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be 1 1 UC 'r 8, V ' n .4 . 4' f H ' 5' z,' 4 fr' q , W .wr ,1 1 1 f-k .W , -fi sf J ,143 -. 1. 'a 4 ,., f . e , v A s 'i -on 1? J.. fi 41' I AJ.. ,ix IF 5. 5 1 "r gn ,JF 'y ,.-, . gre .,. , lm pfrgv- e -,, v ,., . A. if ".-sf' :Va ,ww fiff " ' 4 ,,t .1LL ' fx H ig ,pf 1 I. I , K A' lf 5 ., . E W Y 0 R K s T T E , L Ls.LfN..' COLLEGE Fon TEAC ERS ,M AT LBANY, NEW ORK f VI . R g 'A 3 Hmfj yy r . ., 1 2 r 1 1 I 1 xg ., . l I , ,gi IQ 35. ,S Vx , Nt Q' iw ag. ,A A in 'Qsfg' fsgif. Q . wi If if K 315, 'S' U Ki 3? i x , i 5 fi fs 1 .5-ji Q . . s 4 van up l i ,Jxy xgw Ein.. 32,3 Q-Mi f - i?Qgfjil5Qi3 5 is is 2 as V iw ,rv 1+ ,Q X ' is f 4855-ap 43 , ,W X MF1.. 1 'ff 1 :G VV- -is we V . is x M lx K i Ui 1 4 . AS' " s E Q 4 B9 4 'L ,V . uf ,' vw ' Ai , I 5 . Y l ' - -1 AVI ' .,,m-.'f""" A Hardy laugh . . . a Hardy life . . . Hardy endeavor: they have all been a part of the history of 1939. They have been good for us. His has been the Hardiest of friendships: perennial. 1 rr 11? " 'JCE 5 A -...JQWE-NNN 'D-- '-vi 2' . at 1 E523 ,,9-fl?-ii,N1x get "lb"wff-Q5 ',i,.,. F' , .gf A. ' se L .i . Axfkfcfg- A, 21.3.4 A4 ,., 'fidaf in 7f '2 5: 'YN 'nn 'S .- -sue :, ,l5"."" N - Ez, L .f ' ig- Q 1 ,wr fe Vg 7' ' - 7 r Q , if 3 j! V , --,, -.-S if-f13f7."f"-f -'I -V - 'lf v f i a n I jf ,,,,..1. ' .,"'--1 ' V- .4 .fig ji .- gan, yxgrfzf. - 71.. .. J. 2 ff , auf ,M Vwi ' ' V . .3 -,-' - ' 1 . ., ' -it 3,2-if' f . - i...:31f'f--.c:r,f1i V nn,, f- ff' '--',- . ' ' "' -, .Hz .aw ,W Y .E-:e,iT. 43, 1 2 ,,,:fg :IA 'E V U V I A ' , Jr, i ' ,f- ' ' -L L47-5 . 1 - ' ,-"'. gd V r ss- ' a-- 5. ' ' df.. ,Lib - . . 1 'ALM V ' V -.Q - fy". 'FTW -- 2 -3' A .l'..:.- A, -U,-M. , 'N-'I-,4'Sl.L'. - V f ' -A '.- 1 , , 49'-1.' " . 423, i4:'j,.'- 5.'43,,,- .7 . A V A h ' ,, . , , ., . , . A 3 Q ,Ji I ' I f. I-. Khhlj, fccvgff. .1- ' . , LI1V,.L-P--if+',gg'ffL1'-7.1 A ' 3' - 2 -"1'-Jfe'- .V -QV-1-1,.,,. ., . 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X u a-5-A xx -,,, xg,- 6. 1 X 1 A1 1' S, 1 41 ,I1 1 xy 1 , ig OR , 4 X .1 17,1 w 1 1 X 1 W W! 1 1 15 1 xvjldi '- uf ll f 1 1 ff: X ,': , 1 "W , 1 fMf'1fQfJ7 1 f,141f,g, 1,1 1 1 f , ' A I . 5. ii? .ae it . ' - Dear Diary, W if "fi I was back at State today and so many things have changed! di? i New faces all over the place with only a sprinkling of familiar souls. But to my rescue came the faculty. T hey're always on hand to make somebody feel at home. The first one I met was President Brubacher who said ' Good Morning" with such a nice smile that I felt at home right away. Seeing him gave me nerve enough to peek in at Dean Nelson's door, which was open, and say: "Hello" across the map. Dean Moreland was in the Registrar's office when I went in-busy planning a reception for Frosh. She was talking to Miss Van Denburgh about the number expected. Mr. Deyo was coming along the hall. He'd stopped handing out CPD scholarship checks a while to chat with Chief Engineer Hunt. On the way over to Milne, I met Dr. Sayles, whistling gaily, on his way through the Richardson peristyle. He walked over with me to Mr. Bulger's office. Mr. Bulger was in State when I was a Freshman. I was '39, so I feel that I know him quite well. He began talking about old times, and it made me think of a lot of things I'd almost forgotten about the faculty. There was the time that- Dr. South asked in what direction the class faced, and he was so amazed when we said "South", regardless of compass points. Remarks like that were always popping up in Ed classes. Doc F rench's famous rhyme about "The Rhine The Rhone The Danube and The Po, Rise in the Alps and away they go" is almost as famous as Shakespeare. Speaking of Shakespeare, I will never forget how Dr. "Tommy" used to say "Heh?" It was in Room 28 that we had him, I remember. That was a room! Unforgettable are Dr. Candlyn's music classes, interspersed with remarks about President Brubacher attends a luncheon . . . Time out for Dean Nelson H 8 Dignity . . . Charm . . . Mr. Bulger advises . . . The princ1pal man Soph1'st1'cat1'on . . . at Milne . . . Dean Moreland Dr. john Sayles "ladies of both sexes" Creferring to men dancing minuetsj, and Dr. Hicks' amazed look when Prof. Decker's class used to burst into song next door. Then at the other end of the hall was good old Room 20-which brings memories of history lectures, French exams and Professor Wa1ker's Irish jokes. French always reminds me of Mr. Mahar's famous quote "do it for the sake of euphonyf' That sounds like something from Oral English. I I Th' ' d f Another X Y z Affair? S225 fvgfkgr a Dr. D. V. Smith . . . con- structing the social studies shall never forget Mr. Hardy's witticisms and likewise those of his colleague, Mr. Jones. They're almost as famous as their Macbeth skit-the one they gave at Soph banquet back in '37, I was taking Law at the time from Mr. Terwilliger. I remember how I held my breath when he checked my schedule on registration day-wondering if I had passed 'everything and had all my gym credit, etc. It was fun having different gym instructors- of course I never had Coach Hatfield for anything, but he seemed swell on the basketball court. No one could forget "Croasie" or Doc Dorwaldt-they were the high spots in all of our Freshman years-I mean the Freshman years of all of us. I passed Dr. Smith in the hall when I was back CD. VJ and he spoke to meg he's always so busy, but always has time for a "hello." ' Professor York, the King of Third Floor Draper, stopped and chatted with me. Seems he was on his way to an important meeting of Finance Board of which he is chair- man. He informed me that Mr. Hidley, as treasurer of the Board, would also be at the meeting. Wished I could have seen him-I'll never forget his history classes! Speaking of history reminds me that I saw Professor Risley in the Co-op looking at some very important appearing books. I wondered if they were source books or maybe historic quota tions-Dr. Rienow, they tell me, is the political scientist of the College- 10 Regret that I never had the opportunity to have him as instructor. His classes are said to be wide awake and lively-Guess he knows how to "put things over." I was thinking today about Miss Wheeling and how she got locked out of class one morning at 8:10. Then there was Miss Kilpatrick, also of the English department, and the day the pencil flew out of her hand right smack in the middle of the class and hit a girl accidentally! And the early morning science lectures by Dr. Clausen-they'll always be remembered. Here and there among the faculty certain ones cannot be overlooked- Mr. Bergin with his slow gait and his easy classroom manner, and Dr. Lester of the math department, who was not only competent in her work, but was much fun at parties. And speaking of parties, I will never forget the way the Fredericks joined in the fun at Christmas formal one year, or the dinners Dr. Green used to give for members of the faculty. ' I started out to record my visit back to State, but I was waylaid with my reminis- cences about the faculty. Where was I? Oh, over in Mr. Bulger's office. Well, I saw Miss Hayes calmly interviewing a young Milnite as I was coming out, which made me think of case studies and practice teaching. Then, after a greeting to Mr. Kinsella, I returned to State proper. Miss Futterer was busy in the auditorium with a new play-so I didn't stop to see her. I was awfully lucky in meeting Dr. Hastings on the stairs in Richardson- smiling and nodding just as he always did. I have rambled I know, but I can't help reminiscing about the faculty. I shall always remember them for their sympathetic understanding, friendly spirit, and student interest. Miss Wallace and Miss johnson agree that "all What about Horace Glad We CKlNeW York roads lead to Rome" Mann, Dr. French? 11 gl. i , bv ll My f , 5 X Y. J' 7, ' I , ' . 1 s ll .I ,J fi ua' f ' if . bk , ' jeg . f vji, 5 . I 1, , , ,I . f-5 ., 2 1 ' ,sv I 1' ll I I If f 'd -1 3, is 1 5 r. - ' 15 4: jf! vz. ' f ' Lx- L, r , 'L fr ik , ,6 u 1.4. 11 Ra i , 1' -gf 4 ,A C .. P 2: .J 'f :Q - -' -if I .. M ,, ri ' iii? J' X WMC! ,wif YQYQVX l Frosh Executives . . . state college, jan. ?, 1939 dere boss, here i am at state an i will give you all the dope on the frosh class just like you told me. well anyhow boss i went to both camps and snooped around a little. all the girls at camp were hoarse frcm singing too rnuch. what songs they sang, and did you know they were going to be TEACHERS? the frosh boys all had colds because they didnt bring enuf blankets because the sophs said the cabins were warm but it really wasnt warm. some of the boys stayed up all night playing. dere boss if you think my expense account is too high you know wy. o those juniors! Frosh Femmes . . imilnxx, Jllcfll "J 'M 'M-41,4 W , x JCL L, 4 A 4 -4 ? g4L Q, K k pt 4 0, C x 1 on L Lil, A , L-If b-P"'s!V- Kb- K ni A Q X.,-. AZ44l1.2--N fy f ' f ' i . f 1 all X, x,,4,,,, K.,,,x, Qgxg-J i qf4xV,j 1L.K,J W .pf .7 n70a4! LCA, , , 4,7 wen we came back we had recleptions. ireally mean receptions! all the boys went around handshaking an polishing the apple. some of the boys were very nice tome i think they wanted me to join there fraternity. dere boss can you spare forty bucks? all the boys at the presidents reception shook hands and met all the girls. you never saw such wolves. i drank to much punch and i introduced miskania members to one another. boss ithink that queered me. the class elected joe larko as peresident and selma leis and marjorie gaylord as vice president and secretary. bob meek is treasurer, shirley wurz, reporter, joanne scheier, cheerleader. p.s. boss she lives at pierce hall. say boss did you know that there is a girls dorm here called wren hall? isnt that sorta significant? we played the sophs pushball. we were out to get those sophs to beat them. yes boss, i know you want to know who won. anyhow we played a great game. well that night they had skits. we came out third. we had a chorus maybe that waas why. all the frosh boys have to wear gym outfits, there cute. we used to have to hike all the way up to beverwyck park. it shur gets cold their. we only wear shorts and shirts. the best part of gym is when you leave the locker room in shorts and all the girls look at your legs and it kinda makes you feel manly going out in the cold and all. our class was the first to be admitted under the interview system. they wanted to get an unusual and outstanding group. wee sure gave it to them. we have composers, artists, singers, writers, painters and everything. bernie perlman organized a symphony orchestra and some of our class plays in the new swing band. this year was the first time that the frosh commission elected its own president. heis paul merritt. dere boss i've decided to go to state. i live in one of the group houses and i have lots of fun. there are several advantages to a group house including borrowing clothes, help with homework, borrowing money, etc. there are many disadvantages such as borrowing clothes, help with homework, borrowing money etc. well so long boss i have a pole. sci. midyear to study for and if you think im not Stepping out of character when i say this youre crazy. your faithful servant, freddie frosh. Frosh Campers uv' V X Mg. Lib ,af .rv , Vi J 1 , f ,W Q 1 we ff ,H f . 47.1 JY? ra, , f W2 BACHELOR OF BEAUTY Queen Christine .... ruler of Campus Day . . . holds sway over twelve hundred loyal subjects in her petite, vivacious Way . . . orig- inator of State's dan- cing class . . . vice- president of the Seng iors . . . member of Myskania . . . Her sparkling eyes and Winsome smile make her our Campus Sweetheart. We bow to our Queen! if 'YW www l M 3. , i I 2' 5 "Queen Christine Holds Court ,,,. .1 , . - 't' - 1 ,v 1 is If, -QQQQ-66,5 12-.Q -in e. ,iq-'-2' ,- qw-N Y' -Q' E' "Iii ' H ' iii- Qgglf 35.443 gi 'W' ' QW I .sf ,555 'Q Q,-QT 'N . .1--. . . :- fxfifiii 3 fi v :' -Q ff- A 'C' Q37 if 2, :-- " 523 V. gg , if hx." ace fr f 5 ix. A 'ff QW? Q 3214122 ' 4 N . , 57 . , :S x Rx' .rv 'ir f' ' , f. ,x - J - .-. 2-'sux 1' ' Tix TQ , " KK' vt, 4. ,Q ,. z :-H X' -, 1 B R J' u N Q'-ig . 1, Q Y F A . .,.. fe' ,Q do M XSS? fx JS . OBSERVATIONS MADE OF: THE CLASS OF 1939 Frosh . . . Green at the Gills, willing to learn, easily oriented, very con- scious of Hygiene, Banner in Co-op all year, Mascot Hunters, Where, oh, where are the verdant Fresh- men? Sophs . . . Green at the Gills, learn- ing, very conscious of Ed. 10, Mas- cot Hiders, orient Frosh at recep- tion, Rivalry Cup, Soiree, Bunny on the trumpet, Where, oh, where are the gay, young Sophomores? juniors . . . Pale green, learned, very conscious of Methods, Junior- Week-end, Claude at the Ivories, Queen Regina, Myskania taps, VVhere, oh, where are the jolly Juniors? Seniors . . . Pale, teaching, very conscious, easily oriented in Milne, Keating at Hop, PEDAGOGUE, in- terviews, jobs, Moving-up Day, tears, Candlelight Service, Bac- calaureate, Commencement, Where, oh, where are the Grand Old Seniors? Safe now in the wide, wide, world. l The Seniors "Hop" Seniors Find A Synonym For fitterbug 15 1 M' 1 U MH ,QW ff If? ' KATHRYN ADAMS AQ 3 388 Main sm-ef 5' , ff If- owega M W 55 CHRISTINE ADES rm 409 Hudson Avenue Albany 15 55,3 gene ROBERT AGONE KAP ELIZABETH ALLEN fm 132 Second Street Cutchogue Rome MARJORIE ALBRIGHT KA MARY ALLEN 90 Maple Avenue 333 Manning Boulevard Voorheesville Albany J I I Loan I ,-n,- umm, SWWWAAWW 3 H I MA-BW WW WWW I I 1 AJ . - . 1 --M -., . .,. ,.- t....v-,,I.--I..,..,,, -.ln--l 'wuqlwwi-A hm Il W VNV H. Q l . .,., xlx,i.,' x K v 4.355 Q , .,, . -.ntfyi Y. If 'hr ALBERT ARCHITZEL li B I00 Broad Stree t VVaterford CHARLES ARNOLD 49 Chris tie S tree t Troy PHYLLIS ARNOLD F Kfb North Chatham BETTY ARTHUR AP 2003 Euclid Aven ue Schenectady 7 ELIZABETH AUSTIN F Kfb . 598 Morris Street +. Albany ELIZABETH BAKER X229 ,av 211 16th Street Watervliet CLARA BALDWIN ,158 Quail Street Albany , JEANNETTE BARLOW CIDA Verbank Heigh ts Verbank BETTY BEAULAC MURIEL BARRY FKQJ 3 Pinewood Avenue 22 Wall Street Albany Hudson Falls JANET BEAUREGARD X29 RITA BENEDICT 45 Logan Street 212 S. Manlius Street Auburn Fayetteville MADELINE BERG HARRY BERGSTEIN KB 347 Washington Avenue Sag Harbor Kingston HELEN BERNARD BZ HELEN BIFARELLA X29 7 Ridge Avenue 15 Woodward Avenue Walden Springville A 13 10 VICTORIA BILZI I 7 S tewar t Huntington Avenue VIRGINIA BOLTON XIII' JOSEPH B 1807 Riverview Drive Endicott OSLEY KAP 21 Par tition S tree t Rensselaer A ETHELYN BOVEE KA Glenmont FREDERICK BOWMAN KAP Carmel AGNES BULLION 110 Park Street Herkimer CHARIS BUMP EBCIJ West Valley 19 RUTH BUTLER 130 Spring Street Albany lV..r 'Q , ,' WWA JOAN BYRON I'KfIv 68 Masten Avenue CATHERINE CALLIAS 452 Shannon Street Cohges SChCI'1CCtady AUGUST CASPER EAZ RUTH CASS Jewett Ontario GRACE CASTIGLINE MZ JEANNE CHRISLER 21 Prospect Avenue 73 S. Pine Avenue Mamaroneck Albany ROBERT CLARK STEPHEN COOK Edward Eldred Potter Club Tioga Center 141 Mohawk Street Cohoes 120 SAM COPPOLINO Wes tern Aven ue Albany JANE CRAWFORD A P 1010 Regen t Street Schenectady DOROTHY CREIFELDS KA I1 Wellington Road Delmar HELEN CROSIER BZ Salem MYNDERT CROUNSE KAP Voorheesville ATHENA CUMMINGS BZ 11 E. Clinton Street EDITH DAVIS Frankfort Johnstown l SUE CRANDALL DAVIS X29 21 Kin g S tree t Waterford f-,O . glint!-is-'Wai hug,, 4f?'K1ri WW MMM i f' AQ . L.g: , 'fiq H f +P' 1, 1. . 1 - A ' Qs ELINOR DECKER MARION DAYTON KA 252 S. Allen street Livingston Manor Albany BRITA DECORMIER RUTH DILLON X29 28 Mildred Avenue 618 Chestnut Street Poughkeepsie Mechanicville BETTY DODGE BZ DELLA DOLAN X29 Heuvelton Kings Park KENNETH DORAN JOHN DORMAN Edward Eldred Potter Club 1538 Third Avenue 51 Park Avenue Watefvliet Cohoes 22 W R -F CTI' PJL1' 1..- .- , an -... 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I. if i . r HAR 1221 Alba 24 25 MARGARET FEHLNER X220 84 Van Buren Street Dolgeville MARION FIRMAN 902 19th Street ANNE FITZPATRICK 36 Reed Street Coxsackie GALEN FLECK Clin ton H eigh ts HAROLD F LUSTER KB 122 Dana Avenue Albany NEIL FOGARTY KAP 1039 23rd Street N M 104 Broad Stree Port Henry X f .p Q H Q HILAH F , ft f f f W f f f. ' 3 FAYE FO ANNFK 25 Watervliet Rensselaer Watervliet W' J JW MQW A L chaigiwe VW BEN ROB 80 S. Valle mm Bang EUH- M' 26 2 17 Y' Mon? 3. -5-Us: ,Qi I. r.. --Q ... J", :gi I BENJAMIN GITLIN KB 17 Young Street Monticello PATRICIA GOLDEN X219 127 N. Main Street Mechanicville ROBERT GORMAN KAP 80 S. Corona Avenue Valley Stream BESSIE GRAVES 303 Dwight Avenue HARRIET GREEN AP East Jewett Endicott MALVINA GROSSMAN AECID 612 Columbia Street ELIZABETH GUENTER Staatsburg Hudson JANET GURNEY I'KfIJ 131 jay Street 27 Scotia ti.-1135" XM' 4 fy, Q I it X .r me gl +7 VERA HAAS AQ FLORENCE HABERER X E9 1600 Mohawk Street 167 Park Avenue Wil Utica Lowviue G HENRIETTA HALBREICH AECID BERNICE HALL May Street Phoenix Huntington Station I KAL VIRGINIA HALL KA MARY HALPIN if Nassau Lake 190 Kent Street we Albany AILEEN HANSETT BZ KATHRYN HAPPEL 523 Mohawk Avenue 114 Victory Avenue Scotia Schenectady A lv: 28 1 W 26 I I 4 PETER HART SAE 26 Swan Street Green Island HENRIETTA HASKINS 2320 10th Avenue Watervliet KATHRYN HAYES 417 Halcomb Street Watertown BETTY HAYFORD KA 50 LeGrande Avenue Tarrytown HELEN HENZE XIII' 57 Partridge Street Albany JUSTIN E HERMANN EA 112 3rd Street Troy JULIUS HERSH Edward Eldred Potter Club 1413 Main Street Peekskill ROBERT HERTWIG KAP 1601 C1ement1'an Street 29 Utica ll' iiln..,..wbs Vigo-VA: , WW, , X I " ' f-L, Vfififgf XX. -th:-wr f ff Z fC' fwx ,. 'w 1 MARGARET HICKOK BZ LILLIAN HINES CPA Cherry Street Poland Katonah VIRGINIA HOAGLAND KA KENNETH HOLMES Stamford 41 Elm Street Nassau MILDRED HOLT MARIAN HOUSE Stephentown Feura Bush WILLIAM HOPKE MARGARET HORA AQ Canastota 5 S. Awira Avenue Bay Shore r 5 2 I 1 E l i px Yi L , . QQ, ,'l K , 1 ,I w Lv wr Wh V, P E 1, E, 1+ Q. 11 1 M I U, 4, H I W, 1 i 11' E, 'I ,V Q I1 plr Vi 3 I yi 30 31 H M I N Qi I ELIZABETH HULKA flu 425 Hudson Avenue Albany MERRILL HURD Pulaski SAUL IKLER KB 9 Lexington Avenue Albany MARGARET JARVIS Peru EDNA-MARIE JESSE 146 al vvwf 320 Stone Street 9llI,.f.a, Watertown lf rf, A A C QVC HJ V ' M L3.,,l --,ai , H ,. Q, im- .,' A l L uv L rf- ' 'Q-Z -A .A-1-,xi - f 5 ,J '- ' f'-f ,xv -.J ' f f , . , R, , i fk ,- ' A X- E xg' :qw -- I rr r .W U ,, , , , "" X"--ff: ,f' lo rkfl vs. 1,-' l-L' " , ' fi J' " ' xx ,1 J f X .JVM js l, g-,,,,,. FRANK JOHNSON 17 Floral Avenue Cortland ELEAN OR JONES 36 Maple Street Hudson Falls 3 1 VERA KAISER Fair Grounds Road Hamburg KLIN KEHRIG EAE ANNE KALICHMAN HAT FRAN 63 Madison Avenue Albany 443 Webster Avenue Rochester CHARLES KELLEY KAP RUTH KERLEY ZA 251 Columbia Street 925 Norwood Avenug Cohoes Schenectady GAILE KERSTE XPI' MILDRED KING X229 1019 Park Avenue Kings Park Schenectady OLIVE KING BEATRICE KOBLENZ HAT 42 Hulburt Avenue Witherbee Fairport S:-A-' 1 X wr .FV NW' N 'SR XL I xx Qwswsw r . K X o V xx Qt f X. rr Y SX K Til 1 Q it Nt XX Q Q 5 Sv-it X N N IS S S XS G Q2 00 CATHERINE KRIEN KA 162 Benson Stree t Albany FRIEDA KURKHILL AECID 22 Bo1 FANNIE KURLANSIK 119 Montgomery Street Newburgh tis Sttee t Mt. Kisco BERNICE LAMBERTON CDA THOMAS LAVERNE EA 1271 C11'15'o1'd Avenue Rochester Mooers E JEANNET T E LAWSON 92 Bow en Stree t Jamestown LYLE LAWTON 120 Second Avenue Herkimer MILDRED LEACH CIDA Gloversville 33 1 e -Ax-X 17 1 X .A W 1 X141 1 X, 1-1 ' ,x- OSEPH LEESE KAP ALICE LEBARON J 1222 Howard Avenue 21 Shall Sffeef Utica Ilion CARROLL LEHMAN KAP RUTH LEWIS QIJA Worcester Richfield Springs CARL LIND ELIZABETH LOCKWOOD KA 45 Partition Street 8 Missouri Avenue Rensselaer Potsdam RICHARD LONSDALE DONALD LOOMIS KAP Edward Eldred Potter Club 81 Sfone Avenue East Greenbush Ossining 36- QW' , '19 .M . 