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State University of New York at Albany 1968 President Evan R. Collins Dr. Clifton C. Thorne Mrs. Lois H. Gregg Vice President for Student Affairs Associate Dean of Students Donald Whitlock Dr. Milton Olson Director of Financial Aids Vice President for Management and Planning Dr. Sorrell Chesin Neil C. Brown Associate Dean of Students Director of Student Activities and Campus Center Dr. William Perlmutter Dr. John Carlock Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Dean of School of Business Dr. Jack Deeringer Dr. Randolph Gardner Academic Dean Dean of School of Education :g 3? E, r i i E 1w v n m w W 15 4, 12:5 'x ,g .x S 'r AKV; u" , RHAH- .Ww ' I ,l ' u-UI' ,,'I I ..U,.f, . 'If IE; 1, VI .mudiwo ccmwrr E H $3" comm x BB8 p gs on w 52W wow? 8 655 w 0853 8 6380 w: E 0: $5 .PoQOBwo wanB 5 an 6085. 32:93 smegma Ba Em v .n :9, mo S3 mo: 8.. Gigi? RAFESN womewx S: we eiiiek 32$. 33:: rI-htn rel- ,1. 1.1.: .15: I19 r... tIIIrJh . : MMSMMWWM: g3 aim 325 am 8.59m Bo . manna". cm w mwmnzsnu . 239 a 2E . t ,U1 x 1". mexicax :35... manage 3 SA. Emmiqzm E303 been gimme; 09:53:50 3m exhgnw 4 ., 31253 eexew o: eeseuzmeezee m3 693.033? Roe ex Sn 25.33 0.333.: mdzsemN Enema: mahammaab 3n Vanosemaga 3.4 gm hinge: QQBSSNmaso Fag: MSRQ $3 $2.. ex inowow M: 3m amwtmmmaom 5.33. 33h BPAKEQ .3er QQQVKSSM 3 3e $333: ewnebow N820? Sm e E6 33.2:ng 3n Nammnum 303.06 eh: 3:. o a Y Icy . O: .35ch u. 5mm. 25 C5333? wacEma 3o Homespun vozonmm .oobomnsgmawm mp8 Ea mmuinm a Bogota 3355mm E :5 Hummus: N83. 85 wwnrmwmzmn ow Em 03:95 02:3. we :5 Soswtw Omabcm. 08.5 UuuvaE. ES :5 008:5: Ewom: R 9333:. .25 emmEmaoum mum game on Em no. 83533205 om s5 003353 no 635 0.8325, 38:8 Huang. 5:9 53:98 303 miamam Hay 325. 3de3? . . arm mumoEo HmooBBmzawaonm sin: 524mg 8 t :5 08225 0358.35 3 :6 ca.owauem NonSmmr $50: 86 3me33 mnucnonm on :5 033:5 0m? "3. 86 Bug in: :5 :aamamngasm :5." Sm Eu. 323. cu caewumnw ween mmuiom Ba .50 US$36". a :5. 03:25 033". SE am ,5 20mm nooumnpzo: Hemwagm 7.056 cm camawao: om mcmoEo 3055mm Ea mumoEo 88.33st uaeomannmm 3n n. s ..L 9.: $5 5838 . . I Announces : This means the I Acceptance .f 0' Alcohol Pol "Details of operation" refer mainly to obtaining a New York State Liquor License. At present President Collins an-- proposal and then de- ind at 2 am. no definite time has been' set for MAC Hours Proposal Menday. policy can go into effect as "collins Fina Following is a text of the Womerrs pounced his final signature presented at the Feb- 9, 1967 me of the aleobol po'lic'y'vat the .P r e S'i de ntts Conference A sqon as ttdetai'ls of opei'a- tion, , have been workedout. Robert MuIvey, the spokesman f0 Features No Curfew: Council by Living Area Affairs C and was unanimously approved b .meeting shortly before Central Co proposal had been drawn up over the Jouna cts n ectwn l , . k' Will Not F and Political Groups $0: fee; l9 6 4? 912011?! , by Vic Lgop'er pate. T089316? the b1" and PTO- V chines. The procedures lnv Q; 9 z: . cedures represent a compre- in voting, staff, proces' 25 G o . 6 12 Q0130 9 Central Council unanimously hensive revision of the old elec- voters and tabulation 9, 2b 56 03152;ng 0'01 01;, . A - , , . . G G . ' 97!! ow W51 :98 f tlon bill and make a consider- ed out in detail. . number of changes. In the case of 1r' 0 6e n the new bill, the Myskania. the Commission . 560053;? 3' 0 Q Q 4;, 4. Gbe6 1:1?qu a een1ng committee was en- Supreme Court 0' P.,G 100 Q99 f 9 0Q 9 Q, 11! is ged to include the chairman with sufncient y IQ; L; Q 168 O8 56 01:? 33 . 66 did Pan Hellenic Council. and the validate an elf . 60 8 Gab 00, 8'51 0 G OS 1'8' D G I justice of the Supreme. a new one. '7 o 0 C3 60 11? Q70 00 1: 8' o!2 6 03:6 , urt. All juniors were euml- a 2.3 vote lolp' 2, 08 50 990-196 00!. 4o 22!? 56 01:? d ted from the committee in the may 315p 4 . 6e 2 . e ,1 001a 5.016 0.0: w bill including the President sure an opebw .06? weft . 15,5 136 0527 4 100 the Junior . 1mg wif'zypoo 03, 110. G ' We 0 ? QSVO Th: r, .9 Q5; ab 8 1b 0 608$ ree'ha Q 0e "5 136531. 9133 123350 s q a804, K, Gb 0' . I I 0805 0,; C7" Q g NngSnQIIS a 90; "15;? 90,394? Q Q 5, I 3; Lg W3: 5.? - cu ' 0 V e: 0000390190; Q b , Q19 OQ'Qgsyg :7 reexofzi' QIUJECUGQIO m: 9 9f 1 0e ' tr w 53 $57- 6 41041? h Qobklom mm welzafroes ; oggggsgas b - A o 0 Q. fooiqoc gwb$g$$:bao .r 60W 0 Nowao aces J 0i 0 'Q 'C' 0 w 80:0 Greo x S$gQNo$$Ef 2.0!; Q 5,810.25 Qj!9;,.8;1 59 ks2301696 ' QC 5' 03.5? 0 859.50, "t 73w ' . 0 cu $33,433 a 55$Nq 4 'q-C' 4? 19097 - 5' ha? Q7 c'oQ' Q $17 $gion agajnsf " fin ' , f3 -. 0 W; wgbly, the" 9V $3 039 0 62,19 o m jig $ng $393949 69: x3: 1 w g .,$ Np; QOQ k. ft. '9 K21 629 D - ' ' $ 0 A0 A $73 ncxwg'x foxy 39K cw $m5$15329t "x N. $$$wssa ' . . a , B" "'01:, 10d 3 ans " I w a A e er I 1 "10 IV 61,1133 F815;: WWO 0 D c 9 them: . 3W V 0111 A' n e . 6510' v3? 890p X81, we IFS sent a lette,r as a- N '9 0'1 llnqsues ;, b g 1'3393an Bnnaffiig $9E33nt?;1;;2$? J ustice Departmenl "019 st oins Fuculn , .9 . . . 9' '9 9 noa4no lesloLetter 993.539.999.939 iagwohh 2.53.535 0 E'ng' 2911,3899'3 . 0 H' do Recrulters 5999:99azm9 2M1? ngoam m' H 9 Selective Service which insured gag? wgaaiiag that conahugionaj guarantees 01' 53.9m3a aggg a due pr, ?quld not be cir- gwgg, 2-9315-33 cumv 9:0 6V "h administra- ,99-8 ggrg 25 0'3 uve "'e 60f 68911 by the -og8135gggng Q1 . rd ., rt:- el 0 6 0'6 I6; Q: v1 - ?giia'd Fggm9 11thz... aeo$4edss '96 sggagg3gwgs? ,strath 06 ' 99$th ' 5 osed agains: 9 6909'?o,, 0,000,, I At which is consul. '60: 's'fo . st, hected. '0 I f 0' J'We also understand the. 69 statement to insure that crimin. 92', prosecution in the United States. 9 District Caurts . . . shall con- f stltute and sole sanction against 17 $th or demonstra- : 'm t a , ' ue-aistrauve ;. ' I BWA 3 I CCOI'd' T . er $50,000 useu . Only 6.3192, $0!me Irice range. 9 , I asked how much of a raise! nt tax would be tolerated; hed amount among the un-' was $1-2. Admission; fee was favored by 30.22?o.. 9 9 . . E1 was first conceived of. Ihi Sigma in November. e jam ers consolidated infor- 9 es th Judi'cia1pocl brfinch ained from Dr. Werner I II 9 . rWu: in '"hh'mk'wrbnnaire , g a9 h'vlthgm-a e19 A a . .529 0990 S E u. h I Q 'E-a ' 3x05 0" V m5 073 '5 e 69 $3 9 h . :3 h WW. 513' g" i ""qua 0 1X e9 "" t... J n I 50" I. 'U 0 XX n: v..- . :: 91$ 99 n '3 5': 5 a 30 o? 3 m '-' em :1; :3 ca va99 qk 3- g :35 Q in ' h . I G a tgflm, M.- . 5 375 Supreme Man or MYsy' tun NS : .g; g E; 9th. .Couz-t 312: - 6 00' :43 .i. he d1 9 no -N 5 33 :3: e. ' 111' n f n 09 u 31" Ce as thOse OIJOy-Virthe I m u a 'U z . . -. em 00- . 9;, 9;. W , ' i'xqamm r1191C019'99mfser 9 ' I .. h C I w ,1 - ,, . . .119 .. . , w m I . I Ions E :- .--- mm - a i . I g a. K tmm' ' .r 9m 9 -hN hawtfihA-SJWI 92 :1 5 ' Eleiirtni eqi mmium'm his mum: 'Iauoaa"! a uosytnd:;;a g g s gag E 53 a . 90 m3 5 E 54: F5 ' 0 CM - ' ' L mm SITES. . w :4 - . - :9 9.. , aIA-GH 19:35:93,, Palmua 192111!ch q ' 9 , E E '5; EL 5 3 E q ' d Q s 33;; kg? E- 5:: '1 9 - , 9 9 , gm . ' , -- o a 9 .. . ' ' 9 3333'? E92563 q 9 8 354,3 9,: a .. G EH 01 "1 : 9 . . . .-vm.gmg 33:2 q 3 k 553$? - ,1 " 9 'mQF'WF mmeh 0"" '5 9 ' . 953.53; 9943;. m Q3 9 503-33.; . h W 859 Ms E. . 