University of Central Oklahoma - Bronze Yearbook (Edmond, OK)

 - Class of 1937

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University of Central Oklahoma - Bronze Yearbook (Edmond, OK) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 300 of the 1937 volume:

, nw. -M?i,ERemCwH,1. . ae .lk- bi! 55 xl 'i i W. Ir vi 1 1 VI F V , 'J r w r wi 11 Q 3 I 5 E 5 4 Q 5 2 5 . I l, 1 7 I 5 1 1 1 v :am qv r. tm ,. ? ' ' A-Q, xg -.inf .... ., - X. K - 1'-:v...'r .-2-X V. y.--. -,g2s:g.fT'f, m-a.'if-:?'g,-:SE-,-19 f.cef.4.fw -. --..-f-S4 -N.. - ..,4,.Q5:R N ,QAM X:-3+ QQ -iw xg, - . Wee:-'Zi fIQ2'4Q'-221:41 -35 Nr..-.sax-ex 2".fiv-gQ,2+gX,a- 5::f,:,o: R f :5is,gg5:,,.5-31-:xx xy. '-.LxS5-QA.:-.4 'R' -A S . --x w -X 7 ...,.'.,, "ci "AQ Afgga S' g1S'1i 'ffzfi ' ' L 4 s-sS- x -r ---Y: Qmra- 'num . -- :-+s.x'Qs.S.Q.,-Q.:-N, -JL . .Ng..,- ,-, . X ,.-N4,,g,,: . ,Ng -N... xbxx.. MLN:-wing ,?,i-3'5SfA'fFf'-ugig QQ ' --v. ,iq - ' ,. . - , . , ,. N ma 'Qs 'N -Q5e.g"+-v-s- Ks:-vws-gyms-Q-51-11.f,fengrigqu- - ,, .- 5 - if pl :PQ-9225515 hqggkygg gl... '3- NL'-'X ' -,NR I A4-gui V .xx WJ. ,A . -, Ng- .W w. W:-g,-5-' xp, 4-.,. Sfilisff xyfiirlxi was-1:62 NQHQ-V25 nvfwxxvxl 1-flaw -F Qiskzgsif ws QM. ,,...-...Q-,.:. '-r '- ' W rs- wg . - :NA ' ' 'K+ TNR' -Ssw ' ii. swf.--2-v Awe- b -.e-Q' '-A-e. xt 'fisixe' g-ib3N!G'2lQ QQ-1x2 5:4551 mv. Q , .Wa-tc. .3--my-,. 'vw .4 . f V x ., , , . N415 :Q 'vu-N - -.Q..-35ai"NJ:.f- 11.113 ,g,i,,.w?q.xg5NfA:-ggvp-xc-F-:AQ -..-Ns. - .X T -xr:.- "QQ -- xxx-R -N-Yf.-w.. ,.- -.v-gc, a,.:we.,w-A , W- -Q5--.2-sfw a'aN,:nqs4m mxwgwzwyfggp xg lgagge gy 5g,g2p.-QS1,5gvQ'5F---:LQ-Xkgwubs.-. -n.-ax..-.xg,.x. ..- we ..-'f. wr... .-x .-f: -,..,-x-.,' - . ., .z , T. ,X 1-rg-Lrg, 'N X 9' 'Rv' -f-1--4'-: VW"-T.Q:.5' Ks- gf-if-kSzH :Q :tF?f12v jam. M V H. ,- , 3.4 X, ,Q .F 'W-x: 'f:-XT'--E,'if-c:g?gc,ii,S?T9z'-'4:'g:f31Q.gf5,q,g xc--. .1 .,. 34'-'ik-Sri " '-'-H523-:'xi'33fm.egg-wb,-1, - .J ..?Ni . , 1' - ' NkCr:mv:x7,f.v.1ax:9e-rv . - PTSN-Se w'-mf:s56I"1'.1Q x5,X.l-L?-,gms-Q-':czNJ,:1-bg': -win K L-. -Dfw G53-'E-.':'fs-Jijifi-5'"1f514gg?-P 3:5 XH:S'ejf.g-Saakafigg-'eQSQ3w.:-ggi ' Ar,-u. ,,4N,. . . x5?f1a5:L9i :-S-2:-XE'-xxiffh ?fg2?x-Fi:5'1,:1:f'-sg--Hs.-Qfggx Y.,...,... af J-,QN- L,...,-', . ,--.',3.Z'. .fx ., mx-,,,5, Q -,g.,..q.w..q. S,,.-q4,K5h..x we Q-- ""vk'I l gm. , N -as fi fi saw Ki-wax va- M- S--245: 5 3.A...w x.. W ,, 1 wx? -1-:X 'G " 2'-KS Ria 1- Sz-Q Sw-aw: his 5:31 ' - - -1 in 2115515 af YT --4:51 .. . ,K , ov. .,. , ,. .KN ,SJSW-fr nw.-4,-My 2-Q 1:35-eg . ya dxf' -'fb-QM: -mfzatvw Quai .-fines -amxq E'-'rlryx 1:31-'fffffi ,,.,,-X-9 -,win J, ,s , s W'-58-x"RxXH?'visgQ+"3i'x1x ,N ... -. RK .-Lis xffq-' .1 M S- :E ,.,, , U " TW-- 1:-355.12-btf2""k9 :vw--uwx.., 'N V+ - , fi 5"-'89-Q x .... . -' -'L s.a..X,.4.'t-,. 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This book has for twenty-five years served as the recorder of our educational progress. The happy hours of our stu- dent days and the panorama of events are united in these pages to form the epitome of our college life. As the years separate us and life finds for us new stations we can assemble for a fond and quiet per- iod of reverie by turning the pages of this book. EU TE T5 BOOK I-Administration BOOK II-Classes BOOK HI-Feature Section BOOK IV-Organizations BOOK V-Athletics BOOK VI-Advertising and Humor Q IIEDIII Tlll lt is peculiarly in keeping with the theme and the Motif of the Bronze Book of 1937, that this book, commemorating its 25th Anniversary, should be dedicated to the Class of 1913, and to the editors and staff of the Bronze Book of that year--who, building better than they knew. originated the Book, that, through the years, has become an institution at Central. Witlu this thought in mind. it is only Ht- ting that this 1937 Yearbook, symbolic of Progress, should be dedicated to this class, Therefore, in grate- ful remembrance. to the class of 1913-This Book 2 , X X L . N 58 .A A ' X Li 5' X - ' Q in an V' . W A, , Q 4 :ix K . K N X W gg, - gg. X- Q X. L A . K 3 f ' L .. ge m 4 L Q ' 1, K X Q ' -'T I .Q . '1 X ' x 'f 'BT L xx 'Ay X if ix . K L s A J, m . 'sh :rwYE:Nf .. fsf v L "' t QS --H - M52 L Q Q1 .. A , Q A, I.: . Q: I W N. M H . I x . lg . Q 9, ii, S-gk, -. X Zi' x 'B L11 .Sf ,XX J Q 4 A iw ' X f S . SRX X.. Q L-f l . mx, X af, -L Y ' V 'Xxx t ' x k . ,..' L Q Q Lg 5 . w .Q Cx t -' R. Nm N ., K S 3' 5 Q r N K L . t R in X Xt K fi , S.. ' N N -N it .. 4? L , gi 5 .. S ,5 . wx Mg 5 , Q is f i f ' L il 'X X A . L Lis-fe, A.. X Q L- .. an W X 5- .Q X X 5- ,,...-. S h K X ,TEL F S .. pgiil A, .3 h 34 X , X mx 7 L f gk A fm A 1159 3. h . .2 g 1 tg Q in K N fr -i x gp-A , ,Q ew b Q . -L Xb C 11 , , -A Q., , . - 'X K X' X S L " W a - , K 1 ' ' Q 1 ,, 13- as I aa 'QL Q aw i X h S53 A L . ,XL f M 3' ' , , ff f 'X We aw w . L ...- X ..- i M5 1,1 Q Q, K , 4 5 . Y ,A ,.., x A 6 . ,. 'f- fi - f .9 FQ? LL 5 K x Q L N ' viii' . L ' LL . ww. 4? b '44 Q4 - 'K L- Ki Q . ' LLLLL fam 'Q KL L :Ls Ldv f . 'Fx ,, 'L . ' Q .4 A . Xa, . Q 1 xx , 4 Kx . 5 .. K' KR 'K ... SK N RW'-I. gg- K NM -.Fm ,, KQKKKK KK Q KK K rj. . K. K, Xie ' KKQKK K .. KKKKKKQ Q .51 -?f:,g.-K. RK. YK K 3 :K X. ' XX ,Ka R1 K . ' KK A, Fr 1. . K x, K., ws K . K5 K . K.,.K ' K K. . f. .. K,-K K. KK-.' KK' . 1 .-.KK K ' ,K ix... , .K . - R KK Q. K . 352 .5.,,-'RKQW K SK -.. RR . J JK '51 4. K JR M.. fK'K. ,K gf . KKK. .Kg f. 1 fsgygg- K QS. R131 . 3.K4K5R K R . 5,19 'R sis". K. ,pR'5K.'M,Q .K R Q 'f K .X .K K. KK Q ,..,K.K+K NK iK , . KK. K K A K . KKKKKQNK gg . K K vs . . 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K K K,K.KK. SK.. KK .K j , ss,-I ggi K -K zwiig KK iv .KK ,K . K K. . , .., K KK XISKMKK Ng, KN. 25. . K R ' 'RwfR"4. -K K QQ' N93 RRR' SQ -K .'Kfa,.-f'5:L.f.K v .Q Ria, " . ' ' K,l,Q.KRff?' K Kam... K' X . .. KK Ks K . Q. ' KK... ' K....KKsKK- K - ., ... K K K R K R . .. K 'K"ffKK. K K R K . . 'K K .X .3 .KK KX KK xxx K K K K. . K . K 1 -K wh KKK R .K K X Kr K .K K . . K sa, K K K . KKK -X K K . 3 K K . .: KKKKK K KS? K . 'KT .KBS KK . K 'W . fK5K.:.K .Q K .. . as .KK . . KKKK,fx.KK..KK K 4 K xkKk R. RR... KK KQK RWXKKR K KK. R KK as K..xK . K Ki +. .K Ki KSN . . - KW K K K .SQ .. .K x xx? , KK K ...S K K K K S. X1 .xi K KK , JW' 1' RR R K. KK. . I K .... . K Q Q' Kagij, K . . Sf' ' . K K ' . fR ir! K R 9 . . s , x. X .. Q., 2 x 5 Q K. R xx K5 K. 55... KK . S . X Ky ...K.. . KK KKK KKK K+ K K KK Q M .K .. RRR Ki R KN . ix X K . .KXPRQNNRSXY Q.. K.. .. KSSKKK KK .rf KKK K K ,, ...K R K K K K R QQ. KK KKK .K .... R R KKWK KK K3 K KK . """KKg.K KKKK . KK 45, Kg rx... .. K X K K.. 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Marland was born in Pittsburgh, Penn- sylvania in 1874 and received his education from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan. Since coming to Oklahoma in 1908, he has done much to promote education and has been responsible for the interest in beautifying the state. It was through his efforts that the statue to the Pioneer Woman was erected in Ponca City. In 1932, Mr. Marland was elected from the Eighth District to the House of Representatives, of the United States Congress and served in this capac- ity for one term. In November, 1934 he was elected governor of the State of Oklahoma and took over the reins of government in January, 1935. 6,22--.f --- - , ff:-.., -,.-..,.,.1.YY W- ,,...,.....Y W-Y - .2Y-Y.,,Y...--A--Y-A- .4-Eiqi-ef-,f-H avflfg 1:-fr. ....' . i . E V -- .K - X v g Q -er.-.,.,..,p:.. 1 f:,,.5-,1. af ,. .. x- za..-sv. . ..L .N V .:: .- - 'Af--'11-T17-vL2rif::E':'f"'t -'Cf' a - Q 'L359 ,F.i"?'l',5vr-X-+6'-:"r-'FR I -rairfir -s'Qf5fs+5e':f'xwr:-sfrf-'-E-fb' F:-srargaeiit-ase v 3 4 wr v-'ij fi? 'ci'?'s" Ng-575 isis- "bt,.,,--fax.: - ., -an Q-.e.furg2vt.-.2.'.-'f.gfi:,g..':egf:-as11:f-W or LA X -K Y., at ,.,. xl fiaiqf' 5 -css' ,. st.. ,fre-'r--"simret-fisvasnvt-crass. 't1'Jli-:.E,- -s c. sr X-xg N X -' 1 we -avi? . . 1-,fam -is :- -N-1-wrt-zz-'mvexzfq-1:-2-' , '- -'V-'N' t- M 'r X N ' ' s E 1.4.1-I-1 "ff--+r?5?fl Efikz-9:11 km'A 'qv -N '.,s. -4g:3.- s,.5,,, -v- . x.,-,..e. 5 .f-P""' '-:wr-2 , WX' State Board of Education A. L. CRABLE-Oklahoma City, Gklahoma L. NORMAN DUNCAN--Oklahoma City 5 E. L. RODMAN-Anrlers ' ' HARRY D. SIMMONS-WewOka J. R. HOLMES-Muskogee STEPHEN A. GEORGE--Ardmore , MRS. GRACE NoRR1s DAVIS+OkIahoma City J. LUNEWLAND--Frederick. Q, ' i The President's Greeting Realizing that the words and pictures of this vol- ume will be a continuing message through many years, I welcome the opportunity to Write a person- al word of greeting to the students, faculty and friends of Central State Teachers College of the year 1936-1937. The scenes and events depicted herein are coated over with the spirit and romance of youth. Many of the acquaintances formed in college days will ripen into friendship: and many of the friendships record- ed within these pages will be strengthened and con- firmed with the passing years. May the images and memories brought to mind by each feature of this beautiful momento of college days be the dearest and most lasting of your lives. I speak for every member of the faculty and stu- dent body in expressing our sincere appreciation to the editors, the business managers and the sponsors of the Bronze Book of 1937 for their achievement in producing this vivid record of a happy and suc- cessful year of corporate living and learning. Paithfully yours, JOHN MOSELEY 9 President ,J , K , H i x E an . S Q1 E i L Q . 4 511 IH is A v A 2122 :-ea Vi 1.4 . .x r A Lv, Ibfik I. w L Mt!-,. E553 Q Hi! f"?'R 912 1- fix rx- 5:51 Q F55 2 -ft 1 1 - - 1 0 r 6 ,. 'f. nl M. iff-S11 - :qv u gig Q b 'Z 2 "1 3 flgarlr-T i 5:5351 f.,f'Uf1z:! m W:-4 X.. 1 1 SM 1. K3-iii? 5-'IQ if :W IQ'-L..'li -, ww in-'K 'T " V- 51.3541 V' 3 ws E fFi:F4iLi Ax. 4. JOHN O. MOSELEY President 4l w 1 Q E ii, L3 A Ig if! R41 fi! fi E5 :bfi 25 541 rf , b n .1 ,fig I ' 'a 55555. 1,53 M , X 43. Theme of the I937 Bronze'Book The first issue of the Bronze Book was put out by the class of 1913. ln looking over Volume I we cannot help but note the changes that have taken place in the college during those years. It has chang- ed from a Normal School issuing only 'a life certifi- cate to a fully accredited four year college, granting a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree. with a modern plant of thirteen buildings. We can appreciate the enormous amount of work done by this pioneer Bronze Book staff. Their ideal was to make this book an institution of ser- vice in the life of Central, by recording its history and traditions. It has done this. Today we look back over twenty-five years of continuous publica- tion and thank this historical senior class for its first book. Dean of Administration CLIFF R. Orro B. A. Degree from University of Ok- lahoma. M. S. degree from University of Ok- lahoma. Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science. Fellow of the Oklahoma Academy of Science. The office of Dean of Administration of Central Teachers College was creat- ed by President Moseley. It is the duty of this office to aid the president in planning and carrying on the policies of the Administration. Mr. Otto is rec- ognized as the friend of the student body and deeply interested in the welfare of the institution. To him should be given credit for the location and effici- ent planning of the two handsome residence halls on our campus. Professor Otto also serves as head of the Department of Chemistry and Biol- ogy. The Science Department of Central State Teachers College has for its aim the giving of service to the educational program of Oklahoma. To the stu- dent who expects to use science professionally, this department gives a thor- ough training in the basic fundamentals of the recognized sciences. Other professors of the Department of Chemistry and Biology are: Charles N. Ott, Ph. D.: Roy W. Jones, M. S.: G. Ethel Derrick, Ph. D. ,, - ,f ec., Page Thirty-five F5 w 2. at 3 tr 'if:'2-'EW .c f 1'g,yr,.g.r-1,.. -, -s-'vs--.-, as-7 , " ' t't+xQ.oq,, Wt giver:-zsrfaifriofri-R ag 3' Q"'M1'i1 .- '- ..--.--rr 'L-2 g.,- -. -H ,-s.-1. ' . - :fb 11, 5- -a , .- , -1- V- :eff-,Q : A f 'lofts -:..'. .4.J'E" ,Q - 2- : f- - E. -'-Sf si .i'f"?--'T 1?--"5 -- . X-53: f1i'w.'fe5 F-'-if Slat!" -'Ni "2 -. - is -1f.f:1.' 4f".iJ -- S5511-.-.+w-f-1-f-aye?-Q .- -if tele- 'flair - . ,sr flefvi.. ,I J' 5: 1 X .f ss. gg-3 . X ' . Ei fi ' if 3 as Dean of Men Y LLOYD WAYNE JOHNSON i B. A. from Central State Teachers Col- l lege. M. A. from the University of Okla- homa. Pi Mu Epsilon Member of the Mathematical Associa- i tion of America. the American X Mathematical Society and the Ok- lahoma Academy of Science, v. 'X X , fe K A t1 A Q.: ., . K Z' , 34 . 5 ,, , 4 f K: 3 Dean Johnson is looked upon by the men of the college as their friendly ad- visor. Whatever the difficulty that brings them to the office, from him the men always receive the advice they seek, given in a straightforward and kindly manner. Through personal Contact with the students, and a sympathetic un- derstanding of their interests and problems, Dean Johnson builds up the stand- ards of life on the campus. ' Besides serving as Dean of Men. Mr. Johnson is an associate professor of Mathematics at Central. He has presented original Work in pure geometry be- ! 1 u s 1 fore the Oklahoma Section of the American Mathematical Association. Dean Johnson is also Chairman of the Oklahoma Section of the Mathematical As- p l sociation of America. 1 E gg Y iii Page T'1fffv'S"X oeiiiefrwi e ,.,,,1i r fgr t if CC A MJ in ' J 'S+ ' Sr: 5, la ' r QAEQES A-351 i . tg E ggg I 1 Dean of Women Q E E25 a, . gg DOROTHEA MEAGHER Al B. A. from Central State Teachers Col- fx lege. X M. A. from the University of Okla- ' homa. - Pi Kappa Delta D u Kappa Delta Pi. Delta Kappa Gamma. American Association of University Q Wonien. E92 Dean Meagher has won nothing but hearty approbation for her handling of every problem of great or small importance. To her may come the working girl with her problem of little time and less 4, money. From the depths of experience with like cases the kindly Dean ad- vises the girl in the proper course of procedure. . The mother and father with a backward, or perhaps, wayward daughter find within the power of the Dean of Women the ability to so influence the girl as to make from her the admirable type of young American Womanhood present in the college today. The office provides to every girl in the college that source of counsel and .Q friendship so often lacking in an educational institution. It is an indispens- f7"gi able capacity, making as it does for the betterment of the social contacts and psi:-:af , life of the college. Dean Meagher fully 'deserves the laudations poured upon her by admiring .2 -- -:ij 1 friends, faculty members, and students. 7- 1 ' ""'--'m'1ff"ti',i'-Vi1':::"' 'rrr at 1 fiffcignrctzmiffiii Page Thfffv-Seven ki W t " ' 5? e e' fi ' 152 a 'Q E 2 .ir F 3 .. r 4 " .- as Y 153 Q. 'L 'fgl,5aQT1 W 'iff STL 4 'rfirgggf Ei'-,531 .,'.A,1.3 cf. .X gf-'sin -Q ..' -.Aa Department of Teacher Training JOHN T. BUTCHER ! B. A. from the University of Kansas M. A. from the University of Okla homa. I l l l 5 i , , Professor Butcher has served as director of the Training School for the past nine years. The work shop of Central State Teachers College is centered in the Train- ' ing School. Three hundred fifty pupils representing all grades are enrolled. The grade pupils are taught by experienced teachers, and the high school class- es are taught by the regular college faculty. Each college teacher is a potential supervisor. This greatly increases our facilities for training and establishing a bond of unity betyveen the college and training school. The objective of the training department is to offer opportunity for observation and participation in l real teaching situations under strict supervision of experienced critic teachers. Q Critic teachers are: Ruth Coyner, Ph. D., Harriet Seay Binion, M. A., Wini- fred E. Stayton, M. A., Virginia Howard, M. A., Cora Stroud, M. A., Doro- if thea Meagher, M. A., Beulah Clark, M. A., and Bessie Lee Freeman, M. A. gi Page Thirty-eight -Yfwizifiigiii --1 1" Ei. ' 'F 73?E'T V - Q' fcs . fa '.-ig. 'Q . '- L 2 - vm rf: si-"+L .Q 1-:.' ':LL i . ,s , .e'. .ri K A e il i x Q' pa 4 Q- 2 r 3 cs - S61 :Ls- Department of Education L. B. RAY B. A. from the Central State Normal of Indiana. B. A. from the University of Indiana. M. A. from George Peabody College for Teachers. Member of the Alpha Chapter of the Phi Delta Kappa. He has served in this institution twenty years as an instructor in education. Director of the Training School, and Head of the Department of Education. The chief objective of the Department of Education at Central is the train- ing of teachers in the public schools of the state. It is assumed that true edu- cation is growth and development involving activity on the part of the learn- er, following the principle that we learn to do by doing. The college courses are designed to prepare teachers for all school positions from the kindergarten to the superintendency of schools. Through surveys and directed research, the department furnishes assistance to the leaders of many of the schools of the state. To serve the students in the best possible manner the school uses methods of teaching, research, and experi- ments that are designed to keep the faculty members and student body in close touch with the economic, social, and political problems of the state and nation. The School of Education provides training for the Work of administration of school systems and numbers among its alumni many successful superintend- ents of schools in all parts of Oklahoma. Faculty mmbers of the department are Fred McCarrel1, Ph. D., Roland L Beck, Ph. D., Lorena Hindes, M. A. and John Butcher, M. A. ,W --R ,f , L-,.-,, , , -fm Page Thirty-nine , ,--.---ig-1- r ' 71, Y ' , ' . ...r.,-...A,.1..,-vena... .i.,...g,,,,.:x in ....,1:gZ ,ff---A Y ,,--...-e:-- .,,,f- , "zzz: --- ... , C. - - . -- - -- W - - -- - -V -V -- - - l l , l l . . i -ws fir-oz. X4 9'-I-'ill arid: -if ' J' TNF B ,, , -X S + -1 a ,, w -. . . . . ., . r . . Q x . ., if if f Aiwm ymwg is ex JL -5,25 'ts L-1' 5 5 Rigisfl . 1- ..., ?Jlf"f , J. x? .fa ga V: . .4 r. ,S- ,'?ufs.Ea ".I'f1'ST 'fx s 1-Svis' - .,. Q Nerf Department of English FRANCIS CORAM OAKES homa. l Professor Oakes has done extensive Work in the German, French, and Span- ish literatures: and for some years was head of the Department of Modern Lan- guages. Professor Oakes has been a member of Centra1's faculty since Sep- tember 13, 1903. He organized the Oklahoma Council of Teachers in Eng- 5 lish in 1913 and was President of that organization for three years. He serv- 6 ed as unofficial acting-President of Central State Teachers College during the summer of 1918. The department of English Language and Literature is organized under the following divisions: Composition and Linguistics, English and German Lit- erature, Speech, and Journalism. A major may be pursued in Literature and Linguistics, and in Speech. Some courses are offered for graduate standing. Two years of work are offered in Speech, and one year in Journalism. The department is in charge of publishing the Vista and in supervising the annual .hp , Speech Tournament. Other faculty members of the English Department are: Mollie Ruth Bot- toms, M. A.: Grady C. iwatkins, M. A.: Willa Claire Cox, M. A.: Fred L. 5 fi Fordice, Ed. D.: Lucille McGuire, B. F. A., and Hugh N. Comfort, M. A. 52 Page Forty , - - U , 7 iygv- L f a1f"' R "W fs' me-'-'Q-ws'."1g's'ilQ'Waist'"Y'?iS"'SiM22isQ'4Ys"faFw "'. H5313 -YHRD., 'amz "H 'W' ' . 1 9 B. A. from the University of Okla M. A. from the University of Chicago Department of Sociai Science EMMA ESTILL HARBOUR B. A. from Oklahoma College for M Women. . M. A. and Ph. D. degrees from Uni- versity of Oklahoma. . Diploma in Expression from American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Alpha Phi. Delta Kappa Gamma. Pi Gamma Mu. Alpha Psi Omega. Vice-President of the State Historical Society f American Academy of Political Science. She is past State President of the Am- erican Association of University Women. She served overseas during the World War. Member of American Legion. In Oklahoma's Who's Who and Who's Who in American Education. Dr. Harbour entered the training profession in 1912 as a faculty member of Central State Teachers College. and since then has devoted her untiring ef- forts to building up the Social Science Department. She has contributed arti- cles to many educational magazines. The department offers work in History, Government, Geography, Econom- ics,.and Sociology. With greater stress being placed upon the Social Sciences by the National Government, this Held promises to become more important than ever before. It is the purpose of the department, not only to offer courses for the student majoring in this field, but also to offer a variety of elective courses that will enable other students to get a broad understanding of the so- cial conditions of the past and to keep up with, and better interpret our pres-A ent fast changing civilization. Members of the Social Science Department are: Loren H. Brown, Ph. D.: Lucy Jeston Hampton, M. A.: Guy A. Rankin, M. A.: Leita Davis, M. A.: and Edward E. Keso, M. A., Rhoda Permenter, M. A., Myrtle Shelby, B. A. -- - ..-,QE-:L --. , -Y ,Y - ----f-------1 -.c: 3 Wxxak We i in V it wa- Page Forty-one ,WY -, ., , ....,...--:1n. in... S.,..,-....- YYYY . --W- slug-sssmf:...,e-..., ., ..e- ,WL ' -.-em -.... ---.---- --7 I .. XZ EF, V yi ""?lQ5vel"3i'zA'l'?:Ti5"' H it were Tyr we-m gigs 2g-sag'-Q gvxkgk 33. Lug? A we--een-rave- f , ....LQs::f:-....:,f. -.-.:,. W - M jxxfwpg .nge ,ICS - vs N-. Qc-4 12-15", .Y Sha-rf ig-:QE-, as - L. Q -V .. - "..''5 flutes .mf -': T. A f.. .- z rg -L' 11 - st. es.-'if H X f- - 11 . A 33-"'Y'. " 3 1'2fW?":T':'-31' F 5 'Vi-Ni .stray f f3F'?f+,5,:rfL.? 1251-'' if-A - . 1 " ' fe Jr. --x 2 1.33" ' Q- J-.m igsi-f".'w :nf .Jr 2 ,V-, Q if- EM .- Q as . . . .,.., y, '. ri .pr . ..f.-,.:....g, ,,s- .. ., -- V le. -.. 1. A ,ss -. .. , ., g.. .A gm.. .,a..,i-E v....A,, .., . .,.,r....,,.... . . r ,ei CSS,-.N .. if v5Z.nQ-+-s.-f:a-,m'- V. ' i we ..yv:ea:..,J:5s.q.,:ae,,f,-,i- egg., .af-5 ,M lf 1 ti 5 Raw- - A-Q cpe.. amas s. . . rg.- A. 2 94.---sae -,.a........-4.-, -, . H -- . -we - sa.. -rar... t . . ..., B.,-.A 4 A sg.- as - rf.-.--f,.e..,, - I.. 1 QL' ' ' ' xfr 'PAY "f"fF.Z3?.a 531115 'A ii 1 ,Lii .ei .lis:..-3241.12'ih.,3'fi5Sh.Q'?!fy2i.'.', .221 , ,,,4- K K ' ,A R my fini- W 'S N fi- 'i 133 li: H535 ve: Hi ravi: ei ai rim g Department of Ancient Languages 5 4 2 1 1 1 4 E i l l 1 l v Professor Newby has contributed papers to l of most of these organizations. For many ye of the American Classical League. She is liste erican Women." 2 ln this department of Latin courses there are by anyone interested in such things as the dres Romansg Roman Coins: and the ruins and mo The other courses are designed for two class to pursue the subject for general education pu come teachers of Latin. There is a Latin Club called the Olympian v times each semester and offers an opportunit quaintances with all who are taking or who ha The department is equipped with 1 laborato poster work. A screen stereopticon and slides Lowell Dunham B. A. M A. is ably subs ing the year 1936-1937 while Miss Newby is University of lowa JESSIE NEWBY B. A. degree from University of Okla- homa. M. A. degree from University of Okla- homa. Member of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South. .American Classical League. American Philological Association. American Numismatic Society. Phi Beta Kappa. Kappa Delta Pi. Delta Kappa Gamma. the publications and programs ars she has been state chairman d in "Who's Who among Am- a number which may be taken s, meals, and amusements of the numents of ancient Rome. es of students: those who desire rposes: those who desire to be- Council. The club meets four y for friendship and better ac- ve had Latin. ry and material for projects and are used frequently. tituting in this Department dur- completing her Doctorate at the Page Forty-two - Y. Nf- A sf? .5 Q A ' p sg- ,f l 1' ng-Qqs-'.r.,,: 'Qt' " ,faistg -A . y 7 I ' Y . . 'A -rm -L -ff w fs 'H - ' Y:-M ff . A .. .ff Y . wit :-- ds - - - -- .. . FQ E i' Tiff! 1. -1 1. we .9l.5iQf'5Rigt?fFg:iffEE,-'iii-ffl'f,1W3fi53g,aif?'iE2 -"A gl ff"1t+"f' Vffwfi. ai. i i 5' 'A' 'P' o . f..g ":..i' 4Y?f-Eg lf'--"?a'...z,v1'if 1s'1'.'s- fit' wkh sis' , YB.. ,s v 4 ,wg a was """'x " 5 L ' i C?-."x'S-a-.rm 5 Ne' 1 . .t fa ' , k , i . ,. Department of Foreign Language GUY CURTIS CHAMBERS B. A. degree from University of Okla- homa. 0 M. A. degree from University of Okla- horna. Vice-President of the Modern Langu- age Association of the Central, West, and Southern States. Interpreter to the Modern Language and School Review Magazines dur- ing the World War. The Department of Modern Languages consisting of French, Spanish, and German, endeavors to give the student a practical working knowledge of the language as well as something of the history and the language of the people whose language he is studying. One of Central's academic clubs is the French club, which presents an an- nual French program, which this year consisted of several one-act plays. Clubs have also been organized in German and Spanish. There has been established correspondence between our students of French and German who are studying English in France and Germany. Seminar courses have been added so that students may continue their modern language courses indefinitely after com- pleting the courses in the catalog. Other faculty members of the Modern Language Department are: Dwight M. Davis, M. A., Lowell Dunham, M. A., and Hugh Comfort. M. A. 'J W Y 1 Page Forty-three --- ' 35' - G F W 1 2 -IF "i's1"' "Sfmt A"-S' 2 2"2fi-- ' HF- f' -l 3E5ilRB5i1ei'.Q--5Uxfs 9 si -Y r gs LL LL L L L t S l r ' Q 3 R- .3 9' ge-- . 5 . . .r P Department, of Physics homa. Phi Gamma Delta. Sigma Pi Sigma. Chemical Association. l ssl Professor Ernest Howell is now serving his eighteenth year as chairman of the Department of Physics. The Department of Physics of Central offers Hfteen two-hour courses of ele- mentary physics and eight hours in household physics, radio and photography, with advanced courses offered in mechanics. heat, electricity. and the teaching of physics. These physics courses are designed to meet two needs: Hrst, to fulfill the re- quirements for entrance into medical schools and engineering, and second, to give the student a teaching knowledge of physics leading to the B. S. degree. Tt is also the aim of the department to stimulate an interest in scientific know- ledge and research. Page Forty-four 1 - - 4. 1 . sf' 1 f e slmeftxsw - 'MW a 2 .-so in a s if ' e 4-,f , , A 1 Ny, fe.. is.-w,s,..51s5grQ.1, V-Q - -B . wee, .zz - ,wa-3, .gang-.r.5,, . . LA- Q...-.ig-w..r,.,,.. :sz A - -eee tjgvrg . ' W' 6 X' 53 x -' age - l s Lak: 51 , 5 ERNEST LELAND HOWELL B. A. degree from University of Okla Educational Division of the American B A from the University of Okla- homa. M A from the University of Okla- homa. Department of Mathematics EDGAR WAX Professor Wax has served as Principal of the high school at Snyder and Pry- or, and as Superintendent of the Goteba school system. From December, 1917 to February, 1919, he was in the Navy stationed at Harvard University in Radio School and Officers Naval Ensign School. He became a member of the faculty of the Central State Teachers College in the summer of 1919. The Department of Mathematics offers courses that will be of value to three different types of students. The iirst group consists of those who need mathe- matics in their general scheme of education. The second group includes the students who wish to prepare themselves to be teachers of mathematics in a further study of science, engineering, and those subjects which require the use of mathematics as a tool. The enrollment in the department has greatly increased: at the present time about one-third of the entire student body is enrolled in some type of mathe- matics: and the number of courses offered is constantly being increased to meet the demands. Members of the Department of Mathematics are: Seborn J. Payne, M. S.g and Lloyd Wayne Johnson, M. A. Page Forty-five M hafsxvgwcr x S-,Avis it , Jzvixbr ,islrwxs 3 -te. 111. 1 an fik-.ite-5+sg4:1s: ,.5 . , i... ....e My .:.. ,N vars ag. ,A-1 , e - ' . 1-1--1: rf- 55:3 aww T- -f-i.:..L5-gsiirqd ff 7- 'V '?e1'Efif5..3ff-' 'Tiff ' isggfivjg, . a pe- . - . .,, l l EXN .K Department of Home Economics OLIVE B. THOMAS tural and Mechanical College sity. ' Phi Kappa Phi. l Professor Olive B. Thomas became Professor of Domestic Art in Central State'Teachers College in 1916, and has served as the Chairman of the depart- ment since 1920. The ultimate aid of the Department of Home Economics is to educate for better home making and inevitably for better "home living." The school of home economics has considered the needs of the girls to such an extent that opportunity for training is offered along almost every line which will be of interest to the professional woman as well as the homemaker. The curriculum is no longer filled with mere practice Work in cooking and sewing, as has heretofore been the prevailing idea. Rather it attempts to point the way to making healthy, happy, well groomed, normal individuals, who are pre- pared to meet life situations. It attempts to create an understanding of the economic social and moral demands which are made of women, whether they serve in the capacity of the homemaker or the professional type. The Les Chefettes Club which is the college s Home Economics Club, is af- filiated with the National Organization. The other member of the department is Starr Otto Doyel. Page Forty-six is ,ef 'PN' W Qi?-sfiggiggi Q we fl 4 , y K Y y - s 1 Q 5 t .1-if 1 ' W' Q' .Q -' :-wa--14, if N"-:pq - ,w g- f y ' -v'wv .' - ' re" Q. ' I1 'M 4:14-me '2 . 'Nm T" f 'Mm nt :mx iwwf -:F 5 Q-X - 35,35 3- -.. , U., Y f, 'R . .3 .gg :-ygmx.. ve. y i , A ...'.-V, . .- - . -,Q .. . - - . , .- s - , t ,..g-Us - , ..,,.-1.-1.1.-L ----.:'.1q.-.ggi Klfi'-ti 5 - . ' X l f E R ' . XT ig qitw ,, , XSS . :Gym-:,gA-K,if1'.3Y Q- 'fri-13, ' 1 ,. ' -Se' a .lr 1:31 A 1 1--' ft, rs ... , wie -3'fa-s.,'5-ri: ' fi f i --1, ff' . ,.:-g.rf.'1f'-ia55.e- f-'fi ...3wg5q25i..:.. .. - - - 4 ,.. -. ,. . - , ,.- . . 1 P-pe. ,323 pf.-f-ff' , V-..-fgffg...,3f..-f,a,1-J-gg-rgfrs. --fx -Q: f 23-ai, psp if .. er . ' . .. - -ff x A' fel x 'Y-. , I , . Sv? Q' - ,, K sys f '. Y ' Xt. tx. xi LL. B. S. degree from Oklahoma Agricul M. A. degree from Columbia Univer Department of Agriculture FRED H. IvEs B. A. degree from Oklahoma Agricul- ture and Mechanical College. M. S. degree from Oklahoma Agricul- . l ture and Mechanical College. 1 l ' l i l i Professor Ives was the first agent in Agriculture 4-H Club work in the state. He was County Agent in Muskogee and Wagoner County four years and serv- ed as Assistant State Agent. He spent several years doing vocational work in l the Broken Arrow High School, At present he is Head of the Agricultural Department. Q 1 The Department of Agriculture is dedicated to the agricultural training of Q the teachers of Oklahoma, in order that the thousands of our boys and girls i whose life work will be in contact with the farm. will be more efficiently taught. H ll 6- fr' Page Forty-seven .e,,.,.t ..... , ..,, Q . u A v.qm.N:m1ww.vnnsq-wwfvawma-ng,-nww v,, All-Ltgwgimj-:lg -E1 Sidi. . is i---scifi-Sgagfyiakg X : K - gpg- -iig. -t'. a r e 9 F9 L65 , 5 f .Zi ,g S F35 jay ui' ' -. Department of Music J. FORREST WEST sity of Oklahoma. Professor West has coached voice with Carlo Edwards of the Metropolitan Opera Company. He has studied for the past two summers with the world's famous teacher and composer, Frank La Forge. The Music Department is designed to offer students a thorough and com- plete training in applied and theoretical branches of music. Through this teaching a greater appreciation of the beauty of music is offered to the students. Throughout the year recitals are given in which both the students and fac- ulty participate. Each year the department presents an operetta or an oratorio which gives the students experience and training invaluable. The annual Christ- mas chorus concert and the band and orchestra concerts are looked-for events of the year. Other members of the Music Department are J. J. Geeks, M. A.. director of the band and Wind instruments, Douglas Johnston, Jr., director of orchestra and instructor of string instruments, and Mary Eula Wray, B. A. Page Forty-eight gre ' f Y , Q P 'lf -' nr t- us--4-nesqaiegsfy-: A- ' f- ' A "M W ENN if i xterm' RE, se sr . ,. 525:24 M A' fl' . V- ., .A .,., , -. i ' B. F. A. degree in Public School Music from University of Oklahoma B. F. A. degree in Voice from Univer Department of Art ANITA HOWARD B. F. A. degree from University of Oklahoma. l Graduate work at Harvard University, the Art Institute of Chicago and the l Broadmoor Art Academy of Colo- rado Springs, Colorado. l l l l Art history affords a knowledge and enjoyment of works of art and a deep- er appreciation of the master workmanship of the artists. It instills an appre- ciation and a respect for the accomplishments of all people. It develops a syrn- pathetic insight into masterly work. l Education has no more serious responsibility than making an adequate pro- l l vision for enjoyment of recreative leisure. The are courses provide the joy one derives from expression and creating. The study of design creates habits of orderliness, and its principles possess the foundation for well-ordered balanced i living. Fl P' 73 rw fb 4 Q Y' W ?' .... C0 na Ch 2. VJ F? so 'D FP 5. Fl' IJ' ,... M D.. m 'D as F1 F? El ru D F' D Page Forty-mne an Q or o e to if? B Department ol: Commerce EARL CLEVENGER B. S. degree from Oklahoma Agricul- tural and Mechanical College. M. S. degree from Oklahoma Agricul- tural and Mechanical College. Graduate work in the University of Denver, Teachers College of Col- . umbia University, and New York University. Professor Clevenger has contributed articles to the Journal of Business Edu- cation, the Business Education World, the Ball State Commerce Journal, the Gregg Writer, the,Balance Sheet, and numerous other publications. He has published a series of shorthand tests and has contributed chapters to several E ' commerce textbooks. His text in Accounting is now used in the beginning Ac- counting course in the college. The Commerce Department of Central State Teachers College has shown a phenomenal growth under Mr. C1evenger's able direction. It is the purpose of this department to prepare teachers who can go out over the state and help students develop a better understanding of the principles of business as applied to everyday life. Odus Morgan, M. S., is assistant in this department. Page Fifty 3-A - f - -- . f i',i . 1 S S 'C' Jaxx W '-t. - '."- ' T t +. - Q 5? fi? be ' Department of Industrial Arts VAN Nl. THORNTON B. S. degree from Oklahoma Agricul- tural and Mechanical College. M. S. degree from Oklahoma Agricul- tural and Mechanical College. Captain of the one hundred and eighty- ninth Field Artillery of Oklahoma National Guards. Professor Thornton has been in the teaching profession for thirteen years. He became Chairman of the Industrial Arts Department in the summer of 1931. 6, The De artment of Industrial Arts has three obectives: first to train indus- P J trial art teachers for the high schools of Oklahoma: second, to give training to those who do not desire to specialize in the department an opportunity to be- come acquainted with the field and to get a working knowledge of materials and tools: third, to give the student a knowledge of materials and finishing in order that he may select and buy more intelligently. C The Department offers courses in woodwork. mechanics of the household, carpentry, wood finishing, forging, radio construction, -oxyacetylene welding, industrial arts and administration of vocational education. I Y-.Y-,,,,fa:F1:2Le-vW. -- . -- . - if : Page Fifty-one m"'fi'fm""iiCiM'?:25"51' 'zCCf':WCf"'i?7 e ,. , A ,,,,. tt .. .. ,. ,. -.., e ,F ,. t e. f5lf?,l'5i ' O32 Q K g.,. A ,511+?2Tf' Department ol Physical Education lior Men CLAUDE E. REEDS homa. Mr. Reeds has served live years as an assistant coach in the University of Ok- lahoma, three years as assistant coach in the Colorado Agricultural College, two years as football coach in West Texas, and one year as coach in Southwest- ern State Teachers College. How Well he has fuliilled his position can be judged by the steady advance- ment of the college teams in every sport. The Department of Physical Education for Men presents a Well-balanced program of Intra-Mural athletic activities for all students of the college. Central is a member of the Oklahoma Inter-Collegiate Athletic Conference. The various teams meet and compete against those of other colleges and uni- versities of other conferences. Central is represented in Inter-Collegiate Ath- letics by football, basketball, baseball, track, wrestling, cross-country and ten- nis teams. - Assistants in this department are: Eugene Smith, B. S., Dale Hamilton, B. S., and Odus Morgan, M. S. Page Fifty-two - .xl E-1-':,,es1.:.g:,-z 49 gl gig? - ls v 1 -,. ef '.xj.3jrif,- ,..--.553 'R,l3l5+fFf.sf:--fxallfltlii'-ep ff ' -: . 1.1-' Ti:-.1 ' w - N:--rs-.-.4--..+t-not -wsrft-'-'Y re- Q - .. f .1 - -.L ,. F3-JT? is-S38-3--15 sS.:'fg'.,I1xff '-A--9:14 1---5.51 -- , - - ' ,- Case-wp:-1-4' ff sS'Z1i'f':1f"'.'i Q'-I li-'i-i3K3"x" w "A s' ' - lf" '. "Z: .'-2-3-fe E2,.a71'1-q -,gut-3 :Q Yjtfgl T-,L gg- 1. H: h- 5 ' -j,wr,: E' - .Qi-'-is-1'-ttyaio' :ji 5:-1 ' . - - "1 - ., B. A. degree from University of Okla B. S. degree from George Peabody Col- lege. M. S. degree from Oklahoma A. and M. College. Kappa Delta Pi. Phi Kappa Phi. Delta Psi Kappa. Department of Physical Education For Women EMMA W. PLUNKETT Miss Plunkett served as an instructor two years in George Peabody College and eight years in the school system of Augusta, Georgia: and has taught in summer camps and in the Y. W. C. A. in Georgia and Tennessee. Under Miss Plunkett's able direction, the Physical Education Department for Women promotes such athletic activities for all girls as best meet their needs. It promotes competition that stresses enjoyment of sport and develop- ment of good sportsmanship and character training of students to be "in the game-not onlookers." The contents of the program are classilied as follows: natural activities of daily life. free play and games, athletics and sports, dramat- ic expression fdancing, festivals, pageantsj, social service, self-testing activities, individual corrective exercises, and recreational activities. The slogan of the department is "An activity for every girl and every girl in an activity." Marjorie Muehl, B. S., is assistant in this department. -L - , X f Page Fzfty three :fm rf. any MEL! ., Registrar ANDREW G. HITCHCOCK B. Pd. degree from Michigan State Normal College. B. S. degree from University of Okla- homa. M. S. degree from University of Okla- homa. Alpha Alpha Chapter of the Phi Del- ta Kappa. Mr. Hitchcock serves as registrar of Central State Teachers College and is head of the Placement Bureau. The responsibility of registration, classifica- tion, certification of degrees and certificates, and the recording of college records enters in the office of the registrar. A permanent record is kept here of more than 45,000 students who have at some time attended Central State Teachers College. 3 gr- S lg It 529 Sa ki a ,Q .. F Ri za .Q lag fr E Egg as . - Page Fifty-four :,.- ,, W, , ---- ----W elite-.-- ,jqg .-.-m.,.1... ,, -t:::-,,-,-?-,- --------J :iam ...rc .4 ...,.a,a....,e:e-L.,ee:.,,.,if1-:je - - r of 1. Z-- gg ......,a.T.-Jga..,.e,-.-ea.---ea. ---- A--f ---,ea ,.,, - Q1 ----U - -----c Kiki? fi . ...W-a.. - . .1 Q- f - y.a..-s-- Nov- - .N X we W - .. - - - - r-.,.-.1-v -4- ---- ------Y' -frr ------ W -",..1 -f - - -' s Lie if xtxsvgrg ., 5 f 51 q 1 1 ' -5132 Jjjses, ff., -ig Ma.. asm ti sin - . aleai 1 L ta 5 gggg 2 , B. A. degree from University of Okla- homa. B. S. degree in Library Science from University of Illinois. Kappa Delta Pi Delta Psi Kappa Sigma Tau Delta, Member of American Library Associa- tion and Oklahoma Library Asso- ciation. - Librarian LYNDAL SWOFFORD The aim of Central State Teachers College Library is to be "the central lab- oratory of culture, an intellectual community center for students and faculty." Dr. Silas Evans, who thus defines a college library, says also that a library is as large as the number of good books used per student. With this purpose in view of measuring the size of the library by its use, Central State Teachers Col- lege has for several years kept a careful record of the daily circulation and at- tendance. The interesting statistics sheet compiled from these records shows that a surprisingly large percent of Central's student body makes good use of the library. That every teacher is something of a librarian is an idea now being empha- sized in many schools, which seems particularly applicable to a teachers col- lege. Every teacher should teach appreciation for books and libraries every day in every class--not through technical information of library methods, but through love and knowledge of books. The library staff and the faculty are trying to foster this idea among prospective teachers enrolled at Central. Assistants to Miss Swofford are Mrs, Vernon Johnson, M. S., and Miss Cornelia Eastland, A. B. get me Y 7 Page Fifty five r"-'fire are me ew" 'fra ' an mr" :fs ,T X ae-'ess areas iw. at AHS'-w,1'f-As s"-f...--wet-1-fav. ref... Q- --f . ss. . ,fs QQ x gvf5,::-L- g 1,e:'-rwfy., .'-ss' , .- ' 2 .- YS- 8.3 ti Fe- Y' Q .1 ,ua .vig "Wie ' .M'v'f...,-1'3':.T'-,S ':,r-in ,,,",'iS i' ' ,: '- ST., :sEa-Lg..- 'ef is,-1.-T. .... x,..'x.,-zifgzz Q - wig 8,5 MQW we -- ww V .,..+:a-as. ea... '-rsvp-s'-v .f-at --tense. ' ' Tai, 191' -aa,-v:-:fir-v-ei'. a . ,nf-ff -11-get W - fe Q 4 QSSSLMQM, ' ZT5' Nr- ev- of 2' 'Y-f-so it '.-nxiiinsttwgfg-1?4.3fE'5. 