5 -1 Q i 'UQ--ff' 34 35 HELEN LOWRY +A Port Jefferson CATHARINE LYNCH X229 3 Couch Street Plattsburgh ELIZABETH MCCONNELL KA Hyde Park ELEANOR MCGREEVY XEO 218 Spruce Street Albany DOROTHY MacLEAN BZ Huntington ELLIE MAHSIG 2725 Granville Avenue Schenectady MILDRED MALONEY FKCID 804 19th Street Watervliet CECIL MARINO KAP Fifth Street Palmer 35 ROGER MARSTERSI ESTHER MASON CIDA C 479 Myrtle Avenue Manchester C Albany 'e' l KATHERINE MATHISE CAROLYN MATTICE KA R. D. No. 2 Slingel-lands 1 Mohawk MARGARET MATTISON KA JOYCE MAYCOCK FKQJ 2 Fort Ann 39 Masten Avenue P Cohoes M LEAH MEKEEL AP EDMORE MELANSON Nelsonville 15 Benson Street IVY. f 'Pi Albany 5 A as J QSQ S. : 36 3 CLARA METCALF Chitteuaiigo MARY AGNES METZGER X229 68 Emerson Avenue Utica CAROLINE MICHON Nor th Road Poughkeepsie MARION MINST X E9 110 Maple Avenue Troy CATHARINE MOLONY X29 2 Belmont Avenue Alplaus ELAINE MORSE 623 BERNICE MOSBEY l5 Cowles Street Catskill Union S tree t Clayton MILDRED MOSIER AQ 37 Darien Center 1 T JOSEPH MUGGLETON KAP JOHN MURPHY KAP za 27 Virgil Street 2331 16th Street E4 Binghamton Troy A M I J KATHLEEN MURPHY REGINA MURPHY X29 3 Adams Street 22 Grilifen Street Whitehall Skaneateles I 4 M CATHERINE MURRAY RUTH MURRAY KA ! 13 217 Academy Street Comstock n W Poughkeepsie EDITH NELSON AQ JOHN NEUHS BAE R. F. D. No. 1 West Coxsackie I Rock Tavern K1 18 W D1 12 W 1 u wi J' N,- jfxffy N15 A 3 39 wfC6?Zf'fftiMf,42ft RAYMOND NIBLE Edward Eldrecl Potter Club Melrose MARY NOISEUX AP 62 Sherman Street Albany MARY NOLAN 182 Bowers Avenue Watertown JOHN NORDELL Edward Eldred Potter Club 385 Morris Street Albany KATHRYN O'BRIEN AP 18 Farman Street Warsaw DORIS MARY O'DONNELL X29 922 Myrtle Avenue Albany -I S .1 4. 1 , 2, O'HARZET'AS2 rsfe Y' A2 it . f gf 1 diy 5. Kfiyf 1224 Green Street -gf - ff -R' ' fl X, X X-I , XJ G, V Utica ,J X f. K 1 1, r -I -. . ' ,J . Q., Q' y j, A S , f 1 ,Q ,. X X J ' ,J .w ' 1 , , . 2, . -s -X . -J ,V . A. , at , . V-, fe W fl ' 2 fvikt' X! , iv 'Z 'f 1 ! ,. LJ! 1, 39 Q X-,ge .. I ,O M, EDGAR .oQ'Ho1Q-A 'Edward Eldred Potter3Clulj1f 4M CaznpvStree'fX ARNOLD PALADIN KAP DORIS PALMER AQ DI P 36 Sheridan Avenue Dover Plains 151 Albany Sd JUNE PALMER KA HARRIET PAPEMAIER 2A South Dayton 1609 8th Avenue Watervliet MARY MARGARET PAPPA X229 THOMAS PARROTT F M 114 N. Massey Street 88 Benhard Avenue Ht Watertown Newburgh 3 MARIE PEETZ RUTH PEKARSKY AECID 822 Sixth Avenue 445 Me1'gS Street A TYOY Rochester ' K ev f Q 1:17 3 I DENIS PEPER KAI' 1509 Albany Street Schenectady ROSE PERTA 1031 Tilden Avenue Utica MARY PIERCE BZ Hoosick RITA POMEROY X29 69 St. john Avenue Binghamton SANTI PORCINO KAP 58 Evans Street Binghamton HELEN PRUSIK X29 13 Downs Avenue Binghamton EVELYN PURCELL 893 7th Avenue Troy g FRANK QUATTROCCHI KAP 41 4 Factory Street Fort Edward JQTQJQ X , f?A"jVVff.,12 ,AJ 1 , J Q24 fffffodda EQ XfgQ,f,,g1,f-ff-,aff A ivy, 4? vest? wig. ,,f- gmc'-Maj ,J 5421-ff' 5,417 S f ' W 1 A 1 . dl! v 1 , Qgiava AFWZLLY .lazy ,f f Q hit? L-'1'QfC'f1 , ,nil F3991 ga GORDON RAND ADONNA RECTOR JO Edward Eldred Potter Club 59 Townsend Street Ed 495 Sta te Street Walton 3:7 Albany Sa MARION REINTJES X26 PHYLLIS REYNOLDS 354 4th Avenue Stephentown Troy RICHARD RIBNER KB ROSE RITTER ZA WA 94 Pike Street 1579 Santa Fe Street R, Port Jervis Schenectady CC THOMAS ROBERTS KAP MARION ROCKEFELLER BZ 5 OXfOI'd ROHCI Germantown New Hartford N M 171 ' C14 R. 4 JOSEPH ROWLAND Edward Eldred Potter Club 37 Pinewood Avenue Saratoga Springs CHARLES RUNDLE 360 Dyckman Street WALTER RUSS R. D. No. 1 Cobleskill Peekskill WILLIAM RYAN 230 S. Third Street Mechanicville MARY SALERNO 170 Elm Street Clyde PEARL SANDBERG AECID 500 California Road RUTH SAXBY AQ 4 Andrews Street Victor CHARLTON SCHO Tuckahoe EFF LER 664 Myrtle Avenue 43 Albany ,l" , A JANE SCHULTZ BZ ELEANOR SCHWARTZ BZ I AU 62 Ryder Avenue 27 Manning Boulevard ml Lynbrook Albany Hu KATHRYN SCHWARTZ BZ JANE SCHWERZMANN XIII' 27 Manning Boulevard 110 Boyd Sffeef Albany Watertown FRANCES SCOTT . KARL SENSE f WE Whitney Point 21 Washington Avenue 531 Scotia Alll CHARLES SHAFER EAE BETTY SHERWOOD BZ 12 Thomas Street 5 Sunset Ceuff Waverly Cohoes MA 172 Nm ml 433. 44 4x AUGUSTA SHUMAN .X l' I0 Paul Aven ue Hudson RUTH SINOVOY 75 Schuyler Street Albany WILLIAM SIVERS 531 First Street Albany KATHRYN SMITH Alba ny Roa d Schenectady MARGARET SMITH X29 172 South Street Newburgh IRENE SOFIELD 840 Columbia Stree t Hudson MARY SPARACINE 420 DePeyster Street Rome 45 JAMES SPENCE 2046 Plaza Schenectady M "Ef"" LAWRENCE STRATTNER ERNEST STINE Cortland 150 Park Place Mechanicville MILDRED STREIF ER JEAN STRONG KA 362 Broadway 5 Welling Avenue Monticello Warwick VIRGINIA STRONG BZ HOPE SWEET AP 66 Clinton Street Saranac Lake Seneca Falls LEAH SWEET GORDON TABNER Paul Smiths Edward Eldred Potter Club 180 Congress Street Cohoes r M b Q QYSSHW' 46 HAZEL THOMPSON 54 Centre Street Woodmere SHIRLEY THOMPSON WILLIAM TORRENS 56 Townsend Avenue Newburgh Ontario DOROTHY TRAVER EA ISABEL TYLER 90 Whjtesboro Street Yorkville Middleburg ELLEN UPTON S unse t Road Montrose CLARENCE VAN ETTEN Edward Eldred Potter Club 24 Campbell Road Binghamton EMILY VOGEL AP 703 Stanley Street 47 Schenectady EMILY wAcLAwsK1 J AMES WADDELL 622 Plant Street Utica Hoosxck Falls MICHAEL WALKO JAYNE WALRATH :LA l 101 Saratoga Street 315 Keyes Avenue Cohoes Watertown I RAYMOND WALTERS CHARLES WALSH Edward Eldred Potter Club Edward Eldred Potter Club 46 VVa1't Street 245 Congress Street Walden Troy DOROTHY WARREN KA ROLAND WATERMAN KAP l 103 Jansen Avenue 107 Van Schoick Avenue Johnstown Albany fww Mx' c...,,..Q 48 4 1 f u Q9 dll fffvffatrlff X ,o, .f f X .l- L "1 ' ,f,a',q , f- f, I I ,f 1 J 1 1 fl- f sf'-+1 I - - I' ' - fi f1,LfQ. f ' 'f Q, I . a.,f1 . ' .,, I if n f AT I ,A VIRGINIA WEGENER ALJXLLLY , ' I t 0"f' ' I4 Park Place r-4fa1,,L,fvvL4 Q ,G-f Floral Park L fa f I W7 X I c' Lf is-A.uN, 5 Q, 2794+ wfetfva f' X JEANNE WEINBERGER .XECD 181 Canal Street Ellenville LOUIS WEISS 80 Pine Street Poughkeepsie SYLVIA WEISS AECID 45 Hamilton Place Tarrytown JOSEPH WELLS Edward Eldred Potter Club 515 23rd Street Watervliet LOIS WESTER CIDA Sherman DANIEL WEXLER 2 Forsythe Place Newburgh EMILY WHITE AQ 3 Livingston Street Rhinebeck 49 ELEANOR WICKHAM KA ANTHONY WILCZYNSKI mx 607 William Street Greenville A Utica LESLIE WILEY ELEANOR WISE AP Chazy Ballston Spa CLEMENT WOLFF KAP RUTH WOOLSCHLAGER 15 Crowell Place Castorland Valley Stream JANET WULLSCHLEGER X171-1 HOWARD YORK 59 Ten Eyck Avenue 426 5th Avenue Albany Watervliet 13 xx AWK :I -QQ 50 HELEN ZEMAN Ridgefield Connecticut ADELINE ZAZZARA 67 Geneva Street Lyons NORMAN ALEXANDER DONALD AMES MAX AUERBACH PEARL BALTZ WILLIAM BATH WILLIAM BOGOSTA ANNE BURR JEANETTE CONAUGHTY RUTH COWELL HATTIE DEANE AVERY DE LUCA ROBERT DOOLAN KENNETH ELMORE EUPHEMIA FEENEY MARY KAYS 51 MYRTLE LARKIN LILA MATHSON ANNE MCHUOH ALFRED MILLET RUTH MULLEN LOUISE MURRAY JOHN CHARLES PAGE ELIZABETH POWERS FLOYD SCHNEIDER ODELL SCOTT MICHAEL SKVORAK KATHRYN SMITH ANNA STORY MARGARET TEBSHERANY FAY WILDER 7 I E Q iff' x gf 2-2 5 .iii Ft. BIS p 5 Q ' ie 5 t if if gif AQ? R Q Jw' ,.,- 1-, ': V' R 5 A 1 mmf eanlfi nf REGINA MURPHY Stately Reg . . . twinkling Irish eyes, coal black hair. . . a queen in name as well as in appearance and beauty. 52 .Mail Aan Acme an RAY WAL TERS Debonair Ray . . . who loves poetry . . . swears in French . . . possesses a smile that matches his personal- ity . . . smooth dancer. 53 Mx Cilmfgfe qt! BETTY HAYFORD Vivacious Betty . . . dashing off to Signum Laudis conclaves . . . shuf- Hing in the Commons . . . making very bad puns . . . enthusiastically pushing State. Mali A Mlm JOHN EDGE Efficient John . . . calling the student assembly to order fwhile suppressing a smileb Whizzing from Dean More- land's oflice to the N Y A room . . . representing State at conventions and meetings of all sorts. .X Sl QQ Q X Q N . W sf N Micfoalf A nm Qt MW A47 -.1 Cygw- s xsssgsgiv K C. . -, 5, - A N was 1-f X ASKK: CHRISTINE ADES Petite Chris ...dancing in the Commons every noon . . . darning stockings in class Cwhen she goes to classj . . . singing in chorus . . , always being charming. Q .Q in in W I X wvv 'W--W M. 1 with ' . ' 1 K ' lex we-1 2. Wolf Cllmfzfe WM X41 3 ! ..,, 57 LEONARD FRIEDLANDER Cheerful Len . . . The "heckler" on debate squad ...pounding on a typewriter on the Activities office . . . stalking down the hall with a broad grin and a pleasant "hello" for everyone. ii .4- 53 , Q 5 5 fi lm. 55255. 3 J! . A 1 gg , gg? 5 -Q 5 . , OFFICERS Elizabeth Baker . Q . P1'eSide1'lf Alice Brown . Secretary-T1'eaSU1'6f MEMBERS 1939 Elizabeth Baker M. Carolyn Mattice 1940 Alice Brown Lillian Rivkind 1941 Rosemary Brucker R. Lona Powell FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. T. Frederick Candlyn gpg' - 'gag Q Music Hath Charms PROGRAM 1938-1939 Don Cossack Russian Male Chorus. . . . . . .October 3 Choral Society, assisted by Frances Blaisdell, Flutist .... . . .January 13 The Mikado ............... .... A Pfil 20, 21 Choral Society, assisted by Grace Weymer, Harpist. . . . ......... ....... ..... . . . . .May 4 Music Council came back to school this September before anybody else, we think . . . to count the seats in Page Hall and number tickets and what not . . . and then, the very iirst week of school, we earned a key . . . to the Activities' Office . . . and what's more, half a desk . . . and patches of blackboard, whatever we could iind between the scribble and free verse of Activities' Office writing-enthusiasts . . . for numbers . . . telephone numbers . . . and lots of them . . . and notes to Baker . . . "so-and-so would like three seats left, on the aisle, not too far back, not too near the front" . . . yes, lots of telephone numbers and calls . . . for the Cossacks. We had a full house, and between numbers, a gymful of the towering Russians . . , with six autograph-hunters, almost afraid to go into 58 Professor Adam Walker 1 the gym alone . . . diminutive, smiling Serge leading his chorus. . .no wonder all the college welcomes the return of the Cossacks every time. Friday the 13th . . . supposedly, jinx . . . and almost . . . how did We know our artist-to-be would get sick two days before . . . but it Wasn't such a bad luck day after all . . . Frances Blaisdell, Hutist, was contacted at the last minute . . . and everyone liked her . . . and the Chorus . . . and on St. Patrick's Day, We brought the Albany Symphony Orchestra for an Assembly program . . . and State College once again showed its sincere appreciation for fine music . . . April brought "The Mikado" . . . "Three Little Maids from School" . . .lots of little freshmen, ushering in gay spring formals . . .Lonie and Rosemary busy with tryouts . . . Alice locked in the ticket-office during the performance . . . Lil busily engaged with last minute details . . . and Bob Karpen singing . . . and Jack Nordell busy backstage. . .and we hope youlve liked it. . . and will like our Spring Concert at Chancellor's Hall . . .just as you've liked the Cossacks and our other presen- tations. Tickets Exchanged in the Rotunda H ,,v" ww""'v, X 59 'ff 5 . . Qi H5 gy, 23 22:-1.2 xm fe! af :sf 'A 'ffl si Lemme see that dictionary. Rurally, ruse, rush. Here it is: "v.i. . . .to move or press forward with impetuosityf' Would you call us impetuous? No! Our plans are organ- ized and well-laid. But on with the definition: 'to enter with undue eagerness." Undue? Who wouldn't be eager over a bunch of beatific, brainy, Cif somewhat befuddledj frosh women. Back to the diction- ary: "n .... a driving forward with eagerness and haste." Haste? We give them from September until mid- December to look us over, and when December comes, don't we offer them a buffet supper, formal dinner, and a tea dance to see us "at home?,' Then a week unhampered by hellen- istic hounds in which to reach some decision? But to the dictionary: "anything worthless or of little value." Phoo! That clinches it! Calling rushing Hworthlessll' As for value . . . well, down with the dictionary and let's divulge our own definition: "rushing Csororally speakf ingj that time when frosh and sororities are "getting in the knowfl So on with the on-rush! Slippe-red Cinderellas N . ' I ii 60 ri " FX 'Xl X If W X X A F. . K 1 A.- . if i ir. X X x X f The adventurous spirit of the class of 1939 extended even into the realm of traditional Intersorority Council. The hre of conquest flamed high when the distinguished twelve spoke in stentorian tones, "We need a change." And C!121l1gC UICFS-was! Plans to rejuvenate the sorority rushing program were proposed. The group felt that they were rushing in where angels feared to tread. But the "powers that be" approved . . . and the change went into effect immediately. THE GREAT EXPERIMENT revolutionized the rushing program! Formal rushing . . . an important event in a sorority girl's life, and one of the most exciting events in a Freshman's life . . . was to take place before the Christmas holidays. In previous years the entire first semester went its course before Freshman women were bid by sororities. The all-important week-end of rush parties fell on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday following mid-year exams. And a hectic two weeks it was for the Greeks! Cramming for exams and solving simultaneously the problem of entertaining the Frosh in the Finest style took the starch out of many a backbone. It had long been a "rushed" week-end. In high spirits the sorors began preparations for holding the three rush parties on the week-end of December 9. On Friday night, a buffet supper was the attraction at each gaily lighted chapter houseg Saturday night, the brilliant spot of the week-end blazed into being. . . slippered Cinderellas, glamour gowns. countless taxis, dinner tables with tall candles flickering across the faces of delighted Freshmen. Each Frosh crowned "Queen of the Night." Exams coming six weeks later, received concentration unbroken by the worry of the week-end. Further- more, the girls took advantage of the few days' grace after exams to vacation home, and coming back feeling fresh and fit for a new start in the next semester. Pledge services were held second week of the second semester. A few weeks after that, initiation took place: informal, with its terrifying, mortifying absurdities . . . to "put the Frosh in their place"g and formal initiation with its dignity and beauty. The merry month of May ushers in the much-looked-forward-to Intersorority week-end. The Greeks and their escorts "swing out" in fine terpsichorean style at the Aurania Club and again on Saturday night at the house formals. With the college year drawing to a close, Council hands over the gavel, hoping that the experiences of this year will lessen the problems of the years to come. Cherish your experiences in your sorority . . . sorority friendships are among our closest and will bring the dearest memories. fPardon our sentimental tendency for, as we are about to leave our duties, we appreciate them morel. So . . . hearty good wishes to you, Council of 1940! INTERSORORITYi CUUNCIL OFFICERS President .... Mary Agnes Metzger Chi Sigma Theta Vice-President . . . . Pearl Sandberg Alpha Epsilon Phi Secretary ....... Christine Ades Gamma Kappa Phi Treasurer ....... Betty Sherwood Beta Zeta MEMBERS Delta Omega Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Delta Gamma Kappa Phi Psi Gamma Beta Zeta Chi Sigma Theta Pi Alpha Tau Phi Delta Alph Rho Sigma Alpha Phi Lambda Check Your Preference g 61 Presiden t Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Kathryn Adams G. Billie Castigline Vera Haas Margaret Hora Jane Amacher Betty Clark Ida May Hacker Janet Busacker Norene Cappiello DELTA UMEGA HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Agnes F utterer Miss Elizabeth Shaver Miss Edith Wallace OFFICERS 1939 Mildred Mosier Edith Nelson Doris O'Hare Doris Palmer 1940 Mary Koonz Doris Parizot Dorothe Posson Helen Roickle 1941 Dora DeMichele Margaret Hora . Betty Clark Dorothe Posson Helen Roickle Ruth Saxbey Virginia Wegener Emily White Alice Rushmer Mirriam Tick Sally Young Rose Pastore Vernita Stolz 1942 Marjorie Tims .lf Madeline Evans Arlene Sadler Katherine Trow WNQU4 'CJ X 7M Z i 63 V w r i i V' X V K A P P A D E l T A HONORARY MEMBERS Prof. and Mrs. G. YOrk Mr. and Mrs. W. Hardy Dr. Marion Kilpatrick Miss Mary Cobb OFFICERS President . . . - - - - - - Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . f - - 1939 Dr. and Mrs. DoBell Dr. and Mrs. C. Hale Mr. and Mrs. C. Powers Miss Eleanor Waterbury . . Virginia Furey . Betty McConnell . . . Helen Blake Janet Montfort Marjorie Albright Ethelyn Bovee Dorothy Creifelds Marion Dayton Helen Dunning Virginia Furey Marjorie Baird Ellen Best Helen Blake Rosalind Frey Louisa Chapman Barbara Ferree Dorothy Johnson Carol Kniffen Armede Black Janet Brown June Haushalter Anita Holm Virginia Hall Betty Hayford Virginia Hoagland Katherine Krien Elizabeth Lockwood Carolyn Mattice Margaret Mattison 1940 Marion Kingsley Virginia Mitchell Janet Montfort Doris Shultes 1941 Mary Grace Leggett Mary Miller Grace Moon Dorothy Peak Lona Powell 1942 Mary Klein Margaret Ledbetter Katherine Peterson Frances Shapley Delores Havlick Elizabeth McConnell Ruth Murray June Palmer Jean Strong Dorothy Warren Eleanor Wickham Lorraine Smith Ruby Stewart Mary Trainor Norma Wells Anne Rattray Louise Snell Shirley Tooker Shirley Van Valkenburgh Betty Simmons Virginia Surdam Jane Wilson Kay Wilson 145 QT' , , bw Erik '-BMW 'C"" 'Na-r' 2 -005 'S M' WJ ff K5 yuspypjdy 1 JJ f Pwijyn U Wjdfvyyfw PSI GAMMA HONORARY MEMBERS Dean and Mrs. M. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. E. Cooper Miss Elizabeth Foster Miss Marion Chesebrough Dr. Caroline Croasdale Prof. and Mrs. W. Decker President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Virginia Bolton Helen Henze Janet Byrne Ruth Donnelly Florence Gebe Miss Helen Phillips Miss Caroline Lester Miss Minnie Scotland Mr. and Mrs. Chester Terrill Mr. and Mrs. H. Terwilliger Miss Elizabeth Van Denburgh Prof. and Mrs. Adam Walker OFFICERS . Jane Schwerzmann . Janet Wullschlegeri . . Florence Gebe. . Helen Henze 1939 Gaile Kerste Jane Schwerzmann Janet Wullschleger 1940 Winifred Jones Janet Thomas Florence Pryzborowska Marion Walker Marcella Sackett Jane Wilson Lorraine Theurer 66 X. 'x yi is X sv 'A NR Q P ai .. We 1 ess- it X.- fs in 1 X 1 K ,s Mx . X - A 'r LX --4-. .N- N --L, . 4 ' W ' ' ' ' .7 xl XX 1 . , for X he 1- T it Q .: if" T1 xl A -Q is X K iv'-V' an 4' Ax - KVX 'xo Q, K bob ko-f ff d-, i"'x..- -, XC., It tu L, .N-Ux.'N-L, f' 1 C- NTL" , xx A -A A- 1 . ,T A X' fix: is 'N ., XX- --" f, X? ' Y' , Q. ' il. ,Y Riff-, 2 N. Hi -...'1.N., VN.. Xi 'Q XX-Xia., I WK N- " ' U H 'er-N---4, Vg Y. Wh-X, T k,ugLNs ISLLLQ-X r lx L , . C"iC'2- u 5-2. 5 K X. W L L K' ix 4 so X X' NV ' -w-sr' ' if-gd U K V L ik , as ' K 1 N .0 B 'm 'ivfl' Y' l' n Zi. ,,,,..,.,, :Jw Q M'-42 xwym 1941 Virginia McDermott Vivian Livingston Laura Frost Alma Knowles Lydia Bond Mary Sharples Lena Drapolski Betty Wessels Jeanette Evans 1942 Helen Caswell Janet Kraatz Dorothy Newkirk . f K X . L . Mane Cramer X164 if Katherine Richards , .5 5 7 -,yi b CJLZAI, fl! ,Cy .f47'fLqgL4Q, - 'Q i.f4-'Z f,,,, f ,i 1 X' , I' gy, -JL' V.A,' if . !,,?.,LAK X lfflfs.. ,Cf fiflllafjx V' ff f' '-Av' f V "' 7, B I U I 'V A If V, .QA IDI,-:V1f'.,, X? 'iw fifmta 1, xV,. L .Q k Q Q, 1 Lay' .7 xv'-if V' ' fy 1 '- 1 l 1' I I 1564! , Wfillail aj, A-ki ,j sf.-s J 1 W I My ff 1 ., 1 ,a mf ,, , ,L , , I p I lf 1 Xi- NA ' Z Betty Baker Regina Murphy CHI SIGMA THETA HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Anna Bafgam Mr. and Mrs. John Mahar V Miss Marion Clancy Miss Katherine Wheeling Miss Mary Conklin Mr. and Mrs. William Clark Mr. and Mrs. C. Deyo Mr. Wallace TaY101' Miss Margaret Hitchcock 4 OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . 1939 Florence Haberer Janet Beauregard Helen Bifarella Ruth Dillon Della Dolan Nan Emery Margaret Fehlner I , I Mary Arndt Alice Brown Rosemary Brucker I Elizabeth Donahue Beatrice Dower Helen Clarke Mildred Foley arilyn Groff 1 , gf? Q 5 Aj Doris Barrett Y, J Patricia Golden Mildred King Eleanor McGreevy Mary Agnes Metzger Marion Minst Catharine Molony 1940 Edna Fuller Eleanor Groll Lucy King 1941 Jane Hanford Katherine Hoch Betty Kennedy Marie Lalonde Helen Leary 1 94 2 Margaret Furey ,lf Betty Burke Mary Gauthier cry Ann Cashman f Elaine Harvey - sf Q, JB M at of' . M 6,715 Qing N5 girrigjwgfyhb Mary Agnes Metzger Eleanor McGreevy . . . Mary Arndt . . Margaret Fehlner Mary O'Donnell Mary Margaret Pappa Rita Pomeroy Helen Prusik Marion Reintjes Margaret Smith Irene Semanek Rose De Cotis Rosemary McCarthy Ann McGuinness Enes Novelli Frances Riani Catherine O'Bryan Irene Pogor Ann Monaghan Mary Ozman Ruth O'Donnell Sb ya, sg cg' QF x in-Y' xwx 444' gasp .rp dn V K wi' ' W giwyy 1"ff2'jf2f fy! 2 "HW v 9'd' r"' 1 v ALP Presiden f . . Vice-Presiden t Secre tary . Treasurer . Malvina Grossman Henrietta Halbreich F reida Kurkhill Shirley Kaplan Alice Abelove Ethel Cohen Estelle Englehardt HA EPSILUN PHI HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Saitee Baumann Mrs. Samuel Caplan Mrs. E. A. Marx OFFICERS 1939 Ruth Pekarsky Helen Rubin . 1940 Lillian Rivkind Fay Scheer 1941 Henrietta Gold Eleanor Greenglass Doris Grossman . . Pearl Sandberg Henrietta Halbreich . . Ruth Pekarsky . . Fay Scheer Pearl Sandberg Jeanne Weinberger Sylvia Weiss Miriam Shapiro Blanche Kirschenblum Miriam Newell Tillie Stern 70 X 3 1 X Q95 Man. aim 'UN V' Q 'th-A 1 Z A . -. -'ffl 7? -IVF" 1942 Pauline Bronstein Florence Halbreich Ruth Edwards Beatrice Hirsch Elsie Ferber Selma Leis Edythe Friedman Bernice Lenowitz 71 Y ,P Blanche Navy Muriel Rappoport Joanne Scheier Dorothy Smolensky 'WQ 1 0 M547 WLfQ,?M'aAMMA KAPPA PHI A1 iid-If 1-1oNoRARY MEMBERS M Wwycjfgu Presiden t Vice-President . Secre tary Treasurer Christine Ades Phyllis Arnold Betty Austin Jane Barrett Frances Becker Bernice Bishop Audrey Connor Grace Cullen Marion Cahill Virginia Davis Carol Golden Muriel Howard Ethel Appleton Mary Brierton Mr. and Mrs. Walter Abbott Miss Blanche Avery Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Beaver Mr. and Mrs. Barnard Bronson Dr. and Mrs. William French Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Hatfield Dr. and Mrs. J. Allan Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hidley Dr. and Mrs. C. Currien Smith OFFICERS . . . . . . . Christine Ades . Janet Gurney . Faye Foreman . . . Frances Field 1939 Muriel Barry Joan Byron Faye Foreman 1940 Betty Denmark Elinor Dibble Frances Field Lois Game 1941 Loretta Kelly Joan Loveland Gertrude Lehman Doris Mauersberger 1942 Marion Duffy Barbara Howard Janet Gurney Mildred Maloney Joyce Maycock Bettye Gorgen Esther Lane Marie O'Meara Dorothy Pritchard Harriet Sprague Betty Parrott Bertha Petit Madeline Scesny Doris Sheary Gladys Klug Jean Lown v--wwf., :Q N52 A F . x sf E xv R fl N if M X55- x r.-g - n nga 6 Gqg' 42 N X ax ' K 1 . xi, x fm hm h iv 2 I X x 94,2 3. 'iz-Vf fg g 1: if Via '127 J" Wx in 'Z mmm 2? K1 'SIN '--1' xy' x 'iw X ,'u ew 'r '-'7 ,wh sv' if 'rf f,.. . ,A V. Fx Q? ,A-'N 73 f W B E T A Z HONORARY MEMBERS ETA Dr. and Mrs. R. Clausen DT- and MTS- D- V- Smith Dr. Gertrude Douglas MiSS Ellen Stokes Miss Anna Palmer Miss Laura Thompson OFFICERS President ...... Betty Sherwood Vice-Presiden t . . Secretary Treasurer Helen Bernard Helen Crosier Athena Cummings Betty Dodge Aileen Hansett Helen Bailey Betty Becraft Charlotte Crosby Virginia Elson Madalyn Beers Hattie Conklin Patricia Culver Doris Dygert Betty Elson Marion Beaumont Gertrude Freitag 1939 Margaret Hickok Dorothy MacLean Mary Pierce Marion Rockefeller 1940 Mildred Hallock Eloise Hartman Luella Hess Dorothy Hill 1941 Lois Glenar Helen Lasher Janet Macdonald Dorothy Mix Shirley Myers Janette Parker 1942 Shirley Kyle .A Helen Crosier . Virginia Elson Virginia Strong Eleanor Schwartz Kathryn Schwartz Jane Schultz Betty Sherwood Virginia Strong Jean Mitchell Charlotte Mummery Doris Saunders Geraldine Thompson Ada Parshall X Betty Pritchard i Isabella Robinson Julia Tunnell Frances Wood Dorothea Mclsaac Elizabeth Pedley 74 -sq,, fi W- ffi 'al "'-1. DWI nr- 'Z I r f P ,F sf' f n' 'jf . A-9g....w"' 1,0 fi rqgxqay-f ff. . ,f fkgbr Www' Presiden t ' Secre tary Treasurer Charlotte Fox Lillian Frank Eve Bialeck' Frieda Diamond Sylvia Greenblatt PI ALPHATAU HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Ruth Dudley Mrs. Louis Mayerson Mrs. Aaron Strauss OFFICERS . Charlotte Fox . Anne Kalichman . . Bella Lashinsky 1939 Anne Kalichman Beatrice Koblenz Mildred Streifer 1940 Harriet Levine Cecile Pockross 1941 Sara Horowitz Bella Lashinsky Beatrice Marashinsky 76 df' -IV fi? asw- 4"V'kAb'a 'Wu' 'K'f"" 'Ni' . tk - N if 'QT f Elfa . 'I' -, .., 14- Kwik? , M 'QYN P 1lQ"" fy Goldy Cloprnan Ruth Freeman Beatrice Ginsberg 77 Pledges Arlene Greenfield Estelle Nathanson Eleanor Harris Elinor Schlessinger Pearl Starr y PH I n E LT A HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Brubacher Dr. and Mrs. Robert RiC11OW Dr. and Mrs. T. Frederick Candlyn Prof. and Mrs. Daniel Snader Mrs. Martha Egelston Prof. and Mrs. Jesse Stinnard Dr. and Mrs. Carleton Moose OFFICERS President. . . . Ruth Lewis Vice-President . . . Helen Lowry Secretary . . Catherine Shafer Treasurer . . Marie Metz 1939 Elizabeth Allen Lillian Hines Jeanette Barlow Bernice Lamberton Isabel Ethington 1940 Geraldine Ewing Marie Metz Eleanor Pratt 1941 Olive Baird Carolyn Emery Iris Barnett Alberta F riehnecht Doris Coseo Marion Keables Harriett Davis Ruth Lewis Helen Lowry Jayne Walrath Elma Smith Marion McCausland Catherine Shafer Alicia Vail Jane Weir 78 1942 Dofgthy Dougherty Theodora Hoornbeck Bernice Olcott Betty Gilmore Mary E. Horn Evelyn Towle Fame Grenior Helen Jackson Ruth Wiggins Ruth Keeler 'akin I-Q ,Q ' - H H 5 79 l r i A l i A I l l I E ALPHA nun K HONORARY MEMBERS 5 Dr. and Mrs. R. Frederick c Miss Alice Kirkpatrick 5 Mrs. M. Lutz w l l 1 l A i w l OFFICERS X i i V.. President . . Kathryn O'Brien Vice-President . . . . Hope Sweet l Secretary . . Isabelle Ramel Treasurer . . . Eleanor Wise I . E 5 I . 1939 , Lucille Allessandrini Harriet Green Hope Sweet i Betty Arthur Leah Mekeel Emily Vogel 2 Jane Crawford Mary Noiseux Eleanor Wise E Kathryn O'Brien 3 2 1940 Kathleen Butler Philomena Iannotti Isabelle Ramel l , so l w 1 v l lla 1941 Geraldine Pleat Katrine Roys Alice Thomas Kaarin Tervo i I 1942 Clara H00kCY Virginia Thomas ff- AYSXX, aim 'UNVQ Q9 81 1 S I G M A A l P H A ' HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Margaret Betz Mrs. Frances Crellin Miss Lillian Blomstrom MY- Raymond Fisk Dr. Matie Green OFFICERS President , , . . Harriet Papemaier Vice-President . . . . Ruth Kerley Secretary Ellen Pedersen Treasurer Justine Hermann Hilda Ashman Madeline Block Doris Brooks Betty Bunce Margaret Collins Marion Ayotte Betty Boynton Alida Clumm 1939 Ruth Kerley Harriet Papemaier 1940 Helen Gregory Mary Pasko Ellen Pedersen Anna Prahler 1941 Betty Hiller Adeline Kadgis Mary Mahar Helen Pitman Madeline Block Dorothy Traver Yolanda Richardson Rose Ritter Catherine Smith Louise Smith Barbara VanPatten Florence Reddish Marie Southard Charlotte Theemling 82 1942 Agnes Bennett Mary Dunning Lorraine Patterson Doris French K ,426 mn 83 70 Vw 551W P H I l A M B IJ A HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. and Mrs. Charles Andrews MiSS GI'-HCC Martin Miss M. Annette Dobbin MiSS Marion Smith Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Feay Presiden t . Vice-Presiden t Secre tary . Treasurer . Mabel Farrell Betty Hulka Bernice Freymeyer Loretta Garry OFFICERS 1939 Mary Kays Jeannette Lawson Mildred Leach 1940 Beulah Gifford Florence Furfaro Betty Hardie Lois Wester Mary Hardie Mabel Farrell Beulah Gifford Esther Mason Lois Wester Hilda Kronovit Mildred Labrum 84 1941 Jean Cady Eleanor Sterling 85 W . f ' .. 9 4 . 1 , HAJ n l f We i slnuum Lnunls T ' ' S 'W FACULTY MEMBERS X we Dr. A. R. Brubacher Miss Agnes Futtefel' ' -f i Miss B. M. Avery Mr. Clarence Hidley l if ' Dr. Ralph Beaver Miss Margaret Betz Miss Marion Chesebrough Dr. Gertrude Douglas Phyllis Arnold Elizabeth Arthur Ruth Butler Ruth Cass Jane Crawford Edith Davis Frances Fallon Charlotte Fox Miss E. Q. Wallace Dr. M. G. Nelson Mr. Raymond Fisk Dr. William French Dr. Thomas Kinsella Miss Eleanor Waterbury Miss Evelyn Wells Miss Evelyn Johnson MEMBERS Peter Hart Betty Hayford Franklin Kehrig Olive King Beatrice Koblenz F. Marion Kurlansik Thomas Laverne joseph Leese Dr. Carleton Moose Miss C. W. Peltz Mr. J. W. Sturm Dr. H. W. Thompson Ruth Pekarsky Adonna Rector Charles Rundel Jane Schultz Ruth Sinovoy Jean Strong Raymond Walters Sylvia Weiss Nh 'NNN' VND N53 2 'lin Mlm, ,gm- ,ff It Xl .Aileen Hansett Kathryn Happel 87 VX, Richard Lonsdale Anthony Wilczynski Dorothy McLean Helen Zeman J. Edmore Melanson Dr. A. R. Brubacher Dean M. G. Nelson Dr. J. M. Sayles Dr. A. K. Beik Dr. W. M. French Presiden t . Vice -Presiden t . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Advisor . . Robert Agone George Amyot Harry Bergstein William Bogosta Hall Downey John P. Edge Herbert Frankel Charles Franklin Ladislau Balog Joseph Cappiello Roswell Fairbank Walter Harper Frank Kluge P A P H I K A P P A FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. E. B. South Dr. R. W. Frederick Dr. D. V. Smith Dr. J. A. Hicks OFFICERS MEMBERS 1939 Leonard Friedlander William Hopke Merrill Hurd Charles Kelley Thomas Laverne Carroll Lehman Cecil Marino J. Edmore Melanson Joseph Muggleton 1940 Stanley Kullman Leonard Kowalsky Joseph McKeon John Shearer Mr. Raymond Fisk Mr. Paul Bulger Dr. A. W. Risley Prof. C. Hidley Dr. C. Moose . . Lawrence Strattner . . Thomas Laverne . . William Torrens . . Robert Agone . Dr. A. Beik Wi liam Ryan Charles Shafer William Sivers James Spence Lawrence Strattner William T orrens Michael Walko Joseph Wells Walter Simmons Stewart Smith . Barnard Tuttle Darwin Van Keuren Alvin Weiss Kappa Phi Kappa is a national professional education fraternity whose purpose is that of promoting the cause of education by encouraging men of sound moral character and recognized ability to engage in the study of its principles and problems. Chi Chap- ter was founded at New York State College for Teachers on April 14, 1927. Under the able guidance of Dr. Beik, with the full cooperation of other members of the faculty, and under the leadership of its president, Lawrence Strattner, the frequent gatherings of the fraternity are given over to the open discussion of professional topics and problems, and are often led by men prominent in the work under discussion. The program for 1938-39 includes such' educational leaders as Dr. Arvie Eldred, Secretary of the New York State Teachers Association, Dr. Herman Cooper, Assistant 88 - 3 ,pn-N X sq-gr' X QQJKN' 'Kola-rw-ff f Commissioner for Teacher Education and Certificationg Dr. Warren Coxe, Director of Educational Research of the State Education Departmentg Dr. Frank Graves, Commis- sioner of Education. Membership in the fraternity is limited to those men who have completed a minimum amount of work in the educational department and Who have the character and ideals likely to make them succeed in the teaching profession. 89 PI GAM HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. A. R. Brubacher Mrs. Lester ,Egelston Dr. Adna Risley Dr. Donnal V. Smith Dr. William French Albert Architzel Ruth Butler John Dorman Betty Fallon MEMBERS Franklin Kehrig Thomas Laverne Joseph Leese Richard Lonsdale CANTO I The Dream MA MU Dr. M. G. Nelson Mr. Clarence Hidley Dr. Adam Walker Dr. Robert Frederick Miss Elizabeth Shaver Rose Perta Marion Rockefeller Jean Strong Helen Zeman Once upon a time there were two freshmen Who came to State. Both had the same I. Q. and M. A. to Decide his fate. The first had been conditioned favorably, The other not, For he was in the anti-social, Designated lot. CANTO II The Achieveznent V The laurel wreath of triumph bright crowned all Trials of the first. But to his doleful constituent went Only the worst. For the first Pi Gamma Mu loomed ahead, Ten dollars due. For the second dark oblivion gaped, His debts were few. ' 901 CANTO III The Compensation Snug sleep those beneath Convictio Their floor of sturdy timber made, Their windows Weatherproof. But cold sleeps he forever, And cold sleep all his kind, For they were born to shiver i In the draft from an open mindfwf P""'Adapted from Phillis McGinley in the New Yorker. 91 n's roof .,, f , 4 if F R A T E R N I T I E S A Q ri r Sr 'Q In the Silence of the Night . . . I am the symbol of a word. Looking at me, you would think of many words . . . but the word QUIET would never enter your mind. I play around, wear other people's clothes, and spend other people's I.O.U.'s, but as a fraternity man I do represent some- thing more. I study, too. On many evenings like this one, I submerge to my ears in books. Come in some night and shout a cheery greeting, then, as throaty bellows of "Quiet" assail the air, you had better beat a hasty retreat. The books that crowded my ears and those of other men in the house will pile rapidly about your profile. Soon, I will raise my head and question the fellow across the room about a point on page 230. We will argue loudly to subtle hints that we should button our lips. Soon the spirit catches and everyone joins the fracas. Subdue us? It's too late now. Besides, it's time for Artie Shaw! 92 INTERFRATERNITY BUUNGIL OFFICERS President . . . Gordon Tabner .... . . Edward Eldred Potter Club Secretary . . . Walter Simmons . . . . . Kappa Delta Rho Treasurer . . . Paul Sapolsky . . . . . Kappa Beta MEMBERS Kappa Delta Rho Edward Eldred Potter Club John Edge Gordon Tabner Joseph Bosley Bernard Gaffney Walter Simmons Willard Frament Kappa Beta Sigma Lambda Sigma Harry Bergstein Charles Shafer Albert Architzel Thomas Laverne Paul Sapolsky William Ryerson To Ye Olde Fraternities: Well, how did you get along this year? Three years ago when you organized me, I had to coordinate only two of you, but this year my job was twice as big, and still a lot of fun, a great year for us all. I say a great year because first of all rushing satisfied everybody: Frats pleased with their F rosh, and Frosh pleased with their frats. With rushing over, my main job was finished, but from the haggard look on your members' faces, it seemed that they had to have some relaxation so . . . Interfraternity Ball. Of course, I lost some money on it, but it had to be a real State dance, didn't it? I haven't anything more to brag about except Spring Banquet, and I guess everyone likes to eat. Right now, I'm trying to revise the constitution. Remember, I started out to help two of you, and that you've doubled in number, I can't always meet your needs. But with my new set of rules, I'm pretty sure that I'll be good for quite a few years. So, until my next report, have fun and good luck. Interfraternity Council Fellowship 93 KAPPA DELTA RHO HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Arthur Kennedy Beik Dr. Abram R. Brubacher Dr. Harry Hastings Dr. Harlan Horner Mr. Edward Cooper ALUMNI ON FACULTY Dr. Ralph A. Beaver Mr. Paul Bulger Dr. M. G. Nelson OFFICERS Pres1den t .... ........ Vice-President . . .... . . Secre tary . . Treasurer . . Pledgemaster . ....... . MEMBERS 1939 Dr. David Hutchison Prof. John M. Sayles Dr. Earl B. South Prof. Derk V. Tieszen Dr. William M. French Joseph Bosley . . Robert Hertwig . R. E. F airbank . . . Otto Howe . . Joseph McKeon Robert Agone Joseph Bosley Fred Bowman Myndert Crounse' John Edge Cornelius Fogarty Robert Gorman William Barrett Raymond Carroll David Dickson R. E. Fairbank Walter Harper John Havko John Bakay William Brophy Stephen Bull Robert Bunn Frank Christensen Leo Giladett David Hayeslip Edwin Holstein Robert Hertwig Charles Kelley Carroll Lehman Donald Loomis Cecil Marino Joseph Muggleton John Murphy 1940 Otto J. Howe Robert Martin Joseph McKeon John N ewstead John Ryan John Shearer 1941 Ralph Clark ' Vincent Gillen 1942 Kenneth Johnson Joseph Larko Carl Marotto Charles McVoy Arnold Paladin Denis Peper Santi Porcino Frank Quattrocchi Thomas Roberts Roland Waterman Clement Wolff Walter Simmons Stewart Smith Philip Sullivan Max Sykes John Walden Alvin Weiss Stephen Kusak Roy McCreary Herbert Oksala Robert Meek Paul Merritt Hubert Moore Lothar Schultze Benson Tybring 94 I I LI I I I I 1 . i, I I I I I I I I I I I ,I I I I, II 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I II II I II I I I I l I I QI W I 95 EI ,I ,II ,I I II 'I J I Dr. Harold W. Thompson Dr. Clarence Hidley Prof. Louis Jones Prof. J. Allen Hicks Presiden t . Secre tary . Treasurer . Robert Clark Richard Dooley Kenneth Doran Lester Dryden Charles Franklin Leonard Friedlander Norman Arnold Larry Balog Joseph Cappiello Robert Cogger Howard Duncan John Eckel Willard Frament John Alden Daniel Bucci William Cameron James Chapell George Clark Frederick Day EDWARD ELDREIJ PUTTER CLUB HON ORARY MEMBERS Mr. Carleton Moose OFFICERS MEMBERS 1939 Bernard Gaffney Julius Hersh Richard Lonsdale Raymond Nible John Nordell Edgar O'Hora Gordan Rand 1940 Kenneth Haser Lloyd Kelly Frank Kluge Stanley Kullman Homer Leggett Roger Moran 1941 Douglas Dillenbeck Leslie Gerts Paul Gratton William Haller Cyril Kilb Robert Mesek Jack Mesek Dr. Robert Frederick Dr. Donnal V. Smith Prof. George M. York Prof. William G. Hardy . Bernard Gaffney . William Haller . Lloyd Kelly Joseph Rowland Gordan Tabner Clarence Van Etten Charles Walsh Raymond Walters Joseph Wells Harold MacGregor James Quinn Edward Tomasian Wilbur Valley Darwin VanKeuren Richard Platt Theron Powell Louis Pasquini Helmuth Schoen Gerald Saddlemire James Snover Stanley Smith Merrill Walrath 96 9 MW . i . 96+ f'Q.ff"fp Alfred Bulmer Edward Burke William Dickson William Dorrance Marlin Ewing Donald Green Leo Griffin 97 1942 Robert Hilton George Seifert Ira Hirsh Clay Sprowls Francis Hoff Ralph Tibbetts William Matthews Jack Vavasour Nicholas Morsillo Glen Walrath Virgil Scott Eivion Williams Ny' W Stanley Woodin MQW riff! SIGMA LAMBDA SIGMA HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Robert Rienow DY- William Kennedy Mr. Chester Terrill Dr. T. Frederick Candlyn Dr. Adam Walker Dr. Charles Andrews Mr. Robert Hinkleman V OFFICERS President ...... . Charles Shafer Vice-President . . Thomas Laverne Secretary August Casper Treasurer John Caramia August Casper Sam Coppolino Robert Anibal Frank Augustine Joseph Blackburn Norman De Neef Louis Fink Louis Francello Robert Agne Eugene Agnello Francis Cassidy Glenn Clark Lloyd Clum Daniel F linn Irving Bliss Peter F ulvio Thomas George MEMBERS 1939 Peter Hart Franklin Kehrig Rogers Marsters 1940 Raymond Grebert Robert Henry Earle Hewitt Robert Karpen Richard Loucks William McCracken 1941 John Gardephe Stephen Godfrey Dennis Hannan Robert Hertel James Maloney Deliio Mancuso Douglas Manley 1942 Harry Jordan John Mitchell . William McCracken John Neuhs Charles Shafer Anthony Wilezynski Albert Parker Emanuel Prymas William Ryerson Edward Simonds Wilford Thomas Fred Weed Howard Merriam Robert Patton Anthony Sardisco Edward Trost William Weyant Joseph Withey J. Maxson Reeves Allen Simmons Edgar Tompkins 98 .n" 1 1 -'-...,, , Y , . Y-,,V, ., W Y. - ,. V, - ' Myq... .- .,..v,.,,,,,, 40, ..- ,. ,,, , - ' - -. , ,N W L- A W ALI-3,-,-,. , , ,1,, 4 HA U A xv N 1 w 1 1 , u J ,A f r 5 f 2 . ri I i L ,. is ii Al . L 'A gi 3: QI 1 1 U fa , 1 5 S 1 I 1 we 5 D r lx 5 Q . W I S .1 1 P 1 I , I Y 2 li :1 i 1 4 W 3 I V 4 I Y E. ,, ,. js Y . 