9.9999 7K u 34. ;Wmms.ulbr Mr. 47W? r ..Q x: ET, u vim, a. . Homecoming Queen: Alexis Smith PK? Homecoming 1968 39 M p .nlv D D. m a C 45 THE lNFlNlTESIMAL POINT in no time at all LENDINGS. The train is al- most ready for the TRIP. LENDINGS. But the con- ductor is wearing a black cape. Run, run against LENDINGS. . . . PULSE SPOT. spots pulse. l LENDINGS. Circles wider, smaller. Cry in black; white, and pink cream ba- nanas and cherries. THE GLASS IS many-col- ored, and sons of the world may, too. See, see where the PULSE streams, CRY, CRY, and let loose the dogs of LENDINGS. What can you make of LEND- INGS, nuncle? LENDINGS. Ashes we all fall down. ikkyew - - A :4 ,.,..:. .o . . o a ecos: : a1. awn p. lira I...K, Int! 55 .F wwwww f W --2, M," ... V M m M v M Omoqmm m. xmcism: 35 731A hessmEZZm Zm-NAOZ 0+. AIm ZOSmmZMZmR: GLmZZ $3. 933? 2:: NSNZ 33. E92 rmcqmstm nrmZyEZD ZZ 41m EOOUmZ :3 N- a 33 was; many: 5th :mm 01 ATE ZZymAmm WZyan 2953-8: 4- nr 33. mZUmmIOSxZ ZOZmBUQ 4-5: 30w. S253 EmsonmZm Zy Emnm Om OZAmZ 205,362: aim $8., mag. Emma Em Z6920 .ZZymIZZmZ UmntUQ 4m 49 30w. A03 .033 2a IwEva mnTSEHZm Aim TxZ- 623-0me 733: A .:Z 30m 2475 ZmnjsmHNmem AIm Zymmkwm Om ZyZZyHOrZ Zea: $8. c4 inginthe VVoods Clear 67 MEBTUN UP THE MOVIES m u m. m u 'ng SE, . . xiii: A . 7,-9.3; CARNIVAL A Piece: Qf Cake Anatol te Life of the Master Race lVEl The Pr gulfair l, .v 11.x! 1., l Norman Thomas -eonard Shapiro 79 Pete Dawkins Senator Jacob Javits 81 . fOWbI. anrlzc Jazz Fes vaI 67 .. The Doors at R.P.l. J rn Morrison O I O WWMW O : , .iJ k V " . ' t f '51. uga tag? in $ NMM. w ..i l University Band 95 n e m S e t a .T. S , VH . . ; . , :3 ' . -, ' n :-' :r - .. . i m -.A...' 1!! - M ' " - .'..;.1 .2 . :"u .. . Ass; 5?: ' ;'l-II .. , a '. :. ' ' , 118:: 'I I 1' II , '11.... '- x :11, +- ! ' i x . D ' : '. -. 7 I 3: 1 v .,-. x . .. -. U! hill!!! I .-.. an o F!!' a i f' twinn- uuagyh. 2; er: J f. 3:1 432 'I 5': ;;25 .92 g ' u. 5 Z: "3"" : II II F. El 71;, i g - ii i: v-,I:".vl;'..!,- .- ' 1s ' , . 514'?! .:: . I .II- E : 'AH ,viVl a ::6.L 3. "II :1 . Wk :ak' r wa-x. .- , xlll , l:1!- a 9. I-le' .'II EEK J g I .- a- v I '-I.n I A-gr HUN E El tHl g'wwgukuifr ; -, . - .- , " P. 31A, :Sv'V V. 5 Y. y'.-,'nxlll l 34 wig g. pp gi-Hh: 1 I - ' ...i" , 5? 5i ?- 4 1' EIEWTV. H m m- d V gr, hf us; 1" 5'. 31 L mi U .- E ;- v.-:-.-'! g1. . . '1' I .. . v 1 v snag: Ma 1!? n" Fl -' Hz. r; . I MI! . :1; " .' '" l I 1? A WM Michael Ginsburg, Suzanne Budd, Richard Stevens, Lynn Hewitt, Robert Mulvey, Raymond McCIoat, Chmn., Marsha Schonblom, Charles Bartlett, MYSKAN IA William Cleveland, Alexander Krakower, John Fotia. Not in photo: Diane Somerville. 104 iii! 5 MM Gary Gold, Patricia Hedinger, David Cummings, Carol Hettie, William Cleveland, James Central Winslow, Jeffrey Mishkin, Pres., Paul Downes, Terry Mathias, Suzanne Chape, Dr. William Hudson, Dr. Richard Hauser, James Kahn, Michael Parker, Alan Cohen, Steven Rubenstein, James O'Sullivan, Margaret Dunlap, Nancy LePore, Paul Breslin, CO u nCil Patricia Matteson, Doreen Frankel, Walter Doherty. 103 Supreme Couw Dennis O'Leary Adele Endelkofer Cheryl Heater Jerry Leggieri, Chief Justice Eli Basch 105 Academic Affairs Commission T. Perdaris, L. Lesse, R. Col- lier, L. Maynard, J. Kahn, T. Mathias, R. Sumislawski, Chmn., B. Blodgett. Communications Commission E. Anderson, M. Dunlap, G. Gold, R. Delena, P. Downes, E. Rogers, Chmn., R. Longshore, W. Nothdurft, R. Goldberg. Community Programming Commission G. Restifo, W. Cleveland, K. Comeaux, B. Gusso, C. Stern- berg, A. Otter, J. Winslow. M. Stroemi, S. Hazen, M. Polsenski, Chmn., N. Brochstein. Not in photo: P. Lewis, G. Gelt, D. Gavel. Living Area Affairs Commission W. Feldman, M. Schnabel, Mrs. Brown, S. Filipelli, J. Brewer, P. Hoffman. R. Mul- vey, Chmn., J. Silverman, R. Holmes. B. Weinstein, M. Semerano, N. Woodall, D. Gilson, G. Fortunate, N. Le- Pore, C. Walters, V. Looper, K. Turow, J. Wahl, C. Valis, M. Mixson, W. Greiner. 108 Religious Affairs Commission D. Rupert, A. Devey, S. Zim- merman, K. Housel, D. Decker, Chmn., B. Lorence, D. Cara- vella, N. Chaikowsky, K. Gross. Class of 1970 S. Cherniske, Pres. B. Weinstein, Vice-Pres. J. Mliner, Secy. P. Pavone, Treas. Class of 1968 A. Mathias-Treas. M. Dietz-Secy. W. Cleveland-Pres. Class of 1969 P. Breslin9Treas. J. Osdoby9Vice-Pres. R. Cania-Secy. J. Mishkin-Pres. 109 Alban M. Dunlap, S. Kittsley, N. Durish, E. Gunderson, J. Cromie, Co- y Editor, T. Nixon, l. Wolfman, A. lseman, G. Gelt, D. Nixon, G. Sapir, L. DeYoung, K. DeYoe, F. Jaffe, B. Grassman, D. Stankavage, StUdent T. Keeley, F. Holz, M. J. Rosenberg, D. Bryon, J. Samuels, E. Anderson, R. Bertrand, S. Sammartano, V. Looper, P. Franchini, 8. Porter, L. Ostrander, l. Ostrander, W. Doherty, J. Webb, L. Press Berdan, Co-Editor. 110 Alpha Phi Gamma M. Mclndoe, L. Myer, W. Fuller, P. Downes, S. Budd, R.McCloat. Primer Cole Therriault Rogers, Editor Brindisi PUFF??? Campus Viewpoint R. Longshore, R. McCloat, D. Frankel, B. Roff, R. Fergusen, M. Cunningham, R. Salerni, C. Alt- schiller, Editor, T. Altman, R. Friedland, D. Byron, D. Donohue. Directory J. Nestuck, Editor, P. Thompson. The Word W. Nothdurft, Co-Editor, R. Goldberg, Co-Editor, P. Oesterreich, D. Stim- meman. 112 ' WS UA 640 S. Fischer, J. Fichthom, M. Winkler, J. Hallenbeck, P. Silverman, S. Fishkin, A. Herzlich, J. Etkind, E. Colman, E. Hurwitt, G. Garver, P. Edelstein, l. Botts, T. Cervone, M. Cerqueira, L. Smith, H. Hadley, J. Retherford, T. Shostak, J. Fleitman, W. Silver, R. Margolis, J. Michalke, D. Ruppert, A. Tredeau, D. Moulthrop, A. Post, F. Silver, W. Doscher, C. Shapiro, W. Brennen, M. L. Taylor, V. Smist, L. Blau, Zimmey, W. Gearing, B. D'Elena, S. Kirschner, J. Rosen, J. Adsit, D. Neufeld, Altschiller, H. Cohen, D. Gurowsky, D. Jones, K. Mann, J. Friedman, M. Copp, Cutty, C. Dolecki, W. Fuller, A. Fox, D. Gavrilik, P. Chast, D. Clark, L. Barre, O'Malley, M. Mclndoe, J. Grinnell, J. Molnar, W. Burt, S. Martello, C. Walters, Mott, R. Longshore, R. Stevens, E. Collins, M. Moeller, R. Heaney. Judith Mills, Co-Editor, Sheila O'Leary, Janet Weigel, Bonnie Premo, Robert Stephenson, Mary Anne Stephens, Elizabeth Anderson. James Folts, Co-Editor, Annette Gerren, Gary Metz, Barbara Spiegel, Bruce Cohen. Not in photo: Linda DeLucia, Diane McNamara, Gail Safian. 114 Photo Service Gary Gold, Steven Fishkin, Edward Potskowski, Thomas Peterson, Gary Keveles, Douglas Upham, Lawrence DeYoung, Tae Moon Lee, Faculty, John Doroski, Robert Stephenson, Chief Photographer. 115 "Lum- - WWWWN14 3v - Young Repubhcans D. Longshore G. Patterson N. Polizzi P. Campbell C. Bertini YAF R. Kelly R. Bertrand B. Iseman E. Potskowski B. Devoretz E. Roesch W. Burt D. Pietrusca 117 118 IFC D. Bartyzel, P. Ochal, J. Gilbert, C. Kupras, T. Mitchell, J. Anagnost, D. Bordwell, Pres. Contemporary Music Council R. Ruid, N. Woolf, K. Lawrence, M. Kloder, P. Bodner, E. Knapp, S. Zippin, J. Richman, Chmn., C. Hill, J. Richman. Music Council L. King, Pres., E. Anderson, D. Seaman, S. Whitman, W. Burt, D. Kirsch, K. Sand- berg, E. Gundersen, F. Mc- Cormick, C. Martz, P. Mc- Farlin, F. McCormick. Dramatics S. Regan, J. Mandel, W. Doherty, J. Deanehan, K. Nielsen. ' J. Levy, J. Fotia, Pres., B. Simon, C. LaMotta, K. Prete, F ounCl Scott, R. Cutty, F. Penzel. E. Kramer, H. Vlahos. W. Schaeffer, P. Wright, B. Weinstein, N. Miller, C. Bartlett, P. Downes, P. Callaluca, J. Wiesen, Mr. Fish, 3. univerSity Readers Rawson, E. Deming, T. Barbarossa, A. Krakower, N. Feldman, C. Strong, G. Aldrich, G. Slavin, M. Keenan, N. Miller, E. Kaufman. 