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Text from Pages 1 - 354 of the 1965 volume:

The Arkansas State Teachers College Conway, Arkansas Volume 50 Published by The Arkansas State Teachers College Karl Weathers - Editor Mary Alice Pendergrass -- Associate Editor David White - Business Manager i hh ,J DEDI CA TION Many new things have been added to the physical plant of Arkansas State Teachers College. Even though the school has changed physically: we are very glad that the quality of the faculty has not been diluted by the new influx of students. One of the parts of this and any other college campus, that plays an important part, is the library. The library is important for many reasons: first, it provides a place for quiet study, and second, a place in which to find information needed for any class. One thing that most people do not think about is how the books are placed on the shelves so that a person can find them. This is the job of the tech- nical librarian. This person is not always seen, but she is a very important part of the library. She has the responsibility of classifying every book that comes into the library and of recording the book and the place to which it is assigned. The dedication this year is to this person. She has been at ASTC for twelve years. She has spon- sored organizations, and she is always willing to help anyone in need of help. She got her B.A. at Arkansas College, her M.A. at the University of Denver, and she has clone additional work at the University of Washington. During the Second World War she was in the Waves, and she is presently the president of the Technical Processers depart- ment of the American Library Association. She teaches classes in Cataloging and Classification. We dedicate this, the 1965 SCROLL to you, Mrs. Opal Walters, as a small acknowledgment of the work you have done for Arkansas State Teachers College. - Mrs. Opal Walters. Mrs. Walters checks an entry in the catalogue ,ll Mrs. Walters rests for a minute in a hard day. IN MEM ORIAM CLARE CE The Arkansas State Teachers College suffered a great loss in the past year through the death of Clar- ence S. Williams. Mr. Williams was professor and acting head of the Department of Geography when he died in his sleep Iune 26, 1964. A native of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Mr. Williams made his home in Arkansas following combat air force service in Europe in World War II. He was president S. WILLIAMS of the Higher Education Division of the Arkansas Edu- cation Association. He had also planned a textbook for the geography of Arkansas. In his eleven years at ASTC, Mr. Williams had been a friend and kindly advisor to many students. He had worked with students as sponsor of the Student Senate and Phi Sigma Epsilon as well as in individual contacts. We honor his memory. Contents A dministration .... Campus. . . F aculty. . . Personalities. . Classes. Sports . . Organizations. This is ASTC. Advertisements Index. . . . 8 ...24 ...46 . ...64 ...88 1 72 208 299 315 329 One ofi 'A" is its fine faculty, Administration and students.LfEach- college in the nation canmake this-same boast, but one thing ASTC has thatlnfiany colleges do not have is co-opera- tion between tL- n these, three major .parts,y,of i,t, y the college. In this, the,gg5Qt1j, the Sdro1t,'twg55gire attempt- ing to show these three, "t--M rn of 'ASTCA function togetlieri i f In the handsfof the administrationlies' the responsi- bility of executing the various-policies,ofthe collegeg academic, financial, A- social,-if and public. relations.. It is this groupgthat iprovides'1the'work'f '-,l leadership necessary to uphold the standards Ofitlieff school. The administration. is 'in charge of 'keepingfithe official records of the college, of making all 'purchases and disbursements, and of carrying outithef. instructional 1' 2 inistration practices and curricula policies. The mechanical system of IBM machines aids this group in their efficient work. Registration has been made less tiring and time consuming since these machines have been a part of the administration's equipment. All records are now easier to keep more efficiently. In February of 1963 the administration moved into the new Ad Building. This building has enabled the administration to perform on a very efficient level. The building offers many new and interesting fea- tures: private counciling rooms, a test center, a new and more efficient business office, and a staff lounge. Dr. A. E. Burdick and Mrs. Olive Ferguson have found the staff lounge a good place to rest and drink a cup of coffee after a full mornings work. V if .. J 'f 5 fgiaiilirii-Af 'f E" ' ' ' ag, M 1 J.. X exam Q0 , L, i J, .ffl W M W ml:-' W 1,:hwLl?wi1,'Ei2J2Ww u I sawgwlif' ' Ylf3'mi", r. " , 1'if3?i5f' 31315.24m'w,-Qmfrxaiifliwfiif A, by f wqf' iw: i' 1 4 ly .Sli fb' ' Q' 5 Xihii 9 my TQQLEVA 34 .YQ at vw a .y Gy 'QM -. 'Qfafvw K mf, ,. f, ,Q Wag, , A .wi ewsifwf 65113 'aw.,f25?f ff., slwfww 'A ji' Aw Mwfwawf 1 S35 ,wagfwn V wxgn.-" , uv ,fy whim, N Mfr' F .EMM A Q 33 fg5pWQQ1QjgE L 7 9' . , V,-1, 73 if V . paw f ay: W ww , , 1, if wt, V ' 54551 'Q,fwrmH-f 15:1 Q fw - Q V. 'aw-:sf M L 'F H g i: ,Q . N, . M v1.:eafggA1iie: e L :Q ww Q -Y -4 "K Jw f .+ A wp 12 -,Q jai5XAK2i2,4 1 " Aw 42 M4111 K , ' , l, Mr. Orval E. F aubus Governor of A rkansas 8 w BOARD OF TRUSTEES if tit- 'K W 5 The Board of Trustees of Arkansas governs the Ar- kansas State Teachers College. The six members who . make up the board are appointed by the governor and approved by the Arkansas Senate: the members serve .gl y KLMT My y E 2 Mm for seven years, The Board meets four times each year in regular session. The members of the board serve without pay. The Board has full authority to make all final decis- ions on the general policies of the college. Serving as chairman of the board for the 1964-1965 school year is Louie Polk of West Memphis. He was re- elected last year for this year. -si Louie Polk Chairman N Digby C. West Cleddie W. Harper I. Kendall Haggard I. C. Mitchell Mrs. Rufus Morgan. Ir. Dr. Silas D. Snow President of the College Snow Is Fifth President of ASTC Dr. Silas D. Snow became the fifth president of the Arkansas State Teachers College on Iuly l, 1953, and he was the first alumnus to obtain a high administrative po- sition at the college. A native of Conway, Dr. Snow graduated from Con- way High School. He served as editor of the Scroll and president of the Student Senate of ASTC, and graduated from this college in 1929. He received his Master's degree from George Peabody College in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1959 Hendrix College conferred on him an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. President Snow has devoted his life to furthering public education in Arkansas. He served as superintendent of schools at Corning, Poyen, and Crossett before coming to ASTC. While he was at Crossett, he served on the Board of Trustees for ASTC. ASTC has made tremendous academic and physical growth under Dr. Snow. With enrollment increasing an- nually, a building program was started to keep up with the overflow of students. In the last two years, many new buildings were completed on the campus, and plans for more buildings were completed. Dr. Snow is also a leader in the community. He is a member of the Methodist Church and is a member of its official board: he has served as president of the Conway and Crossett Rotary clubs: he is a member of Winrock Board, Arkansas Historical Commission, North Central As- sociation, and Phi Delta Kappa. He is a 32nd degree Mason and a Shriner. He is past president of the Arkansas Edu- cation Association and was Arkansas' representative on the European Flying Classroom inspection tour in 1950. Also among his honors was his being named to "Who's Who ln America." As the President of the Arkansas State Teachers Col- lege, Dr. Snow is responsible for administering the affairs of the school within the policies of the Board of Trustees. President and Mrs. Snow '-ur' Dr. A. E. Burdick Dean Dr. A. E. Burdick is the present Dean of the Arkansas State Teachers College. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he attended Milwaukee public schools and received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from the University of Wisconsin. He did advanced graduate work at Columbia University, and he received a Doctor of Philosophy degree from George Peabody College for Teachers in 1957. Dr. Burdick came to the school in 1937 as an instructor in geography. He became professor and head of the department in 1947. Between 1952-1954 he served as Assistant Dean in addition to serving as head of a department. He became Dean of the College in 1954. Dr. Burdick is a member of the Association of American Geographers, American Geographical Society, Royal Geographical Society, National Council of Social Studies, Phi Delta Kappa, Na- tional Council ot Geography Teachers, Arkansas Education Association, of which he has served as president of the college division, and Who's Who in America. The Dean is the principal academic officer of the college: it is his responsibility to supervise and administer instructional practices, the standards for student advice, and curricular policies. He is the representative of the faculty and of the student body to the President. Dr. Burdick pauses in his busy schedule tor cl moment with a photographer. SN-e1"M --Fr Business Manager Harold D. Eidson is the Business Manager of the Arkansas State Teachers College. He first came to the college in 1943 as assistant to the business manager. A native of Yell County, Mr. Eidson went to high school in Hot Springs: he attended ASTC and gradu- ated from the University of Arkansas in 1929 with a Bachelor of Science Degree. He did graduate Work at George Peabody College and received his Master of Arts degree from the University of Arkansas in 1939. Mr. Eidson is past president of the Conway Kiwanis Club, serves on the Board of the Conway Memorial Hospital, and is a member of the Chamber of Com- merce, Board of Directors of the Faulkner County Chapter of the American Red Cross, Board of Deacons of the First Baptist Church, and Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce. The first responsibility of the Business Manager and the Business Office is to assist the President in ad- ministering the budget. The Business Office is also responsible for the establishment and maintenance of correct accounting systems, and budgetary control. This office must also prepare monthly financial state- ments for the President, Board of Trustees, and other governmental agencies. Through this office, purchases are made, and funds are disbursed for the college. ' .un -X ff-eww - Harold D. Eidson Mr. David McDonald, Accountant, and Barbara Ritter work in the Business Office on the Dean's roll. 'Q ' QE. "W Dr I cxmes Sylar BA-Henderson State Teachers College MA-George Peabody College Ed.D.-Indiana University Directors of Student Activities Dr. Iames Sylar is the Director of Student Ac- tivities. A native of Holly Grove, he came to the Arkansas State Teachers College in 1950. ln his position he deals chiefly with the extracurricular activities of the campus. Dr. Sylar is chairman of the NDEA Committee which grants government loans to students: coor- dinator of the Rural Endowment Loans at ASTC, and sponsors the lnterfraternity Council. Mrs. W. C. Ferguson serves as Director of Women's Activities. She works with the dormitory hostesses, keeps them supplied with materials, provides permission cards for each woman, attends dormitory meetings, and holds conferences with women. Mrs. Ferguson became the Director of Women's Activities in 1954. Andre E. McNeil is the Director of Men's Ac- tivities. Prior to 1963 he served for five years as an instructor of Economics in the Department of Economics, Sociology, and Business. Mr. McNeil is in charge ot men's housing and men's activities, and still continues to teach in the Business Depart- ment. Dr. Sylar looks with Mrs. Ferguson at the school calendar and the activities for the tall semester. 'Gita'-enum ,L Ms- nur lt un.. I-1 - Mr. McNeil looks at the list of men students living in South Minton. Mrs. Kennetll New Mrs. W. C. Ferguson A.B.-Arkansas State Teachers College MA.-George Peabody College Secretary of Director of Students Andre E. McNeil MBE-University of Mississippi Qwffif ,,,,......-M Registrar William H. Osbome BA-University of Texas MA-University of Texas William H. Osborne came to the Arkansas State Teachers College as an instructor in Psychol- ogy and Director of Testing in the summer of 1960. Before coming to ASTC, Mr. Osborne was the school psychologist at Morrilton public schools. Osborne and his office have three main func- tions: admissions, recording, and examination. Each application for admission must be examined to see if the student meets the requirements for admittance. After a student enters, permanent records are made and kept even after the student graduates. Before a student can graduate, his records must be carefully examined to determined if all requirements for graduation have been met. Since ASTC has been using the IBM machines, Osborne has been concerned with the operation and maintenance of the machines and of develop- ing more efficient methods of registration. Assistant Dean and Director of Field Services Dr. Audie Lynch BSE-Arkansas State Teachers College MA-Columbia University Ed.D.-University of Arkansas Dr. Audie I. Lynch is the Assistant Dean of the college: he has served since 1953 as the Di- rector of Field Services. Dr. Lynch was born in Scotland, Arkansas, and attended high school there. Before coming to ASTC, Dr. Lynch taught at Clar- endon High School and Hot Springs High School. Dr. Lynch is in charge of making possible a practical undergraduate education for every teacher and other interested persons in the state. To do this, courses of instruction are prepared and made avail- able through correspondence courses. Extension classes are also offered at night on the ASTC campus or at the Little Rock Air Force Base for those who are unable to take work in residence. I l Director of Development Charles Teeter BSE-Arkansas State Teachers College M.A.-University of Arkansas Charles R. Teeter was named Director of De- velopment in 1961. Prior to this time, he was Person- nel Dean of Arkansas AGM College in Monticello. Teeter is a native of Pottsville and graduated from Pottsville High School. Mr. Teeter has served for many years in the public school systems of Arkansas. He was superintendent of schools at Gould and Star City before going to AGM. As Director of Development, Teeter assists in the general development of the college as directed by the President. He is also Chief of Adminissions Counciling. In the capacity he visits many high schools in the state recruiting students for ASTC. His office is also concerned with admissions coun- ciling, student employment, public relations, and special assignments. Q Director of Public Relations Tommy Smith BSE-Arkansas State Teachers College M.Ed.-University of Arkansas Tommy Smith came to the Arkansas State Teachers College in the summer of 1962 as Di- rector of Public Relations. He is a native of Dallas County and attended high school in Magnet Cove. Before coming to ASTC, Mr. Smith was principal of El Dorado High School. At ASTC, Smith is one of the sponsors of Phi Lambda Chi fraternity and he serves on several administrative committees. As the Director of Public Relations, he assists the President in interpreting ASTC's role in educa- tion to the "publics" of Arkansas. His office is in- volved with the following operations: distribution of materials and information, student recruitment, news bureau, student employment, production of pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, and other publi- cations, speakers, legislative matters, and conven- tions and meetings on the campus. Alumni Association Secretary Dr. H. L. Minton AB-Arkansas State Teachers College Special Study-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Study-George Peabody College Ph.D.-University of Chicago Dr. H. L. Minton became the Alumni Association Secretary after retiring from fulltime teaching at ASTC. For many years Dr. Minton was professor of geography at ASTC. As secretary of the Alumni Association, Dr. Minton has the responsibility of maintaining con- nections between the alumni of ASTC and the college. He and his staff publish The Alumnus four times a year. It is mailed to over 5,000 alumni whose addresses are known. Through the efforts of Dr. Minton and the Alumni Association much of the money for the W. C. Ferguson Memorial Chapel was raised. Director of Placement H. B. Hardy. Ir. BA-Arkansas State Teachers College MA-George Peabody College H. B. Hardy, Ir. serves as Placement Director and also as Assistant Director of Evening Studies at ASTC. Hardy is a native of Heber Springs and graduated from high school there. He has done addi- tional graduate study at the University of Arkansas. Before coming to ASTC in the summer of 1956, Hardy was principal of Wynne High School. He also taught at Plum Bayou High School and at Heber Springs. At ASTC Hardy is a sponsor of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity and is the faculty advisor for the Scroll. As Director of Placement, it is his job to find the best jobs for graduates of ASTC. He also assists students who are applying for graduate schools. His office compiles and maintains employment files on each graduate. As the Assistant Director of Evening Studies he works with the Director of Field Services in making available a college education, through night classes, to those who are employed. Director of the Student Center Robert Carter BA-Arkansas State Teachers College Robert Carter became the Director of the Stu- dent Center in 1957. Mr. Carter was born in Texas and attended public schools at Cleburne, Texas. He attended Baylor University, but graduated from ASTC. Carter taught at Morrilton High School and worked with the State Department of Education before coming to ASTC. He is a member of the Rotary Club. Carter is in charge of all activities connected with the center. He is responsible for buying the merchandise for the bookstore, food supplies for the center, and keeping accurate records of all the business transactions. He also keeps a calendar on which must be put all events scheduled in the center. Carter's responsibilities were increased in the fall of l9B3 with the addition of a coffee bar. recreation room, and an expanded bookstore to the facilities of the center. Director of Food Services and A ssistant Business Manager Howard Montgomery BSE-Arkansas State Teachers College MA-University of Arkansas Howard Montgomery became the Director of Food Services at ASTC in 1947 after serving for several years as the football coach for the Bears. He was born in Temple, Texas, and graduated from high school there. While he was the football coach, he also served as an instructor and as the Athletic business manager. The Directorship of Food Services is a large responsibility for Mr. Montgomery, for he is in charge of buying all food for the cafeteria and seeing that the students of ASTC receive three bal- anced and nutritious meals a day. Montgomery is in charge of one of the largest staffs on campus including cooks and student helpers. W its r 'M E - J, yy Z . Wei Ls ::,:'iffQ, " fi,.".' : V i ' fx - 55 ' .wf,57: 3:E?'r :gi :"?z!tZfr3?'Ma'4fIA'qQ?2 fviixwl? . in r . V , , . .M 34 gg . ,.,, 5 I 4 .I,., .W at 7 ,E , I Q -1 ' .. ww-warp, Wx . .ff t l R ' J ff y .,:' K krvk , Noble Wimberly Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Dr. Cecil Garrison Director of Audio-Visual Aids Administrative A ssistants Noble Wimberly became the maintenance supervisor in 1948. He and his staff are in charge of all repairs and maintenance on the campus: they manicure the lawns, do all landscaping, and keep up the heating plant. Wimberly has charge of all carpenters and janitors as Well as his own crew. Dr. Cecil Garrison, who serves as Director of Audio- Visual Aids and Professor of Physical Education, came to ASTC in 1948. He is also in charge of the film library. Dr. Garrison attended Beebe High School, received his BSE degree from Harding College, his MA degree from George Peabody College, and his Ed.D. degree from the Univer- sity of Wyoming. Dr. Paul Witherspoon, who serves as Director of Test- ing, came to ASTC in 1955. He is a1so,an associate pro- fessor of Psychology. He attended high school at Mena, received his BA degree from the University of Arkansas, his MA degree from Trinity University, and his Ed.D. Degree from the University of Arkansas. As the Director of Testing, Dr. Witherspoon is respon- sible for giving all standardized tests including the fresh- men tests, and the Graduate Record Exam. He also ad- ministers individual psychological tests as a counciling agent. Dr. Paul Witherspoon Director of Testing Special Services 'N ,mg Z ROY W00le Sid Coleman Mrs. Leo Duke Assistant to Bookstore Assistant to Supervisor of College Nurse Manager Buildings and Grounds Mrs. Earl Glover Assistant to College Nurse Bill Mullenax Marvin Iberq Ned O'Kelly Security Officer Security Officer Furniture Repairman jvc" tm '1TTL'f'-V' +Q.2E'6f f ' Q 5?-.lf . . nt . :V I Lili' Q' fissile- f " 5,5 5 It sqyiqx f 5 In-f " A A iii:-. ii :jvfillif il! get-, . . if fl: . ,r gli: wt, ., J ' as sigjfhig my-mgv, . . fiwig-fini: 2 ,v N t, ,' -. K ' -. m-15.16215 t -' kiwi' 1 - it .tgp Wall: .N 'i sift?-:th-. " fi 411522 ' A-V MQ 1' it-:" ,,qfgfi,q-I ew ". 2,-1 yflif Willa . Wi ffl r ,ic X.,. , ,- V , . tifiiljfs fi?" Qiigfgif W1 ., , , . L Efltilfigffi 'it Student bodies expand and so must the colleges which serve. them. Arkansas State Teachers College has met this standard with its handsome new buildings and its many: improvements to existing buildings. ASTC,gstudentsQican certainly be proud of the various changes madeifin the physical make-up of the campus. The yearsxhave marked the campus of ASTC, not onlywith age, but also with added attractions. Within the last year 1the.W.C. Ferguson Memorial Chapel has been completed 'and dedicated, and a new dormitory for men students, Arkansas Hall, has been built. Other notable improvements include the remodeling of Harrin Halljandthe Main Building, and the air-condi- tioning of Irby. Not. to be overlooked in the improve- ff f .1 i . fgsaif s 'A ' "'ffiL,1ff It rf ff gf 'wi,l3l.A', m: y A 3 f - A ' f A . VF . Q?l""4'f'-'BH 52" 1 w f s . fx , Z5ZQ"i,l'c '- amp ment area are the new Administration Building, Torreyson Library, and thecafeteria addition. Future plans are extensive. They contain plans for a new women's dormitory, a 32-unit facility for married students, and a new Science building that is to be constructed on the land provided by the city of Conway. Landscaping has pmagnified the beauty of the cam- pus. Trees, shrubs, wider sidewalks, and added park- ing space help to create a campus of which all can be proud. The trees in front of Doyne Hall for men and the back of the Torreyson Library clearly illustrate this. . . ' ' 110 ' Y Ib!-K p W 'six vi' fy ' K 'H "N. '1 V + vl1ks:if?,'3?:'1pd"5 ga' L F if S5 FT ,: 3' xg.. 4. Q--' . hi f..y.xI H Y 'E Q13 QA' ' N Q Q,.QWy,ln Q. 5" ' 2, ' ', 1 :YS '1 , .f ,Q tw M V. we W J H ', -'A fx 3 . A J' ' L: f- Q 'r .xfgif . '- , ata: 'g . M gym N 'J'gw1i::' ..f J, . Q. , pq-V'-'."' Q ' Q 'f u N ifiili' "-w- '-Eg ' Q- x.v.'u 1 : x ,- ". ky S E, T"'f ' txkx-I V' Q ', .ne ' Q S si", . LQ . Q Q I Y 3-2-33- 1 'F' '-1 Q,.,- m .' f, 4 Q5- 1.1 -5 i r-, .4 5 Q 4 x ,iigtzmqig pi, Q Q ,pi ---:4.- . Q, " - . , 44 O 'wx " . ' 1' ' 1 X. N fxsffi ' liwxlf g Q F ' 'x - W - ,, f .K Nfl 3 -N ,S 4? J F' 5,5 '1 N' Lx--2 1 'fb 1-. M .3 ' ' A N 6. an . , ' 'Q' "L-f-' - my -H Vg? E' F 5 51.3, .- . sc-P: f H .. . . LL'-1 2+f" f 1"- v J.. Lf-'I s-' "1 - . ., ' -Q 'f'-.Q -5-' we .'.,:.-"' -:al X f vi. 4 -.Iv QA .- Qg!g-.ji :Q. f 3-,,.x' - df. Q Y - 3, Q..' :-1AQ.tJ"- ,V t ll ' ', -4 1 ,Q ABQ Q ' ." '. Sf.. ' if-LCFT " -5 " ,' x - ' 'gf 35 - v. ' -sf Q-we ff. , -if ' 2 1 - "eu ' .734 'Q-i .v"',, , '. ' I 'T - i ' tr ,", .'-' ' I " Q H 'A'-, 1 v---1 ff ' , - . Q : -Q V , ' ' ,VQ ' . -- 1 ' ,ag-J lk " 5 Y " X , Tffid ' gr ' - 1 is-K J b M f- J I in ,4g,Y,.s:'- X- .. in ,h Q B iq ,hp ..'sKx,L! VR M 1 V QQ G ,hr A , L. , X i . Q .F Q fr xx. ,-- ,Q A. Q Q M .Q , QQ, V 5, QW A E5 r' Q J-. vii- ' uf' J.. ' ' ' .5 'Q' - - 'Q " Nz?" .. , :QE , 'f M14 . .. ' . 'QQ' t A ,. Qs QQ QC: Q. 1 ,UK , Q' Q: ' ' Q - I if 'r, Q A-Q . x,-I ad., A , ,ii Q la " -, .14-A i QQ- ""- S Q at J-. . 4 Q V ,P Q Q . , I 4 , ,I-Q ll, .W "" -'f' ' 53' ' ' 'Zh' gf A. K'-ww 'F --U Q A ,Q C! 15- 5 ,f 'i J QQ L-ug, Q51 QQ' ff- ' ' 'S yr. , 'Z,f1"?' ff ?' - 'Ha I M .x "., ,,- , fi 1 'N WN. , gg . 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'XM' A Q '- . ,.. in .L gn- f. -. , Q., -: . . .... 1 ,.- ,Q V, .rag ,i" -'Q - .-gf.f3f'ff'f.i5? -"IIT-ni Y Q 'Rig id' ' V 1 "Q x "fx -x :ig F: ' A , -...J ' Q. , ' 5, ' Q' . A- -"vf'..,Q1,E.-li, F jQ..L',alx'h .A YF, Ig '. yi-Q -4 J-g e - X- - . . Q .Q JU., Q kiigk - -QQ Y. Q ,'jv"," 'W' - ,Q .Q Q Q ' 'f ' 1 - . ' A-" ' ,. 4- . ' ' ' ' ' . 1' 1 1-Q. ' '. - ' ' g Q' ft 1 -If -e ' S .Q 4- ,fix - ' 4 Q . 'Q Q lf? Qvzfxq ,I . -A f1 I I f 1 if -eiffrff' V, A-"Asif-.m .:- - 1 ' ' s , - ,Avg ,NVQ ' Q J QQQN -Y.-' 0' r - - fs- -X V-J 5 ' Q , 'ff' r J . . ' 5. -N 'P ' - FYR' I ' - ':Pf.g,. , if-' 1, 4I,'1f"T."-if .fipf-.-, '- .-" ' 1 . -,Terr Q ,i V . 7.1, -'L ,Q , Q ' j ink, R4 '- ' 4- ikgfixnxijks fn I , 'I l 1 A5 I A -LQ .uf 'QQ x "..yxt'f-'I..',f.:Q"-'F' ' . . B " -Q - . ' - ' ' A 's as-Q. -'f 5+ . thy u J , Lib Q -::- 9 N - 'Muni V it . -l h QV-rw 1 .X Q Q 0 -,-',. kt?-T.,--is 15 ,, W. . V,. . , Q.,-1 ..Q-w S Q, .,Q 1- Q ,Ni .1 , ,Q A, 9 t-"f 1' V -:Egg --uv.: Q N Yu: 244 ' A 'K Rf? 11 E' N' "1 E ,.. ' E-'LJ'--Q 3 '-1'-',' 5 " L--1 ' v NL, Q i ' " . " Q! n ' rpmaaem,-emi 1 QQ ,Qui-4 E ,V l :sauna 5 W ' H yi 5 ' I XM W., ,.V., M, .UWM-'fa , Q QQ Q -5 - - J ..-'1,fEVffqffH ?'Q" Wx. QQ ' ' PK ' ' " - 7 'K V .A . .Q H MW Xfg,,j Q5?6mi,f3S1MQ,,k.v . ' 4 .2 -- QQ, , W " nu .L.N nu Q J , :QQ ,if ,fm .J egg- A Q A 7. The President's Home, built in 1927 is lo- cated east of McAlister Hall on Donaghey Avenue. General McAlister was president of the college during the construction, and the original planning of the house is accred- ited to Mrs. McAlister. The beautifully furnished two-story red brick home of colonial architecture has six downstairs rooms. The ground floor houses the living room, dining room, library, family room, kitchen, powder room, and entrance hall. Also downstairs is a double garage and screened porch. The upstairs contains four bedrooms, two complete baths and a large hall. Air conditioning and central heat has been installed throughout the home. The beautifully landscaped grounds have had the same basic landscape pattern since the beginning. However, most of the original shrubs have been replaced. One part of the garden holds a brick fish pond surrounded by white lawn benches and a vine-covered archway leading into an even larger garden. This part of the garden is occupied by sev- eral picnic tables, another pond and a small stream crossed by a natural stone bridge. Every year the President and Mrs. Snow entertain members of the faculty and the newly-arrived freshmen with a garden party called the Freshman Mixer. ,ff 1- r "ef 1 1,3 v " -3 x if ff 4' this ta. K 'v' ' iff' -X l , Linn! Main, in the middle of the campus, is where most of the classes are held. The departments of geography, foreign languages, history, mathematics, political science, speech, business, sociology, and economics. Built when ASTC was still Arkansas State Normal School, Main is the second oldest building on campus. It was built to hold the administrative offices and some classes. Main became the biggest class room building on campus in 1963, when the new Adminis- MAIN gt? pagan E. zzz: tration Building was completed. The year 1937 saw the Ida M. Waldran Memorial Auditorium added to the main structure. The auditor- ium, named in honor of Ida M. Waldran, dean of women for many years, seats 1500 people in air conditioned comfort. In addition to the classrooms and offices of the various departments, the radio station, KCON and the ASTC Little Theater are in Main. .1 , ill' Doyne and Meadors Halls are residence halls for it is the oldest dormitory. Constructed in 1911 at the men which are connected by a hallway. Located on cost of Slll,200, it first served as a women's residence the north side of the campus, Doyne Hall pictured hall. above, is one of the oldest buildings on the campus: DOYNE AND MEADORS HALLS tts' 2 M245 Meadors Hall, the second men's dormitory, was con- structed in 1937 when the college enrollment increased. Meadors is pictured to the left. Together the halls house approximately l90 men. Television lounge, re- freshment center, and laundry room are shared by the fraternity rooms where meetings and social affairs are held. Doyne Hall was named for I. I. Doyne, the first presi- dent of ASTC7 Meadors Hall was named for the late Dean A. l. Meadors. VE T'S HALL Veterans Hall, which was built in 1947, is just a memory now. It was torn down in Ianuary to make room for a parking lot tor the residents of Arkansas Hall. Previously, Vets Hall was two women's dormi- tories in Iacksonville. It was removed from the lack- sonville Ordinance Plant, where supplies were con- structed during the war. The cost of moving the dor- mitories from Iacksonville to ASTC was S85,000. The two dormitories were combined into one, which housed 122 men. Vets had an automatic sprinkler system inside in case of fire, and in addition to residence rooms, a laundry room, refreshment and recreation center, and television lounge were provided for the WINGO HALL student residents. The cost of removing Vets from the campus was 33500. The area where Vets was will be partly a parking lot and partly lawn space. This space for the lawn and the parking lot will be completed in the summer. Wingo Hall, located on the southeast corner of the campus, is a residence hall for married students. It was constructed in 1935. The building consists of one, two and three-room apartments. The hall is named for one of the founders of ASTC, Otis T. Wingo. Mrs. Nolen Irby serves as hostess of the residence hall. K tr - yginillii-':.xd-:- -' ' f.',.,.,fz-gn' ' . L' G YMNA SI UM The Gymnasium is the scene of many hardfought battles of the hardwood, as well as furnishing recre- ational facilities for varsity and intramural sports of all kinds. Constructed in 1937 to replace Pike Hall, the Gym- nasium is used for teaching as well as recreational activities. The building houses an indoor-heated swim- ming pool, basketball court, classrooms, gymnastic room, faculty offices, student lounge, laundry room and shower and locker rooms. To the south side are located tennis courts, and to the west are the baseball diamond, archery range, and football field. The Gymnasium is available for use by all the students and the faculty members. It is kept open on the weekends by responsible student employees, and the pool maintains certain hours with a student life guard on duty for the convenience of the students and faculty. BARIDON MUSIC HALL Baridon Music Hall houses the department of music. The building was constructed in 1938 as a women's residence hall, but has since been converted to meet the needs of the expanding music departments. Baridon Hall is utilized in almost all ways that a building can be. The first floor houses a small concert room for more intimate audiences, faculty offices, stor- age, locker rooms, and classrooms. The second floor furnishes practice studios, each floor is equipped with a piano, faculty offices: music library: and classrooms. Even the attic space is utilized for storage and construc- tion of sets for musical productions and programs. Baridon Hall was built at the cost of S50,000: today She replacement cost is set at Sl42,425. QU? ' ,-,, HW'- ,mamw ' ' i' . . ,,1a:MssQrf-?'-riff - " ' DENNE Y HALL Denney Hall is a modern residence hall for both freshmen and upperclass Women. It features practically all the facilities demanded by the modern college woman. The hall is equipped with rooms and suites for 140 women, kitchenette, television lounge, Washerteria, and hair-drying room, and a large formal sitting room overlooking the garden which is equipped for sun- bathing. A companion to Short Hall, Denney Hall was built on the same plan in September 1963, at the cost of S490,000 financed by funds secured from the Federal Housing and Home Finance Agency. The hall was named in memory of the late Charles Crockett Denney, longtime professor of education at ASTC. Mrs. Tillman Iones is the hostess of the hall. SHORT HALL Short Hall, a residence hall for freshmen Women, was constructed in 1960. Like Denney Hall, it too features the suite plan: two rooms with private bath for four occupants. The building has year-round air conditioning. The hall is equipped with kitchenette, television lounge, receiving parlor, Washerteria and hair-drying room, and the women have access to the sitting room of Denney Hall located between the two halls. The latter is used for dormitory meetings and parties, One hundred and twenty-four freshmen women are housed in Short Hall, named in honor of Gilbert Young Short, former registrar at ASTC. The hall was con- structed at a cost-of S4l5,000 with funds secured from the Federal Housing and Horne Finance Agency. Mrs. Martha Nemec is the residence hall hostess. V.-rr. i. , W, ..., M, .QM ,- N aW..'L - M., --we , L -. rt. V+- ' 1- - H "T , - g , VV ,,. T ., jf. , iw . . ' M 'W rx, ,W wx V- r V My , ,. 2 -.-- I 'M . ' +1 , W f ' . , . . ,, A M W, .W df lag ,B y W.-. ..t.,..v4or' 4. wiv! 11, Er fw C0 TTA GES The COUCIQGS Ure hOI1'19S along Burce Street and rooms They were constructed 1n 1946 at the cost Donaghey Avenue. Married students attend1ng of S28 500 Today thelr estu-nated value the college rent the houses monthly. S66 465 MA IN TENAN CE The maintenance department is respon- sible for the operation of the overall phy- sical plant of the college. The complex is located south of the campus behind the Bernard Hall Annex. The four buildings were constructed in 1957: today the plant is Valued at approximately SZ4,000. HARRIN HALL Harrin Hall formerly was the old Torreyson Li- brary. It was completely renovated into a classroom building in 1964. The reworking of the building was done at a cost of Sl07,00U: the building now has year-round air-conditioning and heating. There are two large lecture rooms on the top floor and four medium-sized classrooms on the ground floor. There is office space for thirteen members of the faculty in the building. The area where the ground level stacks were was made into storage space, while the second floor stacks are now lecture rooms. The brick facade of the building is the same as before, and blends in with the surrounding buildings. f-Q-..,.., fm' -rap.. 4 ,tm - MAIN Eg, 'i" ' "' ' p riynnng I .4 5 -72 1 E is l 'i .E . if V. ii 3 r at rex: . -' - nge? 1 7' 2 if l i B :A fz-3. 2 ,.,.. gr, L.,, ' -A . ,. BEN T. LANE Y BUILDING When the Industrial Arts department vacated the old Green Building, they moved into this modern plant. It is equipped with machinery for woodwork, metal- work, architectural drafting, and rooms for classes, tools, furniture repair, office and storage. f i The Ben T. Laney Building and annex were con- struced in 1947 to meet the demands required for ex- tension of the industrial art and education program. The namesake, Ben T. Laney, is a graduate of ASTC and former governor of Arkansas. E.E. CORDREY SCIENCE BUILDING The E. E. C ordrey Science Building houses the departments of art, home economics, biology, physics, and chemistry. The ground and first floors are occupied by the sciences which are served by nine laboratories. The art and home economics departments are located on the second floor. The science building was the first building con- . is it structed on the campus. It has served as the adminis- tration building, major classroom building and now the science building. It was constructed in 1908 at the cost of S50,000, but today after much renovation its estimated value is 35395,625. The building is named for E. E. Cordrey who served many years as the head of the science departments. The new B. W. Torreyson Library represents a signifi- cant step in construction at ASIC. in its concept of beauty and function it is a startling symbol of the advancement on our campus in recent years. The library features new concepts of library science patterned after the library at Oklahoma Stare Univer- sity in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Among the new facilities are individual study carrells, a typewriting room for students to work without disturbing other users of the library, a duplicating and microflim library, and the modular stack division system. The latter provides for free standing shelves that may be moved to accommo- date additions to the library. Also in existence is the subject area arrangement of volumes. In this system all volumes including periodicals are arranged in one general area to facilitate research. The new library will house 250,000 volumes, of which the college now has approximately 90,000. The building will accommodate 4,000 to 5,000 students. It has 46,000 square feet of vinyl flooring and two miles of fluorescent lighting so placed that there are no shadows anywhere in the building. The new Torreyson Library was constructed at a cost of Sl,200,000. The funds were appropriated by the 1961 legislature of the General Assembly of Arkan- sas at the recommendation of Governor Orval Faubus. The building was slated to be opened in mid-summer of 1963 but supply difficulties caused a postponement to October 7. Part of the difficulty was because of the nature of the furnishings. Each piece of the furniture in the new library was custom made for the building. The Torreyson Library collection was formerly housed in the building directly across the circle from the new structure. The old building was vacated in early October, 1963, in a four-day move. The old build- ing has been completely renovated and is used for classroom and office space. Torreyson Library is named in honor of B. W. Torrey- son, third president of the college. l f ll i 'ls l ' sf l . , W. 3 . -. 51:29-at , -4. t. , TURRE YS ON LIBRAR Y ,if 'Trp .-"""'N Q COMMONS The Commons serves as the ASTC cafeteria. It was constructed in 1939. Increased enrollment made it necessary to double the size of the cafe- teria and add more serving lines. This construc- tion was finished in September, 1963, at a cost of S258,000. Many features were added to the cafeteria with completion of the addition to and renovation of the old portion. The new wing, on the west side, features multicolored chairs and tables of differ- net sizes and shapes that seat'from four to six people. A plastic partition can be used to close off a small dining room for special dinners and IRB Y HALL Irby Hall is named in honor of Dr. Nolen M. Irby, president of ASTC from 1941-1953. Irby Hall houses the departments of English, phychology, education, journalism, and part of the home economics department. The home eco- nomics department is located in the south wing with a children's nursery and playground located in between the U-shaped building. Faculty offices and classrooms comprise the remaining floor area. Irby was constructed in 1947 as a "model schoo1" of the elementary level for the state and other functions. To keep the 1939 portion of the Commons from looking too old, it was completely redecorated. New chairs, draperies and linens were added. In the food preparation area a large pastry room was added, as was an air conditioned salad room. The old West Dining Room was redecorated and is now a student lounge Where the students may smoke and have conversation before and after a meal. With the new addition the Commons uses four lines with which to serve. Approximately 1,200 students can be served in one hour. nation. Students receiving a BSE degree in ele- mentary education did much of their preparatory work here. In 1962 the elementary school was discontinued, and the hall was remodeled for college classroom area. The original cost was 320813432 today the building is valued at S308,l65. A large room, formerly the elementary school cafeteria, has been remodeled for large classes. It is often used for visiting lecturers and club meetings. 4' -Sie ' is Q Jig' ltwfit l,' fa f, ,ggi 4 f ,R , .f.".f, in 'Mif ' ' OK U 5 . ,w ll tw ,Q dvi-gf ' ' 1.,l"' ' Q,- ,fq ty :uf ng.-f-'. , ,.Mf-tf- ti -221 , 4 ,,.- Ig.-'1:7.' ,s1.,f'--Q," , . 'f 2'3-,.v.7- ,,l.:, 3, N. -A f ,Q.,,324f"' ,s sf,-' "" . - AN- W w ' fit-fr,gt f':fi -.zz 1 .1 'Rin i' A uk, ' F . ,AA -N . ..- . my t - t K 41- t .Q My x IX R B 'I Y , n ,. . W , "This building stands as a monu- ment to student initiative. The plans and means for its construction: with- out cost to the taxpayers of the state originated with the students of The Arkansas State Teachers College." This quotation is from a plaque at the en- trance of the Student Center. It ex- presses the gratitude to all students before us who have contributed so much to their alma mater. With the student body increasing each year, an addition to the Student Center became a real need at ASTC. This addition was completed in Sep- tember, 1963, at the cost of S340,000. The original S377,754 center was built in 1957. The center provides ASTC stu- dents with an excellent facility for their use. The college notion and bookstore, coffee lounge, snack bar, television, corner, conference rooms, post office, and publications offices are in the center. Offices for the Alumni Asso- ciation and Student Christian Associa- tion are located on the first floor. The recreation area containing a four-laned bowling alley, billiard area, and refreshment center, is on the ground floor. The ballroom and lounge are on the second floor. MIN TON HALL Minton Halls are residence Halls for men. South Minton was completed in 1958, cmd North Minton in 1960, together at the cost of S690,00U. The funds for the construction were made available through the Federal Housing and Home Finance Agency. The two units are connected by a large colorful lobby furnished in contemporary furniture. Each of the units house 133 men. Each room is equipped to accommodate two men: the rooms have build-in study desks. The residence halls are named in honor of Dr. Hubert L. Minton. He is a former pro- fessor of geography, and is now Executive Secretary for the Alumni Association of ASTC. Dr. and Mrs. Bert Stark are the residence hall hosts. A large recreation area and lounge connects North and South Minton. lr at -fy . , fi Arkansas Hall, built in an L shape, completes that complex of men's dormi- tories. It is so arranged with both Minton Halls that the unit can accommodate 500 men. It is possible to enter the main wing of the building through a beautiful foyer and TV room. The clean, simple lines of this contemporary building suggest the decor of the interior. Each room accommodates two men and there are large study lounges on each floor. This beautiful, modern men's dormi- tory, built at a cost of S85U,000 for building and equipment, was completed and the men moved into it during the Christmas Holidays, thus affording a functional place for men to live While on the cam- pus of ASTC. ARKANSAS HALL TV Lounge of Arkansas Hall 5 .1 2 f Q.. Q' E ' -wr W it he sr A1 fi H. . . A-ftgi ..,, , . ,.,, ,,.,.,,.t . . . V t. , , ,. , ,X .T l ms,-'Y 1:..'5g?lLiE f 3 . ,bf -si 2 ff :ww .. 'I 1 T , ' W xiii' zi15g.fg.2:3zjg 'v, ' f ,.-za Z ffl '12-:k.f-MQ 15' If K ."'1:l". f 5 ' fl if , gf 2, ' fi is , E Q 1 wg. M, -Wt, qggsr-ts My n,wQ..,. gg its J. - . . t - . W7 ss. ,,,,f,,,g-U , z.- A f fm. ,, -- is -My sysig-,Sl ,Vs-ft +A-wmg. f rf 3, .ff X, - .QL sf 512 .,-. H A' ?s?,M:v.+t,f,1a fgiei' HM , if ms . 'K ,. ,, ., . , 1- sff- Q H A-. ,, ,M K 1 ww- - -ff .- 5. w If ft, ,sw N,-, i ,,. q,3,,ww, 5.5.3, , -Q. Q 5- .. , f, M 'ans-ra :shit 3 IQSSEMI sf W, QW? sm, 1. ,M t. 11 has .,.' sk LS1'5W'.Qe,1v1 'Mgr' . ff tif-3.5255 25: 'fi M32 22.1, ,ft-13 gigs. "lIl!51.: wif. A ,ig 'Q W.C. FERGUSON CHAPEL " v 2 4 N - f f 'fist C 5 Q 4 QM... K in t , M Yi. vi! s A it tl 'it , , 'U n The W. C. Ferguson Memorial Chapel is the realization of a project begun in 1954, when it was learned that Dean Ferguson had an incurable disease. A campaign under the direction of the administration: Dr. H. L. Minton, Secretary oi the Alumni Asso- ciation: and the Student Christian Association, was begun in 1954 to raise money. But over the years interest lagged, and in just the past few yeclts the movement again gained momentum and finally came true. Many plans and theories about the chapel have been changed with the passage oi time. It was originally planned to build it on the other side of the sidewalk at the side oi Main Hall, but the site of the chapel was changed when plans for new parking areas were designed. The structure is in the shape of a Greek cross with four arms of equal length. This shape gives the building the impression of having space without the expense of large volume. The interior design is governed by simplicity, calmness, and strength. There are no windows in order to achieve the sense of removal from the rush and anxiety of student life. Light comes from a skydome supplemented with artificial light which directs a bril- liant shaft of light on a large, open Bible placed on a pedestal. Suspended from the skydome and illuminated by it are three crosses, symbolic of Calvary. The meaning of the arrangement of seats around the altar is twofold: first, to emphasize the fatherhood oi God in the midst of his children, and second, for acoustics. This chapel is for all denominations. It is open every day for those to whom it will give comfort and dignity and afford them a few moments for quiet meditation and self-examination. AD BUILDING Perhaps the most striking structure on our campus is the Administration Building. Designed by Bruce R. Anderson, architect of the school. The 5431.850 building was completed in February of 1963. Formerly, the Main Building housed the administrative offices on the campus. The presider1t's offices and the board of trustees conference rooms are also located here. The contemporary Administration Building fea- tures many of the characteristics of present day office I I l l i -.......,,mi ff A buildings: controlled year-round air, adequate office space ,ample lighting, computing machines, functional furnishings, as Well as a refreshment center. With each administration division in mind, the ar- rangement was carefully planned to provide better service to the students and the general public. General revenue bonds were sold for construction of the building. Q , - T 1 3 .. z . E BSU The Baptist Student Union was first organized at the ASTC campus in 1929. The present Baptist Student Center was built in 1956 by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention under the supervision of Dr. Tom Logue, the state student director, and Iames Smalley, who was the local director from 1956 to 1961. Paul Larsen, the present director at ASTC, came the fall of 1962. When a group of concerned students get together at Wesley the result is an atmosphere sometimes care- free, sometimes uncomfortably enlightening, and often controversial, but always hopefully an atmosphere of fellowship. Programs at Wesley which are planned primarily by members of the student council, consist of brief morning devotionals every day before first period classes and scheduled evening programs from 6:10 to 6:30 every evening except Friday. WESLE Y HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE The Home Management House is for residence instruction by the home economics department. The Cape Cod structure is located on Bruce Street just a block northeast of the campus. At a cost of S6969, the home was constructed in i W 1935. After much remodeling its estimated value today is S31,650. Home economic majors are required to live there for nine weeks. During that time they put into actual practice what they learned in the classrooms. The hostess for the home is Mrs. Walter Lindsey. 2 A :Srl V 9 The entrance to the Home Management House suggests a friendly atmosphere. BERNARD HALL Bernard Hall, a residence hall for sophomore, junior, and senior class women, was constructed in 1939 at the cost of 3110,- 379. Included among the features of this building are residence rooms, two sitting rooms, the college intirmary, refreshment cen- ter, and television lounges. Because of increased enrollment, in 1950 the Bernard Hall Annex was constructed at the cost of S480,053, making the build- ing a U-shaped structure. Today the entire complex is valued at SS-374,3ll. Sorority rooms are located on the basement floor. Meetings and social affairs for each organization are held here. Bernard Hall was named for Mary Augusta Bernard who served as head of the fine arts department at ASTC. Mrs. Iess McDuffee and Mrs. T. A. Humble are the residence hall hostesses. X? t-A A -if sr Q .Q he ' - it B it .4552 gr , . ,ji I get my L ' xxx ai' I if ' t + 1 - fs. it' mf if wk l ,ljflgaf raft 3 .5 .' ' U' E , 4 5 V X " 4' ' fl ff . ' H 6. ' . , f it? . 9 . at ,, 5 tin' Hflri H N s- Mit SCX vt '- -4 ' W ' 1. ' . 2 4' dz., g 9 ' 'B m f t' Tr . .,,.,q,. ff Ja I Y 'S icltgx we 4 B V N , ' 3 It 5 i 'f . its jr 'tr 1 E il 3 "5-ra..,, . f " ,Lf f- Q.,"'s V K l t . 1 . ' oft Q- V ,gEfiE7fsf.. 1- 5? R5 li ls t fffijifji g r 4, 4. 'fz52t2LQi'is1s,g5Q2E5t.4zf.:.::W,A ' f WW' W "" Q' 1 k . ,sg . V . wi3,,'.?R,f f ...Q 1.4. 1 '-.l li? . l 139' 1 . Am - I. ' .iSw'f ,Y , in r 1. A f-Si 1 xi -'V' lt. vig .J V' .ttf A , ' ti at ,iq xr' . if nw 5 A we N ,pw t 2 'Q 'Q 1 ,I The courtyard of McAlister Hall. McALIST ER HALL Mc!-Xlister Hall is the residence hall for freshmen Women. It was first occupied in 1934 and accommodates 130 women. The building is named for General Heber L. Mc- Alister who served from 1930-1941 as the President of ASTC. Not only does it provide residence rooms, but also serves as a residence for a branch of the speech department and houses a chapel which formerly served as the Crystal Room. The speech correction clinic is located in the rear of the building. The chapel is located in 'the north wing, and different church groups have their meetings here. Although the oldest women's residence hall, it has been kept up to date, and it pro- vides most of the modern necessities: wash- eteria on each floor, Mirror Room for re- ceptions and dormitory parties, and several kitchenettes. Mrs. Lois Lee is the residence hall hostess. .t . . aculty fortunate in having faculty members who are not satisfied with a minimum of education. To date we have 24 instructors with doctorate degrees. Each year several instructors are granted leaves of absence to do Work toward their doctorate. Our faculty is characterized by its friendliness and desire to help the student. Many times they request books for the library or bookstore paperback collection that they think will aid the student, Evidently Dr. Foy Lisenby of the history department and Mr. Karl Meyer of the language department have found books that interest them. wwf, , ag-.w,p..w 4-mxs-M vw -ummm gps-ff k klilff' ' v A f f f qw ,iffy ' ig ,. - ,,,. , , ' Q ., Qt, x,V,,s:,,,,.,, .Qi . QSM? A- . .Lf -Y . Aint' hifi? ' 1Lg1,W 3' f Ji a -t:w'3,:.Sff-N,f'wrL122' "'-1':,-,Mwmc ,.,. W , , ,. L, m - ,., W- 'Ni L K E f, - wg. ,QA f:faf'if?Wz I U5 P' , . ' : ' , , WA M ,Q 2.121 5:2 L 1' "' aw - , . i , 'F A . , ,, .,, - - f ' W - " gag , 2 K , t X Qu K M1 K - f " 1 w e X 5 I ' 2 ,gg Q M5 4 , zz if f. " ' ge' - W mfdwfff 2 Y H, M , 47 , jjvf-.5 f 5- ' .QQ 5 f.. ., , .,. .Q K - may mi f . ,, vf Wwwx 4' - , 1. W , -4 ,Q . ' 1 A 1 A 5 Q: f,f,'T -ai ' A L, . ' . in , Y qt is-.Qi 4? wk A , KM . , Qs? 