5 A il 1- I l 'u N vi "' 'H' KAPPA B FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. William Clark Dr. Ralph Clausen Dr. Earl Dorwaldt Mr. G. Elliott Hatfield Dr. Carleton Power OFFICERS President . . . ...... . Herbert Frankel Vice-President . . . . Haskel Rosenberg Secretary . Joseph Schwartz Treasurer P3111 Sapolsky 1939 Albert Architzel Max Auerbach Harry Bergstein Irving Fishman Saul Greenwald Harry Karchmer Leonard Kowalsky Gadlin Bodner Arnold Ellerin Louis Greenspan Herman Kleine Bernard Arbit Henry Brauner Q4 Max Edelstein Charles Ettinger Harold Fluster Herbert Frankel 1940 David Minsberg George Pearson Edgar Perretz 1941 David Kotler Norman Levy Hyman Meltz William Miller 1942 Arthur Fox Ainard Gelbond Harry Passow Bernard Perlman Benjamin Gitlin Saul Ikler Richard Ribner Haskell Rosenberg Paul Sapolsky Irving Smith George Stangler Daniel Preston Abraham Savitsky joseph Schwartz J ack Shapiro Alfred Stiller Allen Woodel Norbert Wiseman 100 I 'u ,rv '1 4 ,, .2' ,V ,N ,lg 1 1 1 I X 1 1 l 1 1. 1 5, ,:. 1, ! 3, f , I i it 1, l , , I I I if Qi A 5 . U 1 2- ' 3 I , I, i i 1 I 1 iq , W E , 4 1 1 n' DD xl, A r' S934 gf' if 1 1 Q 1 4 l rf 5 101 I I 1 1 11 5 4 N , K K.- 1 , , 4, . I ,gr , ,wi Q QSQFMR Sm 23 -h :4 1- ,-:fer ifgixxl if irgggas' ,g,5ui',1rCHvs .1 up " .- ' 1 CC 3 fox ,U 6 JI, .R-4 I, 'gifs gg., xc, J , Q- -fy 1 Leaders of Wise Fools -1 f , A 'Q' - , 1 ov ' f ij? X. it Av ,o I J X uk . A WESTERN AVENUE TELEGRAM I 1 T J-1 A Jwjof V , . ,wr --1 ' - 1,14 eff' 'I A ,LJ SCT NY19 41 I ALBANY, NEW YORK RW, .JET Av 351 rf 1939 PEDAGOGUE 1 ' Lou ' 1,5 , ACTIVITIES OFFICE NORTHEAST CORNER DRAPER HALL - Fffx' CLASS OF '41 ARRIVED SAFELY LATE SEPTEMBER STOP GIRLS WITH BEAUTIFUL TANS ' 1 J ' v Then We Reaohed Our Sophomore Glory . . " 102 I .1 ,.f 4 MADE MINERVA SEEM PALER STOP FROSH HANDPICKED BUT LOOK GREEN TO US STOP EDUCATION TEN LOOKS PROMISING STOP AFTER CAMPUS DAY PUSHBALL HAVE DE- CIDED FROSH ARE BETTER IN DAISY CHAIN STOP GIRLS BASKET- BALL TEAM UPHELD SOPH HONOR STOP FROSH BANNER UN COVERED MORE POINTS FOR OUR SIDE STOP DONT STOP MORE POINTS COMING FOR SPIRITED SOPHS JUDGES AGREE WITH '41 THAT HOUSE SHOULD NOT FAVOR POLICY THAT STATE COL- LEGE STUDENTS SHOULD GO STEADY STOP F ROSH QUOTE YOU BROADEN YOURSELF BY BEING NARROW SURPASSED BY SOPH QUOTE PROXIMITY IS BIOLOGICAL- LY TRYING STOP INNOVATION IN FEBRUARY WITH SUPPRESSED DE- SIRE PARTY REVEALED HIDDEN ASPIRATION S STOP FIRE CHIEF BEA DOWER STATUE OF LIBERTY NO- VELLI HULA DANCER RAT TRAY TWINS PETIT AND PARROTT TAR- ZANS MATE VAN VALKENBURG PLUS MYSKANIA CLASS GUARDIANS GIRL df V SCOUT FRIEDLANDER AND OUT- M J 4 DOOR GIRL STRONG STOP SHADOW AQ,v.w LVFJLQF SOIREE LOOMS AS STEVE BULL RM 1 AND COMMITTEE ENGAGE ISHAM Y, JONES STOP NUMBER ONE ON COL- LEGE HIT PARADE THEY SAY SOI- REE STOP LETTER FOLLOWS SECRET AGENT 41 If w a 103 - 1 . - . if ' " 6 S? .4 ' " z , r Qfffw gf . . ,jn- , 1 N ,:J+5-1,1-sazsfeifzvfzaez. .SK 1.4 ha ' , "1 I .45 . 'W' 2 A .1 ,,i1?3g7ti5" L 3 1, ..,-g, r A-5' 3 2, A FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Agnes Futterer Miss Ruth Hutchins HON ORARY MEMBER Dr. A. R. Brubacher OFFICERS President . . Virginia Bolton if Secretary . . Ruby Stewart Treasurer . . Vivian Livingston UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Virginia F urey '39 Jane Wilson '40 Mary Miller 41 Drarrzatjo Council . . . in the range of the spotlight Z, Z x g ,QZMQQ S 'F' 1 .....,...J" was S x Stitch in time . . . for Columbine DRAMATIC AND ART ASSUCIATIUN Just twenty years ago, there was felt a need for an activity which would be of a purely cultural and broadening nature to supplement the highly-organ- ized college curriculum. A small group of students found an answer to that need in amateur dramatics. As participation increased, the benefits to be derived, practical as well as aesthetic, were realized by mcre and more of the students and faculty. Due to this increased interest, it was decided to organize this activity into an association which was to sponsor the productions of all plays, whether directed by faculty or students. Aside from the artistic experience entailed in acting, the entire production of a play involved artistic knowledge to plan sets, costumes, and adver- tisements. For every play, it was necessary to call upon the art department for assistance in these details. Gradually, the feeling arose that the art department should be recognized as working to- gether with the dramatics association. Accord- ingly, the name was changed to Dramatic and Arts Association. The council of the association is com- posed of two members from the three upperclasses. Two new members are selected every spring from the Freshman class on the basis of interest and cooperation with council. The council is completed by the director of dramatics, and director of art. Soon after the formation of this council, the student budget was set up and an appropriation was made to Dramatic and Art Council. As a result, council has been enabled to finance, not only the three one-act plays of the Elementary Dramatic class and the Advanced Dramatics class spring pro- duction, but also to bring to State College many outstanding dramatists, authors, and artists in the dramatic iiefd. In the years since, State has been privileged to enjoy such personalities as John Drink- water, Alexander Woolcott, the Abbey Players, Nazimova, Ruth Draper, Blanche Yurka, Walter Hampden, Laura Lorenson, and Wilfred Walter. It was not until 1936 that Dramatic and Art council succeeded in obtaining an appropriation from student budget to cover the Weekly plays, one- act student directed plays of the Advanced Dramatic plays. These have offered a gay bit of diversion for college students. New equipment for the stage, greater student interest and support, the work of Mr. Hardy's stagecraft class on sets, and the guid- ance of Miss Futterer have all added to the improve- ment of the quality of these plays. State has produced such successes as, "Yellow Jacket," "Berkley Square," "Death Takes a Holi- day," "Lady Windemere's Fan," and "Hayfever." The 1939 production is to be the "Cradle Song" which if perfect casting indicates anything, promises to rise to all previous productions. The Drama and the Arts 'I 54 H ,72- S' FY I 1 '. qgiifgmtd ' rf' 1' i, SE z i nn. . 1, Gish Rffy 'rw ' I 1 fai K3 ff: I fl I1 5632946 5 sir f ffl? " F ,Vis .J i 1 " A "W I 1 fl gk lv gi' wif ' 4 1 if rf" 'Q ' .-.ll .,l-5' There was a young bunch entered State, Who were all pretty swell, thanks to Fate, By Simmons were bossed, By rivalry lost, And someone threw Walt in the lake. That very first year in the fall They met with a game called Pushball The girls used their might In a swell winning light Which pleased '39 not at all. Next boss was a lad from Pegville, And '40 thought much of his skill. One night he was captured, Not one bit enraptured, Spent the night in a garage lit to ' Kell." Along came more Frosh . . . '41 Who thought inter-class rivalry fun, Although everyone tried, The '4l's tied, v With the Sophs . . . alas! nobody won! But Sophs became Juniors at last And found themselves backed with a past, And settled right down To a life of renown With Sully now heading the cast. To State came the F rosh . . . '42 They hardly knew just what to do. 'Til the Junior Advisors And System-Revisors Showed them all what is what-who is who '40 casts straw vote for Governor TING Prom Passes . . . Pondering Progresses And now they've been so long at State 54.09 11 As teachers they almost do rate. At least they all go y If ,LA- Some fast, others slow . . . To Methods class mornings at eight. , q And then came the long-looked-for scene . . ' 1 ,40's own Junior Prom's what I mean 0431, I A Reggie Childs played a song, And the class moved along . . . Dau- - QV' To see Jane Wilson crowned as their queen . ,L the wheel of old for tune still spins A Pointing out just who 'JP loses, who wins . . . Whether May or De- cember We'l1 always remem- ber Old '40 . . . that's where life begins! Z' y M. pw W' ,V , , off Q 3 l folIy ' .ff f ay, qw xr 6 I S Aiwa T 1 -f A. y gift fi M T H E N E W S B 0 A R IJ Jean Strong , , Editor-in-Chief -IE Edgar O'Hora . . Co-Editor-in-Chief was Robert Hertwig . . . I Managing Editor gf, Otto Howe . . Leonard Kowalsky . . Sally Young . Victoria Bilzi . Joan Byron . . Grace Castigline Charles Franklin Betty Clark . . William Ryan . Joseph Bosley . THE STAFF What's the News Today? Associate Managing Editor Associate Managing Editor Associate Managing Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Circulation Manager . Men's Sports Editor Women's Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor r I fx 108 State College News voL. xxui, No. r. STATE COLLEGE, ALBANYn N. Y. PUBLISHED WEEKLY Delegates Recall, Vivid Memories Ut New York Trip "SubwayShuft1e"ls Highlight Of Week-end Jam Fest In the Big City When looking back on four years of NEWS work the seniors remember the prom convention they attended as Juniors when 'our Jennie" distinguished herself as lcctuh-r,"Toya"as a swing cat and 0'Hora disgraced himself as a "jitterbug," and Hertwig as a star gazer. From the seriousncm of the c0nvcntion's meetings to the "jam" sessions at Nick's with Hackett and Blowers, the week- end was a journalistic and ener- vating Success. The days were spent listening to proftmionals such as Murphy, Baer and Mc- Manus and the nights were spent languishing to the soothing music of B. Goodman, C. Callo- way, B. Hackett, and J. Marsala or listening to the homely witti- cisms of "The Women." Mis Victoria Bilzi, business manager, was acclaimed as the inventor of a new step, the Sub- way Shuffle, to the rhythm of Cantata for Commuters. And then in the lighter vein we' have the long serious Search of Robert Hertwig to hnd thc planetariuin and a burlesque show. He, after much difficulty, found the show on 42nd Street. Other social Successes of the NEWS have been the banquets conducted at the New Kenmore and Panetta'S with after dinner festivities consisting of parades, speechts, and tumbling acts. All in all, even on the New York trip, we've been lucky at cards and love. Seniors Do Not Moum At Demise of Notorious Of the many things the class of '39 has to look back upon is the death of two of the most notorious inhabitants of State College. During the last year the Man of State died of a lingering illncs. He has long been ailing and as his condition became worse even his best friends, the NEws board, did not sigh at his departure. He had lived his life and only his declining days were weak ones. The other passing was less regretted as he has long been known .as Public Enemy to Humor, number one and has always been a sickly child. There were no tears shed at his funeral. None mourned the passing of the Lion. 'wenty-Six Were Editors of "News" Eleven women and fifteen men have occupied the position of editor-in-chief of the STATE CoL- LEGE NEWS. All the editors have been seniors except Alfred Ded- icke, '18, who was a junior when he occupied the position. The editors-in-chief are. Alfred E. Dedicke, '18, Kathryn Cole, '18, Donald M. Lower, '19, Ken- neth P. Holben, '20, F. Reginald Bruce, '21, Louise D. Persons, '22, Robert MacFarlane, '23, Dorothy V. Bennit, '24, Kath- leen E. Furman, '25, Harry S. Godfrey, '26, Edwin Van Klecck, '27, Virginia Higgins, '28, Wil- liam M. French, '29, Louis J. Wolner, '30, Netta Miller, '31, George P. Rice, '32, Alvina R. Lewis, '33, Marion C. Howard, '34, Dan Van Leuvan, '35, Ruth Williams, '35, Karl D. Ebers, '36, Harry T, Gumaer and Fred Dexter, '37, Sophie Wolzok, '38, and Edgar O'Hora and Jean Strong, '39. Junior Class Has Past Success In Dances, Banquet Pusbball V By Robert E. 1-lertwig Three years ago, three hundred green freshmen took upon them selves the class color of green, organized, and became "we, the class of '39." Our first days under the guidance of our junior broth- ers and sisters from the class of 1937 were gay, carefree ones, punctuated with many a recep- tion and party to further "orien- tate" us to the way of college. Then came the first awakening. Page after page of standardized tests were issued to us and we realized that college life is not all play. Between study and "bull" ses- sions, we carried on a determined rivalry with the class of 1938. Under the leadership of Tynan and Baker, we marched through such battles as banncr rivalry, sings, debates, pushball, basket- ball, and mascot hunt. Victory seemed near, but a rainy Moving- up day for over-confidence, led to defeat. Our opponents received the decision for the step sing and thereby won the rivalry. During the mascot hunt we had opportunity to explore the unknown and haunted corners of the State College buildings, even though the mascot evaded Simond's searching fingers. In pushball, we proved our superior strength over the '38crs and won both encounters, but not without elfort. Knox climaxed our un- organized rivalry by agreeing CD to forego regulation formal attire and wear burlap and iodine to Soiree. As sophomores we followed the lead of Edge and Ades. Rivalry was just as paramount in our minds as during the preceding year, but our past experience and superior powers made the class of 1940 fall easy victims. Only three points were they able to wrest from us. Class banquet in March was a huge success. Thanks go to Byron and Maycock as co-chair- men of the affair, and to Mr. Jones and Mr. Hardy for their splendid production of "Mac 39." April and Soireel.0ur first fonnal function. State students still talk about the grand time at Soir-ec with Bunny Berigan. Then came September, 1937, and we were "upperclassmcn." Actual rivalry participation was supplanted by the role of advisers to thc new freshman class. Now at last, we have come to that climactic time in the social life of every college student- Junior Week-end. Tonight,' the Prom-with Claude Hopkins, to- morrow, the tea dance-with Gordie Randall. "News" Announces Six Desk Editors Sophomore Group Advance to Board Assistants from Reporters The News Board conducted a meeting Monday night during which six sophomores were select- ed to Senge as sophomore desk editors of the News for the re- mainder of the school year. Edgar p'l'lora and Jean Strong, seniors, co-editors of the News, announce that those pro- moted are: Alice Abclovc, Wil- liam Cameron, Beatrice Dower, Sylvia Greenblatt, Stephen Ku- Sak, and .lohri Murray. ' Each November, from four to six sophomore reporters who have been trying out for these positions are,selected. The selec- tion is based on the amount of work done and the quality of this work, and on the general interest which they have displayed in journalism, On Moving-up day in May three associate managing editors are chosen from the sophomores to serve during the junior year. From these in turn, the editor and the managing editors for the senior year are chosen. The sports department of the News announces that the filling of the positions of assistant sports editors will be done on a Selective. basis, depending on the same qualifications as those used in determining sophomore desk edi- tors. The rnen's sports editor is Charles Franklin, '39, and the women's sports editor is Betty Clark, '40. People interested in trying out may report to them. Cub claxcs for freshmen are bcing conducted on Monday and Tuesday noons at 12:00 o'clock in room 111, with Otto Howe and Leonard Kowalsky, junior asso- ciate managing editors, in charge this semester. Saul Greenwald and Sally Young, juniors, feature editor and asociatc managing editor, respectively, will teach the classes next semester. The attendance in these classes is used in choosing reporters for next year. Editorial Campaigns Have Great Success 1939 "News" Editorial Policy Leads Student Opinion Rounding out a year of jour- nalistic effort at State, the Nr:wS can look back upon successful editorial campaigns carried on in a fearless and democratic mannef. Our editorial on sorority rush- ing stimulated agitation for the replacement of the antiquated system. Intersorority council saw fit to change the time of rushing from the killing mid-term week to a week end in Dccember,sav- ing many nervous persons from breakdowns and other ailments. And then after an extended campaign by the News through the columns, Personal View- points- and Commentstater, State College. suddenly found itself with clocks in every corner -the Commons, the Activities office and above Room X. The faculty sponsors of the Greek play last year thought that interest was lagging in an- other such project for this year until the News editorial assured them that there was interest and that the students felt the n-ccd for such a cultural production. With this as a basis the faculty were able to plan for another Greek play to be conducted In the Amphitheatre in the spring. Another editorial success for the STATE COLLEGE Nsws. Strung and 0'Hora To Be Editors of The "News" Wu: Right! Long Litre the "Newa"! And then there was that day in assembly when unsuspect- ingly Jim Spence got up and said, "Contrary to the STATE COLLEGE N1-lWS,n and so on. The next speaker was Jean Strong, co-editor, saying, "lf persons interested in having stories printed will not give us rorrect information they can not expect the stories to be correct and therefore have no right to their little 'con- trary' statement." And so there died, squelched to death. the little beast of assembly programs, the "contrary to the STATE COLLEGE NEWS." Editnrslkelease New "News" Board The STATE COLLEGE NEws board for 1939 wish to announce their successors for thc class or' 1940. The NEWS board for 1939 includes Edgar B. 0'Hora and Jean N.M.N. Strong as co-edi- tors-in-chief, Robert Hertwig as managing editor, Toya Bilzi as business manager, Joan Byron as advertising manager, Billie Castigline as circulation manag- er, Otto Howe, Len Kowalsky, Sally Young as associate rnanag- ing editors. The able associate editors have worked hard and long for ad- vancement to the position of editor-in-chief and it is with difficulty that we make a deci- sion at this time. Among the sophomore desk editors there has also been consistent rivalry for advancement. The editor and managing editors for 1940 will include the following as edi- fContmu:d an Page 3, column 51 1938-39 News Howe, Kowalsky, and Young Are Associate Editors For Next Year HERTWIG T0 ASSIST Bilzi, Byron, and Castigline Head Business Board .ln New Setup Jean Strong and Edgar B. 0'Hora, juniors, will serve as co-editors of the STATE COLLEGE Nrzws for thc coming year of 1938-39. Managing editor will be Robert Hcrtwig, '39. Under this system of co-editor- ship, one will act as editor the first semestc-r,while the other will take charge the following semes- ter. Thc arrangement will be dependent on the teaching schcd- ule of each. Assisting Miss Strong and O'1'lora, will be the following who will act as associate manag- ing editors: Otto Howe,'Leonard Kowalsky, and .Sally Young, sophomores .The business board will include: Victoria Bilzi, '39, as business manager, Joan M. Byron, '39, advertising manager, and Grace B. Castigline, '39, as circi lation manager. The sports department will be composed of Charles Franklin, '39, editor, William Ryan and Joseph Bosley, juniors, assis- tants, Betty Clark, women's sports cditgr. Junior assistants to the busi- ,ness board are: Harriet Sprague, '40, assistant business manager, Kenneth Haser, '40, assistant advertising manager, and Mary Gabriel,,'40, assistant circulation manager. Feature editors are J. Edmore Melanson and Charles Walsh, juniors, and Saul Greenwald, '40. "AlIegorical" Stunt is of Present E mbfyo "News" Organization Twenty-two years ago the first issue of the STATE COLLEGE NEWS came oh' the presses. The first issue was a four-column affair with the lead story announcing the arrival of Professor George York as head of the Commerce department and of Miss Mary E. Cobb as librarian. Another prom- inent story featured the fact that the class of 330 members in the incoming Freshman group was the largest ever to enter State and. that the ratio of women to men had been reduced from 10 to 1 to 5 to 1 that year. The organization of the NEWS may be credited directly to the claw of 1918. In their sophomore year they departed from the usual procedure of class stunts and instead gave an allegorical showing the existing need for a newspaper at State College. The idea received much attention and later in the year the sopho- more class received the permis- sion of Dr. A. R. Brubacher, president of the college, to pub- lish a newspaper the following fall. On October 4, 1916, the first issue appeared. It was generous in size, six pages, but the reading matter was heavily "1eaded." In the beginning the paper was financed by subscriptions and several times publication had to be suspended for a week due to insuliicient funds, but in the spring of 1917 the student budget plan was adopted and the NEWS was included under the blanket tax. The four-column makeup was used until 1925 when the change was made to the present five- column system. Only in the latter part of 1935, when the student budget was especially low has the NEWS ever returned to its origi- nal four-column makeup. At first the NEWS was quar- tered in Room X along with the Alumni Quarterly and the Peda- gogue. Later it had its office in the present Cafeteria Annex. THE STATE CULLEGE lION The accompanying picture of the Lion Board is what is called a "Candied Camera" shot. It records the sole occasion in a whole year when the entire board was present at a scheduled meeting. Vain people. Such Peddy instincts. Candied indeed. Kowalsky knows better than to hold a magazine that way. He knows which is top and which is bottom when he looks at a picture. Notice the post in the immediate foreground. Walsh, who is standing in the back- ground pretending to read, once placed some Lion copy on that post and it split. Funny people. This picture originally included a view of the L1'on's neat and orderly cabinet. By protest of the varied activities, led by Echo, that section of the picture was removed, thus erasing the embarrassing contrast. The system indicated by Lion's precise and teacherly treatment of properties was a great factor in Lion's successful year, Ci.e. good business management brought forth competition between editorial and business boards for space in the magazine, competition increased calibre of both, and now Lion has a new typewriter: success.D Smart people. "In the L1'on's De-nn 110 ,.