122 Russian Club Les Innovateurs D. Sukiennik, N. Ko- pald, L. Lohr, F. Do- mingo, E. Flecker, Pres. DGUtSCher R. Link, P. Pickus, J. Sheeran, Herr Gerstenberger, D, Un- gleich, l. Sterbak, A. DeVey. L. Crutchley, J. Sheeran, Pres., verEin Y' Ruban, R- Eisenstein, W. Doran, L. Benware. Physics Club C. Carpenter, D. Singer- man, E. Hancock, R. Dell, Dr. Renzema, D. Watkins, J. Sullivan, Dr. Andrews, R. Karpien. Biology Club K. Fedirka, S. Meeker, S. Ostrove, C. White, J. Fairbanks, P. San- dison, G. Mosco- witz, G. Freeman, A. Hutchinson, Pres., R. Bergeman, M. Schedl- bauer, M. Pilkington, J. Lennon. 125 Sailing Club CDu ng Club T. Littlefield, C. Perl- mutter, R. Jankowski, T. Lee, J. Thomson, R. Ahlers, S. Myers, J. Tez- bir, F. Hollon, L. Finder, 8. Solomon, 8. Porter. erts CounCH J. Reilly, J. Soffer, S. Col- etta, C. Pollard, C. Crandell, N. Elison, D. Brownell, B. Gould, W. Doherty, B. Thorp, C. Fusco, R. French, G. Safian, L. Schlenman, R. Sussman, Chmn. Chess Club N. Egbert, R. Friedman, N. Chavin, Dr. Grava, L. Battes, M. Silver. Modern Dance Club L. Brier, M. Bono, A. Gurian. M. Ruth- erford, G. Greene, C. Ringwood, M. Ruhlen. S. Leedecke, J. Santoro, K. Fallesen, P. Baskous, B. Seaman. C. Kernaghen, G. Goszewska, J. Reynolds, L. Symonds, B. J. Lessne, A. Rosenberg. 127 Christian Science Organization R. Garcia, K. Nealy, J. Rech, G. Bell, A. DeVey. Not in photo: K. Housel, B. Mor- ris, C. Page, S. Rawson, J. Martin, advisor. Lutheran Student Association W. Doherty, J. Linenbroker, J. Riebesell, Pres., D. Legg, E. Falke, B. Dohnalek, S. Dohnalek. Church of the University Community B. Barnard, J. Nickerson, L. Terlaak, C. Burch, G. Taylor, Pres., TRYADS P. Rourke, L. Ford, C. Egli, E. Redelberger, K. Neward, L. Smith, W. Clark, W. Jones, D. Kling, J. Mickalke. 130 lnter-Varsity Christian Fellowship D. Clyers, C. Seymour, J. Judd, N. Torzillo, A. Coble, J. Clark, R. Kleug, R. Hancock, Pres., S. Wagoner, E. Clementz, C. Beckert, D. Heling. Fellowship of Episcopal Students G. Sawtelle, B. Roff, M. Walsh. L. Pinder, C. Perimutter, M. Tezbir, P. Wade, E. Horn- berger, J. Miller, Chmn., Fr. Small. 131 132 Hillel H. Cousin, Pres., A. Goodman, H. Stoler, S. Sloane, B. Lorenz, P. Lie- bowitz, S. Philipson, S. Miller. ATI D S. Sloane, E. Schaefer, B. Stein- metz, H. Cousin, S. Miller, R. Mor- gan, Chmn., P. Liebowitz, K. Gross, B. Lorenz, L. Hochstadter. -$- . . .7 In 0.11! a,- I . ,. T. Smith, J. Brewer, B. Brink, R. Williams, R. I COI I II I luter S Thomson, E. Davis, Pres., S. Moulli, E. Has. soun, J. Lisiesky. Club 133 - n + x; h M m m x m mm ,1. AIPAE Pan-Hellenic Council AAdul HI AACPA Bill Moon BETA ZETA Margy Michel XI EIFMA BETA Joanne Everett EDWARD ELDRED POTTER CLUB Mike Shienvold PAMMA KAIIIIA 4,1 Pat Hedinger KAHHA BETA Lynn Fetterly KAHIIA AEATA Audrey Bashuk BETA 4,1 EIFMA Darrell Carp GI AEATA Diane Scappaticci WI FAMMA Maggie Dietz ZIFMA AAdhA Marianne Dinapoli EIPMA Q1 EIFMA Leesa Brand EIPMA TAT BETA Duncan Nixon BETA EJI QMEFA Terry Wil- cox THEIAQN tII'I EIPMA Pete Smits AxUDA AAMBAA XI Arthur Cronson. 137 SEVEI' HHIH zxxwmmxv uwwkg 139 M. Kosby-Treas. G. Esposito -Secy. G. Elstrom-Pres. L. Kaye-Vice-Pres. LAMBDA ALPHA CHI 142 ALPHA PI W. Pendergast Pres. J. Kramer -Vice-Pres. E. Klein-Treas. T. Walenick Secy. ALPHA 143 BETA S. Abel-Pres. P H I G. Moscowitz-Vice-Pres. W. Hatfield-Treas. SIGMA D. CarkRec. Secy. B ETA M. Schonblom Pres. M. Leibowitz- Vice-Pres. M. Babcock Secy. Z ETA L. Handelman-Treas. 145 4Q CHI M. Hughes-Pres. J. Herceg--Vice-Pres. D. Gray-Secy. SIGMA THETA C. DeCrosta--Treas. 146 mgngzyuq .116; 55.3.54 '! GAMMA M. Seymour Pres. N. Lepore Vice-Pres. N. GudelI Secy. KAPPA PH I A. Smith Treas. 147 KAPPA BETA J. Lucey-Pres. M. Gerber-Vice-Pres. E. Evansburg Secy. P. Fortin Treas. 148 KAPPA CHI RHO N. Polizzi-Pres. M. Persico-Vice-Pres. L. Rubin-Secy. M. Colgen Treas. S. Waltamath-Pres. J. Boshko-Vice-Pres. D ELT A S. Beard -Secy. D. Pizza Treas. 151 EDWARD ELDRED 9: POWER CLUB 152 PSI GAMMA C. Walling Pres. R. Cania-Vice-Pres. M. Schnabel-Secy. M. Jaynes-Treas. 153 Proulx-Vice-Pres. c... m 4 "H e m e W D. Smolenski Secy. C. Jen ny-Treas. V. M. SIGMA ALPHA G. Gross-Pres. SI P. Barber-Vice-Pre5. F. YaUEEF-Treas, LAM B D A W- Burton-secy, SIGMA 155 156 P. Keyes Fres. A. Epke -Vice-Pres. S. Walkoff Secy. J. Skandera-Treas. 157 a e r . h; .e amm. HVTw. :3 d$a mmma ammw dl Mmme CCHD WD.IWR. SIGMA TAU BETA TH ETA XI W Goldstein Pres V. O'Vallthice-Pres. T. Guth rie Treas. B. Bouchard $ecy. OMEGA 158 159 Mike Cometa -Pres. Pete Smits -Vice-Pres. Ken VanWagner-Treas. Joe Borgovini-Secy. SIGMA UPSILON H P SLHOJS 163 Varsity Baseball Roster: Coach Burlingame, A. Chris- tian, Captain, 8. Davis, T. Egelston, D. Elkin, C. Galka, G. Johnson, J. Lamendola, P. Leonetti, B. Lowell, J. Murley, J. Nass, R. Patrei, T. Piotrowski, J. Sinnott, A. Stein, H. Toretzky, G. Torino, G. Webb. 164 165 Varsity TennS Roster: M. Bergen, D. Carp, T. Glaser, M. Heatley, D. Hunter, R. Karpien, R. Kel- lar, R. McDermott, G. Ni- cosia, T. Sullivan, R. Sumi- lawski, A. Tepperberg, T. Walencik, K.Zacharias, Capt. 7 6 1 168 Varsity Golf Coach Sauers, B. Hill, P. Ferguson, R. McCIoat, W. Pendergast, C. Luther, F. Nelson. L. Nova, D. Belicki, D. Perlmutter, G. Anderson, C. Draper. F. Meyers, C. Hart, P Roy, D Beevers y I B. Fulmer, M. Atwell, J. McAndrew. J . Ingrassia T. Mathias .1 .9 LAX, k 13V . v. a $$ka H w 4 170 Frosh Cross-Country J. Mastromarchi, W. Meehen, J. Kaplan, L. Frederick, Coach Munsey, J. Herbst, P. Gepfert, D. Meyer. Varsity Cross-Country D. Bowers, P. Roy. J. McAnd- rews, T. Keating, B. Holmes, Coach Munsey, M. Atwell, G. Rolling, P. Breslin, J. Keating, B. Mulvey. Varsity Soccer Roster: J. Garcia, Coach, R. Axtman, M. Bligh, J. Com- peau, E. Esrick, T. Felice, T. Glaser, G. Habeth-Yimer, D. Jersey, T. Jursak, Co- Capt., L. Kahler, P. Kahn, B. Koehler, J. La Reau, J. Leggieri, Co-Capt., J. Lucas, B. Morgan, A. Nielson, R. Saul, J. Shear, M. Shien- vold, R. Sioboda, C. Spring- er, G. Swartout, H. Toret- zky, J. Watrous, M. Copp, J. Thompson, N. Faraolas. 173 175 176 Varsity Basketball J. Adams, J. Caverly, R. Margison, S. Price, T. Jur- sak, V. Lannier, D. Riegel, J. Duffy, R. Wood, T. Doody, E. Arseneau, L. Mar- cus, Coach Sauers. Basketball Roster: T. Aery, D. Benedict, B. Eaton, D. Grilli, W. Hebert, J. Hicks, J. Jordan, F. Moos- brugger, L. Newmark, H. Smith, R. Spratt, J. Volinski, A. Zaremba, Coach O'Brien. I. 71 , ,,-W'1'L,HE.41-$Jng 178 Varsity Wrestling Roster: D. Reeves, F. Berry, S. Cherniske, W. Clark, A. Domkowski, J. Forbes, M. Gladstone, R. Gorham, Co.-Capt., G. Hawrylchak, M. Hoff, J. Jenks, W. Rus- sell, R. Saul, G. Smalgalski, C. Springer, Co-Capt., E. Watts, F. Weal. Frosh Wrestling P. Ranalli, T. Long, D. Jones. K. Jackstadt, R. Jones, K. Sheehan. 179 181 WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ROBERT MULVEY ALEX KRAKOWER 69;? $5151 u I 185 JOHN CANFIELD SUZANNE BUDD GERALDINE MASTERS LAWRENCE PIXLEY 186 Lux. x 4K- L17 , ' "WILN ul Wl'nulhc. JOHN FOTIA DONALD OPPEDISANO JOHN KUHN WILLIAM CLEVELAND 187 IGOR KOROLUK MARGARET DIETZ MARGARET CARROLL RICHARD STEVENS 188 GERALD LEGGIERI CAROL ZANG MADELINE SCHNABEL ROSEMARY DeBONlS 9 oo 1 .331 Iv 1N." fu'lW 1 . ANNE LEE ANDREW MATHIAS LYNN HEWITT NANCY LePORE Y'i 1 I .