'mil 'L . A ,K 'K x -4 'egfafi Department of Correspondence EDNA JONES B. S. from Central State Teachers Col lege. M. A. degree from Oklahoma Univer sity. Alumni Secretary 1936-1937. She holds special Penmanship Teachers Certificate from the Cramer and Zon- er Systems of Writing. She taught Penmanship eight and one-half years at Central when Penman- ship was a required course. She returned to Central in 1935 and teaches some courses in English and Penmanship and has charge of the,XCorrespondence De- partment. Miss Jones organized the Quill Club in 1917 and is now sponsor of the club. It is the aim of Central State Teachers College to aid the teachers of the state in getting the best education possible. Through the Correspondence De- partment the college is reaching out a helping hand to every one who may de- sire an education and is unable to attend college. It enables the teacher who is out in the field to continue his Work toward a degree. Page Fifty-six -.-. . , , I ,r t 1 'Yi 4' 1 5: x 'Q sf e Q 5. V 1 was N ' ' 'WT I 't-ss: f ' gg Q: .r,.s,s...:1v. i it QV- its -ess sg fs. -.. .fes:sr5gwfg:ff.zs--sf A ' N 'f' amass. -as - 'sv +3 N -vt X xx Q fr .4 rw. .4 v . sq, , ,.x,..a -was-f xx a str 9 f A A S , pg it s.. Q A . A 5 Department of Health DR. L. E. CRICK B. A. Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas. B. s. oklahoma University. M. D. Oklahoma University School of Medicine. i F 5 Tl .- ,uf Y . X8 Qi id x S. K it vi afgx QRS. -x X. if N' e N X "G ..- ' X 1 a x Dr. L. E. Crick was the official physician of the University Tours in 1934: Q-'.3,,'g Eli a residence physician, Providence Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, for two years: i fi served as assistant physician to Dr. Keene for the Detroit Tigers. American League baseball club, and Lions professional football team. His work as y school physician has proved its merit. l Many will remember the specially prepared bulletin listing methods of pre- y vention at the time this Winter, when flu and common colds were so prevalent y among students and faculty members. His work with the athletic squads has l been greatly responsible for the general good condition of the teams. Mrs. Lula Barber is the nurse in Central's Health Department. .Tigre ---- 5 ' f' Page Fifty-seven .21 fr. me-:::-..:nefJ1.,..ff :eg.:T.--e.,,,ef- ,A H-1 .. ,. A. piw.:-X: . xii i . 2-1NA f 'hx Q. FAX ft. tx ni is, sf , Q wr .fri www . nc 1:.. 1 Q Administrative Offices CHARLES JENKINS Mr. Jenkins holds the Ph. G. degree from Vanderbilt. He serves in this in- stitution as Financial Secretary, Direct- or of Extension, and has charge of all financial responsibilities of the Corres- pondence Department. FRANK BATEMAN Mr. Bateman holds the B. S. degree from the Oklahoma Agriculture and Mechanical College, and upon gradua- tion Was awarded a trophy for being the best all-around student. He is Sec- retary-Treasurer of the Delta Sigma Alumni Corporation. Mr. Bateman is secretary to the Pres- ident of Central State Teachers Col- lege, and is Superintendent of the Grounds and Buildings. zsnnsmu..nnr.-.mnnaaxnwg--Vw--3-ww-rf: ' 1-1,-Y---myeisa.-- 2: .amz-msuwari-aew..,..-1 ., ,,n,a:...srgf-Q W, - - f-- ---ermnmu. ,nv -11 -- M-12-uvfaw-.n.s1:.T.1f,,-.. M -www mrs:-girl 3.1: -5-vs-Q:---2--12-:ee-5...- musrm .mm-nnewwr.:,4. is - 7' -'Y :...-if-:-f.Jt.s,1.-- A - --YA Y - Y- -M...-rr., -1: 11:2-...Ar :egg ,mit rm: 'Y , it .. K- X V-My Wk-..-T: Xi, ya. ,wives LA cm i,!.'.Qs.F. S,-:Til FATENVXIK :first jfijffsy15g5:4e,:.Q.R-el-f-22411-1:1 -, Y - --5-?..::-f - 15...--71:4 tg,-1-in , 5 si S ,. 2 A r e Q .1 A :Q- fiii A 5 r f-if 5 Ll 5 at A iq.-4. A. . . gg: 5 Page Fifty-eight ,R-P5 .. is 5 Y i,'9."""g"'l 'Ty K 'G' "Nl 'Q 7' i 'YQ-1 'ffm' C A UW? 5 ' We VK ,pi yrryy.-,.x-355' ae .A-rs ts-, ',-gg-xxx make-T' Allie x .- vga me ,tcp fi-Q 1 sd? - A 3 Tj.-LR !,,+izi-, 'A L. an Qt. ig. a Faculty oli Central State Teachers College OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION JOHN O. MOSELEY, A. B. Austin College 1912, M. A. University of Oklaho- ma 1916. B. A. COXONJ 1922. M. A. COXONJ 1926, LL. D. Austin College 1936. College 1936. President. CLIFF R. OTTO, M. S., Administrative Dean. A. G. HITCHCOCK, M. S., Registrar, Director of Placement Bureau. DOROTHEA MEAGHER, M. A., Dean of Women. L. WAYNE JOHNSON, M. A., Dean of Men. C. M. JENKINS, Ph. G., Financial Secretary. FRANK BATEMAN, B. S., Secretary to the President, Director of Student Per- sonnel, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. EDNA JONES, M. A., Director of Correspondence Study, Acting Secretary A1- umni Association. LYNDAL SWOFFORD, B. A., B. S. in L. S., Librarian. LUCY .IESTON HAMPTON, M. A., Curator of Museum. L. E. CRICK, M. D., College Physician. MRS. LULA BARBER, College Nurse. I COLLEGE FACULTY L. B. RAY, M. A., Graduate Student of George Peabody College for Teachers, Professor of Education. FRED MCCARREL, Ph. D., Professor of Education. JOHN T. BUTCHER, M. A., Graduate Student of Oklahoma University, Pro- fessor of Education, Director of Training School. ROLAND L. BECK. Ph. D., Professor of Education. E. L. CANTRELL. M. S., Graduate Student of Oklahoma University, Associa- ate Professor of Extension Education. LORENA HINDES, M. A., Associate Professor of Education. CORA STROUD, M. A., Graduate student of Iowa University, Critic Teacher. DOROTHEA MEAGHER, M. A., Graduate student of Oklahoma University. Critic Teacher. . 1, Q BEULAH CLARK, M. A., Graduate student of Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity, Critic Teacher. x , VIRGINIA HOWARD, M. A., Critic Teacher. I ' . MRS. HATTIE BINION, M. A., Critic Teacher. . I . ' ' WINIFRED STAYTON, M. A.. Critic Teacher. Graduate student of George Washington University. .Q .. BESSIE LEE FREEMAN, S., Critic Teacher. . RUTH COYNER, Ph. D., Graduate student of George Washington University. Critic Teacher. FRANCIS CORAM OAKES, M. A., Graduatestudent of Chicago University. Pro- fessor of English. ' I F. L. FORDICE, Ed. D., Professor of English. G. C. WATKINS, M. A., Graduate student of University of London. Associ- ate Professor of English. 1 , MOLLIE RUTH BOTTOMS. M. A., Graduate student of George Peabody Col- lege for Teachers, Associate Professor of English. . I WILLA CLAIRE COX, M. A., Graduate student of University of California, Associate Professor of English. LUCILLE IVICGUIRE, B. F. A., in Dramatic Art. Assistant Professor of Eng- lish and Dramatic Art. , ' EDNA JONES, M. A.. Instructor in Penmanship. EMMA ESTILL-HARBOUR, Ph. D., Professor of History. LUCY JESTON HAMPTON, M. A., Graduate student of Chicago University. Professor of History. . 1 EDWARD E. KESO, M. A., Graduate student of George Peabody College for Teachers, Associate Professor of History. ' ' - ' ,Ag Page Fifty-nine Tuma: T S-L S' it 2 .nifiigq 'QP' ig, gg-X -- :ar .3 awe ,S gg, Q lg rg ..r. 'tg'IgEFf,5 M. , nf... . E- LOREN N. BROWN, M. A., Graduate student of Oklahoma University. As- sociate Professor of History. ' GUY RANKIN, M. A., Associate Professor of History and Commerce. RHODA PERMENTER, M. A., Special Instructor of History. Hostess in Mur- daugh Hall. EDGAR WAX, M. A.. Professor of Mathematics. S. J. PAYNE, M. S., Associate Professor of Mathematics. L. WAYNE JOHNSON, M. A., Graduate student of Oklahoma University. As- sociate Professor of Mathematics. JESSIE D. NEWBY, M. A., Graduate student of .Iowa University. 'Professor of Latin. LOWELL DUN1-IAM, M. A., Instructor of Latin. S GUY C. CHAMBERS, M. A., Graduate student of Chicago University. Pro- fessor of Foreign Languages. DWIGHT DAVIS, M. A., Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages. HUGH N. COMFORT, M. A., Instructor of German and English. Debate Coach. ERNEST LELAND HOWELL, M. Ed.. Graduate student of Oklahoma Univer- sity. Professor of Physics. CLIFF R. OTTO, M. S., Graduate student of Oklahoma University. Professor of Chemistry. y CHARLES N. OTT, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry. ROY JONES, M. S., Graduate student of Oklahoma University. Professor of Biology. G. ETHEL DERRICK, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Biology. L. E. CRICK, M. D., M. S.. Associate Professor of Biology. FRED H. IVES, M. A., Graduate student of Oklahoma A. 26 M. College. As- sociate Professor of Agriculture. VAN THORNTON, M. S., Professor of Industrial Arts. LYNDAL SWOFFORD, B. A., B. S. in L. S., Graduate student of University of Illinois. Instructor of Library Science. Librarian. MRS. VERNON .IoHNsoN. M. S., Assistant Librarian. CORNELIA EASTLAND, A. B. in L. S., Assistant Librarianp OLIVE THOMAS, M. A., Professor of Home Economics. h ,g MRS. W. T. DOYEL, M. S., Assistant Professor of Home Economics. EARL CLEVENGER, M. S., Professor of Commerce. Graduate Student Colum- bia University. ' S I ODUS MORGAN, M. S.. Assistant Professor of Commerce. I J. FORREST WEST, B. F. A. in Voice, B. F. A. in Public School Music. MILDRED KIDD, A. B., Graduate and Post-raduate of New England Conser- vatory of Music. Associate Professor of Theory of Music and Piano. DOUGLAS JOHNSTON, JR., Director of Orchestra and Instructor of Stringed Instruments. JOHN GECKS, M. A., Director of Band and Instructor of Wind Instruments. MARY EULA WRANY, B. A., Instructor of Public School Music. ANITA HOWARD, B. F. A., Graduate student of Oklahoma University. As- sociate Professor of Art. T. A. REEVES, B. A., Assistant in Art. CLAUDE E. REEDS, B. A., Director of Physical Education for Men. EUGENE SMITH, B. S., Graduate student of Oklahoma University. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men. DALE E. HAMILTON, B. S., Graduate student of Oklahoma A. '13 M. College. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men. EMMA W. PLUNKETT, M. S., Director of Physical Education for Women. MARJORIE MUEHL, B. S., Graduate student of Wisconsin University. Assist- ant Professor of Physical Education for Women. MRS. WINIFRED BAUSHER, Cateress. MRS. MYRTLE SHELBY. B. A.. Associate Professor of History. Hostess of Thatcher Hall. Page Sixty :--- -- ' -ff. - -A il . Af 5 L if i sa. 5 E". :gif f iff a 53? MRS. JOHN O. MOSELEY gg Central State Teachers College is most fortunate to have as the wife of its vs: . . . e . -1 -- President, a woman who has the artistic taste, the gracious manner and the charming personality of Marie Moseley. Mrs. Moseley is the perfect hostess, beloved by faculty and students alike, and has been an important factor in the gf! planning of the decorations of Murdaugh and Thatcher Halls. lie? '- V , Wm, Page Sixty-one -.. A y i p Qs TPS ,fa iff4.fTZT'3P:lff3..', 51 1, ' :?e:'f'r V.-' i:ff 'wfi'z L -is :gl .. . .. ,..., rl Q it as f 7 2 , 1 kT l,-Lx H -3,5 , N - l: sr 5 3 5 T gi , Q! 1 P il E1 S RHODA PERMENTER A. B. degree from Colorado Teachers College. M. A. degree from Colorado Teachers College. - Graduate work at University of Chi- ,Af .I cs cago. University of California, Ber- Q' keley, University of Southern Cali- fornia. Los Angeles. Phi Alpha Theta. Pi Gamma Mu. Kappa Delta Pi. 'pi Pi Sigma Alpha. . Alpha Sigma Alpha. R. E Miss Rhoda E. Permenter is hostess at Central s new residence hall for women. i Murdaugh Hall was named in honor of Dr. Edmund D. Murdaugh, presi- ig. dent of Central State Teachers College from 1895 to l9Ol. This line, modernistic structure assumed its role as the campus social center l immediately upon its completion. is Its design, construction, and accommodations give it a place as one of the ' finest buildings of its type in the Southwest. a 2 is H . ,h Page Sixty-two mv Qtnggnlf W VUJM-an-ruiwd Am-Y Krbrn Mm .e.. ' sste Q ggii- ggi, -Tsai sr " is r MLC ..,.:,,..-..--.T-..--J MYRTLE W. SELBY A. B. degree from Central State Teach- ers College. Kappa Delta Pi. The young men of Thatcher Hall are fortunate in having as their hostess Myrtle W. Shelby, an alumna of Central. Richard Thatcher. the man in whose honor the men's dormitory at Central is named, was the first president of Central Normal School from 1891 to 1893. This fine new structure is equipped to furnish quarters for study and many forms of recreation or entertainment. , teen, ,Y Y ,-- Y lm Y ---- af.--.., ,, Y ,qu-in ,T , H ,W W , ?-,f:.:-:mf-F .1-as ma-wwnwwawx.-fm-vgakunguwen-vw.-wwuw-QewvswfeQ-we- v- -f,.uxv:vf:1-wexrnmu-e.:m-in. -1 f.1-me-f-.qe.,m-f 1 - ff -. ,er i Vit: 5 pp, Ypesfngr T A 7 a Eg, up WC' Page Sixty-three 'ia- X ,.,. x ff,-H e'x,3f.,u' ' Nags? Q I fi 5.5 E ki I 's " , -,fi -A 1 1 H. L. 1' N, A: I : Q -5 ' 5 .diff ' F-M We gflli EQ J pr wus, Presidents ol Central State Teachers College RICHARD THATCHER - GEORGE W. WINANS H. W. WILLIAMS --- E.Il LAURDAUGH --- --- P. H. UMHOLTZ ..... 'T.R BUTCHER ...... JAMES A. MCLAUGHLIN ........... CHARLES EVANS ...... GRANT B. GRUMBINE ,..., ..... J. W. GRAVES ....,. .- JOHN G. MITCHELL ............., M. A. BEESON ...... JOHN O. MOSELEY --- Page Sixty-four 1891 1893- 1894- 1895 1901 1906 1908 1911 1916 1917 1919- 1931 1935 1893 1894 1895 1901 1906 1908 1911 1919 1917 1919 1931 1935 EI.A 5 S125 HUUHE I' X X ' Eff FN- r In C9-lppreciation The Senior Class of 1937 takes this opportunity to express a belated word of thanks to those who have been our friends during the years that we have been at Central: To each member-of the Faculty who has labored with and for us, to the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women who have counseled and advised with us, to the Dean of Administration for his timely advice and his unfailing sense of humor in seeing us over some of the rough spots, to the Regis- trar for his help in arranging our schedules, to our Sponsors for their time and attention, and especially to the President for his many courtesies and favors. are we especially grateful. Our stay at Central has been pleasant. We are but a few of the many who have been benefited by Central and it is our hope and our ambition that we may go out over the State and the Nation and ac- complish much, so that We may bring additional fame and recognition to the school that has done so much for us. ' Lloyd Cffrogdon, fliresident. ii it r ,, 'A 5 if 5 e L 5 V 5 , 'E :ti sa 1 ga r I S .- , 'lei fi: 5 iss? kwa I Q , I I. YS? 1 :gt-:E my ji I-QS 5 Advisers V Dr. Fred McCarre1 and Dr. Emma Estill Harbour, through long experience in guiding Senior Classes at Central. have endeared themselves to all classes and especially to this class of 1937. At the first class meeting in the fall of 1936, Dr. McCarre1 went on record as being for us to the extent of seeing that we made our grades, lending us money ffrom the Senior Loan Fundj, straighten- ing out our "affairs of the heart" and keeping the Deans in their places, and, on different occasions we have found that he meant just that. Dr. Harbour with her announced intention to look out for us, has been on the job and it is easy to understand her wide popularity over the State when we remember the time, the thought and the effort that she has put in to make our Senior year a profit- able and a happy one. And so, to Dr. McCarre1l and to Dr. Harbbur, we of the Senior Class of '1937, take this means of thanking you for the many favors you have shown us, the nice things you have done for us and the time and effort that you have spent upon us. ' . Page Swv-efghf .mann.T,,.rt,t,.t.c,,,.WW.w......N..a.,,.w..,m ta lk ., , 5, Li Sig Ei llj t qs -. 1 E. C Fel f sri we 'Sf 'ic i g t . ix ' , 51' iii f Ifii fli , t 'gfx - A NWA.. :clif f ,QA-7:1-.. i-Qi Q' QA :QQ .L 4 , N.- .,: Q .X N- . - vw, .+A-25 wt f- '-sa XM.: .af L' iikflilih - 3. .gyp- as-.vlfljxig ras: as -A--mesa mNLXv:Iuril'.!FKl.Ziii1I1lTlHK ' " l Q, Has. --.-- P. ..... ...e.,...-...,......,,.,,.. .,...,.,..1.,am,.,,.--amafef.,,a,w..,,....wmm-r,,., L-r.,i,.,,.,af.,.,..,v.a..t.,..--a....a..i.........m.,........,. .,....,.-..t.....t....,.,..1,e...,,,.r-, ,, ,,.e,..c.,.-...B mac-V-,,r ...-..-..c.t.r..- ,.,..Mf,-,...,f-- ff- M: -,,.f.e-f-s..f,.....1.,,..,.......,.,t.m,,i...,.. . is ,i-'.:s1fv-i. . arf' .fe '. sf, ivan .- - in x K, 1 ,wx-1113. A-n-mas..-es......s..hms......s---Q--A -F H ----1N.-A- .if,:::f-is-f---s-2 aw.-a,4.i.. -.-N, .S .- .c 14.11 1 V i U55-,T.f.'tffi-111935 wwf' A is 1- 4 f -1.sf5a2ifmFi'f,tg.t :ff -: J 1-Q-i.sfiiii-cis!!--s.jfafv-Mt-liaigiggrli ' N-wg,42?Ff?,-rfis?I12sTf-f."f:- face f 'i""Q1gg3FSQ3 i--:"'1'-1 4 .- ne" it-:mf .3 n- pf- ,g.g'fg,-g-:gk Q , Q:,f5,,,t , x Q , Y atrm,f,.5-, vw J - ' f - K ' -1 t s 4- t 4 ,g'ss,.i.L, 1 :, -- ' ' F 1 if:fE1?: -f 'sr-V if aileexiaftii-"5 FQ :- , ,. S .,, Q, -il-,Bm 1-3'-Li'iai'r'aH:,sat. t,SLE5'2nsh4E2.1eu3g,..!. -5,1 ' A 115' it X- tfiv .T gs' .5 ' E 1 EFL? 'Q T i ' 1 mn '1'Kkt4153. 51 1" 2. if 1 F " j - : fr JE ta K.. Y ' :5?. '. i if . f: i Y K Q up jg is ' s Y Q is BERT i 1 fix. 5- "32'TF.i1 fffrp . I5 fix, - -- sci A Rises- Li f-msg eil i'f"jn, '..5sL.-airy e an -. 52311955 1 .. A. K.,' -,ine ,.., ,.e-n,.e,ax,.amme,.s,s1,.-...a-.,,-.. fav-v-efQ..:qrV.,w-.,,s,, r . , -..-,es--t. Y . 'f1f...,mw,.,..-.- Senior Class Officers LLOYD TROGDON .......,.M...H.....-. ,--,---Presz'dent LEE MURPHY .....,.s...w.-,........m Vice President MARY FRANCES MURRY ...H.E.E.......-,.,. Secretary ROBERTA THOMAS ........ -. ..-..s-....... Treasurer RUTH ALLEN L-, ...... ...... Corresponding Secretary Lloyd Trogdon, President of the Class of 1937, has served the class well and faithfully. Lee Murphy, Vice-President, in addition to his many other in- terests. can always be depended upon when there is need of his time and atten- tion. Roberta Thomas and Mary Frances Murry have given time and effort to the Bronze Book as Well as efficiently handling the Hnances of the Senior Class. Ruth Allen, beauty queen, and Corresponding Secretary has also been a valuable asset to the Class of 1937. Page Sixty-nine we 1- K--W. - Ce.. ff wm-.,q-w-u-.f,r.rnxw::-g:u-uzsL:4uuw-.f.- ruff-mf-2.1-.fees-. .- J.. 11,--e-X s -sr.-1 -el .emma-mm-, -i. . egg-s-1 1- -fi,-sf. .-,ArvnQm w1v-ww -1,-1.-vw,-1,--Ma --.sw i. ,V - ef-W.,-e-.R-s. V1 . A :.i...m s,-.m.uu-.3s:ag-eu-nx:..m-f.m:imn-m.1,:1't,t,f.,.-..-f.-.f -,-an --rw s. i w -, i. .f 1,--we-, ..Q..J r Lv.-rx--:fr vi:'r W '7ll3I.':YTT'317E-'F 'xiii E - . --1 ff .-.-es - A .f-.axis ---' nv,--,W.--are-v-41-1 .-.s-.-vs'--.1-1.-N f.4ff.f,e-f. . Q ei r e --1-1,--if 1- vw ----- -.----7, -f--Y vs- -Y -e--- -if-K -1-1 Q .. ,. it, E x 13 ,. et it .Q 1 Eff H521 ul-'H M , .7 't l aqi ' s - - :ee 55" f .3f"'- lla!! 521 ' V . W 5 is Fi I fl Ri fs Q if .Q gif Q4 5155 5:2 592. . lil bg 4 Ava, i r S '23, G Q I + s 23 as, as Fifi . : i' Wiki. hi? :- .ev- ,IM C4 B '. I' l MV' l JACK LEWIS EMER ETHEL BRASI-IEARS ,rede wk, Ohm. 1 Arena. Wrestling. Assistant Business Manager of Bronze Book. W'ynneLUood, Oklu. XVANDA DAVIS W J. D. ANDERSON Bartlesuxlle, Okla. Ch'h . . Alpha Phi Sigma: Commerce ' If mba Okla Club: Shakespeare: Treasurer. Alpha Phi Sigma: President. Commerce Club. first semester. Arena: Lettermens Club: Bas- ketball: Baseball: Secretary of Lettermens' Club: Sports Ed- itor of Bronze Book. DALE MCKINNEX' Z . Hollister. Ohla. ELDA COMES Art Club: Arena. Reydon' Ohm Bronze Book Staff. XV. A. A. S .uf ew PRESLIE BROWN GLADYS GILLIG Mcfllestfr. Okla. Arkansas City, Kans. Senate: Social Science: Pi Kap- pa Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Olympian Council: Debate. Alpha Phi Sigma: Orpheus: Band: Orchestra. AWS JOE BIRK fx HELEN MAY POOL ol a City, Okla. Spencer. Okla. Tau Theta Kappa: Les Chef- u Science ' u Industrial Arts Cl my ettes: Indian Club. P1790 Svvvnfy ,.....,.,,..a...,..........,,....,...,....,..:.:..,...3,.,,..L.,..,.,.,..................,...,,.........,,s.....m.......,.u..........,,.....E qi E30 2 Si ' 1 1 3 ifi ia! li? x-5 X R. ll! E P c Nl K. 'H ui: 1. I sa. tiff ijif ' we rj . f f 1 EIS. 12 ' EN Sm.: . 13? L5 Sfi goin :E I Rr y ,Z 5 ifk i mx..-1 54' '. . X ist .. . Q :size 2 lure-A gigs , QS 58553533 ISSJ 1Q,l.v.f.,i by-.Lrg l 52: , , 1 -main E3 45553 fwtffi . Q., : .W , ,vs an 1 Psi " 'Yitlrg 5 are ' 'K -ul' 5 M fr, is if fi to '-S' K. pf. N ...w..wv1 4.5-.w...i,:: Et., .Q NS, . .1 rf-Q,.sEEsE.k-1.14.3 ,,-ma.-es-mp.,-. A - R f -Ev, 1,-fn-..mnf.w..-9 :Z-4.-as as if 1-'fw.r:.yf:NE .ww ms:-.maflwmw-In-uma. miuwnuwa-.-:Qu-mwazt. -faq, rw.-x sf, :-.Lmmu-ir. .1:s:.f.,. -sfo, V- -:-,.- ws-,..EJm-.M-vs. rw-Et. Ma- , M.-at-Em. su. -Mffq1-..,4np.4..s..,i.u,.Esm..E.-.Evvxf..f.-.E.:tN,.fc .NJ .sw c.: fs-.1 . .- , Q, :- .ru 5- . Q. -,-lf mms- -.'.f-f-.sum-SE -f...t.+v ,M,w..u.-1.1g.g.m1e.f.. .f.. .:.Q...N-.,m.5n.l,u....-.v:M- .. - ru.-u...mvs...s.a.s.EE..- . , R . .. .x , .5:liFi's F A '... w 'tg h .Q fs'-U ,. Emo. A F-Yr v F724 23 ,. Z A i 5. I r, ks...-. A I ff: g"l, E n 1 I ffl lil A I E Qfiii :QQ N1 ' I fx 5.-i 'ffl 24 fi' rfgril Inq- . .V z.vl l..--g If 5.1 .:., kg -f 334 r--V .1 Teh' '?"i22'fgf 957:19 Q, 22125 L .. , r" 'I .1 :."' S .,,.. - 5' fr 'Ex I 1 N, w .. Q 'gil . - MVA -4 . - -x '.l -Lrg--.I 4 .N LK - I BEULAH STOOPS Roosevelt, Okla. Lasso-Stirrup: Glee Club: Chorus. BRANDON STONE Spenrer. Okla. Glee Club: Social Science: Senate. ETHEL IVIEARS Gracemont. Okla. Commerce Club: Indian Club. JOHN I. XVILLIS Frederick. Okla. Band. XVINNIE MAE HIRE Duncan. Okln. ,,,.t,,v,,,,.,,, A.. ,,.:..,,N..,.., T... ,. .c.V , ...W .i .-,. ,...-,,,.-- -...., .Wm M'f.w.-'.I.ff-.- W .Y 4--v-,w.w2mmfv,-C-v -1 f-1-uw:---Q .ww ff-11--iv-rn-rv .,..-.m1--g.fv-uwm-wn--I--lwfmf-an-navwvw.-mr-my-f-Q-f..-Q --'T-:H - - X u- ff ffm C- .1 rw.-fu-,,rf-vm.-.,-W,-Q-mnn,.at1- . , -.Y ,Q Q:-W GEORGE W. TILLY Pryor, Okla. Spurs: Arena. Bronze Book Staff. MARY VIRGINIA SNVISHER b Oklahoma Cfty, Okla. Criterion : Lasso-Stirrup: Al- pha Phi Sigma: Nous Voila: President. Nous Voila: Band Queen. YVANDA ROBERTA BEST Randlctf, Okla. Art Club. RUTH C. SMITH Edmond, Okla. Olympian Council. ...I Ks ff: Yi . I Y CARL FITE lf 5 Brinkman, Ohla 'K Y. M. C. A. l Page Seventy-one " 'WT ' I In -x.1il5"Tfl CEE? "Ii?Ti5iT'5? W Yfilffr-lfffllrkf'1flf:?i5'Tf137'NF'3 ' il ivf'o.1ofaii 1 iff . 1 ' f ' I- Qs R55 ' ik?f?"kv5i3fP+'5?fb,f5Nf35Qf"'iii-'Q 'TWGR4:f.ff"fYiv523i:.k:'- 91" 1 3 fl 'f r-NWS: ,.QQl.1..i1 .2 fis:. :.7 .L or gpg.. X x Q, T 1. rx ,.- . :gag R "QA W I I I r ETHEL LOIS KELLOGG Guthrie, Oklu. Indian Club: League of Young Democrats: Tau Theta Kappa: Chorus: Bronze Book Staff. I. LEON SMITH Britton. Okla. Science Club: Secretary-Trear urer, Science Club. BITYRTLE XVILLIS Minco, Okla. Triumvirate: Social Science. M. P. ZIMMERMAN Edmond. Oklu. Senate: Band: Social Science. IVAN NV. BERRY Edmond, Oklu. cs.,-.-. X...-Af... - ...- c....,,L..1 - -me .es mr.. ..N,,.:..,..-...m.,.f..z.1..,,..4-,u.e4 ,..n,,:,MB.f...LLl-LL-,. , .. Letterman. Page Seventy-two ln'-iii aebaaherciggzgw'-nomic.:if-it ' -' l is flAv:+:3?f .1 1 ' -- ' Q1 A x -af' l 53,54 lf el HAROLD E . JOHN YValters. Okla. Senate: Social Science: Vice- Prcsident. Senate. HELEN HIATT Edmond, Oklu. Shakespeare : Les Chcfertes: Lasso-Stirrup: President Shake- speare: Secretary, Lasso-Stirrup. L ARRY JORDAN Kingisher, Okla. Glee Club: Social Science: Sen- atc. ETHEI.. C. BINKLEY Ralston, Ohla. HARRIET THOMPSON Oklahoma City, Okla. Shakespeare: Commerce Club Lasso-Stirrup: Alpha Phi Sig ma: Kappa Delta Pi: W. A. A.: President, Lasso-Stirrup President, Shakespeare. Q'w.v.,iLm .os-rfse.m..,t,sL.'-Q. J . mc.-q.t.f.c..:,Q.e nfs,-:Lima-fn.,:Lgmimmnzc-fps-LEA,.f.mstsus.m ..s,,.,,.cLa-..i,..s..,M-Nos.-s-a.u 1.. a..,,.mfu,..uAu-.-.,1...,f.ry-g.-.-irmws Q , , .1 . l ln ll ll l 5 x 1 4 I L f e Egg Sig El t-5 545 Iii S J e-'Q 1 I Q e 3 23 wg rv ,mc ,S , tl .51 rfQ'5 .1 . M .WT 1 i."?l F555-2 We-.2 il Q Vw Lf if GT" my .fihefw L F, ' 12221 ' , . 1. -...t KH .. A ini iiefxf 51515 ,...flfgF -'i 51 ' 3..f'P?ili .fgijy rfgllsifxi 'Q 1... if fiiffil f:'i'.i'2lT .J ,I f,.,,..1. . , - .,. , ..,, ..., .-L.r.n-.1..yw.x-.e-...S X-.. .X-V-1-5.-,:s,:.....n.f-,:.1.-L.: as-sir wg-1. ci f.-1.-...,.. ...f.. , V . L . .-.-. .,.., ...M ,,,f.cA,, 3 s...-nn-sB.n,e1.....--..f. S mu. ,cc ...-V... .,, -. . e- .ts-.1.....N.f MLN-' L ., -S.. Q r nal.- , Z:ix':1..,-zauazgu 'I:u'2i:'r9:: Y I at ug.: as: .l --A- Ev:-H EVFT .4-5 1 1. i MARX' DOWLING Oklahoma City, Okla. Shakespeare: Blue Curtain: Lasso-Stirrup: W. A. A.: Or- chesis. MARVIN STUDEBAKER Edmond, Okla Blue Curtain: Senate: League of Young Democrats. BIRDIE KNOWLES Lawton, Okla. GLENN OVERMAN Pawnee, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma: Blue Cur- tain: Spurs: League of Young Democrats: Bronze Book Staff: Commerce Club: Blue Curtain Play. IMOGENE BATEMAN Guthrie. Okla. Kappa Delta Pi: Criterion: In- dian Club. EARNEST NIILLER Wynona. Oklu. Lettermens' Club: Industrial Arts Club: Football Captain. MARE' JOE REED Cushing. Ohla. Triumvirate: Alpha Phi Sig- ma: Kappa Delta Pi: Bronze Book Staff: Glee Club: Orphe- us: Vice-Pres. Orpheus: Presi- dent, Glen Club. TESS LINDSEY CULBERTSON Alex, Okla. Les Chefettes. ROBERTA THOMAS Edmond, Ohla. Shakespeare: Pi Kappa Delta: League of Young Democrats: Blue Curtain: President, Pi Kappa Delta: Secretary-Treas- urer, Bronze Book Staff: Treas- urer. Senior Class. HAROLD WATKINS Arnett, Ohla. Quartette: Arena: Chorus: Glee Club: Vice-President Glee Club. Page Seventy- three n a 'Q 5. ll li C1 S3 ' S it ffl ll 'fi Q s ti: if :I 5 :E GT! i-is F3 E33 Gif : 'IL' EE? ,- ALICE VIRGINIA DEVEREAUX Edmond, Okla. Criterion: Sigma Tau Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Phi Sima: Blue Curtain: Vice- president. Criterion: Corres- ponding Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi. Vice-president. Blue Cur- tain: Criterion Play: Bronze Book Staff: League of Young Democrats. LINDSEY S. CAMPBEL1. Edmond. Okla. Senate: Y. M. C. A.. Chorus. COYE ANN PAYNI3 Edmond. Okla. Blue Curtain: Criterion: French Club: Bronze Book Staff. .IESSIE IVICKEE SHIDLER Edmond, Oklu. Science Club: Alpha Phi Sig- ma: Kappa Delta Pi. ELVA LAURA LUCAS Port, Olzlcz. Social Science Club. Page Seventy-four LLOYD "Bob" TROGDON Anadarko, Okla. Arena: Spur: Cwlee Club: Chor- us: Baseball Captain: Letter- men's Club: President, Senior Class: President. Glee Club: Senior Play. NORMA SCHMIDT Oklahoma City, Ohla. Shakespeare: French Club: Las- so-Stirrup: Alpha Phi Sigma. AINIOS KINIBERLING Oklahoma City, Gkla, JOHN SINIITH Edmond, Okla. I.ettermen's Club: Y. M. C. A. Band: Orchestra: Tennis: Swimming. GRACE THEE Edmond, Ohla. Art Club: Tau Theta Kappa: Secretary. Art Club: Pres.. Tau Theta Kappa. 3 Ei ll if i 1 ag 1 ,fi ii Q sf flfi , 53 if ,W . i 3522 Ek' 9 rn' 'f .f S i- 1555 - .5 rg X . 3-fi' : E -5- ir lim at ,.. , , .M . Xa f'-Wwe of xr: N F' . .2 0 vs ta, . , ' 1-Rail. ' fair' . -A .A Ek . ts. Piglet if eff! :a ff K. ,- .Q Y .as .. '32 W: :gww .s , '- - P-.3-5:31 Pa!-EEE: iff!! .--L3.5gi:f,. 14 Y .qs 'Q .a I f -1 A-21-li, a 5 Qt -gf ,T .- - .-.e..-., -,.,..-.,......f.fmmf1:-:.U::a:,Efg-- f - -2121--,225-. WL. Ye.--'W fi.:::cg?....:wiz.f-1-, ,.,,. vf, ..-fleas.-P---fi, fff.F..eig....: , ififga.-am...-,-.,...., ,., - ,W f--:!-:1.:2m-.f.Ei5:..7,-L...f.-1.-.,,,.ma-Q., ff Tv,-s4:,,.w:...:.t' an I .Ili-.vsvavtvag my -f w,?1.y1-:-::.2:sfw:. f W... --5-fg?:f-,,. :::2:,.,,f1.::15.:1-31.1.5515 21.21-fav.-s.W.:fga . mt-an-ma. .. V, ,-Q. "':F'f V-WP: vi: -2.15-1-153119:rarg5.s:3f:.tK- . 'rt ' r. - :fi wg 'K 'I-s-. - 4, by A , . . "3f1Lz.fsf1,q:F:? his 5, J:-3.55-x K V f, .JN 5g3.3.fy -3 ,nik I. Hr .' 'a . -' :mf as nfl.: sfriqgw'-, -12.-af" sq, r' . .Q X- Ngolwff-5 -5 vi -1 - 1- tr sbt,"ie'5'?QQi:z.'5?Ir.f'QSqs,N-2'f igi'bg:1Eaf if 'BSL isp-wif-::Sgs':3'f. 'I nf 5' t we sa .mama .aaa-Lfmffmemmxba-Lipman-Aff. .- .V gg: . ,4- ir 1 E fx 5 KL fhz .. . 51 fi FSE in, 4, 1 tg! iii Fi i L lb it hi. . ws., T 1:1 ' A .1 u. , 8-ml 91:-.ff ,-.5-2' - Q li-T ' S' aff 1 tif? -21 . mix ' an fv I ,-wg-ss. K :LM-'TH kumar" . .a 1' 'T 1 gig.. X. 'T-R13-i it A5133 sis?-i..Qf Ps r .zer- ! Q, V lf. r.,. AUDINE HOLLIDAY Crescent, Ohla. Orpheus: Glee Club: Chorus: Secretary, Orpheus: Glee Club. CLETUS XVININGER County Line, Okla. MARX' FRANCES MURRX' Crescent, Okla. Shakespeare : Lasso: Social Science: Alpha Phi Sigma: Treasurer. Lasso: Treasurer Senior Class: Bronze Book Staff. JOHN S. YVOOD Kellyuille, omg, Industrial Arts Club: Sergeant- at-Arms, Industrial Arts Club. PEGGY MARIE SILER Art Club. Shawnee, Ohln. '-'rw '.--.ff fa::.u1mvf:-v.Q1f- ..- ..' w,..,-.. - 2-'--'rr'--ff, . Y Y - '- -K , 4 e.-hav-W.-.-1. - .- Naff:-van-.,-wel--.vvwfa.H -Qt we-: - - .Q -ef v- Q. fn . were-:wrt , .ef ,N .W.,As, - .n-- .. , .'-.H -.,,a:..,.. vt .Af A-nw -Q Y -W .v-:i,.---.4,f-wwf if-.1--fssvemmw-Qmmumvnn-Q ..,.-Y, ... - ..:,,.f.-....-,Y er.. t v . f - .. .-.r.. wa eu . . .-.M -fqrf-swq-nf.s---.rPx en.-.m.1:n-t-rvr-- H ..--Nr.:-. GERALDINE RICE Oklahoma City, Okla. Shakespeare: Lasso-Stirrup: Alpha Phi Sigma: Treasurer. Shakespeare : Vice-President. Lasso-Stirrup: Bronze Book Staff. DOUGLAS PAYN13 Edmond, Okla, Arena: Spur: Blue Curtain: Kappa Delta Pi: President, Blue Curtain. LUCILLE FARMER Hammond, Okla. Shakespeare: Commerce. LILA LOCKE Alarlow, Okla. Criterion: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: Lasso-Stirrup: Science Club President, Science: Historian: Criterion. NAOMI HENDREY Camargo, Okla. XV. A. A. Page Seventy-five SARAH BROWNING Oklahoma .City, Okla. LEE IVIURPHY Cushing, Okla. Arena: Spur: Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Kappa Delta: Glee Club: Vice-Pres. Senior Class. Alpha Phi Sigma. IVIARITA RIGGAN Edmond. Okla. Shakespeare: Commerce: Bronze Book Editor: League of Young Democrats. CLIEMENT HANSEN Edmond, Oklu. Pres.. Industrial Arts Club. PAULINE THEMER K1'ngHsher, Okla. Commerce Club. Page Seventy-six ALLISON KEITH Hinton, Ohlu. Les Chcffctte: Tau Theta Kap- pa. VIRGINIA F. YOUNG Oklahoma City, Okla. XV. A. A.: Blue Curtain: Las- so-Stirrup: Y. VV. C. A.: Commerce Club: Pres.. XV. A A.: Bronze Book Staff. EARL CLIFTON RICE Edmond, Ofzla. HASEL HAMRICK Edmond, Ohla. ADRIAN RANKIN Clarita, Okla. Senate Club. . nn r. -- f-1.:..'.1a, ., : .. .11-gm, vw ri-:ff-,, - - L,'..f.-1 . u-:.f,1.m-e.-.-1,-.:- T .-.vim-.-1.1.-i-4. .1-... - ..,.1,,.. N., ,: ,.-,- ..- . l- - b Q.. :..pma.u-.fyffu-Abe -..,a1.Mfl- L... ffl, I P Y L H Q e fi. .ii .141 ,. ,Sl 'I Lie -1 'P If : S+ r".1f7f Tai? li 'tffl LQ -J 'yggbfll Quai.. . ii iei1q'T5i E-ffgej ,, ,- 5u':11gi IIEQEQJ Ly.: 5 M1533 s T .Q 1323 l Fen ' -ZQYSHF 1- 1, ' FTW ...-,eff fix . R12 , -Q, - , . . ...Kb - rs N .3 0, .Barnu- .fw W- Yf-Qv : EMF . :',-rfkf -. .. , 51 ...far 2.- T .N .,., ,, JUANITA NIUHLENBRUCH Argonia, Kansas Q Orpheus: Y. XV. C. A.: Alpha Phi Sigma. E, . BETSY GAY SEATON Britton, Okla. Shakespeare: Lasso'Stirrup: Art Club: XV. A. A.: Yell Leader, Lasso. CRISTEENA MEYER oklahoma Cay, ohm. Las ,. ,. ,yi -'st w FRANK BARTL ETT ,S Purcell, Okla. Football: Lcttcrmen's Club. ,E L, XVREATHA HOGELIN Guthrie, Okla. Commerce Club: Alpha Phi Sigma. NlARY RACHEL AJCANALLY Coyle, Okla. Band: Chorus: Triumviratc: Orpheus: Orchestra. CLOVIS FRENCH Claphom. New Mexico Criterion: Commerce: Club Editor of Bronze Book: Treas- urer. Criterion. OLLIE MONROE CEARLEY Sparks, Okla. Senate: Social Science: Debate: Chorus: Band. Eva VVALTER Elk City, Okla. Y. XV. C A.: League of Young Democrats. RUTH MCFALL Frederick, Okla. Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Phi Sigma: Quartette: Criterion: Vice-Pres., Kappa Delta Pi. Page Seventy-seven V tt ru. .Q :ui U. . LLLYLW L, Y LL, L L .L.. ELIZABETH VIRGINIA IVIORRISETT Edmond, Okla. Lasso-Stirrup: T. O. K.: Y. XV. C. A. DELLA NORRIS Crescent, Okla. League of Young Democrats. DAVID G. XVELLS Oklahoma City, Okla. League of Young Democrats. C. M. MCGUINN Hallett, Okla. League of Young Democrats. NETTIE BELLE ZACHARY Cement, Okla. Art Club: Tsa Mo Ga. XVATHENA 'TEMPLE Watonga, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma: Art Club: Les Chcffettes: Bronze Book Representative. Les Cheffettes. 55 ti H I if Q'- 5.1 -La ei. 1 :L Lx- Q I 4 .v-II ya, .ha 31 53 , l it fm I x L 1 f rg PM fl F 555 e 'I isa.. V ETHEL RECORD Q MYRTLE WILLIS Tulsa, Okla. ' Q E Mmco, Okla. 3,233 Ei W. A. A. I . , . 51 Trulmvxratez Socxal Scxence. . tice. If Q Q -fs is I was-, it is 2 I 5-Qf'I1'2i v Q:- . .. rw gfgzg. v gig J, M N wi , OLA AE ICHOLS 'Q ODIS HUGGINS "'- . Hobart, Okla. tsp:-,q Oklahoma Czly, Oklu. ' 'E asf' .V 311 Shakespeare. gf ffl! SSS -8 . iii: fs 'AW - m........rm-...M n.W..,.m,,,m.L..mmm-.mmummswmmmfm-H lm.. " M kill Page SeU9m'U'P19hf ,D.N-.m..vlw..l,....g-4.-QfQ.Q..M.,Q,1...W-qlunmwm-.1 -...I-m,.1.,Q-.M-.,. m A M- A -AT .NSW..I,.....,.w.....w....,........f.,...,.....Wm....,,...,...:I.m,.fw.,f..,m..,,...,,.-,.,m.....,.T..,,.,.,, .t,...,.. -M. . , .5.f,.-..2..-m.,,,..,M.s.2L...,,..,....,.,,mmm-HNWTWWL, ...... m.,N..,...,.m-,....,.s.u...,,...,...,..- - -lv-.N --... --... --f-. .--W,m.vmm..,mwv..-f w...,.....-3...N.Ll....-fNME...-..,..,.,.,f......r.,. ,-..t ...... V -- - ,. 5 9msY3?5'i4'gjfif51kIE.?1+1 It. . . . L+1..o.,sg-.-14--gtg., mi MLN. L. wi 'jg f 5- 4 b. 1. 'in ii?-i f. Qigi r. Q-if , Q E532 's - fm.-if SF-E: gr. . .1 .aj I ., A b5,w7?i. L52 1 Rl 'fi-5 P-.SOX SM K. V-fini? .,,ze,x,4:, 'Q-."'E-5: Y-If f 1 W.. iifig, lg F' L- i 5 . ig lair, lil" E154 i p,-,ang-iii rivf-.- l ii.. I 5'9'fi-LQ r V L. iff wil fe- Llc' -. H l"'f5-Lfffif L 1 15.1 T --YI 5. FSS.. S-,. 1 Ill' sw' W c- .3 , gf- -1 ff if MARLIN TOALSON Cushing, Okla. Y. W. C. A.: Quill Club: Tsa Mo Ga: Commerce Club: Vis- ta Reporter. CLARA MAE PETREE Pawhuskn, Ohla. Tau Theta Kappa. MELVIN ERNEST THEE Edmond, Ohm. Spurs. ALINE THRASHER Enid, Okla. Quill: Y. W. C. A. FRANK LILL Edmond, Okla. Blue Curtain: Arena: Co-Edi- iror of Bronze Book: President, League of Young Democrats. . Q -. --11.1,-. we ,.-wwf:-..s we JOE HOWARD LONG Sallisazu, Okla. Commerce Club: Y. M. C. A.: Secretary, Commerce Club. NADINE STRICKLAND Oklahoma City, Okla. Shakespeare: Blue Curtain: Lea- gue of Young Democrats: News Editor for Shakespeare: Orchesis: President, Orchesis. LUC1LLE NOE Texola, Okla. Tsa Mo Ga: Alphi Phi Sigma: Nous Voila. BOYD POWELL Bradley, Ohla. Lettermen's Club: Vlrestling. ELIZABETH CLOUD lVelIstons, Okla. Indian Club: Glee Club. Page Seventy-nine rm ill, e., F49 5 rg: 1 1 ,Y ,211 , 1: 1 '-4 F- if? -.3 :N ,- ll Q. L., 4.17 l ' . --'fy 'Gila .V- s .,-" N 5 kt I . W. if 'Lf it . . 's' , xi 7 Q.-an 3,51 f-Q15 133' wi' .s . keg ' wifi Q- A vi- , :-Hi-l x gt .is - ff -1. kv. LL 221 xt? ,. J. T, HARRIS Dallas, Texas Spur: Arena: Business Manag- cr of Bronze Book, MARGARE1' NICDOUGAL Guthrie, Okla. Y. XV. C. A.: President, Y. NV. C. A. RAYMOND BITTLE lVayne, Ohla, DONNA INTAE IVIORGAN Oklahoma City, Ohla. Triumvirate: Y. NV. C. A.: Lasso-Stirrup: Alpha Phi Sig- ma: Commerce Club: Dramatics Editor of Bronze Book: Pres- iden. Triumvirate: Corres.-Sec.. Y. XV. C. A. FRANKIE JACOBSON Edmond, Olzla. W. A. A.: V-Pres., XV. A. A. Page Eighty RAY HOGAN Panama, Okla. Letterman: Football: Basket- ball: Baseball. J. GERALD lX'iARKLEY Bowden, Okla. Olympian Council: Sigma Tau Delta: Blue Curtain: President Olympian Council. RUTH ALLEN Oklahoma City, Criterion: Lasso-Stirrup: Blue Curtain: Alpha Phi Sigma: Bronze Book Carnival Queen: Secretary, Senior Class. CHEAT NIEARS Gracemont, Okla. CLIFTON JACOBSON Edmond, Ohla. Football: Basketball: Letter' man: Track. - 1. 1.:a4.,lf.-..x s, :A ,.,..Lr.iA.ex. ::.r,..M :a.mS..:...m...,.-4n....::.un-mei lf.. .L .LL X .f..-C:-.-l. eu41,'......e.. ..1.-A...-...v. 4.1 .-.- Ag-!.mA.4.ed. .divx 3 x f. Et H il. Lf? MA D2 avi E k L13 Iii ,se ii r'-7 LQ . ga. 4 l-SP1 91. . H531 if 'M 4 1:5 . if 2 eil Q 'fill M wn e '35 Q25 . . Q5 1,3 'iiisti' Q N 1. f a ' 5gga'+ ir, 1'4',,J' G 41 53" 1 75 ff.: 321 ii of .2 M .7 r .Rig 1 'grit islet: is 1 Yi-Elf' 5' Ll? ' i' Z 7 1. we ' is E355 'ff Q- 4.3 5224 2 223723354 H... . .d,f,,Q 7. - V, --..,.m..-,,...dQ.a:.-:.-. vt-.we .-Un J K --M...-e:.L,e.:,.s.,-sei-.. . A. emi...-,,.u -- ,Q-A.: .W b--ts.-. J-fav.-A ,nt-L...-f ,fe .va e .. C. .LCC ,m..:.m...L,.:r-W.......:m.: X -4 -- - f P. Nl wx I lv .sg F? lf! . ,A-Q fi If fs' R.: 53 L Elf flif lil 5-I , ifji I-K2 .. :tw ll il '. if' I , . lx , 4, if .315 3" . 1955, I -if? wvn: gif-Y E 231 15. I 55 3,-,mf I L L- S '-F' E .- . 3 iw, gf- ., L-P We he -r 45 , anti . qu. I Y Q if 51:74 J, , x as xx I Q 3 L BN, " if an-Q-,Q 1.-1-:V vfwwg 1-, - N W - --w-- wwf:--1111 vp- .. . Q-vmw 1 nn: 1411 - +L. 'KJ 'X-fx -'wh r LOLA MARIE PHILLIPS Social Science Club. 1.-,-1, . xN..N.r..--5-'L-rv-fnw, Geary, Ohla. JACK ATKINS Panhandle, Texas. Football: Letterman: President Lcttcrmcn: Sergeant-at-Arms Senior Class. f f -5.-1Af,g.-.:,i,,,,.KL1L-:fi-.ri .,.w3.f-1-vary-'Q-riff.-rx10- U- F,-,T ,rwx-,Tw ,,,..,,. Page E i ghty-one iw, wr. ,mm-Y 1-.-N..-f.f,. .Y -,An ..-f W--f....lQm,.f.,.-,, Im.. is-...Im... -:W-1.-V.. -f.m.1',v.-,mn WW, ,mf--,.i.,.,,,,,,,, -, ,,,,, --.-ve--W .1-:Y -nv'-.-:wiv-1.-.E-,.-.-.. -.-, if- - 'nf X V-..,...1e,.-1-N.. -M-X ,.i,,i,.. L ,. . X-, R I- M .-1 ,nil ,' ' v :.M,,-:- if! ik! i 5 w. , 'S Y? E-n ki. up L lil? Q" R, 52. 5 af:- 'S-.1 f., 2,171 ff! 7754 2-1:1 if ' 1 ff, S 'J l :ww-J , :ni ,-is 5?-Sf , 3 Q 5 1' fc! I 9 , 5 . xi c 1' Senior Class Party 1 The big Yuletide event of the year was the annual Christmas party given by the Seniors' "Pop" and "Mom," Dr. McCarrel and Dr. Harbour in Pioneer Hall on December 15. Reta Ruth Von Thurn played the piano while the group sang many popu- lar songs: Dr. McCarrel slipped in some double barrel words to reduce the two lines in the spelling bee to a circle of bank corner problem solvers: Bob Trog- don, class prexy, played the roll of Santa and slipped down the clothes chute with a stick of candy. As the Deans began to eye the clock, the room became Hlled with music and a few of the agile ones swung out on a few rag time tunes. The party ended and the borrowed decorations were returned. A 5 JN 6. Page Efghfv-Iwo -,,,,..."'i11,.,L...Q.f,Ifff --..A,r.-- r.. fg,,,,,,,,...r,,,,f,,,.Q ,Q,g,,. , r..:c--.c, rf: ifigir, ,arc c T -v-rw b m l .. - M. - Q-. 5: g -3.5351 Q - -- Q, ' .M u -e-3 rig-.Q-: b ugs X-G3-. 1 4 Q -gs Y'-' f ff'--' ' ' 'fe' e 'sis f-4 ff' . 'g,.tf N A ss 5 if HX E X Junior Class A - -3 I ' 0 '1 W +. i, as, ' f x B s , . .. . i,. 3?3m-will xg-1. --Qig- .Q ,. ,- W 4 I 4 . '10 we 4 Nw, s .is , s' QR s Junior Class Advisers LEITA DAVIS Miss Leita M. Davis and Professor L. B. Ray Cwhose picture appears in the Education Departmentj, are Junior Class advisers. One of the activities which is sponsored by this class is the Junior-Senior reception, which is given shortly before the close of the school term. i Page Eightyjfour L , YQ r-- it-5 L Q--kfw 1 WA vffvpw " "'21'f:.'g:ygx-fl-.43jfgi1"'?Q, ., .W sg. , V Z , g:f .5..,,wL-5: - ,fig 5-55,s,A -- 1 . - -is -' . 1 ' . X- sz f S.-X . .fs ..-YN... . px kink. . 3,-it 31- .,,.x,- F . . L '- low. mi... ssh.. .. --s .'S...c4-. .. .. . ., ..-Q. .LY-35 ibut. . s X945 s... .. s . ,. .. ..x -1 .,s,t:f.-+f,:3+:g1w r' 1 fr G1 5 R4 a I NF 59 -5 E Pig , Wi 5' 1 L E X. ,fy L1 vp .. 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N, .V - wf -rw ve- .Y :ff---4.-U. -we .- , :xg-fffwnmrxfw-an-xazmvav 1 -ffl-uw Q -..f.f..1-- - f:xx fvmmmxfwm .lLfgLIZlQl2l.A...Ig.l,.,-illilili,.1 Tlfffl7fTT2l'fI P1190 Eigfvfy-five WW: Wg, .....-.w.1.? .mu w.. 1 'Inf 4. -- . vfx ful- an F-.1 -.-f-:v Yung:-xanax--A.-,-me-nnmQw.uu,1gn-.v-4-,a.v...muwNa . m.-.A :-m.v,f.m-w..x-Q xr' 4 f :Ax-.-v-,fu 1--EAL-T f. ff: 1-ww xvnnm- sw: an xx. --, ,vxv-vu ,.1,-.-mrs-. -A1 wmv: zmsx.-,. Q1-cf ,vw w- -- Q- Eh 1 1 gl 7- . Q-gp-:A'fiqr.1+' 13 3f:.g,,w.5 K g . -'st M X H N .E-vw ,,,:k"'-- vw 5 T NA ,n-..,,,.-, ., ,, . . , - 3 -- ',,,J'f . EJ. K- V E 4 - . "1 5ijFT,?E q'j'gJ.'T"'-: .j'Q11w:'fv'wj5f. ,.f5:3":.1vr1 E-3jv.'-'.1,,.5,.Tr-"-51,3 , 'ijgvf , 1 q -1 has . . ' alyfwgi, -Hel -5,-,,,,,h,A E., ,. -5 V S 1 In Q O 1 ey gi, ri! X, L. af F Y? in 3 1 ,U 2 F X - . K, - A . -ca 1: fl -, EE - Ng: EEE , ,f l . ,H JOHN PORT Edmond, Oklu. Arena: Spur: Les Metieres: Sigma Tau Delta. IMAN CARSON Edmond. Okla. Glee Club: Sigma Tau Delta: Chorus: Treasurer: Nous Voi' la: Alpha Phi Sigma: Treasur- er, Boys' Glee Club. GEORGIA EWING - Tcrral. Okla. Les Chefcttes: Tau Theta Kap- pa: Vista Reporter for Les Chefettcs: Vice-President, Tau Theta Kappa. NIAURINE lVlCRl2YNOLDS Edmond, Okla. Blue Curtain: Shakespeare: Or- chesis. DORAL STONE Spencer, Okla. Y. VV. C. A.: Lasso-Stirrup: Triumvirate: Commerce Club: Vice-Pres., Y. VJ. C. A.. Bronze Book Rep. Triumvirate: Vice-Pres., Triumvirate. second semester: Secretary of Commerce Club: Alpha Phi Sigma. Page Eighty-six ARDYCE LAWSON Edmond. Okla. Criterion: Alpha Phi Sigma' Les Metieres: Lasso-Stirrup: Yi XV. C. A.: Bronze Book Rep- resentative of Les Metieres: Ser- geant-at-Arms, Criterion: Vice- President. Les Metiercs. LORENE CROKA Hennessey, Okla. Triumvirate: Les Chefettes: Al- pha Phi Sigma: Vice-President of Triumvirate: Y. W. C. A. alla wuiiflwlffl W. O. GARRISON Sayre, Okla. Science Club. HELEN TENNISON Cushing, Okla. Shakespeare: Lasso-Stirrup: Band: W. A. A. KATHERINE MOODY Oklahoma City, Okla. Orpheus: Alpha Phi Sigma: Triumvirate. is N fi :ii ii R .X .3 :U i -.Ni 5 '13 iz il , r' ee, Ni.-x r. ,. - it if- Q Mal Qis 4 'Na Nb Aa? ' 'si l R Q' 1 I 'S farm? Us K Ai Las . ...mmg . 121. - a. 'ii :Yr 55' '1- .: r A J, X agggr-5 I S ?' r Q Q 1 E. . . V digg ef ,. Sk ., Sk e - ixsfeiii r,n,.2-...,...,v.....-...,w.--.,:q.,,L- f..:1,,,wf,v,.f:- , 15, 1--. - 4e1..,.-a:.f.:u:f --- - --'---- .-- -1-1-ug.. 'A-'f 2 1' . ,-.e.....s,m.L...a...--.m............, ..., M..- - -.--- .L-mg.,........- ,..,..a.1...,..a..S...,,... .m....,..,...,.......-A e.....w.,L,f.....f?...., - -,L,w,.......-, W. -L -L w,.:m...,.....m.-m....s.....s iewmmmm Z -- W . L,,,,,..m.,,.......i,..m..... --.. .,2:....,.......,m..ama 1... 1 'Q . A f---J.. - ,lb-----1--7... muuelumeg. 4:..Qr if , . 1 fa it ' JA: .i1m?5?? ig f if .. .-K. Alva, My J.. .M .. . Q, 'X'-a:1'r,r.,?i,"'r" wig.:-wha-f :R-'J 51y.s-.,-."-ki1,.ag- if -1 J: f sf. FQ? if? 1. -G I 1 ss sri 1 ,, fi! r FZ ...O I ...E pil .ts .im 12 sf ... 3 I 5 1' Fix' . . .l .i . 2 '5 -.Tl Ea tea ls. ls. qv- -Q -' v Sri H fb Q 13 W 'M Q sri 3'ik vvxp gifts ...W - -,yn .5 - 135752 5,21-'z '94 'se '?P'f's-xl 'Yl- iii' lair -Q . . 'w -31 :fxz-525: Qiia:-:. 5. -1 "'m "S, .Q 21 '35-2, E' ' ll. .4 er 1,' ' . if? , .535- 5 :TLS-Q. ifiiifezii :Extra es... sd,-1 ,fum-:L...s. . s - -W--:.-. - --f- f .- Y mn-fr PAUL L. BRENT Edmond, Okla Y. M. C. A. ROXIE RAY Edmond, Olzla. Criterion: Blue Curtain Play- CIS. EARLENE FLOYD Takoma, Okla. W. A. A. JEWELL XVELCH Ringling, Okla. WAYNE GILMORE Piedmont, Okla. Industrial Arts Club: Y. M. C, A.: Vice-Pres.. Industrial Arts Club. f ,ff.:.f,-f.-A-wr--uf'-kv W mf-w-Nw sw-.,.+. mmf -..' vw- -.-f 1 - Y 1 . -- X .--.-A N Mm-w-.1-f-. . fs .1...-r.w..- -g-.1-. X-,A ...N-v1 pr- -vw-nys N11-qmmw-muvrg v,..fw1-- V, .--1-.. , v-wmv-1--y v 1-.-ww' an-fa.. -1 3 ,- .f. -'uf : . ...uw--W .Q -wtv.-1s..f.s.v-fwfr-.-.s nunvvu -- Zi- vf .- V ,..: K WESLEH' PURVIS L Seward, Okla. Science Club. VIRGINIA LEE CUNNINGHAM Oklahoma City, Ohla. Shakespeare: Lasso-Stirrup: Blue Curtain: XV. A. A.: Or- chesis. LAURA JANE CLAPPER Oklahoma City, Okla. Band: Orchestra: Orpheus: T. O. K.: Chorus. IWARTHA ROSE JONES Oklahoma City, Okla. Criterion. KEITH LANE Carter Nine, Ohla. Arena. Page Eighty-seven .- V .