-,-..i-.-.-1-. Don't you believe it! Lonsdale has only two hands. They suffice, however, to keep the Lion in type and the News in humiliation. Trademarked "Cuthbert" by way of Cuthbert being his middle name, R. Lonsdale gave as good as he got this year. Suave editor: managed a laugh for everyone's efforts. Untiring person. Note picture. Brown and Franklin feign interest convincingly. Talented people. Notice trademarks: Brown's pencil, Franklin's pipe. CFranklin traded matches for to- bacco.D A Rand appears to be thinking. Looking ' Boulward," he may be fashioning patter for negotiation of dime loan, or may be shaping twin stories for Lonsdale and Sandburg about how much work he is doing on the other magazine. Then again, he might be just looking out the window. Gaffney and Dibble pool resources with Lynn winding up behind "Eightball.,' Gaffney proved himself worth a mint in keeping phrases coined by Lioneers in circulation, while Dibble managed the Exchange. Candied picture indeed! The Lion office just won't hold that many people, especially since MAA muscled in. Sociable people. Not pictured are dozens of staff members and cubs, hearty believers in Lion humor Once a week Walsh told them what was funny and what wasn't, with illustrations from the Lion. Modest people. CSee 1940 Ped for muggings of said budding humoristsj Also not included in the camera shot are hundreds of laughing students, sobriety undone by Lion humor, all a part of the Lion system. Lion grew up to satire this year, manufactured smiles and guffaws with equal ease. Perpetual feud with the News was artfully sustained, including banishment of the Statesman. Candied indeed! Lion cheerfully joins 1939's salute to two swell fellows, Jones and Hardy, incorpo- rating in its salute a thorough-going recognition of true wit and good fun. entertained in the company of sheer ability and good sense as exemplified by said Hardy and Jones. It is to that end we have aspired, that in failure we have expired teaches us greater admi- ration and respect. Yet such failure does not mean whole failure, for if we have amused or interested our fellow students, we have not funned in vain. 111 ' Inf surf course funn BOARD MEMBERS Editor-in Chief . .,........ . Pearl Sandberg Managing Editor . . ' Gordon Rand Business Manager . . ' Edgar Peffefz Advertising Manager . . ' HaSke11ROSenbCfg Art Editors ..... . Henrietta Halbreich Mary Halpin The Echo, you know, once incorporated the news Of the college, and the humor, As well as being a reflection of student Creative thought. But the time came for the Echo to sever Itself from extraneous material And become a truly literary magazine And so it did. ' The Echo is democratic in concept, For what the students write The Echo prints . . . i.e., if it has The requisites of good literature. Poetry, short stories, verse, essays- Do you write? Send your manuscript to the Echo! At the end of the year There are prizes offered to the parents Of the most artistic brain-children. Any student whose contribution Is printed in the Echo during the year Is eligible. Pearl Sandberg, Hall Downey, Gweineira Williams, Won the prizes last June. The Echo, May 1938, was honored By printing a short story That was accepted this year by a Current magazine! You might be interested in looking through The bound copies of the Echo . . . They are in the library, And they will give you a review Of trends in State College thought Since the time State was a normal school That was forty-nine years ago, So you can see plenty of time has elapsed For plenty of material to be written About plenty of things. It might soften your heart to read 112 A tender sonnet on the loveliness of some Lost love, written by a teacher You had in high school Who marked your English exam At sixty-four! Remember, when the sad, sad days of parting All too soon arrive, You will want your copies of the Echo Among your souvenirs, . To bring back old times, old friends And familiar scenes. The Echo is valuable now, But, like wine, ' Mellowness will come with age, To bring it greater value. The Echo this year, capably directed By Pearl Sandberg, Has tried to uphold and expand The standards already attained. Three times this year you received A bright-covered Echo. In it you have found the personal Expression of what your fellow-students Have conceived through thought, Experience and artistic ability. We hope it suited your taste, And whetted your appetite for more Next year. Students Speak . . . Echo Resounds . 41 ' of' 17575 I5-4 4 11: H 1 a MQ 9 'ff pw srunfnr CHRISTIAN ASSUCIATI Yi fa? M pit!-xii Vt bw ff' 5 . I K 4 T ' IA . J, I .3 , E 'Y 2 'E ii' qi' .5 31 :mg lf' W5 6 ' . 'K ' K ui . ,' " i . . 'I " organization has been centered about four commissions: Students and Religion, Marriage Education, Community Understanding, and Freshman Orientation. Wagga giving' gy : I 5 ,rib Z gi 55 Besides the profitable discussions with faculty, students, and local people on the background of the religious and on the development of a personal philosophy, the Students and Religion Commission, under the leadership of Janet Gurney and Richard Lonsdale, has brought to the campus speakers for round table discussions, including Rabbi Philip Bernstein of Rochester and Professor Ligon of Union College. A commission which attracted much attention and com- ment was the Marriage Education Commission, led by Carolyn Mattice and Gordon Tabner. Faculty members, especially Dean Moreland, helped in discussions on the various phases of the subject: but the big event of the year was the visit of Homell Hart from Duke University. Through the Community Understanding Commission, members have visited the Children's Court, the Child's Cul- tural Division of Vincentian Institute, and local industries. The Freshman Commission is an organization to help freshman men and women learn about the traditions of the college and to help them fit into the social life of the campus. ' - Crew of S.S.S.C.A. ' -'fiQl u-.:mm UN The Student Christian Association of State College, through its activities, is a fellowship of all men and Women students, endeavoring to make college life a richer and fuller ex perience. SCA this year includes about 500 men and women students. The program oft "Rocky" cha ts with a notable speaker - C. 5 114 l he i ,W W ,C , Walking into a conference. The Student Christian Association at State is affiliated with the National Intercollegiate Christian Council and with the World Student Christian Federation. Student conferences this year were held at Union College and Lake Mohonk. Besides, State College was host to a Hi-Y Teachers' Training Conference while the Hi-Y Assembly was meeting in Albany. Also, there is an annual summer conference at Silver Bay on Lake George at which State's SCA is represented by both men and women. OFFICERS President . . ...... . Marion Rockefeller Vice-President . . . Carolyn Mattice Treasurer .......... . Mary Trainor Undergraduate Representative . . Jean Mitchell 115 Address A11 Communica- tions to Studen t Council STUDENT CUUNCIL Let's see. There's Edge from Cold Spring, Hayford from Tarrytown, Sullivan from Walden, Kelly from Margaretville, Walrath from Schenectady, Larko from Binghamton, and Smith from Buffalo. Is State well represented in Student Council? Well, geographi- cally anyhow. And the State is called to order! John Porter Edge, dean of College House, carefully lowers his feet from the desk top. Dignity is one of his stocks in trade. John uses no gavel: he rules with an iron hand! Robert's rules of order are followed to the letter, but yet there's an informal air. What business is transacted in these weekly meetings of Student Council? The Constitution gives a general outline of the authority of the Council. Few of its many duties are to arrange programs for Student Association meetings, provide for the publication of a student directory, to appoint Campus Commission, to enforce the point System, to charter all boards, committees, and associations securing support frO111 the Association through the budget, to execute all legislation passed by the Association, to regulate and supervise interclass rivalry and to direct the social activities of Moving- Up Day, Campus Day, Freshman Reception and Activities Day. This all sounds too broad. A look into the minutes of these meetings adds detail: 116 Oct. 4 . . . Dr. Clausen and Dr. Hicks were appointed in charge of the faculty team for softball game with the Seniors. Nov. 10 . . . Mr. Larko and Mr. Walrath were requested to check on the possibility of holding a rivalry debate in assembly on Nov. 18. Dec. 5 . . . Group was appointed to represent State College at the Union College con- ference for aiding German refugee students. ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS fNotes again bring out a few of the year's highlightsj Sept. 23 . . . President Brubacher: "Liberal Education which seeks to rid you of preju- dices must build a foundation of knowledge, sympathy, understanding, and a spirit of tolerance." . 1 Oct. 28 . . . Debate between the Juniors and Sophs . . . subject . . . Resolved: That the Federal Government should have full power to regulate national advertising. Nov. 4 . . . The Frosh class paraded around the auditorium singing "Life is very Different." Nov. 11 . . . Armistice Day . . . Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Individual responsibility to influence the government in peace measures must be exercised. The danger to democracies lies in the fact that people won't carry their own shareiof responsibilities. If we renew the vow of individual responsibility every Armistice Day, this country's future will be safe." A Nov. 18 . . . Mary Trainor, song-leader, directed a student talent program. The Lion Board presented an autographed copy of the Lion to Robert Hertwig, managing editor of the News, for the best quote of the first quarter of the year. His quote was, "Not with- standing a statement in the News to the contrary." 1 Dec. 2 . . . Under the direction of Miss Rita Benedict, the play, "The Duchess Says Her Prayers" was presented. Dec. 9 . . . Rabbi Bernstein . . . "War is not a glorious crusade but an institution in which a piece of steel is more precious than the life it takes. Try to preserve in America an island of sanity in a world that threatens to go mad." j Dec. 16 . . . Dr. Candlyn directs Chorus Society . . . Christmas songs. Jan. 6 . . . Mr. E. J. Smith of the Narcotic Division of the State Department of Health: "Marijuana creates a drive that leads to exhibitionism with sexual, homicidal, and sui- cidal tendencies. Its chief sales point is fostered by the thought that under the influence of marijuana anything seems possible." Jan. 20 . . . Rivalry Debate. Frosh and Sophs. Resolved: That this house favor the policy that State College students should go steady. 6 Feb. 17 . . . Dr. Sayles, in connection with Alumni Drive towards construction of a Residence Hall for men: "Alumni in the future might purchase the entire block surround- ing the Alumni Residence Hall and create a real campus." There you have a colorful parade of the year's highlights as arranged by Student Council and taken from Student Association Notes. And that is the story of Student Council and its functions. It's a democratic part of a democracy. :1 1 7 FINANCE BUARD OFFICERS Ch . . Professor George York airman . - ' ' . . M .H'dl Treasurer . r 1 ey MEMBERS 1939 Hilah Foote Joseph Muggleton 1940 Joseph McKeon Jack Ryan 1941 Steve Paris DOLLARS AND SENSE This sense idea all began back in 1919 when Finance Board was organized to manage the iinancing of student-run activities. It seems that the college was inspired to giving audience to bigger and better artists . . . Finance Board gave D and A and Music Council their opportunity. Then the publications of our noble institution . . . namely, the News, the Echo, and the Lion, Cof course the Lionlj . . . decided that they should startle the eyes of all those in college who had mastered the art Cor who had been born with the knackj of knowing how to read. Our boy and girl athletes got on the bandwagon toog and then the Board decided that something should be done for the weaklings, so they allowed the rest of us poor studes an infirmary benefit of ten dollars . . . at least it was a beneht after we had paid our tax. How did the innovation of a Student Board of Finance accomplish such noble ends? By a simple twist of the wrist . . . or so the Board would have the public believe . . . a budget of expense for the college year was drawn up, and a student tax decided upon and collected from each of our illustrious brothers and sisters in learning. At least it wasn't so hard to draw up the budget and decide upon the amount of the tax. It required a little more than Jiu-Jitsu to persuade some to give. So in 1937, at the suggestion of DT- BfUbaChC1', the payment of student tax was made compulsory. The entire college benefits by this in two distinct ways, in recommendations for positions by the Appoint- ment Bureau . . . those ever elusive jobs! . . . and in a fuller, less hampered program of student-run activities. 118 Every spring, the Board arranges the new budget for the following year and presents it to the Student Association in assembly. By drawing up the budget in the spring, it is possible for the new Board to collect the tax at the opening of college in the fall, and correspondingly, for the student activities to get under way almost immediately. We have never had a tax higher than fourteen dollars and for the past few years it has remained at ten dollars, which fact should prove interesting to you fellas. See what you are getting in comparison to those of the old school? And every Tuesday noon, the Board has more fun! They sacrifice thirty-live whole minutes of dancing each week Qyes, the members all dance . . . odd, isn't it?D just to settle the financial problems of each and every one of us . . . within reason, of course. And you should see Mr. Hidley review slowly and carefully the day's business, while Professor York stews in impatience to be gone hence. It's too cute! And if you are bothered to read this far, gentle reader, you may just possibly have a wavering idea of what Finance Board is and does, and how wise it was back in 1919 to organize the august body to hoard and mete out your shekels. Optimism is a lovely thing, isn't it? "Balancing the budget . . . zss:w,vi YW Wfkygf fail AN y Czfgf fgfxx. :-:sw , 119 CCMMERCE CLUB OFFICERS .President .... ...... . . . William D. Ryan ViCe-P,eSjde1-,f , , . J. Edmore Melanson Secfetafy , , , . . . .... Ellen Jebbett Treasurer .................................. William Sivers Active? You bet! And why not? This, the fifteenth anniversary of the Commerce Club's founding! Our first success: Early in the fall, Fran Riani led a membership drive which brought into the club over 100 students. With this membership as a backbone we began. Bill Ryan together with the executive com- mittee laid plans for our Business Machine show. Success number two: On October 27, 28, 29, the commercial departments of over 30 high schools, business schools, and colleges in the Capital district attended our elaborate show. It shall not be forgotten with its 'host of exhibitors, its many and diverse forms of business machines, its talented demonstrators: Charles E. Zoubeck, C. S. R., and Chester Soucek, speed typistg its untiring workers: Ryan, Amyot, Melansoii, and 'Gebe, Dolan, Howe, Bishop, and Jebbett. Then followed more activity: some real, first-class meetings. We appreciated Dr. Kinsella's frank discus- sions of the practice teacher in commerce, we were interested in Mr. Bulger's optimism for the commercial teacher, we enjoyed Mr. Henry Stock, Advertising Manager of the Knickerbocker News: we came to a better understanding of the friendship of Professor York and our department. We can't forget our quarterly, the Com Forum, editored by Melanson and Ryan. For a mimeographed periodical, we think it fulfilled its obligation to the department amiably well. We recognize the handicaps it -encountered, which only makes us appreciate it more. Then the climax: our spring banquet honoring Professor York, and other members of the commerce department, also Mr. Clinton Reed, President of the Chamber of Commerce. as our guest speaker. 