- x. 190 RAYMOND MCCLoAT MICHAEL GINSBURG .vx-n ww. m .Umbzkr JOHN WEBB MARSHA SCHONBLOM 191 WW1 11H mmmu mm H nun. W W ANNETTE PALADINO JOSEPH KEATING WILLIAM PENDERGAST JUDITH HARJUNG PATRICIA SWITZER DANIEL DUBIN MARY MARGARET SEYMOUR LAUREL AVIN 193 CHARLES BARTLETT Not photographed Carol Rosenthal Carolyn Walling 1 94 mu m Signum Laudis-University Honorary BBB-Bi0l0gy Honorary QBA Busine5s Honorary HOH Business Ed. Honorary English Honors AnM-Latin Honorary KME-Mathematics Honorary MAA-Modern Language Honorary 2H2 Physics Honorary WX Psychology Honorary HPM Social Science Honorary zAE-Speech 81 Audiology Honorary RICHARD M. ACOSTA ROBIN S. ADELL COLA AIKMAN ALLAN ALBERTS Brooklyn Albany Horseheads Craryville 4 f DALE H. ALDRICH JANET ALEXANDER CARLETON ALLARD JEANNE F. ALLEN Canton WestheId Medina Massapequa Park KARENE K. ALLEN SL ALLEN ANCOWITZ SANDRA ANCOWITZ JOAN ANDREWS SL 198 Sidney MAA Port Chester Port Chester Granville KAY ARCHER LINDA M, ARCHER MARY ARMAO DAVID ARNOLD Afton Mamaroneck Albany Hudson Falls SHELIA ARONOFSKY JANET ARONOW ANNILEE ARTZ SL SUSAN l. AUERBACH SL Olive Bridge Oceansdie New York Eng. Hon. Valley Stream , m w n , m m x u n Y w w m nu H m m u W JUDITH A. AURAND BART M. AVERY THEODORE AVGERINOS LAUREL A. AVIN East Schodack Gloversville Yonkers SL Roslyn MAA 199 200 LORRAINE BABCOCK FLAVIA BACARELLA BURL V. BACHMAN OLGA BACHORIK Albany North Massapequa Unadilla Stottville JON A. BAER FREDERICK BAGLEY Sag Harbor Waterford DONNA L. BAIN SUSAN J. BAIRD Hicksville Cohoes JERRY L. BAKER SUSAN BAKER CAMILLE BALDELLI ROGER S. BARKIN Geneva Wappinger Falls North Massapequa Albany CHARLES W. BARTLETT AUDREY BASHUK SL JILL M. BAUERSFELD LINDA E. BEBLO Albany Glen Cove Eng. Hon. Middletown Niagara Falls BARBARA J. BECK JANETTE V. BECKINELLA MICHAEL D. BEEBE ERIC BEERWALD Troy Freeport Tully New Rochelle 201 202 W!LLIAM B. BELL LINDA J. BENKO PATRICIA A. BENYO SL ROBERT BERGMAN Middleburg Greenport Big Flats Yonkers STUART BERKE SABEL BERKOWITZ KATHLEEN BERNHARD ROBERT E. BESS Albany Jtica Binghamton Marlborough Center JOY E. BEST WILLIAM BETJEMANN ELIZABETH BE1 IS SL RICHARD BETZ Brooklyn Blue Point Freeport Amsterdam IRENE BILAS CAROLE L. BIRCHALL JOHN A. BIRD WILLIAM BISHOP Cohoes Ellenville Batavia Port Jervis GAIL E. BLAIR HQII MELVIN J. BLAY ROCHELLE BLOOM PAUL BODNER Albany Schenectady East Meadow Franklin Square JUDITH BOHEN SL DAVID BOLEVICE MARGARET L. BONN HQH JUDY A. BONNELL Albany HQH Scotia llion Phelps 203 204 LINDA L. BORDWELL ROBERT BORDWELL ll CATHERINE BOSCHEN JAYNE BOSHKO Albany Albany Middle Island Mechanicville DIANE H. BOVA MARY E. BOWES ELIZABETH BRAGG SALLY A. BRALEY Mount Kisco Bath Binghamton Newcomb LINDA BREGMAN RONALD M. BREW DIANE BRIGGS NAOMI BROCHSTEIN Queens Village Albany Newtonville Patchogue DEANNA L. BRONSON SL RICHARD P. BROWN DAVID BROWNELL Port Crane South Farmingdale Tribes Hill LEONARD W. BRYANT SL BONNIE J. BUCKLEY SUZANNE G. BUDD Latham 2H2 Schenectady Pleasant Valley CAROL BUGENHAGEN RANDY BULLIS CAROL E. BUNIM CHARLES J. BURCH Clarence Center Walden Valley Stream Johnstown 205 FRANK BURD GERALDINE BURD BARBARA L. BURDICK FREDERICK BURLISON Albany Albany Hudson Falls Mount Kisco DANIEL BURNS MARTHA A. BURNS MARY BURTON RICHARD BUSCH Cohoes Syracuse North Patchogue Albany FRANCIS L. CAIRO PALMA M. CALALVCA JUDITH CALIFANO CARL F. CALKINS 205 Port Chester Newburgh Schenectady Round Lake uw W ROY 0. CAMERON JOHN A. CANFIELD ARLEEN J. CANN LINDA C. CANNAVO Madrid Canajoharie Sand Lake Schenectady PATRICIA CARACCI DAVID J. CARAVELLA SL EUGENE CARDAMONE DARRELL M. CARP Fairport Buffalo HFM Highland Falls Schenectady CAROL A. CARPENTER MARGARET CARROL AARON J. CARVER PAMELA M. CASEY Johnstown Hoiveoye Falls South Monticello West Sand Lake 207 208 JUPITH CASTANZO PHYLLIS CEPINKO ROBERT W. CHAMBERLAIN KATHLEEN A. CHANKO Chittenango Seaford Chatham Auburn SUZANNE K. CHAPE KME SUSAN CHAPNICK KATHERINE CHAVTUR BARBARA CHEMELLI 2H2 Binghamton Bronx Binghamton Rome JANE V. CHERNICK SL DARLA J. CHILI WK LINDA CHRABAS DORRINE CIERI Oceanside Jamestown New York Mills ChadWIcks Constableville NANCY CLAUSON WILLIAM CLEVELAND MARY E. COFFEY AGM Middletown VICTOR COHEN Cedarhurst JACK E. CIHOCKI JANE A. CLARK WILLIAM S. CLARK Whallonsburg Lancaster Watkins Glen White Plains SUZANNE H. COLETTA RICHARD L. COLLIER SL New City Hudson A9M 209 210 SUSAN COLLINS Schenectady DOLORES E. CONNORS West,Pawlet, Vermont STEPHEN CORNELL Binghamton KAREN COMEAUX Endicott DONALD M. COOK Elmira MAUREEN COSTELLO Kingston JUDITH V. CONKLIN Riverhead KATHLEEN COREY Watervliet LUCIA COTTET Syracuse CYNTHIA CONNORS Troy JEAN M. CORIGLIANO Rome DONALD COUNTERMINE Rotterdam Junction JEAN K. COURTER JACK L. CRAMER MARY E. CRAMM MAA DANIEL F. CRIPPEN Haverstraw Morrisville Williamsport, Pennsylvania Burke JUDITH CROWDER HUGH D. CROWELL MARCIA CRUZ CATHERINE CULLERTON Ithaca Wallkill New York Mills Saugerties d EDWARD CUNNIFF THOMAS J. CUNNINGHAM MERLEEN A. CURREY SHERRY CUTLER Cohoes Peekskill Claryville Moira 211 ARLENE CUTRONEO JEROME S. CZECH Elmont Amsterdam WILLARD DAGGETT JAMES W. DARBYSHIRE Amsterdam Newtonville KAREN DARMER ANDREW DAVIDSON DIANE DAVIDSON DOUGLAS P. DAVIS Penfield West Hurley Middle Grove Fonda 212 ; f" A SARAH DAVIS SUSAN DeBIE ROSEMARY DEBONIS ALICE G. DeCARLO Endwell Scotia Merrick Troy DONALD E. DeClCCA JEAN M4 DECKER LAURENCE DeGRECHlE QBA PHYLLIS DePALO HQII Waterloo Endwell Schuylerville Herkimer DIANE DePUY JACQUELYN DERS BBB DIANA DiBARTOLOMEO MARGARET DIETZ Ellenvulle Syracuse Schenectady West Coxsackie 213 DAVID DiMARTINO MICHAEL M DINER JOANN DiSCALA NANCY DIVET Rochester South Fallsburg New Hyde Park Binghamton ROBERT DOBRUSIN WALTER DOHERTY BRENDA DOHNALEK STEPHEN E. DOLING New York City Oswego Binghamton Albany KAREN DONERLY MAA JOAN F. DOPP IRENE DORFMAN LES-LIE DpWELL 214 Red Hook Johnstown Forest Hills Wllhamsvdle PAUL A. DOWNES GRANT DOWNS JANET DOYLE WILLIAM E. DOYLE Moravia Scotia Brooklyn Springfield, Pennsylvania WALTER DRECHSLER DEBORAH DRUCKER JOHN F. DUBIAC DANIEL S. DUBIN Hauppauge Little Neck Green Island Franklin Square SANDRA DUFFNEY SL LINDA G. DUPONT CAROL J. DUPREE JAMES F. DUQUE'ITE Schenectady Schenectady Dobbs Ferry Corning 215 216 JOHN R. DURYEA LAURIE DUSHIN SL BILLIE E. EASTON Port Jervis White Plains Freeport KATHERINE J. EATON THOMAS EBERT JAMES ECONOMIDES New Berlin Oswego Endicott BARBEL EGGERS BONNIE EGGLESTON NANCY R. EIGNER Stone Ridge Hubbardsville Halcottville KATHLEEN M. ELFELD MARY ELIA DENNIS S. ELKIN KAREN ELLINGSEN Oneonta Middletown Spring Valley Northport MARYANN ENGLISH JANE ENNIS ANN EPKE LINDA S. EPSTEIN Endicott Schenectady Wayland Schenectady SHARON L. EPSTEIN JOHN ERDMAN SL SUSAN ERICKSON GEORGE R. ESPOSITO Rochester Ronkonkoma AGM Oceanside Hudson 217 JO ANNE EVERETT Napanoch ROBERT EVERS North Tonawanda GARY P. EWELL East Bethany MARY E. FAHY Norwich u n m XX; U x MARIE FALATO Cohoes MICHELLE FARRELL Canastota GERALD W. FAUSEL Albany SHELIA FAY Massena m n m w m u mmmkn , , M u u m WEE: u u mmr lfINDA FEATHERS 218 my MARY FELCZAK Goshen JANET M. FERRARO Eastchester MARILYN FERRARO Kingston ANNE M. FERTAL Horseheads MARYANNE FINK Nassau BLANCHE l. FISHER Katonah DEAN W. FINCH Wyoming LEE J. FINKLE Troy SHARON A. FISHER Ontario LEONARD FINDLING LEA FINK South Fallsburg Far Rockaway DONALD R. FISCHER LEWIS R. FISCHER