- 2 'l 1 X 2 'i QE I? H ri 4 313 Si li Q tri is 53, U5 CQ? .. , ,.,. Lgg if: 4. V' 9,1 :fi 153 5 'L'-I fp Frei! F P I ibiza ED COPPEY Olive, Okla. Arena: Social Science: Spur: Glee Club: Band. FRANK RINEHART Guthrie. Okla. TISDAL JONES Cordell, Ohla. Arena: Tennis: Vice-President. Arena. FRANK A. IvEs Edmond, Okla. Arena: Social Science: Cilee Club: League of Young Demo- crats: Treasurer, Arena: Presi- dent, Glee Club. DOYLE SMITH Blanclmrd, Olzla. Y. M. C. A. Page Eighty-eight WILLIE LEE PINEGAR Tonkawa. Ohlu. LORRAINE SHIRLEY Cushing. Ohla. Shakespeare: Sigma Tau Delta: Olympian Council: Blue Cur- tain. X DAPHNE RUTH THONIPSON Edmond. Okla. Tau Theta Kappa: I.asso-Stir- rup: Y. XV. C. A.: Treasurer. Y. W. C. A. PERN REED Seminole, Ohla. Debate: Blue Curtain: Alpha Phi Sigma: Lasso-Stirrup: Shakespeare: Pi Kapp Delta: Vice-President, Shakespeare: Secretary, Pi Kappa Delta. RETA RUTH VON THURN Edmond. Okla. Shakespeare: Y. W. C. A.: Sig- ma Tau Delta: Alpha Phi Sig- ma: French Club: Orpheus: Freshman Leader of Y. W. C. A.: President. Orpheus: Secre- tary, Sigma Tau Delta. 9 . , Fl ia Q fi ll I it -4 I ,- . , . .fs 553 25: cr la ei is T54 :iii ls: E1 4 Lx-V.. 1913 Y' 3 . .., sg Q . Glas . if 1, "3 Z: ...L--. gi Z"2.5'1" W. on ESP' 'Sei i s Lai - I iii? S.: 2.5.3 4 5 ASW' :ii .xc Q.. . ... . . Ig.: N" X -P Q.. LBY A, Sq- I r. . c he ,fig 35113: I 1 r1f'f:fa'1iF 4 ir 715393 nm ..,,...... . -s-.Ls ur... . . ,a-:Jr ,vc-L,.s...m ,,.msgs--,--.,c,.r,S- 11. esxzsfr.,-Annan .er-same-f If. 14 -, if ,qs , f,-.1-.1 A . ,- ,... .. . . ,....c....r. Q...-Mar,.,eK....., s.c..f,c..f,....4..a.r. ..M.41:.f. .ff--..,..L.-.. . um... ,-er C w,..C,.... .. ,1...1, ..,..v.,,a.......rmcs.f,...w...r1n.r.f,r..A-....,e....-., ... an X rf... V uwrkpx., r -2. se. - A A.. M Ms -an 4. X-1r-N..u..f'-..s.au1:.w.-acre.. -Q 2 , 6.--- u . -he. e. . .n.u:ci-f.f. .-...1 .-...4. .a .. -.-an 1, Q fn .- I I . ii I Es I4 2. , . lla .I J? i 1, r :-or I it ' A I-V1 wr! In Fw :fill iff! sp -: -' 1 Q. 22:3 KW . - . - is: f rapt ilfiiilvl :Frm E211 '-- .i 3 . gs? n I 1, f .4 gg : 4 5 vat. 5.2322 MARGARET HALLEY Edmond, Okla. Criterion: Blue Curtain: Alpha Phi Sigma: Sigma Tau Delra: Lasso-Stirrup: Criterion Play: President, Criterion: Sec.-Treas. of Blue Curtain: Vice-President. Sigma Tau Delta. MARGARET LAY Britton. Okla. Triumvirate: Commerce Club: Alpha Phi Sigma: Orchestra. AL ENA TI-IOM PSON Shawnee, Okfa. VV. A. A. CATHERINE DEFENBAUGH Dewey, Ohla. Alpha Phi Sigma: Sigma Tau Delta: Shakespeare. FRANKLIN O'BRIEN Oklahoma City, Okla. JANE YVOOD .IVebb City, Okla. Commerce Club: Vice-President: Tsa Mo Ga: VJ. A. A.: Presi- dent. Esa Mo Ga, Second semes- CCY. XVAYNE SINIITI-I Kingfisher, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma: Y. M. C. A.: Social Science Club: Sen- ate: Debate. IVIAXINE SHINN Edmond, Okla. Tsa Mo Ga: President, Tsa Mo Ga. First semester. KATHERINE NORRIS Guthrie, Okla: Chorus: Commerce Club. MARGARET O'SI-IEA Mangum, Okla. Shakespeare: Lasso-Stirrup: Sec- retary, Shakespeare: President, Alpha Phi Sigma: Secretary. Sophomore Class. I Y 1 Y Q E Page Eighty-nine E1 ti W ? . H N .ii , v l.. sy.. PEARL LAFERN SCOTT GRACE HAVLOVIC W'atonga, Okla. Greenfield, Ohla. XV. A. A.: Commerce Club. Criterion: Rush Captain. Cri- terion. --A .3 B NI ' HE l BOYD SPENCER BON E KAT R NE ' F-15 Kingishvr, Okla. HARRISON Science Club: Spurs. flddmgton, Okla. 535 . A LESTER C. SHREFFLER V OPAL GREGG DeNoya, Okla. if Dawdsonf OMG' French Club: Glee Club: Band: A Triumviratc. Orchestra' 3 T A T JTC, li ii!! ...Q-. QC IFE ff lf? M l iii ii: ' pg J . gs KATHERINE SEARLE RUTH OHNSTON Red Roth, Okltl' COlT1llf'1Che, 012111. 3" A. A. U. W.: Shakespeare. XV' A' A' ' f ki A A lf? rr".-1 ' ll -. in ll 'Y ,,,,M,,,,,,.,,.,m.-,,,,..m,.,..-,.,.m....,.,..-,..-...u.,........- .... .........--,...5..W.5.gv1fE1 Page Ninety g.:f.1m-1.-.,Nfm., K.-..,,.,.A,,..f,W..-1.4:-W.w.,.omfw-mv4Mu'm:.ui-..,.,...-N.n1-nA..N-TN-.-fMwwrfwv.-1 5 ......,-,m .,- m,mmMmmlgm S.-M... .,.. ...nw .. if SIA, :V .L 1.1 ,,, Sophomore Class Liigf Q V s gv si ra I Ei 5 l Ri tv, i-Su Jiri E -K 5,6 fig , 3 V. as X gra- Sophomore Class Adviser DR. ETHEL DERRICK The Sophomore' Class is unusually fortunate in having as its adviser, Dr. Ethel Derrick of the Science Department. Dr. Derrick is a graduate of Central and has the interest of the class at heart, and devotes a great deal of time and attention to the activities and interests of the class. Page Nl nety- twg wel.-Q .urn ..,1.wv.::u.-r-su-e -J V unf.:mg.wm.m 'rf was-ge.-1.5.-snr-.mawfmmsss---,swamif 2-21, warms naar,-asus-1 aw. rxumxcxanf un-.-sn-4-1 F---i-::.:-.1.1v.ef. .Lrg-,wi-ci-.unreal 1:1--f' Y '...Lf.' ' fran. , 4 f r ik-f ya-gg'-fr?-'t'Tjfxv'i'X""C...,, tres:-r"r gflsgwgtusg-rvrs - wr X wsu-qv-ry.-wr .,. ,. -'guess-ff--snag---'f?4a-1-ff..s. -- --sfan, ,has-Qege.. ,ss , , V9 .fs W- i'sfi5's'l'Q? sl. 5 tiff is if P 1 is . f " . . tt . TR 15 , . M Q w s .X NS. lin .xx , fer. , :WA .J H -t5:'1'ff-r- - his t . 1, - Q f.. 45-h F 'fi Hari 15 wk. fa 53Lgg4Q, kQwQSE,m 1. J . ff -l iii? ,Q :i':it:'1',f'-iff 'TA 535.5 F11 A "1'vDl':::.2:xi V s'3'af . fain Ti."'xf?l-'S if. 1 ii,.1ar:-Ezifiiixi E'-1?1Sn:':t5.agilirfQE',s'3-SY:Sa.'f,i'1Qis 'ag 'S 1 E: vgi 1 . Tv ki. Sophomore Class Officers 2 ku .3 Us fx Li all'-T E4 rn! ff: BILL DELBRIDGE ----.---- ....,, ,. ...,... M-. .E-Preszdem EDNA JEANNE RAINES .................. Vice-President PATSY O'SI-IEA ......,..........- ,...,-h-, M Secretary MONA KATHERINE LEE .......,....E,E-, ---,,TfEdSUF9F - I ,"--J :SQNZQ 0 :3 gf . Eibfff Q f' Q S if E J: f' MEQEEQ Ei 3 E S Sf 5 E .- ..,, sw "- . Q LIT .s l fg5IlLIfIf' gQTIlf QfLQ.ElQQlQ Page N frwfy-three -E E - s.-.W,1-f..W,s..,.,..,....,W..,,..,.s,,1.m,,,.,.....,E,,,,,..Mm-M..E,, E- gg , k .n,-,..f.xm-gm.,v1,-:v- nous-um-YM-.ssnw--fxrfQwwm..n-nunfsuwf ,E X! r i--N-LITE-:,. 3 ' W - - Q i' -f'ii s 221' 1 f- A, F- if -1 ,ff Ln 1 ? fi Ei E E Q .4 ei! 1 -T Q25 .QW Fi A 'Qi 0: . 'QF' LT! .QQ 1 Es-X 41 -3? r L. 2 J 'e 'H He -9-. XVILMA ALLEN XVOODROW CHERRY Edmond, Oklfl- YVarwich, Okla. Criterion : Lasso-Stirrup: Blue Curtain: Criterion Play: Cor- Council: Vice-President, Olym- respondent Secretary. Criterion. Alpha Phi Sigma: Olympian pian Council. J, A ti v . ii! f- VINCENT DICKERSON GEORGE MERKLEX' Piedmont, Okla. Depew, Ohla. Arena: Spur: Glu- Club, Science Club: Band: Y. M. C. AJ Orchestra. 'yl . Sh? L35 MARX' ELIZABETH STILES MARY ELLEN BRAGG Y' Effmofffff OW- Oklahoma Cay, ohm. Criterion: Orpheus: Alpha Phi Triumvimtc: Sigma Tau Del- Slgmai French Club' ta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Secre- tary, Sigma Tau Delta. ' ELIZABETH COSTELLO ji DORIS GREEN Oklahoma City, Ohla. E MUFHUYUU' OMG' Lasso-Stirrup: W. A. A. X f Lasso-Stirrup. 1 N l E' 2 gl si- " M tel Q .. . MARX' CATHERINE FLESHER VONNIE ANDERSON Edmond, OMG, Blanchard, 01210. Criterion: Art: Rush Captain. T13 C 'r ' . -A Tau Theta Kappa. rl anon wa V. PM hgh f P090 N1'f79fU'f0Uf iii? 'il .gffru .-f,,.f-.,--nf L...-.W-..f-ffm-WQ1-N-a.n.,fW..m....mrm..w.M,...-1RCm,.r.1X...-...MR.U.....f..f,.,:,.iffa-,Q-Y-N...-fafmm-.M Y K Vpfffm-no-,...n,....1,-...,r.,...,,,,.....r.r,mm...,....,,..,.w...,, V W ,jliigfilf s T552 3' A 2 4 .hr ,. VV rw x if if -v in a. ill? ff: 5 , E 54 li? 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Shakespeare: Lasso-Stirrup: Nous Voila: Alpha Phi Sigma: Vice-President. Sophomore Class: Vista Reporter, Hrst se- mester. Shakespeare: Rush Cap- tain, Shakespeare, second se-- mcster: Secretary, Lasso-Stir- rup: President. Nous Voila. PEARL 'TEMPLE lVatonga, Okla. PAUL M1LLER p Anadarko, Ohla. Glee Club: Quartette. Letter- man: Arena: Chorus: Football. GERALD BARNETT Edmond, Ohla. Arena: Letterman: XVrestling: Track. MARX' ELIZABETH STILES Edmond, Okla, Criterion: Orpheus: Alpha Phi Sigma: French Club: Vista Re- porter, Criterion. V Page Ninety-Eve ,, 5 if L3 S if F SS Ei ,.z- li if ig , UE-5 lic ' sv . 5 . Xie' 'BT EQ. 6 :EK tgp 5 E r tr.. I s, gzsl l , 1 fe sf: v ,X aj -ww 1 'l ik- -.- L: fs. :fly R, E1 MRS. INA JOHNSON Edmond, Okln, MARY LUCILLE FERGUSON Davidson, Okla. Triumvirate. NORMA LYNN ACKERSON Copan, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma: Sigma Tau Delta. CHARLIE EUC-ENIA STANLEY Hendrick, Okla. Triumvir-ate: German Club. CLOTHIDE STEPHENS Cooperton, Ohla. Criterion: Glcc Club: Chorus. BILL DELBIUDGE Edmond, Oklu. Arena: Blue Curtain: President: Sophomore Class. MARY LEE RHODES Spencer, Okla. Tau Theta Kappa. PAULINE ALLEN KING Cushing, Ohla. French Club. HOWARD D. S'MlTH Kingfisher, Okla. GRANT R. WRIGHT Tulsa, Okla. , Wrestling: Arena: Letterman. 5 E El ls is , g, 535 iii: 1.5! vi lv fqng E4 . . si fax , ,.: V515 2553 gg wi lk Av - if? 'B J- . I tri , li- S- if , is L, x 5 '- l l B, or - EWS , . 5 575, iv?" Q T- aff " i. up rg ,. 1 F s QQINQ gixrw. , g. .., A 'qi .. 72455 giiiz. 1-A Q7 95,':f'i fl, M,-.,ur,-,-.-Luau r ,-.7....,-Jbrr. .:,1l: ,...w.nMn.. uf-.-..,,,rmn4Li mlNL..M.,x.u .:,,r, ,. , - ML, 1 page Nine!y-5fx 1 .:EvrQ,r:r1.Q.4:11n:L..,v, L.: ,r.,.l.-.m -3 1. ,mf-....nL-WfffwAg,.rm N-,-,,.G.,u.f.M.aLf.:1.mL:f,1--.l:.fgr.1,.:x:.1 . ul . . Ng-L,.,n: L hmm-1 Q . rr.-.-.1 .ev.rMWr:,:u.....m, ,w...A.,....f.N.....,M,w,,,Al..-...,.-.,.WH -...-,VM -P 'mm 'CALL-,. L .r .. , -e.:r,r..L.-L.Q.wmrm u,qEm..M.g.,f,m..U:.mrf,C..:-..1..m ,Lo : ,- ,won W, .H .. 5 u . ,,..,,3r.,-, -,,.,,..,?,.,:,, T--My TT ..F. . . A .r.. ,- M.: .r...Qr.,u...m.f,-,.,..f.-Nw.m.-mnuwiummwoswfr,Mun. . -.. .-.-Y: TX 2 'iw '- f' ' - e M gow- - T? MY. 5 Q ', 4 'T-A ' , -. f A, , fry.. Aww' L N ff- -4 1 ff ,,..g X. f.":--5X?,35fz2ew,. sis x Ei - 5 C A ,,.E,k,- 5 .Xp-ff-vt.v?:'i,-,.lf.ff- 'X K ir V- -. 5.,,155-gr-w.,.,gg:r: 5- , , Sq - ,qw Pi L JULIA SNVANSON Cooperron, Okla. .W. A. A. VERA ALENE JONES Crescent Okla. Chorus' Glcc Club: Lasso-Stir C .I ru . . -2 Z 5:1 r l ': V., ' fix r A ' Y MARY CATHERINE FLESHER m. A , Edmond, Okla. Criterion: Art Club: Rush' Captain. Criterion, I 1 'Fifi 1 ffif l 4 - Q ffl, 5 -9 K I '- ..-S-' S Q 5456-: ' ETHEL MAE MOYER Edmond, Ohla. Tau Theta Kappa: Secretary. .g Tau Theta Kappa. 55' i -'Ffa . v wg. TCC., 5' 14 157 rivi' BARBARA JANE TUCKER Oklahoma Cnty Okla -X S 9 Blue Cum-tam Orpheus Chor us Band Orchestra L i Qxx 5-.x .AJ mu: Page N 1 nety seven -W nr- K 3 v C C H R Y K -C ,WSF if 1,'--'r wrfwvvw-h1'M'-"f, I --fh3"4'r'-2 ff-w-A-ini'-fav: hf 1--. ..-'-rx:-rf:5:wfw-1:-1-ff' .gr fs.-ff-33:f,- :fart 5,-, ffrxg-C pg 11: if-gg, 'wi if F A .f ,A11 l Cf. ' I cgi 'br lan xi: Qi 'PE 4 Yi' i . X ' 32 S2513-fi S' FC, I xx? - as ixarzi, it C -,S r-ff ' H! viii f Qr. E, Q13 - .4 fl?" 'N ' ' , ' . ls 521, ,fe-imc' 5 --.33 I I - 5' N' Q: : : . ..:,. L. , my 1 I 5:1 Eli' '5-" , F C" Q XL' . 1 .lfx if-f: ,- ' H Q-,,:4 gi ss ig. vu . ' '. "' W ' 43 ' Ls? 1 . 1... ffgfkr 33 , 3-gsm, si ll -.1-f. ' ' 'A Q'-T- -fx was' . -'S ...xc an-v-.W . 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Bronze Book Carnival Queen Hi ei K: E1 ASL 234, .F f , . 1 x , g F' Heif b , o I L. ',.I-A gf S . E ifi- ,Q 3"Cui1v 5 4 .e K A -- L . 1, E . 2 - iii ef xox ,Q 'a Writ-. K E ,::..31i wlffigli ., n 5,8 F -- Q , e 4 F P- Q .s 'x ' Q F U- A 4, V , , 'P qv., 14 gr A 5-grj ' , mfzifz gf RUTH ALLEN .Ni iq Q gi Crztenon if -:Q V- Wig 1,-g,-e4.,.m.w-.,..m.m.....,,Q.fwwwnim A- -.1 fW'xN" 7 223 pe ,-memAf.w.N,.,Qxw,-x.w,xGe,-f-.,m...Da...L1i .iwwm-mtl..-A-........,, :mmpw-mx.s ,M ,-1..,,,-:.lwoe,,f,,,.q...m.,m...,...:.,...1,e.,n.f-., if----,H W,-of-V ae,...m..,...-TW-Y f,,g,,L-f,...n.f.,.m,,.,-,.-,,.,- Pj r.n:rw.1e11mm-.n.., Qi. - M.- f f --mow,-1-fi--fe.-H-1---9' A- mama-e1,1fm.v,-mm. VQXFQ. 12 V A SN Lg- rifyzwflf--.Q -' T""'1'C'L"L"'"i"'n'0""L"'o'W'u'mfm'iaEi ge- 1' gif f 1----QW .K :'- rc r1p,'q:5jg-5, fx simgx-gf-,ref-.43gxzhrgrsgq-,,::ng,:.i. , --vw: ,-my .31 jj:--1 fre?-.-fl5'f:1' Ss: iv ' 2 X fl'-:W W' . f ,. 5" ' L"'f"'-'.L- -'Q M33 TQKTYS ff? -'1XSv'F', L"-JF.: ',1fQ':'3.1ffNe--Eff-LTI"l1lf'ei my Q 1 ' A J.:e.':w e ff fo , 552 ' Q1 E' ff,',,g.fLezffw "f,',viv2awfw .b a , - -f ' i, b A .. , ,. , .,,,.e,,. ..x, i t , :AS . A 5 h, nb,- W1.-Q 1-' e - '- Sf Pg k if G 1 z. m g Freshman Class A A A- 2 Q . . ,S 4 xi .Q -,,..,lfi-.., --...--.. , , , UL, 1 , -- W b -1 ., , iff-5. f s Freshman Class Advisers DR. ROLAND BECK Dr. Roland Beck and Miss Edna Jones, Cwhose picture appears elsewhere in the Annualj, are sponsors for the Freshman Class. One of the outstanding ' privileges of the Freshman is to sponsor the activities in connection with the crowning of the Freshman Queen at the Annual Homecoming Football Game. The Freshman Queen for the school year 1936-37 was Miss Hazel Thomas. who was crowned with appropriate ceremony, between halves of the game by the captain of the team, on November 7. Page One Hundred kb- 1+ c-1, N 'F X Xi R: '33 'iv 3-ggi in :Arg arg R xi qw? M4 Ak A M wr , ra'-a if-ff ll-,ZL 4 1 I W .q,.,.., V -W -- ' 5 ,-'r'-15,1--' 1' naw-pagans ,y A -msg: A Q,,. 3.6. 1.-ye.. Q ,- I A.,,1""',gg,m'b"i'-'?-QJ1,T:,'.:. '- Jawa .A ""'f" , "s?s25:f 'Q is-, .,-V f 1 . es- QIQS. 5 ' ez 134 ri' .. c . .. ra-rg 'Q fi. .' :-' ber xrelbv-N ',,e'l'. .. Q.-fur " .- - -v -11 '-:gs -4. -Af--,ww-if -':2.,s.'1 - Lf...,s-:- .+n, -,san-.2 v--M-:g,-:saw--. - ' F V. ,-.:-w.:eaf3sa:f4-.-cr-:fees ,..g o,g.,5x-by if-. A 34 Q:-ig ., - '. ,. . . 1w,,:5 -umqi Egg. '.,,,-kggg. '- i 'F-5mfg-1.,:.'i:24f.'-'wr .71 G? 'f D J .r..,.-- ,-Q., ,-172451. ,-:-,,--'-,qs-A . .gas Q.-15' ,N er.. . ,-1.,A5,V:,1- :-H - : -ua, rr, -arg 4, ,t, -1. Y. - A V, -1wf-.s - -,,. . ,,..A.,- is - . 5 -0- - we - - -rririwsi-srlwae. -rs-Mm-1 IQ i r, f i. ' -mil ' u - : 'S F Yi ' 1 4 3 ff . :ff- 3 5-1 r 1" ' I A- Freshman Class Cfficers DAVID STONE .......Q.R... -Y ..............m President LA RUE NEWMAN ...................... Vice-President HARRIET NICDOWELL ...................-.., Secretary DICK WIl.SON .-.. -,,.--.--. ......... . ,......,.. Treasurer ,gr s Y M S nl - 'yrs r J.: - A 2 ., ...V . . .. E 1 Q ... . 4,5 , .. 4 ,+ '13 ,Li 0 J, 53 ,I i 55 1' A Q 153 V js f - 4 A K if ,ja ' :.Z5t"'f ' 13,3 A 7, 'bkA. ,Q 5 K . 3 .5 1 Q' "Z, N,-u,.,,.Y, W V ,.,,u..x.'..-..--v....-m..,....T:a.r: ' V ..,.-,,,-W.. , ,gf 'a-.feat-.-at-f-:rf-A0.-.f.-,4L,- Page one Hundred Ong V 1 ..W..W,-..r..-f.z7,-7 , --...,.,, ,f -,,,, ,, i Y .-uvwmm-.1-if:-me.,:--..v.,:-V, , , , f--- H -- , Y Wig: f: K g - -Q, r--N, ,. , -.f,..,f,.a-- - f-fxxeefgf-wxw J r -ez. . , x rf' - W - ' - 1 H:-. , x -V-J. - W. rf .H . -1 ia.:-: "' ff e' ' 'lem' m""m 1 . f 1 'M e r, fq f4"1f""Wfi-Qiagbixflfii-vsxibfQ-M--Qiffizf :Sign ff fl .i 4-fg1f?wU'w 3 YifCC?'if71'Af"-.'f. ' 'fr- Q 4 i ETHEL VON THURN MARX' ELOUISE MCGUIRE Edmond, Okla. 1 Norman, Okla. Lasso-Stirrup: Shakespeare: Al- Shakespeare: Lasso-Stirrupg pha Phi Sigma: Y. W. C. A, -..1 ,Qi - MARTHA NELL HITCPICOCK NIARY LOUISE ADAMSON Edmond, Ohla. Edmond, Okla. 4 . 3'-Y Shakespeare: Lasso-Stirrup. Shakespeare: Art Club. f A 33 :fp 553 .iii CLARENCE BARTLEY MARTHA RAY Edmond, Okla. Edmond, Okla. Arena: Spurs. CYiT0l'i0l1' was ,Fw lar P3 4 x k 1' 'L N As,-,ix , J GENEVA JUNE SCOTT IMOGENE KING Edmond, Okla. Cushmg, Okla. 3 gg: 1 E Shakespeare. 'jg if rl + 5:5 1,- 4 Q Q TL.. Qi 3 TTY I 21 Aa :f HARRIETT COLLINS GERALDTNE PATTERSON HLPQ W 53 Edmond, Ohla, Edmond, Okla. f i xi Shakespeare: Chorus. Q Shakespeare- if ' ' W I-ij w fy , ails Q: " J ,..:':- , Saigmi-5 ' f I '?:'sgr A A vrzgarta lf' ' ,,.m..,..Q,,,,,--n-:.L..:y Y - L ,,,, ,,..,..... . L, A Page One Hundred Two 1,r...L-,T,.LA.T,..--,, W L-.,r.,,...r........L.-,..,,....,,.z,..,,,,,,,W,w,.-.Lg.,, A ga -mm L.-..-,.,.w..,.,,.L...,,,,..-,w,,,.,,,.,,,,., TEE .,,. . L , . . , L , L,,,,LLL 5 'S -Kffwfw'ffff'fTfiff.'ffQ,m 1 'if ' 5? 1, " 375-Qe :iifiI'i'57"1. k , Li7Q1L Um' W" ' ' X "'g""' "' is Q rr, SERS' JN 5 b I A CLARA MAE LAPORTE Hennessey, Okla Alpha Phi Sigma. ,----Y - - --- l 1 Ross ELLEN SMITH lVelIston, Okla li 5' ik iii . Q1 HELEN STEHNO L-A FRANCES DEMAREE l Iifedford, Okla So thzrd. Ohlz. , , L' ' ' Alpha Phi Sigma. Olympian Council. E3 "ik ALVA HILL MAXINE MITCHELL Kingfisher, OMG' Mountain View, Okla Science Club. F ifi. F4 l MARCEILLE XVHlTMER LUCILLE MARION KELLY Grandfield, Ohla. Tipton, Okla Y. W. C. A. Alpha Phi Sigma: W. A. A. Qiffli 5-flif ii .1 .fail 'iersif EARLENE SPECHT JANE STONER . . 5 Oklahoma Cnty, Okla. Casbzon, Cxhlll. :gf Lasso'Stirrup: Olympian Coun- Lasso-Stirrup: Criterion. cil: Blue Curtain. lixtwsfl ffflfiif' "F?5Y1v ei poo A L on - ,C Wo--. A Q-W-.---...-.f..rww..-.ll.::3liil YJ-lv.,-. ,Y-...1..,.........,, .M .HHQ-QQ. Page One Hundred Three 4 - -,,- L Lw-mmM,L. -.A.vo..L5.gL..4...........-...TQ..m...L..A.w.f.--,..i..-1......-.-...A.mi-,W-J.,-ifvii? .,1,.kl ,..... my A. . -. is 1 PERRY PENN Got:-bo, Okla. X x N , BOB RICE 4 Edmond, Okla. Arena, Blue Curtain. ,9 .ii .. .A gi 5. if ge S. LENORA SI-HEI-DS LARUE NEWMAN 3" Naw',ml Ohh, Oilton, Okla. Alpha Phi Sigma: Glcc Club: SPMS1 Arenal Chofvsl De- Cborus: Y. NV. C. A. bare' k . ,S 5 OTIS DELAPORTE BYRL FLOYD Luther, Oklu. Edmond, Okla. kai Basketball: Football. E 1 fi F. R 5 if Bradley, Ohm' Comanche, Okla. if - - YA Tflumvlmte' Commerce Club. Q 5 1 fl ' fix bg - 3 -QT? if: L.f rf? A :Fl p Tom HANEY DAVID 31-ONE 51 L Edmond, Okla. Edmond. Okla. if !,Qf5ixei1 Q Spurs. Arena: Blue Curtain: Science .Qi Y Club: Pres. Freshman Class. Wi f f 'V ff- 5 Ri Q3 is is 'f gi 3 L . k k El nsx:.1u:n:-.::'u.as1u'.sns- 1r'HM-.w:::s.-.em:1-- -eff:-K ' ' -2-'LKEIAJ-1'-fav "'u1-'-'-:::iT- , , , i -LW, A1954 EG E: nm.:nv-sw.-vnu-1: ea.-Ysx.-.m5-1 .1.:.d,4. 4.-ms.uaw-..,s:::::-1--1-A' -1nf-- rfAxm'ar5-.ai1f uxu.msiwmsm.m Q ' -mmwugweneusumii-:gif - - -W ? --1-sf-L-1,1 Aaamsuuuuars.-1-.ufn-i.m ---J-A-.-flnfnkumq 1,-wa.: muff- vwl- ---vera ' f -- --xg :.L.u z11n9i:L,, ' ' -1--A" " "i!ma ,ierLi:-:zcaiff-A-Q! nt.:-hu-AS!-ix-be " . K- '11 gfqizs :surf-+ivwT"x'f V' wjxeqs W1J"'!gif ,, fs?w5e' F east? 2531""V"w"'L"""'Lf:'f""m'u""f 322 -V i477 " ' H ' M ' ' "" 42' '-2-WM-'-""A""'2-W 'me-'f"P'M3'2 ii C ' 1 -XI . gqgg K, ,, , --Q -1 ,-Q -. l .z Y.- ..'- is , I 53 PP :If ik: 43 P I Y f i-s ffl A 1 X 3 v. 6 my Fiiilhj img.. 1 'Yi xiii 59:5 L - Q 52 Eg I 'S .. I EE. K 2 'l f....Ql -..M is ll vim? we: 1. v- Pxfff F' rl 5, rx S8257-ffl' 1-' 1-1 3 :'R'+'lY.l nn :ig ? 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Triumviratc. CLEO MILDRED STILES Snyder, Ohla. Alpha Phi Sigma: YV. A. A.: Y. VJ. C. A.: Debate. Page One Hundred Five K FB k. fl IIE . . ' 1 F4 Ili? lil 4 elif 1, gs. . 5. ,ii .I if ' 3, zjr' I Q fi ,. V ' I.-. . F73 yy, r' V! T, ff. . BEF' 2.4 .2..,'3 'R DICK WILSON Oklahoma City, Ohla. Spurs: Pres., Spurs! Treas., Freshman Class. KINNIEBELLE GARRETSON C Addington, Okla. Chorus. HARRIETTE MCDOWELL Cherokee, Okla Criterion: Blue Curtain: Sec- retary, Freshman Class: Cri- terion Play. QUENTIN GARMAN Arena Debate Cushing Oklu Page One Hundred Six' S-. xfgrxs-s N NL - ggxi' 1: 1""'t"' ' f' . EN? but Wklkf 1 -rf' gd QQ is Q ag-:K-29. ii x " Usa. raking ml Y 5, , 'SA l . V- r:b':LgEVZl-11 i!ki41Y:.!-s- - . ' Bazdfams-u.x.m-Q..f4- -L -f--'Y -L-4-1 -- V - 'g 31.-tmzrffnwz.-eyiwaum --1-:rw --ff--r Q. N. ..m-W.1mff..,..n1f mm-gs... f " H A ..-,, 'ew .K-: C. . . 1 rs, .-,Q-x-ge req, - xrpzx. in g N mv. fr- 3-f Q , xg , . 1 Ms... N -Q, '-1W'v.s.-1-,-.,-,, W .EM--. f-rg, :rein fs..-2 : , 1 at t - Af- ' . -5, ., -Xswyr,C,.:.. . -.., -r,11:yi5g,g.-,V ,':s':5.A,.. rv ra,- 'Hkffflf N a.. -f.g ir-x14fS:..':. :- 1 me " H N SPX' - K-,fn 7 V. ' .A+ -gas.. K, ' ' ,-H5-T' 11. -i it rw ' N. deaf , f-f - , no - - ,, -ttf.-1.'.,3 .-nt . msg . on H, -,,, EM ,r gf A . , ,QM sF ' r, lv N '- je." lvl? .reg 5 Q-wg,-,i.,faLz'ki-b f r Q ' 91" " Q' " ' Mlfs. Q 5 .- X-gg, A Q?--+ ,if .. - 'Lg -1 AS N" ' ' LMS' E i ru 5 rcIl4v1lI1 :villav1lI1r1ll4vlIbu!lI111ll4r1ll4villarcllar1lI4r1lp1v1ll4vlll4r4llnm4llIan1lI4r1ll4wclby Qgum Y Central has always been noted for the high type of its student body and we feel that the classes this year will go out over the state and add to the good name and high standing of the institution. A loyal industrious student body, high in scholarshipg hold- ing its own among other institutions in Athletics, Music, Dramatics, and all competitive lines, the clas- ses this year are no exception to the high rating and good name which the institution has had through the years. A i ! I Q I i ! l i i i i 145' x1ll1rllIuyllbs,llln 1 l l 5 1 N-,-E "' "' A-,,f r- -nllluli Iuilnnluunn inlllllll nur . ' ' E . 5 1 v. 1A .N ws 4 1 5 A . t I N2-Kg," 1 1 -Nix Ne i ..i5 f? Fa , W.. Ji' '-Els 1-.. . 4 A 19.1 AQ Jf?m diff' 5' al' 9 1 f Sf' fl "ftZE, Seb a .yylex Page One Hundred Eight A El A ,qasrviggg 1, .3 sh Q 4 N2 FQ. Sm Q ,am UNM Qlffgws wk Walggsir N. R nsiaiy M X wa .345 M-Ea-xg 19 may Jn naw E A x se Hg, s ' E R, , r 43 QiL,lz,gz,.1E, vw 'fri .f 11 w 1' 11 . if" V1 111 54 1 If-Lili 'ff' I' 1J"'1 1 14 ', 'rug'-w.','4f W7.lW1f'fi," - "lflfM"'i'c" Y-Jw.:-1-1 fir, U, a - sf f r g 15. :if 1,. i . 1 ,lm 1, 1 1 g, If 1 f'?j1 0 , 1 1 ,5 1, ,.f, 1 J 1 wif' 1.'4 ff ' - w G 'iy.? 5 ia f' ., ig 1 V'-352124 1 ' ff, 5.-3515. lf-di na-74 " 111 V , 5f,ef'1-471,51 f' , 11' gfiziglrfz ' flliiifllifii 1 - - ' 5 afmffft V21 rg-'Az 1.fyjQ3:Qa,: t 1' '19, ff! ' lg, .' . -gfarazm' 1,1 . .1 idk?-v " 1-127511 ' in,.5g:M :'V1 .El 1 1 Ll . jf'7'f--wif .,., 1 ' 4 1 ' "fs ' - 1 7111 ff f,1j:J5 A f 1511.2 IJ." , . . :,- 'um .- . 1 11 E ',.iQff1 1551 1- ,L '-- jf':Wq,Q,1, '- Q . ' 1 Q Lf" '1 - ' 0 ' 1 1, If W, E .1 , N ,E X - 1. 1 1 11- 11 1 l , 1 , 1 ,Q A ll 1 , ,f 3 ' 11 1 J ' J, 1 1 li 1 11 1 1 ' .1413 1 5 1 1 L,- 1 1 14' 1 1 1 V ' W 1 I 25' 1 V , 1 A 1 af' ! l 1 11, 1 A I r 1 i I 1 i E' 1 1 1 1' 1 3 1 1 1 11 ,11 1 Q . I 3 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 , D, 1 ' nl 1 11 1 i i1 . .. , 1- , 1- ,,,,.. 4 1? 1, fn hw 1 1 an ' 'S bfi? 4 41' A A f fi' fy Lif"gJ1,5,,5ag'1f1fV "1 1' I ,r fa ii A ',1,f'A 1 r 1 , r 711 a " 1 W7 32 lk 1. 1 nent: f f jgdy ruff, W d,,Agf,4,5,J J - Huw- 4-1--an JL' , AL-: - r4..,.a....u.f1-..u 11 A. M Lw,-A .1 5- f 0 'k 'fx Sf-Q 1 , A' I .. R E? .Y J X ga- i 'D Y . 'B P 1 qs. '+- 7. . BIQIUH 3 K fir' ...A , f2. L nuxk LUQ 2 w Y N Q if f X. K .X 1 fi xx 'Wk 3 xx mg v M x.., x ,... K' . ,E -all--. .. , , 4 . -- - ' Q-vm - " gs., .f K. . s , ' X f:. :: 3::. 1 . XR ki v 'I 1 5 AN O V S aid' uv ' mA Lg X C V025 . i 'Sw Q ' x ky ' lg Q A5 X. i15'lsPEw v.:f fm Q X S . m 7 2 X XL,.x 1 N K . 5 . xx 5 s sxgifiixg fflxslqi? W S ' ,mmm W 'I Wm W ,WW SE' x-V-qw Q ,xy - 'xv 5. . Q . a ,QV fd in fl MHP :ggi XQQX X X.. X XXX- XX. XXJN X :pn X X X. X X XX: XSXX QL .XNXX M51 W X5 .wg X -X - 1 :-naw X - Y 'X X - 1: Q X X1 , XX.-t X X Y. . .. - xi XX ii XT uf ' XX- X NN. - X f'F'55N1. N SX i. -1 ,XXX XX -A Xi 5 f- 3 tk X Q? N X , 4 X fx X X X X ,, X 1.51 ,- 'KXXS X K XXX XX 5 ,XS ifXX..TX Q XX i X -7 'XSS' X, ix :Q f..-gf N xv Q- -X , . . 'Y X VI. f f X , Tired, girls? Pat: O'Shea. Wesley' Rose. How'ya doin', boys? Nlerrill Griffen. Peggy gets all the breaks. . Norma Bissette. F. W. Ashley. 9 10 ll 12 l3. I4 l5, l6 17. Leon and his pal. What, another one of those Injuns? Tough luck, Peggy. Mona Katherine Lee. Scared? Freshman president. M. Halley. ls that the Sahara? "Your Uncle Dudley" play cast. 9 Page One Hundred Fifteen l. Senior lettermen, 1936. 2. Roommates. 3. Tsa Ma Gas. 4. Robertzfs little bud. 5. "Tcetcr-totter" girls. 6. More Tsa Ma Gas. 7. Two prexys. Page One Hundred Sixteen These funny faces. Three pals. Virginia. "Mr, Moonlight." These two pop up continually. Cooper's soda jcrkers. Our champion basketball squad Bathing Beauties. Jane Wood. On the porch at 'Sourdoughf Nadine. Those Collins girls and escorts. Bob and Carl. A commerce major. Your in the wrong pew, George. Travelin' in style. Poor Spur pledges. Kenny and Wanda. Snowy weather. College Shop 'hot shotsf Shakespeares. 15. Frankie and Virginia. Page One Hundred Seventeen w g 1. Merrill and Norma. 2. Palzy Walzys. 3. S. D. 4. D'ya 'spose she's studying? 5. Doug, Katie, and Frank. 6. Va. Young. 7. Ethel. 8. Scientists on exhibition. 9. Lasso-Stirrups. Page One Hundred Eighteen W. A. Afs. Rex is the dog, Spencer the cat. Frankie Morton. Seeing is believing. Jack Sutliff. Chorusters. Yeah man! We've got a ball club! Here's the bottom half of that Lasso picture. Pledges. 'yu , .. . . 45 ,Saw V ig. mu' xx JR K X xx 1 Y?NwwN QF? . 5? ffffgfiggy' 'fax X NECK Nb XX . wig. fisg...-LQ,gf5,, f 55. X .W x. W., ws N 'wk' fx X mwyR1WQEEk wr K .Q . - x Q. A .x.. -ai q xxrg 1 gy A -. 5 L. N' 5 gsgaak. W . Y Q55 "Zvi SST 'f ii H-2 1 - www ....N5wv1. 13? Q :ix-N5 Q. 1 Q -y-g... Q EQ x af Q.,-4. . M., , 1, ,. K . ,. AN K. M X S r ,W X., s Q Xi' .. " Q x Li , . Qf X .X . . P. R vm...-, y w .f Q ,f RQ I. XFX :XT ,Q K 'x pfgww i-Jfffx . 1xQsy3 -q., .,- Wiaw wv .. -M N Mk... Q. + w ' :six A X-S .- jf x ' x 1 1 '-MQ. ,fix , 1. .. ,Q ,N ' ' fx-:'xj.x . X. ,,,,f,, JMK . .xx W A N ,f X f W1 1 xx X I Q N X 3 3 N pg ' . fi : fix K g p la ifffffmt- gl X3 W - 3521? Q, '. gf-. . k N 5 X , . '-.- . A 5 . s , f' Q ' v Q N s 2? Q i K ' x S if, X gf... X ' 1 ,IQ ,- riff im .- ggi? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Page One . The Queen and the Drum Major. . Spur Pledges. - . M. E. Stiles. . Music Major. . Homecoming guests. . More Spur pledges in the usual pose. . Dot, Bob and Harriet. . He has her underihis thumb. "Buster" Shepherd, where's Imogene? . Miss Muehl on horse. Hundred Twenty Shakespeares. Playing around. Harriet and feather. Did you make all 'A's or sumpin?' Hockey Cbut not on ice.j Two's company, they say. Sing, Bob, sing. Charming people one ought to meet Homecoming in the stands. Christmas scene in front of Ad. Bldg L I fi-is Mx me Together again. or is it yet? Steve, again. ' 'Why don't you get rid of that fea- ther? Queen Thomas and attendants, with Capt. Miller. "Soloist" Ives. Vsfhen you're ill- Edna, Jeanne and Virginia. Hold everything. "Together We sit." Frankie. Shep and lmoene. Football game. Activity girls. Infirmary. Alice Virginia. There's danger in their eyes, Cherie. Page One Hundred Twenty-one ,. I Q x S-.S w S3 .. Q X . ww ' my s x 5 X Y' FL' 5 5 n SSX :F : ' Q XS- 9--XX ' ' - sw Sf? i ti Ki Wantlancl I-lall l. Snowball Queen, Criterion President, and attendants. 2. Hero and Heroine. 3. The top, 4. A pyramid. 5. Slow motion fighting. The gigantic, colossal, stupendous, pyramiders. Criterion Snow Ball Queen. The Grand March, in action. More pyramiders, and not Egyptian ones either. Page One Hundred Twenty-three SYWQNQ, 1. Kinda chilly for that, isn't it? 7. Not bad, Alice Virginia. 2. Fun at Fink park. 3. Lcnorah Adams. 4. You guess Who? 5. XVatch that ball! 8. Maybe next year. 9 VJhat's up, proposals? 10. Nadine. 11. Dot and T. S. 6. Looks like trouble ahead. 12, Wl1at's this? New walking steps! Page One Hundred Twenty-four 13. The Old North Tower. Tsa Nla Gas. Students only. A Gay Cnbellcro. Going visiting? Normzfs got a fellcr. Is he mad or is it snow in his mouth? Peggy. Maxine, Mary Louise and company. Bob and Carl. Hiking. Carl and Vvfanda. Martha, Roxio and LaVerne. It's too bad, George. Harriet and Bob. Page One Hundred Twenty-five XM' QR N N.x xv Q 4 X S g fic. Sii- X1 ggi 2 x N Ns 'i x X -111- 'S R v 5 x we S fx -.QU - xv X X .X A Q QQX- rfb I -. 4. r N . ,, x. A X xkfbg' 5, X -. . w - ,XXX uY ' f Q ' SRX 3 -v ' . yi -. g 5 IG 9. Q5 ,E ......,..f " :ef I SQ X .SAR Q NS NX ww B N. Q .fx -. WN 'S 'f 1 xl 1 ..r 9. 25Sf'5" 8 s. 3 - Q .SE Q . . 'Q ones? 9 K., 52.1.3 ,A xl xx tw. an X I 3 ggi . S Q is .. ik A Q! 'Q Eggs' X is ,, ,g ' s 1 'K 5. 1 ,K Q53 gh ,..mQx NB .- xx ' X iw T 5 ' , , 'Tx Y R 11 X s M six X EN ii l. W. A, A's. i 2. Homecoming. 3. Campus leaders, 4. John Ed. Kern. 5. Athletes. 6. Gym enthusiasts. 7. Muline Patterson Page One Hundred Twenty-eight . Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil Martha. . Tessie, Hi-Hat, Noni. Kenny and Wanda. "Sime." Nadine, again! Triumvirates. Iris. e - M f 35 x Q x Nei:- X . X, Shakespearian actors. Swimming. Edna Jeanne and a friend, Cowboy. "Napoleon," Perry. Maxine Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Hord. Our feature dancer, or should We say poser. - "Guthrie" Prank. Haney's transportation. Hot Shot and Martha. Stadium and G. N. T. viewed from window of boys' dorm. Criterion Garden Party. Tryin' to fool people, George? Page One Hundred Twenty-nine .J .QQ 'QS XS' X. if '3-: , X flfwi f 53- R Q X-my :1 x NNE - - -Q . 9 X M S X . . x NN 'fxkdkx-nw 0151 . Q A+- gsm Hx J Y , QV' fi 3, ,F NS. S ' ., SW 4-4- .X,. . xx X v! Xvxgf Q , , X :Q 'x N as E 1' 'S c ww I 5 S Q mxxm Q-wxx ,wwwww QNX? Wx E WX Xxx Nw q VS 533' X w QW wwf Q N x ww W X m3 'T Tm Q xx ' .. . Q K X . SF S xx QQ NS xr ' Q V L X wg . N s N V X X! QQ' NQK Q Q Q X X RUN ' N 3 W rx., . XM Awww , N :iii X' EN! f L ymsa 1X Ni . fi? S 1 +6 s Q X -x . Q1 Qxsw . :gf-g,-.. . , X -v sw t x if k i Qs-' K G N 'X 9 T " k 5 Q M.,.:1-wfwxg XX '- V we - . .. .. X KW N, Q X955 nv 5 mms Q X : .. k XY? x Q 59 S I . X 51. , ww ff 4 ix S3 .ES . sYk , s Qgi? S' Wx s wax NN - A x + S N s 2. N E 1 iii? f , Q, if -' swf S x IW ffhsf Q tw 5- E' rm fi X xg X... . . , X Q xx K Q . . ., +R? ,gk 'X 6 '15 xv? S1 ' -ff: 11- is xv' ,v -, .R fix ,A - fi Ns Ns fr' ii wi Q 9,1 XS s - Q S .Es Q 585 LESS x My A , K .35 N .- N5 K -ui. I0 gy I i E if 5' N as E fa yx mx 23 XX g. , K. A 19 r .tg F ' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. 9 10 11 12 24. 25. Jack and Norma. . Harriet and Tom. Page One Hundred Thirty-su . Rex and Ernestine. 13. . Maxine and Tom. 14. . Eugene and Nadine. 15. . Homer and Virginia, 16. . Roberta and Glenn. 17. . Barney and Gladys. 18. . Kenneth and Wanda. 19. Lee and Edna Jeanne. 20. . Mary Katherine and J. T. 21. . Earl and Grace. 22. . Imogene and Frank. 23. Mary Helen and John. Mary Louise and Raymond Wayne and Doris. Harriet and Bob. Dorothy and T. S. Carl and Wand-a. Dick and Dorothy. John and Mona Katherine. Merrill and Norma. Gerry and George. Peggy and Quentin. George and Mary Frances. HHH!-XNIZATIUNS Blflllli 4 A +3 x . X ik! W 1 xx A . 3 gg , x5F Ski . 5 . 5' Q . A' J "k, ,rv W Q? Q, K, X x' , i K A N N Q ,Sf ..... T 2 A 5, t . 4 'S Q ,J ' fwx .:x. --Q K s X E XXX XS N N :Ei M X L.--Lf 1 , . xxx. . - Q XX xx X X xx N X A 1 x ,lf K ' .2-EP 42 4 'fd WMI xg ,X 'Mm f' wgdm ' 4' l V A fl 4. A S 1 4-fir' K -A . x . . x .qw . 'X S XXX K Q I u l .xxx x Q- f if xl Sv -i 9-ww. , xy' H :gn ww' , s 'kg 4 .1 e XQV x t ,. X 'v ' s + X N V 453619 K . f l x I I x Sf? R. 'W 3 K, .A l e ' Club Supervisors i r W Q: E r E 1 x Q xl . 1 be y l is r ,, r EDWARD Klsso GUY RANKIN ,J 3 The efficient functioning of the Clubs, both Departmental and Social, at Central State Teachers College can be directly traced to their handling by Pro- fessor Edward Keso, ably assisted by Professor Guy Rankin. Mr. Keso was in appointed to the position of Club Supervisor upon the death of Professor Otto Jeffries in 1930 and has held the position continuously since that time. ' -l Mr. Rankin was chosen to assist Mr. Keso in 1931 and he also, has served 'Q in that capacity continuously. The remarkable popularity of these two men is a determining factor in these extra-curricular activities which play such an i important part in the College life. 4 - Q E - Q 4.2. P 115' --.U ., 5 Page Om Hundred Perry ,.,,,.,.W.,,, eenmererc., M.reEm..r.E.,..n,,.crM., t i """"""'b""''i:'TT'Tff'lf7':Tif1?fTff1i1Tf5ffT"JLL fnyfffjgff l - :A :...-:, f-:4.:.-:grae-4 ..-, - --:e2a-:fzsv.11-:-:,a:.::-...:- X -W .e'.q:-:L-Q-MQX -51:1 AWS 'im ii-."'fs":-e xfexxlxvx -'-P XA-ec oe X -wx Nz X-r-' 'vS"JP:-" " -f:trP:t"'-.5'-"x:'v fm' -ex "N-rx wx-x 2 Q' ,, . .. e f - N .t...,., hpaa px yt .vb 15 N' - E NK... e.-x gm., x 44 ..-sv... ..,,g,..,, 3 '-K .. 1.45 K ,S+ , - 0 ,SQ ,ear-s rr ' N ,fqcfde-mf. Q- 6.9-.-7' T F"-'JQMS -,,g,.:52' -, -:-.Ng-sis,-, iris. 1t,v"- w-,.5-gf -.'v,.G'p:N:x1f:.c-,, .-..e,a.,,5 V- . ,Q N-crjhgtg-A -Q,-1, ggz,-:ri ?"-'Q'32x':ffP7pQ,X'1G3l:1' fr:-Sain.: - . -,-Rene-es::S- 53'-1.1-be: fX:Q?q51: 5 Q 5 '33qf:ffQ25if"1?:g A "'Tf1,2lf5f3.-:2:tf""?.Si 'E,E-'TQ1?.jg- 'apismqgvif-aigsgzglqjzgg . e 9 ' " -aCf..." "t 1:-. ?RaF4"e P- -FL-iikf TwT:..- 7' l?S2war5'C3T,:Rf5:., ?'XV1v '-'fih N553 . K if Q T51 ' 1 1 l . ' - :xg 2- . X 3.4 5 1 f CS 1 Ei ni .1 N B e . -lr ZW '+- N .1 ltoioiilioiirifxiojcrioiirjoiojiliericvi 52. 1101011 9014 Dhioiodbodtl iaritliixioicricrl 1024 iilioiuivioivicrifricricri vioiuioiui fDeclication., The Criterion Club, organized during the school year of 1911-1912, for the purpose of studying the Modern Drama, is this year celebrating its Twenty- fifth Anniversary as one of the major clubs of Cen- tral. s It is with genuine pleasure that the members of the Bronze Book staff join in congratulating the Cri- terions for their twenty-five years of activity by dedi- cating the Club Section of the 1937 Bronze Book to the Criterion Club. ..- ..,,,,,, ,...-:Y -Y ...Y - , ., 014 5 i 2 3 i i 1 i 1 1 i ! U P10101-rxioioioioiciifld 10i0i1l:cli0i1f'43 xioioiixioiojoiclioinil 110101011 'E' QQ N O : 0 I c 3. 2 sl. '11 o 3 WC l O 2 'in 'vs iv, bl-4 wigs 'Et W Wwiixx 'S 5 xr, wa? Q-12 if Pk :L-Lg: 'r1:. ,"Qi'3Nl 3'5 " 'E-is 11.1 :EK if if f'7F:-fssaff' ' L - T5 1 is 2 ,r Q 1515, -'f' ,- ' ' -5.41 'Qt-IH-.iii1:1-'42f.'1,. rffazwxzsz- .i'x4J1aNs'1 54 1 ax --H Criterion Club E l o 0 o o o o Q O 0 0 O 3 E R if -v--5 N i i Et- C i gp' SPONSOR-MISS MILDRED KIDD X . OFFICERS P A , First Semester , ' Second Semester ' MARGARET HALLEY--. ....... . President ............ .-- GLADYS ASHADLE ALICE V. DEVEREAUX---.-4--Vice President ......... -.--WILMA ALLEN WILLIA ALLEN ........ Corresponding Secretary- L... . IMOGENE BATEMAN LORENE VARNER--. ...... Recording Secretary ..... -.--MONITA MAXWELL CLOVIS FRENCH--Q-. ..... .4---.Hisrorian ......L,. -. ....... LILA LOCKE LILA LOCKE.,--1 ...... ...--t.-Hisrorian- .... -. ............ LILA' LOCKE GLADYS SHADLE- ......... Sergeant-at--Arms---s .......... -ROXIE RAY L L. Q This is the 25th Anniversary of the Criterion Club, and throughout the year the idea of a Silver Jubilee has been carried out. Early in the Fall each member X, was given a ribbon to wear announcing this fact, and the motif has been pre- jg i dominant at all of the Club Parties. - The organization was founded in 1912 for the purpose of studying modern 5 if R drama. This year the annual production was "Your Uncle Dudley." The Criterion Club is composed of some of the most popular and talented - g J T p girls on the campus. During this year the organization had among its members A X c the Carnival Queen, the Band Queen, and the Band Major. Q Page One Hundred Forty-two - f A ' :-- '-pw-iq: . Amul - : f ' . T , 'E e.."'.,"f.'.L,,.tis.,is..,r3 . A 'A ' A " N K Lgmu gf: . g A wg ' p Zi . Ruth Allen Wilma Allen Elizabeth Bailey Imogene Bateman Eifim Birdwell Katherine Boles Epsy Burrow Gertrude Berndt ' Margaret Buzzard Elizabeth Costello Alice Virginia Devereaux Mary Catherine Flesher Clovis French Julia Gilder Doris Hall Criterion Club ROSTER Margaret Halley Nita Hatcher Grace Havlovic Maxine Hubbard Martha Rose Jones Mary Virginia Ladd Ardyce Lawson Esther Lill Lila Locke Monita Maxwell Harriette McDowell Ruth McFall Polly Miller Texas Miller Coy Ann Payne Elizabeth Rader Martha Ray Roxie Ray Maurine Rice Bernice Selby Gladys Shadle Edna Ruth Shaeffer Clothide Stephens lVlary'Elizabeth Stiles Lucille Stimpson Jane Stoner Virginia Swisher Rebecca Team m Ethel Thomas Lorene V arner La Verne Wiediewilt xx , za .- xnrnxwrxn xwmxzm-:-c'-:far .-1v.-:Qw1--z-s1-.- , , ,w - -ff-if-1---fa w-4w1fsv2:wc.e.::f-' ..1f.fc1:f,s-me -v wr -X-1 V --'-f-- f' 1 - 1--fwmv-w-A m--ffeufw--x-1.:fue-T-ff - ,- '..1.i-- -sf. - e v 111--4-,-1.-e-,urn-zr.-4-f K- V - ei Page One Hundred Forty three Shakespeare Club I :gi 4 -5 L ,454 -91 , .. ,M 'ixgs I ,. I 5 or K lf, ,li 7 A HATTIE SEAY BINION-Sponsor OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester HELEN HIATT .............. President ....., --r-,HARRIET THOMPSON FERN REED .,............ Vice-President ..... -,MARY FRANCES MURRY MAXINE BLAND ..... -. .....-. -.-Secretary .......,....... PATSY O'SI-IEA GERALDINE RICE ............ Treasurer ........ WINIERED NORTHCUTT MARY FRANCES MURRY--Corresponding Secrerary--VIRGINIA CUNNINGHAM MONA KATHERINE LEE-..----Rush Captains, .... MARY LOUISE ADAMSON DOROTHY COLLINS EDNA JEANNE RAINES WINIFRED NORTHCUTTM.,Sergeant-at-Arms .......... HELEN TENNISON The Oldest, as well as one of the most popular women's organizations on the campus is the Shakespeare Club which was organized in 1908. The purpose of the club is two-fold. A major part of the year is devoted to the study of the life and works of William Shakespeare. The club also en- gages in numerous social activities. Among the highlights of the year are the annual Christmas dinner, Homecoming tea, spring formal, the garden party held in the Shakespeare garden, and various other rush parties and informal affairs. In all campus activities the Shakespeares play a prominent part. This year they were fortunate in having selected from their members the freshman queen, the circus queen. and the editor of the l937 Bronze Booki Page One Hundred Forty-four "' ' s. x ,f 5 I A l i Z FE F i Efi fv . ax., , v LQ i if V i 'FT EQ. 3 3 V., iii la Q: -1:4421 V Ili: ' Mary Louise Adamson Norma Bissette Maxine Bland Hazel Bolton Afigiin Collins Pauline Carter Jeanne Clark Dorothy Collins Harriet Collins Virginia Cunningham Inez Daniel Marietta Dark Catherine Defenbaugh Mary Dowling Iris Greer Geneva Griffin Rosemarie Hennessey X Helen. Hiatt Martha Nell Hitchcock Auvis Hunt Velda Jones Ernestine Lafferty Mona Katherine Lee Dorothy Jean Lobsitz Elouise McGuire Maurine MeReynolds Frances Mayall Mary Frances Murry Winifred Northcutt Patsy O'Shea Geraldine Patterson Edna Jeanne Raines Fern Reed Geraldine Rice P Idella Rice Marita Riggan Katherine Searle Norma Schmidt Geneva Scott Betsy Gay Seaton Lorraine Shirley Nadine Strickland Helen Taylor Helen Tennison Hazel Thomas Roberta Thomas Harriet Thompson Ethel von Thurn Reta Ruth von Thurn Doris Wright --vm--1-v--we-P-W-f .. .-f,-,A wr- , s -,ff 1 1 ,-1 Page One Hundred Forty H Q 51 E fs sv, fs is E F e fi 52: EYE rf.. fs:- ixf' A ff: : I iq .. Q. Q T Y? 71 , Sw: ESQ EE ... -E E7 Triumvi rate Club WILMA CLAIRE COX Sponsors MOLLIE RUTH BOTTONIS HONORARY MEMBERS DR EMMA ESTILL-HARBOUR Mlss LUCY JESTEN HAMPTON MRS. A. G. HITCHCOCK OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester DONNA MAE MORGAN .......... President ........ DONNA MAE MORGAN LORENE CROKA ........... --Vice-President .E.......... DORAL STONE MARY ELLEN BRAGG- ........E Secrerary-- .....H,.., BEATRICE BURKE MARY JO REED-- .....E Corresponding Secretary ..-...,. LORENE CROKA BEATRICE BURKE ........... Treasurer ......E... MARY ELLEN BRAGG FERN CANADA---- ------- -Sergeant-at-Arms -------- KATHERENE MOODY EUGENIA STANLEY ------- Parliamenrarian ---- MARX' RACHEL MCANALLY VMARY RACHEL MCANALLY ---- Public Chairman -------- MARGARET LAY , Y . ff ,E-C4 view .v:..szv:s.:-Quan. n.1mnm1-rvnrr.-..-anwnmlvn 'ii i. 5 r .M KL gg x . We Q fi R ii E "5 --i fi LN 5 rs! N! F521 9 . fi VF A K 559. 'P "Ez 4 Q. my . .4 fu V3.5 ix . . qs.. 21 ,M 1 32 QQ' T5 -Tlis i .. . N Ll I ik. if - LL ' we -. 97.11-"ii " 2-R ze: l, 5 T TV.. Q. ,-. f A.:- :1 no 1 img- -ff .V - .-..,-. T is fe-If 4. Pggg Ong H Lgndfgd Forty-31x - ,-.. ,... ,,.-3,-.-...L-A.--.....,,-.. 1-.E,...1:f.f-.1..Aa-fs.-3.1-L-.-.-wl.ufA-1.-.E E- 1-we xx ---Y.:--xf..- -..- .mm . .N A ,.-...-L...,f.smsw-..,-Lays-uswgmmmm-iiwfagwmv fn-.ww C E 1 --.-, . ...EE .-, Mi.-.--W.-. M E.. , .--T-...TY-Wm-1G,,1ms.qsY.gmmx1.,us,.Em' .-. A .J - -f.. ! - . S.. - P.. . - . ,ff 5 5, -,5 .ew V.5.,:.RCC... .C -,.f.. .- --WR---... 2 ee.-LEMAN-,.C,s..s.,5E.f,....Ecu..-sm.-.f,.., -.-X ., .. , M.,-T, .E , ,. A 1 , ,je r . - pt- .- :..1- ., 95 waxy. 1, :.',:'xsx, Q-'fx , f. -1 r E-'H .. -.-1,'.: Q., e - ll' 5 , .-'-:.X-3159x.g"',s,.-ii,j 121,-51. :xx -Tglcig flqqfj ' : A -ws .Q V. . T: C 2- 'Y :,: .R ---if-.f sl.. -. -. ,. f X' A - Rf" 'ff 4.3-Q-if-Esffgifi-ZSSTEi'fEf?52QR:--'f iff: -fi.Llzkiilxxiis-1ii+.f2fi-Qif A A ' ES...-'XedA:ssL'f.'fi.v' ' 2.9524 ':'i:.T.:I1Eis,3.?.r.:.w.s s.A4s'i5..-f-.."-..1SE--.Y' -' 1 .si aj x Z l L51 'a it L J R m , . N: Triumvirate Club The iirst Triumvirate Club was organized as a debating club in the spring of 1914 by Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour. lts purpose is three-foldg literary, scholastic, and social. Besides the regular school activities in which the club is prominent. the mem- bers sponsor numerous social functions including a rush tea, homecoming sup- per, Christmas party, banquet for pledges and new members, a tea honoring graduating members. and inter-club parties. The Triumvirate Club ranks high scholastically, having Won most of the awards offered to the clubs by the school for scholarship. A scholarship aver- age of "B", as well as participation in school activities, is required for member- ship in the club. ROSTER 1937 Donna Mae Morgan Mary Jo Reed Myrtle Willis Mary Rachel McAnal1y Roxie Miller 1938 Patricia Rutledge Opal Gregg Beatrice Burke Katherine Moody Doral Stone Margaret Lay Lorene Croka 1939 Dorothea Cox Ruth Riley Mary Ellen Bragg Mary Lou Ferguson Fern Canada Charlie Stanley 1940 Lillie Margaret Showen Jaunita McConnell Mary Schell Marjorie Bennett Murline Patterson Loretta Fiegel p 1 -Y V e r W Y K Page One Hundred Forty-seven Arena Club Q .r SH ei V., , SE SPONSOR-DR. CHARLES R. Orr First Semester Second Semester LEE TVIURPHY.- .............. President ............. DALE MCKINNEY TISDAL JONES ............ Vice-President ..........,,., PAUL MILLER REX LAEPERTY .......... ----.Secrerary ...-........,,, CLYDE FRIEND A A FRANK IVES ................ Treasurer ...........,..... FRANK IVES BILL DELBRIDGE-- ....... Sergeant-at-Arms ........... GRANT WRIGHT 1 The Arena Club, one of the oldest debating clubs in Oklahoma, was organ- ized from the R. A. K. Society, under the Arena Constitution of 1908. The Arena debating Club is known for its development of young men at Central College. They are given valuable training in public speaking and debating. Q The Arena Club is proud of the fact that four class presidents for this year have been Arena Members. i n 1 The club attempts to present during the year, a varied program which is A A climaxed with "Arena Week" in the first part of April, at which time the an- " nual "Nert Fest" and "Barn Dance" are given. il fi iff,-lv: Page One Hundred Forty-eight rj- ,.,. aff- -7- 1 T A k j r., 9 r l l P14 A' ' 4 ff: XYLTTYJKI 1732 , . S li I . nit. x ,. ,wi r. fb.-1 '-1 E -44 1 .-445' -I N -YJ 1 :B Q ,1- w Q pq- A si, . H .XL ,Fai "w:. 