120 1, NEWMANCLUB QSnatches From the Secretary's Notebookj Frosh Reception . . . President Strattner welcomes newcomers . . . Introduces chaplain Father Keefe . . . vice-president Melanson . . . secretary Alice Brown . . . treasurer Helen Leary . . . good food . . . good music . . . good time. Regular Thursday Meeting . . . Newman Hall . . . Benediction . . . Chapel of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Ideals of Club perpetuated by council . . . Plans discussions . . . spiritual . . . educational . . . social. Annual Communion Breakfast . . . Mass at Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes . . . whispered prayers . . . Holy Communion . . . Breakfast in Vincentian Cafeteria . . . Father Mensing . . . dean of Sienna . . . inspiring speaker. Concert . . . Knickerbocker Symphony Orchestra . . . Page Hall . . . lovely ushers. Harvest Dance . . . old clothes . . . rural rhythm . . . Jack Ryan's barn-dance swing . . round dance . . . square dance . . . everybody danced. Seamus O'Duilearga . . . Club sponsors Commissioner of Irish folk-lore . . . Dr. Thompson introduces . . . tales of Erin. St. Patrick's Day Dance . . . sophisticated . .L . orchids to "Bid" Dolan's committee . . . appropriate color scheme . . . green decorations . . . green ties . . . green dresses . . . orchestra -not green. Lenten Retreat . . . Holy Name's Academy . . . stirring sermons . . . rosary . . . days of penance. I Convention . . . R. P. I .... delegates . . . Mary Agnes Metzger presides as president of Central New York Province. Dreams . . . visions . . . plans . , . hopes . . . an ever-growing Newman Club . . . reality! Leaders of Catholic Action DEBATE CUUNCIL Brief : Debate Council. Proposition, Resolved: That Debate Council has had a very successful year. Definition of Terms: Debate Council . . . Friedlander, Leese, Friedman, Wilson, Hayford, Lonsdale, Sullivan. History of the Question: 1. The following college teams were entertained at home: Marquette, Hamilton, Hartwick, St. Lawrence, Hofstra, Buffalo, R. P. I. 2. The varsity traveled to the western part of the state in March and to New York at the end of March. Aiiirma tive: I The varsity was given excellent coaching A. Mr. William Hardy coached the upperclassmen B. Mr. Louis Jones coached the freshmen B' II All debaters received pre-debate training Both freshmen and upperclassmen attended seminars III State College played an important part at the State Debate Conference IV The schedule was well planned by Miss Friedman A. There was a variety of home debates B. The squad traveled to the following colleges: Hartwick, Hobart, Hough- ton, Keuka, Elmira, Rochester, Niagara, Nazareth, Fordham, New Rochelle, and Cornell. Together for argumen ts' sake 122 "Sapientia non seca sed dooendi causal" MEMURIES UF MILNE Milne is a strange place. It remains the same but your reaction to it depends on your vantage point. 1 What Milne means to a Freshman . . . a name mentioned by Seniors . . . the place beyond the auditorium . . . a bugaboo very far in the future . . . an awesome place . . . where motivation is more than a four syllable word! What Milne means to a Sophomore . . . a still far distant experience . . . where the chapter on problem children lives . . . where We must be ethical . . . Where you invariably go up and down the wrong stairs . . . where the traffic squad takes delight in making you feel like a first degree offender . . . where order is next to godliness! What Milne means to a Junior . . . a vague fear becoming most immediate . . . where a club has charge of you . . . where you serve five days a Week . . . where you shiver, shake, stutter, and make an all-round fool of yourself for an hour Qthey call it Junior teachingj! What Milne means to a Senior . . . the place where they keep the Appointment Bureau . . . Where Seniors have interviews . . . where your supervisor is your severest critic and your best friend . . . Where windows and shades are all important . . . where records are sacred and Miss Hayes' office is the holy of holies . . . the place that scares you, but fascin- nates you . . . the place where "your kids" are the best in the school and you'll dare any- one to disagree . . . the place Where uncertainty ends, and reality begins when the contract is signed! 123 4 we M . 5 if I I IJ "ii wnMfN's ATHLETIC Assncumnn i is A w, L Q57 HoNoRARY MEMBERS ' i if ,,55QigE? Mrs. Derk T ieszen Dr. Caroline Croasdale t Dr- Matie GTC-ICH Miss Isabelle Johnston Miss Margaret H1'CChC0Ck i 5 HoNoR coUNc1L i 1937 1938 fs Q Elizabeth Morrow Thelma Miller 'fr l C Elsa smith Phyllis Jobsoj-fl ,gf I o L 0 1939 Y L Elizabeth Allen 'X5 E R 07 Dorothy MacLean , bg-7,1 . Q 'V if f ,M i Wx Participation in Women's Athletic Asso N f . . - y ciation affords fun and fellowship. All women 1 'C students become members on payment of .ll I L W if wi l ll ll li li SYM! . f ll il li ,. ll gli l .li A! l 1 J' iv ll ll I fx 4. ,1 Q1 ll l l ll 11' 'x 1 i K W. P. A .... Woman President of Athletics The rest of Council Cin all four- teenj works on activities. For ex- ample, Jinny Elson keeps the asso- ciation within the budget, Fran Riani records the notesg Ann Nor- berg publicizesg Dot MacLean keeps the alums in mindg Madolyn Beers keeps us in tune, and the four class managers, June Lily, Jinny Mitchell, ' Zoodie" Foley, and Dot Dougherty pluck their respective classes for the best athletes. Working with them all, Elizabeth Allen, President, keeps in touch with the active program of the entire association through all these Council members. " Grea t Fires Burning" their student tax. Over in the office where we keep records ,iff and such, Louise Hessney keeps activities! wi humming. She is the office manager and Worries the class representatives Cbeginning ,rf with the senior classj "Wo" King, Janet Montfort and Louise Chapman into keeping membership cards up-to-date. r ,Xi x ,egg 2' -xx x 125, Three Smart Girls f:iZ"3'XrVWgggI5,3ff" ' if IP' yytf' What we o, we do fmug wha X ' pends on what you do. , And speaking of what we do, here are samples V, of the highlights this year: October 8 . . . We picked a perfect day and , . spent the day at Indian Ladder. Qi October 29 . . . Hockey fans participated in an intercollegiate Hockey conference at Emma Wil- lard School. Two of our members made the All- College team. November 12 . . . Fall sport season closed with a bang and we celebrated at Camp Johnston with our "Final Fall Fling." Camp Johnston is in Chatham, you know. We 'N I have a log' cabin built on a hill top. There's a , wwf Many a week-end we "get away from it all" by I secluding ourselves in this well e ui ed cabin I ' Q DP - Between fall and spring, the freshman basketball I team won the Interclass cup for the first time in the history of the cup. March 10 . . . A genuine folk festival for all I women students, with folk dancing directed by I I I Miss Jane Farwell, a supervisor of recreation for I the N.Y.A. organization in Albany. Punch and admission free. I March 25 . . . W A A and M A A joined forces for a Sports Night. Exhibitions of various sports were conducted in the gym and a social fracas followed in the Commons I with the usual noise, fun, and fellowship. This was repeated this year because of the unusual success of a similar occasion last year. I I - I Plans are being made for the two associations to sponsor a day's outing in the spring I which may be followed by a barn dance at college. Spring Season . . . May bring anything. Spring sports, of course, baseball, volley ball, tennis, archery, riding. Our secretary, Fran Riani, is trying to arrange a tri-college meet this spring. Skidmore, Sage, and State have enjoyed several meets together. We're trying to have a spring sport meet here. Let's hope . . . Yes! With a moderately active program the year has passed quickly. And, we repeat, 4'What we have done, we have done for you." Airy Adventures 125 4 j I I I II I I. I 1 . natural swimming pool at the foot of the hill. 9 Q9 5 I I . I lI la II I I I I I I I R 1 ia 4' ,ml i In the field of sports . . . MEN'S ATHLETIC ASSUCIATIUN 15' lv Q' l t3 if gs. 5 . 1 w l y, El x l Duke Hersh, George Amyot . . . SCI1iOI' Members Will Frament, Frank Kluge . . . IuI1iOI' MCfr1bCfS ,h Bill Haller, John Bakay . . . Sophomore Members Virgil Scott ..... ..... F reshman Member Bill Ryan .... . Student Assoc. Representative fl Edward Cooper . . ..... Faculty Member ll li OFFICERS ii Duke Hersh . . . . . President I l 1 fl! li y Will Frament . . . Vice-President 1 1 , ' l , l , w 1 5 1 George Amyot . . . Treasurer ,. Bill Haller . . . Secretary ' x l il 4, il W. R - M. A. A. PRESS BUREAU l It 2 li Cognizant of the growing need at State College for some agent by which the unpubli- 1 . . . , cized athletic program might be accorded its due of recognition, the Council of M. A. A., l acting upon the suggestion of W'll' R n l l lx l a Press Bureau scheduled to begin functioning the following September. ,pi P, 1 iam yan, in May, 1938 voted the appropriations for E 126 flu l P mi il 1 lm 9. 1, .L lll W l ll l ll The idea of 3 College publicity organization devoted entirely to sports is by no means an innovation. Similar Press Bureaus are at present operating successfully at R. P. I. and Union College, and in virtually every college boasting a sports program of any importance. The aim of the newly instigated State College Bureau is essentially two-fold. First, it strives for publicity for the college itself through accounts of forthcoming and past athletic events released to newspapers of the Capital district. Secondly, it emphasizes the individuals participating in the various sports by periodical write-ups sent to their respective home town papers. The Press Bureau is intended to be the sole agency for the official release of sports news for publication. I INTRAMURAL COUNCIL AND SPORTS PROGRAM Under the able direction of Larry Strattner, Intramural sports came from way behind to take first place in '38-'39 among the extracurricular interests of the men of State. Both Larry and his Council deserve bouquets for the hours of hard work which they put toward the building of a successful program. They found M. A. A. in whole-hearted cooperation. Having been conceived by M. A. A. in the fall of '37, Intramural Council was yet an immature child when the fall of '38 rolled around. So the members of the Council, Bill Brophy, Dan Bucci, Norm DeNeef, Stan Kullman, and Jimmy Quinn, got together with Larry and organized under a set of by-laws approved by Pappa M. A. A. Larry then mapped out a tentative program for the year and things started out with a bang. Within a few weeks, Sam Coppolino had won the golf tournament, tennis singles tourney had begun, and Max Edelstein had romped to victory in ping-pong. The newly purchased football trophy was taken home by the Kappa Delta Rho gridiron champions. Council has provided trophies for tennis, bowling, football, and basketball. Nine teams competed in the basketball league and six in the bowling league. Council has arranged to hire instructors for both boxing and fencing. It has also decided to award sweater emblems to those men who distinguish themselves in Intramural competition. Thus was the Intramural "point system" devised. The awards were presented at the M. A. A. banquet in May. In the spring, volley ball, softball, and tennis are in the highlight. In 1938-39 two hundred and fifty men participated in Intramural sports! Here's a toast to a big year that has gone and a bigger year to be! 127 BASKETBALL Hopes for a successful season were indeed bright as Coach Hatfield started playing the 1938-1939 edition of the State basketball team. The squad was weeded out until it numbered four- teen men, led by Captain Duke Hersh. The other lettermen include George Amyot, Caroll Lehman, Bill Torrens, Mike Walko, seniors, Bill Barrett, Will Frament, and Walt Simmons, juniors. Other promis- ing material was found in Walt Danielowicz, Frank Kluge and Barney Tuttle, juniors, with Arnold Ellerin, Roy McCreary, and Gerry Saddlemire, from the sophomore class, rounding the squad. The only letterman lost by graduation was Tommy Ryan, captain and high scorer of last year's team. The schedule was not as long as it has been in past years, but every game was a hard one. Among the new opponents were Manhattan, Niagara, Hamilton, and McGill. The season opened with 50-34 victory over the Alumni. Then came a 29-22 loss to our traditional rivals, R. P. I. in a very loosely played game. We went home for our Christmas vacation after two close victories, defeating Brooklyn Poly 33-31 and Hamil- ton 42-40. The new year was started with a 50-43 triumph over Conn. State Teachers. In this game, State Hushed the best form seen on Page Hall Court in many years. The next game with McGill was another thriller, but we had to be content with a 50-49 loss. This was atoned by a 41-38 victory over Hartwick. Then came a mid-season slump in which we lost to Niagara 68-44, Pratt 33-32, Manhattan 60-34, and Hartwick 46-33. We broke into the win- 128 BASKETBALL ning column again with a 40-36 triumph over St. Michaelis. The climax of the season came with a brilliant victory over R. P. I. In a rough and tumble game, we emerged on the long end of a 40-30 score. This game marked the end of the trail in collegiate basketball for live seniors, Hersh, Lehman, Torrens, Amyot and Walko. The greatest loss is undoubtedly Duke Hersh, whose brilliant play will never be for- gotten as long as basketball is played in State College. However, with three lettermen back next year, and with replacements from a strong freshman team, next year's team should continue State's winning ways on the court. Comparative Scores State 50 Alumni State 22 R. P. I- State 33 Brooklyn Poly State 42 Hamilton State 50 Conn. State Teachers State 49 McGill State 41 Hartwick State 44 State 32 State 34 State 33 State 40 State 40 129 Niagara Pratt Manhattan Hartwick St. Michaels R. P. I. l l BASEBALL Through graduation, the team has lost many of its stellar men, but the nucleus of a good team remains, however, and there is every indication that this year's team will be a hard hitting ball club. Coach Elliott Hatfield, and Captain Frank Quattrocchi are confident that the 1939 aggregation, having learned the price of nervousness on the baseball field, and having benefited by another year's experience, will present a more powerful unit this year. The schedule for this season looks like the varsity nine will be up against some keen ball-tossers . . . games will be played against Hamilton Ctwicebg Middlebury, R. P. I. Ctwicelg Pratt Ctwicejg Hartwick, Bard and Norwich. Spring practice will show up what the Frosh class has to offer in hitting and pitching material. Before the season opens, training will be confined to the gym floor indoors and outside on a soggy field. With a reasonable cooperation from the student body, and the men on the team, we may view our baseball schedule with confidence. The hitting power of the Statesmen will give new life to this sport at college, and enliven new interest. Furthermore, if we can rely on Bill Barrett and his assistants for "'unusual" songs and stories similar to those which characterized our baseball trips last year, we may rest assured that spirit will not be lacking. So . . . "Take me out to the ball game, Take me out with the crowd." 130 TENNIS. Prospects for this year's tennis season appear exceptionally bright. All of last year's racqueteers, except Harold Cahn, were on hand when Captain Ken Doran, '39, sounded the first call of the spring. In addition to the six veterans from last year's squad, a number of promising freshmen who displayed unusual ability in the fall tennis tourney are being relied upon to make this year's aggregation a real racquet-buster. Last season, playing one of the stiffest schedules in State's court history, the Purple and Gold netmen turned in the following record: Victories werescored over Bard and Hartwick, and defeats suffered at the hands of St. John's, Drew, and R. P. I. Other matches with Bard, Hartwick, and the University of Vermont were rained out. Veterans from last year's squad include: Gordon "Stubby" Rand, Ken "Stubby" Doran,Seniorsg Ed "Stubby" Tomasian,Will "Stubby" Frament,Juniorsg Stan "Stubby" Smith and Cy "Stubby" Kilb, Sophomores. Freshmen who are expected to gain places on the tennis roster are jack Vavasour, Hank Brauner, Virgil Scott, and Irving Bliss. 131 1" V1 Qu ' 5 lp ALUMNAE RESIDENCE HALL ,e li ,Q - e 3 . LF -1 ,f f Q fl" I Q 4,555 if Dear Mother and Dad: gpg A 'yifi A Just came up from the Ingle Room . . . have been dancing and playing , ping-pong . . . somehow or other I just can't get past that Ingle door on my way up from dinner. At the table we sang a "happy birthday" to Bid Dolan Chouse " presidentl and it wasn't her birthday, of course, and clapped for the announcements, as T. . usual. CHilah made one about the Vic . . . as usual! We had a fire drill this morning . . . one of those middle of the night things . . . when it was drizzling and was at least thirty-below zero. Mr. Monogram, our new night watch- man who took "Muddy's" place was there, taming us, and grinning from ear to ear. e AQ. I! MA, I've been trying to decide whether or not Mtggggil, geigtjhat deafening noise I've been hearing is the F , Mvsecond floor gang, you know, Rita, Marge, e7'65f1f'4'f'-' if Lucy, Ro, Fay, and Marion, or just some- ? . one taking a shower. I've decided in favor of 537w""l3fM 'F the shower . . . or is it Niagara Falls? QR l Bob tried to call me last night, but gave up after an hour and a half, deciding, correctly, that some jeune lille was having a date with her boy-friend, via the telephone. Finally he lieu, Jig, ee , l e if F e,.,eA,e l oFF1cERs ' President . . . Dena DolanQE Vice-President Mary Trainor '49 Secretary .... Anita Holm '42 ze-efefii X ' -ef Treasurer . . Ada Parshall '41 f fM4 , , X 7 Soczal D1rec tor Miss Mary Morton ,Q .f Ween, Us V House Manager Miss Grace Williams Z HEAD RESIDENTS .fe-0"4.4f!'v-I JLMJ idwlfgq et, North Hall . . Mabel McCleary -fn South Hall . . . Grace Saum V - Pierce Hall ..... Iana Cole 3343 vig! Western Hall . . Maud Fairchild A, jzZi,, J House it, girls? ' M, We ,Q A fi N J . XL, -Lg,: Akai 6912 Q5-Vafiox K' 132 - f I V' ,,, ,, .Jn my GFA! JSM-IGIJVMO gy a G' Q dkkfbasclfnbii.. if l - ,, e, 47'ff""f , cveeafl ' C , - bfi, Y-eff' " Irlfv it News U ffjyff 1 K7 Ji-Ev K X ,Z ex-,lf fgkff' f f,'fA-42,7 0 X b CJ! ,ff g , - fc - 'D' --,, ' , Mwgjgrnp 1 ffm- ,f l"'!fL'll" HJ? 'Zi l buffer 'ff!426lfL. - ij ' A Q, e f Ulf W! 731,06 -flfta' 4' "JL ' LQ P Came OVCI3 buff PY that time all the Seats on the "stage" were taken, as was the bench in front of the dining room door, so we basked in the rays from a floor lamp. I'll be glad when Spring comes and we can occupy the "love" seats on the stairs again, even though they are stone, and awfully cold! Which reminds me . . . spring means sun baths on the terrace, too! i .Miss Morton, the new Social Director is just grand. She has midnight, or nearly mid- night, teas in her room, and we all gather around in housecoats and pajamas and talk, and talk, and talk, etc.! Wynn! T Dorm Tid-Bits , WSDL' u K A 6 M T Guess that's all the news . . . I'd say write soon, but it doesn't make much difference, A A since the crowd around the dorm mailbox at ten o'clock is so thick you can't get through it for several days, anyway! 1 I Kathryn Adams Agnes Bullion Ruth Cass Edith Davis Elinor Decker Della Dolan Faith.Ellis Betty Fallon J l 133 l 3 CLASS OF 1939 Kathryn Hayes Edna Marie Jesse Eleanor Jones Mildred King Dorothy MacLean Katherine Mathise Elaine Morse Regina Murphy Love, CfSiS77 Rita Pomeroy Helen Prusik Margaret Smith Jean Strong Hazel Thompson Shirley Thompson Isabel Tyler Virginia Wegener 1 Jl1 1 1 'l 1 1 13 11? fl 'Na--4 jfzalfclo Mzgrwf 1, fl .JOQI -1, :lr i1l1WSf4"'F' ll ' A YQ" J: ill 1 A J ill EPK1 4.112 fc 1 . 11 me F13 1 lil 'f3fCf'6f4' i I ,1 'UI' 0 1 11.1144- J ll 11 ip ' 21 ,Q if 55 F12 111 511 l' ,i W1 T: ll if 5 1. 1 1 1! 1,1 l1l1 I 5 F P 1 1 I l i1 1 I 11 l 1 ll S11 ,11 1 1 1 '1 V 1 1 l, 1 li I 'I il Ll nl 1 11 il 1 1 1 1 E Ll i1 BGA , - ,. , Dux? i 1. -'Y "",1 EW - 4.4 Hilah Foote Betsy Guenter Marjorie Baird Mary Breslin Marcia Brown Charlotte Crosby Grace Cullen Janet Ellis 1 1 1 511 Rosalind Frey Q1 . . . 1, 9 Lillian Gallimore f' l, V' Jo ' - 0 3 i x -,flfllil mga? 1 X: fjilifmti ffl A , cfrg V sir 11 1 fi 42 1 ,sw ,dxf-f 1 i. Madalyn Beers 12 uf 1 . M 11 A iiif iDorothy Berkowitz A 1 J" 1 at so " in - 1 5 0 Rosalie Carapezza iffy, ff' ff Mary Casson I 09 ' Louisa Chapman l , is "Zi ' , A ' I1 JK 5 ,, M gf' 11 Alene Cromie j- ,Q 11 O if i -g,Q,Tf4 Ol fig' Virginia Davis 1 ' syn f yi' ' Beatrice Dower l 1 1 1 I 1 1 4 1 I 11 L1 1. 