Monsey Merrick KARL K. FLOSER JEAN A. FLYNN Albany Greenbush 1! JOHN G. .FORBES SUSAN E. FORD RICHARD FORMAN PHILIP L. FORTIN Port JerVIs Stillwater Ravena Ogdensburg .ggfawv GRACE FORTUNATO JOHN FOTIA Bethpage Port Chester GAIL FOWLER KME ARNOITD J. FOX Schenectady chkswlle 220 LAWRENCE FRANK DARLENE FRANKENBERG MARJORIE FRATKIN RICHARD FRIEDMAN SL Gloversville Lawrence Brooklyn Kerhonkson BBB SUSAN FRY JOSEPH FUSARO CAROL A. FUSCO LINDA N. GALVIS Cooperstown Saugerties New York Bogota, Colombia FRAN GANCI SL JENNIFER GARDELLA TIFM SHERRY GARDNER CAROLYN GARRISON Shokan MAA Gloversville Deposit Greenbush 221 2;, ARLENE GARTENBERG WALTER E. GATES VLADIMIR GERELA Albany Bolton Landing Rochester GAIL GERMANO MARSHA GERSOWITZ MARY A. GIFFORD JOHN L. GILBERT Poughkeepsie Albany Rome Hewlett EVELYN M. GILLEN MICHAEL GINEVAN BBB JACK A. GINSBURG MICHAEL GINSBURG Yorktown Amsterdam Delmar Hempstead 222 ANTON C. GLASER RONALD L. GLASSBROOK DENNIS R. GLAVIS MARTIN R. GOLDBERG BBB Elmont Wayland Brooklyn East Meadow RHODA GOLDBERG Eng. Hon. BARBARA GOLDENBERG MARTIN GOLDSMITH SHARON H. GOLDSTEIN Albany Brooklyn Rockville Center Swan Lake WALTER GOLDSTEIN MICHAEL J. GOLDYCH EVA GOODMAN JANET GOODRICH New Rochelle Pennellville Spring Valley Frankfort 223 JEANNE V. GORDEN ROBERT J. GORKA JOHN F. GORZKA BYRON GOULD Delmar Cohoes Niagara Falls Hamburg FREDERICK E. GOULD SL MARGARET GOYETTE ABM THOMAS GRAHAM SUSAN GRAVES South Dayton Whitesboro MAA Albany Rexford . N HERMAN R. GREEN KAY GREEN LYNN GREENE $53le C GREE Albany Alden New Rochelle 224 DANIEL B. GRENNAN Schenectady JAMES G. GRINNELL Batavia $ 1H JNJ L CHRISTINE A. GRONVALL Schenectady w PRISCILLA F. GREVERT Croton-on-Hudson BARBARA GRITZBACK Bra nt La ke ELLEN GROSCHADL Yorktown Heights SL HFM KATHRYN M. GROTH Wantagh ANNE L. GRUOL Merrick 225 226 SEVERYN GRZESKOW Hudson THOMAS GUILFOYLE Endicott EULALIE GULLY Cohoes LINDA GUNN Hamilton THOMAS E. GUTH RI E Schenectady PAUL F. HAEBERLE Floral Park GARY E. GUZOUSKAS Rensselaer RICHARD HAGE Fonda GETACH EW HABTEH-YIMER Ethiopia JULIAN M. HAGIN Ithaca BARBARA HADDEN Wappinger Falls dz. SYNG HI HAHN JUDITH L. HALL MICHAEL F. HALL PATRICIA A. HALSEY EDWARD HANCOCK 2H2 Poughkeepsie Schuylerville Leroy Sanitaria Springs LINDA HANDELSMAN MARGARET HARBOUR JAMES HARE JUDITH HARJUNG Queens Village - Menands Elmira Clayville JACQUELINE HARMON CAROLYN HARRIS SL SHARON HARVEY HRH PEGGY HASBROUCK Oyster Bay Delmar Odessa Walden 227 LYNDA M. HAYES KAREN HAZZARD ROBERT G. HEANEY Troy Fultonville Huntington Station MICHAEL HEATLEY PATRICIA HEDINGER DIANE F. HEILBRUNN Albany Poughkeepsie Wantagh DAISY HELING ALLEN HELLMAN GRETCHEN HENRY Massena Hewlitt North Tonawanda ROBERT HENRY JUDITH A. HERCEG JEAN C. HERRICK PAMELA HERRINGTON Palmyra Endicott Chatham Albany J STEVEN J. HERTZ STUART K. HERZOG GABRIEL H. HEUN LYNN M. HEWITT Hempstead Deposit Lindenhurst Amsterdam JUDITH A. HIATT QBA RICHARD HIBBERT KAREN HILL MARVIN P. HILL N. Tonawanda Saratoga Springs Homer Albany 229 230 nSAUSAN HLESCIAK JAMES HOFFMAN MARY L. HOFFMAN SHARON HOFFMAN errlck Clyde Schenectady Kingston GERALDINE HOLLERAN MARJORIE HOLLIDAY CAROL HOLT KATHLEEN HORNICHEK Menands Bainbridge Williamsville Schenectady RITA L. HOROWITZ TERRENCE HORTON CAROL A. HOTALING MICHELE HUGHES Albany Penn Yan Ithaca Schenectady KIRSTEN HUSTED KATHLEEN M. JACKSON STEPHEN JACKSON LESLIE A. JACOBI Mount Vernon Schenectady Albany Franklin Square LINDA F. JACOBS RICHARD JACQUES sL CAROL JAKUBOWSKI PAULA JANOVSKY Schenectady Troy IIPM Malverne Brooklyn 4., ,4, GARY JANUFKA SALLY JAWORSKI BARBARA JENKINS CAROL JENNY IInII Newburgh Syracuse South Glens Falls Clinton 231 232 CAROL JENSEN SHARRON JESSMER Vestal Albany CAROL A. JEZIERSKI SHARON JOHNSON Scotia Suffern JUDITH N. JOHNSTON EDWARD JOLLY GARY JORGENSEN KAREN JOYNER Ogdensburg Jefferson Station Jamestown Poughkeepsie JEANNE JULIO RALPH JURGENS MICHELE KAGEN MARY KALEY Lindenhurst Monticello Poughkeepsie Milton LYNN KANDEL JEFFREY P. KAPLOW LOIS KATZ WILLIAM M. KAUFMAN Westbury Monticello Deer Park Westbury CECILE M. KAVANAGH LAWRENCE M. KAYE FULTON G. KEAGLE JOSEPH F. KEATING Syracuse Massapequa Park Horseheads Glens Falls 233 234 KATHRYN KEEGAN GEORGE R. KEIDAN LAWRENcE KELLER NICHOLAS L. KELLER, JR. Wantagh Hempstead Bayside Franklin Square ANNE KELLEY LESLIE KELLNER ANNE V. KENDIG PAMELA J. KEYES Port Jerws Rego Park Rochester Endwell FRANK P. KEYSER IIFM MARY KEYSER WX LORAINE KIEFER DAVID W. KIEHLE Hannacroix Hannacroix Floral Park Dundee JOHN A. KILLILEA, JR. KATHLEEN KINANE HOLLY ANN KLEIMAN SL EDWARD A. KLEIN Wingdale Marcellus Albany Scotia PHYLLIS KLEIN ROBERTA B. KLEIN JEANNETTE KLIMACEK HANNELORE KLINGENBECK Kingston Yonkers Little Falls Pawling MITCHELL KLODER tPBA NANCY A. KLUSKA ADRIENNE KMIECIK EUGUENE A. KNAPP Spring Valley West Sayville Poughkeepsie Kingston 235 A1 ""A'WESQ . 4. V LOIS A. KNEE GAIL KNETZER KATHLEEN KOOGLER IGOR KOROLUK Albany East Williston Spring Valley Herkimer MARTIN A. KOSBY SL ANN KOSIOR SL STELLA KOSTIR ALEXANDER KRAKOWER Wantagh 11911 Florida Long Island City Glen Head JOANN KRAUSE TAMARA KRAVCHUK SHARON A. KRAVIS DONOVAN. KRETSER Fort Ann Albany Hagaman Canajoharle 236 WANDA KROL JOHN F. KUHN VALERIE KUJAWSKI JOANNE E. KULL Glen Cove Hyde Park Merrick Lodi JANET KUR'I'I'ER JOHN J. KUZMA New Hyde Park Scotia STEVEN LADIN QBA PHYLLIS LANDGARTEN Brooklyn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 237 238 JOSEPH LAREAU CAROL A. LARSON RICHARD LASELLE ROBERT LAVALLEE Albany Gansevoort Sarasota Springs Gloversville ANDREA LAWRENCE WENDY LAWRENCE LOUISA LAZAROWICZ ANNE A. LEE Auburn New Hyde Park New York Clarence LOUIS H. LE FEVRE SL GERALD LEGGIERI GEORGE LEIBOWITZ MARCIA LEIBOWITZ Pavilion ABM Hudson Brooklyn Deer Park JUDITH LENNON VINCENT LEOGRANDE NANCY N. LEPORE BARBARA LESSNE Albany lnwood Mamaroneck Glen Cove QT SUSAN LEVENBERG CAROL LEVETT SL MARCIA LEVINE JOYCE N. LEVY North Woodmere Selkirk WX Albany Patchogue MARK C. LEWIS PATRICIA C. LEWIS ROBERT LEWIS SUSAN A. LIGHT Rochester Waterville Bainbridge Plattsburgh 239 ,, CARL LINDEMAN SHIRLEY E. LINDEMAN SUSAN J. LINTON Averill Park Lockport Newburgh ROSALIE LOCASTRO STANLEY LOCKWOOD SANDRA LOMBARDO Auburn Albany Amsterdam ELIZABETH LONG ELLEN J. LOPORCARO LEE LOVALLO Kings Park Bellerose Hamburg STUART LUBERT CHARLES LUBOCHINSKI JOYCE LUKE KAREN J. LUKE Bronxville Utica Hiawatha Pine City CRAIG R. LUTHER BARBARA LYNAUGH ARLENE M. LYNCH KATHLEEN LYNCH Buffalo Johnstown Chaumont Macedon RUSSELL MACDOUGALL ANNA MACH RICHARD N. MACK ROSE E. MACK Greenwich Binghamton Auburn Schenectady 241 MARY K. MACKESEY JOANNE MADDOLONI KEVIN D. MAGIN INGRID MAHNKE Herkimer Schenectady Albany Port Washington LINDA MAHON JILL E. MALLOY KAY MANCHESTER MAA DOROTHY MANCUSI Albany Poughkeepsie Petersburg New Rochelle LOIS J. MANY JOEL A. MARCUS ROSALYN MARCUS THOMAS MARRO Elmira Westbury Kingston Purchase 242 MARILYN MARSHALL BETTE MARTINDALE HQII MARTHA MASI MARY A. MASSA HnII Amsterdam Syracuse Rome Bethpage GERALDINE MASTERS JOEL R. MATTHEWS VINCENT MAURIELLO DAVID McANULTY Preble Defreestwlle Schenectady Adams RAYMOND McCLOAT KATHLEEN R. McCREDlE MAA CORNELIA McELLIGOTT PATRICIA McFARLIN Woodmere Albany Bayport Poughkeepsie 243 TIMOTHY McGOWAN JUNE E. McGRATH Schenectady Congers PAUL McGURRIN PATRICIA McKEON Spencerport Yonkers JAMES MCVEY DARLENE MECCA NANCY MEIDENBAUER CAROL. E. MEIER 244 Staten Island Rome Hillcrest HleSVIlle "'H M . 