'YH ' m 1 -M W , - L , htkqaqu My K VVAS nm, WWW ,, .Mm - ' I ., ,i U15 Y ' I .,Vxk ,Z fwgy K L b-L. ,.:', 3 krr. " U A , , V Ga ""- in j if Jw' A my K fi Y I ,. A,.V K fffii 5 V , gm Y , WMP-1-A' ,, 4, , ., HQ, "bi 4 , f, Mx . may K ' swab-vi Y ! Ag, X1 , .LHVA77 ' If ix, , . Xmwffwb X Q .vm SZ' P ?'l 'll Professor, Head of Department ART DEPARTMENT AIMS AT SELF EXPRESSION Marie Schichtl, M.A. Gene Hatfield, ILM. Asst. Professor of Art Students gain a greater appreciation of the various forms of art through the art department. This department serves as a center of self expression and per- mits students to experiment in many media. The primary objective of the art department is the development of its majoring students. This curricula is so designed that students of other major fields may take courses required of their major. Two of the newer courses offered by this department are Commercial Art 1 and Ceramics, which meet on Monday nights. These two courses were added to the department last year. Miss Marie Schichtl is head of the art department and also serves as sponsor of the art fraternity, Alpha Phi: Alpha Sigma Alpha: and the Newman Club. Mr. Gene Hatfield is Assistant Professor of Art. I.E. DEPARTMENT T RAINS TEACHERS The curricula of the department of industrial educa- tion is designed to train industrial art teachers for junior and senior high schools in the state. Courses in this department also help men interested in engineer- ing and craft work. The primary concern of this department deals with construction and shop work skills. Skills in the use of tools and materials are developed. Mr. E. W. Packard is head of this department and serving with him are Mr. Raymond Dow and Dr. Viron Hukill. All three men sponsor the Craftsman's Guild. E. W. Parkard, M.A. Professor, Head of Department f,,,....... Raymond Dow, M.Ed. Dr. Viron Hukill, Ed.D. Instructor of Industrial Education Professor of Industrial Education UNDERSTAND' THE WORLD BETTER THRUUGH GEOGRAPHY To acquaint all students with an under- standing of the world, its similarities, dif- ferences, and its problems, is the chief aim of the geography department. Courses in geography are designed to meet the needs of majors and minors and of students who select geography as a part of their general education. Emphasis is placed on the phys- ical and cultural phenomena of the earth, the use of maps, and direct observation. Mr. William Keinath and Mr. Paul Hagle are the instructors in this department. Paul Hagle. MA Instructor in Geography I : E agejsgggkfl' - -- - 522 at WW I 95 .2 HH N F2 .tQ'rF'. . 551 r..,.,,..f rgxf?QrZZ.rl .nt I I.. ,L is gre, , -2 "- " ' ' - .tie 'tt' WY7714?i'i1'f':'Ff5zi S -' 1' ite'-:5213,i.g.3W f?'nW11t? Welt!'W11?7SfSf345ff?91 ' ' ' ff' 'L ' ' li5f52i?tJfI2fSl2'f'gl5:'E'i5g'jgi . .f're,2ifr1:,5'p,gs,sf fax ? ,P'211.5,U2Tg:,s-.52 'Ei,Et'iflf,EfjE,'fl35f'gf,'? 135- :,'?4if'.iY,gfff?j3'fS ,, g - ' NV?" -i'-'t f f,:,-m ga, , ' - - 5151 HWS is Mgr-rv ' -' . ,'i':?t:E-.3 "iz, ' - A ' 7557: .FnE'Iri'.. . 1 22151-5553.-' :ef .311 ww f-est'-we 5 : i.52?5..i5:1iS?g' 'I ' ' . " ' . William Keinath, MA Professor of Geography LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT HAS VARIED AIMS The aims of the foreign language department are to give students, in introductory courses, a correct pronuncia- tion and a degree of facility in reading of elected languages. In more advanced Work in the department emphasis is placed on the preparation for teaching foreign languages in the public schools. Instrumental in developing aural comprehension of speech patterns among foreign languages students is the foreign language laboratory, which was completed in 1962. Dr. Raymon Rozzell heads the department of foreign languages and also sponsors the Spanish Club. Mrs. Gene Hatfield, a native of France, is the French instructor. Mr. Karl Meyer is the instructor of Latin and German and also sponsors German Club and Theta Xi fraternity. Nicole Hatfield. MA Karl Meyer. MA Instructor in Foreign Languages Instructor in Foreign Language Dr. Rayman Rozzell, Ph.D. Professor, Head of Department MATH DEPARTMENT STRIV ES T0 CREATE INTEREST To train mathematics teachers for secondary and elementary schools, to prepare students for advanced study in the field, and to create an interest in the non-specialists in the science of mathematics is the aim of the Mathematics Department. Mathematics is a deductive science which deals with the exact relations existing between quantities of magnitudes and operations. Also, this department concerns itself with showing students the place mathematics has in the modern world today. Mr. O. L. Hughes, a veteran professor at ASTC and chairman of the AIC committee, is head of this department. Other members of the department include Dr. I. D. Henry: Miss Dorothy Long, sponsor of Delta Zeta sorority, Mrs. Virginia Bonds, sponsor of SNEA: Mr. Harold Henry, sponsor of the Student Senate: Mr. Turner Hogan: and Mrs. Homer Brown. "7"J,,."-F" Dr. Iesse Dee Henry, Ed.D. Professor of Mathematics Dorothy Long. M.A. Asso. Professor of Mathematics Harold Henr M A y. . . Turner Hogan, M.A. Asst. Professor ot Mathematics Instructor in Mathematics O. L. Hughes. M.S. Professor. Head of Department Him F-17 Virginia Bonds, M.S. Asst. Professor of Mathematics Mrs. Virginia Brown. MA. Instructor in Mathematics PRE PROFESSIONAL TRAINING FROM BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Courses offered by the biology department are care- fully selected from all fields of biological science. The courses of this department are designed to give pre- professional training to those students entering ad- vanced work related to biological studies, and also to convey the general education students a clearer understanding of the World of nature, Through labora- tory Work students can see the intricate processes of life and how they are related to one another. Dr. Neal Buffalo is head of the biology department and is the author of the textbook used in the course, biology for general education. Mr. Richard Collins. another member of this department, collaborated with him on the laboratory manual used in the same course. All of the members of the biology department are sponsors of the Biology Club. They 'include Dr. Jewel Moore: Thomas I. Burgess: Ray Kinser, sponsor of Phi Lambda Chi fraternity: Richard Collins: and Dr. Buffalo, who is also sponsor of Alpha Chi. Dr. Neal Buffalo, Ph,D. Professor, Head of Department l Dr. Iewel Moore. Ph.D. Thomas I. Burgess, M.A. Professor of Biology Asso. Professor of Biology Richard Collins, M.A. Ray Ki,-,sen Ms. Asso. Professor of Biology Insirucgor in Biology HISTORY DEPARTMENT LOOKS FROM PAST TO FUTURE History serves to record and explain past events. To instruct students in the develop- ment of human institutions in the past so they can better comprehend the happenings in the world today and serve as more informed in- telligent citizens in our democratic country, and to prepare teachers of history and polit- ical science in high schools are the aims of the department of history and political science. Dr. Horace Adams is the head of the de- partment and also plays in the Little Sym- phony. Other members of the department are Dr, Foy Lisenbyy Dr. Orville Book: Miss Ophelia Fisher, sponsor of the Student Senate. and Phi Alpha Theta: Mr. Charles Evans, sponsor of Young Democrats, and Pre-Law Club: and Mr. William Larsen. Dr. Horace Adams. Ph.D. Professor. Head of Department "3 .v 1 1: I ,: ' 1. 'Q "' ,, , ...,, M , ... .......... at is .7 4 gig .... ,V e ,,,. 9 -,.,. A. , ' 1 ami .l j f .-jg -E3 1 Dr. Foy Lisenby, Ph.D. Dr. Orville Rook, Ph.D. Ophelia Fisher, A.M. Associate Professor of History Associate Professor of History Associate Professor of History and Political Science and Political Science J Oharles Evans. M.A. Dr. Paul Bushnell, ILM., B.D. William Larsen, M.A. Associate Professor of Political Associate Professor of History Assistant pyofessor of History Science LIBRARY SCIENCE STRIVES T0 TRAIN LIBRARIANS Lee Spencer, M.A. Professor. Head oi Department To train teacher-librarians for ele- mentary and high-school libraries is the aim for the department of library science. The undergraduate courses are also planned to prepare students for graduate library school. The library science department strives to train classroom teachers in all fields in the use of the library and its resources for instruction not found in textbooks. Mr. Lee Spencer became Head Librar- ian in 1963. Other members of this department include Miss Gladys Sach- se, sponsor of Pan-Hellenic Council: Mrs. Ruth Dunaway, Mrs. Opal Wal- ters, and Miss Mona Hall. Gladys Sachse. M.Ed. Asso. Professor ol Library Science Ruth Dunaway, M.L.S. Instructor in Library Science Opal Walters. M.A. Instructor in Library Science Mona Hall, M.A. lL.S.J Asst. Librarian Instructor in Library Science COURSES BRING OUT VALUES OF GREAT EDUCATION The English, journalism, and speech department trains students to under- stand, speak, and Write the English language. Courses in English are de- signed to bring out values of great writing and to help provide literate and well-informed teachers for our schools. In connection with the English department, Miller Williams, 34-year- old poet and member of the English faculty at Louisiana State University, lectured on the campus. Speech provides more adequate training for those who Wish to develop a more adequate means of communica- tion. Through journalism courses, a student will be better informed and aware of the current literary trends. He will gain a general understanding of the field to enable him to teach, pro- duce school publications, or to enter journalism as a profession. For stu- dents entering other fields, the depart- ment provides enjoyment of drama and literature. rrr' ' I AV ,. ,, ,. , h , 5351 ,, Q 3 . 1 if 1 leer Q , 5 61- Dr. Mary K. Sands. Ph.D. Professor of Speech Director of Speech Clinic Dr. Eugene Nolte. Ph.D. Professor, Head of Department A :em -L QE 'fs ff' 'L -js d - ' K S , y ' . f 5 Ralph Behrens, M.A. Professor of English in-c Roberta Clay. MJL Assoc. Professor of English and Iournalism Mr. Behrens and Mr. Spencer look over a book in the Library. x 'Er t lx -1- , ... . 1 T +5 x. K 1' 3 as x w :f.::-: :-si: .L:um::.i - - Skgirg -. - r. - -- . N K I ,nwwyw emma Mm mfg , f K me K K , 4 3 K pt 2, X, P' 3 1 S Q Q 2 Qi QQ 95 K Q ff, -affu .. 113. A' l' - Aaf 3' ,, , --.. ge5 5g.q1,,,, ff- H.: ,ig-sas w,s, giSSMs f- Dr. Estes C. Polk, Ph.D. Frances Terry. MA Richard Hudson, MA Associgie Professor of English Associate Professor of English Assistant Professor of English Marr Robinson. MA Dr. Eva nmkeu. Ph.D. Mary 1-tems, MA ASSiSiCII1i Professor of English Professor of English Assistant Professor of English I Sara S. Lineback. MA Betty Young. MA Don Gamett, M.A. Instructor in Speech Instructor in English Instructor in Speech ECONOMICS, SOCIOLOGY, AND BUSINESS Dr. D. W. Blackbum, Ph.D. Professor, Head of Department Fredrick Basco, M.S. Assoc. Professor of Business ,,...wv- Andre McNeil. MBE Asst. Professor of Economics William Tucker, MBE Instructor in Business The department of economics, sociology, and business education strives to educate students for teaching in the field, and for positions in the business World. It also strives to educate students in secretarial skills. By learning facts, theories, and terminology of the subjects, students may obtain a clear picture of the economic, social, and business aspects of our society and thus prepare them- selves'to better meet the difficulties in the business world of today. The business department offers many outside activities and clubs to further enrich the student's education: Future Business Leaders of America, Phi Beta Lambda, Maude Carmachial Sociology Forum, NOMA, and Pi Omega Pi. The members of the departments sponsor these clubs. iegsgww 1 ..: 1 tak it-1 l nswfsfxzezgsfif A t. . W.m,-trwsew ,tp E K , t, ., f-MR Q y ,nl s 72 Bri... F rank Mclllister, M.A. Asst. Professor of Business Ona M. Wachtendorf, M.A. Asst. Professor of Business loe Shaw. M.A. Asst. Professor of Sociology Carlysle Ellis. ILM. Instructor of Business William H. Osbume, M.A. Professor of Business Instructor in Business Clarence Hamilton, M.A. ,L Www, 1- is ttitt-4311521 1 f .:rfz,f,-- f- , , N. ...ff-1, watt rift, - ,, 1 '- '- f s- 3we.sws,: .. . t, THREE MAIN OBJECTIVES SOUGH T THROUGH HOME ECONOMICS ,tiki I-ws ff-"'xx Dr. Mary lane Scott. Ph.D. Professor, Head of Department nf Sue Adams, M.A. Associate Professor oi Home Economics The department of home economics strives for three main objectives: To prepare men and women for home and family life: to provide an opportunity to achieve personal development: to train home economics teachers for high schools of the state. The home economics department under Dr. Mary Iane Scott not only trains students for the teaching fields or for the career of a housewife: but also prepare grad- uates for work in other fields of home economics. Other careers open to home economics majors are home econo- mists, home demonstration agents, interior decorators, di- eticians, hotel management, and nutritionists. Other members of the home economics department are Mrs. Sue Adams: Miss Frances Webb, a sponsor of Pan-Hellenic Council: Mrs. Almeria Lindsay, sponsor of Colhecong and Miss Sue Thompson, who came to this department this year. ,...... 'vtfvw mb, Frances Webb, M.S. Sue Thompson. M.S. Assistant Professor of Instructor in Home Economics Home Economics Almeria Lindsay, M.A. Instructor of Home Economics Dr. Scott goes over a student's notebook for Home Economics DEPARTMENT ENRICHES CAMPUS CULTURAL LIFE Dr. Howard Groth, D.F.A. Protessor, Head of Department .wr Dr. Carl Forsberg. Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Music lean Adams, M.A. Asst. Professor ot Music M ., .A ,gy-, A2 , f sl-2' 'w':fnw. 5 l',1i,.ip:w 1 f A A- .- - . -time ,wg - ,gs 0 9 4' Q f, ,4-. 'gh' . gi .na,o,. 054' V ,-, Q ,4,,,. . ,.. ,, .A .. ,... 5-,,,-cg, al. 9 . .-,','.'1.... vv,'gfl', ' of-ffgsu li I .1-Z., nigga. X... 0, o4o,',?:x1!,,,,' 'o o - 0 Q a :su 5,0 "aging, ' 9 0 Q ',"nq. ' 'ajlqp' M tv V 155-of AW'i'A'7E'i E i f::.?:'.::?'::?5f:"":- cf 'l 'A ' 'I " .2 rms-as ,gif M . ., . .. rm, . - an t . Us ' W-' ' 4: if it t 5 X Q. In a r' o l 4 o o o 4 It 'nr - o o '5"n...'LUn':jfo' 4 0 n'4'.'.'. .-. 1 Virginia Sue Evans, A.M. Instructor in Music The music department's purpose is to pre- pare teachers of music for the public schools of Arkansas. This department also strives to enrich the cultural life on the campus. Through concerts, choral groups, bands, ensembles, and operas, the department instills a love and appreciation for good music. The department has publicized the Arkansas State Teachers College throughout the state. After its production of OKLAHOMA in 1963, the group was invited to present the play at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock. Dr. Howard Groth serves as the department head. Other members of the department are Dr. Carl E. Forsberg, sponsor of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity: Mrs. lean Adams, Mr. Homer Brown, Miss Sue Evans, a sponsor of MENC: Mr. Wayne Griffith, Mr. Leonard Phillips, and Mr. David Ritter, a sponsor of MENC. wayne Grittith, M.M. Home' Hf0w1-fM-lfl-E- Asst. Professor of Music Inslmclm' of Music' Director of Band ,,'sm-FW Leonard Phillips, M.M. David Ritter. M.S. Instructor ot Music Instructor in Music Ralva Bass, M.S. Professor, Head of Department Faril Simpson, M.A. Professor, Head of Department PHYSICAL SCIENCES The purpose of the courses in the department is to contri- bute to the general education of students in giving them a better understanding of the physical world around them. Through physics, students gain knowledge of the phenom- ena which occur in everyday life. ' Mr. Ralva Bass is the head of the department and his subor- dinate is Mr. Donald Rickard. This department has been set up new this year as a separate department after the division of the physics and chemistry de- partments took place. Mr. Bass is sponsor of the American Institute of Physics. Donald E. Rickard, M.A. Asst. Professor of Physics CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT This department was newly organized this year after the physics and chemistry departments were made separate. Through chemistry, students gain knowledge of the phenomena which occur in everyday life. The department prepares students for advanced study in the field of chemistry for employment in industry, for careers in engineering, medicine, and other related fields, as well as for careers in the teaching profession. Mr. Faril Simpson is head of the chemistry depart- ment. Other members include Mr. Earl Riddick and Mr. Limuel Parks. Mr. Simpson is sponsor of the American Chemical Society and Theta Xi fraternity. Mr. Riddick is sponsor of Theta Xi fraternity. Earl Riddick. M.S. Instructor in Chemistry Limuel Parks, M.S. Instructor in Chemistry DEPARTMENT PREPARES STUDENTS FOR TEACHING Dr. B. A. Lewis. Ph.D. Professor, Head of Department The aims of the department of educa- tion and psychology are centered around preparation of students for the teaching profession. This is accomp- lished through practical courses in the field, observation and student teach- ing, advanced study in the profession. research, and field studies. The psychology courses aid in sev- eral phases of this training program, for they give a background in the un- derstanding of human behavior. An understanding of this is necessary for a teacher and for any person concerned with other people. Members of this department are Dr. B. A. Lewis, Head of the department: Dr. Arthur Henzeg Dr. E. R. Hopkins: Dr. Harold Love, a sponsor of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity: Miss Mabel Gray Patterson, sponsor of ACEI: Dr. Bert Stark, Ir., sponsor of SNEA: Dr. Paul Witherspoon, Mr. H. B. Hardy, Ir., and Mr. Iohn Somervill, a sponsor of Phi Lambda Chi fraternity. ,gsm is if ' . 5 ,":fF? :., ' or 335 .Lgpf - 5 . ' .VYSKAEQE 53fQ53f:57If?5:?il 51 .tri -ttiefflifiawriej' ' tt T2z,i252k5f19Qfg?1fSi52E 4 ggggvtssgsisbgv ' .Q 2rfs1gs.rQss155-esgakterx ' if 'iiiiiiiziaggr I f5!sif?5'i'7?3Ef3l133"W5l . ,Mm . ,. ,fwfr .M.tsr,s..s,.S,g 11. 5 ts we ftfrtiffslstfftfysfrnrss- friwzgwwigsa . we I fav--. Dr. Arthur Henze. Ph.D. Dr. Esfel Hopkins, Ed.D. . ' vu. ...L-J' H. B. Hardy, Ir., M.A. Mabel Gray Patterson Ed S Professor of Education Professor of Education Assoc. Professor of Education Assoc. Professor of Education and Psychology Dr. Paul R. Witherspoon. Ed.D. Dr. Bert Stark. Ed.D. Dr. Harold Love, Ed.D. lohn Somervill M A Assoc. Professor of Psychology Assoc. Professor of Education Assoc. Professor of Education Instructor of Psychology and Director of Testing and Psychology DEPARTMENT PROVIDES FACILITIES AND RECREATION qu- n.qfs.n,,4 Dr. Jefferson D. Farris, Ed.D. Professor, Head of Department Dr. Cecil Garrison, Ed.D. Professor of Physical Education Yiwu I-vhs, ani? ,g-ni" Iames Frank Koon, M.S. Assoc. Professor of Physical Education The Physical Education department holds important the provision of facili- ties and skilled leadership for whole- some and stimulating recreation for the students at ASTC. This is accomplished through intramural and intercollegiate athletics in seven sports. The intercol- legiate activities serve as an aid to future coaches as well as general stu- dents. The department places emphasis in its program on teaching, coaching, community recreation, and careers in the field of health education. Dr. Ieff Farris, head of the depart- ment, has returned after a year of academic leave. The other members of the staff are Dr. Cecil Garrison, Direc- tor of Audio-Visual Aids and sponsor of BSU: Mr. Frank Koon, head football coach: ljg Betty Swift, sponsor of Sigma Kappa sorority and of WPEMM: Mr. Raymond Bright, backfield coach in football and head track coach: Mr. Clifford Horton, basketball coach and sponsor of the Intramural Council: Mr. Fletcher Lowry, line coach in football and baseball coach: Miss Ann Machen, sponsor of WHA: and Mrs. L. B. Spencer. Ma mm 4'-"",' Willa Spencer, M.S. BettY Swift, KM- Asst. Professor of Physical Asst- PY0feSS0f Of PhYS1CCl1 Education Education I .Atv 'va I - . wr' Raymond Bright, M.S. Clifford Horton, M.S. Fletcher Lowry, Mjd, Ann Machen, M.S. Instructor of Physical Education Instructor of PhYSiCU1 Edt-1CUli0Tl Instructor of Physical Education I1'1SYY11Cl0Y Of PhY5iCU1 Education CIVIL DEFENSE DEPARTMENT ADDED T0 CURRICULA ,fm-V Iohn O. Koehler Civil Defense Coordinator A new program was added to the curricula in 1963. The program was that of Civil Defense Education, which is under contract from the Department of Defense. Its purpose is to train instructors in sheltering management and radiological monitoring. The Civil Defense program at ASTC Works through the extension department, and anyone who is interested may take the course. Mr. John O. Koehler is the coordinator of the pro- gram on the campus, and he is assisted by Mr. Roy Riales. MW Roy Riales Assistant Civil Defense Coordinator President Snow congratulates Coach Horton after another win. A.S.T.C. staff . no f V : K S? Q is , i -. 5' '-6 ,ge in , ,, Z , Q -.. 1 I , x . C R ,. , ,. H .. if-Mt". ,361 MW? H-Q"" j-ua ., '??" E7 Emily Montgomery Martha Nemec Doug Newkirk Molsie Osburn Huby Owens Barbara Ritter Corinne Robinson Ann Scott Virginia Smith Sarah Stark Marian Turner Sandy Villines 5- ,saw- ...., ,-dw pm Polly Bird Kathleen Bright Elizabeth Carter Ruby Chick Bobbie Clark Mrs. Sonny Cooper Maxine Crafton Bob Dempsey Grace Ethridge Loretta Farris Claudette Hagle Peggy Havens Billie Hukill Thelma Humble Nellie Irby Wanda lobe Mable Iones Lois Lee David McDonald Geneva Milburn od' p-Af' GR - .exe-,, 4 4 nf X4- " '17 K. ersonaliti On any college campus there are certain individuals who have made themselves known to their fellow students and professors through hard work, friendli- ness, and achievements. This section of the Scroll is inscribed with the special achievements of these peo- ple. These include the most Beautiful and most Hand- some Greek, Homecoming royalty, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, best dressed co-ed, and Mr. and Miss Courtesy. This section is dedicated to the initiative and special- ties of students at Arkansas State Teachers College. -,,., .351 - - N ,,,t" if ,,,, "All men are created equal," but notin some excel while others do not. The following pages have been recognized by fellovi dents and professors as outstanding, Even, so,,ggwe- cannot say they are the only personalities because each student is a "personality"V inf gfy fight- A A A' s A A ' The Homecoming Queen, Barbara lo Rogers,,intfd-F52 ,,,, duces the personality section. She is shown last minute inspection before leaving for the'HonFlel. com1ng game. i p is 1. A-t , , fvzirif'-.V, I1 ixlvi W f-,fm M' 't VW 'F' "Wifi YT Qwvr 3525 ml i:,,:'iLiias 5-'v,.f"f9:r33ag ,- 4, T sf Jae me ,. ,4 .3 rpg, . -tv-5-1.-. i rt, ga, r 51,5 .ani-'ix ,p sf- 3:8 91 Minn- 5. . '71, -fum JH 91 ,,, an W '1,m,+.,A -ww ng, - in K, . is 1-fl .is , i ,Jn ,F 5: , , E, ,, in- L Q we 3, -Ng-2 :ne- wi,--ts gif l lv?- M t 12" tits, 1-'cv 2 " ' ,w,Q2"s?5i1QtWf'l 2 ,. M ,wk 3145 if' iK5T:N131:f ,iIf,.,J' " 5" " 'l7lf!l'El.,3r?: ,K 1, W +15,.,5q,-.,w.- A -,- . - .Qu 3 Mg, iff- i j , f -ij-tm . X. r fa-fa ,,.,,, 1 ,, A ,. ,W , E n f ' jf .Si ,A ft. Wm. i ' .. ,. .. ,,,,,,. WE' ,Tie-i ..-,-53, ,we T N 2 Q F 1 gf W2 152 ., 5 . W 4 v Q 25 3 P 2 R E 'f x F "4- Miss ASTC 1963-64 I Margo Dunaway SECOND RUNNER-UP CHARLA RA Y Charla is a junior from Booneville. For her talent Charla played "Improvisation and Melody," a piano solo. FIRST RUNNER-UP SUSAN CROSS Susan Cross, a sophomore from Little Rock, won the talent division of the Miss ASTC Contest. Susan also had the role of Nellie For- bush in the musical "South Pacific." Homecoming A ctivities Homecoming activities on the ASTC campus bring joy to several. The Royal Court is chosen by class vote after pictures of each nominee are posted on the bulletin board. The homecoming activities themselves include a parade through downtown Conway led by the Queen's car, a dinner for the royalty and their escorts and the coronation. During the coronation, the Queen is presented to the student body by the presidents of the Royal Hooters and the Student Senate. She is presented with a sheaf of flowers and is crowned on the field. The week preceding the Homecoming game is devoted to making floats: these are done by each fraternity and sorority and by several other organizations. These along with dormitory decorations are subject to judging. Homecoming Queen is presented to Student Body Queen Barbara Io is escorted off the iield by President Snow, followed by Richard Smith and Larry Crabtree. Senior Maid .S-,ue Cummina Senior Maid gay Wickog H omecoming Maids Junior Maid Pa: Canlreff Freshman Maid Jann cllinneman Sophomore Maid peggy Wunaey and Most Handsome Greek Dick King of Little Rock was chosen Most Handsome a member of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, is also Mr Greek by Phi Delta Kappa Educational Fraternity. Dick, Courtesy. Norma Agnew of Little Rock is first runner up for Most lane King of Earle was Sigma Sigma Sigma's nom- Beautiful Greek. Norma is sponsored by Sigma Kappa. inee for Most Beautiful Greek. Sara Wilson of Little Rock was Delta Zeta's nominee Marcia Nicehelser of Fort Smith was Alpha Sigma for Most Beautiful Greek. Tau's nominee for Most Beautiful Greek. Chosen as first runner-up to Dick was Ierry Rogers of Kenneth Bagan of DeWitt was Pi Kappa Alpha fra- Bee Branch. Ierry was sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon. ternity's representative for Most Handsome Greek. Roy Wray, from Hope, was Phi Lambda Chi's nominee David Garner, from North Little Rock, is sponsored by for Most Handsome Greek. Theta Xi for Most Handsome Greek. X Thirty two students were selected for Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. These students, 28 seniors and four juniors, were selected on the basis of four criteria: scholarship, par- ticipation and leadership in extracurricular activities, citizenship and service to the college, and promise of future usefulness. The idea of creating a basis of recognition for the college and university students came in l935 after interested parties consulted with college administrators throughout the nation. Each student selected received without cost: a certificate of recog- nition and biographical sketch in the national publication, and the benefits of a national student placement service. Locally the students were selected after a committee made up of faculty and students made nominations. The final vote was cast by the faculty and administration. Mary A. Arnold. a senior from Tuckerman, is a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Chi, ACEI, and T-Steppers. She has served as Vice-president of Alpha Chi and as chairman of the committee for organization of formal rush party at ASA workshop. She has been on the Dean's List and has par- ticipated in the honors program. W'H0'S WHO David L. Bass, a senior from Conway, is a member of Alpha Phi, the Student Senate, International Relations, Young Republicans, Royal Hooters, Echo staff, Scroll staff, and SNEA. He has served as president, secretary, and reporter of Alpha Phi. and as Business Manager of the Scroll. He received a Scholarship to Aspen School of Contemporary Art and participated in one musical production. Julia Ann Bailey, a senior from Conway, is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, WHA, Band, and SNEA. She has served as president and vice-president oi her sorority and as an orientation leader. Iulia has been Phi Lambda Chi Sweet- heart, Top Tau, and she was among the Top ten best dressed Coeds. She has received many other honors. They are the Dean's List, an Honor Scholarship, membership in Royal Rooters, and participation in the honors program. l t I Gerry Sue Blume, a senior from Heber Springs, is a member of Alpha Psi Omega, the Debate Team, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Young Demo- crats, WRA, SCA, SNEA, the Student Senate, and Panhellenic Council. She has served as vice-president of the Student Senate, secretary and vice-president ol the Panhellenic Council, and an orientation leader. She has done much public relations work lor the school and has participated in three major productions. Because of her ability to act, she was given the honor of Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress. Edwin Louis Bird, a senior from Formosa, is a member of Alpha Chi, Theta Xi, The American Chemical Society, Band, Little Symphony, and BSU. He has served as president of Alpha Chi, and reporter of Theta Xi. His freshman year at ASTC he received the freshman chemistry award. Since then he has made the Dean's List and has done summer undergraduate work at the University oi Arkansas Medical Center. f . , Q ,sf I Wandeana Ann Borqard, a junior from Little Rock, is a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Wesley Foundation, SNEA, Royal Hooters, WRA, and the T-Steppers. She has served as president and chaplain of her sorority, and as vice- president and reporter oi Wesley Foundation. She received the CTA Scholarship and has participated in the Honors Program. She was also a delegate to the midwest model United Nations. Idalene Marie Blackburn, a junior from Conway, a member of Delta Zeta. SNEA, ACEI, WHA. She has served as treasurer and press chairman of her sorority. She has received other honors, among them are: the Dean's List, the Honors Program, and an Honors Scholarship. Q 1 as Bert W. Botter, a senior from Hot Springs, is a member oi Wesley Foundation, Theta Xi, Phi Alpha Zeta, Young Republicans, International Relations, lnteriraternity Council, and the Intramural Council. He has served as captain of the ASTC Bowling Team and in many oitices for Theta Xi, He was AIC singles bowling cham- pion and was third place in the National Tournament. Lynda Sue Cummins, a senior from Conway, is a member of Alpha Chi, SCA, Delta Zeta, WBA, and Alpha Phi. She has served as secretary oi Alpha Chi, and as an officer in her Sorority. She received an Honor Scholarship, made the Dean's List, and participated in the Honors Program. She was also a Homecoming Maid. 3 4 from 5 E l 1 gl l Lanny I. Brannon, a senior from Little Rock, is a mem- ber oi Theta Xi, Phi Alpha Zeta, Royal Hooters, Alpha Phi, Young Democrats, SNEA, Interfraternity Council, and the Scroll Staff. He has served in all major capaci- ties in his Fraternity as secretary of Phi Alpha Zeta, and pep rally director ot Royal Hooters. He was Most Handsome Greek, Sigma Man of the Year, and Out- standing Undergraduate ot Theta Xi. I Patricia Anne Farrior. a senior from Conway, is a member of Wesley Foundation, Choir, MENC, Alpha Chi, and the German Club. She has served as president and vice-president of MENC, and treasurer of the Choir. She participated in three major productions and the Arkansas State Music Teachers Contest. Iimmy Dyer, a senior from Van Buren, is a member of Wesley Foundation, Theta Xi, SNEA, IFC, Royal Hooters, and the PE Majors Club. He has served as presi- dent and vice-president of Wesley Foundation, president of SNEA, and other offices in his Fraternity. He was an orientation leader and participated in the Honors Program. Q 'ii fe A f f A K 1 1 wifi Sarah Virginia Griqsby. a senior from Conway, is a member of Sigma Kappa, SCA, Student Senate, T-Steppers, WRA, Scroll Staff, the German Club. Alpha Chi, and Royal Rooters. She has served as secretary-treasurer ol the German Club and the Senior Class vice-president. She received an Honor Scholarship and made the Dean's List. She has also participated in the Honors Program. Larry Paul Grummer, a senior from Conway, is a member oi Sigma Tau Gamma, the Student Senate, SCA, Young Democrats, Royal Hooters. Newman Club, Scroll Staff, and the Biology Club. He has served as treasurer of the Student Senate, vice-president of Newman Club, and in the SCA Council. Sue Ann Hammond, a senior lrom Conway, is a member oi Sigma Sigma Sigma, Echo Staff, Alpha Chi, Royal Rooters, Phi Alpha Theta. She received an Honors Scholarship and participated in the Honors Program. She was also the Outstanding Ioumalist. Iames A. Hoqqard, a junior from Lonoke, is a member of the Student Senate, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Interiraternity Council, So- ciology Council, Pre-Law Club, and Young Democrats. He has served as president ol his Fraternity and president of the Inter- fraternity Council. .W ff wlftvw :M ' 17 mf- t 1 ganna 223+ ,F Winn' Sfvltnl xi is Cum ff zflffffw- 'i'TiiTf..,,, ' lam , U ' Jf7"1yJ Vgfrf M' P 43 1 ' ' .s A I -5 ,Z lf with LL mbimfi 514,35 Ai-los Ferrel Iames, a junior from Little Rock, is a member of the Scroll Staff, College Choir, Echo Staff, SNEA, Royal Hooters, MENC, BSU, SCA. He has served as Art editor of the Scroll. and vice-president oi SCA Council. He received a Choir Schol- arship. He has worked in two major productions and is on the track team. -4-v K Blanche Iolly, a senior from Earle, is a member of ACEI, SCA, Wesley Foun- dation, the Student Senate, WHA, Sigma Kappa, Bernard House Council and the Denney House Council. She has served as WBA reporter, Iunior Class vice-president, secretary oi Sigma Kappa, and on the WBA Council. She received a FTA Scholarship and was Bride in Sadie Hawkins Day Stunt. Iulia lludyl lean lanes, a senior from Morrilton, is a member of the Panhellenic Council, SCA, the Scroll Staff, Delta Zeta., Royal Hooters, Alpha Chi. T-Steppers, Band, ACEI, the Spanish Club and WRA. She has served on the SCA Council, on the Pan- hellenic Council, and as Co-editor of the Scroll. She has also participated in the Honors Program. Winona Sue lines, a senior from Hot Springs, is a member of SNEA, Alpha Chi, and Wesley Foun- dation. She has served as SNEA Treasurer, Bernard House Council Member, and delegate to the Wes- ley Board oi Directors. She was on the Dean's List, participated in the Honors Program and received an Honor Scholarship. rub. lSusiel Shirley Anne Minton, a senior from Brinkley, is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, Royal Rooters, Student Senate, Young Democrats, SCA, WRA, SNEA, and Alpha Psi Omega. She has served as Student Senate Secretary, Royal Rooters Secretary, Young Democrats Female Vice-President, Alpha Psi Omega Historian, and Alpha Sigma Tau Editor. She has been in two major productions and was also an orientation leader. Barbara Gay Nichols, a senior from Little Rock, is a member oi Alpha , Sigma Tau, Royal Rooters, Panhellenic Council, WRA, and SCA. She has served as Iunior and Senior Panhellenic Council Representatives, and treasurer of the Panhellenic Council. She holds many beauty titles. She was Miss ASTC, Miss Congeniality in Miss ASTC Pageant, and Senior Homecoming Maid. She also has participated in the Honors Program. . H1 L' , 'QW 'L- aff .za .. Tommie Sue Kirtley, a senior from Dumas, is a member ol Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Chi, Royal Rooters. SCA, SNEA, WRA, and SCA Council. She has served as president ol Short Hall, treas- urer of Alpha Chi, and SCA music librarian. She was on the Dean's List and also received an Honor Scholarship. Lowell P. McClanahn, a senior from Gillett, is a member ol Alpha Chi, Sigma Tau Gamma, SCA. Royal Rooters, the German Club, and Wesley Foundation. He has served as president of SCA. vice-president ol German Club, and as officers in his Fraternity. He received an Honor Scholarship and an Alcoa Scholarship. He was on the Dean's List and participated in the Honors Program. William F. Payne, a senior from North Little Rock, is a member of the Band, American Chemical Society, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Chi, Little Symphony and BSU. He has served as president of the ASTC Band, presi- dent ol the American Chemical Society, chaplain of Phi Sigma Epsilon, and Enlistment Chairman of BSU. He was on the Dean's List and was a member of the Arkansas Intercollegiate Band. Rebecca Ian Phillips, a senior from Urbanette, is a member of MENC, the German Club, Alpha Chi, Sigma Kappa, Choir, BSU, and WRA. She has served as treasurer- secretary of MENC, corresponding secretary ot Sigma Kappa, and music chairman of BSU. She has received a Choir Scholarship, an Honor Scholarship, and a Major applied Scholarship. She has done much public relations work for the school. She has made the Dean's List and has worked in two major productions. Iohn Hardin Reno, a senior from Conway, is a member ot Alpha Psi Omega. He Psi Omega. He has worked in tions, six verse has served as president and reporter of Alpha was awarded the Marshall Harris Award. He the four major productions, nine minor produc- choir productions, radio drama for local station and Master ot Ceremonies on many occasions. Charles Thomas Purdom, a senior from Yellville, is a member of Phi Beta Lambda, Royal Rooters, Pre-Law Club, Student Senate, Young Democrats, and the Arkansas Student Government Associa- tion. He has served as vice-president of Phi Beta Lambda, vice-president and president of Pre-Law Club, vice-president of the Sociology Forum state president of Phi Lambda, vice-presi- dent of the Arkansas Student Government Asso- ciation, and vice-president of Young Democrats. He was second place in the state as Mr. Future Business Executive. Arvy Richard Smith, a senior from Little Rock, is a member of Royal Rooters, Student Senate, Sigma Tau Gamma, SCA, Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes, Alpha Psi Omega, and Young Democrats. He has served as president of Royal Rooters, president of Iunior class, VP and assist- ant treasurer SCA, SCA Council, co-organizer ol Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He served as Groom one year in the SCA Friendship ceremony. He lettered one year in football and has participatd in one major and minor production. He also served as an orientation leader. Marion D. Riddell, a senior from Clarksville, is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, SCA, SCA Council, SNEA, Royal Rooters, WRA, College Choir, Young Democrats. She has served as standard board, music chairman, rush chairman, AST, Secretary, MENC, and Orientation leader. She belongs to Alpha Chi and Alpha Psi Omega. She has participated in three major productions and one minor production. Mac I. Troy, a senior from Heber Springs, is a mem- ber of Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Psi Omega, Royal Rooters, and Young Democrats. He has served as vice-president, historian and project manager of Sigma Tau Gamma, vice-president oi Alpha Psi Omega. He has had many honors. He has received an academic scholarship, best actor's award and was an orientation leader. He has participated in football, track, seven major productions, TV appear- ances, and recruiting visits. ,f , sk. David Owen White, a senior from Little Rock, is a member ot Sigma Tau Gamma, Royal Rooters, Student Senate, Young Democrats, Alpha Psi Omega, Intramurals, and Scroll staff. He has served as VP of the Freshman class, president Sophomore class, VP of the Student Senate, VP oi Sigma Tau Gamma, Rush chairman Sigma Tau Gamma. and reporter Alpha Psi Omega. His honors consist oi orientation captain, business manager, scroll, assistant director of Miss ASTC Pageant, and director of Miss ASTC Pageant. He has also been in a major production. QW !',' 875: 55. ' T Linda Carole White, a senior from Crossett, is a member of Student Senate, Sigma Kappa, Royal Rooters, T- Steppers, WRA, Bernard House Council, and Executive Council oi Sigma Kappa. She has served as secretary of the Student Senate, president of her pledge class. corresponding secretary and president oi Sigma Kappa, secretary ot T-Steppers, Short Hall representative to Senate. orientation leader, Bernard Hall representative to Senate. She has been All-Greek Sweetheart and has an honor scholarship. Ioe Fred Young, a senior from Conway, is a member oi Royal Hooters, Student Senate, Young Democrats, Pi Kappa Alpha, IFC, SCA. He has served as vice- president of Royal Rooters. vice-president of Pi Kappa Alpha, and president ot IFC. He has had many honors. For two years he made all AIC, and he was tootbal captain. He also served as an orientation leader. MR. AND MISS COURTESY In an all-student election conducted by Theta Xi fraternity, Peggy Munsey, a Sophomore from Little Rock and Dick King, a Iunior from Little Rock were selected as Mr. and Miss Courtesy for the school year, 1964-1965. SCA CARNIVAL QUEEN The 1965 SCA Carnival Queen and her court are: Libby Iennings, Susan Stone, Peggy Munsey, Queen, Betty Kai Turner, cmd Carol Watson. 1964 MISS HOSPITALITY ,lane King 1965 BEST DRESSED C0-ED Georgia Pattillo Classes are the most important phase of college life. It is in our classes that we, as students at ASTC, pre- pare ourselves for our chosen vocation. Classes can be interesting or dull depending on the attitudes of the students. The amount of time and effort put into the class determines its Worth to the student. ASTC is proud of its courses that are offered to its students. The number of courses offered in each of the fifteen departments has increased every year to meet the demands of the growing enrollment. In the School year l964-65, over 500 courses were offered leading to four undergraduate degrees and one graduate degree. HSSBS The college is also proud of its growing student body. A record number of freshmen enrolled this year to begin their preparation for their life's work. The sophomores and juniors are even closer to the immedi- ate goal--Graduation. For the seniors this will be the year they complete the most basic of their training and receive their diplomas. Thelma Lee Williams, a gradu- ating senior, receives her hard-earned diploma from President Silas D. Snow. After graduation, the interests of some students may lead them to further their education, while others take their places in a different field of endeavor. S- Riiifivv L l-2535 4 't ask f Q ff? ' 4 R E -Tea i . 1 X . 'N Www ,bg E QE Q 22 5 Q 22 wa , I il 9 Q 1, W , K-,SW ag , 4: 'vf ' flhfapff, . 4 , ' ' 9 E311 " f -W JS' mf ,fK' ,m.fw.w4x:7' M 'T 1 :Q 1 wfrgiiifw fm f , 5T'E4L2n?l-Z4 f ii iflfikfi? H 2 ' iL'Kvi,!' f Aff 1 m wtf' t V. , Q, ,ma ,Q Y, 1 v f ww, 4 ,JA Mgw f Imfffizill 4 1' uw.-A 4' -www E , XJ Q - viitlhciugfy mf, 5 ffm IA-zlgl, I . 4' ' 5' Z rf ,H K , ,W , i, . I ff' - I x .Ii i , rf Q 'iw x 'I W f 3 fy A SENIOR OFFICERS Sarah Grigsby--Vice-President Winston Simpson--President SENI ORS MARILYN L. AARON, BSE, Home Economics: North Little Rock. BSU, Publicity Chairman: Colhecon, Treasurer. BETTY L. ALLRED, BSE, Business: Mountain View. Phi Beta Lambda. MARY A. ARNOLD, BSE, Elementary Education: Tuckerman. T-Steppers: ACEI: WRA: Alpha Chi: Alpha Sigma Alpha. WILLIAM ARNOLD, BSE, Physical Science: West Helena. Phi Sigma Epsilon. EVA SUE ASHCRAFT, BSE, Elementary Education: North Little Rock. GLENN D. AUSTIN, BS, Math: Atkins. Wesley: Theta Xi, Corresponding Sec. I. O. BARTON, BSE, Social Studies: Charleston. Chi Alpha: Young Republicans: Phi Lambda Chi. CAROL V. BASKIN, BSE, French: Pine Bluff. SNEA: La Sociedad Hispanica: Alpha Chi: Elementary and Intermediate French Awards: Spanish Award: Dean's List. l DAVID BASS, BSE, Art: Conway. Senate: Echo: Scrollf Business Manager-64: Young Republicans: Alpha Phi, President, Secretary, Reporter: SNEA: Royal Rooters: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. DOLLIE M. BAXTER, BSE, History: Heber Springs. Wesley: Young Democrats: SNEA: Phi Alpha Theta. LLOYD A. BEASLEY, BSE, Business Education: Cabot. Chi Alpha: Scroll: Young Democrats: Phi Beta Lambda: SNEA. SENIORS TOM S. BLOSSOM, BS, Business: Little Rock. SCA: Senate: Young Democrats: Phi Beta Lambda: Interfraternity Council: Sigma Tau Gamma, 1st Vice Presi- dent: Orientation Leader. CHARLES HENRY BEEL, BS, Math, Iacksonville. Young Republicans: Phi Lambda Chi. BOBBIE C. BELL, BSE. Home Economics, Beebe. Wesley: Scroll: Colhecon: WRA: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer. BUD E. BELL, BSE, Art, Little Bock. Alpha Psi Omega: Best Supporting Actor, 64: lst place AIC Talent Show 63: lst Place AIC Hootenanny: lst Place SCA Talent Show: Sigma Tau Gamma, Song Leader. LINDA I. BELL, BSE, English: Little Rock. SCA: Young Democrats: SNEA, Mem- bership Chairman: BSU, Publicity Chairman: Phi Alpha Theta, Vice President: Alpha Chi: Verse Choir. MARGARET ANN BERRY, BSE, Elementary Education: Harrison. Newman: Young Democrats: SNEA: WHA: Alpha Sigma Tau, Secretary, Vice President. EDWIN L. BIRD, BS, Chemistry: Formosa. BSU: Band: Little Symphony: SCA: Alpha Chi, President: Freshman Chemistry Award: Dean's List. IDALENE N. BLACKBURN, BSE: Elementary Education: Conway. ACEI: SNEA: Delta Zeta. E GERRY S. BLUME, BSE, Speech: Heber Springs. SCA: Senate, Vice President: Young Democrats: Intramurals: Alpha Psi Omega: Best Supporting Actress 63: Best Actress 64: Major Productions: Panhellenic Council, Vice President, Secretary: Sigma Sigma Sigma. PAMELA BOHART, BSE,'Math: Humphrey. Band: Majorette Captain: Brass Choir: WRA: Royal Hooters: Delta Zeta, Corresponding Secretary, 2nd Vice President: Orientation Leader. BERT W. BOTTER, BS, History: Hot Springs. Wesley: Vice President Young Republicans: German Club: Interiraternity Council: Intramurals, Vice Presi- dent: Bowling Team: 3rd in National NAIA: Theta Xi. Scholarship Chairman. IUDI A. BROWN, BSE, Physical Education: St. Ioseph, Missouri. Newman: SCA: WPEMM, President, Secretary: WRA: Short Hall House Council: Ber- nard Hall Fire Marshall: Varsity Tennis Team. PEGGY D. BROWN, BSE, Elementary Education: Damascus. BSU: Young Dem- ocrats: SNEA: ACEI: WBA: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Recording Secretary. RONNY W. BROWN, BS, Math: North Little Rock. HILDA I. BURTON, BSE, Business Education: Charleston. BSU: Phi Beta Lambda: SNEA: WBA: Bernard House Council. MARGARET A. BURTON, BSE, Elementary Edu- cation, Charleston. BSU: ACEI: Intramurals. NORMAN M. CALLAWAY, BSE, Physical Educa- tion: Little Rock. Young Democrats: Craftsman's Guild: Pi Kappa Alpha: Football Letterman: T Club, President: Student Coach-Track: Student Coach-Football: All AIC 60, 64. SANDRA L. CARMICAL, BSE, Social Studies: Batesville. SNEA. tion Leader. BEEL - CARMI CAL CHARLES L. BRADFORD, BSE, Social Studies: Heber Springs. Young Repub licans: Intramural: Phi Beta Lambda: Phi Lambda Chi, Secretary Orrenta MERLE L. BREEDING, BSE, Sociology: Little Rock. BSU: Biology Club Intra murals: Intramural Council 63: Phi Sigma Epsilon. MARIALYCE BRINKLEY, BSE, English: Morrilton. SCA, SCA Council Music Director, Recording Secretary, Organist: Senate: Choir: MENC: SNEA WBA Royal Rooters: Alpha Sigma Tau, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer Honor Scholarship: Honors Program: Orientation Leader: Bernard House Council AVA G. BRITTON. BSE, Elementary Education: Vilonia. wb-2. fue.. gui-X ,Q-sf"' SENI ORS STEPHEN R. CARRELL, BSE, Math: Damascus SNEA. COY D. CASE, BS, Math: Batesville. Young Re publicans: Phi Lambda Chi. North Little Rock. German Club. l WALLACE L. CHANDLER, BSE, Physical Education: Wilson. SCA: Wesley Young Democrats: Royal Hooters: Sigma Tau Gamma: Co-Captain, Football All-AIC Football. RAYMOND P. CODY, BSE, Physical Education: Morrilton. BSU: Intramurals SNEA: Pi Kappa Alpha: Football Letterman. CHARLES C. COLEMAN. BSE, Physical Education: Budy. Pi Kappa Alpha. CAROLYN F. COLVERT, BSE, English: Springdale. SNEA. IUDY G. COMBS. BSE, Elementary Education: Little Rock. BSU: Echo: Scroll. Index Editor: Young Democrats: Young Republicans: ACEI, Publicity Chair- man: SNEA, Publicity Chairman: WRA: Verse Choir. PEGGY I. COMPTON, BSE. Home Economics: Delaplaine. Colhecon. VERNA I. CONDON, BSE, Elementary Education, Iacksonville. MARY IANE COVINGTON, BSE, Home Economics, Conway. Colhecon. 