1. ,, I 1 1 I: 31 .11 111 11. 1 ,1 11' 1 ,, 1 Doris Dygert Dinner a t six Doris O'Hare Mary Pierce CLASS OF 1940 Mildred Hallock Dorothy Hill Jane Joseph Mary Ruth Kimball Lucy King Marion Kingsley Esther Lane Helen Lannen CLASS OF 1941 Frances Hoffman Madeline Hunt Dorothy johnson Adeline Kadgis Marion Keables Carol Kniffen Ruth Larson Helen Lasher Mary Grace Leggett Marion McCausland . !,,1-,fu 1 f I ,uQ,f,f,f,m ff. J., , 4 1' Ai-f',,f ,A 'wa f.. L 1,ff-4-.f-4 --we - ' 0 Eleanor Wise JJ ' ' - if Qfjs ggi' Cf yas, J.. A I X, , YQ 1,4 1 ,wif 0 T , 1 V , gf' 3- f " Z , 4, fu-dffzaiv Q V, Zi 4,4-A V- 4 .. ,s7'yijD' Helen Zeman . n 4 Evelyn Patchin Florence Przyborowski Fay Scheer Rita Sullivan Marian Toles Mary Trainor Marion Walker Dorothy Yawger Ada Parshall Dorothy Peak Ruth Pearson Sally Pine Betty Pritchard Frances Riani Isabella Robinson Barbara Scott Esther Sollecito Shirley Tooker 134 Betty Elson Barbara Ferree Lo1s Glenar Carol Golden Mary Gregory Florence Halsey 'WX-Ya D 'Ld-o"ws1.aL, huL 'Hfrnlfw ane W Mar1a Tr1pp -X-ro Grace Moon ul1a Tunnell Pr1c1lla Morton Ruth Munyer Dorothy North Janette Parker WJ' 4 5 'M' CLASS OF 1942 'K .4 4s""6Mq ry Lou1se Adams une Haushalter W1n1fred Baer Sarah Beard Agnes Bennett Paul1ne Bronste1n Ruth Burnett Barbara Bush Cornel1a Carey Luc1lle Clrne Mar1e Coarsey Betty Cumm1ngs Evelyn Doyle Leah Ell1ngham Madel1ne Evans D1ana F ram Gertrude Fre1tag MarJor1e Gaylord Barbara Greenlee Edna H1rn Margaret Hollmger An1ta Holm Barbara Howard Mary Irv1ng Al1c1a Va1l Roberta W1lhelm V1ctor1a W1OC1Ck Frances Wood Ruth N1esen El1zabeth Olmstead Alxce Packer Kather1ne Peterson Anna Rapacz jane Real B246 Barbara J ones th Rockcastle A Irene K1lmer Wy ene Sadl W4 'ADM' A' , Gladys Klug Joanne Sc gufv Janet Kraatz Cf ff Frances Shapley Sh1rley Kyle 4 V1rg1n1a Surdam Jane Lamar W MarJor1e Trms Ethel Langworthy 55 Evelyn Towle V1rg1n1a Lay Kather1ne Trowbr1dge Alberta Lee Josephme Trumbull Genev1eve L1ng Janet Wextzer Dorothy Mclsaac Jane W1ll1amS Mamlyn Muller Kather1ne W1lson Florence Halbre1ch Mafy Susan Wlng ffacif WMM , Zfl, fda' . . X . . ! . Kibitzers ! ! 135 f w w l 1 l 1 4 1 4 P "Where silence is golden . . ." NEWMAN HALL OFFICERS President . . . . Toya Bilzi Vice-President . . . . . Mary Gabriel Secretary . . . . Josephine Antonacci Treasurer . . Catherine O'Bryan Reporter ......... . . Evelyn Olivet Freshman Representative . . Margaret Furey "Lightning never strikes the same place twice," they say . . . And as for scarlet fever . . . likewise. 'Cause Newman Hall has had a very healthy year, and we've found that we get along just as well without a full week's quarantine. But the swing bug did get us, and a million "Open-houses" were clirnaxed by the swingaroo dance of the ages. 136 ll Our crop of "very bestest" frosh are pretty much resigned to their fate. Without a murmur of protest, they daily mail our letters, buy our cigarettes, and empty our waste- baskets. And are we beautiful! Some of the girls turned Schiaparelli and designed clothes for the "rec." It now is adorned with bright red drapes, table scarfs, and couch covers. It hasn't digniiied our game of ping-pong, though. Our all-year tournament is still going on, and some day we'll crown the ping-pong queen. All is not play, however. We do have our serious moments. Each Friday, we arise at 6:30 for Mass in our own Chapel of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Each Tuesday we don our "glad rags" for a faculty dinner guest, and each second Tuesday we bring out the soap boxes for a rousing student government meeting. Do we love it? just ask us . . . and 56 voices will chorus "Yes Siree, Yes Siree, Yes Siree-ee-ee-ee !! "Oremus . . ." 137 WREN HALL AN ORNITHOLOGICAL SURVEY CSpecial Study of Wrensj Unlike the arrival of the robin at the first awakening of Spring . . . Wrens make their first appearance early in the Fall . . . during the month of September. The flock remains until the month of June unless some unfortunate circumstance might force a fevv to emigrate in January. Each Wren dressed in fine feathers, carries baggage and furnishings for the comfort of its nest. On holidays and anniversaries, mothers of Wrens are knovvn to send food and goodies . . . the maternal instinct being as strong in this p as it 1S in many other species. It has been noted upon several occasiofis th two dlately to the sofa at all 'Knest" meetings! is ZCS but respect f01' old age is a sacred tradition. - , f ' 3 v' V' Bull sessions . . . gab fests . . . Wrens, at intervals, will make short migrations . . . One particular Wren has been seen heading for the beautiful green and tree shaded Cornell campusg another will Hy home after makinga spur-of-the-moment decision. It has been closely observed that another Wren displays dissatisfaction with northern weather and is endlessly twittering the glories of the south. When night falls, Wrens make for their own little nests, but it has been a common practice for many to chirp and flit about until Wee hours of the morning. At high noon, a flock of Wrens can be seen feeding at a public spot . . . the "boul." A rare observation was made of one Wren who was noted to be very intimate with a certain "Polly" Sci. ' These observations plus many others have made the study of Wrens a very interesting subject. 138 GRADUATE XLL ii Muriel Stewart 1940 Bettye Holcik 1941 Olive Baird Joan Loveland Muriel Benson Jean Schaeffer Patricia Culver Louise Snell Grace Sussner In the nest of a Wren 1942 Dorothy Dougherty Helen Jackson Ruth Freeman Betty Knowlton Betty Gilmore Margaret Ledbetter Arlene Greenfield Selma Leis F erne Grenier Bernice Lenowitz Elaine Harvey Mildred Maasch Mary Elizabeth Horn Estelle Nathanson OFFICERS i President . . . . . Olive Baird Vice-President , . Betty Gilmore Secretary . . . Bernice Lenowitz Treasurer .... Jean Schaeffer BJ.,0vb fxnfuxfgv' A ' cwu SNW, n-44.0-A-1 'Ymflfnlaita-ml' 3 . Birds of a feather . . . 139 Blanche Navy Mary Ozman Elinor Schlesinger Dorothy Smolensky Antoinette Vanasco Marion Wheadon Ruth Wiggins , Clll Manager . President Vice-President ..... Secretary and Historian Sergeant-at-arms . . . Robert Agone William Bogosta John Edge George Evens Walter Harper Robert Karpen Robert Martin Louis Greenspan Thomas Augustine Francis Carney Peter Fulvio LEGE H0 OFFICERS 1939 Leonard Freeman Julius Hersh William Hopke Lyle Lawton 1940 Douglas Rector Max Sykes 1941 Robert Hertel George Noonan 1942 Leslie Graves Kenneth Johnson Philip Kaufman Robert Meek "Ten Nights in a Barroom" William Hopke Alvin Weiss Barnard Tuttle Robert Hertel . Louis Greenspan Joseph Leese Carroll Lehman Cecil Marino William Torrens Barnard Tuttle John Walden Alvin Weiss Charles Quinn Vincent Miller Louis Newbauer Benson Tybring 140 1' 1 , 1 -'ff if,-..f,-.,-,.. ..,-.A . , "1----'1-H -11-1-N11-1----M - --A-'--1---1..'.' . .1 ,'.'TL'1T"-il'-'--' - .- -1-1--vs. .- - - , A ,,, ' ' - -f--'-'1"'l1113,1v1l'1,1-1. I -ul ,,4,,',f,':sfif:j ffl'-"-I-1e'!1' ' , ':i1"'1' l1' 1' Y Vfii - -....1. .. ... ., , I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 I I 1 I 1 I 5 I I . 1 I 1 I I 1 I l . I I ' 1 ! 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 'I I1 , 1 11 1I I I I 1 1 I ' I 141 1 I I I 1 1I 'I 11 I N 1 1 1 I I 1 I 1 I I 1 I . , , Y-,,,,,,.5 1..-,-,-..-7- 1.-1-31:.711.-1714-531' - .11'-g'-7.',T,1,:p'g7f'gL7j5-11':1:l1.'I-1-1-1-1-Lf.-11-1'1-1-.. '..1T'4 .Iii 1 i . 'gli l i .Q .aiiiiiii as gg .' val? ' ii Igigzszilnl if 9 fr f' f It ,Wulf if Fr Someone is honored. Someone wins an election. Prizes and positions become someone's possessions. Undergraduates make Witty speeches. Some senior says a few of the things he's thinking. Humor becomes competitive. Originality and the genius for laughter are packed into footlight tomfoolery. College life is reflected in under- graduate stunting. The seniors make a last desperate stab at being collegiate. From early morning the campus reverberates with music. At night, song vies with song. Undergraduates sing enthusiasm. Seniors sing an appearance. i s 1 142 In the end, seniors throw off pretense, and sing the inevitable. The embers of the Great Fire can no longer be fanned, hold in truth but a tiny gleam. The darkness is inescapable. None of it very important. Senior voices break because that's the thing to do. The four years are done, let the memory of them die. The people were nice, but the world is full of nice people. The songs are good to hear, but they are hollow. No, none of it is very important. Then neither is living. 143 l 1. .. G, ' 49' I 1" J nj'j3Q ?lIi.4,f,1"'?V 2? ,ff christine Ades ,BW E ld., Y' fiif",g5f?w' 92 ,rag ,fy .51 Eff Elizabeth Marie Baker lg- '21 42' - John Porter Edge 'A,' 5 flmmf. h' . Leonard Elmer F riedlander M Betty Lillian Hayford AWN yi O . Wffpf fNJx07!Ifgj,J Julius Duke Hersh , It 9 if M .g .yyy ,f,ffzf.4f'y'JLJrd5x'pyffA JW? ,W Mm in ,,,vw?'Q' ff 5 f? Wffg BWMWMW Q gage .fy , E, ., 5 . ,G V , V! MN l-70 , A 7fiQ7fc!i" fljfi 4' C65 , .df , I ' W, , NC 144 1 -' Robert Edward Hertwig Richard Cuthbert Lonsdale Mary Carolyn Mattice Edgar Bernard OfHora Marion Amelia Rockefeller Jean Strong of 4 llrf 55 ,f62Zf7CZi,g1 Kffffe , .- f , ' f " 'A 47 4 145 Xiflmffli 7761 if R J MUA N ACKNUWLEIJGEMENTS We are pleased to acknowledge the assistance of the members of the PEDAGOGUE Staff 3 we are grateful to George Heffernan and to the entire staff of Baker, Jones, Hausauer, Inc., for unfailing cooperation. We appreciate the efforts of Leon Glass of the White Studio, and the generosity of the staffs of the Knickerbocker News and the Times Union in lending photographs. Lastly, we extend a hand to you of the student body for the interest which has made us feel that our work has been worthwhile. W E i T H A N K Y O U Margaret Mattison Editor- in - Chief Ruth Lewis ...... Business Manager Helen Bifarella . . . Literary Editor Mary Agnes Metzger . . . Cir Manager Margaret Smith . . . Literary Editor Marie Metz . . . Advertising Manager Helen Lowry . . . Literary Editor Walter Simmons . . . Feature Editor Robert Gorman . . . Photography Editor l . 7 1 VE V, WH 1: H .. I! Gi mrs- lu ,: uw PM U ima lil iii gf : in 'jll' ,iz 'Ml 'f V' fx' FQ!! 'E W M53 ww mf NU if i:,l? 1 X 'Lb W? Fm Lfi. f M 5:-gm PHL ff W!! F51 WST: 'i !,Iq F! W! lE!,! E if i': M 51 W gl 'IL 1 Ill ,, 1: xl 'i IJ lg? 'li , el l 'I if we W in . 31 ., fi ,xx gr , -V ' M za 'QE 'l Nj xi! s ii 1 , -1 ,Q 'Q J? U bf' 2 lp . 1 WM 5! 1'M1 f fx: 'izl li wl fi , !if'WW 11 al 1 Q + e I! il QI ll 1 , ki U w H I! ,if pa ri U m w VE iw in ,L V' Vw ui if if I,l FAC Abbott, Walter Andrews, Charles L. Avery, Blanche Barsam, Anna K. Beaver, Ralph A. Beik, Arthur K. Bergin, Thomas G. Betz, Margaret Birchenough, Harry Blomstrom, Lillian Bronson, Barnard Bulger, Paul G. Brubacher, A. R. Candlyn, Thomas F. Chesebrough, Marion Clark, William G. Clausen, Ralph G. Cobb, Mary E. Conklin, Mary L. Cooper, Edward L. Crellin, Frances B. Croasdale, Caroline Decker, Winfred Deyo, Clarence J. Dobbin, M. Annette DoBell, Howard A. Dorwaldt, Earl J. Douglas, Gertrude Eaton, Thelma Egleston, Martha Evans, Elma T. Fillingham, A. May Fisk, G. Raymond Foster, Elizabeth Frederick, Robert French, William M. Futterer, Agnes Gilbert, William Green, Matie E. Hale, Clarence F. Hannay, M. Naomi Hardy, William G. Hastings, Harry ULTY DIRECTURY Hatiield, G. Elliot Hayes, Margaret Hicks, James A. Hidley, Clarence Hitchcock, Margaret Hutchins, Ruth E. James, Helen Johnson, Evelyn Johnson, L. Antoinette Jones, Louis C. Kennedy, William G. Kilpatrick, Marion Kirkpatrick, Alice Kinsella, Thomas Lester, Caroline Lutz, Marion R. Mahar, John A. Martin, Grace. Merton, E. Stephen Moose, Carleton Moreland, Helen H. Morris, Elizabeth Nelson, Milton G. Palmer, Anna Laura Phillips, Helen Power, Carleton Pritchard, Martha Raymond, Harlan' Rienow, Robert Risley, Adna W. Sayles, John M. Scotland, Minnie B. Shaver, Elizabeth Shultes, Mrs. Edwin Smith, C. C. Smith, D. V. Smith, Marion E. Snader, Daniel W. South, Earl B. Stinard, Jessie F. Stokes, Ellen C. Taylor, Wallace Terrill, Chester Terwilliger, Harrison Thompson, Harold W. Thompson, Laura Tieszen, Derek V. - Tieszen, Merle Van Denburgh, Elizabeth Walker, Adam A. Wallace, Edith O. Waterbury, Eleanor Webb, Mae P. Wells, Evelyn Wheeling, Katherine York, George M. STUDENT IJIRECTURY Abelove, Alice A., '41 abramovitz, henrietta, '42 Acee, Anna M., '41 - Adam, John C., '41 adams,.mary l., '42 - Adler, Florence B., '40 Agne, Robert, '41 Agnello, Eugene, '41 Alden, John, '41 Allen, Elizabeth, '41 Amacker, June, '40 amidon, thelma, '42 anderson, f. h., '42 Anibal, Robert, '40 Antonacci, Josephine, '41 appleton, ethel, '42 . ' arbit, bernard d., '42 archer, wm., '42 Arndt, Mary F., '40 Arnold, Norman, '40 Ashman, Hilda, '40 Augustine, Frank, '40 augustine, thomas, '42 Austin, Edna, '41 Autilio, Josephine E., '41 Ayotte, Marion, '41 baer, winifred, '42 Baglia, Lucy P., '41 Bailey, Helen J., '40 bailey, horace h., '42 Baird, Marjorie, '40 Baird, Olive, '41 Bakay, John, '41 baker, edward, '42 Balog, Ladislau, '40 1653 Howard Ave., Utica east nassau 25 Pratt Ave., Clark Mills Bay View Ave., Sag Harbor, L. I. deansboro 1075 Forest Road, Schenectady Verona 171 First Ave., Rochester 31 West Falconer St., Falconer 106 West Lynde St., Watertown 661 Central Ave., Albany corfu r. f. d. 3, gloversville 19 Thomas St., Saratoga Springs 8 McMaster St., Auburn bergen 5 gale place, troy earlville 30 Roseview Ave., Rochester 148 Andrews St., Massena West Monroe Ravena, R. F. D., Box 106 33 tenth st., jamestown 2205 McBride Ave., Utica 147 Bleecker St., Gloversville Dannemora callicon, box 34 40 Thayer St., Jamestown 213 E. Hickory St., Canastota central bridge Chester 307 N. Perry St., Johnstown 63 N. Lake Ave., Albany 211 16th st., watervliet 24 William St., Poughkeepsie bania, mary a., '42 Barnes, Ruth E. 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I. 64 Edward St., Amsterdam Croton Falls West Winfield Davis, Virginia, '41 Day, Frederick, '41 Day, Helen, '40 deangelis, louise, '42 DeCarlo, Adeline Mary, '40 Decotis, Marie, '40 DeFilippo, Jean, '40 deforest, harriet, '42 Deihsler, Claribel, '40 Deiseroth, Alma, '40 DeMichele, Dora, '41 DeNeef, Norman, '40 Denmark, Betty Sylvia, '40 devins, dorothea, '42 devoid, thorpe, '42 Diamond, Frieda, '41 Dibble, Elinor E., '40 Dickson, David, '40 dickson, nancy b., '42 dickson, william, '42 dilaura, norma r., '42 Dillenbeck, Douglas D., '41 Dinken, Bessie, '40 dixon, janet a., '42 Dole, Dennis J., '41 Donahue, Elizabeth, '41 Donley, Virginia, '41 Donnelly, Ruth, '40 Dooley, Richard, '40 Dornan, Earl, '41 dorrance, william, '42 dougherty, dorothy, a., '42 Dower, Bea, '41 doyle, evelyn m., '42 Drapalski, Lena M., '41 duell, berenice, '42 Duffy, Harold J., '41 duffy, marion, '42 Duncan, Howard A., '40 dunning, mary, '42 duren, margot e., '42 Durling, Lee, '41 Dygert, Doris, '41 Eastman, Mary F., '40 Eckel, John E., '40 Eckhardt, William J., '41 10 Vincent Place, Lynbrook, L. 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Genessee St., Auburn 134 W. Bank St., Albion 134 W. Bank St., Albion 535 Washington Ave., Albany Lakeville 27 West St., Newburg 159 N. Main St., Mechanicville Spencertown 24 mcardle ave., albany 3 Washington St., Granville main st., nanuet r. d. 1, kirkville Q R. D. 7, Box 27, Van Antwerp Road, Schenectady r. d. 1, box 27 , van antwerp road, Schenectady 208 n. washington St., herkimer West Winfield bergen 1112 union St., Schenectady 13 Augustus St., Auburn 215 broadway, troy 250 e. bridge St., oswego 33 Glen Ave., Port Chester East Schodack 8 Madison Place, Albany 25 Hamilton Ave., Troy Selkirk R. D. No. 1, Ballston Lake 1855 Foster Ave., Schenectady 311 S. Washington St., Herkimer 963 Diven St., Peekskill ' 1063 Hegeman St., Schenectady 160 Ontario St., Albany 3 lansing lane, cohoes Ontario 257 central ave., albany masonic home, utica 132 Hudson Ave., Cohoes Glasco 1634 west St., utica 562 clay ave., rochester 100 lake St., Saranac lake 19 Manitou Ave., Poughkeepsie awww' Freymeyer, Bernice, '40 friedman, edythe, b., '42 Friedman, Janice, '40 Frieknecht, Alberta, '41 Frost, Laura, '41 Fuller, Edna, '40 fulvio, peter, '42 Fundis, Fred P., '40 furey, margaret, '42 Furfaro, Florence, '40 Gabriel, Mary C., '40 Gadziala, Matthew, '41 Gallimore, Lillian E., '40 galonian, delores, '42 Game, Lois E., '40 Gardephe, John F., '41 Gardner, Harris D., '41 Garry, Loretta H Gates, Bernice A. gauthier, mary m., '42 gaylord, marjorie, '42 Gebe, Florence E., '40 gelbond, ainard, '42 Genova, Maria, '40 George, Frances M., '41 george, thomasmills, '42 Gerdts, Les, '41 germand, henry n., '42 Giacomino, Nicholas, '41 Gifford, Beulah R., '40 giladett, leo, '42 gillan, james jr., '42 l Gillan, Vincent, '41 Gilman, Charles B., '41 gilmore, elizabeth, '42 ginsburg, beatrice, '42 Glenar, Lois, '41 godfrey, n. jean, '42 Godfrey, Stephen, '41 Gold, Henrietta, '41 Golden, Carol, '41 Goodnough, William, '41 Gorgen, Bettye, '40 graceffo, frances a., '42 Grant, Barbara, '41 Grattan, Paul, '41 1 3 ., 40 , '40 3 14th St., Jamestown 114 victory ave., schenectady 696 Morris St., Albany 126 Fourth Ave., Albany Munnsville 792 First Ave., Troy 58-14 granger st., corona, 1. i. Jefferson 1218 james ave., niagara falls 119 E. Chapel St., Canastota 915 North Ave., Niagara Falls 245 Main St., N. Y. Mills 25 Ingraham Lane, New Hyde Park L I 1428 fifth ave., watervliet 84 Winnie St., Albany 22 New St., Glens Falls 198 Western Ave., Albany 137 Columbia St., Clyde 2126 Sunset Ave., Utica 643 fourth st., niagara falls north collins 649 Cortlandt Ave., Bronx 612 mercer st., albany 398 Division St., Amsterdam Rockdale 22 ogden st., binghamton Star Lake pine plains 142 Clinton Ave., Albany 2 E. State St., Gloversville 18 elizabeth st., port dickinson 314 first st., albany Center Moriches, L. I. ' 58 Ontario St., Cohoes naples 37 s. 3rd st., hudson 21 William St., St. Johnsville 167 56th st., niagara falls 167 56th St., Niagara Falls 843 S. Goodman St., Rochester 412 Nuber Ave., Mount Vernon Smithboro 775 Lancester St., Albany 40 wallace ave., auburn Redfield Loudonville l i E l E 1 E I graubart, hilda t., '42 graves, leslie, '42 Grebert, Ray. '40 green, donald f., '42 Greenblatt, Sylvia, '41 greeniield, arlene, '42 Greenglass, Eleanor, '41 greenlee, barbara, '42 Greenspan, Louis, '41 Greenwald, Saul, '40 Gregory, Helen E., '40 Gregory, Mary, '41 grenci, carmella barbara, '42 grenier, ferne m., '42 griffen, leo W., '42 Griffin, Mary, '41 grinter, geraldine, '42 Groff, Marilyn, '41 Groll, Eleanor G., '40 gross, michal l., '42 Grossman, Doris, '41 grounds, eleanor belle, '42 grunwald, madeline, '42 gullotti, matilda, '42 ' Hacker, Ida Mae, '40 halbreich, florence, '42 Hall, Charlotte, '40 Haller, William C., '41 Hallock, Mildred E., '40 halpin, edward j., '42 Halsey, Florence, '41 haltermann, ethel, '42 Hanford, Jane, '41 Hannan, Dennis J., '41 Hardie, Mary, '40 Harper, Walter, '40 harris, eleanor b., '42 Hartmann, Eloise, '40 harvey, e. elaine, '42 Haser, Kenneth, '40 haushalter, june, '42 Havko, John F., '40 havlick, dolores e., '42 hayeslip, david, '42 heermans, a. burrell, '42 helmer, madeline, '42 157 51 H' C1i11t011 St., poughkeepsie 303 dwight ave., endicott H 49 Pinewood Ave., Albany 183 n. lake ave., albany 54 N. MainSt., Massena 408 W. 3rd st., jamestown 171 S. Pearl St., Albany arkport 507 E. Ferry St., Buffalo 91 Sprague Ave., Middletown Bridgehampton 5 Parson St., Binghamton 92 blakeslee st., rochester 320 ogden st., ogdensburg 45 Christie st., troy 11a Henry St., Norwich 1076 regent st., schenectady 33 Grove Ave., Glens Falls Hendrick Ave., Glen Cove, L. I. 40 beattie ave., middletown 12 Lyon Place, Utica 1277 central ave., albany 44 ashland ave., baldwin box 269 route 2, highland R. D., Voorheesville may st., huntington station 425 Hudson Ave., Albany Grove St., Dexter 270 Seaman Ave., New York 190 kent st., albany 176 Elm St., Southampton 44 kilburn ave., huntington station k402 Stanford St., Schenectady 6 Keenan St., Glens Falls 110 E. Market St., Rhinebeck 20 Adams St., Whitehall 820 hampton ave., Schenectady R. D., Corinth 1642 st. jane ave., utica 30 Sanger Ave., New Hartford gowanda state road, hamburg 16 Charles St., Binghamton 74 third st., gloversville 26 cuyler ave., albany 5 woodland road, new h9.I'tf0l'd r. d. 1, herkimer O .14 Henry, Robert R., '40 Hertel, Robert, '41 Hess, Luella, '40 Hessney, Louise, '40 Hewitt, Earle W., '40 Hill, Dorothy M., '40 Hiller, Betty C., '41 hilton, robert k., '42 Hinden, Marion, '40 hirn, edna e., '42 hirsch, beatrice, '42 hirsh, ira jean, '42 hobday, arthur, '42 Hoch, Katherine R., '41 hoff, francis X., '42 Hoffman, J. Frances, '41 Holick, Elizabeth, '40 hollinger, margaret louise, holm, anita brath, '42 holstein, edwin j., '42 J' W 7hookey, clara eva, '42 jf f hoornbeck, theodora, '42 Hoose, John W., '41 horn, mary elizabeth, '42 Horowitz, Sarah, '41 hotaling, margaret, '42 howard, barbara, '42 Howard, Muriel, '41 Howe, Otto J., '40 Howe, William B., '41 Hunt, Madeline L., '41 Hunt, Theresa, '40 Hurley, Ellen M., '41 Iannotti, Philomena, '40 inglis, irma f., '42 ingoglia, anthony, '42 irving,rmary k., '42 jackson, helen, '42 jarrard, jane, '42 Jebbett, Ellen, '40 Jeffalone, Rose, '41 johnson, a. elsie, '42 Johnson, Dorothy, '41 johnson, kenneth, '42 johnson, mauritz, '42 jones, barbara, '42 '4 2729 Guilderland Ave., Schenectady 34 Perrin St., Fairport 30 Woodlawn Ave., Lowville Manchester Petersburg Tonawanda Reservation, Basom 27 Hoosick St., Johnstown 753 river st., troy 964 Albany St., Schenectady 474 Wellington rd., mineola 22 commonwealth ave., middletown 354 oak ave., cedarhurst 57 sacandaga road, scotia 17 Hoffman Ave., Poughkeepsie slingerlands 86 Park St., Binghamton 566 E. Jefferson St., Little Falls saugerties 136 beach st., port jefferson 1222 conkling ave., utica box 74, washingtonville 39 orchard st., walden 185 Sheridan Ave., Albany 5 n. division st., st. johnsville . 