5319 3' ' w 1' m .R 'X , H if 's.". L, .. A.. .a S rl it ' " I-wi t , Sak 'fn V 1 1 1 xH, 4 M-v-. F313 . Q. s 1 3' we e E' 5 ia ,S 4 K , -5 t Q .Th Bill Delbridge Clyde Friend John Green J. T. Harris Frank Ives Tisdal Jones Rex Lafferty Frank Lill Paul Miller Lee Murphy' Douglas Payne Tom Points Jack Sutliff Arena Club ROSTER Bob Trogdon Roland Walters Edward Coffee Dale McKinney John Port Jack Taylor Jack Lewis George Tilly Harold Watkins Grant Wright David Stone Keith Lane Burk Thomas Andy Anderson John Lill Quentin Garman LaRue Newman Bob Rice Ossie Anderson -Gerald Barnett Allan Sears Vincent Dickerson Howard Smith Carl Fite Hubert Manire Clarence Bartley Boyd Spencer W-,viva-. L-we v.:1-Num: - ... vi...--- .. 1-.nzimia-:.,LTx...-Wm. -emu ,.g..s. .1 1. -,mm .-1.uaA.f.n K- i,...v,-n.-.......N-1-:Q-,4,,,.:f-awe-env-rg-E.-ev-ifH..wmru:,e:'6,.. Mulnne-. ,, A---W -b--- vw Y-rv,-,fe 1 Cx-agar-Q.-Y-:w.w, H, ,Y gnu- ..-:vu-up-:,T6.-ez.,-:ze-muse-4-.:.:z::-:x 1:1129 :, nga-:.ux,vl wmv Aiwa-wr-:.1....-..-i.- , ,W a-...ti if gg-5-,, r-anvnqsfnmqqaami.-s-:ntsyrymuuuau my-5 .Q -qgwsz. sn. , fn . H.,-Q. s...-ugngx-.s,:..nx:s-Q-..-1.b.uf.xw-Q F ESQ D 1 aff QQ ' 5 nays..-1 nf.:-ng A+.: iifj Page One Hundred Forty-nine ..................r ,-1 Q '.- - .5N,.,q,, ,t . ., . 'Eff Rfbifsf? 3-31 lr5f??ii3"K?Q? sf f. A . ,Ce ,- 'sht-594,-' -at ws vi , tte., 4 14 4: S 5 E 1-il Q: 5 E, 5 so-A Q F55 S EEG' Fei 5 -EE 5 1 . A S ,E ,L -' fd an Senate Club OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester DANIEL BIGBEE ..,........... e.Pt-esidenr ............ JOHN MCINTYRE HAROLD JOHN ..,.......... Vice-President M....,-...... DONALD BOND BRANDON STONE .........O... Secretary ......,... L .... HOMER STOUT Treasurer .....,......- PRESLIE BROWN ADRIAN RANKIN .....O...,. Sergeant-at-Armsu.- ..v,.. GLYNN CARMEN LARRY J ORDON ..-.... ,- ..-.., PAUL THOMAS .,.....L...... Reporter .-...L...,..... PAUL THOMAS LINDSEY CAMPBELL .....-.L Bronze Book Staff ...... LINDSEY CAMPBELL ' SPONSOR PROFESSOR L. B. RAY The Senate Club is one of the Oldest organizations on the campus. It is rightly proud of the fact that it was one of Central's pioneers in the field of forensics, and that the club is still very active along this line. Many of the members are now on the varsity debate squad and a host of alumni members are prominent in state and national affairs. Along with the practice in debate the Senators are drilled in parliamentary law and in public speaking. ROSTER Dan Bigbee Lloyd Neighbors Marion Due James Bigbee Paul Rogers James Witt Robert Capshaw Adrian Rankin Harold Blasch Glen Carmen Brandon Stone Homer Stout Lindsey Campbell Paul Thomas Wayne Smith Eddie Jewel Marvin Studebaker Doyle Smith Harold John Donald Bond Mark Hanna Larry Jordon Preslie Brown Bill Clegern John Mclntyre Ollie Cearley Ovid Campbell M.-.w.Ls.eea,e.,........,-s. ....-.... 5.1-ee,s..e.i,..m.a.NL..3..t1 ,.sfr...f.e,i.-A.,-1.1Q,sm.. ts I, E X4 il R E f Q E' .9 Lis 4 ig: .QL , i' l 5 r x Q m t ,J ,'3 ,. ' 5' 1 ,ig :fi r ... .. 'Y"'f1? "L FFHT' :..A-1 r 3515.522 L A rififgi ef " -"L?'H'f . 31 .A ' .fps 4,323 1 ..,-9.-.X 5 E . - sg.: -2835355 S.f5?" 1 W . iii: .ez 'fl C Sie: S s.-rw.,e.mM- -La.-surge, fr.. or 3' iv f C . . - - ,- . . . , ... -A-, Q....e.f..-s.tA..,,-.u1, L.-. -..... 1 L ,,a,,:a,e-,,..-g.Xg,u Page Ong Hllndfgd Fifty ' o.,,...U... M...-.q..s-m.WLe.a. .N-5.4.-.m, 1 .s.i....s. a..Cm...Ett-.....-...H A... e.-. 1 .A.,a..t..s.-s.a......-.f,t...-....,wu....r.axLw..A-f.,e, ..E..:.: - 1, . -, - - f . ea .-- ,f1.- ...Est-. ..-r...sEue.u . .-.- A.e,..x..f....C-,,1.a.,-hw-r..,..4,..-..L.u.L.N,sl1, x.-ra.-.a,v.v.afm4.:Q1..w-. sassxxf or - w - . . fr. R , H ,7..1s1.f.f,qrtM-.P a-,Q-... - +,.-en...f.e.w.,,.,....nY.a.vns.1..eaa...a-.:,.. Ea, .. ,. , A .. . , 4r,:,.t1, Tau Theta Kappa DR. RUTH COYNER, Sponsor First Semester GRACE TI-IEE ..... ,- ........ ' GEORGIA EWING .N,.. ETHEL MAE lVlOYERE--.- MYRTLE THOMAS .... -Secretary- Treasurer ..,.. GRACE LAY ....-.....-. The Tau Theta Kappa Club was organized in the -President ........ -. .... -------Vzce-Preszdem------ ' --ETHEL MAE MOYER -Corresporzdmg Secretary .... ESergecmt-at-ArmsE---.--. Second Semester EGEORGIA EWING LAURA JANE CLAPPER -VIRGINIA MORRISETT --MARY LEE RI-IoDEs fall of 1917, as a girls' debating club, although students of music, art and literature are eligible to membership. ROSTER Vonnie Anderson Allison Keith Ethel Mae Moyer Ella Mae Spurgeon Laura Jane Clapper Ethel Lois Kellog Annagail Martin Myrtle Thomas Grace Emanuelson Grace Lay Mary Lee Rhodes Thelma Thomas Georgia Ewing Virginia Morrisett Helen Poole Daphne Thompson Grace Thee Page One Hundred Fifty-one .m..fuf -v .Hnaw i Q 1 A Si 9 -i s W , Ig. x ' S Y .seg Free ,Mx if .Ax L- .5 xx K h' 'S-1 sigh? A . af I M.: i I Y 5 ' DR. ETHEL DERRICK-SPONSOR OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester 'i S-E555 MAXINE SH1NN--.-- ..... -, ..... Sachem .................. JANE WOOD JANE WOOD ......,...... -Squaw Sachem ............ EDDY Jo HALEY A WYNEMIA RAY KEY--.r-----Medicine Mun ........... MEDA MAE WARD FRANCES LUKE----. ...... Warrior on Guard ........ WYNEMIA RAY KEY MEDA MAE WARD. .,..... - News Carrier ........... MARLIN TOALSON EDDIE JO HALEY ........,. Sergeant-ar-Arms ........... FRANCES LUKE The Tsa Mo Ga Club was organized in 1917 by Professor W. L. Ford, with ' Miss Ruby Canton, faculty advisor. The chief aim was and is to cherish the if Arts and Treasures of the great race that is passing. fig The members desire to learn more of the lives, customs and traditions of the il vanishing American Indian. Q TSA MO GA CLUB E ROSTER D ig Mary Anderson Fay Montandon Marlin Toalson 5 Marjorie Duke Lucille Noe Iva Watkins Eddie Jo Haley Maxine Shinn Lena Watkins f '- Lucille Kelly L. E. Sta gs Meda Mae Ward Wynemia Ray Key Margaret teffenson Jane Wood Frances Luke Mary Ann Stehno Nettie Bell Zachary Cleo Stiles -f Page one Hundfea' Ffffywo Raimi TL'Lf"TTffiE"fiW.ieiif , E gjiiig 'TiT""""1'fiTm"T A Zfffgflllflfg,QfTl.-ggl.E,fE. Z' R R D. as E , . O O . .. e,rr.--,.-.--, L E E . O 'L' '- "' iii TFL! 'WW'M"'l'w""'W'M'4'm"'ix'w'?i'? :Q 5,'ssF':iQ:S3 ex ,legit 6, n:,,g5ae:2,g ,T-,5.3 fi . ' E- 3375 i iii ,, A .i- E-Y ', 1' E' ix AV" li ,l Kappa Delta Pi a ra E Q fi T A :gy WINIFRED E. STAYTON, Counselor E GAMMA OMEGA CHAPTER Gladys Virginia Allen Marjorie Taylor Foltz Dr. Fred McCarrel Lee Murphy Velma Mae Baker Carolyn Freeman Romilda McClung Ruth McFall Dr. M. A. Beeson Bessie Lee Freeman Lorena Munson Lila Locke Q Ogreta Bell Lois Gilles Odus L. Morgan Imogene Bateman Q5 Lola Bellmyer Thressa Goodman Jessie Newby Mary Jo Reed -ESQ La Vara Blair Lois Gougler S. J. Payne Mae Hiatt 'I Mollie.Ruth Bottoms Lorena Vivian Gougler Emma Plunkett Eva Hiatt Katherine Bragg Miriam Gilmore Frances Ranson Opal Johnson TH Helen Alice Butcher Elizabeth Hamilton Ruth Frances Reed Marie Gray st- Grace Callan Rachel Hanvey Erna Schachinger Dorothea Meagher 563 Beth Castleberry Sarah K. Haynes Ellen Roueche Douglas Payne Don Castlebcrry Anita Howard Winifred E. Stayton Dr. John O. Moseley Julia May Cohoon Margaretta Irick Audrey Weatherly Edna Jones J Bonnie Cavener Virginia Johnson Samuel XVebster Roy Jones Bernice Cary Edward E. Lesp Gladys L. Williams Wanda Davis f i Ruth E. Coyner Frances Kunc Doris NVillis Gladys Gillig Ida Withers Crain XVilla Claire Cox Alice Virginia Devereaux T. A. Reeves, Jr. Jessie Shilder Kappa Delta Pi, an honorary society in education. was established on the campus of Central April 27, 1936. R The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage in its members a higher degree of devotion to social service by CU fostering higher intellectual and personal standards during the period of preparation for teaching and C21 recognizing outstanding service in the field of education. Q To this end it invites to membership such persons as exhibit worthy degree of educational ideals, sound scholarship, and adequate personal qualincations. It endeavors to develop a high degree of professional fellowship among its members and fosters professional growth by recognizing achievement in educational work. .I f 5 3: E e E 3 -at-., 'N - in ELLEN ROUECH'E RUTH MCFALL ALICE V. DEVEREAUX LEE NIURPHY President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Sec.-Treas. .5-Q xr 'mt-3.-.mxae 1f.,t-R-anxaamm.-..,g efwsmmmf-me ilflfffif G TT'-1 Tfff Page one Hundfed Fff'U"hffe ffl .ctc i'- 1:1 .3.-as Ziff , 4 52 K 3, 'L 1 ra 5 A-.1 . kia:-fl mf, ,.-. b 3 Commerce Club OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester WANDA DAVIS ..............,, President ,........... -MARGARET LAY JOHN LILLM.-- ...R. -, ....,. Vice-Preszdent- ......... WRETHA HOGELIN WYNEMIA KEY--,--. ........w. -Secretary ...........,.. . DORAL STONE MARGARET LAY-----, .e... -,-E,Treasurer ..... c---.- .Mw. LORENE VARNER HARRIET THOMPSON -A c--s-,..-- Sergeant-at-Arms - ..... ---CLAUD HARPER MONA KATHERINE LEE ,..... Vism Reporter ..,..........., JOHN LILL MARITA RIGGAN--,.--.Bronze Book Representative ...., MARLIN TOALSON EARL CLEVENGER, Sponsor The Commerce Club was founded September 16, 1935 by Earl Clevenger. The Club membership is composed of those who are interested in learning more about the problems of business and of the teaching of commercial subjects. I ROSTER Billy Austin Ethelyn Jones Marita Riggan Ethel Barnett Hoyt Judy Daisy Scribner Frances Bascus Theodore Bouman Taleta Boen Alda Conrey Wanda Davis Ima Farmer Clovis French Noba French Vera Garrett Julia Gilder Thelma Gouter Iris Greer Claud Harper Bill Hall Wreatha Hogelin Marguerite King Maxine King Wynemia Key Margaret Koerner Margaret Lay Mona Katherine Lee John Lill Joe Long Sibyl Luke Ethel Mears Donna Mae Morgan Elouise McGuire Katherine Norris Glenn Overman Mary Lee Rhodes Pearl Scott Ethel Sipes Florence Spivey Mary Ann Stehno Doral Stone Pauline Themer Harriet Thompson Wesley Thomason Marlin Toalson Nieva Vorel Ethel Vorheis Leatrice Wollard Jane Wood Sue Wright Virginia Young Isabel Robedeaux A a.i.,.,,I,.,.- ,.-i,.m ,si ,..ef-,m.s.aMM..,.rmmm.1.mmEm,,mm Page One Hundred Fifty-four R--E. .. .,.,r.,cs,,,..aWsi,ecma,.1m.r...m.-3.-.,.....-...:.....,a.... ...WMM use .t... ,,,. ....,.e,... m.1,.,........,i...,......,...,.,...t...,,. t. .:,, . R, . tc.RW.....,.:.,,.,,.,.m.....,...s.I.....,..,.-..,,,,M,.i.i.. 'V' ' I - - I - ,- sf A 3-5153 -jsffft3,-- --A -9 5, e:"3-.j's-pf: -.1 - A ... ,.f,--Ltr,--:I-. -- ' be-:?:: Hfft - -1---1-:-f-Eva:-.:::-K I. , ...,. C . . 1 . .K .I K, I, ,H , . xi Qs Clif' tax 'I - 'N - EF., ' 1.2J,-- Qi t HM. -. A , A ' . , .R A1 X, ,V-.WE P hr, ,, ,V 5 .,, Ns.-we .ii ,,.,,.9 I,N-px, . ws-A. if - . Y R - iw 4 . - -, ,- .. I-'v: .ff 5: Gif: 'LI-I' 4 :tl ' Eff' '15-:K Q" A. X A .5 A: :ja gains: Kggifsif f 1 -Q - 1--1 ff? 'fLI.:x1'R'iiE31:AR-zixcwffgfszs'ffklfiugeeefgsffwfr: - 6 .- . . :R . fglfw,-ggany--E,,i,s3assi-.nts , JL-1Eg.--e...,. ,-. s..L.P. .e'.'-.3---' i...e--R+-.4iasLX...' li' F L RI 'sas Y ---- l I C Clymplan Council S LOWELL DUN!-IAM, Sponsor First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester J. GERALD MARKLEH' ......,.......... Presziderll' ...........,,..... RUTH C. SMITH YVOODROW CHERRY .................. Vire-President ........... ---EARLENE SPECHT LORRAINE SHIRLEY ..........,....... -Secretary ....... . ......M..., ELs1E DEMAREE POLLYANNA DAY ...............,.... Treasurer ..........h..... VJOODROW CHERRY T LA JUANITA JOHNSON .... .- ........ ..---ParIian7entar1'an .,..,............. JUNE CARSE ROSTER lg, A ROSTER My June Carse Elsie Frances Demaree - - - - J. Gerald Mnrkley Lorraine Shirley K Woodrow Cherry Ruby F. Dennison Rose Petsemoie Ruth C. Smith George Ann Cutrell Elsie Gates I I I Dorothy Ryan Ethel Vorhis T ' Lucy Dawson Juanita Johnson tl, C5-I-E 3 Allen Sears Pollyanna Day ' " Elnora Key The Olympian Council was organized in 1931 with Miss Jessie D. Newby as sponsor. and has as its purpose the build' ing of friendship among those interested in the language, customs and art of the Romans. The club annually publishes the pamphlet ACTA LATINA, and awards an honor medal to the outstanding Latin Major Mr. Lowell Dunham assumed the duties of sponsor in 1936, when Miss Newby left for study on her doctor's degree. V r 'Rf 'N Q A 'V - f it Page One Hundred Fifty-five l X . . , . . j '-mi 59"-'qs ts s X it ,, C' Science Club OFFICERS T President ..............,.......,............... u.m.., L ILA LOCKE Vice-President ....... , .....,.,......,.... , ......,-..... TOM POINTS Secretary-Treasurer .,.....,......,,,.,.,...,, ,.-,,-, I , LEON SMITH - - SPONSOR , ' ERNEST L. HOWELL ROSTER Gertrude Berndt Lee Ives Wesley Purvis Joe Birkhead Harriet Clegern Ethel Derrick Lawrence Jameison' Eddie Jewell Roy VJ. Jones Eva Record Guy Robberson Jessie Shidler W. O. Garrison Lila Locke Maxine Shinn Ruth Hayes Maxine Meriwether Boyd Spencer Alva J. Hill George Merkley David Stone Bradford- Howard Ernest Howell Clark Ice Franklin O'Brien Charles N. Ott Tom Points FACULTY MEMBERS Burke Thomas Earl Yeakel L. E. Crick Roy W. Jones Ethel Derrick ' Charles N. Ott - Ernest Howell Cliff Otto E The science club of Central State Teachers College was organized in 1924 The purpose' of. the ,club is to call attention to the advancement 'made in science in a comparatively short time to call -attentioon to the need of further research and invesigation in the biological and physical phenomena and to keep in touch with the modern discoveries D p , Page One Hundred Fifty-six ? ' . - . D 1 . . U . tial 1 1 1-. 1 I " L- -W . -x - ' V i,,5,.-it--re gpg-3 --A-'-je-5, N-xi:-taxi-:v+.e -gag qgeq A x-. 5.53, 13,-5 ,Q K x c ' " 5.4.1 r I - ts ' Wi X . M TS -. .-:. l - 2. - .:g. 4113.4 g-1 3 ,Q -121,7 E 3, ,ijtr qw yn. , 1 it la- f Na Q, 4 54. .. .., .,: -I Q, .- M.-if-'.,-1,-::-rw ' 1 - - - , . 1.-in -'.-A X aa.-1 fe.. fn: .sf , 'f 1 1 af 1 ww twill? I' w ' c 1 :r + fi 1 .1 n ,, 'L fm 1 XC Q ,S 1 ga S irq-'l I E. i F sf N J l EH i 4 'S 534 Iii if -r 1 D XZ. Faqs iv' ifrjl iffliii L-Y-Y 5 .- U:-7 .tgzsuw 'l 4 L e N- 'wal - -at re ali . 55' E 2- , ,MN QV" .Q . I K e --fifkv .gem 35: rf. 4. 1 'f-ifgilqil 4 -:ski s i'Y5r..I R.-..,. , N 'ar' :A First Semester IDELLA RICE ..... -. ....N............, Les Metieres T. A. REEVES Second Semester President- .....h.,,.......s... JOHN PORT JOSEPHINE BLADES .........h......,. Vice-President .......M. .- .... ARDYCE LAWSON GRACE Tl-IEE ..................... Secretary-Treasurer .....,..... JOSEPHINE BLADES DALE NICKINNEY-- ARDYCE LAWSON ...., .. -..--------------Sergeant-at-Arms-----L----------JACK ELLIOT --------Bronze Book Represenratiue-L------L-ARDYCE LAWSON ROSTER Mary Louise Odamson Aileen Cochran Ulala Harvey Oklahoma Ogan Grace Thee Josephine Blades Helen Compton Ardyce Lawson John Port Grovie Watson Wanda Best Jack Elliott A Dale McKinney Idella Rice Nettie Bell Zachary Laura Jeanne Clark Grace Emanuelson Elizabeth Meeker Betsy Gay Seaton J. R. Kell Mary Catherine Flesher XVathena Temple ' The Les Metieres Club was organized in 1931 for the purpose of cultivating the love of art, to encourage the creative abilities of its members. and to sponsor exhibits. .1 1 A - w - 'rrfvff -ff af--Jr 1-f---www-m-ww-N vp -----Q--SYQF wvwlw M Tram G irli -MWYFWTM M PUQ9 One Hundred FIffy'S9UCT7 - - - . .rvm- t-.1-1-me--qv--f-oww.w.wN..:,fw.f-s.-1-ebfvfv-.-,-f,-A - F ..-Q-V wa-V-.f vw V fa- ----' -vvfg-Y.-mv-vw-1: .11-xnxx-nrvnww mavw-ces-wave,-v-Q, -.mff-sf L-Y -1 - --'- tw -. -'.1N-ff.:-fav . Km-. -- ww-mn-fn-.A-n--emu-vmn:mvxuw-,n-.ew-.Nw ,.-,-rf v--v-p.-- 1-ey-fff.-Q rw -,-.TiP-wi-mrs-.pfaev-n.',1-.Swim-3-f..-. .Q -ez-.-1-rn.-0.1-vs..,.m .-- 4 - li V. F li r. lf 1. LE 4 , . i 1. r ,, l 1- , V - 1 .s X., l, . an mv N hi :ij All fig' as r rg LJ Les Chelettes Club OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester ALLISON KEITH ............. Pl'9Sl'df?f1! ....... -. ......- HELEN POOLE HELEN HIATT- .......,.... Vice-President ............ GEORGIA EWING ETHEL SMITH--. .............. Secretary ............. LORENE CROKA HELEN POOL---. ------------ Treasurer -------- -..- ---- ALLISON KEITH GEORGIA EWING . .-.-.---- Sergeant-at-Arms .-.-----.. BEATRICE BURKE GEORGIA EWING---. ---------- Reporter --------------- VELMA WARD MYRTLE THOMAS ---..- . Corresponding Secretary - .--.. .VELMA COCHRAN WATHENA TEMPLE- --Bronze Book Representative--- WATHENA TEMPLE ROSTER Velma Cochran Allison Keith Wathena Temple Wilma Diffie Louzetta Miller Myrtle Thomas Georgia Ewing Marie Miller Velma Ward Helen Hiatt Helen Poole Tess Culbertson Gladys Honick Ethel Smith X SPONSOR OLIVE THOMAS , . ' , ' Object: To' study different phases of Home Economics, to give the members the benefit of club life, to aid in development, of lasting friendship, and to teach the girls how they may best serve their communities. I ' I . K h .xx - ' - . k . . l Page One Hundred Fifty-eight fe V x..f.-.Q ft, gi es 1-E P is n -'A -N3 ,,z is' DC ' N s. ,gv 5, , sg H k ug.. iv .1 V. W.-Q N., O F . .ip X ,, lx F53 .axis T-T!-' elif 'Q' mi. 'N 'W ,tr :sr , 1. 3 .1 N 33, Fw? 3 W-3 N S -I ss K:-A -5. is Q 1 1 .L :Lev f-'sy' J ' s I-7' : 514 s- , er '-E x :ls Q' . ae. 11. Pi -S. 1, N. x--r , ATTN-'E 115' N s 2 QVNS, 'J First Semester Orpheus Club OFFICERS Second Semester RETA RUTH VON TI-IURN-E--.,--Presz'dent ..-..,-. ,--,-- MARY JO REED e.........- -.Vice-Presz'dent,-- -VIEVA VOREL WILBUR GILLETT AUDINE HOLLIDAY ..........M. Secretary---. .....-.. -- X7IEX'A VOREL-,,- ...,..... --- WESLEY ROSE -,, Bill Burchardt Jane Clapper Kathleen Fawcett Berenice Geeks Wilbur Gillett Gladys Gillig Mildred Glass .Reporter ..-.... SPONSOR J . FOREST WEST ROSTER Audine Holliday Eaton Jordon Edwin Knollhoff Mary Rachel McAnally Katherine Moody Guilford Moutray Juanita Muhlenbruch Elizabeth Rader - Treasurer EE..,.. - ..-. -GLADYS GILLIG BILL BURCHARDT ----ETHEL VON TI-IURN Mary Jo Reed Kenneth Smith Minta Ann Shuff Mary E. Stiles Ethel von Thurn Reta Ruth Vieva Vorel von Thurn The club was established in September, 1934, with Miss Mildred Kidd as sponsor. The purpose of the organization is to promote interest in music on the campus of Central State Teachers College. 1.-fm .E--W-.1-4.-U.,-nqmv--.5-Nuff .g .,b. . , 1- . f X -- f -,al-Jvv -1n4f,m:-mums-yawn-w vmmi Nm T-.1wsg..v.m-n-sem.-X-W'-www uv-.u v-Q,-xv -:vm-an-.s...fs w-wfs.-1.1-wx.--fwwv f - , - . 1.1-.f.-v umffv-nw.-11-Nga.-4-qwxwie new fstea., .4 E --, 4- . wr. E :sn -K s :-T-na -1.0, Q-sw'--ara -we-1 r i--x E 4 - - - A- W-I fs- -nf serv-. f-nm 1- :...- -X -'.f , .vm -mfs.-v uns vi. - - v-f if 1 -swf wwe ,.-y-. -- '-Ja 1'-. Page One Hundred Fifty-nine 'Y' 55 .ck e, 1: - -4 ,m s.4x,. r 4fSyvYj.-Q3 Y? I ,Kb li .L5z,.e,N,3 ter E . 'e,.,v,f- r I .wiv -. If Maxine Bland Social Science Club l i LUCY J. HAMPTON, Sponsor . OFFICERS BRANDON STONE .........c.....c..... ---. .........--.--- President VERNON LUCAS ,,n,,,.,-,,,,,.,,.., ................ V ice-President ELVA LUCAS -,,, ,, -,-,-,,...-,,,.. I ..-.......... Secretary-Treasurer MARY FRANCES MURRY -,,...-- ................ M embership Director JOHN MCINTYRE - -- RUBY NIVENS .......-. .- .-.....--.-- -. ----------- - Donald Bond Preslie Brown Ollie Cearly Edward Coffey Dorothy May Collins Vernon Ewing Eugene Fox Floyd Durban Geneva Fulkerson ROSTER Cleo Gray Frank Ives Harold Johns Elva Lucas Esther McCrory Virgil Koehler Myrtle Willis Fern Canada Lola Phillips John McIntyre Director of International Relations Assistant Curator Mary Frances Murry Monita Maxwell Anna Gay Middick Ruth Mullins Wayne Smith Verna Stuteville Kenneth Teets Johnson Neer Vaughn Smith The Social Science Club was organized in 1915 as the Central State Teachers College Historical Society. In 1930 it was reorganized as the Social Science Club. The purpose of this club is to cultivate a wider knowledge in all branches of social science. 1 In 1932 the club became affiliated with the International Relations -Clubs, sponsored by the Carnegie Peace Foundation. The club always sends dele- gates to the Southwest Conference on International Relations, this year going to New Orleans. During the year the club has studied such subjects as the consequences of the Ethiopian War, the Civil War in Spain, the International Labour Organization under the League of Nations, and Lex Kallio. Page One Hundred Sixty f is 'il Ei Fila Y-L .-if L. -- is .- ,iii 5.--.e A gr R I is 1 if 'LY-Sl as-Sl f X , L II? ifslh i il- ... 'Q 1 -5 I V ENT? iv Ri, rss F tiff. ' P - R K.. ,,. nf, my -43 if a .4 if s-. -s ,---ff -f-sunue.--N.-vwwev-,,vvwf.:-f-.W-F-.-K- K .ta W- W -Q..-.N x.... ,rv .T ua.-I, . r H Sigma Tau Delta MOLLIE RUTH Borroms. Sponsor OFFICERS ALICE VIRGINIA DEYVEREAUX ...H..-..M.....M.--........Mm President MARGARET HALLEY ...R...............,..........,. Vice-President IMAN CARSON ..............w.H..w... -. .....M........... Treasurer MARY ELLEN BRAGG ....................hh.,hH.. Recording Secretary RETA RUTH VON TI-IURN ....... - -.... -. ....... Corresponding Secretary The Chi Gamma Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta is an organization which sponsors the are of creative writing among its members. It was installed by Dr. W. B. Bizzell on January 20, 1933. Since that date it has published four annual anthologies of poetry: and has Won the first place twice in a southwest regional poetry contest. ' Page One Hundred Sixty-one 1-1.-mfefemea-.-1 -.1.-v:-.ff-m-m.-N-.,...,-g.-.un-.m, mwaw- Nas... . Q. .X ... V. Y, ..- -Yr 5- Nf - --V K. ev..-I-nv--.,..-i-H----hr-.. ...,aig:.-...axn.-1-uma,-,...-Naive-.-.......s..f fs... .-,-ff,-.m.- V - r .1 :Nw ., f -v -mrvzm-Q-Kvvw.fnif...:5xx---1-we-:fam im.ap.Ne-LLQ-J,-,axniia-....-.,-M...,a-W-ffwan V Jaw. guage.-1-:wma-I 'rf-Q-Q-..1uwt,nus:e,w-ir'-W-.g.inm.i.ay-f...a....e.,-.-.uw..-f.a,e . iyjejz-ji-rrsfv -51. ,Jw if I Blue Curtain Players r, . .I vin .N ' l pu? f in' Y 7 J '- MFA Y AD I kt iff 1.4015 I. -A-l I Eid . F if LUCILE MCGUIRE, Sponsor OFFICERS First Semester I Second Semester DOUGLAS PAYNE .....,,... -.---Presidenr ....,.,...,...... FERN REED ALICE VIRGINIA DEVEREAUX---Vice-Presidenr .......... BILL DELBRIDGE MARGARET HALLEY .......... -Secretary .... MARTHA NELL HIRCHCOCK Q MAURINE MCREYNOLDS--Correspona'nig Secretary .... ---VIRGINIA YOUNG C E The Blue Curtain Players Club was founded inthe spring of 1932 to satisfy e g E a need for an organization primarily interested in drama and its production. 5 Tryouts for membership are held at the beginning of each semester and immed- iately before the two annual plays. The three departments into which the club is divided are stage craft, playwriting, and acting. This year, under the sym- V 1 1 1 a 1 1 c E pathetic direction of Miss Lucille McGuire, sponsor. the Blue Curtain Players E resented a three-act drama, "Mrs. Moonlight" which was ver well received X E P Q Y 3 b students and faculty members. This eriod fantas was la ed a ainst an V P Y P Y 2 5 artistic background designed and constructed by members and pledges. Several i one-acts and studio plays were given, all of which were enthusiastically viewed by Central students. by up Page One Hundred Sfxfy-two :::::?:.:i:::::Li:.c1::f I z:1:11,e,g.:: tirmzl Ili' iw C C T I l,5"'5i if ' fi r gi 53 t .1 it? Q5 Q i S 5 n 3 1 1 2 E 3 k . Q u xii .ar A ,,.. .N Q . kb' if: 1 . are ,ff Blue Curtain Players ROSTER Ruth Allen Eloise McGuire Wilma Allen Virginia Cunningham Alice Virginia- Devereaux Martha Nell Hitcheock Gerald Markley Jed Wlaitc Stanley Nyswonger Mrs. Ralph Cole Bob Rice Hita Hatcher Edward Jewell Lucy Dawson Mary Klutts Earlene Specht Mary Dowling Lorraine Shirley Nadine Strickland Evelyn Bolton Ralph Cole Bill Delbridge David Stone Frank Lill Roberta Thomas Maurine McReynolds Glenn Overman Coye Ann Payne Douglas Payne Fern Reed Marvin Studebaker ' Barbara Tucker Virginia Young Nlargaret Halley Roxic Ray Dale Mears Allison Kieth l Page One Hundred Sixty-three egg e gi si Ffa 'S 551 'Q sf iii T? ' 23? Mrs . YN isa' A in A , Ea . 323' it. x N A. is 4, X X v 5. 1- . sf t. 54 Young Women's Christian Association r l LORENE HINDES, Sponsor OTHER SPONSORS--Miss Ruth Coyner. Mrs. VJ. T. Doyel. Miss Cora Stroud. Miss Mary Eula Wrany, Miss Jessie D. Newby. OFFICERS MARGARET MCDOUGAL ...........,....... President DAPHNE THOMPSON ..,................... Treasurer VIEVA VOREL ......-........-... First Vice-President NANNIE LEE STIDHAM ............. Devotional Leader DORAL STONE ...............,. Second Vice-President RETA RUTH VON THURN ........,,.. Freshman Leader DONNA MAE MORGAN ......... Corresponding Secretary DOROTHEA Cox ....-......--.,,.,....-.... Pianist PATRICIA RUTLEDGE ..,.......... Recording Secretary PEAR BECK .,,.....-.........-.. Publicity Chairman The Young Women's Christian Association of Central State Teachers College is a branch of the national organization and is a participant in the World Christian Student Federation. The Central 'Y. W. C. A. has endeavored this year to exert a real influence in the lives of its members, thus upholding the three-fold purpose as symbolized by the blue triangle-the development of spirit, mind, and body. The student directory is prepared and published each year by the Y. NV. C. A. This activity makes the organization selfvsupporting and adds to the loan fund which it maintains for the benefits of girls wishing to attend college. Q Li t. ui iii 1 Ps ii ' Pie if 1 P123 af: r ' S! -1 w 1 m,,,,,,,,,,, ,,e..:m . .-....m.,.-mass..a,...a.m,..s.,!?em-Y ,-, -Y ----W ,v W--.-,,.-.Tf3?.1,. ,....s...m..c...,..... Page One Hundred S rxty-fo ur .....,,-.-.cs..-, ..,....x.T,,..,-g- , - f - , fr- , .----f--f+- -T.-mmmeamtm-1.-M..-J. ........-......-,,a........-..s.....,.,,,:' A ,,,.,.,., -T -,..s...m..e.,...,s.ra.....,a A A m., -W if-M .s-- - amos., ..,. .,. f'-3 'e3l'jQ1Q',. .A 'Q A Fefmy gif-Q-'3.,4 l .s -1 xii Rf.-...I1,ff5i:fQEf-tj! 5 . , , 1li,"i9fVi Y .1 Q we -sf 1 as ' 1 t ' - s .. --..-emi. -us, 1 4 . 'wave - rr, 2- 'E -'-' ' - .1 fe gy.,-.fs lgliiem--.-s-f. . 4295- has A 'N V N-fs-E .ask -.Q - 'L .-Y' in lau.11-lkglnIifibiiS5iil1':.11.33isgigisiisksmghiuliiik-illis ,gf x if '55 K 5- Rebecca Ashbrook Rex Lafferty Q. -mug 1 L 1 3 is T as S15 Nl' l 3... 'Nc 2541, , Ea we 1 3 Q-'ka 5 -l Q ii I Jliyi, "YQ,-'E ' 1 Q I L s E 3 l Frantg Ashley Wanda Davis Evelyn Dieball Alpha Phi Sigma SPGNSORS MRS. DORTHEA MEAGHER ANDREW G. HITCHCOCIC OFFICERS MARGARET O'Sl-IEA ...q.............,........,....H...., President ROBERTA THOMAS --- .,.......H ,- ...,........ ....,., S ecretary WANDA DAVIS .,...-....................N..,..... E, -..D Treasurer REX LAFFERTY -.--- -,--.-.--,..---,, ......... .. ..., Sergeant-at-Arms MONITA MAXWELL --- --- .............. Bronze Book Representative MASTERS Margaret Lay Monita Maxwell Ruth McFall Winifred Northcutt Margaret O'Shea Fern Reed Mary Jo Reed Norma Schmidt Jessie Shidler Roberta Thomas Harriet Thompson Velda Jones Lee Murphy Geraldine Rice Reta von Thurn Vieva Vorel APPRENTICES Catherine Defenbaugh Mona Katherine Lee Elroy Rice Alice Virginia Devereaux Jean McKeown Dorothy Ryan NOVICES Norma Ackerman Shiela Alexander Ruth Allen Elizabeth Bailey Mary Ellen Bragg Presley Brown Bill Burchardt Woodrow Cherry Jeanne Clark Willa Dean Evans Loretta Fiegal Pete Gillet Gladys Gillig Margaret Halley Lucille Hill Wreatha Hogelin Ernestine Howell Fannie Hull ' Faytha Joe Johnson Larry Jordon Maxine Jung Lucille Kelley Amos Kimberling Clara La Porte Ardyce Lawson John Mclntyre Katherine Moody David Moore Donna Mae Morgan Juanita Muhlenbruch Mary Frances Murry Christine Nelson Blanche Nisler Glenn Overman Edna Jeanne Raines Mary Scholl Edna R. Shaeffer Katherine Shelley Lenore Shields Minta Mae Shuff Helen Stehno Mary Ann Stehno Cleo Stiles Mary E. Stiles Virginia Swisher Wathena Temple Cora Belle Vincent Ethel von Thurn - -- - -.,c-rws.4a...5s.f.v-mv,v.- - ,-- .-s-- ws,xw:wme.-ar-nyv ff--e--T .4-f -,w-f-- wf-MMxQ-wnw- H-.1--2, . --. f we T 1- V - I, M,,,,,,Ll:,,,,, ,.,,, .L ,uh .r,,. .l,,,., .-sas, -1 - . 41- 5-313.-,aa every-X -ns.-2 -Ns, af- - s-- .ha-hs... -.Q-A F -Q -- Page One Hundred Sixty five Page 0110 Hundred Siffsl-Six , ,Y..,M.rr,.,..,.,,.r.,a..,......r,.,,...,,,.....,,...,r.,r.r..r,a, Industrial Arts Club OFFICERS CLEMENT HANSON -., .....w.....-.rA.,.A............. ,--President WAYNE GILMORE ....wM...m,.,...A,.....,..,,,...., Vice-Presidem PAUL BURNS ......M.,.............,.....,.F o,--Secretary-Treasurer Reporter PIAROLD BLOSH F.,...F,...M..........-....M.,... -. ,.....w JOHN WOODS MH.......M.... ,, Q.w....n,.....,.w... Sergeant-at-Arms V AN M. THORNTON--Sponsor In the Picture: Back Row: Front Row: Elbert Reeves Hall Burns Gifford Parkhurst John Jr. Maker Clark Ice Dorris Givens Troy Smith V. M. Thornton Clifton Jacobson John Woods Clement Hanson Joe Birkhead Lawrence Petris Earnest Nliller Ivan Berry Wayne Gilmore Not in the Picture: Harold Blosh Wm. Greer The Industrial Arts Club was organized this year by students in the Indus- trial Arts Department. The purpose of this group is to promote a program of study and handicraft of subjects not regularly scheduled in their course of study. The meetings are divided alternately between lectures and handicraft Work. The lectures are to be given by students, men in trade industry, men in indus- trial education, and men in vocational education. XVhen the objective is reached the students will conduct better extra-curri- cular activities. L S E1 e l x' .1 5 r-' R te if assi P3 ., ---fr Fill .1 u,,.....-...,a..m..x..f.. if . 1 Q.. ..-wut-s W at . 5 E iT il 5. N 5: fi is 3 Psi l 'IQ 525' if? 1 N as t 'J iff ,LX J v TT 35 X .it VL lei :K rg '15 - P Q if Q 594 -- . Y' 1 1-W-iv 59:-13 X i J .-'i c' Fw? 1 IL,2iKf1 i s .. ie: if? X or , self. .5 Q6 l N 1 55 s d L:-15115 1... N313 , -,i-A .,, -s...s...-N ..,.-V,-1. .qwnufwlmm-.a1..ngq1m-Nami-Mn-,,..rsu. --nav...-4,...,.:..,. -.loess we as c .c ve ww.-, e ,fs , J ,nv-.X-,ia-QQ.-Q ......,.ce -Hag--.frkn..-mnns-sum.1.-x,.uqw+,L4L..n A , .-v- ,. .wwf-..:.:..A.a 1.mi....,..e-1--fb-an-fg1:11f:::.2.:-:,y ea-Leann,-vm1m..e-1. -..., J i . sf.-me-M KE!--fn: -, --- --'- is:-sn-Quffr.-gc-wauame-ann:..:-:Q-1!-H ---pea..-...t..a.f,.. -c W. ' ' . ',':--15-555 e"?'k, 5 54? ii , i 53 xg! i bg if ar? 5? .af PY: 'C I? L 3 .1 2.1! 'C- :gg ,aa -' G. ka a s ' fin Es ai le tty, r rr. A lg 1 I f I 3 rf Q xt 5 Q .. gfalitz ' 'ew the '. 'L' .ra-. . A-1 :-5 ? ee, -'+1'... ' 59.5233 gfffija -1 iv 'X I sau- , - s "UE . X '-Es.. .e At sax. 1 - Lx. -K.. mt au: V.:-ve' .J- ael as . . ,. . . ,X.r-..Qfsx-i,..1-,:.un.-.smur.wa.-ua-m.n.n.4e..s.-.- League of Young Democrats Memb 4 l FRANK LILL, President er of Constitution and By-Laws Committee COYE ANN PAYNE ..................o......,.,. ,... Vice-President ROBERTA THOMAS e..........,Y..,.............o Secretary-Treasurer ROSTER Iris Greer Emma Plunkett C. NV. Noe Mrs. B. E. Bryant Nelson McGown Leah Ralls G. E. McKeown Frank Lill W. M. Majors Alice Virginia Devereaux Marvin Studebaker John W. Thomas Flora Hawley E. L. Shelden George Baker Mary Belle Franks Boyd Spencer Dr. Fred McCarrel Marita B. Riggan Frank Ives Dale Mears Mildred Kidd L. W. Johnson Dr. Emma Estill Ha Jesse Bryant XVendell Simmons Wade Arends C. H. Patten Bud Kale Frank Bateman Everett Bryant Stanley Mears SPONSORS Nadine Strickland Grace Stevenson Kella Norris Boyd Watkins Ethel Lois Kellogg Florence Corley Perry Corely Donavon Banzett rbour Frank Bateman Dr. Fred McCarrel kimaiief--A-1 1A-v1--f.:rvvun-uf-1-:-1r.x9,m.e- e - zanwr-Q-eww.-e. af ,Q-as f.s.em.-Q ie v The Central State Teachers College League of Young Democrats was found- ed in 1931-1932 as a chapter of the state organization. Established upon the principle of promoting the cause of Democracy by furthering patriotic interest in government and governmental activities, training our youth for the leader- ship of their nation, and giving unpartisan support to the functions of the Democrat Party, this chapter has grown into one of the foremost organizations in our state. Evidence of the good standing of this chapter is shown in the various hon- ors which its different members have obtained. In '33, Lee Kilgore served as Secretary of the Fifth District, and Walton Allen as State College Secretary: '34 Vlalton Allen, Secretary of the Fifth District: '35, Frank Lill, Secretary of the Fifth District: and '36, Mary Belle Franks. State College Secretary, and Frank Lill, Secretary of Fifth District. Never since this chapter entered into the field of politics has it been off of the band wagon after the votes at the state con- vention were counted. and credit for this achievement is to be credited to our good pilot, Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour. Adding to the tradition of the Young Democrats is a gavel which has been the means of keeping order in many fiery conventions in Canada and the United States. This cherished article, which is presented as a gift to the newly elect- ed executive each year, has been in the possssion of Fred Godfrey, Lee Evans, Lee Kilgore, Frank Lill, Mary Belle Franks, and Frank Lill, respectively. -HM Www 'fr' """'M'N-W' "M ' Page One Hundred Sixty-seven ew.-Vavmamaauaem .,........,--..ww .r - .ue ,Lv-as X e..-.1---aw.-sa -frf, . ., -e..i..x.t,w en-:dq,mngmn 1gavu-4-raawmwtmna.a-mq.v-.v-wvnwrane ..u.a.f.-.-..aie.i..,N.1e,, .W x,317Q'gf31-K, Trffrftgaf ,-,Ti ,gig-sfztffsg g g,.l.4,.:,3ki:,i,,ME . Q 5' -Q ,..,- L-N' 135 riff Ki we .mmmuw-new .4 iii ear Wei its iii Pei .36 . '1 V FJ' 2 5 . .I ,. vi Ei .4 -u c. L . Orchesis MARJORIE MUEHL Central's new dance club, with eleven charter members. was organized in February, 1937 under the sponsorship of Miss Marjorie Muehl. The weekly meetings are a laboratory period in Modern Dance technique and composition. On May 6th, the Orchesis members presented a recital of Modern Dance. E Q li fl A 3- iii 575 VER si iff? N -fl' P 1 .,yx',':, L 'Q' . K l A sk :xt X -1 .v ey, gag-x J-- ,P . filiffq ,gi-gg.-iv 3231221 v, 1':"ln'4 www:-f-. K.--f ,uv- lf ir. E2 Q15 Mill Hack Row: Frankie Jacobson. Elizabeth Costello, Vir inia Cunnin ham, 'Publicit' Chair- er. . . . g 7 manj, Ruth Johnston tsecretaryb. Virginia Young. kd Middle Row: Elouisc McGuire Qvice presidentb, Mary Dowling Qtrcasurerj, Maurinc Met' Reynolds, Texas Miller. Front Row: Nadine Strickland Qljresidentj. Martha Nell Hitchcock. E - - , D d,-,.-.-,r, Page One Hundred Sixty-ezght T111-f'd:jl1,mlQglV'QlELwM jj wmhei ----f1--k-fjf- 'sw A W 5 ereie A' J ' M 1-D fmmwmwwim if E1 iQ 5'E.l2FfiffTfE if-ff D X i Q -M0 K L' is T Tuskaboma DR. EMMA ESTILL HARBOUR, Sponsor K' OFFICERS LEONARD CHEEAHTAH -,,- .-...--......-.......,....,.YM.,.. Chief JAMES TYNER H,....-.. .-.......M...-.-............ M edicine Man RosE PETSEMOIE ........................M..m..., M.... I me-rprerer WESLEY ROSE ......... -. ....... ............... Keeper of W ompun FLORENCE SHAFER ..........................E. Keeper of Tom Tom HELEN POOLE .....--.....-. .---.-................- ROSTER si Frances Bascus John Juby Isabel Robedeaux Marie Bascus Ethel Lois Kellog Florence Shafer Imogene Bateman Ethel Mears Genia Belle Smith Leonard Chebahtah Helen Poole James Tyner Elizabeth Cloud Rose Petsemoie Bob Warrior Wesley Rose The Tuskahoma club represents many different tribes of Indians. The chief aim of this club is to create a closer feeling among the Indian students at Cen- tral and to preserve the Indian customs and traditions. 'xi r", :Q s htm.-.e::-- K--nw ,V , -- -j-,TH-i-,-.-- iw- :Rza Page One Hundred Sixty-nine ,m,,,,-,.,M,E.,r,,.,e.,. T E fQQ..1iFf,f.,,w. : Mc ,M e .. i .,,, ..e. at O FQ'5lL25f'4?ia.j I 'ii- E . I" '?"fi'Si fifffi -ff Q ' ffffiljftsfiiflf-'-iii? ll" I . gs iii E k re., . L.- . 4 E .1 'X 3 .5 5 'R- I . Qs F-51 5 N fi REE Pts: 5 Q Rx ' N r- 13 fi? . iw x ik 'V 1 :gk lxfii . by " ' 'QR -NJ 5 X V. . Tim 5 XJ U1 H - R 1522. 'iw E , kL"315 rs . 2 g .Q " N Y' X W V 13 ?""2-YZ? S 'Awsf-xwkv Ns-vk'3NE: fl-H-xx 1' ' x Indian Warrior L. IN PS5 P5 - - - - Qi .. Y c -.ix W4 L:-I X-4 If r isis zf , if R, . L.- gli Y ' an ' -1: .1 A. .J ' gg xx 1 -, rf Tuskahoma Club Q' xgzjgr- -iflifz' page one Hundred Seventy. mimmixrwnnmfm :..,.,2i:- 1 . ---R- A- ,.,.a::,-:ny..,,x:.-,ff1.m-.,.,.-.W-mug. -siiegifg Nm-,.m .UMW -N-gmxik9.321-,.0-,.i::g2:-L-3-5 7 T-...W-iw-.nm m..w-..,..-,.-..- m.m,.,.... .NMMA ...MZ .,..m..5..,.Q..w, .,.,,...,, . Munn .N .,-,-mn .ii.1.,..Q.,f....1-Hg...m..m.5...:-'--- - 2 f- -fig.. -,,.,r..f...w....,...-.L af Mx...-p..f1,, -- fffff--331-3-I-f-117:-7:47--fy 3-T-X.:,'3j.Yj.'?".7T1gf..:g,-gfrlnz, 5-:3.r.".3.'.5L-f'i,ZN-QS155?Hp-Q. -3.-,ygfyl-Siqf gram:-vummxv-.gwmvmmxq-.M-,1.gv:.u1.,-. K Manu.. w-w.w:evmm:,:-4.g-,g14n- k x"fx' T. - .wzifffwxi-' ff 4 fk ff' F-fr-1-3Sf1"EEY' df-xii?fv?'w5iTNexa-33558 v '-f'+',.g--zw ---'-rv, g ' .,:l-my ,gg Q. ., .Q -.::--P l iii? r 'G+ 11 'lifxpcsv 3 f f:,1' Xru:fkWk:'f'1'..: -1.32 , .-rfcgcwf. ,. 1, -Av - v. .3-gd X....l.g,--1-3'.-ggi X Qifiti-5Ba:m:m,,4,ef1 rfb,-.1- 32' Yi 1 vbgii 3' , f '- - V ii ,. 'Q ., :, if K .1 ' " .3 ' 'f 5 Ni . ' f A. Indian Princess -4 A SE T1 gg: I 535 :Eff ' J 1 xc, 3 . F' 4' :Q- il-V4 il: x iqii n tif' -Q 3 35:1 fi. ,fig f-Q5 :Wg 1552, :B '-A! EBM if 3 may 5, .ff-.-'gli :gs 'X 4 wig, sisfiff ff' ' s Q. W . ..., . Q ISABELLE ROBEDEAUX 2 V- Tuskahoma Club E , Q' p . . ,, ,J 5? ,iw +4 wifi- W :fren . ' 3 f r A Q . ge uf -E qw.. F, . , afrfkxq , - H Ii: ' :Wim Sl f -A , Q . , . ,Q...wx-AQ..,K,.w,m.,,,.1,,.,..m,.....,,,m m., fwn . , ' Wm- , . , . ,. mm.m.,...,.-.,..,m..,,.,.S.w,,,.mW.,,, f .fkmjmv,m,,4.m,WWwWm P000 One Hundred Sfvefrfy-Ove km.-m,-.L v-.mwwm V -1 ,X gf-.,1,s-uni --.--anK-,fnN.-Q...-am-Q-m-.wfmxuu--.ffxnm- Nmxxwr-w-ummm-1.-. 5 . A-,.m.. ,...,.Wm.N. . ,. .,,.,,wN.M.,.i.W..,.,.w,....,X,,m qg . 4052-v f x-..,:- mae. N--1 -.f-. -. -x -- - -.'-.rfwfvfw..-.x-mm.-.w,f.-fm- .wfxg-....,,,f.5,,.Q., .,.,. ...r--f.Q.wT.,w-...-R,m.n .5 ' ,f.H.f lv-fi Vg. f 1 N 1- f , f' -' 2- . ., Y f X u 5 ES fi PT: Sf xii ,gg V21 F52 -1 Tw' r'- Q: , i 5 f ,-qs R gf: 1 . Y . '-5' 'Q Clubs Qiifl The purpose of the various student organizations at Central State Teachers College is to give the student a well rounded program of various activities, so selected that all students may have the opportunity not only of belonging to the organization of his choice but also to take part in its programs. These organizations may be divided into four groups: The Christian organ- izations for devotional and social' purposes: The Departmental Clubs stimu- late interest in the subject in which the-student is majoring and give the stu- dent agchance to take part in discussions of the field of his particular interest: The activity clubs not only have worthwhile programs but take part in, and actively direct most of the various activities of the Campus. Central has no Social Fraternities or, Sororities but has Chapters of the most outstand- ing honorary scholastic fraternities which foster and encourage higher scholar- ship for the entire student body. p The various clubs have had numerous meetings with worth While programs, many have had some of the best speakers and scholars of the state appear on their programs: during the past year. The social program has been varied and has been participated in by most all of the student body. 4 A 2 Xif' if Page One Hundred Seventy-tuic M-: i..,, 1 .X -gp-f,,14L K, shag, W -it--:, ve iy. .if 1. , ..,"gL1:-2-. HLETIES BUUH 5 Axiillsllllx al. W' Q 'x mi' Ralf x x -W C5 5 , w Q - w . x 'WT Q .we if 3 N L N i i I PW - A E . Q Q .S .11 Q SNfS,Sf,g QQQQISHMQ Mk V Y 1 ' K f' 5:1 K ,. , I I F" , xsm Q Q", i x gc --2? :N .A sg ., , W4 1 ' ,-ug, uv fs :Eine-X Y ! - 5' 5 2:62 . i.-"Q, 1, E 7 Q. 3 - ' S x itil: , ETEYRE f .nv Q E ,. -F "QA ,714 x 15123 .-4531 .f.sf5" :iw . .-1, ,gg xl-li? ' 1 - W - 7 Q5 D w X, Y - 3-42 I W 1? ' W - , H w E 'J-' af ms b 'fi - 55 1 ' 1 2 ' - .f .N -. We 1 J. 321 L : ii XJ: .. .. ' 1' f'1l sf. gg cg: A 5 ' .-.- 4.-x . 2-g 5-X 1 1 435 -:il . C.. Sei : ,. ' .wp .W 4. SE' :lf . 32-. AF. 1-ki' - vw.: A hz'-PM 3g:.- , K , rf -- . gk'-it r. sw'-E ' Smith eww B I U ITI :mi f:f"- Q - Nix: 5 36332 12232: 1 11.23 1 W 5 -'Lvziv 21:3-Q L13 f f::.- f f 331 " :I 11.35, 1, QLTEN J fl mf?-Lf" 94 1 Asc- -4 ,A-. -:+ 3? iii ' 11:-iii. '- . 11 5-1, T.. .frm Q.. v N S552-. :f f " ' ff " ii is -3: ' 'T l 3' 'E , - -4 ,'Y:.". ,fs E 5-ca -ru-5 . X ... -- ' 97-V ' avr E f:51'4' 3 'fm KTY5. . '-:- SSWSF- 34 gg.5.1,:f :A 6321155 4"' 11415411 'w liilrfil - uf' , . I:-. , , ., , , , , Y , nn 'Q wa... ..-M..w:.M-Q..-KMQ: 1 ,Ln .,.g-:gf -if w.w.,:x:.i.E.:.f,.wN.r:g-r--.L www ,eff ' . '-f-hu:-ng-mv:.,:-1-v-fQ:::g.fu..?5+3C-H,f'e21:-:z-Lua 'i-L..-.:: 2-'afgmacmrzvg-lrwxa-.-.waz-sv-::: . :Pf- .v-:r1-w-:-ev:x5:tr::1--v-s-x-v1':-rwv'X:-'r.w-f :.? E Q ,, ' 1: fe-5--r:f:1bcmv.f-v. -f.:un-'nemfac-.x:,m :-:afv-sv-1a1aa:::avi-:-,1a?.Q-11:11 liregr,-:' 2 1 -l.:Q.wm:f:::X:--w-ww:,e.zL-...m.u.Wa:..w-::--:4.-av-41:-g-Lx-...:v.:.:is.aa.:-,rem-1:--1--.1-,...'.4.4 -5-:1 n. - - -az-2- - ,. . . .. . .3 . 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'S . , 13. . ,. ks- , ,,.m.,'xj , Or Ji ., I-Luk 'T vs CLAUDE E. REEDS PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT FOR WOMEN E . ., .,. -...C.,,:m..!,-7' ATHLETIC DIRECTOR EMMA PLUNKETT Page One Hundred Seventy-seven , B- . I 1. T W W .-. SAM -I '1.x"-firltfiiix1'A1??T,f'E?3f93 -btg?f-Ma1b'::ef,cg"4--'L-.T--fn .-.5-fl" N wi f 175 ', . 1. ewifi'-szfffi-f.,e!-i''fPt.'a:Ts..s,. ' :Tn ,f ,L 'f . . ff' 1- :Q :pp ,rfxzggiy ,jf:?,'v".'1b",5:- .xQg,.gA.g'. :F 'Cf' gw- Y . V K -- Y 'A 1 ' 4 f gg-,L 1, - Lv "-' X, C. 1 is ' wf R'-'X 1219. .' "'-J." .I MH' -- ra. V ' 4, f '- A. A ,A . .gy-x. kr. .X .A , .-Fx-g JC, ,- I. .. , ,- JJ .-,il f,..'S,..,1'O-Q 'wi fi -Q ' ,O v :E 2.f1L,'gi ' :Ms pf, H 'I ' f ' f ' Y -Y f 'L' "Il if "1f'f' ""-LT-iiTS.'5:TiT'-.'TLT?,it I1'A,T::?5'ul?- 'fx :ti 71' - -ff' "T" Y " Y rn ,Z,,, ""L,'..?f'h' "' l?"i1iiJ...ii4::"'ff,'t'4iu.-'A 5: - - - -' 'T ' - - V 77 , , , ,i""Z,1 Q' A1--N'01si" ':::':::f -':f':1 -A "" -reef:-f'.v4p.m-ss -auf: V "A"T" li- -Y "" - "" 7' TT ' " ' -'-:Hgh m-l?-- airu-wletew-':Y14.':x V L 2 Q4 wma-wx S-1 u W 1 A, M? Q QQ ,J 4 ,E . O S E T ' A 52 3 1 Fi W F5 1 QA T T T T 'wa T A S, Lg T N Iii a- 1 113 VN' I . ,. i fini! 'QP kew- DALE HAMILTON GENE SMITH Assistant Coach Assistant Coach 27? T Q . ESQ? t A F T li F Y 1 V ., H if +33 T 5 P3 KEZRS ' A Lx QEJSQ ' if EM V ...- I3 E353 if Ffflf if-1 Q Fii z ,ggi A if A Ex- , 52-I if Q MARGARET MUEHL 13:3-'in + Dance Instructor v ffgfldg . 1, FA: rg L L-Se A if-f'-:seg m.-3 Eg ami-A-A Q, tg ,sr fgr. i- ty' YE R 'wget si fi 5 353 P1190 One Hundred Sevenfyseigifvt .fs,1E.f-- ,A-m.As.,.,z-1.,f wi... .EEmfmfl.-Em.-mmf-.hwuqw-g,..Em.,.-s,.,,.m.r,,-.cs..,c,.,,,.s .. ff --si .... .,-, .,--- ,-f: .-1-W-.JVWJ4-m..w 'f .-.uv ,1.K.f-nav,-.Q-f-wf.s.g,w.mnw-is-a.Yval-xmmws-,-.,h'n', f., bm-Lx-,..m.u.-1.1.1.,:.-.1-1 Lf 1.3 .....,m.T.s..,,,.,,.,.?,c A ,W-,Q.vs.f...,..m,.....,.,.......W,,...,..,..,..,1.,,L.,.,.+.Ts,E.m1.,.,-.,,,.,,.f-.,s. ,mm 7-:fn ff .. . - 'w.1.f.W.-i.Q.w.x,,.,ns. fmgliwwf ,-.-aw - f mmwwi.Tm1fm..3,,,NAM-Um.