E5 Q E? 21 Z I 23' FU W ' 5- I f-f f- rm rv Fl' O I I jj ,- O N I3 U- Q rn Q Q :S gn 0 H- O W' O FD ,... . 3 0, 5 V1 UQ 'J' C0 I rl: I O W I D- fi D P 0 L4 gg in Q O cn I CI Z D o M o 0 :U O 5 A I - "I 0 - I '- N I I 5 I I-2 '41 I W ' D 'n N ' 11 O I - V1 I-I ' , Z I O I cw - f I I I Q I Q Q I I O I z 1 ' z 2 I 2 Q 2 B If he 'N Q ' 4 " 'D P? " r 0 Q O 0 .., 5 I 0 ,-, Q I-I nr O Z U o I i f- o Q, S If: : If I 'D i 0 'I' 2 0 rs 5' r rv 'I' 5 2 2 3 O 3 .U Q 0 H. me N4 I3 C1 un , N I " m S S 1 I TI 3 O- 2 UQ If H ff ff e 2 U " 0 D' '2 "' cr 0 O '1 S I 1 0- fb E I 2 ff ES' 5 Q E 5' 5 "2 2 2- 0 3 S I fv 34 s: I 5 rr- UQ O' :1 Q 'ff I 2 3 : ' o 5' H E D ff " ff D' 2 H F' Q H as O N U- O as rv I ' O I us' ff, I-1 S 4 0 D.. 4 v-- "I :I I U 3 m I ' N4 w .Q 2 O m Q D O X4 0 3 Q. I ' 'Q 05' 3 YI 5 2 3 5 2 V3 0 0 - I 8 9' :s 'Q N4 'O 5 2. 0 9 E Tl, E 24 8 :I 2. S . -f -H Z 9 Q : EL xv .., A 5 'U PT' pr- .. - H- ' Q I-- I 3 nv I 'U . f" H: N4 5 'Q 2 2 oi z 5 QT 99 I 2 S 4 I 2 sa- 2 Q- I I z 3- 1-P ' I E- 9 2 Q Q 2 5 S I 0 0 i 0 O I 2 If 'I o o .-I Q E, QA Q3 C1 H ,-. I 9 3 3 2 I S P1 O ff " F' P4 E 0 'E 'E I f-1 P, 5 rg 'B 5' O rv I -. 9-I ,U I H :r o 3 H ,Q C 0- I 2 -1- m I O " " 'ff S 2: 1 ' " Z - fn o ,., H ' ' I o N I 'I H v-- I 3 E 5' I S. 5 E an 9? g If ' Q PU 0 Q 0 0 24 O- "' I c Q ' 3 I I I-4 xg gf F I If I Q.. G ' , o 0 "' 'U I Q I :s 2. 'I 0 0, P+ . I 2 Z I H E? D ffl I Q 9, :4 I 24 " I 0 n I 3 Q I o n I Q- ff O an vl O H H 2 2 I ': E 2 In I I G I .,------0..Q0--....4.--o.,-.,.1,..,-------------.,---... ---..----.,Q---..,-.,,-., ---------.,,---------..0.,Qo.,- .:..,-.-,--.,--o--.,.....-,--..------4 4. -..oooQQ---QQQ90-0-0ooooooooooooogooooo: :ooo: :-: :oo: :oooo: : :o: : : :Q Page Two Hundred livfty-five' 'Q' O O l 0 0 0 l l l l 5 0 O O O l 0 O l 0 l 0 l I 0 0 0 l 0 0 0-0000000000000- 0000-000------0000-- 0--00-000---000-00000000--00000000-0--000-00-000000-00000 00 In 0000000000000000000000-00000- Scrivner-Stevens Company WHOLESALE GROCERS l20-l36 E. Washington Ave Oklahoma City The Long Bell Lumber Company QUALITY BUILDING PRODUCTS Phone l9 John W. Byer, Jr., Mgr 00000000000-00 0-0000 0000 0-00 0-0 What's the use of worrying. lf it can be helped, help it. lt it can't be helped Worry will do no good. A nice comfortable seat Watching a good movie will Cause you to forget all your Worries. BRO ,CHO GEM Q 00000000 00-------0---00--00-000 Ijllgt? Two Hundred Fifly-six 000-00 O 0 0 O l 0 O O 0 O 000-000-0000000-00--0000-0---0---000-----00---0000--0 00-0000---0-00000000--0----------0 0-000-00--000-0----------0 -0 l 0 O l l 0 l l O 0 l l 0 O O O 0 l 0 O 0 0 0 0 l O O l 0 0 l O Cen'cral's Perfect Boy Has . . Charlyne Carpenters hair Joan Steele's eyes Edwina Erismanls nose Joanne Cooper's mouth Nelda Jean Stewart's teeth Betty Triechler's legs Sue McMinimy's dimples Annadell Wilkens' physique Tennie Preed's feet JOSEPHINES complexion i'Babe" Hamilton's hands Lois Giles' personality Dorothy B1euer's intelligence Margaret Jo Dillon's smile Mildred Faulks musical ability. Almeta Marshall's athletic ability. Elaine Benningtons clothes. Junette Williams' popularity. Mildred Jacobs' neatness, 0-0000- l l O l I 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 O l 0 0 0 0 l U i O l O 0 , 0 0,4 000000000000000000----------0-00--000---000000000 0000-00-00 --0-0000--000000000000-0---000000--0-----000--0-00-000-04,3 00000-4 Q .ga ----------- -----------------------------..---------------------- 2 2 2 o 2 2 3 entra s Per ect g ' 2 Girl g 2 2 O 2 2 2 O 2 Has . . Q 5 l 2 Roy Tolliver's hair : 2 2 5 Bob Nicho2lson's eyes 2 z 2 2 Charles Guthrie's nose 2 0 2 E Q Qank Thompson' mouth 2 E - . 2 g Marion 0tto's teeth 0 5 E z Luke Thompson's smile 2 2 2 O 2 0 2 Bill Doublin's figure 2 2 z E 2 Ewul Jones' feet g 2 0 ' 2 E Eldon Payne's hands z , o , o g Roc:HEsTER's complexion 2 2 2 2 l Hollis Oliver's personality 2 , o 2 2 E Ralph King's intelligence l 2 2 2 E Bruce McConnell's musical ability 5 2 5 Q Carl Combs' neatness 2 2 l E J. W. Bake's pretty clothes 2 2 5 E Vance Kime's popularity l 2 2 C 2 Duggan Roberts' dimples 2 2 2 0 z Bill Rhodes' primpiness 2 2 5 E Charles Kincannon's wit 2 2 2 ' o ' o 2 o 2 o a Q -0-0 o -000---00-00---0-0000000000-00-0000 Pal"s Cafe STUDENT HEADQUARTERS Boulevard and Campbell Edmond Oklahoma 0000--000000000-0000000000000000000 Cunningham Drug Slore 000-000- THE REXALL STORE Phone l P ancl L Grocery EDMOND'S CERTIFIED STORE Finer Fresh and Frozen Foods --000000000000000000 0000000 Main Cr Broadway Phone TOOL' THE QUALITY STORE Edmond OKLAHOMA 000000-0000- 0000000000000000--000-0 Edmond Cleaners 8z Hatters HOLMES 8: FISHER Props. Phone 780 Edmond, Oklahoma 00000-000000-0000000000000000000000 Arrow Cafe Edmond When Back To See Dear Old Central Make The ARROW CAFE Your Headquarters Phone I3 No Beer 0--00-0-0-0000-00-00 --00000 0- Page Two Hundred Fiftyfseue 2 2 2 l l l l 2 O 2 0 2 2 2 0 0 E O l l 0 l l l 0 2 2 2 O 2 0 2 0 2 2 2 2 2 2 l 2 O 0 0 l 0 2 2 O l l l 0 0 2 2 2 O O 2 0 l l O l 2 2 E O O O l 0 0 O O 0 0 ll I2 22 ll 0 0 O 22 ll 0 0 ll ll ll ll 0 0 22 22 22 42 ll 4. I? .4 --.g. l l O l O l l l l l 5 O l O 0 O l 0 l oooopeoqgqoqo Before I married my wife dear, I was her pumpkin pie, The apple of her eye. But after years of married life This thought I pause to utter, Q-- 000-0009QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q.. I'm just her bread and butter. Syble Penn: CFrigidlyj Yes, I have. Murl: Well, congratulations! Qooooooqoooooe: : : co: : :occ cooo: : : : : :o:: Her precious peach, her only lamb, Those fancy names are all gone, and now Murl Vcnard: CPhoningj Do you have a date tonight, Syble? roooqqogogqQQ-oo0-0-9000Q-Q-Q---ooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 5 SNYDER BROS. 5 ' o 5 GROCERY, MARKET and COLD STORAGE i Independeni- Preserving ll STORAGE LOCKERS l l ' C m an E Everything in Vegetables and Fruits 5 O p Y ll ll KCPT in Reffigefufed C0591 l OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -Q "Best Yet" Jellies, Jams, Salad Dressing Farmers Grain Co. --- -Y -- v..... ..... v i--,-- 9' 2 ll, I 12 E z F Q 5 cb g -. 0 ' o E' o 3- H o -u 4 I' m Qi -' Q 3' 1 3 Q 5 3' l 5 Z In 2 if O O gn l -as : 5 5 : 0 2 Z v-5 Q-1 Z 2 0 'l I Q 3' 9 'U so P 5 F l vi .,, E '41 5- 3 o I 2 3 ,-, 2 0 -A o ,-, '4 0 so ., Q 2- tp l 0 I .2 .. B' 3 :1 5 "" 0 -4 -v 5 l ui -4 2 UQ l O E. 3 3 l l .------------..----..------- z..