4 Young Republicans, President Craitsman's Club, PAMELA I. CASH, BSE, Elementary Education: 1 MARILYN L. COX. BA, Sociology, Benton. SCA: Senate: Scroll: Young Democrats: Sociology Forum: WBA: Royal Hooters: Alpha Sigma Tau. Historian, Corresponding Secretary: Secretary. Short Hall: President, Denney Hall. DONALD H. CRAIN, BSE, Physical Education: Perry. MARTHA NELL CRANE, BSE, Home Economics: Rison. MBSF. BILLY RAY CROUSE, BS, Business: Sheridan. BSU: Young Democrats: Choir: Phi Beta Lambda: Phi Sigma Epsilon: Major Productions: Track Team. WARREN H. CROW, BS, Business: Memphis, Tenn. Band: Tophatters: Phi Beta Lambda: Phi Sigma Epsilon. IERRY B. CROWDER. BS, Business: Ma flower. Wesley: Phi Beta Lambda: Y Administrative Management Society, Vice President. LYNDA SUE CUMMINS, BA, Art and Math: Conway. SCA, Council: Alpha Phi, Reporter: WBA: Alpha Chi, Secretary: Delta Zeta, Scholarship Chairman: Honors Program: Honor Scholarship: Homecoming Maid: Deans List. l CARRELL - DA VIS""'P' sl ROBERT E. DANIEL, BS, Business: Searcy. Band: Young Democrats: Tophatters Sigma Tau Gamma. JOHN E. DANIELS. BS, Business: Bodcaw. DORA F. DAVIS, BSE, Home Economics: Paris. Colhecon: SNEA. TOM F. DAVIS. BSE, Physical Education: Batesville. All-AIC Basketball. SENIORS LENA L. DOLLAR, BSE. English: Heber Springs. MBSF: BSU. KATHLEEN DORSEY, BSE, Elementary Education: Alma. ACEI. GERALD L. DURAN, BSE, Elemementary Education: Sherwood. Senate: Band: Young Democrats: Little Symphony: ACEI: SNEA: Phi Lambda Chi. RUTH ANN DURAN, BSE, Elementary Education: Hartman ACEI: SNEA. IIMMY DYER, BSE, Mathematics: Van Buren. Wesley: Intramurals: SNEA: Royal Rooters: Theta Xi: Interlraternity Council. ROBERT W. EPPERSON, BSE, Social Studies: Berryville. TOMMIE M. DALBY, BSE, Elementary Education: Conway. Newman: SNEA: ACEI. DIANNA B. DENTON. BSE, Speech: Stuttgart. SCA, SCA Carnival Queen: T'Steppers: Colhecon: WRA: Alpha Psi Omega: Royal Rooters: Delta Zeta, Vice President: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: Phi Lambda Chi National Sweetheart: Honor Homecoming Maid: Miss Hospitality oi Arkansas: Freshman Homecoming Maid: Most Beautiful Runnerup. ROBERT L. DIXON, BS, Business: Pine Bluif. BSU: Phi Beta Lambda: Sigma Tau Gamma. RICHARD E. DOBBS, BS, Biology: Hazen. Biology Club. l DALB Y - GARRETT This doesn't look like Library Science to me. X i MILDRED L. EVANS, BSE, Elementary Education: Ward. BSU: ACEI. IULIA EWAN, BSE, Elementary Education: Clarendon. SCA: T-Steppers, Drill Captain, Co-Captain, President, Vice President: Young Democrats: ACEI, Social Chairman: SNEA: WRA: Royal Rooters: Alpha Sigma Tau, Pledge Program Chairman: Dean's List. EDWARD PAUL FARRAR, BSE, Physical Education: Fort Smith. SNEA. GLYNDA F. FARRIS, BSE, Home Economics: Parkin. Wesley: Colhecon: WRA: Sigma Kappa, Triangle, Correspondent-Registar: Bernard House Council: Ber- nard Counselor. LYNDA G. FARRIS, BSE, Home Economics: Parkin. Wesley: Colhecon: WRA: Sigma Kappa, Social Chairman: McAlister Hall Council: McAlister Floor Counselor: Bernard Hall Fire Marshal. LILLIAN C. FELDMAN, BSE, Speech: Helena. SCA: Echo: Scroll, Iunior Editor: Young Democrats: SNEA: WRA: Alpha Psi Omega, Major Productions: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice President: Oral Interpretations and Readings. LARRY M. FISHER, BSE, General Science: Beebe. Dean's List. SHARON L. FORT, BSE, Elementary Education: Warren. Band: T-Steppers: ACIEi WHA: Alpha Sigma Alpha. LARRY D. FROST, BSE, English: Benton. BSU: Echo: SNEA: Track Team: Cross Country: Lettermen Club. IOHNNY M. GARNER, BS, Economics: Beebe. LAURA L. GARRETT, BSE, Home Economics: Gurdon. Wesley: Colhecon. aw 'ei' SENIORS MORGAN WAYNE GILBERT, BSE, Physical Education: Tuckerman. Young Democrats: Intramurals: SNEA: Baseball Team: T Club. DELWANDA IOE GLOVER, BS, History: Conway. Craftsman's Guild: Pre-Law. HAROLD T. GOFF, BSE, Social Studies: Beebe. SCA: SNEA. RONALD D. GORE, BS, Biology: Cotton Plant. Theta Xi, Pledgemaster: Dean's List. g on sf SARAH V. GRIGSBY, BS, Mathematics: Conway. SCA, Council: Senate: T-Steppers: Scroll, Literary Editor: German Club, Secretary, Treasurer: WRA: Alpha Chi: Royal Rooters: Sigma Kappa, Scholarship Chairman: Senior Class Vice President: Orientation Leader: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: Honors Program: Dean's List. RETHA E. GROOM, BSE, Mathematics: Hot Springs. SCA: T-Steppers: German Club: WHA: Alpha Chi: Sigma Kappa, Vice President: Dean's List: Honor Scholarship: Honor Courses: Orientation Leader. PAUL GRUMMER, BS, Biology: Conway. Newman Club, Vice President: SCA: Senate, Treasurer: Scroll: Young Democrats: Biology Club: Intramurals: Royal Rooters: Sigma Tau Gamma. DUDLEY A. GULLETT, BS, Biology: Conway. CHARLES R. GUNZBURG, BS, Math: Carlisle. SUE A. HAMMOND, BSE, Social Studies: Conway. Echo, Editor 1963: WHA: Phi Alpha Theta: Alpha Chi: Royal Rooters: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Cor- responding Secretary: Outstanding Iournalist: Honors Scholarship: Honors Courses: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. SHARON A. HARDCASTLE, BSE, Elementary Edu- cation: Conway. Young Democrats: ACEI: SNEA. GILBERT - HOWE l MARY H. HARLAN. BSE, Home Economics: Mt. Vernon. Colhecon. IAMES G. HAVENS, BS, Industrial Education: Conway. Craitsman's Guild: Phi Lambda Chi. MARY K. HECK, BSE, Elementary Education: Conway. ACEI: SNEA. fix SUSAN L. HENDERSON, BSE, English: Little Rock. T-Steppers: SNEA: Alpha Chl: Royal Rooters: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer. f RAYMOND R. HENZE, BSE, Industrial Education: Conway. Newman Club: Craftsmarfs Guild. IOE B. HILL, BSE, Social Studies: Beebe. BETTY A. HILTON, BSE, Physical Education: Pine Bluff, WPEMM: WRA: McAlister Hall Counselor. DONNA SUE HOLLIDAY, BA, Business: Harrison. Scroll, Outstanding Member, Editor Iunior Class, Editor Organizations Section: Young Democrats: La Sociedad Hispanica, Reporter: Best Dressed: Orientation Leader. IUDY MARIE HORN, BSE, Elementary Education: Little Rock. ACEI: SNEA. THERON W. HOWARD, BSE, Speech: Benton. Senate: Band: Young Democrats: Alpha Psi Omega: Theatre Workshop: Debate and Discus- sion Team: Phi Sigma Epsilon. MARY E. HOWE, BSE, Business: Hampton. BSU: Phi Beta Lambda: SNEA. SENIURS if BETTY SUE IENNINGS, BSE, Elementary Education: Iacksonville. Wesley: ACEI: Bernard Hall Council. WINONA SUE IINES, BSE, English: Hot Springs. Wesley: SNEA, Secretary: Alpha Chi: Bernard House Council. EDDIE IOHNSON, BS, Math and Business: Conway. Senate: Young Republicans: Phi Lambda Chi. BLANCHE IOLLY, BSE, Elementary: Earle. Wesley: Senate: ACEI: WBA: Sigma Kappa, First and Second Vice President: Iunior Class Vice President: Orientation Leader: Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges. GERALD A. HOYT, IR., BS, Physical Science: Conway. Newman Club: Theta Xi. way. Alpha Chi. ROBERT I. HUEY, BSE, Social Studies: Little Bock. BSU: Young Democrats: SNEA. IANICE A. HULSIZER, BSE, Home Economics: Benton. T-Steppers: Colhecon: Sigma Sigma Sigma. FERREL A. IAMES, BSE, Social Studies: Little Rock. BSU: SCA: Echo: Scroll: Choir: MENC: SNEA: Royal Hooters: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. JERRY L. IAMES, BSE, Physical Education: Yellville. Young Republicans: Intra- murals: Phi Lambda Chi. JULIA I. IANES, BSE, Elementary Education: Morrilton. SCA: Band: T-Steppers: Scroll: ACEI: La Sociedad Hispanica: WRA: Alpha Chi: Royal Rooters: Pan- hellenic Council: Delta Zeta: Orientation Leader. PATRICIA E. HOYT, BS, General Business: Con- HUYT - LEWIS I Q if President Snow crowns Barbara Io Rogers at homecoming. 1--P ,Z Q ,. 53-film 5:.,3g,-,t..f-,3-sql., Ifg,,fg..,.5f.sUsgt,fgQgigf S 'ff I i 36222225 af,,.f rx' . .,,- M JA, 5. I-:ff HUGH M. IONES, BS, Business: Grannis. BSU: Young Democrats: Phi Beta Lambda: Sigma Tau Gamma. SHANE K. IONES, BSE, Social Studies: Pine Village, Indiana. Newman Club. DIANNA MARIE KINGSTON, BSE, Home Economics: Beebe. Young Democrats' Colhecon. EARLENE M. LANG, BSE, Elementary Education: Heber Springs. MBSF: Band' Scroll: Brass Choir: ACEI: SNEA. LEAH K. LANGE, BSE, Mathematics, Geography: Little Rock. SCA: SNEA. LEA A. LARSON, BSE, Mathematics: Conway. Newman Club: WPEMM: SNEA: WRA: Golf Team: Women's State Golf Champion 1962: Girl's State Golf Champion 1961. KENNITH FAYE LEATHERS, BSE, English: Pocahontas. SNEA: La Sociedad Hispanica: Alpha Chi. SHARON BENTON LESSENBERRY. BS, Mathematics: Conway. Young Demo- crats: ACS: API: SNEA: Alpha Chi: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Dean's List. CAROLYN LEWIS. BSE, Elementary Education: Conway. T-Steppers: ACEI: SNEA: Royal Rooters: Delta Zeta. CLELL L. LEWIS, BSE, Physical Education: Clinton. Young Democrats: Intra- murals: Pi Kappa Alpha. 1336? ,Q 353:-Q. r4C4"""" 100 SENIURS ROBERT P. LEWIS, BSE, Physical Education: Clinton. Wesley: Young Demo crats: Intramurals: Pi Kappa Alpha: Baseball. BARBARA L. LILE, BSE, Home Economics: Crossett. LINDA L. LOVE, BSE, Elementary Education: North Little Rock. BSU: SCA Council: Scroll: Typing Editor: Young Democrats, Executive Council: ACEI, Secretary: SNEA: WRA: Royal Rooters: Orientation Leader: Sigma Kappa, Activities Chairman. IO NELL LOWRY, BSE, Elementary Education: Conway. SNEA: Alpha Phi Alpha Chi. MARY C. LUYET, BSE, Mathematics: Conway. Newman Club: SNEA: Dean's List: Honors Program: Honor Scholarship. CALVIN T. LYNCH, BSE, Physical Education: Wilson. Wesley: Young Demo- crats: Sigma Tau Gamma: T-Club: Track: Swimming. BILLIE L. MABRY, BSE, English: Conway. Sigma Sigma Sigma. SHIRLEY A. MALLETT, BSE, Elementary Education: Morrilton. SCA: Wesley, Librarian and Secretary: Young Republicans: ACEI, Vice President: SNEA: WRA: Bernard Hall House Council: Orientation Leader: FTA Scholarship. CHARLES R. MASON. BS, Biology: Carlisle. Young Democrats: Biology Club: Pi Kappa Alpha: Orientation Leader. LOWELL P. McCLANAHAN, BSE, Mathematics: Gillett. SCA, President: Alpha Chi: Royal Hooters: Sigma Tau Gamma. BETTY N. MCCONNELL. BSE, Elementary Educa- tion: Little Rock. ACEI: SNEA. SANDRA L. MCCUTCHEON. BSE, Home Eco- nomics: Little Rock. Echo: Colhecon. Vice Presi- dent: WRA: Royal Rooters: Panhellenic Council, Treasurer: Sigma Sigma Sigma, President. IAMES A. MCDERMOTT, BSE, English: Dermott. BSU: T-Club: Track and Cross Country. IANA F. MCELROY. BSE, Mathematics: Harrison. LEWIS - MOORE ep, . ..,,,x r e e 1 3 ., A e if-55' We I is 1 55 , P f 1 . . 9 'W J se f 3 5 s ts , p 'M' ii. . . .:r- mm: L. Mexnsxuz. BSE. Elementary Edueenen, Marvell. , A ' A ' ig , ,, e 1'-7 ' GERALDINE C. MCNEEL. BSE, Elementary Education: Conway. ACEI: SNEA. 'ZF' fr we IAMES D. McPHAIL, BS, Mathematics: Bald Knob. Intramurals: Theta Xi. , V. LORENE MILAM, BSE, Business Education: Conway. Phi Beta Lambda. V .,,- , -rr""' PATRICIA S. MILLS, BSE, Elementary Education: Conway. SNEA: Alpha Chi Dean's List. SUSIE MINTON. BSE, Speech: Brinkley. SCA: Senate, Secretary: ECHO: Scroll Young Democrats, Vice President: SNEA: WRA: Alpha Psi Omega, Historian Royal Rooters, Secretary: Alpha Sigma Tau, Pledge Trainer: Major Productions Orientation Leader. RONALD D. MITCHELL, BSE, Physical Education: Van Buren. DORR B. MOORE, BS, Industrial Education: Heber Springs. Craitsman's Guild: Sigma Tau Gamma. lOl 102 U,,,, .v,.., . . ,. . . sSasiezi4s::We'2s,'x- - 'vwW-11 ff"i :1e,:...fw-11s, q nw. . A if: ' ' t ' kg-iiqlgi ' . M. if.. ,,..... ,ink .. :A 4 A ,. A Wm' as fa' ' WBA. MARGARET A. NABORS, BSE, Music: Little Rock. Band: Tophatters: Little Symphony: MENC. IUDY K. MOORE, BSE, Art: Harrison. Alpha Phi, Vice President: Intramurals: WPEMM: WRA. Sec- retary, WHA Council. CAROLYN W. MORGAN, BSE, Elementary Edu- cation: Fort Smith. SCA: Young Democrats: ACEI: WRA: Delta Zeta, Parliamentarian, Guard and Social Secretary, Best Pledge: Orientation Leader: Panhellenic Advisory Council. DANIEL W. MORSE. BS, Business: Conway. Alpha Chi. ' EROLYN MUSGROVE. BSE. Home Economics: Pine Bluff. BSU: Colhecon: SNEA. GLORIA LEA MUSGRAVE, BSE, Physical Education: Conway. BSU: WPEMM: TOMMY L. NELSON, BSE, Math: Batesville. GAY NICHOLS. BSE, English: Little Rock. SCA: Royal Rooters: Panhellenic Council: Alpha Sigma Tau: Miss ASTC 1963: Senior Homecoming Maid 1964. ROBIN NIX, BS, Business: Camden. SCA: Senate: Band, All-AIC, Drum Major: Young Democrats: Tophatters: Little Symphony: Pre-Law: Phi Beta Lambda: Royal Hooters: Interfraternity Council Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice President: Orien- tation Leader: Tennis. GLENN A. O'DONNELL, BSE, Math: Conway. THOMAS W. OGDON. BS. General Business: Mayflower. AMS, President: FBLA. MOORE - PILKING TON Bernard Hall Counselor. List. Sociedad Hispanica, Press Secretary. IULE W. PARKS, BS, Business: Shreveport, Louisiana. Pi Kappa Alpha. DONNA IEAN PATTON, BA, Spanish: Pine Bluff. Scroll Staff, Index Editor, Senior Section Editor: Young Republicans, Treasurer, Parliamentarian: La LANITA M. PATTON, BSE, Home Economics: Pine Bluff. Wesley: Colhecon: ROGER PATTON, BSE, Mathematics: Montgomery, Alabama: SNEA: Dean's WILLIAM F. PAYNE, BS, Chemistry: Little Rock. BSU: Band, President: Little Symphony: ACS, President: Alpha Chi: Phi Sigma Epsilon: Arkansas Inter- collegiate Band: Dean's List. IAMES A. PENNEY, BS, Business: North Little Rock. Phi Beta Lambda. BRIAN O'DEAN PERRY, BME, Music: England. Band, Arkansas Intercollegiate Band: Brass Choir: Tophatters: Little Symphony: MENC. MICHAEL T. PETERSON, BA, Art: Little Rock. Newman Club: Alpha Phi: Phi Lambda Chi. DOYNE PHILLIPS, BA, History: Overland, Mis- souri. Young Democrats. REBECCA I. PHILLIPS, BME, Music-Piano: Ur- banette. BSU: Choir: MENC: German Club: WHA: Alpha Chi: Sigma Kappa: Dean's List. NEYLON S. PILKINGTON, BSE, Social Studies: Searcy. Phi Sigma Epsilon. f.6il'YQlL'!1fT:i'li': Qlsfp-if'i,1ii:?MH?f.e2 ,H--'iffgfi kng 7 :'I9a."5:-iii'-'.' -is . S P ab . , tg' JE, ' ...A or ...sw-ff 103 SENIORS 104 'Lui-Q.. "High Noon" on ASTC Campus. --....,,,u IOHN S. POLK, BSE, Social Studies: Little Rock. Wesley: SNEA: Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary. Treasurer. IO ANN POWELL, BSE, Elementary Education: Morrilton. SNEA. MARSHA MARIE PRATT, BSE, Speech: Little Rock. SCA: T-Steppers: Scroll: Young Democrats: WRA: Alpha Psi Omega: Royal Rooters: Delta Zeta: Orientation Leader. KENNETH PRIEST, BSE, Physical Education: Ben- tonville. BSU: SCA: Young Democrats: Intramurals CHARLES T. PURDOM, BSE, Social Studies: Yell- ville. Senate, Treasurer: Young Democrats, Vice President, Parliamentarian: Pre-Law, President, Vice President: Phi Beta Lambda, Vice President: Sociology Forum, Vice President: Royal Rooters, Parliamentarian: State President Phi Beta Lambda two years: Arkansas Student Government Asso- ciation, Vice President. KENNETH N. RAGAN, BS. Business: Little Rock. BSU: SCA: Young Democrats: Pi Kappa Alpha. ARTHUR L. RAINWATER, BSE, Physical Educa- tion: Iacksonville. Young Democrats: Biology Club: Intramurals: Interfraternity Council: Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Treasurer, Secretary: Orientation Leader: President of Iunior Class CSummerl RONNIE R. RANKIN. BSE, Elementary Education: Fort Smith. Pi Kappa Alpha. DANNY G. RAPIER, BSE, History and Political Science: Van Buren. Wesley: Young Democrats: Phi Alpha Theta, President. ELVA M. RAY, BS, Biology: McNeil. Biology Club. OHN H RENO BS S eech' Conway Alpha Psi Omega: Who's Who Among I . , , p , . Students in American Universities cmd Colleges. BETTY IANE RHODES, BSE, English: Conway. KAY RICE, BSE, Elementary Education: Helena. Newman Club: Young Demo- crats: ACEI: WRA: Delta Zeta: Orientation Leader. VERNICE RICE, BSE, Elementary Education: Roland. ROBERT D. RICHARDSON, BSE, Physical Educa- tion: Fordyce. BSU, President: SNEA: Track Team: Cross Country Coach: T Club: Dean's List. MARIAN D. RIDDELL, BME, Voice: Clarksville. SCA Council: Young Democrats: Choir: MENC, Corresponding Secretary: SNEA: WBA: Alpha Chi: Alpha Psi Omega: Royal Rooters: Alpha Sigma Tau, Music Director, Rush Chainnan: Major Productions: Orientation Leader. DAVID LEE ROBERTSON, IR., BS, Business: West Helena. Craitsman's Guild: Phi Beta Lambda: Sigma Tau Gamma, Pledge Trainer. POLK - ROBERTSON MICHAEL H. RAY, BA, English and History: Little Rock. IOYCE IEAN RAYNER, BSE, Elementary Education: McCroy. Scroll: Young Republicans: ACEI: SNEA: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Scholarship Chairman: Or- ientation Leader. KENNY E. RED, BS, Business: Sheridan. Young Democrats: Young Republicans: Pre-Law Club: Phi Beta Lambda: Add. Mang. Society: Phi Sigma Epsilon. MARY ALICE REED, BSE, Business: Gravette. BSU, Social Chairman: SCA: Bioolgy Club: Phi Beta Lambda, Reporter: SNEA: WRA: Sigma Kappa, Social Chairman: Vice President McAlister Hall: Orientation Leader. idle 105 CAROL R ROGERS BSE Physical Education Charleston Newman T-Steppers: BEVERLY N RUST BS Sociology McRae BSU SCA Scroll Sociology Forum: BARBARAI ROGERS BSE Elementary Education Batesville SCA T-Steppers. Co Captain Young Democrats ACEI SNEA WRA Alpha S1gma Alpha, Vice """ .f"'H W0-..,...-.. DONALD L. SARVER, BSE, Bioolgy: Herrick, Illinois. Young Democrats. MAC A. SASSER, BSE, Social Studies: St. Ioe. BSU: Young Democrats: Phi Beta Lambda: SNEA. BETTY W. SCARBOROUGH, BA, Math: Iudsonia. Young Republicans: SNEA: WRA. ROBERT E. SCOTT, BS, Math: Conway. GARY L. SCROGGS, BSE, Art: Beebe. SCA: Wes- ley: Alpha Phi: SNEA. FREDDIE B. SHARP, BSE, History and Political Science: E1 Dorado. Dean's List. ROBERT SAM SHIPLEY, BSE, Physical Education: Enola. Phi Lambda Chi: Swimming Team: Or- ientation Leader. ROGERS - STEGALL IOHN L. SHOEMAKER, BS, General Business: Albany, Georgia. BSU: Young Republicans: Phi Beta Lambda: Add. Mang. Society. CLARENCE P. SHOFFNER, BS, Mathematics: Searcy. Young Democrats: API: Phi Alpha Theta: Alpha Chi. ROY B. SHORT, BS. Mathematics: Booneville. My A, CHARLES K. SHOWALTER, BS, Physics: Griltithville. Senate: API, President. SUE E. SIEVER, BS, Business Administration: Arkansas City. SCA: Wesley: Scroll: Young Democrats, Vice President, Treasurer: State Executive Council tor Young Democrats: Phi Beta Lambda: WHA: Royal Hooters: Alpha Sigma Tau. JUNE SIMMONS, BSE, English: Searcy: SCA: Delta Zeta: Iunior Homecoming Maid: Sigma Tau Gamma Sweetheart. MARY I. SLIGER, BME, Voice: Greenbrier: Tophatters: Choir: MENC. INEZ R. SMITH, BSE, Elementary Education: Jacksonville. ARVY RICHARD SMITH, BA, Speech: Little Rock. SCA, Treasurer: Senate: Young Democrats: Intra- murals: Alpha Psi Omega: Royal Rooters, Presi- dent: Sigma Tau Gamma, Vice President: Presi- dent Iunior Class: Fellowship of Christian Athletes. WILLIARD E. SMITH, BS, Business: Searcy: New- man: Phi Beta Lambda: Pi Kappa Alpha. EARL STEGALL, BSE, Math: Conway. Senate: Young Republicans: Interiratemity Council: Phi Lambda Chi: Orientation Leader. 107 108 , SENIORS MICHAEL 1. STEINBECK, BA, History-Political Science: West Helena. SCA: Senate: Young Democrats: Young Republicans: Sigma Tau Gamma, Best Pledge: Orientation Leader. ALICE N. STEWART, BSE, Elementary Education: Marshall. ACEI: SNEA: Bernard House Council. IERRY T. SWAIM, BSE, Math: Little Rock. SNEA: Theta Xi. ROBERT A. TAUNTON. BSE, Physical Education: Crossett. Sigma Tau Gamma: T Club. CARTHEL L. TAYLOR, BSE, Math: Wilburn. Sigma Tau Gamma. DOY TAYLOR, BSE, Elementary Education: Russellville. Delta Zeta. IOY W. TEDFORD, BSE, Elementary Education: West Helena. SCA: Young Democrats: SNEA: WHA: Alpha Sigma Tau, Corresponding Secretary, His- torian: Orientation Leader. DIANA M. TI-IOMASON, BS. Math: Lonoke. BSU: T- Steppers: SNEA, Secretary: WRA: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Song Leader: Bernard House Council, Secretary. PAULA R. THOMAS. BSE, Elementary Education: Morrilton, ACEI: SNEA: Dean's List. SYLVIA A. TUCKER, BSE, Home Economics: Cros- sett. WRA: Colhecon: BSU, Workshop Chairman, Social Chainnan, Missions Chairman, Publicity Chairman. YVONNE C. TULL, BSE, Math: Scott. Wesley: SNEA, Historian: Sigma Kappa. STEINBECK - WALKER Marion Riddell talks to her puppet triends in a scene from Carnival. Seniors Gain Experience in Teaching f""'e '!,"f.TY' q-dw? BETTY UMSTED, BSE, Elementary Education: Newport. ACEI: Alpha Sigma Alpha: SNEA. DARLENE TURNEY. BSE, Business Education: Conway. Phi Beta Lambda. CAROLYN F. UMSTED. BSE, Elementary Educa- tion: Paragould. Wesley: ACEI: SNEA: WRA: Royal Rooters: Alpha Sigma Alpha. BETTY T. WADE, BSE, Elementary Education: Conway. SNEA. TOMA I. WALKER. BSE, Home Economics: Mt. Vernon. Young Democrats: Colhecon: SNEA. 109 110 SENIORS WYLIE W. WASHBURN, BS, Mathematics: Searcy. IACQUELINE WATSON, BS, Physical Science: Hot Springs. Wesley: ACS: Sigma Kappa. KARL WEATHERS, BSE, Math: Mt. Home, Idaho. Senate: Echo: SNEA: Royal Rooters: Young Republicans: Choir: Scroll, Editor 1965, Editor Senior Section: Echo: Iunior Class President tSummer 645. .. Q 1 :WW SHARON L. WELCH, BSE, Business: Stuttgart. Young Republicans: Phi Beta 3' if Lambda: SNEA. - " . 79-fff1E.'rt 5,'5?:ii??Ef3fi?i?f215fI'l1izS5'5FI fl! L' .,I:" ' ' . I ' "i'-fffzffsi. - . if ., : 5i5'?Y5stQifa:,'gwffJ'Qv,f -IN' rs 111511: ffz1PiQ:wf+.ry,'a.:ir .- - ,s.P:p.2,w,f,..w..ftf, .-J., . -.,e:sz:. tf15mg:v. If :. " ' - . 1-2425555-fifffz'3fg,': ,. H F' - ' .-lk? Y 42 . K wx' I I .,.:fe,:w:.:tfzgsf we - . :a,'r4-s,:vf'i'fr.-' -- ., I 1 ' .' , S . . ,E 'Z?z?gS:s:fs'sJm- Ss? Z ' 41 I ' f . , if , - ',75:if'.,f,'v 1.. , ' V ,-2 ' - - . sw I-14-vez 35 7 . -. ' f1. ..e..:5' W if 'Z ' 'i ROLAND W. WELLS, BSE, Physical Education: Manila. Pi Kappa Alpha. HOWARD R. WHEETLEY, BS, Industrial Education: Little Rock. Craftsman's Guild. DAVID OWEN WHITE, BSE, Speech: Little Rock. SCA: Senate, Vice President: Scroll, Business Manager: Young Democrats: Intramurals: Alpha Psi Omega, Vice President: Royal Hooters: Sigma Tau Gamma, Rush Chairman: Major Productions: Orientation Leader: Director-Miss ASTC Pageant: Freshman Class Vice President. IOE M. WHITE, BS, Business: Conway. LINDA C. WHITE, BSE, Math: Crossett. Senate: T-Steppers: Royal Hooters: Sigma Kappa. IOYCE K. WHITT, BSE, History: Roland. Phi Alpha Theta: Alpha Chi. IAMES I.. WILBURN. BSE, Physical Education: Little Rock. BSU: Young Democrats: Pi Kappa Alpha: Football, All Conference Tackle. WILEY C. WILCOX, BSE, Elementary Education: Greenbrier. THELMA LEE WILLIAMS. BSE, Mathematics: Earle. MBSF, President, Vice President, Program Chairman, Social Chairman: Scroll: Echo: SNEA: Alpha Chi: Bernard Hall Council: Dean's List: Honors Program. NANCY M. WIMBERLY, BSE, Elementary Educa- tion: Conway. ACEI: SNEA. CAROLYN GAILE WISLEY, BSE, History: Mansfield. BSU: Young Republicans: Intramurals: WPEMM. KENNETH A. WOLFE. BS, Business, Little Rock. Band: Young Republicans: Tophatters: Phi Beta Lambda: Add. Mang. Society: Phi Lambda Chi: Dean's List: Phi Lambda Chi Scholarship Award. IOE WOMBLE, BS, Biology: North Little Rock. BSU: ACS: Biology Club: Theta Xi. NORMA I. WOODSMALI., BSE, Elementary Education: North Little Rock. Wesley. 1400 +-pn.. WU WASHB URN - ZUBER '-l-4.. LYNN YATES, BSE, Home Economics: Center Point. Colhecon: SNEA. IOE FRED YOUNG. IR., BSE, Physical Education: Conway. SCA: Senate: Young Democrats, Parliamentarian: Royal Rooters, Vice President: Interfra- ternity Council, President: Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice President, Parliamentarian: T Club: All AIC Football: Fellowship oi Christian Athletes. RAYMOND T. ZAWISLAK, BSE, Social Studies: North Little Rock. Newman Club: Young Democrats: SNEA. LORRAINE ZUBER, BSE, Elementary Education: Benton. Wesley: SNEA, ACEI. 111 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS WINFRED ARMSTRONG Vi President DICK KING P d t Kathryn Adams , ..,,,, . Leslie F. Anderson ,,,,,, ,,,. Dorothy Andrews .,,,, Winfred D. Armstrong Glynn tBuzzl Bailey .. Iudy Baker ...,,,,,,,,,.,,, Iames C. Barnett ..,.., Bob Barnncm ..... Iohnny Beard ,,,.,. George F. Beers .v,,.. Benny Bell ....,..,,....A...,.. Charlotte Ann Bennett Glenn Bennett ,,,, William Black ,,,, Murray Blake ,. Ierrel Boast ,,,, ,, Eleanor Bohlander ,, Ianie Bollis ,,,, Compton Lonoke Heber Springs Little Rock Lonoke Conway Heber Springs Conway Little Rock Conway Vilonia Little Rock Sidon Bentonville Osceola Pine Bluff , , Hollis ,, ,, Carlisle Juniors 113 114 Barbara Brown ...... Larry Burleson .,.. Roger Burton .,... Raymond Louis Bush Iohn Butkiewicz ,,,.,... Perryville Yellville Magnolia Conway . ,,,,,,,, Rome Iames F. Campbell ,,,,, ..... M emphis Ierry L. Campbell ,,,. , ,,,, Memphis Pat Cantrell ,, , Leslie Capps .... , Conway Little Rock Mary Barfott ........... ...... Wandeana Borqard Geneva Bowlin .... Carolyn Boyd ,,.,. Phil Brattm ............,Y -L Charles Breshears Willie Bradford .,... Bob Brandt ......,.........Y. North Little Rock Little Rock Conway Bison Berryville North Little Rock Shirley Little Rock Elizabeth Ann Brooks ...... A-----. C IOSSGH Carolyn Carr ,,,,.,., ..... Charlsie Castleberry Harrel Cate ,,,,,,,.,.,.,,,.. William H. Caten ,...... Dotty Chanslor ,,,...., Rosemary Christello Mike Classen ,,,,,,, Cecilia Coilelt .....,, Clyde A. Comer ,,.,.. Ester Creemer ,,,.,.. Lee C. Creemer ....,,, Nathan Crook .,,,... Conway Greenbrier Rosebud Little Rock Crossett Alma Charleston Iacksonville McCrory North Little Rock North Little Rock Conway Juniors Susan Cross .,..,.....,.. Lura Cunningham Linda Davis ,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Bill Dunaway Iackie Dunaway ,, , Mary Lou Edens Little Rock Pine Bluff North Little Rock .. Conway Conway St. Ioe 116 Sharon Edqin .....,. Betty I. Edgon .... Iames T. Elliott ..,.,,. Ginny Enderlin ...,,,. Robert English ..... Iim Eskola ..,,,,, Bob Evans ...... Doug Faith ,....... Dora Ann Falls ...... Glynda Fielder ..., Alice Fisher ....,..... Clarendon Greenbrier Little Rock Conway Conway Panama City, Florida Memphis Searcy Pine Bluff Little Rock Beebe Vivian Flewellen ..,... Perryville Larry Floyd ...... ,i,,,,. H untington Wanda Fowlkes ,....,... Cabot Iames I-'utrell .,.., ,.... C onway David Garner ,,,,,,, ,,,, N orth Little Rock Leroy Gattin .,,,,, ,,,,..,,,,.,,,i... B enton Nancy Green ..,,,,, ,.,.,,, L ittle Rock Betty Griffith .,,.,,, Nancy Grim ,,,. Ioan Gross .,,,,,, Robert I. Goss ,.....,, Iudith Golden Nelda Gunn Ianice Hackman ,,.,,., Lynn Hall ,..,,,............ Diane Ramona Ham Ronald L. Hamby .,...., Sheila Hammond ,.... Noel Harlow ....... Marshall Green Forest North Little Rock Vilonia North Little ltock El Paso, Illinois Little Rock Iacksonville Clarendon Gentry Clarksville Hot Springs Juniors Gerald I. Harrison Dan Hendricks ...... Marta Henley ,,,., I, Little Rock Conway Mountain Home Sondra I-lercher .,,., ,,,,.,.........,. P ine Bluff Dan Hild ,,,,., ,,,, Ronald Hill ,...... North Little Rock Vilonia 112 Carol Hoyt ,Y,...,,,........ ,,,,,w. C onway Mary Gene Huber ,.,,,.. ....... E laine Paul Ray Hudson .,.. ..... B runo Bill I. Hudmcm ...,., ...,. L ittle Rock Ice Kelley Huie .... ..,..,A,, W aldron Laura Hundley ..,.,. ...,, W est Helena Pincky Hutto ....., ..... C linion Tommy Hutto ,.,,,. ...,... D amcrscus George Hyde ..,... ,...,. C otton Plant 118 Iim Hogqard ..,.. .,,,.,, L onoke lim Holland ,.,, .......,...... F ort Smith Iudy Holland ..,.. ,,... N orth Little Rock James R. Holcomb ...,., Y,.,,,. M emphis Tom Hollis .,...,...,... ....... H Ope Paul E. Hoover ....... Y... l mboden William Henry Hopton ..,.,,, ,.,,,, B erryville Gay Horton ...............,..,......,................ ViOlC1 Dianne House ,,,.,,l ...,, N orth Little Rock Caroline C. Irby ......, Sandra Issaacs ..... Iudy Isbell ....... Marianna Iohnson Katherine Iones ..,., Sarah Ioyce Jones Conway Conway Humnoke Conway Clarendon Osceola Sheila Iones ..... .... P ine Village, Indiana Trieber Iones ,,,.,,, Iudy Keathley ..... Cabot Conway Larry Kidd ......,. North Little Rock lane King ...., .,,....,.,........... E arle Iim King ...,. ...... P aragould Io Etta King .,,...,,. North Little Rock Richard Kitchens ....., ,...,........,... ,,,,, H o pe Ioel Kirkendoll ..,.,,, ,,,,, L eslie Susan Lafontaine .,,... ....... F ort Smith Iames La Fevers ....,t. ,,,,,,,,, V iola Martha Ann Lamb ,,,,,,, ,,,,, B iggers Juniors 119 Larry Lewellen ...,., ....... C onway Marge Lingo ...... .........,.. E udora Ann Lonqinotti ...... ......, H ot Springs Ieanette C. Maertens ..,. ..,....... B enton David Marhan .,,,..,,,. .,..... D amascus Peggy Martin ..... ....... S olqohachia Bucky Mays ..,.... ...... M arshall Icmie Mazanti , ......,.,. ......, P ortland Marsha McDaniel ....... ..,... L ittle Rock Delmar McKenzie .,,.,,, ,... C onway Iosephine McKenzie ....... ,,.. C onway Levita McMillin ....,.. ......, S tuttgart 120 Dale Lamberson ..,,,, Tommy Lasrter ,,,,,,.,..,.,... Denva Lee Lawrence Ronnie Leusinq ..,.. Bobby G. Lester ...... Paula Lucas ..,,,,r Mabelvale North Little Bock Marshall Fort Smith Rose Bud Pine Bluff Linda McMullen ..., ,...,... H azen Ken Miller ,,,,,,..,..., Benton ville Ierry W. Mimms ,,,.. ,,,,. C onway Barbara Minton ..,,,,, Velma Iean Minton Dana Mitchell ,,.... Iehu Mitchell .,,,,,, Don E. Moore ...... Cabot Cabot Van Buren Benton .,...........,,,. Conway Susan Morgan ,,,, ,.,..w M erced, California lol-rn B. Murray .,,,,, ,,,,, I acksonville Martin F. Nuhlen ...,,, ...... .....,,.. . . . Conway lane Newberry .,,,,,1 .,... N orth Little Rock W-.Q-l... Kay Nichols .,,,,, Iacqueline Oates ,, ,,,,, ,, Sheila Mowrer Ohar lane O'Neal ,, Rosemary Owens Robert Peterson , ,, Juniors 'mf' Conway Conway .. ,,,, Mayflower , . Marshall ,, North Little Rock Little Rock 121 122 Ree Phillips ,,.... Iames Pitchiord ...... Beth Polk ..,...... Stephen Power ,,,,... Tom Powers ,...,, A Bonnie Proctor ...... ,.,,,.. Bill Pruitt ..,...., Kenny Puckett ....,, Dan Raines ..,,,,, Harold Randolph Hockie Rauert ,,,... Charla Ray ....... Susan K. Ried Bobby Reniro ,,..,, Carolyn Rhein ,,,,,, ,, Berryville Hartford Harrison Little Rock Pine Bluff St. Louis, Missouri Little Rock Fort Smith Hermitage Garfield El Dorado Booneville Little Rock Blythe-ville ,. Mountain Home Iohn David Richardson ., Clarendon Fletcher Riftey ,, ..,,.. , ,,,,. ,,,,,.. W heathley Gail Wellington Robbins ,,,.,, ,,,... C onway Stephen Robinson Fred Robertson ..,,,,. ,, Ierry Rogers .... Cathy Sartin ....... .. Patty Siems .,,,,.,... Raymond Simon ..,.. ,. Conway Iudsonia Bee Branch England Dewitt Conway Donna Smith ,,,,,,,,,t Homer I.. Smith ,,,,,,, M. Ian Smith ...... Toni Smith ,.,,,..,,........ William Darrell Smith.. Ronald A. Struck ..,.., Juniors Oxford Conway Dallas, Texas Springfield Iaskson, Tennessee Conway Hazel Marie Sorey ,.......,, North Little Rock Diane Spence ,..,,.. I ane Stallings ...... Linda Stantield Mary Helen Staniill Cabot Morrilton Little Rock Conway Iudy Stakemiller .......,,,,, North Little Rock 123 124 Linda Sue Stark ...... Martha Staudinqer .,... Danny Steele ...,,,,,. Kay Sturgeon ....,..,.,....... Mary Virginia Sullivan Ierry I. Taylor ......., Martha Templeton ,,,,,.. Iohnny A. Tucker ..... Ritha Ioann Turner ,.,,, Linda Lee Van Fossen Linda Vauqht ,.,.......,.,,. Brenda Walker ....,,.. Katherine Walker ,.,,.,.,. William Patrick Warrick Carol Watson ,,,.... Barbara Webster ,,,,..,, Iames A. Westbrook ..... Adrian Wewers ,,......,. Bee Branch Winchester . Little Rock Benton Wabash Viola Hazen Conway Mayflower ... Conway Beebe Plumerville Melbourne Pine Bluff Viola Holly Bassett Fort Smith M. Roger Wheetley .,.. Little Rock Carolyn A. Whiley ,,,,, ..... L ittle Rock Charles Whiting .....,. Louise Wilcox ..... Freddy Williams ,..,... Gillett Conway Conway Lowell Williams .,,,..., .,..., H arrison Vernon Williams ..,.... ,,.,... B rinkley Marvin Wilson .....,,.,.,.. ,,,.....,,... N ewport Beverly I. Campbell ............ Renee Wilson .........,,....... .. Iames Gary Wimberly Gerry Sue Witt .,,.......... Karen Wolfe ....,,.... Teddie Woodruff .,..... David Ioe Wright ,,,, Iudy C. Wright ,,.. Tom Yonqen ..,.,.. Reta Young ,,,.. Witts Springs Pine Bluff Conway Benton Little Rock Conway Manila . Hot Springs Fort Smith Rose Bud Juniors 125 126 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Q ,fx RALPH BALDWIN IOE HAYNES President Vice-President Carolyn Aaron ......,, ..... Linda Adcock ....,. ...... Norman Aqnew ,,..,. , Betty Lou Alexander ..,,,, Iohnny Anderson Dean Archer ,.,,,,.. Doug Atchley .,,,, Pan Armstrong .,,,,, ...... Little Rock North Little Rock Little Rock Bradford Pangburn Bentonville Hot Springs North Little Rock Linda Arnold ,...... ...,.,,, W est Helena Marilyn Baker ,,,,,., ..,,.. C onway Pat Baker ,,,.,.... ,.,,. L onoke Callie Balentine ..,,, Dianna Bane ....... Retha Barker .,,,,,. Big Flat ,A Conway Forrest City Alene Bates ..... ,.... M elborne Robert Beall ..,,..,,,,,. ,...... N orth Little Rock Donna Kay Bell ,..,... ,,,.......,,,, L ead Hill Iudith Bell ...,..,.,,,. Little Rock Sophomores 127 128 Iames Gale Boardman ,.,. North Little Rock Connie Bond ..,.........,.,.,.............,. Little Rock Dennis Bonge ...,. .,.... N orth Little Rock Susan Marie Boothman ..,.,.....i. Hot Springs Mary Lou Borders ...,,... . ..,......... Scott Karen Bradlurry ,..... . ....,.. Beebe Betty lane Brannan ..... Linda Bridgman Lynn Brockett ,,,... ....... Martha Ann Brown ...... Ronnie Brown .. Tommy Brown ,.... Greenbrier Salgahachia North Little Rock Holly Grove Vilonia Helena Mary Etta Bell ...,i,. Danny Benalield Annette Bennett Richard Bennett Vichi Bischol ..... Vilonia Lonoke Carlisle . Little Rock Hot Springs Floyd Dwayne Blue .,.... . Scotland Iudy Burk .,..., .,,,,.... C amp Bill Burkhart ..,.......,,,. Van Buren Iames Calloway ....,,.,..,,,. Benton Sonny Carmichael Phil Carter ........,.. Patsy Cartwright Gayle Cates ....,... Linda Caven ..... Pamela Chaney ..,.,. Bill Chapman ...... Mary Dean Cody Keith Cole ....,.,......... Gealy E. Coleman ,....,. Iudy Combs ...i.. Barbara Conrad ..... Calvin Coughlin Larry Ken Cralton Mary Ann Craig ....... Ioyce Crawford .,.... Cabot Conway Vilonia Little Rock Helena , .... Lead Hill Searcy Morrilton Searcy Conway Greenbrier Stuttgart Key West, Florida Iacksonville Little Rock Blytheville 'lab 18833 'up x 129 130 Donna Davis .,,. lane! Davis ..,.... lean Ann Davis Ronnie Dawson Otto William Diederick .... Sue Dixon ....... John Docey ..,.,,, Dixie Eans ......... Barbara Elliott Little Rock Conway Guy Fort Smith North Little Rock Tichnor ,, Ionesboro Des Arch Palestine Alice Cummings Iudy Cummings Mary Cummings Gordon Cupp ,,,,. Ioyce Currie .....,. Robbie Dace ,,,,.., North Little Rock North Little Rock , .... Little Rock Malvern Dewitt Jacksonville Linda Dacus ...,.,, ,..,,,, W est Memphis Paul Daulton ,,,,,,, Dian Davis .. Little Rock Camden Mary lane Eaton ,.,..., Ioe Eddy ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, , ,, Lynne Edmonson .,..... Pat Edwards ,.,,,, ,, ,, Terry R. Edwards ,,,,,, ..... Iulian Ethridqe ,, Evelyn Evans .,,... Linda Lou Evans ,,,, .. Don Farish ,,,,,,...., Ron Flack ,,,,,, Iudy Eletcher ,,,........, Madeline Kay Foster ...., Conway Little Rock Searcy , Hever Springs Mountain Home Conway Benton ,, ,... Bee Branch E1 Dorado Clinton Little Rock , Mountain View Sophomores Linda Fulbright Phyllis Fullington Alice Fulton , , Danny Funderburg Ellen Funk .. Linda Furqerson H Batesville .. , .... Benton De Witt , , North Little Rock , Hot Springs H Conway 131 132 aiu 'Hui' Ho. Dorothy Gaines ........,..... William W. Galloway Ioe Gentry ....,,.............. Nikki Georges .....,. Gaylon Gibbs ..,...,,... Sherry Kay Gilbert .. Earl S. Glover .,...... Pat Glover ........,, ....... Norman Goodwin ..,,, Mary Ann Grady ..... Susan Graham ,...... Eugene Graves ,.... . Sue Graves .....,.. Frandie Greco ........ Owen H. Guess ,,,,, McCrory Clarksville Little Rock Conway Keo Cabot Conway North Little Rock Little Rock Cabot Conway North Little Rock Gould Helena Des Arc Mary E. Gudnerman .. Morrilton Billy Hall .....,,,,,........ Iacksonville Iulian Hardy ,,.,,. ....,,.... B arton Mike Hargis ...., .,.. L eslie Arlene Harris ..,... Terry Harris ..,..,. Linda Harrison ,, ,,., . Alice Hartman ,......, Mike Hartwick ...... Phyllis Harwell ,.,., Bruno G. Haustein .......... Ioe Hawkins ..,.,,...,. ..,.... Marilyn Hawkins ,,,,.. Gary Don Hetfinqton ,,,,. Carrol E. Herndon ....... Carolyn Hester ...... I ane Hilton ..................., George Wayne Hinkle Larry Hodge ......,.,..,..r. Iuanita Hoen .,,,, Marilyn Hoque ,..,.,. Virginia Holland ....... Oxford Clarendon Damascus Little Rock Breenbrier Russellville North Little Rock North Little Rock Mt. Home Conway Crossett Perryville Conway .. Mountain View Blytheville Gassville Little Rock Hot Springs Sophomores In--. 6. 133 134 Benny Hollis ...., Marjorie Holt .....,,.,. Sharon Holyiield lo Anne Howell ,,,,,l, ,,,,,, Rosanne Hubbard Roberta Huchinqson ,.,.., Louis Huett .,...,...... Kathy Huffington Lucy Huxe .....,,.i,.,,, Ann Humphrey ..... Stephen I-'. Huss .,,..i, Susan Illinq ...,,.... Barbara Ingram ..,.,., Carol Iackson .,..,.,. Mary Lou I aclcson ...., Rector Turrell Conway North Little Rock Tuckerman Little Rock Springfield Vilonio: Little Rock Little Rock Pine Bluff Sweet Home Conway Helena Carlisle Randall Iames .,....,..,., Little Rock Tommy C. Iared Libby Iennings Johnny Ioe ..... . ........... Conway Leslie Helena Gary E. Iohnson Candy Iones ...,,.. ......,A,. George Iones ,,,,. Iudy Iohnston ..,... Mary Ann Iones ..,,.,,, Sheryl Iones r..... North Little Rock Iacksonville Nashville Conway Little Rock Little Rock Sophomores ewifsv? ' 'AS 5, if 5221531-2,iifsiiiiw-f 5 .t,ft., , .. .. P . ttf:-tmifss , A , it ,-. Q . , L - L Sue Iones..Roswell, New Mexico Sue Ioyner .,,...,........... Humphrey Karlyn Kehoe ....,, ....,,. C onway Bill Kenncrmer ,..,,, ,,,,,,. P aris Eileen Keresey ...,,. .,.... B rookville, Ohio Frankie Keathley .......... Richard Morris Knox III Albert lKooterl Konrad Bobby Lacina ....,,,,,,,,,, Iackie Lanham .,..,. Iohnny T. Larkan ..... Karen Larson .,....,.. .. ......,.,..,..,.. Benton Pine Bluff Pine Bluif Iacksonville Little Rock Hazen Conway Sandra Kay Lasiter .......... North Little Rock 136 Elizabeth Lemmon Little Rock Sherry Lowrance ,,,,,,,,,,,, North Little Rock Ann Layrock ....,.. .,... S SCIICY Linda Lea ....... , .... .A... C onway Laura Beth Lester .............,...,...... Rose Bud Jim Logan ....... .,..... B reckenridge, Texas Richard Lucy ...................,. ,..,. L ittle Rock Rickey McConnauqhhay ........ Griffithville Peggy McGinty ...,,.,.,......, ...... C onway Gordon Mclnlyre ..... Iczcksonville Icrmes Mabry ...,... ,..... C onway Sharon Maier ....., Stuttgart Vickie Markin ..,. ..... P czragould Iohn S. Marshall ..... Carol Martin ..... Little Rock Hazen Iune May .................... .. Clinton Iohnnie C. Mayall ,....., ,,,,, C linton Sondra Iune Milldeton .,.,.. ,.... C onway Carol Ann Miller ..,,,.A .... M anslield Iecmne Miller .,,..,... Ioe Moreno ...,, Rita Snow Morris ......, Floyd Morse ......,.... Diana Motes ,.,..., Dorothy M. Moudy Iudy Mullins .,.,....,, .. Clinton Paraqould . Prescott Conway Little Rock . . . Conway Hot Springs Peggy Munsey ....... ....... L ittle Rock Grace Murphy ,...... Dixie Nation .....,.... Robert Lee Newton Little Rock .. ..,. Pine Bluff Little Rock Sophomores Q1 w' N. in i no 'f , N Q 1535 gli - - W ' A 15" H ,f-,Wt Ierry Nicholson ....... .... I acksonville Marcia Nincehelser ....... ,...... F ort Smith Donald Nixon, Ir. .... . Little Rock Dianna Lynn Noble ,. Little Rock Charles E. Norman..N. Little Rock Ann Oliver ...... .,...... S tuttgart Les Oliver .... ..... G reenwood 137 138 Ianet Parchman ..,,,. Stanley Parish .......,,....,. Mary Alice fSaml Cloie Perry .... Freddie Pike ,....,. Dwight Penkerton Lynn M. Polk ,,... Pendergrass Brinkley Conway Crossett England Conway Empire Little Rock Diane Radcliff ,.,...,.. Nora Nell Rowls Liz Redditt ....r. Iris Reynolds .... Opal Reynolds .,.. Ricky Richardson Lonoke Helena Morritton Little Rock Little Rock Forrest City Martha Ieanette Roberson ., ,,,...... Iudsonia Patsy Robertson ...,.........,..,.......,. Lzttle Rock Linda Kay Robinson..Hot Springs Roy L. Roe .,,...,.,,,,,,,......,.,,. Hoxxe Linda Rowland.,North Little Rock Linda Kay Russell .,,. Texarkana Bruce L. Sage .... Patricia Scott .,.,. ,,...... E ngland Angela Sears ,,.,...,,,,, Gerald Senn ..,..,...,,A,. Pulletta Sitton ..., Rick Shatter ,.... Ice Short ......, Mary Nell Sikes ,,,,,. Beverly Ann Smith Carolyn Ann Smith Danny Smith ,,,,, Iudy Smith Lindell Smith ,,,,. Gould Little Rock Little Rock Leslie Little Rock Boonville North Little Rock Cotter Edgemont Bentonville . ..,, Pine Bluff Bald Knob I Sophomores 5 D 0 0 -nm., Nvjff' Nancy M. Smith , , U ,A Little Rock Nancy Spaulding ,, .,,... Conway Shirley Spencer ,, Shirley Stewart ...,.... l ,. Widener Susan St. Iohn ,,,,,. Stuttgart Anita Standefer ......,,,.,. Conway Larry D. Stanley ,,,,,,,.,..... Hazen Little Rock 140 Larry Stroud ....... Little Rock Gary Strain ,,...... .... C onway Dianna Sunneri ...... ,... C onway Leo C. Suttertield Ir. ......,..,.. Mountain View Io Swaim ,.,...........,...,.,,v,. ..,.,...... E ngland Evelyn Ianelle Swilling Pine Bluff l Ann Sybert Roger Lynn l l Taylor .,...,. Ie ssica Tharp .......,.,, Deloris Thomas ,.... ....... Suzie Todd ...... Little Rock Hazen Wilburn Little Rock Cabot Eddy Tole ..,.,,, ..... P angburn Iudith Maria Trahan ,,.., ..., S tuttgart Iris Tucker ....,..,.,,,,,. .... B enton Kay W. Tull ..,,,.. ..... S cott Bet ty Kai Turner.,N. Little Rock Brenda Turner ,,........,,,,,, Conway Dennis Turner .....,,,.. Tuckermcm Iohn F. Turner ......,. Bentonville Sarai Twyman ..,... ....... I acksonville Nancy Varvil ............ ,..... Q uitman William Bud Wade ..... ...... L ittle Rock Anita Ward , ...,.......... ...... L ittle Rock Carol Ann Watson ,.... .,.. B igelow Delores Watts ....... ...... M arshall Mike Weed .........,.. , .,,,. Little Rock Connie Wenger ......, .... F ayetteville Richard Wilkerson ...... ,,..... H ensley Margaret Wilson ,..,. .,.... G reenbrier Paula Wilson ,.,, ....... H untsville Carol Wood ,,.., ....... G ravette Larry E. Woods ,... .,,,.. B entonville Barbara Works ..... ...., P ine Bluff Roy Wray ,,..... ....,. H ope Gary Wrighl ,,,v,,,A,,,,,, Bald Knob A Sue Ann Wright ......., Hot Springs . Ronald M. Wylie .,.,,. Little Rock Wayne York .... North Little Rock K me lg . f ,ff A ' .fo-1' S, , 1 Sophomores 141 142 F RESHMEN OFFICERS E DENNIS BAW TOM ANDERSON President Vice-President SANDRA MABRY TOM MARSHALL Secretary Treasurer Rommy Lynn Acton Pat Adams ..,.....,...,... Dan M. Akers ,.,,,,. Bobby Allison ,.,.... Rodney Allison ,,,.,,. Tommy Anderson . Alice Io Andrews . Diane Andrews ...v....,. Robert R. Andrews Karen Archer ,..,,,... Cindy Aslin ,...,. ,... Travis Atterberry .. Diane Avance ..,.,,, Lura lane Avey ,...., . Ieannie Bachus ...,. Mrs. Ann Bailey ,, Cecil Bailey ....... Iimmy Bailey ....,r.. Thomas D. Bailey ....... Ierry Baker .....,,..,. Key Clinton Baker Patty Baker .......,..,... . Becky Ball ...... . Cora Barnes ...,.. Scotland Hayen Helena Carlisle Jacksonville Little Rock El Dorado North Little Rock Syracuse, N.Y. Wright Newport Conway North Little Rock Conway North Little Rock Scotland Little Rock Heber Springs Conway Vilonia Clinton Conway North Little Rock Marshall Freshmen fwqm N2 'U' '-k-,.4-x 4 ,t 1 Q i if 91 .51 , ,Serif ,f I, ., it -wg? f-,W L- . xifwiisfg ,Q-f ' it gf. fs' ' ,fy V ,QQ if F! 'wi ,Q . qegszfbgrffr . ,A ,, .e,,.' - w ' tt, 1 ..., 1- . Y Y. ., H. , 1, 13 , 1. lr we nr, I I 7 N M'-, vgnaaiaklif' W f 143 Marilyn Battles Dennis Baw ,,.... Barbara Beard Greenbrier North Little Rock Glendale Phil Blake ..,.., Genes Bland ...,,,,.,...,...., Waymon W. Boast Linda Bohannan ,... Sandra Bolding .... Iudy Bolls .,,,..... Louise Bone ...,r, Pat Bone ..,.. Conway Eureka Springs Pine Bluff .. . Berryville Pine Bluff Carlisle Des Arc Lonoke Mary Ann Borengasser ,. N. Little Rock Layton Bostic .,..,,,,,.,.,..,. ....,,,, K ensette Bill Bounds .,,.,.,. .,.,,,, L ittle Rock Brenda Bowling ....... .,....,. M orrilton 144 Robert Beard .,,,,. l,.,,,, C lurendqm Gloria Io Beith ...... ......,.,.. E laine Linda Bennett ...,. ,,..........,... L ittle Rock Ernest H. Berry ..,....... North Little Rock Clyde R. Bethell ...,,,,,,,,.,.,....,..., Des Arc Greg Birdsong ............ North Little Rock Dorish Doreen Bishop..North Little Rock Ierry Bishop ..,.,...,.............,,,,,,.. Conway Kay Kay Black ...... ....... C onway Iudy Ian Bradford Sandra Bradley ...,. Iudy Breeding ,,.,.. Richard Brennes ., Sue Brents ...,......,, Charlotte Brewer Iayne Briggers .,., Dianne Brockett Clinton Harrisburg Little Rock Hot Springs , .. Iacksonville Ioiner ,,,,.,.,r.. Tuckerman North Little Rock er K -gf' l Betty Brooks Brenda Broom ...... Freshmen Little Rock Marvell Marilyn Brown .....,.. ...... B enton Ruth Brown ..... ,.,, V ilonia Robert Bryant ......,,................,... Conway Doris Elizabeth Buckingham Hot Springs Bob Bumqordner Terry Bune .,..,.,.., Bill Burgess ...... Michael Butler ,.,. Suzi Cameron ........ Dorcas Campbell I uanice Carelock Sara Carpenter ....,.. Sharon Carpenter Claudia Carroll .. . ,.,..... . ....... Scott Mt. Vernon Greenbrier North Little Rock Springdale Little Rock El Dorado Little Rock Little Rock Little Rock -5,1 w-.wa Suzanne Carter ..., Herschel Cast ,.... lim Cathcart ,....,., Carolyn Cerrato ,..,..., Larry E. Chapman La Vonna Charton Cheryl Chastain ........ Linda Chilton ...... Ray Churchman, Ir Danny Clanton ,...., Ianice Clements Suzanne Clements Barbara Cline , ,..,. Susie Coggins ...... Helen Coker ...... .,.,... Brenda Cole .,.... Conway Little Rock Little Rock North Little Rock Cabot Plumerville North Little Rock Conway . ........ N. Little Rock Harrell Conway North Little Rock Clarksville Hot Springs North Little Rock Center Ridge Ieanne Cole ...........,.,.,.. North Little Rock Norma Iean Cole ...... North Little Rock Marguerite Coleman ........ N. Little Rock Sharon Colquitt ...... ,...,,.. C onway Linda Conley .....,. .......... ,........ H a vana Karen Conrad ..,,........ North Little Rock Karen Cook ...... ........ H ot Springs lefty COOP!!! ..,,. ...... I acksonville 146 'FUN 'Hug'- Freshmen fi sk Ieannie Crumpler Patsy Dalby .,.,..... Susan Dalrymple . Madelyn Dalziel ..,,,,, ,,,,,, Glenn E. Davidson Brenda Davis ...,..... ,. Carolyn Davis ,,.,, Iohnny Davis ,,,,. Curtis Dawson ....,.. Carol Debose ,....A,,, Leveda DePriest Charles Derboard, Ir. ,,,,,, ,, Sharon Dersch ,,,,.,, ,, Charlotte DeSalvo ,,,, ,,,,,,. Harrison Conway Searcy Iacksonville Iacksonville Conway Little Rock Umpire Rector Carlisle Paron Conway Stuttgart Ictcksonville Dianne Devoe ,,.,,,,,r,,, North Little Rock Charlotte Dickerson ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,, Benton 148 Mm ,M .yas -Y" ififf' Eddie Dittie .,.,..... Ginger Disheroon Iulia Dodson .,..,,,. Iimmy Dorsey ,,.,.. Ion Doshier ....,.. Carl H. Douttut ...., Charlotte Dowden Michele Duchamp Richard D. Earles Shirley Eddinqs .,,,. Iames Edens Tommy Eley ..,..,. Becky Elliott ..,,,, Ianis Elliott ..., Michael Ellis ,,,,, North Little Rock - .....,,...........,.. Alpena Searcy Conway Yellville Clarksville Little Rock Pleasant Plains Pine Bluff Hasty Bald Knob Little Rock Hot Springs Little Rock Clarendon Ian D. Emberton ....,.., North Little Rock Brenda England ,,,,,, Ladonna Eotl ,,.,. Phil Esch .,,,.. Glenn Eskola ,,,,,, Allen Evdy ..,,,.,,,,. Pine Bluff Shirley North Little Rock Panama City, Fla. Bald Knob BCl1'bCI!Ct lean Exell ,,,r,,A ,.,,A, P efryville Carol Fagan , .,.,... , Helen Faith ,,,,,,, Conway Beebe Dianne Farish ....... Charles Faulk ..,.,....... Iohnny Faulk ...... lack Fielding ...... ...f Shelia Fields Susan Fischer ....... Ruth Flake ................, Carole Ann Foreman Carole lane Foster .. Vicki Foster ................. Carl Freyaldenhoven Barbara Fuller .,...,....,.. Charlene Garrett .,..,... Charlotte Garrett ..,, Little Rock North Little Rock Hughes North Little Rock Little Rock Little Rock Little Rock Wabash Mountain View ..... Pine Bluff Conway Conway North Little Rock Plumeville Norme Garrett ....... ..,..,..,,.,., L ittle Rock Richard Garrett ....,....... Harmony Grove Phyllis Gasaway .,.... Cheryl Gill ............ Sherry Gilliland .,.... lean Glenn .,,,,.,,, Patty Glenn .r,,,,,,,, Iimmy A. Glover ,,,,... Betty Gorder .....r.,, Linda Gosha ..,., North Little Rock Dumas Yellville Pottsville Greenbrier Conway Little Rock Carlisle Freshmen fl, .dp fw.,.,,,t 1' up if wt-M. L 'VID' ! X 149 150 Dennis Graves .......... Clarendon Larry Gray ,.,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,, Pine Bluff Lewis W. Gresham ...... Conway Keron Griffin .............. Little Rock Patsy Griiiith ....... ...... P ine Bluff Mike Grimes ..,.... ........ C onwoy Lou Groom ..........,... Hot Springs Iohn Haag ...... North Little Rock Mr. H. B. Hardy officicrtes at the freshman friendship Wedding. Uh? Mary Hcxlk ......,,,..... ...,.., Iudith Hambucher Charles Hamling Cherry Valley Conway Conway Lottie Harbour ,. ., Ioe Ray Harqis ...,, Dave Harrington Pat Harrison . ,,,. .A Ioyce Harvey ..... ., Iacksonville Leslie .. Hot Springs McCrory Star City Freshmen Robin Har: Yr.,,,r ,,,,. D ardanelle Paula Hayes ,,,,,,,, ...,. L ittle Rock lane Hawks .....,... .................... C onwcy Audie C. Hawkin .,.... North Little Rock Martha Ann Hawkins Phyllis Haynes ............. . Karen Heath ,...... Sandi Heflington .... Vance Hemphill ........,w.w.. Bettianne Henderson I-Id Henderson ,, ,,,.,. lim Hendrickson .,...... Iudy Hensley .,.... Kenneth Herr .,..... Brenda Herron ..,,.,,. Esta Lee Heuer ..,. Mount Vernon Marion .. Jacksonville Clinton Flora, Illinois Greenbrier Pans Conway Damascus Conway Hot Springs Harrison 152 mmf ei' ji' MQW swf 'WZ in 'Mm in Rutha Io Hicks ,...,. Cindy Higgins ..,. .. Bobby Hilliard ......,.,... Brenda Hilliard ......., Iohnny Hobbs .... Sandy Hobbs ...,.. Rod Hoeott ..,.,,. Tommy Hodges ....,.., Helen Hodoway ........ lay Hodoway Linda Hogan ....... Iudy Holden ,.,,i,. Linda Sue Holliman Iohnny Holt .............., Shirley Hooks ..,..... Carolyn Houston ..,.... Carol Howell r..... Cinny Hoyle ,... Delores Hudson .,..... Iudith Ann Huiiman ..., Billy Hughes ........ Sharon Ann Huie ...., Conway North Little Rock North Little Rock North Little Rock Benton Fort Smith Greenwood North Little Rock Conway Conway Little Rock McCrory Quitman . ...... Stuttgart Crossett Clarendon Fort Smith Warren Hazen North Little Rock . Walnut Ridge Dumas Leslle Hulce ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, G rqvette Elizabeth Anne Hunt Heber Springs Sandra Hurst ..... Iimmie Hurt ......... Donna Hutchison ...., Iohnny Hale Iames William R. Iames ....., Samuel Ienninqs ..,.,, Bobby lines ,...,..,, Butch Iohns .....,. .,.,,... Carol Iohnson .,,.. Donna Iohnson ....... Kristen Iohnson ......... Marcia Lynn Iohnson Rodney Iones ..,.., Ronnie Jones ,......, Becky Ioyner Georgann Katka ...... F sg., Conway De Valls Bluff . Morrilton Little Rock Greenbrier Iacksonville .. Hot Springs West Memphis Elizabeth Conway Little Rock Pine Bluft Forest City Booneville Conway Paris -4""'T" Freshmen i t f rl Cletus Ann Keathley . ..,.. Mount Vernon Iames Wayne Keathley ........,. Conway Diane Deene .,.,,.,.,., Susan Keith ...... . Little Rock . Little Rock Dennis Kellar ....,. Anne Kennedy ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, Larry Dell Kennedy Larry lean Kenneth Conway Iacksonvillle Little Rock Morrilton 153 'X 5 yi. ,grow-gr iw? A , if , s X V! l l I , Kathleen Keresey loe Kilgore ..,.., .,,.... Sharron Kimbell Kathryn King ...,., Kaye K. King .... Mary Ellen King Sydnie Kinsey .... Shirley Kay Knight ..... Iudy Koedsmeier Dallas Latleur ....... Sherrie Langley ..,.. Hardy Lane ..... Iames F. Lane ......... Brookville, Ohio Hampton Leslie Mt. Vernon De Witt Little Rock Hot Springs Forrest City Morrilton Greenwood Rose Bud Little Rock Conway Casondra Lanl-:ford ,.,. North Little Rock Harlan W. Ledqerwood .. N. Little Rock Ian Lee ,...... ................... Mike Lewis ..,...,,. Awana Lightfoot .,... Iacksonville . Memphis, Tenn. Cabot I-'lo Lindsay ....... ,,,,,, N ewport Walter Lindsay ,.., ,,,,,,, C onwqy Nancy Lindsey ...... ................. S heridan Diane Linn .,..,.,,.,,,,,,,,, North Little Rock lames Reliord Little .... North Little Rock Barbara Loh , ..,,t,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,, M ornlton Darryl Lorenz ..... Linda Fay Love Sherry Lovett ..,.,, Frank Lybarqer Danny Lynch .. Ieanette McBurnett .....,,,..,....... Redfield Robert McBride .......,,, North Little Rock Brenda McClure .,,,...........,....,. Batesville Conway North Little Rock Crossett Conway . Siloam Springs WN fl l t Freshmen --w-...Q. Hope McCutchen .........,,, West Memphis Barbara McKinney .,., ...,.,,,,. C onway Diana McKinney .,..,. ........ 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Veronica Lynn Mross .. Sarnia Sue Murphy Little Rock Chicago, Illinois Greenbrier Kensett .. Iacksonville Elaine Stuttgart Houston Biscoe Hot Springs Kaye Myers ......,,......,. North Little Rock Mary Fran Nahlen Marian Naylor ,.... Iudy Nebling ....t Mike Neighbors ...,,. Conway Conway Little Rock Stuttgart Diane Newkirk ,.,.... ..... H ot Springs ' gi 1922- 1. W 'Wx -. -' " fs-.wg ow 1 - , , ,L as Q. 3-an Y :gt , 1- 3 K ,, - x ,Q E' Vgfzi-Mei' fir - ' I my .Q 9 ag ' 1 9 Q f. Q J Ai' inn.:-V ', A L ' time Ag. fi fu 'Qttgmzs ,Q K Q Y is K 5: 'P Q . 1, Suzann Newton . ,,,........ Little Rock Linda Nichols ............. .... D umas Mavis Jeanne Nichols Western Grove Carolyn Noe ...., ,..,. C onway Ioy Lynn Odom .......,... Cabot leanne Yvonne Olson Little Rock Tommy O'Neal ........ Hot Springs Iim Orsini .,,.,. North Little Rock .mm S LIT., fri-W 1' A sig 1,141 ,anti 'I + im W A+ E if-P' ? 5 'vm Av AK ww oiia ZYIIJ' vw. 'Wim , J hm xy W M Mrs. Virginia Bonds explains base numbers to a basic mathematics class Freshmen if 'Ulf' uw -gf,-.1 uw 'W' we Angela Peak ...,... Iames W. Peavey Gregory Peck ...... Erla Mae Perry Diane Petersen .... Susan Peterson ..,, Ioyce Sams Pettey lane Ann Pierce ....... 158 , Hickory Ridge Pine Bluff Little Rock Benton Little Rock North Little Rock North Little Rock Little Rock gd' fl! Donald Owen .....,....., North Little Rock Ellen Owen . ,.............,..............,. Conway Elizabeth V. Owens ..,...,.,... Texarkana Sharon Pace ..,..,,,.,..,.. Richard Paladino .,..., Pine Bluff Conway Edwina Palmer .......,.. North Little Rock Iamie Kay Pcxnnell .........,,,.. Grifiithville David Parker ....... Floyd Parnell ....,.. Bruce Parsons ..... Frances Parsons , ,.,...,.,....... . Mary Margaret Parter ...... Iulia Patterson ..,. Patsy Paudert .,.. Nancy Paul .,.,,.....,,..... Donna Adele Payne .. Iacksonville Cotton Plant Benton .. Bald Knob West Helena Lepanto Marion Perryville ...,. Little Rock Iohnny Plummer .,.,.... North Little Rock Lany D. Potter .,.........,...........,.. McCrozy Iames Powell ,.......,,.,.. I. Donald Presley Iimmy Price ..,, Ianet Priest ,..,.. Peggy Prayon . .,.......... . Bettye Qualls ,..... North Little Rock Pangburn Conway Little Rock Little Rock North Little Rock Aubrey Allen Rainbolt, Ir. ...... Conway Mary Rainwater . .,.,,.......... Iacksonville Annette Rakes lim Rattiff l.,., Serena L. Red ..,,... Ann Reed ......... Bentonville Pine Bluff Sheridan Bald Knob Valerie Reed .........,.... North Little Rock Cathy Reed ..... ....... N orth Little Rock Kathleen Ann Reed ....... ....... C oncord Mildred Reed .........,. ..... P anglrun Bonnie Retdhar ..,,,, .,.,,.. D es Arc Dick Richardson ,...... ....... C orning Iohn D. Richards ...... North Little Rock Carolyn Riedmatten .................. Conway Rhellnda Cheryl Roberts ,...,.., .. Lonoke Suzanne Rodgers .,.,...,.... ..... S tar City Freshmen -it? 159 160 Cecil Sanders ....,. Lorene Saulsbury .,...... Dwight Saunders ,...,. lerry I.. Saunders ,..... Mary Margaret Schisler Paul Scott ..,,,...,,.......,,..,., lerry Seale ...,,. Sandee Seanus ..... . Clarendon El Dorado Roe Dardanelle Weiner Hazen Little Rock Little Rock Shelia Shannon .......... North Little Rock Mike Sharrock ...,. ,,.....,...... C onway Annette Shaw ....... ,,,.,,, V ilonia Bill Shaw A,,..... ,,,,, C onway Dorothy Sheffield .,.... Lockport. Illinois Harold Shepherd ......,.,,,.,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,, Hollis John M. Shipman. lr. .... West Memphis Billy Shipp .......Y........ ...,.,.,...... C linton ,,....--f" Hollis Rogers .... Martha Rolan ,...,, Roger Ross ,,A....,.... Anna lane Ruff ....., Benton Higden Paris Marshall Carolyn Rutledge ...,..,.., Mountain View George W. Russell Elaine Rutledge Harold Sadler ........ Morrilton Pleasant Plains North Little Rock Freddy Shoemaker Billy Short .,............ Robert Short ....... Douglas Slkes ............ Suzanne Simmons . Kay Simon ......... Ierry Sims ....,. . Mabevale Bigelow Bigelow Little Rock .. Clinton Conway Pine Bluff Judy Sims ....... .,..... P ine Bluff Anne Slsyrmes .....,. I. O. Slone ...... . Little Rock , .,... Booneville Beverly Smart ......,..... El Dorado Barbara Smith ...... Barbara Ann Smith Brenda Ray Smith .... Sheridan Little Rock Hot Springs Donna Smith ............ Hot Springs Gary Michael Smith .,.. Conway lean Smith ....,............. Pine Bluff Ierry Lee Smith ..,.,.,... Pine Bluff Ierry Lynn Smith Hickory Plains Susan Smithers ,............,.. Benton Freshmen If VB: A E bfi: 4147 4 in Cs! :Juli Katherine Southerland .. Conway 161 siZ , '.: ' A-war . rr , 4 . ,six M - :,.,!s1:Q-ri,.::f ,X L Z1 ,: . , -,water , ' tar,-Tues-. 1 fl . 1155592 Q S, tfflli, i v- v -'-"' ' 5 L15 ,g5ggq1g'12gg,ga315t,.1gg 7 1 g,N:r':2.5f- 1 rss U za-ttegirmviri-aastriswawe 2 Diane 'l'awler Ann Taylor .,,,..,. Harold Taylor Lowell Taylor Springdale Little Rock Wabbaseda Wilburn Iim Taylor ..........,......... Pam E. Taylor .,,,.,. ,. Io Lou Terrill North Little Rock Stuttgart . Eureka Springs Claude B. Thompson. lr. .. Pocahontas 162 Virginia Sowell .........,. ,..,. Martha Ruth Stamps Connie Standlee ...... Kay Stanton .,.... Becky Starnes ...,. Pat Sterling ..... Bob Steel ...,........ Sarah Stobaugh ...,, Tamara Stobauqh .. Iudy Stokes ...,,,,,., Donna Stout ..,,...... Claudia Stovesand . Iamie Sulina ........, H. Wilson Surber .... Lu Ann Swan ...,,.. Gary Tackett .,... Mayflower Newport . Berryville Greenbrier Blytheville Little Rock Little Rock Plumerville ,............. Clinton Holly Grove Hot Springs Carlisle Little Rock ,,,... Lakeview Forest City Conway Donald Thompson ..... . Lynn Thompson ....... ..... Bobby D. Thurma .,,.,,.. Tom Trabert ,,,,,,.,. Little Rock Conway Eureka Springs McCrory Linda Tratfanstedt ................ Little Rock Shirley Trotter ...,..,..,,,,,,. Mountain View Merilyn Kay Troutman .....,...... Conway Beverly Tucker .,,,,,,..... ,.,. V ilonia Sharon Turley ..,.. ............,,,.A,,.,.. C abol Sandy Day Turner ...,.. North Little Rock Brenda Sue Truney Sharon Kaye Tyler Beth Ulmer ,,,,,,.. Iames Vann ..... Danny Verser ...... Sylvie Wable ...,.,. Quitman Conway Little Rock Conway Heber Springs Conway Freshmen Gr s. 'uf QM..-ta Y 5 , at . -.1 5 Anne Van Wagner .,,., .,,,,,. L ittle Rock Sharon Wallace ,,,,,,, ...... L ittle Rock Pat Walls .....,...... lane Walker Sue Walker .,...., Lavon Ward ., ,, ., Des Arc Pine Bluff Searcy ,, W Bald Knob Eleanor Ruth Warren ,, ,,,,,,,,, Morrilton Richard Warrington .,..,. West Memphis 163 164 ur' Mr Lynda Watkins ......,,..., Little Rock Io Ann Watson ........ Greenbrier Becky Wavrin ...,...... Little Rock Carolyn Webb ..... ,....... C abot Gary L. Webb .,.,,,.,,... Pine Bluff Sue Webb ,......... ...,.... C onway Karen Weems .... ....... D ierks Elaine Welch ............ E1 Dorado Peggy Welch ............ Little Rock Sylvia Whillock .,... ...... C linton Donna Whitaker ..,.,..,,...,. Warren Sandra Whitaker ........,... Warren James White .................... Conway Robbie Kay White Siloam Springs George K. Wilcox Mountain Home Dennis Wil! ........ Pleasant Plains Nancy Wilkes ..v..,.. Little Rock Connie Williams ................ Paris Barbara D. Williams Little Rock Steven L. Williams .... Clarksville Thomas E. Williams ........ Joiner Hank Willbanks ...... Plumerville Vivian Williamson .. Holly Grove Scotty Willis .... North Little Rock George Wilson .............. Conway Iane Wilson ............ Hot Springs Susan Lane Wilson ...... Camden William Wilson ............ England Yvonne Wilson ..........,. Blytheville Keith Wimberly ............ Conway Ruth Ann Wise .... Wolford Wayne .... Gigi Wolfe ..............,. N. Little Rock N. Little Rock Little Rock Melva Woodworth ............ Alpena Sandra Woodward ............ Enola Sharon Woodard ........ Patricia Wootten Georgeann Worm Cragq Wilson ..... lim Wright ..... Little Rock Parkin Conway Centerville .. Marshall Ralph Wyers ...... ...., O zark Ronnie Yarbough Conway Ioyce Young ....... ....... S tuttgart Iudy L. Young ...., ........ D ewitt Patty Young ....... ...... O malta Tommie Yount ............ Pansburn Virginia Zermatten North Little Rock Iames Zimmerman ......,. Conway 166 Second Semester Students Larry W. Crabtree ........ Heber Springs Danny L. Crain ....... ,,...,. S earcy Iohnny Garner ...... .,.......... B eebe Elizabeth Gass ...... ..,..... B ooneville Don Hopkins ........ ..,..,. I udsonicr Ierry L. Iames ....,. ...... Y ellville Eddie I0l'lnS0n ....... ,,,,,4 C onwqy Seniors Mimi Albright ............ ........ L ittle Rock Charles Henry Beel ...,. .,,.. B atesville Charles L. Bradford .,.,.... Heber Springs Ierrel Boas! .......,,...... , ,...... Pine Bluff Delton E. Neeley Tommy Pace ........ Robert Shipley ....... Iohn Smith .....,A, Scott Stark ,.,,, Earl Steqall ....... Pine Bluff Paragould Enols Wooster Heber Springs .. Conway Trude Switzer . ..,...... Little Rock Mac Troy ...... ,...... H eber Springs Elizabeth Io Tucker ....... .,,.. N ewport Kenneth A. Wolie .... ..... L ittle Rock 167 168 Juniors Iohnny Anderson Keith Cole .......... Burnetta M. Conner Sandy Crabtree ...... Robert Day .......,. Kathleen Griffith ....... Winired G. Armstrong ..,..... Little Rock Pangburn Searcy Salem Heber Springs Augusta Marshall Murray Blake ..... . .. Osceola Bill Dunaway ..... ...... C onway Linda Fuller ..... ...... H attieville Diane Hart ,.,..... ., ,..... Paragould lane Hoeltzeman ........ ...... M orrilton Wendall Nier ....,. ......... S earcy Robert Peterson ..... ,,... L ittle Rock Fletcher Riiley ....... ....... W heatley Harold Sayqer ........ ....... B iscoe Danny Steele ..... ..... L ittle Rock Soplwmores Billy Hqll ,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,., I acksonville Haven Horniebrook ............ Little Rock Stephen F. Huss ............ Pine Bluff David Lee .,vA,,,,, ,,,A N orth Little Rock Ierry Marple ,..,.. loe Moreno ..,.... Sheila Prince .,..... Rachel Prince .,.... Roy L. Roe ...,..,, Cherye Scott ...... Leon Smith ....... Bill Sutton ...... Dorothy Teal .,.., Iohn Voss ......,... Diane Wallace ........ Roy Dray .......,... Bentonville Conway Iacksonville Drasco . .,.... Hoxie Malvern Little Rock Little Rock Hot Springs Conway Pine Bluff Hope Sophomores ' A Freshmen Doug Ask ....... Iames Bailey ,.,.. Phyllis Cox ........... Horace E. Derrick .. Ralph Dollar ..,,..,. Iames Grisham .,...,, Ioe Hackney ....,,.... Rebecca Hoelzeman Chuck Kelley , ..,..,... . Marriana Lloyd .,... Berma Martin ...... Rod McWilliams ....,.. Little Rock Lonoke England North Little Rock Little Rock Little Rock Carlisle Morrilton . .. Little Rock Conway Marshall Hot Springs Harley Melton ...,.......... .,...,...... O zark Chloe Ann Munnerlyn ......,....... Lonoke George Pattillo ................ Watson Chapel Martha Phipps .... England Ianette Priest .... Little Rock Romona Priest .... Conway Sheila Shannon North Little Rock Eugene Smith .... Conway Sharion Starkey Conway In this section of the Scroll we have attempted to tell the story of the Mighty Bears in the field of sports. Here we see recorded the honors brought to the ASTC campus through the athletic skills of the students. Sports are an important part of college life at ASTC for they help promote a feeling of loyalty and pride among our students. Sports also promote the physical well-being of the athlete through the exercise necessary to attain skills in sports. ASTC has an excellent athletic department under the guidance of Dr. left Farris. Under the direction of Coaches Koon, Bright, Horton, and Lowry, the Mighty Bears have brought glory and honor to their school through the four major sports, football, basketball, track, and baseball. New varsity sports are being added to the athletic program. Last year tennis, swimming, and golf were added. More students, including girls, have entered the program this year. The girls' swimming team, Betty Quals, Donna Whittaker, Robbie Kay White, and San- dra Whittaker are seen resting at pool side before swimming practice. ports ' wma fxf I ' ' I T'xY'V! 15' Y Z' ' wf"'. W5!9Wvf" 1 I gh 16, if "1-u....' wav ffm Q 1 1 A:,5sQg,,,,: -A Lmermilssgg,w-wgifqmr , r G35 xii my 7 .gl .Q ,Q , .. . . 6 2 , if ' ' 0 qw ff X U " X 552 'S' x ' T' .4 3 -- r, , W, 'ef ' M 'EL 1 ' 'Y mu? iq M . 5 ,I y f J v' W f 4 A 4 1 , f W 1 we " Q-W '3i,.47'rQ,,, L f 1 ' Q. k 1 , 4 f l A if al' , 5 vs 'fr ff: ,W A ,vm W 1 , , ,, M V : "mg H it 5 ,W X if 'WAI W " , I W -w'f"'HJ' 'f .- .W M ug S fi Q 'Q lil 'I H88 iii? Q? 2 , ,,N, X, NGK ,'f""f "X, in 4 nd.: 'bi cf, K, Aman" ,ta .JHHIHQHMT AH? I-ax .www A 'NN lu: ,SEM - Ti' kthia: X 1. H1532 55' I l i' , . fi 5 fs: 1- 2 A -V N-M., 5 , 1 Wm , V ,fc nf :kms-W' ,fy , , J 4.1 Lf-.1 ' fir Ei :J A Mzig2,,4g..,, A A 1' lf W-Wiiigiix g ik A ,fm f U ' . M x 'M K r ' ' Ig 'u bf 'J I. X M vim 1 N 2 HE W 7 ? A ' 'f ' fy M Y., f " if: . "':'-1. ' ' - W - vw , W f is ,' , - .V .5'W--w f M "-fu., T -I F ., 51.45 , Y I' 1:51 A V H 'Wi QW, 3" W JIM 1 "' P In 'gfv-gm, K' H- J' W1 A mi" ..,' R W " . r ' l J ,L q.,-' T Y " W fy U . Q ' ,' 1 . 5-5 K, A + -. ,. k w. Q N . ,f A A -N 1' 1 . ' ' 'I A A : Y I 4 Q... W W ' 4 W'- 'in I ,T , .1 'WWPQ M' 172 Quarterback Johnny Beard gains ground for the Bears After 29 years in the coaching profession, Frank Koon, head football coach at ASTC, climaxed his coach- ing career with a 6-0 win over his alma mater, Hender- son State Teachers College. He will be succeeded by Backfield coach Raymond Bright. Koon played football four years at Henderson and was selected to the All-Conference team as a center. Before coming to ASTC he coached at Sheridan, his hometown, and the College of the Ozarks. Koon has been a coach in the AIC for eighteen years and is dean of Arkansas Intercollegiate Confer- ence football coaches. He was once named Arkansas' College Coach of the year while at Ozarks and was runnerup for the honor three times. In 1958 Koon changed from a single wing formation to a winged-T at the suggestion of Coach Bright, who came to ASTC from Conway High School as a recruiter and backfield coach. Bright graduated from ASTC where he lettered three years in football as a halfback. He has been affiliated with only one losing team during his 16 years of coaching. Rex Lovell, head coach at Conway High School, will join the staff as a new assistant coach. The other football coach is Fletcher Lowry, who is both line coach and baseball coach. After graduation from the College of the Ozarks, Lowry coached at Sheri- dan and at Ozarks before coming to ASTC with Koon. figs Frank Koon Head Coach KOON RET IRES AS FOOTBALL COA CH, BRIGHT REPLACES iftiliflilil t '- 'irc-53 , Wil. Wall, w' -f . .5559 JZ S45 z fy, ,' fifilvqg WWII .rf ww Raymond Bright Fletcher Lowry Backfield Coach Line Coach 173 174 BEARS WIN FI VE, DROP FOUR In football the Arkansas State Teachers College Bears ran into academic and disciplinary problems and had their worst season in seven years although they ended with a winning 5-4 record. Finishing 4-3 in the AIC, the Bears placed three men on the 1964 All- AIC football team which was selected by the league coaches. Henderson led all teams with eight players, and Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference champion, Arkansas Tech, had seven players. Ioe Fred Young, a senior from Conway, was se- lected to the team for the third straight year as center. The Bears also placed Ierry Ioe Harrison, junior line- backer from Little Rock who made the team last year, and Ierry Campbell, junior cornerbacker from North Little Rock. Five A.S.T.C. players received honorable men- tion, including tackle Iim Wilburn, who made All-AIC last year. The others are fullback Robert Stone, tackles Mike Wheeler and Ross Honea, and end Ioe Huie. Vlfallace Chandler Co-Captain Halfback Ioe Fred Young Co-Captain Center- All AIC ggi Reima Q After cr long gain, Phil Ccxrter is siopped amidst coaches cmd players. 537 "alias, Bill Bqldwin Iohnny Beard Buzz Boldinq Back Back Center 175 3. 5 K Q K 2 S . , Z is I J f Shyler Bradberry lim Brady Tommy Brown Guard Tackle Quarterback DELTA STATE 27--ASTC 2 The superiority in size, ability, and experience of the Delta State College Statesmen downed the Bears 27-2 in their opening game of the season. This was the Bears worst loss since l955. For a period the Bears' defense matched the Statesmen's, but by the early moments of the second quarter the Mississippian's superior manpower started telling. The Statesmen held a 7-0 lead at the half, added another six-pointer in the third quarter and broke the game open with two touch- downs in the final period. ASTC's only offensive threat of the game came when the Bears took the opening kickoff and pushed inside Delta's 20 and lost the ball on a fumble. Late in the third quarter a Delta punter dropped the ball in the end zone and was swarmed by three ASTC men giving the Bears their first and final score of the game. It was only the third time since 1958 that the Bears didn't score a touchdown. ASTC 7--MARTIN BRANCH 0 The Bears downed Martin Branch, University of Tennessee, in its home season opener despite a plague of penalties in the first half. During the first quarter neither the Bears nor the Volunteers could get a drive started with fumbles and penalties hampering both offenses. The Bears were held to 32 yards total offense the first half with Martin Branch getting 61 yards. The only score of the game came in the third quarter when a Martin halfback fumbled a punt and the Bears recovered. On the next play Richard Guthrie caught the winning 20 yard touchdown pass thrown by quarterback Iohnny Beard. Ronnie Roach's placement made it 7-0. Teacher's defense was highlighted by interceptions, two by Nick Wil- liams and one by Roger Burton, and outstanding punting by freshman Buzz Bolding who had one for 64 yards. 176 'ts Robert Bryant Guard Roger Burton Back 1915 X - La 1 A . 1 -2 N wfiw K 5 Sigh e 'T A im g ,. L.,, v,,,., 3 Ricky Butler Guard "H--s... . ' eww unwu.. Ierry Campbell Phil Carter Back Back mug, I0l'lI1 Chitwood Iames Turner 6231, aided by Beard C105 and Stone, gains ground against Henderson. End om Bobby Faulkner Back . . it I Howard Felts Danny Funderburg End Guard 177 178 ni Richard Guthrie Mike Hqrmum End Back ASTC 27--OUA CHITA 19 The Bears combined their first offensive and defensive effort of the season to defeat Ouachita in their first conference game of the season. They gained 429 yards with 15 first downs as compared with 216 yards and six first downs for Ouachita. The game was sparked by the spectacular run of James Turner, who returned a third quarter kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown behind superb blocking. Turner also scored late in the first quarter. Ouachita scored twice in the third quarter, once after recovering a high snap on a punt. Phil Carter made the final Bear touchdown on a 19-yard romp in the fourth quarter, and Ouachita ended the scoring with 3:05 left in the game. Three out of four of Ronnie Roach's placements were good, while Ouachita scored one out of three. ASTC 27--OZARKS 8 The Bears blitzed to a touchdown in three plays, generously gave it back to the College of the Ozarks, and then smothered the Mountaineers for their second conference win. With 1:18 gone on the clock, Robert Stone scored from the 18 and Ronnie Roach's conversion made the score 7-0 in favor of ASTC. Ozarks then scored their only touchdown of the game when a high snap was re- covered on the Teacher's one yard line. After Roach made a spectacular 65 yard punt return for the second score, he failed to convert for the extra point. The third score was provided by lim Turner on a short sweep play in the second quarter, and again Roach kicked for the extra point. In the third quarter Iohnny Beard scored from inches out, and Roach kicked the PAT. After Teachers took over the ball on their own one yard line, Turner got caught in the end zone, and the score was 27-8. Despite the onesidedness of the outcome and ASTC's advantage of man-power, it was a hard hitting match. The Mountaineers primarily re- sorted toa passing game, passing about 70 per cent of the time behind Phil Collins, who entrusted the offense almost exclusively to himself. Dicky Holbrook Center as -vu QQ .1 Bill Hardin Back Tommy Hare Center 1 1" fi ,--'fu' Chip Harris Guard 3 - J 5 Vance Hcnnphill Guard param , ., ,f-,.,.,. ,f . 9 ,- R. in f V S EQ ' V Ti Q45 Q55 Ronnie Hibbs Center yuwp' """ , . ef' W It V rree eirrrlr Terry Harris Gerald Harrison Back Guard Raymond Bright whose assistance has been invaluable, is now head coach for the Bears. ,A 5- Q 179 180 if .. Denny HollidUY Ross Honea Billy Hughes Center Tackle ASTC 14--HARDING 0 The ASTC Bears offense played only as good as it had to to achieve an unimpressive victory over the Harding College Bisons. While the Bears rolled up 340 yards total offense and held the Bisons to only 83 yards, they scored only twice. The first touchdown was set up by Robert Stone who rushed 45 yards up the middle to the Bison 15-yard line. Iohnny Beard then passed to Bill Hardin for the touchdown. Ronnie Roach's PAT was successful. In the third quarter lim Turner swept around right end and legged it 30 yards behind excellent blocking for the second and final score of the game. The Bears missed several chances to score in the first half because of untimely penalties and fumbles. TECH 14--AS TC 7 The Tech-State Teachers game has produced four title-holders the past five years and this year was no exception with the Wonder Boys winning 14-7. On one of their best drives of the year Teachers moved S0 yards in 13 plays. Stone and Turner ripped off gains in chunks of five to seven yards with help from wingback Phil Carter. The ground game got the Bears to the Tech 18 where Beard passed to Carter who ran from the five into the end zone for Teachers' only score. Roach's placement kick made the score 7-0. Trailing 7-0 before they ever had the ball, the Wonder Boys threw against the Bears and two successful connections moved them to the ASTC 9-yard line as the first half ended. However, passes did not figure in any of the Tech points. Freshman Ierry Lawrence took the second-half kickoff 85 yards into the ASTC end zone. A few minutes later the Wonder Boys recovered a fumble on the Bears' 13 and went in for the winning touchdown. The Bears made one big push after they got behind but were stopped by a pass interception at the Tech 12-yard line. "The kickoff return did it," ASTC's Frank Koon said, "That put a fire under them, and we failed to do anything with the only real chance we had after that." Guard Ioe Huie End Allen Ianske Back lg. 1 4- sv., ,J- .ao yo 'f r4SZ"a1u S- ZI5 7 ' 1 Mike Kyle Guard VJ'""' ard Mike McGuire Guard Tommy Marshall Guard is -P, .n-ww., in Dale Lamberson David Lee Guard GUGIG f 5 if Robert Stone was one of the leading ground gainers for the Bears. .4-1-qsx ...4 lim Milholen Ed Miller Guard Tackle 181 182 -i Randy Dixon Gary Overstreet Tackle End SOUTHERN STATE 9--ASTC 7 A first quarter safety made the difference as the Southern State mule- riders dealt the ASTC Bears a 9-7 setback and formally eliminated them from the running for the AIC title. Buzz Bolding stepped out of the end zone while punting from the two-yard line to give the Muleriders their two point victory. Although both teams threatened in the first quarter, neither could score. In the third quarter Allen Ianske thundered 44 yards to Southern State's 20. After Iim Turner powered to the 10, Iohnny Beard passed to Robert Stone for the touchdown. Ronnie Roach converted for a 7-2 ASTC lead. The lead lasted only a few moments as Southern State quarterback Iohnny Tune passed to Iim Leonard who ran 59 yards for a touchdown. The Bears started a drive late in the game, but Southern State inter- cepted a pass at the 17 to snuff out the threat. Although the Bears dominated the game statistically, they couldn't convert their efforts into more than one touchdown. AQQM 15--ASTC 13 AGM fullback Ronnie Higgins missed two extra points and then re- deemed himself with a fourth quarter field goal that gave the Boll Weevils a 15-13 win over the Bears. Teachers scored early in the game after Iim Scroggins ran a punt from ASTC's 42 to the Weevil's 36. Robert Stone, Iim Turner, and Iohnny Beard moved the ball to the one, and Beard got over for the touchdown. A high snap foiled Ronnie Roach's PAT attempt. In the second quarter a pass from Beard to Bill Hardin took the Bears to A6fM's 34. Beard picked his way to the three and scored three plays later. Roach made the conversion and gave the Bears a 13-0 lead. Moments later Tommy Lawrence intercepted off Beard and paved the way for the first Weevil touchdown with a 53-yard run. The second AGM touchdown came in the third quarter as a result of a 76-yard drive, but the conversion attempt was wide and the Bears still led. In the last quarter with the Weevils deep in Bear territory, Teachers held three straight times, but Higgins kicked a 39-yard field goal giving the Weevils a victory of two points. 47,17 I0 'L Q r 1 -..: - Floyd Parnell Back 2 .... ti? Randy' Pringle End , . . - . fs I '21 , " x . -155' - . 2 " . Kenny Puckett Back -no 'N-I-.--A Bob Renfro Dick Richardson Ronnie Roach End Back Back V. 1-2 X QKf5i'gf5if5fQN3X:5A?f"7L9f?GK L i.5,'z':"': QQ5fg,.ufQff1R'Q3ffl5- ' 'ssl we-M Q -. " I' 4' fy? . A 'W K I gf f-iff'-' wi 5, 7"'xs 1' sqm, ,Mx , 4315 EFX Iimmy Scroggins Back 5- , . R. img L K HRH . A 'x lx X1 '-"'-W" sn. X sms ,S ,w of L ., z- .-1 SLK ' Q, J . ,5,j'g"g R' , ' ' ' , f -ff 3' , x , w 1 N- - - ,. X fgiwfiiif 442. ETA.-5-:kwa,QJQYQES-S--,Hi-'fi a J X, ' 'N N i 2: f 'wifff5775?f' if-N We sfs:LMxf:s aN as s s A 7 -. sw. "H T - A "ff - 1' f- ' -. 'i':'fx'Ef"-Q -X: V' X -i . 'X 'X' 9' ff" f ' . ,Y uf 4 X' ' gl, hz ' 'sf A. 'Qks!fj W V-f NX '.,:w,' .- M' f V' Agp. if I y. ,JN qw ,K -993-,:,,,.,,, .. , - . Vi fgiyfi , ' X' 'Qihsf-I' fl' , SX xx. . . X 1 I x in Wilson Surber Greek Back .N s roll call is c highlight of pep rallies to back the Bears. 183 184 Danny Smith Darrell Smith Duane Sowell Guard Tackle End AS TC 6--HENDERSON 0 The Bears defense rose to the occasion and saved them a 6-0 victory over the Henderson Beddies. This broke a three game losing streak and ended the sea- son with 5 Wins and 4 losses for Teachers. Both teams threatened once in an otherwise dead first half. The Bears returned in the first of the third quarter to turn a Reddie fumble into a 6-0 lead. Teach- er's defense then saved the game by stopping the Heddies, once on the five and, in the last minute of the game, on the 12. After swapping fumbles, Kenny Puckett inter- cepted a Heddie pass, and the Bears set out to kill the clock with about 3:30 left. When Henderson inter- cepted a pass 79 yards from the goal, Teachers didn't seem to be in trouble. Then a combination of passes and long runs got the Heddies down to the Bear's two. Here the Bears held again as Roger Burton knocked down three passes to stop the Beddies' final bid. The game ended with the Bears running out the clock. ,,,,,-davit' 7 . Larry Spencer Robert Stone Tommy Tilley Back Back Back Iim Tumer Back - 'gl ,. 3 , , ' -Z Iames Wilburn Tackle Mike Reed lim Westbrook End Tackle RES UME ASTC 2 Delta State ..... .... ASTC 7 Martin Branch ASTC 27 Ouachita ..... ,. . . . . . ASTC 27 Ozarks .... ASTC 14 Harding ...... . . ASTC 7 Tech ........... . . . ASTC 7 Southern State ASTC 13 AGM ......... .... ASTC 6 Henderson . . . it ' K Nick Williams Roy Wray George Wnght Back Back End 185 Basketball Coach Coach Cliff Horton is a native of Marshall, Arkansas, where he played three years of high school basketball. At the University of Arkansas he earned three varsity letters from 1946-69. Coach Horton began his coaching career at St. Ioe, Arkansas, high school where he had an amazing 78 Won, 7 loss record in two years. From St. Ioe he moved to Waldo, Arkansas, high school. While there his team won 65 and lost 25 games in three years. One of his teams advanced to state tournament. From Waldo Coach Horton went to Crossett High School. During his three years there his teams won 57 and lost 25. He was a member of the Arkansas High All-Star Coaching Staff his last year at Crossett. In 1957 he moved to Pine Bluff and his team compiled a record of 18 wins and 7 losses. In 1958 Coach Horton became basket- ball coach at The Arkansas State Teachers College, and in his freshman year in college coaching the ASTC Bears not only won the AIC championship, but won the district NAIA tournament, and represented the district in the na- tional tournament at Kansas City were they won one game. In 1961 his team was winner of the 17th district NAIA play- offs and represented the district in the national NAIA tourn- ament in Kansas City. A Clif! Horton Coach Bears Finish First in AIC Larry Tabor goes up for a two-pointer against Hendrix The ASTC Bears won their first AIC Champion- ship since 1959 by dropping the Arkansas College Scots 46-42. The conference record was 15-3, and the seasonal record was 18-4. Although in preseason polls the Bears were picked to finish no better than fourth or fifth place. they continually turned out excellent performances. The Bears entered two Invitational tournaments. In the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference Holiday basketball tournament the Bears finished fourth behind Hendrix College, Georgetown College of Kentucky, and Ouachita College. At the AIC tourna- ment the Bears were defeated by Iohn Brown Uni- versity in the semifinals. Being AIC Champions, the Bears had to face Ouachita, the AIC tournament winner in a one game playoff for the right to rep- resent District 17 in the NAIA tournament at Kansas City. The Bears lost 65-63. ASTC played three non-conference games against Evangel College, East Texas Baptist College, and Letourneau College before they began confer- ence play at Conway defeating Arkansas Tech. The Bears lost only three conference games, two to Ouachita College and one to Hendrix. 187 188 Tom Davis shoots over AGM guards. ASTC 87-EVANGEL COLLEGE 82 The ASTC Bears caught up with Evangel College of Spring- field, Missouri, in the final minutes and then forged an 87-82 victory in overtime in their season opener. The score was 76-all at the end of regulation play. George lones and Larry Tabor each scored a field goal and two free throws in the extra period. Tabor led ASTC with 24 points. ASTC 69-EAST TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE 65 The ASTC Bears overcame a 40-37 halftime lead by East Texas Baptist College and dropped the Eagles 69-65. The Bears grabbed the lead early in the second half and held it the rest on the way. The Eagles cut it to 67-65 with two minutes left, but ASTC's Larry Tabor dropped in two free throws with the Bears stalling to make the final score 69-65. Torn Davis dropped in 26 points to lead all scorers. ASTC 67-LeTOURNEAU 78 The LeTourneau Yellow-Iackets broke away from a 30-30 halftime deadlock to defeat the ASTC Bears 78-67. The Yellow- Iackets led most of the second half. Don Gordon and Wayne Diamond, both 6-6, led the Yellow-lackets with 28 and 17 points respectively. Davis led the Bears with 24 points. It was ASTC's first loss of the season. , ,,... . ,,., , .....,,,., , - ' 5 I -,,-ef if wap.. -M Q' ,Q 1. f syn' w 31 7 : ss e ww - xrfgtpgawi. .rms 4 is 1... .5 1... W waiwizif-.siffm wftrfii . 4, , , Bob Altom Gene Arey Bob Baker 'V .Fix if F. -rits. . ,. 4.-32, in-T ,: r Q 3 f Sims A 9' ,- , ti e ,. wo--,., ir K mn, I ff lohn Bass '73 lv: Q Y A . H s J' .,r'i : -uf ,' V Ray Bonds i-11" Larry Burleson ASTC 78-TECH 69 The ASTC Bears followed an old pattern of pulling them out in the final minutes to beat old foe Arkansas Tech 78-69 in the AIC opener for both schools. Larry Tabor emerged from the scrambling as the first-night hero. He hit three field goals cmd a free throw, fed Gene Ary for a layup, and snared two important rebounds, all in about four minutes, to pull the Bears from be- hind with 5:49 left to play. It was his free throw, with 8:08 to go, that put the Bears ahead to stay. ASTC 78-HARDING 62 The ASTC Bears took advantage of a Harding cold spell early in the second half to break open a 78-62 decision. The teams swapped baskets just after intermission, and Harding didn't score again until l4:48 remained, when Boaz hit three straight free throws on a technical foul. ASTC had ripped off 12 straight points in the meantime. The Bisons couldn't get closer than 10 points the rest of the way. Davis, despite an off night, compiled 27 points. ASTC 60-OUACHITA 66 Leon Clements scored 27 points and pulled down 18 rebounds to lead the Ouachita Tigers to a 66-60 victory over the ASTC Bears. The first half was fine defensive play which ended in a 27-27 deadlock, with both teams hitting approximately 40 per cent of their shots, With 11:47 left in the game, Gene Ary got the Bears their last tie of the night with a jump shot. Davis, con- tinuing his fine scoring, led the Bears with 22 points. Davis goes in for a lay-up. 189 190 -live -.Au .,... K 5 1 Bill Clements wvxluf' -.-..-w0""' Bass shoots from behind the goal. ASTC 92-AGM 62 The ASTC Bears scored one of their most onesided victories in a long time over the Arkansas AGM Boll Weevils. The ASTC defense shut out the Weevils from the field for almost eight minutes and AGM got only 20 shots the entire first half. Tom Davis and Gene Ary were ASTC's offense standouts scoring 33 and 19 points respectively. ASTC 79-HENDRIX 75 The ASTC Bears' and the Hendrix College Warriors' game was one of great shooting, strong rebounding, and aggressive defense. They were tied up or swapping leads throughout the game, but in the final seconds the Bears emerged as winners with several heroes such as Torn Davis, Who almost singlehand- edly kept ASTC in the game the first half: Ioe Lippe who came off the bench in the middle of the first half to score 22 points: and Larry Tabor who did some crucial second-half scoring. ASTC. 77 - SOUTHERN STATE 75 The ASTC Bears scored a 77-75 decision over the Southern State Muleriders to regain a share of the AIC lead. Southern State led briefly by a point early in the second half, but the Bears bounced back to ct six-point lead and never trailed again. Burleson scored 21 points and snagged nine rebounds. Tom Davis led the ASTC scoring with 22 points. Tom Davis 'kewl F, W, 1 0 in -an-...... ff Ice Hackney A r r Bob Hooten ASTC 87--OZARKS 66 Tom Davis put on an amazing show literally ripping the nets apart for 26 points in the last ten minutes of the first half, spurring the Bears on to a 87-66 victory over College of the Ozarks. Davis finished his tremendous night with 37 points. Larry Tabor got 12 and Larry Burleson hit 10 as all of the Bears saw action. ASTC 54-ARKANSAS COLLEGE 46 A stingy zone defense checked Arkansas College and lifted the ASTC Bears to a 54-46 victory. With the Bears trailing at the half, Horton resorted to the zone defense which the Scots couldn't solve except for a brief flury in the final minutes when the Bears already had the game out of reach. Tom Davis scored 20 points to lead all scorers. ASTC 78-HENDERSON 68 The Bears overcame an early lead by the Hen- derson Reddies and Went on to post a convincing 78-68 victory. The lead changed hands rapidly before the Bears overcame the last Henderson lead of 30-29 and Went on to take a 35-30 halftime lead. The Bears held a safe 10-point lead rnost of the second half. The reliable Davis again paced the victors with 27 points. Larry Tabor tossed in 18 and Larry Burleson got 15. ASTC 93-LRU 76 With Torn Davis and Larry Tabor leading the way, the Bears crushed the Little Rock University Trojans by a score of 93-76. Davis and Tabor combined for 58 points, with 32 and 26 respectively. The Bears demol- ished the Trojans' 1-2-2 zone and also ended their 10- game winning streak on their home court. ASTC 85-TECH 75 The ASTC Bears took their sixth straight triumph with the 85-75 win over arch-rival Arkansas Tech. With Torn Davis leading the way, the Bears hit 58 per cent of their shots and trailed only once. Davis, the con- ferences' leading rebounder and second scorer, poured in 29 points and grabbed ll rebounds, both high for the night. ASTC 85-HARDING 67 The Bears rolled up an amazing 31 point lead in the first half and went on to slaughter Harding by a score of 85-67. Late in the first half the Bears outscored the Searcy school by 10-0. The closest Harding could get was 59-52. Davis led in scoring with 30 followed by Ary and Lippe who hit 14 apiece. S 4' V I 2-if , R H - -rs..fs-432354-1-i:fw,Q 1 -leg-ssmwf fiif jig-kg,ig3.c:gjg1fS:','QVISIL NSS" f .A i t 7 :rfrest-Q-wrestling,-W 5314255 . . ,.c, 5. c,..c , , 7 ..m,.zispi- W, i,14,,,, ., . ,,--rg-:gn-wzf1:,ffvfHz , 2:3 ,-.1fsrgfwxfts,f?- - - .-.nm-.- . ., -, we fl . -- if 'apr M ,Q . -1' 3' ' 'fw - lim Holland QED? Gene Arey flips one in for the Bears against Hendrix. 191 192 ASTC 82-OUACHITA 92 With Leon Clements setting a new AIC record for points, the Tigers defeated the Bears 92-82. Clements poured in 27 points, and his sixth one broke the old record of 2,153 points. There were 68 fouls in the game, only five shy of the AIC record. The two teams attempt- ed 107 free throws and made good on 70. Davis led the Bears with 29 points and 17 rebounds. Ary made 17, Burleson got 15, and Tabor netted 13. ASTC 65--AGM 56 Using a Well-balanced scoring attack, the Bears dropped the Arkansas AGM Boll Weevils by a score of 65-56. The first half was a see-saw battle, but five successive baskets by Ary and Burleson gave AGM their eighth loss in a row. Ary led the Bears with 16 points. ASTC 66-HENDRIX 74 The Hendrix-Warriors put on a fantastic shooting exhibition and knocked off the Bears 74-66 before 1500 packed-in-fans at Grove Gymnasium. It was the first victory for Hendrix over ASTC since 1963. Davis and Tabor led the Bears with 16 points apiece. ASTC 60-SOUTHERN STATE 55 The Bears overcame an 11 point lead by South- ern State early in the second half and went on to drop the Muleriders by a score of 60-55. This helped the Bears hold on to their one game lead in the AIC. Davis led all scorers with 21 points and 24 rebounds. ASTC 46-ARKANSAS COLLEGE 42 The ASTC Bears Won their first AIC champion- ship since 1959 by dropping the Arkansas College Scotts 46-62. The lead see-sawed back and forth after the half, but a jumper by Larry Tabor in the last minute of the game sealed it for the Bears. Davis led the scoring with 24 points. ASTC 99-HENDERSON 80 The Bears, with the AIC championship already under their belts, came out relaxed and free from pressure and shot down the Henderson Reddies 99-80 in the last regular game of the season. Davis, playing his last game at home, led the scoring with 24 points. Larry Tabor attempts a long shot. l V In ' - George Iones ""'vlr' Ioe Lippe Iames Mannard Larry Tabor MH Danny Wood l 1 Linwood Matthews Richard 5109119118 ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC ASTC RESUME Evangel College . .. East Texas Baptist . .. LeTourneau College . Tech .............. Harding .... Ouachita . . . AGM . . . Hendrix ...... Southern State . . . Ozarks .......... Arkansas College .... . . . Henderson ............. . . . Little Rock University Tech ................ . . . Harding .... Ouachita . . . AGM . . . Hendrix ...... Southern State . . . Arkansas College . . . . . . Henderson ....... 193 BASEBALL COACH Coach Fletcher Lowry, head baseball coach, came to ASTC in 1955 from the College of the Ozarks along with Coach Frank Koon. He is also line coach for the football team. Assisting Coach Lowry is Perry Shock, a Conway businessman. Shock was an active participant in sports during his school days. As an alumnus of ASTC, he has continued to take an interest in the de- velopment of the sports program. At the beginning of the season Coach Lowry wel- comed 38 candidates, 17 of which were returning let- termen. The lettermen included all-AIC Bobby Tiner, Ted Yotter, David Lee, Larry Altom, Thomas Iohnson, Tommy Hutto, Ictmes Calloway, Bobby Renfro, Freddie Kirtley, Robert Lewis, Robert Newton, Iack Fulmer, Nick Williams, George Iones, Richard Guthrie, and Iim Fulmer. Beginning their first year with the Bears are lim Holland, Iohnny Richardson, Randy Pringle, Mike Butler, Danny Lynch, Gay Horton, and Bobby Altom. 1965 Baseball Team 'I Fletcher Lowry in rw 73 4' I Wad 5 ,A V, 'ifszi 'iii' 361 RSL? H62 figmg ,iffft ' "L , E Q Y its-fv, ,., ,z me , 5?-if get T m - z FEM wer, 1352 , Msg he ' T , . V . feta it 5 2 ' 1 A f ' :sf is 3 ' xiii' 5, 1 keg : f f '-E ,,t,. he AS: rl, J' f xv 2' 7 SQ? WS? ' W sm V - we n Q f- at S ,iff . wt, "- . 1 N . f Y ' 1 gr" 1 up 1 --. El . in L fa -K 1 . x E s S The baseball captain with the other team captains are shown with the All-Sports trophy, They are Ioe Lynch, Wallace Chandler, David Wright, Larry Frost, Bert Botter, Danny Ryan, Ierry Marple, Ioe Fred Young, Ted Yotter, Ricky Richardson. A z Coach Shock Freddy Kirtley. Robert Reniro Q Q ff ,,, l2lW"3' 195 i . 196 Top Row: George Iones. Nick Williams. Bottom Row: Danny Lynch, Iim Holland, Richard Guthrie. 1 tl 4 Bob 'finer Ted Yotier. Larry Altom All AIC 1964 2 -fi' David Lee. Iames Callaway. Randy Pringle. Mike Bultler lim Fulmer, Robert Lewis Tommy Hutto. lohnny Richardson. Gay Horton Baseball Schedule March 13 March 16 March 20 March 22 March 23 March 26 March 27 April 2 April 3 April 10 April 14 April 22 April 24 April 30 May 5 May 6 Little Rock University Arkansas Tech Harding College Central Methodist College Fayette, Mo. Central Methodist College Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Buena Vista College Southern State College Arkansas Tech Little Rock University Arkansas AGM Henderson State Teachers Arkansas AGM Ouachita College Little Rock University 197 198 i ' 41- Q, wt - wh Ioe Lynch, cx truck captain, tcrkes one of the hurales. 3 A ' i ff' 'it Q , ggi? lfgwfswi I iw 'W ki 2',,'if2xVQ.ffWfjf5H.g,fQz2f?'175Vs :xi Q A353552 6,5643 Track The ASTC Track team began their 1965 season as defending champions of the AIC, and again proved their merit by establishing themselves early in the season as one of the main contenders for the title. This was done at the Memphis indoor track Carnival, where the Bears finished in second place, and meets with other AIC schools. During the early track season when the Bears at- tended the AIC relays at Southern State College, the ASTC cindermen finished second and gained much con- fidence in their chances of winning the championship. For the first time in five years, ASTC was not expected to win the meet. The Bears will lose several of their best men, but will still be in good shape for the coming year. 1965 Track Team 'WYN-M of M' ,-v"""""'a'M Coach Raymond Bright s I E Lf' f" I K t,,,,,f 22'-fs ,,c s.-, it y is ffr35: 199 2OO Dcxvid Iohnston Ricky Richardson Frank Bush John V055 A.S.T.C. CHALLENGED IN TRACK For the past few years, Raymond Bright's track teams have dominated track and field in Arkansas. Recently other colleges have begun to put more emphasis upon their track programs with intentions of challenging this domination. Whispers from Southern State, Arkansas AGM, and Harding Colleges portend a very interesting track meet in the near future. The team which Wins the AIC trophy will be the team whose athletes are most ded- icated to work, whose athletes are best able to think like champions, and whose support from the student body is the greatest. 513, 33 3':?'?:r?:rf+ 559553 ?1 A : W, Z ' lla: 'f .al Tarkington. Voss, Comer. Frost Clyde Comer Larry Frost 201 202 1965 GOLF TEAM The ASTC golf team, coached by Dr. Iess Farris, had a very successful season and placed third in the AIC competition. The Winning team was composed of Lea Larson, Danny Ryan, Ronnie Roach, and Roger Burton. The nine man squad had six lettermen and a dual record of 4-5-1. The Women's swimming team, coached by Mrs. Spencer finished second in the 64-65 conference. Finish- ing first in the AIC meet were Donna Whitaker, Sandre Whataker, and Robbie White. Numerous other third, fourth, and fifth places were won. Ioe Lynch is Student Assistant for the team. The men's swimming team, coached by Dr. Farris finished fourth in the AIC race and had a dual meet record of 3-4. Iohnny Beard Roger Burton Lea Larson Andy Prince Richard Smith Lewis Wallace ur. an 2 Q ,QM 1 'FP ' " lv 0 ' s Q Q .,,s. ' Q ,xx , XM in Q ' vm' 4 I M +5 ,, . , , .Q ,Y 5 in , , gk , ' .kyiksf sf- ,A ,V we, Q Nt .W J . " v ,gm nw. ' . W-MM C-..f' 't 11 ' ,..f.. ,.. ' ,' 'ik Yi II 9. xx sw 1 H. A -Wafgs . ,X 1 Q 1 4 V K,-A 5. Q My. my .. -- p" A " atfvw'-M2959 -' . J : ,su x A Mx mv' , ' . if m f . -' ' ' 'H 1 ' ymyf- 5 , gain -.71 AJP' . Wi , . wvmlmkfw ' 1 ' f ' 'W W M4,m,,,.. , , W,.,, f .. My A M' M M 'JW The ASTC Women's Tennis Team, coached by Mrs. Lee B. Spencer and the men's team coached by Mr. Al Hamilton had a quite successful season. The men's team placed third in AIC Competition which was quite an accomplishment con- sidering inexperience. Kenneth Bagan acted as manager and trainer, The wom- en's team had dual meets with four other AIC schools and served as Co- Hostesses of the AIC tennis tournament. The ASTC Bowling League which was added to the varsity sports program last year, made a fine showing in the AIC race. Burt Botter led the league and contributed much with a two straight 600 plus series. V,., C A Robin Nix and Iimmy Coclasure practice for the AIC meet. 1965 MEN'S TENNIS TEAM t W 3 55' I t 1 4 ' xg, 1.45, ,gs if 2 f 4- . ' ff , n MMM' ,Y N .z5lf':Q'-9a'oW MYFIVQ if .. f V55 We-"W ' fx, lx X k yvfvu chu ' W4 ,vas 54 My -,garnet-,' A1152 'Q 0'5"6w ' ' V'Qa9g as , f we fe, 1 . yt 9 Q' t 'as' ,, it . ' ' A1 -' -K wir? ,tw Shi, + ,sg -4- gt f - viz - fs - -"gun 42.5 . .. Qf'S,1r'2 ,55z'3',1wA,.t , t3:Iv3fQf . . 'i --ff' 22'5-221353439 " ' - ,-Q we v +' -fm 'fix' --1 '21 , t ,,,n5.g,e. I 2 pg, . f 5 ' if sf . ' . f ' . ' ' , w i f ' t ' : - 5 i'3'5f"i'i5" .. ' I was .. ' IW ' as f'ff-m f ' - t f -11 ut, Lett to right: Kenneth Bagan, Dicky Boyles. Robin Nix, Iimmy Coclasure, Jerry Marple, Frank Chenault. 204 1965 Women's Tennis Team Z if I .-,' gi all f - '. . .., , A .,,. N. l ,inf ,rf Lett to Right: Linda Gregson, Robbie White, Nancy Southerlin, Marty Kalder, Iudy Morris, Iudi Brown. Mrs. Spencer. Knot pictured, Doris Noblel. C 1965 Bowling Team svmf The members of the 1965 Bowling Team are Bert Botter, Danny Crain, Don Jordan, Alton Lackey, Robert McBride, Sandy Meadors, David Ray, William Smith, Kenneth C. Williams and Kenneth D. Williams. 205 The organizations and their activities represent an important phase of life at ASTC or on any college campus. Students learn to work, play, and co-operate with each other and with their professors in organiza- tions. Invaluable experience in any career is acquired through club membership which teaches one leader- ship, co-operation and the Way to follow. We have attempted to show the various clubs and their activities on the ASTC campus in the pages of this section of the Scroll. ASTC offers a variety of clubs to enrich any student's life-religious organizations, g a n ' t ' 0 all-student groups, department clubs, honorary socie- ties, and Greek organizations. Every student can find organizations for his interests if he only looks because every phase of college life-social, religious, academic -is represented by an organization. The Ferguson Chapel is one place on campus all religious groups can call their own. This building was dedicated November l, 1964. Lowell McClanahan and Peggy Munsey, SCA officers, are seen after the dedica- tion talking over future SCA plans. 1 xi? frm -f-32 5222 -.N me 2 X4 if ' 4"'9f?'f91RSf, A -x Sf! 'Q E wa mmm- ,M Cixi ,V if 'T , ew:- 2 M24 A ff. , '4f,mwisi3v26v, , N Phi Alpha Theta Is Honor History Society Phi Alpha Theta, the national history society, had its origin at the University of Arkansas in 1921. The major activities of this organization include the His- torian, a journal of history possessing the second highest circulation oi any of the historical journals published in the country: the establishment of a series of fellowships and scholarships: and sponsorship of an annual contest for papers on historical subjects. The Mu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta here at Ar- kansas State Teachers College was initiated on Feb- ruary 20, 1932. Linda Bell Vice-President Sue Hammond President Dolly Baxter Paul Bushnell Ophelia Fisher Gladys Sachse Linda Van Fossen Karin Greenwood Treasurer Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor PM Ianlce Hackman Iudy lanes Sharon Lessenberry Carolyn Lewis Danny Rapier Steve Robinson Clarence Shoitner Paula Thomas Barbara Webster Renee WUSOH 209 Edwin Bird Mary Ann Arnold President Vice-President Sue Cummins Tommie Sue Kirtley Secretary Treasurer Alpha Chi Begins In 1915 Alpha Chi, national honor society, is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. It began in 1915 as a campus honor society at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas: and acquired the status of a state organization in 1922, a regional organization in 1927, and a national organization thereafter. Throughout its stages of development, its objective has remained the same - the stimulation, development, and recognition of scholarship and those elements of character that make scholarship effective for good -- and its motto - "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Besides working with its fellow chapters in the interest of scholarship and character, Alpha Chi also encourages students to continue their development through graduate Work, supports a scholarship program in their behalf, permits them to participate in regional and national programs, and publishes a magazine twice a year. Election to membership in the Arkansas Gamma Chapter of Alpha Chi may occur during a student's junior or senior year. To be eligible for membership in this society, a student must be in the upper ten per cent of his class having at least a 3.1 grade point average, and must be approved by the Dean's Office. Membership in Alphi Chi is the highest scholastic honor one may receive at Arkansas State Teachers College. Its members are recognized by the gold cords they wear at commencement. gash ' 5 M Arif aifsiggtiigf Egfr: r. ii'-s-'Z.. 'ig w A it K eg' K Qi ear, K, 52 i-iw, F gig s 3333-19" ef 7:5 E ,Ayn A Y ' sggiir .' - 4 , sigsggg rxit.i5Ei ' f ' -:Ui 'SI 'nw s 3 Wai 513.15 ' V' ' t ,w'i1iLf'l?5 . . "Q, , . 1 4 . , Dr. Harold Love Dr. Estes Polk Kathryn Adams Carol Baskin Linda Bell Glenn Bennett Hope Black Sponsor Sponsor Marsha Black ldalene Blackburn Geneva Bowlin Linda Brotherton Ioanne Crawford Lee Creemer vez: A Fi -:e.::"?5ie .3 L if .1 ,figs 'ffgtgi Mary Lou Cullom t ff vs- w 'fs tt' Y . w,.,,,,,,,,.,, K rpg z. f L 1 g..'y"y: ' ', I : , z 1 'V' . ,... . , v is Z Q 3,3 2,5 ig? S My sy N, R 3 . ft L iffggfgtsifl' K ' H 'fjfifl -Ear-zzz.: , f . sm t .mg-w 3615? 3' : , L1 V 'Wit' 'f7'z1'?iZi sian! ff: 5. 333 ' If i 7-it ieggfag K ' f ' ,t vi. - , . ,ji iff, ' sri 1 ft straw: f 5151 if fe' ' Laura Cunningham Betty Edgmon Patricia Farrior Glenda Fielder Martha Grenwelqe Ianice Hackman Sue Hammond 210 4-"9 M. 5 it we r ff m V , if Susan Henderson Sondra Herscher Diana Hill ludy Holland Pat Hoyt llllid lanes 5116 lines Martha Ann Lamb Sharon Lessenberry Io Nell Lowry Mary Luyet Lowell McClanahan Delmar McKenzie Patricia Mills Egg? Llk' VSWQW , ws ,pa 'B A .. ' 1 f' Lf f Nah fa 2 Q- ' ,lipsws i f ff' ggi.. M .- Daniel Morse Sam Nalley lane Ann Newberry Kay Nichols Iane O'Neal William Payne Rebecca Phillips Rockie Rauert Betty lane Rhodes Marian Riddell Gail Robbins Betty Scarborough Raymond Simon Carol Sisk , L 1 jg? ..s.eQrf.,--Q,3,.,. 