'K'M'Mm DENNIS W. MENDE SCOTT MERKELSON GERALD METTON LORRAINE MEYER SL Tonawanda New York Baldwinsville MARILYN MEYER BARBARA MEYERS RpSWlTHA MICHAELSKI BRUCE A. MILLER Mileses Albany lea Poughkeepsie CARL D. MILLER MARY ANN MILLER SHARYN MILLER JUDITH MILLS Stone Ridge Farmingdale Elmont Baldwin 245 SUSAN E. MILLS JAMES MOCKLER ROBERT G. MONTAGUE MARSHA MOORE Bedford Hills Stephentown Baldwinsville Rochester NANCY MOORE SL ANN MOOREHEAD SUSAN MORAN ROBERT MORGAN Pine Bush Syracuse Watervliet Albany 3 u Hhmvhu mwum, LYNNE MORLEY ELEANOR L. MORRIS GENEVIEVE MOSCIWSKI SL MARION MO'I'FOLA 246 West Ontario Watervliet Herkimer MAA, HFM Tuxedo KAREN MUDAR JOHN R. MULHERN KAREN MULVANEY ROBERT C. MULVEY Voorheesville Rockaway Moravia Geneseo KATHLEEN MURPHY MARSHA NADELL JOHN M. NAGY CAROL JO NATALIE Pleasantville Albany Glenfield Rochester GREGORY J. NEILON JO ANN V. NEUNER ROBERT W. NEVEU JOY T. NEWTON Bayport East Islip Waterford Albany 247 MARILYN NICHOLS DONALD J. NICKSON WILLIAM N. NIELSEN BRUCE M. NOLIN Herkimer Williamsville Barrington, Illinois Chestertown LINDA NORAK HEIDI R. NORTON EAE GAIL NOWAK GARY OBERLANDER SL Chadwicks Troy Florida Rockville Center u H u 52: BONNIE O'BRIEN PATRICIA O'BRIEN PAUL OCHAL KEVIN F. O'CONNOR 248 Syracuse Hempstead Amsterdam Worcester, Massachusetts PATRICIA OESTERREICH Eng. Hon. SUSAN OHRINGER ELIZABETH O'KEEFE 2112 ROBERT O'KEEFE Albany Oceanside Stony Point Niagara Falls DARLENE OLSON JEAN E. OLSON Scotia Selkirk DONALD OPPEDISANO CAROL ORAM Rochester Germantown 249 PETER G. ORLOFF JAMES S. ORSULICH JANE ORTS CLAYTON H. OSBORNE Manhattan Saugerties Southampton Brooklyn EDITH OSGOOD SL MARGARET OSTIGUY DORALD J. OSTROM STEVAN OSTROVE Bronx II 9 II Waterford Yonkers STANLEY OSTROWSKI BARNET OSTROWSKY SL CAROLE OWEN SL JANICE OWEN MAA 250 Schenectady Spring Valley 2112 Schenectady MAA Schenectady ANNETTE PALADINO BBB RUTH A. PALMER THOMAS PALMER NANCY PAPISH Utica Canisteo Albany Hempstead MICHAEL PARKER NANCY PARKER WILLIAM E. PARRY DAVID PASHALIDIS Brooklyn Schenectady Elmira Endwell WILLIAM PASKO JOSEPH J. PAULSEN JOSEPH M. PAULSEN SL BARBARA PEDERSEN Menands Geneva Albany Wantagh 251 w: J; u m u , x KAREN PELLEGRINI WILLIAM F. PENDERGAST EDWARD PENROSE TOMMASINA PERRETTA Jefferson Valley Troy Canastota Scotia SUSAN PFREUNDNER SL PATRICK PHILLIPS SHIRLEY PHILLIPS SL RICHARD PIATELLI Saratoga Springs MAA Hudson Falls Albany Yorktown Heights WILLIAM M. PICCO, JR. THERESA PIEGAT JANE PIERCE SUSAN PINKUS Albany Utica Albany Brooklyn 252 MARGARET PIRSIC QBA VICTORIA PIWNICA LAWRENCE D. PIXLEY Ll D West Babylon HQII Cohoes Pine City $2,420? POGODA HENRY POHL BBB MARSHA POLIN SUSAN E. POLLOCK Hurleyville Conuent Station, New Jersey Brooklyn Milikgsi'flg POLENSKI HFM PATRICIA POMBRIO New Berlin 253 ELAINE S. POSKANZER THOMAS C. POTTER ANN MARIE POWERS GERALD PRAIRIE, JR. Albany Davenport Center Lindenhurst Glens Falls RICHARD S. PRAUS SHEILA PREDMORE ADELE PREZIOSO KATHERINE M. PROTUS Schoharie Babylon Westhampton Rome GARY E. PROULX JAMES PULA MARY E. QUINN HANK S. RABINOWITZ Poughkeepsie New York Mills Spring Valley Newburgh 254 ROSALYN RABINOWITZ HAROLD RADALIN MARIANNE RADDER SL FRANK C. RAEON Newburgh Yonkers Hunt Jamestown PATRICIA RAGOSTA THOMAS RANDALL, Ill DANIEL RANLALLI ROGER R. RAPP Watervliet Poughkeepsie Albany Schenectady SUSAN RASMUSSEN ROBERTA RAYMOND SHARON L. RAYMOND CAROL RECCHIA Newburgh Vestal New Hyde Park 255 JOAN RECH SL STARR RECKHOW MAUREEN A. REED ROBERTA REINHARD Queens Village IIFM Binghamton Caledonia Syracuse ; LINDA C. REISCH SUSAN RENDALL EUGENE T. REOHR ANNE M. RESTA Syosset Kinderhook Schenectady Huntington KARL REYNOLDS LEONARD A. RHINE SL GERALD RICE DENSIE RICH Delmar Jamaica IIFM Rochester Port Henry 256 CAROL ROSENTHAL SL LINDA ROSZEL Franklin Square Niagara Falls PAMELA ROURKE EAE ADRIENNE RUBEN Stillwater Oceanside BARBARA RUBIN MAA CECILE M. RUBIN LORRAINE RUDD WALTER RUEHLIG 258 Mamaroneck Phoenicia Latham Great Neck JANE RUMERY CORRINNE D. RUSS GEORGE E. RUSSELL NEDRA RUSSELL SL Mohegan Lake Chateaugay Albany Albany IITM WILLIAM E. RUSSELL JERILYNN A. RYAN EUGENE RYBACZEWSKI SL ALAN G. RYVICKER SL Albany Albany Gloversville KME, 2112 West Islip 4 GAIL SAFIAN ELLEN L. SALDIN SL JOANNE SALEEBY LYNNE SALINGER Brooklyn Oceanside wx, EAE Binghamton Queens Village 259 DORIS SALTZMAN JUDITH SANDERSON PEGGY SANDISON JOSEPH J. SANESKI 2H2 Albany Rensselaer Poughkeepsie Manorville REBECCA A. SAUM WX DOLORES L. SAUPP SL DIANE SCAPPATICCI NANCY SCARDACI Schenectady Scotia Mamaroneck Mount Vernon LINDA J. SCHABER SUSAN A. SCHECHTER MARK SCHEDLBAUER EVELYN J. SCHAEFFER Spring Valley Valley Stream Amsterdam Albany 260 LYNN SCHEINMAN SL EDWARD M. SCHER SL RICHARD SCHERMERHORN RITA SCHMILOWITZ Huntington Pinewood IIFM Gloversville Medford Station MADELINE SCHNABEL MARY L SCHOLL MARSHA SCHONBLOM WILLIAM F. SCHRYER Bayside lslip Aurora Edwards ANN SCHULTZ WILLIAM SCHUSLER JAMES M. SCHUYLER DAVID F. SCHWARTZ Syracuse Woodbourne Syracuse Flushing 261 a 5 EDWARD SCHWARTZ ERICA SCHWARTZ JOEL SCHWEIT Amsterdam Long Beach Lewiston ZER ??:?:ALD L. SCOTT AesML PEGGY E. SCULLIN ROBERTA SEIBERT Breesport Troy LORRAINE SEIDEL HOWARD SELBST W. Haverstraw Brooklyn 262 RUTH SELBY JANICE A. SERAPILIO SL GRACIELA SERRANO LINDA SEUFERT Rego Park Schenectady MAA Cuenca, Ecuador Ravena MARY M. SEYMOUR CHARLES SHAFFER SL SHARON SHAPIRO WX FERN M. SHARF MAA Frankfort Little Falls Eng. Hon. Spring Valley Rochester 1 BENJAMIN SHARPE JOEL D. SHARROW MARY W4 SHATTUCK JAMES F. SHAW Kenmore Crompond Latham Auburn 263 264 l. JOAN SHEERAN BARRY SHEIMAN MARGARET SHELTON SHIRLEY SHERBURNE Rensselaer Valley Stream Schenectady Eaton RICHARD SHIRKEY VICTORIA SIKORSKI IDEA EDWARD R. SILVER ETHEL SILVERSTEIN Delmar Syracuse Bayside Albany MARY E. SIMEONE JOANNE SIMPSON GARY F. SIMSER GLORIA K. SINCLAIR Amsterdam Albany Natural Bridge Depew DIANE L. SISCA MAA DONNA M. SISCA SL NANCY SITZER BARBARA SJOSTROM Rochester Rochester IIFM Schenectady E. Syracuse SHARON SKOLKY EAE JOANNE SKANDERA BEVERLY C. SKOW SL ANNABELLE SLACK Karhonkson Little Falls Valatie A9M Bedford DAVID H. SLEETER EH2 CAROL SLIWA CARLA J. SMITH DALE F. SMITH Rochester Cohoes North Conway, New Hampshire Raymondville 255 266 DERILDA SMITH Schenectady DONNA SMOLENSKI Camden KME GLENN SNYDER Germantown LETHA SOVOCOOL Groton DOUGLAS J. SPAULDING Painted Post CAROL STANISLAW Montauk PATRICIA STALEY Schenectady SAN D RA R. Waterfo rd STASKO BONNIE STANBRIDGE Menands JANICE STEFONETTI Niagara Falls QBA RICHARD STANDISH Saratoga Springs LINDA C. STEHR Beacon JOANNE STEIN Babylon CHRISTINE STERNBERG SL Colbleskill RICHARD STEVENS KME Beacon WK MADELYN P. STEIN DONALD STEVENS J EAN STICKLER JAMES M. STEWART GAIL F. STEWART 268 ROSS STONEFIELD EAE CHARLES D. STRAND MARLENE STRONG STEPHANIE STROYEN MAA Rochester Jamestown Schoharie Cohoes JOSEPH M. SULLIVAN, JR. 2112 SUSAN SULLIVAN ROBERT SUMISLAWSKI WX GRACE SUMMA Saugerties Watervliet Amsterdam Rome CYNTHIA SWAN SL SUSAN J. SWANSON GARY SWARTOUT ANN M. SWARTWOOD Albany Jamestown Fillmore Binghamton BRENDA SWEET MAA PATRICIA SWITZER WILLIAM SYMANSKI ZENOVIA SZANC Granville Oceanside Liberty Cohoes RONALD SZCZEPANSKI ANTOINETTE TANGA LORETTA TAUSS GEORGE R. TAYLOR New York New Rochelle Youngsville Esperance JAMES S. TAYLOR RICHARD