--- 3 O l l l l l l O l l 5 0 9 0 O l 0 34Q--0-000000QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ . Page Two Hundred Fifty-eight Dealers In GRAIN, FLOUR, FEED, COAL, HAY, AND OTHER COMMODITIES Edmond, Oklahoma Phone 3 I 0 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ll 4+ 0 0 0 4+ o 0 0 ll o ..-..-2. o Q... Q-- :::::::o-Q ::Qo: :::QQ::-Qo ooo : : ,ooo 0- 990.00 ooo oo-, oeooogoogeoooog oo sooQQ0oooqoooooqoooooooooooaooo r O 0 O l 0 E l O O.. 0000000000 000000000000000000000o 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 .'. 5 3 2 0 . 3 0 O ' 2 4 I C z Every man has his price and every Woman her figure, 2 0 2 3 Q 0 3 3 z Glenna Mae: fin parlorj i'Mamma, Mammal Come here and make Roy : 9 0 2 stop teasing me." 0 2 Mamma: Cfrom stairwayj "What is he doing dear?" o , H V U V Y nv z Glenna Mae: He s sitting on the other end of the davenportf 2 II z 0 II z I 0 2 Bernice: 'Alf you were me, would you accept Norman?" Q 4+ 0 ., , ,, ' Q Jake: If I were you Id accept anyone. 5 r 2 0 g 4: 0 C g 0 g 4+ 3 2 g Murel: If I'm studying when you come in, Wake me up. g 0 2 o 0 0 g 0 : E 0 0 Q Q ' Q rg 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000 0000000000001 9 . . . and there's a treat in store for you when A. jx' 'V N , you step out and meet "your Remington." Wherever you go you will find t ' Remingtons-Standard and Noiseless-and the chances are better than tour-to-one that the particular place you choose will have them because over 8,500,000 Remingtons have been sold-that's more than any other. We point this out to you , P 1 especially because typists by the thousands have found Remingtons ideal tor their own personalized , X7 typing abilities, and through a Remington have mounted the ladder to success. TYPEWRITER DIVISION SCHOOL DEPARTMENT REMINGTON RAND INC. REMI GTO MDDEL SEVE TEE Page Two Ilundrca' Ififly-nine .'. r---------- -------------------------------------5---------------------oQ 6 o c 2 0 o 0 2 WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF AN AIR RAID: O 2 E l. As soon as the bombs start dropping run like hell Cit doesn't matter wherel. O 2 a. Wear track shoes if possible: if the people in front of you are slow, 0 0 Q you won't have any troubles tepping over them, O s 2. Take advantage of all opportunities afforded you when in air raids and 0 0 0 when the air raid sirens sound the warning of attack. for example: li ll 3 a. If in a bakery, grab some pie or cake. 0 0 1: b. If in a tavern, grab a few beers. 0 0 1: c, If in a movie, or taxie, grab a blonde. 0 0 1: 3. If you find an unexploded bomb, always pick it up and shake it Well. 3 CMaybe the firing pin is stuckj. fi 4. If that doesn"t work heave it in the furnace. lThe fire department will ff come later and take care of thingsj. ll ff 5. If an incendiary bomb is found burning in a building. throw gasoline on 0 0 it. You can't put it out anyway and you might just as well have a little fun. QContinued on next pagej o 0 o o 0 0 ll o ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll o.------------ ------------------------,--------------------------- 0 ll ll o 0 ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll o 0 ll ll ll ll 0 0 0 o o o DIPLOMAS DANCE PROGRAMS 7 ANNOUNCEMENTS IT G'FT ITEMS Engraving Company CAPS 5' GOWNS WEDDING INVITATIONS 175042 THIS AD NUMBER WORTH 52.00 ON ORDER OF 100 0 0 z ENGRAVED WEDDING INVITATIONS 0 8 II9 W. SECOND STREET OKLAHOMA CITY 0 0 0 U.-----------------------------------------------------------"00000 Pune Two Hundred S'i'xly ----- -- as -------------------------------------------- oo .... .--------------------------------------------------------------. o o o I --- 0 ::::::o:::o:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::---v-..4 ll ll I1 ll 11 11 11 ll ll ll ll ll ll U 11 II a. If no gasoline is available, throw a bucket of water on it and l1e down 11 I1 ll 11 -you are dead. 11 E 6. Drink heavily, eat onions, limburger cheese, etc., before entering a crowded : air raid shelter. It will make you very unpopular with the people within your immediate vicinity, eliminating any unnecessary crowding. 7. Always get excited and holler 'Abloody murder" Clt will add to the fun and confusion, and scare the hell out of the kids.j 8. If you should be the victim ofa direct bomb hit, don't fly to pieces. CLie l I I 1 l ll O 11 11 11 ll ll ll 11 ll ll ll ll II ll ll 11 11 11 11 11 ll ll 11 O ll 1 l 4 ll U ll ll , , , ll still and you won t be I1Of1C6d.J 0 11 11 .. 0 -I A 3 3 -3 3' 1 EO 11 Q Q. 11 O Q 5 1: I 1 H O 9 O 1: 'T 3' 2 1 if 9' 3 3 6 N4 e-v Q 9 1. I l m D- . 2 Q -h 1: "' N li Q ' U5 "' 11 2 93. 0 :I nj Q ll 3: '1 3 o :T Q- 3 2 E. II 5 v ' G1 if 2 D' 9 :' ..- 11 2' o 9 'V E Q 9 : 3 '1 0 ,., m 11 2 1 9 0 1 I-I 2+ Q I n 0 U- 5 1 3: CD 3 a 'A 3 2 " 1 " SL 1 "' It E 2 11 11 0 3 5 Q 0 ' ,,.. S -----------------r....-..--------- 51 :I 1 1 11 H 2 I 3 .. E' 1 5' 1 2' E z 9- T 1 eu 11 2 S 5 3' 0 fb H 2 g 1- m o 2 1 2- ff 0 1 S P 3 B' 2 S i ? f Z 3 "' 0 H' rr 0 C S W vu i 0 e Q 0 D O 1 .7 M Q 5 -' r 4 11 9. : Q 3 1 v . - 0 H Q 11 1 0 '11 , Z 11 D. 1-4 11 9- gn Q : Ci 53. o . Fl 17 5 .2 -n 3 Q ' 2 " 31 .fc O 0 0 H 1- 3 S' Z '- 2 8 5 li S' ' 1 2 2 O -2' 1 : U 5 11 .ei F 1: ef s 5 1 - I I 1 ' 5 1 0 21 I2 1 . N , ll 2 " ar o I-rl S' 0 z " rr 11 .. Z 3 . 11 9, 1 9 1. :U - I gg 1 -1 'V o f 11 ,., " 5 Ui 3 - 11 o " Q N V, 11 ll I Q -v 11 'V " " 11 ll z 11 'Q Q 11 Page Two Hundred Sixty-one .g. ---- O 0 0 O 0 0 u 0 O I O u ll 0 0 I O O 0 ll 0 ll 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 ll 4+ 0 gg l-le Who 0 0 o o nr nr o o o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 li 0 0 0 O O ll ll ll Dr. Fordice: 'ilVliss Patterson, tell the class what you know about Milton." Phyllis: HlVlilton was a great English poet living from l608 to l674. ln 1647 he married and wrote 'Paradise Lost'. A littlcl later his wife died and he wrote 'Paradise Regained '." Loafs Most is Loathecl Best Mr. Ray: "Mr, Thompson, why don't you answer me?" Jack: "l did: lshook my head." Mr. Ray: "You didn't expect me to hear it rattle clear up here, did you?" A reliable source informs us that Du Pont is working on a cellophane news- paper. This is being developed for people who eat in restaurants, so they can O ll , , 2 read and watch their hats and coats at the same time. O 0 g QQQQQQQQQQQQQ -Q QQQQQQQQQQ Q---------------0-000-900-00009-0900000090 O I O U O 0 Since 1918 5 FEDERAL SUPPLY COMPANY o o o INDUSTRIAL cf 2 wATERwoRKs PuMP1NG MACHINERY Boilers And O 0 O 0 i 0 Radiators 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 HEATING COOLING 120-128 Em Main sneer VENTILATING POWER PLANT OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA EQUIPMENT Valves, Pipe And Fittings 9---------------------------------------------------------------------- Page Two Hunclzed Sixty-luzo A 0 0 O 0 0 O O I O 0 O 0 i O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O 4 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O O I O 9 Q... Qgeaoooooooooooqqqo Q. no qoooooooooooooooooooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oooooooo A oooooo oo ooo oo o ooo oo oooooooooo oo oo oo oo oo ,', ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo . oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo . B. Oakes, Frank McGuigan, Photographers . ooooooooooooooooo boon' Pilot: "You've been jumping out of planes all day-Why dow you keep do- ing it?" oooooo oooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Chutist: "Because I get such 21 kick out of it when my feet touch the ground." Charlie: HWhy is a bathing suit like a barbed Wire fence?" Jewel: "Because it protects the property without obstructing the View." "ANY FOOL CAN MAKE WAR," AND THAT IS THE REASON WHY WISE MEN HAVE TO ARM THEMSELVES. -Inspiration Toby: "Did you see where a fellow went 232 days Without taking a bath?" Jean: UNO, Inever read dirty stories." 3' O Q. '-i fu cn P: "1 Q 3 QQ 5 . vw D' fm oooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo N I Isl Ui IT1 Q vu -r D I Ch -v -1 CD 0 -1- oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- ---ooooo O O 2 35 .VI gm QS Oo. O O O 0 0 O 0 O O 2 QQ 05' .n- in 'E. 23 ga 5: O 0 O 0 O-- 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 O O 0 O 0 0 0 O Q O O 0 2 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 2 PHOTOS FOR BRONZE BOOK Hollywood S+uclio H516 Grand Sherman Machine AND Iron Works We Proudly Salule Our Boys from Central Armed Iforcex of the United States IGA FOOD STORE 0k...h.,... City, Oklahoma Q Page Two Hundred S'1'xly-three o ,IQ 00000000000000000 00 000 , ......... -- ........ --- ......... ------- ........... -------- - ...... --- ........ -------- I I I O I I I O I I Page 000000000000000000 000 000000000000 0 WE ARE BEHIND AMERICA! ARE YOU? 0000000000000 000000000000000000000000o000000000000000000oo000000000000 T Central Students Say M. K. 0. Trailways BUS LINES for Safety, Speed and Comfort 0 000000 00000000000 0000000 000 00 0000000000 em, Pump mmm mecfmummemv COIWUIPGHIIW WaterWells omnnomn CITY Well Pumps PUMPS FOR REFINERIES, GASOLINE PLANTS AND OTHER INDUSTRIES WAREHOUSE AND OFFICE 206 E. GRAND AVE. wo Hundred Srxty-four Q 00000000000000000000 of 00 00000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 4....................------...-....---------AAAA-A--AAA-A-AAAAA-A------- ' 0 U 0 0 U U 0 U 0 0 U 0 H 0 0 0 0 0 U U O 0 0 ll U U wr ir n ll ll ::o::Q:::::::::::: 0 U 0 0 0 0 lb 0 U ll 0 0 0 0 U U 0 0 O H U O U 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O O 0 0 l O O I O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O l O O O l l O 0 O O l l ------- ------vv-v----------v--v 0 II n 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 II Prosecuting Attorney: Cto opponentl 'iYou are the biggest boob in the city." 3 ll ' It yy Judge: Crappmg for orderj Gentlemen you forget that I am here. U . . U -Inspiration. fi I The Evolutions of a co-ed's ambitions . . . II U mn Freshman: To marry a football player, 0 , 0 Sophomore: To marry a movie star, H Junior: To marry a capitalist, n 0 S ior: To MARRY. f 0 ll U n II 0 0 U ' 0 II U ll -.4N..4Np..H,.qw,-.N..- Qinp.-Nb-: R ARY scYTHe Powsk LAWN Mowsns no A Mons 1: COMPLETED JOB . . . FOR LESS SUCTION accomplished by simple, scientifically formed cutting blades, gives to WHIRLWIND 0 POWER LAWN MOWERS the distinction of being the "Only Ones Of Their Kind". ll I They will help make fine lawns finer, coarse il fields into fine lawns, eliminate hand trimming, consume less power, reduce maintenance and ll operating costs, handle with maximum ease, and conserve man hours. ll l ASK TO SEE ONE IN ACTION 0 ll American Electric Ignition C0. 0 725 N. Broadway, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma --A--::-:,-----::-:::::::-:::::::: e-::,,--,,--,,--::--:,---::-----.... ll 0 O 0 II l 0 l 0 l 0 CGMPLIMENTS 2 , II l I I ll 3 I' 0 li 3 0 CFA ' CAFE 3 l 0 2 2 l 0 l 0 FRIEND 3 2 z Edmond OKLAHOMA 0 0 l l 0 0 0 . ,A,. ..,,,,,, .... - - -- ' 9 V,-o----,o ,v....., oo v... ,, Page Two Hundred Sixty-five I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I --. a letter opener-Preferable a blonde. We are all manufacturers-making good, making trouble, or making ex- cuses. Mr. Rhodes: Yes, indeed, it has entirely cured his mother of bragging about .-.-.----------- ------------------------------------------------------ THE VISTA OFFICIAL CENTRAL STATE COLLEGE NEWSPAPER STUDENTS: Follow C. S. C. Campus Activities Through the Columns of your Newspaper ALUMNI: Keep up with your Alma Mater and Former Classmates By Reading THE VISTA A Weekly Newspaper --- - Compliment Of Letzeiser and Company MANUFACTURING JEWELERS O FRATERNITY I SORORITY K O CLUB PINS Oklahoma City I I E I I I No business man should be without I I I I I I 2 If love is biimi, I And lovers can't see I Then Why in the hell, 2 Don't someone love me? I E I 2 Mr. Ray: Has Bills education proved of any real value? I I I I I him. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 ' I g roms sm aug is I I 'I I I -2 I f: I I Z I I S ASQ I z"z G 'Q 2 E i fs ' I if E XJ E I 2 I If' X C027 FOR I I A , fff'Arfmfawf ' H 3 I X, Q'-ff' I K I f00li'lN5 I f I I, A I I xi, . g I K.ff,ffcfA'4w ' A9 I I I I C I -rfzfz-.. -I J I I -- 4.3: I I I I Whether it's cooking three square meals Q I I dov, heating water for I5O daily household I I needs, healthfully heating your home, or pre- I I serving the food you ect with perfect refrig- I . crotion-ycu'Il find that GAS does it better. 3 E z I OIILFIHOITIQ IIFITURFII. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Pzzife Two Hundred Sixly-six I ------------------------------ 0,0 -- --- - ---------------- - ----- --------- ------- ---- -------- ----------------------- Q 3- Q---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ---------------------------------- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-- t U 3 Q O S 0 H O U 2.1 Q. Please send me 575.00 to pay my fraternity bill, Your son, Bob Dear Bob: I am enclosing the 2575.00 you asked for, however, please don't buy any more fraternities. Sincerely Your Dad. Y O O 0 0 O 0 t t t t t 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O t t O 0 O O 0 0 O O t 0 0 t 0 0 0 0 O 0 I 0 O O t 0 0 t O t O 0 t t O O O O O O O O O O O O -------------------------------- t t 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 t t 9 0 0 O O O O O O O O t t A Refrigeration Sales Cr Engineering Co., Inc. 3-l'l to 313 N. W. Sixth Street OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Refrigerator Service 8: Parts BUD PUGH, Mgr. PHONE 2-817.5 Jack Cox wishes .... He bad Einstein's brains. Gables looks. 