4, 'i V' i ? :i 'fx ig g - 2 G xi iso. ,,V. 5 kk.V .1 -...,,, 'AJFYW ' 'uf Q, . - ,: - 2 Clarence Shoffner Iudy Smith Shirley Thomas Delores Watts Barbara Webster Thelma Williams Renee Wilson X 211 212 Alpha Psi Umega Is For Students of Drama Alpha Psi Omega The National Society of Alpha Psi Omega was established on August 12, 1925, at Fairmont State College in Fairmont, West Virginia. Today, it contains more than 300 active chapters located throughout the United States. Alpha Psi Omega was established as an honorary fraternity for the purpose of providing an honor society for those doing a high caliber of work in dramatics. It also provided wider fellowship for those interested in the college theatre. This fraternity is not intended to replace the regular dramatics club or any other producing group: but students are rewarded by elec- tion to membership in it as they qualify. The main purposes of Alpha Psi are to follow the standards set up by the national society, and to further the understanding of dramatics on the campus. Alpha Psi is the sponsor of every production of the speech department to which everyone is admitted free. During the year the group sponsors such activ- ities as car washes and concession stands at our home ball games in order to earn money for the operation of the fraternity. Most of the money earned is spent on the annual banquet held in the spring. The Marshall Harris Award is also presented to the person contrib- uting the most to the organization. Membership in Alpha Psi Omega is open to every student at ASTC. When students receive enough points to qualify for membership, they are initiated. These points may be acquired in several ways. A regularly enrolled student of the college, of satisfactory schol- arship, who has participated in major of one long play, or two one-act plays staged by the institution. and has done work of such merit and quality as to be approved by the director, shall be eligible for membership. A student who has written a play, that has been produced, may be eligible to membership. Efficient work as business manager, stage manager or student director for two long plays may be accepted as meeting the requirements of membership. Staff work such as carpenter, property man, electrician or work in scene painting, costume making and design- ing, may be credited toward membership as equiva- lent to minor roles. Minor speaking parts in four full- length plays, or five one-act plays may be accepted as meting the requirements of membership. To be a major, a character must appear in not less than two acts with not less than seventy speeches. Minor roles of fifty or more speeches will count as the equivalent of a major role in a short play. Iohn Reno President Mac Troy Vice-President Marsha Pratt Secretary treasurer David While Reporter .s.l6?Li2:fi-if, 4 s ' , ,',,'113 " sf r-'igigtfgtt at .Q Q, .p-045' Sue Lineback Sponsor Dianna Denton Gerry Blume David "Bud" Bell Linda Bell Theron Howard Richard Smith Lillian Feldman Honorary Members of Alpha Psi Omega H. B. Hardy Ralph Beherns Roberta Clay Howard Groth Gene Hatfield Eugene Nolte E. W. Packard Francis Terry men,-wfweglsgzm.z.L ,,, ..,. .Wwe G. ,, .,- f vzfw'smf'fp:. f 74,1 . W... www, are HCA Q Mac Troy and Vicki Foster practice on "The Corn Is Green 214 Mr. Thomas Ogden President Administrative Management Society The Administrative Management Society formerly known as the National Officers Management Association changed its name in 1964. The NOMA Chapter acquired its charter in May of 1960, and was the second collegiate NOMA organization in the United States The purposes of this society are to assist 1n develop ing interest in office administration management among those students in the school of bus1ness administration or commerce: to determine the needs of commerce and industry through lectures and panel d1scuss1ons from business executives, research studies and office and plant visitation: to provide media for free exchange of infor mation and ideas among its members to provide a per petual loan fund for business students to help in all ways possible to forward the aims and purposes of the college: and to maintain contact and correspondence with alumni of the society. Ierry Crowder Carol Watson Vice-President Recording Secretary I Jeanette Mqei-tens Danny Crane Kenny Red Mrs. Ona Wachtendorf CIYL'-le COITIBI' Corresponding Secretary Treasurer RepO1'i6r SP011501' Patricia Hoyt Iames Penney Steve Power Iohn Shoemaker Kenneth Wolfe Royal Rooters Starts As Pep Club The Hoyal Hooters, as an organization, was orig- inally established in 1918 as the Pep Club. The major purpose of this organization is stimulating school spirit and more active participation in school activities. Membership of the club usually comes from junior and senior students. They are accepted into Royal Hooters every year with a special "tapping" ceremony which takes place in May. Members are selected on the basis of their leadership, ability, school spirit, and their social and academic part at ASTC. In addition to co-ordinating the orientation pro- gram, this group also plays an important part in Homecoming, Founder's Day, and Senior Day. Dur- ing Homecoming, the Hooters conduct the queen con- test, conduct the parade held in downtown Conway, and decorate the playing field for the game. Senior Day, held in the spring, brings seniors from all over the state converging on the campus. The Hooters plan the activities participated in by these seniors. Susie Minton Secretary Marsha Pratt Treasurer H. B. Hardy Sponsor Willa Spenser Sponsor Iulia Bailey Richard Smith that lg President f -emit-it www fn - ME??1!3iEi3iF?i'ii:3Iaz: ,.Q:-55,259 VK if if fi" .ft David Bass Bud Bell Pam Bohart Wandeana Boregard Bert Botter Lanny Brannon Marialyce Brinkley Norman Callaway Pat Cantrell Wallace Chandler 43 iw QI---Y 216 A E' 'EE 1: ': ' kifggyix V . ','1s?sst1sr1g,3n ,- ' eww: ew , fi qisrlxzieifafz , 252335759551- gbz lsiilzimsfzs ' " - zslfszimzfs N, fzfmsf -,.i v,.fw,gm1i fgfw- fl' -:F -1 K 'G M, V57 ,' 111. uf -w2f"""'w,g W, vw ,,,v.- ,.f--v od' ni' se. by Marolyn Cox Sue Cummins Robert Daniel Diana Denton Iimmy Dyer Robert Evans Iulia Ewan Sarah Grigsby Retha Groom Paul Grummer Sue Hammond Gerald Harrison Susan Henderson Sondra Hercher Iulia lanes Blanch Iolly Dick King Tommy Sue Kirtly Carolyn Lewis Lindcr Love Ioe Lynch Lowell McClanahan Sandra McCutchen Iohn Murray Gay Nichols Robin Nix C. T. Purdom Marian Riddell Carol Rogers Sue Siever Royal Rooters Trudie Switzer Mac Troy Carolyn Umsted Carol Watson Karl Weathers Carol Whiley Linda White lames Wilburn Ioe Fred Young Tom Yongen Pi Omega Pi For Student In Business, Education The Gamma Omicron Chapter of National Pi Omega Pi was established at Arkansas State Teachers College on November l, 1952. Since its formation on our campus, over sev- enty persons have been recognized as quali- fying for membership. Election to membership in Pi Omega Pi is limited to those persons who have maintained general scholarship sufficient to place them within the upper thirty-five per cent of their college class and the achievement of an av- erage grade of "B" or higher, or its equivalent in other grading systems, in all courses in bus- iness and education. Durline Turney President Federick Basco Sponsor 217 Helen ?ii?iR ,ggav'Rl"""! Nw , L ,- ,,,L I i 2' Q ' . :-,, V f -'4 ' 1 , gilfk 6 1 gg, 'T I: ' nf l ,s m yfffgf 3 526? ia E xgizffi. Q 1 5 3552215 2 Af ' 7513514 3. ,, A E? Sm 45? zwwkff, ,gffS1i'T51fg-H , 5 A wk 1 .::, , ,exif f . fwfwa, . 1 ' g 'siiiffsflgilj , if r GREEK ORGANIZA T10 ..Q. v, 1 an . uzvu , V,4ij W .,,, A - M , A - "mm fm. ,,., V .- A H , V ..,. - , f f ,V V , . ' if L H ' Q W. ' ' , V 2 M W gf gi f - I ' A , xl, V ' - 1 ' -- , 7 ' 3. f , -1' . nfl ' 2,f,5g T 1 mi, -wg ff ' ' gi: i ufifn mi fy . , '- L V ffvvi' Y Y ' H 1 373. . 5 il ' . 5- 3 iv" F ""'1r wk., .W ummuwq 218 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Q7 +6 Q7 Seated from lett to right, Rosane Hubbard, Marsha Nincehelser, Lynn Hall, Ianette Maertens, Rockie Rauert. Standing from leit to right: Shirley Spencer, Glynda Fielder. Miss Gladys Sachse, Miss Frances Webb, Ian Smith, Delores Watts. Barbara Webster. IN TERF RA TERNI TY COUNCIL 2 Q ev-4 Seated from leit to right: Danny Crane, Iim Hoggard, Ioe Fred Young, Bert Botter, Standing from leit to right: Dr. Iames Sylar. Cliff Hooiman, Robin Nix, Adrian Wewers, Fletcher Rittey, Tom Blossom, Ioe Haynes, Winston Simpson. 219 220 Theta Xi Theta Xi was established at Rensselear Poly- technic Institute in Troy, New York, on April 29, 1864. Formerly Phi Alpha Zeta, a twenty-six year old local fraternity, Beta Mu Chapter of Theta Xi was estab- lished on the Arkansas State Teachers Colllege campus on May 12, 1962. Theta Xi's first year on the campus proved to be highly successful. The fraternity, through the ability of its members to work together, was able to achieve many things contributing to the benefit of the chapter, Bert Botter President Iames Calloway Larry Kidd Vice'President Corresponding Sec. the college, and the community. One of the main purposes of Theta Xi is to pro- mote scholarship among their members and their pledges. 0 42-7, ss 1 3 Ioe Eddy Charles Breshears Ioe Womble Treasurer Scholarship Chairman Sentinel Iim Eskola Karl Meyer Em-1 Reddick Pledge Master Sponsor Sponsor F aril Simpson Glenn Austin Iohn Barnett Sponsor 'FK' Ed Bird Lanny Brannon Bob Brazzel 3 .. ., A in ..,..4,..:. 31 62 jk' A iii jeu' ,,,.. Iim Dyer Larry Floyd Dave Gamer Ronnie Gore Ed Hogan Benny Hollis if 3:?: Qf:i.Q, ik"'4?E" 'Q 4, is-Wlfksvggs-QEEWXQ .. .. 5219, . x?S,,,.q,..,,,, , ,.,,,13,,sg5A 'V , -' ' f 'L Vx s . W 5-T3 by , I , .,,. . ,M-2 l l Gerald Hoy! Paul Hudson Georqe Hyde Dale Lamberson Larry Lewallen Richard Lucy f Nl 'S-K X 1 ' Q .W ,,.. ' I ' C " Q, , R ' five f N? 73 We Q auf? We, sc., "'..."f' Don Mcl-'hail Bill Oates Winston Simpson Scot! Stark Ierry Swaim Sidney Tucker Thela Xi fall pledges: First Row Kseatedl Corky Chenualt, Gary Dewey, Mike Butler, Ernie Berry. Cecil Bailey, Bill Darling. Second Row: Scotty Goad. Iack Hawkins, Iimmy Walker, George Hinkle, Stanley Iackson, Gaylon Gibbs, Ed Coleman, Ioel Hawkins, Paul Knight, Mike Ellis. Third Row: Charles Hamlin, Leo Sutterfield, Ierry Stround, Iohn Bass, Glenn Eskola, Billy Shipp, Steve Power. 221 .+- 222 Sigma Tau Gamma Founded ln 1915 Sigma Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma is the oldest Greek letter organization on the campus. Founded in 1915 as the Owls, it later organ- ized as a local fraternity and changed its name to Kappa Phi Sigma in 1928. Later, on November 30, 1939, Kappa Phi Sigma was granted a charter as Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma. Sigma Tau Gamma is dedicated to high ideals of manhood and bro- therhood, good scholarship, democratic principles, good citizenship, con- geniality, development of good personal characteristics and social poise mature thinking and action, and loyalty and service to college, com- munity, country and fraternity. The Sigma Taus have enjoyed a rich past and look forward to a promising future of progress in keeping with their current high standards. 1 Ierry Ioe Harrison Mac Troy President First Vice-President David White Mike Steinbeck Lowell McClanahan Dave Robertson Bill Caten H B Hardy It Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Historian SPOIISOI' Harold D. Love lim Barnett David Bell Richard Bennett Tom Blossom Tommy Brown Sponsor Phil Carter Wallace Chandler Clyde Comer Robert Daniel Bob Dixon lullun Ethrldqe ns! sq Spring Pledge Class, Sitting: Robbie Robinson, Tommy Marshall, Ioe Short, Richard Warrington, Robin Harz, Butch Lorenz, Edgar Chesser. Standing: Phil Esch, Doug Lowe, Butch Hays, Tommy Bailey, Boody Strickland, Wayne Wallace, Dick Richardson, Tommy Anderson. lim Hendrickson, Travis Atterberry, Dennis Baw, David Bailey, Danny Lynch, Sonny Kitchens. ww 1e:fgss,tEqgfgf, a t , A vfifftiii' , s?tsfgR:m,gsQ1g,t . A- Q , - H en., 4 'if Q :A Y f. fag., ,W '28 xi 1 -ws QQ, ,f-' Y""7 ' Robert Evans Eugene Graves Paul Grummer Ice Hayes Tommy Hollis Tommy Iuckson g S 1 ms 1 -wr' i,.,.a,, . mf ...Q sw Ioe Lynch Ierry Mimms Dorr B. Moore Tommy Pace Ricky Richardson Ronald Sivley R ' - hw vw? :g,: . xi ,,,.kV I 5 .1 l Richard Smith Larry Stroud Robert Taunton Carthel Taylor Iohn Voss Iames Westbrook 223 224 PSE Is Founded on Campus In 1936 Phi Sigma Epsilon was founded in February of 1910 at Kansas State College at Emporia, Kansas, for the purpose of promoting a closer bond between men students on college campuses. In 1926, it merged with two other fraternities and became a national organi- zation. Phi Sigma Epsilon is governed by the National Conclave Council which meets bi-annually. Mu Chap- ter of the ASTC campus was founded in 1936. In addition to their taking part in all campus ac- tivities, Phi Sigma Epsilon has many activities of its own occurring during the year. One of their most im- portant is the Annual Phi Sigma Frontier Dance which is held in early December. For the duration of a week, the Pi Sigs are transformed into cowpokes. This festive week is concluded with a big shootout and dance occurring in the Student Center. The Phi Sigs also hang banners at the entrances of the campus welcom- ing the new freshman class and returning upperclass- men each fall. xt lllf WZ Danny L. Crain Ted Yotter President Vice-President P394 Iames T. Layton Ralva Bass Clarence A. Haminton William H. Osborn Leslie Anderson William L. Arnold Treasurer Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Merle I.. Breeding Warren Crow Billy Ray Crouse Thomas D. Epperson. Ir. Don Parish William Gary Hawkins vs' .,.--f lim Hoqgard Paul Hoover Bobby Lester my rw- vs- W-..,,,, New Ioe Moore, Ir. William Payne Neylon Pilkinqwh Kenny Red Fred Robertson Ierry Rogers Mike Hartwick Gay Horton Theron Howard uni:-u W. ,Y Larry D. Stanley Charles Whiting Gordon Cupp Tom Powers Ierry Taylor Roger Taylor flow Spring pledges of Phi Sigma Epsilon. 225 226 Phi Lambda Chi Organized in 1924 In 1924 a number of men enrolled in The Arkansas State Teachers College who, in their high school days, had belonged to a secret so- ciety known as the Lambs Club. In March of 1925 they obtained per- mission from the college officials to organize a local fraternity which they named Aztecs. ln 1930 the name Phi Lambda Chi was adopted by the fraternity, and in 1939 a national organization was founded, becoming the only mother chapter of a national social-professional fraternity ever found- ed in the state of Arkansas. Since that time Phi Lambda Chi has con- tinued to grow on the campuses where it is located. Fletcher Riffey Murray Blake President Vice-President " 1: - Nw it C W ' wax fl It 2 . f' f 9 A is PH' LAMBDA CH' l. O. Barton Winfred Armstrong Secretary Corresponding Sec. ' ew' . . " 'L M4 .N ,,-an .f , -,fi ,Q- x Bill Dunaway Iohn Hargis Milburn Adams Iames H. Anderson Johnny Anderson Charles Henry Beal Treasurer Alumni Director -N.,-ff .ln M. 4 Ierrell Boast Charles Bradford Coy Case Keith Cole Larry Crabtree Darrell Dooley Mila' Jimmy D. Drake Ierry Duran Iohnny Garner Dick Holbrook Billy Hall lim Harrist Cliiton Hooiman Stephen Huss Ierry Iames Eddie Iohnson Terry Kee! Ioe Moreno Mike Peterson Robert Peterson Andy Prince Roy L. Roe Robert Sam Shipley Earl Steqall Kenneth Wolie Roy Wray Richard Hudson Ray Kinser Tommy Smith Iohn Sommerville Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor The Spring Pledges oi Phi Lambda Chi Fraternity. 227 Epsilon Phi Chapter 0 Pi K A Is 141st On February 23, 1963, Chi Nu fraternity climaxed thirty years of service and leadership at ASTC. The Epsilon Phi chap- 3 C i t f' ter of Pi Kappa Alpha was established. Chi Nu was the last X b 1 ty ' iff local fraternity on campus. Epsilon Phi is the one hundred and Wi i QE 4 A, f , pf i forty-first chapter to be established. ,XXX t yA,pQ f sap' N A 14 The history of Chi Nu dates back to 1922 when the orig- 33, 'X 'P 4.25-" ' 1176, inal Sphinx orqanization beqdn on campus as a social or- fill .1 V' 5 , 'W X ganization. ln 1933, the name was changed to Chi Nu. xx l , A, ,jf I P Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Vir- Q-,Xp X AW , fly" if ginia in March of 1868. X 0 ' QQ '7 'X r flff, . , 1 , f l. 3- 0 j fry Aft to ' ' o . .. f o ,, ,. Q , o ,, , 1 f- l V' 1 AA X i. ,... Q.-. 'xx X o 9 '- vac' tg .Q I 0 i S , f f Sig " ' 941 K I f' I N., f l xiii, ' V ,- M ff: f iffy XA l fr msgs , t, X gf g p NX A V , fiiff Lff If if ,fa t !v n - - 'Ly' ax., Wig., h 3 i ga, gi t 1 ly! H x Adrian Wewers Iohn Murray XX X l N President Vice-President Delton Neely Mike Harqis Robin Nix lim Pitchiord Ioe Huie Ralph Behrens Carl Forsberq Secretary Treasurer Pledge Master Sergeant-at-arms Historian Sponsor Sponsor 1 E. C. Polk Robert Beale William Black Larry Burleson Norman Callaway Ierry Campbell Connie Coleman Sponsor l fi22:f,2:4'53' 'iiii" 7'LL M V 22291 'I 'fY1'?,,?l21if4e2f?'51: he x V I '1 Sf: if I2 233351353 TW i fi 4 We .f . if 'MQ , " list' - Mackie Faulkner Danny Funderberg Iim Holland Ross Honea Tommy Huito Richard Iones 228 x x . -521' Q ' . gg W l K . I was - K M .t gk, A yt G rw -53. N f ffkgfi ' , I X , , X X nv , Jan ,T ffiiqt Qxxghtst , ,S ,L , Q, K , , 1 wil, t S L 'N 'G- ' 7 ' if-I N M' 0' gl" X 'W' ' :V 've' '11 if W' fi: - f ,, . 'fi wt , .f I . . , 5 1, YL. . 47 if-.iff George Iones lim King Tommy Lassiter Ronnie Lensinq Clell L. Lewis Robert Lewis Alton McMillan Fgiiifim 1 'V JZTLE' Z-'?f'SY"'?Ilf 5 , fi E ,,..- ,M N sf f Q i -.r 2" , ,M tQL 3 Charles Mason Ierry Marple Iames Minor Charles Norman Iules Parks Kenny Puckett Kenny Bagan yt f 1, Kms Art Rainwater Ronnie Rankin Bob Rentro Bruce L. Sage Danny Smith Darrell Smith Willard Smith :-2: : :foresaw ...eff Tress Spurlock Robert Stone Roland Wells Iames Wilburn Lowell Williams David Ioe Wright Ioe Fred Young Kenny Puckett discusses future plans oi the fraternity with Kay Kay Black. Ns. 44'-vial rib 4' .1 X' I 1 L. me U- : 54 'K 2 if ' f L4 ,,V, M2 n1' V't 1 4 f , ?, tf if ,L 'l n ,Q In Z1 4 xg 'K gEgt'i',f-w V S 1 1 , ' 1 , 't I -, 'L ' ' .t - v Y -:Q ,, if , Q ,YQ , 1? ff' 1 hx Q v .. N Q if HC 'W 1 , QT -Q1 , H v , .A ."f. W wv l , ' usd Q M., I r' 229 Sigma Sigma Sigma First National Sorority On April 20, 1898, Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded in Farmville, Virginia at the Longwood College. The motto is "Faithful Unto Death." Royal Purple and white are the colors. The violet and the pearl are the flower and Iewel. Tri Sigma's social protect is the Robbie Page Memor- " ial. All contributions to this memorial are given to the North Carolina Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Q Carolina. is F of Carol Watson Marge Lingo Katherine Iones President Vice-President Corresponding Sec. Katherine Walker Io Etta King Iackie Oates Mary Gene Huber Ieanette Maertens Barbara Webster Treasurer Recording Secretary Keeper of the Grades Sentinel Panhellanic Rep. Panhellenic Rep. A 2 'if 4 ' i11,"i S' -i-. 1, ., X aa ,ig '.:.:,.j,, gym, ,,..,.,.,,,.,,,, Q-.'-.a'f7'.2. ,'.'f'I-'W--v .'.'.'.'.+l".w!2:..-1 nm Mrs. Robert Carter Miss Sue Evans Linda Arnold Bobbie Bell Ger Blume Pegg Brown VY Y Sponsor Sponsor t Carolyn Carr Rosemary Christello Sharon Edqin Lillian Feldman Alice Fisher Wanda Fowlkes 230 ,3 an -V g 1. M - - 'Q 2 ' t A -Q9 Q 5 K.: 5 Q ff, " -fe ' Q5 gf L ,1 5 ' Q, , b K. J ' 'V s 5 . li A ,. 0 s V P A I ,Ax. Q 5 ' n 9 t lg ,. 'Q . X 7' . , ' R 0 Z 1 , o , Q A S Q , p X 1 , F in , 3 3 X ,Av 7,.v, J Y ' i V rv if 4 .-:,L' 4' ' S l I ,MLA 'Nv.iAu. I The 1954-1965 Members ot Sigma Sigma Siqma Sorority fre-S - . -4 S359-1: V W .s N I ,An 4 X ,, Lil 4.2, lawn ,A-X P - -- I Q ., ,, Mwgggqgfigs 3, ,MlxA,,1,, .- f 1:-'fray Wm 1 ff' if if W f A 2 f' Y 'Ei A in A x . W, we wmv A 'Wrf wh., Arlene Harris Linda Harrison Iudy Holland Caroline Irby Iudy Iohnston Iudy Keathley My L:-gf' '-4' lane King Sharon Lessenberry Billie I.. Mabry Grace Murphy ww- MMM' Kay Nichols Beth Polk Donna Smith Diane Spence Sandra McCutcheon jl,,'1,:eI-: yf:r,'igs " ' ', ' as, Q 7 ii- V - 'b- si5?g:1zQgEQQ :yu "E ,Z ' ' ivilliliif-.lg?3' X ' , f Q if ET qi: V Owl ,am .-51,7 A ' Q -W L gwri' ski , ,, KN, 3 A Delores Thomas Linda McMullen Margaret Wilson 231 232 SK First Greek Sorority in New England Sigma Kappa sorority was established by five coeds on November 9, 1874, at Colby College in Water- ville, Maine. This sorority is found only in four-year colleges or universities of high standing. Sigma Kappa was the first Greek letter sorority to be stablished in New England: and its predecessor is the oldest Greek letter organization on the ASTC campus, dating back to 1928 with the Alpha Phi Epsi- lon Sorority. The Delta Tau Chapter of Sigma Kappa was begun on this campus on September 19, 1959. Linda White President I l The colors of Sigma Kappa are soft lavender and maroon. The flower is the violet, the jewel is the pearl: and the symbol is the triangle. In October of 1962, the Central Arkansas Alumni Chapter of Sigma Kappa was founded. An advisory board is provided by this Alumni Chapter to assist the active college members. YQ 'ml 5--M aqnmg-ggmsir W'i"k'k-"-2:....,,,,,, I 1 Blanche Iolly First Vice-President Carolyn Aaron Second Vice-President Lura Cunningham Treasurer - Kay Strugeon Recording Secretary Carolyn Rhein Corresponding Secretary Sondra Hercher Rush Chairman Norma Agnew Lynn Brockett W Susan Cross Mary Ann Craig ludy Cummings Susan Davidson Lynn Edmonson .-an,--:5:.-1, , ?1 f-,1,e,L,,,?,3.-.- -af-:, 1 . .:,.,-wg-i y y. ei. e - ffsfffyef-:fl w e --am-1.,5.X.',:f , .. ,k. 7-amy: ' e :I i' L If . f evmaszxifis N. -K . - i f 7 .. Glynda Farris Lynda Farris Iudy Fletcher Sarah Griqsby Beiha Groom Lynn Hall Linda L. Hammondtree Sheryl Iones Ann Layrock Levita McMillan Iudy Mullens Jerry Nicholson Rebecca Phillips Patty Sims Mary Nell Silces Elizabeth Tucker Kay W. Tull Yvonne Tull Alice R. Walton Delores Walls 233 234 Delta Zeta Founded at Miami University The Delta Zeta Sorority is the largest national so- ciety chapterwise. This sorority was founded on Oc- tober 24, 1902, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, by six coeds. The purposes of the sorority are to unite its mem- bers in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, to promote the moral and social culture of its members, and to develop plans for guidance in unity and action. Delta Zeta's colors are old rose and vieux green: her flower is the pink Killarney Rose: her jewel is the diamond: and her symbol is the lamp. Delta Zeta's take part in every phase of campus life with members participating in the religious, aca- demic, and honorary organizations on our campus. Pai Cantrell President 5 1 f Q Ev g. V l',,QPYePOL Ianie Mazanti Pam Bohart Ginny Enderlin Iudy Bell Idalene Blackburn Linda Staniield First Vice-President Second Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Sec. Treasurer Historian ,' W' Iudy lanes Rockie Rauert Sue Cummins Mrs. Nolen Irby Miss Dorothy Long Miss Carlysle Ellis Sr. Panhellenic Rep. Ir. Panhellenic Rep. Scholarship Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor ,fr , Mimi Albright Pat Baker Martha Ann Brown Marsha Black Cecilia Coifelt Betsy Gass figL31352Q2YL1fiYS1Ewi5l'lC3i?gl'?is?g.5s2g2sa51xLi2v gsfzzis Qiomwyfsifkiffevkl SF R: W. vw? Wkilsil. -iizw QW? x l2i12:5l,'1lf9 . E Y-i ff Lie! f - 1 f fs P5 f is wv A 9 . , f , E ,,.,,. W f Q52 1 'I' l X 2 , 1 r 8 wtf' an me x Q MMA M ,, Q' Delta Zeta Members 1964-65 .fQ Barbara Ingram Sandra Isaacs Libby Ienninqs Dinah Manor Carolyn Morgan Dlanna Noble Ann Oliver Hee Phillips 1 Marsha Pratt f 6 ., .. ' 5 fr al ' 41, ffirm si'-wif -- we X f 1 W , , f 3 'SQ , 55" Q u 2 QS? , Q f vi Pjg K y ,I , s E .. ww , 53 ssifsifii: Z. '1 91 nw . 57 me ,ff-gp M--.4 wsu 2 5 K a TSI- f f , A . S f M Y, 3, nivi , n , " nv- ,.. fi e. ' , A ff-35555551 ' ' V- fgfsfsfmgfz A 'LE If 1 Dianne Radcliff Pts 1 1. Terri Robneti Ian Smith Susan St. Iohn Io Swain Doy Taylor Sue Ann Wnght 236 Margaret Berry Vice-President Marilyn Cox Marialyce Brinlkey Corresponding Sec. Treasurer Alpha Sigma Tau came into being in 1889 with the banding together of eight coeds at Michigan State Normal College in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau was begun on the ASTC campus in 1935, and has been a member of the National Panhellenic Confer- ence since 1951. The major purpose of this organization is the promo- tion of the ethical, cultural, and social development of every member through the bonds of sisterhood. Alpha Sigma Tau believes in the values of friendship, fulfillment of self, and fidelity to purpose. The colors of Alpha Sigma Tau are emerald and gold: her flower is the yellow rose: and her symbol is the anchor. Alpha Sigma Tau Begins at Ypsilanti Brenda Walker Mary Iane Eaton Marcia Nincehelser Pam Armstrong Joy Tediord Mrs. Barbara Ritter Recording Secretary Chaplain Panhellenic Rep. Editor Historian Sponsor k'V , 491 551254 .- . I v - i lg , ,fr .,. ra2fg-::-:55- . . --i Mrs- BEUY Younq ll-Ili!! BCUBY Linda Caven Sandy Crabtree Julia Ewan Glynda Fielder Sponsor Susan Graham Frankie Greco Shelia Hammond Diane Hart Sharon Holyfield Carol lackson , 1 Sandra Laslter Lynda Lindsey Paula Lucas Susie Minton Peqqy Munsey Bonita Powers --WE Marian Riddell Linda Rowland Sue Slever Nancy Smith Ann Sybert Betty Kai Turner Alpha Sigma Tau's proudly display their new winter outfits. 237 238 ASA Installed on Campus in 19441 L-1 Q9 55, c:.'-Q,- omg, 059 S' H? 'UQLQ fD"v-13 HBQ 4 2.3.75 rz,,,'rJ "ME" cn 9,572 nga o'....U1 'STE-cp 3991 fp Q agg 0 'S- U50 5-Eff CD'-v L-' Ingo -1 :S rw 2 550 Q-no moo.. ora err WK! "tm 55" B'--B zrilg. 252 "39.tQ 5110 Q3 3:-' 00195 zo ogg: --Q.. UI:-1a-U : IJ' E39 'Q.Q'.f!? 55.3 wan s :Legg tar:- ESQ Q-ia' .sp-'H ' ::r State Teachers College campus in 1944. ' "-Z" '24 ..... E V - 1 l P"" , . A: Wcmdeana Borgard ! President eo F' dv Q 954 Iane Stallings Vice-President Noel Harlow lane Newberry Suzie Henderson Karen Larson Ann Longinotti Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Rush Chairman Panhellenic Rep. Rosanne Hubbard Carolyn Umsted Carolyn Whiley Mary Ann Arnold Miss Marie Schichtl Panhellenic Rep. Chaplain Parliamentarian Pledge Mistress Sponsor -A fu 'Q UG? .......,v-' gm., Betty Lou Alexander Dorothy Andrews Alice Cummings Sharon Fort Ellen Funk its Carol HOYI Iackie Lanham Peggy Martin Susan Morgan lei'-Umie RUYHQ1' Barbara Io Rogers Shirley Spencer Judy Stakemiller Betty Umsted Renee Wilson First Row: lane Stallings, Wandeana Borguard, lane Newberry. Second Row: Rosanne Hubbard, Karen Larson lg 4' as 'Q HYKAEM -,, 239 American Chemical Society Meets Bi-Monthly l Bill Payne Iohn David Richardson President Vice-President The American Chemical Society is the largest organization in the world devoted to a single science. The Arkansas State Teachers College students affiliate chapter of this society was established in 1958. Membership in this organization is open to all chemistry majors, and minors, and chemical engineering students. This pre-professional group gives its members a beginning in the selection of the field they wish to specialize in, a pride in the profession they have selected for a life's work, an after-hours chemistry education, and a placement for graduates. Iackie Watson Ann Layrock 4 Tom Bailey Ed Bird Secretary-Treasurer Reporter and Publicity Larry Lewqllen Susie Morgan Earl Riddick Faril SimPS0I1 Sponsor Sponsor 241 242 siiiaw zgzf " ' Y, , 7, 2 in ,S lk, V V 1 'fl Carolyn Whiley President ACEI Works for Education of Children 1 rw tx Q, w as Ma Wa. tm.,fRi.F3 .1 ,EW it hi,,,.f.q t , ,Q , ,, .. .Qi as A 'T is gg X ,S 3 is .,-- Y as Shirley Mallet Vice-President :asv.iM fszssiifi 'ar -,feQ?":ts. 7 - ' 1 ts' ,115fxgg:ff ' K . The Association for Childhood Education In- ternational came into existence in 1930 with the merging of two organizations of teachers of young children - The International Kindergarten Union, which was organized in 1892, and the National Council of Primary Education, which was organ- ized in 1915. This non-profit professional organiza- tion consisting of more than 80,000 members, is in- terested in the education and Well-being of chil- dren from the ages of two to twenty-one years. Chapters of this organization are located through- out the United States and other countries. Its mem- bership includes teachers, parents, and many other persons interested in the field of childhood education. The purpose of this organization is to work for the education and well-being of children by: KD Promoting desirable conditions, programs, and practice in the schools from the nursery through the elementary grades: C25 Raising the standard of preparation and encouraging continued profes- sional growth oi teachers and leaders in this field: 131 Bringing into active co-operation all groups concerned in the school, the home, and the com- munity: and f41 Informing the public of the needs of children and how the school program must be adjusted to fit those needs. .sigyx lane King Secretary-Treasurer f-' .,,i..,. ' " . rs v i "r'i It-dv'-Iafa ' 1' X' M i 1 RSPONE1' ' Xl Q V ",, 1 Alice Stewart ' av W - .. ..-. 9 1. ..,, 5 -a rsi S0CiG1ChQifmQn f-gil. f ta.f"f Mabel Grey Patterson V, A by . Zkk -V::v .. 7 -V 3, Sponsor fa: ' ' Y ' ,tttr ---. t Katherine Adams 1 1 Pat Mama w .k,, V Diane Andrews , .tj A -',,:: .a g A Qf t'-E ' --.. Winfred Armstrong Idalene Blackburn ... B"b""' Bmw" '-i- Peggy Brown . ., .. . .M wifi' , 2' 1.5" Norma lean Cole Iudy Cummings Tommie Dalby Kathleen Dorsey Ruth Ann Duran Mildred Evans Iulia Ewan Dora Ann Falls Wanda Fawlks Vivian I-'lewellen Sharon Fort Nancy Green . Lynn Hall Sharon Hardcastle Noel Harlow Mary Katherine Heck Carrol Herndon Esta Lee Heuer Roseann Hubbard Iackie Iacks Iudy Ianes Betty Iennings Blanche Iolly Candy Iones Katherine Iones Io Etta King Earlene Lang Elizabeth Lemmon Carolyn Lewis Diane Linn Ann Longinotti Io Nell Lowry Brenda McClure Geraldine McNeel Levita McMillin Linda McMullen David Mahon Carol Martin Linda Moore Carolyn Morgan Susan Morgan Sarah Nelson Dianna Noble Doris Noble Iames Pitchtord Ioan Powell Ronnie Rankin Charla Ray Ioyce Iean Rayner Carolyn Rhein Kay Rice Barbara Rogers Sherye Scott Diane Spence Iane Stallings Martha Ruth Stamps Anita Standeler Susan St. Iohn Kay Sturgeon loy Tedtord Betty Kai Turner Betty Umsted Carolyn Umsted Betty lane Wade Brenda Walker Nancy Wilkes Margaret Wilson ,f- -W-f W-Q 1 Q, Q fi - ' ffifiifi wi, Qwfisiliii rf: ,fwi,.,,,. . . , f we - , 5 K f , , ,.,. . ., ,,.. .. ,. .. ,H .,,,, .,,,, , ' fre' ls ' , 5 S f X W2 ,Q at E ,f ff 1 S e 2' Z xx sf ,fi ' S2 f 5,3 'sl Q 4- Mm Q 555 " MS M if 3 ,SS .xy tw: 5, , ., I iff riff . , l..' 1' 133 ' ef xeviiiwefsf? 5 Ne.. smmwfe th e ge T29 25? at 5 5wwz:w,:rs:zzz:ls1zr' 1r21ff,5Y'13i35fQ1ts3?i fi' ,lx,.e,w,e.,' - -lf-it lt. . 7 iegfw a' A ' --f,m:z,g. -nz, :,,.r' 5' 3 Q ,K 1 X f is ,,.,, .. .. M ,WZ K .A mm, -mf Qggpfttr Q :L ,im sf'alSfsw,, 'saint wiv 'mei ,,.2 W .. .. ..,,..,,. .S N, ,., Q15 5 5 sf H, gfgege agen' -' fdumrliiiwiie 'Z .9 Q' ' 1"1f,sf2-ieiissva 5, .,f. S, , A EW f if ' 'este' 51' ,Q ., fx, eg, , New ,A ft 'Si-.Q M, .,.,, ..,,. ,K wmv- at ,nt ., , ,,, ,X .,,, , . fzi gleilfflfi M , . W? em. .M Eiisifigif, 7 M Li s ' Tf?'L5f?:5E',5, , ' Ni- .- , , 'iigjf' ,I iifffflzl' 'M , g,,, , sf fl ,en ' , 5-53513 V 5 L , ,H , 119' 3 , . wr, I is C of-as -w If .593 we 'f3KS'eHfS111azN5'31s?g?'-iwis-WStf:w !5z4wsrz,:s,:s,,Q,. ' " , 1 1i':?fEf3fiq?W'-S 'efewgegrfr--2gl.:": ' ' . A ..AlQ,:- . , I , qi by f K I ' " -., N . ' ,af sy ' fi' . we Qc: K ff , we , 5-fxflff' '- zf ' ' ' ff 'N 4 Y- , it 1, wfslf, Q ,,f :A ,-w u - A 1 ,..,k ., wen sifeii 5562 is is Q eweae fs be s , , 3 W' way, sez ,W ,- X. 'ef f .1-fm' 'fleiiefzfmd .s.fw: 3, ' 5: 'T . :mag - Lf , j W- 'L , ,-ian, 3 243 244 Alpha Phi Is A rt Majors' Fraternity Marvin Wilson Iudy Moore Miss Marie Schichtl President Vice President Sponsor Alpha Phi is a fraternity for art majors on this campus. It was orginally founded as a departmental club in 1920 by Miss Mary Augusta Bernard, long- time head of the Art Department, and was known as the Art Club. In 1962, the club temporarily changed its name to the Fraternity of Art. Unable to make contact with any national organizations, the Fraternity later adopted the Greek name, Alpha Phi. The main purpose of Alpha Phi is to advance the cause of art by promoting a number of art ex- hibits and activities both on the campus and in the state throughout the year, and to encourage rela- tionships among those who are interested in the field of art. Norma Agnew David Bass Sandra Boldinq Forest Carmichael Nathan Crook Ronald Flack A w Sue Graves Retha Io Hicks Ian Lee Shelia Obar Iamie Pannell Dianne Peterson Paul Scott Gary L. Scroqqs Brenda Turner Sylvie Wable Rebecca Wavrrin Gi Gi Worm API First to be Organized on Arkansas Campus The Arkansas State Teachers student section of the American Institute of Physics was established in 1962 under the guidance of Professors Denver L. Prince and Halva Bass. This student section was first organized with sixteen members, and it had the distinction of being the first to be chartered on an Arkansas campus. Student sections of the A.I.P. may be organized at any college offering a major in physics, but membership is not restricted to physics majors. The only educational requirement for membership in the stu- dent section is that they must be below the Ph.D. level of academic achievement. At the helm of all student sections is the American Institute of Physics, which was established in 1931 for the purpose of advancing and diffusing knowledge of the science of physics and its application to human welfare. The AIP is a federation of several professional societies, including the American Physical Society, the Optical Society of America, the Acoustical Society of America, the Society of Rheol- ogy, and the American Association of Physics Teachers. Members of these several societies are from various fields of endeavor-engineer- ing, scientific research and application, and education. Besides the intellectual communication with these professional societies, the student section affiliation provides an opportunity for junior membership in the professional societies while an individual is still in school. This association greatly facilitates attaining full mem- bership in a society later on when the student enters his career field. Through the student section program, a student of physics, en- gineering, or science acquires an introduction to the current develop- ments, problems, opportunities, and personalities in the field of his major interest. Ralva Bass Sponsor George F. Beers Dennis F. Brant lay Hodoway Bill I. Hudman Larry Lewallen Bill Pruitt. Ir. K 245 246 Craftsman? Guild Upen to LE. Majors, Minors The Craftman's Guild is a socio-professional organization open to all of those majoring or minoring in Industrial Education. This Guild was established in 1947 for the purpose of promoting close followship among the students of In- dustrial Arts. Every year, representatives of the Guild attend the Four State Regional In- dustrial Arts and Vocational Education Conference at Kansas State Teachers Col- lege located at Pittsburg, Kansas, and several other similar meetings. Another an- nual activity of the Guild is the building of a float for entrance in the Homecom- ing Parade. In addition to the fostering of brotherhood, this organization annually holds a fish fry, takes a field trip, and holds two hamburger suppers for its members, Raymond Dow Sponsor V. N. Hukill Sponsor E. W. Packard Sponsor AWN Ronny Acton Wcxyman Bocxst Bucky Mays Iohn Robert Smith I l Ed. Henderson Dorr Moore Donald I. Presley Robert Dale Stevens Y ,,. SK1 V f Iames Stietvater 2 if An l.E. student experiments with the metal lathe. H Y, 'iv' Mr. Dow and Dorr Moore tind real enjoyment in the metal lab. ig -.. Ronald Strack 'wo , www, Freddy Williams William Wade 1 1 2 - lt 247 248 Biology Club Members Take Annual Trip to Ucean Springs The Biology Club, organized in 1964, is one of the newest clubs on the campus. This club is open not only to all biology majors and minors, but also to any other interested students. The purpose of this club, which is sponsored by the entire biological staff, is to further interest in the different biological sciences. A main activity of the Biology Club is the yearly trip for Biology students to the Gulf States Marine Re- search Laboratories in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, spon- sored by the Club and assisted by the ASTC adminis- trative offices. Tommy Pace Iackie Oates Vige.P1-egidem Secretary-Treasurer Richard Collins Neal Butfaloe Sponsor Sponsor Iewel Moore Ray Kinser Charlotte Bennett Elva Ray Sponsor Sponsor is "' ' Iehu Mitchell Iris Reynolds Opal Reynolds Harold Sayqer WRA'S Objectives: Fitness, Good Sportsmanship The W.R.A. has as its most important objec- tives the fostering of physical fitness and a spirit of good sportsmanship. This association is gov- erned by the executive council which is composed of representatives from each of the organizations which participate in the Women's intramural pro- gram. The W.R.A. is the sponsor of Women's intra- murals, which includes tournaments in horseshoes, table tennis, badminton, bridge, swimming, bas- ketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, and track and field events. At the end of the year, the W.R.A. also awards a team plaque to the team having the most total points. Wanda Fowlkes President Iudy Cummings Vice-President Shirley Spencer Linda Davis Ann Sybert Gail Wisely Secretary Treasurer Publicity Director Recreation Director Iudy Brown Liz Reddick Peggy Welch Miss Ann Mfwhell Activities Chairman Delta Zeta Representative Short Hall Representative Sponsor 249 250 Carol Miller President t Colhecon Promotes Interest in Home Economics Velma Minton Barbara Minton Vice-President Secretary-Reporter ' Colhecon, an organization for future instructors in home economics, is open for membership to those either majoring, minoring, or interested in the field of home economics. The main purpose of this organization is the bringing together of students interested in this field and thereby pro- moting a unity of working together. The goals of Colhecon are the professional development of each member, social ac- tivities in the department, co-operation with the college in all projects, and development of individual members. The Colhecon Club strives to bind home economic students together while they are in school, give them a knowledge and practice in self-initiated group work, provide them with a true vision of home economics, and most important, form a basis for future living. Colhecon's national emblem is the Betty Lamp: the motto is: "Minds that think: hands that work: hearts that love." Rosemary Owens Mrs. Almeria Lindsay Aileen Bates Brenda Broom Suzanne Carter Treasurer Sponsor Dora Davis Ellen Funk Helen Faith Ii 3 gg, 1:52 ... f 3 X A, if , P e f Ali,-'Sei Eexwisigsiginggggexi, if 1 2 f5Tf5:ffg1gQ,lilijff Qilfggjf- '3 rj 1: , ,5' 3 g ,,s,,7w,,5g,jf,:',: V si, , " 11 - 351' K w ifi, 553 ' -- Q ffffzf ff . - K ' J .- '7 -1533195 v. I ... gtg, ,gugfzwffi I i Vk., , ,,, A .. Martha Grenwelge Clynda rm-ras Linda rams Madaline Kaye roster Keron Griffin Mary Harlon loyce Harvey :ws ,g, ff-we , -If i W ,R Q . W , 'T V i,,.,5, Wi- we gm' is.SifAi2gielEmi'Kigfefwggsgs Qfytkk s' V 4 gm s 45232, 5, 22.2 555 21 ?MsgsW'Q5v5:7'z-1112fatxgsw N535 H4, E5-twain, Hy g e in e!-wm fl 55L?lL5F4?3f2iS32im7W " f- 2 Q Fw . sw Q 'H l2i?ff'l'M-mfWW 'f?:f1341if' Fla f2i:Qvgw1fin.'i i - " .V ffgsgjeigffsssfhygg R gfgggfgzzy eggs ,. , . f V '2p57f"7 , ' 1' , wx .11-:g..w '7"'..:f.v 'I' ' . , aw' 1. . , hs ,-. I V w 'K 5. ' 5 ' "1 V ff' WH. , x V A W ,. . M - w V 'K L, v' Marilyn Sue Hawkins Iudy Isbell Diana Kingston Laura Beth Lester Ann Lindsey Mary Flo Lindsay Mary Alice Manning Toni Marple Neanne Nichols Iane O'Neal in Iulia Patterson Peggy Pryvr Serena Red Ann Reed Dottie Shettield Mary Nell Shottner Patty Siems Carolyn Smith Iudy Stalremiller Martha Staudinqer Carolyn Stevens Suzie Todd Toma lane Walker Delores Watts Sylvia Wlllock 251 252 Many Organizations Involved in Intramurals The Intramurals Council consists of Iim Escola, Bill Cunaway Paul Hoover, cmd standing: Bruce Parsons, Tommy Iackson, and Mickey Iohnson. Each year many of the different organizations on the campus participate in the intramural program. This program includes such sports as touch football, soft- ball, basketball, volleyball, track, and swimming. In addition to these team sports, individual sports are also offered to those who wish to participate. The objectives of the Intramural program include: recreation, physical fitness, mental and emotional health, social contacts, group loyalty, and permanent interest in sports. The Intramural program is a part of our broad Physical Education program. It serves in the capacity as a lab for what the students have learned in the instructional program. The members oi WBA have cx baseball game in the late afternoon. Jerri Seule exhibits true form as she pitches the ball in an afternoon WHA baseball game. , ,t K ,V 5 Q , ....,.,W , ,.,. C ., V-we f -V In , .K Vf' ' -V , 5 V, Mm. 1 V. if V-U H ., A 1 Ami, 53 , . , , W . Q ,V W s wr . . A 1- .'M1..w, -4' H V'Af...,4-igwfgf1Q,,2, M V I , L i1f542f",g,mVfigJ,p . , - ved. ' A 'M , A 43 f gi in Q Q AA.. . ,V .ax V445 X NM A ggxflgg ' A - V' W' QV, . 5 N - gn". if ffhf A-:gm . - 'fy 7'Wi.f9?2. M,1uL4HnhVQ' 'V ,fgf.L4,'1?: V . of A , .N Aw' ,V .ak WW ...i V sv, ,f Q, V..i0.pfM-wg. if ff,-,.--W4 ,Q A V A ,y it ,, .. ,Y in 363325431 15, w,'1E!fQ5q+Lgw4:,?ifQV73 .,,9Q:,f,. ff V, ,SZ i f- ,fer M- - f pq, ,V M f- A is 'V f a 1 , . 2.-'mf , . f ,VL ,...Vw, if A ,L ,,,., :ef Xia, .' an 4, '. , wx- miffzgnww, f "SN, 7 V V L . .. .L if u,gpV,'qVy V X ' i:?!..39 if q ' L. f .X . X ,, ., ii AA if wt A, L. .,-f,iP,Lg ..3fLg:sl3m h,SA,7i,EP Lg L5 . Q V' s, , -, ' A L.. ' -aQi,'A'V I ,f as-Vmi fishes?-Aff .ff f."i'45lW5,., f' 'Q ' ' , 5 , 3 ,4 by WQL. .V .. V li ygw. rf ,magat,E2i?:iM?gWi11,5Iffw:7fx 'f digg Z 3. ,f1:gfi:,g?3iV Asif ggi ' V. ,-Tg,,.--far,-gt' I I ,Q W T,.-J,, Ti, 1 , A f Vv!',,g V s ' , M .jg - I-V A, V, A A. ., mmm ww. + 'A s g . 1 .V ,. X, ,fi .w,ig:,. - . J, N M, -A f I , 'gs Y A f'.w,4.4z. A if , Y V V-'- ,. N ,i 1',,Af.w 4' U' .X V1 ,MV ,w"'5fa?' -mi A ,W 'AQZSU' N A if K' ' NPR' 3, ' ,,,eg.,yVf' ,, '7'7- V A fwnf' 'Qx 3 ,L ..""' ' 'fQ'3?!AgQf"gg. N., :w'5y,jf-- ' 5' 'FA'T"' ,' . 3 ' .. W , K '-Qsawl. D' Vfffm, iff , iw ,iw-1 - . , ., '1'H'fff'f Q omg. 1-1V:s'f,.g4,1,.,, 'tfsl' -,.VV7:.mi'i.LWi?15w.wsV,.fls9:.f'i V ' ' ,n..,,e.Q-'wi ffVlf1w?VLff'W2Vf Wfffwfwifpy ff, 'iff' 'iVf. 3f134?1'A4if+i4' ,V is ' 'f ,. ., P- . M868-VNQ, .-1. ,L Ag, srwfadv, W-. 5 ui gig,-AV'fsFtz ' , f 15544 .xv-4 if V .A , V , w gf VL. Maw, - . - -V - K 'i 'g,,.VV,, M ,f,,,,g5f?-,:':... if V - V j.,,-Vw ggQ.,5,."-5k?'f'X2if'l,rl, f A 1 gXf,f13vz,if -' 454529. -,,,N',!.J:s .,,,g,Q,,, ,nf .V - s , - , . , ,g, ' V M . A 5 X Y 'L ' ,gf -. V' ' ' if , f' .1 ' u L V ,L V , ' 43: f W -A , ' ' 5 ,. ,s,',,M?,g-gas 'ffx221v,.V-VizVafvgzVfff,1,,,., . sm fig. ::1?11f,,3i?4':fi wfzf, X . Qi11xgsi2iig5,a' QVfgia,'.-i,1V'jf3A'225255225 N, NW ', - - 2 ' Pwiffilz Ati',V,V ' ii , :L-T' 'ww 5' IA,'3wf':1i A 31 'vxaf if Sui" Y' L Ve 5' V in ,, -V 5W:lg5,3g AkWk,.:Qig:f,,,A5,-, 1 Z., wf1QQg,g5,gfjiM4 N Q. .1 E. fs, ,,-We M7Jg?sMkk ,Q S Atdgjjgviigfs 3-5, P , , K gif. 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Za' ! , ,kk..yki'v,'fA,i:,,k Q A A ,V Q , 7 , ltjlk ff, g, X ,gjii fs? . 1,,,b,0, ,L !jQ3,i Es.. . . - I i ' ,N 1 '- JH fi, 'K' 1 i. , f yw4y,,'.1' I .V 5 , .Vx 1, .M . - , V , my ,V,: ' A x , V .V V 1 M A V, yrukir f, ,Vz,,4y1,,L'y J' V M. uv., NM K 4 .. 6 igg5NVv,g?fj.L + xx Wy V2 Jr M4--i.mxx. K Q lk ,Vp QKM V, f. ' C.LjI,4,": ,' , - . W", A ix ' " gh' Nfylie 3 ' I 'tljf-egg" 1 , . - f1f','f'f,K f ,t 5551. ,Q .- ,- ,,' , 1 ,L 4013.1 ..s.,g-.N Qi vi 'M-31f,,,,:,,jV7 .iff -. W, 3 F'?,ziMfp V V, ,, Zip. .gym -V , f if , . 253 ' ,L 1 , 55-is . W . mei? -,J A , E555 2 fe fri iw. E.: .,wgm, , fy . ,,. YW 555 n ittiiisf ' , Iudy Brown President . 'mg af QP M , . 552352-S E ,p kg Q, - sax. -we . 1' 3 sis ts tt, gsm, , . e is ,xt it zfggsiitfgiit , I ft:1'f2',,'ibes , J... Lffag? faeieg Y' P11 w Jr... it ' Q, 1--.sw K " tae, .Atria - Ruth Rogers Second Vice-President . if 5 t iq tw' gill, s w? ' Ht . .. ., -- . . .. ' dl fi Shirley Spencer Parliamentarian lane King First Vice-President Peggy Martin Secretary Mary Gunderman Chaplain WPEMM Club The Women's Physical Education Majors and Minors club, as it now functions, was organized in 1957. This club is open to all women who are majoring or minoring in the field of physical education. This organization provides its members with many op- portunities for fellowship, athletic participation, and leader- ship. Through this club, one may become acquainted with both the leaders and the latest developments in the fields of physical education on a local, state, and national level. One activity they engage in each year is the sending of the junior members of the club to the Regional Conference of the Ameri- can Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recrea- tion. This year also eighteen members attended the National Physical Education Convention in Dallas, Texas. The major objectives of the club are participation in recreational pursuits, improving professional standards, and improving skills and techniques pertaining to' the field of physical education. . E 1-.tfili-3'5ilW"'MMU?"5E::fEp15!:2'f:'j1:-'EI'j'gE5? ww-A P X " -- 'ff--ij - -,SQL Quai pisses . mil s fgfqiigsgssv ,T gsm Wiiffifirf ,ff . f . fag 2955355 grgfw at pw,4:i.:,: -' , . J . ilifsi , 55553. . f Nancy Sutherlin Linda Davis Sandra Carmical Lea Larson Betty Hilton Ieanne Miller Miss Betty Swift Carolyn Aaron Hospitality Hospitality Hospitality Photography Professional Indices Reporter Sponsor and Membership and Membership and Membership and Scrapbook Pat Cantrell Rosemary Christello Patsy Dalby Barbara Fuller Carolyn Hester Mariorie Holt Leslie Hulce Peggy McGinty Mary L. McSpadden Suzie Mabry Patti Meyer Linda Russell Mary Nell Sikes Peggy Welch Gi Gi Worm 254 MENC Urganized in 1959 The Music Educators National Conference, open to any student on the campus who is actively interested in music, was organized on the Arkansas State Teachers College campus in 1959. The local chapter of MENC is affiliated with the Arkansas Music Educators Association. Some of the purposes of this organization are to make available to members opportunities for professional de- velopment, to acquaint students with the privileges and responsibilities of the music education program, and assist the school in presenting programs of interest to future music educators. X. MENC Officers, First Row Cseatedl: Becky Phillips, Secretary-Treas- urer: Marion Riddell, Corresponding Secretary. Second Row: Pat Farrior, President: Richard Knox, Historian-Reporter: Margaret Nabors. Vice-President. MENC Members, Front Row tseatedjz Miss Evans, Sponsor, Marion Riddell, Becky Phillips, Margaret Nabors, Pat Farrior. Back Row: Mr. Ritter, Sponsor: Iames Holcomb, Erika Diles, Dallas Lefluer, David Chism, Richard Knox. Paul Wilson, Dennis Wilt, Mary Iim Sliger, Sue Brents. 255 256 Pre-Law Club Makes Program a Reality Charles Evans Sponsor Leslie Capps D. Ioe Glover The Pre-Law Club was organized in 1962 to make the Pre-Law program at ASTC a reality. It is an organization by which pre-law students are able to learn more about their needs and abilities for law school. This they accomplish not only from literature and each other, but also from practicing lawyers who are speakers for many of their meetings. Another way the club benefits members is that they attend Law Day at the University of Arkansas. Here the members learn from students who are in law school and attend a Moot Court. Each year a scholarship is offered to an honor student for the Tulane University School of Law at New Orleans, La. The Club is also of interest to students who do not plan to attend law school but are interested in government. Iohn B. Murray Robin Nix lim Hoqqard Stephen F. Huss Charles T. Purdom Kenny E. Red l0e Short Bob Stroud Ierry I. Taylor Rodney McWilliams 1' mL', Alpha Delta IS the Arkansas State Teachers College chapter of Ph1 Beta Lambda This national youth organization for college students enrolled in business courses is sponsored by the United Business Education Association All of the local and state Ph1 Beta Lambda chapters operate under charters granted by the national organization. Each chapter, which has its own constitution adopts projects and programs that are within the framework of the national organization. Phi Beta Lambda operates as a part of the school program under the guidance of business teachers school administrators, and busi- nessmen. It is democratically organized' is devoted to providing col- lege students with educational vocational, and leadership exper- iences' encourages improvement in scholarship: and strengthens the Q . Phu Beta Lambda for B ustness Students "" - - - L . . ':i- 1 e - - - - .gr .Q ' ' was-ei 'Y 4 tri-5553 32 K xiii 1 A Siffigl S K my Y 5 .Q 9 I ga. . 4 ,wi -I5 sg i V , qi' ff' R- It Jr rf 1. R mv 1 it r .rt f ' --- Butch Penney Ann Brooks President Vice-President confidence of young adults in themselves. The Alpha Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda Works toward these goals by participating in contests on the state level, hearing speakers from different business establishments, and by presenting a scholar- ship to an outstanding junior to be used during his senior year. Carol WGfS0n KermY Puckerr llldi' Hawks Catherine Walker C. A. Hamilton D. W. Blackburn 5eCl'efC1rY Treasurer H91-Dorter Historian Sponsor Sponsor Hilda Burton Ianet Davis Iohnny Garner Dan Hendricks D- D- MCKen2ie I-owne Milan Steve Power Kenny Red Carolyn Reidmatten Iohn Shoemaker Kathy Southerland Heta Young 257 - ' X" , . ' 'Iliff QAYTZA ' gf Y' lll' T'-ful.. .515 V iwjiir 2. X H , 3, , fx N "4-...UW q Wandeana Borqard Susan Reid President Vice-President ' F! ' N "" . .. ,, ,. WH W .Q "l' -A " 'ft " , . Student National Education Association The Arkansas State Teachers College chapter of Student National Educational Association is the Ben A. Lewis Chapter, named for Dr. Ben A. Lewis, head ot the Education and Psychology Department at ASTC. The SNEA is the undergraduate professional association for college students preparing to teach. In the state ol Arkansas, there is an SNEA chapted located in every state- supported and every denominational college. These several chapters work with each other in various activities such as the sharing oi ideas and projects. This body ot SNEA chapters is under the leadership of the Arkansas Educa- tion Association and National Education Association. These organizations assist the individual chapters by providing them with program ideas and materials, advice, and speakers to enliven their programs. An SNEA member is also a student member of the AEA and the NEA, and possesses all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of members. 3.5 glff a 'Q X 2' 4' 1. yr . . 3 L .f ll , t ,ff l lt ti.. 1:5 .K M. ,t .r . ' " f s w if . W . fwfr as as f 2 5 is . , . . .........., Z. .t, . .... , Noel Harlow Mrs. Fay Bonds Kathryn Adams Sec.-Treas. Sponsor ' " ltiii .3 t.,t, me - .. , tr':: 5 if 95 . 1 Dorothy Andrews Lena Barger Carol Baskin Dollie Baxter Linda Bell , ' ,,5s:,,a-a.,fa. :rf 3?fgg,f:g5sH. ..