-1s.1A.1.1 .Engng A j ggff' ' 5,45 'jsfiqik ' ' .ff 'A A"j"f' xl :L :VL J L EX A-Q. lsr- 4553 gjlxzgfr- j E .Z-1:-,,.-fy gag-Q-"5-Tgyyi ,f4,1fsgj--- - . .fl-4, w.m-Ns.-v, E -,v-N-mf ..,.g-wc.-.M1E.,a- ' fi.-un..,...f,-.,....v..,.mLm,Qs2-mu ' 1:-rg 4 N 31.7 Y ' 'U' - ' ,.i15.,i' Q4 L x' f:.i ' ','if?r'Wf 5 M' An' V X ,. Age" . . I , ka 4, Y .Eg Qg , A- l -ig, ,Q 4-if i"" X ga, . 'Y 1 l i .qi 1936 SCHEDULE O L. September 26-Emporia ,Teachers at Edmond October 3--Tulsa University at Tulsa ' October 9-Northwestern at Edmond October 15-O. CQ U. at Oklahoma City october 23-o. B. U. ,at Edmond ' ' October 31-Southwestern at Weatherfordx , November 7-Nortbeastern at Edmond CHomecomingj ' November 20-East Central at Ada November 26-Southeastern at Durant CAPTAIN ERNEST MILLER BILL GILES, Capmin-elm Wvnona O BIISYOW All American Tackle Q A Qff fllgffiiifff',ffffffff"i,.:l ,L Page One Hundred Seventy-nine X,-:-:infer-rr-,-ff1.u' . 7,..fN .iis w w r I '- 'u g ltlw fs krigs 1 : O J 1 . W ' -ill.-fl' trt, f ..1,v,Qm N gifbil r ' 1 5" "g 3-TLS'12535f?iQf+T?LQ'3Egq,,1-l:g'3 it L s- ' " 'il l . a ff .. . . Nm X.. 4. K Ny -... - , .Six . . X X. .. .,. LX- -.-QQ.-. 1 x .fe -. .K X . ' vs- 5 .P A -X.. A I. 1, if I w XX is 1. X X A 1 X 4 k X, X V 5. X GN Y kii. N mxv ma M eww msfwxwx x sl S S. ff, gms. was f sms ww N Q-, "'9. .gp -Y-,vpn Y Q S 5 5 Q B S miss ie we xx EQ:ffiwiiww-"M'Y"NW'WN:iwaz as sis .ai L .LA L ,gk I, f N xx xxx xx 3: .X , X 5 l 9 3 6 Football Review The Broncho Gridmen opened their 1936 season by defeating the Emporia Teachers at Kansas by a score of 6 to 0. The starting lineup for the first game was as follows: Presley and Barnard, ends: Thompson and Giles, tackles: Cap- tain Miller and Atkins, guards: Schellstede, center: Silksand Bartlett at half- backs: Purcell at full: and Jacobson at quarter-back. Outstanding for the Bronchos was Tip Jacobson, who in addition to kicking, passing, and block- ing excellently, called his place election near letter perfect. Barnard was on the receiving end of a number of active passes from Jacobson and scored on a long pass for the lone touchdown of the game. A hard charging line paced by Cap- tain Miller. Giles, Presley, and Thompson did much to prevent the hornets scoring. The following week, October 3, the Bronchos journeyed to Tulsa to try and repeat their 9 to 0 upset of the vaunted Golden Hurricane in 1936, but were unequal to the task and came out on the short end of the 40 to 7 score. October 9 on the Home field the Galloping Bronchos trampled their first conference foe the Northwestern Rangers 18 to 0 in an Oklahoma Collegiate Conference game. After several drives had bogged down, Tip Jacobson, quar- terback, plugged over for the first counter in the second period. In the fourth period, Silks plunged over from the two yard line and 'later Creighton climaic- ed ten consecutive Broncho plunges from the Northwestern forty-one yard stripe with a touchdown. Outstanding in the front line were Barnard, Giles, Atkins, Dillman, Hogan, and Captain Miller. On the following Thursday night, October 15, the Bronchos paced with the deadly passing of Tip Jacob- son down their greatest rivals the O. C. U. Goldbugs on the Goldbug field, by the score of 19-0. The game was characterized by a hard fighting Broncho front line and hard running backs. Outstanding in the backiield were Jacob- son Creighton Tyner Blackburn and Bartlett all of whom alternated at slashing off long gains through a stubborn Goldbug line. Of the seven passes attempted by Jacobson six were completed and the seventh just slipped from Hap Barnard s fingers. Barnard was on the receiving end of five of the six passes and led the way to the first touchdown by pulling down a thirty-seven yard heave from Jacobson Page One Hundred Eighty-four -, e...l, ,,,,,e.,g1,.,. Y 1 Y ! ! . . ! . ,s '- M' .' W. 'I?"zi""' "..s"' 1 4 X' " ' 5 -"5" i -3 . J, -fzrim Y T -TINA ,ay .ws 2:32 5 5 3 sg: , R :vis if x .,'M' Has, 'i' c 9' x A-Asks .3 N, ' 4 . L HN 2 S K ,ns-is R , On October 23. the Bronchos continued their rampaging to win over the Oklahoma Baptist University Bisons. Again the outstanding passing of Jac- obson and the great work of the line were the deciding factors. On the follow- ing Saturday, October 31, the Bronchos downed another traditional rival, the Southwestern Bulldogs in a Homecoming Game at Weatherford. The final score of 21 to 6 shows the consistent functioning of Coach Reed's machine. Pass- ing or snatching off tackle or around end with equal consistency, Tyner, San- ders, Creighton, and Bartlett were outstanding in this game. Continuing their successful drive toward another championship the Bronchos passed and smashed their way through the Northeastern Redmen for a 21 to 0 victory. Then. with equal ease downed the Southeastern Savages by a score of 29 to 7 on the following Saturday. After a week's rest the Bronchos com- pletely dominated the East Central Tigers in a turkey day game at Ada for a 20-6, victory. Thus the Central Broncho Gridmen completed a most impressing season with an undefeated conference record and another collegiate conference cham- pionship for Central State Teachers. In the annual selection of all conference men, Jacobson, Barnard. Atkins, Giles, and Blackburn placed on the first all conference team. Bill Giles received special recognition, the most outstanding honor ever bestowed upon a Broncho gridman. Giles was placed at tackle up- on the first All American team. l 7 W N Pa e One Hundred Ez' ht -five ' 2 - I , ""' Et' -i":':fw-r -gY'+'14:A:,'F':2,., 1-we .Ai-ef 'F fwfr' i 1 .. Q-1. f .f asf.--1 :-fr ef' v 'fiiulf-ie.-iii Ti 1' ai3.iS75'-Q an V ,lei .:. : LEQIZ1 . gf ? .- .gsj gf' f . a ff .'I K 'SEQ' -',"ri,12'-:ge-H.-' e iziiaf., Ski., 4 1-J, f3,-f15.- "P: -..s1.r,:1g:Sa:.fE:,' .g in 'll' , , - ga-7"'5i"' f sa '- ' f g E E. CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL Page One Hundred Eighty-six 6 7 18 19 20 21 21 Z0 29 I936-IQ37 SEASON 0 Emporia Teachers 40 Tulsa 0 Northwestern 0 Oklahoma City University O' Oklahoma Baptist University 6 Southwestern 0 Northeastern 6 East Central 7 Southeastern WRESTLING RESULTS 34 YM 18 29 15' M 15 0 Northeastern 15M Oklahoma A. 8 M. A ll Oklahoma University 5 Northeastern 9 Oklahoma University 18M Oklahoma A. 'Ed M. ll Manhattan Teachers Wrestling Review The 1936 wrestling season opened with six lettermen back headed by Cap- tain Glen King. The other lettermen were Anderson. Wright, Barnett, Powell and Ed. Foster. The first match was against Northeastern at Tahlequah with the Bronchos winning by the overwhelming score 34-0. The next match the Bronchos invaded the Aggie, losing by a score of 15M to 7M. The following week the Central grapplers went to O. U. and soundly trounced the Sooners, the final score standing 18-11. On February 2 the team performed at home against the Northeastern Teachers, winning by the score of 29-5. On Febru- ary 12 the Bronchos invaded Kansas and beat the Manhattan Teachers 15-11. The team followed this up by again trouncing the Sooners before an enthusias- tic crowd, the final score being 15-9. The Bronchos came out on the short end of the score in both their following matches, their opponents being A. F5 M. and Southwestern teachers and the scores in that order stood 18M to 7M and 14 to 12. The team was greatly handicapped, however, during these two matches by influenza and injuries and were far from top form. At the National meet at Bethlehem. Pennsylvania, Ted Anderson and Chilli Villa each went to the finals. Chilli Villa Real led all Oklahoma scores and received the Sam Avey all around medal for the leading state wrestler. As a whole Coach Gene Smith enjoyed a successful season and may be commended upon his Hrst year's work. g 'A 2 Page One Hundred Eighty-seven ---n Y, A .--...-FV, it E 'V Fill K Q LLL. 5--. s S H 5 Q-E Ei fi P si is 'i Ei Pj Sn ISS 5 4 . 1 Hu E. 145 1 ,E Els wx: y LQ? "-A. Ii F, Fw 'E : fi Fi .el 4 5 F? 55354 gtxfvig L3 - . 354 yan .Hifi J r E 3 3 5 ix E EI 43 FG fi ii Qgs bi Ei E 1 1 1 w he 3 in fix Sli 313i if vffg ggi x-9: 1' 2. -Q v f L Q S5 is 353' 1 N . 1.3 -x W . U. s ffl 4.4 if - S K 51,114 R132 ia I 3 j k .Si 1 '23 vii. ' sf: 23 5 A Skis '-I e i- g.1gs.gis. E L: if 54 1.355 m g WE? Q. lf3gf?-1 -2 - KING POWELL THOMPSON .f ,... VILLA REAL Page One Hundred Eighty-eight W.,-3-?,...: 5 Q .,- Q. .N .:...,L--,... ,,., ...T ,,Q,,.i..,L:..,,,,,,..-1N1..f.v.,....,. ,... ., . ,X - . L. - - xy --,iw-, - L- f- - Q-. H ,.. ,R .V L .N .v:...x. ,FHL .,,. . . ..w .. . X. ..m..,.-.-.55 ,H-,Vl, :M,....i..N.,. 3,31 -L ,, x - . X . .. 61. . . L. fm Q. vc . .ev ..,.:-.qc-m... A Q- .s-X3 '- . .-' ' . C2 g , 1 ' 1 ' '5,ANgi' .QQ '11:-!g,-f '-,.f13,:. N . Lf .gk-XR ,J .H ' L' . , . .,lq.N,k W. x...Q,.,,.N.g. . x s N? 'ki 1 BARNETT HRF. 3 .T h'r'.i:ii -xx , iiit F TL P WL - iff mm 1:0 1, - ..r- - ' '-,w.,p.- Y ,JJ -xff--m.:f.:fz1f r-Juv:-w--1-mmf.-4.wm-fr. A-:wa:v.L-fmar1f.xvq-x'-1-gf - ev-K-fn5,wx..x mv, an N. -qw-ng . -Em ., 1 f ge --,- 1 - mix: :av-fv: 'Q 11. .1 H. --.gnmnunsrmumm-.neva-nn-V,-mvmq1-mm - f -11-.1 -im -ffffvv . r-.W gf---f -Q-rf.-Q-fs,-new-fm -uv: arm-x-ma-az:f.rxuefuy+. mu-r.x-:m:n:.1mu-QR-Bums-mis , , .4-.xx-M-cw-1Lu4-M. -f Fr- -4-W-.. . X-.W ...,-W. --v - Q uw -1 --1 'oz-xmmflwnmqxmwnwumaumnef,-.1.Apfi , . x.:x.qv.1-v-fru-- --P-,k-v.W,., ,Q Q' rn... -- ---' --f.-s- Q- .f-Ni:-.-1 K.-41+-M 2 g-:mfg 111uf-AmN1ga:n-enmf xgmfxnfxfmwflmz ,nrxn2nnQK,1.-:msrvgg-fl-w--gmlrf-ng-afw -.sw -1-fwrfqfsvu. v Fi V P? f I E Li 1 Q.. TN Es Q 4 ,. L i, . R 1 IA gkf' if Ei' .i x 33 FEES 'iii .Q-52 , DQ 5 4 L EW v w,.g51.,5 xr ' .wiffe 1 I gg! F . N. V' -iii 'N 8 . . 3- Q '-xi Y if Q 1 Eflzfigj X 3" 4 .M , R .. - w . 5 35.35 1 EW., Y , 1- ,V W ,. . EQ ff. , W-f.,..T-x...:Nf1.w...1.f.,U......f...,,.fn..g,.,,..3.:.x,m..M-fi .,,g, l-,. Page One Hundred Erghty-nme . 1 , . .-w-,ny WRIGHT ANDERSON ANDERSON HARTE PATRICK J V.wvfvnvmnxnmxvaqwmssanwpuzummuwnw-.-.-1--1.1-ffamkx-.:u.-.L--f,.,x-Q.. X.-.rv 9 ,. x , 1' A 1 1 V -gm-1 in wx:-.126 .,. .....,zvsusw-5A4Q:- A..w.-- M .V - . 1,a.w.4x ..,.v-W-.swan-2:-v:sm.Gu 'wi .mm-wr-N..--A.-u-LQ-.-.fl-.W + x-.a mx-Q -, 1 - 4' -- 1-.. vQ.,,,-.J ,Af sq-,.,f..x-Lf. rw--Q :R-,.,s.'N-r,-.,f.: .wg , ., . . ,,.1,..,.,Y .- , l l E Collegiate Conference Champions CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL CENTRAL Page One Hundred Ninety X. BASKETBALL SCORES Oklahoma A. T5 M West Texas Teachers Baylor Northwestern O. C. U. O. B. U. Northeastern Phillips Northwestern O. B. U. Phillips East Central Northeastern O. C. U. Northwestern Southwestern rs.-.V -..V-,.. . L -..- N,-mn ,. .,, , r Sr sig i . i i JL Q '72 R V. i 4 i Q," i i ' . it T Q I' ,1 K get 1 5 QE , Q.. LLLLLL, LLLLL, , LHLLA 9' A., ,ry tl rw '- r 'rf .rx VI Sf l' R- , r, 0. as D? I :-I out .,, s 1 g- 'i Basketball Review GHG CollegiateeConference Basketball Champions for the first time in twenty- one years, the Broncho Cagers suffered only one conference loss in a near per- fect schedule of twenty-three games thus ringing down the curtain on the great- est season in Broncho cage history. - Q - The only conference team able to defeat the Bronchos ,was -Southwestern State Teachers' ,Collegeat Weatherford who narrowlywcame-out ahead -with a score of 36-34 for the only conference loss in fourteen conference starts. Central howeverturned the tables on Southwestern when the Bronchos journeyed to Weatherford and came out on the long end of a 26 to 27 score. Beginning the conference with only hopes for a third or fourth place the Central aggregation surprised not only the other teams but themselves as well- handing Central State Teachers their nrst basketball championship since 1915. The championship squad was composed of Jacobson, Presley, Thurman and Tyner, guards: Jones, Delaporte, Sanders and Barnard at forwards: Giles, An- derson, Hogan and Sears at center. Three graduating seniors will be lost to the squad next year, Jacobson, Anderson and Hogan. x As a reward for their efficiency, sportsmanship, and skill, the team was awarded gold basketballs and a trip .to Denver, Colorado, to the National Ama- teur Athletic Union tourney, March 14-20. Jacobson, captain and guard, and Delaporte at forward, were named on the annual all-conference team selection. Page One Hundred Ninety-one T? 3. lg? figli .nn 'El ' ---wteff--f rf 1 K --,-na ,:.r,:fffr.e., - ' ' f- f if n-unq-n , ff , ' , -f-ff ' 1.,.,. .,...v.-A- ..j"7-- .741 ' T 'T Y I7 ,, " " "' I QSQIJA ?1b31517'l1TivIiniI'-' 'WMP Qlffillnn' Tl" W A 1 l 1 a N L V , .vp ifili?-'11 W is Q X, M N M .x 'Nix 1, .MQ E4 X V, QW , E Fi L. ,Q , 5 ii 37 5:1 RM , we if fi? Lfg F., J i Ln- Q ' 'm ig l wi ssl. fb- Q., V .-fa! Hmfli rlifgll . ' .ffig S if 4 fax E3 Q? 2 Q X ' ,p n ' Y ,, -. Q 'x:-" M1 I ' V lf: N , 5 ,, . fl? 1. '- - -H," Hg Q12 L Q V , .M F H , QW x FY ,. gs? - 1 ' W- ,. ,sg GILES DELAPORTE THURMAN 3, ff , 1 DILLMAN HOGAN SANDERS 'fififlf gui , , ,fa vs Page Ong qndrgd Nmgfy-1-wo lv-nf-m1--f-1gvmf,-..-,.g..f.,-a-nfsLf.,K:.m,mmu-.f.m1mmm:.1nr:Jm1u,,QBmn.wwn.uJx.L-,f:,.-J1-5-:ffm ..g?5'3- Ei ,T.-,.m?.,Jm-.-faq-.3-,,.,,,..-.,n,g.A..,..,..smg,-:.,.g---X-',ffm-,:L-myJ-.-W1 ..-.! -Q.--.C-.mxmmfam ' gm m1-f- ---- -N -f swxi-mwvai ..--. -.Vw-QW... ... R 1 ---: --,Lgzv-E-ru-:mvmu--QQHQ1 .1-.QIA-Lmlfrffifvxmfglfm.-'1un.Q5,fpmi, 36 ' iii W - , 5.2 -....-....... f..v v.,.......,.,-.--,V .....,..,.,.., M, -..-.-F--Y1w,m,.f,,WQ.,s-,x,,,L1,L.,Qi,:,fn,-,1 ,-.M.,g,,.-mn, 5 M M V H: sue - Q - 1-.- S ' - fr P: ifes.aiQs,gi:glig.,4fiff'af1:'f , X ' z?1f+i.:',1g:::'.f1:2.,.,- li 41 ',.,,g:-,Q -,4 aykigvflsx jx. ' : , ,gxf-z .7.rg1.,,,s-H fs 4,4 H ., fn Sz- Q19 ' ff.. , ,HQ 112XiA1g:5?s,4Q wf+- .j553f+23ig.5, 35:31 ww. , -' 5 ,315 1, ,- -fjgvfg 5','jfp':-32,122-'Q" E it . ,,, M ' I + Q H 'V -"E 1 1. 1 Q ff if 5 M ed gg fax? N1 SSIY' ' 61,53 W ,. , E, .,,, , W, wwf, E34 Ea i-3 5 :1 . 3 . i Q. 1 .- is Q V. .arg gd! '1 1 V7"'x E f' ,rv . E. A fu X., :F Q . : -P2 5 LW: l -Ei" 1:51-L s -E.. , 1,5 ei ' Q-'TA . fi? iv 'f 1' as : S A iff! 'L 3 Q5-I 1 SP3 -,, riff-by Q. 5 25371. fre-, Q QQ T. Lf 11.33. -- i?f-ifsfi fair? 1 QE- S. Q -,EQ 1 - -mfg: .. , I .. fi-v G' A, 1. . 2 -w.v.fv af.-. 3 -uf, f-E.-ialwg. mw- S 5 E F i s I i PRESLEY BARNARD J AcoBsoN ANDERSON J ONES cw-v :V -xg-fwsievfmwm,..,.yi :-:::.+r:,f-A-r-1:-1: ,ng-r -A-- Aggfffg-g.f.!?,Y,.w-.E - - E- AA. , M- an ,, LQ? QQQT "" fl":'j'i"-in Page One Hundred N inety-three -. ,E . .,...,,..,. .,.. f- -fmw.14.....-, , W --RW f-- -W A-1--:YY -A....-. v - .. 1-'---1 -M ,..-,E,,,f,..- '?1g'VEJ!"1'71i QL '56, LQ I. 12973532 VY Tl' , :.L-amw 5 Ae mg mari L Q V. fi. " 5 B. B1 ig- :-.Q If M vw :, 5 fy' .,. , ,J L14 21? 3 iz lf La e'-2 s as T E N N I S Q 1936-37 Central's Tennis Squad has faired- exceptionally well during the past two seasons, having won the official state championship both years. During the seasons of 1934-35 and 1935-36 the Broncho Net Team under the coaching lf, of Odus Morgan, have defeated both Oklahoma University and Oklahoma A. 'Ed M. College, as well as downing all of the teachers' colleges in the state. In defeating Baylor University recently in the first dual match of the 1937 season, the Bronchos brought the consecutive victories to forty-two on Okla- homa soil. V Civ! The Central team has defeated every Middle Western team of importance I each year vvith the exception of the strong Longhorns from the University of Texas. The Bronze and Blue colors have been waving victorious over Kansas State, Wichita University, Baylor University, St. Mary's University, Linds- 0 burg University, Oklahoma University, Oklahoma A. 25 M. College, the Great X Plains Tournament, Sam Houston Teachers, Denton Teachers, Oklahoma City University, and all of the teachers colleges of Oklahoma during the past three cf years. Leading the parade this year are Tommy Higgins and Hubert Mani e Gy of Oklahoma City, and Captain Bill Hall of Edmond. .F Nr? -1 1 1i1'a.T:3 Q Q ui 'TSI iff. 32' -'S Q ' -3 r E. ' t 459223 page one Hundfed Nmeryfow. V . 1maw..-,,a:.,,., ,ac 5. ..5-Q.-af-.,,.-M,.m,s..C,-.m 1- aaa. -.-fauna!-1---am..a:.., , may-Kmmx-imam.-,Q,a2.r.aa-.a...,,mr,:,a..-ta.m-sa.----.aaaaw .f,, 1 - ,..-f,-ax. r:.:-... vw. 1- 2 - --1g:Q:ru,.c-,vm .m.:c:-:u:aC.-s.4an.::t:t..4n1smf:-,s1.ww.g-rw--fee-:fu- 1:fe...1-rf: ,.-..-,ur . -. .-.sf fl - 1 rf...-.e.gJ.z:L.-f - L-:Q-fr, - :fum N -,fzger-sm1.u-2.,.-:.1-.- gax-m,.1geauee.asnsr.z+.s- leer..-4 rumen,-..4,..r.3l Lge- ua., ,C - 1 1... Q fl ,Q r, . : -.H , V- ---Q " -X 1 - -'f-f1-:- A 7:1--v ---- --,'?sw:'vw.e: ., -1. s -v....t-Nasser., am:a,,1u.xum::::.LfA-:, -.5 . .4.r..sL.--.z..- . - - --ff: s- 1 ' :ibut .Q .1 -eral. X. Tj , -fl: ..g,iffz---5,q1f.,- -fig. .f...g,,,, gi' - ., . , t. s V g v. . 4 .- .,,,-- ,wax 5 , I, ,A ,. .X .-1-. . xc- -, . ,J-,,. , -, , .. . X -,. -.t,. , .V . -V - ...-,.,,...--.B,.,:-.,x.,--A 1,-, ,--faq ,gi ,- , , . ,r.. ........xl- gs- S,.-e.. na Q. X. --xv ',.g-,, .. -'r,.-- L as-gs-, -pgs., we- .1 s-gfgr--,'.,s-,nv -' 'f.. , . E ,1r,,,5,si,9: -w.-g,5'sg...YaL.9.eca 'il.,.s.i-.'-t,-g':g.1i,-mai. ia ' I if ,N .r V 9 Q X, 15 .1 4 ,r-. mug, ET L Fi F.: :. - ,I A ' 5' I i 'lf F: Ed , 14 L H: a ,-4 ri! E A . - E , xi.. r '1' .X pq i 5 F Q 'J f f? ,- Q .- . fs A Aff iff .2255-. I ln", 4 rg . 3 .Wi qffafy' . . I 525231 5 F773 -, ., ,I .flmw . ,fr- 19 3 7 TRACK SQUAD xi + 1937 BASEBALL SQUAD Page One Hundred Ninety-live .. 3 S' gf a L . F5 s Q-. '-1 xv ., Central Lettermen's Club The Lettermen's Club of Central Teachers College is one of the largest clubs of its kind in the state of Oklahoma. This club was organized in the winter of 1922, the membership consisting of all men who had earned a letter in any sport at this college. The member- ship of the club now dates to include the lettermen of 1899 teams and has some of the first athletes of the state as members. Since the first letter was earned at Central some live hundred men have earned letters, and all have accepted the membership initiation which is necessary before a man may receive a letter and become apmember of the club. The -purpose of the Lettermen's Club is, in part, set forth in the preamble to the constitution, which follows: To perfect an organization, the member- ship which is perpetuated from year to year: to create a better spirit of coopera- tion among athletes: to induce young athletes to come to Central: and to regu- late the conduct of the athletes in school. This club very readily accomplishes these things. As a means of inducing young athletes to come to Central, the Lettermen's Club holds an annual invitation basketball tournament for all high schools whose teams are coached by a Central man of whose superintendent is a Central man. 'Under the auspices of the Lettermen's Club, this annual tournament h s grown to be one of the largest tournaments .of its kind in the southwest. The club holds an annual steak fry in connection with a dance and generl frolic, which is the big event of the social year for the athletes. At this time, there are over fifty names on the active roll of the club, making it the largest club on the campus. There are meetings on the second and four h Tuesday nights of each month, at which time the business of the hour is dis- i cussed and taken care of, The strength and importance of this club may well be brought home when it is understood that some of the best and most sought after coaches in the state are members of the organization. F 1 Page One Hundred Ninety-six ,glib Y Y Yggg LW V viii in if-ijiii T Qffghggflcrf ,Q - ' fii iiffir if A 9 E52 . - f 45:5 1. ,C -'QI'33i'I:r3Ti1f2sf'j' ra mg-PJ' , frm W A Q 5 t -q, 'ff Fe el ,wig i L 'ig i egg ' S-L 315 nvf3?' ' x t .YQ X49 . X ,xx " ve- Q .T N if 5 , s 'T - . fini R+ :kiss ILT: e liffvkff Ark, --..-1,41 gs i-,nee oefmafni, ,- ,..,:-.,....,fr:- Q........ .-ee CN ,-,e1ww,,.:,,ns, Ex: -: ,.. 3 I The Letl:ermen's Club JACK ATKINS-. ....H.....M...,,.,....H.. President LESLIE SCHELLSTEDE w...h.h........ Vice-President JA, D, ANDERSON -..... N .....,........... Secretary BURL THOMPSON- .,,.... . .... -,-,Sergeanr-at-Arms ROSTER Jack Atkins Ted Anderson J. D. Anderson W. C. Barnard Gerald Barnett Tip Jacobson Wayne Jones Bill Hall Marion Bartlett Bob Trogdon Paul Miller John Juby Otis Delaporte Edison Taylor Duke Clemmens --.---, . ,fs . f-S -:1-1 seem--as-wav -pres-1 -r-1-1 f ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP Bus Blackburn Bill Giles Foster Herrington Raymond Dillman Ray Hogan Jim Tyner Charles Thurman Burl Thompson Sherman Spradling Wesley Silks Jeff Potter Wesley Rose Ed Foster George Hopper Bill O'Neal ,. M, N, ,..,. .,,r.....s,,., Nw 1. .. . -W . - ---Y - -- A-e--..,N.p.,,., .....uNGi...U- Q.-Gprs .-4-+ve f sw as-be few-sawn,--ina: ., .,-r-ee'--Q--.--a-:emi-w k1,,M,4 . V, , te.. aa, N.. N -5 .f,........i-ff,-...Rn-m.fmwam-wfnxannauugqgpqmv-asfpaq-Q saw wev-f-a- X.-.e-irq-..rvx-we-fic. - .,,K,,k,.,Ni ,,,.,,..,,,..a.-.-.fsu-vw,-,--q.i.N. ,,,.m-near-way.--.m,.fw-i..,, A, MS 21? X :tea :sae - Earl Presley Boyd Powell Jack Sutliff Red Smith Ernest Miller James Sanders Grant Wright Glen King Chilli Villa Real Harold Vandever Bob Creighton Ivan Berry Johnson Near I. R. Kell Verne Patrick K Page One Hundred Ninety-seven Q YF . 17543 1 .92 -'Se iq XJ 731315 A' 'Dr me A 4 ,, , .feiiim W 1' ,fix ,ig an Yi' , I r yi' fi :jk M' LQ W, 123' my .nk 1 :V,,. ' ' ::f:'j1"'S',f L ,' K, . 1-f, H ,, -J.-1 ,gggfl!', 1' A-?5?.:-,',..' + -.f 111,55-S ,- W.,-S, ex , ,- ,s,,,,N.,:g: is wx- 1 age:-,:Qx,,2a,ff?. mf- r - - - - Thr aroma f . , IVHIK yAj xl LAND ff fggxwkgh QW - - il , yew n CL - ' K 'Nk-K. f A! guess we 5, is l1,,,, :fi 14,1 cf Ja: ' ' 221.1 ' fa' if 11. 1-1- I rm:- I J :+L .vggm w- ,fag - : in ,.q..-, -nl-T Y-7--1-v . 'f "W Jhukfflf- -1? ' ' f in , -, oT1' 4 I ,I - ' f' - A'-QP! f Z f f p .fu 'Jw iv fx 77 -rm-s ff WEATHER 7 , ." , ,-, A www: in xml" ' I "2" -' "T my - 1 - '- fl - xg :V 1 X - -I 'K -i-A xxx- 'I 1 - - -F-M F. . - 0 :Q O' t W 1 - -3'2" 'I M 14 , A f ' I' 1 fx jg X Q - ' I HARBQUR .1 :Y 1, - , --'-.LL A , y 'rub Hortons fr 1 A I .gi LEAMNC, " 1 -- I' ruse: Goss ' I 1 I V OUR I-AH' M! -l- if-K, 5,5 N, as HOPE Ty-xx V 6 -JN.. yew Q, , -' Z1 - X ?"'L,,J THE gmgss -X y. JHQQ, , P: ' , COHWG "" Q- ex K 'I kb A ? : Qi iw -ff' " ""' - v V --.N , gl, - MAN THE k,,Xg g,i fgga r 4 L "xDERRlCK 5 K Fix if in N , - i fiws V' 5 J lvlrmgy X X .- , 9 loEA OF 'XQ X 5 is ' 1 car-ron-r nf yy? K x W -' if if 'Q 3 L, X7 ' , " ' when z ,, fg , NJ? move ygq G - ' . WTF bowsu. QT ' 2 ' 4315 QQ J' ""'T?Xf'Sjg one rvcuuuuy Q A x..fX Q V 1 :EA 5 b ' Q f 1 Q it .Q is 43 Li ff , P FN Page One Hundred Ninety-eight EEE m..u.w.f...:.Mb1,. -ri...-hmm?-.... -F--:?: Q.-rvffi uu,,J..-.msammmvfmndu-:h1,m.e1,,V 1.-.i4.....5Q.f..,,,,... ,,g1,,,,,i.?WW , H--f.1Lwn,,.,..:?- vp, -. , 9533 M.,:.N.v.N--,-a,l .T :-::.T, f1A Q YA Y , ,v b RQ M ,, .i5g-W 7 L - :, if-xi K j: '-jggwggv ,gif fi. 4 X --'w 'f1p.gI4snQ,g" ,wa W -:X --.-5'---'wr'-YTX1 wr 4: ,T EHTYY ' ', :- . ,. ,3u- bww, 455 -' W1 Q ii if .Q c '5 fi 5 5 ,J if if 'L- s 41+ Rt' Q , 'L 1,3 'NE f.. , ga :fit .P'.."4:, H I . X' fl fl ii E 5 1 5 . . .sw tif! fit i 1 I 1 2 l T A .' 1 iz . .g fig . Egg "bfi 1 3 LQQ .lf 4 x ful f'-F33 . it Q N x I Si lla? 1 A vi- ., A SI. I-H. 159 ' Q . x. . , i.,,.n 5 vm? 4 15 "' . SSX w k . 1 HW... 3 ...-. ,. ...-.. W Women's Athletic Association The purpose of the W. A. A. is to further interest in the athletic activities and to extend good sportsmanship among the women of Central. The officers for the school year 1936-1937 are Virginia Young, president: Frankie Jacobson, vice-president. and Texas Miller, secretary and treasurer. The W. A. A. sweater and monogram are awarded upon the completion of eight-hundred points won by any girl in good standing. Girls may win points in intramural games such as: Hockey, volleyball. tenniquoits, basketball and baseball. Points may also be won in the following additional sports: Archery, tennis, swimming. track and hiking. An honorary varsity of Central girls played a team from Oklahoma A .iff M. at the-5 close of the hockey season this year. Later this spring there will be a baseball game between the two teams, played on the Central field. The W. A. A. will elect nine all-around athletes to represent Central at the State Play Day which will be held at Northwestern Teachers College, Alva, Oklahoma, in April, 1937. A spring swimming meet will be held, with teams representing the freshmen, sophomores, junior and senior classes. An honorary swimming varsity will be chosen from among the winners. The Orchesis. a national organization for the study of the dance, has been organized at Central this year. Eleven girls were chosen by try-outs to become charter members of the club. Those chosen were: Nadine Strickland, Frankie Jacobson, Virginia Young, Texas Miller, Martha Nell Hitchcock, Elouise Mc- Guire, Virginia Cunningham, Mary Dowling, Maurine McReynolds, Elizabeth Costello and Ruth Johnston. The Orchesis is under the direction of Miss Mar- jorie Muehl. The interesting activities of the W. A. A. include the presentation of the an- nual circus in Wantland Hall, which is one of the outstanding hits of the school year, and the manless parties, dances and hikes. Any girl who has won a total of fifteen-hundred p-oints is awarded the Cen- tral "C" and for every additional year of service an honor stripe is awarded. Any W. A. A. girl who has won one-hundred points is privileged to wear the W. A. A. pin. Page One Hundred Ninety-nine - rx.. mind:-11.2 MM W .,..:ff,-f,L-t.stwa1:-,1rg- -N, w . , --1-:f---A-fe-:sw-u::...-.1 . ..- .......-.:,- --. . . ...wife , ..fif1f.:L:1-Masai Q. .?...v.,: ..-...., use?-Lvw vvnvs:11-1l1"---'- . ,"':?aax:f'f.11,v' f- H' Tm ' wig we 1' ..2-.-- .2,:.g. fr :L1"a. -?T'f'i?'i V f-his ' " TTU :D in t-Q'r.fgxTv'.efrwii'f'3'gg5f'l5ff' as s' ls.,-..52?1'X-25-ft-133' ' 1-'S-'-Qi Fr' .ni i X , ms, .. .s, ...L-1...f--.t. tc.-g ,S-' s... 4. . . -K . ... . A. . ,. ,... . sa . . 'K'--ff-apt'--,lf-ii'2510-291 ix 5-Rv-'iii' " T-'if an M-I l ' 1 .Jig I 'Lui Aff M' fa- fy. F112 TCL- 'Victim fig ,.',X,r? r lang :T-'L xg. .p . 1-. " -' -' . f s - -5 343 .- ' ':1, 'Q '- w.-1g f.:-171 - iv-jx 3 ' 1 , N ' ' J ' fc ' A- :Sins yi 1 K ,. r-.f'Rrsf5gi+ af ,' .-S1 ygg 111.1 ,xx Q-Q, - 1 .Lift -'TF-2 'fj Su -SEQ L40-inbsqlx-, ,.. ..-.,Lg:'.,-,,.Ekc,.Y: ,lg X. V ., .- 1 .ALA A. . F r -,sy ll L INST? ig: .:...--.- Q . Pi 5' if -A . xx Y :V srl A3 T131 -YS L A P 21.0 Q X' F R. .--. l A-. A si if i Er .mn 'if ' is i or Hifi new 3:1 .Ns is? , .5,, .V ,... . , X . 'x W. A. A. Sweater and Letter Girls ri Pi A fi .Q r i Fifi Q' 5 , . Ig. vf fi-fl f ii iillggx ', e First Row: J. Cohoon: F. Jacobson: J. Johnson: A. Alberts. Second Row: Z. Combs: N. Hendrey: H. Thompson: E. Jackson: C. Hall: G. Young: ' V. XVel1cr: F. Luke: O. Gray: D. Morris: V. Young. R. -., N, f N, Third Row: D. Ryan: L. Miller: T. Miller: R. Johnston: H. Tennison: A. Conrcy: V. :Q Cunningham: I. Bcarc: E. Dobson. PLAY DAY VARSITY . ' A21 Q sais-5 Q, Q Je sf I -4 rf'-5' r 'S if - - .- RT 61:5 ' ' 'I' '11 xi ,..Y ,. A. ' N 555 if A ogg A X. 3.13- A I. LC :- Left to Right: Frankie Jacobson: Oleta Gray: Virginia Young: Texas Miller: Jane John son: Julia May Cohoon: Della Lee Morris: Harriet Thompson: Virginia Cunningham Page Two Hundred 1" ':'.l'f3 ."Y'. .J-., so .sc r i. A 9: X . i:Ma9:34-WZ,-1, ,L--M f,,,:-:Le-V f-Vifj ziiis wsneei-ea.--of-f,?:.efff -7, , W , , - -iff'-l 151.-wer,-A.,., m,,?m, W , Y A f W, f . ,,..-----.,..!.,.:..........-A-.1 MW, , , . . on H ......:.5:Nx..,.e..:..........-ge 333119, , , ,wv,,-.-Y. of f W -- ff A so A W it ooo""m'W'l2x"" :'W'mM"'J . A X K . N .K .fi K...f32:.,Q.j.,q,k. if eyf Q - 1-- RPM--3 gs fs-'Eggs Aiwrsv- - QQ -- 45.1 " ' " IQ .x .gr xl uw'3+:ii5.fvR?ASffsa'1AfQqgF -QEQPA A f..i:.f.r M i. gum ---ww Y..-QA. -' s , , ,R ,.sg.s,. is ff if if EE: r k-fl 1 ve . ...US . X.. I! pf ,'. fy-N Ay YJ:-wr Arr T55 r.ifLQiT ff L sz . gg B3 S? 5 . EY . - .. FM fiifzv' 'Egg-af ,Q F. X' .J 5, . 'iw 1 4.- B. 3.-- Fia-. ' f? '?,5 x A WFE: -Nix" kk:-. tix , . . .W E2--' it FT 73 Q... , , . umha. ds..-....q.. .. - Red Cross Life Savers First Row: R. Branningan: F. Luke: J. Cohoon: V. Cunningham. Second Row: J. XVood: E. Rodkey: D. Ryan: V. Young. Third Row: H. Thompson: C. Hall: F. Jacobson. BASKETBALL VARSITY . . . - A First Row: T. Reeder: T. Miller: H. Anderson: V. Pritchett: A. Alberts: N. Hendrcy: D. Carson. Second,Row: E. Vlillinmsonz V. Young: Z. Combs: J. Johnson: M. Ficklin: I. Bcare: D. Morris. Third Row: R. Johnson: A. Conrey: H. Tcnnison: H. Thompson: V. XVcl1cr: G. Young. Page Two Hundred One ...Cu -..t 1-... ....Wt.Emo-...N.1s..qf.ww..w+gwmqwqnm9m-.www-Q-1+-5-Xas-1.--..Q-U f U-A ' - '- -'M ,K ....... ... Y..-Q.,,.w-Qqw....-xA fa -we -fv- .,..-......J., M... . ,...,-.,. - :..........,..f-fwwsv-mass'-num-N--mx-as-nw-.Q-.eewspqxr. .Q MG- W:---'H'l'f .. . N .,, ., . ...X ,. - ., . . ......s.-L. .-4f....x-w,f.-Q.-q,s,.ffN....1,. ,. .. f-Q.-f--f.M Q'-fs +' ' N. Tenniquoil: Varsity N . First Row: P. Luke: F. Bullis: T. Miller: N. Hendrey: G. Young: L. Kelly. Serond Row: C. Stiles: A. Conrcy: H. Tennison: Z. Combs: P. Jacobson: V., Young. VOLLEY BALL VARSITY 4 Left to Right: H. Tennison: O. Gray: Z, Combs: T. Miller: J. Johnson: F. Luke: A. illberts: J. Cohoon: D. Morris: V. Young: F. Jacobson: H. Thompson: V. XVeller. Center: A. Conrey: E. XVilliamson: Va. Cunningham. L-, . , ,. , - , -, JV: .LA -,Q .V 2: f, .up-11 um,-irrfxxuz-1:-Aff-wa-mf.-r": :Ln -1-ffmzky Page Two Hundred Two r Lv'-.A g K ,-4 .- - "2 ..:.. - w' 1. U-..:4:,-rc ..x.i'xLr:.x. 'nv!.A.f.1'xlr':J4L:.',iLd.Lti-Lx uxuv., ,,.- ,g 1 . ...N ,..:, ,: -Sf -Lf-.Q-X.-..f.. -1 f. V.-fv., . w.f-.,:x-uv...f4.a.1.v--- 3 1 Y i C 1 EQ 3 M .13 3 :S 5? ffl lf.: 1 lf. los Fil tiki , ...S L 95454 ' S A X., xc l 'F .1 L Q. Eff- 1 5:45 . af -Q Q . .NN FS 2551? ,Ay J ,v ,Q .. . ,Q . 'V . -275192 53 9 .I .. V , la VF : Y' I ,ix ' CALL X 3 -yr. . -ff. 5955.4 4- if ,M lx lf" 5 -'-A r 3 1 ' ' i 1 Swimming Varsity i 1 I-1 4 3 lil E-24 li- F: iii .1 . r First Row: R. Brannigan: H. Thompson: C. Hall: F. Jacobson. " x 5, Second Row: J. Cohoon: F. Luke: V. Cunningham: H. Clegern: V. Young. 2 C HOCKEY VARSITY X ' ifill iQ 'i'2 . iii 1 + First Row: E. Shaffer: F. Luke: Z. Combs: N. Hendrey: L. Kelly. ' fjj ' ,Second Row: F. Bullis: T. Miller: G. Young: C. Stiles: M. Dowling. I Third Row: F. Jacobson: V. Cunningham: A. Conrey: H. Tennison: H. Thompson: R. Johnston: V. Young. 1' "" " " ' Page Two Hundred Three Women's Athletic Association Circus PYRAMIDS The human pyramids climaxed the circus presented by the Women's Physi- cal Education Department this year. The sky seemed to be the limit when these girls started their tumbling activities. Page Two Hundred Four HUMAN STATUES A FEATURE of the CIRCUS Page Two Hundred Five 1 N is iii ?E ,s , , 55 1 i 5: 5.1 L 2 ve :fa V' -K E31 sr. A :Q L53 - Q .. 1' i ,llifw '. -ig- 1,-X-Q, 5 "1 -X. .5 fs-1 . . '3 - , 'ij -L, eq A.. '-+:. , .-,J . ,-Im., E-33:5 First Semester Lasso-Stirrup OEEIQERS HARRIET 'THOMPSON., -. ,,.., .-Pt'eSfd6'nt--- GERALDINE RICE-- - HELEN HIATT ..,........ MARY FRANCES MURRY-- -- r ---- Treasurer- - - Second Semester ----- -----GERALDINE RICE Vice-President-- .,...... NORMA SCHMIDT Secretary - ....W.. - EDNA JEANNE RAINES GAS: SEATON.--- .... ......... Y ell Leader-- SPONSOR EMMA W. PLUNKETT -------LILLIAN FITZGERALD ------------GAY SEATON Page Two Hundred Six -.- rg Q. X. '- fs,.i-.-'AA--.. .A,,,-.,.,,.,,. ru-- n-y:m4.nuf mf- .. .,-r.,,,..-,mfg -zg. ,-Arla-:SA , rf. ' of, ESU'-:rg A. VN 1 -1 u.-.r...,-Lmx,gn.f- V- E- X N 5 E E gi Ps Ffa Eli it Sa in ei E51 --xi L53 QQ-f: if . if o X'- . E N V, pt .4 S55 3 Ji!- 'A 4 E , 52:1 5 Si L 1 st' I N if 41: I I -1 -ii N! aff ., ,vfp K.,-vi 1 P' 1 g e - fu-.0 I 1-2 2 ' mgggs -if 1 3:3 ffgggf.. El: . ! I xgihixar '5-. ,Ei , 'Kem 'Z 3 X V, rl , fix L 2, 'iii . -.-. -A S-S-W.--.-,,m ..--.-.., --.-.-Q-U... --,, ., . N , .f-.,.-- E. E. -n-.,-X.-:-,-..,--fi..u,- --E-E., YE.-.. .e-,Axrwg--, Q . KL, Ln. , Y: - Y ,K-,,,, ,-,A V A - aan..-..., 41.em,:...vawww-E-..,mx....l.-,-En.-.E-.---m.Qe,-EX .N--.X -E ---e-- W.,--ev, A --.-W.Q.-i.e...m.......,..,N.-.J....,...,..,..4,,.1..e.k,.f.:.f -J..-E E., , ,- H- V -Q -V..- A r L X , H, KL ul ,,.y5-S. .i.-..-- -V .-..--....-..:...m,.....-..,-f..E,.-E.-.,.--,...-.w--.,-E, .m-,.,f-,--E,E1f- E 1. ,dm-ff if S W. W- , , fs f+f?w:v:: r egg? .X . , M. N -.L. S Y lb ' .E.e 4 w E F-1:-.1 1 'f -fe--mf.--1:-ie f ' A1-'.-Eist-'Q , pw 4- r . I 'J 4j,5fv1 gf 'J ,. E r. fe A, "fa, i Lasso-Stirrup ROSTER Adams, Lenora Lafferty, Ernestine Specht. Earlene Bolton, Hazel Lawson, Ardyce Spurgeon, Ella Mae Corley, Florence Miller Locke, Lila Steffenson, Marguerite Costello. Elizabeth Luke, Frances Stone, Doral Cunningham, Virginia Maxwell, Monica Stoner, Jane Dowling, Mary McDowell, Harriettc Stoops, Beulah Evans, Willa Dean McGuire, Elouise Swisher, Virginia Fitzgerald, Lillian McSparrin, Cassie Tennison. Helen Green, Doris Morgan, Donna Mae Thompson, Daphne i Green, Odessa Morrisett, Virginia Thompson. Harriet Hainline, Peggy Murry, Mary Frances Von Thurn, Ethel Halley, Margaret O'Shea, Patsy Von Thurn. Rita Ruth Harvey, Ulala Raines, Edna Jeanne Vorel, Nieva Hiatt, Helen Rice, Geraldine Walker, Helen Hitchcock, Martha Nell Ryan, Dorothy Way, Mary Holliday, Audine Schmidt, Norma Young, Virginia Seaton, Gay Y- 1523 33? 6 i ""a c 'ffc 'ff -2"c" Page Two Hundred Seven .,,- i ' ' ,.ff.ffTQffT7f T it f . ecw- f Ve' -1- . i,, K, ,,,,.,-is ,.-.- fr w f 1 . .-M ,wa tg, ,Q - A him l3.Qrw"'A be Pi' kc -2 E l Spur Club GRADY WATKINS-Sponsor OFFICERS First Semester ...................-....,.. -. Second Semester REX LAFFERTY---.r.--- ........ President ..-,.--....,,, , DICK WILSON BOB TROGDON-E-,.- ....e.. Vice-President- ..,. , ,, ,-,- BOB TROODON GEORGE TILLY -- .... C--. Secretary-Treasurer, .,,..,.,-- GEORGE TILLY ROSTER Frank Lill Lee Murphy Glenn Overman Douglas Payne Kenneth Smith George Tilly Bob Trogdon O Clarence Bartley Edward Coffey Vincent Dickerson Tom Points John Port Melvin Thee Earl Yeakel Rex Lafferty J. T. Harris Chiral Howerton Ro Helderman Y Bea Young Harold Stump Dick Wilson Darrel Jordon Boyd Spencer Elbert Reeves Jack Frost La Rue Newman Tom Haney 15 .1 p li 55 Q i E Se Page Two Hundred Eight i'i" E , . , F ,,O,, C -et egg gg A-he-eb -e4 .G .r,, 4 T7 Y The Tuskahoma Club. one of the outstanding Clubs at Central is made up of students of Indian descent. Numerous tribes of Oklahoma Indians are rep- resented in this Club. This Club is a Feature attraction at Central and has performed during this year for Oklahoma 89'ers Club, The American Asso- ciation of University Women, The Daughters of the American Revolution in Oklahoma City, and various other organizations. Dr. Emma Estill Harbour is the sponsor of the club. ' Pag e Two Hundred Nine V 1 P3 '-L l va '11 LX: ,af 1 :Se ie is Y. .v L Ax Q. 4 Qi? rife 1 rim. 113.111 se vgaspfer ' J-iii.: -1 Q, - fx, . -. -fi? 7' E? 551- rf X' x N,--: . 23, 5. gs if 'xa ,, t '. 91Vf1 ,nf 1, J, V 1.13, 1. '1kg,'1Qj .1 'fb -1,fZ?.jtZ E31 fy-fi air, 7? 1,111,311 yo ,W'L1l5.1f"'l 1 'fl' beg, 11 , lg: ?,'.3 1 .-f.?.1i1"1f.',i -1 "-' 1 1 g,w"Wgf,,"1 1,1vf1,.gm4f1 'U s,CQ1'.'u,v..,ff1 tg 5' f5f"1??Qfi18 'U -1 '-"J4f1:4'11Ff.H E lim 1f"J1i": 2 o m M- 135191 E lf' :afp'u'1"1 11. if-r1W::4 3 WWI 5' "' 5 br, 3. ,.4xfLi4?f'g13'f2 mf-.y11g,-WQ1 '-4 11191235 lf, 13 ' 11,fz11Aff,g,,,w?.1 745 lla. tiff- 'ffffgifri .4 9555 12? fiat wyggx, .Q .ffl-. Q5i'f1".., f' r 1, 1, ,, uf, in-. 4' ,iZf!f3i?42ifii22i if 'fin " 'L ll ' 11 11 11,1 11 i1 1 '1 5' 1 11 1 1 11 1 111 , - 1 1 1 111 1 is 111 , 1 if 1 'S 1 11 1 '1 11 111 11 il 1 11 1 111 11 11 , 11 I1 1, 1. 5 11 1 11 11 11 if 11 lj 5 ii if 1 A 1 ' 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 if 1 I1 1 1 11 1 31 :Y 1 11 , 1, 1 M 1 . ,. 1. 1, 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 1, 1 15 :' 11 1 5 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 grill-1,4 A A A AMA S 5 ,, 3 ,. 9 11 17 5 1 1 11 1 1 1 4 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 F Q i ' I 1 1: 1 1 K' 1 1 1 1 I if 1 fi 51 ,f 1 5: 1 f I '1 1 1 ' 'X Z - 1' 1 1 ', 1. L-,li 1. 1 512' 1 1 1 seg il,r,,:..,....,.,sr Sri .. ,.,, .. .. ,,.,, ,MW ,. .. . . . .. ' . 1 - - ,. ., . . .... , x - -sv. e- s as .X W,,..,.,.ie....L..,Qllli.iL1iAi Directly in front of Central's Administration Building, during the Christmas season, for the first time, was a representation of the Manger scene at the birth of the Child Jesus. Grouped about him there were life-size figures of Mari, Joseph, and the Three Wise Men. Realistic as it was in the daytime, an efec- tive arrangement of flood and spotlights made this Hrst Christmas scene even more beautiful at night. The excellent work of the Art Department and the 'Industrial Arts Departh ment was responsible for the vivid reproduction of' the Manger. At the head of the Art Department in this work were Dale McKinney and Anita Howard who did the painting. 1 , ALLEN C. SEARS 1 1 1 1 ff: Re K Ea aux. -" 12, 241 ,.-.-mv -f' imp A 'fs bg, . li: if Ei? 1' ifiix' w ' ' rg. is N I . , N kv? . -S? 1 1 r. I ' lift 1 :ge r ni' A 13 s . 'S r -x is Sr 3 'Q 1- ...L.r-..,...1..,....,..u.,-...--tee-.--ma-A --1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . .cab if E2 Q 1 T W S M E O 'U Q i Q U W ol M na g m um M M a M w W T D M M W M W CDmmatics 'l0Jho's who in Cfentml tion ,Sec Teauty W LL nb IK O O iBronze EB I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ! E I I I I I E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,Society I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I F .ssl A ,v N 11,2 A :kg , mg si? VHP! V SR: 'ek-. 2. ' Qi' Page Two Hundred Fourteen Shakespeare Garden X A ., .,. ,A A--'.lx.w 4- 1 1.14: f,.:,f,--- -1 ,,,r,,1a. -,mm ,W Y, ,L,,L-- .xrufvun-Q,-.rknlxvwi-,.f.,fS-,.,.....-m..a um- k 5 a E rx i fi L, E E 3 wx L 1 :ia ,Q Li- fi' 'E -. J l' at ,-G s g ,Q if T 'diff HQ i s iw X .SE W, 'R S E - - ,km ' E152-'JE ' ww' 'fill -. N L ,. , . F. , Qtfgrfvig--453' A , , 9 ...Ly : Q'M1W . 1 - J , . , ,. ., .. - 1. LL-.-A.f.,.,...v.,.,:4n-uf.-...1 , . ,,.1..,mL., 2,,....,A- L ...humlwfl -.11 ,S -,.u...-LAg..x.,....,.. ..f,.m,,-.. -..X . .,x.g,Lf-Q.,-h.::,,f-QAm-.-. ,um .14 Y 4112-Sim' -xr. .u ., A, ,,.. ,XM-L,.a.l,z. . ., , , - .. ,,A.M.1-, N, .-. X ..wA.w,.f.-rf. -www.. Central State Teachers' College Crchestra DOUGLAS H. JOHNSTON, JR., Director VIOLINS Mary Jo Reed Kenneth Smith Guilford L. Moutray Maxine Hubbard Nlartha Hayes Iva Hemphill Ralph' Dameron Naomi Shaeffer Margaret Lay Eulaula LeVa1ley VIOLA Dorothea Cox MEMBERS CELLO Ruth Riley PIANO Juanita McConnell CLARINETS Lester Shreffler Gladys Gillig Laura Jane Clapper SAXAPHONE Naomi Caughcll Barbara Tucker George Merklcy 'TRUMPETS DeLaus Collins J. T. Smith John Coone TROLIIBONE Thomas Jordan FRENCH HORN Eaton Jordan DRUM Peggy Hainline BASS HORN Jack Lindley l Page Two Hundred Fifteen ,vii------,rf ,,,,, I , I I s '. fm-r LII , gi ..I 25.9 : ' Q E3 5 ,L Q? ' i is S-gf! NN IX f 1 L L' . az, If o ' --.N H3585 K .Qu Band Queen VIRGINIA SWISHER Criterion Nous Voila Lasso-Stirrup 5 Drum Major ESTHER LILL Criterion G1eehClub W. A. A. Page Two Hundred Sixteen I Q--, I ,I,W,,,,,,: M- .,-..,EI.,f.---..g.1.M--M..-Y--m-.M 4 -i . Q3 l I ,S SI lk 1 ' xg, x, J Thi Y 5' if S. , KI 3-.SQ gr I 55 I I ,fri ry .- , L P9 r S-VK Ig? I N I -. I :- ' F A ,yu 3 " wil . 1 3: e. A-X . 351 , I vi, f s. Q r-1 X "TM, n Nam: I . I -- Y,:Ix4a-mv-xxx-' -I-wQ:nI., ---:sa-11-f-H--Y I I E I I I I II I I I I E arvunrzas wi -D.. n.w.-snea:r.-ssa.remu:',- ,., if awsesgsai-a:xrnmgq...rer...1:, ,jf Veurgz-.:.f..?L ff --A If?-SS" I L 5 T'TiT'TT 'I':f73'T77 I 5 '- i f I-5 WTI 'QB' ' 1mmA3"""' '- '- 'A' ' . , . 'Q J ,I . I I.. . ,. , ,mem I- Iwo ..Q,,..K..I..I .. .QM-1 ., My ii, ,--- ., 'ii-:ren-Q: 515 :niI-.F.SFT,ffR:ri',gE1'fYyE-,3i,'X3"53fff?Sff35R'3Sp,fQ.fQ'g,3Q5':n5iTifv:?i?1.iT5r:'w-I: v I, -. ,,A3SiiQLn' 1 Lg: .:I...E1is:f-:ST 'i'nixidS iJkmkoL "SEAS - If .arfzzrfa-41Sm:,-h, I mga, N .J 1 Y Y Y YYY I awww :f-v.m41.s.:s.?- .-1, ' ,Q : I I I I Ie K II I VIII I I I I I , ,. ., ..,...,,--,..,,r,.--...-,.--,QQQ 7 N.. -Lg,-9.-4... IM., -.,,,,,,,,- I I I I 1 as . J 5, is mx .Ie P3 F EJ I. 1 ri 3 t' F l 5-: D I -i .J if 'Lei sf -hiss 'SHE ,r - .Q lam leaf? wk- M35 R.: 1 x'T I S 3 ties 4 1, seg '-Zig S, 4 .. rc ., "1 -, ' our has-T325 1 ,S ra . Central State Teachers' College Band The Central State Teachers College Band, an organzation of iifty-two members, plays at all athletic events as well as giving two concerts each year. The Band is called upon for many mu- sic festivals in Oklahoma each year. J. J. GECKS. Director TRUMPETS Bill Burchardt DeLaus Collins Billy Snyder John Coone Rosemary O'Rourke Ralph Dameron John T. Smith Hubert Cecil ' James McClury Leatrice Ferguson Boyd Watkins Aron 'Meeker Edwin Knouhoff E CLARINET Vera Daniels OFFICERS . DELAUS COLLINS C,e...................... Drum Major ESTHER LILL LLM, ................... Second Drum Major BERENICE GECKS ,,-,, ,.,......H......-. Business Manager MARY RACHEL MCANALLY' LL................... Secretary BILL BURCI-IARDT ..LL..,.LL.................. Librarian VIRGINIA SWISHER ,L.LLL.. -. ..........L..... Band Queen OBOE FRENCH HORNS TROMBONES Wanda Shedrick Eaton Jordan Thomas Jordan FLUTE Dale Powell Robert Warrior Hubert Manire B CLARINETS Mary Rachel McAnally Kathleen Fawcett Jane Clapper Lester Shreffler Maxine King - Edward Coffey Gladys Gillig Nannie Lee Stidham Grace Clapper Sally Hemphill BARITONES Berenice Gecks Dorothea Cox Harold Blosch E. B. Snyder Richard Kockenower Clifford McClung SOUSAPHONE 25 BAssEs Jack Lindley F. E. Mc!-Xnally Loren Baty SNARE DRUM ALTO SAXOPHONES peggylplainline Barbara Tucker Julius Edenburg Dee Gregory Jflfkic RHY Bender CYMBALS Elbert Reeves RUS' XVQYSOU Aileen Cochran Russell Terry T ENOR SAXOPHONE BASS DRUM Rex Shedrick George Merkley Earl Carnes ,pgwL -. we -.-Q.. c-.Q 1--Qef-W-H-...,.av+--a.a-we-:r,a4m-ef: v-.wb vw-fa-.,-1 -m.:Qrs.r-.ere-r ae--1 -.W ,..,,. ,X .,,., , .ln ir,-,rj-.avr ,- 1--me-. 1,1-H-ffaeqv,n.,:- x.fxf--f.a.Kee.- ,1-s.rr.-4.5. w ,rss- :rfff-. -. ret - r-s -.-en re-fm fs--.:,u..,eem:- .,-.eN...f 1-KW 4..r.a.-aA1w.v, 1 b..,r.m-,re as .-mea..-n f new fr.,-x... fe.- -4-: ff: -.ure me U,-ff Ae:-.1nfv:.n.nwa ..f...,. me .vs.r,r.- .su-w..,aa. . e ..-..-if em.-Q-.f rr . 1 :..r:.:.-xxx..-.1rsr,',e .Q-vu fam.-p.-.e-:...1,aaw...s ,we .L--f. 3.-nl, af wx- - - Page Two Hundred Seventeen "WN "N 'Tff':fff'.iZ?x F?ff:'?zvag- .25ff56:i'F5Eeifasiifevisfzetfx TFFQFI R I..,, ..,, ., ....:.- . 1, . , f... . . Q,-5, .-.