'llibbett's voice. Wetherbee Electric Company ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS and SUPPLIERS 412 North Hudson Olfatchoma City, Oklahoma Joe Louis' strength. J. P, lVlorgan's dough. -and Hitler's obituary notice. .:. Q. oo-- -Q Qoaoooeoooooooqpoooooqoo CHAMPIONS THREE RONCHOS ORDEN'S 'Fresh' Milk i ORDEN'S lce Cream O 01 Page Two Hundred S1.x'!i1-sew -eo -QQQQQQQQ00-0-0000oo-QQQQQQ-QQ--QQQ-------oo-oooQo------ooo. oee---QQQQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ eaooooeoogqgeoooooooaoQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ LQQQQQQQQQ-Q.. ---------------------------------------- --------------..,-.qv. oe-.. Q. .3QQ-------------Q---o-o---QQQQQQQQ----------------- Iv II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II II II II I I I I I I I I of ooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo 4, ,vo v...... - vv.....vvvvv Q-- --A --A A--A AA- A--- ------o --oo--A--o--A -------------------A------------ o II Il II II II train? II If Carl Combs: What men? Il II Il I I I I II II II II II I II II I I I I I I I I I HARTWELL JEWELERS 42 years dependable service Diamonds-Watches-Silur DISTINCTIVE JEWELERS 130 W. Main Oklahom I I I I I I I I I I I Complimenfs of I CRANE CO. I I I I I I I I I Page Two Hundred Sixty-eight v-- .......- --v- ...- ----------vv-..4 Verna Myers: What goes 999 klunk, 999 klunk, 999 klunk? Evelyn Malone: Search me. Verna Myers: A centipede with a Wooden leg. Virginia Long: Did you see those men staring at that girl as she got on the Automobiles may be almost as deadly as war, but they don't make you salute all day and scratch all night. Miss Thomas: What is etiquette, Miss Burns? Miss Burns: Etiquette is the noise we don't make when we are eating soup. Once there was a mean army officer. He was rotten to the corps. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Hartwell Jewelry Co. u City ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I oooo oooooo oo ooo ooo oo oooo 4 oo ooo oo ooo ooo ooo oo I.- I I I I I I I oooooooooo M. H. Stephens Produce Co. WHOLESALE FRUIT AND VEGETABLES H3 E. Main Oklahoma City The Edmond Sun OKLAHOMA'S OLDEST WEEKLY Esfablished in 1889 WINIFRED DAILEY-Editor Central Graduate 1928 NELSON McGOWAN-Mgr. Central Graduate l935 oooooooooooooo -oooooooooo ooo. II II II II Il II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I I I I II II II II II II I II II II II II II II II I II II II II II II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q O.. 0000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 A person with bad manners is one who tries to interrupt when you are talk- ing and talk when you're trying to interrupt, Glen: l'm going to marry a beautiful girl and a good cook. Darrel: You can't do that. That's what they call bigamy. Mr. McMinimy: HIt's 2 o'clock." 'AAbout time Sue's boy-friend went home." Mrs. lVlclVlinimy: "Now, Lloyd, remember how we used to court." Mr. lVlclVlinimy: HThat settles it.l Out he goes." There are three classes of women-the intellectual, the beautiful and the ma- jority. J. T, STRIPLING, Prop. O Quality With The Right Price ls Our Specialty 0 FREE Delivery Service 9 Closed Car Service Phone 35 and 36 l3 N. College 000004 0 0 0 l 0 00000 00 00 000 0:::::::::::0 000: :0 000000: : : :0 00 03000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 O 0 l l O 0 0 l l O 6 l l l O l E l O l O 0 O 0 E O 0 l O l l O l l O 0 l O i O O l O O l l 0 l 0 0 O O O l 9 O 0 0 O 0 5 I A Page Two Hundred Sixty-nine We qooooqqqooooooooooogooegqooooooeq . I I I Early one morning a man heard a knock on his back door. I-le felt around I II II - . . , . . 1: for his bath robe and got his wife s kimona by mistake. He opened the door :I I Il I . . . . . , I and the iceman threw his arms around him and kissed him. The man went back I II :I up stairs and tried to figure it out. Finally he decided that the iceman's wife II I I II must have a kimona just like that. 0 0 0 0 0 II I .4 - . H if Marion, what does George like best for breakfast? IE II "Oh, anything l don't happen to have in the house." Il II 0 II Il 2 The stingiest man we ever heard of bought his bride a nickels worth of candy I I . . and took her on a trolley ride honeymoon. When they got off the car he said, "Honey, suppose we save the rest of this candy for the children." II 0 II Dr. Newby: So you are on a submarine. What do you do? I I . I Sailor: When we want to dive, l run forward and hold her nose. II II II I 0 3333 iiii tit? iiiiiit C3 LSISSQS 63333 33332 t3333333 iiiii C33t3iDC3 ISISQSQZQ II I II I 0 I II I 0 I , " ' NASH FINCH CO g R. A. YOUNG CO. g I I Oklahoma City, Oklahoma I I I I I 5 8: IOC: Sfore g 2 . WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS I I I I , I STUDENTS woRK HERE I NASH S COFFEE I I I I I Trade waih Us I , 9 Q Fresh Fruit Vegetables I I I I I I I I Page Two Hundred Seuenily ISI Qoeoeooa---oo-uoooooooooocoQoooooooqoq Q -.g. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ! QQQQQQ Q. -------oo 0 oo-.. Qoooooooooogoeoeooooooooo00-0-0-0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ .4 Q 000000000000000000000000 .S 00 0000000000000000000000000000 ,g 00 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 . , 0000000000 00 000000000000000000 000 00000000000000 Dr. lVlcCarrell: 'ANOW ladies and gentlemen, l want to tax your memory." Herman Muns: "Great Grief' Has it come to that?" Dr. Robinson: Ilstopping for gas in a. filling stationj "Two quarts of gas and a pint of oil." Kenneth Moore: "Yes sir, and would you like for me to blow into the tires?" Poor little moron? The latest thing is that he joined the Army and since he was too young to be in the Army, they put him in the infantry. TULSA'S LARGEST FINEST HOTEL 600 ROOMS 600 BATHS 52.50 UP COFFEE SHOP MARINE ROOM CONVENTION HEADQUARTERS The MAYO I Tulsa, Okla. 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ----------------------------- ..... ----- ..... . ...... - .... -. Page Two Hundred Sezuunly-fm 00000 00000000000 n . .