1604 Taylor Ave., Utica r. d. 1, voorheesville 320 ransom ave., sherrill Route No. 2, Amsterdam 19 Prospect Ave., Middletown 69 N. Manning Blvd., Albany 18 William St., Hammondsport 135 12th St., Troy 32 Lenox Place, Middletown 141 Park Ave., Watertown 62 george st., green island r. d. 1, hyde park 96 loomis st., little falls nunda vernon Forestport 128 West Main St., Frankfort 29 spring st., middletown Box 1012, East Hampton worcester westford grant Jones, Winifred, '40 'ordan, harry, '42 by Joseph, Jane, '41 Judge, Jane Elizabeth, '40 Kadgis, Adeline, '41 Kaplan, Shirley K., '40 Karchmer, Harry, '40 Karpen, Robert C., '40 kaufman, felix, '42 Keables, Marion E., '41 keeler, ruth e., '42 Keith, William, '40 kell, rita m., '42 Kelly, Lloyd, '40 Kelly, Loretta M. '41 Kennedy, Elizabeth, '41 kilmer, irene l., '42 Kimball, Mary Ruth, '40 ' g, Lucy, '40 Kin sley, Marion, '40 Kirschenblum, Blanche, '41 Klaus, Harvie, '41 klein, mary grace, 42, Kleine, Herman, '41 kloss, helen l., '42 klug, gladys, '42 Kluge, Frank, '40 Kniffen, Carol, '41 Knowles, Alma, '41 knowlton, betty theo, '42 Koonz, Mary Jane, '40 Kotler, David, '41 Kowalsky, Leonard E., '40 Koziol, Bertha, '40 kraatz, janet, '42 kratz, henry jr., '42 krauch, florence b., '42 Kreher, David, '41 krengloskie, mary, '42 krizka, helen a., '42 Kronovit, Hilda E., '40 Kullman, Stanley A., '40 kupp, edith jane, '42 Kusack, Stephen, '41 kyle, shirley louise, '42 159 Av E Qi L Ave., Gr ille box 174, glenfield Long Lake 185 Hill St., Troy 1353 E. 29th St., Brooklyn Kiamesha ' 25 Harrison Ave., Lynbrook 18 W. olive st., long beach 164 Spring St., Catskill 33 Washington st., faust 2826 Denver Ave., Schenectady 412 orange st., albany Margaretville 5 Chestnut St., Cohoes 1036 Baker Ave., Schenectady 70 livingston st., rhinebeck Brushton Kings Park, L, I. Perry 14 Elmendorf St., Kingston Petersburg 11 arcadia court, albany 115 Terrace Ave., Hempstead, L. I. 46 tremont st., albany 1614 harrison ave., utica 1 Smith Ave., Bay Shore, L. I. A W. Coxsackie, R. F. D. 1 39 New Scotland Ave., Albany saratoga and pashley roads, schenectady 160 Colonie St., Albany V 111 Hurley Ave., Kingston 1602 Dudley Ave., Utica 1016 Walnut St., Olean 71 john st., akron 301 second st., albany 1236 Washington ave., albany 260 Ontario St., Albany 125 highland ave., kingston 134 clinton st., binghamton 17 Champlain St., Port Henry 308 McCarthy Ave., Albany 110 seventh st., little valley Box 77, Henrietta r. d. 2, horseheads g SL04 Forbes St., Amsterdam 'V Maggy Labecky, Josephine, '41 Labrum, Mildred, '40 Lakritz, Hannah, '40 lally, robert V., '42 Lalonde, Marie, '41 lamar, jane, '42 Lane, V. Esther, '40 langworthy, ethel e., '42 Lannen, Helen D., '40 larko, joseph, '42 Larson, Ruth, '41 lasher, dorothy, '42 Lasher, Helen, '41 Lashinsky, Bella, '41 lay, virginia, '42 leary, alta h., '42 Leary, Helen K., '41 leary, marion r., '42 ledbetter, margaret lucy, '42 lee, alberta e., '42 Leggett, Homer, '40 Leggett, Mary Grace, '41 lehman, david Walter, '42 Lehman, A. Gertrude, '41 Leibel, Marjorie L., '40 leifels, robert m., '42 leis, selma, '42 lenowitz, bernice, '42 levarn, jackson, '42 Levine, Harriet, '40 Levy, Norman, '41 ling, genevieve i., '42 Lison, Rose B.,"41 Livingston, Vivian, '41 Lomnitzer, Anne P., '40 Long, Ethel, '40 Loricchio, Louise, '41 Loucks, Richard, '40 Loveland, Joan D., '41 lown, jean '42 Lucca, Nuncia '41 Ludwig, Jacob Charles, '40 lydon catherine, '42 Lyon, William, '40 maasch, mildred dorothy, '42 maccombs, hazel, '42 Camden 16 Russell Road, Albany East Nassau 536 white st., Waterville 1559 Avenue A., Schenectady 46 pierrepont ave., potsdam Union St., Fultonville 654 elizabeth st., elmira 1104 W. Henley St., Olean 8 holland ave., binghamton Masonic Home, Utica 403 livingston ave., albany Fleischman 60 St. John St., Monticello ' Seneca falls, r. f. d. 1 421 river st., rochester 63 Mary St., Binghamton mexico 46 river st., sydney 39 verplanck ave., beacon 11 Mitchell Ave., Poughkeepsie 107 White St., Saratoga 35 sacandaga road, scotia Sharon Springs 2 Morris Ave., Schenectady 1621 rugby road, Schenectady 90 orchard st., Walden cutchogue, l. i. 57 dolge ave., dolgeville 58 W. O'Reilly St., Kingston 238 William St., Port Chester 148 newton ave., jamestown 1655 Conkling Ave., Utica 1121 Van Curler Ave., Schenectady 135 N. Main St., Freeport, L. I. Sidney Center 2 Verazzano Blvd., Poughkeepsie Dolgeville New City 119 e. market st., rhinebeck 58 Franklin St., Jamestown 209 Hurley Ave., Kingston 860 third st., albany 306 Western Ave., Albany 54 west union st., bay shore 2260 welshbush road, frankfort MacDonald, Janet, '41 MacGregor, Harold L., '40 MacNair, Marjorie, '40 MacPherson, Teresa, '41 Mahar, Mary, '41 Mahnken, Marie, '41 maid, elizabeth jane, '42 Mairs, Mary A., '40 Maloney, James R., '41 Mancuso, Deliio, '41 Manley, Douglas, '41 Mannheimer, Lois, '41 Manso, Charles, '41 Marashinsky, Beatrice, '41 Mariana, Mary Agnes, '40 markarian, michael, '42 marotto, carl '42 Martin, Robert B., Jr., '40 Martowicz, Bernice, '40 Mathias, Mary, '40 matthews, william, '42 Mauersberger, Doris, '41 Mazzara, Frank, '40 mccampbell, isobel c., '42 McCarthy, Rosemary, '41 McCausland, Marion, '41 McCracken, William, '40 McCreary, Roy, '41 McDermott, Virginia, '41 McGuinness, Ann, '41 mcintosh, mary f., '42 mcisaac, dorothea, '42 McKee, Dorothy L., '40 McKee, Marion E., '40 McKenzie, Robert, '40 McKeon, Joseph F., '40 McNamara, Mary Jane, '40 mcvoy, charles f., '42 meek, robert a., '42 Meltz, Hyman, '41 menihan, mary dorothy, '42 Merriam, Howard E., '41 merritt, paul, '42 Meschutt, Virginia, '41 Mesek, Jack, '41 Mesek, Robert Donald, '41 161 206 S. 3rd St., Fulton Roosevelt Ave., Huntington Station Dove St., Fort Covington 10 Green St., Beacon Maryland R. F. D. 1, Tivoli, Nevis 37 Westchester ave., rochester Avon 610 Grand St., Mechanicville 39 Hollister St., Rochester 7 Furman Place, Delmar Valatie 510 Broadway, Mechanicville Mountaindale R. F. D. 2, Waterloo 184 corliss ave., johnson city 58 mablett st., mechanicville Jones Beach Hotel, Wantagh, L. I. 1 Grand St., Amsterdam Feura Bush 86 willow ave., schenectady Consaul Road, West Albany 1132 Hoover Ave., Utica 176 western ave. 227 Clay Ave., Rochester 7 McClellan Ave., Amsterdam Tannersville Monsey 721 State St., Albany Chadwicks 132 main st., akron 5 park place, auburn Afton Afton ' Hadley 35 Grove Ave., Albany 432 S. Massey St., Watertown 63 prospect ave., middletown 204 schuele ave., buffalo 22 Townsend St., Port Chester 36 robins st., buffalo 418 Church St., Newark 119 s. indiana ave., watertown Hampton Bays, L. I. 2819 Genesee St., Utica 2819 Genesee St., Utica Metcalf, M. Lucille, '41 Metz, Marie B., '40 Miles, Genevieve, '41 millea, georgia s., '42 miller, dorothy s., '42 miller, evelyn j., '42 I Miller, Helen M., '41 Miller, Mary, '41 miller, vincent, '42 n Miller, William S., '41 Minsberg, David, '40 Minturn, Donald, '41 Mishalanie, Agnes, '41 Mitchell, Jean, '40 mitchell, john, '42 Mitchell, Virginia, '40 Mix, Dorothy, '41 moldover, ruth, '42 Mollicone, Blanche, '41 monaghan, ann e., '42 Montfort, Janet, '40 monz, ruth, '42 Moon, Grace E., '41 moore, hubert g., jr., '42 Moran, Roger F., '40 Morgan, Evelyn, '40 Morgan, Mary, '40 morsillo, nicholas d., '42 Morton, Priscilla, '41 muller, marilyn elizabeth, '42 Mummery, Charlotte, '40 Munyer, Ruth, '41 Murphy, Douglas, '40 Murray, John A., '41 murtaugh, george, '42 myers, olive h., '42 Myers, Shirley J., '41 nabozny, john paul, '42 Nagengast, William, '40 nathanson, estelle, '42 navy, blanche, '42 neubauer, louis, '42 Newell, Miriam, '41 newkirk, dorothy, '42 Newstead, John, '40 Chittenango 67 Main St., Chatham Middlesex 140 second ave., rensselaer 26 s. milcher st., johnstown 817 south st., utica Bemus Point 302 S. Ten Broeck St., Scotia worcester 233 Madison Ave., Albany 15 Noxon St., Poughkeepsie 8 Green St., Binghamton Chadwicks 38 Davenport Ave., Port Chester schaghticoke 257-05 Pembroke Ave., Great Ne 52 Hillcrest Ave., New Rochelle 324 delaware ave. 5 Albion St., Scotia 162 west main st., malone C 55 Franklin Ave., Glen Cove, L. I. 1013 pearl st., schenectady Catskill 21 duryea st., islip 119 E. Elm St., Hornell Oneida l 138 E. Main St., Waterloo 2 216 broadway, schenectady 453 Chenango St., Binghamton r. f. d. no. 2, binghamton Vernon Center 108 Harrison Ave., Baldwin, L. I. 8. S. Washington St., Mohawk 20 Fourth St., Waterford 104 palmer st., frankfort 171 herkimer st., buffalo 110 Glendale Place, Port Chester 229 allen st., hudson 198 Congress St., Troy 19 st. john st., monticello 105 wurts st., kingston 13 mccllelland st., saranac lake 292 Saratoga St., Cohoes 643 mcclellan st., schenectady 164 E. Bridge St., Oswego Nielson, Charlotte, '40 nieson, ruth v., '42 Noonan, George, '41 Norberg, Anne, '41 North, Dorothy Ruth, '41 Novelli, Enes, '41 O'Brien, Kathryn, '40 O'Bryan, Catherine, '41 Odell, Lois D., '40 o'donnell, ruth e., '42 ' Oestrich, Mabel, '40 Oksala, Herbert, '41 olcutt, bernice m., '42 Olivet, Evelyn M., '41 X Olivo, Theresa, '41 olmstead, elizabeth rowley, '42 Olsen, Clarence A., '41 O'Meara, Marie, '40 ozman, mary, '42 packer, alice e., '42 Pangburn, Mildred J., '40 Paris, Constandino, '41 Parizot, Doris I., '40 Park, Margaret R., '41 Parker, Albert, '40 Parker, Janette, '41 Parrott, Betty, '41 Parshall, Ada J., '41 parsons, thomas c., '42 Pasko, Mary E., '40 Pasquini, Louis J., '41 passow, harry, '42 Pastore, Rose, '41 Patchin, Evelyn, '40 patterson, lorraine, '42 Patton, Robert E., '41 Peak, Dorothy, '41 Pearson, George, '40 Pearson, Ruth, '41 Peattie, Gorden, '40 Pederson, Ellen D., '40 pedley, elizabeth d., '42 Pellette, Ruth, '41 Penney, William, '40 peppard, orley, '42 perlman, bernard, '42 163 Coolidge Road, and Romeyn Ave Amsterdam 651 n. broadway, white plains 47 Grand Ave., Johnson City East Meredith Imperial Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda 456 Driving Park Ave., Rochester Lake George ' 12 School St., Beacon 416 Nuber Ave., Mount Vernon 922 myrtle ave., albany Long Eddy Hampton Bays, L. I. ticonderoga 96 Prince St., Kingston 52 Gate St., Poughkeepsie 503 davis ave., medina 16 Moffat Ave., Binghamton 67 High St., Hoosick Falls 408 s. 4th ave., mount vernon 136 e. main st., cobleskill Altamont 48 Karnes St., Rochester 130 Central Ave., Pearl River 81 Gladstone Ave., Walden 7 7, Fourth St., Waterford 11 Chestnut St., Franklinville 7 Hillside Ave., New Hartford North Cohocton 1116 oxford place, Schenectady 9 Boght Road, Watervliet 355 Clinton Ave., Albany 111 n. main st., liberty 217 Bath St., Ballston Spa Kinderhook ravena, delmar 107 Third St., Waterford 208 Wellington Road, Mineola 48 South St., Beacon Milbrook 20 S. Cedar St., Beacon Hartwick at 10 monroe ct., troy 153 Elm St., Cortland 331 Seventh Ave., Troy 217 clinton, montour falls 125 broadway, utica Perretz, Edgar, '40 Perritano, Frances, '41 peterson, katherine, '42 Petit, Bertha F., '41 phelan, catherine, '42 Pine, Sarah A., '41 Pitman, Helen R., '41 Platt, Richard W., '40 Pleat, Geraldine, '41 Pockross, Cecile, '40 Pogor, Irene, '41 polhemus, virginia, '42 poskanzer, baird, '42 Posson, Dorothy Reany, '40 Potter, Edna, '40 Powell, R. Lona, '41 Powell, Theron, '40 Prahler, Ann Louise, '40 Pratt, Eleanor Mae, '40 pratt, marie frances, '42 Preston, Daniel, '41 Pritchard, Betty, '41 Pritchard, Dorothy, '40 Provost, Helen M., '40 Prymas, Emanuel, '40 Przyborowska, Florence, '40 quinan, james roget, '42 Quini, Victoria, '41 Quinn, Charles J., '41 Quinn, James, '40 Ramel, Isabel C., '40 rapacz, anna, '42 rapoport, muriel, '42 Rattray, Anne, '41 ray, milton lewis, '42 Ray, Violet, '40 real, b. jane, '42 Rector, Douglas, '40 Reddish, Florence, '41 reeves, j. maxson, '42 reig, hyman j., '42 Reineck, Ethel, '41 Remillard, Gaston, '40 Reutenauer, Sophie E., '40 reynolds, charles w., '42 Riani, Frances, '41 Ardsley 1207 Rutger St., Utica 172-05 45th ave., flushing, l. i. Canal Road, Port Jefferson Station fabius Sauquoit 1 First Ave., Johnstown 105 Pine St., Bath 414 Elk St., Albany 385 Morris St., Albany Oriskany 492 n. broadway, white plains 3 marshall st., albany 173 Caldecott Road, Schenectady 32 Greenwich Ave., Roosevelt R. F. D. 4, Troy R. F. D. 3, Plattsburg R. F. D. 2, Medina 105 Pershing Drive, Scotia 114 smith st., peekskill 97 Division St., Saratoga 1633 Steuben St., Utica Bergen Willsboro 2207 McBride Ave., Utica 308 Skillen, Buffalo 1512 sixth ave., watervliet 235 Florida Ave., Amsterdam Marlboro 1532 Third Ave., Troy 812 Franklin St., Watertown st. johnsville 52 Fleetwood ave., albany 5 Leonard Place, Albany 624 jefferson ave., rochester Faust 604 n. jay st., rome 211 W. Main St., Amsterdam 786 First Ave., Troy 222 e. miller st., newark east nassau 411 Elk St., Albany Peru R. F. D. 2, Hudson richmondville Keeseville richards, katherine, '42 Richardson, Yolanda, '40 Ritchie, Charlotte, '41 Rivkind, Lillian, '40 rizzo, venera, '42 Roberts, Brooks, '41 roberts, hazel violet, '42 Robinson, Isabella, '41 rockcastle, ruth frances, '42 Rogers, Walter, '40 roginska, regina b., '42 Roickle, Helen O., '40 Rosenburg, Haskell, '40 Rounds, Marion, '41 rowe, m. lorraine, '42 Roys, Katrine, '41 rubar, geraldine m., '42 Rubin, Helen, '40 Rushmer, Alice, '40 Ryan, John L., '40 ryerson, jeanette frances, '42 Ryerson, William, '40 Sacco, Anthony, '41 Sacket, Marcella, '40 Saddlemire, Gerald, '41 sadler, arlene ruth, '42 sanford, james, '42 Sapolsky, Paul, '40 Sardisco, Anthony S., '41 Saunders, Doris K., '40 Savitzky, Abraham, '41 Sawyer, Genevieve, '41 Scesney, Madeline, '41 Schaeffer, Jean, '41 Scheer, Fay Hilda., '40 scheier, joan melba, '42 Schiavi, Elga-Clare, '40 schlesinger, elinor, '42 schmachtesberg, jeanne adele, '42 Schoen, Helmuth, '41 Schultze, lothar, '42 Schwartz, Joseph Karl, '41 Scott, Barbara B., '41 Scott, Jean Marie, '41 scott, 1. virgil, '42 165 highland 1001 Magee St., Watkins Glen R. D. 2, Scotia 14 Farrington, Newburgh 799 broadway, albany 65 N. Lake Ave., Albany 86 s. pine ave., albany 1510 Kemble St., Utica 56 maryland st., rochester 336 Manning Blvd., Albany 37 kreisel terr., amsterdam Fonda 250 Norton St., Rochester 41 Horicon Ave., Warrensburg 1664 becker st., Schenectady 7 Griffen Ave., Hoosick Falls croghan, r. f. d. 1 164 Ontario St., Albany 31 Grand Ave., Johnson City 546 8th Ave., Troy 21 mountain ave., highland falls 21 Mountain Ave., Highland'Fa1ls 506 Montgomery St., Utica Millbrook 659 Draper Ave., Schenectady 2225 ontario ave., niagara falls east quogue 578 Madison Ave., Albany 197 Second St., Rochester 413 Turin St., Rome 562 Main St., Poughkeepsie 23 Center St., Chatham .Yaphank Unadilla 7 Underhill Ave., Poughkeepsie 63 c. oak st., plattsburg 2246 Pine Ave., Niagara Falls 258 main st., binghamton 40 hollister st., coxsackie R. 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' , A 9 V-' 7 2 , , , u ' ' ' ., '41 - Sewell, William E Shafer, Catherine, '41 Shapiro, Jack, '41 shapley, frances, '42 Sharples, Mary, '41 Shafts, Janet, '41 shaver, marion c., '42 Shea, Dorothy, '41 Shearer, John K., '40 Sheary, Doris A., '41 Sherwood, James, '40 shields, anna marie, '42 Shufelt, Beatrice, '40 Shultes, Doris, '40 simmons, allen h., '42 simmons, elizabeth, '42 Simmons, Ruperta, '41 Simmons, Walter, '40 Simonds, Edward, '40, simonin, frances, '42 Smith Catherine A., '40 Smith Elma G., '40 smith, evelyn m., '42 Smith Irving, '41 Smith Lorraine, '40 Smith Louise, '40 Smith Naomi Josephine, '41 smith, ruth rnable, '42 Smith, Stanley R., '41 Smith, Stewart J., '40 smolensky, dorothy, '42 Snell, Louise, '41 Snover, James E., '41 snyder, kathryn, '42 Sollecito, Esther, '41 sommers, roy edwin, '42 Southard, Marie, '41 Sprague, Harriet, '40 167 18 Pierce St., Albany Oneonta, R. D. 3 393 Second Ave., Albany r. d. 4, auburn R. 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Telephone 3-2785 LYN K BROTHERS Printers 115 Beaver St. Albany, N. Y. Fraternity and Sorority Pins Dance Programs and Favors Keys, Awards, Stationery Wedding Invitations OLIVER KAHSE, INC. Rochester, N. Y. W. M. WHITNEY at co. Appreciate the Patronage of State College Students Visit Our New Modernized Apparel Shops Very Soon AIbany's Modern Flower Shop EMIL J. NAGENGAST Buy Where the Flowers Grow "Flowers by Wire" Ontario at Benson St. Albany, N. Y. Phone 2-3318 Patfonfze Geo. D. Jamey, Prop. Dial 5-1913 The ANNEX for Candy, Ice Cream, Sandwiches, etc. CompI1'men.ts of MURRAY CONFECTIONERY BOULEVARD CAFETERIA AND GRILL 198-200 Central Ave. Albany, N. Y. 170 Vagnarelli, Adelaide, '40 Vail, Alicia, '41 Valley, Wilbur, '40 Vamosy, Julia E., '40 vanasco, antoinette f., '42 vanderpoel, marion, '42 Van Keurer, Darwin, '40 van loan, casper, '42 Van Patten, Barbara, '40 Van Valkenburgh, Shirley, Varmette, Leonard J., '41 vasho, eleanor m., '42 Vassilliw, Thomas, '41 vavasour, john, '42 Vertucci, Elizabeth, '40 viliano, mary, '42 vincent, ruth m., '42 Walden, John William, '40 Walker, Marion M., '40 walrath, glen e., '42 Walrath, Merrill, '41 Walsh, Teresa, '40 waterman, blanche, '42 Webb, Inabelle, '41 Weber, Harriet, '41 Weed, Frederic, '40 Weir, Jane R., '41 Weiss, Alvin, 40 weitzer, janet, '42 Welch, Helen, '40 Wells, Norma W., '40 Wessels, Betty, '41 Weyant, William S., '41 wheadon, marion l., '42 White, Frances T., '41 whiting, claire, '42 wiggins, f. ruth, '42 Wilbur, Alice Jane, '41 Wilhelm, Roberta, '41 Wilkins, Leah F., '40 williams, eivion wyn, '42 Williams, Ethel F., '41 williams, jane m., '42 Wilson, Jane M., '41 Wilson, Jane S., '40 wilson, kathryn i., '42 171 ,4 Keene Peconic, L. 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Suggestions in the University at Albany - Pedagogue Yearbook (Albany, NY) collection:

University at Albany - Pedagogue Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


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