J. TAYLOR SANDRA TAYLOR SL ANN TENBROOK North Babylon Glens Falls Schenectady Wayland 269 PHYLLIS TENCZA BRUCE H. THEBERT Westtown Fort Covington ELIZABETH THOMAS SL GAIL A. THOMAS Stillwater MAA North Tonawanda DONNA THORNTON LOIS TIERNEY RONALD TIFFANY SHAR-ON TOBACK Painted Post Cazenovia Glenfield Flushing 270 MARY TOMPKINS TIMOTHY J. TOOHEY NANCY TORZILLO SL MARGARET TOURAJAN Prattsville Lewiston Highland Falls Eng. Hon. Troy KILEEN TRACY FRANCES TRAGER SALLY A. TREIS CHARLES F. TREMPER SL Marcellus Rockville Center Albany Cobleskill HFM LINDA TURNBULL CHARLES TRIMARCHI ELAINE TUCILLO SL LENORA J. TYLER SL Scotia Albany Mount Vernon S. Byron KEM, WK JOANNE VACCA ROSEMARIE VAIRO SL LYNN VANDERZEE WILLIAM VANDYKE Elmira Inwood MAA Ravena Cairo BETTY VANWICKLEN NIKKI VERLOTTE BARBARA A. VERWYS MARGARET WACHNA Oneonta Schenectady East Rockaway Auburn ED WADAS ALYCE A. WADOPIAN KME JANICE WAGNER SL JOANNE WAHL New York Mills Rome 2112: New York Mills IInl'I Williston Park 272 ROCHELLE WAJCHMAN ANNE M. WALAS MAA JEAN WALDVOGEL THOMAS A. WALENCIK Bronx Cohoes Little Falls Yorkville l J. KENNETH WALKER LAURA A. WALKER SL LINDA WALKER MARY WALOWSKY WK Weedsport Victor Suffern Auburn CAROLYN WALLING SL SARA J. WALTAMATH FRED B. WANDER SL KAREN WASHBURN Woodmere MAA Little Falls Albany Utica 273 MARCiA WASSERMAN DAVID B. WEBB JOHN B. WEBB RUTH E. WEBSTER Woodridge Holcomb Cherry Valley South Bethlehem HOWARD P. WECKSLER LILLIAN WEIN Brooklyn Watervliet ml -12! mm JUDITH WEINER ALAN WEINSTEIN Monticello Spring Valley 274 LOIS WEISSMAN SUE WELCH KAREN WELDON DOUGLAS B. WELKER SL Plainview Scotia Nassau Wilson VED A D. WEMETT CAROL WHATLEY ERNEST J. WHELDEN CAROL L. WHITE BBB Sprmgwater Smithtown Troy Canastota PATRICIA WHITMAN SL RUTH WHITMAN HERBERT WHITMARSH CHARLES WHITNEY Chenango Bridge MAA Northville Canton Albany 275 276 DIANA WIESENFELD FRANCES WIESENFELDER JOAN C. WILBUR SL WILLIAM T. WILCOX Levittown Scarsdale Tierra Verde, Florida Eng. Hon. Cobleskill EDWARD WILKES DANNY WILLIAMS SL STEVEN WILLIAMS ROBERT WILSON SL Orisknay Watertown Woodhaven Sauquoit 2H2 ELIZABETH WINTER NORMA WISOTZKE ROSEMARY WOITKOWSKI LAURA WALANIUK Merrick Rochester ABM Lindenhurst Fort Plain MARQUE L. WOLFSEN SL RISE WOLMAN JOHN F. WOLNER JOHN G. WOOD Spring Valley WK Flushing Homer Watertown NATALIE WOODALL ABM GARY W. WOODS DAVID J. WRIGHT H. ROBERT WRIGHT l'II'M Henderson Rome Stanfordville Schenectady LAUREL YATES LAURA YEPEZ CHARLES YOUNG DONALD B. YOUNG Fultonville Medford East Greenbush Albany 277 278 RHONDA YOUNG West Winfield ANNE ZABLOCKY Rochester JOSEPH ZANCA Bronx QBA GALE YOUTZY Rochester KRISTINE ZAK Pearl River CAROL M. ZANG Valley Stream CH ERRYL L. ZANN ITTO Fonda LAURENCE ZAWISZA Amsterdam SL DOROTHY ZEMAITIS Rochester ROCHELLE ZIMA Albany THOMAS E. VAN AKEN 1945-1967 SHARON ZWICK Chenango Bridge 279 WELCOME to the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION C ompliments of your UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Albanfs Largest Complete OHice Suppliers Greeting Cards 0 Gifts GREEN'S OFFICE OUTFITTERS 8-16 Green Street Furniture and Office Planning At Our Plaza Showroom 374 Broadway 4 6 3 - 3 1 5 5 C ongratulations from the STATE UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP The only barber shop that keeps the student in mind 7 MonnFri. 8:30-5:00 Sales and Services 148 Central Avenue 434-4222 0 434-3327 ARTHUR R. KAPNER Your hhstate? Insurance Man 75 State Street Albany 434-4687 ROBINSON lAUNDRY SERVICE Suppliers of Student Linen Service South Glens F alls, New York CONGRATULATION S from the CLASS OF 1969 Banquet Facilities Luncheon Dinners AM BASSADOR RESTAURANT 27 Elk Street 40pposite CapitoD Free Parking 0 H03-9187 3M 71;? m 84-86 North Pearl Street ALBANY, NEW YORK 12207 Telephones: 75187 4637777 and 434-1381 Suppliers of Photographic and Motion Picture Equipment to SUNY A Since 1940 Your Complete Campus Photography Store Quality Shoes 203 Central Avenue Stuyvesant Plaza Colonie Center Open Evenings Nicole CONTINENTAL FOOD AND ATMOSPHERE AT COLLEGE STUDENTS PRICES 44 FULLER ROAD 7Near Stuyvesant Plaza C ompliments of the CAMPUS CENTER AND BRUBACHER SNACK BARS C ompliments 0f FOOD SERVICE Stuyvesant Plaza 282 and Colonie Center Best Wishes F rom Your Campus Cleaners ROXY CLEANERS Dutch Quad . . . Ten Eyck Hall Colonial Quad . . . Herkimer Hall State Quad . . . Anthony Hall Aunt Jamima's Kitcha Breakfast 0 Lunch Dinner 0 Snacks 0 Banquets Open 7 Days a Week Opens 7 A.M. 1470 Western Avenue, Albany WVithin Walking Distancw Good Fortune Compliments Best Wishes to the 968 Graduates 0f the to the Class of 1968 ALUMNI Em WS COLONIAL THE ALBANY PEERLESS DUTCH ngEmW 9GDm I . PAPER PRODUCTS and NC COMPANY STATE Printers and Lithographers Since 1813 CAFETERIAS Albany, New York Best Wishes Compliments t0 the of the Class of 1968 CAMPUS CENTER BOWLING ALLEYS and BILLIARD ROOM ALBANY, NEW YORK WHOLESALE RESTAURANT AND INSTITUTIONAL F OODS STEINWAY - SOHMER - EVERETT - ALLEN - LOWREY - MAGNAVOX OPEN EVES. TILL 9:30 PIANOS - ORGANS - STEREO - T.V. - RADIO Complete Service Facilities LOWER LEVEL COLONIE CENTER 283 BOOKS 0 CATALOGS 0 DIRECTORIES PUBLICATIONS 0 PERIODICALS F mm a Business Card to a Hard Bound Book FORT ORANGE PRESS, Inc. 883 Broadway Albany, N. Y. 12201 The Clothing Shoppe That Caters to the College Woman Stuyvesant Plaza for your convenience M81F offers Complete .Banking Servuce business loans personal loans automobile loans home improvement loans safe deposit boxes checking accounts savings accounts estate planning To be sure . . . bank at Downtown: 63 Slate Street Uptown 1084 Madison Avenue 2 Sluyvesant Plaza DESOHMEAH VENDING CORPORATIO 860 New London Road Latham, N.Y. 12110 436-7666 BUICK'S OPEL KADETT The Mini-Brute G.Mfs Lowest Priced Car $1824.62 See It At CAPITOL BUICK CO., INC 476 Central Avenue IV 2-3391 Albany Western at Fuller Rd, Western Avenue a! FuHevRaad Culonleoffice: WoHRoad B A N K O I A L B A N V Member Federal Deposul Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System ' M Y HANNAN S PHAR AC BEST OF LUCK CONGRATULATIONS M. J. Harman, Ph.G. TO THE to the Near Campus Entrance at 1237 Western Ave. Telephone IV 2-1355 284 F ree Delivery CLASS OF 1968 McKOWN GROVE CLASS OF 1968 from the CLASS OF 1970 Co-Editors Judith MillsNames D. Folts Assistant Editors Linda DeLucia, Annette Gerren, Diane McNamara, Mary Anne Stephens, Janet Weigel Executive Editors Douglas Upham7Klaus Schnitzer Art Editor Annette Gerren Photography Credits: Steve Fishkin: 28, 150-7, 111-2, 116, 131-3, 167-8, 205 Gary Gold: 18, 39, 46, 50-2, 62, 64, 66-7, 104, 109, 112, 138, 142, 153, 156-7, 171, 182 Bob Stephenson: 8, 19, 28-9, 38, 47, 49, 70-1, 78, 81, 94-5, 110-1, 113, 115, 117-8, 120, 126-8, 130, 145, 147, 150 Klaus Schnitzer: 4, 5, 9, 11-14, 16, 22, 24-5, 27, 35-6, 53-4, 56-9, 61, 72, 75, 81, 84-91, 178-9, 196, 212, 216, 225, 228, 237, 240, 24-4, 249, 267, 270 Larry DeYoung: 21-1, 34, 37, 48, 73-4, 79-81, 96-7, 99, 100, 103, 109, 114, 122-4, 129, 148, 168, 170, 172-6, 180 Doug Upham: 6, 185-93, 220, 258 Tom Peterson: 3, 112, 138, 140-1, 160, 176-7, 179, 181 Tae Moon Lee: 10, 26, 42-5, 95, 98, 126 . Stu Lubert: 15, 40-1, 100 Gail Safian: 128, 195, 200 Roger French 38; Jay Handelman 169; Greg Bell 128; Ed Potskowski 29; Ted Glazer 767; Steve Cherniske 209; Gary Keveles 137; Zoltan Gaal 163, 180 Cover design by Mr. Jack Bosson, Art Department, SUNYA Senior photography by Merin Studios, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Printing by Foote 8: Davies, Doraville, Georgia. With thanks to Mr. William Sloane for invaluable aid and patience. Copyright GD 1968 by Faculty-Student Association, S.U.N.Y. at Albany. All rights reserved. 