----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'a' 00 Q .30 '5- ll ll ll ll ll 0 ll ll If Jack Hawkins: Lillian, I have a confession to make. I'm a married man. 0 Lillian Ogg: Mercy! You had me frightened for a moment, I thought you 0 o 0 0 II EE were going to tell me this car didn't belong to you. ll II nu lf I hold her in my arms-a feeling of warmth creeps over me-I pull her clos- Il I :E er, her soft rosiness pressed tightly against my cheeks--soothing-satisfying- na ll E perfect bliss-I could lie here forever with Emma, my trusty hot-water bottle. 3 l l Mr. Bateman: What's the matter, sonny? 3 O : Neil Jones: Please sir, have you seen a lady without a little boy who looks 0 0 3 like me? O O 2 l SAVE YOUR SCRAPS TO RAP THE JAPS 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 O O 0 I I I I O 0 O O 2 O O 0 0 0 O 2 l I 2 3 -- O 0 0 O O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 2 I O 0 0 O O O O I 9 E ga 3 . o 3 -A l on 0 's 5 '+ 3 5 ff '2 3' 5 'U o " El 5. S. ,, ' g Q : o 9 : .. 2 Z g. CD Q U1 , Q ,, . 0 rn 2 1 Q Q' 0 2 D. Q Z M U1 o ,D 'I 5 r 0 2 r-r 3 0 " 9 D' Q. V, 2 5 8 P O na -- S .2 2 ' ' 73 CL 4 1' 'E' Q 2 f 9 6 2 'U Q ru 9 2. u E X ' :1 S " 2 ' Q a. 9 3- 1 o - D Q m f o V, Q SD g X4 ------ ---. H z 1+ :r ll Q 5 2 ' 9 2 1 ' l 2 .. 51 3 o 0 w .1 G, E o n Q. fa m df. 0 Q 1+ Q, Og D is X ll r-v Enos. - , O jj H DO.-os" D- 3'N -.3 nIm l " N 3531553 a l T' Z Il D 05252522 0 W 0 t 0 3- geaeilx-55 E 11 :E 5?f535Qi5U,",:': Z 3, Z :: Q 20.25 sz ' 3 CJ H Q-,O 'ma rn 1' Pg T452 3, o 0 'X' awe a" 0 Z 1: Us 5 am 2 -I -+ rn N? 3 9 2 E 2 0 4 . 0 Q 0 o l Page Two Hundred Seventy-two oooooooooooQooA A A A A A A A A A Q-- AAAAAAA- -QA A-- AAA- QQ-QQ---......- .g. ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll II O ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll lr ll ll ll ll ll ll ll oo: : oooo 0 O O ll ll 0 0 0 O O ll 0 0 ll O O O 0 O 6 0 3 z : z E z : O z z O O O O 0 0 0 0 0 O O O E 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 O Q .to Q 000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ,', 00 0- 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 - .,. l 9 O O O O l O 0 Q 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 vc E P4 o c: U o Z -1 E IT! o c nv: 'Tl o :U Z o 'Tl cw o 4 FE an 2 Z TTT 2 H Pa : E KV FE ARE BOATS LEAVING EVERY DAY. Gently he pushed her quivering shoulders back against the chair, She rais- ed her beseeching eyes in which faint hope and fear were struggling. Erom her parted lips the breath came in short, wrenching gasps. Reassuringly he smiled at her. - - - Bzzzzzz, went the dentist's drill. A'Dr. Jones, may I ask you a question?" 0000000000000 00000000 'AYes, Pahlka, but it must be a short onef, "If a doctor is doctoring a doctor does the doctor doing the doctoring have to doctor the doctor the way the doctor being doctored Wants to be doctored or does the doctor doctoring the doctor, doctor the doctor the way he usually doc- tors?" 00 000000 00000000000 Chilwoocl-Welch lnc. W9Sl9m Newspaper I to D' E DJ -4 o -I' o 'T 0 9 EC 292. go K5 AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE 000000000 000000000 KEEBCDIHI Telephone 270 TYPEWRITER PARER 0 0 EDMOND OKLAHOMA 2 V, g . Oklahoma Cnty, Oklahoma . 0 0 0 0 O 0 l l l l O l l l l l l l O O l l O l O l O O 0 O l l l O O 0 O O .0 l l l l l l l l l l l 0 0 0 l O l l l l 0 O l I v 0 O l l 0 0 O l l 9 Page Two Humlretl Seuerzly-lhret 'o 4 0 0 500--0-----1---0--------0-0---- 0-00-- 0-0--------------0---0----0--0-0 5 O 0 0 t 0 0 0 3 O 2 And then they tell one about the absent minded professor who was sitting O E on the sofa with his Wife when there came a knock on the door. 0 E "Good heavens! my husband," she exclaimed. 0 0 "My goshfn he said, and jumped out the Window and broke his neck. 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 t Do right and fear no man. 0 0 . f Write not an fear no woman. 2 0 O 3 l Football is a wonderful game, How else could you walk down the street 3 E with a blanket on one arm and a blonde on the other without causing talk. 3 0 l 0 O 2 ............................................................... ....... g o 2 2 . O E ComPliments of the 5 O Maur 'ct uPP'eS t oya ypewrlter o., , S i Everything for the Photographer 0 4 2 lflC. 2 Eastman Kodqks, one Kodoks, Films, z g Photo Equipment, Complete Repair 0 1 , Department for all Cameras, Photo g 408 okla- 50V'n95 Bldg- 2 Papers, Chemicals, Frames 0 o S Oklahoma Cnty, Oklahoma S Oklahoma Photo CO. E Phone 24900 S 308 North Broadway 2 3 Oklahoma City 3 3 ' ttitstss Ctssttt'333333333:aittsetttzttstizga 0 3 0 g STUDENT CLEANERS and LAUNDRY E , eoos,- ssPHoNE .spp ,-eoo 3 O O rug.- Lge sz Qc 2:0 22 50 Q-o 590 23 .32 32 So o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o -0-----0---000-0-0---.0------0--1 Q 000-00-000000000000---00-00-0--00000-0000-00---000-000-00-0--000--00--0--00--00---000-0000---0----------0--0 by 0- ... 0 --.p 1 O O -go 1 : : : : : QQQQQQQQQ II ll ll ll ll ll ll ll QQQQQQQQQQQ: : :Q : :Q Q.. oeoooooooeo Q. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ J, QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ000-909-0000 1 o Qgoqoooo- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ0-0-9-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 4, E z Nila Scott: "I'm going to be a good actress." O 0 0 0 O O 0 0 Thelma Henry: i'Are you taking dramatic lessons?" Nila. "No, but I'm washing my stockings in Lux every nite." O 0 0 ll ll il tl 0 nu Mrs. Shelby: Hlf you don't stop playing that oboe, you'll drive me crazy." 0 0 0 0 0 0 Don Wells: i'Too late now-I quit playing an hour ago." QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ---QQ How fat she isp She used to wasn' The reason is She daily doesn't. 0 0 ll ll ll O O 0 0 0 0 .-. ll t ll ll ll O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 0 ni ll nr nu Your Home in Uklahoma Cit . all in , u,N I fl f I ' I-N 1? ,-, Jill, Q it -- ,f it lx :ng W X I.. 13 .5 f- t- s N 1? --.... 2 eegfv- A., I - ,QE- NA 'lil 5 - 5 l . s l NQX X ix 'aff 'ii' E' li 1,EuEi'EiP1,L, Z L? Bu if 4 ' . It . 'X , I N X v . J x 4' w-gig: , q, xg ,Q Suk i E N 1 gs. by wg? in Y :: 9 1- -I v ' -A 'N N T:- -E S f i,,i' Pi E ' N' 5 . ,J 3 " ,-5 g 3 S -.7 E J f. E? l "Sign Iiifiiiig' I 3 fl -H " 'vi "I-.. T , i gm 125'-syrup, I . ' . i :lillli ' 1: - J 53: E MQQQPQ' QT Sixty -A , ' ' "-Y 1 I .. 'Wigs . 3 - L '- - XX ' J :. Y W N , am i tem Q5 - 1 1 3 2 . . - i Q3 " 4 " 9 gif X L .