-- -l ",..""- t V . ll '- fif.1ff1f..gzo- 6' me-t.q?t .t . ,. M14-fn ff - W K f . r . .ff .4 Marialice Brinkley Peggy Brown Hilda Ioyce Burton Sandra L. Carmical Stephen R. Carrell " ' E' The purpose of SNEA is to provide an opportunity for personal and profes- sional growth through participation in state SNEA conventions, the privileges to attend any professional meetings ol AEA, membership in the professional organi- zation oi the student's major field, and personal contact with other members of SNEA. The SNEA also gives the individual an understanding of the history and ethics of teaching, and a chance to look at teaching from the inside by participation in professional activities at the local, state, and national levels. Marsha Black Idalene Blackburn Lanny Brannon .,, ,, .,,::g.,.- -'-fiQEs13!,.4-:::::5p3z::: .::.::':.:-SEQ, - ft. 132 . .- '- 4 itlirtiitit r --. . ' rw 1 A ,fi wx: s o " -'12 1 I 1:3 K ' K 553' ,KA ff "if .57 Eva Chism Rosemary Christello Paul R. Cody Tommie M. Dalby Dora Faye Davis Iimmy Dyer Paul Farrar Larry Fisher Larry Frost Morgan Gilbert Philip Gibson a-.siejggg gs.. 1-r U , isgsgss . lt - Q" ,:e1Qxsi s1. ,f-,. V 1- E , lid lf, ,f :"L:l!vTi5ifEf3ff 5222 33' , ' 'ff' , ' . 71' ltilfizfff, ' ' 5 511Q15il55 ?3 Tikiill 'F 3 -: .E D gf V at ,. k fs.. ' rf .rss .rt . - Eftfzti' ' - A' o ' , .1231 iiirlgg. . V' .- assinisf 'K H.: W' i f-f-5" LES? 0 Q. e Harold Gott Ioe Hill Betty Hilton Iudy Horn Mary Howe 258 Bobby Huey Winona Sue lines JP- . "wt .. 7, Earlene Lang Leah Kay Lange Lea Larson Carolyn Lewis Linda Bell Lindsey Io Nell Lowry Mary C. Luyet Billie Lou Mabry 1 Shirley Mallett Margaret Matmiller Lowell McClanahan Iohn McDaniel Iames McDermott Patricia Mills Susie Minton Iudy Moore Sarah Ruth Nelson Kathy Norman Glenn O'Donnell Iohn Polk Io Ann Powell Ieannie Raynor Mary Alice Reed Susan Reid ' :EB F - 1 'Q' ,-1211. il, A A , ff1i?ii:"fQlfe .'f. A .Q-.,. M , f-iwagzss,-:SV K . w tw -S1142 L' Sis, W v..,,,,,,, n Ruth Rogers Gene Sampson B. L. Scarborough Mary M. Schlsler Gary Scroggs Martha Ruth Stamps Alice Stewart lerry Swain L Paula Thomas Yvonne Tull Betty Umsted Carolyn Umsted Betty lean Wade Toma lane Walker Iackie Watson Sharon Welch 3 215' RW' em' , I A , A Wiki "557!x?sasi' NAL j.5'Ti3Z'54X5Q 'WW iw M fax! L1-M - ,rg M 1-gsgglfe 3 ,.. ,ftaiamf ff 1 ess? ' iifm' Carolyn Whitey Linda White Iames Wllburn Thelma Williams Renee Wilson Indy Wright Paula Lynn Yates Raymond Zawislal: 259 260 Sociedad H ispanica Formed Last Fall The Spanish Club, La Sociedad Hispanica, was organized during the fall se- mester of 1963. The purpose of this club is to promote better understanding of the people of Spanish-speaking countries and their language by films, student presen- tations, and special speakers. Often many unusual features of these cultures are brought out during a semester's activities. Iudy Burk, Donna Patton, and Bill Geater, ASTC students and members of La Sociedad Hispanica, were three of the many American students who attended Universities in foreign countries this summer. I Officers of the club this year are Iudy Burk, President: Glynda Fielder, First Vice-President: Tony Hughes, Second Vice-President: Ianice Hackman, Secretary: Mary Ann Craig, Treasurer, and Donna Patton, Reporter. Iudy Burk President Glynda Fielder First Vice-President Ianice Hackman Secretary Mary Ann Craig Treasurer Donna Patton Reporter Carol Baskin Ianie Bolls Lynn Brockett Sharon Colqultt Carol Iackson Carol Iohnson Dr. Ramon Rozzell Sponsor Mr. F aril Simpson Honorary Member A Music 262 MBSF Exists Only In Arkansas Richard Wilderson Thelma Williams President Vice-President r f ,J.."i' l A , . 5' 6' Dora Ann Falls Lena Dollar Sec.-Treas. Reporter The Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship was organized in 1958 for the purpose of providing a Christian organization on the college campus for their students. Their programs have been designed to provide interest and variety, as well as to aid in the advancement of the students' spiritual growth. Arkansas is the only state in which M.B.S.F.'s are located. Other M.B.S.F. groups are founds at Arkansas AGM, Southern State College, Henderson State Teachers College, Ouachita Baptist College, the University of Arkansas, and Little Bock. Two major activities of this group each year are the spring and fall retreats held at Bogg Springs Youth Encarnpment. The State M.B.S.F. publishes a monthly paper known as the Beacon. This is available to all mem- bers of the M.B.S.F. 31 iiislivff ., ww 3 .. v V , g Ierrel Boast gsm - YK F, K 1 :rest-was H W... , 5 Q WH 532222 '12 A '- .mw I, '.'. 'F ll W VJ k R 5 4 , Q A grail, fi W. 'ri' j'.if,.,,, ., ' ii : - l ..,enaw.,,--A bww.. .... A ,. H., . ,,3,,mf2f,xfr.WE3L?,5:gi,,g Wig ,eg-s ew 5 wnfrifsrw ww W if 351 Q J 2 sd-4:3 5 W' .f ,,, " is W 15. :::er2r".,-g.: 'Y'-x:yyr,gf4rsa1fefff1iia3, .w' : is .www if 1h? 5 -wear: -'4 A., . . .,..,. .-, .5-,Q f gtggtgqgmr . I .,,n ,mf .zessw 5 , . , A 1 .1715 'Ha l fb f Y wr' assi -eff , t ,, Q X Charlotte Bennett Linda Bennett Wayman Boast Burnette Conner Larry Gray Mary Lou Iackson Ioyce Iones Hardy Lane Sherrie Langley V. LV., fri .'.f 1' f r v V--V A " , . W ., Charlene Phillips ,Q S V, -N yr ,garish K, .ry C A I ' , Rachel Prince , fm-' g,,,Ws, ,,, Linda Robinson , Elaine nuueaqe A.. Brenda Smith A "'fff't ,K gi VV K V7 - k.,, if Ylang, haf .wwbi-. . ,ES :?3?ll"t1-'73 ft' ei. a E. fi f '- A l"' ' ' 5 'I My lewd is ' W, 4,1 924 it :V f r 3 Q ,, is . tw., Newman Club Formed in 1893 .ww The Newman Club, the first club for Catho- Marie Schictl V ,,.. lic college students was formed in 1893 by tive Sponsor g - V ,R medical students at the University of Pennsyl- Fwd Bosco L V VV pf V. fr jg M vania. They chose Cardinal Iohn Henry New- R ilwnsof to ggi' man as their patron, thus accounting for the dy Pxggem . .t r " title, Newman Club. it Carol Sue Hoyt I The local club, formed seven years ago on Secretary 7, the ASTC campus, is now composed of both Benny Hglllg f .Ze , the students of ASTC and Hendrix College. Treasurer 0 ... ff V The Newman Club is organized on national, Frankie Greco 'f' . rovin , r i na, n o a v s wi a L C it . T' 3 p ce ego l a d l c 1 le el th ll Reporter if pt Newman Clubs in the United States belonging Emesf Be"Y f to the National Newman Federation. Each year x"'g":' DEW V an a Province Convention is held in each of the Mggaelngutlziengusser M 'iin ,V , five provinces. The A.S.T.C.-Hendrix Club is CU'0lY" cefmo gf"' VV , :,V 'V , a member of the Gulf States Province. Mike Clussen gg ' V V The purpose of the Newman Club on a sec- llll G ' ular college campus is to deepen the spiritual W and enrich the temperal lives of its members -VLI ,-fV,, through a well-balanced program of religious, .V intellectual, and social activities. M .eg ,ar Q t V otielt C i'li Term Colo .,.t ,.... r . , .. .t... . Marguerite Coleman A , . "l" Shoron Colquifl "": " ' :-., i ' C "' - ...- --tt V C. P. Dail V , -' ' , ,:,,. G ,,, if V g g r N Tommie Dalblf 1 '.- eei Charlotte Desalvo li': Y ::': Michele nuchmp .t I in J ,..-. r R l d El iflff' ' . . ' f .... O an ey . , if - Virginia Enderlin gf , fi ...,., Vt .i':- , ft L -": Chanes Fulk f ,. ,.., Q' - ' .. -. 15.42. . Cm' F'eYG1der1hovor1 r l 'Sf fl Yi , ff' W or? 'W Eddie Freyaldenhoven egg ,,, -'1i ' I If ,' M fm fi Q3 Wig . 31, it V 1 Ellen Funk A C 'ti .-:' i 6 C in ill ,. Gilbert Gerard I M A V Eddie Grummer L 4 . , -. :': . , Ag S '- 5 . , t , ,,,. P01-rlGrumrnor gg, Q ,, ,,.h A ,g d it .2 1 "' Q Mary Gunderrnan .- V V N V - JV, ,M 5 w VV Q U VV 'r ,V w Iudy Hambuchen W9 , IQ ' Charles Hamling 'ef ,gf 5 5 rf ii' ..,.. . A ' Gerald Harrison V 4 1 ' lane Hawks ,K ,., ,... . ik 'H i gi' . .. , lohn Hendrick VV V V Q , Raymond Henze A M' . 1 r .,. ,,,, it HebooooHoe11smor' A A g pg, ,F A 4... SL i , 7, A Q V Gerald Hoyt 4' 19 i ,. R VVH '- -- 'Q M it l Roberta Hutchingson C r 't-tr '33 H itli Kfislen 105115011 A it V if if Shane lones ' I ek, ,Vg Shoilo loves 4 :as it all .'-: A I e'-t'-t A Judy Kofdsmeief VQ VV fmifiql ...- Ty, , :KVVV -,:-- . NV. vs, '. A susan La Fontaine V Qgf- .,,. A A ,, 3. ,I ..-,,. H zilnn 5 in , Karen Larson Q ll ,"' :il N- it 5' 3 Q in 'A g ":4t, U 3i Lea Larson 'M 5 Q., 3 IL- 'E' ,fro '-" A-M 3, f, Y Barbara Loh fir r V Vg "'i V A g . V . r, , gV,VVj f XV"wfg Ann Longinotti df, fx, ,Q JV .. V. ,. ,, Maw Catherine Luye' t ,, I y V I loseph Mentgen . :'r-l "'r -:'- wr :-" he Mofeno V , me Numan t if ' T re.. A ' 5' . , 'C M"'YFmnN"h1e" r 1- . C of V C 'X 5' . Q ttii' t. e I Donald Nix EV E-K ,QV 'T Trf 41 XV,, 1: E 1 Richard Paladino -w' 'C . ref' . -ff, V Robert Peterson VQVLTVVEV' 1 r V At Michael Peterson if ' TQ fit I Q ,Q ,rg " f " Carolyn Reidmatten ',..- C, vlbl It V Kay Rice G 3 ' i Potsy Robertson at .,,.. , r ' .e ff W 'K ' ff fn Miko Shorroolr " "i. ' - 53. 'ffff 'fu' f-If' ,f 10511 Shipman sw aiilif' ' . T H., e we 5, Kay simon ' "" f wauqra smith i V E 1 I lim Stiefvater W Ronnie Stracl: it Wav' or 16 I . . t il K K Robert Stroud Iudy Trahan Gigi Worm lim Zimmerman 263 264 Leroy Gattin President Larry Hodge Evangelism Chairman BSU Constructed on Campus in 1955 The Baptist Student Union was first organized at the ASTC campus in 1929. The present Baptist Student Center was built in 1956 by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention under the supervision of Dr. Tom Logue, the state student director, and Iames Smalley, who was the local director from 1956 to 1961. Paul Larsen, the present director at ASTC, came the fall of 1962. The BSU has been described as the church at work during the week on the college campus. Its activities attempt to supplement the ministry of the students' home andfor campus churches. The BSU provides Vesper and noonday worship programs, social events, dorm- itory discussion programs, and service and mission activities. All stu- dents may participate. BSU members plan and execute the entire program. Major activities planned by the executive council were: the pre- school planning retreat at Aldersgate Camp near Little Rock, a Tell the Campus Week, the Summer Missions Banquet in November, a midwinter planning retreat on Petit lean Mountain, and a Spring Installation Banquet. Service activities included weekly visits to a local rest home and monthly visits to the Arkansas Girls Training School. ASTC students also attended the BSU convention in Hot Springs, the State Spring Retreat on Lake Catherine, and the national Student Conference at Glorieta, New Mexico. One ASTC student, Laura Van- Cleave, spent the summer of 1964 as a summer missionary in Cali- fornia. Shirley Stewart Martha Lamb Larry Frost Glenn Bennett Study Chairman P11bliCifY Chairman Publications Chairman Enlistment Chairman Hilda Burton Social Chairman Iaclcie Lanham Gerry Sue Witt Service Chairman YWA President W' N. The Freshmen get introduced to BSU and each other. For a successful year you have to plan. The membership enjoys the fruits oi the planning session. 265 266 Chi Alpha is sponsored by Assembly of God Church Beta Young President Iuanice Carelocl: Lee C. Creemer Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Chi Alpha, the newest religious organization on campus, was organized for students on campus who belong to the Assembly of God Church. It was organized to provide a Christian organization for students, and provide a framework within which these students could meet and becorne acquainted with each other. The programs have been planned for interest and variety, as well as an aid in the advancement of the student's spiritual growth. Ester Creemer Barbara Works I. O. Barton Mary Lou Bordens Laveda Depriest Reporter Publicity Phyllis Gasaway Iamie Parmell Angela Peak Io Lou Terrall Ieanne Zernattln SCA Seeks to Promote Christian Atmosphere The Student Christian Association seeks to promote a Christian atmosphere on the campus through worship, study, and action. S.C.A. strives to improve the spiritual life of the student and to help link his spiritual thoughts with everyday problems. S.C.A. is an interdenomina- tional organization. This year the W. C. Ferguson Memorial Chapel was completed and dedicated. Other activities sponsored by the S.C.A. include the Thanksgiving Service, Christmas Candlelight service, Religious Emphasis Week, Easter Sunrise Service and the Campus Carnival. --.. of K 1. t G i: 'LSU e r' T is .wwf ttf . 3 's .,, , E WINES, S Q ertgwsg i eg gr ' ll 'iw,,-W-asia. ' Q ' . . We it M ,fe Q X . Q, s . Danny Steele Sara Grigsby Treasurer Treasurer Dottie Andrews Kay Black Lowell McClanahan Peggy Munsey President First Vice-President Marialyce Brinkley Leah Kay Lange Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Carol Watson Trudy Switzer Richard Smith Reporter Reporter Music Director Wanda Fowlks Iames Futrell 267 268 S.C.A. Chapel . .ii- S.C.A. meets each Wednesday night in the W. C. Ferguson Memorial Chapel. S.C.A, has jurisdiction over all happenings in the chapel. Barbara Ingram Olivia Ienninqs George Jones Sandra Lasiier Carol Miller Rita Morris Linda Stark Craig Wilson Mrs. Almeria Lindsay Mr, V, N- Hukiu SPOUSOI Sponsor Wesley Provides Place For Worship, Study and Fellowship The Wesley Foundation, the Methodist Church on our campus, provides a place for worship, study, and fellowship. Its planned schedule is designed to meet not only the spiritual, but also the social and emotional needs of the college students, regardless of his religious affiliation. At Wesley during the year, students are in- troduced to the college community by means of the out- standing ministers, doctors, and civic personnel of Conway. Recently the work done by the Fellowship Team has developed into a very dominant part of the Wesley Foundation. Several times a month this Team makes visits to churches all over the state of Arkansas for the purpose of acquiring young persons with the work of the Methodist Church on the campus of our college. Jimmy Dyer President as . P J any 269 270 Wesley -s A1 tg-sfgwlffizf ww ' iff My ' ' iw .if 1 as T33 MQ Ut l s 1 'QE ' Q W QW . f 1:1 V-pgk:::z.5a:f,,5sfg:f,? fx P , V -H-we W 121' f an 5 f N, Wk f X M Wim 2 it S K y 2 , Q. A G 1 Wandeana Borgard Patrick Warrick Susan Reid Yvonne Tull Sue lines Jackie Watson Blanche Iolly Marqaret Mattmiller Nancy Green Carolyn Aaron Kay Tull Rosemary Owen Loraine Zuber Carolyn Wiley Janice Hackman Robert English Lynda Watkins Laura Garrett Lou Grooms Mike Hartwick George Hinkle Alice Hartman Martha Templeton ALL STUDENT ORGANIZA TIONS 272 Senate Is Campus Representative Group Gerry Blume Susie Menton Vice-President Secretary C. T. Purdom Treasurer Ralph Behrens Sponsor Larry Crabtree President Harold Henry Sarah Griqsby SPOHSOI Vice-Pres., Sr. Class Dennis Baw President, Fresh. Class loe Haynes Vice-President, Soph. Class Dick King President, Ir. Class The Student Senate, an organization consisting of representatives from the classes, the dormitories, and those living off campus, possesses the legislative power of the student body of the Arkansas State Teachers College. Meeting weekly, it con- siders the needs and problems of the students, and seeks to satisfy and solve those needs and problems to the best of its ability. It tries to please all students by spon- soring many and varied all-student functions. There is approximately one representative for each one hundred students on campus. Members of the Senate are elected by the student body and are dedicated to serve the school and the student body to the best of their abilities. Each spring elections are held on campus with the Student Senate acting as the governing body in connection with elections regulations. The Student Senate also oversees the campaigns, voting and vote tabulation of all elections held on campus. ww. Tommy Anderson Winlred Armslrong Murry Blake Tom Blossom Leslie Capps 151 gj 5 1 .,.' 5 lf ' 1 .s r . xi V 3 L Marilyn Cox Sandy Crabtree Delores Cralon Ierry Duran Carolyn Fagan qs' ,fe 5 Vicki Foster lim Haggard Theron Howard George Jones Karen Larson Gail Martin Ellen Owen Robin Nix Earl Siegall Ierry Taylor Kay Tull Sharon Wallace Ioe Fred Young 273 274 Ralva Bass lim Hoqgurd Sponsor President Summer Senate The legislative power of the Student Body of the Arkansas State Teachers College is vested in the Stu- dent Senate, an organization which includes repre- sentatives for the classes, the dormitories, and off- campus. lt meets weekly to consider the needs and problems of the students. During the summer there are ten Weekends and each was filled with something to do. There were Hootenanies, Watermelon suppers, and movies. The 1964 Summer Student Senate was respon- sible for repairs of the ASTC sign on the highway, the sponsoring of the campus' first double feature full length movie, and a number of good dance bands. The tive members of the Senate for the summer of 1964 were President of the Senate, lim Hoggardy President of the Senior Class, Ken Bed: President of the Iunior Class, Karl Weathers: President of the Sophomore Class, Tom Powers and President of the Freshman Class, Glen Davidson. The Senate was sponsored by Mr. Ralva Bass. These five people with their sponsor were quite busy for the eight weeks they served. At the end of the summer terms there was a credit balance of S325. This money was placed in the Bear Fund, a fund which is to be used to buy a new "Bear" for our official mascot. During the summer the "Shamrocks," the "Counts," the "King Pins" and the "Flames" played for six dances, the students enjoyed ASTC's first double fea- ture movie. At this showing the students were given all the popcorn and soft drinks they could eat and drink. There was a combination Hootenany and wa- termelon supper. Mr. Ioe Shaw was master of cere- monies for this event. The Senate also sponsored the Miss ASTC entry for the Miss Arkansas Pageant. For a group of only five members the Summer Student Senate is one of the most active organizations on the campus of ASTC. Ken Red Karl Weathers Tom Powers Glen Davidson Senior Class President Iunior Class President Sophomore Class President Freshman Class President Band Represents Arkansas in Inaugural Parade The ASTC Band, composed of some sixty members this year, serves as both a marching unit and a concert band. Called the "Marching Bears" during football season, they have furnished half-time entertainment at every home game this year and most of the out-of-town games. During basketball season they also furnish a pep band to play at all home games. School spirit is most abund- ant among the band members. Aside from playing at the athletic events, the Band has also been busy with other activities. In December they presented a Christmas concert and in April, their annual spring concert. In Ianuary they were chosen to represent the State of Arkansas at the Presidential Inaugural parade in Washington, D. C. By presenting a benefit concert and from donations from townspeople in Conway, Little Rock, Morrilton, and surrounding areas, they raised the more than S6.000.00 it took to charter two buses for this trip. Previous to the trip the Band made three video tapes in the recording facilities of KTHV in Little Rock. These tapes were televised several times on the "Eye on Arkansas" program previous to the Inauguration. Each year the Band also marches in the Homecoming parade, the annual Christmas parade in Conway, and the Christmas parade in Morrilton. Band director is Mr. Homer Brown and Mr. Dave Ritter is associate director. JBA- The ASTC Band executes an interesting formation for the football game. 275 276 -fu-dk -sg. , A ,Q A we ..,.w. , - ., " 55114. K, ,.t- ' T w M7 ' .:. Q Q , . , . . f . .. ,. .e .Air'Y735.,,.,e,,sfrg.afi,.z-fS" if Q-Muff, gggraf ., -I . L'a or "' Flutes: Carl Rubly, Loyd Williams, Noel Kilgen, Kay Sanders, Sandra Bradley, Linda Hogan. Oboe: Phyllis Lemke: E-flat Clarinet, Susan St. Iohn. Clarinetsz Lura Cunningham, Owen Stoker, Sandra Mabry, Dennis Bonge, Martha Rolan, Margaret Nabors, Terri Robnett, Eileen Keresey, Carolyn Boyd, Alto Clarinet: Ginger Owens. Bass Clarinets: Ian Emberton, Kay Stur- geon, Iudy Bolls. Alto Saxophones: Gregory Clough, Hugu Barnes, Cragg Wilson, Diane Andrews, Eleanor Warren. Tenor Saxophones: Sue Brents, Ierry Senn. Baritone Saxophone: Charles DeBoard. Trumpets: Brian Perry, David Chism, Rodney Iones, Ierry Sims, Brad Thomp- son, Larry Ward, Richard Knox, Albert Konrad. French Horns: Donald Halverson, Iames Holcomb. Trombones: E. O. Huddleston, Phil Mc- Larty, Tommy Iared, Gail Robbins, Don Owen. Baritones: Earlene Lang, Ierry Duran, Dallas Lafleur. Basses: George Davis, Iohn Arnhart, Paul Wilson, Walter Partridge. Percussion: Ed Bird, Robert Daniel, Bill Kennamer, Richard Earles. Tympcmi: William Payne. The ASTC Band passes in review for President Iohnson on Inaugural Day The majorettes start the Band for a local parade. 277 278 Dr. Howard Groth Director Choir Oldest Musical Organization on Campus The Arkansas State Teachers College Choir, under the direction of Dr. Howard Groth, provides musical en- tertainment for many events held on campus as well as performing for various organizations in other parts of the state. Some activities oi the choir this year include singing for the dedication of Ferguson Memorial Chapel, pre- sentation of the annual Christmas Concert, participation in the Arkansas Intercollegiate Choral Association Festi- val held at Little Rock, presentation of the musical "Car- nival" here at ASTC in March, singing at the Sunrise Service on Palm Sunday, presentation of their spring concert, and singing at Commencement exercises. The choir also plans to participate in the program during Arkansas Week held at the World's Fair in New York early in the tall of next year. Officers of the choir this year include Dick Iones, president: Tom Ierad, vice-president, Kay Nichols, secre- tary-treasurer: Pat Farrior, student director: and Fran Nahlen, librarian. Choir Officers: Kay Nichols, Dick Iones. Pat Farrior, Tom Iared, Fran Nahlen The A S T C Choir, First Row: Susan Lalfontaine Diane Lawler, Lottie Harbour, Linda Bennett, Kay Nichols, lane Avey, Shirley Lowery, Chloe Munnerlyn, Tamara Stobaugh, Sue Walker, Sue Brents, Alice Hartman, Susan Wilson. Second Row: Cloie Perry, Elizabeth High- tower, Fran Nahlen, Susan Cross, Mary Iim Sliger, Pat Farrior, Tommie Reid, Ierry Witt, Gloria McLeod, Grace Murphy, Linda Wilder, Roni Robnett, Judy Hambuchen, Dodee Barham. Third Row: Elaine Welch, Angela Peak, Elizabeth Owens, Margaret Wilson, Kathy Southerland, Lena Fulmer, Erika Diles, Delores Craton, Gretchen Bruton, Iudy Wright, Dianne Brockett, Eileen Kersey. Fourth Row: Dennis Graves, Ken Herr, Charles Faulk, Rod Hocott, Dick Iones, Les Oliver, Skip Harris, Iimmy Peavey, Dennis Will, Larry Woods, Robin Hartz, Ferrel Ianes, Mike Ellis, Danny Steele, Ierry Sanders, Iames Holcomb, Randall Iames. Filth Row: Larry Gray, Roger Ross, David Sweringen, Tom Jared. The chorus from Carnival work hard to perfect dance at dress rehearsal. 279 Marion Riddell. backed by the chorus from Carnival, sings to the puppets. The clowns look sad but the girls seem very happy about what Marion sings. 280 The men from the dance chorus do all the work while the dancing girls provide the beauty for the lovely dances in Carnival. The boys from the dance chorus get quite a work out during rehearsal from Carnival. Little Symphony One 0 Few in State 1 f f ia, 1 2 a :una Flutes: Carl Rubley, Sandra Bradley, Noel Kilgen: Oboe: Phyllis Lemke: Clarinets: Margaret Nabors, Sandra Mabry, Dennis Bonge, Robin Nix: Bassoon: Gregory Clough: Horns: Iames Holcomb, Donald Halverson: Trumpets: Brian Perry, David Chism, Larry Ward: Trom- bones: Philip McCarty, Dallas Lafleurg Tuba: Paul Wilson: Percus- sion: William Payne, Edwin Bird: Violins: Gail Robbins, Concert- The symphony orchestra at Arkansas State Teach- ers College, presently conducted by Carl Forsburg, was founded in 1947 by Professor Milton Trusler, former head of the Department of Music. The symphony has given two campus concerts this year, the Christmas concert which was given with the College Choir, and the annual spring concert in May. In addition, the symphony played tor the mu- sical "Carnival," and the string section of the orches- tra participated in the Inter-Collegiate Choral Festival held at Little Rock with Margaret Hillis conducting. haster: Neil Butlaloe, Loyd Williams, Horace Adams, Sue Brents, Bonnie Bultaloe, Doug Proffitt, Ona Wochtendorf, Dennis Bell: Violas Sue Evans, Leonard Phillips: Cellos: Iean Adams, Catherine Henze Charles Milburn, Chatherine Williams, Iulie Isom: Bass: Iohn Arnhart Librarian: Paul Wilson. fines 'Alf' Dr. Carl I-'orsburg Conductor 281 282 T-Steppers Perform Precision Drills Mrs. Lee Spencer Sponsor Iulian Ewan, President and Drill Captain The T-Steppers, the precision drill team at ASTC, was organized in 1958 by Mr. Graham Nixon, the public relations director for ASTC, with the assistance of Miss Marjorie Malin and Miss Barbara Maxwell. Twenty-four girls were members of the first squad. The name T-Steppers was selected through a contest sponsored by the Royal Rooters. The student body voted on the name. The costumes were designed by the girls them- selves. Until 1962, the costumes consisted of white Nancy Smith Choreographer boots, white sweaters, and short white skirts. In 1962, cz purple T was added to the sweaters: and in 1963, purple satin linings were added to the skirts. The T-Steppers do much to boost school spirit, performing at every home football game and march- ing in the Homecoming Parade. Mrs. Lee Spencer, Assistant Professor of Physical Education at ASTC, is the sponsor of the squad this year. 'mi' Pat Cantrell Head Cheerleader To lead the student body in boosting the Bears to victory in a dignified and sportsmanlike manner is the ultimate aim of the cheerleaders. They are responsible for leading cheers at pep assemblies, at all football and basketball games, and sometimes representing ASTC in other sports activities. Head Cheerleader at ASTC for the 1964-65 season was Pat Cantrell. Instead of eight cheerleaders as in the past, this year there were six cheerleaders and two alternates elected. Besides serving as cheerleaders, most of these girls also are active in many other organizations on the campus. Cheerleaders Promo! P Carolyn Fagan Glenda Fielder llldY Schutfer it g,M:x5 Ziff M J. 1 f X W ffiv 5 M573 .AX . fi k Qi A M f M A 1 . L, M at .,g,- A , TW fxmfivlxeff Mx . :M wQ'5iffif,f"w A' t any 1.-Q Fug - x X M' .J "wiv T: E 'J' N . ' ' , Betty Kal Turner xr s ,I 5 I , . 1, h gf? , A r X Y 4 ' F 5' W Cheerleaders get workout at bonfire pep rally. hool Spirit Sue Ann Wright Donna Whitaker Sandra Whitaker Alternate Alternate 285 STUDENT NEWSPAPER EDI TORSHIP RE WARDIN G The Echo, established in 1909, is the weekly news- paper at ASTC. It is edited and staffed by student volunteers who are interested in journalism and cre- ative writing. Miss Roberta Clay, Associate Professor of English and lournalism, is faculty sponsor, and oversees the work of the editor and the staff members. The deadline for the Echo comes on Wednesday afternoon. At this time, final stories are written, late copy typed, and news articles and copy is taken down- town to the printer's office. This is a time of turmoil in the office are reporters run back and forth getting news, typewriters are going at ninety to nothing, and the editor is shouting above all the noise in order to be heard. Finally, the editor gets to the print shop with the copy hoping that there is enough to fill up the paper. The editor finds out if there is enough copy to fill the paper: and if there isn't, last minute phone calls are hurriedly made to assemble one or two staff mem- bers. If the staff members aren't available, the editor makes up last minute copy, then takes it down to the print shop. The printers at the Conway Printing Company utter a few threats at the student editors when they bring late copy in, but in the long run they are very co-operative and the copy gets set in type. On Thursday the editor goes back downtown and spends the major part of the day proofreading and making up the paper with the printers. After this is finished, the paper is ready to be printed. On Friday the Echo appears on campus in the afternoon, and the editor feels a sense of accomplish- ment when the paper is seen being read by many students. The editor does not get to relax, though. News and photographs must be gotten for the next edition. The editorship of the Echo is a job that goes on in a continuous cycle. This year the editorship was split between semes- ters. Nancy Green and lames Lalfevers were editor and business manager, respectively, for the first se- mester. lessica Tharp was editor for the second se- mester, and Robert Daniel was business manager. Nancy Green Iessica Tharp Editor Editor Iames La Feversl Business Manager Robert Daniels Business Manager Miss Roberta Clay Sponsor The second semester Echo staff. Echo Staff s 'E r ,,,,. Ami f 9 W' if .5 " 7 1 E: HETIZEQASTLT7.:3::fLS?f:s xv . Robert Day Sue Hammond Gerald Harrison 1 is Ken Hen' Benny Hollis Berma Marten 287 288 Georqann Kafka Ice Moreno Donna Payne Mary Alice Penderqrass Eugene Smith Sue Walker Sharon Woodard Tom Younqen h W 1 -, f x' 3153 M izdiglffki, N Business Manager Robert Daniel talks over an advertisement with Mr. Carter. Iessica Tharp, Nancy Green, and Robert Daniels led the activities of the Echo for 196441965. .fee in Miss Roberta Clay is shown making plans for an issue of the Echo with Iessica Tharp an T lun s if .3 V., iw- d Nancy Green 289 290 Scroll First Published By Echo S taff The Scroll is the yearbook of the Arkansas State Teachers College. It was first published by the Echo staff in 1915. The name of the Scroll was chosen through a contest in which all students at the col- lege submitted possible names. The first edition contained 130 pages, had a thin paper back of purple and gray, and was dedicated to Otis T. Wingo, one of the founders of the college. The Scroll staff attempts to provide a record of the facts and events which occur during the school year. The number of pages of the annual has in- creased each year, and many other changes have been made, including color, style, and themes. From a project of the Echo staff to a publication of the senior class, the Scroll finally attained a staff of its own with offices in the Student Center. Work on the Scroll is a year-round job, with the annual finally Corning out in the latter part of the second semester. This year's award for being most helpful on the Scroll goes to Thelma Williams, Susan La Fontaine, and "Sam," for doing a little bit of everything. Karl Weathers served as editor of the Scroll this year and David White was business manager. Karl Weathers Editor Karl Weathers and Mary "Sam" Pendergrass talk over some problems with Mr. H. B. Hardy. ,l' ,f f David White Business Manager Ed Shelton. Mr. Hardy. Nancy Green. Benny Hollis, Susan La Fontaine and Iimmy Walker work at the last minute to finish the copy for the Scroll. l 291 1 - . ,, W .. .. - . N -sagrrgw. '..v " ..' .nl . ' 9' fi" .w1'fssE355,:EiE:5ii f " me el ws. '- 7' f. V' ,e mi am M ' ' jwwm' , .. . Q," I ', '.'L 1 clils I - Y , 1 I kifafa-Vlkfgwvl: Q, M X Vx Sage., , Karl Weathers David White Bill Burkhart Shield Burnett Iudy Combs Ianice Clements Editor Business Manager Photographer A Susan LaFontaine and Nancy Green are busy on the Organizations Section. After a frantic search, Karen Greenwood, Mary Alice Pendergrass, Eugene Green. and Karl Weathers finally find a needed picture. 1 'f 'Y ,, A JM .i :":55:'1h?4E:E+ ...552:.1E1'H.E:jgjiE-j'L,,'f5,,5 :,,, 1':: :iii LSQQPAH: " FgI i::,:5 --:4::- :4.u- is--:.E:!g:,,,Ei,KEEi. 1 1Fg,1 11 335fg1,,f2f..3N 5,1 uw ise'93N1me1i51,uBk1,w1 w e S1 553 v.. M1 111111191 1 11511. 115 11 11fmk r1 - 11. 1.111111 1 - - - ffm "1" 1 f l1iffWS51,gfe 1511511251111 ,:w111111s'11?Ksf11g fQ?Y1g?2,52r1, W, 1 ' 1m5?3lw1,. gg 11121 ' Y1i:sQf.1g11fs 1 1 . wif- ' 1i,'1'?4fz',11fv1f 15' , M. 5 111 .ZR A fejwfgf Af' i - 1 im- 112 ' 111511 5 - 2 7 f 1 Q' 1111-11 'I 1 V , 111,,,V r,,11Ji5gL11Li VmW,:I1k,tr j 1 "-A'L ' A - ,?f'2'iZsi5:":"i11':i ' 1v1P1Vfu ' K ,. 1 ,,. -sw 111111151 1 1 1 .f.- 1-1. 1. 1111, ,,1,1. 1-1 , ,1 1- - v. 5 11 1 1 1-if 11 11 ': -' vb.: 1g .pj--115151. I 1 , 1, ' -ff ' 1 31711 ,11 L1 .. .N WF'-" 5-ES.ra- FQ' 14 ,311 Q 2 121111-'11 j.,1imf:rr"1z1".'.a?51 1?-1 1 111 1, 1 1 1 - 1 ,1 Mary Louise Doyle Charlene Garrett Linda Gosha Nancy Green Ken Herr M 1 12 i"5..,f . ' r11gw,,111 , -11-125 111114 1, 1 , ' E? P 'Sk - 1 , 1, 1 1, 1 . 1,5 k,1,1 N 155114, ,, 1 I . 1, 11V1 7,1 ,1 ..11.1,.,a1,,1.,,71g 1,,1 , . , X51 1 15'5?f?fTi,f1' , k5Zfl17"5fi','ik- Y ' ' ' exif, 11 if I ' sz-5 Nun' ::,,ElE. 'az Becky Ioyner Susan LaFontaine Barbara Minion Velma Minton Lynda Montgomery Benny Hollis 1 .1111131111 1' M ,, W EK'3'f5iS11P1:?':5f1'pf:1 -w, ' -- H1 gg 'P5i:?'e2?1ss'1z,f1 '1 -6 1 ,1 3,1 11?f15 z':'- ' , i ' P-fiifffsili 11 " ftf z : ,f -' ,-mi., , 1 - 11, - -'iff' . 1 Mi?'5?21 " ' .4 .uqgitsiw Kmiqgy I W1 f.. 22. Donna Patton fl-e1 1-1 -1 1R1Hezf11f,s1f111111wf1w:rw11 1 15-1qg55Kir511:s1s2md - ..1... ,www 1 - .X . Q 51.111111112111111-11111.'1m-11, 1-11 , vase-111-5115121151m-,1,g5u:11 '?k1r1spg1n121evag:-1111 ,,N.1.-15.3511 1, ...1....1..:-11.11 - -1 iiffifw 1, -Tw : 5' 5.1. .1 12111 ,1 1 lg-1112111111213 5111121 2 1.11 -1 11.- '- V 51 .1 1 8 fs -3 4 ' 1--111121 H-1 ' ' - ,'i32?fi'?1T 1 .1 1 1 . 'Q K ' n 1 13.1 li' ,J ' 1 215511 ' ' ' -1 1 51271 V 2' 1 :55r.."' . '- ' L y Mary Alice Penderqrass Cloie Perry Ieannie Rayner lane Stallings Sarai Twyman Thelma Williams Drawing up pages is just one of the many jobs of Susan Lalfontaine, H. B. Hardv, Karl Weathers, and Nancy Green. 1. 11 '11e1'115' f 11115 , 55 25 .. -111-were 1,1,g,1,,.,. yj.-,SQ 141111, Q V . 151, Q! , S W 15 ? mfs' 1 fi 1 J 1 law 11 1- 1 . Y 11 1 1, I fix QM 34 x" X' -T -1 1 1 1 1 .1 413.513 Q-K.,211.'fX,'lf.11.g,1gfi'51,f-1112 -1"'Y'1- ma -1 15,1 ' . ' 5 5.1 s..11r,f -- .1219 1 I 1.3-113' V1 , . y 1" . 1-,.1f J -in-2 , .1 5G2r',1g,.:'f,1ry 11,31-. -1 U 293 294 Young Democrats' Membership Grows C. T. Purdom First Vice-President The Young Democrats Club, organized on the Arkansas State Teachers College campus in the fall of 1962, is one of many such clubs in the state. The goal of the Young Democrats Club is the in- forming of its members of the objectives of the Demo- cratic Party and the platforms of its candidats by cre- ating an interest in better government. During the course of the year, this club invites prominent Demo- cratic leaders in the state to speak at their meetings. This year, officers of the Young Democrats include Bobby Castile, president: C. T. Purdom, first vice-pres- identp Iimmy Minor, second vice-president: Susie Min- ton, female vice-president: Marge Lingo, secretary, and Sue Siever, treasurer. The Club is sponsored by Mr. Charles Evans. Charles M. Evans Jimmy Minor Susie Minton Marge Lingo Sue Siever Second Vice-President Female Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Tommy Anderson Sponsor J Ian Bradford Bill Caten Winifred Armstrong Danny Benafield Gary Blaylock Iaine Bolls ii' . . V :JZ:::::Eli3" 1 Q. f s..:,s:s , ' rms . 1225 fi'"':I.1i::5Qi5!SE?55fQ: 517 ' igiigfiil fix z-fs t stems- :' Ii.:E51:riEEi:'l -Eg. 15753275 -W g .- - Iiswaifii 2!:::55'fa5i5!5g 555932 7554 ' llfiikf :fff www- . .... , :Lf Nfagj: V 1' " Frank Chenault Cecelia Cotielt James Colelasure Larry Crabtree Iudy Cummings Robert Daniel Glen Davidson 'E!:?:iEE: : .'!f' faq- ,..-' , , fe -L:s,r,wg:fflsf is ,, ,xt .. - ,J is ' La. ,ya ' : ,..,-LM, es V 1-. 2 tg? 2 5 so if , S ww X 1 if NS 'B ,Q gg S .. .. 'Qin rim. .is ., S M 4 , Q Ji.. ff,-,413 "'Ps5w'f " Susan Davidson Carolyn Davis Ruth Flake Earl Glover Ioan Gross Dan Hild Iim Hoqqard Richard Knox Ann Layrock Ioy Odom Jule Parks Mike Steinbeck Tamara Stobaugh fm, -Afa " 55?-Liggieji' . - 1 3 LIE? 2' - 917 si .. . , liiiilisiif. 'S M V siiigw. 'S' 5211 -, ., W 2 I exif' News-, 'T , ' .L f - -M he , K b 2 m4'W1ffe?1f . f "f 1 K if tw ' ' f5,a:g,.::,.,5':a-refs., -- . f , - ,-wgigffffy.5.-:,,.g-,,..,, ' ' '1"'?f:?:f5r3'?:T:SSf5:-if " , Hai' im . '- fs" ,mlb or .V,,VA .. A ,H WW ,.:, I rj-i, Tommy Hollis Rosanne Hubbard Bobby Huey Kaye King 5 ew, , . ,qi . .-ff-f J.-,S 1 3 A 21.1, f -if gf' S we A WE" -. f . Mg.,-HA .VY wiv... . -qc,-10' I ei ff' K Lf - ::je..5::' 5 -- Tommy Marshall lim Milholen Delton Neely W Q . - r P . i 1 -- -915ET'f7f.r f 'FW - -I : -F fi5Ti? 1?ii ' sw gs: --ew-.f 95713 mf N -Wk.-:'Ulf'SifiEf2i qw M ay' ' ,riflsi Mary M. Porter Danny Rapier Kay Sturgeon David Talley Bruce Sage Charles E. Norman Yfsrlfi 55 5-ai S' Sm E: . .. 'M . 5lWLvQ?i55'W5'5'Ei9lii 'f ,i :: f 3:7 5 'vi :if ,E5?L655.lf53Ei 7'-fi2.::f Qwv,s N, Isffsiiiifls f. f MVS' -says ' 'K . .3:f'Zk1ifEPs5?f1, K' ',s'g's? 'WK -213:23 fm - LTlf"k,:' 1.49, ' , -fil ' ,-,,.'e Phil Shollner Ierry Taylor Iohn F. Turner 1 2 5 S alibi , Arm Van Wagner Sharon Wallace Ierry West Carolyn Whiley David White Raymond T, zqwislqk 295 296 Iessiccr Thorp President Young Republicans Formed I n, 1963 The Arkansas State Teachers College chapter of Young Republicans was organized in 1963 under the sponsorship of Mr. Charles Evans. The purposes of this organization are to develop its members on campus into an intelligent, aggressive, and cooperative Republican group. Its members are en- couraged to participate in the many activities of the Re- publican party and to help in providing the student body with practical political facts. Ron Hamby Ianice Hackman Vice-President Secretary , fe- 1331? ni c,..,, 1 .a, is, 1, - ::2:9'::"' :'r: H - ?' ?f s a1v 5 PQTWWA 1 T QEM' -s ei -- as:e:if-:,a:1f',af"---z,-V, f m .. 35 4 , H , . .. , I3 Mn , , Xi 3 ,L Y A , . 4 ...4,..,,, ,, .: wr iff 1- . ,mb ffifiefv was rw V ----2a.+--e mi, issues" aegis? r L - ,, QEZKQQQ2 ., 1 sisflsgmisr . ff gtiggisgaf V f. svgggsswg Qgggirivgegsts -' ' .rr ,igugfwyg 1- r ,f,,g,iggre, gfs,fsw451i ,, ' . :-,H.:::':.:',aiQaaa se? 2e"Hs??'af' I Fwfsvs-Wff Eiasgsfgssslsll Y . fe Q 3, ,.,.., V 1. me , is , ,si , Q-sf55ggggx.1:QsSx ' - -- 1 wsiisfsa . A 611,583 , 55E?Esggg,ffQf?fsf.411'f - L 81611111132 , , .ry 3.195351 A-x:'iif3li?'f 1 ':, - r,,,, 1L9Si' !1VW1ft FI li' , ,IZ . L Tl' f z7f'f?-M if ,t,, M H 11 isggagm Q f ,-deffff3:1Q:12wsff is Wwe:-fir '-'--fa-k1t:1fr,gs1sef sTssa:f2z,1L,,1, -f--f 1-igfgssmr--rftedf' 2ifwf,:1fs'Erf5'?5 fi t sr 1 1- 1u1sff -1:1 1 -f ' 1fex'11rs swf-I -s1wf:12x1-1 if V sims' 7 s25?5s'ifm- -f 1 - Mt f. 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Mffwzf, --yr 'rtzvefisiisw -if: irifffsffif ., . wwsisiw , .giggwjgs w1s42,s rr ,, , ts ,,, 11 H .Q 1 , ' - -rswsiezsfr Q f. f we-ir21s,, - -- fzzz :misss f ww, , ffsm K, M jig, ,ff , K .15 , K ' :favs f 1 15 Tir -uf ,zilfiiif fs f' v iii 5 f, , - f gs? fe fef Leirsrwgsgsge+,w 1 W :zgg1Me5f5ygN.m5ef Sziidgsiss 1' ' ,am 1 .1... tw ers ,:s2':z,3?w5 1 ggims - . 1:12-semen WMM mwtfefsgx' ., .: r, f".:..:i:.f'fsrimsgeiwfffsfg fgrffgfigslv , L . is gfigfsif .reflex 11 fw ssvgfitigi fE15lli5f?i53i 11- 'i fiiiiffiiiitis w2its?s11Q we my , 1 f fmfisew Zifbisivfigslfi ' if if fssfsemisf V, f: .'5,."rw. . : :ii :,ifsszzs29Sf A 't' fi- " 5" 1 fieiittffsi ' , ffiffsf-'M fs- 'K " wr in ,sl i2'ww1s:,f-1' -f',:1,.1r21si, , 'fs - 551117.-131 ' If' ' 'i :-:hiv s?ilss1113-sH:1w'1- ,, - 5 'i2isS2isb2gf:gf:4fW1' : in ,. .1 - 1 1, ggi V wg, S iik is Q l Ili. ' J. o 4 K . in 1 J 1 ,333 W if f 5 ff s l ,ESQ fr. 2, .. gs l S is: Y gi ,rf mmffriw Z 3? 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Huddleston, Don Owen, George Davis, Brian Perry, David Chism, Albert Conrad, Larry Ward, David Ritter, Robert Daniels. ,nw David Gene Ritter Director Members of the Brass Choir are: Brian Perry, David Chism, Albert Conrad, Larry Ward. Brad Thompson. Richard Knox, Don Halverson, Iames Holcomb, Phil McLarty, E. O. Huddleston, Don Owen, Dalles Lelleur, Earlene Lang, George Davis, Iohn Arnhart, Paul Wilson. This is ASTC! Not only are we "the friendliest college in Arkansas," but also an active and growing one. The real ASTC is seen in the activities of her students. In this section we see the highlights of the past year. We are indeed a growing ASTC that many alumnae returning for the first time in several years would hardly recognize. Advancements have been made in the academic field and in extracurricular programs which help one develop interests that last a lifetime. There is an abundance of cultural programs includ- ing! lectures, forums, concerts, art exhibitions, and plays such as Twelfth Night by the Helen Hayes Repertoire. Social activities such as dances and movies are not neglected either: nor are special activities like the Miss ASTC pageant, the SCA Carnival, Hooten- hi is ASTC annies, the Christmas dance, and the Candlelighting Ceremony. T C o Thus we see that to say "This is ASTC" can have different meanings for different people. To some ASTC and its activities are mainly mental and intellectual, to others ASTC may merely be a social organ, but to the Well-rounded student it is a college campus where he can grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. Each activity should enrich the student's personality and help develop his character. Sometimes social and recreational activities can provide relaxation to a tired student. Scott Stark and Tommy Nelson seem to find bowling a good way to relax between classes. g , g as Highways, freeways, and country lanes lead stu- dents to the "Friendliest College in Arkansas." This is the first glimpse of Conway seen by students who are coming from the northern and western parts of the state on highways 64-65. The restaurants on either will become regular "hangouts" for after game meet- ings and for studying for finals. This is the cordial greeting extended by the "City of Co1leges" to students arriving from the northeast section of the state. These clubs prove the citizens of Conway realize their civic responsibility. 'Nu tPNf1 A 300 During the wee morning hours, the downtown business district of Conway is silent, but some- where in the city, a student of ASTC is bound to be roving either studying, harassing some- one in the dorm, going out to eat, or chasing a "Teckester." ti? lm...- An afternoon of mehem best describes the situations that occur as students move into dormitories. Cars, trucks, and even motorcycles groan from the load of "nec- essities" that will be needed for the next nine months. While "sister" is packing her paraphernalia, she fails to realize that all of this must be carried up stairs, but if father does not have apoplexy and brother keeps tongue in cheek, eventual- ly everything will find its way into her room. Upon unpacking, she will find that the real necessities have been left at home, 200 miles away. This will soon be forgotten as unpacking continues and she realizes there isn't room for what she has brought. Harold Cross after heanng for the third time Even though registration days are hec- Th1s Class IS closed' tries to rearrange his trial tic, Mr. Osborn assures Mac Troy that "These things too shall pass." 301 Saturday nights often found ASTC stu- dents at Estes Field for a football game. These games ranged from regular games to the spectacular Homecoming game. In the Harding game, Bears were all over the place. With Ioe Fred Young i509 on bottom of the pile, and lim Turner C233 on top of it, we couldn't be beat. Seven thousand people saw Barbara Io Rogers, a senior from Batesville crowned 1964-65 Homecoming Queen. Ruling with Barbara Io were Gaye Nichols and Sue Cummings, Senior Maids: Pat Cantrell, Iunior Maid: Peggy Munsey, Sophomore Maid: and Ann Linneman, Freshman Maid. miles M, All of the Greek organizations on campus have a spring social such as a banquet, or a formal. Alpha Sigma Alpha's spring formal was in the middle of April. The theme of the formal was "Moonlight and Roses," and was carried out by having two archways Gary Scroggs, senior art major, exhibited many types of paintings and sculpture at his art show in the Student Center Ballroom. Several other artists ex- in the room covered with roses. There were little stars hanging all around the room, and a large blue and white star hung from the center of the ceiling with the Greek letters ASA underneath the star. These couples are dancing to the music provided by the Shamrocks. hibited many lovely and unusual paintings in other exhibits. Students, faculty, and visitors were welcomed to see these exhibits. 303 304 mul XV f , A.., Lowell McC1anahan and lanet Parchman rode in parade. Lowell was SCA president first semester. Ianet the car that represented the SCA in the Homecoming was the bride in the SCA Friendship Ceremony. The T-Steppers mark time as they await the be- purple and white uniforms, the T-Steppers lend color ginning of the 1964-65 Homecoming parade. In their to the pre-game program of the football games. P l Miller Williams, a member of the English faculty at LSU gave a talk entitled "Nobody Plays the Piano, but We Like to Have It In the House" on campus No- vember 24, l964. Mr. Williams poems have been pub- lished in many different magazines and in a book. The freshmen and the upperclassmen were united in the annual Friendship Ceremony October 21, in the W. C. Ferguson Memorial Chapel. Danny Steele rep- resented the upperclassmen and Janet Parchman rep- resented the freshmen. Mr. H. B. Hardy, Director of Placement, presided at the ceremony. Reverend Robert Veon of Clarksville, was the guest speaker for Religious Emphasis Week this year. Religious Emphasis Week was sponsored by the Stu- dent Christian Association. "'The Corn is Green" was done in three-quarter round by Alpha Psi Omega March 24, 25, and 26. The three-act play was directed by Miss Sue Lineback. who was assisted by Dianna Denton and David White. Bruce Roberts, who played Iohn Iones, is shown in rehearsal. 305 306 The eighth annual Toilet Bowl gridiron classic was played in November of 1964. As Tommy lack- son and Doug Newkirk look on, Ierry Ioe Harrison "Crowns" Sherry Scott Toilet Bowl Queen. Sherry's escort was Ronnie Sivley. Arkansas' Dairy Princess, Secretary of Agri- culture Orville Freeman, Ann Landers, advice columnist, the National Dairy Princess and friend appeared on campus for the annual Central Ar- kansas Milk Producers Association convention held March 26. Miss Landers talked on people in general, problems and changes in teenagers. Secretary Freeman discussed the relationship be- tween farms and the government. The Music Department presented the musical "Car- nival" as a means to obtain funds to go to the Worlds Fair in New York. The overall theme of "Car- nival" ws the typical "shy girl meets boy routine," with Marian Riddell as Lili, the shy girl. As a contrast from Li1i's sweetness, was Richard Iones as Marco the Magnif- icent, a two-timing cassa- nova. The foil of Marco the Magnificent was Tom Iared as Paul Berthalet. The most loved character was Iac- quot, left, a French circus hand played by Rod Hocott. The Incomparable Rosalie played by Mary Iim Sliger. All in all "Carnival" was a definite success as was seen from the standing ovation from the audience the first night. 307 Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity held its 8th annual frontier week beginning December 7. A few of the activities included a shoot-out in front of Miss Kitty's, a faculty test robbery and a hanging with a Boot Hill burial. The week was climaxed with a dance which lack Nance and his band from New York played. ,. 'f-. --,, it is E I ' 3 , , is K Q Once a year, students "let down their hair" for Sadie Hawkins Day. Ac- tivities included beard growing contests, Marrin' Sam, who arranges spe- cial plans for marriages, two bits and up, depend- ing upon the formality of the ceremony. Andy Prince and Brenda Turner took time to have their picture taken with Bill Burkhart. Mr. Hardy, in a moment of exasperation ex- claims a few choice words after being informed that the pictures needed for a page have not been printed, the copy that was typed is miss- ing, and the final page layouts cannot be found. ,LP , -,Wa.Lmn.vws.Mt,gmswW, -wff--M-mm W, -W-.W M -- 'J' M -- - 308 f mu is AQNNI-V t,r..., The members of Theatre Group 20 of London, England, are limbering up just before their perform- ance of "The Beggar's Opera." One of the outstand- ing members of this group was Shivaun O'Casey, daughter of Sean O'Casey, the late Irish play- wright. Beggar's Opera is not an opera in the general sense but more of a "ballad opera," mak- ing use of folk ballads, mandolins, and a harpsi- chord. Beggar's Opera proved to be one of the most enjoyable and controversial productions pre- sented. Extensive use of comic masks, and gaudy make-up, was essential to members of Theatre Group 20 in their production of Beggar's Opera. Here Allan Adams is applying his make-up. !v, -0" X, X, . 5? 1 ,1513,,. K, . any f K SY' 3' L' W.. an - 309 310 The feeling of pride and accomplishment was present as Miss Dorothy Long cmd Miss Ellis presided at the Pi Kappa Alpha Open House in Arkansas Hall. Leading the Homecoming parade is one of the bet- ter parts of being an ASTC cheerleader. Our Cheer- leaders work long hours leading pep rallies and lead- They were assisted by Mr. Behrens, a sponsor of the fraternity. ing cheers at football and basketball games. girls are the rallying point of "Bear Spirit." These 'YF M1 it H4 .W4 ..., In i-ln. wh Ianuary 20, 1965, saw Lyndon B. Iohnson inaugurated President of the United States. The ASTC band was Arkansas' representative in the parade. The band is shown marching past the reviewing stand in which President and Mrs. Iohnson and Vice-President Humphrey are standing. Swinging into "Dixie" as they passed in front, the band made a good impression: especially Phyllis Lemke on David Brinkley. .. j!g-wisp, The ASTC Choir has been invited to sing at the New York World's Fair during Arkansas Week, September 12-18, 1965. The Choir has made plans to fly to New York. They will be in New York for three days. The Choir gave three performances of "Carnival" to raise money to finance the trip. 4 f . f Q Mill? A flaw? Representative of ASTC's many talented stu- dents are the Riverside Singers. They have worked together since November 1964. They sing American and Russian folk songs and Jewish and Negro spirituals. Bud Bell Ccenterl plays a tenor banjo, Kay Wallace plays a five-string banjo, Pete Wig- gins plays a bass, and the girls, Shelia Fields, Suzie Mabury and Sue Ann Wright, sing. The Riverside Singers were ASTC's entry in the AIC talent show. Richard Smith, Iames Futrell, and David White hold the trophies to be awarded during the 35th Mid-South Debate Contest which was held on campus with teams from Arizona, Ar- kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Missis- sippi, and Alabama participating. The plaque was won by the debate team in a debate in Oklahoma. Larry Tabor pumps in two points for the Bears. Long range A shooting accuracy enabled the Bears to defeat Hendrix. Y One important part of ASTC life is sports. In this instance, the sport is basketball. President Snow con- gratulates Coach Cliff Horton as the Bears take another step toward the AIC Championship. The most important aspect of campus life is classroom work. Dr. Orville Rock Cbelowl puts his vast knowledge to good use in Man and Civiliza- tion, the freshman history course. if E .D , 35,52 1 it Y: 5 ,NN My ....,r, 313 d ertisement We owe the publication ot our Scroll to our adver- l tisers for without them its publication would have been impossible. Contributors over the state realize that it "pays to advertise" for student trade. They realize that it is through advertisements that businesses bring their products to the public eye. Many contributors are in an ideal position not only to Watch the formation of this Scroll but to see past and future progress of ASTC. Many of these business- men are directly involved in the activities of the col- lege and itsstudentsp others have been closely affili- ated with the physical growth of the college or the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the stu- dents. Many others take this opportunity to thank the students and faculty who have aided their businesses. Let's remember it pays us as students and faculty to do business with the people who take an active interest in our progress. M0 fl P f"'w ' fl 'Il K M-N vm mf 1:55 Rf W if f N MTM . um H3 ff: 'W 1 11504, Fiffdly First State Bank B k and Trust Company I' Wrco Wg. Corporation PENN ' AX-S A L Conway, Arkansas "THE BEST BUYS IN TOWN" Conway, Arkansas "Makers of Sherwin-Williams Paints . . America's Finest School Furniture, SWP HOUSE PAINTS SUPER KEM TONE Folding Chairs Sc Folding Tablesi' KEM GLO ARTIST MATERIALS The Sherwin-Williams Co. Highway 65S Phone FA 9-29OI I208 Oak Street Conway, Ark. Phone FA 9-5721 - " 453-Tae ,, A 153 129 Ib 3lf' : f,5"-in QF' - QE 'Piet ,I .UI Vg .,,,,. ,-....,.