-. - .,, 'J S First Semester MARX' Jo REED Nw... Women's Glee Club OFFICERS -----------President--- Second Semester JUANITA MUHLENBRUCH ...... Vice-President eH,veF..., AUDINE HOLLIDAY .,... - HMAA... Secretary ....,M. ,.,. -ROBERTA MUNCY CLOTHIDE STEPHENS----. .... --- VERAN MAE CROWNOVER ....... Librarian--- ERNESTINE XVEIGAND ROBERTA MUNcY--- Sheila Alexander Mary Ellen Baker Linda Mae Baty Willie Bilcs Meda Bledsoe Fannie Bullis Margaret Buzzard Dorothea Cox Elizabeth Cloud Vera Mae Crownover Ethel Duc Fay Katherine Foster Genevieve Fisher Martha George Eva Angela Gilder Julia Gilder Mary Mildred Glass Irene Wrany --- .,a.z Sergeant-at-Arms -Vista Reporter- -. -,-- MEMBERS Doris Greene Mrs. D. M. Hamilton Mattie Lee Hayser Nita Hather Audine Holliday Vera Alene Jones Esther Alice Lill Annagail Martin Rachel Martin Sarah Smith Metze Roxie Miller Roberta Nluncy Katherine Moody Juanita Muhlenbruch Alpha Musgrove Bonnie Musgrove Eloise McGuire Ernestine Weigand Treasurer ------ - - --- -BEULAH STooPs --- --ETHEL voN THURN --,RETA RUTH voN THURN A KATHERINE MOODX' Esther Pendergraft Rose Petsemoie Elizabeth Rader Mary Jo Reed Ruth Riley Ruby Pearl Rooker Oliee Marie Russell Rosealee Sanderson Lenora Shields Lillie Margaret Showen Minta Ann Shuff Glothide Stephens Nannie Lee Stidham Beulah Stoops Lucille Thomas Ethel von Thurn Reta Ruth von Thurn i Ernestine Warren -------AUDINE HOLLIDAY -MARY Jo REED Page Two Hundred Eighteen M-1, Q-H My -3- nw-ev-vw -4 qt me-1-1 -, I an 1 W,-msec-au: if-:. ,pw ... - ,ia-Q-n-mhz. .L.e-...Q 2: a-,UA-,Nueva-awe-W-w.,w H ..9,1,.-.1 Q, -.-view-rf, V . .vm-. Waf, unsmnmnmh ,, si fl ti al L, if lj' Vi' gli 'P 3 324 iii if i" yr is ,LR .. i ,. f .ms H51 V:- .13 lg- V we S' Gila. ,ei ff? i i i Qs 5 s ',l's fi ' F.: W-'5 e 5 5 'S if.-fre? 4 23 : I' EY Y 'rw ' '5 sig-.114 as ess 572 5 by a We Y K' +.. . T9 7 l ij-' . ii'1J'f'li'! "' ,:. N111-L .5 y s 4 s -4 r -+1:-.:i el--Fel - 7 . - ' Eiziisia t se, if 2? rilssy, 9 xi-S kai W -mf.. Le.,.t.w.v.m-.....-a--.-ewgx-Q4-f .:A-:.!!-1-m..r- , e.e,..x mf- 41? v ..k:.1- 4 -'- .r: .-1-211.115-fi-,.,u.4.A..i-.arf-, :N Ji ,Sark-J Q-.,f..1-,.1.,,....-1.4.-:v..e.i., led-was T. E-vt L-. ,.,14t:.1 an K-... we - --- -5 R if L-'ge-1. -s. M. ,:.-- 7 ..-.4 -3Lq..,.is,a.viu,s-,:v,sfg 1 W, -P sri -e.-T615A.Ym..,ii?.-..:z1-i.-r-tf..:.m..1T- -4- - ff-a-2fga1e-1ef-....-.v..-e-s- -.. ..-1 ef- -- --Af .- s . A:- geas- . ' '1'fi'1Mf-.51-l"i :sw k -, es?-2.-if?-1' 'Nui inf sa' .t... ,, .A We . akin es yy, ihs.. ' X' w X-1-FP'-'Tit fafffl ,if .lff?:'i?5jf'.57. P131-3L.'-:sYfT'4f"'Sg Vila - -5 3 1 'i is iq-:sas 1- ef-fs., -X :Tig . 'X-1-fQ sE'fsQe.n:w R4-ijt rt 1' Mia. fm:--lxsikfesg 1 33. .5-:if , j.4Kg,.':sggnr-'55-3? Lg'-isp' 1 11.1, rf'-..-.ei 12,5-W t iqBis3"'?,.1C.f53iw'.ix5Pi:1z2'fE'g 2y,pksfss7qfm3i1,eg1 j'-51Y.-52-i'-5:-- 1-'ay -. . ,.-, e:f..z:s:1f:::1if,-.ww-uearrlsrssagzgirfz 1t3.,i1s-E." r - JM Men's Glee Club The Men's Glee Club of Central State Teachers College is selected through competitive try-outs. It is becoming known as one of the finest glee clubs in Oklahoma. An award in the form of a gold key is presented to those mem- bers fulfilling certain obligations. First Semester LLOYD TROGDON--C-- .s.s.. M.- BRANDON STONE .,,,s,..,.. WILBUR GILLETT LEE MURPHY-. .,c........ - OFFICERS -Vice-President c..C,.,C.. ,-WESLEI' ROSE - ,.CC,c,. S ecretary- Treasurer LEE I'xfES,-,L-ELL,LL-,,-., ,.., ALibrarian---L Bill Burchardt Iman Carson Edward Coffee Harold Cole DeLaus Collins Perry Corley William Daniel Vincent Dickerson Jack Frost Pere Gilletr Wilbur Gillett Business Managerv ,. .....C Director .... L.- ..,... MEMBERS Frank Ives Lee Ives Lavern Ival Eaton Jordan Larry Jordan Thomas Jordan John Lill Paul Miller Guilford Moutreyf Lee Murphy Elbert Reeves Second Semester Epresrdent ......,. .- ....... FRANK IvEs -----..---,-IMAN CARSON .Sergeant-czr-Arms ...L..LLL.L PETE GILLETT ----LL---ELBERT REEVES -LLOYD TROGDON J. FORREST WEST Wesley Rose Hubert Self Melvin Self Lester Shreffler Kenneth Smith Brandon Stone Wesley Thomason Lloyd Trogdon Carl Watkins Anthony Webster John Williams Q- N.,., . c-.K.-..-..f. T. ,M ..-Y .. -. ., -- m-1..A...,-..,2avf,-- -:Al---,-fs-'M--I-1 ....,, L . 4 - ,. Page Treo Hundred Nineteen Vlolin Trio Central's Violin Trio is composed Of Guilford Moutray, Mary Josephine Reed, and Kenneth Smith. Director-MR. DOUGLAS JOHNSTON, J R. Accompanisr-Miss JUANITA MCCONNELL E-5 9 1.2 .Y E! 'ix il QTY' x I ff' r E i O i -1 ri 'T 5 :iz 2 5-hifi 1 L 'T LA.. V V-A 2- .giiif -193 'A 453591 WS E T, 3 .ab -.i ' aff 11 in ff? yi S.-,F - 'Z f - .-vs ffl ' 2:31 ,-Q f W v -. E'Vf31f .1555 ,xy T itil Kali 1-zgffvggb 'isa P1190 Two Hundred Twenty "K"f"'u""n' " 'W l"?""A"i A 1: Y. if-, . .A M N ... -V, ,,,- ..-Q J., .xr-omg :f.,, .AMF-vwxv- T- r E c E ,si VT' Ll a' 's 1.1 is life 3 5 fFfi . pie: 1 i -fi L. 1 - ,wr 1 Wa? . 3 2 145553 I -M.-'fl W 5 x -.Kr 4 Women's Quartette ey MARX' Jo REED RUTH MCFALL VELDA JONES' IRENE WRANX' The Women's Quartette makes frequent appearances in Edmond and over the State. The accompanists for the year have been Elizabeth Rader, first se- mester: Margaret O'Shea, second semester. For the second semester, Juanita Muhlenbruch replaced Irene Wrany. Men's Quartette PAUL MILLER PETE GILLETT HAROLD WATICINS WESLEY ROSE The Men's Quartette is becoming increasingly popular and is unable to fill all requests. Each member is also a qualified soloist. Miss Margaret O'Shea is their accompanist. Ovid Campbell replaced Harold Watkins for the second semester. Page Two Hundred Twenty-one I J The homa. XVoodie Acree Milbern Adams Mary Louise Adamson Juanita Alexander Shiela Marie Alexander Mary Eleanor Anderson Mitchell Allen Zelma Artz Mary Ellen Baker Clarence Bartley Geraldine Bates Linda Mae Baty XVillie Biles Harold Blosch lVIeta Bledsoe Nellie Pearl Beck Marjorie Ellen Bennett Lavoy Bentley Daniel C. Bigbee Ethel Clare Billkley Taleta Boen Mary Ellen Bragg Emer Ethel Brashears Gladys Love Brooks Sarah Browning Captola Buckley Fannie Bullis Bill Burhardt Gwendolyn Burnett Glynn Carman lman Carson Hubert Cecil Laura Jane Clapper Beulah Pauling Clark Delohia Clark Central State Teachers' College Chorus Central State Teachers College Chorus is the largest and finest in Okla- Vkfinnie Charlene Doak Minta Mae Drake Ethel Due Ruth A. Dungan Jack Elliott Grace Ina Emanuelson Gladys England Oudray England Pauline England Pauline Evans XVilla Dean Evans Vernon Ewing Alma Louise Fallin Mildred Fisher Mary Lucille Fergu Genevieve Fisher Velma Pettis Fleenor Mary Catherine Plesher Katherine Foster Marguerite Faulks Eugene Fox Alva J. Hill Anna Mae Hill Lucille Hill Audine Holliday XVreatha Hogelin Mae Listen Holmes Robert Howerton Zella Hulsey Frank Ives Lee Ives Juanita Johnson XVilma Johnson Faythe Jo Johnson Velda Jones son Vera Jones Eaton Jordan Larry Jordan Thomas Jordan Fred Lee Joy J. R. Kell Ethel Kellogg Jack Frost Margaret Buzzard XV. O. Garrison Kiniebelle Garretson Bernice Gecks Martha George Eva Angela Gilder Julia Gilder Lorena Gillespie Pete Gillett XVilbur Gillett Gladys Gillig Mildred Glass Ruth Godard La Verne NVilliams CloseTl10l111Il Godard DeLaus Collins Dorothy Collins Harriet Collins Helen Compton Edward Coffee Lloyd Conover Alda Conrey Edna Conrey Elizabeth Cloud Perry Corley Florence Miller Corley Lonnie Crisp Vera Crownover Vera Lucille Daniels Pauline Davis NVanda Davis Chester XVilsoll Dawkins Vincent Dickerson XVila Diffie Opal Gregg John Green Doris Greene Dee Gregory Geneva Griffin John Griffin Doris Hall Bill Hall Mrs. D. M. Hamilton Hasel Hamrick Lou Gene Hardwick Martha Harlin Mattie Lue Harper Ruth Harrison Jessie D. Harvey Nita Hatcher John T. Hastie Grace Havlovic Thomas Higgins Monteene Kersieck Pearl Delores Kerlick XVilma Eileen Kincaid Vernice Kinder Pauline Alene King Clara Nlae LaPorte Margaret Lay Ruby Mae Lewis J. Edward Lehman Esther Lill John Lill Jack Lindley Leta Loudermilk Sue Ellen Little Louise Lunsford Hubert Manire Annagail Martin Rachael Martin John Meyer Anna Middick Marie Elizabeth Miller Paul Miller Roxie Miller Gladys Mitchell Virgie Mitchell kVandalee Mitchell Katherine Moody Donna Mae Morgan Elsie Mae Morris Carl Mosier Guilford Mourtray Juanita Muhlenbruch Roberta Muncy Lee Murphy Mary France Murry Alpha Musgrove Bonnie Musgrove F. E. McAnally Mary Rachel McAnally Juanita McConnell Ruth McFall Richard McGuin Elouise McGuire LaRue Newman Emma Nieman Katherine Norris Oklahoma Ogan Margaret O'Shea Eunice Belle Palmer Murlene Faye Patterson Esther Pendergraft H. Lawrence Petris Louise Phelps Jettie Lee Pitts Rose Petsemoie Mrs. Ina Porter Charles Priess Irene Primm Elizabeth Rader Martha Ray Maurine Ray Roxie Ray Elbert B. Reeves Ruth Reeves Mary Jo Reed Rena Edith Richardson Victor Lee Richmond Mary Lee Rhodes Marie Rickert Ruth Ethlyn Riley Clara Robberson Mildred Robinson Ruby Pearl Rooker VJesley Rose Alice Marie Russell Vida Lou Sanders Rosalee Sanderson Odis Ruford Schastion Norma Schmidt Gladys You ng Shadle Lydia Schimmel Austine Melvin Sharp Pearl LaFern Scott Daisy Scribner Melvin Self Lenora Shields Lester Shreffler llflinta Ann Shuff Genia Belle Smith Kenneth Smith Rose Ellen Smith XVayne Smith as S rj Charley Stanley as Duane Stanton Clothide Stephens Nannie Lee Stidham Mary Elizabeth Stiles Doral Stone Brandon Stone - Alta Jane Stoner S Geraldine Story Beulah Stoops Willard Stewart Mabel Irene Stroud s Ada Louise Sulgrove Ernest Swanson Juanita Swearingen Kenneth Teets Imogene Teeter 'sv' Egfr nl Lucille Thomas Thelma Thomas Wade Thomas Wesley Thomason Alena Thompson Daphne Thompson Loyise Tillman Page Two Hundred Twenty-two ' c :ff .fr -ilaf .t ,- Nia Lloyd Trogdon 5 Barbara Tucker Morey Villa Real - Cora Belle Vincent 1, Gwendolyn Mary Volz Nieva Vorel Vieva Vorel Helen XValker .--- Mrs. Velma Harvey Ward L Q Ernestine NVarren lil Bob VN'arrior Carl XVatkins Iva Loretta Watkins lil Lena Mae NVatkins 4 Grovie Fay Watson Mary Desda XVay F 5 Thomas Anthony XVebster finer-l Ernestine Weigand Jewell Welch Edith Luella Wilbanks John Williams Minnie Rose Williamson iiffjfg Dorothy Dodson Willis ' Irene Wrany 1- Mary Eula W'rany Grace Young if Mary Helen Young Gladys Opal Zachary Nettie Belle Zachary R- D I l r Q-nw.-f., was-M-cf 2-A .new ..a.....-vrcw-.1,,f.uasa., M1Lmmmsw... mcfmw f .r l , ss, 1 r-.:.f c - Q at 331-at-Y '5'-Y... :insert ,,-Legg ?":2'EtX , 4-ffae s?-5 X J a W. "lain" A .g aw. -,. Nl., .A ,, W. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,m,em..fp-,,,-s-,:.-,.r.-fs-..m.e-r:a.... Sl-.l.1..1..c.igrrc..1e.G, ,t.aaergr,,, agemnzua r -J-MN.-..r.a .Mr XM L -ax.--wwsmze-nm -r.-e..nyv.f . - X... ,t .ax ,ts at 2.2, S.. N. ..x,g,NN,. .. . ., L W-:rn.,,.f.a.. -a-g-Q,.e-see.1sa.2,.-xm.w.wu-.r.n..n.m.1au..u.-,-:nnma.nm w.l., t,e,1..,..f.i.xw.: ... ,U agmaza, :..-, L.-:.a.x.e ,uma f.-+1-im-fl.. -...f..sw-iec-1.,fa,-ea1- .QL - - Y - ' -u--v--v-mfr-w B V ., Im 5.52 .. .. L .i-javq, af: gtgcegve ict-5,1-ity.-asus-mee.,.Qs.-- ,,!Xgif:.a.e-Lf,s--+.:wn1g.-:-......s..-Af ,nf at ,-.,'.,.-.. as . .. .....- S..- ., ,a-,Xa ,Vi , . .,... .cfs-.a .X . N44-',.-a.,.a.-r ' ' 'V--Q1 :Q A is 1 pref-gs. .. ".,,..'-ot1:i's , hp g W , . .A . .. . , ,L water., .. S -5, Ffgreh-fgs QS??:f.q rf ',s, Y, .1 K, li . SQ . F, Za if . " , . . gps -- -I 1-as-3 yi NIILDRED KIDD. Piano Department THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT OF CENTRAL TEACHERS COLLEGE Edmond. Oklahoma Presents RETA RUTH VON THURN In PIANO RECITAL Assisted by ETHEL VON THURN, Soprano MARGARET O'SHEA, Accompanist I Sonata, Op. 27, No. 2 CThe Moonlightj ..-...,............. Beethoven Adagio Sostenuto Allegretto Presto Agitato . D II Rigaudon .... -. .......... -. .............. - ......... -- MacDowelI Bear Dance .... .- ........... - ......................... ---Bartok ' The Midnight Tide ..--------.-..---..---.-------.--- -----Bridge She herd's He -.- .------.--.-- -. ----- - --------.---- arr. b Grain er P Y Il I bg III Am Leuchtenden Sommermorgen- ----------------------- -Franz Come, Love, with Me ----.----.-------------------- -. ---- Carneuailz X M Lover is a Fisherman --....----..-------------------- Strickland Y ' IV Fantasie Impromptu ---.-------- - ------- -- ---------------- -Chopin Nocturne in G Major ...----.-. .-.- .--.-.-.-------.----.- - C hopin Valse Brillante Op. 34, No. 1 -..-.----.-- --.-..---.---------- C hopm V Concerto in G Minor -------...--- - --... L- ..-----...--. Mendelssohn , YW Yu, Page Two Hundred Twenty-three L G' . P i iw .:-fi xiaff f f , A f g jr ' ai ff 'X I 1 .-i9J.'-111 4120? 515 5 at 'M wA- -- I 1 Debate 1936-1937 u 1 41-mf, .. H N I X it Ll x 5 i ,L . lil get HUGH N. COMFORT, Coach The debate season opened October 12. with a series of intra-mural practice debates. On November 23. Bop Capshau' and Lee Murphy, Anthony XVebster and LaRue Newman, and Monita Maxwell and Evelyn Die- 1 ball, went to Norman for non-decision debates with the University of Oklahoma squad. On December 4, XVebster and Newman, Ollie Cearley and James Bigbee, Presley .Brown and Quentin Garman, Maxwell and Dieball, Capshaw and Murphy, with DeanMeagher and the coach. participated in the first and largest tournament of the year at XVinneld. Kansas. Reed placed first and Dieball. second in the women's division of extemporaneous speaking, and Murphy ranked third in the men's division. Capshaw and Murphy were sec- ond in a debate bracket of seventy teams. The following week-end. Capshaw and Murphy, and Brown and Garman, went to the quarter Hnals in the AM Chickasha tournament. aj, On December 16. Capshaw and Murphy debated XVayne Musser and Paul Cummings from O. U. in the an- nual Chapel debate here at Central. F, The Baylor tournament at XVaco. Texas. January 15. proved to be one of the most interesting to Murphy ft 3 and Newman, Maxwell and Dieball, Reed, and the coach. ' ' Reed placed second in the women's extcmporaneousspeaking and poetry reading. and Murphy won second in Y men's poetry reading. , ' ' On January 29. NValter Creason and Cearley went through the flrst prelrminaries. and Newman and XVebster through the second preliminaries. in the Tahlequah tournament. Capshaw and Murphy placed second in debate in the tournament at Ab11CHC, Texas. on February 6. Mur- gifgj phy also placed third in extemporaneous speaking and Capshaw second in the radio contest. ' 1 bl Professor Edward E. Keso accompanied Dieball and Reed. and Capshaw and Murphy, to the Mid-South xx meet at Conway. Arkansas, on February 6. The men went to the quarter-finals. 11'-.ii -'ii W f--fj'f1 l.'x-'-11 fra: .:'.,ll1:: -"W rsfrffla 1 DEBATE SQUAD 1936-1937 Top: Maxwell, Pierce, Capshaw. Vvfebster. Murphy, Creason, Garman, Brown, Newman. it Bottom: Smith. Dieball, Carse, McKeown, Stiles, Maston, Cearley, Bigbee, Comfort. Page Two Hundred Twenty-four ,A gffff"Qff'.Qff-ff? ff' frf,f.f.'Q1,Qf..f" A'QlQf',,, .1!"b','vL1i TFJJLQTY3. JTLIZIRIS ,. J, -- V V 'TYTTK 8 Kio sk g..k , y . we u -3, 1 ah: S1 ki 'Z . 1 .., 1. Y -F-v fig life if rx M rg -3 gs -cj iff N ' , we -Q K 2 -S Wit-Q Sr? - IIS xitkl ga la Ei v 3 'ix , 1' .i . b-ES 1 sf -f-EE 5132.15 Qi-Q3 T 1 Fe es eff. t.- 'casa' ,. . .-- 11 1 'Shi is - -Mi 5515: -: . ig wg J ? -:L-ri . as Q. 5 3 . . Gi f gslmgla,-Q F-'Pirie Lf5.Si'f'1 1 ... f. .- - .aa .aa 145: will S ci.aLl..v.- LEE NIURPI-11' BOB CAPSHAW On February 23, Dieball and Reed met a touring debate team from Ottawa University. Ottawa. Kansas, here at Central in a non-decision debate. The next day, Garman and Murphy met Tulsa University before the Cush- ing High School assembly. On February 27, NVebster and Newman were guests of the debate squad at Bethany Peniel College for dual debates. Newman was ranked as best individual speaker. On March 4 and 5. Dieball and Reed went to the semi-finals, and Capshaw and Murphy, Newman and YVeb- stef, to the quarter-finals, in the second largest tournament of the year at Durant. Reed placed second in wom- en's extemporaneous and Capshaw, third in after-dinner speaking. Murphy placed second in the State Intercollegiate Peace Oratorical Contest held in Norman, March 10. Big- bee won the preliminary oratorical contest sponsored by the Anti-Saloon League of Oklahoma on the campus. March 9. Capshaw and Murphy placed first in debate. Newman and XVebster were eliminated. and Garman won flrst in after-dinner speaking in the Oklahoma Quadrangular Debate League tournament at Shawnee. March 20. In the Provincial Pi Kappa Delta tournament at Ada, April 2 and 3. Dieball and Reed placed first in wom- en's debate. Reed carried away the highest honors in alter-dinner speaking and women's extemporaneous. Sec- ond places in extemporaneous speaking went to Murphy in the men's division and Dieball in the women's di- vision. Capshaw won second in after-dinner speaking, Mae Lewis. third in women's orarory. and Lee Mur- phy ranked first in oratory for men. g - The Central squad members have. during the past season, participated in 53 non-decision and 128 decision debates, of which 83 were favorable. making a total of 181 debates. - Fern Reed Evelyn Dieball Monita Maxwell Page Two Hundred Twenty-hue ':'-:yu1-:vfq-uf-- ve.. wmma- , -'rver-,.,::Qr, V- nf- rw- - -, r - -fr. .MMM .S it A' i A 1 Qi, " 5.--i':Y'if-icifff -K ff" 111' 3.- - 4, K. 'r 1 ge fs ,ei -W ,1 2 . ' I s - -sg: 1 - fi., :L 3 . X- ., snuff uv a, .,fy,.v-n:,4fnmwmn- Z? 9.51 a, an lg . K. fa .frm P S:-"NM ma.-:za -- - ,ffgQ,.1:,.-.-'g':.wi, A w- Q--V i 4 QQ. in YM, ,W lf is 5 E s. a gs. 5 . Ke gui? 031 3, ' ss .- 1 is ig' 181. was 112 ik X-f P E 'wi 4 ,gf 1 J, .1713 -- f- Es :wr-. sf.: rf- E i. TI-IE CRITERION CLUB CENTRAL STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Edmond, Oklahoma Presents YOUR UNCLE DUDLEY A Comedy by Howard Lindsay and Bertrand Robinson Mitchell Hall-8:15 P. M. NOVEMBER 9, 1936 Director: Miss LUCILLE MCGUIRE Cast of Characters Mabel Church --. ........................... ...Vsfilma Allen Ethelyn Church .,...................... Harriette McDowell Janet Dixon ...................... Alice Virginia Devereaux Cyril Church .................... L ..a..... Gerald Markley Dudley Dixon L.,.....,.................... - Bill Delbridge Christine Sederholm ............L........... Margaret Halley Charlie Post -. .... ---. ............... ---.- ...... Frank Lill Robert Kirby .. ...,...-....L............ Stanley Nyswonger SYNOPSIS OF SCENES Act. I The living room in the house of Dudley Dixon. Late Friday afternoon. Summer. Act II. The same. Monday evening. The curtain is lowered dur- ing Act II to denote the lapse of an hour. Act III. The same. Tuesday afternoon. Music between acts by Central State Teachers Girls' Quartet. Stage Manager-John Green Scenery-Blue Curtain Players. Prompter-Monita Maxwell. Lights-Lindsay Riggs and Jed White. Properties-Imogene Bateman and Polly Miller. Ushers-Maxine Hubbard, Elizabeth Bailey, Rebecca Team, Jane Stoner, Martha Rose Jones, Margaret Buzzard, Edna Ruth Shaf- fer. Lorene Varner, Maurine Rice. Make-up-Lucille McGuire, John Green, and Alice Virginia Dever- eaux. Acknowledgements to: Pass Hardware Co., Southwestern Bell Tel. Co., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bateman, Mrs. Dorothea Meagher, Mrs. Hubert Welch. S .. 1 E 5' 15 J x 1 rg W 1 rg 5 YJ . N r egg 1 I Sl , Q "rl S-1 is . as Page Two Hundred Twenty-szx , K g V g , r mn, as. ..., .C ,... ,,..s......,M-3,a..'.-31::....- X--1 53 'H . Aff? ' Wc"""' - 'AIS ' -.-. W V.-. 546-3 Q N '-Q1 -iff?-gpg' Qxf.: gii.fgg:.,.'-13 1. .egg--v 1-W., M Q 367953.95 .- 5-ffgwqjfzfqijfvsgx 73.Q-A-11M312-anaxzas.-vvex-as.wa-Cramer.----.-1:-,iz"i f -.:--fs-- i 5 wr. ff' --L gg- .+:g1 --is es r fu .H-.','g-gf xr. Q- -:A , .---gs A A f' ,S 5515. 'EVE . "5 , 4 Qi. " ' X 1 fi3iK3'l'L'w'f.f S. -as F 'I ks, . 'av' 5' . ' f : 3' .'1f'3t "' ' if-- if Q, - . .gil.QL1':gl.f'L5'iEffigEfIL Y. Eigll-S'4'lf. 4lKi1T:.ZH 12"-ip ,- as Q -. -,nr : -- 2 5 : - -3 'S' ' ', .2 ,X eg' . T. jijAi -Q-LMAAWA irrr i4-'AA ff 5- YW, TI-IE SHAKESPEARE CLUB of Q CENTRAL STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE 5? Presents . "THE COMEDY OF ERRORS" 'S 5 A Comedy in Two Acts By William Shakespeare , Mitchell Hall, Tuesday Evening, December 1, 1936 . Biltmore Hotel, Oklahoma City, December 3, 1936 Director, --,- ., ..... ,C--, ...E.......... Dr. Emma Estill Harbour i Q3 Club Advisor .E.E...... -. ........... Mrs. Hattie Seay Binion ie. .af?' W K J' A CHARACTERS Solinus fDuke of Ephesusj -E .......E.....C.. -Maxine Bland ""7-A M Antipholus of Ephesus -- .... ..,........ - Mary Frances Mui-ry as Antipholus of Syracuse .E.......E...,.. -., Mrs. Dale Hamilton Dromio of Ephesus .......E........... Martha Nell Hitchcock A Dromio of Syracuse ................s.......s. Lillian Mears ff: Aegeon Ca merchant of Syracusej ........,.... Peggy Northcutt ffi: Dr. Pinch E..........E..............,, -.---Norma Bissette Balthazar ..,,..E. -. .... ..... . E ........ Virginia Cunningham Angelo ,,.,..,u,.....E.. ,- ........ -.-. ....E. Mary Dowling A Merchant -. -.......... .s........,....,, E Harriet Thompson 'f A Officers ..... -. ..... ,W ..... - Lorraine Shirley and Hazel Bolton The Abbess LL..,..LL,L,.. C- ....... - .LL........ Gerry Rice fi? Adriana fwifc of Antipholus of Ephesusj ..c,.. --- Helen Hiatt A 7 Luciana Cher sisterj L.....L....s,c..L.LL..,,. -Jeanne Clark Lesbia -. ...,LLL........LL -,--.- ................. Idella Rice ' Street Dancers ...A.... Auvis Hunt. Nadine Strickland, and Helen Tennison 5 4.9 E was 2 A 7 SCENE OF ACTION Act I, Act II -- -..----. ..... ......... P ublic Garden in Ephesus F C ORCHESTRA Ma E. - Central State Teachers College, Douglas Johnston, Jr., Director - - Q... Jw ,,. N umm M J-E 5573533 N? 95Ii'W?vfK ls if H227 Q'-3-ffl! ' .a, , L 1- : Q, E F AI - Fel? re'--A - fits .,,, , - -. "1 -X .e . .. . if 1- 5357 l fi: ' Q 6-A 1. , Rig . 'G 45 ' ' " ' Wersi-1. B ai'3'tE:P fe fee' QXCRQ Y Page Two Hundred Twenty-seven woe. ,,.,.. . A -,r .ra rw: - E....-...-E.-.-:s.11,,1..E.f een-,c--an-f,..:x, .. as .. ,, , .,,,.c,. ,.,r..,.,f.....a.1 iii mx:-pa.:-ig C Y - , .N-1: 1: .N'-.Czvvnie,-uwf.xxn4.:xvzrf1.vq.:3:g41xKa-arxai Q: .sr ' X , -. a :a A .' ,f Iv ur KS .pn f.-CL. ,. .T , Q- -.1-Y. can-..1,..-NHT:eamwmuwanmquox-VQQQCMC , - . - V. Q, Y -,.. Ama.. 1 E-f-,...-,,,-.M ,aoaam - - 1. -.M , . .- lk Ei . .-,-E E E, f- - .v--H-, if-E c va it -wmv-Qm -f -Q - - C - V3 - ,- -4.7,-55,3 ,ir ,vi -mgggfgy, W 1 va- gf - 9.51 gf' '::g,k r 5:-qggf-,If 335: -i-ff-,x-.T -'ii ' ' Q J. fig fiL15f3--I-1- -,je wi f fa ri- 5: 37 gig-in -'C 1' :gf-jig 535 -P'q.3.',.g, ' -gk gn-.J -sf W- 1-E' " 'E f iixgnggvgsg A . ffm-it-.a v gg: rw'-'ist-1,-111.2 f-2? we .u -, . .. .f . ef A' ' 'E-'ff A' A A' xi Blue Curtain Players CENTRAL STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Edmond, Oklahoma Presents T MRS. MOONLIGHT i. iii A ,,.,, 5 --1. . .3-' 4.- in-xi 3. A 2 PM Legg., , bv, -rr iff :fi L. Directed by Lucille McGuire Mitchell Hall-8:15-February 1 CAST ' Tom Moonlight ....LH............ -. .......L Douglas Payne Minnie -. .....H................... LCLL... L orraine Shirley Edith Jones ................,.................. Fern Reed I Sarah Moonlight .......,... ,. ..LL..... Maurine McReynolds Percy Middling ........, .- ..,...........,.. Gerald Markley Jane Moonlight ,H.....,. .- o.......,L.. Martha Nell Hitchcock Willie Ragg -.-,-,.-----,-- ,L....L.. e- ....,.-..,L Glen Overman C" ' Peter -a-,--. ..... .- ...L..,...... LC.....LC..... D avid Stone Stage Manager ........ ..... .- .....L.......... Dale Mears Assistant Stage Manager .................... Stanford Austin Prompter L....... .-.- .....,................. Earlene Specht Scenery ................................, Lucille McGuire Lights .............. -.-. .................e... -Dale Mears Properties ...................,,.. ---David Stone, Bob Rice Hand Properties L...... -- ..................L --Allison Keith Makeup ....... Lucille McGuire, Fern Reed, Maurine McReynOlds Advertising - L...L. -. ............... Alice Virginia Devereaux Ushers --,- .L.,.... LL...L.L.... - .---High School Usher Club First Act l88O. 1 Second Act 1900. Second Scene Second Act Three weeks later. fri Third Act Present Setting and at night. if . CONSTRUCTION CREW Stanford Austin, Clayton Bagwell, Sylvia Terry, David Stone,,Mit- gif chell Allen, Lucy Dawson, Maurine McReynolds. Elouise McGuire, Douglas Payne, Gerald Markley, Alice Virginia Devereaux, Evelyn Q Bolton, Hugh Comfort, Dale Mears,-Elza Perkett, Fern Reed, Gene Smith. , . Q ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS g A N 5 C. S. T. C. Orchestra, President Moseley, Dean Meagher, Mrs. 5 Payne.'Paas Hardware, Marvin Studebaker, F. L. Fordice, Dr. Stone, F, T. A. Reeves, Mrs. Hitchcock. E -fgr- T E. i , . .iii g Page Two Hundred Twenty-eight l E r, iii git' ,.r,, ,-. . W, E --- --- fit,e.Hr.,.a.ew-L-aw:W-aww-ffeexi f- C31 as-,x,,,:9g,5 nwfgwei. iT'i" se e: A GH ' "' "'twG"'t'W'Q"V':' E P 2, " ,,', The' Senior Class Presents "IT PAYS TO ADVERTIZEH A Farcical Fact in Three Acts er By s- Roi Cooper Megrue and flValter Hackett Thursday Evening, May 20, 1937. 8:15 O'clock Dr. Emma Estill Harbour, Director CAST OE CHARACTERS 5 Mary Grayson .,...................... ,,Lillian Fitzgerald ' Johnson ..........o,....... -. ...n......v.-. Preslie Brown Comtesse De Beaurien ......r.-.......-..,. Imogene Bateman I ,VPD , Rodney Martin ........... .-, .,.o.W.-.......,.. Frank Lill Cyrus Martin ........ -.-E ..........o.....-...... Carl Fite Ambrose Peale .............................. Glen Overman Marie .........................H..... Mary Frances Murry 551 William Smith -- ..........H................ Dale McKinney Donald McChesney ............d.............. J. T. Harris fi Miss Burke ..... E ,........,.................. Clara Petree Ellery Clark .d.... -. .....................-. Gerald Markley George Bronson ..............w............ Lloyd Trogdon 5: ' SCENES Act I Library at Cyrus Martin's. ' Act II The office of The 13 Soap Company. Q, Act III Same as Act I. Music furnished by Central State Teachers College Orchestra, Pg -. V 1: Q Douglas H. Johnston, Jr., Director. as r , , sl 5335 , TS ffiiffi 31? rag. - . 1335532 rqf gae. ii? Q gk Slifer I1-:Q g 1 . r 'L X.. 'htgf r .. Vw Q. , , - .-1 N -,. .., .-4 A-.f.,s,. f.-1-fr-..-H fr-raves-snarxvav-new-urwffwnvsvva-m-mmm21-K-rv -uf-wwf: Page Twg Hundfgd Twgnfy-nfne rf, .- -fr., - A ...Q ........sam.f,,a-.afsa.e.npmwa1s-,1Q.s.Nref-X-u-ww.-mm,-V. .11-mm ,..-f.-.t - . V 1 .M--f -,,.r.-wc. ...-,..v.2-,a-..1-.-.-.:,-.m.-ew-..xe,v.sfs1-.f-,mz,.r.X-fur,-.X'--,f was ,Fw -f . . v.. 1 awww 1-my zs:vmswu.s-rw--1--:,-- C-v we nv.-nys' -.1 .1-fs ,C C ,.i, .,.. ,. ......, l 1 l l I A .slid 4 The Arena Club Presents ITS ANNUAL NERT FEST ALL FOOLS' DAY, 1937 Mitchell Hall--8:15 P, M, Theme Song QCrazy Peoplej Musical Introduction The Hawaiian Spinners Warrior's Husband Modern Melody Maker Behind Office Doors QSO What?j Gene the Guggler. Guest Artists QTO be announcedj Dr. Ravin' Rant, International Philosopher on World Relationship Vocal Solo I Gimme Them Papers--Syncopated Sob Stuff! Red Scrawny Dancers Diversified Comedy Professor Figsbottle Arena Trio Orchestra Q GR AND FINALLY! If our show does not follow your program maybe you have last year's. If it's not what you expect, remember--April Fool to all, and to all a good night! We Thank You Page Two Hundred Thirty ' 5- I I Calendar I936-I937 SEPTEMBER Freshmen Orientation Y. XV. C. A. Freshman Girls' Party All School Mixer Triumvirate Tea President's Student Reception Y. W. C. A. Tea Criterion Rush Party Shakespeare Tea Music Club Reception Latin Club Party President's Faculty Reception Triumvirate Buffet Supper Criterion Dutch Supper Shakespeare Line Party Shakespeare Buffet Supper All School Party Criterion Tea Kappa Delta Pi OCTOBER Alpha Phi Sigma Reception Tsa Mo Ga Rushee Party Tau Theta Kappa Tea Music Club Reception Music Recital A. A. U. W. Tea Triumvirate Dutch Supper All School Party Sigma Tau Delta Open House Freshman Class Party Men's Glee Club Party Alpha Phi Sigma Banquet President's Birthday Party Indian Club Steak Fry Angna Enters-Dancer Teachers Meeting Senate-Triumvirate Box Supper Spur Wiener Roast Bronze Book Carnival Sophomore Party ' NOVEMBER Q Commerce Club Wiener Roast Sigma Tau Delta Initiation HOMECOMING Criterion Play Y. W-Y. M. All School Party Kappa Delta Pi Meeting Kedroff Male Ouartette PHYSICAL EDUCATION CIRCUS Junior Class Party Mr. and Mrs. Carl Clevenger enterta Commerce Students Arena All-School Party Tau Theta Kappa Tea Student Recital Criterion Rush Party DECEMBER Shakespeare Play Blue Curtain Initiation ' Student Recital Kappa Delta Pi Banquet Sigma Tau Delta Reception for Auslander and Wurdemann Student Recital Alpha Phi Sigma Initiation W. A. A. Manless Dance Student Recital Art Club Party Band Party Criterion Snowball Christmas Choral Concert Senior Class Party Band Concert and Operetta Football Banquet JANUARY Hastings Marionettes Glee Club Line Parry Salvi-Harpist Sigma Tau Delta Reception Kappa Delta Pi Meeting FEBRUARY Blue Curtain Play Tosca Berger-Concert Violinist Triumvirate Dinner Les Metieres Valentine Party All School Party O. U. Symphony Orchestra Thatcher Hall Housewarming Tsa Mo Ga Rush Party Arena All School Party MARCH Shawn Dancers Kappa Delta Pi Reception W. A. A. Manless Dance All School Party Music Faculty Recital Tsa Mo Ga Reception Sigma Tau Delta Reception Band Concert Lasso Stirrup Leap Year Party Student Recital Latin Club Party French Club Banquet Shakespeare-Arena Party Senate-Arena Debate Orchestra Concert Piano Recital APRIL Nert Fest , Lasso-Stirrup Dutch Supper Arena Barn Dance Criterion Beneiit Bridge Faculty Tea V - Voice -Recital ' Alpha Phi Sigma Initiation A Student Recital ' Operetta Sigma Tau Delta Banquet Piano Recital ' Joe Bentonelli, Concert Tenor MAY Alpha Phi Sigma Initiation Dance Recital Shakespeare Breakfast Sigma Tau Delta Recital A A U W Tea Student Recital Massed Band Concert Shakespeare Formal Junior Senior Reception Senior Play Baccalaureate President s Reception to Seniors Convocation Page ruo Hundred Thirty one at, 1' .it agiifmi '91-19' vi for-.. 6 ' ' i . . 9 . A 10. ' ' A ' . T 12 .....' . ' - L l 3 . A ' ' , ' l 4 . r ' 'E 1 S . ' - ' ' V A. 2 o. ' e A ' - 2 3 . , . ' 25 . ' ' I A S ' - ' 27. . Q . A 1 . f . 'F 1 ' . lf? .33 if g il " ve t W HE i Lili -",'x"5 ' . f I .4-,Pvt - a .fa"'F57:'aTE . .K , Curr., A, ,Q -- -wev- Society TRIUMVIRATE TEA The Triumvirate club's entertainment of the 36-37 school year was a tea given for a group of rushees Sunday, September 13, at 305 East First. The beautiful tea table was presided over by alumnae members of the club. Red, white, and blue flowers and favors depicted the club colors. PRESIDENT'S RECEPTIONS President and Mrs. Moseley very graciously entertained the student body of Central State Teachers College, Tuesday evening, September 15, at a lawn party in the pergola just east of their home. On Tuesday evening, September 22, they entertained the faculty members in their home on the campus. CRITERION PARTY Silver and old rose was the color scheme carried out at the Criterion Club rush party at Doyel's Drug Store, Saturday evening, September 19, from eight to ten o'clock. Forty guests were entertained at cards. The tables were spread with decorative checked cloths with matching napkins, while streamers of old rose and silver crepe made the entrance into the reserved space of entertainment. Hot chocolate and shortbread cakes were served after the club members had pre- sented each guest to the group. SHAKESPEARE PARTIES The home of Mrs. Henry S. Johnson, 101 East Hurd, was the scene of the lovely tea given by the Shakespeare Club, Sunday, September 20. This event was followed by a line party to "The Gorgeous Hussy" on Thursday evening, LATIN CLUB PARTY On September 21, the Latin Club of Central honored Miss Jessie D. Newby with a farewell tea at one o'clock in the Dean of Women's reception room. Miss Newby is leaving for Iowa University where she will continue her work on her SHAKESPEARE BUFFET SUPPER An enjoyable evening was spent at the home of Miss Helen Hiatt, Septem- ber 25, when the members of the Shakespeare club entertained their rushees with a buffet supper. The dinner was served strictly buffet style and the guests served themselves from a table on which was arranged in formation the Broncho eleven made from bronze and blue gum drops. The girls were pre- sented miniature bronze footballs as favors. CRITERION TEA Appointments were carried out in silver at the Silver Jubilee Tea sponsored by the Criterion club at the home of the club president, Miss Margaret Halley, Sunday afternoon, September 27, from three to five o'clock. This was the iinal rush party planned by the club before bids were given to the tentative members. TSA MO GA PICNIC The Tsa Mo Ga club enjoyed a hamburger picnic at Devil's Den south of Edmond, Thursday evening, October l. ALPHA PHI SIGMA RECEPTION An interesting event of Thursday, October 1, was the reception given by the Alpha Phi Sigma Society to the valedictorians and the salutatorians who are now enrolled in school. The guests were introduced to the receiving line by Glenn Overman. 5 TAU THETA KAPPA TEA f A rush tea was given by the Tau Theta Kappa Club at the home of Miss Georgia Ewing, 315 North Boulevard. Sunday, October 4, from three to five o'clock. Miss Ruth Coyner, sponsor of the club, presided at the tea table, as- sisted by Miss Grace Thee and Miss Georgia Ewing. The tea table and room were effectively decorated in green and white with reds roses for emphasis. FRESHMAN PARTY , The Freshman class enjoyed a party and get-acquainted program in Want- land Hall, Saturday night, October 17, at eight o'clock. j TRIUMVIRATE DUTCH SUPPER J One of the most clever entertainments of the year was a hot dog supper given by the pledges to the members of the First Triumvirate club Thursday, October 8, at six o'clock, The supper was given at the apartment of Miss Opal Gregg and Miss Lou Ferguson, 216 North Boulevard. Gay decorations carried out the idea of the Centennial. Drapes of red, white, and blue crepe paper hung from the ceilings and many dozens of multi-colored balloons floated among the folds. A large hot dog stand occupied one end of the room where the guests were served. ' I September 24. doctor's degree, l Page Two Hundred Thirty-two .W -. t- - ,- -.ate F S-..,,......naws..,..,..a-,,s..,, : .amz : Wav cv ur: . s.:. I--ev: seasons ,--arfxtsuurs-1vw:.ut:rrmr-smqemvsaf-:x.:J.m.:-e S I 3 i ' a if X wh E121 'C Ft' c. :vm i is yr I : ff' have .N we s f gigtfg '4 Pi . 9- Q s , '- '+ 1.51 l is-.S san s , Q' xs. .tl n mi.- T s r filffi , ..,f ER, :Z . P . ua., . -.,,,.:L. 15255 le?-5b'B?lii i3,,3.i,,1 1.-:F-7 ' 1 N 5 Q is uw-. as-.,u.-as-t.:.,.,,:L,s, ---,. res- mms 1 -r - ...-ft-f.:-,v 2-.Maries-...e tssfmysmnsmdsva-sas-.aymksyx -ts:--.-af:sy.-. -we.-.Y 2-.w-.M -:ew , .V ,1..-y-any .-,-.- .- . . at . . ..- .-any-r .,-.-K.-Q.-asni..1.vmac..,e:x'-uerxauml were wana.. .C ..c 1. -v .. e--As .,,.,o.,..f.r -.-mfs -2. vw: U H ' ' ' ' - 1-' " A -an ... , a--M., . -, -1. . ..-- .,- V- -1 x S - .-...,Liam-.immamm1.1nm.f.:mu-Klee..-.c -v -S cv.,-Q .......,, 2 -est t f 4- ' -f -'Tie-Q1:..'f'ifs1 Ts.I1.tff,asf 1-L? sd" Y Lf hike-seg-J'. -ig 2'.f'n-2 gf? xx- " 4 ' 4 5-,'r1.e:-If-'Lf' -sr.-.::':a-an-bf:-ff:5+TQi--1' . 1 Q , . . . 1 me Wt. - 1..-l-.---..s.r.r.Qg-::S.ti"5.Mc:e.4.'L5 4. 5 'I-.115-44.cL:eai.1vi- fe Q 'kges sz I gc :zu :mums 5. i is if : 'I+ Q 7 . 5'-2 l i r-if ,ffl Se , ig-i'. if, 1 1 . 5 3 gs 4 nf s, 223. . li iii . -: rf R1 A . Ms.. .-,.k . at ,LM .. -2-., wig" M Q I 1, , I tri W, c 5m-sl ffiawiil Taj. rs y ui-1 s .-.,, 4 Elf .. J.-.Fifa sr mel at I s W x flea., . .cu-rf 1 il' Q5 xy Y , , .. . . . Y. AML., N., .-M-.w-..f-N-......- I 1 'ST - .1 F z-Nm --.-as LASSO-STIRRUP PARTY The popular Lasso-Stirrup's semi-annual Leap Year Dance was given Satur- day night, October 10, in the college gymnasium at eight o'clock. ALPHA PHI SIGMA BANQUET The Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma held its initiation Tuesday even- ing, October 20, at six o'clock in Dean Meagher's reception room. Immediate- ly following the initiation, the new members were honored with a banquet at the Methodist church. The table decorations, favors, and programs carried out the colors of Bronze and Blue. SENATE-TRIUMVIRATE BOX SUPPER The Senate-Triumvirate Box Supper was one of the most unique affairs of the school year. The affair was held in Pioneer Hall at 8:10 o'clock, Monday evening, October 26. Everyone enjoyed the old-fashioned program which had been so well prepared. SIGMA TAU DELTA INITIATION Carrying out the Homecoming motif in their semi-annual initiation cere- mony and banquet, the local Chi Gamma chapter of Sigma Tau Delta initiated seven new members and pledged five others Friday night. November 6. HOMECOMING TEAS The Shakespeare Homecoming Tea was held in the home of Mary Louise Adamson, 230 East Main, on Saturday afternoon, November 7, after the game. The Edmond chapter of the Criterion alumni held an Open House for all new and old members of the Criterion club at the home of Mrs. T. R. Mc- Pheeters at 316 East Fifth, immediately after the game. The First Triumvirate club entertained the alumnae members with a chili supper Saturday evening, at six o'clock in the Home Economics dining room. PARTY FOR PLAY CAST The cast of "Your Uncle Dudley" and others who assisted in the production were guests in the home of Miss Alice Virginia Devereaux Saturday night, No- vember l4, at a bridge and dance. PRESIDENT'S DINNER President and Mrs. John O. Moseley entertained twenty-four guests at din- ner Wednesday evening, November l8, preceding the presentation of the Rus- sian quartette ensemble at the college auditorium. The dinner was served buf- fet fashion from the dining table which had as a center-piece a lovely bouquet of Talisman roses, flanked by ivory tapers. CIRCUS!!! THE ANNUAL ADAM HINDPAW BARNDOOR Y5 'BAILHAY CIR- CUS WAS HELD IN WANTLAND HALL THURSDAY NIGHT, NO- COMMERCE PARTY Professor Earl Clevenger entertained twenty-one guests in his home Friday night, November 20. They were seniors who are majoring in the field of com- merce. The evening was spent in playing games and in testing one another with brain twnizzlers. , VEMBER 19. ARENA PARTY Good music and falling leaves marked the Thanksgiving dance, sponsored by the Arenas Saturday night, November 21, in Wantland Hall. A live turkey was given away during the evening. This foul caused as much notoriety as Wim- py's duck, and everyone enjoyed the party. CRITERION RUSH PARTY The Criterion Club had a rushee party at the College Shop, Monday night, November 23, after which they attended the student music recital and French play which was produced by the French club of Oklahoma University, in Mitchell Hall. Members and guests were present. TAU THETA KAPPA TEA The Tau Theta Kappa club entertained its members and pledges with a tea, Monday night. November 23, in the Dean of Women's reception room. After the tea the group attended the music recital and French play in Mitchell Hall. SHAKESPEARE PLAY The Shakespeare Club of Central State Teachers College presented "The Comedy of Errors." in two acts, Tuesday evening, December l. The Univer- sity Forum sponsored another show at the Biltmore Hotel in Oklahoma City PRESIDENT'S RECEPTION President and Mrs John O. Moseley received members of the Sigma Tau Delta and special guests at a reception given December 5 for Joseph Auslander and Audrey Wurdemann, following their lecture. Music was furnished by the string trio of the college, composed of Mary Jo Reed, Kenneth Smith, Guilford Moutray, and Juanita McConnell. u on December 3. .m.............................,......................,,f..., .... . P092 TWO Hundfed Th'f'U"hfe" Str-. .. ,-1--. :Q-11.1-f -is-is --rx-1.316ru-miw-x-w-nniesa--emu1:vwnuy--vunnn.rswnn1wuu1-nnuanus-+w-f.wrnw,a.i-,.-we-rm surf: - - , ,--I-W -,ww-Y.-.,.-. -wo-Q.-aazaimf-fr.-r + -qrfiawu-.-c.,'1-'--i-vrfrw asian:-1, .,........ ,,..,...v...m,.m-w......,,m..,,.-..-,.,,a.a...m......,....,..,.w.m...,.w,r.....-.,..,,...... , m . ,Y -...Q ,. ...-.. W ..-. .. A 1. w...,....1.q.,,vfvT.,.., y.. Q Q u Q, Ea in, ,Q ,A se, 'L' M 'R 'P T 3t"1'fveH-S--if-Q--.s"?'f.i3s7f-'five-2151?-F as-hr-12 i'.li5Li1S2if-if' . .:f:.:c1s:Yl?if.Sig-1.95 Hs '.3f'3fiJw,5P35rE1r55:fr: 81,5 ' 3:-11. style .5i'g1z'..:-122 51, gr'-.-'K-L ...fl C,-f 7-:,y'.-IJ ,a El.:ij,..:., ,1l:6.u'xa.fx.-sv,,gf,ty.i' fain..-, ga'-iw -.Nw -. , e . s . - 1- 2-1 QW:-fs . .',v.,.e.f'- aft fs:-ff. 'I .r LA '--fx: v .. 1. . .-fx .. ,..., - -f. 