-1' ' ' ig, QQQQQQQ ooooooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0 i Did you know that the business of op- g erating hotels has been elevated to an z acceptable profession taught in many of America's finest colleges? Courses O I . O in finance, operations, management, 2 catering, etc., are now taught to en- g terprising young students . . many 0 are now in key positions in our hotels. l It all adds up to "Better Service z Through Training". z S W. E. EK, Manager o o o o 0 o 0 o o o o o o o o o s s 2 ---------------------.. ,----------. 3- Pago Two Hundred Seventy-five t O l 0 l 0 0 0 t l O O 0 0 0 l t O In QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ . '. nog--- l E O t t O 0 O 0 0 l 0 O 0 O ll 0 0 ll ll ll n in 0 ll l 0 nu n 0 O 0 0 ll ll ll 0 O l O l l l l 0 0 E quarters. l l 0 O O O O 0 l 0 O 0 00-0-0-0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ O t O l O O Factory Representative far O t i ELGIN-BULOVA-GRUEN-HAMILTON t O WATCHES RAY DEVEREAUX O 0 0 0 l 0 t l O t l Compliment of DR. J. M. WILK O 0 l 0 O O Optometrist O 0 0 l O 0 Page Two Hundred Seventy-six To get wealthy ,QQQQQQQQQQQQQ -QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQ--- 0QQ--QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ---oo Boost Our Advertisers! They Are Boosting You- Evolutions of a man's ambitions: To be a circus clown, To be like dad, To be a fireman, To do something noble, 1 To make ends meet, To get the old age pension -Married men with better halves are Worse off than bachelors with better l I 0 0 t l l l 0 0 0 l t O 0 0 O O l l O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O l A QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ- Q .------------------- 0 O O O 0 l O O l O l C l l 0 l 0 0 l O l l I 0 O l O O l l l l Q-- Blackstone Produce "Specialize in Dressing Poultry" POULTRY-EGGS-CREAM -Shannon Dated Feeds- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ PIANOS O Records Sheet Music Band Instruments Accordians 0 , 9 ' P O ' ' Lee Thagard Music Co. ln New Location 407 W. Main, Okla. City Phone 38355 A Complete Music Store o Q- sf QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Qeoez :::Q- o::::-- Ao oooaoooeoo0-0-0-ooooooaoeoooooaooooooooeooooo: : :-: - 00-009.00-990 -0 4. -------- ----------------- 4. 00 000000000 0000000000000 000000000000000 00 00000000000000000000000000000000000 0 O O 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 O O O O O 0 O 0 0 G 0 0 4 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 O Q 0 O O 0 6 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O I 0 0 0 O 0 0 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ,0000000 0000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 OPPORTUNITIES IN AVIATION There was never a time in the history of the world when there were as many opportunities for a young man of ability and industry to go far in his chosen profession and do it quickly as there are at the present time. Within the past three years 109 individuals have begun their aviation careers at Central State College in the Civilian Pilot Training program. Nineteen of them are still in training on the campus. They do their ground school work on the Central campus and receive their flight instruction at Wiley Post field. Of those who have finished the course at Central it is known that one is a Control Tower Operator. Two are employed by industrial aircraft concerns. Two are meteorologists with the Army Air Corps. Fight are civilian flight instructors. Twelve are in training in Advanced Civilian Flight. Seven are in the Naval Air Corps. And, 34 are in the Army Air Corps. This makes a total of 66 young men who are engaged professionally in the aircraft industry, either in civilian or military capacities. Central is very proud of what these former students are doing. CLIFF R. OTTO Coordinator Civilian Pilot Training WE WILL Keep 'Em Flying Civilian Pilol' Training Program WITH Cenlral Slate College Avmnou senvltt Wiley Post Airport Oklahcma City Page Two Hundred Seventy-seue 00000. 0000 v v l - .1 00 0000000 00000000 0000 00 0000000 00 000000000000000000000000 00 00 0000000000000000000 00 of 00000000000000000000000 I7 .g.---- TELL THEM YOU SAW IT IN THE BRONZE BOOK Ruby: "Professor, I'd like to have you come to dinner when you find it convenient." Phillips: "Thank you, but your work so far indicates that you will get a good gradef' The Tempo. Perryman: "You say you saw a touching sight today?" Price: "Yes, I saw our prof. talking one of the boys into lending him a dol- lar." Draftee: 'AMy suit is too big for me!" Supply Sergeant: A'Don't complain to me-complain to your company cook." 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ,00000000 Slerling "MEADOW GOLD" Dairy Produclfs Prolecled by 'rhe "SILVER SEAL" Page Two Hundred Seventy-eight 0 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 I 0 O O 0 0 O O 0 O 0 O 0 0 E O 0 O I O 0 O O 0 0 O 0 O E O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 I O 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000 000000000000000000000 0000000000000 0000000000 4. -------------------------------------------------------..-- v O O 0 0 O 0 O O 0 O I I O 0 0 O O O 0 O O O O O I O O 0 O O 0 0 O I O I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O O O O I 0 O O O I O O O 0 0 I 0 ! 0- oo ooo::QQq-: :Q 0 0 0 0 0 il 0 ooooooooooo::ooo oeoseooooooooo ooogqo oo ooo ...Q Q00---oooooooooooooooooooooepe J. 0 0 I I 0 I 0 O 0 O O U O 0 O O O O O O O U 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O I 0 0 - 0 O 0 O O O 0 U O I 0 I O O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 O O O 0 0 O O I Q 5 2 is Q O- ... . "' f H Q se- 9 93 Q S Q si E Q 1' Ei- D' F9 ' E, 'E UQ Q 4 D 5 E B gg 2 I3 6 ' D P, 4 5. S UQ R - -1 O' "' 553 :s 59 - Q ,. . Q N4 Q w Q 9. O "" CA :s 50 -2 " Od Q- P- 3 I C 9-3 "' 2 fc, Q "' ' 'U f-f H 122 O -A "' 1-1 5 ff o :r E, 5 S' 5 o Q "' ra O 'T' rl. "' 9' 'O 5'- D' su 'U O. I3 "f N4 ,.. . N4 ru 2 0 m U5 cn Q U, P-v-1 v-Q D.. O H I . ,O sv H , :tw H- r-1 P1 Q O' ,- - ... Q, va I3 Q Fe 2 -Q O 5 ' G UQ N ... . O fs Cn Q X :E v- - 5 N4 D' T1 O O r-r N 4 E 02 2 I re 8 D m 3 3 I 2 Q ffl 0 Ui V, ..- . :I rs 'J' D 2 :fi H "" ,Dj 3 E :s -1 be f :r H H '- U' C ,-, 4 " Q Q D gg ra Q 13 Q- pg 'O L, 5 Q 5 0 D rw D P-Q ' 2 5 ' 5 3 - H 2 :L 3 N4 9 Q O 52 cn 2 - E, O Sn xc C Q 9: E , 3 :D rs k gp "' Y' V1 D- DJ 2 2 B Q 3: ru ... v-r Q. Q rn . Z az if 2 S ' 2 5 an ----------- -- -------------,-,-,-..------ g ,T U2 R S is . EA :ix E Q o 5' 2 S H 9 cr: 2 N ff: 3 -I g Q -3 oz' gg O :, 5. 