-.,..:.a-- .,., - --, lv-A , H -,ff " , ..,4.iT L-, . .4 -v-5' " .-,4P"'u T' -' ' IA" 4 GAIEWAY T0 THE BEAUTIFUL 'N' OZARK COUNTRY WG-1-12 rf" yy U j' Z, AJ! RESTAURANT W if gi "HOME or FINE FOODS" 5, L 1 K Conway, Ark ansas Phone A' FA 9-9701 317 318 Dan-Dee Dog Highway 64 West for Sandwiches, Frozen Treats, Broasted Chicken and Drinks Quality Foods - Fair Prices - Prompt Service Simon's Grocery :S Bakery Novelty Cakes 81 Cakes for Special Occasions either round or sheet cakes decorated for groups 814 Front Street Conway, Ark. , f WLM irmri West's Department Store THOMAS J. NABHOLZ, President Home of Better Values Genera' Manager Shop your Wests Away From Home 918 Front Street Conway, Ark. Nabholz S 1 l G Hager's Iewelry app 'Q Ompanyj nc' lilWZ4 'i 608 E. Oak Street Telephone FA 9-5631 .:f-"'-' T Z S f,',iitW , CONWAY, ARKANSAS "Conway's Leading IeWe1ry" Oak and Front Streets Conway, Ark. CONWAY Conway Printing Co. Book 'S Gfffce SUPP'Y Publishers of 6'The Echo" ne, gf ASTC S Prine Winning Nensnnne' 904 Front Street Telephone FA 9-2861 Conway, Arkansas BOOK , PAMPHLE T and Gilman-Kosten G C. H. Briley Co. COMIVIERCII-IL PRINTING ,Iobbers of k FRESH FRUIT K: PRODUCE 1314 Oak Street Conway, Ark. 2001 Eqsf Rgogevelt Rgqd LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS WEDDING CHAPEL fr RECEPTION ROOM AVAILABLE . Kg R5 50.15-4,-,,a .,. 2 QORSMQOYYYD gfbxo' 5 N9 P nr .1 , ED9XN:'COgUxT1 YS WJ gL 5? WY, C' fninnm we 4 1 Z WHEAT I Friendly 5 9 D - The Snap Idlehour Florist 1369 Bruce Krebs COMPLETE EQUIPMENT FOR HOTELS, CLUBS, HOSPITALS, AND INSTITUTIONS 413-415 W. Capitol Avenue Little Rock, Ark. 319 32O We use only tlze Best Equipment and gxpert gfefp Your negatives are always on file here. You may oriier pictures from us anytime. 205 Main Street Little Rock, Arkansas Phone F Rargklin 4-1 746 Mr. Ben Red Mr. Roger Red The First National Bank Q "-Q 2 i Q Complete Banking With Modern Drive-ln Service FREE PARKING FOR CUSTOMERS FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Front Street Conway, Ark. Frank's Drive-In "Treat your date to a Foot Long Hot Dog or a Iumbo Hamburger" We've Gone to the Dogs! Speakers or inside service "TRY OUR DELICIOUS HOT FRIED PIES" compliments from the . . . N. O. Nelson Co. 420 Byrd Street Little Rock, Arkansas Hwy. 64-65 Conway, Ark. 321 COY TURNER Representative HERFF-JONES CO. Mcnufceturers of Senior Rings WWE S HS NNDFPENYX Q fr I wmv VKX mv M WH! ?EE ' ffehrri-w'wI"-dy 7,1715 .Inv li an In -uni -Ex'n,: Q I ' IFJAXN1 E Sig, xtqmxqw w Y f N 9, x XX v' . X - M H, ' ' 29212525-'OHS'-I i 4- f'i- ei.-41 E515 E I I ', 5 I 5 : E ' . E 'Lis I 1 U' ' Q I nllllu I I - - ::- ' "I-IP ' I ' ' 5.3 5 m.u.u I I ' " - 2 I 1? -ii E iii i' ? f ' . -' I 'I M" l In I if ff V y,.w"i' I f J WI: 1.II 1 V' 1 HERFF-JONES CCD. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS 85 STATIONERS 1409-1419 North Capitol Ave. INDIANAPOLIS 7, IND. Spaulding Athletic Goods Company, Inc. 513 Center Street LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS 324 Olsen's Music 62 Photo Center Phone FA 9-24-32 806 Front Street Conway, Ark. Monday -- Powell "ConWay's Finest Shoe Store" carriers of Buster Brown U. S. Keds - Hush Puppies Naturalizer Florsheim Smartaire Roblee Life Stride Pedwin and Others 1011 Oak Street FA 9-2174 H ammett's Barber Shop Fletcher Smith lewelers JEWELERS "Our Service is Geared to the College Man" Gifts for all Occasions 1102 Front Street FA 9-2842 Conway, Ark Bonded Applicator of Barrett-Bird-Carey X Certain - Tweed - Koppers and Fry Roofing XX' lpt New Roors s. REPAIR woruc 'SN f""F' A l All llll ll' l'l.Lgg,l "F or cz Hole in Your Roof or of Whole New Root" X I T l M 1 M 3 WE GO ANYVVHERE WITHIN THE STATE l 5 fr , rilz. 4' .,,. ,.g. :It ,,., ,. :.. .,.. , r w A or - Wilson Roofing Co., I nc. ' l"- 1624 Tyler Street Conway, Ark. . H for V,:t F A ,,,e., ,rf Suppliers oi: BOOKS NOTIONS SCHOOL SUPPLIES SCHOOL IEWELRY The College Bookstore oofriw "' W' 51,1951-4,4051 . B ' ,j,',fV i f , -Souix. 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Box 222 O I I a w a, Ont., Canada P.O. Box 6091 Wiesbaden, W. Germany 327 328 FACULTY INDEX, A ADAMS, HORACE, Route 2, History 50, 281 ADAMS, MRS. IEAN, Route 2, Music 56, 281 ADAMS, MRS. SUE, 2046 College, Home Ec. 55 B BASCO, FREDERICK, 325 Augusta, Business - 54, 217, 263 BASS, RALVA, 2303 Independence, Physics 57, 224, 245, 274 BEHRENS, RALPH, 432 Oliver, English 52, 228, 272, 310 BLACKBURN, D. W., 111 Locust, Bus., Econ., Soc. 54, 257 BONDS, MRS. VIRGINIA, 1927 Prince, Math. 47, 258 BRIGHT, MRS. KATHLEEN, 1417 Garvin, Bookstore 61 BRIGHT, RAYMOND, 1417 Garvin, PE 59, 199 BROWN, HOMER, 1705 Independence, Music 56, 275, 297 BROWN, MRS. VIRGINIA, 1705 Independence, Math 47 BUFFALOE, NEAL, 327 Augusta, Biology 48. 248, 281 BURDICK, A. E., 222 Mitchell, Dean 7, 12 BURGESS, T. H., Greenbrier, Biology 48 BURKETT, EVA, Parkview, Apt B-7, English 53 BUSHNELL, PAUL, 216 Locust, History 50, 281 C CARTER, MRS. ELIZABETH, 624 Ash, Post Office 61, 230 CARTER, ROBERT H., 624 Ash, Bookstore 19, 288 CHICK, MRS. RUBY, 524 Western, Dean's Office 61 CLARK. MRS, IAMES T., 624 Donaghey, Bus. Office. 61 CLAY, ROBERTA, 1836 Bruce, Eng.-Jour. 52, 286, 289 COLLINS, RICHARD, Highway 60, Biology 48, 248 COOPER, MRS. SUNNY, 413 Oak Hill Dr., Morrilton, IBM 61 CRAFTON, MRS. MAXINE, 11 Williamsburg Court, Pres. Office 61 D DEMPSEY, BOB, 304 Augusta, Bus. Office 61 DOW. RAYMOND, 1307 Bellmeade, Ind. Education 46, 246 DUKE, MRS. ESTELLENE, Bernard Infirmary, Nurse 21 DUNAWAY, DR. ED, 25 Timothy Lane, Physician DUNAWAY, MRS. RUTH, 1840 College, Lib. Sci. 51 E EIDSON, HAROLD. 321 Western, Bus. Office 13 ELLIS, CARLYSLE, Parkview Apt. A-1, Business 54, 234, 310 ETHRIDGE, MRS. GRACE, 1106 Clifton, Ext. Office 61 EVANS, SUE, Collegeview Apt. D-8, Music 230, 255, 281 F FARRIS, IEFF. 518 Donaghey, PE, 59 FARRIS, MRS. LORETTA, 1017 Watkins, Registrar's Office 61 FERGUSON, MRS. OLIVE, Wingo Hall, Dir. Women's Act. 7, 14, 15 FISHER, OPHELIA, 2206 Bruce, Hist. and Pol. Sci. 50 FORSBERG, CARL, 1301 Eastfield Drive, Music 56, 228, 281 G GARNETT. DON, 2209 Independence, Speech 53 GARRISON, CECIL, 112 Baridon, PE and Ed. 20, 59 GLOVER, MRS. EARL, Minton Hall, Ass't. Nurse 21 GRIFFITH, WAYNE, 412 Donaghey, Music 56 GROTH, HOWARD, 1605 Robinson, Music 56, 278 H HAGLE, PAUL, 11 Timothy Lane, Geography 47 HALL, MONA MARIE, 2012 Eouth Blvd., Lib. Sci. 51 HAMILTON, CLARENCE A., 1305 Clifton, Business 54, 224, 257 HARDY, H. B., IR., 314 Western, Apt. 3, Dir. Placement 18, 58, 222, 261, 290, 291, 293, 305, 308 HARDY, NILA, Wingo, Switchboard Operator HATFIELD, GENE, 408 Donaghey, Art HATFIELD, MRS. NICOLE, 408 Donaghey, French HAVENS, MRS. PEGGY, 1131 N. Ash, Library HENRY, HAROLD, 952 Donaghey, Math. HENRY, 1. D., Route 2, Math HENZE, ARTHUR L., 1833 South Blvd, Ed. and Psych. HENZE, MRS. MARY, 1823 South Blvd., English HOGAN, D. TURNER, 16 Rebecca Lane, Math. I'IOLT, RICHARD L., IR., 1837 Robinson, Civil Defense HOPKINS. E. R., Route 2, Ed. HORTON, CLIFFORD, 23 Rebecca Lane, PE HUDSON, R. W., 354 Watkins, English HUGHES, O. L., 1804 College, Math. HUKILL, MRS. BILLIE, 2202 Bruce. Ed. Office 46 47 61 48, 272 48 58 53 48 58 59, 187, 313 53, 227 48 61 HUKILL, V. N.. 2202 Bruce, Ind. Educ. HUMBLE, MRS. T. A., Bernard Hall, Hostess IBERG, MARVIN, 1616 Davis, Sec. Officer IRBY, GLEN, 18 Meadowbrook, Music IRBY, MRS. NELLIE, Wingo Hall, Hostess IONES, MRS. TILLMAN, Denney Hall, Hostess KEINATH, WILLIAM F., Ir.. Geography KINSER, RAY, 13 Meadowbrook Drive, Biology 47, KOEHLER, IOHN O., 1533 South Blvd., Civil Defense KOON, FRANK, 233 Oliver, PE L LARSON, WILLIAM A., 2229 Robinson, History LEE, MRS. LOIS, McA1ister Hall, Hostess LEWIS, B. A., 702 Western, Ed. LINDSAY, MRS. ALMERIA, Home Mg't. Home, Home Ec. LINEBACK, SUE, 2116 Louvenia, Apt. B., Speech LISENBY, WILLIAM FOY, 338 Augusta, History LONG, DOROTHY. 6 Rebecca Lane, Math. LOVE, HAROLD D., 417 Donaghey, Ed. LOWRY, FLETCHER, 4 Rebecca Lane, PE LYNCH, AUDIE I., 1918 Scott, Ext. Office M MCALISTER. FRANK, 404 Western, Bus. McDONALD, DAVID E., 7 Timothy Lane, Bus. Office MCDUFFIE, MRS. IEFF, Bernard Hall, Hostess MCNEIL, ANDRE E., Doyne Hall, Econ. and Dir. Men's Act. MCNEIL, MRS. KATHLEEN, Doyne Hall, Hostess MACHEN, ANN, Parkview Apt. 4, PE MEYER, KARL H., 1455 College, Foreign Languages MILBURN, GENEVA, 1725 Clifton, Cafeteria Office MINTON, H. L., 526 Donaghey, Alumni Office MONTGOMERY, HOWARD, 2333 College ,Dir. Cafeteria MONTGOMERY, MRS. EMILY, 2333 College, Dietitian MOORE, IEWEL, 222 Ash, Biology MULLENAX, O. H., Campus, Sec. Officer N NEMEC, MRS. MARTHA, Short Hall, Hostess NEW, MRS. CAROLYN, Secretary NOLTE, EUGENE, 112 Mitchell, English O O'KELLY, NED, 221 Louvenia, Ind. Educ. OSBORN, MRS. MOLSIE, 1931 Robinson, Nursery OSBORN, WILLIAM H., 1931 Robinson, Registrar 16, 54, OWENS, MRS. RUBY, Rt. 2, Greenbrier, Civil Defense P PACKARD, E. W., 1825 College, Ind. Educ. PARKS, REV. LIMUEL, 925 Mitchell, Chemistry PATTERSON, MABEL G., 136 Rebecca Lane, Education PHILLIPS. LEONARD M., Music POLK, E. C., 314 Western, Apt. 1., English R RIALS, ROY L., IR., 1833 Independence, Civil Defense RICKARD, DONALD E., 2209 Lee, Physics and C. D. RICHARDSON, MRS. EDGAR, Arkansas Hall, Hostess RIDDICK, EARL, IR., 20 Meadowbrook, Chemistry RITTER, MRS. BARBARA, 1903 S. Blvd., Bus. Office RITTER, DAVID GENE, 1903 S. Blvd., Music ROBINSON, MRS. CORINNE, 827 Center, Reg. Office ROBINSON, MARY, 425 Augusta, English ROOK, ORVILLE W., 1808 Duncan, History ROZZELL, RAMON, 620 Western, Foreign Lang. S SACHSE, GLADYS, 240 Donaghey, Lib. Sci. SANDS. MARY K.. 314 Western, Apt. 2, Speech SCHICHTL, MARIE, 414 Conway Blvd., Art 46, 208, SCOTT, ANN, 318 Davis, Pub. Rel. SCOTT, MARY IANE, Parkview Apt. B-2, Home Ec. SHAW, IOE C., Rt. 2, College St., Sociology 46, 246 61 21 61, 234 61 48, 227, 248 60 59 50 61 58 55, 250 53, 212 45, 50 48, 234, 310 58, 210, 222 59, 194 16 54 13, 61 15, 54 59, 249 45, 47, 220 61 18 19 61 48, 248 21 61 52 21 61 Bl, 224, 301 61 46, 246 57 58, 242 56, 281 53, 210 228 60 57 57, 220, 241 13, 61, 236 56, 255, 297 61 53 50, 313 47 51, 219 52 238, 244 263 61 55 53 SIMPSON, FARIL, 32 Rebecca Lane, Chemistry 57, 220. 241 V SMITH, TOMMY, 601 Center, Pub. Relations 17, 61, 227 SM11-H, MRS- VIRGINIA, 137 Mitchell, Bus. Qffice 61 VILLINES, MRS. SANDY, 307 Donaghey, Switchboard Operator 61 SNOW, SILAS D., 140 Donaghey, President 10, 11, 87, 208, 313 W' SOMERVILL, IOHN, Parkview Apt. B-6. Psychology 58, 227 SPENCER, LEE B. 2002 Prince Street, Librarian 51 WACHTENDORF, MRS. ONA, 130 Locust, Business 54, 214, 281 SPENCER, MRS. WILLA B., 2002 Prince Street, P. E. 59, 205, 282 WALTERS, MRS, OPAL, 135 Mitchellu Lib, Sci, 2, 351 STARK, BERT, IR., Minton Hall, Education 61 WEBB, FRANCES, 1325 Simms, Home EC. 55' 219 STARK, MRS. SARAH, Minton Hall, Hostess 58, 61 WESTERMANI MRS. CHARSU SO' Minton' Nurse SWIFT, BETTY, Beaverfork Place, -P. E. 59, 254 WIMBERLYI MRS. NOBLE, Campus' Maintenance SYLAR, IAMES, 232 Donaghey, Dir. St. Act. 14, 219 WIMBERLYI NOBLE' Campus' Maintenance 20 T WITHERSPOON, PAUL, 2216 Independence, Testing 20, 58 TEETER, CHARLES B., 31 Timothy Lane, Dir. Development 17 WOOLE, BOY, 803 51h Street, Bookstore 21 TERRY, FRANCES, 240 Donaghey, English 53 THOMPSON, SUE, Parkview Apt. B-3, Home Ec. 55 Y TUCKER, WILLIAM C., 1935 Bruce, Business 54 YOUNG, MRS. BETTY, 814 Watkins, English 53, 236 ........,........,........................ . ................... ..,......., . ........................,..........................,........,............... A AUSTIN, GLENN, 4, Atkins 89, 220 AARON, cAno1,YN, 2, 1416 Brown, Litt'e Rock 127, 232, 254, 270 Q3:?NSfl1AD1?Iig'9 31ug1fstE1"gZ2iOgLR M3 AARON, MARILYN, 4, 1923 Parker, North Little Rock 89, 283 ' ' ' ' ' ACTON, ROMMY. 1, Scotland, Ark, 143, 246 B ADAMS, CALLIE, 4, Box 144, Waldron BABER, PAMELA, 1, P.D. Box 3, Lake Hamilton ADAMS, IIMMY, 1, Leslie BACHUS, NINA, 1, 707 W. 16th, NLR 143 ADAMS, MILBURN, 4, 6 Winthrop Dr,, Morrilton 226 BAER, KENNETH, 1, 2614 S. Oak, LR ADAMS, PATRICIA, I, Box 26, Hazen 143, 242 BAILEY, ANN, 1, Scotland 143, 251 ADAMS, VIRGINIA, 4, Compton 113 BAILEY, CECIL, IR., 1, 13 Shore Point Rd.. NLR 143, 221 ADCOCK, GLORIA, 1, 417 Kay, North Little Rock BAILEY, HAROLD, 1, Rt. 2, Box 321, Conway ADCOCK, LINDA, 2, 417 Kay, North Little Rock 127 BAILEY. GLYN, 3, 302 W. Front, Lonoke 113 AGNEW, NORMA, 2, 1724 Arch, Little Rock 72, 127, 232, 244 BAILEY, IAMES, 1, 802 W, Front, Lonoke 169 AHERN, ALFRED, 3, 6791 Lafayette St., Omaha, Nebraska BAILEY IIMMY, 1, Rt. 3 ,Heber Springs 143 AKERS, DAN, 1, Box 101, Helena 143 BAILEY PAUL, 1, 322 E. Maple, Benton ALBRIGI-IT, MARY, 4. 1623 Center, Little Rock 166, 234 BAILEY PEGGY, 1, 1400 S. Arch, LR ALEXANDER BETTY, 2, Rt. 1, Box 87, Bradlord 127, 239, 283 BAILEY ROBERT, 1, Rt. 2. Conway ALLEN, BARBARA, 1, Rt. 1, Heber Springs BAILEY., THOMAS, 1, 39 Meadow Brook, Conway 143, 203, 223, 241 ALLEN, CAROL, 4, 303 Donaghey, Conway BAILEY, WILLIAM, 2, 1605 W. 3, Pine Blutf ALLEN, FRANK, 4. 303 Donaghey, Conway BAIN, ROBERT, 2, 6915 Shamrock, LR ALLGOOD, PAUL, 1, Floral, Ark. BAKER, BETTY, 4, 900 S. Eastern, Iacksonville ALLISON, BOBBY, 1, Rt, 2, Box 135. Scott 143 BAKER, BOB, 1, Blue Eye, Mo. 188 ALLISON, RODNEY, 1, 151 Ohio Circle, Iacksonville 143 BAKER, GLORIA, 1, Rt. 5, Clinton ALLRED, BETTY, 4, 829 Faulkner, Conway 89 BAKER, IERRY, 1, Vilonia 143 ALTOM, BOBBY, 1, 310 Ross. Batesville 188 BAKER, IOHN, 1, 114 Walnut, Marshall ALTOM, LARRY, 3, 329 19th St., Batesville 196 BAKER, KAY, 1, Clinton 143 ANDERSON, CARROLL, 2, 3826 Cedar, NLR BAKER, MARILYN SUE, 2, 1114 Donaghey, Conway 127 ANDERSON, DONNA, 4, New Nata BAKER, PAT, 2, 804 Depot, Lonoke 127, 234 ANDERSON, GARY, 4. Rt. 4, Newport BAKER, PATRICIA, Rt. 3, Box 257, Conway 143 ANDERSON, HAROLD, 3. Rt. 1, Box 9E, Conway BALDWIN, RALPH, 2, 5320 Edgewood Rd., LR 126, 175 ANDERSON, IAMES, 2, 703 Woodruff, NLR BALENTINE, CALLIE, 2, Big Flat 127 ANDERSON. IAMES, 3, 2218 Lee, Conway BALL, REBECCA, 1, 47 Coronado Circle, NLR 144 ANDERSON, IOHNNY, 2, Rt. 1, Pangburn 127, 168, 226 BANE, DIANNA, 2, 1527 Clifton, Conway 127 ANDERSON, LESLIE, 3, 512 W. Front, Lonoke 113, 224 BANZI-IAF, GEORGE, 4, 2211 Ada, Conway ANDERSON, NONA, 4, Conway BARCLAY, LARRY, 1, 3023 Asher, LR ANDERSON, THOMAS, 1. Rt. 55 Pine Mt. Rd., LR BARFOOT, MARY, 3, 1422 W. 12th, NLR 113 142, 143, 223 273, 294 BARGER, LENA, 4, Rt, 3, Box 174, Heber Springs ANDREWS. DIANE, 1, North Little Rock 143 242, 276 BAR!-IAM, DOROTHY, 1. 679 Grove, Irvington, New Iersey 279 ANDREWS, DOROTHY, 4, 706 W. Main, Heber Springs BARKER, RETHA, 2, 635 North Izard, Forrest City, 127 113, 239 242, 258 BARKER, RONNIE, 1, 2008 Top! Rd., NLR ANDREWS, LINDA, 1, 407 Kay, NLR 143 BARNES, CORA, 1, 70B Pershing Dr., Sherman, Texas 144 ANDREWS, ROBERT, 1, 825 Comm, Sq., Box 2925, LRAFB 143 BARNES, HUGH, 2, 590B N. 7th St., Memphis, Tenn. 276, 297 ANGELA, LARRY, 2. 208 Ross, West Memphis BARNETT, IAMES, 3, 300 North 6th, Heber Springs 113, 220, 222 ARCHER, KAREN. 1, Wright 143 BARR, IAMES, 1, 417 Warren, Iacksonville ARGO, SUE, 3517 Walker, LR BARTON, I. O., 4, Box 37, Charleston 89, 226, 266 ARMSTRONG, PAMELA, 2, 219 E. 12, NLF 127, 236 BARTON, LARRY, 1. Rt. 1, Box 615, Iacksonville ARMSTRONG, WINFRED, 3, 6024 Forbing, LR BASKIN, CAROL, 4, 16 Phyllis, Pine Bluli 89, 210, 258 112, 113, 168, 226, 242, 273, 294 BASS. DAVID, 4, Rt. 4, Conway 74, 84, 244 ARNHARD, IOHN, 1, Highway 65. Clinton 276, 281, 297 BASS, IOHN, 3, Notch Rt., Reeds Spring, Mo. 188, 190 ARNOLD, LINDA, 2, Rt. 2, Box 454, West Helena 127, 230 BATES, ALENE, 2, 304 Donaghey, Conway 127, 250 ARNOLD, MARY. 4, Box 566, Tuckerman 74, 89, 210, 238 BATTLES, MARILYN, 1, 411 Donaghey, Conway 143 ARNOLD, WILLIAM, 4, 901 Anderson, West Helena 89, 224 BAW, IOI-IN, 1. 1215 W. 43rd, NLR 142, 143, 223, 272 ARY, SHERIDAN, 3, 214 Douglas, Berryville BAXTER, DOLLIE, 4, 206 W. Spring, Heber Springs 89, 258 ASI-ICRAFT, EVA, 4, 8723 Barber, NLR 89 BEALE, ROBERT, 2, 1551 W. 36th, NLR 127, 228 ASHLEY, WILLIAM, 2, Rt. 1, Leslie BEARD, BARBARA, 1, Rt. 4, Box 333, Star City 144 ASK. DOUGLAS, 1, 4323 W. lst, LR 169 BEARD, ANDERSON, 4, New Hata ASLIN, CYNTHIA, 1, 1120 South Walnut, Newport 143 BEARD, IOHNNY, 209 Brookside Dr., LR 172, 202, 203 ATCHISON, VERA, 4, 1516 Iameson, Benton BEARD, MICHAEL, 1, 2423 N. Pierce, LR ATTERBERRY, TRAVIS, 1, 1421 Mitchell, Conway 143, 223 BEARD, ROBERT, 1, P.O. Box 36, Clarendon 144 BROTHERTON, ALLEN, 2, 138 Kentucky Cr., Iacksonville 330 BEASLEY, LLOYD, 4, Box 417, Cabot BEAVERSON, TERRY, 1, 340 Broad, Batesville BECKMAN, DAVID, 2, 501 N. 18, Fort Smith BEEL, CHARLES, 4, 1328 St. Louis, Batesville 90, BEENE, TERRY, 1, Mt. Vernon BEERS, GEORGE, 4, Rt. 3, Box 89, Greenbrier BEESON, WILLIAM, 1, Rt. 2, Box 52, Widener BOTTER, BERT, 4, Rt. 1, Box 12, Hot Sprin BOUNDS, BILL, 1, L.R. BOWLIN, GENEVA, Rt. 2, Conway BOWLING, BRENDA, 1, Bridge, Morrilton BOYD, CAROLYN, 3, Rt. 1, Box ll, Rison BOYD, ONA, l, Star Rt. 6, Leslie BOYD, THOMAS, 4, Hegginson gs 76, 90, 195, 205 BEITH, GLORIA, 1, Box 67, Crumrod BELL, BENNY, 3, Rt. 2, Vilonia BELL, BOBBY, 4, Beebe, BELL, DAVID, 4, 515 N. Oak, LR 90, 212 BELL, DEAL, 3, Rt. 3, Conway BELL, DONNA, 2, Rt. 4, Harrison BELL, IUDITH, 2, 3921 W. 12, LR 127 BELL, LINDA, 4, 804 E. 18th, LR BELL, MARY, 2, Rt. 1, Vilonia BENAFIELD, DANNY, 2, 618 Barnes, Lonoke BENNETT, ANNETTE, 2, Rt. 1, Carlisle BENNETT, CHARLOTTE. 4, Rt. 4, Box 53, LR BENNETT, GLENN, 4, Sidon 113 BENNETT, LINDA. 1, Rt. 4 Box 579, LR BENNET, RICHARD, 2, 414 N. Cedar, LR BENTLEY, SARA, 4, Morrilton BENTON, TIMOTHY, 2, 26 Westmont Cr., LR BENTON, IOE T., 4, Box 104, Greenbrier BERRY, ERNEST, Ir., 1, 1414 Franklin, NLR 144 BERRY, MARGARET, 4, Berry St., Harrison 90 BETHELL, CLYDE, 1, 12 Main, Des Arc BEVIS, DON, 2, Rt. 2, Box 4. Scott BIGGERS, IAYNE, 1. 203 W. 2nd, Tuckerman BIGGERSTAFF, SHERRY, 1, 120 North Circle, Iacksonville BIRD, ED., BIRDSON, BISCHOF, BISCHOF. 4, Formosa 75, 90, 210, 220, GREGORY, 1, 617 Hillcrest NLR IOHN, I, 172 Crest, Hot Springs VICKI, 2, 1005 Grand, Hot Springs BISHOP, CLYIFFORD, 1, Salem BISHOP, DORIS, 1, 4911 Willow, North Little Rock BISHOP, JERRY, 1, 705 Donaghey, Conway BLACK. CAROLYN, Rt. 2, Searcy BLACK, MARSHA, 4, 110 Baridon, Conway 210 BLACK, NANCY, 1, 110 Baridon, Conway BLACK, WILLIAM, 3, 109 SE lst, Bentonville BLACKBURN, IDALENE, 4, 111 Locust, Conway 75, 90, 210, 234, BLACKWELL, GEORGE, 4, 1115 North Taylor, LR BLACKWOOD. BONNIE, 123 West Dr., NLR BLAIR, DOUGLAS. 1, 5211 Stonewall, Rd., LR BLAIR, SAMMY, 4, NLR, 609 W. 34 BLAKE, MURRAY, 3, 307 Adams, Osceola 113, 168, BLAKE, PHILLIP, 1, Box 333 Grandview, Conway BLAKENEY, TEDDY, 4, 1529 Marion, NLR BLAND, GENES, 1, 95 Wall St., Eureka Springs BLAYLOCK, GARY, 2, 1402 S. Oak, LR BLOOM, PATRICIA, 2, 1018 School Drive, Iacksonville BLOSSOM, TOM, 4. BLUME, GERRY, 4, 1000 W. Mill, Heber Springs 75, 90, 212. BOARDMAN, BARBARA, 1, Rt. 3, Mtn. Home 90, 1313 Pine Valley, LR 90, 219, BOYER, RONALD, 2, Rt. 1, Conway BOYLES, RICHARD, 1, 703 Hyacinth, NLR BRADBERRY, DIXIE, 2, 405 College, Beebe BRADBERRY, ROBERT, 4, 632 65th St., Batesville BRADFORD, CHARLES, 4, 805 W. Spring, Heber Springs 91, 166 BRADFORD, IUDYE, 1, Highway 16 East, Clinton 145 BRADFORD, WILLIE, 1, Rt. 2, Box 259A, NLR BRADFORD, WILLIE, 2, Rt. 1, Shirley BRADKE, EDWARD, 1, Rt. 1, Perryville BRADLEY, MORRIS, 4, 1010 Faulkner, Conway BRADLEY, SANDRA, 1, Rt. 1 Harrisburg 144, 276, BRADY, BOBBIE, 4, Rt. 3, Vilonia BRADY, IIM, 3, 5119 East Roosevelt, LR BRADY, IIMMY, 3, Rt. 3, Vilonia BRADY, MARTIN, 1, 5516 Southwood Dr., LR BRANDT, ROBERT, 3, 1401 Cedar, LR BRANNAN, BETTY, 3, Greenbrier BRANNAN, BOBBY, 2, 1938 Scott, Conway BRANNAN, ESTHER, 2, 2124 Ada, Conway BRANNAN, FRANK, 4, 2124 Ada, Conway BRANNAN, LANNY, 4, Little Rock 76, BRANNAN, ROBERT. IR., 1, 1422 Robins, Conway BRANT, DENNIS, 3, 404 W. 19th, NLR BRANT, PAULETTE, 4, 404 W. 19, NLR BRATCHER, CARROL, Mayflower BREEDING, IULIA, 1, School For DEAF, Little Rock BREEDING, MERLE, 4, 1901 W. Second, Little Rock 91, 145, BRENNES, RICHARD, 1, 103 Hutson Dr., Hot Springs BRENTS, CAROLYN, 1, Rt. 4, Box 58 NLR BRENTS, SUE, 1, Iacksonville 145, 255, 276, 279, BRESHEARS, CHARLES, 4, 156 Sunset Dr., NLR 114. BREWER, CHARLOTTE, 1, Rt. 1, Box 68, Ioiner BREWER, EDWIN, 1, Rt. 4, Green Forest BRICKELI., LEONARD, 1, 914 Vine, Iacksonville BRIDGMAN, 1. A., 2, Wilburn BRIDGMAN, LINDA, 1, Rt. 1, Solgohachia BRIGGERS, IAYNE, 1, Tuckerman BRIGGLER, RAYMOND, 4, Rt. 1, Hattieville BRIGHTOP, AUSTIN, 1, 7 Nob Hill Core, LR BRINKLEY, MARIALYCE, 4, 205 Center, Morrilton 91, 236, BRITTON. AVA, 4, Vilonia BRITTON. IOHN, 3, Box 26, Vilonia BROCKETT, DIANE, 1, 820 Trammel Rd., NLR BROCKETT, LYNN, 2, 820 Trammel Road, NLR 128, BROCKINGTON, JERRY, 2, 2618 E. Washington, NLR BROOKS, BETTY, 1, 2511 Fair Park Blvd, LR BROOKS, ANN. 3, Rt. 3, Box 37, Crossett 114, BROOKS, SALLIE, 2, 133 Viewpoint Dr., Fayetteville BROOM, BRENDA, 1, Marvell 145, BOARDMAN, IAMES, 2, Rt. 3, Box 225, NLR BOAST, IERREL, 4, 850 Claud Rd., Pine Bluif 113, BOAST, WAYMON, 1, 850 Claud Rd., Pine Bluff BOAZ, RICHARD, 1, 505 Harpale, Iacksonville BOAZ, RONALD, 3, 1408 Hill St., Iacksonville BOHANNAN, LINDA, l, 108 Carl Ave., Berryville BOHANNON, CALVIN, 1, 213 W. Halliburton, Dewitt BOHANNON, EDITH, 4, Leslie BOHART, PAMELA, 4, 412 N. Highland, Fayetteville BOLDEN, MARTHA, 1, 330 Augusta, Conway BOLDING, CLAUDE, 1, Cooks, Trailer, Searcy BOLDING, SANDRA, 1, Rt. 1, Royal BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN, , ALBERT, 1, Rt. 1, Humnoke , BARBARA, 3, Rt. l, Perryville , GLORIA, 1, 604 W. Braden, Iacksonville , IIMMY, 3, 1718 W. 13, NLR IUDITH, 4, Box 184 Rt. 6, St. Ioseph, Mo. 91, 205 BROWN, MARILYN, 1, 209 Martin, Benton BROWN, MARTHA, 2, Holly Grove BROWN, PEGGY. 4, Damascus 91, 230 BROWN, PHILIP, 2, 1615 Iohnson, Iacksonville BROWN BROWN BROWN , RONNIE, 2, Rt. 3, Vilonia , RUTH, 1, Rt. 2, Box 171, Vilonia , THOMAS, 2, 914 Franklin, Helena BOLIN, SARAH, 4, Mountain View BOLLS, IUDITI-I, 1, Rt. 1, Carlisle BOLLS, IAINE, 2, Rt. 1, Carlisle, BOND, CONNIE, 2, 1811 Louisiana, LR BONDS, RAYMOND, 3, Rt. 3, Clinton BONE, BETTY, 1, Rt. 2, Des Arc BONE, PATRICIA, 1, 615 Court, Lonoke BONE, PATTI. l, 826 Broad St., Batesville BONGE, DENNIS, 2, 707 Blossom, NLR 128 144, 128 BROWNING, WILLIAM, 555 Mitchell, Conway BRUEGGEMAN, PEGGY, 2, 5603 Stonewall, LR BRYANT, ROBERT, 1, 136 Oliver, Conway 145' BRUTON, GRETCHEN, 3, 1020 S. 18th, Fort Smith BRYANT, WILLIAM, 508 N. James, Jacksonville BUCK, WILLIAM, 1, 3815 Willow, NLR BUCKINGHAM, DORIS, 2, 1907 Airport Rd., Hot Springs BUMGARDNER, ROBERT, 1, Rt. 2, Box 18, Scott BUNE, TERRY, 1, Mt. Vernon BORDERS. MARY LOU, 2, Rt. 2, Box 82A, Scott BORENGASSER, MARY, 1, 105 Sheridan, NLR BORGARD, WANDEANA, 4, 11.12 N. Taylor, LR 75, 114, 238, 258, BOSTIC, LAYTON, 1, Kensette Bunronn, MARSHALL, 3, 2701 Magnolia, Pine Bluff BURGE, LINDA, 3, Casa BURGESS, IOE, 4, 321 Pritcard, Berryville BURGESS, WILLIAM, 1, Box 74, Greenbrier BURK, IUDY, 3, Camp BURLESON, LARRY, 3, Rt. 1, Yellville 114, 188, BURNETT, SHEILA, 2, 1911 Coker Hampton Drive, Stuttgart BURNEY, ROBERT, 4, Rt. 4, Conway BURRIS, IANELDA, 4. 331 S. Glenwood, Russellville BURROW, LAURA, 4, Rt. 2, Box 76A, Conway BURT, OCIA, 3, Clinton BURTON, HILDA, 4, Rt. 1. Box 1, Charleston 91, 257, 258, BURTON, MARGARET, 4, 325 N. Church, Charleston BURTON, ROGER, 3 ,Box 210, Magnolia 175, BUSH, FRANK, 2, Rt. 1, Haynesville, Louisiana BUSH, RAYMOND, 3, Rt. 1, Box 165, Conway BUTKIEWICZ, IOHN, 3, 711 Broadway, Rome, New York BUTLER, MICHAEL, 1, 1322 W. lst, NLR 145, 197. 221, BUTLER, RICKY, 1, Rt. 2, Hope BUTLER, TOMMIE, 1, 308 E. Valley, Morrilton BYRD, WANDA, 4, 117 Wilson, Iacksonville C CALLAI-IAN, MARY, 4, 212 Plainvier Circle, NLR CALLAWAY, NORMAN. 4, No. 1. Betswood, Little Rock 91, CALLOWAY, IAMES, 2, 807 South Richards, Benton 129, 197, CLEMENTS, IANICE, 1, 1729 Clifton, Conway CLEMENTS, SUZANNE, 1, 5213 Randolph, NLR CLEMENTS, WILLIAM, 1, 1120 N. Monroe, LR CLIN E, CLOUGH. GREGORY, 4, 105 N. 13, Van Buren CODY, CODY, COFFELT, CECELIA, 3, 902 Rector Building, LR BARBARA, 1, 1209 Reynolds, Clarksville MARY, 2, Box 828, ASTC, Conway RAYMOND, 4, Morrilton COFFEY, LARRY. 3, 408 Merriman, Conway COGGINS, IOYCE, 1, 306 Meadowbrook, Dr., Hot Springs COHEN, EDWARD, 2, 6614 W. Markham, LR COKER, HELEN, 1, 3720 Camp Robinson, NLR COKER, LAMONT, 1, Rt. 1, Box 172, Conway COLBURN, IERRY. 2, 22 Quillen Ave., NLR COLCLASURE, IAMES, 3, Box 315, Carlisle 276, 115, 129, CAMERON, SUZANNE, 1, 1602 W. Emma, Springdale CAMPBELL, BEVERLY. 3, Witts Springs CAMPBELL CARROLL, 3, Rt. 3, Clinton CAMPBELL, DORCAS, 1, 5908 Hawthorne, LR CAMPBELL IAMES, 2, 1275 Dolan, Memphis, Tennessee IERRY, 4, 1275 Dolan, Memphis, Tennessee 114, 177, CANON, RAYMOND, l, Rt. 1, Box 99, Iacksonville CANTRELL, IIMMIE, l, Rt. 2, Conway CANTRELL, PATSY, 3. 820 Mitchell Conway 69, 114, 234, 254, 284, CARELOCK. IUANICE, 1, Rt. 1, Box 357X, E1 Dorado 145, CARMACK, NANCY, 1, 2922 Kinkead Ave., Fort Smith CARMICHAEL. FOREST, 2, Rt. 2, Cabot CAMPBELL, COLE, BRENDA, 1, Rt. 1, Center Ridge COLE, HERBERT, 2, 105 North Pecan, Searcy COLE, NORMA, 1, 320 N. Iackson, LR COLE, IEAN, 1, NLR COLEMAN. CHARLES, 4, Rudy COLEMAN, EDWARD, 1, P.O. Box 42, Elaine COLEMAN GEALY, 2, 1117 Clifton Conway COLEMAN. MARGUERITE, 1, 105 Belmont Dr., NLR COLEMAN, MAXINE, 4, 509 Sierra Madre. NLR COLLINS, ROBERT, 1, 113 Peterson St., Dumas COLQUITT, Sharon, 1, 317 Center, Conway COLVERT, CAROLYN, 4, Springdale COMBS, IUDY, 917 S. Elm., Little Rock COMBS, IUDY, 3, Rt. 3, Greenbrier COMER, CLYDE, 3, P.O. Box 66, McCory 115, 201, COMPTON, PEGGY, 4, Box 845, ASTC, Conway COMSTOCK, HAROLD, 1, South Donaghey, Conway CONLEY, LINDA, 1, Havana CARPENTER, SARA, l. 7215 Cloverdale Dr., LR 145, CARPENTER, SHARON, 1, 301 Carpenter Dr.. LR CARR, CAROLYN, 3, 2415 College Ave., Conway 114, CARR, GLENDAY RUTH, 4, Center Ridge, Arkansas CARR, TEDDY. 1, 300 S. Monroe, Dewitt CARREL, ROGER, 3, Rt. 2, Box 8. Damascus CARROLL, CLAUDIA, 1, 11 Brickton Place, LR CARSON, KATHLEEN, 4, 1717 S. T. St., Fort Smith CONNER, BURNETTA, 3, Box 194, Salem CONRAD, BARBARA, 3, 705 W. 11, Stuttgart CONRAD, KAREN. 1, 500 Protho, NLR COOK, FAYE, 615 Monroe, Conway COOK, ED., IR., 4, 3223 Chandler, NLR COOK. IAMES, 2, Rt. 2, Lonoke COOK, COOK, KAREN, 1, 305 Pinewood, Hot Springs RODNEY, 2, 1308 Garland, NLR CARTER, EDWARD, 1, 1905 E. Second, NLR CARTER, LARRY, 3, Rt. 2, Atkins CARTER, LELAND, 1. t. 5, Box 474D, LR CARTER, ROBET, 3. 624 Ash, Conway CARTER, SUZANNE, 2, 616 Watkins, Conway CARTWRIGHT, PATSY, 2, Rt. 2, Box 173, Vilonia CARUTHERS, NEIL, 1, Box 36, Greenbrier CASE, COY, 4, Rt. 4, Batesville CASE, IIMMY, 1, Rt. 4, Batesville CASH, PAMELA, 4, 5321 Schaer, NLR CAST, HERSCHEL, IR., 1, 100 Linwood Court. LR CASTILE, ROBERT, 3, 213 Iames, Iacksonville CASTLEBERRY, CHARLSIE, Rt. 3, Greenbrieg CATE, PHILIP, 1, 203 N. W. F. St., Bentonville, Ark. CATEN. WILLIAM, 3, 615 E, 21st, LR CATES, GAYLE, 2. 5505 C, Little Rock CATHCART, IAMES, 1, 5410 B. St., LR CATHEY, DONALD, 1 ,414 Highland, Paragould CATO, HARREL, 3, Box 54, Rosebud CAVEN, LINDA, 2, 822 Righton, Helena CERRATO, CAROLYN, I, 5205 Allen. NLR CHAMBERLIN, SHARON, 3, 1530 Bruce. Conway CHAMBERS, IOE, 4, 209 S. Monroe, Dewitt CHANDLER, WALLACE, 4, Rt. 1, Box 163, Tyronza CHANEY, PAMELA, 2, Rt. 4, Harrison CHAPMAN, LARRY, 1, P.O. Box 27, Holly Grove CHARTON, LAVONNA, 1, Rt. 2, Morrilton CHASTAIN, CHERYL, 1, 811 Shamrock, NLR CHENAULT, FRANK, 3, 501 3rd St., Benton CHERRY, IIM, 1, 701 Braden, Iacksoriville CHESIRE PATRICIA, 1, 214 N. Spruce, LR CHESSER, EDGAR, 1, Rt. l, Box 169. Crossett CI-IILTON, LINDA, 2, 2221 Blackwood, LR CHISM. DAVID, 1, 601 S. Moses, Hope 255, 276. 281. CHRISTELLO, ROSEMARY, 3, P.O. Box 33, Alma 115, 230, 254 129. 177, 145, 92, 115, 221, 129, 146, 92, l74,, 195 204, 221, COOPER, IERRY, 1, 1715 S. Hwy. 161, Iacksonville COOPER, MARTHA ANN, Almyra COSSEY, IIMMY, 2, Clinton COUGHLIN, CALVIN, 3, 106 St. Vencent, Morrilton COULTER, MARILYN, 1, 1719 W. 44th, NLR COURSEY, BETTY, 4, 2003 Bruce, Conway COURSEY, IEFF, 3, 2003 Bruce St., Conway COVINGTON, MARY, 4, 2111 Robinson, Conway COX, GERALD, 3, Parkview Apts., Conway COX, MARILYN, 4, 516 Market, Benton COX, PI-IYLLIS, 2, 519 S. E. 5th St., England COX, SARAH, 1, 406 E, Mill, Malvern COX, WALTER, 3, 216 E. 22, NLR CRABTREE, LARRY, 4, 620 Spring, Heber Springs 66, 166, CRABTREE, SANDRA, 3, 620 Spring, Heber Springs CRAFTON, LARRY, 2, 1715 S. Hwy. 161, Iacksonville CRAIG, MARIORIE, 1, 217 W. 5th St., NLR CRAIG, MARY ANN, 2. 622 Summit, LR CRAIN, DANNY, 4, 606 N. Birch, Searcy 166, 205, CRAIN, DONALD, 4, Perry CRAIN, GARY EDWARD, 1, 606 N. Birch, Searcy CRANFORD, GLENDA, 1, NLR CRANFORD, NELDA, 4, Lazy B Ranch, Wolf Bayou CRATON, DELORES, 1, Rt. 2, Box 115, Iacksonville CRATON, EVELYN, 4, Rt. 2, Box 115, lacksonville CRAWFORD, IOYCE, 2, 401 Pittman, Blytheville CRAWFORD, OZZIE, 1, 210 W. Church, Morrilton CREEMER. ESTER, 3, Rt. 3, Siloam Springs CREEMER. LEE, 4, 201 E. Remount Rd., NLR CROOK, NATHAN, 4, Box 544 ASTC, Conway CROOK, IANIS, l, 3517 Walker, LR CROSBY, IAMES, 3, 600 W. Pleasure, Searcy CROSBY. STELLA, 3, 1402 S. Maple, Stuttgart CROSS, HAROLD, 1, 155 Pike Ave., lacksonville CHURCHMAN, RAY, 1, 1714 Magnolia, NLR CLANTON, DANIEL, 1, P.O. Box 133, Harrell CLARK, DIANNE, 4, 211 Rice Ave., Lake City, Penn. CLARK, IAMES, 2, Melbourne CLARK, IOHN, IR., 1, Shirley CLASSEN, THEODORE, 4, Charleston 115, CLAYTON, GARY, 2, Salem CROSS, SUSAN, 4, 1123 W. 34th, LR 65, CROUCH, WILMA, 4, Rushing CROUSE, BILLY, 4, 411 Donaghey, Conway CROW, WARREN, 4, 3080 Bannockburn, Memphis, Tenn. CROWDER, IERRY ,4, Rt. 1, Box 133. Mayilower CROWELL, DENNIE, 3, 823 Tennessee St., Morrilton CROWSON, IOYCE, 4, 1403 Robinson, Conway 115 331 332 CRUMPLER, ANNA, 1, 413 N. Center, Harrison CULLOM, MARY LOU, 3, P.O. Box 264, Bradford CUMMINGS. ALICE, 2, 114 E. 18th, NLR 130, CUMMINGS. IUDY, 2, 5021 Allen, NLR 130, 232, 242, 249, CUMMINGS, MARY, 2, 2300 N. Arthur, LR CUMMINS, SUE, 4, 1104 Clifton, Conway 68, 93, 210, 234, CUMMINS, WOODROE. 1, 406 Home St.. Marked Tree CUNNINGI-IAM, LURA, 4, 1700 Poplar, Pine Bluff 115, 210, 232 CUPP, THOMAS, 3, 1011 Wallace, Malvern 130, CURRIE. IOYCE, 2. 414 W. Maxwell. Dewitt CURRY, RICHARD, 4, 709 N. Cedar, Apt. IB, LR D DACUS, LINDA, 2, 1109 Rich Road, West Memphis DAILEY, BRADFORD, 4. 6603 Asher, LR DALBY, PATSY, 1, Rt. 4, Box 45, Conway 94, 147, 242, 254 DALRYMPLE, SUSAN, 1, 110 Lambert Circle, Searcy DALZIEL, DAVISON, 3, 313 Braden. Iacksonville DALZIEL, MADELYN, l, 313 W. Braden, Iacksonville DANIEL, ROBERT, 4, 511 W. Arch, Searcy 93, 222, 276, 286, 288, 289, 294 DANIELS, IOHN, 4, Central Baptist College, Conway DARLING, WILLIAM, 2, 5901 N. Country Club, LR DAULTON, PAUL. 2, 208 N. Monroe, LR DAVENPORT, MABLE, 1, 1700 Franklin, NLR 1 DAVES, MARTHA, l, 800 W. Main, Heber Springs DAVIDSON, GLENN, 1, Iacksonville 147. DAVIDSON, LARRY, 1, 1928 Elizabeth Ave., Conway DAVIDSON, SUSAN. 2, 404 E. 2nd St., NLR 232, DAVIS BRENDA. 1, Rt. 3, Box 245, Conway DAVIS. CAROL, 3, 111 Jefferson Dr., Camden DAVIS, CAROLYN. 1, 8305 Ascension, LR 147, DAVIS DANNA, 2, 417 N. Iackson, LR DAVIS DAVID, 4, 359 Watkins, Conway DAVIS, DORA. 4, Rt. 3, Paris 93, 250, DAVIS, DOUGLAS, 1, Rt. 3, Paris DAVIS GEORGE, 4, 1322 Bellemeade, Conway 276, DAVIS IANET. 2, Rt. 3, Box 245, Conway 130, DAVIS IEAN. 3, Rt. 3, Greenbrier DAVIS, IOHNNY, 1, Umpire DAVIS, LINDA, 3, 910 Kellogg, NLR 115, 249, DAVIS PAUL, 1, 1735 Duncan, Conway DAVIS SYBIL, 4, 4106 Maple, NLR DAVIS, TOM, 362 Donaghey, Conway 93, 188, 189, DAWSON, CURTIS. 1, Rt. 1, Rector DAY, DAVID, 2, 512 Walnut, Augusta DAY, ROBERT, 2, Box 316, Augusta 168, DEBOARD, CHARLES, 1, 415 Oak, Conway 276 DEBOSE, CAROL. 1, Box 265, Carlisle 147, DEETER, IAMES, 1. P.O. Box 731, Bald Knob DELL, TILLIE, 2, 9 Rebecca Lane, Conway DENISON. FRED, 3, Batesville DENTON, DIANNE, 4, Rt. 3, Box 357, Benton 94 DEPRIEST, LAVEDA. 1, Paron 147, DEBOARD, CHARLES, 1, Conway DERRICK, I-IORACE, 1, 302 Healy, NLR DERSCH, SHARON, 1, Stuttgart DeSALVO, CHARLOTTE, 1, 3 Coral Lane DEUSCHLE, FRANCIS, 2, 304 Henderson Ave., Hot Springs DeVORE, DIANNE, 1, 510 Walter, NLR DEWEY, GARY. 1, Box 63, Clinton DIAL, RICHARD, 1, 3814 Orange, NLR DICKERSON, CHARLOTTE, 1, 917 Ridge Rd., Benton DIEDERICH, OTTO, 2, 1701 Poplar, NLR DIESEL, SUSAN, 2, 2623 N. University, LR DIFFIE. EDDIE, 1, NLR DILES, ERIKA, 3, 2100 Arkansas Ave., Conway DISBROW, OLIVE, 4, 5100 R. St.. Little Rock DISBROW, SANDRA, 3, 211 E. 21st, LR DISHEROON, GINGER. 2, Rt. 1, Alpena DIXON. LARRY. 2, P.O. Box 521, Morrilton DIXON. ROBERT, 4, 719 W. 24th, Pine Bluff DOBBS, RICHARD, 4, Hazen DODSON, IULIA, 1, 109 N. Spring, Searcy DOLLAR, LENA, 4, Heber Springs DOLLAR, RALPH. I, 216 Massey, Morrilton DONALDSON, PATRICIA, 2. 4414 Maple, NLR DONOVAN, THOMAS, 3, 529 3rd, Conway DOOLY, DARRELL, 4, 5420 Free Ferry Rd., Fort DORSCH, SHARON, 1, 1011 S. Porter, Stuttgart DORSEY, ALTHEA, 4, Rt. 2, Box 16, Alma DORSEY, JIMMY, 1, 1425 Davis, Conway DOSHIER, IOHN, 1. Yellville , Iacksonville 147 255 94 94, Smith 94 1 DOUTHIT, CARL, 2, 507 Sevier, Clarksville DOWDEN, CHARLOTTE, 1. 1919 S. Van Buren, LR DOYLE, MARY, 1, Highway 6, Conway DOZIER, IOYCE, 4, 2070 College, Conway DRAKE, IIMMY. 4, Morrilton DUCH, BENNIE, 1, Rt. 2, Hazen DUCHAMO, MICHELE, 1, Pleasant Plains DUKE, RONNIE. 4, 209 Conard Cts., Conway DUNAVAN, SANDRA, 2, Box 71, Marvell DUNAWAY, IACKIE, 3. 48 W. Mont., LR DUNAWAY, WILLIAM, 4, 440 Western Ave., Conway 115 DUNCAN, IERRY, 1, 307 N. Griffin, Morrilton DUNMIRE, KAREN, 2, 366 Donaghey, Conway DUNN, ELIZABETH. 4, Rt. 1, Tinsman DURAN, GERALD, 4, 716 Wildwood, NLR 94 226 DURAN, RUTH, 4, Wingo Hall, Conway DYER, IIMMY, 4, 24 Arkansas St., Van Buren 76, 94 EANS, DIXIE, 2. Rt. 1, Griffithville EARLES, RICHARD, 1, 1316 State. Pine Bluff EARNHEART, LEE, l, Rt. 4, Batesville EASTMAN, DONALD, 2. 806 Pecan, Helena EATON, MARY IANE, 2, 610 Donaghey, Conway EDDINGS, SHIRLEY, 1, Hasty. Ark. EDDY. JOSEPH, 2, 924 Cumberland. LR EDENS, IAMES, 1, 105 Center. Bald Knob EDENS, MARY, 3, Rt. 2, St. loe EDGIN, SHARON, 4, Clarendon EDGMON, BETTY, 3, Rt. 3, Greenbrier EDMONSON, MARIORIE, 2. 6 Lynnwood Dr.. Searcy EDWARDS, EMMALEE. 2, 2220 Lee. Conway EDWARDS, MARY. 1, 808 E. Main, Blytheville EDWARDS, PHILLIP, 1, Rt. 2, Box 6, Damascus EDWARDS, TERRY, 2, R.R. 1, Gassville ELEY, ROLAND, 1, 2220 Boulevard, Little Rock ELLIOT, BARBARA. 2, Box 10A, Star Route, Palestine ELLIOTT, IAMES, 4. 419 Shamrock, LR ELLIOTT, IANIS, 1, 419 Shamrock, LR ELLIOTT, REBECCA. 1. 312 Bayles, Hot Springs ELLIS, CHARLES. 1, Box 16, Clarendon ELLIS, EUGENE, 2, Rt. 1, Box 56, Rudy ELLISON, PEARL, 4. 3217 Russell, Fort Smith EMBERTON, IANIS, 1, 134 Melrose, NLR ENDERLIN, VIRGINIA. 4. Rt. 4, Box 41, Conway ENGLAND, BRENDA, 1, Arsenal EOFF, BILL, 1, Clinton EOFF, LADONNA, 2. Shirley EOFI-', WENDELL, 4, Box 778 ASTC. Conway EPPERSON, ROBERT, 4, 313 Eureka St,, Berryville EPPERSON, THOMAS, 3, 801 Walter, NLR ESCH, PHILLIP, 1, 5203 Pike Ave., NLR ESKOLA, GLENN, I. 700 W. 11th St., Panama City, Florida ESKOLA, IAMES, 3, 700 W. 11th St., Panama City, Florida ETI-IERIDGE. CLARK, 1, Brinkley ETHRIDGE, IULIAN, 3, 1106 Clifton, Conway EUDY, ALLEN, 1. Box 252, Russell EVANS, EVELYN, 2, 606 Pebble, Benton EVANS, LINDA, 2, Bee Branch EVANS, MILDRED, 4, RR 1, Ward EVANS. ROBERT, 3, 1513 Marianna, Memphis, Tenn. EVANTS, LOIS, l, 809 Beech. Crossett EWAN, IULIA, 4, Clarendon EWING, MARY, 3, 3400 Newton, Fort Smith EZELL, BARBARA, 1, Box 63, Perryville F FAGAN, CAROLYN SUE, 1, 1623 Davis, Conway 8 FAITH, HELEN. 1. Rt. 2, Beebe FAITH, WILLIAM, 3. 20 Cloverdale, Searcy FALLS, DORA, 2, Rt. I, Box 333K, Pine Bluff PARISH, ALICE, 1, 7109 Marguerite Lane, LR PARISH, DONALD. 2, 2502 Lakeland, El Dorado FARLEY, BARBARA, 1, Rt. 4, Box 47, Conway FARRAR, EDWARD, 4, 901 N. 56th St., Fort Smith FARRIOR. PAT, 4, 240 Donaghey, Conway 76, 210, 255 FARRIS, GLYNDA, 4, Parkin FARRIS, LYNDA, 4, Box 6, Parkin FAULK, CHARLES, 1. 1306 W. 21st, NLR FAULK, IOHNNY, 1, Rt. 1, Heth FAULK, RICHARD. I, 1619 W. llth, Pine Bluff FELDMAN, LILLIAN, 4, Helena 95, 242 FELTS. HOWARD. 2, Box 295, Ioiner FENDLEY. CAROLYN. 3, Leslie FENNELL, ABBIE, 4, Rt. 1, Elaine FERGUSON. RICHARD, 2, P.O. Box 512, New Boston, Texa FIDDLER. CHRIS. 1, Rt. 2, Vilonia FIELDER. GLYNDA, 3, 801 N. Hughes, LR ll6, 210, 219, FIELDING, IACK. 1, 4205 Ridgeroad, NLR FIELDS. SHEILA. 1, 715 N. Fillmore, LR FILES. LINNDA, 2, Rt. 4, McCrory FINCH, SHARON, 1, Rt. 3, Heber Springs FINLEY. IAMES. 2, 1609 Sycamore, NLR FISCHER. SUSAN, 1, 6209 Kenwwood Rd., LR FISHER, ALICE. 3, 509 N. Holly, Beebe FISHER. BILLY. 2, Cotton Plant FISHER. HELEN, 4, 8 Cherokee Circle, Conway FISHER. LARRY. 4, Beebe FITZGERALD. IOHN. 1, 4502 Camp Robinson, NLR FLACK. DONALD. 2, Box 203, Clinton FLACK. RONALD. 2, Box 203, Clinton FLAKE. RUTH. 1. 105 Indian Trail, LR FLEMING. ALICE. 4, 2110 Bruce, Conway FLETCHER. IUDITH ANN. 2, 2915 Circlewood Rd., LR 131, FLEWELLEN. VIVIAN. 3, Box 55, Perryville FLOYD. LARRY. 3, Box 133, Huntington FLOYD, THOMAS. 4, Box 815 ASTC, Conway FOREMAN. CAROLE. 1, Box 37, Wabash FOREMAN, JACK, 4, 1918 Robinson, Conway FORT. SHARON. 4, 207 Seminary, Warren 95, 239. FOSTER. CAROL. 2, Hanover Rt., Mountain View FOSTER. VICKI, 1, 2008 Oak, Pine Bluff FOWLER. IAMES. 3, 1831 Robbins, Conway FOWLKES. WANDA. 4, Rt. 1, Austin 116, FOX, BARBARA. 2, 407 E. 2nd, NLR FOX, EMOGENE. 3, Box 125, Bald Knob FRANKS. FRANKS. FRENCH. HARRIET. 2, 108 Military Road, Helena WILLIAM. 3, 233 S. 9th, W. Helena HARY DON. 2, Bee Branch FREYALDENHOVEN. CARL. 1, Rt. 1, Box 221 A, Conway FREYALDENHOVEN. EDDIE. 3, Rt, 1, Conway FRIDAY. GREGORY, 1, 700 West Markham, LR FROST. LARRY. 4, 927 W. Sevier, Benton 95, 195, 201, FULLER. BARBARA. 1, Box 331, Conway FULLER. LINDA. 3, Hattieville FULLERTON. IAMES. 1, Rt. 2, Damascus FULLINGTON. PHYLLIS, 2, 1325 Steward, Benton FULMER. FULMER. FULMER. FULMER. FULTON. IACK, 3, 1136 Ash, Conway IAMES. 2, 1136 Ash, Conway IAN. 1, Rt. 1, Box 174, Hot Springs LENA. 3, 2106 Hairston, Conway ALICE. 2, 113 N. Iackson, Dewitt FUNDERBURG, DANNY. 2, Rt. 2, Box 45. NLR 131, FUNK. ELLEN. 2, 236 W. Grand Ave., Hot Springs FURGERSON. LINDA. 3, 1504 Prince, Conway FUTRELL, IAMES, 3, 213 S. Locust, Conway G GABE. CHARLES. 4, 604 N. Charles, Searcy GAINES. DOROTHY, 3, Rt. 2, McCrory GALLOWAY, WILLIAM, 1, 111 Popler, Clarksville GARNER. DALE. 3, Hasty GARNER. DAVID, 3, 902 W. 34th, NLR 73. GARNER. IOHNNY, 4, Rt. 1, Beebe 95, 166, GARNETT, PHYLLIS, 4, 1917 Caldwell, Conway - GARRETT. CHARLOTTE, 1, Plumerville, GARRETT. IAMES, 4. Rt. 5, Rogers GARRETT. IEANIE, 1, 21 Pine Tree Loop, NLR GARRETT. IOHN, 2307 E. Nettleton. Ionesboro GARRETT. LAURA. 4, Rt. 2 Box l7G, Gurdon 131, 238. GARRETT. NORINE, 1, 5019 W. 31st St., LR GARRETT. RICHARD. 1, Rt. 3, Box 33, Benton GARRISON, ROBERT, 1, 404 Stannus, LR GASAWAY. PHYLLIS. 1. 911 W. 54th, NLR GASS, ELIZABETH. 4, 217 E. 4th, Booneville GATTIN. LEROY. 4, 721 Richards, Benton GEATER. WILLIAM, 3, Box 788 ASTC, Conway GERARD, GILBERT. 4, 2015 Cumberland, LR GIBBS. DANNY, 1, Rt. 4, Conway GIBBS. GAYLON, 2, Box 85, Keo, GIFFORD, CAROL, 4, 5608 R, LR GILBERT. MORGAN, 4, Tuckerman GILL. CHERYL. 1, 408 Buryear, Dumas GILLILAND. SHERRY, 1, Box 631, Yellville GLENN, PATTY, 1, Greenbrier S 236. 149, 149 1 116. 95. 131. 149 233, 116. 116. 242, 131. 149. 230. 149. 258. 149, 177, 250 116, 116. 226. 149. 95. 149. 166, 116. 132, 96 GLENN. MARGARET. 1, Pottsville GLOVER. GLOVER. GLOVER. GLOVER. GLOVER. GLOVER. DELWANDA, 4, Conway EARL, 3, Box 945 ASTC, Conway IIMMY, 1, RR 1, Conway LOUIS, 1, 400 E. 2nd St., Lonoke PATRICIA. 2, Rt. 4, Box 458, NLR SHARON. 3, Box 39, Guy GOAD. TERRY, 1, 424 Cox,Benton GOFF. HAROLD, 4, Beebe GOLDEN. IUDITH, 3, 1101 Park Dr., NLR GOODRICH, BRENDA, 4, Rt. 3, Box 23, Greenbrier GOODWIN. NORMAN, 2, 1918 Watt, LR GORDER, ELIZABETH. 1, 2904 Dalewood, LR GORDON, IOHN, 1325 Pleasant, Malvern GORDON, MARTHA NELL, 1, 1015 Walnut, Newport GORDON MAYE, 1, 1015 Walnut, Newport GORDON I SONDRA. 4, 302 Augusta. Conway GORDY, LUTHER. 3, Highway 6, Conway GORE. RONALD, 4, Box 63, Cotton Plant GOSHA, LINDA. 1, RFD 1, Carlisle GOSS, IERRY, 2, 1917 Parker, NLR GOSS, ROBERT. 3, Vilonia GRADY, MARY ANN. 2, Rt. 2, Box 129, Cabot GRAHAM, LORRAINE, 2, 131 Illinois Drive, Iacksonville GRAHAM. SUSAN. 2, 1637 Clifton, Conway GRANK. HELEN. 2, 39 Shannon Dr., LR GRAVES, AMELIA SUE. 2, Box 178, Gould GRAVES, IOHN. 1, Clarendon GRAVES, ROY. 2, 4212 Moss, NLR GRAY. LARRY, l, 1403 W. 34th St., Pine Bluff GRECO, FRANKIE, 2, 1069 Old Highway, Helena GREEN, KAREN, 1, 2012 S. Columbus, Stuttgart 132. GREEN. NANCY. 4, 1904 N. lackson, LR 116, 242, 270, 286, 289, 291 GREEN. WILLIAM. 3, 1319 Glenda Drive, LR GREENE. BILLY. 4, 604 N. Oak, Morrilton GREENE. LOIS. 1, 12 Timothy, Conway GREENWOOD, KARIN, 4, 136 Michigan, Iacksonville GREGSON. LINDA, 3, 1922 Duncan, Conway GRENWELGE, MARTHA. 4, Rt. 1, Scranton ' 210 GRESHAM, LEWIS. 1, Rt. 2, Conway GRESHAM, WILLIAM, 3, Rt. 3, Box 126, Vilonia GRIFFIN, KERON, I, Rt. 3, Box 177, LR 150 GRIFFITH. BETTY. 4, Rt, 1, Marshall GRIFFITH. KATHLEEN. 2, Marshall, Arkansas GRIFFITH. PATSY. 1, 311 Laurel, Pine Bluff GRIGGERS. SAUNDRA, 1, 4605 Arlington, NLR GRIGGS. LARRY, 3, Rt. 2, Bee Branch GRIGSBY. SARAH, 4, Conway 77, 88, 97, 233, GRIM. NANCY, 3, Rt, 2, Green Forest GRIMES. MICHAEL. 2, Rt. 2, Conway GRIMSLEY. REX. RT. 2, Bentonville GRISHAM, CHARLES. 1, 703 Greenhill Rd., Benton GRISHAM, IAMES. 1, 107 Akin, Hot Springs GROOM. DORTHA. 152 Henerson, Hot Springs GROOM. RETHA, 4, 162 Henderso, Hot Springs 96, GROSS. IOAN, 3, 305 Cheryl, NLR 117. GRUMMER, CARL, 1, 1711 Simms, Conway GRUMMER, EDDIE. 2, 1315 Donaghey, Conway GRUMMER, PAUL, 4, 1315 Donaghey, Conway 77, 96, 223. GUESS. OWEN. 2, Box 95, Des Arc GULLEDGE. IOSEPH, Rt. 2, Perryville GULLETT. DUDLEY. 4, 111 Oliver, Conway GUNDERMAN. MARY. 2, 901 Tenn. Ave., Morrilton 132, 254, GUNN. IEANNIE, 1, ll Diana, LR GUNN. NELDA. 3, 153 N. Elm, El Paso, Illinois GUNZBERG, CHARLES. 4, 521 E. Third, Carlisle 1 GUTHRIDGE. IANE, 3, 524 Pyramid Bldg.. LR GUTHRIE. VIVIAN, 4, Bruce Hall, Conway GUTHRIE. WILLIAM. 2, 112 N. 22nd Ave., Humboldt, Tenn. GWATNEY, ROBERT, 4, Children's Colony, Conway HAAG. IOI-IN, 1, 512 W. 74th St., NLR HACKMAN. IANICE. 123 E. 25th, LR 117, 210, HACKNEY. IOE. 1, Box 161, Carlisle HALBROOK, DEE. 2, 2300 College, Conway HALES, BOBBY. 2, 1921 S. Tyler, LR HALK. MARY. 1, Box 53, Cherry Valley HALL, LYNN. 3. 301 Braden, Iacksonville 117, 219 23 HALL, RICHARD, 1, Rt. 4, Box 341, Conway HALL WILLIAM. 2, 200 North Iames, Jacksonville HALTER, IAMES. 2, 442 Locust, Conway , 3. 132. 333 HENDERSON, 334 HALVERSON, DONALD, 1, Rt. 3, Box 1686, Fort Smith 276, 281 HAM, DIANE. 3, Box 181, Clarendon HAMBUCHEN, IUDITH, 1, Rt. 4, Conway 150, 263, HAMBY, RONALD, 3, Rt. 3, Box 5, Gentry 117, HAMLING, CHARLES, 1, Rt. 4, Box 12, Conway 151, 220, HAMMOND, SHEILA, 3, 211 Rogers, Clarksville 117. HAMMOND, SUE, 4, Rt. 2, Conway 77, 96, 210 HAMPEL, LEO, 2, 731 Donaghey, Conway HANCOCK, GRACE, 2, Rt. 3, Box 64, Conway HANNUM, MICHAEL, 1, 1008 Lewis, LR 178, HANSON, CAROL, 4, 1115 N. 41st, Fort Smith HARBOUR, LOTTIE, 1, 1405 S. Hwy., lacksonville 151 HARDCASTLE, SHARON, 4, Rt. 2 Box 789, Iacksonville 96, HARDIN, BILLY, 2, 2202 Independence, Conway HARDY, ERNEST, 3, Poplar Grove HARE, TOMMY, 2, 3010 S. Boston, Fort Smith HARGIS, IOEL, 1, Leslie HARGIS, IOHN M., 2 ,Box 174, Leslie 132, 150. HARGIS, IOHN N., 3, 111 N. Morrill, Morrilton HARLAN, MARY, 4, Rt. 1, Mt. Vernon 97, HARLOW, NOEL, 4, 100 Roberts, Hot Springs 117, 238 HARPER, CONNIE, 1, Lake View Heights, Springdale HARRIMAN, WILLARD, 1, 226 Elizabeth, Conway HARRINGTON, DAVID, 1, 712 Main, Hot Springs 1 HERNDON, CARROL, 2, 805 Cedar, Crossett HERR, KENNETH, 1, Rt. 2, Conway HERROD, MARY, 1, 1601 Lone Pine Rd., NLR HERRON, BRENDA, 1, 205 Coomber Dr., Hot Springs HESTER, CAROLYN, 2, Rt. 2, Perryville HEUER, ESTA, 1, End of East South, Harrison HEYDE, FREDIE, l, Cord HICKEY, DELBERT, 2, Rt. 1, Box 64, Conway HICKS, RUTHA, 1, 1914 Washington, Conway HIGGINS, CYNTHIA, 1, 1608 Olive, NLR HIGHTOWER, ELIZABETH, 4, Boi: 4, Midland HILD, DA N, 3, 1010 W. Maryland, NLR HILL, EDDY, 3, Scranton HILL, IOE, 4, Star Route, Beebe HILL, RONALD, 3, Box 73, Vilonia HILL, ROSE, 3, 801 N. 14th St., Fort Smith HILLIARD, BRENDA, 1, 91 Sunset Dr., North Little Rock HILLIARD, ROBERT, 1, 4713 Ridge Road, NLR HILLMAN, LEROY, 1, 1501 N. Flora, NLR 151, 279, HARRIS, HARRIS HARRIS, HARRIS HARRIS, ANGELO, 2, Rt. 2, Milledgeville, Ga. ARLENE, 3, Oxford CHARLES, 2, Chere Carol Road, Humboldt, Tenn. IAMES, 2, 112 N. Monroe, Cabot ROBERT, 4, 219 S. Maple, LR HARRISON, GERALD, 4, 14 Brookridge Rd., LR 117, 178, 221, 263, HARRISON, LINDA, 2, Rt. 2, Damascus HARRISON, PATRICIA, 1, McCrory HARRIST, IAMES, 2, 1940 Franciscan Way, Alameda, Calif HART, DIANE, 3, 501 North Blk, Paragould HART, IERREL, 1, Rt. 2, Lonoke HARTMAN, ALICE, 2, 114 N. Woodrow, LR 133, 270. HARTWICK, BILLY, Rt. 2, Greenbrier HARVEY, JOYCE, 1, Box 326, Star City HARWELL, PHYLLIS, 2, 2400 W. Main, Russelville HARZ, ALBERT, 1, 1015 N. 3rd, Dardanelle HATCH, MICHAEL, 2, 815, W. F., NLR HAUSTEIN, BRUNO, 2, 1604 W. Short 17th, NLR HAVENS, IAMES. 4, Conway HAWKINS, AUDIE, 1, Syvan Hills Rd., NLR HAWKINS, IOEL, 2, 9100 Hwy 5, NLR HAWKINS, MARILYN SUE, 2, Rt. 1, Mt. Vernon 133, HAWKINS, WILLIAM, 4, Rt. 1, Mt. Vernon HAWKS, IANE, 1, Rt. 2 Conway HAWKS, IUDI, Rt. 2, Conway HAYES, MARY, 1, 324, S. Schiller, LR HAYNES, IOE, 2, 2018 Lewis, LR 126, 219, 223, HAYNES, PHYLLIS, 1, Rt. 1 Box 314, Crawfordsville HAYES, DONALD, 1, 7006 Geyer Spring Rd,, LR HAYES, PAULA, 1, Little Rock HAYES, STEPHEN, 1, 607 Main, Crossett HEATH, KAREN, 1, 808 Trammel Rd., NLR HEATHSCOTT, WAYLON, 3, Box 17, Georgetown HECK, MARY, 4, Parkview Apts. A7, Conway HEFFINGTON, GARY, 2, Rt. 4, Conway 133, HILTON, BETTY, 4, 1921 E. 5111, Pine Bluff 97, HILTON, KATHRYN, 2, 2116 BruC9 St., Conway HINKLE, GEORGE, 2, Main Sl., Mtn. View HOBBS, IOHNNY, 1, 1112 Hot Springs Hwy., Benton HOBBS, IUDITH, 4, FOU.1'1ICI1I1 Hill HOBBS, SANDRA, 1, 1.103 60 T91f1'GCe, Fort Smith HOCOTT, RODNEY, 1, BOX 35, RI. 1, Greenwood 152, HODGE, LARRY, 2, 2301 Kenwood Drive, Blytheville HODGE, ROBERT, 2, 1400 Abigail, LR HODGES, THOMAS, 1, Rt. 3, Box 411, NLR HODOWAY, HELEN, 1, Cabot HODOWAY, IAY, 1, Conway HOELZEMAN, IANE. 3, 306 Howard, Morrilton HOELZEMAN, REBECCA, 1, 306 Howard, Morrilton HOEN, IUANITA, 2, Rt. 1, Gassville, Ark HOGAN, IIMMY, 4, 916 W. 45th, NLR HOGAN, LINDA, 1, 2 Alpine Court, LR HOGAN, NOEL, 1, Greenbrier HOGAN, WILLIAM, 4, Rt. 2, Iacksonville HOGGARD, IAMES. 3, 205 E, Cherry, Lonoke 77, 117, 219, 225, 256, 273, HOGGARD, VELMA, 4, 1916 Elizabeth Ave., Conway HOLCOMB, IAMES, 3, 875 Crockett, Memphis, 7, Tenn. 118, 255, 276, 279, HOLDER, IUDY, 1, Box 37, McCrory HOLLAND, IAMES. 3, 4809 Arlington, Fort Smith 118, 191 HOLLAND, IUDY, 3, 150 Sunset Dr., NLR 118 HOLLAND, VIRGINIA, 2, 306 Pinewood, Hot Springs HOLLAND, WILLIAM, 1, 521 Remount, NLR HOLLIDAY, DONNA SUE. 4, 1001 Circle Dr., Harrison HOLLIDAY, IOHN, 1, 402 Palm St., Brinkley HOLLIMAN, LINDA, 1, Rt. 2, Quitman HOLLIS, BENNY, 2, Rt. 1, Rector 134, 221, 263, 287 HOLLIS, THOMAS HENRY, 3, Patmos 118, HOLT, IOHN, 1, 1614 College Ave., Conway HOLT, MARIORIE, 3, Box 93 A Gilmore HOLT, SANDRA, 1, Rt. 3, England HOLYFIELD, SHARON, 3, Rt. 4 Box 322, Conway HONEA, ROSS ,4, 2106 S. Valmar, Little Rock HOOFMAN, CLIFTON, 2, Rt. 2, Iudsonia HOOKS. SHIRLEY, 2, 1200 Parkway, Crossett 1 1 HEFFINGTON, SANDI, 1, Clinton HEFNER, ILA, 4 HEIZMAN, NANCY, 1, 567 Locust, Conway HELTON, IIMMY, 2, 5101 Candlewick, NLR HEMBREE, JIMMY, 3, Rt. 2, Iudsonia I-IEMPHILL, CHARLES, 1, 218 Fair Ave. Flora, Illinois 151, HENDERSON, HENDERSON, BETTIANNE, 1, Rt. 1, Greenbrier DAVE, 1, 515 Faver, England HENDERSON, IIMMIE, 4, Rt. 1, Box 161, Atkins HENDERSON, STANLEY, 4, 5900 1st St. So., Arlington, Va. HENDERSON, SUSAN L., 4, 6 Beverly Place, LR 97 HENDERSON, SUSAN M., 1, 5900 lst St., So., Arlington, Va. WILLIAM, 1, 1107 N. 5th St., Paris HENDRICK, IOHN, 3, 3715 High Dr., LR HENDRICKS. AUSTIN, Rt. 4, Box 21, Conway HENDRICKS, DANIEL, 4, Rt. 4, Box 25, Conway 117 HENDRICKSON, IAMES, 1, Rt. 3, Box 15, Conway 151 HENDRICKSON, RICHARD, 3, Rt. 2, Conway HENLEY, MARTA. 3, 620 E. 4th, Mountain Home HENSLEY. IUDITH, 1, Rt. 2, Damascus HENZE, RAYMOND, 4, Route 2, Box 14, Conway HERCHER, SONDRA, 4, 711 W. 20, Pine Blult 117, 211 1 , HOOTEN, HOOVER, HOPKINS, HOPPER, HOPTON, HOPTON, HORN, IU ROBERT, 1, Rt. 2, Bragg City, Mo. PAUL, 3, Rt. 1, lmboden DON. 4, Rt. 1, Iudsonia ROGER, 1, Newport Rt., Batesville RUTH, 3, 2108 Bruce, Conway WILLIAM, 4, Rt. 2, Berryville DY, 4, 2115 S. Harrison, LR HORNADAY, IACK, 3, Bruce Hall, Conway HORNIBROOK, ANN, 2, 5108 Country Club, LR HORSEY, HORSEY, HORTON, HOSKYN, HOUSER, DARRELL, 1, Rt. 1, Roland PATRICIA, 1, Rt. 1, Roland GAY, 3, Box 122, Viola IANICE, 3, Rt. 1, Stuttgart DIANNE, 1, Rt. 4, Box 547, LR HOUSTON, CAROLYN, 1, Box 151, Clarendon HOWARD, IAMES. 2, 2231 Lee, Conway HOWARD, THERON, 4, 425 W. South St., Benton HOWE, MARY, 4, Hampton HOWELL, HOWELL, IO, 2, Rt. 1, Vilonia CAROL, 1, Fort Smith HOYLE, VIRGINIA, 106 S. Walnut, Warren HOYLE, CINNY, 1, Warren 118, 97, 118, 97 133 287 133, 151 151, 117, 254 133, 279, 133, 152, 169, 162 274, 281, 196, 211, 291, 223, 134, 134 180, 219, 225, 242, 197, 225, 97. , HOYT, CAROL SUE, 3, 408 6th Conway 118, 239, HOYT, GERALD, 4, Collegeview Apts. D7, Conway 98, 221, HOYT, PATRICIA, 4, Collegeview Apts. D7, Conway 98, HUBBARD, ION, 1, 200 W. 7, NLR HUBBARD, ROSANNE. 2, Box 388, Tuckerman 70, 134, 219, 238, 243, 283. HUBER, MARY, 3, Box 387, Elaine 118, HUCHINGSON, ROBERTA. 2, 1608 W. 1, LR 134, HUCHINGSON. WILLIAM. 