'v L L, F. .E ff,-g mvfgy SHAKESPEARE CHRISTMAS PARTY The Shakespeare club members entertained with their annual Christmas dinner party Monday evening, December 7, in Mrs. Binion's room in Old North Tower. The tables w.ere decorated with silver pine cones, leaves. and red tapers. The windows were also banked with pine cones and tapers. Small vases wrapped in red cellophane were given as BAND PARTY Members of the Central band and their guests held a Christmas party Friday night. December ll, in Pioneer Hall. Miss Berenice Gecks was hostess and Ed Coffee was host. The evening was spent in playing bridge. dominoes. and in dancing. CRITERION SNOWBALL The Criterions held their annual Snowball Party in Wantland Hall on December 12. Alice Virginia Devereaux was crowned the Snowball queen. The gym was effectively decorated with igloos, Northern Lights. icicles. and stars. As usual, the affair was beautiful and enjoyable. SHAKESPEARE PARTY Helen Hiatt entertained a group of Shakespeare girls and their escorts with a dessert party in her home on Saturday evening before the Snowball dance. SENIOR CHRISTMAS' PARTY Doctors Emma Estill-Harbour and Fred McCarrel were host and hostess to the Senior Class on Tuesday night. December 15, when the annual Christmas party was held in Pioneer Hall. FOOTBALL BANQUET Thursday evening. December 17, the Edmond Chamber of Commerce honored the Collegiate conference champion football squad of Central with a banquet in the Methodist Church. GLEE CLUB PARTY Members of the girls' glee club gathered on the evening of January 14. at Professor West's cottage and went in a body to the Broncho Theater. This' line party was for the members of the club only and the girls spent a lovely evening. ALL SCHOOL PARTY The residents of Thatcher and Murdaugh Halls were hosts at an all-school Valentine patty Friday night. February 12. The Hall was gaily decorated in red and white. while favors of hearts and arrows were given THATCHER HALL HOUSEWARMING Lighting the fire in the large wood fireplace was the feature event when the boys of Thatcher Hall gave their Housewarming. Friday evening, February 19. Each boy took a part in this event as he brought a piece of wood to place on the fire. ARENA ALL SCHOOL PARTY Climaxing a full week of activity. the Arenas sponsored an all-school party in Murdaugh Hall. Saturday night. February 27. "Red" Watkins and his band furnished the music for the occasion. favors. to the guests. ALL SCHOOL PARTY Claude Reeds' triumphant caging crew, champions of the Oklahoma Collegiate conference. was honored at a celebration in Murdaugh Hall. Saturday night, March 6. LASSO STIRRUP-LEAP YEAR PARTY The Lassos gave another of their memorable All-School parties in the form of a girls' tag in Murdaugh Hall Friday night. March 12. SHAKESPEARE-ARENA The Shakespeare Club favored their brother club, the Arena, Friday night, March 19, with a spring party in Murdaugh Hall, at which there was music. laughter, and dancing. ARENA BARN DANCE Terminating a busy week of social activities. the Arenas again successfully sponsored their annual apron and overall party in Wantland Hall Saturday night, April 3. The interest shown by the lads and lassies at this affair, proves that country life still has its appeal. CRITERION BENEFIT BRIDGE An old fashioned get-together was held Saturday. April 3, in the Edmond Community Hall from two to five o'clock. for the purpose of giving the mothers, daughters, and girls of the campus a better opportunity to know each other. FACULTY TEA The girls of Murdaugh Hall entertained the members of Central's faculty with a formal tea in their beautiful drawing room Sunday' afternoon, April 4, from three to five in the afternoon. OPERETTA Professor J. Forrest West scored again with his brilliant production of Gilbert Sullivan's "The Gondoliers," Thursday and Friday nights. April 22-23. SIGMA TAU DELTA RECITAL Members of Central's literary club read their poems and other original compositions in their recital Monday night, May 10. SHAKESPEARE FORMAL Drawing the social events of the school year of 1936-37 to a close. the Shakespeare Club gave its annual spring formal in Murdaugh Hall. May. 15. The beautiful Ballroom was decorated with green foliage, pink roses. and pink and green colored streamers. The Hall was a gala scene crowded with the cool, fllmy, pastel tinted organdies and chiffons. accompanied by semi-formal attire of the gentlemen. as the guests danced to the strains of the orchestra or loitered around the refreshment table. JUNIOR-SENIOR RECEPTION The Senior class was honored May 18 with a reception given for them by the Junior class of Central. PRESIDENT'S RECEPTION TO SENIORS The Junior and Senior classes were honored May 25 with a reception given them by the faculty of Central. Each Senior and Junior has looked forward to this affair for years and everyone appreciated the lovely party. Page Two Hundred Thirty-four gf W' A ,sa wi, Q. Who's Who In Central 1 g 'A l 0 . Q - Page Two Hundred Thirty-fide , l nm,-1 .. , ' 4----f --4' Y -H :. - f ' , ,V 5. .- ' -1-.V:,1. - 5 , i ,K , ' ,, ji?g:'5Ei' ,544 --.,,+1'5,,: SFA . :Q-K 1 , -:W x -:g-A at ff- zu-gb-'s:Am: ip- - -Q' ,, JA 1 N .fs '-ef' X- ' -' . 1,-we-g.'rw-5--'Xf.a.fH:,. .x- frs. 1,-A --J 4. - .-" . 'f- ' Y '!'l"P. -..-4-rg -. R-VM f .5--N-ww .T-.-iv fd . N2 4 xi Qffilal,-11v1 ,V-s, - .- I :RL-+1 ab. fxs3,w ,- .zan iw P -' - :'w'. .. -we- 7-S42-AEFL .-.rmfiu-.-'iwafff :1e,aw4'E'?biE:i 5.15 ,X ' 9' mi x K L. me I 52 U3eauty been and Qlttendants GHG It is true that Central wins football champion- ships, paces the conference iield in basketball, stands as a peer in tennis, and carries away the major part of the honors in debate, oratory and dramatics, but in no categoryrhas she gained more renown than that brought to her by the beautiful and Winsome maid- ens that make up her student body. In proof of this statement we submit those chosen as the Bronze Book Queen and the- outstanding beauties of the 1936- 1937 year. Petite blonde, Margaret fPatsyj' O'Shea, musician and honor student was chosen Queen. Charming Imogene Bateman, a decided brunette, and also an honor student with fun-loving Doral Stone. a red-headaand popular Texas Miller, also a bru- nette, and outstanding physical education major, Were .chosen as attendants to the Queen. g A l - l l t , i w , , .M J l U N l l fi- N14 in N., .ei 1 . I l i 1 l , ill 5' . iff? 'za 151 1 -'a r an ff l 5:15. 1 l l , I 1 1 ' F. 1 1 s 'J 51 , rg'-we l 5- 1 1 :Ji-33 . ' ?Jijr'2ElQ 0 " i R l l ' ' .aff Page Two Hundred Thirty-srx Q.-m-ggaaga-xammfo, ,f:.awa.t,aEff:f:We--- 1:-K-,..m-M--S-,-.-.-.L ,1-,-..,,.r.,,..,,mt-...,..t,.f..i,.,...,.,m.,m:-- V4 --- -,,a.,w,,, we.-.:.:,:,-as-.-r,.,t.e...,t.s.ra..., ..,s,,.,W,,.,,M..,...a,,...,..,.,,.,,..,,,,,..,,,,.,,- L3.,,r.a,,,.,j,,2,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,r.,,,t...,.. R .UngarW..iaie,1-Y-,,--f..,..,-,i-- - , -.L-:ff -M --f, at-an -l,..,.,.M.,,.-...,-Q..t-.....t,,,...N.....t.... wg-v QL 3 get df 4- ,H -.-,-a-get-s-lm.-M.-..m.-W-.-a-gaL,f-,gmt- , L, -- -.,,,.m.,K,.,...a.-sa, 'H 1-W t it is it SE? , 1 . 5 If-:"'.?gbs s,.i9a-f 21 22,4 gi' A Yi wwwxiiggh A Y 'S if E 1 iii? . 3 1 -5.n,iQ,Lf,:, .tLL.,.,,,i,i ..:...,-13,f A Q X. .Q ii: fxsw - X 1 is ..- .rx ki ...X Q .mg . N.. sjxxgq .. .mx F315 x. - .. my fat? J 2 . Q .ffiif MQ: . .. A .. ..ipx.g K Q. .3 .:...--5 .Q X K E x' iii Qs k .31 . x . X x Q . s -..,,, . x . -... K ..L x in sX...M M N.. .Qi wx Eg. L ? ' A A 1 1-ix . A S xx X i Q N.-ai. Q X ' S.-'I .-X. .mf ,V S mx. 4 q .Y X Q xi S N Q. wi Rx if: A X X N kb R. 77 f 1 i 3, z.- K. Y, . XXX X K T . 1 i . g is . Q. 5-wi-5 X-1: LL X xi- Q - X ' ff Nfiiii Q X.. Nia Q :ws 3 N xx-..::. Asa.: . Q. .ff .X .... K Lm.XQ . 5 I-Sm. .f. QM X X X X.. 39 .. 1.x Q.- Xf. X ff. ' x Xi QM QXX. . ...K 1 X . ..X:-SQ f A . ggggiigi - XX SSX .- -FE XXX.-. x M. X 2 X4 -.X- X . 1 ix . . X .. S . SSA .- XY -5. X. .X Q F. 1 -f if X NX 'X .X XXXXX ff . X R5 ,ff- . - gl X5 . x? Y s wi! is E A X X Q . ' l 3 F . ' -X2 vi N S Nh-Sxim. A . 1 X.qX.sX- .X X. -1 X :SEX NXSXXXAXE SSX. X X. - X 5 f 5 XXX i-XX.. - is -Xl .A X Q-fit. . j 5 K X EQX ' N? FX Q 'X S X px? X 5 X iw X. is X Xi s 3 C 'gg XX X X X 1, Q xii Q g XX Q sgx NX, A QS is-,Q X :He Ek A 1 X X QXSN N. g. ' 'S wiv S X. 1 l 5 X .. X X S X Y X X g ' NXQ ? XX R X XXX N XM Q N S ' Ol X. .X X XX XXX X. X vii'-X-N .. 51. X X N 5-XX -:Nl 1 X . X XX Q . .- Q X . ,..-, X .... XQQ .. -. W . X .X 1. W X gg QXXQX XE XX X X XX XXXXX K kv :gg-.-Xgy . X... f E. . X X Ei sXX5gi-si: X T X 5 x... .if l K. 2' 'F -- . 1 X XX.. il QQ K L X 'si X k iii?-XY X5 SXSW XX iii.. E ' Xxx XX K. S v 1. fx i J i 1 1 1 W I . . 1 i 1 1 S :X .-- fBeauty Slaeen Gontest G9Ka'nagers f, 'Q 5 Rf. L 1 Q4 . Sw T3 'fi R L E33 lf MARION DUE DALE NICKINNEY MITCHELL ALLEN PRESLIE BROWN .3 L+. ,-.uf Eiff H?-i VY: mtg- - - iff ' Q s-"1 . :?-" . 3 ugga' . 1 ' .L ' gf L:-kxli W' M35 gi, . . bi? 9.541392 f fix ." 3?'S. S5 fi' . . 545.1-3 S".m..gi1LZL.g1LifTZfli1.I'.ZlLil,'IT1l1...'QlTT N ""'l"" ""iT"'iiTii1Wi'Ii""q Page Two Hwldfcd Fwy-ffvf Q L ...MW mL-.W,,...,- L .LLLLLL1 L,.-,flfllg9 Hf,..f.Q,gg.l,,,l.I,Qm..,. 419' . .L .,,LLLL,.LL L .- LLL ,L LffLm..w,.-.- LL,LL--..,w.,,..L,L...m L . A LLLL.,m.,..,.w...L...m..,.m..L...,.m,.L.,.WL .,,.L.-LLL,,N-.J. L. -,L L L L A .L-41. N fglisgigk 'V ab-a,1ip'4vL+Lw ' " X . -.. - -L-. 1 . L, 'X T, .X .4 L ,AL 14 1' ' 'L'L 13 "'.".s 7 L' ' K .1 EA: 42 X S.. X . X R ,, S 'Q X .S XSS Y . X al' Xxx Q . X b 3 Q - .. SQ N. 3 X X X Q i 1 i X N N X X A X Xx xxx E. X X fi . X . Swx A S. Q x . mx Y. 'E 1- .. x . is - .X . - ii ' fi .WS ' sr R Q Q N Q - aux U S if . x S 2 X x .X . 2.-as Y' :NKQ . . X X- .. N X X5 gikgff Q- xx. s-A53 wi Q .uqfxff 5 A 5? L s . .... 1 Q fs any F XQ. k.x .qw sw x Q il, N .. .qv :NX K N . .. ii 'N' Q X X xr " SN N x xgx XSEXXX X. .. X 'ZOJho's 'who in the gaculty The faculty "took a shot" at choosing a "Who's Who" of the Student Body. You may not have agreed with them in all respects, neither did we-so the Bronze Book sponsored an elec- tion and by popular vote of the student body, elected those whom they considered ranking faculty members. We aren't hard to please or hyper-critical--we are however, fthe grades are not in on this day of going to pressj still maintaining that this list may or may not, be your choice or ours, but the student body, like the customer, must be right, and it has decided that the faculty members listed below are their choice. Professor Edward E. Keso is a native Missourian, B. S., Central, Missouri State Teachers College, M.A. George Peabody College, a graduate student University of Oklahoma, Candi- date fo-r Ph.D., George Peabody College 1937. Professor Keso had had wide experience as a teacher in the schools of Miissouri and in the Tennessee Polytechnic Institute. Professor Keso came to Central as associate Professor in History and Geography in 1929. He is super- visor of Clubs, a position that he has held since 1930. ' Professor Keso is married, has two children, Shirley' Ann and Larson Russel, he is a Presbyterian. a Mason. a member of Phi Sigma Pi: Pi Kappa Delta: Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Gamma Mu, Southwestern Science Association, The National Geographic Society and has been invited to fellowship in the American Geographical Society. His hobby is studying conservation of natural resources. Mr. Keso is a cultured gentleman, an excellent in- structor and deservedly popular among the student body. Miss Leita Davis, A.B. University of Michigan, M.A. University of Pennsylvania, Gradu- ate student Columbia University and University of Colorado-came to Central in 1922 after successful teaching experience in the schools of Oklahoma and Kansas. Miss Davis is in the His- tory department and her popularity can be judged by the size of her classes Cyou think it's a snap course until you take an examination and get your gradesj. Miss Davis is President of the Edmond branch of the American Association of University Women, Treasurer-elect of American Association of University Women, Oklahoma Division, Fellow American Geographi- cal Society, Member Economic History Society of England and Junior class adviser. Miss Davis's interests, outside of Sociology are cooking and camping near her summer home in Ne- derlands, Colorado. Dr. Fred McCarrel came to Central as a student during the school year 1902-1903. Of the thirty-four intervening years he has spent twenty-four years, all or in part at Central as teach- er and student. Dr. McCarrel attended the pioneer rural schools of Oklahoma and at the age of 23, did his first high school Work. He has three University degrees and has credit for five years of University work. Dr. McCarrel is one of the few Oklahoma men with a Doctors' degree in Elementary Education. His hobbies are books, chess, and the Senior class. He is also interested in Oklahoma History, folklore and Indians, Numerology, Horoscopes, and Fortune Telling ffrom a purely and scientific and psychological view-point-he saysj. Dr. Emma Estill Harbour, came to Central in the summer of 1912. She was the first gradu- ate of Oklahoma College for Women, admits that that's agood school but thinks Central better -one of the oldest faculty members in point of service but one of the youngest in view-point and understanding. Dr. Harbour holds her M.A. degree from Oklahoma 'University and her Doctor's degree from the same institution and membership in countless honor societies and or- ganizations. She is one of the advisers of the Senior class, sponsor of the Indian Club, Head of the Department of History and Social Science and Faculty adviser of the Bronze Book. She is a tireless worker and sees any job through and well done that she starts. Her hobbies are any- thing red, and Billie. the Boston bull dog, her constant companion. Dean Cliff R. Otto, Head of the Science Department. came to Central in the fall of 1919 and taught the first real college classes offered in the institution in Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Physiology, Hygiene, Heredity and Eugenics. He has attempted to build a science department for which the students and institution need not apologize. Professor Otto is a graduate of the Southwestern Teachers College at Weatherford and holds B.A. and M.S. degrees from the University of Oklahoma as well as membership in numerous honor societies and organiza- tions. Professor Otto's hobbies are the Edmond Kiwanis Club, of which he is Secretary. The Edmond Chamber of Commerce of which he is a member of the board. The Order,of Rain- bow for Girls, chairman of the Advisory Board, Oklahoma fTuberculosis Society., College Athletic Conference, and the Oklahoma academy of Science, in all of which he takes an ac- tive interest. Professor Otto does not apologize for having come from the "short-grass." He admits an ambition for tap dancing and playing an accordion and is one of our favorite teachers. As we said-you might not agree with this selection of the student body but we must admit that they are all right, and that in addition to being teachers they are people, actively and loy- ally interested in us and our problems-outstanding not only for their teaching ability but for their work outside the class room, the City of Edmond and the entire state. y Marita B. Riggan and Frank Lill, Editors Page Two Hundred Forty-eight -. ,........,e..r.-......nv.-M,........,...,...e,,....,.......,..eYl.,asc,...m.e..,.,2.g 11 Lu , Qi 4 wg 'ix . ' 1 : -xl- it . jifi ' " 'ft Tw: 3.-:E .Q , 1+ N-. . ,,. a .3-.E ..,L,. '98 5.4 it L' .11 .5534 .Mi-5 .--v . , , 5435 .1 as '- -a . 32333 ' 1 fx 1 ,lei-F 2 2' A 5 Ei 4.1922 irfgz. 'Y Y .rg - 1. 3 fx W . 5-. '.ff!, FQJ Y ' - ,- .... ,. 3123? A ga-seg :gigs U S. sr,-. Q -'Y' 'Q 'Hal Iii-effiiv gfviwii .- - -Q' - . -.-- N- -e. 1 1 D , -.Kaz-UM msgs.-.-asia.-1-...-.fog -Q.-.s-.... smnv..Lymwxe-eysa-exmemnggmhg-gage., e.n.,1x.u.xa.:.i5,.. se- 4 -- 1 .- Q A --. -V -AMY aff- ev-.-tae..,s.1a, su.. .:- ,f:N1:af,.m,n e- J-,uma .,,,-Jgmuvsu E- X- . - .V-in -msfsvr. -adv-...cams -.ff rrp.-, ,.-:fr.g:-'B-.fxs.afx- emallfjmfs.-e4.:e f- H- ----w -pf,-4 H-. -f+zvg.z,Q- ,Q-Q--gy:-53--eg-1-,f g- j,a3f'r,nfn'ig ' .ws -ar K . a-fi..---.efrau-Jr. su.4wrthfr-L. sf-.JD wxasscf. -211332-127 -- - ' p, i ..1Q,jr-.3-1-'fir A :Ef- i ' . . .'tlLL...f.g,E 5, .3 .f 33- fig ' I , A K.. 1.1 xii A' 1 5 E3 r A. i-9 9: ies F? Us 4 Y . MQ kjj 3 . F ir? 5 5:1 ' 95 H 2 53578 'rf A L1 E5 lj. E515 P-ar if 1 -eta Si 'if ze 1 .f 4- Siam we 'elf L ,I -. "EK ss ? Fw f if F32 k wc- , :fl 5 "Rf H x al " -. X i s F E. -5 1- -gn 6'-f ' ,- fri -in ... , ki , .H ., ,k l 3 A grief, , . 'ggi fl, 1 EG 5: if .3 .'.1,g.g, ,AF '-fi' it mei? iw. 'F' so 651+ 1. Al-'N ' X , Q -asks , K -, k W A A, , Y N .lkwsu .. e-of Q-ee, W, .1--,---V-ffa-,ef-... .C-S-V..-., .Cafawmvfsasfaae-xgwr-fx!-.,asians,-,Q fi H as-Q . . - ,eve 45:1-pf, K-, -Y-.Y . 1 , , 1 I l MISS LEITA DAVIS Miss Leita Davis, associate professor in the Department of History is President of the local chapter of American Associa- tion of University Women and Treasurer of the Oklahoma State Organization. Miss Davis is very active in the local chapter and much of the success of the 1937 Convention, held in Edmond, was due to her efficient management. Miss Davis is one of the most popular members of the Faculty, is a member of the Discipline Committee and is Junior Class Adviser. - t ' f f- s V--vw-1-vssvnxr-as1v-rnnef-r--wwrrw:v:v-s--ze-:sw-ees:-pfzgsxv fam-' e--v-1,-2-1-1--Q - as - -X w,rr.f, .N- .. , , -1- rf.-. A Y v--.s-,JF sn,-T-.Y,,e.--W-1.-,,,,,,,g,v,,.,1.L-f ,J H Page Two Hundred Forty-nine -rr: rn p.1Jn.-azz-.v,-rmfv.-nw: ,x 1'E!Z?PZ'7f7f!lfE41'YM 'iii v 1 E E is 5:5 s ti vi A1 if gh get eff vi! N L E is F1-Ei ffgi Els P! ff? v Yr li'-' -E Ex' 1 -at g,v:,. ,Kg ..s...'g sv Lloyd i'l3ob" Trogdon- because he is the "most high prexy" of the l937 Senior Class. because he is captain of the baseball team and a member of the I.ettcrman's Club. because he is a singing red-head, president of the glee club and active ia chorus, because he is vice-president of Spurs and Arenaman. be- cause he is Edmonds assist- ant iire chief. Marita Riggan - because as co-editor she has ably di- rected the publication of the 1937 Bronze Book. because her pleasing personality has distinguished her as one of the best liked students on the campus. because she is a de- pendable member of the Lea- gue of Young Democrats and Shakespeare Club. Frank Lill-because he shares honors with Mrs. Rig- gan as co-editor of the Bronze Book. because he has greatly increased school spir- it through his "Centralite." because he is a popular mem- ber of Arena and Spur Clubs. because of his work in "Your Uncle Dudley." "It Pays to Advertise." and the Blue Cur- tain Club. Imogene Bateman-because cause she is a Bronze Book queen. because she belongs to Kappa Delta Pi, because she is one of Central's best typ-- ists. because she is a popular member of the Criterion Club. because she is a mem- ber of the Indian Club. be- cause through her work in "It Pays to Advertise" she becomes Central's only Coun- tess. Mary Francis Murry-be- cause she was a delegate to New Orleans from the Social Science Club. because she is corresponding secretary of the Shakespeare Club. because she is treasurer of Lasso. because she is a member of the Bronze Book staff. because she is one of the favorites in Central's social set. Alice Virginia Devereaux -because as Central's lead ing creative writer she pro- duced the prize-winning short story at Commerce. Texas, was co-author of Central's folk play in the Cape Gir- ardeau contest and president of Sigma Tau Delta. because of her impressive perform- ance as the old woman in "Your Uncle Dudley." be- cause she is co-feature editor of the Bronze Book. because she is vice-president of Cri- terion and Blue Curtain Play- ers, because she is a member of Alpha Phi Sigma. Kappa Delta Pi. Lasso and League of Young Democrats. Earl Presley-because he is an all-round athlete lettering in football. baseball and bas- ketball. becautse he is an hon- or student. because he is Coach Reed's office assistant. because he is one of t he friendliest boys on the cam- pus. because he is a member of the Letterman's Club. Virginia Cunningham- because she is one of Cen- tral's most versatile girl ath- letes, because she is one of Central's best swimmers. be- cause she is a member of XV. A. A.. because she is a mem- ber of the Shakespeare Club. because she is a member of Blue Curtain Players. be- cause she belongs to Sigma Tau Delta through her in- terest and ability in creative writing. because she is a Las- so. Morey "Chili" Villa Real -because he is Central's fa- vorite wrestler. because he gained state-Wide recognition as high point collegiate wrestler. because he was un- defeated in dual wrestling matches, because he went to the finals in the national col- legiate wrestling tournament. because he is a member of the Letterman's Club. because' he is probably the student best known on the campus. Reta Ruth von Thurn- because she is a thorough scholar, because she is a gifted musician and president of the Music Club. because she is a member of Alpha Phi Sigma. because she is a promising member of Sigma Tau Delta. because she is freshman lead- er of the Y.W.C.A., because she is a member of the Shakespeare Club and Lasso- Stirrups. Dale McKinney -because he is Central's best art stu- dent and a member of the Art Club, because he is presi- dent of Thatcher Hall. be- cause he is president of the Arena Club, because he is Art Editor of the Bronze Book this year. because he inform- ed and amused us by his many clever posters this year. because as manager of Patsy O'Shea in the Queen contest. he sold the greatest number of Bronze Books. Margaret O'Shea-because she is the 1937 Bronze Book Queen. because she is presi- dent of Alpha Phi Sigma. be- cause she is secretary of both the Shakespeare Club and the Sophomore class. because she is Central's favorite accom- panist. because her irish blood makes her one of our "pep- piest" Lasso's. Glenn Overman - because his scholarship is so good that he rated both Alpha Phi Sigma and Kappa Delta Pi. because he is so talented in dramatics that he has played major roles in "The Young- est," "Mrs. Moonlight." "XVaiting for Lefty." "The Boot" and "It Pays to Ad- vertise." because his keen sense of humor qualified him for Humor Editor of the Bronze Book. because he is a member of Spurs. League of Young Democrats, Blue Cur- tain Players. and Commerce Club. Roberta Thomas-because of the many debate honors she has won for Central. be- cause she is president of Pi Kappa Delta. because she is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and a capable secretary for Alpha Phi Sigma, because she served as Treasurer of the Senior class and Secretary and Treasurer of League of Young Democrats. because she is so dependable as as- sistant Registrar, because she is class editor of the Bronze Book and a member of Blue Curtain and Shakespeare. Nadine Strickland--be- cause she is our best known dancer and president of Or- chesis. because she is an all around girl athlete and mem- ber of NV.A.A.. because she has organized a private school of dance, because she is a member of Blue Curtain. be- cause she is a member of Las- so. League of Young Demo- crats. and Shakespeare Club. XVilma Allen-because she is a Criterion. because of her grand performance in "Your Uncle Dudley." because she is director of Edmonds XVes- ley Players, because she is a pleasant librarian. because she is a member of the Blue Cur- tain Playcrs. because she is a member of Alpha Phi Sigma. because she is loyal to Lasso. Margaret Halley-because she was reader of the Sigma Tau Delta poems at Com- merce. Texas. because she is a past president of Criterion. because she is active in Blue Curtain Players. because she was so good in "Your Uncle Dudley." because she writes such beautiful poetry. because she is a member of Alpha Phi Sigma. because she is a Lasso. Clifton "Tip" Jacobson- because he is a four letter athlete. because his stellar performance as basketball cap- tain and football quarterback led Central to the Collegiate Conference Championship in both sports. because he was selected as all-state quarter- back and all conference bas- ketball squad member. Helen Hiatt-because she is a past president of the Shakespeare Club. because she is a Les Chefettes, because she is secretary of Lasso-Stirrups. because she was a Bronze Book queen last year, because she is a charming hostess in Central's social set. Fern Reed--because she is Central's best debater and ex- tempore speaker. because she was so cute in "The Boon" because she belongs to Alpha Phi Sigma, because she is a Lasso. because she is president of Blue Curtain Players, be- cause she is secretary-treasurer of Pi Kappa Delta. because of her grand performance in "Mrs. Moonlight." because she is a winner of the Greg- ory Debate Award. Bronze Book MARITA B. RIGGAN J- T-A HARRIS Editor Advertising Manager Through the 1937 Bronze Book, we hope to portray the activities and events of the 1936-1937 School Year. We have striven to make this book representative of the College f,ife of these years and a memory book for future reference and en joyment. In order to accomplish this, We have been assisted and advised by all the members of the faculty and we are especially grateful to President Mosely for his co-operation in every way, to Professor Howell for his never-failing good humor in responding to our demands for pictures, to Dr. lVlcCarrel for his kindly advice and criticism, to Mr. Bateman for his invaluable assistance to our Staff and Business Manager, to Miss Plunkett, who so ably assisted us in putting on our Carnival and especially to our Sponsor, Dr. Emma Eestill-Harbour, do we extend our most sincere thanks for her timely advice and criticism. We cannot fail to mention the many things, various members of the Staff have done to make this a representative book. Thus-as the 1937 Bronze Book comes off the press, and all our troubles have turned into happy anticipation, We can only ask that you be "to our faults a little blind, and to our virtues, very kind." l i i I is 5-. THE EDITORS S 5 1 5.1 ' '13 ' l if , . 'C tail Q 174 . E57 1 :iff i A? 1 5: f 51 fl . ',i,.,, . . 1 5 ri! 1' ' le S kr. Xi Q 3 J: r l V91 . sf -4 .l qkiv il ,LM . .0 e L 'Q fe ma. ., Km. J s . spa I 55 ' , rr .s isp? if gafiagg t'. ,-"' Q .5 .rw . . ,,,,-,. .1 ,..4m.,- ...,....,,.,1 is we Page Two Hundred Fifty-two -rr-M,--,,M,,,,,W L.-. am-: . .-. . ., -. . .. Eff'-,S .e.g..aac..1,.,,..,t . ,W -.,,,.r.-m, -.,1....,.. ..-W -H.....--N..a,. m..-.a..-l.. --..,..aa,.l...aimw -A-M...-F--1fa-.--a..,b,.,..a....-...a---W..-W ,...-..-a.2k.,-.....g:.a.... aw.- .s,-.,,-fm..--. -.Wa-.f.-C. ma- a,:,,.,,,iaea.s-a.r7!x,:::g?aaa -Af, , 122 A f -LJ.: rs,-- -a......w,..-l.,.c.a .. , . ,X . r, ,aes-,Egwga,.a-aw, .gsiaxcggggt 35. K if it -:rf rf-,Q "-- g51::sT..,1t?f25rg-aft gas: ' -' -X ',.1-f1i,ig-law,-R-:fsL i, agkggfgsggrf, ja...a.s 1-1 - K riffif -l?Y'xf"5'tSiga will?-5-Sf 55 . ff, EQ' 57 five, Y bi-i-'L 'KW "' .a- 7 T .4 r. . L ' . . .-.c.L.', V,-.- . ---.Fly-.-..., IQ3637 ,Nuptials Irene Casey ............................. ....... Florence Miller ...... Marvel Wright-- -- ............ -. ......... ------Clyde Tate -U .... Perryj Corley ---------PalmersBayes Edna 'Mae J ohnson--.- -----------------------.--.--- Gudger Bartley Cleo DeGraffenre1d -------- ------------------------- - Harold Brown - ----- Carl Shinn Mildred Zachary ------------- -. .--------.--.- - ---- Ellen Roueche--- -------------------------- G ----- O liver McReynolds Ernestine Howell --------------------------- m ------ ----Rex Lafferty Berenice Gecks ----------------------------------- --Roy Studebaker Lillian Mears ---- .- ------------------------------- Emmett Fitzgerald Wynemia Ray-- --------------------------------------- Arnold Key Della Lee Morris ---------------------------- Loyal "Sharkey". Nelson Cathryn Brown ---------------------- B --------- ' ------ F rancis Clark Margaret Douthit -------------- - ------------- - -------- Joe Eldridge Alyce Paulk --------------------------------------- Lawrence Boyle Beth Castleberry -------------------------------- ----Leo Robertson Evelyn Kane -------------------------------------- Louis Reynolds Madeline Seaman ---- - --------------------------- ------Paul Mead Grace Elizabeth Pazoureck ------------------- Dr. Ralph Waldo Hubbard Christeena Nelson ------------------------------------ --Dale Myer Paula Camp ------ --------------------- - ------------ Byron Smith Jo Potter --------------------- -------------------- Dorris Givens Luta Taylor ---------------- ----------- - --.--------- Clyde Smith Juanita Pevetoe- ---------------------------------- I ----- Bo Curry June Elizabeth Fallott .-..--..----.. Q- .-....-.--.-..- -R. c. Walker Catherine Reasonover ------- -. ------------ -. --------- -Harvey L. Baker Oleta Parsons ---- -t -------------------------------- Cloyce Littlefield Irene Adams ----- - ------------------------------- -Harold Morgan Grace Whitener---- ---------------------------------- J. B. Schaeffer Page Two Hundred Fifty-five fa 'ex ,mas ir, ogy, vb LBZL,.7.'?.ri.'.v'n: , .Wm S 'EZFJMZ f'jfIQ'f"' ,Wx Iz',w4' 3 ,L.,: f. 5151" 7, 1, 5:4131 , fi 15: az -sq 'AQ ES ' li u -A X. - frqfw. ss.. -- The Vista GRADY C. WATKIN S The Vista, a monthly periodical is edited and published by the journalis class, which is sponsored by Grady C. Watkins, of the English Dep The primary appeal of the Vista, since it has been made a monthly i In affmenf. publica- tion is to the Alumni of Central, but it is also distributed to the student bod Its columns advertise the coming attractions, tell of past events, and a general feeling of good will between the present student body and the For thirty-five years the Vista has constantly served the best interests tral State Teachers College. Its files are rich in wit and philosophy an chart the trend of thought on the day of publication. Y. promote Alum IPL of Cen- d clean Page Two Hundred Fifty-six ,,,mm,,,,rm4,,,,m:,,Y, , A-, .,. lv -, L. fi 54 .11 sf P i . 5 is it sw F , eg X. Y X hifi rf? .i -P' r . , is Q . Q wif lr F , if ' 'Q tai' 2 iv- + I 1 s. rf 44.1 15,iS?l, tg: 1 'V' I is 1 AW it HY" ,css - 3 I vt.. , l-. . ,B ,,,,,,,,,,,,:A,:x,,,,:z..2,,-,,,,.,.1-,,1.,,,,,...a..........,,,,,-ll. , ,...,-,. V ......- ,Z N.-- A me -,Z o-m.....A1- .NL ,i,,....... uu,s.m.v-1-1.5-exit-1:..,.rss1 K--f--n.:-1.4,-if fx-rw .ssfnnr--f-H - -e-------Kd. m-K - vang -.r-:s:u:vmm.u.giug.. I-an-Q was-uv-3 .2-1, ..f'r.,r2.i-snmm-ss-.nnmn.nmaz:-M- A - X .S .,.n.T,,,, t,d15,mf.,,T',...-,aY,W-,Yr,,',,7,.....f.-,.W.?T.,,-Wigsyfyfe-wmaav.f.,.a.naw......5ff!-3132.31-f-Y--N LN EW-xy . -V. ,N i. ,Q X. Tk.-Q., -,I . .. 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'- VOLUME ll THUIBDAY, MARCH 25, 193 Y NUMBER 26 f' A' r . f::' -T ' Q-ff c,.. 7-f '- '-' " ' A ' . -' H' f I 'is g3.g.! 2- -N " ' HH 5 ' C Q, xlllley llldlltfbsjilkik i airs! 522355-1 E 2'-fijssifiiiiig Q. g . .f -- Patsy hea .gee-,Q-...??g-s ,gg gp. ga- - g...,,p. ws-Q, gp O if rresiam-iJouno.MosQ1eyana ' :g,:9-Hn' 5:55-,wi Hb 'Egg-' EER! 5' QEME in-jg' 5 s.uCll!t Ouowerespenlxersnn . E"g"EE.5.Q' 1ww',3'g ,Q Eu-S-.9,d.,5 53555 yen r heprogramolthePayneCounty Fi'...,,,5':Fg 53,2-45,.,F1 Q 5BS.:'Ev3g 5'3'S5.o az: ' hoalmesters' club at Hillside - Hggigmgimmgggg QE,-Q 0555 N5',,'2'g- Pauli choolnearCushlng.Themeetlag 2sEi'gEs'2:2-me QS 'Q rf'-12 Ea-View 4 -ww-we Queen Race . : . ' N -- -" '- s2:,s2i'f.r-Hifgli-S E' SE i 'zm:1"',. Grits: wx::"::: --se- -en wa -1 F ... ,,.... u- rauaewu , - if-s'gsgE5S55.Qs5 ug :PQELSSS flags- Zw 5 u fa" 'fo-ff' 0' e""""'i"'1' -'M '.If.1.'T.2'f'c.fT.i'l'.i's'1iif."-l'2'P.'I S5'g35-EQQZSSLFESE Q2 -.EEQEEEB EESEE O: J i uended- , Q 3-s'cQxggei1szn. vzlaneiloththf 0 : 0- mu ' ---E. -no 3, ' , rome oo queen eontae is e. Zggigagrgpigiiggn 5323555 Ugg,-5 49 5 hlloccovsscelltral ended Nv8dU8BdlfY.H8l enmpuzn E1E'.5.f::SEg gagging. 5 Saga gn U1 5 i Inseasonysopener manage: was Izale Mckinlmy. - - 5. 'e ag. m.g I :lT" 'e -nn . E senor rom Hollater and presl- -'-" "" ' """""""" S' LJ" "1 ug H - 3 -T dent of the Areas Club. -5 . . -we : Q rn - ?..:,-LSE 55:5 rg 5 :EEE , g Q 'ci 'i S E Q The old screw ball will curve, Mm USM. 1. ,Nadal of, :1 : H E- o .5 E 5 Q ui 8- ,H 9- 2 8 5' S 5 Q Q5 3, - In and fly nver cenlrah dllmond Alpha PM stgml' mmonry g-S' 5' H H: 2-'S 5' " S-E95 63 P IL' fp: S 6 7' n " 'du dtunoon whm th' Bron' acholastlc fraternity and la s E' Q- 0 5 Sli' E E " FQ 922' 3' S'-1" F' 'EL 3 P 4 f N' 'WW ""'h'5' Wm' W' ch" member or snureepsfn and Lusn-' ri 0 Eg ' 5' EL gr eq C4 Ei gg Q. 9' 3 Eh F' E ' "M" M1-I-A Stlrrup clubs. She is majoring ln: E' 2535! E S' E E5 gli" Ezra- O 5' F 3 Q- 6 ,.. E 3 bTb':l:0':1'g:.edh11::e2:. music at Central, and has nad' 0' Q ' 0 wx - E' 3 ru O -n ,-.4 Q 0 C 0 B f as accompanist for the collage glee E E N ' OE gg is ,Q gp M 3 B Q3 -I Q the begining of this weeks ' ' : Il .4 Hn 'J ' 9, B :2 E as . N clubs. chorus and the boys qunr- 9, "i1,.'4g- SEE:-E. gm: ::-"'4,, 5- 5 cn 'rhreelemu-men who mn gigg' EF... gg- as MSE- U og! U-I 'Q Q the A. A. U. cage tourna- sw W g ,,, nr., -1 Q, B B 2 pw pg E O gt , lmupzena Bateman of Guthrie 3 ,,, E A 5. o , 3, H - g w , m U S- fb trip had their first work out O- U 63:6 021.43-.5 S gi O W Q lranacloseaocond.DoralStoneof 559 il o. agsvwg '15 ,U -3 3 m ,.,,' K.. CAPTAIN Spencer was aura and 'runs 5' ... 5, N gn E E Q Q 3.4 Q E Q e Q m Miller of Elk City. luuth. E- ' 0- 3 -EH 5' Q if 2 5 .A new rocedent was no since m,?-5. 105, Q 5,53 5 FJ 5 D t E' if :I Us Y T' F S 'P 5? Z' : 91 U UQ '1 the whole nampnlgn raged on in N .... B, KS' silence-as far as has been learned 3 B m X 1 ' the mnnaghre were in the dsrlras 8 g gg 3 in tu each others standing. In years ' peat secret book selling egmpglgn 2' gg S exlstzd only in theory, Many pm' :: -. 'N tested the silence sxelalmlag that 6 5' 2 E vhe clubs clip a few more coupons G 3 :E Q 5 if the standings were .announced M . fully-they may have been rlghl,, Q gn E Q hut business manager Harrie re- : F' 3 Q uni-Ls this contest' to be one of an c Q' the niost successful held in the Q Q : S S c aunt few years. -" 4 as In wlrinlngnver her eleven rl- 2 E. 5.5 Q E vain, the queen-elect receives t'-e Qh org 5 V H ' featured posltlnn .in the Silver we . :' 951.1 Annlversary edition of the Central lr ' - -- l B B K. ii22f22.5H:ssEQ .Ts Q S -4 21 i Q, 1---. ev B L :r .. W rs P1 'Q' ZSQQIQEEEZEFQEI ggi. E gs.-E an 9 B 5 ,College Orchestra vE9'E5"Eg..iE55gE2 5-5:21 E 5 9 I A ii as mn-ogdon InConcertTonight gg E ggegg Q i- 5' E, Q E. 5. 5 w S afternomin and their form T" 9. o '4 5 9. '-- Q o i g that the change in size, The college orchestra-under the ' E. gag 0 E2 QE E S 5' 3 Z Q 5 9 F' -U L balls would handicap them only sble direction uf Douglas H. :I 'S ' 0 " , S, O rp E' 5 5 3 Q 4 3 Q The UWB 111531116 '-D0 Hill Johnston will present u varied and W Q55 E-me-E S: S E' S 'U Q m Q' S 5 Q Ray Hogan, u southnaw: highly entertaining program this mg E .. M 1: E E m E 1 Q C13 C2 Q Jones, also a pitcher: Bhd evening at 8:15 p. m. E 5'-EF' -9. H. g' as ,g .3 Q g ..3 Q B B' 5 Q 1 Presley- ihflelflef- was Mary Eula wi-my wui be Figs WS E S 0 5 gl "" I FV' Q S n l The personnel gf Qhg um-ung evenings soloist. Guilford Muutx-ay 1-1 'E S- E 5' gg 0 .4 gi 5 ineup is s uma problematic at wm ummm :wo of me own wm- Eg E ll Q .. . gg :r Q -- E 72 I 3 ms time, but lt is expeemea nm pusmnns and the smug :rio com- Ty. ' ' ' ' I .Q Raymond Dlllman will cover the posed of Mary Jo Raed. Kenneth qt -- ---A - , Q- how, , L-V-NH, e -'VM U. I ' ,rs ed DI .- AY F . h 3. - B -Q V 1 - g , :VOLUME IV EDMOND. OKLAHOMA M1AiRCH-'15, 1987 , NUMBER 27 5 - ' ' I - X "' -' S" 'A A ay xc - - - -. ,....:- - 1 ' - , ampus Beauties Race Bimon Is Assembly -----f -- --r ...... F . For Bronze Speaker Wednesday C Book Queenship -- :, One of eleven pretty young co-edsgqn A t the campus at Gem-el State Tea. - 1 on oollqe will win a crown on Hltiil 24 wh LII winn f Lh - mm, mmm 'Qo,,,fqu,,,f'Q.,t':S sig? CENTRAL STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE 'nie girls were nomxns this -:WJ m1'c2ges"f wmtfuhiifmjiyy f',g1',j Number 'rw-my Two Eamonn, oxmnom. weamany. Mmm. 17. mf ll The entrants. and the student leu- I dere pushing the campaigns, arc , Patsy 0'Shea of Mangum with Dale 1 Q McKinney uf Hollister, Imogene Bak- 1 emen of Guthrie with Mitchell Allen lot Tulsa Lorena Va.mer of 0ilton.I V with La Rue Newman of Oiltnn, Na S dine Strickland of Shawnee with Tom ,Points of Edmond, Grace Havlovic ot Greenlleld with Dick Wilson of Oklahoma City, Elouise McGuire of Norman With Douglas Payne of Ed- mono, Doral Stone cf Spencer Wllh Preslie Brown of McAlester, Rulii Allen of Oklahoma City with Clar ' ence Bartley of Edmond. Ciothidf- Stqrhens of Coopertcm with Al Sears nf Elimcnd, Texas Miller nf Elk Ciiy with Marion Due of'Grandlield, and Peggy Northcutt. of Duncan with Bob Trogrlon of Anadarko The queen race this year is give. added impetus since this is the Sliver Anniversary edition of the yearbook. It is expected off the press about May 1 and will feature the wirmer of this contmt. Bigbee wins wmi Temperance Speech Mrs Harrier. Sony Bimon of lhi! Central training school will be the speakex cn the assemuly program Wednesday morning She is the fifth of the faculty people to appear in lecture during the current year a graduate of Central anti ol the University of Oklahoma Mrs. Binicn was bcxn and ruares in the atmosphere of the Old South growing up with "nigger tales as a "Cua.h all" for all childish ills. Ir African Nights and Niggcr Fulklun she pictures scenes tr'-r 'M 'Q' NEWS NOTES Joe Howard Long was honored with a surprise birthday dinner on Sunday at his home, 507 East Ayers street. Guests uere Mi Fred Ives, Dr. Roland Beck Earnest Swanson, John Eaves, Mr W C Jamieson, Laurence Jamieson, Raymond Harrison, Mr. Earl Clevengei Andrew Channell. lil: J Forrest West, Rev J. L. Pettit, Mi Dxle Wood Mr Charles Patten, amd Mr Eduard Keso The hostess, Miss Virginia Howard was assisted by Miss Anita Howard and Miss Emmuhne Scott. Francois Villun, an outstanding French poet of the fifteenth century, was discussed by professor Dwight Davis before members uf the Sigma Tau Delta in the west reception room uf Murdaugh hall Tuesday night. 1 . , . Q 5 . : '- l ' , 1 ' Y . ' r ' A' . 1 i N fs PROGRAM ASSEMBLY SINGING ..... ----- ..-- Swing Low, Sweet Chariot SPECIAL MUSIC .., Wesley Rose Water Buy' Arr. by Robinson INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER Dean L. Wayne Jnhnson ADDRESS Negro Folklorez African Nights and "Nigga" Folklore Prnlessor Harriet Say Billion Critic Teacher, Central State Tea- chers College 'AA negro Cunvlcl. sung ln which thu words "Gwine Kell'a Yu' Mummy" convey u genuine threat to the listen- rer. This song is typical of the chain gang songs of the Mississippi, Louis- ' 'll-mama Nm.-...... ANNOUNCEMENTS SPECIAL NOTICE There will be a sbecial assembly tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock for a lecture by Donald Grant on the aub- ject of "What is Happening in Bri- tain. Nationally and International. ly" Dr. Grant is a world traveler and close student of international N . fairs. He will be on Central's cam n for several days and his schedule of lectures is as follows: ' Thursday night at 8:00 on the sub- iect of "Italy, Abyssinia and the League of Nations." Friday moming at 10.10 o'c1ock on the subject of "Soviet Russia from 1917 to !936." All classes ln the English .and Fareign Language de. partments which meet at this hour are to attend the lecture. All lectures will be presented in Min-In-II L...n .m..-ine. ami 1. -ri- lx -1 I Q J E 5. 3 Pi AT K 1 5 A, Li .S A2 Q 'Q , . f' 'f 'X Lil 3325 1? we .. x Qi, . 'b Y: X LA4 " 533' ,, f ., ,Q :FS-fb 3' E335 x N X' K 4 bfglff nig w Q ,Y 1- "fi F'-E: 3 ,Q L.: R 4 A SQ- S5 39-'i. 353 if 'Y A N? X , fm 212, -,-' -.Q f1a.g,1u '-:' Qi. wud - :z5.,' .RIS g,i:i Q 533- N 9 ' '- 1-,gig ui ' WH i - ,xi 11: ' Q,-' 1. -fr. , . rw TTL -wi :W K i1i2iiaH- 'f gf , . M., ,- . .. ,N YW. xg- ......1f -Y W, ., W W, -W A ff ., Ky Page Tu o H undrvd F zf ty-elght 'M'::f""""' " 'Nl mm' f -V -- -------ff-11'-'P-M --bb --Mwfwwanmafw' ffm, 3. , U Aff-'H Q1-vw---f -- :ima-rf:fQ.w-25--N.-w,,. ,.--... ,Y ,jiri ,km 4m,Awlm ,M-A r ,A 5 GN,V:L,N:lLlLnT,K-,I-xx N who t L: Nw. .mv L..,.,W... . A ,-,,,.g , ,, ,wig x. v- .v -.xmfwgnvr-f1-r.,.--mfy,:.fw-U ..nfn-,QQ-m,u-R-s:gw,E,-swpq, fa..ff:-xfmx. .wwf-1 Q- A. , ,--,. N -4 .0 L.-x..,,,,, esxfw F-55 v"'f. gzfggv'-P'15rq1v'-'g'Y urrfwr -my-NX-avr?-aw . N, f wx-nf, , P x . .W-Q ,,...,g'---.vX,,.n.w.,..., M.. V V V . . MH, gm. ,.,......,.,..,.6-,.-,.,f.J,,m..-In .,f,,..,. .- . ,. ,T- 5 :gi :Biff 'S +-?+1fH:fv.tffUwsffeigf ? 115 '.1 4 if : 'wggvii.gIf4WHfi'fS:2 fi ii' f- l ,X . M ,xx E, , .. . Ml.. , .. V .4 y : QM , 445 . L' ., -L . 1 4 , t1L.,,5q, . ig-.7 ,, 5, Q :y.lQ,.,1,. Qu gn E' N 1 1: V " 3' fi-'sg ref fix- -' ffi?:3."1A .5L:i.f'f'f if '27 Q " 1. .. X x ' x 1 JT N :Fx .X W ,, Ts Eg il hw bfi F 5-fi L E91 S3 1. X -. .s el? ii Em 'i"?Jf 5 Prefs Fla " i T -Q ,EQIP . it., Q. is . its" f l' gf Q' . L 2, xi . Qi ' x Y iiiiii we-1 ,A 2 4' -ee- 41513 , gr. ,.7E'e, Says' F 1 F X 3 viii.: , .,., P , ffif'-3 .-Ne., - 531. 1 pk , f., h C 1 'I ,X if w N531 Aa. H, N.. 1,1 ,, Lex- ff' .-'Q yr he ,t.j -191 1 -we -- rf" as X iimiliha A-f -f -1- - '- fwfr-- at ,T-1:-fu-Aan .- c ....... .. -:gre-wwf--1:--1 S: .' i so fljeyote igrothers t. We believe that Chief Leonard Chebahtah and Dr. Fred McCarrel are the only representatives of the Peyote cult who have ever beeniconnected with Central. Chief Chebahtah, a full-blooded Comanche-Apache Indian, is the son of a famous Apache Medicine Man and grew up in the pagan faith of his people. Because of his interest in Indian religion Dr. McCarrel was invited to participate in the twelve hours service of a Kiowa Medicine Meeting. Because X of this experience he is considered a member of the cult. Chebahtah is a member . . ' ' . S of the Senior Class and Dr. McCarre1 is Professor of Education. - -'f.s'-K-ew-.u-um-www.V----f-f-'TT-we Page Two Hundred I-'iffy-nine a ' eer- g re'r. i ' Wi Q Q I I ,- gig se Faculty Public Lectures . Chapel Programs are a feature and an institution at Central. In 1935 Dr. Moseley, recognizing the talent and outstanding ability of his faculty instituted the series of faculty lectures. Mr. Oakes in introducing Dr. Moseley, the first of the lectures in the 1936- 1937 series said: President Moseley is a Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of the Honour School of Jurisprudence of Oxford University, the principal study of which is Roman Law. For two years he studied Latin and Law as a graduate student in Stanford University. He has studied in the University of California and in Columbia University. He is national president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. As one of the nation's outstanding classical scholars, he delivered numerous ad- dresses last year during the world-wide celebration of the two-thousandeth anniversary of the birth of Horace. An important element in the Faculty Lecture series has been the clever and original introductions given the Lecturers by the Chairman of the Committee, Dean Johnson--apt and clever in his remarks. not always too complimentary -master of wit and sarcasm, surpassing in repartee, Dean Johnson says: I have never been able to appear properly astonished at the speaker's achieve- ments. They have always seemed to me inevitable consequences of her dynamic personality. Restless, aggressive, energetic, Dr. Harbour has always been a two- fisted fighter for what she has wanted. The destiny of such people is to ac- complish, to go places. They go to war: they go to National Democratic Conventions.'W'H Study history if you wish, but-if I were you-I should study the teacher. I should try to discover her knack of getting things done, her knack of getting people to do things for her.Ml':" There is no dearth of energetic people. Scholarship is not uncommon. But. when scholarship and energy are joined, then you have something. Dr. Harbour is this happy anomalv.""""U" The remarkable record made by students from Dean Otto's department in the graduate schools of the country and, in particular, in the School of Medicine of the University of Oklahoma constitutes, in my opinion, indis- putable evidence of Dean Otto's ability as a teacher."""":"f Science has recently made tremendous advances. We need very much to have the implications of these advances interpreted for us by those, who like the speaker, speak our language. The speaker's subject. "Science and the Future of Man," is most timely."t'F'H' Throughout my association with the speaker, the example of his poise and composure-I believe I shall use a sixty-cent word--of his imperturability has exercised a restraining influence upon my own impatience and impulsive- ness. He has an almost oriental gift of calmnesslk""""' Only those of us who have borrowed Professor McCarrel's books truly appreciate the scope and variety of his interests. He is an expert chess-player. He has written excellent poetry"""""" You will iind this morning's lecture most interesting. I know that you have been intrigued by its allirerative title, Oklahoma's Passing Paganism. The speaker will portray for you the spectacle of a primitive people, the Plains Indians of Oklahoma, assimilating a superior culture. Alert to the passing scene, he has been aware of his opportunity to observe and to study the operation of this significant step in the forward movement of human progress. Most people perceive such opportunities when they have ceased to existldmi Those of you who have made collections-it doesn't really matter what you have collected: stamps: coins, butterflies, or what not-will at once ap- preciate what Mrs. Binion has been doing and will understand her enthusiasm for her workin? Mrs. Binion was a graduate student in the University of Oklahoma at the time the folklore movement was getting under way. Professor Botkin was one of those -who encouraged Mrs. Binion to make an collection of the negro folk tales of her beloved Southland and to evaluate them on the basis of their suita- bility for children. Thus you see Mrs. Binion has been a pioneer in this iield of scholarly endeavor. She has appeared on numerous occasions before groups interested in folklore,i'Mt" She has long since lost her amateur standing as a public lecturer. For her the making of an address is an opportunity to further the cause of Internation- alism rather than an ordealwh' Although Professor Hampton's major interest is her teaching, her activity in behalf of Internationalism illustrates the value of having a hobby. How marvelous it must be to feel that one is expending one's energy and intelligence to further some really worth-while causel"f""'f": ' i as 1 A. 6 1? F F v ii. gf it 354' 7 STN ts? 53,523 . A ., ,. P092 Two H undfed -Slxfu --e--N -- .ss -L- .