5 g W I 5 N L3 cn 2 N '-' O O 9 "' to -- Q S2 . to 0 Q 0 Q ffl 0 O UQ 5 ' v-1 5 4 N ,Tj 0 Zi 5 Eu H' 2 Eg' Ei, UQ CL UQ 3 E 2 7' O -- - vw as N Q. 3 22 3 S? " 5 3 Us E O 0 e: O :s 'D Q '- 5 vs 0 C 'O -. an "' Z 5 4 0 02 w ff Q H fn C D, If C O . 3 FF ' oo 9' S D Z " 2 ' s: 1: H C2 U' 'U Z z 'I. 2 U' ' an D' 5' S 3 a -I 0 "' ' 'J' O g- f-+ : rn 0 I3 vm P-vw N4 'U ru 0- :: , ,. . ,Q ,-, 3 2 " 9 CD 0 E3 U 5' Eh 'O 8. C v m ,., rc , Z U . X r: ,-, - n 'O ' ' I 0 '33 li ' UQ L' cr g I va E 9 "gm "' Q- N4 O r c ,, in 0 E pr '-3 cn. Q : 9 -'S -I I 2 E 5' 5 PJ G 'A ffl f Q Q5 3 E :U O gi cf- 73 QA P+ 9-1 3 m ,I O 0 V, . H O vm . 9 3 'U 2 ! ------------- ............ .. .... ..--------..---------------..------------: C : Q : :---: : c : : : a-: : : C : : C C : : :--------------- Page Two Hundred Svvmly-r1z'm' i:5?TT' I y . ,M . . . w W. k .... G Qeey W LAR BUlLDlNG IIN THEWQRLD HAS N0 wmoows! THE DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT COMPANYS BOMBER ASSEMBLY PLANT IN TULSA,OKLAHOMA 4000 FEET LONG-520 FEET WIDE - l,294,000 SQUARE FEET OF FLOOR SPACE SEATING CAPACITY 2I5,000 PEOPLE - MORE THAN HE COMBINED POPULATION or PEORlA,lLL. AND UULUTI-l,MINN. T N. AN OR AL E! E CED THROUGH HE A WORLD D T L N WE ARE NOT... Nor do we build structures of steel, monuments ot bronze, or memorials in marble . . . those are not our business. 'S But we do build monuments ot another kind -yearbooks ,000 P'-4, designed and engraved to capture and interpret the spirit m 5? Gm of young men and women, to leave a lasting record of their 2, I: N activities and accomplishments. 4,7, axe? For more than a quarter century outstanding annuals ot the X X 7 nation have carried the label ot our organization. We are proud that this, another distinctive SWECO-built book, will stand as a monument to the young people whose under- takings and accomplishments it presents. S5OlJT H Sl LR GRAV CECOMPAN Tulsa, Uklahoma ,.....f.. 53-Inch Miehle Automatic Unit, one of the modern automatic presses, upon which our Annuals are printed. This press prints I6 pages of an annuai at one time. Specialization .... ln School and College Annuals enables us to offer discriminating buyers ot printing a better product, better service and better prices. Dozens of schools in four states take advantage of our specialization and for years have used our service to their entire satisfaction. For this reason we have become recognized among the leaders in this field in the territory in which we operate. Every operation under one roof-Composition, Printing, and Binding. Auto- matic presses and every modern device to improve quality and lower costs is used, manned by o force ot skilled workmen who take pride in maintaining our reputation of quality. Get in touch with us for any Printing Requirement. We also manufacture a representative line of School Diplomas in book form, and maintain a complete Bindery and Ruling department. Ask for samples and prices. The Carpenter Press 716 4th Avenue Oswego, Kansas -.g. E 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O O O 0 O 0 I O oooooooooooeoqqoopgo oo ,:. --------------------------..------------------------------------------------------- O 0 O 0 O O O 0 0 O O O 0 0 O O O 0 0 Page Two Hundred Eighty-two GUR ADVERTISERS Paironize Them Please Acme Potato Chip Co. American Electric-Ignition Co. Arrow Cafe Baggett Engravers Biltmore Hotel Bordens Milk Co. Blackstone Produce Broncho Theatre Burke Aviation Service Certified Grocers College Grocery Corken Pump and Machinery Co. Crane Co. Cunningham Drug' Dr. J. M. Wilk Edmond Cleaners and Hatters Farmers Grain Co. Federal Supply Co. Hartwell Jewelers Highway Motor Co. Hollywood Studio Independent Preserving Co- I. G. A. Grocery John Kessler K. V. 0. 0. Lee Thagard Music Co. Long Bell Lumber Co. Letzeiser and Co. O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 O 0 O O O O 0 O 0 O 0 E 0 O 0 E 0 0 O 0 l O O O O 0 O E 0 0 ! Q... Q0 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oooooa ooo- Qooooo 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O O O 0 0 O O 0 l O I 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 l O O O 0 0 O O 0 0 0 O 0 O 1 O 0 0 O 0 O O 0 O 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 O O O O 0 0 O O I 0 O O 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 ----0-0--0--000000--00-00-0000000 000---0--- -00-----00-0 000-------0---------- .1. -0--0-00-0000-000-- OUR ADVERTISERS Paironize Them Please Mayo Hotel Meadow Gold Milk Co. Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma Bus Line Nash Finch Co. Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. Oklahoma Photo Supply Co. Pat's Cafe P. C. Slack Pearce Flowers P 8z L Grocery R. A- Young Co. Ray Devereaux Refrigeration Sales 81 Engineering Co. Royal Typewriter Co. Remington Rand Inc. Scrivner-Stevens Co. Sherman Machine 81 Iron Works Stephens Produce Co. Student Cleaners Snyder Bros. Grocery The Citizens National Bank 'Ihe College Shop The Edmond Sun The Edmond Publishing Co. The First National Bank The Vista Tools' Western Newspaper Union Wetherbee Electric Co. Wide-A-Wake Cafe -000-000000---000-0--0-00000000 ---0--0-- -0000-0000 Page Two Humirvd Eiglzlg-lh 00000-0000-000-0-00 -. . FL' .S -0 , .Of ---0000-000000----0000000000-----0000-0000000000000000-000 00-0-000000---0000000000000-0000-00000000 0---000-000--0 C ooooooa QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ IN APPRECIATION In this space, we, the business managers of the 1942 Bronze Book, feel it proper to express our gratitude and extend our thanks to all who have made this annual publication possible. There isn't space enough on this page to enumerate all the people to Whom credit is due but We would like to mention some of the outstanding ones. To Dr. Harbour, our adviser, We owe a vote of thanks for her guiding supervision and cheerful help throughout the Work on this book. This list would not be complete without honorable mention of Mr. Frank Bateman who has devoted a great amount of his time and energy in help- ing the business managers. Our heartfelt thanks, Mr. Bateman. The financial success of the Bronze Book is made possible by the many business firms who purchased advertising space herein. The clubs on the campus, the Queens of the Bronze Book with their managers, and most important the students of Central State, all come in for their share of the credit. To all of these and many more who have helped make this-your book- possible we give you the 1942 Bronze Book and our appreciation for your part in it. Glenn Rose Darrel Troxel Ruby Krefting Page Two Hundred Eighty-four ooeoeoqoeo-QQQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQoo -0000--- o I o o ! oooo00ooooooooooooooq-oooooooooooQQ---0Q---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oo 0-0 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0 0 0 I .g.