1, 1608 W. 1, LR I-IUUDDLESTON, E. O., 4, 2318 Summit, LR 275, HUDMAN, BILL. 3, Rt. 3, Greenbrier 118, HUDSON, DELORES, 1, Hazen HUDSON, PAUL, 3, Rt. C, Box 33, Yellville 118, HUETT, LOUIS, 3, Springfield HUEY, BOBBY, 4, LR 88, HUFFINGTON, KATHERINE. 2, Rt. 2 Box 21, Vilonia HUFFMAN, IUDITH. l, NLR HUGGINS, RAY, 509 Willow, NLR HUGHES. TONY, 2, 312 N. Express, Paris HUGHES. WILLIAM, 1, 111 Highland Dr., Walnut Ridge 152, HUIE, IOE, 3, Rt. 3, Waldron 113, 180 HUIE, LUCY, 3, 6703 W. 12th, LR HUIE, SHARON. 120, S. Hwy., Dumas HULCE. LESLIE. 1. Route 3, Gravette 152, HULSEY, GERTIE, 3, Witt Springs HULSIZER, IANICE, 4, Rt. 3, Box 357, Benton HUMPHREY, BOBBY. 2, Rt. 3, Tunnel Road, Conway HUNDLEY, LAURA, 3, 723 St. Regis Dr.. West Helena HUNT, ELIZABETH, 1, Rt. 1, Higden HUNT, MARY, 1, 408 McKennon, Clarksville HURST, ARNOLD, 2, 211 Noles, Hot Springs HURST, SANDRA, 1, Rt. 3, Conway HURT, IIMMIE, 1, DeVal1s, Bluff HUSS, STEPHEN, 2, 310 Harding, Pine Bluff 134, 169, 227, HUSSELMANN, PETER, 1, 318 12 Leonard Ave., Hot Springs HUTCHISON, DONNA. 1, 111 Bennett, Morrilton HUTCHISON, DONNA, 1, Morrilton HUTTO, DWIGHT, 3, Clinton HUTTO, TOMMY, 3, Damascus 118, 197, HYDE, GEORGE, 3, Box 281, Cotton Plant 118, IMBODEN. LARRY, 2, 725 Second St., Conway IRBY, CAROLINE, 4, Rt. 4 Box 282, Conway 118. IRBY, DAVID, 2, Rt. 4 Box 285, Conway IRBY, WILLIAM, 1, Rt. 4, Box 285, Conway ISAACS, SANDRA, 3, 2210 College, Conway 119, IACKS. IACKIE, 2, Bison, Ark. IACKSON. CAROL, 2, 318 College, Helena 134. IACKSON, DOYLE, 3, Rt. 3, Conway IACKSON, MARY, 2, Rt. 3, Carlisle IACKSON. STANLEY, 1, Box 10, Scotland IACKSON, TOMMY, 3, 1202, E. River, Searcy 223, 252, IAMES, FERREL, 4, 4405 W. 26th, LR 78, 98. IAMES, CARROL, 1, Box 227, Heber Springs IAMES, EDD, 2, 4405 W. 26, LR IAMES, IERRY, 4, Route A, Yellville 98, 166, IAMES, IOHNNY, 1, 923 Denison. LR IAMES, WILLIAM, 1, Rt. 2, Box 182, Greenbrier IANES, IULIA, 4, 406 Southwest St., Morrilton KINGSTON, DIANNA, 4, Rt. 1, Beebe 78, 98, 211, 234, 243, IANSKE, CHARLES, 2, Rt. 3, Box 98G, Hot Springs IARED, TOMMY, 3, 2011 Simms, Conway 134, 276, 278. IAROLIM, HELEN, 4, 403 Polk, Conway IEAN, KENNETH, 1, Rt. 1, Morrilton IENKINS. ANNETTE, 1, 606 W. 9th, Crossett IENNINGS, BETTY, 4, 624 South Spring, Iacksonville IENNINGS, OLIVIA, Z, Leslie 83, 134. 235. IENNINGS, SAMUEL, 1, 624 South Spring, Iacksonville IINES, BOBBY, 1, 103 Davis Court, Hot Springs IINES, WINONA, 4, 103 Davis Court, Hot Springs 78, 98, 211, 258. IOE, ANNIE, 3, 402 West Plaza, West Helena IOE, FRANK, 2, 402 West Plaza, West Helena IOHNS, REUL, 1, 611 Arlington, West Memphis IOHNSON, CAROL, l, RR 1, Elizabeth IOHNSON, CAROLYN, 4, 2021 Duncan, Conway IOHNSON DICKEY, 4, Rt. 1, Greenbrier IOHNSON, EDWIN. 4, 1303 Watkins, Conway 98, 166, JOHNSON FREDERICK. 1, 610 St. Iohns, Helena IOHNSON GARY, 2, Box 4058, NLR IOHNSON, HAZEL, 2, Box 568, Conway IOHNSON, KRISTEN, 1, 7319 Sunflower Dr., LR IOHNSON, MARCIA, 1, 1507 W. 2nd, Pine Bluff IOHNSON, MARIANN, 3, Rt. 4, Box 38C, Conway IOHNSON. MICHAEL, 3, 524 SW Parkway, Blytheville IOHNSON, MICHAEL V., 1, 404 S. West, Bentonville IOHNSON, RONALD, 1, 2021 Duncan, Conway IOHNSON, THOMAS, 4, Rt. 2, Conway IOHNSTON, BILLY. 2, Box 425, Elaine IOHNSTON, DAVID, 1, Box 219, Elaine IOHNSTON, IUDY, 3, School For Blind, Little Rock IONES IOLLY, , CANDY, 2, 1201 McArthur, Iacksonville BLANCHE, 4, 4th and Exchange, Earle 78, 98, 232 IONES, ELIZABETH. 3, Box 337, Beebe IONES, GEORGE. 2, 1102 Peachtree, Nashville 135, 192, 196, IONES. HUGH, 4, Hwy. 71, Grannis. IONES, KATHERINE, 3, Clarendon 119, 230, IONES, MARY ANN, 2, Box 568, Rt. 2, LR I ONES IONES IONES IONES IONES ION ES I ONES IONES IONES I ONES I ONES 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 NANCY, 4, College View Apts. 6C, Conway PAUL, 2, 2109 Parker, NLR RICHARD, 4, 301 Hickory, Iacksonville 228, RODNEY, 1,'Route 1, Widener RONNIE, 1, Booneville SARAH. 3, Rt. 2, Box 82, Osceola SHANE, 4, Rt, 1, Pine Village, Indiana SHEILA, 3, Rt. 1, Pine Village, Indiana SHERYL, 2, 1817 Denison, LR SUE, 2, 501 Mulberry, Iacksonville WILLIAM, 3, Rt. 1, Cabot IORDAN, DONALD, 3, 201 Lee Dr., Morrilton IORDAN, PAUL, 2, 325 Center, Conway IOYNER, REBECCA, 1, 2410 College, Conway IUCAS, WALTER. 1. 741, Park Ave., Hot Springs IULIAN, CAUDLE, 4, 220 Davis, Conway IULIAN, PEGGY, 2, 220 Davis, Conway IUNKIN, CARLOLYN, 4, 1811 Maryland Ave., LR K KAFKA, GEORGANN, 1, 515 E. Walnut, Paris KALDER, MARY. 1, 700 South Roselawn, West Memphis KEATHLEY, CLETUS, 2, Mnt. Vernon KEATHLEY. FRANKIE, 2, Rt. 1, Box 112, Benton KEATHLEY, IAMES, 1, 1822 Iohnston, Conway KEATHLEY, IUDY, 4, 114 Victory Cts., Conway KEEFE, TERRY, 3, 28 Coalwood, LR KEENE, DIANE, 1, 2433 Durwood Rd., LR KEEVER. RODGER, 1, Bee Branch KEHOE, KARYLYN, 2, Farris Road, Conway KEITH, SUSAN, 1, 5911 Stonewall Rd., LR KELLAR, IOHN, 1, Springfield KELLEY, IOHN. 4448 Donaghey, Conway KELLEY, LARRY, 501 W. 36th, NLR KELLEY. CHARLES, 1, 605 Mellon St., LR KENNAMER, WILLIAM, 1, 205 Chism, Paris KENNEDY, ANNIE, 1, Rt, 2, Box 13, Iacksonville KENNEDY, LARRY, 1, 5271 C. Street, LR KENNEDY. LINDA, 1, Rt. 2, Quitman KENNETH, LARRY, l, Morrilton KERESEY, EILEEN, 3, 333 Western Ave., Brookville, Ohio 135, 153, KERSEY, EDWIN, 1, 1803 Clifton, Conway KIDD, LARRY, 3, 2821 Kellogg Rd. NLR KILGEN, NOEL, 4, 535 Harmeyer, New York, 72, N.Y. KILGORE, IOE, 1, Rt. 2, Hampton KIMBRELL, SHARRON, 1, Box 374, Leslie KINCANNON, PEGGY, 4, Scotland KING, KING, KING, KING, KING, KING. KING, KING, KING, CHARLES, 2, 1303 Front, Conway IAMES, 3, 315 N. 5th St., Paragould IOE ETTA, 4, 503 W. 17th, NLR 119, 230. KATHRYN, 1, Mt. Vernon KAYE, l, Dewitt MARY, 1, 914 Welch, LR MATTIE, 4, Earle ' 72, 94, 119, 231, RICHARD, 3, 1612 W. 1, LR 71, az. nonrznr, 4, 1612 w. 1, LR KINSEY. SYDNIE, 1, Rt. 1, Box 16, Pearcy KIRTLEY, FREDDIE. 2, 9 Indian Lane, Morrilton KIRTLEY, TOMMIE SUE, 4, Dumas KITCHENS, RICHARD, 3. 604 S. Hamilton, Hope KNIGHT, PAUL. 1, Box 185, Clinton KNIGHT, SHIRLEY, 1, 743 White Oak, Forrest City 335 DUANE, 1, 900 Virginia Cr., Iacksonville 336 KNOX, RICHARD, 2, 1514 W. 6th, Pine Bluff 135, 255, 276, 295, KONRAD, ALBERT, 2, 2009 W. 25th, Pine Bluff 135, 276, KOONCE, BILLY, 1, Plumerville KORDSMEIER, IUDY ANN, 1, 501 N. Morrill, Morrilton 154, KRUSE, MAURICE, 3, Rt. 1, Box 29, Alexander KUYKENDALL, IOEL, 4, Oxley, Ark. KYLE, MICHAEL, 1, 3121 Darhy, Memphis, Tenn. L LACINA, BOBBY, 2, 312 W. Hill, Iacksonville LACKEY, GERALD, 4 ,225 Elizabeth, Conway LACKIE, ALTON, 2, 225 Conway Blvd., Conway LADY, OLLIE, 3, 301 Godby, Harrisburg LQFLEUR, DALLAS, 1, Rt. 2, Greenwood 154, 255, 276, 281, LaFONTAINE, SUSAN, 1, 2200 S. 24th, Fort Smith 119, 263, 279, 291, 292, LAMB, MARTHA, 3, Biggers 211, LAMBERT, DAVID, 1, 2118 Hairston, Conway LAMBERT, HERBERT. 1, 217 Locust, Conway LANDERS, WINFRED, 1, P.O. Box 812, Conway LANE, HARDY, 1, Rt. 1, Box 222A, LR LANE, JAMES, 1, 2132 Poplar, Conway LANE, MARY, 3, 402 Wood Ave., Monticello LANG, EARLENE, 4, Box 566, Heber Springs 99, 243, 259, LANGE, LEAH, 4, 1807 N. McKinley, LR 99, LANGLEY, SHERRIE, 1, Rt, 1, Romance LANHAM, IACKIE, 2, 7903 Westwood, LR 239, LANKFORD, CASONDRA, 1, 21 Clitlwood Cr., NLR LARKHAN, JOHNNY, 2, Rt. 2, Hazen LARSON, LEA, 4, 6101 E. Morris, Wichita, Kansas 99, 202, 254, 259, LARSON, KAREN, 3, Hwy. 60, Conway 135, 263. LASITER, SANDRA, 2, 1501 Parker, NLR 135, LASITER, THOMAS, 4, 1501 Parker, NLR 120, LAWLER, DIANE, 1, 705 Henryetta, Springdale 279, LAWRENCE, DENVA, 3, Rt. 7, Box 132, Marshall LAY, IAMES, 1, 606 W. Searcy, Heber Springs LAYROCK, PATRICIA, 2, 501 North Cross. Searcy 136, 233, 241, LAYTON, IAMES, 4, Earle LEA, LINDA, 3, 1837 Simms, Conway LEATHERS, KENNITH, Rt. 2, Pocahontas LEDGERWOOD, HARLAN, 1, 5705 Beadowbrook, NLR LEE, DAVID, 2, 4406 Orange, NLR 169, 181, LEE, IANETTA, l, 705 Sharp Ave., Iacksonville 154, LEE, WINIFRED, 4, Western Grove LEMKE, PHYLLIS, 3, Box 35, Rt. 4, Forrest City 276, LEMMON, ELIZABETH, 2, 6612 Beacon, LR LESSENBERRY, SHARON, 4, P.O. Box 581, Conway 99, 211, LESTER, BOBBY, 362 Donaghey, Conway 120 LESTER, LAURA, 2, 362, Donaghey, Conway 132, LeWALLEN, LARRY, 2016 Simms, Conway 221, LEWIS, BOBBY, 1, Rt. 5, Searcy LEWIS, CAROLYN, 4, 240 Donaghey, Conway 243. LEWIS, CLELL, 4, Box 423 ASTC, Conway 99, LEWIS IOHNNYE, 3, 1504 Western, Conway LEWIS, MICHAEL, 1, 419 W. 33, NLR LEWIS, ROBERT, 4, Clinton 100, LIGHTFOOT, AWANA, 1, Rt. 1, Austin LILE, BARBARA, 4, 401 E. Third Ave., Crossett LILLY, ELVIE, 1, 1408 S. Pine, LR LINDSAY, MARY, 1, 415 Pine, Newport 154, LINDSAY, WALTER, 1, 2016 Bruce, Conway LINDSEY, NANCY, 1, 300 High, Sheridan LINGO, MARGARET, 3, Levee Rd., Eudora 230 LINN. DONNA, 1, 4901 Lakeview, NLR 154, LINN. LLOYD, 1, Rt. 3, Bee Branch LINNEMAN, ANN, 1, Rt. 6, Box l2B, Hot Springs 69, LIPPE, IOE, 2, Rt. 5, Harrison LITTLE, IAMES, 1, Rt. 2, Shirley LITTLE, IAMES, 1, 728 W. D., NLR LITTLE, MORRIS, 1, Rt. 1, Box 7, Conway LOCK, ARTHUR, 3, Rt. 4, Box 212, Conway LOFTIN, STEVEN, 2, 903 N. Second, Augusta LOFTIN, ROYCE, 2, Box 375, Carlisle LOH, BARBARA, 1, Morrilton 154, LONG, EDDIE, 1, Gaylor St., Mtn. View LONGING, ERNIE, 1, 110 S. 7th, Heber Springs LONGING, IONATHAN, l, Rt. 2, Conway LONGINOTTI, ANN, 3, 114 Holly St., Hot Springs 120, 238, 243 LORD, ROBERT, l, 5612 Hawthorne, LR LORENZ, DARRYL, 1, 704 Center, Conway LOVE, LINDA, 1, Box 310, NLR 154 154 297 297 263 181 135 205 297 293 264 154 154 276 259 154 264 154 135 263 273 237 229 282 120 295 136 99 154 197 244 281 243 231 225 251 245 197 258 229 154 229 154 100 251 154 154 294 282 302 192 154 263 263 223 233 LOVETT, SHERRY, l, 13062 Oak, Crossette LOWE, FLOREN, 3, Rt. 3, Box 166, Russellville LOWE, PATRICIA, 3, 90 Sunset, Drive, NLR LOWRANCE, SHERRY, 2, 5619 Stella Circle, NLR LOWRY, SHIRLEY, 4, 1102 East Washington, NLR 100, 243, 259, LOYD, MARIANNE, 1, 618 Western, Conway 169, LUCAS, PAULA. 4, 2218 Hickory, Pine Bluff 120. LUCY, RICHARD, 2, 6305 Kavanaugh, LR 136, LUMSDEN, CHARLES, 1, 221 N. Main, DeWitt LUYET, MARY, 4, Rt. 4, Box 15, Conway 100, 211, 259, LYBARGER, LYNDEL, 2, Box 106, Greenbrier LYBARGER, ROBERT, 1, 1505 Washington, Conway LYNCH, CALVIN, 4, 21 Iackson, Wilson 100, 195, 198, 203, LYNCH, DANNY, 1, 515 E. Franklin, Siloam Springs 155, 196, LYONS, M MABRY, IAMES, 2, 116 Baridon, Conway MABRY, OZELL, 1, 1509 Meeley, Benton MABRY, SANDRA, 1, 701 E. Second, NLR 100, 132, 142, 155, 254, 276 MABRY, SHERI, 4, 116 Baridon, Conway MABRY, SUZIE, 1, 1910 Tyler, Conway 155, MACHEN, LEWIS, l, 4815 LaFayette, LR MACK, VALERIE, 1, 402 Monroe, Conway MAERTENS, IEANETTE, 4, Rt. 2 Box 348, Benton 120, 214, 219. MAHAN, DAVID, 4, Rt. 2, Damascus 120, MAIER, SHARON. 2, 2009 S. Prairie, Stuttgart MAINORD. IAMES, 2, Marshall MALLETT, SHIRLEY, 4, Rt, 3 Box 61, Morrilton 100, 242, 259, MANNING, MARY, 2, Biggers 155, MANOR, DINAH, 3, 5132 P. St., LR MARKIN, VICKIE, 2, Rt. 5, Paragould MARKS, IUDY, 1, Rt. 6 Box 253, El Dorado MARPLE, IERRY, 3, 610 W. Central, Bentonville 169, 195, 204, MARPLE, TONI, 1, 210 E. Central, Atkins 155, MARSHALL, IOHN, 2, 2417. S. Fillmore, LR MARSHALL, SHERRON, 3, Rt. 4 Box 82, Marshall MARSHALL, THOMAS, 1, 2417 S. Fillmore, LR 142, 155, 181, 223, MARTIN. BURMA, 1, Rt. 5, Box 63, Marshall 169, MARTIN, CAROL, 2, Rt. 1, Hazen 136, MARTIN, IOHN, 1, 7631 Woodview Dr., Downers Grove, Illinois MARTIN. LINDA, 1, 500 Vermelle, Hot Springs MARTIN, PEGGY, 3, Rt. l, Box 11, Solgohachia 120, 239, 254, MARTIN, PHYLLIS, 1, Box 61, Vilonia MARTIN , SAMMY, 2, Concord MASSENGALE, GARRIE, 4, 1622 Bruce, Conway MASSEY, ROGER, 1, RFD, Landis MASON. CHARLES, 4, Carlisle 100, MATHEWS, PHYLLIS, 1, 2011 N. Cleveland, LR MATTHEWS, BILL, 2, Rt. 4, Conway MATTHEWS, PAULA. 1, 235 Center, Conway MATTHEWS, WALLY, 1, Wilburn Rt., Heber Springs MATTHEWS, MARGARET, 4, Gillett 259, MAXFIELD, IAMES, 1, Rt. 1, Box 18, Springfield MAY, IUNE, 3. 377 Donaghey, Conway MAYALL, IOHNNIE, 2, 603 Gordon, NLR MAYER, ROBERT, 1, 306 W. 8th, NLR MAYS, BUCKY, 3, Marshall MAZANTI, MARGARET, 4, Box 213, Portland 120, 234, MCANEAR, SHARON. 1, 204 W. Walnut, Heber Springs MCBRIDE, ROBERT, 1, 2201 Virginia, NLR 155, MCBURNETT, IEANETTE, 1, Box 13, Redfield McCLANAHAN, LOWELL, 4, Box 93, Gillett . 79, 100, 207, 211, 222, 259, MCCLURE, BRENDA, 1, 340 18th St., Batesville 155, MCCONNAUGHAY, IERAL, 2, Star Rt., 7, Searcy McCONNELL, BETTY, 4, 9304 Mabelvale Pike, LR MCCRAY, WILLIAM, 4, 1205 Iones, LR MCCUIN, JOHN, 2, Box 147, Clinton MCCULLOCH, ROBERT, 2, 554 Locust, Conway MCCULLOUGH, IEANIE, 208 N. Piine, Harrison MCCUTCHEN, IENNIFER, 1, 217 N. Worthington, West Memphis MCCUTCHEON, SANDRA, 4, 1709 S. Buchanan, LR 101, MCDANIEL, MARSHA, 4, 2003 Brownwood, LR MCDERMOTT, IAMES, 4, 408 Arkansas, Dermott McELROY, IANA, 4, Rt. 1, Harrison MCFARLAND, WILLIAM, l, Rt, 3, Greenbrier McGINTY, BENONI, 1, Rt. 3, Conway MCGINTY, PEGGY, 2, Rt. 3, Box 77, Conway 135, MCGOHAN, BOBBIE, l, Rt. 1, Casa MCGUIRE, IAMES, 1, 426 S. 9th, Thayer, Mo. MCKASKLE, IANE, 4, Box 601, Marvel MCKENZIE, DELMAR, 3, 1925 Dunlan, Conway 120, 211 MCKENZIE, IOSEPHINE, 4, 515 Center, Conway MCKIBBEN, NANCY, 2, Rt. 3 Box 27, Green Forest MCKINNEY, BARBARA, 1, 20 Rebecca Lane, Conway MCKINNEY, DIANA, 1, Rt. 2, Bigelow MCNIGHT, GEORGE, 1, 10905 W. Markham, LR MCNIGHT, LINDA, 6800 Hickson Rd., LR MCLARTY, PHILIP, 1, 1502 S. Main, Hope 276, 281, McLEOD, GLORIA, 3, Cave City MCMILLAN, ATON, 3, 115 W. 5th, NLR MCMILLAN, KATHLEEN, 4, 1823 N. Polk, LR MCMILLEN, IO ANN, 1, Star Rt., Damascus MCMILLIN, LEVITA, 3, 1108 South Leslie, Stuttgart 120, 233 McMULLEN, LINDA, 3, Rt. 1, Hazen 120, 231 MCNEEL, GERALDINE, 4, Route 3, Conway 101 MCNUTT, PAMELA, 1, NLR MCNUTT, ROBERT, 2, RR 3, Box 69, Conway MCNUTT, ROBERT, 1, Conway MCPHAIL, IAMES, 4, Box 631, Bald Knob 101 MCSPADDEN, MARY, 1, Box 2, Bradford 155, McWILLIAMS, RODNEY, 1, 215 Emory, Hot Springs 169 MEADOR, WARD, 2, 306 Court, Dumas MEDLOCK, CHARLES, 4, 508 East Elm, Morrilton MELTON, WILLIAM, 4, 1104 W. 21, NLR MELTON, WILLIAM H., 1, 800 W. College, Ozark MENELEY, GILBERT, 1, Wooster MENTGEN. IOSEPH, 1, 3824 W. Capital, LR 156 MERIDITH, LINDA, 1, Rt. 1, Cherry Valley MERRITT, ANNETTE, 2, 523 W. 36th St., NLR MESKILL, PATRICIA, 2, 103 Circle Drive, Newton, Miss. METHENY, WILLIE, Z, 9 Meadokbrook Dr., Conway MEYER, PATRICIA, 1, 6811 W. Markham, LR 156 MIDDLETON, SONDRA, 2, 1926 Caldwell, Conway MILAM, LORENE, 4, 1827 Simms, Conway 101. MILBUURN, CHARLES, 2, 334 Donaghey, Conway MILES, LEON, 4, Rt. 2. Des Arc MILHOLEN, IIMMY, 3, Rt. 4 Box 77, Hot Springs 181, MILHOLLAND, ANITA, 2, 1305 Fairlane, Conway MILLER, ALBERT, 1, 1306 Skyline Dr., NLR MILLER, CAROL, 2, Rt. 1, Barber MILLER, EDWARD, 1, Chicago, Illinois 156 MILLER, FRANKY, 1, Box 217, Weldon MILLER, IEANNIE, 2, Rt. 1, Clinton 137, MILLER, KENNETH, 3, Rt. 2, Rogers MILLER, MILTON, 1, Scotland MILLER, SHARON, 1, Rt. 2, Box 116, Cabot MILIGAN, AMELIA, 1, 2812 Wolfe, LR MILLS, IACK, 1, Rt. l, Box 28, Bald Knob MILLS, PATRICIA, 4, Conway 101, MIMMS, IERRY, 3, Rt. 3, Springdale 121, MINOR, IAMES, 3, Iacksonville 229, MINTON, BARBARA DEAN. 3, Rt. 1, Ward 121 MINTON, SHIRLEY, 4, 415 S. Main, Brinkley 79, 101, 237. 259, 272 MINTON, VELMA, 3, Rt. l, Ward MITCHELL, DANA, 4, 106 Center, Conway MITCHELL, IEHU, 4, Rt. 3, Box 46, Benton 121 MITCHELL, LEONARD, 2. Allison MITCHELL, PATRICIA, Box 353, College Heights MITCHELL, RONALD, 4, 106 Center. Conway MIZELL, IOHN, 3, 2205 Coors Drive, NLR MOAK, TOMMY, 3, 402 Oliver, Conway MOBBS, IIMMY, 1, Rt. 3. Greenbrier MOBLEY, HARLON, 1, Rt. 1, Searcy MOBLEY, MARY, 4, 622 Faulkner, Conway MOIX, FRANK, 4, Rt. 4, Box 94, Conway MOIX, LEO, 4, 105 Victory Court, Conway MOIX, NORBERT, 2, Rt. 4, Box 94, Conway MOIX, PHYLLIS, 2, 314 Oliver, Conway MOLANDER, PRISCILLA, 3, 42 Grove Rd., Natick, Mass. MONCRIEF. IUDITH, 1, 113 Atkins, NLR 121 MONTGOMERY, LYNDA, l, 218 Delaware, Iacksonville 156, MOONEYI-IAM, WILLIAM. 4, 901 S. Main, Brinkley MOORE, CHERYL, 1, Wilburn Rt. Heber Springs MOORE, DON, 3, Rt. 2, Conway MOORE, DORR, 4, Wilburn Rt., Heber Springs 101, 223, MOORE, GARY, 1, Box 310, NLR MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE , GARY P., 2, 1509 Washington, LR , IANICE KAY, 1, Rt. 2, Perryville , IOE T., 4, 211 N. Griffin, Morrilton , IOHN, 4, Box 159, Valliant, Okla. MOORE, IUDY, 4, Capps Road, Harrison MOORE, KENNETH, 1, 1716 W. Walnut, Paris MOORE, MOORE, LINDA, 1, Box 145, Elaine LINDA, 1, 1702 Straight Place, Stuttgart MOORE, RANDEL, 4, Rt. 2, Box 325, Wynne MOORY, KAY, 1, 12 Iefferson DeWitt MORENO, IOHN, Z, 2002 Prince, Conway 169, 263, MORGAN, CAROLYN, 4, 3012 S. 17, Fort Smith MORGAN, SUSAN, 3, 4334 W. Avenue One, Merced, Calif MORRIS. MORRIS, MORRIS, MORRIS. MORRIS. MORRIS. 121, BERTA, 1, Houston IAMES, 4, Timbo IUDITH, 1, 900 Pine, Crossett MICHAEL, 3, 526 Center, Conway RITA, 2, 255 W. 2nd, Prescott ROBERT, 1, 201 Oliver St., Conway MORRISON, TRUDY, 2, Landis MORSE, MORSE, DANIEL, 4, 1839 Tyler, Conway FLOYD, 2, 1839 Tyler, Conway MOSELEY, DANA, 1, Rt. 1, New Edinburg MOTES, DIANA, Z, 6915 W. 13, LR MOTLEY, LARRY, 1, 49 Meadowbrook, Conway MOUDY, MOYER. MROSS, MRSNY, DOROTHY, 2, 1024 Deer St., Conway TROOPER, 1, Conway VERONICA, 1, St. Rt. Box 16, Biscoe IOHN, 2, 4001 Lakeview, NLR MULLINS, IUDY, 2, 268 Vineyard, Hot Springs MUNNERLYN, CHLOE, 1, 412 W. Pine, Lonoke MUNSEY, PEGGY, 2, 116 Dickson Dr., LR 69, 82, 83, 137, 207, 237, MURPHY, GRACE, 2, 2417 W. 16th, LR MURPHY, SARNIA, 1, 103 Kennedy, Hot Springs MURRAY, IOHN, 4, 417 Braden. Iacksonville MURRAY, SUSIE, 1, 2070 College Ave., Conway MURRY. DOROTHY, 2, 3618 Orange, NLR MUSGRAVE, CAROLYN, 4, Pine Bluff MUSGRAVE, GLORIA, 4, 1220 Gist St., Conway MYERS, I. B., 1, 419 Augusta, Conway MYERS, NABORS MARTHA, 1, 1818 Parker, NLR . MARGARET, 4, 800 Allis, LR 102, NAHLEN, MARTIN. 3, 512 Fourth, Conway NAHLEN, MARY, 1, Rt. 2 Box 277, Conway 156. NALLEY, SAMUEL, 2426 W. 13th, LR NANCE, CHARLES, 2, Box 21, Greenbriar NATION, DIXIE, 3, Rt. 7, Box 755, Pine Bluff NAYLOR, MARIAN, 1, 103 Mitchell, Conway NEBLING. IUDY, 1, 11625 W. 12th, LR NEELY, DELTON, 4, 314 W. 24th, Pine Bluff NEHUS, DANIEL, 3, Rt. 2, Paris NEIGHBORS, HUGH, 1. 1803 S. College, Stuttgart NELSON, SARA, 4, Hughes NELSON, TOMMY, 4, 354 Bates, Batesville NEW, FARREL, 1, Rt. 2, Quitman NEWBERRY, IANE, 4, 201 W. 52nd, NLR NEWKIRK, DIANE, 1, 3 Westbrook, Hot Springs NEWKIRK, IAMES, 2, 121 Summit Rd., Helena NEWTON, ROBERT, 2, 7294 Cantrell, LR NEWTON, SUZANN, 1, 201 Walnut, LR NICHOLS, NICHOLS, LINDA, 1, 310 N. College, Dumas NICHOLS, MARGARET, 4, 135 Locust, Conway NICHOLS, MAVIS, 1, Western Grove NICHOLS, MELFORD, 3, Box 116 ASTC, Conway NIER, WENDELL, 3, Rt. 5, Searcy NINCEHELSER, MARCIA, 3, 540 N. 48, Fort Smith 72, NISBETT ,DUANE, 2, 213 N. Iames, Iacksonville NIX, ROBIN, 4, 2003 Bruce St., Conway 102, 204, 219, 228, NIX, PAULETTE, 3, Lasley Apts., C7, Conway NIXON, LUCILLE, 4, Onia NIXON, DONALD, 2, 5117 A. St., LR NOBLE, ALLEN, 2, 301 W. Sth Ave., Crossett NOBLE, DIANNA, 2, 105 Fountain. LR NOBLE, DORIS, 4, 305 Crystal, NLR NOBLE, RENA, 2, 305 Crystal, NLR NOE, CAROLYN, 1, Rt. 2, Conway NORMAN, CHARLES, 2, Wingo Hall, ASTC, Conway NORTON, IOSEPH, 2, 2719 Broadway, LR NORTON, IOY, College View Apt. C3, Conway NORTON, SCOTT, 1, 618 E. 2nd, Pine Bluff BARBARA, 4, 1907 S. Iackson, LR 68, 79, 102, 102, 239, 137, 121, 255, 263, 167. 102, 121, 121 137, 256, 137, 137, 33.7 338 O OATES, IACQUELINE, 4, 1312 Donaghey, Conway OATES, PATRICIA, 3, P.O. Box 337, Conway OATES, WILLIAM, 4, 1922 Bragg, LR O'BAR, SHEILA, 3, Rt. 1. Box 25, Mayflower ODOM. IOY, 1, Rt. 2, Cabot O'DONELL, GLENN A.. 4, Conway OGDON. THOMAS, 4, Mayflower OLIPHANT, LARRY, 2, 622 E. Maple, Fayetteville OLIVER, ANN, 2, Rt. 2, Stuttgart OLIVER, ANN, 1, Rt. 2, Box 181A, Greenbrier OLSON, IEANNIE, 1, LR O'MALLEY, RUTH, 3, 505 N. Fillmore, LR O'NEAL, TOMMY, 1, Hot Springs O'NEAL, IANE, 4. Rt. 4, Leslie 121, ORSINI, IIM, 1, 600 W. M. St., NLR OVERSTREET, GARY. 1, 417 N. Cypert, Searcy ' OWEN, DON, 1, 1215 Parway Dr., NLR OWEN, EVELYN, 1, 1827 Bruce, Conway OWENS. ELIZABETH, 1, 2608 Hickory, Texarkana OWENS. ROSE MARY, 1. Hayes Drive, NLR P PACE, SHARON. 1, 1102 Boston Dr., Pine Bluff PACE, TOMMY IOE, 4, 605 S. 11th St., Paragould PADGETT, ROY, 4, 603 Watkins, Conway PALADINO, RICHARD, 1, Rt. 2. Box 53, Conway PALMER, EDWINA. 1, Rt. 6, Box 8, NLR PANNELL, IAMIE, 1.kGriffithville PARISH, PATRICIA, 2, Bee Branch PARISH, STANLEY, 2. 1641 Davis. Conway PARKER. IOE. 1, 1500 MacArthur Dr., Iacksonville PARKS, IULE, 4, 1915 Anniston Ave., Shreveport, La. PARNELL, FLOYD, 1. Cotton Plant PARSONS, BRUCE, 1, Benton PARSONS, CLYDE, 3, 201 W. Brewer, Iacksonville PARSONS, FRANCES, 1, Rt. 1. Bald Knob PARTER, MARY, 1, West Helena PARTRIDGE. WALTER, 1, Star Rt. Stuttgart PASSMORE, WANDA, 3, Oxley 157 121 121, 211, 167, 158, 103. PATCHELL, JACKIE, 1, 533 Whitman, Apt. 1C.. Fayetteville PATRICK, NATHAN, 1, Lundell PATTERSON. IULIA, 1, Box 229, Lepanto PATTILLO, GEORGIA, 1, 2708 Howard, Pine Bluff PATTON, DONNA, 4, 1817 Hickory, Pine Bluff PATTON, LANITA, 4, Pine Bluff 103, I PATTON, ROGER, 4, 309 Shady Side Lane, Montgomery Ala. PAUDERT. PATSY, 1, Box 701, Rt. 1, Marion PAUL, NANCY, 1, Perryville PAVATT, L. B., 3, Damascus PAYNE, DONNA, 1, 2612 W. 13th, LR PAYNE, IOHNNY, Rt. 2, Damascus PAYNE, PHILLIP, 1, 2612 W. 13th., LR PAYNE, RALPH, 1, 6200 Longwood Rd., LR PAYNE, WILLIAM, 4, 6200 Longwood Rd., LR 79, 103, 211, 225, 241, PEACOCK, IOEY, 2, Rt. 1. McCrory PEAK. ANGELA, 1, RR 1, Hickory Ridge PEARCE, DONNA, 1, Rt. 3, Box 335. Conway PEAVEY, JAMES, 1, 1801 W. 31st, Pine Bluff PECK, GREGORY, 1. 208 S. Cedar. LR PEMBERTON, STEPHEN, 1, 308 Merrel St., Morrilton PENDERGIST, RONALD, Rt. 2, Augusta PENDERGRASS, MARY, 2, 109 Elm St., Crossett 138, 288, PENNEY, IAMES, 4, 2813 Parkway Dr., NLR PENOR, PAT. 1, 212 Noles, Hot Springs PERKINS, ROBERT, 1, Box 476, Carlisle PERRY, BRIAN, 4, 217 S. East 3rd., England 103, PERRY, CLOIE, 2, England PERRY, ERLA, 1, 603 Denton, Benton PERSINGER, PATRICIA, 1, 1115 S. Pine, LR PETERS, PHYLLIS, 3. Rt. 2, St. Ioe PETERSEN, DIANE, 1, 47 Berkshire, LR PETERSON, MICHAEL T., 4. Little Rock PETERSON, ROBERT, 3, 1122 W. 34th, LR 121, PETERSON, SUSAN, 1, Box 4147, NLR PETROSS. LARRY, 1, 1617 W. 15, NLR PETTY, IOYCE, 1, 301 Suburbia Lane, Pine Bluff PHILLIPS, I. DOYNE, 4, 2229 Brown Rd., Overland 14, PHILLIPS, EVONNE, 3. Rt. 3, Berryville PHILLIPS, IIM, 1. 701 N. E. A St., Benton 158. 290 103, 276, 138, 103, 168 Mo. PHILLIPS, IOY, 3, 1316 W. I, NLR PHILLIPS, REBECCA, 4, Urbanette 80, 103, 211, 233 PHILLIPS, SIDNEY, 2, Rt. 1, Austin PHIPPS, MARTHA, 1, 609 Fordyce, England PIERCE, IANE ANN, 1, 2010 State, LR PIERSON, IAMES, 1, McHue PIKE, FREDDIE, 2, Rt. 3, Box 85, Conway PILKINGTON, NEYLON, 4, 306 N. Charles, Searcy 103 PINKERTON, DWIGHT, 2, Umpire PITCHFORD, IAMES, 4, Box 103, Hartford PITTS, DELMON, 1, 5632 C. Robinson Rd., NLR PLUMMER, IOHNNY, 1, 3801 Mellene, NLR PLUMMER, MARY, 1, 3801 Mellene, NLR POHNKA. TANYA, 1, 310 Edmond Ave., McCrory POINDEXTER, PAUL, 1, 410 W. Church, Morrilton POLK, LYNN, 2, 16 Wanda Lane, LR POLK. MARY, 4, 700 South Sycamore, Harrison PORTER, MARY, 1, 140 South 4th St.. West Helena POTTER. LARRY. 1. 712 N. Iackson, McCrory POWELL, IAMES, 1, 420 W. L. St., NLR POWELL, IOHN, 4, Rt. 1, Box 11A, Hot Springs POWER, BONITA, 106 Miller, Hot Springs POWER. STEPHEN, 4, 304 Hiawatha Dr.. LR 121, 214, 221 POWERS. STEPHEN, 3, 1305 Elm, Pine Bluff PRATT, MARSHA, 4, 68 Glenmer Dr., LR 104 PRESLEY, DONALD, 1, Rt. 1, Box 41, Pangburn 158 PRICE. IIMMY, 1, 1813 Simms, Conway PRIEST, JANET, 1. 4604 Grand, LR 1:59 PRIEST, ROMONA LYNN, 1, 2012 South Blvd., Conway PRIEST, KEN, 4, 314 S. Main, Bentonville PRINCE. PERRY, 3, 5614 Stella Circle, NLR PRINCE, RACHEL, 3, 5614 Stella Circle, NLR 121, 228 PRINCE, SHELAGH, 2, 108 Dakota Dr.. Iacksonville 169, PRINCE, WILLIAM. 4, 1123 N. Ash, Conway PRINGLE, RONALD, 1. 1020 Pecan, Blytheville 182, PRUITT, CHARLES, 1, 3 Ave. Hayes Addn., Conway PRUITT, WILLIAM, 3, 806 S. Summitt, LR 122, PRYOR, PATSY, 2, 511 N. West St., Morrilton PRYOR, PEGGY, 1. 2317 N. Garfield, LR PUCKETT. IAMES, 2. 1401 W. 2nd, NLR PUCKETT, KENNETH, 3, 2322 S. 58. Fort Smith 182, 229, PURDOM. C. T. 4, Rt. 1, Box 139, Yellville 80, 104, 256, 272. QUALLS, BETTYE. 1, 1401 W. Long 17th, NLR 159. 171, RADCLIFFE, DIANE, 2. 213 Adams, Lonoke 138, 235, RAGAN, KENNETH, 4, 622 W. 2nd, DeWitt 73, 104, 204, RAINBOLT, AUBREY, 1, 1411 Mitchell, Conway RAINES, DANIEL, 4, Rt. 1, Box 158, Hermitage RAINWATER, ARTHUR, 4, 1801 Hill Rd., Iacksonville RAINWATER, FLO, 2, 711 Cavanaugh Rd., Fort Smith RAINWATER, MARY, 1, 1801 Hill Road, Iacksonville RAKES, ANNETTE, 1, Rt. 3, Bentonville RALLS. WILLIAM, 3625 Conway Hwy., NLR RAMICK, IAY, 2, 2500 S. Taylor, LR RAMSEY, CHARLES, 3. West Main. Mountain View, Ark. RAMSEY, IAMES, 3, 806 W. Main, Heber Springs RANDOLPH, HAROLD, 3, Rt. 1, Garfield RANKIN, RONNIE. 4. 605 N. 32, Ft. Smith 104. 229, RANSOM, CLARENCE, 4, Bradford RAPIER. DANNY, 4, Wingo Hall, ASTC, Conway 104, RAPIER, GARY DON, 1, 723 N. 24th, Van Buren RATLIFF. IAMES, 1, 1504 Dakota Dr., Pine Bluff RATLIFF, THOMAS, 4, 1904 Bernard, Ionesboro RAUERT, LINDA, 4. 1414 W. Sth, El Dorado 122, 211, 234, RAWLS, NORA, 2, 122 Market, Helena RAY, DAVID, 1, Rt. 1, Box 64, Springfield RAY, ELVA, 4, Rt. 1, McNeil 104, RAY. MICHAEL, 4, 1623 Barber, LR RAYNER, IOYCE, 4, Box 84, McCrory 105, 239, 243. 259 RED, KENNETH, 4, Rt. 1, Box 214, Sheridan 105. 214, 225, 256, 257 RED, SERENA, l, Rt. 1 Box 214, Sheridan 159, REDD, VALERIE, 1, 4823 Arlington, NLR REDDICK, IEANNE, 2, 17 Azalea Court, Fort Smith REDDITT. ELIZABETH, 2, 604 Bridge, Morrilton 138, REED. CATHERINE, 1, 22 La Vista Dr., NLR REED, IANET, 1, Rt. 1, Bald Knob REED, IOE, 1, Rt. 1, Alpena REED. KATHLEEN, 1, Concord REED, MARY, 4, Box 297, Gravette 105 1 , REED, MILDRED, 1, Rt. 1, Pangburn REGAULD, MICHAEL, 2, 1004 Scott, Apt. 5, LR REID, SUSAN, 3, 219 E. 25th, LR 122, REID, TOMMIE, 2, Box 204, Morrilton REIDHAR, BONNIE, 2, P.O. Box 536, Des Arc REINHARDT, KENDALL. 4, 6708 Kenwood, LR REMLEY, GENE, 1, 6219 Kenwood, LR RENFRO. ROBERT, 3, 1025 W. Ash, Blytheville 122 RENO, IOHN, 4, 1608 S. Blvd., Conway REYNOLDS, DELBERT, 1, Knoebel REYNOLDS, IRIS, 3, 2521 Iohnson, LR REYNOLDS. OPAL. 3, 2521 Iohnson, LR RHEIN, CAROLYN. 3, 904 Hwy. 62, Mountain Home 122 RHODES, BETTY, 4, Rt. 2, Conway RICE, CAROLYN, 3, 622 Sherris Lane, Benton RICE, KAY, 4, 1025 Park Hill, Helena 105, 258. 259, 183 195 80, 105, 138, 138, 232, 243 105, 235, 243, SANDLIN, NELLIE, 4, Rt. 2, Leslie SARTAIN. DONALD, Rt. 2, Heber Springs SARTIN, CATHY. 3, Rt. 1, Box 16, England SARVER, DONALD L., 4, Herrick, Illinois SASSER, MAC, 4, Rt. 2, St. Ioe SAULSBURY, SYVIA, 1, Rt. 3, Box 56A, El Dorado SAUM, TI-IEADORA, 2, 1618 W. Emma. Springdale SAUNDERS, IERRY, 1, 306 Pine, Dardanelle SAYGER, HARROLD, 3, Star Route, Biscoe SCARBOROUGH, BETTY, Rt. 1, Iudsonia SCHAEFER, IUDY, 1, 1702 Central, Hot Springs SCHICHTL, ROY, 1, 1315 College Ave., Conway SCHISLER, MARY, 1, Box 175, Weiner SCHMOLL, CARLENE, 4, Rt. 1, Atkins SCHNARR, ROY. 3, 305 Donaghey, Conway RICE. VERNICE, 4, Rt. 1, Roland RICH, KENNETH. 2, Rt. 2, Box 8, Conway RICH, RITA, 4, 305 Carter, Benton RICHARDS, IOHN D.. 1, Rt. 6, Box 23, NLR RICHARDSON, IOHNNY, 1, Rt. 5, Box 4731, LR RICHARDSON, RICHARD, 1, Box 61, Corning 122, 197 1 SCOTT, SCOTT, SCOTT, SCOTT. SCOTT, 106, 211, 160, SCHNEIDER, RICHARD, 2, 205 E. Kiehl, NLR SCOGGIN, IAMES, 1, Weldon, Ark. CHERYE, 2, 1216 School, Malvern 169, 243, 283, IOHN, 1936 Post Rd., Noroton, Conn. PATRICIA, 3, Rt. 2, Altheimer ROBERT, 4, 318 Davis, Conway RUBY, 4, 40 Wesley Dr., NLR 138, 159, 183, RICHARDSON, RICKY, 2, Rt. 1, Box 152, Forrest City RICHARDSON, ROBERT DONALD, 4, Fordyce RIDDELL. MARIAN, 4, 503 Cherry, Clardsville 80, 105, 109, 211, 237. RIEDMATTEN, CAROLYN, 1, 105 Mitchell. Conway RIFFEY, HOWELL, 3, Box 36, Wheatley RIGGS, STEPHEN, 1, 1300 Garland, NLR RILEY, RONALD, 1, Rt. 1, Box 187, Bradford RITTER, CAROL. 4, 820 Watkins, Conway RITTER, CECIL, 4, 820 Watkins, Conway ROACH, RONALD, 2, 223 Griffith, Conway ROBBINS. IUDY, 2, 410 Freeman, Hot Springs ROBBINS, WELLINGTON, 3, Rt. 3, Conway ROBERSON. MARTHA, 2, Rt, 1, Box 343, Iudsonia ROBERTS, BRUCE, 1, Box 63A., Rt. 1, Scott ROBERTS, LAWRENCE, 2, 10322 Syvan H. Hwy., NLR ROBERTS, RHELINDA, 1, Rt. 2, Box 186, Lonoke ROBERTS, WILEY, 3, 103 Hardin, Morrilton ROBERTSON, DAVID, 4, 720 Cleburne, West Helena ROBERTSON, FRED, 4, Box 62, Iudsonia ROBERTSON, PENSON, 1, 1222 Poplar, Pine Bluff ROBINETTE, ROBERT, 4, Box 525, Conway ROBINSON, LINDA, 2, 304 Iackson, Hot Springs ROBINSON, STEPHEN, 4, 827 Center, Conway ROBINSON, THOMAS, 1, 1901 Robins, Conway ROBNETT, TERRI, 2, 912 S. College. Stuttgart 195, 200, 255, 280, 122, 168, 183 122, 235, RODGERS, DAVID, 4, 624 Oak, Conway RUDGERS. IUDY, 2, 624 Oak, Conway RODGERS, SUZANNE, 1, Rt. 3, Box 27, Pine Bluff ROE, ROY, 2, Box 40, Hoxie 138, 169, ROGERS BARBARA, 4, 75 Bluff View Drive, Batesville 63, 66, 67, 106, 239, 243, 283, ROGERS, BILLY, 3, Box 313, Hazen ROGERS, CAROL, Rt. 3, Charleston, Ark. ROGERS. HOLLIS, 1, 409 Dobbs, Benton ROGERS, IERRY. 3, Bee Branch 73. 123, ROLAN, MARTHA, 1, Rt. 1, Higden 159 ROSS, ROGER, 1, 507 E. Short Mt. St., Paris 159, ROWLAND, LIINDA. 2, 1806 W. 19th, NLR 138, RUBLY, CARL, 4, Box 154, Malvern 276. RUFF, ANNA, 1, Marshall RUSS, KENT, 2, 808 Crestwood, Benton RUSSELL, LINDA, 2, 503 E. 12th, Texarkana 138 RUSSELL, RICHARD, 1, 4705 Lochridge, NLR RUSSELL, THOMAS, 2, 418 Kay St., NLR RUSSELL, VENIA, 4, Cleveland RUST, BEVERLEY N., 4, McRae RUTLEDGE, ELAINE, 1, Huff, Ark. RUTTER. IAMES, 3, 5817 Monterey, Ft. Worth, Texas RYAN. DANNY, 2, Rt. 2, Conway 195 RYAN, LEON, 1, Rt. 2, Box 94, Conway S SADLER, HAROLD, 1, 201 Haywood, NLR SAGE, BRUCE, 2. Gould SAMPSON, EMMETT E., 4, Stuttgart SANDERS, CECIL, RFD 1, Box 96, Clarendon SANDERS, EVA, 4, Box 24, Blackwell SANDERS KAREN, 1. 708 Wildwood, NLR 139, 229, 106 I SCROGGIN, DAVID, 2, 404 N. Morrill, Morrilton SCROGGIN, ROBERT, 1, 402 Conway Blvd., Conway SCROGGINS, RONNIE. 1, Rt. 1, Box 271, Morrilton SCROGGS, GARY, 4, Box 152, Beebe SEALE, IERRI, 1015 N. Cleveland, LR SEARS, ANGELA, 2, 2209 S. Maple, LR SEAVERS, SANDRA, 1, 806 Perry, LR SELLARS, ETTA, 2, Rt. 2, Clinton SELLARS, IIMMY. 3, Rt. 2, Bee Branch SELLARS, NANCY, 1, Rt. 3, Conway SENN, GERALD ALLEN, 2, 6700 Westour Dr., LR SENYARD, ROY, 1, 3316 Cherry, Pine Bluff SHAFFER, RICHARD, 2, 65000 Brentwood, LR SHANNON. SHEILA. 1, Rt. 6, Box 113, NLR SHARP, FREDDIE, 4, Rt. 5, 34B, El Dorado SHARP, HAROLD, 4, 524 4th St., Conway SHARROCK, MIKE, 1, 243 Conway Blvd., Conway SHAW. PATRICIA, 408 W. 19th, NLR SHAW, SYBIL, 1, Rt. 3, Vilonia SHAW, WILLIAM, 1, RFD 2, Conway SHEFFIELD, DOROTHY, 1, 203 North Ave., Lockport, SHELTON, I-IILDA, 2, 1002 N. Madison, Ionesboro SHELTON, OTIS, 3, 10710 W. Markham, LR SHELTON, LARY, 1, 919 W. 41st St., NLR SHELTON, MARILYN, 1, 2009 S. Harrison, LR SHEPHERD, HAROLD, 2, Hollis Ill 106, 244 100 139 160 160. 160 SHERRELL, KATHLEEN, 3, College View Apt. D3, Conway SHEWBART, WILLIAM, 2, 109 Alabama, Iacksonville SHILLING, IOE, 808 N. Chestnut, Harrison SHIPLEY, ROBERT, 4, Rt. 1, Enola SHIPP, BILLY. 1, Rt. 1, Clinton SHOEMAKER, IOHN, 4, 2003 Bruce St., Conway SHOFFNER, MARY, 2, 600 W. Race, Searcy SHOFFNER, PHILLIPS, 4, 600 W. Race. Searcy SHORT. BILLY. 1, Bigelow SHORT, JONATHAN, 2, State Sanitorium SHORT. ROY, 4, Booneville, Arkansas SHORT, ROBERT, 1, Bigelow SHOWALTER, CHARLES K., 4, Griffithville SIEMS, PATRICIA, 3, Star Route, Stuttgart SIEVER, SUE, 4, Box 155, Arkansas City SIKES, DOUGLAS, 1, 11209 Mona Lane, LR SIKES, MARY NELL, 2, 114 Sunset Lane, NLR SIMMONS. IUNE, 4, Searcy SIMMONS, SUZANNE, 1, Box 299, Clinton SIMMONS, WANDA, 4, Rt. 4, Springdale SIMON, KAY. 1, 607 Ingram, Conway SIMON, RAYMOND, 3, 572 Harkrider, Conway SIMPSON, RAYMOND, 2, Springfield SIMPSON, WINSTON, 4, Clinton SIMS. IUDY, 1, 2100 W. 25th. Pine Bluff SIMS, LELAND, 1, 5104 W. 31st, LR SIPE, IAMES, 2, 1105 Central Ave., Hot Springs SIRIA. AUBIN, 1, 1437 Bruce. Conway SITTON, PAULETTA, 2, Leslie SKYRMES, ANNE, 1, 97 Indian Trail, LR SLEDGE, ROMIE, 1, Springfield SLIGER, MARY, 4, Greenbrier SLONE, I. O., 1, 319 Owen, Booneville, Ark 106, 167 160. 107, 214, 107 139, 223 123, 233 107, 237 139, 233 161 123 88, 219 161 107, 255 339 STAMPS, LARRY, Rt. 4, Berryville 340 SMART, BEVERLY, 1, Rt. 5, Box 33C, E1 Dorado SMILEY, REBECA, 1, Leslie STOBAUGH, SARA, 1, Plumerville STOBAUGH, TAMARA, 1, 121 Hwy. 16, Clinton SMITH, RICHARD, 4, 1012 Loretta Lane, LR 66, 80, 107, 202, 223 SMITH BARBARA, 1, 2323 W. 13th, LR SMITH, BARBARA LYNN, 1, Rt. 2, Box 61, Sheridan SMITH, BEVERLY, 2, Box 160, Cotter SMITH, BRENDA, 1, 204 Hy Line Dr., Hot Springs SMITH, CAROLYN, 2, Edgemont 139, SMITH, DANA, 1, 206 East F., NLR SMITH, DONNA, 1, 11 Snyder, Hot Springs 123, 161 SMITH, EUGENE, 1, 1318 Clifton, Conway 169, SMITH, GARY, l, 2128 Duncan, Conway ' SMITH, HAROLD, 3, Rt. 3, Mountain Home SMITH HOMER, 3, Rt. 4, Box 11, Conway SMITH, INEZ R., 4, Iacksonville SMITH, IERRY, 1, Hickory Plains, Ark SMITH, IERRY LEE, 1, 6623 Sheridan Rd., Pine Bluff SMITH, IOHN, 2, Rt. 2, Lonoke SMITH, IOHN, 4, Wooster 167 SMITH, IUDY, 3, 1921 E. 7th, Pine Bluff 139 SMITH LEON, 2, 6217 I. St., LR STOKER, OWEN, 1, 6218 Longwood, LR STOKES, IUDY, 1, Box 102, Holly Grove STOKES, SARAH, 4, Holly Grove STONE, ANDREA, 1, 1400 W. 18th, Pine Bluff STONE, ELLA, 301 Donaghey, Conway STONE, ROBERT, 909 Patton Drive, Crossett STONE, SUSAN, 1, 1200 Cedar, Crossett STRACK, RALPH, 1, 1512 College, Conway STRACK, RICHARD, 1, 460 Ingram, Conway STRACK, RONALD, 3, Rt. 4, Conway STRAIN , GARY, 2, 1907 Martin, Conway 162, 279, 181, 184 123, 247 STRANGE, BRUCE, 2, 100 San Felipe, San Francisco, Calif. SMITH, LINDELL, 2, Rt. 1, Box 37, Bald Knob SMITH, MARY IEAN, 1, 1820 Oak, Pine Bluff SMITH, MURIEL, 3, Rt. 1, Bee Branch SMITH, NANCY, 2, 1012 Loretta Lane, LR 139, 236, 282, SMITH, PEGGY, Rt. 1, Box 149, Greenbrier SMITH, ROGER, Rt. 2, Box 27, Heber Springs SMITH, RONALD, 10 Clinton Rd., NLR SMITH, ROSEMARY, 3, Springfield SMITH, SHELBY, 3, 300 Goshen Ave., NLR SMITH, WILLARD E., 4, Searcy 107, 229 SMITH, WILLIAM, 3, 1610 Etheridge, Humboldt, Tennessee 123 SMITHERS, SUSAN, 1, 614 Dyer Circle, Benton 181 SMITHEY, IOHN, 4, 1106 W, 12th, Pine Bluff SMITHSON, LARRY, 1, 6241 Highland Ave., Richmond, California SOREY, HAZEL, 4, 125 E. 21st, NLR 123 SOUTHERLAND, PATRICIA, 1, Rt. 3, Conway 161, 257 SOWELL, DUANE, 1, 1116 Iackman, Benton 184 SOWELL, VIRGINIA, 1, Mayflower 161 SPARROW, KENNETH, 2, 2506 Robinson, Conway SPENCE, MYRA, 1, Rt. 1, Austin SPENCER, LARRY, 2, 506 W. Driver, Osceola 184, 203 SPENCER, SHIRLEY, 2, Box 126, Rt. 1, Widener 139, 219. 239, 249, 254 SPICER, GLENDALYN, 4, Box 551 Bald Knob SPRADLIN, PATRICIA, 4, 2115 Ada, Conway SPRINGS, ION, 1, 315 Pinewood, Hot Springs SPRUEL, LAURA, 2, 205 Main St., Hot Springs SPURLOCK, TRESS, 2, Rt. 1, Box 9, Holly Grove 229 STAGGS, TRESIHA, 3, Black Rock STAKEMILLER, IUDITH, 3, 4400 Orange, NLR 123, 239, 251, 283 STALL, GERALD, 137 E. Boulevard, Conway STALLINGS, MARGARET, 3, 1 Ridgecrest, Morrilton 123, 238, 243, 293 STRAWN, IERRELL, 1, Box 88, Elaine STRICKLAND, LOUIS, 1, 120 E. 4th, Lonoke STRICKLIN, DAVID, 1, 303 W. 52nd, NLR STRIPLING, CLARENCE, 1, Rt. 1, Clinton STRIPLING, RICHARD, 1, Rt. 1, Clinton STROUD, LARRY, 2, 3700 W. 13th, LR STROUD, ROBERT, 2, 620 Pollock, NLR STUART, HERBY, 1, 818 Davis, Conway 140 256 STURGEON, KAY, 4, 1022 Edgehill Dr., Benton 123, 232, 243, 276 SULINA, IAMIE, 1, 4104 W. 25th, LR SUMMERS, DIANA, 2, Rt. 2, Conway SUTHERLIN, NANCY, 3, 611 E. Market, Searcy SUTTERFIELD, WACO, 1, Harriett SUTTERFIELD, LEO, 2, Mt. View SUTTON, WILLIAM, 2, 2607 N. Grant, LR SWAIM, IOSEPHINE, 3, 602 S. E. 4th, England SWAIN, IERRY, 4, Little Rock SWAIN, WILLIAM, 1, 307 E. Academy, Searcy SWAN, LUANN, 1, Rt. 1, Forrest City SWEARINGEN, DAVID, 1, 217 N. Woodrow, LR SWIFT, HENRY, 1, 1401 E. Kiehl, NLR SWILLING, EVELYN, 2, 2106 W. 16th, Pine Bluff SWITZER, FLORENCE, 4, 8 Westbrook Circle, LR SWOPE, IERRY, 2, 1307 Iames Rd., Fayetteville SWOPE, KAY, 2, 602 Lark Lane, Mountain Home SYBERT, IESSICA, 2, 1302 Commerce, LR SYLAR, IOHN, 1, Poplar Grove T TABOR, LARRY, 3, Rt. 2, Everton 186, 187, TACKETT, GARY, 1, 28 Rebecca Lane, Conway TACKETT, LARRY, 2, 2003 Bruce, Conway TACKETT, MARILYN, 1, 18 Stagecoach, Conway TALLEY, HARRY, 2, 108 Brown, Morrilton TANNER, MARVIN, RR2, Box 95, Vilonia TARKINGTON, IAMES, 3, 710 W. Woodruff, Searcy TARVER, HARRY, 1, 2033 Iohnston, Conway TAUNTON, ROBERT, 4, 703 W. 9th, Crossett TAYLOR, ANN, 1, 6907 Mabelvale Pk., LR TAYLOR, ANNIE, 4, Rt. 1, Searcy TAYLOR, CARTHEL, 4, Wilburn STANEFER, MARY, 2, 1052 Donaghey, Conway STANDLEY, CONNIE, 1, Rt, 4, Berryville STANFIELD, LINDA, 4, 110 S. Maple, LR 123 STANFILL, MARY, 3, 205 E. Blvd., Conway STANLEY, LARRY, 2, Box 246, Hazen STANTON, KAY, 1, Rt. 3, Greenbrier STARK, GEORGE, 4, 400 W. Pine, Heber Springs 167, STARK, LINDA, 3, Bee Branch STARKEY, MARY, 3, Rt. 3, Clinton STARKEY, SHARION, 1, 605 Augusta, Conway STARNES, REBECCA, 1, 1000 Rollison, Blytheville STAUDINGER, MARTHA, 3, Box 175, Winchester STEEL, GEORGE, 1, 517 S. Oak, Little Rock 234 139 221, 123 162 STEGALL, IASPER, 4, 235 Oliver, Conway 107, 167, 227 STEINBECK, MICHAEL, 4, Rt. 2, Box 14, West Helena 108, 222 STELL, DANNY, 3, 1830 Mill, Conway 124, 261, 279, STEPHENS, RICHARD, 1, 115 Hillcrest, Hot Springs 193, STEVENS, CAROLYN, 2, Delaplaine STEVENS, ROBERT, 4, 2021 Independence, Conway STEWARD, FENNER, 2, 241 Center, Conway STEWART, ALICE, 4, Marshall 108 STEWART, KATHY, 2, RI. 1, Vilonia STEWART, SHIRLEY, 2, Bernard 139, STIEFVATER, IAMES, 3, 707 First, Conway STIEFVATER, MARY, 4, 707 First, Conway ST. IOHN, SUSAN, 2, 902 S. Leslie, Stuttgart 235 STOBAUGH, MARGARET, 2, Parma, MO. 259, 247 242 TAYLOR, DOY, 4, Russellville TAYLOR, IERRY, 3, Rt. 1, Box 26, Elizabeth 124 TAYLOR, IIMMY, 1, 3597 Lakeshore, NLR TAYLOR, LAWRENCE, 2, Box 45, Clinton TAYLOR, LOWEL, 1, Wilburn TAYLOR, MARY, 4, Center Valley Rd., Russelville TAYLOR, PAMELA, 1, 607 S. College, Stuttgart TAYLOR, PATRICIA, 1, 2103 S. Taylor, LR TAYLOR, ROGER, 2, Rt. 1, Hazen TEAL, DOROTHY, 2, 1412 Hobson Ave., Hot Springs TEDFORD, IOY, 4, 703 Cleburne, W. Helena TEETER, NANCY, 4, 1815 Maryland, LR TEMPLETON, MARTHA, 4, Hazen TERRELL, ANNA, 1, 1903 Bruce, Conway TERRIL, IO, l, 52 Wall St., Eureka Springs TERRY, KENNY, 2, Rt. 1, Walnut Ridge THARP, IESSICA, 2, Wilburn 140, THESSING, ANGELE, RFD 1, Box IA, Conway THOM, RONALD, 1, 8109 Cantrell, LR THOMAS , BILLY, 1, Rt. 2, Hardy Addition, Conway THOMAS, FRANCES, 2, 1304 Schiller, LR THOMAS , KENNETH, 1, Rt. 3, Conway THOMAS, PAULA, 4, 318 North West, Morrilton THOMAS, ROBERT, 4, 2120 Mississippi, LR THOMAS, SHIRLEY, 3, Rt. 3, Box 44, Conway THOMASON, DIANA M., 4, Lonoke THOMPSON, BILLY, 3, Rt. 2, Box 339A, NLR 254, 140 140 108, 221 140, 237 192, 193, 108, 162, 108, 108, , 225, 256, 140, 169, 108. 236, 124 162 286, 289, 108, , TROTTER, SHIRLEY, 1. Webb St., Mtn. View, Arkansas THOMPSON, CAROLYN, 2, Rt. 2, Box 339A, NLR THOMPSON. CLAUDE, 1, 1202 Thomasville, Pocahontas THOMPSON. DONALD. 1. 2808 Lewis, LR THOMPSON, LYNN, 1, 100 Elizabeth, Conway THURMAN, BOBBY, 1, 46 Vaughn, Eureka Springs TILLEY, THOMAS, 1, 6304 Pawnee Dr., NLR TINER, BOBBY, 3, 217 Center, Morrilton TIO, NORMA, 4, Bruce Hall, Conway TIPTON, IERRY, 1, Rt. 1, Moro TODD, MARTHA, 3, 619 N. Second, Cabot TOLE, IAMES, 2, Pangburn TOLLETT, ORA IEAN. 1, 53 Purdue Circle, LR TORBETT, IAMES, 4, 503 W. Church, Morrilton TORIAN, FRANK, 4, 2114 Bruce St.. Conway TOWNLEY, RODNEY, 4, Rt. 1, Van Buren TOWNZEN, CLYDE. 3. 1229 N. D., Rogers TRABERT, THOMAS, 1. Box 245, McCrory TRAFFANSTEDT, LINDA, 1, 54 W. Minster Dr., LR TRAFFORD. AGNES, Rt. 2, Morrilton TRAFFORD, JOHN, 3, Box 153, Plumerville TRAFFORD, RUTH, 1, Rt. 1, Morrilton TRAHAN, IUDITH, 2, 220 East 2nd St., Stuttgart TREECE, IOHN, 1, Box 474, Leslie TRENT, BARRY, 1, 221 Bairdon, Conway TRENT. DAVID, 1, 2208 Wash., Conway 140 TROUTMAN, MARILYN, 1, 2019 Iohnston, Conway TROY, IEWELL, 4, Lakeview Mkt., Heber Springs 81, 167, 212, 222 WALLACE, KAY, 2, Rt. 1, Solgohachia WALLACE, LEWIS, 3, Waldo WALLACE, SHARON, 1. 2110 Summit, LR 163, 273, WALLING, CAROLYLE, 4, 1000 Walnut, Crossett WALLOCH, GARY, 2, Library 28 Maple, NLR WALLS, PATRICIA, 1, 7th Pike Des Arc WALTHER, IOHN, 2, Box 468 ASTC, Conway WARD, DENA, 3. Rt. 2, Conway WARD, LARRY, 1, 717 N. Moose, Morrilton 276, 281, WARREN, ELEANOR, 1, 201 W. Church, Morrilton 163 WARREN, LINDA, 1, Ida WARREN, MILDRED. 4, Beebe WARRICK, WILLIAM, 4, 7818 Dollarway, Pine Bluff WARRINGTON, RICHARD, 1, 224 Ross, West Memphis WARRINGTON, ROLAND, 1, 209 Eastwood, Blytheville WASHBURN, WYLIE. 4, Rt. 3, Searcy WATERS, MARY, 2, 5323 L. St., LR 124 203 TUCKER, BEVERLY, 1, Vilonia TUCKER, ELIZABETH. 4, Rt. 2, Box 34, Newport TUCKER, IRIS, 2, Rt. 2, Box 636, Benton TUCKER. IOHNNY. 4, 1923 Simms, Conway TUCKER, SIDNEY, 3, Rt. 2, Box 34, Newport TUCKER, SYLVIA, 4, Crossett TULL, KAY, 2, Rt. 1, Box 28, Scott 140, 233, 270, TULL, YVONNE, 4, Rt. 1, Box 28, Scott 108, 259. TURLEY, SHARON, 1, Rt. 1, Lonoke TURNER., BETTY, 2, 4613 Rosemont, NLR 83, 140, 237, 243 TURNER. BRENDA, 2, 1939 Independence, Conway 140 TURNER, DENNIS. 2, Rt. 1, Box 1, Tuckerman TURNER, IAMES. 2, 1939 Independence, Conway 185. TURNER. RITHA, 3. Rt. 1, Mayflower TURNER, SANDRA, 1, 108 Melrose Divide, NLR TURNEY, BRENDA, 1, Rt. 2, Quitman 163, TURNEY, NORMA, 4, 1301 Clifton, Conway TWYMAN, SARAI, 3, 305 W. Brewer. Iacksonville TYLER, IANIE, 1, 515 Third, Conway TYLER, SHARON K.. 335 Davis, Conway ULMER, ELIZABETH, 1, 3902 Wilder, LR UMSTED, UMSTED, BETTY, 4, 722 Newport Ave., Newport 109, 239, 243 CAROLYN, 4, 600 N. 6th, Paragould 109, 238, 243. VAN CLEAVE, LAURA, 4, 804 Washington, Camden 140, WATKINS, LYNDA. 1, 1405 Pine Valley, LR 163, WATKINS, WILLIAM. 2, 402 Oak, Conway WATSON, CAROL, 4, Box 124, Viola 83, 214, 230, WATSON, CAROL, 2, Rt. 2, Box 13, Bigelow 124, WATSON, IACQUELINE, 4, 414 South Ave., Hot Springs 110. 241, 259. WATSON, IO ANN, Rt. 3, Greenbrier WATTS, DELORES. Rt. 4, Box 119, Marshall 141, 211, 219, 233. WATTS, FAYMA, 4, 605 E. Argyle, Harrison WAVRIN, REBECCA, 1, 7614 Nloen Drive, LR 163, WEATHERS, KARL, 4, Bassett, Nebraska 110, 274, 290, 292, 293, 296, WEBB, BETTYE. 4. 508 Locust, Conway WEBB, CAROLYN, 2, Rt. 4, Conway WEBB, GARY, 1, 210 W. St., Pine Bluff WEBB, MARGIE, 1, Rt. 1, Cabot WEBSTER, BARBARA, 3, Rt. 1, Holly Grove 124, 211, WEED, MICHAEL, 2, 1109 N. Tyler, LR WEEMS. KAREN, 1, Star Route, Center Point WEISS, LESLIE, 1, 131 Fairview Dr., LR WELCH, MARIE. 1, 1215 East Ave., El Dorado 164, WELCH, PEGGY, 1710 N. Pierce, LR 164, WELCH, SHARON, 4, Rt. 1, Box 81, Humphrey 110, 259, WELLS, ROLAND, 4, Rt. 1, Manila ug, WENTZ, MARY, 4, 1002 Pine, Crossett, Ark. WEST, IERRY, 2, 551 Maple, Camden WESTBROOK, IAMES, 3, Bassett 124' 1851 WESTERFIELD, IOHN, 8511 Ark.-Mo. Hwy., NLR 1 WESTERMAN, CHARLIE. 4, Rt. 3, Box 934, Benton WEWERS. ADRIAN, 4, 3501 S. 66th, Fort Smith 124, 219 WHEELER, MICHAIEL, 2, 969 Restbrook Ave., Memphis, Tenn. WHEETLEY, HOWARD, 4, 7524 Redwood Dr., LR 110 WHEETLEY, MARION. 3. 7524 Redwood, LR WHILEY, CAROLYN, 4, 1811 s. von Buren, LR 124, 238, 242, 259, 270, 282 WHILLOCK, SYLVIA, 1, P.O. Box 235, Clinton WHITAKER, SANDRA, 1, 406 N. Myrtle, Warren WHITE. DAVID. 4, Rt. 3, Box 337, LR 164, 171. VAN CLEVE, WILLIAM, 1, Roland VAN FOSSEN, LINDA, 4, 1824 Hickory, Conway VAN PELT, RICHARD, 1, 2 Markbrook, LR VANCE. IANE, 1, Rt. 1, Dardanelle VANN. IAMES. 1, 205 Oliver, Conway VAN PELT, CHARLES, 1, Rt. 1, Box 48, Vilonia VARVIL, NANCY, 3, Rt. 1, Quitman 141, VAUGHT, LINDA, 4, 701 Center, Beebe VAUGHTER, IAMES, 1, 3 Ken Circle, LR VERSER, DANNY, 1, Rt. 2, Heber Springs VILLINES, IIMMY, 307 Donaghey, Conway VINES, MARGARET, 3, Box 244, Beebe VON SEGEN. WILLIAM, 1, 2401 S. Iackson. Fort Smith VOSS, IOHN, 2, Rt. 2, Conway 169, 200, 201 W WABLE, SYLVIE, 1, 408 Donaghey, Conway 163 WADE, BETTY. 4, Conway 109, 243, WADE, WILLIAM. 2, 1819 S. Taylor, LR 141 WALKER, BRENDA, 3, Plumerville 124, 236. WALKER, IIMMY, 1, 300 S. 2nd, Iacksonville 221 WALKER, IUDITH, 1, 201 W. Center, Searcy WALKER, KATHERINE. 4, Melbourne 124, 230 WALKER, TOMA, 4, Mt. Vernaon 109, 251 WHITE. WHITE, WHITE, WHITE. WHITE, WHITE, 81, 110, 212, 222, 291, 292. HELEN, 3, 2305 Lee, Conway IAMES, 1, 1712 Simms, Conway IOE. 4, 222 Baridon, Conway LINDA, 4, 802 Maple, Crossett 81, 110, PATSY, 4, Rt 2, Box 67, Cave City ROBBIE, 1, 712 West Granite, Siloam Springs 164, WHITING. CHARLES. 3. Tichnor WHITLEY, WILLIAM, 1. 622 Ivory Drive, LR WHITMORE, IAMES, 302 Santa Fe, LR WHITT. IOYCE. Rt, 5, Box 541, LR WHITEWELL. ALLEN. 4, 397 Miliatary Road, NLR WIGGINS, PETE, 1, 8710 Wilhite. NLR WILBER, HELEN, 1, 165 Alabama, Iacksonville WILBERN, MARGIE, 4, 4715 W. 26, LR WILBURN, IAMES, 4, 217 Denison, LR 110 WILCOX, DENNIS, 2, 707 South Anna, Stuttgart WILCOX, GEORGE, 1, 530 Oliver, Conway WILCOX. LOUISE, 3, 1620 Robinson, Conway WILCOX WILDER, WILEY. 4, Rt. 3, Greenbrier I,INDA, 1, Rt. 2, Box 181, A. Greenbrier WILF, DENNIS, 1, Box 185, Pleasant Plains 165, 255, WILHELM, PAUL, 1, RD 2, Charleston 295 232 171 125, . 185, 229, WALLACE, DIANE, 2, Rt 4-64 Westlake Dr., Pine Bluff WALLACE, CLIFTON. 1, 2101 E. Lee, NLR WALLACE, GLENNA, 2, Rt. 1, Perryville WILKERSON, RICHARD, 2, Rt. 1, Box 281, Hensley WILKES, NANCY, 1, 1712 Pine Valley Rd., LR 165, WILLBANKS, BEN. 1, Plumerville 341 I-342 WILLBANKS, MICHAEL, 3, Plumerville WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS 1 CONNIE, 1, Hwy. 22, Paris DONNA, 2112 Bruce St., Conway DOUGLAS, 2, 1628 Independence, Conway DURWIN, 2, Rt. 4, Box 355, Conway FREDDY, 3, 1552 Clifton, Conway IUNE, 1, Box 337, Beebe IUSTIN, 1, Box 33, Rt. 4, Conway I KENNETH, 1, 4216 Locust, NLR KENNETH D., 1, 4824 Pike Ave., NLR LOWELL, 3, 2112 Bruce, Conway LOYD, 4, 1115 Clifton, Conway MARY NELL. 4, 1108 Clayton, Conway ROBERT, 4, Rt. 3, Box 369, Conway NICK, 4, 2714 S. Elm., LR THELMA, 4, Rt. 2, Earle 87, 111, VERNON, 2, Monroe WILLIE, 4 Witt Springs WILLIAMSON, GARY, 1, Box 393, Waldo WILLIS, CLEVELAND, 1, 9011 Barber, NLR WILMOTH, ANNA, 4, Box 30B Rt. N, Yellville WILSON WILSON, WILSON. WILSON WILSON WILSON WILSON, WILSON 1 WILSON, WILSON, WILSON WILSON 1 1 I 1 1 CHARLOTTE, 4, 2006 W. 3rd, Pine Bluff EARL, 3, 132 North 9 St., West Helena EDWARD, 1, Box 44, Centerville GEORGE, 1, 1517 Caldwell, Conway HERSHEL, 2, Rt. 1, Quitman MARGARET, 2, Box 44, Greenbrier MARVIN, 3, Rt. 2, Box 564, Newport PAULA, 3, Box 341, Huntsville SARA, 2, 2022 S. Martin, LR SUSAN, 1, 141 Elaine Ave., Camden PAUL, 1, Tucker ANN, 1, Rt. 2, Box 256, Blytheville WIMBERLY, IAMES, 3, 1169 Watkins, Conway WIMBERLY, RONALD, 1, 1169 Watkins, Conway WIMBERLY, NANCY, 4, Conway WINCHELL, DAVID, 3, 611 N. West St., Morrilton WINFREY, RICKY, 1, Damascus WISDOM, GERALD, 4, 2100 Broadway, LR WISE, RUTH ANN, 1, 615 W. 45th, NLR WISLEY. 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YOUNT, TOMMIE, 1, RR1, Pangburn ZAWISLAK, RAYMOND, 4, North Little Rock ZEIGLER, WESLEY, 2, Salem ZERMATTEN, VIRGINIA, 1, 1322 W. 9th, NLR ZIMMERMAN, IAMES, 1, Rt. 2, Conway ZUBER, ELSIE, 4, Rt. 2, Box 32, Benton 2 Q I 5 I s Karl Weathers says good bye to.the last of the unused copy forthe 1965 SCROLL. This year has proved to be a most frustrating one. The deadlines all came too soon, and nothing was ever ready on time, but with the help of several very good workers we finally got the SCROLL out. At the first of the year we had sixty people vol- unteer to work on the SCROLL, but only about one fifth of these actually worked. To these few people I want to say "Thank You." To the rest of the student body I would like to say "If you want the SCROLL to come out on time, why don't you try working on it!" For several reasons the 1965 SCROLL was very lucky to be produced. There were too few workers, the pictures were not made when they were needed, and the copy never seemed to be finished on time. If the students of ASTC want a yearbook, and I am sure that they do, they need to want one bad enough to work on it. This year Susan La Fontaine had the biggest job of all. She was the editor of the Organization section. Only a minority of the organizations cared to help by getting their membership lists to Susan, and be- cause of this the SCROLL was delayed about two months. I hope that next year the organizations that do not cooperate with the editor of the SCROLL will be left out of the book. The class sections were each done by one per- son and it is quite a job to try to write and crop pic- tures for a class section. The people that did this job 343 344 were: Donna Patton, Eugene Green, Susan La Fon- taine, and Cloie Perry. One job that took a lot of time was that of putting together the "This is ASTC" section. Mary Alice "Sam" Pendergrass with the help of Benny Hollis did all of the work on this section. Thelma Williams Wrote the majority of the copy in the 1965 SCROLL, and Eugene Green copy read most of the copy, this is also a big job. Ianice Clements, Mary Louise Doyle, and Becky Ioyner did the sports section. This took many hours of research on scores.and standings. These three girls did quite an outstanding job. The members of the staff were also quite helpful. They did typing, numbering, and drawing whenever they were needed. These people were: Iimmy Walker, Ed Shelton, Benny Hollis, Charlene Garrett, lane Stall- ings, Linda Gosha, Ken Herr, Ieannie Rayner, Sarah Stokes, Karen Greenwood, Sarai Twyman, and Linda Montgomery. Mr. Karl Meyer was very nice to us this year. He took and developed some pictures that Bill did not get around to taking. Several other members of the Faculty were also helpful. Mr. Coy Turner was always around when we needed help. Mr. H. B. Hardy was one of the most outstanding workers this year. Without his help we could never have made it. He worked harder than any of us. He was supposed to have sponsored the SCROLL, but he ended up doing about half of the work. The most outstanding members of the staff this year were Mary Alice Pendergrass, Thelma Williams, Susan La Fontaine, Nancy Green, and Mr. H. B. Hardy. Nancy Green, while editing the Echo, found enough time to help on the SCROLL and she did a fine job on any assignment she was given. I only hope that next year more people will take their part of the responsibility of Working on the SCROLL. Next year Phil Esch and Benny Hollis will be tak- ing over the leadership of the SCROLL and I hope that the students of ASTC will do all they can to have the best SCROLL ever published by this school. Karl Weathers, Editor 1965 SCROLL STAFF Editor ........ Associate Editor .... Business Manager . . . Sponsor .... Photographer .. Index Editor .... Literary Editor ....... Administration Editor . Faculty Editors .. Senior Class Editor . . Iunior Class Editor . . . Sophomore Class Editor Freshman Class Editor Organizations Editor .. Sports Editors ..... This is ASTC Editor .. Staff .... ...... . . . . . . Karl Weathers . . . .Mary Alice Pendergrass . . . . David White . . H. B. Hardy, Ir. . . . . Bill Burkhart . . . . Iudy Combs . . . . Thelma Williams Nancy Green . . . Velma Minton, Barbara Minton . ..... Donna Patton . . . . Eugene Green . . . . . . . . Susan La Fontaine ......Cloie Perry Susan La Fontaine . . . . Ianice Clements Mary Louise Doyle Becky Ioyner Mary Alice Pendergrass . . . . . . . . . . . Iirnmy Walker, Ed Shelton, Benny Hollis, Charlene Garrett, Iane Stallings, Linda Gosha, Ken Herr, Jeannie Rayner, Sarah Stokes, Karen Greenwood, Sarai Twyman, Linda Montgomery. 345 2. Q is lllg f EEEE' VIALSWORTH Lmmqmphea 5 emma by WALSWORTH Mmfelme Mu, U s, A

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