285 Academic Affairs Commission Administration Albany Student Press . Alpha Lambda Chi . Alpha Pi Alpha . Alpha Pi Gamma AMIA . Arts Council . ATID Baseball Basketball Beta Phi Sigma . Beta Zeta Biology Club Campus Viewpoint . Central Council . Chi Sigma Theta Christian Science Organization . Church of the University . Class of 1968 Class of 1969 Class of 1970 Communications Commission Community Programming Commission Commutors Club Contemporary Music Council Cross Country Deutscher Verein . Dramatics Council . Fellowship of Episcopal Students . Gamma Kappa Phi Golf Hillel . . . International Film Group . Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Kappa Beta . 286 Kappa Chi Rho . INDEX 106 110 142 143 111 174 126 132 164 176 144 145 124 112 103 145 128 129 109 109 108 106 107 133 119 170 123 120 131 147 168 132 118 131 148 140 Kappa Delta . Les Innovators . Living Area Affairs Commission . Luthern Student Organization Modern Dance Club Music Council Myskania . Outing Club . Pan-Hellenic Council Phi Delta . Photo Service Physics Club Potter Club . Primer Psi Gamma . Religious Affairs Commission Russian Club Sailing Club . Sigma Alpha Sigma Lamba Sigma . Sigma Phi Sigma Sigma Tau Beta Soccer Statesmen Supreme Court . Tennis Theta Xi Omega Torch . Track . Tryads University Directory Upsilon Phi Sigma . Word Wrestling . WSUA . Young Americans for Freedom . Young Republicans 150 122 107 128 127 119 104 126 137 151 115 124 152 111 153 108 122 125 154 155 156 157 172 96 105 166 158 114 169 130 112 159 112 178 113 116 116 1967-68-THE YEAR IN RETROSPECT State University of New York at Albany 1967-68-what was the year like? Well, to begin in the spring of '67 with Student Association, it was a year of political scandal, private intrigue, and pub- lic resignations. While issues were scrupulously avoided, personalities were attacked, branded, flayed, and roasted alive; even the press and communications "media" helped to heap stale dirt on the fresh grave of the corpse of respectable government. Accusations were met by de- nials, rumors challenged by allegations, lies contested by slanders. tOf course, one must cite the various reforms that were enacted by student government to restore its own good name: an independent Election Commission, a functioning Student Tax Committee, a new Budget Com- mittee, a student-chaired Campus Center Governing Board, and the abolition of six minor boards which had proven to be totally unworkableJ Some events of the year were positive: the ASP ex- panded to sixteen pages at the cost of a Tuesday issuex WSUA began broadcasting to the Colonial Quad tfor those lucky enough to perceive the signal above the static; and e liquor and liberalized womenis hours finally arrived talong with pot, drugs, panty raids, recruiters, demonstrations, counter-demonstrations, local police, and headline-making arrestsy. The Campus Center finally opened, and was soon joined by the Fine Arts Building with its impressive, two- floor gallery and an Administration Building with its im- pressive two-corridor waiting lines. tAt this juncture in the narrative, I wish to personally and publicly thank the area labor unions for decreasing the number of annual strikesJ 287 The Bookstore was flooded with the usual stream of angry charges, frustrated complaints, and insulting comments. And as Administration pride soared to new heights, so did room-and-board fees. The food got worse, the lines got longer, the classes got bigger, the faculty got older, and the library surged behind to establish new track records for sluggishness. NCAA was the key to some national prominence: wrestling star Warren Crow was invited to participate in regional semi-finals, but Doc Sauers was denied a well-deserved bid to the Northeastern College Division Basketball Tourn- ament. The gym hadn't opened yet tthis was postponed, naturally, to a later date; that is, in the early part of 1968y, while the Music and Drama Departments abandoned all hope tonce agaim for the HCenter for Performing Arts" 010 one dared to bring up the touchy subject of the large lecture rooms, which, of course, were months behind schedule; The year was not totally disastrous: The Word was founded an event of dubious meriD, but its birth was matched by the death on the operating table of the sum- mer ASP. suppression folded, but the YAF organized. The "liberals" moved dangerously closer to the local black power and anti-Vietnam advocates, but the moderate L'Humaniste declared itself for the Asian conflict and began printing secular poetry. The drama faculty con- tinued to present their interesting assortment of little- known plays, but the Masters Thesis Production program encountered immediate success. The Revue gained a pro- ducer, the lnstructional Resources Center acquired a Tele- thon, and the podium was enriched by the shimmering display of several completely out-of-place fountains twith lights eveny. Various experiments were undertaken: the controversial Spring Jazz Festival was begun and proved to be, as ex- pected, an utter financial fiascoy; Freshmen found them- selves stranded on the Alumni Quad with an unco-opera- tive bus schedule and an apathetic roster of RA's to help them; for the first time, Albany State students confronted the local law when they decided to join the Albany city liberals AlMing a challenge at the political corruption in Albany County and were dragged into court on a trumped- up charge of disorderly conducty; the recreation groups expanded and greatly increased their activities; the Amer- ican Film Academy was created, while the IFG continued to present high-quality movies; and Music and Art Councils began to act as autonomous bodies independent of the faculty departments with which both are associated. Of course, the picture isn't all rosy: the political groups remained largely inactive texcept for both the right- and lett-wing extremistsy; Observation collapsed for lack of interest after two years of being virtually non-existant in the minds of the Albany studentsy; Primer still wound up with several hundred virgin copies tuntouched by human handsy; Torch was adjudged to be an artistic failure tby somey; University Directory was adjudged to be a total failure tby everybodyx and the Greeks continued to grow in size, number, and negative quantity of positive utility, while still being denied the basic and obvious right of HGreek housing". In addition, administration censorship flailed its first at WSUA, but these simple differences on the format and content of campus news were quickly re- solved. MYSKANIA did nothing, llWho's Who" winners were accused of doing too little, and LAAC Judiciary began to function tfortunatelyejust at the time that a crisis threatened to render the Supreme Court inoperativey. And, avoiding the sticky issue of campus politics, that was what the year 1967-68 was like at the State University of New York at Albany. -Robert B. Cutty

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