- ------- ---------------------------- INDEX A Administration Administration Building B Advertisements Agriculture Faculty Alpha Phi Sigma Alumni Alumni Secretary B Arena Club -BBBWBB Art Faculty BBB B-BsB,BBBBB ssBB.sssv,BB,,B Artists Who Have Appeared At Central Athletics. Men B B BBBBB N Attendants to the Queen of Central State Nelda Jean Stewart B BBBB ,, Wilma Ferguson B Basketball B B Blue Curtain Club Board of Regents B B and B Bronze Book Queen. Beulah Mae Geller Bronze Book Staff BBBB Business Managers C Call to Service B B B Campus, Airplane View Campus Scene B Classes B Commerce Faculty Contents , Criterion Club . D Dean of the College. Roy W. .Iones Dean of Women. Dorothea Meagher Dedication B DeMille, Agnes George Demonstration School Faculty Departments B Dramatics ---------------------------------- ------------QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Page BB 37 4 251-284 B B 35 111 239 B,,BB, 41 -B- 98-99 -B .... A 30 229-232 135-151 --,B187 ,,189 148-151 ,BBBBB 105 BBBBB 14 87 89 B 88 197-200 B 6-7 8205 B BB 43-79 29 BB 8 94-95 18 B 19 5 231 B 36 BB 20-41 125-129 lfundred Frqhlu H -------------------------------..---------------..---+ Q.. 0000---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q o o o a c o o o o o o o o E o 0 o l Ut' Q Q .3 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 . .QQQQQQ E QQQQ- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Page Editors 1 1 1 88 Education Faculty 25 English Faculty 1 20 Evans Hall 1 1 11 Features 1 203-223 Finance Office 1 1 38 Football 1 141-147 Forensics 121-123 Foreword . 1 1 11 11 6 Freshmen 111111 1 1111111 1111 1 111 11 71-79 Freshman Class Officers 1111 1111111 1 11 111111111111 11 1111 74 Freshman Queen, Odessa Smith 11 73 Glenn, Carrol, Violinist 111232 Governor, Leon C. Phillips 11 1 15 History Faculty 21 Home Economics Faculty 1 28 Index 1 285-287 Industrial Arts Faculty 26 Ittanaha 1 . 107 Juniors 1 1 57-62 Junior Class Officers 58 Kappa Delta Pi 1 1 102 Kappa, Pi 1 1 1 106 Latin Faculty 1 1 23 League of Young Democrats 1 111237 Les Chefettes Club 11 111103 Librarians . 34 Mathematics Faculty 24 Modern Language Faculty 11 22 Murdaugh Hall 1 1111 1161 Music Faculty 1 1 1 1 31 Music Organizations 113-119 Northwest Corner of Administration Building 182 Old North Tower 2-224 Orchcsis 1 160 Organizations 1 85-111 Orpheus Club 1 1 1 104 Pclgc 'flux llumlrt-tl 11411111111 :im QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQ v Q of QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 30 ------ -Q-- ------------------------ P Pioneer Woman Poetry by Dr. McCarrel e , Presidentfs Greetings President's Pergola . . President. R. R. Robinson Physical Education Faculty . Queen of Central State, Sue McMinimy R Registry Office Mrs. R. R. Robinson , Robinson, R. R. Roth String Quartet S Science Faculty . Second Generation Club C Senate Club 9 Seniors . -, Senior Class Officers ., Shakespeare Club Shakespeare Garden . Social Science Club Society O . . Sophomores . Sophomore Class Officers Stone. Doctor -il Tau Theta Kappa Thatcher Hall 'llriumvirate Club V Vista W Wantland Hall Weddings Who's Who at Central Will Rogers Women's Athletic Association Women's Physical Education Y Y Chapel Y. W. 8: Y. Nl. C. A. Yell Leaders ---Q------------Q------------------------------------- -------- Page 2-130 226-227 16 C164 ,, 17 32-33 ,185 , . 193 17 , 230 27 110 96-97 47-56 C. .48 . 92-93 120 108 165-180 63-69 . 64 40 O- W101 ,CSI37 , 100 .132 45 181 191-202 133 fn 103 1.12-160 . 233 109 140 H umlrcml El-flhltl Q-- -------- - .4 --o0oooQ-QQ-ooo Q ,:. -------- ----------------------- -------------------------- ----------------------- O O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C 'TJ Q LQ 'B "1 E c I C 3 Q. 'W fu A PF QQ. :- -. LC . 19. YQ 3' Qoooooooooo QQQQQQQQQQQQ 52:15 3.5...I.gfgIgig!:I315132121201-I'I-Z'Z'I' 'CSL ,mv R5 'C if pew M a wwf fr A ,Qx -Mx 'Q , 4 ,.-.- 3.14 4.11: i2EfiIE2E131EIEIEIEISIEIEIECEIEIE251f'E2E2EfEIE2E1E2525 . , ,5f3f5f7f5E5 .N-.4 . .. . . . ,. . gi I I I1.E:E:E:E:EEE:E:E:E:E:E:5 I:l:Q:5:5:5:Q:5:1z1:1:2:f:2:2:E:f:f:g, 2:5:5:5:E:5:5:2:2:2:5:5:5:5:5:i:3 :-:-:-:-:-:- :-:-:-:-:-:-:- '-z-:fx-:-:fa-:-:':-ar:-rv' 4,::::1z5:::1:,,,.,.::::::::::7:-:-' -:::::::::::::::::f:::5:::5:2S fiffffifffffffffffffff525252522555 'EffEfifffffffifflfffifiiif ' " ' TSEEEEEEESEEEEQ. Tfffffffffiffff: 12215221329 . - .'F2E1EfE1E2E E5E1E5E5E2E1i1' .ct 11' ' "T:3, ' :f:1f5f3 2:1E1:I: T.fff3f.- :f'-. SEI? :-1-z-1-'-bzgqtfg , 3, 52' 15:- Efffff 3ff5Ei g15?E'l35 'f 1 "1-1-2:25252 ' -- 2525 51315151 '-j:ggE:vsg'f11:3 , - I .qv I. 212. Q5 '- .522 335523532 'gliziigg 532 ' 52 E532 5E5E5E5E5x T-2 E51-5 2221 3:f:5:7:l' .,:.- :Htl , Yi' 'LQ E3:5E3E" :,Q.fE-:.,.144PQ1:- ' ' 1:2 5:':5:':' ' '. 'zi--EI-' 1:3 'i:i:3:1'- rf. .l11EI.' 3:f:Q:Q: 32i'4Q3.1Z ffl-I2 5:-23151931-i fl: :5:3:3:5: 4551155215 z-1115.3 .gfgfj 15525 55525255 Efiilf 5:5352 :5ili3.r ':' . h-'gc-. .:,:5:3.3.5:,:"'g:g,-'3 3:-'-., 2' f .EQSQSQ 12:32 , f, r 11315:-wk .3:'i:3:,.':, -. . 74- '- f ' -:1-:,:j.::5.j. 1:-1-.-3 K . . N221 'ff - 3511-f?:1j5fgfrE,:41Ef.-I? .-3312rE2qi1EN'-'12,"i13 4: i'ff'EN1, 2 l1:' -'f'f25:1.1323215355-:2f1'1f1E ' ' '.:-:1-::-:5-:-- . .-3 ZQNLQI' .- " 'jzlzeizlgfi 1-.'.i:"P' - 'w,gr.-.IM-x-: 3 wa. 4"ljL'L'Z'l1'?I'f1QIj' nj.: ', - I -,-.5521 . x - V -wx - ,- ':1-w-1-s+-'--:- ' +- - ' . fC'iN"I ' A-I-.'.I'-l'. f.-, 123.11 55' 2, mi-5:3 lfiffgf-L-f ' flQ:5:3EQ:5f51 15?T":Q:5'3' U -. .-:-:Tf71l:f:i""f -'ff' -' I x Q- T wo:-:-:-:l:1:i""275Q253?:2'1575 -rzgza... 1 2:2 '.2:-w:1.2:N1:" - .rr-:-: ces ' " " ' 3:':'3if5 ':1: 'f"P " gpg- 2552sisiisieisiisisifia5255252525233 21215 1.-.-.l We www oooooooo....QQ..-ooooo-- Qoooqoooooeoooa-oo bf .g,. W 1 .-3, 5:1 ff' . ,W 65 "JW Q 4' 'ifit 12,52 ' px fx ' ,Q , ',f..1f.e. fx! gang, K 1 ' f ., pf ' Sh ' , xii ' WJ 'ic-. .2 'ff f ,A ,. ., ,fa X P?-1 X Q .V ' ' M : Wa ., JI 1' I 1- ig 1,-,552 z " '53 . -41 V. Li' Mlm? ' -jii 4' meg! . , .i ., nv .,,,. 15:3 EW! Q1 rw Tie: ,. P -1 N 'Z 45 ,, ,. ,ME 1 .,,,1 LH' H51 .. .2 - S ,1 :Qu -jn- mg . 4

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