--.--,-f'LB'!H"'M ' ' ' ' P' ' W"-34:25, , ',l1:?L ?i?3E- fi A -'w1l""+"'A' ' l.'l"i"' L' A' " 'E' S ,"T'i:':':T .akin :?mmnii,A niuSlWq11 ca- -...,ee..s.sw.......- . s...N..- - -.....- P -...-,..-...- rw- - 'yjff-,f-gfqf-5-a1ggrg.:gq5s1Nje 2-.-1-f-,qs f. A .fy-i-y -if - Q 1, ,,f:::'r ' ff: 12:12 ' ---af eng..- wfq-ivif-qzs..gsis--.J , z:i-.- -.1----- - :.r?s.--eszcv '- E-gr,,,,i,.-,sw .. ..,.g, .-., rx., gs., .. -.. .rs . 1 --raslfz' r Scif. --: izrtrzrfqczfa is?'1-11mi1'i:aler'i-'igfi rfwT?ES- ff' -'iii ' - ' ,avg X. ..':.-:ti 4- T'?rLtry:.a-1......'iz-11' --45' s'..1s:-9 1 - 5- 3 5' fi ...J at -Jai .ug - -.sf,f3T'g-Sky--rf -1:. rw:--X ff. seem.: ' r ff...f-g.:EtiSs.:-Us--3 gr-xiii -1-weve'-ff:-rvgsisater.-.',.:1. -' ' - L-J i3..3'+.1'?Q Niki-fiii"?'i??T'Ffiirff: 4 Siva R .H S S N W L Q I 1 r x .X 3: X , Entertainers at Central l936-37 AUDREY WURDEMANN I JOSEPH B. AUSLANDER TOSCA BERGER ALBERTO SALV1 P090 TWO H wvdfed Sfxfy-fwo flfflff ,Qfff."QfQfgQfQf iflfff 'ivy--1 3 , 1 fy ff- Xxq?Q-,,,.iN,,,.,f-..,,-5Ke.t,fiA1---- 3... ,.,.,-.,.,4.i,.t..,f,.... .4.,.f,-nh. ,....t..e,.,. ,pst . v Q i.-ta.'5':'f'f5f'1N.- . r g. ' f -e x gf- ,:- 943.-,, K . f,...:v 4 .2.t. .- f- ,- I -rx. : lriftrf'-E' sq-.,,:?.,,i,?1ggY 1.1-f1.L. 2' ..w'4r.2'E 2 'Qgf 37.152'Q-.ffiiaitifl-5 t 1'.'zl1?f1'!fZ5'55i?55Tt5vi'7fffff ' . . P ' we-151 A 1 ,Y sinh- gdb! -Q-1 f , A3 X' K gr S E1 ti -4 G .1 2' E12 tml EFS 52 V1 afi E141 ,FI Tvs Yi! 1 1 I-in I -:. A l VS! If lei ,, in 1' sl 211: f,. fi x F45 17 5 px i? G? A ,k'...T Q.,i . Qi QL- 1' :L Sea? gnu.A.w,1'fmLx.r..m,-., - ' ' , .,,'LA....4 ,.v,,: A--an 0,41 , Q DONALD GRANT Mr. Donald Grant. of London, England, who lectures under the auspices of the Institute of International Education, New York, was at Central State Teachers College from March 18 until March 22, During his stay on the campus he lectured to the general assembly, to several special assemblies, and to manylclasses in History, English, and Foreign Languages. Mr. Grant was born in the highlands of Scotland.A He is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh where he majored in history and modern languages and -where he took fournyears of theological training at New College. ' Duringethe post-wargyears from 1919 to 19353, he had lived and worked in France, Austria, the Balkans, and Russia, and has visited repeatedly most other European countries. He holds the Gold Medal, Honoris Causa, of the University of Vienna, and is Honorary Member of the Universities ofiGraz and of Innsbruck. ' ' A ' Mr. Grant is best known as one of the organizers of the International Student Relief, afterwards known as the International Student Service. He initiated and was the first editor of Vox Studentium, formerly the international student magazine of the I. S. S. -- W- -- - --3--se - - --H -- -f -- an H W- K. -Y ---f ---4-A-. Page Two Hundred Sixty-three r--.,-,,fa,n V ,axzlf .., me Q.. e-.frm...,--.,,.,,.f,.r.m em.-,CJ -,..,aTa,,m.,.eee.A.e-,.Ts,..,..,,....r,......, A W it """"T""i"X"""""'m'K'Y"i' "ii ':3""M" 'We' a w e- ri ,,., We as TQQ:?fEQ'f17IQz?fg'Qs-ii sa fe? lah- -if ' 'f ff Q, as U A . g -K g KU- .R gag rg .vf-gg.-. e-U .1.. Page Two Hundred Sixty-four CAMPUS SCENE M, -. ..,....:.,- .Q iwlfgfs . ,.1,5,'4:L..mQm:.,1-4-1-,..,,g6i,. , ..,- . ,..,..L4.,,...Q1.g41:.g:g :Q H ii x if Pa H Li 5,5 ? g U if ffl A if M E'-fi ,bi 'nes A X gx 15.1 uf.- , 5 1 F.. , ' i L. zf W' 1 iff 1 Q. , lf' fx? ,v iii 1 1 A 2131 lifts? . Tm S222 3 A ,,f5?fr F, .' -A v ,T A 1 .4 lfx . ,gel ff 7 X - 5 N., 1 wififfiii- p x!! :'ff'iqg5 5523?-3 rw:-:I r '-Y ,-in .4 'J 321335 fiiw ' 2 57311, Qhffjt iii-Ecu" 1. V-f xi , -1 ,Q I is iwmu, -.V ..'-M11 1.1 Q,L.44JQ.-Q4-.- ,,..A,u1L.-L1gf.,gL,. 1,, - ,...:,. Mfrs ..u4,,:.- QA... ,. ...,.,,,,,,Lh..,., , ..L. V V ,. xx ..., -., , .,f,Mr. .K x W ,wuz - , , .,,.. .. . .g . LL. ,., , l,.f..,L, .. ., ., 41-M. ,mp-f:mf.,JA.:.4,. .JH-,:-.f., , - -JA ,Nix ,,--- ,-L,,,.,,..,,,.L, ,,, ..- -Lug 2 , , E . 1 l 1 s I fi L. They Also Serve "They Also Serve," a one-act folk play by Alice Virginia Devereaux and 5 1 J. Gerald Markley, was awarded third place in the play-writing division of x 3 the Mid-Western Folk Drama Tournament held annually at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. First prize in the production contest of the tournament went to the Blue Curtain Players for their presentation of "They Also Serve," with the following cast: Maurine McReynolds, Ralph Cole, Dale Mears, Gerald Mark- ley, Clayton Bagwell, and Margaret Halley. The play wasdirected by Miss Lucille McGuire. Individual acting honors went to Maurine McReynolds, Ralph Cole, and Dale Mears. , "They Also Serve" is concerned with the destitute Tucker family living in a mean hovel on the Canadian river bank. The only child, a boy of ten, is suffering from a severe case of pneumonia, and the father is unable to get a doctor to attend him since he has no money. t Doc Andy, a queer old fellow who abandoned his practice when his wife died with pneumonia, lives in a miserable, one-room shanty by himselfg away from the world in which he wrecked his life. , ' . ' Henry Tucker, the father, goes up the river to persuade the old hermit , doctor to treat his son. The flood has washed away Doc Andy's shack. I Henry finds the doctor nearly drowned, and brings him to his own hut. Scarcely knowing what he does, the doctor decides to treat Toby when he learns that he has pneumonia. The next morning the boy's condition is highly improvedf and the doctor sees the years of brooding over his wife's death and the failure he made of his S1 5 ti 'S I X life work ending with a tangible vindication of his self-imposed guilt. At the moment when his triumph is most vivid, and he pictures years of service to ET-5 humanity before him, the doctor succumbs to the effects of pneumonia con- tracted during the night as a result of his recent exposure. The physical strain together with the tax on his nerves is too great: his mind wanders off in a combined form of delerium and insanity. 2925 13,5 .3 ,. Qjliii i f , YY, .ififr .L 77.17 1 ---Y --f- --v v -- -- -V -'----- - ----j Q -W-F 7 W f-fV- f Y f V - - -f-- -f "Q-- ff f- W?-' Page Two Hundred Szxty-live ,Y Y V V :"7' 'nvmwgqv-.wi'Si'TfQTi w-Y , , -,..,, , , 7 If!Z-v-L-11.T?-10-1S-Cl--2rli3"T'i"'6G'!"-'Q ,, ..-,x.-:naar ,.,, Re a? 3111? E 't it ' t rr . A siiffrl. ' 7712? 6 'Y " i22Sf2?3is333i- if fs? s3 e?35EEi 2,aQi if f, Q36 r- ' H -X " ' -"-"1 if -te.-1?-':ses.i'f3.a ftfi Sl if-' -. . .-1 , , ,. ' .. , Qi, "a,,'1t' n-is-'Wiz-T-rr' gs F 'L f fr VU - ' , .' ttf ET Q, 'I MMWYYW W, I' ix in 5 QL 1 I 4 1 Q l mn-ir ..,mfr.::e'.'z-fa :15mKJ'+' 1 CENTRAL STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Presents Cfiilie Qondoliers By Gilbert and Sullivan Directed by J. Forrest West EMMA PLUNKETT .................. Stage Director LUCILLE MCGUIRE ...................... Scenery DOUGLAS JOHNSTON, JR. ................ Orchestra Roxna MILLER ..................... Accompanisr . DRAMATIS PERSONAE The Duke of Plaza Toro, A Grandee of Spain ............ Ovid Campbell Luiz, His Attendant .................................... Lee Miller Don Alhambra De. Bolero, the Grand Inquisitor ............. Wesley Rose Marco Palmieri ....L...............................,.. Pete Gillett Siuseppe Palmieri ................................... Wilbur Gillett Antonio ......................................... Hayward Florer Francesco ............ Venetial Gondoliers .............. Kenneth Smith Girogio -L ......................................... John Williams Tomasso ............................ ' ................ R alph Cole The Duchess of Plaza Toro ........................ Ernestine Weigand Casilda, her daughter - .......... .- ................. Mary Eula Wrany Gianetta .......................................... Mary Jo Reed Tessa ...-...L......... -. ........................ Ethel von Thurn Fiametta ............ Contadine ....................... Fanny Bullis Vittoria ...,.................L...-.......... Reta Ruth von Thurn Giulia ..........-......L...........L--.......... Audine Holliday Inez, the King's Foster-Mother Chorus: Contadine: Shiela Alexander, Lucille Bledsoe, Fanny Bullis, Eliza- beth Cloud, Vera Daniels, Pauline Davis, Genevieve Fisher, Martha George, Eve Gilder, Mildred Glass, Doris Greene, Doris Hall, Nita Hatcher, Audine Holliday, O'Dell Hooter, Vera Jones, Ethel Lois Kellog, Annagail Martin, Faye Montandon, Katherine Moody, Aimes Mudd, Roberta Muncy, Esther Pendergraft, Ruth Riley, Mildred Robinson, Ruby Rocker, Olice Russell, Ros- alie Sanderson, Edna Ruth Shaeffer, Lenora Shields, Lillie Showen, Minta Ann Shuff, Esther Smith, Clothide Stephens, Nannie Lee Stidham, Beulah Stoops, Lucille Thomas, Reta Ruth von Thurn, Mary Young. Gondoliers: Clarence Bartley, Bill Burchardt, Iman Carson, Edward Coffey, Harold Cole, Ralph Cole, De Laus Collins, William Daniels, Vincent Dicker- son, Rayward Florer, Jack Frost, Lee Ives, Eaton Jordan, Thomas Jordan, George King. Hubert Manire, David Moore, Elbert Reeves, Huber Self, Melvin Self, Lester Shreffler, Kenneth Smith, Lavern Stafford, Willard Stewart, Bran- don Stone, Anthony Webster, John Williams, Paul Yeary. Page Two Hundred Sixty-six E 23:3 Q.. 'W ,"' ss WH gs, K .x -i .4 S. Ld 1 D 'RTIfTf i 1 NNHD.APPBARED AH? CENTPAJ.DURING THF. D ,NEAR KI: D I-101' .P BO VOCAL OUARTET IIIMJ Eff A ce Mme. UN? , 4:22555 SHAWN UE-'in ffm ' w . - rw:-.'f.e. 1 fy .rx X' .4 x A X e, in X A , xv K xx X +5 ,. A Ni x K was QQ A 'N If fi X 'I+ . , TFNOR 409 QUJ K v- 4 Interesting fPeople fs ,Q 4 L MR. S. J. PAYNE-- Has served 28 years continuously at Central. He is in the Department of Mathematics. fi '1- MRS. STARR OTTO DOYEL- Always ready to advise and assist in making costumes, in addition to doing a good job in the Home Economics Department. ' DR. F. L. FORDICE-- Gentleman and Scholar. 3 ly PROFESSOR RoY JoNEs- V7 sR'i A Received his Ph. D. from Oklahoma Uni- versity in June. He knows how to conduct if tournaments efficiently and successfully. V' if 5 n if Page Two Hundred Sixty-eight H Y AA ' 1 W KKK, ,gil QQ R .re tice, DT at am.- R s a "Q-.fQ'lTf2ffQfff D An DJ: f..QfQlfln'.fl1 D -1 gg Hag 1 - -i 'ff' as g s, , SEQ? .gba E v I T7 'fi if -is lm? H-- 51" vi' X 5 2 955 up 'X as 6 r W. gs. E. n !,, A 1 xi., -. -4- Q.. v. 6 4--' W 3.5. Lv, 1. . S ' f ag x-3-R.:-: Y M - L. h u , :J-5 S... . . . XQQF. rl I" gl 'X 'Y '55, 4 ' 4 Interesting 'People MRS. VERNA JOHNSON- Acting Librarian. She is the most accommo- dating and agreeable person on the campus. DEAN WAYNE JOHNSON- Who with his wit and his veiled sarcasm has established a reputation in introducing faculty lecturers. DWIGHT Davis- Poet and Linguist. LOREN BROWN- Absent on Sabbatical leave 1936-1937 receiv- ed his Ph. D. from Oklahoma University in May. We've missed him. Y-aw? -V -,.x:., ,TA,,,,,,,,... 7- aim. ,w,.,m . . --emagfgm famrsega.-sW.......e..,.1..., Page Two Hundred Slxfy-vine ,...., ,,,-----..-- - 1:25.--age.. m..- , - , f f Y Y , ., ..-.zvsmu-f:.u-serve: -- -u.s.u..a-.- --.mme -npamaams.-euxhu - - - :--f,,,e...'.. sa , .--.e-,.l-.vs . . . ... . . -X... ., .r .x-K.. Q..-..Qv-.f,.-,N-.f...g .eqjaswmzgnnuauummenu .- eu-,.--ibm .. 4-...I qsswN.w..1.fn. xnxx-.fem P.. .,-. it-. .... -. :M-1-as-T " .5-ey f- fiszufi'-Wwe-N f, fl -f x ' '-L s . ' ' R ""a ?' 3371.5 ?E"'B'iT7T'1 7' ' - ?6T'vT5u:':ncrr:"r1n-:zu-f1l:mn:n.'.ws .EXE F.. Di XM, .r,. ,Q .1 3. Q ii . 2 ... :S L.. 1 i '5- Ei is 52145. ci' - pil 1 ei? is - A 1 Iwi? is . v Y w 4 Page Two Hundred Seveflty "mN'xm'L"'vu'3:"" v"'L 'L 'fmrvqxign Q wx ,Q a x. 1 f"k"1Z- 1.,.u. ,i .Ji M: ,VYQ ,--.,, . qiwlho 2,x:,,Q,,:A.l,4,s3i igstzg.. J.3.,:5,..hlw?Q,5,, : bmQM.:mrUn.:-1-,K-L u.,1mwLMM--V-1Q.Z,f- V----D... M.-Y -W--f am, .4.-,..,.f,gi- gg ,assi - ff:--g'gfg1::-'Hai-,.ah.1i,yw . , z 'qw 4,g5.,Lf.. 1-zqaj,q,:l:.igQ1-v.,':-M ,gi LQ-...Q mf, f 'i..3w,, - ,,3. bf. -, -QL '51, S- 1 : J- I H- ,Si .W .J rbi, 'fx--'ws1'.1'fb" li-C-if -. Y. 4- 'if "9 M- f ,1..,i3'eww:Sf-.r-.153--1.xi .2 1-.Eff 'w,, . .:: - SFT ' - -Q U' ' E 'S N 1 ssh I '-5" wr, it fx 'N W --fm.. .1 b- " . I' A I 0 5-'i v s ' I f. 5 -'H I. .1 . . l if ,Ph rf .Lg ks ' :VA .B'Z'. 'L 7 'QA 1 V KJ. 1 F1 FFR' X Pi 4 r rf: N T 'Ti V B . f Q51 .1-.5-yn ,, N., mi? vu, ?: -f:.n:v-f'X.,......v .- -M N- w :cg-.s..f-:,:,,.w ..f.-.W --,-1,5-.....,..,.3. .-.... A...,:,,x,z,,:, .... -. .,.... u.. yfxmvfa-xv. ... .-.-11-.mfr --.-w.,.1..W -- Students Who Do Maurine McReynolds-Actress Lee Murphy-Debater Mary Jo Reed-Sings Wesley Rose-Sings Ethel Lois Kellogg--Who does many things. Evelyn Dieball--Debater Inez Daniel-President of Murdaugh Hall. Bill Giles-Football, All-American Marvin Studebaker-College Advertiser David Stone-President of Freshman Class . Tom Points-President of Junior Class. Things Gerald Markley-Actor and President of the Latin Club. W. C. Barnard-All-State End-Football, Basketball, Captain of Track Team. Co-holder of Track record. Peggy Northcutt-Secretary of Shakespeare, Treasurer of Murdaugh Hall. Wilbur Gillette--Singer. Frank Ives-Singer and active in club work. Jack Atkins-Football, President of Lettermans Club. Carl Fite-President of Y. M. C. A. Quentin Garman-Orator Rosemarie Hennessey--Work on the Bronze Book. Harriet Thompson-President Shakespeare. Marv Dowling-Outstanding W. A. A. Worker. Katherine Searle-Work on the Bronze Book. Allen Sears-Nice disposition and willingness to Hubert Manire--Tennis player. Tommy Higgins-Tennis player. Elouise McGuire-Circus Ringmaster. Martha Nell Hitchcock--Circus Queen. Paul Thomas-A Real Student. W. O .Garrison-President of Science Club. Gladys Shadle-President of Criterion Club. help everyone. Page Two Hundred Seventy-one as 4 . gfri v-, - - OUTSTANDING PEOPLE WHO ARE KNOWN FOR THESE THINGS Carl Fite-A true politician-Knows how to cater to every whim and idea of the faculty members. Frank Lill--"It Pays to Advertise"-I ought to get an A out of this write up. Brandon Stone--Knows all and tells all--about the Mardi-Gras. Dale McKinney-Things are pretty tough in the short grass-I enjoyed the first two hours. John C. Port-Was that drunken Irishman act just an imitation? George Tilly-A General in the making. Dr. Ott-and his overalls-"Yes, Mr. Gingsbergf' Dr. Crick--"Aint nature grand?" ' Katherine Searle-A Tri-Delt from O. U. who made good at Central Tom Points-Leather-lunged yell leader. Helen Hiatt-A real politician. How are things in Western Oklahoma? Glenn Overman--I want to get through here-I've got things to do. Miss Muehl---Her smile is infectuous. her dancing, divine. Ernestine Howell-Lafferty-School is just a side line. Who left Mrs. Estill waiting in the rain? Mr. Rankin--Do you understand this Monetary System? I don't either. Mr. Clevenger-"If my memory serves me correctly-" Mona Katherine Lee-What she can do to that Accordian. I Mr. Hart-Why don't you edit your copy right in the 'first place? Pete Gillette4-Anybody want to play-me a game of pool? Bob Trogdon-For bigger and better fires. . Dr. Harbour-7-"The Lady in Red." Leslie Schellstede-A manager in getting by on grades. Edna Jeanne Raines--Has excellent taste, both in friends and clothes. Conley McGuinn-I wonder if my team wants a little coaching? Jim Tyner--A dancer from way back in the early ages. Rose Petsemoie-Noted for her good looks. Dean Johnson--"This being Monday-" Jack Lewis-Do we have a love scene in this act? Virginia Swisher-"After I get my degree, I'm going to fly away." Marita B. Riggan-"Calling all editors." Ethel Lois Kellogg--"And I had the grandest time-at Tulsa." Page Two Hundred Seventy-two :.VSL.,,,,L Eg! QW Q, 59,1 J 55- ,5 ' Ev ,i A X Xxx Re Qi W F , ig If ,M CWM' Q. .kim N mv gm, x Qxgggp 589533 S 1 m 'Li 'F' x Q' Q. i 39 3 X f A FS m -- Aw X A , . K xmwxM,W.,,.1, . ., , S Xx X 5 S W K ...X. Q 1 . , 3 R X .N X X ww Q X ,f .. 324 5 O E Nw gr f- rv n ktzrnx av .. su-"mf3 i I 1 Aufographs of Classmates and Fniiends W s -X 'fuNi?MKkM3p5A'l?mAL-4 32525 'fL.,,.,s, MMMMZ4 Qflfy M4624g4WM,s ,glial-U 40421 " Aff? Z4 f 0 R , , If xx N x QX I , Q 7 2 1 X! ' -Q 'LY' 5 RA, u . ,-, 4? , ' ' ' Adj I L X 1 "- U ' Q: ,Y 1' ' N K ? 9 X -1, y Q Q M 0 1 . , T I I .Y 1-3 H K L 1, . .I 5 h . , f fa. A-. - 1 . ,. A ,s-A '. JM s - s .-A-' Q 'A I I ., t f ' f rv . A -4. - 114 111 4 1 4 -' .41 " J -7 0 X 6 'I I I . ..- -40-pecan., ' ' K is I 1 I 9 ' 1 A A 4:4 A 1 I .14 L. 1 1 ff ' I Q 0 f i ' Q 4 ' Q EMQMAAWAALLOZQLWA, zz., fff,,,,,,.,asazQ A 1 I1 C is dig, A f ffl X P 4.11, 5 L I' 1!. '4' , , W f '-71 .. .-1 I... 41 Q 1- - ,j 111 'IAA' 5' 1.-X, , I1 +1 . I f- ' f f Page Two Hundred Seventy-four - ' . s 2 ' in -lf. , . 'A' .. . R. . ., L. vi- M bk M in ,t?mk,..1l . n ' Q f' I 1 Q ' A - .di A ' f 1- 4 4' 1, n Y ,LJY . 54 .741-r14 - 14. '- Y 4,11 4. . 46ii5l'llEgiiizz,l!!ll!ll5's f 405' 1..l...,a.., f Page Two Hundred Seventy fiv .Z 'I '54 Cjg5LiC2ff 41 Q Q?A!w!cQ1Z42- fag Autographs of Classmates and Frie r Gaia! ALM fZC,.4QfMfcQ4f1fv fv -ALM - Z 5 if as A -f " ' fo ' ' gS'a1-mf' N ' . , ., Q CQnd4Z?, Q gggg a , fig? ' 5 Y i 24 Q2 M Z W Zz L dn ., 2 a L afafl 614,144 sQ2QQ251,: xv s. Lzggafanb, GDJHQQ Q5 ' " , 4 +-Lf 4 ,, ,sQZFT'f??iL1fa4L -,fCLfTfQZLs4f:f1QQQML4 a ,1?,2ka,af 1sg2sAfzL,62QQeL4ad,, ,gggmww - ,giZ5fa?2QLzigzAZZ,sV3,,35af,za5 41Q42ZL. - - s s as s,,LQL42L4LMhf X9 Autographs of Club Members Page Two Hundred Seventy-sxx ,7 - ' .L , . e..:gR.en5'R131X.1:?edQxf.f,LmSf'32-sffs-' Iv 2' CD 7 SL". N 3 3 CD IJ fl' CD , mx ?' 752 g., Page Two Hundred Seventy-sever Comer of Lounge-Murdaugh Hall P The lovely living room pictured above and all other rooms in both Murdaugh and Thatcher Halls were furnished completely by 0. K. Furniture Company T H d.'dS y-'hh ez ! i l I i Q l 1701010101010ioicnioioicxicxiariinioioicriltifujoicrilvic H0014 xioioiinioioioitnjoiinioicm 10:1 nioioiojojojuinio lvioinioiclioioicnioiixi nioioinilrixnioioiuii it 10101014 i iizicricricriiritrixbiiricvisricricricri COMPLIMENTS SEN IORSO . W. S. Bellows Construction Company ! I ! ! ! I l l I Q ! ! ! I 1-'Z' 114 rioioicxjoiojoioioiuia Oklahoma City ' . W MEN ONLY READ THIS Out of ninety thousand Women' there will be eighty-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-four who will read this.-The other six will be blind. Meet Your Friends At Veazey's OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. irioinioioiniuil !. xioicnioiojaxjuioiinicrioioioiu vicr101oi4vi0?iri1vi01011ri1v1o11r1ar14ri1ric Congratulations Seniors U W From .y W.L.BuckCo. Sporting Goods and Athletic Equipment 311 North Broadway Oklahoma City I ,, nxoxnxoiozoioqpoxoif xioiojoioioir 191,3010ioioiuiniariui1iio141101014I11vi0i11i414 nioioioioiuioiuq E 2 2 5 2 5 Tom Haney--"Wanna buy a Nert Pest ticket?" W. O. Garrison-"Yeah-how much?" Tom-"Ten cents." ' W. O.-"I thought they cost twenty- five cents apiece." Tom-"They do." W. O.-"Then how can you sell 'em for ten cents." , Tom-"Easy. You see, the Nert Fest was last week." 5QOQOQ0l0QOQ4DQlI,0DllQOQ01 QOQ0lilIlQ1'f Page Two Hundred Seventy-ni' bjoioioiiljt 24-- 1 fs 'Q so E3 1 1 J I .:.10i0l1l10lGiD0I01lDi1bi4lllbi1 i1P1C7l0i17ll510Q17ifP10l0Q4YiCli0i0l!liK7i4 10Q0Q0:0:0Q!z0 I 4 g 2 THOMPSON BOOK STORE I 2 Library College and Grade School Texts 2 ' 1 Q Your Library House 2 I . I Let us Hgure your school needs. Order from the "Nearest Store." I I ADA EDMOND DURANT 2 Q S .qgi0j0i0i0jll14ll1h11bi4lil'l0x D0i0llDl1ii0llV014710,010i0 i0l010i011li1lC!l14blQlQ01lbQ 2 Q Compliments of l Mrs. Shelby-"Well, Conley, what I I I have you been doing all afternoon? I ' ' - Conley McGuinn-"Shooting craps." I co' Mrs. Shelby-"That must stop. Those I I D. W. Barnett, Cwner I little things have as much right to live I I I as you have. I I Booster-Enterprise and Oklahoma I Bob Rice-"Your pants are so short l I Farming I the cuffs are talking to your shoes." I I I David Stolne-"What are they saying?" 2 I School Printing a Specialty I Bob R'- Why qfmyt You Come up and i I I see me sometime? i i 1011IlliallliillMOQ4lil1110?lliliiiiilliiilliililliiillflflaiilliliiliiilliiiiiililbiililllliii 1 i i Wayne Bassler-"Will you go to lunch E with me, Blondie?" 2 I Coye Ann Payne-"Well, yes and no." - E Wayne B.-"What do you mean, yes I I and no?" I I 2 Coye A.-"Yes and no foolin!" I D 0 Y E L , S i Anglin Collins - "Do you actually I mean to say you're saving all your kiss- I I I es for a rainy day?" I Grace Havlovic-"AbsolutelyI My boy I I I fr1end's a baseball player?" i - - I l I I 2 5 g I I t r n I Marriott's I Q 1 , n e u a , I f 1 5 8: 100 St l Grocery - Market l C ' , I 2 Staple and Fancy' Groceries I i Best QUHIIW Variety Goods, School Supplies, Hosi- I I Fresh and Cured Meats I ery, Dishes, Candy I Fish - Oysters ' I I 2 Phone 800 Edmond, Qkla' 2 lVe Appreciate Your Busmess I I I - 42130101011:initrzoioznszozw111riot:riot1110101111011ricriivxlvifriuvifvirxifmifitbifriiviixxbf' Page Two Hundred Eighty , .3...7.: .1 I . f. .9..tTf""P.2-'gi Q- , ' .-QI ff? -'bs' fr'-fa yu ,QTrf.:-19?-we -QM, fy .,k-X5,f'S!Mrjgrtes.L . - is- . .-alt--,.5:,e 1 5. .1-msg? ft aww- :M AJ ' as ,. , J. . . ,Ma e, AQ. , . e--. . -e I Q ,N-, ,ga at-..,s r, 4, , Q5 r ' -4 L 'w,s1.-f5:.f1-yw -fzfzrsu ig rg. L2 -- ,sir New - -J - .. . aa-x.:sn-se.ntax:Q.a..eaa.xNtL...esa+su4v..l3fQnLasiwass:.u,aent.fA.LL 1 f 11 4 I ? ers.. . Y , , ,M N Y xi va- .1-'-P-,' ,rf in .gs I 1-,sas-S -c fu. Q- ,f.,Y-,-.v,.q,f.,-e..r 1w.f.-.v--H.-.v-1.-gg-.-s e.A...s: :.x4.nQ,..q....L. i E! S fl 1 H TI -i C! Il at Q F 53 312 sc is -2 J .M will 'Sul L' 'l Effl.i Lv 1 ff 4 l' I ig! ,C 1 -. s, 5 51 I 53153 E A I l ls, Q23 S3 is ,Y 4 His . ,, ish.. 2 . so reef! L img 'U 'Q'-si? R AT. 173 4 " Z' aw 4, - :H :mf rg 3, t I 5 .r " at ,e ,S m.4-ge, ati? -f 'i 1 H33 . E51 'iii ,r - N f l -' r l 9' on ,jar , or E I J A .1 ,Q --M: I :HES u.x.ff,.f-1,-:er A ms., L ,rhivg P' - r.,...-...uf..-..isx...1,.,.e 4,1 ,Lehman fr ,ws-v rr-.Nfl-,-tw-11,,...-,.. . .nm ., . c- slew,-e...e.s.1,k t-rr,..w-- .Q -if f..l.aa.g - . - -as-.,1-fc . was mg-psfgugx-3 an-e.,ei fa-na-1-4..e..' f ,rf gamma-1.aas.i e vm-h,.f..n -Q-3 s ,f,,L...e-4 -'gLns..umm -:rw 1, ,refyws L- cs.- svn-...,s,..4,.nmf,1L.3taHLr-.1-an e.fLa.v:1n,-,nL,-s-:ae-Jag.-LQL l .I EJ izuzuzorocnoz sg 1070101011 1101011 .2fD4x14n1011Q:0:0j0i4u1lri1rj1xi1nicni1 Business The Oklahoma Natural Gas Company and its more than 600 employees are a source of business, important to every- one in Oklahoma. Each year. the company spends over a million dollars in Oklahoma for pur- chases, salaries and taxes. This great sum enters the trading channels here at home to swell the business of local mer- chants. The Oklahoma Natural Gas Company spends thousands of dollars on the maintenance of its gas lines to insure you of 100276 service all year around! Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. Wide Awake Cafe Edmond, Oklahoma rj0:0jo11ri4xi1114n10i0j0:4n:1njcr1oi4n11r:1xi4r:1 nic rioioioiojtnicrivjfxidxioicijoicx-c 90101014 Dear Dad: I received the threat in your last let- ter that my extravagance must be curbed. merely because you aren't mak- ing expenses. Now dori't you worry. You just go on with your work and I'll make expenses. Love, Lester Shreffler Junior '41 a....... ,. .im-1-me-H-evx-s .M F.--. -,Q-egwmwvasn.-.awst,w.w....4-qgxfwwux Q Q Q Q i Q Q Q Q Q l 3 Q Q !-. l ! ! Q ! Q Q Q Q Q Q i Q Q Q Q 2 Y 3 gg U, gweeae 2 O 2 3 Q :J "- G Q'f'l 2'-EN' 0 FU l W Z 5- :TO mm :E 52:11 l 'Tl D, , - m V' O 0 92150 S' 90' "l5"N?, ' E iff 2 l B Og Eg' 9 i D, r:"I all ln' YE-'g l 2 Q ,,, gs 1 E. 5' gl ! : E.: : wg 8 Ze 'Q P-4 0 p-no CD QS ?eZ':-asain 1' 2. U2 O Q Q -4 m ' ' I Ca.-f 07627 og 1 Cf rel 'Tl Pg UO., as 31 v Q Q 2 lg if Ui i g Z Q, P+ l 2 a Q- . Q ao- E me 2 Q. O U C Q IIT' Q -4 Q 2 S0 CD 3 -2 O 0 r-Z9 2 55? 2 S- Z 3, :U 'U Q-.Q I E C67 ro fu 5- P-L. ! D- 5 Q, rug If ' I ' U : o C 13.3 o l Q UQ, an m Sm Q P-5 C3 C1 QD Q m 5-' 03 6 9- Q 31 'S-2 D- 555' - 'B m U Q 2 N .,, Q .Q Q Q a 2 T, Z nn 2. Cv QQ e cj - .2 : fo ri. -A D- l Q H v-1 "1 'U ! I D Q O Fi sn. S Q. w so Z P-I 34, ,Y 5' 'Tl :J w l Q., Q- "' S W l .4 3 2. va ! H O 'Q as- 5 2 Q s 5 st tv Q "' so gg he ! E -4 E if 5 ': -Qui Q O rl l 3 O!Q'4lC0:fl:fP:0i010C4Y.flCflCfYCilQ0:4Dk0GllCOCf liilfillilll Ddfiiiallfiliffffillcflnffglfmlnflifiilfflfllffifilgfini l:0Q4YC0:0:0:0Q0.4Pi!k unfmwn - . .Q -nsszn-.Jann-.,.-fs. m -ww New-fva-.c-. .fl ...usa .4 -.wa--na., ,...ns.-.1-eu...q..f.fa .-wut .n.1.1-Q unmpraw Q-,fn-mv ni.-we-sv sw,-L.p.....u., ..-4w-n.v-:-m.unm.-a.t-u- 'sn' ...mmm- . ..-V -.-. N -.mine-,..:.. - ,s.a,.-S.-Q.-.a.s...-an.,-v W -,-.-.if .M Q.,.-....-..-..-.-we ,. .,.,n...w1-m .. .. -....c. aw, ...,. ,,,, . ,... cn.. .... . M,,M,., Q, ,M 1 K W K- W '-isliari, -ie" 'L1 wr? -1- - Q . ' ' ..9 f'1i.-f.QI1- Q 'lygtk T U rxozoioioxoxnga 1101011 D011nioiflioipoicriqrioioilrjtricrioimric xi4xio1o2o14xio1o:1w14x14xi1r1oi4vZ1ri0iib14v11l1 Insulate Your Home With J OHNS-MANVILLE ROCK-WOOL F. D. Bearly Lumber Co. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Bill Delbridge-"All right, I'll come. Where is the party?" Ralph Cole-"The Skirvinf' Bill D.-"The Skirvin? Say--that's a swell place!" Ralph C.-"Sure-we all meet there. Then we got only eight blocks to Walk to the party." Mr. Watkins-"Make a sentence using the word faith." Bob Capshaw-"Your faith lookth fa- miliarf' rioioioiojoiocezf 011 D011ri0i1r14r10i4xifx:nio1o1cmioitni4r11ui4xioi4v14rZ1li4ri41i1 icrioiodpniugoiqvinianiniqyq nioivnoioioiojoii Farmer Jones-"Seems like I've been findin' an awful lot of dead crows in the fields lately." Farmer Sears-"Yup, I made a scare- crow out of some of the duds my boy Allen sent home from college and the birds been laughin' themselves to death." j1. Hotel Page-"Telegram for Mr. Che- bahtah. Mr. Chebahtahf' Leonard Chebahtah-"What initial please?" TOOLS The Quality Store EDMOND, OKLAHOMA boinxoioioioiiuicriiuioioxoioioiericuioioiivioiclicrix Ioioioiodpoxoic 101011 Sain Baggerley Hardware and p Isabella Shop Phone 10 Baggerley Funeral Home Phone 10 or 373 Marriage is an institution Marriage is love Love is blind Therefore-Marriage is an Institution for the Blind. 10itl14b1oi1Iioi1licbioi1rioici14ricnioioi4n ! ! I ! I ! I l 2 ! ! ! l ! l i -2- ROYCE CAFE "We never close" 4th and Broadway B Tip Jacobson - "She said she'd be faithful to the end." Judge-"Why that sounds good." Tip J.--"Yes, but I'm the quarter- back." When in Tulsa Visit the e9b'Cc1yoi Cyfotel Tulsa, Oklahoma I rxozoc -10101011 1:01011 bioioioioitrioioii 05110101011 zoxozoxoxozozozoxoxoxoz 110101 rio: uxoxuz fini: xoxnzozoxozox rcrzozozozoxoc. Page Two Hundred Eighty-two i t i rioioioioioioioioioi nie 11011 101 1110 it Public Service Compan .... of ... OKLAHOMA TULSA, OKLAHOMA Photographic Supplies "Everything for the Photo." Eastman Kodaks, Cine Kodaks, Films, Photo Equipment, Leica Cameras, Uni- vex Movies, Frames. Mounts, Chemicals Oklahoma Photo Supply Co. 308 North Broadway Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1020i0i0i0i1r14xi0i4l14r1xx:rrilv101tu14r BAKER AND COMPANY Edmond, Oklahoma ioifr11l101010i0i1ritIl1ri4l14ri024wi4r11v11 Mr. Keso--"You certainly must know what a rivulet is. Look--what comes down out of the mountains and goes on forever?" Bill Daniels--"Hill Billies!" lui iulinjoioiuioi his 1014114 104 x10i4ri1ri0i01oi01o1014r1lrit 10101010301 Kenneth Smith--"What's this--only hash? Don't I get any choice?" Waitress--"Sure! You get choice. Take it or leave it! What dessert do you want. you lucky fellow?" Kenneth Smith-"Lucky fellow? But I haven't had anything to eat yet!" Waitress-"You don't know how lucky you are." 101010103 101030101 1101011 1 vii in it Snyder Brosr GROCERY AND MARKET Home Owned Phone 495--496 1031101111010103034rioioioicliuiarioioe Prest Machine Works Co. Engineers, Machinists and Electricians Phone 3-3478 42U-428 E. Grand Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1010102011ritsifrilxirxitniritnicriixilniauiiu John Port-"Those two-hour lectures always make a new man of me." Gerry Rice--"You mean they give you something you've been lacking?" John Port--"Yes, sleep." it10202010inioioilrioiuioioic110141101 The LONG BELL LUMBER CO. Quality Building Products HARDWARE - PAINT Phone 19 R. C. Cossett, Manager ,10i010i010i0Zn1010i03u:1 10:01 It is11014uiuioioioioinioixrioiuioioioioa STUDENT CLEANERS and CRYSTAL LAUNDRY Landlady-"If you don't stop playing that saxaphone you will drive me crazy I Hayward Florer - "I-Ia, I-Ia. You're I crazy already. I stopped playing an hour a o I Upi "Hello, Coach." "Hello, Giles. I thought you were told not to drink while in training." "What makes you think I've been drink- ing Coach Im not the coach Clyde Smith The other day my wife gave me a sermon about coming in late and its kept me awake the last two nights Dorrxs Givens Cause it was so im pressrve? Clyde Smith No she hasn t finished it yet K' ew-if rzoiozoaqv 10101011 110101014 I I I UQ I I I I ' . . 1 . I I ,. .. ,. e - ' , I f' I I - I ,A 4, I - : I I I I I I I I I I . I I ' I I I I I 1. 1 I Q 1 I I e I 5 I I I U rnioir 1' 'r '-"wg 2 - wi , . ' ' .I ii . I - ' ' a A,.,,.f-I ! . . n U I I . - . I 1 - . 4141, . ,, - qi,-0:1 ' M iw ' ii:l:+:+i" I I I Q : li - I ! f 'iw l . I egg. ij - I . , 1 , .. 03,1 :A I I ' Qt- Q iejiiif' ig-1 If 5 .ffsi . 'Eff , Z, arxiiifivl I . weft' pf' ! - -'ii24:a.y 1: I i ' ' 'alfa 5' - -, 'fgfi F i . -. e - fmgsagze' I - 5- x"54"Lf,'., A 1 II-A-. 31 I, , i . 555525 in L.,...t I 10101011 10:1 I? he fb "I E O I 2: :s Q. "1 Q Q. U1 fe a- N L: .. 3' 2 -Ze- xg. 'Ze- E ,, Z F 5, iS !G S2 ag int ti? ze. His: A W fri N if -- i -, ,z .qv Fig, we i . ,Q :- l Q ! l l E Q l ! l Q l l ! Q 501014 GOOD ER-V DEVA TER xioiniuil 101 "Household Appliances" 10:1xitxicxitniixioioihicl-i011xi451010101411014bixtiriixifhyriiltrxjtricnidrjcnitvilliiliiriirifrilricxii Dnioia RAY DEVEREAUX Jewelry AND Gift Shop Beggar--"Have you got enough money for a cup of coffee?" Clarence Bartley--"Oh, I'l1 manage some how, thank you." Meet at COOPER DRUG Phone 1 Douglas Payne--"That girl danced that waltz with me with tears in her eyes. I wonder if she is sentimental?" S'-E 'VO 35- Dm el ,... 5 : W-4: O ga rg? 3-V9 in D' sv F9 M. S VJ V! 5 c D" 5"' se- ,gg 'S Ei UI. S2 53- P-il 'lil Q Ei el 5. Q ! Zoiclicnicliericlicricuitbicrioilritvioiivicricv- ioioitlifoiclioicvioiilioicviimicrif 301010. 10i0ZoZ0Z1li411il11r14l1oi4x11xi011ui4r:ir1o1 Let us furnish your Electrical Equipment Central State Teachers College equipped by Goodner-Vandeventer 101011 1410! TULSA, OKLAHOMA E s 2 2 'Q e s 2 nzuzuzuxorw 1101010301011 xiixiixirrimxjcnicxilniixilxilvif nit Dr. McCarrel-"Can you smile when things go wrong?" Chili Villa Real-"Sure" Dr. Mc.-"Well, smile. You just flunk- ed my test." Nblbimxifvilbiublfrifriirictiiriirjrimxxericvitri Whether Here or There Remember to Eat at STUDENT EAT SHOP xuioicxiniznirriiriauicritxioioirzioiauxcrixu Dale McKinney-"A Chinaman goes into a dentist's office . . . what time is it?" Biob Trogdon-"All right . . . What time is it?" Dale Mc.--"Tooth-hurry." 1024r:u111i4bicni4riin101oio10iiri4li4xi4l:cn B R O W N ' S Grocery and Market "Service As You Like It" Phone 567 116 North Boulevard bind Q l l Q Q l l l 4 l Q l .2 :fini xioiojoxoqrjfrifxiinicxioifhitiivirxiurifviojirifrifxifxi oiuioininiuioi 01011 xiojrxitxioioioicaiuifoifxirxjixicsirxiiritricxjc P14 .Z-...ti-1 binioioioiixiuioiclcnoinnioztrxrrilxcibcnioiuioioi an if ,,,fw-Qxmnweammm-x ww.w-Qns. 14 .-me .im .A 4 -.iw ------ 1 4- - we -1---we-L-.1-m--num--ma-W..-.lx .,. .. .. , . C , .'-s.-.,, -:. A -1 f.-..-.Qs--Y if.vvt-mswqsw 1, A..-,u-,fun-fn-.www-uuxnvsw. .i , , , . '1 'E gi 2 Q 5. H! fl if El i L el il! lr li li E li gi S 3 ht Fi ri E E ': . ., fi if 1 as ?s E gil Sei 513 fri hifi l 5-Li . L, Ps:- '1 f S3 ii 'A Q s ,f iii ,1 56' its: - - - "i M ' it- -5 G A -.frrf :- '5 ii' s --X -ff 53345 2 g JM. g 1 ei :fare d in Q - fel F i t .,:'. 'T' 1 5-Q32-.ff w 9 Tkwzfx 5 Rf . ,Mg,s,gaQ li is Mg 4 g g fe L Q i reg me Q ,gm rf! 69Ii010i0l014l1.b4P14ll1i10l4ll0l1 iiilliilil illilii i0l47l0l0i010l0Q0lKliI!i4 i1l10i0i01l:Q I I I I I I I o 0 E g HIEIHCIH UCCGSS 1 I I Financial Success is dependent upon the ability to save. I Food for the average American family requires the expenditure of from 25? I I I to 4024 of the gross incorhe. Home Canning greatly reduces the amount of I I I money spent for food-thus permitting the saving of a considerable sum of. I money. I I The use of Kerr "Self-Sealing" Mason Jars increases this saving because they I i eliminate mold and spoilage. Q I Write to Kerr for complete information on canning by Pressure Cooker, Hot I 3 I Water Bath. Oven and Open Kettle Methods. I X' I if ' K Gl M f t ' C ' 3 err ass anu ac urmg om. 3 I I 1- I SAND SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA I I I I I Q DliififPililliiiiltiiillllllliiililiillilillfliifil illl010l0l1'IlVl0C Dhiiill-Dllll M101 I 1 I 5 , 1 I I E I THE COLLEGE SHOP I I I "Central Studenfs H eadquartersu I I O I Books and Supplies I c I I I ' Q FOUNTAIN - LUNCH I Q I ' Phone 77 Wendell Simmons I i Edmond, Oklahoma I I l !0l011Pi0iI5l0l1llPilbllPQOiliilll4li0l1Ii4lli I Shelderfs Golden Glow Butter I Sguthwest Engineering Co' I e'Il ' ' I We specialize in all water condition- I i I ing problems. We manufacture in our I SMILE own lant a com lete line of Zealite I I P 1 P I water softeners, lime-soda water soften- Orange ' I I ers, pressure and sand lilters and other I I and I water conditioning apparatus. I - I G e' I Southwest Gin Machine Shops repair I I rap all types of gin machinery, furnish re- I I I pair parts and manufacture rotorlift I ,T .I,, , . I vertical screw-elevators and regrad right I ,All I angle dives. Address- i ig g'.. If: I Flavors I 6 East Chickasaw I .fi 5 , I Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - . fr gi.i0l0i1yl0lllllll1lilDl4l1li10l17llP11P11Yi0lllLlDl1bl lllll010l0l4ll0l0i0i0C 10l010l0l0il'g' I if IAW-I WA Page Two Hundred Eighry-fiuf ,.r. LF Y-Jr-wx-un '1'!5.m:z:. .van iw . 55.4 'i :.ZVT.i!??fEE5F i 520101010ivitrdbllioitlioiiritriaxilrioidrioitnilbicbicricvicriivil 2014 ioicriuioitriiviliif rs-frssfsq .- W. S. PATTEN, President C. H. PATTEN, Vice President DALE WOOD, Cashier ESSIE SMITH, Assistant Cashier , The First National Bank D021 ioioiojoioiod Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation United States Depository for Postal-Savings Funds Ztrioiinioicxibitrininihioiilicriiriclioilubirioiclioixlioif 3 ioioioinioinicvioicrii ' Fresher Food Stores C. B. Raines, Owner 0 e e High Class Groceries and Meats Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Edmond Phone 15 Oklahoma Grocery M-M-f-W-it-M-P--me-M CONTINENTAL- Service Station J' T' Stripling' Pfopfiefof Standifer 'Eff Wade, Lessees Co-rner 2nd 'Ei Bdwy. Phone 404 Quality With the Right Price Is Our Spfffalfv ..,....r.. Free Delivery Service GRAND FINALE A censor is a lovely man I know you think so too: , He sees three meanings in a joke Phone 36--166 13 North College When there are only two. - Closed Car Service itrivilritrilrjfvilritrisxilsilliltblli lioi1u101csi4p14x14ri4xilri0ilb10Z4 n14p14 Page Two Hundred Eighty-six W W -oe, -, ., - , 1"f5r:3f ' V41 fssf' :iff E - . srpf,-ffi-.,,3s-ig-3r.g3?f::.-, xx-ig - Mme, ..-.X-A-1 'V .-Q wfigffm- r - - 1,-3 :fm.:: ' N, 221 iii-SV P ww-.39 L- . W -f ,- ' . R .,, ,C JH: f ' se A 2'-" 7 R Q s- ' - -'vs-,"'i" "1ff -' .1Tf"Ew:wfsd'PSE-'?"'5 'f"?tr: . f'g.i7' 7 vfffl' F i - 'S , . , to .,..a..N.s31:ggi5,,3. - 1, AL: Away , ,..,. kk my C li : 1011 iiblllibll 201010101 :Zeit x:010zv:1r1o:01 sg. bio rioiuioioioioioi 100901 101010 101011 9:14 rini0i0i01oq:0111i1r11 ioic 111301030 101010103 Qwr Qilclfuertisers D 1031: 34 3 103111 Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp. Edmond Ice Company Southwest Engineering Co. The College Shop O K Furmture Co Goodner Vandevanter Ray Devereaux Jewelry Cooper Drug Student Eat Shop Brown s Grocery and Market Thompson Book Store Edmond Publlshlng Co Interurban Grocery and Market Marrrott s Doyel s W S Bellows Constructlon Veazey s W L Buck Co Hrghway Motor Co Z? fi rage! Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. Wide-Awake Cafe P. C. Slack E D Bearly Lumber Co Baggerley Hardware Co Royce Cafe Mayo Hotel Tool s Publlc SEIVICE Co Snyder Brothers Oklahoma Photo Supply Co Long Bell Lumber Co Prest Machme Works Co Student Cleaners Baker and Company The Fxrst Natronal Bank College Grocery Rarnes Contlnental Serv1ce Statlon age Two io10i011xi01010i0i1 Hundred Ezghty sev 101113011 ini 1:1-I' 1 D11 1101011 xi lixbiodboioioif 101011 ,, F5ff 1 J 'E I y S M rj A - V- C152 X 'rr .w fy H . , ., ., E S l E l T 3 l l rl 1 E f l 1 1 1 1 Y xl l . 1 o 1 1' 'al " e i 1 ll 3 ' 1 l 5 lg i ' . . 15 ly ,N D ' ' - I j ll 1 '4 " 1 1 my I 1 l 'Q' i 5 Q , , - , l 41 S ' ' . 2 E5 11: F . ya E . i S li? l - ' F 1? F l I I 6 il it 2 f g ? e 9 . Q ' 1 QQ l ' 51 5 E 1 1 1 Q ' 'sl ii t ll ' : ' ! 1 ! . to ! 1 V E C ' ' ' - i . , 'A ! 0 1 1 1 , 1 110101011 101014 310:01 tic OQA1 fu 3 O 'CAT9 'SEO THE IMPRINT ,f QUALITY PRINTING PLATES and PERSONALIZED SERVICE s ss. 5 I 1 5 F 5 if S E 45 is :s 1,1 .S ,. 3 s' Psi ,. . was if 103 5,5 YY: i., g Q ' s Pi! Q52 all Vi? is i . 1 1 ffl ag, 3 i i ,sts s- i s r-if 'rf'-1 X 4 si?-,.: tits rf,-i. ,msc tgifq F131 4.4 ui ,x sl is . Ss B Lita! EF:-T YQ il :SSI iii? Ti igifilfi 3 l EGY--1 lm- 1 Liga... .il Q vel? 5154 QP avi? Ss sf I Kai' . f' s Wed 54'-tj iii: fr-T5-1 . . s if:-U: .-- , K fl 133.311, .jg . gQ.+':'i K... ,,, A Siit-if ' tx' :L 3 S. 33:4 4 5 ' L, :.ii'?3Qfsf3 fa si ' - Q f?'ff.i'iQ . t .X 5' ,gifs-4 "isis ily. i ' ' .hz tw t we Psii-if 4" sift- .,,.. . .i ..s-,. ss -s - 1- asv.-n 53-Inch Miehle Automatic Unit, one of the modem automatic presses, upon iuhich our Annuals are printed. This press prints 16 pages of an annual at one time. Specialization .... printing a better product, better service and better prices. Dozens of schools in four states take advantage of our specialization and for years have used our service to their entire satisfaction. For this reason we have become recognized among the leaders in this field in the territory in which we operate. Every operation under one roof-Composition. Printing. and Binding. Automatic presses and every modern device to improve quality and lower costs is used, manned by a force of skilled workmen who take pride in i i In School and College Annuals enables us to offer discriminating buyers of maintaining our reputation for quality. I Get in touch with us for any Printing Requirement. We also manufacture a representative line of School Diplomas in book form, and maintain a complete Bindery and Ruling department. Ask for samples and prices. The Carpenter Press 716 4s1s Avenue Oswego Kansas --f--s-wtf: svssn-ts,.sfs:s'.ar . .-s s t .,s- 1-:rw e . . . .- r -Q. .-ar ...s f 'va :- .-as-is .rs,,ss ,.s.fssssx-::.,,,-ss,-5, s fsae,-s..1Y.s,c. .V-.,.,.,,V .,-., ,- -s,., M.. - .. - , K .-W. W- .-f mam, X. -qs. s,.s...,Y.-,as -s-.X -1 s 'B l . .. qw, .- .,, ,,,.,,F.,.,,. .. ef. . 1. .,,..,,g5 K-nv .ss - s s - ----- s f- iff-A-'vs -v ',f.-yes-srvvtssffrw ni---f. ws--.v'mvvss-vs..Y.:- , 2 ,- weft..-s--s-. - 'E ..,-Vxv , - . .,+-.zrnn . l ..,...., ,, 1. H fe il if li lL sl lu gil li fl ,,: .A Fi la 4 :N ' bil iii lfil :fir t E' . 2: .1 lies 50155. l:1c:cr1o: :1o:io1elo11n 1o1cr3in:1cicio: CC571ClTlk you We want to express our appreciation to those stu- dents whose cooperation in having their pictures made early enabling us to complete this Bronze Book at an early date. To the Bronze Book Queen Managers for their as- sistance and timely help. To Dr. Harbour for her untiring efforts and bril- liant supervision over the entire book. And to the business firms which contributed along to the worthy cause. J. T. Harris George Tilly Jack Lewis - 0101 Lo,.,s,.,st,,.,..o.,,o ,ot ...a. . A , -.,,' W- . , AY, JW.. ,. UM , --..-.. . Asfuze- -V , --....A.--g4 ,. A: -- .M..,,,- ,1gym-,.1s1f-Q.4g--W V , .,..1w..- --4. . ...m':rs.,.-,- Q....,. wav, af, v .NG . ,50 V . ' V 'J 1 ' Qi .-c ly :fm .Qs .ax-Ai., . fmfqd, .- -- ww 'kai' 1 ,ggsd .' 'gs -3 fS:. '. 1 'as' N 'cy 1 . .rep x i, .U , y . is 211 Q P' .0 k , X K 5 V - ff S31 gi L 3, . . "-If' '4' .1 7, ye, y -rg., Sc' 1 , . . . i' .2 PQ ,4 V' 3' ,. :,p gt- . 555 sa' . fig. , jf' Qi j Q . .. . 1 4' , iii V5 ij T F Av ' ' .w I - F- 5 f my . .5 Q. JY ,- S ,I 1- , 5? 4 2, ES? i " Tl V S lb. , .-S, F543- '- 4 .1 tg '-- frfw . xg I 3. 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